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Sian finally got the weekend off that she had so looked forward to. Beth also took a few days off allowing the new girls, Tara and Alison to take over most of the work. Tara was the youngest of the girls, a quiet, petit student of only 21. Alison was older at 33 and more outgoing, but they got on well, enjoying working together.

Alison would enjoy another first today. Her first threesome with 2 men. She had racked up quite a number of conquests over the years but never had she had 2 at once. She was more than happy to try this.

The lads were Sian’s regulars, the 2 geeky looking lads that she had seen 3 times now. They wanted to see Sian when they came in but were more than happy to try someone new.

“Rose tells me that you boys are regulars?” Alison asked them as she went in to start. “I hope I can be as good as Sian.”

“I’m sure you will be.” One of the lads replied.

“Will you do Double Penetration?” The other asked.

“I’ll see how it goes.” Alison replied. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Is Anal ok though?” The first lad asked. He was the arse worshipper, it was a bit of an obsession to him.

“That’s fine.” Alison replied. She didn’t have much Anal experience, most of her sexual experience had been straight forward, no nonsense fucking. She had only really had one long term lover in her life, he had introduced her to the delights of Anal sex, but it had been a rare treat rather than a matter of course. Alison realised though that this was a must in her work, she would lose to many clients otherwise.

Alison took their cash back to Rose and let the lads get ready. She made sure that she had her essentials, lubricant and condoms, then went for it. She knew she had to make this good, they had paid her £200 for this.

The lads were undressed and ready when she came back in. Alison wasted no time in kneeling in front of them to suck their cocks. She knew what they wanted, the full porn star experience, and she was going to give them it. She gave them each about 10 strokes before she swapped back to the other, keeping on wanking them while she sucked the other.

Alison was really getting into this now. Although they were paying to use her body, she felt like she had control over them. She could do what she wanted, make them come whenever she wanted. It felt good.

They soon moved onto the bed, Alison removing her knickers and bra before she laid down and opened her legs. One of the lads wasted no time getting down to taste her rapidly moistening slit. She tasted divine, he buried his head and lapped up as much of her juice as possible. Alison was finding it hard to concentrate on sucking the other man, and within a couple of minutes was coming. She gasped as the man clamped his lips over her clitoris, shaking and bucking her hips as a powerful orgasm washed over her.

The man licking her then started to nudge a cock inside her. Alison knew she should check that he had a condom on, but felt too weak to even ask him. She had continued to suck the other man, and was now beginning to taste the salty pre-come that was starting to flow. He was close now.

After a few more seconds, he pulled his cock out of Alison’s mouth and began to shoot his load. He semen was raining down on her face, some landing in her mouth, some going in her hair.

She was a complete mess but had no time to compose herself as the other man was fucking her hard now. He seemed to be spurred on by the sight of his mate coming all over her and also pulled out, ripping off the condom and shooting bolt after bolt of his come over her tits, stomach and pussy.

Alison just laid back, she was out of breath and covered on spunk, what a sight she thought!

“Do you mind if I take a picture of you?” One of the lads asked her.

She would have usually said no, but she liked these lads, she had the feeling that they wouldn’t show them around. Anyway, why care even if they did? It might mean more business!

“Go on then!” She replied.

The lad pulled an iPhone out of the pocket of his jeans and snapped off a load of pictures. Alison held her messy slit open for him, showing her moist pink hole, now gooey with white come. He got a few close ups of her face and was done.

The boys sat back and relaxed while Alison cleaned herself up. She took a few moments to wipe up the huge amount of semen they had deposited on her.

“Do you do rimming?” One of the boys asked when she joined them on the bed. This was a little kink that Sian had introduced them to.

“What me rim you?” Alison asked.

“If you don’t mind.” He continued. “Sian really got me into it.”

“I don’t think so.” Alison told him. She didn’t really want to turn him down as she really liked both of them, this was a but much for her though.

“Look I don’t mind either of you doing it to me.” She said said straight after. “I’ve just never done it before, and I can’t say it appeals.”

Both lads nodded, not looking to bothered that Alison wasn’t prepared to do this for them. She began to work their soft cocks back to life, kneeling between them and giving them head alternately.

Alison then knelt up on all fours, getting ready to suck the lad on the rights cock.

“So do you want to lick my arsehole then?” She asked the other.

He was up in a shot, she didn’t need to ask him twice. He started by dipping a finger in her wet pussy, then rubbing it gently around her anus. He then started to lick, flicking his tongue lightly over her bumhole at first, then starting to circle it. She had never tried this before, always thinking that she wouldn’t enjoy it. The man knew what he was doing though and was now starting to enter her tight ring with his tongue.

The man then introduced a finger into her bumhole, taking it easy at first, before easing another finger into her. Alison knew what was coming, his fingers were soon replaced by his sheathed cock. There was a brief shooting pain as he first entered her, although this soon subsided. He started to fuck her slowly now, pushing his cock all the way in, then withdrawing all the way so only the tip was still inside her.

Alison had almost forgotten the cock in front of her. Once she was settled with a cock in her arse, she started to work on the 8″ cock in her mouth. She was soon sucking him again with long, lusty strokes, taking almost his entire length into her mouth.

The lads then changed places, his friend now probing Alison’s arsehole with his tongue. This again was just a prelude for the cock about to be thrust into her. Alison was loving the feeling of the 8″ inside her. His cock wasn’t as thick as the other but the length made it feel delightful.

“Can we try the DP then?” One of the boys asked her.

“Yeah, no problem.” She answered. “Just take it easy on me, I really haven’t ever done this before.

Alison rolled a fresh condom onto the cock she was sucking and got astride him. The man then held her bum cheeks apart, allowing her friend to enter her again. Alison screaming at first, it was quite a shock, feeling so amazingly full.

The boys started to fuck her slowly, one thrusting as the other pulled back. They were now quite well practised in this art after their sessions with Sian. The man in her arse was the first to come again, thrusting deep into her and releasing his load into the condom. The other lad was taking a bit longer, so Alison offered him her arse again, knowing this would tip him over the edge. It only took him another minute once he swapped holes, shooting another load inside her.

The hour was over. It had flown by in the end, although the prolonged anal session had left Alison feeling a little sore down there. She had still enjoyed the experience though, the job was certainly not boring.

Tara had been picking up a steady stream of full personal services while Alison was busy. It had taken her a while to settle in at the house, she hadn’t really opened up much for the first few weeks she was there. Beth though, had managed to get her to open up a bit more on a really quiet day.

She confessed the Beth that she was really hating herself for selling her body, and it was really starting to get to her. She had also confessed that he hadn’t told her boyfriend about her job too and was petrified about being found out.

Beth had told her that she needed to separate her feelings from the job. The only way to carry on was to put all of the thoughts about her boyfriend to the back of her mind. If not, this wasn’t the job for her. Tara had been thinking about these words for the past week, deciding to give it one more weekend or to get out.

The few customers she had seem that morning had been ok, one of them though had really helped her. He was about 40 and was a real gentleman too. The sex they’d had was superb too, he had spent ages going down on her, making her come twice before she did the same for him. This was the first experience she had enjoyed in the house.

Later that day, she had another memorable client. A man in his mid thirties came in and immediately picked Tara, asking for the full service, with absolutely everything included. He paid £200 as he was also wanting watersports. Tara had always balked at this before, but after what Beth had said, she decided that she was going to go for everything. It helped that he was extremely good looking with a fantastic looking body. She really fancied this one.

When Tara went back into the room, she couldn’t believe what she saw. The man’s cock was absolutely huge, by far the largest she had ever seen. His body was a fantastic specimen, not overly muscled, just fantastically fit. Tara’s only worry was now whether she could take his huge length. Still, she was going to enjoy trying.

They settled together on the bed and began kissing, Tara stroking his huge member, feeling him grow in her hand. She couldn’t resist breaking off for a moment and taking a look at it. He was somewhere around 10″ she thought, not massively thick, but huge nonetheless.

Tara was desperate to taste him now, so she knelt between his legs and started to lick his shaft. She was adoring the earthy taste, taking in every inch as she teased him. Tara maintained eye contact with him at all times, she was now taking the tip into her mouth. For the next few minutes, she alternated between taking him in her mouth and licking his balls. The man was loving this, so Tara traced her tongue down his perineum, teasing him closer and closer to his arsehole.

“Pull you legs back.” She told him. “I’ve got a little treat for you.”

He smiled and did as he was told, allowing Tara access to his anus. She flicked her tongue across his hole a few times, before finally starting to settle into eating his hole. She also managed to continue wanking him slowly as she rimmed him, he was getting close to coming now, Tara could tell.

She then went back to his cock, clamping her mouth around his piece, wanking him hard. It took no more than a few more seconds before Tara felt a warm gush hit the back of her throat. She took on another half a dozen huge spurts before he subsided, choosing to swallow rather than spit as usual, she literally sucked him dry.

The man then took no time changing places with Tara, laying her down and spreading her legs. She was already soaking after what had happened so far, the man just dived in, giving her wet slit a real tongue lashing. He buried his head, firstly working on her outer lips, before heading deeper into her hole, then concentrating on her clitoris.

Tara came easily, he knew what he was doing, she shook with the intensity of her orgasm. The man then pushed her legs back and returned the compliment by rimming her. He seemed to love her arsehole, pushing his tongue in, working her up into a frenzy, as she came for a second time.

“I want you to piss over me.” Tara then told him, totally out of the blue.

“You sure you don’t mind?” The man replied, taken aback by how forward she was.

“Course I don’t mind.” Tara told him. “You’ve paid for it after all.”

She led him to the bathroom, and joined him in the bath, kneeling in front of him. He aimed at her tits at first, letting his golden stream out over her ample chest. It was soon a massive flow, as if he hadn’t been for a week. Tara was loving every second of this, and would have let him do just about anything he wanted by now.

Tara then returned the favour for him, pissing all over his chest and cock as he laid in the bath. The man had a huge smile on his face as she squat over him, keeping eye contact all the time.

The man was rock hard again now, they took a shower together, kissing and touching almost like a real couple would. This was the closest thing to real, normal sex Tara had experienced in the house. Once they had dried off, they made their way back to the bed and carried on. Tara sucked his cock again, she just couldn’t leave it alone. She took more and more into her mouth until she had managed all but a couple inches.

“Can I Fuck you in the arse?” The man asked.

“Yeah, course you can.” Tara told him. “Please take it slow though, I’ve never had anything like that up there before! And you don’t have to use a condom if you don’t want to.”

“Seriously?” He asked her. “You sure you don’t mind?”

“No. It’s fine.” Tara said. “Just don’t tell my boss, I’ll get sacked. It’s strictly against the rules.”

Tara laid back and spread her legs for him, he entered her without any resistance, inch by inch until he was fully inside her. He fucked Tara hard, making her scream with pleasure, slipping in and out of her slick pussy with ease. She had to stop him after a few minutes as he only had a a few minutes left.

Tara got on all fours and lubricated her arsehole, handing the tub to the man to apply some to his cock. He again licked her tight hole and inserted a couple of fingers to get her used to it. She cried out in pain as he edged the tip of his cock into her anus, it felt absolutely massive. He slowly pushed until about half of his length was inside her, then started to slowly fuck her, pushing his cock a little further in each time. It didn’t take long before he was buried up to the hilt in her arse, fucking her a bit harder. Tara was screaming still, more with pleasure than pain now.

The man then made a loud, long groan and held her by the hips. She felt the warm gush of his come spurting out into her arsehole, it felt wonderful, just the sort of sex she had needed for so long. She did have one sobering moment of guilt as the man withdrew, feeling the trickle of his semen starting to leak from her bum. She knew she shouldn’t have had unprotected sex, but she couldn’t do anything about that now.

Later that day, Tara made up her mind that she was going to tell her boyfriend about what she was doing. She needed to unburdon herself, feel free to enjoy this work, either with or without him. One way or another, this would be the new start she needed.

Sian was at work on the Saturday when a tearful Tara arrived at work. She had told her boyfriend of 2 years what she was now doing for a living while she was away at University. She had been away from her Yorkshire home for over a year now and had been pretty homesick at first. She had settled in now though.

“What’s happened?” Said a shocked Sian when Tara burst out crying.

“I told Simon what I’d been doing working here.” She said through her tears.

“And he didn’t take it well I’m guessing.” Sian replied, stating a bit of an obvious fact.

“No.” She went on. “He called me some horrible things, then threw the phone down, saying he never wanted to see him again.”

“That’s horrible.” Sian said, hugging her in an effort to comfort her. “Don’t take any notice of what he said, don’t start hating yourself for what you do again.”

“But I am just a whore.” She cried. “He’s right, I’m worth nothing.”

“Don’t ever believe that.” Sian told her. “You’re a strong, independent woman. You’re in charge of your life, and don’t ever forget that.”

Tara calmed down soon enough. She was still upset, but Sian’s kind words and plenty of coffee from Rose the made helped her feel better. She had really loved him, that’s why he didn’t want to deceive him anymore. She had kind of hoped that Simon would understand and cope with it like Ross had with Sian. He didn’t though, and Tara could see why. Who would way a girlfriend that slept with men for money?

Sian and Rose urged her to take the day off and curl up at home in front of the tv, the best remedy for a split according to Sian. She told her that Alison would easily cover her shift. Tara refused though, saying that she would only sit around moping more. She was determined to work this shift and keep busy. The more men the better was her way of thinking.

Tara’s first couple of customers were just standard personal services, just the quick suck and a fuck service. She really gave them a good seeing to though, thinking that Simon was going to call her a slut, she would act like the biggest slut she could.

She then got the sort of client she needed, a double with Sian. The man paid the full £300 for the full service, lesbian show, the full works. This would be the first time she had been with Sian, she had worked with the other girls, but not her.

The man was in his mid 30′s, nice looking, with a reasonable body.

“Let’s be really dirty for him.” Tara said to Sian. “I’m going to give this bloke the fuck of his life.”

“Come on then, let’s do it then.” Sian agreed. “You sure you’re ok for this?”

“Yeah, it’s the only way I’m going to forget about what’s happened.” Tara replied.

The 2 girls decided to undress on the landing, giggling like schoolgirls as they did. They walked in absolutely naked, giving the man quite a shock as they did. His flaccid cock was soon getting hard as he caught an eyeful of the girls lush bodies, his eyes unashamedly looking and their tits and pussies.

“Would you like to watch us for a while?” Tara asked him. “You can joint in any time you want.”

The man nodded, he seemed happy for her to take control.

Tara and Sian started off with a sloppy, wet kiss, exploring mouths with their tongues, running fingers over naked flesh. Tara lovingly licked and caressed Sian’s breasts, she could feel herself starting to get really wet now.

Sian was also soaking by the time they fell into a 69 and tasted each other. Tara went on top, holding Sian’s lips apart so she could work on her better. When she did finally look up at the man, he was staring intently, slowly wanking his rock hard 7″ cock. She smiled at him and motioned for him to join them.

Sian groaned louder again when she felt the man’s tongue start working on her hole. Tara still concentrated on her clit while her tongue fucked her.

“Lick her arsehole while I make her come.” Tara instructed him. Sian had never heard or seen her like this before, maybe this was just the way she decided to deal with her heartbreak, the client just thought it was his lucky day!

He did as he was told, expertly rimming Sian, ocassionally probing a little deeper inside her anus. When Sian came, she nearly leapt off the bed. She clamped her lips over Tara’s clit, rolling it gently between her teeth. This in turn triggered off Tara’s orgasm, making her grind her pussy onto Sian’s face

When Tara opened her eyes, the man was now standing and wanking much harder, his cock level with her face. She put her lips around his tip and stopped him from wanking, making it clear that she was going to see that he came.

Tara immediately deep throated him down to the stump, making him shudder with pleasure. She wasted no time, sucking him as hard as she could, taking his entire length in her mouth each time.

Within a few strokes, Tara felt the familiar warm, salty taste of spunk hitting the back of her throat. She took the first 3 jets in her mouth, swallowing them, before moving her head away and letting the remaining semen go over her face & Sian’s pussy.

“Sorry to keep you down there so long darling!” Tara said to Sian, finally letting her up for air.

“Don’t worry about me, that was lovely.” She confirmed.

The man also looked pleased with himself, he had 2 girls that were going well beyond what most working girls would do.

The 3 of them spent the remainder of the hour sucking, licking and fucking. Both girls took the man anally and vaginallly before Sian made him come in her mouth, sharing his seed with Tara before they swallowed it.

“Jesus!” Sian exclaimed after they had seen the man out. “You were like a woman possessed then!”

“Well, he thinks I’m a whore so I’m going to act like a whore.” Tara replied. “I hope I wasn’t too over the top!”

“Course you weren’t babe.” Sian said, giving her a hug and little kiss on the cheek. “I really enjoyed that. And don’t worry about what he said, you enjoy yourself however you want. It’s your body.”

Tara felt better. She kept on having down moments thinking about what Simon had said to her, but she knew the worst was over. The job may have cost her a boyfriend, but it was all she had at the moment. She made up her mind that she would steer clear of relationships for a while, she also made herself promise to be up front with the next man she got close to.

