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The Daddy-Dom is about security, not age. Though the names are changed, this is a hopeful, heartfelt outpouring of what I hope will happen when Daddy finally gets here. It’s a rarity that I write about something that is less than out-there-fantasy and I love this story. I hope you do too.


The pain from bite on her throat zipped down her spinal cord like an electric jolt and vibrated over her clit. Arousal clenched all the wee muscles in her core as fluid gushed. She lowered herself even further on his huge cock, stretching her ass wider. The sting of the bite drowned the fiery burn of little used muscles being pushed past their limits. Her head dropped back as she fought to maintain control of her body and let herself adjust to his girth.

It was the third time in eight hours he’d been inside her.

The first time…

Jessica opened the door to see him standing there, filling the entire doorway. Seven years had passed since their last encounter. Matching grins creased their faces a split second before she’d launched herself at him. She kissed him until she could feel his entire ten and a half inch cock pressed against her belly, hard as a rock. They’d barely gotten the door closed and locked before she was tearing at his clothes.

Steve decided to remind her who was in charge. He tossed her up against the wall and slid one hand down her body, his other holding her lightly by her throat. Her fingers stilled then dropped to her hips to help him push the capris and panties down. His hand dipped between her legs and slid through the slickness of her to find her heated core. He groaned into her mouth as he found her soaked and ready.

Her clothes slid to her ankles and she stepped out of them as he dragged her to the couch and pushed her face first over the back of it. Steve pulled himself free of his jeans, kicked her ankles apart and eased his way into her. Jessica writhed as her body, tight and closed after years of nothing but slim dildos, spread open with difficulty to accept a cock that was almost as fat as a pop can.

Finally he was buried inside of her. Both of them shuddered as he stopped and stood there a moment. She knew then, with absolute certainty that he was her One, that there’d never truly been anyone else. He knew it too; this was where he belonged, with this girl wrapping him up in her love.

He grinned and slapped her ass, enjoying the ripples as her flesh moved under the impact and a red imprint of his hand formed. “Hello, my lover, I’m Home.”

Jessica could hear the capital H in his voice and she grinned as she folded her arms to support her head on the seat of the fluffy, slightly overstuffed couch. “Hi Daddy.” She tightened her muscles around his cock and was rewarded with a moan.

“Naughty girl.” He slapped her again and pulled back, almost all the way out. Then he slid back in, grinding his teeth to keep from driving into her with this second stroke. He was almost buried in her again when she whimpered and wriggled, teasing every inch of him with that slick heat gripping him so tightly. He was buried once more and inching back out, his fingers digging into her hips so hard his nail beds were white, when she made the I’m-going-to-cum noise and her pussy flooded with hot juices.

“Oh no, not yet. You don’t cum until I say so.” He pulled out then slammed in hard.

Jessica whimpered at his words. “Yes Daddy.” He bottomed out when he slide home and she yelped. The sharp pain dissolved the moment he moved again. He started fucking her with short strokes, using half his cock, in order to rub the crown against her g-spot over and over. She writhed, the fingers of one hand going to her clit.

Steve drove home then stopped moving and bent over her. He wrapped one hand around her throat and pulled her head up. As he savaged her mouth with a searing kiss he braced himself with the other hand and moved his hips again. Small but strong strokes pounded her. He swallowed her cries of pleasure for a moment then decided he wanted to hear them.

He stood, gripped her hip with one hand and the opposite shoulder with the other and fucked her hard. When he could feel his balls start to tighten up he ground his teeth to hold on to his control and spoke through them. “Cum Jessica, cum all over my cock. Now!”

At his words, Jessica released the iron grip she’d had on her orgasm and growled. Her pussy gripped him tight as she pinched her clit and revelled in all that was her Daddy. The first orgasm crashed through her, ripping down walls and blowing up her defences. She sobbed as the second one washed through in a healing wave.

The third took Steve by surprise. Her body bucked back against him and he lost control and roared as his orgasm was torn from him. It pulsed through his cock, splashing her insides with wave after wave of cum. Their fluids slthered down her legs as they both dropped forward over the back of the couch. When Steve realized he was crushing his girl he stood up and slid out of her. Their pleasure gushed from her, splashing her inner thighs and dripping on the floor.

Jessica giggled. “Hi Daddy.”

“Hello Jess-i-ca.” Steve drawled out her name in the way that made her grin. “Don’t suppose you have lunch ready?” He helped her stand, catching her when her legs wobbled.

“Almost, just have to cook the chicken.” She made a little face as the cum began to dry. “May I clean up first, please?”

Steve considered the matter; he liked his pleasure dripping from her. He also wanted her naked but hot oil splatter on breasts didn’t work anymore than trails of cum on the floor. “You may, little honey, but you had better only put a t-shirt on.”

“Yes Daddy.” She hurried off as fast as the wobbly legs could take her and disappeared into the bathroom.

Steve sat on the couch, his cock limp against his jeans. He wriggled out of them and decided to wash up as soon as she was done. He looked around her apartment, nodding at the pale yellow walls, smiling at the pictures of her family all over the place. He got up to look at the oil paintings then studied the huge library of movies. When he heard the bathroom door open he turned just in time to see a flash of pale flesh.

Jessica put on a soft cotton sleep shirt, one that just barely covered her ass, then hurried into the kitchen. She pulled the marinating chicken out and heated the oil in the pan. While she was cooking she lost herself in the feelings of her pussy twitching as it tried to come to terms with the size of her Daddy’s cock. Even this long after, she was still feeling the stretch.

Steve came back out to find her standing over the stove, feet apart, slightly wider than her shoulders, metal tongs in one hand as she turned the chicken breasts. He admired the long length of her legs. His girl was tall, at almost 5’9″ but she was still small to him. He loved the bit of weight life, children and age had put on her. He liked the small lines around her eyes, the laugh lines at her mouth. He adored the strands of silver in her hair. She was his and to him she was perfect in all her complications and curves.

Jessica studied the big man while they ate. He’d started shaving his head a few years before their reunion and she liked it. She’d never known him with a lot of hair anyway. He was sitting there shirtless and she wanted nothing more than to rub her face on his furry chest. Her big bear of a Daddy towered over her at 6’7″ and she loved it. She felt small and safe. He was sixteen years older than her and that’s one reason he was Daddy. The other was that he’d always taken care of her. It was as simple as that. She didn’t need to regress to be his little girl, it was just fact and as natural as breathing. To her, he was perfect.

“Do you want to take a nap when we’re done, Daddy?”

“Yes, I think so. That last drive was a long one.” He took a drink of the ice water and studied his empty plate. “This was very good, honey. Thank you for cooking for me.” He’d watched her set the table, placing each piece just so on the place mats she’d purchased in Niagara Falls. He’d been astounded when she had put his drink and plate on a tray, stripped her shirt and picked up the tray.

His little girl had knelt beside him and set the tray on the floor to her right. She’d spread her thighs and straightened her back then picked up his drink. She’d pressed the glass lightly to her core, shivering at the chill, then slid it up her body to her heart where she’d paused, closed her eyes and said something under her breath. He had watched as she lifted the glass to her mouth and kissed the rim before lifting it to him, one hand under the base as the other held it steady.

“Your drink Daddy,” she’d said, “may it refresh you and slake the thirst acquired on your journey.” She’d held it there until he took it. Then she had picked up his plate and lifted it over her head too. “Your lunch. Your girl hopes it eases your hunger and that it pleases your tongue as much as it pleased me to cook it for you.”

Again she’d held the object until he took it from her. Then she had stayed there on her knees until he told her to get up. Only then did she put her shirt back on and sit down to eat her lunch.

Afterwards, she cleared the table and started the dishes. He watched her for a long moment, thinking, then his eyes strayed down her legs and back up again, lingering at the frayed hem of the tee as it brushed against her with every movement.

Unbelievably, he felt his cock harden again.

The second time…

Jessica squeaked as she was snatched from behind. Arms locked around her waist and a hard cock pressed into her back. His huge hands cupped her heavy breasts as she watched. She was amazed how her double-Ds turned into itty bitty titties in his hands. Then he pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger and she forgot to think anymore. Her head dropped back against his chest and she twisted it slightly, offering her mouth for his kisses as she blindly reached out to turn the water off.

She was gratified when he took her mouth hard. His tongue plundered her mouth and she sucked on it. He groaned and the sound filled her with a smug, heady arousal; she knew that only she made him this hot, that it’d always been her, just as he’d always been the only one for her. The Goddess knew she’d tried to forget him, he was out of her reach, but something would always bring him to mind within days of her managing to put him in a closet in her mind. It would always take weeks to get him back into that closet again, sometimes months.

Jessica turned in his arms and slid her hands over his chest. One hand curled around the back of his neck while the other slipped down his belly until she could wrap her fingers around his cock. He was hard, ready for her, and by the rasp of his breathing, he wanted to be in her just as much as she wanted him in her.

Both hands went behind her and she hopped up onto the counter, breaking the kiss. She stared at him with dark, heavy-lidded eyes, revelling in the look of love and lust on his face, and wrapped her legs around his waist. She locked her ankles and pulled him close. He wrapped one big hand around his erection and guided it into her. Then he drove in deep so hard she slammed into the cupboards with first her shoulders then her head.

Steve reached up and cradled her head in one hand as he bent to nibble her ear. She tightened her legs around his waist and rocked her hips towards him. Jessica gloried in the groan of need she got from him then gasped in the next breath as he pulled out and slammed into her again.

Once again she turned her mouth up, offering it to him. As she kissed him and he kissed her she had a fleeting thought about the strange duet they had going on. They were fucking each other hard with their bodies but they made love with their mouths. All the years they’d loved each other were poured into that kiss. They stole each other’s breath and gave it back over and over. They melted into each other, one heart, one mind, one soul.

As his hips moved like pistons, fucking her as hard as he could, the cupboard doors banged and punctuated each stroke. Jessica was sure that she was going to end up with bruises across her shoulder blades but she simply didn’t give a damn. She fucked him back as hard as she was able. Her nails dragged up his back as her first orgasm hit, marking him as hers. She screamed into his mouth and he laughed in delight, tearing his mouth from her so he could watch her face.

Jessica forced her eyes open so she could watch him as his pleasure peaked. He dropped his hands to her hips and thrust harder as his balls tightened again and the orgasm was torn from some place deep inside him. Her head hit the cupboard again as he slammed into her one last time. She didn’t care. She watched him cum, each pulse of his orgasm triggering another one of hers and wringing cries from her throat.

He rested his forehead on the cupboard door, so close she could feel his breath on her neck. She stroked his sweaty body with her fingertips.

“This moment, right now, right here, this is what all the mistakes I’ve made, everything we’ve been through as led to. This is where I belong.”

Steve lifted his head and searched her face for the truth of her words. When he found it he smiled and stepped back, pulling from her reluctantly and dragging a gasp from both of them.

“Well, little girl, I’m home now. The past is done and gone.” He held his hand out to her and led her to the bedroom. Which in turn led to…

The third time…

The bite on her throat zipped down her spinal cord like an electric jolt and vibrated over her clit. Arousal clenched all the wee muscles in her core as fluid gushed. She lowered herself even further on his huge cock, stretching her ass wider. The sting of the bite drowned the fiery burn of little used muscles being pushed past their limits. Her head dropped back as she fought to maintain control of her body and let herself adjust to his girth.

Steve left a mark on her throat to match the ones on her breasts. He groaned. “Baby, I don’t know how much more I can take. You’re too tight.”

Jessica was barely able to speak. They’d gotten to this point after hours of petting that moved into light bondage that graduated into spanking that became experimenting with her canes. She was deep in subspace and barely coherent. She was open, pliant and willing to do anything to please him. She forced the words from her mind to her lips as she lowered herself further. “Please Daddy…just a little more.”

Steve surprised himself with the growl that formed deep in his chest. He had a primal urge to force her down over his cock. His fingers dug into her, one hand in her hair, tightening until she gasped in pain. The other hand gripped her hip hard enough to leave bruises. “Come on baby.” This was new to him too, no woman had ever been …he didn’t know… brave enough before. She was so tight around him he felt like she was milking him.

Jessica was all about the sensations. The tearing pain as he pulled her hair allowed her to drop another inch and it just fuelled her arousal. His fingers in her hip were a mark of possession to the mind so far gone with her need to serve and be pleasing. It too fuelled her arousal. The growl almost made her cum. The headspace she was in was animal, primitive. She opened her eyes and stared at him as she relaxed her thighs and dropped down on him until she was settled deep in his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist, his cock buried to the hilt in her ass.

Both of them shuddered in reaction. He released her hair and put his hand on her chest, pushing her back until she was braced on her arms. He ran his hand down the middle of her body until he brushed his thumb over her clit. She gasped and jerked then decided she liked that feeling and moved her hips. Steve reached for the little pocket rocket and turned it on.

With one hand splayed over her pelvis, guiding her even as he let her set the rhythm, he held her in place. With the other one he pressed the vibrator to her, just above her clit. Her instant response gratified him. Her back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her rhythm faltered. He groaned as her ass tightened on his cock, nearly losing control. He needed one more thing from her.

“Cum for me little girl.” He pressed the vibe directly to her clit and rolled it back and forth a little. She reacted immediately. A long wordless wail burst from her as he forced an orgasm from her. Fluids gushed over his pelvis as she rode his cock, her ass tightening around him over and over. He ground his teeth together and tried to get one more from her before he let go.

It almost worked. Steve rolled the vibe over her clit one more time and as she bucked, screaming, his orgasm was ripped from him. With each throb, she came again. His lap was soaked by the time he dragged his hand away from her. He caught her just before she tumbled backwards. Cradling her against his chest he rolled them onto his back, gratified when she moved her legs, leaving his cock buried in her until it softened.

Jessica stirred just enough to say, “Welcome home Daddy.”

My Jacob,

I knew that you would not understand my decision so I never confided in you. You would have tried to stop this and you’d probably have succeeded, but it would only be preventing the inevitable and this is just something that I have to do. Sometimes it feels as if even breathing is a chore to me and now that I have made my decision, I can only feel a sense of relief that I have finally found a path towards peace.

I know you thought that I was stronger than this and for that I am truly sorry. You did your best to help me — please don’t ever doubt that. I don’t think I ever told you how important you were to me but I hope you knew anyway. Sometimes I acted as if our friendship didn’t mean the world to me, when it was in fact one of the greatest things in my life. You were the only person I felt I could talk to over the last few months. You kept me holding on just that little bit longer. Please don’t hate me for this.

I love you, Jake.

Sandy xxx

I folded the letter and gently placed it back into my wallet. I didn’t need to read the thing to remember what it said. The words were ingrained in my mind so that I could never forget them, even if I had wanted to. The tragic suicide of my best friend Sandy at the tender age of 22 still crippled me with grief, even 12 months later. As I sat at her graveside on the first year anniversary of that fateful day in which I found her unconscious at her desk, I kept thinking about what might have happened if I had left college early that particular day. But I had been too late. Would Sandy still be alive if I hadn’t stopped by at Starbucks on the way home from a full day of lectures?

Sandy had been everything to me; I’d met her when we were both 14 years old and we’d become best friends instantly. She spent most of her time with me rather than going home to her abusive step-father and an absent alcoholic mother, and then we had left for college together. Sandy had been my roommate, my best friend, and perhaps the most important person in my life with the exception of my mother. Sandy’s life had been difficult but she had projected the image of being such a strong and independent young lady to the rest of the world. She could be herself with me, and I knew better than anyone how sad and alone she felt sometimes. I’d spent many hours comforting her or sleeping beside her when she didn’t want to be alone.

I leaned forward to rearrange the flowers against her headstone. I tried to shake off the memories of her downward spiral towards suicide and instead replayed the good times, memories that I had spent the past year trying to bury because it was too painful to know that those good memories were now all I had left. I recalled my 18th birthday when I came out to her. She had rolled her eyes and told me that she already knew, saying that she’d be more than willing to go to the local gay bar with me to help me find a guy who would take my cherry. I had blushed profusely and slapped the back of her head playfully before bursting into laughter.

I remembered the day when I introduced Sandy to my first boyfriend Jon. She’d not liked him very much but she’d been nice for my sake. She was the first person I called when he dumped me for some college football player. Sandy and I spent the evening eating ice-cream and watching bad horror movies until the early hours of the morning when I passed out in front of the TV.

I laughed out loud as I remembered when the two of us had started hunting for an apartment together in our second year of college and our current landlady had assumed we were partners. Sandy decided to go along with it, slapping my backside and calling me ‘baby’ and ‘honey’ at the end of every sentence. I had been so embarrassed but she had found it hilarious. She had also enjoyed embarrassing me.

Sandy would have been disappointed with the way my life had turned out since she had left me. I had been almost as dependent on our relationship as she had been. Without her I fell into the dull and repetitive pattern of college, eat, sleep, college, eat, sleep until graduation and then into a similar pattern of work, eat, sleep. My social life was now non-existent and I’d fallen out of touch with my college buddies. I rarely spoke to my mother — a brief phone call every couple of weeks simply to let her know that I was okay — and I never visited her. I still lived in the apartment that Sandy and I had rented together, paying the rent on my own with an empty room that I was too afraid to enter. Her step-dad Dirk had taken her stuff — probably binned it all too or sold it for drug money — and all I had left of her was a photo album that I had taken before Dirk had turned up, plus her sketchbooks. I should probably have advertised for a new roommate but it just didn’t seem right.

What really bugged me was my lack of tears. My life had fallen to shit in the last year but I hadn’t cried once. Maybe a tear or two at the funeral but nothing more. Surely that couldn’t be normal. What kind of person couldn’t even cry over the death of their best friend?

It was starting to get dark and the sound of the church bells woke me from my thoughts. I stood and brushed the grass off of my trousers before heading out through the rusty gates, turning left to head back to my apartment. I passed a bar on the way. I don’t know what compelled me to stop but I paused outside. I hadn’t been in there often but Sandy and I had been there a couple of times and she had always quite liked it. I peered through the window for a moment and then headed inside. A couple of drinks might do me some good, I thought.

I took a look around as I entered. The place wasn’t too busy, but there was still a steady crowd. I pulled my wallet out from my pocket to check how much cash I had on me. It was enough for a couple of drinks, at least. I ordered a double vodka and coke and sat down at the bar. I felt overdressed; I’d headed to the graveyard straight after work and so I was still in my black slacks, white shirt and navy tie. I took a look at myself in the mirror behind the bar. I looked tired too. My black hair was sticking up all over the place and I had slight bags under my eyes. I used to pride myself on my looks but I had definitely let myself go in the last several months.

“Cheer up, Sunshine.”

I looked up as a guy sat down on the stall next to me and shot me a grin. I took a second to appreciate how stunning he was before looking away and taking a swig of my drink.

“Scott.” He held his hand out towards me. I hesitated before putting down my drink and shaking it. Gosh, he was beautiful. For a brief moment I thought that I recognised him. His smile, those eyes, that gorgeous chocolate brown hair. He seemed so familiar. Had we met before?

“Jake.” I offered, before releasing his hand and looking back down at my drink.

“Yeah, I know who you are.” He laughed at my incredulous expression. “American history with Professor Lewis?” There was an awkward pause where I tried to place him, then nodded. “Don’t worry, I don’t think we ever really spoke to each other. You were always glued to that blonde chick’s hip. It’s been a while though, I wasn’t sure if it was you at first.”

I reeled at the casual mention of Sandy and simply nodded. I did remember him, although not too well. He’d not been part of my crowd and I hadn’t gone out of my way to talk to many of my classmates.

“So, how’s life treating you?”

I wondered why Scott was sitting here trying to make conversation with me. Now that I could place him, I couldn’t remember a single time when he’d spoken to me in class with anything more than a brief “hey” or a quick nod of the head. In fact, I was surprised he knew who I was at all. I’m not rude, though, so I put on my best smile and responded with a shrug.

“Oh, you know. Same old, same old. Work’s keeping me pretty busy.” He looked like he expected me to say more, so I continued. “I work over at the big law firm Smith & Sons around the corner from campus. It’s not really as good as it sounds though, mainly just proofreading documents and stuff. How about you?”

“Cool, man. I don’t work too far from there, actually — I’m working over at the museum.” I nodded. The only museum in this town was less than a ten minute walk from the offices of Smiths & Sons. “It’s not the best job I guess, but I’m hopefully up for a promotion soon.” He paused. “Still playing football?”

I was shocked by how much this guy remembered about me. I hadn’t played football on the college team, but I’d played at weekends with a bunch of friends. I’d never been any good but it had been a lot of fun. I felt slightly guilty that I remembered very little about Scott other than that he had always sat a few rows behind me in our American history lectures. How had I failed to notice him before? How had I been so oblivious to his striking good looks and those beautiful dark eyes, the kind that you could lose yourself in?

Scott ordered himself a beer, buying one for me, and I thanked him. We began to engage in small talk. I’d have called it ‘catching-up,’ but we hadn’t known each other well enough beforehand for that. It was nice to have the company, and I quickly learned that Scott was extremely funny and very smart. Good looks and intelligence? Some people got all the luck.

“So, are you still seeing that blonde girl from college? Sally, was it?”

I tensed at the question. A lot of people had assumed that Sandy and I had been an item, although it wasn’t deliberate on our part. I had never hidden my sexuality from anyone, but to passers-by and people who didn’t know us, I suppose we must have looked like a couple. It sounded like Scott had not heard the news of Sandy’s suicide, either.

“No, I’m not with Sandy. We were just friends, anyway.” I tried to keep my voice neutral.

“Oh. Okay. Sorry, dude.” He must have sensed that it was a sore topic, although I assumed for the wrong reasons. I had loved Sandy, but I hadn’t been in love with her. She had been like a sister to me.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. Actually, I’m gay.” I had no idea why I told him this, it just came out (no pun intended). I guess I had been so keen to change the subject that I had said the first thing that popped into my head. Unfortunately the first thing to pop into my head had clearly been the subject of my sexuality. My insides clenched as I waited for Scott’s reaction.

Scott was quiet. I wondered if he was trying to plan his escape, perhaps debating the best way to leave without being too rude. Or perhaps he didn’t care about appearing rude and just wanted to get away from me as quickly as possible. The wide grin he sent my way threw me off a little and made me lose my train of thought.

“In that case, do you fancy going out for dinner some time?”

Well, that was unexpected.

“Um, sure.” As was that.

Scott smiled again. God, his smile was breathtaking. I started to feel aroused and shuffled in my seat nervously.

“Cool, man.” He downed the last of his beer and slammed the bottle down onto the bar before speaking again. “Well I have to get going, but can I get your number?”

I nodded and leaned across the bar to ask the barmaid for a pen. I jotted my number down on a beer mat and handed it over. Scott grabbed the pen from my hand and scrawled his own number onto another beer mat before leaned towards me to slide it into my shirt pocket, where his hand lingered gently for a moment. I gasped at the contact then blushed furiously. He was so close that I could feel his warm breath against my face. I was embarrassingly turned on.

“I’ll call you.” He pulled away from me and winked. He was gone before I even had a chance to react.

I finished my drink and then headed home. Scott was on my mind the entire time. I couldn’t stop picturing that astounding smile of his, those gorgeous full lips and that tall, muscled body. I’d always had a thing for taller, more muscular men. I stood at an average 5″10 and Scott had to be at least 6″3. I wouldn’t have said that I was skinny and I certainly had muscles — I used to work out on a daily basis — but it was clear that Scott was way more defined than I was. I shuddered as I remembered how good it had felt to have him lean in so close to me.

It wasn’t until I got back to my tiny third floor apartment before I remembered the reason I had been out late in the first place. My feelings of lust were suddenly replaced with guilt.


I didn’t hear from Scott the next day. I spent my Saturday tidying the apartment and then going for a run. I ordered pizza and ate alone, drinking cheap beer and watching Star Trek reruns on the television. I briefly considered heading out to a bar or club, but what was the point when I would be on my own? I could call one of my college buddies and invite them out but I suspected that they’d given up on me by now. I could phone Bill, one of my work colleagues, but I suspected that he’d be spending the evening with his pregnant fiancé and wouldn’t be particularly keen on the idea of going out drinking with me. I looked across my small living room at the beer mat which was sitting next to the phone. I could always call Scott but I was sure he’d be busy on a Saturday night. Besides, he’d said he would call me and I didn’t want to seem desperate. I headed to bed early.

I was lying in bed on Sunday morning, debating whether it was worth getting up and trying to decide what I needed to do. I thought I should probably head over to the gym since I was still paying for a membership that I barely used. I desperately needed to head over to the laundromat before I ran out of clean work clothes. My fridge needed cleaning out too, and I’d have to head to the store at some point. I sighed and looking over at the alarm clock. 8am. Perhaps another few hours of sleep….

I was woken up by the sound of my phone vibrating along the nightstand. I turned to take a quick look at the alarm clock. 11:15 am. Shit. I reached out for my phone and flipped it open, bringing it to my ear.

“What?” I answered groggily.

“Hey, Jake. It’s Scott.” He sounded amused. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“Oh, err, I mean, hi, Scott…” I could barely construct a sentence. Smooth. “No, I was awake. Well, I was earlier. I… fell back to sleep.” I felt like slapping myself. Just stop talking Jake, I thought.

Scott let out a small chuckle. “Well I was just calling to ask if you fancied going out to dinner tomorrow night?”

I sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. “Yeah, sure. Where did you have in mind?” Phew, my power of speech had returned.

“Well there’s this great little place a few blocks over from my apartment. I could pick you up at your place at 6? That’s if you’ll be up then?” He joked.

“Ha ha,” I mocked, “but yeah, that sounds good.” I gave him the address to my apartment and then we said our goodbyes. I instantly felt nervous about our date, but hopeful too.

I dragged myself out of bed and headed over to the bathroom. I glanced towards the closed door that led to Sandy’s room. I paused outside it, tentatively reaching for the handle and opening the door a crack. I didn’t go in there often and the room was empty. I supposed I could use the space as a guest room or for storage, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Sometimes I considered moving somewhere else, somewhere where I wasn’t haunted by the loss of Sandy, but I didn’t think that I could do that either. Besides, I knew that the loss of Sandy would stay with me no matter where I lived.

I briefly let myself remember the day we had moved into this place and how excited we had been. Sandy had dashed into this room to claim it as hers despite it being the smaller of the two bedrooms. She claimed she wanted it for the view but all you could see from the window was a dodgy looking alley, a bus stop and the apartment buildings across the street that mirrored our own. I found out pretty quickly that the real reason was because she didn’t have that much stuff — her step-dad Dirk hadn’t allowed her to take much from home when she’d left for college so all she’d had was her clothes, her art supplies and a few CDs — and she’d felt that this would have been more obvious in a bigger room. Naturally, I’d never been over to her place when she’d lived with her step-dad, and her roommate during the first year of college was so messy that it had been hard to decipher what belonged to whom. I was offended that Sandy had thought it would matter to me though and we had even argued about it. In the end I’d given her the ‘what’s mine is yours now’ speech and we’d made up.

I remembered the times that I had slept in here, just holding Sandy in my arms. Sometimes she’d have bad dreams and I’d stay with her because she said that she needed to know that someone was there to keep her safe. Sandy had been so petite that at first I was scared I’d break her but we got into something of a routine when I stayed with her, and I’d pull her against my chest and she’d sleep with her head resting on my shoulder and my arms wrapped around her. Sandy never really told me what she dreamt about those nights but I still knew that the nightmares were about Dirk. I also suspected that they were about her mother who was never around and who hadn’t thought twice about leaving her only daughter alone with a man like Dirk Winters.

I pulled the bedroom door shut and headed to the bathroom to take care of business, trying to concentrate on my upcoming date rather than wallowing in the loss that still felt so fresh. Jesus, what would I wear? I glanced in the bathroom mirror. I’d definitely need to shave and I’d have to make an attempt at taming my untidy hair. I was pretty sure that Scott wouldn’t go for the homeless look. But he’d already asked me out, so surely he must have liked something he saw. I stared at my reflection for a few more seconds, trying to figure out what had attracted him to me. I came up blank. I might have had something going for me during my college years but I’d graduated almost a year ago — just 6 weeks after Sandy’s suicide — and these days I was something of a mess.

I could think of nothing else but my date with Scott at work the next day. I kept making mistakes, which was completely unlike me. I was a pretty efficient worker, always keeping my head down and getting on with the tasks I had been set. I got very little done and kept swearing under my breath every time I noticed yet another mistake in the documents I was typing up. Bill kept quiet at first but eventually asked me what was wrong.

“It’s nothing, really. I’m just a little preoccupied. I’ve got a date tonight.”

“Way to go, man,” Bill exclaimed. “About time! What’s his name?”

“Scott. He’s… wait –” I paused. I’d never told Bill that I was gay. I hadn’t deliberately kept my sexuality from him but since I didn’t date, there had never been a suitable time to drop it into a conversation. “How did you know I was gay?”

“I know everything, dude,” Bill joked. “But seriously, tell me about him.” And just like that, my friendship with Bill seemed to solidify into something more real. We’d always got on well but I wouldn’t have considered us good friends until that point when he showed a genuine interest in my life outside of work and he seemed to really care about seeing me happy.

“You’ll have to let me know how it goes. Just, please, no sex details.” I laughed at the face that Bill pulled before he continued. “If it goes well, perhaps the two of you could come out to dinner with Scarlett and I some time. She’s always complaining that I don’t take her out enough, plus she’d love to meet one of my work colleagues.”

“Yeah, maybe.” I smiled and nodded, but I didn’t want to think that far ahead. It was only a first date, after all.

I ended up leaving work half an hour early and heading home to decide what to wear and to calm my nerves. Bill wished me luck and promised to cover for me if our boss noticed my absence. Bill was a good guy, and I suddenly felt very grateful to be working with him. I made a mental note to go out and buy him and his fiancé something nice for the baby shower I knew was coming up but had yet to RSVP for.

The walk home was lethal. I could have taken a taxi but it wasn’t a long walk and it would have felt like a waste of money. I dodged through traffic in an attempt to get home quicker but ended up having a couple of near-death experiences instead. It had been a while since I had gone out on a date or even hooked up with anyone so I was incredibly nervous. It was very strange; although Scott had asked me out and not the other way around, I feared that he wouldn’t find anything he liked about me and then lose interest. I was definitely attracted to Scott and prayed to God that I would make a good impression tonight but I was anxious and also worried about letting him — or anyone else for that matter — into my life. Since losing Sandy, letting anyone get that close again seemed wrong.


Scott arrived five minutes early but thankfully I had been ready in plenty of time, although that had only led to me pacing the apartment and wearing holes in the already shabby carpet. I’d shaved and combed my hair and even I had to admit that I looked a lot better than I had in months. The knock at the door startled me a little and I took a deep breath and tried to squash my nerves as I walked over to answer it.

Scott looked amazing. He was wearing a tight fitting pair of black jeans and a grey shirt that hung nicely and really showed off the definition of his chest and biceps. His brown hair was in a messy, jelled style that really suited him and he had fresh stubble on his cheeks since I’d last seen him. I loved a guy with a bit of facial hair. Scott’s dark eyes shined as he smiled and looked me over, nodding his approval.

“You look great, Jake.”

“Um, thanks. So do you.”

“I was thinking we could walk. I don’t live far from here and the restaurant is only a short walk away from there. It’ll only take us about fifteen minutes. If you want to call a taxi instead, that’s cool.” He grinned but looked slightly unsure of himself, which actually made me feel better. At least I wasn’t the only one feeling nervous.

“That’s cool, I don’t mind walking. I’ll just grab my jacket and then I’m set to go.” I didn’t invite Scott in to see the apartment even though I could sense that he wanted to. I just wasn’t comfortable with inviting anyone in to the place that he been mine and Sandy’s sanctuary, not after losing her here too. I grabbed my jacket then headed out.

The walk to the restaurant was nice. Scott walked by my side, his hand occasionally brushing against mine while we made small talk about our day at work. It wasn’t as awkward as I had feared and I found it pretty easy to talk and to ask questions. Scott made a few jokes about things that had happened at the museum. He was so animated when he talked and he really made me feel at ease.

When we arrived at the restaurant I was surprised to find that it was the same little place I had passed many times but never entered, called The Alcove. I’d always wondered if the food was any good but just hadn’t found the time to eat there and more recently I had not been too keen on the idea of eating out alone. The place was cosy and had a homey feel, with candles on all the tables and old black and white photos on the walls.

We went straight through and were seated at a table for two towards the back, where we would have a little privacy. After ordering drinks, the waitress left so that we could decide on our food order.

“You come here often, then?” I almost slapped myself. That was the lamest line ever, and I felt myself blush.

