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Our Tale continues. Martin is not sure of all the why’s. He is beginning to understand the realities though. The Tale continues to twist it’s way through logical answers to unreal questions and expectations.

Things are subtly changing…………Hmmm


Martin didn’t want Missy to leave. The realities of his situation were now too much. He reluctantly signed the papers and Missy promised to get back to him on the annulment as soon as she could. She led him back to the house reassuring him along the way.

“Mother……I don’t want to go back in that house,” he kept telling her as they walked up the sidewalk to the door. His dress swaying as he walked in the heels struggling to keep up.

“There’s got to be an easier way out of this. Take me with you, now!” he insisted. When they got the door, Missy adjusted the large bow on his sash, and then the one in his hair. He was still dressed all in white and dressed in such an innocent manner.

“Be strong Martin,” she said. “I promise you, we can get this all taken care of, and soon.” She then kissed him on the neck softly. Missy walked away leaving him standing there, alone. Martin looked back over his shoulder at her as she walked away. He turned as he heard the door open.

“Have a nice visit with your mother Mrs. Vargos?” Leanne asked as she took his elbow and led him back in the house. Leanne checked him over quickly pulling on the hem of his dress, smoothing the skirt of his dress and patting his hair with her palms.

“Yeah, it was fine,” he said. “I’m back in the house now. Take this stupid thing off my face,” he said in an even unemotional tone.

“I’m sorry ma’am, the mask must stay on for now.” Martin turned his head in frustration.

“Did your mother comment on how pretty you looked today?” Leanne asked with a smile. “After all, she is the one that requested you wear a petticoat and have bows in your hair for your little garden get together today.” She smiled as Martin’s eyes met hers. “Did she like it?” she asked as she fluffed his sash bow.

“My mother asked you to do this?” he sounded surprised……and pissed “She asked you to put a bow in my hair?” he glared at her through the mask.

“And the petticoat. Yes ma’am,” she said as she stood back and admired his appearance now.

“That bitch. Does she have anymore plans for me that I should know about? Tell me Leanne. Why did she say she wanted me wearing a petticoat? Just so she could get a good laugh probably.” He turned away recalling how she had laughed at his appearance as he approached in the garden.

“I don’t know Mrs. Vargos. I didn’t ask her. I suppose she felt you would enjoy being in pretty petticoats and bows for the afternoon,” she said as she motioned for him to go ahead of her into the study. As they walked his mind raced with questions and contradictions. Why did Missy request he be dressed in such sissy things if she was really trying to help him get out of here? She had to know how humiliating it was for him to be dressed like this. Adding those bows and a petticoat just made it worse, even here in this place. He became even more concerned about those papers he had signed now. Was there a twist that he had missed in signing those papers? He didn’t trust her. Not at all. She had convinced him she was helping him, but now he knew she was just having fun at his expense.

As they entered the Drawing Room, Martin hesitated. Two of the security assistance were there waiting for him. One was the man Martin had dealt with earlier, and the other was a woman Martin recognized from his preparations before the wedding ceremony.

“What’s going on here Leanne?” he asked as she urged him forward. “What are these two goons doing here?” Martin now knew whenever he saw them around, that he wasn’t going to be real happy about what came next. The two took Martin by his arms and pulled him to one of the chairs in the room. Leanne patted him on the back and turned to leave without saying a word. Martin looked over his shoulder to her.

“Leanne! What’s going on?” Panic set in as he struggled. “What are they going to do?”

All kinds of things ran through Martin’s mind as he was handled firmly. Martin was bent over the back of the chair. His dressed flipped up in the back.

“What are you doing?” Martin yelled. “Let me up!”

Martin felt his stocking being detached from the garters and his open bottom girdle rolled up over his butt. His panties were pulled down.

“Stop it,” he growled, but the woman ignored his appeals and continued her work as the man held Martin over the chair.

She put on a surgical glove and lubricated a finger and slowly worked into Martin’s ass as he fought back. Were they preparing him for some kind of afternoon delight with the Baron? His mind was moving too fast, but all he could think of now was getting her finger out of his ass.

“What are you doing?” he hissed looking back at her. The woman said “OK, I’m ready.” and she took a rather large object from table. It was two foot in length with a rubber penis on the end of a two inch diameter chrome pole.

“Oh know you don’t,” Martin said as he kicked at the woman with his heels. She parted his cheeks and he soon felt the pressure of the rubber penis at his new love hole and was unable to resist it’s entry for very long. He felt his butthole began to expand to accept the lubricated device, though he desperately tried to squeeze tighter. As it entered Martin felt pain as it worked it’s way inside him widening the path as it intruded into his rectum.

“AGGGHHHHH!!!!” Martin grunted in disgust. Martin tried to stand up as the penetration continued, but the firm hand held him down.

“OOOWWW!!!!” Martin wailed again as the object slowly reached it’s final penetration of 7″ up his sore rectum. The rubber dildo had disappeared leaving the chrome pole now just at his cheeks. They stood Martin up now, the chrome pole dangling just behind his knees. He couldn’t stand quite all the way up straight, as the discomfort in his ass caused him to instinctively to want to squat.

“Take it out!” he whimpered as he was slowly turned. “Why are you doing this?”

They took his arms and led him slowly over to the door that led out to the Drawing Room deck that looked out over the back of the estate. His dress still was pinned up in back as he walked. They walked slowly, the pole swaying painfully hanging from his ass as he walked slightly squatted and bent forward. A metal pedestal was positioned by the rail of the deck, and it had a large metal plate with a another chrome pole projecting straight up.

“Oh no you don’t!” Martin shook his head realizing what they wanted to do to him.

“Don’t put me up there on that thing,” he yelled as he pulled against their grip. “Why?” he asked bewildered, as they prepared to have him step up on the small pedestal.

“Owwww!!!” Martin hissed as he was forced forward. Even though he balked and pushed against them, he found himself stepping up painfully onto the platform, the rubber penis causing great discomfort in his ass as he did. He was positioned on the pedestal and the poles were lined up. The bottom pole was slid up over the pole that now dangled above it. The thumb screws were tightened to create a single erect pole from the base to his ass.

“You are all PERVERTS!!!” Martin hissed as he just stood there, allowing them to finish their deed. His panties were pulled back up and his girdle pulled down over his thighs. Martin looked out over the back of the estate and noticed a few of the gardening staff had stopped what they were doing for a moment to see what all the commotion was, and watched as Martin was being placed on the second floor deck. When they realized it was Mrs. Vargos, they all immediately went back to work. After all Mrs. Vargos was now their boss and could fire them all if they were just standing around and not doing their jobs.

Martin’s dress was unpinned and lowered. The woman slowly pushed Martin to stand up straight, and there he stood. Very erect in posture now, as the pole would dictate. He couldn’t get off of the pole. He couldn’t raise up on his toes high enough to get it out of his ass. There was nothing around to grab hold of. He couldn’t tilt the base forward either as he was standing on the plate the pole was attached to. So Martin was now helpless, as he stood on the small pedestal, in is white dress, petticoats, and 6″ heels, looking out over the estate. The two attendants, there task having been completed, looked him over one last time and prepared to leave.

“I hope you two perverts are happy with yourselves.” he said as they began to walk away. “Oh you leaving now? You have to go jerk off now after your fun.” He looked back as best he could over his shoulder.

“Had enough of your little torture the guy in the dress game?” He jerked his hands and flipped them a finger. Martin’s hands were still cuffed to the chains and he could move them every bit of 18″ when he tried.

Martin became more distressed as he stood there. His feet ached in the peep toe heels. He adjusted each foot trying to get some kind of relief. Shifting his weight slightly caused pain in his ass, so it was a matter of which was easier to endure, the large rubber penis, or the damn heels he was wearing. The mask was the most aggravating part of all. The frustration and just pure degradation of being told his face can’t be seen, and then having this mask forcibly put on him. He couldn’t get it off. He didn’t know how long he’d have to wear it, it was like he didn’t exist as a person anymore. Martin heard the door open, and the sound of high heels walking up behind him.

“How are we doing Mrs. Vargos?” Leanne said cheerfully. “Enjoying the view? It’s a lovely day to look out over this beautiful estate you have.”

“Get me the fuck down off this thing Leanne. Right now.” he hissed without looking at her. Leanne looked up at him as she unlocked his cuffs and took the chain from around his waist.

“There…………..Is that better Mrs. Vargos?” she put the shackles aside. Martin’s hands were now free. He had total movement for the first time.

“Yeah. Now get this thing out of my ass.” He reached for it, but even with full movement of his hands and arms he could do nothing to get off the pole. He started to pull up the skirt of his dress, but was stopped by Leanne.

“Mrs. Vargos! Do we need to put your jewelry back on?” she pointed to the shackles.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he growled at her. “This has no purpose other than to make me look foolish in front everybody. If you want me to stand here, OK, I’ll stand here on your little pedestal, just get me off this pole,” he insisted.

“Please Mrs. Vargos, try and relax. Enjoy the view. It is a wonderful day. The pole is a needed device so you can be left alone and have some nice quiet time. To reflect on all the wonderful things in your life, and I know you will be here when I come back. At least for now, you have to use the pole,” she mused.

“I said I’d stand here. I won’t go anywhere, just get me off it, Leanne.”

“Mrs. Vargos. You have a call from your mother. Would you like to take it?” Leanne asked ignoring his request. Martin looked at her through the mask.

“Oh, you’re asking me? I get a choice in something? How special is that?” he spat out with venom in his voice.

Leanne ignored his little tirade, not even looking his way.

“Yeah. I’ll talk to that sneaky bitch.”

Leanne stepped inside and brought the phone out to Martin. She smiled and handed it to him.

“I’ll step inside so you two can talk privately,” she said as she left him alone.

“Hello.” he said in a dead tone, taking a deep breath, trying to control his anger, and looking out over the estate. His toes were aching.

“Hi Martin. It’s mother calling. How’s it going sweetie?” she was her regular cheery and concerned self.

“Oh mother, it’s so lovely. I’m just standing on the deck here, wearing that pretty dress, and those painful, but cute, high heels with a large pole stuck up my ass, watching the gardeners working.” he mocked in a high falsetto voice. “Oh yes, and I was wondering why you might have asked Leanne to have me wear a petticoat and a bow in my hair today. You know how I like a pretty bows in my hair. It’s so wonderful being your son, YOU FUCKING LYING BITCH!!!!!” What are you trying to do to me? You’re suppose to be helping me,” he yelled in the phone turning a few heads in the garden.

Missy was laughing on the phone. “Oh Martin. You are truly an idiot aren’t you. Dressed as a girl or a man, you are the same idiot,” she kept her cool.

“Yeah an idiot for ever trusting you,” he spat back.

“No sweetie your an idiot for NOT trusting me! It’s time for you to shut up and listen. First of all, yes I did request for you to wear a petticoat and and that pretty bow. I talked with Leanne and told her you secretly liked dressing in women’s clothes and have been doing it for years.”

“What the………..”

“Shush Martin, I’m not done. I told her that was why one of your wives really divorced you, because she couldn’t deal with the fact you dressed as a woman at home.”

“Oh, you cunt! I’ll never believe another word you say again.” He wanted to strangle her, but strangled the phone instead.

“Martin! Shush!…Let mommy finish talking.” she was being condescending in her sweet tone now. “I told her all your reluctance to dress as a woman was the fact you were being dressed to entertain a man you had no feelings for and the whole thing is just overwhelming you emotionally right now,” she said. “I suggested a few sissy things might cheer you up, when you saw me since you’ve dressed up in women’s clothes around me before.” she paused.

“It’s all lies. You are a liar Missy!” He was beside himself now with anger. Who knows what else was being said behind his back. “You’ve been scheming behind my back. I never did those things and you know it.”

“You want out of this marriage with the Baron, Martin?”

“Damn right I do. And I will get out of it, no thanks to you just pushing me deeper and deeper into it. I hate you Missy. The next time I get a chance I’ll take down that bitch Leanne and take my chances on getting out of here on my own.”

“Just SHUT UP Martin! You will NOT try and run. A runaway bride will make things very difficult. You will do this the way I’m telling you. A sex change.” She was losing patience with him now.

“First of all, do you really think that you are going to be able to go in and convince everybody you want a sex change, without some explanation for your lack of cooperation in being dressed like a woman. Huh? Think about it Martin. The sex change? That’s the idea you have to place in their heads to get out of this mess the quickest and easiest. So I started it off for you. You are just so upset with the marriage. It’s not the dressing you hate. Leanne now thinks you secretly don’t mind dressing up like a woman, and even prefer it. At least in private, so calm down. ” Martin listened confused trying to follow her reasoning.

“You don’t have to like the marriage, after all that is what we want to change anyway, but you need to at least pretend you want to dress like a girl. Get everyone here thinking that way. Then when you reveal your desire to have a sex change and that you actually want to be a girl, it will be easier for them to believe. So flow with it Martin. It’s complicated and as I said before, you are an idiot. But I know that, don’t I sweetheart.” She had explained her reasons.

Martin was quiet for a moment. Her statement made sense in a weird kind of way, at least logically. But he just couldn’t find it in himself to accept this kind of thinking. “I can’t convince them of something I hate so much. I don’t want everybody to think I’m some sissy faggot that wants to be turned into a real girl,” he stated. She laughed and said,

“Oh Martin, honey, they already think that.”

“Stop this Missy! The story won’t work.” He was furious.

“Yes it will, but if you don’t get your head out of your ass you will end up spending a lot more time with the Baron’s dick in it. This could take awhile Martin. You signed the papers wrong and they have to be redone.”

“I signed where you told me to sign,” he grumbled.

“You signed them Martin Hastings. Sweetheart, that’s not your legal name anymore. Your name is now Marcia Vargos, and you have to sign the papers that way, or the papers are not legal,” she lectured him now.

“I don’t want my name changed and I never agreed to let it be changed.”

“I know you didn’t sweetie, but the fact is, your name was changed, and changed legally. You are now Marcia Vargos. I may have added to the confusion by still calling you Martin, but you are my son, and you will always be my little Martin,” she said lovingly.

“I don’t care. I’m not…..”

“Just shut it Martin. You are who you are, and you will do this properly.” she raised her voice irritated with his excuses. “So, I have to get you to sign these papers… again. You will sign them as Marcia Vargos, or you will have a long and not so happy marriage to the Baron I’m sure,” she lectured him.

“Once again Martin, this causes a delay in the process. I won’t see you again till the Coming Out Banquet. Just be prepared to do the right thing. OK honey? I have to go now. Remember, just put that male ego of yours aside. It would be even better if you could just try and act like a woman till this is resolved. Just for now. Once we get you out this, it can all be just a bad dream, and you can go back to your old self.”

“I need to get out of here now!” he yelled.

“Love you sweetie,” and she hung up the phone.

Martin threw the phone into the back yard from the terrace he was standing on.

A light breeze blew Martin’s skirt as he stood with his arms folded under his D-cup breast, staring off into the distance fuming. He wasn’t going anywhere. Leanne was right, he’d be right where she had left him.

Author’s note:

Here we go again. Part 7 of a one-part serial.

Questions answered, questions asked, and fan-service for everyone who wanted Sable to take charge and give subs everywhere something to fantasise about.

This really is a series in rigidly ordered parts, not a series of loosely connected stories set in the same universe. If you haven’t read the rest, you will have no idea what is going on.

Now, let the action commence.



Outside the laboratory door Catherine took a deep breath, smoothed down clothes that didn’t wrinkle and braced herself. It was her turn.

The door slid open with the smooth, low purr built in to announce it was working.

The Engineer was standing against a high desk, leaning on his elbows with his head in his hands.

After the first time one of them had tried to tiptoe up to him, she made sure her heels clicked on the floor.

