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My name is Trad and I live in a small village with three sisters. My father died twelve years ago and since then, my mum has become too strange. However, together with my sisters, we are able to earn living by serving ruler of our area, which consists of 5-6 villages. I can’t say that my job is too hard. I bring water from river and serve at the table when needed. My sisters have to put up with worse conditions. They have to serve horny warriors and sometimes they end up being raped by them. You may think that I’m heartless – telling you the stories and doing nothing to help them. That may sound too bad but our family is used to things like that. Even my sisters don’t react badly any more to lewd warriors.

I am 20 years old and I am gay. I am still virgin, because it is hardly imaginable to have sexual relationship with a man in my village. I still remember gay couple, who were killed publicly because of their relationship. Physically, I have brown short hair and big brown eyes. I am 5 ft 9 and have a slim-average body.

My amazing story starts with unexpected news. I was just returning to castle, bringing water, when my sister ran into me rushing to field.

-What’s happening? – I asked.

-Kings is arriving today with his eight knights. – She was quite excited.

-So? Why are you so electrified?

-Are you kidding? Finally, something interesting is going to happen in this town. I can’t wait to see these knights and king, especially.

I was quite confused. I had never been social and easy-going. Events like that never pleased me. My younger sister was more naïve. Despite hard life, she enjoyed social events very much. Only thing that I was thinking about was the fact that I would have to serve to knights. This was quite scary. I knew that league of these 8 knights, called “Lion’s Defense” consisted of quite aggressive guys. They were said to be very demanding quick-tempered. After all, they were eight most important warriors in our country.

I entered the castle and joined the preparation for the event. Everyone was rushing and no one was on the good mood. We knew that everything had to be perfect. In addition, there was no enough time for preparing fully and that scared everyone.

King with his knights entered the castle. I understood that by screaming of servants and ringing of bell. I was in kitchen so I did not have to meet them. I was quite relieved.

Dinner started. Together with 15 other servants, I served these knights. As I expected, they were not quite pleasant. They argued, screamed and kicked the servants. They enjoyed violence. I think that made them such a good soldiers.

I was returning to kitchen, when one of the servants stopped me.

-Look! – He pointed at the one of the knights. – Do you see that one? This is Ser Jareh. He is said to like playing with boys.

-So? – I asked.

-Try not to get in his way. – He answered with laugh. – If you don’t wanna … ya know. They say he picks up guys and fucks them until they start crying.

He was quite annoying, but I joined him in laughing. I did not want him to suspect that I was gay. His words stunned me. All night along, I was secretly observing Ser Jareh. He was very athletic. His black hair and blue eyes created a beautiful face. His chin was a bit rough and even that seemed attractive. He was tall and he had captivating look that would hold one’s breathe easily. He did not notice me staring. I had experience of shadowing upon guys who were bathing in the river where I took the water.

I was thinking about his eyes when I heard my name.

-Go, take these plates and put them on table! – commanded my boss.

I quickly ran and took all the plates. I was going next to knights when someone pushed me. I fell with all the plates and someone poured wine all over me. Everyone on the table started laughing. I looked around and understood that it was Ser Jareh who pushed me. I was so embarrassed. I stood up quickly and ran in the dark hall.

I went in one of the small rooms, which were made for servants and slaves, and took of the shirt. I was so embarrassed that I nearly started crying. I was sitting there shirtless and wet, trying to forget all that happened. Suddenly, I heard someone opening the door. Person who came in made me freeze with fear and unexpectedness. It was Ser Jareh.

-Hard night, isn’t it? – He asked with ironical smile on his face.

-No, Sir! – I lied. Words hardly came out of my mouth.

-Is your shirt too spoiled? – He laughed.

-No problem. – I answered quickly and looked at him. His smile was just breath-taking. I couldn’t stop staring. Then I recalled that eye-contact was considered to be as a sign of disobedience and immediately looked away.

-You love staring, don’t you? – He asked. Smile stayed on his face.

-I … – I was so scared. I just could not open my mouth.

-You thought I would not notice? I have to notice Persian spies when I’m at war. I should not be hard to notice boy like you. Is there wine here?

-No, Ser.

-Go and bring it!

I left the room and ran to the kitchen. I could hardly breathe. I grabbed the bottle and ran back to the hall. I went in the room. He was there, waiting for me. I gave him the bottle looked away.

-Do people in your village drink wine without glass? – He laughed. It seemed that he was on the good mood. I could say that he had drank already by his red cheeks.

-Oh, God … I am so sorry, I’ll bring it. – I tried to run but he stopped me.

-Turn around! – He commanded. I turned around. Out of sudden, He poured wine on my trousers. I was stunned in amazement.

-You should not wear wet trousers! – He whispered. I immediately took off the clothes. My seven inch cock was semi-erect. I just could not breathe.

-You are scared but your cock is not, I see. – He said. – Have you ever served man?

-Yes, Sir … I serve men all the time. I am a servant.

-You are so naïve … – He laughed. – But, I like your innocence. You should know, however, today it will be gone. You have served men many times, but now you will truly serve your first man.

He started undressing. He freed his haired chest. He was muscled, but not too much. Sweat was going all over his body and I liked that very much. He had many scarves on his body. He took off his trouser and freed his manhood. Oh, Boy – that was something he must have been proud of. I was looking at a thick 9-inch cock surrounded by dark pubic hair. Pink head was just begging for touch.

-Now, kneel down and please my cock – Ser Jareh demanded. He looked at me and added – You have beautiful eyes – blue, sad and intelligent. Your funny brown hair and cute body is just fine as well. You have great potential. So, don’t let me down. Get down to business. Make me mown from excitement.

I kneeled down, starving for a cock. This beautiful piece of meat was literally looking at me. I could not take it anymore. I carefully took it in my one hand and touched it with my tongue. It was hot and begged for more. I started licking. Jareh started drinking wine. He caressed my “funny” hair and made me put his fully-erect cock in my mouth. I could not breathe. I nearly choked. I could not take it but Jareh did not let me take it out of my mouth. Tears were coming from my eyes and nose was invaded by his pubic hair. After twenty seconds of struggling he let me take his dick out of my mouth. I nearly chocked but that first taste extremely increased my sexual desire. I started sucking – sucking like a starving baby. He was moaning like a beast. That made me pleased. It was my first time and I made him moan – man who had had sex with tons of other boys. That was quite stimulating.

-Oh, God … Stop! – He gasped and pulled my hair. – I don’t wanna cum… Not yet.

He passionately kissed me. His tongue traveled through my mouth. He did not stop looking. I was as well staring at him. I could not resist those eyes. I put my hands on his shoulders and continued kissing. Suddenly, He broke the kiss and commanded me to turn. He made me lean forward. He touched my ass and started playing with a finger. He slowly pulled it in my asshole.

-Quite tight! – He whispered. – No problem, we will make it bigger in no time.

-They say it hurts – I said in terror. He put second finger. – They say you make boys cry.

-Silly boy – He laughed. – My boys scream with pleasure. It is their fathers who say that. That way, they are trying to cover their sons’ shame. Ridiculous bastards. Yes, it is going to hurt, but you will take it. You are my boy, aren’t you?

-Just do it slowly …

-I’ll do it in my own way. – He said that and suddenly his manhood in me. He fully entered me. I screamed like a small boy. It hurt so badly that I started crying. He kneeled and kissed me.

-Everything is okay … just keep breathing, everything is okay. Stop crying. You are breaking my heart.

I swallowed my own tears. He started slowly moving. That made my ass explode. I was shivering. He continued moving and kept on encouraging me. His sweet words made me smile. Pain was leaving me and something extraordinary was filling me. He made my lie on the floor. Touch of his sweated body increased my fascination. He was kissing me and telling me tender and gentle words. He increased his speed and now he was fucking me as roughly as he could. I enjoyed that very much and begged for more. That sudden extraordinary feeling filled me and I was whispering his name. I closed my eyes and held his hand. Satisfaction reached its maximum and something warm filled my ass. Jareh was howling like a wolf.

He lay on the floor next to me. He hold my hand and looked at me with his deep blue eyes. I came and looked at him with satisfaction. I kissed him and lay on him. I looked at him and smiled. It was official. I was in love.

If I had known what would come next, I would have enjoyed every minute even more. I didn’t know that in few days my whole life would radically change. At that moment, I was just happy – lying with love of my life.

After my first sex I was feeling as if I were on top of the world. I nearly fell asleep but I heard his noise. Sir Jareh stood up and looked at me.

-We should put on clothes. I have to go. They will notice that I am not at the table. In addition, you may also have problems with your boss.

I started dressing. At that moment, I didn’t care about regular problems. Despite usually being too cautious, I stopped thinking and just enjoyed myself. We dressed up. Jareh looked at me and gave me a big kiss.

-This is it? – I asked.

-No … Not yet – He looked at me with a grin – I will meet you tomorrow.


-I know your job. It’ll be easy for me to find you.

He left the room and left many questions unanswered. That man amazed me once more. Although I didn’t mention who I was and what I was doing, I was absolutely assured that he knew much more about me. Yeah, that man knew how to scare people. Going out of the room, I looked around the room and exciting flashbacks came up to my mind. I smiled and slowly walked through the hall.


Next day, I went to the castle to take bullock cart and jugs. I hoped to see Jareh and I was secretly looking for him, however, I couldn’t find him and that made me a bit frustrated. I took everything I needed and went to the river. Everything was beautiful. Sun was shining and gorge was just stunning. Birds’ pipe and sound of water created a perfect combination which helped me relax.

I was filling the jug, when I heard a familiar voice.

-I knew I could find you easily.

I turned around and looked at him with happy smile on my face. I ran and hugged him. Jareh seemed even more attractive than before. His deep blue eyes perfectly matched gorge’s greenery. I tried to kiss him but he stopped me.

-Actually, I came here to bathe. However, I would not mind the company.

-Oh I see. – I laughed.

He looked at the river and started undressing. Jareh took off his blue shirt and showed his haired chest, delicious abs and scarves.

-How did you get them? – I asked and ran my fingers through his scarves.

-24 years of fighting against variety of enemies leaves signs, including scarves. – He answered in a low voice.

-24 years?! How old are you then? – I was extremely surprised.

-38. – He answered and I understood that it was quite a depressing topic for him.

-You must have been a 14-year-old boy when it all started. – I wanted to hug him. This was the first time he seemed desperate or sad. Both of us stopped talking, but it was him who broke the silence.

-Anyway, I thought we were going to bathe and have fun … not to talk about my unhappy childhood. – He smiled, but I understood that smile was totally fake. He did not want me to see him in that condition. Like every other warrior, he was used to bury his own feelings and emotions. One the other hand, I appreciated and even liked his masculinity.

He took off everything and suddenly asked me:

-Can someone see us here?

-Actually, this place is very quiet, because no one comes here. I usually prefer being alone. Thus, I always come here.

-That’s good. We won’t have to hide. – He laughed.

I looked at his body and immediately felt strange feeling in my body. I l saw his glorious semi-erect manhood and I realized how much I wanted to suck it or stick it in my ass. I looked at Jareh’s hard pink nipples and beautifully shaped butt. He was extremely satisfied with me having a hard-on. He asked me to undress and ran to the river. He jumped in the water and turned around to tease me with his amazing body. Having undressed, I jumped as well, but water was too freezing and I started trembling with cold. He gave me a warm hug and I started to get accustomed to coldness. Soon we started playing. We were swimming, splashing water at each other, laughing and just enjoying ourselves.

When I got too tired, I sat on the bank and tried to relax. He must have gotten too bored without me, because soon he sat next to me.

-You don’t even realize how much I like you. You are the sweetest and cutest person I have ever seen. – He looked at me.

-Do you say that to every boy you sleep with? – I blushed but asked curiously.

-It is bad that you do not appreciate me. – He whispered.

-I am not trying to offend you. It’s just too obvious that I was not your first and won’t be your last.

He did not say anything. We sat for several minutes and then he said:

-Are you too tired?

-Depends on what I’ll have to do. – I answered.

-Yesterday my cock enjoyed your mouth very much and would like to do that again.

-I thought he’d never ask – I grinned and kissed Jerah.

That time he kissed me back. I put my arms around him and slowly opened my mouth. He started moving his tongue inside my mouth and touching mine. After several minutes of kissing, he took his tongue out of my mouth and made me lie on my back. He lowered his head and suddenly I felt his wet tongue licking my nipple. He took it in his mouth and started sucking it while with the hand he started playing with my other one. This made me moan with excitement.

Then he stood up, grabbed back of my head and slowly moved it to his cock. At first, he was teasing me and did not let me put it in my mouth, but then I started slowly stroking it and it made him horny. I licked the head of his dick. Jareh started begging for more. Now it was me who started teasing. Finally, I put it in my mouth. Jareh slowly started moving it in and out of my mouth. I managed to fully take 9-inch cock in me and I did not even choke. Soon he was already ready to come but he did not want to. He took his cock out and forced me to turn around. He was breathing heavily and his sweat was slowly soaking my back. I could not see him but I knew that he was checking my ass out. He wanted to repeat what we had done the day before.

I felt big pink head popping into me. I moaned and grunted and that must have made him more confident because he suddenly entered me fully. I cried out with surprise and pain. He started moving slowly but gradually increased the speed. He let out loud moan and continued pushing as hard as he could. I was biting my lips from pleasure and was groaning his name loudly. That made him even crazier. I could not hold it up any longer. I screamed and came. I shot my first load on the grass. Seeing my sperm, Jareh could not wait any longer and I felt his trembling cock swell and unload his sperm in my ass. He moaned and immediately fell forward unable to move. I crawled next to him and kissed his forehead. I looked at him and felt unusual warmth in his eyes. I held his hand and placed my head on his sweaty chest. Soon I fell asleep. That was the most extraordinary moment of my life. But it did not last long enough.

Strange liquid touched my face and that made me wake up. I looked at my chest and it was full of blood. Firstly, I was unable to breathe. My hands were shaking and I looked around with extreme fear and shock. I looked at Jareh. He was lying in his own blood. His throat was cut with a small knife which was left next to him. I could not breathe. I wanted to scream and ask for help but nothing came out of my mouth. I was afraid to look at him. I realized how stupid I was to think that everything would be alright. At that moment, I was so miserable that I could easily commit a suicide. I burst into tears and started nervously whispering his name. Minutes earlier, I would do anything to be his last lover, but now seeing him dead and realizing how badly the dream came true, only thing that I could do was to curse my own tongue.

I heard a noise coming from valley and I became even more frightened. I took knife to defend myself against the murderer. I had strange foreboding that murderer would return. I had never used knife as a weapon and because of my tears I could hardly see. Nevertheless, I was standing there ready to defend myself. Noise was increasing and I understood that he was coming closer. I strained every nerve. Someone came running up to me, but he was far from being a killer. He was just a small child. He looked at me, at a dead body and at a knife in my hand. I could see fear filling him as he started shivering. Suddenly, He screamed “Murderer!” and ran back to the village.

I realized that I was holding a knife and my hands were full of blood. I realized with horror that I would become a number-one suspect. No one would believe me. I was just a poor servant. No one cared enough to defend me. No one would care if I was killed despite being innocent. One of the most important people in the country died and someone had to pay. I understood that I was only one related to this crime. I could hardly breathe. My hands were trembling and I was unable to move, but instinct of survival finally made me move. I dropped my knife, wiped my tears, kneeled down to kiss my lover and quickly swimmed across the river. River was surrounded by big valley and the village on the one side and big forest on the other. I could not return to my home so I quickly decided to run away from everything. I entered the dark forest and only looked back for once.

To be Continued …

I walked into work Monday morning, and when I entered her office Sharon jumped up, ran over and wrapped herself around me. She then planted a super sized kiss on me.

“Walter you dog; I have been getting calls all weekend from satisfied women. The only ones who have been left out are Carla and I, and I am so horny I’m dripping. It will drive me crazy, but I am going to let you have tonight to recover and regain your strength. Come on over to the house for dinner tonight and then tomorrow night I’ll bring it over to you, and stay the night; if that is okay with you that is.” Sharon had a little unease in her voice.

I had to step back and give her and evaluating look. “Of course it is dear heart. I just feel that you are being shortchanged is all. Everyone else has gone out on a date with me and you haven’t. Will you be able to go to the theater with me this weekend? There is a little place in Burlington that should be fun.”

“Thank you Walter; that sounds like it will be something new for me. I have never seen a play performed live. Is it a musical?”

“I don’t even know dear, I heard that they were in business, but I don’t have any more details. I’ll find out and let you know.”

I leaned down and kissed her again. This gal could kiss.

“Hey you two, get a room. This is a place of business you know.”

“Shut your trap Dexter, or it will be a place of someone else’s business asshole. Walter is coming to dinner tonight so you had better be on your best behavior.”

“Take it easy mom; I was just pulling your chain. I think Walter here is good for you and I am pleased that you have been having fun for a change. See you at dinner Walter.”

The work day was calm as I only had two installs and one warranty repair to do. I was back at the shop in plenty of time to go home to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was good and the conversation was very interesting. Dexter and Carl Jr. were there and Carl brought his cute little wife Bernice. She was a round little black girl with a bubbly personality and a very pretty face. I was surprised when Carl brought up the lessons I was giving him and his brother.

“I appreciate what you are doing for us by teaching us the service techniques Walter, but I think that you should concentrate on Dex here. I am not really comfortable with the idea of doing it on my own, but Dex should be able to do it well. Figure out what I would need to make delivery easier, but that is all. I know you saw that I would not do very well at the job, but you weren’t going to say anything were you?”

“You could do the job Carl, but it was obvious that Dexter would be better at it. You needed to see that for yourself though or you would resent me and Dexter. You have a lot of respect from me for your attitude Carl.”

“Thanks Walter, mom says that I’m to get a helper and Dex can work with you more.”

After dinner, I sat and watched TV with the family. Sharon was hiding nothing as she sat on my lap and teased me all evening. Bernice was beside Carl on the love seat and teased him as much as Sharon was with me. Poor Dexter was looking frustrated in the recliner, and after a couple of shows headed off to his room.

“What gives with Dex Sharon? Why doesn’t he have a girlfriend?”

“He is just a little too picky Walter. He says that all the girls he meets are either coarse sluts or so self centered and shallow that he can’t talk to them. He needs someone a little more mature. I hope he can find someone who suits him as well as Bernice suits Carl.” She looked over at them and saw that Bernice’s bra was on the floor and Carl was buried between her massive tits.

“Bernice honey, why do you even bother wearing a bra? Every time you do Carl just takes it off.”

“But that’s half the fun momma Sharon. Besides, when I don’t wear a bra I can’t get anything done. Carl won’t leave them alone.”

“Wish I had that problem. Without a bra mine just flop onto my belly, no one wants to look at that.”

“Yours are just fine Sharon dear. I like you just how you are.”

I demonstrated by lifting up her shirt and latching my lips onto a nice dark nipple.

“Walter, stop that in front of the kids. You can have your fill tomorrow night.”

“But it is so much fun dear; you react so nicely to my touch. Oh well, if I have to wait I will.”

I went home at a decent hour and slept well.

Tuesday was a good day. At about two, I got a call from the guy who had the Caddy. He said that it was ready for pickup and the final price was $3,500.00. He had done a tune up, brake job, transmission service and coolant flush. The seat came back from the upholstery shop this morning and I was good to go. I asked Sharon to take me over to get it and we left early.

At the dealer’s, Albright’s on 49 south, was sitting a very nice black Cadillac STS with a Northstar V8. It had the euro styling with no chrome. There was a red pinstripe on the sides and back.

“Here you go, it is all inspected and my wife is a Notary. All you have to do is go to the license branch to get a new plate and the title transfer. There is a temp plate on it that is good for 30 days. I was going to take this to the auction just to get out what I had put into it; but when Bob called, I went ahead and spiffed it up a bit. I used the dual point platinum plugs and Quaker State synthetic oil. The exhaust is in good shape and I did a brake job on it yesterday, to include new rotors. You should have a lot of trouble free miles from this car. Is this what you had in mind?”

“This is exactly what I wanted. My truck only takes two and I wanted something that my date would not be ashamed of getting out of at a good club. How about it Sharon, want a ride in my Cadillac?”

“You sweet talker you, you talked me into it. Follow me home and you can take me over to get Carla.”

The dealer looked at Sharon with wide eyes. She played it up big and wrapped herself around me. Black women with white men were not real common in North Carolina, but they were frequent enough that no one said anything. I wasn’t worried about it in any case; Sharon was too much fun to be with to be concerned about bullshit like that.

As I followed her home, I realized just how nice a car I had gotten. This thing had power to spare and just hummed down the road. The road feel was tight enough to keep me aware of everything. This was definitely not the big boat Cadillac of old. It compared very favorably with a BMW I had driven a few years ago.

When we got to her place, Sharon went in to change as I catalogued the conveniences and options on the Caddy, determining how to work the stereo and lights and such. Sharon came out after a few minutes, dressed in a nice red summer dress with flat sandals. The color seemed to make her dark skin shine. She was very consciously giving me a view of her red panties as she settled in the passenger seat.

“Very nice. Is that a tease or a promise dear?”

“Oh very much a promise Walter, very much a promise. Carla says that she is already at your apartment getting dinner ready, and would like us to join her. She says that Mary picked up Lita to stay with Melissa so she is free tonight.”

I fired up the Caddy and we were off. Sharon complimented me on getting such a nice car. “Did you get this so that you don’t have to keep borrowing our cars to go places with us Walter?”

“Yes I did. I just didn’t seem right that we could not go out in my vehicle. I wanted something that you would all be proud to be seen in with me as well. I’ve always wanted one of these too, so we all win.”

“This only holds five, so if we all go somewhere with you we’ll need another car, but that would be the case unless you bought a 9 passenger van anyway. Carla said that we should pick up some white wine, unless you have some hidden at the apartment.”

“Okay, I’ll stop in at Harris Teeter here and get some.”

When we got to my place Carla had a Mexican chicken dish ready for us that I could not pronounce and completely loved. The Barefoot chardonnay went very well with it and the salad. Before I sat down to dinner though, I stopped at my stash in the bedroom closet and got out the necklaces for Sharon and Carla. They both gave me very enticing kisses and thanks and proudly wore them at the table.

After dinner, I convinced the ladies to go for a ride with me to check out the car. I took them to Greensboro and just drove around for a while looking at the stores and such. A stop at Baskin Robins in Friendly center ended the evening and we went on home to my place.

Sharon was ready for action and didn’t even bother with stopping at the sofa; she took my hand and led me to my bedroom. Sharon and Carla teamed up to undress me, and then as I sat on the bed they slowly and enticingly stripped. Sharon had the advantage in that all she was wearing by then was the red dress and panties. Carla had on a peasant blouse and wraparound skirt with bra and panties in white. Some say that white is not erotic, but they haven’t seen it on a brown skinned beauty like Carla.

Carla drew her panties down and joined Sharon and me on the bed. The two ladies teamed up to make me excited, kissing and caressing me all along my body, but leaving my center out. I had my hands busy wherever they could touch. The contrast between the plush Carla and the trim Sharon was very nice.

Sharon climbed up, and with Carla’s help lowered herself onto me. She sighed and slowly began to move back and forth. Before long, she was bouncing up and down with ever greater speed. It felt so good to be in her tight, wet, snatch. When she went off for the first time, I was not even close. Sharon paused for a bit after her climax, and I rolled her over onto her back and started to thrust into her. I pulled her legs up and hooked my elbows under her knees pushing them to her breast. Carla was rubbing all over both me and Sharon and Sharon was yelling and screaming for me to fuck her harder and harder still. I was trying to keep from filling her so that I would still have something for Carla. It was getting close as Sharon screamed her release.

I held Sharon to me as she recovered from her climax. She was trembling and sobbing into the crook of my neck.

“Are you okay dear? Is there some problem?”

“No Walter, there is no problem. My emotions are on a rollercoaster and tears were the final result. I enjoy this so much. Didn’t you come Walter?”

“Not this time honey, I want to make sure that I can take care of Carla too dear.”

Carla sat up from where she had been lying and helping Sharon. “Thank you Walter. There is something that I wanted to ask you tonight. Would you do what I asked you about before, you know, back there?”

“If you are sure you want me to Carla, I would love to do that.”

“Would you please get the lube I have in my purse Sharon?”

“Lube? Do you mean that you want him in your ass?”

“Yes, Juan did it as punishment, but I started to like it. I never told him that of course, but I want to see what it would be like with a loving man like Walter to do me there.”

“Oh yeah baby, I gotta see this. I may even try it sometime. I wouldn’t let Carl do me that way, but Walter isn’t quite as big as Carl was and it may be worth a try. Here is the lube honey, you get our man ready and I’ll do you.”

Sharon put a good sized squirt into Carla’s hand, and then turned to the Latin lovely’s rear.

Carla rubbed the lube all over my dick and began stroking to keep me hard. The thought of slipping into her plush ass kept me up. She started moaning at the action of Sharon lubing her up.

“You’re all ready hon, get back here Walter; let me guide you in.”

I moved around to where Sharon was and put my hands on the luscious brown behind pointing at me. I reached down and felt that she was very wet in anticipation. I shuffled forward a bit and Sharon took hold of me and pointed me at the slick hole.

“Are you ready Carla? I’ll be as easy as I can.”

“Go ahead Walter, I want this badly. You don’t have to be too careful; this is not my first time after all.”

Damn! And I thought Jennifer was tight; without the lube I don’t think I could have done it. I pressed forward until I popped through the sphincter muscle and slowly slid into the hot vise that was Carla’s anus.

“Are you sure that you’ve done this before?”

“Oh yes Walter, take it easy till I get comfortable, that’s it yeah, fuck my ass.”

I slowly built up speed and as I did I could feel Sharon rubbing Carla’s clit and playing with her pussy. It didn’t take long for Carla to go off the first time; which is a very good thing because I was not going to last very much longer in this tight hole.

I was right and very quickly I felt that sensation at the base of my cock telling me that the end was near. Hah; what a play on words, I was in the end, Carla’s end. I saw Sharon disappear under Carla and Carla’s moans ramped up another level, then Carla screamed and I let out a yell and flooded her bowels with as much white gold as I had ever produced. She clamped down with her anal muscle and almost stopped the flow of my cum as I buried myself in her.

I rolled to the side away from Sharon as we slumped to the bed.

“Goddamn that was the hottest thing I have ever seen! You are going to have to do that for me sometime soon Walter; I know Carla sure got her kicks from it. I better get a towel, your stuff is already starting to leak out of her ass Walter. I felt the pulses as you pumped her full, so I’m guessing that it was pretty good for you too.”

“That was an incredible experience ladies. I hope you want to do it again Carla, and I would be happy to let you try it as well Sharon; I could really get used to that. It will never replace pussy, but it sure is fun.”

Sharon brought back a towel and washrag from the bathroom and cleaned Carla and me up as much as she could. We finally had to help Carla to the bathroom to empty herself out, and then we fell into a very deep sleep.

“Baby,” I called to him, “I’m back.”

The apartment seemed to be empty, no lights on, o sound from the TV, I was starting to think he wasn’t here.

I smiled, standing in the door of our room looking at him, asleep on the bed. I dropped my bag quietly to the floor and approached him.

I kissed his cheek, “my sexy baby.”

And he was, I liked when he dressed in his sweats with his wifebeater and hat, I kind of emulated his style on this hot day in Oakland, I was wearing dark blue shorts, and a white tee, with a green hat.

To my surprise I see him open one eye, then close it. “No one told you to get on my bed.”

“Boy,” I said slapping him, “This our bed.”

“Get off for I make you get off.”

I made a face, and laid back down, making sure to rub up against him.

“Ay, motherfucka, I wasn’t playin with you.”

He sits up, and starts ticklin me, I’m in a fit of giggles.

“Hehe…stop….baby stop!”

“Didn’t I tell you to get off my bed?”

I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Didn’t I?”


He stops tickling me and pins me to the sheets staring down and me. He kissed my neck, then my cheek, then my lips, “Sexy trouble maker.”

“Hehe yes.”

We stare for a moment until he breaks the chance, “Guess what I brought for you?”


He gets up, and I sit up to watch him get his gift. He plants candles around the room, it was so romantic, white candles.

“Aw…how sweet Cookie.”

Taking a match he lights each one, then

He hopes back on the bed, “They’re vanilla chocolate scented.”

“Yay! Chocolate….lol I’ma fat ass.”

“Indeed,” he kisses me, “But that’s my sexy ass.”

We start to passionately kiss, but before we get too far along I stop him. “Wait, wait, I got a surprise for you.”

I hope up and go over to my bag, “Kiwi wine coolers!”

“Yes,” he says grabbing for them, “Enough to make me tipsy, but not make me drunk enough to not remember…”

He leads me over to the bed lying me down, “Every…” kiss, “little..” kiss, “thing, that I’ma do to you.”

He starts to turn, so now I’m on top.

“Hehe I like where this is going.” I take off my shorts, and sit on his crotch, and feel it through his pants, “Why so hard?”

He smiles up at me, “I don’t know you tell me.”

I feel his stiffness (for use of a better word)

“Why dont you sit on it?”

I do, but don’t let it go in.

“Poke,” he puts his hands on my hips lowers my body, and as he slides in he asks, “Why so wet?”

I completely lower myself onto it, “I don’t know you tell me.”

He leans me over, so I’m laying completely flat on him, he takes my breasts into his mouth, and while doing so, slowly begins to grind up against me. I let out a moan, and he smiles, then sucks harder, I was in a daze. He looks up to me, “And how’d that feel love?”

“Soo good.”

His hands move to my ass and he lifts it, then begins to move faster, in and out, and it feels so good…”I’m suppose to be ridin you remember?”

“Too bad.”

And he goes even harder, he bites his bottom lip whenever he does this, and I think it’s cute. The cutest love face he makes. He stops, “Now you ride.”

I adjust my position, and start grinding at a slow face, and I watch his face change.

“You feel so good….so warm…so tight…”

It’s so cute. He watches as my breasts bounce back and forth with each movement, then he gets an idea.

“Bounce on it baby.”

As I begun, I watched his eyes close and his head roll back, “Shit when did you get good at this..”

I smile, and go faster.

“You like that?”

“Yes…I love when you bounce that sexy ass on me.”

I start to feel him swell, so I go as fast as I can, he lifts me off and motions my head towards his throbbing erection. He was still cumming, “That’s it baby…suck…swallow.”

He pulls out of my mouth, with his sitffness still dripping, on my face, on my breasts, he kisses me. “I wanna fill all of you with my love and I want all your love on me.”

He motions me back onto him, and sits my ass directly on his stiffness, his hands rest on my ass and he maneuvers me onto him, then he tells me to lay on him.

His hands wrap around my back and he embraces me.

I shift myself up and down, and he stops me. He closes his eyes, and lifts my ass an inch or so off him. Then he starts to thrust at his own pace, fast, and untaming, which sends me into ecstasy.


“Yes love,” he pants.

“Mmm….I’m…cumming…it feels so good…”

He smiles, “That’s right baby…cum…”

I cum, which makes him cum, and then, worn, I just lay on him and we just breathe. We look up at each other and laugh at each other, “Lol, damn baby.”

I fall off of him then lay on my side, and laugh, “Baby, now that I think about it, we didn’t even drink the damn wine cooler.”

“Oh well,” he laughs. “Let’s drink em now.”

I open the wine cooler and we toast, to what I’m not exactly sure. But that’s how a good relationship goes, you never know what your doing or why, like why you make love with most of your clothes on.


Lol, well never know

Another Story, Just for you. (Well, not anymore.)


Author’s Note: Though not posted in order, this is the last story I wrote for her. Unlike the other ones, this erotic story actually featured us. As before, I changed names around. I thought about taking out some of the kinkier/more personal shit, but I thought about it and I realized that raw, awkward, private crazy intimacy is part of what made this story so special for me. I suppose in all erotic fiction, the author is exposing some of their fantasies, and make themselves vulnerable by publishing them.

Again, nerdy LARP references abound. My apologies to those of you who don’t understand the context. Even more apologies to those of you who do.

~ Tendermindholes


I smile at you over my iced Tuxedo- a mocha made from both white and milk chocolate. It was my drink of choice at the Naked Lounge, my favorite local cafe, and I was looking at my favorite person. I smiled, sipping my mocha- and the sweetness filled my throat. As I looked at you, my eyes also drank in your own mocha sweetness: the one who I loved talking to, who I loved being around, who filled my heart with even more joy.

“So, there Zajika and Harmony were, we went to the club. Sooooo… Zajika fed off some guy who was on E and she started tripping, right? Harmony found out what happened and tried to scoop me up…and so then Zajika dropped to the floor and rolled around on the floor in circles. People were staring at us and so we wouldn’t look weird, Harmony decided to get down on the floor and roll around with me. Oh my god Tim, we had like ten mortals doing that with us by the end of the scene. I think we hurt John’s soul when he ran that for us. It was so awesome!”

I laughed, imagining Zajika, with her blonde and orange foxy-hued hair right aside Harmony with her own cotton-candy do, just pinwheeling around on the dance floor of some club. Though I sometimes winced at some of the stuff you got into with as Zajika (like I had any room to talk when I played Theo), or just have to shake my head at the drama bombs you could lay with your character, your adventures as Zajika always cracked me the fuck up.

I reach out my hand to lightly stroke yours. You start a bit, then relax- I’ve grown to find your fidgets like the rest of you, quirky and adorable.

More and more, you were able to relax around me. Like I mentioned before, you could always be a bit jittery, and I accepted and was happy about where you were at. Enjoying the progress we’ve made, I smile and drink in your beauty. That smile of yours, with your small, yet sensually full lipped and expressive mouth with those lips I loved to kiss, I looked at your skin- it was almost August and it was now so dark from the sun. You’re beautiful at any shade, your skin a nice, smooth milk-chocolate complexion, I loved the way the light would sparkle off your lip piercing, and the way your black, wavy hair fell from from your brow, it is long enough to frame your all of your shoulders now.

“What?” You say, looking around a bit nervously,”Tim, you’re staring again.”

I smile,”I can’t get over how beautiful you are.”

You scoff, almost hiding a blush under your mocha colored skin,”You say that every time, you dork.”

I smiled at her,”I mean that every time.”

You inhale and sigh happy, looking down a bit,”Really…you really mean that?”

I loved making up new expressions every time you ask this question, and you do too,

“Does Petie make baby powder look like blush?”

“Is Theo Jealous?” You smile impishly- and then look down a bit nervously. It wasn’t nearly the touchy subject it had been for a few weeks ago, but still…

“Of Archon Casper?” I smirked, pouring on the facetiousness, laughter in my eyes.

Your laughter is abrupt, bubbling forth from your beautiful mouth. I loved that sound. You have such a open laugh. “Just because he asked me out to New Orleans…”

“…and Zajika is a racist for not hanging out in poo-water.” I finish.

“Fucking Theo…” You say, rolling your eyes in mock irritation.

“I know…that Zajika is a kinky bitch for it.” You look around nervously and look down shyly, the conversation would be utterly, deliciously random- and all ours, if we weren’t boxed in by hipsters.

“…Yeah.” You happily confess,”Theo likes it too, right?”

“Theo is confused and pissy about everything…but the guy in the driver’s seat absolutely adores our scenes.”

“We are so going to dance together Tim- even if it means we just sway.”

I nod, and look forward to that moment.

I sip my drink, and I get whipped cream in my mustache, you smile mischievously, taking your finger and give me that “Hey there stud”, look, and start to lick it off your finger, and press it between your full, violet lips.

Smiling, a smile creeping across my face,”I love my mocha.”

You look at me with those big, beautiful brown eyes of yours, those eyes that have become such a part of my world, and in that playful flirty tones of yours you tell me,”I know you do.”

About to say something, your eyes widen as you see a squirrel running across the fence.