Scott just smiled and nodded. “I’ve been here a few times. I used to work here when I was at college so I know the owner pretty well.”

The waitress came back with our drinks and we both ordered the steak. Once we were alone again, Scott leaned forward in his seat and rested his arms against the sides of the table. “I’m glad I ran into you on Friday. What a coincidence, huh?”

“Yeah. Especially when you consider that I go to that bar about once a year,” I laughed.

“Really? I guess I was pretty lucky then.”

I blushed and laughed a little.

“You seemed a little down though.” Scott pointed out. I didn’t know how to respond and I really did not want to get into a discussion about Sandy and the past year I had spent without her, so I simply nodded and made my excuses.

“Oh yeah it was nothing really. It had just been one of those days at work.”

Scott nodded. “Ah, I feel you’re pain — we all have days like that. In fact, that about sums up most of my working life so far.”

We both laughed at that and then continued to make casual conversation. We chatted a little about college, our jobs and whatever else crossed our minds until the food arrived.

The food was delicious and we continued to make small talk throughout the meal. I was really enjoying my time with Scott and it felt great to be out at a restaurant rather than sitting in my apartment on my own. I was becoming increasingly attracted to him and I would often catch him admiring me and giving me heated glances that sent tingles down my spine. God, I wanted him.

We were just finishing up our food when Scott starting talking about how he had admired me from a distance around campus. I flushed a little at this but was very flattered to know that he been attracted to me even back then.

“I’m not sure why we never spoke but I suppose that doesn’t matter too much now, huh?” He smiled and took a sip of his wine. “So what about the girl you were always with? Sandy? Do you see much of her these days?”

I nearly chocked on my drink. I tried to regain my composure and act casual. “No, I don’t.”

“Oh.” Scott frowned a little. “That’s a shame. You two seemed really close. In fact, I don’t think I saw the two of you apart more than a handful of times.”

It was obvious that Scott was only trying to be nice and that he didn’t know the reality of the situation but I really didn’t want to talk about this. I didn’t talk about Sandy any more. I didn’t even discuss her during my bi-weekly telephone calls to my mother. I was reluctant to speak but Scott was looking at me expectantly. I knew that he had meant no harm with his question and was just trying to get to know me.

“Yeah, Sandy and I were very close. She was my best friend. We actually lived together during college.”

“She was your best friend? What happened? Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, not really.”

“Sometimes friends just grow apart, you know? I’m sure if –”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Scott,” I said, cutting him off mid-sentence. It came out harsher than I had planned and I sighed, rubbing my eyes with the heel of my palm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just that it’s really not something I want to talk about. Please, just leave it.”

Scott nodded and took another sip of his wine, then changed the subject to movies. After that, the rest of the date went well and the conversation flowed nicely. It was easy to chat and joke with him — it seemed to be so natural, as if we had known each other for years. I suppose, technically, we had. Scott seemed to have an unlimited supply of funny stories and had me almost in tears with his stories about some of the customers he had encountered both working part-time at the restaurant and at the museum.

As we waited for our dessert, Scott moved his hand across the table to gentle stroke the back of mine. It felt so good.

“I like you, Jake.”

“I get that,” I laughed, “and I like you too.”

I felt kind of sad as we left the restaurant and started walking in the direction of my place. I didn’t want the night to end since I was having such a good time. Should I invite him back to my place, or would that make it seem like all I was after was a quick lay? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invite him up. Not because I wasn’t interested — I definitely was — but because my apartment was a very private place for me these days and I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of letting anyone in. So what did I do now? Was there something I should say? I wondered briefly when the dating game had gotten so difficult. I was sure it hadn’t always been this confusing. I know it had been a while since I’d been on a date, but I couldn’t remember being this nervous before. Perhaps it was because I was genuinely attracted to Scott and I was so scared I would fuck it up.

We’d only been walking for about 5 minutes when Scott stopped. “This is me.” He pointed towards the entrance of an apartment building very similar to my own, except with a few more floors.

“Oh, umm –” I stuttered.

Scott gave a shy smile. “Do you want to come up?”

“Yes,” I answered too quickly and blushed, trying to recover with a more casual response. “I mean, sure, why not.”

Scott let out a small chuckle and reached for my hand. He laced his fingers through mine and gently tugged at my arm to lead the way. My hand was tingling from his touch and my heart started to beat a little faster. It felt wonderful holding his hand. I followed him as he led me to an elevator and pressed for the 5th floor.

Scott’s apartment was a bit bigger than mine and much better decorated. The front door led straight into an open living space, everything in very earthy shades. It seemed very minimalistic but still felt warm and cosy. The walls were lined with black and white photographs. Scott was in most of them, surrounded by what I could only assume was a very large family. I nervously jammed my hands into my pockets and continued to look around. Scott gave me a quick tour of the nice sized modern kitchen off to the left of the living space and the two bedrooms and small bathroom down a small corridor off to the right.

“Take a seat, I’ll grab us a couple of beers,” Scott said, nodding towards the couch.

When Scott returned he dropped down next to me on the couch, passing me a bottle and then taking a swig of his. The drinks from the meal had definitely affected me and I found myself openly checking him out as he drank. He’d stretched his long legs and his head was tilted back, his eyes closed a little. I felt the arousal in my jeans and reluctantly looked away as he lowered his bottle and turned to give me a cheeky smile. I blushed. He’d been fully aware that I was checking him out and I wasn’t used to getting caught. I fumbled for something to say.

“This is a great place, Scott.” I took a swig of my beer.

“Thanks. I can’t really take much credit for it though; my sister did all the decorating. She’s an interior designer and this became her first major project. I think she wanted to show off.”

“Well she did an amazing job. It puts my apartment to shame, which looks like it’s about ready to fall apart.”

“Just don’t say that to her, her ego is big enough as it is.” I laughed at that and Scott shifted a little closer in his seat, turning towards me.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he breathed.

The statement had seemingly come out of nowhere and I blushed, ducking my head a little. “Scott –” I started. I had no idea what I was going to say, but I was cut off anyway by his lips brushing lightly against mine. He pulled away all too quickly and I tried not to look disappointed. He took my beer and put it alongside his on the coffee table and then made to lean towards me again. This time I was prepared when Scott’s lips met mine.

Scott kissed me deeply and cupped my face in his hands as he leaned into me. His tongue slid in and brushed against the roof of my mouth. I kissed him back and intertwined by tongue with his. I was gasping for breath when we finally pulled away from each other. I stared into his eyes and I let my fingers gently caress the stubble across his jaw line. I was painfully hard in my jeans and Scott pulled himself into my lap to straddle me before reaching down to unbuckle my belt. I felt myself hesitate and pull away ever so slightly. Scott noticed.

“Hey,” Scott said softly, “what’s wrong, babe?”

“It’s been a while, and I don’t want to rush anything,” I mumbled. My body was betraying my words, however, with my hard on practically about to burst out of my jeans.

“I won’t push you into something you’re not comfortable with, Jake. All I want is to make you feel good, I promise.”

Scott slid down between my legs to the floor and I gasped as he made quick work of my jeans and then reached into my boxers to pull out my hard dick. Scott simply stared at it for a moment and I started to feel self-conscious. I wasn’t particularly huge or thick, but I was a good 7 inches when hard. I’d never been ashamed of it before but I found myself hoping that Scott liked what he saw.

“Beautiful,” he murmured.

Scott took my dick into his mouth and I gasped. My hesitation was forgotten and all I felt was intense pleasure as I arched my back and groaned. Scott was a master; he knew exactly what to do to bring me close to the edge and then pull me back from it. He began humming as he bobbed his head, the vibrations driving me crazy. I gasped in ecstasy as he began deep-throating me.

Scott made sure to taste every bit of my manhood and I was almost blind with pleasure as I teetered over the edge of my orgasm. I began to thrust forward, crying out incoherently. My balls drew up and I knew I was going to come. I tried to warn Scott and grabbed at his head to pull him off, but he gently pushed my hands away and continued to suck. He didn’t move away and I cried out his name as I came into his mouth. He looked up and into my eyes as he swallowed my load. The sight was too much and I groaned, closing my eyes as he swallowed the last of my come.

“Holy shit,” I gasped once I had caught my breath.

Scott chuckled and pulled himself up off of the floor, sitting back down next to me.

“Wow.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I turned to see Scott’s dick tenting his jeans. I reached over and palmed the bulge, causing him to hiss. My whole body felt exhausted, but I hauled myself over to straddle Scott’s lap and rested my face in the crook of his neck. I unbuckled his belt and Scott lifted us both up slightly so that he could pull down his jeans. I reached into his boxers to cup his balls in my hand. Scott groaned.

It didn’t take long to send Scott over the edge. The blowjob must have really turned him on because he was so close. I fondled his balls for a while before slowly jacking him off as I kissing along his jaw and his neck, and within a few minutes he was coming into my palm. He arched his back and groaned, before collapsing back into his seat and panting.

I slid out of his lap and into the seat next to him. My hand was covered in his come and I took my time licking it off as he watched. He let out another small groan and pulled me towards him so I could rest my head against his chest.

“You’re amazing,” Scott breathed before kissing the top of my head.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I joked to cover my blush.

“So I suppose this is a good time to ask…” Scott said, before pausing. I tilted my head up to look at him. He seemed hesitant rather than his usual assured and confident self.

“Ask what?” I rested my hand on his thigh, squeezing it gently in what I hoped was a comforting gesture.

“Well, I was hoping you might want to, you know, give this a go and be my boyfriend?” Scott met my eyes and I could see the uncertainty in them. I moved my hand from his thigh to lace my fingers with his.

“Does it mean that I’ll get blowjobs as good as that one on a regular basis?” I joked.

“You’re such a dick,” he laughed.

“I’d like that Scott. To be your boyfriend, I mean.”

Scott squeezed my hand a little and leaned in for a kiss that started off slow but ended with tongues and both of us pawing at the other’s clothes. I reluctantly pulled away and sighed. I didn’t want to move too fast. I didn’t want to screw this up and I was afraid of what could happen if I let this go too far. I think, mostly, I was scared of getting hurt.

“I really ought to go.”

“Okay.” Scott didn’t seem ready to let me go just yet, still firmly grasping me in his arms. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Sure. I finish work at 5 so just give me a call.”

I extracted myself from Scott’s arms and stood. I tucked myself away and re-buckled my belt. Scott stood and pulled me towards him to give me a goodbye kiss. He nibbled along my jaw and then at my ear lobe. “See you tomorrow, gorgeous.”


After that first date, I began to see Scott on a regular basis. I learnt a lot about him and found that we had many things in common. We liked the same movies and music, and we’d talk for hours about gigs we’d been to or telling stories about our college experiences or funny things that had happened at work.

I spent the night at his place on the Saturday the weekend after our first date. He’d invited me over for pizza and a movie and we’d decided on X-Men: Origins before settling down on the couch. He pulled me into his arms so that I was leaning against him with my head on his shoulder and his arm around me, and he rested his feet up on the coffee table. In just a few days, I was feeling almost completely at ease around Scott. Sitting with him like this felt natural, as if it was the way things should be. After the movie we cuddled for a little before grabbing a few beers and getting to know each other better.

As we lay there on the couch, our legs tangled together, we asked each other questions about our past. I learnt a lot about his family. Scott had grown up in the countryside with his mother and father and 5 siblings; 3 older brothers, an older sister and a younger brother.

“I’m closest to my sister Emma, she’s only a year older than me and we did practically everything together when we were kids. She had the shitty end of the stick most of the time, being the only girl and all. She’s super smart though and she definitely knew how to run rings around us all. She still does, actually,” Scott laughed. “I actually came out to her first and she was truly amazing. She stood by me when I told the rest of my family and she defended me to anyone who said a word against it. My eldest brother Chris kinda reacted badly at first but it was Emma who talked some sense into him. He was full on prepared to beat the homosexuality out of me when I came out, but these days he’s cool with it.”

As Scott told me this, I kept thinking about Sandy. She had been close enough to be a sister and she’d been there for me in all the same ways that Emma had been there for Scott.

“What about you? Do you have any siblings?”

I answered with a shake of my head. Scott seemed to sense that this might be something that I didn’t want to talk about and a topic that he shouldn’t push. I told him a little about my mother and explained that it had just been me and her after my dad left. He held me and listened.

Scott and I went out to dinner several times over the next few weeks and most nights I ended up at his place where we would kiss and make out but nothing progressed further than oral, which I was eager to reciprocate after the amazing blowjob he had given me that first night. It felt amazing to be close to someone again, but not just anyone. I was with Scott, and I could already see how special he was. I stayed at Scott’s place a lot and he never seemed to mind that I wasn’t ready for sex yet. In fact, he didn’t even mention it.

One night, after the best blowjob of my life, I decided to say something. I was worried that he’d get fed up of waiting for me. I didn’t even know why I was so hesitant to go all the way. We were in bed and I was lying against his chest so I lifted my head to look at him. He was falling off to sleep, so I propped my head up on my arm and I reached my hand out to trail my fingers across his chest and took a moment to admire his beautiful face.

“What?” He mumbled, opening one eye to look at me.

“Are you annoyed that we haven’t gone all the way yet?”

Scott seemed to immediately wake up then. He turned onto his side so that he was looking straight at me and reached out to run his fingers through my hair and then hold my cheek in the palm of his hand. “Of course not, Jake. Why would you even think that? I can see that you don’t feel ready yet and I’m not going to push you into something you aren’t comfortable with. You’re taking this at your own pace, and I’m fine with that. I respect that.”

“Okay.” I leaned forward to plant a kiss on his forehead then pulled myself against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my temple. I felt so good in his arms. I didn’t want him to ever let me go.

“Tell me a secret,” I whispered.

“Huh?” Scott rubbed his hands along my back in soothing motions and pulled me closer.

“Tell me something. Anything. Something that no one else knows.”

Scott was silent for a moment. “This one time, during college, I got off thinking about you.”

I laughed. “Just the once? I’m insulted.”

Scott laughed too. “Okay, maybe more than once. You didn’t seem to realise how hot you were and you were completely oblivious to the attention you got from others. In fact, I think that made me even more attracted to you. That’s why I never spoke to you — I was insanely attracted to you and I thought you’d be able to tell straight away. Although if I’d have known then that you were gay, maybe I would have.”

I was silent at that. I briefly wondered whether the loss of Sandy would have been easier if Scott had been around then to help me through. I quickly shook away that train of thought and lifted my head to kiss Scott passionately on the lips. Scott broke away, only to begin covering my face with lots of little kisses.

“Now you have to tell me something,” Scott muttered between kisses.

“This one time, during college, I got off thinking about Professor Lewis up there at the front of the class wearing that bow tie and those sexy suspenders.”

Scott’s laugh shook my whole body. I fell asleep to him whispering sweet words in my ear and soothingly running his fingers across my back.


After almost four weeks of dating, I felt ready to take things all the way with Scott. We were meeting for dinner at his place that night and I was impatient to get home from work. Bill gave me a knowing look and shooed me out of the office early with a “go get him, stud.”

My phone went off just as I walked through the front door of my apartment, and I dashed over to check the caller ID. Shit, it was my mother. I hadn’t called her in a while and she was bound to be worried. I glanced at the clock. I knew I would have to answer just to assure her that I was okay, but she had a habit of keeping me on the phone for ages.

“Hey, momma. How are things?”

“Jacob!” She started down the phone. “I have been worried sick about you! Why haven’t you called? It’s been weeks!”

“I’m really sorry momma, I’ve just been busy. I didn’t mean to worry you.” I felt guilty because I knew that she worried about me a lot as it was, even when I did manage to call her when I said I would. She seemed to worry enough for two people, but I guess that was because she had taken on the role of my dad once he had left us.

“Busy? That’s your excuse? Too damn busy to pick up a phone and give me peace of mind?! I didn’t know what had happened to you! I’ve been calling and calling but you haven’t been picking up. I wouldn’t have to worry if you would come and visit me once in a while, just to let me know that you’re taking care of yourself.” I couldn’t remember the last time she had been this angry. Her voice was high pitched and she sounded close to tears. I sighed deeply.

“I really am sorry; I wasn’t deliberately avoiding your calls. I’ve been out most evenings. I’m… well, I’m seeing someone.”

The anger was gone instantly. “Oh! Really?! Oh baby, I’m so pleased. Is he nice? Is he treating you right? What’s his name?”

I laughed. “He’s called Scott. And yes, he is treating me right. We’ve only been dating for about a month.”

“Oh, I’m so glad for you honey. I really am. After you lost Sandy, I was so scared you’d never let anyone in again.”

There was silence for a moment and I heard a quiet sniffle from the other end of the phone. “Yeah me too, momma.”

After assuring her that I would try and make time for a visit and telling her that I needed to get ready to go out, I managed to hang up the phone. I was surprised by how good I felt. I dashed to the bathroom to have a quick shower, then pulled on a comfy pair of jeans and a blue button up shirt, grabbed my wallet and keys from the counter and hurried out to Scott’s place.

Scott answered the door with his phone to his ear, talking hurriedly. “I have to go now, Emma. Yeah, I’ll call you. Yes. Okay. Yes. Love you too. Bye.” He hung up then pulled me into the apartment before I’d even had a chance to utter a greeting. Pressing me up against the door, Scott kissed me so passionately that my knees felt weak and my mind was in a jumble by the time he finally pulled away to rest his forehead against mine.

“I missed you,” he murmured before leaning down to kiss along my jaw.

“You saw me last night,” I laughed.

Scott pulled away and smiled at me. “How was work?”

“Thrilling,” I replied sarcastically.

“Emma wants to meet you.”

“She does?”

“Of course she does. She’s dying to meet the gorgeous man I can’t stop talking about.”

I blushed as he pulled back and grabbed my hand to pull me into the kitchen. His kitchen had a small dining table in the corner which he had set out with a candle in the middle and a single red rose across my plate.

“Wow, you’ve really pulled out the big guns,” I joked.

Scott rolled his eyes and turned away from me to check on the food. “Grab a beer and sit down. Dinner will be ready in a minute.”

Dinner was delicious. Scott was an amazing cook whereas I struggled to make toast without screwing it up. I told him so and he laughed. This wasn’t the first time he’d cooked for me, but he’d definitely gone to a lot of trouble tonight. I was just finishing up when I remembered the conversation with my mother. Scott must have noticed that something was on my mind because he reached across the table for my hand and asked if everything was alright. I told him that I had spoken to her.

“Oh?” Scott didn’t push for any more information but I could tell that he wanted me to go on.

“Yeah. She tore me a new one for not calling her in so long. I thought she was gonna jump down the phone and strangle me.”

Scott laughed, “Well it’s only because she loves you.”

“Yeah. I haven’t seen her in a while and I guess she worries about me.”

“You should definitely go see her,” Scott said.

I nodded. I hadn’t seen her since Sandy’s funeral. I felt horrible for leaving her to worry about me all this time. “Yeah, that’d probably be a good idea. Why don’t you come with me? I’m sure she’d love to meet you.”

“Really?” Scott’s grin spread across his whole face and I couldn’t help but laugh.


Scott nodded but said no more, finishing the last of his food before standing. I stood too, following him into the living room and sitting down on the couch with him. I leaned in for a kiss.

“Thanks for dinner, Scott.”

“No problem, babe.”

We began to make out on the couch. It started off gentle and slow, but rapidly became more heated and passionate. I was rock hard almost instantly and gasping for breath when Scott relocated to straddle my lap. He ducked his head to plant another kiss on my lips, pushing his tongue inside and swirling it erotically against mine. The intensity of our kiss shook me to my core. It was becoming more and more apparent that I was falling in love with Scott, but I wasn’t ready to say the words out loud yet. I didn’t want to ruin this.

Scott rubbed our denim clad erections together which caused us both to groan in pleasure. He reached for the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it up over his head. I reached over to tweak a nipple and he moaned before pulling my hand away so that he could reach down and undo the buttons on my shirt. As Scott undid each button, he kissed and nipped at the skin that he exposed. When my shirt had been removed, Scott clamped down on my left nipple and bit it slightly before sucking it into his mouth. I hissed in pleasure and arched my back a little, then grabbed hold of his hips.

“Scott…” I moaned.

Scott pulled off and looked down at me. “Shit, you look hot. Let’s take this into the bedroom, baby.”

Scott stood and held his hand out to help me up. We stumbled across to his bedroom and he pushed me down onto his bed where we lay on our sides facing each other. I stroked the stumble along his jaw line before he pulled me into his arms to lay kisses down my neck and across my collarbone. I met his lips before pulling away to speak.

“I need you, Scott,” I panted, “I need you inside me.”

Scott pulled away to look into my eyes. “Are you sure, Jake? I’m happy to wait, don’t feel like you have to –”

I cut him off. “I’m ready Scott, so don’t you dare deny me this.”

“Never,” he smiled, leaning in to kiss me. Our tongues battled it out for a moment until he pulled away and rolled us over till I was on my back and he was kneeling between my legs. He unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans, pulling them down with my boxers as I lifted my hips to make it easier. He pulled off my socks and then removed what was left of his own clothes.

“God, I love your body, it’s perfect,” Scott said as his fingers travelled down my chest then went further until he was cupping me in his hand. He reached across to his nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. He spread my legs further apart before positioning himself between them and raised my hips up by placing a pillow under my lower back. I pulled my legs up as far as I could to give him better access.

Scott coated his fingers with lube and teased at my hole before inserted the first finger into me. It had been so long and I was tight, but I quickly adjusted and started pushing myself onto his finger to get him further into me. Scott chuckled lightly and leaned up to pepper kisses across my chest. Without wasting any time he added a second finger and I moaned in pleasure as I felt him hit my prostate.

I was desperate to feel him inside me. This was good but I needed more. I needed to feel him filling me.

“More. I need more,” I could barely speak.

Scott didn’t reply but simply added a third finger and began scissoring them inside my tight hole. I wanted to say something, to tell him that I needed him now and not his fingers, but I was so lost in the sensations of his fingers rubbing against my prostate. He pulled his fingers out and I groaned.

“Hang on, baby,” Scott said as he leaned over to the nightstand and searched through the draw. “Shit, my condoms must be in the bathroom.” Scott pulled away to get up but I pulled him back down to me and nipped at his earlobe.

“I’ve got one,” I panted, “in my wallet.”

“Okay.” He kissed along my jaw before getting up and scooted to the end of the bed to rummage through my jeans for my wallet.

I lay there and gazed up at the ceiling, my heart beating so fast that I thought it might explode. I was in love with Scott, there was no denying it. I wanted him so much and it felt so great to be this close to someone after so long. I wasn’t alone anymore and I finally felt like me again. I smiled.

Scott seemed to be taking a while to get the condom but just as I was about to sit up and see what the problem was he crawled back up the bed and laid himself on top of me, looking straight into my eyes. His eyes seemed to sparkle and he held my gaze for what felt like an eternity. It was as if he could see right into my soul. He leaned down for a passionate kiss that made me moan with the anticipation of what was about to come.

“I want you so much, Jake.” It was barely more than a whisper and I shuddered with desire.

“Take me.”

I attempted to roll over onto my stomach but Scott stopped me and leaned down to brush his lips tenderly against mine. “I want to be able to see your face when I make love to you.”

That one sentence was enough to turn me into an emotional wreck. Pull yourself together Jake and don’t you dare cry, I thought. I nodded and spread my legs for Scott as he rolled on the condom and lubed up. He never broke eye contact as he lined himself up with my hole and started pushing forward.

It hurt at first but no more than I had expected. It had been over a year since I’d been with anyone and it took time to adjust to a cock as big as Scott’s. He held completely still but I could see that he was desperate to move. After a minute I nodded and he pushed forward again, slowly and slowly, inch by inch, until he had his whole length inside my tight passage. I moaned as intense pleasure replaced the pain.

“I’m in, baby. I’m in,” Scott moaned as he leaned down to kiss me deeply. The change of position meant that he brushed across my prostate and I moaned in ecstasy.

“You like that?” Scott asked as he nipped at my earlobe and began to pick up the pace, pulling his hips back to pull himself almost completely out and then slamming back in.

“God yes… harder, Scott… ahh,” I couldn’t speak after that and Scott began pounding into my ass harder and harder as I arched my back and lifted myself to meet each of his thrusts. He hit my prostate with every stroke and I was close to coming within minutes. I gripped his back and pulled him against me. His stomach rubbed against my erection and the friction sent me over the edge.

“That’s it baby, come for me,” Scott panted into my ear as his pace became even more frantic.

I couldn’t hold back and screamed out his name as I shot streams of come between us, coating my chest and hitting my chin. My ass muscles clenched around his cock as it pumped into me and Scott cried out as he joined me in release. Once we had both come down from our orgasms Scott kissed me, licking the come from my chin, and then slipped out of me. I groaned at the feeling and felt oddly empty. He rolled off of me.

“Don’t move, babe,” Scott whispered before swinging his legs over the side of the bed and standing. He removed the condom then headed in the direction of the bathroom, coming back moments later with a wet cloth. He gently washed the come from my chest before throwing the cloth to the floor and lying back down to spoon up behind me.

“That was fantastic. I mean… wow,” Scott gasped.

“Yeah… amazing,” I could barely speak.

“Jake. I –” Scott stopped mid-sentence and paused. “Babe, are you awake?”

“Mm?” I was too exhausted to speak and it felt so good to be wrapped up in Scott’s arms with his sweaty chest pressed against my back.

Scott chuckled and kissed the back on my neck. “Never mind. Go to sleep, babe.”

I didn’t think twice about what he had wanted to say. I was out like a light and had the best night’s sleep I’d had in well over a year.


“Can we go to your place tonight? I’ve never actually been inside and I’d really like to stay there with you.”

I looked up from my food. I hadn’t expected the question and it surprised me that he wanted to see my place so much. “Sure, I guess.”

I wasn’t sure why I had been so hesitant to let Scott into my apartment. I suspected that it was to do with Sandy. It had been her home too, and I’d rarely brought guys back because I’d always felt that it wouldn’t be fair on her. Plus my apartment had been my sanctuary for so long — it was where I had lost my best friend and where I grieved. It seemed too personal to let someone in, and yet I wanted to let Scott in. We had already had sex (and lots of it in the past few weeks), he was coming with me to visit my mother in a fortnight, and I was meeting his sister the coming weekend. Surely letting him see my apartment was only a tiny step in comparison?

After dinner I insisted on paying the bill, and then Scott held my hand as we headed back to his apartment so that he could pick up a change of clothes. Scott had only been to my place twice since picking me up on our first date and he hadn’t been inside either time. My palms started to sweat as we entered the building. I was nervous. Scott wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked up to my apartment.

Once we arrived at my door, I gave him a quick tour and then headed into the kitchen to fetch some drinks. I hadn’t shown him Sandy’s room and he hadn’t inquired. When I returned, Scott was holding a picture from the mantle. It was of me and Sandy the day we moved into the apartment — we were laughing and had our heads pressed together, there were stacks of boxes behind us and the photo was at a funny angle with the top of my head out of the shot because Sandy had taken it herself. Sandy had her tongue sticking out and she looked so beautiful.

“This is a lovely picture.” He put it down before turning back to me. I put the drinks down as he approached and melted into him as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. It was brief, and when he pulled away he rested his forehead against mine.

“Why don’t you talk about Sandy, Jake?” He was whispering, as if he was scared to speak too loudly in case it scared me away. My hands suddenly felt clammy and I closed my eyes.

“Because I don’t want to. Scott, please, let’s not go there.” My heart was pounding in my chest and I tried to push him away. He tightened his hold and wouldn’t let me leave.

“Jake –”

“Let go of me, Scott! Leave me alone! I said I didn’t want to go there. Please, don’t make me say it… please.” I pushed against him in an attempt to get free but his grip was too tight. I wiggled around until I finally gave up and collapsed against him, burying my face in the crook of his neck and trying to hold back the tears that I knew were coming.

“Talk to me, Jake. You can tell me anything, you know that right?”

I looked up at Scott. The look he gave me was so intense that I had to close my eyes.


His arms moved from my waist. One hand reached up to stroke my cheek while the other gently caressed my lower back.

“She’s gone, Scott.” I felt a tear fall.

“I know, baby. I know.”


Scott held me as I cried for Sandy and for the fact that I hadn’t been able to help her, not in the end. It was the first time that I’d had someone there to comfort me. At the funeral I had rejected the efforts of my mother and my friends but it felt okay to let Scott comfort me. It was also the first time that I had really cried. I cried so much that my ribs hurt and I felt exhausted. After a while I finally calmed down enough to talk, although my voice sounded gravelly and weak.

“You knew?”

“Not at first, no. But after the way you reacted when I mentioned her on our first date, I realised that something was up. I didn’t want to push it, assuming that you’d tell me when you were ready. Then I spoke to a mutual friend from college that first week and he told me what happened. He said it was common knowledge and I felt like a complete dick for not knowing…” Scott paused. “There’s something else too. Babe, when I was looking through your wallet for a condom the other week, I found the note you keep in there.”

I was silent for a moment. I briefly wondered whether I should be angry that Scott had seen the letter, but I wasn’t. I pulled myself closer to Scott, wrapping myself in his arms.

“In a way, it’s partly due to Sandy that we found each other.”

Scott kissed my temple and started running his fingers through my hair. “What do you mean, babe?”

“That night in the pub, I had been on the way back home from visiting her grave. It was the first year anniversary of her suicide, a whole year since that night when I found her….” I trailed off. My voice was barely above a whisper. I shuddered and buried my head in Scott’s chest.


Note: I recently discovered I had missed a part of the story, if you noticed there was a hole between chapter 4 and 5. I added the missing part in chapter 5, if you are interested in reading it as it should have been. :)

He kissed her with passion while caressing her bottom lustily, his fingers slid inside the cotton fabric of her panties, teasing her, and she whimpered lowly in his mouth. Unexpectedly he let her go to push her to her knees, as he unzipped his jeans. With bared teeth and a dominating stare, he took his dick out and grabbed her from the hair to push it inside her mouth, as she opened it immediately in obedience, he breathed out, “Good girl…” A pleased smile reached his lips, and a wild spark lightened his eyes when her mouth closed around it.

Kristen ran her tong all over him eagerly, trying to caress him carefully, but instead he rammed it into her throat, making her gasp for air. Tears of chocking filled her eyes, but still she found a delirious pleasure at being used so roughly by him.

“Look at me!” James snarled and she complied with watery eyes and pain written in her face. He loved that. Breathing heavily he kept moving into her, his fierce stare locked to hers, as his lips parted in pleasure. Suddenly he pushed himself deeper than ever, and released his grip, letting her breathe. He stepped out of his pants, and kicked them away, and then knelt in front of her, kissing her savagely, as he pulled up her shirt twisting it within his fist over her chest, freeing her breasts. Not breaking the kiss he leaned her roughly with the back to the floor, he stopped kissing her and looked straight to her eyes saying, “You’ve forgot there is no democracy around here…” She couldn’t help to smile biting her lip, as she recognized the game being played tonight. James braced over her to plant wild bites on her breasts, hard enough to make her moan in pain, soft enough to feel delicious on her skin.

He straightened to remove his shirt, while filled his eyes with the delicious sight of her submitted body in front of him. “I’m the maker of the rules and you must obey or face the consequences… y’know?” he smiled wickedly to her. She bit a smile and eyed him in pretend fear.

“I see you don’t believe me…” he paused, took a hand to her hair and pulled it hard. “You just don’t know what is good for you, do you?” he snarled at her, making her change her expression, as he roughly rolled her under him, to face the floor, his attention changing to her behind, as his hand moved to caress her ass, reaching for her panties to remove them forcefully. He pulled her hips up making her stand in four. With no warning he grabbed his cock and pushed it in to her, making her gasp loudly. Took both his hands to her hips and started to thrust in to her violently, not holding back at all.

She felt her body rocking all over, hardly being able to keep herself steady as she fell on her elbows, pushed toughly by his stabs, she felt his hand reach down to caress her moving breasts. Her cheeks turned to pink as his moves drove her to an explosive orgasm, she panted loudly under him. As he felt her tighten around him and licked his thumb and pushed it in to her asshole. The unexpected move made her howl, still lost in the violent pleasure inside.

“Now you remember whom you belong to, huh?” he asked, feeling himself shaking inside with sadistic hunger.

“I do! I do!” she shrieked.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass…” James whispered between his teeth, in the back of her ear.

He took his finger out of her ass, and bent to make it wet with his tongue. She felt his hand on her upper back, pushing her lower, as her face reached the floor. He slid out of her slowly and held his breath in sweet anticipation as he entered her tight ass. “Argh!” she chocked, searing pain filled her eyes with tears, as her body slowly accustomed to his invading presence.

