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This is a wife sharing, cuckold story. If you don’t like these kinds of stories then why in the hell are you reading it. If you want romantic stories then you need to be reading the stories in Romantic Encounters.

Tuesday morning, the second Tuesday under “Heather Rules,” I wake up smelling fresh bacon and eggs and hearing voices one of which is Heather’s.

By the time my eyes are able to focus, Heather is standing in the doorway naked, of course, with our ever faithful personal bellboy, Jason. I hear him tell her; “It’s a date; I’ll pick you up Thursday morning,” and then she kissed him on the lips. Flustered, Jason disappeared down the hall; Heather standing in the hall waving goodbye until Jason is on the elevator.

Heather turned and seeing me awake said, “I’m sorry, we didn’t mean to wake you but it’s just as well breakfast is getting cold.” I must have looked confused because Heather smirked and added, “I woke up early and ordered breakfast, I didn’t think you’d mind.”

Then the look on her face became very serious and she answered my unasked question with broken sentences, “Yes, I’m OK, it’s just that yesterday…I…but I think we both know….” Then a smile came over her face and her demeanor changed, “I’m a whore now and that’s just the way it’s going to be, at least while we’re in California.”

She next started to say something and then stopped. I think she was going to ask me if I was OK but then realized that my agreement to Heather’s Rules meant I did not get an opinion.

I just grunted and crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom.

The funny thing is I was alright with everything. Mentally, I knew I should have been pissed off and demanding that Heather stop this shit immediately but in all honesty I was not. I liked Heather this way; I liked being married to a whore. It made her more desirable to me somehow knowing I was getting for free what others were paying for and no matter what Heather would always be mine. Well, mine and Sy’s.

Heather, still naked, was sitting on the balcony munching on her breakfast when I joined her. “So, you probably gave poor Jason a heart attack when you greeted him at the door.” I said breaking the morning silence.

Heather just smiled, “Oh he was a little startled at first but he got over it quickly enough. It was so cute how he blushed and tried to pretend not to look while checking me out. He even asked me out on a date.” Heather said with a sly, smug, devilish look on her face.

“He did, did he?” I asked in mock indignation.

“Yep, he and some of his friends are going water skiing Thursday to celebrate one of the boy’s eighteenth birthday and Jason asked me to come along.” Heather answered. “I think it will be fun.”

“How many of his ‘friends’ are there going to be?” I queried.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask,” she answered. “Like you heard, Jason said he’d pick me up early Thursday morning since it’s a long trip to the lake and he’ll have me back later Thursday.”

I just raised my eyebrows and we changed the subject, deciding to have dinner and do some dancing tonight. After we finished breakfast, I barely had time to shower and get dressed for today’s class. What I really wanted is to have Heather’s pussy wrapped around the hardon I always seem to be sporting lately.

Heather saw me off by standing in the hallway, naked of course, until the elevator came.

In class, Don was a much happier man, smiling and giving me a high five when we met at the break. “Damn that whore was good. I fucked her three times; I never fuck anyone more than once before I fall asleep. The last time she let me cum in her pussy, god it felt so good, having her pussy wrapped around my bare cock the way god intended it to be. Cost me a helluva lot but it was worth every penny. Best piece of ass I ever had,” he exclaimed.

I felt a little embarrassed having another man talk about fucking my wife and her being a “whore” but that was nothing compared to how honored I felt to be married to a woman who could be so highly praised for her skills in the sack.

By the end of the day, I was starving and ready to get back to my wife and have a fun evening with just her and me. But then I had a thought and I almost let it pass but instead I pulled out my cell phone. Pulling out the card I had put in my wallet; I dialed the number and the voice on the other end answered and said, “Hello, this is David.”

“Hi, David, this is Larry, Heather’s husband. Listen, Heather is free tonight and I thought you might like to drift by and join us latter. Maybe for coffee and dessert and some dancing and maybe some fun after that,” I told him.

David, of course, was all for it. We arranged for it to look like a coincidence that David would run into us at the restaurant where I would invite him to join us and the rest will play out from there.

I knew it was insane but sanity left me a long time ago. I knew I was arranging for David to fuck my wife and that I should have been ashamed of myself but I was not.

I love Heather and I love letting other men fuck my wife. If you have a problem with that then FUCK OFF asshole!

Heather wanted to surprise me so I went to the restaurant and waited. I had just sat down when in walked the most beautiful redhead in the world even though everything about her screamed slut!

Heather’s hair was showy but tasteful. Her alabaster skin was perfectly polished giving her a radiant glow. Her makeup was heavier than normal but it was perfect from her ruby red lips, to her blush to her mascara.

The dress she was wearing was unbelievable. It was a tight fitting gold lame that just covered her breasts in the front, the shoulder straps crisscrossed in the back leaving her back bare almost to her butt. The hem ran to maybe two inches below her crotch showing off her sexy legs and a lot more than that if she was not careful. It was so form fitting that it was obvious she was not wearing anything underneath, as evidenced by her nipples standing out high and proud against the stretchy fabric.

Her breasts had that special jiggle I love watching when she moved.

Her matching Gold 5″ spike heel shoes finished of the outfit. And of course, the silver colored chain around her ankle denoting Heather’s indentured status.

Heather came to me and we kissed passionately, every eye in the room watching us.

Our waiter came to us, or should I say Heather, instantly. Heather started with some white wine; I, of course, stayed with my normal iced tea.

Heather was absolutely radiant and she knew it. She provided the waiter with an ample view of her almost bare tits and she even pretended to drop her napkin just so she could give him a close up look at her long legs and probably her bald pussy when he picked it up for her.

All through dinner, we laughed and talked and held hands and kissed the way lovers do when their love is new and fresh. Men stared at us, well Heather actually. She knew it; I knew it and we both loved it.

By her forth glass of wine, Heather had lost all inhibition and was very giddy. She was laughing almost constantly; causing her braless breasts to jiggle, fantastically, just the way I like. Our poor waiter had a devil of a time hiding his boner from the other patrons.

Practically on cue, David strolled by our table and even better, he caught Heather’s eye. Heather grabbed him immediately and even greeted him with an enthusiastic embrace and a sexy full kiss on the lips; telling him to join us. And of course he accepted.

Dessert was ordered. David ordered a cognac for himself and Heather; he offered me one but I declined. Between our waiter, David and me, Heather had the undivided attention of three very horny men. As we enjoyed our dessert, David kept Heather entertained by whispering compliments and dirty things into Heather’s ear. Heather giggled like a school girl and playfully swatted David on the hand pretending to be embarrassed.

David rested his hand on the bare inner thigh of Heather’s right leg and slowly rubbed it; pushing the hem of Heather’s short dress higher and higher up her leg. Neither Heather nor I did or said anything; we were both just enjoying the moment.

Heather was buzzed when we got up to leave so she was in a very good mood. She left David and me to go to the ladies room but not before giving both of us a kiss. On her way back to us I watched as she passed our waiter, whispered something to him making him smile and they immediately disappeared into the kitchen.

David went to get his car as I waited for Heather. Curiosity got the better of me so I went around to the back of the restaurant and in the shadows I could see Heather topless and on her knees; her right hand and mouth wrapped around our waiter’s cock and her left hand working the guy’s scrotum and balls.

Silently, I watched as my wife worked to bring this guy off. He had his hands on the back of her head; guiding her as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his hard pole. All too soon, the guy moaned and I watched as his ass contracted and he shot his hot semen into my slut wife’s mouth.

Once his contractions stopped, Heather stood up with her nasty mouth open so the guy could see his semen deposited there. She closed her mouth, swallowed and licked her lips before she opened her mouth again to show our waiter that his stuff was all gone.

About that time, I realized I probably should not have tipped him since I think Heather had given him a big enough tip already.

Still topless she made small talk with the waiter as he fondled her bare breasts and pinched and sucked her nipples. Now it was her turn to help him as she used her hands on the back of his head to guiding him in pleasuring her breasts.

His break ended far too soon for Heather and he went back into the restaurant a much happier man.

Heather waited until he was gone before she walked over to me. “I didn’t think you had seen me,” I told her as she stood in front of me still naked from the waist up. I took advantage of the opportunity to stroke her still wet nipples and fondle her bare breasts.

She just smiled before turning her back to me and asked me to, “Lace me up.”

I pulled the strings of the straps up to her shoulders, recovering her breasts, tightened the laces crisscrossing her back and retied the ends. With Heather decent again we were ready to find David and leave for more fun.

David took us to a dance club and for the next couple of hours Heather danced with us and several of the other guys that asked her. David and the others took advantage of their time with Heather as they ran their hands over the bare places of her body, repeatedly squeezing and fondling her tits and ass as they danced.

Heather and David came back to the table where Heather sat on David’s lap. David pulled Heather to him and wrapped his arms around her kissing her deeply over and over again. It still felt a little strange watching another man be so intimate with my wife but more than that, it was too much of a thrill to ever stop.

David’s hand was under Heather’s dress. He turned her so that I could see his middle finger slide in and out of my wife’s sopping wet hole.

Heather broke their kiss and softly whispered, “I’m ready.” David and I immediately knew what she meant. David settled our tab and drove us back to our hotel. Instead of going to our room though, David took us to one of the suites on the top floor of the hotel. A perk of being the cop in the hotel I suppose.

Once in the room it was apparent that David had prepared. The lights were dimmed and soft romantic music played in the background. David opened a bottle of Champaign that he had chilling in a bucket and poured two glasses. Handed Heather her glass, he took the other. I was here as an extra.

After sipping their Champaign, Heather and David embraced and began kissing tenderly, their bodies swaying in time to the soft music. Pangs of jealousy stabbed me in the stomach but my horniness kept me glued in place as I watched the erotic scene unfolding in front of me.

David’s hands gripped Heather’s butt cheeks tightly, pulling her body hard into his. Their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths as the sexual tension rose. I stood silently observing and videoing, recording another of my wife’s infidelities.

A tug of a string and the knot binding Heather’s dress to her body was gone. The twin threads crisscrossing Heather’s back slackened. David and Heather’s body separated enough for David to slide the cords down and off Heather’s shoulders.

The layer of golden fabric that had covered Heather began to be peeled from her body to reveal the twin succulent orbs of her breasts tipped with their matching pink spheres. David reverently held them in his hands whispering almost inaudibly, “So beautiful.”

David bent his head and drew one of the tender nubs into his mouth causing a sigh to escape Heather’s lips. David turned his attention to the other before returning to the first and then alternating one to the other. Heather entwined David’s hair in her hands encouraging him in his oral explorations.

Heather pulled away from her new lover long enough to slip her dress off so that she now stood naked for his admiration. Lascivious eyes raked over her pale flesh taking in the beauty of her nakedness. David was totally captivated by the sensual creature in front of him and could only keep repeating, “My god you’re so beautiful.”

It struck me how true he was and how much I had taken Heather’s beauty for granted through the years. Sometimes it takes having others to point the obvious out to you to know how blessed you are and how easy it is not to appreciate the gifts we are given.

David’s eyes settled on the vertical slit running between Heather’s legs. A shaking hand went to it and a single finger slid up and down its length which was wet and gooey with Heather’s love dew. Heather’s love lips parted and separated as the invader probed up and down. Heather’s eyes were closed and her face reflected the pleasure her lover’s digit provided.

David stopped rubbing and brought his sopping wet finger up to his nose to savor the heady aroma of my wife. The finger next went in his mouth for him to taste the ultra sweet nectar. My mouth was watering like I tasted the same sweetness David did.

After that, David guided Heather in a slow spin as his gaze roamed up and down the naked womanly vision before him. With Heather’s back to him, David next reached around Heather’s body to clutch her breasts greedily in his hands and pull her bare body into his. He pulled Heather’s hair to the side and sensuously began to kiss and nibble the tender skin of Heather’s earlobe and neck.

Heather’s breathing was rough and ragged and her constant sighing revealed her increasing agitation as her pleasure rose.

When Heather was ready she turned around to face her tormenter and began to release the buttons of shirt in preparation. In quick order David was unburdened of his shirt, pants and other garments until he too stood naked before his lover, my wife, his hard cock jutting lewdly out in front of him pointing straight at Heather for her own lustful and admiring gaze.

David was remarkably fit for his age, lacking the pot belly and love handles that are the plague of most men his age. A circular scar on his chest bore witness to a bullet wound suffered years earlier. In front, David sported a rock hard circumcised cock that stood straight and proud, 6″ long and fairly big around.

Heather toyed with it in her hands as she looked into David’s eyes and coyly giggled and smiled before she sank to her knees. Heather took her time admiring her latest toy; eyeing it appreciatively and rubbing her hands up and down and around its girth.

At the tip, a drop of fluid winked from the hole. Heather smiled playfully and stuck out her tongue and touched it to the opening in the purple head; tasting David’s first few drops of cum. Once these were gone, Heather opened her mouth and engulfed the tender flesh; her lips encircling the shaft behind the head. Heather’s cheeks alternately puffed out and drew in as she began to suck on David’s hard cock.

Silently I removed my own clothing and released my own over hard cock; it felt so good.

David could only stand much of Heather’s oral ministrations before he risked dumping his load down her throat. Despite the overwhelming feeling of pleasure he was feeling, he was intent on depositing his seed in Heather’s love box.

Without speaking, he reached down and pulled Heather to her feet. Engulfing her in his embrace, he kissed her lustfully before he lifted her off her feet and carried her into the bedroom as I followed close behind.

Once in the bedroom, they continued their lustful kissing until David laid Heather onto their waiting bed. Staring deep into her lover eyes, she opened her legs for her newest lover to admire her exposed slit and its tender fleshy folds for the first time. David’s eyes were filled with admiration and lust.

She ran the fingers of her right hand up and down her wet slit from her clit to her vagina several times until she stopped and separated her two tender petals; pulling them wide apart to unveil her most intimate pink treasure normally hidden beneath.

David took a few seconds to gaze at the womanly vision presented to him before he crawled between Heather’s spread legs and pointed his stiff member at Heather’s waiting entrance. Heather’s hand wrapped around his pole and David pushed forward, making contact and then slowly sank himself into my wife’s pussy.

Heather sighed and a low, growling, “yesssss” escaped her lips as the hard shaft slipped past her outer lips and began to fill her love tunnel with its engorged hardness.

Although I know it had happened several times over the last week, this was my first time to actually watch another man fuck my wife. On one hand, I felt like someone had just punched me in the gut. On the other hand, it was one of the sexiest, most mesmerizing things I have ever witnessed in my life; seeing David’s hard cock disappear into my wife. My wife, who until only a week ago had only had sex with me.

My cock still gets hard each time I watch the video I have watched hundreds of times of David’s hard cock sliding into Heather’s overheated vagina.

David’s ass began to slowly rise and fall as his cock moved in and out of my unfaithful wife. I could almost feel her moist tightness around my own hard cock, having felt it myself so many times before.

There was no way David was going to last long even though he was determined to take his time. I was still videoing the sexy scene and focused close up from behind as David’s rod slid in and out, building to the inevitable climax. The image of David buried balls deep in Heather filled the view finder as David’s balls pumped up and down; the unmistakable sign that David was pumping his hot semen into my adulterous wife.

David lay on Heather kissing her for a few moments before he rolled off of her and pulled his rapidly deflating penis from my wife’s just fucked vagina. I stayed focused on my wife’s pussy as it closed behind David’s just vacated cock; capturing the image of another man’s semen left in the interior of my wife’s tunnel and coating her delicate nether lips.

I never stopped videoing. I was determined to capture as much of the salacious scene as I could as David’s cream oozed from Heather’s pussy. As I videoed a finger came into my viewer and began to curve indicating it was my turn. I set the camera down still pointed at the bed and moved to where Heather wanted me.

Heather patted the covers next to her and I lay down next to Heather just like she wanted. I should have known what was coming but I was still surprised.

Heather smiled devilishly and straddled me with her legs on either side of my head. I gazed up at Heather’s bald pussy, slick and dripping from a mixture of Heather’s love juices and David’s freshly deposited semen, still steaming. Heather’s lowered her freshly fucked pussy closer to her target.

Zoe was working second shift at the coffee shop that was inside the local book store, and was excited to see Tristan coming in that day, hoping that he was there mostly to see her. They had chatted a few times, and Zoë thought he was cute but didn’t know if he was into her. Tristan came in and saw Zoë making mocha for the only customer that was in the coffee shop. He walked over to her and asked for her to make him one as well. Zoë smiled and said “sure thing.”

Tristan asked her when she was going to go on break. She said

“In about 10 minutes, why do you ask?” He said “well if you’re up for it come sit with me for a bit.” Zoë smiled as she got goose bumps all over her body.

Zoë was wearing a button up purple blouse that showed just how perky her breasts were and a black mini skirt that showed the curve of her ass. Her hair was brown with red high lights, and it came to her mid back. Tristan thought she had the prettiest blue eye he had ever seen, thinking they were like the deep blue ocean. As she walked over he could feel his cock getting hard. She sat down across from him, sipping on her coffee.

“So how has work been Tristan?” She asked him.

“Well you know same old same old.” Tristan said. “How have things been with you?” Tristan asked.

“Just been working and hanging out at home. Been pretty bored lately.” Zoë replied.

“Maybe I can help you with that.” Said Tristan

Zoë smiled and softly licked her lips and said “maybe I will take you up on that.”

They sat there and chatted for a few more minutes, and soon after that Kim came in to start her shift, though Zoë still had two more hours before she would get off work. So she stayed sitting there with Tristan while Kim got clocked in and put away her bag. Soon enough, Zoë had to go to the bathroom from all the coffee she had drank since her shift started. She told Tristan she would be back, to which he gave her a little grin and said

“If you need some help let me know.” He smiled at her as she got up and walked to the restroom, making sure she put a little extra wiggle in her walk, knowing that his eyes were glued to her ass.

She stopped after a few steps and turned around and said “you know the way!”

Zoë went into the restroom and took care of her business, and as she was washing her hands, the door opened up and Tristan walked in. He walked up to Zoë from behind and started to kiss her neck, slipping his hands around her waist and sliding them up, caressing and rubbing her breasts, feeling her nipples get hard under his hands. She could feel his cock growing harder and harder against her ass as Tristan slowly moved his hand down to her thighs, sliding her little black shirt up to expose her perfect round ass. She was wearing lacy black thongs that made her ass looks so good, and Tristan kept his eyes glued to her ass as he moved his hands up to undo her blouse, reveling her breasts, so firm and perky. He was so turned on that she was not wearing a bra. He dropped her blouse to the floor and turned her around kissing her lips so softly, while she began to rub his hard cock through his pants as he kissed her down to her breasts, taking first one nipple, then the other into his mouth. He slowly moved his hand up her skirt and pulled down her thong, taking a moment to admire her shaved pussy and getting even harder from looking at her juices dripping from her. He picked her up and sat her on the counter and moved his hands up her inner thighs and rubbed her clit softly at first, then slightly harder, letting her body language guide him, while she moaned softly.

He got down on his knees and started to lick her pussy, moving his tongue all around her clit, sucking and licking. Zoë moaned louder, as she could feel her juices coming out and into his mouth. He slid one finger in slowly and then a second one, while he continued sucking and nibbling on her clit. Moving his fingers down, he started to rub her asshole, slowly sliding a finger in. She wanted to feel him inside of her so badly. She grabs his head and pulls him up to her and kisses him, tasting her own juices on his tongue. She reached down and unbuttoned his pants, and pulled his fully erect cock out. She got down from the counter, pushing him against the wall, and sliding to her knees, and wraps her soft lips around his cock, massaging his balls as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft. Using her tongue she traced the head of his cock, moving slowly and then fast, making him want to explode in her mouth.

He pulls her to her feet and kisses her passionately. She melts in his arm. She whispers in his ear

“I want to feel you inside of me.”

Tristan picks her up holding, and holds her between him and the wall. He slides his big hard cock into her tight, hot, wet pussy. She moaned with excitement, as he moved slowly while he his holding her up with his big strong arms, taking turns kissing her neck and her lips as he slides his cock deep inside her. He takes his cock out and puts her down, then guides her over to the sink and bends her over the counter. Tristan rubs her ass checks and says

“God your ass is perfect, so soft and round.”

He then slides his cock back into her pussy, moving faster. She could feel his balls hitting her clit and it felt so good to her. He kept fucking her from behind and soon began to take his finger and play with her asshole again. Zoë know he is going to make her cum, and cum hard. No man has ever made her feel this good. As he slid a finger in her ass, she moaned loudly. She does not care at this point if someone walks in.

“Tristan, god your cock feels so damn good.” She moans again as he’s fingering her ass and fucking her hot pussy.

“I want to feel you cum all over my hard cock!”

He began to fuck her pussy harder and faster, still playing in her asshole, and soon he could feel her pussy getting tighter around his cock. He knows she is going to explode her hot juices all over him.

“Fuck me harder, Oh god yes, that’s it baby!”

He keeps pounding away not sure if he can hold out much longer. She yells out with pleasure as she cums all over his cock, trembling with the best orgasm she’s ever had. Smiling at her in the mirror, Tristan said

“I want to cum in your ass”

“It’s ready for you.” she replied.

Tristan takes his hard, wet cock out of her pussy and rubs the head of it on her asshole, slowly spreading her own juices on her ass to lube the way. He slowly starts to slide it in her asshole, an inch at a time, giving her time to get used to the feel of his big cock, and it feels so good. He had in half way in when she starts to rub her pussy, and she can already feel herself about to cum again. He keeps moving in and out until she has all of him in her ass. He begins to move faster as she plays with her pussy.

“Damn girl you feel so good.” he says to her.

“You’re going to make me cum!” He says.

“Oh god yes, please cum in my ass!!” she moaned.

As he moves faster and harder, she can feel his cock about to explode in her, swelling to an ever greater size tan it already was. She is so turned on, and she desperately wants to cum with him.

