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I had eaten a weekend’s worth of the wrong food — chips, popcorn, bread, cake, you name it, if it was really bad for me I ate it. As a result of this bottom feeder behaviour I was ill, out of sorts and felt completely blocked up. By Tuesday I was still rough, so when Hubby came home I asked him to give me an enema.

He agreed, even though he was in sort of a rush to go to the gym. I prepared a litre of warm, soapy water and took it upstairs to our room. He asked me to undress and put a towel on the bed. I did this, but also put our big bolster on the bed as well. It’s a black vinyl bolster, two feet long and eighteen inches in diameter and is very comfy.

I knelt over the bolster with my head down and bottom up, legs spread. He began by putting on a latex glove and spreading a small amount of lubricant around my anus before slipping his finger in. Of course, he can’t resist a few minutes of anal fingering before deciding that I’ve been lubricated enough. Remember, he wants to go to the gym so he’s in a bit of a hurry.

He filled the syringe and inserted the tip into my bottom. Gently he pushed the plunger down and I felt the warm water trickle into my rectum. He repeated this four or five times, then began hand stroking my pussy from behind. He is such a bad hubby! He took off his gym shorts and pants, slipped his stiff cock into my pussy and had a little fuck. He is very good at this, and as I am already wet I quite enjoy it, even though he’s thrusting very hard and I’m starting to get cramps in my belly. He stopped and finished giving me the rest of the enema, then resumed screwing me, but this time he fingered my anus as well. It is simply a matter of time before he moves his cock from my pussy to my lubricated ass, the very one he just filled with warm, soapy water. Hubby loves giving me a good ass pounding, and proceeded to do so until I told him I was ready to ditch the enema.

He let me go and I wrapped up in a robe and departed for the loo. When I returned, he was laying on the bed, with a fresh glove on and nothing else. He asked me to take the robe off, step up to the bed and turn my back to him, then bend over and spread my cheeks and hold them apart. I did this, and felt his finger slip in and out of my bottom. It felt warm and stingy, and I realised that he had just rubbed Tiger Balm all around and up my anus. Tiger Balm enhances the feeling of any stimulus to the skin, we have found.

Hubby asked me to get the riding crop out of the closet and come back to the bed. When I brought him the riding crop, he told me to lace my fingers and put them behind my head. He gave me several hard strokes across my buttocks, until I just couldn’t stand still anymore. Then he had me lay face down on the bed and whipped my bottom until I was squealing and just about to start crying. I’m not much of a screamer, but the riding crop hurts.

He told me to stand up, bend over and spread my cheeks again. I obeyed, feeling the raised welts on my hot, stinging buttocks. He stood up behind me, and gave my anus ten hard strokes of the riding crop. This hurt even worse than the whipping. My anus was already sensitive from the Tiger Balm and tender from his attentions, and the riding crop has a stiff leather tip which he is very accurate at aiming. He pushed me back onto the bed, kneeling over the bolster, and then I felt his cock pressing up against my asshole. Slowly he worked it in, and at first it felt nice and warm. Compared to that riding crop sodomy is soothing. This feeling did not last as once he was properly in he thrust his very stiff cock deeply into my rectum and reamed me hard for a time, then pulled out with a pop and again applied the riding crop to my buttocks. Another nice thing about the bolster is that it muffles all but the loudest screams.

He bade me to stand up, staying bent over, and spread my cheeks. He gave me another ten sharp, hard blows on my sore, throbbing anus. He enjoys doing this as I pucker up after each stroke, in an attempt to relieve some of the sting. I can’t help it. Of course, he sees this as an invitation to whip my anus more, and harder. Having to maintain my balance and keep myself spread for him, plus not moving to evade the riding crop is all very difficult and makes the punishment much harder to bear than when I’m tied down and unable to move, I’ve noticed. More obedience, discipline and attention to detail is required to stand and present for punishment; we both know I need development in this area.

After my ten he fucked my ass some more, with long, slow, deep thrusts. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting excited and tightened up to encourage him to cum. He pulled out before that could happen, and one final time applied the riding crop vigorously to my already well-marked bottom.

“I’m going to the gym,” he said.

“Please, I need another enema,” I asked. He replied, “You are running out of time, you better go get more water and a fresh towel.” He gave me one more enema, this time without any other business. While I was in the loo (sitting very gingerly on the toilet) he called good-bye through the closed door and headed to the gym at last. Hubby likes taking the time to help me.

Chapter 14: Disobedience

Bob sat down at the table and put on a broad smile. “So, what was it we were talking about when we were so rudely interrupted?”

Junie cracked up, “I think I was telling you about the canvas sling I made. But it’s kind of hard to describe, I would much prefer to demonstrate it for you.” She looked up at him through her lashes and bit her lower lip.

Bob laughed and commented, “I am more of a hands-on learner.”

As Junie began to pick up after dinner, Bob mentioned that he had found potential buyers for three more of the puppies. “All we have left is one female.”

Junie looked up in alarm and whispered, “Happy?”

Donna looked at Junie and frowned, “Junie, I thought we had discussed this. You cannot give that puppy to someone as a surprise. It would not be fair to Happy or Monica.”

Junie fell to her knees by her Mistress, “But Ma’am, I know, I just know, that it’s a good idea. It’s perfect. Please don’t sell Happy until I can figure out a way to make this happen. I know if I can just take Happy to Oregon and show her to Monica, Monica would want her.”

Donna looked down at Junie in consternation, “Now you want to go to Oregon?”

“Oh, yes, I do. I just have to go.” Junie looked back and forth between her Master and her Mistress, her face pleading, “Please, it’s really important to me. I will do anything you say.”

Bob looked at Junie, “Junie, this is for your Mistress and I to discuss. So, for now, I will do this. I will not find a home for Happy until we decide. But your assignment is to accept whatever we decide, and until then do not bring this up to us again.”

Just the promise to not sell Happy caused a rush of excitement to flood through her. “Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!”

Bob’s voice called down the stairs, “Junie, are you down there? I want that ‘hands-on learning’ experience.”

She called up, “Master, I’m in my sewing room. I’m getting the stuff,” and quickly gathered up the confusing armload of canvas, buckles, and straps and headed out to the playroom. She was laying them out on the floor when Bob came down into the basement.

She showed him how there were three major supports that would hold the majority of her weight: two wide bands that went behind her hips and shoulders, and then some slings that could support her legs and feet. The straps were all adjustable and attached to the eye rings of the swing frame he had made earlier. Getting in was a little awkward, and she needed a stepstool and his help to steady her, but soon he was pushing her back and forth. Junie was giggling as they goofed around, trying out various angles and positions while fully dressed. But soon her giggles were replaced by soft sighs, as Bob held her tightly and ground his swelling cock against her crotch.

Bob’s voice took on a deeper tone, “Yes, this is definitely better. Come, Junie; let’s get you out of this contraption. We’ll want to use your ass tonight, so you must prepare yourself for that.”

A rush of excitement made Junie swallow and stammer, “Y… yes…, Master,” she said, as a warm flood of moisture soaked her panties.

Getting out of the sling was even clumsier and Junie showed him how the straps could be released if there was an emergency or if there were any other kinds of problems. “I think I could sit in this thing for quite a while, but eventually my legs might get a little numb. There’s almost no stress on my arms though; all my weight is supported by my hips and shoulders. It’s completely adjustable, so Donna will be able to play with it too.”

Once she was out and they untangled the canvas and straps, Bob gave her a quick swat on the bottom. “Go start getting ready. I’ll send your Mistress down to help you, if I can pull her away from those puppies.”

“Is that where she is?”

“You aren’t the only one suffering from a bad case of puppy love. She’s going to be as sorry as you are to see them go.”

Junie was finishing making the enema solution when Donna came into the bathroom. She looked up and smiled, “How are our puppies?”

“They are wonderful. I love it now that their eyes are open. I need a shower though; I’m completely covered with puppy kisses.”

Junie giggled, “Now I am jealous.”

Donna took the enema bag from Junie’s hands, “Let me help you with that, sweet girl.” Her voice taking on the firm cool tones that Junie was learning to recognize as her Mistress taking charge of her.

“Yes, Mistress.” A soft wave of calmness washed over Junie. She felt almost an opening of her spirit as she felt herself slipping deeper into her submission. She felt like she was moving slower, more deliberately, yet alert for the slightest indication of what their needs for her would be. Junie knelt before her Mistress. “Command me, my Mistress; I exist to serve you and my Master.”

Donna gathered up a handful of Junie’s hair, firmly twisting her face up to regard her Mistress looking down at her, “You are acting like such a good girl… now, Junie.” Junie found herself looking up apprehensively at her Mistress, wondering what she had done.

As Junie knelt on the floor clenching her sphincters, struggling to hold the warm solution inside her bowels, she was shocked to feel Donna’s hand sharply spank into one of her ass cheeks. Her Mistress had never spanked her before. Junie gasped and focused on holding the water inside her. Donna’s voice was admonishing, “Junie, if I tell you ‘no’ about something, it is completely inappropriate to defy me and beg me to change my mind. And worse to go to our Master, hoping he will overrule my decision. I’m disappointed that you disturbed our Master with this trivia.”

Junie gasped in a strangled voice, “I’m sorry, Mistress, you said I couldn’t give Happy as a gift. I though you meant that I needed Monica to want Happy and be willing to commit. I was trying to figure out how to do that, how to get Monica to see that having Happy would help her. You didn’t say that I couldn’t ask Monica if she wanted Happy.”

“So now you decide to interpret my words to fit your expectations?” Donna continued to spank Junie firmly, moving back and forth across Junie’s broad bottom. Junie’s bowels were churning and deep, agonizing cramps were making her feel nauseous.

While the blows from Donna’s hands were nowhere as painful as Bob’s when he spanked her, somehow the knowledge that her Mistress was punishing her was devastating to Junie. Junie burst into tears and sobbed, “I’m sorry. I just wanted it so bad.” A particularly strong cramp made Junie double up. Her voice a strangled groan, “Oh god, Ma’am, please can I let it out?”

Donna’s voice was icy, “Get up and get on the toilet, Junie.”

Junie scrambled to sit and whimpered out, “Thank you, Ma’am,” as she finally could release the pressure inside her.

“We are not finished with this, Junie. But tonight our Master has some plans for both of us. This will have to wait until tomorrow.”

Junie’s face was a mask of sadness as they came out from their shower. Bob was arranging some things from the toy box and he looked up curiously at the expression on Junie’s face. Donna commented dryly, “I was just talking to Junie about how disappointed I was that she felt compelled to continue with this puppy foolishness after I had told her that it was out of the question.”

Junie shot Donna a sad look, every fiber of her being wanted to protest that her Mistress had never used those words. If her Mistress had used those words, she would have never said another thing. But in her heart she knew that she would probably have tried to figure out a way to make it happen, no matter what her Mistress had said.

Bob frowned, “I told Junie not to bring that up and now I will tell you the same thing. I will think about it and decide. Both of you will accept my decision. Now, I don’t want to fucking talk about this again and you better not let this spoil our play tonight, or both of you will end up regretting ever speaking to me about this.” Bob arched his brow and looked at both of them, “Understood?”

Junie was immensely relieved, but she could still sense Donna’s tension. Junie looked at Donna, pleading with her eyes to please just let it go like their Master had directed. Junie knelt down at her Master’s feet. “I’m sorry, Master, my actions were disobedient to my Mistress.”

Bob ignored her and kept his eyes on Donna, measuring, “Junie, show your Mistress how to assist you getting into the swing and how the emergency releases work.”

“Yes, Sir.” Junie pulled the stepstool up and, looking at Donna a little nervously, then she spoke carefully. “Mistress, it is easier for me to get up if I have this stool to stand on.” Donna nodded, but didn’t speak as Junie eased her weight down on the wide band and then leaned back on the support that held her shoulders. “I can lean back like this.” Junie reached and tried to slip the leg supports over her feet and teetered and grabbed the straps. “Ma’am, could you please help me put those over my feet? They slip up my legs so that I can have some support under my thighs. That way, I can still have my legs spread wide so that you or my Master can have access to… um… everything.”

Donna reached and began to slide the leg supports on and spoke for the first time, her voice acid and mocking, “…um, everything? Junie, stop acting like a little fucking virgin. Um, everything what? Say it. Say the dirty words, Junie. Tell us what you want.”

Junie gulped and mumbled, “I’m sorry, Ma’am. You and my Master can have access to my cunt and asshole.”

“Stop mumbling, I could not quite hear you. You need to speak up when you speak to us. Tell me again and tell me what we can do to you.”

Junie let her weight settle onto the supports on her thighs and let the band under the curve of her ass slip up, taking almost all her weight on her thighs. Spreading her legs wide she took a deep breath. “I can hang here like this, with my legs wide, and my asshole and cunt are completely accessible for your use. You can fuck my ass and my cunt both at the same time, if that is your pleasure.” Her voice was clear and loud; a wave of embarrassment and humiliation swept through her, but at the same time she could feel that same intangible sensation of opening, calming, becoming more pliant, and sliding deeper into her submission.

“And, my little slut, what is your pleasure?”

The words poured from Junie, “Oh please, let me serve you. I exist to serve you. I want to obey. Please use me for your pleasure.”

Donna ran her hands down Junie’s body, trailing her nails across Junie’s skin, leaving red lines as they scored her flesh. “Beg us to fuck you, Junie. Beg us to fuck your ass and cunt.”

