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I love my wife very much. I would do anything for her (short of permanently hurting or killing someone but everything else is fair game). My wife loves to make me do things that put me outside of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to sex and sexually provocative situations.

One day we were driving north on I75 through central KY on our way home from visiting some family. It was a very nice day in early summer and my wife had me drive nude as she loves to do as often as she can. She loves seeing me try to hide myself when we go past vehicles that sit higher than ours and the other drivers can see me naked. This was back when we had an F150 so it was usually the big trucks that I was worried about (now we have a crossover that sits lower so it’s even more embarrassing). She would always tell me to slow down, or speed up, so the big rig would be along side of us for a while in the hope that the driver would look over. When they did she would make sure to point to me and let them know I am naked. It’s certainly a bit exciting but very humiliating when they see me. But I love my wife.

As we were driving just north of Lexington my wife spotted a couple of bikers on the side of the road on the south-bound side. They were pretty good-sized black guys and were riding nice highway cruiser-type bikes. My wife said “they might need help. Turn around and let’s go see if they need anything.” Being the good samaritan that I am (and because my wife told me to), I said, “ok, I’ll turn around at the next interchange”, which was about a mile up the road.

As we pulled off and turned left to go get on the south-bound side I told my wife I was going to pull over and put some clothes on. She said, “no, I want you to stay naked and see what the bikers have to say about a old naked white guy driving down the freeway.” My wife loves to put me in compromising situations, especially out in public, so I knew I was not going to be able to talk her out of it.

So we headed southbound and about a mile and a half later came to where the bikers where parked on the shoulder of the freeway. I pulled up about 50 feet or so behind them and put the truck in park. My wife opened the passenger door and stood just outside of the truck and yelled up, “do you guys need any help?” They both walked up to the truck on the passenger side to talk with us. My level of humiliation skyrocketed as they got closer.

They started talking with my wife as they got closer and told her they had just called a friend to come with a trailer to pick them up. When they got to the passenger door they both looked in and saw that I was sitting there, naked as a jaybird and did a double-take. The bigger of the two said, “are you two having fun driving down the freeway with your man naked?” My wife said, “yes, we are. He’s my husband and does what I tell him. Unfortunately for him I like to embarrass and humiliate him.”

The bigger of the two said to my wife, “well, our friend is about 30 minutes away. How about you have your man suck our cocks while we’re waiting?” I looked at my wife and saw that shit-eating grin she gets when I’m going to be on the receiving end of some kind of sex so I knew I wasn’t going to get out this. She said, “sure, he’d love to, wouldn’t you honey?” I just looked at her, then the two bikers, then back to her and nodded sheepishly.

The F150 was a Super Cab and has these back doors that open like the old suicide doors so my wife told me to crawl out the passenger side of the truck. Then she opened the back passenger door which then blocked the view at the passenger seat from the vehicles coming down the freeway. The bigger guy sat in the passenger seat and pulled his cock out for me to suck. It was freakin’ huge! It was at least 8 inches long and 6 inches around and it was soft! He reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me down to his lap and told me to suck him nice and hard.

The other guy pulled his cock out and started stroking it to get it hard while I was sucking his buddy off. The guy whose cock was in my mouth said to his friend, “why don’t you fuck him in the ass and stretch him for me. I think I want some white man pussy while I’m at it.” I started to pull up off his cock to protest but he just held my head down and told me to keep sucking, “like the little cocksucker you know you are.” He started saying things like, “you like sucking big black dick, don’t you?”, and all I could do was mumble “yes” with his cock in my mouth.

While I was struggling with his cock growing in my mouth I felt his buddy step up behind me and heard him spit on his cock. Then he pushed the head of his dick against my asshole and told me to “open up that pussy for me you little fuck.” His cock wasn’t as big around as the one in my mouth but it was big enough and was hurting as he pushed it past my sphincter muscle. Once he got past that I started to relax and felt him fill my ass with his cock.

So, there I was, naked, on the side of south-bound I75 in central KY between the doors of my truck with a big black cock in my mouth and another one in my ass. My wife was taking video of the whole thing and was telling the bikers to “fuck his mouth good. Fill his ass with your hot cum. Fuck him like the little cum bucket he is (her pet name for me).” My wife love to take pictures and video of me when I’m in these situations and then play them when we’re at home. She won’t admit but I think she’s sharing them with our friends to humiliate me. It makes for some embarrassing visits, me wondering which of our friends have seen me sucking cocks and getting fucked in the ass.

After a bit the guy in my mouth was getting pretty hard and I couldn’t keep the whole thing in. So I took as much of his cock in my mouth that I could and started jacking him off while sucking on the head of his dick. The guy in my ass started moving faster and faster in and out of my ass and I knew has was getting ready to empty his load. I guess I was doing a good job sucking the first guy because he pulled my head off his cock and told me he wanted to cum in my ass, not my mouth. Just then the guy in my ass tensed up and I felt him squirt his hot load into my ass. It was a nice warm feeling that immediately lubed my ass up and made it easier for him to slide in and out.

Which was good because the first guy pushed me back to get out of the truck and said “my turn you little cocksucker.” He pushed me face down into the seat and put his big hard cock right against my asshole and pushed it in without any regard to whether it was going to be easy on me or not. Fortunately some of the guy’s cum in my ass was leaking out and lubed up my asshole, making it easier for him to slide in. But he was freakin’ huge! Even though the first guy in my ass had lubed me up and stretched me, this guy’s cock was so big it felt like the first time I’d ever been fucked in the ass! It hurt and I was yelling for him to stop. He just kept my head pushed down into the seat and started pounding his cock in and out of my ass. I knew I was going to have to relax my asshole if I was going to survive so I focused on how good his cock felt sliding in and out and relaxed my sphincter muscle. After a few moments it was getting easier and I just laid there, on the side of I75 in central KY, getting my ass pounded by a black biker with the biggest cock I’ve ever had. And of course my wife was videoing the whole thing.

Shortly I felt the biker start to tense up as his thrusts got faster and deeper. Soon I felt that rush of hot cum filling my bowels as he grabbed me by my hips and drove his cock as deep as he could into my ass. He was thrusting and grunting for what seemed like 2-3 minutes as he emptied his load into me. When he was done he pulled out and stepped back. I was exhausted and just lay there on the seat catching my breath, thinking about what had just happened. We were really lucky the state patrol didn’t pull over while all of this was going on.

The two bikers put their cocks back in their pants, zipped up and walked back toward their bikes just as their buddy was pulling over with the trailer. I started looking for something to wipe the cum off my ass but my wife said, “no, I want you to drive home with their cum all over you. When we get home you can clean the truck and then clean yourself up.”

So, I crawled into the drivers seat, my ass covered in cum and, after my wife got back in the truck, drove home, naked with black biker cum leaking out of my ass and all over the driver’s seat. Good thing they were leather seats so they would be easier to clean. And there was a lot of cum to clean up.

Again, my wife won’t admit it but I just know she’s shown that video to our friends. After all, that was the biggest cock I’ve ever taken so I’m sure she is proud of me. At least I hope she is. It’s so humiliating and embarrassing. But I love my wife.

Val could feel the bass thump in her bones as she stood cheering in the crowd. It was a local band, but well-known and it was standing room only. She was pressed up against the chain link fence, moving with the tempo, wiggling her body in time with the music.

The crowd was pressed in around her, total strangers rubbing shoulder to shoulder as the band played every song in its repertoire. The smell of sweat and the proximity to others bodies had Val turned on. She had always wanted to be fucked in a crowd, in complete view of everyone. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to live out a fantasy.

She glanced at her boyfriend beside her. He was busy trying to light a joint, fighting to get enough room to get the flame to his mouth. Val frowned. She didn’t like the fact that he smoked weed. She was allergic and had asked him to stop. He didn’t even refuse. He just ignored.

Vale was horny and wanted action. She reached over and grabbed his hand as it went up again, and held it to her crotch. She was wearing a miniskirt, and she slid it up so he could feel her panties, already damp with her excitement. He pulled his hand back absently and went back to lighting his joint.

Val huffed and tried to move away, angry, but she felt resistance as she did. As she tried to push back, she felt the unmistakable bulge of someone’s clad cock rubbing against her ass. Her breath caught in her throat. Someone was pressing against her, purposefully moving his bulge between her cheeks through the fabric of the miniskirt. She pressed backwards again, this time rubbing the cock teasingly with her ass. Whoever was behind her grabbed her hips and ground against her.

The band began to play the Stones’ “Brown Sugar” and the crowd went wild. It was a local favorite. Everybody’s eyes were on the stage. Val felt a finger slide her panties aside and slip into her hot pussy. She rocked against it, clenching her walls around the finger. Another finger slipped into her, thrusting in deeper. She relished in the feeling, still rubbing her ass against the bulging cock behind her.

She could feel the sudden urgency in the hand that held her, and felt as he pressed backwards against the crowd to unzip his fly. A moment later, she felt the head of his cock push into her ass. She met his push and his long cock slid all the way in.

Val looked at her boyfriend as she rocked against her mysterious lover. He was busy shouting at the band, already stoned. He didn’t notice his girlfriend being fucked by a complete stranger right beside him. Val bit her lip as man behind her continued to fuck her ass, his finger playing with her clit.

She made it good for him. Every time he slid in she relaxed, letting his long cock bury itself as deep in her as he could get it. When he would start to slide out, she would clench, milking his cock with her tight ass. She moved her ass around, giving him different angles in which to penetrate her. His finger was soaked as he slid it back into her pussy.

The band played louder and the crowd kept pushing in. Someone knocked her mysterious lover in the back, and he thrust in as deep as he could possibly go, the head of his cock twitching deeper in her than she had ever felt. He ground his hips against her ass, and she squeezed him again as hard as she could.

She felt him begin to shake and as the song wound down, his hot cum spurted up into her hold. The feeling was exquisite and with him fingering her clit, she came with him. She bucked against him, squeezing her ass to get every last drop of cum from him.

He held her to him for a moment longer, and the quietly withdrew. He slid her panties back in place, and patted her ass. She never looked back. She would never know who her mysterious lover was.

Later, at home, her boyfriend was ready to make love. As he slid into her ass, he commented on how juicy she was.

“I really enjoyed the concert,” she said.

“Oh, yeah? Let’s go see them next month.”

The thought of another mysterious fuck sent her over the edge. She came without her boyfriend ever knowing why.


By the time we’d walked halfway to the lake, Linda (who’s put her bikini top back on) and the guys stopped talking and froze, looking at me as if I were a gunfighter striding ominously into a Dodge City saloon. I realized I could ruin everybody’s vacation with a single word, but I had no desire to do that.

As I reached our blanket, Terry began to say something. I put my finger to his mouth to stop him and then backed away a bit and untied my bikini top. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Linda was removing hers as well now, and Kathy was pulling off her t-shirt.

I kissed Terry on the mouth, then pushed him down and lay next to him, kissing him again, my tongue inside his mouth. I rubbed my sensitive nipples against his chest hair, and felt his cock straining against his bathing suit.

I could hear Kathy and Linda moan, and Carl grunting softly, and knew our friends were making out as well.

Terry reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling my wet pussy into his hard cock. I could feel him grinding against my pussy lips.

If my bikini bottom hadn’t been lined, everybody would be able to see how I was soaking it with my juices.

I wished Terry would reach inside my bikini bottoms and grab my bare ass, but I knew he’d be afraid to do that after my reaction earlier. I’d have welcomed it right now, though. I wanted his hands on my skin, and his fingers working their way down and touching my hot pussy. Let everybody hear me cum: at the rate they were all moaning and groaning, they wouldn’t be very far behind.

Linda and Larry were the first to jump to their feet. “We’ll see you guys later,” Larry said as they began walking quickly back to the house. Linda hadn’t taken the time to put her bikini top back on, so I guess they weren’t even thinking about whether the B&B hosts would see her. For that matter, Larry’s erection must have been quite a sight as well.

Terry was dry-humping me pretty seriously right now. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of his bathing suit and began easing it down, wondering how low he’d let it go before he stopped me. I wouldn’t have minded feeling his hard, naked cock pressing against my bikini bottom.

I was just beginning to feel his coarse pubic hair rubbing against my lower belly when he said, “Let’s get back to our room.”

We started to get up, then noticed that Carl and Kathy were gone: they must have returned to the building without saying anything.

So we were alone here.

I pushed Terry down onto his back, and pulled his bathing suit off with a single jerk. His cock was standing straight up like a flagpole.

I pushed my bikini bottoms down my legs and kicked them off, then straddled Terry until the head of his cock was rubbing between my pussy lips. I thought about teasing us both for another few seconds, but we’d both just gone through ten minutes of the most intense foreplay.

I pushed my body down hard, driving Terry’s cock deep into my pussy. We were naked outside, in the warm sun, by a beautiful lake, fucking. I don’t think I’d ever been more aroused.

I began thrusting my body down against Terry’s, as fast as I could and as hard as I could. It felt as if he was going deeper inside me with each stroke. If his cock weren’t so hard, I’d probably be hurting him.

I heard myself grunting as well as groaning. It was loud, and I knew the sound was probably carrying, but I didn’t care. I wouldn’t care if our friends came back, if our parents showed up and began watching us, if the Pope were standing right next to us.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck,” I kept saying.

I’m pretty sure I screamed when I came, and I know I felt dizzy for a moment, but I never stopped fucking Terry as hard as I could. Finally Terry began to cum — I don’t know how he lasted as long as he had — and he seemed to just cum and cum and cum some more. I slowed my fucking motions, because I didn’t want to hurt him as his cock softened.

But when he finished cumming, he was still hard.

He took a few seconds to catch his breath, then said “Get on all fours.”

I moved myself into the doggy position, feeling naked and exposed, my bare ass and pussy in view of anybody who might be coming over from the house, Terry’s cum dripping out of my pussy, my small tits hanging down. I loved it.

Terry moved behind me and slowly, very slowly, eased his hard cock into my pussy, a pussy slick with both my juices and his cum. He fucked me gently for 15 minutes, and I had several small orgasms — I’d already had my big, screaming orgasm for the afternoon — and after Terry came, we kissed, then got dressed and went back to the house.


We took the bus into town the following morning. Kathy and I headed to a small clothing store we’d seen last time She wanted to buy herself a bikini: she wanted a two-piece in case we had another topless-bathing session, and she didn’t want to have to borrow Linda’s bikini bottoms again. Linda was off to a quilting store a few blocks away. The guys wanted to check out a handmade furniture store (Larry was into woodworking) and a fishing supply store.

I was in the market for some cute summer clothing. The last couple of days had made me feel sexier than I had for a while, and I wanted some new clothing to show it off better. I was wearing a flirty sundress today, the same one I’d worn that time when Terry had had his way with me in the movie theatre, and I was looking for more of the same.

I didn’t get a chance to try anything on, though, because every few minutes Kathy was calling me into her dressing room to check out another bikini. She didn’t like how any of the tops fit her — few bikini tops were made for her bustline — and finally I convinced her that since she’d probably only wearing the bikini on occasions when she’d be removing the top, it really didn’t matter all that much. She decided on a suit with a top that fit better than the one she’d borrowed from Linda, but which still covered only the front of her breasts, leaving a lot of the tops, bottoms and sides exposed. The bottom covered her ass and pussy decently enough but it was very high-cut, with little more than a string’s-worth of material around her hips. She could wear this as a two-piece without being cited for indecent exposure, but she’d certainly attract a lot of attention.

She paid for the suit, and then left for the quilting store.

Back in my own dressing room, I pulled off my sundress and put on a pair of cotton shorts I’d picked out. I wasn’t sure about them: they were comfortable, but they might have been a bit too short for a woman my age. I looked at myself in the mirror, naked except for a pair of short-shorts, my socks and my sneakers: not as eye-catching as Kathy, perhaps, but not at all bad for a woman less than two years from her thirtieth birthday.

I heard the door to the shop open. “May I help you, sir?”

“I’m looking for my wife,” I heard Carl tell her.

“Carl,” I called out, “can you come in here for a minute? I want your opinion on something.”

There was a hesitation, then “Go ahead,” the shop girl said.

Carl opened the dressing room door just enough to slip in, then closed it behind himself. Then he noticed me and backed away a bit. “Um… you don’t have a shirt on.”

“Carl,” I said, “you’ve seen me topless yesterday and the day before. I think it’s okay for you to see my tiny titties at this point.”

“I guess so,” he said.

Of course, it was a bit more awkward here just the two of us, enclosed in a small room, but I wasn’t going to let it bother me.

“So what do you think?”

“They’re very nice,” he said, but he seemed to be glancing at my tits. The nipples were getting hard and sensitive. They knew I was standing half-naked in a changing room with a man who wans’t my husband.

“What’s very nice?”

“The shorts,” he said quickly. “They look good on you.”

“Not too small?” I asked, referring to both the breasts and the shorts.

“They’re perfect,” he said.

“Thanks,” I told him, then pushed them down my legs and threw them onto the bench. I knew I was pushing things — but after all, he’d seen me wearing nothing but my bikini bottoms yesterday, and my panties covered a lot more skin than they did.

I pulled on a short skirt, which turned out to be shorter on me than I’d thought. “I don’t know…” I said.

“Turn around,” he said.

I turned.

“No,” he said, “not unless you’re okay with… uh… your panties showing every time you move.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I guess I’m too old for miniskirts anyway.”

I started to pull them off, and stumbled. Carl grabbed at me, caught me at my upper chest just to the sides of my breasts, then almost dropped me as he let go of me as if he’d burned his hands and tried grabbing me again at the waist.

“Sorry,” we both said at once.

I got the skirt off without further incident and said “One more,” changing into the sundress I’d picked out. It had very narrow straps, and was a little shorter than the one I’d been wearing, with a bit of a v-neck that would have shown some cleavage if I’d had any to show. I spun around in front of Carl, and he gave me a thumbs up.

I was just starting to take it off when I heard the salesgirl say “Ma’am, if you’ll send your husband out, I have the other item you asked about. I found it in your size in the back.”

My husband? Well of course, why wouldn’t she think Carl was my husband, after he came in here looking for his wife and ended up in my dressing room?

Carl opened the door slightly, grabbed the bikini she’d found, then closed the door again. As I stood there in my panties, we both looked at the bikini: it was one thing for Carl to watch me changing into the shorts and skirt and sundress, because he’d already seen me wearing this little — but I’d have to get completely naked in front of “my husband” to try on the bikini. No, that wasn’t going to happen.

“I think I’ll wait on the bikini,” I called out to the salesgirl. Damn, and I really liked it. I was tempted, but I also knew it was probably a very bad idea.

I adjusted my sundress and we left the dressing room and I paid for the shorts and the new sundress. I thanked Carl for his help and we were just getting ready to leave the store when Terry walked in and said to the salesgirl, “Hi, I’m looking for my wife,” and then noticed me and said “Oh, there you are.”

The salesgirl looked confused, and I led Terry and Carl quickly out of the store before she could say anything.


We’d all planned to meet back at the lake after lunch; but when Kathy, Carl, Terry and I arrived, Linda and Larry were already there. Larry had his camera out — photography was his hobby, and he had some expensive equipment — and he was shooting portraits of Linda standing topless by the lake. “Hey there,” he said, barely looking at us. “Why don’t you girls keep your tops on, which is a sentence I never thought I’d say, and I’ll get some nice photos of you alone, then some with your guys, and I can e-mail them to you when we all get home?”

“Aw, why do we have to keep our tops on?” Kathy asked.

“So you can share your vacation photos with your parents,” Larry said.

“Have you seen Kathy’s new bikini?” Carl asked. “I don’t think we could show pictures of that to anybody’s parents. Ouch,” he said as Kathy smacked his arm. “That bruise is going to show up in the photo, you know. Everybody’s going to know how mean you are to me.”

I have to admit I felt a bit jealous: I’d planned on wearing a hot new bikini this afternoon too, but of course I couldn’t tell anybody why I’d had to leave it behind.

Larry took dozens of photos in all — thank God digital has replaced film — of Kathy, me, Carl and Kathy, and Terry and me. When we were done, Terry said to Larry “What about some of you and Linda together? I know my way around an SLR.”

“Sure, thanks,” Larry said, as Linda put her top back on.

After Terry had taken a bunch, I took off my top and said to him “Now some of me that we CAN’T send to our parents.”

“Are you sure?” Larry asked. “It wasn’t just the parent thing. I figured you’d feel funny about me having half-naked photos of you. I mean, I’d send you copies and then delete them from my disk, of course…”

“I trust you,” I said. “You’re not planning to post there all over the Internet, are you?”

“Of course not,” Larry said.

“Just kidding. Are you okay with this?” I asked Terry.

“Sure. I’d love to have some dirty pictures of you for my private collection. I think we’re better off with Larry taking them, though: it’s his camera and he knows what he’s doing the best.”

I posed for maybe a dozen photos, from silly, to attempts to be sultry ( I don’t really do “sultry”) to outright sexual — or at least a sexual as I can get when a friend is taking the photos and other friends and my husband are watching.