I love that look you get when you’re distracted by “The Cute”, so wide and open and honest. Wonderfully childlike on what is obviously a woman. You never have lost that sense of wonder, of play.

I remember when we were at that buffet I showed you, and we saw that cute little Asian kid, the one who couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4, and you waved, and pointed him out to me. I waved too, and I smiled at him as he waved back. I’m building up a stockpile of moments like that with you in my mind, adding yet another gem to the treasure chest of the wealth of love I have for you.

I love how you are with children, a natural- and I greatly look forward to seeing you with ours someday.

I’m so busy watching you, I don’t realize how quickly I finished my coffee. Your fruit drink is almost half-full and I watch you absent absentmindedly play with the straw.

“I’m hungry!” You say abruptly. Your mind often dances from spot to spot- only when you’re sad, angry or stoned does it stay in one place for long. It’s a nice contrast to the way mine worked. I tended to dwell, or overly focus on what I was working on.

“For what?” I ask, I already know what you want, but I liked asking you to see the enthusiasm in your response.

“BUFFET!” You exclaim, your expressive brown eyes wide and animated, people stared, perturbed for some reason by your exuberance.

“Do you want the rest of your drink Luba?” I ask.

“I dunno…” You look at me again.”…buffet.”

“It has pineapple in it Luba.” I remind you very solemnly. I know how much you loved pineapples,” And it’s hot- this is nice and cold”

“Yes!” You look at me,” Then Buffet?”

“Yeah- let me get something to take it with us…” You whine plaintively, as I pull it away you grab my wrist, spilling a bit of it, and you suck the straw. I stand there patiently, and you smile that innocent, yet wicked little smile of yours and you lick some of the little drops that have fallen onto the little web of flesh where my thumb meets my forefinger.

You can see my own flush and you grin.

“Baby Octopi Timmah?” Your eyes looking at me full of hope.

“Let’s go!” I proclaim, “Could you hand me my backpack Mija?”

You grab it by it’s handle, the weight almost causes you to fall over.

“How can you even lift this?!?!” You ask almost almost accusingly.

I chuckle, reaching out to take it from you with one hand, easily shrugging it onto my shoulders, and I chuckle “Because I have to, I guess.”

“What do you have in there, rocks?” I let you walk in front of me and get the gate- just as much, if not more me wanting to watch your ass and hips swaying than politeness, you look back at me, catch me staring, you look back over your shoulder giving me a “naughty boy” look- driving the point home by swaying your ass a bit more.

My eyes leave the fullness of your ass, to go back to your eyes and I laugh,” Heavier- books. That, and my flute, snacks for school, supplies, a few reading books- stuff like that. I can run with it, so it’s not too much.”

You shake your head at me like I’m crazy, but I can tell you like it.

It’s later now, the sun is starting to set and it’s cooling off. Summer evenings in Sacramento are wonderful cool and aside from the occasional offending dumpster, they smell sweet of blooming flowers and trees.

The coffee shop is on Fifteenth and Q, not very far from restaurant, only nine blocks or so.

We walk, leaning against me, our hands brushing against each other as we walked, you’ll look at me and smile, then look away bashfully, I’ll look at you and smile in return.

It’s a nice night, and the iced drinks were a good refreshment. I had picked you up from the Amtrak station- it was your day off, but you had some things to do with your friend Peach earlier in the day. It wasn’t bad timing for me, because I had school that day. However, neither of us had eaten and we were both hungry.

We’re walking, leisurely. The buffet will be there, and though we’re hungry- both of us have had such busy weeks that it’s nice to just relax a bit…Though just being near you, being able to smell your scent you has me hard as a rock. I’ve done my best to hide it, to focus on the conversation.

“I’ve almost finished inking that comic.” You let me know, pride on your face.

Waiting for the cross walk to turn green, I turn to you, nudging you along gently, “Oh?”

“Yeah, I’m so excited.”

“I am too. Do all of us get a copy?” I ask.

“No, I’m gonna post it on the net, but you can look at mine!” Your eyes search mine for signs of approval.

“Right on, the price of publishing is prohibitive these days.” I smile…,”Petie, Peach, Kevin, Norman and me in a comic book, we’re gonna be immortal because of you!”

“Well, when I can I will..” You stop abruptly”Oh hey, what’s that?”

“What? Oh down there, just a place in between two houses.”, I ask, puzzled…you and your ADHD,” What did you see?”

“I swear I saw a baby bird hopping along…can we look Tim, please?”, Your eyes big and hopeful…and your grin big and shining.

It’s a rather long space, about 20 feet, that happens in Midtown sometimes, and the bushes in front obscured us from the road a bit.

“I don’t see anything…”

You kiss me full on the lips, your tongue searching my mouth, and your hand is on the front of my jeans.

“Is this for me Timmah?”, You ask, knowing full well it is.

I nod, my legs spread and I lean against the wall, we can hear people walking across the street, but they couldn’t see us.

“I have to taste you before dinner…I want you to shoot your load down my throat, I want your cum to mix with that tasty seafood…c’mon stud, let me suck your cock in this alley.” I was helpless before your onslaught of pure, deviant kink.

You squat down, fishing out my cock from my pants as you look up at me with that wonderfully sexy, naughty way of yours.

You start to suck on the head and I moan, your big brown eyes looking up at me. Expertly, you swirl your tongue around the eye and tip of my hardness, your hands gripping my ass through my jeans.

I have to cover my hand with my mouth to keep from moaning and giving us away…it’s part of the thrill. The taste and inherent danger of getting caught is turning you on too, I can smell your arousal, see it in your eyes and in the flush on your mocha skin.

The hot wet sucking heat of your mouth is bliss, and I can feel myself throbbing and thick.

My knees start to shake, and I grip the wall of the alley with the hand not trying to conceal my moans, and you relentlessly increase the pressure and speed, trying to milk a fat load from me.

I can see that you enjoy how incredibly much you turn me on without trying, and I can see the little jerks of your hips as you rub yourself through your jeans.

It’s too much…I can’t…hold it in much longer.

Sensing the closeness of my orgasm, you jam your mouth and throat down onto me, the tightness like a wet, velvet glove sucking the hot, churning load that is for you, and only for you.

You gag and choke a bit, and I’m biting my hand to keep from crying out- from giving us away as your long, delicate caramel throat drinks my essence down.

My eyes have rolled up into the back of my head, helpless before the sweet, soft lushness of your lips. You sit back on your haunches, inspecting your handiwork and though I can tell you are obviously aroused, you do not cum.

I can tell that you were close though, as your purple sexy tongue holds my load on it, and you display it for me, as if an offering for my approval, you swallow and gently suckle the remaining pearls of cum from my still oozing cock.

Shaky, you grab my hands and I pull you up. I can smell your arousal- so thick and sweet and spicy mixed in with the musky headiness of my own juices.

“Did you like that…Poooooppppppaa?”, You whisper into my hear breathily, my cock still twitching as you pull my boxers up, and carefully zip me closed giving it a pat.

“Yes Babygirl” I breathe into your ear,”What about you? Don’t you want me to make you cum?”

“Yes…” And you look into my eyes, your face flushed…”But later. That was just for you, and I wanted to taste you as we ate. Chicken balls and baby octopi?”

I nod before I kiss you softly, tasting myself on your lips.

“Spank me just once?”, You ask pleadingly,” You know how I LOOOVE how you spank me!”

My legs now stable enough to stand without the wall’s help, I grip you around the waist and give you two hard slaps on your ass, as you breathe into my shoulder, moaning and whimpering.

“Th…thank you.”, You say, your breath sweet and hot in my ear, the scent of your arousal thick and heady and tangy.

“Chinese Buffet?” I say, smiling…pulling you out of your dreamy state, causing your eyes to widen and you smile.

“YAY!”, Flushed, and excited, you lick your lips, savoring my taste and we walk out of the alley.

A pair of old hippies smirk at us knowingly, and you blush deep, and I smile- blushing a bit myself. They laugh as we walk away, one muttering to the other, “Lucky fucker, did you see the lips on her?”

I brush your hip with my hand and you do mine, you looking down shyly. I love how you can suck my cock and drink my cum in a strange alley, but you still get shy about things. It’s so fucking endearing- part of your everlasting charm.

We make it there, and the sun has almost set- it’s late, but fortunately we have enough time.

Ravenous, we pile on food- I go for my pot-stickers, baby octopi and mushrooms you go for chicken balls, pineapple and crab legs.

“God…I’ve been looking forward to coming back here for soooo long!”, You exclaim, trying to keep your mouth covered as you chew.

I smile at you, what a catch I had! A girl that would suck my dick in an alleyway, swallow my cum like it was ambrosia- but be embarrassed about me seeing her eat.

“I think about you every time I come back to this place. I’ve been coming back for years- but these times with you were so very special to me.

It was wonderful, we must have spent an hour just eating, talking, laughing.

They looked at us impatiently to leave, chattering irritably in Mandarin. I noticed, but I didn’t care- I’ve given them so much of my money over the years they could clean up around us.

The sun was completely down, and the walk back to my place went pretty quickly. Summer nights in Sacramento are where it’s at- bright and scorching and hot during the day, but the nights were balmy from the delta breeze came off from the river, and all the verdant bloom making everything smell of flowers. The night sky above us was a purplish haze- very few stars because of the brighter lights of Midtown.

You rub my shoulders as we walk. I’m rather sore- it’s been a long day. We turn every stoplight into an opportunity to just enjoy each other that much more.

Walking down that familiar home stretch, my heart is joyous despite my fatigue.

I take your bag from you, and throw it on my brown loveseat. The bed has been freshly made, linen washed and made up neatly, pillows are stacked for maximum comfort just so we could enjoy unmaking the bed. I ask if you’d like a glass of water.

“Yes please…” You say. It’s been a long hot day for both of us.

Grabbing ice and water, I hum to myself, and hear you settling in.

“Getting comfy?” I ask, amused as I make two ice waters for us in my small kitchen.

“Yep!” You chirp in response.

I come back to see you naked from the waist up, your breasts, large, full and beautiful. The bars through your nipples gleaming as you start rolling around on my bed getting your scent everywhere.

“Ninja Nakedness!”, You say, an impish grin on your beautiful features. It was a game we’d play when we were talking over webcam. One of us would go and get something to drink, and find the other naked as a jaybird. Kinky talk and mutual masturbation soon followed.

I swallow, holding the two cups full of water, my cock once again swelling in my jeans.

I hand you one and sit down on the unoccupied part of my love seat, unlacing my faded, but still solid Doc Marten’s and you sip heartily, making delighted little smacking sounds with those full, lush lips of yours.

“You’ve added more posters and stuff I see.” You observe as you look around. I smile as I take off my socks and drink in your beauty, as you stretch languidly,” Yeah. I want to fill my place full of color and beauty- it’s small, so I want there to be things I enjoy looking at.”

“Well, you’ve got a naked mocha-skinned woman in your bed.” You say, with a smile.”How is that for a room full of color and beauty?”

I grin,”I think it’s a damned good start!”

I pull off my shoes and join you.

“That’s all?”, You ask, looking almost offended.

“All what?” I say, confused taking another sip of water.

“I’m sitting here topless and all you can do is take off your shoes?” Your hands go to your full hips, and the little bars in your licorice colored nipples stare me in the face.

“What would be fair?” I ask, like it’s some kind of business negotiation.

“Shirt too, mister!”, You demand, your jaw set resolutely.

“This shirt?” I say, pulling it off slowly.

“You tease.”

“I learn from the best.” I retort, looking at you knowingly.

“Ooh, look at you all studly. You look so good!”

“Thank you Mija.”

You wolf-whistle then snuggle close to me, and I revel in the feel of your hot, naked flesh, the sweet spicy scent of you and we lay together and I put on South Park, your lay down. Your full breasts were so beautiful and succulent- the nipples chocolate chips I just wanted to suck, nibble, chew and bite on. Soon, very soon… However, they had healed to the point where they weren’t so tender, and didn’t need constant support- and you didn’t need to clean them as often. I was a fan- considering you could now have them out of your bra for longer.

Relaxing, we laugh and nuzzle each other to the episode where Butters becomes a vampire, laughing over lines we’ve heard a half-dozen times before.

You lean into me, your body soft and lush against mine, “Remember when I sucked your cock today…Poppppaaaaa?”

I look down at you, the big beautiful brown pools of your eyes shining with lust.

I answer, “Yes Babygirl.”

“Was I good to you Poppa?”

“Yes Babygirl, you were very good to me. You always are.”

“Would you…spank me?”

My cock got hard instantly at those words. I had already cum today, but I was at a state of half-arousal- just being near you. Being close to you always does that to me.

I sit up a bit on the bed, and say, “Get on my lap please.”

Sinuously, like a cat, you get up on all fours, and crawl over to my lap,

“What do we say when we ant someone to do something for you, Zajika?”

“We say please?” Your eyes alight with mirth and lust at this game.

“So…what do you need to say if you need Poppa to spank that full, juicy ass of yours?” I ask, as if I were talking to a child.

“Poppa….would you pleeeease spank my ass?” You plead.

“Of course, Honey.” I respond, like I just conceded to a raise in allowance.

I take my hand and slap down sharply on your jean covered ass and you moan and inhale sharply.

I start to alternate, and you grip my legs, clawing and moaning like a bitch in heat.

“I want you to pull your pants down for Poppa, so I can make sure that ass of yours is nice and red!”

You look down, blushing and horny and excited. “Of course, Poppa.”

Raising your ass like you were presenting, with that special flourish of yours- you unzip your jeans, and just roll them over yourself, playing with the cleavage of your bottom.

“Panties too Daddy?” You ask, as wide eyed and innocent as you can- like some kind of sexy little doe.

“Yes Babygirl.”

My hand is warm from your ass already, and seeing it nude in front of me, light mocha brown- your pussy is already dripping wet onto me, and I can see the little rosebud of your asshole, already throbbing and twitching.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Four strikes in rapid succession, each on one bottom, I’m really wailing on you now, and you’re moaning and writhing and twitching.

“Is that good Babygirl.”

“Yes Poppa…I feel so filthy and nice.”

I chuckle, this is your indicator you want to start playing more rough.

I slap again, right on your asshole, and you cry out, the paper thin walls presenting a lovely audio show to any who would overhear.

“Ooooooaaoooh!” You moans turning into a hoarse scream.

I slap your ass twice, then your asshole again and I can see it twitch and wet, you’re grinding yourself against me, my jeans wet with your fragrant musk.

I start to swirl my finger around your asshole.

“Are you a good little whore for Poppa?” My voice heavy and thick with my own lust.

Wet and twitching and moaning, the dirty talk puts your already sex-frenzied mind into overdrive.

“Yes.” You respond breathily.

“Yes what?”, I ask, my voice stern.

“I’m such a good little whore for you.” You shudder as you say the word “whore”, you loved that part of the game, I loved it too.

“That’s a good little girl-slut. Now, face that whorish, red, wanton little ass towards me.”

“Okay Poppa.”, You say meekly, licking your lips in anticipation.

I grab your hips, pulling you into me and I start to lap at your cunt and use my thumb to play with your asshole.

You moan and shriek as I grip your ass with my fingers, making them squeeze out like dough.

I stop before you climax and bite your ass cheeks and inner thighs, sucking one cheek into my mouth, getting it wet with my tongue…you squeal and writhe and moan against me, grabbing your hips, I pull you into my face, my beard already wet with my spit, and the heady ambrosia of your cunt.

I look at that fuckable asshole of yours, and I know I just have to eat it.

I start to flick it with my tongue and start to lick and swirl it around. You grip my ankles, bracing yourself, pushing yourself towards me.

“oooooohhooohoohooohhhohh….GAWD!”, You moan, your cry rocking the walls around us, uncaring of who hears.

I probe more and more, digging my tongue in between the protective hold of your cheeks, piercing your rosebud. This was called the “Dark Kiss” and I loved it- almost as much as you did. You moan even more as I wriggled my tongue into your asshole, and you buck against me.

In my pants, imprisoned by my boxers my cock is hard as a rock, throbbing and wet, twitching in response to the spasms of your asshole around my tongue. I continue my assault, pushing the broad flat textured muscle deep into your ass as it could go and I moan into you, my my bearded chin tickling and teasing your swollen, slick cunt.

I dug in as deep as I could go, holding you, my broad nose exhaling hot air and inhaling your deeply spicy scent in exchange…you shudder against me as I stop, giving your ass little love nibbles.

“God. That was so good Tim!”, You pant, gripping my leg like it was a tired swimmer grips a buoy.

“I liked it too.”, I smile as you look back at me, my mouth and beard slick with the juices of your twat and asshole, and my own saliva.

“I want to please you Poppa, like a whore. Can I be a good little whore for you Tim?”

My cock bobbed within my jeans.

“I’ll do annnnnyyything you want, just ask!” dropping to your knees on the bed in front of me, your pants still down around your ankles, “Just treat me like a good little whore should be treated- I want to be so good for you.”

“Okay. I want you take your pants off, all the way. Do that for me right now.”

“Okay Poppa.” You do this slowly, bringing them back up just so I can watch you take them off, sliding them off and throwing them beside the bed. We wouldn’t need those until morning.

“Now what Poppa? I want to do annnyything for you, just let me, please?”

“I want my filthy little whore to take my pants down, so you can smell and see and touch and taste me.”

Looking like a little girl about to get a treat at the faire, you undo my belt dutifully, taking down my pants and I can see your pussy juice has made your thighs slick, beautiful dark and wet. You start to nibble and suck my already hard cock through my boxers, making me moan.

“Now, be a good little slut and lick my asshole.”

“Yes Poppa,”, You say dutifully, kneeling on my bed.” I’ll eat your ass so good for you, I love doing that, so rich and musky, knowing that I can please you.”

You take my drawers off, and kneel into me, gripping around my thighs and parting my ass cheeks with your thumbs.

Before you dive in you look at me and say, your face flushed, “Can I start now please Daddy? Can I lick your asshole?”

“Yes Babygirl. Eat my ass like the good little asswhore you are.”

Shuddering against me- the degrading talk and nasty acts you are being ordered to do turn you on even more. You lean in, and your tongue is heaven, wet and sinuous and you bury your face into me, my balls resting on your face and I can feel you flick your tongue against me, and I twitch…my hard cock bobs against your forehead.

“Keep it up girl. I’m gonna fuck you so good, I’m gonna fuck my asslicking little whore so good.”

Moaning, you start to swirl around, until you finally probe into me, I moan and grip your hair.

You lick and lick…and my cock bobs oozes cum, and I love it… I grip your hair and just pull you into me, and you moan submissively into my ass, your tongue as far as it can go, my eyes roaming your body, drinking in it’s lush, voluptuous fullness.

I wanted you so bad, we were both rutting.

“Stop now, my little whore has eaten ass well, you did so good for Daddy!”

You pull out, breathing heavily- glowing at my words of approval, pulling out your tongue, but not before you give my asshole a little goodbye kiss.

My cock is hard, throbbing, jutting towards you and you look at it.

“Please, can I just taste it again.” You say, looking hungrily at my cock.

“Yes, get it nice and wet so I can fuck your hole.”

“Yes Poppa, I’ll suck your cock like a good little whore, I’ll be the best whore for you ever!”

Licking around the tip, you squeal in joy as you sip the running tide of per-cum.

“Yummy!” You exclaim like you’re enjoying an ice-cream cone.

Nibbling and sucking my balls and licking up the shaft you slurp on my cock.

“Put a finger up my asshole Babygirl.”

You nod and do so, god, it feels so good…I love how slutty you were, how filthy and nasty you were willing to get.

Fucking in and out, your finger finds my prostate, causing little electric shudders.

“Play with your cunt for me Babygirl…but no cumming until I do. Flick your nipple if you understand.”

Moaning submissively around my cock, which you’ve deep-throated, you flick your nipple, shivering in pleasure-pain. Your hand snakes down to your dripping snatch, soaking my sheets in your scent.

It’s good, so very, very good. I can feel the tide rise in me…but I didn’t want to waste that cum in your mouth- I had better plans for it.

Moaning and fingering yourself you plunge your mouth onto my hardness again and again. I take your head in my large hands and just use you roughly- your mouth just another cunt or asshole for my pleasure as you gag and tears stream from your mouth.

“You can pull your finger from my ass…but don’t even fucking think of wiping it off on my clean sheets…spank your ass if you understand!” I did this so you wouldn’t cum, giving you just enough of a shock to hold back, because I can sense your own orgasm was imminent.

I slap your already red, stinging ass as I roughly impale you on my cock, making you gag and spit and choke, your face red in exquisite agony and pleasure as your tears soak into my thighs.

I pull your mouth off of my cock with a wet little pop.

After you get a chance to breathe, you look at me all submissive and vulnerable.

“I want you to suck my ass off your finger like the good little asswhore you are, and thank Daddy for the privilege.”

You look me in the eyes, making a show of sucking your finger deep into your mouth, moaning at the bitter, musky taste, bucking your hips slightly.

“Thank you Daddy for letting me suck you off of my finger! I’m so honored I can serve you, be so good to you!”

“I’m going to fuck you now, like a bitch in heat, would you like that?”

“Yes Poppa, sooooooo much!”

You present to me, putting your ass in the air.

I can see your cunt, slick and swollen and ready, musk- you are primed.

“Oh, I’ll be such a good little whore for you Daddy, use my holes, any fucking one you want…please? Use me so rough!”

I climb behind you, gripping your hips and I shove my hard rod into your asshole, and you moan and screech as I drive myself in, insistent yet achingly slow.

“What a good little whore you are for me. I want to breed you like a bitch. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Yes Daddy…I’ll be a good little bitch for you!”

You moan and cry and I reach and roughly pull your hair.

“Don’t even fucking think of coming. Whose bitch are you?”

“You Poppa…I’m your bitch.”

“You remember that story when Theo had Zajika fuck a doggy? Are you my little doggy fucker right now.”

I can feel your asshole twitch around me.

“Yesssss Popppppaaa!”

“You’re a filthy little fucking slut, a cum-rag who loves being used and degraded.”

“Yes Poppa.”

“Bark like the bitch you are for me Babygirl.”

“RUFF! RUFFF….YIP…RUFF!” You cry and moan into my bed.

I shove into your roughly…

“I want to change you, modify you, make you my little bitch slave. Make you lactate, turn you into my little breeding cow. Would you like that?”

“Yes Poppa, I want you to use and touch and taste every part of me. Every part of me belongs to…you!” You shake on the last one, because I fucked into your ass with force, making you shiver and moan.

“You’re almost healed, almost ready for your Poppa to turn you into his little milking breedcow.”

“Yes Poppppaaaa!”

“Would you like that Babygirl?” I ask, knowing you would, gripping your ass as I fuck it.

“Yes po…God…so hard to talk…”

“Say it, I want to hear you fucking say you’ll be my little milk cow breeding bitch as I fuck your ass.”

“Yes…I’ll be your milk cow breeding bitch.”

“I’m going to tie you up, so helpless, binding your tits as I suck and suck, attaching a machine, making you take pills that make you leak. Your tits will swell and swell…”

I stop and rest my hard cock still inside you, you mewl and whimper, grinding into me.

“Yes…God, transform me, make me into what you want. God, I love it…so filthy…”

“I’m going to make you mine, brand you, make your constantly wet and dripping. Don’t fuck back, just sit there, with my cock in your ass, stretching you out thinking of what I’m going to do to you, make you do, make you be.”

“Yes Poppa…I’ll be such a good little breeding whore for you, such a little fucking cow…I’ll let you milk me and use me and fuck me any time you want.”

“Whose Whorebitch are you?”

You whine and whimper at the torture of having to stay inside of me.

“Yours’ Poppa…God…I need it so bad.”

“What do you need, what does my filthy little breeding milk cow whore of a Babygirl need?”

“Your cock…to be used by you…owned by you.”

I pull out and you whimper, your ass hungry and trying to pull me back in.

“Please Poppa, you can milk me, change me into whatever you want, use me…tie me up…anything, I need your cock SOOO MUCH!.”

I roughly pick you up and throw you on your back.

“You’re under me, right where you belong, isn’t that right you filthy whore?”

“Yes Poppa, you own me, all of my holes, everything. You know what’s best.”

“Damn fucking right I do!”

Your cunt is spread open and dripping, your asshole still spasming, gaping and wet as you hump down and grinding as you try to fuck a cock in your ass that is no longer there.

“Please Daddy, fuck my cunt, fuck my cervix…breed me, knock me up, make me your little cow, dripping with milk for you!”

At your words, my cock twitches…still slick with the juices of your ass.

“Anytime, even on your period, when you’re cramped and emotional and vulnerable and weak?” I ask, I love this part of it, a mix of kink, lust and devotion.

“Yes Poppa. I’d let you fuck me then, nice and slick…you can see my blood on your cock, your own little piece of fuck meat.”

I lean over you, and start to bite and suck your neck and your nails go into my back…”Oooooh, Daddy, god, that hurts so good!”

I growl into you, biting hard enough to draw blood and I suck at it, and you scratch into my back and head, the stinging only driving me on.

I whisper into your ear, “You’re such a filthy little whore, my cumrag…I want to use your whorish cunt so good, I know you feel worthless sometimes, but I know that your worth is in your servitude, your natural submissive nature.”

“Yes Poppa…I was born to be your whore, your breedwhore.” You grind your hips up at my throbbing cock, and I know that it’s inside your heat, dripping pre-cum already,”Knock me up, make me yours…just cum in me, and let me stay.”

I enter you, you’re so wet and hot and tight and good and you moan squeal into my ear, sucking at the jewelry, working the lobe over with your tongue, your fingers rubbing and scratching into my head.

I fuck into you, steady, hard strokes and you moan and writhe beneath me.

“Fuck me Poppa” you whisper into my ear breathily,”I’d let you do anything to me you wanted, mark me up, make me milk, ink me up, brand me. You’d own me, everyone would know it- just for you.”

I groan and fuck into you harder, God, I was…this was so good.

“You’ll knock me up, and I’ll be so swollen and delicate. Unable to resist, not wanting to resist you just having your way with me, our baby growing in my womb. Just like my friend, I’d look so pretty and radiant and happy and wonderful. We could have a birth at home, the old way, a water birth. I’d be your very own natural little whore just for you Daddy, make children for you as I stay at home raising your children, our children- they’d have such a kinky little mommy…God…I can feel it…so close”

I fuck you, fuck into you…and faster and faster.

“Let go…just let go…please breed my cunt, fill me up until it spills out, I’ll let you see it just drip down my leg. Show you what a good, obedient woman I am- willing to do anything to please her man.”

I look at you, tenderly now and you notice the change and tremble. Still pumping, I hold you gently, lovingly…

“God, I love it Tim, so sweet, you’re so won-Ahhh-wonderful to me.”

I am making love to you now, the kink that built up the flame now ready to turn into a wonderful, healing simmer. I was not just fucking you, but making love to the woman I want to spend the rest of my days with, to help with her burdens, to take care of her as she would take care of me. My beautiful, wonderful, creative, kind, sexy woman- kinky as fuck, and just as adventurous as I. My ideal woman- strong and smart enough to think for herself, compassionate and loving enough to care for me when I needed it, but also vulnerable and soft enough to need my strength.

“Please Tim, let go, just let go inside me. I want to feel it, it’s so good, thick and throbbing…you’re so close, please…for me, just let go inside of me.”

You moan hotly into my ear and scratch at my nipple, lightly pinching as I cover your body…

“That’s it…let me make you feel so goood. I love you so much Tim, I want to be yours and yours only…so good.”

I press my face into yours, and breathe, “Oh Luba, you’re so good to me, you’re the only one I want…this is all for you, I only want to be with you.

“Yes Tim, I want that too, only yours, yours forever, you’re so wonderful…please Tim, come for me, nice and gentle…”

You lick and suck my earlobe tenderly, giving me little kisses as I fuck into you, you spasming with joy with each thrust, and you look into my eyes with love and devotion and understanding.

I cry out, letting lose into you, my seed, that seed that someday would make children for us, that is a sign of my love, for you and only for you.

“Aaaah Tim…God…so good…I love you so much Unnnnnnnn!” You cum around my cock…your groan turning into inarticulate cries and begging

I hold you tight, still thrusting, and your orgasm.

“That’s it Luba, just enjoy yourself…god, I love you so much…I want only the best for you, just ride it, ride it…enjoy it.”

I shoot into you deeply, your legs lock around me and we stay like that, possessing each other in ways that only those who are deeply in love can.

I kiss you tenderly, your lips soft and sweet and you kiss me back, crying in joy and release and bliss.

“I’ve got you Babygirl. I’m never going anywhere, I’ll be here with you and for you forever.”

“Oh God Tim…”you bury your head into my shoulder crying as the strain becomes too much, and you can’t help but wet yourself on my covers. You shudder and hold onto me and I coo and stroke your hair.

“God, I love you so much.”You finally say, recovering from the sopping, draining climax,” Am I really your only, your best?”

I kiss you deep, as you cling to me like a drowning woman.

Gently disengaging from your lips, I look deep into your eyes. My intense blue boring deeply into those of soft, sensuous, vulnerable brown.

“Yes Luba, forever- you’re my only. I love you, and I want only you…”

I pull from you with a slick wet sound, and I can see my cum dripping from you…marking you with my scent, as my own, just as you’ve marked me.

“Was I good to you, Poppa?”

“Yes Babygirl.”

I gently pull you into me, throwing the covers off, and pulling out another large blanket.

Leaning over, I pull out a little thermos and a bowl. and you stare at me, and some clean towels. Saltwater for your nipples, and I lovingly clean you, carefully- appreciation at my tenderness fills your eyes and you take one of your small brown hands and cup my face.

“Am I doing this okay?”

“Ye-yeah. You’re so gentle.”

“I’m glad you’ve healed enough to let me do this.”

“This is so sweet Tim…thank you.”

You stare at me, adoration and love in your eyes, then you look away embarassed.

“What Mija, what’s the matter.”

“I’m sorry about your covers.”

I chuckle softly…”Trust me Mija, it was worth it- saturated with your scent- perfect and lovely.”

“You mean that?”

“With all my heart.” I open my arms, inviting you into my embrace.

Breaking down from the intensity of the moment, you cry into my chest and I just hold you and cradle you protectively never wanting this to end.

Bru Na Boinne: present day

Ida and Craig left the monument and returned to the hotel for breakfast and a quick nap. The morning was grey and overcast and so the night had been a total bust. Ida’s dream was still in her mind. It had been an odd dream but the subconscious works in funny ways. She was already thinking about the implications of her insight for potential research questions. The idea that the basins, something of a mystery to archeologists, were designed to let heated rocks warm the interior was an insight and she was starting to wonder how she could test that. But nagging in the corner of her mind was the dream itself. It seemed so real, how could her subconscious have invented the details? The only other explanations were totally unbelievable and made her seem crazy, she didn’t even want to consider them.

They ran a few errands in the grey morning light, including purchasing a small camp heater to warm the cold chamber where they would spend another night. By midday, the sky had begun to clear and Ida’s spirits soared!

“Oh my god, Craig, this is awesome! We may get to see the Solstice Sun from inside the monument!” She was as giddy as a child on Christmas Eve, she thought and then laughed out loud since Christmas evolved from the early Solstice rituals.

Late in the afternoon, as the sun was setting through a crystal clear sky, Ida and Craig made their way back to the monument. The last tour group was leaving, and while they still had to reset all her equipment, it was at least already inside the monument. They set to work, and by the time the sun had set, her equipment was ready and functioning. Darkness closed around them again, but this time Ida felt giddy as she could see stars appearing. Craig curled up with a book on their bedding strewn about the floor. Ida’s excitement mellowed into the mechanics of collecting data and she occupied herself, checking and rechecking Her equipment. As the night deepened, Craig began to doze, and Ida felt her eyelids growing heavy. She closed her eyes, and dozed too, Craig’s warmth and light snore, a comfort in the cold winter night.

Ida woke well after midnight. Her excitement rushed over her as She recalled a vivid dream of a fire-lit banquet on the hill outside. Ida wandered out of the monument to stand at the entrance. It was a spectacular night and She looked up at millions of stars spread across infinity and felt the immensity of time and space. Who else had stood here five thousand years ago and pondered a similar sky? She began to think about how important this night could be for a Neolithic tribe scratching out a meager existence in the bend of the river. This was the depth of winter for them, the longest night of the year. She wondered what Gods they prayed to here and what did they pray for? Was it a Goddess? A Woman figure of fertility? Feeling slightly crazy, Ida spread Her arms wide and looked up into the infinite.

“Oh Goddess of the Tunnel,” She giggled, the tunnel? “Come, be with me tonight, on this. the holiest of nights.”

Her voice cracked as shivers ran down Her spine. She felt alive, excited and aroused. A myriad of emotions swept over and through Her. She spun and almost danced for a moment, before finally laughing at Herself and heading back into the monument.

Craig was lying there on the blankets and sleeping bags they had strewn around. Craig had taken off his coat and She felt a rush of love and arousal wash over Her as She looked at him sprawled on the cavern floor. Ida was contemplating tearing off his clothes and hers, when she shook her head and thought, ‘Crazy. I need to check my equipment, this isn’t supposed to be a romantic getaway.’

Ida went and looked at the computer captures that were taking data from the sensitive equipment. The equipment seemed to functioning beautifully, and the data looked right. She was giddy and felt overwhelmed with emotion, and strangely, intensely, sexually aroused.

Hearing Craig stirring behind her, Ida turned and saw that He had woken. His eyes met hers and She could see, even in the dim light, He was deeply aroused. His desire fueled the sexual fire She had been fighting. She could see by the bulge in His jeans that He desired Her. “I…I had a dream,” his voice deep with sexual tension, “about you and I, here.”

He didn’t have to say more, She knew what the dream was about, and She remembered Her dreams. It was almost like She was watching Herself and

She heard herself saying, “I want you, right now.”

Her fingers were fumbling with Her buttons and clothes, stripping the layers. She was swaying to the rhythm of Her heartbeat and slowly undressing. Her mind was confused and overwhelmed, this was, well, odd, and yet amazing. Craig watched as She began to undress, His one hand clumsily trying to undo His shirt, while the other was slowly stroking the bulge in His jeans.

In a moment Ida found Herself standing naked in the center of the main chamber. She beckoned to Craig and He removed his clothing. When Craig stood, completely naked, they stepped into each other’s arms and began to kiss. Ida’s passion was stronger than She had felt ever in Her life, it was almost like a combination of Her first experience and also like She had been deprived or separated from Craig for a long time. She pulled His naked body against Hers, feeling His cock teasing at the entrance of Her surprisingly wet pussy. She covered His mouth with Hers and grabbed the back of His head, almost violently kissing him. Craig, though, was not at all to be outdone; She could feel His passion as His hands grasped at Her ass pushing Himself against Her. They kissed deeply and Her mind went to the blowjob She had given Him the night before. She could almost taste Him and the memory of His throbbing cock in Her mouth drove Her wild with passion.

In seconds She had pulled him down to the waiting sleeping bags, and the image from Her dream, of warm animal skins on Her bare body rushed through Her mind. It was powerful, almost as if She could feel the fur brushing Her ass as She sat. Craig moved over Her and His tongue took one long slow lick up the inside of Her left breast. She threw Her head back and surrendered to His tongue as He lavished oral attention on Her breasts. Licking and sucking at Her nipples, She could feel Craig reacting to Her own arousal. Ida felt his tongue swirling around Her nipple and then the almost orgasmic pleasure as He sucked the nipple while pulling His lips off. She gasped in both pleasure and loss as Her sensitive nipple burst free of His lips, but within seconds, His lips and tongue had captured Her other hard nipple.

