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The next morning when I awoke, all I saw was beautiful, naked bodies strewn around in all manners of collapse. I walked outside and Mike was sitting at the picnic table sipping a coffee.

“Coffee’s on,” Mike said, “Lets go get you one.”

“Even though they are all unconscious, they all looked totally delicious, don’t they?” I commented.

“Have you noticed how satisfied the guys cocks look? Passed out and laying there naked, their cocks look so wonderful. I swear they are smiling,” Mike smirked.

I looked at him and asked, “Do you enjoy cock too Mike?” He looked at me, grinned broadly and nodded affirmatively.

“Damn, I am glad to hear that. My mouth has been watering trying to figure out how I could get my lips around your hot cock myself,” I exclaimed.

He told me he figured I did too because no couple could be as hot as we were without me having had a cock or two in my mouth.

I laughed. “Does Tracy know?”

“She loves watching me with a nice one in my mouth, and elsewhere.”

I told him Connie simply loves watching me too. She gets so hot, she can cum just watching.

“I wish these guys were, can you imagine the fun we’d have. The girls are all bi and now we’ve got them turned on to anal and double penetration. Do you think it would freak them out?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” Mike stated. “Well, we’ve got some of the guys awake, better go and see who needs coffee.”

“No matter what Mike, before you leave, I want some of that cock…okay?”

“I can’t wait…and I want yours too.”

We opened the door of his coach and yelled to the guys, “Who wants coffee?”

They staggered over and climbed inside. “How is everyone this morning?

They grinned and said last night was the greatest night of their life. I laughed and said “Oh hell, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

“How long have you guys known each other,” I asked.

They replied that they have known each other for many, many years.

“I wondered because you didn’t seem to be uncomfortable with each others nakedness. When we first met you on the road, you had no qualms getting naked in front of each other.”

They told me that they had seen each other naked many times, in gym class and elsewhere. I asked them where elsewhere was.

Bob explained that one of their fathers had a stash of x-rated DVD’s and they had been jerking off to them for a few years. They said they were really hot and they loved to get together and jack off together to them.

I asked them, “Have you ever touched each others cocks.”

There was a stunned silence and the young guys all turned red. Finally, Phil admitted,”We have jerked each other off.”

“Did you enjoy having another guys hand on your cocks?” They all nodded that it was so very hot.

By now, Mike and I noticed that all four had raging hardons.

“Have you taken it any further guys? I mean have any of you tasted each others cum? What about sucking each others cocks?”

They stammered no when Mike inquired why they all had hardons right now? They just looked at us but it seemed they were afraid to say anything.

“Gary, they all have gorgeous, hot hardons right now. I bet they all have wanted to get their cocks sucked by their friends. What do you think?”

“I agree, from the looks of their boxers, I know it.”

“Well guys…are we right?”

They look sheepishly at one another but they all nod in agreement.

Get your shorts off guys….Mike and I want to show you something.

They stood and their boxers fall to the floor. Four magnificent rigid cocks sprang out, standing proud and hard. Mike and I got naked and our cocks join in. I look at Mike and he is licking his lips as am I.

I take my hand and grabbed Mike’s cock and point at the delicious mound of precum that was leaking from his terrific cock. “Do you see this…it is called precum. Have any of you ever tasted this? It is delicious. Well…have you?”

They all nodded that they have but said they had never tasted anyone elses.

I asked, “Would you like to taste it now?” They said they did.

I told them we’d would show them and sank to my knees. The tip of my tongue swirled over the tip of Mikes fine cock.

The sight of this made their cocks harder than ever before.

They were all leaking huge amounts of precum. Eyes were wide open in amazement as my tongue and lips covered the tip of Mikes hard, hot cock. My hands caressed his swollen ball sac as I gently licked and sucked the sweet precum from his fine cock.

I looked at the guys and they were all stroking their hot cocks. “Fuck, that is so hot!” they exclaimed.

“Try it guys. Lean over and lick the tip of each others cock. Taste their sweet precum, I know you are going to love it.”

They look at each other, first Jim then Randy leaned over and Mike and I told them exactly what to do.

Jim leaned into Phil and Randy bent over to Bob. The sounds of soft moans wafted into the air as they each took turns extracting the sweet clear liquid from the tip of each others cock.

When the precum was gone, they sat up. They each had a smile on their faces and told us that they each had secretly wanted to try that for a long time.

We told them that was just the beginning. I took Mikes cock again and ran my hands all over it. They watched as my hands caressed his cock. I took his cock and with my index finger, I placed it just under the head and held his cock tight to his stomach, fully exposing the soft, sensitive underside of his hard cock.

I got back down on my knees and licked Mikes balls. My tongue lavished pleasure to him as I lifted his balls and swirled my tongue around and over his tight sack. As I moved up and his rigid shaft met my mouth and tongue, they watched as my tongue flattened and I began long strokes up the underside of his cock bringing him as much pleasure as possible. The guys watched in amazement as Mike’s cock responded to my tongue. I took my finger away from the tip and his engorged dick sprang into my waiting face.

The look on the guys faces told me they knew what was coming as I opened my mouth and took Mikes delicious cock into my mouth. Mike began to slowly fuck my hot mouth as my tongue swirled along the sensitive underside. The guys sat there in amazement, stroking each other as they watched me suck Mike deeper and deeper into my mouth.

“This is so fucking amazing!” Jim gasped.

“Watch this,” Mike stated as he felt himself hit the back of my throat. The guys saw that about three inches of his cock was still not in my mouth. “My cock is at the back of Gary’s mouth. It can’t go in any farther, can it?”

I grabbed his ass and relaxed and opened my throat. Mikes cock began to sink fully into my throat.

“Holy Fuck!”, they exclaim as my lips are tight into Mikes pubes. “That is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“If you think it is hot, you have no idea until it is you doing it to your buddies!”, Mike exclaimed. “Cocksucking, like fucking and eating pussy properly, is an art form and I can tell you this, Gary is an artist.”

Mikes cock is still in my mouth as he continues telling the guys how good it is and that if they are going to be really please their women, they need to know how to do this properly because many women really get turned on by it.

I pull Mikes cock from my throat and look at the guys. “Well, what do you think?”

The guys agreed that it was smokin hot.

I ask them if they want to try it. They are already stroking each other and they laugh, “Hell yes”.

“If you do exactly what I did to Mike, to your buddies and they do it to you that way, you will all thoroughly learn to love the taste and texture of any hot cock.” I told them. “Now, just like you did with the precum, give it a try.”

Phil and Randy slid off the sofa and onto their knees. Mike and I gave them pointers as they experienced their first male to male blowjob. Bob and Jim were the first to receive the oral ministrations and they closed their eyes and lay back and enjoyed. Phil and Randy were good students and it seemed to be totally turning them on from the way their cocks were swelling up.

There was some gagging but they learned how to avoid that pretty rapidly. We watched as they licked and sucked the cocks before them. We told them to touch their balls gently while you suck them.