Larry took a dozen of Kathy, and then said, “I have an idea for a shot: Carl, get in the photo. Kathy, get in front of him, facing him, and give him a hug. This way the camera sees you’re only wearing bikini bottoms, but your breasts aren’t showing at all, so we get sexual but not R-rated.”

He took a few of these, and then had Terry and me copy the pose.

“Any other ideas?” Larry asked. Linda called Kathy and me over and told us what she had in mind. Kathy and I put our tops back on, and Linda took the camera from Larry and said, “Now it’s your turn. Just stand over there.” He stood by the lake, Kathy and me at his sides. “We’re going for the James Bond look, with the two girls in bikinis draped over you.” We each hung onto one of Larry’s arms. “Now Larry,” Linda said, “look suave. You’re 007.”

“I’m Bond,” he said seriously as we pressed our bodies against him. “Larry Bond.”

“Perfect,” Linda said,” snapping a couple of shots.

“Good morning, Miss Moneypenny,” he said as Linda snapped two more shots.

“Last one.” Linda said. “You girls are ready?”

“Ready,” we both said.

“Three… two…” Just as Linda said “two,” Kathy and I each grabbed a side of Larry’s bathing suit and pulled it down to his ankles. “One,” Linda said, taking the shot.

‘Hey,” Larry said.

“Why should only you have souvenir photos?” Linda asked, giggling. She zoomed in on Larry’s erect penis. Kathy and I were getting an eyeful as well (figuratively speaking).

“Linda,” Kathy said, “you might need a much wider lens for this.”

“3D lens, more likely,” I said. Actually, neither Kathy nor I knew anything about camera lenses, but we were amusing ourselves. Also, neither one of us wanted to blurt out what was really on our minds: “Holy shit, that is a huge cock.”

Fortunately, Carl and Terry both thought it was hysterical that their wives had exposed Larry’s cock. We hadn’t thought about it, but they might not have been to happy about our plan.

“I’m sorry dear,” Linda lied, walking over to us and handing me the camera. “Let me help you.” She knelt down, grabbed Larry’s bathing suit and eased it back up his legs. His cock was almost in her face as the bathing suit was almost all the way up, and she gave the tip a quick little kiss before she tucked it into the suit.

“You did not just do that,” Kathy said.

“Did what?” Linda asked.

“You kissed his cock,” I said. “I saw it too.”

“No I didn’t.”

I don’t think she even realized she’d done it. I handed the camera to Terry. “It’s okay, that was totally hot kissing his cock in front of all of us. Give us a replay, then. Let’s see what it is you thought you did. Maybe we’re wrong.”

“Uh… sure,” Linda said, taking Larry’s bathing suit back down to his knees. Clearly he thought he should have a say in all this, but he also knew he’d just had his cock kissed and was willing to have it happen again.

Linda began pulling the bathing suit back up again, as Terry snapped photos. Just before she tucked Larry’s cock inside again, she gave it a kiss; then she froze. “Shit, you’re right, I must have done it without thinking about it.”

“Hold that pose,” Terry said, and Linda brought her mouth back to the tip of Larry’s cock. We could see it beginning to throb.

I could see a glint in Linda’s eye. “Would this make a better photo?” she asked Terry, wrapping her lips around the head of Larry’s cock and giving it a slight suck along with the kiss.

“Yes, definitely,” Larry said.

“Want to see something impressive?” Linda asked Kathy and me.

“Sure,” we both said.

Linda knelt directly in front of Larry and slowly took the entire length of his cock into her mouth.

Terry was filming the entire blowjob.

Yes, it was sexy as all hell, but I wanted him to pay attention to me and give me some attention. I took my top off, then slid my bottoms down my legs and off, very aware that I was the first of us girls to get naked in front of the whole group. Hard to believe a couple of days ago I was afraid to take off my shirt.

I stepped between Terry and the blowjob he was filming, which was the first he noticed I’d taken everything off. Not only wasn’t he angry, but he adjusted the camera’s focus and began photos of me nude and outdoors. Nobody had ever taken photos of my pussy before, and somehow knowing that these photos would be in Larry’s camera made it even hotter.

I turned, letting Terry take some pictures of my ass, and then told him to put the fucking camera down and fuck me. He replaced the lens cap and placed the camera carefully onto Larry and Linda’s blanket, while I laid down on my back on our blanket. He stripped off his bathing suit on his way back to me, and slid his cock into me, no foreplay necessary for either of us.

I had the sudden crazy thought that if I’d known a few hours ago that Carl was going to see seeing me naked, I’d have been able to try on that damn bikini all.

It was hard, noisy sex, and the fact that our friends could hear us made it even hotter. somebody at some point must have picked up the camera again because when Larry showed us the photos, there was a perfect shot of me cumming.

I never got to see Larry’s huge cock shoot its semen down Linda’s throat; when I glanced over at them again, Linda was lying on the blanket, completely naked, her legs spread, Larry’s face buried in her shaven pussy, working his tongue over her clit. It was so hot watching this: I felt as I were being fucked and eaten at the same time.

I’d never cum like this before. My orgasms were coming so close together, it was like one long orgasm that never ended.

Terry was still hard; but we’d had sex so many time over the last couple of days, it was taking too long for him to cum — and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I pushed him off of me. He didn’t understand at first, but then I got on all fours and told him to do something we’d been discussing for months: “Fuck me in the ass,” I told him.

I hoped it worked, since Terry really needed to cum. His cock was dripping with my pussy juices and his precum, though, so I knew he should be able to get inside my virgin asshole.

His cock slid in with no problem. He went slowly. It hurt a little at first but it was also hot, very different from having a cock in my pussy, but sexy in a different way. As it began to stop hurting, I told him to fuck my ass harder. I could feel it: I was going to cum again from Terry’s cock in my ass.

In this position, we could both watch Carl fucking Kathy just a few feet away.

Finally, making a noise that sounded like he was being strangled, Terry came, shooting his cum into my bowels. And feeling this for the first time, I did cum again — differently than before, but still intensely.

He pulled out of me slowly and we both lay back on the blanket, exhausted. Larry and Linda were also done, and Larry was holding the camera, recording Carl and Kathy’s lovemaking for posterity. Then Carl closed his eyes and, sighing, came into Kathy’s pussy.

When it was all over, we all lay on our backs, on our respective to towels, exhausted and feeling more than a little bit awkward. It was difficult to make eye contact with one another with the distraction of all those cocks, breasts and pussies.

Steve opened the door to Crossings and quickly stepped inside. His heart was racing as he pulled off his sunglasses then tucked them into his jacket pocket. As his eyes adjusted to the dimly lit store, he nervously ran his fingers through his graying hair.

Crossings was a small shop in the basement of an old office building in downtown Syracuse that sold lingerie for men and other cross-dressing specialty items. They also carried a wide variety of toys, including one of the largest collections of strap-on toys in the area.

Steve looked around and was happy to see he was the sole shopper. He didn’t even see a sales clerk, which made him even happier. Having a sales clerk hovering over him would’ve made him even more nervous.

As Steve made his way to the ‘toy room,’ he paused to look through some of the lingerie. He was there to get Miss. Chloe a new toy for her birthday but it wouldn’t hurt to do some window shopping while he was there. After all, he would never actually wear any of it.

He lightly fingered a silky pale pink camisole with delicate white lace trim. It was so soft and feminine. Steve blushed when he realized he was starting to be turned on. “It’s only because you’re picturing Miss. Chloe in it,” Steve thought to himself.

Happy with his excuse, he moved onto the stockings and shoes. He never would have believed there were so many different kinds of stockings—regular, fishnet and thigh-highs in a dozen different colors. He loved seeing Miss. Chloe in them but couldn’t imagine wearing them himself.

He moved to the shoes and his size. Steve traced the heels on a pair of five-inch tall stilettos that were his size then put them on the floor. He slipped his sock-covered feet into them and groaned in pain. His calves protested against the muscles being stretched in this new way and he quickly stepped out of them He returned them to the shelf and continued on to the ‘toy room.’

Steve stepped through the curtains that divided the two sections and found himself surrounded by hundreds of cocks of various lengths, thickness, colors and materials. He’d never seen so many in one place before.

“Damn,” he muttered.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” a feminine voice said from behind him. Steve spun around and came face-to-face with a short plus-sized woman with long red hair, brown eyes with gold flecks and huge breasts. She was wearing a tight-fitting black dress with a plunging neckline that showed off most of her breasts.

“Yes, it is,” Steve answered and quickly looked at the ground.

“Welcome to Crossings. My name is Jessica. Are you looking for anything in particular?”

“I’m looking for something special, maybe a one-of-a-kind,” Steve answered keeping his eyes averted. “It is going to be a birthday present.”

“I know just what you’re looking for,” Jessica replied. “I’ll be right back.”

Before Steve could say anything more Jessica was gone. He was relieved not to have to keep averting his eyes but how could she know what he wanted when he’d not even told her what kind of item he was looking for.

While he was waiting, he looked at some of the strap-ons. He’d heard about them but had never seen one in person. Steve was fascinated with how they connected and made it look like the wearer really had a cock of their own.

“Here you go,” Jessica said as she came up behind him again. Steve turned around and his mouth fell open. She had the pink camisole, a pair of matching panties, a pair a breasts forms, and a black wig. He was speechless.

“That’s not what I am looking for,” Steve said when he was able to speak again. “I am looking for a vibrator or dildo.”

“You said you wanted something one-of-a-kind. Now strip so we can see if these lovely things will fit you,” Jessica commanded.

“Excuse me?” Steve replied. He wasn’t sure what sorts of drugs this woman was taking but there was no way he was going to be stripping in front of her in the middle of a store then putting on those girly things.

“The door is locked and we’re alone,” Jessica assured him.

“I am not a cross-dresser,” Steve protested. He had wondered about it but not enough to try it and certainly not enough to do it.

“Listen boy,” Jessica said in a very commanding voice, “I do not have all day. You will strip now or I will be calling your Mistress.”

“Huh? How?” Steve asked. Jessica held up his cell phone.

“Now strip.”

Steve swallowed hard. He would be completely screwed if she called Miss. Chloe. She had him cornered.

“Please Ma’am, I can’t do this,” Steve pleaded.

“Do you think I’ve never seen a boy with an erection?”

Steve blushed. It was true. He was rock hard and his cock was straining against the front of his jeans. The combination of her words and the clothes were overpowering.

“If I have to tell you again I will call her,” Jessica said sternly as she flipped open the phone to access the phonebook.

“Fuck!” he thought. Steve closed his eyes and removed his jacket, letting it fall on the floor next to his feet. He quickly slipped his T-shirt over his head then unfastened and removed his pants, dropping them onto the floor with his jacket. He stood there in front of her with his underwear, socks and shoes still on.


Steve’s face turned a bright red as he removed his shoes and socks then finally his tighty whities. His cock was sticking straight out and dripping precum. He was so embarrassed but he had no choice.

Jessica set everything down on the glass display case and opened up the package with the breast forms in it. She pulled them out then walked around the counter. She rummaged around for a minute then pulled out an electric razor.

“I’m not going to shave your whole chest that will take forever with all that fur, but just enough so that the breasts will stick to your skin. You can finish shaving later,” Jessica said as she turned on the razor and started to remove his chest hair.

It was an odd feeling but not unpleasant. He had been hairy since junior high so it was strange to see his chest bared. When she finished there were two boob-shaped hairless areas on his chest. She used rubbing alcohol to clean the skin then exposed the adhesive and placed them over his nipples. They were heavy and he found himself leaning forward slightly.

“Stand up straight,” Jessica scolded and Steve straightened his back. “Now, put these panties on.”

Steve took the silky panties and carefully stepped into them then pulled them up to his upper thighs. He wasn’t sure how he was supposed to get them over his hard cock. Jessica decided to have some compassion and pressed his cock against his stomach so he could pull the panties up the rest of the way.

Her touch sent shivers through his body and even more precum oozed out of the tip. He was happy the front panel of the panties had a special pocket for replaceable pads to soak up the precum and keep the front of the panties dry.

“Oh, that’s perfect. Your clit is properly tucked out of sight,” Jessica cooed. Steve bristled. He knew he didn’t have a huge cock but it was certainly bigger than a clit. Jessica laughed at his reaction. “Don’t worry boy, when you’re in lacy panties your cock is going to be referred to as a clit—regardless of its size.”

“Oh,” Steve said then blushed at his lack of knowledge. He prided himself as being someone in the know and it was an odd experience to be so out of his element.

“Put this on, being careful not to rip it,” Jessica directed. Steve took the camisole from her and carefully pulled it on over his head. The soft fabric glided over his head and down his body, covering his new breasts and pretty panties.

Steve looked down at himself and saw the cleavage then groaned. He blushed and closed his eyes as he lost control and orgasmed, spilling his cum all over the inside of the panties.

“Oh my,” Jessica said then laughed. “When was that last time that happened?”

“About 25 years ago,” Steve said. He was unable to look at her he was so embarrassed.

“I guess we can forego the wig,” she said then led him to the mirror. “Look at the naughty boy.”

Steve looked at himself in the mirror and blushed again. It was him, but it wasn’t. He cupped the breasts and squeezed them. They felt so real.

“Now comes the fun part for me,” Jessica said. “Bend over that bar and close your eyes. Do not open them until you are told.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Steve walked to the bar and bent over it then closed his eyes. His pantied-ass faced the middle of the room.

Suddenly he felt two hands caressing his ass then the panties being pulled down. He sighed with relief as his cock was able to breath again. The hands massaged his ass then one hand slipped between his legs to play with his balls.

Steve moaned as his cock started to harden again. The hand that had been on his ass slid around his hip and the fingers wrapped around his cock. “Oh god,” he groaned. When he was fully hard again the hand disappeared then he felt something cold squirt on his ass crack.

“Wait! What are you doing?” he demanded as he tried to pull away. Jessica slapped his ass hard. Steve had been trained well enough to know that a slap like that meant it was time to behave.

A finger slid through the gel on his ass then pressed against his ass hole. He fought the urge to pull away but failed miserably. The hand fell across his ass again, even harder. Steve cried out in pain and stopped moving.

He’d never had his ass played with before and wasn’t sure it was something he wanted. Then again, he’d never thought he would want to be dressed as a woman and he’d already spilled his cum all over the inside of the panties that were now around his ankles.

The finger pressed against his ass hole and slipped into it. Ever so slowly, it was pushed further and further in until it was completely buried. “Oh fuck,” Steve whimpered.

He was shocked at how it was making him feel. His cock was oozing precum again. The finger stretched the tight tunnel and lightly rubbed against the prostate gland, causing Steve’s cock to twitch.

“Are you ready for it?” Jessica asked from behind him.

“For what?” Steve asked nervously.

“This,” she said and suddenly there was a dildo being pushed into his ass.

“Please … oh god … it is too big,” he groaned. The cock continued to push into his ass until it was completely inside. Then ever so slowly, it started to move in and out. Steve didn’t know what to do or think, all he knew was much more of the anal action and he was going to explode again.

Steve felt someone kneel before him and start to suck on his cock. He moaned then opened his eyes to see who was beneath him. It was Jessica. If she was there, then who was fucking his ass? The cock started to move faster as Jessica deep throated him. Steve tried to keep himself from cumming but it was too much for him.

“I’m about to cum,” he warned.

“Come for me bitch,” Miss. Chloe ordered. Steve reacted to the voice he’d heard say the same thing hundreds of times. He exploded in Jessica’s mouth and his ass tightened around the fake cock in his ass.

“Oh Miss. Chloe!” Steve cried out as he came more than he had before. His cum flowed down Jessica’s chin and landed on her exposed breasts. When he was done, she stood up.

“Clean your cum off me,” she ordered. Steve licked the cum off Jessica’s breasts as Miss. Chloe pulled the cock out of his ass.

“I think this will do nicely,” Miss. Chloe told Jessica. “You can wrap it all up.”

Jessica winked at him then went to the cash register to ring all the items up.

“You may stand up and turn around Stephanie,” Miss. Chloe said to Steve. He stood up and turned around. “Oh, how lovely! I should have done this sooner.”

Steve blushed as his mistress caressed and played with the fake breasts. She smiled then kissed him.

“Now that is a birthday present! Thank you so much,” Miss. Chloe said. “Change back into your other clothes and give the stuff to Jessica to put in a bag. Then we’ll go home and we can have my favorite birthday sex.”

Steve smiled and quickly undressed then pulled on his regular clothes. He was so happy Miss. Chloe had taken his anal virginity. They’d talked about it before but it had never happened.

“$235.13 please,” Jessica said. Steve handed her his credit card and watched as she slid it through the machine. A few minutes later, she handed him a slip to sign. Steve finished the transaction and picked up the bags.

“Happy birthday Chloe!” Jessica said as she hugged his mistress.

“Thanks Jess,” she replied then led Steve out of the store.

When they got home Steve gave Miss. Chloe the best birthday sex ever, then they talked about him spending more time dressed as a woman. That night Steve fell asleep a very happy man.

I enjoy being a submissive to my husband, Alex. Our sex life is fantastic when it’s just the two of us, but several times a month he takes me out somewhere to find someone else for me to fuck. I never know where we are going. He chooses what I wear, and I never know the gender of the person I will be fucking, or the number of them for that matter. He does not demean me while doing this, instead he chooses a scenario that I have had a fantasy about, or that he has envisioned. It is meant to bring pleasure to both of us and allow us to fulfill fantasies.

My job is to tell him any fantasy I have. I describe them in detail while he fingers and licks my pussy. He helps me to enhance my sexuality in things that I would be afraid to do without his guidance. I never tell him no. If he chooses something for me, that is what I will do. Truth be told, every bit of it makes me hot. I love his deciding what I am going to and all the planning he puts into it.

This story is one I often replay in my head when he is out of town. I use toys to recreate what I can and I know how much my husband loves me because he gives me these fantastic nights. Not every husband is willing to allow his wife to fuck another man, much less groups of people.

First a little bit about myself. I am average height and average weight for a woman. I know how to play on my features and be either coy or downright slutty and I love both. I can turn heads when I want to. I love cock and I love pussy. Most of all I love pleasing my husband. We are in our early 40s and everything about us is “average.” We have the house with the white picket fence and 2.5 kids and dog. Soccer games, football games and cheerleading practice are on our daily schedules. We are typical family next door, but behind closed doors, especially bedroom doors, we are far more free.

I came home from work on a Friday night to find my husband sitting on our bed. He was naked, cock at full staff and ready for me. I dropped to me knee in front of him, happily taking his cock into my mouth. Once I got his full length in my mouth, I knew. He is only this hard when he’s about to take me out somewhere. My pussy tingled with excitement. I eagerly bobbed my head up and down the length of my cock. He grabbed my head, keeping it still.

“You are a slut tonight and I’m going to fuck your mouth the way I want to,” he commanded. Oh, my pussy got so wet.

As he held my head, his strokes were long, hard and fast. I had to resist the urge to gag and adjust a little bit so I could take his length down my throat.

“Oh, your hot mouth is better than your pussy tonight,” he groaned.

He only lasted a few minutes with his assault on my mouth before I was slurping up his sticky cum. He came so hard I couldn’t swallow it all. My mouth dripped with his cum. I didn’t want to waste any, so I wiped it off my face, rubbed it on my tits, then licked it off. I licked his cock nice and clean, making sure to get every drop.

My pussy was aching for relief, but I knew I wouldn’t be getting it. On our nights out, he wants me as wet as possible when I meet my partner or partners.

When Alex was finished he pulled me to a standing position and started removing my clothing. He led me to the bathroom, lifting me onto the counter, sliding my ass to the edge as I braced myself.

On the counter were the razor and shaving cream. With the agony my pussy was already in, this was going to be difficult. When he shaves my pussy I always struggle to keep from cumming. All the playing with my pussy gets me worked up.

He slathered my throbbing lips with shaving cream, meticulously using the razor to clean every hair from my pussy and ass. By the time he was done, my entire body throbbed with desire and anticipation. He gave my clit one slow lick before I got down. I couldn’t wait to get to wherever we were going, but I knew he would be slow, making me wait.

We returned to the bedroom for me to get dressed. I never know what the outfit is going to be. It can be anything from barely there to school marm, covered to my ankles with my hair pulled into a tight bun. Each part of the unknown fuels my excitement.

I already had a clue since he told me I was going to be a slut tonight. This probably meant barely there, or leather, or something along those lines. These were actually my favorite outfits, but I didn’t tell him that. I saw his cock harden whenever he dressed me in one of these outfits. Tonight was no exception. When he opened the box and revealed the outfit, he pulled my hand to his cock, which had hardened again. Another thing I never know during our adventures is if he will be part of them. Sometimes he does nothing but watch. Other times he is actively fucking me. I hoped tonight it would be the latter since his cock was hardening quickly. Nights like this usually meant I’d be in for a good, hard cock pounding.

The first item he pulled out was a lace garter belt. He held it out for me to step into. As he slid it up and over my hips, I quivered. His hands were hot on my skin. Next came the stockings that were attached to the garters. He ever so slowly slid them up my legs, his palms firm on my legs so I could feel the heat of his hands. His fingers grazed near my clit, but never touched it. I wanted to feel his fingers so badly.