An almost irresistible wave of excitement seized Junie, her cunt clenching and throbbing. She could feel her nipples tighten into knots. “I belong to you, all of me, it’s all yours. Please fuck this slave. I beg you to fuck me. Fuck all my holes. Please fuck my ass and cunt. Use me like the slut I am.” She writhed in the swing, making herself sway back and forth. “Please.”

Donna cupped Junie’s breasts and then pinched her nipples. “Would you like that, my little slave slut? Would you like me and our Master to fuck you like that?”

“Oh yes, please.”

Bob pulled Donna back. “Donna, go put on your strap on.”

Junie made a little whimpering groan as she saw the nipple clamps in his hands. Bob leaned down and took a nipple between his lips, sucking and pulling then letting the hard nub slip between his lips with a pop. As the teeth of the clamp sank into her sensitized flesh Junie cried out, “Yes, Master, use me.”

When the teeth of the second clamp compressed her other nipple, Junie looked up at Bob and grated out, “Yes, like that. Thank you. More please.”


Junie’s voice was breathless and excited, “Yes, please, Master. I want everything. More pain, more pleasure, hurt me, fuck me.”

Bob smiled and stroked her face, “Such a good little slut. There will be more.” He attached the chain between the clamps and, pursing his lips thoughtfully, he tied a short length of twine to the chain and lifted the weight of her breasts up and tied it off on the support of the swing.

Junie gasped and breathed through her mouth as she adjusted to the rush of pain. Her voice was strained, “Thank you, Master.”

“My pleasure.”

“Yes, for you, for your pleasure.”

Junie’s eyes grew round and blinked as she suddenly took in the sight of Donna wearing the strap on; the largest dildo swaying as Donna playfully swung her hips back and forth. Donna met Junie’s eyes and smiled predatorily. “You want me to fuck you with this, don’t you, Junie? You want this monster cock crammed up your protesting little asshole, don’t you?”

“Oh god, Ma’am; it’s so big.”

“But you want it. Tell me how much you want me to fuck your ass with this.”

Junie’s voice was hoarse with excitement, “I really want it. I want you to rape my ass with that big cock. Please do it to me.”

Donna laughed delightedly, “I am going to so fuck you.”

Bob’s voice was sharp and directive, “Not until Junie is completely ready. You want to fuck her with that thing, you better make sure she is completely relaxed.” He gripped the back of Donna’s neck and propelled her around to behind Junie, pushed her down to her knees, and pressed her face against Junie’s ass. “Get to work, bitch. I want Junie screaming for you to fuck her before you stop.”

Junie convulsed as she felt Donna’s tongue stroking the length of her crack, “Oh, god.”

She heard Donna’s voice muffled against her ass, “You know you like it, slut. Tell me how much you like it.”

Junie writhed and moaned as she felt Donna’s tongue, warm and soft, massaging circles over her asshole. “Yes, it feels good.” Another spasm of pleasure rocked her as her Master knelt and pressed his mouth to her cleft, his tongue spreading her folds, licking in long bold strokes. “Oh fuck, yes!” Junie undulated and squealed as the competing sensations forced her body to jerk and sway. The movements made the clamps tug on her nipples, feeding the fire that was growing inside her.

It didn’t take long before Junie sensed a growing tension in her body. Her cries began to take on a building urgency. Her Master pulled his face from her and growled sharply, “No, Junie, you may not come until you are filled front and back. You must have your Mistress buried to the hilt inside your ass and me filling you in the front. Only then may you find your passion.” Standing he gripped her hips and plunged deep into her cunt.

A sharp cry broke from Junie’s lips, “Oh god, yes!”

Junie squirmed as she felt her Mistress’s fingers probe deeply into her nether passage, slippery with lubricant. Her Mistress’s voice echoed her Master’s, “Yes, Junie, not until I am buried to the hilt in this hot tasty ass of yours.”

Junie cried out impatiently, “Then do it! Oh god, please do it.”

Donna continued to probe and work her fingers deep inside Junie, matching the rhythm of her Master’s cock thrusting deep, sending irresistible waves of heat and light through Junie’s body.

Donna’s voice tormented her, “Do what, Junie? What does your slutty ass want? Say it. Beg me for it.”

Junie’s voice cracked and broke a sob choking her, “Please, Ma’am. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. I can’t wait much longer. It’s too much.” Junie paused and grated out. “God damn it, shove that thing into me.”

Donna burst out with a delighted laugh. “If you insist, my little slut, remember not to come until I’m all the way in.”

Junie squealed in excitement as she felt the firm head of the dildo push against her and slip inside, the sudden shock of pain eclipsed by her relief. Her squeal strangled and changed to a wail of frustration when she felt Donna pull it out again. “Please, oh god, please don’t stop.”

Over and over Donna would push just the tip into Junie’s ass and then withdraw. Junie struggled to push back to make the dildo slide deeper, but the swing did not give her any leverage. Her Master’s hands kept her trapped as he plunged into her over and over. The only thing her contortions did was to cause her nipples to jerk against their clamps; the lancing pain only added to her desperate struggle to contain the orgasm building within her.

Her eyes found her Master’s, locking on his electric blue gaze. “Master, I am going to fail. Help me.”

Bob’s pace slowed and, as he stared deep into her eyes, his gaze hardened, “Junie, I am not the one you must beg. Plead with your Mistress.”

Junie tried to turn her head to look at Donna. Her voice was thick with tears, “Please Ma’am, I don’t want to fail. I want to obey. Please don’t make me fail. Take me please, help me.”

Junie gasped as she felt her Mistress thrust sharply, piercing deeper. Donna’s voice was tight, “Who owns your ass, slut?”

“You do. Oh god, yes! Do it! Fuck me! My ass is yours.”

Finally she felt Donna’s hips pressing firmly against her, the harness scraping against the soft skin of her ass cheeks. Donna continued to grind and lunge against her, working her own cunt against the base of the dildo buried deeply in Junie. Her breath was hot in Junie’s ear. “Yes, you little slut. Your ass is mine. Feel me inside you.” Donna began to pull out and lunge deep, slamming the strap on cock into Junie’s ass in short brutal thrusts. Donna’s voice was a tense groan, “Come for me, Junie. Come with me.” Donna’s fingers reached around and released the clamps. A renewed wave of intense sensations shook through Junie.

Bob’s hands clenched strong on her hip, his rhythms matching Donna’s, each of them plunging into Junie’s body, crushing her between them, “Yes, Junie, now come for us. Obey your Mistress, give us your passion.”

Junie gripped the straps of the swing and groaned out one last word, “Obey,” and began to shudder as her orgasm began to shake her. Waves of ecstasy flowed over her as she felt herself being tossed back and forth between them, swinging weightlessly back and forth on the swing. Long deep groans shaking her as her orgasm waned and then began to build again under their relentless assault. Finally she found herself pressed between them, her body filled and stretched. She could feel her lovers lose their rhythm, jerk and shudder as they reached their peaks. Junie felt surrounded by their strength, their pleasure, and joined them falling and flying with them.

As Donna helped Junie untangle herself from the swing, Junie whispered softly to her Mistress, “Thank you, Ma’am,” her eyes searching out her Mistress’s trying to gauge her mood. A sharp pang pierced through Junie’s heart when Donna avoided her eyes.

Again, it was over breakfast when Bob chose to speak to Donna about her behavior. “My goddess, your struggle to find balance in the middle has been difficult for you.”

Donna looked up from her frittata and carefully swallowed and put her fork down, “Yes, it has.”

“Both Junie and I sensed your anger last night. I had hoped to have a simple, fun-filled romp with Junie’s new toy she had so ingeniously made for us. Instead, I found myself pulled into your anger and our girl was literally trapped between us.”

Junie pressed her lips together, resisting the impulse to try and protect Donna and to protest that she was not hurt, that she did not mind being trapped. A tiny random thought bubbled up from nowhere that being in the middle felt amazing. She gritted her teeth and strangled down a giggle. She sat quietly looking at Donna, doing her best to communicate with her eyes that she did not mind, that she loved Donna no matter what.

Donna nodded her face coloring, “Yes, you’re right. I did let my anger control my impulses.”

“A good Mistress must be very aware of both her and her sub’s emotions. It was difficult because we were both sharing Junie and you could not let go of your need to dominate. Junie was trapped between two Masters last night. It is a measure of our girl’s spirit that she tried to meet that challenge and give us both what we wanted. Our moods and styles did not match. Perhaps I was in error to let it continue. Maybe it would have been better to stop.”

After the party which his mother attended, and in which he was tricked into a bizarre initiation of her, leaving her face and hair covered with his cum, Ben had taken Jean, his mother, home, and they had ended up in bed, Jean desperate after being on her own so long. They had also taken the opportunity for Ben to have sex with Barbara, who had introduced Jean to the ladies group.

The truth was, however, that after that weekend, for the next few weeks, Ben had felt rather shut out from both of them as he returned to live at his flat. He knew that Barbara and his mother had bonded in a special way through him, and they were discovering the joy of lesbian sex, a newly discovered joy, with Jean still having a corner of her mind which said that sex with her son wasn’t really right. Ben was happy for his mother – for the first time in years she did seem full of joy. He hadn’t seen it since well before his parents’ relationship had broken up. He knew that weekend had broken a dam for his mother, and for Barbara. It had broken a taboo for them, and to Ben they always seemed to be in bed together.

For Ben, it was back to the routine of work and friends – he would be described as “between girlfriends.”

As the next party approached both Ben and Jean became more nervous, wondering how they would handle it. The truth was, it wasn’t a real problem. There was no doubt for Ben that it was more embarrassing to be naked in front of his mother, but it was already pretty embarrassing, what he did at the parties. It was even more embarrassing when Ben and Tony were made to rub their cocks against each other until they both came, but Ben found with his mother there he was as aroused as he had ever been. For Jean, there was an embarrassment, but she actually felt some pride. Her son, there, doing what he did. Proud that he was such a good looking lad, proud that he was as “virile” as he was. Jean also noticed the glint in the eyes of many of the women there as they watched him – all these women hot for her son.

Little changed for the next party. For Ben, his mother was just becoming one of the women he was serving. Even when he had to suck Tony off and swallow, he didn’t feel particularly embarrassed by her presence – he was already pretty embarrassed by the presence of all the others! For Jean, there was a sort of suspended moment as she watch this lad who could have been any lad performing for these women.

The remarkable thing was that no-one at work had any inkling of what was happening, that Ben was part of the parties, or really had any idea that the parties even existed. It was a real surprise for Ben when his boss Margaret Bryant who was host and organiser of the parties called him into her office, the Monday after the party. At work she was in charge, Ben got on with his work, and rarely did he need to relate to Mrs Bryant – as everyone called her – no-one dared use her first name. This was different.

Margaret Bryant invited Ben to take a seat by her desk. She sat the other side, as handsome and aloof as she ever looked. Even as she sat there Ben felt the “power” she exuded. He was surprised at her hesitancy – she was never hesitant………………

“Ben, you are fantastic at our parties. Hope you enjoy them as well.” Ben knew it wasn’t a question he should answer. Margaret Bryant continued. “Ben, I love what we do at those parties, but I can’t help it – there is part of me psychologically that wants something darker. Wants to behave much worse.”

Ben was quiet – he didn’t know what to say. Margaret Bryant continued. “And I love Tony so much, and he is so gentle that I couldn’t be horrible to him. And believe it or not, even Tony has a dark corner in his heart as well.” Still Ben had nothing to say – the truth was he was stunned by what he was hearing, and had no idea where it was going. “Ben I want to ask you a favour. Feel free to say no…………”

Ben was even more confused. No-one said no to Margaret Bryant. She told you what to do, she didn’t ask for favours. “Ben, myself and Tony and some special friends – none that you know, although some come to the parties – have talked about this and booked a, um, special chalet in the country this weekend. For what we call a ‘dark’ weekend. Going Friday, coming back Sunday. We need a victim. We want you to come and be our victim.”

Ben stuttered. “Victim?”

Somehow there was a feeling Margaret Bryant was back in charge. “For a dark weekend we need someone we can do, um, dark things to. We want you to come and be the victim.”

There was a pause. Ben wondered if he should speak, but Margaret filled the silence. “I’m not prepared to give you any reward for coming with us. If you come, we will take that as a sign you want to be with us, and agree with whatever we want to do. There will be no safe words. No way out for you. A weekend when you are simply the victim of whatever our dark minds can conjure up. And even worse – Tony will be on our side, and not yours, this weekend – I said he has a dark corner in his mind!”

Ben was amazed that he agreed. He had realised it could be painful, humiliating. Truth be told he didn’t know what would happen, but felt the real menace in what was talked about. But he said yes. Why had he said yes? Ben didn’t know, but he said yes. They would pick him up on Friday at 5.00pm, to be at the “special” lodge for 6.00pm. He was going! Part of his mind said he was going because he had a free weekend. Part of his mind said he was going because it could be a bit of a laugh. Deep down, Ben knew the weekend could be…………………………

It was in the car that the reality of what he might be going to struck Ben. Margaret and Tony were in the front, he was in the back. His mind was racing – he didn’t know who else would be there. How many. What the place was like. What he would do. Where he would sleep. Margaret had given a few hints – the lodge was luxurious, and fitted out for this type of event. There would be a couple of people employed to act as cooks and general helpers. Still Ben had no picture of what was going to happen, and when they insisted, as they approached the lodge, that he be blindfold so he couldn’t find it again, his level of anxiety rose even higher, allayed only slightly when Margaret had told him – it would be a tough weekend, but he would return changed. His anxiety returned when she told him not to forget it was going to be a “dark” weekend, when they and their friends were going use the weekend to “express” the darkest parts of the minds. Put aside the decent parts of their minds.