“Oh god Tristan you’re going to make me cum again.” She cried.

He is pounding away and his balls are hitting her pussy, adding even more stimulation to her clit.

“Tell me when Zoë, I want to cum with you.”

They both moan loudly together.

“Oh god, cum in my ass!”

They both came at the same time. As they stand there his cock still in her ass, trying to catch their breath. Someone knocks on the bathroom door.

“Hey Zoë are you almost done in there?” Kim asked from the other side of the door.

“Um yeah, is everything OK?” She said to Kim.

“Yeah but we can hear you two out here.”

Both Tristan and Zoë laughed as they cleaned themselves up and got dressed. Tristan grabbed Zoë and kissed her long and soft. She loved the feeling of his lips on hers. He looked at her and said “I would really like to see you again, can I take you out for dinner, let’s say Thursday night?”

“Sorry Tristan I have to work, but I’m free Sunday.”

He looked into her beautiful eyes and said “It’s a date.” Good how about I meet you here, say about 7 pm?” He kissed her again just as they walked out the bathroom, and said “I will see you then.”

Chapter 4 – Don

Don sat in his chair and quietly banged his head on his desk as the phone next to him continued its shrill ringing. The sound of the front door opening just caused him to sigh and wonder what was next on this completely horrid morning.

The mayor of the town stood just inside City Hall and watched the Utility Clerk stop banging his head and answer the phone. Once Don had dealt with the phone, Mayor Ray addressed him, “So… busy morning?”

As Don opened his mouth to reply the phone rang again. With a mighty growl Don snatched the offending instrument and barked a mean good morning into it. He could see Ray chuckling to himself on his way out the door and his thoughts darkened even more.

Fuck Sharon for quitting yesterday! And fuck Wanda for taking today off to go fucking shopping! And then fuck the damn Mayor for laughing at him after Don helped him fuck his wife into shape last night!

That sweet memory though caused him to pause and reflect while blocking out the annoying voice in his ear. That memory led to the one of ass fucking Sharon yesterday too. A huge sigh filled him as he pushed it all aside to do his job.

The next time the door opened the vision that greeted Don caused all memories and thoughts to flee his mind. Long golden hair drifted softly down to a tiny waist. A soft pink sweater molded lush large breasts while a floaty skirt danced over nicely rounded hips and the longest legs Don had seen in a long time. As Don’s mouth started he water he jerked his eyes back to the face belonging to this knock out body. Huge green eyes that twinkled with an inner humor met his as full, pouty lips smiled.

Don stared, unable to speak, unable to react as this goddess walked around the counter. She quickly leaned over and answered the phone at the reception desk with a pert, “Good morning, this is Kathy; how may I help you?”

Don’s thoughts spun erratically as he watched that short, thin skirt sway over one hell of a sweet ass. Kathy from the library? The same Kathy that he drooled over every time he saw her? A Kathy that looked like no librarian he had ever known. He tapped his pen against his desk ignoring the phone that again ringed at his elbow.

When Kathy hung up the counter phone she turned to him. “Okay look, Ray asked me to help you out today but I’m not doing all the work, buddy boy.” She stared right back at him, daring him to say something.

“Ray sent you?” His lips pursed in thought as the front door opened to a customer, so he finally turned to answered the insistent ringing. He continued to watch Kathy as she dealt with the customer. Observing old man Finley leave with a sparkle in his eye and a bulge in his pants caused Don to become aware of his own partial stiffy.

It was a nearing noon before the two finally got a break from the every day business of running City Hall. Kathy had just stepped right in and went to work like it was something she did everyday. Customers had been surprised but very pleased to see her and everyone she dealt with and left with a smile. Especially the men.

“You seem to have worked in here before,” Don commented.

Kathy laughed, “Yes I have. Sharon’s had me in here when you were gone so I could help Wanda.”

“I bet that was fun.”

“Wanda is a little difficult, but I like Sharon and didn’t mind giving her a hand.”

Don let the image that had greeted him yesterday of Wanda with her face buried in Sharon’s muff pass through his mind. He wondered just what kind of “hand” Kathy had given Sharon in the past. And then he wondered what kind of “hand” he could convince her to give him.

“There’s something I’d like to ask you but it’s a bit personal. Would you mind?” Kathy nervously twisted a pen in her fingers.

“Not at all, ask away.”

Kathy took a deep breath as if to steady herself but this caused those very pretty breasts of her’s to push even harder against her sweater. Don just got a glimpse of rock hard nipples and the old man in his pants twitched again. “Sharon sent me an email yesterday that had a video attached that was very informative. And then when Ray called me this morning he just acted kinda weird, like he knew that I had received the video. Did you know Sharon was going to send it to me? It seemed like something she’d want to keep quiet, or personal maybe.”

As Don’s eyes hadn’t left the front of Kathy’s sweater so it took him a moment to process what she had said. A feeling of dread began to fill him. Without bothering to answer Kathy he jerked open his desk drawer and pulled out a key to Sharon’s office.

Jumping up, he headed over to the office door and opened it. After flicking on the lights, it took only moments before he located the camera. “Fuck!” he swore viciously, at the same time giving the bitch props for being so clever.

Hearing the front door open and Kathy greeting a customer gave Don a few minutes to think. He rounded the desk and booted up the computer. It took no effort at all to find the video, Sharon had left it in plain site. Pulling up her email he clicked open the “sent” folder and his eyes widened at what he saw there. It seemed Sharon had neatly informed a few different people of yesterday’s antics.

As he sat drumming his fingers on the desk, Kathy came in the room. “I uh, I locked the front door for lunch. Are you okay? I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Don shoved his fingers through his thick black hair and leaned back in the chair. His blue eyes staring at the computer screen, his mind searching for words to say that wouldn’t make him sound like a complete idiot. “I ah… had no idea she did that. Sharon kind of surprised us all yesterday.”

“Yesterday? That happened just yesterday? Wow. And in here too,” Kathy sat on the edge of the desk beside Don as she looked around the office. Her skirt rode up her thighs exposing creamy skin to Don’s gaze. “So where are Sharon and Wanda today? Why aren’t they here at work?”

Don couldn’t help himself, his hand went to all that warm waiting skin and settled on Kathy’s knee. “Sharon quit yesterday after her little session and Wanda’s out shopping for new clothes. What all did you see in the video?” His hand gently stroked the softness beside him, his fingers sliding and caressing Kathy’s leg.

Kathy unconsciously let her legs open slightly wider, “Umm… uh, just you and a woman that I assumed was Sharon. Her head was kinda cut off by the camera angle. But you were… oh mmm…” She moaned quietly as he hand slid softy up her thigh.

“God you have the most gorgeous legs. Why the hell are you a librarian?”

“Well, when I came back after college I needed a job and, uh Mary gave me one.” She was breathing heavier, her legs falling apart even farther.

Don continued his stroking of her leg letting his fingers glide higher and higher. He couldn’t believe how silky smooth her skin was; it fascinated him. He now had both hands on her leg, running them up and down. Kathy’s small, high pitched sounds made under her quickened breaths combined with the faint musky scent coming from under her skirt had him rock hard.

He glanced quickly up at her face, to check her reaction. Kathy’s head was tilted back, her eyes closed, she leaned back on her hands, causing her nipples to strain against the tight sweater. With her legs now wide open and her skirt riding up nearly to her crotch, Don decided to see how far he could take it.

Leaning forward, he laid his lips on her leg just above the knee. Kathy gasped and a soft, “oh yes,” could barely be heard. Don let just the tip of his tongue reach out to taste. Strawberries! Oh god she tasted like fresh strawberries.

“If you’re going to stop, me do it now,” he growled, fingers tightening on her legs.

His words seemed to bring Kathy back to awareness. Her green eyes snapped wide open and met his, full of swirling emotions. As Don’s thumbs made little circles on the inside of her knees, Kathy eyes cleared. She reached down and pulled her skirt all the way up, exposing her lack of panties and bare, shaved mound to Don.

“When Ray called and asked if I’d come in, I wore this outfit on purpose. And I didn’t wear any panties on purpose.” In one quick move she pulled her sweater over her head and dropped it on the desk. “And I wore my prettiest bra on purpose. That video of you made me so hot that I made myself cum twice last night just thinking about you doing that to me.”

Don quickly stood up and captured her lips with his. Tongues twisted and twined together. Kathy’s hands tangled in Don’s thick black hair, holding him close. It seemed that an explosive fire began to rage inside Don. This woman’s lips were causing electric currents to flash straight to his gut like none had ever done before.

When the kiss finally ended, he leaned back to look deep in those green eyes. “I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m going to have you.”

Kathy leaned farther back on the desk, giving him full access. As Don’s mouth assaulted her neck and shoulders, breathing and tasting that sweet berry scent, his hands came up to enclose her breasts. Big and firm, they felt so good in his hands. Nipples poked into his palms like little pebbles.

His fingers pulled down the thin pieces of pink lace and gently rolled and pulled on those pebbles. As Kathy’s moans increased, Don left a trail of kisses across her firm mounds in search of the pleasure giving nubs. Taking the berry in his mouth and sucking felt like coming home. His hard cock pulsed in time to his suckling, fingers massaging each breast as if milking them for more.

Kathy’s breathing had turned to ragged gasps, those quiet wails, encouraging. As Don licked his way across to the other waiting nipple, he wrapped his arm around her to help support her. Gently, oh so gently, he bit down and the small dark nub and swirled his tongue around her aureola.

A harsh groan emitted from Kathy and she suddenly started bucking her hips and shaking with an orgasm. Don raised his head in surprise but dropped a hand down between her legs and tweaked the moist clit he encountered. He was amazed at the amount of fluid that quickly coated his fingers. He had never in his life known a woman to orgasm just from sucking her nipples.

After a few short minutes, Kathy relaxed against him. Her head laying heavily on his shoulder he could hear her quietly whispered ,”oh gods.” He stroked her back, helping her calm down, simply amazed at this warm bundle of woman shivering in his arms.

“Does that always happen?”

Kathy shook her head. Looking up at him she said, “Something happened when you touched me. I just kind of exploded.” Inside her head, Kathy’s thoughts swirled. What had just happened here? No man had ever caused her to react like that. She felt like her body wasn’t her own anymore, just a raging, hot, wet mess that seriously needed to be fucked.

“Well normally, I’d be happy to give you several more explosions, but I’m about to have one of my own in my pants unless you could help me with that.”

A sly smile crept across those lush lips. Don felt a hand squeeze the front of his jeans and drew a deep breath to keep steady. “You do seem to have a slight problem down below.”

“Slight?” Don asked incredulously. At Kathy’s giggle he stepped back and jerked down his zipper to release the pressure of his pants. He made short work of the fastenings, but before he could reach in to pull out his iron stiff pole, Kathy’s dainty hands were pushing his out of the way.

Don’s cock was slender, but long. Kathy used both hands to hold his length and still didn’t cover the purple tip. “Oh sweet heaven,” she whispered before sliding off the desk and dropping to her knees. After taking a long swipe with her tongue from base to tip, Kathy slid the long pole into her mouth.

Dale had to grab the back of the chair beside him as his knees nearly buckled at the intense feeling. It felt like his guts were on fire. Reaching down with his other hand, he tangled his fingers in those long golden locks, gently encouraging Kathy’s wondrous sucking.

He marveled at this beautiful creature before him. As his gasps filled the air, he watched as she took more and more of his cock into her hot wet mouth. No woman he’d been with had ever managed to take all of him without gagging, but so far she appeared to have no problems at all in that area. With her hands massaging his heavy ball sack and thighs, Kathy sucked the last of his rod into her mouth, he could actually feel the tip edging down her throat.

Only a few more sucks and he was groaning, “I’m gonna cum. Oh god I’m gonna cum.”

Those words seem to spur Kathy’s sucking on even more, pulling him hard and deep into her mouth. As Don felt his balls grow hard, the eruptions began. He shot load after load down her throat, gripping the chair back hard as the spasms shook his whole body. Don wondered if he’d ever stop cumming as Kathy’s tongue slid and slipped its way around him. He could feel the movements of her throat as she swallowed every drop.

Finally,she drew back, carefully pulling him from her mouth, making sure she left no creamy fluid behind. With a last stroke of her hands, she stood again as Don collapsed down in the chair. He pulled her into his lap and buried his face in her fragrant hair.

It was a few minutes before he was able to think and speak coherently again. He gave her a soft kiss and ran his hands through her long locks. As blue eyes met green, Don suddenly realized that this woman, that he’d known only distantly, had touched him as no woman ever had.

“I uh…” Don started to speak but Kathy’s fingers gently touched his lips stopping his words.

“Lets go get some lunch, finish the day and if you want, we’ll talk tonight after work.” Kathy didn’t want this precious new thing between them analyzed too hard just yet. She’d never experienced love at first sight and wasn’t sure she believed in it, but something fragile was growing between them and she wanted to savor it for a while.

Don was stunned. A woman that didn’t immediately want to talk things over, dissect everything? And she seemed sincere enough that he didn’t even smell a trap! He couldn’t seem to form words into a sentence, so he just nodded his head and allowed Kathy to stand.

After they both put their clothes back in order, she took his hand and led Don from the building. They went to the local diner, grabbed a quick lunch and headed back to the office. Once there, Don opened the front door again and settled back at his desk.

They hadn’t spoken much more than to discuss lunch and how busy the day had been. Kathy acted like nothing unusual had happened. Don was more confused now than ever. As he stared at the back of Kathy’s skirt a sudden flash went through him as he remembered there was nothing underneath it except a smooth bare pussy and a generous handful of ass cheeks. Almost immediately his dick was rock hard again.

Don sighed and resigned himself to an uncomfortable afternoon. As the hours passed, Don’s thoughts were deep. Back in high school he had been heavily into sports and so getting girls had been relatively easy. Also, in college, on a sports scholarship, he enjoyed many romps with many different girls. Even now, he had retained enough of his looks and form, that getting his “itch scratched” wasn’t difficult to do.

But just one touch from Kathy had him spinning out of control. What was it about her that was so different? And why was he so bothered by the thought that what happened between them was meaningless? (it was just a bit awkward) She was so warm and responsive, so soft and sweet. And that ass… oh my god that ass!

Just at that moment, Kathy dropped the pen she was using on the floor and bent to pick it up. Don had a quick flash of rounded white cheek and had to stifle a groan. That skirt should be outlawed, he thought to himself darkly. Then, just as darkly, wondered why he should care if her skirt was too short.

Tapping his pen on the desk, he considered the day’s events. Sure, he’d known Kathy for some time now, but he’d never actually spent time with her like this before. As the memory of the taste of strawberries drifted through him, he decided that he wanted more. More time, more tastes and certainly more getting to know each other.

Casually he rose from his desk and went to the counter to stand beside Kathy. Grinning at the customer and joking about the weather, Don slowly let his hand settle on the round firmness of Kathy’s ass. Feeling the slight jump under his hand told him that she was also quite responsive to his touch.

Very carefully, so as to not draw attention to what he was doing, Don began to bunch the thin skirt up, drawing it up inch by inch. Kathy dealt with the customer and wished him a good day as another came in the door. Don kept on raising the skirt, not allowing anything to show on his face what he was doing.

A few short moments later, his fingers felt bare skin. Kathy’s voice cracked a bit as she chatted with the customer, but Don felt her legs part very slightly. Letting his fingers draw little patterns on her creamy smooth skin, Don leaned against the counter and prepared to enjoy. Kathy thew him a discrete glare and he only smiled in response.

For once fate seemed in his favor as customers continued to come in, just frequently enough that Kathy couldn’t move away. At this point Don’s hand was completely under her skirt and creeping slowly down between her legs. He could see that her nipples were hard points under her sweater and she would bite her lip in concentration to do the computer work.

If this old bat doesn’t leave so I can kill him, I’m going to reach across this counter and bitch slap her. Then I’m gonna bitch slap Don,Kathy thought to herself as her pussy got wetter and wetter due to Don’s wandering fingers.

Don shifted against the counter so his hard on wasn’t trapped against the hard workspace, and nudged Kathy’s hip into his crotch. This also let his fingers dip into that dark musky crack. He could feel Kathy lean her hip into him and shift her legs father apart while still managing to keep her thoughts under control even though her breathing had quickened.

His fingers found the tight puckered little hole they had been seeking and gently stroked. He heard Kathy’s quick gasp and took over speaking to the current customer so she wouldn’t have to. As he gently assaulted that sensitive spot, Kathy’s hips began to move with his fingers.

As soon as the customers had cleared the office, Kathy rounded on Don and grabbed the front of his pants, stroking him. She leaned in and pressed those firm breasts against his chest, rubbing up against him. He quickly discovered that the turn-about play went straight through his system as the heat flash shot through him.

“You are a bad bad man. Until it’s time to lock this door, get back to your desk,” she panted.

“No.” Grabbing her hand, Don jerked Kathy around the corner out of sight of the public and pulled her to him for long hot kiss. Pushing Don back against the wall, Kathy raised one long leg and wrapped it around his waist, grinding her hips against his. As the two wrapped around each other, oblivious to the world, an embarrassed cough was heard.

At Kathy’s jerk, Don moved quickly to keep her held tightly against him. They turned to see who had invaded their stolen moment. A few feet away, shuffling his feet and staring at the floor to hide a huge grin was Fred, the Street Supervisor.

As Kathy’s head dropped to Don’s shoulder to hide, he growled at Fred, “Dude, I got a freaking hot woman in my arms and we have maybe 5 minutes before the next group of old farts comes in, what the hell do you want that can’t wait?”

Fred’s shoulders were shaking with his struggle not to laugh. “I was just gonna turn in this paperwork to Sharon. Didn’t mean to interrupt.”

A few weeks had gone by. We put focus into working out, and getting into shape. We were both getting busy at work, and add to the fact that Diane’s ex-husband was away, and could not take their son on occasion, Diane had very little free time. We made sure to make time for workouts, and while I would spend time at her home, I still respected her desires. I had not slept over while Sean was there. A couple of times, Diane nearly caved. She appeared to be getting frustrated, and we could not even mesh out lunches together. Being adults, we just grinned and tried to bear it. During this time, I had behaved, and not tried to add to her frustration. The devilish side of me at times wanted to drag her into a dark nook in the office, and get her worked up.

I could imagine pulling her blouse and bra up, latching my lips onto her nipple while sliding my hand up her thigh, under her skirt. Or, rip her panties off, unzip my slacks, and pick her up, sliding her down on to my cock slowly, and then pretending to have heard someone coming in either case, and pulling away to get ourselves presentable again. The idea of Diane walking around the office without any panties on is one of my fantasies. We would be the only ones to know, our private little secret that we kept from all the others.

Diane stopped by my desk, asking me if I would go with her to a wedding in a couple of weeks. Her young cousin was tying the knot, and asked that I accompany her. It would be a day trip, no overnight stay. That was too bad, we could use a night in a hotel, but I agreed to go.

“Good. I have seen your closet, so we are going to have to find something nice for you to wear. Business casual will not do.” she said, remarking on my wardrobe. She was right, the best I had was what I wore to work. I had a couple of suits, but they were very business like. “How about we stop by Bauman’s right after work, then we head to the gym?”

“Ok, what time do you have to get Sean? Might be a short workout.”

“My neighbor is watching him, so I just need to let her know I will be a little later. It should be fine.”

“Works for me.” We planned to meet at the store, then we would head to the gym. Afterwards, she would head home, as would I.

At five, I closed out of my computer, put my paperwork away, and took off, just ahead of Diane. I got to the store, saw they closed at 6, so we had enough time. As I looked over a couple of things, I saw Diane walking in. She stopped near the door, and pulled out her cell phone. She talked for a few minutes, then dialed a number, and talked for a couple more. I was still browsing when she finally came up to me, and told me that Sean’s dad was going to pick him up, and take him to dinner. He would drop him off later, around 10, so we had a little more time. My mind went right to the gutter, but she playing it cool.

I picked out a few things I liked, and she put them back, picking out a few things that she liked. I headed to the changing room, and put them on. She picked a suit, shirt and tie. I have to admit, I did look good in it. I came back out to show her, and she said that was it. I headed back in, and she followed with me with a different pair of pants, same color, but without pleats, she said.

“Here, try these instead. I think the flat front will look better on you.” She sat in the changing room while I tried them on. She decided she was right, and I would get those pants instead.

“So, off to the gym from here?” I asked while beginning to undress.

“Yeah, then I will cook you something so you are not stuck with Hot Pockets for dinner.” She hung the shirt and coat up. I began thinking to many of the dinner she cooked for me. We would end up at the table nude. I felt myself starting to get hard as I thought about those times. My favorite still had to be when I had my tongue in her pussy while she talked to her ex on the phone. When I slid the slacks down, my cock popped out the hole in my boxers, pointing directly at Diane.

“Mmm, someone is having impure thoughts.” She reached her hand out, and gently stroked me. A shiver ran down my spine, the touch was exquisite. She began to lean forward, and I became even more excited. An unsolicited blow job in a changing room would be wonderful. She brought the head to her lips, gave it a quick kiss, running her tongue underneath. She then pulled away. “Now, get dressed so we can get to the gym.” She eyed me with a wicked grin. She would have to pay for that.

I made the purchase, and we departed. I arrived ahead of her again, and went straight into the locker room to change. When she walked out from the locker room, we went to the bikes, and elliptical runners to warm up. Once we were ready, we decided to run a circuit, moving quickly to build up a sweat. The place was empty at the moment, so we had no problems getting to any of the machines. We moved from station to station, working out at the same time. I would do legs, she did shoulders, I did back, she did legs etc. We did this for nearly two hours. Time seemed to fly, and I had a lot of tension built up to burn through.

It was near 8 now, and we were both tired, and drenched in sweat. Diane was a bit out of breath when she asked, “Loosen up in the sauna, then head out after a shower?”

“Why not. Meet you in there.”