Tonight there were no panties. My pussy juice would be dripping down my legs. Next he pulled out a black mini skirt. As with the garter belt, I stepped into it with his hands running up my legs. It fell just a couple of inches below my ass. I do yoga to keep my body in decent shape and it has done wonders on my ass. I have a nice jiggle to it when I get fucked, but it looks firm and has a traditional heart shape. The skirt showed it off well. My last piece of clothing was a bustier that laced up the front. It didn’t cover much of my tits. It came up just over my nipples. My tits jiggled as I walked. They aren’t huge, but they are a mouthful and my nipples are very sensitive. I can cum just from having them played with.

I wore no jewelry except my wedding ring. My hair was down, just past my shoulders. My lips were a vibrant red and very glossy. My eyes were played up, but I doubted any man would notice them tonight. The final adornment was my shoes. Black 4″ heels. They had a pattern that came to mid calf that criss crossed and tied; another part of my submission.

He did something he had never done before after he finished dressing me. He reached for a small container that contained a green gel. He pushed up my skirt and spread the gel across my clit. It tingled on contact and it wasn’t from his touch. There was something in the gel that made me tingle. Every time I moved it tingled more. This was going to be the most excruciating pleasure.

He didn’t say another word. He just took my hand, leading me to the car. We got in and drove in quiet for about 45 minutes. I had to keep as still as possible or the gel on my pussy would start me tingling all over again. We stopped at an area and a bar I was not familiar with. We could hear some loud bass thumping as we got to the door. He opened the door for me, letting me go in first. There was definite anticipation mixed with apprehension. I didn’t know what was on the other side of the door.

When I walked in, it didn’t take long before heads were turning. My pale white skin stood out in this bar. There were a few other white couples in the bar, but it was mostly black and Hispanic. I was most certainly in the minority here. As I walked, the gel made my clit tingle. Each step brought most wetness in my pussy and incredible sensations.

We didn’t stop for a drink as we usually do. Instead we walked up to another couple and Alex asked them if they would like to dance with me. He then told them I liked both men and women and loved to be felt up as I danced. Soon the three of us were on the dance floor while he bought our drinks.

Dancing was exquisite and torturous at the same time. The gel on my clit was still very active and every move I made sent jolts straight to my pussy. I was also wedged between the couple, with the man behind me, grinding his cock into my ass, and the woman running her hands over my tits. My husband simply stood at the bar, watching. The man behind me started running his hands up my legs and under my skirt. When he could tell that there were no panties under my skirt, he went to slide it up. I started to tug it down.

Alex shouted, “Leave your skirt up. Show off that fine pussy and ass! Unless anyone minds that is.”

It started slowly, then I heard chants of “Pussy and ass, pussy and ass, pussy and ass…” It continued until I pulled skirt up around my waist, showing off the garters and stockings. When I did, a round of applause went around the bar.

My husband left the bar and joined me. He told me he wanted me to properly thank the couple for dancing with me. I didn’t understand what he meant until he placed each of my hands on their crotches. He asked the couple if they would like me to stroke them. The woman of the couple said she’d prefer if we both gave her husband a blowjob if we were agreeable to that. My pussy dripped as we waited for the response.

“Sure. My wife is happy to suck cock. Would you like privacy or an audience?” He asked.

“Oh, I don’t mind an audience,” she responded.

Things were moving quickly and my pussy was damn hot and wanting relief. We were on the edge of the dance floor as we pulled the husband’s pants down. A nice thick cock sprang to attention. It was dark but not black. Pre cum was already dripping from the head. I didn’t wait, lowering my mouth, taking as much in as I could. Lowering to my knees, I began to swallow his cock, or as much of it as I could. I struggled to get his length into my mouth without gagging.

“Let me show you how to deep throat,” his wife said. She proceeded to swallow his whole damn cock in one swift move. I watched in awe as she easily manipulated his meat down her throat, quickly and his full length each time.

“Now you try,” the wife told me.

I tried again, still not able to take everything. I cupped his balls in my hand, giving them a gentle tug. He took this as a sign to shove his cock farther down my throat. I gagged as he did. His wife grabbed my head, sliding it up and down his cock, pushing me further and further with each stroke. When his balls slapped my face, I realized I had his entire cock in my throat. His wife continued using my head and mouth to fuck her husband. Alex simply stood behind me stroking my ass.

“Suck his big hard cock,” the wife told me repeatedly. “You look like you like having a cock in your mouth.”

This man had stamina. He continued pounding in and out of my mouth. His wife joined me, cupping and sucking his balls, licking the base of his cock when he pulled out of my mouth. My mouth hit her tongue as I stroked back down on him. Each time we touched I felt the fire in my pussy.

I heard the wife say, “I think he’s going to cum. I want some too.”

She pulled me off his cock so we could both suck and lick him when he came. I pumped the base of his thick cock while we licked away. As we continued, we were rewarded with a face full of cum. We licked and sucked until he was dry. I happily lapped the cum from his wife’s face, licking her mouth, taking her tongue deep into mine.

I almost screamed when my husband’s hand found my clit. I had been dripping for so long, and tasting cum on another woman only made my own need to cum stronger. His mere touch nearly sent me over the edge. He pulled me back and whispered in my ear, “You’ve been such a good girl, I’ll find you someone to lick your pussy.”

“Oh, yes, please,” I moaned, knowing it wouldn’t take me long to cum once I had a tongue on my now tender pussy.

He took me to the dance floor, with my skirt still at my waist as he stroked my ass. I didn’t know who in particular he was looking for, but he worked our way through the crowd, my pussy waiting in anticipation. Several people reached out to grab my ass, or run a hand over my pussy or tits as we made our way through the crowd. Finally he stopped. In front of me was a very good looking black man. He was tall and slim and medium toned skin. He looked like he worked out.

“Would you like to eat my wife’s pussy?” he asked the man.

“Hell yeah,” the man responded.

“Follow us,” my husband said.

He found us a table that came to about mid thigh on the men and put me on my back across it. It wasn’t a back room, but it was more remote than the dance floor. You could still easily see us from the bar and the dance floor. As you’ve figured out, I have no problem with having people watch me have sex. Knowing that people are watching me and that there are men who would fuck me given the chance, makes it far more exciting to me. I’m also quite vocal when I fuck, so being discreet isn’t really an option anyway.

My husband looked at the man, saying, “She’s all yours.”

The man knelt in front of me, eagerly lapping at my pussy. My husband dropped his pants, pulled my head back and stuck his cock in my mouth.

I had my first orgasm in minutes. It had been a long time coming. My screams were muffled around my husband’s cock, but I knew people had heard me and were watching us.

“You’re attracting quite a bit of attention,” my husband said. “You’ve got plenty of people watching you suck my cock while you get sucked. You like that, don’t you. You like having people watching you fucking.”

I could only groan in response. My mouth was full.

The man licking my pussy did not let up after I came. His tongue probed everywhere, including sliding back to my ass.

My husband told him, “Oh, she has a tight ass. See if you can get it loosened up for her.”

The man slid three fingers into my pussy, fucking me furiously, getting my pussy nice and wet while he continued to eat me. Being a slut was exactly what I wanted tonight. I felt another orgasm building. The finger fucking came faster and harder until I burst. My cum flowed down the man’s fingers, which he spread on my ass. He wasted no time in sliding a finger in and pumping away.

“Yeah, loosen her ass up. She’s going to need it,” my husband stated.

Damn. What else was going to happen tonight, I wondered. I didn’t have time to think much, because the man slid a second finger into my ass, while tonguing my clit. My husband continued to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. The sensations flowing across my body were pure bliss.

When the man pushed three, then four fingers into my ass, I pulled my mouth off my husband’s cock and screamed as yet another orgasm hit me.

“Oh, yeah, fuck my tight ass,” I screamed. “Eat my wet pussy,” I begged him. He continued until the orgasm subsided.

“Oh, that ass is nice and wide now,” the man said as he licked around my hole.

“You can fuck her if you want until I get back,” my husband stated.

The man wasted no time in sliding into my pussy. He slid in easily since I was damn wet. I had been denied an orgasm for hours, then given three inside of an hour. I’m sure I reeked of sex.

The man fucking me undid the ties on my bustier, freeing my tits. He pinched and pulled them while he slammed his cock into my wet pussy. My tits are sensitive to begin with, but the sexual frustration and the excitement of the crowd gathering around us heightened my sensations. This man was using my body like his own fuck doll and I loved every minute of it. My body felt jolts of electricity going to my clit and tits each time he slammed his cock into me.

He was pounding away when Alex returned with another man. I struggled to focus as my pussy clenched around the cock fucking it. This man was built big. Everything about him was big. He had broad shoulders, was easily over six feet, large hands, a square jaw, and a huge cock inching closer to my mouth. He was easily 10 inches long and as big around as my wrist. His skin was black as coal.

I simply screamed as I came, my pussy clenched hard and tight around the man’s cock, giving it one hell of a massage.

“Shoot that cum on her tits,” Alex told the man fucking me. He moved quickly, his cock exploding with thick cum, covering my chest. My tongue stuck out, hoping to catch some that I could taste.

“Give her your cock to clean off. We don’t want you to have to leave with a messy dick,” Alex told the first man.

He eagerly filled my mouth with his still hard cock. I sucked him dry, cleaning his cum and my pussy juice from him. I love the taste of my pussy on a cock and welcome any chance to suck it off. When the man left, he gave me a good slap on my ass, telling me what a good fuck I’d been.

The new man had taken my hand, wrapping it around his monster cock. My fingers barely fit around him. I groaned with anticipation. His black hands massaged my creamy white tits. He replaced one hand with his mouth, nibbling and sucking on my hard nub. I squirmed all over the table.

Alex bent down to tell me, “This night is far from over. Shortly you will have your pussy and ass stuffed full of cock.”

“Oh yes, give me more,” I cried.

Alex took his place at my pussy. His thumb rubbed my clit as his cock slid into my pussy. His quick manipulation of my clit, along with the sight of my white hand around this big black cock had me cumming quickly. It was going to feel damn good when he filled my pussy with it.

As Alex continued pumping my cunt, the man gave me his cock to taste. Any woman that could take him into her mouth had my admiration. My mouth was stretched just to take in the width, not to mention the length. He was gentle as I worked to swallow as much as I could.

“You look beautiful with that big black cock in your mouth,” Alex told me. “And you have quite an audience.”

I attempted to turn my head, which was difficult with my mouth stuffed, but what I could see showed me that we were surrounded with watchers. Some of the crowd was issuing instructions to the two men.

“Fuck that pussy hard.”

“Shove that cock down her throat.”

“Grab those tits and work them.”

“Flip her over and give her a good fuck.”

The last comment registered somewhere. Alex maneuvered me so that I was on my hands and knees on the table. It was a bit of a relief since it made it slightly easier to suck the cock in front of me.

Each time Alex slid his cock into me, my mouth pushed forward onto the man’s cock. I wanted it in my pussy so badly, but Alex decided what happened. If I asked to have the man fuck me, he would make me wait longer, and I didn’t want to wait.

I felt something cold and wet on my ass. I realized that Alex was spreading lube across my asshole. He wasted no time in plunging his fingers deep into my hole. It wasn’t long before I felt the head of his cock pressing against my ass. It wasn’t the first time I had his, or any, cock in my ass.

A loud groan escaped my mouth as he plunged his full length into my ass in one swift move.

What came next came as a complete surprise to me, but was the fulfillment of a fantasy.

Alex pulled me off the cock in my mouth, straightening me so my back was against his chest. He held me up by my tits.

“It’s time,” Alex said to the other man.

What did that mean?

I found out when the man closed in on us, sliding his cock into my pussy.

A primal groan came from my throat as the monster cock slid into my pussy, stretching it wide. It was a good thing I was so wet or he probably would have ripped me open. As he slid further and further in, the pleasure began to come. Alex slowly slid in and out of my ass, as the man pushed further and further into my pussy. I had never been so stuffed.

It took a few minutes before the men were able to establish a rhythm, thrusting into my holes at the same pace. They were hitting spots of pleasure I never knew existed. I could no longer contain my pleasure.

Chapter 05 — Kathy

As Kathy swung through the front door of city hall in the small town that she lived in, she couldn’t stop the smug grin from planting itself on her full, lush lips. She couldn’t decide if this was her new favorite place, or if Don’s bed was. Either way, she intended to enjoy the day.

A couple of days ago, the city clerk, Sharon literally fucked everyone in the office, including the mayor. She had recorded the escapades on video and then emailed a few copies out. Sharon had then left the office, leaving behind a resignation letter and no one had seen her since. The mayor called Kathy yesterday to help out in city hall until the position could be filled. As her normal job over at the library was boring as hell, she was happy to oblige.

Kathy’s green eyes surveyed the room, taking in the occupants already there. Wanda sat at the counter chair, her soft brown hair newly cut into a neat bob that perfectly framed her face. To Kathy’s pleasant surprise, Wanda greeted her with a smile. As she rounded the counter, Kathy was able to see that Wanda was wearing a very flattering light yellow sundress.

Don had told her of Wanda’s admission to lesbianism and Sharon’s gift of a spa and new wardrobe, but this was a very nice change. The yellow dress fit snug across her bodice, showing a little skin but not too much, it’s flowing skirt stopping just above her knees. The new hair cut made her brown eyes look huge. Kathy thought the changes were just perfect.

“Wow, you look like a sunbeam, sitting there so pretty.”

“Thank you, and I totally love that outfit.” Wanda took in Kathy’s crisp white shirt tucked into pink and brown plaid pleated skirt. Her long, nearly waist length honey blond hair flowed down her back. “Going for the school girl look?”

“Just a little bit.” Kathy laughed, pleased that Wanda was being so friendly. “I skipped the white knee socks and pony tails, figuring that would be a little too obvious.” Both women shared a laugh and Kathy was completely amazed to see the flirting look on Wanda’s face. “Actually, I was going for the professional look. I guess I missed.”

“Only someone with a dirty mind would take it wrong. You actually look very nice. I’m happy you’ll be with me in here today. Old grump over there has to get the bills out and he’s just awful to work with on these days.” Wanda nodded over to Don already pecking away at his computer.

Kathy looked at her new lover. He was the utility clerk for the town and Kathy had learned that he loved ass fucking. His black hair still just a tad wet from his shower and she knew that was her fault. She had spent the night with him and their morning romp in the sheets caused them both to be a bit later getting to work than planned. Not that she minded one bit.

Looking back to Wanda she asked, “So what do you want me doing today?”

Shooting a glare over her shoulder at Don, Wanda replied, “Don says I need to learn how to be nice to customers and that you’re the best one to teach me.”

“You’ve been a hateful old bitch for too long Wanda; trust me you need help,” Don growled from his desk.

As Wanda opened her mouth to presumably blast Don for his words, Kathy stepped in quickly, “Don said you’d been going through some changes in your life and I’d be happy to help in anyway I can.” She smiled hopefully at Wanda, dearly afraid the two would start scrapping any minute.

Wanda looked back at Kathy and narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. Kathy grinned and after taking a careful glance at the front door to make sure no one was around, quickly leaned in a dropped a kiss on Wanda’s soft lips. “Come on, let’s seriously mess with people’s heads today,” Kathy whispered mischievously.

That certainly caught Wanda’s attention, her eyes widening in shock at the kiss. Thinking it over and looking into Kathy’s sparkling green eyes, she felt a newly discovered mischievous streak rose up. “Oh we could so do that.”

The morning progressed well with both women greeting and waiting on customers. They had great fun in lightly flirting with each other and most of the people that came into the building, men and woman alike. As the door closed behind another normally complaining customer, Kathy exclaimed, “God this is so fun! She was so confused by you she didn’t even have anything to complain about today.”

Wanda smirked. “There’s been a few people I’ve missed bitching at, but I gotta’ agree that this has been fun.” Tilting her head to the side a bit, she considered Kathy thoughtfully. Kathy leaned back against the counter and waited for Wanda. “So, ever had sex with a woman?”

As that wasn’t quite the question Kathy had been expecting, she was slightly startled. “Uh, umm actually yes, once.” She threw an embarrassed glance over at Don only to discover he had raised his head and was waiting for her answer. At his grin, Kathy ducked her head as a blush crept across her cheeks.

“Did you like it?” Wanda continued.

Seeing no way out of the conversation, Kathy decided she have to answer honestly. “Truthfully, it was okay. It’s not my thing, I didn’t get off on it, but I’m glad for the experience.”

“Would you want to do it again?” Wanda’s eyes twinkled as she waited for Kathy’s response.

“Uh, well…” Kathy stammered. Don burst out laughing and she threw a glare his direction. “To be honest Wanda, I don’t know. It’s not something I’ve really thought about. I know I’ve been all flirty today and that’s probably wrong of me. I was just having some fun.” Kathy was beginning to feel badly about her behavior of the past few hours.

Wanda grabbed Kathy’s hand and pulled her down the hall away from the public area. “Now I’ve made you feel bad; I’m so sorry. Please, this has been a really fun morning and I don’t want to screw it up by making you think you’ve done something wrong.”

Kathy shrugged, “I wasn’t thinking of your feelings.”

“Okay look, I’ve been a closet lesbian and hardcore, horrible bitch for years and just yesterday found out that I’m really bi instead. I have no idea how to act, no idea how to be who I am and flirting with you has actually helped me today. It’s let me know that I’m not a freak.”

“Bi? You like men? I’m sorry that’s probably too personal for me to ask. Hell Don shouldn’t have told me all that he did, it’s your personal business. But Wanda, you are not a freak. You’re a beautiful woman who’s finding her way in life. If I was into women, I would most certainly be into you.”

“Aww thank you.” Wanda hugged Kathy tight, enjoying the feel of Kathy’s large firm breasts pressing into her own. Just to play a bit, she slid her hands down and cupped Kathy’s rounded ass.

Kathy giggled and returned the favor, gripping Wanda’s smaller but still firm butt cheeks. “This may not be turning me on, but it sure is fun. Is it alright if we keep it up? I mean I’m not going to leave you like, sexually frustrated am I?”

As Wanda continued to hold and caress Kathy’s ass, she gave her a quick kiss. “Even if you did get me all hot and bothered, I’ve got new friends that will be happy to help me out. But just to let you know, I totally love to suck jizz out of a woman’s pussy after a man has cum inside her. So if you and Don get it on today, let me know so I can clean you up.”

Kathy gave a breathy moan. “God that sounds so hot.” The two women met in a long, hot kiss, arms wrapping around each other. As they pulled apart, Kathy sang, “I kissed a girl, and I liked it.”

The two broke out in laughter and arm in arm, went back to work. They both met Don’s questioning stare with amused smiles. Wanda checked to make sure no one else was close by and quickly flipped up the back of Kathy’s skirt giving Don a glimpse of bare ass. Kathy jumped a bit at the sudden action and jerked her skirt back down. She looked at Don. They had only been together a very short time, but she recognized the glazed look that had come into his bright blue eyes.

Turning to lean over his desk, she pulled the front of her blouse down even farther so he could get a glimpse of her ripe melons. “I am having a wonderful time today. What would you think of me applying for Sharon’s job?” she whispered.

Don was unable to raise his eyes from the temptation so close at hand. With a hard swallow he whispered his reply, “Put those away before I take you to the back right now. You two are driving me insane over there. As much as I’d love to have you here all the time, I’m not sure my pants would survive.”

“Your pants?”

“I’m about to bust out of them my dick is so hard!”

His words caused Kathy’s damp pussy to flood with moisture. Turning quickly she asked Wanda, “Is it lunch time yet?”

By mutual consent between the three of them they decided to close for lunch and then all headed straight for the city clerks office. In seconds, Kathy had dropped her skirt and had her shirt open and was sliding back on the desktop. As she had once again skipped wearing panties, her cleanly shaved pussy glistened with juice as she spread her legs wide.

Don had his prick in hand in record time and was on his way to send it home. Wanda scooted up onto the desktop behind her and gently pushed Kathy’s bra out of the way. Leaning around, Wanda latched onto Kathy’s ripe berry nipple and began sucking. She pulled away just long enough to stare in surprise. “Strawberries! Wow.” Twisting around Kathy she went back to the tasty nipples at hand.

Only a few strokes after Don’s long pole entered Kathy’s tight twat, combined with Wanda’s mouth and hands on her large breasts and Kathy was erupting in orgasm. Copious amounts of fluid poured from her pussy as she bucked and moaned on the desktop. Wanda slid a hand down to flick Kathy’s clit and caused her to nearly scream in ecstasy.

Once she was able to breathe normally again, Kathy exchanged kisses with both Don and Wanda. As Don hadn’t reached his goal yet, Kathy turned her attention to Wanda and let him continue pumping that long slender prick in her hot box. Sliding her hand under Wanda’s skirt she found pretty yellow panties.

Pushing them aside, she carefully stroked her fingers over Wanda’s nicely waxed and soaking wet snatch. Wanda shuddered and latched her mouth onto Kathy’s, tongues sliding and slipping together. Being in unfamiliar territory, Kathy was cautious in sliding a finger inside of Wanda.

