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I’m sitting on the end of the table, waiting for the knock on the door. My pulse is racing, and I take a deep breath, trying to relax. It doesn’t matter how many times my feet have been in the stirrups. I get nervous every time.

The paper beneath me crinkles when I move. I try to stay still, mostly because the paper shirt I’m wearing gapes in the front, and the paper towel covering my bottom half doesn’t stay put. My back is cold, making me shiver.

I clasp the front of the paper shirt tighter, trying to keep my bare breasts from being exposed to the chilly, antiseptic air. My nipples are already erect from the anticipation of the doctor’s clinical touch. Last year her hands were cold against my skin. They warmed only slightly as her fingers prodded my flesh, circling closer and closer to my nipples. I remember that her eyes were closed. I wondered if she did that to make me feel more comfortable, or if she could better feel the tissue beneath my skin if she wasn’t looking.

Remembering last year’s exam sends a pang of nervousness through my stomach and brings a dull throb to my clitoris. It’s a familiar pulsing, which feels like arousal, but is really nervous excitement. It’s a sensation that I have associated with a doctor’s touch against my genitals since the first time my doctor put his hand into my pants to examine me.

I didn’t know what he was doing. All I knew was that his cold hand slipped into my tomato-soup colored pants, under the waistband on my panties, and rested on my privates.

I never wore those tomato-soup pants again. My crotch throbbed every time I saw them in the bottom drawer of my dresser.

I think back to my first trip to the gynecologist. I was prepared for the paper garments and the breast exam. I knew about the stirrups, although I did not know that my legs would be spread so wide apart. I had a vague idea of what a speculum was, but nobody told me how cold the metal blades would be or how uncomfortable it would feel when they were cranked open against my vaginal walls. I knew that the doctor would insert her fingers into my vagina to examine parts she couldn’t see.

But the rectal exam surprised me.

I remember the slipperiness of her fingers as they slowly withdrew from my vagina. I exhaled, thinking it was all over.

I heard the doctor saying that we were almost done. Just a quick rectal exam, and she’d be finished.

She changed her gloves, rubbed a fresh gob of cold lube onto her fingertips, and told me to relax. I tried not to tense up when I felt her cool fingertip resting on my anus. She pushed and pushed again before my sphincter started to yield. I felt her finger slipping inside of me, and my eyes snapped open. She asked if I was OK. I nodded, afraid to speak.

I trembled as she turned her finger, right to left then left to right, inside my rectum. Such a strange sensation. The fullness. The slippery feel of the lubricated glove. The humiliation of having a stranger’s finger sticking through my virgin hole.

Today I wonder if my doctor can tell that I have anal sex sometimes. Will her finger slip in so easily that she’ll know that my anus is used to accepting a much larger intruder? Will she wonder if it’s a hard cock or some sort of sex toy that penetrates me back there?

She can’t possibly know that my first rectal exam awoke the need to have something filling my bottom. She can’t possibly know that the memory of her touch will bring me to orgasm over and over. She can’t possibly know that the humiliation of lying naked on the table, feet in the stirrups, knees spread all the way open, private parts exposed to the air and her eyes fuels my fetish, satisfies my need.

My clit is throbbing, and my pussy is warm and dripping with arousal. I wonder if I’m leaving a wet spot on the paper covering the table. I’m nervous and turned on and excited and embarrassed all at the same time. My hard nipples rub against the paper shirt, and I feel another spasm in my stomach.

I take a deep breath. I tell myself to relax.

Then I hear the soft knock on the door.

The strobe lights reflected off her glasses, obscuring her eyes. From my darkened vantage point across the room, I imagined I was invisible to her. I was caught off guard, then, when her lips curled up into a fey smile. Was she really looking at me? I felt a warm tingle build in my lungs.

She turned her head slightly, allowing me to see those dark umber irises underneath. They were, in fact, pointed directly at me. Her face was bathed in a blanket of crimson.

I smiled back at her weakly. She blinked, then looked away. I thought to divert my gaze as well, but somehow I remained transfixed. There was something oddly familiar about her, something that tickled the depths of my memory in a vague and increasingly vexing way.

I then noticed her getup. Her cloche hat was tipped just so. A lacy tank dress clung to her like Saran Wrap, framing her curves with tailored precision. Those pumps her feet were crammed into didn’t look cheap either, nor did the somewhat garish jewelry dangling from her neck and wrists. It all appeared so fussily considered. Pretenses aside, this was a dyke hookup party; that usually went without saying, but everyone knew that’s what it was at base. Dress-up was purely optional.

Still, I found this girl’s extra effort charming. It spoke to her youth, and looking at her, I was reminded of the days when I felt compelled to do the same. Like her, I once went the extra mile in my presentation, nitpicked every detail. I felt that if I could define myself with fashion, I wouldn’t have to actually explain myself to anyone. In more recent years I’d grown a bit cavalier, perhaps a bit too comfortable with myself. I didn’t have to doll myself up much anymore. These get-togethers drew a lot of regulars, and the women who shared my interests knew where to find me. I rarely went home alone.

Had this girl heard about me? Or was she just naively browsing, unaware of my reputation? I saw her clutch her plastic cup tightly and raise it to her lips. Watching her, it dawned on me that the light beaming down upon her perfectly matched the hue of her ensemble. Red on red, like a chameleon settling into its camouflage. And yet I the same, with my dark grey dress pants and black blouse, laying in the murky shadows.

She suddenly stood up, her head still turned away from me. I took note of her figure. She was fairly short, with a trim upper body and modest bust. From the waist down, things took on a more well-fed appearance, culminating in a rather prominent bubble butt. Even through the loose-hanging drape of her skirt, it was hard to miss. As she turned in profile, it jutted out at a crisp angle.

She took a few short and meandering steps towards me, pausing every so often. I saw her mouth move as if she were talking to herself. She hung her head now, stealing glances at me so quickly that I’d have missed them if I weren’t glaring at her as expectantly as I was. I slowly uncrossed my legs as she approached, and placed my hands on my lap.

As she wandered closer, I squinted, realizing that her long black hair was actually dreaded in places—a strange curveball, I thought. I noticed her raccoon-grade eyeshadow and excessive lip gloss. Glimmering studs ran through two sections of her nose. These details clashed with the abbreviated sophistication of her dress, though of course this was probably just another of her inspired calculations, and I found it charming all the same.

I felt caution creep in, however. At this proximity, I couldn’t determine her age. She honestly looked like she could easily be one of my daughter’s friends, and keep in mind my daughter hadn’t yet graduated from high school. Was this girl even old enough to be in the bar? You’d think the staff would have tightened up door security after last year’s incident, but the Friday bouncer remained notoriously lazy.

The girl’s large eyes glimmered up close, snapping with subtle mischief, topped by strong dark eyebrows. Inhaling dramatically, her lips parted slightly to reveal small, faintly yellowed teeth. She held her smile, stomach contracted as if she were waiting for permission to exhale.

I blinked. I wasn’t sure what to say. I nodded and flashed a grin. She relaxed her posture a bit.

“Hi, I’m Branda,” she said. I detected a curious spot of southern drawl in her speech. I took a quick sip from my cup, then flashed her a grin.

“Hi there,” I said, casually. “My name’s Cat.”

She blushed, looking me up and down. “Oh, nice. I like cats! Or is that short for something?”

“Catheryn, but I prefer Cat,” I said, finishing the last of my vodka tonic hastily and setting the cup on a nearby table. “Nice to meet you, Branda. That’s a pretty name.”

“Oh, thanks! Nice to meet you, too, hehe,” she muttered, bouncing on her heels a bit. There was an awkward pause. I could see her calves tense with each movement, and I noticed that they looked rather toned. I took a chance and seized the opportunity for conversation that they presented.

“Hmm. You’re not a cyclist by any chance, are you?” I asked, glancing down at the exposed portion of her legs. She paused, looked down, and then chuckled again.

