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I remember the first time I tried it. Some of the black guys had been with had wanted to but I’d never wanted to before. Of course, that was what was great about Ben. He’d brought out a whole new side to my sexuality. He’d made me realise I was born to be a white man’s fuck-toy. I’m a 25 year old British black girl of Jamaican descent. My boyfriend, 30 year old Ben, is white British.

Ben was waiting in bed for me as I brushed my teeth in the bathroom. “Honey,” he called out from the bedroom “could you bring me a glass of water please?”

“Yeah, OK!” I shouted back. When I’d finished I crept downstairs to the kitchen, poured him a glass of water and made my way back upstairs. As I stepped into the bedroom, barefoot and wearing nothing but a short, silky pink negligee, I tripped up and spilled some of the water. Ben sat bolt upright in bed.

“I think, young lady, that you’d better get that mopped up immediately!” he snapped.

“Of course.” I answered. and headed to the bathroom for a cloth. I went slowly, my heart racing, knowing that this was the start of some kinky fun. I had no idea, though, just what was going to happen!

When I arrived back, Ben was standing by the bed, naked and with a huge erection. I began to shake in anticipation knowing that he was about to do something fun! I knelt down and began wiping the spilt water up with the cloth. When I had finished, Ben gave a fake cough.

“Now,” he said, sternly “bend over the bed!” I did as i was told and walked over to the bed, leaning forward over it and spreading my legs apart. That way, I was giving him easy access to my pussy, offering it to him on a plate.

I felt Ben walk up behind me. Everything went still and silent for a moment, then there was a searing crack as Ben slapped my arse. It took a second or two for the feeling to sink in, and when it did I gave a little cry of surprise and delight.

“What do you think I should do with you now then?” he asked. I struggled to answer through my heavy breathing. My heart was pounding!

“Please fuck me!” I gasped. Ben chuckled.

“You’d like that, would you?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me please!”

“I dunno, I might just have to not fuck you as punishment!”

“No, please fuck me!” I cried in desperation “I want to feel that white cock of yours inside me!”

Ben grabbed me by the upper arms and pulled me towards him, standing me up. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear;

“Take this silly little negligee off then and get on your back!” Again, I did as I was told. I turned to face him, and slipped one shoulder out of my negligee, then the other, and let it simply fall to the floor. I then climbed onto the bed and lay on my back, with my legs apart. Ben climbed on after me and lay over me, between my legs, and began kissing my lips and neck. I began to feel my pussy moisten, and as Ben ran his hands all over my body, tweaking my nipples and caressing my thighs, the juices were actually dripping from my pussy and down my arse.

Ben began to rub his dick along the length of my pussy, and I began to breathe heavily, anticipating his thick, white cock sliding into my tight black hole and stretching it……….

With a single powerful thrust, Ben buried his cock balls deep into my arse! I yelped in a mixture of pain and surprise and almost jumped up! I looked at Ben’s face to check if he knew what he’d done, but he just smiled and winked! “You said you wanted my cock inside you,” he laughed “well now it is!”

I lay there in a slight state of shock as he slid his heavenly member in and out of my hole, and as the initial pain subsided, an overwhelming sense of pleasure overtook me. Here was Ben, I thought, penetrating me in such a way as to dominate me even more than ever before! My pussy was well and truly gushing now, lubricating Ben’s cock as it stretched my arsehole.

Because of the position we were in, we could make eye contact. Ben never looked away from me, enjoying every second of watching my face as he sodomised me. He kept it nice and slow, with a rhythm that only slightly sped up as he approached orgasm. He’d pull his cock almost all the way out of me before plunging it back in again.As I saw in Ben’s face that he was close to the edge, I felt my own orgasm drawing near. Ben winked at me again and placed his thumb on my clit, rubbing frantically to encourage me to cum.

As the feeling of euphoria tore through me, Ben plunged his dick deep into my arsehole with a last almighty thrust, and shouted “Oh, shit, I’m going to cum inside your arse!” He let out a satisfied grunt. I could feel his cock twitching as it spilled its seed deep into my bowels. We both lay there, in the throes of orgasm, and as they subsided, Ben gave a little shake to spray the last few drops of sperm into me. He pulled his cock out of me and came up to give me a kiss. I could feel his warm, sticky sperm dribble out of my well used butt as I turned to kiss and cuddle him.

“I love you.” I said, breathlessly. “And I could definitely do that again!” Ben grinned.

“I plan to!” he said.

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. The events within this story never happened and are solely created for the reading pleasure of this website and its members.

I lost my temper with my contractor the day before, pitching a fit because he tried to tell me that the price to complete the job was going to be almost double of his original estimate. Not only did I refuse to pay for the extra estimate, I refused to pay him the money I still owed him. That is when things got ugly cause I told him that he would not see a dime unless he stuck to his original estimate and finished the job we agreed to. Upset by my refusal to accept what he had said, the contractor and his men left early that day and I thought I would never see them again.

So I was very surprised when they showed up the next day for work. The contractor had brought coffee and bagels for everyone and had a smile on his face. Since he was eager to get his men back to work I had assumed that he was going to honor his original estimate that we had agreed to. I felt proud of myself for taking a stand and stood there drinking my coffee and watching the men as they all got back to work. A few minutes after things seemed to be back to normal, I started to feel dizzy. As I fell down on the floor, the last thing I could hear was someone coming over and asking if I was all right.

When I started to come around, I finally figured out what had happened. My coffee had been spiked. The contractor wasn’t here to work, he was here to hand out a little payback to the bitch that was refusing to pay the bills. Everything was still a little hazy as I started to wake up, I realize that I was gagged. There was a rubber ball in my mouth and when I tried to touch it, that was when I found out that I had been cuffed to my own bed. I was tied up and drugged, and there was no telling what these men were going to do to me. I could hear them talking, something about how amazing my breasts looked, and I got the feeling that they were going to do a lot more than just look at me, and it scared me. They realized I was beginning to wake up and seemed eager to get started. They wanted me to be awake for what they had planned. That scared me even more. I tried to talk and scream at them but they merely laughed.

There were six men in the room, and it was the contractor who came forward and took a seat right beside the bed. “Today this bitch is going to get a good attitude adjustment and I’m just the man that’s going to give it to her. She’s going to learn that you pay hard working men what they earn, or we will take our payment through other means.” after he said that, the contractor stood up and began to remove his overalls. “Now it’s time for her to pay her bill. Take her pants off.”

I could feel the hands of the other workers as they tore my jeans off with little or no effort. I watched in fear as two men grabbed my legs and forced them apart as wide as they could possibly be. I was still wearing a thong, but that was going to put up little if any resistence to what this man wanted to do to me. He climbed ontop of me, and I could feel his hand started to feel my thong, and then with a quick movement, he pulled the loose pair of panties out of the way, expsoing my clean shaven pussy to entire room. “This is what we do when bitches refuse to give us our pay.” the contractor whispered in my ear. Just after he finished saying that, I could feel the head of his cock rub against the lips of my pussy and I started to shake and squirm, hoping and praying that I could get out and escape. It was no use, as the restraints on my hands and the two men holding my legs held tight, and I started to cry as the contractor slowly started to push his cock inside me. I could tell the fucking bastard wasn’t even wearing a condom, as I could feel his skin as he started to push deeper and deeper inside. His cock was huge, and after several probing strokes, he was balls deep inside me.

“How does that feel bitch?” the contractor asked, “I can tell your husband has a small cock, you’re cunt is squeezing the shit out of my meat.” I started to moan as the tears were falling down my cheek. “It’s too late for that, you’re going to pay for the work we did and I’m going to my money’s worth right now.”

I wanted to respond but I couldn’t and right after he said that he began to thrust back and forth as hard as he could. He began to pound my pussy with little or no concern for how I felt as he balls slapped hard against my ass with each thrust. His cock was pumping me harder than I had ever been fucked by anyone, and I bit hard into the ball gag as I could tell I was beginning to have an orgasm. I didn’t want to give that bastard the satisfaction of hearing me moan, but he could tell what was going on as my pussy was getting wetter with each stroke, and his cock was covered in it. I could hear how wet it was getting down there and the contractor laughed as he kept fucking me as hard as he could. That fat, smelly piece of shit leaned over and whispered to me as he was pounding the shit out of me, “Your cunt is so fucking wet. I bet you’re loving this!” I didn’t respond and turned my head away from him. He grabbed my head and turned it back to face him. “I just wanted to let you know I’m going to cum inside you now, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

After he said that I started to fight back, shaking and trying to squirm free like I had before, but like my previous attempt it was in vain. The contractor began to moan and I started to feel his cock throb and with one final thrust, that bastard shoved himself as deep as he could before blowing his unwanted seed inside me. I had never felt so much sperm inside me, as it just exploded like a fire hose, filling me up and leaking out and down the crack of my ass. I cried some more, being humiliated in front of his crew and violated for doing nothing more than stand up for myself. The contractor finally pulled his cock out but I could feel how stretched out I was, as the cool air shot inside as the head of his cock released with a pop. I looked up at the contractor as he started to put his underwear and overalls back on. He had a grin on his face that disgusted me, proud that he had taught me a lesson for standing up to him. He had demonstrated his authority to his men by raping a woman in front of them. Taking what he wanted and doing it by force. He looked down at me, “Now the real fun begins, little lady.”

I looked back up at him, a confused look on my face.

“Tyrone, you’re next.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My nightmare wasn’t over, it was just beginning. What looked like rape had suddenly developed into gang rape. The contractor was going to share me with every man in his crew. The two men holding my legs turned me over, so I was no longer on my back but instead on my stomach for my next assault. They also took the two cuffs that were binding me to the bed and detached them from the bed. The placed my arms behind my back and cuffed both cuffs to the other arm… binding them together. I looked to the side and I could see Tyrone getting ready to go next. He had removed his overalls, and was stepping out of his boxer shorts. I could see why the contractor wanted to go first, as Tyrone’s manhood made his bosses cock look tiny. I had never seen a cock that huge, and he was also black, something else I had never done before. I started to struggle, but I was held down to my own bed, forced to take it again by force.

Tyrone came in from behind, eager to take me like a dog, and I kept my legs closed, refusing to go willingly. He grabbed me by the hair and yanked my hair back. “Listen up bitch.” Tyrone growled. “I’m going to fuck that pussy hard, so you better spread cause the tighter you make it, the more it’s gonna hurt.” He was right, and I had no choice. He was going to rape me anyway, and as much as I didn’t want to submit, I spread my legs out, exposing myself to be taken from behind. I could feel the weight of the bed shift as Tyrone got into position and seconds later I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my already violated pussy. I love fucking my husband in doggie style, but Tyrone wasn’t my husband and his cock was bigger than the contractor’s and the thought of never being able to fuck my husband like that the same again made me feel sad. Tyrone wasn’t in the mood to wait, and was aware that I was stretched out a little as he just shoved most of his cock inside with one giant thrust. Again my teeth grit into the ball gag as the pain from Tyrone’s thrust sent a shock that went all the way up my spine, and then I began to feel him pump in and out, fucking me like a dog and doing it as hard as he could. His thursts hurt more with each pump and I thought it was never going to end, but it did without warning as Tyrone pulled out. He didn’t even orgasm so I was confused to what was going on.

The answer came seconds later when I felt a lubricated finger enter my asshole. Shocked that I was being violated in a new fashion, I began to wiggle and resist, but there was nothing I could do. I was being held down by two men, and Tyrone was now putting two fingers inside my asshole, lubbing up my ass. I had never let anyone fuck me in the ass, and I think Tyrone could tell by how tight my ass was when he was fingering it. “This bitch is an ass virgin!” Tyrone called. The other guys in the room whooped and clapped as Tyrone began to put some lube on his cock. I felt two hands grab my ass and pull my cheeks apart exposing my virgin ass to Tyrone. Mere seconds later, Tyrone pushed the head of his cock inside my asshole and I screamed for the first time. If felt like someone had shoved a piece of glass inside my ass and I really thought his cock was gonna rip my ass apart. He went slow at first… fucking my ass with just the head of his cock. Then with each throbbing pulse Tyrone began to thrust deeper and slowly fill my entire asshole, stretching my little ass to its limits. There was nothing I could do about it, as his enormous cock began to fuck my ass harder and harder once he got balls deep inside. My ass was being ripped apart, and just when it couldn’t get any worse, I could hear Tyrone groan just before feeling a rush of liquid squirt deep inside my ass. My ass was so tight around his cock, Tyrone had to literally force himself out, causing a gush of his sperm to seep out of my ravaged ass and dribble down my pussy and legs.

Before I could even get my breath back, the two men holding my arms lifted me up in the air off the bed. I looked down and watched as another worker laid down on my bed, the same one I made love to my husband on, and waited for me to come back down. The two men holding my arms lowered me down on their co-worker, forcing me to straddle him. His already hard cock entered my pussy and filled me back up, and the two men bent me over my new rapist so that he could fuck me harder and fondle my breasts at the same time. After the ripping that came at the hands of Tyrone, this man’s cock while big was not as harsh to take as took my pussy to town again. I was started to lose the will to fight, realizing that there was nothing I could do. I stopped making any sounds, and just prayed for the end to come soon.

They were never answered because while being fucked from below, I felt a new finger probe my asshole from behind. I could hear the guy below me talk. “Joe, what are you doing up there?” he called up.

“Since she was a virgin before Tyrone went in there, I’m sure she’s never taken two at the same time. Let’s give this bitch a double pen.”

“Right on, shove it in there.”

I started to squirm at the thought of being fucked in both holes at the same time, and the two men holding my arms were too strong, and without warning, I felt a new cock enter my asshole, and again I was in pain. Two cocks were pounding me at the same time, and despite the pleasure it was creating inside me for the first time, I refused to give either of these assholes the satisfaction to think they were doing something for me.

Then I heard a familiar voice as the contractor walked back into the room to enjoy the view. I was being fucked in both holes, and he gave out a chuckle at the site. “That bitch is getting it good but I think she wants more.” he walked over and pulled my head up by the hair. “I’m going take this off, and if you scream once I will make you regret it. Understood?”

I nodded and he removed the ball gag. “Please, stop! I’ll pay anything you want, just tell them to stop!”

“It’s too late for that bitch, but you will know not to say no to me from now on.” as he was saying that, he was taking his overalls off again and I looked at him in shock as he pulled his big cock out again. I was going to say something to him, possibly beg him not to do what I thought he was going to do, but at that time Joe rammed his cock into me harder than before and my mouth popped open with shock. The contractor shoved his cock inside and started to fuck my face while my other two holes were being fucked by his men. With both hands on my head, the contractor forced his big cock down my throat causing me to gag as he was pumped my throat. He pulled out on occassion to let me breath, but shoved his cock back in before I could muster the energy to say anything.

With his hands on my hips, Joe was slamming my asshole as hard as he could so much that I forgot there was another cock pounding my pussy. Both men began to groan and I knew what was coming, as both cocks exploded inside me at the same time, and I whimpered softly as I had again been forced to take someone’s seed inside me. The contractor didn’t care as he kept fucking my face, shoving himself deeper inside with each thrust. I was tempted to bite that fat fucker’s cock, but was afraid of what he would do in response. At this moment, my only goal was to survive. The contractor began to moan and for the second time that day, he was going to force his semen inside me. He grabbed two handfuls of hair and pushed my head down hard, shoving his cock deep inside my mouth. I couldn’t breath, but felt multiple shots of hot cum squirting down my throat. After he finally pulls out, I gasp for breath and sob uncontrolably.

“That’s enough guys. We’re finished here.”

After the contractor said that, the man underneath me got off the bed and the two men holding my arms tossed me onto my bed. The contractor walked over after putting his cock away and knelt by the bed so that his face was less than a few inches from my own. “We are going to get back to work. You are going to take a long, hot shower. Stay in there for at least thirty minutes and I want you to scrub that body down as much as you can. Then you are never going to speak to me or any of my men ever again. Are we understood?”

I nodded to him that I understood.

“You will tell your husband to handle the finances of this job from here on and you will never tell anyone what happened here. If you do, we will make what happened today look like a picnic. Are we clear on this?”

I nodded again. “I hate you.”

“You are entitled to that opinion.” the contractor said as he stood up. “Have a nice shower and do as you’re told.”

I didn’t want to anger the man again, so I gathered what was left of my clothing and left my own bedroom and into the bathroom that was attached. I locked the door and for the first time, I was safe. I paused for a few moments and listened to what was going on outside, and the contractor was true to his word. They were going back to work on the house and chatting like nothing had ever happened. I considered calling the police, but the thought of having to tell my husband what happened scared me. How would he ever look at me after what I had been through? After thinking about it for a while, I walked over to the shower and turned it on. I walked in and started to clean off the dirt and sperm that had been forced upon me. I wanted it all to go away, and I was afraid of the wrath I might inflict on myself and my husband if I defied that contractor again. He had won the day, and I would have to accept that… for now.

The worst thing about being away from home on her own for work, Dee decided, was being away from home, alone and staying in a hotel that was being used for a private function where everyone else seemed to know each other and were obviously enjoying themselves. She sipped her drink and cast a look around the bar.

As she scanned the room, she noticed two men near the bar who were deep in conversation. Every now and then they would look in her direction. Dee pretended not to notice but she felt a thrill run through her each time she felt their eyes upon her.

Their looks became more frequent, more lingering. Every now and then Dee would allow her eye to be caught, and she would give her admirers a quick smile. Having made that initial ‘contact’, their stares became more blatant; they were now clearly and very obviously eyeing her up. Their scrutiny became a statement of intent and Dee felt herself responding; the intensity of their stares fuelled a longing inside her and she knew she wanted both of them. A shiver of anticipation ran through her as she held their gaze.

The silent flirting continued as Dee slowly sipped her wine. By the time she placed her empty glass on the table, she knew she could have either one of them. What she really wanted though was to have them both, together, taking her roughly, using her for their pleasure. The thought of being satisfied by both of them at once made her imagination race. Dee felt a warm flush spread across her cheeks and she realised, almost incidentally, that the anticipation had already made her pussy very wet.

Fixing them with her gaze, Dee slowly stood up and, very deliberately, walked towards them. They were following her with a look of hunger in their eyes that was so obvious Dee felt electric bolts of anticipation surge through her. She smiled coyly then without a word to either of them, she began walking towards the door that led from the bar towards the bedrooms. She stopped at the threshold and winked suggestively at them. They both smiled then made to follow her.

As she walked along the corridor towards her room, Dee felt the anticipation increase with every step. Her mind filled with images of the things she hoped the men would soon be doing to her. Her pussy was uncomfortably wet as she fumbled the key-card in the lock of her door.

She had barely made it into her room when the first of the pair grabbed Dee and pinned her to him. She was kissed roughly on the mouth, his tongue forcing its way into hers. As she responded she felt the fire spread through her as she pressed herself against his firm body. Her hands sought out the bulge in the front of his trousers and she was pleased to discover he was already hard and that what he was going to give her felt reassuringly large.

A second pair of hands reached round from behind her. Dee felt his lips against her neck as his hands began stroking her through the flimsy material of her dress. Her nipples stiffened as his fingers brushed over him. Pushing her hips back, Dee ground her bum against his crotch and was again rewarded with the feeling of a hard cock that was clearly straining to be released

Revelling in the sensations as two pairs of hands explored her body while two pairs of lips kissed her, Dee wondered if she could possibly be more aroused it. “Mmmmmm, that feels so good,” she breathed as the man behind her gently nibbled on her neck.

Hands began to unbutton Dee’s blouse. As she let it be removed, she felt her bra being pushed down, revealing her firm, tanned breasts. “Yessssss!” she gasped as she felt a pair of lips fasten on one nipple. The man sucked it roughly into her mouth and flicked it with his tongue before moving to do the same with the other.

As one of the men feasted on her breasts, Dee sensed rather than felt her skirt being removed. Her knickers were uncomfortably wet, and it was almost with a sense of relief that she felt them being dragged down over her hips to fall to her ankles.

Fingers brushed against Dee’s moist lower lips. She wriggled and squirmed, spreading her feet slightly. She felt a finger slide inside her pussy. “Oh fuck! Shit! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhhh, mmmmmm!” Dee cried as, from nowhere her body responded to the attentions of her two unknown lovers. Spasms gripped her pussy, contracting her womb. Her heart pounded as she came hard.

Shaking, her hand went to the zip of the first man’s trousers. She quickly found the object of her search and, as she released it from its confinement, she dropped to her knees. Her pussy was still being vigorously finger-fucked as she wrapped her lips around the large, meaty cock that stood erect before her and drew it into her mouth. She eagerly took as much of it into her mouth and began to suck, her lips sliding effortlessly up and down its length.

Powerful tremors still shook Dee’s body as she sucked hungrily on the cock in her mouth, applying herself diligently to the task. As she sucked, the man gripped her head and began to thrust, slowly but firmly, driving the head of his cock deep into the back of Dee’s throat, making her eyes water.

Dee was so engrossed in enjoying having her mouth fucked that it was a few moments before she realised that the other man was no longer fucking her pussy with his fingers. She looked round and saw him now standing beside his friend, sporting a cock that looked every bit as satisfying as the one that she currently had in her mouth. Almost reluctantly, Dee disengaged her mouth from the first then turned to devour this second cock that was now being offered to her.

“She’s one hell of a cock-sucker, isn’t she?” she heard one of the men ask as sucked hungrily on the cock in her mouth.

“Oh f… fuck yeah! Sh… she most definitely is!” the other replied. By his strained tones, Dee identified the voice as belonging to the owner of the cock she was currently enjoying.

“Bet she fucks as good as she sucks,” The first said.

“I… I’m sure she does…” the other replied.

Feeling increasingly aroused by the compliments they were paying her, Dee began alternating her attention between the two satisfyingly large cocks that were being enthusiastically offered to her. Sucking one then licking the other, moving back and forth, enjoying their moans of pleasure almost as much as the feeling of their cocks between her lips. As she feasted Dee was surprised by the fact that she could feel her pussy getting wetter as anticipation of what would come next continued to mount.

Dee came to a decision. She turned her attention back to the first of the two cocks and began to suck on it in earnest. As her lips travelled up and down the object of her desire she felt a pair of hands slide up her thighs. She sensed, rather than felt the second man take position behind her. Her anticipation climbed still higher, adding to the sensations she was felt as she continued to suck and lick at the cock before her.

With her lips wrapped tightly around the cock in her mouth, Dee braced herself for what was about to come. The seconds ticked by with almost agonising slowness as she waited, a desperate longing to taken hard growing in her with every heartbeat, every breath, every twitch and throb of the cock she was sucking on.

Suddenly she felt the second man’s cock push against the lips of her soaking pussy. The cock slid into her without resistance and she found herself filled at both ends.

“Oh fuck, her pussy is good,” he moaned as he pressed into her, quickly finding his rhythm, “Just wait until you’ve got your cock in here”

He increased his pace and soon Dee could feel his cock slamming into her with all its force. Each thrust of his cock forced her to take the one in her mouth even more deeply into her throat. Savouring the sensations, Dee moved her hips to match his rhythm in such a way as to maximise the sensations at both ends of her body. Back, and her pussy was filled to the brim, stretching to accommodate the cock that was deep inside her. Forward, and the first cock filled her mouth once more

Both men continued to fuck her. Dee could feel her pussy trembling around the thick cock that filled it. She reached back to stroke her clit and it throbbed beneath her fingers.

Once again, she felt her orgasm explode within her. Dee’s pussy gripped the cock inside it tightly; she sucked even harder on the cock that was filling her mouth. She wanted to cry out, to give voice to her pleasure but she couldn’t force any sound out from around the thick cock between her lips.

With some unspoken agreement both men decided to change places. Dee let herself be lifted from the floor, on to her bed as the first man, who had until moments ago been fucking her face lay down next to her. “Climb on top of me,” he commanded. Still trembling from the intensity of her climax, Dee slowly lowered herself onto his lap. Then using one hand to hold his erect member in position, she deftly guided it into her. The feeling of his cock filling her sent her over the edge again.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” her lover asked as she impaled herself on his cock.

“Oh fuck yes!!” Dee moaned, “I’m loving every fucking second!”

He raised his hands to her breasts, squeezing them and teasing her nipples as Dee began to move up and down, clenching the walls of her pussy around him.

As he fucked her from below, he began to suck on her nipples again. The feeling of his lips and tongue against them sent feelings like electric shocks coursing through her body.

The second guy presented his cock and Dee greedily began to suck on it. The taste of her juices coating his thick cock combined with the sensations in her clit and her pussy sent her over the edge and she came again with a giant shudder. So intense were her feelings that she would have screamed were it not, once again for the fat, juicy cock between her lips.

Dee allowed herself to come down and slowly found her rhythm again. She was being lifted and lowered onto the cock below her with such force that her pussy was beginning to feel raw.

Dee’s pussy and mouth were allowed a brief moment of respite as she found herself being positioned on all fours. The men changed position again. The cock which, moments before, she had been impaling herself on was now being thrust between her lips. Dee savoured the taste of her juices on its length as it was forced roughly into her mouth. She felt strong hands gripping her hips, the head of the other cock pressing against her enflamed lower lips. Dee pushed her hips back to receive it, taking it deep inside her. With both her pussy and mouth stuffed full once more, she gave herself over to them, surrendering herself to their wants.

As one cock hammered her increasingly tender pussy, Dee sucked and licked the cock that was in front of her with increasing abandon. Every deep thrust of the cock in her pussy forced more of the other thick cock into her mouth.

The pounding of her pussy continued; her jaw was beginning to ache. Dee didn’t mind; every nerve in her body was on fire as she endured the merciless assault of the two cocks.

Suddenly the man pulled out and for a moment she felt a great sense of emptiness inside her where his cock had been. Moments later she felt the head of his cock being pressed firmly against her other entrance. Dee let the other cock slip from her mouth. “Ohhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhh, mmmmmm…” she moaned as her arsehole yielded to the pressure

Slowly, inch by delicious inch she felt the first cock invade her arse. Dee slid her hips back to meet his thrust and soon he was moving his cock inside her again. After a few stokes he pulled out again. The other man lay on his back on the bed and motioned Dee to climb on to him. She did so, and wasted no time guiding his cock into her pussy. She could hardly suppress the thrill of knowing what was about to happen as she slid down his length and then began to ride his thick cock.

Once again, Dee felt the other cock press against her arsehole. She paused briefly, allowing him to enter her. When it was in Dee delighted at the sensations of having both holes filled at once. As she accustomed herself to the new sensations, her only regret was that there wasn’t a third cock for her to suck as her two lovers thrust deeply inside her.

With their cocks now buried deep in her pussy and back passage, Dee was final free to give voice to her pleasure. “Oh fuck that’s sooooo good,” she moaned, “Fuck my pussy! Fuck my arse! Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Feeling herself sandwiched between them she felt the pressure in her clit rise again. They were both thrusting into her as hard as they could and she was enjoying every second. Savouring the double intrusion, Dee, moaned her encouragement, letting both men know how much she was enjoying their attentions.

From their breathing she knew that soon they wouldn’t last much longer. She ground her hips down and pushed back at the same time, drawing the two cocks as deep into her pussy and her arse as she could. She came again. “Ohhhh, ohhhh, ooooh yesssss! Yessssss! Mmmmmm YESSSSSSSSSS!!” she cried, this time being able to give vent to the screaming release that had been denied her on the previous occasions.