I decided that I might as well just keep my shorts on. I stripped off my shirt, shoes and socks. At the last moment, I decided to take off my underwear as well, and just wear the shorts in, if for no other reason that all the heat, and confining the package could be uncomfortable. As I headed out the back exit, Diane got my attention. She just had her head sticking out. “I forgot my suit. Make sure no one is in there for me.” I walked to the sauna, found that it indeed was empty, just like the rest of the place. I walked towards the ladies locker room. She saw me turn the corner. “All clear.” I told her. She stepped out wearing a towel. I blocked her path, causing her to stop just out of the common hallway between the sauna and the locker rooms. I returned the wicked grin she gave me earlier, and quickly pulled the bottom corner of her towel away, finding nothing but bare thigh at first, and a glimpse of her pubic hair as I pulled it further out.

“Very nice.” I told her, and headed for the sauna door. I noticed her chest, shoulders and neck start to turn red as the blush spread into her cheeks.

Once inside, I settled down on the bench. Diane followed, and laid down with her head on my lap. I noticed the opening of her towel was on the inside, easy access for me while keeping somewhat discreet. I let her get comfortable, and rested my arm beside her, then slowly started drawing it up her leg. When I reached the towel, I slipped under it, but before I could get very far, she stopped me.

“Hey now. Be good.” With those words, she got up and turned around. She laid down on her stomach, with her legs towards me. Her knees were against my thigh, and her feet were in the air. “Would you rub my calfs for me? They ache.”

I started with her outside leg, giving it a good rub down. After a few minutes, I moved to the other leg. She rested her head on her arms, relaxed as I moved from ankle to knee. I turned myself slightly, and began rubbing her hamstring, pushing my thumbs gently into the muscle. I worked up a bit, and then back down. Diane let out a sigh, shifting to give me more access to her leg. A few more minutes of this, and I was just rubbing her leg, from butt to knee. She did not mind this contact under her towel. I knew what I wanted to do, and I finally went for it. I started moving my hands back up her leg, and when I reached her butt, I let my left hand keep going. I moved my hand over her cheeks, with my middle finger tracing between. She moaned, and began to voice her protest as I started back down. As she felt my hand retreat, she was quiet again, but as my finger tips reached the top of her thighs, I moved forward again, my middle finger burrowing between the flesh of those globes. I found what I was looking for, and gently probed her ass with my finger, and slowly gained entrance. She inhaled sharply, and began to rise up, but as my finger worked into her ass, she put her head back down, and groaned. She had truly come to enjoy the feeling of having her ass played with.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck.” I started to twist my finger, moving it in and out. “Ungh, God, don’t stop.” I started picking up my pace, moving my finger a bit faster. She began to move her hips, rolling them with the movement of my finger. She began to mewl, quick little whimpers of pleasure. I could not take much more. It looked like she couldn’t either.

“I need to be inside of you, now.” It was more commanding that I wanted, but it worked, all the same. I pulled my finger from Diane’s ass, and she moved from the bench. She moved in front of me, pulling my shorts down. Once my cock was free, she turned around, facing away from me, and began lowering herself down. I was shocked when she did not guide me to her pussy, but instead she placed the head at her ass, and she began pressing down. The sweat and steam helped, and after a couple of tries, Diane let out several sharp, short gasps as I slid inside of her. She held herself with the head of my cock just inside of her ass.

She pulled up a little, then pushed herself down, forcing me in a little deeper. Up again, straining her sphincter around my cock, then back down again, each time sliding my cock deeper. Finally, Diane was sitting on my lap with my cock as deep inside of her as it could be. All this time, she kept her towel in place. While she rested, I slid my hand into the split on the side, and rubbed my fingers through her pubic hair, and slid my finger down, pressing it on her clit. I felt her clench around my cock as I began rubbing over it, making her squirm on my lap. I moved further down to see just how aroused she was. Her pussy was on fire, her thighs coated in her arousal and sweat. She twisted her body, and planted her lips firmly over mine. Her kissed grew more aggressive as I returned to playing with her pussy. Her ass squeezed me tightly, working to milk the cum from me.

We were sitting directly across the room from the door, but failed to notice that someone had approached. It was only with the sound of the door opening that we realized it. I quickly pulled my hand from under the towel, and Diane sat up straight, but in the shock of the moment, she clenched her ass hard, making me groan. If all of this was not a sure sign of our actions, my shorts laying on the floor were. Her towel did a good job of covering up nearly everything, except for the sides of my legs, and butt cheeks.

“Oh, excuse me.” said the intruder. I looked up to see a female in a one piece suit. She turned her face away from us.

“Uh, no problem.” I replied. I was embarrassed, so Diane must be mortified. The lady who had just walked in, turned back, and must have taken my response as an invitation, because she sat near the door. She moved shyly, uncertain of the situation. She sat down, leaning forward, face towards the floor, or to the door, but not looking at us. I started to lean to my left to pick up my shorts. As I did, Diane let out a muffled moan, bringing me back to upright. I looked over Diane’s shoulders, which were right red at this point to the newcomer. She was now looking our way. I whispered to Diane “Lift up a little so I can grab my shorts.” She glanced back at me. I placed my hands on her hips, and as I put pressure, she lifted just a little. I could not see, but by the looks of our voyeur, Diane was showing her pleasure. I reached over quickly, and brought my shorts to the bench next to me. I looked over Diane’s shoulders again, and saw we were still being watched. Seeing she probably would not be fleeing the room to call the police, I got a little braver. As I was sitting upright again, I lifted my hips, thrusting into Diane again, lifting her higher. I returned to sitting again, pulling out of her ass nearly halfway. I then pulled Diane down to me. She rolled her head forward, but did not resist as I urged her back up again.

In front of this strange woman, Diane began to slide herself up and down on my cock. I took a moment to get a good look at her. She appeared to be a bit younger than us, maybe late 20′s. She was tiny, maybe 5’3″ at most, but had nice figure on a small frame. Her hair was long, dark and straight, pulled back into a pony tail. She kept her eyes low, as if trying to see through the towel that hindered her vision. I slid my hand back under Diane’s towel, making sure to keep everything covered, and slid my fingers between her legs again. She was just as wet as before, finding this to be as arousing as I. I reached forward, and slid two fingers inside of her pussy as she continued to fuck herself on me. I began pumping them out quickly, and Diane responded with a passionate cry. The woman watching us was flushed, and breathing heavy, but otherwise unmoving.

I pulled the towel away at the bottom to provide our companion her first look at our activities. Diane was non the wiser to my actions, but the stranger gasped. Perhaps it was just the scene in general, or the fact that she could see my fingers in Diane’s pussy, and my cock in her asshole. Her legs came together, and she began to squirm. My left hand moved to cup her breast through the towel, and her nipples were evident. I tried to open her towel all the way, but realized she had some clip on the top which held it in place. I pulled the bottom open, allowed me to show her breasts to our guest. I began to pinch and roll her nipple with my free hand. Diane was completely oblivious to everything else but the sensations going through her body, and the fact she was being watched.

I watched as the woman dropped to the floor, and moved closer towards us. I pulled my legs wider apart giving her a better look. She sat, and watched my fingers and cock entering Diane’s body, and I could now see her nipples hardening through her swimsuit. I moved that hand up to her other breast, and began giving it the same treatment, leaving the view of my cock in Diane’s ass unobstructed. She leaned back into me, making the view even better, and that is when the stranger gasped, saying “Oh my God, he’s in your butt.” This shocked Diane back into reality, and she bolted upright, looking at the source of the noise. It was then she realized how much on display she was, and she began to pull the towel back into place.

“We should go.” she said.

“Does it hurt? Having it back there?” the other woman asked, still staring between Diane’s legs.

Diane did not answer. I whispered to her “She has already seen everything, and I think she likes it. Might as well tell her how much you like it.” I started sliding her butt around on my lap, drawing a sigh and a moan. I placed my hands back on her breasts, and returned to rolling her nipples between my fingers, and kissing the back of her neck.

Trying to prod things along, I asked Diane “How does it feel to have me in your ass?” I looked to the woman kneeling in front of us. She looked from Diane’s breasts to my cock moving slightly in her ass. “Go ahead, tell her. She wants to know.”

Diane hesitated, but finally answered. “It feels wonderful.” She finally started moving again, sliding up and down on me.

I watched in alarm and curiosity as the woman brought her hand up to Diane’s thigh. She did not seem to take well to another woman’s touch as demonstrated in the horse costume. This might end the encounter quickly. To my surprise, Diane did not react. Soon, I felt her ass contracting around my cock, and she began letting out sharp cries of pleasure. I could feel the intrusion of the ladies fingers as they worked their way inside of Diane’s pussy. The feel of my fingers was nothing to what I felt now. I wondered, did she have her fist in her? I felt Diane start to shudder, and she yelled out as she had an orgasm. Normally she likes it faster, but this time, our movements were slow and deliberate. I felt her arm come forward as she pulled the woman’s hand away, and she stood up, pulling off of me.

The woman sat back, looking at her hand covered with Diane’s juices. I stood with Diane, and pulled her to me, kissing her. She returned my passion, and reached down to stroke my cock. “I want to cum inside of you.” I told her. “I want to cum in your ass.”

She smiled at me, and I guided her to lay face down on the bench. I moved behind her, and she lifted her ass into the air. I lined my cock up, and slid it deep into her pussy. I pumped inside of her a few times, and pulled out, placing the head against her ass. I looked at the woman on the floor, and motioned her closer for a good look as I entered Diane. With a look of awe while she watched, I pushed inside, stopping only when I was all the way in. Diane exhaled all the while. I gave her a moment to adjust, and began moving, pumping slowly. The stranger sat back to the side, and pulled her swimsuit bottoms aside, and began rubbing her pussy frantically where we could both see her. I found the thought of her rubbing Diane’s juices into her own pussy very erotic, and it spurred me along, moving faster. The exertion was starting to make me light headed in the hot room, but I was going to see it through. I moved faster, Diane grunting, then moaning and panting as I violated her ass. I watched the stranger rub herself, and when she moved a finger back, and tested pressing it into her own ass, I felt the tingles begin. I was getting close. After a couple of tries, she slid three fingers into her pussy, and pumped them quickly.

She began crying out as she came, and I let my own orgasm barrel over me. Diane’s cries had become frantic as she approached her own orgasm. I let out a groan as my cum flew from my cock, deep into her bowels. As I buried myself as far as I could, Diane let out a high pitched noise. Not quite a scream, but she bore down on me and shook violently. Her ass milked the cum from me, and left me spent.

I extracted my cock, and sat back, panting. Diane remain laying on her stomach, chest heaving. I stood up, and helped Diane up, putting endless passion into another kiss, which she returned. I reached down, offering a hand to the woman who just watched us, and helped her up. When she took my hand, I could feel the mixture of Diane’s and her juices on her fingers. This caused my dick to stir a little.

“I’m Amanda.” she said as she rose. “I guess it’s only fair that I introduce myself after that show.” We introduced ourselves as we left the sauna. By the clock in the hallway, this entire scene only took about 20 minutes. I told Diane that we should clean up, and get going, that we did not want to be late for our dinner date, offering an graceful out. As Diane and Amanda headed to the woman’s shower, Diane began to look a little sheepish. I only hoped that she would not later regret this.

I quickly showered off with cold water, and dressed. It was not long before Diane appeared, hair still wet. It looked like she wanted to leave as quickly as possible. We left the building towards are cars.

“Everything OK?” I asked.

“Yeah, it was just strange to be in the showers alone with her after that.”

“No regrets?” She was quiet for a moment. “Really, are you OK with her touching you? She did it on her own, I did not ask her to.” With her silence, I was thinking she may blame me.

She stopped and looked at me. “No, I admit that it felt great. I wanted to stop her, but I couldn’t. It’s hard to explain, but when you are doing things, there is a pattern. The movements are similar.” She began to blush. “It was just so intense not really knowing what was happening. It was such a mixture of feelings looking down at her. I kept wanting to stop her, but she had four fingers in me, and I also hoped she would put it all in.” She was bright red as she recounted the scene. “I wanted her to put her entire hand inside of me. God, is that bad of me?”

Last week I was driving home from work on the Kirkpatrick Turnpike and exited on Penn (by Target and Best Buy), I got in the outside right-hand turn lane and waited, traffic was horribly slow, creeping, there had been a wreck in the intersection and we were all at a stand still.

Typically, there was one of the usual scruffy panhandlers approaching each car as we waited out our turn. I watched as he went from car to car, moving on empty-handed; so digging in my purse, I found a couple of singles and waited.. I thought maybe a better ‘contribution’ would be to have a little fun with the hapless fellow and play a little chicken with myself.

Pushing the buttons, I rolled both rider and driver’s side windows down; slid my seat back and readjusted the steering wheel up out of the way. Slipping out of my heels, I first unbuttoned and pulled the zipper down on my skirt but instead of slipping it off, I worked it up over my bottom, then hooked my thumbs in the elastic top of my panty hose. Tugging and pulling, I was able to get the tight nylons down to my feet as I slipped out of them. Of course I was not wearing panties!! Commando!

Turning a bit in the seat, I rested one foot on the console and opened my legs and started rubbing my bare and exposed pussy. I was already DAMP as I easily slid my fingers inside my CUNT and slowly finger-fucked myself. Traffic was bumper-to-bumper, four or five lanes across as I slowly massaged and masturbated myself, watching and waiting as the poorly dressed derelict made his way down the line of cars. It felt really good as I pinched my CLITORIS between my fingers, squeezing hard on my pulsing knob.

Momentarily stopping I reached under the seat and found the BLACK MAX flashlight I kept in the car for emergencies, and this was a ‘borderline’ emergency! Digging two fingers deep inside my hole I collected as much pussy juice as I could and smeared it over the big (4 D batteries!) black flashlight. Getting it sufficiently lubricated, I used the thick handle of the light as a dildo, as I tried to work it inside my CUNT.

It was sooooo fucking rigid and hard, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it until I spit two or three wads of spit on it. OOOOOOOOH! Nice! I reclined a bit more in the seat as I got the first two or three inches in. Back and forth I fucked myself. Deeper and deeper. I had to lay almost prone in the seat as I was able work the full length in and out of my pussy. Slowly I fucked myself and then bravely, I turned the flashlight around and tried to work the ‘business’ end of the light in my stretched fuck hole.

This is where the ‘chicken’ comes in; fucking myself with the big black beast and fingering my CLITORIS I was building up my ‘courage’, making myself hotter and hotter as he neared my vehicle. Three cars away, would I be brave enough to let him see me? Hell, there were cars all around and my legs were splayed wide, my skirt hiked up over my ass exposing my CUNT as I tried to wedge a BIG-ASS BLACK MAX flashlight inside my pussy! Yes, I was ready, I was so horny, I could have been buck-naked on the hood of my car, I was so FUCKING HORNY!!!

At the car directly in front of me, my shabby prey was talking to the driver, as I reached for the top buttons of my blouse. One, two, three and then four buttons, I was able to open my blouse exposing my lacy sheer brassiere, cradling my C-cup breasts. My CLITORIS was so BIG and purple, throbbing as he walked towards my car. I pushed the huge lens of the light an inch or so deeper while I reached inside my bra and felt how incredibly hard my nipple was. OH FUCK!!

As he neared my car he automatically asked me for ‘a couple of bucks’, then stopping, he bent down and leaned in my window. Smiling broadly I could smell his rancid breath as I touched his large dirty hand and pulled it down between my legs. I don’t know what came over me! I had only intended to let him watch me, definitely not let him put his filthy hands all over me! But I was so HORNY!!

Wordlessly, except for an occasional grunt, he roughly began to manhandle my hairy wet cunt. Roughly rubbing up and down between my pussy lips, I winced as his rough hands mauled my swollen and sensitive CLITORIS. Then finding the flashlight I had embedded in my fuck-hole he pushed it deeply into my CUNT. He kept pushing as I started to wince in pain from the obscene fuck stick. Pulling it slowly out, it felt like a toilet plunger as it seemed to create a vacuum, holding it inside, making it difficult to remove.

Grasping the slick and creamy machined handle of the flashlight he wrested it up and out of my tightly gripping pussy lips causing a loud ‘POP’. Casting it to the floorboard, he plunged his dirty fat thumb inside my wallowed out hole while his thick finger found the tight clinch of my ass. Smearing my wetness over my bunghole, he wedged two fingers inside my tender anus as he double penetrated me. Grinding his thumb as deeply as he could he gripped me like the proverbial bowling ball and lifted me off the seat, as if he was trying to pull me out of my car.

He leaned farther inside the car as he tried to pull my pelvis up to his unshaven face. He was trying to eat my pussy! I felt his hand slide under my butt as he was desperately trying to raise me to his mouth. I arched my back trying to meet his lips, his straining tongue and I felt it. Drooling and spitting on my already frothy LABIA, he flicked his tongue back and forth. Not soft and smooth with a flattened palette, but sharp and pointed like a finger, tweaking across my swollen clitoris and FAT lips. Sucking my little man inside his mouth, he nursed on it like a teat, giving it head as if he was sucking a small penis.

My pussy was CREAMING, dripping out past his thumb as he continued to suck me off. I reached back for support and accidentally grabbed the seat release causing it to fall back, collapsing, as I fell back into the reclined car seat as he almost tumbled in on top of me!

I was sooooo near my climax, crazy with desire. I got to my hands and knees, pushing my ass towards the open driver side window. I reached between my legs and finding his hand, I gave him the rhythm I needed to get off. Guiding him as he rubbed and finger-fucked me, my other hand steadied myself as I felt his hungry mouth began eating out my ass. I couldn’t stand it!! I released his hand and brought my own hand to my brassiere, jerking it down, I freed my breasts so that I could squeeze and fondle my titties.

I felt my ass-eater momentarily stop as his hands fumbled with my skirt, loosening it from around my waist, he jerked it down past my butt, leaving me in only my blouse and brassier! None too quickly he returned to his work on my ass and pussy, forcefully fucking me with three or four of his fingers as it felt like he was trying to wedge his entire hand inside me.

It was then the DAM burst as my pussy was pissing and spraying all over his gnarled fingers as my incredibly overwhelming CLIMAX swept across my trembling body. FUCK!! I was almost pushed through the other window as he finally worked his entire hand inside me and rammed his fist deep into my CUNT. I fell across the console as he pulled me back towards him, his hand embedded in my hole. With his free hand, he grabbed the bottom of my blouse and began stripping it off me. I reached back with one arm then the other as he removed my blouse, then unsnapped my brassiere and as I struggled to get back to my knees, my remaining clothes fell to the seat leaving me naked.

First I was brutalized with the damn Black Max flashlight and now I was being FIST-FUCKED by a god dam vagrant. Slamming repeatedly into me, I imagined my CUNT a speed bag for some Golden Gloves boxer as he rapidly fucked me.

Then somewhere in the vague ozone of reality I thought I heard a car horn. I reached back and pushed on his wrist, trying to remove his buried hand from my stretched and battered CUNT. Finally releasing me, I realized traffic was beginning to creep forward and again the car behind me honked his horn. Bastard!

I plopped back into the soaking wet driver’s seat, filled with my wet piss and creamy CUM, tried to re-adjust the seat and steering wheel. I put the car in DRIVE and turned to look at my derelict ‘lover’, through his snaggle-tooth smile I could see the wetness on his cheeks and chin from the incredible ‘head job’ he had done. Will work for food!!! AMEN! I slipped him the two ones and pressed the accelerator as my car lurched forward.

I made it about four car lengths as traffic again stopped!! And here he comes again……….. Now it’s his turn to play ‘chicken’; I wonder if he’s horny enough to stand next to my car and let me suck him off.

..End of part One

I had moved about four car lengths and was STILL sitting in the middle of traffic with my blouse pulled off and my bra somewhere on the floor, leaving my breasts completely exposed for anyone to see. And having to hurriedly adjust my seat and steering wheel in order to drive forward, I had not had a chance to put my skirt back on. In short I was BUCK-NAKED, sitting in my puddle of piss and frothy CUM-goo as I again waited in traffic.

Luckily, (I guess for those non-exhibitionist), I was in the right-hand turn lane and on my left side was an Action Rental delivery truck, a big box truck that shielded me on the driver’s side. Add to that, even though both side windows were rolled down, my windshield and rear window are both darkly tinted which gave me a small bit of privacy in the chaos of a rush hour traffic jam!

Looking in my rear view mirror I saw my ‘friend’ standing between two lanes of cars, where I had left him when we had stopped our public groping and my public CUMMING. I watched as he spotted my car and started making his way towards me. Sizing him up I realized he was wearing what looked to be a ragged T-shirt that had a picture of Elmo on it, a pair of worn-out Nike’s and an old pair of dirty, off-brand Levi’s, and I could make out a VERY distinct rise in his off-brand Levis’.

Not bothering to get dressed, I again looked in my purse for more ‘spare change’, I found a twenty and watching in my mirror I waited for my turn to play. Except I didn’t see him in the mirror, I looked back and forth to the side mirrors and finally turned and looked out the open window. I was thinking he had enough of me when suddenly the driver’s side door opened!!

OH SHIT! What have I gotten myself into, I thought as he climbed into my car.

I sat petrified, totally exposed, naked, my tits, my CUNT! At first he just stared at me, then without saying a word he unfastened his pants and pulled his thick, uncircumcised cock out. I could smell the thick musky smell of his crotch as I now stared at his fat hard-on.

I LOVE uncut dicks, they fascinate me and I love it that a man can have such a huge piece of meat, be just rock-hard rigid and still have all that skin that he can pull up over a swollen purple head. It was my turn to stare as he stroked himself, pulling the skin back, showing me how large and swollen his pulsing head was. I imagined I could see it throb as he tightly gripped it, making his knuckles white as he squeezed. He seemed proud and well he should be!

