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Just two things-1: Yes, this story is kind of long but very sexual. 2: A HUGE thank you to my boyfriend! He edited, gave me ideas, and answered questions. Unfortunately he doesn’t have an account but he deserves credit. Other than that, thanks for reading!


Andi Jefferson grinned as she looked out into the crowd. She was currently on the stage of her sold out concert entertaining thousands of screaming fans. Andi had been singing since she was three but the last few years have been her call to fame. She started out touring with big pop stars to get her name out there but this year she wasn’t the rookie. This was the first tour of her career where she was the headlining act-and she couldn’t be happier. She was also having a lot of fun hanging out with her opening act, Stella Lopez. She was just starting out but had true potential. As the last song of the evening ended, Andi refocused her attention to the audience. She smiled wide and yelled “goodnight Los Angeles! Thank you all for coming!” Then after a minute or two of bowing and waving, she went backstage to meet up with Stella while the band took care of the stage. Normally she liked to help but lately she had been eager to see Stella. Andi tried telling herself it was because they were becoming fast friends but somewhere in her heart she knew it was because of hidden romantic feelings. When she caught sight of the Latin beauty, she swallowed the lump in her throat. “Hey Stella, great job tonight!”

“Hey thanks-you too! I can’t wait to someday be where you are.”

Andi laughed. “Don’t worry, your time will come. But for right now let’s head back to the dressing room-my throat is dying of thirst.”

With that the girls headed back to their joint dressing room for some much needed relaxation. The arena’s manager tried fighting for them to have separate rooms but Andi didn’t really care. She wasn’t the diva that most pop stars were. Once in the room, Andi grabbed a water bottle, kicked her heels off, and plopped onto the couch. Stella did the same, dramatically sighing as she laid her head on Andi’s shoulder.

“Is that really necessary?”

“I’m Latin-we wear our hearts on our sleeves.”

The girls laughed but Andi couldn’t stop the butterflies from swarming her stomach. For most of her life, she had suspected she was a lesbian. No guys ever caught her eye and now these thoughts about Stella were only strengthening those suspicions. Andi had even thought about telling her about these feelings but didn’t want to risk making things awkward this early in the tour. However, her internal monologue was cut short by Stella poking her in the stomach. Andi flinched causing her to almost spill her water. “Why the poking?”

“Wanted your attention. I’ve always wondered…is Andi your real name? I mean I love it but most moms don’t come up with that.”

Andi laughed at the question. She had been asked this multiple times growing up so it was nothing new. “It’s actually short for Cassandra. When my mom found out she was having a girl, she picked out, in her opinion, the prettiest girl name she could find. And don’t get me wrong it suits some people but I never felt like it was right for me. Plus Cassandra is too long for a record deal.”

Stella laughed at the crack at the music industry. They were always wanting to change something about the artist-even if it was the name. “Oh ok…I guess that makes sense…Andi does suit you but I can see why your mom picked Cassandra. The name is almost as beautiful as you.”

Andi’s heart lurched at that last comment. Sure, it wasn’t uncommon for girls to give each other compliments but the sultry seduction of Stella’s voice had Andi’s palms sweating and a strange tingling to course over her body. But before she could process all this new information, a knock came to the door. To flustered to speak, she let Stella answer. Behind the door was Jack, their agent. “Sorry to bother you ladies but we have some gifts out here from the fans. Would you like to open them? They’ve been inspected for safety.”

Stella’s face lit up like a child’s face in a candy store. “Oh I love presents! Bring them in!”

Andi laughed until she saw how many were wheeled in. There had to be at least ten gifts there. Once Jack got them all laid out, she bid the girls goodnight and left the room. Andi spoke first. “Wow…I wasn’t expecting so many…”

“Well what do you expect? You’re popular.”

“Hey some of those could be for you.”

“Eh whatever-let’s just open them!”