Gasping, Wanda quickly turned to face Kathy so they sat hip to hip and spread her legs open to assist Kathy. Putting a hand over Kathy’s, Wanda guided her fingers, showing her to stroke and fondle her dripping channel, entering and withdrawing fingers together. The two women twined around each other, kissing and rubbing whatever they could reach as Don continued to pound away in Kathy’s love tunnel.

Seeing all the female action caused Don to explode into Kathy’s hot cavern. Streams of jizz spurted from his cock filling Kathy’s tunnel as shudders wracked his body. Grabbing a handful of Kathy’s hair, he pulled her mouth back to his, sucking her tongue into his mouth.

When he finally finished oozing cum, Don gently slipped from Kathy. Wanda wasted no time in climbing off the desk and leaning down to start lapping the tasty juices flowing out. She sucked the cream from Kathy, trying to get every drop. Since Kathy could no longer reach Wanda’s crotch, Don lifted an eyebrow in question to her.

At Kathy’s nod, he slid his fingers into Wanda’s pussy. Gently stroking them in and out, working his fingers. Wanda moaned and sucked at Kathy even harder, using her own fingers to rub at the small but hard clit. Kathy moaned as another small orgasm swept through her. When Don pushed his thumb against Wanda’s puckered ass hole, she exploded in her own orgasm. Her knees nearly buckled and Kathy caught her up to her breasts, holding her close.

Don leaned over the two women and gave Kathy a warm loving kiss which she returned. Wrapping an arm around him, Kathy held both to her as best she could. “I’ve decided,” he announced. Both women turned to him in question. “I’m putting in a call to the mayor and if he doesn’t hire you to take Sharon’s place then I’m gonna quit and get a job at the library.”

“Oh yes! Me too,” Wanda added. “You have got to come work here. Screw the library. No wait, don’t screw the library, you have to come here and screw us every day.”

Kathy laughed weakly. “Guys, as much as I like the idea I’m beginning to be afraid that we’d kill each other with sex.”

“But damn, what a way to go.” Slapping Wanda’s ass, he added, “Come on girls get dressed and I’ll treat you to lunch. Even though its going to have the be the fastest lunch we can find.”

Just before closing that day, the mayor came into the office. Kathy gave him a nervous smile and nearly dropped the pen she was using. He went around the counter and chatted with Don while she finished what she was doing.

“Kathy, step in here with me a minute please.” Giving Don and Wanda hopeful looks, she followed Ray into the city clerk’s office. Seeing him settle behind the desk, Wanda took the chair across from him and smoothed down her skirt. Flashes of memory went through her mind of what happened on that desk top and she was grateful Wanda had taken the time to wipe it clean.

Kathy found herself in an impromptu interview of the job in question. Her college degree served her well as the mayor talked to her and discovered how qualified she actually was for the job. “You are seriously overqualified to be working at the library. The city is just wasting your talents over there.”

She blushed at the thought of what talents had actually been used in the room they were in. Mayor Ray caught the blush and quickly figured out what had caused it. “Do you think you’ll be able to work with Don and Wanda in the long term?”

Taking a deep breath, Kathy knew this was important to get right. “I know that a precedent has already been set and that if I was put in a position of authority over them I’d have to handle things carefully. But I really feel that there is enough mutual respect for each different person and their job, that we would all be able to work together just fine.”

Raising from behind the desk, Ray moved to lean against it, facing Kathy. He was a short man that had a ‘big man complex’ and was used to trying to bully people around. What Kathy didn’t know is that Sharon’s fuck had brought him back to earth and back to his wife. Ray wasn’t quite the same man he had been. “A precedent huh? So you all have been fucking in the office already? What if I said that you had to fuck me before you could have the job?”

Kathy stood as fury filled her. “Then I’d tell you to go fuck yourself and on my way back to the library, I’d call your wife and tell her what you just said.”

Ray chuckled, “Relax, I just wanted to see your reaction. You’ve passed this interview with flying colors. As long as the city continues to run smoothly, what happens in this office is up to you and you alone.”

“Really? Just like that? I have the job?”

Ray smiled reassuringly, “Just like that. It’s important to fill this position quickly and city council actually does prefer to do promoting from current employees rather than hiring outsiders. You are very qualified. I know you’ve worked here enough to have a good idea of the basics of the job, and I have a feeling that you’ll pick up the rest quick enough. It’s also very obvious that you get along well with Don and Wanda. And anyone that can get along with Wanda the Bitch deserves the job. I just hope you realize how tough its actually going to be.”

“Wow. Thanks. I hope I don’t let you down.”

“You’ll do fine. Terri and I will throw a ‘welcome to the job’ party for you in a few days.” He patted her on the shoulder and started to leave the room.

Kathy quickly grabbed him and planted a quick kiss on his lips. “I won’t fuck you but that’s a little bit better thank you. Call it the beginning of my campaign for a friendly office.”

“If that’s how you plan on thanking people, this will be a very friendly office,” he laughed then gave her butt a little pat as they headed out.

“Don, Wanda meet your new City Clerk. She will have the duties of office manager just like Sharon did which means she is your supervisor. I hope you all can work together with no problems.” With that, Mayor Ray gave a salute and left.

The sudden and complete silence that followed caused Kathy’s nerves to skyrocket. Don leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. Wanda sat tapping her pen against the counter.

“What? Isn’t this what you guys wanted? Oh god don’t do this!”

With laughs, both jumped up and grabbed Kathy close. “That was so hard. I could hardly keep my face from cracking. It was Don’s idea.”

“We had already planned what to do if you made it or not. Welcome to City Hall, honey.” Don kissed her long and deep, his hand roaming over her ass. As their kiss finished, Wanda took her lips with her’s and slipped her hand up under Kathy’s skirt to give her bare ass a rub too.

“Oh hot damn! I sure know when the best time to come to city hall is,” came an exclamation behind them. The three turned to see Fred the street supervisor walking up the hall from the back. Fred had also caught Don and Kathy fucking in the hallway yesterday and had jerked off to the show.

Kathy knew that her new job involved keeping track of the field supervisors as well as the office. Stepping away from the group and brushing at her skirt she faced the newcomer, “Fred I’m the new city clerk. The mayor just gave me the job a few minutes ago. I hope we can work professionally together.”

Fred grinned. “As long as you don’t mind me looking at your rack, we can work together just fine.”

Kathy felt Don stiffen beside her. Wanda stepped up to Fred and jabbed a finger in his chest, “You can look at anything you want you big buffoon, but you will keep your hands to yourself unless otherwise invited.” Wanda wasn’t very tall or very roundly built and standing in front of Fred who was taller and very stocky made her look even smaller.

“I’ll take that deal. Long as I can look at you too sweetheart.” Fred caught Wanda’s finger in his hand and sucked it in his mouth.

Kathy watched Wanda’s eyes round in shock. She looked to Don for guidance and he just stood with his mouth hanging open. “Uh Fred, remember invitation touching only,” Kathy pulled Wanda’s hand from his grasp.

The two stood facing each other, neither making a move. Kathy squeaked a Don trying to get him to do something. “You’re the boss lady now” he whispered.

“Um, Fred why did you come into the office? Did you need something?”

“Well, I was coming in to see if those reports I turned in yesterday were okay, but when I found this pretty little thing here I got a bit distracted. I like a feisty woman. Please tell me you work here.”

Kathy frowned in confusion. “Fred, Wanda’s worked here for years.”

“Wanda the bitch! No way! This ain’t Wanda, she’s a hag and this here little lady is as yummy lookin’ as a pat o’butter meltin’ on a hot biscuit.”

With a gasp Wanda broke free and fled into Kathy’s office. Glaring daggers at Fred, Kathy followed. Once inside she took Wanda into her arms and held her while the woman shook with silent tears.

“He’s just an ass. Don’t give him the satisfaction, sweety. Whatever you were, you’re not the same person and you’re going to be a much better person for finding yourself. You don’t have to take that from the caveman out there.”

“But he’s right. I spent so many years fighting who and what I am. I was a horrible person.”

Kathy brushed Wanda’s soft brown hair back from her face. Dropping a quick kiss on her lips, she laid her cheek against Wanda’s and rocked her gently. The sound of a throat being cleared brought her attention to Fred standing in the doorway. She glared daggers at him, daring him to say the wrong thing again.

Well before I found Literotica, I started chatting with a lovely young lady on a fan forum for our favorite football team. We hit it off well, both being in dead end relationships, and before too long, began exchanging sexually explicit private messages on the forum. Once a year, all the participants in the forum get together for a football reunion weekend, where we root on the team at a home game. This is a fantasy we shared about how we would love to meet in person at that event, and what we would do to each other if we did.

Please leave feedback and vote as many stars as you see fit.


I can’t believe the day is finally here. It’s Saturday night of the online forum reunion weekend and my wife can’t figure out what I’m so nervous about. I tell her that I’m nervous because I haven’t seen everybody in almost two years, but what she doesn’t know is that it’s seeing the person that I’ve never met before that really has me anxious.

I dress casually, jeans and my favorite player’s jersey. We pull up outside the End Zone Bar & Grill and I’m overcome by two distinct feelings…wild anticipation and near nausea! My heart is in my throat and “little johnson” is straining the peek out through my fly and see what all the fuss is about!

Just like I did at the first reunion, I burst into the place, like a bag of hand-grenades and shout “BIG JOHN’S IN THE HOUSE!” As I’m rushed by Keith, Moe, RJ, Psycho, Conan and all the rest of the cast of characters of the forum, my eyes dart around the room hoping to catch a glimpse of someone I know wouldn’t be the type to rush up and join the mass greeting after such a bombastic entrance. Of course, it’s crowded, dark, and having only one good picture to go off of, I can’t really see if you’re in the room.

What I do see though, is my wife rolling her eyes, knowing that this is going to be one of THOSE nights, where she doesn’t know anyone and feels on the outside looking in. I introduce her to the gang, as they show us over to the table where Moe has the customary name badges. I’m in luck, they’re alpha by last name, so it’ll be easy to tell if she’s here already or not…L, L, L….M, M, M….N, N, hmmmm, no Newton, YOU’RE ALREADY HERE! As I reach down to grab my badge, my other hand is reaching down to readjust the expanding uncomfortable situation that his happening in my pants.

I grab my wife and head straight to the bar, because the way my heart is racing, I could really use a drink. LadyHeart greats me with a big hug and sets us up with our first round on the house. As I’m glancing around the bar to take in the recent improvements of the expansion project, I spot a couple sitting at the corner of the bar, kind of away from the crowd. They’re sitting close, but they’re really not talking to each other much. Our eyes meet, and in a instant, I know it’s you. Your eyes are smiling much more than your lips are, and the telling shift on the bar stool let’s me know that you not only know it’s me, but the anticipation of meeting has been having the exact same effect on you.

Our eyes are locked on each other for what seems like forever, and while you continue to squirm in your seat, you’re not making any indication that you’re going to come over to me, so I know I have to make my way over to you. It takes like 20 minutes to navigate the crowd, having to stop to say hello to everyone from the forum, and of course introduce them to the wife. Being how I am, everyone gets a big hug, male and female alike, but I keep looking over the huggee’s shoulder to keep tabs on you. You are waiting patiently, and still nervously squirming.

FINALLY, I get over to the corner of the bar, and glancing down at your name badge, I say, “you guys must be Lois and Tony.”

The anticipation finally getting the better of you, you jump up and say, “and you must be Big John!” and give me a great big hug. As our bodies squeeze together for what feels like an eternity, I feel your breast on my chest, and can feel your nipples becoming hard and erect. I’m pretty sure you feel my growing situation too. Breaking our hug, I shake hands with Tony and introduce you both to the wife. We stand and chat for awhile about the team and the upcoming game and such, when Keith pulls me away to do some Jameson shots with the gang.

It is so great to be seeing everyone again, but I’m dying to get back to you and continue our conversation. As I’m getting pulled from this one to that, I’m keeping an eye on that corner of the bar. Things seem to not be going well, and I see you and Tony get up to leave. My heart sinks in my chest.

Thankfully, Renee heads you off near the door to ask what’s wrong. You explain that Tony has a terrible headache and wants to go back to the hotel. Our eyes meet as I’m watching this unfold from across the room, and we’re both looking like we’re going to cry.

And then I hear Renee say, “I’m staying at the same hotel, I’ll be glad to share a cab with Lois if she really wants to stay.” Miraculously, Tony agrees, and Renee leads you over to the group she was talking with.

As if the stars are aligning, a short while later my wife comes up to me to say, “It looks like you really want to catch up with all these folks, and I’m kind of dragging you down. I’m going to head back to the hotel now. Have fun honey.” And just like that, we find ourselves both in the same place, at the same time, unencumbered by either of our spouses. This could get good.

Fighting the urge to just grab you and drag you away to a quiet spot to chat, I continue to work the crowd, but keep and eye on you the whole time. Ironically, you’re standing with Renee, Daniella, and a few of the other women, and you seem to be enjoying yourself. Your group is standing just to the right of the bar, and you’re standing with your back to the wall.

Keith grabs me and a few more of the guys and says, “What are we all…gay? Let’s go talk to the women folk,” and we all descend on your circle. Bravely, I choose to stand right next to you, and the gleam in your eye tells me you’re happy that I did. As Keith and I entertain the crowd, rattling off dirty jokes and filthy limericks, my hand accidentally touches yours, and the way you jump tells me it sent the same surge of electricity up your spine as it did mine.

As more people join our circle to add their own dirty jokes to the mix, we all have to crunch together, to accommodate the larger crowd. You take the opportunity to step slightly in front of me, and then push gently back, so your ass is now firmly planted in my crotch. I feel my knees weaken, and you clearly feel the results of your actions, my hardening cock nestling against your ass, and know that I approve.

The beers are flowing, the conversation is lively, but the most intoxicating feeling is from the contact between our bodies. You’ve been teasing me by pressing and circling your bottom, ever so slightly, so nobody would notice. Not to be outdone, I gently place my hand on the back of your thigh, and start moving it up your leg. I can’t believe what you do next. Shifting your weight from one foot to the other, you part your legs just a little more, allowing me to feel the heat and dampness emanating from your in-seam. I take full advantage of my newfound access, and gently stroke you from behind.

Renee mentions she needs to pee, and you say you’ll go with her. While you walk toward the ladies’ room I wonder if I’ve gone too far. When you and Renee return, you’ve brought me a fresh beer, and as you return to your previous position, I feel you stuff something into my pocket, as you whisper in my ear, “do not look at what I just gave you in public.” You give me a look to let me know you’re not joking. The curiosity is killing me, but I can’t betray your trust. I know I have to get to a private place to see what it is.

I immediately excuse myself to go to the men’s room. I go into one of the stalls, for maximum privacy, and can’t believe what I pull out of my pocket…it’s a pair of pink, French-cut cotton panties with an extremely damp spot in the crotch, and a wonderfully heady aroma. I contemplate relieving the stress I’ve been feeling since I was getting dressed for this evening, but the panties aren’t that damp, so I figure if you can wait, then so can I. As I walk back to resume my same position, nuzzled up behind you, I’m realizing now that there is one less layer of clothing between me and your silky pink parts.

After about another half hour of talking, laughing, and almost constant teasing of each other’s naughty bits, which is totally oblivious to the crowd, you excuse yourself to the ladies room again, this time going alone. As I’m fixated on your beautiful ass as you walk away, I see you’re walking toward the Family Restroom, instead of the ladies room.

You see, part of the recent expansion to the bar was to comply with a new local ordinance, requiring all public restaurants and taverns of a specific capacity to not only offer men’s and ladies’ rooms, but also to provide a private, single occupancy bathroom for couples with small children. The room is large enough to have a full sized toilet and sink, as well as a comfortable easy chair for breast-feeding, and a fold-down shelf for diaper changing. Since this is a private restroom, there is no stall around the toilet, so everything is open in the one big room. All throughout the evening, people have been using this bathroom whenever the line is too long at the ladies’ room.

As you place your hand on the door handle, before you walk in, you look back over your shoulder at me and give me a knowing glance. Or at least I think it’s a knowing glance. And at this point after all the teasing, I’m not willing to miss an opportunity, so I slide away from the crowd and make my own way toward the Family Restroom myself.

I turn the handle, and am shocked to find the door is not locked. I’m thinking “two halves of the same brain”, but as the door starts to open, you shriek, “I’m peeing in here!”

I reply, “It’s me.”

“Well then, come on in and lock that door behind you.”

I walk in and stop in my tracks. You’re sitting on the toilet fully enjoying the final moments a very powerful piss that comes after this many hours of being at a tavern. My eyes are drinking in the sights and the smells of this unbelievable view. I’m staring at your sparsely covered but neatly trimmed pink parts, which are fully engorged and I swear I can see your throbbing pulse as your stream slows to a dribble. Instinctively you reach for the toilet paper roll, which breaks me from my trance. I gently touch your hand and say, “allow me.”

You seem a little confused as I slowly kneel in front of you and press my face down toward your crotch. When my tongue first hits your clit, you jump a little off the seat and let out a throaty moan. I tell you to lift your feet and place them on my shoulders, allowing me freer access to finally and fully take care of your needs.

I slowly lick up and down your velvety slit, and suck your labia into my mouth. The texture is pure ambrosia, and the taste is a combination of the nectar from all the teasing, sweat, with just a hint of your recent relief. I alternate between digging my tongue deep within your womanhood and gently licking, nibbling and sucking on your prominent and responsive clitoris. Your moaning provides encouraging feedback, and your squirming tells me I’m hitting the right areas. As you get closer to orgasm, you reach down and start stroking my hair, and push your feet harder onto my shoulders, lifting yourself off the seat. I reach up and hold your bottom in my hands, as I lick and suck you to an incredible climax. I look up and see that you’re biting the shoulder of your shirt to keep from screaming. Our eyes meet, and the look of pure ecstasy and satisfaction on your face is an ultimate reward for a job well done.

You pull me up to you and we share our first kiss. A deep, soulful kiss, with our tongues wildly exploring each other’s mouths. We continue our embrace, like each was the other’s sole source of oxygen, caressing and rubbing each other, neither one wanting to be the one to end the moment. I feel you reach down to start undoing my belt buckle, and once again I grab your hand but this time I say, “Wait.”

You look at me with a mixture of confusion and disappointment. I explain that we’ve been in here way too long, and don’t want to arouse any suspicion. You come back to your senses and quickly agree, as you pull up your jeans and throw some water on your face. Taking a deep breath, you give me a quick peck on the lips, and slip out of the bathroom. I take another moment to collect myself, and after waiting a sufficient amount of time, slip out of the bathroom too, and rejoin the crowd.

When I make my way back to the crowd, I see you’re giggling a little to yourself, noticing the difficulty I’m having walking due to a certain unresolved situation in my jeans. There’s a look of total satisfaction mixed with a little guilt on your face, as you take some evil pleasure in my discomfort.

The big crowd has broken into smaller groups again now, and we get pulled into different conversations. I’m drinking a little more than you, which means frequent trips to the bar. Each time I go to refill, I make sure to plot my course to intersect with the group you happen to be talking with at the time.

“Excuse me,” I always say, as I gently place my hand on a part of your body, and let it linger there as I squeeze through to get to my destination.

The first time, it was your shoulder that got a gentle massage. The next time it was the small of your back, and I let my hand trace your spine down to your waistband. The third time it was your ass that got a playful pat, while my other hand pressed in between the heavenly globes of your ample and intoxicating bottom. That maneuver was the most risky, but given the activity of the crowd, we were able to continue to steal these precious and naughty moments, without anyone being the wiser.

I thought I was keeping an eye on you, but as I’m plotting my fourth trip through the crowd, this time heading to the bathroom, I seem to have lost track of where you are. I’m scanning the crowd, desperately trying to find you, hoping to God you and Renee didn’t leave. Would you really leave me like THIS? And without saying good night?

“AHA!” I say out loud, as I see Renee, so I know you have to be around here someplace.

Instinctively, I walk back to the last bathroom I was in, which was the Family Restroom. In my rush to relieve myself, and being distracted by not seeing you in the crowd, I must not have locked the door. Because as I’m standing there relieving myself, I feel a strange hand reach around me from behind, reaching for my penis to help aim the stream.

Have I really had so much to drink that that I didn’t even hear you come in?

When I finish, you ask, “What do I do now?”

“You that you have to shake it a couple of time to knock off any remaining drops,” I reply, reveling in the feeling of your soft hand on my stiffening cock.

Your reply, “I can do better than that,” and give it a few playful shakes, and then start rubbing and stroking me gently.

I lean back against you, and swear I can feel your breast piercing into my back. With your free hand, you push against my hips to turn me around to face you. We share another long and soulful embrace, exploring each other’s mouths like we’re looking for the lost treasures of the Sierra Madre, all the while you’re stroking me and feeling me grow in your hand.

I reach my hand around your neck and caress your nape and behind your ears as our lips remain stuck together. I move my hand to your shoulder and gently press down. You get the message and break our embrace, licking your lips as you kneel in front of me.

You easily take my entire length in to your mouth, and I can feel your velvet tongue working up and down the underside, and it’s pure heaven. You draw your head back, almost allowing me to pop from your mouth, and then circle the tip with your tongue. Increasing your suction, you move your head forward, slowly, until your nose is buried deep in my curly brown pubic hair. I look down and watch, as you slowly repeat this process, rubbing your tongue on the bottom, drawing back slowly, circling the head, and then taking me deep in your mouth again, as far as you can. Your eyes look up at me, and my smile is all you need to see to know how incredible you are making me feel.