At last the car turned into a gate, and drove along a gravel drive, so Ben guessed, before pulling up, the engine turned off, Ben helped out of the car by Tony. His eyes took a few moments to adjust when they removed the blindfold, but it gave Ben a chance to look around. He could see the lodge was well hidden from the world outside in the trees, the lodge itself surrounded by lawns. He also took in that it really was a lodge, built of pine. It was a lodge, but much bigger and more luxurious than the average log cabin. He saw the two women in white dresses, looking very much like some sort of healthcare workers, waiting to greet them. Both were in their forties, short hair, could even be two sisters. They were introduced to Ben as Maria and Martha. Ben also noticed another three cars already in front of the Lodge, and heard Margaret say that everyone else seemed to have arrived – he guessed perhaps another three couples were there as well as the Bryants.

After they had entered the Lodge, one of the women – Martha – who worked there pointed at Ben and asked: “I assume this is the young man you have chosen for the weekend?”

When Margaret nodded Martha asked Ben, in a friendly voice, to follow her, and led him through a door, then down a corridor, then into a small room with a bed, with shower room and toilet off. It was at that moment Ben realised that although he had a weekend bag, it was still in the car. When he said he should fetch it he was told firmly he would not need it.

The next hour at the Lodge seemed perfectly normal. He was led to the sitting room, met the other three couples – the women he recognised from the parties, but the men – their husbands – were strangers to him, but friendly to him. The food was out-standing as they ate and chatted together. Ben, being the youngest by quite a way, felt a bit on the outside, but the others made a good effort to include him

At last the meal was over – Martha cleared the dishes, while the other helper – Maria – said she would prepare things for the evening’s entertainment, leading Ben back to his room. Ben was aware that he would be the entertainment. He knew it was going to be difficult………….

Again he found Maria friendly, but when she ordered him to strip Ben was suddenly embarrassed and wary. He slowly removed his clothes – it wasn’t as if he hadn’t done things in front of an audience before……..

Maria made him stand still, and put a leather belt around his waist – it was lined with felt to be comfortable, but he wondered why there were three or four metal rings attached to it. He was about to ask but she ordered him out of the door, along the corridor, across the lobby to a room he hadn’t been in before.

Maria stopped at the door. She turned to Ben: “This is where it begins. This is going to be the worst weekend you’ve ever had. You are here to be humiliated, tortured and punished for their enjoyment. You will suffer more than you have ever experienced. You are nothing until Sunday. This evening is only just the starter……….” Maria reached up, put a leather collar around Ben’s neck which she padlocked. “……………….and there will be no escape.”

The lady opened the door, and led Ben into the room. Ben had time to look around – It wasn’t a large room. Around the edge there were comfortable settees and armchairs, which the others were already occupying, chattering to each other, drinking coffee. The room was tastefully decorated in burgundy, but well lit. In the middle of the room the floor was covered by wooden flooring rather than carpets. Fixed to the wooden floor were some hoops. Ben didn’t have the chance to take in the rest of the room…….

Margaret Bryant – clearly in charge – stood to her feet. She walked over to Ben, pulled his dressing gown off and ordered him to hands and knees. It was a different side Ben hadn’t seen before – she had always been strong, but now she was harsh, demanding. Ben dropped to his hands and knees, and Margaret moved him around prodding him with her foot. At least he seemed to be in position, and he felt her put the hoops over his forearms and ankles.

Ben felt very exposed – naked – except for the leather belt, on hands and knees in front of all these people, his legs slightly spread. There was nothing he was hiding, as they made snide comments about him. They left him there for three or four minutes before he heard a sound – something being wheeled across the floor.

Ben jumped as he felt something pushed to his asshole. He tried to look around, but could only see a metal post on castors. He felt something pushed into his asshole, getting wider as it was pushed, until somehow it was inside him, and held by a narrower neck. Ben was tense – he couldn’t imagine what would happen next……..

It was a nozzle – cold water was entering him through the nozzle. He cried out in shock, but his cry only made the people in the room laugh. More and more water was entering him, filling him. His intestines seemed to be stretching more and more. It felt increasingly uncomfortable, and somehow seemed to be chilling him from inside. He couldn’t guess how much was in him – he couldn’t guess why his cock had gone hard…………..

At last the inflow stopped for a moment, but then Ben realised – they were just re-filling the bag, and more was entering him. Margaret Bryant had decided a litre and a half would be enough, and stopped the water when she felt he was full, and removed the nozzle.

Again Ben wasn’t aware of what was happening, but something was being attached to his belt. Suddenly he had worked it out – he felt the bung inserted into his asshole, and realised it was fixed to the belt so it wouldn’t escape. He felt Margaret Bryant massage his stomach, making the water swirl inside him. But quickly the loops over his wrists and ankles were untied.

Ben fell over on his side. He felt bloated, cold inside, he muscles were trying to expel the water, but the bung wouldn’t allow it to leave him. He squirmed on the floor as the enema worked in him, but couldn’t leave him. He heard the others in the room laughing and joking at his struggling, as he squirmed on the floor.

Suddenly – Ben felt the pain through his lower stomach. Like stitch, but a lot worse. The pain was excruciating, as his muscles cramped. He squirmed, stretched, tried to expel the enema, but none of them seemed to make a difference. He squirmed on the floor, crying out to be helped, moaning in pain, but no help came. He heard voices around him, but no-one moved.

Ben was left to squirm on the floor – he cried and moaned in pain, but it was the dark time for the others. They found it funny, to watch him squirming, they found it a turn on to hear him moaning and crying in pain. Ben was lost in the pain of the cramping, oblivious to the couples in the room begin to enjoy each other, in their dark way finding his suffering a turn-on, enhancing their love making.

For two hours Ben struggled with the pain, oblivious to anything else. He wasn’t even aware of when the others had left the room. He felt himself being lifted, by Maria and Martha, and half helped, half dragged to his room. They took him to the toilet, quickly removed the bung, let him sit and instantly expel all the water inside him. They wiped him clean, then rubbed him gently as the cramping began to disappear. They helped him shower then put him in bed. Even the two women were sorry for this young lad who had been through that, and it was only the beginning. They had seen some harsh things in their time at the lodge, but somehow this lad was going to be tortured worse – normally no-one was given the enema treatment for more than an hour. They knew: the rest of the weekend would be worse…………. When the pain had worn off it took Ben little time to descend to sleep.

When Ben woke the next morning, the sun was already streaming in through the window of his bedroom. He was also aware quite quickly that he had the hardest erection he could remember. He also heard Maria and Martha giggling.

The two assistants were in his room, and he was naked, and the bed clothes had fallen off the bed – it was clear what they were looking at…………….. Ben quickly sat up and tried to hide his modesty. The two ladies gave him shorts and a t-shirt to wear. He was allowed to shower, use the toilet, clean his teeth, then was led to breakfast. On his way he saw one or two of the others, who nodded to him, but they had all had their breakfasts – Ben ate alone. It took him a while to shake off the tiredness, although the previous evening felt a distant memory. The bizarre thing for Ben, when he reflected later, was that he never ever once thought of running away. He was pretty sure he would have not managed it, or would be caught if he tried.

Ben ate his breakfast slowly and by the end felt revived. As he finished Margaret Bryant appeared, and sat on a chair opposite him. She looked at him, spoke. “Ben, we enjoyed yesterday evening. But today it will be worse. But don’t worry because we will enjoy it more.” Ben knew it was still the cold harsh Margaret Bryant – somewhere in her psyche the switch had still been turned. “Come with me. This morning is simply humiliation.”

Margaret led Ben to a set of stairs which seemed to descend to a cellar, down the stairs, into a room lit with spot lights. The room was covered with white ceramic tiles, both floor and walls, and again there were hoops in the floor. Ben thought it looked a bit like a “wet room” sloping to the centre with a small drain at the lowest point. Ben now knew why there were hoops. “Remove your shirt and shorts” she ordered him. Ben did as he was told. “Lie down, on your back.” Ben did. Margaret spoke to him again: “this morning is going to be about total humiliation. Yours. No pain – that’s later – just humiliation.”

Margaret stretched his hands above his head, his feet to the sides, and tied him with the metal hoops to the floor by his ankles and wrists. “This is what this morning is about,” she whispered to him.

Ben watched amazed, as Margaret pulled her skirt to her waist, took off her panties and stood astride his face. For a moment Ben was rock hard as he saw her pussy above him. Then the warm gush of urine poured straight onto his face, splashing, running off through his hair. The smell of urine filled his nose, the warmth of the urine felt okay. In seconds Margaret was gone, Ben left lying on the floor, feeling utterly humiliated.

A few minutes later one of the men came to the cellar. Ben watched as he walked over to Ben, undid his flies, pointed his penis, the liquid pouring onto Ben’s face, smelling more pungeant. He was gone….. Ben knew that it was pouring off his head, through his hair into the drain.

Through the morning it was repeated several times. Both the men and the women coming into the room, emptying their bladders over him, the urine getting in his nose, having to taste it when he opened his mouth. When it was the women he sometimes caught sight of their pussies, but he quickly closed his eyes. Was this treatment even worse than the enema……?

“Hi Ben”. It was Tony’s voice, Margaret’s husband. Tony was crouching beside him, speaking. “Normally it’s me and you, but now it is me, in charge of you. You know, I’m nice, and I like you, and enjoy being with you, but just occasionally I’m as bad as my wife.” Ben felt there was a menace in his Tony’s voice he had never heard before. “I’m the last one – we’re going to have lunch in a minute. I’m going to have my fun.”

There was a pause. “Okay Ben,” Tony said softly. “Open your mouth.” Ben paused, not sure he had heard right. Suddenly he cried out as a hand had grabbed his balls and squeezed. As he cried out he felt something metallic put in his mouth: he realised he couldn’t close his mouth – some sort of device was holding it open.

Tony stood above Ben, took out his penis and pointed it straight at Ben’s mouth. Bent felt the urine pouring into his mouth. Ben managed to close his throat initially, but couldn’t hold out. He had to swallow. Swallow hard. Ben found himself having to drink down Tony’s pee. The taste was bitter, unpleasant but there was no escape, and there seemed like gallons. At last Tony’s stream eased, then stopped. Tony was gone.

Ben felt terrible, and felt sick, but within seconds Maria and Martha were there. They undid his loops, gave him some lemon juice to take away the taste, then helped Ben to his feet. One of the women spoke. “This is wrong. They shouldn’t be doing this to a good lad like this.”

Ben struggled, feeling full, and gasping at the lemon. But he managed to speak. “I agreed to this. Don’t worry, I’ll take anything they can do.”

The two women helped Ben into a shower, and let him bathe in the warm water for several minutes, allowing him to rid himself of the pee. They wiped him, then gave him the t-shirt and shorts, then led him back to his bedroom. In his bedroom there was a spread of fruit, meat and pastries, and a cup with tablets in. Beside the cup there was a notice which said “These tablets must be taken at 1.30pm.” Ben picked at the food, enjoyed some of the fruit, refusing everything else – he felt bloated from before, and relaxed – his clock said 12.30pm. He dozed for the next hour then did as ordered – he took the tablets. He had no idea what the tablets were, but he wasn’t frightened to take them.

Chapter 1 – Fulfilling people’s desires…

Brooke is a college student and probably the black girl of your dreams. Huge tits, perfect round butt, unbelievable curves, long black hair and a sexy smile on her face. She has a delicious body and she knows how to use it. But this lady won’t tease you and take advantage of you. She will please you and submit to your nastiest desires…

The alarm clock was ringing loudly as I woke up after a few hours of sleep. Sleeping with your hands tied with handcuffs on the bed’s headboard, is definitely not the ideal way to rest. I was feeling my arms so cramped as I managed to reach the key with my lips. I quickly untied myself and got up. I couldn’t be late this evening, or else…

I was very anxious, wondering what’s going to happen tonight, as I walked into the bathroom. I never noticed the big butt plug up my ass until I had to pee. It must had been left in there since last night and I wasn’t feeling it stretching my tight little asshole. It popped out when I pulled it, leaving my asshole wide open. “I’m a really big slut…” I thought. I always feel like that after a long night full of sex. Sometimes I don’t even remember what happened. But then I become horny again and with my pussy all wet, I just can’t stop thinking of my next adventure.

I took a bath and applied lotion all over my body. Back to my bedroom were the clothes I was ordered to wear for tonight’s occasion. A black lacey thong, pink fishnet stockings, an extremely short black leather skirt, a pink see through top, and a pair of 6” high heel sandals with ankle straps. “Oh no, I ‘ll totally look like a cheap slut with those on.” I thought. Yet I had no choice but to put them on. I also put on some makeup, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and brushed my hair. Ready just on time as the door opened.

“Honeyyy, I’m back. You better be ready.”

That was my stepdad. He is always very strict with me. Whenever I don’t obey his rules, there’s a rough punishment waiting for me. He had ordered me to dress up and be ready before he had returned home.