They both started grabbing packages and ripping them open like it was Christmas morning. After a few minutes, they had burned through all of them. In Stella’s collection she had perfume, candles, jewelry, and a scarf someone had handmade. Over on Andi’s side, she had jewelry, clothes, cards, CD’s of people wanting to be discovered, and a hand made scarf similar to Stella’s. After looking, she sat back against the couch and looked over at Stella. “Looks like we did pretty well tonight.”

“Yeah…I think I chose the right profession.”

“I think so too-what’s that?”

Looking over at the gift table, Andi noticed they had missed a gift. It wasn’t wrapped fancy or overly big but it somehow had peaked her interest. Grabbing it, she showed it to Stella who instructed Andi to open it. “Got your name on it.”

With bubbling excitement, Andi peeled away the tape, opened the box, jumped in shock at the object. It was pink, thick, semi long, smooth and curved at the end. As soon as Stella saw it, she started bursting out laughing. “Oh my gosh-I can’t believe someone sent you a vibrator!”

“They sent me a what!?…why on Earth would they send me that?”

Stella, still laughing, picked it up to get a better look. “Probably some teenage fantasy…but whoever got this went all out. I’ve seen these online and they’re not cheap.”

Andi was still trying to process the gesture. She’d gotten some interesting gifts over her lifetime but never anything sexual. She wasn’t by any means a nun but she also wasn’t open like Stella was. Which is probably this next question made her face turn into a tomato.

“So are you going to use it?”

“U-use it? B-but I-I don’t even know if it’s safe…o-or who sent it…”

“Andi, relax. It’s a vibrator, not a bomb. Second, most of these gifts are anonymous…but if it makes you feel better I’ll read the note they left…’Dear Andi, I’ve been a huge fan since you started. Always listening to you whenever I got the chance and cheering when you hit it big. So it was no surprise that when I saw this I thought of you. I’ve noticed that in the last few shows you’ve done, your microphone has been pink. Hence, the pink color of this toy. I found it at a local Adult store and decided on a whim to send it to you-batteries included. Love, your number one fan-Jake.’”

Andi sat there speechless while Stella spoke again. “Alright, so that’s a little bit creepy but he had good intentions…what I’d recommend is forget how you got it and just enjoy it. Waste not want not.”

Andi hated that Cheshire cat grin Stella was sporting but the thought of using it did get the blood flowing. Truth be told, Andi has never really masturbated. She’s tried a few times using erotic stories but nothing ever seemed to turn her on and she refused to watch porn. She mostly used it as a relaxation tool before a really important meeting instead of just mindless pleasure. But something was holding her back from telling Stella all this. She had a feeling it would embarrass her more than she already was. Stella then piped up. “You alright there? You look kind of pale.”

“Y-yeah I’m fine. Just a little shocked I guess…”

“You look more confused…you have used a vibrator before, right?”

One of the downfalls of Andi’s personality-she couldn’t lie. But that didn’t stop her from trying. With a shaky voice, she replied “O-of c-course I’ve used o-one…”

Stella smirked. “I call bullshit. I can tell when you’re lying Andi…why didn’t you say something?”

“Because…because I didn’t want you to think I was some naïve prude or something…”

Stella laughed and put her arm around the frightened pop star. “I may tease you from time to time but I never insult you. Everyone’s different so who am I to judge if you’ve never had one…but it does seem like a shame to let this beautiful toy go to waste…”

“Y-you don’t want it?”

“No I’m good…I have a couple with me that keep me satisfied. Besides, this guy clearly picked it out with you in mind. Who knows, maybe you’ll love it…vibrators really aren’t bad once you get the hang of them.”

It was ‘getting the hang of them’ that scared Andi. She has never had sex before so the thought of putting something that big inside sounded painful. Plus, she wouldn’t really know what to do. Needing to know, she asked “H-how long do you think this is?”

“Probably about six inches-oh no honey you’re a virgin aren’t you?”