Ida could feel the swelling and moisture building in Her sex. Her fingers swirled through Craig’s hair as He pressed Her breasts together and covered both nipples with His warm mouth. His tongue swirling in a figure eight, Ida moaned as waves of pleasure bounced back and forth and up and down Her body. Her pussy, swollen and wet, wanted attention. Almost as if Craig could hear Her thoughts, He moved down Her torso. Grasping Her knees in His hands, He opened Her legs wide, and with a devilish smile, bent His head to Her exposed sex. Even though She knew it was coming, the feeling of His tongue sliding through Her pussy shocked Her. Her arms, Her legs, everything except Her pussy melted away and Her entire existence centered there. Her elbows collapsed and She sank back into the bedding as Her mind exploded with sexual pleasure.

Bru Na Boinne: 3000BCE

Croag felt Amma’s body convulse as He slowly drew His tongue through Her swollen wet slit. Her taste was a deep musky sweet taste, and He inhaled the scent of Her arousal deep into His body. His tongue found Her pleasure button and His lips closed around it. His tongue swirled around the nib and He sucked at it like He had sucked Her nipples moments before. Amma moaned loudly and He felt Her voice in his loins. The sound of Her pleasure was intensely arousing and He pushed Her knees a little wider and higher, as She dropped Her head and shoulders back from Her perch on Her elbows. He let the suction go and pulled His face back for a moment, and Amma whimpered at the loss. Pushing Her legs up further, Croag let His tongue reach back further and began a long slow lick up Her sodden slit. Amma’s sharp intake of breath at his first touch, and then the building moan as His tongue delved through Her sex, made His member throb in renewed arousal. He let His tongue swirl around her nib at the top of the stroke, and then again closed His lips against Her sex, sucking and swirling. Amma’s hips began to buck against His face. Croag sucked and licked with redoubled vigor and passion as Her moans turned into screams and Her hands pushed His face into Her sex.

Croag’s member was throbbing in anticipation as Amma’s overwhelming orgasm subsided. Her hands, one moment pushing Him into Her, the next were pulling Him away as She groaned.

He wanted to plunge Himself deep into Her and moved to do that, but Amma stopped Him and said, “It is not time for that yet; we must wait for the Sun God.”

Croag could hear the disappointment in Her voice. He knew from the look in Her eyes and the intensity in Her voice that She wanted Him inside Her as much as He wanted Her. All of His fears and doubts were washed away, not by Her words but by Her desire for Him. He groaned and nodded, knowing that this must be true, but His member throbbed.

Husky with desire, Amma whispered, “But there is another tunnel you may use first” and Amma rolled over onto Her hands and knees. “Take me in my back tunnel, Croag, take me now.” Amma’s voice rising with passion as Her fingers began to tease Her wet slit. Her words shot through His body, arousing Him even more.

For a moment Croag did not know what She meant, but the view of Her full round ass being presented to Him and the hole, looking like a small rose bud, began to clarify what She was offering. He saw Amma’s fingers, reach between Her legs and began to touch Her sex, delving into Her tunnel and capturing Her wetness. Croag watched as Her wet fingers reached further back and began to slowly circle and moisten Her back tunnel.

“Fill me here,” she groaned, aroused more by her own touch. Croag could hardly think; His manhood throbbed all the way into His thoughts. He grasped Her round hip in one hand, and used His other to guide Himself against Her waiting hole. He began to push and She opened for Him. He felt the ring of muscle in Her part and Amma gasped, “OH… Unh” with the fullness of Him. In a moment, He was deep inside Her and His hands grabbed Her hips. He began to thrust in and out of Her, intense pleasure coursing through Him as Her tight muscles gripped His shaft with every stroke. He could feel his seed beginning to well up inside Him.

Bru Na Boinne: present day

Ida was not entirely sure how She and Craig had gotten to this position. She was on Her knees, with her shoulders on the ground. The fingers of Her right hand were sliding up and down Her slit, and most surprisingly, Craig’s cock was buried in Her ass. Craig had suggested anal once, and She had rejected it, feeling that it was dirty or somehow wrong. Yet tonight, She wanted Him there. Indeed, after She had exploded from the attention His mouth had given Her nipples and pussy, She had practically demanded it. She felt She needed to share Her body with Him completely. She had this feeling that it was almost holy. And She was enjoying it. His cock was filling a space that no one else had ever filled. Her fingers touching Herself as Craig’s strong hands grasped Her hips and His groans of pleasure echoed in Her ears. She could hear His arousal building and Hers was building as well. Craig’s thrusts became more forceful and He groaned louder with each one.

His explosion was almost violent as He forced His cock deep into Her ass, His cum filling Her. Ida’s fingers were furiously swirling around Her clit and Craig’s loud “Oh God, Fuck, Yes” sent her over the edge. She felt Her pussy contracting and pulsing inside Her, and warm wet juice flowing over Her fingers. Her orgasm rang through Her body, including and especially the tightly stretched muscles of Her ass.

They slowly collapsed into the bedding, and again Ida had the sensation of fur against Her naked body. Her mind swirled with the dreams, and the sex. Her desire for Craig was almost overpowering, and Her exhausted body was rebelling against Her mind’s wish for more. Ida could see glimpses of the stars in the dark night sky, as She and Craig slipped into a fitful slumber, their naked bodies pressed close and wrapped in warm blankets.

Bru Na Boinne: 3000 BCE

Croag woke, His mind immediately aware of His surroundings. Amma stirred in His arms and He sighed with contented pleasure. She was sharing Her body with Him in ways Shamar had never mentioned. He leaned over and began to kiss her softly at first. Her lips parted slightly and they kissed, the soft kiss of lovers. Amma’s hands began to slide up and down Croag’s body and He felt Her nipples stiffen as Her breasts pressed into His chest. Her lips parted more and Her tongue began to tease and swirl with His. Croag could feel himself swelling against Her thigh as they grappled in the dark, pre-dawn morning.

Amma’s hand slid down between them and Her fingers slowly circled around His growing shaft. Her words were soft, “I need this inside me soon,” She breathed into His ear.

Croag began to kiss her neck and whispered back, “I need to be inside you” and felt Her shudder with pleasure against Him.

Rolling Amma onto Her back, Croag took one nipple gently into His mouth. He loved the contrast of Her stiff nipples surrounded by soft skin as his tongue drew circles and eights around and across it. Amma’s soft moans told Him that She too was enjoying the sensation. Slowly, He moved down Her body, as Shamar had taught Him, wanting Her pleasure to be complete. He tasted Her again, letting His tongue explore the soft and swelling folds of Her Most Sacred Tunnel. He could feel Amma’s arousal building along with His, and He slid one finger into the entrance. His tongue teased and swirled around Her special spot and his finger swirled and slid in and out of Her tunnel. Amma moaned and shifted to open Herself more. Croag sensed rather than saw the pink dawn beginning, the weak light of the Winter Sun just barely penetrating the Tunnel.

Amma too sensed the dawn. “Now, Croag, plant your seed deep inside me, as Father Sun plants His Warming Seed inside Mother Earth.”

Croag moved between Amma’s spread legs and slowly, gently, slid His member into Her sacred Tunnel for the first time. He felt a tight ring and paused for a moment. His eyes met Amma’s as Her hands grasped His back and encouraged him to penetrate Her. Croag pushed, and Amma winced slightly as Her maidenhead broke. Slowly they began to move together, Croag resting on His elbows, their eyes locked in embrace. Croag felt Amma’s legs wrap around Him and She pulled Him into Her. Their climax built slowly, like the Sun rising outside.

Bru Na Boinne: present day

Ida looked into Craig’s eyes as they rocked together in missionary position. She was overwhelmed with the need to make love with Him this morning, the passion of the night before still tingling in her body. As Her climax built, Her head swam with images and emotion; her love and passion for Craig was overwhelming. Her mind, recalling Her dreams, imprinted sensations of furs and smoke and musky scents as Her body took over, pulling Craig deeper. She felt almost holy as He thrust himself deep into Her tunnel.

Bru Na Boinne: Solstice Moment

The Sun burst into the chamber, spilling light into a room that was nearly always dark. His body took over, His hips gyrating faster and faster. His throbbing manhood plunging deep into Her sacred tunnel with each passion engorged thrust. Her body responded in kind, back arched, hips rolling to meet His powerful thrusts. His body, aroused more than He could ever have imagined, began to pulse and throb. Their hands and arms, gripping, pulling, trying to get closer, deeper until His seed erupted deep into Her Tunnel as She grasped Him as tightly as Her muscles would allow. His throbbing manhood filling Her with His seed, she exploded into orgasm, Her cries echoing through the chamber in concert with His powerful moans.

Bru Na Boinne: present day

Ida and Craig gathered her equipment and their bedding quickly. Both slightly embarrassed by their passion, and not just a little worried that the monument staff would arrive soon. Ida had checked the equipment, as soon as she could catch her breath after her orgasm and don some clothing. It had worked perfectly, capturing in numbers the details of the Solstice alignment with the tunnel. And yet, it felt anti-climactic. Certainly, she knew that it was only the first observation, and that her thesis work was focused on other aspects. But the numbers could never capture the intensity of the spirituality and sexuality of this place. Her dreams had been so vivid and detailed. Her experience had been almost overwhelming. While the logical and scientific part of her mind tried to shut down these observations as “not scientific,” Her body and soul knew that these were true observations. And she knew, she would spend her career trying to prove them, and experience them again.

Bru Na Boinne: 3000 BCE

Croag and Amma emerged, hand in hand, from the Sacred Tunnel as the Sun continued its shallow rise into the sky. The tribe had gathered, waiting for them to emerge.

Amma spoke. “Father Sun has merged with Mother Earth again, and the seed of life is planted. Croag has planted his seed of life in my fertile tunnel and the tribe will grow.”

They cheered and Shamar kissed each of them on the forehead. Croag’s eyes met hers, and he saw both sadness and hope in them. Slowly they walked through the crowd toward the lodge he had prepared for them. Croag was proud and glad to have been matched with Amma, and was looking forward to their life together. The blessing of the mating between the Sun and the Earth gave him hope and purpose.

This is the final part of Emma’s bracelet, it has taken a long while to finish but I hope you all enjoy it. It isn’t necessary to read the first two chapters but it helps. As always, comments are greatly appreciated.



‘See anything you like?’

Charlie looked up hastily from the woman’s cleavage. He was usually pretty good at not looking at women who weren’t his wife. But this girl, with her shining blonde locks and plump red lips, had drawn his gaze down into the valley between her full, pert breasts.

She looks, he thought, like Jane did on our first day of university. Caught me off-guard.

He picked up one of the pamphlets from the table, as though the stack was what had drawn his eye.

‘Uh, yeah,’ he said. ‘I’m very interested in…’ The pamphlet said Parabolic Resonance Imaging, which he didn’t trust himself to say convincingly. ‘…this.’

‘Uh-huh.’ The Jane lookalike wasn’t fooled, but nor was she angered. She flashed him a perfect smile.

In high school, Charlie had fallen madly in love with Jane. She wasn’t as loud as some of the other girls in his class, but when she spoke, it was with a quiet confidence that enthralled him. He saw her fail many times, but unlike everyone else he knew, he never saw her give up. And when she looked at him with her fierce blue eyes, he had the thrilling sense that she was seeing right through him.

Perhaps that was why she rejected him — with devastating politeness — when he asked her out.

Ultimately, that was a good thing. If Jane hadn’t turned him down, he wouldn’t have noticed Sally in his psychology class at university. The svelte, graceful redhead had a wicked sense of humour and an incredibly kind heart — both of which might have completely escaped his attention if Jane had wanted to be more than just friends.

When Sally asked him for help with her psych homework, it didn’t take Charlie long to realise that she didn’t need it. Weeks later, he was cupping her freckled cheek as they shared tender kisses whenever her parents left the room. A year later, they were married. Jane had been a radiant bridesmaid at the wedding.

‘Enjoying the show?’ the girl asked.

Charlie snapped back to reality. He glanced around at the endless rows of noisy, crowded booths. The rain drummed on the ceiling, drowning out most people’s voices and making the exhibition hall sound like a poorly tuned radio. The grey carpet, clean when he had arrived that morning, was already leopard-spotted with coffee stains.

‘Sure,’ he lied. ‘How about you?’

‘It’s been pretty full-on,’ the girl said. She stretched her shoulders back, thrusting her breasts forward, and groaned. ‘I’m so sore. I’m really looking forward to my break.’

She waited for him to ask when it was.

Charlie held up the pamphlet in his left hand, so she could see his wedding ring.

‘Thanks for this,’ he said. ‘But I have to run.’

‘Oh, okay.’ She hid her disappointment so well that Charlie wondered if he had only imagined that she was hitting on him. ‘See you later.’

He escaped into the crowd, relieved. He was only average height, with curly hair and a slight build — he wasn’t used to being flirted with. He didn’t know the protocols for rebuffing these advances.

Feeling guilty, he got out his phone and dialled Sally. He turned absent-mindedly as it rang, and found himself facing the Jane-lookalike again. She was chatting with a young, handsome man. From this angle, he could see her jeans hugging the pronounced curves of her butt. He turned away again.

His wife’s voice came on the line. ‘Hi, you’ve called Sally and Charlie. We’re out and about, but if you leave a message, we’ll call you back soon.’

A beep.

‘Hi sweetie, it’s me,’ Charlie said. ‘I just wanted to hear your voice. Give me a call when you’re free, okay? Love you.’

He hung up. When he looked back, the girl was gone. Perhaps her break had begun.

He kept wandering around the trade show floor, weaving through the babbling throng. None of the booths interested him, and very few of them would be of any value to his company. Not for the first time, he cursed his boss for sending him on this fruitless mission.

After almost half an hour, he had a bundle of pamphlets, a handful of business cards, and a grumbling stomach. The food hall had looked fairly depressing — stale paninis, weak coffee and not much else. He decided to go for a drive. Even a roadside cafe would be better than this.

His car was a long way from the main entrance of the exhibition hall. If he went out that way, he would be drenched by the time he reached it. He wondered if there were any other exits. None were signposted, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there.

A dim grey door lay in the shadows between two booths. Promising.

Charlie hesitated with his fingers on the handle. What if opening the door activated the fire alarm? What if the whole building had to be evacuated and it was his fault?

But no signs indicated that this was a risk. And hell, Charlie thought, at least that would get me out of the trade show.

He pushed the door open a crack. No good. It wasn’t an exit — just a storage closet, which currently held mountains of sticky notes and whiteboard markers.

Charlie was about to let the door fall closed when he heard an agonised moan.

He popped his head through the door, wondering if someone had fallen off a ladder inside–

And saw the girl, laying on her back on a stack of notepads. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and some of her hair had fallen over her face. Her tank top was pulled down to expose her bulging tits, which jiggled as her hips shifted on the pile. Her nipples stood straight up in the air, as though recently pinched. His jeans were tangled around one ankle, and her legs were spread wide.

A man was crouched on the floor before her, his head buried between her thighs, his muscular, naked back to Charlie. A shaded motorcycle was tattooed across his shoulder blade. It was hard to tell from behind, but Charlie thought it was the man he’d seen her talking to after he left.

‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,’ the girl hissed. ‘Keep doing that. Oh, fuck.’

Charlie stood frozen for a second, hypnotised. It was the first pair of breasts he’d seen in the flesh since his wedding, other than Sally’s — and he hadn’t seen Sally’s in a long time, either. He could hear the soft, wet sounds of the man slurping at the girl’s pussy.

‘That’s it.’ The girl was breathing hard and fast. ‘Yes, yes…’

Charlie bit his lip. Enticing though the sight was, it was wrong to watch. But when he closed the door, they might hear him.

His dick was throbbing in his pants. It was like his teenage fantasies of Jane, nude and horny, had come to life before his eyes.

‘God!’ the girl gasped, and she slid a hand down to her groin, rubbing in tiny circles as the man plunged his tongue into her. ‘Fuck! Yes! Ah!’

She threw her head back and wailed. Her legs quivered on either side of the man’s head. Figuring that she was making enough noise to cover the sound, Charlie stepped back and let the door fall shut.

He wondered if they had heard. He wondered if that could have been him, licking the girl’s slit. He wondered how guilty he should feel about what he had seen.

He wondered what Jane was doing right now.

Chapter 1

The lipstick, sports-car red, gleamed as she blew a kiss to her reflection. Yes, Jane decided. That’s the right shade.

She swept the tissues, stained with her previous attempts, into the bin and unhooked another button on her blouse. The bumps of her nipples were barely visible — should she wear a thinner bra? And was that too much cleavage? Did she look comical?

She pushed her breasts together, examining the valley between them and the fringe of lace around the cups. No, not comical, she decided. Sexy.

The bathroom was the cleanest it had been in weeks. The makeup bottles which usually surrounded the sink were neatly lined up in the cupboard. The tiles had been swabbed with a soapy rag. The bathtub gleamed, free of hair and dust. She wasn’t exactly sure why she’d had this sudden urge to clean. She wasn’t expecting visitors. Perhaps the desire stemmed from subconscious guilt — what she was about to do made her feel dirty.

She spritzed a little perfume onto her wrists and left the en suite, twirling in front of the full-length mirror on the closet door. She smoothed down her satin skirt, and bent over, looking back at her reflection. The skirt slid up, but didn’t reveal her lack of underwear until her chest was parallel to the floor. Unless she had to change a tyre, no-one would see. No-one who wasn’t supposed to.

Sitting down on the duvet, Jane rolled up the thigh-high stockings and strapped her feet into the three-inch obsidian heels she had chosen. Then she grabbed a leather bag from the dresser, and tossed in her phone, her keys, her wallet and a tube of lubricant.

As she returned to the mirror to examine her mascara one more time, she caught her own gaze and felt a sudden tightness in her lungs.

‘Am I really doing this?’ she asked, aloud.

The empty apartment offered no reply.

She reached up under her skirt, and traced a fingertip across her labia, trying to get herself aroused. It didn’t work. She was too nervous.

Taking a deep breath, she waved away a fallen blonde lock like it was a troublesome fly. Then she left.

* * *

The further from the entrance she walked, the warmer it was. Jane could already feel a droplet of sweat tracing down her belly.

The neon lights under the bar threw shadows of the patrons onto the ceiling, where the plaster was carved into delicate patterns. A DJ with gel-crisped hair and a designer-faded T-shirt stood in the corner, ignoring everybody and largely ignored himself as he selected thumping house tracks to blast through the speakers. The air was thick with lust.

‘Can I buy you a drink?’

She turned to face the boy. He was young, with scruffy hair and a shy grin. His sneakers were so white they almost glowed. His eyes, warm and brown like freshly-baked cake, never left hers.

‘You wouldn’t owe me anything for it,’ he added. ‘I’m just looking for someone to talk to. Want to tell me about yourself?’

He seemed genuine, which disqualified him. ‘Sorry sweetie,’ she said. ‘I’m bad news. You don’t want to know me.’

His smile faltered. ‘I’m sure that’s not true.’

‘Tonight it is,’ she said. ‘Don’t worry. You’re cute; there’ll be other girls.’

She turned away, and he let her go.

The man she was looking for would be on his own. Young-ish. Handsome, but maybe not as handsome as he thought. Eyeing the crowd, rather than his phone or a book. A wedding band on his finger.

Once she had ruled out all the couples and groups, few men remained. Most were too old, or ugly, or distracted. But one stood out.

Jane watched his biceps swirl under his skin as he lifted the beer to his lips. His hair was thick but close cropped, and a trace of stubble grazed his chin. His silk shirt was stretched across broad shoulders, and his jeans were tight around muscular buttocks. A golden ring gleamed on his left hand.

She imagined her legs wrapped around his hips, his hands tangled in her hair, his breath hot on her lips.

This was her last chance to back out. To admit that this had been a stupid idea, to come up with a new plan, to go home before he saw her.

After all, he was married, and not her usual type — she might not be his type either. He may not even be interested.

But his royal-blue eyes, when they locked onto hers, left no room for doubt. He was interested.

* * *

Striking is the wrong word, Eric thought. Even stunning doesn’t cover it.

As he took in the toned legs, the short skirt, the plump breasts, the tresses of silky blonde hair, his first thought was that she must be with somebody. She wasn’t wearing a ring, but no woman who looked that good would be here alone.

But as she walked, her skirt hugging her smooth thighs, he realised that she was headed his way.

He told himself that this wasn’t what why he was here. He had gotten all his projects done and come home from work a few hours early. Irene — his exquisite wife, with her terracotta skin and eyes like black glass — wasn’t there. Nothing good was on TV, and he didn’t want to strain his eyes on the laptop, so he came here. Just to have a drink and listen to some music until it was time to go to bed. He wasn’t here to flirt with strangers.

But if all that was true, why hadn’t he looked away, when the beautiful woman met his eye?

You’re a bad man, he told himself.

The woman gave an apologetic smile as she squeezed past him to get to the bar. Her breasts grazed his stomach.

He swallowed the last of his beer. It was bitter, and too warm.

‘I’ll have a screwdriver,’ the woman told the girl behind the bar. Her voice was dark and sultry.

The girl nodded, shaking loose some feathery hair. She started scooping ice into a glass, which jingled like sleigh bells.

‘Can I get you another?’ the woman asked, and it took him a moment to realise she was looking at him.

‘Uh, sure,’ Eric said. ‘Crown.’

‘And a Crown for my friend,’ the woman told the bar girl, before turning back to him. ‘I’m Sally.’

‘Thanks,’ he said. ‘You don’t look like a Sally.’

She looked shocked rather than amused, and suddenly he suspected that it was a false name.

‘I don’t?’ she said.

He shrugged.

‘Who do I look like?’

He considered the question. ‘Serena,’ he said. ‘Or Sophia. Definitely something ending in A.’

The bar girl returned with the beer and the cocktail. The woman handed her fifteen dollars, and waved away the change.

‘They’re pretty names,’ she said, passing him the beer.

‘I agree.’

She clinked her glass against his. ‘Cheers.’

‘Cheers,’ Eric said. ‘I’m Grant.’ You lie to me, he thought, and I lie to you.

‘You do look like a Grant,’ she said.

‘Thanks, I think.’ As he sipped his beer, he watched her tongue probe the straw and her lips purse around it.

‘You from around here?’ she asked, almost shouting over the music.

‘Ten minutes’ drive.’

‘Sorry?’ She offered her ear.

He leaned in closer. Her hair smelled of wild berries.

‘Ten minutes’ drive,’ he said, practically cheek-to-cheek with her.

‘I’m not sure I can wait that long,’ she whispered, right into his ear. He felt her nails drag across the growing lump in his jeans.

Eric had never cheated before — not exactly. Once, when Irene was visiting relatives in Vietnam, he went to a party without her. He got talking to a skinny brunette in a sequinned dress, and offered her a lift home. On arrival, he barely had time to pull the handbrake on before she wrapped her arms around his neck and slipped her tongue into his ear. He found his hand sliding up her smooth thigh toward her panties before he caught himself and asked her to leave the car.

This time, he was drunk. And the woman was gorgeous. Would he be able to resist?

‘I’m married,’ he said.

The woman leaned back just enough to meet his gaze. She was looking for loyalty to his wife, and not finding it.

‘So am I,’ she said. ‘But my husband isn’t available right now.’

She drew closer, her lips almost touching his. He could smell the toothpaste she had used. Her eyes, huge and blue, swallowed his gaze.

‘Is he better off if I go hungry?’ she said. ‘Is your wife?’

Her palm was flat across his cock. He could feel it pulsing in her hand.

‘Let’s get out of here,’ he said.

She spun and walked away, hips swaying. For a moment, he thought he had offended her. Then he realised he was supposed to be following.

* * *

As they emerged into the cool night air, the woman turned left instead of right. Her bouncing hair was glossy in the moonlight.

A few sedans coasted past along the blacktop, looking for parking spaces. Posters which advertised local bands fluttered in the breeze. Eric could hear the sizzling of a churros stand somewhere nearby, and smell the sweet batter.

‘My car is this way,’ he said, pointing over his shoulder.

She kept moving in the same direction. ‘Like I told you. I can’t wait.’

‘Where are we going?’

She rounded a corner, and he followed her into the gloomy alleyway. A crow cawed at them indignantly, and, when they kept approaching, fluttered away. Ancient oil stains patterned the ground.

Ten steps in, Sally turned around and placed her hands on his chest.

‘Here,’ she said, and fell to her knees in front of him.

‘Jesus.’ He watched her release his belt buckle and drag his jeans down his legs. His penis, already thick and heavy, sprang free and slapped her cheek. He thought he caught a momentary look of horror on her face, but then she laughed.

‘Something wrong?’ he asked.

‘Nothing at all,’ she said, and gently kissed the tip.

He closed his eyes, and felt her nails raking through his pubic hair, up his shaft and under his balls as her breath cooked the tip of his dick.

I shouldn’t be here, he thought. I shouldn’t be doing this. Then he felt her lips close around his shaft and her tongue swirl across the head, and these thoughts suddenly felt like too much effort.

He threaded his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp. She pushed forward, swallowing more and more of him, then choked and pulled back. She didn’t seem to be an experienced fellatrix, which surprised him, given that she was married and clearly adventurous. But her lack of skill didn’t reduce his pleasure as she suckled on the tip of his aching cock, her breaths hissing through her nose. He let his eyelids flutter closed as the warmth expanded to fill his whole body.

Then something cold spilled onto him, and he yelped.

Sally was squirting him with a tube of lubricant. She grinned up at him. ‘Spermicidal,’ she said, as she clenched her fist around him and slid it up and down his shaft.

He hadn’t used spermicidal lubricant before. It didn’t feel any different. As her fingers squeezed his flesh, rubbing him into slippery ecstasy, all he could do was moan. His heart was pounding in his ears.

Think of your wife, he told himself. Think of Irene.

The knowledge that he was cheating, breaking through a boundary that he’d promised himself he would never cross, didn’t help him resist. If anything, it turned him on more.

Looking down, he saw that the woman had her other hand under her skirt, where she was tickling frantically at her clit. Her breaths were heavy and her eyes were squeezed shut.

‘You like that?’ she hissed. ‘You like me jerking off your cock?’

He did like it. But the longer she kept it up, the less time he would last inside her pussy. He could already feel an eager twitching in his penis.

‘I want to fuck you,’ he said.

‘In a minute,’ she whispered. Her hand was a blur beneath her skirt. Her fist was making wet sucking sounds around his dick. He could smell the medical tang of the lube.

‘Please,’ he said. ‘Please let me fuck you.’

She let go of him, and wiped her hand between her thighs before rising to her feet and turning to face the wall. Then she spread her legs and hiked up her skirt, showing a bare, perky arse. She put her palms flat against the wall, as if preparing for a strip-search.

‘Well,’ she said. ‘Since you asked so nicely.’

The contrived spontaneity of this one-night stand struck him as suspicious. But she was a beautiful woman, bent over with her high heels a metre apart and her pussy glistening in the moonlight. He wasn’t going to back out of this on a feeling. So he walked up behind her and rubbed the head of his cock over her swollen labia.

‘God, yes,’ she whispered. ‘That’s it.’

Her entrance was tight, but warm and wet. He pushed a little, prying her butt cheeks apart so he could watch the head of his cock slowly disappear.

She groaned. ‘More!’

He eased forwards, gasping at the friction. One of her hands left the wall and started frigging at her clit again. She pushed her hips back and her pussy swallowed him whole.

‘Holy shit,’ he hissed.

They stood still for a moment, fused together. He slid his palm up her thigh, marvelling at her ivory flesh, so different to Irene’s milk chocolate skin.

‘Fuck me,’ she said.

He pulled back until his penis was almost free, then he shoved it all the way back in. He reached around her torso and slipped his hand into her bra, pinching a soft nipple as her pussy lips stretched around his cock.

‘Faster,’ she gasped.

He obliged, pounding her with a steady rhythm. Her butt bounced against his hips, sending shock waves of pleasure into his balls. He buried his face in her hair and breathed deeply, swimming in the floral scent of her conditioner.

Her teeth were chattering and her abdomen was starting to quiver. ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ she breathed. Her heavy breasts were jiggling in his hands.

All his muscles were behind every thrust, from his calves to his abs. His shaft was tingling as her pussy sucked it up, over and over and over again. The slapping of his flesh against hers echoed through the alleyway like applause.

‘Oh, God,’ he gasped.

‘Cum in me,’ she chanted. ‘Yes, that’s it, come in me, come in me, oh fuck!’

He grabbed her butt as her body spasmed from the hips outward, and it was all he could do to hang on. He pumped his hips into her, feeling the pressure build in his groin as she wailed and screeched and yelled ‘Sally!’ and before he had time to wonder why she was shouting her own name he felt himself explode, filling her pussy with spurt after spurt of semen.

She reached back and dug her nails into his buttocks as he came. Gyrating her hips, she milked every last drop out of his throbbing cock head, before standing taller to let him slither out. His dick was shiny with lube and come, and his head was spinning. When she moved aside, pulling her skirt down over her blushing cheeks, he collapsed, panting as he rested his forehead against the wall.

When he was ready to talk again, he said, ‘You don’t really have a husband, do you?’

Sally didn’t reply.

‘It’s okay,’ he said. ‘I just thought…’

When he turned around, the woman was nowhere to be seen.

Chapter 2

Irene tapped the remote. The improbably beautiful forensic pathologist vanished from the screen, to be replaced by a baby elephant being hand-fed by a zookeeper.

She had drawn the grey curtains, since the window was uncomfortably visible from the neighbour’s bedroom. The candles had burned down to a third of their former height, filling the room with an unsteady glow. If Eric didn’t come home soon, she would have to extinguish them.

She ran a gloomy hand over the sheer fabric of her new bra, and adjusted her lacy thong. The trouble with surprise parties, she thought, is that the guest of honour doesn’t know he’s late.

Perhaps her husband had been delayed at the office. Or the traffic could have been worse than usual. Either way, he would be home soon. Surely.

She caught sight of her reflection in a polished picture-frame, and couldn’t help but chuckle. A 28-year-old brunette with freshly conditioned hair and carefully applied makeup, trussed up in exquisite lingerie — slumped on the couch with a TV remote in her hand.

She had met Eric eight years ago, when she was in middle management at a small pharmaceutical company. He had applied for a position in the sales department, and had charmed her during the interview. He answered every question without hesitation, and yet his answers never seemed rehearsed. He was polite enough for the occasion, but witty enough that she enjoyed talking to him.

‘Hell, I’d buy drugs from you,’ she said. He laughed, they shook hands, and two weeks later they were working together.

She found herself making excuses to call him into her office. Sometimes they discussed sales, sometimes morale, sometimes overall company strategy. She noticed that he always managed to work in one or two personal questions. What sort of music did she like? How about films? Did her boyfriend work in pharmaceuticals too? Oh, no boyfriend?

The break room was narrow. She often followed him in, and enjoyed squeezing past him while she reached for the jar of instant coffee, or the box of tea bags. One day she shuffled along excruciatingly slowly, her butt pressed against his upper thighs, and she felt his hands on her hips. His breath tickled the follicles on the back of her neck, sending warm shivers through her groin.

She asked him to stay late and help her with the marketing strategy for a new product. He accepted. Hours later, he was shuddering in his office chair while she gulped down spurt after spurt of his come, eager to impress him, enjoying the feeling of his throbbing cock in her mouth. Later that night she took him home. All the pleasure she had given him, he repaid threefold.

She earned more money than he did, but he enjoyed his job more. When they were married, she quit. His salary was enough to sustain them both, especially after he was promoted to her old position. He enjoyed it more than she had.

Since then, she’d been watching a lot of TV.

Irene changed the channel again, and found a re-run of a nineties sitcom, with more laughter than dialogue. On the next try, she reached a foreign film. A handsome, caramel-skinned actor paced through a fake kitchen, speaking with great passion in a language that Irene couldn’t identify. There were no subtitles.

She was about to change to something else when the man lunged towards a nearby actress and kissed her — a hungry, violent movement.

The actress struggled at first, pushing at his shoulders with dainty hands, but soon she succumbed, weaving her slender arms around his neck as she kissed him back.

Irene snorted at the cliché, but didn’t look away. The actor swept some ingredients off the kitchen bench, lifted the woman by her buttocks and placed her on top of it. Her skirt rode up, exposing lean legs, which the man pulled apart. He dropped to his knees and buried his head between her thighs. The actress threw her head back and moaned.

The living room seemed suddenly warmer. Irene blew her hair out of her face. She loosened the straps on her stilettos, and then dragged her fingers up the smooth stockings to her thong.

The actress grabbed desperately at the actor’s scalp, pulling his face against her crotch. Irene knew it was fake, but she couldn’t help breathing a little faster. Her finger hesitated against the fabric of her panties. Then she started rubbing out slow circles, where her clitoris throbbed underneath.

Why not start the party early? she thought.

The actor stood, facing away from the camera. He unbuckled his belt and thrust himself into the actress, all in one smooth motion. The actress squeezed her breasts with delicately manicured fingers and wailed with pleasure, her brows crinkled, her spine arched.

Craving more friction, Irene slid her index finger under her thong, past the freshly trimmed pubic hair, between her soft labial lips and into the wetness beneath. Sitting up a little higher, she spread her legs, imitating the actress. She held one hand in the air in front of her crotch, as though clutching the back of a man’s head. Eric’s, or the actor’s — it didn’t really matter, so long as it had a tongue. As she plunged her finger deeper and deeper into her pussy, she tried to imagine that the man’s tongue was slithering into the darkest, most secret centre of herself–

Then she heard a key in the front door.

Irene froze, feeling irrationally guilty. Then she fumbled with the remote until the TV clicked off and ran to the bedroom, heels clicking across the floorboards, before tossing herself onto the bed.

Four sets of handcuffs were already attached to frame. She tightened two of them around her ankles, holding her legs apart, and then attached one of her wrists to the head of the bed with another. A silk blindfold rested on the pillow. She pulled it over her face, attached her other hand to the bed frame with the last set of cuffs, and waited, spreadeagled. The satin sheets were soft beneath her bare buttocks and shoulders.

She heard footsteps approaching the bedroom, but no voice. She had a moment of panic — what if it wasn’t Eric? What if a strange man with a skeleton key had let himself into their house, and was about to discover her, helpless and nearly naked?

The door creaked open. She listened.

‘Hmmm…’ Her husband’s voice was already rich with desire. ‘Is it our anniversary?’

She grinned. ‘Nope.’

‘Well, it’s not my birthday. Is it yours?’

She wriggled, wishing he would start touching her already. ‘Can’t a girl do something nice for her husband every once in a while?’

‘Evidently she can.’ She heard him walk back toward the bedroom door.

Irene frowned. ‘Where are you going?’

‘I thought I might have a shower, check my email, read that book your dad loaned me…’

‘One more joke like that, and you can forget about getting lucky tonight.’

Her husband chuckled. ‘You’re handcuffed to the bed. How are you going to stop me?’

Her loins tingled with anticipation. ‘How about you come over here and find out?’

‘Not yet. I’ll be right back.’

His footfalls padded out the door and up the hall to the bathroom. She heard the sink hiss, the toilet flush and the sink hiss again, for longer the second time. The bathroom door opened and closed. The floorboards in the hall creaked. The hinges on the door squeaked, and his footsteps thudded softly around the bed.

‘Is that a new bra?’ he asked. Closer now.

‘Yes. I found it at — hey!’

He had tugged it down, exposing her breasts to the air. She shivered.

‘It looks better around your stomach,’ he said.

She laughed. ‘Then how come the models don’t wear it that way in the catalogues?’

‘Sure they do. I’ve seen them.’

She laughed. ‘Those aren’t catalogues, darling. They’re — ah!’

His teeth closed around her nipple.

‘Oh my god,’ she whispered. ‘Please, be gentle.’

He pinched her other breast. ‘If you wanted it gentle, you wouldn’t be tied up.’ Even so, his lips were careful as they traced their way down her ribs, across her belly, and over her left hip bone.

