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DISCLAIMER:// My boyfriend and I started writing these stories for each other a while ago. He challenged me in the beginning to write the most kinky story I could think of. You’ll see what came of it. He’s also posting his stories on his account. I’ll update this with what it is soon enough.

No, none of these events have actually happened. They are pure fantasy concocted by my loverboy and myself.

Story 2: Fellatio

Another time, another place. You can feel that it’s cool in this room, but you cannot see a thing. All you can do is use your other senses to figure out your current location. You can smell the heady scent of vanilla and lavender close by, but you can’t tell from what. You’re tied up naturally. Though this time I’ve been more thoughtful and wrapped the cuffs with rags so they don’t chaff so bad. You feel a soft breeze caressing your skin. It’s warmer than the room is and causes goosebumps to rise over your skin. The scent of vanilla and lavender grows stronger. You can hear the soft padding of footsteps across the soft-ish floor. If you shift enough, you’ll notice that they’re tatami (rice mats). They’re perfect for cushioning your kitty knees. Your ears twitch, trying to find the sound again, but it doesn’t sound again.

The scent is extremely strong though. You keep looking around, sightless, your ears twitching. “Rachel?” you mewl. “Are you there?” Something touches your ear. Something warm and soft. A finger? Yes, a finger. My finger? Perhaps. “Rachel?” you implore again. Both of your ears were tweaked now, perhaps as an answer. You strain against you restraints. “Please! Tell me if that’s you.”

Something shifts in front of you and you can feel the air move downward. You feel fingertips on your nose, trailing down to your lips and over your chin. Soft lips touch your cheek as the fingers continue to trail even farther downward. You notice then that you are naked once more. Your cock twitches. “Rachel,” you mewl again, straining against your bonds. You want to make sure it’s me. You want to remove the blindfold so bad. Too bad you can’t. Lips keep kissing, nipping softly on your skin, moving toward your lips. Ten digits slide over your fuzzy chest, tracing patterns through the black fur. The lips skip yours and move up the other side of your face. You can feel your cock rising as the fingertips get closer and closer to it. You groan at a particularly sharp nip to your cheek. You shift in jerking motions, trying to get away or get the person teasing you to pull the blindfold off. You whine, pulling away, but each time finding that you can’t escape. Resistance is futile. You have yet to realize this, of course. “Let me see you,” you whisper when the lips find your earlobe and suckle on it gently. “Please, let me see you. I have to know…”

You feel a smile against your where your cheek and ear meet. The being still says nothing. You don’t know if it’s male or female, just that it smells of sweet vanilla and lavender. You can tell now that they’re so close to you. The fingers feel rather feminine though. They are slim and tiny, obviously feminine or perhaps Fae. You doubt you have a fairy in the room with you. Something about the touch is familiar. You think you know who it is, but you’d have to feel with your hands, taste with your tongue or see with your eyes to be sure. She isn’t going to let you do that quite yet though. She finally pulls away with a tiny giggle, leaving you aching for more. You let out a whimper, ashamed to be wanting to be touched so much and even more ashamed that you are sent into a spell of whimpering and desiring to beg and plead for more. You grit your teeth instead, growing angry with yourself and the woman who is so insistent on teasing you. You let out a growl, glaring into the thick blanket of black that the blindfold provides you. “Who the hell do you think you are?!” you shout, really rattling the chains as you strain and pull against them. “Who do you think you are that you can string me up like a prisoner and blindfold me then tease me like that?!”

You feel the female’s presence close up again. The scent fills your nostrils again as she leans close. Her hair brushes softly against the juncture between your neck and shoulder. You shiver. Your sense of touch is amplified since one of the other ones is blocked. You feel her breath against your ear, hot and sweet. It’s like she’s tempted to say something, but decides not to, instead touching your shoulders gently and pressing her lips to your jaw. She kisses downward this time, licking the muscles of your neck with a thick, hot tongue. She finds your collar bone and you can’t really remember why you were mad now. Everything in your mind goes hazy except for one feeling: lust. You want this woman, even if you don’t know who she is. She’s driving you insane. Your insanity is of course making this even harder to go through. You fight your bonds more. It’s obvious that you want out. She just giggles softly. Her maddening fingers slip lower, teasing the line of your hip bones. Your cock starts to strain and twitch. Why won’t she touch you? Why won’t she kiss you!? You’re beyond frustrated and keep letting out noises that indicate this. A grunt, a hiss followed by a pleading whimper. “Woman, please…” you say softly. Your collar is starting to really kick in now. You’re beginning to turn more uke.

The woman doesn’t like this. She stops what she’s doing and reaches up to take your collar off. You let out a loud hiss as the change happens and you’re returned to your human form. The lips find your chin, nipping and sucking for a moment as the hands, soft and silky against your skin, return to your hips. The bell jingled softly as it fell to the floor. You gasp softly as she kisses down your chest. She rubs her hands down your thighs. You suddenly realize the size of her hands match mine. Rage boils inside of you. “It is you! You little –” You cut yourself off with a loud gasp. The woman’s mouth has closed around your cock. She didn’t even try to play with it first, she just went for the goal. You hiss in a breath and pull on the chains. You can hear the sucking of her mouth as she moves up and down. Her fists closes around the remaining part of you and strokes in rhythm. You definitely recognize the mouth and the hand now. It is me. “Rachel…” you moan, flopping against the chains. Your cock is aching from its engorgement of blood and I’m the only thing that can ease it.

I apparently get bored of sucking on you and move away for a moment. “Don’t!” You fight the chains again in an attempt to grab at me. Unfortunately, that is a fruitless and futile effort. Well, that’s only natural since you’re chained up in iron cuffs. “Rachel…” you say softly. You sound sad and needy.

You hear rustling on the mat in front of you. “So you figured out it was me for real?” you hear my voice ask. “I figured you would after I sucked your cock a little bit.” I reach up and touch the blindfold, as if tempted to take it off, but I leave it where it is. Instead, my hands run down your body. I touch your shoulders and sides before slipping around and groping your taught ass. “I’m tempted to try other things…” My hands slide lower and into your crack. You shiver as they get lower and lower. Finally, I touch the tight bud of your asshole. Your breathing hitches, but otherwise you don’t react. “Would you like me to play with your asshole?” I ask softly. You don’t answer me. I kiss the corner of your lips as I continue to touch and gently prod at it. “No answer means yes,” I murmur, taking your lips with mine in passion and heat as my finger pushes against your hole. It doesn’t give though. So, I finish my kiss, licking your lips when I’m thoroughly done with you. I pull completely away from you and you hear something squish. You don’t know what it is, but you feel my hand, slick with something, rubbing your hole again. I’m kneeling in between your legs, you can feel mine brush yours softly as I shimmy closer. With one hand, I rub your thigh. The other, has found its way back behind your balls from underneath this time. This lubrication makes it easier to push inside.

You groan. “What are you using?” you ask, your voice thick with lust. “To make it easier?”

You can almost hear the grin in my voice. “How sexy would it be if I said it was my own juices?”

Your sphincter clenches tightly around my finger as your hips buck. “Very sexy,” you gasp. You let your head loll back on your shoulders as I continue to push my finger inside. I pump it slowly a few times before easing it back to the opening. A second finger joins it, pushing slowly inside. I ease my fingers up inside of you until they reach their hilt. They wiggle around a little bit, as if looking for something. They find your prostate and your hips buck. A soft whimpering moan escapes your lips.

“Perfect,” I purr, leaning down to kiss your cock. You moan again as I slide you into my mouth. My free hand moves to encircle the base of your cock. I can already feel you thickening up as I suck, stroke and massage. I’ve apparently found one of the ultimate guy-pleasers. You buck against the chains, grunting and thrusting into my mouth. I let you, for now at least.

All you can do is feel pure sensation. You can’t see anything, but you can hear and feel every little thing that I’m doing to you. Slowly, in little wafts, my scent joins the smell of vanilla and lavender. “Engh! God! Rachel, let me fuck you,” you gasp, struggling even more now. “Please let me fuck you!”

I stop what I’m doing for a moment and look up at you. I let my hand fall away from your penis, leaving my fingers plunged deep into your asshole. They keep wiggling as I reach up and remove the blindfold. “No, you can’t fuck me. But I will let you watch.” Your eyes blink open and I slip your glasses onto your face, adjusting them so they sit right.

You can see my bare back since I’m leaning down so far. I’m naked, of course. You aren’t really paying much attention to my back though as I lean back down to suck your cock. You watch with rapt attention, I notice as I look up every so often. Eventually, I’m staring up at you, waiting to see you orgasm. Your face starts to scrunch up as your breathing gets more choppy. Your breath hitches in your throat as your mouth opens up. You struggle to keep looking at me, but you find you can’t. I feel your cock bulge and I pull my face away quickly. My fingers wiggle wildly against your prostate as the first jet of cum erupts from your member. I let out a gasp as the first jet hits my face. Another string comes and lands on my chest. I open my mouth as you look down again and aim your cock toward my mouth as it bursts again. All of this seems to be occurring in slow motion. I moan for you, not relenting on my milking of your cock and your prostate. By the time you’re completely empty, I’m covered in your hot seed. I fall back on my ass, withdrawing from you completely. I feel naughty and bad for what I did to you. My hand touches my face, touches your cum. I bite my lip and look up ate you. I’ve already swallowed what managed to make it into my mouth. I lay back on the rice mats below us.

You’re watching me, knowing exactly what I’m going to do. I scoot back a little bit so you can see me better. I love that look of complete attention you’re giving me. My fingertips move from my face down my body, drawing patterns in the cum covering me. My nipples are standing up proudly and I tweak them a few times before groping myself. I let out a sighing moan, continuing to watch you as you lick your lips.