I watched as his pre-CUM dribbled out of his slit, there was so much, I wasn’t sure if maybe he was already climaxing as it ran down his shaft, puddling in the thick folds of his foreskin as it finally ran down over his fist. He slowly began to pump it, taking deep strokes as he arched his back, raising his ass off the seat. His window was down and for a split second I worried that someone would see him obscenely masturbating. It is funny how a pussy flash or a topless woman gets people to notice but a hard naked COCK will get a call to the cops!

That was just as I leaned toward his erection. Sliding one arm behind him as he arched off the seat, I tugged his pants down past his ass as my mouth found him. He was big, VERY BIG and my mouth felt stretched as I tried to fit his head inside. With his hand, he helped by pushing hard against the back of my head, choking me as he rammed himself between my taut lips.

He continued jacking off as I tried to suck him, smashing his fist against my mouth as he sloshed his sloppy pre-cum (piss) on my face. I could feel the blood pulsing through his foul smelling cock, his big round head throbbing as my mouth was filling with whatever he was ejaculating; though he had not CUM yet, I could tell he was close. Up and down I went on his meat, sucking, gagging, taking him to the hilt. I was choking as he fucked my mouth. Now gripping my head with both hands he forcefully slammed himself down my throat. I couldn’t breath; I may even have been sobbing from the pain, the pleasure, possibly from fear.

THEN… Oh my GOD!! He began CUMMING! Huge, thick globs of the foulest tasting spunk I had ever had sucked out of someone’s DICK! Pulling me by my hair, he jerked me off his cock as he again was beating his meat, shooting long stringy ropes of his SPUNK on my face, in my eyes, my hair. I couldn’t believe the amount of jizm he shot on me.

Pushing my head back into his crotch he rubbed my face, my lips over his cock and hairy balls, spreading the nasty wetness, smearing it as I felt his spongy balls touching my abused lips. I sucked, I licked, I tried to take one of his big balls in my mouth. I moved my arm from around his waist and pulled his testicles up so I could lick the crease that bisects his scrotum, between his legs to his asshole.

His CUM and pre-CUM was sticky covering his crotch as I tried to spread his legs so I could snake my tongue down towards his ass. And it smelled like ASS as he pushed his pants to his ankles and spread his legs wide. I was on my knees in my seat as he arched his back and pushed my head closer to his asshole.

Reaching for his hairy ass my fingers spread his ass cheeks as I sought out his ass. The wetness of my slobber, his CUM and pre-CUM made his hole a slick easy target as my finger slid deeply inside. I finger-fucked his ass as my mouth again found his still hard dick.

This time he found the seat release and as he fell prone I lost his cock from between my lips but was able to keep my finger buried up his ass. I pushed his one leg up as I watched my now two fingers pumping in and out on his shithole. As nasty as it was, I couldn’t resist and I pulled my fingers out, licked and cleaned them, and replaced them with my lips. I sucked it. I stuck my tongue inside his ass. I tasted the foulness of him. I tried to work my tongue deeper, as I began tongue fucking him. I could feel his balls resting on me as he began to jack-off.

I wasn’t sure if he would be able to CUM again but he was as hard as he was earlier. I moved back and watched as he lay there, eyes closed, furiously pumping his HUGE uncut monster. I crawled on top. I reached between my legs and guided his thick meat between my pussy lips. I had to FUCK him.

He put his hands on my waist as I slowly began fucking him. Trying to enjoy every inch, I worked his cock as deeply as I could inside my CUNT. Grinding my pelvis hard against his as I tried to control his motion, he reached to grab my titties. Rising up the best I could in the cramped quarters I was naked, fucking him in rush hour traffic. My skirt wadded up somewhere on the floor, I rose higher so he could see his cock sliding in and out of my PUSSY.

As I began to bounce up and down, I reached between my legs and spread my labia, pulling my lips wide with each hand until my clit protruded, sticking out at least an inch as I started CUMMING, my own CUM/PISS spraying out in its own erratic, uneven pattern, covering his belly, his chest. I was throwing myself hard against him, as if I was riding the bull at Billy Bob’s!

I lowered my breast to his mouth, letting him suck and bite my nipples as his meat pierced deeply inside. My CUM was SOOOOO intense and his thick meat felt SOOOOOO good I really wanted it in my ass, I may have even cried out, “FUCK MY ASS!” But I knew there wasn’t time as I finally collapsed on top of him. I could feel the wetness covering his belly and chest as I lay on him.

After a few seconds, I felt his hand between my legs, as he ‘plopped’ his still rigid cock out of my CUNT. I didn’t know if I had actually cried out during my CLIMAX or if he was a mind reader, but he was rubbing that big bulbous head against my puckered sphincter. I reached behind, smearing our sticky funk on my asshole, I tried to work his cock inside. Just as it felt like it would never fit, he rammed hard against me. Forcing me into the roof of the car but also sinking his thick meat into my anus. He was trying to ass fuck me as furiously as he had fucked my pussy. I thought I would scream as he drove his giant fuck stick inside me, I knew he would surely split me open, ripping the tender tissue of my bowels as he deeply reamed out my gut.

I rose up, then pushed my ass down on his enormous COCK, trying to force him to a slower pace, I ground my ass against his crotch, burrowing him even deeper. The pain was incredible, the pain was incredibly amazing as I reached back to smear more spit on his cock. Working in and out I was able to lubricate the both of us enough that he slid in and out a bit more easily. The pace quickened, he was again driving hard into my ASS.

I was in orbit, I was in ecstasy as I shivered, trembled as he sunk, speared his DICK deep inside me, causing my CLIMAX, OUR CLIMAX, as he too was filling my intestine with his foul CUM as I peed and creamed all over his filthy body.

I tightly held him as he emptied inside me, his fat meat pulsating with each spurt. We were all but panting as we rested, our breathe coming in heaves, our bodies sweating from the exertion. I tried to rise off my exhausted partner. His semi-hard cock slowly slid out of my greased ass. I could feel my abused asshole emptying as loud farts escaped from it. He had jack-hammered so much air inside me it sounded like I eaten five pounds of pinto beans as the air ‘farted’ out.

We both laughed as I crawled off of him and into the driver’s seat, large globs of his CUM wad still emptying out of my twin CUM holes. I sat in it; I felt it ooze out onto the vinyl seat. He raised his seat and started to pull his pants up over his nasty CUM and blood covered dick, fresh from deep in my shithole, I couldn’t resist that uncut hunk of meat. Reaching for it, I wrapped my hand around him, squeezed more of his CUM out of him. He was sticky, his cum and my cum coated his fleshy snake, there was so much skin it was difficult to pull it tight as his cock softened. Leaning again toward his lap I licked and cleaned his limp cock, sucking it, skinning it back as I tried to remove every trace of our fluids, juices, nasty spunk.

I caught myself making love to his dick, tenderly holding it, kissing it, as I felt myself getting wet, turned on by an uncircumcised penis. I tried sucking it, up and down, trying to once more make him erect. I took only his head in my mouth and tightly sucked it, trying to create a vacuum as I pulled his foreskin tightly to the base of his shaft. I held his round head in my hand and stuck my tongue in his pee slit. I sucked only the tip. I crammed every inch of him in my mouth, his soft meat filling my mouth as I ground my lips against his pelvis. I wrapped both of my hands around his hairy balls, my thumbs and forefingers encircling his testicles as I licked them, squeezed them, twisted his ball sac again and again, making him moan as I punished him. The loose skin of his cock was becoming taut as I pulled tightly on his scrotum. He was getting hard!! I took him in my mouth and took him as deeply as I could. Sucking. Sucking. Sucking. Up and down on his shaft, I was fucking him with my mouth.

Again with the damn HONKING!! Cars were starting to move. I sat up in my seat as the transient pulled his off-brand Levis’ up and hopped out, his Levis’ still unbuttoned, his dark cock peeking out of his open fly as I slowly drove off. Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw him bend down and pick up what appeared to be clothing.

We had been working together for a few weeks before it started. I was new to the job and she was friendly. That’s how it all begins.

We worked at as waiters in a local restaurant. It’s a college town so there were plenty of young, attractive women waitressing and bartending to pay for school. Where we worked was full of them. They were all mostly party girls. They were the ones who would all go out after work and close down the bars. I’m not huge into bars, but that’s not to say I didn’t drink or didn’t like to party. I have always been more of the small party type, into more intimate settings.

Sydney and I became quick friends. She was friendly to me when I started and I was friendly to everyone. Being single in a sea of attractive women was like working in heaven. After a few weeks of working together, I was being invited out after work for late night drinks, small house parties and just to grab some food.

Sydney was always there and we started to bond quickly. She was shorter than me, standing about 5’3 and had short brown hair which only hung down to her neck. Her big brown eyes and warm smile completed her kind and almost innocent look. When we went out after work it was usually after a quick shower and we didn’t try that hard to dress up for each other. The nights were filled with undershirts and sometimes just sweats.

After a few weeks of group activities, Sydney and I began going out after work alone. Some nights it was because the others weren’t up for it and quickly it became where they weren’t invited. I started bringing Sydney around my friends more often. They almost all women and were small group drinkers too. We were an over sexualized group. A few of us and fooled around and we were all close. We frequently cracked dirty jokes and played games to see if we could get each other turned on.

Sydney thought it was great. She joined in on our games and jokes right out of the gate and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I was surprised though at how quickly it happened. She had a boyfriend of 3 years and didn’t seem to show it one bit when she was with us.

I was talking to her one night after work and she began to tell me about him. He was a few years older than her and how they had been together for some time. As of lately though, things have been in a slump. He was being distant yet somewhat controlling and the nights that she got to spend with me and my friends seemed like the only nights that she could let loose. After our chat I invited her to what my friends and I were calling pizza and porn night.

It was Cassie and Emily’s idea and Sydney surprised me again by excitedly agreeing. We met at my place Friday night after work. I had just gotten home and finished showering when Sydney arrived. I invited her in and showed her around. It was shortly after that Cassie and Emily arrived with their movies and some vodka.

“We’re skipping the pizza and drinking” Emily said with a big smile as she handed me the bottle.

I looked at Sydney who also had a big smile and I got to work mixing drinks as the girls put in the movie and made themselves at home. I brought the drinks in and took a seat on the couch between Sydney and Cassie. The movie was started and we started drinking. By the first sex scene we had slammed our first round and I got up to mix another. After a few more drinks, we were all starting to get pretty tipsy. Sydney cut herself off so she could drive home but the rest of us kept on. We watched the movie mocking the girls and their painfully obvious fake tits. We kept joking and asking each other if the scene did it for us or what we were into. Cassie would occasionally grab my dick over my pants and check to see if I was hard watching the movie. Every time she did, Sydney would look over and smile. The movie didn’t turn me on but Cassie’s hand on my cock was starting to give me a little wood. Before I knew it, Sydney said she had to get back to her boyfriend and left, thanking us for the night. Emily too said she was tired and was going to head back to her place, just up the street.

Cassie stayed, as she had a few times before. We never dated but over the course of our friendship, we had messed around from time to time. We were the best of friends with benefits. We even laid down some ground rules over it. So from time to time when we needed a little relief, we felt that it was our friendly duty to help one another. Tonight was looking like one of those nights.

After they left, I got Cassie another drink. When I got back from the kitchen, she had taken her shirt off and had the movie on one of the earlier sex scenes.

“You don’t mind if I watch this one again do you? I think the girl is pretty hot and it’s the only one I really liked.”

“I don’t mind at all” I said. “Is there anything I can do for you? Feeling a little wound up?”

“Will you rub my shoulders?” she asked as she slid off the couch and on to the floor in front of it.

I took my place behind her and started rubbing her neck and shoulders. Her eyes stayed on the girl on the screen as she got fucked by the landlord that she owed money to. Cassie let out a little moan as I found the knot in her shoulder that she wanted me to work on. She took another long drink and set her glass off to the side. As her hand came back from the glass, it found its way to her tits and began massaging them as she started to moan a little more.

I kept working on her shoulders and she kept working on her tits. Soon she started moving a hand down and started to rub her thigh. It didn’t take long before her hand moved up and slid down into her shorts. She started to rub her pussy while she watched the girl in the porn start taking the landlord’s cock in her ass. Cassie’s moans started to get louder as I kept one hand working on her shoulder and reaching the other to work her tits. She stood up and slid her shorts down before sitting back on the couch. She laid back and spread her legs giving her hand more room to work and giving me a clear view of her neatly shaved pussy.

As she started to rub her clit, she reached over and grabbed my cock through my pants. I returned the favor and went back to rubbing her tits as she pleasured herself. She was rubbing her clit with one hand and rubbing my cock with the other. She expertly maneuvered her way around my belt and unzipped my pants. I helped her slide them down and let me cock out of its cage. She stared intensely at the screen while she rubbed her clit and worked my cock with her free hand. I positioned myself up a little more, propping myself up with my knee and facing her so my cock was aimed at the tits I was rubbing.

I couldn’t take much more and got down between her legs. I had been watching her work her shaved pussy and I wanted a piece of her pie. I got on my knees in front of her and wasted no time diving my tongue down onto her wet pussy. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her, tightening her legs around my head as she began to thrust.

“Oh god yeah!” she exclaimed. “That’s it! That’s what I need! Oh fucking lick my pussy!” she yelled out as I could tell she was getting closer to the edge.

I could feel her legs begin to tighten around my head. Her grip on my hair firmed and her muscles began to seize. She was cumming on my face. I gripped her legs, around her hips and pulled her in even tighter as a kept working her clit with my tongue.

Her hold on me began to loosen as the juice from her pussy dribbled down my mouth. She took a moment as I got off the floor. My cock was rock hard from the work I had just down and she knew what I wanted from her in return. And she was happy to oblige. After letting out a sigh of relief and joy at the built up tension that she was just able to release, she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth.

It was a scenario that we had played out a few times before. Our sexual tension had been built up over the past week or two from not having anyone to fuck, until it explodes on one another. She had just exploded her tension on my tongue and I was about to explode mine in the back of her mouth. She was sucking and jerking my cock, working it the way she knew I had enjoyed before. It wasn’t long before I was at the edge. She could feel my throbbing and knew my signs. I was about to unload. She took my cock as far into her mouth as she could. I could feel myself begin to slide into her throat as she opened up to me and I started to cum. She took each spurt of warm cum like she needed it. The first full load slid right down her throat and each after that, she let sit in her mouth until she had drained me. She let my cock go and sat back, playing with my cum in her mouth for a second before tilting her head back and letting the rest of it slip down the back of her throat.

The next time I saw Sydney, she told me that she had a lot of fun with us on our little movie night. I told her when we did it again, I would be sure to invite her. She surprised me with what she said next.

“Maybe next time, I won’t have to leave the party so early”

And it grew from that. We began flirting at work more and more. We would hint to one another about a shared desire. When we worked together, she would check to make sure I was looking before she bent over for things. Every time we went out, she would wear increasingly revealing shirts to catch me gazing at her. She loved the attention. One night when a group of us from work went out, the topic of significant others came up and I found out why she had enjoyed the attention so much. She wasn’t getting it at home. She said that it had been weeks since she had gotten fucked let alone gotten off. She was craving it the same way I craved it. Except she didn’t have a Cassie. Not yet at least.

It was the very next weekend that Cassie, Emily, Sydney and I got together again. This time there was no porn. There were still plenty of drinks though and the air was thick with sexual energy. Having heard Sydney’s confession, earlier this week, I couldn’t get it off my mind. I couldn’t suppress the images of her looking back at me before bending over and thinking about the needs that she had.

The four of us teamed up for some drinking games. Cassie was quick to claim Sydney for her team and I had no problem with Emily as a partner. I knew she could how her drinks like a champion and we were sure to win the night’s championship.

After the slitting wins in the first two games of beer-pong, Cassie said she wanted to up the ante. The game would now be strip-pong and every cup that is lost, so is an article of clothing. Emily and I were quick to jump on board and we all looked to Sydney for final approval. She smiled and said they got to shoot first.

The game was close and we were dropping clothes left and right. The first thing to come off was my shirt and Emily’s top, then our pants. We were quick to bring the game back to even though. When we sank two shots, forcing Cassie and Sydney to take their shirts off, they seemed pleased to finally get in on the action.

“Finally!” Cassie said

“I was worried that you two were going to have all the fun tonight.” Sydney said as she started to lift her shirt over her head. She winked at me as she pulled her shirt over her tits and her eyes disappeared for a second.

I knew that Sydney had a nice body before she uncovered it. I had sneaked peaks at her at work. I checked out her ass before and sized her up a few times when we had been out but she did a great job disguising herself. She packed DD tits behind her bra and hid them under her shirts. But as she pulled her shirt over her head and revealed her bra struggling to keep her big tits in, I struggled equally as hard not to get hard. The girls could read my excitement as if it had been drawn on my face with a sharpie. Cassie let out a giggle and grabbed her partner’s luscious tits. Emily shot next and not being as distracted as I was, she managed to sink another shot forcing Cassie and Sydney to drop their pants. Cassie wasn’t shy and turned around and did a little dance for us as she dropped her pants revealing the ass I saw so many times before but never saw enough of. Sydney didn’t put on much of a showed as she unzipped her pants and dropped them to the floor revealing a skimpy red thong. She kicked her pants to the side and did a little turn for her audience.

The girls taunted me by slapping each other’s asses and grabbing each other. I couldn’t hit a single shot. Emily seemed to be distracted by it too. Cassie sealed the game for their eyes were on us. It was time for us to get naked. Emily and I never fooled around like Cassie and I did, but we had seen each other naked before. She had watched Cassie and I pleasure ourselves and each other before and we had seen her take her top off at amateur night before she gave us a private dance. She had a nice body and I never minded seeing it. After she got naked, she did the little spin and showed off her C cups and her full ass. She turned to me as did Cassie and Sydney. I dropped my boxers and Emily let out a celebratory shout. Cassie whistled and howled as my cock came out. I looked over at Sydney who didn’t say anything with her mouth but her eyes were fixed on my semi-erect cock. Her eyes did all the talking.

We put our underwear back on and that was all. We all spent the night in our respective underwear drinking and hanging on one another. Emily and Cassie started making out after a few more drinks as they liked to do. Sydney came over to me as I sat and watched the two girls start to get swept up in each other. She sat down on my lap and watched them with me. Her legs were warm on me and I could feel her tight ass press into my cock as it got a little more firm. We sat there watching Cassie and Emily kiss and grab each other, Sydney starting to grind into my cock as I got harder.

Before they got too carried away, Cassie and Emily broke off their session and decided to call the night. They headed into the spare bedroom for the night.

“I suppose you better get back to your boyfriend.” I said

Sydney turned to me with a grin on her face and whispered in my ear “I told him it was going to be a late night.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to my room. She kept the lights off and sat on my bed. The moonlight that was streaming in illuminated the room just enough for me to see the glimmer of her body on my bed. I didn’t even bother shutting the door behind me. I just made my way over to her. She didn’t bother with any prelude to what she wanted. She reached out to feel my now almost fully erect cock. I could make out a smile on her face as she felt me and said “I like what a saw, and I love how you feel.”

I dropped my boxers for the second time that night and let her take my cock in her hands and she began to gently stroke me. She reached behind and unhooked her bra allowing me to finally see the large tits I got to peak at all night. They were big and firm and her nipples were hard and begging to be touched. They brought me to my knees and I grabbed them taking one in my mouth. I licked them all over flicking her nipples with my tongue. She leaned back in pleasure and put her hand on her thong, touching herself over the thin fabric. I licked my way over her tits and down her body. She stopped touching herself and as I got down between her legs, she pulled her thong to the side and removed the barrier to her now wet pussy.

“Cassie told me about you.” She said as she oozed excitement “She said I need to try you out.”

I didn’t say a word. I started to go to work. I teased her pussy licking her lips and brushing her clit with my tongue. She squirmed as I got closer to what she wanted. I rubbed a finger between her lips and soaked it in her juice as I continued to tease her. I held my finger at the opening of her sweet pussy as I started to lick her clit. She thrust her hips forward, pressing my finger deep into her pussy. She let out a loud moan as I could feel her taking my finger in. She was tight. I could feel her grip my finger and thrust into it harder as I worked her clit with my tongue. She came almost instantly. She had missed this attention for too long and she soaked my hand when she came.

She laid back and got rid of her thong all together. After throwing them to the side she rolled over onto her stomach and lifter her tight ass into the air. I stood up to the edge of the bed and met her waiting pussy with my rock hard cock. I pressed it into her. She was so tight I had to force my cock into her inch by inch, with her letting out moans the whole way. By the time I fit my cock in her, I could feel her pussy stretching and taking me in. I gave it one more thrust, rocking her forward as she let out another loud moan and quivered as she came again.

There was a noise behind us. Sydney didn’t seem to notice but I took a quick glance back to the doorway I had left open. Cassie was standing by the doorway peaking in. she was watching me take Sydney from behind and she was enjoying it. Cassie had braced herself on the doorway and had a hand down on her clit rubbing in pleasure. I enjoyed the sight and she didn’t care I knew she was watching.

My focus went back to Sydney as I began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy. With each thrust, I could feel her tight pussy clamp down on me and she pressed her face into the pillows so she could scream in pleasure. I grabbed her hip with one hand and grabbed her hair in the other setting the pace of my thrusts. She was building to another orgasm and I was getting there with her. Between her moans, I could hear Cassie rubbing her clit faster and she let out a whimper. She was about to cum too. I thrust harder and deeper than before as I shot my load into her tight pussy. She screamed in ecstasy into the pillow as she too came again feeling my cum pump into her.

We collapsed and caught our breath. Cassie was gone from the doorway. She had satisfied herself with the show we put on. Sydney’s tight pussy had satisfied me and the fucking she had longed for had more than satisfied her. After resting for a minute she got up and gathered her things. She went to the door and looked back at me and thanked me. I told her the pleasure was all mine.

“Not all yours, I had quite a bit of it.” She said as she left to return to her boyfriend. My cum was surely dripping out of her on her way.