At this point Andi’s face was so read she thought it would explode at any minute. All she wanted to do was bolt under a rock and hide from this situation but there was no getting away at this point. “H-h-how d-did you c-come up with t-that?”

“Just by watching you. First your reaction when you first saw it, then listening to your questions…I kind of understand your fear now-want to have your cherry popped by a guy?”

It would be so easy to just say yes. To say yes to that question then head to bed. But, something deep inside her felt like it was trying to claw it’s way out…if she was truly a lesbian, then a man would never deflower her. She also knew that she should tell Stella this. It would be someone to talk to. “A-actually, I don’t think a guy will ever take my virginity…I-I think I’m gay…”

For the first time that night Stella’s eyes turned into dinner plates. “Gay? Wow…I honestly had no idea…”

Andi nodded. “Neither did I really until recently…all my thoughts just started making sense when I admitted it to myself…oh God! That is probably way too much information! I’m sorry…I understand if you are bothered by it…”

Stella’s shocked expression melted into a smile as she chuckled. “Bothered? Hell no! Shocked yes but I could care less if you’re lesbian…actually, I am too.”

“What? You are? Wow…what are the odds…”

“I know right! Which makes this considerably less awkward to say now…I could give you some tips on how to use it if you want…The first time I popped my cherry it hurt like a bitch but the vibration really helped a lot.”

Andi tried to control herself but the thought of Stella bringing herself to orgasm was very quickly turning her on. “Wait, you’d be teaching me how to use it?

“If you want…to be completely honest I find you extremely attractive and I kind of have a crush on you…”

It was if Stella was reading Andi’s mind. Trying not to get too carried away, she replied “really? You like me? I can’t believe it…I feel the same way towards you…”

Stella’s eyes grew dark at this comment and before Andi could react, Stella had her arms around her neck and they were locked in a passionate kiss. At first, Andi didn’t know what to do but she eventually let herself give into the sensations. Her eyes drifted shut and she kissed back just as hard. Stella seemed to come alive once Andi responded because her hands were everywhere. One was running through Andi’s long brown hair and the other was lightly stroking her chest. It was Andi’s moan that caused Stella to move away. Panting for air, she grinned. “You kiss like a natural-I didn’t want to let go…and anymore of it and I won’t be able to stop…”

Andi was nervous but desire was slowly taking over that fear. “That was incredible…and I may not know much about this kind of stuff but I do know I don’t want this to end. Would you be my first and show me how to use this pink toy?”

Stella’s body began trembling with anticipation. “Are you sure?”


Stella grinned wider than she had all night and began planting kisses all over Andi’s face and neck. Andi was becoming more aroused by the minute and moaning as Stella’s lips found sensitive spots. But after only a minute of this, Stella grew naughty and started stripping off her new partner’s dress. The dress was gone in a matter of seconds leaving the pop star in a red bra and matching panties. She was shy at first having Stella see her this exposed but the Latin seductress was whimpering at the sight. “Oh Andi you are so beautiful…you’re making me so hot for you but I’ll take it slow.”

Remembering that this was Andi’s first time, Stella went back to her lips, giving her a kiss. This time she held Andi close, the two women sighing from the feeling of their bodies mashed together. When Stella slipped her tongue into the kiss, it was instinct for Andi to melt into the kiss and fight for dominance. But just as she was winning, Stella moved away from the kiss and began slowly trailing her tongue down Andi’s neck, teasing her by sucking on spots that were making the woman squirm with desire. When she finally reached her bra, she quickly took it off and threw it across the room before poking her tongue out and flicking a nipple. A shot of pleasure coursed through Andi’s body and landed in her pussy making her even wetter. “Oh Stella…don’t stop…”

Stella chuckled and began sucking on the nipples, making them tight. Andi grabbed Stella’s head to hold her in place while she moaned even louder. It felt so good she never wanted it to end but the longer it went on the hornier she became. After a few minutes she was sure she was going to burst. “Please, can we try the vibrator now?”