I continue on in silence, sliding my hands down until they reach the parting of my thighs. I draw my knees up and lay my legs open so you can see everything and just how glistening wet my shaved pussy is. I watch you groan and lick your lips a few times. My fingers find my clit. I start to rub slowly, loving your eyes on me. I’ve always enjoyed masturbating for you, this time is no different. It always feels more intense when you can see me or hear me. I love teasing you like this. I’d love to feel your hands on me now, but that would be too risky at this point. You’d begin to wonder more about how you ended up here and what was going on. You’d begin to question if these were not dreams after all. This would not do. I enjoyed making you my sex slave far too much.

After a while of teasing myself, I’m rubbing furiously at my clit as my other hand finds itself finger deep inside my pussy. I’ve squeezed two inside, imaging it’s really your cock, which is beginning to stand at attention in front of me again. I bite my lip, refusing to let a moan escape, but it does anyway. My breathing is uneven and shallow. You can see the expression that I usually get just before I orgasm. Frustration, desperation… I stare up at you, continuing to rub and fuck myself. “Eric,” I breathe, my breath hitching in my throat on the last syllable. “I love you.” Then my orgasm crashes over me.

Covered in cum, still twitching from my own orgasm, I stand up and stand in front of you. Leaning down to your level. I kiss you softly. “Thank you lover. Time to wake up.”

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The door wasn’t locked, so I walked into the private room. (It is one of several rooms you can rent by the hour in this combination ABS/adult theater.)

An older man was sitting on a sofa. He appeared to be nude. His chest and legs were bare. A young, petite woman, with long black hair and a light brown complexion, was lying ever so composed on the couch. Her shoulders rested on his lap.

When I entered, they both looked at me as if I was the 100th guy to audition that night. I quickly smiled at them and said something like hello, trying not to stare at her bald pussy.

Since they did not respond, I went right to it. I pulled down my shorts and stepped out of them. My hairless, semi-erect cock was immediately exposed, since I was not wearing any underwear. I noticed that the woman was now staring at my bald crotch.

Speaking for the couple, the man said, “You don’t waste any time.” We snickered as I removed my t-shirt and approached them.

I knelt down on the floor in front of them; knees spread, and began caressing her body. She had soft, smooth, creamy skin. Her belly was trim and concave. Her breasts were small, but firm.

After a few minutes, the man told her to spread her legs because he wanted me to “eat her pussy.” He also told me to go slow and I did.

Then he slowly eased out from under her and gracefully dropped to the floor along side of me. I could not help but notice is flaccid, thick cock.

Using both of my hands, I gently spread her pussy lips and with little licks traversed the entire length of her pussy – several times. As her body began to react to my stimulation, the man reached over and began fisting my cock.

Enjoying my own stimulation, I sank my tongue deeper into her wet, sweet tasting pussy, only to pull back a moment later, flicking my tongue back and forth across her clit. She moaned and rolled her shoulders each time my tongue touched her clit. Taking my cue, I began gently lapping her clit.

With his free hand, the man reached the area between my balls and anus and oh-so-lightly stroked back and forth with his fingertips. I instinctively rose up a bit to give him better access.

Taking advantage of my encouragement, he slipped a lubed fingertip into my rectum. Although my body slightly quivered at the invasion, my sphincter locked his fingertip like a vice.

I took a deep breath and exhaled a sound that was half sigh, half moan, and relaxed my sphincter. Encouraged again, the man wiggled his finger all the way in. I squirmed as I adjusted to the finger in my rectum.

Soon my head was bobbing up and down as if I was sucking an erect cock, not a woman’s erect clit. I sucked to the rhythm of the in and out as he fucked my ass – now with two fingers. This drove her wild – and me, too. Her clit and my prostate were getting a great, simultaneous workout.

She began to perspire and shudder more frequently as I began to suck her clit even more intensely. As she arched her back and pressed her pussy into my face, I arched my back and pushed my ass down on his fingers, wanting them to go deeper.

She came several times over the next few minutes. Finally, she could take no more and pulled my head so hard against her pubic mound that I couldn’t move.

The man proudly informed me, as he withdrew his hands, that this was the most he had seen her cum and in record time. I was pleased at being able to make her cum like that…her clit had swelled enormously in my mouth.

As she told us that her orgasms were so intense that she thought she was going to pass out, the man smeared a generous amount of lube onto the head of his throbbing cock and walked behind me on his knees. In a moment, he was against my back, rubbing his lubed cockhead over my heavy balls and puckered anus.

She quieted and watched as he eased me up onto all fours, spread my soft cheeks, and slowly, but determinedly pushed his cockhead into my ass. I grunted and looked up into her eyes. They were expressionless. I looked back down at her bald pussy and tried to relax.

When the man felt my sphincter loosen, he began to push his hard, thick shaft in further. I continued to grunt and grabbed hold of her slim thighs for support. This time she warmly smiled at me, reached down, and held my hands.

It only took a few rhythmic motions before he was ass fucking me in earnest. My moans and groans combined with the squeaking couch and the sound of sweaty skin slapping against sweaty skin must have created quite a sensation outside the door. I heard many voices. I heard the man tell her how tight my ass was…that he wasn’t going to last too long.

I remember thinking that my ass wasn’t that ‘tight’. His cock was just very thick. I had tried to squeeze my sphincter around his hard, swollen cock, but it was hopeless. His cock was too thick. His cock owned my ass. It entered and exited my ass at will.

When the man announced he was going to cum, she quickly jumped up and stood behind him. I glanced back at them.

She was intently watching his big hands push my shoulders to the floor and then firmly grasp my cheeks. I turned around and closed my eyes as he spread my cheeks open and began frantically slamming his pride and joy in and out of my stretched out asshole.

He cried out a minute or two later. A few times, before I felt his warm sperm begin flowing into my battered rectum.

I quickly glanced back, again. She had her hands on his shoulders, as if steadying him, and I swear she was licking her lips. I turned back around when he collapsed on my back, gasping, his cock lodged deep in me.

We rocked back and forth for a minute or two as his orgasm subsided before he eased his still hard cock out. What a sight my asshole must have been – dilated (I felt the AC all the way up my colon!) and dribbling sperm.

When my wet asshole closed back to normal, she eased back onto the couch and motioned for me to join her. As I got up, she patted her lap, indicating I should lay down with my head on her lap.

I did and the man sat on the floor. She then began to tell me her fantasy.

She told me she had never seen two men ‘do it’, except in xxx movies. She said she had always wanted to see her husband to ‘do it’ with another guy. (Over the years, many women would tell me this very same fantasy. Some of them made it come true and some did not.)

After a brief intermission, she gently began to stroke her hubby’s cock with her fingertips. Being seated, he spread his legs, allowing her more access. I began to stroke my cock hard.

When she bent over to suck him, I gripped her by the boobs in the classic doggy position, and inserted my hard cock into her wet pussy. (My cockhead was also sticky wet. In fact, I had oozed so much precum with his cock up my ass, that I had created a small puddle on the floor.)

I had started fucking her slowly, but in no time, she began pushing back – hard. Encouraged, I fucked her harder. The harder I fucked her, the wilder she got. Her poor hubby, not wanting to let his cock slip from her mouth, nearly had it bitten off as she climaxed and thrashed about.

All too soon, I felt the uncontrollable urge to cum in this sexy woman. However, before I did, I grabbed her hubby’s hand, his fingers to be specific, and literally jammed two of them into my swollen asshole.

Almost immediately, I began shooting torrents of sperm into her warm pussy. The look on her hubby’s face was priceless.

That was not the end of it. We had more sex that encounter. Her hubby and I sucked each other’s cock. He fucked her. I ate her out, again. Suffice to say, we were exhausted when we went our separate ways.

Futa/Shemale themes, if that’s not your cup of tea, you should pass. Thanks!

I was excited as always as my girlfriend Joan took me by the hand and led me down the stone steps into the lower level of the deserted downtown building that she had brought me to. Joan was always finding new and erotic ways of expanding my horizons. I gazed at her tight yet voluptuous ass swaying making her way down the stairs, her black latex pants showing off the curves of her body. I opened the heavy black metal door for her as we came to the bottom of the steps and then followed her inside this mysterious place.

After I entered, she closed the door and locked the door with a steel metal bar from the inside and gave me a brief kiss as I looked into her dark eyes. As I turned to look where we were, I saw that we were in a large stone room lit by torches lined along the walls with a single wooden desk up against the back wall. The desk was covered in different manuals and had multiple instruments laid out along with multiple vials and bottles filled with various indiscernible liquids.

Joan once again took my hand and pulled me towards the middle of the room and positioned me in the middle of a circle that seemed to have been painted onto the floor. There she looked deeply up into my eyes, smiled, and told me, “this night will be the wildest that you have ever experienced”. She pressed herself into me as we kissed deeply, her 36-C breasts covered by nothing more than a latex bra.

As we broke our kiss she told me to stay inside the circle. As she walked towards the desk, I looked down and saw that the circle I stood within was connected to a larger circle with a star drawn within it. Joan picked up the large thick book resting on the table and stood in another smaller circle on the opposite side of the larger circle with the star.

She began speaking in some language that I had never heard before and that is when it all started. Suddenly we were surrounded by a blue light emanating from the circles drawn on the floor. Joan continued chanting as I felt the air within the circle become thick. It felt like being submersed in water but easier to move within. The edges of the circle became walls of light that I could no longer penetrate like being confined within a large water tank of some sort. Joan began chanting louder and suddenly stopped and slammed the book shut, her eyes wide looking towards me across the circles.

A large body began to form in between the two of us inside the largest circle. There was a blinding flash of light and suddenly she was before us looking down on me. She was at least 7 foot tall, naked, with large firm breasts and strong yet feminine curves. She had what looked to be rough, purple skin and eyes that glowed the same blue as the color of the light that had previously been coming from the circles on the ground which were no longer there. She stepped towards me and bent down, reached towards me and gently grasped my chin to bring my gaze to her eyes and stated, “you will make a nice play-thing.” She then turned and moved towards Jane and said, “and for you, by bringing me such a gift, I will endow you with some of mine.”