“Oh, wow. You’re pretty observant. Um, well I’m not pro…I just ride my bike a lot,” she said, downing the last of her drink almost simultaneously. “Are you?”

I shook my head. “Me? No, I do a few laps around the reservoir on Sundays if I have the time, that’s about it. I should do it more often.”

“That’s cool. I’m a bike junkie. Been riding since I could ride!” she said with a grin. She stared at me as if wanting further validation, tensing her stomach again. I nodded politely. I could smell her cheap alcohol breath and it wasn’t particularly flattering. I also was now a little unsure how attracted I actually was to her; I can be quite fickle, I’ll admit, and something about her manner coupled with her less-than-ideal age was beginning to disappoint me.

“So…” she said, looking around. The bass of the trashy dance music rumbled underneath us dramatically for a moment before settling into an ignorable throb. I leaned back, my hands now on my lap. I took a deep breath.

“So!” I returned, smiling more exaggeratedly. I brushed a minuscule speck of lint off of my sweater for no particular reason.

“So, Cat. Who do you know here?” she asked.

“Everyone and no one,” I said. She tittered. I narrowed my eyes. “Hmm. If you don’t mind me asking, Branda, how old are you exactly?” I asked. I saw her calves bulge again.

Her eyes dodged around the room. I folded my arms and flexed my lips up to a sneer. She caught my cue and stopped, and then exhaled deeply.

“I’m sorry! I just don’t want you to think—”

“How old are you?” I interrupted, my patience waning. As cute as she was, I simply was not in the market for jail bait. I ran my fingers through my hair and stared her down severely.

“Uh, 21,” she said unsurely.

“21?” I asked, searching her face for some kind of clue. She quickly nodded.

“Yes, I am. I mean—actually, I’ll be 21 in about sixty seconds,” she said, looking at the large LED clock hanging from the upper balcony.

I glanced at it. 11: 58 flashed to 11:59.

“Is that so? I guess Alvaro gave you a pass tonight, then?” I asked, incredulous.

“Oh, you mean the door guy? Umm, yeah. Okay, I’ll be honest, I used a fake ID to get in, just because. But I’m going to get a real ID first thing tomorrow, promise!” she said, quickly looking around her to make sure no one overheard her admission.

“I see. Then happy birthday, Branda,” I said.

“Thank you, Cat!” she let out. She stood still, staring at the clock while crimping her fingers. Finally it flashed midnight, and a joyous peep escaped her shiny lips. “Yay! Alright, so I’m 21 now. That means…um,”

“Yes?” I said, exhaling deeply.

“So uh. I was gonna ask. Do you remember me?” she said, anxiously fiddling with her necklace.

I shook my head no. I wondered if she could see the soft lie in my gesture, the glimmer of stifled recognition in my eyes. She seemed undeterred, in any case. I did recognize her somehow, but the word “remember” implied something more than that.

“You don’t remember last Friday?” she said. She ducked her head down close to mine, her knotty hair swinging back and forth in tandem with the bling dangling from her neck. I mentally replayed my previous Friday night at the bar…

I remembered being approached by a woman approximately in her 40′s who introduced herself as Letitia. I’d seen her on the periphery for a few months, and we’d made some telling eye contact, but it took her some time to find her way to me. When she finally came up, we chatted for about five minutes, though I can’t recall what about.

Whatever it was aroused both of us, that much I know. I then guided her into one of the lockable bathrooms. When she turned quietly and bent over in front of me, we both knew why; as I’ve said, I’ve got a solid reputation. I pulled up her skirt to reveal her predictably bare bottom. It was flat and pasty like the rest of her, but I wasn’t feeling particular at the moment.

Approving of it, I slicked my fingers up with liquid soap from the disposer, and within a few minutes my fist was wrist-deep in her rectum. She orgasmed fairly quickly, leaving my fingers slightly soiled in the process, though this didn’t bother me. As I washed my hands in the sink, she stood in the mirror next to mine fixing herself up with a large smile on her face.

I remember that awkward moment where “Letitia” tried to kiss me, but I pried her off of me as politely as I could. I wasn’t in for that kind of thing. if she’d had asked around the bar a bit more, she would have known that in advance. I’m married, and I just do this for the release—I get enough kisses and hugs at home.

I could see the dejection in her eyes, and was a bit sympathetic to it, but I had my boundaries. To soften the blow, I told her that she could come back for another examination any time she pleased. I said it as sweetly as I could, even though deep down I wished she wouldn’t take me up on the offer; I’m not too fond of return customers unless they’re extraordinary. In any event, my encouragement seemed to hearten her a bit, though I sensed I may never see her again. She seemed to get the hint. She wasn’t there the night I met Branda, in the least.

That was my only strong memory from last Friday night, and this young Branda was definitely not anything like the woman in my recollection. So I could not for the life of me know why she would have any recollection of us talking previously. I shook my head to her question.

“No, dear, you must be thinking of someone else. I’ve never spoken to you before.”

“But, you have! Ms. Weiss, you have to remember me, I—”

“How did you know my last name?” I shot at her severely. My heart began beating faster.

“Oh…” she began, then bit her lip.

My mind started to race. The only person in the bar who I’d ever given my full name to was Lena, one of the bartenders. But she doesn’t work Fridays, so there’s no way this girl could have gotten it from her—or was there? I always figured that if rumor ever got out about me and my profession, Lena would be to blame. But that would go against everything I knew about her. Lena was as trustworthy as they come. Plus, I knew just as many potentially defamatory details about her life as she did about mine. In any case it didn’t make sense for her to blab to some random, clueless 20 year old.

“Tell me,” I repeated. “Tell me how you know my name.”

“I don’t know,” she said unconvincingly.

“Tell. Me,” I said, flexing my upper lip.

There were very few functions where she’d have access to my last name. Wait staff taking my credit at a restaurant, okay. Behind the counter at a DMV, okay. But I couldn’t think of many other legal ways. Or, more accurately, the only other way I could think of was so unfathomable that I merely did not even want to entertain it. And, then, the unfathomable came from her lips.

“Because…you saw me last week. In your office. You’re a doctor, right?”

I froze, then looked away. I wanted to deny it, but she was right. I was a specific kind of doctor, too: a colorectal surgeon. Proctology was (and still is) my calling in life, strange as it seems.

I shifted in my seat, lips pursed. I knew that my non-answer would tip her off, but I wasn’t about to out myself in public. I just waited for her to continue. She crouched before me and put both hands on my knees. Every muscle in my body tensed.

“You are. I know it! You saved my life…” she said. “You really did. You don’t remember?”

Suddenly I recalled who she was.

Last week at work, a young college-aged girl had come in with an emergency. She’d inserted a vegetable into her anus—a relatively small butternut squash, if I recall correctly, which is still fairly big by nature—and it had traveled so far up her rectum that she couldn’t retrieve it. I’d extracted plenty of anorectal foreign bodies in my time, so nothing about my initial interaction with Branda stood out in my mind.

When I’m at work, none of my kinks apply; I am all business, and details about one-time emergency patients usually exit my mind the minute they’re out of sight. But with Branda’s reappearance, it began to dawn on me not only had she enjoyed her medical experience, but she was stalking me for more, and this flustered me. It also had the strange side-effect of turning me on, which I found slightly disturbing.

Reflecting for a moment, I did recall sensing something strange in her demeanor during the operation, something oddly lascivious in place of where ordinary concern, fear or discomfort would have been a more normal response to the probings she’d undergone. But, again, when you see as many asses in one week as I typically do, you stop trying to psychoanalyze your patients and just get to the task at hand.

“Yes, I do,” I said curtly. “But whatever you have in mind, forget it. I don’t know how you found me here, but I don’t appreciate being stalked. Please, leave me alone.”

I saw her face immediately droop.