“Do to them exactly what you enjoy yourself. Make them feel good just like you want to feel. It is your first time so don’t worry if you make a mistake. That happens at first but it’s okay.” Mike told them.

“Don’t make them cum yet.” I said. “You’ll have plenty of time later today to taste lots of sweet cream. Now switch places.”

The guys changed places and we gave the other guys the same pointers as they eagerly sucked their friends. They were good students and the new ones were just as eager as the first two. Their enthusiastic mouths were working nicely on their friends tall firm cocks. There were lots of moans and groans as it was obvious that they were all enjoying each other tremendously.

I looked across to my coach and saw Connie and the girls coming towards us. As she approached, she saw me and I put two fingers to my lips to tell her to be quiet but to come in. Connie stopped and told the girls to be very quiet and Tracy quietly opened the coach door and they silently walked in and saw what was going on.

Connie and Tracy smiled broadly and the girls stood there, first in shock and disbelief, then amazement and finally, grinning broadly.

Maria was the first to speak and what she said was memorable. “Without a doubt, this is simply the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t stop guys, suck those cocks. My pussy is gushing. Oh yes, swallow those beautiful cocks. Fuck, look at my nipples they are hard as a rock. I am fucking love this!”

The guys stopped what they were doing, embarrassed, as hell, but at her words and the enthusiastic response from the others, the guys heads went back to the cocks before them.

I looked at the girls and explained that it was only fair as the girls could do all of us but the guys were limited to just the girls.

They all nodded in agreement, never a one taking their eyes off the hot cocks sliding in and out of the boys eager lips. In a heartbeat, all bathing suits were gone and the girls were face first into sweet pussy and ass.

The boys continued changing places, sucking, licking and tasting sweet cock while the girls licked each others twats with a renewed gusto.

Connie came over to me and Tracy to Mike. They were grinning like Cheshire cats. “I can’t believe this but holy fuck, I’m so fucking horny now baby. Thank you!”, she gushed as she planted a wet one on my lips. What else have you taught them?”

“This is it…so far.” I whispered. “The day is young yet and they are eager so I’m sure they will learn more before this day is out.”

“So how did this start?” Tracy asked.

“Gary started asking them some questions and based on their answers he showed them some things on me. They got so turned on that they wanted to try it themselves.” Mike replied. “Oh God, he is a fantastic cocksucker Tracy…Oh Fuck, he is good, I can’t wait to really get it on with him.”

Tracy smiled warmly, leaned over to me, pressed her body tightly against mine and sank her tongue deep into my throat. This gorgeous creature was all over me as she looked up and into my eyes. “I didn’t think it could happen but today promises to be better than before.”

“Fellas, I want to show you something.” I said as I grabbed two of the women and took them over to the guys on the sofa. The two with cocks in their mouths stood up and left two very, very hard men sitting there.

I grabbed Maria and Paula and took them to Jim and Phil who were seated and spun them around facing backwards towards the guys. “Sit on their cocks girls.” They sank their tight twats onto the rigid men and slid down. I told the Bob and Jim to get down and lick the cocks and clits as the men fuck the girls. The guys, now eager for cock, dove in and gently started licking the hot, protruding clits and hard cocks as they sank deep inside the girls.

The women had never experienced a cock inside them and lips on their clits simultaneously. They screamed in ecstacy. The guys dove in enthusiastically. Tammy and Jill began to frantically suck Bob and Jim and everyone was in heaven.

I looked over and Mike’s fingers were in Connie’s dripping pussy as were mine in Tracy. We watched silently as they explored, tasted and moved on to new heights. They changed places repeatedly until everyone had experienced each amazing position. As instructed, the boys had not cum yet. A good thing because this was going to be a long day.

When everyone had tried every position, Connie announced that she needed breakfast. She opened the door and walked bare assed over to our coach with Tracy in tow. The girls looked shocked until Mike said, “It is a Monday morning, the park is empty and if anyone sees us…fuck em. Literally and figuratively.”

I laughed and headed out the door, my hardon taking the lead.

The girls laughed and headed over to help make breakfast.

Mike and I made fresh coffee and headed out to the picnic table with the guys. The cool morning air felt good on our naked bodies. “Well guys, how do you feel?”, I asked.

They each said they felt strange and different but they really liked the feeling but that they were not as good at it as I was. I told them that would come. They asked how I took all of Mike that deep into my throat.

“When his cock hit the back of my mouth, I took a breath, totally relaxed and opened my throat so he could sink his cock down my throat. When you try it, you will gag but if you really relax and keep trying, you get the hang of it. Practice and you will get good. Think of it this way, you are just turning your throat into a vagina.

“When you are home, you will have all the time in the world to practice on each other but, in the meantime, just enjoy each other.”

Mike and I explained that we had more yet to teach the guys.

“The girls sure enjoyed what you were doing”, Mike exclaimed.

They nodded in agreement.

Inside my coach, the conversation was so hot. The girls were oozing as they talked about how hot it was just watching the boys suck cock. Maria said she damned near came right on the spot. Tracy said she always loved watching Mike with a cock in his mouth or up his ass.

“Up his ass…Oh wow, that is so hot. Does Gary like being fucked too?”, Maria asked.

Connie explained that I love men and women equally. “He adores a hot cock in his ass and his mouth and when he gets started, he can’t stop.

“When it happens, I can’t stop cumming. The sight of a man impaled on a cock on either or preferably both ends drives me simply wild.”

Tracy agreed and said Mike is the same way.

“How do we get these guys to enjoy it in the ass, Maria asked?

Tracy smiled and said, “When you are sucking them, lube up your fingers and start finger fucking their ass. Get them used to one finger and then two and then three and they will beg for more.”

Connie laughed and stated that she is betting that Mike and Gary are telling the boys about that right now. She laughed loudly and Tracy took that bet.

Outside, Mike was telling them that there is no feeling in the world like having a cock in your throat and one in your ass. The guys eyes widened and said they had only seen that kind of thing at the porno theater.

“Does it hurt in your ass?” Phil asked.

“Initially yes but if the girls know what to do, they will loosen up your ass for you. To be honest, when a cock hits your sphincter the first few times, it is going to hurt like hell no matter what. The pain will be extreme the first time but it only lasts a few minutes however, if you want to try it, here is a little secret for you. When you feel a cock hit your sphincter, bear down on it like you are going to the bathroom. It will open your ass and the cock will slide in. Once it is in, you stop fucking and let it rest and get accustomed to having a cock in there. After about a minute, your body will relax and you will be able to slowly start fucking it.”

I told them, “If you are the one doing the fucking, it will be the tightest and hottest fuck you ever had. If you are the one being fucked it will give you a totally different type of orgasm. It will be an entire body orgasm and it will blow your mind.”

“After you are finished fucking a guys ass, make sure that you suck their cock and let them powerfully cum in your mouth, unless they have already cum from someone else sucking them while they are being fucked,” Mike explained. “After I am fucked, I cum like a freaking racehorse.”

“Plus, if you want to try it, I have something to really make it special. Ahhh breakfast is served”.