Joan’s eyes then glowed briefly and elaborate artwork the purple color of the creature’s skin inscribed itself on her body. Her breasts began suddenly began to grow and her body became impossibly disproportionate, with at least DD breasts, an impossibly small waste and flaring hips. She looked at me and smiled. Both women began walking toward me.

The creature then snapped her fingers and suddenly my clothes disappeared from my body and Joan’s. She then said, “my name is Gira and you will never experience anything the likes of which you will tonight”. She then kissed me deeply as Joan stepped behind me and pressed her body to mine. Immediately I was erect. Gira’s tongue then entered my mouth and snaked its was down my throat as she began stroking my cock with her large, smooth hands. At the same time, Joan reached in front of me and began playing with my nipples. Gira then began fucking my mouth with her long tongue which began to thicken and expand my throat. How I could breathe, I have no idea, but the sensation was amazing.

Slowly she snaked her tongue out of my mouth as she worked her way down my body and wrapped it around my straining dick. Suddenly I felt a pinch in my pelvis as Gira bit into me, her tongue continuing to stroke my length. Her tongue then retracted and she lightly kissed where she had bitten me and said, “that is to make sure that your body can withstand our ministrations tonight hun”.

She leaned back from me with Joan still running her hands over my body and I got my first glimpse of Gira’s pussy. It swollen with thick lips and a large protruding red clitoris. Then it happened. Gira looked at me and smiled “YOU WILL BE MINE!” With those words something spread her labia and began to emerge from her vagina. It was a cock! The large head had to be at least 2 to 3 inches around and the shaft just kept coming! “Ungh!” With a grunt two large testicles the size of grapefruits popped out to join her now foot-long erection.

She stepped towards me and turned me around easily. My strength was clearly no match for hers. Joan’s smiling face was suddenly right in front of me and she kissed me while bringing my hands to her newly enlarged breasts. Clearly something in her transformation had made her more sensitive as she climaxed from my touch.

Then I felt what frightened me. Gira’s huge cock was pressed between my butt cheeks, poised to penetrate my virgin ass. Pre-cum poured in a stream onto my hole as she pressed her gigantic breasts into my back and whispered into my ear. “Relax, I’ll go easy on you your first time….you’re going to love this, baby”. Gira picked me up by the waist and I felt the head of her cock begin to push into me. My sphincter spread against my will, but for some reason I was immensely turned on. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life. Joan’s body was pressed firmly to mine, I could feel both of their breasts pressed into me as the head of Gira’s penis pushed past the ring of my anus muscle. The pressure on my insides increased as Gira continuously fed her monstrous cock into my ass. She slowly pressed forward, inch by inch as I felt her bulging cock roll over my prostate. Suddenly I came with a torrential explosion of semen splashing between mine and Joan’s body. With that Gira quickly slammed the length of her meat into me and I felt her huge balls slap into mine.

“This won’t quite do” stated Gira plainly, and suddenly there was a leather bench behind her which she layed on while lifting me onto her. Her huge hands which nearly wrapped fully around my waist picked me up and began to slide me back and forth on her dick as Joan straddled Gira to join us on the bench. I could feel my anus stretching and beginning to loosen as Gira slowly lifted me up and down on her massive tool. With each foot-long down-stroke I reached a new peak, cum leaking from my cock, my nerves tingling from within.

Joan then quickly hopped on top of me and slid my cock into her dripping pussy. While my dick was not nearly as massive as Gira’s, Joan’s vaginal walls had tightened and become more sensitive than they had ever been before causing her to orgasm with her first downstroke. With her smooth body pressed against mine, my skin was tingling all over from the contact with my beautiful woman and the hermaphrodite creature that was fucking me in the ass. Joan’s pussy was now squeezing my cock inside her juicy cunt as the demoness’s giant dick continued to ream my virgin ass.

“There you go my pet, time for me to get mine” Gira leered. Immediately she began to fuck my ass with incredible vigor sending me to new heights as her cock pounded into me while Joan bounced on my dick from the sheer force of Gira’s thrusts. Orgasm after orgasm rocked mine and Joan’s bodies as Gira continued to slam into us. I could feel that my anus had been loosened despite it’s tight grip on Gira’s cock. She began to growl as my body began to shake from the impending climax. All of a sudden I felt Gira’s cock expand and bulge as her dick pumped huge torrents of cum into my ass, sending me over a peak I never knew existed. My dick began continuously spraying its contents into Joan’s pussy causing her to climax as well. Gira continued pumping her enormous meat in and out of my ass with her semen leaking from my anus pumping me full of her fluid until my stomach began to bulge from the immense amount of girlcum. My nerves exploded as my balls squeezed tight and gushed my semen into Joan causing orgasms so intense that we both passed out from the pleasure.

Shortly thereafter, I awoke on the stone floor with Joan next to me as Gira’s huge girl-cock slowly slid out of my ass. She whispered into my ear, “I look forward to our next visit my toy”. With a brief shove back into me she then quickly slipped herself from my body with a pop causing a small, brief orgasm and she disappeared in a flash of blue light.

(This is part 7 of a series; you must read the other 6 parts first! Enjoy! )

I slid out from under my parent’s bed and tried to compose myself as best as I could. I knew both my mother and father would be off to work, but I still stayed as quiet as possible as I grabbed my crumpled clothes and snuck my way back into my own bedroom. I slowly crawled into bed and cuddled up under my covers. My body was sore from head to toe from sleeping under that bed all night. As I lay and think of last night I feel familiar pains and aches, some from my mother’s sexual acts and some just from simply sleeping uncomfortably. My asshole finally started to feel somewhat better from her favorite toy two nights ago. Even so my dick and my balls really have been taking a beating all week and it’s all hitting me now, I decided to take a quick nap before a nice shower. As I drift off I grab my phone and send my mother a simple text message that read, “…<3..."

I woke up about forty minutes later to the sound of my phone beeping. I grabbed it and seen two missed texts from Mom. “Aww… <3 to you too baby...can we finish this convo later, my hands are still trembling from the great orgasm your father gave me last night." I knew she was only saying this to get me upset and it worked, she loved to tease me and not admit how wet I make her. I figured I'd play along and humor her so I opened the next message. "Honey...why aren't you answering me, I'm still so horny from your daddy...c'mon talk to me!"

I decided to play her little game…”Sorry mom I was sleeping, I had a rough night last night and it sounded like you did too.” I started my day while waiting for her response, I grabbed some clean clothes and made my way over to the bathroom and ran my shower water. I needed the water hot today, hotter than usual. As I slid into the shower I felt all the muscle on my body start to relax. I ran the soap slowly over myself and just enjoyed the feeling as long as I could. As I let the water run over my face I heard my phone that was sitting on the closed toilet bowl go off. Just hearing my mom’s text message sent a rush to my groin and I felt my cock hang slightly heavier. My impatience got the better of me and I finished up my shower and rushed to my phone. I opened her message that read…”Yes honey, mom had a real rough night…I just never felt so full and loved. I felt like there was something new and wonderful inside me while I sucked your fat dicked father…xoxo.”

I stood there naked in the bathroom half wet, I flipped on the camera of my phone and with one hand held my cock from its underside in the palm of my hand and took the picture with my other hand. I sent her the picture and titled it… “New and wonderful?” I dressed and ate knowing she was working and it could take some time to get a message back. Finally as I set my dirty dishes into the sink I heard the phone beep and I ran over to it. When I opened the phone I became slightly flush once I realized it was a picture mail. As the picture downloaded I read the title…”Hmmm…in a meeting at work… Bye Babe.” Then the picture took over the screen. It was a weird angle but after much inspection I realized mom must have held the camera outwards and took the picture of herself. In the picture I had seen a black board, some chairs and people standing around her. I zoomed in on her body in the picture and that’s when I seen it, the slightest hint of a hard nipple poking through her tight red button down suit shirt.

I had the day off so I decided I’d get my daily sample for the doctor myself and drop it off now. I was pretty sure the pretext of my medical condition was gone now between me and my mother and I figured why waste more of her time going to the doctors and such. However I knew I’d have to see this out with the doctor so he and his office didn’t get suspicious or think all of this was in vein. After a quick an non dramatic session in the family bathroom I collected my sample and did what I had to do at the doctors. I tried my best to give positive vibes to the doctor and make him feel like I was doing much better. I jumped back in my car and sent mom a quick text…” Just dropped sample off, doctor’s happy I’m doing better…he said he will call when he gets some definite results.’

I lay on the sofa and watched TV till about 4pm and anxiously awaited my mother’s arrival. I Get this feeling right before I know I’m going to see her, it’s like my dick gets butterflies. I finally heard her car arrive, I quickly went face down flat on the sofa and slightly pulled my boxers down to show my ass to her. I heard the key turn in the door and that was the sound that got my dick at full length. I laid my head sideways so I could catch her reaction. As I stared at the slowly opening door mom walked in with a handful of grocery bags and immediately looked my way. I stared at her while I sported a big grin from ear to ear, But I slowly started to panic when I seen mom turn pale white and stomp over to me and drop her bags halfway towards me. As she was two feet from me all I heard from her mouth was…”Cum Fast!!!’