For the whole shift that day, Tara acted like a complete slut. She swallowed come from at least 4 different clients, and again let a man have her without protection. She didn’t seem to be able to control herself.

Over the next few days she carried on like this, giving the ultimate service to her clients, and also picking up random men in bars for sex. Tara knew that this was risky be she went ahead and did it anyway. Within a week of the split, she picked up 3 different men in bars around town, 2 that she took home for the night, and 1 gave a blowjob in the toilets.

The following weekend Sian was again working with her. Tara confessed to what she had been up to in the week, which shocked Sian a bit.

“You really need to be careful.” Sian told her. “Look, I don’t want to sound like your mother or anything, but you need to look after yourself.”

“I know.” Tara agreed. “I just couldn’t stop myself. I told myself no but just couldn’t help it.”

Sian could see her beginning to fill up as if she was going to cry again. She didn’t though, biting her lip and stopping herself.

“I went and had an STI test today.” Tara told her. “I have to confess, I’ve done a couple of the customers without condoms too. I’m really sorry.”

“Bloody hell Tara.” Sian said. “You’ve really put yourself at risk here.”

“I know.” She replied. “I just lost it a little bit. Have you never done that then? You must have slipped up at some stage.”

“Well yes.” Sian admitted honestly. “I’ve done it a couple of times and felt awful afterwards. Don’t say anything to Ross though will you?”

“Course I won’t.” Tara said.

“Just promise me you’ll look after yourself.” Sian urged her. “Get this check back and draw a line under it.”

Tara took it on board, she made a promise to herself to stop taking risks and start using protection again. She stuck to it as well, going back to protection with customers and cutting out the one night stands.

It was the Friday of the next week that Tara got results back, they were negative. She felt a huge relief. She also knew that she needed a follow up test in 6 months, but the negative was a big boost for her.

The following weekend Rose got a call from a man wanting to make a booking. He had a special request, he wanted to film a video, set in the parlour.

“What do you think?” Rose asked Sian after she had explained his proposition.

“I’ll have to run it past Ross first.” Sian answered her. “I’ll do it though, why not.”

Sian explained it to Ross later that night. Basically, the man wanted to film a Bukkake scene. He said that he had between 20 and 30 men lined up, and wanted them all to fuck the girls, then come over their faces. It was pretty extreme but most girls wouldn’t consider this.

The director offered them £2000 to film the scene, and said it probably wouldn’t take more than a day to film. This seemed like the easiest £500 they would ever earn.

“What do you think?” Sian asked Beth on the phone that night.

“Sounds like easy money to me.” Beth replied. “I’ve done porn once before, it wasn’t that much fun but it pays well.”

“That’s the main thing.” Sian said. “Tara is on for it, I just need to check with Alison tomorrow now.”

Sian and Alison were working at the house on the Monday, this gave Sian plenty of time to run the idea by her.

“Bloody hell!” Alison said. “I think that’ll be a bit much for me.”

“Oh come on!” Sian begged her. “It’ll be fun! Ross and one of his mates are coming over to keep them in line, and they’ll all be tested beforehand.”

“I don’t know.” She said. “Let me sleep on it.”

Alison called and accepted the offer a couple of days. Sian had predicted that she would. Alison always seemed to be the most reserved of the 4 girls that worked there, but she too could be wild when she let her hair down.

Sian called the director and let him know the job was on. They sorted out the date on the following Sunday. The man explained that the session would be very simple. He would just film the oral and fucking, then the men would line up for the cumshot at the end.

On the Sunday, the girls arrived at 12pm, followed by the director and 2 other men with cameras. They allowed them to set up in the main bedroom, getting the light right, and the angles all sorted.

The director introduced himself as Joe, he was about 40 and in good shape. The other 2 lads were in their early 20′s, skinny looking men that didn’t have a real job. They probably didn’t get paid much but did get to have some fun on the set.

The girls were now ready in their underwear as the men started to arrive. They were young, old, fat, thin, black, white, everything. Some were good looking, others clearly not so. It was a real mixed bag of men. The girls even recognised a few of the faces.

“Right people.” Joe started. “I want the girls in the centre of the room obviously. Only rule is that no-one comes until the end. If you think you’re going to blow your load, stop. I need you all to be ready for the big finale.”

They all agreed. The girls then took centre stage, peeling off their underwear, waiting for the men to join them. The first few stepped forward, bringing a selection of different sized cocks for them to work on. The smallest was a tiny 4″, the largest about 7. The girls began to suck them, switching back and forth between them.

More and more men were now arriving at the flat. Rose was seeing them in, inviting them through to the living room area. Ross was now overseeing the organisation. He was filling the men in on what was needed while Joe and his assistants filmed the action. A few of the brothel regulars had also called by and been invited in to join.

When Ross went back in to see what was happening, all of the girls were now being taken in a variety of different positions. Each of them also had a cock in their mouthes, lazily giving blowjobs, trying not to make the men one yet. As men pulled out, another was always ready to take their place, the girls never had time to think about what was happening.

This carried on for the best part of an hour before Joe called to cut the action. He had always said that he wouldn’t stop the action too often, so it was more natural. The girls were just about ready for a break by now. When Alison made her excuses and went to the loo, one of the cameramen followed her to film it. Despite her weak attempts to tell him where to go, he persisted, Alison eventually letting him film her pee.

“Would any of you girls consider doing a golden shower scene?” Joe asked them.

There was no reply at first, then Tara came forward and offered her services.

“I’ll do it.” She said. “I don’t want any on my face though, just aim it at my tits.”

Six of them went through to the bathroom to shoot, Joe, Tara and four of the men. They all took turns to pee

over her tits, sending their warm, golden streams over her pert chest. Tara smiled and played with her tits as they peed on them, washing herself thoroughly with the stuff. Joe was delighted with the stuff he was getting here, all of this was a complete bonus.

Back in the bedroom, Sian was chatting to Ross, while Alison and Beth were deep in conversation with a few of the lads.

“Will any of you girls do Anal or DP?” Joe asked them.

All of them shook their heads to agree it was ok, the thought of the £500 spurring them on.

“Don’t worry.” Joe continued. “This won’t take long. The way we edit it makes it look like we got more footage than we have.”

Joe got the girls lined up on the bed on all fours. They spent the next 10 minutes being fucked anally by a large selection of men. Each man took no more than about 30 seconds before letting another in. It was a filthy sight, the girls were beyond caring who was about to enter next by this point.

They were once again given a bit of a break while Joe and his crew got ready for the DP scene. Joe kept this much more organised. He kept the number down to 3 men for each girl, making it much easier to supervise. He had the men rotating positions for the next 5 minutes until he signalled that he had enough.

The girls all now looked pretty worn out, they had been going for a good 2 hours now and they were all getting a bit sore by now.

“Right then.” Joe announced. “It’s Bukkake time.”

He was ready to film his grand finale now. For this part, the men would simply file in, come over one of the girls and then leave. As crude as it was, that was it, the reality of porn. Joe also now stripped down, announcing that he too would be joining in for this part. He also signalled to Ross and his friend that they were welcome to join in.

The girls all knelt on the floor as the first gang of men came to join them. There were about 10 of them in the room at any one time, all working on their erections, getting ready for the action call.

The first of the men came over Beth’s face within seconds of Joe calling action. He was one of the older men, his come dripping out onto her chin. A second man then came over Beth a couple of seconds late, spurting a large load over her. Other men were soon firing loads of spunk over the other girls. Joe and his crew were filming happily filming as an ever growing line of men filed through the room, dumping their loads all over the girls.

After about 15 minutes around half of the men had fired their loads over the girls and were leaving. Joe was urging the rest on, as were the girls, talking dirty to the men, telling them to come over them. Each of them looked a complete mess now, there entire bodies splashed with the sticky liquid.

Ross had now made his way in and picked his wife to join. Sian sucked him, looking him in the eye, covered in strangers come. It was a surreal situation that Ross would never have believe he would be in just a year ago. He soon grunted and let go a torrent of semen over his wife’s face. She now had the stuff all over her face, in her hair, and all over her body.

After another 10 minutes it was done. Pretty much all of the men had deposited their loads over the now messy girls. All of them were thoroughly smeared in come, looking and feeling like a complete mess. Joe was delighted with the footage he had got. He promised to be in touch as soon as the film was edited, leaving with a huge grin on his face.

The girls cleaned up and sat to enjoy a well earned beer in the living room. They had actually quite enjoyed their day, and were delighted when Ross handed them each a large roll of notes.

Tired but happy, the new porn stars left work. They would have to go some to top this.

“Ugh. I hate group jobs. I swore after the last one, never again.” Molly groaned, pulling a pillow over her face. She and Shayla were lying in a queen-sized bed, taking full advantage of the five hours left on Molly’s last trick’s luxury suite.

“These guys are different.” Shayla sighed dreamily, twirling her long, blonde extensions. She had been acting strange since she got back from last week’s group gig. “They’re not frat boys–to them, its like, spiritual or something.”

Molly raised a suspicious eyebrow. She loved Shayla, but they were in the business for different reasons altogether–Molly started working as an “escort” to pay for school, Shayla because she was had dropped out of high school and found herself with no other skills. She got fucked often enough, she reasoned, why not get paid for it? Molly, alternately, didn’t date at all through school–too busy with research and writing. She didn’t mind sex with clients, it wasn’t much worse than waitressing, and paid much better, at least. She thought she’d fall right into a good, straight job as soon as she graduated–two years ago. The economy was, she joked bitterly and often, literally fucking her.

“You do remember my last, and only, private party?” Molly asked Shayla. It had been a sad little frat affair–five or ten fat, loud, drunk guys who attempted to gang-bang her, but only two or three managed to keep a hard dick. She’d had to suck limp cocks that dripped with early ejaculate, while sticky, soft hands searched her body, groping her breasts and sloppily slapped her pussy. Molly had slept with old men, with very old men, with men whose disabilities caused her to manually erect their penises with pumps or fingers in their asses, and she’d taken it all in stride. Men like that usually treated her with respect. They were happy just to have a pretty girl treating their cocks nicely in their bed–happy to have her lithe, firm body next to them, to watch her dark, curly hair bob in their laps. She didn’t even mind the occasional face fuck from these guys, or the odd “bitch” and “whore” thrown out at the height of passion (so long as the apologized before their load had gone cold inside her). But those entitled assholes groping her, without the decency to even stay hard in front of her beautiful, pert tits? No thank you.

“I swear these guys are different.” Shayla giggled, rolling over. “God, just thinking about it makes me wet. Wanna feel?”

“Nice try, lady.” Molly pushed her away.

“Oh, come on.” Shayla said, licking her lips enticingly, her hand creeping to Molly’s breast.

“What’s so different about them?” Molly asked, sighing, acquiescing to Shayla’s hand under her robe, feeling the warmth radiating from her tweaked nipple.

“I’m not allowed to say.” Shayla answered, beginning to suck Molly’s nipple. She moved an expert hand to Moll’s cunt and started to massage. This, Molly had decided long ago, was a perk of the job. She liked sex–when her partners were good at it–and Shayla as good at it. Gender didn’t matter as much, these days. “Part of their deal. But its a thousand a guy.”

“Fuck!” Molly exclaimed, as Shayla’s finger slipped inside of her, in response to both the sensation and the price.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” Molly said. “After I do you!.” The girls laughed and pulled off one another’s robes, as Molly buried her face in Shayla’s shaven cunt.

The address was not what Molly had been expecting. Usually, group jobs were in back of a bar, or at some sad little frat house or ranch style in a cheap suburb. This place was nice– an older, somewhat Victorian house. She hadn’t even been instructed to go in a back door. She had quite a list of instructions. Not to bathe, to show up dressed modestly, with complex undergarments. The man, who called himself Brother Heavener, had specified complex, he didn’t seem to care about sexy.

She rang the doorbell, and was happy when it was answered by a handsome man in his mid thirties, with clear blue eyes, a broad chest and shaggy hair that fell to his broad jaw line. He smiled, and in a strange way, Molly trusted him immediately.

“Brother Heavener?” She reached her hand out to meet his.

“Yes, beautiful girl. And your name is not Starla.” He kissed her on the cheek. Starla was the name Molly used for tricks, and only seldom was it questioned.

She smiled, and allowed herself to be led inside. The house was lavishly decorated, and she wondered what kind of person would fill their house with gorgeous antiques and gang-bangs.

“No, you’re right about that.” she said.

“For this to work, we’ll need to know your real name.” Brother Heavener said.

“Like Heavener is your real name.” She teased.

“It is now.” He looked into her eyes intensely, and to her great surprise, Molly found herself getting wet.

“For what to work?” Molly changed the subject.

“We’re a group that specifies in…well, transcendent experiences for women. May I kiss you?”

Molly was flustered. She had never been asked this before. “Sure.” Heavener kissed her deeply on the mouth, sucking her lower lip, looping her arms around her and pulling her in close. She expected to feel a raging hard on, but there was nothing. As if sensing her misgiving, Heavener said :

“We all have excellent self control. Until you’re ready, I’m not ready. Thank you for the kiss. You’re a very sensual woman. Are you ready to meet the group?”

Brother Heavener placed a strong hand in the small of Molly’s back and led her to the next room, where five other men waited. Molly blanched a little, realizing with a group this small, each would expect a turn, probably in all of her holes. At least with awful frat jobs there were a lot of spectators–nothing wore her out quite like too many customers in one day. Sensing her distress, Heavener leaned and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. We can give you time.”

Time for what? Molly wondered.

Heavener led her to an old fashioned chaise–upholstered in leather, lying on it arced her back, and, she knew, would offer easy access when the men began straddling her.

The other men stayed quiet, and instead of rubbing themselves as she was so used to men doing when they saw her laid out, could not take their eyes off her.

“Goddess Shayla was right about you.” One finally spoke. He was smaller, with dark hair and eyes, and broad hands. Goddess? Molly thought.

“She said you were gorgeous.”

The other men nodded in assent.

“Did she say anything else about me?” Molly asked, teasingly. It helped her to take on a persona of playful sexuality in these situations, despite her usual reluctance.

“She said you’d try to joke your way around this.” Another man answered. He was dark-skinned, with wide shoulders and a sly smile.

“You need to be yourself, Goddess. Be honest.” One of the remaining men, identical to the one sitting next to him twins?! thought Molly said, and the brothers nodded their close-cut blonde heads together.

“Enough talk.” Heavener said. “Let’s get started. ” James, ready our Goddess.”

The dark-skinned man nodded, and removed Molly’s outer coat. He brushed his lips across her neck and she shivered.

“Not ready yet?” Heavener asked. “That’s fine. Let me tell you what we do here.”

Molly felt James’s big, strong hands slide down her sides, feeling the taught shape made by her corset. His fingers started on the laces, loosening them, but he did not yet expose her breasts.

“We show women how far they can go. Tim, get the oil.” Heavener gestured to the small man, who produced a bottle of a sweet-smelling oil he began to rub between his hands.

“We make them come.” Heavener continued, as James’ hands eased Molly’s stockings off, as she lifted each leg obediently. He was nuzzling his nose against her neck again, and now she acquiesced. Somehow, she felt more comfortable already. ” It’s almost a…spiritual experience for us.” Heavener said, as the man he’d called Tim began to massage the oil into Molly’s legs. She let out a little moan, and allowed herself to be lifted by James’ strong arms and laid her down on the chaise. Tim massaged in wider and wider strokes, nearer and nearer Molly’s shaven pussy. Involuntarily, she arced her back toward the sensation.

“Does that feel good?” Heavener asked.

Molly nodded. It was rare that a trick actually made her feel good–but she could feel herself getting wet. She wanted a hand on her cunt.

“Ask.” Heavener demanded.

“Rub my cunt.” She gasped, feeling Tim’s hand immediately move to her mound, holding her whole pussy. He kneaded it firmly, and she felt herself slipping.

“Goddess Molly, do you give us permission to make you feel good?”

Molly nodded desperately, grinding her hips against Tim’s eager hand.

“You won’t be able to respond later. You need to be sure.”

James slipped her corset off, flicking her nipples. Molly moaned and instinctively started pushing her tits up toward him.

“Yes, yes. Make me feel good, make me cum!” She leaned her head back and James kissed her upside down, long and sensually, sucking her sweet bottom lip. The twins moved to her tits, each taking a nipple in their mouths and sucking deep. Molly gasped and looked to Tim desperately. As if reading her mind, he moved his head between her legs and began to lick. He was merciless, and talented. She had never been eaten so well. The twins continued sucking, as James offered deep kisses–and Molly was shocked to feel she was close to coming. She gasped.

Heavener laughed. “First one of the night. Do her, boys.” Molly’s body flushed, and she writhed beneath the men–only to feel them pull away.

“What? Please, please! Finish me!” She pleaded. Heavener himself smiled, and gestured to the men. She looked around and saw all their erect cocks, and knew what they were asking.

“You!” She said to Tim “In my pussy! And you!” She looked up at James “Get that cock in my mouth.” Secretly, Molly loved giving head, loved the feel of wrapping her lips really thick, really hard, pulsing dick. As if they had practiced a thousand times before, she felt both holes filled up at once–Tim slid in and James pulled her head back, shoving his giant cock inside. Molly had never felt so filled up–the men moved in perfect rhythm, as the twins moved their hands all over her body.