“But…” she began. “I’m sorry for stalking…I mean, all I did was follow you after work that day, but it’s not like I’m, y’know, hacking your emails or anything.”

“What?” I said, fighting the urge to stand up in outrage and cause a scene. The bar was only a 15 minute walk from my office, yes, but I never imagined anyone would trail me like that. I wasn’t exactly in the closet about being a lesbian, but I did want to remain discrete about my particular sexual practices as much as I could, especially since they correlated with my professional interests so closely.

“Wait, you mean you didn’t think it was hot?” Branda said.

“No,” I said.

I could tell she’d come too far to give up so easily. She took a step closer, daring to place a hand on my shoulder. “I mean, it hurt like hell…and it was really embarrassing, I’ll admit that,” she said. “But, come on. You didn’t enjoy…feeling inside, so deep. Feeling me stretch…”

“Oh god. Go now, dear,” I said, a twitch rolling up my spine. I pulled away, releasing her hand from me. “I think you’ve got the wrong person.”

I’d had a very distinguished professional career up to that point, and I wasn’t about to jeopardize it by talking to some tipsy college girl. I knew I had to put up clear boundaries, whatever her intent was.

“I’m sorry—” she let out, her eyes beginning to water. She began to turn away. Her sudden, almost innocent-seeming reaction took me by surprise, and almost made me forget how sketchy she was being.

“Wait, hold on,” I said in a hushed voice.

Why did I say that? I couldn’t tell. I’d just nearly managed to get her off of me, and yet I was calling for her to stay a moment longer. Maybe it was the alcohol, though I hadn’t had much. Maybe it was just the power of her charms working, as skeptical as I was.

I unthinkingly reached into my pocket, and pulled out one of my business cards. I pressed it into her hand. “Here’s my contact,” I said.

“Wh…what?” she said, confused. Frankly I confused myself as well, but arousal began to realize itself within me as those little dirty words flitted through my mind—”feeling me stretch.” I enjoyed hearing them spoken with that little country twang, falling from the mouth of this doll-faced little tart. connected them in my mind to the image of that fat, filthy veggie. My vividly soiled rubber gloves.

Other images came back to me—the pink rim of her elastic sphincter as it widened under the pressure of my dilator. The vivid details of the proctoscope as it traveled deep into the membranous darkness of her impacted bowels.

And then the smells—the heady fragrance wafting from her her gaping asshole, lingering in the air. The bittersweet scent of her sweat as it trickled down the small of her back, parting into two streams along the widely split ravine of her crack.

I shook my head, pulling myself back into the moment. When my eyes locked with hers again, I saw her in a totally different light. A green light.

“I can’t see you here. Come during business hours,” I said as calmly as I could, my mind swirling.

She looked at the card in her hand, then back at me, and finally a smile began to return to her face.

“Oh…so you mean, I should make an appointment?”

I nodded quickly. “Yes. Now go,” I said.

She bobbed her head in understanding, laughing nervously. “Oh, wow. Yes…Miss!” she said, turning on her heels. “I’ll…call…first thing Monday.”

I looked away, fearing someone would hear us. I’d developed a very good sense of when I was being eavesdropped upon, and a particular dyke hovering near me was well-known for being nosy. One thing about that bar was that everyone gossiped. I was walking on thin ice at this point, so I picked up my cell phone and pretended to busy myself. Branda thankfully got the hint, and by the time I looked up again, she was gone.

As of this writing, she hasn’t called.

I believe I’ll remember her as “the one that got away.” I didn’t even know I wanted her for certain until it was too late. That was over two years ago, so I doubt she ever will ever return to the bar.

I wondered, did she slip that veggie inside of her just to get the attention? Was this a pattern, and were there unsuspecting proctologists all over town who she secretly crushed on after painful extractions over the operating table? I may never know.

Perhaps never knowing is for the best. But in the wake of that bizarre encounter, I found myself taking more interest in my female patients, especially ones I suspected could be bi or lesbian. I began asking them about their lives more, something I’ve never done naturally.

I’ve never been an extrovert, but something about my experience with Branda bridged a gap for me I feel just slightly more invested now that I know my profession can, in fact, draw a few crazy moths to my flame.

Back at the bar, I’ve since decided to light up my murky little corner a bit. I bought a little red night light, and I plug it into the wall right next to my usual seat next to the bar.

It’s the same color red that Branda wore, and think I’ll leave it on until she returns.

The End

(This story features characters from the Eighth season of the television show House MD)

Dr. Remy Hadley entered Princeton Plainsboro teaching hospital brusquely, striding through the unusually quiet main entrance. Instead of the normal throng of Nurses and patients, only a single receptionist was on duty. Thirteen carried two coffees from the café across the street. It was late in the day and she had been their last customer.

The young Doctor barely recognized the hospital these days. Foreman had made his mark and a lot of the old regime had changed, from the staff that worked there to the colors of the walls. Thirteen liked the changes. A lot had also happened in her life since leaving the place behind.

The young Doctor was a new woman, hell few people even referred to her by that nickname anymore. Physically Thirteen was still toned and lithe. No longer officially on staff her trademark lab coat was gone, replaced by a green leather jacket. Short, light and tight, it suited her well. Beneath this her standard tank top and tight charcoal jeans combo emphasized her lean physique, whilst thigh high leather boots complimented the ensemble. The young woman’s hair was the most major change in her physical appearance; Thirteen now preferred Blonde highlights and a shorter, wavier style. The makeover had reinvigorated the young woman and this helped her to exude an air of careless confidence. No girl was off the menu.

The blonde was back in the hospital to consult on another of House’s cases. She often did freelance work with him and his new team, giving the odd insight when she could. The work kept her busy now that life was effectively on her own terms, allowing Thirteen to fraternize freely with her colleagues. Tonight she had found a window to indulge a plan she’d been sitting on for some time, even voluntarily taking the night shift from Chase to get to her target.

As Thirteen arrived at House’s office she spotted her prey. Dr. Jessica Adams sat at the glass table, hunched over the files of their most recent patient. Her colleague was tired and lost in thought, big brown eyes trawling through pages of medical notes attempting to spot something she’d missed. Thirteen smiled, recognizing the frustration the girl was experiencing just from her frowning face. Many times she’d spent hours searching for the answers to the impossible mysteries they attempted to solve. Now that Thirteen didn’t officially work here she felt less inclined to put herself through the experience, instead being free to enjoy the other Doctor’s misery.

Thirteen squeezed the shoulders beneath her as she leant over the brunette to place the coffee on top of her open file. Adams looked up surprised and then smiled, recognizing House’s prodigal daughter.

“How goes it?” Thirteen asked, beginning to massage the girl’s tense neck. The girl groaned contentedly, the blonde Doctor had talented hands. Being new Adams had no idea Thirteen was an infamous lesbian, enjoying the massage for what she believed it to be, just an innocent back rub.

“Not great” the girl replied forlornly, “I cant see through this mess anymore, I’m just going round in circles.”

Thirteen moved from behind Adams, perching on the edge of the glass table so that she could stare down at the young girl.

The young brunette was hot and she knew it. Long wavy hair framed the pretty face and complimented her darker skin tone. Soft puckered pink lips formed a silent ‘O’ and oozed sexuality. A loose red scoop neck top did little to hide the waiflike body beneath, draping over her shoulder to reveal the blue strap of a bra underneath. A thick leather belt hemmed in the top, also dangling around her slim waist. Tight black leggings encased her long slender limbs whilst hugging and emphasizing pert round butt cheeks. Light brown pumps completed the look.

It was hard not to stare, never mind feign concern, but the prize was worth the effort in this case, so Thirteen replied kindly:

“I get that. These cases always suck but your reading too much into it. There is nothing to do now other than measure this guy’s vitals hourly and keep an eye on him till morning. Lucky for you I’m here to keep you distracted.”