After a few more minutes of this, I lift my foot up onto the toilet, and tell you to lick my balls. You slowly remove me from your mouth, and bend it up so it’s flat against my belly. Then you stick your tongue straight out, and I’m amazed at just how long and agile it is. You move forward, and I can feel your tongue on my most tender area, and my good knee nearly gives out it feels so amazing. You then suck one nut into your mouth, and then the other, gently running your tongue over each one without hurting me. All the while, you’re gently stroking me, and can feel that I’m getting close to climax.

“I’m close,” I say, which is all you need to hear, to replace your mouth around me, and continue the tongue and sucking action, only now increasing the pace. Instinctively, I say, “I’m going to cum,” because I’m used to having to give my wife a warning, however this just encourages you to increase the suction as well as the pace. I reach down and start stroking your hair as the first jolt of my orgasm rips through me. You reach around to my ass and pull me to you, and then swallow hard, continuing to swirl your tongue over the head, until you feel me soften in your mouth.

I pull you up and draw you close to me, and without saying a word, our lips again meet in a wild, deep and soulful kiss.

I reach my hand into your jeans and am glad you ditched your underwear earlier, as I easily slide two fingers into your vagina. Your pink parts are again extremely moist and very inflamed. After a few moments, it’s you that grabs my arm this time, reminding me of how long we’ve been away from the crowd.

Amazingly, we again slip out individually, and without being noticed, but now it’s you that’s all charged up, and again, in need of some relief.

The crowd is thinning out now, as more people say their good byes and head back to their rooms to get ready for the game tomorrow, but you and I are no where ready to leave and end this incredible night. We both know that before the night is over, we’re going to have one more trip back to that restroom. A trip we’ll never forget.

I’m not sure if it’s the drinks, the full night of constant teasing, or the two previous trips to the Family Rest Room, but we’re no longer being coy or trying to hide our affections. The bar has pretty much cleared out, except for a few couples talking quietly at various tables, so to anyone who didn’t know better, we just seem like one more couple enjoying the end of a fantastic reunion party.

We sit at a table by ourselves in the furthest back corner of the bar, but the way we’re gazing into each other’s eyes, we might as well be the only two people in the place, or in the world for that matter.

We’re holding each other’s hands on the table, periodically rubbing a forearm or massaging a palm as we talk about god knows what. Your shoes are off and you’re running your bare foot up and down my leg and over my feet. You playfully stick your foot in my crotch and grasp at my cock with your toes, just to watch me jump at the table.

You push your chair around so we’re sitting next to each other now, a maneuver that’s done without ever releasing the grasp on my hand. I pull one hand away so I can begin rubbing your back and caressing your shoulders.

I love the way your skin feels on my palm. I can feel your bones and your muscles respond to my touch, as my hand roams all over your neck, shoulders and back. You are relaxing and leaning back on me, and I hear small purrs coming from your mouth.

You’re going to love this!



* * * * *

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* * * * *

Before I met and married Ray, every man I had ever been with, boyfriends or husband, were all very jealous; they would get upset if I talked to a guy much less flirted! So you can imagine what a shock it was when the first time Ray and I were together he was trying to show me off!

He had flown down from Oklahoma to Austin to spend the weekend (after many weeks of long distance courting); I was living in a two bedroom apartment complex with my 18 year old son which did not allow for much privacy. After meeting Ray at the airport and smothering him with kisses, we went for a bite to eat, then back to my apartment for him to unpack and shower.

I think he wanted to impress me because he insisted we go out to a fine restaurant/club where we could get a good meal, drinks and enjoy some quiet conversation. I wore a pair of black slacks, heels and a not too low-cut blouse that was not very revealing though with the brassiere I was wearing it was easy to see my perpetually hard nipples through the material.

I knew of a nice quiet restaurant a few blocks off of Sixth and Congress that had a perfect ambiance. So we talked and we flirted, we dropped double entendres and sexual innuendos and we drank and we drank some more. Leaving, it was all we could do to get to my car in the parking lot before we were wrapped in each others arms. Holding each other tightly in a passionate embrace, pressed against my car, we made out like teenagers.

When I was married to Skip he would never allow me to dress in sexy clothes (though I did), much less have any public displays of affection! Now that was difficult because I have AWAYS been an exhibitionists and I have never had a boyfriend or husband that would allow me to flash or show myself. Indeed it was quite a surprise to have Ray publicly groping me and an even bigger shock when he unbuttoned my blouse and unfastened my front clip brassiere, exposing my titties right there in the lighted parking lot.

Oh My Gawd, I was in heaven!! We kissed, we fondled, we groped, he even sucked on my titties and unzipped my slacks, pushing his hand down to my crotch so he could touch my wet pussy. I reciprocated and unzipped his fly, reaching under the waist band of his briefs and pulling his hard cock out into the warm night air; I was hoping he would at least let me jack him off. It was extraordinary, here we were in a parking lot, on a Friday night, at nine in the evening and there were people walking by. I was sure at least one couple saw us, my blouse was pulled openly displaying my bare chest, and I was tightly gripping his exposed, hard penis.

I squatted down, my back leaning against my car as I tried to pull his cock to my lips. I was almost expecting to be rebuffed but instead he grabbed my head and pulled me forward to his dick and let me suck him, IN PUBLIC! I tugged down his pants, his underwear and pulled his cock and balls out of his shorts and then pulled his slacks down past his ass, baring him.

I sucked him. I let him stroke his stiff dick in and out of my mouth, I held his shaft, I examined it, I admired it, I licked and sucked his hairy balls, even taking one in my mouth, I reached between his legs and encouraged him to widen his stance as I tried to work my finger in his sweaty ass. He moved his legs apart as I buried my finger to the knuckle, fucking him. I could feel his cock head throbbing in my mouth as I worked my finger in and out of his asshole.

It was right about then, as Ray was punishing my lips, slamming into my face, that a couple approached. Chirp! Chirp! The sound of a car alarm. It seems the black Camry parked next to us belonged to them; the dude had let his date in on her side of the car and had been standing patiently, watching, waiting for us to finish. How polite is that? I cut my eyes to the guy as he stood just a few feet from us, staring.

Believe me, it is hard to flirt with another man when there is a big dick pummeling your mouth but I did attempt to wink at the young dude. He smiled as Ray grabbed the top of my head, and grasping a big handful of my beautifully fixed hair, pulled me back off of his cock and jerking his meat with his other hand, he let his CUM violently spurt across my face, into my open mouth. Big thick clumps, landing in ribbons, as he smeared his jizz with the swollen head of his dick, then back inside my mouth, grunting, groaning as he continued to spasm out his cum, oblivious to any watching.

Pulling me to my feet, while simultaneously pulling up his slacks, he kissed me; my bruised lips smarted as he pressed his own lips hard against mine. Unlocking the car and opening the door, he helped me inside the car as he walked around to the other side. I opened the glove box, found a couple of napkins as I flipped down the visor to use the mirror to attempt to clean Ray’s nasty spunk off my face and chest. Yes, my blouse was still open and my titties also had Ray’s thick residue smeared across them. I looked to my right and and of course the couple in the Camry was watching me, sitting there smiling as I cleaned up, reapplying my make-up, picking clumps of semen out of my hair.

Good Gawd! I needed a cigarette! I asked Ray if he minded if I stepped back out of the car and had a smoke. He shook his head no as he turned on the radio and rolled down both windows. Buttoning my blouse as I started to get out, Ray stopped me and asked to me to leave it open. Sure, I would love to. I was still raging HORNY and loved it that he wanted to look at my breast and show me off.

I stepped out onto the pavement and lit my Marlboro, sucking in a deep drag as the nicotine helped to curb some of my anxieties. I love to smoke and I have no desire to quit, thinking to myself how good it felt as I walked around the front of the car, of course I was trying to look my sexiest as I pulled my shirt back away from my breast, thrusting my chest out as I glanced down at my nipples. WOW! They looked huge, hard and erect as I reached down to tweak them and cup my breast for Ray.

I walked to his side and stood about a foot from his door as he seemed to take me in, his eyes running slowly up and down my body, a sly smile hinting at his lips as he said it. “Show me your cunt.”

Excuse me I thought as he said it again, “Show me your cunt.”

Again, “Show me your CUNT.”

Not demanding, but softly, almost like there was a question mark at the end. Such a nasty word, CUNT. I wanted him to see my CUNT. I wanted him to touch my CUNT, finger my CUNT, lick my CUNT. I wanted him to FUCK MY CUNT.

My slacks were still unzipped as I pushed them down, past my hips. His blue eyes were staring deeply at my eyes, unblinking as I continued to push my pants down past my thighs. I slipped out of my shoes and let my slacks fall to my ankles as I slipped one shoe off and stepped out of one leg of my pants; then slipping the other shoe off, I stepped out of the other leg and neatly folded my slacks and reached in Ray’s window and placed them on the back seat.

I slipped my heels back on and stood back with my feet a little past shoulder width apart, pulling my blouse back, letting him see me, my breast, my belly , my hips, my thighs, my legs, my CUNT. I reached down with both hands and pinching my labia between the thumb and forefinger of each hand I pulled my pussy lips open, subtly thrusting my hips forward as I offered my CUNT to Ray.

He continued to look me directly in the eye as I slid one hand to my wet hole and used two fingers to collect some of my wetness to smear over my clitoris. I put my finger inside my pussy. I put two fingers inside and finger-fucked my CUNT. Slowly at first, then picking up the pace, I knew I would CUM.

There was a pick-up truck parked next to us so I could not bend over very far, but I turned my back to Ray and stood a bit sideways between the vehicles as I leaned forward and let him see my ass as I reached between my legs and used my index moisten finger to play with my asshole, spreading my pussy juice on my anus as I pushed my finger up inside my shithole. I dug deeply into my ass, fucking my bung hole.

Of course it was while I was bent over, masturbating my cunt and asshole that the owner of the pick-up truck walked up, well actually it was a couple of young guys that must have worked at the restaurant. I was looking over my shoulder at Ray when I saw him look away, then I again heard the familiar Chirp! Chirp! of a car alarm. I did not stop but continued with the Slap! Slap! Slap! of my pussy as I fucked myself, spanking my swollen clitoris as I felt my cunt spraying my pussy juice and piss as I started to shiver and quiver from the orgasm coursing through me.

I knew there were strangers watching me, I did not care and apparently neither did Ray as he watched me trembling from my GIANT CUM. Bent over like I was, my ass and pussy were totally exposed and vulnerable and ACCESSIBLE, I was fantasizing that someone would slide a big thick cock in my fuck hole and finish off my orgasm with some nasty doggie-style fucking.

I am not sure if it was a sense of protection or a touch of nervousness from being in an unknown area, but whatever it was, Ray got out of the car and assisted me to my side of the car, my legs were so wobbly from the overwhelming climax that I could barely walk as he helped me in the car. Walking back to the driver’s side I saw him talking to my two spectators, laughing, then shaking hands with them as he got in the car and started the engine.

He said they were going on about how HOT I am and they even asked him if they could come home with us and fuck me! Hmmmmm. I did not want to appear to be a slut and smile real big or act excited at the prospect of a gang bang with two young HOT dudes plus my new lover, so I acted a little shocked when I asked what he told them.

He said he gave them my address and they were going to stop and get some beer then come over to my apartment. I was doing mental back flips inside my head!! I had NEVER had a foursome and as HORNY as I was right then I could probably fuck the entire Texas Longhorn football team and still want more! So to say I was a little anxious would be an understatement. Then I remembered my son, James was at home, CRAP. I was trying to think of all of his friends that he could spend the night with when I blurted out that maybe we could get a motel room for a few hours.

Now I really did not know Ray that well, even though we had gone to school together since we were five years old, it had been twenty years since we had been together and this was actually the first time we had ever been sexual with each other. I did not know his quirks and kinks, nor what a tease he could be, so I did not realize he was pulling my leg. Luckily I did not clap my hands and scream, “Goody, Goody” at the prospect of a HOT night of satisfying three men, so maybe he was still a bit in the dark as to what a cum whore I am.

We drove down Congress, to the Capitol building then back down to Sixth street, where Ray slowly cruised the street, windows still down and me pant less and blouse open. Ray was intent on showing me off, he was too obvious as he drove through the busiest parts of downtown Austin making sure to stop at every light and driving side by side to any truck he could find. Of course I accommodated him by spreading my legs and playing with myself while he drove. It was pretty HOT. The most outrageous was when he pulled up right outside the entrance to Stubbs and there was a steady stream of people going in and coming out. He double-parked under the street light, (he even turned on the dome light) while I finger-fucked my wet pussy, arching my back so much that my pelvis was almost as high as the window. I was going to CUM again as I spanked my clitoris, stopping to pinch it then back to slapping, then two fingers in and out, then grinding three in and out of my CUNT.

A small crowd had gathered around my car as I tried to put on the nastiest show I could. It was perfect, I was so turned on having so many people watching me, and to have Ray sitting there proudly indulging me in one of my many perverted fantasies, it was too much as a thick stream shot out of my pussy up in the air. OMG! I was squirting a MAJOR stream as I pissed and CUM all over my upholstered seats. I did not stop, I leaned back to the console and put my feet up, one on the dash the other on the door, as I opened my legs wide for an unobstructed view of my nasty gash.

Ray drove off just as one of the onlookers reached in and started to finger fuck me. The dude actually stuck his fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking me!

We drove to my apartment and as Ray gathered up my purse, slacks and shoes, I got out of the car, naked, well almost naked as I did have on my open blouse! Ray came around to help me. He was too much, he did not ‘make’ me get dressed, he did not try to hide me in the darkness of the trees or bushes, but instead walked me, arm in arm, to my apartment.

Fumbling with the keys he found the front door key and unlocked the door. I guess Ray had not even thought about my son James being at home and I am sure he did not expect James to have a couple of friends over while his Mom was out on a date. Guess what? James was home, as well as two friends who also live in the apartment complex, playing video games in the living room when I walked in. At least I did attempt to pull my blouse closed as I walked past James and his open-mouthed, gawking friends, slacks in hand, but with my swollen pussy lips, matted pubic hair and my red bare-ass I was sure James would be a hit with his friends.

Now let us jump ahead about three months, Ray and I had a whirlwind courtship and got married in June of ’89, only a couple of months after his trip to Austin.


We had only been married a couple of weeks when a classmate of ours (Ray and I had gone to public school together) spent the weekend with us. Mark lived out of town and had come to help organize a high school reunion. He and I were both on the planning committee and Ray offered to let him stay at our house rather than spend money on a hotel. That evening, after dinner, as we sat in the living room talking and watching television, drinking Margaritas, Mark pulled out a joint and asked if we wanted to get high. Of course I did but Ray did not smoke and so Mark and I went out on the back porch to indulge.

After we came back inside my ‘new’ husband Ray ‘suggested’ I put on something comfortable since I was still wearing my ‘good’ clothes from our earlier alumni meeting. By this time I was feeling pretty good, pretty loose, and the Xanax I had taken had really leveled me out, so I went to the bedroom to change. I had this thin white linen dress that I just loved to wear around the house so I had planned to slip it on, when Ray walked in as I was pulling it over my head and chided me, called me a prude because I still had on my brassiere and panties. This little thin white linen dress is soooo sheer you can easily see right through it, but what the hell if my husband likes to expose his wife who am I to argue?

Mark was more like an acquaintance rather than a friend, someone we had attended school with but we never hung out together. I thought I knew Ray well enough to know he was just going to tease Mark, torture him, knowing full well how HOT it makes me when I get to let people to look at me. Keep in mind, Ray and I had only been married about two weeks and up till then all we had done was flash some strangers, showing a lot of titties and some pussy.

Mark was a nerd, a really smart and nice guy, but not a stud or someone that woman would fantasize about, so when I came back in the living room I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, especially when I sat down on the couch and pulled my feet under me and sat with my legs crossed. My dress was hiked up on my thighs and from where he was sitting not only could he clearly see my nipples through the thin material of the dress but my bare pussy was openly exposed! Then my dear, helpful husband Ray acted like he was looking for the remote control and turned on the track lights lights which was like turning a spot light on me.

The look on Mark’s face was hilarious and it was all I could do to stifle a giggle as Mark stared, wide-eyed, first at my breast then at my pussy, back and forth, up and down!! It was so funny that I wanted to torture him even more as I casually opened my legs wider as I talked to Ray, I was even sensually hunching my cunt very slowly, trying not to be too obvious, but enough that I could feel my pussy lips pull apart as my clitoris swelled out from between my wet lips.

I maneuvered my dress even higher by scooting my ass to the edge of the sofa. I could not believe Ray was letting me be this extreme in front of a schoolmate, a home town boy. The scene was so HOT, and the really funny thing was how the three of us were carrying on a normal conversation like nothing out of the ordinary was happening, talking about school, politics, nervous small talk.

Finally Mark excused himself to use the bathroom and when he stood up I could see he had a VERY distinct bulge, the ‘package’ in his pants was really sticking out! Now I was the one staring as I got to enjoy his reaction to my indecent exposure! As he walked past me on his way to the rest room, he stopped to talk to me as I almost nervously put one hand on my lap.

Holy Crap! Instead of my hand resting on the material of my dress I felt my naked and wet pussy! I had NEVER flashed like this, well at least not someone I knew, someone that knew me, I mean sure when I was much younger, but as I got older I always made sure it was a stranger, not someone that knew everyone in my family!

I tried to not let him know how freaked out I was so I kind of casually began to gently touch my naked cunt, circling my index finger softly around my clitoris, sliding between the fat puffy folds of my labia, rubbing my wetness over me. The hilarious part about this whole surreal scene was that he was still making small talk, telling me about when his dead uncle Claude was a Guthrie postmaster! We were having a ‘normal’ coffee shop type conversation while the whole room ‘dripped’ with SEX.

The whole time Ray was sitting across from me watching, smiling, adding very little to our conversation, but amused at both Mark and me and our stilted, nervous attempt at ignoring the obvious. It was his very subtle nod and equally subtle raising of his hand to his lips and a quick lick of two fingers that I took as a signal. Then to make sure I was clear on what I was ‘supposed’ to do he made a circle with his thumb and index finger and with the other hand slowly inserted his two middle fingers, in and out.

Mark was still standing next to the arm of the sofa, and had not yet made it to the bathroom, no doubt because his eyes were riveted to my crotch as I absent mindedly used my fingers to massage my genitalia. But now Ray wanted more, so still making small talk and not taking my eyes off Mark, I used two fingers to spread my sex open and pinch my throbbing purple love knob while my geeky schoolmate stood next to me, with his own tool throbbing hard in his pants.

I hunched my pelvis forward, arching my back as I moved my hands, my fingers to my wet, wet hole as I slowly worked two fingers inside and began to slowly finger-fuck myself. The small talk ceased and Mark was now speechless, no more trivial BS as I am sure the look on my face, the heavy-lidded, half closed eyes, my lips partially open as I ran the tip of my tongue across them, even my breathing became deeper, heavier as I was now seducing my nervous friend. I knew the look I was giving him was one of pure SEX and desire as I leaned slightly towards him, licking the pussy juice off my fingers.

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Iron Rain Part 11

We stepped out of the car and as we walked to the visitor’s center our feet made that soft crunching sound in the freshly fallen snow. It was early morning in the town of Hammerton Missouri and true to her word the GPS failed about twenty miles from the tiny community and we had to rely upon the directions Morrigan had given us. Akira plucked a brochure from the clear plastic box and opened up the tri-fold advertisement which she noted had last been printed over eight years prior.

“I’m guessing they don’t get a lot of visitors Kouryou,” Akira said with a wry grin.

“Apparently not,” I replied looking around at the snow shrouded buildings and noted the pristine snow and almost perfect silence broken only by the wind and our voices.

“They have a castle,” Akira exclaimed. “Eisermann Castle, a Germanic landmark brought stone by stone from the old country in the late seventeenth century it says.”

“Wow, if I remember right that is like way before the Louisiana Purchase. This just gets stranger and stranger you know,” I said heading back to the car when I saw movement off to my left.

A solitary figure bundled up and fitting her keys into the glass doors of what could only be Stella’s Diner. The door opened and the figure stomped her feet before entering. The door slowly slid closed behind her as one by one the lights came on, and as if by magic other people appeared out of the snow to slowly meander to other store fronts and as we watched the town came alive. With a soft buzz heard over the falling snow the neon lights reminiscent of a bygone time the pink and blue letters came alive ‘Stella’s Diner’.

A few minutes later that same figure who had unlocked the diner approached us holding what appeared to be two steaming cups of coffee.

“You two really should come out of the weather,” the cheery middle aged woman said with a brilliant smile. “Here this’ll warm you up and I know the diner isn’t open yet but if you want to get out of the wind you are more than welcome to have a seat and I’ll get you a bite if you’re hungry?”

“How can we possibly refuse an offer like that?” I told her.