I quickly walked downstairs, being very careful not to trip and fall in those high heels.

“Yes daddy, I’m ready.”

He came up to me and examined my body up and down.

“Mmm, I see you did a great job Brooke, good girl.”

“Dad, what’s up for tonight? Why did you have me dress up like this?”

“That’s a surprise my little Brooke. You ‘ll find out at the right time. The only thing that you need to know is that tonight you ‘ll have to do whatever they ask you, got it?” He said, as he gently slapped my face with his hand.

Then he brought in a big box and opened it. He took out two pairs of leather handcuffs with which he tied my hands behind my back and my legs. He put a ball gag in mouth, and a blindfold on my eyes. I was totally unable to move, speak or see what was going on, as he grabbed me and put me into the box. He closed it, wrapped it all over and tied a red ribbon around it.

“Ok, guys come on in, you can take it now. You remember the address I gave you right?”

“Yes sir. We ‘ll have it delivered within 30 minutes.”

The two men had no idea what was in the box. They carried it and placed it carefully into the lorry. Then they started the engine and drove all the way to deliver the package. Inside the box I could feel every bump and I was so wet trying to realise what was happening and what’s about to happen.

It all started last night, when my stepdad had called home for dinner his boss and his wife. I was asked to join them and be very polite and elegant, showing off my well manners and lovely personality.

“Make sure you won’t dress like a slut and try to be nice with my boss and his wife. Don’t even think of teasing him like you do with all those guys you meet, his wife is so jealous.”

So I tried to be good. I was wearing a short blue dress, a pair of black stockings, a silk blue thong and stiletto high heels. I was even wearing a bra, so my hard pierced nipples wouldn’t be noticed under the thin fabric of my dress.

However, my stepdad’s boss couldn’t keep his eyes off me. He was even stroking my thighs with his hand under the table during dinner, and he was always asking me about life in college and the guys I was hanging out with. I didn’t say anything as he kept doing this all night. His wife seemed quite annoyed by the situation. He should be more careful since they would have their wedding anniversary the other day.

Despite that, the dinner went quite well and the couple left pleased. But my stepdad wasn’t pleased with me. Not at all actually.

“I told you not to be provocative, didn’t I? I noticed everything, you fucking slut. Your eyes full of lust, and I could even smell your wet cunt. Not to mention your outfit! Maybe the next time I’ll tell you to dress properly, you’ll come naked, you horny bitch!”

“Dad, I never wanted to…”

“Shut your dirty little mouth! This time I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t forget.”

He said and slapped my face so hard I almost passed out. Then he grabbed my hair and dragged me up to his bedroom. Everything was happening so fast… He tore my dress apart, sat on the bed and made me bend over his knees. Holding his leather belt on his hand, he kept whipping my ass harder and harder. My asscheeks quickly turned red and began to sting. I started to cry. The pain was unbearable.

“Please daddy stop, no more please, no…”

“You fucking whore! You want me to stop?”

“Yes daddy, please stop.”

“I said I would give you a lesson and I will!”

He whipped my ass a couple of times more and pushed me down to the floor. I knew my punishment wasn’t over yet.

“Now bitch, you ‘ll learn what real pain is. You ‘ll never defy me again!”

He took his pants off, letting his huge cock free. It was like 10” big and you could see the veins on it. He grabbed my hair again and led his cock straight into my mouth. Holding my hair tight, he was pushing all the way in and out, making me suck it deep and gag. I was allowed to breathe for less than a second and then his cock would be deep in my throat again.

When he thought I had had enough of him in my mouth, he took his cock out and slapped my face with it, leaving his precum on my cheeks.

Then he put me down on all fours and shoved his cock deep inside my ass. No lube. No preparation. No warning. I was unable to move or speak from the shock. It felt so painful, as he was ramming my asshole hard. That was my real punishment. He was pulling my hair and slapping my asscheeks while fucking me. I was having the roughest fucking of my life and he made sure that the pain would be far greater than the pleasure I was getting from it. I was praying for this to end soon. Suddenly he pulled off his cock and shot his thick cum all over my face.

“I hope that from now on you’ll start to behave properly.”

He led me to the bed and tied my hands with handcuffs on the headboard. He looked at my pussy dripping wet and my asshole wide open from the fucking. Then took a butt plug and pushed it in.

“This will close up this hole for now. I’ll let you sleep for a while, but tomorrow I want you to make up for all you did tonight. I’ll leave you the necessary instructions. Make sure you follow them and be ready when I return from work.”

Feeling faint and weak, I quickly fell asleep. He set the alarm and left.

My mind suddenly returned back to the present while I felt the box moving. The delivery had been finished.

“Please sign here Mr Jones. Thank you.”

My stepdad’s boss, David, received the box and took it into the house.

“Hey Stacey, look what they sent us. I wonder what’s inside…”

He quickly unwrapped it and opened it.

“OMG it’s Brooke from last night! What a sexy outfit and she’s all tied up, gagged and blindfolded! What does that mean? Oh, wait a second, there’s a little notice here.”

“Happy Anniversary Stacey and David! Please accept this gift from me. She will please you all night long.”

“What an awesome gift this is! Look honey we got a special fucktoy for our special night.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the box. Then took off the blindfold and the ball gag.

“Mmm, I don’t know David, this girl is such a slut…”

“That’s why it’s going to be amazing! Do you want to play with us tonight, sexy?”

“Y-Yes sir.” I was so embarrassed being sent as a fucking sex toy to some strangers.

“Look Stacey, our little Brooke is so shy… Haha, but you can’t hide your arousal young lady. You want it so much isn’t that right?”

He put his hand under my skirt and reached my soaked thong.

“OMG she’s horny as hell!”

“Hey David look there’s another box here, a smaller one. It’s full of sex toys.”

“Let’s not waste any more time, honey. I’ll take her to our bedroom, you go and prepare yourself.”

He didn’t mind to take off my leather handcuffs, yet he put a spiky collar on my neck and pulled me all the way upstairs with a leash. He even took the chance to make fun of me.

“You must love being a fucking slave, don’t you Brooke? I bet that if I had you tied up here, spanking your ass hard, you would say “thank you master” and beg for more, isn’t that right?”

I should deny that, but I couldn’t. He was absolutely right. I was a dirty little slut, who loved some good fucking, and it was very pretty obvious to him.

“Now make your master happy bitch, suck my cock deep, make it hard.”

He took off my handcuffs and held me from the leash. I took his cock in my hands and started rubbing it slowly and licking it all over. It didn’t actually need any sucking, as his cock was hard as rock already. He wanted to have me since last night, when he first met me.

I was sucking his cock slowly, deeper and deeper. Then I would pull off and suck his balls. My eyes were meeting his eyes, full of lust and appreciation. I treated his cock as it deserved, making it red and hard, ready to fuck the shit out of me.

Then Stacey showed up wearing a sexy police officer costume.

“These people are quite kinky.” I thought.

“Hands up everybody, police is here!”

She came up to me and grabbed my hair.

“So you like to seduce married men and suck their cocks you little whore, huh?”

“I didn’t… H-He asked me to do this, madam officer.”

“Shut up you fucking whore, you ‘re under arrest.”

She slapped me on the face and put a ball gag on my mouth. Then she took a pair of handcuffs from her belt and tied my hands to the bed. After that she moved to David.

“Now you two are going to obey me and make me happy, otherwise you ‘ll be very sorry, got that?”

“Yes madam.”

“Good. Now go and fuck her pussy hard, make her feel your cock deep inside her.”

David came behind me and slowly removed my see through top, my leather skirt, my bra and thong.

“You hand this over to me.”

He handed over my black lacey thong to her. It was soaked with my juices.

“Mmm, now my husband will give you what you want so much, you horny bitch.”

Then David pushed his cock in my pussy and started fucking me hard. He was holding me with one hand and with the other he was rubbing my clit. It felt so fucking great. He gradually increased the speed and the power of his thrusts. Stacey was sitting on an armchair, holding my wet thong, smelling it and playing with her clit, while looking at her husband ramming my pussy at the same time.

David pinched my nipples and gave my asscheeks a few slaps as he was about to cum. Then he pulled out and finished on my chest. Stacey came above me and licked every drop of his cum.

“Take a little rest David, I ‘ll take care of her now.”

She took off her shirt and put her huge tits on my face. She sat on my chest, lifting her skirt and removed the ball gag from my mouth. While leaning back she rubbed my clit with her hand. I was licking her clit with my tongue slowly and steady. If I was doing it right, she would rub my clit more and more. Her pussy was all wet, her juices were dripping into my mouth, I was loving every moment of it. David was standing nearby, playing with his cock which had become hard again. Suddenly Stacey got up and went to the bathroom.

A moment later she returned. I noticed a strange bulge under her mini skirt. She came close to me and as she lifted her skirt up, I saw the monster. She was wearing a huge strapon cock and it was coming straight into my mouth.

My lips stretched wide as she put it into my mouth. She pushed it deep but didn’t left it in there for long. She just wanted to make it wet before driving it into my pussy.

Stacey stretched my pussy wide open with her hands and shoved her big strapon cock inside. I was moaning loud while the rubber beast was fucking the shit out of me. Having my legs wide open for her, I was biting my lips, so as not to shout it loud :

“Yes, yes, more please, fuck my pussy. Yes, deeper please, yeah that’s it, fuck my pussy!”

I soon had an extreme orgasm. Stacey smiled at me and pulled off. She took off the strapon cock and her skirt. Wearing only a pair of stiletto high heels she walked to David. He was totally naked and his big cock was hard again.

“Now it’s my turn David, let’s fuck like animals.”

She lied on the floor over a rug made of fur and he lied above her. He kissed her lips deep and she kissed him back passionately. She opened her legs for him as he slid his big cock in her pussy. Her arms around his head and his hands touching every part of her body, while his cock was fucking her pussy slowly.

He pinched her nipples and rubbed her clit. She was moaning loud. He put her legs on his shoulders and fucked her deeper and harder. They were about to cum any moment from now. Then David grabbed her throat hard with his big hands, choking her, and fucked her as hard as never before. He came inside her wife’s pussy and she had a big orgasm too. They lied down next to each other, driven in heaven with pleasure.

“Oh David…”

“Mmm happy anniversary my love.”

“It was the best anniversary ever and that gift was amazing.”

“I forgot about her. What should I do with her now?”

“We don’t need her anymore, just get rid of her.”

“It’s too late to drive her back home.”

“Just leave her at her college. She can find the way herself. Then come back here, so we can have another round.”

Stacey went to the bathroom, while David put some clothes on. He untied me and quickly led me to his car. He drove me to the college and pulled me out of the car.

“David, wait. We forgot my clothes.”

“Damn, I don’t have the time for it now.”

The campus was empty. He grabbed my leash and led me to a tree, where he tied my hands.

“What are you doing? You can’t leave me here naked.”

“Don’t worry it’s too dark they won’t see you. I’ll bring your clothes tomorrow morning.”

“No. Don’t leave me here”

“Shut up.”

He put the ball gag on my mouth again, got back in the car and drove all the way home, leaving me helpless.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is about the lewd, provocative and embarrassing punishment a young man gets from his mother and sister because of his bad behavior, and, how the punishment affects all of them. It is not BDSM. All the characters are over 18 years of age and members of the same family. Please select another story from the vast Literotica library if this doesn’t interest you.


Standing there in the bathroom after just sucking little brother’s magnificent cock into my mouth and letting him sniff and lick my pussy juice coated fingers, I knew I had to shake all those nasty, greedy thoughts out of my head and get on with his bath. As hard as it was to do, I knew Mom would be up to check on our progress soon, so I stepped away from Bobby and forced myself to think about how I was going to manage the difficult task of shaving and bathing him.

“Look,” I said to him, “I’ve got to give you a bath, you already know that. But,” I paused for a second and added, “I also have to shave your legs and underarms. It’s part of your punishment.”

A look of sheer disbelief and absolute horror swept across my brother’s face as he heard my words. I fully expected some kind of reaction from him, and as soon as I saw it starting to surface, I reached down and took both his hands in mine and told him not to say a word.

“Bobby,” I began, “you don’t have a choice in this. I am going to shave you, and if you don’t let me do it, you’ll fail your punishment, and you know what that means. I don’t want that to happen and I’m sure you don’t, either.”

I explained that his body hair would grow back, and in time, no one would ever be able to tell. I also reminded him of what I said to him earlier — that I’d help him through the rough parts of his punishment, like this part, and then reminded him about the reward system.

“Right now,” I said softly, “I’d say you were definitely on track to get a nice reward tonight. And I promise you, if you cooperate with me on this, I’ll make sure Mom knows how good you were and I’ll convince her to give you an extra special reward before you go to bed.”

I told him I knew it would be hard for him to accept this kind of humiliation and submit to this part of his punishment, but, if he wanted to remain in the house — living with us, he’d have to do it.

“Bobby,” I said, finally, “I’m asking you to let me do this. If you cooperate, maybe I’ll think of a nice surprise to give you as a personal reward from me for your courage and bravery. You know, it would be something special…… directly from me to you.”

Bobby hadn’t said a word, and it’s a good thing he didn’t because I could tell he was initially very, very unhappy about it. He held his tongue, though, and listened to what I said to him, and I think he finally accepted his situation.

“Alright.” He said. “I guess it’s no big deal. I’ll do whatever you want.”