“Why did you come in?” Adams asked, eyes quizzical, “House didn’t ask for a consult and even if he had, he’s not here to berate your ideas. And isn’t it kind of late for a social visit?”

“Its kind of embarrassing” replied Thirteen, pretending to avoid the girl’s eyes, “I’m doing medical tests for a pharmaceutical company within the hospital. Problem is the results are due in tomorrow and I don’t have enough findings. It involves an experimental procedure still in development, a different technique to the standard tests and to be honest I was hoping to find a more experienced member of the team like Taub or Chase to help me out.”

The Blonde waited for the girl to take the bait, which she did, almost instantly.

“You need help practicing something? The brunette was far more animated now, itching at a chance to prove herself: “I’m not busy at the moment, the patient is stable and he’s had no reactions to the drugs. So I’ve got nothing to do anyway.” Adams paused sitting up: “If you need a consult, I’m your woman!”

“Well, its an invasive procedure, I really need more of a practice patient who can tell me if I’m on the right path…I shouldn’t really have said anything, its confidential after all and too much to ask. Not many Doctor’s are comfortable enough to let others perform on them.”

Although hesitant, it was clear the young brunette was thinking as she took a long sip from her coffee. Thirteen smiled, she had detected Dr. Adams weaknesses in the time she had worked with her. In fairness, most of her vulnerabilities could also be interpreted as strengths under other circumstances.

The Doctor loved overcoming a challenge, whether it was healing a patient or beating Dr. Park at another of House’s games. The girl threw herself into work, spending most of her personal time and energy in the Free Clinic, gaining extra experience by tending to the helpless. And that fed another potential weakness, vanity. The brunette loved the idea of herself as a hero to the sick and needy. The volunteering and charity work was all proof of that. Together the factors suggested she was nothing more than a spoilt rich kid with a chip on her shoulder. Why else become a Doctor with all of her resources?

Together these weaknesses helped Thirteen to manipulate the girl before her. How could she say no to a friend in need? Especially if it fed her ego and perhaps even furthered her own career.

“But this procedure is harmless right? No chance of complications?”

Thirteen’s smile widened: “None at all, I just need to ensure my technique is up to scratch, nothing dangerous.”

“Well then what are we waiting for?” Adams exclaimed, grabbing her tweed jacket from the back of her chair as she stood to leave, closing the file on the table.

“Thanks Adams, I didn’t think you would be up for this,” Thirteen stated, feigning sincerity. In reality she had predicted the girl’s reaction, staying two steps ahead. House’s teachings were invaluable to her now.

“Just lead the way. And by the way, call me Jessica, all my friends do.”

“Well everyone seems to call me Thirteen, kind of an obvious nickname I know, but it stuck around here.” They both laughed and Thirteen led the other girl out of the office to the elevator. Two levels down they enter the Psych ward and Thirteen crossed the hall opening the door to a pre-prepared suite.

“You want to do this down here? We’re not messing with psychotropic drugs are we? I don’t want my mind melted.” Jessica joked, but seemed slightly concerned, so Thirteen assured her they were only borrowing equipment.

Inside the room was clinically white and sparsely furnished. A padded patient examination cot was bolted to the floor in the centre of the floor space, left fully reclined to form a bed. Cabinets lined one wall and a separate room contained an ensuite toilet. Angled towards the bed was a digital camera on a tripod.

“Wow, you seem awfully prepared,” Adams said, examining the equipment around them, surprise registering on her pretty face.

“What, the camera? I just need to document what happens for later reference.” Thirteen was not entirely lying; she did want a record of this. Just not for study. More for her own pleasure.

“Ohh-kay” said the brunette, who hadn’t expected these conditions. “Where do you need me?”

First Thirteen had Jessica record a statement to the camera, sitting on the edge of the bed, giving her full name and credentials. This was all designed to simply lull the girl into a sense of security whilst polishing her ego. What could be better for the self-important charity girl than to talk about herself and her achievements?

As Adams talked Thirteen replaced her jacket with a lab-coat and tied her hair back, all-adding to the illusion. She then went to a cabinet and retrieved her extra special gel. The blonde had used the stuff on other girls, its intoxicating effects allowing her to play with them endlessly. The formula was a harmless extra strength aphrodisiac Thirteen had discovered through her research in college. When applied to a woman’s most private erogenous zones the gel was especially effective.

Once Jessica was done Thirteen came over to the brunette rolling up her sleeves.

“Now, I need to do a whole body examination to ensure you have no prior issues with your health.”

Dr. Adams was stunned, replying indignantly: “I’m not stripping naked for you Dr. Hadley! After all this isn’t a sex tape right?”

Both girls laughed, this time nervously.

“Well, since you’re a Doctor I guess I could do the examination with you fully clothed, after all you would tell me if you had any symptoms right?”

“Of course,” Adams said, although she was still a little apprehensive, so Thirteen continued: “Jessica, your not self conscious are you? I thought you’d be okay… its just us girls after all.”

The young brunette blinked feigning offense: “Me? Not at all, I was just surprised. That’s fine.”

She reached for her belt before Thirteen stepped forward and helped her:

“Let me, I can check your nodules as I go, save time and embarrassment.”

The brunette relinquished control of her body, loosening her stance to give Thirteen free access to her limbs. So the blonde got to work, first unbuckling the belt and pumps and placing them in one of the wall cabinet’s draws. Then she began feeling Adams luscious body, Thirteen pretending to search for bumps or marks as she moved behind the helpless brunette, groping the girl’s bottom, rubbing Adam’s cheeks and legs appreciatively through the fabric of her leggings.

The Doctor then began moving up the tensed body, fingers lightly lifting the hem of Adam’s low cut blouse to inspect her midriff and lower back before moving around her front. The brunette shivered as her boobs were exposed to the air and the dyed blonde’s gaze. Thirteen ogled the impressive cleavage as she inspected the goods, pretending to check for any signs or issues whilst groping and lifting her globes. Jessica averted her gaze from Thirteen’s striking blue eyes, embarrassment finally overtaking her. Her breasts had swelled in the half-cup bra and her nipples hardened. The Doctor’s cheeks turned red, shocked by her body’s reaction. And Thirteen’s eyes had seemed almost, hungry.

Adams was a little cold like this and more than a little self-conscious. All she was wearing beneath her thin clothing was a pair of stripy pink briefs and a flowery blue bra. If she’d known she was going to be on display like this she would have at least worn matching panties. Thirteen however, loved the sight of her, vulnerable and ill prepared. Perfect. Once she was done, Adams brusquely pulled down her top, glad the inspection was over.

The brunette shivered, crossing her arms for warmth. Thirteen gave Adams her warmest smile as she crossed to an incubator and began warming the gel that she had transferred into a large rubber bag.

“Please just bend over the end of the bed whilst this heats up.” Thirteen stated firmly. Jessica did as she was told, glad to be getting on with things. The bed was low and she had to arch her back to assume the position, and she found her bottom was now at a raised angle. Thirteen then stepped over and, grasping one of Adams’ hands and began strapping the young Doctor to the cot.

“Is this really necessary?” exclaimed an exasperated Adams, feeling the leather buckle being tightened around her wrist: I’m cooperating!”

“Just following procedure,” responded Thirteen moving around the cot to fasten down Adams other arm: “patients tend to move about a lot when the cleanser is administrated.”

“Wait, I-I should have asked. Cleanser? Administered to where?”

“Into your rectum of course,” Thirteen replied grinning to herself as she bent down to tie the young brunette’s ankles to the cot’s legs: “This is an experimental enema which cleanses you lower digestive tract. Harmless like I said.”

Adam’s paled, rendered speechless by Thirteen finally revealing the true nature of the test. She realised now she probably should have asked earlier about what was expected of her, but she trusted the other Doctor, who had taught her all the ins and outs of working for House. So she wanted to pay her back in any way she could, even if that meant letting the other woman play with her privates.