“Oh, baby!” he growled, and started to move slowly inside her, to ease the pain, holding her so near, she could feel his breath on her neck and his hair on her back. She was whimpering lowly when she felt the callous tips of his left hand caressing lightly her clit, causing her to moan louder.

James’ fingers kept moving, putting more pressure into her, as his movements grew faster inside her. She started to feel the pleasure overcoming the pain as he played her skillfully. No matter what he did to her and how, his hands were always graceful, she thought half through the orgasm he was giving to her with his hand, as she cried louder, her breath steamed the wooden floor below her.

As he felt her trembling in pleasure under his grip he started to plunge a bit deeper in to her, losing himself in to the tight touch around him. Slowly he pushed her lower back in to the floor too, to lay completely stretched in to the floor, resting on his arms over her, letting the weight of his hips push him harder and deeper in to her. She cried softly and he started trusting harder in to her, tears rolled down her cheeks as she thought she wasn’t able to take it so hard, when, once again, overwhelming pleasure took over her body making her almost faint, her throat exploded in loud screams.

His hoarse voice resounded in her nape and his body quivered on top of her, as he felt coming in violent spasms. His warm release felt as a last delicious caress inside of her.

He laid panting over her, his sweaty cheek resting on hers.

“…Shit! Now I know how your motherfucker guitar feels in your hands… oh…” Kristen mumbled painfully. He lifted himself to slip out of her, rolling on his back. Then a stung of guilt brought him to back to his senses, and he looked for her face, wondering if he pushed it too far this time. He removed carefully her tangled hair, to find her flushed face smiling naughtily to him.

“Oh, you dirty slut, you loved that!” he laughed, still catching his breath.

“Me? Never!” she kept smiling.

James reached near and kissed sweetly as he caressed her back lightly. “Wait here,” he stood up, and left the room. Kristen wondered if she was going to be able to remove herself from the floor one day, everything felt sore and hurt.

A few minutes later he came back, leaned next to her, and offered his hand. “Come,” he said, pulling her as she reached to him. He helped her up, and as she stood he lifted her in his arms, making her scream in surprise.

He looked at her face and smiled, “Feeling like a princess?”

She smiled back with knitting brows, “Not really!” And he held her close in guilt.

She found herself being carried to the bathtub, and that felt so nice. He lowered her to her feet and went in to the water, once he was seated he took her hand to help her in. In there she laid on her side, resting her head on his hairy chest.

His hands caressed her hair and her back, and she felt totally drained and relaxed in his arms, hating the thought of going early to work.

“OK, I’ll be quitting tomorrow,” she said to him, curling his chest hair with her finger.

He laughed quietly.

“What?” she demanded to know.

“I knew I could fuck you to submission.”

She frowned to him and curled her finger to a second loop.

“Ouch!” he yelled.

I was totally exhausted. There were scratches all over my face and night was too dark for walking but I couldn’t stop. I knew that Jareh’s body would have already been found. I had been walking for hours and I was trembling all over. Forest was quite scary as well. There were many boys who wandered through forests for days but I definitely was not one of them. It was new and difficult for me. Suddenly I felt that my feet got wet, I looked down and saw a stream. Being extremely thirsty, I immediately squatted to drink water but I felt strange headache and after seconds I was just lying in the stream, totally unconscious.


When I woke up, everything was a bit vague. All I could see was candle’s light and a wooden wall. I realized that I was lying in a bed which increased my wonder and fear even more. I tried to move but that made my headache even worse. I looked around and I started observing every detail. Vagueness was gone and now I could see everything but that didn’t change my amazement.

All I could see was a simple bedroom. Walls were wooden and room was lightened by small candles. I got up and started seeking for a weapon to somehow defend myself. There was nothing that I could use as a weapon. My heartbeat got crazy when I heard steps from another room. Someone was moving towards me and I realized that I was totally unprotected. I quickly climbed into bed and I pretended to be asleep. Door opened with a loud creak. I was lying there, moveless and breathless.

“I know you are awake. I heard your footsteps.” I heard a deep voice. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a big man standing in the shadow. He slowly started approaching so that I could see his face.

He was huge. He was wearing simple clothing but his appearance was quite significant. Candle’s light was proudly showing off his beautiful dark brown hair and eyes. His strong jaw and dark eyebrows increased his masculinity. He was 6’5″and 270 lbs, which made him much bigger than me. His body structure also differed from mine very much. He had powerful thighs and shoulders. He was mature and gruff but perfect for his age. I thought that he would be in his early 40s. Despite being a bit overweight, you could easily see his strong muscles and exercised body. In other conditions, I would definitely be attracted to him but at that moment all I was capable of was trembling in fear.

“Don’t be scared. I just found you in a stream. I took you home and helped you recover. You seemed to have high temperature.” He sat next to me. “I’m glad you are awake.”

I was silent like a fish.

“I’m going to sleep now. I will be in the next room. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to address me.” He understood that I was too scared to talk and added with a laugh. “I may look scary but you should not be afraid of me. I’m just the man who decided to help you. ”

He stood up and left me alone. No sooner had he left the room, he returned and smiled nervously.

“I forgot to mention the food. I have rabbit’s meat and some vegetables. They are on the table. You can eat, whenever you decide to.”

I realized that I was suffering from terrible hunger and I decided to accept the proposal immediately.

“Thank you for everything. Food would be quite nice right now. I’m extremely hungry.” I understood that it was quite rude to immediately ask for food but I was too hungry to think about manners. In addition, I tried to be as polite as I could while requesting.

“Come on, then.” He said with a cheerful smile. I followed him in the dining room

I sat at the table.

“By the way, my name is Brag.” He said with a grin.

“Trad, Nice to meet you.” I answered shyly.

“So, Trad … Are you one of those silly wanderers who think they will find something magical of extraordinary in the forest?”

“No. I wasn’t planning to wander in the dark through the forest. I just needed to leave the village.” I understood that I said too much.

“Which village..? Basinia or Tansus?” Brag gave me the plate full of rabbit meat.

“I’m from Tansus.” I answered nervously and started eating. When I had the first bite, I nearly puked. I had never imagined that meat could be that bad. Brag noticed it and tried to defend himself.

“I know that I am a terrible cook. Actually, my wife died four years ago. She used to cook so the only thing I know is how to haunt.”

“I’m so sorry” I apologized. “So do you live alone?”

“Yes, but I’ve gotten used to solitude. I’m a forester and only human contact I have is with the clients who want to buy wood and with merchants who I want to buy food from. It was not any different in the old times. My wife and I lived alone and didn’t need anyone else. However, we had another room for our son who died when he was 3 … He suffered from a terrible disease.” That cheerful man suddenly transformed into a depressed person who suffered from terrible loneliness.

“I can’t even imagine what it feels like.” I said with terror in my eyes.

“I hope you never will.” He answered with a sad and ironical smile.

After minutes of silence he decided to change the topic.

“Trad, What do you do?”

“Ah … I’m just a peasant.”

He looked at me for awhile, stood up and took the empty plate. “You look tired. I think you should get a sleep.” I nodded and headed to my room. Before closing the door, I turned around and looked at the face of the lonely man. Desire to embrace and encourage him filled me but all I could do was to thank him.


Next day, when I woke up Brag had already been gone. I did not want to leave without saying goodbye. I decided to wait until he returned. Automatically, I started thinking about past events which totally changed my life. Jareh’s deep blue eyes came up to my mind and sadness filled me. He and I didn’t have a future. He would return to his duties and I would stay in my village, bringing water and dreaming about happier life. Even after that shocking event, I didn’t regret this small amount of time spent with Jareh. This was the only period of time when I was truly happy. Sir Jareh’s role was irreplaceable part of my life.

Fear of future changed the sadness and melancholy. I didn’t have any plans. Only thing seemed a bit realistic to me was to escape from forest and run to the big city where I could secretly leave with a ship. I didn’t have any other option.

In order to stop thinking about Jareh and help Brag, I decided to do housework and make a better meal from rabbit meat and some other ingredients. Having served as a servant for the king and his visitors, I learned a lot of things about cooking. At home, I was the one who was cooking for the family and I enjoyed it very much. It was like my hobby. Thus, I decided to return favor to Brag and help him with cooking and housework.

It was pretty exhausting but I really enjoyed the final result. House was much cleaner than before and hot meal was waiting for the big man.

After couple of hours, Brag finally returned. His confused smile while he entered the house made me laugh. He thanked me a lot. I could see how much he wanted to taste meal made by me. He quickly took the plate, his piece and sat at the table.

“Mm … This is so tasty” He moaned and asked me to join him. I gladly accepted proposal and started eating. I liked my own food too. I was very proud of myself and Brag seemed to enjoy the meal.

After the dinner, he went out in the garden to look after the plants. I was cleaning the table when I heard sound of horses. I was too benumbed to move, so I stood next to the table holding the plates.

I heard the men stopping near the house which made me even more frightened. Finally, I managed run to my bedroom and hide under the bed. I understood that men were talking with Brag because I easily noticed his deep voice. Nonetheless, Voices were too obscure for me, so all I could do was to lie on the floor in complete silence.

After couple of minutes, I heard the door’s creak. Fortunately, It was only Brag who entered the house. He started looking for me and I quickly climbed into the bed to hide my fear. He opened the door and entered my room. You could easily notice seriousness and feeling of pity in his eyes. He slowly opened his mouth.

“King is searching for a young peasant who, as they say, killed Sir Jareh – one of the most important people in our country. It is said that murder ran to the forest. His name is Trad Ornynyan.” I could see how all of the nerves on his body were tense while he was talking. “Trad, do you want to explain something to me?”

“It’s … me.” I answered with a low voice. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. I tried to look away but I noticed Brag holding the knife which made me even more terrified.

“So you, the boy who tried to play the innocent angel’s role, is the murderer of the knight?” He raised his voice. “You sneaked into my house playing the fucking saint and cooking me the fucking dishes. I talked to you about my family and my loss. You shamelessly used my kindness and stayed at my house, knowing that soldiers could come here at any time.” He pointed knife at me. I could understand his furious and angry tone. I needed to defend myself.

“I’m not the murderer.” I cried out weakly. “I’m not the one. I can’t be. I was just with him.”

“Then, what the fuck were you doing with him?”

“He … He fucked me.” Tears came down on my face. “I’m gay and he fucked me. We slept, I woke up and he had already been killed … I’m gay.”

I can’t explain what I was feeling at that moment. I was coming out, but it was the worst timing and condition for it. I stopped thinking and just confessed. I looked at Brag, who was all red, and waited for punishment with tears in my eyes. He slowly moved his knife aside. Silence filled the room for couple of minutes. Finally, he looked at me and whispered with a low voice.

“You can stay here for awhile. You can’t go out there. They will see you.” He turned around to leave me alone with myself.

“How do you know I’m telling the truth?” I don’t know why I said it.

“I knew you couldn’t have killed the man – Not the knight, not the slave.”


As expected, many things were changed after that day. We didn’t talk much. I continued to make the dinner and I even started looking after the garden. On the other hand, Brag continued to work. We didn’t talk about future plans and what I would do. He understood perfectly that it was too soon for me to leave.

One day, I entered Brag’s bedroom to call him for dinner and unexpectedly saw him completely naked, getting ready to change the clothes.

I knew that it was wrong, but I couldn’t look away. I kept staring at him showing off his body treasure. His body hair was just gorgeous. His furry chest, strong thighs and dark pubic hair perfectly fitted his body structure. His manhood was softened, but that didn’t manage to prevent me from getting stunned. His quite thick 4″ cock, beautifully hanging between his hairy thighs, was like a peak of his masculine beauty for me. Suddenly, I caught his furious look and quickly sneaked away.

I had been living with Brag for a week, when we finally had a frank talk. I was sitting at the table when he calmly sat next to me and looked in my eyes.

“What are you going to do? You should know that being with Jareh as his lover is a really dumb excuse. Even if you prove that you are not a killer, it will not affect the final result. You will be punished either for killing the knight, or for being gay.”

“I know that.” I murmured and tears filled my eyes. “But I am not able to change something. It happened and partially I don’t regret it. It was my first sexual experience and it was fucking beautiful. I wanted this to happen. I have needs which I tried to hide for my whole life.

“Please, stop!” Brag tried to ignore tears in my eyes. “Are you talking to me about sexual needs? I have not had sex for four years. There are some whore houses in the big city, but I can’t go there. It’s too much for me. Actually, it must be too much for every man but it isn’t unfortunately.”

I smiled and nodded in agreement. I looked at him and suddenly a crazy idea filled me. I filled his lips, demanding for kiss. I filled his body, demanding for touch. I filled his penis, demanding for action. Without a second thought, I quickly moved towards Brag and kissed him. He quickly reacted and pushed me away with his strong arms, stood up and furiously ran to his room. He was murmuring something, but the only thing I heard was “this is wrong”. I sat there breathless, stunned by my own action. I slowly stood up and went to my room. I tried not to be too nervous. Being too tired both physically and emotionally, I quickly managed to lull to sleep.

It was door’s creak that woke me up. I saw Brag standing next to the door, trembling and holding candle in his hand – only source of light in the room. To my surprise, he quickly blew out the candle and dropped it on the floor. I held my breath waiting for his next move. It was dark and I couldn’t see his face. He sat on the bed next to me, touched back of my head and pushed me towards me. I don’t know why but I tried to resist. It might have been instinctive action but I was too weak for him and quickly let him have me. He touched my lips with his fingers and passionately kissed me. I couldn’t see him because of the dark but I could swear he was smiling.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a confused smile.

“Didn’t you want this?”

“Yes, but … I thought you didn’t want it.”

“Oh, baby … you have no idea how much I wanted this.” He grinned.

I tried to say something but he stopped me with a gentle kiss. He slowly put his arms around my waist and started rubbing my shoulders and neck. I opened my mouth to free the way for his tongue. His tongue reached mine and I immediately felt my erection. I started sucking his lips like a crazy vampire. I put my arms around his shoulder and moved even closer. I started running my fingers through his hair which made him even crazier. He made me lie on my back, started running his fingers under shirt and pinching my nipples and continued kissing me.

I found somehow found power to make him lie on his back. I quickly sat on me and felt his boner. We took our clothes off and I started kissing and licking his body from nipples to his crotch. Brag started moaning and held my hair.

I got out of the bed and leaned down to fulfill my lover’s ultimate desire and face his cock. Considering the fact that I couldn’t see the size, I took it in my hands to somehow measure it. Result was unexpected because I was really amazed by the length and thickness of his beautiful manhood. I didn’t even think that after Jareh it was possible to amaze me. I started slowly stroking his dick and deeply sucked his huge balls.

“Do it, please! I’ve waited for so long.” He screamed like a crazy.

I grinned and continued my work. I touched his head with my tongue and started licking it. Taste of pre-cum tasted sweaty, a bit salty and extremely delicious. I knew he had enormous cock, so I decided to put it in my mouth inch by inch. With every inch, my mouth got fuller and soon his pubic hair was making it hard for me to breathe. I licked every part of hic cock which got him hornier and more excited. He wanted me to take it fully but it was damn hard. I took as much as I could and nearly choked. Brag understood that he was going to cum so he made me pull it out.

I needed a little rest but he suddenly lifted me and roughly threw me on the bed.

“Your ass is going to get exploded. Shit, I waited so long.”

“Please, just be gentle.” I begged.

He made me crouch on all four for him. He pushed one finger inside me and started slowly moving. This made me relax more and I told him I was ready for his manhood to enter me. He chuckled happily like a small child and starting stroking his own cock, getting it ready for action.

He put his hands on my ass cheeks and I understood that it was the signal. In seconds, I felt a thick object trying to enter me. Even though brag tried to prepare me, pain was enormous. He pushed his cock even more and made me scream like a little girl. Pain seemed to be unbearable and brag saw it. He leaned towards me and starting rubbing my shoulders, kissing and encouraging me. After a minute of hesitating, I decided to let him fully enter me.

Inch by inch, it hurt even more. I even thought that losing virginity was less painful. After minutes of struggling, Brag filled me with his hot dick. Having waited for awhile, he started slowly moving which made me feel better because pain was going away and astonishing feeling was filling me. Brag realized that I was less hesitant and he pushed in more powerfully. By each push, he was increasing the speed and the power. We were both moaning and gasping. Our bodies were touching each other and his sweat was going all over my body. I could feel thick cock, his furry chest, muscled thighs and skilled tongue which started licking my ear.

Because of me begging for more, he reached his maximal power and speed. His cock was traveling through my anus with ease, his balls were slapping my ass, he was gasping and breathed deeply.

“Oh, my … I’m going to cum!” Brag screamed.

As soon as I heard it, I started stroking my own cock and preparing for anal explosion. I felt his trembling cock swell and he shot his first load in my ass like a long-awaited rocket into space. Brag cried out and nearly lost control. I unloaded my own sperm and we both held each others’ hands in order to control ourselves. He lied on his back next to me, hardly breathing and unable to move. I hugged him and placed my head on his furry chest. I started running my finger through his fur and playing with his pink hard nipples. We both were tired and needed to rest after the action. I kissed him on his lips and prepared for sleeping. It was the first time after the death of Jareh that I was truly not afraid, secured by Brag’s strong arms.

I closed my eyes, embracing Brag, and suddenly heard the door’s creak. I opened my eyes, frightened to death, and saw a man holding the lamp and looking at me.

To be continued …

Later that morning Celeste was once more dressed in her male garb as Terence addressed her. “We still have funds for a week or two, perhaps we need not look to our trade for a while.”

Celeste retorted hotly “We need money for our own purposes also. Remember that I at least don’t intend to remain in this profession all my life!” His relaxed, to her eyes lazy, attitude provoked her to her old independence. She would not be told how to conduct their affairs if it was so clearly ill-considered. Her mood was not helped by the frustration she was still feeling after the morning’s denial of release.

They argued back and forth, but Terence had to admit their ultimate aim was to build up funds for their different purposes, and they should not use up all the proceeds of each interception. So Celeste had her way in that, and also in their choice of destination. “We must get far away from Norwich” she had argued cogently. They would head through Thetford to Cambridge next, and then eventually on to Bristol where she had some acquaintances down by the docks.

Finally Celeste contrived to slip away, claiming she was going to see to the horses, whilst Terence was settling the bill. She slipped quietly into the stable, checked that none was around, and sneaked into a corner of a stall. There she quickly brought herself off, her fingers working deftly under her skirts. But although she came, it really didn’t satisfy her. As she was rearranging her skirts she caught the stable-boy peering at her from the next stall and wondered how much he had seen. It was of no concern to her, she was quite brazen enough to like the idea of a secret audience. She paused as she was passing the stall where he pretended to work, looking at his breeches to see if she could see any sign of arousal. She could see none, but nevertheless smiled wickedly as she said “I hope you’re having an entertaining day, boy.” She stifled a laugh as he blushed.

So they settled their bill and departed. Celeste glimpsed the young stable-lad again as they rode out and gave him the most outrageous wink, being rewarded once again with his scarlet face. Perhaps when we pass here again, she thought … he clearly is ripe for some education in certain arts.

On the road each of them dwelt quietly in their own thoughts for a while. Terence was pondering his new-found mastery, glancing frequently towards his slave. Unfortunately for him, in her own cogitations his slave was plotting to become distinctly un-slavish once again. She was determined to reassert some independence. It was not, she told herself, that she would renege on her surrender. After all, that surrender was wonderful in itself, she remembered, and the memories stirred her yet again. But Terence, older though he was, still had so much to learn. Surely it was her duty to teach him in between her times of surrender? Thus she arrived at a rationale which satisfied her.

The day was dull and dreary as they rode towards Cambridge. They came across one coach too suddenly to make “arrangements”, and to their chagrin had to let it pass. In the forests around Thetford they made camp for the night. They were both tired and sore from the day’s riding, and after eating a cold supper they huddled together for warmth, falling quickly asleep.

The morn dawned bright and warmer. Celeste, awaking first and seeing Terence still sound asleep, decided here was a perfect opportunity. She sneaked away to fetch a length of rope. When she returned, she made a noose and slipped it over one of his wrists surreptitiously, then snuggled against him, managing to get him to roll over a little so that she could tie both wrists together, crossed in the small of his back. As she tugged the knot tighter he awoke, not immediately aware of his predicament. Celeste stood and moved to look down on him. “Did Master sleep well?” He blinked up at her, still heavy with sleep. “Uh, yes.”

“MISTRESS has a little surprise in store”. She kicked him lightly on the thigh, and trying to move he realised he was tied. His face immediately reddened with anger, and to her discomfort she saw that there was also a sadness and disappointment. She couldn’t bear that. It was far from her intention to make him sad. But she would soon have him happy again! Her confidence in her own power to pleasure him was supreme. “What in God’s name are you doing Celeste?”

She tried to explain a little. “Terence. I AM your slave. I will serve you. But …” She faltered in her attempt to explain as he listened in intense concentration. “I cannot, not yet anyway, not for a long time, perhaps not ever … I cannot be only your slave. I also have to command and be obeyed. I know you felt that need these last two days, your need to be Master. Can you not understand my need?”

He shook his head. No, he could not understand her.

She almost relented then, but she knew if she submitted to him now, devoted her whole life to him as slave and only slave, she would always feel a part of her deprived. And although she would be a happy slave there would be a void, a need unfulfilled. Their relationship must not have such imperfections, it must be complete. She loved him with all her heart, now finally she could acknowledge to herself that she would always love him. And it was necessary that they be complete. It was no longer arrogance that drove her, but a certainty that their strange love must find its wholeness in all ways. How could she tell him this? She tried to explain it, stumbling over her words, sometimes tears in her eyes when he could not comprehend what she was saying. At least he could see that she loved him in earnest.

Terence, trying to grasp what she meant, began to gain some measure of understanding of her feelings. But he had not had her long experience of a life of such strange drives, and switches, and complex interactions. He took comfort from the final, evident depth of her love, but he was still superficially angry with what she was doing. He ground out “So what is it you intend to do with me Celeste?”

“MISTRESS!” she flung back. “I intend to be your Mistress … for a little while. And if … if at the end you do not willingly submit to sometimes serve me, I promise I will be your slave uninterrupted forever, or for as long as you want me!” Now she felt cold fear. She had to succeed in this one opportunity to show him that he could serve her as happily as she could serve him.

She knelt down and pulled his face to hers, kissing him fiercely, and to her relief his mouth opened in response. She pushed in her tongue before he could have her mouth, stridently taking possession. He fought her tongue but she would not yield until she pulled away, leaving them both panting from the fury of the kiss. She smiled into his eyes. “Terence love. You can be my slave.” Damn, it was too soon, why had she said that now!

Celeste rolled him over onto his back and dragged his breeches off, began kissing his legs, his thighs, toying around but not touching cock or balls until he was straining his erection. “That’s not what Mistress wants yet, not what slave needs yet.” she cooed at his ear, rolling him now onto his belly, which he was helpless to prevent. Pushing down inside her breeches she moistened her fingers in her dripping cunt and pushed at his asshole. He tightened and grunted out a protest “Get off me woman. Not that!” But her forefinger slid slowly, inexorably into him until her knuckles pushed up against his ass. She crooked the finger and rotated it gently left and right, cooing behind his back “Terence, be my good slave. Mistress loves you.” Her tone, not her words, made it easier for him to accept her ministrations, despite his embarrassment. Her left hand dipped to gather more lubrication from herself and spread it into him, so that she could slide two fingers in, then three. She worked patiently, gently, opening him up and pleasuring, feeling then for the spot she knew would tip him over, make him hers. There! She had it, felt him push back against the probing finger, heard his groans of pure pleasure now.

Terence finally gave himself up to the pleasure of it. He had no room left for disappointment, for anger, for embarrassment. Pleasure was engulfing him. He rode back wantonly against her fingers.

Celeste moved her left hand between his thighs, caressing his balls as she continued to thrust her fingers into him. She felt the final tightening of cock and balls, then grasped the base of his shaft and pulled back sharply. His cock pulsed in her hand as he came, groaning loud pleasure. “Good boy, slave. Mistress is so happy.”

She lapped and sucked his cum from her fingers, then knelt to clean his cock thoroughly with tongue and lips. Then she untied his wrists and rubbed the circulation back as he lay there. Pulling off her breeches she lay against him, holding tight. After a while he turned half over to face her, his expression dreamy, almost awed.

Now this was the acid test! Could he admit he had surrendered for at least this occasion? She asked him, quietly, “Terence, will you say ‘Thank you Mistress’?”

He answered “Thank you …” then added a mumbled “Mistress”. After all, he thought, it’s just a word, and she wants to hear it. Yet at the back of his mind he was aware it meant more than that to him as well as her.

Her smile, so incredibly radiant, rewarded him. She realised and accepted that she could not remain Mistress long. He would feel the need to reassert his Mastery in very short shrift. But it was done. Their relationship was set. She to serve him … but sometimes, just sometimes, he would serve her in his turn. Still tasting him, she stroked his shoulder and chest idly. Her voice vibrated with emotion as she replied with a quiet “Thank you slave!”

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This is the story is a work of total fiction.

Any resemblance to real people, dead or alive, is purely coincidental.

All feedback is appreciated.

I’m Campbell Dalton a 21 year old College Junior at Vanderbilt University. My Studies are heavily concentrated in Business and Finance but I haven’t a clue as to what my profession will be. My passion since childhood has been swimming, I was good enough at the high school level to earn a college swimming scholarship and fortunate to chosen by Vanderbilt. A VU degree will get you to the front of the line in almost every Corporate personnel department in the country.

I’ve enjoyed my time at school and the biggest surprise has been how much I like the city. To almost everyone Nashville conjures up guitar playing rubes with twangy voices crying in their beer about lost love. While that idea is spot on for the Country Music industry, that’s only a small part of what this this city has become. It isn’t too large but it’s as comfortable as that pair of sneakers in your closet that you rescued every time your Mom put them in the trash. Being from Atlanta, GA. I thought I wouldn’t like it here, but now I might stay here after college. It’s Atlanta that I don’t really care for anymore. The growth explosion since the 1996 Olympic Games has ruined the city for me.

I am the youngest of the three children of Cortland and Suzanne Dalton. Cortland II , 25, is my older brother and Suzannah Caroline, 23, is my dear sister. Corty, as I’ve called him ever since I could talk, is engaged to Elizabeth Anne Deaver but they haven’t set the date yet. Suze, my sister is working at an Atlanta Law Firm and dating a lawyer and a doctor.

Adding more proof to recent research, I am the second son and I am gay. My Coming Out to my family when I graduated from High School was the biggest non-event in our family history. Both parents said, that they stand with me and love and support me as they always have. Suze, my sister, thought it was so cool to have a gay little brother. Cortland just smiled and said…

“you dog, does this mean I have to warn all my friends about you?”

“no Corty, the ones I’ve seen you with don’t have anything at all to worry about from me.” I replied.

Corty howled laughing. “you’ve only been out two minutes and already making catty remarks.”

Corty and I got along great now that we were both grown ups. We enjoyed each others company and really had a good time together as long as we stayed away from competitive sports. It was dog eat dog when we were playing against each other in anything. Neither of us took losing very well and it was especially bitter to lose to your brother. Luckily, we could leave that in the locker room and it didn’t spill over into our interactions with each other. I was very lucky and extremely happy that my being gay did not affect our friendship. Yeah, my big bro is my friend and that’s so cool. Corty sees it as his job to get me laid. He tries to get me hooked up every time we go out together.

“Yo, Cam… there’s a live one at two o’clock”, or “Dude! would ya look at the package that stud’s swinging!”

The trouble was, he was nearly always right. Corty really had an eye for the type of men I like. I’m still a bit shy and awkward talking about guys I like with Corty. He has threatened to bring one of his hand picked guys over to meet his gay little brother, if I don’t get off my butt and make a move on someone. God help me, my brother’s my pimp!

Sometimes I wondered if Corty was living out his own desires for men through me. I decided that I would have to talk to him about that someday soon before he got married. Regardless, I knew that he would marry and be the dutiful son that the II after his name demanded. It’s his nature to do the right thing, not make waves and to hold a true and steady course. Almost the exact opposite of his little brother.

With me away in Nashville we didn’t see much of each other but a couple of times a year he’d come up by himself and we would have a great time together. We always made the Vandy-UGA football game, he’d come to Nashville one year and I went to Athens with him the next.

I knew I was gay in high school but I am still a virgin. I’ve grown to be 6’2″ tall, 160 lbs. light brown hair and brown eyes with a slim, well toned swimmer’s body. I was pleased with my looks even here at Vandy where it seemed that every other male student we met was as handsome as a GQ cover model.

We were in the first semester of my Junior year and I was really stressed with studying for exams and competitive swimming. While at the library working on a paper I felt natures call and headed for the Men’s room downstairs. As I entered I heard a groan then a stall door flew open and a guy ran by me and out the door. I looked back to the stall and there stood Cullen Fortson, his pants and shorts around his ankles and his very substantial cock, shiny and wet, bobbing in the air.

Cully, as we all called him, was the friend of a friend and we were together every so often just hanging out with the guys… I turned to leave and he said…

“Campbell, don’t go, …please..”

My heartbeat raced when I saw Cullen standing there with his big cock bobbing in the breeze.

Cullen and I ran with the same crowd most times. We were cordial but never had a private talk or interacted other than as a part of a group. In my personal opinion Cullen was the most handsome man I had ever seen. I was not alone, he attracted women like a bee to honey.

Over the past two years we had sort of eyed each other every chance we got. Nothing really but we both had caught the other staring, I know I was secretly wishing to hook up for my first hot sex session. I can’t begin to guess what Cully was wishing for. At college we were constantly with other male companions so those of us who were inclined to be attracted to men were extremely careful not to appear to be gay in any way.

I was content with just looking at him, I was not in his league looks wise. I know I’m not a troll by a long shot but when Cullen is around I feel like the ugliest man alive. No one can compare to him in my eyes, when Cully walks by, men and women turn to watch him. Guys like him have their pick of the crop, that is partly why I was so stunned at walking in on his ‘blow job’.

“Cully, I’m sorry for the interruption…uh, really … I need to pee…..badly.”

and I stepped over to the urinal.

I heard Cully straightening his clothes. When I was finished and drying my hands he said…

“Cam..let me explain….”

“Cully…you don’t owe me any explanations…your sex life isn’t my business. Really all I saw was you with your pants down and a big shiny wet cock swaying in the breeze. If you ever need any one to verify the fact, I can truthfully swear that you’ve got a big one!”

Cully grinned and reddened in a blush.

“Still, Cam I’d like to talk to you about this if you’ll let me..”

“Cully…it’s stays right here, I will not tell anyone about what I saw, that’s a promise.”

“He let out a big sigh, thanks Campbell, I appreciate that. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m gay. You are the only one at school that I’ve told. I’m not even sure why I told you. I guess I just want you to know what it’s like to have these desires that have to be satisfied in dark rooms. Clandestine meetings that are never talked about. I’d never seen that kid that high tailed it out of here when you came in. I was at the urinal and he reached over and grabbed my cock and I let him give me a blow job. Part of one anyway.”

I laughed at that last part. “Sorry Cully, he left you high and dry didn’t he.”

“yeah, back to a hand job again tonight.”

“Poor guy, it sort of makes me sorry I for you.” I said.

Cully smiled at me and I said…

“but not that sorry….you’ll have to take care of it yourself, Dude.”

“Cam…I didn’t mean…I,…aww shit…no you got the wrong idea….damn..I’m sorry.”

“take a deep breath and relax Cully. I’m just jerking your chain here, giving you a hard time. I would have probably done the same as you…I don’t know if I could turn down an offer of a blow job either… I know it sure does get horny here all of the time.”

“Campbell will you let me take you to dinner, I’m getting hungry, and we’ve never really talked much, I’d like to get to know you.”

“Sure. I’m hungry too, let me get my things upstairs and I’ll meet you out front.”

As I headed back to the library to get my things all I could think about was Cullen’s huge cock. His was the first I’d ever seen hard other than my own. Cully was a great looking man, dark brown hair, Emerald Green eyes, about 5″9, 140 lbs. and a killer cock as I had just found out. My uneducated guess is it that it’s close to 9 inches long and 6 or 7 in circumference. It’s really Big!. I knew what I’d be jacking off to tonight. I could feel my cock swelling and tried to force Cully’s handsome face, torqued body, little round butt and that great big cock from my mind.

He was waiting as I came out and we headed off to his car.. He drove us out West End Ave. to the Belle Meade Buffet. I turned my back more to the door so I could see Cully as he drove and we talked. As I looked at him I became aware of his profile which made me get hard. Damn, he is too effing handsome for my own good. I thought about his trim hot body, hoping that his chest was as thickly furred as his legs. Long silky brown hair below the knees and shorter and curlier on the thighs. A good looking hairy man turns me on like crazy!