With that mom got on her knees and in frenzy grabbed my dick and jammed it in between the gap between the two sofa cushions. With both hands she grabbed fistfuls of my asscheeks and spread them as wide as possible. I felt the stretch of my asshole as she pulled them apart roughly. Before I could even ask what was happening she buried her tongue as hard and rudely as she could into my hole and licked every which was possible. I swear I think she tried to hit my prostate with her tongue, I realized there must have been a reason for all this panic and then I heard the car trunk slam. I started to hump the sofa in abandonment realizing my dad must have come home with mom. All this thinking and humping was going in slow motion but it couldn’t have been more than ten seconds and all the while mom never lifted her head to speak. The whole time she swirled and spun her tongue in and outside every part of my asshole. I totally loosened and relaxed my ass and felt her tongue sink in even deeper, her nose was pressed up against my skin.

I felt my orgasm approaching and kept my dick deep in the cushion gap. That’s when I heard it…”Hey I’m coming in with the bags!’ I realized this wasn’t my dad but my next door neighbor Danny. He must have seen my mom struggling with the bags and offered to help her. I was just about to cum deep inside the pillows when my mom and I both heard Danny cross the threshold of our front door entrance. Mom did one more deep swirl with her tongue then removed it with a plop sound. She sat beside me on the sofa, grabbed the fleece cover that was hanging off the back of the sofa and covered my important parts with it. I turned my head so I was laying face down and stopped my humping. My cock was so deep in the pillow and I felt the cum right at the at the tip screaming to shoot out.

“Sorry Dan, you know Phil…lazy as ever.” While saying this I felt moms hand Snake up my back thigh and search its way to my ass. “Oh you don’t have to tell me… I spend my whole morning trying to wake my two kids’ up.” Then “Ughh Mmmmm”…I moaned into the pillow as mom entered my ass with her pointer finger at the same time holding a conversation with our neighbor. “Let me just wake him up and send him to his room and then I’ll get you the recipe for your wife.’ With moms free hand she shook my slightly awake and kept the pretense of my sweet mom. “Phil baby… C’mon go up to bed we have company.” Her finger digging into my prostate with all her might was actually saying…”Cum in the sofa… and get the Fuck out before we get caught!” I did just what her finger asked me too. I started Cumming into the sofa and felt moms finger ease out of my ass; she must have felt the throbbing of my orgasm on her finger inside me. I was careful not to jerk or spasm, I let the cum flow freely from my balls into the sofa.

Once I was done Cumming I needed a few seconds for my dick to deflate before I could get up and walk upstairs. In the mean time I acted like I was slowly waking and seemed surprised to see mom and Dan. “There he is… hey kiddo your moms been trying to wake you.” Mom got off the sofa and stood next to our neighbor. I felt confident my dick was deflated enough so casually as I pulled the sheet off me I pulled my pants up.

I decided not to look at the sofa or my crotch and instead read moms face to see if we left any evidence. As I shook Danny’s hand and started to head upstairs I glanced at mom. She just finished her glance toward the sofa; she looked in my eyes then down to my crotch and back in my eyes. She lifted her pointer finger to her mouth, with a satisfied smirk said “Dinner will be ready in an hour…Hun.” …It was then I knew we were in the clear.

“For our first date, I have asked my darling Liam to meet me at this particular hotel. I have already mailed him the room keycard. He has been asked to meet me here on an assignment for our first date. He will be there to meet me as his mystery lover. I have given him specific instructions. He will pull the curtains together to darken the room. He will turn off all the lights. He will undress completely, folding his clothes neatly in the closet. He will kneel at the foot of the bed. His torso and face will be upon the bed, hands folded under his forehead. He will spread his knees and legs wide open. He is facing away from the connecting door, knowing I am watching him, seeing him for the first time. He cannot see me. And he will wait for me.”

You hear me step in, quietly walking upon the carpeted floor, not saying a word. The room is totally dark now. A very thin pencil beam of light lets you know I have a tight-focus flashlight. You hear soft noises: snapping on of latex surgical gloves. I unscrew a bottle of lukewarm anal lube. Gently, my finger lubes your anus. It is tight with apprehension and with the anxiety that comes with the first time. More lube on my fingers and I gently slide one deep up your ass. In all your married years, your lovely wife never even came close to touching you there. Tonight it feels natural and easy. We have never met and yet you are happy you have let me get to know you so well.

You hear me sigh. My hand spreads your cheeks very wide. It is totally dark, yet you feel I can see everything. Your cock is throbbing, pointing down because you are kneeling and bent over, yet eager to rise up. Your testicles are engorged and almost painfully swollen. I ignore both.

First one finger, then two slide into your ass. I feel around for your prostate. When I find it, my two fingers begin to massage it. Neither too deep to overpass it, nor too shallow to give you the feeling of ass-finger-fucking you. Just simply massaging your prostate, back and forth, side to side, over and under, again and again.

You cannot restrain yourself. You desperately want to touch yourself. Your hands slide out from under your forehead and head to your cock. My free hand slaps them away and you know better now. You may not touch yourself. This is my massaging your prostate. And things are done the way I want. Always.

You cannot contain yourself. Without knowing when nor how nor why, you feel you are ejaculating. My free hand focuses the flashlight’s tight beam on your cock. This is always my favorite moment! But something is not quite right. There seems to be a tiny hole halfway down your penile shaft, very tiny for sure, and the ejaculate is coming out of there! I have never, ever seen that. I didn’t know a man could do that!

Fascinated, I watch for the longest time. A huge load flows lazily out. No contractions, no convulsions of your cock. Just a plain, long, continuous stream of ejaculate flowing out. My fingertips feel your prostate fluttering. I keep caressing it gently, over and over again, until it finally comes to a complete stop.

I have milked you on our very first date! I help you up on the bed and let you lie on your back. In the dark, you hear my clothes coming off and falling on the floor. I lie next to you, side by side, on our backs. You are drained and exhausted… and aroused and ready to start anew.

The room is dark, yet you are inebriated with my scent and the softness of my skin and you feel my hair brush upon your handsome face.

I turn to you, whispering softly and sensuously in the dark, “Liam, sweetheart, it is so nice to finally meet you!”

Your cock springs up again, hard and throbbing, shooting off another load of ejaculate into thin air! I leap up, flashlight in hand. Leaning over, I try to get a better look. Your cock is small, much smaller than normal, and it is hard, much harder than any man can ever get. It gently curved and topped by a half-crescent foreskin. There is no hole at the top of your lovely little tiny penis. There is, however, a tiny hole halfway down your shaft, and it is out of there that you are ejaculating! Even in the darkness with only the flashlight in hand, I can see that you have the most perfect and beautiful cock I have ever seen! I don’t touch it because I want you for later. Looking up at you, in the darkness I can feel you smile, whispering just one word of explanation for me, “Hypospadias.”

I pounce upon you, smothering your handsome face with wet kisses, squirming all over your shaking body.

Your cock has now gone totally limp!

You are free!

Your sexual ability is all gone!

I too am free!

Your cock is totally flaccid!

I can be myself – with you!

I masturbate fast and furious next to you, guiding your hands in mine, racing all over me as together we tease and torment my body, explore my erogenous zones, feel my wetness flowing eagerly. My hands fondle my smallish tits, round and round and round again, feeling my nipples rise and harden, screaming to be touched. My fingers guide yours as together I squeeze my nipples. Twisting and turning and tugging on them. Harder, I pinch and squeeze them, harder, much harder. Please darling, even harder: you will be surprised how much I can take. My smallish tits feel enormous, my nipples hard as cherry pits. You try to suck on them: I push you away. Knowing you want to suck my nipples gets me even more aroused, masturbating even wilder for you.

I straddle your handsome face. My pussy, inches away from your face, exudes the sweet aroma of peaches in the summer: that is how I have been described. Parting my legs, I let you feel me so close. You raise your face to eat me. I push it back down again. It drives me wild with desire knowing you want to eat me. That desire makes me masturbate even more intensely. My fingers part my labia. You try to finger me, and again I push your fingers away. Gosh, how I am dying for you to finger me! And it makes me masturbate even faster. I want you so much! And wanting you makes me touch myself faster, deeper, harder. You are my fantasy – my fantasy come true, and yet not quite there. I don’t want you there right now. Give me a few more hours of self-pleasuring!

My fingers part my labia. In the total darkness you can sense I am pulling back the protective hood. My baby clittie leaps out! I touch it over and over again, side to side, back and forth, along the left and then the right side of its tiny shaft. My baby clittie is dancing wild with desperation. Oh my gosh, darling, I am exploding again and again, masturbating right before your very eyes. In the darkness you cannot see a thing. And that too makes me wild with desire for you.

I move forward just a bit. Your fingers touch my sloshy pussy and immediately are drenched with my wetness. Expertly, you slide your middle finger into my ass. I wince and let out a tiny moan of painful pleasure. The first penetration! More climaxes rock my body. You finger my ass deeply and expertly.

My own hands are not enough. My titties and baby clittie and pussy and G-spot all clamor for my attention. You are delighted feeling me masturbate and orgasm over you. I am screaming and moaning and yelling and racing my hands and screaming and desperately attending to all my body set on fire with desire for you. Lying back, you allow me to be myself. Only your finger deep up my ass connects you physically to me; otherwise, you are letting me be myself. Your handsome face is drenched in the wetness that flows from within me. Sweet wetness of passion and desire, an occasional squirt from within my parted labia falling upon you.

More and more, my hands race all over my shaking body. I cannot get enough nor does my body allow me to stop. Every part of me is afire, nipples and titties and baby clittie and hips and tummy and neck and ears and feet; even my toes are curling and uncurling.

In that total darkness I continue for the longest time to masturbate to my heart’s content. And after the final throes of my multiple orgasms finally quell down, I lie next to you.

It will be hours before you regain your erection. By then, I will be sound asleep in your arms. The smile on my face will say it all: my dreams are those of your hands and mine roaming my entire body. I awaken wit you riding atop me at daybreak, high up on a majestic mountain in the Rockies, repeatedly and deliciously plunging your very hard cock deep all the way up my ass just as the sun’s rays start to break the darkness of night.