“MRI,” he said as she got closer. “CT scans. Functional MRI. PET. None of it shows any fucking difference, and I don’t know if any of it is different to normal humans anyway!


He straightened up suddenly and hurled a pen straight through a monitor and its metal frame and out the other side, embedding it in the wall.

“Collecting scientists doesn’t work because they live by this world’s rules, so they don’t know there is any difference between humans and … them.

“I can build a machine that finds Supers, but it doesn’t work on you two. I can’t build a machine that finds humans, it just DOESN’T. FUCKING. WORK!”

He stood very upright and very still, breathing heavily with his hands clenched into fists by his side as the broken bits of monitor finished tickling to the bench and the ground.

She took a deep breath and opened her mouth.

His hand shot up, one finger extended in the universally recognised “shush” gesture.

“I’m going to let some steam off,” he said in a very controlled voice, turned sharply and marched out the door. The last thing she heard before the door closed behind him was a very polite “Could you please clean that up?”


Arnaud made coffee by instinct, avoided finding out the dangers of playing with boiling water while naked, found china cups and a silver tray and carried it all back through to the bedroom.

He stepped inside the door and instantly froze, blind and unable to move as black bands appeared over his eyes and around his calves, thighs, and chest and upper arms.

He was lifted off the ground and the tray lifted out of his hands before his arms were forced to his sides and bound there.

He instinctively reached out to the link between him and Sable and instead of a clean line through to her mind he found a muddy, vague sense of direction ending in a flaming wall of anger.

“Try and get into my mind again,” she said with the dispassionate, even tones of absolute certainty, “and I will rip your balls off.”

He felt a band encircle his scrotum at the base and slowly tighten, stretching it and forcing his testicles together. She didn’t stop until he gasped in pain.

“Do you understand me?”

“You did not want me to? You asked me what my powers were …”

He screamed as the band around his scrotum clenched.

“You did not get permission to use them. You’re new in this city, you’re new in this world, so I’ll tell you this very clearly. You can choose to be good or evil but if you choose evil I will hunt you down like a dog.”

“I believe I am a Villain,” he said tentatively, but she cut him off with a force he almost felt as physical.

“FUCK THAT. You are a HUMAN now, do you hear me? That means you make your own fucking decisions.

“I was bought into this world as a Hero. I thought what we did was pretty fucking stupid, and the way we went about it even more so.

“Then I came here and suddenly because I wear black I’m a Villain. Well, fuck that. I am what I make me. I look after myself and I choose to look after people who get in the way of selfish, fucked-in-the-head Villains or who get caught in the crossfire when Heroes with simplistic fucking value systems fire at will.

“And you are NOT going to just accept some fucking label put on you by fate because the mere fact of being human means you make your own fucking fate, do you fucking understand me?”

“This word ‘fucking’, …” he began.

“Is multiply useful,” she said brusquely. “It began as another verb for sex, now it can be whatever you want it to be, mostly emphasis. Don’t dodge the fucking question.”

“I think I understand you,” he said slowly.

“Good. Because I am telling you: I decide to be a Hero now. You live in this city, you make a life here, and by any gods anybody here believes in if you fuck with the people of this city I will fuck you up because I am appointing myself defender of anyone who can’t look after themselves, I don’t care how fucking unofficial I am about it.

“Because I don’t care about their status – if they’re old humans, or brand new, or just making up the scenery. While they look human they deserve all the rights of humans, you got that?”

There was silence, for not quite too long. “I understand you,” he said. “How am I to tell what is right and what is wrong?”

“What did you get while raping my fucking mind?” she snapped at him.

He was silent again. “Emotions,” he finally said. “Something … empathy?”

“Good. You keep that. You throw away the rest but you keep that. You feel what you do to people and you remember that.”

He almost nodded, but her bands still kept him locked rigidly in position. “Okay.”

She stared at him, drawing the silence out until he wondered what he had missed, what he was supposed to say. “Can I trust you?” She finally asked. “Can I trust you to behave yourself and stay the fuck out of my head?”

“I promise I will not do that again, now I know what I am doing,” he said with sincerity in his voice.

She stared at him, drawing the silence out past the point of discomfort once more. “Good. And believe me, if you try you may even succeed but I will go down fighting, and if you ever let me go again I will see to it I destroy you as completely as a Super can be destroyed.”

He didn’t need to wonder about the emotion the tone of her voice induced in him then. He knew immediately it was fear.


“Good afternoon!”

The Engineer’s only reply was a strangled moan of exhaustion and pain.

His latest guest was a Heroine called Mercura who dressed in a miniskirt and low-cut latex blouse, cape, face-mask, gloves to over her elbows and boots to mid-calf and who could project blasts of energy from the space in front of her belly.

She needed to curl forwards and use her hands to summon the ball of energy, so the Engineer had shackled her wrists and ankles to the corners of the room, face-up, and lifted her off the ground by a belt around her waist, arching her backwards.

Lying down, she would have been merely helpless. But by stretching her in a backwards arch around a thin belt cutting into her back he kept her in a constant state of tension and pain.

She may have been able to endure it if he hadn’t already conducted a full interrogation, but even a Super can reach exhaustion with an hour of continuous arousal followed by half an hour of orgasms while being forced to answer questions.

But not even a tall, fit, big-breasted Heroine in the throws of continuous orgasm had been able to distract the Engineer from his frustrations after she was unable, even in a state of complete delirium, to give him any insights into the nature of the reality of the world they were in.

He hadn’t even fucked her himself.

He fully intended to change that.

As he walked in the door she was side-on to him. He stopped a moment to admire the graceful, strained arch of her torso and limbs and the way he had kept her breasts out of the way by pulling her nipples up, using the rings he had inserted out of habit, pulling them at an exactly calculated angle perpendicular to her chest.

For purposes of symmetry, he had done the same thing to her clit, the thin lines from either end of her body now nicely balanced, the slight stretch on her clitoris sufficient to reduce her to mindless flesh but not cause any unnecessary pain.

She was still sweating and still delirious, body shivering as the piercings kept her at a level of arousal that should not, physiologically, have been possible even for a Heroine for so long.

He strolled slowly around her, relishing the view from all angles as he stepped over the chain holding her right wrist and moved in front of her. For the sake of convenience, he had strung her up so her head and hips were at approximately hip height, and then bought in a chair so he could interrogate her face to upside-down face.

He sat in that chair and regarded her.

The proud, defiant and noble face of the Heroine was now drawn, red, sweat-covered, slack-jawed and with unfocused, staring eyes. He had tied her hair to the floor to keep her head in one spot and it was pulling her forehead taut.

He waved in front of her vacant gaze. “Anybody home?”

Not even her pupils reacted.

With a sigh he took the remote out of his pocket and relaxed the tension on the three lines to her piercings.

She responded surprisingly rapidly, tone returning to her face and her eyes settling, coming together and focusing on him. She tried to speak, but it was a dry rasp.

He bent down for the water bottle by his feet. It was in the shape of a large dildo and the drinker had to suck hard to open the valve.

She already knew what it was and thirst overrode any revulsion she might still have. She opened her mouth wide and he slid it smoothly and with the ease of practice into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed and she drank a litre from the self-filling reservoir before she stopped sucking.

He pulled it out of her mouth. “You were saying?” He asked, politely.

“What do you want with me?” she croaked. “I couldn’t answer any of your questions. What do you still want with me?”

“Well …” he began, then stopped and frowned. That wasn’t how it was supposed to go. She wasn’t supposed to have reached that point in bargaining, ever. There was a script – near two hundred years had taught him exactly what it was. She was supposed to …

“If it would help at all,” she whispered, “I promise not to attack you if you let me down.”

She was definitely not supposed to say that!

“Who are you?” he snarled, eyes narrowing. “And what have you done with the two-dimensional NPC I left strung up in these chains?”

“I am still Mercura,” she croaked. What is an ‘NPC’? I don’t understand.”

He rubbed his eyes vigorously, opened them to see her staring at him in pain, confusion and something that was definitely resignation. She had given up.

She had given up.

They never give up.

It was a fundamental rule – Heroes never give up, never admit defeat, keep fighting in the face of the most blatant proof they’ve lost, all up until their minds are controlled.

But she had given up.

He leaned forwards in the chair to stare into her eyes, nose to forehead.

“Were you human?” he asked, harshly.

“No,” she gasped. “I was never human. I began here.”

This was becoming hard to take. He’d have to go and fuck one of his maids to recover composure, at this rate.

He took a deep breath. “How old are you?”

“I’m not sure … maybe a year.”

One year? That was far more random than he had guessed.

“When did you have this sudden realisation?” he asked flatly.

“I’m not sure … I just … realised.”

He looked at her, dragging the moment out while trying to sort it through in his head and the look on her face, without the constant stimulation to her clitoris keeping her consciousness suppressed, becoming more and more drawn and stressed.

“What do you want with me?” she asked again, breaking the silence first. “Do you want to fuck me? Let me down and I’ll fuck you.”

He blinked, completely blind-sided. That was far too much like Sable, and unbalanced him for a second too long to maintain his composure.

“You’re a Heroine,” he snarled. “Heroine’s do pure and chaste, they don’t offer to fuck their captors to be let off punishment.”

“Why not?” she gasped, staring him straight in the eye. “You’ve done everything else to me. You’ve tormented me with sex for I don’t know how long. I can’t remember everything you’ve done to me. I got captured two weeks ago and raped and I didn’t enjoy it but you’ve forced me to enjoy this.

“So fuck me. Tie me to a bed if you like. Rape me as much as …”

“STOP!” He held up his hand, shaking a little with a confused mixture of bafflement, the fear of the strange and a murky rage at his assumptions being violated.

He pointed a quivering finger at his face. “You are changing,” he snarled. “You are evolving. You are becoming more intelligent, more self-aware and more reasonable. Soon you will be indistinguishable from actual human. Why are you doing that? HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT?”

“I don’t know!” she almost shouted, without the energy to do so properly, tears of frustration adding to the tears of pain in her eyes.

He abruptly lifted the remote, pressed it. The lines attached to her piercings tautened slightly. She moaned, eyes rolling back in her head but consciousness still lingering.

“Ask me again,” he said softly.

“Fuck meeee,” she groaned, body beginning to tremble in the inverted suspension.

“Be specific.”

“Shove your dick in me,” she gasped out. “Fuck my pussy. Please!”

“Beg to suck my cock. Beg to be allowed to suck my cock.”

Body and mind already broken, no amount of self-control could have prevented her from begging to wrap her lips around his head, begging to be allowed to suck him and show him what a good little cock-sucking whore she could be.

Her inventiveness impressed him so much he was convinced she wasn’t trying to deceive him, wasn’t just playing along with her kidnapper.

He slid off the chair into a crouch, ducked underneath her and came up between her legs, spreading his lab coat and pants with practiced ease and efficiency.

He turned off the tension once more and slipped the remote into his pocket before unclipping the line to the ring through her clitoris and flicking the thin cord out of the way.

“Mercura,” he said, mildly. “Are you sure you haven’t ever been fucked and enjoyed it?”

“No,” she whispered, barely audible to where he stood in front of her glistening, spread pussy.

“It feels like this,” he said, still mild, before seizing her hips, lining up and plunging in right to the core of her in one movement.


He pulled back and slammed in, his cock swelling, stretching her, finding her limit in girth and length, filling her as completely as was possible, adjusting his hips and leaning slightly forwards so he slammed into her clitoris every time he bottomed out inside her.

Her body, stretched tight but not locked in position, writhed under his hands as he groped her wide hips, muscular ass and thighs, narrow waist and up to the unnaturally firm globes of her breasts.

He settled into the tireless, superhuman speed and power he could maintain for hours, letting a little precum leak to seep into her bloodstream and make her his, all the while keeping up a running monologue.

“This is what it feels like, and it can feel better. Later on it will feel better. Oh, it’ll take me a long time to finish with you. I’ll fuck your pussy until you cum, and I’ll fuck your ass until you cum, and I’ll fuck your mouth until I cum all over your pretty Super Heroine face and I’ll fuck your tits and drench you with my cum and all the time you’ll be desperate for more, you’ll be begging, you’ll be pleading, because this is what happens to Heroines after I’ve been playing with them for hours.

“You’ll recover, but until then you’ll be mine. You’ll be mine in body and soul and you’ll be my willing fucktoy desperate to do anything I tell you to do, any sordid thing with me and my other toys because I know your body, I know how it works and I know how to make it mine and right now, strung up like meat, you can’t fucking stop me.

“Now cum, bitch.”

He let himself shoot inside her as her scream hit a pitch to shatter glass and her body thrashed in her bonds, clamping around him feeling so good he wondered, as he always did, how a non-Super could ever satisfy him again.

He pulled out of her abruptly, leaving her body desperate for more, his cock sticking grotesquely huge out the front of his pants.

Then he pulled out the remote and lowered her to the ground, the bonds falling away from her limbs and her body as limp as a rag doll.


Arnaud felt himself moved forwards, still bound rigidly upright.

“The thing about having sex while under mental control,” Sable said, her voice dropping from angry to a calculated, meaningful purr that made his skin crawl from the more unmanning fear of the unexpected, “is that you don’t remember it all. It’s hazy, a jumble of sensations, emotions, images and snatches of events.

“The problem with that is, apart from being unsettling and just maybe intensely terrifying, is it’s unsatisfying.

“It’s just not fair if your body has all the fun and you didn’t experience it properly, you know?”

Arnaud could sense her standing right in front of him, not by his powers but by the prickling of his forehead. He could also sense, as adrenalin washed his system and the pressure from the band around his balls did not let up, an involuntary erection.

“Luckily, I have almost everything I need to correct that. And you’re now providing the missing piece very nicely.”

He futilely tried to jerk backwards when he felt her grab his erection but his fear, based in uncertainty and his growing awareness of morality, was being fought by a deeper, more basic excitement and a desire to return to the sex he had only just discovered.

She began slowly massaging his cock a little too hard, a little impersonal, almost mauling it.

“I think, for the good of your further education, you should experience what being a toy feels like.” Her voice dropped further, became a husky whisper that slowly caressed his libido even as it made him instinctively fight to get away. “I think I’m going to take my payment out of you.”

He was hard beyond the point of return now. His body refused to listen to the reservations of his mind, it just wanted stimulation.

He knew she had no power over his mind but that was now a moot point when he didn’t even have power over his own body.

He felt himself moving again, twisting in the air, turning so his sense of gravity became confused and he wasn’t sure where he was until he landed on his bed, face-up.

The bands around his balls and the base of his cock kept him pointing straight upwards.

The bed moved as she slid onto it, shifting and rolling him until he felt her thighs settle around his waist and his bound arms, her naked flesh pushing his into the bed. The sensation was more exciting than he could have expected.

She shifted and he felt her buttocks press around his vertically trapped shaft and begin slowly rubbing up and down. The sensation was silken, intimate, erotic but absolutely maddening because, by touching only the top of his shaft below the head, she avoided all the most sensitive flesh.

She twisted her hips and he felt the dampness on her lips slide over his cock a second before her nipples grazed his chest and her full and firm breasts pressed him against the bed.

“You used me entirely for your experience,” she whispered, so close her breath tickled his nose. “So I’m going to use you entirely for my pleasure. You’re my toy now until I’m satisfied. You bound my mind so I will bind your body. You won’t get to cum until I’m good and ready to let you, and since I don’t have powers of mind control, I may just have to use pain instead.”

He suddenly felt pressure against his anus, tried to jerk away again but could do nothing as it slowly built, something round pressing against him until, no matter how hard he desperately clenched, it forced inside him. He whimpered, the sense of violation jarring violently with the remembered image, from her mind, of how good this intrusion could feel.

He throbbed even harder.

“Feel that?” she purred, her breath tickling his face. “Just like Supers and their machines keep doing to me. It’s such a pity you can’t feel yourself being invaded front as well as back.”