The air is warm, the bounty of nakedness and the underlying lust is inspiring. We laughed and commented on what happened earlier. The girls reiterated that they were so turned on and the guys said that their lust level had notched up so far it wasn’t funny. They agreed and each expressed their feelings and the consensus was that they all thought that stuff like this only happened in movie theaters and that they would never experience it themselves.

“I feel so free now.” Paula exclaimed. “I have always been proud of my body and now, I am not ashamed of my feelings. From the time I discovered boys, I have had fantasies but I never acted on them. As I got older, the girls and I experimented and we loved it but even though I have always craved this, I never had the guts to act on it until now. For years, my pussy ached for the thrill of what I’ve experienced here with you guys. You have no idea how much I love you.”

Maria and the rest agreed.

“Mike and Gary have taught us some new things and from what I now know, there are a few things yet to learn,” Phil giggled. “And I for one, am anxious to learn.

The other guys nodded in agreement and Connie looked at me questioningly.

I unobtrusively held up one, then two and then three fingers. She smiled and so did the other girls. They had seen what I had done. I didn’t know what the girls had talked about inside or if they would even have a clue.

Leave it to our sweet Maria to burst out and say, “Oh WOW, you’re going to try anal too. You’ll love it, I adore it. Don’t worry guys, we’ll help you. We know what to do to make you feel so good.”

The guys froze dead in their tracks. Their eyes wide. “It wouldn’t bother you if we did it?” Bob inquired.

“Bob, when we walked in on you guys earlier, seeing you sucking a gorgeous beautiful cock got me so wet I came right there and then. The very thought of me being able to lower my steaming hot pussy onto your wonderful mouth, lean over and suck your hot cock while watching another cock drive deep inside you had me cccummiing again!” Tammy stuttered as she had a climax right then and there.

“Personally, if what I think is going to happen, happens, I want all of you to be familiar with anything and everything erotic. Look, speaking only for myself but women can search ten lifetimes and never find such wonderful guys like you. I’m not about to let any of you go!”, Jill gushed breathlessly.

There was a chorus of agreement amongst the women and the guys just smiled happily.

After coffee and fresh rolls, we headed to the pool for a refreshing dip. Of course, we all wore our suits on the way to the pool. As we got there, the park manager rolled up on his golf cart and motioned Mike and I over to him at the gate. We greeted him warmly and he returned the greeting.

“I noticed you having breakfast in the nude this morning and that you don’t have any worries as the park is indeed empty. If anyone does come in, we’ll put them on the exact other side of the park. I couldn’t help but notice that the women were, indeed, some of the sexiest I have ever seen. We envy you.”

“We?, Mike asked.

“My wife and I,” he explained.

We invited them to join us if they wanted.

“I doubt that you would enjoy what my wife and I enjoy and besides, they are in our late 50′s and You are so much younger.”

Mike and I laughed and asked him if he meant we wouldn’t like an older bi couple and he just stared at us.

He kinda gulped and said, “Yes.”

We assured him that we were all bi and not to worry.

“Besides I noticed your blonde, statuesque wife when we checked in and she was definitely smoking hot. You look in shape and have a great personality too. We’d love to have you join us.”

He said he’d ask his wife and let us know in a few minutes.

We went back to the pool and called a quick meeting. We explained the situation and they all agreed that that would be wonderful.

Mark, the park manager came back in a few minutes and told us his wife was completely into it. Apparently she had seen us as well.

It seems the guy who is on the desk is someone they play with and they told him to keep our part of the park completely private.

A few minutes later, this tall, gorgeous Scandinavian blonde pulled up on her golf cart and introduced herself and Inga. She headed to the pool where we introduced her to Connie and Tracy who were already licking their lips at the sight of this woman.

Mark grabbed my arm and asked, “How did I know he was bi?”

“You couldn’t keep your eyes of Mike’s or my packages.” I laughed. He grinned broadly, licking his lips.

I looked and Inga stood there, naked, statuesque and pierced on both nipples and her delicious labia. I slipped out of my suit and my cock sprang to attention. As Mark undressed, Connie and Tracy stared in amazement at his truly enormous cock. It had to be about 10 inches and thick as a baseball bat. Mike and I saw that and smiled and knew our asses were gonna get a workout.

Inga walked over to me, threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply. My hands held her magnificent breasts while my fingers began playing and teasing her nipple piercings. She inhaled sharply and stuck her tongue deeper into my mouth.

I felt her hand drop and fall to my very stiff cock and my fingers began to pull on the clit ring so prominently displayed. She was already wet and she sunk to her knees and looked deep into my eyes. “Darling, let me officially welcome you to our park”, she cooed as her lips opened and she began to lick my cock expertly.

I leaned back and allowed this goddess to have her way with me. I glanced around and Connie and Tracy were working on Marks enormous pile driver. Everyone was naked and everyone was fucking, sucking and having fun.

Inga played with my ass, sticking her fingers deep into my aching asshole. Her hot mouth wildly sucked and toyed with my cock.

Mark came up behind her and reached in and caressed her wonderful tits. He sank to his knees and began to play with her hot pussy. His fingers slipped inside her and his hand was filled with her sweet wetness. He pulled her up and sank his gorgeous cock deep inside her.

With each thrust, her mouth drove deeper onto my inflamed cock. Her mouth was a miracle. Her tongue fabulously playing and teasing my hot cock.

Mike pulled out and sank lower and began tonguing her sweet hot asshole. She moaned and pushed her fabulous ass hard against his tongue.

When she was totally wet, he sank his fingers into her flowing pussy and then into her inflamed ass. She moaned around my cock and wiggled her ass deep onto Mikes fingers. Mike took his engorged cock and slid it into her Inga’s tight ass. She let out a sigh and he felt his cock head move into her willing ass.

He looked at me and said that he was in. I pulled them both towards me and slid my cock deep into her insatiable pussy. Her vagina clamped down on my cock as Mike began a rhythmic stroking.

I felt his cock on top of mine through the thin membrane of her vagina and ass as we doubled this goddess. My hand tugged on the clit ring as she shoved her tongue deeper into me. Mikes rhythm built up steam and our collective breathing began to increase and the friction between our cocks made them swell enormously.

We drove our cocks as deep as possible, as fast as possible and Inga let out a shriek that could wakened the dead. Her hips started bucking and thrashing about on our poles as wave after wave of pure bliss washed over her.

Mike and I kept pumping. I felt him swell further against my own engorged cock and I knew we were about to blow magnificent loads deep inside her hot, demanding body.

His thrusts increased rapidly and I felt his cum travel along his long cock and spewed into her savory asshole. The erotic bliss of his cock unloading inside her made my cock explode in a fountain of sweet, salty cum as I creamed her succulent pussy.

“Fuck my ass!” she screamed. “Fuck my hot ass and fill my pussy you bastards! Don’t stop reaming me and filling me. I want your cocks, oh yes, more cocks, fill my greedy twat with your hot cum!” she demanded.

I bit her nipple and she erupted and her body flew in every direction as she rode out this spectacular orgasm.