It wasn’t the only time she decided she needed satisfaction from me. It was the first of what would become frequent rendezvous. She admitted that after our encounter, her boyfriend wasn’t enough for her anymore. He didn’t fill her the way I had. He didn’t take her the way I did. We met in secret for a few weeks. Every couple of days we would get together after work or whenever she couldn’t wait any longer and she would work her tension out on my cock. She wanted, and needed to be taken and I filled her void in every way she needed. I would eat her out, fuck her from behind, even fuck her DD tits and cum on her face and chest before she would return home to her boyfriend.

She was turned on by my answer when she asked me if I was still helping Cassie out. I told her that she would still come over whenever she needed me and I was happy to help a friend. She said that she wouldn’t mind if Cassie joined us some time.

“I have fucked girls before. Nate wanted another girl to join us so I asked this girl I knew and we fucked one time. He’s wanted to do it again but I want to have two guys first. “

There was a pause before she continued. “I asked him if I could have another guy join us. He didn’t want to do anything like that but I talked him into letting a guy join if he didn’t have to do anything gay. So I want you to join us.”

I told her I would but I had the same rule as he did. The two of us wouldn’t touch but I told her I had no problem doing her in front of him.

This is the fourth chapter of the “Jamie The Black Sheep” story. I hope you enjoyed the first three. If you’re starting here, I suggest you move back so that you can meet the cast of characters.


After a few minutes the astonished stares from the kitchen table went away as people refocused on our drinking game. Rachel and Emily were certainly attempting to have their fun for the weekend. Their respective boys were paying them all sorts of attention. Every now and then one of them would spring up, like some nervous twitch. It was clear there was something going on under the table, but I mostly let it wash over me. I leaned back, sipped my mixed drink, and let the game go one without me.

“Ladies, are we going to make a night of this?” the boys said as they got up from the table. It was pretty obvious they were both sporting some wood. Emily and Rachel must have been giving as well as they received.

“Definitely,” Emily and Rachel said in unison.

“In that case there something we need to go grab at our place. Give us about ten minutes.”

“Sure thing.”

I turned my head to see that I had Emily and Rachel’s rapt attention.

Emily started it off, “There’s no way we’re letting that comment slide. What did you do? Or what did you not do?”

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” I said meekly. I was too tired to get started on this. Plus, I still wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I’d get from these two. They had been my friends for a long time, but I knew that if I laid out the whole story there’s a good chance our relationship would take a serious blow. This goes back to who these girls were: mostly good girls who had the occasional moderate dalliance. What I could tell them would go leagues beyond what they’d consider appropriate.

“Oh no, you’re not getting off that easy. Listen Jamie, we know what kind of weekend you’ve had. First Will, then Ryan, and now apparently this married dude. That’s one helluva weekend! I know you think we can’t handle something like this, but we HAVE to know.”

“I know Jamie, I’ve been so pissed that I haven’t had any fun this whole weekend,” Emily added in.

“Emily, you had plenty of fun the first night.”

“Wait what, I passed out before anything could happen, or that’s what I remember.”

“Yea, you passed out alright, but there was a lot that happened before that.”

Rachel looked at Emily and gave her a, “You little slut. Playing Ms. Innocent all day long.”

“I don’t remember! What did we do?”

“Well, after Rachel and Claire left we all started the dance party again. Will had hidden a mostly full bottle of vodka, and we started passing it around taking shots. Soon enough, we were all shots off each other.”

“The boys really cranked it up then.”

“Not just the boys Emily, you poured booze down my front and licked it clean.”

“No way, I’ve never done something like that to a girl.”

“Girl, you had almost my whole boob in your mouth. When I returned the favor, I couldn’t get half of one of those massive things in my mouth.”

“Good lord, what happened next?”

“Your naked, horny ass led an equally naked and horny Andy and Ryan to the pullout. You were begging to get double teamed, so I went to the bedroom with Will. The next thing I know Ryan comes into the bedroom and announces you had passed out.”

“Damn! I missed it. How did the girls find me with my clothes on?”

“Andy and Ryan put them back on you. They figured it would probably end badly if Claire and Rachel came home to you naked on the couch passed out, them naked sitting around, and Will and I going at it in the bedroom.”

“Look at foxy lady now!” Rachel screamed. “Jamie, all day Emily’s been swearing up and down that she was prim and proper last night. Looks like she was leading the charge of the Slut Brigade.”

“We were all right there together.”

“Alright. So now we know about that. Here’s what we DON’T know! What happened with Mr. Hot Dad from the pool?”

“Guys, I don’t know…”

“You’re going to tell us. Listen Jamie, we promise: no judgment, we just want to know. We won’t tell Claire.”

I had forgotten about Claire. God, she was such a problem. All of us were sitting and having a good time, Claire was on the chair (the same one I was bent over and nearly fucked on this morning) reading a book.

“Ok, ok. So we were at the pool, talking all afternoon. We started drinking. Then after a few hours in the sun stuff started heating up. We made out in the hallway going to the bathroom. The next thing I know we’re back at his condo, starting to get it on.”

“Where was his wife?”

“She was out looking at properties with her sister. She’d told him they were getting back late that night. I guess the plans changed.”

“So she caught you?”

“Yea, that was the humiliating part.”

I had to stop to think about that. It was totally humiliating, but not kind of humiliation a kid gets by peeing their pants in school. This was a savory humiliation. This was falling from a pedestal. I was the lowest of the low as those two astonished women looked on. A fallen woman. My body’s reaction was just like the rush of adrenaline hanging over a ledge. I had felt my stomach drop. There was a static fuzz in my mind. It was kind of like the moment before you think you’re about to crash. Total fear. But that quickly washed away and left me feeling very turned on. There’s no way I could tell these girls that.

“That’s some serious shit, Jamie. And totally fucking hot! And let’s not let you drop the admission that he was ‘buried in your ass.’”

This was going better than I’d expected. No revulsion. They both still seemed into it. And they’re genuinely curious about the anal. Maybe I’m not giving these girls enough credit.

“Yea, it wasn’t something I expected. It just kind of happened, and that’s when she walked in.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Like hell, at first.”


“Fucking amazing. One of the hardest orgasms I’ve ever had. There were some other factors at play. I’m not sure if I could even describe it. He was fantastic though. So much so that I doubt this was his first go-round on the cheating scene.”

“Mmmm,” they both let out in an approving way.

Just then the boys returned. They had grocery bags filled with some stuff.

“Ladies want some dinner?”

Just then Claire came back into the picture, “What? I thought we were all going out. Guys, we’re only here another two days. We only went to eat the first night!”

Claire did have a point. This was our vacation and we had been spending most of our time here in the condo. But at that moment I saw a deflated look on both Emily and Rachel’s face. They wanted to stay. They wanted the boys to stay. At that moment, I knew I was going to have to fall on this grenade.

“Claire, why don’t you and I go out? These boys brought some food. We shouldn’t waste it. Rachel and Emily, you two stay and eat. We’ll all go on a girls’ night tomorrow night.”

Smiles erupted from the four sitting at the table. Claire looked mildly displeased, but I think she knew by everyone’s expression that this wasn’t going to be a battle she was going to win.

“Ok Jamie, let’s go party and let these homebodies miss out on some fun! But girls’ night tomorrow!”

Somehow I doubted our fun would outpace what was going to happen in this condo, but I put on a good face and decided to make the best of the night.


I stood naked in the bedroom by myself. I heard the others outside, really picking up the pace of their drinking. I had just taken a long, luxuriating shower and it totally really recharged me. I did a great job straightening my hair. Next, I put on a good amount of makeup. Not complete slut mode, but enough to demonstrate that I meant business that evening.

Hmm, what to wear? I had no idea what Claire was planning to do, so I had to be ready for any occasion. Claire didn’t drink or put out, but that didn’t mean she was predictable. She was always game to go to the new or hip place in town. I think it was mostly so she could make appearances and then brag to whoever listened to her about those kinds of things. People at her work? Who knows.

I picked out a short little purple dress. It had really thin fabric with a plunging V neckline that tied around the back of my neck, leaving my back almost bare. I don’t have the biggest amount of cleavage, but this dress worked a little magic to make me look pretty damn hot. You can’t really wear a bra, so I put on some stickies that would give me some lift (and some volume!) but still not be seen. Next, the panties weren’t a big decision. I had to go with a small thong, because the dress was so tight and thin. The only hitch was that the skirt was pretty shot and flared at the bottom, so there was a chance of flashing people. Decision made: go with the tiniest thong I own. My final touch was the most exciting addition. Well, at least for the girl in me. I put on a pair of beautiful black, strappy Christian Louboutin heels with bright red soles. The heels were really high—at around three or four inches—but they were gorgeous!

With my outfit complete, I checked myself out and knew I looked ready for the club!


When I walked outside, I realized that Claire was not ready for the club. I had apparently seriously misjudged the situation. Claire was standing there in a cute, albeit extremely ordinary, top. The real kicker was her jeans. They were totally “mom jeans”—the kind that go up way too high above your hips, make your ass look flat, and not hug your frame at all. Uh, this was just sad to see.

“Jamie, wow I didn’t know we were getting so dressed up! I thought we were just going to dinner.”

“Oh, I thought after dinner you wanted to go do something. I can go change.”

“No, if we wait too much longer all the restaurants will be slammed.”

“Ok, point the way.” With that, Claire and I headed out the door. As I left, I turned and gave the four remaining a wave and a wink. Emily and Rachel waved goodbye with great enthusiasm.

“Don’t hurry home.”

Right before I closed the door I saw one of the boys pull some kind of baggy out of his pocket.


Claire selected a semi-nice place to eat. The appetizers were delicious, the ambiance was nice, and the wine was excellent. I ordered a whole bottle of white wine expecting to share it with Claire.

“No thanks, I’m still probably going to drive home.”

“Claire, we can just cab home. You can sit back and enjoy yourself if you want.”

“I may have a glass, but you go ahead.”

Debby fucking Downer. We sat through the rest of the meal making very small talk. We completely avoided all of the incidents that had occurred over the past few days and talked about nothing. It was pretty lame. What I did succeed in doing, however, was finish my bottle of wine. As the check was coming, I saw Claire hadn’t even touched her glass. When the waiter took our final bill, I reached over and downed Claire’s glass.

“Let’s go grab another drink!”

“Jamie, wait! I thought we were going home.”

“Oh Claire, just one drink. I bet the people at home haven’t even finished eating yet. Let’s not disturb their dinner.”

“Ok, but just one drink.”

“Definitely, and you’ll be more than fine to drive.”


Ten minutes later Claire and I were in line for a very exciting looking club. The line outside was populated by very attractive people. All the guys looked really hot and the girls were dressed in their full club gear. Some had taken that idea to the extreme. I looked tame compared to a lot of them.

It took us another ten or so minutes to get to the front of the line. There were only three people left in front of us, and the bouncer was checking their IDs and taking the cover charge.

“Jamie, I really have to pee!”

“Ok, you head straight for the ladies room. I’ll run to the bar and get us some drinks! Let’s meet next to the DJ booth, there’s always one of those.” It seemed like a good enough plan and we both nodded our assent.

I gave my ID and cover charge to the bouncer. As I walked inside, I glanced around and saw Claire doing the same thing. I looked down to put my ID and wallet into my clutch ***Whoosh*** Wow, inside the club’s front door was a whole new world. The lighting was amazing. The people were all dancing like crazy. Most of all, the music was so powerful you could feel the bass beat move through you. This place was amazing.

God, everything about the place was nice. The temperature was set perfectly: warm enough so the girls could wear close to nothing but cool enough so that the place wasn’t a sauna. The dance floor was mostly comprised of these big, smooth dark panels. In between those were ambient lights shining up. It made the floor seem to glow. I had never seen anything like it.

I looked over and the bar was jammed with people so I scampered over to jockey for position. After a few minutes of elbowing my way to the front, I finally had some real estate at the bar. On either side of me were two stunning girls. They were both trying to win the attention of the bartenders by leaning over and giving them as much of an eyeful as they possibly could. Three can play at that game! I leaned in, pushed my forearms into the outside of my boobs. That pushed them together and created as much cleavage as I was going to have. I wasn’t the first one of the three of us chosen to give our order, but I was the second.

“Two Cosmos, please,” I said while handing the bartender a $50. He came back with the change and my drinks. “And you can keep the change.” I left him a fat tip hoping that he’d remember me and serve me as quickly as possible in the future. This place was too much fun to just have one drink!

I started moving to where I thought the DJ would be. It took a while to get there. There were tons of people dancing and moving through the crowd. I had to be extra careful, because I had two drinks that were very spill-prone. Somehow, I made it to that end of the club without spilling. I looked up, and the DJ booth was on a balcony overhanging the club’s dance floor. It wasn’t sticking out too much, but enough so that the DJ was looking out over everyone. You could tell he could see if people were into the groove or if he needed to change something up.

The music was amazing. I started sipping on my drink and moving with the music. It’s tough to dance while you’re double-fisting drinks, so my moves were a little limited. I did get some offers to dance though. I brushed them all aside, because I continued to scan the crowd for Claire. She should be pretty easy to spot in this crowd. The girls all looked ready for their stripper auditions, and the guys all had their shirts open.

As I waited longer and longer, I began to sense that something in our plan had gone awry. She should be here by now. I was at the bar for a pretty good while before I got served. Oh well. The girls’ bathroom is probably the biggest X factor in any bar or restaurant. Sometimes, the line takes forever. That must be what’s happening. I took out my phone to see if I could get in touch with her that way. I clicked on my Blackberry, and it showed that I had no signal. Crap. No way to call her.

I leaned back against the cloth covered wall to take a little pressure off my high heel-covered feet. Quickly, I found myself leaning back a little too far. I was falling through the cloth! There wasn’t a wall behind it!

I somehow regained my footing and hoped no one saw that. I had come pretty close to falling right on my back and spilling our drinks all over myself. Luckily, no one seemed to notice. I looked back through the cloth and saw a staircase going up. I figured it was the stairs the DJ took to get to his platform. Being a little bold after a whole bottle of wine and half a Cosmo, I headed up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, I saw the little gate that led to the DJ booth and equipment. The stairs veered to the right and went a little higher to some other room. I decided to stay here. From this vantage point, I could see the whole club: the dance floor, the bar, and the restrooms. It was neat, because you could see all the lights, speakers, and inner workings of the club from this angle. Down on the floor it was a bright, loud blur if you looked up. This would be the best place for me to spot Claire in this place. So I hunkered down and started eyeing the crowd.

About a minute later I heard someone trying to get my attention. It was funny, you could actually hear pretty well up here. Down on the floor, you would have to scream in someone’s ear to pass a sentence. Up here, however, you were above and behind the speakers pointed down at the floor. I looked over and saw the extremely cute DJ waving me over. I walked through the little gate and over to where he was standing.

“Hey lady, what are you doing up here? Bringing me a drink?”

I looked down and remembered I had two drinks.

“No, I’m just looking for my friend. She was supposed to meet me right below here, but I can’t find her. So I came up here to get the bird’s eye view of everything.”

“Technically, you’re not supposed to be up here, but exceptions can be made. What’s your name?”


“I’m Luc.” [as in Luke]

Luc was incredibly handsome. He was a little over six feet tall and strong built. He had his headphones on, but one of the earpieces was off so that he could hear me. He didn’t really look like what I thought I DJ at this place would look like. He had on nice slacks and a Polo. I figured a DJ would be a Jersey-ed guido, but this guy had conservative prep frat star written all over him. Just my type!

We chatted it up for a little while and immediately hit it off. I found out he graduated from college a few years ago (like me) who was really into all kinds of music. His family was somehow involved in running or owning the place, but I couldn’t get specifics out of him. Oh well, I wasn’t interested in that. I figured I made more money than he did.

Ten more minutes passed, and I realized that I’d subconsciously finished my own drink and had started sipping Claire’s Cosmo. More than that, I only had a sip or two left. Damn, if I found her I’d have to go get another round!

Luc saw that my drink was near empty. “Hey, can I get you another? What’s your pleasure?”

I didn’t know if I wanted him to buy me a drink. The past few days had been pretty crazy, and on some level I was kind of glad that I was out with Claire. When this night started, I figured there was no way I’d get into any more shenanigans. For one, I didn’t think my body could take it. I could still feel the tingle in my pussy and ass and interpreted that as soreness. If I took any more abuse, I might not be able to walk straight for a week.

He sensed my hesitation and said, “Hey, don’t worry about it. The drinks get comped for the entertainment. If I don’t enjoy them, it feels like a waste. I’m having a scotch, what can I get you?”

“I’ll take a Cosmo, thanks.”

He radioed down for someone to bring up our order and turned back to me.

“So where’s your friend?”

“I have no idea. I kind of forgot about her! Is that terrible? I suppose I’m a terrible friend.” I said that with some modicum of genuine concern. I didn’t think Claire was all that fun, but ditching her at a club was something else.

“No, I distracted you. What’s she look like? What’s she wearing? Maybe I’ve spotted her. I get a pretty good look at most people in this place.” He finished that line with a little smirk that gave me the impression he was hiding something behind his words.

“Well, she’d probably look a little out of sorts. She didn’t know we were coming to a club, so she dressed a little down. She’s in jeans and a pretty ordinary top.”

“Oh,” Luc said with an embarrassed/worried face. “There was something on the club radio about a girl getting turned away outside and making a little fuss. Something about her friend being inside. I suppose that’d be you?”

“Fuck, she’s gonna kill me.” I looked at my phone’s clock. I’d been in here close to an hour. I also saw I still had no signal.

“You’re not going to get a signal in here. All the wiring, sound stuff, and lights somehow make this a lead box that the cell towers can’t pierce. It’s really annoying. But I hope you don’t go, you should stay with me. I bet she’s left by now.”

“I bet she has. We have some other friends who stayed at home. She’d probably go join up with them.”

“Perfect! If you want you can stay up here with me, get all the free drinks you want, and maybe learn a little about mixing.”

As if on cue, a really cute waiter emerged with two drinks on a serving platter. In a graceful, fluid motion, Luc grabbed my drink and handed it to me. In the same motion, he started his glass up for a toast. “To a wild fucking night!”

“Cheers to that!” Vacation Jamie was back. Claire’s depressing cloud was gone, and I started psyching myself up for a fun night.


This was fucking awesome. Hell, I had a hunk DJ, free drinks, and an amazing view for people-watching. The bottle of wine and (now) four Cosmos had me seriously buzzing. The conversation—or should I now say full blown flirting—with Luc was really getting heated. Every few minutes he’d have to pay attention to the vast array of music controls, but overall I was surprised by how little he had to do.

“DJing doesn’t involve much does it?”

“Ah no, no, no. It’s really hard actually. I do a ton of work with mixes and songs before I ever begin. I plan everything out, so when it comes time to play I just have to piece it together. I also have to work with the lighting and sound tech guys. They’re behind that window right there [as he pointed to a big windowed room filled with guys right behind us]. The greatest thing about it is changing it to match what’s going on around me. If the crowd gets really into something, I can extend it, repeat it, or speed it up. If the place feels more sexy and chill, I can slow it down and let people grind it out. I can add vocals mid-song, change beats…I have control over everything!”

“Wow, sounds like you’re the master of us all.” I said it like a little vixen. I licked my lips and finished off my drink. Ball’s in your court, Luc.

“Alright, time for my set break.”

Luc made some adjustments on his computers, mixers, and other controls, and we went out the other side of the DJ booth. On that other side, there was another flight of stairs going down. As we descended, I could tell that this flight was definitely longer than the flight I had climbed to get to his booth. At the bottom, there was a very large bouncer guarding a large, service-looking door. It looked innocuous enough. Luc gave the guy a nod, and the door was opened for us.

Inside, there was a luxurious lounge. This had to be the VIP area or something. Everywhere, the furniture was nice, the lighting was very dim, and there were personal servers moving through the very small crowd. It was about the size of the dance floor. In fact, everyone was pretty well dispersed in the very large room. But it wasn’t a big, square room like the dance floor. There were a lot of little alcoves and nooks and crannies with big couches and tables. You could get a lot of privacy in here if you wanted.

More than the entire decor, I could smell a little sex in the room. It was very faint, because the overall smell was lovely—a mix of fine foods and scented candles. But I knew that smell very intimately now. I was like a shark smelling a drop of blood in the ocean. It triggered my predatory senses, and I felt my body getting warm. I was on Luc’s arm, and that small touch was all that was needed to get me craving more.

“Oh fuck!” I looked up to see all the people in the club right above us! All those large black panels on the ground must have been pieces of one-way glass. And the ambient light pointing up from between the panels illuminated everyone from the ground. More specifically and shocking, it gave us a perfect view up the skirt of every girl on the floor. A perfect view. I could point out every girl going commando. There were hundreds of bare pussies grinding up against the pants-clad boys. It was so fucking hot. Porn movies couldn’t shake a stick at something like this. There were just too many people; the scene was too epic!

I had the biggest, turned-on grin on my face. My eyes were darting to different scenes all over the ceiling. Subconsciously, I moved closer to Luc and pressed firmly against him.

“So, you’ve seen our VIP fish tank? What do you think?”

“I think it’s hottest, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Then I leaned into Luc and passionately kissed him. My arms wrapped around his neck and brought him to me. His arms encircled me, and I could tell it was going to take a lot to break us apart. We kissed like that for a few minutes before he broke away from me. He reached around without looking and grabbed two drinks that were waiting on the serving tray of our waiter. We hadn’t even asked for them. They just appeared.

Luc led me over to a private chaise lounge set aside from the main area and set our drinks down on a table. The lounge was almost flat. It was about three feet wide and came up at a slight angle right about shoulder height. He leaned back into a deep recline and looked up. I lay down next to him and put my head on his chest. We looked up at the crowd above us. Tiny thongs, boy shorts, and one pair of granny panties were all present. I spotted at least twelve girls without panties in really short skirts grinding away on guys. We saw everything you could imagine: fully shaved, landing strips, Brazilian, tattoos. A few of them were even getting fingered!