“New England area right, no let me guess Massachusetts?” she asked.

“Got it in one…” I said.

“Stella, just like the diner, and you are young man?”

“I’m Nick Shaw and this is my companion Akira Kusanagi,” I completed our introductions.

“Ooh my, she is a looker, want my advice you should marry that one.” Stella said turning and heading back to her diner.

Sipping our coffee and laughing we followed Stella back to the warm interior of her diner and had a nice home cooked meal. The interior of the diner reminded me of the 1950′s and even that homespun attitude of the kindness to strangers seemed like it stepped right out of that very same bygone generation. If this was the way the rest of the town was I think we were going to enjoy our brief visit. Stella had barely turned the sign from closed to open before the morning rush flowed in they were slammed. The ethnic diversity was nothing short of stunning. It was little New York or something as men, women and children of every conceivable nationality, race and creed filed in and found their seat, booth or spot. We had chosen two stools at the counter to sit in and I waved Stella over for a quick question.

“How’s the meal sweetie?” she asked.

“Great, don’t take offense or anything by this but how big is this town?” I asked.

“No offense taken darling, I think the last census placed us at around fourteen thousand for the town and surrounding farms and factories.”

“Nik!” A shout rose up and I turned to see a man in his late twenties early thirties with dark brown hair and eyes with a look that screamed a keen mind that little escaped his perception.

“Who is that,” Akira asked Stella.

“Oh that’s just Nik Salte our local golden boy he works at the power plant that supplies the town.” She said smiling. “He’s available if you want his number.” She added with a wink.

We finished our meal in silence but couldn’t help but watch the interactive nature of the entire crowd as everyone seemed to find time to say hi to everyone else.

“If you are looking for Quinn, he’s the one in the booth next to tall blonde chap,” Oswald Sebastian Kane said appearing out of the blue and sitting next to me without any warning.

I jumped and he just smiled.

“A little warning next time Oswald,” I said biting back more than a few harsh syllables. “I thought you said you didn’t know where the ring was or who had it.”

“Oh about that I lied, Quinn is old school when it comes to dealing with people. He prefers face to face interactions.”

“Oswald, I suggest the next time you make an appearance you do it with some style and grace,” Akira said behind him with not a little menace in her voice.

“Dear me love I had no idea you were so protective of Nick here,” Oswald said feeling the tip of the Japanese tanto knife pressed discreetly at the base of his spine.

“Keeping him safe is in my job description you might say now let’s not upset these gentle folk shall we?” Akira said moving back to sit next to me with a friendly smile the knife never being seen by a single soul.

“Touchy city folk,” he said and when I turned on him and he saw the deadly seriousness he had aroused his smile faded. “I take it things have gotten serious then?”

“You might say that, there has already been one attempt on my sister’s life,” I told him.

“Ah, then please accept my most sincere apology, had I known I would have handled my entrance less dramatically.”

“Apology accepted, now why the heck did you lie to me, really?” I asked.

“To test your conviction to find the ring, it is not an item easily traced and few knew where it lay.” He said.

“It took me about five minutes to discover who had it and where to find him,” I said with a grin.

“Five minutes…” he began to argue but my next word stopped him dead.


“Oh, hmm that little tart is always in everyone’s business. Not that I mind she is pleasant enough to look at and easy… well friendly too.” Oswald said smiling at the memories.

“Yeah, she gets around… a lot.” Akira said with a roll of the eyes.

“Well if you two are ready I will introduce you to Quinn and Sam,” he offered.

The three of us walked over to the table in the back and the two men sat opposite each other and were as different in appearance as they were in demeanor. Quinn the dark haired man with the fair skin and green eyes was of average height and build and had that rough and tumble look of a man who was all business all the time. Sam on the other hand was well over six foot with broad shoulders and a long mane of wavy blonde hair and eyes so blue they were his most prominent feature easily. Then there was his gentle smile and general air of perpetual relaxation as if all was always well with his world every moment of every day. As we approached both men rose in difference to Akira whom they both looked at with some measure of obvious attraction. Quinn licked his lips as she approached and Sam bowed his head but his gaze seemed fixed on hers.

“Gentlemen, this is Nick Shaw a compatriot and seeker of rare antiquities and this lovely young lady here is Akira Kusanagi, Mistress of the Black Lotus School and Nick’s talented bodyguard.” Oswald said with a slight tip of his head.

Our mutual shock must have been a private joke with the pair at the table because the smiled and Sam actually chuckled at our expense.

“Please do not take offense your secrets are safe with us but Oz does have a rude habit of spying on people when they are unawares,” Sam said in his slow tenor voice.

“Yeah, so I’ve noticed,” I said not amused.

“So Mister Shaw,” Quinn addressed me in his Texan drawl that he still possessed even after being away for if it was to be believed nearly seventy years now. “You have come about my little trinket that belongs to your organization.”

“That is correct,” I replied as they made room for us to sit with them.

Akira sat next to Sam and Oswald and I scrunched in next to Quinn. A fresh pot of coffee was brought over along with three fresh mugs and after it was poured and we were comfortable the haggling began.

“Mr. Shaw,” Quinn began but I interrupted him.

“I prefer Nick, Mr. Shaw sounds like my father.”

“Very well, Nick, what do you know about the ring?” Quinn asked.

“That the owner prior to you was,” I stopped and looked around like some conspirator in a bad spy film. “Well he was a Nephilim.”

“That is and isn’t true,” he replied. “When I cut his head off all those years ago he was a Nephilim and a monster through and through. Though we used the term revenant back then not knowing the nature of the thing we hunted down and killed. I have learned much in my time since then. Anyway the man was born human but was altered by the ring. Not by magic or curses per se but by the ingenious device built into the damnable thing.” He paused and I could see the harsh memory cloud his mind and then he returned to the here and now. “When I took the ring as a trophy of our victory I was ignorant of its real purpose. When the sun had set and full night had fallen only then did the thing wake up and bite me. I say bite but there are a series of needles hidden within the confines of signet and they somehow took a sample of my blood and when I failed to pass as Nephilim it did what it was created to do. It injected me with highly refined and potent Nephilim blood. It only took a few hours for the change to take place and by the next dawn I realized I had become like the beast we had slain except for some reason or another I was unharmed by sunlight. Each night the ring bit me until nothing of my humanity remained. Well that is not entirely true, nothing physically human remained would be more precise a statement. I possessed their hunger and abilities and longevity but I was still well me. I realized that the monster we destroyed was the byproduct of decisions he himself had made and the power had corrupted him utterly. I vowed that I would not become like that poor lost soul I promised myself I would remain true to who I was and so I have.”

“Why does the ring function as it does?” I asked him.

“That is an answer that took me fifty years to discover but you should know if you truly intend upon purchasing the ring. I will tell you all that I know and if some of it you already know please bear with me.” He said and I could see him settle his thoughts. “It was just after the Great Flood and all of the Nephilim were drowned, all but one. Her name is lost to history but those that came after called her the Great Mother. She was the strongest of her race and it was that strength that allowed to her to survive as long as she had. She was dying when he found her and nursed her back to health. He allowed her to feed from him but due to his unique physiology she was unable to change him. Before the flood, victims of the Nephilim became Nephilim themselves but that was about to change. Her beauty and her hunger seduced him and in all they had twelve children, six sons and six daughters. Because of his uniqueness the twelve no longer required humans to reproduce they could do it amongst themselves in the traditional manner. Each child possessed a strong dominant ability which they passed down to their children. The siblings formed a single clan and wanting all the traits to survive they bore offspring with each other until they were sure the race as a whole would last. But the Great Mother was not satisfied with that she begged a boon from her lover and it was he who took her blood and stolen knowledge and fashioned the ring to ensure that no matter what that the Nephilim would survive.”

“What madman would do such a thing,” I asked.

“I don’t know his name only that it was he who founded the Silver Twilight,” Quinn said and fell silent.

“It makes a sick sense now,” I said. “He created the lodge to help mankind against the plague he had created. He was the only one who could see far enough ahead to lay the ground work for humanities survival. But I still don’t understand my part in all of this.”

“I think you are over thinking things Nick,” Sam said in his easy going manner.

“I don’t doubt that at all,” I said. “What is your take on this?”

“I believe from everything that Oz has told us about you and your unusual birth and all the obvious manipulation involved.” He stopped and looked at everyone then continued. “You are the anti-venom Nick. If you believe the Nephilim are a sickness then you are the cure don’t you see? He has taken his own children over untold generations and has been trying to recreate whatever it is that is unique to him. You are that endgame, that solution to the Nephilim. Not to kill them but to breed with one or more of them and cure them. Your children will not have the hunger; your children will finish what he started all those centuries ago.”

The silence that fell was profound. I let my head drop and stared at the table’s surface but not seeing it really. Sam’s words had struck me to my core and I knew he was right. Down to my very soul I knew that was what he had wanted all along. Safe within the brotherhood of the Silver Twilight and with enough influence to nudge things along my children would provide the final link to end the negative impact the Nephilim had and who knows how many generations it would take but there was hope for something better, something greater to rise from all of this.

The others chatted but my mind was far away and I wondered at the thoughts of trying to find a Nephilim to have children with. This wasn’t going to be easy unless a deep seated suspicion proved to be true. Even that hope was a two edged sword and there would be emotional fall out either way.

“Kouryou, we are going to Quinn’s shop are you okay?” Akira asked and I nodded shaking off the last bit of the mental fog.

“Yeah, let’s go.” I told her.

A block off Main Street one could barely make out the tiny bit of the blue overhang under the inches of freshly fallen snow. As we drew nearer I could make out the flowing gold script that told us we have nearly arrived at Quinn’s Emporium. It was a two story stone edifice done in turn of the century style with one large window allowing an easy view of the rows and rows of shelves and cabinets and one smaller window that showed the sales counter and the antique cash register the shown with its polished copper exterior. Between them a stout oaken door that would deter the most determined thief. Quinn approached the door as he fished out his keys and as he grabbed the door knob to unlock the store it turned in his hand and he just smiled and shook his head.

“Silly me I forgot to lock up last night,” Quinn said and Sam chuckled behind him as we all filed into the chilly interior of the shop.

Sam moved directly to the western wall of the store where an ancient hearth stood and with a little kindling and a wooden match the fire was soon going. A few minutes’ later logs were added and warmth radiated from the fireplace. Quinn started a pot of coffee as Oz turned on a few overhead lights. Just beyond the counter along the eastern wall were four comfy leather couches and it was here that we migrated to, to discuss the ring’s price.

“So knowing everything you do about the ring do you still want it?” Quinn asked as Akira meandered among the shelves and cabinets oohing and ahing.

“More so now that I know what the damn thing does, I intend on destroying it.” I told them.

“Good luck,” Sam said. “We have tried many times over the years.”

“What do you have in mind for your first attempt?” Quinn asked curious as hell.

“My company is developing a new Solar Furnace as a power source and also for manufacturing purposes. We expect to generate some four thousand degrees Celsius. If it proves successful we are going to create an entire branch devoted to solar power research,” I said.

“So you are going to use focused sunlight to melt it?” Sam asked and I nodded. “Have to admit we have not tried that.”

“That won’t fit in the museum,” Quinn said grinning.

“Museum, you have a museum,” I asked.

“Yeah, there is a room in the basement that is dedicated to all the attempts to get rid of the ring.” Quinn said smiling sadly. “They range from brute force to the sublime, care to see it so you know what lengths we have already gone through and you can check those off your list?”

“I am curious to see what you’ve tried so far…” I began but Akira’s voice completely derailed that thought.

“OOH PRETTY,” She was bent over a glass case and staring intently at something.

“Bet it’s the matching bracelets,” Sam said offering a crisp one hundred dollar bill.

“I am thinking it’s the earrings,” Quinn said shaking his hand.

All three of us stopped dead in our tracks seeing that Akira had shed her heavy winter coat and was down to her short skirt, tight black sweater and leather boots. Her skirt was just barely covering her round ass cheeks in her current position.

“Dddamn,” I whispered.

“I second that,” Quinn added.

“The motion is carried,” Sam said smiling.

Akira without standing up turned her head and looked at us and just shook her head and smile.

“Boys… Nick, how much do you love me?” she asked licking her lips.

“A lot,” I managed.

“Good be a dear and buy me the bracelets and earrings and I will love you forever and ever.”

“Looks like we are finding a bed and breakfast eh?” I asked and she nodded.

I walked over and stood next to her and saw the items she was looking at and raised an eyebrow at the shiny violet metal bracelets with the queer designs etched into them. Then she pointed to the sparkling dangly earrings with the dark gems set into them.

“You certainly have interesting taste Akira,” I told her.

“MMMMMM, I’ve seen those characters before,” she whispered to me. “Where did you get these bracelets from?”

“Mmm those are from the Amazon River Basin somewhere, Jon wasn’t specific in his letter, why?” Quinn asked.

“The pattern looks vaguely familiar is all,” she lied.

“Perhaps it reminds you of the black obelisk in the courtyard of the Black Lotus School?” Sam asked nicely.

“MMMMM perhaps,” Akira said knowing she was busted. “How does a man know what the Black Lotus School courtyard looks like?”

“I dated a student once,” he said smiling.

“Dated,” Akira said standing up and looking at him as she walked up to him.

“Well maybe that’s a nice word for an on again off again affair,” he grinned.

“Hmm,” she said her hands moving like a blur and grabbing his hands. “Aha, you have the Marks! She taught you, didn’t she?”

“Yes and no,” Sam said.

Instinctively I took a step backward and Sam’s fist shot out missing my nose by inches.

“Naughty, naughty you’ve been teaching Nick,” Sam said.

“I can’t be there all the time,” Akira said smiling. “Now how much for the lot?”

“You mean the bracelets and the earrings?” Quinn asked.

“You forgot the ring,” Akira said beginning the haggling in truth.

“Ah, well let me think… friend’s discount and first time purchase plus sales tax… I think an even hundred thousand should cover it.” He said.

“Pay the man,” Akira said with a brilliant smile.

“That was some harsh negotiations,” I said. “Where’s the nearest bank I can wire transfer the money to your account.”

“I’ll take a check,” Quinn said. “I mean you are the President and CEO of Numenor Technology right? I trust you, besides Oz can find you if the check bounces… like that’s going to happen.”

“Speaking of Oz, where the hell is he?” I asked and saw a strange expression on Akira’s face and if I didn’t know better she had that freshly fucked look.

“He just left,” she said a little out of breath.

“Okay, now let me write out that check and we can go see this museum of yours,” I said still puzzled over whatever it was that I missed.

So as I took out my check book and we walked up to the front Akira availed herself of the ladies room and with a final shrug figured she would or wouldn’t explain to me what the fuck just happened. The jewelry was placed in an appropriate box and before we headed downstairs I took a good long look at the ring and it was indeed a thing of beauty. The metal was dark gray yet bright catching the light from above nicely and the stones that been carved in the shapes of the swords and the eye were so dark they appeared black except under a full bright illumination and then they glowed like flowing blood. I didn’t touch it I just turned the box this way and that so that I could see it from all sides. Then with a pinching gesture the box snapped shut. We headed downstairs and it was just Quinn, Sam and me; Akira was still occupied in the ladies room and I suspected I knew why… round two.

The basement was an attempt at controlled chaos and that the unopened crates lay neatly stacked in one corner of the unfinished level. While the opened crates that had not yet been processed were in another corner in some sort of system I guessed. Last were the empty crates that took up the last corner and it was this that appeared to be nothing more than a leaning pile that would and could come crashing down at any minute. We must have passed under the bathroom for there were the soft but unmistakable grunts coming from Akira.

“UNNN UNNNN UNNNN…” she was moaning for all she was worth.

“Well that answers where Oz got off to,” I said and the other two just smiled.

“Doesn’t it bother you that she is… well with Oz?” Sam asked genuinely concerned.

“Nah, she’s a big girl and it isn’t like we are exclusive,” I told him.

“Ah, well I am sorry I pried,” Sam replied a little saddened.

“No harm, no foul,” I told him and we continued on to the single door unremarkable in every way and yet I felt that what lay beyond was anything but.

There was no lock and the door wouldn’t withstand much punishment and yet there was a sense of privacy and something subtle that kept the curious away. The entire display began in the middle of the room and spiraled out from there in chronological order. At the very center at first glance an ancient hammer dating back to the late nineteenth century but the distinct impression in the business end of it was obvious to all; there inset into the head of the hammer a perfect impression of the Bloodstone Ring. Then there was an anvil and a larger hammer and the subtle but definite progression of heavier and heavier objects stopped and a more intelligent tack became apparent. Now there were crucibles and attempt to melt the thing but that failed as well. Then there was a most beautiful and disturbing thing off on one side of the wall. The long bar of metal that became more and more slender as it rose from the dull irregular base of lightning glass that held it up.

“It suffered a direct lightning strike?” I asked.

“Yep, that’s when I realized this was going to be a very long process,” Quinn said softly.

This was followed by various containers of acids and other chemicals. One of his last attempts surprised even me.

“Thermite really,” I said amazed.

“Yeah saw it on a TV show and decided to give it a try; it was one of the more entertaining attempts I can tell you.”

“Tell him about Hawaii,” Sam said with a giggle.

“Oh yeah,” he said laughing. “I heard there was an eruption so we booked a flight and managed to convince one of the volcanologists to allow us to use two of their suits for a half hour after a healthy contribution to their research of course. We placed the ring on a rod and dipped it onto the lava. Then we poured cold water over it hoping the extreme temperature change might do the trick but it didn’t. It was difficult trying to explain how the ring survived to the on looking scientist but we just said… sorry wrong volcano and we walked away. Man the look on his face was fucking priceless.”

“Yeah I wish I could have been there,” I said then I saw it. “Is that a submarine?”

“Funny story that,” Sam actually spoke up this time. “Nik Salte, you saw him at the diner, well he was contacted by an underwater research group to develop a small power plant for a submarine. We were able to convince them to take along an experiment of the effects of water pressure on a new alloy we were supposedly developing. We built this box with wickedly reinforced sides that would hold up to about four atmospheres of pressure before it failed. Inside the box was the ring of course. They lowered it to the bottom of a deep trench where the box failed and when they brought it up it was squished and the ring had almost fallen out but it was none the worse for wear.”

“How did you explain the ring,” I asked.

“We just told them it was the ring all along that was crafted from the alloy and they pronounced it a huge success,” Sam finished the story with a big grin.

“Wow, it looks like I really do have my job cut out for me,” I said thinking out loud. “I’ll look at it as a project that will keep me amused for a while.”

“Good luck, I’m glad it isn’t my problem anymore,” Quinn said as he led us out of the museum and we all looked up and heard that the noise from the first floor had ceased. “Well looks like she is ready to leave now.”

“Yep,” I said smiling. “If you guys ever come across anything interesting you know where to find me.”

“Will do, I will give Jaime a call and tell her she has guests and she can get a room ready for you two.” Quinn offered.

“That’ll be great; of course we didn’t plan on staying we may have to do some clothes shopping especially her.” I said with a look of exasperation.

As we made our way towards the counter the door to the ladies bathroom opened and Akira stepped out followed by Oz. Akira was completely and utterly disheveled and Oz looked very pleased with himself as he tucked in his shirt and zipped his fly. Akira walked over and it appeared she was almost drunk. Then I spied the droplets of blood by her mouth and my long held suspicion had been proven without a shadow of a doubt. Akira Kusanagi, Majestrix of the Sisterhood, was a Nephilim and surprisingly I found that I was quite comfortable with that. I walked over and guided her back into the bathroom with words to the effect of…

“You need to put yourself back together before we step outside into the cold sweetness,” I whispered in her ear. “You have been keeping a secret from me and we will talk at the bed and breakfast.”

The expression of pain and sorrow on her face cut me to the quick but I managed a smile as I closed the door after her. I could hear her crying in the bathroom and knew that going in would only make things worse. I had two cups of coffee and the three of us sat on the couch waiting for her to reemerge but Oz had left the minute he was finished with her. He and I were going to talk about that. After what seemed like forever the door opened and she stepped out her clothing as impeccable as I expected her to be and no sign whatsoever of her drunken state.

“I just wanted to apologize to all of you,” she said and bowed low.

“We need to go clothes shopping for our stay here in town,” I told her.

“Staying? Why are we staying Kouryou?” She asked.

“Call it a gut instinct,” I said. “There are people and things I would like to see while I am here and it may take a day or two.”

Quinn told us he had talked to the manager at the nicest bed and breakfast in town Jaime La Chance and we had a room set aside for as long as we needed. We said our goodbyes and it wasn’t hard finding the stores we wanted so we could get enough clothes for the duration. When I picked out some lingerie for Akira she knew that things were still good between us and that nothing had changed.

“Kouryou…” she began but I touched my finger to her lips and she instantly fell silent.

“No words are necessary,” I said softly.

Eisermann’s Daguerreotypes:

It was close to noon by the time our little shopping trip and self guided tour of the small town was complete. The snow had stopped and I finally got a good look at the town and was amazed on so many levels and wondered how it had managed to stay under the radar as it obviously had. There were no power lines or telephone poles anywhere in town and that could mean only one thing all the utilities were buried beneath the town. The layout of the town was so perfect it was as if the founders had laid out the streets and all the possible expansions ahead of time but that is highly unlikely, wasn’t it? I was sure a bird’s eye view of the town would be like a piece of graph paper taking into consideration the lay of the land and the steady slope from the eastern side of the town up to the higher elevation to the west and the mountains.