She kissed me deeply as Mike pulled out of her ass and she got up from me, wrapped her arms around Mike and kissed him passionately. She sank to her knees and took his hard cock deep into her mouth and licked him clean. She turned and did the same to me.

Inga walked over to the others at the side of the pool and began touching and kissing and fondling all of them.

They all returned the favor and soon her body was a sea of hands, lips and tongues. She was on her back, licking pussies, sucking cocks and asses. This hungry bitch was devouring everything in sight. The boys took their turns fucking her hot cunt while the girls ate her pussy after each guy went after her. Her lips, her tongue, her nipples and her clit were lavished in so much pleasure. The boys did her ass repeatedly and they doubled her repeatedly. Inga was truly a bitch in heat.

Tracy looked at Marks huge cock and said to Connie, “I don’t think I can take him in the ass.”

Connie grinned, ” I sure can baby. Let him fuck your cunt and I’ll let him have my ass.”

Mark took Tracy and slid his cock into her tight, hot twat and grinned as she began to ride his hard hot, massive cock. She was stretched so wide and her clit rode deliciously along the entire length of his hot, hard shaft. She absolutely loved his cock and she rode him relentlessly.

Connie was right beside them, touching them, teasing them and pleasing them as their bodies melded into one another. Connie straddled Marks face and brought her wetness to his eager lips. His strong tongue dove into her repeatedly as she began to ride his face. Connie leaned over and kissed Tracy as Marks cock pounded her twat and his tongue drove Connie wild.

“Oh Connie, his cock is so enormous!”

“Can’t wait to get it into my ass baby.”

“You are not going to get this inside your ass!”

“You just watch me baby. Ride him, ride him hard and deep.”

“If he gets any deeper, you’ll be sucking his cock!”, Tracy laughed. With that, she went back to seriorly riding him hard and fast. She felt her own orgasm building and when she went off, it was like a Roman Candle. She rocked and rode him hard as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her breathing became ragged as this massive orgasm overtook her. His cock picked up the pace and he thrust in and out of her aching cunt while she rode him mercilessly. He squirmed and his hips bucked as he shot his enormous load deep inside Tracy’s aching body. She felt every spurt, every ounce of his hot cum as it flowed down his shaft and into her velvety tunnel.

Connie got off Mark’s face and steadied Tracy as she recovered.

Mark collapsed as Connie’s lips descended upon his sweet cock. She licked him clean and turned her attention to Tracy, whose pussy, by now, was overflowing with his sweet sperm. She began to lick and noticed that everyone was watching. She motioned them over and they all came near. “Jim darling, lick Tracy’s pussy to begin with, let all the guys lick Marks sweet cream out of her. I have a cock to suck and my ass needs his cock.”

Jim eagerly dove into Tracy’s twat, his tongue getting his first taste of spunk and he loved it. He licked and sucked until Phil pulled him off. While the guys were greedily cleaning Tracy, Connie began to harden Marks cock.

“Please fuck my ass Mark darling,” Connie murmured as she took his hardening cock deep in her mouth. He moaned pleasantly as her mouth opened and his enormous cock entered her mouth. Everyone’s eyes widened as his cock slid effortlessly inside her hungry mouth. He was big and she loved it. As his cock slid into her throat, her face fell fully to his belly. Her tongue and throat worked to fully harden his cock.

When he was steel hard, she pulled him from her throat and held his cock against her tight ass. She sank down on it. Inch by inch she fell. Her ass stretching and accommodating his massive missile. She looked at me and I smiled as that lewd look crossed her face. Deeper and deeper she sank on him. There were gasps from the others as finally, she was impaled fully on his hot cock.

Mark was in for the ride of his life as I walked to him and offered him my cock. His mouth opened and he swallowed my cock. What a great cocksucker. Mike fucked his face next as did all the guys.

Tracy, composed now and completely clean stood and stared in amazement as she saw his mighty cock completely inside Connie. Connie began to ride that mighty pole with total lust. She rode it up and slammed it back in repeatedly. She began to shiver and shake but that only increased her momentum. Her ass was a blur as Marks cock drilled her fully and completely.

Her complexion changed color, turning pink then red as she approached a mighty orgasm. Marks own was completely in sync as he grabbed her hips, arched his back and exploded deep inside her. She ground her ass hard on his cock as she screamed, “Harder, oh deeper, fuck my ass Mark, faster. Don’t stop, my ass is on fire. Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fill me, oh fuck yessssss!”

Connie spasmed and convulsed on Mark as his balls exploded and he drove a torrent of hot cum deep inside of her. She collapsed on him and kissed him deeply as his cock softened inside her. She tasted the me on his hungry lips and she reveled in the wonderful mixtures to taste. Her body, bright red, was so satisfied.

As his cock slid from her ass, we helped them up and took them to the deck chairs. They were both wobbly but smiling. Mark steadied himself and walked to the pool where he jumped in and cleaned his cock. He came back, pulled out a cigarette and inhaled deeply. Maria and the other girls sat around him, stroking his legs and softly touching his cock.

Inga began another round of hot blowjobs as the girls began to sweetly suck Mark as far as they could. It was a lot more like a lot of licking and sucking of his balls but he loved it as he played with their tits and pussies. He licked each pussy and brought each girl into a gushing climax which he gladly swallowed deeply.

When he was ready to cum, he had the girls kneel before him and he shot his load onto their waiting tongues. They rolled his sperm around in their mouths and swallowed deeply. They moaned and cheered as his enormous cock exploded. They truly enjoyed it.

Mark and Inga thanked us and headed back to work. We thanked them again and again and told them we were so happy to have met them.

Suddenly everyone was starved for food so we headed back and miraculously several pitchers of margarita’s appeared as the girls made sandwiches and salads.

“Inga’s body is amazing” Tammy said as she sipped her drink. “On the other hand, that cock of Marks is awesome.”

Tracy looked at Connie, “Speaking of that, how did you take all of that cock in your ass? He would have torn me apart.”

I burst out laughing and told everyone that although he was really big that Connie had taken two much larger than Mark.

Connie blushed, “We were in NYC many years ago and we met this really nice man in a bar in the Village, He was tall, lean and highly educated. He was news director for a major news service. He commented on how sexy my outfit was and as we got to know him, he told us his lady would love to fuck both of us. Since we were in the city to fuck our brains out, we agreed to meet her and he took us back to his apartment. She was hot and Gary enjoyed her but when Michael dropped his pants, I freaked.

“I had never had a cock like it in my life. I could not swallow it at all. His girlfriend taught me what to do. She taught me how to deepthroat. It hurt at first and then it became easier. To tell the truth, I got so turned on by his cock and the power it gave me, to know I had done it. When he fucked me, it was amazing. So full and so hot. He wanted my ass and I was not sure I wanted that but we were incredibly buzzed so I tried. I did it and it hurt like hell going in but once it was in, the feeling was awesome. So much cock, so long, so hard and so good. He was gentle at first and then he became powerful. I came so hard.”

“But he was small compared to the biggest one, right hon.” I giggled.