I smiled up at him and he shook his head and rolled his eyes. With a forced smile back at me, he added, “I promised you and Mom I’d go along with the punishment, and I will. You don’t have to do anything special to get me to do this. I’ll keep my word.”

I thanked him and explained that I’d shave him first, and then do his bath after we rinsed the tub out to get rid of the hair. Turning him around to face the mirror, I stood behind him and reached my hands in front of him and put the fingertips of my index fingers directly on his little nipples through the light microfiber bra he was wearing. As I leaned to the side to look in the mirror so I could see his face, I fingered his nipples and smiled at him.

“You know,” I said sweetly, “I’m not so sure making you wear bras and panties is turning out to be as humiliating as Mom thought it would be. Seems to me you might even be enjoying it. But, if it’s any consolation, I think you look very cute dressed in your new lingerie. I’d even go so far as to say you might want to consider keeping all your cute bras and panties once your punishment is over.”

I reached up and unfastened the clasp of his bra and pulled the straps down his arms and away from his body. Then telling him to raise his right arm all the way up, I opened the drawer below the sink and pulled out my hair scissors.

I had to chuckle when his eyes got big and he turned his head to look at me. “Relax.” I said, giggling. “I’m just going to trim the hair under your arms so the long hairs won’t clog the razor so much. Don’t be such a baby.”

He watched me closely as I reached up into his armpits and gently pulled a clump of his hair away from his underarms and trimmed it close to the skin, and dropping the hairs into the sink in front of him.

“See?” I said. “Just keep still and let me trim you up a little. Trust me, shaving you will be a lot easier once we do this.”

I finished trimming under that arm and then switched to the other arm, and when I was done, I’d actually done a pretty good job with just the scissors. But, I knew actually shaving him bare is what Mom wanted, so once I put the scissors back in the drawer, I leaned over into the tub and turned the water on.

“We don’t want the water too deep while we’re shaving your legs.” I said as I stripped his panties down his legs and stood up holding them in my hand. “Believe it or not, deep water only makes it harder, so we’ll let it fill a little and we’ll get started.”

I told him to go ahead and get in the tub, and he did, sitting down in half an inch of water, looking up at me as we waited for it to fill up. Jokingly, I lifted his panties to my face and I exaggerated a deep breath, smelling my brother’s panties as he watched me.

“It’s probably not as good as sniffing our panties, huh?” I asked as I smiled down at him.

I did it again — held his panties to my face and took a deep breath, mimicking what I was sure he’d been doing with Mom’s and my panties.

He laughed at me and we had a nice chuckle together. It was nice to see him find some humor in his situation. But, pretty soon, there was five inches of water in the tub and I leaned in to shut the water off.

I explained to him that I’d start with his underarms and then do his legs. He seemed at ease with what I was going to do, so I reached for the intensive care lotion, squirted some on my hands and then told him to lift his right arm. Slathering the lotion into his arm pit, I rinsed my hand off in the tub water, picked up my razor and told him to stay still so I wouldn’t cut him.

Bobby did great, not moving an inch, while I shaved the thin hairs under that arm. It only took me a minute, and when I was done, I picked up a handful of water and rinsed his armpit out and felt it with my fingers to check for stray hairs or stubble. It felt absolutely smooth and perfect, and, there didn’t seem to be any red spots or cuts showing. Feeling proud of what I’d done, I reached out and picked up his hand and told him to feel how it felt.

“Smooth.” He said, turning to smile at me. “Feels a little weird, though.

“Don’t worry.” I assured him. “You’ll get used to it.”

I had him turn around in the tub and I did the other arm pit the same exact way, not cutting him at all, and it turned out perfect, too. Then having him turn around again, I explained that to do his legs, he’d have to help me by holding his leg out of the water and twisting it from time to time so I could get around it. The tricky part, I told him, would be around his ankles and knees because there were bones there, but, I assured him we could do it together as long as he’d help.

I started on his lower right leg, covering it with the thick lotion and using slow even strokes up his leg. Dipping the razor into the water, I explained how important it was to rinse all the hair and lotion out of the razor between each stroke and then showed him how nice and smooth the area was that I’d already shaven. Deftly, I shaved the rest of his lower leg, asking him to hold it up and turn it for me as I needed, and without any nicks or cuts, I shaved him clean.

His legs hairs were long, as you’d expect, so I had to rinse the razor a lot. But, I took my time and explained what I was doing, and I actually had fun shaving him. His erection had gone down long ago and he seemed fairly relaxed as he sat there and watched what I was doing. We were even joking around, and I was playfully splashing water on him as I finished that leg and carefully finished around his knees and ankles.

When I was done, he rinsed the remnants of the lotion from his leg, and I caught him smiling to himself as he ran his hands over his thigh and calf.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Pretty smooth.” He said, nodding his head and looking over at me. “You’re good at this.”

“Well, I’ve been doing it for a while.” I answered, giggling up at him.

I told him I needed him to turn around in the tub so I could do his other leg, but, he totally surprised me when he looked up and asked me if he could shave the other leg, himself. Now, that’s something I wasn’t ready for, but, seeing the way he was looking at me and eagerly waiting for my answer, I asked him if he was sure, and when he said he was, I told him I’d let him, but, I’d do around his ankles and knees myself.

Taking the razor out of my hand, he pointed to the intensive care lotion and asked me to hand it to him. “Don’t be in such a hurry.” I warned him. “Take your time or you’ll cut yourself.”

“I know. I know.” He said as he adjusted himself in the tub and shook the razor in the water several times to make sure it was cleaned out and ready to be used again. I had to smile to myself as I watched him squeeze out the lotion and cover his lower leg with such a determined look on his face. He might have used too much lotion, but, I didn’t think it worth mentioning, so I simply settled down on my knees and let him go.

He was obviously paying attention when I shaved him, because he copied exactly what I did and quicker than I would have expected, he was done with his lower leg. He looked at me and I nodded my head in approval and ran my hand up and down his calf looking for stray hairs, but, when I didn’t find anything, I gave him a nice smile and told him he’d done a fantastic job.

Pleased with himself, he swished the razor in the water and started smoothing the lotion on his upper leg. As he shaved, I praised him for being so cooperative and willing to follow the rules.

“What?” I heard behind me. “No tears or arguments?”

Bobby and I both turned to see Mom standing in the doorway of the bathroom with a puzzled look on her face.

“Nope.” I said, pointing into the bathtub at Bobby holding the razor. “He’s been really good, Mom. He didn’t put up a fuss or argue with me at all. He even wanted to try it himself. See?”

Mom stepped right up next to me and looked down into the bathtub. “Go ahead, Sweetheart. Don’t stop on my account.”

Bobby shrugged his shoulders and turned his attention back to what he’d been doing before Mom interrupted us. She stood there, right next to me and I looked up at her and smiled as he took stroke after stroke of the razor and followed up with his fingers to make sure all the hair was gone. When he was done, he sat the razor down on the side of the tub and lowered both of his legs into the water and rinsed himself off.

“Underarms too?” Mom asked.

Bobby raised his arms and turned his body so she could see they were done, and when she crossed her arms over her chest and smiled down at him, I knew he’d scored some points with her.

“Well, young man,” she said, shaking her head, “I’m happy this went so well. I got worried when I didn’t hear any yelling or screaming, but, I can see right now how well you minded your sister, and it’s nice to see the two of you getting along so well again.”

I told her I still needed to rinse the tub and fill it so I could wash him up, and she told me to go ahead and do what I needed to do. “I’ve got a few things to do myself, so call me if you need me.”

“I swear,” Mom said, as she looked down at me before she left, “we should have done this punishment thing a long time ago.”

Once she left, Bobby and I laughed with each other. I reached over to let the water out of the tub and told him to stand up. Then, as the water drained, I turned the shower on for a few seconds so he could rinse everything off his body before filling the tub again with clean water for his bath.

The only thing was, when I turned the shower on for him, a cold burst of water sprayed over his body and Bobby yelled at the top of his lungs when the cold water hit him.

I burst out laughing when I realized what happened and Mom came running back into the bathroom asking what was wrong. “That friggin’ water was freezing!” Bobby exclaimed, pointed to the shower head.

I couldn’t help but crack up again, and when I looked at Mom, she was cracking up, too. “Okay you two,” she said, as our laughter died out, “let’s quit horsing around and try to get finished. We still have some serious things to get accomplished tonight.”

I continued to chuckle as I turned the hot water up so Bobby could rinse himself off under the shower head. As much as I tried to compose myself, I giggled the whole time he was rinsing thinking about the way he yelled when the cold water hit him. He even started to laugh too, but, he jokingly told me he was going to watch me from now on to make sure it didn’t happen again.

Once the tub started to fill, Bobby sat down in the water and lay back against the sloped end of the tub and closed his eyes. They shot open, though, when I reached down and took his flaccid penis in my hand and started playing with it.

“If you do that,” Bobby warned, “it’s just going to get me hard again. Remember, Mom said it was normal….. just a physical reaction to the stimulation.”

“My ass it is.” I answered. “You know as well as I do that you’re starting to enjoy all the attention you’re getting. But, I won’t say anything if you don’t.”

Bobby opened his legs as far as the tub would let him, and, he smiled at me as he reclined back into the warm water. I kept holding his cock and squeezing it gently, urging it to rise up under my touch before I began to bathe him. We looked at each other as I nursed his thickness back into a solid erection. I was about to let go of him, when he spoke.

“You’re a pretty girl.” He said quietly, looking down into the water and then glancing back up at me.

“Thank you.” I said, completely caught off guard. “What made you say that?” I asked.

“You have beautiful eyes.” Bobby answered. “And, you’re cute.”

I felt myself starting to blush. I’m not necessarily what I’d consider beautiful, but, every girl likes to hear compliments, especially if they sound sincere, and the way he said it and his tone of voice…. it really sounded like he meant it.

“Plus,” he added, looking over towards the door to make sure Mom wasn’t standing there listening to us, “I really love your panties, Sandra. They’ve gotten me through some awful lonely nights.”

“Don’t push it, Little Brother.” I replied, chuckling back at him. “Now that I know about your panty fetish, you wouldn’t want me to start keeping really close track of my underwear would you?”

He didn’t answer me, and I didn’t expect him to. Instead, though, I reached for my body wash and started soaking my bath puff with liquid soap. Telling him to sit up, I started washing his back and then did his front, taking a few seconds to lightly pinch his boy nipples until they got hard under my fingers.

I washed his hair with my shampoo and while the conditioner sat on his head, we talked about the old days — before Dad died.

After I rinsed his hair, I washed his arms and hands, and then his feet and legs. Through out all of this, he was as talkative and friendly as he could be and I really — and I mean this — I really enjoyed spending the time with him, and washing him. And, I’m not referring to the implied sexual part of it, either.

Maybe it was the incredible closeness we shared as I methodically washed him, or maybe it was the intimate nature of being able to touch another person like that. But, whatever it was, the feeling that filled my heart was one of gladness and warmth and joy, and it was a wonderful thing to experience and share with my little brother. I know he felt it, too, because his hard-on went away and he sat there with a smile on his face while I took care of him. Before long, though, I finished with everything but his crotch and bottom.

“Bobby,” I said, quietly, trying not to disturb the mood that was surrounding us, “I need to do your bottom now.”

Without any reply, Bobby got up on his hands and knees for me. “Sandra,” he said, almost so softly I couldn’t hear him, “you’re a good sister. I’ve always thought that.”

Jeez, I almost teared up. He’d just said the one thing that could do that, too. It was something I’d waited years to hear him say, and now he’d said it. I can’t describe how it touched my heart and all at once, every ounce of compassion and love I was capable of poured out of me.

“Thank you.” I answered. “You know, I wasn’t kidding when I told you I’d help you as much as possible during your punishment, Bobby. I’d be heartbroken if you had to move out, especially now that I can see you’re really trying to change.”

I poured some of my body wash into the palm of my hand and reached out to his rump and slowly began to wash his buttocks. At first, I avoided the area between his cheeks, but I could only do that for so long. I poured some of the liquid soap into my other hand and reached under him and gently started soaping his cock and balls. I expected him to start getting hard, but he didn’t, and as I washed everything between his belly button and his thighs, he remained still, blissfully relaxed and he let me wash him.

Realizing I still needed to wash the crack of his ass and remembering what Mom said about boys being dreadfully afraid of being touched there, I bent over a little more and started stroking his cock with my left hand while my right hand began it’s journey down between his butt cheeks. The second I touched his hole with my soapy fingers, his cock lurched in my hand and I felt him tense up and jerk.

“I’m sorry, Bobby.” I said. “I have to wash you there. Mom was very specific about that.”

“I know.” My brother answered. “It’s okay. Go ahead. I just wasn’t ready for it, that’s all.”

I continued with both hands, lightly caressing his cock with my left hand and gently running my finger up and down his crack with my right. I stopped several times with my finger directly on his hole, and each time I did, I felt his cock jerk. Finally, I just accepted the fact this had to be done, and gently pushed the tip of my finger into his hole.

“Fuuuuck.” Bobby moaned, softly. His cock jumped in my hand, inflating itself to almost full erection strength in a matter of seconds.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked. “I’m sorry, but, Mom told me to make sure your bottom was thoroughly cleaned and she was very specific about what she wanted me to do.”