Whilst Adams was distracted, still wiggling in her restraints, Thirteen retrieved the rubber bag which had got nice and hot inside the incubator. The blonde then found an IV stand and hung the bag from it, the contents sloshing around inside, looser now that it was practically steaming. Thirteen was relying on that. Next she attached a long pipe to a corner of the bag clamping it in place. Finally she retrieved a long narrow black nozzle. Jessica’s eyes widened upon seeing it and she tried to moves up on her elbows, attempting to get a better look.

Thirteen spoke to lower the nerve of the clearly nervous Doctor tied down before her: “I need to evaluate your reaction to the enema as it enters your system. Just try to relax, this is perfect really, who better to inform me than a fellow Doctor?”

Adams, determined to please her friend, smiled back at the older girl, before replying : “I’ll do the best I can for you, after all I owe you for everything you’ve done for me.”

“Your welcome and don’t worry, you can handle a small enema. How many of these have you given to patients?? It’s a simple procedure and you’re a professional. At some point you’ll have to do this. Besides we’re friends. Better with me than some stranger.”

Adams smiled back more warmly this time, glad to have a true friend in this unstable place. This favour was a little odd, but she’d promised and the young brunette’s pride always got the better of her. Proving herself to her peers, becoming a better Doctor, it was all she had ever wanted.

“Let’ do it. Just be gentle with me. I don’t want any screw ups in that department.”

Thirteen laughed: “Just keep your head down and your legs apart, I’ll do all the work” she said, becoming more business-like. “All you have to do is hold still and tell me what your experiencing. And I’ll stop if there are any problems. It’s a piece of cake, really.”

Jessica nodded, lowering her chest and midriff till she was flush with the bed spread and stretching her back. Then she widened her stance as much as she could, giving the blonde easy access to her nether regions. Thirteen moved around the cot till she was behind the completely vulnerable Doctor. The older Blonde relished the spoilt rich girl’s humiliating position as she attached the long nozzle to the hose. Then she placed her hands on the girl’s rump and began peeling down Adam’s tight leggings, slipping the garment down the long tensed legs, revealing stripy pink briefs beneath. These she pulled them down just enough to expose part of her crack and the cute little rosebud in-between. She pressed the tip of the nozzle against the other Doctor’s anus.

“Ohhh that’s cold” Jessica exclaimed, shocked to feel the tool in until now a very off-limits area.

Thirteen sighed, quickly bringing the thin tube to her lips, sucking on it. This both warmed the tool and soaked the thing with her saliva. She then lowered it back into position, this time taking no mercy.

Adams gasped as she felt the nozzle being worked between her cheeks. The sensation was weird enough for her to want to run away. Instead she blew at the wavy brown bangs that had fallen across her face, gritting her teeth. She was Dr. Jessica Adams. No challenge beat her.

Once the nozzle was deeply embedded in the vulnerable sphincter before her, Thirteen reached for the clamp below the bag of formula and looked down at the helpless, yet still defiant Doctor. She smiled turning the tap and squeezing the bag. This would break her.

Hot goo sprayed Jessica’s tight back passage, spattering her inner walls and soon spreading deeper. The brunette shuddered, gasping as the gel penetrated her anus and shot further into her reclining form, deeper and deeper. Soon she felt it pooling in her bowels. The liquid poured down her back passage and Adams pressed her face into the cot’s padding, struggling to accommodate the strange substance. Despite her best efforts, her belly was tightening.

“How are you feeling?’ Thirteen asked, walking around the bed and crouching to look Adams in the face.

It’s, its… f-fine, I can handle this. It’s just so Hot!” She exclaimed her hips twitching. Although the brunette referred to the gel’s temperature, another deeply unwanted heat had flared within her. Unknown to Jessica her horniness would rise as her belly filled, the gel’s purpose actually to intensify arousal exponentially.

“Are you sure your okay? Because I can massage your stomach to ease the tension if you want?” Thirteen asked; she was also finding the situation arousing, one of her hands unconsciously straying to her crotch.

“Ohhh… No, I’m fine, no need to… Ahhh…” Thirteen hadn’t waited for an answer, leaning over the side of the bed, the blonde using her other hand to massage and squeeze the girl’s troubled abdomen. All Jessica could do was take the assault, which was actually considerably pleasurable, easing both her cramps and the heat that was spreading through her loins, leaving her breathless. Thirteen did however, slip her hand lower, until she breached the rim of Adam’s briefs. And still she slipped lower.

Jessica became acutely aware that soft. female fingers had now begun rubbing and dipping in between her swollen pussy lips. With her arousal spiking, the brunette found she was enjoying the inappropriate sensual massage immensely, although she was shocked this was an approved treatment. Also feeling somewhat full back there, she felt she had to ask:

“Are we almost finished?”

“Nearly there” Thirteen replied, although she grinned devilishly. Evidence of the increasing effects of the aphrodisiac was obvious throughout Adams’ body. Her eyes were now unfocused, her brow furrowed. By now she was most of the way through the contents of the rubber bag. Adams was also biting her lip and tentatively rubbing her thighs together, slowly so not to draw the older blonde’s attention.

“Thirteen smirked before wringing out the rubber bag’s contents, shooting what was left of the gel deeper into Jessica’s bowels. The brunette exhaled sharply and screwed her eyes shut.

Adams was dazed and unbearably hot, creating a predicament for the younger Doctor who wanted to appear professional. This was getting increasingly weird, seeing as she was strapped to a cot, desperately needed the toilet and was incredibly horny. Thirteen removed the nozzle slowly. Now she just had to wait until Adam’s reached a boil. It wouldn’t take long.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy, which depicts explicit, somewhat kinky, sex between consenting monogamous adults. If this subject matter offends you in any way, please do not read further.

The fantasy had been floating around in Theresa’s mind for quite a while. It started out as a series of mental images when she was masturbating in the bath, but unlike most fleeting fantasies, this one captured her imagination completely. It found it’s way into her dreams, and kept revisiting her in her waking hours. Gradually, her mind fabricated an elaborate role play fantasy, and it wouldn’t let her go.

Eventually, she decided to act out the fantasy with her husband, Gary. She gathered the costume and supplies she needed and waited until Friday morning. She and Gary had no plans for the evening – at least as far as he knew. They had all evening to play with no interruptions. Theresa slipped a card into Gary’s briefcase while he was pouring his morning coffee. He wouldn’t find it until he got to work this morning.

Gary managed to survive his morning commute once again, and settled down at his desk. He opened up his briefcase and found an appointment card. He didn’t remember making a doctor’s appointment, but it had today’s date and an appointment time of 5:30 PM. He looked more closely at the card and noticed his “appointment” was with Doctor Theresa Wells – his wife’s maiden name. The office address listed was their home. He wondered briefly what was going on, but figured Theresa had some little game planned. Her role plays usually turned into mind-blowing sex sessions, so he tucked the card into his pocket and looked forward to the end of the work day.

Theresa had been fantasizing about acting out a scene as Gary’s doctor and examining him intimately. Gary was somewhat shy about his body. He didn’t really like going to the doctor; he said he was always uncomfortable stripped of his clothes in a cold examining room while a stranger poked and prodded his body. He said it felt so impersonal and humiliating. This evening, she would be the doctor and she would be in complete control of their “appointment.”

Theresa cleared the dining room table and moved most of the chairs to another room. She gathered the supplies she had collected and transformed the dining room in to a “doctor’s office.” She didn’t go overboard with medical charts and such, but she covered the table with a pad and sheet and laid out her medical supplies on a tray. As the final touch, she set up their card table as her “desk.”

Once the “doctor’s office” was set up, Theresa tried to keep herself busy for the rest of the day. If she allowed herself to too much time to think about her plans for the evening, she would wind up spending the entire day in bed masturbating. She tried to concentrate on her everyday mundane chores to save her sexual energy for later.