Stella moved her lips away from the swollen breast and chuckled. Leaning up, she whispered in Andi’s ear with a husky voice “oh not yet…I’m nowhere near done with you yet…”

Andi shuddered from the voice then flinched at what happened next. Stella had peeled Andi’s panties off and began slowly rubbing her outer pussy lips. “Wow…you’re so wet…you must really want it.”

Not trusting her voice to speak, the woman just nodded and leaned back giving her partner full access. For the next couple minutes, Stella just stroked Andi’s dripping pussy lips, constantly teasing the virgin. Every time she stuck part of a finger inside the tortured cunt, Andi would try to fuck it and it would be removed. At this point, the rubbing was driving her insane. Andi was shaking, moaning, and whimpering but no matter how much she begged, Stella just used her sexy voice to say it wasn’t time yet. To make matters worse, she had her other hand pinching Andi’s tight nipples making her head swim with desire. Finally, Andi couldn’t take anymore. “Stella please! Do something…”

Not stopping her motions, the vixen replied “What do you want me to do?”

“You know what…”

“Say it.”

“I can’t…”

Without any warning, a finger was shoved into Andi’s pussy causing the girl to scream and throw her head back. It was complete torture to feel it rub up against the walls of her cunt that so desperately needed to cum. Stella gazed into Andi’s and her voice was low. “Say it or I’ll keep teasing you all night…and I know how badly you need to cum…”

That little phrase caused something to snap within Andi. Losing herself to the desire, she yelled “Please just fuck me! Stella I need it…please, fuck me…”

Stella grinned, removed her hand, and grabbed the vibrator. “That’s all I needed to know…now just a heads up-this is probably going to hurt at first but the pain will subside after a few minutes. I’ll be as gentle as possible but once the cherry pops it’ll be a pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced…are you ready?”

Realizing it was now or never, Andi nodded and spread her legs apart. Stella then took the vibrator and carefully inched it into Andi’s pussy. After part of it was in, it met some resistance and Andi winced. The more that entered, the more the pressure increased until she wasn’t sure if it would go in. The pain was beginning to become not worth it when she felt something, for lack of a better word, pop. A rush of fluid gathered around the toy and the pressure evaporated. The pain was still slightly there but a lot less. “Did it happen?”

Stella was smiling and looked proud. “Yes, it happened. Congrats Andi! You’re no longer a virgin.”

Andi grinned and let herself relish in the feeling of something so deep inside her. This was it, something she had fantasized about for a while now. For a minute Stella was still letting the pain pass but now it was gone. “Hey Stella, you can move it now…”

The woman nodded and began slowly pulling it out and pumping it back in. Ever time it came back, it hit all the right spots and Andi began groaning and grinding her hips with the pace. “Yes…oh God yes!”

Taking that reaction as a good sign, Stella picked up the speed and added a low vibration. As it came back this time, the vibration rubbed against her clit. Andi screamed and began bucking her hips even more. “Harder! Faster! Oooooh yes please don’t stop!”

Stella was having a hard time controlling herself. Andi’s head was thrown back, hair splayed against the couch, c cup breasts rising and falling with each quick breath, and her hips pumping against the vibrator which was, at this point, slamming against her g-spot. Just from this sight alone Stella’s pussy was demanding attention but there was no way she could leave Andi like this. Who from the looks of things, was getting close.

“Stella…Oh God I’m close…ah!”

Stella didn’t say anything but turned up the vibration and picked up the pace with the fucking. That did the trick and with one more loud scream, Andi tensed up then melted as she came, her juices covering Stella’s hand. Andi took a couple minutes to gain her breath back but when it did she spoke up. “That’s what a true orgasm feels like?”

“Yeah…that is being fucked.”

“I loved it! Oh my gosh Stella I don’t know what to say…at first I was really shy but I think you woke up my inner nympho…thank you-it was incredible.”