Akira and I drove to the bed and breakfast and deposited our purchases and my briefcase in the room.

“Would you like a fashion show Kouryou,” Akira purred and as I sat on the kings sized bed I gave her the nod.

She began with the more conservative clothing she had bought first there was nothing here that would raise a single eyebrow while we were in town. Then she slipped into the first piece of lingerie that was black stockings, a garter belt and a smile. I smiled and then she returned wearing bright red mesh stockings, and a t-bar and bustier of the same shade of scarlet. Her last outfit was something straight out of young man’s wet dream. Akira was wearing what could only be described as the epitome of the Japanese Schoolgirl’s Uniform down to the pigtails, super short skirt and Patten leather shoes with knee socks. Smiling she lifted up the short skirt revealing a freshly shaved pussy and I could see that she was eager to make up with me about her indiscretion at Quinn’s.

“I like, be a dear and get me my briefcase,” I asked her.

Smiling she walked over and bent over letting the skirt ride all the way up until her pussy and puckered anus were visible. Then she slowly stood up and walked it over to me.

“Wait,” she said confused. “When did you get a briefcase?”

“I was wondering when you were going to notice,” I said smiling. “Now be a love and turn around and grab your ankles.”

Smiling Akira eagerly followed my directions and faced away from me and bent over and grabbed her ankles. I opened the briefcase and retrieved the bottle of lube and put a dot on my index finger and wondered if it would perform as the product claimed. I began with her clit and slit and applied the lube liberally.

“MMMMMMM Kouryou what is thattttttttttttttttt OH MY GOD!” she moaned and bit her lip as I blew on her sex.

“It’s supposed to make you more sensitive does it work,” I asked.

She could only whimper in response.

“Good, well if a little is good more is better,” I said as I applied the lube to her tight little asshole.

“UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” she moaned/growled as I began fingering her ass.

“Just testing, says it lasts for about an hour that should be long enough,” I said smiling as I took the toy from the briefcase.

It was a small vibrator the color of deep sapphire; it had two independent motors that could stimulate her pussy or ass with different sensations at the same time. I eased the U-shaped toy into both of her holes and she nearly came and it wasn’t even on yet. I cleaned my fingers and capped the bottle of lube and slipped it into my pocket, just in case. Then I took out the replacement watch that Jesse had sent to take the place of the one he had fragged onboard the Numenor. It took mere seconds before I was able to access the toy through the watch, perfect. With a touch the toy came to life and Akira’s cry of pleasure echoed off the walls.

“That’ll work,” I said smiling. “Now get dressed and put on something presentable to meet the mayor. We are having a late lunch with him in less than an hour.”

“Kouryou,” she asked. “Not with the toy up inside of me?”

“Yep,” I grinned savagely. “I want to see you squirm a little is all and it isn’t like you aren’t going to enjoy yourself.”

“Master is cruel,” she said pouting.

“Cruel would be teasing you with the toy all day and not fucking you afterwards.”

“Oh… in that case… NNNNNNNNNNNNNNick!!!!!” she shouted as I tripled the pulse pattern’s strength without warning in both her holes sending her orgasm crashing over her dropping Akira to her knees.

“Now get dressed or I will have to leave you behind,” I said changing to a nice suit I had purchased for just this occasion.

“I don’t remember us being invited,” she said as she quickly stripped down and but on a nice long skirt, blouse and matching jacket.

“Sam came by while you were in the changing room at the lingerie store.”

“Are you angry with me Master,” she asked as she touched up her makeup.

“Not at all, I saw the toy and lube when we walked into the store and I decided right then and there to get your juices going with a nice new toy.” I told her as I adjusted the pleasure to a more tolerable level… for now. “I do have one question though, how the hell did Oz fuck you at Quinn’s without us seeing?”

“Have you ever heard of Inpo,” Akira asked smiling remembering the feeling of her skirt being lifted up by unseen hands and a hard cock sliding into her pussy from behind as she was bent over looking at one of the displays.

“Sure I have and any other number of mythical martial art techniques, like Kaiajitsu,” I told her.

“Well as it happens both of them exist and Oswald Sebastian Kane has somehow mastered Inpo,” she said shivering remembering his voice telling her to bend over the glass display case in front of everyone while he drilled her pussy hard and fast.

“You are telling me that he can make himself invisible, really?”

“It is not magic it is the art of knowing where a person’s blind spots are. Your vision is flawed you have to learn to rely on your other senses.”

“I don’t…” but even as I said it she looked at me intently and side stepped disappearing from my line of sight. “…what the fuck!”

However the minute I turned my head she reappeared but had proved her point.

“You can do it? How long have you known he could?” I was rambling.

“I suspected he was using some sort of stealth technique but I didn’t know what or how much he had mastered it until today,” she said with a pleasant shiver.

“I have been totally schooled,” I told her. “And you say that Kaiajitsu is real too?”

“Have you ever heard of an opera singer breaking a glass with her voice,” she asked and I nodded. “It’s the same principal but with someone who has strong Ki skills you can utilize your voice for any number of effects. When a woman alters her voice to that sexy tone that is a very basic modulation now imagine someone who has spent years honing that skill alone. She could make you climax just by talking to you.”

“That sounds like the legends of the Sirens,” I said and she nodded.

“Much of myth has a basis in truth. I have heard of masters who can shatter stone, bone, even internal organs by the power of their voice alone.”

“Whoa… that would be so cool, but it isn’t like there are Kaiajitsu masters roaming the Midwest looking for students.”

“You’d have more luck with the Inpo Kouryou,” she said and smiled that dreamy little smile of hers.

“Just so I could fuck you in public and no one could see me?” and her purr was all the answer I needed. “I have to talk to Oz about this Inpo thing it seems.”

The mayor’s car picked us up at the bed and breakfast and we enjoyed the scenic route up the modestly steep climb up into the foothills of the mountains. Our path was one long half moon that took us to a spot that overlooked the majority of the town and a scenic view of the rest of the mountain valley.

“How the hell did they do it,” I muttered out loud.

“Kouryou,” Akira whimpered in response. “I don’t understand how did they do what?”

“How did they manage to move a castle stone by stone from Europe all the way up here,” I asked again.

“MMMMMMM,” she moaned softly her eyes half closed. “Determination, I would guess sheer willful determination.”

Her body shook suddenly as if from a deep chill but we both knew better. Akira opened her eyes all the way now and pursed her lips then with another smaller shiver she bit her lip as another smaller orgasm gripped her so soon after the first one.

“Enjoying the ride,” I asked and she could only nod. “Good, I don’t suppose we need to reapply your ointment do we?”

She shook her head vigorously and I couldn’t help but smile. The car came to a halt parked on the west side of the castle and the driver came out and around to open our door for us. We stepped out and I couldn’t help but gasp at the overwhelming beauty of the vista before us. The snow covered landscape that could have graced any art museum with its sweeping elevation from the distant eastern edge of the valley to the western foothills of the surrounding mountains. South lay the town proper and beyond that what appeared to be a small cluster of redwood trees climbing high above everything else in their ancient majesty!

“Wow,” I whispered lost in the beauty around me.

“Wow indeed Nick,” a cultured voice said and I looked up to see the middle aged mayor of Hammerton Augustus Eisermann. “You don’t mind if I call you Nick?”

“No I prefer Nick to Mr. Shaw much less formal, if you don’t mind my asking those trees over there…” I didn’t even have to point them out.

“Yes, we call them the Sentinel Trees but if you want to see them I can give Mary Stone a call and she would gladly give you a tour. The trees are on her land you see but we all lay claim to them in some way or another.”

“Who could blame you,” I said. “I was surprised when Sam stopped by the store and told me you wanted to meet. But I am glad you did if only for the view.”

“If you want a view of the valley,” he said and pointed twenty feet up on the southern wall was a sheltered balcony. “The dining room provides a stunning outlook so if you don’t mind we can move inside, warm up and chat a bit.”

We followed the mayor inside and up to the dining room and despite his salt and pepper hair he managed to two flights of stairs easily. The castle’s dark stone was everywhere in various stages of rough and polish. I had played any number of role playing games over the years but this place by its very nature redefined for me the word castle. This place could resist a siege and was the dark stone bastion of the valley. The furnishings and decorations covered hundreds of years of the Eisermann family occupation and I wondered what drove his distant ancestor to move this beast from Europe to the ‘New World’.

The dining room was vast with huge vaulted ceilings and a massive hearth that you could imagine entire trees fed to its blazing belly. I took off my coat and one of the many servants who worked for the mayor was there to take it from me and offer a glass of a deep blue beverage that smelled fruity yet I suspected it was not grape juice.

“It’s ice wine Nick and if you have the time, tomorrow is the Ice Wine Festival here in our tiny little haven,” the mayor’s deep voice filled the room.

I took a tentative sip and though I wasn’t a wine drinker by nature it was excellent!

“I’ll take two cases,” I said smiling thinking of Petra.

“Consider them a gift then,” he replied. “Plus I have a rather nice bottle I will send home with you for a special occasion.”

“Thank you for your generosity,” I said as we made our way to the end of the long table and the seats closest to the balcony.

“I hope you enjoy lunch everything on the table is from town either grown or raised.”

“I brought my appetite,” I said and he looked over at the silent Akira. “She is the quiet type.” I explained seeing the half lidded eyes and knew she was close to another climax.

“You must be the lovely Akira Kusanagi,” the mayor said offering her his hand.

“I must be,” she said dreamily. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Mayor.”

“Pfft,” he made a derisive noise. “Call me August and consider yourself at home while you are here.”

“And you can call me Celeste,” another voice broke the moment as a stunning young woman with raven black hair that almost glowed with sapphire highlights strode into the room wearing only a bathrobe.

She walked straight up to me and stopped as we shook hands and eyed each other appraisingly. Celeste had the face of a green eyed angel but the flame that flickered in their depths was hell fire I had no doubt.

“A pleasure to meet you Celeste,” I said noticing the way she gripped my hand. “You fence?”

“Sherlock fucking Holmes,” she blurted out.

“Celeste,” the mayor roared.

“Sorry daddy,” she said breaking eye contact and looking over at him in genuine distress. “I am sorry Nick I have a sailor’s vocabulary sometimes.”

“Daddy eh,” I said smiling and letting go of her hand. “You make some gorgeous babies August.”

“Thanks, you should have seen her mother,” he said softly.

“I am sorry, I didn’t realize,” I began to apologize but he waved me off.

“No, she’s not dead just moved on.” He explained.

“Oh, well perhaps we should wait while Celeste changes and I can get a good look from the balcony,” I offered.

“Ummm,” Celeste said and then I saw the wheels moving. “Be right back.”

She stalked off and I looked at the mayor and he just smiled.

“She was going to change right,” I said and he just smiled even more.

“No, Celeste has a particular lack of modesty and I have myself to blame for that.”

“I hope I didn’t offend her, I don’t want to start things off with upsetting anyone here,” I explained.

“No, I think she needs to learn that the outside world actually wears clothes despite my best attempts she disagrees.” August said motioning for us to follow him out onto the balcony.

“Beautiful,” Akira whispered. “This is a view that I could never get tired of seeing.”

“I never have,” August said with no little pride. “Each season is an entirely new beauty to behold.”

“I’m a city kid and well this is just breathtaking, thank you August,” I told him.

“I am so very glad you are enjoying your time in our little town Nick,” he said with genuine fondness.

I walked over to the right side of the balcony for a better look at the Sentinel Trees and felt the strangest ‘sensation’. It was like an itchy buzzing in my head and the closer I got to the far right side of the balcony the louder it got. The itch became a need, the need a compulsion and before I knew what I was doing I had squatted down and ran my hand along the inner wall until with a near physical jolt my hand touched a smooth polished brick identical to the others. With a little testing that single stone slid towards me and behind it… I reached in and my fingers closed around the softest of silks and I gently brought out my discovery. I returned the stone to its rightful place and stood up.

“I am so sorry,” I said as I turned to face August but he had an expression that was a mixture of wonder and joy. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“No harm done my boy no harm at all,” he was smiling now, no it was more than that he was absolutely bursting at the seams. “What is it that you’ve found?”

Behind him stood Akira in her dreamy orgasmic fog and next to her was Celeste in jeans and a black silk blouse that clung to her hard nipples enticingly and she was barefoot despite the cold. Celeste was looking at me with a look that bordered on pain and disappointment. I looked down at my hand then and saw the ornately stitched cloth of blue and gold. I reached down and gently pulled the cloth away to reveal a clear flawless gem that sparkled with an almost inner light. When I turned it in my hand the stone seemed to shift from clear to an icy blue to a sapphire hue that was so dark it was nearly black. I looked back up and even Akira was now staring intently at the thumb sized jewel.

“Go ahead touch it,” August said and I nodded.

I took my index finger and slowly, tentatively touched the stone in the palm of my hand and the effect was sudden, not completely unpleasant but much unexpected. The sensation was similar if much briefer to the cleansing ritual Akira and I had performed. The jolt seemed to knock loose all the negativity I had picked up since that night.

“Whoa,” I muttered.

“Yes,” August was standing next to me now. “It’s called a Shintai I found it on my travels, I wasn’t always a mayor. There are places where falling stars have struck the earth that are very sacred, very sacred indeed. Some leave just a whisper of their impact while others leave scars that will never heal.”

“The ocean, when the GPS went out…” I muttered covering the gem again. “…we lost all our bearings and she said we were near a large impact site but I didn’t know what she meant, until now. Shintai… that’s Japanese for ‘god body’, a sacred vessel for the divine.”

“Very good,” August seemed to be so very pleased how things were progressing.

I began to hand over the cloth covered stone when August touched my fist and shook his head.

“Finders… Keepers…” he said smiling. “Besides it’ll help keep your Ki cleansed.”

“Then why hide it,” I asked but even before I finished asking it I knew that answer, “Unless you were waiting for someone to find it?”

“And find it you did my boy, find it you did,” August said slapping me on the back and leading me and the others back inside. “It works best when worn against the skin and I have just the thing.”

He motioned and with no attempt to hide her disappointment Celeste reached behind her neck and unclasped a cunningly wrought silver chain and hanging on the chain was a queer looking pendent. The design was of three concentric circles bisected by a single line that ran from the central circle upwards to the outer most one. It appeared to be made of sterling silver until Celeste hung it around my neck and fixed the chain’s clasp and I felt the weight of the thing. August took the stone from my hand and settled it into the hub at the center of the design and like iron and a magnet it stuck there without any apparent means.

“There reunited at long last,” August said and Celeste found her seat and pouted as the charm was slipped beneath my shirt and hung near my heart.

“It is obvious that Celeste had her heart set on finding the stone,” I began but August shook his head.

“Celeste has had much handed to her already some things are meant for others and she must accept that fact graciously,” he said taking his seat.

I sat opposite Celeste and Akira sat next to me and lunch was served. I was starved and we ate in apparent silence though I was catching some sort of exchange between Celeste and Akira and it was not going well. I glanced at August and he seemed off in his own little world and decided not to interrupt his daydream. When dessert was brought the silence was broken at long last and the mayor offered us a chance to stay at the castle but I didn’t think that was a good idea.

“If you want to stay here for the night you can accompany me to the Ice Wine Festival tomorrow as my guests,” he said smiling.

“That would be great,” I began and looked at Celeste, then Akira and then back at him. “But I am not sure that would be a wise decision on our part, I am sorry.”

“I understand completely,” he said grinning. “That sort of tension is unhealthy in the best of situations.”

The girls looked at me and then the mayor and then the open hostility became apparent. Akira offered me a brilliant smile and a gentle squeeze on my thigh. Celeste looked about ready to burst but said nothing.

“I would like to attend the festival though,” I said returning Akira’s squeeze.

“Excellent, I will send my car around say eight o’clock and we can break our fast together?”

“We would be delighted to share another meal with you and Celeste,” I said. “I don’t suppose we could get the grand tour of your lovely home?”

“Celeste would be delighted to walk you around; I sadly have preparations for tomorrow to finish hammering out.” He said as he stood and we all rose to our feet and he departed out a door in the eastern wall and Celeste smiled and began our tour with the dining room.

The castle was massive and had quite a bit of history even before it arrived in the New World. There were tapestries and oil paintings of Eisermann’s long dead decorating the rooms and corridors. There were also old photographs or daguerreotypes of the family from turn of last century. But there were also landscape photos that were more than a little disturbing. There was one of a graveyard so ancient that the stones were bunched up one on top the other and there appeared to be a weathered gargoyle seated atop a grave stone with an evil leer as if an artisan had carved it simply to be photographed. Another and the most unsettling of the lot was a flooded city of great dark stone and every edifice was covered in algae and choked with fungus and weeds but it was the sheer size it conveyed that was overwhelming. It appeared as if some great upheaval had vomited the damned thing out of the darkest stygian depths the ocean possessed. I prayed it was some trick of lighting and double exposure for if such a place existed upon the earth or beneath the sea I would never know a moment’s peace.

“South Pacific 1917, if grandpa is to be believed,” Celeste said leaning in close to explain the photo and I could take in her scent a mix of musk and lavender.

“And this one,” I said pointing to the gargoyle in the graveyard enjoying the smell of a bitch in heat.

“Outskirts of Hamburg Germany 1915, it was taken during the Winter Solstice if I remember right.”

“Did he have the gargoyle carved for the photo,” I asked.

“There’s no gargoyle in that photo,” Celeste said leaning closer still her nipples brushing up against my arm.

“Of course there is its right…” I began to say but stopped and gazed stymied at the lack of the grinning thing in the photo. “Maybe it was another picture?”

“I can tell you now that there is no gargoyle in any of these photos,” she said. “Could have been a trick of the light.” She offered.

“Maybe,” I said then I saw the last photo and it chilled me to the core. “The Black Pyramid…”

“Oh you’ve seen this photo before,” Celeste said smiling. “It’s my favorite. Grandpa said he took it after a freak storm near the Bahamas blew his ship off course and this was on top of a mountain on a tropical island of all places. Wow what an imagination he had.”

“You didn’t believe him,” Akira spoke up at last.

“Not in the least, I loved him to death up to the day he died. But really an entire island with a black pyramid in the Bahamas… you don’t think it exists? Most of these are camera tricks with models or something. Do you really think something as terrible as that,” she pointed to the flooded city, “could possibly be real? You’d have to be delusional.”

“I agree that city couldn’t possibly exist.” I told her as she took my arm and we concluded our tour of the castle.

Later as the mayor’s car waited outside Celeste seemed generally distressed at our leaving and I wasn’t sure if it was the sexual tension between her and me or the rivalry between her and Akira.

“I am sorry I am the reason you aren’t staying,” Celeste said with genuine sorrow in her voice but that didn’t tell me why.

“We will be back in the morning for breakfast and then there will be the festival,” I said trying to read her body language and facial expressions.

“Good, I’d hate to think that I had spoiled your visit,” she replied as Akira stood stock still and stoic beside me.

“You are too hard on yourself, besides we can still be friends right,” I asked and saw the knee jerk reaction of a girl that wanted to be much more than friends and she hid it poorly.

Her father had said that she was spoiled rotten, maybe not in those words but the message had been loud and clear. Celeste was not used to getting what she wanted and maybe this would be a good lesson for her. She bit her lip and looked at me with an expression of barely contained lust but I ignored her and I turned to go. I heard the softest of whimpers as Akira and I walked to the car and Celeste stomped her foot and headed back into the interior of the castle.

“Master is wise to leave that one alone,” Akira whispered in my ear as the car door was opened and we slipped into the back seat.

“You don’t really believe she’s given up do you,” I asked and Akira shook her head. “Me either she will come up with some way of getting me alone.”

“You’re not going to partake of that forbidden fruit are you,” Akira asked smiling now and pulling up her skirt showing me her drenched pussy and the toy buried in both her holes.

“MMMMMMMMMMM,” I said licking my lips. “No, it would be too weird after I have already fucked her mother.”

“I don’t recall the mayor ever mentioning Celeste’s mother’s name,” Akira said.

“He didn’t, just imagine her a little older with blue eyes instead of green and tell me who she reminds you of.”

“NO…” Akira said grinning. “That is just coincidence isn’t it?”

“I don’t think so, now be a good little slut and lower your skirt. We wouldn’t want the driver having an accident staring at that soaked pussy of yours.”

“Yes Master, she does look like Cyan Michaels doesn’t she?”

“Yes she does, and it would be wrong on so many levels to sleep with mother and daughter,” I said getting rock hard thinking about it.

“But that would definitely be a notch off your bucket list,” she said smiling wickedly.

“It isn’t always about the sex,” I said.

“Oh you fucking liar, it is ALWAYS about the sex,” she said licking her lips. “You just don’t want to admit tagging both of them would feel good.”

“Am I that transparent?” I asked.

“No, all men are that transparent, not just you.”

“Well, at least I am not alone,” I said smirking.