The pressure in his arse grew and he felt the thing slide inside until it passed where he had nerve endings and kept moving. It stretched him until he whimpered in pain and then stopped. His cock was now throbbing constantly.

She slowly licked his face, sliding her tongue up one cheek from his jawline to over the band around his eyes. He whimpered again.

She moved, her flesh suddenly no longer pressing against his cock, leaping athletically up the bed, landing with her calves pressing against his shoulders. He could smell her suddenly, a sharp musk more intense and arousing than the mere scent of her skin.

“Open wide,” she said from far above him. “I know you know how.”

He did know, from flesh memories filtered murkily through how badly her mind had been destroyed at the time.

He opened his mouth and felt her move, lower herself onto him.

His first taste of her awoke second-hand memories in his mind and instincts in his body. He suddenly craved her, began licking and sucking on her lips, finding her entrance with his tongue and forcing his way inside her as she purred and gasped above him.

“I don’t know what it is,” she gasped, “about revenge that is … oh! … So FUCKING HOT!”

She grabbed his hair, forced his head up. His tongue slid out of her and along, finding a hard, protruding nub that made her shake and exhale violently when he traced its outline.

She crushed his mouth against her with both hands, making it difficult for him to breath as he desperately laved her until she shuddered violently, let out a long groan and wet his face.

The taste of her cum was new and exciting, and when she released him he started licking it off his chin until her fingers trapped his tongue.

“Leave some for me,” she purred, before her weight shifted again, he felt her roll sideways, twist and stretch to lie alongside him, not touching his now painful genitals before slowly licking his chin clean, lingering on every stroke of her tongue.

She sucked on his chin, then slid higher up and kissed him harshly. He eagerly returned the kiss until her thumb forced his jaw wide open and she explored inside his mouth with her tongue, still tasting of her own juices.

When she pulled back he had to gasp for air.

He felt her slither down his body, her skin sliding over his with skin-crawling eroticism, until he knew without feeling it that her mouth was next to his groin.

When her lips engulfed the head of his now painfully hard cock an uncontrollable shiver went through every cell of his body, making the skin on his head crawl.

She effortlessly slid further down, sliding him through the warm hollow of her mouth to the snug wetness of her throat and down, sheathing him inside her tight oesophagus. The sensations, as she slowly slid him in and out, sucking a little when just his head was behind her lips and then swallowing him back down again, made his nerves scream, a strangled gasp of half pleasure, half pain, all desperate frustration bursting from him.

She pulled off, leaving him aching for more and the bands around the base of his cock allowing him no closer to release.

“Have to get you properly lubricated,” she purred, the bed shifting as she moved and positioned herself. He whimpered behind his blindfold, knowing exactly what she meant, before her nether lips pushed down onto his head and she slowly impaled herself upon him.

She squeezed as she lowered herself, forcing her flesh around him, squeezing his head. The sensations from his cock were now fire and ice, his whole body alive and aroused but burning. He opened his mouth to scream and she plugged it with a short, thick gag that forced itself to the back of his throat. He took it without gagging, the memories from her head telling him how.

She purred as she settled herself fully onto him. He could feel the entrance to her womb deep inside her. She moved, pressing and rubbing him at her limit, gasping in pleasure as he tried to scream around the gag.

She began to ride him, pressing her palms into his chest to support her, breathing heavily, fucking herself on him as hard and as fast as a Super could, a searing ribbon of pain from his oversensitive cock only adding to his body’s lust.

Her breathing turned to gasps. Inside his head, curled around himself while his body was wracked by sensation, he was begging her to finish, to climax, to stop torturing him.

Her pussy around him clenched even harder, pure agony making his nipples stand up like bullets and his balls clench futilely, full of cum they couldn’t release.

She began shouting, urging herself on, moving in a blur of speed until she spasmed around him, squeezing his shaft so hard he nearly blacked out, her cum squirting out even from that seal, soaking his belly and thighs, his ears assaulted by the shriek of a Super in absolute, dominant ecstasy.

She fell onto him when she came off her peak, hungrily sucking and licking the sweat off his face, almost eating his flesh.

She lifted herself off his still impossibly rigid shaft, shuddering with delight as it slowly left cunt while he almost wept with relief.

He felt her lie down next to him, her leg thrown over his, her breasts pressing into his side as she lightly tickled his chest.

“Was that too much for you?” she purred into his ear, breath tickling him. “I had to last three hours of that torment once. Don’t tell me you big, strong men are weaker than us soft women?”

She began loosening the bands around his cock and his balls, very slowly, his nerves not capable of registering a small change they were so drained.

“I guess the rules are that every torture ends with the victim cumming, hmmm? So I guess I’ll have to make you cum, then, won’t I?”

He almost quailed from that, terrified of what it would feel like when he was finally allowed release.

Blood began to flow more freely in and out of his shaft, bringing the same sort of blessed relief as severe pins and needles bring to a cramped limb, but on a scale of a hundredfold.

“The question is,” she continued, her fingers softly running over where his chest was bare between his bonds, deftly avoiding his nipples, “is how.” She tweaked one nipple, sharply, the pain a muted, pleasurable spike to his libido after the torture from his groin.

“I really don’t want to do you any favours if you’re my prisoner, now do I?” She grabbed his nipple and stretched and twisted brutally, blood surging back into his cock, a pulse so close to cumming running through it.

“After all, little fuck-toys get used, they don’t get pleasured, am I right?” She switched to his other nipple, crimping it between her fingernails, stretching until his skin would stretch no more and then releasing it with a sharp snap. The sensation felt as good to his cock as her lips had.

He felt himself turned, rotated as if on a spit, facing away from her. The plug in his arse, which had faded into inconsequentiality, suddenly came back to sharp prominence in his mind.

She pressed up against him, breasts pillowing against his back, hard thighs against his, hips against his buttocks, and the plug shifted.

“I’ve always wanted to use a strap-on,” she purred into his suddenly newly terrified ear, “but I never liked girls. Which was always a dilemma, until now.”

She flexed her hips, and the plug inside him moved, stretching and rubbing his anus. He was still wearing the dildo gag and couldn’t whimper, but he tried anyway.

“Do you know your G-spot is inside your arse?” she asked him, chattily. “It’s true. Right up with your prostate.”

She began pumping her hips, fucking him with what was clearly a longer and thicker shaft than a mere plug.

He tried to squirm away but despite her distractions his bonds did not give a millimetre.

She buried the dildo inside him and wriggled her hips. He could only feel it at his entrance, but that was more than enough. His traitorous cock began to pulse, without touching anything but the air.

She lined herself up and began a long, slow, in-and-out stroke. “I was never quite sure what men saw in this,” she said, still friendly and chatty. “They always seemed to want to shove things in my arse. But you know, I can see the attraction of this. There’s such a great sense of power about fucking you from behind.”

She punctuated her last word by slamming deep inside him, tears of humiliation squeezing out of his eyes.

“Don’t try and tell me you don’t like this,” she purred into his ear. “I can see you twitch.”

He squeezed his eyes shut, deeply ashamed. It was true. His cock was throbbing demandingly, was slowly building towards cumming, desperate for any sort of touch, even the sheets on the bed, but denied everything. The only stimulation was to his arse and deep inside it.

“I always wondered what it was like to fuck someone this hard,” she said with teeth in her voice, slowly pumping harder and faster into his arse. “I’ve always been on the receiving end.”

She was slamming into him now, bruising him, her hips slapping his buttocks so fast the sounds almost merged into one continuous noise, and he could feel himself teetering on the edge of cumming.

“It feels,” she ended, a tigerish grin in her words, “FUCKING FANTASTIC.”

He came, spurting so violently he sprayed over the edge of the bed and halfway to the wall, pumping out cum as she continued to fuck him, only his last spurts landing on the bed.


The Engineer carried Mercura to his bedroom in a reverse of the traditional fireman’s carry, head first, her lips stretched hungrily over the top half of his cock, every step making her bounce on her pneumatic boobs against his belly, fellating him without any effort from her exhausted body and glazed mind.

Siobhan was standing to attention by his door and licked her lips as they passed. He ignored her, so she began idly frigging herself when the door closed between them.

The Engineer marched up to his bed and flipped Mercura up and over and onto it, dropping her sprawled with her feet up towards the pillows, her shoulders on the edge, her head hanging over the edge, her lips not moving from his cock.

He began rocking his hips to slide a few inches in and out of her mouth as he stripped to the waist, then he leant forwards and grabbed her breasts, the hard piercings and her almost as hard nipples pressing into his palms as he put almost his entire weight on them and slid all the way into her throat until she was suffocated by his balls.

She took her first ever deep-throat with ease, even though her lips and her throat were stretched to accommodate his girth. He couldn’t remember if he had ever met a single woman in this world who had a gag reflex. Or, for that matter, a hymen.

Her body began twitching from lack of oxygen before he pulled back and opened her nose again, slowly fucking her throat as he leant hard enough on her breasts to lift his heels off the ground.

Her hips began twitching in involuntary fucking motions before he pulled back, left just his head inside her lips, said “Swallow all of it,” and came, pouring a gallon into her mouth, her throat opening and accepting it like a speed drinker, closing to swallow convulsively only as the stream slowed into a trickle.

He stepped back and ripped off his pants, kicking off his boots as she gasped for air, mouth slackly open, face flushed and sweaty hair reaching the ground.

With one movement he leapt onto the bed and twisted, landing straddling her, cock slapping against her belly. He pushed himself up, grabbed her torso and pulled her underneath him so her head lay on the bed, staring up at him so doped on his cum her eyes barely reacted when he put himself right in her line of sight.

“Where you serious about being prepared to fuck me?” he asked evenly.

“Yes Master,” she croaked, her throat now lubricated but still too drained to talk properly.


“I wanted … to bargain.”

“Would you have tried to defeat me?”

“I would have … kept my word.”

He stared at her, completely nonplussed.

Sable had been genuinely happy to have sex for the sake of having sex. His maids had been lifestyle submissives looking for a live-in Master. Felony had been looking for a good time. Every woman in this world had either resisted sex or welcomed it. Now Mercura said she would have accepted it because she thought she had to?

He had spent several weeks now watching his assumptions, his knowledge, his comfortable and well-worked out sets of rules crumble around him, culminating in finding Mercura growing and evolving as a sentient entity almost as he watched.

Now the Heroine’s use of sex as merely another bargaining tool – possibly the most human thing any non-human inhabitant of this world had ever done – made him feel suddenly and irresistibly angry.

He slid down her body far enough to line up at her entrance and shoved into her in one violent movement, shouting with rage as he did so.

His girth and her muscles made it a fight but one he was equal to. She screamed with pure pleasure, arching up underneath him, lifting them both off the bed and lifting them higher when, bottoming out, he drove her piercing ring into her clitoris.

He fucked her brutally, driven by a passion that completely overrode his normal calculating enjoyment.

She found the energy to scream in ecstasy over and over again, every time he slammed into her, jolting her up the bed and driving the air from her lungs. Her body was still too weak to wrap her limbs around him so her legs convulsed on the bed and her fingers clawed into the bedclothes.

Her pure enjoyment made him angrier, made him double his efforts, plunging into her so hard every time it would have shattered a non-Super’s pelvis, crushing her clitoris with its piercing, the mind-robbing lust from it joining the explosion from her whole cunt to make every cell in her body seem to explode.

He started crying, soundlessly, not letting up his fucking as his rage began burning itself out in her eagerly receptive body.

She screamed in prolonged orgasm three times before, feeling drained and hollow, he came deep inside her at the entrance to her womb, the most unsatisfying ejaculation he could remember, and collapsed on top of her.


Sable had let him go after she had dressed, and ordered him to get dressed immediately.

He was learning – he was very carefully not looking at her face, although she wasn’t sure if it was the best solution since it meant he spent a lot of time looking at her cleavage instead, and it kept distracting him.

“How many other … Supers are there?”

“In the world? I don’t think anyone knows. In this city? I’m not sure. I’ve met five or six Villains, I’ve met three Heroes, I think, and I’ve no idea how many there actually are. I haven’t had time to try and do any sort of census yet.”

He frowned, confused. “You tell me I am human, not Villain, but …”

She cut him off, sighing. “You are unique. I am … not quite unique. We are both different to every other Super in this city, and almost all the other Supers in the world. I used to be human. You are new and you are … less defined, more flexible. You know you are new, and you have the capacity for growth. They, so far, have … Actually not no capacity for growth, but …

“Ah, fuck it. Look: The Supers in this city, Heroes and Villains both, have grown since I arrived, but they grew in very predictable, very similar ways. Heroes and Villains did not blur the lines, they did not muddy the waters, they did not start overlapping. They become more complex stereotypes, but they are, all of them, still stereotypes.

“That is what I am warning you against, do you see?”

He was silent for a moment, frowning. “I … think so. What do I do now?”

She smiled, faintly. “You can start by making us more coffee. The first lot got cold.”


The Engineer lay on top of the limp Mercura until he got his breath back then, with a sudden feeling of self-loathing, twisted to pull out of her and throw himself sideways, landing on his back and lying without touching her.

As soon as his shrinking cock left her deliciously sore vagina, Mercura’s eyes began to clear, tone returning to her face and her Super powers of rejuvenation giving her back speech and fine motor coordination.

She rolled her head to look at him, lifting an eyebrow in surprise at the look of bleakness on his face.

He detected her movement, knew it signified a recovery more rapid than she should have been capable of, but no longer had the energy to be offended or even surprised by the fact. It now seemed perfectly normal. He would deal with complexities later.

He made a complicated gesture with one hand in the air, a gesture detected by a small camera in the corner of the room, interpreted by his house computer and relayed to the kitchen where Catherine put down her copy of The Ages of Lulu, picked up a pre-prepared tray, and walked briskly out past the hot water tap on the Engineer’s rococco espresso machine.

When she walked in, she automatically licked her lips at the sight of the two Supers, sweat-sheened and exhausted, sprawled across the bed. She was surprised when Mercura rolled her head backwards to see her, lifting an eyebrow at her costume and then rolled tiredly over to be able to take the drink Catherine offered her.

The maid moved from surprise to concern when she saw the listless, depressed look on her Master’s face and went sideways to shock when Mercura, with no hint of mental submissiveness, dismissed the maid as sexually uninteresting and gave the Engineer a calculating look.

Catherine retreated, burning with questions and desperately keeping her place by not asking any of them.

She stopped outside the door, giving the slightly dishevelled Siobhan, who had heard the entire session, a look that snapped the brunette out of her quiet self-satisfaction.

“Who the hell has he got?” Catherine asked, uselessly.

Inside the room Mercura, gulping orange juice to moisten her throat, kept steadily looking at the Engineer’s face and let the silence drag out until she no longer felt parched.

“I wouldn’t like to think it was me making you feel like that.”

He rewarded the joke with a short, harsh laugh. “You are now human,” he said flatly.

She frowned. “I told you …”

“You are NOW human,” he emphasised. “You hadn’t lived before this world, you weren’t reborn as I was, you were as complicated as a character in a movie but you are now human. Somehow, somewhy, your mind evolved.”

She tried to digest that and failed.

He detected her frown even without looking at her, and smiled bitterly. “Now,” he said, “you may imagine some of what I have been feeling.”

She mentally backtracked over the conversation. “What do you mean I was as complicated as a movie character?”

“You lived to a script. You didn’t learn, or adapt, or move outside the narrow confines of that script. You displayed a morality as complicated as a children’s book. You weren’t autonomous. You were a character.”

She opened her mouth for a reflex angry response, and managed to stop herself. And think. And light slowly dawned.

“Okaaay,” she said, slowly, as memories came flooding in. “I …”

She hurled her glass across the room and twisted to sit bolt upright on the bed, the room lights glinting off the large chromed rings in her nipples as she glared at him. “What the fuck did you do to me?”