As if her screaming was the signal the men had been waiting for, the delicious abuse of her holes suddenly stopped. The first man slowly pulled his cock from her back passage. Still shaking, Dee felt herself being lifted off the other cock. Still gripped in the throes of her climax, she was allowed to lie back on the bed as the two men took up positions on either side, pointed their cocks at her and began to wank them furiously.

Dee couldn’t tell which of her lovers came first, but she didn’t care. “Mmmmmm, that’s nice,” she purred contentedly as the first cock erupted, sending spurts of hot, sticky cum over her face and neck. It was still spewing its load over her when she, heard a low moan from her left then felt the second load hit her, covering her breasts with its warm stickiness.

Dee lay there for a moment then began to rub the cum into her skin. As her sticky fingers made contact with her nipples the dirtiness of the situation overwhelmed her and she allowed herself a final small climax.

With small but intense tremors gripping her body, she continued to massage her breasts, relishing the feeling as she spread the sticky load all over them. She licked her fingers clean then turned to the two cocks that were now diminishing. She gently licked each one clean, savouring the mixed taste of cum and her own juices. Once that task had been completed, she greedily licked her lips, wiped her face and licked the last traces of cum from her fingers.

Lying there, tired, tender but extremely satisfied on her bed, Dee was scarcely aware of the men as they quickly dressed and left her room. She wondered if she could be bothered with the effort of getting herself cleaned up and going back downstairs to the bar again. Feeling warm and surprisingly comfortable despite her various aches, she decided not to bother.

Later, having finally summoned up the last reserves of energy to shower and get ready for bed, Dee’s last thought as she turned off the light was the realisation that she hadn’t found out her lovers’ names.

by Kardas W. Fox

Commissioned by CainLucifrio

Dagger walked into his sparsely decorated dorm and kicked the door shut behind him. The tattooed white dragon placed his laptop on top of the bookshelf with a sigh and flopped down onto a weathered couch.

Cain watched Dagger from across the room, his one good eye keen and alert. He hesitated a moment, then stood and made his way over to his roommate. The orange goat demon sat next to the channel surfing dragon, quite a bit closer than usual.

“What’s up, big guy?”

“Trying to find something good.”

“You look stressed.”

“It’s been a rough day.”

“Maybe I can help?”

“How so?”

“Let’s go out, my treat.”

“I don’t know, we’ve only been acquainted for a couple of weeks.”

“I meant as friends, to get to know each other better. Unless you want it to be a date, that is.”

Dagger blushed and looked away. Cain smiled and slipped out of his pentagram t shirt, exposing an identical symbol on his back, and made his way to his dresser to change into some nicer clothes. Dagger headed to his own dresser to change. They slept in the same room, but had partitions set up to allow the both of them to change clothes and sleep in privacy.


Cain and Dagger made their way off campus grounds and down the street. Few words were spoken, the sounds of passing automobiles filled in for the silence. The two made their way to a small coffee shop, only a block away from the college campus. There was quite a line inside, the dragon and the goat demon had to wait a short while before ordering their drinks. After being served, Cain paid for the both of them and they found a place to sit.

Cain sipped his coffee and allowed his eyes to drift, making a conscious effort not to stare at Dagger. “So…how’s it been going?”

“Good, you?”

“Good, good. What kind of hobbies do you have?”

“I don’t really do much in my free time, I just chill and listen to metal music.”

“Really? No way, me too! I’ll bet that pisses your folks off huh?”


“On that note, you never told me much about your family. Any brothers or sisters?”

“I never really had a family. I have no idea who my biological parents are, I’ve been juggled by the foster care system my entire life. They moved me around from house to house, I never really got to settle in anywhere or get to know anyone. I’ve never been so close to anyone that I could honestly call them family.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay.” The two looked away from each other, and a long moment passed in awkward silence before Dagger spoke again. “So, what’s your family life like?”

“I don’t really have a family either. I’m immortal, so I have to accept that everyone I get close to is going to grow old and die before my eyes. There were people I lived with, they treated me like their own and I looked at them as my family, but that was centuries ago. I’m been afraid of feeling that same pain again, so I’ve been a drifter for most of my life.”

“That’s so sad, I’m sorry.”

“It’s cool.” A few seconds more passed in silence before Cain spoke. “I didn’t mean for this to be so awkward. I think you’re really handsome and it’s been so long since I’ve actually been interested in someone.”

“It’s all right. I have a bit of a crush on you, too. Maybe we can forget the talking part and make up for the awkwardness when we get back to the dorm?”

“Whoa, really?”

Dagger nodded. “I’ve never been with anyone sexually. I’m nervous, but I’ve seen the way you look at me. I like you, Cain. I’ve thought about it. If we’re going to do this, is there any reason we shouldn’t do it tonight?”

Cain grinned. “No, there certainly isn’t.”


Dagger was the first through the door, with Cain close behind. The goat demon was already quite stiff, and in the process of feeling the dragon up to try and get him excited. He only took his hands off of his soon-to-be-lover for long enough to shut the door, then groped the dragon shamelessly.

“Cain, slow down. We have all night.”

“Indeed we do, my sweet dragon, and I intend to make use of every bit of that time.” Cain walked past Dagger, undressing all the way. Now fully nude, he leaned on the wall next to his bed and lifted his short tail. “Let’s get this party started.”

“You want me on top?”

“I’m kind of big, I don’t want to overwhelm you on your first time. Take me, and when you’re satisfied I’ll have my turn. Lube’s on the nightstand.”

Dagger hesitantly shed his clothes, exposing his semi-erect dragonhood, and came closer. He grabbed the lubricant from Cain’s nightstand and squirted a gob into his palm. The dragon gripped his meat and stroked it to full hardness, thoroughly coating it with lubricant in the process.

The dragon wedged the head of his draconic cock between Cain’s buttocks and hesitated for a moment. A gasp rose in Dagger’s throat when the goat demon suddenly pushed back hard, taking a quarter of the dragon’s dick in one go. Dagger’s hips reflexively bucked forward in response, burrowing his virgin meat even deeper in tight goat ass.

Cain moved his body in perfect synchrony with his partner, rocking back to every thrust with equal force. Dagger’s knees buckled, the new sensation affecting him more than his own hand ever could. after a few more shaky thrusts, the dragon pulled out and sat back on the bed.

“Why’d you stop?”

“Sorry, I can’t do it standing up like that. My legs are getting too wobbly.”

Cain smiled and got down on his hands and knees, hips raised and tail hiked out out of the way. “Why didn’t you just say so? Come on, I want you to finish in me!”

Dagger slid off of the bed and knelt behind Cain. He pressed the head of his draconic cock to Cain’s tight anus and crammed his full length inside with one push, making both males groan. Within a couple of seconds, they found their rhythm again. Cain easily matched Dagger’s pace, timing his clenches carefully and countering every thrust.

The dragon’s hips moved faster and faster as he built up to a powerful climax. Dagger didn’t last much longer, and soon pushed as deep as he could with a triumphant roar. Ribbons of hot dragon seed erupted into the groaning goat’s rectum. Cain continued to clench and wiggle, milking Dagger for every last drop.

Dagger held himself in for a few seconds after he was done, then pulled out with a happy sigh. Cain tucked his tail down, holding in his cream filling, and turned to face Dagger. Sitting up on his knees, the goat demon shamelessly displayed his throbbing erection. The sight of it still made Dagger blush, but he couldn’t look away.

“Now it’s my turn, get up on the bed.”

Dagger obediently climbed up onto the bed. On his hands and knees with his tail raised high, he looked back at the goat demon. “Like this?”

“Yeah, that’s perfect.”

Cain got on the bed behind Dagger and rest his hard cock between the dragon’s ass cheeks. He grabbed the lube and poured it all over his shaft. After grinding for a few seconds to smear the lube around his meat and Dagger’s ass, Cain lined himself up with the dragon’s hole. The goat demon prodded a couple of times, then pushed his bulbous cock head into Dagger’s virgin sphincter. The dragon arched and moaned, accepting the goat demon’s length as it burrowed deeper and deeper.

Dagger wrapped his tail around Cain’s waist, urging him in further despite the burning feel of being stretched for the first time. The goat was gentle with his lover and eased in as slowly as he could tolerate. Within a couple of minutes, Cain’s hips were pressed firmly against Dagger’s ass and their balls met.

“Impressive, I didn’t think you’d be able to take the whole thing.”

Dagger blushed. “Thank you. It’s really big, but it feels good inside me. I think I like taking more than giving. Please Cain, fuck me…”

The goat demon needed no second bidding. He firmly gripped Dagger’s hips and pulled back halfway, only to press back in. Cain worked into a slow but firm pace, taking the dragon hard but not rough. Dagger threw his head back and moaned every time the hung goat demon bottomed out in him.

Cain maintained his steady pace, rolling his hips in smooth and even thrusts. After getting used to the feeling, Dagger started to rock his hips back to the goat demon’s deep humping. His clenches came reflexively beyond his ability to control them, but with each squeeze he could feel every exquisite detail of the thick shaft and bulbous head invading his inexperienced rump.

Without warning, the sensation stopped. Dagger gasped at the sudden feeling of emptiness. “Why’d you stop?”

“Roll over on your back. I want to see your pretty face while I breed you.”

Dagger did as he was told, now flat on his back with his erection standing proudly. Cain lifted the dragon’s hips and plunged his hot meat deep into Dagger’s ass again. The dragon cried out in combined pleasure and pain, squeezing tight around that hot demon cock. Dagger’s tail wrapped around Cain once more, holding him in.

After a moment, the dragon’s tail loosened its grip on the goat demon, and Cain began to thrust. Shucking the steady pace from before, the goat demon’s thrusts came fast and hard now. Grunts and groans emanated from both males, and the bed frame creaked in protest of Cain’s swiftly moving hips. Dagger wrapped his arms around Cain, digging his claws into the goat’s back. His embrace only encouraged the goat demon to hump faster.

After a few moments, Cain’s thrusting stopped again, but he didn’t pull out this time. Dagger looked up at him pleadingly, and Cain smiled. “Move with me, I want to finish with you on top.”

The two males rolled over without separating, placing Dagger in Cain’s lap. The dragon put his hands on the demon’s chest for support and started to bounce right away. Cain groaned and crossed his arms behind his head, allowing the dragon to do all the work.

Dagger rode his lover fast and hard, trying to replicate the pace Cain had set before but unable to move quite so quick. The goat demon’s balls drew close as he approached a climax, his moans building in volume as he edged ever closer. Finally, he cried out and bucked his hips upward. Thick ropes of burning hot demon semen exploded into Dagger’s back door, making the dragon cry out as well. He continued to bounce until he felt the squirting stop, and then slowly pulled himself off of the thoroughly milked goat to lie beside him.

Cain wrapped his arms around Dagger and pulled the dragon into a close cuddle. The goat planted a soft kiss on his lover’s lips, making the dragon blush. “So, how was your first time?”

“That was incredible, better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much Cain, but is this it?”

“If you wait a few minutes, I can do it again.”

“No, I mean is our relationship going to be anything beyond the physical? I would prefer something more, but I’m cool either way.”

“Of course, I was hoping you’d be my boyfriend. You’re a really cool guy.”

“I’d love to be your boyfriend! I think you’re a great guy too, Cain.”

“Great! Now turn around, I’m good to go again.”

Dagger rolled over so that he was facing away from Cain and draped his tail over is leg. The goat demon pressed himself against his lover’s back and drove his cock into the dragon’s ass without hesitation. Dagger cried out at the sudden penetration, then let out a long moan when Cain began spoon-fucking him as roughly as the position would allow.

Cain’s hands roamed all over Dagger’s body, caressing his scales. The tenderness was directly contrasted by the force of Cain’s rolling hips. Dagger could do nothing but squirm and moan as the goat demon’s tool violated him so thoroughly, his own cock painfully stiff and dripping pre-cum on the sheets.

The goat demon wrapped his fingers tightly around the dragon’s cock and began to stroke at a pace that matched his thrusting. “Cum with me Dagger!”

The two males didn’t take much longer to reach their respective climaxes. Cain pressed deep and groaned, an instant afterwards Dagger let out a roar. The dragon’s seed released as soon as he felt more goat cum spurt into his well-abused ass. His butt clenched around Cain’s prick, milking out an extra squirt of goo. Cain and Dagger dozed off in the spoons position, the goat demon still buried balls-deep in the dragon’s ass.


Cain woke to the sound of running water the next morning. After a moment, he rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Dagger faced away from the door as he showered, blissfully unaware that he was being watched. Cain crept across the floor silently and slid open the door of the shower stall for an instant to slip inside. Before Dagger could turn around, the goat demon hugged him tightly from behind.

The dragon gasped, then let out a soft laugh. “Good morning Cain, I hope you slept well…”

“Of course, how could I not after such an wonderful evening?”

Dagger arched and gasped to the feel of Cain’s morning wood grinding against his ass. Without hesitation, he moved his tail to the side and pressed his rump back to his lover. The goat demon penetrated him right away and began to plow him hard, earning a pleasured groan from the dragon. Dagger leaned forward and put his hands on the wall for support, listening to the sweet music of their wet bodies slapping together as it echoed off the tile walls of the shower stall.

Cain held the dragon’s hips tight as he ravaged that ass, the force of his thrusts throwing water in all directions every time he spanked Dagger with his hips. His balls hit Dagger’s with such force that they were sore after just a few seconds, but he kept up the manic pace. The goat demon didn’t know what time it was, but had no intention of making either of them late for their morning classes.

The dragon growled and clawed at the tile, flexing his ass reflexively. The pleasantness of the brutal fucking had worn off quickly, and Dagger now winced every time Cain buried his length. Just as the dragon was about to ask his lover to slow down, the goat demon buried himself deep and unleashed a wad of warmth with a groan. Dagger sighed and clenched, making sure Cain was properly drained. The goat reached around and stroked the dragon’s stiff cock swiftly, coaxing his white goo onto the shower wall within about a minute.

Cain pulled out reluctantly and gave Dagger a playful slap on the ass. “Sorry to be so brief, I didn’t want to hold us up more than necessary.”

“It’s okay, I’ll get you back for that tonight.”

“I might just hold you to that.”

The two males helped each other wash, then Dagger turned off the water. They toweled each other off, and headed into the main room to get dressed. Cain was the first out the door, but Dagger followed soon after with laptop in hand. The dragon checked the door to ensure it was locked, then the two of them shared a kiss.

“Cain, I can’t thank you enough. I’ve never been so happy, I think you’re the one for me.”

Cain wrapped his arms around Dagger and pulled the dragon into a tight embrace. He took his lover in another kiss, this time slipping his tongue into the dragon’s mouth. Dagger let out a muffled moan, then closed his eyes and obediently suckled the goat demon’s tongue. Cain held the kiss for well over a minute before he pulled away, which left Dagger gasping for air.

“I love you Dagger.”

“I love you too, Cain. I’ll see you tonight.” The goat demon slapped the dragon’s ass, and the two of them parted ways for the day.

Roy awoke early.‭ ‬He had always been an early riser,‭ ‬there was something peaceful and quiet about the morning and he liked having the time to himself.‭ ‬Part of him also realized that it gave him a head start on any competition with which he might have to fight.‭ ‬He liked being up late,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬and fortunately he could go for weeks on only a few hours of sleep.‭ ‬At some point he would need to crash out for‭ ‬16‭ ‬or‭ ‬20‭ ‬hours straight to catch up,‭ ‬but that was still a week or more away.

He stretched out and brushed against Elaine.‭ ‬She was asleep on her stomach,‭ ‬naked,‭ ‬with her hands in padded cuffs under her.‭ ‬He knew he did not need to keep her cuffed,‭ ‬she was his,‭ ‬body and soul,‭ ‬and would not try to escape him,‭ ‬but he liked keeping her helpless and he liked reminding her of her submission.‭ ‬She was his slave,‭ ‬after all.

Roy did a quick inventory of the day.‭ ‬He had to run a few errands this morning,‭ ‬and he needed some computer time.‭ ‬Despite his rugged outdoorsy nature,‭ ‬he also had the heart of a tech geek and his fingers itched if they did not get on a qwerty keyboard now and then.‭ ‬The business center at the casino had some that were adequate,‭ ‬not up to his professional standards,‭ ‬but he could check in at work and do a few things to get his fix.‭ ‬After that,‭ ‬lunch,‭ ‬then in the afternoon they would go and see Mark.

Mark was the local Association boss in the area.‭ ‬He was also something of a feudal lord in Elko county.‭ ‬He had a huge ranch,‭ ‬owned the casino in which Roy and Elaine were staying,‭ ‬had interests in some mines and anything that could make money out here.‭ ‬He was a powerful man and needed to be treated with the utmost respect,‭ ‬especially since he could send Sam to take care of any problems.‭ ‬If Mark was the brains and capital,‭ ‬Sam was the muscle and the guy who did the dirty work.‭ ‬It did not pay to cross Sam.‭

Tomorrow morning,‭ ‬Roy would head back home to Las Vegas and life with his new slave.‭ ‬He tried to think more of what life would be like with Elaine there to satisfy his every whim,‭ ‬and not mundane things like did the pool guy show up on time‭?

Roy looked up at the ceiling.‭ ‬Morning light was filtering in through the closed curtains.‭ ‬He knew he was not going to get back to sleep so he might as well get on with the day.‭ ‬He got out of bed and opened the window.‭ ‬It was still cool outside and he preferred fresh air more than canned air conditioning,‭ ‬as long as it was not hotter than‭ ‬90‭ ‬degrees‭; ‬then a/c was okay.‭ ‬He went to the bathroom,‭ ‬started the coffee pot,‭ ‬then came back to bed.

He pulled the sheets back to gaze at Elaine’s lovely body.‭ ‬She was a beautiful thirty years old,‭ ‬just now starting to come in to the height of her beauty.‭ ‬She was‭ ‬5‭’‬2‭” ‬with a slim build,‭ ‬long legs,‭ ‬a flat stomach and a gorgeous ass.‭ ‬Roy loved fucking that ass,‭ ‬he would never tire of that.‭ ‬He looked at her turtle tattoo on her butt,‭ ‬he had already made arrangements to have it removed,‭ ‬the only marks on that beautiful stretch of flesh would be his.‭ ‬He knew under her were a pair of firm,‭ ‬sensitive breasts that made her squirm delightfully when he pulled on them or licked them.‭ ‬But her most striking features were her big blue eyes,‭ ‬now closed,‭ ‬he loved seeing the utter submission in them when he took her.

Roy was getting hard looking at Elaine.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬that was the great thing about a slave:‭ ‬he did not have to wait for her to get ready or be in the mood.‭ ‬He could have her whenever he wanted and there was nothing she could do about it.‭

Roy reached down and pulled Elaine’s legs apart,‭ ‬his hand lingering on her silky thigh.‭ ‬He was breathing hard in anticipation of taking her.‭ ‬He slipped a finger into her slit and began working it into her.‭ ‬He had found that,‭ ‬unlike him,‭ ‬Elaine was a deep sleeper.‭ ‬She stirred as his finger penetrated her,‭ ‬but did not awaken.‭ ‬Her mind might be asleep,‭ ‬but her body was awake and Roy could feel her instantly get wet around his penetrating digit.‭ ‬What an amazing slave he had taken,‭ ‬he thought.

Roy climbed between her legs and guided his hard cock to her waiting lower lips.‭ ‬He paused before entering her,‭ ‬taking in the beauty of her naked body.‭ ‬Her naked body that belonged to him,‭ ‬he reminded himself.‭ ‬He pushed his way into her,‭ ‬slowly filling and stretching her for the first time on this Monday morning.‭ ‬And to think he used to hate Mondays‭!

Roy bored all the way into Elaine’s helpless body and stopped when his hips pressed against her perfect butt.‭ ‬He could see her eyes begin to flutter,‭ ‬she was starting to wake up.‭ ‬He smiled wickedly,‭ ‬pulled back then rammed hard back into her.‭ ‬Elaine’s eyes flew open and she moaned as Roy pounded away at her.‭ ‬Roy was overcome by lust and the sense of power of having this gorgeous woman completely at his mercy.‭ ‬He used her fast and hard,‭ ‬her moans of pleasure and pain only fueling his drive.‭ ‬Roy came with a moan of his own,‭ ‬shooting his load deep inside his slave.

Roy lay on top of Elaine,‭ ‬his cock still buried inside her and kissed her cheek.‭ ‬She smiled,‭ ‬her eyes closed,‭ ‬and wiggled her hips around his cock a little.‭ ‬Elaine was content,‭ ‬happy he was not still mad about Kristy yesterday and happy to be taken like this to start the day.

‭”‬Good morning,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she whispered to him.

‭”‬Good morning,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he answered.‭

Roy was loathe to get up,‭ ‬but he had things to do today.‭ ‬Reluctantly,‭ ‬he pulled out of his slave,‭ ‬a trail of semen leaking out of her onto the sheets,‭ ‬and stood up.‭ ‬He poured a cup of coffee for himself and another for Elaine.‭ ‬He left hers on the nightstand beside the bed then went to take a quick shower.

Elaine rolled over and thought about going back to sleep‭; ‬she did enjoy her sleep.‭ ‬But her body was awake and the coffee smelled,‭ ‬well…‭ ‬it did not smell like good coffee,‭ ‬but it smelled like coffee.‭ ‬She rolled over and sat up in bed.‭ ‬She was leaking cum,‭ ‬but there was nothing she could do about that right now.‭ ‬Elaine had cleaned hotel rooms before,‭ ‬so she would be nice and strip the bed for the housekeeper,‭ ‬but right now she was going to have some of that coffee.‭ ‬With her bound hands she picked up the cup and began to sip.‭ ‬It definitely was not good coffee,‭ ‬weak and bitter at the same time,‭ ‬but she drank it anyway.

Elaine could hear Roy singing Devo in the shower.‭ ‬That brought a smile to her face.‭ ‬Roy seemed to be good at so many things,‭ ‬but his singing was absolutely horrible.‭ ‬That one flaw seemed to make him a little more human and endearing to her.‭ ‬Endearing‭? ‬Was she developing feelings for Roy‭? ‬He had entered her life‭ (‬and her pussy,‭ ‬and her mouth,‭ ‬and her ass‭) ‬like a hurricane,‭ ‬had made her feel things she had never felt before and made her do things she had never done before.‭ ‬She had given herself to him completely,‭ ‬but did she have feelings for him‭? ‬Elaine decided not to go down that path of thought.‭ ‬It really didn’t matter anyway,‭ ‬she was his and how she felt was irrelevant.

The shower turned off and Roy kept singing.‭ ‬It was‭ “‬Whip It‭”‬,‭ ‬Elaine wondered if that was a hint as to what he had in mind for the day.‭ ‬He shaved and dried off and came out with a towel around his waist.‭ ‬Elaine found that bit of modesty amusing,‭ ‬it wasn’t like she had not already seen him naked enough already.‭ ‬He leaned over and kissed Elaine briefly,‭ ‬neither one wanted to share morning breath.

‭”‬That really is awful coffee,‭ ‬isn’t it,‭ ‬Slave‭?” ‬he asked her.

‭”‬Horrible,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she answered.

‭”‬I’ll see about getting some better coffee from room service,‭” ‬he assured her then went into the living room.‭ ‬Roy made a phone call,‭ ‬she heard the word‭ “‬coffee‭”‬,‭ ‬then came back into the bedroom.‭ ‬He reached down and took the cuffs off Elaine’s wrists.

‭”‬I will be gone this morning,‭ ‬but will be back by lunch time,‭” ‬he reached down and stroked her cheek.‭ “‬You have the morning free.‭” ‬He had her purse.‭ ‬He took out her phone,‭ ‬credit cards and ID,‭ ‬but left the cash.‭ “‬Do some shopping,‭ ‬take a swim,‭ ‬whatever.‭ ‬You know what you are and are not supposed to do.‭ ‬If you do anything wrong I’ll punish you later.‭”

“Is that a threat or a promise‭?” ‬She smiled and kissed his hand.

‭”‬Both.‭ ‬I ordered room service for you.‭ ‬Coffee and a fruit plate.‭”

“Thank you,‭ ‬Master.‭ ‬What would you like me to wear today‭?”

“You were so busy with Kristy that you didn’t even look at what she brought you‭?”

“Just the collar and hand cuffs,‭ ‬Master.‭”

“Well,‭ ‬go look.‭”

Elaine reluctantly scrambled out of bed.‭ ‬Roy watched her spectacular ass as she walked to the closet and the dry cleaning bag Kristy had hung up last night.‭ ‬She gave a little squeal of joy as she opened it up to see her blue floral sundress.‭ ‬She looked it over,‭ ‬there were no stains or dirt on it.

‭”‬I asked which cleaner the brothel used and took it there.‭ ‬I thought they might be good at getting semen stains out of clothes,‭” ‬Roy told her.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she stepped up on her toes and gave him a quick kiss.‭ “‬It’s one of my favorites.‭”

“Mine,‭ ‬too,‭” ‬he answered.‭ ‬She was about to slip it on when Roy stopped her.‭ “‬Why don’t you get cleaned up first.‭ ‬They just got all the stains out,‭ ‬let’s not put new ones on it just yet.‭” ‬He pointed at her upper thigh where a stream of cum dripped down.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master.‭”

Roy left and Elaine cleaned herself up and slipped on her dress.‭ ‬The cleaners had done a great job and got all the cum and dirt out of it.‭ ‬Roy had not said anything about underwear so she was free and open below while her nipples rubbed against the soft fabric of the dress above.

Room service knocked on the door.‭ ‬Elaine opened the door and saw the same waiter from yesterday.‭ ‬He seemed genuinely disappointed that she was not naked again,‭ ‬even though her dress still showed a lot of skin.‭ ‬She tipped him and took her breakfast out on the balcony.

All things considered,‭ ‬Elaine was pretty cheerful.‭ ‬It was a beautiful morning,‭ ‬still cool with the heat of the day yet to come.‭ ‬The morning sex with Roy had been great and he seemed to hold no hard feelings over her time with Kristy.‭ ‬That brought a brief frown to Elaine’s pretty face.‭ ‬She thought about how the strong brunette had raped her yesterday,‭ ‬how she made her cum with her hands and how the young woman had ridden Elaine’s face.‭ ‬For some reason,‭ ‬that was more traumatic than the three days of constant fucking by Roy.‭ ‬Maybe it was because he took a long term interest in her rather than just a quick orgasm.‭ ‬She guessed it had more to do with Roy being a man.‭ ‬It just seemed natural that men would do that,‭ ‬but,‭ ‬despite her time with Amanda,‭ ‬she still looked at other women as equals and to be subjected like that by another woman hit deeper into her world view.

Elaine took a sip of her coffee and got her thoughts off of that track.‭ ‬It was a beautiful morning,‭ ‬and the mountains in the distance looked cool and inviting.‭ ‬She ate some fruit and nibbled on her muffin.‭ ‬She had started her day off with a wonderful orgasm and had the promise of more to come later.‭ ‬More than that,‭ ‬for the first time since she had met Roy,‭ ‬she had some free time.‭ ‬She was going to go buy some workout clothes and a bathing suit and hit the spa.‭ ‬She was excited by the possibility of a good workout to finally get all the kinks and knots of the past few days out,‭ ‬some time in the sauna and finally a swim.‭ ‬After that,‭ ‬lunch,‭ ‬a few drinks and falling asleep to the TV until her owner came home.‭ ‬After that‭? ‬Undoubtedly more rough sex.‭ ‬Yes,‭ ‬the day looked good.