Connie blushed, “We belonged to a wonderful nudist club and they had a great indoor pool with a bar and tables and chairs all around the pool. Gary was sitting with his back to the bar. I was facing the bar and I saw this guy standing there. I told Gary I wanted a drink.”

He got up and went to the bar, got us a couple of rum and papaya’s and came back to the table. He sat down and said he felt sorry for people with deformities.

I laughed, “If he can use it as good as it looks, every woman in this place is in serious trouble.”

Over time we got to know him. Everyone called him Hydro Bob because his cock was like an electric pole.

“Anyway, it is a really good story from both Gary’s and my perspectives but suffice it to say, I did take all thirteen inches of the most massive hot cock I have ever had. It was twice as thick as Marks.”

“I had to go to Walgreen’s and buy her an inflatable do-nut for her to sit on. She could barely walk for a week and it took a month for the smile to get off her face. Yes, the Party at Hydro Bob’s was memorable for sure.” I told everyone.

“You lucky bitch,” Tracy said as she leaned over and kissed Connie deeply.

I took a long sip of my drink, noticed a sea of very hard cocks and anxious ladies. I got up and went into the coach and came out with a canvas bag.

“Gonna get good guys…that’s Gary’s toy bag. Whoopee” Connie grinned.

I rummaged around and came out with tubes of Astroglide and four new medium sized dildos. I went back in and brought out a gray cardboard box. Mike walked over, picked up the box. I snatched it from him, He grabbed it back. He opened it looked inside and grinned. “It’s gonna be a fanfuckingtastic day.” Tracy and Connie grinned as they recognized it but the others had no idea.

“Ladies, it is time to play 1-2-3″, Tracy exclaimed. The girls yelled and whooped it up and the guys all grinned and said they definitely were into it.

Each gal grabbed their guys and began so suck them and get them hard. Connie and Tracy brought them the lube. With their fingers slippery, they each shoved a finger home and began to slowly fuck their man. The guys seemed to enjoy the feeling one finger brought and the girls slid a second one in. Soft moans were heard as they felt the second finger inside them. The ladies kept sucking and finger fucking their guys. The guys seemed to be enjoying this as each one was grinding their ass gently on their ladies fingers. When their third finger entered, the moaning became louder and deeper.

“Don’t make them cum girls, just fuck them nice and slow.” Connie instructed. “Move your fingers in nice and slow and stretch their virgin asses a bit. Now, touch their cocks but don’t suck them. Work your fingers in and out and spread your fingers. Get them ready for more.”

The girls worked on the guys for a few more minutes and then they took a break. The guys said that they enjoyed the feeling. Mike told them that if they enjoyed the feeling now, they were going to love the feeling in a few minutes.

While they were relaxing and the girls were explaining what was coming, Mike and I unsealed 12 fresh bottles of Rush. When we were finished, we asked if any of them knew what poppers were. No one did. We explained and handed them each a bottle.

Connie and Tracy damned near broke our arms grabbing theirs from us. We told them not to open the bottle yet and also not to leave them uncapped. Tracy showed them how to use them and then Connie arranged all the girls on top of the picnic table. Then the guys were told to pick a girl, any girl and to sit and get ready to eat some fine, hot pussy.

Mike and I got into this with them while our ladies joined the other girls. The guys were first instructed not to use their bottles but the girls were told to take a big hit, hold it in and let the feeling wash over them. They did and as the incredible feeling began to take them away, the guys began and as soon as tongues met pussies, the air was filled with screams of pure bliss. The women squirmed and writhed and pushed their hot twats into our faces. They flushed and screamed and moaned and yelled and begged for more.

The guys met their demands but had no idea why the girls were so responsive.

“Okay guys, same positions but now, you all take a good hit. Hold it in and then enjoy,” I said.

The guys took their first hit while the girls did the same. It was a good thing the park was empty because the shrieks of wanton lust were deafening. The guys licked and sucked with such a gusto. Labia’s were opened, licked, tugged and pulled. Clits were explored, teased and loved. Asses were licked and prodded and heads were held tight as wave after wave of pure orgasmic bliss caused the table to walk away of its own accord.

As the effect wore down, they all changed position and the guys got on top of the table. More hits all around and the guys felt their first popper blowjobs. Their faces told the story. Never in their lives had they ever experienced such a wonderful feeling. The women went into total sexual frenzy. They gobbled their cocks deep, lavishing the most wanton greed as they swallowed our fine cocks.

Connie and Tracy were going wild as was everyone else. Little Maria was impaled on Mikes hot cock and he was getting his ass greased royally.

I reached down and grabbed Jills tits and crushed them in my hand. She moaned wildly and sucked harder. She was such a great looking lady with lips of pure honey. She sank her fingers into my ass as her throat massaged my hard cock. She felt my pending explosion and looked deeply into my eyes. My hips slammed into her chin, my balls banging her neck franticily. I took another hit and felt my stomach tighten, my balls lift and I shot a glorious load into Jills hungry mouth. She never took her eyes from mine, she opened her throat and drained every single drop of cum from my swollen cock.

One by one, each man creamed the ladies and they gobbled up every last bit of the hot, sweet spunk. Heavy breathing ensued as everyone tried to catch their breath. The park was now full of wide eyes people with the biggest shit eating grins on their faces.

Drinks were poured, smokes consumed and eventually blood pressures returned to normal.

Little Maria began teasing me, dancing around me, touching me and playing with her tits. She squeezed them together and the pointed nibs looked so inviting. I cleared off the table and lay her lengthwise, pulling her to the edge. I opened her legs and sank my face into her inflamed cunt. Her clit was the size of a small cock and my tongue swirled around it.

I can say this true story started harmlessly enough. I was a young up and coming 18-year-old swimmer and between training and school, didn’t have much time for anything else. I enjoyed girls, and they enjoyed me but the training and school took its toll on my social life.

At the time, one of my coaches, Mike, lived in this great condo complex near the pool. He was about 20 years older but still in quite good shape. Strong arms. Big chest. Although he was now a little heavy, he was very powerful looking.

Mike sort of took me under his wing and knowing I was having some troubles at home always let me crash on his couch or have a meal or two there. He always offered to give me “massages” but I never took him up on it. Being young and naive, I never suspected anything.

One after a really rough day of training, I went home and got into a huge fight with my folks and ended up running out of the house pissed off and angry. After a couple hours wandering around in the cold, I ended up ringing Mike’s doorbell to see if I could crash there. When he opened the door he was wearing a towel holding a beer.

I told him my story and he let me in. I walked into his condo and on the TV was porn with 3 guys standing around this really young guy on his knees. They were taking turns making him suck their cocks. I was kind of shocked as I had never seen anything like it before, but I didn’t look away.

Mike noticed and asked if I liked it, to which I replied that I didn’t know. Was standing there, freezing cold watching the hottest thing I had ever seen. I turned away, but he left it playing. He asked if I wanted him to turn it off, but I told him that he was the boss so it was up to him. I remember I saw a little grin on his face. I saw that the young guy on his knees was taking a big inhale from something in a little bottle and I asked Mike what it was.