Karl didn’t think he could love his wife any more then he already did but she surprised him last night. They had always been traditional and not very kinky so when she brought a vibrating finger attachment to bed he pictured her going into the store to purchase it and he felt himself swell from the memory. She had become more adventuresome lately and he welcomed the change although he didn’t understand it.

The first time he saw Nicole, he was the attending physician at the ER the night her husband had his accident. Karl fought for hours to keep him alive knowing if he saved him his life would be a worse kind of hell then he was in now. He came in unconscious and Karl was sure that soon after impact he would have been out so he doubted he felt much pain. He felt him slipping away and prayed for his soul as it became futile to keep trying to revive him.

At first sight of Nicole’s face, her tragic look of concern heightened by a frail figure and a stomach larger than any he had seen in a woman her size, he’d fallen in love with her. Her petite frame invaded by her babies with her dark hair and creamy skin. She was stunning pregnant.

He carefully walked towards her slowly, “I’m afraid …”

Nicole started screaming, “No, please God no. He’s not dead; please tell me he’s not dead.”

Karl walked towards her gently cradling her hands in his own saying, “I’m so sorry, he’s gone.” Nicole’s legs buckled and she began to drop. He reached around her waist and held her. He was still holding her 18 years later.

Her daughters loved him and to him they were his own. He was so proud of them. He had put them in the finest schools and helped them with their college applications. Both had been accepted at all their alternates and had decided they would attend Yale that fall. He was staggered by the tuition bill for that first quarter but had a healthy trust fund building since he married their mother in case such an event might occur. He had brought her twins up right. Neither was allowed to date until they were of age. The girls were more interested in community, school, and being active in their church so they didn’t complain too much about how strict Karl & Nicole were on dating.

The girls were identical twins and had grown into beautiful women. Karl loved walking around with them, his future Yale graduates. Both had their mother’s beauty with dark hair and perfect skin. They were both fit and impossible to tell apart. Melinda was the oldest by about 10 minutes and was more adventurous. She was bold and daring. Jennifer was more cautious and serious. She was more conservative then her older sister. Both had breasts that were perfectly shaped and a little on the large size for their tiny frames. Karl was often annoyed by the gawking that happened when men noticed them. He was especially pissed when he saw men become aroused around his daughters. This sent him into a rage that almost cost him dearly but he made due with dirty looks and kept his fists at his sides.

Karl hunkered down with his NASCAR video in one hand. He flipped on his 3D flat screen TV with the surround sound turned on and popped the top off his beer ready to watch the race. He heard this was a great one with some crazy accidents. What he wasn’t expecting was that his wife had taped over his NASCAR. He was a little disoriented. He saw his wife with someone he didn’t recognize and nausea set in as he realized that he was watching the beginning of a sex tape.

The stranger touching his wife was wearing the finger attachment she had introduced him to…. he watched as his stomach turned and his head began to pound, the vein on his forehead rising as soon her hips would be rushing up to meet the stranger in his bed doing things to his wife he’d never even heard of. He listened to his wife’s voice moaning and calling out. Karl in agonizing pain watched the tape beginning to end. It felt like someone had cut his chest opened, ripped his heart out, and was stabbing it repeatedly with a blunt object.

He wanted to kill her. He wanted to destroy her. Then it came to him. What she cherished most were her twins. He had an Ivy League pile of money to spend and an excuse to rape his daughters. He was pissed, he was vengeful, and he was rock hard. Watching another man fuck his wife got him really in the mood to shop the adult toy store. If she thought her little finger attachment was hot. He was going to go on the biggest shopping spree the local sex store had ever seen. His first stop would be “Fry’s” to pick up multiple high end camcorders with enough tape for editing and mixing all the different angles he’d planned on filming with her twins. She was going to see the tip of his penis entering each virginal daughter as they screamed and kicked. He was going to capture the expressions on their faces and on the face of the twin he wasn’t fucking as she watched. He went for his wallet and the door.

He didn’t even remember the drive as he pulled into “Fry’s” knowing some happy employee would be hitting pay dirt with commission. Their top of the line camcorders filmed images in 3D no need for glasses. He loved the details and the sales pitch. He picked up 5 JVC GS-TD1B 3D camcorders with a few wall mounts and tripods for capturing 4 different angles of the twin he was fucking and 1 to film the girl who would be watching her sister get fucked. This stop cost him a little over $9,000. He wondered how much he would be spending at the next few stops getting all the sex gear.

He pulled into the parking lot of “Lover’s Package” also not remembering much of the drive. He was going to need help shopping with the amount of toys he was planning to purchase. Luckily the two employees helping him were accommodating. He let them know he was having a swinger’s party and wanted everything they had. He bought vibrating strap ons with little cocks, huge cocks, he bought nipple clamps, leashes, a ball gag, and he took his time with the restraints. He found one that was a Velcro sheet with several straps that could be released and moved so he could reposition the girls as his mood suited him. He was worried the girls could get free but the salesperson assured him that the Velcro had a good enough grip that whoever he put that on wouldn’t be able to get out.

He bought paddles, he bought lubricants, and he bought drinks to make them more sensitive. He bought a sex ramp. He’d never been in a store like this. He cherished his wife and God. This was all very new to him. Looking at some of the items he was buying he felt himself get aroused as he pictured his daughters. They loved and admired him. He was their daddy. They were his little girls. He picked up a paddle and slapped the side of his leg feeling an uncomfortable sting. He’d never spanked his daughters growing up. He’d never needed to.

He’d restrain Jennifer first while she slept and put on a blindfold (before she woke up), full restraints, ball gag, ear plugs and muffs. Jennifer wouldn’t hear him, see him, she wouldn’t be able to call out or move. He wanted to restrain her neck, both her hands, her legs with her knees loose enough he could pull them up. Jennifer wouldn’t know her father was the one fucking her or be able to scream or even move. He’d be in complete control.

Then he’d get her sister and put her into wrist restraints only so she could flail around and scream and kick and raise hell. He knew she would. Then they would have to both be patient while he set up all his camera gear and figured out where they needed to be. He wanted his wife to get the full edited view from all angles including those cherished close up shots. These girls were both virgins and they would be screaming “daddy” in many different ways. His wife wouldn’t be home from her rounds until the morning. He could take all night being as loud as he wanted. No one would hear.

His daughters would be turning 18 and at midnight daddy would be there with all their gifts. They would be of age and ready for their coming out party.

At 11:30 Karl started gathering what he needed knowing both girls were sound asleep. He opened Jennifer’s door quietly grateful she’d insisted on two beds in her room for when she had friends over. That couldn’t have been better planned. He started quietly bringing in all the camera gear and the sex toys worried he might wake her up but she really did sleep like the dead. He doubted even a fire alarm would wake her up. He gazed lovingly down at his daughter. She really was quite stunning even more beautiful than her mother. At 11:58 he had everything out and ready. The last two minutes seemed to be an entire lifetime. He was ready.

He had never been more aroused as he watched the clock roll over to 12:00. He gently placed the blindfold on his daughter careful not to wake her up. Next he slipped the ball gag into her mouth and lifted her head to cinch it down. She started to stir and woke up startled. He could see fear on her face as he quickly moved in to restrain her to the other bed as he set up the cameras and the Velcro sheet he needed for the restraint system he had bought. It took him over an hour to set up all the cameras and get them turned on and chalk out where the girls needed to be for the close up cameras. The wall mounts were difficult because he couldn’t risk Melinda running in trying to rescue her sister. He needed to get her wrists cuffed before she woke up or his revenge might be thwarted by his feisty daughter.

He gently released Jennifer’s restraints and carried her kicking and struggling against him to the Velcro sheet and laid her down. He pushed one strap through her wrist restraint and placed her arms far away from her body, (all cameras rolling), he wanted those perky breasts exposed clearly for the cameras. He pushed the other strap through the other wrist restraint and had both her arms spread widely apart. Next, he slipped the ear plugs in her ears so she couldn’t hear her sister scream out or reveal him; he then put the muffs over those. Now she was ready for the final touches. He restrained both her legs as she struggled against all her restraints. She wasn’t going anywhere. He left her sprawled out and naked with 4 cameras on her. One tightly zoomed in filming her untouched pussy while she struggled against her restraints. He went to wake her sister.

Melinda was still sleeping and oblivious to what he had done to her sister. He quietly slipped wrist restraints on his lovely daughter and roughly pulled her to him. She woke with a start staring at her dad.

She whimpered, “What the hell? What are you doing? Dad? What’s going on?”

He answered her by pulling out a pair of scissors as he cut off her pajamas leaving her sitting there restrained and naked as he roughly grabbed her face and kissed her.

Melinda fearfully started to scream kick and struggle against her wrist restraints as Karl lifted her throwing her like a potato sack over his shoulder and carried her into her sister’s room where he tied her to the bed. That’s when she noticed her sister and started screaming.

“You fucking monster, don’t hurt her, I’ll kill you. You son of a bitch.”

She scanned the room and noticed all the cameras pointed at her sister. Then the one aimed at her sister’s crotch as her sister continued to struggle against her restraints.

“You sick fuck what are you going to do to her?”

Karl looked at Melinda and said reassuringly, “I’m going to take her virginity, then yours, and then by the end of the night you will both be begging for me to fuck you in the ass.” He pointed to a floor full of toys all spread out for Melinda to see. She’d never even heard of half of it. She was terrified. He’d gotten butt plugs that he didn’t think would fit into the girls but the salesperson reassured him that if he started off small and stretched the girl he could make the huge ones fit no problem.

“When you let me loose I’m going to fucking kill you, you sick fuck. I hate you. How could you do this to mom?” Melinda looked like she was about to throw up.

At the mention of Nicole, Karl turned his face towards Jennifer looking for the best camera angle and started to lick, suck, nibble, and flick his tongue on Jennifer’s nipple while Melinda watched. He brought his other hand up to caress and massage the other breast. The response was almost immediate. Jennifer’s nipples got hard as he ran his hands down the length of her to see how wet she might be getting. Her body betrayed her almost immediately and he dropped down between her spread restrained legs to taste her, trying to be mindful of the 3D images his wife would be watching later. He started flicking his tongue in and out of his young daughter’s moist pussy bringing his hands around to push her ass up against his face while he caressed her ass cheeks with his mouth buried in her sucking, and flicking his tongue against her clit, brushing his face back and forth maintaining an almost constant pressure. This drove her mother wild. He felt Jennifer push her hips and her ass into his probing tongue grinding her pussy against him passionately.

He noticed Melinda had gotten really quiet. He stopped and looked up at his other daughter. She was looking lustfully at her sister. He knew he wouldn’t need the restraints if he was mindful of what the girls wanted him to do but he was going to hurt & stretch them after he took their virginity. All the toys he’d bought were going to get used.

He looked towards Melinda, “You wanting your daddy to lick your pussy too and grab your ass? You like what I’m doing to your sister?”

Melinda said softly, “Yah, can you come here dad?” She spread her legs invitingly.

He loved that he got that on a camera with HD sound. His little girl wanting him to eat her pussy knowing the floor was full of toys, some she had to fear, he didn’t even know how he was going to get them to fit into these tight unfucked girls. He would find a way though.

He looked at Melinda, “It’s not your turn you naughty whore. Daddy is going to have to spank you & put some clothes on you until it’s your turn.”

He went over to get the naughty school girl outfit he’d bought. Ironically it was in Harvard’s colors. He thought that was a nice touch and he grabbed the paddle. He turned Melinda around so she was facing the wall with her ass to the camera and started spanking her hard.

She shrieked wildly, “Please stop that hurts. Stop. Owe.”

With each hit of the paddle her body jerked forward. Then he unhooked her arm one at a time to put on her new outfit. The top was white with deep cleavage and a tie on the bottom. It barely covered her breasts and tied together at the bottom. He pushed her breasts up and used it to suspend them playfully biting each one as he leaned in to kiss her deeply his hands twisting her nipple firmly. He felt her respond and was surprised she was opening her lips and letting him bring in his tongue flicking it like he would be flicking her pussy later.

She couldn’t bring her hands around because he had them tied off. She strained against them trying to get closer to her father. He lifted her butt and put on the red plaid mini skirt. He had also bought platform stilettos with a thick glass base to add height and sluttiness to his little student. He was going to teach her how to please her father. After he dressed her, he went back to the floor to grab some underwear. The front had a butterfly. The butterfly’s body would insert into her vagina while the wings flitted against her clit. With the remote to it in his hands, he lifted her legs and slid it up to her butt. He looked in her eyes and kissed her lustfully feeling her respond as he inserted the butterfly inside her leaving the wings resting against her clit. He showed her the remote and went back to Jennifer.

He faced the camera and started to undress. His cock was engorged with lust. He looked at Jennifer, his conservative daughter. She was gagged with her arms tied apart, legs restrained with plenty of movement in her legs so he could lift and move her ass, eyes and ears covered. She was completely helpless. He went to her and roughly spread her legs open looking towards Melinda. Making eye contact with Melinda he rubbed his cock against his daughter lips and placed the head of his penis against her untouched pussy not penetrating her. He felt her react and squirm. He turned the remote to its lowest setting and looked at Melinda. The expression that washed over her face made his dick actually throb and Jennifer’s wait was over he grabbed his shaft and guided it plunging as deeply into her as he could go. He felt her cringe and moan in pain as her hymen gave way. Her back arched as she struggled against the restraints. He wanted to kiss her while he fucked her so he took the ball gag off.

“It hurts, it hurts, owe it hurts.”

She wasn’t able to say too much before he covered her mouth with his own forcing her lips open and flicking his tongue into her at the same rate he was pumping his cock into her incredibly tight cunt. He kissed her reaching around her body to massage her ass clutching the ass to bring her up to meet his thrusts. He pushed her up into his thrusts as he pummeled her. He turned up the controls for the butterfly panties. Melinda was moaning and grinding against the underwear watching her father fuck her sister. Melinda moaned moving her hips in the same motion her father was using with her sister.

“Oh God, dad, oh… oh….”

She moved against her wrist restraints writhing like a wild animal. The vibrating butterfly body and wings were at a heightened frenzy. He was pile driving his daughter and felt himself getting ready to just explode. He wanted his girls to cum too so he kissed Jennifer again drawing her out by forcing her to return his passionate kiss. He lowered his head to her breast and began suckling on her nipple while he threw his weight back and forth his ass swaying against her. He pushed into her clitoris until he got the response he was looking for….. Both daughters were going to cum for him. He backed up to drink them both in looking back and forth between both girls. He felt Jennifer shake underneath him and knew she was close so he pushed and then with all his weight against her clit rolled his ass back and forth sideways until he felt her tight pussy start contracting against his cock and he exploded inside her, collapsing.

Karl relished in how tight his young daughter’s pussy was looking over at Melinda. Melinda was his most challenging daughter. She was bold, outgoing, and self-confident. She often argued for her side and could be a little mouthy sometimes. He looked over at her and turned her butterfly panties off. He’d gotten both his girls off and he wasn’t done. He took Jennifer’s ear muff & plugs off. She still didn’t know who had made her cum. He took her blindfold off and watched her drink in her surroundings.

“Dad! What did we just do? Melinda? Oh my God!”

She looked at her sister wearing the Harvard colored naughty girl school uniform. Her gaze went towards all the adult toys resting on one of the strap ons that had the biggest girth. It had an anal attachment also. Her eyes got wider. She looked at her sister.

“Dad are you going to make me have sex with my sister?”

Karl said huskily, “While I’m fucking Melinda in the ass with a strap on, he walked over and picked up a vibrating dildo attachment that was the size of a large bottle, you’ll be fucking your sister with this. I’m going to fill all your holes girls.”