It was only now, as she wondered whether his next move would be a kiss or a bite, that she realised two things. One: while they had been married for more than six years, she had never really trusted Eric. Two: if she did trust him, he wouldn’t be nearly as sexy.

Something grazed her labia. Too smooth and dry to be his tongue. Possibly his thumb.

‘God, Eric,’ she groaned. ‘I’ve missed you.’ Trust or no trust, this was true.

He said nothing. The mattress creaked under his weight, and she felt his elbows pushing her knees apart. His kisses, scattered inside her thighs, sent warm tingles through her belly as his fingers prised her open wider. Then the slick heat of his tongue squirmed between her pussy lips.

She moaned, and tried to close her thighs around his head. The cuffs rattled around her ankles. A finger slipped into her pussy, putting delicious pressure on her G-spot.

‘You like that?’ he whispered.

She couldn’t reply — the tremors were too strong. As the finger probed deeper and deeper, she felt the tip of Eric’s tongue trace upwards towards her clit. She suddenly wished she could remove the blindfold. She wanted to watch, to see the sweat on his brow as he slurped at her pussy.

The friction on her labial folds was unbearable. Her belly was a furnace of pleasure.

The bed wobbled as Eric moved, taking his fingers away from her vagina for a moment. The bed creaked as his weight shifted. When his fingers returned, it was from a different angle.

Irene detected a familiar musky scent. He was kneeling beside her head.

She tilted her face sideways, and opened her mouth. Her husband’s cock brushed against the tip of her tongue, hot and slippery. She pursed her lips, gently kissing the sensitive skin, before wrapping her mouth around his dick and suckling it.

He groaned as his fingers pumped in her pussy a little faster. She could feel the hot wetness of his tongue, sliding up her thigh towards her clit. Electric shivers ascended her spine.

His cock throbbed in her mouth — she could sense his heartbeat in the bulging veins. She clamped her lips over the shaft and rolled her tongue around the head before probing his urethra, as if trying to penetrate him.

His mouth had reached her clit. She could feel him swirling his tongue around it, sending shocks of pleasure through her groin.

‘Oh, fuck yes,’ she mumbled around his cock. It bulged against the inside of her cheek.

He hummed with desire, vibrating her tender flesh.

His heart rate was increasing. Soon the dick withdrew from her mouth, slapping the pillow beside her head. He kept slurping at her pussy for a moment longer before announcing, ‘You’re ready.’

She trembled as his weight shifted on the bed again. His hands slid beneath her, up and down the backs of her thighs, then her buttocks, belly, her breasts. His lips, still moist from licking her, pressed against hers. She returned the kiss hungrily, and he tugged at her lips with his teeth.

His hips were squeezed between her thighs. A gently breeze grazed her pussy.

‘What are you waiting for?’ she asked.

The head of his cock stroked her clit.

‘Come on!’ she cried. ‘Do it!’

His dick slipped into her entrance, and pushed.

She cried out, a desperate yelp of lust. It surprised her every time, just how big he was. It always felt like she was completely full — right before he gave her an extra inch.

He pulled back, his cock dragging across the inside of her pussy, skin on skin. He hands wove into her hair, pulling her head back and her chin up. His stubble scraped her neck. His lips nibbled on her ear as he shoved into her a second time.

‘Yes,’ she whispered. ‘God, fuck me!’

And it was like being fucked by God. He was everywhere. He was all-powerful. She was completely at his mercy.

They bounced on the bed, his hips slapping against hers. The impacts shook her blindfold loose, and she found herself staring into his eyes, bright with need. Looking down, she could see his fat penis disappearing into her over and over.

He put his index finger in his mouth and sucked it for a moment.

The gesture surprised her so much that she lost her rhythm, and they shuddered to a halt like a broken clockwork toy.

He didn’t seem to mind. He reached beneath her and stroked her crevice with his finger, working his way in towards her anus.

She squeaked and lifted her hips, but with the cuffs, she couldn’t get away. His wet fingertip pressed against her arsehole.

‘Keep your hips up, slave,’ he said. ‘Or it goes in.’

‘Eric,’ she began. She had never had anything bigger than a rectal thermometre up her butt — although the thermometre had excited her at the time. ‘I don’t think –’

His hips slammed against hers, shoving his cock into her pussy. They both growled with pleasure, like dogs from rival packs.

His slippery fingertip exerted a pressure on her anus, gentle but constant. Her legs trembled with the strain of keeping her hips up.

‘Eric,’ she whispered. ‘I can’t!’

He ignored her. His penis filled her up, over and over again. Her clit felt electrified. Tingles of pleasure washed up and down her skin. His breaths were hot and dark in her ear.

Her thighs were quaking. ‘Eric!’

He just kept pumping.

‘No!’ Her legs gave way, and she collapsed onto his finger. It slipped up her arsehole, wrong and scary but irresistably exciting, and she screamed as the pleasure erupting from her hips trebled in force. Her body shook like a plane in turbulence, her orgasm setting off his, and he roared as his cock pounded her, increasingly slippery with semen.

They groaned to a halt, high on the dopamine and endorphins swirling about their brains. Eric slowly withdrew his finger — to Irene it felt disconcertingly like releasing a turd. His penis slithered out much more easily. She could sense the come dribbling out of her.

Eric rummaged through a drawer beneath her bedside table, correctly guessing where she had hidden the handcuff key. He unlocked the four cuffs without speaking.

‘That was wild,’ Irene murmured, breathing him in. ‘I love you.’

Eric kissed her cheek. ‘You too. I’m going to have a shower.’

As he turned to leave, Irene saw the pink scratches on his muscular buttocks, and realised she’d never asked him why he was late.

Chapter 3

‘Shit,’ Jane muttered. ‘Shit, shit, shit.’

She was naked, sitting on the edge of the porcelain bathtub with her knees together and one arm covering her breasts for warmth. Her hair dripped down her spine. The shower was supposed to calm her nerves before the test, but it hadn’t worked. She supposed she should get dressed — but what was the point?

She glared down at the pink line, and shook the stick again, as though it might change its mind. But the colour refused to fade, so she tossed the stick in the rubbish bin and put her face in her hands. Then she remembered that she hadn’t washed her hands. She went to the sink, scrubbed her palms in the water, and covered her face again. Then she worried that her face had urine on it from the first time, so she washed her face, then her hands, then put the two together.

She wasn’t obsessive or compulsive. She just needed something to take her mind off her failure.

His failure, she told herself. I’ve been tested. I’m fine. I wonder if his wife knows he’s infertile.

She wiped the steam off the mirror with her palm and stared at her reflection. Her blonde hair was limp. Bags hung beneath her eyes. Even her breasts looked saggier than usual.

Jane pulled a towel off the rack, wrapped it around her body, and lifted a hair-dryer off the hook.

‘No big deal,’ she said aloud. ‘I’ll try again.’

But the idea of finding another man in another bar revolted her. She knew she couldn’t be with the one she loved — she had accepted that at the wedding, after drying her tears on the hem of her bridesmaid’s dress — but she wasn’t ready to resign herself to a life of screwing strangers.

She switched on the dryer. Her hair made a fluttering halo.

One more time, she told herself. Then I’ll try something else.

* * *

‘Damn it!’ Charlie fumbled with his phone. He had never got the hands-free setup working in his car, so to answer the call, he would have to switch on the speakerphone function and clip the phone to the dashboard so as it was close enough to hear. A difficult task at 100 kilometres per hour, even on an empty highway like this one.

Ordinarily he would let it go to voice mail. But the ring tone — an acoustic cover of Raspberry Beret — told him the caller was Sally, who had lately seemed distracted and reclusive. He’d been getting more and more worried about her. If she wanted to speak to him for once, he couldn’t afford to miss the call.

‘Hey sweetie,’ he said, when the phone was in place.

‘Hey handsome.’ His wife’s voice was cheeky. ‘Where are you?’

‘I’m still –’ He glanced at a passing road sign and ran some quick calculations. ‘– uh, forty minutes away. Is everything okay?’

A bunch of flowers rustled on the passenger seat. He was terrible at deception, and hoped he could make it through this conversation without mentioning them and ruining the paltry surprise.

‘Everything’s fine,’ she said. She sounded like she meant it. ‘How was the trade show?’

He sighed. ‘A waste of my time and the company’s money. I missed you.’

It had been worse than a waste of time. It had taken him away from his wife when he most wanted to be with her. He wouldn’t have gone if he thought he could have refused without losing his job.

‘I missed you too,’ Sally said.

Charlie felt a pang of guilty relief. ‘Have you had dinner already?’

‘I was waiting for you.’

‘Thanks. What do you want to eat?’

‘Right now?’ she said. ‘Your cock.’

Charlie’s dick twitched in his pants. ‘Uh, really?’ he said.

‘I want you to pull over.’

‘Why?’ Charlie asked.

‘Because I love you and I don’t want you to have an accident.’

He smiled. ‘I can drive and picture you sucking my cock at the same time.’

‘That’s not all you’re going to be picturing.’

Charlie turned on the indicator and eased over onto the shoulder of the road. A hawk, silhouetted by the sunset, wheeled around the jagged mountains.

‘Ask me what I’m doing right now,’ Sally said.

‘What are you doing right now?’

‘I’m unwrapping my towel, and climbing onto the bed,’ she said.

Sally usually wore a tracksuit to bed. Charlie hadn’t seen her naked in some time. He pictured her freckled shoulders, her pert little breasts and the tuft of red hair above the cleft between her smooth thighs. His cock was swelling by the second.

‘I’m on all fours and — ah! — squirting lube into my anus,’ she gasped. ‘God, it’s cold.’

Charlie ran his fingers through his curly hair, painfully aroused. This was incredibly out of character for his wife. Sally came from a family of strict Protestants, and she was a virgin until her wedding night. Other than some frequent but fairly conventional sex on their honeymoon, they had made love only once every month or two, and it was always Charlie who initiated it. The thought that she wasn’t attracted to him had led him to shave off his beard, to take up jogging until he was lean and flexible, to try every aftershave in the supermarket. They had certainly never tried anal play — what had brought this on?

‘Unzip your pants,’ she said.

He looked around guiltily. The highway was still empty, so he unbuckled his belt and pulled down the zipped. His dick bounced against his belly. ‘Done.’

‘Are you hard?’

‘Hell yes.’

‘Squeeze your cock for me.’

He wrapped his fingers around the shaft. He could feel the blood pumping.

‘Now I’m pushing in a butt plug,’ she groaned. ‘The one I found in your chest of drawers.’

‘I don’t have a butt plug,’ Charlie said, honestly but with embarrassment.

‘Well, someone must have gotten horny and bought it for you, then. God, it’s so big!’

Charlie stroked his shaft. A car zoomed past, and he turned his face away in case they could see his dick, or in case his rolling shoulders gave away what he was doing.

‘Mmmmmm,’ Sally whispered. ‘Now I’m fingering my pussy.’

This, at least, was true. Charlie could hear the squelching sounds behind her heavy breaths.

‘Feels so good to be filled in two places at once,’ she continued. ‘I just wish your cock was in my mouth to make three.’

‘Oh God, Sally.’ The head of Charlie’s cock was shiny with pre-come.

‘Or I could fill my mouth with a gag, and put your cock in my arse instead.’

Charlie moaned, his dick throbbing in his grasp.

‘You like that idea, baby?’ Sally asked. ‘You like the thought of humping my butt?’

‘Yes,’ he hissed.

‘Say it.’

‘I want to hump your butt.’

‘Well,’ Sally giggled, ‘what the hell is keeping you?’

Charlie gaped for a moment, and then zipped up his pants and stopped on the accelerator. The growling tyres kicked up dust as he zoomed back out onto the highway.

* * *

It was a small house in a small suburb, surrounded by tall, deciduous trees. A primary school stood nearby, which had seemed important when he and Sally bought the place, but now it seemed unlikely that they would ever have kids. She had been keen, at first, and he had not. Now it was the other way around.

Charlie fumbled with his keys, wondering why he had so many. All he really needed was one for his house and one for his car. How had he ended up with a key ring which weighed as much as a kettle and made him look like a janitor?

He was still fiddling when Sally opened the door. Naked.

Charlie stared at her supple, firm breasts, her soft nipples, the smooth skin leading down to the freshly shaved cleft between her legs.

He looked around, checking that none of the neighbors were out on the street. He couldn’t see anyone, but there were several windows with curtains open.

Sally tucked a lock of red hair behind her ear and beamed at him. ‘Hi to you too,’ she said.

‘I brought you flowers,’ he said, unnecessarily.

She laughed, took the bunch from his arms, and sniffed them. ‘We’re already married,’ she said. ‘You don’t need to woo me.’

Charlie wasn’t sure what to say. Sally didn’t give him time to think of anything. She turned around and padded away up the corridor, her neatly rounded buttocks bouncing. She turned her head when she was halfway there. ‘Are you coming in, or what?’

Idly wondering if his wife had been replaced by a pod person — and if it was cheating to have sex with a pod person — Charlie scrambled inside and kicked the door shut. Sally was already walking away, turning the corner toward the bedroom.

Her voice echoed through the house. ‘Take off your clothes for me. All of them.’

Charlie peeled his shirt over his head. He heard one of the seams crack, and didn’t care. He kicked off his shoes, tugged off his socks and dropped his trousers, which coiled around his ankles like rippled quicksand. His cock burst forth from his underwear — it had been hard since Sally’s phone call.

‘I left something for you on the bench,’ he wife called.

Charlie trotted into the kitchen, where he found a bottle of lubricant standing upright on the otherwise bare bench top.

‘Found it,’ he called.

‘Put some on,’ she said.

Charlie squirted a dollop into his palm, and slid it up and down the length of his shaft.

‘Now start masturbating. Get good and hard for me.’

Charlie laughed nervously. ‘I’m already hard!’

‘I want you harder. I want you ready to explode.’

Charlie started rubbing his dick with his slick palm, wondering what his wife’s goal was. Surely she would want him to last longer?

The friction was unbearable. His balls were already tingling.

‘How does that feel, baby?’ Sally called.

‘Feels good,’ he panted.

‘Almost ready?’

‘I’m ready.’

‘Are you about to come all over the floor?’

He inhaled. ‘Pretty much.’

‘We can’t have that. Come on in.’

He opened the bedroom door and stepped onto the plush carpet. His wife was on her knees on the mattress, facing away from him. Her face was pressed against the satin sheets, and her butt was high in the air. She had lubed up, too — the cleft between her cheeks was glistening.

A half-empty glass of red wine stood on the bedside table. ‘Would you like a top-up?’ Charlie asked.

‘Fuck that,’ Sally said. ‘Get over here before I lose my nerve.’

Charlie climbed onto the bed. He rested his knees between hers and traced his fingers down her back, watching her butt wiggle as she shivered.

He waited for her to say something, but she didn’t. He placed his palms on her buttocks, gently parting them. Still nothing.

He nestled the tip of his cock at her anus. She took a shaky breath.

‘Are you sure about this?’ he asked.

‘Do it,’ she said.

He held his dick steady at the entrance, still uncertain.

‘Be careful,’ she added.


He pushed forwards, very slowly. Thanks to the lube, the head of his cock slipped in quite easily.

‘Whoa,’ she whispered. ‘Okay.’

‘Are you all right?’

‘I’m good. Feels weird. Keep going.’

He nudged forward a little more. An extra inch disappeared. It felt like he was pushing his cock into a clenched fist.

‘God,’ Sally said.

Charlie reached under her and found her clit, a slippery bud between her legs. He stroked it, and felt the inside of her arsehole quiver.

‘You don’t have to do that,’ she said. ‘This is for you.’

He fingered her some more. ‘And this is for you,’ he said.

She gasped as he pushed his cock a little further into her anus. Her slick skin was incredibly tight around him.

‘It’s so big.’


‘Don’t be.’

She pushed her hips back a little, swallowing even more of him. Her head was twisted sideways — he could see she was frowning.

‘Does that hurt?’ he asked.

‘Not exactly. Feels wrong. Like doing a poop in reverse.’

‘That’s hot,’ he joked.

Sally smiled. ‘In a good way.’

He was all in. Her anus was clenched tightly around the base of his cock. He circled her clit a little faster.

‘Oh yeah,’ she said. ‘That’s it.’

He pulled back, emerging from her butt inch by inch, before thrusting all the way in.

She groaned. ‘Fuck my arse,’ she said. ‘Come on.’

He eased back and forth, gradually increasing the tempo. Her buttocks jiggled against his hips. He kept one hand on her freckled back for balance and felt the muscles tense under his fingers.

The pressure was growing in his scrotum. He felt lightheaded. ‘Oh, God,’ he whispered.

‘Are you going to come, baby?’ she asked. ‘Are you going to come in my arse?’

‘Yes,’ he moaned. ‘Yes.’

‘Do it,’ she begged. ‘Come in me!’

‘I love you. I love you, I love you…’

He slammed his hips against hers. They cried out at the same moment as his cock twitched inside her, spurting ropes of semen into her butt. His own buttocks quivered. Her thighs wobbled against his.

He gave her a few more gentle thrusts before slithering out and collapsing onto the sheets. She flopped down beside him, her face turned away.

He kissed her hair and ran his hands across the smooth skin of her ribs. ‘That was amazing,’ he whispered.


He could see the come leaking out onto her buttock. He reached over for some tissues. ‘Let me wipe your arse,’ he said.

She laughed. ‘You’re so romantic.’

‘It’s good practice,’ he said. ‘For when we have a baby.’

She didn’t respond to that. He gently swept the tissues through her crack, cleaning up most of the mess.

‘Or when we’re old,’ he added.

She exhaled. A small laugh.

He sensed that she didn’t want to cuddle. Suddenly things were back to normal — or at least, back to how they had been lately. She wasn’t speaking to him, and didn’t want him nearby.

‘I’m going to take a shower,’ he said. ‘Okay?’


He kissed the back of her head again. Then he clambered out of bed and padded naked into the en suite.

If he had looked back, he would have seen tears on her face. But he didn’t.

Chapter 4

‘It’s these damn jeans,’ Eric said.

Irene eyed his naked buttocks. Normally the sight would arouse her — she would want to spank him, and invite him to reciprocate — but today, the faint scratches left her feeling anxious.

‘They wrinkle funny when I sit down,’ Eric continued. ‘I might have to throw them out.’

Irene smiled. ‘Don’t worry, sweetie. We’ll find you a new pair.’

He grunted, and stuck his toothbrush back into his mouth.

He seemed genuine, but he’d always had a knack for false confidence. Had another woman dug her nails into his butt? Or was it really just his jeans?

She struggled to remember if he been wearing those jeans on the day when she first noticed the scratches. But she had been blindfolded and handcuffed when he arrived home, and he was fully undressed by the time she could see again.

Eric spat into the sink and looked at his watch, which hung from the edge of the towel rack. ‘Shit. I have to go,’ he said.

Irene followed him to the bedroom and watched him pull on a pair of woollen suit pants. ‘You’re leaving early.’

‘Yeah, sorry. Breakfast meeting. I’ll try to use it as an excuse to get out early this afternoon.’

Eric buttoned up his shirt, shrugged on a jacket and padded out to the front door, where his polished leather shoes waited.

Her heart throbbed. She loved her husband. It was physically painful not to trust him.

‘I love you,’ she said.

He stopped tying his laces and smiled up at her. ‘You too, sweetie,’ he said.

But he seemed to look away too quickly.

That was when Irene decided to follow him.

* * *

Tailing a car, Irene thought, is surprisingly difficult.

She had pulled on some big sunglasses and borrowed her neighbour’s hatchback, which was not distinctive — a white Holden Barina — but there was still a chance that Eric might recognise it. Once she caught up to him, she tried to stay three or four cars behind his.

It would have been easy if she knew where he was going. But this wasn’t the route to his office. This made her even more determined not to lose him.

He switched on the indicator, so she changed lanes abruptly. Another driver honked at her, and she made an apologetic wave.

What if the breakfast meeting wasn’t at his office? She would feel so guilty if she followed him all this way and he turned out to be telling the truth. Or worse — what if he was trying arranging a surprise for their seven-year anniversary, and she ruined it?

She almost turned the car around. She would have, if she thought she could do a U-turn without blowing her cover.

This is ridiculous, she thought. I shouldn’t be doing this. I’ll take the next exit and go home.

Then Eric parked the car.

Irene frowned. She didn’t think there were any restaurants or cafés around here. She drove past, keeping her head low, and parked a few spaces further up. She shut off the engine and watched in the wing mirror as Eric ambled up the street.

What are you doing? Irene wondered. Where are you going?

With a final guilty glance each way, Eric disappeared into a doorway. Irene tilted the mirror so she could read the sign above the doorway.


She jumped out of the car and ran, without closing the door behind her. Surely he was just picking up a pamphlet. He was thinking they should have a baby. That must be it.

She ran to the window and peered through the tinted glass. Eric was sitting on a spongy grey chair, reading a magazine, while he waited.

For an appointment.

With a doctor.

To test for STDs, presumably.

She backed away from the window, too quickly. The movement caught Eric’s gaze, and he looked at her. Their eyes met for just long enough to register the horror on one another’s faces. And then Irene was running again, back toward the Barina, her vision already blurred with tears.

She heard the door open behind her. ‘Irene!’

She didn’t stop. She jumped into the Barina, locked the doors and started the engine.

‘Irene!’ Eric slapped his palm against the window. ‘I can explain!’

She had no doubt that he could. He would make something up, and it would sound very convincing, and she would forgive him, and then she would once again be the oblivious wife with the cheating husband.

She swerved out onto the road, leaving him standing in a cloud of exhaust.

* * *

She didn’t really want to talk to her neighbour. Fortunately, he didn’t answer when she rang the bell. She left the borrowed car in his driveway, and stumbled over to her house.

Eric’s house, she thought. Not mine. He’s the one paying the mortgage. What am I going to do?

She unlocked the front door, slipped inside, and locked it behind her. Then she remembered that he had a key, so she dragged a chair out from under the dining table and propped it up under the handle, bracing it shut. Then she slid down the wall, shaking with violent sobs.

How could he do this to me? she thought. Where can I go?

A key rattled in the lock.

She gasped and scrambled away from the door. The chair creaked as someone tried to push it open, and failed.

‘Irene?’ Eric’s voice. He must have come straight home instead of going to work. ‘Irene, please let me in.’

She said nothing. She walked into the living room and shut the door, muffling his voice.

‘Irene!’ he called, louder. ‘Just listen to me!’

Lucky the neighbour isn’t home, she thought. I could never face him if he overheard this.

She glanced out the window, which overlooked the side wall of the house next door–

And she saw him.

Her neighbour was sitting on the edge of his bed, naked, facing the window. His eyes were closed, and his square jaw hung slightly open. Irene’s gaze traced down his broad shoulders, his furry chest, his muscular abdomen, and then stopped at the bobbing head between his thighs.

A woman was on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock.

Irene watched the woman’s black ponytail bounce as she took him enthusiastically into her mouth. Her naked butt swayed from side in front of the window as she adjusted her position on the carpet.

The front door rattled. ‘Irene!’

Eric’s voice shook her out of her trance. She reached up and grabbed the curtains, intending to draw them closed–

And then she saw that her neighbour had opened his eyes. He was staring at her.

Irene felt a blush creep up her cheeks. But he didn’t look embarrassed, or angry. He kept his expression neutral, watching Irene as the brunette fellated him.

Irene let go of the curtains. Her neighbour smiled slightly.

‘Irene, let me in, God damn it!’ Eric pounded on the door.

Irene took a deep breath through her nose, blocking him out. He didn’t matter. He wasn’t real. Nothing was real except what was happening right in front of her.

Very slowly, she pulled up her skirt, revealing her pale thighs and her lacy underwear. She could feel the neighbour’s gaze on her crotch, warming her up like a laser. The movement of the brunette’s head changed. The oscillations became longer and slower, as though she was taking his dick all the way into her throat.

Irene lowered herself onto the table. The wood was cool under her bare buttocks. She stroked her damp underwear and shivered.

The woman wiggled her nude butt again as she switched from blowjob to handjob. Suddenly Irene could see her neighbour’s cock — a long, thick rod, circumcised, shiny with saliva. The woman’s fingers looked tiny as they slid up and down his shaft. Her mouth, dark with lipstick, was otherwise occupied, suckling on one of his balls.

Irene imagined that it was her hand wrapped around that beautiful penis, her lips kissing that bulging testicle. The vision was so vivid that she could almost feel the pulsing veins against her palm, and taste the sweat on her tongue.

Irene tugged her underwear down over her hips, past her knees and let it fall onto the floor. Her clitoris throbbed as the air brushed past it. She slipped a finger into her mouth, swirled her tongue around it, and then slipped it between her labial folds. Her delicate skin tingled. Her neighbour stared at the exposed flesh, hypnotised.

The woman released his cock and rose to her feet. Irene groaned with frustration, and wondered if he was doing the same. Her finger hesitated against her budding clit. It didn’t look like her neighbour had reached orgasm. Why was she stopping?

The woman stretched like a house cat, lithe arms up, head thrown back. The neighbour tore his gaze away from Irene and pinched one of the woman’s hard brown nipples between his teeth. As she kissed the top of his head, his hand reached around to squeeze her smooth buttock.

Irene’s fingertip quivered against her clit. Her breaths were fast and shallow. Come on, she thought. I need this.

The woman climbed onto the bed and lay on her back with her head toward the window, unintentionally giving Irene a perfect view of the rest of her body — firm breasts, high cheekbones, a downy tuft of pubic hair. The neighbour climbed on top of her and pushed her legs apart. He lined his cock up with her entrance carefully. Irene shifted on the table so as it was lined up with her entrance as well.

‘Ah!’ Irene heard the woman squeak through two panes of glass as the neighbour thrust forward. She stuffed two fingers into her pussy, trying to imagine he was fucking her instead, trying to imagine she was cheating on Eric like he had cheated on–

Don’t think about it, she told herself. Think of anything but that.

The woman’s eyes were closed in rapturous ecstasy. The neighbour was staring at Irene again as he pumped his hips, watching her rub desperately at her clit.

The banging on the front door had stopped. Irene didn’t notice until she heard her phone buzzing in her handbag, which muffled the tootling of Eric’s ring tone. She ignored it.

The neighbour was thrusting faster and faster. The woman’s hands clawed at his scalp. Irene wished she could feel what the woman was feeling. She wished she could be that woman instead of herself, instead of a girl whose husband–

‘Don’t think about it,’ she hissed.

The phone was still ringing. She dug it out of her handbag with the intention of hurling it across the room. Then she felt the vibrations in her hand and had a better idea.

The neighbour’s eyes widened as he watched Irene press the phone against her clit. She gasped, electrified as the humming screen sent tingles through her body. She hadn’t used a vibrator since before she was married. She had forgotten how good it was.

She bucked her pelvis, humping the phone, not caring if it never worked again. Wanting more, she tilted it to an appropriate angle, ignoring Eric’s grinning face on the screen, and slowly pushed it into her pussy.

‘Oh my God,’ she whispered. The shape — smaller than a penis in some ways, bigger in others — pushed her open at strange new angles. The vibrations spread throughout her body, turning her into a cello string.

She looked back up at the neighbour, who was pumping his hips as though his life depended on it. His hungry stare magnified Irene’s pleasure as she slid the phone in and out of her pussy, praying that Eric didn’t stop calling.

The pressure was growing. Her toes curled painfully inside her shoes.

With a mighty roar, the neighbour slid out of the woman. His cock flopped onto her belly, spurting jets of semen onto her heaving breasts.

The sight of the twitching penis, the come-spattered nipples and the two open, gasping mouths set Irene off. She squealed and collapsed backwards onto the table, letting the orgasm wash through her. Every limb quaked against the wood as her pussy clenched and unclenched around the phone. For a moment she was blind and deaf to everything but her own pleasure.

Soon the phone stopped ringing, perhaps because Eric had stopped calling, perhaps because she had damaged it. She lay still for a while, listening to her own breaths in the otherwise silent room.

It’s over, she thought.

* * *

Eric paced back and forth in front of the house, chewing his lip. What should he say? What could he say? What was she thinking right now, as she waited alone inside the house?

After the third call, her phone had started going straight to voice mail. He hadn’t left a message. Now he was trying to compose a text, something which would make her feel better — and, more importantly, wouldn’t result in her leaving him.

The door rattled. He looked over in time to see Irene emerge, dragging a large suitcase.

‘Irene,’ he said. ‘Please.’

She looked over his shoulder. When he turned, he saw a taxi approaching.

He fell to his knees on the asphalt. ‘Baby,’ he said. ‘Please don’t go. I love you. I’ll do anything to keep you.’

The taxi pulled up, and she loaded her suitcase into the boot. When she finally looked at him, he was astonished to see that she looked neither sad nor angry. Her face held a nothing but peace.

‘Sorry, Eric,’ she said. ‘But it turns out I don’t need you.’

She stepped into the cab and closed the door. Eric stood on the side of the road, confused, lost, as the taxi took her up the street, around the corner and out of his life.

Chapter 5

You can do this, Jane told herself.

She scrubbed her feet, her calves, her thighs, her buttocks. The loofah was painfully rough, but the cascading water soothed her skin immediately.

The air was thick with steam. She had shampooed her hair, conditioned it, shaved her legs, her armpits, trimmed her bikini line, rubbed shower gel into her shoulders and cheeks and breasts, rinsed it off. She was already clean. There was no reason to still be in the shower, except that she wasn’t looking forward to what came next.

Another man, in another alley. The thought left her stomach churning.

Come on, she thought. It’s easy. You can just stand there.

The doorbell rang.

Jane froze, and then shut off the water. ‘Just a minute!’ she called.

She grabbed a towel and quickly dabbed herself dry. Then she wrapped it around her torso, and picked up another one for her hair.

The doorbell rang again.

‘I’m coming!’ Jane shouted. She wound the second towel around her hair and ran toward the front door, slowing down as she approached it. What if it was the man from the other night? What if he had tracked her down somehow? What if–

She peered through the peephole, and sighed with relief when she saw the skinny redhead. She pulled the door open.

‘Sally!’ she cried.

* * *

Sally looked at the towels, the damp skin, the wet footprints on the floorboards.

‘I’m disturbing you,’ she said. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘Not at all!’ The busty blonde adjusted her towel and then hugged Sally. She smelled like the blueberry shampoo she sometimes used. ‘It’s good to see you. Come in.’

Sally hesitated on the threshold. ‘I can come back some other time, if–’

‘No, no. Come on in.’

Sally entered, and closed the door behind her.

‘Sorry about the mess,’ Jane said, leading her into the living room. ‘I’ve been rearranging the place a bit, trying to clear out the study.’

‘Oh, don’t worry,’ Sally said, stepping over the binders and folders scattered on the floor. ‘The place looks great.’

Jane looked back at her, examining the brown leather boots she’d chosen to go with the midnight blue cotton dress and the matching eyeshadow.

‘Are you on your way somewhere?’ she asked.

‘No,’ Sally said, feeling self-conscious. ‘Charlie bought me the dress — I just thought I’d try it out.’

‘It’s lovely.’ Jane looked down at her towel. ‘I’ll just quickly put some clothes on. Can I get you something to drink, first? Tea? Wine?’

Sally bit her lip. Wine did sound good.

‘A glass of wine would be great,’ she said. ‘Thank you.’

‘Red or white?’


Jane disappeared into the kitchen. ‘So how’s Charlie?’ she called.

Sally had a momentary flashback to the satin sheets clenched in her fists, her husband’s breaths in her ear, his fingers on her clit, his dick up her butt.

‘He’s good,’ she said. After a pause, she added, ‘They’re pushing him pretty hard at work, I think.’

‘And how about you?’ Jane walked back in with two glasses of wine in her hands. ‘How are you doing?’

Sally took one of the glasses. ‘Thanks. Yeah, I’m great. Cheers.’

She tried to clink her glass against Jane’s, but Jane held it back.

‘You sure you’re okay, sweetie?’ she asked, frowning. ‘You sound…’

‘I’m fine.’ Sally took a gulp of wine. It burned on the way down her throat. ‘I came to see if everything was alright with you, actually.’


‘Yeah. When we spoke the other day…’

‘Oh.’ Jane shrugged, nearly dislodging the towel wrapped around her torso. ‘Yeah, I was just having kind of an off day.’

Sally took another sip. ‘What was going on?’

‘Oh, you know, just…’ Jane waved her hand in an airy way. ‘…stuff.’

They stared at one another for a moment. Sally wondered what Jane was thinking. Then she wondered if Jane was wondering what she was wondering. Then she wished she hadn’t drunk quite so much wine so quickly.

She took another sip.

‘Okay,’ Jane said. She sat down on the leather sofa and crossed her legs, apparently abandoning her plans to get dressed. ‘I’m trying to have a baby.’

Sally choked on the wine. ‘You’re what?’

‘I’m trying to get pregnant.’ Jane met Sally’s eye defiantly, as though daring her to tell her this was a bad idea.

‘Do you, um, have a boyfriend?’ Sally didn’t ever remember seeing Jane with a man. She hadn’t even brought a date to the wedding.

‘Are you saying I can’t do this by myself?’

‘No, but–’

‘I’d make a great mother,’ Jane said. ‘I know I would.’

Sally sat down next to her. ‘That’s not what I meant. Who are you trying to get pregnant with?’

Jane sipped her wine and put the glass on the coffee table. ‘No-one. Strangers. I picked up a man the other night at the Saga Bar–’

‘You had a one night stand?’ Sally’s voice became a hushed whisper. Jane had always seemed more daring than her, but this revelation left her shell shocked.

‘It didn’t take,’ Jane said. ‘I’m not pregnant. But I’m going to give it another shot.’

‘You’re twenty-six,’ Sally said. ‘Surely you don’t need to have a baby right now. You could wait until you meet someone, and fall in love–’

‘No.’ Jane looked away. ‘The one I love, loves someone else. If I wait, I’ll be waiting forever.’

‘Who is he?’

Jane said nothing.

Sally tugged anxiously at her dress. ‘You had unprotected sex with a total stranger? How do you know he didn’t have an STD?’

Jane shrugged. ‘Easy. He was married.’

‘Married?! What if his wife comes looking for you? What if–’

‘That won’t happen. I told him my name was… I gave him a false name.’

‘What name?’ Sally asked.

‘What does it matter what name?’

‘Why won’t you tell me if it doesn’t matter?’

‘I told him my name was Sally. Okay?’

Sally’s jaw dropped. She was baffled, and drunk. ‘Why did you give him my name?’

‘I didn’t give him you full name,’ Jane muttered. ‘It’s not like he’s going to come after you.’

‘But why not just choose a random name? Why would you call yourself Sally?’

‘Because I wanted him to want to fuck me, okay? I wanted to seem stylish, and sexy, and…’ Jane trailed off. Tears were gathering at the corners of her eyes.

Sally’s heart was thundering in her chest. She hadn’t felt so nervous since before the bungee jump on her honeymoon.

Jane’s voice echoed through her head: The one I love, loves someone else.

‘Jane,’ she began.

‘Sorry,’ Jane said. ‘I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m not saying anything. I’m tired. I’m drunk.’

None of these excuses rang true. Sally was seeing everything in a different light. Jane’s lack of a boyfriend. Her disinterest in all the men Sally had introduced her to. Her tears at Sally’s wedding.

‘Sally,’ Jane said. ‘Maybe you should go.’

Sally kissed her.

She didn’t remember deciding to do it. She had wanted to for so long that perhaps no decision was required. One moment she was sitting beside her closest friend, and the next, Jane’s soft lips were pressed against hers.

She had missed, slightly. Most of her mouth overlapped with Jane’s, but part of it rested against her smooth cheek.

The two women sat frozen like that for a long, long moment. Sally memorised the taste, the smell, the feeling, afraid that she might never experience this again.

Their lips parted. Sally searched Jane’s eyes. Please, she thought. Please, please, please.