As we ate he started talking again about the scene at the library…

“I am ashamed that you saw that Campbell. I should have better control of myself. I’m really lucky it was you instead of Campus Police. It’s hard to say no when a guy has your dick in his hand asking if he can suck it.”

I could feel the blood rush to my face, If he only knew that was exactly what I longed to do to him. I was blushing again..

“shit, I’m so sorry Campbell, I shouldn’t be talking like this to you and over our dinner too. Sometimes I just don’t think ahead.”

We finished and were driving back to campus when Cullen asked…

“Cam, you ever had a guy give you blow job?”

“No…never…uh..I’ve never had one at all. What’s it like?”

“it feels so good but you have to be there, there’s just no way to describe it.”

“so Cully, when did you know that you were gay?”

“I was thirteen, the older brother of one of my friends talked me into jacking off with him. We had just started when he told me to close my eyes and not open them until he said to. I closed them and the next thing I knew he was sucking my cock. It felt so good. He didn’t finish me off but asked if I’d suck him. I knew I wanted to. When I took his cock into my mouth I just new that it was what I wanted. I’ve never looked back.”

“But Cully, you’re a handsome guy you could have any girl in school.”

“Cam I’m gay, I don’t want any girl. I want a guy like you, athletic, tall and handsome as he can be.”

“y… think I’m handsome? don’t you ever look in a mirror? You are the most handsome guy I know!

“Yes, Campbell, I think you are handsome, and to me you’re about as sexy as a guy can be. Sorry, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but it’s the truth. If you were gay I’d be after you big time.”

I know I was beet red again, blushing like crazy. Cullen Fortson thinks I’m handsome and sexy too! I wanted to tell him I’m gay. I don’t know why I couldn’t say it, it just wouldn’t come out of my mouth. He looked over at me and said…

“Oh damn it…Cam, please don’t get all uptight … I’m not trying to put the make on you. I really do like you and want you to be my friend …shit..why can’t I keep my mouth shut, I’m sorry Campbell..All I’ve done tonight is apologize to you!”

“ did take me to dinner!” I said.

Cully gave me this incredulous look and then burst into laughing, I laughed too and we were soon roaring, letting all the tension between us flow out with the laughing. He punched my arm…”

“you’re a goofy little shit…Thanks Campbell, we’re going to be good friends, I can tell.”

We were back on campus and were walking to our dorm rooms. We stopped at the place where we would go our separate ways to our rooms.

“well, this is it, I guess. Thanks for the dinner Cully, and I meant what I said earlier. I wont tell anyone about the library.”

“thanks again Cam, guess I’ll go finish what he started”

“Cully if you want to talk more or just hang out, you can come to my suite. No roommate this semester.”

“Really, I’d like that, I’ve really enjoyed your company tonight. We can continue getting to know each other, Great.”

My heart was racing, why did I ask him too my room? I guess I knew the answer. He’s gay, and maybe the best looking man I’ve ever seen and he thinks I’m sexy. I guess I want something to happen. Who am I kidding, I know I want something to happen! Tonight!

In my suite we both had to pee really bad. I started to pee in the shower stall when he said we’d share the toilet and moved to one side.

“you’ve already seen what I’ve got and at it’s best too. Now I get to see yours.”

I went red as a beet again. I couldn’t even look at him or his cock. I was so afraid I would get a boner. It didn’t help, I felt my cock thicken, I looked up and Cully was staring at my face, not my cock. That did it, I went fully hard. His eyes bored into mine. I started trying to put my cock back in my pants but it wasn’t going to fit with a hard on. Cam glanced down at my movement then quickly back to my eyes.

“I’m sorry Cully. You looking into my eyes made me get hard.”

“That’s okay Cam. Every guy’s cock has a mind of its own, that’s for sure. Besides, now we’re even, I’ve seen you hard too!”

We finished and went back into the room, I pulled off the sweatshirt I was wearing and wore only a tee shirt and jeans. I toed off my Weejuns and went barefoot.

“If you want to get comfy feel free Cully.”

As he pulled off his polo pullover I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His tee shirt rode up with the pullover and I saw his rippled abs and flat stomach and he was covered in dark silky hair…

YES! My cock twitched and I jumped, it had never done that before. That glimpse of Cullen’s hairy

torso would feed my Cullen Fortson jack off fantasies for many weeks to come. Seeing him standing there in a tee and jeans with his dark hair mussed, he was the sexiest man I’d ever seen. I started getting hard again. He noticed, and smiled.

We lay on the two beds facing each other. He started asking about my home and growing up. After I had related my life story to him he asked…

“So Campbell, when did you know you were gay?”

I was stunned and couldn’t talk for a moment. Then I decided, NOW CAMPBELL, tell him now. I was up and pacing back and forth.

“er…I… was my freshman year in high school. I SAID IT! I actually said it. gosh I felt so much better.”

“What?…Cam…do you know what you just said to me?”

“Yes, I told you I’m gay too.”

“Really!…I was just jerking your chain… teasing…gosh..are you really gay?”

“Yes, I really am….but, I’ve never been with anyone…only my family knows…and now you. I’ve never done anything with a guy, it’s tough to admit that I’m 21 and I’m still a virgin.”

“Wow…Cam…what I said earlier..I really did mean it.”


“I said if you were gay I’d be coming after you I meant that, still do. When you’re ready to have sex with a guy, if you want to do it with me, I sure want to be with you. Like I said, you’re my kind of man.”

“Cullen…I think I’m ready now. There’s no one I would rather be my first than you. I just don’t know what to do. Will you show me Cully, I’m new at this.”

Cully sat up on the edge of the bed facing me and he smiled, opened his legs, hooked a finger in my belt loop and pulled me between his legs. Smiling up at me, he unbuttoned my top button and like any good pair of 501′s the slightest tug opened all the fly buttons magically.

Cully’s eyes got big when he saw I was going commando. He pushed the 501′s off my hip and they fell to the floor I stepped out of them, kicking them aside. Cully smiled at my muscled thighs and stiffening cock. When he stood and pulled my tee shirt over my head, a gasp escaped his throat…

“Oh wow! Cam, I didn’t know…oh my god! you are so ripped! wow!..your body! That’s so hot! Cam…you’re… uh…y…you are so beautiful.”

he stammered as he ran his hands over my rippled abdomen, awestruck, he looked at my face and then back to my smooth chest and abs..

“your body is so smoking hot! Damn, who would have guessed this?”

“I’m a swimmer, Cully, remember? The whole team looks like this.”

Cully laughed…”I know those guys Cam…and no one else on the swim team looks like this!”

He said as his hands were all over my chest and stomach. He asked that I turn around and I heard his groan as his hands cupped my butt.

“yeah, well ..okay..I guess, you really like my bod, huh?”

“Oh yes, Sir. Cam those body suits you wear in swim meets hide all this. I really like your body a lot. I don’t mean this in a bad way, Cam…but I never guessed you had a smoking hot body like this under your clothes…yuummm…WOOF!”

I laughed at his ‘woof’ thinking it was cute and was flattered that he liked my body so much.

“No other guy on that team can hold a candle to you. There may be some with more muscle but none who look as good as you do. Oh yeah…it’s’re really hot Cam…a real turn on. I have to take off these pants now Cam…you’ve got me so hard I’m hurting down there.”

Cully stood and before his hand touched his top button, my fingers were there undoing the button and in one move I pulled Cully’s pants and shorts down to his ankles. Cully’s cock sprang up and slapped his belly then back down to hit my cheek as it bounced around. I nearly ripped his tee shirt off him. I could hardly believe my eyes, one glance at a naked, hard and very hairy Cullen took my breath away. He was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. My body trembled and a deep moan escaped from deep within me. I felt my testicles rising up…oh no…this can’t be… no …no…NO!

“Oh my god…Cully…I can’t stop it….oh no

…no…ooohhh! uuunnnggghhh! Ohmigod.”

Standing there in my dorm suite looking at a very naked Cullen not three feet away absolutely made me cum without either of us touching the other. I didn’t touch my cock. The orgasm was intense. The first spurt of my cum made a splat sound on Cully’s abs. Two more followed in almost the same exact place. I fell back onto my bed. Mortified that he saw the effect he had on me and ashamed that I had so little control. I hoped he wasn’t upset. It probably happens all the time to him. I was reluctant to look at him, my eyes had been clamped shut since my first volley of cum was fired.

“C…C…Campbell? are you okay there Cam?…man that was just the hottest thing I have ever seen. To have this tall, gorgeous swim team stud stand in front of me and get his nut and watch him shoot his cum three feet in the air to hit my stomach. Way Hot Campbell, TOO HOT!

“Cam…I gotta get my hands on you…I need to touch and hold you Campbell. I’ve never been with anyone like you. I could cum just looking at you.”

“!..don’t do that yet Cullen? One of us is enough. I’m so sorry I blew like that but looking at all of you like that…I knew I never see or be with anyone as beautiful as you again. I’ve never had anything make me cum before without being touched. Not even a wet dream. Now I want to learn, I want you to teach me how to make love to a man, to you.”

“Cam, I want to touch you, feel you, yours is the hottest body I’ve ever seen this close. I’ve just gotta play with it, lick those abs and nips. I promise I wont forget about that big beauty of a cock you’ve got there. It’ll be ready for another round soon. I’m not going to tell you what I want you to do. I will tell you if something hurts or I don’t like it, I don’t want you to stop, just try something else. The same goes for you, tell me to stop if you don’t like anything I do. This is all about pleasure and enjoying each other.

I want to hold you and press our bodies close together, I’ve never lain in bed and held a man in my arms. It’s always been wham bam and done before I had a chance to enjoy it. I really want to make love to you Campbell. I’ll be kissing you all over, especially your lips. If it gets to be something you don’t want to do just say stop and I will. I want your first time to be magical Campbell. I want you to never ever forget this night.”

I nodded giving my okay, too nervous to trust my voice. As Cully kicked out of the clothes at his feet I ogled his perfect body, hardening my aching cock even more. Cully was almost as ripped and sculpted as I am. He has a slightly pumped chest, stomach rippled and hard as a board, he had that wonderful sexy dark fur covering his pectorals and a thick treasure trail splitting his abs, past his navel and into this thick neatly trimmed pubic hair. I took my time and just drank in his image now before me. Cullen was beautiful all over. At 5’9″ and 140 lbs. he was thin but firm and wiry. His body was almost all muscle with no fat on him anywhere. His body was perfectly proportioned except for that outsized cock.

A little time in the weight room and he’d be as ripped as me. He turned and bent to pick up his clothes and my hard cock twitched again as I looked at his cute little round and furry bubble butt. In my fantasies I dreamed of a body like his, a cock like his and a handsome man like him.

I lay down on the bed and patted it, inviting him lay down beside me. Immediately I felt his heat, I turned on my side making more room and to be able to look at him and he did the same, I noticed that we both had very hard cocks. I smiled at him…

“okay Cully, I’m all yours, you’ll have to tell me what you want me to do, this is all new to me but I want to learn. I want you. Do what you wish with me, I’m yours tonight.”

Cullen’s hand started roaming my chest. There is very little hair there except for the patch between my pectorals and the thin trail of hair that led from there to my navel and beyond. When Cully’s fingers pinched a nipple I moaned deep in my throat. He moved one leg to cover mine and his knee rested against my testicles. I shivered in anticipation. He raised his arm and put it on my side and around my back, then pulled me close and our bodies touched together.

ELECTRIC! That moment our bodies touched was like fireworks exploding inside my body, goose flesh ran rampant over me, shivers ran up and down my spine. My arm went around him and I automatically pulled him closer, we were touching from chest to toes. He looked into my eyes and I stared back at him, trying to fathom his thoughts.

Slowly, he or was it me, leaned closer, we were so close I was breathing in his breath. His eyes closed but I kept mine open waiting, wanting to see what came next. Then our lips touched and it was my tongue ran along his bottom lip seeking entry to his mouth, When he opened his mouth and our tongues met, fireworks exploded again. I tingled from head to toe. Cullen moaned deeply molding his body more tightly to mine.

I was home, I knew that this was what I’d been missing. Nothing in my fantasies about this moment when I was jacking off could have prepared me for just how magic this feeling was. Our groins ground together our cocks dueling to see which could coat the other with the most pre-cum in the shortest time. Finally we broke apart to gasp in air. Both of us were totally surprised at the intensity of that shared kiss. Cully couldn’t speak…he just stammered incoherently.

Somehow I had taken control and it was me feeling his body, running my hand down his back and cupping his perfect furry cheek. I ran my other hand down his chest, over his abdominals and on down to grasp his hard cock in my hand causing him to give a little yelp of surprise. The feel of his cock in my hand was wondrous. The size of it, the heat, the silky skin covering his steel hard unyielding shaft. My thumb roamed over his glans, prompting another deep groan from him. As Cullen opened his eyes mine stared straight into his.

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before? I never dreamed you’d be like this Cam, you’re wonderful!”

“So are you Cully, Believe me I would have remembered this. Yes this is the first time I’ve ever touched a man sexually and it is just about the best thing that I’ve ever experienced. This is so hot! You’re so beautiful inside and out. I can hardly believe Cullen Fortson, the hottest, best looking guy on campus is in my bed with me.”

Cully’s hand had encircled my cock while I was speaking. He slowly jacked it as he listened and I aped his movements. Our eyes met again and I kissed him with an hunger and passion I didn’t know I possessed. I had to have him, this kiss was more insistent, harder, more masculine, driven by my passion, my lust. I never knew I could want a man so much. When I pulled away I was exhilarated, Kissing a man was so very intense, sexual pleasure flooded my body.

Man Sex! This is me. This is what I want. I became the aggressor, I rolled atop Cully’s body, grinding my cock into him and lightly bit a nipple bringing out a loud moan from within him, I reached and took the back of his neck in my hand and pulled his lips to mine and my tongue probed deeply into his mouth, gliding over his teeth, tickling the roof of his mouth with the tip of my tongue and his cheeks. I nibbled at his lips, biting just hard enough to surprise him, never to hurt him.

My lips traced from his ear to his neck leaving little kisses there, then over to a shoulder, a lick and kiss there. My tongue traced down into the little valley created by his collar bone kissing, and licking his sweet smelling skin. Not knowing what I should do I decided that I would do the things I thought would feel good. I was on autopilot I just started doing things and felt lucky that he liked it. Cullen began to moan and move about on the bed.

I became his sensual lover, doing my best to arouse, please and tease his delicious body. I raised his arm and buried my nose in his armpit, sucking in the aroma of man, then licking and laving the curls there with my tongue.

Down his chest my hands and lips trailed fire onto his skin as they traveled ever downward toward his neatly trimmed pubic hair. At his crotch I inhaled again, his man scent filled my nostrils, a scent his alone, his scent that sent a river of blood surging, throbbing into my aching cock, as the sweet taste of his groin lingered in my mouth.

I sucked and licked at his crotch and Cullen thrashed about moaning and calling out my name. His calling my name while he was so aroused only fueled my desire as I took his dripping cock in hand. I looked up into his eyes as my tongue snaked out and licked the dew drop from his slit. His body shuddered and I quickly plunged my mouth onto the first cock I would ever suck. Cully lost all control as his body and legs tensed and he filled my mouth with my first taste of a mans semen.

His cum was my prize. A different taste to be sure, but not at all disagreeable. I knew that taste aside, making him ejaculate in my mouth was something I would want to do over and over with Cullen. I couldn’t swallow it fast enough as it dribbled off my chin onto his testicles. As the flow slowed and I gently nursed at the softening cock I chuckled when I realized what I had just done. I had just finished the ‘blow job’ I interrupted earlier!

I felt a gentle tug on my shoulders as Cullen pulled me up into an embrace and a long soulful kiss. When we parted, I was a bit embarrassed and had a shy look on my face because I had never been the aggressor in anything ever. It was a total surprise to me and to Cullen too.

“Cam… got into you…you did that like you’ve been sucking cock forever. Why..what made you do that? Please, don’t get me wrong, I truly loved all that you did it was just such a complete surprise to me.”

I gave him a shy smile…

“me too Cully, I’m just as surprised as you are. Your hot furry body really turns me on. It just seemed like what I was supposed to do. Caught up in the moment, it just came naturally to me. I hope that this stays just between us please. I’m not ready to come out on campus yet.”

“your secret is safe with me Cam. I’m not ready for that either. I only hope we can do this again, and again and again.”

“tonight was my first time, I will never forget this. Thank you Cullen, it was so much more than I have ever dreamed of. Thank you for being my first Cullen. I get the feeling that any future partner would be a downgrade for me. I started with perfection”

“me too, Campbell, maybe we just ought to stay with each other” He said half jokingly but I think we both knew that this was special. This was different.

“You’re the fourth man I’ve been with in the five years since I came out. But Campbell, you are the only man who has ever made love to me. That’s what you were doing, that wasn’t just sex, that was making love. And Mr. Dalton, I’m pleased to tell you that you aced the course in making love to Cullen Fortson.

I’ve never felt a passion like we just shared, you took control and made me feel an excitement sexual pleasure that I have never known. You are a special lover Campbell. uh..Cam…uh.. you do know that this is just halfway over.. right? My turn now you sexy stud, I get to ravage your smoking hot body. I can hardly wait.”

“Oh wow, I had completely forgotten about that. Making love to you and your body was such a turn on for me that all I could think about was getting you off. I hope I like receiving half as much as I liked giving pleasure to you Cully.”

“Trust me Cam. You’re gonna like this, I guarantee it.”

“Cullen, as long as it’s you doing it, I know I will like it.”

I jumped up and stepped into the bathroom and returned with a warm washcloth to clean Cullen’s stomach and testicles of the pre-cum and what had dribbled from my mouth. As I gently cleaned his body, Cully smiled and gently traced his hand up and down my chest and stomach letting the back of his hand bump into my still hard cock. He took the washcloth, folded it over and wiped my chin and mouth then pulled me down into another long soulful kiss.

Gasping for air we broke apart. Cully pushed me onto my back and rolled to lay atop my anxious body, hard cocks dueling as they ground into each other. Oh good god, I love the way his hairy body feels against my skin

He attacked my nipples, one with his mouth and the other with his fingers bringing a roar from deep within my chest. Inching down, his lips and tongue explored each and every ripple on my abdomen. Cully’s breathing came in gasps as he worshiped my body. His lips moved to the hard love handles over my hips and tongued each of them. Moaning I spread my legs to give him more room as he continued his loving trip down my body.

Just when I was ready to feel my cock in a man’s mouth for the first time, he bypassed it and dove onto my testicles sucking in both and rearing his head back to pull hard on my sac. His stretching the inner cords there brought a low, guttural growl from me followed by thrashing and flailing my arms and legs.

“ohmigod Cully…oh that feels so good”

Cully had a twinkle in his deep green eyes as he released my sac…

“turn over Cam” he instructed.

I lay there spread eagle, face down with Cullen laid out on my back. It felt so good I wiggled my body a bit trying to get more of his skin touching mine. I sighed at his wonderful fur tickling my skin.

“oh Cully, this is so good…you feel so good on me …ooohhh yes…”

Cullen stretched his arms out over my arms and our hands clasped. He moved his hips very slightly pushing his hard cock along my ass crack. Rubbing his body against mine. Kissing and licking the back of my neck, below my ear, he slowly moved down the back side of my body. Tracing my muscled lats that veed down to my slim waist. Moving farther down, his vision was filled with my hard little butt. He let his tongue trace along the crack all the way to my sac again. Rising, he blew a breath across my furry cheeks and watched as they pimpled in goose flesh.

Holding each cheek he gently spread them and moved his face in and stabbed his tongue into the wrinkles there. My body was shocked when his tongue licked at my opening, I raised to my knees and groaned as my hips went wild for his tongue. This only pushed my core tighter to Cullen’s mouth as he tongued, kissed and laved my butt.

I was all over the bed, arm and legs flailing, moans and groans coming in gasps. Cully saw my testicles rise to firing position and he quickly withdrew his mouth and began stroking me gently with his hands. Letting me recede back from the brink of orgasm. Cullen moved and lay on his side and I turned to him, shivered and pulled him into a tight embrace. I stared into his eyes, somehow I thought I could pull him into me with my eyes. Finally he closed his eyes and lay his head on my shoulder with his lips touching my neck and he let out a sigh of contentment.

We rested only a few minutes until Cullen was on the move again. He gave me a little peck on the lips and said..

“you’re gonna love this!”

He moved quickly to sit on his knees between my legs. He reached for my cock, pulled it to his lips and looked up into my wide eyes as he sank my considerable 8″ long cock in his throat all the way to it’s base. His throat massaging my cock and filling me with more unknown new sensations.


This was my first time to feel my cock in any mouth, but to have it in Cully’s was heaven, he took it all, his nose buried in my crotch as I moaned and grunted and never wanted this feeling to end.

He pulled back to the glans and circled it with his tongue and plunged back down, back up, swirl, plunge down. Cully’s passion settled into the ancient rhythm known to men who love men the world over. Bobbing, twisting and plunging, deep throating my cock. He had me writhing in ecstasy as he devoured me. Cully slowed allowing me to ebb back, then he plunged back into that rhythm that vibrated my entire being.

This feeling in my cock and balls was all that existed in my world, I felt it coming, that deep tingle in my testicles and the rush of semen up the shaft of my cock and into the waiting throat of my handsome companion. Spurt after spurt I emptied myself into Cullen’s eager mouth. Yelling, laughing, roaring…

“suck me, suck me, take it all.”

The reality far surpassed any notion I had of what my first time would be.

As I fell back exhausted Cullen suckled on my softening cock, his head lying on my hip, his hand cradling my testicles. When he had returned to kiss me and lay beside me I said…

“Oh Cullen….you were so right…thank you…I never dreamed sex could be like this….”

“Cam, there’s more. You probably wont believe it but there more that feels even better than this. We wont do it tonight. But if you’re willing I want us to do this again. Let me show you what else I can do to make you feel even better that what we just did.”

I looked into Cully’s eyes, seeing a fear there I hadn’t seen before. Was he afraid I would reject him! Me say no to another night like this? Say no to him? Not very damn likely!

“Yes Cullen, we’ll do anything you want, is tomorrow too soon?”

I said as I cupped his face in my hand and gently kissed him. I wanted to reassure him that we were okay. No need for his fear. We would do this many, many nights.

He let out a big sigh of relief…

“no it’s not too soon, if anything it’s too long to wait but we have to. We’ve had a good workout tonight. We need the rest.”

Cully got up and headed for the bathroom. When he came back he went to his clothes and started to put on his shorts..

“What are you doing Cully?”

“Getting dressed to go back to my room”

“Oh…er… ah…I was hoping you would stay and sleep with me”

“Really Cam?”

“yes, really,…Cully. I like the way you feel against me. I like the way you kiss me, there’s going to be a long list of things I like about Cullen Fortson. But most of all I just want to be with you. Please stay tonight”

“oh gosh..Yes! I’d love to be with you and to sleep with you Campbell.”

Cully dropped the shorts and leaped back to the bed. I turned him and spooned to his back pulling him close into my arms. As we snuggled up, I bent down slightly and kissed the top of his head. The way he felt against my body, my arms holding him to me…it all felt so right. Cullen’s smaller body molded perfectly to my taller one. Our bodies were touching from feet to our cheeks. We were sexually drained, physically exhausted, emotionally fulfilled and excited beyond reason. This was supposed to be!

“Good night you sexy man and thank you Cam, you are a fantastic lover.” Cullen whispered.

“ha, just look at what I had to love on, that fur, your hot body and that killer cock got me all worked up, not to mention the kisses from those perfect lips. mmmm WOOF! you are the hottest, sexiest man I know Cully.”

I smiled again and snuggled up closer and held Cully tightly as we drifted off to sleep. Just before dawn, I woke with my cock in Cully’s mouth again. I stretched and moaned…

“oh that’s so nice, what a way to wake and take on the world. Ooooo you do that so good Cully.”

“I’m truly inspired Cam. I’ve never been fortunate enough in my few experiences to have someone who looks like you do, feels as good as you and there’s something else to..we just seem to click… we’re more than just the two of us.”

He dove back onto my hard cock with a fury, back into that rhythm he knew so well, plunge down, back up, swirl, plunge. I was helpless, just hanging on to the bed as he worked his magic on my cock.

“OOOOHHHH CULLY! CULLEN NOW, NOW, aarrrggghhh! OH, OH, OH, oh, oh…that feels so good. so good, oh Cully you’re so good…”

He crawled back up to kiss my lips and hold me as I floated back to earth from my orgasmic high.

“oh Cullen, you do that so well, I could get used to this very make me do things I didn’t know I could do.”

“I told you that you inspire me Cam. I want to pleasure your body anytime you’re willing. I go a little crazy loving on you. you’re so special”

I was absent absentmindedly stroking Cully’s back rubbing up and down slowly. I let my hand roam lower and cupped one melon shaped cheek in my hand, caressing and rubbing.

“any more of that and I might not be able to wait until tonight Cam. I’ve got a special treat for you tonight remember.?”

“I remember Cully, only I find it hard to believe that you can top what we did last night and just now.”

He chuckled deep in his throat…

“have faith Campbell and trust me, I haven’t steered you wrong yet have I?”

“uh uh, I’d have to say that you’re steered me perfectly, Cullen. You’ve aced your course in loving on Campbell Dalton, for sure. Lets get some sleep, okay, good night”

“sounds good, good night Babe…oh no…shit…I’m sorry Cam that just slipped out. I’m sorry.”

“calm down Cully, it’s okay. it’s no big deal, Okay”

“sure Cam, everything just feels so good, that just slipped out. thanks for being such a good guy.”

“I know…you too Cully, now let’s get to sleep….good night…….Babe.”

Cully giggled, then I joined in and we had a good long laugh and even some playing and tickling and cuddling both drained and fulfilled we drifted off to sleep. A great end to a great evening together.

My alarm sounded at 7:30 am, slowly we stretched and rubbed against each other and fought off the impulse to reach for the other and make love again. I watched as Cully dressed and a smile spread across my face.

“so Babe, what time are you going to be free tonight?”

Cully flushed, embarrassed by his faux pas from last night. He looked sheepishly to Cam and said,

“I’m really am sorry I said that last night…it just came out accidentally. I was just so comfortable with you all night and so thrilled when you wanted me to stay. That was the best night of my of my life. You were fantastic. I’ve had sex before but you made love to me. I’ll never forget that. I’ll never forget last night either and hopefully tonight will be even better for you, for us……uh..oh yeah, my last class is over at 4 and I have to do some research at the library…and no not in the Men’s room! I got all I need there last night when I got you. I should be free by 7, how about you?”

“Swimming is the last thing on my list every day and I’ll finish tonight about 6. You want to have dinner together Cully?

“Sounds like a plan, where do you want to eat Cam. Want to go to Ireland’s?”

“We can be naked together here until tomorrow morning or later. Tomorrow is Saturday and I don’t have any classes do you?”

“none for me” Cully replied

“great that means we can stay naked until Monday morning, you think you’re up to that?”

“Cully, how about this. Lets meet here at my room, I’ll order a pizza and we can stay here, naked until Monday. “

“I’m in. I’m not leaving you until you tell me to go away and stay away. A weekend naked with you! Ye-ow!”

Cullen leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips good bye as he started to leave but I grabbed his arm, spun him around and slammed the door in one motion as I stuck my tongue down his throat and hugged him to me. He put his arms around my neck and held on as my kiss rocked our minds and bodies. When we broke from the kiss we both were trembling, taking ragged breaths and staring into each others eyes. Cully spoke first…

“Campbell, when you look at me like that it scrambles my brain, I can’t think straight and all I want to do is be in your arms. After tonight, we need to spend some time getting to know each other with our clothes on, okay. Those eyes of yours are nearly lethal, you may have to wear shades tonight, and anytime we’re together for a while. I don’t trust myself when you look at me like that. You know the feeling when you’re on a roller coaster and go down that first hill, your stomach does that flip as you fall downward, well that’s what your eyes do to me when you stare at me like that. Cam, I gotta run or I’ll be late for class…here’s my cell number text me yours. I gotta run, bye….Babe”

I stood there staring at the door Cully had just closed. I chuckled at that parting shot of Babe” from him. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower, started to take off my shorts then realized that I was still naked after our sex session…no it wasn’t sex, Cully had said we made love. That seems to be a more accurate description for me too. I stepped into the warm spray and let it soothe my body.

I wished Cullen was here, it would be fun to take a shower with him and I could just imagine where that would lead to. I finished up, dressed and headed out for breakfast. As I sat and ate alone again I wished Cully was there to talk to. Suddenly a thought came to me and I flipped open my phone and called my brother Corty.

“Hey Little Bro, what’s going down in Music City?”

“aw, nothing special, just your little brother losing his virginity last night. Other than that, it’s Dullsville here.”

“WHAT! You finally did it…that’s great little bro just became a man! Judging by your tone I’m guessing you had a good time. Who’s the stud that took your cherry bro”

“Oh Corty, I never knew sex could feel so good. His name is Cullen Fortson and he’s from Louisville, a Junior like me and he’s about the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. He thinks your little bro is ‘handsome and sexy as all get out’ his exact words.”

“you really sound happy Campbell…this guy must be something special.”

“yeah, he is. He’s coming back to tonight and we’ve got all weekend to fool around. He says he’s got a special surprise for me tonight. I’d be very, very happy with a repeat of last night. Corty, I can’t stop grinning. I feel so good.”

“Hey bro, as long as he’s the right guy, there’s nothing wrong with falling for your first partner. Just go with the flow, you’re a smart guy. You’ll know if he’s for real or not.”

“Yeah,. I do..he’s the real deal Corty…you’re gonna like him, I just know it. I’ve got to head out now, I just had to let you know my news. I’m glad you’re my brother Corty. I love you… I gotta go, later..oh be sure to say hi to Mom and Dad, Liz, and Suze for me…bye.”

As the day progressed I found myself wishing for Cully to be with me just about every time I was alone. This was strange, just yesterday Cullen was a friend of a friend who I barely knew but after what we shared last night, I knew him as I knew no other person. I craved his presence. That’s why I stared into to Cully’s eyes so intently this morning. I was looking for something, some reason for the feeling I have of needing to be with him.

Cullen said that we needed to spend some time together with our clothes on. I guess this is what he meant, I just want his company for a while… well I already knew I wanted to be with him a lot longer than just a while.

Cullen was a wreck, he knew he had fallen hard for Campbell last night. It was crazy, just a few hours together and he never wanted to leave Cam’s side. Those eyes, staring, searching his soul. He was so afraid that Cam would see how he felt about him in his eyes. He was afraid that he would scare Cam away if he let on how much he cared already. The hours dragged by so slowly, this was the longest day of his life. Every time he opened a book his eyes saw the words printed there but his mind saw Cam’s face, his body, how he felt with Cam pressing against him, kissing him. Oh god, I’ve got to stop this. I’ll lose my mind if I can’t stop thinking about him. He forced himself into the research routine. The harder he concentrated the sooner he would finish and could be with Campbell.

At 6:55 p.m. Cully knocked on my door, almost before the last rap of his knuckles I jerked the door open and pulled him in by his arm, shut the door, wrapped him in my arms and kissed him like I hadn’t seen him in a month. As we broke from the kiss, I saw the astonishment on Cully’s face.

“I’m sorry Cully, I didn’t even say hello before I attacked you. It’s just this feeling I’ve had all day, every time I was alone, I thought of you and wished you were with me. I know it sounds weird but I missed you all day. We don’t even know each other really, other than the physical part we got to know very well last night. You were right this morning Cully, we do need to spend time together with our clothes on. I have this need to know who your are, everything about you…it’s maddening.”

“I think it’s a great idea Cam. Who knows, we might become good friends.”

“But I want us to be mo…uh…oh forget it for now….Why don’t we got out to eat Cully. We can start our fully clothed friendship now. What do you feel like eating.”

“Cam, honestly I’m starving for a good meal, do you like the Elliston Place Soda Shop? Great home style cooking and I need meat and veggies. Last night sapped all of my energy reserve. You were a real tiger in bed, I never expected that we would end up as we did.”

“It was like you said Cullen, I was inspired. The feel of you in my arms and against my body was the best feeling in the world. Granted, it was all a new experience for me but one I know I want to do over and over again, mmmm you’re just too sexy…babe!”

Cully smiled, “you’re never going to let me forget that are you?”