Elaine drank her coffee,‭ ‬ate her breakfast and started a crossword puzzle.‭ ‬She was making pretty good progress and was feeling pretty good about herself.‭ ‬She looked down in time to see a jogger across the street.‭ ‬Instantly,‭ ‬a cold chill shot down her spine.‭ ‬There was no mistaking the woman jogging:‭ ‬it was Kristy.‭ ‬Elaine froze and watched the attractive young woman run,‭ ‬she saw the powerful thighs that yesterday had pinned her head in place,‭ ‬the bouncing breasts she had been forced to suck.‭ ‬Kristy stopped right across the street,‭ ‬no more than fifty feet away and looked directly at Elaine.‭ ‬She smiled and blew a kiss then continued on her run.

Elaine shivered and thought about going back in,‭ ‬but Kristy was gone.‭ ‬Roy had said he had taken care of the problem,‭ ‬whatever that meant.‭ ‬Kristy had had Elaine,‭ ‬there was no denying that and now she had just reminded Elaine of that.‭ ‬Maybe that was it,‭ ‬but Elaine was still uncomfortable.‭ ‬She lost interest in the crossword and left her coffee on the balcony.

Well,‭ ‬maybe the next item on her agenda would cheer her up.‭ ‬She grabbed her purse,‭ ‬Roy had left her no ID or credit cards,‭ ‬but plenty of cash.‭ ‬Elaine was not normally the type to enjoy shopping,‭ ‬but she needed things.

She glided through the lobby and out onto the street.‭ ‬She got the usual leers from the casino patrons but ignored them.‭ ‬Down the street there was a little women’s boutique and she made her purchases.‭ ‬She bought some short running shorts,‭ ‬they showed a lot of leg and she thought Roy would like them,‭ ‬and a pack of colored t-shirts.‭ ‬They did not have much in the way of swimsuits‭ (‬Elko was in the middle of the desert‭) ‬so she took the only one that fit.‭ ‬It was a small two piece that did not leave much to the imagination,‭ ‬bright red with string ties.‭ ‬Her normal modesty had gone away with the coming of Roy so she bought it without a second thought.‭ ‬She picked up some more travel clothes,‭ ‬all sufficiently revealing to make her owner happy.‭ ‬One skirt gave her a guilty thrill.‭ ‬It was blue pleated cotton that barely came below her ass,‭ ‬she knew if she bent at the waist it would ride up and show a nice bit of cheek.‭ ‬She managed not to blush as she paid for it.

At a drugstore on the way back she picked up some more toiletries and a bottle of wine.‭ ‬Her arms full of her purchases,‭ ‬she returned to the casino.‭ ‬It was getting hot already and she was ready to spend the rest of the day inside or in water.‭ ‬She walked back in the lobby and the air conditioning hit her,‭ ‬without looking she could feel her nipples get hard from the sudden cooling.‭ ‬She did not mind it too much until she saw Kristy again.

Kristy was behind the counter at the guest services desk in the lobby.‭ ‬She was back in uniform,‭ ‬just like she had been yesterday when Elaine first saw her.‭ ‬Kristy was staring at Elaine,‭ ‬her eyes wandering from Elaine’s perky nipples to her shoulders,‭ ‬then lingering on her legs.‭ ‬When she saw Elaine looking at her she smiled,‭ ‬then,‭ ‬with no hint of shame,‭ ‬looked back at Elaine’s breasts.

Elaine hurried on.‭ ‬Kristy’s desk was by the elevators,‭ ‬every time Elaine passed through the lobby she would have to walk by it.‭ ‬She would have to be ogled by the woman who had raped her yesterday.‭ ‬She pushed the button for the elevator and had to wait.‭ ‬Like most hotels,‭ ‬the stairs were not very convenient and even though she was only going to the second floor she had to take the elevator.

The elevators were on the top floors and slowly coming down,‭ ‬stopping at every floor.‭ ‬Elaine realized that she had gotten here at check out time.‭ ‬She made a point of not looking back at Kristy,‭ ‬but she could feel the young woman’s eyes on her.‭ ‬She shifted nervously and dropped one of the bags with her clothes in it.‭ ‬She had too much in her hands and fumbled to try and pick it up.

‭”‬You dropped this,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine turned and saw Kristy holding her bag.‭ ‬She handed it to Elaine,‭ ‬letting their hands brush,‭ ‬her fingers lingering on Elaine’s.‭ ‬Elaine realized that those were the same fingers that had roughly fucked her yesterday.

Elaine was too shocked to say anything.‭ ‬Kristy smiled at her with a knowing grin.‭ ‬Fortunately Elaine was saved by the arrival of both elevators.‭ ‬Tourists,‭ ‬cowboys and a tour group of Asians spilled out into the lobby.‭ ‬Kristy calmly began answering questions and giving directions while Elaine slipped into the elevator.

Elaine hurried into her room.‭ ‬She thought about just staying in here all day,‭ ‬that way she could avoid Kristy.‭ ‬But she was so looking forward to her morning,‭ ‬and she decided to get on with it and go work out.‭ ‬She hung her dress up on a hanger,‭ ‬briefly looking at her nude body in the mirror.‭ ‬This was what so many people wanted,‭ ‬she thought wryly to herself.‭ ‬She smiled a little then got dressed to go back down.

She put her swimsuit on and her workout clothes over it.‭ ‬She knew that she was showing a lot of leg,‭ ‬the shorts barely came below her ass,‭ ‬and Kristy would get a good look,‭ ‬but that could not be helped.‭ ‬Still feeling nervous and self conscious,‭ ‬she poured and drank a quick glass of wine.

Kristy was still dealing with a crowd of guests when Elaine hurried through the lobby,‭ ‬but the brunette still managed to conspicuously check out Elaine as she passed.

The spa was nothing spectacular.‭ ‬The gym room had a few machines:‭ ‬a nautilus,‭ ‬two stairmasters and an exercise bike.‭ ‬Elaine had the place to herself at least and started her workout.‭ ‬She was surprised by how stiff she had become the past few days.‭ ‬All her exercise had consisted of being tied up and fucked so while her pussy and asshole had been stretched and loosened,‭ ‬the rest of her was tight and tense.‭ ‬It took awhile,‭ ‬an hour by the clock on the wall,‭ ‬but she finally stretched out.

She had a good sweat going and decided it was enough for today.‭ ‬She stripped down to her swimsuit and sat in the sauna.‭ ‬The heat loosened her some more and she melted into the heat,‭ ‬all the impurities sweating out of her body.‭ ‬She imagined Roy’s cum oozing out of her pores as she sweated on the wooden bench.

A quick shower to wash off the sweat and she stepped out to the pool.‭ ‬The glare was blinding and she fumbled for her sunglasses,‭ ‬her eyes watering from the bright light.‭ ‬With her sunglasses on her eyes adjusted and she took a look at the pool.‭ ‬It was a decent sized pool,‭ ‬but set up more for playing than swimming.‭ ‬Again,‭ ‬she had the place to herself‭; ‬it was Monday and the new guests had not checked in yet.

Elaine set her stuff down on a chair and jumped into the water.‭ ‬It was chilly,‭ ‬but warmer than the creek she had been in with Roy.‭ ‬She happily swam from end to end,‭ ‬doing laps in the short pool.‭ ‬When she had pushed herself to the point of exhaustion she climbed out.‭

As she was drying off she saw a group of people coming out of the hotel.‭ ‬They were on a tour and leading the tour was Kristy.‭ ‬She was at the head of about a dozen older Asians.

‭”‬This is our pool,‭” ‬Kristy was telling them,‭ ‬but once again she only had eyes for Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine was very aware that all she was wearing was a skimpy bathing suit.‭ ‬She was toweling off her hair when the group came out so the towel did not hide the goose bumps on her fair skin or her hard nipples poking through her top.‭ “‬It’s kind of quiet now,‭ ‬but will be happening by the afternoon.‭ ‬How’s the water‭?” ‬she called out to Elaine.

Elaine hesitated but found the ability to answer,‭ “‬Nice,‭ ‬very nice.‭” ‬She met eyes briefly with Kristy then resumed drying off as fast as she could.‭ ‬This woman had violated Elaine last night,‭ ‬and now she seemed to revel in following Elaine and reminding her of the fact.‭ ‬She had made Elaine please her and seemed proud of that.

‭”‬That is our pool bar,‭” ‬Kristy continued her tour,‭ “‬it opens at two.‭” ‬She led them past the pool and back into the casino,‭ ‬winking at Elaine as they continued.

Elaine hurried back to her room‭; ‬at least Kristy was not at her desk.‭ ‬She felt great,‭ ‬her body had the pleasant ache a good workout brought.‭ ‬She tried not to think about Kristy and hopped in for another long,‭ ‬hot shower.

After the shower she rubbed lotion into her skin,‭ ‬making it nice and soft for her owner.‭ ‬It also kept her from itching,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬but that was just an added bonus.‭ ‬She dried her hair and was looking forward to a nice lunch when Roy got back,‭ ‬or maybe a nap until then.‭ ‬She hung up her towel and stepped naked out of the bathroom.

‭”‬Naked again‭? ‬Just for me‭?” ‬Elaine froze and felt a chill in her stomach as she saw Kristy sitting on the couch.‭ ‬Kristy looked Elaine up and down slowly and deliberately.‭ ‬Kristy had changed into a pair of short shorts and a sleeveless blouse.

Elaine heard Roy laugh and saw him bringing a tray with three glasses of whiskey and ice to the coffee table.

‭”‬You are pale as a ghost,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Roy chuckled at her.‭ “‬Get dressed,‭ ‬Kristy will be joining us for lunch.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine turned to get her dress.

‭”‬Don’t feel you have to get dressed on my account,‭” ‬Kristy taunted her,‭ “‬it’s nothing I haven’t see,‭ ‬or done,‭ ‬before.‭”

Elaine blushed and hurriedly slipped on her dress.‭ ‬She took a second to try to regain her composure.‭ ‬Roy was sitting at the other end of the couch and motioned for Elaine to sit down between him and Kristy.‭ ‬Elaine walked over on bare feet and sat between the two people who had raped her.

Roy handed a drink to Kristy and one to Elaine.‭ ‬The glass felt cold in her trembling fingers.‭ ‬Roy raised his glass for a toast.‭ “‬To Elaine,‭ ‬who has brought us so much pleasure,‭” ‬he said and the three of them,‭ ‬Elaine somewhat reluctantly,‭ ‬clinked their glasses together.‭ ‬Kristy and Roy took small sips of theirs,‭ ‬Elaine nearly drained hers in one.‭ ‬She needed something to calm her nerves.

‭”‬Kristy has recommended a nice pizza place around the corner,‭” ‬Roy said to Elaine.‭ “‬She will join us for lunch then come back with us for a while.‭” ‬He left it hang for a minute,‭ ‬letting the implications sink in to Elaine.

‭”‬As Master wishes,‭” ‬Elaine mumbled.

‭”‬Master wishes,‭” ‬Roy said.‭ “‬After than we will go see Mark and thank him for helping clean the mess from yesterday.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine tried not to look at Kristy,‭ ‬but she was very aware of the presence of the strong young woman beside her.

Kristy began to babble on about Elko and the pizza place where they would be eating.‭ ‬Elaine really wasn’t paying attention.‭ ‬While Kristy droned on about the railroad and Basque shepherds Elaine was wondering about the rest of the day.‭ ‬She was forced to remember that her body now existed for the pleasure of others.

Finally,‭ ‬Elaine realized that Kristy was done talking and the glasses were empty.‭ ‬Elaine felt a little light headed and buzzed from drinking the whiskey on an empty stomach.‭ ‬Kristy and Roy stood up and got ready to go.‭ ‬Roy offered Elaine a helping hand to stand up.‭ ‬Silently,‭ ‬she stood,‭ ‬slipped on her sandals and followed Roy and Kristy out.

They passed through the haze of smoke of the casino.‭ ‬Just walking through made Elaine want to cough and scrub her hair.‭ ‬Kristy and Roy walked in front of her,‭ ‬talking and laughing.‭ ‬Out on the street the heat hit them.‭ ‬It was not as oppressive as it was in Las Vegas,‭ ‬but still uncomfortable.‭

They walked around the corner and into a narrow store front and Elaine felt better.‭ ‬When her father was alive,‭ ‬he had a nose for good pizza.‭ ‬He had been born and bred in New York City,‭ ‬Queens to be exact,‭ ‬and even after he had left the city he still had a knack for finding good pizza.‭ ‬On many road trips as a child,‭ ‬Elaine had sat in the car while he drove around strange towns looking for pizza.‭ ‬He would stop at a likely looking restaurant,‭ ‬leave the rest of the family in the car and go inside and check the place out.‭ ‬In a few minutes he would come back and they would either drive on and repeat the drill or go inside.‭ ‬Elaine had never had bad pizza with her father,‭ ‬when one of her childhood friends had taken her to have her first bad pizza,‭ ‬she had been appalled.‭ ‬To Elaine,‭ ‬bad pizza was like bad sex:‭ ‬not worth the effort.‭

‬This was going to be good pizza,‭ ‬she knew that before they even ordered.‭ ‬The store was long and narrow with a counter at the back where they ordered.‭ ‬At some point they had expanded into the store front next door and just knocked a door in the wall and put in more tables.‭ ‬The tables were long with benches instead of chairs and red and white checked table cloths.‭ ‬It was the end of the lunch rush and the place was still busy.‭ ‬Elaine could see big,‭ ‬thin crust pizzas served on beat up pans,‭ ‬eaten off of paper plates with metal silverware.‭ ‬Each table had red pepper,‭ ‬Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper.‭ ‬There was none of the proliferation of shakers that seemed to crop up these days.‭ ‬Best of all was the staff.‭ ‬A cute young Italian looking girl took the orders at the counter.‭ ‬She could not have been more than‭ ‬16‭ ‬years old.‭ ‬A young boy bussed the tables and another young man pulled pizzas out of the oven while an old guy with bushy eye bros and curly gray hair spread the cheese and sauce on the dough.‭ ‬They all looked alike,‭ ‬a family business.‭

‬Elaine had no idea what was going to happen to her later,‭ ‬but she knew she was going to have a good lunch.‭

‬Kristy approached the counter,‭ ‬the young woman smiled up at her.‭

“‬Hey,‭ ‬Kristy‭” ‬she said.‭ “‬You wanna slice‭?”

“‬No,‭ ‬Nancy,‭” ‬she answered and winked at the young man pulling another pizza out of the oven.‭ ‬He tried not to be obvious as he checked her out.‭ ‬It was apparent he had a huge crush on her.‭ “‬These are some new friends from the casino.‭ ‬Why don’t you give us an extra large pepperoni and a pitcher of Coors.‭”

“‬Sure thing,‭ ‬Kristy,‭” ‬she turned back to the older man making the pizzas.‭ “‬You got that,‭ ‬Dad‭?”

“‬I got it,‭” ‬he answered.‭ ‬He looked at Kristy,‭ “‬why don’t you have a seat and I’ll bring your beer out to you.‭”

“‬Sure thing,‭ ‬Lenny.‭”

‬Roy stepped forward and paid the bill,‭ ‬dropping a ten in the tip jar and they all sat down at a table in the back.‭ ‬Elaine was feeling more confident and hungry.‭ ‬Kristy was next to Elaine and quickly put her hand on Elaine’s thigh,‭ ‬sliding slightly up her skirt.

Lenny brought the pitcher and poured three glasses.‭ ‬Elaine sipped on hers while Kristy and Roy made small talk.‭ ‬Elaine’s mind was elsewhere,‭ ‬thinking of pizza places she had visited,‭ ‬including one over priced mediocre restaurant just outside the park at the Grand Canyon.‭ ‬She and Amanda had eaten there a lot.‭ ‬Kristy’s hand sliding between her legs made Elaine think of the times Amanda had taken her out for pizza then stopped in the forest on the way back for some rough sex.‭ ‬Elaine did miss Amanda.

The pizza arrived.‭ ‬Elaine’s instinct was correct:‭ ‬the pizza was great.‭ ‬Elaine plowed through several pieces while Kristy and Roy talked.‭ ‬From when she paid attention she could tell that Kristy wanted out of Elko and Roy was offering to put a good word in for her at some of the casinos in Las Vegas.‭ ‬A lot of the rest of the conversations was the technical details of applying and dealing with the unions.‭ ‬It bored Elaine,‭ ‬but she did like the pizza.

Kristy would take her hand off Elaine’s thigh when she needed to eat,‭ ‬but otherwise kept it there.‭ ‬Kristy slid her hand between Elaine’s legs,‭ ‬or sometimes up her skirt a little bit,‭ ‬but Elaine just focused on eating.‭ ‬Elaine really did not like Kristy.‭ ‬It went beyond how Kristy had raped her yesterday,‭ ‬there was just something about the young woman’s personality that rubbed Elaine the wrong way.‭ ‬She found her conversation self centered and inane and would prefer to have nothing to do with Kristy if at all possible.‭ ‬She struck Elaine as the kind of person who could have an hour long conversation entirely about herself.‭ ‬The fact that Elaine knew Roy was going to make her perform for Kristy was almost intolerable,‭ ‬the idea of having to deal with her again if she moved to Las Vegas was too much.‭ ‬But,‭ ‬Elaine reminded herself,‭ ‬she had signed away the right to say no.‭ ‬If that was what Roy wanted,‭ ‬that was what she would do.‭

Elaine grabbed another slice of pizza‭; ‬she knew she was eating more than her share,‭ ‬but she was determined to get as much out this lunch as she could before they went back to the room.

Roy was enjoying himself.‭ ‬Elaine’s dislike of Kristy was palpable.‭ ‬He could see it in the way she almost angrily snatched piece after piece of pizza and the way she pointedly ignored Kristy’s hand on her leg.‭ ‬The pizza was good,‭ ‬but Roy had not developed the same taste for it that Elaine had‭; ‬to him pizza was pizza.‭ ‬He could tell Kristy was aware of Elaine’s dislike for her,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬It seemed that Kristy was not really fond of Elaine,‭ ‬but liked the power she held over the older woman and certainly lusted after her body.‭ ‬He looked forward to all the things he would let Kristy do to Elaine when she came to Las Vegas.

They finished their lunch and the beer and with goodbyes to Lenny and his family went back to the casino.‭ ‬Guests were starting to trickle in and there was a decent sized crowd in the lobby.‭ ‬Without a word the three of them took the elevator,‭ ‬sharing it with an overweight older couple decked out in University of Nebraska gear,‭ ‬and went to the suite.

‭”‬In about an hour we need to be ready to head out,‭” ‬he said to Kristy,‭ “‬but since Elaine was so good at shoveling pizza into her mouth,‭ ‬I think she should show us what else her mouth is good for.‭”

Kristy sidled up to Elaine.‭ ‬With one hand she grabbed a handful of Elaine’s hair,‭ ‬tilted the older woman’s head back and kissed her.‭ ‬Kristy’s tongue invaded Elaine’s mouth,‭ ‬roughly probing and finding Elaine’s tongue,‭ ‬pinning it down.‭ ‬Kristy’s other hand slid up Elaine’s skirt and cupped her ass.

Roy watched in fascination as Kristy kissed Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine was not really responding,‭ ‬but just accepting what Kristy was doing to her.‭ ‬Only when Kristy’s hand reached between her legs and into Elaine’s slit did Elaine show any response.‭ ‬As Kristy’s fingers slid into her slit Elaine tried to pull away,‭ ‬but Kristy’s hand in her hair held her tight.‭ ‬Roy sat down and enjoyed the show‭; ‬he was glad he had run into Kristy today.‭ ‬He also looked forward to seeing Kristy in Las Vegas,‭ ‬the obvious distaste Elaine had for her would make her submission all the more satisfying.

Kristy broke off the kiss and let go of Elaine.

‭”‬I know what her pretty mouth can do,‭” ‬Kristy taunted,‭ “‬I got to enjoy it yesterday,‭ ‬didn’t I,‭ ‬slut‭?”

Elaine did not say anything,‭ ‬she was remembering being forced to suck on Kristy’s nipples,‭ ‬having the young brunette ride her face.

‭”‬Kristy asked you a question,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Roy chided her.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine answered,‭ “‬Kristy enjoyed my mouth yesterday.‭” ‬She blushed in humiliation.

‭”‬Strip,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Roy ordered her.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine answered and slipped her dress off while Kirsty leered at her.‭ ‬In a second she stood naked in front of her younger tormentor.

Kristy slipped off her shorts and panties,‭ ‬but left her blouse on.

‭”‬Now,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Roy said and tossed a pair of handcuffs to Elaine,‭ “‬put these on.‭ ‬Then get on your knees and make Kristy cum.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master.‭” ‬She blushed as she clicked the cuffs on and dropped to her knees in front of Kristy.‭ ‬Kristy smiled wickedly and took off her blouse.‭ ‬Roy got to see her large,‭ ‬perfect breasts for the first time.‭ ‬He was going to enjoy letting Kristy use Elaine.

Even though Elaine detested Kristy,‭ ‬she was getting very aroused now.‭ ‬Kristy had an amazing body and despite Elaine’s dislike of the young woman,‭ ‬Elaine thought she might as well enjoy it.‭ ‬Yesterday had been too sudden and unexpected for Elaine to really to get into it,‭ ‬but now she was getting a chance to be submissive to another woman,‭ ‬just like she had planned when she left her apartment in Prescott four days ago.

Elaine reminded herself that she was doing this for her owner,‭ ‬she wanted to give him a good show and prove what an obedient slave she could be.‭ ‬Elaine started kissing and licking at‭ ‬Kristy’s knee and worked her way up the soft inside of Kristy’s powerful thigh.‭ ‬When she reached the top she gave Kristy’s shaved cunt one quick lick then started on the other leg.‭ ‬Kristy’s thighs intrigued Elaine,‭ ‬she wanted to spend some time exploring them.‭ ‬She had not had a chance to show off her skills yesterday,‭ ‬today she was going to make the most out of time with Kristy.

Elaine kept licking and kissing the silky smoothness of the inside of Kristy’s thighs,‭ ‬only occasionally venturing up for a lick or two at Kristy’s swollen,‭ ‬wet pussy.‭ ‬Slowly,‭ ‬she worked her way up.‭ ‬Kissing higher and higher on her thigh and spending more time licking her sopping cunt.‭ ‬Elaine could hear Kristy’s heavy breathing and feel her muscles tense up,‭ ‬Elaine knew she was doing a good job.

Finally,‭ ‬Elaine scooted up and buried her face in Kristy’s crotch.‭ ‬She attacked it with all the knowledge Amanda had taught her and all the enthusiasm she had pent up inside her.‭ ‬Her tongue snaked inside the younger woman’s canal,‭ ‬her lips pulled at Kristy’s rings.‭ ‬She brushed at‭ ‬Kristy’s swollen clit with her nose then licked and sucked it.‭

Elaine lost herself in the moment.‭ ‬She had loved it when Amanda had‭ “‬made‭” ‬her lick her pussy and she had not realized how much she had missed going down on a woman until now.‭ ‬Yesterday it had been so sudden,‭ ‬so shocking when Kristy took her that she had not really had too much time to enjoy it.‭ ‬Now she could really savor it.

Kristy climaxed with another string of curses and grunts,‭ ‬to Elaine they sounded something like‭ “‬grnngraaaafuckfuckfuckuhhnnnyeahyeahfuuuuck‭”‬.‭ ‬Elaine did not let up but attacked Kristy’s clit and pussy with even more vigor.‭ ‬No sooner had Kristy come down off her first orgasm then Elaine brought her back up again.‭ ‬Elaine’s face was now wet with her spit and Kristy’s juices.‭

The second orgasm was followed by a third.‭ ‬By now Elaine’s mouth was getting tired and it was actually a relief when Kristy grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head off her crotch.‭ ‬She smiled down at the older woman.

‭”‬Nice job,‭ ‬slut,‭” ‬Kristy purred,‭ ‬tugging on Elaine’s hair.‭ “‬You’re a great little cunt licker and a tasty little piece of ass.‭ ‬I wish I had more time to do things to you.‭ ‬You look so natural on your knees with your face buried in my snatch.‭” ‬Wobbly kneed,‭ ‬Kristy plopped down in a chair and poured herself more of Roy’s whiskey.

Roy was utterly amazed.‭ ‬He had known that Elaine had a history of sex with Amanda,‭ ‬but had not grasped her skill and enthusiasm until now.‭ ‬He had spent so much time doing things to her that he had never really thought about what she could do on her own.‭ ‬He was already running through a mental list of all the women with whom he could share her.

Right now,‭ ‬though,‭ ‬he had his own needs.‭ ‬His cock was hard and throbbing after watching Elaine’s performance and he wanted her.‭ ‬He took Kristy’s place in front of the submissive older woman and opened his pants.

Elaine took a deep breath as she saw Roy’s cock in front of her face.‭ ‬She was a little tired after performing on Kristy but knew what was demanded of her.‭ ‬With the flavor of the dominant younger woman still strong in her mouth,‭ ‬Elaine began to lick her owner’s shaft.‭ ‬She just wanted to get this part finished and hoped that one of them would make her cum.

It amused Roy to watch Elaine try to suck cock.‭ ‬She seemed so good at eating pussy,‭ ‬but did not really get sucking cock.‭ ‬He knew that with enough practice and training she would get better at it,‭ ‬and she would certainly get lots of practice,‭ ‬but right now he really did not have the patience to instruct her.‭ ‬He just wanted to fuck her beautiful face,‭ ‬to see his cock violate her pretty mouth.‭ ‬He lightly grabbed a handful of hair and Elaine stopped licking,‭ ‬she already knew what he wanted and opened her mouth for him.

Elaine felt the bulb of her owner’s cock slip into her mouth.‭ ‬She sucked on it gently as he paused,‭ ‬filling her mouth for just a moment before pushing deeper.‭ ‬She felt the hard flesh push over her tongue and she closed her eyes bracing for what was next.‭ ‬Into the back of mouth,‭ ‬and her gag reflex kicked in,‭ ‬her body trying to expel something that had no business being this deep into her mouth.‭ ‬Elaine knew Roy enjoyed the feel of her throat spasming on his cock,‭ ‬but Elaine hated it and just wished he would get all the way in.‭ ‬Then he was,‭ ‬her throat filled with him.‭ ‬She just tried to relax and let him have his way.

He was fast and rough.‭ ‬His hands held Elaine’s head as he fucked away in her mouth and throat.‭ ‬He pumped fast for a few minutes then slowed to delay his orgasm,‭ ‬enjoying a few more moments of her hot,‭ ‬wet throat wrapped around his cock.‭ ‬When he knew he was ready to cum he sped up again.‭ ‬He thought about blowing his wad on her face,‭ ‬but they really did not have the time to get cleaned up again.‭ ‬Almost reluctantly,‭ ‬he shot his load inside her,‭ ‬trying to keep as much of it in her mouth so she could taste him as he did.

Elaine gagged again as he came,‭ ‬her mouth filled with the salty cum.‭ ‬She did not enjoy the taste of cum,‭ ‬but she liked the feeling of being controlled and used that it conveyed.‭ ‬Her pussy ached,‭ ‬being forced to pleasure first Kristy then Roy made her very horny and she wanted to get off.

Roy had other plans.‭ ‬He zipped his fly back up and without a word to Elaine,‭ ‬turned to Kristy.

‭”‬We need to head out soon.‭ ‬You can get the rest of our stuff shipped back to Vegas‭?” ‬He asked her.