Jennifer looked scared, “Dad there is no way that is even going to fit. That will hurt. Don’t do this.”

Karl reassured them both, “Actually, I talked to the salesperson about how big the butt plug looked not thinking I could get it in you girls but he reassured me if we worked up to it and prepared and stretched you we could get these monster plugs & cocks in you. I figured he knew what he was talking about he sells these things for a living.” Karl started unclipping Jennifer’s restraints so he could move her to the other bed.

Martin left the dining room on with his husband and was taken back to see Leanne. Once again Martin found it most difficult to keep up wearing such high heels, occasionally having to run a couple of steps to keep pace. He couldn’t get out of his head what his mother-in-law had said. Was she serious? She seemed very angry with him, blaming him for this entire situation and trying to make him pay a price for his conquering of her son’s affections. An unintended cost to him, at least in her mind. Martin was glad to get out of there.

“My mother loved you. She is so happy to have you in the family,” the Baron said as they walked. Martin looked at him through the Bliss Mask. “This guy is crazy. Didn’t he see the same thing he had just witnessed?” he thought as his calves began to ache again from the running on his toes in his high heels to keep up.

“I must go for now. Enjoy your afternoon my sweet? You are so beautiful today my bride. I will count the minutes till we are together again tonight my love,” the Baron said kissing Martin on the cheek of the mask as he caressed Martin’s butt with his other hand. The white sequined dress Martin wore was so tight that little was left to the imagination. From his padded bustline that pushed out from his chest in cones that demanded attention, to the skirt that was so short it didn’t even cover his stocking tops and garters. Martin felt like a such a fool, but his husband loved it, and found it hard to resist his own desires. Martin squirmed and twisted in the Baron’s embrace as Leanne had just come out to take charge of Martin. She smiled as she approached them.

“I love you my sweet,” the Baron said softly as he released Martin.

“Mmmmffff,” Martin grunted holding his arms extended to the Baron. He hated any terms of endearment from this man. As he backed away only to have Leanne take his arm.

“How was your time with the parents Mrs. Vargos?” she asked taking his arm and escorting him back in the room.

“Mmmmm…….” he moaned and followed her in. Anything to get away from that pervert they called his husband.

“Well, let’s get your mask off and then remove that tape. That sound good?” she said offering the styling chair for him to sit down in. As Martin sat down in the chair, Leanne once again secured him in the chair using all the straps before she continued. She pinned his hair out of the way so she could get to the straps of the mask and unbuckle them. As she worked she talked to him trying to feel out his emotional state.

“I hope your visit with the Baron’s parents was a pleasant one,” she said hunting another strap on the back of his head.

“MMMMM!!” Martin snorted, jerking his head away from her and staring at her in the mirror.

“It’s alright Mrs. Vargos. Let me get this mask off you and then you can talk.” It was as Leanne had thought. She knew when she had been instructed to tape his mouth closed it was going to be a touchy situation in that room. Martin did not resist as his head was turned back and Leanne continued her removal of the Bliss Mask. When the final strap was released, Leanne took the mask and slowly moved it away from Martin’s face. Martin’s eyes were red and teary. He was also a little red faced and the tape was still wrapped tightly around his mouth.

“There……Isn’t that much better,” Leanne said looking at him in the mirror with a smile.

“MMMM….” Martin glared back.

“OK, OK.” she laughed, “Let’s get that tape off now.”

Leanne’s laughter only angered Martin more. This was not funny. Being dressed and undressed by a woman was humiliating enough. Being dressed as a woman for the pleasures of the man that was his husband was just too degrading.

Holding Martin’s head firmly with one hand, Leanne pulled the tape off a strand at a time. When the last strand was pulled Martin reacted.

“OUCH!” In frustration, he jerked at the chair restraints as the last piece of tape was pulled off.

“There now, much better,” Leanne said as she turned to get a few things.

“Leanne this has got to stop. You can’t do this to me anymore.” He sounded almost exhausted. She turned and looked at him as he spoke.

“Yes I can,” she said looking at him as if to say “Who do you think is in charge here?”

“His mother is a crazy bitch,” he shook his head. “She thinks I seduced her son into this marriage for his money or to manipulate her for money in some kind of conspiracy with her son. I don’t know. She is irate.” He looked up at Leanne, “I’m the victim here damn it.” Martin looked around gathering his thoughts for a moment, “She kept calling me a slut and said I was dressed like a whore, like I was trying to impress her or something.”

“Oh my!” Leanne responded surprised, “She didn’t like your appearance?” Leanne seemed genuinely concerned now. “Did she say anything about me?”

“NO!!! She didn’t say anything about you,” Martin said in a mocking tone. What nerve Leanne had. Worried that her little “dress the guy up like a girl” game might have been criticized, not hearing a word of the real dilemma.

“Thank heavens.” Leanne said in obvious relief. “I think you look very sexy and cute in those white stockings. I know your husband was….” Martin interrupted her.

“She is threatening to cut my dick off Leanne!” he yelled to get her attention. She’s insisting I have sex change,” he spat out. “Said she is going to pay to have it done herself, like it is to be some kind of punishment for me.” Martin yelled at her again. “She said she can only allow REAL women in this family.” He looked at Leanne, his hair all a mess from the mask being removed. “That’s fine with me I’ll leave right now. I don’t want to be in this sick family in the first place.”

“Oh Mrs. Vargos. That’s great news! Right?” Leanne said with a smile.

“What???” he lashed out No” it’s not. I didn’t ask for this crap Leanne. Get me out of here before these crazies get their hands on me.”

“Now Mrs. Vargos, you told me last night, before you went into the bedroom to join your husband that you wanted to be a woman. Have a sex change even. Remember? You wanted to have breast and a pussy like areal woman.” She studied him as she recalled the conversation. “This would be good news for you then. Right?” she said considering things. “She pays for your sex change and then you can get the annulment you want from the Baron, and she will even help you get there. What’s wrong with that? Sounds like a good deal for you,” she smiled.

Martin was so frustrated and horrified at the same time. He knew Missy’s plan wouldn’t work. Now it was only adding to his problem. Both women were pushing the sex change angle, both with the intent of getting him out of this marriage. “But it’s not suppose to go this way,” he thought. Martin stared at his feet. The high heels he was wearing with all the rings on his toes, each one of his toenails painted a bright red. “I’ve got to get the hell out of here,” he thought as he sat waiting on Leanne. An escape was the only solution now.

“Mrs. Vargos, would you like to spend your free time today walking in the garden……..alone?” Leanne asked. “I can arrange that if you wish. I do have a lot of prep work to do today before your last night of your consummation.”

“Yes. I would like that,” Martin said politely but with no emotion. “Do I get to have a large pole stuck up my ass again?” he remarked with attitude recalling the day before when he stood on the veranda. “You know how much I enjoyed that.”

“Your language Mrs. Vargos. We will need to work on your social graces for sure,” she said with a raised eyebrow, “but to answer your question, no not today ma’am.

Leanne patted him on the shoulder and gave him a smile as she held up the red satin drawstring bag. “We need to put this over your head for now Mrs. Vargos, so Lisa can enter the room and assist in dressing you today.” Martin looked away and gave a slight disapproving shake of his head, but kept his chin high so Leanne could easily slip the bag over and pull the strings closed around his neck. He felt Leanne tying the drawstring then undoing the straps on the chair. All the straps accept his wrist were removed. Then Leanne softly said, “There. Can’t have anyone looking at that pretty face while you are consummating your marriage with your husband. I’m going to bring Lisa in now,” she said as she cupped his cheeks in her palms gently.

Martin heard the sound of high heels coming down the hallway. They got louder as Lisa entered the room. Lisa walked in and very enthusiastically and said, “There she is.”

“We’re ready to get him dressed for a little quiet time in the garden Lisa,” Leanne said. “He wants to walk alone today. I think that would be good for him..”

“That’s great Leanne!” Lisa said excited. “That means he’ll be wearing the collar then I assume?”

“Oh yes. He has to wear the collar,” Leanne said in a more serious tone now.

“What the hell is the collar and why do I have to wear it.?” the voice from the hooded head said.

“The collar is designed so you can be alone but keeps you from wondering off.” Lisa said with a giggle.

“Like some kind of dog collar?” his voiced sounded dumbfounded. I’m not wearing a damn dog collar.” Martin hissed.

“Oh well, yes it’s similar to a dog collar, but it looks much nicer ma’am. It’s actually very pretty to look at. You will be able to roam a designated area without a problem. The collar has strobe lights that will flash and a loud piercing alarm will sound if you stray from the designated area. It is locked around your neck of course so we can find you, but that shouldn’t be a problem should it Mrs. Vargos? You’re just going for a nice refreshing walk in the garden today, right?” Lisa said daring him to say otherwise.

“I’ll walk wherever I please. It’s my estate.” Martin insisted.

“Oh did I mention the collar delivers a nice little electric jolt every 30 seconds once it’s activated? It will only stop when the batteries run down or you are found and it is manually shut off.” Lisa smiled. Though Martin couldn’t see her, he sensed it her smirk.

“Leanne,” Martin yelled, “This is absurd. I don’t need a collar. We talked. You know I’m not going to do anything like that. You promised me some free time. This is not free time.” Martin was furious at this development.

“Mrs. Vargos, I’m so sorry you’re upset. I have no choice but to put the collar on you if you wish to roam alone and not have to wear your restrictive jewelry or have an escort with you.” Leanne hesitated, “It will be alright Mrs. Vargos. I know you will do what you say, and the collar will be nothing more than a pretty decorative choker.”

Leanne undid the straps on Martin’s wrist and they stood him next to the chair. Lisa immediately went about undressing Martin.

“Please turn around Mrs. Vargos so I can unzip your dress,” Lisa said firmly. As she pulled down Martin’s sequined dress, she asked how things went with the new in-laws. She was curious after all.

“Did you enjoy your new in-laws? Did you make a good first impression ma’am? I’m sure you did.”

“Oh yeah. She loved me. She said I looked like a whore, and you know how she loves men who dress up like whores.” Martin was being sarcastic.

Lisa laughed, “Well, I guess you do look like a whore ma’am, in a way. But let me say, you look like a classy whore and not some two bit street hooker. Nothing at all wrong with looking like a whore I guess,” she said sliding Martin’s panties down to his ankles. Martin now stood naked in front of the two women. Trying to cover his penis in front of these two women, but what was the use, they did as they pleased anyway.

“Oh my Mrs. Vargos. You are going to be wearing a bikini bathing suit today for your walk.” Lisa giggled. “Going to get a little sun today,,” she said holding up the bottoms to take a good look.

“What? Martin looked about in the darkness of the hood..

“These are so cute Leanne,” she gushed. Lisa was enjoying dressing a man in women’s clothes. Especially the male brides, as she had no sympathy what so ever for their feelings on the matter. To her, they were to be nothing more than pseudo women and were to pretend they were women. She didn’t understand herself why two men would join together and do this, but she had seen it more than once. After all, his situation was not her fault, and he was going to be dressed as a woman anyway. She didn’t have a guilty conscious when it came to feminizing these men.

Lisa knelt down in front of the nude Martin so she could guide the bikini bottom up his legs. Leanne steadied Martin as he lifted his leg to step into the bikini bottom Lisa was holding for him. She slid it up his legs and once again Martin’s testicles were exposed, hanging out slightly of the edges of the bikini brief. Lisa handled Martin’s penis and placed it in the brief so it was upright, but bent as it was limp as could be, but he was so well endowed. it couldn’t adequately be covered with the bikini. The bulge from his limp penis was so obvious in the stretch bikini material.

“The Baron’s mother was not happy with our Marcia, Lisa,” Leanne said putting the bra over Martin’s arms. “She was very upset that he and the Baron had gotten married without her consent. Seems as though it would be ok if Martin didn’t have all that extra baggage between his legs,” Leanne said as they both laughed.

“She was pissed because you put her Bliss Mask on me.” Martin yelled in frustration.

“What?” Leanne sounded surprised. “I didn’t know the Baron’s mother had worn a Bliss Mask.” Leanne looked at Lisa.

“Me either. I know his sister did,” Lisa said as she turned Martin around. “I was the one that assisted her in her consummation period. I just assumed this was another mask that looked like it. She wore it so proudly when out in public too.”

“They both wore that same mask on their wedding nights, and now you are making me wear the damn thing. She was really pissed about that and told the Baron so,” Martin stressed his point by gesturing wildly with his hands in his darkness..

“Oh my,” Lisa laughed, “Well that does make it a very special moment, now that you are wearing it also, doesn’t it.”

“It’s not funny damn it. How do you think I feel being paraded around in that mask that says to everyone who see’s it I’m being fucked by her son every night, so they can all celebrate that this consummation is going just fine.” Martin was yelling now, “Give it back to her. I’m not going to let you put it on me again. I think that is what is pissing her off so much anyway.” he argued.

“You may be right ma’am,” Leanne said, “I didn’t know it was her mask. I’m sure she is upset and feels somewhat violated by you wearing such a personnel item of hers. Especially if she didn’t know about it before. I know I would be, but you are going to have to wear it in public through tomorrow Mrs. Vargos. I’m sorry ma’am, but you have absolutely no say in the matter,” Leanne said as she finished padding his bra.

Martin pushed away from her and stood blindly in the middle of the room with the hood still over his head.. His fist clenched as was his jaw, but they couldn’t see that. Leanne was getting more concerned about Martin’s sense of hopelessness and the inevitable. Leanne took him by the arm and said softly, “C’mon Mrs. Vargos, why don’t we have a seat in the chair so I can finish getting you ready for your walk.” Lisa took his other arm firmly as they eased him to the chair and turned him around to be seated.

“I’m a man Leanne. I shouldn’t be treated like this.” Martin whined and sounded tearful as he was backed to the chair by the two women and seated again and the straps added.

“I know you are Mrs. Vargos,” Leanne said as she strapped his wrist to the chair arm.

“You’re such a pretty man too. Most men don’t get the opportunity to live and dress like women. You’re so lucky,” Lisa said. She was not sympathetic to his plight at all.

“SHUT UP!!” Martin lashed out from under the hood.

As they finished strapping him in, Lisa put a pair of 6″ white, high heel sandals on his feet. Martin’s long bare legs rose out of the heels and ended in an obviously male crotched bikini bottom.

“With those sexy long legs and sexy high heels I’ll bet you will turn some heads Mrs. Vargos.” Lisa teased as she was getting ready to go. “And those bright red toenails and all those toe rings……..oh my Mrs. Vargos, you are such a fashion Jezzebel,” she gushed.

“STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!……… I don’t want to be a woman like this,” came the soft sobbing reply from inside the bag. “You’re making me a mockery of a woman. This has to stop,” Martin’s voice faded.

Lisa looked at Martin’s crotch and firmly gripped his penis through the bikini and adjusted his penis so the head stuck out just over the waist band and gave it a little wiggle and laughed, “Believe me Mrs. Vargos, you’re not a woman.”

“Ummm……….Lisa I think it’s time.” Leanne said ready to move things along.

“Oh…….right. I’ll see you in a few minutes……….pretty lady.

Lisa left the room and Leanne locked the door. After removing the hood Leanne looked through some drawers looking for the collar. A she searched Martin couldn’t help but notice the butt plugs, dildos, ball gags, condoms, lubricants and other feminizing items that were being exposed as Leanne opened and closed the drawers. He was obviously not the first man to be put through this kind of experience.

“OK…. now, where is that box,” Leanne pondered a moment, “Ah here it is!” she said at last. Leanne opened the box and took out a white patent leather collar. Leanne held it up for Martin to see. His eyes were still teary.