“Well….er…the thing is …I kinda like it Cully…a hot guy like you calling me babe is a big turn on. I don’t mind it at all. It tells me that maybe you care for me for more than just the sex, at least that’s what I want to believe. I don’t want to get all mushy and stuff….but I really do like you and want to know you better both in and out of bed. I hope that doesn’t freak you out. If you need me to back off just say so….I just want you to know what I’m thinking.”

Cully’s voice was shaky as he replied…

“Campbell, honestly it does freak me out…but in the best possible way. I’m freaked out that we’re onto the same line of thought here. I couldn’t think straight, no pun intended, all day. You filled my thoughts every time I opened a book or tried to study. I do care for you more than just the sex and I care for the sex a lot… believe me. You absolutely rocked my world last night. I’m hoping that I can rock yours tonight.”

After eating it was still a long while before dark So I drove us out to Percy Warner Park off Old Hickory Blvd.. We walked a bit and then sat down on the hillside overlooking the steeplechase racecourse. We sat and talked occasionally touching a shoulder or knee for emphasis, then soon there was constant contact as our legs touched together while we talked. We both felt a need to be physically connected …it was mutual and very comforting. We talked for hours about all topics, mostly our families, our lives and what we wanted after college. As the night darkened, I stood, held out my hand and pulled Cullen to his feet, I looked around then gently kissed him. As we turned to walk back to the car, I put an arm around Cully’s shoulder. Cullen’s arm circled my waist and he tucked three fingers inside the waist band of my jeans and we held each other close as we walked to the car.

Back at my room we started making out again, the kissing, hugging and we even lay on the bed fully clothed and talked more, stopping to kiss and hug and then more talk. We were both so comfortable that we napped a bit. It was Friday night and we had all day tomorrow and Sunday if they wanted, to be together.

Cully woke at a little after 10 p.m.and kissed on me a while to wake me up.

“Get a move on you sleepy slug. I’ve got things I want you to do to me and you need to be awake to do all of them.”

He pulled me from the bed and started undressing me, I reciprocated and soon we stood naked, each admiring the body before him. In unison our bodies moved together and we embraced.

“Ooohhh there it is, that’s the feeling I’ve been missing all day, us naked and me holding you tight, that’s just what I needed Cam.”

“..oh Cullen you are so sexy….look how hard you have me already!”

“you ain’t see nothing yet, babe!”

Cully pushed me to the bed, opened the bag he had place there when he arrived. He opened a tube of lubricant and gently coated my hard throbbing cock. He told me that he wanted me to…

“lubricate my butt Cam. I need some heavy lubing to take your fat cock in me.”

When he felt me add a fourth finger to the ones stretching his hole he knew he was ready.

“now Cam….do it now…..put that big fat cock up my ass….I gotta have it in me….now!”

I lubed my cock one last time as Cully flipped onto his back.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I want to watch your handsome face as you feed me your cock, Cam. I want you to take me and make me yours. I want you inside me Campbell, I need you to cum in me. Make me yours Cam, take me.”

I knee walked into position as Cully guided my hard cock to his opening.

“Do me…Campbell…do me.”

I gently pushed as Cully pulled on the back of my thighs, when my cock popped through his anal ring I stopped as pain flashed across Cullen’s face.

“on no, I’m hurting you, I’ll take it out”

“NO…NO.. stay in, this will pass. just stay in me, please..try to hold it still….come here babe, kiss me, ooohhh yeah, no one has ever kissed me like you do, you’re so sexy Cam …oh babe, see, it already feels better… push in slowly now….0h god, you’re big…I love it …you’re filling me up…oh Cam! You’re inside me…..Cam…..oh!” Harder Cam, harder.”

I was startled as I slid my cock into the blast furnace heat that was Cullen’s butt. So hot, so tight.. the head of my cock tingled with unknown sensations and I sank into the depths of Cully’s butt. I watched Cullen’s face as the grimace of pain eased into a look of surprise and then pure pleasure. When I ground my cock into his groin Cully’s eyes flew open in triumph.

“YOUR MINE CAM! …you’re inside me…. I have you now….fuck me Campbell, fuck me good, ride my hot butt…it’s yours…take it…fuck..Cam! do it. oh, oh harder do it harder oh yes… yes …your so good…so full…fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck me please. Oh yeah that’s it…ride me Cam….ride Cully, ride me hard!…big cock … give me your big cock, deeper..oh. Harder, FUCK ME, HARD, that’s it, do it,”

I had never experienced any feelings like this, Cullen’s complete surrender to my cock inside him drove me to fuck him faster, harder…how could anything be this good….Cullen’s ass was insatiable the deeper I drove in, the more cock that ass wanted from me. I looked into Cully’s eyes, they were beginning to get a glazed look, the pleasure had taken him to another place…his only thought was getting more of my cock deeper inside his ass.

“CAMPBELL..I’m gonna cum…..cum with me..Cam I’m gonna shoot….fill me up CAM .. CAMPBELL!!! oh god CAM! uuunnnggghhh! ”

Then it happened, I rushed headlong toward orgasm and joined Cullen at the brink. Our ejaculations were nanoseconds apart.

“Oh Babe, I’m gonna shoot with you..Cully, here it comes, I’m cumming too. Oh Babe, oh my god good..Cully…oh Cully…ooohhh!

I woke atop Cullen’s chest and gently slid off onto my side and lay there looking at his handsome face, waiting for him to open his eyes.

“I must be dreaming. I’m afraid to open my eyes, afraid I’ll wake and this was just a dream. Who knew that Campbell Dalton was so fucking hot and such a lover!”

“Cullen, I’m right here beside you, you’re not dreaming.”

“Yes I am…real life can’t be as good as this …don’t make me wake up…”

“Okay, Cully, you sleep and dream….I’ll just go find some who’s awake to kiss and hug and make love too. Have a good nap babe.”

That did it, Cully’s arms wrapped him in a hug and his eyes flew open wide….

“you’re a mean little shit….you’d leave me here in your bed and go find someone else to play with!”

“No, I didn’t budge an inch but I got those beautiful eyes open, didn’t I? You were right you know Cully.”

“about what Cam?”

“we’re gonna have to do that again tonight! You think there’s any possibility I could get you to do that to me Cully?”

“yes Cam, whenever you’re ready, I will.”

I stood and pulled Cullen with me as we headed for the shower.

“This morning after you left I was in the shower thinking how much fun we could have in here together. Come on in and play with me Cully.”

We stood under the water, Cully in front with my arms wrapped around him…we each soaped and stoked the others body, taking care not to spend too much time on the cocks and balls saving that for another shower. Now was all about getting prepared for my first time being fucked.

“this feels good but we need to clean up and get out before you get all pruny and ugly.” Cully said.

“what… you wont fuck me if I’m pruny and ugly? Jeez Cullen, that’s just plain cold”

“you better hurry up and get out of here before I fuck you standing up against that wall. Oh Cam…just so you’ll know, I don’t kiss pruny, ugly men!”

“That did it, I’m outta here Cully, come on .”

As we dried off, I kept sneaking glances at Cullen, we were becoming friends on top of the fantastic sex, making. Also I just liked looking at him, he’s a handsome fucker but he doesn’t act like he knows it, and it doesn’t take long to get me stiff just looking at that body and face…he is one seriously hot, sexy stud!….WOOF…indeed.

I finished first and ran to the bed and laid down after drying off. Naked and atop the bed covers. When he came out of the bathroom he stopped and just stared mouth agape at my lying there for him. I hoped I looked even half as sexy as he did to me. I gave him a smile and held my arms open for him. As he neared the bed I reached out and pulled him onto my chest, pinning him there..

“Cullen, I’m not letting you up until you kiss this pruny, ugly man..”

His smile slowly faded into a very serious look as his eyes searched mine, looking at me intently, then his lips gently touched mine in a soul searing, emotionally charged kiss. My body betrayed me and I trembled as goose bumps ran over my flesh. He had a knowing little smile as he saw my body react to his kiss.

“you’re a sexy man Campbell Dalton, a wonderful, handsome, sexy, hunk of man.”

“Can’t help it Cully, your kisses make me crazy, make me do things I never dreamed of. You’re the sexy one to me. When you’re ready I need to feel you inside me. I want you to feel like I did when you gave yourself to me. You were in my power, completely giving yourself over to me, but at the same time you were my most treasured possession and I felt the need to protect and shelter you, and love you. You were totally mine. It was so awesome.”

As we lay there, him on my chest my arms around him I felt more content, more satisfied than at anytime I could remember. I was lost in my thoughts of him and how he made me feel when the ringing of Cully’s phone startled us. He got up, dug it out of his jeans and flipped it open… “it’s my Dad..I better take it…”

“Cullen said ‘Hi Dad!’ then his face paled and he looked strickened….I’m on my way Dad…I’ll be there as soon as I can…”

“Oh god, Cam…it’s my Mom….heart attack… Dad’s with her at the ICU..I’ve got to go home. Right now!”

Cully was from Louisville, Ky. about a three hour drive. He was so shaken I knew he shouldn’t go alone.

“Let’s get dressed, you run up to your room grab what you need and come back here. I’m driving you home…no arguments…Cully…you can’t make this trip alone. That’s final!”

Cully started to the door but turned and swept me in to a tight hug to his body…

“Thank you Campbell….I’ll be back in just a few minutes.”

I grabbed my shaving gear, clean shorts an extra pair of Jeans and a couple of pull over shirts and was waiting with the door open when Cully returned. On the way to the car I ran down my mental check list with him and he seemed to have what he needed.

In less than 20 minutes after he got the call we were on I-65 headed north. He was quiet, I figured he was scared out of his mind. I tried to get him talking about her and the good times to take his mind off the situation. The traffic was brisk but moving well about 10 miles over the 65 MPH speed limit. In about and hour we drove through Bowling Green and kept on heading north.

Cully talked to his Dad twice while we were on the road and he knew that his Mom was now stable, talking and in good spirits which let my Cully come back to me. He was his old self, smiling, watching me and even held my hand for a long time. I couldn’t let him know that I had been driving for two hours with the boner from hell. So hard it ached. We pulled into a rest area for a stretch and pee break and I got to rearrange my self and the boner was ebbing away. When we were on the road again Cully asked.

“did that trucker back there give you that boner, Campbell?”

“No, as a matter of fact you’re responsible for it. I’ve had it for over two hours, just being with you this long without touching or kissing. I’ve got to teach it how to behave when we’re not in the bedroom. When you’re around it only knows to be “hard as stone”.

He reached over into my lap…

“I can fix this for you..just let the seat back a bit and let me love on you a while Cam.”

“No, no, no…not in the dark..too dangerous. You know how you affect me Cullen. I could run off the road, or wreck us…and you might bite it off!. Then you would leave me, alone and dickless..I can’t take that chance Cullen, I could handle being dickless but I’m not sure if I would survive without you.”

When I looked at him he had the most astonished look on his face, mouth agape, eyes wide open.

“Campbell…do you realize what you just said?”

“oops, sorry, I shouldn’t have blurted that out here on the highway…it’s just….well…you get to me Cully…make me do and say the damnedest things. Do you have any idea just how much I care for you Cullen?

He grabbed my hand in both his and squeezed it tightly, I saw him swallow hard a time or two before he spoke.

“yes, I think I do now. I think do Campbell.”

We rode on silent for a while still holding hands. As we neared the city he called his Dad again and asked what exit to take and found out that his Mom had been moved to a private room out of the ICU. He was visibly relieved.

Having never met his parents, I stayed in the waiting room while he went to his Mom. About 15 minutes later Cully and his Dad; it had to be his Dad, they looked so much alike, came to me. Cully introduced his Dad as we shook hands and his Dad thanked me for driving Cullen home. They both pulled me with them saying his Mom wanted to meet me too. I reluctantly went along. As I neared her bed his Mom opened both arms and pulled me into a hug.

“Thank you Campbell for looking out for my son. Cullen can get too excited sometimes and I was so relieved when his father told me that a friend was driving him up here. You’re a good friend Campbell Dalton. I want her number so I can call you mother and tell her what her son has done.”

I was beet red from blushing, I felt the heat in my face. I looked over at Cully pleadingly…

“might as well give her the number now, Cam. she’s going to get it one way or the other. I’ve seen her work a week to get a phone number she wanted.”

He held out his hand for my phone…

“just press 101, she’s on speed dial”

As she dialed I excused myself, I couldn’t stand here and listen to her brag about me to my Mom. Cully stepped out with me, his hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks…Dad told me she had been wanting to talk to your Mom ever since she learned you were driving me here. She’s always done this to my friends. If anyone is nice to me she has to tell their Mom about it. Oh, by the way, they know I’m gay and Dad’s already asked if you were “my young man”…I told him no, but I sure was hoped you would be some day.”

I know I turned crimson again. He was almost laughing at my how red I had become in my embarrassment. I smiled at him, took a deep breath, look into his eyes and said…

“Okay then, Cullen. Let’s go back in there and tell them the truth .”

“the truth? what are you talking about Cam?”

“The truth Cullen ..that yes, I am your young man!”

“What…you can’t mean that, Cam.”

“Oh but I do meant it Cully. I’m certain of it. I know it’s sudden, but the way you’ve made me feel for the past 36 hours, I just know… this hasn’t happened to me before, how am I to know if it would ever again…I’m not throwing what we have away. I’m certain it’s more than just sex… you said that first night…we have a connection that makes us more than just the two of us…when you’re ready…I’ll be waiting… I’ve fallen for you head over heels …Babe!”

Right there in the corridor outside her room Cullen hugged me and kissed me…

“I fell for you Friday night. I’m ready now Campbell, I want to be with you.”

Beaming like the Cheshire Cat we entered the room. His Mom was saying…

“here he want to speak to him…just a sec…” as she handed me my phone.

“Hi Mom, how’s Dad? Great.. yes Ma’am I know, yes Ma’am, sure, okay, yes Ma’am…tell Dad I love him, love you, yes Ma’am I will. Bye.”

Cullen and his Dad both laughed, his Mom shot them her ‘one raised eyebrow’ look.

“sounds just like a call to my Mom, verbatim” his Dad said,

“me too” said Cully

“Don’t you two make fun of Campbell being a good son, talking politely with his mother. He said he loved them too…did you hear that Cullen!”

“MOM!… I always tell you guys I love you.”

“I know son, I just want you know that others do it too” she said.

“Now, what’s going on…you two looked like the cat that ate the canary when you walked in just now, what gives? Talk to your mother Cullen.”

“MOM! Not now, okay….!”

“Cully let me. I’ll tell them, I really don’t mind and I’m about to burst wanting to tell somebody!…Mrs. Fortson, Mr. Fortson….I just told Cullen out in the hall that I wanted to be his boyfriend. I guess we’re officially dating, that’s what the big smiles were about.”

Both of his parents broke into smiles….his Dad shook my hand and patted me on the back and his Mom opened her arms for hugs. First me then her son.

“I must say Cullen that you’ve matured and have finally developed good taste. That school has been good for you. This is a fine young man here, you treat him right, you hear me?” she said.

“yes ma’am, I hear you and I surely will treat him right.”

Mr. Fortson pulled Cullen into a bear hug and I heard him whisper….

“I really like him son. I’m happy for you.”

We left to go eat soon after and returned to give Mr. Fortson a brief break. He planned to sleep there in her room tonight so Cully and I would be in the house alone. On the way to his home he had me stop and he ran into a drugstore and back out quickly. I guess my look made him say…

“I had to get some supplies for tonight. We have unfinished business in the bedroom if you remember.”

“wow, we’re gonna do it at your folks house?! That’s kinda hot Cully!”

“Now that you are officially my boyfriend I think there’s going to be a lot of things that are hot going on. By the way, the way you took over and told my folks about us was so cool. You earned points big time with both Mom and Dad not to mention how great it made me feel.”

“Dad wants us to go on back to school, she’s due to discharged on Tuesday if all goes well and they don’t throw her out early for bossing the nurses around. He said he’s taking some time off to be with her and that they’ll be fine. So we can leave in the afternoon, Okay.”

“Sure, sounds like a plan babe.”

Cully gave good directions and we pulled into their drive in just a few minutes. Inside we both wanted a shower so we ran upstairs and Cully showed me his room. He turned and kissed me with all the heat he had, my knees were weak. We fell onto his bed and made out like high school kids.

It was just after 7 p.m. and I suggested that we take his Dad a good meal, the food in hospital cafeterias is the pits, everywhere. We went to the kitchen and found fresh leftovers that looked very good and we took enough for his Mom to have a few bites too.

His Mom and Dad were surprised when we walked into the room and his Dad gave me a look of thanks for bringing the food. We sat and chatted for about 30 minutes and then went back to the house.

This time we did make it to the shower and I told him that I was going to get pruny and ugly as Cully called it. He kidded me about it and I told him I was just picking up where we left off in Nashville.

“Okay but let’s skip the pruny part, it takes to long, you can get pruny after I fuck your perfect little round ass”.

As we stood there drying off Cullen was watching me, I could see his cock harden as he watched. It was amazing seeing it rise to its full nine plus thick inches and point to the ceiling.

“Campbell, you really don’t have a clue as to what a gorgeous sexy hunk of man flesh you are, do you!”

“Nah..I bet you say that to all the guys your about to fuck Cully”

“that’s really a true statement Cam. Since you’ll be my first!”

And only I hope; I said to myself. to him I said…

“All I know is the most handsome man I’ve ever known wants to be with me, Cullen Fortson! That’s an incredible feeling itself. Not only is he the most handsome, he has a body that can make grown men cry, and a cock to rival a stallion. And he’s promised to stick in me tonight.”

“Come to bed Campbell, I need to love on you now.”

Cully was so gentle with me, everything he did was planned to insure that I got the utmost pleasure from his touch. He began a massage starting with my shoulders, by the time he had a hand on each cheek of my ass I was moaning and panting with desire. I raised up onto my knees and laid my chest on the bed as be began to tongue and lick my ass.

Following his tongue, I felt his finger applying the cool lube to my anus. Slowly he pushed and probed and finally a finger slowly entered my bowels. More lube, more fingers, more moaning from me. With four fingers pistoning in my ass I knew it was time. I turned to my back and lifted my legs holding them to my chest. More lube for his cock, more for my ass. He stuck the tube into my opening and squeezed a generous dollop into me then leaned in to kiss me.

“Cam…push on my thighs to get me to stop, pull on them to get going into you again, say stop and I’ll pull out, Okay.”

I nodded, apprehensive of what was to come. Cully kissed me, rubbing my skin, saying sweet things in my ear, nibbling my neck, all designed to get me to relax. Having him hover over me closely I felt the sensuous tickle of his hairy body just before our skin met. That felt so good and made me eager to have him on me, in me.

In the midst of his talk and touching his hips pushed and the head of his cock slipped past my anal ring. The pain was intense and my body went rigid but his stroking, kissing and hugging soon had me wanting him deeper into me as I pulled on his thighs. There was pain but there was pleasure too, an overwhelming fullness that almost equalized the pain.

As Cam pulled me deeper into him the amazing heat inside his body was unexpected. The head of my cock was assaulted with new sensations that made me wild with desire. I watched Campbell’s face as my cock continued the long slow slide into his bowels. I could see the pleasure winning out over the initial pain. I ground my groin into his pubes his eyes opened, awe and wonder crossed his face, then a low sensual moan escaped from within him. He was pulling harder on the backs of my thighs.

A man’s sexual pleasure has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter how deep, how hard, how intense the penetration, it is never enough.

Cully shiftd positions and there was a new feeling and I was confused as I felt these new sensations that made my cock pulse and throb. Cully was stroking against my prostate gland with every thrust and retraction of his cock. I gave vent to jagged, soulful grunts and began to ride on his hard cock. I sighed, I moaned and yelled…

“that’s it Cully fuck me, oh god yeah, what a feeling..fuck me Cullen fuck me, fuck me oh. FUCK ME, come on Cully, we’re gonna cum, come on..CULLEN, CUM WITH ME CULLEN,..OH BABE OH.”

As Campbell called my name it happened, with one violent thrust we both went over the edge. Cams legs and body went rigid and I ground as hard as I could into his pelvic bone, burying every centimeter of my cock as deep into him as I could get.

“CULLEN I feel your cum in me, I feel every drop ohmigawd…I”M CUMMING, CULLY…OH GOD… CULLY OH…OH… FUCK ME CULLEN…OH Oh oh god! Oh Cully, oh Baby, my Cully…hold me Cully. hold me…oh man…ummmm…you’re mine baby…your mine

We lay there, Cully slid from atop my chest to lie beside me, both of us gasping for air and stupefied by the intense emotional and sexual orgasm. Neither of us could remember words let alone speak them. As the burn gradually left our lungs we moved and held each other, knowing that we would slowly drift back to reality together.

Finally I opened my eyes and lay there just looking at Cullen. His breathing was back to normal, his eyes were still closed and there was a little smile on his face. The orgasm we had just experienced was so full of emotion in addition to the sexual satisfaction. Cully stirred in my arms and settled back closer than before, his eyes opened and he gave me a big smile then said…

“told ya so, didn’t I”

“you just said I’d like it, you didn’t mention that it’s like the best feeling in the world ever.”

“so Campbell, do you think you’ll want to do that again sometime?”

“oh, I don’t know Cully…finding someone else who would want to do this may take a while. It could be a long time before I get to do this again.”

Cully bolted upright into sitting position..

“listen you shit…you’d better be joking or you can leave right now.”

“Whoa…calm down Cully…I’m teasing you babe. You know you’re the one. You do know that, right. You know that you are the one guy for me, right Cullen?”

“See what you do to me Cam…those eyes scramble my brain…yes I know…I know you make me crazy. I know making love with you is so far beyond anything I’ve ever known that is scares the hell out of me. I know that we could be falling in love with each other and that really scares me and thrills me all at the same time. I know that this weekend with you has been what I dreamed of when I thought about my life, about meeting the one perfect person that would fulfill all my dreams and fantasies. I know I want the ‘happily ever after’ story for us.”

“Yes, babe I know you do, I want all those things too, and with you. And we will have them Cullen, we will have them all. Isn’t it strange that you can know someone for years and never really know them. And how weird is the way we finally got together. It’s all part of some master plan. I know without a doubt that you and I were meant to be together. I know I have found my one true love. I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him gently, tenderly…

“I love you Cullen. With all me heart and soul I truly do love you.”

Cullen had a look of disbelief on his handsome face…

“this is really happening… Oh Campbell, me too, I truly do love you, you’ve captured my heart in just three days. Now we’ll have a lifetime to be together and to love each other. We’re in love!”

It is getting late Cully, we need to sleep now, We’ve got to drive back to school in a little while. Are you going to stay with me until we find a little place off campus, please say yes.”

“We’ll see, I may have other offers you know.”

“Okay, now who’s the shit! We’re getting a place together. That’s final too. Other offers, huh.. over my dead body!”

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day for our drive back to school. Blue skies, puffy white clouds and Cullen by my side. We had visited with his Mom and Dad, sent his Dad home for a shower and change of clothes. And soon after his Dad returned we hit the road.

Once back in Nashville, we stopped to eat and then went back to Campus. We both needed to do some laundry and had reading to catch up on. We sat in the Laundromat reading. Sitting there side by side, studying was no problem, but let one of us get out of sight and the other couldn’t concentrate on the book at all. We hoped that this would get better the longer we were together. The laundry was finished, folded and on hangers and we went back to my dorm. With everything put away we stood looking at each other.

I laid down on the bed and held out my hand to pull him in with me. We lay there, fully clothed, just touching, feeling good just being together. We showered and went to bed a little after 8 p.m.. We were tired but not so tired as to skip what had become our favorite thing to do. I moved to caress and kiss Cullen all over.

I was slow and gentle, wanting to make love to him more sensually, not so frantic and desperate as our first times were. This was a familiar love making. I knew what he wanted now and I loved doing it for him. I marveled at his body and that magnificent cock that I could do with as I pleased. With lots of lube covering his cock and more in and on my ass I straddled his hips and slowly guided his cock into my ass.

It took a full five minutes before I ground my butt into his pubic hair. At last I had all of him in me. Deep with in me. I bent forward and pulled his head up until my tongue entered his mouth. After a long kiss I sat up and began to ride that wonderful cock. I don’t know which of us got more pleasure from my riding that hard flesh. I began to circle my hips as I ground to his pelvic bone, wanting more cock inside me.

New sensations surged through my body. This was different and I loved it. Cully was thrusting up to get it all in me. throwing his cock at me. Thrusting, stabbing, grinding, thrilling me to new heights.

All to soon I felt my testicles tighten and rise up readying to shoot onto Cully’s chest and stomach. His moans became whimpers and he neared the edge. I was almost wild, bucking and riding that hard cock, grinding as hard as I could, I couldn’t wait any longer, semen shot out of my cock in a long continuous stream covering his stomach and chest and then I felt his cum spray the walls of my rectum and I shot more cum onto him. He filled my ass with his sperm, it was running out of me and down his shaft and onto his testicles.

I fell forward onto his chest, still impaled on that thick column of man meat. I now knew what it meant to be thoroughly, fucked. There was an ache in my ass and testicles that would be with me for a day or two. Every time I felt that ache it brought a smile to my face. He had fucked me so well!

The semester seemed to fly by and it was exam time. Cully and I had finally found our groove for studying. We sat opposite each other at the desk in our room and let our legs and feet do the touching. We were both good students and when grades were posted we were both near the top of the class.

We already had an off campus apartment rented for next semester and our senior year. Some of our mutual friends were surprised when Cullen and I roomed together. We both told our friends that we found out that we were compatible and were both good students and neither wanted the distraction of a party guy for our last year roommate. Whether they bought it or not, I didn’t care. A few of them could handle the fact that we were lovers, a few couldn’t so we just let it be.

‘Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.’ I thought to my self. I couldn’t remember where I had heard it before.

With summer coming up we were concerned about being separated by the necessity of having to find summer jobs. Mr. Fortson, Cully’s Dad called in a couple of favors and goth both of us summer jobs at Churchill Downs Racetrack. We worked with the maintenance crews doing repairs, painting, and what ever else was needed. Making the deal even sweeter, the Fortson’s let us have the apartment over their garage for the summer rent free. Plus we ate his Mom’s home cooking nearly every night. I saw more of my brother Corty that summer than I had in three years. He loved going to the races and he thought Cullen and his folks hung the moon. They really got along great. He told me once that I had hit the jackpot as far as my life partner was concerned.

Thanks to Cully’s Dad we each made $6,000.00 in

3 months with some overtime work just before the Derby and near the end of the meet. That more than took care of our housing and food expenses for the year. Our new home was a small stone Guesthouse in Hillsboro Village. Very private and within walking distance to school, perfect for two intimate roommates.

Our landlady, Gretta Asher, was a widow who thought we were just the sweetest two young men she had ever seen. We did her yard work for her in exchange for lower rent and at least twice a week there would be freshly baked cookies, a cake, or a pie setting on the stoop as a gift from her. She also liked to have us come to dinner at her house. Cullen found out that she didn’t cook for just herself and went out to eat a lot. He loved to cook and soon she was eating with us almost every night. She dearly loved our company and we kept her from being too lonely. One night as we lay in bed, Cully propped up on an elbow and asked…

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Life was good.

Matt had started his new job on the Monday after he’d cleared out his flat. He had been nothing but eager to get going, even though he knew it would be a lot of hard work and that he’d have to spend the first few weeks learning the ropes and being filled in on exactly what was to be expected of him. Matt knew that he was the perfect guy for this job; he enjoyed a challenge and really thrived when working as part of a team. He was rushed off his feet during the first week but it felt good to finally be doing something he loved, and Matt could honestly say that he had never been happier.

Tom had taken Matt out for a meal to celebrate after his first day at work and had insisted on paying. They’d gone back to Tom’s place afterwards, where they’d proceeded to make out on the sofa for hours before Tom took Matt back home. Matt couldn’t wait until he had a place of his own since he could hardly bring Tom back to the house while he was staying with Chris and Tessa, although Tom had joked that Tessa probably wouldn’t mind catching them making out on her sofa.

Matt had his first house-viewing the weekend after he and Tom had made their relationship official, but he hadn’t liked the first house all that much. He hadn’t been able to pinpoint exactly what had put him off and he hadn’t wanted to sound silly, but he just couldn’t picture it as home.

Matt went to a second house viewing appointment the following weekend. He had brought Tessa to take a look since Tom had said he needed to catch up on some work. Matt still wasn’t sure if that had been a genuine reason for not coming along, or whether Tom had just found the idea of looking at houses with his new boyfriend kind of weird. Matt hadn’t pushed the issue.

Matt instantly fell in love with the second house and Tessa had agreed that it was perfect. It had a beautiful front garden, plus off-road parking and a garage. Inside, there were three good sized bedrooms, a large bathroom – with a huge shower that Matt was sure he could find more than one use for – and most of the rooms were spacious and modern. The place was immaculate too; Matt would have to do very little work other than move in his things and buy some new furniture and appliances. It was everything he had been looking for. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but with his new job and his savings, he’d be able to afford it.

Matt could definitely see himself being extremely happy in this house, and he was shocked to realise that he was considering what it would be like to live there with Tom. For it to be their home, rather than just his home. They’d only been officially dating for two weeks, but Matt already considered Tom to be an important part of his life. In fact, Matt felt more for Tom after two weeks than he had for Mitchell during the entirety of their relationship. Matt wasn’t sure whether to be scared or elated by this.

He called Ashley and told her that he wanted to put in an offer at the full asking price. She sounded more excited than he was. “I’m so pleased you like it. I knew you would!” He could hear her shuffling about paperwork and typing away at her computer. “This is so exciting! Can you pop by now? We’ll want to get this sorted as soon as possible.”

Matt’s offer was accepted and suddenly he was on his way to owning his first house. It was both exciting and terrifying, but Matt knew that he was making the right move. It took a few days to sort through everything, but when it was all done, Matt had arranged a move in date of just four weeks away.

After finalising the purchase of his new home, sorting out his funds, and signing lots of paperwork, Matt drove straight over to Tom’s house. He was eager to fill him in on the news and let him know that it really was official – Matt had his own place, and he would be staying for good.

Since Matt and Tom had made their relationship official, they had seen a lot of each other. In fact, they were finding it increasingly difficult to stay apart. They met for dinner after work most nights, usually at Tom’s, and would always end up cuddling on the sofa where they’d watch a film or just lay and chat. The two of them even went to the cinema one evening after work where they’d sat at the back, snuggling close and holding hands. Matt had felt like a teenager all over again and they’d both laughed about it, but it had been an amazing evening and Matt thought it was probably one of the best nights he’d had in years.

Although their relationship was really starting to grow, the sexual side had yet to progress past blowjobs – of which Matt had been more than eager to reciprocate once he’d gotten over his tiredness from that first Saturday night. Matt was just trying to find the right time to take things further, and at the moment they both seemed more than content to cuddle, grope and suck each other off.

Matt pulled up outside the house and practically ran up the drive before knocking on the door.

“It’s open!” He heard Tom shout.

Matt let himself in and was greeted with the smell of Tom’s cooking.

“Wow, something smells good, what’re you making?” Matt asked as he made his way through to the kitchen. Tom was standing at the oven, stirring a pan of sauce that he had simmering on the hob. He turned to greet Matt with a slow, hot kiss that got both of their hearts racing.

“Nothing too fancy, I just wanted to cook you dinner myself for once rather than order out,” he said. “Although, I kind of cheated and got some help from Tessa.”

“Well whatever it is, it smells delicious.”

“Not as delicious as you,” Tom said with a cheeky grin before ducking down to plant a wet kiss on Matt’s neck, gently sucking at the skin there.

Matt laughed. “Wow, Tom. That was pretty cheesy.”

“Yeah, but you loved it,” Tom joked before pulling his mouth away from Matt’s neck and pecking his cheek. He turned back around to check on the food, stirring the sauce and checking on whatever he had in the oven.

“Well I guess we can make this dinner into a bit of a celebration too, because I have some good news,” Matt said with a smile.

“I know you do. Ashley called me.”

“Damn her! I wanted to tell you myself,” Matt pouted. He almost stamped his foot too, but thankfully managed to stop himself just in time.

Tom turned back around and laughed before wrapping his arms around Matt’s waist to pull him in for a hug. “Okay, I’ll pretend I don’t know.”

“No point. The moment’s ruined,” Matt mumbled.

Tom caught Matt’s lips in another hot kiss. “I’m really glad you’re here to stay, babe.”


“No, I was kidding,” Tom said sarcastically. “Of course I am, you idiot!”

“Good.” Matt laughed. “Me too. It’s a really nice house; I wish you could have come to the viewing with me. I think Tessa is a little jealous, which I’m secretly quite pleased about since I’ve spent half my life being jealous of her.” Matt pulled away from Tom to steal a slice of fresh bread from the counter.