“Poppers.” he said, and left it at that.

Mike took my coat off and made me a really strong rum and tea to warm me up. It was more rum than tea, but it worked. Seeing I was still cold, he suggested we go have a steam. It was late but it was always on.

As we sat in the steam, I had my towel wrapped around me, sitting on the lower tier. Mike was seated on the upper one. Between the drink and the steam I was really relaxing. Mike moved over and sat behind me. He started massaging my shoulders. His huge strong hands covering me. By now I was totally covered and dripping with sweat. Feeling no resistance, he continued. He massaged my shoulders, along my arms, down my back. It felt so good I melted.

He then started massaging down my chest, gently pinching my nipples as he did. I felt my cock suddenly jump. He grabbed my neck with one hand, pulling my head back and massaging the front of my neck. I could feel his hard cock touching the back of my head. I pretended not to notice. His other hand continued to massage my chest, and continued down my flat stomach.

I could feel that my cock was now fully erect lifting the towel off my lap, but was embarrassed. He was my coach after all. He slid his hand up again and pinched my nipples harder. I let out a little gasp and I thought I heard him chuckle.

He looked down at me and said “Does Boy like that? Your cock looks rock hard. Boy must like it.”

I didn’t say a word. He suddenly grabbed my cock and my hair looking into my eye “I asked If BOY liked it?” I stuttered out “Y-Yes sir.”

He pulled off my towel and started to stroke my cock, the sweat making everything so slippery. I pushed his hand way and he grabbed my hair, pulling my head back.

“I guess Boy wants to please Sir first,” he growled into my ear.

With his strong hand in my hair, he made me turn around so that I was now on my knees facing him seated on the upper tier. His huge, thick cock inches from my face.

“Stroke it, BOY,” he ordered.

I took his cock in my hand, stroking it slowly, the sweat making it slick.

“Did BOY like the show in TV? Did BOY like watching that boy forced to suck cock?”

“Yes sir” I said without thinking.

“BOY asked me what the slut was sniffing. Do you want to know?”

“Yes sir.”

From beside him he produced a small brown bottle. He opened it as I continued to stroke his hard cock, loving the feel of it in my hand.

He opened it and placed it under my nostril, squeezing the other one closed.

“Inhale, Slut. Deeply.”

I did as ordered, taking it deeply. Then suddenly the poppers hit me. My entire body became limp. I opened my mouth to take a breath.

Suddenly he said “Suck it Slut.”

Without warning me pushed my mouth down onto his huge cock.

I took it in as far as I could and started to gag, but he didn’t seem to care. He fucked my mouth, and the rougher he was, the more excited I got. I sucked and licked his cock as ordered. The drool dripping off my face. He fucked my mouth, using me for his pleasure. It seemed to last forever.

He reached down and pinched my nipples…hard. And I loved it.

As I moaned, I felt his cock start to swell even more in my mouth. He opened the poppers and made me take another huge inhale. As I started to sway, he told me to kneel on the floor and stroke my cock.

I fell to the floor, cock in hand and I looked up to see him standing in front of me, stroking his cock.

“I’m going to cum, SLUT” and he stroked his cock harder and exploded on me, his cum hitting my face and chest, dripping off my chin.

I was so excited as I stroked my cock I begged “Please may I cum Sir?”

He looked down at me, watched me stroke for a moment and told me to lie on my back, which I did without hesitation. He told me to lift my ass up and cum.

When I exploded, my cum also landed on my face and chest. He reached down and rubbed it all together over my body.

He lifted me up and walked me to the shower. He cleaned my body from head to toe before taking me back to the apartment, where the story continued…….

I was exhausted. Spent. Confused.

I had never experienced anything so overtly sexual in my life. I had never been used as nothing more than to satisfy another person, let alone another man.

Mark and I walked into his condo and he directed me to the shower without saying a word. He turned on the hot water and directed me in.

“I want you clean,” he said. “Completely.” Slapping my ass as he walked out of the room. I felt my body shudder as I was unsure exactly what he meant, but through the alcohol-clouded thought process, I guessed at what he was thinking.

I started to wash myself from head to toe, taking extra time washing my cock and ass. As I did so, Mark walked into the room and placed another drink, this time cold, at the door of the shower and then walked back out.

As I opened the door to pick up the glass, I thought I could hear him talking to someone, but no one replied. I assumed he was talking on the phone but I could not completely understand the conversation. I took a big gulp of the cool drink, only to have my throat burn from the stiffness of the liquor in it. I returned to the shower and continued to clean myself more than I ever had before.

Eventually I exited the shower and wrapped a towel around my thin waist and walked into the living room. I was surprised to see another man in the room seated on the couch talking to Mark.

“Kevin,” Mark said, “This is David. He is a friend of mine and therefore a friend of yours. Do you understand?”

“Um, yes sir,” I replied, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

David was about the same height as Mark, but not as solid. His build appeared to be more that of a runner, with short graying hair and blue eyes that seemed to be looking me over from head to toe, then back again. He was wearing a tank top and shorts and I could see that he was fit like an Olympic runner.

I walked over and shook David’s hand. He held it tight for a moment and looking me over again said to Mark, “Yes, he will do nicely, I think.” With that he let go of my hand. “Say thank you, Boy, ” Mark, said, and I nodded to David. “T-thank you, Sir,” although, I was unsure as to what I was thanking him for.

I noticed that there was what appeared to be a massage table in the middle of the room. Before I could ask Mark ordered “On the table. Face down.”

I do so without question. Face in the padded donut for the head staring at the floor. Someone pulled off my towel and I heard the stranger, David, growl “Oh yes. Very nice.” Mark told me to lift my head and when I did he wrapped a blindfold around my eyes. I felt a hand slap my ass hard.

I then felt something warm being poured onto my back, ass and legs, followed by what seemed to be a dozen strong hands all over my body. I was in ecstasy as my body was worked and kneaded by these strong hands. I felt someone’s hands rubbing my ass, sliding between my cheeks. As good as if felt I was suddenly afraid of what was about to happen and I clenched my cheeks tight.

I felt the hands move away and down my legs.

“Does it feel good, Boy?” I heard Mark ask.

“Yes, Sir. Very much, thank you.” I moaned.

Mark came to the head of the table and removed the donut that held my head. I let my head hang from the end of the table when he placed the little bottle under my nose again.

“Inhale deeply, Boy,” Mark said, and I followed his direction. I breathed in as deeply as I could, and was rewarded by an amazing euphoria throughout my whole body. I took another inhale and held it in.

Mark then lifted my head slightly and I saw his cock directly in front of my face. I felt him grab my hair as he pushed his huge cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked as best I could, the poppers overwhelming me, his cock pushing against my throat. Gagging me. Raping my mouth.

I was suddenly aware of my ass being spread apart and I felt the tongue of David licking my hole. Sliding into it. Instead of pulling away, I spread my legs apart, allowing all the access he wanted.