“No Leanne. Please don’t humiliate me any further in front of these people.” He looked at the collar as she came back to the chair. It looked like it was covered with rhinestones of many colors. The rhinestones were actually the strobe lights that would indicate where he was if he left the area. The collar was 2″ wide and had a gold buckle. Two small alarm speakers were on each side and there were several metal contacts on the inside of the collar to persuade him with a jolt if he set the thing off. There was a square box on the back for the battery unit, and the GPS. Martin shook his head as Leanne walked behind the chair. She put her had under his chin and raised his head.

“Leanne…….please don’t put that on me.” he said softly slowly shaking his head.

“That’s it Mrs. Vargos. Hold still right there.” She put the collar around Martin’s neck and buckled it tightly in place. She pushed a button to activate the collar and two small LCD’s flashed slowly indicating it was activated. “How’s that Mrs. Vargos? It’s a pretty collar isn’t it.?” she smiled patting his shoulder as she turned away.

“It’s degrading to do this to someone Leanne.” he said turning his head to see what she was up to now.

“It has to be done Mrs. Vargos. Deal with it silently please.” Lisa was tired of his whining.

The frustration was now just too much as Martin began to sob as Leanne picked up the Bliss Mask.

“Oh god no. Leanne no!” were the last words he said as the mask that told the world what was happening in his bedroom each night was again fitted to his face.

Leanne strapped the Bliss Mask over Martin’s face, then set his hair in rollers for the afternoon as the near broken man cried the whole time. Leanne had set his hair in curlers. The straps from the mask were visible between the rows of curlers this time. She left Martin strapped in the chair alone for half an hour so he could regain his composure.

Once she let him out of the chair, Martin stood wearing a white bikini, with the head of his penis protruding from the waist band, and 6″ high heel sandals. His ears were adorned with long clip on earrings and his fingernails and toenails were gorgeous in the bright red nailpolish he was forced to wear. And of course a tight set in his hair with brush rollers. Martin looked at Leanne.

What follows is a wish list from a lover of mine. I presented her a simple story beginning and she writes the rest- then I choose to interpret it into reality. My beginning..

You are my good girl. You did just as i told you. You undressed, took a long hot shower, dried off and fixed your hair and makeup. Then you entered the room. It’s completely dark. You can’t see an inch in front of your face. You step, carefully, ten steps into the room as I told you. You feel at your bare feet the soft fabric i had mentioned. You pick it up and with a little trouble you tie it over your eyes as best you can. Then you get on your hands and knees and wait. You can hear something moving in the room with you. The hairs on your arms stand on end as you feel my breath on you. Your hands are taken and strapped into leather shackles and your mouth is raised to me. You start to speak and feel a hot swath of pain and pleasure rain across your back in several warm slashes. You are told to open your mouth and you do. Because you are my good girl.

Her reply…

Upon opening my mouth I feel your head just at my lips. I blush and move my tongue out to lick you. I hear how it pleases you and I lick more, moving forward and bringing your head into my mouth sucking gently and moving my tongue over you. You feel slightly extra pressure and pleasure when you feel my tongue ring against you. I bring you further in my mouth, sucking gently on your shaft and then licking it. I start pulling you in and out of my mouth, wanting to hear more of your sounds of approval.

I bring you out slowly and pay a little more attention to your head before I lick down your shaft and start to lick and suck on your balls I don’t get to do so very long as I feel you pull up on my shackles bringing me to my feet. I feel your hands fondle me and I blush, breathing heavily. Your breath is on my neck and your lips brush past my ear and it’s not long before I feel something else at my mouth. You’re gripping something soft and I taste plastic as you begin slipping it into my mouth. You move it in and out of my mouth and I start to recognize what it is. You move me onto the bed and hook my hands to the headboard. I hear your low, rough voice tell me to stay on my knees, arch my back, that’s it, and stick out my ass…. I do as I’m told. I feel one long lick along my slit and I know you taste how wet I am and then I feel your tongue move to my asshole. I bite my lip, moaning softly as you lick gently, slowly pushing in with your tongue. You pull away and I feel the plug slowly, gently push in. I gasp and moan and then I feel a long tail trailing between my legs. Then the sharp bite across my back again and I moan out, almost a scream. Your nails bite my ass and I realize, I’m your good pony and you’re going to ride me. You’ll only break me if needed, but that’s not necessarily what you want

The plug feels good inside me and I stick my ass out more, rubbing against your hard shaft. I feel the sharp pain once again fall along my back and I moan out. I don’t move. You seem to smile and I hear you say, “Good girl,” before I feel your hand on my breast again, your fingers on my nipples making me moan noises of pleasure. Not before long, one of your fingers starts to play with my clitoris and I can feel the want and need radiate from you. It’s becoming hard for you to keep control and do as you intended. You feel me shudder as your fingers move inside my pussy, pumping slowly in and out. “Do you want me?” You pinch my nipple.

“Aaahh.. Yes..”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you inside me.”

“I am inside you.” You move to my other breast.

“Oooohh… God, Please, I want your hard cock! I want you to fuck me! Please~~ aaAH!! I want your dick inside me pumping in and out!”

You reply, in a low, gruff voice, “Good girl.”

You take your fingers out of my pussy and put them in my mouth. I suck on them, licking off my juice and sucking on your fingers hard, my tongue rolling over them all the same. You pull them out of my mouth and position yourself behind me. You’re hard shaft rubbing over my wet pussy before you thrust inside of me hard and deep. I moan out and I hear you groan with pleasure. You start out by taking long slow thrusts, but my moans and my muscles moving around you make it hard for you to keep control and you start going faster and harder.

“Oh GOD! Master! I’m gonna.. Oh FUCK!” I grip the sheets and moan loudly, moans that turn into my screaming your name as you bring me to climax. “Ooh GOD, MAS- MASTER, YES! FUCK! MAASTERRR!!!”

Your hands claw down my back and one of them bites into my ass with your nails and I hear you moan my name as my pussy tightens around your cock and you can’t control yourself any longer and you come with me as I moan and scream your name. You unhook my hands from the headboard and i collapse on the bed still shuddering with pleasure. I feel you behind me, now holding me tenderly and I hear you whisper in my ear, “That’s my good girl.”

The idea that Francis had was to use Fiona’s attributes as a way of giving the staff incentives on a massive order that under the management of Steve Jesson had been totally fucked up and team morale was at an all-time low. Once he’d cleared it with me and I’d negotiated a far compensation package for my whores services the deal was sealed in the warehouse that evening which left Fiona well fucked and covered in come.

Incentive number one would see Fiona’s mouth put to good use every Monday morning if Francis saw a notable improvement in production and the target he set was met when he looked over the figures on a Sunday. Now I’m not going to run through every blowjob Fiona had to give during that first month as I’d be here all day, there was seven workers down there and Colin the team leader. Even the simplest of people will be able to work out that she’d be giving eight blowjobs each Monday for a month and if I tell you there was four Mondays in that month you’ll soon get the correct figure.

It’s safe to say that Francis realised that by week three his idea would prove a success as the men were working six days a week, twelve hours a day and were out stripping his targets by a long way. By the end month she was also very familiar with each of the eight men’s dicks, when I picked her up on the first Monday after the incentives started she told me that Colin had sorted out the order and of course he was at the head of the queue.

“I’d leave my office at nine fifty and pull on one of the big over coats from the cupboard to cover myself as you already know I have to wear very little when at work,” she told me as we drove home and I just listened to her account of events. “Unlike in the evening getting to that area of the warehouse wasn’t as plain sailing as I bumped in to a lot of people that had seen me for a while and thought I’d left the company,” she said.

“What did you tell them?” I asked.

“I just told them I was working on special projects which meant I had to travel a lot and they all seemed to believe that, I was so scared though talking to people knowing that under my coat I was wearing nothing but a half cup bra and thong. Anyway when I got to Colin’s are a minute before ten all the men there stopped working and looked at me and grabbed their groins, shaking their dicks at me,” she said.

“I bet you couldn’t wait to see their cocks again could you whore?” I asked.

“I admit I was excited owner, yes,” she replied, “Colin then came out and of his office and greeted me by saying here’s the bitch and then roughly grabbed my arm and led me towards the store room. As we passed the notice board he stopped me and pointed to a list written on plain paper and pinned to the board,” she said.

“What was it?” I asked, knowing full well but I wanted her to tell me.

“It was the order in which the men would come for a blowjob, I couldn’t remember the order as I was pulled away behind Colin but all I could remember was seeing his name at the top. Once in the small room he told me to take off my coat and sit on the chair against the back wall, once there he pulled out his dick and shoved it in my mouth. After I’d sucked his dick for five or so minutes he told me to stand up and turn around and then bend over and touch hold the chair,” she told me.

“Once I was positioned how he wanted me I felt his hands on my hips and his cock at my pussy, I didn’t know what to do as I thought Mr Mulherene had agreed only blowjobs for the first month. That’s when I said to him what Mr Mulherne had said.” She said quietly as if ashamed of something or that she’d done something wrong.

“And what did Colin do?” I asked, not really bothered what he did to be honest.

“He slapped my arse and then pulled my thong aside and told me that Mr Mulherene had called him and told him that as he was team leader he could have any incentive whenever he wanted, and if I wasn’t happy I could call him. I didn’t want to question Mr Mulherne so I didn’t say anymore so Colin fucked me in the pussy and then came in me,” she said.

“Never question Francis, when at work you are the company whore so if Colin wants to fuck your face, arse or pussy you let him if he tells you Francis says it is ok do you understand whore?” I told her.

“Yes owner,” she said.

“Carry on then,” I said as I continued to weave through the traffic.

“Then they just came in one after the other, sticking their dicks in my mouth and letting me suck them until they came, some came in my mouth and told me swallow others spunked on my face others on my tits,” she said, “by the time I left I was covered in their stuff and did my best to clean my face and neck so that I could get back upstairs without being seen.” She finished.

Each time I picked her up I would ask her and she would always tell me that Colin had fucked her and the rest had come in her throat or on her, this happened on every Monday of the first month and productivity was booming.

Francis was happy to tell the men that they were smashing all targets and the following Monday they would be receiving incentive number two.

Again she went down in a long coat this time covering her naked body as on this particular day she had been instructed to be naked all day. After week one Colin had told her that she wasn’t to come to his office anymore she was told to go straight to the store room and take off the jacket and wait for him. Today had been no different, she had gone to the store room and removed her coat and was now standing naked in the middle of the room waiting for Colin.

He’d came in a few minutes later and greeted her in his normal way by calling her the bitch and then proceeded to lower her to the floor on her knees, she was made to suck him and then she was fucked on all fours on the hard concrete floor in her cunt and arse before taking her first load of the day in her pussy. He left her there on all fours and told her to remain there looking that way.

She stayed like that for the next hour and twenty five minutes as she had he cunt penetrated, rammed and then creamed in by seven more cocks, she openly admitted to me that she was disappointed that she couldn’t see which cock belonged to which man. She confessed to having at least five orgasms and that all over the dicks that had fucked her felt nice and filled her cunt.

There were two more Mondays in this month and on the second Monday after Colin had again used all three of her holes she was told this time to lie back on the cold dirty floor and to pull her legs back and hold them open. By the time cock number seven which belonged to a middle aged man she knew as Sidney had fucked her and filled her with sperm her arms ached and her legs and thighs were sore. She guessed that she’d been on her back for over an hour again and the only thing that made it better was the fact she could put a face to the cock.

On the final Monday of the month Colin had his fun and then rolled out a big sheet and told her that when the next came along she was tell that person that she was her to ride his cock and the sheet was for them to lie on. Again each man came in and she told each one that she was there to ride his dick and he was to lay down, she made their cocks hard with her hands and mouth and then climbed aboard facing them with her legs spread and hands behind her on their thighs so that they could watch her pussy devouring their pricks.

Again after over an hour the last cock entered and she wasn’t too happy about it being one of the young lads, not that she didn’t want his young hard cock, that couldn’t have been further from the truth, she was boiling towards an orgasm but the last man had come and left her on the edge. She knew that she would be able to get herself off on Tom’s big young cock the only problem was she was tired, her arms hurt already from supporting herself for the last hour and her legs ached and burned from hoisting herself up and down dick for over sixty minutes. She knew even as she told Tom that she was here to ride his cock that she would have to find the energy to ride him for a good twenty minutes.

She told me that once she’d sucked his dick hard and it stood a glorious eight inches from his groin all thoughts of her burning legs and tired arms disappeared as she sunk her well fucked come filled cunt down his pole and began humping herself up and down in the hope that she would re-ignite the orgasm started by cock number six but left to finish by cock number seven. His young solid length did the trick for Fiona and she covered him with her own come as her seventh orgasm came and went almost as quick as it had begun.

She kept up her sterling work for over twenty five minutes as Tom held out for as long as possible before pulling her down his dick and holding her in place whilst he fired huge amounts of his young hot come into her already plastered womb.

Again at the end of the second month Francis checked all the productivity figures and he was very pleased, at this rate the job would be done a week earlier than expected as the men had been in overdrive. Their bank balances were looking healthy from all the overtime and their dicks were getting plenty of use from the company deal facilitator. He sent Colin an email thanking him and the men and told him that Fiona had been instructed to attend next Monday and begin delivering incentive number three.

The following Monday after changing in to her outfit for the day kindly supplied by Francis she covered herself with her big long jacket and headed off to the far end of the warehouse to the store room. She knew she was in for at least an hours’ worth of hard anal fucking from the men and she told me that as she walked over there her pussy had juiced up at the thought.

She entered the storeroom and hung her long coat on the back of the door and then stood waiting for Colin like she had on the previous seven Mondays, as she looked around the little room she noticed some new hooks that had been bolted to the floor in the corner and was wondering what they were when Colin walked in behind her.

“Nice outfit bitch, shows of your arse perfectly,” he said as she turned around and saw Colin who was already wanking his dick hard, “On your knees and open your pretty mouth,” he instructed her.

She sunk to her knees and opened her mouth as requested and watched as he walked towards her holding his stiff prick in his right hand which he guided between her lips. She closed her lips around him and he removed his hand allowing her mouth to move up and down his dick for the next seven or eight minutes as she gave him a wonderful suck.

“Right on your feet and stand in the corner,” he said standing back watching as she again followed his instructions as she stood in the corner facing the wall with the hooks by her feet. “Now bend down and hold them rings there,” he said and again watched as Fiona readjusted her stance and bent at the waist and held the newly fitted hooks.

She heard a rummaging in some boxes and then Colin approached the left side of her and bent down and snapped a handcuff round her wrist and then to the metal hook thing attached to the floor.

“What are you doing?” Fiona had protested but Colin ignored her and proceeded to fasten her to the other hook on the opposite side.

Once he’d done that he stood behind her and she felt him lift her right leg and she saw a rope pass over her heel and around her ankle in a loop that was then pulled tighter, Colin then pulled the other end of the rope towards another hook on the floor she hadn’t seen and her right leg was pulled wider as the rope was cut to a certain length, enough to pass through the hook and be tied by Colin. He did the same with her left leg and she watched to as he pulled the rope and her leg over to another hook where she was tied on to.

She was now fastened in place by the wrists and her legs, her legs were over a shoulder width apart and straight but the position wasn’t too uncomfortable. Colin stood behind her then and she felt his calloused hands running over her bare arse cheeks and down the backs of her thighs letting his fingers wander up to strong her pussy lips through the thin material of the thong she was wearing.

He reached under her and pulled the front of her bra down so that her big breasts spilled out and he proceeded to pull her nipples until she moaned and felt them stiffen and point out towards the floor. He then went back to her arse and she felt the thong come away from her cunt and the cool air felt wonderful as it blew across her hot juicing pussy. He pulled her thong down as far as it would go, which in the position she was in wasn’t very far and as she looked up she could see the flimsy thong stretched to almost breaking point about four inches below her cunt between her thighs.

Her pussy and arsehole were exposed and that was just what Colin wanted.