‭”‬Sure,‭” ‬Kristy answered,‭ “‬I’ll get my resume‭’ ‬to you in a couple of days.‭” ‬The brunette dressed,‭ ‬keeping an eye on Elaine as she did.‭ ‬She wanted to do many more things to this slave and hoped Roy would give her the chance.

Kristy kissed Elaine on the top of her head as she was getting ready to go.‭ “‬Bye.‭ ‬slut.‭ ‬I’ll see you later.‭” ‬She shook hands with Roy and left.

Elaine remained kneeling naked on the floor while Roy packed up their belongings for Kristy to ship to Las Vegas for them.‭ ‬She wondered what her life there would be like,‭ ‬when her only function was the pleasure of Roy.‭ ‬Would it make more sense‭? ‬Would he body hold up to the constant abuse‭? ‬Her future,‭ ‬anything from this moment on,‭ ‬was a mystery to her.

Roy had everything bagged up and ready to go except what they would be wearing tonight.‭ ‬He still had not let her in on what he had planned,‭ ‬but she could guess it involved at least one person using her for an orgasm.‭ ‬That was what she had signed on for,‭ ‬she reminded herself.‭ ‬What if Amanda had been there at Gold Wash‭? ‬Where would she be now‭? ‬Probably getting ready to be fucked by Frank Goller,‭ ‬she thought wryly.‭ ‬At least with Roy she had had some control over who would own her.‭ ‬Not much,‭ ‬but a little.

Roy was in his usual travel clothes of jeans and long black t-shirt.‭ ‬She wished he would show off his legs more,‭ ‬but the jeans and t-shirt gave him a bad boy look that stirred Elaine deep inside.‭ ‬She ran her tongue around her mouth,‭ ‬tasting his cum still inside her,‭ ‬reminding her of his cock sliding down into her throat.‭ ‬She tried to get onto another train of thought before she got wet again,‭ ‬but seeing him in those jeans,‭ ‬she could not help but remember how the button and zipper felt against the back of her thighs the first time he raped her.‭ ‬Her life had changed the moment he had penetrated her.

She had thought he would have her wear her sun dress.‭ ‬It was demure,‭ ‬yet sexy and revealing at the same time.‭ ‬Instead,‭ ‬he had out the short skirt she had bought this morning and a white button down dress shirt.

‭”‬Dress,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he ordered her,‭ ‬snapping his fingers and pointing at the clothes on the bed.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she rose and dressed.‭ ‬It did not take long.‭ ‬Of course,‭ ‬there was no panties or bra.‭ ‬Elaine looked in the mirror and was relieved that the skirt did come down at least two or three inches below the curve of her ass and while standing still,‭ ‬her naked crotch was hidden.‭ ‬She buttoned all but the top button on her blouse and presented herself to Roy.

He looked her up and down then unbuttoned two more buttons on top‭; ‬now any fast movement,‭ ‬or a stiff breeze,‭ ‬would show her firm breasts.‭ ‬He smiled,‭ ‬then opened the two bottom buttons and tied the bottom of the blouse into a knot.‭ ‬It tightened it up some so her breasts were not as exposed,‭ ‬but now her flat belly and navel were revealed.‭ ‬Elaine felt very open to inspection,‭ ‬very sexual.

‭”‬Turn around,‭” ‬Roy told her.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine turned in a circle while Roy looked her over head to foot.

‭”‬You are a beautiful slave,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬he said to her and slid a hand up her skirt to cup her ass.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she said,‭ ‬looking up into his eyes.‭ “‬I belong to you.‭”

“Slave,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬he said to her,‭ ‬very seriously.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she paused,‭ ‬then added softly,‭ “‬Roy.‭” ‬Saying his name gave her a thrill.

‭”‬Tonight will be the roughest thing you have had to deal with as a slave.‭ ‬It will be worse than anything I have done to you so far,‭” ‬he looked into her beautiful eyes and let the seriousness of what he was saying sink in.‭ “‬But remember that you are my property and you must do as you are told.‭ ‬Do you understand‭?”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master.‭”

“I will be there through all of it and I will make sure you are safe.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master.‭” ‬She looked down,‭ ‬trying not to imagine what was going to happen to her.

‭”‬Okay,‭” ‬he said,‭ ‬offering her the leather jacket,‭ “‬let’s go.‭”

Elaine stepped into her sandals and put the jacket on.‭ ‬Roy had not had it cleaned,‭ ‬so she could still feel the crusty semen from her day with the cowboys in the mountains.‭ ‬Dead men’s cum,‭ ‬she noted wryly,‭ ‬and some of‭ ‬Roy’s too.‭ ‬Roy opened the door and followed Elaine out.‭ ‬They walked down the hall and passed the same room service waiter.‭ ‬Elaine wondered if he was the only one and if he ever had any time off.‭ ‬He stared at Elaine’s legs as she walked past,‭ ‬Roy gave him a knowing wink and smile.

It was around three o’clock when Roy helped her onto the back of the motorcycle.‭ ‬He lifted her chin and locked the collar on.‭ ‬Elaine kept her eyes on his,‭ ‬hoping no one else saw this.‭ ‬He put the helmet on her and dropped the visor down so she could not see.‭ ‬He climbed on in front of her and,‭ ‬much to her surprise,‭ ‬he cuffed her hands around him.‭ ‬She was startled by this,‭ ‬he knew she was not going to try to escape,‭ ‬what did he have in store for her‭?

They were on the move.‭ ‬Elaine had no idea where they were going,‭ ‬she could not see anything but it felt like they were on a paved road.‭ ‬The wind was nice and cooling and the breeze up her short skirt was stimulating.‭ ‬Whenever he had the chance,‭ ‬Roy would reach back and stroke her thigh.‭ ‬Elaine was not sure how long they rode,‭ ‬but after a while they turned on to a dirt road.‭ ‬It was only a few minutes after that that they stopped.

Roy uncuffed Elaine and got off.‭ ‬He took off the jacket then cuffed her hands again.‭ ‬Elaine let him help her off the motorcycle,‭ ‬his hands sliding her skirt up as he did,‭ ‬exposing her perfect ass.‭ ‬She held still as he hooked a leash on to her collar and finally took off the helmet.‭ ‬Elaine looked around.‭ ‬The first thing she noticed was a group of cowboys watching her.‭

The cowboys were standing by the back of a pickup truck in the shade of a cottonwood,‭ ‬done with their work for the day.‭ ‬They all knew what was going to happen to Elaine,‭ ‬she was not the first woman on a leash they had seen led into the big house.‭ ‬There was something special about this one,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬A kind of innocence and beauty that transcended her cuffs,‭ ‬collar and leash.‭ ‬Each one wanted to run off with this one,‭ ‬to own her and do with her what they wished.‭ ‬The boisterous laughing and talking had ceased when they saw her and an awed,‭ ‬respectful silence followed as she was led toward the house.‭ ‬All eyes were on Elaine,‭ ‬drinking in every second they got to see her.‭ ‬When she was brought into the main house they resumed their conversations,‭ ‬but now in hushed tones.‭ ‬No one talked about the beautiful woman they had just watched,‭ ‬but each one savored his memory of her.

Roy led Elaine up onto the porch of the big house.‭ ‬This was definitely a working ranch.‭ ‬The big house was a little bit of luxury,‭ ‬a sprawling wooden house with a satellite dish and the hum of air conditioning.‭ ‬Other buildings surrounded it:‭ ‬a barn,‭ ‬a few bunkhouses,‭ ‬workshops,‭ ‬storage buildings and a huge water tank fed from a windmill.‭ ‬Pickup trucks,‭ ‬cattle and horse trailers and atv’s were parked neatly‭; ‬there was definite order to the compound.‭ ‬A little farther away from the house were the cattle pens and horse corral.‭ ‬One thing Elaine did not see was another woman.‭ ‬She knew she was not getting out of here until they were finished with her.‭ ‬She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself and not be too scared.

They were greeted on porch by a man coming out of the front door of the main house.‭ ‬He was a short,‭ ‬muscular man who looked to be in his early‭ ‬40s,‭ ‬with a crew cut.‭ ‬He was wearing a long sleeve khaki shirt and jeans.‭ ‬His face was clean shaven,‭ ‬but through the open top buttons of his shirt Elaine could see a mass of curly,‭ ‬dark hair.‭ ‬She could see an assortment of tattoos that she guessed were military in nature.‭ ‬He had a couple of small scars on his face and one long linear one on his right arm that disappeared up into his sleeve.‭ ‬Elaine was learning to recognize the edge of violence in men and saw it in this one‭; ‬he would hurt people,‭ ‬he would hurt her.‭

Roy warmly took his hand,‭ “‬Sam,‭” ‬he said in greeting,‭ “‬nice to see you again.‭”

Sam returned the smile.‭ “‬Roy,‭ ‬come on in,‭” ‬he said,‭ “‬Mark’s waiting inside.‭” ‬He held the door open,‭ ‬Roy led Elaine past him.‭ ‬He slowly and deliberately looked Elaine up and down with the look of a man who fully expected to have his way with her.‭ ‬Elaine shrank back and leaned away from him as they passed.

Roy followed Sam down a hallway into a den.‭ ‬Sam offered Roy a chair.‭ ‬Roy pointed to a cushion on the floor beside the chair.‭ “‬Kneel,‭ ‬Slave.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master.‭” ‬Elaine did not know what was going to happen,‭ ‬but she knew that blind obedience to her master was the best strategy.‭ ‬They would do what they wanted to her,‭ ‬but she did not want to give them a reason to punish her.‭ ‬She also hated to admit it,‭ ‬but she did not want embarrass Roy,‭ ‬either.

‭”‬Can I get you a drink,‭ ‬Roy‭?” ‬Sam asked.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬please.‭”

“How about your slave‭?”

“Please.‭ ‬I think she’ll need it.‭”

Sam chuckled and went to the shelf.‭ ‬He made up four scotch on the rocks,‭ ‬and handed two to Roy.‭ ‬Roy passed one to Elaine and she gratefully took it with her cuffed hands.‭ ‬She sipped on it,‭ ‬feeling the warmth radiate out from her stomach and calm begin to take over.

Roy and Sam made small talk about the weather,‭ ‬cattle and a few mutual acquaintances.‭ ‬It was obvious they were waiting for Mark.‭ ‬Finally the door opened and Mark came in.‭ ‬He was‭ ‬5‭’‬10‭” ‬with a stocky build and slightly thinning brown hair.‭ ‬He had a mustache and was rather handsome.‭ ‬There was an air of calm and control about him,‭ ‬he reeked of success.‭ ‬He was wearing faded jeans,‭ ‬a perfectly clean white button down shirt and cowboy boots.‭ ‬He had a slightly annoyed and distracted look on his face when he entered that faded into genuine enthusiasm when he shook hands with Roy.‭ ‬Elaine could not help but feel attracted to this man,‭ ‬even though she knew she should fear him.

He looked down appraisingly at Elaine.‭ “‬So this is what the trouble is all about,‭” ‬he said and softly stroked her cheek.‭ “‬She is beautiful,‭ ‬Roy.‭”

“Thank you,‭ ‬Mark.‭”

“And still new to the collar,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬If you ever consider selling her,‭ ‬let me know.‭ ‬I’ll make you a good offer on her.‭”

A chill ran through Elaine.‭ ‬It was a reminder that she was property,‭ ‬she might belong to Roy now but there was no guarantee she always would.

‭”‬Thanks,‭ ‬Mark.‭ ‬I plan on keeping her but I’ll keep you in mind,‭” ‬Roy answered.

Mark sat down behind the desk and drained his scotch.

‭”‬Okay,‭” ‬he said in a serious tone,‭ “‬let’s get down to business.‭ ‬Sam,‭ ‬you checked out the bodies‭?”

“Yessir,‭” ‬the stocky man answered.‭ “‬It’s just like Roy described.‭ ‬It looks like an accident.‭ ‬Unless they go CSI on it no one will ever know anything happened there.‭”

“And no one will go CSI on it,‭” ‬Mark interjected,‭ “‬I can guarantee that.‭”

Sam turned to Roy.‭ “‬Nicely done,‭ ‬Roy.‭ ‬It’s nice work.‭ ‬You ever done this sort of thing before‭?”

Elaine anxiously waited for the answer,‭ ‬eager to know more about her owner.

Roy smiled mysteriously.‭ “‬I’ll plead the Fifth on that one.‭”

Both Sam and Mark laughed.‭ “‬Yeah,‭” ‬Sam said,‭ “‬as Liddy says,‭ ‬there’s no statute of limitations on murder.‭”

“What about the gun and the shell casings‭? ‬Any problem with those‭?” ‬Roy asked.

Sam waved his hand dismissively.‭ “‬Drunk cowboys shooting from the back of pickup is not exactly uncommon.‭ ‬Even if they look that hard and match up those casings with the gun no one is going to care.‭”

“Sam’s right,‭” ‬Mark added.‭ “‬These were not model citizens.‭ ‬Neither was local so their families are not going to be looking for them.‭ ‬It will be ruled an accident and that will be that.‭”

“So,‭ ‬we’re all set‭?” ‬Roy asked.

‭”‬Case closed,‭” ‬Mark said smugly.

‭”‬Well,‭ ‬thank you,‭” ‬Roy said sincerely.‭ “‬If you ever have any tech problems I can solve,‭ ‬let me know.‭”

“There are a few things I might need help with.‭ ‬I have some files I need to keep accessible and hidden at the same time,‭” ‬Mark answered.

‭”‬Okay,‭ ‬drop me a line and I’ll take care of it,‭” ‬said Roy.

Mark leaned back and poured himself another scotch.‭ “‬Well,‭ ‬is there anything else,‭ ‬then‭?”

Roy sat forward and spoke formally.‭ “‬Since you have helped me so much I feel that the least I can do is offer to share my slave with you gentlemen tonight.‭”

Elaine froze.‭ ‬So this is what he had planned all along.

Mark and Sam smiled.‭ “‬We would love to,‭” ‬Mark answered.‭

The three men continued to talk while they sipped on their drinks.‭ ‬It turned out Roy knew The Hunter fairly well and Sam had a professional curiosity about him.‭ ‬Sam tried to pump Roy for information,‭ ‬but Roy answered evasively.

‭”‬Come on,‭ ‬Roy,‭” ‬Sam probed,‭ “‬weren’t you with him at Arsenic Wells‭?”

“Sam,‭” ‬Roy answered patiently,‭ “‬imagine you’re me.‭ ‬Would you talk about that‭?”

Sam looked annoyed for a second then clapped Roy on the shoulder.‭ “‬Fair enough,‭ ‬Roy.‭ ‬You can’t blame me for trying.‭ ‬It might be interesting to work with him someday.‭ ‬Or against him.‭”

Elaine watched Mark during this exchange.‭ ‬He listened intently and seemed to have gotten whatever information it was that he wanted.‭ ‬Mark swiftly changed to conversation to computers and he and Roy were soon talking in terms that seemed like a foreign language to Elaine.‭ ‬Her thoughts turned to what was going to happen to her.‭ ‬As much as she knew she should be afraid,‭ ‬she was instead turned on.‭ ‬The fact that she knew there was no escape heightened her arousal when it should have terrified her.‭ ‬They were going to gang bang her tonight,‭ ‬she thought and took a deep breath.

They finished their drinks and Mark said‭ “‬let’s go to the playroom.‭”

The men all stood up.‭ ‬Roy handed Elaine’s leash to Mark.‭ “‬If you please,‭” ‬Roy said.

Mark gave the leash a sharp tug and Elaine rose to her feet.‭ ‬Mark roughly pulled her out the door and down the hall.‭ ‬Elaine was scared,‭ ‬but also very turned on.‭ ‬These three men were going to use her body all night.‭ ‬She would get fucked everywhere over and over.‭ ‬She knew what Roy could do to her and she sensed that Mark and Sam would do that and more.‭ ‬She had lost all control and now she was heading down the hall to be gang raped and she was dripping wet.‭ ‬She knew she was meant to be a slave.

Elaine stumbled along as Mark pulled her through the hallway.‭ ‬Behind her,‭ ‬she heard Sam and Mark commenting on her ass.

‭”‬Yeah,‭” ‬Roy said,‭ “‬and it fucks as good as it looks.‭” ‬He reached forward and flipped up her skirt so Sam could get a better look at her ass as they walked along.

They wound up in front of a big,‭ ‬heavy wooden door.‭ ‬Mark pulled out a key and unlocked it.‭ ‬With a tug he pulled it open and led Elaine,‭ ‬Sam and Roy into the room.‭ ‬When they were all in he closed the door with a thud and locked it.‭ ‬Elaine was in,‭ ‬she was not going anywhere until Mark was done with her.

Elaine looked around‭; ‬the room was like something out of a pervert’s dream.‭ ‬A big,‭ ‬four posted bed was off to one side.‭ ‬On one wall there was a big wooden X with cuffs in the four corners of it.‭ ‬Next to it was a rack that held a variety of whips:‭ ‬there was a paddle,‭ ‬a razor strop,‭ ‬riding crop and a few Elaine could not even start to identify.‭ ‬In another part of the room a pair of leather cuffs hung from a chain dangling from the ceiling.‭ ‬An open wardrobe revealed a collection of harnesses,‭ ‬cuffs,‭ ‬gags,‭ ‬spreader bars and blindfolds.‭ ‬She craned her head and saw a table of lube and dildos.‭ ‬A pile of pads and wedges took up one corner,‭ ‬each looking like something from a gymnastics meet,‭ ‬but with handcuffs.‭ ‬She had a bad feeling about tonight.‭ ‬The rest of the room looked like a comfortable dungeon.‭ ‬There were no windows and only the one closed and locked door.‭ ‬Lights were spread on the beamed ceiling,‭ ‬some on,‭ ‬some off‭; ‬the walls were bare brick with pictures of bound and fucked women scattered on them.‭ ‬A few padded chairs were beside a small,‭ ‬round table and an overstuffed sofa was near the bed.‭ ‬It was obvious this room had one purpose and she was to be the center of that tonight.

Roy handed the keys to Elaine’s cuffs to Mark then addressed his slave.‭ “‬Slave,‭” ‬he told her,‭ “‬tonight you will obey Mark and Sam as you would obey me.‭ ‬You will do as you’re told.‭ ‬Do you understand‭?”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine looked him briefly in the eyes then stared at the floor.

Roy stepped back and sat on one of the chairs.‭ ‬Mark moved in front of her and lifted her chin so she looked him in the eyes.

‭”‬We are going to have a lot of fun tonight.‭ ‬Do as we say and you’ll get out of this alright.‭ ‬You’re a slave,‭ ‬so you’ll probably enjoy most of it.‭ ‬If not,‭ ‬too bad.‭” ‬He leaned forward and kissed her softly,‭ ‬his tongue gently stroking her lips.‭ ‬He took off her cuffs.‭ ‬Elaine rubbed her wrists,‭ ‬but before she could do anything else,‭ ‬Mark reached out and grabbed her shirt.‭ ‬With a quick jerk he untied the knot above her stomach and with a second he ripped it open,‭ ‬the buttons flying across the room.

Elaine flinched,‭ ‬but held her ground.‭ ‬Mark slid the blouse off her unresisting arms then began fondling her breasts with both hands.‭ ‬His touch was rough,‭ ‬his hand calloused,‭ ‬but the violence of his undressing her already had her nipples hard.‭ ‬She breathed hard as one hand continued playing with her breasts while the other reached back and unfastened her skirt.‭ ‬It fell to the floor and Elaine was left wearing only a collar.‭ ‬Mark’s hands were all over her body,‭ ‬rubbing her ass,‭ ‬snaking between her legs to finger her wetness,‭ ‬pulling on her nipples.

‭”‬On your knees,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Mark ordered her.

Elaine was not sure how to address him,‭ ‬but knew he would correct her if she was wrong.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬and she dropped to her knees.

Mark chuckled as he began to strip.‭ “‬I’m not your master,‭ ‬sweetie.‭ ‬Only Roy gets called that.‭ ‬You will address Sam and me as‭ ‘‬Sir‭’‬.‭ ‬Do you understand‭?”

Elaine was eye level with the bulge in his pants.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬Sir.‭”

Mark took off his jeans and was now naked.‭ ‬He had a little body hair,‭ ‬but not as much as Roy or as much as she guessed Sam had.‭ ‬He looked good,‭ ‬lean and muscular,‭ ‬tanned with no scars or tattoos.‭ ‬She looked quickly to check out his cock‭; ‬that was what would be important to her.‭ ‬She was relieved to see that he was about the same size as Roy,‭ ‬maybe a little shorter but a little thicker,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬He stroked his cock and smiled down at her.‭ “‬Open up,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he told her,‭ “‬let’s get the party started.‭”

Elaine obeyed and Mark filled her mouth with his cock.‭ ‬He slowly and deliberately forced it all the way in until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.‭ ‬Elaine had always thought that men shaving their pubic hair was less than masculine,‭ ‬but with a man’s pubic hair tickling her nose it did not seem like that much of a bad idea.‭ ‬At least the hair tickling her nose distracted her from the cock in her throat.‭ ‬Mark slid in and out a few times then left her mouth.

‭”‬Your turn,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he said to her with his hands on his hips.‭ “‬Let’s see what you can do.‭”

Elaine wanted to apologize in advance for not being very good at sucking cock.‭ ‬She knew it was not her strong suit,‭ ‬it was always easier when the men just fucked her face.‭ ‬But Elaine knew she had to try and she was determined to give it her best effort.‭ ‬She licked his shaft from base to tip,‭ ‬sucked his balls and got as much of his cock in her mouth as she could,‭ ‬but she could tell this was not doing much for Mark.

‭”‬Roy,‭” ‬she heard Mark say as she tried to take him in her throat,‭ “‬do you know Bill Waites‭?”

“In Las Vegas‭?” ‬Roy replied.


“I’ve crossed paths with him a few times at Association functions.‭ ‬Why‭?”

“He’s the best at teaching slaves to suck cock.‭ ‬This one obviously needs some instruction.‭” ‬Elaine blushed in embarrassment and humiliation,‭ ‬she was trying but knew it was true.‭ “‬I’ll give you his card.‭”

“Sorry,‭ ‬Mark,‭” ‬Roy apologized,‭ “‬she’s still new to all of this.‭ ‬On Thursday she was still a lonely,‭ ‬frustrated free woman.‭”

Mark stopped Elaine with a hand on her head and smiled down at her.‭ “‬You’ve done well with her.‭ ‬There is an innocence about her that just makes you want to violently violate her,‭ ‬somehow being good at sucking cock would just be out of character.‭”

“She is great at eating pussy,‭ ‬though,‭” ‬Roy added,‭ “‬I saw her put on a show earlier that was amazing.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬that’s what Amanda said,‭” ‬Mark said.‭ ‬Elaine froze at the mention of her roommate’s name and wanted to ask about her but knew she was not allowed.‭ ‬Mark tugged her to her feet by the collar and pointed to the bed.‭ “‬On the bed,‭ ‬sweetie,‭” ‬he told her,‭ “‬we’ll let Sam get you opened up for us.‭”

Elaine climbed up on the bed and lay down in the middle.‭ ‬She noted it was firm,‭ ‬with some give and a faint crinkling that hinted of a plastic wrap somewhere under the sheets.‭ ‬There were rings bolted into the posts and in the middle of the headboard and foot board.‭ ‬On a table beside the bed there was an assortment of ropes,‭ ‬straps and cuffs.‭ ‬Elaine eyed those warily,‭ ‬but she was getting more aroused thinking about being tied to the bed while these three men took turns fucking her.‭ ‬She had not been able to orgasm while she was with Kristy and Roy earlier and was ready.

‭”‬How do you want her‭?” ‬Mark asked.

‭”‬Arms spread,‭ ‬legs free,‭” ‬she heard Sam answer.

On one side of her Mark put a padded cuff on her wrist then secured it with a strap to the post.‭ ‬Roy did the same with the other side then they both stepped back to admire their work.‭ ‬Elaine tugged at each arm and found that they were secure,‭ ‬she was held tight.

Sam was at the foot of the bed undressing.‭ ‬Just as she had expected,‭ ‬he was as hairy as a bear.‭ ‬Under the mat of curly black hair she could see more tattoos and more scars.‭ ‬She was afraid of this man and did not want to do anything to provoke him,‭ ‬but knew that even obeying his every whim would not keep him from hurting her.

‭”‬Okay,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Roy said to Elaine.‭ “‬Time to get fucked.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master‭” ‬Elaine answered and the three men laughed.

Elaine turned back to look at Sam and would have jumped out of bed if she hadn’t been tied down.‭ ‬His cock was huge,‭ ‬at least nine inches long,‭ ‬and thick.‭ ‬She did not know how she was going to be able to take that in her vagina,‭ ‬not to mention her throat and,‭ ‬god forbid,‭ ‬her ass.

Sam smiled at her discomfort.‭ “‬Oh yeah,‭ ‬Slave,‭ ‬all night long.‭ ‬Everywhere.‭ ‬You’re gonna take this cock everywhere.‭”

Elaine wanted to protest or plead,‭ ‬but knew it would do no good.‭ ‬Mark was grinning,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬and poured drinks for Roy and himself.‭ ‬He sat on a chair beside the bed and propped his feet up on the mattress while Roy sat on the couch with a good view.

Sam rubbed his huge cock on Elaine’s face.‭ ‬She opened her mouth to try to take it in,‭ ‬but he kept it out,‭ ‬teasing her and lightly smacking her with it.

‭”‬Don’t worry,‭ ‬you’ll have plenty of time to suck it tonight.‭” ‬Sam chuckled then climbed on the bed.

Elaine’s eyes were locked on the giant cock as it bobbed in front of her.‭ ‬She still could not believe that it would fit inside her.

Sam reached down and stroked Elaine’s legs.‭ ‬She spread her legs for him,‭ ‬offering herself to him.‭ ‬Sam kissed each silky thigh then climbed between them.‭ ‬He put her ankles on his shoulders,‭ ‬she could feel the curly hair on his shoulders on her calves,‭ ‬the hair of his chest on the back of her thighs,‭ ‬as he maneuvered between her legs.

He placed the tip of his cock against her wet slit.‭ ‬Elaine looked up at him,‭ ‬terrified.

‭”‬Please don’t hurt me,‭” ‬she pleaded.

Sam looked down at her beautiful,‭ ‬moist blue eyes.‭ ‬He was really going to enjoy punishing her little body.‭ ‬She was going to get fucked tonight like she had never been fucked before.‭ ‬Maybe she would like it,‭ ‬maybe not,‭ ‬it really did not matter to him.‭ ‬She was a slave,‭ ‬she was just an object of pleasure.

Elaine turned to Roy,‭ ‬her eyes pleading to her master,‭ ‬but he just smiled and sipped on his drink.

Sam began to force his way in,‭ ‬slowly but relentlessly.‭ ‬Elaine cried out as he penetrated her.‭ ‬It burned and stretched worse than anything she had taken in her cunt before.‭ ‬Her eyes watered and her body convulsed as he violated her.‭ ‬It seemed to take forever for him to get all the way inside her,‭ ‬she felt him bump into her cervix then push in a little more.‭ ‬When he finally stopped,‭ ‬his hips against her crotch it seemed like she was being split.‭ ‬She had never felt so full and stretched,‭ ‬every square inch of her cunt was filled.

Elaine was very aware of the huge cock in her pussy,‭ ‬she felt so used,‭ ‬so degraded,‭ ‬but so turned on,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬She was a fully sexual object.‭ ‬At least for this night she existed only for the pleasure her body could bring these men.