‘Do that again,’ Jane said.

Sally obliged, more hungrily this time. She nibbled at Jane’s lips, and when they parted, she probed the other woman’s teeth with her tongue. She felt Jane’s hand caressing her cheek, then her fingers sliding into her tangled red hair. Sally’s spine was twisted uncomfortably to face Jane, but she dared not adjust, for fear of losing this long-awaited, forbidden kiss.

Soon, Jane pulled back, and said the words Sally had been afraid to hear. ‘What about Charlie?’

Charlie was the reason this hadn’t happened sooner. By the time Sally met Jane, she was already dating Charlie. By the time she realised she’d fallen for the curvaceous blonde, she was already engaged to him — and calling off the wedding would have meant explaining why to her very religious parents. It wasn’t until her wedding night that she discovered that she didn’t enjoy sex with men. And after that, even if she could have faced her parents, she couldn’t bear the thought of breaking Charlie’s heart.

She had tried to be his fantasy wife, fucking him and sucking his cock and shaving her pussy and even trying anal, but nothing had assuaged the guilt.

‘Please,’ she said. ‘Let me have just one night when I don’t have to think about Charlie.’

She tugged the towel down, exposing Jane’s ripe, off-limits breasts. Then she fell forward into them, cupping them with both hands while she sucked on Jane’s nipples.

‘Oh, God,’ Jane whispered. ‘You don’t know how much I wanted you.’

Not as much as I wanted you, Sally thought, but she said nothing. Her lips were pursed around a long, hard nipple, and she never wanted to let go.

She felt Jane’s hands fumbling at the straps of her dress. She shrugged her narrow shoulders without releasing Jane’s breasts from her mouth, and then felt the other woman peel down the dress and unhook her bra.

She was suddenly nervous. Jane was so busty, while Sally had the small, inconspicuous breasts of a shop window mannequin. What if she was disappointed? What if–

Jane pulled Sally’s head away from her chest and pounced on her, feasting desperately on Sally’s pert little boobs as the towel slithered all the way off. Sally didn’t have time to feel relieved before the tingles of pleasure started radiating outward from her nipples.

Her eyelids fluttered closed. This finally felt right. This was heaven. This was bliss.

As Jane’s mouth shifted from one breast to the other, Sally looked down. She had dived into Jane’s chest so soon after tugging down the towel that she hadn’t had a chance to ogle her. The sight of Jane’s smooth shoulders, her muscular thighs and curvy hips gave her almost more pleasure than the sensation of the blonde’s frenzied kisses — almost.

Jane’s lips were descending. They traced down to Sally’s belly button, and then down to her hip. Jane pulled the blue dress down with her, and soon it lay coiled around Sally’s ankles, leaving her clad in only a pair of tight cotton briefs.

Jane hooked her fingers under the elastic.

‘Jane,’ Sally breathed. ‘I don’t…’

Jane looked solemnly up at her. ‘Do you trust me?’

Sally’s heart skipped a beat. ‘Yes.’

Jane tugged on the briefs, exposing Sally’s shaved pussy to the light. Sally trembled. Jane’s face was so close to her crotch. What must she look like from that angle? What must she smell like?

‘But,’ she said. ‘I’ve never…’

She was going to say she had never been with anyone but Charlie. But Jane misunderstood.

‘Never had anyone go down on you?’ Jane asked. ‘Don’t worry. I’ll be very gentle.’

She leaned forward, and planted a soft kiss on Sally’s inner thigh. Gentle though it was, it sent a shockwave through Sally’s whole body. She took a deep, shuddering breath.

Jane left a trail of careful kisses up Sally’s thigh to her labia, where she let her lips rest for a long moment. Sally could feel Jane’s warm breath on her pussy.

‘Oh God,’ she whispered. ‘Yes.’

Jane’s tongue slipped into her.

Sally bucked her hips, shuddering with pleasure as Jane tasted the very centre of her. Charlie had gone down on her many times, but since he didn’t have a vagina of his own, he was only guessing at what felt good. His clumsy mouth couldn’t match what Jane was doing. She knew when to roll her tongue around Sally’s throbbing clitoris, sending fireworks of ecstasy through her belly, and she knew when to push deeper, hooking her tongue up toward Sally’s G-spot. She even knew when to pull back and simply kiss her labia while her nails raked across Sally’s ribs.

‘Jane,’ Sally hissed. ‘Oh, Jane.’ The name felt beautiful in her mouth.

She tore the other towel off Jane’s head and grabbed handfuls of the blonde hair beneath. Jane hummed and breathed gently as she lapped at Sally’s pussy.

Goosebumps swarmed up Sally’s arms. Her whole body quaked with pleasure. ‘Jane,’ she whispered. ‘I’m… I can’t… I’m going to… oh!’

Jane’s lips closed around her clit. Sally felt a finger slither into her pussy, and then she lost it.

She wailed and cried and thrashed, unable to exert any control over her limbs as the orgasm crashed down onto her like a waterfall. Her thighs clamped over the sides of Jane’s head. She couldn’t believe how good this felt. She had never been so happy.

As the last few tremors rocked through her, she released her grip on Jane’s hair. ‘Oh Jesus,’ she breathed. ‘Oh Christ.’

Jane placed her warm palm over Sally’s pussy, as though protecting it. ‘You okay, sweetie?’

‘Thank you.’ Sally could feel the tears pricking her eyes. ‘Thank you so much.’

She pulled Jane back up onto the couch with her and covered her face with feverish kisses. She tasted her juices on the blonde’s lips and didn’t care.

‘I love you,’ Jane gasped. ‘I’ve always loved you, Sally.’

Sally nuzzled at Jane’s breasts for a moment before sliding off the couch and kneeling between her legs. Seeing Jane’s vagina for the first time — neatly trimmed hair, pouting lips, a perfectly hooded clitoris — brought a blush to her cheeks.

‘You don’t have to do that,’ Jane said.

‘No,’ Sally said. ‘But I really, really want to.’

She leaned forward and pressed her lips against Jane’s beautiful pussy.

‘Oh!’ Jane squeezed her eyes shut and raised her face to the ceiling, mouth agape.

Sally marvelled at the softness of Jane’s labia — even softer than the lips on her face. A slightly salty fluid coated the smooth skin. Sally licked it cautiously at first, and then slurped at it greedily when she discovered that she liked the taste.

I’m eating Jane’s pussy, she thought. Please, God, don’t let this be a dream.

Jane moaned as Sally’s tongue probed deeper and deeper. Sally squeezed the blonde’s beautiful thighs as she kissed and nibbled.

‘Sally,’ Jane whispered. ‘You’re amazing.’

Encouraged, Sally slipped a finger into the warm, slick opening and pumped it in and out as she tickled Jane’s clit with the tip of her tongue. She wished she could make time stand still, and do this forever.

Looking up, she saw that Jane was pinching her own nipples and twisting them. Sally used her free hand to take over on Jane’s right breast, stretching the rubbery nub as much as she dared.

‘Oh, fuck,’ Jane hissed. ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

Scarcely aware of what she was doing, Sally mounted Jane’s outstretched shin. Soon she was sliding her pussy up and down Jane’s leg like a horny dog even as she feasted on the blonde’s clit and labia. The friction was incredible. She could feel another orgasm building in her abdomen.

‘Sally!’ Jane wailed. ‘I’m going to come! Oh fuck, oh fuck…’

Sally gobbled desperately at Jane’s pussy as she pumped her hips back and forth on her leg. Yes, she thought. Come for me. Come for me, you beautiful, amazing goddess.

Jane shrieked and struggled as the orgasm hit. Perhaps it was the sound, perhaps it was the shuddering shin between her thighs, but it set Sally off too. She moaned into the other woman’s vagina as it squeezed tightly around her finger.

They quivered like a single organism for a long moment before collapsing. Jane’s head lolled back against the couch, while Sally’s cheek came to rest against Jane’s belly. They were both breathing like they had run a marathon, but Sally was delighted to realise that their inhalations and exhalations were perfectly in sync.

‘Stay with me tonight,’ Jane panted.

Sally wrapped her arms around Jane’s nude torso. ‘Of course I will.’

When they had the strength to rise, Jane switched off the lights, took Sally’s hand and led her to the bedroom. They collapsed onto the soft cotton sheets and wrapped a heavy blanket around their bodies. They spooned, Jane’s naked breasts pressed against Sally’s back, her hand resting on Sally’s thigh.

They lay in silence for a long time before Sally heard a snore. She smiled at the sound.

She freed herself from Jane’s embrace, slipped out of the bed and crept back into the lounge room. She dug her phone out of her handbag and sent a text.

Had a bit to drink. Staying the night at Jane’s place. See you tomorrow.

Then she put the phone in flight mode, dropped it into the bag and walked back into the bedroom. Jane had rolled over. Sally slid under the covers and wrapped her arms around Jane’s warm, smooth body. She kissed the back of the blonde’s head tenderly.

‘I love you,’ she whispered, thrilled to say the words out loud.

Then she closed her eyes and slept.

Chapter 6

He dreamed of Sally.

Her soft breaths in his ear, her thighs clamped around his hips, her breasts bouncing above him.

The dream was so hypnotic that when he woke, and realised that Sally wasn’t in bed beside him, he shut his eyes and tried to recapture it. He pictured her red hair cascading down her shoulders and imagined the feeling of her nails raking down his chest. He wrapped his hand around his throbbing erection, trying to convince himself that he was sheathed in her pussy.

It didn’t work. Charlie sighed and sat up, rubbing his eyes. He could almost hear the sneers of his co-workers: ‘You fantasise about your own wife? What the fuck’s the point of that?’

He pulled on some socks — his slippers had been ruined when the cat took a dump in them — and stumbled out of the bedroom. Sally had sent him a text late last night, saying she wasn’t coming home. He hoped she would arrive before he had to leave for work.

Charlie padded into the kitchen and glared at the coffee machine for a moment, knowing that he wasn’t awake enough to operate it, and that he wouldn’t be until after his first cup. One of life’s paradoxes, he thought.

Usually Sally, who was somehow fully alert from the moment she woke up, would make him a latte while he sliced the fruit for her breakfast. In her absence, he decided to use instant coffee instead.

The kettle had almost boiled when he heard a key turn in the front door. He ran out into the hall in time to see Sally close it behind her.

He grinned. ‘Hey sweetie.’ His voice was still croaky from sleep.

‘Hi.’ She smiled back, but looked away quickly.

‘I was about to have a mug of coffee. You want one?’


Charlie walked back into the kitchen just as the kettle clicked off. After a moment’s hesitation, he put the instant coffee back in the cupboard. He didn’t want his wife thinking he was completely helpless. He placed a mug under the nozzle of the coffee machine and, frowning in concentration, pressed what he thought was the right combination of buttons to produce a long black.

The machine rattled, gurgled and drizzled until the mug was full. Charlie switched it off, stirred in half a spoonful of raw sugar and brought it back out to Sally, who was sitting on the couch.

‘Thanks,’ she said. ‘Where’s yours?’

‘Oh.’ Charlie had forgotten it. ‘I’ll make it in a minute. How’s Jane?’

‘She’s good. She’s great. We’re, uh… we’re moving in together.’

Charlie let out something half way between a polite cough and a confused laugh.

Sally looked down at her shoes.

‘What?’ Charlie said. ‘I don’t understand.’

‘We’re in love.’ Sally said quietly. ‘Jane and me.’

Charlie suddenly felt ridiculous in his cotton pajamas, with his sideways smeared hair and probably bad breath. She’s leaving me, he thought. I should look better than this.

He had a vision of himself in an immaculate suit, inside an open coffin.

‘I’m sorry, Charlie,’ Sally said. ‘I’m so sorry.’

She took his hand. He let her do it.

‘You’re a good guy,’ she said. ‘You don’t deserve this. But I can’t pretend any more.’

The word “pretend” hit Charlie like a truck. Had every kiss, every fuck, every tender word been counterfeit?

‘I don’t understand,’ he said again.

‘I know.’ Sally’s eyes filled up with tears.

‘Oh, I’m sorry baby.’ Charlie hugged her, his throat closing up. ‘It’s okay.’

Sally’s voice was muffled by his pajamas. ‘Why are you comforting me?’

‘Because you’re crying.’

‘I’m supposed to be comforting you.’

‘Don’t worry about that.’ Charlie stroked her hair, kissed the top of her head and breathed her in, wondering if it was for the last time.

‘I didn’t plan this,’ she whispered. ‘When I married you, it was forever.’

Charlie said nothing.

‘I was hiding what I felt for Jane,’ she continued, ‘even from myself. But when I found out she felt the same way, I couldn’t ignore it any more.’ She pulled back and looked at Charlie.

‘You were a good husband,’ she said. ‘Someday you’ll make someone else very happy.’

I don’t want someone else, Charlie thought. I want you.

He blinked, willing himself not to cry.

‘I hope we can still be friends,’ Sally said.

Charlie had read somewhere that when a girl said, “I’m breaking up with you, but we can still be friends”, it was like a parent saying “Your dog died, but you can keep it.” He didn’t know if he could ever be Sally’s friend, because that would mean looking at her without thinking about what he had lost.

Not that he had other friends to fall back on. Jane, who had been his best friend since rebuffing him in high school, had betrayed him. She had privately lusted after his wife, and since Charlie didn’t think he would survive this, she had basically murdered him.

But shouting, weeping, begging — none of these would convince Sally to stay. They would just magnify the guilt she already felt.

And Charlie loved his wife.

‘I’ll always be your friend,’ he said. ‘But I need some time alone.’

Sally nodded. ‘I understand. Call me when you’re ready.’

She leaned over and kissed him — a tender, fragrant kiss that Charlie hoped would never end. But soon she pulled away and stood up.

‘I’ll go,’ she said. ‘I’ll send someone to pick up my things.’

‘No, no,’ Charlie said. ‘It’s okay. I was just about to go to work. You can stay to pack.’

He walked into the bathroom. His reflection was a sorry sight — pink-rimmed eyes, flushed cheeks. He stuck a toothbrush into his mouth and scrubbed it out. Then he discarded his pyjamas and pulled on his work clothes from the previous day. They were only slightly crumpled.

He wet his hair in the sink, dried it with a towel, and walked back out. ‘I’ll be back at five thirty,’ he said.

Sally nodded. ‘Okay. I’ll be gone by then.’

He stood a moment longer, memorising every detail of her appearance and wishing he’d appreciated what he had while he had it.

As he walked out the front door, he intended to go to work. By the time he’d climbed into the car and started the engine, he had changed his mind.

* * *

The strip club was a tired-looking thing by day — the neon lights were dark and dusty, the gold paint around the blacked-out windows had faded. Charlie parked his car right out front. He was too shell-shocked to feel embarrassed. He was too shocked to feel much of anything.

A little guy wearing a lanyard stood by the front door. Security. Maybe they saved the big guy for nights, and weekends. Charlie held out his driver’s license, and the guy waved him through.

He had expected the club to be almost deserted — two or three dancers, one or two bar staff, zero patrons. In fact, five middle-aged men were seated separately around the glitter-spattered stage, on which a pair of nude women writhed in one another’s arms. The blonde nibbled at the brunette’s lipstick and dug her acrylic nails into her muscular buttocks. The brunette threw her head back slowly, as if underwater.

Charlie looked away. He went to the bar, where a barmaid was polishing a tumbler. She had neatly coiffed hair and a tank top with a plunging neck line.

‘Can I get a gin and tonic?’ he asked.

The barmaid showed no trace of surprise, despite the early hour. ‘Sure thing, sweetie.’

She turned to face the bottled spirits, giving Charlie a clear view of her pert butt. He stared at it, long and hard, feeling nothing.

The barmaid turned back, and poured his drink. ‘That’ll be five dollars.’

He gave her eight. ‘Keep the change.’

She smiled, and went back to polishing the glasses. Charlie sipped his drink. There was more gin than tonic, but still it wasn’t as strong as he would have liked.

Charlie wasn’t the only man at the bar. Another guy, young and thin with frameless glasses, sat on a stool at the other end. A lean, busty woman in a thigh-length semi-transparent dress stood beside him, closer than he looked comfortable with.

‘How about a private dance?’ she said.

‘I don’t know,’ the guy said, too slowly for a sober man.

‘I have a lot to show you.’ The woman tugged the strap of her dress down past her shoulder and left it there.

‘I, uh…’

‘Excuse me,’ Charlie said.

The stripper and the drunkard both looked at him.

‘I’ll take that dance.’

The stripper smiled at Charlie. Her teeth were luminous, even in the dim light.

‘Follow me,’ she said.

‘I… what?’ the drunkard said.

Charlie gulped down the last of his drink and followed the stripper’s swaying hips across the stained purple carpet. She disappeared into a narrow doorway, covered in hanging beads. When he pushed through, he found her standing on a low, round table. Electronic chillout music played softly from speakers in the ceiling.

The stripper pointed an immaculate nail at a leather couch. ‘Take a seat.’

He collapsed into it. He had been in bed only two hours ago, but already he was tired again.

‘You can leave twenty dollars on the table,’ she continued. ‘I’m Dana, by the way.’

Charlie dug a twenty-dollar note out of his wallet and put it down. ‘Charlie. Nice to meet you.’

‘Likewise.’ Dana traced a finger from her lips down to her chin, her throat, the space between her breasts. ‘I haven’t seen you in here before, Charlie.’

Charlie shook his head. ‘First time.’

Dana winked. ‘Well, I’ll try to make it special for you.’

Charlie heard echoes of his own voice, saying almost those exact words on his wedding night. He stared at Dana’s breasts, knowing they would soon be revealed. They were perfectly rounded, with nipples that bulged under the fabric, but somehow he didn’t feel aroused.

Dana’s finger continued its downward journey over her dress, crossing her belly and coming to rest between her legs. The dress hugged her, revealing a slender waist and smooth thighs.

She turned around, sending the fabric of the dress twirling. She shrugged out of the shoulder straps and shimmied slightly. The dress slithered down her body and puddled around her high heels. Charlie examined, with all the passion of a coroner, the butterfly tattoo above her bra clasp and the thong between her perky butt cheeks.

Spinning to face him, Dana twisted in the air like a charmed snake. The lacy cups of her bra were a size too small — her jiggling flesh looked ready to overflow. The front of her thong barely covered her pubic hair, if she had any.

She walked closer to Charlie, heels rapping the tabletop, and blew him a kiss with dark, shiny lips. She slid her thumbs under the side straps of her thong, stretching them out, peeling them down, but not far enough to reveal her pussy. Turning around again, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, leaving her gracefully muscled back completely bare. She tossed the bra over her shoulder, and Charlie caught it. It was warm in his fingers, and smelled faintly of her floral perfume.

When Dana turned back to face him, her breasts were concealed by her arm, which looked too thin to support their bulk. She swayed from side to side, against the beat of the music, and Charlie watched the shadows crawl up and down her skin.

Dana winked. ‘You want more?’

‘Yes,’ Charlie lied.

‘For another twenty, I’ll show you everything.’

Charlie took back the first twenty and replaced it with a fifty. ‘Keep the change,’ he said.

Dana exhaled as though the money itself gave her sexual pleasure. Keeping her arm over her nipples, she slipped her other hand into her thong and rubbed at herself for a moment before wriggling out of it. Now she was completely nude but for her high heels, but Charlie still couldn’t see anything — her genitalia was concealed behind her cupped palm.

With a casual kick, she flung her thong over to him. It smelled of lust, but Charlie felt none.

Dana pirouetted slowly, showing off her firm butt. When she bent over, she slowly removed her hand from her pussy, exposing a puffy labia and a tight, slick opening. When she turned back to face him, she had a breast cupped in each hand. A small tuft of coarse black hair was nestled above her slit.

She jiggled her tits, as though showing off their weight, before releasing them. They swung free, full and soft, nipples erect.

‘You like what you see, Charlie?’ she purred.


She struck a pose, legs apart, hands clasped behind her head. ‘How about you tell me what to do?’

Charlie was still so numb that he may as well have been watching a cooking show. But he was desperate to be turned on by someone who wasn’t his wife. He needed proof that his life wasn’t over.

‘Pinch your nipples,’ he said.

Dana smiled, and moved her hands back to her breasts. She trapped her nipples between thumbs and forefingers, and stretched, elongating them further than Charlie had thought possible. ‘Like this?’

‘Yes,’ Charlie said. ‘Now twist them.’

Dana pinched her nipples harder, and turned the elongated nubs a full 180 degrees. Her eyelids fluttered closed, and she made a little humming sound.

Charlie took the opportunity to touch his penis through his suit pants. It was still soft.

‘Keep doing that with your left hand,’ he said. ‘With your right, I want you to rub your clit.’

Dana’s right hand crawled down her body as gracefully as a spider, and scuttled through her pubic hair. Her finger probed gently at the front of her pussy, and started making tiny circles.

‘Harder,’ Charlie said.

Dana took a deep, shuddering breath as she obeyed. Her fingertip quivered at her clit as though scribbling a signature.

Charlie stared at her trembling breasts, her lean legs, her exposed pussy. His dick was unaffected.

‘Sit down,’ he said. ‘And then keep going.’

Dana sprawled across the table, her legs spread wide. Charlie watched her finger dip into her pussy before returning to her clit, vibrating with furious energy.

‘Finger your butt,’ he demanded.

Dana’s eyes popped open in shock. ‘What?’

‘I want you to stick your finger up your arsehole.’

She grinned. ‘Naughty boy.’ She slipped her finger out of her pussy and into her mouth, either to taste her juices or for additional lubrication. Then she pushed her fingertip into her puckered anus.

‘Deeper,’ Charlie said.

She dug her finger in further, gasping, her brow furrowed in concentration. A blush spread across her cheeks. Her nipples stood straight up. Her enjoyment didn’t look like an act, but perhaps Charlie was just being naïve.

‘Is this what you want?’ she whispered. Her eyes were still closed.

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘Keep going.’

Her finger slid in and out of her arse, a little deeper each time. Charlie thought of the last time he had made love to Sally, how she had asked him to masturbate for her before she took him in her butt. She, like Dana, had been pretending.

‘Oh my God,’ Dana whispered. ‘It feels good.’

She was beautiful — her angelic face, her gleaming hair, her full breasts and her swollen labia and her willing arsehole — but she wasn’t Sally. Charlie couldn’t be attracted to this woman. It had been a mistake to come here.

He stood up. She didn’t seem to notice. Her eyes were squeezed shut. Her breaths were hard and fast.

He wanted to say something, but he wasn’t sure what. So he just walked out of the room and out of the club before getting into his car and turning the key in the ignition.

Chapter 7

That month was the best of Sally’s life.

She was in non-stop bliss. Every morning, she awoke cradled in Jane’s arms. Sometimes she woke her lover with the smell of frying bacon and hash browns. Other times, she roused Jane by crawling between her legs and slurping at her pussy until she started moaning.

On weekdays, she drove Jane to work. Sometimes they breakfasted together at a café around the corner from her office. As she stared at Jane over the rim of the disposable coffee cup, Sally wondered why she had waited so long. How could she have considered a life without Jane?

Jane said Sally didn’t have to do any housework, but she did it anyway. She liked to feel useful, and she liked to keep the evenings free. So while Jane was at work, Sally washed clothes, she pulled weeds out of the garden, she vacuumed and prepared lavish dinners.

When Jane came home, sometimes Sally answered the door in lingerie. Sometimes she was naked. Sometimes she had a towel draped over her arm and a bottle of massage oil in her hand. She liked the idea of having a new gift for her lover every day.

On the weekends, they hiked to lookouts on the tops of nearby mountains and snuggled together on park benches, Sally’s face buried in Jane’s blonde locks. If the lookout was deserted, Jane would bend Sally over the bench, fall to her knees and nibble at her clit. Sally would scream as she orgasmed, and hear her voice echo back from the distant valleys.

At Sally’s request, Jane brought home some divorce papers from her firm. Sally signed them and mailed them to Charlie. She told herself that she would wait a month before following up — but the signed papers arrived back before the end of the week. The divorce would be final after a mandatory twelve-month separation period. Jane took her to an expensive Morrocan restaurant to celebrate, and they drank sparkling wine until they giggled.

Sally was relieved, but also worried. How was Charlie coping? And how could she find out without violating his request to stay away?

Charlie wasn’t her only concern. During their second month together, she often saw Jane staring at the wall, arms crossed over her breasts, her bottom lip pinched between her teeth.

‘Are you okay?’ Sally asked.


‘Are you okay?’

Jane smiled. ‘Yeah, just thinking.’

Sally wrapped her arm around Jane’s bare shoulders. ‘What about?’

‘Nothing important.’ Jane would then change the subject as deftly as only a lawyer could.

It wasn’t until nine weeks into their relationship that Sally found out what was on her lover’s mind. They were in bed, sheets coiled around their ankles. Sally was glowing in the aftermath of an orgasm. She kissed Jane hungrily, tasting her own juices. Her nails raked down the blonde’s back.

‘I still want to have a baby,’ Jane said.

Sally froze. ‘What?’

‘I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Raising kids takes a lot of energy, and I’m not getting any younger.’ Jane met Sally’s gaze. ‘But I know it’s a big step. I’ll understand if you’re not ready.’

‘You want to raise a child… with me?’

Jane nodded.

A warmth spread through Sally’s chest. In a strange way, this felt like the highest compliment she’d ever been paid.

‘Okay,’ she said. She kissed Jane again, and squeezed her a little tighter. ‘Let’s do it.’

Jane chuckled sadly. ‘It’s not that simple. We’re not married. We’ve only been together two months.’

‘We’ll get married,’ Sally said. ‘Marry me.’

She clambered out of bed, and got down on one knee on the carpet. ‘Marry me,’ she said again.

Jane’s eyes filled up with tears. ‘I would if I could. Believe me. I would marry you a thousand times over. But it wouldn’t solve the problem. We’d have to be together for years before any adoption agency would consider us. Maybe decades. We might be old and grey before–’

‘The sperm bank, then,’ Sally said.

‘Same deal. They have background checks. They wouldn’t give us anything.’

Sally’s heartbeat quickened in her chest.

‘Don’t worry,’ she said. ‘I’ll think of something.’

She already had.

* * *

The apartment looked nicer than Charlie remembered. The cobwebs had been scrubbed out of the corners of the window frames. The old brass doorknob had been replaced. White roses bloomed in the window box.

Charlie could still smell the aftershave he had used — he wondered if he had put it on too strong. Even knowing that there was no chance of winning Sally back, he had taken a long shower, dressed in his best suit, styled his hair with wax, shaved. It made him feel as though he had some control over his life.

He rang the bell and waited.

Sally opened the door, shattering his fragile sense of confidence. She was radiant, her red hair polished to a fine gloss, her smooth skin glowing with joy. She wore a knee-length satin dress and dangling silver earrings.

‘Charlie,’ she said.

He smiled and nodded. He didn’t trust himself to speak without crying.

She stood aside. ‘Come on in.’

He stepped into the hallway and cleared his throat. ‘The place looks nice.’

Sally shut the door. ‘Thanks. I’ve been putting a bit of work into it while Jane’s at the office.’

Charlie’s own house was a mess of dirty clothes and discarded pizza boxes. He was glad she hadn’t asked to see him there.

‘Is Jane at the office now?’ he asked.

‘She’s just in the shower. I’m sure she heard the bell — she’ll be out in a second.’

Sure enough, Charlie heard the hissing of the pipes stop abruptly.

‘Can I get you something to drink?’ Sally asked.

Charlie hesitated. He’d been drinking a lot lately. Probably too much. But one more glass wouldn’t make much difference.

‘Sure,’ he said. ‘If you’re having something.’

Sally walked into the kitchen. Charlie heard the fridge open and close before she came back with two bottles of light beer.

She held one out to him. When he took it, she clinked her bottle against his. ‘To new beginnings,’ she said.

He smiled uncomfortably.

‘I’ve been thinking about you a lot,’ she said. ‘How have you been?’

‘Okay,’ he said.


Charlie looked away. ‘You don’t want to know how I’ve really been.’

Sally hugged him, shrouding his face in her red hair. ‘You’re right. I probably don’t. Sorry.’

She pulled back. Charlie’s heart ached.

‘You once said you’d do anything for me,’ she began.

The bathroom door opened. Charlie turned to see Jane in a tank top and track suit pants, her blonde locks still wet after the towel. She froze when she saw him.

‘Charlie,’ she said, uncertainly. ‘What are you doing here?’

Charlie looked at Sally. ‘I was just wondering that myself.’

Sally put her hand on his shoulder and squeezed.

‘I invited him,’ she told Jane. ‘He’s going to make you pregnant.’

Jane boggled at her. ‘He’s what?’

‘I’m what?’ Charlie said, at almost the same moment.

‘I know this is a shock,’ Sally said, turning to Charlie. ‘But Jane and I want to have a baby. We need your help.’

‘Sally,’ Jane said. ‘I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but your ex-husband–’

‘Is a healthy, handsome male with no STDs,’ Sally said. ‘And he’s a good, kind man. I’ve never seen him refuse to help anyone in need.’

She cupped Charlie’s cheek in her palm. ‘You’ll help us,’ she said. ‘Won’t you?’

Charlie’s mouth was dry. This wasn’t what he had expected.

‘Sally,’ he said. ‘I don’t, uh…’

‘You’ve both given so much to me,’ Sally said. ‘This way, I’m giving something back to both of you.’

‘I’m gay,’ Jane said. ‘It’s not that I don’t like Charlie, but sex with a man… I don’t know if I can…’

‘You were willing to do it before.’ Sally wrapped her arms around Jane. ‘And this time you won’t be alone.’

She kissed Jane tenderly. While Charlie found it painful to watch his wife — ex-wife, he reminded himself — love someone else, there was something undeniably right about the sight of these two beautiful women, locked together at the lips.

It was so mesmerising that it took him a moment to absorb what Sally had just said. ‘Wait. You’re proposing a threesome?’

Sally tugged Jane’s tank top upwards as they kissed, revealing her belly. Jane didn’t fight her as the fabric rose higher, exposing the full, pale breasts that Charlie had been guiltily imagining since high school. His eyes practically popped out of his head.

‘You want to have a threesome right now?’

‘You can do this,’ Sally whispered in Jane’s ear. ‘I’ll be with you the whole time.’ Then she looked back at Charlie. ‘We’ll get started in the bedroom,’ she said. ‘You can join us when you’re ready.’

She took the topless Jane’s hand and led her out of the room, leaving Charlie dumbfounded.

Could he really do this? Fuck his best friend so as she could raise a child with his ex-wife?

He could hear clothes falling to the floor in the bedroom. His cock was throbbing in his jeans, harder than it had ever been before. It was his first erection in two months.

Could he not do this?

Curious, aroused and strangely melancholy, he walked up the hall toward Jane’s bedroom.

The two women had left the door open. Jane’s bedroom was like that of a teenage girl — posters of bands adorned the walls, and the bedside lamp was balanced precariously on a small stereo. But the first thing Charlie saw was an arse, facing him. It was too narrow to be Jane’s, and he could see a tuft of red pubic hair below the soft labia. Charlie was reminded of the last time he found Sally kneeling naked on the bed, her butt high in the air. Her face had been pressed against the satin sheets. This time, it was buried in Jane’s pussy.

The blonde lay on her back, breathing heavily, legs spread wide, clutching her breasts in her hands. Sally’s bobbing head obscured her pussy, but Charlie supposed he would get a better view soon enough.

Jane opened her eyes and saw Charlie standing in the doorway.

‘Are you sure you’re okay with this?’ she asked.

Sally turned to face him, her wet chin gleaming in the light from the bedside lamp.

Charlie nodded. ‘Are you?’

Jane smiled. ‘I’m a little nervous. But I think Sally’s right.’



‘Okay,’ Sally said. ‘Do you want us to undress you?’

Charlie pictured the two beautiful women unbuckling his belt and releasing his eager cock. It would be sensational.

But he was doing this for them, not the other way around.

‘No,’ he said. ‘You just keep doing what you’re doing.’

Sally resumed lapping at Jane’s crotch as Charlie shrugged out of his suit jacket and started unbuttoning his shirt. Sally’s bare butt was right in front of him. He longed to place his hand on her naked skin, but that wasn’t why he was here.

Jane moaned quietly. The sound sent a shock through Charlie. It was deeper than the sounds Sally made during sex. More animal than human.

Charlie kicked off his shoes, pulled down his trousers and his briefs, and peeled off his socks. Then he stood naked at the end of the bed for a moment, feeling ridiculous.

He was just wondering how to announce that he was ready, when Jane noticed him.

‘Wow,’ she panted. ‘You’ve been carrying that thing around with you all these years?’

Sally turned around. ‘Impressive, huh? I don’t know how I fit it in.’

She bent down and, to Charlie’s amazement, gently kissed the tip of his dick.

‘Thank you for doing this,’ she whispered.

‘You don’t owe me anything,’ Charlie said. ‘You gave me the best years of my life.’

Sally didn’t answer. Instead, she engulfed Charlie’s cock between her lips. Charlie gasped as he felt her tongue swirl around his sensitive foreskin. The sight of his shaft, disappearing further and further into her mouth, was almost more than he could take.

After a few seconds, Sally pulled back, gasping. ‘That should be all the lubricant you need,’ she said. ‘Both of you.’

She lay down beside Jane. Charlie knelt on the end of the bed, seeing his best friend entirely naked for the first time. Her body was enchanting, with smooth skin blemished only by a rose tattooed on her hip. Her nipples stood erect, and a delicate thatching of dark pubic hair led down to a swollen, blushing vagina.

‘Sit on top of me,’ Sally told Jane.

The blonde straddled Sally’s hips, facing away from Charlie. ‘Like this?’

‘That’s it. Now kiss me.’

Jane leaned forward, her pendulous breasts bumping against Sally’s, and suckled on her lips. After a few seconds, Sally lifted her head, and Jane started kissing her neck.

Sally met Charlie’s gaze. ‘Do it,’ she said.

Charlie moved closer, so his knees were on either side of Sally’s and his hips were just behind Jane’s. He couldn’t believe he was naked with these two goddesses. He couldn’t believe what he was about to do.

Gingerly, he placed his palms on Jane’s buttocks. They were rounded and pliable to the touch. When he parted them, he could see the puffy lips of Jane’s pussy.

His cock strained at the air, as though desperate to get inside. He nestled the tip at her slippery opening and heard her gasp.

‘Shh,’ Sally whispered. ‘It’s okay. I’m here. You can do this.’

Charlie’s dick quivered like an arrow stuck into a tree. He was right on the cusp of penetrating his best friend.

Go hard or go home, he thought.

He eased his hips forward.

‘Oh God!’ Jane cried. Charlie wasn’t sure if it was bliss or pain. Was she bisexual, or completely gay? Was this repulsive to her, or enjoyable, or just neutral?

He was similarly conflicted about his own pleasure. There was no question that this felt good — Jane’s pussy was slick and tight and warm and already he felt like he was on the verge of explosion — but she wasn’t the woman he loved. The woman he loved was trapped beneath the woman he was fucking, biting her ear and scraping her nails down her back.

‘You okay, baby?’ Sally asked.

Charlie almost replied, a reflex, but Jane stopped him from embarrassing himself.

‘I’m okay,’ she gasped. ‘Keep going.’

Charlie pulled back, watching himself emerge inch by inch from Jane’s pussy, before pushing all the way back in. Every cell in his penis screamed with ecstasy.

When he visited the strip club, he had remained limp. He hadn’t thought he would ever be able to have sex again, no matter how alluring his partner.

But Sally had made it possible. She was watching him over Jane’s shoulder as he pumped his hips, her expression one of lust and love. Perhaps both emotions were entirely for Jane, but as he thrust in and out, in and out, that didn’t seem to matter. As long as he stayed focussed on Sally, it was like he was fucking her, not Jane. One last union before they parted ways forever.