“Faster! Harder!” She shouted frantically, before pulling James’ cock back inside her mouth. Tim pounded harder, faster, as one of the twins rubbed her clit with his thumb.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” Tim shouted, grunting. With one final thrust, he let lose a huge, hot load of cum into Molly’s pussy. Feeling the stick sperm inside her pushed Molly over the edge, and she came again, her contracting cunt pushing some of the load out.

She lay panting. She couldn’t move any more–she paralyzed with pleasure.

James grabbed her head, and roughly shoved his cock in over and over. Molly didn’t care, it felt so good to be wanted so badly.

“Shoot it.” She muttered, unsure if he could understand. “I want to eat your cum.” She sucked as hard as she could muster, and feeling James’ balls jerk, swallowed the hot spurt of cum from his thick black dick.

“Goddess has a sweet mouth.” He said, and kissed her, even as his own cum dripped from her lips. Molly felt so satisfied, sucking on his lips with savor. She was limp with pleasure, exhausted with the force of her pleasure, as she felt herself lifted from the chaise.

“We always share.” One of the twins whispered, his breath warm on her neck. She leaned in to kiss him on the mouth, and used what little strength she had left to reach back and stroke his brother’s hair. She’d heard Shayla talk about this kind of experience before, being passed back and forth between two cocks–Shayla, of course, loved it. It wasn’t until she felt a hard cock pushed against her asshole that she realized what the men intended to do to her.

“No…” she gasped “No DP.”

The twin to her back began to massage her ass, stroking her hole.

“We only want to make you feel good.”

The men had proved themselves at this, Molly thought. She felt him push again at her anus with his thick cock tip. She was so wet from her cunt, dripping with both her juices and Tim’s cum she felt it slide in easily, and out again just as easily.

“Do it. Pound my ass and pussy together.” She moaned, as the twins worked together, bouncing her on their identical dicks. She’d expected a sawing motion, being pushed back and forth between the men, but they worked in perfect rhythm, thrusting as one. They grunted, she could tell they were feeling their cocks rub together as they stretched her holes–she’d never been part of something so dirty. She began to thrust on her own, finding her second wind, winning another orgasm that gushed her own fluids and the cum inside her. The brothers, for their part, reached around Molly, pressing her close between them as they simultaneously unloaded into her raw cunt and her virgin asshole, kissing either side of her neck, their tongues occasionally finding one another. They kissed her gently on her cheek and forehead as they withdrew they cocks and lay her back on the chaise, where she sprawled, her holes oozing with cum, red, swollen. On her breasts and ass were small, thumbprint bruises of passion that matched a few she’d laid on the men too.

Brother Heavener approached her.


Molly shook her head.

“I can’t, I can’t come anymore, I can barely move!”

He shushed her.

“You don’t have to. Nothing I love like a spent Goddess.” He stroked his penis, as Molly watched it get thicker even than it had been as he watched her. She was too exhausted to demur, to say it was bad form for an escort to just lie back and take it.

Brother Heavener slid into Molly’s newly-widened pussy, sluicing through his associate’s cum. Molly lay panting as Heavener picked up speed. Strangely, she felt her clit stirring again–there was no way she could come one more time.

“Ah, you like that, right?” Heavener asked, and she nodded weakly. He put a thumb to her clit and rubbed with his rhythmic motions. “You’ve been beautiful, you know that?” He asked her, leaning down to lick her nipples of the sweat and cum that soaked them. “One of the best.” He said, a final thrust, and she felt his cock pulse, twitch, hot, thick jets inside her –

But more than that, she felt a tingling that started in her toes, a warmth that spread up her legs, through her chest, getting hotter at her cunt, and she felt herself squirting–something Molly never believed possible–as her body shook with the force of the strongest orgasm she’d ever felt.

Molly fainted.

“Wake up, sleepy-slut.” Molly heard Shayla call in a sing song voice.

“What happened?” Molly asked “Where are the boys?”

Shayla shrugged.

“They’ve gone. That’s how they do their thing–but they called me to pick you up.” Molly thought to be embarrassed, as covered in cum and sweat as she was, but found herself quite clean. Someone had obviously bathed her carefully, gently even–the soreness she felt after a group job had been assuaged by a salve one of the kind men had massaged into her over-worked pussy.

Molly tried to stand, but Shayla stopped her.

“Don’t try, lady. Or should I say Goddess.” she laughed.

“They called you that too?”

Shayla nodded.

“They aren’t a cult, I don’t think. just, hangers on. Worshippers of the Goddess.”

“Temple Goddesses are hard to come by, these days, I guess.” Molly laughed, letting Shayla lead her toward the door.

“Oh, no. I think they make us come pretty easy.” Shayla smiled, as the two women hobbled back to their car, both aglow with sex and vitality.

When Sian arrived for work on a warm Saturday afternoon, she was surprised to see Tara there. She was working with Beth today, Tara didn’t often work on Saturday. She soon explained though that she had decided to leave. She had found a new man and wanted to concentrate on him rather than working in the house.

Sian was disappointed to see her leave but could understand why she felt she had to go. Tara had been heartbroken when her previous bloke had left her and wasn’t going to risk it happening again.

Tara said her goodbye’s and left, leaving them back to just 3 girls working. Sian felt a bit sad that she had gone, it had taken her a while to get to know Tara, but they had gone on to be good friends.

The next job would now have be finding a new girl. Sian wasn’t prepared to go back to working flat out like they used to. Now Ross was also earning from running the house, she had enjoyed working almost part time.

They put an advert in some local papers, and also on their new Internet site, hoping to find someone sooner rather than later.

Sian checked the website the next day and already had a reply. It was from a girl called Kirsty. She explained that she had moved to the North East from Brighton 6 months ago and hadn’t had any luck finding work.

She was a pretty, slim girl with a lovely pair of tits and long dark hair. She was about 30 and although she had no experience as a working girl, Sian had no doubt she would be a hit.

Kirsty agreed to take the job on was plunged in head first to cover or Tara the next day. She was quite glad really as she didn’t have time to get stressed about it.

On the Monday, Kirsty was working with Sian. The morning was quiet as usual with only a couple of Sian’s regulars coming in. About 2 hours into her first shift, Kirsty finally had her first client. He was about mid 40′s, average looks, build, everything. He picked Kirsty and paid for Oral without a condom, this simple job suited her for her first time.

The man was sitting naked at the end of the bed, ready to go. He didn’t seem to want to hang around.

“Keep your underwear on.” He told her. “I like you in that.”

Kirsty did as he asked, joining him on the bed, starting to stroke his cock and kiss him. The man pulled away from her kiss, he seemed to want no other contact with her apart from with his cock. Kirsty didn’t like the feeling but knew this came with the territory. She made up her mind to get this finished as soon as she could.

Kirsty took his stiffening cock in her hand and began to wank him. This finally started to relax him, he now laid back and let Kirsty pleasure him. She took the head of his now rock hard cock in her mouth, alternating between soft, teasing motion on his tip, then swallowing his length right down to his pubic bone. Kirsty had always been proud of her ability to deep throat a man, he was loving it.

Within a minute of this attention the man let out a relieved grunt and released his hot load into Kirsty’s mouth. She swallowed every drop, even though she knew he hadn’t paid any extra to do this. Her first job was done, it hadn’t been bad at all, a little cold maybe, but ok.

The rest of the day passed quickly for Kirsty. She saw about 6 more clients, mainly just wanting the basic personal service, so it hadn’t been a bad day for her. She earned £100 too which would also help.

On her next shift, Kirsty would get to meet a couple of the house’s more perverted clients. Her first customer of the day was a regular man in his late 30′s. He was delighted to see they had a new girl in, and booked her for the whole hour. He wanted an anything goes service & paid the £150 requested.

For the first few minutes, Kirsty massaged the naked man, just making small talk while she did. When she turned him over, he already had an erection, his 7″ cock looking like it was in need of her attention. Kirsty got in place, between his legs and started to suck him. She gave him her best, keeping eye contact with him as she sucked and licked his cock and balls.

“Will you rim me?” The man asked her.

“No problem.” Kirsty replied. “I’ve never done that before though so you’ll have to tell me if I’m no good.”

Kirsty licked around his balls, and down his perineum as he lifted his legs up. She then started to swirl her tongue around the outside of his hole, making him groan as she did. If Kirsty had been worrying about how it would taste, she wasn’t now. The man was very clean, she was enjoying this.

Kirsty began to probe more deeply now, gently penetrating his hole with her tongue. She could see his cock twitching as she tongued him, so started to wank him. As Kirsty delved deeper into his arse with her tongue, his breathing became heavier. After a short while, the man shouted out and came, firing bolt after bolt of hot come over his own chest and stomach. Kirsty then moved back to his tip, sucking the last of his come and swallowing it.

“I hope that was ok?!” Kirsty joked with him.

The man just smiled as he caught his breath.

For the next 5 minutes the pair chatted, small talk again, passing the time until he was ready to go again. It turned out that he came here every other week, liking to alternate between the girls for variety. He was a really nice bloke, and quite good looking, Kirsty was enjoying this.

The pair then began to kiss and touch each other again, she could feel his cock coming slowly back to life.

“Would you like to go down on me?” Kirsty asked him.

“I’d love to.” He replied. “Can I lick your arsehole too?”

“Course you can darling.” She reassured him. “You can do what you want with it.”

If the man wasn’t fully erect before, he was now. The promise of anal sex had him ready to go again.

Kirsty laid down on her back, spreading her legs wide for him. The man wasted no time getting down to eating her wet pussy. He knew what he was doing, making Kirsty moan gently as he licked her. She then turned over, arching her back slightly to allow him access to her arsehole.

The man kissed her bum cheeks, squeezing them as he did. He teased her with his tongue now, flicking it up and down her crack, without ever touching her hole. When he finally did, he went back to rubbing her pussy while he probed her arse. Kirsty was now hanging onto the bed, screaming, knowing she was going to come soon. The man continued to probe her arse with his tongue, and sensing the moment she was about to come, he buried his face in her bum, pushing his tongue in as far as her could while she writhed and came.

Kirsty had to ask him to stop for a moment now, she was too sensitive to carry on for a moment. While she calmed down, she put a condom on for the man, applying a generous amount of lubricant to his cock, then her arsehole.

She laid down on her front again, presenting her arse to him. Kirsty felt the familiar twinge of pain as the tip of his cock entered her tight hole. She soon got used to the feeling of his cock, he wasn’t too big, and gave her a nice feeling of fullness.

The man gradually built up speed, fucking her slowly at first but getting harder and faster as he did. Kirsty started to play with her clit as the man was now slamming his cock into her. She screamed when she came, feeling her anus contract around his cock, he still didn’t come.

“You’ll have to stop now.” Kirsty told him after about 10 minutes. She was starting to get sore down there now.

“Why don’t you wank off over my face?” She continued.

“I’d love to.” The man replied with a filthy grin. “Can I piss on you after that? And would you do the same to me?”

“Course I will.” Kirsty replied. She had long had a bit of a thing for watersports, having been introduced to this by a dirty older lover she’d once had.

“It’ll cost you another £50 though.” She added, remembering this was work, not pleasure.

The man reached into his wallet and pulled out the cash, handing the 5 folded notes to Kirsty. She lead them to the bathroom and knelt in the bath with the man standing over her.

“Come on then, give me your spunk.” She said to him. “Cover my face in it, I love it.”

The man was speeding up now as he wanked, Kirsty was playing with herself again, and was really getting carried away now.

“Wank that big cock harder.” Kirsty told him. “I need to see you come, feel it all over my face. I’m a dirty whore, I love it.”

The man was now approaching orgasm, her dirty talk was doing the trick. Just as he was about to come, Kirsty lubricated her middle finger, reached between his legs, and inserted it into his arse. The man gave a great shocked yelp and promptly came. Given that it was his 2nd orgasm within an hour, he came a massive amount. Kirsty kept her finger in his bum, pressing on his prostate as his semen poured out over her face and down her chest. She was covered by the time he’d finished.

“Jesus.” He exclaimed. “That was fucking amazing. No-one has ever done that to me before.”

“Men love it.” Kirsty told him. “I’ve met a few that hated the thought, but loved it when I actually did it!”

“I’d certainly try it again!” He said.

“I think I need cleaned off now.” Kirsty said to him with a dirty grin on her face. “Time for my shower!”

The man waited for a few seconds then felt his warm flow start to trickle out. He aimed it at her tits at first, before testing the water and moving up to her face. Kirsty didn’t flinch and just kept on masturbating. She kept her mouth and eyes shut, letting his warm stream cover her face and hair. She finally came as he finished, having washed her clean.

“That was fantastic too!” The man said. “I’ve only ever done it once before, I love it.”

“Do you want me to return the favour?” Kirsty asked him.

“Yes please.” He said. “That’s something I’ve never done.”

Kirsty helped him to lie in the bath and squatted over him. She held her pussy open so he could see her intimate parts as she let her stream of pee come. It washed over his chest, down his stomach and over his cock. He looked like he was in heaven.

They took a proper shower after, then Kirsty showed the man out. That had been a fantastic experience, one she would happily repeat time after time. She was loving the work at the house. The money was great, but she would also have to admit that the sex was fantastic too. It was perfect.

For the next couple of weeks, Kirsty worked 5 days a week on average. As Sian cut the amount of hours she worked, Kirsty was happy to increase hers. She was happy seeing a wide range of different men, doing lots of different things. A few of the men had little fetishes, like having her dressed up, light bondage and waterspouts. She had also seen the man she’d had her first great session with a couple of times, he had become her first regular.

Pete, as it turned out he was called, was a really nice bloke she thought. He always wanted to try really dirty stuff with her, but was always respectful to her. Kirsty was really getting to like him.

“Can I take you out for a drink?” Pete blurted out as they were getting dressed after their latest session. “I know you’ve probably got rules against seeing clients, or just don’t want to as I’m a sad case who pays for sex.”

“No. I’d like to.” Kirsty replied, sensing that he was nervous and waffling on. “Take my phone number, I’m not working this weekend if you want to give me a ring.”

Pete left with her phone number and a spring in his step, Kirsty too had a smile on her face. She hadn’t had a regular man for a couple of years now. She knew it might not come to anything, due to her line of work, but at least she wouldn’t have to have that awkward conversation explaining to him what she did for a living.

Pete did phone her on Friday night and arranged to meet her for a drink. They spent a nice evening chatting and drinking, before going back to his place for the night. It turned out that Pete was divorced and wasn’t really ready to settle down, but he was keen to keep on seeing her.

“Do you want to meet again next weekend?” Pete asked her as she got ready to leave for work on the Sunday morning.

“Yeah, I’d love to.” Kirsty agreed.

“I don’t know if you’d like to try anything like this, but I’d love to go dogging with you.” He asked.

Kirsty thought for a few seconds. She had once been with a few men in a local park when she lived in Brighton, so it wasn’t something she had no experience of.

“Ok.” She replied. “Why not.

“Great.” Said Pete. “I’ve always fancied trying these things but never found anyone who would try it.”

Kirsty thought about it on her way to work. She knew that while he clearly liked her, he was just looking for someone to live out loads of his fantasies. She knew it probably wouldn’t last with him once he’d tried everything out, but why not enjoy it while she could, the company and sex would be nice now she was so far from home.

“I’ve found us a meet on Friday night if you can make it?” Said an excited Pete.

“Yeah, I can do that.” Kirsty said. “I’m off on Friday. What have you got in mind.”

“Well, it’s not a traditional dogging meet.” He continued. “Let’s leave it a surprise shall we? I promise you’ll like it!”

“Ah, you can’t tell me that!” Kirsty joked with him. “You can’t leave me hanging!”

“I’ll pick you up at 9pm Friday.” He said, hanging up before she could argue further.

Kirsty was excited. She had enjoyed those sessions she’d had in the park and was loving the though of trying something like that again.

The week dragged. Kirsty’s shifts seemed to last forever, and were pretty dull and straightforward compared to Pete. By the time Friday came, she was almost wet with anticipation just thinking about it.

Pete arrived a minute after 9. Once Kirsty was in the car, he gave her a loving kiss, then handed her a blindfold.

“Put this on.” He told her. “I don’t want you to see your surprise.”

Kirsty did as she was told, her hands trembling with nerves & excitement as she put it on. She had no idea how long they drove for, it seemed like miles. Pete kept chatting to her so she didn’t get nervous, Kirsty was just dying to find out what was in store.

Pete then stopped the car.

“I’ll be back in just a minute.” He told her as he got out, leaving the music on just loud enough to stop her hearing what he was saying.

Kirsty felt a twinge of fear at this stage. It dawned on her now what a vulnerable position she was in. Still, she trusted Pete, even though she hadn’t known him long.

“Right, we’re all set.” He said, leading her by the hand from the car. “Don’t worry, I won’t let any harm come to you.” He whispered reassuringly in her ear as they walked.

They went in through a door, Kirsty could sense it was lighter, she call also smell the strong smell of bleach. It smelt like a public toilet.