“It was my pleasure…you looked really sexy thrashing around like that…”

This made Andi sit up and when she did, she caught the look on Stella’s face. Pure desperation. Then she looked down and noticed a good sized wet spot on the front of her jeans. “Looks like someone needs their turn.”

“You have no idea how horny I am right now…you wouldn’t mind…?”

Andi laughed, grabbed the vibrator, cleaned it off with a towel nearby, then turned to Stella. “I don’t mind at all. I mean it’s the least I can do…but we’re going to have to get rid of those clothes.”

Andi made quick work of Stella’s shirt and pants leaving her in a sheer black bra and a black thong. It took Andi’s breath away. “Wow…you’re gorgeous!”

“Thank you Andi…now are you going to undress me with your eyes or actually undress me? Fucking you made me kind of desperate…”

Andi chuckled and stripped off the bra, making sure to rub the already tight nipples in the process. It felt heavenly to be actually touching her. “Why should I rush…you seemed pretty content on teasing me…”

Stella gasped as Andi twisted her nipple again. “Please Andi, don’t make me wait…I teased you to make sure you would be ready but I’ve been horny all day…”

“All day?”

“I don’t like to masturbate before shows because the extra sex drive helps my performance…”

“Oh ok…so I suppose I should be nice and let you come…”

While Andi said that, she slipped off Stella’s panties giving her access to the very, very wet pussy. Stella was begging at this point. “Please I beg of you…fuck me!”

“Well alright. Since you asked so nicely.”

With that Andi picked up the vibrator, chose the medium setting, and shoved it into Stella’s cunt. Stella screamed when it rammed against her g-spot and writhed against the couch. “Yes! Oh yes right there! Oooooh!”

Proud that she figured it out, Andi kept up the pace, fucking Stella and being sure the vibration hit her clit. Stella was groaning and screaming, wanting it as fast as Andi could go. Andi slowed down for just a minute to make the impending orgasm even stronger before picking up the pace. This made Stella scream and buck widely against the toy. “Yeeeeesssss! Ah don’t stop!”

Andi smiled up at the vision before her. It was beautiful to know that she was the cause of such a powerful reaction. Just to try one more thing, she turned up the vibration setting to high and gained a scream that is lucky that it didn’t break glass. Stella’s body stopped moving and she gripped the couch as tight as she could. “Andi, oh Andi I’m so close!”

Andi reached up and licked one her nipples and with one push of the toy, Stella came and came hard. A rush of fluid covered Andi’s hand and the couch. As Stella rode the wave, her body shook from aftershocks until it finally quit. She laid back on the couch gulping for air and grinning from ear to ear. While she recovered, Andi cleaned the toy and put it back in the box it came in. When she turned back, Stella said “How did you learn that?”

“I don’t know…I guess I just followed your reactions…”

“Well you do a damn good job at reading me because that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had-hands down!…Oh Andi…this was an incredible night.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it so much…and yes, it was…but I hope things don’t become awkward for the rest of the tour…”

“Why would things become awkward?…I don’t see this as a one night stand-I really like you Andi.”

Andi smiled so hard she thought her cheeks were sore. “Oh that makes me so happy! I really like you too.”

It was Stella’s turn to smile. “Well then it’s settled…who knew a little vibrator could bring two pop stars together.”

Andi laughed then looked at the clock which read midnight. “Holy crap! It’s getting late-we should head to the bus…and put some clothes on.”

Stella giggled and reached for her discarded bra. “If we have to…”

After a minute of dressing, and kissing, they grabbed their stuff and got on the bus. It was perfect timing because their driver had just got on two. A man in his fifties that treated the women like granddaughters. “Evening girls. Heard the show went really well.”

Stella smiled and Andi answered “yeah it did Earl. Are you gonna be ok driving this late? We don’t mind leaving in the morning.”

The man shook his head, already getting behind the wheel. “Can’t have you two be late for your next spot. Besides, I’ve spent most of the day sleeping so I should be fine…” Seeing the concern on Andi’s face he added “I’ll pull over if I get sleepy.”