And she had known how he would feel. I’m giving something back to both of you, she had said.

This was the kindest gift she could have given him. Suddenly, Charlie was desperate to kiss her — to make her feel his appreciation. But he knew he couldn’t do it on the mouth.

‘I need to change positions,’ he said.

* * *

Jane moaned as she felt Charlie slide out of her. She’d never been able to orgasm through penetrative intercourse alone, but this felt different. She was close. Perhaps because he wasn’t just a stranger in an alley — he was a man she knew and trusted. Or perhaps it was because Sally, her soul mate, was here in her arms.

Charlie lay down on the bed, his cock standing straight up like a ship’s mast. ‘You can both go on top of me,’ he said. ‘Sally on my face, Jane on–’

He didn’t need to finish the sentence. Jane straddled him carefully, flattening his cock against his body. She shifted her hips back and forth, rubbing up and down his length. Tingles of pleasure ascended her spine.

‘Is this okay?’ Sally asked.

Jane took her hand and kissed her knuckles. ‘Yes. I want you to get something out of this, too.’

Sally knelt over Charlie’s mouth, so she and Jane were face to face. Jane guessed that Charlie’s nose must be practically up her arsehole, but Sally had told her he liked anal play, so she guessed he didn’t mind. She saw his tongue dart upwards, probing at Sally’s swollen clit. Her eyes fluttered closed.

Jane held his cock upright, and then sank down onto it. She gasped at the sensation; the new position led to new feelings inside her body. His pubic mound was warm and hard against the front of her pussy.

She leaned forward and kissed Sally hard on the lips. She missed, at first — Charlie’s bucking hips made it hard to aim — but soon their lips were pressed together and their tongues were swirling in one another’s mouths.

While she and Sally kissed on top of Charlie, Jane felt like it was just the two of them. It wasn’t that she didn’t notice the hard cock pounding her from beneath — it was as though the cock was part of Sally, like the other woman had grown some extra appendages to love her with. As Sally bit Jane’s lips and stroked her hair with one hand and pinched her nipple with the other, it was hard not to feel like she was the whole world.

‘I love you,’ Jane whimpered. ‘I love you, I love you, I love you…’

When she opened her eyes, she saw tears of joy tumbling down Sally’s cheeks.

‘I’m yours,’ the redhead moaned. ‘I’m yours forever.’

Jane kissed her more and more hungrily as Charlie’s hips shuddered beneath her. It was like riding a horse down a bumpy road.

‘I’m…’ Sally gasped. ‘I’m going to… oh my God, I’m going to come, I’m going to… oh! Oh!’

The beautiful sounds of Sally’s ecstasy and the internal pressure from Charlie’s cock were filling Jane’s body with warmth. She wondered if this would be the first time she ever came with a man inside her. She could sense what felt like an orgasm growing, building, bigger and bigger–

And then Sally’s screams set Charlie off.

Jane heard him grunt and gasp, and then she felt the rhythm of his thrusts change beneath her. His penis twitched and suddenly she could feel his come, spilling into her, filling her up, lubricating his increasingly frenzied thrusts.

‘Oh fuck!’ she wailed, and she threw her arms around Sally as she bounced her hips on top of Charlie’s. She shivered as the orgasm exploded inside her, leaving the world around her a confused mess of skin and moaning sounds and sweaty smells. She collapsed forwards into Sally’s embrace as the motion beneath her slowed down and down and down until it stopped.

The three people in the bed shivered like a strange, twelve-limbed insect. Sally separated first, lifting herself off Charlie’s wet face and collapsing sideways onto the bed. Jane fell forwards so she was lying on top of Charlie, and before she knew what was happening, she was kissing his slick lips, and he was kissing her back.

‘Thank you,’ she whispered. ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

Charlie said nothing. It looked as though he had forgotten how to talk.

Jane suddenly realised what she was doing, and she pulled back. Sally had seen, but she was smiling.

Jane pulled herself off Charlie’s cock, savouring the friction as it slithered out. She could feel something new and different in the space it had vacated. A tingling warmth, growing low in her belly.

Sally took Jane into her arms and held her head to her heaving breasts.

‘I think I’m pregnant,’ Jane said.

Sally laughed. ‘You can’t possibly know that.’

‘I know I shouldn’t be able to tell. But I can feel it.’

Sally kissed the top of her head. ‘I hope you’re right,’ she said. ‘But let’s try again, to make doubly sure.’

She looked at Charlie. ‘Can you stay?’

Charlie nodded.

* * *

They fucked all night.

Sometimes Charlie was on top of Jane while Sally lay beneath her. Other times he kneeled behind Jane, thrusting desperately into her pussy while she lapped at Sally’s crotch. Sometimes he lay down on the bed and let the two women bounce on top of him, Jane’s wet slit clenching around his aching penis.

At 2 AM they all took a shower, lathering one another up with foamy soap, scrubbing the sweat from their slippery bodies. Charlie encircled the two women in his arms as they kissed, as though he were a protective cocoon for their love. They were so beautiful that he felt his jealously melt away and trickle down the drain between his feet. When Jane pressed Sally up against the wall of the shower cubicle in an especially frenzied kiss, Charlie slipped into her from behind, and soon they were all moaning and gasping under the hot spray.

After they emerged from the shower, Jane and Sally wanted him to try once more. He told them he was too drained — he couldn’t possibly get it up again. They proved him wrong, licking his shaft, taking turns sucking on the glans, kissing one another hungrily around his cock until it was hard enough for round six. He made love to Jane in the missionary position while Sally lay on his back, her arms around his neck.

Sunlight was creeping through the curtains before they slept, tangled up in one another’s arms and legs, locks of Jane’s and Sally’s hair intertwined on Charlie’s chest. His last thought before he lost consciousness was that the pain around his heart — which had lingered there since Sally left him — had vanished. Lust, which was usually a fog, had instead sharpened his vision. He could see himself again. He remembered who he was, and who he could be, even without his wife.

But as he gazed at the two angels, tesselated together in the dawn light, it was hard not to feel lonely.


What am I doing here? Irene wondered.

The bar-stool was too hard beneath her butt. The cosmopolitan contained too much cointreau. Saga Bar’s in-house DJ was, as always, playing too loud.

After two months staying with her parents, she had been desperate to get out of the house. Her father refused to let her wash her own clothes and dishes. Her mother wouldn’t stop asking indirect questions about her long-term plans, of which she had none.

But while these were good reasons to escape to a café with a close friend, they weren’t good reasons to go to a bar, alone, and drink expensive cocktails too quickly.

‘Can I get you another one of those?’

She swivelled on the stool. A curly-haired, svelte man leaned against the bar in a T-shirt and jeans. Something about his open, kind expression made her feel like he wasn’t hitting on her, not exactly.

‘Absolutely not,’ she said.

He shrugged apologetically and turned back to the bar.

‘But you can get me a beer,’ Irene added, ‘if you wanted to.’

He smiled, and glanced at the cosmopolitan. ‘Too much cointreau, right?’

‘Way too much. I’m Irene.’

‘Charlie.’ He caught the eye of the woman behind the bar. ‘Two Hahn Premium Lights, thanks.’ He looked back at Irene. ‘That okay?’

‘Sure.’ He wasn’t trying to get drunk, and he wasn’t trying to get her drunk. A good sign. ‘What brings you in here, Charlie?’

He thought about it. ‘Just wanted to be around other people, I guess. You?’

‘The opposite,’ Irene said.

Charlie took the two beers from the barmaid, paid her, and handed one to Irene. The glass was cold against her palm.

‘I can leave you alone,’ he said, ‘if you–’

‘No, no. I just mean I needed to get out of the house.’

‘You live with someone?’

She wasn’t sure if he meant a housemate or a partner. ‘I just split up with my husband,’ she said. For some reason it seemed important to tell him that she was single.

‘I’m sorry to hear that.’

‘Really?’ The word came out sharper than she had intended.

He nodded. ‘My wife and I called it quits a couple months ago. I know how much it sucks.’

‘Oh. Sorry. What happened?’ Irene wondered if she was about to get drawn into a long, boring story. ‘If you don’t mind my asking.’

‘She ran off with my best friend.’ He sipped his beer. ‘I know, it’s a cliché.’

‘You look like you’re handling it well.’

‘Yeah, I guess.’ He sipped his beer. ‘What about you?’

‘Not so well,’ she said. She was suddenly jealous of this handsome stranger with his easy-going voice and placid facial expressions. She had dumped Eric. She had closure. Why was she still a wreck?

‘What’s your secret?’ she asked.

He smiled sadly. ‘I don’t have any secrets.’


‘Really. They’re too much hassle.’

Irene took a gulp of her beer. ‘Are you shameless?’ she asked. ‘Or do you just have nothing to be embarrassed about?’

He considered the question. ‘I don’t think I’m shameless.’

Irene swivelled to face him. ‘Okay, Charlie. Tell me something personal about yourself.’

He put his beer down on the bar. ‘Well, I didn’t realise my wife was a lesbian until she left me for a woman.’

This story is a bit of a departure for me, it is on the longer side and heavier on the romance. Enjoy!

* Part 1 *

I sat on the front steps, waiting for her to come home. It wasn’t like Melody to be so late, but I wasn’t too worried. Maybe her date was going really well, for once. Besides, it was a cool night and I was exhausted from playing basketball with the guys. I wouldn’t normally wait up so long, but for some reason I felt like I should. She was getting older, as was I of course, and that meant she would be experiencing more…things.

Finally, as I was finding my eyelids getting heavy, I saw headlights coming around the corner down the street. The car slowed as it approached our driveway, but rather than pulling into it the car just parked there. I doubted they could see me since it was so dark, so this was a perfect hiding spot to observe what was happening. Sure enough, the prick didn’t even get out and open her door for her, or walk her to the front door. The passenger door opened after only a few moments, and my kid sister stepped out of the car looking disappointed. She said something to her date before closing the car door and walking away. The guy didn’t hesitate to speed away after that.

“Rough one, huh?” I said, startling her.

She gasped a bit, then smiled. But I could tell she was just forcing it.

“Eh, not the worst date ever,” she replied. She tossed her purse aside and sat next to me on the steps.

I just stared at her for a moment, as the night breeze wafted her perfume across to me. She smelled great anyway, so I didn’t understand why she bothered with the stuff. She was pretty, there was no doubt. Guys loved talking to her and asking her out. She chose carefully but didn’t shy away from dating. It was the typical senior year mentality, I guess. Date as much as you can now, so you can be experienced in college. I did my fair share too, though right now I wasn’t seeing anyone.

“He didn’t seem like a gentleman,” I said, gauging her reaction.

She shrugged and sighed. “So few of them are anymore.”

That was it, I guess. That was all she was going to tell me. I didn’t pry, and she didn’t offer. That was fine. Her dating life was her business, and I usually didn’t share many details of my own with her. But, whatever she would ask me I would gladly answer. We had literally no secrets. From our parents, yes. Our friends, sure. But between us, we shared everything.

“My twin sense is tingling,” I said, not able to contain my concern. That little display I had witnessed with her exiting the car seemed telling.


She rolled her eyes, and tossed her long dark blonde hair back over her shoulder. It was funny how my hair was dark brown but hers wasn’t, considering we were born only three minutes apart. I had beaten her out of the womb to become the firstborn, a fact I never let her forget growing up. She definitely had a little sister complex, always running to me as a little girl whenever she fell off her bike or cut herself. In reality we were more like equals, but those three minutes seemed to dominate between us. I was the older brother, and she was my kid sister.

Back in those days, she had been a shrimpy little thing. Then she turned gangly and awkward. I was the same of course, being her twin. She was the female me and I was the male her. I was the taller of the two now though, and a bit broader of course. She stayed a skinny thing, more refined and graceful, while I had bulked up with sports and wrestling. She was the typical cheerleader type, although she never became one surprisingly. Something about how vapid they all were. Instead she opted for track and gymnastics, both of which she seemed to excel at. They gave her a body that guys drooled over, and that I would have to be blind not to notice.

She glanced over at me, hesitating to offer any details for some reason. That wasn’t like her. She may not tell me everything, but it was on or off, go or no go, tell or shut up. There was no hesitation or reluctance with us. We shared most everything with each other. Even if it was uncomfortable or awkward, it didn’t make us hold back. Seeing the look in her beautiful green eyes was disconcerting.

“Spill it, Mel,” I said after a few moments, leaning back on the steps like I was settling in for story time.

She shook her head, but she was smiling. “You don’t want to hear about this, trust me.”

She relaxed a bit, but couldn’t sprawl out on the steps with me in her dress. It was a cute little summery number, showing off her legs. She had a bit of a tan from all the summers spent at the lake growing up. She wasn’t dark-skinned, but she was definitely not pale. At least, where I could see. She leaned up against the siding and looked up at the sky.

“Am I crazy for not wanting to lose my cherry so soon?” came her sudden question.

I just blinked, and then my eyes went wide. I hadn’t expected such a blunt and personal question, I suppose. We had talked about sex before, and I knew a few years back that she was still a virgin. I guess I just assumed either she chose not to tell me when she started having sex, or maybe she thought I didn’t want to hear about it. She knew when I had lost my virginity, though. I told her all about it, and she had seemed interested at the time. After a couple of years going by without her reciprocating the tale of her first time, I just assumed she didn’t bother to tell me about it.

“You still have it?” I asked, coming back to my senses.

She nodded. “I would’ve told you, dummy. Unless you don’t want to know.”

I shook my head. “No, it’s not that. I guess…I just thought after all this time…”

She sighed again. “I know, it should’ve happened by now, right? Well, it hasn’t. And I guess I’m worried that I don’t seem to care. I’m not in a hurry to give it up like all the other girls. Is that weird? Is there something wrong with me?”

“Nah,” I said, waving the thought away. “I mean, you do have those feelings, right? Sexual…desires and stuff?”

She just looked at me, as if that was the stupidest question I ever asked. “Duh.”

I shrugged. “Hey, I’m just trying to help without making things awkward.”

She stared off into nothing. “Nothing’s more awkward than sitting there with a cute guy and not wanting to…do stuff, you know?”

I waited, but she didn’t say anything more. “What kind of stuff do you think you should be doing on a first date?”

She flashed an embarrassed smile at me, and blushed. “Come on. You know.”

I honestly wasn’t sure what she was referring to, and I was kind of enjoying making her squirm.

“No, I don’t. Tell me.”

She rolled her eyes and looked exasperated. “Don’t make me say it. Stuff.”

I eyed her carefully. “He wanted you to taste his sausage?”

She laughed. “Um, sure.”

“Really? Geez, I never asked for a blowjob on the first date. I don’t know if I ever had to ask for one before. That kind of thing just happens on its own.”

“Yeah well…” She seemed to get uncomfortable again. “Not with me, apparently.”

“So what? The guy wasn’t special enough to you to do that. Not a big deal. And if that’s all he wanted then fuck him.”

She nodded. “And fuck all the people he’s gonna tell, including some guys I would probably want to go out with. Now I’ll never get asked out again.”

I just shook my head. “It’s called thinning the herd. You don’t want to hang around guys who only date girls willing to suck their tiny dicks on a first date.”

She seemed to smile, a bit devilishly like she was remembering something naughty. I thought that was odd, but ignored it and stood.

“Come on, let’s go inside. Mom’s already asleep but I’ll make you some hot chocolate.”

That was her favorite, right before bed. Ever since we were kids our grandma had done that for us during visits. I, of course, added a secret ingredient that made it better. But she could never guess what it was.

We sat in the kitchen talking more, not about sex or dates but just idle stuff. I guess I shouldn’t have been so protective of Mel, staying up for her and comforting her like a parent would do. But ever since Dad died when we were nine, she seemed to draw close to me as the only male influence in her life. No grandpas on either side still alive, no uncles, just me. Everything she learned about boys she got from me. I had to be a good example. Mom was…well, Mom. A bit wrapped up in trying to support us and raise us at the same time. It was hard, so I picked up the slack. And Mel always did what I said. To a fault. She would obey me if I told her to jump off a cliff. I couldn’t betray that trust.

After getting her to laugh a bit, we finally headed off to bed. Her room was across from mine, and our mother slept downstairs in the master bedroom. Our house wasn’t huge, but we had the top level entirely to ourselves, including our own bathroom that we shared.

“Night, Mikey,” Mel said, turning as she started to close her bedroom door. “Thanks.”

“For what?” I asked.

She shrugged. “For being there. I really needed it tonight.”

“Are you gonna tell me what happened on that date or not?” I asked, seeing that something was bothering her more than she was letting on.

She just stared back at me for a moment. “Will you come hold me?”

The question might have seemed strange to anyone but the two of us, but actually it was quite common for me to do that. It wasn’t a sexual thing, not really. It had to do with Dad being gone and me being the only man in her life. Sometimes, even as a young adult, she needed to feel someone big and strong holding her tight, making her feel safe and secure.

I nodded. “Sure. Just let me shower first.”

She smiled, and she left her door cracked open for me as she disappeared into her room.

As I washed the sweat from my body, I idly thought about Mel lying in her bed, waiting for me. Maybe she would just fall asleep and not even realize when I came into her room and sidled up onto the bed beside her. Sometimes she pretended to be asleep but I could tell by her breathing when she was faking it. Sometimes, on especially bad nights, she didn’t even put up the pretense that she was asleep. She wouldn’t even say anything, she would just wait for me to appear next to her. Once or twice before, I had seen her cry while we cuddled. I never asked her why, though I could probably guess. I would just hold her and let her know that everything was alright.

Most of the time, like tonight, she was in a good mood but just wanted to feel needed. She had that weakness, most likely Dad being gone. She was insecure, with almost everything except for me. She knew I loved her, and that I would accept her no matter what. But when it came to grades, friends, Mom, whatever, she always second-guessed herself. On nights when she was especially hard on herself, I wouldn’t wait for her to ask. I would take it upon myself to hold her while she fell asleep.

I toweled off and clicked the bathroom light off. In the dark of the hallway, I walked quietly to her door and opened it all the way. I closed it behind me though. It was generally understood that if Mom ever happened to walk in and find us cuddling, it would be very awkward to explain how innocent it really was. Of course, maybe part of that was due to the fact that we weren’t entirely innocent in our cuddling.

I hadn’t bothered to put anything on since my shower. I was completely naked as I entered Mel’s room. Her lights were off, so it was still dark except for the small bit of moonlight streaming in through her windows. I could see the outline of her body under the covers of her bed. I approached and she pulled them aside just enough for me to sneak under and lay next to her.

I snuggled right up to her backside, feeling her thin panties against my thighs. I wrapped my arm around her and rested my palm on her stomach as I pressed myself into her. Though it was mostly a comforting gesture, she always wriggled her backside up against me to get as close as possible. My penis, half erect from all the movement and certainly from her ass rubbing against it, pressed right up against her panties. I was fairly big so it was impossible to miss, but it was mostly underneath her, angled downward where it wouldn’t disturb anything if it continued to grow. And it usually did, especially when my hand would brush up underneath her bare breasts.

The panties were the only item she was wearing, and for some reason that had been established ever since we started doing this “hold me” stuff. Even though I was naked, she kept her panties on. I had always slept naked, ever since I could remember. She, apparently, slept with her panties on. I tried to keep my hands off her boobs, but if I unintentionally ended up touching them she never said or did anything to protest. I could have grabbed them if I wanted to, and she would probably let me. But this wasn’t a sexual thing between us. We knew that. My erections were unavoidable under the circumstances, namely how I was spooning a cute girl with a great body. She understood that much, from what I had told her about guys and penises. But I never crossed the line of doing anything sexual with her.

Mel was still wriggling, trying to get herself situated, but seemed unable to find the right position. Her ass moving against my crotch got me fully hard now, but it was an unspoken thing between us. Actually, I believed that feeling my penis against her, in its excited state, was part of why she responded so well to these cuddle sessions. And again, it wasn’t necessarily sexual, not blatantly so. Feeling a man hold her, want her, and even desire her, was part of the security she was getting out of this. It didn’t matter that it was her brother doing it. It was reassuring, to know that she could make a man feel that way.

“Can I?” she said after a few moments of writhing around.

“Ok.” I knew what she meant.

Her small fingers reached around to delicately grasp my penis, just enough to move it up and place it flatly against her backside. She let go of it and wriggled her ass again, and this time seemed satisfied. I held her tight against me, feeling her tits resting on my forearm, and we lay together like that peacefully.

“I love you, Mikey,” she whispered.

“Love you too, Mel,” I whispered back.

We lay like that for a few hours, until she was fast asleep. I left a trail of precum on her lower back from the intimate excitement I had involuntarily felt, and very gently eased myself away from her so I could go to my own bed to get some sleep.

I was still rock hard, straining in fact, as I lay in my own bed. With a concern that was still brotherly in nature, paternal even, I thought about what could possibly have been troubling Mel. I jerked myself off while I did so, and even though I was thinking of my sister when I came heavily onto my stomach and chest, it still felt oddly non-sexual to be doing so. I felt a physical relief from the orgasm, but emotionally it hadn’t satisfied me. I needed to find out what was bothering her.

* Part 2 *

Graduation came, and Mel and I both said goodbye to that chapter of our lives. I was glad it was over, even though I loved all my extracurricular activities. Mel seemed glad to be done with the whole high school scene, probably due to whatever issue she was facing that she wouldn’t tell me. Even after two more nights of holding her over the course of the last few weeks, she didn’t offer to explain it to me. I didn’t ask either. I wanted to, but I bit my lip and figured she would tell me when the time was right.

Mom took us out to a nice big dinner to celebrate, and simultaneously used the event to announce that she was going to spend the summer in Canada with her sister. She had been getting close to retirement at her accounting firm, and had to use up all her saved vacation or else she would lose it. Our aunt was divorced and alone, so Mom would often go to visit her. Just never for so long. This meant we had the house to ourselves for almost three months.

Of course, she made us swear to be good and keep it clean. I mowed the lawn and did all the yard work anyway, but Mel would have to do some of the cooking. And we would have to do grocery shopping and stuff like that, and take care of any problems that arose while Mom was gone. She was using her trip as an excuse to help us become adults and train us and some other bullshit. But it didn’t matter, because I knew we could handle it.

Deep down, I hoped that maybe Mel would open up to me while we were alone. I worried that she was dealing with some big problem she was too afraid to tell even me. But I knew everything about her, stuff she didn’t even know I knew. Like, her bra size and how much she weighs and how I can always tell she’s horny by the way she chews at her lip. I even knew her favorite movie and favorite food, and that one time she tried to smoke when she was 14 and threw up all over herself, lying to Mom and saying it was the school meatloaf. I made her promise to never smoke again, and she didn’t need much convincing after that.

“Do you…wanna have a party or anything?” I asked, when Mel and I drove back from the airport after dropping Mom off.

She shook her head. “Nah, but you can if you want. You probably want to have some guys over. I can disappear.”

Truthfully, I did intend to have a few guy nights over the next couple of months. But I didn’t necessarily want to party at Mel’s expense.

“Why don’t you hang around?” I offered. “I can introduce you to some nice guys, and a few I forbid you from dating.”

She smiled. “Yeah, I don’t think so. I may be hard up for a date, but being set up by my brother smacks of desperation.”

We drove in silence for a bit, about fifteen minutes from home. I really wanted to find out why she was so down on herself lately. It was so hard not to just flat out ask her, but I knew she would shut down if I did. She hadn’t offered it yet, so I wouldn’t be able to force it out of her.

“What I said the other night,” I began, figuring I would come up with something if I just got the ball rolling. “About you having sexual desires and stuff.”

Mel frowned. “Mikey, come on.”

“I just…I didn’t mean anything by it.” I cleared my throat. “I didn’t mean to imply that there was something wrong with you. I just wanted you to know that.”

She was quiet for a moment, and I could tell she felt awkward. That made me feel awkward too.

“It’s fine,” she said finally. “Maybe there is something wrong with me.”

“No, there’s not.”

She shook her head. “It’s just so hard for me to open up to a guy, you know?”

Hey, my plan was working! She was talking now.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I can’t…oh god, nevermind.” She closed up as suddenly as she had opened.

Damn it. “You can tell me.”

“It’s sooo embarrassing…” She was really troubled about something.

“Are you worried about sex?” I asked, rather blatantly but hoping it would help.

She looked at me for a few moments, then returned her eyes to the road. “Maybe.”

I cleared my throat. “Um, well I know it’s not because of…ahem…you know…”

“What?” she pressed.

“Well, I mean, you seem to have all the right parts,” I said sheepishly, “and everything appears to be in order.”

When I chanced to look over at her, she was staring at me with the widest eyes and strangest grin. Then she burst out laughing, apparently enjoying how awkward I was being.

“You think…” She had to catch her breath. “…You think I can’t have sex physically? Is that it?”

“I don’t know,” I said in protest. “Come on, Mel. You won’t tell me what it is, so I have to guess.”

She shook her head, still laughing but now in a sad kind of way. “It’s not me, ok? I’m not the problem. It’s them.”

I was confused. “Who?”

“Them! Guys. Any guy.”

“What are you saying, that you’re a lesbian?”

She slapped me on the arm. “No, you idiot! I’m saying, whenever a guy touches me or I see his dick, I just want to run away and hide. And it’s NOT because I only like girls. It’s just…I don’t know why exactly.”

“What about me?” I asked, innocently even though it probably wasn’t entirely. “Do I make you feel that way?”

She seemed frustrated now. “No, that’s just it! That’s why it doesn’t make any sense. I’m so mad at myself because I…I can’t explain it. I really liked Derek, and Greg, and David. But when they got close to me, and especially when Derek flashed his cock at me, I just couldn’t handle it. I had to get out of there.”

“Ah, so that’s why Derek drove off like that.” And why he couldn’t get out of the car to walk Mel to the door, without the neighbors seeing his ding dong hanging out of his jeans.

“Exactly.” She sighed, looking almost to the point of tears. “I just can’t stand other guys touching me.”

“‘Other’ guys?” I asked, picking up on her use of the word. “Other than who?”

She glanced at me, as if she had revealed something she shouldn’t. But it was too late to take it back.

“Other than you, stupid. You’re the only one I actually enjoy being with.”

“That’s different,” I said, perhaps not getting the full grasp of what she was saying. “We’re family.”

“Yeah, but…I shouldn’t…I mean, I can’t stand the thought of touching or sucking or even fucking some other guy’s dick. But…”

I just wasn’t getting it. I must have been an idiot after all.

“But what?” I pressed.

“Well, it’s just different with you.” She was struggling for words, or maybe she was trying not to say the wrong thing. “I could picture it with you. I hate all those other guys’ bodies, but I love-”

Whoa, that was it. That was the moment I realized finally what she was saying. It was a good thing no other cars were around me, because I kind of lost focus of what I was doing for about three seconds. I had to veer back into my lane once I was in my own body again.

I couldn’t respond, no matter how much I wanted to. I knew I needed to say something, to reassure her that everything was okay and she hadn’t just made a fool of herself by admitting that she…well, apparently “loved” my body. Is that what I just heard?

She had clasped her mouth shut before another word escaped from her lips, and we drove for about a minute in silence. I shifted in my seat, finding the car suddenly confining. I’m sure it was even more awkward for Mel, considering she was the one who had blurted out this strange fact.

“Um, I…”

“Don’t even bother,” Mel said, interrupting my already broken chain of thought.

As we finished the drive home, not a single word was spoken after that. I wasn’t sure exactly what Mel had just admitted, but I knew it was something that wasn’t normal. I think she just admitted that she was attracted to me, and even though I wanted to tell her that I was okay with that, and I found her attractive too, I just couldn’t quite say it out loud. It wasn’t because I didn’t feel it. I just couldn’t process it right now.

So, needless to say, that first night was extremely uncomfortable. Mel disappeared into her room immediately and didn’t emerge for the rest of the evening. I ordered a pizza, and figured she would come out of her room and have some, maybe give me a sheepish look of embarrassment and then go right back upstairs. But she never left her room. I felt really bad for her, and wanted to talk to her more. I was afraid that if I tried right now, while it was still confusing and new, that I would just mess it up even more.

But this summer would be excruciatingly awkward if we didn’t address what had just happened. And the more I thought about it, the more I came to appreciate that it wasn’t really weird to say that you found your sibling attractive. That didn’t mean you were attracted TO them necessarily. After all, if I found that weird, then shouldn’t she find it weird that I got hard against her ass whenever we lay next to each other in her bed?

I watched TV until well into the early morning, hoping she would eventually come out at least to use the bathroom. If she did, I didn’t hear it. Poor girl, I thought. Her big brother needed to come up with something to console his kid sister, and soon.

I shut the TV off finally and stripped out of my clothes, walking upstairs completely naked. I shut off all the lights in the house along the way, and quietly crept to Mel’s door. I didn’t bother to knock, and didn’t say anything as I opened it and left it open, since there was no chance we would be caught.

I saw her lying there on her bed, in the moonlight just before. She was wrapped tightly in her covers, and for a moment I thought she was fast asleep. That didn’t matter, but I would try not to wake her up if that was even possible. I tiptoed across her floor and came to the bed, already half erect for some reason. My mind was elsewhere though as I carefully lifted her covers and softly set myself into position next to her. She was naked except for her panties, like usual.

“They can tell there’s something wrong with me,” she said suddenly, softly as if she needed to be quiet.

“Who?” I asked, pausing before I got closer to her.

“All the guys I’ve dated,” she replied, not moving a muscle or turning to face me. “Once they figure out I won’t touch them, they’re not attracted to me anymore.”

Finally, she turned her head to face me, and I saw just a glint of wetness in her eyes from the moonlight.

“Am I attractive, Mikey?” she asked, in a most pitiful and pleading tone. “Will anyone ever want to have sex with me if I’m like this?”

She broke my heart when I heard the pain in her voice. I still didn’t really understand what she was going through, but I knew it was killing her. Maybe it stemmed from our father dying, or maybe it had something to do with me. Maybe there really was something not quite right with her, but that didn’t matter one bit. Right now, she needed to know that someone wanted her, physically as much as mentally and emotionally.

I didn’t say anything, I only reached beneath the covers and gently hooked my finger in the waistband of her panties. She was surprised, shocked even, but completely willing as I gently pulled her panties down over her hips and past her knees. I discarded them onto the floor, leaving us both completely naked next to each other. Her wide eyes just stared at me, waiting to see what I was doing and completely submitting to anything I did.

I moved myself up behind her, like I always did, and held her body close against mine. I pressed my erect penis into her backside, flat against her like she preferred, and wrapped my arm around her midsection. This time, my hand didn’t hesitate to find her breast and cup it, pulling her against me as I squeezed it and ground my pelvis into her ass. My dick nestled right between her bare buttocks. This was the first time we had ever done anything this blatantly sexual, but I could feel her body melt into me. She even let a small moan escape her throat.

We just stayed like that, for the entire night. No movement, no instinctive thrusting or grinding, no pawing at her boobs. Only a single kiss on the back of her neck before I laid my head on her pillow and closed my eyes. Her hand came up to rest on mine at her breast, telling me she accepted this new arrangement. I hoped with all my heart that she knew she was attractive, not just to me though at this moment predominantly so.

From her breathing, I could tell she didn’t fall asleep right away. She was enjoying the feel of being held like this, similar to all of the other times but with an added layer of intimacy. I ignored the fact that my bare penis was touching her bare ass, maybe her butthole even. If I allowed myself to think about that, I wouldn’t be able to just lay here peacefully with my beautiful sister who needed to feel me close to her. I could always jerk off later, like I almost always did after I held her. Only this time, I wouldn’t be leaving her to return to my own bed. I would stay here with her all night. I didn’t have to worry that we would be caught. We could savor this feeling, this emotional medicine that Mel needed.

Eventually I drifted off and slept soundly. I hazily recall feeling her wriggle her ass against my boner at some point in the night, but otherwise we slept well into the late morning.

* Part 3 *

I must’ve been totally exhausted, maybe from the late night and all of the worrying before that, but when I woke up I was alone in Mel’s bed. I hadn’t felt her unfasten herself from my clutches and leave the bed, and that surprised me since we had slept so intimately close. I was quickly aware of just how aroused I was from it all. I felt like I had been blue-balled or something beyond simple morning wood. But I was in Mel’s bed, so I wouldn’t just jerk off right here. In fact, I was more interested in where she was at the moment than I was in relieving myself.

Once I stepped out into the hallway, I could smell bacon. She was cooking breakfast! I don’t recall her ever doing that for me, and I found it very sweet. But, I decided to get dressed and piss first before heading downstairs to thank her.

She was unusually chipper this morning, even plunking a little peck on my cheek as she set an omelette in front of me. I just stared in wonder at her as she smiled and skipped back into the kitchen to make herself one too. She was wearing the panties I had peeled off of her last night, and a tight little tank top. That was it, nothing else. Seeing her body displayed so openly to me was really arousing, and I even found her bare feet on the kitchen floor kind of sexy. I forced myself to ignore all of those thoughts, and thoroughly enjoyed breakfast with my kid sister.

Remarkably, we didn’t talk about what had happened last night. And she didn’t bring up any other stuff with guys not wanting her or being attracted to her. Maybe my brilliant idea to spoon her naked butt had fixed it all. Or, maybe she was just feeling better and didn’t want to spoil the mood. Whatever the reason, she was in a great mood and was very talkative.

“What about you?” she finally said, after about ten minutes of chatting on about herself. “I don’t even think I know who you’re dating right now.”

“That’s because I’m not seeing anyone,” I replied, scraping the last bits of egg from my plate. “I’d tell you, you know that.”

She shrugged. “I guess so. Why not though? There’s plenty of girls you could be seeing.”

“Maybe, but I just wanted to graduate first before getting attached again. You know how it is when a guy you’re dating moves to a different school. Things just kind of fall apart after that. I didn’t want that to happen after graduation.”

“Hmm.” Mel seemed to think about that for a moment, but was only pretending. “That sounds like a pretty crappy reason not to date anyone.”

What could I say to that? It was a crappy reason. No, it was a shitty reason. But truth be told, I had been concerned about Mel for more than just these past few weeks. I had seen the signs that something was not quite right, and I decided to devote my full attention to her rather than to some dumb slut who I would just waste my money on and maybe, MAYBE get a blowjob or two. Best case scenario, finger her or maybe even stick it in her. Or, I could find out what was wrong with my one and only sister and help her out. Lately, I had been choosing Mel over lots of other things.

And it wasn’t just girls. The other night when I had been waiting on the steps for her to come home from her date, it was the first time in months that I had gone to play basketball with the guys. They were always trying to get me out of the house, to see a movie or hang out or even go to parties. I used to love doing that stuff, but it was starting to feel less and less important as of late.

And the reason for that was Mel. Maybe it was the fact that we were twins, three minutes apart, or maybe it was the bonding that came as a result of our frequent cuddle sessions. Maybe it was something else entirely, like the approaching end of school and thus my own transition into adulthood. But for some reason all I could think about lately was her. Most of it was worrying about her, and I knew it was way beyond what a brother should have bothered with. After all, we had a mother to worry about us. And I didn’t expect Mel to have that same worry for me. I could take care of myself. And I knew she was self sufficient too. But I still worried. I fretted, even.

Why? Why would I possibly care this much about my sister? I kept wondering that, even as I worried about her. I should be thinking about girls, and pussy, and money, and college. Not spending all my mental energy with Mel bouncing around in my head. It was unhealthy. At least it was unusual.

She just sat there at the table next to me, leaning on her elbows and inadvertently pressing her tits together into some noticeable cleavage. I couldn’t help but notice, but she didn’t seem to. She was practically fidgeting, waiting for my response. She was having a good time, I could tell. But seeing her like this, scantily clad and completely intent on me, was making my own issue stand out more.