The rest of the drive back to the bed and breakfast was done in silence but the sexual tension just built and built. Akira’s smoldering looks and me adjusting the toy pleasuring her to a new height of stimulation just being the tip of the iceberg. When the car dropped us off we didn’t quite race to the room but we didn’t walk either. What happened next was thrilling and memorable and so very out of character with Akira that at first she took me completely off guard. The door to the room closed and things happened so quickly after that. First she tore off the skirt and sent buttons flying and actually broke the zipper. Next she tore the toy from between her legs and sent it in the general direction of the skirt. Then she was tearing off my clothes with her teeth and fingers. I am glad I bought more than one set of nice clothes to wear. Once naked she looked me up and down and smiled displaying her canines which had extended to wickedly sharp points revealing at long last her Nephilim nature. She removed the rest of her clothing and pulled me to her pressing her tits and pussy to me as her mouth descended relentlessly towards my neck.

“You need to choose a safe word now lover,” she was panting at holding back. “So that I know when you are afraid I will harm you and I can try and stop.”

She put a lot of emphasis on the word try.

“Numenor,” I moaned as she rubbed her slick sex over mine.

“Okay Numenor it is,” then without any word of warning she bit me and drove me deep inside of her at the same instant.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” I moaned for it was so sudden and the pleasure so intense I could form no coherent thoughts.

I could actually feel the pulse in my neck and her needlelike teeth as they extracted what she needed and all too soon it was over. Like some feral cat she was licking my neck and what little pain there had been vanished like smoke only to be replaced by the pleasure of her driving her hips forward impaling herself over and over again. In the fugue of her drinking from me she had managed to lift her left leg up and over my shoulder and this allowed for deeper penetration and perfect access to her tight wet slit.

“MMMMMMMMM, I’m not done yet lover,” she growled in my ear. “I have had little sips of you since our time together began but things are just getting started.”

“I can’t wait,” it was me purring this time feeling the intoxicating sensation of her ‘kiss’.

“Good, now be a lamb and hammer my pussy like I know only you can,” she moaned.

“MMMMMMMMMM,” I growled feeling the passion awake in me like molten heat between my legs. “Here we go.”

I grabbed her and lifted her up and tossed her lightly onto the bed where she landed on her back. I stalked over and spun her onto her belly and positioned her ass right at the edge of the bed. Even as I lined up the head of my cock with her pussy Akira lowered her head and tits to the bed and raised her ass up as high as it could go. The tip slid in, I grabbed her hips firmly and rammed my cock as deep as it could go. Then I began to slam into her as hard as I could, holding nothing back now and even she was surprised by the force I could generate.

“UNNN UNNNN UNNNN,” she grunted. “Fuck me lover!”

I looked down and saw the tiny shockwaves ripple through her ass cheeks as our flesh collided and I thrust my hips forward. She became a primal thing and whatever she had awoken in me responded in kind. This was not making love, this was just the most basic need to give pleasure and receive it. I reached forward as I hammered away at her pussy and took a fist full of hair and used that as leverage now and her grunts became pleas for more. I leaned back and thrust into her like a cowboy riding a bull and she bucked and thrust backwards driving my cock as deep as it could go each and every time. When she came it was with a body shaking pussy squeezing ferocity that at another time might have alarmed me but not tonight. No tonight was about pushing the boundaries and exploring our deepest hungers.

The red haze dropped down over my eyes at some point in the night and after that there were only flashes of memory. Akira on her back her ass impaled upon my hard flesh and my body crushing hers to the bed as I drove into her with a predatory need to violate her. Then I was on my back and she was giving me head and just before I came she sank her canines into the pulsing vein of my cock. The first coherent thought was Akira straddling me riding me nice and slow her lips stained with cum and my blood. She was cupping her tits and teasing her nipples as she moved her hips up and down so slowly it was almost painful. When she looked down at me her eyes shone with a brightness and soulful worship it was intoxicating.

“MMMMMMM,” she purred. “If I ever thought about taking someone as a sex slave you’d be top of my list. Nick you did things to me no man has ever had the nerve to and lived. MMMMMMMM we must never do this ever again.”

“What,” her statement drove away the fog and my alarm caused me to swell inside of her.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I love it when your cock stretches me like that.”

“Why shouldn’t we repeat what happened tonight,” I asked.

“I’m not sure I’d survive,” she said pulling her hair to the side and showing me the teeth marks on her neck.

“Did I do that?”

“MMMMHMMMM,” she purred. “You should see my back where your nails raked me.”

“You’re not upset,” I said and she laughed.

“Hell no, I’ve never cut loose like I did tonight… ever. But it is a very dangerous thing because it would normally end in a death. I will heal by dawn and you have already recovered. Though I do suggest we finish up in the shower and get rid of the sheets so that they don’t call the police in here looking for a corpse.”

“I bit you…” I began and she smiled.

“I at least have canines made for that particular task, you lover do not.”

“Okay, we keep the bloodletting to a minimum then,” I moaned as an orgasm had snuck up on me while we talked.

“YESSSSSSSSSSS,” she moaned. “I can feel your cock getting bigger still… are you close lover?”


“Can I swallow?”

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” I groaned fighting back the urge to climax.

Faster than I have ever seen her move she was off of me and her talented lips were wrapped around me as she licked and sucked my cock. Her head bobbed up and down and I grabbed the bloody sheets and even as I cried out telling her she slipped her canines into that pulsing vein again and drank of both blood and cum. I nearly passed out from the pleasure of my orgasm heightened by the effects of her ‘kiss’.

That drunk feeling coursed through me again and it took her helping me into the shower to make that particular event happen. The hot water and her hands roaming over my body pushed away the euphoric cloud and as we kissed and caressed one another the mixture of sweat, blood and cum flowed down the drain. Every touch was a promise of an orgasm and we nearly ran the poor old bed and breakfast out of hot water until with one last thrust of my hips into her from behind our sexual hunger was at last sated. We actually managed to wash up, rinse and dry off without another round of sex beginning and to our mutual dismay the bed was made and on our pillows were two mints and a note.

“Mister Shaw, do not be alarmed that I snuck in and changed your sheets. After all the delicious sounds that drifted down to my bedroom from yours I felt you might want some clean linen to ‘sleep’ on. Please forgive my spying on you while you were in the shower but a girl is curious as to what kind of man can cause a woman to make ‘those’ sorts of noises for so long. Rest well and I will wake you at seven for your breakfast with the Mayor.

Jaime La Chance

P.S. If you ever want a second girl to give your friend a break or want to see what a country girl can do you know where to find me.

With Lust… Jaime.”

We read the note and I was impressed with her forward nature.

“MMMMM Kouryou it appears you have a fan,” Akira said popping a mint into her mouth and tugging the covers down.

“It appears so, should I let the cowgirl ride this bronco,” I asked sliding in behind her.

“MMMMMM it would be cruel not to, I mean after watching us fuck in the shower she is probably masturbating even now thinking of that long… hard… cock… sliding in and out of her.”

“You are so naughty,” I said spooning behind her and easing my length into her as we closed our eyes for some much needed rest.

“MMMMMMMMM what a perfect end to a perfect night,” she said pressing her body back against mine and soon her regular breathing told me she was fast asleep.

I found the perfect silence and drifted in that healing darkness for a time but it was the hungry lips on my cock that brought me around and there kneeling between my legs was the sultry country girl Jaime La Chance. I smiled and crossed my arms behind my head letting her do all the work. Her long auburn hair was neatly braided to keep it out of her face for just this situation I was sure. She was able to get about half my cock into her mouth but what she lacked in skill she more than made up with desire. Jaime’s lips and tongue were licking and sucking for all she was worth and I was so hard it was almost painful. She drew off the long night shirt she was wearing revealing her young body to me. Her breasts were small but the nipples were rigid and eager to be tasted. She had a body that was sun kissed and unmarred by tan lines and I suspected she had a secret spot that she sun bathed nude in even during the winter. I crooked my finger and she nodded as she slowly and carefully straddled me not wanting to wake Akira. Her tight young pussy wrapped around me as she lowered herself impaling her sex upon mine in agonizing slowness. She ground against me and made circles with her hips biting her lip the entire time to keep from crying out. I felt for the poor thing and sat up and with her still transfixed upon me I shifted to the edge of the bed and stood up with her legs wrapping around me for dear life. Jaime actually bit my shoulder to keep from screaming as her first climax slammed into her as with each and every step to the bathroom one followed the other. I didn’t learn to afterwards that she was highly prone to multiple orgasms. Not wanting to wake Akira I bent my knees and eased out of her and she instinctively bent over the sink and I slid into her from behind.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM,” she moaned oh so softly.

I thrust into her at a nice slow pace savoring the feel of so tight a pussy wrapped around me. Besides I didn’t want to hurt the poor thing.

“FFFFFASTER,” she begged.

I drove my hips quicker now loving as her body shiver and shook and her pussy nearly squeezed me out with one particularly powerful orgasm. I kept thrusting and she was driving her hips backward now and it was the soft coo from the doorway as Akira stood watching her fingers teasing her clit and sliding in and out of her pussy. Jaime was beyond noticing her for the moment and I gave Akira quite the show and Jaime’s sex quite the pounding.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN FUCK…” she moaned as softly as she could. “…Feels so damn good!”

I never spoke I just alternated speed, force and rhythm for her pleasure and just enjoyed each and every orgasm she experienced. I motioned for Akira and she nodded understanding my thoughts somehow and tossed me the bottle of lubricant from my coat pocket and I applied a little to my finger and began rubbing in on Jaime’s very tight anus.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM what’s that tingling sensation,” she moaned a bit louder now.

“Just a little something to make ‘this’,” I said easing a finger into her ass, “a bit more intense.”

“UNNNNNNNNNNN,” she moaned. “That feels amazing.”

I fingered her ass while she thrust back onto my cock and I felt the first tingling of an orgasm. I thrust the finger into her faster now and she was panting and moaning.


Smiling I eased a second finger into her ass and her body reacted instantly with a particularly powerful orgasm. I thrust both fingers harder and faster now as my cock began to swell inside of her.

“MMMMMMMMMMMORE…” she growled.

I rammed my fingers in and out of her rectum and she was thrusting her hips faster now.

“NO… MORE IN MY ASSSSSS…” she was begging.

“You mean?” I whispered.

“PLEASE… don’t make me say it…” Jaime moaned completely possessed by her body’s desires.

“Just this once you understand,” I said as her hips stopped and I pulled out of her pussy slowly. “Now I need you to bend over and grab your ankles for me,” I said moving back giving her room.

Jaime eagerly shifted her position so that she could follow my direction and folded her body and grabbed her ankles with ease. Then I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass.

“Is this what you want,” I teased her.

“YESSSSSSSSSSS,” she begged.

I leaned forward and my body weight did all the work. As Jaime tried to relax, her sphincter opened slowly and relentlessly and with a guttural cry she climaxed halfway through my head penetrating her ass. She came again when a third of the shaft had followed the tip deep into her. And as I began to thrust into her slowly my own climax not far off she had bitten her lip so hard droplets of blood fell to the floor of the bathroom. All the while Akira watched and teased two powerful orgasms from her pussy. My cock was gliding in and out of Jaime’s ass and all that time it swelled and swelled stretching her first anal experience to its limits.

“MMMMMMMMMMM I want to feel you cum inside of me,” she begged.

I wanted that more than anything as well so I started thrusting harder and faster now as I was so damn close. I grabbed her hips and the torrent of sound that erupted from that petite young thing was nothing short of amazing. When I rammed my cock into her for the last time and cum oozed from her ass she was covered in sweat, trying to catch her breath and in seventh heaven.

“Damn I needed that,” I moaned.

“MMMMMMMMMM so did I,” she purred.

“NNNNNNNNNNNN so did I,” Akira mirrored her purr.

“UHHHHHHHHH you were watching?” Jaime said flushing red with embarrassment.

“Oh sweetness you have nothing to be ashamed of,” Akira said as I pulled out of Jaime’s stretched ass. “You have an amazing body and any man would be lucky to share his bed with you.”

Jaime stood up and started to walk but could only manage a slow waddle.

“Damn my pussy and ass have never been fucked like that before,” she gasped.

“And I thought I was your first,” I said smiling.

“Oh you are, the closest thing to a man in my ass has been a toy but nothing nearly as thick as that fine cock of yours,” she said stealing a kiss. “Damn I need to get ready to wake up that guy in the honeymoon suite for his meeting with the Mayor… oh I’ve already done that. Do I need to make sure you’re ‘up’ before I leave?”

“Jaime La Chance, if you don’t leave now you won’t walk for a month by the time I am finished with you,” I told her.

“Promises… promises…” she said winking. “Besides there are other guests to wake up, today is the Festival.”

With that she moved with a slowness that hinted of how tender and sore her nether region was and I could only smile with a sense of a job well done.

“Damn Kouryou,” Akira purred in my ear. “I almost wanted to join in but I didn’t want to spoil her moment.”

“I’ll make it up to you,” I told her. “After we partake of the festival and see what other wonders this town has to offer.”

“MMMMMMM I look forward to it,” she purred and slipped into the shower to wash her juices from her body and inspire another short ‘romp’ before breakfast.

The Ice Wine Festival

Akira and I arrived at Castle Eisermann and I hoped that freshly fucked look had faded just a bit for Celeste’s sake. Breakfast was fresh fruit, pancakes and milk from cows here in the valley. We made some small talk and I sensed that August Eisermann was a bit nervous about something and so after we had eaten I gave him the opportunity for a private conversation.

“August, there is something that I need your advice upon can I pick your brain,” I said and the look of relief was clearly evident.

“Of course I would be happy to assist,” he said getting to his feet and gave Celeste the ‘look’ and she and Akira took another tour of the castle.

He and I stepped out onto the balcony and I waited for him to speak. It didn’t take long.

“You are a very perceptive young man,” he began. “I have heard some troubling news and I fear you may be the source of some unrest among people of some influence.”

I felt the color run from my face and I knew exactly what he meant. My shoulders dropped and the burden of a very important event was once again weighing on my thoughts.

“It was suggested to me that I should make sure of the people I trust before I move ahead with my plans to improve things. I don’t know if you are aware of the desalinization plants I am building to produce and deliver fresh water to key areas all over the world?”

“I am very aware of that project and I salute you for your plans and the price you are building them for. There can’t be any profit for you at the costs I have been quoted,” he said smiling.

“Oh no, the net loss for the first five years is horrific, but the jobs it has created and will maintain during the manufacturing and running will boost crippled economies all over. But that’s not what you are concerned over is it?”

“No, I have heard whispered among several Governors that they have received a list of prisoners incarcerated under false pretenses and there is documentation of evidence tampering and gross negligence among prosecutors and police alike. The letters request immediate pardons and prosecution of those involved.”

“Yeah, it is step one in what I call the Shadow Gambit,” I told him.

“What is the end game for this gambit of yours Nick?” he asked a mixture of excitement and curiosity on his face.

“To force my enemies to reveal themselves and take them off the board in one fell swoop and to eliminate a cancer eating away at the economic structure of the world’s financial resources all in a series of carefully timed maneuvers.”

“Sounds dangerous,” he said but smiled. “And you can pull this off?”

“Yep, I gave them a week to mull it over and comply or else step two will be initiated,” I said with a grim look.

“What’s step two,” he said seeing the light in my eyes.

“A copy of all the files ends up on the desk of the President of the United States, I mean it is an election year and what better way to seal his allegiance than to hand him a winning strategy.”

“Brilliant, but you mentioned allegiance what sort of response are you expecting from him?”

“He is a member in good standing,” I said. “It would be wise of him to prove his loyalty to the Order and follow through if the governors fail to take action.”

At the mention of the Order August’s eyes widened in surprise.

“It’s You,” he said grinning ear to ear now. “Hell of a show in Japan my boy!”

“I know I can count on your loyalty August, but not to me but to the Order itself.”

“Nick, I have been waiting a long time for someone to clean house and rebuild things as they once were. I am glad it is you. So, how can I help?”

“I need a sounding board, someone I can bounce ideas off of who won’t judge me per se and give me their honest opinion.”

“What about Akira?”

“I have told her most of what I have planned, but there are terrible things I must do and I don’t want to drive her away.”

“I think you underestimate her loyalty and her commitment to you. I have seen it in her eyes she would die for you. I doubt there is something so heinous she would revile you.”

I nodded then I told him the other parts to my Shadow Gambit and saw the smile die and the light leave his eyes but I also saw him see the logic behind my plan and he nodded.

“It is a terrible thing you have set into motion but as you have said it is a cancer that needs to be removed and I admire your conviction. Now quit being an idiot and tell the girl what you are going to do and if you ever need advice I am glad to serve you Sir in any capacity.”

“There is one thing before we leave for the festival…” I said.

The Ice Wine Festival was a blast, there were live bands and food and drink. The weather had cooperated and the temperature was even pleasant enough to go with a light jacket. We rode with the Mayor at the head of the parade and the turnout was amazing. After the parade the four of us went from vendor to vendor trying their wares and it was one delicious dish after the other. At a lull in our meanderings I felt a gentle hand on my arm and turned to see a stunning redhead looking me in the eye. Her freckled skin and amazing green eyes told me she was Irish stock and not too many generations removed. Then she spoke and I realized she was an import and felt my cock stir when she talked.

“I hear from the Mayor that you would like to see the Sentinel Trees, is that right?” her eyes were intense and when she licked her lips I nearly took her right then and there.

“You must be Mary Stone,” I said and smiled. “Yes I couldn’t help but notice them when we arrived…” I turned and Akira had managed to vanish from my side and I wondered if that was on purpose and had she been distracted.

Either way I was going to spend some pleasant time alone with this gorgeous woman.

“If you would like to follow me we can walk to the trees and I can get to know you a little better.”

“I like the sound of that,” I blurted out and she just smiled.

“I am a happily married woman,” she said wistfully.

“So you are a farmer’s wife then?”

“Oh no, Jon travels all over the world on buying trips for Quinn’s Emporium,” she said softly.

Déjà vu man, I thought as the similarity between her and Petra sprang to mind.

“Sounds like my dad, most of the year he is off making sales and coordinating deals with his suppliers and customers.”

“You poor thing, how does your mother handle it,” Mary asked.

“Well my birth mom passed away six years ago,” I said and saw the pain in her eyes. “But he has remarried and she is a good fit for him. I like her and we get along.”

“MMMM,” she said biting her lip. “Must be hard, a young man stuck at home with an older woman who misses her husband so much.”

“She’s not that old,” I said her eyes glittering with lust. “She is quite attractive to be honest and if things were different…”

“So you find older women attractive, is that what you’re saying,” she was smiling.

“Just the sexy ones,” I replied with a wink.

“You are incorrigible but I like your honesty,” she said guiding me up a steep narrow path towards her farm. “So have you ever…”

“Have I ever been with a more experienced member of the opposite sex?” I said. “Yes, yes I have.”

“MMMM and how did you find her,” Mary said her cheeks flushing and her arousal obvious.

“Patient, eager to please and very talented,” I said softly. “I learned a few things and had a few of my firsts with her.”

“It is nice when a young man is eager to learn,” she said in a near moan. “And you can be their first in some things… what things?” she blurted out suddenly.

“Huh,” I asked taken by surprise.

“What was she your first in, unless I am prying?” she said biting her lip again.

“Well,” thinking of Kat and her hand job that was my first orgasm with an older woman. “My first orgasm was with a woman’s hand wrapped around my… and she stroked me until…”

Was it the small town atmosphere but I was feeling shy all of a sudden?

“MMMMMM,” she purred. “I bet it felt amazing that first touch of a woman.”

“Oh yeah it did,” I replied.

“Ever have sex in a hot air balloon?” she asked out of nowhere.

“UMMMM no…”

“Want to?”

I blinked hard a few times and I saw that unbridled hunger blazing in her eyes.

“Sure… but what about…” she was kissing me then and I knew that mentioning her husband would just spoil the moment.

I almost tore off her clothes right then and there but she managed to break our embrace and take me by the hand. Mary led me up passed her farm to one of their barns and there prepped for takeoff was a balloon tethered to the earth and a single field hand standing watch to make sure it stayed secure.

“Phillip I’ll take it from here,” she said and he just smiled and headed off towards town. “I am so glad I wore my wool skirt today.”

“I take it you’re not wearing anything underneath it?”

“Not a damn thing, now help me into the basket and then climb in after and we can get this thing off the ground.”

The balloon was ready and so was she and with a slight jarring sensation we were lifting up into the sky. Apparently this had become part of the annual festival goings on and once we were at the correct altitude Mary was at the right height kneeling in front of me and freeing my ‘balloon’. Her lips wrapped around me and she placed my hands on either side of her head and I knew what she wanted. As I throat fucked the content housewife and eager cock sucker I was also enjoying the view around me. Of course her talented tongue and mild gag reflex told me the slut wanted me to blow down her throat.

“So do you want to swallow my cum,” I asked and she purred around my cock as an answer. “Then can I bend you over and fuck your tight little pussy from behind?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMMMM,” she moaned even more.

“Does that soaked slit of yours miss a long thick cock in it?” I said as I thrust down her throat.

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