“Hey! That’s to go with the dinner,” Tom laughed, trying to snatch it out of Matt’s hand. Matt held the bread out of Tom’s reach and backed away. “Lesson one: don’t ever try taking food away from me. I’m like an animal; I’ll gnaw your hand off.”

They sat down to eat dinner, and Tom dimmed the lights and lit candles. Matt was touched by the effort that he had gone to.

“This is really lovely, Tom. Thank you,” Matt said with a warm smile.

“It’s nothing, really. I like doing nice things for you. I like making you smile.” Tom blushed at his own words but Matt’s heart starting doing somersaults. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to find a man like Tom, someone so genuinely beautiful inside and out. Matt felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

After dessert, Tom ushered Matt to follow him into the lounge. He sat down on the sofa, where Matt pulled himself into his lap and started kissing his neck.

“Matt…” Tom tilted his head to allow Matt better access.

“Mmm, you taste good…” Matt said between kisses.

“God, Matt…I –” Tom didn’t finish his sentence. Matt didn’t have time to wonder what he had been going to say because Tom’s body tensed a little, and when Matt pulled back to look into his eyes he noticed that they were glistening with moisture. Tom looked close to tears. Matt moved quickly out of Tom’s lap to sit at his side, holding his hand and stroking his cheek.

“Hey, what is it? What’s wrong?”

Tom laughed. “Nothing…absolutely nothing is wrong.” He wrapped an arm around Matt’s neck and pulled him closer for a light kiss.

“Did…” Tom paused, as if deciding what to say. “Did Tessa tell you much about me before we started dating?”

“Not much. She said that you were a decent guy and that you’d worked with Chris for quite a few years, but that was pretty much it. Why?”

“Did she tell you about my ex?”

Matt was silent. He wasn’t sure what to say. He thought he knew where this was going and he knew he needed to tread carefully. “No. Well, she said you’d had your heart broken by a guy and that it had been pretty bad, but that was it. I didn’t push for details.”

Tom laughed. It wasn’t a happy sound. Matt sat up straighter and looked into Tom’s eyes. “It wasn’t just my heart that he broke.”

Matt didn’t understand. Tom looked uncomfortable, and he shuffled a little in his seat.

“Tom, we don’t have to talk about this. You don’t have to tell me anything that you don’t want to.”

No, I want to.” He paused. “I trust you.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Matt said softly, giving Tom’s hand a comforting squeeze before linking their fingers together and resting both hands on Tom’s thigh.

Tom took a deep breath in an attempt to prepare himself for what he was about to say. “I was with Jason, my ex, for just under three years. I’d thought we were pretty happy, you know? I must have been so damn blind not to notice any of the signs, to take no notice of all the problems. Even now, I still can’t believe how much of an idiot I was.”

“You’re not –” Matt started, but Tom cut him off.

“Please, babe. Just let me get this out.”

Matt bit his lip and nodded. He understood that Tom needed to say all of this, to get it all off of his chest, but he didn’t want to hear Tom berating himself for whatever it was that had happened. And yet, hadn’t Matt done the exact same thing after his own break-up? Matt had blamed himself too, calling himself stupid and foolish for not seeing through Mitchell’s façade sooner. But none of that mattered anymore, and Matt sat patiently as he waited for Tom to continue.

“I came home from work early and found Jason in bed with another man. Well, two other men, actually. Everything seemed to happen so fast but I got pretty mad and then we fought. I threw his clothes at him and screamed for him to leave, and he lashed out. I thought it would stop at one hit, but he just kept on going. It got pretty messy and it was Chris who came and found me. I was in a state when he got there. I had a fractured collarbone, a couple of broken ribs, two black eyes and a couple of broken fingers. All my knuckles were split from where I tried to fight back.”

Matt winced. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How could anyone have done something so cruel to Tom? Matt knew what it felt like to be hurt by someone he had trusted, but this was a whole new level of pain and Tom had been the one to experience it. Matt wanted to say something to try and comfort him but he could see that Tom had more to say, so he held his tongue until he was finished.

“Chris drove me to the hospital and then I stayed at their house for a couple of days. When they took me back to mine, the place was practically empty. Jason had taken almost everything. To add insult to injury, quite literally I guess, he also took every penny out of our savings account. And then he was just… gone.” Tom looked away for a moment and sighed, and Matt was sure he felt his own heart break at the look of pain written all over Tom’s face. He met Matt’s eyes before continuing.

“After that I did some thinking, and I realised that he’d been playing me from the start. I mean, I’d basically just been a meal ticket to him. Chris and Tessa helped me get back on my feet since I was in a pretty bad place, but things got better and I’ve moved on now. Please don’t think I’m not over it, because I really am. It just hurt, you know? I was so ashamed.” His voice cracked a little, and he cleared his throat.

“I’ve not heard from Jason since. I didn’t press charges because it was just my word against his and it seemed like too much fucking hassle. But Chris saw him at a friends wedding a few months later. He was arm in arm with one of the groomsmen and from what I hear Tessa gave him a piece of her mind, and rather publically too.” Tom took a deep breath. “And… well… that’s it, really.” His voice was shaky.

“Christ, Tom.” Matt didn’t know what to say. “I think if I ever met the fucker, I’d kill him.” Matt drew in a deep breath to calm himself. It wouldn’t do to get angry. Tom didn’t need anger, he needed love and reassurance. “How long ago did all this happen?”

“About a year and a half ago, right before I moved into this house,” Tom said. “I haven’t been with anyone since.”

Matt pulled himself across the sofa to straddle Tom’s lap, the same position he’d been in before Tom had revealed his big secret. Matt gently cupped Tom’s face in his hands and looked into his eyes. “I’m so sorry that you had to go through that, babe.” Matt leaned down and kissed Tom’s neck. “I wish I could erase the pain you felt.” He moved up to kiss behind Tom’s ear and then nuzzled his cheek.

Matt pulled back and gazed into Tom’s eyes. “You already have,” Tom admitted. “Being around you makes me feel better than I’ve felt in a long, long time.” Tom closed his eyes and rested his head against the back of the sofa.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Matt whispered.

Tom kissed the back of Matt’s hand and nodded. They both pulled themselves up and headed for the stairs. Neither let go of the other’s hand, and the very thought of letting Tom go right now caused Matt’s heart to physically ache.

They headed into Tom’s bedroom before stopping at the foot of the bed, standing so close together that Matt could feel Tom’s breath on his face. He reached out and slowly started to undo the buttons of Tom’s shirt.

“You made me a promise a few weeks ago,” Matt said as he continued to undress his lover, “and now it’s my turn to make a few promises of my own. I will never do anything to hurt you, Tom. I promise that I will never betray your trust.”

“I know,” he whispered.

Matt pushed Tom’s shirt from his shoulders before moving his hands down to his belt. “I don’t want anyone else and I’m not looking for a meal ticket. I’m not planning on going anywhere, either. I’m right where I belong when I’m with you, Tomas Owins.”

Tom leaned down and pulled Matt in for a fierce kiss. By this point he was wearing only his boxers, with his jeans in a pile at his feet. He stepped out of them before pushed Matt onto the bed, practically ripping his shirt in an attempt to get it off quickly. He made fast work of removing the remainder of Matt’s clothes, with Matt arching his back so that Tom could pull his jeans and boxers down, and then throwing them onto the floor. Once Tom had removed his own boxers, he pulled himself on top of Matt and ground their erections together.

“Oh Christ…” Matt moaned. “I want you.”

“You’ve got me,” Tom said, kissing along Matt’s collarbone and then down his body. He stopped when he reached Matt’s erection. He kissed Matt’s hip before taking the cock into his mouth, but Matt wanted more tonight.

“I need you, Tom,” Matt panted. He needed Tom to slow down so that he could gather his thoughts and construct coherent sentences. “Wait… Tom – I need to feel you inside me.”

Tom moaned around Matt’s dick then let it fall from his mouth. “You sure?”

“Fuck yes,” Matt laughed shakily. “I’ve never been surer of anything in my entire life.”

Tom moved up to crush his lips against Matt’s. Their tongues fought for dominance and the kiss left them both breathless. When Tom pulled back, Matt spread his legs and stared up into his partner’s eyes.

“Please, Tom.”

Tom broke eye contact to admire the view. “Oh God, your body is fucking perfect,” he said in a whisper. He moved to kneel between Matt’s legs, tracing his hands down the skin of his thighs. “So beautiful…”

Tom reached across to his nightstand and opened the top draw. He pulled out a small, unopened bottle of lube. He coated a couple of fingers before ducking his head to place a wet kiss on Matt’s chest. He reached for Matt’s pucker, resting his fingers there for a moment. Matt could see the question in Tom’s eyes.

“Don’t you dare ask me if I’m sure again. I want this. I want you.”

Tom chuckled. “You’re impatient, aren’t you?” Matt rolled his eyes and went to say something, but it was in that moment that Tom pushed a finger in and whatever Matt was going to say was lost. The only thing he could concentrate on was Tom, and that one finger he had buried inside him.

It had burned at first, but the pain quickly subsided and before long Tom was added a second digit, and then a third. Matt started to push himself back onto Tom’s fingers, writhing and moaning and begging for more. Tom was mesmerised but the noises that Matt made, his own dick hard and begging to be inside his lover.

When Tom’s fingers hit his prostate, Matt thought he was going to die.

“Oh fuck… oh shit…”

“You’re so vocal when you’re turned on,” Tom commented with a chuckle.

Matt couldn’t understand why Tom was laughing. He felt like he was burning up. “Do it, Tom. Come on. Please.”

Matt needed to feel Tom inside him. He was desperate. He wanted to make that connection with Tom, for them to become a part of each other in every sense. Tom removed his fingers from Matt’s hole, causing him to groan at the horrible empty feeling he was left with. He heard Tom fumbling with a condom wrapper and looked down just in time to see the condom being rolled down Tom’s hard-on. He watched Tom lube up and then rested his head back onto the mattress, pulled his legs back as far as they would go, and moaned in anticipation.

Tom leaned across Matt’s body, his knees between Matt’s legs and his dick positioned at his hole. They never broke eye contact as Tom pushed forward ever so slowly.

“Christ, Matt. You feel so amazing… so tight…” Tom moaned as the head of his cock popped in. He held completely still until Matt couldn’t take it anymore.

“Move, Tom.”

Tom rested his hands on the mattress by Matt’s head and began to push further into his body until his entire length was inside the tight passage. When Matt finally nodded to signal that he was okay, Tom pulled out slowly before thrusting back in. Tom kissed along Matt’s neck and down to a nipple before pulling back once again.

“Harder, faster….”

They kissed deeply and Tom pulling out almost completely before slamming back into Matt’s tight heat. He repeated the action over and over, setting a fast pace and hitting Matt’s prostate with each thrust. Matt couldn’t hold back his screams. He arched his back and pushed himself further onto Tom’s dick.

“Baby… fuck… so good…” Tom panted, his body glistening with sweat.

She shouldn’t have come out on the promenade deck alone. But the party in the cruise ship’s Spotlight Lounge had become so loud and boisterous—and the swirling crowd so suffocating—that Ellen had to get away. If anyone asked why’d she’d strayed, she’d just tell them that Little Bo Peep was looking for her sheep. That was the costume Stephanie had gotten for her, whereas Stephanie was decked out as a sexy Cleopatra.

Ellen half suspected that her friend and coworker at the Atlanta ad agency that picked the costumes on purpose. Stephanie was always trying to steal a march on Ellen. Ellen had made the mistake of saying she looked forward to this Caribbean Halloween-themed cruise as an opportunity to let loose, and she knew Stephanie didn’t want to be upstaged in that regard. She also had found that Stephanie had taken this as license to throw every half-way decent man she could find at Ellen—the ones that Stephanie didn’t want to use up first, of course.

As soon as she’d come out on deck, though, Ellen decided this had been a mistake. It was so dark out here and she’d felt as she walked toward the bow of the ship from the stern that she was being watched.

And now she thought she heard the scrapping of shoes on the deck behind her.

She turned. Yes, there was someone there. Tall and dark. Dressed in black. In fact all black. A black man. And one of some height and build.

Ellen’s throat constricted. She couldn’t help it. She’d moved to Atlanta from New Mexico. There hadn’t been hardly any blacks in Albuquerque. But there certainly were in Atlanta. And she didn’t live in the best of neighborhoods. She knew she shouldn’t be frightened in the presence of a person of color—a man, mainly; black women didn’t bother her. Black men frightened her—and something else, too, though. They intrigued her, in a sensual, “what if” way. But this only frightened her more.

She thought now that she recognized him from the costume party—as much as a stranger in a mask and costume could be considered “recognized.” And she had to admit that this was one reason she’d retreated from the party. He’d been tall—almost overpowering—and decked out all in black. A pirate, she thought. And it seemed like he’d been watching her and was moving ever closer to her as he moved around the party room floor in a seemingly random manner.

And there he was—out on the deck. Maybe following her. She quickened her steps and came around to plate glass doors of the casino at the stern of the boat—and ran right into a tall, masked man in a Harlequin costume.

“There you are, Ellen. I searched for you at the lounge but didn’t find you.”

It was Riyad—the intriguingly handsome Saudi businessmen who had been assigned to her dining table—the one that Stephanie had said, with some regret, had the hots for Ellen. The man who had kissed her hand as she sat at the table on the previous two evenings that the ship was steaming toward Puerto Rico—and then, just this afternoon, had leaned down and brushed her lips with his before he left the table—much to Stephanie’s obvious chagrin, with the whisper of just one word—”Later”—which seemed to be saying so much more than the one word. And that had seemed to be taking so much for granted. Riyad had already conveyed the impression that he prized himself highly and took what he took as if by some right of being Riyad.

“Riyad. I’m so glad—” She didn’t have a chance to tell him why she was glad to see him and he obviously jumped to his own conclusions on that. He took her in a strong embrace, pushed her into an alcove with a door in it that likely led to a service corridor, and mashed her lips with his, taking her breath away. She yielded to the kiss. And as she did so, his hands began to wander.

One was inside the low-necked bodice of her peasant costume, and she couldn’t hold back her moan of pleasure when his hand cupped her breasts, skin on skin, one after the other, and first his thumb, and then his lips, found her nipples.

His other hand was hiking up her short, full skirt and moving under the waistband of her panties. She jerked and let out a long groan when a finger snaked into her slit and found her clit. She might have tried to stop this then, to explain that she had just been retreating in fear from an unknown stranger—a foreboding black man. But wasn’t this what she’d come on this cruise for? What Stephanie had convinced her she needed to experience in her life? Riyad was tall, and dark, and handsome. A good conversationalist. Sexy as hell. And he probably owned an oil well or two or was a sheik. She’d wanted something sexy to remember this cruise by. Couldn’t get much more sexy than this.

But she didn’t want him to think she was easy. She laughed at that thought—almost hysterically; most probably genuinely on the edge of hysteria. The man had two fingers inside her now and she was flowing for him. They were way beyond him thinking she was easy.

Riyad gave a low, throaty laugh too, probably misinterpreting hers as encouraging wantonness.

“My cabin; come to my cabin with me.”

It wasn’t a question.

In his cabin—which proved to be a junior suite—Riyad pushed Ellen down to a seated position on the foot of the bed, and slowly stripped off his costume and everything else he was wearing. He was doing an exhibition for her—showing off what he had. And Ellen couldn’t complain about what he had. He was brown as a berry and tall and well-built. A beautiful man. And he was ready for her.

It was a little off-putting that he seemed so taken with himself, but Ellen gave the murmurs of approval that she thought was expected of her and rose to start to undress herself.

This wasn’t in Riyad’s plan, though, He pushed her back down on the foot of the bed and pulled down her bodice so that her breast spilled out. He cupped them in his hands and leaned down and took her lips with his again. After a lingering kiss, he moved in close to her, and she almost exclaimed in astonishment when he came in real close, still holding a breast in each hand, and then moved his erect penis to between the two breasts and started to stroke it up and down while his hands squeezed her breasts.

Ellen hadn’t gotten over the shock of this before his hands had gone to cupping her head and he was pressing the head of his phallus at her lips. She had never done this for a man before. But she felt trapped—and he was so beautiful. And she had come on this cruise for an adventure. She opened her lips to him and went completely docile, letting him show her what he wanted—and doing as much of it for him as she could manage.

It was almost with gratitude that after some minutes she let him turn her bent over the bed, left long enough to retrieve condoms and a tube of lubricant from somewhere, and tossed a string of the condoms—she could see the word Maxim on them, which caused her to groan at the memory of the size of him—on the bed beside her head as he opened one of the packets and prepared himself. His hands were cold and wet, as he pushed the back of her skirt over her shoulders; ripped away her lacy panties with a low, guttural laugh; and moved his staff into her slit. The width of him was almost overpowering, as was his impatience, but now that they were here, Ellen was determined to get all of the pleasure out of it that she could. This she had done before. Not often with a man this well endowed—not often at all, actually. But this was natural, and this was what she was hoping she would find on the cruise.

She murmured for him to go slowly, but he either didn’t hear her or he didn’t care. He was pistoning her deep and fast and muttering to her in a guttural Arabic that she didn’t really want to understand. There was no question that this was all about, all for, him. She should have guessed that this was the Arabic way.

She heard a card key scraping at the lock of the door to the corridor and she barely had time to turn her head toward the glass doors out onto the balcony. She had no idea who it might be—a room attendant or even an irate wife—but she didn’t want to see them before she had to, and preferably not at all.

“Fahd,” Riyad hissed in a growl. “I have mine already. You wanted the other. Don’t come back.”

Fahd, Ellen thought. The other young Arabic man at their dining table. Stephanie had flirted with him, although the two of them had speculated on whether Riyad and he were a pair. Stephanie had said they both were much to luscious not to be a gay pair. But she also said that she wouldn’t mind having a go at Fahd. Well, they might be a pair—might even be into each other—but they quite obviously weren’t limited to gay.

After the door closed, Ellen began to relax. She was taking him deep and waves of pleasure were rolling over her. Riyad obviously could feel her relax, as he raised his chest from her back, and moved out of his crouch without lessening the stroking. His hands were on her hips, but one moved around the curve of one of her buttocks and she tensed up at the feel of fingers at her bung hole.

“Oh, oh!” she gasped, her sphincter muscle closing down hard on the lubricated finger he was inserting into her.

“Relax; don’t fight it,” he hissed. “You’ll love it. You want me.”

He continued to stroke his staff deep inside her vagina as his fingers teased her other opening increasingly more slack and open to him. She moaned deeply, and he laughed.

“A little whore, aren’t you? A sweet whore.”

She wanted to object, but she was too taken with the mixture of pleasure and pain, of shock and fear—but also of, yes, wanting him.

She cried out as his cock came out of her cunt and moved to her other opening.

He commanded her to lay still, not to fight it—that it was what he wanted. What he knew she wanted too. She panted and groaned and writhed under him—he had leaned over her again and, now having establish purchase inside her ass channel, grasped her wrists to completely control her. Within moments, he was deep inside her. She stopped fighting him, tried to relax and will herself to open to him as much as possible, her groans turning to whimpers. She began to cry softly, her eyes focused on the berry brown of his strong hands clasping her white wrists.

Sensing her complete surrender, Riyad started moving his hips again—in, farther in, partial withdraw, in again. Ellen groaned at each invasion.

“There, I knew you wanted it, that you would love it. Tomorrow we move your things to this cabin.”

She should have fought this. But she didn’t. This was what she’d taken the cruise for. Yes, even for the exotic lovemaking—if it could be called any form of love.

He was withdrawing from the one channel and moving back to the other. She moaned deeply in welcome—loving it even more now that it had been lost to her for several minutes. God, the man had remarkable staying power. She had managed it. But who knew what she’d do when she returned to her own cabin.

In the morning, when Ellen returned to her cabin, there no longer was much of a question what she would do. A naked Fahd was on his back on one of the twin beds, smoking a cigarette and leering at Ellen while she moved around the cabin gathering her things. Stephanie, also naked, was straddling the Saudi’s hips and riding him in long, languid motions. Ellen had no idea if Stephanie looked at her while she was in the room; Ellen was too embarrassed to make eye contact.

Riyad was waiting just outside the door to the cabin to take her back to his stateroom—and to roughly fuck her again.

* * * *

“You will meet a tall, dark, stranger.”

“Naturally,” Ellen muttered under her breath.

“Already have, actually,” Stephanie, murmured.

“AND,” a thickly accented voice, showing edges of pique, overrode the murmurings, “and you will find he has been close to you already, in an earlier life, and will be closer yet in the next . . .”

“See, I told you. Riyad said he lived in Atlanta, same as us. Oil company work, of course.”

“Shush,” Ellen hissed. “Don’t feed her ideas.”

“And,” the accented voice continued, “he will dealing with a precious commodity that all want.”

“Oil, of course. I knew it. Riyad is your man.” Stephanie tried to keep the whisper so that only Ellen heard her distinctly.

They were in the back room of a cinderblock hovel in a back alley of Samana, Dominican Republic, where the Enchantment of the Sea was making a stop on their nine-day cruise of the Eastern Caribbean. Oddly enough, Riyad, who had been so possessively attentive to Ellen the last two days, hadn’t objected to Ellen taking an off-ship exploration of the small port of Samana while they were docked—and had said he had no interest in going with her. With Fahd, it had been more Stephanie keeping him in sexual bondage in what had been Ellen’s shared cabin. And Stephanie hadn’t even bothered to ask him what he felt about her leaving him for a bit.

It had also been Stephanie’s idea to visit the gnarled old fortune teller who someone who had taken this cruise before had recommended to her.

“So, you’re going to the Caribbean on a Halloween cruise,” the woman had said. “Would you like to meet a genuine witch? Someone who can not only foretell the future, but can create it as she wishes?”

Stephanie hadn’t been able to resist that opportunity.

“Precious commodity? Gold? He’ll have gold teeth?” Ellen said in a somewhat louder voice. Although she’d agreed to come here with Stephanie, she had been making fun of the venture since the moment they left the ship.

“Black, I see black . . . and murky,” the fortuneteller said in a strong voice that was laced with irritation.

“See, I told you. Oil,” Stephanie spoke up. “It’s Riyad. You can’t escape it.”

That was something that was nagging at Ellen’s mind, and it didn’t help a bit for Stephanie to mention it. Riyad was certainly taking care of her needs—but he was almost exhausting. And so possessive and bossy . . . and narcissistic. The feeling had never been lifted from Ellen that she was only there to serve him. She wasn’t all that comfortable with the thought of being with him in Atlanta when they returned—even though he was a hunk and probably wealthy beyond her wildest imagination.

“I sense skepticism, a narrow mind, doubt,” the fortuneteller was saying in a throaty voice. Her eyes were closed and she began to rock. The grip of her hands on Ellen’s from across a small, round table became a death grip. “There is disbelief afloat. You must be warned that your fate is out of your hands—that you may struggle against it, but if you try to avoid or reject it, it will haunt you until accept your fate.”

Ellen had had enough. The fortuneteller came out of her trance-like state, and Ellen withdrew her hands from the old woman’s clutches as quickly as she could and beat a hasty retreat.

The outing had been more disturbing than the needed change of pace that Stephanie had promised her.

When they returned to the ship, which was to depart port again while they were eating their dinner, Ellen acquired a strong suspicion on why Riyad had been so willing for her to go on an off-board excursion without him. There was a hint of perfume in the air in his suite that wasn’t any scent she would have worn.

She couldn’t pinpoint anything beyond a suspicion, however, as Riyad seemed quite pleased at her return and showed her just how happy he was to see her long and vigorously enough that they almost didn’t make their seating for dinner.

* * * *

Ellen couldn’t believe it—but then of course she could. They were reclining on the beach at Royal Caribbean’s own little Disneyesque adult playground enclave in Labadee, Haiti, where the Enchantment of the Sea had docked for a day of cruise passenger frolic so that they could say they’d been to Haiti—and hadn’t suffered for it.

The Saudi men hadn’t come off the ship again. Ellen wondered a bit whether the two were hiding from something, but she thought it was more likely that they were shopping for something. She didn’t mind, though; she’d begun to feel like a sex slave and completely devoid of privacy and breathing room.

If she was honest, she couldn’t say, however, that she had tired of what she got from Riyad—she couldn’t quite call it attention, because increasingly, if that was possible, Riyad’s attention was focused on Riyad. She either was becoming accustomed to or steeled against the rougher aspects of the pleasures he took. And he was giving her more than satisfaction in her sexual needs. It was the “more” that had her a little concerned.

Stephanie had not complained, either, about what she’d been getting from Fahd, although from what Ellen had observed, Stephanie was doing most of the driving there. Whatever Stephanie was getting couldn’t have exhausted her juices, though as she couldn’t talk about anything but men and their body parts and what they did with them since they’d left the ship.

When they’d laid out on the beach, the two of them had gone to man watching and comparing the various hunks out on the beach. There seemed to be far more Haitian men out on the beach looking after the passengers from the ship than there needed to be—and they all seemed to be real hunks. Some were wearing skimpy Speedos, but more were wearing the kind of silky baggy flowered jobs reaching their knees, the kind that were body clinging when wet and that drooped down at the waistline, showing the curve of the men’s belly muscles down into their crotches with a hint of pubic hair in an alluring way. Ellen had suggested that there were so many being employed because Royal Caribbean was boosting Haiti’s depressed economy. To this suggestion, however, Stephanie just snorted and said she thought it was because lonely single women always predominated on these cruises and Royal Caribbean was providing them candy at this stop so they’d book on future cruises.

And then she proceeded to prove her point.

“Let’s each pick out one, Ellen, and we’ll give them the eye and the cleavage. I’ll bet we’ll each have a nice, plump black cock inside us before sunset.”

“Stephanie!” Ellen exclaimed in shock and embarrassment. She glanced around quickly to see if anyone was close enough to them to have heard.

“Prove me wrong then. There, I’ll take that slim, smaller guy in the read hibiscus trunks that his slim hips can hardly keep up. He’s walking around strutting so arrogantly that I’m betting he has something special between his legs to compensate for his size.”

“Stephanie!” Ellen exclaimed again.

“Again, prove me wrong. You pick one out now. How about that big bruiser with the bodybuilder’s pecs over there. Jet black—both sensual and foreboding. The one who just came in on the surfboard and whose trunks are so plastered to his body that you can see every curve of him.”

Ellen almost involuntarily looked down to the line of the surf. She shuddered in immediate fear—but, as Stephanie said, there was something sensual behind the fear. He must have been well over six foot and he arguably had the best musculature of the men on the beach. He was a dark chocolate brown, nearly true black, and he had dreadlocks that came down to his shoulders. Stephanie was right. Ellen could clearly see the curve of what he had on under the silky yellow trunks he was wearing, and what she could discern made her draw her breath in. But at the same time, a chill of fear went up her spine. He was beautiful, yes, in a massive sort of way. But he was black—and not just dark-toned black; almost ebony black. Ellen couldn’t help it; his blackness alone brought back her fears of moving in her neighborhood back in Atlanta and pulled up in her memory her more recent experience of seemingly being pursued by the black pirate at the ship’s Halloween costume party. This one had the same build as the man she had retreated from on the ship.

“OK, you look hooked,” Stephanie said, as she rose off her towel and picked it and the loaded beach bag she’d brought up. “We’ll split up. That’ll make it easier. Bet I get fucked before you do.”

“What do you think?” I asked as I did a slow twirl in front of Jared after donning my costume.

Turning from the computer he glanced up at me, his dark blue eyes taking me in for a moment. With a shrug he turned back around saying, “Looks good to me. Have fun.”

My shoulders fell. I had hoped that dressing up in a sexy costume would get his attention. If it didn’t turn him on, the least it could have done was make him angry. Any emotion was better than none. I looked down at myself. I was wearing four-inch black and red heels, thigh-high stockings, one black, one red with the opposite color bow at the top of each on the back. A few inches above the stockings I was wearing a black and red skirt with plenty of frilly layers underneath to make it puff out. The skirt was so short that the costume came with matching bloomers with little frills on the rear. My top was a bustier, black on one side, red on the other, that cut dangerously low, showing off the inner sides of my modest C-cup twins. I had elbow length gloves that didn’t cover my fingers, my thumbs sticking out of a hole cut into the side of each one. Around my neck I wore a black choker studded with fake, blood red gems. My golden blond hair I’d tied in pigtails on top of my head like a little girl, tying them up with frilly bands that had tiny bells on them. I’d even painted my lips black and red and applied fake eyelashes with little red gems on them. I’d spent a lot of money on this costume in hopes of getting Jared to react.

Apparently it wasn’t enough. So I carefully made my way over, trying hard not to fall on my face in too-tall heels. When I reached my husband, I snaked my arms around his neck and down over his chest from behind. I put my full lips close to his ear and slowly slipped my tongue out, just barely letting it slide along the outer edge of his ear, hoping to feel at least a little shiver. Nothing.

But I wasn’t giving up. I moved down to his neck and placed hot kisses along the strong muscles there and gently licked him from his earlobe to where shoulder met neck. I even ended that with a little nip of my teeth. That’s when Jared shrugged me off with a sigh of annoyance. He turned his head some so he could look at me.

“I’m in the middle of a game here, hun,” he said impatiently as he wiped at the spot where I’d bit him.

I stood back, trying not to cry. We hadn’t had sex in almost half a year. It was even rare if I could get him to let me give him a blowjob. He hadn’t touched me intimately at all during this time. I’d taken to using my toys in the bath almost every night, hoping to relieve some of the built up tension. Nothing helped, though. If anything I was hornier than ever.

As I stood there, staring at the back of his head, listening to the idiotic game he played on the computer, anger replace sadness. I had tried hard for months to get him to come back to me and nothing worked. He just brooded in his computer chair chatting to his online gaming friends. The only time I ever saw any emotion in him was when his real life buddies came over with their computers for a LAN party. I was sick and tired of trying. If he didn’t want me, then I’d find someone else who did. I knew I looked good. I was still young and I deserved to be treated like a queen for at least a night.

Before I caught myself I went over to the wall where the surge protector strip was plugged and yanked it from the socket. As he jumped up and hurriedly plugged the strip back in, yelling at me as he did so, I grabbed my coat, purse, and car keys and left the house for the costume party. I had tried to get Jared to go with me, thinking this would be something fun for us to do together but he refused and no amount of begging, pretend sadness or anger would move him. His loss. I was going to find me a gorgeous, masked man and have my way with him tonight.

By the time I arrived at my friend’s house where the party was, there were cars filling the driveway and lined up and down the street. I parked my car, got out, and began the trek to the house. At the door I was greeted with cheers when I took my coat off and my friend pushed her way through the crowd, handing me a drink as she took my coat.

I downed the alcohol and grinned at her. Unfortunately she could see right through my act and pulled me to her bedroom where she threw my coat on the bed.

“Alright, spill,” she demanded as she closed the door behind me and threw my coat on the bed.

I shrugged. What was there to say that I hadn’t already? “Same old stuff,” I said, a lump suddenly forming in my throat. I took a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling, trying to keep the tears from my eyes.

My friend, Ashley, placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry. I thought this costume would do the trick. I figured if we whored you up a bit then maybe he’d do something.”

Shaking my head I laughed, a short, bitter sound. “So did I. I was stupid enough to believe that maybe he wanted a little something different. He didn’t even get angry that I was going out like this. Normally I can always play to his jealous side.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll figure something else out.”

“No!” I said suddenly. “I’m tired of trying. I’ve been working my butt of and wracking my brains trying to think of something to get his attention. I know something’s bothering him and I’ve tried to get him to talk about it but he just pulls inside himself even further. I’m done with it all. If he won’t give me what I need, then I’ll find it with someone else!”

“Lis, I don’t like that kind of talk. That’s not like you at all. You love Jared too much to cheat on him.”

With a sigh I sat on the bed, sinking down among the myriad coats. “I know,” I said slowly. “But I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m horny as fuck all day, every day and it just gets worse. I’ve had to stop myself several times from just grabbing some random guy and sticking my tongue down his throat. It’s gotten so bad that even my boss is looking like a movie star.”

Ashley and I laughed then shuddered. My boss, Mr. Blake, had to be the grossest man I’d ever met. What little hair he had was always greasy and you could smell the unclean scent from a mile away. His face was severely pockmarked from not only the chicken pocks as a kid but his horrible acne when he was a teen. He still suffered from acne, even at forty-five, and the man refused to at least clear the bumps of the white heads before leaving his house. His thin lips were so dry they were cracking and peeling. It was torture having to shake his hand because his handshake was slick and floppy. I wish I could say he also had a gut but the man was a beanpole. His only redeeming feature was his height. He towered over me by a foot and I was five feet and four inches. But Ashley and I had agreed one drunken night that he wasn’t entirely gag-worthy. Sometimes we plotted to kidnap him and make him wash his hair, apply chap stick and use a strong acne treatment on his face. Then he’d have some potential.