I loved Mel. It was a simple statement, but carried so much weight that it hurt. I wouldn’t say that I was in love with her, since that was wrong. But it was something akin to that. If I ever happened to think about life without her, like if she came home late and I worried that she got into a car accident, my stomach would cinch into a knot that wouldn’t release until I saw her again. If she ever went out with a guy that I knew was a jerk, then the thought of him doing anything bad to her made me want to punch through the walls.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. And seeing her like this, so sexy and so energetic, made it more obvious that ever. She was a sexual person, like myself and everyone else. But that aspect of her life was what made me so depressed lately. Thinking about her having sex, fucking other guys and letting them inside of her, made me want to jump off a bridge. I just couldn’t handle it. I attributed it to my fatherly role in the family now. Any father wouldn’t want to picture his little girl taking a dick, and that was what it felt like. I couldn’t bear to let Mel, my little Mel, defile herself with some other guy.

Other guy. Saying it in my head was like turning on a light switch. I was mad at the thought of Mel fucking OTHER guys. I didn’t want her to refrain from sex and the enjoyment it brought. But I definitely wanted her to refrain from doing it with anyone else. Anyone, other than me.

My god, it was like a punch in the gut. I wanted to fuck my own sister. My twin, the other half of myself, who I wanted to protect and care for. I had fooled myself into thinking that we weren’t fooling around when I held her, when I let my arousal become known to her. She had played along, but what if she knew all this time? What if she was only humoring me by letting me do that with her? What if she was actually repulsed by me, but felt helpless to fight me off? God, that would be horrible! It felt like I was practically raping her.

All of a sudden I couldn’t stand to sit here with her anymore. I’m sure it was rude, and not beyond her notice, when I just stood up and took my plate into the kitchen. I rinsed it and then walked off without saying anything. She might have called after me, but I was too focused on getting up to my room to get dressed and then getting out of the house.

When I came back downstairs to leave, she wasn’t around. Maybe she had gone to change too, so I hurried to get the keys to one of our two cars and left. I drove into the city, not sure what I planned to do. I got a text from Mel about a half hour after I had left, maybe when she realized I was gone.

Hey, you ok?

I didn’t respond, mostly because that was dangerous while I was driving but also because I didn’t know how to answer. Was I ok? Probably not. Once I stopped the car and got out, at some department store or strip mall or something that I hadn’t really paid attention to, I just stared at the message. I realized I was overreacting to the situation.

If she was repulsed by me, if I had in any remote fashion raped her, then why would she make me breakfast and be so happy this morning? Why would she still love me after all these years of holding each other every so often? I breathed a sigh of relief, but in my mind I knew there was still an unresolved question. Did I love my sister? Not in a brotherly way, but in a romantic way. I couldn’t say so definitively, and that bothered me.

I love you.

That was the next text I got, and it surprised me. I don’t think she had ever texted that to me before, even though she had said it plenty of times. I was quick to text back.

Love you too. Sorry just felt weird talking about that stuff.

She wasn’t one to have a lengthy conversation that wasn’t in person, so I didn’t get a response. I walked around the store and couldn’t have been more oblivious to anything around me. My head was in the clouds, and my heart was in my stomach.

When I went home later, it was already dinner time. The other car was in the driveway, so I knew Mel was home. We were supposed to go grocery shopping today, before I ditched her. I wondered if she had gone already and would be making something to eat.

When I stepped inside, I could smell food. Since when was she such a culinary aficionado? I had never seen her cook more than a piece of toast. Here she was making breakfast AND dinner?

The tension between us seemed to melt away, as did the plastic she tried to microwave. It was quite the commotion as we managed to put out the small fire she had accidentally started. Even though it brought back all of those worried feelings from earlier, once the fire was out and we were standing before a disfigured black mass of tupperware and canned food, I had to admit it was a funny situation. Fortunately, Mel agreed.

We were both laughing hysterically within seconds, and it went on for about five minutes straight. She was in tears and holding her sides, and I just shook my head finally as I tried to clean up her mess. We threw it all out. But, I confirmed something else from before.

“You went shopping?” I asked, finally figuring out that we had not had all this food earlier.

She wiped at her eyes, and nodded. “Uh huh.”

“Wow.” I was surprised, but also I felt bad now that I had abandoned her earlier.

“Yeah, I’m actually quite capable. In some areas.”

I fanned the smoke away as I scooped everything into the garbage. “Yeah, sorry again about that. Should we go get something?”

“I bought frozen pizzas,” Mel offered. “You, obviously, have to be the one who heats them up.”

We sat out on the back patio and ate our pizzas, and chatted idly. The sky was beginning to turn grey, and it looked like it was about to rain. Our house was at the end of a cul de sac, so our backyard was mostly private. There was an undeveloped field on the other side of our fence, and the closest neighbor was too far away to see us. It was one of the reasons we liked eating out here, especially if Mom wasn’t home. We could cuss as loud as we wanted or talk about stuff openly without fear of being heard.

“It’s gonna rain,” Mel said, and just as she did I felt a few small drops hit my arms.

“Ah crap,” I said, and hurried to scarf down the last two bites of my pizza.

Mel just sat there and looked up at the sky, feeling the rain drops hit her face. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of my old swim trunks that she used for lounging around the house. I laughed at how wet she was getting, although I was getting just as wet the longer we stayed out here. It was starting to really come down now.

“Let’s go inside,” I said, but she didn’t budge.

“It’s so warm out,” she replied. “Don’t you like being in the rain when it’s not freezing cold? It’s wonderful!”

I watched as her hair started to get wet, and of course her white t-shirt began to cling to her body. I hadn’t realized it earlier, but she didn’t have a bra on underneath. Seeing her breasts become visible as the shirt got wet reminded me of why I had run out of the house earlier. I didn’t like the feeling I was getting again. I didn’t want to be aroused by the sight of her.

“Come on,” she said, standing up and walking out into the grass.

I watched her as she spun around in circles, her arms stretched out and her face aimed at the clouds. Water was streaming down her now, soaking her from head to toe. I was nearly as wet already, so I gave up and joined her, stretching my arms out and facing the clouds along with her.

“You’re not wearing a bra,” I jabbed at her, though my eyes were closed at the moment.

“Oops,” she said, but didn’t move to cover herself. “Guess I forgot. Oh well.”

We both enjoyed the rain now, and I actually forgot about her breasts for the time being. We were totally soaked from head to toe now. I was still wearing tennis shoes, which were squishy now. I hated the feel of wet socks, so I kicked off my shoes and peeled them off my feet.

“Woohoo!” Mel shouted. “Take it off!”

I threw one of my socks at her, making a loud slapping sound as it hit her arm. But when I looked at her now, her shirt was totally worthless. I could see everything underneath it, as if she was topless. I must have been staring, because she followed my eyes and then she got this devilish smile.

“Enjoying the show?” she said.

“Good thing the neighbors can’t see you,” I said, not pretending I hadn’t been looking.

Before I knew what was happening, she yanked the t-shirt over her head and threw it at my face. I heard her scream playfully, and suddenly she was running off into the yard. I felt like we were just kids again, playing with the hose and running around in our swimsuits while the sprinkler doused us. I tossed her shirt aside and ran after her.

She shrieked as I closed in, and she tried to dart away. Of course, the grass was soaking wet too so it was slippery. She couldn’t change course quick enough, and she nearly fell backward. Fortunately, I was right there about to catch her, and she fell into my arms. She stared up at me, and I was staring back at an upside down Mel with her tits bouncing free and dripping wet. She smiled and tried to escape again, but this time I held her.

I don’t really know why I did it. I should’ve let her go, and just kept playing with her. But something about the rain made me react differently than I otherwise would have. Maybe it was the sensuality of seeing her naked breasts beading with rain. Maybe it was the chase, the physical exertion that got my adrenalin going. Whatever it was, it made me want to hold her down and…and…

“Mikey,” she said. It was a simple statement, calm and soft.

I realized I wasn’t in my right mind, and I quickly let her go. But she didn’t exactly spring to her feet and run away. In fact, she just turned back to me and stood there. I was staring at her face now, even though her breasts were totally on display unabashedly. She made no attempt to cover up, and seemed to be waiting for me to do something. But what? Scold her? Turn and run back into the house, away from her?

I did neither of those things. Instead, I peeled my own shirt off. Her face told me she was surprised I did that, but she wasn’t complaining. She stepped toward me, and we were about two feet apart now, still just staring at each other.

“I can’t do this anymore,” I said, without really thinking.

She frowned. “Do what?”

“I can’t take it. This constant teasing. It’s driving me crazy. You’re all I think about. I worry about you constantly. I can’t stand to think that you’re with some other guy when you go out on a date. I can’t keep a girlfriend because she’s not you.”

Mel was truly caught off guard. She didn’t know what to say. I felt so foolish saying those things to her, and yet it was very liberating. Our relationship may never be repaired after this, but at least I had said what I felt. She stepped forward another foot, and glanced down from my eyes to ponder what I had said. She stared at my chest, and although I’m sure it was just my imagination, she seemed to be admiring it.

“I’m sorry, Mikey,” she said finally. She stepped six inches closer, and reached her hand for me, touching my shoulder with just her fingertips.

“Me too,” I replied.

The rain wasn’t letting up at all, in fact it was getting even worse. Lightning and thunder followed, and it looked like a major storm was coming. But it didn’t seem to matter at the moment. We were both dripping sheets of water off our bodies, and it must have looked quite silly that we were both topless, just staring at each other like idiots. Mel traced her finger down from my shoulder to my chest, and I distinctly saw her bite her lip.

Shit, that was what did it. I knew what that meant. Suddenly the last six inches between us was gone and our bodies were pressed together. She had tilted her head up and I had lowered mine, and we were kissing. Not just kissing, but frantically touching each other. We made out fiercely, our tongues all over each other, kissing mouths and necks and chins and everything we could. Mel pulled her shorts down and clawed at them until they were past her knees, and then she kicked them off. I undid my belt and before I could pull my own shorts off, she was doing it for me. My penis would have hit her in the face if she had stayed down there. But our faces could barely be away from each others’ without sucking on the other person’s lips.

At some point I finally realized my dick was mashed up against her stomach, which was slick from the rain. A particularly strong bolt of lightning caught my attention long enough to break the heat of the moment. I saw that I was holding Mel’s naked body against my naked body, and in a moment of panic I let her go and stepped back. She didn’t want to let me go, but only moaned a weak protest as I broke away from her.

We just stood there like that for a good long moment, staring at the other person’s naked body. Her nipples were hard now, just like my cock which protruded obscenely from my groin. I could see her pussy, which was shaved bare except for a small little patch just above her clit. What had just happened? All of a sudden we had just connected like that, physically and emotionally, in a strong moment of passion. I had never felt that kind of heat with a girl before. I could have kept kissing her until I spewed all over her stomach and mine. I wasn’t close to an orgasm right now, but I could sense that it hadn’t been far off during that moment.

“We shouldn’t have done that,” Mel said, and her words were crushing to me.

“I know,” I admitted, but my erection said differently.

“It’s too late though,” she said, and I wasn’t sure what she meant.


“You’re just gonna jerk off now, thinking about me. You’re going to be picturing me, like this, while you do it. Maybe you’ll even imagine me doing things-”

“Stop,” I interrupted. “Don’t say it.”

“Why not?” she asked casually, finding a strange kind of confidence in this conversation. Or maybe it was power, over me. “You’ve never thought about me before? Like that?”

I couldn’t lie to her, even in this moment. “I have.”

“What about when you hold me?” She closed the gap between us again, bringing our wet bodies together. “When you feel your big hard cock against my butt. When I press it up against you and rub it up and down.”

I didn’t say anything, I just watched her turn into this sexual, depraved thing I didn’t know existed underneath her skin. Her delicious, dripping wet skin…

“Every single time,” she said, and I felt the tip of my penis touch her stomach once again, “you leave me there to sleep afterward, you go back to your bed and masturbate. Don’t you?”

I nodded, unable to speak. My knees felt weak as I felt her hand wrap around my shaft and squeeze gently. It pulsed in her grip, and her small hand around it made it feel massive right then. I could see hunger in her eyes, and her jaw jutted outward just slightly. Again, she bit her lip.

“This time,” she said, slow and calculating, emphasizing each word, “you do it with me or not at all.”

With that, she let go of my cock and dashed off inside. I was left standing in the rain with an aching erection, which I’m sure was leaking precum that might have been lost in the water running over my body. I thought maybe Mel had went inside to hide from me, or otherwise escape this situation, or hell even to go up to her room and prepare for whatever she had in store for us tonight. But instead, she appeared at the patio door again with a towel.

We both dried ourselves off, and before I knew it Mel had dressed again. She had thrown on a pair of pajama pants and a different tank top. Without so much as another word, she went off into the living room and I heard the TV turn on. I went upstairs to throw on another pair of shorts, and thought about staying in my room. This whole situation was very bizarre, and it occurred to me that maybe Mel regretted what had just happened. I almost didn’t go back downstairs, but something drew me to her again.

We sat there watching TV, and even though I kept stealing glances over at my kid sister in her tight sexy top and equally sexy pajama pants, she didn’t sneak even so much as a glance at me the rest of the night. I was sure at this point that she was mad at me, or was choosing to ignore me now. It was very surreal, to think that only an hour or so ago we had been pawing at each others’ bodies like animals in heat.

The room went black just then as the power went out.

“Shit,” I heard Mel say, and she fumbled through the dark to find her way out of the living room.

“I’ll check the breakers,” I said, and made my way downstairs.

When I got back upstairs after seeing that it wasn’t just a tripped circuit, my eyes had finally adjusted to the dark and I saw that Mel was gone. Probably off to bed, without so much as a word to me. Why had she turned so mean all of a sudden? I went upstairs and disappeared into my own room. Fine, I thought, two can play at this game.

* Part 4 *

I sat in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep. I was worried sick that I had ruined my relationship with Mel, and she would never forgive me. Had I forced myself onto her outside in the rain? Regardless of that fact, we had crossed more than a few lines. Some of those had been crossed years ago, when I started holding her at night. I realized now that maybe that had been a mistake, and I had somehow ruined her for all other men. Was it my fault that she wasn’t sexually attracted to other guys?

I figured, in the morning I would just confront Mel and lay it all out. Either we pretend that none of this ever happened, or I find a way to move out and I stay away from her forever. It broke my heart to even think about that, but if that was what it took for her to ever be happy again then I would gladly do it. Still, my stomach was in the worst knot ever.

To my surprise, I heard my bedroom door creak open. I turned to see Mel entering my bedroom. For some odd reason, she closed the door behind her even though it was just the two of us.

“Mel?” I said, squinting through the darkness to see her. There wasn’t moonlight pouring into my room like there had been in hers. It was almost pitch black in here.

“You didn’t come hold me,” she said, walking over to me.

I couldn’t see her very well, just the outline of her shape. She must have known, because she searched for my hand in the dark and once she had hold of it, she brought it closer to her. I felt her press it against her body, and I felt soft skin. I wasn’t sure what she was trying to do, until I felt the small protrusion of her nipple against my palm. I almost whipped my hand away from her, but the utter shock of the situation stopped me.

Once she was satisfied that I knew what I was feeling, she moved my hand lower across her stomach and further down until I felt her belly button. She went slower now, but continued to draw my touch even further down until I felt a small tuft of hair. I swallowed, knowing what I was about to touch. What had never been touched by another man before, as far as I knew. I wasn’t sure Mel was ready for this.

But she persisted, and pressed my hand over her mound. She sighed raggedly, but the second I touched her private place her hand released mine and she stopped controlling me. I left my hand there for just a moment, but drew it back.

“I just wanted you to know,” she said, and then suddenly she was climbing onto the bed next to me.

She had wanted me to know she was naked, as if that information was necessary for something. She cuddled up next to me, like I would do to her, and wrapped her arm around my side. She rested her hand on my abdomen, stretching her fingers to touch as much of my body as possible. My penis wasn’t hard yet, but it was easily within her reach if she so desired.

“Why didn’t you close the door?” I asked once she had settled.

“Don’t want to get in the habit of forgetting,” she answered.

That simple answer seemed to say a lot. I was always the one to open her door late at night, and close it behind me. She had never had to worry about that before. Now, she would be the one to visit me late in the night. At least some of the time, apparently.

“Why didn’t you come hold me?” she asked.

I shrugged. “I thought you might hate me now.”

She tightened her hold on me. “Never.”

“But, before…downstairs…”

“I was confused,” she said. “I still want to be your kid sister.”

“You will always be my kid sister.”

“Then why didn’t you come hold me?”

I turned to face her, although we could barely see the other person right now.

“Because I can’t stop myself anymore,” I answered plainly. “I don’t know what I would do if I held you like that. All these years, I let you feel my arousal because I thought maybe it helped you in some way, to feel good about yourself and know that a man, even a stupid young teenager, loves you and desires you. But now, it’s different.”

“But, why?” she asked, like a child being denied candy. “Why does it have to be different? I’ll forget about before, outside. I’ll forget we ever kissed. I’ll pretend that I’m not in love with you.”

“You can’t,” I said, finding it hard to speak past the lump in my throat. “Because I don’t think I can pretend either.”

“You don’t have to jerk off with me,” she said, somewhat out of the blue. “I shouldn’t have demanded that of you. Just, don’t stop holding me. I can’t bear the thought of you never doing that again.”

Suddenly, I was on top of her and kissing her. Feeling her naked body underneath me, weak and helpless, made my dick lurch and straighten. It jabbed at her hip, and she instinctively spread her legs without even knowing what she was doing. But I couldn’t just take her virginity like this, without warning. Instead I pressed it down beneath her butt and let it slide up between her buns as I sank my weight down on top of her. I greedily sucked at her tongue, drawing it up into my mouth. Feeling her breasts mashed against me was nice, but feeling her hands on my back, accepting me and holding onto me, made my head spin.

We held each other like that for a good long while, with her pussy pressed into my groin just above my shaft and my dick nestled firmly inside of her buttocks. I could feel the heat of her butthole on it, and for some reason that was so arousing I was afraid I would cum like that.

“Mikey…” she breathed into my ear. “Will you please fuck me?”

It was the words I was dying to hear. I kissed her sweet mouth again and used our combined saliva to wet my penis. I gently set the tip at her entrance, which felt hot and wet already. I couldn’t see as much as I wanted to, but that made every other sensation all the more vivid.

“It’s gonna hurt,” I said as gently as I could.

“I know.”

I slid myself into her, feeling the resistance of a tight virgin pussy taking its first penetration. God, did she even masturbate? It felt like nothing had ever been in there before. I knew she used tampons at least. She groaned a bit, but still took it like a champ. I was halfway inside of her body when I felt myself approach the edge. Dammit!

“Please don’t stop,” she pleaded.

“I’m gonna cum,” I explained.

She grabbed my neck and pulled, suddenly lit on fire at hearing this. I plunged forward unexpectedly, and suddenly I was in her pussy to the hilt. She cried out, and I saw stars. The friction of her walls was just too much, and I exploded. I could barely manage the thought in the back of my mind that she was on the pill. I even knew when she had started taking them.

“Oh god!” she said, and clamped down on me hard.

Again, the stars came. The first jet of semen had rushed forth from my cock to splash across her womb with a powerful force, but the second had been somewhat interrupted by her tight little pussy clamping onto me. That only made the third spurt even heavier, and more intense. I grunted on that one. It felt so good to cum inside of her, and knowing it was Mel, my own kid sister, my twin who I shared our mother’s womb with, made it better than just the physical sensation. The emotional release was just as powerful, if not more so.

I filled her little crevice full of my sperm. When I tried to drag my penis from her clutching depths, her heels on my hips stopped me. She wasn’t letting me go. I kissed her gently.

“Don’t go,” she said between kisses.

“Where would I go?” I asked.

“You always leave,” she said, remarkably calm after such a heated and no doubt painful experience.

“I have to.”

“I can’t stand when you leave.” She sounded sad almost. “I always hope you’ll secretly try to fuck me in my sleep.”

I smiled. “Really?”

She nodded, and I could barely see the gesture. “I know you like my ass. I used to wish you’d play with it, maybe even try to stick your penis inside of it.”

“Wow, I can’t believe that.” My dick lurched inside of Mel’s tight cunt.

“I’m not sure it would even fit,” she said, sighing contentedly as I stayed lodged firmly inside of her. “Just sleep here tonight, please.”

“Ok, I will.”

Eventually I had to withdraw from Mel’s tight little body, but we quickly got into spooning position and she was eager to guide my dick back into her dripping wet pussy from behind. I stayed hard for much of the night, and we both fell asleep like that.

* Part 5 *

The next day was very enjoyable, I must say. Two horny kids with the house to themselves, with the added thrill of doing something they knew was wrong. Mel performed her first real blowjob on me, and I ate her pussy dry. It was wonderful, just playing with each others’ bodies with no boundaries and no denial. I even ate her asshole, and stuck a finger in it.

But by lunch, we were both starving and oversexed. I came in Mel’s mouth, which was very exciting by of course she made quite a mess of the load. I did fuck her tight pussy again, but didn’t cum in her. I just needed to feel her body again, and be one with her. She had countless orgasms though, throughout the morning.

We sat naked in the living room, eating bowls of cereal to temporarily satisfy our hunger. But we both felt like getting out of the house and doing something. So we decided to shower together and head out to the mall.

“So, how do you feel?” I asked as we sat in the food court munching on pizza.

“What do you mean?” she asked with a mouth full of food.

“You know, now that you’re not a virgin?”

Because the moon was riding so high and bright in the sky, it didn’t really register that the light I had parked under at the corner Stop-n-Shop was out. Besides, I was too busy thinking about a gardenia scented bath and a nice glass of merlot. I’d earned it after a double shift of dealing with semi and completely drunk assholes hitting on me and making lewd comments about whatever body part of mine took their fancy. I don’t know what I was thinking, but bartending wasn’t the easy gig I had hoped it would be.

With a sigh, I yanked the trunk open and unloaded the groceries into it. I was just coming around to open the driver side door when a black van wheeled up beside me. I had no chance to react or scream before a very large, very strong hand was clamped tightly over my mouth and I was dragged inside.

Instinct kicked in and my teeth clamped down on the hand covering my mouth and my feet kicked out desperately. I elbowed back as hard a I could and heard a satisfying grunt as I connected with ribs. A few seconds later I felt a pinch on my arm and a familiar voice saying, “You’re taking all the fun out of this little girl.” My head swam and the words were distorted but I knew that voice. It was then that I remembered the full moon and, oddly, the groceries in my the trunk of my car. Then, nothing.


I awoke slowly from a gardenia scented dream. The unfamiliar room was dimly lit by candles and had a warm, dreamlike quality to it. I vaguely remembered the pinch to my arm before everything went black. It was when I tried to examine my arm that I realized I was handcuffed to a bed and there was someone sitting in a chair at the end of it.

“Sleeping beauty awakens.” You say in a soft voice.

“You drugged me.” I accuse as I desperately try to penetrate the darkness surrounding your face.

“Yeah, well I think you almost cracked a rib. You can get feisty when you set your mind to it.” The low chuckle that follows this statement really pisses me off.

My heart speeds up at this comment and I’m half terrified half excited by this thought. Excited that I hurt you and got just a little payback, but terrified of what you’ll do to me because of it. You rise slowly leaving the candlelight behind you and your face in the shadows. I can almost see you; almost.

You pick up something from the nightstand beside the bed and wave it in front of my face. The ever present sleep mask. You ignore my sigh as you slip it on and say, “I assume you were looking forward to a nice hot bath and a glass of merlot?”

Funny how I’m still able to be shocked by you. “Yes, how did you know that?” I answer, annoyed and a little frightened.

“I know everything about you. Don’t you realize that by now? You can’t hide anything from me.” I feel the bed sink down as you sit beside me. You take my chin lightly in your hand and slide your thumb over my lower lip. The fire that’s been banked to embers since I saw you last begins to heat up. “I know where you go, what you do and who you see every minute of every day. There is nothing I don’t know.”

With this disconcerting statement you lean down and kiss me lightly on the lips. Your tongue darts out to swipe the crease of my lips and they part like the red sea. My tongue meets yours as I allow myself to melt into that kiss, that connection. The embers begin to flame up.

You stroke my cheek as you end the kiss and whisper, “How ’bout that bath? You smell like the bar.”

The bar, not a bar. Of course he knows where I work.

“And by the way, you could be a little faster with the beer next time.” Again with the chuckle. So annoying.

Even more annoying is realizing that I probably looked right at you tonight and had no idea. I frantically searched my memory of the faces I saw tonight. Dark hair? Yes, a ton of guys with dark hair. Broad shoulders, nice physique? Yep, lots of them too. It was a popular pick-up place after all. Lots of tall guys too and hearing them talk, well it’s too loud to really get a feel for a specific voice. Besides, you always do that stupid half whisper thing which I usually find sexy. But right now? Yeah, right now it’s irritating.

I’d really rather ponder all this in the bathtub, so I say, “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to offend you with my bar smell. A bath would be great…..and wine, wine would be a nice change.”

“Change? You have wine almost every night.”

“Gee, I wonder why I’m turning into an alcoholic. Maybe it’s the stress from being repeatedly kidnapped, handcuffed and raped.” I fume.

“You can call it what you want sweetheart, but you still love it.” I can freaking FEEL you smile. I hate to admit, even to myself, that yes I love it and hate it. You have me so fucked up inside, half the time I don’t know which way is up. “I meant for this. For us. A nice change.” I don’t know what I had hoped to accomplish with this, but you apparently don’t like it at all.

I feel your breath on my face as you say, “This isn’t a date sweetheart, this is you paying your debt. You owe me a fucking story and tonight I’m going to get it.” You practically snarl at me. “So stop pissing me off.”

I cringe and pull as far away from you as possible. “I’m sorry.” I whisper hoarsely. “Please don’t hurt me.”

Again stroking my cheek as you softly whisper in my ear, “Then don’t make me,” before kissing me softly. I then hear the jingle of keys a moment before my hands are freed. You haul me up none too gently and lead me across the room by my elbow. A door opens and the smell of gardenia goes from faint to overpowering. The room is warm and steamy and my body aches to sink into that bathtub. I can’t help but sigh contentedly as you help me into it.

I hear the door close before you call through it, “You can take the mask off until I tell you to put it back on. Understand?”

“K.” I answer as I gratefully remove it. As my eyes adjust, I look around. The room is lit by candles and I’m sitting in an old fashioned claw foot tub. It’s huge and the bottom is lined with some kind of cushion. My eyes focus on a bath tray spanning the width of the tub and zero in on a nice, full glass of crimson liquid. I take a long, luscious pull on that before leaning back to rest my head on the edge of the tub. I’m pleasantly surprised by a bath pillow similar to the cushion beneath me.

I sigh contentedly again before allowing myself to really delve into the thoughts tramping merrily through my brain. Putting aside the usual questions of ‘who are you?’ and ‘why me?’, I have some new ones. How the fuck do you know every single thing that I do? Everyone that I see? Everywhere that I go?

But the big one; the one that keeps clawing at my mind on a nearly daily basis? How did you know I was a virgin? I mean that first time you visited me, you thought I was a virgin and when I next saw you, well, let’s just say you’re punishment for not still being one was rough. I still haven’t recovered from that; I still wake up in a cold sweat from that.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts and take another hearty swig of wine. My only question left? Why are you being so nice tonight? Why the lovely bath and the excellent (tastes expensive) wine? What do you have in store for me now?

I quell these thoughts and try to keep my mind on the more pleasant aspects of your visits (and abductions) as I wash my body and hair. I think about the way your touch makes me feel and the fire that flares up with your kisses. I think about how I have no choice but to submit to you. That is the sickest part; I have no choice and that is what makes me hottest of all. My hand begins to wander over my body. I run my hand slowly over my smooth lean leg and up the flat of my stomach to a breast. I pinch one nipple lightly until it stands up hard before moving to the other. I allow my other hand to relinquish the wine glass to the tray and let it roam downward over my waxed mound to the silky lips of my pussy.

“Ten minutes and you’re done!” You say as you pound once on the door making me jump. “No masturbating!”

How silly of me to think that I had even a single moment of privacy. Of course you were watching me. With a resigned sigh I exit the cooling water of the tub and slip on an incredibly soft fluffy bathrobe before retrieving my wine and sitting before the mirror of an ornate dressing table. I comb out my hair and slug back the rest of my wine before I turn and face the door.

I am about to call out to you when you say, “Forgetting something?”

I’m confused for a moment before I remember the sleep mask. I slip in on and hear the door open.

“You’re very fetching in that robe, but I think I like you better without it.”

I can hear you move toward me and as you reach me your scent takes me to a place in which I’m sadly getting used to being. You move closer and I can feel you untying the the belt of the robe. You slip your hands beneath it and caress my back.

“No more masturbating unless I tell you to.” You whisper into my neck as the robe falls to the floor. Your hand spans my neck as you leave a trail of tiny kisses up to my ear. “And that means ever. I will tell you when you can and you will only touch yourself then. Got it?”

I feel your fingers tighten dangerously around my throat as I nod in assent. In a mere instant I went from relaxed to terrified again. My heart beats a furious tattoo as you push me to the floor. You settle yourself between my legs as you release my neck balancing yourself above me. I hear you fumble with your clothing and before I realize what is happening you are pushing into me. I am not ready and it hurts. I push my hands against your chest in a vain attempt to….do what? Stop you? You thrust into me as you pull my hands up and pin them to the floor.

“Isn’t (thrust) this (thrust) romantic?” You say punctuating every word with your cock. “Wine (thrust) and rape? (thrust, thrust). The perfect (thrust) date, (thrust) right?” You kiss me hard, bruising my lips with yours and forcing your tongue into my mouth. I’m so surprised and hurt by this that there are tears in my eyes. “Oh, you’re pussy is so tight. Fuck, you feel good.”

My anger comes screaming to the surface and instinct kicks in again. I fight my hardest to get out from under you, but you just laugh at me. “It feels even better with you wiggling around under me.” I am literally powerless and again it’s a turn on. You continue, “I am the one who will tell when you can have an orgasm. If you use that big vibrator you’ve got at home again, I’ll bury it in your ass. Got it, my good little whore?”

“Yes.” I say through clenched teeth. I love my vibrator.

“Oh, I see. STILL don’t know who’s boss?” You say abruptly standing and pulling me to my knees in one quick motion. You weave your fingers into my hair and guide your cock into my mouth. All the way into my mouth; all the way to the back of my throat. You hold it there for a moment robbing me of precious air before pulling back out and allowing me to breath.

“Now you make me cum and swallow every last drop.” You growl.

I pull you back into my throat more comfortably this time and swallow, tightening my throat around you. Your hands are still entwined in my hair and you set a furious pace. I hear your breath catch as I place one hand on each leg as a brace as I just fuck you with my mouth. I am your good little whore because all I can think about it is giving you the pleasure that you demand. I’m relishing every scent and every taste of you and I’m longing for the thick, sweet flavor of your cum in my mouth again. My pussy is dripping with desire and I can only wish that you would fill it again.

You moan loudly and I can feel you tensing. I swipe my tongue over your head and the first burst of delicious cream fills my waiting mouth. I swallow quickly and enjoy the next spurt and the next until you are spent and I am greedily licking you clean.

You pull me up to my feet and guide me out of the bathroom back into what I can only assume is the bedroom (the bed was kind of a dead giveaway). You sit me down on the bed and put a bottle of water in my hand (wine would have been better). I take a long draught and hold the bottle out until you take it.

I hear you rustling completely out of your clothing and feel the bed depress as you climb onto it. You pull me onto the bed after you and situate us sitting up. You behind me with me nestled in between your legs pressing your now soft cock into my back. “Now then, you have a story I believe.” You say and all I can think is ‘one track mind’. I am immediately drained of any desire I had left.

What I say is “Fine. I promised so I’ll tell. But first I have to make sure you’ll honor your promise too.”

“What promise?”

“You promised not to hurt him. You said if I told you, you would leave him alone. I need to know if you meant it.” I hate the pleading note in my voice, but the thought of you hurting Sam was more than I could bear (and apparently I could bear a lot).

“I already know who he is, where he goes to college, who he hangs out with, where he lives and where he works. If I was going to hurt him, I would have done it already.” You reply testily.

I take a deep breath and say, “Alright then, I’ll tell you.” I really wanted to keep this to myself. To have something that was private and just my own. But I had promised.


” I have to give you some backstory, if you don’t mind. Not too much, but some.” I begin.

“Fine” You say while lightly stroking the side of one breast.

I’m reluctant, but I dive in anyway. “I met Sam when I was 13 years old and he was 15. Ricky Hutchins had pushed me down and tried to kiss me.” I pause, “You know, I never realized it, but this seems to be a theme in my life.”

“What?” You ask.

“Boys…, taking what they want without asking or caring how I feel about it.”

“Huh. You’re right, how ’bout that.” You say with a soft laugh as you reach over and lightly pinch one nipple.

“Anyway.” I continue unwilling and afraid to let you hear my annoyance, “He pulled Ricky off me and punched him in the face a couple of times and Ricky took off. I swore I never saw anyone so,” I pause to search my mind for the right word, “so ethereal.

Even this word is inadequate though. It doesn’t even come close to covering what I thought as I look up at my rescuer. The light was shining behind him and his curly blond hair stood out like a halo. He held out a hand to help me up and said, ‘Don’t worry, he won’t bother you again and if he or anyone else does, just let me know.’

“‘Who are you?’ I asked him when I could form words again.

“‘Sam Davies, I think your Mom is dating my Dad.’ He said when he had me on my feet again.

“‘Oh.’ Is all I can say because my brain is still stuck on drinking in his beauty. I felt a light touch on my hand and I realized he was still tightly gripping it in his own. I think he just swiped his thumb over the back of my hand. My throat suddenly became the Sahara.

“‘I have to get home but I can walk part way with you. If you want.’

“‘Ok. Thanks.’ I croaked as we both looked down at my hand for a moment before he released it.

“We walked in silence most of the way until something caught up in my brain. ‘Did you say our parents are dating?’

“‘Yep. For like two months now. Your mom never said anything?’

“‘No. We don’t talk about that kind of stuff. She’ll tell me if she’s ready for me to meet him. Then I’ll know it’s serious. But it’s weird you know, her with anyone but my dad.’ I said blurting it out it almost one breath.

“‘Yeah. I can relate.’ He said smiling down at me. He’s extraordinarily tall for his age and I’m short for mine so the distance seemed vast.

“When we got to the corner where we go separate ways, he stopped. ‘I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. Are you sure you’re ok?’

“‘Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for what you did back there.’ I murmured shyly.

“He pulled on a strand of my hair and grinned saying, ‘Anytime Red.’

“‘I don’t usually let people call me Red,’ I informed him looking up into his cool blue eyes, ‘Uh, but for you, I’ll make an exception.’ He grinned at me and I pulled on his arm to get him to lean down so I could swiftly kiss his cheek before turning away and walking quickly down the street to my house. As I turned up my walk I glanced in the direction I came from only to find him standing there watching me and holding a hand up to his cheek.

“Things seemed to move swiftly after that and before the end of the school year, my mom and Sam’s dad, John, were engaged and planned to marry in July.” So this guy that I’m pretty sure I’m in love with, my savior, is going to become my brother. Awkward.

“Over the next few years, we acted more like brother and sister. But it was an act. I still had a crush on him and every now and then I would catch him looking at me in a very non-brotherly way.

“The older we got, the worse it got. We had to act like brother and sister for the public, but we both longed for more. He played football all through high school and spent long hours in the weight room. He grew into his long legs and his frame filled out nicely with long lean muscles.

It was a relief when he left for Penn State, I missed him but it made it easier. He would spend as many holidays away as possible. I mean, it seemed like he did. He missed most Thanksgivings and Easters and even got a job in State College, PA instead of coming home for the summer.