They say the first date sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. For me, sweetheart, it is the beginning of countless hours of masturbating together side by side. Darling, I want to show you how I do it and how good it feels. Sweetie, I want to see how you do it. I want to learn all about your lovely little tiny penis and how unique you really are! You cock is so perfect and so beautiful… show me more, please!

And I yearn deeply to share infinite anal intercourses with the handsome, virile, powerfully sexual man that cares so much about me.

For my fans: You’ll notice no number on this story, and that it’s in the Toys & Masturbation category. The reason for this is that it’s just me & my prostate right now, not in the past. The general tone of the story is pretty sad, but it improves, much like life.

Times have changed. I’m 40, unemployed, and living with a family member since the wife left. Hell, my dog even died. I’d say I’m living a country song, except I still have my truck (who knows for how much longer). To top it off, due to hard living, I can barely get it up anymore.

I decided to masturbate today. No big surprise, I try every day. Yesterday, I gave up after 2 hours & a sore wrist. I broke open the old toy chest, and thought I’d see what toy I’d try. Used the silver bullet yesterday, so I’d try something different. Here we go…the probe. My ex’s favorite. I used to use it on her clit while I’d eat her & finger her g spot. Made her squirt. Good times.

Today, it’s going to be used for the original purpose. It’s an odd toy – big handle, thin neck, and on the end it has a bulb about 7/8 of an inch by 3 inches. I squeezed on a bit of KY, and began to massage my hole. On the laptop, an internet porn of Tory Lane & another girl naked & fighting. Nice.

Slowly I started pushing on the probe. My ass resisted a bit and then relented. Got the bulb in, and a bit of neck. Vibrating slow…I love that feeling, when my butthole gives in, and the toy slowly slides in. It’s seems to want to stop there today. No big deal. It feels nice where it is. My dick is now in semi hardness, sadly where it usually is for my masturbation sessions.

Last week, I managed to cum, or what passes for it. The silver bullet (7 by 1 inch) got my prostate just right, and I squirted. Not a big orgasmic rush, but a relief. Today I want to cum hard. I need it. I’m backed up here.

As I watch the porn, the girls are done fighting. The designated dick is wearing torn jeans, and is shoving two fingers in each greasy girl’s ass. This is damn good. I need to save a copy of this one. The probe is vibrating, and I’m feeling into it. I reach back, and turn it up. That’s good. Feel into it. As I change positions, my heel catches the base of the probe. Whoa Nellie, that’s good. My cock surges a bit closer to hard.

I try pushing the base with my heel. It goes in further and hits the prostate in a way that’s pure dynamite and the flag slowly raises under my stroking hand. Oh, how I’ve missed you old friend. I stoke slowly, buzzing directly on the magic button. I don’t want to cum. I don’t want to stop, but I need more. I feel incredibly good. But my ass is hungry. Reach into the toy chest, still open next to the bed. Rummaging around, sight unseen, out comes the silver bullet.

A little KY, and a quick swap. I feel good, but the pressure isn’t on my prostate, and my erection begins to wane. I grab a pillow, and roll over on it…and it sinks deeper in my ass. I wiggle a bit, and I can feel the lines on the base bite my balloon knot. Gotta stop pushing or I’ll lose it. My dick has reversed course. I’m stoking slow & easy, and I’m in that magic zone, where I don’t want to come yet.

I open my half closed eyes, and check out Tory. The guy has his cock out, and it just needs a hand grip to be a baseball bat. Good god. Both women are eagerly sucking. I rummage in the toy chest looking for the blackjack. The Blackjack is a toy I purchased about 2 months ago, when I was feeling the need for a real fucking. It’s a double headed dildo, 12 inches long by an inch & half wide. I’ve had it about 7 inches in, and it felt pretty darn nice. It’s heavily textured, and you can feel it move, unlike the smooth silver bullet.

A bigger blob of KY then planned, I rub it down on blackie, as it’s long anyway, and maybe it will smooth out the ride. I pull out the bullet, and just drop it, in goes the blackjack. The extra 6 inches or so flexes under me. On the screen, the baseball bat is about to go into the other girl’s ass. I check the screen. Dana DeArmond. Nice… tattooed bald snatch. Tory leans over her with her nipple piercings dangling. This is DEFINITY going in the porn folder.

As the porn cock goes in the ass, I move trying to get comfier. The forgotten silver bullet is now vibrating on the blackjack. I rise to full tumescence. I reach down to stoke, and my hand still has lube from blackie. Jesus, that’s so good. I arch up, and sink down, catching the protruding end of the dildo on the pillow. I rise up again, and trap the head on the pillow. I begin to pump up and down. I’m fucking myself! Why haven’t I thought of this sooner; it’s fucking fantastic!

I go to sink down again, and I realize I’m hitting the pillow. I’ve got to have nine inches of rubber in my ass. A few months ago I put an ad on Craigslist, trying to find a she male to fuck me, as I’ve wanted to try a real dick. I was contacted by a guy with what appeared to be a large dick. I decided to go for it, and then chickened out; I couldn’t take the biggest toy I have, not more than the head, anyway, and decided I wasn’t ready.

Now with nine inches of cock in my ass, I wonder. I roll on my side. And I go to push blackie with the bullet, to get the vibration I need on my prostate. And blip….my anus closes over the other cockhead.

WTF! I guess I got more than nine inches of cock in there…It’s a full twelve. God, I’m a fucking male ass slut. I open my eyes and look at the screen. Dana is screaming with pleasure as Tory eats her pussy while the cock fucks her.

If she can do it, so can I.

I reach into the toy chest & pull out the red bag. Open it up, and pull out the “real cock” Eight inches long, about two inches wide, flaring to two & a half at the head, and ending in balls with a suction cup base. I got it partially in my ass once, and it came away with a streak of blood, and I stopped trying. Now with twelve inches of cock stretching my ass, I decided to go for it.

A squirt of KY on the tip and in it goes. I arch up over the pillow, the head stretching my hole slowly. I look over at the laptop for inspiration. Tory has that thing in her shitter now. I sink down. There’s a bit of pain, but I push. I’ve got the head. Check the laptop as I stroke just my cockhead. Holy crap…he’s balls deep!

I then just push down, and in it goes. No pain. Just incredible pleasure. I’ve got maybe four inches in, and it stops again. I’ve read that we have 2 sphincters in the anus, and the internal is involuntary. I push against the pillow, and in it sinks, the balls resting on my ass cheeks. I reach down, and grab its remote, and turn it’s vibrator to full blast

I reach down, and stroke my cock, which is the hardest it’s been in years. Just a bit of stroking and my orgasm hits. For those of you who have had an anal orgasm, you know what I’m talking about. My whole body shakes from my head to my toes. The dildo squirted out of my ass from the clutching of my orgasmic bowel. My cockhead hurts from the semen shooting out.

I lay there afterward, my whole body feeling like its vibrating. I needed that cum. I look at my hand. It’s covered in semen. I don’t remember shooting that much in ten years. I look over at the laptop. Tory & Danna covered in cum. Not just the stars though.

I hit the laptop 2 feet away with a glob of semen!

Ok dear readers. This is a true story. I literally cleaned up, and wrote it. I just took the big ‘un and lived to cum about it. Now I have a favor to ask. I always tell you to vote, and to comment, and I usually pull just under a 4.5 and 2 comments. Here’s the deal. If I get higher than a 4.5, and 5 comments, I call the guy I mentioned, and I get ass fucked. I’ll bring along this girl I know who’s a sub, and three of us, and a little blue pill and some toys will go for it, and results will be my next story.

It’s on you.

Note: this is a story, fiction. None of the facts are correct, and all the names are false, invented. So enjoy!

(Re-posted with the above clarification, and links deleted).

Nocturnal Anal Stimulation in Orgasm-Denial Relationships – A Study



Willsoin,D.E., Arangji,T.F – UCNYCE – Dept of Psychology

Published: 1 Nov 2011


The authors wish to thank a number of sites for providing access to subjects, and for financial support for data analysis. They know who they are!


The purpose of this study is to investigate nocturnal stimulation of males in relationships where their orgasms are controlled. Such relationships are common, but can be time-consuming for both parties, especially if chid-care is also an issue. For example, substantial time (and privacy) may be required for prostate milking, and for the repeated stimulation of the male to the point of orgasm (but not beyond). We suggest that sleeping time might be utilized for this purpose, and we evaluate alternatives. Findings and recommendations are discussed below

Key Words

anus, anal, denial, tease, chastity, prostate, milking, sleep, unconscious, nocturnal, emission


This study involves an investigation into relationships which have an element of orgasm control/denial. The subset we focus on is that of a male being controlled by a female, though there are other possibilities, of course.

Such relationships involve the male being restricted in orgasms by domination. This can range from the verbal through to chastity devices. At the same time, the literature of denial usually suggests that an occasional release is beneficial for the male – a ‘pipe-cleaning’ effect. There is a contradiction here, of course, leading the female to find a way of extracting semen without giving pleasure to the male. Prostate milking is often used for this purpose, in which the semen is massaged out, rather than being forcefully ejaculated.

In addition, the control aspect is often supplemented by ‘tease and denial’, in which the male is stimulated close to orgasm, but is prevented from obtaining relief.

Such activities need time and privacy, and here we investigate if sleep time could be used for this purpose.


With the permission of several websites (see above) we enlisted the help of 48 couples who lived this lifestyle. Each couple had to have a smart-phone. (We thought that a control group of ‘normal’ people would not be useful in this study.)

An electronic questionnaire was sent to every individual – the male and female versions were slightly different. The questions (often involving rating on a 5-point scale) covered such areas as:

- how often is orgasm allowed?

- what was the mood of the male one day after orgasm?

- what was the mood of the male x days after orgasm?