She felt a finger dip in to her cunt with incredible ease and she knew that Colin would’ve felt how obscenely wet she was already, she felt her pussy lips widen a little as another finger slid in along his other finger. After a couple of pumps they widened some more as she felt a third of Colin’s rough fingers ease in to her dripping hole.

“In heat aint you bitch, soaking fucking wet already, why are so wet bitch? Looking forward to all our cocks in your arse are we is that what made you wet bitch?” he asked her as he pumped her pussy for a minute and then without warning he removed them and filled her with his dick.

“Oh god yes,” she said as she was filled and then drove in to by the all too familiar cock of Colin.

Fiona told me that because she was restrained to the anchor points on the floor all she could do was accept his hard fucking, and from her position there was little she could do when she felt a pressure at her arsehole and then something pop inside. Whatever it was wasn’t that long as it was pushed in and then she could feel something like knuckles against her skin, she came to the conclusion that Colin had his thumb in her arse and as he was fucking her cunt he worked his them in her and loosened her up ready for his cock.

She told me that she sorted of drifted off for the next few minutes in to a daydream thinking about the next seven cocks that would take her anally for the first time, she said that she could even feel her pussy juice even more at the thought of the seven big dicks all getting ready to do her after Colin had finished with her.

“Ohhhh fuck Colin I’m coming!” she screamed as she was bought back from her day dream ads her orgasm boiled over and she lost herself on the end of Colin’s cock and thumb. Being placed like this with her legs tied wide open was going totally against how her body wanted to react, she wanted to squeeze her thighs together and squeeze the life out of Colin’s cock but she couldn’t. Instead she tried her hardest to clamp her pussy walls tighter around his dick as she exploded over his pole.

“Fuck yeah bitch, come all over my cock, lube me up for your arse,” Colin said to her as he fucked her deep and hard coating every inch of his shaft in her intoxicating come.

Once she’d finished he removed his thumb and cock and for a brief moment she felt horribly empty and she admitted to me that she shamelessly wiggled her arse about, pushing back in search of Colin’s dick to fill her up again and Colin revelled in her display of wanton slut behaviour.

“Look at you bitch, desperate for some cock inside you aint you?” he asked her teasing her by holding his cock at her opening allowing her to push back as far as the restraints allowed which wasn’t far enough to quench her thirst for dick.

“Colin you bastard, fill me, fuck me, give me your cock, I need it Colin, I fucking want it in me now,” she screamed at him, shameless and desperate she confessed to me, she’d shown her weakness to Colin and he loved it.

He again rubbed the tip of his cock around her wet hole and laughed at her desperate attempts to move her arse back on to the cock and he satisfied her need momentarily by letting her have his dick as he pushed In to her once.

“Oh Colin thank you, fuck,” she was saying and then he cock was gone and she was void again and back to desperately searching for his pole.

She didn’t have to wait long this time as she felt the head of Colin’s dick press against her arsehole and she was pushed forward slightly on her restraints as he applied pressure to fill her.

“Oh Colin thank you,” she said again, “Fuck my arse Colin, hard need it hard and full of you spunk,” she confessed to urging him on as he began taking her tight passage way with the same force he had her cunt.

Fiona told me that she’d got herself so worked up that she came twice within three minutes and then had begged Colin to fill her arse with come and he duly obliged after less than ten minutes of hard fucking her arse. He then pulled out and wiped his come covered cock on the triangular piece of her thong and then he pulled up his trousers.

Before he left he gave Fiona some strict instructions which were as follows, “Now you treat my men the same as me, you beg them to fuck your arse, you beg them to fuck you hard and then you beg them to spunk in your dirty little arse.

Is that understood you bitch?” he said.

“Yes Colin it’s understood,” she replied.

“Good,” he said and then slapped her arse and left the room.

Fiona said she waited about five minutes until she heard a noise behind her and sensed someone in the room, she tried to look between her legs but the man behind her was already to close so she could only see his legs. She watched as the man behind her undid his trousers and they, along with his boxers were soon in a heap at his feet, she moved her head to try and see the cock, maybe she could tell who it was but her view wasn’t the best.

The man then spoke, “This is the part I’ve been looking forward to the most,” he said as his rough hands worked their way all over her bare cheeks and his fingers filled her pussy and then more fingers filled her arse.

She now knew from the voice who was going to fuck her and she admitted that she was a little disappointed that it wasn’t one of the younger men, instead she was going to have to settle for one of the older scruffier guys and although all the men possessed seven inches or more, it was the younger guys hardness and stamina she ultimately craved the most.

Thinking about how disappointed she was almost made her forget Colin’s instructions and it wasn’t until she heard the man behind her drop his trousers that she came to her senses and repeated the words Colin had told her to say, not that she needed any encouragement to do this as Fiona had grown, in time to love asking men to fuck her and come inside her. men like Colin thought that they were humiliating her by getting her to do this but she had become desensitised to it now and although she still felt huge embarrassment, she no longer felt horribly humiliated like at the beginning.

“Fuck my arse with your big cock, fuck me real hard and then spunk in my dirty arsehole,” she said from between her legs as the man behind her rubbed his engorged dick around her cunt and then pressed it in to the crease of her arse against her already used anus.

“Oh don’t worry I intend to you filthy bitch,” the man said at the same time as filling her arse with his cock.

He like the three men that followed fucked her in the arse as she requested, hard and fast and within twenty minutes four men other than Colin had dumped their loads deep in to her rectum. She had come herself, without doubt that was something she couldn’t stop as the fucking of her arse boiled up her orgasm and eventually she had to explode, she’d only came twice though since Colin had gone due to the lack of staying power of the older men.

She knew though that she had three cocks to service and two of them were owned by the young men and she admitted that her pussy moistened at the thought. She told me that she was constantly looking through her legs for the first glimpse of the next man and as he came in to view she said that she immediately knew it was one of the younger men as she recognised his boots.

You once said to me, “Begging isn’t sexy…” I disagreed, but chose to save my rebuttal for another time.

You had also said you trusted me enough to tie you up, maybe torture you a little. I knew that if I wanted that to get really interesting, I’d have to build that trust. Everything about you calls to my dark side; but that’s not somewhere you can go all at once.

I was very patient, and finally you’re ready to take the first ‘next step’. You think you’re just coming over for another athletic Playtime; an antidote to a very stressful week. The moment you walk into my cottage you see that tonight will be different. It’s ‘toes into the deeper water’ time.

There are straps hanging from the beam above my bed. And pieces of leather with buckles on the table. I offer you a shot of tequila, and you panic for a moment. I’ve never done that before. I smile. “Be brave,” I say, as I rise up on tiptoes to kiss your neck.

Peeling the blanket off my bed reveals a furry tiger-print sheet. I climb up onto the mattress and kneel in the middle, knees spread, sitting back on my heels.

“Undress, and I’ll give you a massage. You look tense.” I’m trying not to smirk. You strip to your boxers and begin to climb up next to me. “Really? You’re suddenly shy?” I’m teasing you, because I know you’re nervous.

I pull you close and wrap my arms around you, kissing your cheek, your neck, stroking your hair, gentle and sweet, soothing you. You lay face-down on the sheet. It’s so soft and furry, it tickles your skin. I pour oil along your spine and start to massage you gently at first, increasing the pressure as you relax. You love that I work out, it makes my hands so strong.

I knead your shoulders, run the heels of my palms up and down your erectors, squeeze your lats and obliques… you realize that a knowledge of anatomy makes for a superior back-rub. As I’m massaging your back, I’m straddling you and rubbing my panties against you.

You become aware of what I’m doing, and you start to get hard. I produce a strip of black satin, and blindfold you. Your boxers disappear. Your hands are still free, but you feel slightly less sure of yourself, less in control. I go back to massaging you and you relax again.

The ruffled edge of the little lacy thing I’m wearing starts to tickle, as your sense of touch sharpens to make up for the loss of sight. I stretch out on top of you, brushing your ear with my lips as I ask “Are you ready?” You swallow, and nod. “You can opt-out at any time. Say ‘I’m done’ and everything stops, ok?” You nod again.

I ask you to kneel as I was earlier, knees apart, sitting on your heels. With your hands in front of you, I buckle the leather cuffs around your wrists. Clipping the cuffs to each other, I feed a cotton rope through the clip. As I pull the rope, your arms are raised above your head. I keep going until you are almost pulled off your heels; arms up straight, torso stretched.

I drop down onto the floor and stand back to admire you. My god, you’re beautiful. My head swims.

“Click…” I take a photo. You actually glow in the candlelight; it’s a stunning shot. I remove your blindfold to show it to you. Your eyes widen, seeing yourself trussed up this way. I smile.

“You’re mine, now.” I stroke your cheek softly, and reach for the whip that was hidden under the pillows. Skin so beautiful can take some red marks. I stand on the mattress in front of you, bending down to kiss you once more. “Say ‘I’m done’ and you’re free, remember?” You nod one last time. I put your blindfold back on, and the whipping begins.

Three sharp cracks in quick succession. They sting, badly, but they don’t actually hurt. I let you catch your breath and I do it again. Three on your abs, three across your back, breathe, repeat. A few on your thighs and ass. How I love to watch your muscles jump. And the little red marks are so pretty.

I increase the force. Now it actually hurts a bit. Your breaths get shorter, ragged. I stop, and hold a glass of water to your lips. You sip, and I stroke your hair. I put the glass down and kiss all the little red marks. I’m obsessed by your abs, they intoxicate me.

You calm down and become aroused by all the gentle kisses on that magic stretch of skin below your bellybutton. I pull back, and the whipping resumes, harder this time.

Just when you look like you might be done, I stop, covering you in kisses again. Everywhere but your lips. I put a ball gag in your mouth instead, and fasten it behind your head.

“I won’t whip you when you can’t speak,” I say, and you nod. Kneeling in front of you, I kiss and stroke every inch of you from collarbones to pubic bone. You’re aroused again. I kiss your inner thighs, then suck your balls into my mouth. I reach under you and cup your ass and pull you up off your heels, and lay down under you. I wrap my hand around your cock but I don’t move it at all, I just suck your balls down further into my mouth. You rock your hips slightly, trying to get some friction from my hand. Ah, there it is… the thin end of the Begging wedge.

My other hand steadies you, and my tongue starts to explore. Licking your inner thighs, back towards your butt. Your knees are still far apart; I have full access. I tickle your butt with my tongue and you jump slightly. I apply a little more pressure with my tongue and it doesn’t tickle any more… it feels good all the way deep inside. Your hips rock again, and this time I let you. Teasing you with my tongue, letting your shaft slide in my oiled fist. This could be over too soon if I’m not careful.

I stop, and wriggle upright to remove your blindfold. I turn you ninety degrees and you see yourself in a huge mirror. It’s… confronting… seeing yourself tied up with the ball gag in your mouth. I go down on all 4′s, and begin again, stroking and kissing your abs, sucking your balls, stroking your butt with my fingers. You push your hips forward. Finally, I put your cock in my mouth. I move my tongue and lips so slowly, it’s agonizing. You’re sucking on the ball-gag. It’s intense, the sensation of having your mouth open and full, knowing I’m having a similar experience…

It’s too much for me. I’m fingering myself and I want to cum. I take you to the edge, and stand up. Your eyes are wild. You almost cum into the air. You can’t believe I stopped.

I remove your gag and trace your lips with my fingers. They’re wet, and taste of me. I let you suck on them and you draw them all the way into your mouth. You’re hungry for me. “Please,” you whisper. “Please.”

I slip a cuff onto each of your ankles, and unhook your wrists from the rope above. Then I attach one wrist to each ankle, so you’re leaning backwards, holding yourself up with your hands on the bed. Back on all 4′s, I put your cock in my mouth and start fingering myself again. You can see it all in the mirror. It’s a visual feast.

“I want to taste you… please … please…” Ahhh, now you’re begging for real. It is sexy. I reach my hand up and put my fingers in your mouth and you suck on them hard. As I pull them out, you ask for “More… please,” and I stand and straddle your face. I’m so wet, as you start to lick me my juices run down your chin and my legs tremble. I steady myself with a hand against the wall. Oh my god, you’re so good at this. I try to hold off, but I can’t. I give in and cum loudly. I step back and kiss you, your face drenched and delicious.

“Sometimes begging gets you everything,” I say, and I kiss you again.

The strain of leaning back for so long is making your abs twitch, which just turns me on more. I let you shuffle yourself backwards, and put a pillow behind your head so you can lean against the wall.

It’s your turn. I slide under you, starting the same way, your cock in my fist, licking up your thighs and sucking your balls, taking my time even though I’m dying for you to cum. Exploring your butt with my tongue, teasing you, making you wonder how far I’ll go. My hand starts to move more, stroking, squeezing, fingertips circling the head of your cock in unison with my tongue circling your butthole. You’re feeling it and watching it in the mirror and it’s just wild in your mind.

I’m hungry for you. I shift so I’m on my knees in front of you and your cock is in my mouth. Everything is so slick that when I press my finger against your butt it slides smoothly in. Your cock jumps against my tongue and I think you’re going to blow right then. It’s an impressive act of will that you don’t.

My ass and soaking pussy are facing the mirror so you can see everything. Finger, fist, tongue, lips, all moving together. It’s so intense you can’t breathe. I can feel your orgasm building.

My attention is focussed solely on your cock in my mouth. I tighten my lips and my fist is squeezing the base of your shaft. Your hips start to buck and I let you drive from here. I feel pure joy in that moment when your cum shoots up through your shaft and into my mouth. I wrap both hands around your shaft and squeeze gently, coaxing every last drop out of you.

You’re shattered. I unhook your wrists from your ankles and let you stretch out on the furry tiger sheet. I kiss all those little red marks again, and rub your shoulders.

“See? Begging can be very sexy indeed…”


Claire is introduced to the Salon by a friend, and is intrigued enough to look into it. She discovers a discreet service for busy people who need a little help getting off. In order to help the Salon to tailor a program that is suited to her needs, Claire is required to complete a practical introduction for a camera. This ‘homework assignment’ proves to be a lot of fun.


“Matt will be along in a moment to introduce himself and take you through your first session. Welcome aboard!”

Like everything else to do with the salon, Matt was not at all what she had been expecting. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting, exactly. But the 6’3″, tousle-haired specimen with a killer smile was a welcome surprise. He was lean and well-muscled, comfortably well dressed and in another setting could have been her personal trainer. Even without thinking about what was about to happen, Claire felt her heart skip a beat as he led her down the hall. As they walked, the sounds of pleasure were unmistakable behind every door they passed, which only served to heighten Claire’s sense of anticipation.

They entered a small but beautifully appointed room, not unlike a nice studio apartment in a resort. Dark blues and reds were off-set by small down lights giving it a feeling of warmth. Claire’s professional brain noted the design and approved. Other parts of her brain were beginning to react to very different signals.

“If you don’t mind,” Matt asked, “we spend some

time getting to know new clients first. I really enjoyed reviewing your practical. I think we’ll have some fun together.” She blushed.

They began to talk, and within moments Claire felt wonderfully at ease with Matt and soon they were laughing together. This must be one of the more crucial parts of this process, she thought. In order to feel relaxed and open to being ‘serviced’ – this was the word that seemed to sum it up – the client would need to have a certain rapport.

After a while, Matt stood up.

“Right! I’ll be back in a moment. You can take your clothes off and slip into the robe provided, and then we’ll get started.”

Her heart was thumping so loud she felt sure that the young lady at reception would be able to hear it. She quickly stripped and pulled on the crimson silk gown hanging behind the door. A reclining lounge was the dominating feature of the room, and she tentatively sat down on it. It looked like a first class equivalent of a dentist chair. The leather was soft, comfortable and warm. She let the robe fall open and hoped this wouldn’t be inappropriate, and immediately smiled at how ridiculous that thought was.