Pete opened a door and led her into a small cubicle and locked the door, then took her blindfold off. She was in a toilet cubicle, a larger one that looked like it was once a disabled toilet. She said nothing as she looked round, her eye then catching a strategically placed hole in the wall. She caught on, it was a gloryhole, that was the surprise!

“Look we can go if you don’t like this.” Pete said to her. “But after you told me about the things you used to do in the park, I thought you might like this!”

“I love it!” She replied. “I’ve seen this on videos before, course I’ll have a go.”

Pete gave a loud whistle, this was clearly the sign for the men to come in. Kirsty had no idea how many he had arranged, the excitement was killing her. She heard the door next to them go, and the shuffling of clothes, followed by the sight of a semi erect cock sticking through the hole.

Kirsty dropped to her knees and took the piece into her mouth. It felt so dirty, sucking a cock having never even seen the man’s face. Even she had never tried this before. He was soon fully hard, pushing as far through the hole as he could, allowing her to take more of his length.

Then without warning he came. Kirsty took the first couple of jets in her mouth before letting the rest go over her face and clothes. The cock quickly dissapeared, the door banging as he left. Kirsty looked up at Pete, who had a huge smile on his face and a video camera in his hand.

“Hope you don’t mind!” Pete said with a smile. “I couldn’t resist!”

“You’re a bad lad!” Kirsty replied, blowing him a kiss.

When she turned around, another cock was now sticking through the hole. This one was fairly small, but she gave it the same attention nonetheless. He didn’t take long either, coming after no more than a minute. Kirsty again took most of his load over her face, some now went in her hair and again over her clothes.

This went on for a good half an hour, a relentless flow of cocks being presented for her to use. She had lost count by now exactly how many she had done, it must have been into double figures now though. Not having cleaned up, Kirsty was looking a complete mess now. Her face, hair and clothes were saturated with semen by now.

Kirsty got up for a moment to stretch her legs, but there was another cock thrust through the hole. This one was a huge black member, possibly about 10″ long. She sunk to her knees again and started to pleasure this massive piece. This man lasted longer, but she continued to work on him for a good 5 minutes until he too came on her face.

The toilet finally went quiet, allowing Pete and Kirsty some time on their own. He lifted up Kirsty’s stained dress and pulled down her soaking knickers, bending her over the toilet. He started to lick at her soaking slit, she tasted divine, driven on by the lust of what they had done, Pete had her coming in no time. Kirsty’s legs buckled as she came, screaming aloud.

“Come on, we should get out of here.” Pete said to her. “Police sometimes do the rounds of these places.”

“But you haven’t come yet!” Kirsty said to him.

“That can wait.” Pete said to her. “We’ve got the whole night ahead of us yet……….”

Kirsty could feel the anticipation tingling all over her body now as she walked down the hotel with Pete. He had told her to meet him at the Hilton Hotel in Newcastle at 9pm on the dot, to wear her favorite black dress and no underwear. He had been quite explicit in these instructions, she couldn’t wait to find out what he had planned for her.

Pete and Kirsty had been together for 3 months now after they met at the Brothel she worked in. He had been more than happy with her continuing to work there, which delighted Kirsty. She didn’t have to worry about keeping this part of her life secret like many of the girls working there did.

Kirsty’s life was good, she had a man who clearly adored her, a job that paid her well, and satisfied her constant need for sex.

Pete came out when Kirsty knocked on the door of room 312.

“Hi babe.” He said kissing her. “You look stunning.”

“Thanks darling.” She replied. “So what have you got in store for me then?” She was desperate to find out now.

“All will be revealed!” Pete replied. “But I need you to put this on first.” Handing her a blindfold.

Kirsty smiled, she loved games like this, putting herself completely in Pete’s hands suited her submissive nature.

Pete helped her tie the blindfold, positioned her in front of the door then slid the zip down on the back of her dress. It fell to the floor leaving her naked apart from her high heels. She felt so vulnerable standing in a hotel corridor naked, but her trust in Pete was complete.

“If you want to stop at any time you tell me.” Pete whispered in her ear. “I won’t let any happen that you’re not comfortable with.”

Kirsty nodded an agreement, she could barely speak now, she was almost shaking with anticipation.

“I love you. Pete told her as he opened the door to usher her in.

“I love you babe.” She whispered to him before following him into the room.

Kirsty could see nothing, hear nothing. Pete led her to the bed and sat her down. The next few seconds felt like years before she felt someone sit next to her on the bed, putting his hand on her leg and caressing her thigh. He had rough hands so it wasn’t Pete, she knew that much. She was getting wetter by the second now.

A second man then sat the other side of her now, starting to touch her tits, kissing her neck as he did so. How many men had Pete got in here, she had told him once that her biggest fantasy was a huge gangbang, the more men the better. Could this be it?

The men moved her into the middle of the bed and laid her down. Immediately she felt a pair of hands opening her legs, kissing up the inside of her legs before licking gently at her pussy. Kirsty groaned out loud, it felt wonderful, she was overwhelmed with feeling of lust now.

She next felt a cock pressing against her lips, she happily let it into her mouth, sucking as deeply on it as she could. It felt huge, bigger than Pete. She really had no idea how many men were in the room with her, she was desperate to take off the blindfold but knew this was part of the game and went with it.

The man licking her was now working more intensely on her clit, Kirsty could feel her first orgasm approaching. She let the cock out of her mouth to scream with joy as she came. It felt like she was going to explode. The action was quickening now though, so she had no time to recover, a cock was quickly thrust deep into her, making her cry out with shock and pleasure.

Kirsty then felt another cock the other side of her head, she was now alternating between the 2 men while a third fucked her. It felt amazing. This went on for about another minute before the man pulled out of her. A second or 2 later she felt a familiar warm drop land on her tits, then more over her belly, then some on her pussy. It felt do dirty, so nice.

Another pair of lips and tongue were soon exploring her wet slit, licking up and down, probing her open hole as deeply as he could. Again, this was soon replaced by a cock, thrusting hard into her. There was very little finesse in the fucking she was getting but this really didn’t matter, all she wanted was hard cock after cock.

The man repeated exactly what the first had done, he pulled out and shot a huge load of semen over her stomach and pussy. Another cock soon replaced the last, fucking her hard. She still had the same 2 cocks in her mouth so this must this was 5 she had worked out. How many more? It was unbelievable, just what she had fantasised about for all these years.

Kirsty worked hard on the man to her left with her mouth now, she could feel his cock starting to tense now. She had learnt to tell exactly when her man was going to come in her few months as a prostitute. The man let out a grunt and released his load into her mouth, Kirsty swallowed some but the load was huge so she let his cock out of her mouth, sending the rest of his spunk over her face.

Almost the same second, Kirsty felt the cock inside her explode, flooding her cunt with hot semen. There was a break in the action for a few seconds after this which made Kirsty wonder if 5 was all Pete had arranged. She really hoped not, she would willingly take on 50 men now if she could.

“Are you ok love?” Pete asked her. “Do you need a break for a bit?”

“No I’m fine darling.” She answered. “How many more have you got for me?”

“I suppose you can take your blindfold off now.” Pete told her. “Are you ready for a surprise?”

Kirsty slipped the blindfold off and looked around. All she could see was naked men in various states of arousal. She tried to take it in and work out how many there was. The room was huge, there must have been around a dozen men there plus Pete, with his camcorder in hand. He had also got a camera on a tripod with a light set up. He was living out his dream of being a porn director, and he was clearly having a great time.

Kirsty took a couple of seconds in the bathroom to clean herself up before heading back out for more.

For the next half an hour she took on another 6 men, all taking turns to fuck her, and for her to suck them. They again covered her in come, her face, tits, stomach and pussy were covered. She was also full again as a couple of the men had came inside her. It all felt so filthy and nice, the reality was even better than her dreams about doing this.

“Do any of you want to fuck my arse?” Kirsty asked invitingly, moving onto all fours and wiggling her bum in the air. She hadn’t even bothered to clean up this time, she just wanted more.

A man came forward to take her up on her offer. He was black and about 6ft 4, he also had a huge cock, about 9 inches Kirsty thought. She would have preferred something a bit smaller to start with anally but she wasn’t going to stop him.

The man planted a tender kiss on both of her bum cheeks before pulling her cheeks apart, revealing her tight arsehole. He flicked his tongue around her rim, gently working it gently inside her. Kirsty was quivering with pleasure now, being rimmed was one of her favourite sexual treats, she was delighted that someone was doing it for her before the fucking started.

He carried on for a good couple of minutes before slipping a lubricated finger inside her anus. Her worked more lube in and inserted a second finger, keeping them inside her until she was comfortable.

“I’ll take it slowly.” The man told her. “Tell me if it hurts you too much.”

All of the men so far had been so respectful to her, no-one had tried anything stupid, and they were all courteous enough to ask her before they did anything.

When the man edged the tip of his cock inside her, Kirsty nearly jumped off the bed. It felt as large as it looked, and had her in quite a bit of pain. The man must have realized this and stopped for a second until Kirsty was used to it. She considered stopping him for a brief second, then decided to carry on.

It did eventually get easier, the man was able to edge his entire length into her before finally starting to fuck her tight hole. She had never felt anything like it, never did she think that she’d be able to take a cock of that size in here arse. The pain had now turned to pleasure though, it felt really nice.

“I’m going to come.” The man told her after a couple of minutes. “Where do you want it?”

“Come in my arse.” Kirsty told him. “I want it inside me.”

After a few more thrusts the man came deep in her hole. She could feel it twitching and releasing the hot liquid into her.

“Thank you.” The man said to her. “You’re fantastic.”

Kirsty smiled and blushed a little, she felt proud that these men were so into her. She remained on all fours and another man took his place behind her. He again licked her bumhole, really working his tongue in and out of her now slippery ring. She wasn’t expecting anyone to do this after the first man had come inside her, he didn’t care though, taking his time to savor her arse.

When he finally fucked her, the man lasted no more than about 30 seconds before he too came inside her. At least a couple more men did this to her before she finally called for a break again.

“There’s one more thing I want to try while I’ve got you all here.” Kirsty told them. “Double penetrate me, it’s the one thing I’ve never tried. I’ve got to do it tonight, who’s up for it?l

2 men came forward immediately, erections in hand, ready to go. One laid flat on the bed, allowing Kirsty to straddle him, sinking her wet pussy down onto his hard 7″ cock. Kirsty leant forward putting her big round tits into his face for the man to lick. The man did this while holding her bum cheeks apart for the other man. Kirsty soon felt the tip of a cock entering her bum.

The pleasure was immense. She had never felt so full, she was now even more stretched than when the black man had fucked her. The man began to fuck, the man on top pressing Kirsty down onto the other man. The angle now meant that the man’s pubic bone was grinding against Clitoris. The orgasm that followed was unbelievable, Kirsty flopped down on the man beneath her, nearly passing out.

Both men carried on fucking her hard. Kirsty was feeling so drained after her orgasm, she wanted to stop now, but barely had the energy left to speak, let alone stop them. The man fucking her arse grabbed a handful of her hair and rammed his cock into her as hard as he could, shouting obscenities as unloaded his spunk into her bum.

The man below held her bum cheeks and continued to pound his cock into her pussy. Kirsty then felt another cock pressing at her slick arsehole, before sliding deep inside her. Thankfully for Kirsty, this man didn’t last long before he also came in her arse, followed shortly after by the man in her pussy.

“Stop lads.” Kirsty asked them. “I really don’t think I can take anymore.”

She could see about 6 of them still sporting sizeable erections, but there was no way she could take anymore fucking.

“Why don’t you lads wank over her.” Pete suggested. “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind that.”

Kirsty nodded her agreement and flopped down on the bed. The 6 men that were ready joined her, positioned all around her. One by one they came, raining semen down on her face, hair, tits, stomach and pussy. At least another 3 men managed to get hard and come again before they were done. She was covered.

Kirsty went for a shower while the men got changed and left. Pete was seeing the last 2 of them out as she emerged wrapped in a towel.

“So was your gangbang as good as you always hoped?” Pete asked her.

“Better.” She said. “I’ve never felt anything like that DP, I felt so full. I only wish it had been you I tried it with first.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get my chance soon enough.” Pete said. “Besides, I really enjoyed watching you having such a good time. And we’ve got the video to relive it again!”

“Give me a couple of days before we watch it though won’t you?” Kirsty asked him. “I think I may need a few days off before I let you near me again!”

Kirsty was out of action for over a week in the end. She even had to take a few days off work to recover. She could tell after a few days that Pete was starting to get frustrated, he hadn’t even joined in on the gangbang, choosing to film it all instead.

“Do you mind if I visit the house again?” Pete asked her. “I really need sex and I know it’ll hurt you. I just can’t wait much longer.”

Kirsty thought about it for a moment. At least he’d been honest with her, rather than just going with someone. It also felt better him doing this rather than going to pick a girl up. At least there would be no emotional involvement.

“Do it.” She told him. “I can’t expect you to wait.”

“You sure?” He said, giving her one last chance to change her mind.

“Yeah, Beth is in today, go and visit her, you’ll like her.” Kirsty told him.

Pete went to see Beth that night, he hadn’t met her before and was immediately attracted to her size 16 figure, 42DD tits and long dark hair. She was bigger and different looking to most of the girls working in these kind of places. She had pale skin rather than the usual fake tan, and was very natural, nothing false about her at all.

“What can I do for you darling?” She asked Pete.

“Would anal be ok?” He asked.

“Yeah, no problem.” She replied. “Anything else you’d like?”

“Would you pee on me?” He asked.

“Yeah, I don’t see why not.” Beth replied.

Pete paid Beth for the hour and chatted while he gave him a massage. Pete explained to her that Kirsty was his girlfriend and what they’d done at the weekend. Beth wasn’t shocked, she knew Kirsty and her man got up to some wild things, she just hadn’t met him until now.

Beth had a slightly less wild lifestyle these days. She had been settled with her fiancé for 2 years now, he knew what she did for a living and didn’t mind, but had no interest in doing the kind of things Kirsty & Pete did. Beth felt a slight moment of jealousy, she had always fancied the idea of a gangbang or orgy with John but she knew it would never happen.

Beth spent the next 10 minutes giving Pete the standard service. He laid back while she sucked his cock before rolling on a condom and riding him. She was enjoying her own little fantasy of being surrounded by a dozen cocks as Kirsty had been and ended up coming, the first time in ages this had happened with a client. She had almost forgotten about Pete for a moment!

“Sorry.” She said blushing. “I got a bit carried away there!”

“Don’t apologize.” He replied. “Glad you’re enjoying it.”

“Do you mind if I suck you again so you come?” Beth asked him. “I get really sensitive down there when I come.”

“Course not.” Pete said with a smile.

Beth decided to give him a treat and took the condom off, taking his swollen length into her mouth. She sucked his entire length, taking him in deeper each mouthful until she could feel his pubes against her nose. Pete couldn’t last long, he soon groaned in appreciation and released a huge load into Beth’s mouth. She held onto his entire load before depositing it into a tissue next to the bed.

“Now I know why you needed to visit me!” She said to him smiling.

They spent the next few minutes chatting. Beth had been drinking large glasses of water since Pete had come in, getting ready for his next request.

“Right, I need the bathroom.” She announced. “Care to join me?”

Pete followed her across the landing to the bathroom.

“Do you want to sit in the shower and I’ll stand over you?” Beth asked him.

Pete nodded and did as she directed. He got a great view of Beth’s neatly trimmed snatch as she got into position. Pete had always been attracted to bigger girls, Beth looked fantastic to him, she wasn’t at all self conscious about her curvy body as some girls could be.

“Right, where do you want it.” She asked him.

“Anywhere.” He replied. “I love it all over me.

Beth started to let go and a small stream of clear urine started to trickle over his stomach and cock. It felt delightfully warm. It soon became a stream, she was really letting go now. Beth aimed her stream higher up his chest, then aimed a small bit at his face, testing the water. Pete didn’t flinch, making it clear it was fine. Beth finished off peeing all over his face until she was done.

“God that was nice!” Pete told her.

Beth smiled, she wasn’t really into watersports but loved seeing that she had satisfied her man.

After a quick shower they moved back to the bedroom. They had 20 minutes left, Pete was as hard as a rock again and was ready to take Beth’s arse. She applied some lubricant to herself and a new condom onto Pete’s cock, lubing him up also.

Beth got onto all fours, presenting her plump, rounded arse to him. Pete got in behind and tasted her arse first. He worked his tongue around her rim, tasting the strawberry flavored lubricant and Beth’s natural taste.

Pete then replaced his tongue with his cock, and gradually edged it inch by inch into Beth’s arse. Her initial sharp intake of breath soon gave way to a small whimper of pleasure as her arse opened for him. Pete started to fuck her, slowly at first until she let him know she wanted it harder. He happily obliged, plunging his rock hard length into her until he filled the condom with another load of his seed.

Pete was totally spent now. This was exactly what he needed. He kissed Beth on the cheek and made his way home to his girlfriend. Things were coming along nicely.

When Estara awoke, Derran was still there.