Halfway through the morning, Gary began to get distracted. He had been sitting in a meeting for a half hour and realized he really had no idea what was being discussed. His mind kept wandering to the appointment card in his pocket. He was picturing Theresa in a “naughty nurse” costume, fawning over her “patient” and couldn’t wait to get home and get started. He was pretty sure this was going to feel like the the longest work day ever.

At 3:00, Gary’s desk phone rang. He answered and a familiar voice on the other end asked “Is this Mister Gary Neal?” “Yes,” Gary answered, “this is Mister Neal.” Apparently, Theresa was already in character to start her role play.

“This is Doctor Wells’ office. I’m calling to confirm your appointment for 5:30 this afternoon,” he heard. “Will you be able to make it, Mister Neal?”

“Yes, I’ll be there,” Gary answered.

“Good,” the voice on the line said. “We’ll see you at 5:30 then Mister Neal. Have a good day in the meantime.”

If anything, after the phone call Gary had an even harder time concentrating on work. It was a good thing he didn’t have anything important due before next week, or he would never be able to get it done.

Meanwhile, Theresa drew a hot bath and settled in to relax. She lay back in the hot water and allowed her fantasy to take over her thoughts. She let her hands roam over her body as her fantasy played out in her mind. Her touch felt electric. Her fingers barely brushed her labia and clit before she shuddered in her first orgasm of the day. Any other day she might have allowed herself the luxury of another climax, but this time she decided to save it until after Gary came home.

She climbed out of the tub and toweled herself dry. She didn’t spend a lot of time with makeup, since she wanted to be in character for Gary. She put on a simple, white push-up bra and dressed in the blue medical scrubs she bought for the occasion. A white lab coat completed her outfit. She checked the clock and saw that it was only 4:40. Damn! She still had nearly an hour to wait.

Finally, 5:00 came. Gary had cleared his desk early, so he grabbed his briefcase and hurried to the car. He had a hard time keeping to the speed limit on the drive home, but somehow he managed to make it without getting into an accident. The dash clock read 5:27 as he pulled into the driveway. He grabbed his briefcase and walked in the front door.

Theresa greeted Gary in the foyer with her right hand extended. “Good afternoon, Mister Neal,” she said. “I’m Doctor Wells. I’m glad you’re on time. You’re my final appointment of the day.”

Gary reached out and took “Doctor Well’s” hand. He took in her outfit as they shook hands. Not quite the hot nurse number he pictured, but it was her role play after all. She had him put his briefcase next to the door and led him to her “office.”

“I see you’re here for a routine physical,” Theresa said. “If you’ll just remove your clothes, I’ll be back in a few minutes to start. I’m afraid our laundry service didn’t show up this week, so we’re all out of gowns. I hope that won’t be a problem.” She turned and left the room, not waiting for an answer

Gary undressed quickly and folded his clothes, laying them over the back of a chair. He sat down and waited for Theresa to return. After about five minutes, he started fidgeting. He felt strangely uncomfortable sitting alone, stark naked in the dining room.

Finally, Theresa returned holding a clipboard. “I’m sorry for the delay Mister Neal,” she said. “I was just letting my nurse know that I wouldn’t need her any more today. I see it’s been some time since your last physical. Do you have any particular concerns?”

“No,” Gary answered. “Nothing out of the ordinary. I feel generally pretty healthy”

“Good,” she said. “Let’s go ahead and get started then. I have to get your vitals. If you’ll just step onto the scale.” Gary stepped onto the bathroom scale next to the table and watched as the numbers came to a stop at 170 pounds.

“Well, with your height of 5’10″ that’s a good weight,” Theresa said. “Take a seat on the end of the table and I’ll get your blood pressure.” She slipped a blood pressure cuff over his left arm and turned it on. When it stopped, she noted the reading on her clipboard. “120 over 77, that’s just about perfect,” she said.

“Now I need to get your temperature,” she said as she removed a glass thermometer from the pocket of her lab coat.

Gary opened his mouth as she shook down the mercury in the thermometer, and Theresa laughed. “I don’t think you’d want this in your mouth if you knew where it’s been,” she said. She held up the thermometer in her fingers and he saw the pear shaped bulb at the end. “This goes in the other end,” she chuckled. “Just bend over the end of the table.”

Gary climbed down from the table and bent over the end, laying his chest flat on the table. He heard Theresa snapping a glove on her hand behind him. She squirted some lube on the bulb of the thermometer and spread his cheeks with the fingers of one hand. Gary flinched when the cold, lube-covered glass bulb came in contact with his anus.

“Take a deep breath and let it out,” Theresa told him. As he exhaled, she slipped the cold glass into his rectum and let his cheeks close on it. She left one gloved hand across his cheeks, holding the thermometer between her fingers. “We don’t want to lose this,” she joked. “It would be an embarrassing visit to the emergency room.”

Gary waited a very long five minutes with the glass thermometer sticking out of his ass. Theresa twirled it between her fingers every minute or so while they waited for it to register. When she did, it tingled pleasantly. Finally, she pried his cheeks apart again and withdrew the thermometer, handing him a tissue to wipe off the messy lube. “99.6 degrees,” she said as she noted the temperature on her clipboard. “Correcting for rectal temperature, that’s right at normal.”

As he stood and turned around, Theresa placed her clipboard on the card table and pulled a chair up close to him. “Now I need to examine your genitals.” she said.

She cupped his scrotum in a cold, gloved hand, causing it to tighten and wrinkle in her palm. She ran her fingers over his testicles, feeling for any lumps. Once she declared his testes normal, she lifted his penis and retracted the foreskin. She pulled his foreskin back and forth over his glans a few times, causing his cock to start swelling, and lightly probed his urethra with a gloved fingertip, smearing a drop of precum over the head.

“Your penis seems normal,” she said. “It’s not uncommon for my male patients to become a bit aroused during this part of the examination. Frequently they become fully erect, but I noticed you have not. Have you had any trouble with erectile function?” She managed to maintain a convincing clinical detachment.

Gary answered “Not normally. This is just a bit of an embarrassing situation.”

“Good,” she replied. “And do you know what your penis length is when fully erect?”

Gary had to admit that he didn’t know exactly how long it was. “I suppose it’s about average,” he said.

“Well, I need to know the exact length for your record,” Theresa told him. “If you’ll just get it hard, I can go ahead and measure it.”

This caught Gary off guard. Of course he masturbated fairly regularly, but he had never done it in front of his wife, or anyone else for that matter. He never even admitted to her that he ever masturbated. “Umm, can’t you do that for me, doctor” he asked.

“Mister Neal, I am a doctor, not a prostitute.” Theresa scolded. “You’ll just have to take the situation in hand for yourself, so to speak.”

He dropped his eyes toward the floor. She clearly expected him to masturbate himself to erection while she watched. He found the situation quite humiliating.

“Mister Neal, we don’t have all day,” she snapped. “Just masturbate your penis until you get an erection.”

Gary reluctantly wrapped his right hand around his cock and started rubbing it lightly. It started to swell slightly, but wasn’t anywhere near fully hard.

“Are you sure you don’t need a prescription for erectile dysfunction?” Theresa taunted as he tried to coax his reluctant cock to hardness.

“No Doctor, I’ve just never tried to masturbate with anyone watching before,” he answered.

“Well, maybe it would help if you tried to visualize having sex while you fondle yourself,” she said.

Gary closed his eyes and tried to visualize his wife kneeling in front of him taking his cock into her mouth. After a couple of minutes of stroking, his cock finally began to stiffen.

It was all Theresa could do to keep her hands out of her panties as she watched Gary breathlessly. She never thought she would get him to go through with masturbating in front of her, and the sight of him standing there rubbing himself and moaning had her pussy dripping. She picked up a ruler and said, “Alright, you seem to have a fairly decent erection now. Is your penis at its full length?

Gary opened his eyes and looked down. “I suppose it’s pretty close,” he said.