- does the male wear a chastity device? What periods of the day?

- how often do nocturnal emissions occur?

- what is the mood of the male following a nocturnal emission?

- does the male enjoy anal stimulation?

There were 50 questions in all.

The second stage of the research was novel. The subjects had to download a smart-phone app created specially. It was a combination of two existing apps:

- a security camera app, in which periods with zero movement were ignored.

- a baby alarm app, which detected noise, movement, and changes to breathing patterns.

In addition, a thin net sheet was needed, similar in nature to net curtains, or a mosquito net. August was chosen, as temperatures were very high. (Thank-you to our websites for offering free membership to the subjects, to offset the purchase price)

For 14 days, subjects had to sleep with the app running, and its camera directed at the male side of the bed. In the morning, the compressed video was uploaded to our servers for analysis. The software drew our attention to interesting parts, which were sampled. It took 5 minutes on average to view the significant parts of a whole night of sleep from one male.

Before videoing begun, the males were split into 3 equal groups, which we nominated as ‘coverers’, ‘fingerers’, and ‘pluggers’. The terms had these meanings:

- coverers were instructed to try and sleep with one of their palms held gently over their anus. This was made easier by suggesting that they wore pants or panties. The (invented) justification for this was that it was a form of security or protection used by Buddhist monks, to ensure a peaceful sleep.

- fingerers were instructed to sleep with the first two joints of a finger up their anus. Again, pants were suggested, and they were told that the justification was that it was comforting for people with an element of sexual stress in their lives, akin to thumb-sucking.

- pluggers were instructed to use a thin (3/4″) butt-plug, with a loop at the outside end. They should attempt to sleep with a finger through the loop. The diameter was small, as the point was not to dilate the anus. Again, the reason was said be for comfort, rather like sucking a pacifier or dummy.

2 days before the videoing started, emails were sent to the females, with the above appropriate instructions to be given to the males. It was thought that this method of indirect communication would have more impact. All males were told that some unconscious movement of the hands might occur, and that this was normal (though it was not part of the study). In addition, they were informed that movements during sleep were normal and expected. They might only spend one hour in the correct position.

We wanted the females to have a full night’s sleep, but in the event of them waking up and seeing that the male’s hand was in the wrong place, they were to whisper “hand”, “finger”, or “plug”.

The study was then initiated. There were 8 drop-outs: 6 due to illness, clild-care problems, or app problems. Two males (pluggers) insisted on masturbating whilst awake in bed, and were deemed unsuitable to continue. The remaining 42 thus became our 100%.

After the 14 days, different questionnaires were distributed and analyzed.


Firstly, we review the physical findings. For analysis of questionnaires and videos, it was found that 90% of males exhibited rhythmic hand movements during sleep. Many of the coverers inserted a finger, and many made in-out movements, with speeds varying from 1 per second to 4 per second. These movements typically lasted for 1 minute.

There was a 110% increase in nocturnal emissions. None from those wearing a chastity device of course, but this is one of the most interesting results and is covered below.

Secondly, the emotional side. From the post-video questionnaires it appeared that the males’ behavior tended to be more considerate after the 14 days. Looking at all the questionnaires, it was apparent that behavior became more considerate and helpful as the time between orgasms lengthened, and also as the amount of stimulation (teasing) increased.

We can conclude that increased desire for release can create gentle helpful behavior, and that the evening anal stimulation helps this.

Nocturnal Emissions – a re-evaluation

The traditional view of nocturnal emissions in denial relationships is that is it inappropriate, and is the fault of the male.

However, the male questionnaires revealed that it brought no pleasure – they woke up mid-way through an orgasm, did not enjoy it, and felt guilty.

Additionally, the female answers revealed that males were super-considerate during the day after an emission.

Our view is that nocturnal emissions can be viewed as being similar to prostate milking – it produces semen with no pleasure for the male. If time for a full milking is not available, we suggest that such emissions should in fact be encouraged!

On analyzing the three groups for emissions, more occurred in the fingerer group, and the pluggers were a close second.



How might these results affect the lives of couples? For those who employ tease-and-denial techniques, unconscious anal self-stimulation can be used to increase sexual tension, and change male behavior. In addition, we recommend that couples review their opinions on nocturnal emissions. It can be regarded as a form of self-milking, with no pleasure.

In both these cases we recommend that fingering be adopted. If it proves impossible, plugging should be used.

Thanks go to the participating websites, and to all the subjects involved.

There’s just something about goth chicks. I don’t know what it is, but they do it for me. It could possibly that they scare me a little.

Kara was a barista, kind of. She worked at a coffee shop, but it wasn’t a chain. The coffee wasn’t that great, and I think her duties as a barista were to squirt the flavor syrups into the coffee.

She was slight with perky a-cups, but she when she spun around the coffee station, she would betray some deadly curves behind her apron. She had tattoo sleeves and enough piercings on her ears to add at least a pound to her head. She had short black hair and makeup reminiscent of death from Sandman: very dark eyeliner and a bloom surrounding her left eye.

Despite the bad coffee, I was hooked–all because of her, and drank at the shop at least twice anytime she was working, once I figured out her schedule. I would come in, order a coffee and watch her grudgingly make it for me. Then I would go sit in the corner and pretend to play with my phone or read the hip alt weekly paper stacked up at the entrance. I would be positioned to surreptitiously watch her work.

Despite never smiling and obviously hating her job and most if not all of the clientele, she had an accidental grace to her movements that was positively beguiling.

I could guess what she thought of me: probably some corporate suit wannabe yuppie kid, which was true in it’s own right. Although I did work for a non-profit, I worked in the finance side, and spent most of the time working around IRS regulations. And I did wear a suit. This wasn’t the career I set out to, but I was young, there weren’t a lot of jobs available, and I was planning on figuring it all out after I paid off my immense student loan debt.

After about two months of creeping, I decided that it was time to sack up and ask her out. I rationalized that I had nothing to lose. In fact, if she said no, at least then I would be too embarrassed to come back and would save money by not having two cups of expensive but awful coffee day.

She worked the afternoon shift on Saturdays, and the coffee shop was conveniently right next to a dive bar. I went to the dive bar at noon for some liquid courage, and after two shots of shit whiskey, three tall beers, and a water to mask the beer, I got off the stool straightened up my clothes, and headed next door.

No one was in the shop when I came in, and Kara was working alone. She was in the back wiping a table. She looked up. I knew her name because she had to wear a name tag, which she had made herself and was artistic in some ornate calligraphy. She didn’t know my name, but she knew me by my order.

“Medium coffee, right. I’ll be right there.”

“No thanks.”

“What? You want something different? Like a mocha?”

“No. I was just wondering what you were doing tonight.”

She froze, and I felt my face blaze up from fear and embarrassment.

“I have thing.”

“Oh.” I pressed on because there was no turning back. “How about tomorrow night?”


“Let me take you out.”

“It’s a Sunday.”

“We can go out on a Sunday.”


“Great!” I smiled. I’ll come by here after your shift. You’re off at 3:30 right?”

“Creepy, but yeah. 3:30, but I’ll want to get changed.”

At this point, you’ve made the date, and you have to suavely extricate yourself from the room before you say something stupid. I failed.

I backed out the door with a stream of goodbyes like I couldn’t choose one. “Great. See you then. Can’t wait. Take care. See you tomorrow. It’ll be fun. I’m Jeff by the way. Bye…”

Once out the door, I pretty much took off and ran.


The next day, I showed up at 3:15, and hung out outside the coffee shop until she came out.

Oh my God. She came out wearing a little black dress. Sexual plutonium. It contrasted with her stark milky skin and played with her black tattoos. She was a vision.

I smiled and tried to say something.

“Hi! You… look… uh… great.”

“Thanks,” she said flatly. I figured you only saw me with the black tee, black pants, and black apron, so I thought I probably shouldn’t shock you with color. Not that I own any clothes with color.”

I think that was a joke, but I was too scared to laugh.

“So where are we going?”

I knew I was down on points as far as charm was concerned. I had acted like an idiot and hadn’t showed any personality. It was time to take risks and act boldly. I offered her my arm.

“Take hold! It’s a surprise!”

After about fifteen minutes, I finally was able to relax a little and make conversation. I had assumed she was a vegetarian, so I had made and packed tofu miso sprout salads to eat. I led her to the canoe livery next to Baker Street Bridge on the Brine River that was right downtown next to Naragansett Park. My initial plan had been for a canoe ride, but I didn’t dare bring it up with her wearing such a low-cut skirt.

So we ate the salads by the salads at a picnic table looking down at the river.

“How’d you know that I was a vegetarian?”

“Lucky guess?”

She smiled. Wow. It was the first smile I’d ever seen on her. It lit up the whole park. She had a great row of teeth and her eyes brightened.



“I’ve never seen a smile before. Its beautiful.”

“Shut up.”

“No. I’m sorry. I meant, you are always so serious at the coffee shop.”

“I fucking hate it there. I work there as a favor for my dad because he can’t afford another employee.”

I thought about offering advice on making better coffee might make the place more money, but I figured it would be better to move to another line of conversation.

Well, it’s a very pretty smile. That’ all. So, what do you do when you’re not barista-ing?”

She was an art student at the Vermeer Institute, and I’d read that it was a highly regarded program internationally. She didn’t have any career goals, and just knew that she loved art. She had waited four years before going to the institute, and felt awkward being older than most of the other students.

Once our salads were over, we went for a walk around the city. She took my hand, and I felt lighter than air. Eventually, she maneuvered us to her apartment.

“Well, this is me.”

“Oh. Uh. OK. Well, I had a great time. Maybe we could do it again sometime.”

“Yeah. That would be nice. I had a good time too.”

We exchanged numbers. I went in for a polite hug and she drew me in for a kiss. It took me by surprise, but it was heaven.