As we thought for a moment about my boss, the sound of something shattering in the rest of the house brought us back to reality. Ashley looked at me with sympathetic eyes before leaving the room to investigate the noise. For a moment more I stood there wondering if I could really go through with cheating on Jared. The truth was that I just wanted him to notice me again. We’d been together since high school and after we were married, his attention to me began to wan. At first I didn’t think anything of it. He’d just started a new job and was tired most of the time. After a while I’d managed to trick myself into thinking nothing was wrong at all. Ashley made me see the light and since then I’d been trying to save our marriage. I only wanted him. The thought of another man touching me set my stomach to rolling.

With that thought, I took a deep breath and left the room to enjoy the party, no longer thinking of finding another man to satisfy me. I would just have to think up something really clever to get my husband to want me again.

It was some hours later when I felt my cell vibrate inside one of the cups of my bustier. I stuck my hand under my breast and pulled my phone out. The number on the screen was unfamiliar. Flipping it open I held it to my ear, my other hand plugging the opposite ear.

“Hello?” I said, yelling to be heard over the din.

“Hello? Mrs. Wright?” the female voice on the other end yelled.

I began pushing my way to the front door so I could step out onto the porch. When I was outside I answered. “Yes, this is she.”

“This is Valley Memorial Hospital, I’m calling about your husband, Jared Wright.”

My heart stopped and I backed myself against the railing as I felt my knees wobble. “Is he all right?”

“He is now, we’ve got him stabilized. We’d like you to come to the hospital to fill out the insurance paperwork.”

“Okay, yeah, sure, I’ll be there in a bit.” As I closed the phone, Ashley stepped out of the house, fanning herself. When she saw me, the smile fell from her lips. “Jared’s in the hospital,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

“Then what the hell are you still doing here? You didn’t have too much to drink did you? You can drive right? If not, I’ll grab Kenny and he can take you. He’s on another diet and he says alcohol has too much sugar and calories in it so he hasn’t had a single drink tonight,” she said.

“I haven’t had too much to drink, but I think I might still need a ride. I don’t think I could make it there safely myself.”

Ashley nodded and ran back inside. Moments later Kenny, her husband, came out carrying my coat, his keys and my purse in the other hand. He kissed Ashley bye and directed me to his car. On the drive there we sat in silence. The woman had said Jared was stabilized, but what had happened? Who had called 911?

“I’ll wait here for you,” Kenny said as he dropped me off at the front doors. I nodded and got out of the car. He then pulled into a parking space nearby.

Rushing inside I went to the front desk and asked about Jared. The nurse gave me a room number, telling me to stop by the nurse’s station on that floor before seeing my husband. I thanked her and made my way to the elevator.

At the third floor nurse’s station I was handed a clipboard of papers to fill out and no one would answer my questions. Instead of arguing, I took a seat nearby and hurriedly filled out the forms. On the last page a nurse came up to me.

“Are you Lissy Wright?” she asked. The voice sounded familiar. I looked up and nodded. “Hi, I’m Nurse Fairweather, I’m the one who contacted you earlier.”

Standing, I shook her hand. “Oh, right, I thought I’d heard your voice somewhere before. So what happened to my husband?”

She motioned for me to follow her. As we began to walk she explained. “Neighbors heard shouting and a loud crash and called the police. When they arrived at your house they found your husband on the floor unconscious. An ambulance was called and the paramedics were able to restart your husband’s heart.”

I gasped, my hand flying to my mouth. “His heart had stopped?”

“Yes. He was believed to have been dead for several minutes before the police arrived. Luckily one of them began administering CPR, which helped immensely. We might not have been able to save your husband otherwise. His heart did stop again in the ride over here, but since he’s been here, we haven’t run into any problems. He seems to be doing all right. We’re not sure what happened at your house, but all that matters is that it wasn’t a heart attack and that he should be back to normal in a day or two. We’re going to keep him here overnight for observation, though, just to be sure.”

We stopped by a door and the nurse knocked then opened it. Inside, Jared was reclined in the bed, his face pale. He turned to look at me and something passed through his eyes for an instant. He held up one trembling hand and I ran to him, grabbing it and holding it against my lips as I sat in the chair next to the bed.

“I’ll leave you two alone then,” Nurse Fairweather said and quietly closed the door.

“What happened?” I asked, tears filling my eyes. Jared looked weak. It scared me.

“The computer crapped out,” he rasped. “When I tried to fix it, I was electrocuted.”

I leaned forward and gave him a hug. I then felt his lips on the top of my head and the tears that had filled my eyes began to spill. When I leaned back, he stared into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

“I’m sorry for the way I’ve been treating you, hun. I don’t know what was wrong with me.”

I shook my head emphatically. “No, no! Don’t worry about it. I don’t care about that. All I care about is your well-being.”

He chuckled. “Don’t lie, I know you’ve been upset. I promise I’ll make it up to you. We’ll do something special as soon as I’m feeling myself again.”

“Okay,” I nodded and climbed into the bed beside him. It wasn’t long before the nurse came back and told me I’d have to leave for the night and could come back to get him tomorrow. I kissed him passionately and wished him goodnight then made my way back outside to Kenny.

The next day I threw my hair up in a quick ponytail and wore a light blue tank top with a knee-length black skirt. I felt giddy as I rushed around the house trying to get ready. With the way my husband had acted last night at the hospital I was excited to see if he’d be as sweet today. Grabbing a bag I’d put a change of clothes for Jared in I hurried to the car and navigated through the nearly empty streets to the hospital.

A doctor stopped me in the hallway a few feet from Jared’s room to let me know what had happened before I arrived. He laughed and said he’d never seen such a recovery and that he was shocked to see Jared up and moving around as if he’d had a few cups of coffee. When I entered the room he stopped in his aimless pacing and turned to me, a broad grin spread across his face. Coming up to me, he wrapped me in his arms and squeezed me so tight my back popped in a few places.

“I missed you,” he said lovingly as he stood back and caressed my cheek. I closed my eyes and reveled in his touch, a smile playing on my lips. I couldn’t remember the last time he was like this. It had been a slow but steady downhill slope since we were married.

“I missed you, too,” I replied then handed him the clothes. He took them and immediately pulled off the hospital gown. He still had on the boxers from the night before and I’d brought him a new pair since he usually changed them every day, but he just tossed the clean pair aside and began slipping into the jeans.

When he had the jeans buttoned and was about to put the shirt on, I told him to wait. He looked at me quizzically and then smiled when he saw the way I was looking at him. Jared was by no means buff, but his muscles were defined and he had just the right amount of fat around his stomach so he wasn’t stick thin. His chest and shoulders were broad with a thin covering of hair over his pecs. The hair trailed down in a neat line over his stomach, disappearing into his jeans. I was glad it had been a hot summer because Jared now sported a light tan that gave him a healthy glow.

As I stared, I walked slowly over to him and lightly ran my fingers over his chest and stomach. You could barely see the outlines of his abs through the thin layer of fat on them, but that was just how I liked him. Healthy. Normal. Because he wasn’t incredibly buff or stick thin, those dimples that so many woman love that poke out above the jeans were non-existent on Jared. Every time I saw him in pants and no shirt I thanked God that Jared didn’t have them. I found them revolting.

Jared’s hand took mine and I looked up into his dark eyes. His dark, brown hair was unruly at times and it was especially so today. I chuckled and used my free hand to move a few strands off his forehead. When I had done so, I cupped his cheek in my hand, feeling the roughness from his day old stubble on my palm. Jared had a long face, but it wasn’t comically long and all his features fit just right. His jaw didn’t disappear into his neck either. And his brown eyes were large and the corners turned down ever so slightly, making him look just a bit sad.

I ran my thumb over his lips, which were the most beautiful pair of lips I’d ever seen in my life. Both were full, the bottom one just a bit more so than the top. They weren’t chapped or peeling and he never wore chap stick. Every time I saw them I was overcome with the urge to kiss them, to nibble on them, to taste them.

Apparently he had the same idea at that moment as his lips came down over mine. A tiny whimper escaped me. I had been without his kisses for just as long as I had been without his touches. I melted into him and his arms went around me as I felt my knees weaken. The kiss deepened and his tongue played along the line between my lips, urging them open. When I opened to him, his tongue lashed into my mouth and his hold on me tightened, exciting a gasp from me that disappeared into his mouth. I was like putty in his grip now. His tongue running over mine, mingling with it, those wonderful lips pressed against my own. It was heaven and it had me completely turned on. I squirmed a bit in his arms as I felt my panties dampen. I felt him chuckle deep in his chest as he placed a leg between mine and gently pushed his knee against my increasingly damp slit. I groaned as he ground his knee into me and my hands went into his thick hair, grabbing fistfuls of it and pulling him more against me.

“Ahem,” a voice sounded behind me. I jumped and pulled apart from my husband, every inch of bare skin on me glowing bright red. I looked at the nurse and her cheeks were just as red from walking in on such an intimate moment. “Sorry to, uh, interrupt,” she said and cleared her throat. “Your discharge papers are ready if you’d like to leave.”

In the car ride home, Jared’s hand found its way to my thigh and began rubbing lightly, idly slipping underneath my skirt and squeezing my leg every so often. I could feel the sexual energy radiating off of him and it was all I could do to keep myself from speeding home.

At home I managed to appear as if I wasn’t hoping he would rip my clothes from me and take me right in the entryway. I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“Is there anything in particular you’d like for lunch?” I asked as I bent over to inspect the bottom shelf’s contents.

Hands on my hips and something big and hard against my ass told me Jared was right there. I giggled and stood, closing the refrigerator. When I’d turned completely to face him I threw my arms around his neck and looked at him. Something was different in his eyes. I couldn’t tell what, but I’d never seen him look at me as he was doing now. He kissed me, shoving me against the big appliance, his hands roaming up under my tank top, all thoughts about his look gone as I lost myself in his frantic groping.

One big hand engulfed my left breast and kneaded it then squeezed it hard, making me gasp in pain/pleasure. I took his bottom lip in my mouth and sucked hard on it then nipped it, making him gasp this time. I felt his smile against my lips and his hands at the hooks of my bra. Within seconds I felt the weight of my breasts as the bra loosened and I sighed in relief. He busied himself with taking my shirt of then, sliding it up over my stomach, his hands grazing the skin, sending electric shocks through me to my aching sex.

With my shirt off he tossed it aside and pulled the bra off my arms and tossed it as well. Without another though his mouth descended on my left breast, pulling the hardened nipple into his mouth. I groaned, sliding my fingers into his hair and tugging slightly but not pulling him away in the least. The vibration of his moan rippled through my chest. He sucked harder and grazed his teeth over the nipple, making me cry out at the pain. I returned the favor by tugging his hair harder.

Before I knew what was happening, he picked me up and set me on the kitchen counter. He stood between my knees and pulled me forward. The counter was just low enough so that my panty-covered lips were pressed against the erection that pointed up towards his chin inside his jeans. He took my other breast in his mouth now, his right hand toying with my left nipple. I began grinding my pussy against him, allowing my juices to completely soak through my panties and then his jeans.

For a moment he stopped and undid his jeans and stepped out of them as well as his boxers. I looked down and my mouth began to water. I wanted my mouth over his dick so badly. My lips went dry and I licked them. Looking back up into Jared’s eyes again I noticed something different but didn’t think anything of it beyond a second’s passing thought. With his member exposed I hooked my calves behind his back and pulled him back to me, shoving my sex against him. He threw back his head and groaned deeply then attacked me like never before.

Pushing me to lie back on the counter, he ripped my panties from me and pushed my skirt up onto my stomach. Less than a second passed before he used my hips to pull me to his mouth. I moaned loudly as his teeth nipped at my clit then he sucked hard on it, his tongue just barely glancing over it, making me jump with each pass. With nothing to grab hold of on the counter, my nails scraped against the surface as I tossed my head from side to side, unable to control myself.

He sucked hard and fast on my clit, sometimes going back to nipping it. Then I felt two of his thick fingers slide easily into my vagina and he began pumping them in an out faster than he’d ever done before, making sure to hook his fingers into my g-spot on the way out. I squirmed more, my hands flying to my face as I covered the loud screams of pleasure trying to escape. Jared pulled his fingers from my pussy and grabbed both of my hands, pulling them from my mouth, never stopping in his onslaught of my clit. He wanted to hear me scream. He’d never let me be so loud and it only turned me on more.

The moment his fingers went back to my hole I cried out one last time as my orgasm hit me and my world went black. Wave after wave slammed through me, my back arching, my hands scrabbling at the counter, at my skirt, finally landing on Jared’s head and pulling his mouth harder against me. It took minutes for the pleasure to subside but I continued to shake. My husband pulled my hands from his hair and stood up, a wicked smile on his lips. From the look in his eyes, I knew he definitely wasn’t done.

Pulling me from the counter, he threw me over his shoulder and hauled me into the bedroom. I squealed as I felt myself fall through the air to land on the bed. He pulled my skirt off my and crawled onto the bed and leaned back against the headboard. I sat up and looked at him, knowing exactly what he wanted.

I crawled forward and took his cock in my hand and began slowly pumping it. Lowering my head I put my mouth so close to the tip that my hot breath washed over it and it jumped in my grasp. Slowly, almost painfully so, I let the tip of my tongue slide around the head of his dick and then down one side of the shaft, moving my hand aside.

As I brought my head back up, I moved my tongue slowly from side to side and made sure to flick it over the most sensitive part under the head. A jolt went through me as I heard his groan. I licked back down the next side and back up, swirling my tongue over the head. I then began placing kisses on the head, down his shaft and ending at his balls. Those I sucked into my mouth and moaned as they filled it. I felt his hips buck and his hands went to my shoulders and squeezed.

Busying myself with his testicles I began pumping his shaft again. Soon I couldn’t take it anymore and slowly licked my way up his shaft and kissed the tip of his dick again. I pulled back a little bit, my hand still stroking, waiting for a moment. Just when he opened his mouth to ask me why I’d stopped, I shoved my mouth quickly over the head and down onto the shaft, stuffing his cock into my throat where I swallowed. Jared groaned so loudly then and grabbed my head.

He began lifting his hips, pumping his dick in and out of my mouth, fucking it hard. It hurt and it made me gag several times, but he didn’t let up and I found myself reaching between my legs to play among the folds there, moaning when his dick wasn’t shoved down my throat.

My other hand was on his balls, massaging them in time with his hard thrusts. I felt them begin to tighten and knew he was about to finish. I readied myself for swallowing his cum but he had other ides. Ripping my head from his dick, he flipped me around and savagely rammed his cock into my dripping pussy. I cried out as he hit the deepest part of me, sending darts of pain through my body. He didn’t stop, though. With his hands on my hips he thrust and pulled me back at the same time, hitting against my womb each time. Normally I didn’t like it so rough but I’d been without sex for so long that I no longer cared. I let myself scream with the pain and found myself cumming several times in the few minutes he took to finish. With one last thrust he cried out as his seed shot into me. My arms suddenly felt weak and I let my top half fall to the bed, panting hard.

After he pulled out, I rolled onto my side and tried not to let the pain get to me. It felt good but hurt more than I ever thought possible. Jared lay back against the pillows and headboard, his chest rising and falling rapidly. We looked at each other, wide smiles on our faces. Suddenly I winced as the pain flared.

“Are you okay, babe?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yeah, it hurts, but I’ll be fine.”

With a nod of his own, Jared got up, slapping my ass hard before he made his way to the bathroom. His calling me ‘babe’ and slapping me on the ass was very different than how he ever was, but I just chalked it up to his lack of action in months and the fact that he’d almost died. Sighing deeply satisfied beyond belief, I rolled over and spread my legs, letting the cool air of the room blow over my hot sex. While I cooled off, Jared left the room. I heard him seconds later rummaging around in the kitchen. I let my eyes close for a moment, enjoying the peace that had washed over me.

After a minute I got up and scurried to the bathroom, trying to get there before everything decided to come out and create a mess. I turned on the shower, doing what could only be described as a pee dance, my legs closed to my knees, the muscles clenching tight and impatiently shifting from foot to foot as the water warmed.

As soon as the water became remotely warm enough I threw the curtain aside enough for me to get in and then closed it behind me. I adjusted the warmth, my muscles relaxing even more as the warmth slipped down over my bare skin, sending goose bumps up my arms as a shiver of pleasure went through me. I stood there my head tilted slightly back and my eyes closed to avoid getting any water in them.

By the time I turned to let my back warm up, I heard the heavy steps of Jared’s feet enter the bedroom. The shower curtain was slid back a little seconds later. Jared stuck his head in and grinned at me. I smiled lazily back, the water easing the muscles of my neck.

“You look happy. Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” I purred.

Still being naked, Jared didn’t have to bother with clothes so he stepped into the tub and shut the curtain. He stepped up to me, pressing his stomach against mine. His hands went to my hips and he gently slid his fingers onto my back and began caressing my heated flesh. Gentle circles and strokes all over my back had my muscles turned to liquid. Letting my head fall forward onto Jared’s chest, I sighed contentedly, my arms wrapping around his waist, holding him close.

He then turned me around so I was out of the water and one hand left my back. Before I could even ask him not to stop, he brought it back with the bar of soap and began massaging my muscles as he lathered my skin. The soap trailed down from my shoulder, making its way to my buttocks and back up. After a few strokes, he switched hands and did the same to the other side. When he was finished with my back he made a quick, hard grab at my ass cheek, making me laugh, before he started on my front.

Instead of using the soap directly on my skin, he lathered it in his hands, set the soap aside, and began exploring my body as he cleaned me. Fingers ran over my throat and out over each shoulder, stopping to rub circles there as I groaned, enjoying the massage. They continued down over my breasts where he spent a majority of his time. There he had to lather his hands again and continue lifting, groping, and rubbing each breast.

My back involuntarily arched into the palms of his hands while they worked the firm but malleable flesh there. The rough pads of his thumbs running over my nipples, making them harder than the cool air from the bathroom had done after I was no longer under the water. I gasped when I felt a sudden pinch and opened my eyes to look at him. He looked down at me, a sly grin on his lips. When he moved lower, over my stomach, I closed my eyes again and felt his fingers swirl over my skin, gradually sliding down to my navel and stopping just short of my mound. He lathered his hands up again and continued working on cleaning every inch of my stomach.

I took this time to grab the bar of soap and stick my hands under the running water behind Jared. Lathering my own hands up, I set the soap down and began massaging his shoulders, feeling the muscles under my fingers give as I worked the knots from them. Jared stopped for a moment, leaning forward a little more and resting his head on my shoulder, groaning as I worked out a particularly nasty kink.

“It’s from sitting so long in that computer chair playing games,” I said softly, feeling that my normal volume would break the sweet spell of the shower. Jared only groaned in reply as another knot gave way under my ministrations. I worked up from his shoulders, going over the hardened cords of his neck muscles and continuing up to the base of his skull where it met his spine. As my fingers worked into his hair I felt his hands drift down over my back and grab each of my ass cheeks, giving them a hard squeeze. I gave his hair a soft tug in response then pulled his head up so the water ran over it.

As he allowed me to wet his hair, my fingers slowly working his scalp, Jared’s thick fingers found their way downward to the apex of my legs, one hand cupping my sex while the other hand began working on the muscles of my hip. The hand covering my sex pushed against the lips, putting pressure on my clit just between the folds. He ground his palm there, making small, circular motions, causing my body to react and my juices to begin to flow.

I did my best to continue working, grabbing the shampoo bottle and squirting a dollop in one palm, then scrubbing his hair, continuing my massage. But the more I tried to work, the harder Jared pushed and the faster his hand moved. By the time I had his hair lathered, Jared took his hand from my hip and grasped one of my breasts in it, squeezing it, then pinching the nipple hard. I bit my lip and began to rinse the shampoo from his hair.

His eyes bored into me as he watched the changes in my expression and body while he worked on me. He could see my cheeks turning red, my chest rising faster as I began to pant. It was easy to tell I was succumbing to it all, but I continued to fight it, enjoying the play and getting to touch him. Then he stopped and as my body was coming down from the building tension I took a deep breath. That’s when he plunged two fingers inside my pussy and began to work them hard and fast. I gasped and my knees went weak. Jared was a step ahead of me, pulling me to him, holding me tight against his chest as I squirmed and moaned, the water cascading over my face.

I began to shake as an orgasm overtook me and as I screamed out, “Oh God! Jared!” my mind blanked and my entire body went lax in his grip. I heard him chuckle as he pulled his fingers from my dripping hole. He moved so the water running over my face was no longer blinding me then moved me so I could look at him.

The fingers he’d used on me came to my lips and pushed their way into my mouth. I instantly began sucking on them, wrapping my tongue around one then the other, cleaning my cum from them, enjoying the taste of it and his skin mixed together. I hungrily grabbed at his hand and ravaged his fingers, moans escaping my throat as I felt my pussy begin to throb again.

Jared took one of my hands and guided it towards his erect cock and helped me to wrap my fingers around it. I began pumping up and down on it faster and faster as I still worked on cleaning every last taste of myself from his fingers. I felt his eyes on me and looked up at him. He stared at me with such intensity it turned me on even more. I stood and turned so I could face him, pressing my body against his. With my hand on his dick, I guided it between my legs, the lips sliding open easily, enveloping his rock hard member.

He stood completely still as I pumped his fingers in and out of my mouth and began to slid myself over his cock, letting it rub against my clit and hole, covering it in slick cum. Groans rumbled up from his chest as I worked.

I began to feel him move with me, his cock sliding over me faster and faster, his breathing becoming labored. His free hand snaked up to my hair at the back of my head and grabbed it, savagely pulling me from his other hand and forcing me to turn around.

Pushing my head down he moved me against the back wall of the shower, turning my face toward the curtain, my shoulders pressing into the wall. I placed my hands on either side of my head and braced myself as he roughly plunged his dick into my pussy. I screamed out and he stuffed his fingers back into my mouth, one hand still locked into my hair.

My tits slapped against the wall with each of his thrusts and my muffled cries escaped around his fingers. He pounded me harder and harder, bringing tears to my eyes. This time there was no pleasure in it for me. It was all for him. He took what he wanted from me, ignoring how in pain I was and when he came with a loud groan, he let me go, allowing me to slid down into the tub while he stepped back and finished washing his hair.

I tried not to cry out loud, just letting the tears roll down my cheeks, my face turned away from him. It didn’t take long for him to finish washing and when he was done, he stepped out and began drying himself off, leaving the shower on for me to clean myself. I waited there in the tub for him to leave and when I heard him close the door I began to sob.


I thought that him wanting me again was a good thing. After the shower sex I put that from my mind and continued on as if he hadn’t pretty much raped me. When we’d gone to bed that first night, I was woken up in the middle of the night by Jared wanting more. I allowed it, thinking, If I refuse, will he stop wanting me again?

Luckily he wasn’t so rough but there was still something different in his movements than what I remembered. Though I didn’t say anything and continued to ignore what my gut was telling me.

After only three days the feeling that something was drastically changed in my husband kept nagging me. Every time I turn around he’s there wanting me to suck him off or ride him while he watches television. I can’t take a shower without being accosted. Hell, I can’t even walk in front of him without him reaching out and pulling me to him so he can grope under my shirt and down my pants.

I was beginning to tire and on the fourth day I couldn’t bare to have any more sex. While Jared was napping in bed I quietly left the house and drove over to Ashley’s.

I hadn’t been able to talk to anyone since the accident. The costume party was on the weekend so on Monday I’d called work and told them I needed some time off to keep an eye on my husband. It was a relief to get out of the house by myself.

Sitting on the opposite end of the couch from Ashley I heaved a sigh. That’s when my friend began pouring the wine she’d brought into the living room. I nearly drained the glass before I set it back on the coffee table.

“Well, I guess I’m in for some crazy news, huh?” Ashley asked as she refilled the glass.

“You have no idea,” I said and picked up the wine and took another long drink. “I think there’s something wrong with Jared,” I began after setting my drink back down.

“Wrong? Is he feeling bad from the accident?” Ashley picked up her own glass then and sipped it delicately.

“No. At least, it doesn’t seem like it. He’s much more active than he ever used to be. It’s all I can do to get some peace. He’s forever wanting to have sex.”

At that, Ashley laughed. “But I thought that’s what you wanted?”

“I did, but not like this.” I leaned in close. “The amount of sex is fine, I guess, but the majority of it is…rough. Much rougher than he ever used to be. He’s hurt me several times and doesn’t seem in the least bit concerned. I could be crying for him to stop and he won’t.”

I gauged the look on Ashley’s face as it hit her how bad things were with Jared. Before answering she drained her glass. “Geeze, Lis, I’m really sorry. Could it just be him being a bit over exuberant about everything since he could have died?”

“That’s what I thought at first, but something else seems different about him. It’s not just the sex. It’s the way he talks to me, the way he walks, what he likes to watch on TV. And I haven’t seen him playing a computer game since I left for the party Saturday.”

“Well now that’s really odd. He’s always on that stupid game.”

“I know! When I realized that, I started thinking about everything. He’s starting to scare me. He’s treating me like a slave. All he does is sit on the couch watching television or on the computer looking up porn and he demands things like bringing him drinks or fixing him dinner. He knows I don’t cook very well. Before he used to make sure he was the one who did the cooking. I don’t understand. And if I don’t get to bringing him whatever he wants fast enough, he starts yelling.”

“Yelling? But he never yells.”

“Exactly. That’s where it’s starting to scare me. I’m afraid that he’ll get violent one day.”

“Have you talked to him about it?”

I gave Ashley a look as if she were crazy. “You honestly think I could talk to him about something like that when I think he might go over the deep end one day and hit me?”

“Ah, yeah, true. Well, what else can you do?”

“I’m not sure. But I’ve gotta figure it out quick. I can’t take much more of this.”


It was late when I walked in the door. I could hear the television in the living room and so made my way quietly to the bedroom. I was halfway down the hall when Jared’s voice stopped me.

“Where’ve you been?” he asked, a slight edge to his voice.

I turned. Seeing him standing there in the hallway I smiled at him. “I just went over to Ashley’s for a bit of girl time.”

“And you didn’t think to ask me?”

“I didn’t know I needed permission,” I said slowly.

“I don’t like it when you don’t run things by me first,” he replied.

Trying not to fidget and show off how nervous I was, I just chuckled and said, “Sorry, next time I’ll let you know before I go somewhere.”

He stood there for another moment, his eyes looking at me as if he were trying to read my mind. Somewhere in the back of my head I was afraid that, somehow, he could. After another moment he turned and went back into the living room, calling out behind him, “You need to fix dinner, I’m starving. And don’t burn anything this time!”

I took that moment to run to my room to collect myself before coming back out to make something to eat.

While in my room I ran to the bathroom and shut and locked the door. Sitting on the toilet I let myself cry out my fear at the changes in my husband. I would gladly go back to him ignoring me and playing his online games if it meant he wasn’t this sex-crazed angry man.

“How long are you going to take?” I heard him yell through the house. “I haven’t eaten since before you left!”

“I’ll be out in a minute!” I yelled back and quickly cleaned up my face then changed into some baggy pajamas, hoping I could look unappealing to him.

Later that night, I lay in bed wide awake. I hadn’t made it without having to have sex with Jared, but luckily he fell asleep afterward and was out like a light. The clock on the nightstand next to my side told me it was well after one in the morning. Looking at Jared I carefully slid out of bed and tiptoed into the living room to the computer.

Once it was on, I began searching for anything relating to changes in behavior after near death experiences. I found several links to people posting on forums asking for help with their loved ones who’d become complacent or deeply depressed. Others were expressing their happiness at how energetic and loving someone had become when, before, they’d been so-so. I did manage to find some who talked about the person becoming easily agitated and restless. Those were the ones I read all of.

By three I hadn’t found any useful information and was beginning to fall asleep at the keyboard. I figured I’d try one last link and then go to bed. I’d passed it over earlier because it was some ghost story site and I didn’t believe in those kinds of things, not to mention ghosts were not my problem here.

After clicking on the link, the site came up and I began to read. The more I read the more awake I became. This covered every kind of behavior change in a person who’d nearly died. Not only that but it talked of changes in personality as well as mannerisms, which most of the other sites had not.

Then I read over one part and had to read it several more times to make sure I’d read it correctly.

While some people who have near death experiences are the same in everything else but their outlook on life, there are those who seem to be missing pieces of their memory. Those who seem completely changed. You might not notice it at first because you’re too happy that your loved one is alive and safe now, but it’s not long before you begin to wonder what’s going on with them.

Sometimes a near death can unlock a part of them they never knew they had in them, but I have found that most of the time, these changes mean that your loved one is no longer with you.

You see, there are earthbound spirits everywhere. Sometimes they forget to go, sometime they don’t want to. Whatever the case may be for them, some have figured out that they can possess those who’ve recently died. It may only take a second of the heart stopping, but as long as the body’s soul has vacated the premises the earthbound spirit may take over. This accounts for some memory loss and the other changes your loved one may be suffering from.

Sometimes they’re not too bad, all they want is another chance at life, but other times they possess people in order to fulfill some mischievous task that could very well harm those around them.

If you’ve realized that your loved one may be possessed, don’t panic. If you’re lucky, you may get their soul back, but I won’t say there haven’t been times when the original soul has moved on. Sometimes it was just that person’s time to go.

I have visited several people who began to wonder if their loved one was possessed and when the original soul is still lingering, I have been able to send the earthbound spirit on, allowing the body’s actual soul to come back.

If you believe you are experiencing this and would like help, please contact me. I have had this happen to someone in my family and I know how scary it can be. I want to help.

It was the closest thing I could find to my problem. I had nothing to lose if I contacted this person. Scrolling down the page I saw that the writer, a man, lived in the same state. I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly copied his e-mail address and went to compose a message to him. I could only hope he’d get back to me soon.

The next morning after more rough sex with Jared, he announced he was going out for a while. Inwardly I sighed with relief and hoped that he’d be gone for several hours.

As he grabbed the car keys and opened the front door he stopped and turned to me. “I don’t want you leaving this house, you hear?” he said, his face stern as he looked at me.

I smiled weakly and nodded. He smiled then and quickly pulled me to him, crushing my lips against his. His tongue forced my lips open and he ravaged my mouth. As quickly as he had begun, he stopped and let me go.

“I’m not trying to control you, hun, I just think you’re too pretty to be going anywhere by yourself. You need me there to keep the losers away,” he said with a wink and a chuckle then left the house.

As soon as I had the door closed and locked behind him I ran to the living room and peeked out the window, watching him get in the car and drive off down the road. I then turned around and sat on the couch for several minutes to make sure he wouldn’t suddenly turn around and come home because he forgot something.

When I felt it was safe I jumped up and went to the computer, turning it on. I sat down in the chair, my right leg bouncing with impatience as the machine booted up. After everything was running I opened a web browser and checked my e-mail. Nothing in the inbox. I sighed. I had hoped the guy would get back to me soon. I went to close out of the window when I noticed I had something in my spam folder. Opening it up I found a reply from the ghost guy.

My pulse raced as I read through the few lines he wrote.

Mrs. Wright,

I’m very glad you found my site and have contacted me. From what you mentioned it could be very possible your husband has become possessed. If he’s as touchy as you say he is I would advise caution and I would like to make a visit as soon as possible. Are you available any time today?

-Gary Farmer

I quickly typed out a reply, letting him know that I was not busy at the moment but not sure how long my husband would be gone and sent it. Once that was done I decided I’d surf the net for a bit, hoping he would reply within minutes.

It didn’t take long at all to receive his answer.

I am in your area right now. If you can make it to the little coffee shop on Main I would be happy to talk about this.

For a moment I sat there debating on if I should go or not. What if Jared came back while I was out? I chewed on my bottom lip as I thought. Would it be worth it to get caught by Jared should I be gone when he got back? What if this set him off enough to hit me? Of course, if I didn’t find out if possession could actually be real and what’s happening to Jared, I could end up with an abusive husband for the rest of my life. That did it. What were a few hits compared to how many I could receive in the years to come should I not try and fix things? I sent a reply back saying I’d be there in ten minutes and briefly described myself then ran to get ready to leave.

At the coffee shop I stood just inside the entrance, scanning the crowd. I had no idea what this man looked like. I should have taken a few minutes to go back to the site to see if he had a picture. Since I didn’t I just had to wait and see if he realized who I was. There weren’t very many people in the shop. It was the in-between time for coffee drinkers. Those that were there were spread out over the many tables or plush couches and chairs. I glanced at the little fireplace against the far wall and smiled, no one was sitting there. It would be nice to have a drink and let the liquid warmth and the heat from the fire take some of the edge off since it was an unusually chilly morning.