Theresa moved in close, wrapped a gloved hand around his shaft and stroked it a couple of times. He felt her breath on the head of his cock as she examined it up close. He thought she was about to take it in her mouth, so his cock got even harder. Instead, she laid the ruler against the top of his cock and measured it from base to tip. “Five and three quarters inches,” she declared. That’s not porn star material, but it is well within the normal range for an adult male, and now at least we know that you are capable of getting an erection.”

She put her ruler on the card table as she noted the measurement on the clipboard and ignored his erection.

“Alright Mister Neal, I need to perform a rectal examination now,” she declared. “I’ll need you to bend over the table again.”

Gary reluctantly bent over the end of the table again, resting on his elbows. Theresa was moving around behind him, but from his position, he could not see her or what she was doing. He could hear her moving around the room, and a drawer opening and closing. Finally, he heard her footsteps as she moved up behind him. She placed a cool, gloved hand against his ass. “Reach back and spread your cheeks for me please, Mister Neal,” she instructed.

Gary grasped a cheek in each hand and spread them wide. This was exactly the humiliating position he most hated about doctor’s visits. Theresa probed the edge of his anus gently with a fingertip, looking closely at his brown star. She pulled lightly to one side, the rubber of her glove stretching his anus slightly. She leaned in so close that he could feel her breath on his ass and scrotum. His sack tightened and he let out an almost inaudible moan. She patted one cheek firmly and stood up.

Theresa stepped away from the table for a moment. Gary heard her fumbling with something before she moved up behind him again. Suddenly, her fingertip returned, coated in cold, slippery gel. She rubbed it in small circles around his puckered hole, then pushed it smoothly into his ass. The bundles of nerves in his anus sprang to life, tingling warmly. His sack tightened further and drew his balls upward into his body.

She removed her finger before he got a chance to adjust to the intrusion. She squirted more jelly onto his anus, allowing its coldness to slide down onto his balls.

She pressed her gloved finger back into his anus, this time pressing it all the way in. Her fist bumped into the softness of his ass cheeks repeatedly as she continued the “examination.” With each forward stroke she twisted her finger, picking up the pace as she continued drilling it into him.

Next she added a second finger pushing into his hole. She pulled one cheek to the side with her other hand. Soon she began to get the reaction she was looking for. Gary was groaning as she pumped her fingers in his backside. She told him to hush, and spanked his cheek lightly. She reached down and wrapped her hand around his cock. It was stiff and red.

She squirted a large glob of lube into her palm and stroked his cock as she continued pumping her fingers in and out of his ass until he started to rock his hips in time with her thrusts. He was getting close to climax, but she wasn’t ready to let him finish just yet. She released his erection, noting with satisfaction that it was an angry red, and hard as a rock. She had stopped just in time to prevent his impending orgasm.

Theresa spoke up, “I think it’s time to show you how much I appreciate a good patient. ” His heart was pounding, his hips bucking and he was gasping for breath, when she abruptly withdrew her fingers from his ass. “Don’t move,” she ordered.

Once again, he heard her moving behind him, and the rustle of clothing as she untied the drawstring at her waist and pulled down her pants. He shut his eyes, wondering what was next.

When her hands returned to his cheeks, there were no gloves this time. Her warm fingers dug into the flesh of his cheeks. She kneaded the mounds of flesh appreciatively, alternately stroking, lightly spanking, and squeezing. She spread his cheeks apart, and he felt a hard object move in between them. Under her scrubs she had been wearing a leather harness with a slim, realistic dildo attached. At six inches long, her tool was a fraction of an inch longer than his own, but quite a bit more slender than his plump shaft.

She shifted her hips, sliding her fake dick up and down the length of his crack. She moved her thumbs to the rim of his anus, stretching it wide. Finally, she picked up the lubricating jelly and squeezed it over her dildo. He heard the wet squishing sound as she slid her lubed hand wetly up and down, liberally coating the shaft.

With her tool lubed up, she reached down and spread his cheeks wide. The withdrawal of her invading digits had left him feeling empty and anxious. He raised his hips toward her, not entirely without trepidation, but wanting more.

Theresa placed the glistening tip of her dong against Gary’s already slick, puckered opening and paused. She subconsciously took mental snapshots of the incredibly hot scene unfolding before her, images that would no doubt replay in her mind during her masturbation sessions for years to come.

She took her time. She didn’t want to cause her husband any unnecessary pain, and she wanted to revel in her role while giving him time to experience each new sensation. She applied only the slightest forward pressure, causing the rim of his virgin anus to retreat inward before stretching to accommodate the tapered tip of her hard rubber cock.

She wanted to draw the experience out as long as possible. She allowed only half of the head, perhaps 3/4 of an inch, to enter her husband before allowing his tightening sphincter to push it back out. She repeated the tentative penetration over and over until his pucker relaxed enough that her prong slipped wetly and effortlessly in and out.

Gary found the slippery friction incredible. At first, the prospect of losing his anal cherry had been almost terrifying, but Theresa’s slow, patient pace was bringing him exquisite pleasure. His rubbery hole repeatedly stretched and tingled as it accepted the invading tip of her cock. He started to moan contentedly, almost cooing as she teased his opening.

When Gary started to moan, Theresa knew he was ready. On her next forward stroke, she gave her hips a slight extra push and the flared glans of her dildo popped past her husband’s sphincter all at once.

The sudden penetration caught Gary completely by surprise and caused him to yelp and jolt as if she had touched him with a bare electrical wire. Theresa held his hips tightly so he couldn’t retreat from her invasion. The image of his asshole stretched tightly around the shaft of her dildo seared itself into her memory. The normally brownish, puckered skin was stretched so tight that it appeared pink and shiny around the flesh-colored rubber. She remained motionless to allow him to adjust to the object stuffed in his ass.

Pinned to the table and held tightly at the hips as he was, Gary couldn’t escape the obscene invasion of his most private passage. A light sheen of sweat broke out on his forehead as he concentrated on the new sensations. There had been a sudden, fleeting jolt of sharp pain as the widest part of the dildo’s flared head pushed past his sphincter. The pain was quickly replaced by a burning hot, tingling sensation where the tight muscle tightly squeezed her shaft.

As Gary concentrated on the new sensations in his ass and tried to relax, Theresa stroked his hips and backside while offering him gentle words of encouragement, momentarily slipping out of character. “Oh my God,” she said. “You look incredibly hot like this, baby. This is even better than my fantasy.”

The volley of new sensations overwhelmed Gary’s consciousness. Soon, the burning and tingling subsided, replaced by a spreading warmth as his stretched asshole relaxed around his wife’s invading shaft. No sooner had he adjusted to the radiating warmth, than he was consumed by an amazing feeling of fullness. He was astounded by the range of intense new feelings emanating from his ass and tried to relish each one.

This is a fantasy of mine. Yes, I know it may seem strange to some people, but for those who are into such things I hope it’ll be a turn-on. It involves male-on-male, group sex, and forced sex. If you’re not a fan of those things, please don’t continue reading this story. It’s not meant to be a great work of prose, just a fantasy.

As a young, always horny, male I’ve been interested in anal sex for literally as long as I can remember. Even as a young boy I was always interested in asses, male or female, big or little, flat or round. It didn’t matter, if it was an ass I wanted to kiss it and lick it and play with it, and eventually, fuck it. The thought of my cock squeezing in-between two butt cheeks and gliding into that tiny, puckered little hole was too much! I even started exploring my own little puckered love hole and started to have others explore it as I got into my late-teens. If I couldn’t fuck into an asshole I wanted someone to fuck into my asshole. I’ve had a variety of ass-fuck partners over the years; from small, fat cocks that really stretched me out to super long, even freakishly-long cocks that have snaked so far up into me that I was sure they’d do some damage as they pounded and pounded into me and “hit bottom” over and over again. I’ve been gang-raped quite a few times; sometimes I even start things going by teasing drunken guys at a party and by not wearing underwear. And once, I wore panties and made sure I bent over enough times that they showed under my loose gym shorts. Those guys didn’t even pull my shorts off; they just pulled them to one side and took turns fucking and cumming into my abused asshole. I loved it!