“See you soon,” she winked, and went up to to the door to her apartment.

I watched her get in, and turned away and headed off for the subway.

I was just two blocks away, when I felt a text.

It was Kara: “Come back here. Dates not over yet.”

Just reading it gave me a tingle in my pants. I spun around and practically sprinted back to her apartment.

I got up to her door. Over the intercom, I heard “I’m up in 3B,” and she buzzed me in.

I ran up the stairs to 3B, and before I could knock, the door opened and a hand grabbed me and yanked me in.

In seconds, she had me on the floor with her tongue down my throat. I tried to join in and clutched on to her ass. Underneath that spectacular dress, she had two perfect round cheeks and I held on to them for dear life.

She was straddling me, and was kissing all over my face, but it wasn’t sloppy. She knew what she was doing. It was manic, but it was dangerously arousing and she was in control.

She lifted herself off of me for a second and raised her ass off my crotch, and looked down at me. “Wanna see a magic trick?”

“God, yes!”

She then grabbed the straps of her little black dress and in less than half a second had pulled it completely off and sent it flying.

She was completely naked! She hadn’t been wearing anything underneath that thing!

“Oh my god!” I yelled.

She went back to kissing me, while simultaneously working of getting my belt and pants off. Her lips formed perfectly around my mouth, and her tongue explored all of my mouth and throat.

She was very deft, and my pants were soon off. She kissed me on the lips one more time and said, “I’ll be right back.”

She crawled down and pulled my boxers down and without using her hands completely deep-throated me. I took my shirt off while I enjoyed her work.

She had great suction and was a wonder with her tongue. She used her teeth a little bit down at the base, and I was surprised by how good the little shocks of pain felt.

As good as this all felt, I felt wrong not doing anything. I sat up and raised her head off my dick.

“Where’s your bedroom?”

She nodded over at a door to the left of us. I took initiative, and pushed her back on her ass, grabbed her by her thighs, and picked her up. I carried her over to the room and threw her on the bed. She landed and got on all fours and gave me a hungry look. “On your back,” she commanded.

I quickly complied with a leap to her bed. She climbed on top of me and went back to work on my dick with her pussy in my face. It was a picture. Her white skin and trimmed pitch black bush looked like an erotic black and white photograph. Her folds were so inviting, and she was sopping wet. I dove in with my mouth and felt her moan into my cock.

I lapped up her moistness like a dog, and judging by her writhing legs clamping onto my head and her continued moans, he was loving it. Meanwhile the hoovering she was doing on my dick was bringing me closer and closer.

I was so close to coming. Her taste, her scent and the view of her had brought me to the edge, and then it happened. Something was in my asshole!

I howled. I was not expecting this, and it had never happened before. I had always thought it disgusting, and out of jerk reaction, I wailed and flipped her off of me. Her teeth tracked their way off of my dick as she was yanked off, and it really hurt. Also, my erection was completely gone.

The terror soon subsided and I looked at her. I think I hurt her feelings. She looked hurt and maybe even close to tears.

“No. I’m sorry. I just wasn’t expecting that. No one’s ever done that before.”

She looked up, “Really?” She was incredulous.


She crawled back up to me and lay next to me on her side. “I don’t think we hang out with the same people.”

“Probably not, but I really like you.”

“I like you too.”

We laid there in silence for a while. She put her hand on my shoulder. “Will you trust me for a second?”


“Turn away from me.”

I flipped over. She was now behind me.

She put her tongue in my ear and then whispered, “this is what I was trying to do.”

She then placed her finger on the outside of my asshole and slowly pressed against it and massaged around it. At first, I didn’t like it at all.

“I need you to relax,” she whispered.

I took a deep breath and let it out. I laid there and tried to have an open mind. It took awhile, but I noticed that my dick was slowly coming back to life.

“There you go she whispered. Now lay on your belly.”

I delicately laid on my belly being careful with my erection.

I felt her climb on me and then felt what was unmistakably a mouth and tongue around my anus. She licked the hole for a while, and it was actually starting to feel pretty good. Then she started probing inside my ass with her tongue.

I accidentally groaned.

“There you go,” he said. She repositioned herself. “Stay relaxed now.” I then felt her enter my ass with two fingers, and I clenched up again. “RELAX!” she commanded. I tried to comply.

She lifted up my top leg, and sat upright behind me and slowly inserted the fingers again. Her finger pads were pointed down and towards my dick, but her inside me, and she started massaging down in slow deep strokes. With her other hand, she grabbed my dick and slowly stroked it.

Her fingers inside my ass were pressing harder now, and I felt something building up.

“There you go. Relax and let it happen.”

She pressed harder and harder and slowly massaged my insides and I just released. I came out of my dick, but it was nothing like orgasming from jerking off. It felt great and I felt so relaxed, like some kind of stress I had carried my whole life had finally been released. I moaned and moaned, and she crawled back up to me and just held me.

I didn’t realize it for a second, but I was actually crying. I think it was the greatest orgasm I had ever had.

She pulled the covers over us and held me. I felt guilty about not getting her off, but I didn’t know if I had the energy. I turned back towards her and tried to go down on her.

“No. It’s okay. Just lie here and hold me.”

Initially, I had thought we were going to have rough athletic and crazy sex, but even though we ended up stretching me beyond my comfort zone, it was one of the most intimate and meaningful sexual experiences I had ever had. It took a lot of trust to let her do that to me, and we became a lot closer by that experience.

Up to that point, sex was just a really fun activity I participated in, but Kara taught me that it can be so much more.

I heard footsteps in the room, her heels against the hardwood floor. They approached me and stopped right in front of the cage I had been locked up in. Still blindfolded and gagged with my hands secured behind my back, I could hear the key enter the lock and turn. “Don’t worry my pet, we haven’t forgotten about you.” my mistress spoke to me kindly as she opened the door to the dog cage I had been locked up in for the past couple of hours. “Join Miss Sarah and I for lunch, would you dear?” she muttered as she reached into the cage and grabbed me by the collar, urging me up onto my knees. I crawled out from the cage still blindfolded and got to my feet.

My mistress guided me to the kitchen and sat me down at the table where her and Miss Sarah had prepared lunch. My mistress removed my gag and put a glass of water up to my lips allowing me to drink from it. My stomach growled from hunger, I had skipped breakfast to entertain Miss Sarah this morning. She set the glass down and had a seat at the table. They both ate lunch without me and talked as though I wasn’t even there. Miss Sarah commented on how wet it had made her to spank me earlier, and joyfully expressed how she’d like to do it again. Their lunch smelled amazing, my mouth was watering and yet I sat blindfolded, silent, with my hands fastened behind my back. I knew better than to speak without being spoken to, I was ready for my punishment to be over with.

After they finished with lunch Miss Sarah pushed her chair closer to mine and whispered into my ear, “I know how much you would love to fuck me slave, you don’t have to hide it. You are hungry for this twat of mine. Do you remember what it tasted like, dirty boy? Do you want to taste it again? Don’t answer that, we both know the answer already.” She placed her hand on my thigh and rubbed it, watched my cock grow hard. She whispered once more, “Well well well, you are quite easy to arouse. Oh wait, I forgot, you didn’t get to cum earlier did you? Do you want to cum, dirty boy?” I nodded.

“Yes Miss Sarah, I do want to cum, but I want to complete my punishment first. I do not want to cum until I deserve it Miss Sarah.” I muttered pathetically to her.

“Good boy. Open your mouth.” She commanded. I did so, and she placed a spoonful of stew in my mouth. “Does that taste good?” I chewed up the food and swallowed it.

“Anything would taste good right now, I am starving!” I said without thinking. I could barely finish my sentence before she smacked my hard cock with her hand and gripped it tightly, pressing her fingernail against the head of my cock. I cringed and leaned forward in pain.

“EXCUSE ME? What did you just say? You failed to address me AND you failed to compliment my cooking. You don’t want to make me angry, slave.” She said, still pressing her fingernail against my cock.

“Please Miss Sarah I apologize! The food tastes amazing. You added just the perfect touch of thyme and rosemary. Please. I did not mean to insult you Miss Sarah!” I begged her for mercy.

She loosened her grip, and leaned in to kiss my cheek. “Nice recovery there slave, I might still let you cum today. Think before you speak though. Open your mouth.” She said, giving me another bite of the stew. She fed me until I was full, periodically stroking my cock to keep me hard and on edge.

She took my blindfold off and led me to the bathroom. I’m not sure where my mistress was at this point, but Miss Sarah was keeping me on edge enough to not have much time to think about it too much. She gave me an enema and repeated the process until my insides were completely cleaned out, then filled me up and pushed a butt plug inside of me. Afterwards she led me outside to where my mistress was waiting. It was a beautiful day out, perfect temperature. I was completely naked still, and it was only a bit chilly when the wind blew. My mistress unbound my hands and ordered me to serve them tea from time to time, otherwise I stood nearby and waited patiently for my next orders.

“Take that plug out why don’t you, let’s see how long you can hold that enema in pet.” Miss Sarah said to me, and I felt a bit worried. I had nearly 2 liters of water inside of me, I wasn’t sure how long I could hold it in. I pulled the plug out of my ass and sprayed a bit of water onto the lawn.

Miss Sarah laughed at me, “Haha! You really have quite an entertaining submissive you know, he looks so embarrassed. It’s kinda cute.” she mocked me, then poured her tea out onto the yard. “Oh no dear slave, I seem to have spilled my tea. Care to run inside and make me some more?” she ordered me inside, knowing that I was likely to spill the enema all over the house and be punished for it. I obeyed.

A few minutes later I returned outside, walking very slowly. I had not managed to spill any inside, but it was quite a challenge. “Oh, welcome back dear, how do you feel now? Thanks for the tea!” Miss Sarah held her tea cup out to me.