Sam held himself buried all the way in her for a moment,‭ ‬turning his hips slightly,‭ ‬grinding into Elaine’s helpless body.‭ ‬Elaine softly cried,‭ ‬fearing the abuse even as she hungered for more.

‭”‬Fuck her hard,‭ ‬Sam,‭” ‬Mark said,‭ “‬pound that tight little cunt‭!”

Elaine looked briefly to Mark,‭ ‬as she did Sam pulled out fast and slammed back in hard.‭ ‬Elaine screamed out as his enormous cock rammed into her.‭ ‬She tried to squirm away,‭ ‬but was tied down and pinned by Sam.

Sam got up on his knees,‭ ‬lifting Elaine’s body off the bed,‭ ‬and pounded away.‭ ‬He held firmly onto her thighs as he roughly fucked her.‭ ‬Elaine kept screaming while he violated her and was shocked when the pain was overwhelmed by her much delayed orgasm,‭ ‬amplified by her day long denial.‭

Sam slammed a few times more then pulled out and climbed up on her to shoved the tip of his enormous member into her mouth.‭ ‬Elaine gagged as round after round of cum shot into her mouth.‭ ‬Wide eyed,‭ ‬scared and hurt there was nothing she could do but swallow it and wait for what these men were going to do to her next.

Sam kept his cock in her mouth,‭ ‬not in so deep that she could not breathe but in enough to fill her mouth.‭ ‬He reached back and found her swollen clit and rubbed it gently,‭ ‬as he did he pushed deeper in to her mouth,‭ ‬slowly cutting off her air.‭ ‬It only took a minute to make Elaine cum again.‭ ‬Deprived of air,‭ ‬her pussy aching from the rough fucking by Sam’s huge cock she came until she passed out.

Elaine awoke a few minutes later.‭ ‬She greedily gasped for air and tasted the salty cum of Sam in her mouth.‭ ‬She tried to wipe the tears from her eyes,‭ ‬but her hands were still tied.‭ ‬No one was doing anything to her at the moment so she tried to look around the room.

Sam was standing beside a table,‭ ‬pouring a drink.‭ ‬He was still naked and Elaine could see his softening cock hanging beneath his hairy legs.‭ ‬Elaine could see his muscular back,‭ ‬a few more scars poking out from under the mat of black hair that covered him below the neck.‭ ‬He scared her,‭ ‬he had just brutalized her and he was just getting started.

Roy was next.‭ ‬He put on a condom while Elaine helplessly watched.‭ ‬He climbed on top of his captive slave and slid his hard cock into her already wet and loosened pussy.‭ ‬He whispered softly into her ear as her ground his hips into her,‭ “‬you’re doing great,‭ ‬Slave.‭” ‬Elaine found the encouragement comforting and gazed up adoringly at her owner as he began to fuck her.

Roy started out slow and gentle,‭ ‬wanting to let his slave save some of her strength,‭ ‬but it did not take long for his lust to overcome him.‭ ‬He had taken this innocent woman and introduced her to this world.‭ ‬She had been a shy,‭ ‬quiet,‭ ‬lonely woman and now,‭ ‬because of him,‭ ‬she was tied up and helpless as three men prepared to fuck her all night long.‭ ‬She belonged to him and her comfort no longer mattered to him.‭ ‬He rammed into her harder and harder now,‭ ‬reminding her of his control over her with each thrust.

Elaine kept her eyes on Roy as he took her.‭ ‬The rough pounding seemed more natural and more satisfying to her,‭ ‬he was using her again.‭ ‬Elaine wanted to cum for him,‭ ‬to show the other men what her owner could do.‭ ‬She thought of all he had done to her and all he had had done to her,‭ ‬and as she looked at Sam’s leering face she exploded into another orgasm.‭ ‬As her pussy clenched and spasmed on Roy’s invading cock she felt Roy cum,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬He grunted and groaned as he shot his load inside her then smiled encouragingly at her as he slowed and stopped.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Master‭”‬,‭ ‬Elaine said to her owner and ground her hips around his still hard shaft.

Roy kissed her forehead then withdrew from her.

Mark was ready.

‭”‬You are beautiful,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬Mark said to her,‭ “‬maybe when Roy gets tired of you I’ll buy you from him.‭ ‬I should say‭ ‘‬if he gets tired of you‭’‬.‭ ‬If you were mine I’d fuck you every chance I got.‭ ‬Hell,‭ ‬I might never leave the house.‭” ‬He chuckled to himself.

Mark lifted up the bottle of liquor,‭ ‬Elaine could see it was some sort of expensive looking scotch.‭ ‬He stood above her and poured a small stream on her breasts and stomach.‭ ‬The liquor pooled in her navel,‭ ‬and slid across her soft skin.

Mark set the bottle down,‭ ‬knelt on the bed and began licking the scotch off her naked body.‭ ‬First he licked it off her breasts.‭ ‬Elaine squirmed helplessly beneath him as his tongue lapped up the brown liquor.‭ ‬He licked each nipple,‭ ‬sucking them briefly them moving on to more skin.‭ ‬He got all of the scotch off her breasts then went after her stomach.‭ ‬He licked in long,‭ ‬slow paths then dove into her navel,‭ ‬his tongue snaking in and going after the spilt liquor.‭ ‬Elaine squirmed and moaned,‭ ‬his mouth had her to the edge of cumming again.

Much to Elaine’s surprise,‭ ‬Mark untied her hands from the headboard and lay down beside her on the bed.‭ ‬He unrolled a condom onto his shaft and turned to her.‭ “‬Okay,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he told her,‭ “‬now I want you to fuck me.‭ ‬Come on,‭ ‬climb on top.‭”

Elaine stretched a bit and quickly wiped her eyes with her hands then rolled over and straddled Mark.‭ ‬This was something she had never done with a man,‭ ‬every other man she had been with had fucked her,‭ ‬she was never on top.‭ ‬Amanda,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬was another story.‭ ‬The redhead had loved to lie down with a strap-on on and have Elaine‭ “‬go to town‭” (‬as Amanda would say‭) ‬on top of her.

She climbed on top of him,‭ ‬facing him.‭ ‬He reached up and played with her breasts as she rubbed her wet cunt up and down his hard shaft.

‭”‬Fuck me,‭ ‬you pretty little toy,‭” ‬Mark moaned.

He moved one hand to her ass and stopped her when she was at the top of one of her strokes.‭ ‬He moved his cock to her wet opening.‭ ‬She froze.‭ ‬He slid his hands down to her hips and pushed her back onto his cock.

Elaine closed her eyes and whimpered as he filled her.‭ ‬He was not as big as Sam,‭ ‬but bigger than anyone else who had fucked her before Roy.‭ ‬She concentrated on how he felt inside her stretched pussy,‭ ‬how her clit felt against him,‭ ‬how his hands on her hips controlled her.

Mark loosened his grip on her hips and she sat back up and began riding him.‭ ‬She was determined first and foremost to get herself off.‭ ‬She circled her hips and slid up and down on his enormous shaft,‭ ‬each stroke brought her closer and closer.

Mark stared in fascination as this beautiful,‭ ‬submissive,‭ ‬collared woman fucked him.‭ ‬It felt great,‭ ‬her hot,‭ ‬tight wet pussy clung to his cock.‭ ‬He could see in her color and face that she was almost there.‭ ‬He didn’t have to wait much longer.‭ ‬She moaned then yelled as she bounced harder and harder on his shaft.‭ ‬Her face contorted in ecstasy and her whole body turned bright red.‭ ‬Her pussy got even wetter and she ground down onto him,‭ ‬milking every last moment out of her climax.

She slowed after she came,‭ ‬but Mark wasn’t finished yet.‭ ‬He held her hips in place and started fucking her hard,‭ ‬slamming up from below.

All Elaine could do was take it.‭ ‬She was getting fucked for the third time with out any break or time to recover.‭ ‬Her pussy ached,‭ ‬but still hungered for more.‭ ‬All the sensations were too overpowering to let her do anything but accept what was being done to her.‭ ‬She seemed to be riding one long orgasm,‭ ‬every bit of her body resonating to the cock pounding away at her.‭ ‬She moaned and whimpered,‭ ‬it was so intense.‭ ‬This was why she had become a slave,‭ ‬to be used and degraded and to feel things that overpowered the rational part of her brain.

She was not aware of when Mark came,‭ ‬she only became aware when he stopped fucking her.‭ ‬She came down quickly,‭ ‬but her body was still flushed and tingling all over.‭ ‬She stared down at wonder at Mark,‭ ‬he smiled back up at her.

Suddenly,‭ ‬Sam grabbed Elaine by the collar and pulled her off Mark.‭ ‬She was not quite sure what was happening and looked to Mark for help,‭ ‬but he put his hands behind his head and smiled as Sam took her away.

‭”‬Come on Slave girl,‭ ‬it’s time to take it in the ass,‭” ‬Sam growled as he dragged her.‭

Elaine half walked,‭ ‬half stumbled as he pulled her over to one of the wedge shaped pads.‭ ‬She‭ ‬tried futilely to resist,‭ ‬but her legs were rubbery and Sam was much stronger than she was.‭ ‬Sam enjoyed her fighting and flung her roughly onto the pad.‭ ‬He held her down and bent her over the pad at the waist.‭ ‬Roy was there and strapped her in place with a belt across her waist.‭ ‬Roy and Sam secured her arms and legs,‭ ‬easily overpowering her weak efforts to get free.‭ ‬In only a few seconds Elaine was bound to the pad,‭ ‬her ass in the air,‭ ‬face down,‭ ‬arms and legs spread and secured.‭ ‬She was ready and open for whatever they wanted to do to her.

Elaine tried to move,‭ ‬but she could not budge an inch.

‭”‬You’ve got a beautiful ass,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Sam told her.‭ “‬I’m going to call you‭ ‘‬Sweet Cheeks‭’‬.‭” ‬He turned to Roy,‭ “‬do you mind if I call your slave‭ ‘‬Sweet Cheeks‭’?”

“Go right ahead,‭” ‬Roy said magnanimously,‭ “‬she does have some sweet cheeks.‭”

“Please,‭ ‬Sam,‭” ‬she pleaded,‭ “‬please don’t do this.‭ ‬Please don’t hurt me.‭” ‬She looked at Roy again,‭ ‬pleading with her eyes,‭ ‬but he did not say or do anything.‭ ‬Elaine knew there was no hope.

Sam was behind her,‭ ‬out of her line of sight and she couldn’t move her head to see him,‭ ‬but she did hear him laugh.‭ ‬He gazed at her ass and stroked his huge cock in anticipation of violating her.‭ ‬She had one of the most beautiful asses he had seen,‭ ‬the curves and complexion seemed to be in perfect harmony.‭ ‬He didn’t like the turtle,‭ ‬tattoo,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬It was like putting a smiley face on the Mona Lisa.

Sam knelt down behind her and began softy rubbing Elaine’s ass.‭ ‬He kneaded her firm cheeks,‭ ‬roughly grabbing her soft skin.‭ ‬He kissed and licked them,‭ ‬biting hard once to admire the teeth marks on her pale flesh.‭ ‬He squirted some lube into her little brown hole and gently stuck a finger in to rub it around.‭ ‬He put in a little more and added a second finger,‭ ‬turning and stretching her.‭ ‬He pulled them out and watched her tight back door close.

This was going to be good.‭

Sam leaned down next to Elaine’s ear.‭ ‬He kissed it gently,‭ ‬then whispered to her.‭ “‬I’m gonna do you now.‭ ‬Ready for me,‭ ‬Sweet Cheeks‭?”

Her eyes closed and tears slowly running down her face,‭ ‬Elaine nodded.‭ ‬She was scared,‭ ‬she knew that this was going to really hurt and there was nothing she could do to stop it.‭ ‬But this was what she had wanted,‭ ‬this was why she had become a slave,‭ ‬to be used relentlessly for someone else’s pleasure.

Sam turned her head and kissed her,‭ ‬softly and gently,‭ ‬his tongue briefly brushing hers then withdrawing.‭ ‬Elaine knew that this gentleness was preceding a violent,‭ ‬painful violation‭; ‬it was the calm before the storm.

‭”‬You can scream,‭” ‬Sam told her as he moved behind her,‭ “‬if you like.‭ ‬I love it when slaves scream.‭”

Elaine was determined not to give him that satisfaction.‭ ‬She tried to relax,‭ ‬to calm herself and will herself to open.‭ ‬Before Roy,‭ ‬no one had ever taken her there before.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬before Roy there was a lot of stuff she had never done.

Sam’s background was vague,‭ ‬Mark was one of the few who knew it all,‭ ‬but he had let hints drop about‭ “‬information extraction‭”‬.‭ ‬Those had been the good old days.‭ ‬No one could claim that Sam was not a sadist,‭ ‬because he definitely was.‭ ‬But he was not a full time sadist who inflicted pain simply to inflict pain.‭ ‬To Sam,‭ ‬pain was a flavor enhancer,‭ ‬it made something he already liked doing even more enjoyable.‭ ‬He loved fucking,‭ ‬making it hurt was the icing on the cake.

As he gazed down on this beautiful,‭ ‬helpless woman,‭ ‬he had to resist the urge to destroy her.‭ ‬This was not out of any kindness to Elaine,‭ ‬it was because she was borrowed property.‭ ‬He would no more break a tool he borrowed than destroy a slave that was loaned to him.‭ ‬Almost regretfully,‭ ‬he rolled on a condom and squirted copious amounts of lube on his huge cock.

He moved between her legs,‭ ‬kissed her butt one more time then readied himself.

Elaine tried to prepare herself as he kissed her.‭ ‬This gentleness was almost too much.‭ ‬She wished he would just be rough the whole time instead,‭ ‬that way she could adjust for him.‭ ‬She clenched her fists but tried to relax her anus.‭ ‬He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her crack,‭ ‬when the tip caught on her tight hole he stopped.

Elaine took a deep breath and Sam began to force his way in.‭ ‬He was slow,‭ ‬but strong and quickly penetrated her.‭ ‬She wanted to cry out,‭ ‬it hurt.‭ ‬Sam was only the second man to enter her ass and he was bigger than Roy.‭ ‬Her rim stretched and burned,‭ ‬even lubed it was painful.‭ ‬She shuddered to think what it would be like unlubed.

Slowly he worked deeper into her,‭ ‬it seemed to take forever to get all the way in.‭ ‬He kept sliding in,‭ ‬deeper and deeper,‭ ‬filling her,‭ ‬violating her.‭ ‬Finally she felt his rough pubic hair against the soft skin on her ass.‭ ‬She was sweating heavily and her body feebly tried to expel this massive intrusion.‭ ‬She did not scream or cry out,‭ ‬she was as proud of that as someone tied down and being anally raped could be.

Sam lay on top of her,‭ ‬his large,‭ ‬hairy body forcing the air from Elaine’s small frame.‭ ‬He turned her head towards him and gently kissed her on the lips,‭ ‬his tongue only slightly entering her mouth,‭ ‬licking the inside of her lips.

‭”‬Now the fun begins,‭” ‬he whispered in her ear.

Elaine could breathe again once he got off her,‭ ‬but his hard cock buried in her ass did not change and the ordeal was just starting.‭ ‬She expected him to start hammering away immediately,‭ ‬but he did not.‭ ‬His strokes were long and slow,‭ ‬painful but tolerable,‭ ‬but Elaine did not relax,‭ ‬she knew any second now he would hurt her.

Sam was mesmerized as he watched his huge cock disappear into Elaine’s tiny hole.‭ ‬It always amazed him that something as big as his cock could fit into the small assholes of these women.‭ ‬It just seemed to vanish inside of them.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬enough of the easy part.

Sam suddenly slammed hard into Elaine,‭ ‬burying himself in one powerful stroke.‭ ‬Elaine was in agony,‭ ‬but still didn’t cry out.‭ ‬She clenched her fists and toes and bit down on the pad,‭ ‬but was not going to give him the satisfaction of screaming.‭ ‬She counted five hard thrusts into her tender ass,‭ ‬each one brought her closer to screaming then he stopped and withdrew from her,‭ ‬leaving her empty.

Elaine was trying to catch her breath when Sam battered back into her.‭ ‬Without warning he battered through her feebly resisting sphincter and buried his cock all the way into her.‭ ‬This time she could not fight at and a loud scream escaped her lips.

‭”‬That’s it,‭ ‬Sweet Cheeks,‭ ‬don’t fight it,‭ ‬scream,‭” ‬Sam snarled at her.

He pounded her roughly now,‭ ‬and he started slapping her ass as he did,‭ ‬first one side then the other.‭ ‬Sam laughed as Elaine kept crying out,‭ ‬she could not keep it in any more.‭ ‬This hurt worse than anything Roy had done to her,‭ ‬but even as the pain climbed to a crescendo the distinction between pleasure and pain blurred.‭ ‬The sensations were so strong that she was not sure if she hated it or loved it,‭ ‬she wanted it to stop,‭ ‬but feared that it would.‭ ‬At some point she realized that she was cumming,‭ ‬the line between the pleasure and the pain was gone,‭ ‬she had been forced into an orgasm.‭ ‬Every nerve in her body was afire,‭ ‬every square inch of her was alive with agony and ecstasy.‭ ‬It was like a fuse was blown,‭ ‬she lost all control of her body,‭ ‬it went limp as Sam hammered away inside her.

Sam seemed to be able to fuck forever,‭ ‬but eventually he came.‭ ‬He fired round after round of cum so deep inside her body that he half expected to see it drip out of her nose.‭ ‬Sam had done a lot of women in the ass,‭ ‬but he could not remember one as satisfying as this one.‭ ‬It was the combination of her beauty,‭ ‬her innocence,‭ ‬how her ass felt on his cock and her reaction to what he did to her.‭ ‬He ran his hands down her sides,‭ ‬admiring her ravished body.‭ ‬She was covered in sweat,‭ ‬her ass cheeks reddened by his slapping,‭ ‬flush from her orgasm and wracked by sobs.‭ ‬Tears flowed freely down her cheeks and onto the pad.

Sam roughly pulled out,‭ ‬staggered to a nearby chair and flopped down.‭ ‬Mark handed him a glass of whiskey,‭ ‬Sam drained it in one swallow.‭

He turned to Mark and simply said‭ “‬wow.‭”

“Told you her ass fucked as good as it looked,‭” ‬Roy said smugly.

Mark smiled,‭ ‬set down his drink and got up.‭ ‬He walked behind Elaine who was still panting and sobbing,‭ ‬little drops of lube sliding down from her reddened asshole.‭ ‬Mark put on a condom,‭ ‬took the bottle of lube and quickly rubbed some of it on his erect cock.‭ ‬He climbed between her thighs and with no further ado rammed his cock into her ass.

Elaine was not ready for this.‭ ‬She had hoped for a little time to recover after Sam’s violation,‭ ‬but Mark was already inside her.‭ ‬Mark skipped any introductory pleasures and went straight to pounding her.‭ ‬Elaine yelled again,‭ ‬but she lacked the strength to fight or scream too loudly.‭ ‬All she could do was lie there as he violently used her.

Mark grabbed her hips firmly as he hammered away at her.‭ ‬He rolled his head back‭; ‬Sam was right,‭ ‬she was great.‭ ‬He would have to take her as often as he could tonight.‭ ‬Almost regretfully,‭ ‬he climaxed inside her.

Elaine was crying as Mark climbed off and Roy took his place.‭ ‬Roy was incredibly turned on,‭ ‬the power he had over Elaine was intoxicating.‭ ‬He had brought her to the place where three men were fucking her in the ass,‭ ‬and she just had to take it.‭ ‬He had taken a shy,‭ ‬normal woman and turned her into a sex slave,‭ ‬he had turned her into his sex slave.‭ ‬She seemed to be constantly cumming,‭ ‬crying or both.‭ ‬Her mind might be resisting,‭ ‬but her body knew what it wanted.

Roy slipped on the condom and rubbed on some lube.‭ ‬He bent forward and kissed her ass,‭ ‬plucking a stray pube left behind by either Sam or Mark from her crack.‭ ‬He reached a finger into her slit‭; ‬it was wet and as ready to go as ever.‭ ‬Nothing seemed to turn her on like being used and abused.‭ ‬She calmed a bit as Roy gently fingered her pussy and when she was back in control he put his cock against her battered asshole.

Roy pushed into her,‭ ‬slowly but firmly,‭ ‬filling her again.‭ ‬He remember again how much he loved being in her ass,‭ ‬how he had stolen her and killed two men just to be able to keep doing this to her.‭ ‬She looked so beautiful,‭ ‬so natural,‭ ‬tied up and impaled on his cock.‭ ‬He rubbed his hands down her sides,‭ ‬reaching under her to pinch her erect nipples.‭ ‬She flinched a bit,‭ ‬moaned softly and waited for Roy to take her.‭ ‬He shifted his hands back to her hips and started thrusting.

He used her hard,‭ ‬driven by her helplessness,‭ ‬beauty and his own youth.‭ ‬Only when he reached under her to rub her clit did he slow any.‭ ‬Elaine shifted onto his hand,‭ ‬welcoming the pleasure to match her violation.‭ ‬She came just before he did,‭ ‬her climax lost in the last few hard thrusts as he orgasmed,‭ ‬once more,‭ ‬inside her beautiful body.

Roy pulled out of her and slipped off the condom.‭ ‬He dropped it into the can on top of a growing pile of used condoms and wiped off his cock with a towel.‭ ‬Panting for the exertion he shared a knowing look with Mark and Sam.

‭”‬Sam,‭” ‬Mark said to his partner,‭ “‬why don’t you bring little Sweet Cheeks over here for a drink‭?”

Sam got up and undid the straps that held Elaine down.‭ ‬He helped her to her feet and she leaned against him.‭ ‬Sam could tell she was not ready to walk yet so he picked her up,‭ ‬cradling her in his arms.‭ ‬Elaine was in a daze,‭ ‬she leaned her abused body into Sam’s hairy chest as he carried her to the sofa.‭ ‬Gently,‭ ‬he sat her down in the middle.‭ ‬He sat on one side of her and Mark on the other.‭ ‬Roy sat in a chair across from them.

Elaine sat back on the couch surrounded by men who had just brutally fucked her.‭ ‬She was starting to get her senses back and knew she should enjoy this little rest before they took her again.‭ ‬She tried not to look at any of them,‭ ‬but just to have a minute or two to herself.

Mark handed her a glass of whiskey and ice.‭ ‬She quickly drained it and he refilled it.‭ ‬She was a slave,‭ ‬she kept reminding herself.‭ ‬This is what happened to slaves.‭ ‬Or so she assumed,‭ ‬she had never been a slave before nor had she ever known a slave before.‭ ‬In fact,‭ ‬before Friday she did even know there were slaves.‭ ‬Sure,‭ ‬she had played slave girl with Amanda,‭ ‬but that was a game,‭ ‬this was real.‭ ‬Even though it hurt,‭ ‬and she was afraid of what would happen next,‭ ‬she was excited by it all,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬She craved the use of her body,‭ ‬the men pounding away at her while she was helpless to stop them.‭ ‬The pain and fear just added to the experience.

She sipped the second glass,‭ ‬trying to get as much rest as possible.‭ ‬Somehow she knew when she finished this one they would start on her again.‭ ‬Her ass throbbed and her pussy felt like it had rug burn.‭ ‬It had been a rough few days.

Roy,‭ ‬Mark and Sam watched as she sipped her drink.‭ ‬When she was down to just ice,‭ ‬Mark took the glass from her hands and put it aside.

‭”‬Break time is over,‭ ‬Sweet Cheeks,‭” ‬Mark told her.‭ “‬Back to work.‭”

Roy stood up and stepped in front of her.‭ ‬He took hold of her head and pushed it towards his cock.‭ ‬Elaine leaned forward and opened her mouth.‭ ‬Roy slid into her and was quickly in her throat.‭ ‬He began to fuck her face,‭ ‬and as he did Elaine could feel hands on her breasts and thighs,‭ ‬one began to finger her slit.‭ ‬Even as Roy violated her mouth Elaine got closer and closer to orgasm,‭ ‬but she was not allowed to finish.‭ ‬The hand in her crotch‭ (‬Mark‭? ‬she liked to think it was Mark‭) ‬kept her on the edge of cumming,‭ ‬but did not push her over the edge.‭ ‬Roy came and Elaine swallowed more semen.‭ ‬She thought wryly that the only thing she had had to eat since lunch was spooge.

‭”‬Okay,‭” ‬Roy said as Elaine sucked the last bits of cum from his cock,‭ “‬what’s next on the agenda‭?”

Mark offered Elaine his hand and she weakly rose from the couch.‭ ‬She felt a string of lube from her ass stick to the cushion as she rose and a little drop of cum ran down from her mouth.‭ ‬He led her the few steps to the table.‭ ‬Sam had already cleared the table,‭ ‬putting the whiskey,‭ ‬ice and glasses in the whip cabinet.‭ ‬Mark lifted her so she was sitting on the table then pushed her back.‭ ‬Sam cradled her head and lowered her back to the table.

Elaine lay on the table,‭ ‬her legs dangled off one end and Sam pushed her head down so it hung off the edge of the table,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬She was looking at the world upside down.

Sam stood in front of her and softly rubbed her throat.‭ ‬Elaine looked right at Sam’s huge cock in front of her face,‭ ‬the same rod that had so violently taken her twice already tonight.‭ ‬She swallowed and readied for what she knew was coming,‭ ‬and cumming.‭ ‬She did not know how that huge thing would fit in her throat without killing her,‭ ‬but she would soon find out.

Sam grabbed his cock and pushed the tip into Elaine’s waiting mouth.‭ ‬She did not try to fight or resist.‭ ‬He left the tip in for moment and Elaine could taste dried cum and the juices from her cunt,‭ ‬the flavor of her debasement.‭ ‬She stared right at his hairy thighs and balls.‭ ‬She decided that the view was not going to get any better so she closed her eyes.

Sam slowly pushed his way in.‭ ‬He pushed past her teeth and tongue,‭ ‬pausing briefly as he got to the top of her throat.‭ ‬Elaine gagged when he pushed deeper into her throat,‭ ‬but there was no stopping him.‭ ‬She tried to get up and pull away,‭ ‬but strong hands held her on the table.‭ ‬She felt her throat stretch painfully as he continued to push into her.‭ ‬She could not breathe and wondered how much farther until he was all the way in.‭ ‬She tried to stay calm and was relieved when she finally felt his balls against her nose.‭ ‬She was,‭ ‬in a masochistic way,‭ ‬proud that she was able to take him all the way in.

‭”‬That’s it,‭ ‬Sweet Cheeks,‭” ‬Sam moaned,‭ “‬take it all in.‭ ‬Suck it,‭ ‬Sweet Cheeks,‭ ‬suck it.‭”

Elaine tried to suck,‭ ‬but her mouth and throat were so full all she could do was just take it.‭ ‬She arched her back in pain when Sam reached down and roughly grabbed her nipples.‭ ‬He pulled and twisted them as he pulled back out.‭ ‬When he was out enough so she could breathe she greedily sucked a deep breath through her nose and as she did Sam slid back into her.‭ ‬He slowly fucked her face and throat‭; ‬Elaine was able to time her breathing with his thrusting.

This was almost worse than having her ass pounded.‭ ‬It hurt less,‭ ‬but not being able to breathe scared her and kept her on the edge of panic.‭ ‬It was more humiliating,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬and having his balls bounce off her nose with every thrust made her feel even more used.

As Sam slowly picked up speed with his thrusting,‭ ‬she was made aware of Mark.‭ ‬She had forgotten about him.‭ ‬She remembered him when he pushed his cock into her pussy.