We lay there and sipped our drinks for a few minutes. No one needed to say anything. The voyeuristic delight that was happening ten feet above our heads never seemed to get dull, never seemed to slow down, and never ceased presenting a shock! Damn, a girl was getting fucked right there! I knew instantly both of us were focused on her. The very well-endowed guy was just going to town in and out of her glistening box. The lights gave it a surreal glow. The people around them may have noticed but didn’t let on. Mmm, my attention switched to Luc. I could intimately feel Luc’s arms wrapped around me. We were laying down holding each other as closely as two people possibly could.

Ah, my pussy was absolutely dripping! And Luc had barely touched me. He hadn’t fondled my breasts—like I wanted him too. He hadn’t stroked my pussy—like I wanted him to. We hadn’t even kissed for a few minutes. Then, I figured it out. He knew he didn’t have to. He was letting the taboo of watching this debauched scene get me wound up tighter than a spring. It was working!

I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood straight up on the love seat and straddled his legs. From this vantage point, he couldn’t see anything untoward. Then I started slowly taking steps forward, so that my feet were getting higher up his body. When I got to just above his hips I crouched down so that my cunt was hovering right over his package. I didn’t dare get low enough to touch him. If he wasn’t going to physically tease me, I wasn’t going to tease him. Two could play at this game!

“So you like looking?”

“I enjoy beautiful scenes, yes.”

“Well, why don’t you give me your opinion of this scene?”

I stood up and inched farther up his body. Finally, my feet were straddling his head. I stayed in that position for a second then started swaying to the very sexy music playing in the background. He had a perfect view right up my dress to my drenched, thong-covered pussy. Next, I crouched down again and stuck it right in his face. I wanted him to get the full musk of a woman. The kind of intimate detail you couldn’t get with the glass separation. Then I stood right back up and moved back down his body. I stuck my high heel right on his throat, pressed down ever so slightly, and asked, “So Van Gough, how do I measure up?”

“You’re the most beautiful girl in this place. I noticed you the second you walked through the crowd. When I saw you standing next to the booth, I knew fate had sent me something amazingly special for the night.”

“Good answer.”

I took my heel off his throat, and I slowly hiked my dress up around my hips. Then I slipped my thumbs on either side of my thong’s elastic sides and slowly started inching it down. One side, then the other—alternating with the rhythm of the music until I could feel the cool air waft over my bare pussy. Once my thong got to my knees I let them fall. My legs were just close enough together so that I could step out of them. I felt like the most powerful woman in the world. I was standing there baring my naked lower half to a beautiful man that I had just met. His eyes could have been feasting on a hundred women just above his head, but he didn’t break eye contact with me.

“What do you want now?”

“I want you to take three small steps forward. Then I want you to lower yourself down again. Then I want you to experience immense physical pleasure.”

This boy knew what momma wanted. I took my three small steps forward, crouched down, and covered his face in my broiling cunt. Immediately, his tongue started whipping around, stimulating every fold of sensitive skin I possessed. He worked around the outside and then moved towards the center. He took a deep, long lick right between my folds moving from the bottom up. He finished at the top of my pussy and found my engorged clit. He flicked it for a few agonizingly pleasurable moments. Then he delicately bit it! That was new. But it was just enough of a pinch to send me flying. I pushed down harder on his face without even thinking about it. I didn’t care if I smothered the guy. I wanted to monopolize and control him. If he needed air, he could tap out. Until that point, I was going to enjoy what he had to offer.

I arched my back and stared up to the ceiling. The couple fucking were right above me. Ah, I knew she wasn’t enjoying that as much as I was enjoying this. I reached back and untied my dress straps behind my neck. I let the straps fall and my covered tits sprang out. Stickies aren’t the sexiest thing in the world, so I peeled them off and threw them to the side. Now my dress was bunched around my belly.

I don’t know how he could have seen me unfurl the top of my dress, but his hands moved up and began massaging my tits. I put my hands on top of his and worked them harder into my boobs. His fingers tickled around my nipples.

As I looked down from the ceiling and back to Luc, I noticed our waiter standing in the dark a few feet away. I wouldn’t say he was staring, but he was certainly watching us. I focused right on him and grinding my hips into Luc’s mouth. The rocking got hard enough that Luc had to put his hands down. I replaced his hands with my own on my tits and furiously rubbed them. I didn’t break eye contact with the guy standing about ten feet away. I had watched the crowd above me earlier. Now this guy was going to watch me!

“You like watching?”

No response.

“Huh. A professional, eh? I need to get fucked up, get me another cocktail!” I demanded as I continued to writhe on Luc’s face.

Without the slightest facial expression, he moved away. Moments later—faster than I could believe—a tray with an ice cold cocktail was right next to my hand. Also, right next to the cocktail was a small saucer with a little pill on it. I looked at it questioningly for a moment. “Pure MDMA ma’am,” was the waiter’s response. I had never taken any kinds of drugs before. Hmm, that presented a new intriguing element for the evening. Was I that bold? Was I kidding, of course I was. As turned on as I was in that moment, I knew I would have done anything to increase my level of pleasure. Balls to the wall, right?

All this service—while getting professionally eaten out by a handsome stranger—I could get used to this! I popped the pill in my mouth and took the drink in one gulp. That surge of cold must have tripped something over the edge for me. The muscles in my inner thighs and around my cunt started twitching. If his dick had been inside me, I’m sure the feeling it would have bestowed would have been legendary. I was falling over a precipice, and that precipice was a huge orgasm.

“AHHHH!!!!” I screamed. I noticed some others were now around us enjoying the show. I didn’t worry about them for a second. I let their longing eyes enhance my own pleasure.

I crouched there motionless for a moment, then slowly backed off Luc’s face. When I saw it, his face was absolutely covered in my juices and cum. He had a huge smile on his face. I straddled him fully naked. I looked down and realized that he hadn’t removed a stitch of clothing. I felt a little bad and wanted to reciprocate.

“I think it’s about time I repaid the favor,” I offered.

“Actually, my set break is almost over. I have to get back to the booth.”

Disappointment tumbled through my brain. I wanted to feel his cock. I hadn’t even rubbed it through his pants. God, what a tease I was. Taking everything for myself and then not paying any of it back.

I stood up beside the lounge and let him get up. The waiter appeared with a warm, damp towel, and Luc wiped his face clean; he even gave me a cool glass of water. So refreshing! Luc stood all the way up and took me in his arms. He gave me a long, deep kiss. My dress was still bunched around my waist. His hands moved all around my body. I finally used my hands to knead over his dick. He was so hard! And his dick felt so wonderfully perfect in my hand, even though there was a thin piece of cotton between us. A perfect size. It was big, but not one of those freak things. Perfect.

Luc turned around still holding my hand and led me to the door. As we approached the door a well-dressed couple in the their mid-30s came up to us. “Luc, good to see you down here for a change. And with such fine company.” Luc nodded and looked longingly in my eyes. I felt both the couple’s eyes scanning up and down my naked body. I did nothing to cover myself. I figured that I had just put everything on display so there was nothing they hadn’t already seen. Not to mention the hundreds of up-skirt views you could get just by tilting your head up.

The man’s lady companion piped in, “Those are beautiful shoes. Are those.?.”

“…Christian Louboutin. I picked them up at his Paris boutique last spring,” I calmly and confidently added.

“They’re fabulous, and they make your gorgeous legs look even lovelier. Honey, I think I know your next gift for me.”

“I’m sorry I got you in trouble,” I directed at the man.

“That’s quite alright Jamie, she’s worth it. Plus, I’ll insist she wear them exactly as you are now.”

They walked away and Luc and I continued toward the door. At this point, I figured I had to fix my dress. This room seemed like it was fairly private, so I didn’t want to cause too much fuss as I walked out. I pulled the skirt down and retied the straps around my neck. I thought for a moment about the bra and thong I’d left behind. Fuck ‘em. I wanted to be easy access for Luc. As we got to the door leading back to the staircase, Luc turned kissed me again. “This night isn’t over yet.”



Claire stormed away from the club’s entrance mad as fire. The bouncer flatly turned her down when she got to the front door. Even though she had her ID and cover charge, he gave her one up and down and told her to move along somewhere else. “The gall,” she thought. After several attempts to convince him that she her friend was inside, he told her he didn’t care. He’d get fired if he let me in dressed like that. “No jeans,” was the rule he kept repeating.

Claire took out her cell phone and tried to call Jamie on the inside. “She won’t get that,” the bouncer informed her. “Cell phones for some reason don’t work inside. I’ve never seen one that gets a single bar of service in there.”

“Then let me in real quick so I can let her know I’m out here.”

“No can do. Would you please step aside?”

Claire clicked “Send” on her phone and tried Jamie just in case. Straight to voicemail. “Hey Jamie, it’s Claire. You just got in the club and they denied me—assholes—could you come outside if you get this? The bouncer said you may not have signal. I’m going to wait another ten minutes or so. If I’m gone, can you just get a cab home? Or call me, I’ll pick you up.”

Claire stood by the entrance for about fifteen minutes. After that amount of time, she figured that Jamie didn’t see Claire get turned away and had gone to go get the drinks. With how long the line was out here, Claire figured Jamie might have to wait a while to get drinks. It could be ages before Jamie figured out what was going on.

Resigned to that fact, Claire told the bouncer that she was leaving. “If some girl comes out and asks for Claire, tell her I went home.”


Claire abruptly turned and walked away. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. There was a long line of people who saw the whole confrontation who couldn’t control their snickers. Claire got to her car, opened the door, and slammed it shut. “Ah! Why can’t anything on this trip go right?”

Claire sped home on the verge of tears. She kept checking her phone to see if Jamie had checked in. Nothing.

Claire rolled up the condo and was looking forward to just going to sleep. This day needed to end for her. Tomorrow, they could go to the beach and then they’d have their girls’ night out on the town. She wouldn’t get turned down then!


Claire swung open the door and immediately knew something was amiss. The closet next the bathroom was open and a lot of its contents were spilled out on the floor in front of it. The kitchen table was covered in empty beer cans and a frozen pizza box. “Some dinner,” Claire thought.

As Claire got farther inside the condo, she began hearing the moans and cries that could only mean sex. “Damn, I wonder which one of them got loose and is hooking up with her guy?” Claire peeked in the bedroom and was completely astonished at the sight inside.

The whole bedroom was in disarray. All of the sheets had been stripped from the bed and cast off onto the floor. All the lights were on, but one of the lamps had fallen off the bedside table. There was a plastic tarp covering the bed. And there, right on top of the bed, both Emily and Rachel were fucking their guys. Both of them!

That wasn’t all. All four of them were butt as naked and covered in some kind of oil. They were all writhing in it and smothering it on each other’s tits, dicks, and wherever else it would go. Claire saw one of the guys turn over the last of a bottle of olive oil on Emily’s chest. She was riding his cock and furiously rubbing her tits. She let it run off onto the guy’s chest and rubbed it on him. The oil was everywhere. The tarp was keeping it off the mattress, but it had otherwise splashed on the walls and dripped onto the floor. It was surreal.

And they were screaming. Everyone was calling each other sluts and telling them to give it to them harder and faster. After watching for about thirty seconds, Claire saw the girls switch partners. “Oh my god, they’re all crazy,” Claire thought as she stood in utter disbelief. Before tonight, she had just seen Jamie that one time act like a complete slut. Now this. It was a Roman-style orgy. There were no boundaries, no partners, and no semblance of decency.

Claire’s tears welled up and she started sobbing. The events of tonight and the previous days just overwhelmed her. “How could they do this?” She moved over to the pull out sofa, lay down, and continued bawling. She curled up in a little ball, and tried to put her hands over her ears, but she couldn’t push tight enough to keep the noises from reaching her mind.

“Ahhhh, rub my clit!”

“Yea Emily, eat her box.”

“Rachel, get her in a 69!”

“Fuck me harder!”

After an hour, Claire couldn’t even differentiate who was saying what. It didn’t matter, they were all equally guilty of some monstrous act. Why would these girls do this? They had never acted this way before. Or had they? Did Claire know any of her friends? She had to get out of here. But where would she go at this time of night?

As she chewed on that thought, Emily and one of the guys came out to the living room, dripping oil. Emily’s blank eyes looked up and saw Claire, but there was no recognition. She was frenzied and focusing on the boy—still rubbing her hands up and down his skin.

“Excuse us,” the boy said as he grabbed something on the table that was right in front of Claire. It was a plastic baggy. He toweled off his dick so it was relatively clean from the oil. Then he took a spoon and scooped out some white powder and put it right along the length of his dick.

Emily got down on both her knees in front of him and proceeded to snort the whole line of coke off the guys throbbing hard on. Emily never broke eye contact with Claire.

“Rachel,” the guy yelled, “come get yours before we run out.”

Rachel scampered out of the bedroom shimmering in the glow of her oil-covered skin.

“Oh shit, Claire.” Then Rachel started giggling. “You weren’t s-s-supposed to be home yet. We’re fucked up. You want to join us?” Rachel had the same blank eyes as Emily. God knows how drunk and high they were.

Then Rachel got down on her knees and took a line off the guy’s dick. “Their blow is so amazing. You won’t ever want to stop fucking!” She finished it off by taking the whole length of his cock in her mouth to clean it off.

“No, I think I’ll pass,” was all Claire could muster.

“Suit yourself.”

The strange guy grabbed both Emily and Rachel’s asses and led them back to the bedroom. A few seconds later the moaning and cries resumed.

Claire laid down and prayed for sleep to come. She was too stunned to move.



Luc and I climbed back up to his DJ roost that hovered above the crowd. This view was so diametrically opposite from the one we’d just had. Whereas a few seconds ago we were looking up at all these people, now we were looking down on them from above. It was such a cool perspective, because we could pick out some of the couples we had seen hooking up from below. It was fascinating. “Look, there’s the fucking couple.” Damn, you couldn’t even tell! Skills.

Luc flipped his controls and laptop back to life and eased himself back to controlling the music. The crowd didn’t even notice. Then Luc got on the PA, and with the assistance of a voice distorter asked the crowd, “Everyone ready to get wwwiiilllddd?!!”

There was a huge surge in the music and the crowd at that moment. Everyone, including Luc, was bouncing up and down. The lights had shifted so that the DJ booth was illuminated and everyone below could see what was going on up here. I started dancing. I had to. I couldn’t be the one person not rocking out.

“Let me introduce to you our lovely club dancers, The Nymphomitons!”

On cue, four scantily clad girls walked out on gangplanks that were on either side of the dance floor. Each had a spotlight attached to them as they moved. They were all gorgeous. They had mini bikini tops on with booty shorts that could hardly be classified as shorts. They were shaking everything they had, and they looked awesome.

Ah. I was getting heated all over up again. I had an amazing euphoric feeling washing completely over me. I was sweating a little more than I normally did. Then I realized the pill I had taken earlier. This must be what happens. I just had an irresistible urge to dance, and touch, and BE touched! I got behind Luc as he was controlling the music and started grinding behind him the way guys normally do to me. I had my hands all over his chest, cock, and ass. I was trying to be careful to not bump into his hands so he had an unobstructed path to the music controls. A couple of times, though, I bumped him. He was being great about it, so I decided to let his arms be. How did I do that? I got down on my knees in front of him.

With an incredible urgency I zipped his fly down. I don’t know if he could have protested, because his hands were spinning those simulated records, clicking his mouse, and changing mix levels. Without any protest, I reached into his pants, over his boxers, and unfurled his cock to the sultry club air. Ah, finally! I let it sit there a moment—breathing like a fine wine—before I started going up and down against its hard cock with my fingertips. Then I switched to the my palms, working him up and down. The excruciatingly sensual excitement was electric. I registered every never cell that fired telling my brain something wonderful was happening to my body. I put my face even closer and lightly brushed his cock against the soft cheeks of my face. I knew he was getting turned on, because I felt the moisture of his precum oozing onto my face. Heaven.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened my mouth and took his entire cock in my mouth. I had to really open up to get him all in, but even the feeling of my lips straining to get around him was emitting an intensely gratifying feeling. I made sure his entire shaft was slicked up by my mouth and started mixing up my technique: Sucking up and down with mouth; a little hand play; the ever popular balls in the mouth. I did it all. I went at it for a song or two and realized that he was getting close. I wanted the taste of his warm cum in my mouth. It would give me another one of my senses the chance to overload my brain with delight.

Then Luc backed away. “Babe, you’re amazing,” he said as he longingly looked down at me with his cock still springing out of his pants. “You want to try something else? I saw you shaking that thang back here. You want to dance for the crowd?”

Uh, he wanted to put me on display. That was so hot. All the alcohol, along with that little pill, had me feeling that I had to keep the stimuli flowing through my body. I stood up and nodded my head for him to lead me forward—into what I have no idea.

Luc had on a headset and screamed, “People! We’re having a tryout for a new dancer! Give her some noise!” All the other girls moved down the planks and came right for me. I was in the front and center of the whole club. People were looking up at me; I could tell. I couldn’t really see them, because the spotlights and alternate lighting were practically blinding me.

Luc had apparently gone back to the DJ board, because a new, very powerful beat pumped through the speakers. It was a very intense piece of house techno. The shockwaves of the woofer were coursing through my body, and I started to dance in its wake. By then, the other four dancers were on either side of me. They were allowing me to control the pace and gyration of the dance, but they complemented it really well. These girls knew how to shake it. Then I turned to one side, presented my ass to one of the girls and my front to the other. The girl behind me grabbed me and started grinding up and down my ass the way a guy does, but it was with the tenderness of a woman. The girl in front of me somehow interlocked our legs and we were gyrating in an extremely erotic groove.

There were hands flying everywhere, but gracefully. I thought I was doing a pretty damn good job of holding my own against these girls who did this for a living! Then I saw a lot of the back and side lights turn down and the spotlight max out its brightness. Just then, the girl in front of my locked onto my lips and wrapped her arms around me. The dancer behind me started feverishly continued to thrust forward as if she was fucking me. Ah, it was so sexy. I’d made out with a few girls a few times just for a laugh, but this girl was serious. She was making out with me like she wanted to fuck. And I was too!

The crowd was going absolutely nuts. Of course, some of them were concentrated on their own groove, but the vast majority of people had their eyes glued to the scene happening above them. I spread my legs a little further open to let the girl in front of me get her leg further inside. When I did that, there was a loud, male cry of approval. Fuck! I bet they can see right up my short skirt. I am twenty feet above them. They’d have the perfect view.

Uh, I didn’t care, I spread my legs wider. Let them have it. I had seen all them from below. Quid pro quo, bitches.

“I think she’s ready guys,” one of the dancers signaled to the others. Without any request or permission, the two girls I had been really close to spun me to face the crowd. They had their hands working all over my body. On my skin, above my dress, and even snaking underneath every now and then. I felt a loosening of my dress from my neck and chest. They were untying my dress strap! Let them. I wanted it. If they could put more skin of their skin on my skin, then I’m all the better for it.

I realized that all the lights and movement had really heated me up. I wouldn’t say that I was dripping sweat, but I would admit that I was glistening with moisture. Everything about me wanted to be displayed, and everything wanted to be exposed.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” I had heard Luc behind me blast in his voice distorted chant, “we give you HOUSE!!!”

At that instant the girls ripped my dress in half along its vertical center starting at the V neckline. I was completely exposed, utterly naked to the crowd. The only thing I had on were my high, high heels, and I thought that just made it even sexier. The lights bathed me in white hot, unobstructed glory for a few seconds, just long enough to let it register with the crowd. Everyone: girls, guys, and even the rafters seemed to explode. It was like I’d been reborn in front of everyone, and here I was as naked as I was my first birth.

Just as I started to work my hands down the front of my sweaty body, Luc quickly ramped up the music to the hardest house beat I’d ever heard. The lights on us went down and the club went absolutely dark. Every now and then there would be a pulsing light in one corner with the beat, but other than that there was pitch dark. I could only imagine what was happening beneath me. If there had been any people scared to act out on their desires before, they certainly wouldn’t have that trepidation now. I heard moans and cries of ecstasy. And I was jealous!

The other dancers had quickly moved off the planking to go wherever those girls go when they’re not dancing. I stood there on the walkway for a moment unsure of what I wanted to do. Part of me really wanted to go down in the crowd. The thought of hundreds of people brushing against my naked body—and all the perverted license people would take with me—sounded delicious! On the other hand, I really wanted to go back to Luc. He was so sexy. He was so right when he said he was in control of all these people. He had used me to whip them up into a frenzy, and that made him so appealing to me.

I meandered back behind the booth. I had no idea where my dress was. I didn’t care. The whole place had seen the goods by now, what should I be ashamed of?

“You were amazing out there!” Luc said as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Thanks, that wasn’t what I expected, but it was so hot!”

“I’m glad you’re not upset.” Then he got very close to my ear and whispered, “It is such a turn on to find a strong, beautiful woman who will announce to the world that she’s not ashamed to indulge in a little physical pleasure.”

I wrapped myself even tighter around him and kissed him furiously. “This train isn’t stopping now,” I thought. I eased my fingers around the bottom of his shirt and started pulling up. He helped me by sticking his arms straight up in the air. In one flourish his shirt was off and my hands were massaging his chest.

Next, I worked his belt off in one quick pulling motion. I stood there with if for a second and tried to crack it like a bull whip. I didn’t get the snap I dreamed of, but it served its purpose. I tossed the belt aside and unbuttoned the slacks. I didn’t have to unzip him; I’d already done that. So I pulled down his pants and boxers at the same time. He had apparently planned ahead and slipped off his shoes. We were both completely naked now, holding each other as tightly as we could.

His fully engorged cock was flipped up and slithering against my stomach. It felt so good there. I knew that’s what I wanted at that moment.