Taking in the room one more time my eyes roved over those at the counter waiting to order or pick up their drink. One customer was just taking up two cups from the counter when he turned and caught my eye. Something passed in his eyes and I knew that must be him. Sure he enough he began walking over to me.

He was tall. Had to be a few inches over six feet. His short-cropped hair was a dark, steely gray, making him look very distinguished. Sensitive, eyes- that looked dark from this far away- sat under rimless glasses that were perched on a straight nose that wasn’t too small or too big at the end. Under that his lips could just barely pass for full. A stubborn-looking chin led to a strong jaw that was clean-shaven. What few wrinkles he had weren’t deep and only showed that he must smile quite often.

I took in the square of his shoulders under his black trench coat and the way the fabric of his sky blue button-down shirt fit snugly over a broad chest. His shirt was tucked into dark slacks at a narrow waist that led the eye down long legs ending in feet shod in shiny black shoes. The overall appearance was of a man who was comfortable in sensible, business-like clothing but you could easily see him in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He must’ve been at least ten years older than me, putting him in his mid-forties. I felt my heart begin to thud in my chest as he neared me.

“Mrs. Wright?” he asked, his voice soothing with just the hint of a bass tone.

“Y-yes,” I stuttered as I realized he was now standing right in front of me.

He smiled and my heart melted, the parenthesis on either side of his lips deepening as he showed off pearly white, almost perfect teeth. “Good, I was afraid I’d end up approaching the wrong woman.”

“Oh I don’t think any woman would mind be approached by you,” I suddenly blurted then realized what I said.

He flashed me that smile yet again, his dark honey eyes twinkling in amusement. “Shall we sit?” He motioned to the fireplace and I turned and went to it. Once seated he handed me one of the drinks. “Of course I’m not sure what you liked so I asked them to go light on the flavoring. It’s just a regular mocha.”

“Oh, thank you,” I replied as I took the drink, my fingers just barely brushing his, causing a blush to creep into my cheeks.

“So I won’t keep you here long, you did mention that you might not have enough time. The last thing I want to do is get you in trouble with your husband.”

“Right. Well first you have to understand that I’m a bit skeptical about all this ghost stuff. I didn’t even click the link to your site until I’d exhausted all others. It was a shock to see how much everything you described matched my husband to a T.”

“Of course, I understand. Most people are like you and that’s not a bad thing. There’s stuff out there that we are better off not knowing anything about. Ignorance is bliss, right?” He chuckled, making me smile.

“So how do you suppose you’ll know if he’s actually possessed- if that’s what’s going on, that is.”

“Well I’d need to meet him somewhere in a situation that would allow me to shake his hand. I will know then.”

“You’re psychic or something?”

“Or something,” he replied with a small smile then took a sip of his drink, which prompted me to drink my own. “I’ve been this way since an accident when I was a kid. I almost died myself. I was lucky that nothing tried to take over my own body, but the residue of death stayed with me and allowed me to sense things and sometimes see them.”

“Oh, I see.”

“So about meeting your husband. When do you think is a good time? I must insist that it be very, very soon.”


“You see, while it’s possible to put a soul back in its own body or pull an intruding one out, it can take time and a lot of effort. I’d normally need a few people to help me. Unfortunately all those I know are currently out of town for one thing or another. So in order for me to do this I have to use Halloween to get this done. Now spirits are stronger that day, but so is pretty much everything else and a human body was really only made for the soul it was born with. It’ll want to get rid of this wandering ghost. If I can’t get this done on Halloween night, then it could be up to a year before anything is done about it.”

“A whole year?” I gulped. I couldn’t stand a whole year with whoever this man was that was my husband.

“My friends are wanted elsewhere most of the time, as am I usually. I must say, Mrs. Wright, you are one lucky woman. I’ve had an uncanny break in calls for my services so I’ve been happy to be home for a while.”

“I suppose something needs to go right at the moment,” I murmured and took another sip of my coffee.

“So, meeting?”

“Right! Well you could always come by the house pretending to be some salesman or something. Maybe a new neighbor? I don’t know.”

“A new neighbor might work. That way if he happens to see me around the neighborhood he won’t get suspicious. I’ll have to keep an eye on you if it turns out he’s actually possessed. Ghosts sometimes just know things, even when hindered in most ways by a physical form. If the spirit realizes what’s going on, he could try to harm you.”

My eyes grew big at the thought. “Goodness, has that ever happened before?”

“Several times. If they’re showing signs of aggression to begin with then that and the fact that they’ve snatched a body, means they’ll do anything to not leave. I want to keep him in the dark for as long as possible. I have to keep my clients safe.”

“Okay so new neighbor it is, then.” I rummaged through my purse and pulled out a scrap of paper and a pen. “Here is my address,” I said as I wrote it on the paper. “It’s best to come by during mid-afternoon, just before dinner. He’ll get angry if someone comes calling once the sun has set.” I handed him the slip of paper and stuck the pen back in my pocket.

Taking it, the man looked at the address then tucked it in a pocket of his coat, pulling out a small notepad and pen when he took his hand out. “Here’s my cell number. You can reach me on it day or night.”

“Thank you so much for doing this, Mr. Farmer,” I said as I took the phone number and slipped it into my purse.

“Call me Gary,” he replied and I looked up to see him giving me that model smile, thankful that I was sitting down.

“All right, Gary, ” I said and stood. “I should be going now. If you care to stop by this afternoon that would be good.”

“Perfect. I’ll see you then. Have a good morning, Mrs. Wright.”

“Lis,” I said with my own smile and was given a nod in return before I walked from the shop.

That afternoon I was in the kitchen going through cookbooks, trying to think of something to make for dinner. I looked up at the clock and saw I had two hours until Jared expected something on a plate in front of him. Gary should be arriving soon. My heart beat hard against my chest. I could find out what exactly was going on with my husband and I only hoped that the spirit inside of him didn’t catch on- if he was actually possessed.

Shutting the book I had been looking at with no sign of inspiration in sight, I went to the fridge and opened it, staring at the meager contents. I hadn’t been to the store in a few days and with my poor cooking skills there were no leftovers as Jared made me dump what he didn’t eat.

I sighed. I really didn’t feel like cooking. I was too nervous to do anything but sit and stare at the clock, waiting.

“Jared, honey,” I called from the kitchen.

“Yeah?” he yelled back from the living room.

“Would you mind if I ordered us a pizza or some Chinese food tonight?”


I walked around into the living room and leaned against the wall, crossing my arms over my stomach. “Well I haven’t been able to get to the store to restock the kitchen so there’s really not much of anything to make a meal out of. Not to mention I think you deserve a break from my awful cooking.” I forced myself to smile at the dig at myself.

“I guess it’s fine. Get two pizzas, meatlovers, and an order of breadsticks and some soda.”

“What kind of soda?”

“Dammit woman, I’m trying to watch T.V! You should know what I like anyway. Just go order it and stop asking so many questions!”

I flinched when he yelled at me and turned to grab the phone in the kitchen and order the food. Just as I picked up the phone, the doorbell rang.

“Who the hell is coming over at this time? Lis! Get the door and tell whoever it is to go away!”

I hurried to the door before the bell rang again. Opening it I found Gary standing there. He smiled and I gripped the side of the door to keep myself from falling on legs that had suddenly turned to jelly.

“Hi there,” he said brightly. “My name is Gary, I just moved into the neighborhood and I realized I lost my cell phone and I haven’t had the chance to set up the phone at my house. Is it possible I could use yours?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” I said and stepped aside. “Come in and I’ll get the phone for you.”

On my way to the kitchen, I noticed Jared had muted the television and was now standing up and making his way to the front door. In the kitchen I picked up the phone and waited for a moment, my breath held as I heard Gary begin to speak to Jared.

“Sorry to bother you, sir. My name’s Gary. I just asked your wife if I could borrow your phone for just a moment. I promise it won’t take long.”

“Jared,” my husband said gruffly. “There are plenty of other houses in this neighborhood you know. Couldn’t you have gone to one of them and bothered the people there?”

I took that moment to step from the kitchen and found them just letting go of each other’s hand.

“I just came to the first house that looked occupied, sir. I’m terribly sorry if I’m inconveniencing you in any way.”

“Here’s the phone,” I said quickly before Jared had a chance to respond. When I handed Gary the phone, the look in his eyes told me everything. There was someone else inside my husband’s body. A chill went through my spine and my stomach began to roll, the urge to vomit increasing with each second. Some strange…thing had been having its way with me for the past five days.

Gary dialed a number quickly and spoke to whoever answered on the other end for a moment and then hung up, handing the phone back to me. Jared grabbed it from Gary’s hand before I could even begin to reach for it.

“Thanks for letting me use your phone. You folks have a nice night.” With that he left the house and I shut and locked the door behind him.

“Next time don’t go letting just anyone into the house, you hear me?” Jared said, his voice deadly. I nodded quickly in response and he shoved the phone into my hand. “Order the pizza,” he muttered and went back to the couch and the television.

Again, the next day, Jared went out for several hours. I took the time alone to call Gary and have him come over to explain everything. While I waited I cleaned the house, trying to rid myself of the nervous energy that was building.

I jumped when the doorbell rang and threw down the sponge and ran to the door. As I opened it, Gary took in my bright yellow gloves and flushed faced, quirking an eyebrow. “Nervous?”

“Beyond,” I answered and let him inside as I pulled the gloves off. I stuck my head out of the house briefly and glanced around, hoping no one saw and that Jared wasn’t anywhere nearby. Coming back in I shut the door and led the way into the living room where I motioned for Gary to sit.

“Well?” I asked as before his gorgeous ass made contact with the couch cushion. My own small, but well-rounded, one was on the edge of the couch as I was too wound up to relax and sit back.

“That’s definitely not your husband,” he began with a heavy sigh. “But I assume you realized that last night. You were pretty pale when I left.”

“Yeah, your look said it all. It’s just…sickening. I’ve only had sex with one other guy besides Jared and that was before I ever met him. The thought of someone I don’t know touching me like that and then…” I trailed off at the thought of all the rough sex and shuddered.

Gary cleared his throat, bringing me back from my thoughts. When I looked at him I could have sworn there was a tinge of red to his lightly tanned cheeks. “Yes, well unfortunately you will most likely have endure more of that until tomorrow. If I could I would help with that.”

“Thanks,” I said, looking down at my hands that were perched on my knees. His hand came into my vision and covered my hands. Warmth spread quickly throughout my body and I could feel a throbbing between my legs as my hands began to tingle under his touch. I looked up into his eyes that were much closer as he’d leaned in while I wasn’t looking. I could feel my cheeks flush and Gary snatched his hand away as if he’d been burned.

With a small cough he said, “Don’t worry. It’ll all be over soon. I think the spirit is wearing down with all the energy it has put into, uh, well, you know and then your husband’s body is fighting it.”

“Do you think Jared is still around?” I asked suddenly.

Gary sat there for a moment, turning his head as he looked around what he could see of the house. “May I take look around?” he asked.

“Sure, by all means,” I replied and stood. I followed him around the house, wringing my hands.

Our last stop was my bedroom. I let him in and followed him to the center of the room where he peered around, still completely silent.

Finally he turned to me. My hands were clasped in front of my chest and I looked up at him hopefully. I noticed his Adam’s apple bob before he spoke.

“I don’t think he is. I don’t feel anything at all except for some residue left over from the spirit that’s inhabiting your husband’s body. It’s pretty strong. I’m guessing this thing has been hanging around you for quite a while.”

“A while? Like, how long exactly?”

He looked around again and then said, “Maybe a few years?”

“Years?” I squeaked out.

“Tell me, were there any problems between you and your husband before his accident?”

“Yes,” I said slowly, “why?

“They might have been caused by the ghost. They feed off human energy and after long term exposure can cause illness, mood swings, and depression, just to name a few.”

“Jared had been slowly losing interest in me for some time,” I began to explain. “The romance died, the sex disappeared. Finally he would barely even talk to me. I tried everything I could think of to get him to respond to me, but nothing worked.”

“It was most likely the spirit. From the way you said he treats you it sounds like he may be a bit territorial of you. He probably took a liking to you while you and your husband were out somewhere and followed you home. Since then he was probably targeting Jared and pushing him away.”

Suddenly, a horrible thought occurred to me. “You don’t think the ghost had anything to do with Jared’s accident do you?” I held my breath as I waited for Gary’s answer.

He sighed. “It very well may have. What did you say happened to him exactly?”

“Electrocution is what he told me.”

“Yeah, could have been the ghost. They can mess with electrical systems.”

“And you don’t think Jared is around anymore?” I could feel the tears beginning to well up in my eyes.

“I’m sorry but no. I’m guessing your husband may have been too weak to really want to stay since the ghost may have been going at him for quite some time.”

I began to cry then. What would I do now? What would be the point in forcing the ghosts from Jared’s body if there was no Jared to fill it afterward? Could I escape this ghost and get a divorce? Would he let me go quietly?

Suddenly I was wrapped up in a pair of warm, strong arms. I buried my face in Gary’s chest and continued to cry and he hugged my tighter to him. I felt his cheek against the top of my head.

“I’m really sorry,” he said quietly, his voice resonating in his chest.

He held me until the sobs subsided and I pulled away. Before I looked at him I wiped the tears from my cheeks. He proffered a handkerchief and I gladly took it and cleaned up the mascara that I knew must be under my eyes now.

With a sniffle I handed it back to him and he tucked it into his pants pocket. “Sorry,” I said thickly.

“It’s all right.”

I looked up at him and my breath caught in my chest. He had his hands on my shoulders and his face was mere inches from mine. I saw something in his eyes that set my heart to racing. The look was gone in a flash and he dropped his hands and took a step back. I took a deep breath, my whole body shaking.

“Let’s go back to the living room, shall we?” he said and let me lead the way.

Sitting on the couch, Gary cleared his throat and looked at me. “We can still force the spirit from your husband’s body tomorrow, if you want. I know some people feel that allowing such an aggressive spirit stay in our world in a loved one’s body is a perversion and disrespectful to the loved one’s memory. It might also be easier for you if we did that. The spirit desperately wants to keep you to himself. I don’t see him allowing you to leave, at least, not without a horrible fight.”

“I was afraid of that.” I looked at Gary for a long moment. “Do you think removing the spirit is a good idea?”

“In my honest opinion?”


“I do. I didn’t feel anything good from it when we shook hands.”

“And you’re sure you can do this on your own tomorrow? Have you had to do it like that before?”

“I’m sure and yes, I have.” He reached over and took one of my hands in his and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “I know you’re scared. It’s all right to be. But you’re in good hands with me. I’ve been doing this for many years. This spirit isn’t even the strongest one I’ve encountered when by myself. If you want to go through with this, I will get everything ready.”

My whole body trembled at the thought of anything wrong happening, but I was oddly comforted by Gary’s hand on mine. With a small, shaky smile, I nodded. “Okay. We’ll get rid of the ghost. When do we do this?”

“Tonight around midnight of course,” he said with a grin, making me smile as well at the cliché.

“I’m not sure how we can do that, though. I mean how do you explain you’re being here at that time?”

Taking his hand from mine, leaving me feeling suddenly cold, he reached into one of his pants pockets and pulled out a small bottle of liquid. “Before he goes to bed, get him to drink something that you’ve put three drops of this in. He won’t taste this and it’ll knock him out cold for a while. You’ll have to time it right because it only lasts about two hours. We can’t do anything until he’s completely out or else he’ll still be pretty strong and put up a bit of a fight. Do it too early and he’ll be awake before everything is complete.” He put the bottle in my hand and curled my fingers over it.

Still holding my fingers over the bottle he said, “Send me a text as soon as he’s finished everything in the glass. And let me know if the drink has alcohol in it, that will make the stuff work faster.”

I nodded understanding. “He’ll probably have a few beers before bed.”

“Okay. If that’s the case, make sure he doesn’t drink too many before you give him the beer with the drops. The more alcohol in his system, the faster it’ll work, not to mention the faster it’ll wear off. Don’t give it to him with the first beer.”

Outside a car door slammed. I looked at Gary, wide-eyed in panic. We both stood. “What do I do?” I hissed.

“I’ll go out the back. My car is parked on another street. Don’t worry, I won’t get caught.”

Hurriedly I let him out the back door and just as I shut it, the front door opened. Jared walked in and looked at the doorknob then at me.

“Why wasn’t this locked?” he asked as he shut it and locked it himself.

“Oh, sorry, I had gone outside to check the mail, I guess I forgot to lock it back.”

His eyes narrowed at me and he pointed to the back door. “What were you just doing?”

“I, uh, thought I heard some kids in the back yard. I opened the door to check and to tell them to go home.”

He walked over to me and placed a hand on the wall next to my head, leaning his face in close, his eyes searching mine. I tried to keep my breathing normal so he wouldn’t notice how nervous I was. Suddenly he pulled me to him kissing me roughly then pushed me away and headed to the bedroom. I swiped the back of one hand over my mouth, fighting the urge to throw up.

By ten-o-clock Jared was into his fourth beer. He’d started early that night since it was Friday. I was afraid he’d drank too much, but just had to hope that one or two more wouldn’t hurt before I gave him the one with the drops. I stood in the kitchen, the bottle in my hand. It was hard to calculate when I should give it to him. Gary had said it would work quicker with alcohol in the system and wear off faster. I couldn’t give Jared anything now or else he’d be waking up around midnight, at the latest. I figured I had to wait an hour. I just hoped he didn’t drink his fourth one too fast.

While waiting, I busied myself with laundry and cleaning the kitchen, my eyes constantly going to the nearest clock. When eleven-o-clock finally arrived I made my way to the kitchen with a basket of clean clothes and set them on the counter.

“Hun, do you want another beer?” I asked as I stood in front of the fridge with the door open.

“Yeah,” he answered.

I quickly took another beer from the refrigerator and set it on the counter. After popping the lid off with the opener I grabbed the bottle from my pocket and unscrewed the lid.

I pulled the dropper out and held it over the mouth of the beer, my hand shaking horribly. Gary said three drops. I’d put in two when a hand grabbed my wrist and spun me around, my other hand flying out and knocking the beer over.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he yelled, his face nose to nose with mine. His complexion was ruddy and his breath reeked of the past beers. I coughed, my eyes watering at the stench.

“You’re hurting me,” I cried, trying to pull my wrist from his grasp. This only made him squeeze harder, causing me to cry out and let go of the dropper.

He flung me aside, my ribs making contact with another counter. Bending down he picked up the dropper and sniffed it. Turning to me, his eyes wild, he shook the dropper at me.

“What is this?” he growled. When I didn’t answer right away, he shoved the dropper into my face and shouted, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? ARE YOU TRYING TO DRUG ME?”

I tried to answer him but my voice came out in no more than a squeak. Before I knew it, a searing pain exploded on my right cheek and I was knocked to the floor as a scream escaped my lips. A hand twined into my hair and jerked my head up so I looked him in the eyes.

“I give you everything you could ever need and treat you right and this is how you repay me?” he said, his voice a deadly whisper. “What is it? Is there another man? You trying to kill me? How much of that stuff have you put in my beers tonight?”

“I-I haven’t put any in the other beers,” I said as I started to cry.

He glared at me. “I think you’re lying. I’ll bet you put something in every one of the beers I’ve had tonight. Luckily I have a strong constitution and don’t go down easily.” With a grunt he pulled me to my feet by my hair, causing me to scream out again as I gripped the hand in my hair with both hands.

“I’ve been sweet to you all along and I put up with the crying after sex, but tonight I’m not going to be so nice. In fact, I think I’m going to enjoy making you cry.”

He dragged me to the bedroom and tossed me on the bed. Before I could do anything he was on me, ripping my clothes from my trembling body.

I flailed against him, trying to scratch or kick him to make him stop. He grabbed both of my hands and pinned them above my head, then held my legs down with his knees. I still struggled but it was no use. He grabbed my face with one hand, his other keeping a tight grip on my hands, and forced me to keep my head still as he descended on my mouth, shoving his tongue in as far as it would go. I cried out around it but barely any sound came out.

When he’d had enough of that, he let go of my face and took a breast into his hand and squeezed it savagely then pinched my nipple and tugged on it, making me cry out, tears spilling from my eyes as I begged him to stop. Then his mouth clamped down on the nipple and he sucked hard. It felt as though he was going to pull my backbone through it. Then he bit down nastily and I screamed.

“Please stop!” I yelled between sobs. “I wasn’t trying to hurt you, I swear!”

“You’ll say anything to get me to stop. You’re just lying some more,” he growled out as he moved to the other breast, his hand replacing his mouth, putting my breast in a vice-like grip.

After he was finished with my breasts he fumbled at his belt then his pants, undoing them and shoving them down his hips with one hand. I began to struggle as hard as I could, knowing the pain that would come.

He took his belt and tied it tightly around my wrists and then picked me up and turned me over, pulling my ass up off the bed. I felt him moving around behind me and I tried to get away but he only shoved my head into a pillow, making it hard for me to breathe. Then I felt something touch not my pussy but my ass hole. I started screaming and trying to push myself away, but he held me too tightly. The next thing I know he shoved himself inside my ass.

I screamed bloody murder then and each time his dry cock pumped in and out of my ass. With the pain and the lack of air my vision began to go black until I lost consciousness.


When I awoke, it was deathly quiet. My wrists were sore and chafed; my chest ached and stung where the sheet rubbed against the nipples. The pain in my ass was beyond description and it throbbed with each beat of my heart, sending shooting pains through my body each time.

I grimaced as I sat up, biting back a cry from the pressure the bed placed on my butt. Looking around I saw Jared lying on the floor unconscious, his face covered in cuts and bruises. On the wall just beyond him was a giant circle with symbols scrawled on the inside and some around the outside. A dark stain, like smoke burns, covered a wide line vertically down the middle. The spot eerily resembled a human.

“How are you feeling?”

I jumped at the voice and whipped my head around to see Gary sitting in a chair next to the far side of the bed. “I hurt,” I said, my voice coming out hoarse.

Gary stood and went to the bathroom sink and filled a small cup with water, handing it to me when he made it back to the bed. As I drank he sat down next to me, his eyes worried. When I was finished he took the cup but didn’t get up.


“I think so,” I said, trying out my voice again. This time is was clearer. “Could I get some aspirin?”

“Of course,” he said and quickly jumped up. “Is there some in the medicine cabinet?”


He refilled the cup and brought me the aspirin and waited for me to swallow the pills and drink before asking, “What happened?”

I sighed, a movement that caused my nipples to press into the sheet I held over my breasts and I winced. “He caught me putting the drops in his beer,” I explained. “Obviously it made him mad and he hit me then dragged me in here by my hair where he began to rape me.” My voice was quiet as I related everything to Gary. “When did you get here?”

“You were unconscious by the time I arrived. I told you I’d be nearby in case anything happened. I heard you scream and came running. When I got here I found your husband…uh, well I suppose you know what I found him doing to you.”

I hung my head, utterly ashamed. Gary’s fingers fit under my chin and lifted my face to look at him. “I cannot even begin to apologize for everything that happened to you tonight,” he said softly. “This never should have happened.”

“You didn’t know. I didn’t know,” I said with a shrug. For a long moment we stared at each other and then Gary leaned in, hesitating just before my lips. When I didn’t pull away he placed a gentle kiss on them, bringing tears to my eyes.

“I felt a connection with you the moment I opened your e-mail. I can’t explain it. It tears me up inside that I wasn’t here soon enough to stop that spirit from doing this to you.” He kissed me again, this time deeper and I responded to him. When he pulled back, he released my chin and lightly brushed his fingers over my right cheek.

“Is there a bruise there?” I asked and he nodded.

“You have several bruises, but I won’t go into where they are, I’m sure you already know.”

Out of the corner of my eye, Jared’s body caught my attention. I looked over at it and Gary did as well. “Is he dead?”

“Yeah. I knocked him out after a few blows and performed the ritual to expel the spirit. You won’t be bothered by it again.”

“Is- is that what the dark stain on the wall is?” I asked and pointed at the thing.

Gary looked and nodded. “Yeah, that’s what the spirit left behind. The meaner they are, the blacker the stain.”

“So it’s all over. Jared’s completely gone now.” I was sad to lose someone I had loved for so long but a calm came over me knowing I’d no longer be dealing with the ghost. While I would mourn the loss of my husband for a while, I was safe and I knew Jared was in a better place where the ghost wasn’t bothering him at all anymore either. “What do we do about the body?”

“I was thinking about that but I’m not sure.”

“We have to get rid of it,” I said suddenly and Gary looked at me, surprise evident in his face. “While you did save my life, I doubt the police would let you off completely since they’ll think you beating him is what killed him. I don’t want you to go to jail.”

He grinned. “What did you have in mind?”


The fire blazed several feet into the air. The smell of cooking meat wafted by me and I turned to the patio where Gary stood by a grill flipping some hamburgers and turning the hot dogs.

Ashley stood beside me and nudged me when she caught me looking at Gary. “What?” I asked with a laugh as I turned back to the bonfire.

“I know you’ve had a rough couple a days and last night especially but aren’t you going a little fast to this new guy after sending Jared packing?” she asked.

“Maybe,” I replied and took a sip of my spiked cider. “But don’t I deserve to have some fun? After half a year with no sex and no real physical contact, then this past week with Jared, I think I’ve earned this. Besides, how can you say no to someone so hot who comes to rescue you?”

Ashley and I both looked back at Gary with girlish giggles, enjoying the sight of his muscled forearms with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

“He might be a bit older but he’s gorgeous!” my friend squealed.

“That he is.”

After the impromptu Halloween party had ended Gary and I cleaned up the trash and the food, constantly stealing looks at each other. When it seemed we had looked at each other for the millionth time, we each threw down our garbage bag and ran inside.

We made it only so far as the doorway to the bedroom before we had each other’s clothes off and our hands all over the other’s body as we fell to the floor.

Gary was careful not to hurt me where I was bruised. He gently licked and sucked on my nipples, making me sigh in contentment. Moving up he kissed me tenderly. I slid my fingers into his soft hair and pulled him into the kiss, opening my mouth to him. With our lips locked together, he reached a hand down and slipped a finger between the folds of my sex, running it over my clit, making me moan into his mouth and my hips buck up into his hand.

He played there, circling the little nub, my body shaking in the first orgasm. Then he dipped two fingers into my pussy and began working them around inside. I moved my hips in time with him and moaned loudly when he pulled his lips from mine and moved down to my neck.

To understand this story you must read Lovers X Two. Thanks!

“Honey what are we going to do? Obviously were in love, but we could get arrested.”

“I don’t care about that, I would still have had the chance to be with you and I love you.”

“I love you so much; I don’t deserve a man like you.” Mom said starting to weep. We kissed passionately and made love again.

The rest of the day went as planned and we pretended to be a couple. We’d make out in the theater while it would show pre-views, I’d rub her pussy while we ate our picnic and we fucked in the bathroom and Magianos. So it was pretty awesome.

When we got home we took a shower together and then lay on the couch. We cuddled while watching TV; I was the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet. After about an hour we both went up to her room and fell asleep.

The next morning mom was watching me sleep, plus she was naked. “Want to have a go?” she asked.

“Oh yea.” I replied. She looked as giddy as a teenager. She lay down on her back while I threw off my clothes. When I was naked she said

“I want to suck your cock, and then I want you to fuck my ass.” I was astounded, so I nodded my head yes.

I lay down on the bed and she asked if I was ready and I nodded, then she put it in her mouth. It felt amazing; I pulled her over to me and started to lick her vagina. We were in a 69, she tasted so sweet.

After about fifteen minutes I said “Oh baby I’m Cumming!” When I came she drank it all, then about a minute later she came and I drank all her sweet juice.

“Are you ready to fuck my ass?” she asked looking at my still hard cock. “You look ready.” She said with a giggle. After she said that she went into a doggy style position so I lined my dick up with her ass hole.

“Are you ready for me to take your black cherry?” I asked.

“Oh yea, I want you to take my ass virginity. I want you to be the first in there since I was your first.”

I whispered I loved you and then I stuck it in. She was so tight; it was hard getting it in there. But when I was fully in mom said “Leave it, I want to get used to it up there.” I waited about a minute until she nodded. I pulled it out and gently pushed back in; I did this a few more times until I was pounding her like a machine gun. I felt like I would cum within seconds but I fought it for about ten minutes until I came in her ass. “Thank you baby, that was awesome.” Mom told me.

“Want to take a shower with me?” with that she nodded and we took a shower.

When we were done there was a knock on the door, it was my mom’s friend Susan. I opened the door and she came in. When mom was done getting ready she came down to see her. They hugged and mom gestured her to the kitchen.

After a couple minutes mom called for me to come to the kitchen. When I walked in Susan eyed me with what looked to me like desire. “I told Sue here about our encounters. Don’t worry she won’t tell, she has a special relationship like ours, but with her brother and now they’re unofficially married.” I knew Susan married young, and a guy from her home town. I also knew she had three kids.

“So you and Joe are siblings?” I asked.

“Oh yes, we’ve been in love since we were children. When it all started he caught your mom and I masturbating together. We were what eighteen?”

“Oh yes I remember that day, he went to you and started to lick your ass hole and you didn’t notice until you came.” My mom said with a laugh.

“Wait you and my mom were lovers?”

“Oh yes, we loved to lick each other. The reason I was here for a week after your father passed was to make your mom feel good if you know what im saying.”

“That’s hot.”

“Oh yes it is. Why don’t we show him what we do next time I visit, because I have to go pick up Josh from school?” She waved us goodbye and left.

My mom looked at me and asked “Want to fuck?” all I did was nod and we were fucking on the kitchen table.

After a while we moved it up to the bedroom, where we continued our love making. After I came for the third time, mom said “I think you should move your stuff in here, so we can make this our room.” I replied with a nod and said we’d do it tomorrow. The night ended with mom falling asleep on my chest, for about an hour I just watched her sleep then I followed her and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up with my dick poking my mom in the ass. Obviously she was awake because she said “You’re going to have to kiss me first before you want to fuck me in the ass.”

“Is that a possibility?” I asked.

“Most definitely, but first I want to move you in here then you can ram my tight ass with that big hard cock of yours.”

“I’ll move in here right now.” When I said it I jumped out of the bed and ran for my room I grabbed my pillow, clothes, and my lap top. When I came back mom was on top of the cover, still naked for our love making.

“Are you ready to ram your cock into you mommy’s tight ass hole?”

I replied with “Are you ready to take you son’s rock hard cock into your tight ass hole?” she replied with a nod and gestured me forward with her right index finger.

When I got onto the bed mom and I kissed passionately, she then lay on her back and took her beautiful ass cheeks into the air. We kissed again when I put my dick to the opening. I looked in her eyes and nodded she nodded back and I pushed. After about three minutes she screamed,

“Oh yes son! Fuck your momma’s tight ass. Fuck your mommy… fuck her hard.” With that I slipped two fingers into my mom’s pussy she moaned with ecstasy. “Oh baby don’t stop im Cumming, im Cumming so hard.”

“Oh mom I’m Cumming too!” I exclaimed.

“Cum in your mommy’s ass hole. I want your spunk dripping out of my ass hole.” With that I came a huge load all into her ass.

For the rest of the day we stayed at home. We did everything together; when we took our shower I licked her pussy, when she did the laundry I fucked her in the cunt, when we watched TV I licked her pussy because I didn’t like Dr, Phil. The funny part was it was talking about children having sex with their parents so I said “Ironic isn’t it.” She laughed. It was the greatest day of my life.

After I mouth fucked mom for more than an hour we went to the bedroom to go to sleep, before we went to sleep mom and I did a 69 and it was awesome. When we were done she came up to me and we made out for close to half an hour then she fell asleep on top of me as I pummeled her pussy.


When I woke up the next morning, I found mom still asleep so I went down to her pussy and started to lick. She woke up moaning and screaming my name in ecstasy. I then moved down to her puckered ass hole and began to probe it with my tongue. “Oh yea baby lick mommy’s ass hole!” she screamed.

When we were done I said “Mom do you want to have breakfast with me?”

“I would love too.”

We went to this little breakfast place that has the best apple pancake you would ever taste, when we were done I brought her to blockbuster to get a movie to watch, and she picked Sleepless in Seattle because it is her favorite movie. I bought it instead of renting it so she wouldn’t have to rent it all the time; she has rent Sleepless in Seattle eight times. When we got home we cuddled up on the couch and watched her movie, I didn’t’ really watch the movie I only watched mom and basked in her beauty.

I knew that I was in love.

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