As I relaxed further I felt something sliding into my ass. Slowly. Stretching. Filling me. I expected it to hurt, but was amazed at how turned on I was getting. Mark fucked my mouth as David stretched my ass. It hurt a little, but it felt so good. More poppers again took hold of my body, my resistance wilting away.

I expected David to fuck my ass with what I now realized was some kind of toy. I thought it would pull it out but I realized that David was no longer at my ass but standing next to Mark, the dildo held deep in me by my tightness. His hard cock not quite as long but just as thick as Marks. I felt Mark tighten his grip of my hair as he pulled my mouth off his cock, and pushed my mouth suddenly down on the cock of David. I loved being used by them. I gagged as they took turns fucking my mouth. Making me take their cocks deeper and deeper into my throat. They slapped me in across the face with their cocks. Calling me their “little slut” and “pussy boy.” I loved it.

Marks ordered me to get up onto my knees and I did as told. The blindfold was pulled off my face.

“Don’t let that fall out of your ass, Boy,” Mark ordered.

Squeezing my ass so as not to lose the toy filing me, I kneeled on the table. My head hanging off the end the end of the table while my ass was high in the air.

“Mmmmmmmm. that’s a pretty picture,” I heard David say. And with that I saw the flash.

“We will enjoy these later, Slut,” Mark growled at me.

I felt David take my left hand and tie it to the leg of the table. He then did the same with the right. He then placed a metal bar between my knees and used leather straps to secure it to them.

Now I was completely unable to move. The ties on my wrists held my upper body down, while the bar held my knees spread.

Mark again moved in front of me and roughly fucked my mouth and I was able to see out of the corner of my eye David filming the whole thing.

I wanted to protest, but my body gave me away. I was sucking Marks cock as well as I could. My cock was rock hard and my ass was squeezing the plug that was still filling it.

I again smelled the familiar aroma of the poppers as the bottle was pushed under my nose. I took a long deep pull on it and held it. As I took the second inhale, I felt the plug slowly pulled from my ass. Once it was out I felt empty. I wanted to beg for it to be put back, but Mark was still fucking my mouth. I was euphoric.

One more hit of poppers and I heard David say, “I think he is ready.”

“Ready for what?” I thought.

At that moment I felt David on the table behind me, his knees between mine. Mark told me to take one more hit of poppers and as I did I felt something pushing against my ass. For a moment I tried to resist but I heard David say, “Take it, Slut. You know you want my cock.”

With that he slid his lubed cock into my ass. Stretching my ass. I moaned. Begged. I wanted to please my masters. He started slow.

“Holy fuck,” David said. “What a perfect ass.” He reached down and stroked my cock. I almost came right then.

Mark pulled his cock out of my mouth. The strings of drool dripping from my mouth as he did.

“Boy like being used?” he said.

“Yes, yes sir. Please don’t stop,” I begged.

David pushed in deeper, filling my virgin hole. Holding it deep then pulling out again. I was not getting fucked from both ends. Wanting. Begging. Craving. Willing to do anything to please my Masters.

Mark roughly pulled his cock from my mouth and was immediately gone from my view. I felt David pull out from my ass and heard Mark say “I have wanted this for a long time, Boy.”

With that I felt his huge cock push against my hole. He was so much thicker than David. His huge cock stretched my ass more that I could have imagined. As He slowly pushed into me, I felt a hot mouth around my cock. David was deep throating me as I was being fucked.

I was in heaven.

This went on forever, but not nearly long enough. I heard Mark say “I’m gonna shoot soon. Where shall we cum, Dave?”

“On his face. I want to see how much of a whore he is.”

My restraints were loosened as were the ones holding my knees to the bar.

“On the floor, Slut,” I was ordered.

I immediately kneeled on the floor in front of my Masters.

“You may stroke your cock, Boy,” Mark said as they moved in front of me.

I was in heaven as I watched Mark and David stroking their huge cocks inches from my face.

“Make sure you put on a good show for the camera, Slut, David said, motioning to the camera on the stand taking it all in.

They stroked their cocks as they stared down at me. My own hard cock in my fist as I prepared for what was coming.

David was first. His cum sprayed across my face and hair. Dripping from my chin. I came as he finished, splashing on my stomach.

Mark suddenly grabbed my hair hard and pulled my head back.

“Open you mouth, Slut,” which I did so without thinking.

As I did Mark grunted loudly and as he stroked with his right hand, shot a huge wad of cum into my mouth and he then suddenly stuffed his huge cock into my mouth.

Unable to fight back, I swallowed all of his cum as he roughly fucked my mouth, grunting with each wad.

Once he was done, I almost collapsed in exhaustion.

Mark slapped his softening cock across my face saying “Good boy,” as he did.

I was dripping with cum. My face, chest and stomach were coated with both David and my own.

“To the shower, Boy,” Mark ordered me. “You don’t want to miss watching your first video.”

I lifted myself off the floor. I was achy, sore, used, and happier than I had ever been.

I was already dreaming of my next lesson.

There was a chill in the early morning air, as I left Room 117. I didn’t drive straight home. I had experienced sex with another man for the first time in my eighteen, almost nineteen, years. Even though I had taken Mark up on the offer of a shower, where he joined me and I felt his mouth on my cock a second time, I still tasted and felt him on me.

I was conflicted. Part of it was guilt, I know. However, there was another part of me that knew Mark’s cock would not be the last I would experience. I did not walk out of that small motel room turned “queer”, whatever that is; yet, I was forever changed.

In the weeks that followed, I still chased girls. I was still fascinated and enthralled by them. To me, there is nothing sexier than the small of a woman’s back. That particular place, just the roundness of her ass, that dips just so. There are so many other places that I find attractive on a woman, but that spot does it for me. My lips long for that spot, even today.

I felt that way about nothing on a man. There was no spot on a man that I thought of as “sexy” or to which I was drawn. Still, I knew that I would soon ache for the touch of another man—to see that hunger, which I had seen in Mark’s eyes, once more. And yes, I also longed to touch another man—to feel him throbbing, as my tongue slowly slid along the underside of his cock.


I had just returned to school from the winter break. It had recently snowed, but the rise in temperatures had melted all the snow and ice, except in the shadows of buildings. Like a lot of freshmen at the school, I lived on campus. My roommate had dropped out, and to my surprise, he had not yet been replaced.

I had not known my first college roommate all that well. I knew only that his name was Travis and that he partied non-stop. I had tried to keep up with him, but I was not even close to his league. He was a pro, where I was only an amateur.

It was Saturday, and classes would not start until Monday. I had a little over $300 of Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, and I found myself at a skanky topless bar at the edge of town. They didn’t ask for an ID, which was a plus. I sat in a darkened corner in the back of the place and watched the shows the girls put on.

Even at eighteen, I knew places like that were basically scams. I looked about the place, as my eyes adjusted, and saw that most of the girls were girlfriends of bikers who lined the bar. I had a few beers and was out of there, before I found trouble or trouble found me.