“Give me some of this dick,” I begged him.

Without a word, he started pushing me backward to the back of the booth. I supposed he was going to pin me against the wall. It was a little hard to stutter step backwards in these heels, but I managed to scoot back with him and maintain a passionate kiss. Then my knees hit something solid—like a block—and it forced me to sit down on it. But this block was pulsating! The vibrations were so strong, rhythmic, and consistent.

“It’s the woofer. It provides all of the bass for the club. It’s pointed down, so it’s not as powerful right here,” Luc explained.

Oh my god. The thing was so strong; it had my pussy tingling in seconds. There’s the old wives’ trick of fucking on the dryer to get that vibration, but this was industrial strength!

“Holy shit Luc, give it to me!”

There had been so much start-and-stop foreplay to this point that he didn’t hesitate. He just drove his cock right into me. I could tell that he didn’t have it in him to try and tease me anymore. I had given him one hell of a blowjob earlier. But it hadn’t been me that left him hanging, it was his request to go back to DJing that cut that off.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and interlocked my ankles to get my grip. He drove harder and harder into me. It was earth shattering. Each thrust was perfectly timed with the beat, but it wasn’t on the beat. He lunged forward on the intense techno’s downbeat. So as he pulled out the bass would fire. It created a situation where every second there was some kind of rippling sensation moving through me. It was a constant, ongoing assault of pleasure. Let this never end!

The pummeling continued for a song or two. He never let up. He changed his technique as his preprogrammed music changed. And he anticipated all of it. He was conducting the music for everyone else and conducting this fuck for me. It was truly watching a maestro at work.

“Ah, pinch my nipples!” I screamed.

“Fuck me!”


I kept pleading with him to continue, and he did. He wasn’t a talkative lover, and that was fine by me. He didn’t ever have to say another word to me if he kept up this barrage of pounding. I felt the tingling pressure build up in my body. I knew that I was going to cum soon. And he just kept going, like a metronome. Ah!

“I’m gonna cum, please don’t stop.”

Finally, I let out a high pitch squeal—the kind that an opera singer makes at the height of the crescendo and breaks a wine glass next to her. The muscles in my pussy were contracting and loosening. It was like my body was shutting down, because it didn’t know how to handle what was going on. It was glorious.

Luc just kept pounding. I thought my orgasm would ebb, but somehow he sustained it. After about forty-five seconds, I was getting light headed. Could someone go into shock from pleasure? I knew it happened with pain, in accident victims. Right when I thought I was about to lose it, Luc drove one last lunge right to the core of my cunt. I knew he was cumming. I could feel the twitching, and I could feel the bubbling moisture coming around his cock and down my legs.

He tried to get up, but I kept my legs wrapped around him. I gave him the most passionate kiss I’d ever given anyone. I wanted it to serve as a thank you he’d never forget. Finally, he worked his way out of me, turned around, and made some changes to the music.

For a moment I just sat there with my legs spread open wide. I hadn’t moved. I didn’t think my muscles would respond if I asked them to. I was so exhausted that I turned over and laid my chest down on the woofer. The vibrations started to give my nipples a little loving, and it was a nice feeling. My head was hanging over one side of the speaker, and my legs were over the other. It was so comfortable.


After a few songs though, I had regained most of my strength. I couldn’t just lay here for the rest of the night. But I didn’t want to move. The vibrations were started to really get my nipples excited. And the corner of the woofer was wedged right in my pussy. It was like I was straddling a two-ton vibrator. Out of some depths, I knew that my night wasn’t over.

As I looked around, I saw our waiter come and ask if there was anything he could get for me. This guy was no waiter; he was some kind of personal manservant. No minimum wage bonehead cared this much about the job.

“You know, I think I will need something.”

I reached my hand up and grabbed him by the belt. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock.

“Interested in a tip?” Then I took his whole cock in my mouth. I don’t know why I did it. I just wanted to. Somehow, I knew Luc wouldn’t mind at all. He had shared me for the pleasure of others all night. Wasn’t I just continuing that?

I remained plastered against the speaker while I worked his dick up and down with my tongue and lips. He didn’t even have to touch me to get me turned on. The speaker was doing that.

From behind, I felt another cock poking around down near my pussy. I popped the waiter’s cock out of my mouth and turned around. It was Luc. He was standing there hard as a rock sliding his dick against the folds of my lips. Mmm, that felt nice, but I didn’t want to move my legs. My clit was perfectly pinned against the corner of the speaker, and it was perfectly placed to send continuous shocks right through me. I didn’t want to lift myself up to let him enter from behind. Oh well, I guess that leaves us only one option.

“I don’t want to move my clit off this thing, just fuck my ass!”

“What?” Luc said.

“Fuck. My. Ass.”

As I said it, Luc had held out his radio headset. I have no idea why. I didn’t think about it for long, because I turned back to finish what I’d started with the waiter. I gobbled him down for a few seconds, and then I heard it over the speakers.

It started as a new song, with a female voice singing in the background. Then, I heard my own voice. “Fuck. My. Ass.” It was perfectly mixed in the song. Ah, that rat! He’d recorded me demanding to get ass fucked and mixed it into the song. Sexy! He returned a moment later with some kind of lube and started working it around my little opening. He was very tender, and after a few finger pokes he had the opening stretched enough to begin working his cock in.

Wow, this was a first for me. I now was being tag teamed. Emily had been asking Ryan and Andy to do it to her, but I never thought I’d do it. One waiter’s cock in my mouth: check. One DJ’s cock in my ass: check. This was some fucking club!

As Luc started working his cock inch by inch into my ass, I really concentrated on the dick in my mouth. I knew after a while, the pleasure of the ass fucking would take over and I’d lose all focus. I had to get this guy off quickly. So I really started working his balls with my hands and his head with my tongue. I’d dive down hard on his cock and let it slam through the back of my throat. I gargle it for a few moments until I needed to get a breath, then back out. It didn’t take long. Soon enough, he pulled his cock out and started furiously jerking himself off. After seven seconds, I saw the first of six rounds of jizz coming hosing at my face. He actually got it mostly in my hair. That was a little disappointing, because I wanted it in my mouth. I wanted that salty taste. It’s the little things.

Jess’s flesh tingled. The breeze caught the back of her knees as a reminder of how much bare flesh she was choosing to expose today. She flexed her warm toes in her suede boots, enjoying the feel of Kane’s bold, hot cock inching it’s way further towards the warmth between her legs. Around them, at the public event, people were watching the beautiful sailing boats competing on the water.

In the half an hour or so since the first spectators had arrived. a small crowd was now gathered. Jess and Kane had chosen a vantage point close to the sandstone ridge and protected from the water by railing. It was the cold, painted metal of the handrail that Jess gripped now. She tried not to wriggle, shuffle or cry out in anticipation. Jess feigned avid interest in the water sport, leaning forward as the wind picked up and the tension increased. It would be a few hours yet before it would be clear who the winner might be.

Behind her, Kane pushed into her. His cock head stretching her soft, wet walls until he was sliding home gently and deeply. Jess shuddered. He stopped, buried balls deep with his thickness inside her. Jess held her breath, deliciously, provocatively impaled. Their love play was apparently unnoticed.

Thankfully, Kane’s grey greatcoat hid their activities and they were aided by Jess’s choice of a tight, short skirt with her windbreaker. Her pussy was now reaping the benefits of a surge of morning creativity. In anticipation of her date, Jess had shaved and at the last minute, taken off her knickers. It was windy, though not blowing a gale and the sensation of nature on her intimate flesh made her frisky, flushed and keen for cock. After some coy rubbing and kissing, at the start of the day, Jess had whispered her request and it was the one he was carrying out now.

Kane was different to Jess’s normal taste in fuck-puppets but so far, their new acquaintance was progressing. Certainly today, his smart, casual, upper-middle-class attire was serving them well. Kane moved between her legs, he held her hips firmly and rocked on his heels. The action was slight but it filled Jess’s imagination with carnal longing. She wanted more. Kane lent in, kissing the back of her ear. She bit her lip.

“Shall we go somewhere else?”

Impaled on his pleasure-pole, publicly, Jess was in a world of exquisite sensation. She struggled to respond.

“I want you to fuck me.” Came her soft reply.

Kane’s brown eyes lit with a responding carnal fire. He turned her towards him and slid his warm, spicy tongue into her mouth, licking the salt from her lips, left there by the wind. His cock twitched, still inside her but not buried as deep as before. Jess ached for more length.

“AhhhA” She said softly into his mouth.

Almost inaudibly, Kane growled. He let her go, making a show of buttoning his coat, adjusting his scarf and waiting for her.

They wove their way through the crowd of sailing enthusiasts and headed up the dunes toward the club house. Once they reached the building Kane pulled her to him. He ran his warm hands up the inside of her windbreaker, pawing at her plump breasts through her ti-shirt and her bra. Jess felt her nipples harden, both from the cold and from his brazen touch.

“You’re so hot.”

He planted a heated kiss on her neck. Jess slipped a cold hand inside his jacket, pleased to find his hard dick still protruding from his trousers.

“I want this.”

She licked her lips. A dark lust shone in Kane’s eyes and Jess reveled in the power she held over him. Her slender hand encompassed his cock. She began slowly to stroke him. After a moment, she withdrew and raised her palm to her mouth, coating it in saliva. She took hold of him once more and Kane closed his eyes.

“Your Land rover?” Jess suggested shakily.

Kane’s eyes snapped open.

“God no.”

He kissed her mouth and moved her hand aside, replacing his cock with some difficulty within the confines of his pants. Kane tore them from their secluded alcove, her hand firmly tucked in his.

Just before a kiosk filled with yet more people, they came upon a door. Kane tried the handle, it opened and Kane tugged her into the building. They legged it up a flight of stairs like teenagers, locking the door behind them. Jess caught her breath. They found themselves in a large, carpeted room with sweeping views of the coastline.

Jess hoped the glass was tinted and she hesitated but only momentarily before striding to the middle of the room and beginning to undress. For a few moments Kane didn’t notice her. He gaped, facing the sea, preoccupied with the view. When he turned back to the room’s interior once more, Jess once was completely nude, her clothes piled mischievously at her feet.

Kane’s gaze swept over her exposed body. Her creamy skin looked surreal in the ambient light from the window. Her full figure so much like a sculptor’s dream. Under his scrutiny, moisture pooled at the cleft of her thighs and her dark pink nipples budded. Jess steadied herself, calming her racing heart as she waited to see what her lover might do.

He took off his jacket.

Kane walked around her as though she were in an art exhibition, admiring her form and lazily sweeping his appreciative gaze from her ankles to the roots of her hair. Already flushed from her brief taste of cock, Jess pressed her breasts together. She licked two fingers and a thumb and stroked her own nipple. In the same action she pressed her thighs together, enjoying the swollen feel of her sex and her pussy, ripened with juice. She flicked her long, chestnut hair and dove two bold fingers into her snatch. Kane took off his shirt, unbuttoning the practical cotton of his business shirt to reveal a muscular chest and a fine spray of dark chest hair. Jess motioned she wanted to close the distance between them but he shook his head.

“Not yet.” He said softly. “I’m enjoying the show.”

Jess’s practiced fingers drew her juices deliciously towards her clitoris, coating the sensitive nub. The clubroom faded as she stroked and brought herself closer to orgasm.


She opened her eyes, pleased to note how Kane’s cock strained at the fabric of his trousers. She strode barefoot over to the nearby wall and braced one hand against it. The other, she used to continue stimulating her sensitive center. She cast a glance over her shoulder. Kane had taken his cock out, proud and rock hard. He painted a picture of the ultimate voyeur.

“Rock out with your cock out.” She said softly, her eyes dancing. Their eyes locked and Kane’s lips gave way to a wry grin.

“Please, please fuck me.” Her tone was husky.

His grin faded, and a familiar fire flashed in his eyes. Kane strode towards her. Jess lifted her hips and leaned forward in a deliciously provocative offer. His gaze zeroed in on his prize. Jess reacted quickly. Before he could reach her, she stepped away from the wall, meeting him and pulling his willing face down to hers in a feverish kiss.

When she broke away they were breathing hard. Kane registered bewilderment and he ran a hand through this dark, already disheveled locks. Jess happily wrapped her hand around his cock and sank to her knees. She very gently licked him all over, taking so long she began to feel his shaking hands as they applied pressure to the back of her head, encouraging her to do more. She knew he wanted her to take more of him into her mouth and relieve the exquisite, escalating pressure.

Finally, Jess slid most of his warm shaft into her mouth. She slurped and released, bobbed once again and this time deep-throated him.

“OH GOD!” Kane bit out and in another situation, Jess might have smiled in triumph.

Greedily, she licked his balls with the flat of her tongue and pressed his cock back into her hot mouth. Jess kept one hand on his shaft, the other on his buttocks, willing him to cry out again. His impressive toy was so hard Jess began to wonder just how much more teasing he could take. She stopped and stood up, kissing him on the lips, continuing to slide a cheeky hand up and down his taut, velvet flesh.

Kane eagerly turned his attentions to her ripe breasts, cupping them lovingly as he ran his tongue around the sensitive flesh. Jess shut her eyes, nearly losing her footing. Kane popped her nipple into his mouth. Her pussy responded by growing ever lusher, keening to be filled. Jess couldn’t help herself. She slid her hand between her legs.

“I love you’re creamy skin.” He said, naked now, except for his socks.

“Do you like my hips?”


“And this?”

She sought his hand, forming it into a small spade with two fingers jutting forward. Jess placed his warm, bent hand on her peach, willing him to thrust his digits into her. She was all but delirious with need, her only thought to burst the growing, aching, unbearable pressure. His slid two fingers inside and she shifted her pelvis towards his touch.


“You like that?”

He thrust in again. Jess couldn’t speak.

“How would you like me to fuck you?” His voice was low.

The woman before him was more ready than he had ever seen her. Her cheeks were flushed and her delectable lips were swollen. Lust cast a shadow in her eyes, allowing a glimpse of the aching need that coursed through her prone body. He kissed her soundly, stroking her inner softness as he positioned her at the wall. Kane removed his fingers and thrust his eager cock into her, bending one of her legs at the knee.

Amazed that a man’s entry could feel so good, Jess said nothing. She panted. He clenched his buttocks, released and for a second time, stroked inside his lover.

“OooooOhhh” The world spun. Everything felt delicious, fat and full.

“Shhhh.” Kane bit out, very close to her ear.

He kissed her mouth forcefully, his hot tongue twining with hers as his cock thrust into her depths again and again. Jess held her mouth open, eager for caresses but unable to focus her thoughts properly. Daylight disappeared momentarily. All that remained was the sound of her own breathing, his panting gasps and the feeling of his wonderful cock, stretching her.

Their kisses grew messy and wet. The flesh of Kane’s abdomen contacted her clitoris from time to time, eliciting fireworks. At last, Jess’s pussy quivered and quaked as she came. Feeling her release, Kane slowed his pace. He eased himself from her and turned her. Jess’s palms connected with the wall. Kane shifted, gradually feeding his large cock into her once more, this time stretching her anus and filling her arse with deliciously, dirty intent. Jess felt her sex tingle. Memories of their brief outdoor encounter fueled her response.

“Oh. YES.” She hissed.

His massive slug began to slide in and out of her, gradually increasing in pace. Soon, Jess was pushing back as he drove forward. She licked her fingers and reached down to stroke her clit as he continued. Kane slapped her rump. She jumped, clenching from the pain, impaled on his cock. It was the final straw for Kane’s tenuous control and he unloaded a generous dollop of spunk into her back passage, sending her once more over the edge.

Gradually euphoria subsided and Kane withdrew, turning his pliant lover so they faced one another. A light sheen of sweat covered them both. Jess collapsed against his solid frame; sweaty, sticky, spent.

“Oh, that was good.” She mumbled into his shoulder.

“You’re so hot.”

Kane kissed the top of her head through her hair.

“We should get out of here.”

“I just need a minute.”

He let her go and Jess sank to the floor. Jess ran a hand through her hair, pulling her aching limbs into sitting position as Kane ferreted for his clothes. Leaning back on her hands, exhausted, Jess grinned. She looked delectable, her skin flushed from exertion and her pert breasts pointing skyward. Kane smiled too.

All in all, Jess considered it wasn’t a bad day at the races.

“C’mon let’s go and find out who’s winning.”

I walked into a familiar ABS and headed for one the video booths in the back. Over twenty booths were available.

I found an unoccupied booth in the center and went in. All the booths had large gloryholes at crotch height, so I was not concerned about which booth I chose.

The booth was dark and if not for the light from the video screen, I wouldn’t have been able to see anything. I sat down in a chair, put half my tokens in, and let the first movie run. It was an oral sex fest. I pulled my shorts down and started to stroke my cock.

It was not long before I heard noises from the gloryhole on my right side. I leaned over and glanced into the hole. To my surprise, I saw a blonde female with a cock in her mouth. She immediately saw me and motioned for me to stick my cock thru the hole as she sucked on the one in her mouth. What a greedy girl I thought, before I immediately obliged.

The blonde reached out with her hand, I thought she was going to grab my cock, but her hand went under my smooth balls and up the crack of my ass! Her fingers found my anus in a split second and began pushing into it.

Even though her fingers were as dry as the desert sand, I was too stunned to move. Her attempted penetration did not feel very good.

Eventually, I attempted to step forward to elude her fingers, but when I did – my cock went right into her open mouth. As I paused to appreciate her warm mouth engulfing my semi-erect cock, the determined blonde wormed her index finger past my tight sphincter right into my ass.

The dry, forced penetration caused a burning sensation. Again, I attempted to disengage her finger. I shifted my weight to my left side and rose up. This movement only encouraged her to press her finger in deeper, until it was fully embedded in my ass!

I groaned in response to my discomfort and about the fact she had me hooked. I groaned some more when she pulled me forward, even further into her mouth with her finger – the one that was in my ass.

Even though my anus was contracting over and over on her finger, I began to relax when she started circling the head of my cock with her tongue. I relaxed even more when she ran her tongue and lips down the length of my cock while taking my heavy balls in her free hand and oh-so-gently massaging them.

When the blonde knew for sure that, I wasn’t leaving anytime soon, she began sliding her finger around in my ass. I had done this to numerous girls while sucking their clit, but having a woman’s finger deep in my ass and finger fucking it was a first for me.

Then the proverbial light bulb went on. I had been searching for their g-spot. She was searching for my prostate!

When the blonde found it, her cock sucking bordered on the electric. I showed my appreciation by groaning loudly.

Being stimulated like this, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. My flexing and rocking legs confirmed that I was going to shoot my wad – if I wanted to or not.

The blonde noticed that I was on the verge of cumming because she abruptly stopped sliding her mouth back and forth on my cock and withdrew her hands. I quickly looked through the gloryhole, hoping she was not leaving. I smiled when I saw her motion for me to come around.

As I approached her booth, I saw that her booth door was wide open. When I got to the door, I saw that she was bent over. Her fuck me skirt had been pulled up and was resting on her lower back. Her naked, white ass almost glowed in the semi-darkness. A man was standing behind her. I saw her reach around and slowly guide the man’s erect cock toward her pussy.

I watched his cockhead push open her outer pussy lips and enter her. She gasped as he pressed just about half his cock length into her. He drew back out to pull out the cunt juice he needed to lubricate his entry, and then he slowly sank into her to the hilt.

With a cock in her pussy, the blonde took on another cock. I saw another man place his cock in her mouth.

After a couple minutes, the two men switched positions. The second man started to fuck her slowly at first and then went faster. He came quickly. The other man switched positions, again.

He had her sit down and then squatted between her legs. He lifted her dress to access her pussy.

I turned away for a second and instantly noticed a young Mexican male standing by me. He was stroking his noticeably large cock inside his shorts as he, too, watched the live sex scene.

Without a word, I dropped to my knees and gently rubbed his big cock thru his shorts. I could feel it throbbing. Since he did not resist me, I decided to slide his shorts down his legs. When I did, his eager, young, brown cock sprang out into my face. It was thick and fully erect.

I opened my mouth and he fed me his large cock, sliding it slowly between my wet lips. When his cock was fully coated with my saliva, I started to suck him. The young Mexican alternated his gaze between watching his fat cock slid in and out of mouth and the blonde getting fucked.

At some point, I wiggled my finger into his ass and held it there, following the motion of his body with my hand. His reaction to having a finger shoved up his ass in the middle of a blowjob was no different from my own, when my wife did the same to me. His arousal peaked and he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth.

As he quickly approached a huge orgasm, his pace became more frantic and the strokes deeper. I could feel his cock swell and his sphincter clamp down hard on my finger. Then he suddenly stopped fucking my mouth, shoved his cock deep into my throat, and held it there.

I immediately switched gears from sucking to letting my throat fuck his cock. I collapsed my throat walls around his cock, trying to pull his sperm load out.

A split second later, my reward came. When I felt his cockhead expand and twitch, I folded back my tongue so that I could capture all his semen in my mouth.

I could feel the pulsations of his orgasm on my finger in his ass as his warm semen exploded into my mouth. He must not have cum in awhile, because I swallowed at least three mouth loads of his frothy cum.

Right after the young Mexican came, a male gently pulled me to my feet and led me to a chair by the blonde. She had her legs on top of a man’s shoulders and was in seventh heaven – moaning, moving her ass side to side, and raising her hips as he sucked her erect clit.

I kneeled on the chair, pushing my bare, smooth ass outward. The man caressed my ass cheeks and rubbed my anus with his hard cock. (I had stepped out my shorts while blowing the young Mexican.)

After a couple of minutes, the man inserted lubed fingers into my ass and began to finger fuck me. The blonde and I watched each other, until her man stood up and began to fist his cock.

Strangely, the man who had been finger fucking me went over to the blonde and offered her his hard cock. When she grabbed it, he gently stood her up, bent her over, and pushed his cock into her slick pussy. Still kneeling with my ass cheeks naturally spread, I watched them fuck.