“I can’t hold it in much longer… please let me release it now Miss Sarah. Mistress? Please.” I begged.

“Squat down,” my mistress said, “if you can hold it in for another 10 seconds you can fuck both of us in the ass and cum inside whichever one of us you prefer. Deal?” I squatted down, my mistress watched the clock, “10… 9… 8…”

She barely got to 7 before I cried out and released the enema all over the grass below me. I was humiliated. Miss Sarah laughed at me, “I’m surprised he even made it that long. Just 7 more seconds and he would’ve been such a happy boy. Maybe we can still make him happy, though?” She reached into her bag and pulled out a medium-sized strapon.

My mistress nodded, “Oh yes Sarah, this one loves to be fucked in the ass by women he finds attractive, and I think he’s quite fond of your looks.”

Miss Sarah rubbed lube up and down the shaft of her strapon and beckoned me over. “Come slave, come sit on this hard cock of mine and show me. I followed her command, and straddled her in the oversized lawn chair. Before I could take it inside of me, my mistress stepped behind me and rubbed some lube against my tight hole. My mistress grabbed me by the waist pressed her own strapon against me, biting my ear and whispering to me, “Pet, we are going to push your limits today alright? You’re going to take both of our cocks at the same time. We’re going to double penetrate that tight little ass of yours.”

“Y-yes ma’am… if you insist.” I lowered myself onto Miss Sarah’s strapon, pushing it inside of me slowly, while my mistress poked the tip of her strapon at my entrance.

“Don’t worry, we can go slow at first.” My mistress reassured me. Miss Sarah grinned at me and took my cock into her hand, slowly stroking me while lunging her cock inside of me.

“Slave, is it true you like you be fucked in your ass? Tell me how much you like it.” Miss Sarah said.

“I love to be fucked in my ass Miss Sarah. I am a dirty boy and I crave to be fucked by powerful women like yourself. Please Miss Sarah, fuck me as hard as you like. Make me your little butt slut.” I gasped at her as she began to fuck me harder. My mistress also started to push in and out of me at the same time. My asshole was being stretched in many ways I had never experienced before, they were both pumping me full of cock. Miss Sarah’s strapon was curved at the end so it was pressed up against my prostate at all times, milking it and making cum build up at the base of my shaft. “Please fuck me harder. Please double penetrate my ass. It feels so good.” I cried out.

Miss Sarah let go of my cock and pulled me closer to her, sliding her tongue into my mouth and began to kiss me while my mistress fucked me with the length of her strapon. She pumped in and out of me faster and faster, making me cry out with my mouth full of Miss Sarah’s tongue. My cock gently rubbed against Miss Sarah’s belly every time my mistress thrust deep inside of me, and it was just enough to bring me to the edge but not enough to make me cum.

“Should we let him cum yet? He’s taking these two hard cocks like such a good boy, I think he’s earned it,” Miss Sarah asked my mistress. She nodded, and Miss Sarah reached down and turned the vibrating device inside of her strapon on. The thing began to vibrate right up against my prostate and drove me over the edge, with my mistress pounding my ass at the same time. Miss Sarah kissed me again, meanwhile my mistress picked up a candle that had been burning and began to drip hot wax all over my back as she fucked me.

I cried out in bliss. My mistress spoke to me, “Cum for us pet. Cum now.” As soon as she gave the command I began to cum, shooting my hot load all over Miss Sarah’s belly as I continued to get fucked in my ass. I moaned, my cock twitching against her belly. Everything got dark, I blacked out.

I woke up some hours later in bed with my mistress, I was startled. “Go to sleep pet,” she said to me, “you blacked out, everything is alright… sleep. You can return the favor tomorrow…” She dozed off next to me. I glanced across the room at the empty dog cage, closed my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.

“Hey handsome,” said a voice in my ear. “How’d you like to have your world rocked tonight?”

It was about 2 a.m. and the bar I was at was closing shop. This girl was a looker too, so I said fuck it and grabbed her by the ass and shoved my tongue deep into her unsuspecting mouth.

“You are a feisty little fuck, aren’t you?” She said pulling away. I thought she was going to hit me but instead she reached down into my pants and grabbed my dick and pulled me out of the bar with her. “This is a night I promise you won’t forget.”

We got into a cab and made out all the way home and she rubbed my dick the whole way so that I almost blew my load in my pants. I tried to give her a few fingers but she grabbed my hand and put it on her tit instead so I pulled her tit out and worked it until it was as hard as my cock.

She threw some money at the cabbie when we stopped and pulled me, still by my dick up to her apartment where she threw me onto the bed.

“How kinky are you feeling tonight?” She asked.

“I dunno.” I replied, never really having been into anything super kinky.

“Well I have some handcuffs that I’ve been meaning to try out. Would you be up for that?”

She never gave me a chance to answer before she was rummaging in her drawer for her handcuffs which she used to tie me to the headboard. “Hmmm. Almost perfect.” She said going back to her drawer and grabbing the whole thing and setting it out of sight at the foot of the bed.

“We are going to have some fun tonight.” She said with a mischievous smile spreading across her face.

She pulled my pants off and left me completely naked on her bed. Then she grabbed a small cloth from her drawer and covered my eyes. “This should heighten your other senses, taste, touch, smell. You will be in heaven soon, I promise. It just might be a little hellish getting there.” She said giggling.

“Stick out your tongue!” She demanded, all of the sudden going from a sweet, sexy girl, to a dominating woman. I did as I was told. I felt her ass press down on my face and she stuck her little brown hole onto my tongue. “How does my ass taste? Don’t close your mouth, bitch! Lick my asshole! Stick your tongue into my poop chute!”

I started licking at her hole, it tasted alright. I began to work circles around her anus, probing it with the tip of my tongue from time to time. “Ah that’s it you little slut, I knew you could do it. Get me nice and wet.”

I felt her weight fall over my body and soon she was giving me an incredible blowjob. I started moaning into her asshole which made her suck harder. She started rubbing my ass with her fingers and soon I felt her stop sucking my dick and grab something out her drawer. I heard a noise like a fart and then felt a cold, slimy finger slide its way into my ass. “Do you like that, you little slut?” She said sliding her finger in and out, massaging my prostate. “Is that how you like to cum? With a finger in your ass? How about two?” I felt a second finger work its way into my ass, stretching it, hurting at first. But then feeling pretty alright. “I don’t think fingers are going to be enough to stretch this tight hole out.” She said. Again she grabbed something from her drawer and soon something much larger was being pushed into me. I cried out in pain.

“Oh stop you big baby, this isn’t even my biggest butt plug. But this one does have a special feature.”

She pushed and pushed on it, applying more and more lube until finally she had it buried in my ass, filling every inch of me. “There we go, now where is that remote? Oh here it is, let’s try a low setting shall we?” I felt the large invader inside me begin to pulse and as soon as I felt it I blew my load sky high.

“Holy shit you’re easy you little bitch. I bet you wouldn’t have lasted 5 seconds fucking my tight ass.”

She pulled the vibrating plug out of my ass and shoved it into my mouth. All I could taste was the lube. “Now clean this off. It’s no good in your ass now that you’re all stretched out. You’ll need something bigger. Luckily I have just the thing, but I think you’ll need to see it to believe it.” She took the plug out of my mouth and pulled off my blindfold.

There she was, kneeling over my chest, one big huge cock in her hand. And it was hers. I gasped at the sheer size of the thing, which she used as an opportunity to slide the twelve inches into the back of my throat making me gag. “Take my girl cock you slut. This is what you’ve been wanting all night, I just know it. You came from that little plug well I’m gonna make you cum twice as hard with my cherry destroyer. By the way, that’s my name, Cherry. Cause I take the cherries of all the little girly men I meet who are dying to get fucked my me.”

She shoved her dick in and out of my mouth till I was purple in the face. When she pulled it out it was covered in my saliva. “Nothing like lubing up the cock that’s going in your ass!” She crawled down to the bottom of the bed and pushed my knees up to my chest. “This is gonna hurt, I won’t lie. But after tonight you’ll be at my door every night begging to get fucked by my man-maker.” She lined up her dick and pushed as hard as she could. Only the tip went in. I felt as if the plug was back in, it was that big. She pushed again, and again, and again. Slowly her dick pushed into my ass until I yelled out of pain. I couldn’t take anymore so she pulled it back to the tip.

“Would you like me to stop? Well too! Fuckin’! Bad!” and with each word she pushed as hard as she could until her stomach was against my balls and her shaft was no longer visible.

Tear were streaming down my face as she pulled back and slammed in again and again. Each time, somehow, getting deeper and deeper into my ass. She kept thrusting, picking up her pace until she was pummeling me with sweat rolling down her perfect tits and suddenly the pain was gone and my dick was hard as a rock.

“You little fag, I knew you’d like my girly dick. Every little boy does. I’m gonna make you cum with my dick in your ass, then you’ll know who’s bitch you are.” She started stroking me in rhythm with her dick pounding into my ass until I couldn’t take anymore and I shot my second load of the night straight up onto her tits.

“You like that don’t you?” She said and she grabbed my hair and shoved my face into her cum-glazed double-d’s. “Eat your fuckin cum you slut!”

She pulled back and started fucking me harder than she had all night. “You slut, I’m gonna cum in your asshole! Take my girl-jizz you fuckin bitch!” I felt not just squirts, but rope after rope of cum shoot deep into my ass. She must have cum for a full minute, because when she finally pulled out, a giant pool of cum started to form around my ass.

“Fuck I haven’t ever cum that hard. Your ass was so tight.”

She started to get dressed and walk to the door, when she opened it she turned and said, “I’ll be back tomorrow night. I have a few girlfriends you might like and I know that ass of yours is gonna be ready for them.” And she left me there, handcuffed to the bed, naked.

The End.

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