She sighed happily, relieved not to have dreamed him. Usually she did not like customers to spend more than a few hours with her, and she certainly did not allow them to sleep in her bed. She became bored with their company after a while, and started to want her own space back again. But this man, for all his enormity of size, did not invade her space. Even lying with one of his huge arms across her waist as he was now, she just felt…

How did she feel, exactly?

Estara did not usually spend much time analysing her emotions. She preferred just to feel her feelings and let them go. But now she found herself wanting to give names to these intriguing new sensations that were coursing through her body and mind. If she hadn’t known better she would have thought she was in love. But that was ridiculous…it wasn’t possible to love someone after knowing them only one night. And it certainly wasn’t the done thing to fall in love with customers.

Safe. She felt safe. That was the right word for it. Grounded — that was another way to describe it. Peaceful. Content. And yet, in spite of the fact that they had spent most of the night having sex and she was sore from accommodating him, his proximity was also making her feel very aroused.

She stroked the arm across her waist with her fingertips, enjoying the feel of the hairy skin and the dense musculature beneath it. Then she turned onto her side so that she could see his face. He wasn’t handsome by human standards, but then she didn’t have human standards and to her, he was beautiful.

“Where did you come from?” she whispered. He didn’t stir. His expression was soft, peaceful, and even in slumber it showed the warmth and humour that had first attracted her to him. She planted a gentle kiss on his forehead and, very carefully so that she didn’t wake him, she slipped out of bed and made her way to Madam Elise’s room.

“Good gods, girl.” Madam Elise, rumpled and bleary-eyed, looked less than pleased to see Estara standing outside her door. “It is barely sunrise and yet here you are looking agitated at me. It’s that Giant fellow, isn’t it? What has he done to you?”

“May I come in?” asked Estara, ignoring the note of suspicion in the two questions and particularly in the use of the word ‘Giant’.

Elise sighed. “Yes, you may come in. As much as it saddens me to admit it, I have no company in here this morning.”

Estara smiled to herself as she stepped inside the heavily perfumed room. Elise and she were old friends, going back to their early teens; both had gone into this business for the love of it as well as the money, but where Estara was never at a loss for business because of her stature and her good looks but was never any good at handling the monetary aspect, Elise was less blessed with the gift of beauty and yet possessed a business acumen worthy of any man. Thanks to a series of canny investments, paid for not only by her own earnings but by money fronted by Estara too, she had eventually managed to raise the capital to buy this house, and to fill its rooms with willing young ladies — and men to pay for their services. Estara had a stake in the business — a large stake too — and because of this and her ability to command a high price, she was more or less given the freedom to work as and when she wished, and with whomsoever she pleased.

“Elise,” said Estara, getting straight to the point as always, “I believe that the empty doorman’s position should be filled by Derran.”

Elise raised one perfectly-shaped eyebrow. “Oh? Has he put himself forward for the job?”

“No. He does not know about it yet. But I believe that, if we offer it to him, he will accept. And I believe that he is the perfect choice.”

“He’s big, I’ll give you that.” Elise frowned. “But, my dear, he does not strike me as the right type. A Giant he may be, but I saw little evidence of any of the killer instinct of his race, did you? I have the feeling that if faced with trouble he would not be eager to fight.”

“And that,” said Estara determinedly, “is what makes him ideal. We do not want a doorman like Nivek again, always keen to rush in like an enraged tiger and upsetting the customers and smearing blood all over the walls! Derran would, I feel, favour a more…diplomatic approach. And his size and bloodline are surely enough to scare off all but the most determined aggressor.”

Elise paused, considering her friend’s proposal. It was sensible enough, as it happened; but still she had her misgivings. She could see, of course, that Estara was very much taken with the young half-Giant and that this was a large part of her reason for putting him forward. She was worried that, if Estara were allowed to see him as a colleague rather than a customer, that she would be persuaded to fall in love with him — and to stop working herself. And yet…

A mischievous smile spread over her round face. Elise had never engaged a doorman without first demanding that he show his ability to pleasure a woman…and Elise always put herself up as the woman to please. There was a very simple way of testing how safe it would be to employ Derran, assuming that he wanted the job.

“Bring him here to me,” she told Estara, “as soon as he wakes up.”

Estara saw the smile, and smiled herself. Oh my, she thought to herself, you are in for an awakening yourself, my friend. Just you wait and see.


Derran followed Estara to Madam Elise’s room, feeling more than a little nervous. Estara had awoken him with a kiss, but had refused to allow him more than that because she had said he ‘might need his strength later’. When he had asked for clarification, and she had explained the job opening and that Madam Elise always required her doormen to fuck her as part of the interview process, he had been shocked.

“But — but that is immoral,” he had stammered.

“No more immoral than what I do every night. Oh, come on, darling. It need only be for the winter, until there is farm work in the valley again. I know you have a lot of savings, but otherwise you would have to spend a great deal of them on food and lodgings — and this way, you will get both of those and save your money.” She had kissed him again, and given his crotch a cheeky squeeze as she whispered, in a voice full of longing, “And I would get to see you every day.”

That had decided him. He had not been at all attracted to the dumpy Elise, but Estara had inflamed his lust so much over the past twelve hours that he would only need to picture her curvaceous body in his mind and he would be hard as rock. And thanks to their repeated lovemaking he would last a long time too. It couldn’t hurt — and, if her tone of voice was to be believed, he would be doing it for Estara as well as for himself.

Estara knocked on Madam’s door. It was opened almost immediately. Elise was wearing a very short nightdress made of a rich purple silk, and she smiled coquettishly at Derran from beneath her eyelashes. It was, he realised, like looking at the girl Sheri’s older sister. It was not an unappealing image. He felt his cock stiffen a little at the realisation that if he were to work here, he would be able to get to know the other girls a lot better too.

What is happening to me? he thought wonderingly. One night with a beautiful whore and suddenly I’m sex mad.

“Good morning, handsome,” she purred. “Do step into my chamber. You too, Estara.”

Estara raised her eyebrows in surprise. This was not customary; but she guessed that Elise would want to see her reaction to Derran being with someone else. The two women had known each other for nearly fifteen years and there was very little they could not guess about the way one another’s minds worked.

“So,” Elise was saying. “Estara tells me you would like to work for us.”

He cleared his throat nervously. Beneath her calculating and lascivious gaze he felt exposed and embarrassed, quite different to how Estara had made him feel upon bringing him to her room.

He looked at Estara, who smiled encouragingly. Thinking of future nights of bliss in her arms he turned his attention to Elise and said, “Yes, Madam.”

“And what can you offer us?”

She locked her eyes onto his, licking her lips suggestively. He swallowed, and took a deep breath. “Well, Madam, I am strong, reliable and honest. And I have had my fair share of encounters with hostile men, all of whom I have bested.”

“I see.” She nodded. “And has Estara told you of the other qualification I look for?”

“She has, Madam.”

Elise nodded again. Then, slowly, she eased the straps of the scandalously short nightgown down over her plump shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Her skin was amply freckled, and although she was carrying extra weight her flesh was still firm and supple-looking — and her breasts were enormous, far bigger than any he had ever seen before.

Derran felt his body respond to her nakedness. She was nowhere near as pretty as Estara, but she was certainly attractive in her way. Perhaps, he thought, this would not be so difficult after all.

She crossed the room to her bed, and lay down upon it. “Come over here, Giant man,” she coaxed. “Come and get to know me better.”

“Do you still wish me to remain, Madam?”

Derran turned to look at Estara. The look on her face was inscrutable, but he thought he detected a faint tremor in her voice. Suddenly he wanted to fall onto his knees and beg her forgiveness — for what, he did not know, since this was her idea. But although she knew — and presumably accepted — this part of his ‘interview’, he could not shake the irrational feeling that he was being disloyal to her.

“Yes, Estara, I still wish you to remain. Come and stand at the head of the bed and watch.”

She nodded briskly and complied, her face colouring up slightly. Suddenly he was angry with the red-headed slut, who was ogling him like he was a piece of meat for her gratification. She was trying to make Estara jealous, he thought — to test her true reasons for wanting him to take this job. Well, he would show her, lying there with her massive tits spilling off her sides and her fat pussy on blatant display, already moist with anticipation, practically begging to be fucked. He felt his blood grow hot at the thought of wiping that smile off her stupid face. If she wanted Giant cock, she would get it — and she would never want it again.

He stood over her and removed his clothing. There was none of the sensuality of his encounter with Estara here; this was purely functional. He could feel the Giant in him trying to take over his mind and it was with difficulty that he restrained the urge to strike her, hard, across the cheek as he had seen Giant males do to females in the build-up to mating. He glanced across at Estara. Her green eyes looked tenderly back at him and the fire was cooled, if only a little.

“Don’t look at her, Giant. Look at me.”

That was it. He’d had enough. Dropping to his knees between her legs, he grabbed her wrists in one hand and held them above her head, putting his face close to hers and hissing, “Shut up.”

“Oh, yes.” She strained against the hold, uselessly of course. “Oh, I like a strong man. Show me, Giant, how big and strong you really are.”

He grabbed one of her breasts with his other hand. They were so big that there was plenty of tit to spare even with his fingers spread out. She moaned, and suddenly she started to look a little afraid. And yet, whilst he had found the fearful look a turn-off in the past, with this woman and in this situation it fired him up so strongly that his vision actually blurred for a second.

“Fuck me,” she demanded petulantly.

He tightened his hands’ grip, and she squeaked in surprise. “I thought I told you to shut up, bitch,” he snarled, his voice once again taking on the tone he had heard from his mother once upon a time, usually right after some presumptuous male had tried it on with her. “I don’t fuck on demand. Nor does any Giant.” He bent down and slurped her nipple into his mouth, making her gasp. “Lovely big tits,” he whispered, his words muffled by her flesh. He bit into her flesh and she cried out in pain. He laughed, stretching out her nipple between his teeth. His cock was straining towards her cunt. Against his will, this human whore was turning him on in her own right — and for that, he would make her pay.

He plunged into her, and the wail she emitted made him forget the part of himself that was human. He was, he knew, likely to be the biggest man that even she had ever had. He had always been mindful of this with humans he’d slept with before and taken it slowly, but today he just wanted to fuck, and come, and fuck some more and come again, until she was begging him to stop. So this was it. This was what they’d tried to tell him about in the mountains. This was what he had been missing out on.

“Oh, gods. Oh, gods. Oh, gods.” Every thrust brought this cry from her lips. But although she sounded afraid, he also detected the tell-tale huskiness of a woman experiencing a lot of pleasure. She didn’t fuck back like Estara, but she was tight, and getting wetter with every stroke. Also she had managed to get one hand free — he must have loosened his hold — and was playing with herself, her fingers rubbing her clit frantically. The dirty whore; so greedy that his cock alone wasn’t enough for her.

“Leave yourself alone,” he commanded, lust slurring his words. “I can make you come by myself. I don’t need your help.”

She was soaking wet now. Using some of her juice he slipped a finger into her ass, not even knowing what had compelled him to do it. The sounds she made became deeper, and for the first time she began grinding herself onto him, the way Estara had when he had first fingered her sweet pussy.

“Oh yes,” she purred. “Yes, that’s what I want…”

Derran had never in his life fucked a woman in the ass, although he had heard other men mention it with awe, as something highly pleasurable that only a very few women ever allowed. The thought had always slightly repelled him; and yet, when he glanced across at Estara, he saw that she was also stroking herself, and watching him intently. She saw him looking and nodded.

“Do it,” she whispered. Her eyes closed; she was close to coming, he knew, and the thought that seeing him do this would be pleasurable for her too rid him of the last of his inhibitions.

He was surprised at how easily his cock slid in, and realised that Elise had probably done this many times. Even so she still gasped and begged him to go slowly — which he did willingly, much to his chagrin, because it was much tighter in there, and there was a great deal more friction. But once he was all the way in, she began to buck against him again as she had when his fingers had been in there.

“That’s good,” she moaned. “Oh yes.”

He looked over at Estara again. Her lips were parted slightly and her breathing was becoming ragged as her fingers rubbed her clit more urgently. Her eyes opened again slightly and watched him avidly.

“That’s right,” she panted. “Fuck her ass –”

Her orgasm nearly made her buckle at the knees, forcing her to grab onto the bedpost for balance. Derran watched her, entranced anew by her beauty. He slipped first one, then two and finally a third finger into Elise’s pussy, barely even hearing her cry out as she was filled to bursting with him in both holes; in his mind he was back in Estara’s room, watching her ride his hand again. He pounded Elise harder, thrashing her orgasm out of her, torn between his contempt for her and his fascination with Estara. An image came to his mind, quite unbidden, of the two women licking one another out…and that pushed him over the edge. As he came, he pulled Elise onto his cock, making her scream as tears sprang to her eyes. But when he was finally able to bring himself to slow down, she did not look displeased with him — anything but, in fact.

“My dear boy,” she said breathlessly, a wide smile covering her freckled face. “You are something special, aren’t you? Quite a talent. Consider yourself hired.”

Derran looked at her blankly. Although his body had enjoyed the experience, his mind still chided him for doing all that in front of Estara. And yet she had enjoyed watching…and he had enjoyed being watched by her. It seemed that he still had a lot to learn about sexual desire and the many different ways of satisfying it.

“You can start tonight,” Elise was saying. “I will pay you five coppers per night, and your room and board is free. Estara, take him to Nivek’s old room. And both of you get some sleep.”

Derran dressed hurriedly, not looking at Elise again. He suddenly felt that he desperately needed a wash. When they were out of the room he communicated this to Estara.

“Come with me,” she said. “I bathe every morning and the maid knows to ready the tub for me in my room.”

Sure enough, when they reached her room there was a large tin tub of hot water, a bar of soap and a towel waiting. Estara had him stand in the tub whilst she washed him; he hadn’t been bathed by anyone since he was a child, and the experience was very relaxing and intimate. She took great care over him, her exquisite face frowning in concentration as she soaped the whole length and breadth of him and then rinsed him off. When she had finished he asked to do the same for her.

“That would be nice,” she said, looking pleased.

In spite of the extremes his body had been put to in the name of sexual pleasure that morning and the preceding night, Derran found himself becoming turned on again as his soapy hands slid over her curves. Her little sighs of pleasure did not help the situation.

“Your touch feels so good,” she told him when he teasingly scolded her for the effect she was having on him. He rinsed her clean and kissed her gently.

“Did you really enjoy watching me with Elise earlier?” he asked.

“Yes, I did,” she said. “I saw a different side to you; it was very exciting. I love to watch people having sex. I would like to watch you with some of the other girls sometime. Katrice is a sweet girl; she puts on a good show and she took quite a fancy to you.”

“You mean you’ve watched the other girls before?”

“Of course. In fact, sometimes we invite a few select customers in, lock the doors and then all enjoy each other freely. I look forward to you being involved on those occasions in future.”

Derran felt himself grow harder as her words conjured up an image in his mind, of a group of adventurous young women, naked in the firelight and enjoying whoever came into reach of their hungry mouths, hands, pussies…and even asses. He smiled.

“I think I’m going to like working here.”

It all started with an obscene phone call.

Heidi had been babysitting our five-year-old son since he was a crib-bound infant but the whole time she worked for us was an ever ascending level of torture for me as her form rapidly changed from cute unisex to eighteen-year-old mega-hottie. When she called me to tell me about the call it came as no surprise to me since the caller had just put into words all the thoughts I’d been having for years.

When she said, however, that it was the third such call that evening I could hear the tension in her voice. I could already see that my wife was well on her way to being blotto which warned me that the snide comments weren’t far behind but when I told her about the calls she was sober enough to tell me to get right home. She said she’d get a ride with our neighbors. I was overjoyed to miss the end of the party since Elaine was a nasty drunk.

When I got home I made sure Heidi watched as I went room by room inspecting every closet, looking under beds and locking windows. It turned out she was hungry so I ordered a pizza. We returned to the living room and we sat on the sofa as she told me all that had gone on.

“What made me the most nervous Mr. Reynolds was the fact that he seemed to know what I looked like. He had to have been watching me waiting for the right moment to come over to attack me.”

I’d assumed it was just a random caller but I started to grill her. “Did he ever call you by name?”

“No, I’m sure he’d never met me before but maybe saw me when I drove over.”

“Did he say anything about your hair color, the way you’re wearing it or anything about what you were wearing?”

“Not really but he knew my big boobs kind of stretched out my shirt so he must have seen something. He also could tell…”

She hid her face against my shoulder grabbing my shirt as she did so.

“He could tell what, Heidi?”

Her face remained buried as she whispered, “He could tell that I was wet; you know, down here.” She put a hand between her legs. I smiled to myself since she hadn’t yet realized that he’d had to have had eagle x-ray eyes to see in through the window and past the barrier of her shorts for the knowledge he claimed to have.

Just then our dinner arrived and we dug into the sausage and pepperoni masterpiece before us. The touch barrier having been broken she leaned toward me and gave me a quick peck on my jaw.

I asked, “What was that for?”

She grinned. “I just feel so much safer now and I wanted to thank you for making me feel this way.”

I reached over and took the remainder of her slice from her hand and put it back in the box. “Well thank you for the effort but that wasn’t a real thank you kiss. It should be more like this.”