I wasn’t drunk when I left, but I was seriously buzzed. I stayed to the side roads, as I headed back to the dorms. The last thing I wanted was to get pulled over. Even though I thought I was likely not DWI, I was underage. I knew any cop would be able to tell that I had been drinking. I reached an intersection at an old highway that had once been the main thoroughfare before the interstate had been built. As I started to cross, a bright red and white sign caught my eye. It read, “XXX Movies.”

I had never been in an adult bookstore or movie theatre. I pointed my car in that direction. I decided that it was a very convenient discovery, as I was horny and would love something to masturbate to when I got back to the dorm.


A little bell at the door tinkled, as I entered. It immediately reminded me of the thoughts which had swirled in my head, as I stood before the door to Room 117. It seemed a lifetime had passed since that night. Still, as I thought of it, my cock stirred in my jeans.

The large lobby was well lit. There was a counter on one end of the lobby with books on the shelves to the right and videos on the shelves to the left. Each side was broken down by genres—gay, lesbian, straight, fetish, etc. There was a pregnant blonde working at the counter. She was sitting on a stool reading a magazine; she looked up at me and said, in a voice that betrayed her boredom, “I need to see some ID.”

At first, I thought I would be leaving very soon, but then I spied a sign behind her that said, “18 or over, Picture ID required”. With a shy, relieved smile, I produced my ID that proved I was approaching nineteen years of age.

She looked at my license, then to me. Comfortable that I was indeed old enough to peruse the fuckbooks and videos of the establishment, she handed it back, saying in a monotone that comes from repetition, “The books and magazines are for sale, this ain’t a library. Peeps are over through that door.” She pointed over my left shoulder to a curtained doorway. “The theatre,” she added with a nod to the right, “cost five dollars to enter. If you leave the theatre for any reason, you have to pay again.”

I nodded my understanding. She returned to her magazine and the fact that life had not quite likely turned out the way she had planned. As I turned back to the magazine racks, I could hear the sounds of muffled feminine moans coming from the theatre.

I wondered about the place looking at the covers of the books and magazines. Even if I had been thinking of this seedy place as a “library”, the magazines were all sealed in clear wrapping. The prices were fairly outrageous for thin little fuck rags, so I decided to see what the peeps had to offer.

As I started to head through the curtained doorway, the girl at the counter called, “Tokens only for the peeps. You can buy tokens here.”

“How much for the tokens,” I inquired. I had guessed, correctly, that they were 25 cents each, but the girl offered that I could buy 30 for five bucks. I slipped her five dollars and headed to the peep booths. As I entered, I saw a couple of men standing along the wall beside a no loitering sign. One was a short, fat guy. The other was tall and looked like he was approaching sixty. I felt the eyes of both on me, as I made my way past to a booth at the far end of the dimly lit hall. Closing the door behind me, I saw the slot for the tokens and slipped one in. A little counter showed that I had one credit. I pumped four more tokens in and sat on a little acrylic bench to watch the movie.

There were eight different movies showing and by pressing a button, I was able to change them. The movie, which had come on at first, showed two men using a third man anally and orally. I started to change the channel, but continued watching. Soon, my hand was rubbing the crotch of my jeans. My cock was throbbing, as I imagined being the third man. I imagined cocks sawing out of my mouth and ass. I imagined hands gripping my head and hips, just like those men were holding him—using him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sizable hole on the wall beside me. I had heard of glory holes in the past, but this one was the first I had seen. I saw an eye looking through the hole at me. The thought of being watched made my cock jump in my pants. Acting as if I didn’t notice, I undid my jeans and slid them down to my knees. My cock was throbbing in my hand, as I sat there and watched the video. As I slowly stroked my meat, I glanced over to the hole. I could hear the voice of a man moaning in approval, as he watched me through the glory hole.

The tokens ran out and the booth darkened. I quickly slipped the rest of my tokens back in the slot. As I sat back on the bench, I heard the man in the next booth whisper, “Can I join you?”

Nervously, I told him to come over to my booth. I reached up and unlatched the door. I saw that it was the older man in the hall, I had seen earlier. He smiled down at me, as he entered and latched the door behind him.

“You have a nice cock. Want it sucked?” he asked, seemingly unable to take his eyes from it. He produced a little bottle from a pocket, unscrewed the cap and held it to his nose, sniffing in the fumes. “Popper. Want some?”

I nodded, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. He held it to my nose, and I did as I saw him do. Immediately, I felt warmth envelop me. The feeling was fleeting but extraordinary.

I stood, my mind a little foggy, and let the older man sit on the bench. I fed him my cock, as I looked down at him. I rubbed the head over his lips, as his hands gripped my ass. I could feel his fingertips at the crack of my ass. His lips immediately glistened with my precum. He handed me the little bottle, and pulled my hips so that my cock pushed hard into his mouth.

I inhaled more from the little bottle, as I gripped his shoulder with my free hand. God, the old guy could suck. His mouth greedily pumped back and forth at my cock. It was not so much my cock fucking his mouth, as his mouth fucking my cock. I felt a fingertip at my ass. It pushed in, as his mouth took my cock. The loud sucking noises had to be filtering beyond the walls of the little booth. I am sure my pleasure-filled moans were.

I replaced the cap on the bottle after another long huff. I reach down with both hands to the older man’s shoulders, and started fucking his mouth in earnest. This drew heavy moans around my cock, and I felt his finger inch deeper into my ass. It hurt a little, but I found the pain aroused me even more.

“Fuck yes, deeper, man. Oh fuck yes.” My balls were slapping his chin, as I begged him to spear me deeper with his probing finger. I felt his drool streaming over my ball sac, as I fucked his experienced mouth. He responded by pushing his finger as far as he could.

I cried out loudly, as I exploded in his mouth. His finger had found just the right spot to send me immediately over the edge. I held his head to me, as I pumped load after load into his hot, needy mouth. He groaned with pleasure, as he milked every drop from my pulsing meat.

Finally, he let my cock slip from his lips. He grasped it and kissed the underside with a delighted smile, as he whispered, “You have a lovely cock.” After a pause, he added, shaking his head, “And, you sure do like to fuck, don’t you?”

I laughed self-consciously and nodded saying, “Yeah, fuck. I guess I do, huh?” I groaned a little, as he removed his finger. I handed him back the little bottle, but he shook his head and handed it back to me.

“Keep it,” he said with a smile and departed.

I sat there on the bench, my jeans still at my knees for a few moments. I had to catch my breath. Again, I felt a little guilt, but also satisfaction. I had cum as hard, if not harder, than I ever had with a girl. Looking back, I guess part of it was the taboo nature of the act I had just committed; however, I knew deep down that it was because for that older guy, my cum had been the whole reason for his being there. Up to that point, girls had only let me fuck them, because they wanted other things. With men, I was merely a sexual thing. With the girls I had been with to that point at least, sex was just a means to an end.

I returned to my dorm that night knowing I was bisexual. There was no way to get around it. While I much preferred the look and feel of women, I knew that I would always need that feeling that I felt only with another man. I knew that my first foray into that seedy little place would not be my last.

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