“But he came home the weekend I turned 18. I wasn’t expecting him; I didn’t even know he was home. Mom and John, aka ‘the parents’, were out at a party and not expected home until late. I came home about midnight from a date with Jack Banfield, current captain of the football team and before that night, I thought he was a pretty nice guy.

“It was raining that night; pouring actually. He parked in front of the house and we started making out. Jack, that usually nice guy I’d been dating for a month, turned into an octopus with only one goal; to get into my pants. Some light petting turning into what, up until then, was the most frightening time of my life, before you that is. Like I said, a theme.” I turn slightly and place my hands over yours where they are cupping my breasts with your thumbs stroking my nipples.

I can feel you beginning to harden against the small of my back as you kiss my neck and whisper, “Get to the good stuff.”

“I’m getting there,” I sigh, as your stroking sends tiny currents of electricity through me straight to my core. I can feel the dampness between my legs as I try to focus once again on the story.

“I fought Jack, but he quickly had me on my back and my hands pinned over my head in just one of his. He was pulling my shirt up trying lift my bra away. I started to scream and fight hard, kicking my legs up and beating my feet against the window. Only for a moment though, then he had them pinned down against his legs. He drew back to hit me I think, you know, into submission, but at the same moment, the driver side door flew open and his weight was lifted off of me. Sam had him on the ground and was slamming his fist into his face over and over again. It was Ricky Hutchins all over again.

“I leapt out of the car and tried to pull him off. I was afraid Sam would kill him and by the amount I had to struggle to get him to stop, I think if he could have, he would have. But then, he looked up at me and the madness drained from his eyes, but the anger remained. He picked Jack up by the neck and threw him into the car and said in a calm, cold voice, ‘Drive away and never talk to or bother my sister again or I will kill you.’

“We ran through the rain to the house, his arm around me, making me feel safe again. ‘I didn’t know you were here, but I’m glad you were. Seems like you’re always rescuing me.’

“We burst through the front door, soaked from the pouring rain and he looked down at me. ‘Seems like you always need rescuing.’ He playfully pulled a strand of hair from my face and stroked my cheek. I tilted my face up to really look at him and I could see it in those cool blue eyes; pure wanting. I waited, holding my breath as he slowly leaned down to give me what I was sure would be a very un-brotherly kiss just as headlights flashed across the window and the parents pull into the driveway.

“I know my eyes reflected the disappointment in his before they flicked away from me toward the window. ‘You better get out of those wet clothes and into a warm bath. You’ll get sick.’

“I nodded and took his hand from my cheek and kissed his palm, ‘You too,’ I said, ‘hot shower. That’s an order.’ My attempt to lighten the mood failed so I turned and hurried upstairs. I could feel his eyes follow me and I turned at the top to see him looking after me, the light from the front porch backlighting his halo again boomeranging me into the past. He was my guardian angel.’

“Really? This is getting annoying. Anyone else would think you love him.” You say gruffly, anger apparent in your voice.

I say nothing because I did love him. I do love him. I have loved him since the moment he pulled Ricky Hutchins off of me. I will always love him and that is something you can never take from me. Something you can never control.

“Hey, you wanted to hear this story so bad. I’m trying to tell it to you, but it’s not gonna be halfway. You have to hear it all and some of it you won’t like.” I answer annoyed myself, but trying to keep my voice light. I don’t need a rerun of the bathroom right now.

You respond by pinching and twisting the nipples you’ve been so gently playing with making me writhe in pain. “Fine.” You say, “Enjoy your damn trip down memory lane just remember who you belong to at the end of it all.”

“I will! I will!” I gasp in pain and you ease up on my nipples. I can feel you harden like an iron rod into the small of my back. You get off so much by causing me pain.

“Good girl. Now continue.” You say, your voice husky.

I pause for a moment trying to remember where I was as you slide your hands down over my belly to my thighs. You lift my legs so they’re lying over yours with my feet on the outside and my legs bent at the knees. You slide your legs slightly apart making mine spread too. My pussy spreads open and the feelings of excitement and vulnerability come in mixed degrees.

“Continue.” You demand again.

“Yeah, ok. The next day is my birthday and I wake up late to the smell of vanilla french toast, my favorite. So I head down to the kitchen for some breakfast and the coffee that I also smell brewing.

“Wait, wait.” You interrupt. “Were you still wearing your jammies?”

“Jammies? Seriously? Yeah, I hadn’t gotten dressed yet. Why?”

“You used to wear a t-shirt and boxers before you started sleeping naked for me. What’d you wear back then?” You seem really curious; excited.

“Same thing.” I answer. I can feel your chest shaking with silent laughter. “What? It’s comfortable.”

“Let me guess,” I can hear the teasing in your voice. “Smurfs, right?”

“No, Scooby Doo. Duh.” I almost laugh with you, but I haven’t forgotten what you are.

“Ok, you head to the kitchen. Go on.” you prompt.

“Right, so I went down to the kitchen to find Sam cooking me a birthday breakfast. It’s sweet; he had covered the table with a birthday tablecloth, plates and balloons, you know, the works. He was wearing pajama bottoms and a tank so I stopped in the doorway and watched him for a minute, just enjoying the view before startling him with my ‘Good morning, Sam’.

“He jumped at the sound of my voice and turned with a smile. ‘Happy Birthday! C’mere, sit down,’ he pulled a chair out and put a silly birthday hat on me as I sat down. ‘That’s perfect. Wait!’ He shouts as I reach up to remove it, ‘Humor me, leave it on, I have to get a picture. Please. You look so cute.’

“‘Fine, take the picture, but then the hat comes off,’ I laughed.

“That accomplished, he poured me some coffee and served up breakfast. ‘So,’ I asked, ‘where are the parents?’ By some unspoken mutual agreement, Sam and I always called Mom and John ‘the parents’ ever since they got married.

“‘They’re at an estate sale. Not sure what time they’ll be home but it’ll be in time to take you to your birthday dinner.’ Mom and John met at an antique store called “Loved Again”. So when it went up for sale John bought it and gave it to her as a wedding present. Now, they’re kind of obsessed by it.

“‘So you made me breakfast Sam, that was sweet.’ I looked up and caught him staring at me. I put a forkful of french toast in my mouth and savored it, ‘And delicious. Thank you.’

“‘My pleasure.’ He looked up at me while dishing out french toast for himself and said, ‘I started cooking at 10:00, I didn’t think you’d ever roll out of bed. I hope it’s still warm enough.” Suddenly, it was awkward and we were silent while we ate, but I kept snatching glances at him and catching him doing the same thing. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his mouth; off his lips. We didn’t even talk while finishing our coffee.

“‘More coffee?’ he asked standing up.

“‘No thanks,’ I replied as he gathered the paper birthday plates and tossed them in the garbage while I grabbed the syrup and creamer and returned them to the fridge. When I closed the door and turned around, there he was, right behind me.

“‘So, how’s it feel to be 18, Red?’ He asked as he took a step toward me he reaching out to playfully pull a strand of my hair.

“‘Feels good,’ I answered looking up at him; way up at him. ‘I finally feel like I can be whoever I want; do whatever I want.’

“He looked a little uncomfortable, like he was working himself up to say something; or to do something. I pulled his arm and when he leaned down I kissed him on the cheek. He started to straighten up then changed his mind and swooped in to kiss me on the lips. Tentatively at first, but then more ardently. His kiss was everything I’d been dreaming of; sweet and hot and oh so sexy. Heat spread throughout my body. This is what I’d been wanting for so long now. Sweet, hot kisses from Sam. My knees turned to rubber.

“He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me to the counter and set me down on it. The kisses intensified and fire spread throughout my body. I molded myself to him wrapping my legs tighter around him and pulling him to me. I could feel his desire harden against me. His tongue worked magic in my mouth, expertly teasing mine and, god, my head was spinning. I tangled my fingers in his hair as he pulled at the hem of my t-shirt. I leaned back to give him better access and his warm hands are spanned my stomach before sliding up my back pulling my shirt up with them.

“I was in heaven as his hand cupped my breast and his mouth descended onto the crest of that peak to cover my swollen nipple. He circled his tongue around it before pulling it into his mouth with a gentle tug. As he lavished the same attention on the other nipple, I felt moisture pooling between my legs. His lips moved back to mine and my hands took a trip of their own to lift his shirt and explore every sinewed muscle on his back and chest then down to every luscious ripple of his abs and around to his back again, under the elastic of the pajama bottoms and down over each taut curve of his ass. Oh, how I wanted to grab that ass as he plunged into me.

“Before I can finish that thought we both pulled apart and listened. Shit! The parents were home way earlier than expected. He swung me down from the counter and we both headed upstairs. He gave me one quick look of longing and regret and I blew him a kiss as we both ducked into our rooms. I headed straight for the shower. I couldn’t possibly have been almost fornicating with my almost brother if I was in the shower, right?”

That last sentence comes out in pants and moans because while I was describing Sam’s attention to my breasts, you’ve mimicked it with your hands. My nipples are standing fully at attention and I can feel moisture slowly leaking out of my pussy. Your hands move down to my thighs again and you spread my legs even wider.

You nibble my ear and whisper, “Keep going.” I can feel you rock hard against my back.

“Right, I quickly got dressed and to headed downstairs to find the parents, or at least my mom. We spent some time together in her garden picking herbs and planning some girl time.

“‘We’ll be gone until Wednesday, so we’ll have to plan something for next weekend. I hope that’s ok honey.’ Mom was explaining that they were going to series of an estate sales in Ohio and would be leaving early the next morning, which meant leaving Sam and I alone, blissfully alone.

“‘Yeah, sure mom, it’s fine. Why don’t we go get massages and mani-pedis next weekend. I’ll make the appointment while you’re gone.’ I said giving her a hug. ‘I’m gonna get some sun for a while before getting ready for dinner. What time’s the reservation?’

“‘Not til 6:00. Enjoy the afternoon honey. But be ready by 4:30, ok,’ she paused, absentmindedly staring at and wilting chamomile plant, ‘John wants to stop by the store.’

“‘Sure mom, love you.’ I kissed her on the cheek before turning toward the house.

“After changing into cutoffs and a low v-neck t-shirt layered over my skimpiest bikini, I grabbed a towel and some sunscreen, swung out my door and stopped halfway down the hall and knocked on Sam’s door.

“He opened the door a few inches saying, ‘Hey Red.’

“He looked uncomfortable and his face was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. ‘Uh, what’re you doing in there?’ I asked, curious.

“He pulled the door open wider to reveal his shirtless chest and a pair of shorts and I wondered if he knew the effect he had on me. ‘Push ups, sit ups, two cold showers. I’m not sure how I’m going to get through dinner tonight.” He looked a little desperate.

“‘I have and idea that might help you out. But for now, just come swimming with me.’ He looked at me like I was crazy. ‘C’mon it’ll be ok, you know how cold the parents keep the pool.’

“He sighed and just looked at me for a long time before saying, ‘Yeah, ok. I’ll meet you by the pool.’

“I went out and set up a couple of lounge chairs, grabbed a couple bottles of water and stripped down to my bathing suit. I was stretched out on my stomach by the time Sam joined me. I heard him groan and say ‘How is this helping?’

“I laughed him, enjoying his distress; the sheer nakedness of his need. I never felt more alive in my life. ‘It gets worse,’ I said, ‘I need you to sunscreen my back.’

“‘Why are you doing this to me?’ He asked as he took the sunscreen bottle I held out to him.

“‘Because driving you crazy is driving me crazy.’ I said as I laid my head down in my arms and enjoyed the feel of his hands rubbing the lotion into my skin. ‘And like I said, I have a plan.’

“‘A plan right.’ The cap on the sunscreen snapped shut and I heard him stretch out on his chaise. ‘You know I have to lay here face down, right? And it’s, uh…very uncomfortable.’

“I rolled over onto my back meeting his eyes as I went. I watched them get bigger as he took just how little I was wearing. I was torturing him and it was making me hot.

“‘You know they’re leaving on a road trip, right?’ I asked him, quietly; implications threaded heavily through my statement.

“‘No! When?’

“‘Early tomorrow morning, I think around 7:00. There’s a couple of auctions in Ohio. They won’t be back until Wednesday.’ I looked over at him, ‘We have three days all to ourselves.’

“‘Oh my god, you’re killing me.’ He groaned. ‘You’re making it worse.’

“‘A plan, remember. It’ll get better, I promise.’ I winked at him and called out to my mom, who was meandering up the path toward us, ‘Hey mom, would it be ok if I came with Sam to the restaurant? We want to go for a swim.’

“‘I guess that would be alright. Just make sure you’re there by 6:00.’ She called back on her way into the house. ‘I’m going to get cleaned up so we can leave. Six o’clock; don’t be late, ok?’

“‘Of course we’ll be there on time. It’s my birthday dinner after all.’ I smiled sweetly at her then turned and grinned at Sam. ‘Let’s go for a swim. Maybe the cold water will help you out until they leave.’

“We dove in and came up yelling. The water was so cold! We swam around for awhile, racing each other and just being silly. I think it gave Sam a little relief; until that is, I propped my elbows on the wall behind me and leaned back, jutting my chest out toward him.”

“You’re such a tease.” You say startling me out of my reverie. “You really tortured that poor kid. I almost feel bad for him.” Your hands are stroking my inner thighs just up to the crease where my legs meet my pussy but no further, making me squirm and almost ask you for relief.

But I don’t. I’m going to get this story out tonight if it’s the last thing I do.

“I told you, I’m not telling it half-assed. It’s all or nothing. Can I go on please?” I say this last part very nicely because you hands have tightened on the flesh of my thighs and the feeling is not altogether pleasant.

“Fine. Go on.” You say grudgingly.

“Where was I? Oh, in the pool, right.”

“Sam knelt down in the water in front of me and looked up at me. ‘So, how long ’til they leave?’

“I looked at the clock on the pool shed and said, ‘About half an hour. Can you wait that long?’

‘”Do I have a choice?’ The frustration on his face was too much.

“‘I’m getting out, this water is freezing!’ I said as I pulled myself up so I was sitting on the edge before getting up and heading toward my chaise. When I turned again, he was watching me. The look in his eyes made my stomach do flips. I had never seen naked lust before, but I was sure I was seeing it then.

“I turned away from him and began drying my legs, bending over to get my feet dry. I turned back toward him to dry my arms, shoulders and chest. At this point, I don’t believe the cold water wais having any effect on him. I fixed my chair so that I could sit up and watch him as he swam away from me in long measured strokes.

“After a few minutes of this, he exited the pool and stood over me shaking his head and spraying me with cold water to make me squeal. He sat down and we waited in silence for the parents to finally leave.

“Four-thirty on the nose they finally came out of the house. Mom yelled, ‘You better go in and get start getting ready, you only have an hour. Please don’t be late.’

“‘No problem mom, I’m going inside in just a few minutes.’ I called back. I held my breath until they finally drove away. Sam and I got up at the same time and practically ran into the house.

“Once we were inside and the sliding door was slammed shut, Sam picked me up, cradling me in his arms and kissed me in that wonderful passionate way of his. I could’ve stayed like that forever, his mouth locked onto mine. But he broke away and breathlessly asked, ‘Where to?’

“‘Your room.’

“‘My room? But you’ve probably got clean sheets and everything.’ He looked a little panicked.

“‘Right, I do and we’ll enjoy those tomorrow. Today, it’s your room. Don’t worry, we’re going to be on the bed, not in it. Besides, I want you to think of this every time you walk into your room.’ I whispered, kissing his neck and drinking in the flavor of his skin.

“He groaned, ‘My room it is.’ He carried me upstairs and pushed the door open with his foot and set me down on the bed and tumbling down after me, kissing me all the while. His hands were everywhere at once, warm and strong against my cool flesh. He untied my bikini top at the neck and pulled it down, gazing at the soft globes for a brief moment before covering them in kisses heating my skin with the warmth of his lips.

“My hands are caressed his back before sliding around to his chest pulling him up to meet my lips again allowing my hands to reach further down. Over the ripples of his abs down to the waistline of his bathing suit.

“‘Please,’ I gasped, ‘take this off.’

“He quickly complied and my hands were finally where they wanted to be. I dragged my nails over the soft flesh of his lower belly making the muscles jump as I continued downward to find the prize I sought. I wrapped my fingers around a hard rod of iron covered in the softest skin imaginable. I tightened my grip and slowly pumped my fist as I slithered down the bed until I was kneeling in front of him like novice at prayer.

“He was sitting up, watching me; waiting. I looked into his cool blue eyes as I pumped my fist again and reached out with the tip of my tongue to flick the sparkling drop of precum that sat like a jewel on the head of his cock. He sucked in his breath and I lovingly ran the flat of my tongue over the entire head, still looking up at him. I slid the tip into my warm, waiting mouth and watched him as he closed his eyes and rolled his head back with a moan. His hands were on either side of him gripping the bedspread in two fists.

“I thought to myself, ‘I love this.’ as I lowered my mouth down over his cock again as far as I could go. The more I did the easier it was. The wetter his cock got; the more cum I could taste. It was then that I knew I wanted everything he could give me, every delicious drop. My mind could only focus on one thing; getting to the creamy filling.”

You laugh, interrupting again. “Creamy filling, I like that.” You’ve moved just one finger to play with my clit. Rubbing in slow, sensuous circles.

But I am fully immersed in the memory and the pleasure only makes me think of Sam. I am back in his bedroom tasting him for the first time.

“I enveloped him in my mouth over and over again until I could get him all the way to the back of my throat. I worked a little bit faster only thinking of how much I wanted to make him come. His hand was lightly on the back of my head, more for the connection I think than for guidance, because he didn’t push me to go faster or try to change the rhythm. I loved the taste of him, the feeling of him filling my mouth and his next words made my pussy tighten and send a surge of pleasure through me. ‘Oh god, I’m gonna come. If you don’t stop, I’m gonna come in your mouth.’

“‘Mmmmm’ was all I could manage.

“‘Oh fuck, Red. That’s so good! That’s so good! Oh god here I come!’ I felt him tense a split second before the first wave of cum spilled into my mouth; then another and another. I swallowed as fast as I could, but there was so much it is spilled out of the corners of my mouth. He moved his hands to hold my head on either side as he held his cock in my mouth still coming saying over and over, ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!’ He looked down at me, boring into my eyes with his as I swallowed what seemed like gallons of his sweet, sticky cum.

“When he was finally spent, he slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me onto his lap. With one finger he scraped the cum from my chin and held it up in front of my mouth. I darted my tongue out and lick his finger clean before he leaned in and kissed me in the sweetest, softest way possible.

“When he pulled away his eyes were crinkled up with a smile as he said, ‘Good plan.’

“I smiled back, kissing him lightly on the lips and hopping off his lap, “Now we have to hurry to be ready in time!”

“‘We could share a shower and save water.’ he suggested with a leering grin.

“‘We’d never make it in time. Sorry, separate showers today.’ I escaped from his room laughing and sprinted down the hall.

“I showered, blasted my hair with a the hairdryer and applied my makeup quickly (although I did take a few extra minutes to play up my eyes)…..”

“Wait,” you interrupt yet again, “why the extra time on your eyes?”

“I wanted them to stand out.” I state simply, “So that all through dinner, when he looked into my eyes, he would think about how he stared into them while coming in my mouth.”

“See,” you remark, a little angrily, “You are a tease.”

“Don’t forget slut and whore.” I answer wearily.

“Don’t piss me off, little girl. Just get on with the story.” Your voice is gruff, but I can tell that telling this story is teasing you. And you’re enjoying it.

I pause for a moment enjoy it myself, then continue. “Fine. I put on a new dress which to my delight served my purpose perfectly. It was low enough to show some cleavage and short enough to show some leg, but not too much of either.

“I stopped at Sam’s room, but the door was open and it was empty. I found him waiting for me in the living room wearing a dress shirt and slacks and looking…..well, delicious.”

“I enjoyed his open mouthed stare as I sashayed down the stairs in my curve-hugging little black dress and heels high enough to really show off my legs.

“‘You look amazing, maybe we should skip the restaurant.’ His eyes were showing a hunger that was definitely not for food.

“‘No. I think I’d like to enjoy my birthday dinner, if you don’t mind.” I stopped as he placed my pashmina over my shoulders and turned slightly so I could casually mention, ‘Oh, by the way, I’m not wearing underwear.’ My dress didn’t allow for a bra so I thought the set should match. I felt really sexy and a little dangerous and I was having the time of my life.

“He sucked in his breath at this and muttered to himself the whole way to the car and for part of the ride. I just played with the radio and allowed the dress to slide up my legs a bit. I think I was playing with fire because he looked over at them so much, we almost wrecked twice.

“We joined the parents at our table and enjoyed a really delicious dinner and a lot of laughs which helped defuse the tension a bit. After enjoying coffee, we headed home where mom brought out a cake and a bottle of champagne she had stashed in the pantry. They sang, we ate, we toasted, I opened presents and that was pretty much it for the birthday celebration” I finished.

“Really? So what’d you get for your presents?” You asked and I had to think quickly because the last thing I wanted to tell you was that he ring on my right hand was from Sam. I never took it off. Never. It was a filigreed silver band inlaid with black onyx and a deep red ruby stone in the center. I was very afraid that if you knew, you’d take it or forbid me to wear it.

You’re hands were tightening on my thighs again so I said as casually as I could, “A ring and a pair of earrings,” I paused so you would hopefully think I was trying to remember, “Oh, and an mp3 player.”

You reacted as I hoped and assumed you knew who the mp3 player came from. “So, you’re precious Sam is a cheapskate.” I felt a little victory at that because I bought the mp3 player as a birthday present to myself. Looks like I can keep some things from you, if I try.

I wanted to swiftly move away from the topic so I said, “Yeah, I guess. Anyway, the parents went upstairs to get some sleep before their early morning drive while Sam cleaned up the mess and I poured what was left of the champagne.

“He sat in the chair next to me, lifted his glass and said, ‘To the prettiest 18 year old I’ve ever seen.’ He touched my glass and we both drank; his eyes not leaving mine. After a moment he said, ‘Can I ask you a personal question?’

“‘Of course.’

“‘Have you ever had an orgasm that you didn’t give yourself?’ He took in my confused look and continued, ‘I mean, has anyone else ever given you an orgasm?’

“‘Oh um,’ I was taken aback a little at this question but answered honestly, ‘No.’

“‘Then sweetie, have I got a birthday present for you.’ He said as he took my glass and set it aside before pulling me onto his lap. ‘I’m gonna make you feel so good.’

“He kissed me in that soft, urgent way of his that somehow gave and took at once. The desire that I had kept in check all night was finally released and I responded to his kiss with a fervor that matched his. He pulled me around to straddle him pushing my dress up and pressing me tightly to him so I could feel his erection straining against his pants. Such a thin piece of material separating my nakedness from the object of my desire. It was a heady feeling, I had never before felt wanting like this.

“His kiss slid from my lips to my ear and slowly down my neck while his hands slid the straps of my dress down over my shoulders. He leaned me back against the table and moved his hands to cup each breast before dipping his head to cover one nipple in luscious wet warmth that sent a wave a pleasure through my body. I could feel heat and moisture gathering in my pussy as I rocked against him making his pants damp. He moaned as he lavished attention on the other nipple and pulled me tighter against him.

“I wanted him in a way I had never imagined I could want anyone, but I had one last coherent thought in my head and I gave voice to it before I was beyond all sense, ‘Please, I don’t want to lose my virginity on the kitchen table.’ I said.

“He gave me a devilish grin and said, “That’s not what this is about.” He lifted me up off his lap and sat me down on the table pulling the chair behind him with his foot. Slipping one shoe off, he lifted my leg and placed it on his shoulder slowly kissing his way up but stopping just before reaching the apex of my thigh. He slipped the other shoe off and repeated the same torturously slow path up my other leg. He slid his chair forward as I tightened my legs around his neck.

“I had never felt so turned on in my life. I was completely open to him as his lips teased me dancing closer and closer to my now dripping pussy. I leaned back on my hands bracing myself just in time as he kissed lips that had never felt such pleasure before. My back arched involuntarily pushing me forward as his tongue slipped inside of me. He made a noise of satisfaction and buried his tongue deeper inside me making me squirm against him as I watched him drink in my juices like a man dying of thirst. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

“I dropped back to my elbows and threw my head back when he flicked his tongue across my clit before sucking gently on that sensitive bud. I pressed my lips together to stifle the moan that was rising in my throat. My elbows could no longer hold me up as he slipped his finger into my sopping wet pussy and I was now flat on my back with a hand over my mouth to keep me from crying out from the miraculous pleasure I was receiving.

“He added a second finger to the first and kicked his tongue into high gear as a storm built up inside me. Like thunder clouds gathering in the sky before the downpour, passion roiled through me before the tempest broke in a crescendo of pleasure. Both of my hands now stifled my rapturous cries as I loss nearly all control. I bucked against him and pulled my legs tighter. It was by far the strongest orgasm I had ever had and the tremors continued as he pulled his fingers out and slid them into his mouth before standing up and sliding my legs around his hips.

“My hands were still over my mouth and he smiled as he moved them in order to kiss me. ‘Happy Birthday.’ He whispered as he pressed against me, still rock hard, sending soft pleasurable waves through me.

“He pulled me up to a sitting position and kissed me tenderly knowing, instinctively it seemed, how overwhelmed I was by what I had just experienced. Gently, he pulled my dress back up and the straps over my shoulders before lifting me down from the table and leaning down to kiss me again.

“‘I want to come upstairs with you, but I don’t think I should. I won’t be able to leave you at your door.’ He said softly as he stroked my lips before bending down to retrieve my shoes, ‘I don’t know how I’ll get through the next seven hours.’

‘I know.’ I said as I took my shoes from him and stood on tiptoes to kiss him again before turning toward the stairs. ‘Try a cold shower.’ I suggested giggling as I mounted the stairs.

“I knew just how to spend my time. I took a long hot bath and reshaved everything I had already shaved, wondered what Sam was doing and fantasized about the coming day. Finally relaxed and tired enough to sleep, I crawled into bed. I slept lightly, however, and woke up the moment I heard the parents moving around. I got up and quickly brushed my teeth and freshened up before crawling back into bed to wait for the car to pull out and Sam to come to me. I worried that he would sleep too soundly and wouldn’t come to me when they left. Then I worried that he hadn’t slept a wink and would be too tired to come to me at all.

“The car doors slammed in quick succession jerking me out of me morose thoughts. I listened as the car started, pulled out of the driveway and drove away. My heart began to pound in earnest. Every second that ticked by seemed like an hour as I waited to hear Sam at the door. I had just closed my eyes in an attempt to calm myself when I heard a soft knock then the click of the door opening. I watched him come in and admired the view of him in just boxers as he crossed the room and slid into the bed next to me. We laid on our sides and looked at each other for a moment before he said, ‘Good morning, beautiful.’

“‘Good morning.’ I answered softly.

“He sensed my trepidation and said, ‘Don’t be scared, I won’t do anything until you’re ready. Ok?’ He reached out and playfully tugged a lock of my hair.

“‘I trust you.’ I said as I moved closer to him needing to feel his lips on mine again. Kissing him was like throwing a match onto dry tinder because flames burst forth and danced high once again. He was pleasantly surprised to find me already naked under the covers and pulled me close, pressing my breasts against him and deepening the kiss as my nipples raked across his bare flesh setting me afire.

“He pulled away briefly to take his boxers off then pulled me fully against him for a moment, pressing his warmth into me before rolling me onto my back. He balanced on one elbow and pulled a strand of hair from my face, smoothing it down as he stroked my cheek. As he leaned in and kissed me, I knew I had no reason to be scared, or even nervous. Sam would never hurt me.”

“What a great guy.” You interject sarcastically, still stroking my clit in long slow circles.

I ignore you and continue.

“I relaxed in his arms and gave myself over to his kisses, enjoying the feel of his tongue tangled in mine and the heat of his skin pressing against mine. His fingers caressed my skin following the curve of my waist, over my hip and back up again to stroke my breast. Every nerve ending was standing at attention, every touch heightened with pleasure.

“My fingers tangled themselves in his hair as I kissed his neck and filled my senses with his musk. I reveled in the taste of his skin. I felt an irrepressible need to share everything with him, to hold nothing back; and a need to take everything he would give of himself to me. My hands traveled up over his biceps before wandering down his back to caress the play of his muscles as they tensed and relaxed under my fingertips.

“Sam’s head dipped down to capture my lips once more as his hand traveled down over my breast gently rolling the nipple between his fingers sending a surge of pleasure through my body. His lips tasted sweeter than anything I had ever had and his touch was burning through my skin. He trailed his hand lightly down my belly setting off a flight of butterflies before reaching down to stroke my thighs and nudge them open to his exploring fingers. He cupped his hand over me warming me and I involuntarily ground my sex against it. I spread my legs wider and he stroked a finger over my lips before sliding it into the slickness of that tight, wet hole. A moan escaped my lips as he probed further, my muscles automatically tightening around the invading digit.

“‘Oh honey, you’re really tight.’ he whispered hoarsely as he pulled his finger up and rubbed the juices on my lips before kissing me again. I tasted myself keenly blended with the sweet taste of him and I felt the moisture pooling between my legs. He slide his finger back into me saying, ‘I need another taste.’ I had just taken his rock hard cock in my hand when he pulled away from me earning a cry of protest.

“‘It’s ok sweetheart.’ he said as he turned his body around so his head was in my lap and mine was face to face with the object of my desire. He pulled me onto my side and bent my top leg at the knee before burying his face in my pussy as I nearly simultaneously did the same to him. I hungrily took him into my mouth gaining a muffled moan of pleasure from him. He buried two fingers into me and sucked hard on my clit making me grind my pussy into his face. I pulled him further into my mouth trying to swallow him whole. He put his tongue to work and before I knew it, I was coming and I had to pull my mouth away from him to cry out euphorically. I delighting in the knowledge that I didn’t have to be quiet this time.

“He kissed me there once again before pulling himself face to face with me again. He held himself over me and I bent my legs and spread them wide in invitation. He pushed gently into me as he leaned down to kiss me, my essence full upon his lips. I pulled one leg up and hooked it over his back forcing him in a little deeper. He pushed until he met that barrier the marked my virginity.

“‘This will hurt. I’m sorry, but it will.’ He said, looking into my eyes to make sure I understood that he had no wish to cause me pain. ‘I’ll do it fast so that it’s over quick ok, it won’t last long,’ he smiled at the confusion on my face and added, ‘I mean that the pain won’t last long. Ok?’

“‘Ok.’ I said as kissed me and thrust hard into me. He muffled my cry of pain with his lips. His mouth moved to my ear and he whispered, ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.’ He held himself inside me for a almost a minute kissing me while my body adjusted to his size, stretching and welcoming him into me. I pulled my other leg up and pulled them back toward my shoulders forcing him even further into me. The pain had subsided and, determined to get my earlier wish, I ran my hands down his back to grab the perfect taut curves of his ass and pulled him deeper into me.

“He rocked his hips and thrust into me as I tilted my own back inviting him even deeper with each thrust. I never felt anything like this before, he felt so good; no, good isn’t the word, he felt glorious.

“He pulled his head back to meet my eyes, ‘You feel so good baby, you are so damn tight.’

“I hadn’t even realized I had begun to moan with the pleasure he was giving me, a wordless commentary on how good he was making me feel. I could only say his name and ‘yes’ over and over with any coherency. The storm I had felt building in me yesterday was only a rainshower compared to what was gathering inside of me now.

“He was watching intently the first time the storm broke over me, raining pleasure over every inch of my body beginning deep inside my pussy, no deep inside ME. It was soul shaking and it spread from that one pinpoint like beams of light radiating out from some internal sun. He watched my face and heard me call out to him before kissing me hard and holding himself inside me as I climaxed around him. Then moaning his pleasure, he thrust harder and faster toward his own climax his head down beside mine. I began whispering in his ear now, “Yes, Sam, yes! Come for me now, come inside me baby.”

“And as he chased his own orgasm, I realized that I was galloping toward the finish line with him. That exquisite wave of torture was building up inside me again and somehow, I managed to gain my blessed relief from it at the same moment he did. I watched ecstasy flit over his features as he thrust into me, my own orgasm exploding in response. My pussy tightened into a death grip around that hard iron rod and at that moment, it was I who was holding him; it was I who kept him there, savoring the warmth of his cum filling me and pushing me to overlapping orgasms that seemed to go on forever.

“He was kissing me as I came back to Earth; kissing me as he took his weight off me and rolled to the side taking me with him. We were back to our original positions lying on our sides facing each other, joined at the lips and pressed up against each other desperately trying to catch our breath.

“He broke away and stroked my hair out of my face still breathing a hard, he simply said, ‘Wow.’ I could only nod in agreement, but wow was an understatement.

“He rolled onto his back and pulled me into his arms where I lay my head on his chest. I was so comfortable, I didn’t even contemplate the fact that I was no longer a virgin. I just listened to Sam’s rhythmic breathing as I fell into a deep sleep.”

“The End,” I said with finality, wanting only to lock this story back up again.

“Bullshit.” You say gruffly, “You were together for 3 days, there’s more to the story.”

“I promised you the story of losing my virginity, not my entire sexual history.” I protested hotly.

“I want the rest of it.” You said, your voice low and threatening.

Fully aware that I would pay for it, I pulled my courage together and simply said, “No.”

I think you were a little stunned at my defiance because you were quiet for a moment before answering dangerously, “Fine.” That one word and the way it was spoken struck me with terror. I had good cause to be afraid too, because you abruptly push me forward and say, “I’ll take it out of your ass then.”

I began to fight in earnest then, but it was useless, you easily overpower me grabbing me by the hair and pushing me onto my stomach. You let go of my hair and pull my arm painfully behind me pushing me onto my face as you forced my legs apart. I hear you spit then feel your finger being painfully forced into my ass. Then it was two fingers preparing my ass for the assault that came only a moment later.

You spit again, then press your cock against my ass for a second before ramming it home. I cried out in pain as you leaned into me driving even deeper. I fight until you press my head into the bed, suffocating me. I pushed against the bed with my hands in vain before reaching back to scratch and claw your arms. You jerked my head up painfully by the hair and leaned forward to say in my ear, “No? Did you say ‘no’ to me you stupid cunt? This is what ‘no’ gets you.” You let go of my hair and grab me by the hips thrusting painfully into that tight hole again and again.

You suddenly pull out and flip me over to straddle my chest trapping my hands beneath your legs and place one of your very large hands painfully on my throat saying, “Open your mouth, cunt.”

Under the mask, my eyes are wide and wet with tears and I foolishly do not comply immediately. Your hand tightens painfully around my throat and my mouth opens in a desperate attempt to breathe. I’m squirming futilely and I’m convinced I’m going to die, now that I’ve pushed you too far at last, but you let up enough for me to suck in a huge breath just as you shoot your cum into my open mouth. I’m choking now on this viscous liquid still squirming, trying to move you off my chest. I’m turning my head from side to side coughing and choking. You just keep on coming, on my face and in my hair.

When you are finally done, you get off me and haul me up by my hair so my cum-soaked face is only inches from yours and say, “Don’t you ever say ‘no’ to me again. Don’t ever fucking say ‘no’!” You toss me back onto the bed and get up. I hear you something open and close, then your footsteps return. You sit back down on the bed and say, “When I tell you to do something, you do it. When I tell you not to do something, you don’t do it. Got it?”

I nod, terrified beyond speech as you continue, “You belong to me, my property, mine! Don’t fucking forget that.”

I sit quietly as you do something I can’t identify by sound. I am scared and I’m convinced I’m sitting on the bed next to a psychopath, but something has snapped inside me. Where there was once resignation to my fate, there was now a spark of rebellion within me. It was telling you the story of Sam and I that did it. Remembering those magical days with him and what we said to each other on Wednesday morning while waiting for the parents to return made me realize what I had to do. If I made it out of here alive, I was going to do it.

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