I put my arm back around her shoulders and pulled her lips to mine. In a matter of seconds my tongue had entered her mouth and began a delightful duel with hers. Heidi’s arms surrounded me and my right hand slipped under her shirt massaging her back and shoulders.

As soon as I’d unfastened her bra she broke the kiss and moved her arms between us. Her eyes took ten seconds to read my face before she broke into a sly grin. She began to unbutton her shirt but paused, waiting for me to catch up.

Heidi’s body was incredible. I’ve never asked a woman her measurements because I could normally tell at a glance, right down to cup size but Heidi’s waist didn’t seem to belong with her hips and ribcage. I finally asked.

I seemed to embarrass her. She answered barely above a whisper, “Thirty two D, nineteen, thirty three and you don’t have to tell me I’m shaped weird, I already know it.”

I ran my fingertips down her cheek. “Weird? I think extraordinary might be a more accurate term.” I went back and forth suckling her nipples. “I can’t think of a single man who wouldn’t want to trade places with me right now because of what we’re about to do.”

The look on her face quickly changed from coy to apprehensive. “Really, and what are we about to do?”

My fingers started exploring her moist pussy as I kissed my way around her face. “We’re about to fuck sweetheart. Oh there might be a few preliminaries but we’re definitely going to fuck.”

Her eyes were glued to my fingers and the sensation emanating from her pussy. Finally her lust wrested control of her mind from any thoughts of fear and apprehension and she began moaning as her thighs cut off any circulation which might have remained in my fingers. She laced her fingers in my hair and forcibly pushed my lips between her legs. As my lips met hers my tongue slid up and around her clit while my fingers were still thrust into her. Wave after wave of passion broke over her in rapid succession. She knew she wanted more but didn’t know what to do next.

Heidi whimpered as my fingers and tongue quit their appointed tasks and I began kissing a line plotted from one pair of her lips to the other. As my tongue resumed jousting with hers my cock began sliding its way up and down the valley formed by her labia. On the fifth stroke the angles were just right and the head of my cock penetrated her route to Nirvana. Her expression looked momentarily shocked but just as quickly she raised her thighs, locked her ankles, grabbed my ass and like some giant dildo buried my cock into herself as deeply as it could go.

I must admit I was on my game that evening. For me to cum four times in the same session was most unusual even if the fourth time was barely a ‘dribbler’. I can’t even begin to guess how many times Heidi’s bell rang but as we were spooning on the sofa she asked me, “Are all girls as sore as I’m going to be the morning after?”

I chuckled and responded, “Heidi nothing we did this evening can be called typical. I can’t remember any girl cumming as often as you did and four times is probably a personal best for me. I can tell you one thing though.”

She turned her head and kissed my nose. “What’s that?”

“If you ever feel unsafe for any reason whatsoever just call me and I’ll drive right back to make you feel safe.”

She didn’t verbally respond but wiggled her ass into me and sighed.

Two weeks went by and Elaine had to head to Toronto to pitch one of her firm’s biggest clients a new software program she’d help design. She guessed that she might have to be there over the weekend and that fact caused the gears in my mind to start to mesh. I called Heidi and asked whether she was available Friday evening to sit. She said she was and told me she’d arrive around 6:30 so she could put Andy to bed before I left.

“That’s fine Heidi but there’s one other thing though. Elaine’s away on business and I thought I’d treat myself to a boy’s night out with my college roommate. I rarely get to see him because he and my wife have never gotten along so if I wind up drinking too much to drive would you be able to stay ’til morning?”

“No problem Mr. R. I’ll put some overnight things in my car.”

Of course there was no college roomie. I just wanted to see if I’d read Heidi right so I headed for the bar at the Ramada to listen to their jazz trio and wait for her call. I had just ordered a Macallan 18 Year Old rocks and as I waited for the drink to arrive I switched my phone from ring to vibrate so as not to disturb those in the area who were enjoying the music. I didn’t have time to return the phone to my belt clip when it started vibrating in my hand. I smiled as I answered it. “Mr. Reynolds, I’m probably overreacting but I just heard a noise near the back door and I almost called you but then I remembered to were with an old friend and I didn’t want to disturb you so I was going to call 911 but then if it turned out to be nothing I’d feel so embarrassed so I called you after all.”

I almost broke out laughing but kept my composure as I said, “Heidi, you did the right thing calling me. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

As I walked in the front door Heidi looked behind me. “Oh, you’re alone. I didn’t want to mess up your evening so I thought you’d bring your friend along.”

“No, I sent him home. Now let’s see what we can do to make you feel safer. While I check out back why don’t you fix me a drink? On the left side of the bar is a bottle of Macallan. Pour two fingers in a glass with three ice cubes. Make one for yourself if you like.”

I went through the motions of checking out back and when I got back Heidi was standing at one end of the sofa with my scotch on a silver tray. She had an interesting interpretation of proper waitress attire since she’d stripped and left her clothes back on the bar. I sat on the sofa thinking how easily I could get used to being served by beautiful nude teenaged girls. I took the first sip and stood. “I’ll handle the shirt, you take my pants and boxers off. Have you ever sucked a cock before?”

She answered eagerly. “Three times. With boys from my school.”

“Well why don’t you show me what you’ve learned?” She began to lower her head when the neighbor’s yappy terrier started barking.

Heidi’s head popped up. “That’s the sound I heard out back!”

Hmmm, it could be a dog but it sounds more like a wolf.” I put my hand behind her head and pushed it onto my cock. “You definitely did right by calling me.”

I’ve always enjoyed the sight of my cock gradually disappearing into a girl’s mouth but Heidi gobbled the whole thing into her throat in mere seconds.

I was in heaven. In all the years of our marriage it was hard enough to get Elaine to blow me but she never deep throated me. Heidi fulfilled my every sexual desire. Around three a.m. I awakened in an otherwise empty bed. As I sat up looking for my nymph I spotted her sitting on the carpet in my closet polishing my shoes.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. “What in the world are you doing?”

She smiled up at me. “Earning some more sex.”

I was instantly hard. I pulled back the sheet and pointed at my very erect cock. “Sit here and I’ll give you a down payment.” She clapped her hands together and sprinted to the bed.

For the next few weeks we maintained the illusion that the primary reason for my spending time with her was to protect her. In September I had to conduct a week long annual review during which I evaluated all the salesmen in one of our western districts while their district manager evaluated mine. Elaine was out of town as usual and Heidi was sitting Andy.

I had just finished with Brett Stevens, a salesman from Bozeman Montana. I had one more appointment before I could quit for the day. I asked Brett, “So do you have any plans for the evening? Need any advice about what our fair city has to offer?”

“Thanks but I think I’m going to low key it this evening. I still feel a little jetlagged so I thought I’d shower and change, get a bite and see if the hotel concierge can fix me up with some of your local talent.”

I looked at my watch and figured it would be about an hour and a half before Heidi called. A thought occurred to me. “I can take care of that last part if you like Brett.”

A surprised look graced his face. “Oh really?”

“She’s eighteen, blonde, slim but supporting a pair of DDs, $350 for an hour and $500 for two. I’d suggest the two. Only thing is she’s babysitting so you’d have to go to her.”

Brett smiled as he reached for his wallet.

When Heidi called later I was still in the middle of my meeting. I excused myself and walked away from the desk. I heard, “I’m nervous now.”

“Sweetheart I’m still in a meeting at work but if you’re really nervous I’ll call a fellow I know and I’m sure he’ll be able to make you feel safe until I can get there.”

After she said “Okay and thank you so much.” As I broke the connection it occurred to me, not for the first time, that for this to work it was time for Heidi to leave the nest. I’d better see to getting her her own place.

Nine fifteen and Brett’s two hours were almost up so I headed home. I met Brett at the front door as I was about to put my key in the lock. He broke into a huge grin as he grabbed and shook my hand. “Wow! This might be the best recommendation I’ve ever gotten. I asked Heidi if I could see her again Friday evening but she said I should speak with you.”

“Why don’t we speak tomorrow? I’ve got her calendar in the office.” He nodded and headed for his rental car.

I made myself a drink and plopped down on the sofa. I called out to the house in general, “I’m home.”

I heard Andy call out from upstairs, “Daddy’s home!” In short order I began to hear the measured footfalls as hand-in-hand he and Heidi descended the stairs.

Heidi made him pause at the foot of the stairs. “Let me get those last two buttons on your shirt, big guy.” She raised her eyes toward me. “We just got up from a rather late afternoon nap.”

Heidi served hamburgers and broccoli for dinner. She and Andy had apparently worked out a deal that to get a bite of burger he had to eat one of broccoli. At one point he forgot and ate two consecutive bites of his burger when Heidi, without looking up, simply said “Two bite rule!”

Andy’s mock slapped his own head and simply said, “Sorry, I forgot.” He promptly ate three forkfuls of the vegetable. After dinner Andy went into the living room to pick a movie to watch. Andy asked if we could watch something called “Bad Grandpa”.

“What’s it rated?”


Heidi turned toward me. “Have you seen it?” I told her that I hadn’t whereupon she called back to Andy, “Neither your Dad nor I have seen it so I’ll add it to the list. That makes number four!”


Heidi explained to me, “I didn’t think you’d mind but I instituted a movie policy of no R rated movies unless one of us had seen and approved it for him. There’s a pad in the china cabinet of those movies pending our approval. I also told him we couldn’t spend our lives watching movies so the list is full when it reaches five films. There are a lot of R rated films out there which are great for any age viewer as long as the viewer doesn’t have a broom up her ass.”

I shook my head. “You’re amazing!” She filled and started the dishwasher so I asked, “How did things go this afternoon?”

She sat at the kitchen table across from me. “You mean with Brett?” She laughed. “Lotsa enthusiasm but I think I know more about sex than he does.” She took my hand. “He sure can’t eat pussy like you can.” She squeezed the hand. “He wants to see me again and he kept offering me money as if I were a whore… am I a whore Andy?”

I sipped my scotch, “A lot of people would probably call you that but I don’t think of you that way.” I thought for a second, “Actually, maybe I do think you’re a whore but… not in a bad way. Maybe that word itself gets a bad reputation. What’s so bad about enjoying sex?” I held out my arms and she came onto my lap. “Do you want to be my little whore?”

She kissed me before answering, “From the first day when you taught me the proper way to kiss ‘thank you’ I’ve always thought of myself as being your whore. I’m scared of anyone using my behind but if you asked to fuck my ass I’d for sure say yes.”

“Do you want me to schedule Brett again for this Friday?”

She kissed me again, “Not the proper question. The question should be do you want me to fuck Brett on Friday? After all I’m your little whore!

But won’t Elaine be back by Friday?”

“Yes she will but I’ve been thinking for a while about your needing your own place. Think you might want to move away from home?”

“Would I ever! But I don’t have that kind of money.”

“I’ve got a house on Bayside Drive that I normally keep rented but I didn’t re-rent it right away because I wanted to get it painted. Well, it’s painted now so I was thinking that if you moved in there several of our problems would quickly be solved. All I need do is schedule a few more Bretts for you and you’d be earning enough for me I wouldn’t need to charge rent.

Another thing, you should probably think about girls you know who could become babysitters working for you.”

She smiled, “Do you mean babysitters babysitters or babysitters whores?”

“I’m sure that you’ll make a fine recruiter no matter what skillset each girl possesses but I’d probably give preference to applicants with multiple talents wouldn’t you?”

Heidi leaned back to make sure Andy Jr. was still busy with the TV before pulling down her top and rubbing her nipple across my lips. She said, “Okay, got it: a girl who’s just good at sucking and fucking is less desirable than one who’s also good with your son. Can we go look at the house right now?”

“I guess we could but what’s the rush?”

Heidi had already stowed her tits back in her top and was running a brush through her hair as she sprinted to the living room. I heard the volume on the TV disappear as she said, “Hey Andy, want to go for a ride and see Heidi’s new house?”

In less than three minutes we were all in the car and pulling from the driveway. Heidi said, “Turn right. We’ve got to make a stop on Fox Run.”

She directed me to turn into the driveway of a pleasant colonial while she was non-stop texting. The front door burst open and a cute redhead with an ass to die for bounced down the steps and into my back seat. Heidi did the introductions, “Kate Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Reynolds Kate, Kate Andy, Andy Kate.”

“How do you do sir and hey buddy.” Andy, normally shy with strangers, crawled into her lap. “Noo guy, I don’t think you should be here not buckled up.” Andy threw his arms around her and buried his face between her tits. No fool my son!

I pulled over and faced him over the seatback. “Andy you know the rules; you’re always supposed to be buckled up if the car is moving. Maybe though, just this once, if Kate says it’s okay, you can ride in Kate’s lap if she can get the seatbelt around the two of you.”

I said to Heidi, “It’s not very far and it’s all secondary roads.” I lowered my voice, “Besides, how could I say no when he got his lips between her tits in under a minute!” She punched me in the shoulder.

All buckled in wearing her new chest plate, Kate asked, “Sup bitch?”

All Heidi said was, “Want to show you something.”

I pulled into the driveway of the waterfront Tudor. We all got out and as I began the room by room tour of the interior Heidi happened to look out one of the windows toward the back yard. She turned toward the rest of us but aimed her words toward Kate. “Pool, Hot Tub, dock, boat…” With Andy following close behind the two girls ran out into the yard. I vaguely remembered my days at that age but had forgotten the compulsive need to run everywhere.

When I joined them by the dock Heidi had already launched into her sales pitch. “…and we’ve always said we wanted to be roomies and live off campus, right? So tonight I was sitting for Andy and when Mr. R mentioned wanting to rent this place I had to come see it.

Wouldn’t it be great for us?”

Kate sat on one of the stone benches. “Let’s see… one, we’re still in High School. Two, we can’t afford a place like this. Three, we’d have my parents dropping in all the time.

Should I keep going?”

Heidi started, “You’re right about your parents. You’d just have enforce a strict rule about no unannounced dropping in, I’m sure I could get you a job so you could afford the rent and I was planning on pitching my folks on it being a trial run for living away from home only without the pressures of studying and classes.

I’ll bet that between the two of us we can scrounge enough furniture to keep the echoes at a minimum.”

Kate was pensive for a while. “Okay I’m in but this place still seems like an awful lot of babysitting!”

“You let me worry about the money. Besides, if you run short in the beginning I’m sure Mr. R will be able to come up with some chores for you to do to help you out.

Hey! It’s almost Andy’s bedtime. Let’s go back and after we get him to bed we can talk some more.”

Chapter 02: First Customers

(A warning to the reader: This story features an extreme amount of futa on male anal sex. If you are not into that sort of thing, this story may not be for you.)

(Author’s note: After a long break in writing, I will be continuing the Alien Prostitute series. Our protagonist will not always be the recipient of anal sex, soon he will get to use his penis. Other, and more exotic, aliens will be introduced in later chapters. Stay tuned!)

I was surprised by how well I slept that first night. I was exhausted. When I finally regained control of my legs after the vigorous anal fucking I had received, three more of the blue females came to get me and take me to be cleaned up. Their silvery robes glittered and swished around their bodies as they moved. I noticed for the first time just how form fitting the robes really were. I could clearly make out their hourglass figures, and even see the bulge of their massive cocks beneath the fabric.

These three aliens guided me to another room that was an immaculately clean and glistening white box with a drain in the middle and a detachable showerhead on the wall. In the corner was a metal cart that seemed to hover above the floor that contained a series of strange implements that I couldn’t seem to understand. The aliens had been silent until we had entered the room and the door was shut behind us.

“Hello, exotic one,” the alien girl nearest to me said.

“Please, call me Richie,” I said. My actual name is Richard, but I wanted to be on good terms with these people (if “people” was even the right word).

“Okay… Richie,” the first alien said with a smile, “you can call me Lanala. These are my friends, Lasalay and Tulani.”

I tried desperately to remember their names, but it was hard.

“Let us not waste time, Lanala,” Tulani said, stepping forward. She was shorter than the rest and had smaller breasts, but I couldn’t help but notice that her cock was larger. She also had a cute, pixie-like face and shoulder-length hair.

“Right,” Lanala said, putting a hand on Tulani’s shoulder, “as you can imagine, Richie, working for Exotic Pleasures has its… benefits. We watched the way Sarinia went into you, and, well, we’ve already paid for our first sessions.”

“Sarinia? Which one was that?” I asked, not yet realizing the gravity of the situation.

“She is the one in charge of this branch of the company,” Lanala explained, “she had you from behind.”

“Oh, right,” I said, “wait, you already paid for me? Like, for sex? Now?”

“We couldn’t wait to have you,” Lasalay said, undoing her robe and letting it fall to the floor. She was tall and buxom, and already her phallus was beginning to rise above her sleek thighs.

They all followed Lasalay’s example and revealed their bodies. My ass was sore and my legs weak, but I was hornier than I had ever been in my life. It most likely had something to do with the alterations that the aliens had made to my body. Lanala walked over to the metallic cart, her erect cock swaying back and forth as she moved, and pulled out a small, white pod.