‭”‬Wow,‭ ‬guys,‭” ‬Mark said as he buried himself deep inside her,‭ “‬she is really wet.‭ ‬She loves it.‭ ‬What an amazing piece of ass you found,‭ ‬Roy.‭”

Elaine wanted to cry but couldn’t.‭ ‬For the first time in her life two men were inside her and it was intense.‭ ‬Mark started pounding her,‭ ‬hooking her legs over his shoulders and slamming away.‭ ‬She tried to yell,‭ ‬but was gagged by the huge cock in her mouth.‭ ‬Much to her shame,‭ ‬it only took a couple of thrusts from Mark before she came.‭ ‬She moaned and thrashed about,‭ ‬but was helpless as the two cocks pounded away at her.

The two men roughly used her mouth and pussy.‭ ‬Not slowing or stopping as they forced their pleasure from her body.‭ ‬Elaine came again as hands,‭ ‬she was not sure whose,‭ ‬pulled and rubbed her sensitive breasts.

She wasn’t sure if Mark or Sam finished first,‭ ‬but they were both close.‭ ‬Suddenly they both slowed and stopped.‭ ‬Mark pulled out of battered pussy first then Sam slid out of her mouth,‭ ‬leaving a trail of cum across her tongue.

Elaine panted and cried,‭ ‬she had never imagined she could experience a night like this.‭ ‬She never thought anything like this could ever happen to her.‭ ‬She was only vaguely aware of a phone ringing and Mark answering it.

Tenderly,‭ ‬Sam caressed Elaine’s face and chest.‭ ‬He softly traced her collarbone and gently rubbed her cheeks.‭ ‬He had just violently raped her face,‭ ‬but was now treating her with tenderness.‭ ‬Elaine softly cried and Sam rubbed away her tears.

‭”‬Let’s hang her up,‭” ‬she heard Roy say.‭ “‬Upright,‭ ‬legs spread.‭ ‬Let’s make sure we can get from the front and back.‭”

Elaine tried to deny what she had heard.‭ ‬She was going to be double penetrated,‭ ‬one in her ass,‭ ‬one in her pussy.‭ ‬She did not know if she could take it,‭ ‬but she realized she did not have any choice.

The three of them carried Elaine to the harness hanging from the ceiling and began suspending her.‭ ‬Her hands were tied together above her head and hung from the ceiling.‭ ‬Her weight was hung from straps on her legs and under her arms.‭ ‬Her legs were spread,‭ ‬leaving her open for use.‭ ‬Elaine was resigned to her fate now.‭ ‬She was sore and loose from all the pounding her ass,‭ ‬pussy and mouth had already taken,‭ ‬but she knew her owner still had more in store for her.‭

Sam stepped back and admired his handiwork.‭ ‬Elaine was ready to be double penetrated.‭ ‬She was open and helpless.‭ ‬He smiled.‭ ‬He loved seeing women like this.

‭”‬I’ll take the back,‭” ‬she heard Roy say from behind her.‭

“Should we let our special guest have the front‭?” ‬Mark asked.

Special guest‭? ‬Elaine perked up a little,‭ ‬three men were bad enough,‭ ‬now Roy wanted to add a fourth‭? ‬She sighed bitterly and closed her eyes.

‭”‬I think we should,‭” ‬Roy agreed.‭

Elaine heard Sam open the door to the room.‭ “‬Come on in,‭ ‬we’re ready for you now,‭” ‬he said to someone in the other room.

Elaine instantly knew who it was.‭ ‬She recognized the footsteps,‭ ‬the faint smell,‭ ‬the very sense of presence and began to softly cry.‭ ‬She kept her eyes closed,‭ ‬not trusting herself.‭ ‬A hand touched her wet cheek,‭ ‬a familiar touch that sent shivers down her spine.

‭”‬I missed you,‭ ‬Laney.‭”

“Me,‭ ‬too,‭” ‬Elaine answered and opened her eyes.‭ ‬Caressing her cheek,‭ ‬her face inches away from Elaine’s,‭ ‬was Amanda.‭ ‬Elaine did not know what to think or feel.‭ ‬This was Amanda,‭ ‬the person who had first brought Elaine to orgasm.‭ ‬She had been Elaine’s lover,‭ ‬her teacher and leader in sexual exploration‭; ‬her roommate and friend.‭ ‬Amanda had also abandoned Elaine to a year of loneliness and got back in touch with her only because she wanted to sell Elaine into sexual slavery.

Amanda was just the way Elaine remembered her.‭ ‬She must have put some effort into this because her huge head of curly red hair was tied back and manageable.‭ ‬Elaine fondly remembered all the many times she had brushed back the mounds of curls to kiss Amanda’s full lips or how it felt on her thighs when Amanda went down on her.‭ ‬Amanda’s light blue eyes looked back at Elaine,‭ ‬a hint of satisfaction and questioning in them.‭ ‬Elaine looked at Amanda’s muscular arms and shoulders,‭ ‬the milky skin showing some new freckling.‭ ‬Elaine thought she needed to put on more sunscreen‭; ‬Amanda had such fair skin but was outside all the time.‭ ‬Elaine had always enjoyed rubbing sunscreen on her back.‭ ‬Elaine did not need to look down to know about Amanda’s powerful legs.‭ ‬Amanda had spent some time as a river guide,‭ ‬rowing tourists through the Grand Canyon and still had the all over ripped physique.‭ ‬Amanda had frequently overpowered Elaine during sex games and Elaine had loved it when Amanda would throw her over her shoulder and carry her off for some rough fucking.‭ ‬Elaine knew this woman,‭ ‬she knew her well.

Elaine was angry,‭ ‬deeply angry,‭ ‬at Amanda.‭ ‬She was angry more for Amanda leaving her when they were still at the Grand Canyon than for trying to sell her‭; ‬Elaine knew she was born to be a slave and maybe Amanda had been trying to do her a favor.‭ ‬But no one,‭ ‬not even Roy,‭ ‬inspired deeper feelings than Amanda.‭ ‬No one knew Elaine as well,‭ ‬how to please her,‭ ‬how to hurt her.

Elaine opened her mouth,‭ ‬trying to speak,‭ ‬but no words came out.‭ ‬Amanda solved the problem by leaning in and kissing Elaine,‭ ‬her tongue sliding into Elaine’s unresisting mouth.‭ ‬Elaine closed her eyes.‭ ‬The kiss was so familiar,‭ ‬the feel of Amanda’s lips and tongue so long a part of Elaine’s life,‭ ‬and Elaine found herself responding,‭ ‬her cum covered tongue eagerly caressing Amanda’s.‭ ‬Soon she felt Amanda’s small,‭ ‬strong hands on her breasts,‭ ‬kneading and gently pulling on her nipples.‭ ‬Amanda knew just what to do to arouse Elaine and soon her touch had Elaine ready again for whatever they were going to do to her next.‭ ‬She breathed a deep sigh and opened her eyes.‭ ‬Amanda gazed expectantly at her and Elaine nodded.

Amanda was ready,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬She had a strap-on ready to go and stepped between Elaine’s legs.‭ ‬She put the plastic tip to Elaine’s sore pussy lips and slowly pushed in.‭ ‬Elaine knew Amanda well,‭ ‬she even knew which dildo Amanda had on the harness.‭ ‬It was‭ “‬Henry‭”‬,‭ ‬a medium sized one that had been Elaine’s favorite.‭ ‬She recognized the feel of it as Amanda slid it into her.‭ ‬Blue eyes gazed at blue eyes,‭ ‬but Amanda just held inside Elaine,‭ ‬not fucking her but waiting.

Then Roy was behind her.‭ ‬He pressed his chest into Elaine’s back and whispered into her ear.‭ “‬Are you ready,‭ ‬Slave‭?” ‬he asked as his cock pressed against her abused anus.

Elaine’s eyes were locked on Amanda’s as she said‭ “‬yes,‭ ‬Master.‭”

Roy forced his way into Elaine’s tight passage,‭ ‬filling her from behind as Amanda filled her from the front.‭ ‬For a moment they were all still and Elaine concentrated on how full she felt.‭ ‬She had never thought this was something she would be doing,‭ ‬never imagined her body used like this,‭ ‬but the feel of being taken front and back stirred a deep craving in her.‭ ‬Amanda and Roy both seemed to be waiting for her.

‭”‬Be good to her,‭ ‬Roy,‭” ‬she heard Amanda whisper to Roy,‭ “‬or I’ll kick your ass.‭”

“Fuck me,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine said and Roy began to slowly slide out of her ass.‭ “‬Fuck me,‭ ‬Red,‭” ‬she said to Amanda and Amanda began sliding out of her pussy.

Elaine closed her eyes and lost herself in the sensation.‭ ‬They both started slowly but quickly sped up.‭ ‬It took them a few minutes to find a rhythm,‭ ‬one sliding out as the other pounded in,‭ ‬but once they did they took Elaine hard.‭ ‬Soon Elaine was overwhelmed,‭ ‬she had not thought this was possible.‭ ‬She tried to yell out,‭ ‬but could not make a sound.‭ ‬Her whole body was on fire,‭ ‬she did not know if it was pain or pleasure,‭ ‬all she knew was that the entire universe was the fucking she was getting from the two most important people in her life.‭ ‬Finally,‭ ‬she found her voice and howled a primal,‭ ‬animal scream as they plundered her helpless body.‭ ‬She came and came,‭ ‬not quite sure where one orgasm ended and the next began.

Roy came with a yell of his own and quickly pulled out of her battered sphincter,‭ ‬but before Elaine had a chance to come down Mark was pushing inside her.‭ ‬Elaine opened her eyes as Amanda pulled out,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬She gave a last longing kiss to her lover as Sam took her place.‭ ‬Mark was already pounding away at her ass when Sam slid his huge rod into her wet pussy.

Elaine was only vaguely aware of anything as Mark and Sam fucked her.‭ ‬She felt their bodies against her,‭ ‬their body hair on her soft skin,‭ ‬their breathing regular on her face and shoulders like athletes working out.‭ ‬Her sweat mixed with theirs,‭ ‬her moans drowned out in theirs.‭ ‬And she could feel them hammering away at her,‭ ‬but mostly she was aware of cumming.‭ ‬At some point she went limp,‭ ‬she may have passed out,‭ ‬she would never know.‭ ‬When she finally regained her senses Amanda was loosening the straps and lowering her into Roy’s waiting arms.

Roy carried her over to the bed and set her down.‭ ‬He whispered in her ear‭ “‬you did great,‭ ‬Slave.‭”

Elaine did not have the strength to answer him,‭ ‬but she thought she managed a wan smile.‭ ‬She closed her eyes and heard the door close and lock.‭ ‬When she opened them again she was alone.‭ ‬She wanted to think about what had just happened to her,‭ ‬she wanted to think about Roy and Amanda,‭ ‬but she was too tired and feel deeply asleep.


Elaine awoke to silence and found herself alone for a change.‭ ‬It took her a moment to realize where she was,‭ ‬still in the sex room at Mark’s ranch.‭ ‬She was sore,‭ ‬really sore.‭ ‬How many time had she been fucked last night‭? ‬She could not remember,‭ ‬each of the three men had taken multiple turns in her,‭ ‬using her everywhere.

One light burned on a table.‭ ‬Beside it was an open tube of lube on its side,‭ ‬none spilled out so maybe they had used all of it on her.‭ ‬She could see the straps hanging from the ceiling where she had been double penetrated by Sam and Mark and before them Roy and….‭ ‬Amanda.‭ ‬Amanda had been in on Elaine’s gang-bang,‭ ‬too.

The door unlocked and opened,‭ ‬sunlight spilled into the dark room.‭ ‬Coming through the door carrying a tray of coffee was Amanda.‭ ‬She was in a white t-shirt and shorts,‭ ‬and her hair was a mass of loose curls today.‭ ‬She smiled as she sat the tray down on the table beside the bed,‭ ‬shoving some handcuffs onto the floor to make room.‭ ‬She poured two cups of coffee,‭ ‬added milk to one and offered it to Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine sat up,‭ ‬wincing as she put pressure on her crotch,‭ ‬and took the coffee.

‭”‬Good afternoon,‭ ‬Laney,‭” ‬Amanda said and sat down on the bed beside Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine looked a little puzzled.‭ “‬It’s‭ ‬2pm.‭ ‬You had a long night so I decided to let you sleep.‭ ‬I had to give the men a morning blow job to get them to leave you alone.‭ ‬How on earth did you get Mark in your ass‭?”

Jennifer sighed, switching off the radio of her black Jeep, as she cruised across the Mojave Desert, well past midnight. The full moon’s glow lit the starry sky in the absence of artificial city lights, offering her a wonderful view that was only spoiled by the somewhat unnerving loneliness.

Her radio had been unable to pick up much of anything save the occasional late night talk show host, and most of them weren’t entertaining or even vaguely assuring. Where she expected to find music, she only managed to find bursts of static.

She glanced sideways out the window at the passing blackened scenery, the starlight revealing occasional bushes along an otherwise barren stretch of Nevada. She had been planning that trip to Reno in some form or another ever since her best friend had moved there last spring.

Suddenly, a darkened canine form darted across the road in front of her headlights, and she shrieked, swerving into the left lane and successfully avoiding it. Jennifer glanced back over her shoulder, sighing and laughing embarrassedly as she saw it had been a coyote, padding across the asphalt.

She had to admit to herself that the isolation of the trip was getting to her, as well as the sleep deprivation. She must have been on the road since the early hours of the previous morning, and she rubbed her eyes often in the struggle to stay awake. After nearly creating road-kill, she was thinking it was time to call it a night.

Jennifer drove on another few miles, before she pulled off to the side of the highway, cutting the engine of her Jeep and leaning her head back against the headrest. She exhaled deeply, finding herself more exhausted than she’d realized, now that she had a moment to relax.

She crawled into the backseat of her Jeep, where she had more cover from the open environment of the Mojave, and curled up using her hoodie as a blanket. She figured waiting one more day wouldn’t kill her friend, and besides, she would enjoy herself more if she were well-rested.

As her eyelids began to feel heavy, she tugged her hoodie close around her body, her breaths slowing to a comfortable, easy rhythm. The last thing she was consciously aware of before sleep claimed her was a sorrowful howl that drifted on the wind, wailed by some unseen beast of the night, god-knows-how-far away.

Jennifer was jolted from her slumber by sharp claws digging into her wrists, and a fiendish snarl inches from her nose, shocking her eyes open. Her gaze was met with the most intense pair of heterochromatic eyes she had ever seen, the right iris green, and the left golden.

Her heart felt as if it collapsed on the spot, as she was seized by a crushing, horrible terror that paralyzed her body and caught her voice in her throat. As her eyes adjusted frantically from the realm of her dreams to the harsh reality facing her, she observed that the powerful eyes were attached to a lanky yet toned body, covered head to foot in inky black fur. Pointed canine ears were folded against his head as he snarled at her, and his wolf-like muzzle snapped a bit at her nose.

A thick, fluffy tail could be seen swaying behind him, and had she not been absolutely frozen in fear, she likely would have tried to pet him to see if he’d wag it.

She came to realize his clawed fingers were digging into her wrists, and that he had removed her hoodie, leaving her in only a thin green tank top and a tight pair of blue jeans.

By now, her fear had subsided some and she started to kick and buck underneath him, desperate to at the very least get some space from the creature she didn’t even believe existed.

The beast growled angrily, and slammed her wrists back against the door, as he took a chomp at her tank top and yanked his head backward, tearing the flimsy material easily. Jennifer hadn’t been wearing a bra, as she’d been traveling alone, and in one of the hottest deserts in the United States; naturally, she gasped as her bare breasts were exposed to the cool night air of the Mojave.

Originally, her fear had been that the beast would devour or otherwise murder her, but then, as she felt his hot breath tease her nipples, an entirely new terror began to overtake her. Her eyes widened and she struggled a bit more violently, to no avail.

The creature maneuvered his tongue to delicately flick one of her nipples, eliciting a muffled whimper from the girl pinned beneath him. Seeming encouraged by this reaction, he bit and licked along her breast, trailing his tongue between before licking her other nipple.

Jennifer continued to suppress her moans and whimpers as best she could, but to her shame she felt her nipples grow hard under the wolf’s enthusiastic attentions.

Meanwhile, the beast had switched to pinning both of her wrists above her head with just one of his paws, the other snaking its way into the waist of her jeans and thong, two clawed digits teasing her clit. Jennifer squirmed, her body feeling hot even against the cool of the night.

Slowly but firmly, the creature worked two of his fingers inside Jennifer’s increasingly wet pussy, and though her mind screamed in protest, she could only whine helplessly in his grip as he began to pump his fingers at a steady pace, in and out of her tight cunt.

The wolf continued to abuse and to tease her breasts with his tongue and his teeth, as his fingers mercilessly violated her. Soon, the pace and power of his strokes increased, until Jennifer found her shoulders pressed firmly against the left door of the backseat.

Abruptly, the beast removed his fingers, and recklessly tore the button on her jeans, yanking them down her legs to her knees, narrowing his independently colored eyes at her thong. He cut its string-waistline with a clawed fingertip, leaving Jennifer’s pussy vulnerable and exposed.

Jennifer began to plead incoherently with the wolf, even though she had no idea if he could actually understand English, much less her panicked attempts at dissuading him. Holding each of her wrists in one paw now, he moved his knees up so that his previously out-of-sight cock was pressed against the lips of her cunt, as well as grinding against her clit.

Even in her fearful state, a small part of Jennifer noted that the wolf’s cock was sizable; she guessed about 7 or 8 inches, and approximately as thick as the wider end of a pool cue, maybe a bit more.

Of course, any fleeting thoughts observing its size were instantly forgotten as she felt the thick head poised to enter her traitorously wet pussy. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she pleaded more rapidly with the creature.

The wolf was unaffected, and with a grunt, he pushed his hips forward, driving a few inches of his throbbing dick inside his helpless captive. Jennifer screamed a cry that was a mix of shame, pleasure, pain, and violation.

She felt impaled by the monster’s aching shaft, gasping as he stuffed the remaining several inches of his cock into her cunt. His hips were soon flush with hers, and she cried weakly, her tears hot as they rolled slowly down her face.

In spite of everything, including her mind’s unheard protests, her body was rather enjoying the wolf’s treatment. Her nipples ached to be touched, and her cunt was wetter than she could remember it ever being before.

Her miserable feelings of violation were interrupted as the wolf began to thrust his cock in and out of her, sending both slight pain and pleasure coursing throughout her entire body. She leaned her head back against the door of the Jeep, unable to stifle the soft moans that escaped her lips.

Their hips slapped together as the beast raped her, his cock feeling both unwelcome and unbelievably good, filling her pussy over and over again. Above her, the monster groaned and growled, savoring the feeling of an unwilling woman unable to prevent him from taking her cunt.

Suddenly, the wolf pulled his cock from her, and Jennifer looked up, confused despite the myriad of feelings overwhelming her mind. The creature recklessly rolled her over onto her stomach, hiking her hips up and keeping her breasts down against the seat.

She looked back fearfully at the beast kneeling behind her, as he gripped her hips with one paw, stroking his cock with the other. Jennifer didn’t understand until she saw him spit onto the head of his cock, and suddenly she felt him press it against her asshole.

If she had been afraid before, she was terrified then. She begged him, she begged God, fate and Mother Nature not to let him do what he was about to. Jennifer winced as he pushed forward; being both an anal virgin and a girl who’d never intended to try it, she was incredibly tight.

Finally, after a fair amount of effort and attempts on the part of the wolf, he felt the head of his dick begin to work its way up her tight ass, and he let out a low growl of pleasure, even as Jennifer cried out in agony.

The wolf took his time to enjoy the feeling of deflowering her ass, which fortunately gave Jennifer a few minutes to adjust. It hadn’t been nearly long enough, though, when she felt the beast thrust forward, pushing about half of his shaft into her.

Jennifer balled her hands into fists, clutching at the seat of the car beneath her, as she felt so much pain, and so broken in spirit. Tears continued to crawl out of her eyes, and she yelped as the beast forced the rest of his thick, throbbing cock up her no-longer-virgin ass.

The monster was impatient now, having been denied his orgasm too long by the process of getting inside her rump, and now he almost immediately began to pump his aching dick in and out of her ass, his hips slapping against her ass cheeks violently, rocking the entire Jeep.

Jennifer cried, moaned, whined, whimpered and squealed as the big bad wolf forcibly assfucked her. Shameful though it was, intertwined with the pain was a strange pleasure, one that was very different from being fucked in her cunt, and her body seemed to get off on being sodomized, as her pussy was still wet, if not wetter than it had been before.

The ferocity of the beast’s thrusts increased dramatically, as did the volume of his snarls. His clawed fingertips dug into her soft, round ass cheeks, spreading them so that he could watch his thick cock disappear inside her tight ass. He could feel his orgasm rapidly approaching, and he had been denied release far too long.

His captive feared as much due to his change in body language, and Jennifer whimpered with every one of the monster’s hard thrusts into her ass, her knuckles white from gripping the backseat of her Jeep.

Finally, the wolf howled his satisfaction as he began to cum, spilling his seed deep inside Jennifer’s tight ass, riding out his orgasm with three last powerful thrusts that rocked his captive’s entire body.

As he knelt in the afterglow, still inside Jennifer’s deflowered rump, his previously tense muscles relaxed, and his tongue rolled out from his muzzle, his chest heaving as he panted heavily.

Jennifer sobbed into her arms, now crossed beneath her head, as she buried her face in them, so desperate to escape from everything that composed her reality at that moment. The last things she remembered were looking up and out the window briefly, the full moon dominating the starred black sky, and the exhausted breaths of the wolf-man behind her, as the shock and the trauma of the experience combined with her still-sleep-deprived state dragged her back into the realm of the unconscious.

I am excited and nervous as we step inside your house. I know we aren’t supposed to be together, yet here we are. Something about you makes me stay. I’ve known you for years but never felt this way around you before. I’m not sure if the room is getting hotter or if it’s just me, thinking about the possibilities of our evening together.

“I want to taste you,” I can’t believe I just said that out loud and by the look in your eyes you weren’t expecting it either.

We both know I don’t mean a kiss. You gently push me to my knees on the floor and I can’t undo your pants quickly enough. I want to taste you so bad! Your cock springs out at me so soft yet so hard. I lick the drop of cum off the tip and get a taste of what is to come. You groan as I tease you with my warm wet tongue. I start softly and slowly ease into a good strong rhythm. Looking down at me, my lips around your cock, you can barely stand it. I can sense you are about to explode and you grab my head forcing your rock hard missile into my throat choking me as you unload into me.

“You like being choked by my big cock, don’t you?”

My silence is speaking for me as I begin to blush. I enjoyed the power you held over me more than I’d like to admit. I know you can see the fire in my eyes. I want more.

You pick me up and throw me over your shoulder and carry me over to your bed. As you toss me down I can see in your eyes that you have completely lost control. I’m a little scared but more excited to see what you have in store for me. I’m so hot and so wet I can’t stand it. I need you so badly. You flip up my skirt and tear off my panties. My blouse gets the same treatment laying shredded on the floor. I wonder how I’m going to explain this when I get home. Maybe I just won’t go home. I realize I really don’t care about consequences, I just need you inside me now.

You must feel the same because you plunge into me so hard and so fast I have to bite back a scream. You start plowing into me with wild abandon and I’ve never felt so good. I love the feel of your powerful body over mine. Forcing me to submit to both our desires. I have no choice but to feel every inch of you inside of me igniting all my senses over and over again. I feel my orgasm coming fast and I meet you thrust for thrust as hard as we can both manage until I explode inside. I start shaking and you keep going. I feel like I’m going to burn up inside if this continues much longer.

You must realize I need a break because suddenly you are off me and flipping me over. I wonder and secretly hope you are planning to stick that hard cock in my ass. I don’t always enjoy anal, but today I’m looking forward to your hot poker ravaging my tiny little hole. I want you to be rough and control me and I hope you can see my needs in my eyes.

” Are you enjoying yourself? Do you like being my little whore?”

Your words excite me even more. Now I know you have more planned for me and today won’t be the end.

“I’ll be anything you want me to be,” I reply excitedly.

I can see you were expecting me to be outraged or upset and maybe even to stop you from what you were planning. Maybe you were trying to give me some control over the situation, but I don’t want control. I want you in your raw, primal, uncontrollable state.

“Please,” I whisper.

I can barely make it out I’m in such a state of need. One little word is all it takes. Your eyes go dark and you shove your hard cock balls deep into my ass. Hard. I scream and you keep going. I can’t believe I’m letting you violate me this way. I can’t believe it feels so good. I need more, harder, and I beg you to make it hurt. You pull my hair tight and lift me close to you and you kiss me.

I’m not expecting the first smack on my pussy and it almost doubles me over in ecstasy. So hot and wet as you smack me over and over on my delicate clit while slamming into my tight ass. I can feel your cock growing harder inside me and I know you are about to drench my asshole with your hot cum and I start to lose control. You feel so good inside me I just can’t handle it anymore.

I start to shake in orgasm again and as you cum you pinch both my nipples HARD and send me into a frenzy. I’ve never felt so much raw passion before and I’m dizzy with lust. We collapse together on the bed. You can smell our sex in the air. Too bad it was only just a dream…

“You wanted to talk, so talk.”

I crossed my legs, letting the skirt ride up my thighs in an attempt to show him what he would be missing from here on out. His eyes glanced briefly at the swell of my generous breasts pressed against my peach colored blouse. My nipples got instantly hard. I don’t know what it was about this asshole that my body couldn’t get enough of him, especially in uniform.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt you. I didn’t even know the girl! She came out of nowhere and next thing I know, she’s on her knees in front of me, pulling my dick out to suck it. I didn’t fuck her though.”

Even as I felt rage fill me, I felt my pussy start to get wet at the sound of his voice, at the vision of another woman kneeling in front of my husband, sucking his dick. I got up, my back to him, and stared out the window.

“If that’s all you have to say, get out.”

The rustle of fabric was the only sound I heard as he made his way to the door.



I’ve never seen him move so fast. My back was slammed into the wall, the frame containing a picture of us on the beach crashing to the floor. He spread my legs with his, my blouse bunched in his fist, his hips pinning me.

“I’m not leaving till we talk this out. You aren’t going to push me and expect me to just go like I’m some punk.”

My heart was pounding in my chest, and even as fear gripped me, I wanted him to press his body closer. I nervously licked my lips. His hands moved down to my wrists, locking them behind my back, pushing my breasts into his chest.

“That’s the problem these days; you women think you run the show…not today baby. This is my fucking house, you’re my fucking woman and this is my fucking show.”

He transferred both my wrists to one of his hands, freeing the other one. His hand reached under my shirt, grabbing my breast and giving it a hard squeeze. He began to roll my nipple between his fingers, twisting it in an almost painful way. His lips were inches from my face, his eyes locked on mine. I felt a shudder run down my spine.

“I tried to do shit your way, now we’re going to do them my way.”

He wedged his legs between mine, forcing my skirt to ride up exposing the black lace of my thong. His handcuffs dug into the inside of my thigh, his hips pressing into me. I could feel his thick dick getting hard, and while a part of me wanted to scream, another part of me wanted to moan and beg for more. His hand continued to roll my nipple making it even harder, begging for the feel of his tongue. His lips started rubbing the side of my neck, his hips thrusting against me.