“Sandra,” my brother answered, finally opening his eyes and looking back at me, “no, it doesn’t hurt. That’s not it at all….. it’s just….. uh….. I don’t know exactly how to say this….. but….”

“It felt good?” I asked, trying to finish his sentence for him.

“Yeah.” Bobby answered. “It’s just not what I expected.”

I told him to relax and let me finish. As I pushed my finger into him a little more, I told him there was nothing to be embarrassed about and nothing to be ashamed over. I told him I’d dated a few guys that would never admit it, but, they loved some degree of anal attention.

“It doesn’t mean anything weird if you like it, Bobby.” I said calmly as I gently pushed my soapy finger in and out of his ass. “I like to be touched back there if it’s done by the right person, and if they’re gentle.”

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“Be quite. Do not make a scene here, or we will leave.”


“Then get up and walk out that door without making another sound.”

We had left the restaurant early due to our argument and my loud mouth. I knew I was in trouble.

We walked in silence to his car which really gave me a moment (I didn’t want) to think about what I had just done. I felt guilty, and sad for hurting him like that.

He followed me to my door, and at the time I didn’t think anything of it because he always opens my door but unexpectedly, he turns me around pinning my body against his car. I instantly feel his hard cock pressing between my ass.

“I did not like the way you behaved in there Jessica, and you will be punished for it.”

Then he smacked my ass with enough force to cause me to whimper.

“Understand?” Smack.

“Yes Devon.”

“Don’t you mean Yes Sir?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Good.” Smack.

Then he let me go, and opened the car door for me.

The car ride was just as silent as the walk through the parking lot, and I knew he must be disappointed in me. I don’t know what came over me. One second it was a great evening, then I just lashed out on him for almost no reason.

When we got home, he opened my door, and I walked very slowly into the house. He told me to go to our room, take off all my clothes, and wait for him.

It felt like I waited for hours, but once he arrived in our bedroom, I wished he would leave again. The look on his face seemed angry and disappointed, but also full of sexual desire. Which scared me, but excited me even more.

Devon wasn’t always this dominant. Bossing me around or telling me to call him Sir, but he knows how much I like it. How it makes my pussy drip and ache for him. Lately I couldn’t stop craving such attention from him.

“Get on all fours with your knees at the end of the bed.”

I instantly complied with his command.

“Jessica, what you did at the restaurant tonight was completely unacceptable. Lately you’ve been such a good girl, what happened?” The sad look on his face killed me.

“I’m so sorry Sir. Please forgive me. I just don’t know what came over me. But I’ll be your good girl from now on, I promise.”

“Nice try, but you should know your begging can’t get you out of this punishment. Now, I’m going to spank you untill I think you’ve learned your lesson. How about 7 with my hand? I don’t want you to move or make a sound besides thanking me for your punishment.”


“Ahhh, Thank you Sir!” The first one came quick and already started to make my bottom sting. I knew I was in for it and that each smack was going to hurt worse than the last.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

“Thank you Sir!”

With every smack my pussy got more and more wet for him. I could feel ass burning, and could picture Devon’s hand prints on my bare ass. All I wanted now was for him to fuck me, but I knew I’d have to wait.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

“Thank you Sir!”

Finally, I felt him start to rub my ass and I knew that he was ready to fuck me…

But first, he was going to make me beg and work for it.

“Get on your knees.” There was no way I was going to disobey him now, I got on my knees right away. He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He had a gorgeous cock, so big in length (8 inches) and girth, I can feel it filling me now…

I felt the head of his cock gently touch my lips, which was a silent command to open my mouth. I started by just sucking the head of his dick slowly and gently. After a minute or so, he got tired of my teasing and grabbed a fist full of my hair and slowly spread my lips. Soon I felt the tip of his head reach the back of my throat. His strong grip on my hair forced me to keep my head still, and he began to fuck my mouth.

“Do you like sucking my cock you little slut?’

“Yes Sir, I do.” It was hard to talk with his huge cock filling my mouth, but I tried my best to answer him.

“Do you think a little bitch like you even deserves to suck my cock after acting the way you did?”

“No Sir, But I want to please you.”

“Then be a good little girl and put your hands behind your back and take as much as this cock I give you, Understand?”

I shook my head to show I understood.

He fucked my mouth until I thought I would gag, but he always withdrew his cock to let me cat my breath. Once his cock was really wet and to his liking, he told me to get on the bed on all fours with my knees on the edge again. At this point, my pussy is completely dripping for him and I don’t think I can wait any longer for him to be inside me and stretching me. I felt his soft cock head touch the lips of my pussy…

“Beg.” Uh-oh.

“PLEASE SIR! I need you to fuck me, I’m sorry for acting like a little brat at the restaurant but please fuck me, I’ll be a good girl. I promise. I’ll do anything for you to just fuck me with your big cock Master!”

“Are you sure anything?” I was starting to rethink that last statement.

“Yes Sir…”

“I wasn’t going to fuck that ass of mine tonight, but since you insisted, I think I’ll cum inside it.” What did I just get myself into…

Before I could finish my thought I felt his hard dick start to stretch my pussy and I could no longer worry about the thought of his cock stretching my tight ass. He pushed his cock in with one long hard thrust, and cause me to let out a loud moan.

His cock never stops amazing me, always stretching me to my limits, pounding into me untill I’m screaming. Devon had always been such a good lover but tonight, he was filled with passion and desire. It made me feel beautiful and loved, and damn lucky to be his little slut…

He then started fucking me with all his force by pulling my hair and pulling me back on him, causing my orgasm to build instantly… But I knew he wasn’t going to let me cum that easily.

“Do you like it when I fuck you slut?”

“Yes Sir, I love it when you fuck your pussy. Please don’t stop I’m going to cum soon.”

“You’re not going to cum untill I say you can. Sluts like you don’t deserve to cum untill they’ve earned it.”

With that Devon withdrew his cock and got off the bed. Fuck! What was he doing? Before I knew it he was back on the bed and I heard the little “Click” of the lid on what I figured was the lube bottle. Sure enough, I soon felt a solid stream of cold lube drop onto my rosebud and continue to slide down to my pussy.

“Be a good little girl and let Daddy slide his cock in your tight little asshole, and don’t try to squirm or get away because it will only make things worse for you. And I don’t want you to say a word unless I ask you a question. Oh, and rub that little clit and don’t stop until I’ve cum in this hot ass of mine”

“Yes Sir, oh please fuck my ass.” Normally I wouldn’t take Devon’s cock so easily in my ass but I wanted so bad to please him, and to get his cock back inside me, I relaxed my ass and let the tip of Devon’s cock pop right in. It burned a little but I was so horny I couldn’t help but want more of his huge cock fucking my slutty little ass..

Devon slowly eased his unbelievable hard cock into my ass over a coarse of a few minutes (which felt like hours), but soon I heard him faintly say “It’s all the way in baby.”

Devon slowly started to thrust his cock in and out of my ass. I couldn’t help but get even wetter and hornier when Devon fucked my ass like this, I love being his little slut.

With me rubbing my clit and Devon starting to thrust into my ass a little harder, I felt like I was going to explode. I needed to cum so bad but I didn’t want to disappoint Devon by cumming without his permission.

“You want to cum don’t you My little slut?”

“Yes Sir, I do. Please, please, please let me Sir.”

“Since you’ve taken my cock up your ass so nicely I’ll allow you to cum as I do.”

“Ohhh thank you Sir.”

And with that Devon started to fuck my ass without inhibition. Fucking my ass untill I thought I could take no more, but I knew I would have to. I loved him fucking and commanding me this way. I felt his control, his authority, his dominance. I knew I was all his and would always be.

Soon I felt Devon’s thrust start to become even faster and harder and I knew he was close to cumming. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled his cock almost all the way out and slammed into my ass with full force and started to spurt his cum deep inside my ass.

“Cum with me baby.” With his wonderful voice urging me to cum, I had the most intense, and my first, anal orgasm..

Devon then withdrew his softening cock, cleaned himself and I off, and grabbed me to snuggle next to him in our bed.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too Sir.”

We then drifted off into a deep sleep so exhausted from our wonderful love making, and also excited for the next time.

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For all that our honeymoon was spent getting to know each other beyond the basic knowledge we had always had of each other, the real world came knocking all too soon. We were enrolled in the College at the far end of our home town and classes were starting the following Monday. So while we did not wish to leave the little cabin by the lake, we were not left with much of a choice.

Barring the obvious changes caused by marriage, our relationship hadn’t really been changed all that much. Pete still treated me like a princess, and I returned the gesture in kind. For the most part his dominant side only showed up in the bedroom, which tended to be quite frequently during our honeymoon. By the time we were headed back to civilization, I was black and blue in all the areas that tend to remain covered by clothing. It was a combined effort; if he were being too gentle with me, I would goad him into being rougher, sometimes resorting to very underhanded tactics to make him lose his temper with me.

One of these times was the day before we were due to leave the cabin to move into our apartment, Pete was being a perfect gentleman and driving me absolutely crazy. I wanted to play, and I didn’t want him to be so darned polite about the whole matter. But no matter how I teased him, he seemed oblivious to my desires, and kept his kisses chaste and gentle. Perhaps he was trying to make up for being so rough all week, but I just wasn’t getting into the careful, gentle, loving way he was treating me.

Finally I stomped from the cabin in a childish fit of anger, unable to tolerate even one more minute of the gooey crap he was pulling. Little did I know that he was fully aware of what I was trying to do and was simply refusing to fall victim to my needling. The dominant in him wasn’t willing to allow his submissive to play him like that; he would take control in whatever manner he desired, whenever he so felt like it.

After a few minutes he followed me outside, wondering what I was doing. At first he couldn’t find me, then he saw me at the water’s edge, struggling to get the canoe untied from where he had tied it earlier that day. This caused him to raise an eyebrow, as he knew perfectly well that I panic when I am in a canoe by myself. I am not a strong swimmer, and can flip a canoe easily if I get spooked. Being that I have a fear of deep water, it doesn’t take much to spook me when I am in a canoe, and he was surprised that I was thinking about taking it out without him.

However, he had knotted the stupid rope so tightly that for the life of me, I could not get it untied. Such was my frustration that I didn’t even notice as he approached me, and I continued to fight with the knotted rope, swearing at it as I did. Dirty language irritates Pete, particularly when it is coming from me. For all that I laugh at his insistence, he is quite adamant that I’m much too pretty to use such filthy language.

If I had only been swearing at the canoe, he probably would have ignored my language. But as he got closer, he started to hear more of what I was saying. In fact, I was grumbling to myself about him and his general refusal to rise to my bait. Standing a few feet behind me, he listened with growing incredulity to my ranting. Normally I wouldn’t be being so mean about him, even to myself, but I was frustrated with him for not attending to me the way I wanted him to, and I was frustrated with the knot that I simply couldn’t untie. The combination of frustrations had pushed me past simple frustration to outright anger.

After a minute, he cleared his throat, causing me to jump, startled. Spinning around, I glared up at him, bristling irritably. “What do YOU want?!” The next words were a plaintive mutter, not fully intended for his hearing. “Stupid inattentive son of a bitch!”

However, Pete’s hearing is excellent, and his eyes narrowed as he returned my glare with equal measure. “What did you call me?” Striving to keep his voice even, his hands balled into fists at his side and he stepped forward, using his height to glower down at me.

“A Stupid. Inattentive. Son Of A. BITCH!” Making my first mistake I enunciated each word carefully. My voice rose as I finished, standing my ground against him, though a flutter of fear raced through my stomach to see how he was glaring at me.

Pete drew a deep breath, and keeping his voice steady, he stepped forward so that he was right in my face. “You’re really gonna regret it if you don’t take that back!”

When my temper flares up, it tends to get away from me. Consequently, this was where I made my second mistake, a really stupid one. “NO!” One of the few rules we had determined for our relationship was that I never tell him no. Being that he treated me like an equal, he would be willing to listen to my opinion and share the decision making process in our marriage with me, but I had to remember that he was in charge, and his say was final. For the most part, I agreed with this, as I had seen that behaviour emulated in my parent’s marriage. What my father said was absolute, no matter what and not even Mom could overturn his decisions.

But I was lost in my temper, and I was not thinking clearly anymore. I was on a roll and followed with my third stupid mistake of slapping him hard across the cheek. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, but I knew instantly that I really ought not to have done that. Mistake four: I turned on my heel, dodging as he grabbed for me and took off running, fully aware that I had just made him angrier than I had ever managed to make him before.

The shock that I would dare to run from him was enough to give me just a bit of a head start that I got to the cabin before he did and slammed the door as hard as I could in his face. Hightailing it into the bedroom, I struggled to push the dresser across the door, since we did not have the key for the lock. Hearing the front door bang open, I dove under the bed with the dresser halfway across the door way and scrambled to the back corner, where he wouldn’t be able to easily reach me when he got into the room.

I curled into a tight little ball in the back corner as I listened to him fight with the door. But given his general skinniness, he managed to squeeze through the doorway after a minute or two, and he looked around to see where I was. The screen was still on the window, so he knew I hadn’t snuck out of the room on him. Stomping across the room flat footed, he opened the closet door with a crash, checking to see if I’d tried to hide in there. That left only the bed, and he lay on the floor to see if I was under it.

“Get out here.” His voice was a venomous whisper, and his face bore my handprint plain as day. Shaking my head no frantically, I tried to pull myself in farther, cowering in the corner, having moved from angry to frightened by the sound of his voice.