“You might as well start learning now,” she said as she came to stand before me, “these pods contain lubricant. All you have to do is squeeze gently and the mechanism inside will expel the lubricant. Apply it evenly to all of our phalluses, now.”

I did as I was told, settling to my knees to have access to their cocks. The lubricant spread surprisingly well, and when I was finished their cocks looked like they were just shiny, instead of lubed. I could tell how effective the stuff was, however, when I touched them. My hand slid right off.

“Stand and face the wall,” Lanala said, “bend over and place your hands on the wall. You’ll need the support.”

I did as I was told, spreading my legs to afford easy access and lower my ass to the level of Lanala’s cock. I closed my eyes and tried to relax my sphincter, which was still dripping Sarinia’s spunk. It wasn’t long before I felt Lanala’s hands on my butt cheeks, spreading them apart. Soon her cock was knocking at my back door, and moments later she was pounding me with a fervor. This time it didn’t hurt nearly as much as the first, but she finished too soon for me to cum. Next Lasalay had her turn. She told me to get on my hands and knees on the floor, and she fucked me like a dog. Lasalay didn’t last very long inside me either, but it was long enough to bring me to orgasm. Once again, I plastered the floor with my cum. It was the second time that I had cum in one day, and it was still more than I could even imagine having stored up in my body. I thought for sure that I would be spent, but seconds later my cock was stiff as a pole and I wanted nothing more than to fuck.

Finally, it was Tulani’s turn. I had been afraid of her monumental cock before, and it seemed only to have grown as she watched me be butt-fucked by these other aliens. She had me lie on my back and put my feet up against the wall. My swollen penis slapped against my soft stomach, and my still gaping asshole was held into the air for all to see. Tulani leaned over me and placed her hands above my shoulders. Her breasts were hanging directly in front of me, and they were beautiful. Her chest wasn’t as big as the others, but it was still massive, and I loved it. She placed the head of her mammoth cock at the entrance to my ass and pressed forward just enough to hold it in place before putting her hand back in place above my shoulder. She looked me in the eye and smirked.

“You’re going to love this.”

With a mighty thrust, Tulani shoved the entirety of her gargantuan phallus into my waiting body. The intense fucking I had received already was the only thing that had allowed her to enter me. I looked down at my stomach and, to my great surprise and pleasure, I could see the long bulge where her cock rested inside of my rectum. She thrust with a passion, and before I knew it, I was cumming my brains out. Every couple thrusts would bring a new orgasm before the previous one was even finished. My face was plastered with some strange alien’s semen, my backside was coated with the combined ejaculations of Sarinia, Lanala and Lasalay, and now my front was slick with my own cum. I thought that I might lose my mind to the pleasure when Tulani finally came. Her ejaculate filled me to the brink. The pressure in my stomach was intense, but I could hardly feel it over the all-consuming pleasure that I still felt from the repeated orgasms. When she was finished, the alien collapsed against me, exhausted. Her member was so large that even the pressure in my stomach could not expel her. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her warm flesh into myself. I reveled in the feeling of her soft breasts against my chest.

“Am I ever going to be the one who gets to fuck one of you?” I asked, breathless.

“Certainly,” Lanala said, “just wait. Most of your customers will be coming to you for your penis specifically. We’re only breaking you in.” You could hear the smirk on her face.

After that, the three of them washed me off. They stuck a hose up my ass and cleared out the contents of my bowels so that I wouldn’t be offensive to my customers. When I was clean and fresh, they stuck a small, smooth devise up my ass. I was about to ask why they did it when I figured it out. My buttocks, sphincter, rectum, everything was sore from my recent experience, but the machine took away all of the pain and tightened up the muscles that had been exhausted. I was renewed.

Before I went to bed on a soft, silvery mattress that was provided for me, Sarinia came back and provided me with a meal. It was everything that I wanted at that moment: steak, mashed potatoes, corn, and a tall beer. I didn’t ask where she had found the food. I didn’t want to know.

“So, Sarinia, why do you need me? I mean, you females could have sex with each other, couldn’t you?” I asked, innocently.

“Most of us are not homosexuals,” Sarinia replied, “though there are some who are, and who do what you propose. We merely provide a service to those of us who desire relations with exotic creatures. It is nearly impossible to classify an entire species with one blanket statement. Most females here are unsatisfied with sex and cannot find release through masturbation because of the social stigma, but it is not universally that way for all of us.

“You’ll have to be able to accept a multitude of different thought patterns and belief systems in this job. As I mentioned, we are not the only species in this universe, and we don’t just service our own species. If you are willing, you may even service any number of different sentient creatures.”

After a moment’s reflection on what she had just told me, I looked back up at the beautiful woman’s face and said: “I think I might like to try some other aliens, if I find them interesting.”

Zach is an independently wealthy entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar agriculture business. He began working with plants when he was 13, and by the time he was 26, he owned one of the most profitable businesses in his city. He made his first million by the age of 19, and never looked back.

Zach was lonely. He had been with a number of women, even been engaged to one lovely lady for almost two years – but his success, or lack thereof with women had become legend in his home town. So he decided the best option was a mail-order bride.

Zach went to a few services, but none of them seemed all that willing to help him find the type of woman he was after. So, he booked a flight and hotel in an eastern nation, and spent a week haunting the bars and cafes for female companionship.

He had just about given up hope when he noticed an ad in the local paper that indicated women willing to marry foreign men who were able to take them back to their countries. Zach was immediately interested, and noted the address of the meeting place.

That night, Zach took a cab to the club and walked inside. It was a seamy place, a combination brothel, sex club, and strip joint. He walked in and looked around. There were a lot of other men, with an equal number of young Asian women hanging off of, or sitting on their laps.

Zach was quickly joined by an absolutely lovely young Asian lass who couldn’t have been more than eighteen. She took him by the arm and led him to a chair at the bar, sat him in it, then she sat in his lap, and Zach felt quite comfortable with this young woman sitting on his semi-hard cock. He knew she could feel it too, because she kept wriggling her warm butt around, shifting position to enable his erection to explore her as best it could separated by three layers of clothing.

As the evening progresses, Zach learned that her name was Kiara, that she had been a prostitute for four years, and that she desperately wanted to leave the country. He liked her, and she appeared to like him, so he decided to take her back to his hotel for the night.

Then he learned how this country worked. He first had to pay the bartender a fee, not much to him, only about $20 and he took Kiara home. Once there, she explained to him in broken English that she expected at least $80 to spend the night with him. Zach wasn’t concerned. He knew that in this country, his money was worth up to 80 times it’s normal value but the concept of having to pay for sex still ate at him.

He agreed, and gave Kiara the money, which she carefully put away into her purse, then turned and pressed herself into him, kissing him deeply. Zach wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss. It felt so good that he didn’t ever want it to stop.

He broke it off a little while later, and they both gasped for breath, grinning at each other, with Kiara blushing lightly. Zach still held her, but moved one of his hands until it rested on the tight curve of her youthful ass.

She didn’t resist, in fact she pushed back, ensuring that he ended up gripping her ass tightly. Zach squeezed and kneaded her asscheeks, feeling the tight muscle beneath the thin dress aroused him something fierce. He slid his hands lower to the hem of the dress and slowly pulled it up, past her thighs, exposing her ass in the g-string panties. He left the dress rumpled around her waist, and again put both his hands on her ass.

“You like my ass?” She asked him.

“You know I do.” Zach replied, squeezing and working her ass hard.

“I like you like my ass. I like you.”

Zach smiled and slipped one finger under the g-string, stretching it out and let it snap back. She shivered wonderfully in his arms.

“You are a naughty girl, do you know that?” He asked her, caressing her bottom by sliding his hand back and forth across the curve of her ass.

She pressed herself into him. “I your naughty girl, boss.”

Zach smiled again, and slapped her bum lightly. She jumped a bit, but didn’t flinch or move away, and he smacked her again, harder. She winced a bit, but remained pressed against him. He felt his erection growing, and she obviously felt it too, for one of her hands found and traced the outline of his cock through his pants.

“I think my naughty girl needs a good spanking before I fuck her, right?”

Kiara pouted, but nodded, eyes downcast. She knew her role well, having been raised in a strict household, falling into the role of a dutiful woman was easy. She obeyed with no objection, willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure he was happy with her. With any luck, this man would marry her and take her away from living in this country.

Zack pulled out a chair and walked Kiara over to it. He bent her over the back of the char and she placed her hands on the seat, pushing her ass up and ensuring it was nice and round. Zach could see the light pink spot from his slap. He rubbed her ass, thinking how nice and smooth it was then slapped her ass hard. She gasped, but didn’t move. Zach slapped her again, and again, harder each time, until he was spanking her with a full swing on his arm. She began to gasp, then cry out through gritted teeth, but didn’t move, even though her ass was quickly getting very painfully warm and stinging quite badly.

Zach slapped her ass for about two minutes, until he stopped, feeling the sting in his own hand, and looking at her thoroughly reddened posterior. His cock was rock-hard in his pants, and he felt that now was as good a time as any. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor, along with his shorts. His thick cock sprung out, unfettered now, dripping with pre-cum and arousal.

He slipped his fingers into the thin band of her g-string and pulled it down, letting it drop to the floor. She remained in position, sobbing quietly. He rubbed his index finger over his cock, picking up a mess of pre-cum, and rubbed it over her ass-crack, massaging her pussy, and then pushed it into her. She was moist, but not too wet. Obviously not excited by the spanking. Zach didn’t care. He worked his finger in and out, feeling her beginning to moisten and grow more aroused as he continued the masturbation.

Zach looked at her red ass, and admired the involuntary flexing of the muscles as he worked his finger in and out of her tight pussy. He pulled his finger out of her pussy, and pushed the tip into her little asshole. She groaned, and shook her head.

“Please, I not like.” she sobbed.

“I need this, Kiara. You will obey me.” Zach said, and pushed his finger into her asshole up to the knuckle. She yelped, but still remained bent over, letting him do as he pleased.

Zach wriggled his finger inside her tight rectum, then pulled it back out, until just the tip was inside her. “Kiara, I’m going to fuck you in the ass.” He said. She cried, and shook her head, her shoulders heaving as she resigned herself to this violation.

Zach removed his finger and gripping his cock, pressed it’s wet head against her ass. She tried to squeeze her ass closed, to stop the intrusion, but Zach pressed the head of his cock into her ass. He felt the tight ring of muscle slowly, ever so slowly moving past the head, until the entire head of his cock was in her asshole. She was continuing to cry, shaking her head against the uncomfortable pain and fullness within her bowel.

Zach slowly pulled back, then pushed forward, and another inch of his thick cock slipped into her. He repeated the movement, and got a bit deeper, and then again, deeper. Finally, he was inside her ass as far as he could go, with his balls resting against her pussy and his belly pressed tightly against her hot asscheeks.

“Please, boss. I hurt – I no like.” she cried.

Zach ran his hands over her back, tracing the bones of her spine through the thin dress as he remained deeply inside her ass.

“Shhh, Kiara. I want this. You do as I say, you do what I want.”

He gripped her hips and began to fuck her with strong, swift motions. She gasped and cried with each thrust, but he continued, pumping his cock in and out, pulling it almost out, until just the head was in her asshole, then pushing it right up inside the girls’ tight ass. He felt his cock getting ready to cum, and continued to pump strongly, and when he felt the first rush of sperm, gripped Kiara hard, and pulled her towards him, pushing as deeply as he could as his cock spurted cum into her intestines.

He was gripped by a wave of dizziness and nearly collapsed, bu remained standing as the waves of orgasm rolled over him. It was one of the most intense orgasms he’d ever experienced, and it totally drained him. He slowly recovered, pulling his cock out with a soft pop as her tight ass released the intruder.

Zach stepped backwards and sat heavily on the bed, breathing in gasps as Kiara looked backwards to make sure he was not really close, then she sunk to her knees, hugging her belly and sobbing brokenly.

He watched her for a few minutes, then got up and pulled her to her feet by the dress, tearing it slightly in the process.

“Stop crying, Kiara.” He said. She swallowed roughly a couple of times, but obeyed, although tears still leaked from her eyes, and she had wet streaks all over her oval face.

“Listen to me, girl.” He continued as he pulled the dress off her and tossed it into a corner of the room. “I want you so badly I can taste it. You are mine now. I am going to marry you, take you home, and love you. If you will love and obey me. Will you?”

She nodded. “I-I will obey, boss.”

“Good girl.” Zach said, and hugged her closely, rubbing her sore bottom, and feeling the wetness oozing out of her abused rectum as he comforted his future wife.

Three days later, Kiara was married to Zach, and they journeyed back to his country as husband and wife.

The trip back was memorable as Zach continued to dominate and control his naturally submissive and obedient young wife. They boarded the plane, her first trip on one, with her in a short floral print dress, without underwear. Zach insisted that she never wear underwear, unless she was on her period. They got settled in first class, she in the window seat, Zach beside her, on the aisle. The trip would be sixteen hours long, so they got comfortable.

Once the plane was in the air and level, Kiara calmed down from her initial terror, and began to relax. As it had taken off at night, the stewardesses quickly moved around the cabin, handing out blankets and turning down the lights. Zach undid Kiara’s belt and his own, reclining both their seats, then he turned her so he could slip behind and hold her comfortably, wrapping them both in a blanket. She shifted, knowing what he was going to do, and mentally preparing herself for the experience.

Zach undid his pants and released his cock, guiding it between her asscheeks with his hand. She wriggled herself to give him access, but he pushed forward, and slipped into her pussy instead of her ass. She grunted softly, then bit her lip as his thick cock pushed between her barely lubricated labia and into her cunt itself.

Zach shifted himself in barely measurable thrusting movements, letting his cock lubricate her passage until he could push himself fully into her. He had only fucked her normally once since they had been married, and during that night, he had sodomized her three times, but first had taken her as a man normally takes a woman, cumming deeply into her cunt, and hoping that he had made her pregnant.

Once fully inside, he cupped her small breasts in his hands, and snuggled to her, whispering loving words into her ear as he thrusted in short gentle movements. She began to push back at him as her natural lubricant began to flow, easing the movement and arousing her. They fucked slowly and carefully for about ten minutes, ensuring that they remained quiet, until Zach felt his climax approaching, and pushed himself into her fully, jerking his hips quickly until his cock erupted into her pussy. To avoid crying out, he instead bit her on the shoulder, it triggered her own orgasm, which surprised her almost as much as the bite hurt her. She had not expected to cum – being so used to faking it with a man, she never expected to actually have an orgasm. She bit her own lip and groaned softly, a low, deep groan that rumbled through her and vibrated through Zach, adding to the pleasure of his orgasm.

He relaxed afterward and within a few minutes, fell asleep, followed by Kiara soon after.

Hours later, after they had both awoken for the in-flight meal, Zach noticed that they were virtually alone in the first-class compartment, and after the meal had been cleared, the lights turned down again, he again unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. But this time, he pressed Kiara’s head down, and she kissed his cock, then slowly began to lick and kiss the head and shaft lovingly.

She licked up the sides of the shaft, her long fingers gently sliding the skin up and down as she did so, then pressed her lips to the end of his cock, and sucked as she pulled the skin upwards, causing a shiver of pleasure to run through him.

Opening her mouth, Kiara took Zach’s cock and slowly lowered her head until his entire length was engulfed in her warm, wet mouth. She didn’t move her head, but Zach felt her tongue slowly working it’s way around his cock, bathing it and rubbing all around it, giving him intense waves of pleasure. This girl knew how to suck cock, and she knew how to keep him on the verge without having an orgasm for hours, if necessary.

She finally stopped giving him her internal tongue-bath, and began to move her head up and down, running her lips along the length of his cock, drawing him closer and closer to orgasm.

He groaned quietly as he felt the orgasm hit him, and pressed her head onto his cock as he spurted cum into her waiting mouth. She waited until he’d finished, and his cock grew soft within her mouth, his breathing returning to it’s normal pattern, then she released him from her lips and sat back up, using a finger to catch a thin dribble of his cum that had leaked from the corner of her mouth.

Zach again fell asleep, and Kiara, satisfied that her husband was comfortable, cuddled against him and fell asleep also.

About halfway into the flight, after the second meal, they both got up to go to the bathroom, and Zach decided to have them use the same bathroom. Being first class, the bathrooms were larger, so it was easy for them both to fit inside. He closed the door and locked it, then he waited for Kiara to relieve herself which she did with some embarrassment. He then undid his pants and released his bladder with a sigh of pleasure. once finished, he flushed the toilet, then wiped himself on a piece of tissue and threw it away.

Turning to his wife, he lifted her until she sat on the counter, and lifted her legs, placing them both over his shoulders. She smiled and played with his cock, bringing it into contact with her cunt, and Zach pushed strongly, thrusting into her hard. She gasped with the sudden penetration, but Zach began to fuck her hard and fast, not giving her a chance to really recover.

He thrusted brutally into her, making her head thump against the wall with the force of his desire, and she pulled herself onto him, holding on tightly as he fucked her with an unusual urgency.