After only a few minutes inside the blonde’s pussy, the man pulled out, moved back behind me, and pushed the head of his cock into my rectum. Without thinking, I pushed my smooth ass back toward him. His cock being slippery with pussy juice easily pushed in further.

When I felt his pubic hair touching my smooth cheeks, I realized he had his whole, thick, black cock up my small, white ass. I had goose bumps running up and down my arms and legs as my anus spasmed around his wide shaft.

Neither of us moved for a few moments, until he squeezed my ass cheeks and calmly began pulling and pushing the full length of his rigid cock in and out of me. The blonde watched me brace myself because the flange of his cockhead was really stretching the inner walls of my rectum.

The young Mexican who had already cum in my mouth wanted more and placed his limp cock in front of my face. I opened my mouth and began to bring him back to life. With a cock up my ass and another in my mouth, I felt ecstatic.

At some point, I lost myself in the sensation of being fucked at both ends because I must have slacked off my cock sucking. The young Mexican man had gone from letting me occasionally suck his cock to fucking my mouth. I was thankful that he was being considerate of me and only fucking my mouth with short strokes, so I wouldn’t gag or choke with a cock up my ass.

Without warning, the man fucking my ass began cumming. As soon as I felt his cock swell in my ass, he began rapidly slamming his hips into my cheeks. Seconds later, his balls began emptying. I felt his warm sperm flow into my loosened rectum.

The young Mexican pulled his cock out of mouth, and came around behind me when the other man disengaged. My sperm lubed, gaping anus did not even have a chance to close up because the walls of my rectum were immediately engulfed by another big, meaty cock.

Even though the young Mexican had just cum less than thirty minutes ago, he did not last very long inside my greased ass. In no time, I also felt his warm sperm fill my ass up.

While I was being pounded, another black man fisting his large cock walked up to the blonde woman. The blonde reached out for his swollen cock and without much ado was on her knees eagerly slurping his big, black cock. Her mouth worked over time, spit shining it. She sure knew how to suck a man’s cock.

The black man eventually bent the blonde over, hoisted his leg onto a chair, and inch by inch, pushed his large cock into her pussy. The blonde assisted him. Her slender little fingers spread her pussy, to make the entry easier.

Soon, his healthy set of balls began swinging rhythmically as he repeatedly pumped her pussy. He fucked her like this for quite awhile. From the look on her face, she was certainly enjoying her pussy being reamed.

After the last man came in my ass, I remained kneeling on the chair, waiting for the next hard cock to fill it. My hungry ass wanted more cock.

By now I had been fucked so many times that it was easy for my loosened anus to open as I reached around to spread my cheeks apart. I looked behind me. Several men, who had been watching our little orgy, were eagerly waiting to get relief for their hard cocks and aching balls. My freshly fucked ass guaranteed immediate access and relief. A couple of men took advantage of the opportunity.

While the blonde and black man fucked, at least two more men came in my ass. The last man just stuck the head of his cock in my ass and jacked his shaft ’til he came. Right after he pulled his cock head out, my bowels involuntarily opened and a large amount of sperm farted out. Luckily, he was no longer standing directly behind me.

Just before black man was about to cum in the blonde, he pulled out of her well-fucked pussy. His big, black, erect cock glistened from their combined juices.

He turned the blonde around so that she could kneel in front of him. Then he beckoned for me join her as he stroked.

Our tongues flicked up and down his purple, mushroom shaped cockhead. We savored the taste his pre-cum and her pussy juice. When our lips occasionally met at the head, the blonde didn’t display any shock or surprise seeing me enjoying another man’s cock in my mouth.

We took turns. I sucked on his cockhead while the blonde would suck on one his large balls.

When the black man could no longer fight the desire to cum, he whimpered something and pumped his cock in my mouth and then hers before cumming in her mouth. She swallowed his entire sperm load.

When the black man pulled out of her mouth, I carefully licked his big, throbbing cockhead. I made sure to capture any remaining cum that oozed out.

When the black man left we stood up. I began stroking my hard cock. When the blonde reached for it, I told her to kneel on the chair. She mounted it and bent forward.

I immediately mounted her. As I slowly worked my hard cock in and out her hot pussy, I proudly watched her fondle her breasts and nipples. That is when I decided how I was going to cum.

I pulled out of her pussy and told her I wanted to fuck and cum on “those titties.” Without a word, she pulled her t-shirt up, reached round, and undid her bra clasp. As the two lacy cups fell limply down, she hand cupped each of her firm, full breasts, and began rolling her erect nipples between her fingers and thumbs as I fisted my cock.

When I began to sigh, I slide my cock between her breasts. The blonde instinctively knew what to do. She squeezed her breasts together around my slickened cock and slowly fucked it.

Right before I came, I stepped back, stroked my cock, and pointed it at her left breast. My sperm poured out in an arc onto her breast. I stopped it and then did the same to her right breast.

Whenever I saw her after that, over the next couple of years, and no matter who she was with, it was a given that she would bare her breasts for me at the end of her evening. In addition, when I came on them, she would lick my sperm off her titties, regardless of who was watching.

In time, I became known to the ladies as a big cummer. I had many experiences like this with different women, as well. I will always remember the blonde, though.

Growing up in the Southwest, where land is cheap and roads abound, you need a car. Some missteps out of high school that delayed my entry into college had left me with a rather poor cash-flow situation. For other kids I knew, as 18 wore on into 19, 19 into 20, the compact but late-model Honda was part of the territory, probably financed in part through parental generosity or judicious allocation of student loan funds. Me, it was all I could do to get a first car that was as old as I was: an old 4-cylinder BMW 2002 sedan.

For those reading this who may be unfamiliar with this long defunct model, don’t let the number fool you: 2002 was the model number, not the year. (I don’t even know the exact year of the car but it was in the 70s.) And don’t let the make fool you either—BMW would eventually come to be best known in the United States for its sport and luxury models, but this squat, boxy, vaguely Eastern-bloc looking sedan was (or had been when brand new) no more than a German grocery-getter.

When I finally took possession of it, seeming destined to be its last owner, this rusty, dented, tired looking old nag of car had the dubious virtue of being, in the words of Mike, a co-worker at the gas station where I worked, a “hipster Eurotrashmobile”—strangely admired by a certain skinny-jeans-and-bowling-shirt set, who perhaps enjoyed the irony of a status-symbol label on such a piece of crap. (Honestly I’m not sure what they saw in it. I would much rather have had a later model that had a warranty and started reliably.)

So I had a love-hate relationship with the car. It was hard to start cold, smoked like a train, stalled out at idle, and had sticky vinyl seats that were sagging and distended, with springs and foam and horsehair protruding errantly through various tears and gashes in the upholstery. Almost nothing on the instrument panel worked—AC, heat, cigarette lighter, dome light, radio. And yet I couldn’t help but enjoy the persistent compliments from strangers, sometimes averaging one a week, even if they were mostly from hipsters whose aesthetic sensibility generally bewildered me. It wasn’t just a car; it was a conversation piece.

“The dyke from next door likes your car,” Mike told me one day after I came back in from changing the price signs. The “dyke” he was referring to was a tall, heavyset, tomboyish blonde named Sam who worked at the oil change shop whose lot adjoined ours. She was dour, apparently humorless, and would grace our shop at least once a day with her grease-spattered coveralls and whatever hair she had up tucked into her ball cap, to buy Marlboro Lights and fountain Dr. Pepper. She was not unfriendly—not rude the way many customers can be. In fact, I always thought there was something good natured and trustworthy in her deliberate southern drawl, her steady, confident, no-nonsense gaze. She just wasn’t one for chit-chat, that was all; not one who recognized any value in the social lubricant of please and thank-you, greeting and leave-taking. She would come in, place her order, pay, and leave. That was that.

And she was, very probably, a lesbian, or so I thought. But I privately disliked Mike’s insistence on referring to her as “the dyke.” She may not have been the most pleasant person, but she wasn’t exactly unpleasant either; she had never given me any reason to disparage her behind her back. In a business like ours where so many people are rude, it seemed wrong somehow to trash-talk one of the better customers, even if she would never find out.

But there was more to my private mental defense of her than that. What I could never admit to Mike: I actually found her quite attractive.

She was fat, which I don’t mean pejoratively—just descriptively. I’ve always liked bigger women. She had a belly and love handles and big boobs and a great big round behind. But even so, fatness was not her most salient feature; the impression she gave was of someone strong and sturdy, a tall, square, durable frame hung with capable muscles. Her womanly traits were dampened by her boxy coveralls, her strong, businesslike carriage, and the fact that she never wore makeup. But her womanly traits were there nonetheless, available in plain view to the observant and the imaginative. You could tell she had the boobs even if she wasn’t doing anything to help you notice them, and the fact that she looked as good as she did without makeup, with her deep blue eyes and smooth pink-freckled cheeks, should have been a clue as to how nicely she would clean up.

It was so unusual to think of Sam actually chatting with one of the cashiers that I wasn’t even sure I believed Mike at first. “When did she say this?” I asked, probably betraying a note of challenge in my voice.

“Just came in a minute ago when you were out changing the pump sings. Said ‘who’s car?’, and I told her it was yours and she said ‘nice car’, and that was it.”

“Really?” I asked, and looked futilely across the lot to the lube shop as though I could gain some information by studying the open garage bay doors.

“Yep. Dyke digs your car bro’.”

I know. I really should have protested, should not have been tacitly complicit in his disrespect. But on some level I was part of the same stupid conspiracy he was furthering, to deny what I liked, to consent—if only by my silence—to the ridiculous truism that a 5’11″, 180 pound Amazon woman with boobs and biceps can’t be gorgeous, as Sam so obviously was. Or that a big strong woman who worked on cars had to be a lesbian (which, alas, seemed a slightly safer generalization).

I was intrigued, though; my curiosity was piqued. “So,” I thought to myself with a smile, “the dyke likes my car.”

* * *

I was scheduled to open the following Sunday. Sunday-open is both the best and worst shift to work at a suburban convenience store. What makes it the worst the fact that it’s, well, Sunday morning; opening up at six means waking up in the five o’clock hour on a day when the rest of the world is sleeping off a hangover. But, paradoxically, this is precisely what was nice about actual workload of the shift itself. Weekday-open you’re always slammed, and everyone’s irritable and in a hurry to get to work, and you have to juggle the endless line at the register with the near-constant need to brew fresh coffee. Sundays it was not unusual to have the first coffee-and-newspaper customers saunter in at a leisurely pace, happy and well-rested, well into the nine o’clock hour. Once I made it all the way to ten—literally half-way through my shift(!)—before seeing my very first customer of the day. Unlike weekdays and afternoons, they only schedule one cashier for Sunday open, and there’s a certain peace in the solitude.

The sun was still low in the east, the sky its morning pink-orange-blue, and, sitting on my stool and sipping my coffee, I looked up from my newspaper to gaze out the window and take in the serene view. The spell was broken by the tinny clatter of the bell-string tied to the door to announce the entry of a customer. I spun around in my stool and there, in fresh blue coveralls with embroidered patches—an ovular one over the breast pocket that ringed a cursive “Sam,” another high on the sleeve advertising “ASE” certification, whatever that meant—was “the dyke” herself, padding over to the soda fountain to fill a quart-sized plastic cup with Dr. Pepper. “Morning,” I hailed, not expecting and not receiving a reply. I plucked a pack of cigarettes down from the overhead rack and set them on the counter.

She came up to the register. I looked at my watch. “You’re here early. Thought you guys didn’t open up until ten on Sunday.”

“I’ve got inventory today before my crew gets in. Marlboro Lights soft-pack.” The pack was already on the counter so I slid it forward to draw her attention to it, and to the fact that I had helpfully anticipated her order. If she was impressed by this example of great customer service she did nothing to so indicate.

I watched as her clean strong hands retrieved bills from her Harley-Davidson chain wallet and noted how spotlessly clean her closely cropped fingernails were, which they never were at night. An image flashed into my mind of her with pumice and brush, scrubbing assiduously until every trace of grime was dispatched, knowing full well she would repeat the ritual the next day, and every day after that. She had meticulous streak in her, I decided. Suddenly, I had an urge to make small talk, to try to keep her in the store if only for a moment longer.

“It’s beautiful eh?” I tried, gesturing with a cock of my head to the east-facing window behind me.

“What?” she asked, looking up from her wallet, as though annoyed by the interruption.

“Rosy-fingered dawn,” I said wistfully.

Her eyes narrowed and a deep furrow cut into her brow and, with a surprising note of hostility she snapped: “What?! What are you talking about?”

I was so surprised by her apparent anger that I had no idea what to say. After a few glottal stops I managed: “Just trying to make conversation.”

“Well look, I don’t know who the fuck this Rosie and Dawn are or why you think it’s okay to tell me this—”

“N-n-n-no!” I interrupted hastily, palms forward, “it’s-it’s-it’s Homeric epithet! From the Odyssey. You know, mythology? Eos the dawn has rosy—rose-colored—fingers like, like, like the uh, you know, like those pink streaks of clouds,” I pointed out the window.

She studied me with arched eyebrow, the skeptical air of someone trying to determine whether she’s being had, and eventually broke my gaze to look out the window behind me. She looked at the sky for a moment, her face betraying no particular appreciation of the view, and then her eyes brightened noticeably as they lit on something in the nearer distance. She looked at my name tag and then at me and said, with as cheerful a tone as I had ever heard from her: “You’re Bart!”

I was puzzled by the sudden change in tone. “Yeah,” I confirmed warily.

“I had you confused with another dude in here works nights. That’s your car,” she pointed.

“Oh. Yeah. Yes it is.”

“That is a great car, sir.”

I was still a bit back on my heels, reeling from her rapid change of mood, which is probably why I flubbed my first and probably only opportunity to find common ground with this woman. Perhaps all that was needed was for me to agree with her enthusiastically, and we might have proceeded to have a pleasant conversation. But instead, unthinkingly, I damned my car with faint praise, saying, “yeah, it’s okay I guess.”

Immediately her face fell, any trace of brightness or felicity extinguished. “It’s a great car,” she affirmed, with the tone of someone who doesn’t suffer philistinism well.

“Yeah, no, I didn’t, I mean—uh” I hastened to save it, blurting out: “I’ve always liked BBWs.”

Now her brow sank again into an expression of withering disdain. Then I heard it too, the Freudian slip, and clumsily tried to fix it: “BM!” I nearly shouted, and then, miserably, realized that that too demanded correction—I couldn’t seem to open my mouth without digging a deeper hole. “W!” I added. Finally: “BMW! Was… what I meant to say. Instead of, you know…. Look, can we start this whole conversation over? Like maybe you could go out and come back in.” I flashed what must have seemed a simpering grin.

“How much oil are you losing?”

“God, it’s ridiculous—like a quart every time I get gas, feels like. Is that typical for those cars?”


“Well, then, how did you—”

“Because you’re getting blue-black smoke. I saw you pulling out onto the road the other day.”

“Is that bad?”

“You think it’s good? Means rings eventually. But in the mean time at least you can try heavier viscosities, maybe an additive. When’s the last time you had the oil changed?”

I averted my eyes and, in a conspicuous poker tell, looked anxiously at the floor before saying: “Um, it was—”

“Don’t lie ’cause I’ll know. Soon as I get a look at that dipstick I’m gonna know.”

Absurdly, all I could think to say to this was: “I’m sorry.” To this day I’m not sure if I was apologizing for thinking of bullshitting her or for not being a better custodian of my car.

“Sir, a high-mileage vehicle like that—the oil is the single most important thing.”

“Guess I figured as often as I was adding quarts the oil was kind of—” I shrugged and let out a nervous chuckle “—changing itself.”

At this she let out a heavy, exasperated sigh. “Listen, sir—”

“Wh-why don’t you call me Bart?” (Honestly, what was this “Sir” business anyway? She had to be at least five years older than I was. And she was talking to me like I was an oil-change customer—but she was in my store, I wasn’t in hers.)

“Bart. Why don’t bring her in and let me get under that hood. You can pull her round right now if you want. We’re starting a special on oil and lube tomorrow but I’ll give you the discount today.”

“Well, that’s awfully kind of you to offer but, didn’t you say you had inventory?”

“I can work around my crew this afternoon if I have to. I consider this like a medical emergency.”

* * *

It was not even eight o’clock when she phoned the store to summon me to her work bay, where I stood feeling a bit like a kid at the principal’s office. She had the hood propped and the dipstick lay out on an improbably clean looking shop towel. “I just figured I’d leave this out for you, let you see it.” She presented the stick for my inspection. “See how black that is. Now touch it.” I hesitated. “Go on. Wipes right off. Just see how watery it is.”

I touched it. “Pretty watery,” I agreed.

“That’s what you’re doing when you just add instead of changing. Viscosity breaks down over time. You end up with a crankcase full of black water and sludge. She wiped the stick, slid it into its housing, and retrieved it once more. The stick was now coated (to within a millimeter of the correct quart mark) with a transparent yellowish oil. “That’s how it’s supposed to look, sir.”



But my dressing down continued as, point by point, she walked me through all of the evidence of neglected basic maintenance: Sooty spark plugs; underinflated tires; corroded battery terminal posts. If my car had been a dog she would have called the SPCA.

Oddly, as all this was taking place, I didn’t feel nearly as miserable as one might expect. In fact, it was actually turning me on. Maybe it was just because I’d been attracted to her all along, and so welcomed the opportunity to follow the sway over her big blue-clad hips as she circled back and forth around my car to point out the various evidences of neglect. Or maybe it was deeper than that—that I felt somehow cared for through all this attention to my car, as though I had finally broken a thick layer of ice with this mysterious “dyke next door,” even if her attitude was like that of a drill sergeant inspecting a particularly sloppy platoon. Or maybe I was discovering a submissive streak in me that I didn’t even know I had—maybe I actually liked the drill-sergeant treatment a little.

Whatever it was, it was getting worse and worse: The longer she talked the less I could seem to concentrate on what she was saying, and the more brazen I became in my attempts to steal glances at her, here at her wide hips and big butt as she bent into the engine compartment on the leeward side of the car, there as she betrayed a rare glimpse of cleavage when she bent over windward. As the lecture wore on I started to get an aching boner. It was mercifully soft, as boners go—not the kind to press noticeably against my pants. But even at half-strength it was throbbing ravenously and siphoning off all my attention.

To make matters worse, she was so stern and serious that I found myself strangely tempted to make inappropriate jokes at about every other sentence she uttered. I managed to restrain myself (for a while), but the urge was uncanny. I was like the kids in that old cartoon show, Beavis and Butt-head, hearing sexual innuendo in every little thing she said: “…getting some blow-by here…”; “…need to get that good and lubed up so it slides right in…”; “…getting some pulsation on the rear-end…”; “…and it slides in and out over and over at very high speeds…” It was dizzying. I could barely contain myself. Everything she said sounded like it had a double meaning!

“One more thing,” she said, with a welcome note of finality. “On these terminal posts, after you do the baking soda thing we talked about…” she walked over to a work bench where there sat—I hadn’t noticed it before—and institutional-use, gallon-sized jar of Vaseline. I felt my pulse quicken a little at the sight of that jar here, in this setting, incongruously placed amidst all the various parts and tools. I may have even blushed. The reason is a little embarrassing.

I grew up in a religious (you might say fundamentalist) household, where I spent much of my pubescence shamefully convinced that I was among a tiny, insignificant percentage of the human population that was actually depraved enough to masturbate. My weapon of choice had been the family’s community stock of Vaseline, tucked away under the sink in my parents’ bathroom, and I was probably kidding myself in hoping no one in the family noticed its frequent, too-rapid depletion, nor even just the oily smell of it on me. I have long-since discontinued the use of Vaseline for this purpose, but I still get a giddy little twinge when I see a jar of it—afraid to look at it lest someone decode my facial expression and instantly know my history with it.

Accordingly, as she popped the lid off the giant jar (the old familiar smell wafted up to my nostrils and—talk about conditioned response!—I felt my stiffening cock actually jump in my pants), I quickly averted my eyes. She scooped out a thick handful of the yellow-gray goop and walked over to the far side where the battery sat; I stood motionless, feet fixed to the floor.

“If you’ll just smear a little like so, it will protect against corrosion.” Finally I gathered the courage to look up and, directly in front of me, across the expanse of engine, there was the single best cleavage view I’d ever gotten of Sam. Ordinarily she kept the coveralls zipped pretty high up on her chest and wore a crewneck t-shirt beneath. Today, perhaps owing to the fact that it was Sunday, she had some type of tank-shirt on underneath the uniform and, at the same time, the zipper was unzipped nearly to the bottom of her bosom.

My eye moved back and forth from where her strong hand was spreading translucent goo onto my freshly cleaned battery, up to her enormous freckled boobs that were now jiggling in time with the mildly circular motion of her hand. I couldn’t help but juxtapose the two images in my mind, a sort of gestalt, as I imagined her spreading lubricant on my shaft and then enveloping me between those large tits until I erupted in orgasm onto her chin, neck and sternum. I was staring now in a mute trance and I’m pretty sure my mouth hung slightly agape.

Then she froze. I looked up, about two-beats too late, and found myself looking directly into her now-narrowed eyes. Busted. “Getting all this?” she asked, with a note of angry sarcasm.

At this worst of all possible moments, as though from some kind of neurological misfire, I did perhaps the worst thing I could have done. I did not apologize; I did not try to play it off or protest my innocence. What did I do? I finally succumbed to the idiotic urge to make a double-entendre and, before I could even think what I was doing, blurted out (smarmily): “Now that’s what I call a lube job.”

She immediately stood up and zipped her coveralls up to her neck. “I’ll go get your invoice,” she said huffily, and started to walk away.

“No! Wait! Sam!” I cried, “I’m sorry—please!”

“I’ll get your invoice.”

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