Matt came back into the room. Without a word, he walked over to her, and in one fluid movement slipped an eye mask over her face. Plunged into sudden darkness, she gasped. She sat back, breathing hard, heart thumping, trying to ascertain what he was up to. She strained her ears for the movement of his body, but heard nothing. Was he watching her? The seconds stretched out. Her mind began to conjure images of what was happening, or going to happen. She became aware of scents in the air. Soft aromatics, warm and spicy and arousing. She was aware of the warmth of the room, and now she could hear him, moving quietly around the room. His movements stirred the air and she could feel it across her exposed skin. The fine hair on her forearms stood up. She was aware of the texture of the leather beneath her. She reflected that usually her own pleasure was a rushed process, hurried and ill-prepared. This imposed patience was just another layer added to the feelings now coming alive within her.

The seconds ticked by and still he made no move towards her. The anticipation was delicious, and she found that the initial tension raised by the deprivation of her sight was replaced with the tension of the how’s and why’s and what’s. She was becoming aroused as her mind’s eye continued to play out ever more explicit scenarios. Were there people watching, like she had fantasised during her practical? Perhaps Matt was getting himself off while he looked at her? She pictured her own pussy, her lips beginning to glisten. She felt like she could even perceive the folds of silky flesh within her parting and sliding. She found herself squirming in the seat. She was incredibly turned on, and still Matt had not even touched her. She loved to use her imagination while she masturbated, but again she thought about how rushed everything usually was. Now, she indulged it, letting each scenario build and take shape.

Finally, she could stand it no longer. Anticipation and patience were one thing but such was her desire to come she decided she couldn’t wait. She moved her hand over her belly, her fingers seeking out her throbbing, pulsing clit. But just as her fingers reached the spot she longed to touch, strong hands seized her wrist. She gasped. Her wrist was moved back to her side, and swiftly restrained. A second later the other wrist was similarly held. Now she was deprived of both sight, and the use of her hands. This served to ramp the tension to another level. She had never been tied down before, though it was an idea she had used in her fantasies.

Claire expected that this change in mood would mark his beginning to touch her, but again he immediately stepped away. She was almost overwhelmed by now. There was a small amount of give in the bonds holding her wrists, but nowhere near enough to let her touch her swollen clitoris. She was on fire, desperate to feel something, anything. Her hips ground against the chair, and she tried crossing and uncrossing her legs, but to no avail.

“Touch me,” she whispered. “Please”.

“Touch me.” This time the plea was louder, more insistent.

Finally, after she thought the anticipation would become too much, his strong hands held her ankles, and slid upwards. There was warm oil in his hands smelling of the same aromatics she had sensed before. Where he touched her skin, she tingled. His hands rubbed up over her thighs and hips, over her belly, then upwards and outwards towards her shoulders. Her hips had stopped moving, such was the delicious sensation his hands were delivering. Her skin tingled all over as he rubbed and massaged her arms, shoulders, neck, then smoothed his hands back over her tummy.

His hands slowed as they moved down her body. She was holding her breath as they crept lower and lower. Her legs parted as his thumbs moved over the tiny patch of hair between her legs. He very carefully parted her lips, letting the air play across her inner petals. Her mouth opened in a soundless gasp as the acute awareness of her body heightened the sensation. For the briefest of seconds, one delightful moment, the pad of his thumb barely grazed her clit. This time she cried out and moved her hips, trying to prolong the contact, but he was already gone. His hands never left her body, but slid up to trap a nipple each. He rolled them in his fingers, increasing the pressure slowly until she felt like bolts of electricity were shooting up and down her body.

Suddenly he stopped.

“NO!” she yelled. But again he stepped away from her and left her begging. She was just about to scream at him when all at once he returned. A hot tongue enveloped her clitoris at the same time his fingers parted her wet lips and slid inside her.

Behind the eye mask she saw bursts of light. His tongue felt serpentine, weaving over and around her clit as his fingers gently parted her pussy. In her state of sensory deprivation she could feel the contrast between the heat of his mouth and a channel of cooler air that drifted over her most intimate flesh. Every exquisite movement, each tiny manipulation felt amplified. She felt as though she could discern every bump on his tongue, every microscopic ridge on the pads of his fingers.

She strained against the bonds that held her wrists, longing to add her own touch to his. Her tummy felt hot and tight and she could sense the distant rumblings of what would soon consume her. She could perceive an avalanche of pleasure tumbling and roaring towards her. She moaned and panted as his fingers and tongue fell into rhythm, pumping and flicking, sliding and stroking.

She sensed the power behind the climax. This was not a pleasant little afternoon shiver. This was not a hurried fumble when a spare moment arose.

This was building and growing and rushing. It was doubling itself as it gathered in her lower belly. Then she felt a microscopic moment of falling.

She came. The orgasm surged through her as the flat of his tongue traced circles over her clit. The pleasure rolled through her in wave after wave after wave. It pierced her and spread to every nerve ending, every millimetre of skin. She became aware that the loud moan that she could hear was her own.

His tongue circled slower and slower around her

clit until her body went limp and a languid heaviness spread through her. He removed the mask, and he smiled down at her. She realised in a haze that while her vision was restored, her hands were still held fast. His hand was still resting on her lower stomach, his fingers splayed. The feeling was quite lovely. He began to very gently massage the still slippery skin there, manipulating the area in slow, gentle circles. She felt peaceful, and she smiled at him.

She looked back at Matt’s hand on her stomach, and even as she watched, his finger slid between her swollen lips and into her soaking pussy once again. He was careful to avoid her clitoris, which felt too sensitive to be touched. Once inside her his movement stopped.

Claire looked back at him, and their eyes were glued to each other as his finger turned, gently stroking the front wall of her vagina. Already her breathing was speeding up as she contemplated what he was trying. She had never tried to have multiple orgasms, as her clit was always almost painful to touch after the first.

But he continued to probe inside her, his movements slow and deliberate. A second finger joined the first, and together they stretched her open. The cool air against her soft skin felt amazing, and he paused, taking his sweet, torturous time. He went back to searching for that little bundle of magic just inside her. This was uncharted territory for Claire. She had stimulated this spot in a fumbled and incidental way during her self-exploration, but he distinguished it with a practiced ease that made her tremble.

She also revelled in the sensation of surrender; he was in control, he was the expert, he was the professional. She whimpered beneath his searching fingers, and loved it. His fingers traced circles around that spot, and with each circle, her arousal grew. He changed direction, stroking with long slow movements from inside to outside. As she threw her head back and closed her eyes, his other hand gave her clit the gentlest brush. This caused her to start, but not shy away. Inside her, Matt’s fingers rubbed more firmly, while outside his pressure on her clit increased with every stroke. He seemed to sense the right pressure she needed, keeping the contact less direct than before. The effect was exquisite.

Finally, his fingers found a rhythm, stroking, rubbing. She lifted and parted her knees, spreading herself further for him. She felt so utterly aroused that she didn’t care how brazen this might appear. Her eyelids fluttered, and the room seemed to fade away as her second orgasm erupted. Her pussy gushed over Matt’s hands as they scissored back and forth. White hot pleasure seared every cell in her body until she almost couldn’t take it.

Then she was floating. Her hands were across her body, hugging herself as she floated out of a warm cloud of delicious sensation. Matt was pulling the silk robe over her, though she was barely able to focus on him. He whispered something in her ear, and the feeling of his breath on her neck made her shudder. He smiled and left, closing the door quietly as he did so.

After a while, she stood on shaky legs and dressed herself. She could feel her cheeks were flushed as she walked back to the reception desk. The girl behind the desk asked her if she had enjoyed her first session. All Claire could do was nod. She’d done more than enjoyed it. Clearing her throat, she made another booking.

Settle in for a while…this is NOT a quickie…

* * * * *

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* * * * *

I’ve been waiting days for this. I’ve soaked through my panties every day thinking about what I’m going to do to you when we’re alone. I can’t wait to kiss you. Entangle my fingers in your hair at the base of your neck, grab you roughly, and bite your neck.

I’ll catch you from behind, and whisper in your ear, “I know what you like. I know what will make your little pussy spasm.” Before you have a chance to protest, I slip my fingers down your shorts, and find you already wet. I smile behind you, and shove my fingers into you quickly, and just as quickly pull them out. Whether you know it or not, it’s going to be a long night for you.

I shove you down on the bed, yank off your shorts and underwear, and spread your legs. I run my hands over your ass before spanking you twice…hard. Your knees buckle a little, and I spank you again, “Get your ass in the air! I want full access to your sweet pussy, whether you give it to me, or whether I have to take it by force.”

“No, mistress, please!” But we both know you want it. We got our safe words worked out and besides, you know I would never hurt you. I smile knowing you’re saying no but your pussy is getting wetter every time I slap your ass. Still bent over the side of the bed, I see your cum start to drip down your leg. I can’t wait to stick my tongue in your pussy. But I can control myself, and I’m going to make you control yourself as well.

I see you start to turn around to see what I’m doing, and I push you back down. “What do you think you’re doing? I’m in control here!” And I bring my hand down on your ass. Twice more I spank you, hard, and finish by caressing away the sting. I push you back down, and force your legs wider, forcing your ass higher in the air.

While slowly tracing lines around your soaked pussy, I talk calmly to you, “I’m going to fuck you tonight. I’m going to tease your cunt, and ass. I’m going to make you beg me for mercy. And maybe, I’ll let your little pussy have an orgasm.” Then I shove one finger into you. You’ve already been moaning in frustration but you screamed at the sudden intrusion into your hole. I’m drumming my fingers on the inside of your pussy, and your hips have started to move against me, trying to get more and more of me into you. But this is my game. I pull it out, spank you again, and tell you to turn around. I kiss you intensely before saying, “Get on the bed, on your back,” with a growl.

I get your shirt off and pin down your hands. I’m so hot for you, absently grinding into your crotch. I’m not sure I want to make you wait because I’m not sure if I can wait to fuck you, but I want to draw this out. I want to make this feel as long as it has since the last time we had sex. I’ve been waiting too long to tease you the way I know you love to be teased. Too many nights my mind has gone crazy thinking of all the things I would do to your naked body, while my hands furiously worked my clit till I came. But now, I’m finally getting to do everything I thought of.

I get control of myself and focus on getting the restraints around your wrists and ankles. Once I have you tied down, I pull them taut and smile when I see you completely spread out on my bed.

Now, taking my time, I slowly pull off my clothes and absently stroke my clit. I can feel you watching me, and turn around to find you biting your lip and staring at me with fire in your eyes, probably thinking of how you’re going to get me back.

I put on some music. Very low though…I don’t want to take away from your moans. I go to blindfold you, but before I slip it over your head I give you a kiss and tell you how much I love you. It’s important to me to make sure you know it’s still just a role I play. But before too long, the blindfold is on and the game has continued.

I walk around the bed, deciding what to do first. I want to start slow. So I start teasing your nipples. I take one in my mouth and roll the other between my fingers. Pulling just a little at the end, knowing how much you enjoy the pressure. Giving the other a fair amount of treatment as well, I can’t wait any longer to get to your pussy.

Slowly kissing my way down, I trace your pussy lips with my fingers. You’re so wet, and I love it. With my head between your legs, I spread your pussy and lick from your dripping hole to your clit, leaving it with just a flick, before I go back down and shove my tongue down your cunt. Your back arches off bed, but you aren’t able to get far before the restraints hold you down, and you scream, “FUCK!” I replace my tongue with two fingers, finding no resistance because of how wet you already are, and lick up to your clit.

I’m flicking your clit with my tongue and sucking it like I’ll never have the chance again, all the while fucking you with my fingers. Your face is contorted in pleasure and you look so sexy…Your hands grabbing at nothing in the air, your mouth open, and your hips bucking on my face.

I can feel you getting closer so I stop everything, and hear you moan in frustration, “Please, baby,” but not yet. Right now, I can’t wait any longer. I won’t be able to control myself. I get on top of you and let my pussy hover over your mouth. You smile because you know where I am, and you open your mouth. I sit on your face, and cum almost immediately. You’re tonguing my pussy and I’m rubbing my clit, and it’s only seconds before I’m cumming on your face. I get off and let you calm down a little. You have this satisfied smile on your face, knowing you made me cum so fast.

I get some ice, and run it over your body, placing little kisses here and there. I rub it all over your pussy, a mixture of hot and cold that I can tell you’re enjoying. But now my patience is running thin…I want to fuck you. Now. I quickly loosen the restraints, take off the blindfold, and say, “On the edge of the bed. Spread your legs, and get your ass in the air.” I reposition the cuffs, and get them tightly around your ankles, forcing your legs even wider. I get your wrists tied down too. I give you a quick spank before pulling on the harness.

Once I have it all in place, I get the plug and vibrator ready. I slowly dip a finger in your pussy and you moan loudly. I take it out and slowly start pushing it into your ass.

You try to resist, “Please, mistress, no. I can’t!” But hearing you say mistress, I know better than to stop. As I slowly work my finger into your ass you continue your protests. But in between the, ‘please don’t’ and ‘no more, please!’ I hear you moaning, wanting more and more.

You’re ready, and I can tell. I take my finger out, and you know the plug is coming. I start pushing it against your tight little asshole, while you say, “No! I can’t take anymore!” Your moaning is getting heavier and heavier and I want to fuck you before you cum, so I shove the whole plug up your ass, quickly and without resistance.

You scream in pleasure, “FUCK YES!” You’re so close, you’ve abandoned the role play, but I don’t care. You’re only minutes from cumming harder than I’ve made you come before, and I can’t wait to push you over that edge. For now though, I’ll let you wait there, with that big plug, even the slightest movement will tease your cute little ass.

I give your clit a quick flick with my tongue and then spank you one last time. You’re back into the role, saying, “Please, don’t mistress. I can’t do this! What are you doing to me?” Before I fuck you silly, I take the vibrator and shove it all the way in your pussy, at the highest level. You’re strapped down, on the side of my bed, with a vibrator deep in your pussy, and a plug deep in your ass. I’m so close to cumming myself just watching you, helplessly begging for me to let you cum.

“Please let me cum mistress! I can’t wait any longer!” So I pull out the vibrator and start fucking you. I’m fucking you so hard with this dick. All the way in and all the way out. You’re screaming in earnest now, screaming into my sheets for me to fuck you harder. I shove it in all the way, and stay there for a minute, moving it around inside you, before I pull it out and push it all the way back in. You’re grabbing at my sheets and pulling at the restraints.

“FUCK YES BABY! JUST LIKE THAT! DON’T STOP!” The harness is hitting my clit with every thrust into your wet pussy, and I’m close to cumming myself. I have one of my hands around your neck and one on your hips, pulling you back onto my huge strap-on cock. I’m ramming in and out of you, with the plug still in your ass.

I can tell you’re getting close, and there’s no going back this time. So I keep fucking you, mercilessly, while you scream, “FUCK YES! FUCK ME HARD BABY! I’M SO CLOSE!” I reach around and start rubbing your clit, while still pounding your pussy. The back of the dildo is ramming into my clit and I know I’m going to cum soon as well.

My mouth is right at your ear and I moan, “Cum for me, baby,” as you scream, “FUCK YES! I’M CUMMING!” I push into you one more time, and I start cumming myself.

We can barely move, but I pull the dildo and plug out of you, and reach down to remove the cuffs from your ankles. I hop on the bed, un-do your wrists and pull you up on the bed with me. We collapse together, on the pillows and pull the sheet over us. I pull you close and start drawing lazy circles on your back. I know you always enjoy it, which is fine with me because I never get tired of doing it. “Wow,” … “I know. I missed that…And I missed you.” “I missed you too baby.”

Stay tuned for the next chapter, The Morning After! :)

*No lesbian or bisexual women were harmed in the making of this story*

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