With a muffled cry as he kissed her, Zach again spurted cum into her body, and Kiara felt a second orgasm rush over her as she felt his cock pulsing semen into her pussy. Zach held her tightly for some minutes as his cock grew soft within her, not willing to let her go just yet. But he finally pulled out and again pulled up his pants. She pulled out some tissues and pressed them against her leaking pussy, soaking them in the mixed fluids before throwing them into the disposal.

They returned to their seats, and cuddled, falling asleep again, only to be awoken four hours later for another meal. Once they had finished, the cabin lights were turned up, and the in-flight movie began to run. Zach and Kiara watched, but didn’t really care what it was, they both continued to nap until the plane landed at the international airport close to Zach’s home town.

Once they had cleared customs, Zach took his new wife home. His business had given him the freedom to not worry about a lot of things, and to enjoy the luxury of wealth. His house was a sprawling five bedroom ranch-style home of some acres of artfully landscaped garden. Zach had spent two years designing, building, and landscaping the entire property, and it had been featured on many TV shows, had won awards, and had been used as a set for a movie eight months previously.

Zach also liked technology, so his home was filled with the latest gadgets and toys, including an extensive computer network permanently hooked to the internet and world web. Before he had decided to hunt for a bride, he had collected an extensive array of pornography dealing with eastern and Asian women in submissive and disciplinary positions; movies, books, magazines, and many discs full of scanned images from all over the world.

He had also collected a large variety of bondage gear, ranging from padded handcuffs and gags up to whips and riding crops. He never really intended to use them on anyone, but if the need or desire ever struck him, he always wanted to be prepared.

They immediately began to settle down into their new lifestyle. Kiara was happy to let Zach make all the decisions, and she was simply concerned with keeping the house clean, cooking for him, and making him happy in and out of bed.

Not too many days after they had arrived back in his country, Zach came home from his business in a foul mood. One of his employees had used the wrong type of cement on a retaining wall and it had collapsed, causing damage to some cars. Zach was not impressed, and knew his reputation had been tarnished by this incident. Kiara met him by the door, radiant as always in a very short dress, but immediately knew Zach wasn’t happy. It didn’t take long for him to begin berating her, and by the time she had put dinner on the table, she was feeling very put upon and her good mood had also evaporated.

Dinner was a strained silence, with Zach still fuming; he knew that Kiara had absolutely nothing to do with it, but he had to release his frustration and tension somehow. Kiara’s submissive nature simply triggered his anger and he was virtually unable to not take it out on her. But he tried to keep his temper under wraps, explaining to her what had happened and why he was so angry.

After he had told her, Kiara nodded silently, and cleaned away the plates. Then she left the room for a minute, telling Zach to remain at the table. He was rather curious, but shocked when she returned with a leather strap from the collection in his study. She placed the strap on the table, then bent herself over it, pulling her dress up to her waist to expose her bare backside.

“I your wife, Boss. You angry, you punish me, then you not angry any longer. Then we love again.” She tried to explain.

Zach was shocked, but a part of him wanted to hit something, anything, to take out his frustration and know that someone else suffered because he was so angry with what had happened.

He got up, took her face in his hands and kissed her, then picked up the strap and stepped behind and to the side.

Raising the strap, Zach let it fall without any strength onto her ass. It made a dull slapping sound, and she jerked lightly, more from the shock than from any pain. He raised it and brought it down harder. A resounding crack wafted up, along with a yip of pain from his wife. He brought the strap down again and again, harder and harder, letting all his anger focus on the strap, on her rapidly reddening ass, imagining he was beating the errant employee rather than his wife.

He struck her ass again and again, each time letting the strap rest on her for an instant before lifting it up again for another blow. He ceased thinking of Kiara as his wife and concentrated on beating his anger out of her well-reddened ass. He continued hitting her until she finally rolled out of the way and off the table, sobbing and clutching her well-whipped backside.

Lizzie had the taxi drop her off in front of the place. Her heart was thumping and she nervously clawed the purse with bright, pointy nails as her heels clopped on the sidewalk.

A theater. Seriously?

It was usually a nondescript apartment, or a middling hotel. A few clients had tried to lure her into cheap motels but she always declined — Lizzie was a high class girl, after all.

But a theater?

Maybe it was one of those guys who wanted her to be their girlfriend for one day. A pretend fiancée, to trick his family and friends and coworkers into thinking he’s got the gambler’s kind of sex life, the one where you pay upfront and hope the magic will happen a few dinners and movies and nights down the line.

He never did specify, though.

All she had was a time and a place and a note to look for a certain gentleman.

And that time, and that place, was the premiere of Maestro Mancini’s latest Violin Concerto at Morius Theater.

And that certain gentleman was to be wearing a suit and a white flower in his pocket: she saw him right away, standing idly by the entrance. She introduced herself with just a little stutter and he smiled. He was a little older than she’d pictured, but not so old that it became disgusting.

The man smiled at her and gestured to follow him. Without a second’s hesitation she did, and they were soon making their way through the creamy yellow halls and red curtains of the theater.

After all, the place was too crowded for a serial killer and hey: in case he was a creep, at least she could listen to some good music as she finished him off.

Last but not least, she’d never been offered that many zeroes.

Lizzie was a professional, and she was determined to give this caller his money’s worth. She tied her long, blond hair in a chignon, applied just enough make up to make her blue eyes sparkle and her lips enticing. She wore a tight dark red dress that showed off the black choker around her slim neck, just a hint of cleavage, and enough legs to keep walking for weeks around a man’s head. On her feet were high-heeled sandals, in black leather, with a white flower on top. As she tied a black belt around her waist, looking herself over in a mirror, all she thought was, “perfect”.

A few flights of stairs and a long corridor later, the man stopped in front of one of many small wooden doors that lead to a loge, a private box with just a few seats set high up on the theater wall opposite the stage. He opened it for her. As Lizzie entered the dark room, she heard him wishing a good evening and shutting the door.

At first, she thought it was a prank. Had he locked her in? The balcony was supposed to be facing the stage but the heavy curtains were shut and there was barely enough light to make out the two velvet couches in front of her.

Confused, she went to open the curtains when a dark, deep voice ordered her to stop. She did, with a gasp, and dropped her purse. She went to pick it up, but the voice said, “leave it”, and she did.

She realized someone was sitting on the couch right beside her, but she couldn’t make out his features. She remained still for an eternity, until he said:

“Take off everything.”

She closed her eyes and a small giggle escaped her lips.

All that hype, all that wondering, and he was just another normal client with control fantasies and sexual frustration.

She calmed down instantly and undressed slowly, getting into her best “scared innocent girl” character. In her experience, that was the one these clients liked best.

There wasn’t that much to take off, really.

The belt whistled away after a single, smooth gesture, and the buckle thumped on the soft floor. She slowly undid the zipper on her back and deliberately took her time sliding it off her sweet curves, teasing with smooth hip movements.

In the end, the red dress found the floor and she stepped out of it, covering up her full, proud breasts with one arm and her shaved mound with one hand, in a fake display of modesty.

“Shoes, too.” The man commanded.

Was he a fetishist, or what? She sighed quietly, then she sat down, her knees tight against each other, so she could unlatch her sandals without showing anything.

Soon enough she felt the carpet under her bare feet; her mind wondered how dirty it had to be.

She was about to ask, “what next?”, when the man’s soft, deep voice ordered “undo your hair.”

She turned aside her head so she could pull apart her chignon with her arm still clutching at her breasts; a few shakes did the rest.

Sensing a pattern, Lizzie began taking off her choker, too, but the man’s firm “no” left it there.

She asked herself how he even knew it was there, then she realized that her eyes, too, were getting used to the dark. He’d been in that room far longer, so he could probably see every sweet, delicate curve of her young body.

She focused, trying to make out the man’s features through that last layer of darkness, but he thwarted her plans yet again with another firm command: “put your hands on the wall.”

Lizzie slowly made her way to the wall, bare feet shuffling on the carpet, and her palms found it cold, and hard.

She made a big show out of uncovering herself, milking the fake shy girl act for all its worth, but in the end she took her position, leaning forward, hands on the wall, blond hair falling over by the side, leaving all her slick back exposed.

Her butt pointed towards the man on the couch, firm and tight and lovely. She stood on her tiptoes, so her legs looked even more supple and perfect.

A draft blew past the curtains on her right, and Lizzie shook in a quiet shiver. She heard the audience gathering outside, and realized how exposed she was, and how close other people were: she could hear the chattering in adjacent loges!

She felt a slight warmth building up inside her, and she wanted to disbelieve how much she was actually enjoying this weird situation.

A hand grabbed her shoulder; the skin was rough, but the gesture delicate. She gasped nonetheless at the unexpected contact. He shushed her and put his other hand around her waist, pulling her close. She felt something hard poking at her back, and acted out a moan.

He pulled her, this time strongly, sinking fingers into her side and wrapping a thick arm around her neck, choking out a scream. “Don’t lie to me”, he whispered, “and don’t be loud. They will hear you.” Instinctively, Lizzie’s hands went out grasping at the man’s grab; he expected nothing less, and took advantage by pushing her into the wall.

With a slap, her breasts flattened against the marble; pink, hardy nipples tried hard to stand but couldn’t. The wind blown out of her, she let out a scared moan. He kept her quiet, wrapping a hand around her mouth as the other slid between her legs.

Overpowered and helpless, stuck to the wall by a man twice her size, Lizzie actually found his hand on her most private of places quite comforting: it reminded her that he was just yet another client, anxious to rush through her services. She’d had rough clients before and knew how to deal with them, so she slid back into her character and let him keep the lead.

The room got even darker and the audience went entirely silent just as the man’s fingers found her clitoris. He was actually quite good, but she wasn’t going to let this get personal, so she pushed back into his hard rod, with the quietest moan she could muster, to shift positions and disrupt the rubbing.

That got him mad.

He tightened his grip on her mouth, rammed her against the wall and pinched her clitoris at the same time, hard enough to make her whimper through serrated lips; Lizzie heard a woman in the adjacent loge asking “what was that?”, and a single tear rolled down her cheek.

The man whispered, again, “don’t lie to me”.

Lizzie was mad, more than scared: if he wanted rough sex, he just had to ask. She resolved to let him do as he pleased, grab the money, and just chalk it up to yet another shitty client.

The man freed her mouth, resting the hand on her chin and neck, as the other hand started rubbing the clitoris yet again.

Damn, was he good.

His fingers went in little circles, rubbing her just the right way. The warmth she already felt grew into a tingling sensation and her hands instinctively reached behind to feel the man’s strong body.

They freed his member, big and hard as a rock.

The violin started playing on the stage, sweet and delicate and not entirely loud enough to cover the screams that were begging to get out of Lizzie.

Building up his rhythm on her pleasure button, as her breath grew more and more like a pant, he asked her, “you like anal?”

“N-no…” she stuttered.

During the quietest moment in the music, Lizzie felt two fingers finding their way inside her; she moaned, surprised, not realizing how wet she already was.

The same woman from before asked, “did you hear that?”

The man’s fingers, rough and big, twisted around inside her, then came to a stop, pushing hard against her g-spot.

“I am going to repeat my question. If you lie again, I am going to hurt you for real this time. Do you like anal?”

With those fingers pushing into her most sensitive spot, a barreled chest flattening her breasts and nipples against the cold stone wall, her voice trembled, her pitch out of control: “I… I didn’t lie… I don’t do anal on the job… That’s for my boyfriend only…”

She realized her bare feet were resting on the man’s shoes. When did that come to happen?

The rock hard penis pushed against her butt cheeks. She clenched and gritted her teeth, determined not to let him in.

He grabbed her choker, pulling her back off the wall and into his embrace. He wrapped his arm around her breasts; she relished the warmth after all that cold.

The fingers inside her resumed their dance and she could only breathe in sync with it.

“I think you could make an exception for me.” She shook her head, as any talking would have let out far too much noise.

“Don’t I pay you enough?”

“It’s not about th-” He closed her mouth as she was mere instants into the scream; nonetheless, the annoying nearby woman reprimanded: “would you please be quiet?!”

Lizzie flushed over with embarrassment as she realized the people in adjacent loges just had to know what they were up to by now.

The man insisted, “Don’t you like me?” sticking three fingers in, as deep as they would get, rubbing hard on the g-spot as the thumb slapped her swollen clitoris.

The loud, wet sound was only superseded by her loudest moan yet, escaped through her lips as he let her free to speak.

The annoyed woman kept complaining, but Lizzie didn’t mind her anymore.

If anything, all her embarrassment and shame had turned into excitement by now, and she was losing her mind to the attention, the violin music, and the fingers driving her insane.


He pushed her over the couch and threw her naked body over its back; she was bent over it, ass in full display and cheeks spread apart. She protested with a groan but it caught yet again the attention of the other guests, so she kept quiet as the man worked his fingers into her…

As three fingers made their way into her pussy, she felt one slick, lonely finger poking at her anus. Try as she might not to think about it, the truth was that she wanted it, she wanted it bad.

She relaxed and let it in as the violin built up momentum.

Cold drops of lube found their way into her as the finger kept slowly teasing and loosening up the most private hole. Lizzie flushed and gasped as the man dug into her and everything went warm.

When the probing finger left her she braced herself: she knew what was coming next.

She cried in pain as the man pushed into her parted buttcheeks. His firm hands kept her sides in check even as her legs kicked around.

“That’s it” said the neighbouring lady “I’m calling security.”

But Lizzie didn’t care. She bit into the cushion, lost in her storm of pain and pleasure. The man got deeper and deeper with every push, moving her whole body back and forth.

Her nipples, hard as rocks, chafed against the couch’s rough texture. Her feet burned as they slid on the carpet, looking for balance. She tasted the bitter cushion on her tongue as her teeth bit down ever harder. Her ass stretched open as far as it would go, the man probing her most sensitive depths.

She had a moment of realization, of shame: not just because of the level of intimacy she’d allowed herself to reach in such a public place, but also because she felt like she was cheating.

Anal sex was something she’d always saved up for her boyfriend, and him alone. In her mind, this kept the physical part of their relationship special despite her day job.

But now, writhing around this stranger’s rod, heavily breathing only in sync with his every push, all of that fell apart.

She asked herself how to feel about this, what to think, what to say, but all her mind could focus on was that this felt so damn good.

She gasped. Propping herself up on her arms, she pushed back into the stranger. Mouth smiling agape, face all red, eyes shut; she moaned and gasped in uncaring ecstasy as the orgasm built up in her stomach.

She was close, so close… And the stranger pulled out.

She groaned, frustrated, and turned around with a scowl; she found her man was distracted, facing the door: only then did she realize someone was knocking on it.

Panicked, Lizzie started looking around for her clothes. She’d never felt so exposed, wearing just a choker on her hot, sweating body, still wet and reddened by all the pleasure and abuse.

She tried to move too quickly, however, and fell on her knees. The thump alerted the man standing outside, who asked, “What’s going on in there?”

Her fall also recaptured the stranger’s attention.

He grabbed her by the hair and, despite her protests, dragged her all the way in front of the door. There, kneeling behind her, he pushed her face and breasts down on the rug, so that her back was wide open and in full display.

The stranger said “Why don’t you tell him, Lizzie?” as his big hand found her privates once again “Tell him what we’re up to.”

His every caress sent shivers down her spine; fear of being caught, shame at having anal sex so close to strangers. She mouthed an objection but it sank in her throat as the stranger’s hand once again entered her.

Her orgasm hadn’t faded at all.

His fingers, digging in both of her holes, enkindled its flame. She pushed into him and wiggled her waist, but fingers alone could never give her release.

“Tell him” the stranger insisted “tell him what you’re up to… And I will let you have your orgasm.”

Hearing that deep voice say orgasm blew away any remnant of rationality her mind still clung onto.

She needed that, at any cost. The stranger lifted her head by the hair. She was now facing the door, no more than ten inches away.

“I… I am…” She stuttered. The hand slid out of her.

“Louder” he commanded.

She obeyed “I am… I am having…”

She felt the tip of his penis, big and hard and wet, pushing against her loosened anus. “I am…” The tip got in. She gasped “I’m being fucked!”

It got all the way in, touching her deepest recess. Her whole stomach warmed up, her pussy tingled, her clitoris burned. She felt it all the way to her nipples, spreading pleasure and joy. Her limbs tensed up as she cried: “He’s fucking me in the ass, and I love it!”.

Finally, release. Her body shook with pleasure as the orgasm exploded, and she squirmed, satisfied, all along. The stranger also groaned as he came inside of her. His warm seed flooded her whimpering figure and they embraced, warm and perfect.

When it was finally over, Lizzie found herself lying on the warm moquette, sweaty, exhausted and glowing.

Strangely enough, nobody had opened the door yet.

Suddenly, the lights came on in the loge. She instinctively sat up and hugged her knees to her chest to cover herself, then grimaced as she felt the warm seed oozing out of her back and onto the floor.

“The guy wasn’t expecting a locked door” the stranger said, throwing Lizzie’s dress at her. “If we’re quick enough, we can leave before he gets back with the master key.”

Lizzie didn’t catch the dress, and it flew past her naked figure. She was too shocked to react: she’d seen the stranger’s face and all she could do was blubber “You…!”

The stranger smiled. “Happy anniversary, hon.”

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