“Dasani Jayne Daisy Andrea Gregory, if I have to come under that bed after you, you will be more sorry than you ever have been for anything in your life!”

When he pulled out my full name, I knew right well that I was toast. My mother had given me three middle names, after both grandmothers and her best friend from elementary school, so it was insanely long. If he was making the effort to call my by my full name, I really should have listened to him.

But still I clung to my defiance, not wanting to give in. Mistake number five. “Nooo…” I whined this, in precisely the tone of voice that I knew he hated, just digging myself further into the mess I had gotten into. “You can’t make me; I won’t do it!”

Sliding forward, Pete crawled towards me underneath the bed. “So help me, you will not cum until I let you, and when I finally permit it, you will not stop unless I say so!” There was nowhere left for me to go, though I tried to elude his hands as best I could. But he managed to get hold of my wrist and literally dragged me out from underneath the bed, despite that I fought him tooth and nail.

“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!” When he got me out, he jerked me to my feet, grabbing my elbows hard and shaking me. “How DARE you stomp away from me!? How DARE you slap me!?” Leaning down so that he was in my face, he continued shouting at me. “As for the name calling! YOU submitted to ME, not the other way around, you rotten little brat! You PROMISED that you would NEVER say no to me!” With each sentence he shook me hard, causing my teeth to clack together in my head. “I will NOT tolerate such behaviour from my submissive, nor from my wife! It is up to ME when we play, NOT you, or did you forget about the terms that YOU suggested a mere TWO days ago!?”

Whimpering softly, my defiance was starting to fade from my system now, leaving me completely and totally terrified. I had indeed been the one to suggest the terms. We had worked out a few simple rules that covered most of the bases. I was to do what I was told to do, unless there was a genuine reason that I could not. I was to be polite to him, and to treat myself with the same level of honour and respect that I was to treat him, my chosen husband and dominant. That was it, three simple little rules. And I had broken two of the three within two days!

“Pete, I…”

“Can it! I don’t want your excuses!” Shoving me backwards a little, he pushed down hard, so that I fell to my knees, with my back at the edge of the bed, so I couldn’t back away from him. “Get my shorts off NOW!” At this point I was too frightened to disobey, and I started fumbling with the button on his shorts immediately. But owing to my fright, my fingers wouldn’t work right, and I couldn’t get the button to undo.

Snarling in irritation, he shoved my hands away and undid the shorts in a hurry, kicking them off. Since we were on our honeymoon, neither of us had brought any underwear with us, so his hard cock sprang to attention as soon as it from freed from the shorts.

“Get that in your mouth!” Jerking the elastic off my ponytail, he entwined his hands in my hair, not giving me a chance to obey him. Thrusting forward as he pulled me down on him hard, he seemed to be trying to bury the whole thing in my throat with one thrust. However, given that we had only experimented vaguely with this so far, he did not succeed. His real purpose was something else altogether. After pulling me down on him hard several times, causing me to choke and splutter around him each time, he pulled out.

Pulling me to my feet by my hair, he threw me across the bed on my stomach, stuffing the pillows underneath my pelvis as he did. “What are you?” Grabbing my shorts he pulled them off quickly, flinging them away as he did.

“I’m… I’m a…” I was stammering, still gasping for air from his assault on my throat. “I’m a… bad girl…”

“And what happens to bad girls?” His voice sounded almost evil as he positioned himself behind me, spreading my ass cheeks with his hands.

I was starting to panic, but I tried my hardest to answer. “They… get… puniSHED!” As I said the last word, he had pressed his cock forward against my virgin asshole. The shock and pain of having something so large press into my most private place caused me to shriek and start to struggle to get away.

“Please Pete, no, not that! I’m sorry I was bad, let me go Pete, please don’t!” The very idea terrified me, and I fought with everything in me to get away.

Pete kept his grip on my ass cheeks though, pushing forward steadily. “You will take your punishment, precious! And you ought to know from those stories you read on the Internet that it’ll hurt more if you fight it!” That little threat had me instantly lying still, tears starting to trickle down my face.

Thrusting hard, I let out a squeal of pain as the head popped into my formerly untouched asshole. Pete moaned loudly, “So tight!” and remained still for a moment to allow me some time to adjust to the feeling. But all too soon he started pushing forward again, his moans of pleasure matching the shrill whining sounds that I was emitting. It hurt! And it was not a pleasurable kind of pain like when he used the belt on me! My ass burned, and stretched, and felt like it was going to explode from the sheer fullness. His intention in forcing himself down my throat was clear now; he had been trying to lube it up to keep from hurting me too badly.

With not even a quarter of his cock in my arse, he started to pull out, causing me to clutch at the bedspread, screaming bloody murder. It felt like he was going to pull me inside out! Reaching my hand between my legs, I found my clit to rub, desperate to ease some of the agony that was radiating from my rear entrance. Pete noticed this though and grabbed my arm, jerking my hand back out.

“Don’t you dare! Punishment is supposed to hurt, and I told you that you couldn’t cum until I say you can!” Taking a bit of pity on me though, he grabbed the jar of lubricant from the bedside table and spread a generous amount on his cock and my hole. Grabbing my hips, he pressed himself forward again, lifting my ass up to meet him. In a quite gruff tone of voice, he barked the order, “Put those hands to better use by spreading those ass cheeks! It’ll make it hurt a little less if you’re spread wider!” He then fell silent, pressing down with all his might as I held my own ass cheeks open for his assault. It still hurt badly, but he was right, it hurt a little less with my cheeks spread wide and him pulling me up like he was.

But I was discovering that anal was not my thing; it took pain to a whole new level that I was quite sure I didn’t like at all. As he started pulling back out, I started shrieking again, just barely managing to keep a hold on my ass cheeks. “Please… please, Pete, pleaseee.,,,” I pleaded with him, starting to sob.

“Please what, precious?” He leaned forward to whisper in my ear as he started pushing back in again. “Tell me! Please what!?”

I couldn’t ask him to stop; I knew that I deserved this. For all that I wanted to beg him to stop, I was getting my just desserts for being such a brat a little while ago. “Puh… please Pete… pun…punish me, please…” Even if I didn’t like the pain, wasn’t that part of the purpose of true punishment? Beside, I felt guilty for having treated him so poorly.

“Very well.” With that, he started thrusting in and out harder, never quite removing himself from my ass, and getting a little deeper with every thrust. For my part, I sobbed incoherently into the bed, alerting my husband to the perfect punishment for me. If he truly wanted to punish me, this was obviously the way to do it, as I was getting hardly any enjoyment out of the matter at all.

However, my genuine cries of pain were tearing at his heart, because he does actually love me with all his heart. As a result, when he finally buried himself inside me completely, he stopped thrusting and reached a hand underneath me. Finding my clit, he started to pinch and roll it roughly between his fingers, trying to ease the pain a little. Perhaps the punishment wasn’t fully over, but he had decided that the time was right to allow me to have some pleasure through the pain.

As I started to get wet, he kept pulling on my clit as he started thrusting slowly in and out of my ass. However after a moment he stopped with his cock fully buried in me again, turning slightly and causing me to cry out in discomfort as his cock moved within. Digging through the drawer of the bedside table, he pulled out a small but powerful vibrating bullet, which he thrust into me, so that it rested on my g-spot. He had thought ahead, and had packed a few toys in his suitcase without my knowledge. Once it was positioned, he turned it to the very lowest setting. With that in place, he knew that I would derive some pleasure, but not enough to actually orgasm, which was something he had told me I could not have at the moment.

And so, he started thrusting again, harder this time. My squeals were confused now and interspersed with moans. I wished desperately that he would turn the speed up on that vibrator, because all it was doing was driving me crazy with lust, while his cock was still causing me pain in my ass, to the point that my belly was starting to cramp as a result of the fucking. Holy sweet mother of all things good, I would never be such a brat again! I was desperate to cum, desperate for him to be finished and fighting with myself to keep from trying to pull away from him.

After at least 5 minutes of Pete slamming roughly in and out of my ass, he slammed forward with a particularly vicious thrust and started to cum. As he filled my bowels with his cum, he turned the vibrator up one setting, but still not high enough to allow me to orgasm. It was just enough to drive me that much crazier, and I bucked back against him, moaning and pleading desperately.

When he was finished, he did not remove himself from my ass, wincing slightly as his cock tried to soften and couldn’t, because of the pressure my still tight hole was exerting on him. Reaching back into that awful drawer again, he fished around until he found a decent sized vibrating plug that was rather shorter than his cock, and a little less thick. Jerking his cock out of my arse suddenly, he forced the plug back in just as hard, shoving it in with much less resistance than his cock had encountered. Once he had it buried nicely, he pressed on the end of it, so that it turned on full blast as it slid into position, nestled tightly against my arse.

I was still moaning, my hips bucking in a desperate attempt to put more pressure on my clit so I could come. The vibrating plug in my arse just made me that much more wild and I was writhing on the bed like a mad woman, at the edge, but unable to reach the orgasm that I was now so desperately craving.

“Peteee… Stopp being soo mean!!”

Grabbing me around the waist, he walked over the dresser and sat me down hard, causing me to squeal as the pressure felt like it forced the plug inside my arse further, even though it was already in as far as it could actually go.

“Take it you little brat; take the punishment you asked me for!” The dresser was conveniently at the right height for Pete to not have to bend very much to take my nipple into his mouth. Sucking it in hard, he grabbed my other nipple, pinching hard and pulling on it. As he sucked on the one nipple, nipping it lightly with his teeth, he pulled and twisted and pinched the other one hard. But the more he hurt my nipples, the harder they got, and the harder they got the hornier I got, so that I was grinding against the wooden dresser top, trying to get off on that vibrator that was only going just fast enough to keep me just at the edge of orgasm.

After a few minutes, Pete wrapped his arms around my waist, clamping his lips shut tightly around the nipple, biting it slightly and moving to stand up straight. I shrieked and wrapped my legs around his waist frantically as he moved me back to the bed without letting go. Dropping me on my back, he pulled the vibrator from my pussy and started to fuck me hard. This drove me closer and closer to the edge, though I felt fuller than ever. My stomach was cramping almost brutally from the plug that was still vibrating deep in my ass, and Pete thrusting in and out of me exaggerated this feeling immensely.

Slamming himself into the hilt, he reached down and pinched my clit hard between his fingernails, “Cum you little brat! NOW!” And I fell of the edge of the orgasm that had been building ever since he’d started playing with my clit the first time, shrieking with what almost felt like pain as the pleasure finally overwhelmed me. But as he had told me that I wouldn’t cum until he said, then I wouldn’t stop until he allowed it, he pulled from me sharply without taking his own release, still pinching and manipulating my clit to keep me in that almost painful orgasm. The cramping in my belly picked up in intensity as I went, and Pete grabbed his belt from the bedside table.

‘Not you, Heidi.’

Last to leave, you halt in the doorway, my firm tone stopping you instantly.

‘Come here. Close the door.’

‘Yes, sir’. I hear the slight tremble in your voice; you know you are in trouble.

Obediently you shut the door and approach my desk. I watch you carefully, setting my features into grim disapproval as my gaze lingers its way up your body from your white-socked calves, over your firm thighs to the hem of your short skirt, then following the buttons on your blouse to your breasts where the outline of your nipples can just be determined — your bra must be very thin, very sheer. I meet your eyes at last and you blush and hang your head, clasping your hands behind your back and standing up straight so that your breasts strain against the fabric of your blouse.

‘Do you know why I called you back, Miss Presswood?’

‘No, sir.’ You dart me a quick glance and hang your head again. I only call you ‘Miss Presswood’ when you’re in trouble.

I stand up, taking the long wooden ruler from the desktop. My penis is beginning to swell in my trousers but with your head down, you won’t notice it. I move to stand behind you, slightly to one side. You make to turn your head, but I stop the movement by touching the tip of the ruler to your cheek. You flinch slightly.

‘Face the front, Miss Presswood. Hands by your sides.’ I stand very close to you. I can sense you trembling. My penis is straining now, aching. ‘You are a disgrace, Miss Presswood. Your skirt is far too short for modesty, it should come to here.’ I touch your thigh an inch above the back of your knee. ‘Instead it is all the way up here.’ I run my finger up your soft skin to meet the hem of your skirt. My finger is about two inches from the junction of your thighs. I move it a little higher. I can feel your heat. I leave it there and say, ‘What have you to say about that.’

‘Oh, sir,’ you gasp. ‘I’m very sorry, sir. It was all I had to wear today.’

‘Was it, Miss Presswood?’ I move my finger up and down, just a little so it brushes your underwear. Very smooth. Damp. You give a little whimper. I remove my hand and take an audible breath through my nose. ‘Were all your other skirts dirty, Miss Presswood?’

‘Yes, sir,’ you whisper.

‘Then you must be a very dirty girl, Miss Presswood. Are you?’

‘No, sir. I mean yes, sir.’ Flustered you blush again.

‘Let me be clear, Miss Presswood. Today you are dressed in a skirt that is far too short for decency and a blouse that is at least a size too small. I detect lipstick and rouge. And if I am not mistaken, perfume.’ I lean very close to your silky dark hair and, taking it in my fingers, smell. ‘Perfumed shampoo and also perfume on your skin.’ still holding your hair, I put my nose to the nape of your neck. ‘Frankly, Miss Presswood, you look like a common prostitute. Is that what you wanted?’