He released my wrists, going for my other breast. I placed my hands against his hard chest intending to push him away, but my body had a mind of its own. I grabbed his shirt, tearing at it until buttons popped and I could feel his naked skin against my palms. His chest was hard and smooth, his small nipples drilled into my palms and I couldn’t resist the urge to run my fingers against them.

His lips moved feverishly up my throat, capturing mine in a bruising kiss. His tongue invaded my mouth, fighting against mine for control. His hand moved to fist itself in my hair, pulling my head back, giving him better access to my mouth. I felt him pull my legs up onto his hips, caressing my ass through the fabric of my skirt, the full length of his hard, thick dick pressing into my pussy. My hips jerked back and forth, the friction of his pants against my clit making sparks fly through my body, making my pussy feel heavy and wet.

Suddenly his mouth was gone from mine and he was kneeling in front of me, his lips pressed against the folds of my sex, his tongue darting out to play with my clit. I reached for my own breasts, squeezing and caressing them as he lapped up my juices through the thong. He reached up and I heard the sound of fabric tearing as he exposed my pussy. His mouth engulfed me, his tongue pushing into me as he parted my lips with his fingers. I thrust my hips forward, wanting him to take more of me, wanting him to fuck me harder with his tongue. His tongue teased at my clit, circling it and then sliding down to my pussy, fucking me with it.

I felt his tongue slide further back, his hands pushing my hips forward until he was licking at my asshole, stiffening his tongue and assaulting my tight hole with it. I couldn’t stop moaning, I wanted more. I heard the sound of his zipper opening and suddenly he was standing again, the head of his dick pushing into my pussy, forcing me to open for him. His lips connected with mine once more, his tongue coated in my juices making me taste myself.

His hands grabbed at my thighs, hooking them around his waist while he put his beautiful dick in me. He thrust his full length into my sopping wet pussy, slamming me into the wall each time. His mouth latched onto my breast, pulling my nipple deep in his mouth, his tongue flicking back and forth against it. I felt myself about to cum, felt my pussy become engorged, ready to milk his dick with the contractions. My orgasm took my whole body, forcing his name from my throat in an uncontrollable moan, over and over as he continued to fuck me.

He pulled his dick out, forcing me onto my knees in front of him, feeding his dick into my mouth. I tasted my juices on his hard dick, licking him clean and sucking on the head while my hands massaged my wetness onto his balls. He pulled at my hair, forcing his dick in and out of my mouth. His hips were thrust forward, his head cocked back with his eyes closed. His dick slammed in and out of my mouth forcing me to take every inch. My tongue wrapped around the head, while my lips became locked around his thickness, squeezing him. I felt the head of his dick become more engorged right before he pulled it out.

He kneeled down next to me, turning me around and pushing on my back until I was on all fours in front of him. He rubbed the pre-cum on the head of his dick along the slit of my ass, teasing the entrance. I pushed my ass in his direction, needing his dick inside it, but he just kept teasing me with the head. I felt him slide his fingers in my pussy, collecting juices to slip into my ass. His fingers played with it, stretching my hole in preparation for his invasion.

“Please fuck my ass. I need your dick in my ass.”

My begging was for nothing, he spit onto my asshole, continuing to tease me with his fingers. Just when I felt I couldn’t take anymore, he slowly slid the head in, letting my asshole adjust to the size. His fingers played with my clit, stroking it and making it peek out from my folds.

He pushed more of his dick in, slowly pulling it out, just to push it in deeper. My hips started thrusting back towards him, and he pushed his full length into my ass, filling me in a way I hadn’t been filled before. He started fucking me, rocking his dick in and out of my hole, his fingers alternating between my clit and my pussy. His hand wrapped around my hair, pulling it until I had no choice but to lift my breasts off the floor.

He leaned back on his heels, his hand still pulling on my hair until I was sitting on him. My knees spread outside of his, my ass bouncing up and down on his dick, his fingers feverishly moving against my clit.

I could feel my body tensing, getting ready to release again. His breath caressed my ears with little groans, his hips like pistons pushing his dick deeper and deeper into my ass. I was going to cum again, there was no stopping me. I felt it build inside me.

Suddenly his hands grabbed my hips, pushing me harder onto his dick as he pushed up deeper. I felt the cum stream out of his dick, the spasms causing my body to shake as my own orgasm gripped me. I reached back, digging my nails into his ass, locking him inside me. He pushed my body forward, pumping his dick as his sweet cream filled my ass. He fell on top of me and then pulled me with him as he rolled to his side.

I felt his breathing steady out as he pulled his dick from me. My hips bucked, missing the fullness. I felt him get up, moving towards the bathroom as he fixed his clothes. I reached for the throw on the couch, my body too tired to move much but needing to conceal my nakedness. I covered myself as he stepped back into the living room.

He locked eyes with me, prowling towards me and hauling me up to him. He captured my mouth, his hand on the back of my head locking my lips to his. He released me, leaving me dazed and unable to speak as he made his way out the door, the throw held like a shield against my chest. He took one look over his shoulder, “This conversation isn’t over,” and closed the door behind him. I ran my shaking fingers against my lips, savoring the taste of him. No, it wasn’t over.

Jamie had wanted a fresh start, so she moved to the big city. Coming from a very small town with one red light, New Orleans was a whole different world. People are running a muck everywhere. So much chaos, hustle and bustle. It was over whelming and exciting all in the same moment.

While attending school at Tulane, she had just started a new bartending job at a local bar on St Peters. Pretty much the epiphany of madness can be found seven nights a week in the French Quarters. That seems to be the one place where everyone goes to rip loose.

Enjoying the change of pace, Jamie was finding it a little hard to keep up. Freshly out of a divorce, the option of suitors never seemed to stop. Whether it be the drunk tourists or one of the many fine specimens for co-workers. But alas, none of them really held any excitement or interest for her. Mostly loud mouth men with no manners and surely no idea how to treat a lady. Of all the things she could say about her ex-husband, he had treated her like a queen and she was now accustomed to that treatment. And rightfully so in her eyes.

Days dragged into weeks and Jamie could feel the stirrings of her need. It had been much longer than she would be comfortable in admitting to. Her ex had always had a knack of knowing where to hurt her and it was always in the bedroom. Reverse roles were played and he would constantly cut her off. So it was safe to say it had at least been over 6 months. Being as she was such a sexual being, this was not good. The silly men with their sloppy passes were starting to look a little good.

Before getting ready for work Friday night, Jamie lingered a little longer than usual in the shower. Losing time with the wave of self made orgasms, stepping out of the shower a little week kneed. Her lean lithe body flushed red with the heat and desire, toweling off quickly as the time flashes on her cell. Damn late again! Cursing under her breath, she quickly moved in to the bedroom closet. Hoping that she had actually hung the uniform up, she resigned to the clothes basket finally finding what she was looking for.

Stretching the tight black cotton tank top over her large damp breasts, her nipples protruding through the thin material. They both stood proud and still erect from the moments in the shower. Rubbing her fingers absently over them, new tingles shoot to her nether region. Snapping out of her self induced coma, she slides the black mini skirt over her hips, zipping the sides. The heat of the day and the heat in her loins, she decides to opt out of stocking and just pulled a thin cotton pair of panties on under her skirt. Immensely enjoying the slight breeze with every step, fanning her most intimate parts in such a way. She was feeling the prowl, tonight she needed real satisfaction. Her body was craving it.

So scrambling to finish getting ready, she finally heads out of the house fifteen minutes later, twenty minutes late for work. Jamie heads into work quickly, hoping to not anger the boss.

Rushing in through the darkened doors, she puts her purse behind the counter. Rising up from the bent position she slams into a hard chest. Creamy breasts bouncing, sensitive nipples crushing against unyielding hardness. Falling back, her face inches from a growing bulge in well fitted pair of blue work pants.

Raising her head, she realizes immediately who it was, Tim the maintenance guy. His rugged body was surely as hard as a rock, massive shoulders and arms. His waist tapered perfectly to strong thighs, shoulder length curly brown hair always in a pony tail. Jamie had checked him out many times in the month that she had worked there, but he never said a word to her or anyone else for that matter. Some even were afraid of him, most are when it comes to the silent types. His nickname at work was the Wolf, although he did put you in mind of Wolverine from those hero movies.

Tim seen her come in, he always did. Jamie was pretty hard not to notice, tall red bomb shells are scarce in this part of the world. Her hair, still wet and curly, hung down past her round shapely ass. Breasts bounced freely under her tight black shirt. Bars logo always danced as he watched her walk the bar, delivering and making drinks. Legs for days, bare tonight under her short little skirt. How his hand itched to slide underneath the fabric, to find out what she wore underneath.

He was sick of the drama of the bar and he found that an I pod was really useful in that. When Jamie had walked in the bar looking for a job, he had pulled one out of his ear to hear her voice. A pleasant low sultry voice that he could close his eyes and lose himself in it. He had found himself turning it off completely when he was upstairs and she was working. Jamie always seemed to have a funny anecdote or wise word for all the patrons. Tim had watched in amazement and humor as she glanced off each suitor. He had asked around about her and found out she was not involved. He wondered why she was not taking up any of the dating invites.

Turning away as he seen her walk in, he bent down to unload the cases of beer into the cooler. Standing up, he watched her skirt rise up as she bent down below the counter. A flash of white turned his blood to fire and he could not take his eyes off of the long tan legs in front of him. As she shoved the purse in her cubby hole, seconds of white panties peeked between her thighs. Skirt almost to her waist, he had to fight the strong urge to touch her. Lost in her bottom half, he didn’t realize she had suddenly stood up, until she slammed against him. The softness of her breasts made him groan, affecting his sleeping member to a quickly upright soldier.

As quick as she fell against him, Jamie hit the floor. Her thighs splaying open slightly as she tried to right herself in her heels, cursing under her breath. Eyes burning into hers as she finally raised hers to meet his, he could sense the need in her. Her face turned a bright red as did her thighs curiously.

“May I help you up?” Tim said softly, hold back a laugh.

Tim extended his hand to help her up, trying hard not to look back down to her pure white undies. Although it was not needed, they would be burned in his mind forever.

“Yeah, sure, um, thanks.”

Jamie’s voice stuttering a little as she tried to compose herself, her smaller hand fitting so well into his larger roughened one. If he didn’t know any better, he would say her whole body was blushing. She sure seemed pretty flustered he observed, maybe she wanted him as much as he wanted her. As he towered over her now standing figure, he brushed a few tendrils of her hair out of her face before he could stop himself.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to knock you over. By the way, your late.”

Jamie started to say something and then quickly turned around and walked away. Tim watched her leave for several moments, until he saw the tell tale glance back.

His body now on fire from her wake, he could feel himself tight in his pants. Growing so large to the sight of her, he moved around to alleviate the slight discomfort. After a moment more of thought, he went back downstairs to unload the cases.

Rushing in to the bathroom, Jamie leaned up against the tiled wall. Heart was pounding in her ears and her thighs were slick with escaped juices. She could not stop her fingers from finding her soaked folds beneath her panties, heat radiating off of her core. She could not stop the gasp that passed her lips in the echoing bathroom. Lost in her wet wonder, she had to snap herself out of it. She hadn’t even served a drink and it was thirty minutes in to her shift.

Sliding behind the bar a few minutes later, she could feel the heat of the cherry flush in her face. Carmen was overwhelmed as could be seen on her face, so Jamie started her night. The bar stayed hopping most of the night, keeping her mind from her run in with Tim. But as the space between customers rose, her thoughts returned to the quiet man. She could see the desire in his eyes and she knew now he was the one she wanted to take home tonight. Her body reacting quickly to the mere thought of being pressed up against his hard body.

As if on queue, he came walking across the bar carrying something heavy by the way his muscles were straining against his shirt sleeves. Lost in his body movement and ending view, a customer had to almost shout to get her attention. After making a few shots of tequila for the patron, she went back to her day dreaming. Leaning against the bar, she could feel herself getting wet again. To side track her dirty mind, she decided to go to the walk in cooler and grab a few beers to start stocking for the next night.

Entering the cooler, her breasts immediately react to the cold air. Feeling a shiver run over her body, she started grabbing beer quickly to get out of there. Two trips later, she was growing accustomed to the cool air and was starting to prefer it over the muggy night’s balm. Straightening out the beer back in to order after the chaos of the night, Jamie heard the walk in door open, expecting Carmen, she made a vulgar comment about one of the more attractive customers of the night. About to turn around because she had not answered, Jamie then felt warm breath against her neck. Shivers running down her spine, as she hears Tim’s gruff voice.

“I can’t get those hot little white panties out of my mind.”

Before she could utter a word, Tim’s lips and tongue were on the crook of her neck. Jamie almost hit her knees with the contact, swaying back against his chest. Opening her body up to his searching hands, Tim grabbed her breasts firmly in his big hands. Biting gently to her sensitive skin, as his hands and fingers roamed over her body. Gentle but firm hand pushes her against the rack. Tim’s steel frame pressing against her roughly, Jamie felt his male presence on her buttocks.

Unable to stop her body from reacting, it found it’s way molded against him. Her breathing coming in rasps and short burst. Her heart almost stopped when his hand started creeping up her thigh higher and higher. Tim opens her legs for more access and she nearly jumped when his fingers settled on her button. Stroking it with circular motion, Jamie felt herself coming close to orgasm. Mere seconds with his hand there, was better than an hour in the shower. Right before she climaxed, he rammed his finger into her, pushing her over. Gripping her G-spot, Jamie came all over Tim’s pumping hand. Knees weak, she fell back into his arms until the waves subsided.

Turning her around in his arms, he slowly moved his hand to his mouth. Eyes locked on hers as he licked his finger clean of her juices. In her fogged mind, she may have heard him say sweet or something like that before he turned around and walked away. Leaving Jamie against the rack in the back of the walk in, bright red and still glowing. Her body shaking hard from the encounter. Embarrassment making her realize what had happened and she silently admonished herself for acting like such a harlot. Only when she was honest with herself, secretly dying for more.

Walking out of the cooler was hard for Tim, figuratively and of course literally. Her sweet taste still on his tongue driving him crazy, but no thought of washing it away. Bringing his finger to his nose, smelling her scent. He made the decision that he must have this woman tonight.

Never even considered hooking up with one of the staff, he did not care what moral or federal laws he was going to break. Tim had learned a long time ago, no one acts like their true selves in front of the boss. So he decided to play the maintenance guy and saw everything. His choice had saved him a lot of money and gotten rid of several who needed to go. But his position over Jamie may be a problem.

Tasting her and remembering the noises she made, made the decision for him. Watching her finally leave the cooler, he finishes the night’s work to be done about the time Jamie is. Locking the basements doors, he turns around to see Jamie counting out the till. She was always good with the money, never off more than a dollar. Some how even the way she licked her finger tip to count the money was sexy. Everything that woman did, seemed to be a sexual offer. Enjoying her hips swaying to the beat of the music, my dick responding just to her sight. Making sure everyone else was gone, he went to the breaker box and flipped the switch.

Eyes adjusting quickly to the semi-darkness, he reaches her and pulls her down to the floor. Crushing his body on top of hers, breaking her sound with his mouth on hers. Feeling her resisting, he pries her mouth open with his tongue. Hands running down her length, his forearms holding her upper body down.

“You know you want this, no need to fight little one.” Tim whispered softly in her ear.

Hearing his voice seemed to stop the resistance, her body now responding instead of bucking. Jaime’s lips and tongue now moving with his at a frenzied pace. Fingers entwining in his curly hair, pulling him down on top of her once again. Jamie’s hips kept coming up against him, grinding his sore member. Jamie opens her legs further and wraps her silken thighs around his torso, enabling the head of his cock to press against her most intimate parts. His trousers were getting wet through her panties. The smell of sex was strong in the air as their readiness grew. Tim slid down the length of her body, till he was eye level to her white panties barely visible in the emergency lights. Jamie’s smooth legs now resting on his shoulders, Tim leaned in to lick the wet fabric. A few dry licks, before he peeled her panties to the side to get a full taste of what was earlier on his finger.

Tightening his tongue to a point, Tim slowly traces Jamie’s lips with it. After a few rounds finally dipping in the middle, stopping to lap at her clit for a moment. Watching her body react with the contact, he fastens his mouth on the sensitive area and begins to suck. Jamie starts crab walking and screams, the sudden gush of fluid tells him she has already had her second orgasm of the night.

Chuckling a little as he drags her back in place, lowering his mouth to tease her some more. Licking and sucking her to the brink several more times before he finally let her cum again. Undeterred by her small hands pushing back against him, he continued to suck hard on her clit as she came again. Licking up all her juices, he finally pulls off of her, Jamie’s voice almost like a strangled cry. Rising up and sliding back to claim her mouth, she eagerly kisses him back. Her hips constantly grinding on his waist, a few little squirms as well.

“Please, I want you inside of me. I can not take anymore of this.” Her eyes begging for what her mouth requested.

Leaning over her face, his man hood grows at the request. Not being very specific, he decides to use that pretty mouth of hers first. Placing his knees right above her shoulders, he presses his huge cock in to her protesting mouth. All that could be heard in seconds was choking and gasping on her part. Tim grabbed her hair from the back of the head, forcing her face up closer to his balls. Each attempt to force him self even half way in, results in hitting the back of her throat. Even with her gag reflex, he is only admitted another inch before he must stop. Grabbing the sides of her head, Tim starts to face fuck her rather rough. He caught himself slowing down a few times to stop the waves of orgasm from cresting. He did not want to cum this way, but God her mouth was like a little slice of heaven. Reluctantly pulling out of her mouth, he slaps her with his hard dick in the face. Jamie starts breathing hard, catching her breath. Not giving her time to regain composure, Tim lines up swiftly with her soaked pussy.

Pulling his pants down completely, he rubs the large head on her weeping core. Jamie starts to pull away from his pursuing member, forcing Tim to grab her hard around the waist. Unable to stop himself, he slams fully into Jamie’s ever so tight pussy. Groaning as her soft silken walls crush and squeeze his cock from all sides. Having to not move for several moments to collect himself, her cunt feeling like a virgin’s. Smiling at his good fortune and find, he starts to slowly pull out to bury himself in her once more.

With his first penetration, Jamie thought she was to be split in two. His monster cock ramming into her was the biggest she had ever seen, let alone had. As she screamed out in surprise and pain, Tim covered her mouth with his hand. Even in the darkness, Jamie could see the sex-crazed look in his eyes. After a few stretching strokes inside of her, Tim grabbed her hips to pin her down. Jamie tried to buck him off of her with each slow stroke, his dick going so deep.

“Just relax, it will fit.”

His words did nothing to qualm her fears, pain still rushing to her with each thrust. Jamie could feel one of his hands snake off her waist and start rubbing her clit with that magical touch. Pain turning to pleasure, she started to relax, taking more of Tim’s beautiful dick inside. She could hear his groaning, the fact of his holding back very obvious. Wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling his rock hard body closer to her. Kissing him hard on the mouth, his tongue dancing as he was inside of her. Never speeding up, just the same slow strokes as if he was afraid to break her.

Feeling rather use to his huge dick now, she started bouncing against him to pick up the pace and go deeper. A small moan of displeasure when he wouldn’t go faster, her eyes asking for it all.

“I don’t want to hurt you Jamie.”

“It has been so long Tim, I don’t need love making, I need to be fucked.”

Hearing her words whispered in his ear was his undoing, pressing deeper in to her enjoying her sudden intake of breath. He was not even fully in yet and hitting bottom. Pulling out roughly, he pushes her back down on the floor. Grabbing her upper thighs in a bear hug, he yanks her lower body up towards his face. Burying himself in to her pussy, suckling her hard. Holding his grip firm as she tried to get away, he nibbled and licked her till she was a mass of gasps and pleas.

Pulling her legs further up, he slides back in to her pussy with ease. He pushes further in, until his balls are resting on her ass. His dick twitching at being fully sheathed and squeezed so tightly. Jamie’s eyes had glazed over.

Unable to resist any longer, Tim starts fucking her hard and fast. He could hear her screams as if far away, he was fully focused on her wet center. The feel was amazing and he was close to losing it seconds in. As he cums he continues to pump inside of her, their cum mixing together in her womb. Slowing the pace but never stopping, Tim can feel his dick growing hard once more.

Jamie hoping for a reprieve started pushing against his chest saying, “No more.” Opening her legs to slide fully between her smooth thighs, Tim had to moan to be fully inside again. Surprised that he was still as turned on as when they started, he started his fast pace in her vice like crevice once more. Tim could feel himself about to lose it again, so he pulled out slowly.

Standing her up and pulling her up with him, he pressed her body down to the counter. Face down with her ass up as an offering, he could not help but slap it sharply. Gaining a curse from this women Grabbing a hand full of her long red hair, he jerks her up against him. Biting her where her neck and shoulder meet, taking the moment of her struggling to slam back into her. With a roar he plummets Jamie, her body knocking against the wood counter. Grabbing one of her nipples with his free hand, he twist ruthlessly on it. Feeling Jamie release more cum, lubricating and turning him on further. He continued to bang her harder and harder, until he was close once again to his end. He slowed down the stroke to lessen the friction, her pussy was still milking his cock.

It was almost Sunset and I was doing a load of dishes when I heard the knock at my door.

“Fuck,” I muttered to my empty kitchen, my arms covered up to my elbows in soap and dishwater as I exhaled and blew little bubbles everywhere, crying out to whoever it was at my door, “Just a minute…!”

I could have swore I heard another timid knock at my door as I shook the soapy film from my hands with a few sharp snaps of my wrists and strode to the door, expecting Jehovah’s Witnesses or some neighbor that would only deign to talk to me only when asking for some random thing.

Instead, I opened the door to find my friend May sobbing, a river of tears cutting a channel down her smooth brown cheeks. Her olive shaped amber eyes were normally alight with wit and laughter, but now were swollen and red from crying.

“I’m sorry Ethan- I would have called bu-but…” She broke down, and she looked exhausted, wounded and defeated.

“Don’t worry about it,” I gently took her by the shoulder and pulled her into my house, away from the prying eyes of my elderly neighbor and the Summer heat. It was damn hot out and in addition to tears, May was drenched from not only sweat but some unknown substance- a red stickiness contrasting with the deep, dark brown of her face, neck and and arms. It even managed to cling to her shortly cropped, thick curly hair as well as the black of her over-sized Pink Floyd t-shirt.

“Sit here, I’ll be right back,” I said firmly but gently, and though she would have said something smart-ass at me telling her what to do- in her state she just collapsed, like a puppet who just had it’s strings cut into my aged but comfortable reading chair. I got us both ice water and towels so she could get off the sweat and whatever it was on her and I my hands still wet from doing the mostly completed pile of dishes.

Bawling sobs ripped through my apartment and with a shaky hand she accepted the large glass with her surprisingly strong grip, taking several heavy drinks of the refreshingly cold water.

I sat there silently- waiting for her to speak. My eyes were intent on her face. She usually looked me in the eye, strong and confident- but today she looked down, broken. It was sad to see. She numbly wiped at the unknown crimson spatter mingled with sweat from her caramel skin, and rubbed at the patina of snot above her thick, purple lips. Wracking sobs shook her body as I could see her white, but slightly crooked teeth show through a pained grimace. To say May’s ancestry was mixed would be an understatement- her ancestry was comprised of black, Korean, German and a Hodge-Podge of a few other random nationalities. She was pretty, but fell just short of being beautiful- She’d probably look stunning in a dress, but it’d take a a million dollars AND a SWAT team to get her into one. She was the quintessential Tomboy, from the brazen way she spoke, to being able to spot me at the gym down to the way she kept her curly hair- black and dyed with red highlights and cropped short in a relaxed style that was unintentionally flattering.

If my gaze were to wander down, I’d see what was probably quite the body hidden underneath those baggy clothes- petite, muscular and voluptuous- but I didn’t…

Really, it was because that would have been a moot point really. May was gay and a total fucking butch. Gayer than the whole YMCA discography- in fact we met through a former girlfriend of mine, Abby. Abby was “bi-sexual”. Though I think it was just term for Abby being unable to commit to anything- even the gender of her sexual partners. As she did with me, Abby decided for some random reason- maybe because it was Black Friday or something, that she liked dick again and moved to Toronto with some dread-locked stoner guy who spoke French and sold hemp products out of this head shop. It was rather sudden, leaving May not a little hurt, not unlike how Abby had had left me when she got together with May.

I remember wanting to be bitter at May when I first met her, but I couldn’t help but enjoy her easy, honest smile, the way she always said what was on her mind, and her infectious laugh.

Ironically- it chapped Abby’s ass that May and I got on as well as we did. I think May was supposed to be something to flaunt in front of me for whatever stupid reason. I have to admit, I enjoyed robbing Abby of that.

Instead, we got to talking about how Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was often overrated off the mat and from there, why Metallica should have quit after The Black Album, finally to why Fosters was still decent beer in spite of the hate.

So, long after Abby had departed for the Great White North, May and I kept talking. We were platonic friends, obviously, despite her having a great rack and an ass that could make even baggy, thrasher jeans look good. As far as I was concerned, she was off the market- not even remotely interested nor ever would be. I have plenty of other women friends who were hetero and we weren’t dating or fucking. The tried and trite “Let’s just be friends”, as long as it was offered sincerely, never stopped me from actually being friends with a woman. It was the same thing with her- I didn’t weird things up by hitting on her, and I didn’t hit on her girlfriends. We worked out like we were just two dude friends. Unlike my other women friends, May had the additional perk that my hetero chick friends didn’t in that we could go look at tits together.

Four months ago May had met this chick in her Women’s studies class who kind of reminded me of Abby. Sure, Carmen was Abby’s physical polar opposite- short where Abby had been tall. Carmen was a dark skinned Latina where Abby was about as Irish as Corned Beef and Cabbage- her skin like milk and freckled with cinnamon. Carmen was curvy where Abby was slender. It wasn’t her body type or skin tone that made her another Abby but the same, juvenile need for attention and a ruthless ability to apply histrionics and manipulation to get it.

I remember laughing with May one night over some beers after work a few weeks ago and she told me how Carmen thought I was gay.

“Really?” I blinked,”Why would she think that?”

“Yunno- I asked her the same damn thing,” May responded after thinking on it as she took a deep swig from her gold and blue can of Fosters,”You know what she told me?”

“What?” I asked- I mean I bathed and used deodorant and I laughed at Mrs. Doubtfire but I wasn’t exactly Metro or anything. Why would I ping on her gaydar?

“He never hit on me” Carmen said,” May replied, looking at me pointedly,” You believe that shit?”

We both had a good laugh at that. It wasn’t that Carmen wasn’t fuckable, she was. I might have been El Juero Blanco, but I was equal-opportunity. However you wanted to slice it, Carmen was my buddy’s girl. Regardless of what May wore underneath her Fruit of the Loom’s she was still my bro, and I would never violate the “Bro Code” like that, No IF’s, AND’s or BUT’s. I recall thinking back on it, and something about that struck me as just arrogant on Carmen’s part. I told myself I was probably just reading too much into things- and May really liked her and I did the best I could to be a good wing man.

My other friends gave me shit (As I’m sure some of May’s dyke buddies gave her shit for hanging out with a straight dude) for hanging out with a “dyke” but I’d fuck with them back, “Jim, you’re just jealous she gets better poon than you.” And it’s true- she had some great taste in women- well, at least in the way of looks. I couldn’t really fault her for the inability to see past a pretty face, especially since we had shared at least one pretty, albeit shallow girl. I had learned my lessons and was pickier now, better able to see the telltale red flags than May was.

Now May was here, in tears.