I have no idea how this fetish started. I wasn’t abused or molested as a child. We had a great family life and I had regular friends and did well in school. I haven’t got a clue why I turned into such an assman but it has served me well over the years.

I’ve been fucked so much, so hard, and so deep and been stretched out by so many huge, fat, long cocks, and even two cocks at once fucking into my hole. And, because I’ve had so much cum and piss shot into my ass and had so many enemas, either by myself or forced enemas in a shower room full of horny guys, I wanted to see if there was any damage in there so I scheduled a colonoscopy. Since I’m not even 30 yet, let alone 50, my insurance wouldn’t cover it so I had to pay for it myself; but I wanted to make sure things were still fine in my tight little love hole. Well, it turned out that not only are my ass and colon both in perfect shape, but the doctor and his assistant both raped my asshole after the exam!

As I lay half-groggy on my left side on that exam table after having that hose thing snaked way up inside my colon, I heard the door to the exam room being locked and I felt my robe opening up all the way so I was totally naked from behind. The next thing I knew, I felt a cock sliding in and out of my tight little asshole! My hole was already lubricated from the procedure so the doctor’s cock slipped right up my clean little hole. I knew the doctor had something planned for me up by the way he talked to me before the exam. I remember his shaved head and goatee and the way he asked me questions. Some of them seemed to be pretty personal, like if I’ve ever had anal sex or ever had anything inserted in my anus, or ever had an enema. The twinkle in his eye was enough to make me wonder what he had in mind, especially when my answers were all, “yes”. I was to put a loose robe on with the back exposed and another robe on the front to cover up my exposed back, and to keep my shoes and socks on, just until I got to the exam room when the outer robe came off and I got on the table and laid on my left side and the drug started making me drowsy almost immediately. I would have rather been fully aware of the gang rape that I was the subject of because I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more. But, I’m guessing it was more exciting for the doctor and his assistant to have me fading in and out as they used me as their sex toy.

As he fucked into my ass, the doctor’s hands were running all over my naked back, hips, and butt cheeks. I could feel my right butt cheek being pulled far apart, almost like he was trying to really spread them as far apart as he could and really trying to get his cock as far up my hole as he could. His finger was poking into my asshole next to his pumping cock and it was circling my puckered hole as he fucked into me with all his might. He was tightly holding onto me as he stood on the floor with my ass hanging off the edge of the exam table at the perfect height for his cock to do its own personal examination of my colon! His dick slid in and out of my freshly-cleaned and examined little poop hole for a few minutes before he finally unloaded his fresh, hot, doctor cum up inside of it, messing up my formerly-whistle-clean colon!

Just as the dirty doctor plopped his softening cock out of my asshole, causing some of his cum to leak out of my freshly-fucked hole, the young assistant changed places with him. He looked like he was barely 18 years old but he was much faster, harder, and rougher than the doctor was and it seemed like he was surprised that they were doing such a thing to a patient. His cock was much longer than the doctor’s cock was, and even though I was groggy from the drugs I could feel every inch of that thing as it snaked its way up my rectum. He fucked into my ass much harder than the doctor did as he stood there pumping with my ass hanging over the edge of the exam table. His balls were slapping against my bottom, left, cheek as he slam-fucked into my poor little hole like he really meant to punish me and I deserved to be fucked hard! Then, after a few minutes of hammering into me he put one knee up on the exam table and rolled me over so I was on my stomach. My robe was totally open in the back and I was totally naked and half asleep and couldn’t do anything but lay there and be used and abused by these two dirty guys.

He then he got up there on the exam table with me and laid on my naked back, straddling my ass cheeks. He grabbed onto my naked hips and he started hammering in and out of my poor little poop hole, almost like he was punishing me for something. His long cock was slithering way up my colon almost like the scope they just took out of it! He was really slamming into me hard, maybe because of the excitement of it or the fact that he had just seen that my young ass was healthy and clean and could take it. He was really getting a kick out of raping my asshole, putting his fingers in at the same time, really stretching me out. My poor little poop hole probably wasn’t as tight as it was five minutes ago before the doctor just stretched it out and it surely wasn’t as tight as it was when I walked in there that morning after those two had their way with me on that exam table.

The assistant kept hammering against my butt cheeks until he rammed his cock as hard and as far as he could up my ass and shot a huge load of hot sperm up there, mixing it with the dirty doctor’s sperm. The whole time the assistant was fucking my ass, the doctor was waving his cock over my lips and pushing it into my mouth. I was half-asleep so I couldn’t really do much but just lie there. He shot his cum in my mouth after fucking my mouth and throat and his hot cum was dripping from my lips. They both fucked me at least two or three times in that dark exam room and the assistant even pissed in my ass, too! He got up there after the doctor had cummed in me again and just put his cock head in my ass and I was expecting him to start ramming it in as hard and far as he could, but then he just started shooting his hot piss up my ass! It was streaming in like hot jets, shooting into my colon like a pressure washer. He sure was a dirty, nasty one; just how I like them!

Then, after pissing in my ass he put his cock in my mouth to clean it off and he got another hard on and ended up shooing another load of cum down my throat after fucking my mouth at the same time that the doctor was cumming up my ass again, straddling my ass up on the exam table. After he spanked me and fingered my slippery, juicy, cum and piss-filled asshole, the assistant got under me on the table and put his cock up my now-dirty, leaking ass with me lying on his stomach face up. The doctor then held my legs up in the air and slid his cock in my asshole at the same time. They both fucked me hard and they each shot another load of hot cum in my colon at the same time! They had called a janitor in to clean things up a bit and he was obviously in on things because he was soon pissing into my asshole! He didn’t even fuck me yet, he just pulled me over to the side of the exam table and put his fat cock head up my ass and started filling me with his hot piss! It wouldn’t be long before he was fucking me and adding his cum to the dirty mess in my colon. He was the roughest one of the three, really pounding my asshole and slapping my butt cheeks and shoving his fingers in my ass as his cock and the other cocks were fucking into it. He’d pull his fat cock out so my asshole was gaping and then when it started to wink closed he’d RAM his fat cock back in there, laughing and saying how much he wanted to have me like that forever as his personal dirty sex slave. He talked about tying me up and taking me to his apartment to be fucked and pissed in by him and his friends. Maybe even drugged and put in an alley for homeless guys to use and fuck and to use me as their urinal.

When they had enough of abusing my tender little puckered hole they bent me in half and carried me over and put me ass-down in the big sink. I was still groggy and couldn’t really move but I was aware of what was happening. I felt them put the hose nozzle in my ass and turn it on and really gave me a nice, warm enema to wash out all of their cum and piss. It was such a turn on to totally be under their control and to be powerless to do anything and to have to take whatever they wanted to do to me. I was their dirty sex slave and was totally under their control. Their hands were rubbing all over me, their fingers were poking into my ass and mouth, their dirty cocks were spurting so much cum and piss in me that I had to have another sink enema.

The doctor contacted me a couple of weeks after my “exam” for a follow-up visit and I’ve had several “rectal exams” by those two dirty doctors and the nasty janitor over the last few years. Each time it’s the same, they tie me up and gag me and just keep spanking me and fucking and pissing in my ass over and over again. I’ve even had more official rectal exams in their office with others joining in on the gang rape, sometimes even women join in and fuck me with dildos and rub their tits in my face as I’m lying there groggy. They’ve been to my house several times as well and they really get wild there, even stopping on the way to pick up hitchhikers to join in on the “exam”. Sometimes they “examine” me outside in the garage or the yard with the lawn service guys joining in on examining the inner workings of my now-famous asshole. I’m looking forward to their next house call.

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