‘No sir,’ your whisper now is barely perceptible.

‘Do you know what prostitutes do, Miss Presswood?’

The merest shake of your head. I’m holding it quite firmly in my fist now. I use it to turn you round and hold your head up to look at me.

‘Then it is time you learnt so that there will not be a repetition of this disgraceful exhibition. On your knees.’

You look uncomprehending but I twist your hair and exert enough force to set you on your way to kneeling. Unbalancing slightly on your way down, you clutch my thighs for support. I let the ruler fall to the floor with a clatter that makes you start, but when I release your hair and unfasten my trousers your look turns from surprise to outright shock. You seem frozen, petrified like a rabbit in headlights.

‘Prostitutes, Miss Presswood, perform fellatio, amongst other things. Or in their parlance: suck cock. You, Miss Presswood, are going to suck my penis like a cock-hungry little slut, and once you have learnt to perform that task to my satisfaction, we shall turn to the rest of your punishment. Listen carefully. You will take down my shorts and use your mouth and tongue on my penis and testicles. You may kiss and lick at first but quite quickly you will take the tip in your mouth and suck. While you are doing this, you will moan with pleasure — I like my whores to sound appreciative. Do you understand?’

You nod. I slap your face, not very hard.

‘Yes, sir,’ you mumble, not taking your eyes from the bulge of my throbbing penis trapped within my cotton shorts.

‘Good girl.’ at these words, a quick smile flashes across your face and the welling tears subside. ‘Be a good girl, Heidi and suck me.’

‘Yes, sir.’ Your reach for the band of my shorts. As you start to pull them down, I put my hands over yours and stop you. You look uncomprehending, almost fearful, as if you’ve done something wrong.

‘Beg, Heidi,’ I say. ‘Beg for my big penis like the cock-hungry little slut you are.

You beg.

‘Please, sir, oh please sir, please let me suck your cock.’ You nuzzle it through the fabric. ‘Please, sir. Please. I need to suck your cock, sir. Please. like the little slut I am. I want it.’ You kiss it through the cotton. ‘I need my mouth filled with hard cock, sir.’

I release your hands and you tear down my shorts. My penis is free and rampant. You clasp it in both hands and moan. Then you look straight up at me.

‘Please, sir,’ you say very calmly and seriously. ‘Please may I suck this magnificent penis. I promise to be such a good girl.’

I nod and you suck. You make little whimpers of satisfaction when I begin to thrust and shift your hands to my backside, crasping and clawing as I begin to fuck your face in earnest. When I come, it feels like a fountain erupting from my balls. You drink it all and don’t stop licking until my penis is clean.

‘Thankyou, sir,’ you say. ‘I hope I have been a good girl.’

‘Yes, Heidi,’ I say. ‘A very good girl. I tug you to your feet by the hair, but quite gently and smile indulgently at you as you beam up at me. I slide my hand under your dress onto your rump. You freeze.

‘What’s this?’ I say, feeling the warmth of your firm round buttock. ‘Are you wearing a thong, Miss Presswood?’

‘Yes, sir.’

Then you must bend over the desk, Miss Presswood, and prepare to be punished.

You bend, pressing your upper body against the polished mahogany. I take down your skirt and thong in one smooth motion, revealing your plump little arse and smooth-shaven cunt. My penis is sticking straight out again, and it twitches at the sight. I put the head against the lips of your wet cunt.

‘This will be a most severe punishment, Miss Presswood,’ I thrust my penis straight into you, all the way. You are hot and tight and wet. I tell you so, leaning forward to whisper in your ear, ‘You have a very tight little cunt, Miss Presswood. Such a pretty little cunt.’ I withdraw, then slam into you again. ‘So very tight and wet.’ And you moan as I fuck you with long, brutal strokes. ‘Are you sorry, Miss Presswood?’ I gasp as I fill you with my full length again. You just whimper and nod your head as best you can.

I press my hard stomach against your taut, round young arse, reach underneath you and tear open your blouse, scoop your beasts from your skimpy bra and fondle them. As I brush the nipples, you come explosively, your cunt tightening on my hard penis and you shriek. As you subside, I pull out, still erect. You moan and beg, cry out with alarm as I return, but this time to your anus.

‘No, sir, please, sir. Please fuck me in my cunt sir –’ Your pleas are cut short, turn into a little scream as I force into you. i put my hands on your wrists, holding you down. You squirm beneath me on the desk, grinding your arse against me. Three strokes is all it takes and I come again.

Once I have recovered, I withdraw and you kneel and clean me again with your mouth and tongue. I feel my penis stiffen again and I allow you to suck me to a third orgasm.

‘That will do for today, I think, Heidi.’ I say after your tongue has removed the last traces of semen for the third time. But understand that I shall be keeping a close eye on you and will not hesitate to punish any further infractions even more severely.’

‘Thankyou, sir,’ you say. ‘Thankyou for teaching me to be a good girl again.’ I watch you as you dress and leave, holding the door for you. A girl in the corridor outside catches my notice.

‘Miss Di Ruffia! A word with you please.’

This is an audio reading of my story ‘Punishing a Good Girl’

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (13.5 min/mp3)

* * * * *

I lay in bed, angry and frustrated from what had just happened to me. Sam had forced himself on me! I wouldn’t have been so angry about it if he hadn’t denied me an orgasm as well. I could still taste him in my mouth. Just the thought of his hands all over me and his big cock down my throat made me wet again. I must admit, I had a little crush on Sam. But I am in a loving relationship with his best friend Jack. Perhaps the thought of this affair being so forbidden is what makes it so desirable for me. Whatever it was, the forbidden affair or the incredible teasing Sam had just put me through, I found myself rubbing my fingers up and down my clit.

On the bed, I found the vibrator Sam had just used on me. I turned it on and rubbed it on my clit. My other hand went straight to my breasts, pinching and pulling on my nipples. I was lost in ecstasy, panting and moaning on the bed. I didn’t even hear the door open or see Sam standing over me. I felt the orgasm building. My body tensed.

“Not so fast, my little cock-tease,” Sam pulled the vibrator out of my hand. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Sam went to the closet and pulled out the sluttiest skirt and top that he could find. The shirt was one that I never wore because it was so low cut that anyone could see my nipples if I wasn’t careful. The shirt showed entirely too much cleavage. And the skirt was way too short. Sam tossed the clothes on the bed and commanded me to get dressed. He planned on taking me out to breakfast.

I obeyed him and dressed quickly. I met him at the front door. My pussy was still tingling from the denied orgasm. I felt as if I were dangling right on the edge. I just needed a little something to push me to the brink. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, pressing my body against his.

I whispered in his ear, “I want to feel you inside me. Please fuck me!” I let my warm breath caress his neck. My tongue touched his earlobe. I softly sucked his earlobe between my teeth and nibbled gently. Sam moaned and I could feel him growing harder between my legs. My pussy itched to feel him inside. The need burned within me.

Sam kissed me back. His hand ran softly up my back. His fingers snaked through my hair. He gripped my hair roughly and pulled me away from his body.

“Not so fast,” he laughed. “We’re going out to eat. You’ll get what’s coming to you.”

He took me to a nice family restaurant that served breakfast all day. He chose a table in the middle of the restaurant where I could be visible to everyone. Since it was in the middle of the day on a week day, the restaurant wasn’t very busy. However, I began to feel very self-conscious about the outfit Sam had picked out for me. When I sat down, my skirt rode up to my thighs. I had to be careful to keep my legs closed. My shirt had sunk down to show too much breast again. I began adjusting my top, but Sam slapped my hand away.

“I want to enjoy the show,” Sam said. Beneath the table, I felt his feet pulling against my ankles. “Open your legs,” he commanded.

“No! Everyone will see!” Sam hadn’t picked out any panties for me to wear under my tight skirt.

“If you don’t, you won’t receive the reward you’ve been begging for. Also, you will be punished.” His eyes were serious as he said the last part. I didn’t want to find out what other punishment he had in store for me.

Slowly, I parted my legs. My wet pussy felt cool air against it. I thought I saw a man across the room grinning. I blushed and looked down at the menu.

While we ate, Sam made sure I was uncomfortably exposed to everyone in the restaurant. Finally we finished our meal and I was ready to leave. I began to push my chair away from the table to get up.

“Wait,” Sam said. “It’s time for your reward. I want you to finish what you started in the bedroom.”

I looked at him confused.

“Do I have to spell it out for you? Put your hand between your legs and finish pleasuring yourself.”

“But everyone will see me!” I looked around the room and saw at least two men that had been enjoying the view of my widely spread legs under the table.

“Do it,” he commanded, “Or I will leave you here without paying. I don’t think you have a wallet anywhere in that tight skirt of yours.”

He was grinning at me. He had already embarrassed me enough. What would the server say when I couldn’t pay the bill? Would they call the police? I couldn’t imagine being arrested in this ridiculous outfit.

Slowly, I let my hand drop below the table. My skirt slid up to my hips as my legs opened wider. My finger circled my clit. I needed to get off, but this wasn’t how I wanted it. I could feel eyes on me as I squeezed my eyes shut.

“No,” Sam said. “Open your eyes.”

I looked deeply into his eyes. I couldn’t look away from him for fear of seeing the other men in the restaurant staring at me. My pace quickened on my clit, but my orgasm still eluded me.

“I can’t,” I panted. “I can’t get off with everyone watching. I’m too scared.”

“That’s okay,” he said. “I just wanted you to get wet again. You didn’t need to get off here anyways.”

Sam paid the bill and we left. I hoped he would take me home and we could spend the rest of the afternoon in bed together. He drove away from my road and began heading towards the park. He took me to a big state park with lots of trails through the woods. It is a beautiful place and usually busy on the weekends. However, I knew we would be alone at this time of day during the week.

“Are we site-seeing?” I asked mockingly.

“I’m taking you to the woods, where our favorite fantasies take place. Let’s act out some of the conversations we had online.” Sam smirked at me.

I knew exactly what he was talking about. Sam and I had spent a lot of time chatting online. We had started out as just friends, but things got serious when our conversations turned sexual. I got off several times as we played out fantasies. I liked fantasies where I was tied up and tortured, while he enjoyed mythical stories. He was an elf lord, master of the forest and I was usually an angel or mermaid that trespassed or lost in a battle against the forest. We enjoyed our chats, but guilt consumed us when we thought of Jack, my boyfriend and Sam’s best friend. But I didn’t feel so bad about it because Sam lived 12 hours away and I was confident that our relationship would never turn physical. Our relationship changed when he came to visit and decided to take revenge on me for teasing him with something he can’t have.

“What was your favorite fantasy?” I asked him.

“I liked the one where you played a mermaid.” He grinned.

I smiled as I remembered the story. The mermaid was a princess that had lost a battle against the elf lord. He captured her and was going to punish her for being foolish enough to think she could beat him in battle. He tied her up and waited for the water to dry from her fins. When her fins were dry, legs appeared where her tailfin once was. He then tied her over a large fallen tree with her arms bound behind her back and her legs spread. The elf lord fucked the mermaid in the ass until she begged for him to release his seed deep inside her.

My ass tingled thinking about the elf lord thrusting into her tender bottom. I opened my eyes as I heard Sam getting out of the car. We had arrived at the park. Sam chose a secluded area and led me down a quiet path. Soon he took me off the path and we headed towards a stream. There was more privacy there, with a rock wall behind us and the stream to the side. We could still see the path at a distance, though. Any random hiker had the chance of coming upon us.

“This is a perfect place for the elf lord to take his mermaid captive,” Sam smiled.

Sam pulled some rope out of his bag and began tying my wrists and ankles. He found two nearby trees and positioned me between them. He stretched my legs and arms and tied me spread-eagled between the trees.

“The princess has been a bad girl,” Sam whispered in my ear as he moved behind me. I grew wet between my legs again as his hands drew my shirt up above my breasts. Sam squeezed my exposed nipples and I let out a cry. He moved his hands down to my skirt and pulled it up above my hips. His hand slapped my bare ass. I yelped but I wanted more. He brought his hand between my legs from behind and slowly stroked in and out my wet pussy. I pushed against his fingers, wanting more.

His hand slid back out of my pussy and towards my tight asshole. Sam used the juice from my pussy to lube up my ass. I gasped as his finger pushed into my ass. He worked his finger in and out until I swayed with his rhythm, moaning for more. He removed his fingers and slowly he gripped my hips. He positioned himself behind me and I felt his cock growing harder between my legs. I gasped and then let out a scream when he put his big dick in my ass. His thrusts were slow at first, until the initial pain had lessened. Then, Sam began to pick up the pace as my sobs turned into moans. Before long, I was screaming for more.

“Beg for it,” Sam commanded.

“Please, please elf lord, give me more!” I yelled out between moans.

“Who is your master?” Sam demanded.

“You are, master! Please, please let me cum, elf lord, master!”

With that final exclamation, Sam decided that I had learned my lesson. He rewarded me with several hard thrusts. My body convulsed as an orgasm rocked my body. With one final thrust, Sam released his powerful sperm inside of me.

I hung limply from my bonds and Sam slowly slid from behind me. He untied the ropes and I collapsed into his arms. He kissed me and I kissed him back.

“Let me take you home,” Sam said. And he led me out of the forest.

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