“So May, what happened?” I asked, absentmindedly scrubbing at an errant spot of dish soap drying on my hairy forearms. May just wasn’t prone to this crying shit- even before during her other breakups. she was as much, if not more of a dude, than I was. Something was different about today, and even if it felt a bit awkward, I’d do my best to be there for my friend.

“Fuck Ethan…” She exhaled sharply then breathed in after, letting out a loud sigh, “I think Carmen…I think she left me.”

I almost wondered aloud, “How can you THINK someone left you?” but I caught myself, instead I just gave her a “go on, I’m listening” look.

“Carmen had picked me up from class and I just wanted to go home- it’s hot and all. I was fucking tired, but she wanted to go out drinking and dancing. We had talked this morning about just having a nice quiet evening together tonight- we hadn’t gotten to see each other all that much. Of course that started us to fighting about stupid shit. You know, how she seems to think that I was cheating around on her, I was pissed she kept asking- you know I’m not, and I was tired of having to keep justifying myself to her. It made me think that maybe there was someone else- the thief is the first person to accuse another person of pick pocketing, right? God, it was so fucking embarrassing how we were all Jerry Springer at the stoplight as people in the cars next to us just kept giving us funny looks.”

I winced as she paused for a breath. I’ve been witness to one or two of those fights, and honestly, I was surprised they didn’t end up in knock-out drag out sessions where the cops had to be called.

“Yeah, I hate that shit too, man.” Abby had been prone to hysteria, she had this fetish for pulling these epic-ass tantrums in public…The last person I dated was more sedate, but prone to the passive-aggressive bullshit. That wasn’t much better. I swear, there were times I wished I was fucking gay- until I found out from May that gay dudes liked to play the same bullshit games. No tits and vag for the same drama? No fucking thank you.

“My sister CeeCee had called from her boyfriends phone- you know how we were planning Mom’s birthday? Carmen was giving me the third fucking degree, and just flipped out and knocked the phone out of my hand.” This couldn’t have happened but forty minutes ago, and understandably, this was hard for her to talk about.

“Christ,” I muttered- I didn’t like where this was heading and I was afraid for my friend.

“I fucking flipped out Ethan. I yelled at her…” She confessed in a quiet voice,” I just couldn’t…I was hot and tired and just fucking fed up, you know? I told her to pull over.”

I gave her a “I don’t blame you” look. Someone grabbing something out of my hand or knocking it out was enough to make me want to swing on someone too, tits or no,” What’d you do?”

She looked at me, her hands shaking so much I had to take the now empty glass from her hands before she dropped it and her voice shuddered and hitched,” I told her that I was fucking tired of this…this princess bullshit. I love her Ethan- but fuck, it’s just day in and day out. Does everything have to be fucking Vietnam with these bitches?”

“It shouldn’t have to be, dude,” I said with a shrug,” But should and shit begin the same way for a reason.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too,” May answered, her teeth grinding together in anguish and a bitter cast warping her normally pretty features,” She- told me to get the fuck out of the car- but first she JUST HAD to tell me that she had met someone else- some bitch from her work and because she hadn’t fucking gutted me enough, she threw her Slurpee in my face.”

“What a fucking cunt.” I muttered. What was it with some women? Not enough that they twisted the knife in, but they had to cover it in salt and then break it off inside too? That wasn’t quite fair- I’ve been my own kind of dick to women too, and I’ve seen my dude friends do some petty shit that wasn’t anywhere near necessary. Part of growing up for both genders, I guess.

“So…I don’t have my phone and you were ten minutes away. I was praying…that you were home. I just- you’ve always been there to talk to.”

I was supposed to go out and play darts with some guys at work- but I had a feeling that May was going to need me tonight.

“I’m gonna need to place to crash tonight Ethan- I just don’t feel like going home.” She looked almost sheepish when she asked.

“Don’t even sweat it bro. Mi casa, Su casa.” It was kind of a running joke with each other we always called each other shit like “Dude”, “Bro” “Man”- I guess it also made the gender issue a bit easier to deal with.

She sighed in relief and sadness,” Thanks man. I just- I’m just so fucked up.”

“I’ve been there. You were there for me when I needed it too May. I was gonna go out tonight-”

“Oh no…” May said, crestfallen,”I didn’t mea-”

I waved my hand dismissively,” -It’s just some buddies from work. I spend enough time with their sorry asses all week long anyway. I was just saying, let me give them a call to cancel. Do you wanna take a shower and get all that crap off of you?”

She nodded gratefully and said,”…Yeah.”

“Right on. There are guest towels on the rack and a spare sponge.”

Through her tears, she started to shake her head in mock dismay,”You’re such a fag, Ethan.”

There was my buddy May, tough as nails and able to talk shit with the best of them,”Shut the fuck up and go wash that bee cum off your face, you asshole.”

She laughed despite her grief and went to go shower. I called my work buddy to cancel- but it turned out to work out just fine, one dude almost forgot his wife’s anniversary and the other one had a hot date last minute. I made up the couch for her and got some clothes that I hoped would fit her, one of my white undershirts and some brown drawstring sleepy pants left over from Passive-Aggressive girl who was about May’s height, but far more slender. I thought they would fit…maybe- most of my clothes were just too big for her.

I went to go set it in front of the door as I heard the sound of the shower running, and I before I knew what was happening, I saw the door cracked and tried to look down as quickly as I could- but it was too late to keep me from getting a decent look.

May wasn’t facing me, I saw her from behind. She always wore clothes that understated her figure in over-sized baggy shirts, loose jeans and shorts that nearly reached her shins, but I had always guessed that she was built like a brick-shit house- you know, solid but also curvy? I wasn’t wrong- she was muscular and I could see her back, complete with a tattoo of two rainbow colored female symbols wreathed in thorny roses, her arms were well toned but probably her best feature was a full ass that looked like two brown cantaloupes held up by short, unshaven muscular legs, ending in strong, but shapely calves. She was bending over, pulling down what looked like grey boxer briefs giving me a brief flash of kinky black pubic hair and poking under the cleft of plump pussy lips. Her breasts were full enough that I could see them from the side- even a hint of a large, milk-chocolate colored nipple. She didn’t shave, but that never bothered me. I always joked that I wouldn’t make a woman shave her legs if she didn’t make me shave mine. At the sight of my friend’s nudity, I looked away blushing like a fucking kid. It was like looking at your buddy at the locker room in the locker room, or taking a peek at another dude’s dick while you were pissing in the urinal- you just didn’t do it.

“Uh…May, I uh…” God, I was stammering, my mouth dry as I tried to push the image of what I just saw out of my mind.

“What?” She yelled, tears still in her voice.”I can barely hear you over the water.”

“I left you some clothes Br-bro.” That last word was hard to get out as I clapped my hand over my eyes,” Give me your shit and I’ll throw it in the washer.”

One of her small, sinewy arms thrust her clothes to me and I almost gingerly accepted them from her, doing my damnedest to not touch her chonies.

I threw them into the wash, trying to ignore the the scent of her- sweaty, but still very much healthy woman.

“Don’t be a fucking perv,” I admonished myself under my breath as I poured in some soap and started the machine.

She showered for a good long time. That red gunk was everywhere and probably a bitch and a half to get out. Not to mention I would have needed to get clean on an emotional level after something like what happened with her and Carmen.

May emerged from her shower to the sight of me frying up some steak and potatoes. Her hair was gleaming and wet the red highlights shining, my white shirt clung to her bra-less breasts like a second skin, hanging over what was a tight and toned stomach. Even the brown sleep pants fit too tight to make me feel comfortable in my platonic-ness.

“What?” She asked, giving me that “..the fuck you looking at, buddy?” look.

“Nothing man,” I lied and cleared the nervous lump from my throat,” Grab a beer, and grab me one too.”

“Do I look like your bitch, fucker?” She asked, playfully.

“No, just a plain ol’ bitch.” I laughed,”You still like your steak charred?”

“Yeah, I eat it like a human being, not how you do, practically like it’s fucking red wings.” She shot back. I could tell she was still tore up, but this is what she needed right now. May wasn’t some little flower that needed to be stepped around and she liked that I never treated her like that.

“Damn straight Red Wings, pearl applicator, string and everything” I shot back, pressing her steak onto the flat pan my own oozing delicious red on a bed of potatoes.

“You’re so fucking gross Ethan.” She said making a sour face, but laughing as she went into my fridge and dug out two beers, popping the caps off with twist of her hands. She was shaking less I noticed- that was good.

“Says the fucker that eats charcoal.” I shot back, smirking.

I threw her clothes into the drier for her, and joined her in the living room where we sat, eating on the couch that I had made up for her. We ate and drank beer as we watched “Hang ‘em High”, typical guy fare, and from that we watched another Clint Eastwood gem “Gran Torino.” We both loved that movie- we had watched it so much that we could quote every grouchy old racial slur from that old cracker’s snarling lips. By the time that movie was done, our dead soldiers had become a whole unit that went MIA.

I felt my head swimming as we laughed. I found it harder and harder to not to look at May’s bouncing tits as she chortled at lines we had both heard over a dozen times before. At the end of this gruff, but poignant movie we heard Clint Eastwood’s gravelly voice trying and failing badly to croon out the song at the end credits- that part always set us both howling. I tried to focus on laughing as I felt myself swell and harden in my pants to the sight of May’s nipples making stiff points in the thin cloth of the white tee-shirt. I told myself it was just her natural reaction to the cold, and to stop being such a jerk about it.

“Christ…,” I muttered to myself as I could see the outline of her large areola clearly showing through the thin white material.

“What?” She asked and saw what I was looking at and looked down as if she forgot they were there herself.” Yeah- I have tits, so fucking what?”

“No you don’t” I said trying to keep my face- and my priorities, straight,” And you have a cock bigger than mine.”

She looked at me and snorted, even that course expression not diminishing her beauty.

I stood up on woozy legs and almost fell, but caught myself with the edge of the couch. I winced as my shoulders gave a twinge from the sudden jarring, causing me to wince and inhale sharply.

“What’s the matter?” May asked, her eyes only slightly more unfocused than mine.

“Nothing…” I said, trying to rub the soreness out of my back. I had overworked at the gym today and because it had been a long day, my body was complaining, the little slip causing a murmur to turn into a loud complaint.

“C’mere.” She beckoned me to sit next to her on the couch. Something in me told me this wasn’t a good idea…

“No May…I should just get some sleep.” I protested.

“Don’t be a pussy, Ethan,” She told me and that settled it, I just wasn’t in the mood to argue myself out of a back rub, especially with how sore I was.

I sat down in front of her, and I tried to ignore how good she smelled as her hands, small but rather strong, wrung the tension from my back even in a way that both hurt and felt good at once.

“Oww…” I winced as she pinched my neck particularly hard,” What have you been doing with those ham hands of yours May- crushing rocks barehanded?”

“Don’t be such a fucking baby, Ethan,” May admonished.

I shook my head and let her continue to work aching shoulders and neck, then continue my back and arms and tried to ignore the nagging lump in my pants that refused to die.

I had to admit, I felt so much better.

“Now, my turn.” She told me and I shrugged in an almost resigned fashion- fair was fair I guess.

I gave her a very similar massage to the one she had given me, kneading out the massive knots of her tension as I tried to position my embarrassing hard-on away. I couldn’t help but feel like I was back in Junior High.

I tried to ignore the way her bare neck with those little hairs that were goose-pimpling at my touch sloped into her shoulders and how my shirt showed the slope of her bare cleavage…

“C’mon…don’t be such a pushee.” May almost complained.

“Pussy?” I corrected her as I dug my hands into her firm, brown flesh.

“Yeah…” She moaned. Christ… What was I doing? She obviously didn’t like me that way. This was just two dudes helping each other out. That’s how I had to think of it, I wasn’t queer.

It was a bittersweet mixture of shame and pleasure I got from handling her firm, healthy body. She felt so warm and she smelled way too fucking good.

Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have had those last two beers…

May turned around to say something and before even I knew what I was doing I kissed her and her eyes just opened for a bit, her lips were full and sweet, tasting of beer and a musky, cloven taste.

I pulled back and she looked at me with surprise and shock- and what looked like anger.

“God May…I’m so- I’m fucking sorry,” I stammered and I swear I thought she was gonna knock me out.

She just stared at me with this expression on her face, her jaw set and her amber eyes almost flashing…I cursed myself.

“Ethan, you dumb fuck! May is gay, and not to mention, this is your bro- and you fucking made a move on her when she needed you to just list…”

She grabbed me by my shirt and kissed me back hard, aggressive. Her tongue was long and agile, sweeping the back of my teeth as she held me to her.

That did it, I couldn’t hold back anymore. One of my hands snaked under the white tee she was borrowing and went to one of her free hanging tits. God they were huge and hot in my hand and she moaned into my mouth when I rolled the turgid point with my fingertips.

I felt her hands cup my ass and squeeze roughly, which I kept hard despite a desk-job, from hours at the gym and even more time on the mat during Kyukushin practice. I had caught female co-workers checking it out, but May was the last woman I ever counted on appreciating it.

I kept mauling her tits and she pushed my back down full onto the couch, but really, it was hard to tell which of us was the aggressor. I didn’t mind when a woman took charge, but this was crazy.

I could feel how wet May was even through her shorts and my pants as she kept rubbing against me as if she was the one with the cock.

I felt one of her hands grab the back of my neck and I moaned as I felt her warm mouth, with it’s full lips kiss my neck as her tongue, wet and skilled lick my neck in a way that must have drove her girlfriends wild- it was working just fine on me too. I didn’t mean to, it was an accident, but when I my hands dipped into the cleavage of her ass, rubbing her through the thin barrier of the brown cloth. I could almost feel her asshole twitch and spasm through the prison of the pajamas. May moaned breathily again and bit into my neck, the scent of her arousal spicy, primal and strong filled the room.

“God…I love it in my ass,” She admitted huskily in my ear, even in my dulled, drunken state my eyes widened and my cock twitched at her confession.

I felt her hands rubbing along my front and I could almost feel the internal struggle inside of her mind as she felt my cock hot and throbbing against the prison of my jeans. I knew May had tried having sex with a dude once back in High School- that’s when she truly knew she was gay. It was as if she kept hoping to find a pussy there that just wasn’t gonna be- but she was so turned on that she almost didn’t care.

I felt her other hand roam downwards to slip the brown shorts over the meaty flesh of her ass- her skin and the fabric almost the same rich coppery hue. I looked down over her the shapely landscape of her shoulder and back as she moaned into my neck.

Fuck, I was going to have hickeys from hell from this, but I just couldn’t bring myself to give a fuck right now.

My fingers found the the sexy pucker of her asshole, almost trying to swallow my questing fingers like a hungry little dark mouth, her sex drooling onto me.

I felt her hand boldly unzip my jeans and I swear, I felt like the chick as she brazenly yanked my pants down as my cock, hard as steel drooled twitching at the feel of her hard stomach. May nearly had a six-pack, and it was covered in a light spattering of hair leading from her crotch up to her bellybutton, a little swath, her skin like velvet over the surprisingly hard muscle. Her pussy already sopping wet, soft and hot on balls that were already hot and churning with my seed.

I rubbed her asshole in little circles and she moaned even louder, biting onto my neck as she yanked my pants all the way down and off my feet, pausing only to pull off her shirt. If her tits looked good from the side, they were fucking masterpieces from the front and up close. Even hanging down onto my broad, hairy chest they looked full and supple, each capped with large nipples slightly larger than the size of the last joint of my pinky like hard brown little rocks, the wide chocolate aureola puckered as they rubbed against my own heated, pale skin.

“Fuck May,” I moaned as one of her short-nailed fingers found my nipple, twisting it just enough to elicit a spark of pleasure-pain.

She was beyond worked up, enough to ignore the fact that I didn’t have tits or a vagina- as she worked her full, tapered hips up and down the shaft of my cock. Her clitoris, as large as her nipple rubbed up and down the shaft, to the underside of the flaring, drooling mushroom tip of my cock.

Thankfully I was just sober enough to realize that I didn’t have a condom by me, and because she was a lesbian, despite this crazy fluke- she probably wasn’t on the pill.

“May…” I started,

“What?” She hissed, irritated in any possible distraction from the fulfillment of her lust.

“Dude, I don’t wanna get you knocked up.” I choked out.

I heard her say in a surprised tone, as something she normally didn’t have to even consider during sex dawned on her,”Oh yeah…”

She bent down to take my nipple in her full lipped mouth and I felt her hand work my drooling shaft- her awkwardness with my gender was more than made up for by her enthusiasm. My hand continued mauling her breast as my finger worked it’s way into her now un-resisting hole, naturally lubricated with just the juices by her own arousal. She suddenly bit my nipple causing both of us to moan.

My beautiful, seemingly unattainable lesbian friend- peered into my eyes, her own beautifully angular amber ones were lidded with lust. She seemed to pause as her eyes rolled back in bliss as the finger probing into her ass got up to the second joint. It was my turn to shudder as she rubbed my throbbing hardness with the palm of her hand, the surface a strange yet delightful combination of calloused roughness and softness.

She held my hand to her ass, and I worked my finger in and out, sexy wet sounds coming from that sweet, hungry little hole as she brazenly slid her hips to my face and I saw the plush blossom of her sex open, slick and wet, her clitoris reminded me disturbingly of a small cock as she placed her sopping nest of kinky black hair onto my face.

“Eat my pussy.” It wasn’t a request so much as a command and I complied, and her hand kept working my cock with her fingers and palm as I humped into the sheath she created with her fist.

For a guy I wasn’t bad at eating pussy, and May’s was delicious. If she thought my technique could use work, I didn’t hear it. My buddy certainly wasn’t complaining as I licked and nibbled and sucked around her full dark pussy lips in concert with the finger I was rhythmically probing into her small pucker, pausing to occasionally bite the inside of her thighs as they gripped the side of my head almost crushingly. I heard her moan and cry out like a cat in heat as I took the flat of my tongue and licked up the wet channel in broad, flat strokes, working the stiff thimble of her clit with the tip of my tongue, working to drink in the heavy liquid flood of her tangy juices.

I felt her hands scratch up my belly and take a hold of my nipples, flicking and pinching them softly, causing me to moan huskily into the folds of her sex. I slowly pulled out the finger probing her ass and she moaned in frustrated disappointment until I grabbed her hips and positioned her so my tongue could explore the channel of her firm ass and she screamed and bucked on my face.

“Ethan…you fucker. Eat my motherfucking ass…” May grunted in forceful encouragement,”God…your tongue…it feels…fuck- it feels fucking magic. SHIT!”

I felt the pucker open and spasm at the intrusion of my tongue and I could taste her the tangy copper of her ass- not unpleasant. I was enjoying myself at least as much as May was.

She rode and bucked on my face as I held her fast to me, snaking my tongue up the wet, tight channel and her hand snaked down to my cock again, smearing the slickness of my pre-cum around the head with her thumb.

“Jesus…fuck…” May keened as she stopped herself just short of cumming one of her feet accidentally knocking over a half-full bottle of beer onto my carpet.

She pulled off of me and looked at me, her angular amber eyes smoldering with lust as she pulled my face to her, kissing me and moaning as she tasted herself on my tongue.

Her hands were roaming on my body and I know I was bucking up against her and she pulled her full lips off of me looking into my eyes and she almost looked down,” Ethan- I want you…”

“What?” I asked, as my thick fingers went back to to play with the sopping, spasming pucker of her asshole, while she moaned and pressed against me, trying to get the digit to return into that tight, hungry hole as she could.

“I want you…”She blushed deeply, causing her caramel skin to turn an even darker shade”To…fuck my ass.”

Even with the high amp of her lust, she looked at my cock nervously, like a kid that was about to get a shot at the doctor’s, but knew that if she did, she’d get to go out for ice-cream after.

I felt her tongue, long and purple, furtively dart from her mouth, licking the unfamiliar territory of the head of my cock and I moaned. She got bolder slowly, her turn to elicit moans from me. Despite my only slightly sober state and the live-wire state of my arousal I knew we were going to have to take this slow.

I stayed still, the only parts of me that moved were my cock which bobbed and throbbed of it’s own accord, teased by the timid licks of her shy tongue, goaded by the fullness of her lips, encouraged by the heat of her breathing. My hand which soothingly stroked her back, neck and cheek like a half-wild mare that was about to bolt.

May clumsily, but effectively, took the thick head of my cock into her mouth, and gave it wet little sucks, echoing throughout my living room in concert to my moans.

My hand went from her cheek to run through the short bob of her curly ebon hair streaked with crimson, the fingers scratching at her scalp causing her slight sucks to become bolder. She bravely tried to take more and more of my thick hardness into a mouth that had only most likely fellated strap-ons. I swear that’s what I heard her say to herself, to give herself some peace of mind as she sucked on me and to my credit, I have great control over my ability to cum- which was good, because May was a damn quick study. When she was satisfied that my cock was wet and slick enough to enter into the tightness of her asshole, she pulled off me. I noticed that she licked her lips curiously, undecided but not entirely repelled by the taste of my lubricating pre-cum. Her hips were twitching almost of their own accord as she bucked and twitched in need.

May propped herself up on her elbows and held her ass up into the air as she looked back at me, her eyes wild with desire and need, her sex drooling down her legs and the little brown eye of her ass winking and pulsating with need.

“Fuck me…Fuck my ass now Ethan.” She commanded.

“I thought you were the top May?” I said, smirking as her her lust filled eyes burned into mine. I know- probably not the time to fuck with my buddy but Christ, I wasn’t some passive punk either,”I didn’t know you liked to catch.”

She gritted her teeth in need and irritation as she looked back at me and spat,”What’s the matter Nancy? Not man enough to fuck me in the ass? Angie was…”

“Oh, May, you asshole!” I thought vehemently,” You had just HAD to fucking go there, didn’t you?”

When I strode up to her and lined up the head of my cock over the grasping tightness of her ass she looked at me like the cat who swallowed the canary and smiled in anticipation.

“C’mon you punk, fuck my ass like you have a dick” May goaded” Show me what a man doe-”

She wanted to go with that game huh? She howled in lust and pain as I just shoved in all of my thick rod and I could feel her body tense.

“Fuck you Etha..” I cut her off with another hard thrust. She moaned and grimaced, obviously enjoying the rough trade,”God…fuck…”

God, her ass felt so good and tight around my cock and I fucked into her with strong, bone-jarring thrusts.

“C’mon bitch…don’t be a pu-pussy,” May grimaced,” Fuck me harder!”

I grabbed her hair, the short curls sprouting from between my thick fingers as I brought my spare hand onto her flexing, shuddering ass with a loud slap. She moaned and felt her ass grip my cock like a tight, wet sucking mouth, the sounds of our fucking echoing throughout the apartment as I bent down to her straining neck and bit hard.

May was panting like a bitch in heat now and she was meeting my strokes now with her powerful hips.

I growled into her ear and then bit her neck with a brief, sharpness again,” Who is the fucking bitch now, huh May?”

She bit her lip and moaned, and she cried out with a wet little whimper as I fucked her, my heavy, cum-laden balls slapping against the sopping delta of her cunt. When she stayed silent I roughly yanked her hair even more tightly and slapped her ass as I felt her sweet, hot tightness grip my cock desperately.

She muttered something under her breath.

I put my all my weight on top of her strong back and she supported us both as I pinned her, plunging all the way into her asshole and I gripped one of her firm breasts, shuddering and slapping with the force of my fucking and pulled on it, twisting the nipple.

“Tell me bro, who is the motherfucking bitch May?” I gruffly asked again, my breath hot in her ear.

“Fuck- fuck you FAAAAAG!” She huffed, screaming when I roughly pulled on her tit again, this time with crushing force,” GOD…god…okay Ethan-Okay!”

“What?” I asked, I was gonna make her say it…she wanted to say it, but this game was part of the experience.”Whose the bitch here, taking all my cock up her ass like some little punk, her cunt drooling onto my carpet?”

She shuddered, reacting to the graphic, rough words paired with the equally rough stimulation and she surrendered,”…Me.”

“Me what”, May?”I slammed into her again stretching her ass out, I didn’t realize that May was a switch like this. “What are you.”

She moaned huskily as I switched my cruel grip to her other swollen, engorged tit, my hand pulling on her hair like a bridle,”…a bitch.”

“Say it louder,”I nearly screamed into her ear, delighting in the soft cushion of her ass, and the delicious raw primal female scent of her,”WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU MAY?”

“YOUR BITCH…ETHAN FUCK…I’M YOUR BITCH!” She yelled and then moaned submissively.

“Fucking right you are!”I hissed into her ear,”What do I have in that greedy little asshole of yours right now May?”

She whimpered, tears of pain and joy streaming down her smooth brown cheeks.”Your cock.”

“What May?” I taunted her with pulling out just a bit and I felt her hips anxiously try to push it back into her.

“YOUR COCK!” She cried as beads of sweat poured down her smooth brown forehead.

“What am I doing with your bitch ass May, what is my cock doing?” I bit and sucked on her ear while pulling her hair and she arched her back, the tight ring of her asshole almost painfully tight on my thick, thrusting rod.

“You’re…fuck…you’re breeding my fucking bitch ass,”She admitted, a slave to her lust and my force,”You’re breeding my bitch ass and it feels so fucking- AHHHH- So fucking good!”

“That’s fucking right,” I said,”You want my cum up your little fucking bitch ass May? Does my sexy little bitch want a nice hot scalding load in that tight little fucking hole.”

“Yes…God…yesssssssss….” She confessed, shuddering hot and wanton under my weight.

“Yes what? Ask nicely!”I yanked her hair again, and she moaned,”Say it real fucking nice this time, you fucking dyke.”

“Can..please…can this bitch have your cum in her ass?” She begged, moaning softly, lost in the pleasurable pain of it.

This was some kinky shit..Way more rough than I was used to, but if there was ever a time to be more open to new things, it’s when your lesbian buddy had your cock in her ass begging you for your cum.

“NICER BITCH!” I yelled, grateful I had good soundproofing, my hips slamming into the full, lush firmness of her ass cheeks.

“Please…please…please…please can this bitch have your cum Daddy…please…I’ll be such a good bitch for you.” She was desperate now, white hot in her need.

“Since you asked so nicely…”I grunted,”But you don’t get to cum until I do.”

“Okay, okay…please Daddy, fuck my bitch ass, fill my punk bitch ass full of cum. Please…I’ll suck your cock after, I’ll clean it off like a good little fucking queer!’ She arched her hips enough to free one arm and sat upright, one hand mashing her tit, mashing her tit with one hand the other hand fondling my heavily swinging nuts.

“Please,” She whispered hotly into my ear,” You can pump my faggot ass full of cum and I’ll suck your cock SOOOOO goood…just for you Daddy….oh God Ethan you feel so good in my bitch ass. Breed my fucking hole… please?”

When I heard her husky voice whisper into my ear, her long tongue snaking out to wriggle in my ear as she begged for my cum, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I bit into her neck causing her to cry out, her asshole to tightening and spasming on my cock. I growled and let loose rope after rope of my scalding cum into the tightness of her hole.

“Fuck Daddy-So…So…Fucking good!!!!”May panted and I kept thrusting, my cock bottoming out into that sweet, tight yielding hole,”Nut all in my faggot ass Daddy, I’m gonna…gonna…!”

I reached down and mauled the large, swollen heavy tit she as she worked her own even more roughly as I reached down and pinched her fat juicy cunt lips and plucked the tip of her swollen raspberry of a clit as I thrust deep into her asshole, my cum still spurting into her tight, luscious ass.

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