That seemed to sooth their minds so goodnights were exchanged and the girls retired to their bed. They had been sharing a bed before but this was different. Behind the safety of the curtain, the new couple stripped naked and climbed into bed, holding each other and cuddling. This was the start to a beautiful relationship.

The next morning, Andi woke to the bus not moving. Looking over at the clock she saw that it was ten which indicated they were in Cudahy. She tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t so she just laid down relaxing. In the process, she realized that last night’s experiences weren’t a dream. Stella was sleeping on her back, her hair draped over the white pillow, and her supple breasts gently rising and falling with each dream filled breath. ‘She is so beautiful’ thought Andi. Never in her wildest dreams did she think this would happen but she was so grateful it did. She would have been content to watch her sleep all morning but nature called. Being careful, she slipped out of bed and into the tiny bus bathroom. About a minute later she emerged finding Stella propped up on her elbows, her eyes sleepy. Andi smiled at the sight. “Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“You didn’t. I just woke up but got confused when you were gone…”

“Well I’m back. And the bathroom is free.”

Andi laid back down while Stella used the bathroom but when she came back it was hard to focus. Stella’s hair had been disheveled from the night’s sleep and standing up gave Andi a perfect view of her gorgeous body. Stella put a hand on her hip. “What’s up? You’re staring…”

“I can’t help it…you look amazing right now and I can barely contain myself…”

“Well then I better help with that.”

Stella pounced onto the bed, capturing Andi’s lips with a fierce kiss. The woman moaned and kissed back just as hard, running her hands up and down Stella’s back. With a slight shift in position, Stella was laying on top of Andi and their sensitive nipples were rubbing together, as well as their pussies. The two girls groaned at the contact and broke away for air. Stella spoke first. “It’s incredible how quickly you can make me wet. I love the feel of your body…”

“And I love the feel of yours…but there’s something I want to try. Can you shift your body up here?”

Stella was confused at first but eventually caught on. She quickly brought her pussy over to Andi’s face, sitting on her mouth. “Is this ok?”

Andi just nodded before slowly licking up and down. Going agonizingly slow and alternating between licks and gentle bites. Stella moaned and began slightly squirming. “Ugh…you’re really good at that.”

Andi smiled as best she could through the soaked pussy and continued her torment. Being sure she covered every inch of this new territory. Every little sound and ever pulse that Stella made was driving Andi up the wall. One of her biggest fantasies was to bring a woman to orgasm by using her mouth and it was coming true. But evidently not fast enough for Stella. “Please Andi, go faster…you’re killing me here.”

Andi just chuckled and very softly grazed a tooth over Stella’s clit causing the woman to whimper and lean forward. In the midst of shuddering from arousal, Andi took advantage of this new position to lick and suck on a hard nipple. Stella moaned even louder from this, her hips grinding back and forth trying to find relief. Andi wasn’t ready to give in just yet but what surprised her was how horny she was becoming. Her pussy wasn’t being touched but it was screaming for release. She just chalked it up to the act of licking her girlfriend’s pussy. Without any warning, she began licking her pussy as fast as she could. Stella screamed and bucked her hips. “Yes! Oh god yes!”

Andi moaned loudly as well for she could feel an orgasm approaching. The two women were screaming, right on the edge when they heard the door of the bus slam open. Stella cursed and jumped off Andi, throwing on her robe. Andi did the same, trembling from arousal. She was so close and didn’t know how long she could hold out without cumming. Right as soon as the robe was on, Jack came into the room. “Oh thank God you’re up. I’m so sorry girls but a last minute breakfast meeting came up and it’s in twenty minutes. Normally I’d tell them you two were busy but publicity like this could be really good for tonight’s show…can you be ready?”

Stella tried controlling her breathing but her body was twitching. Obviously not being able to speak, Andi piped up with a shaky voice. “Do-do we have to go?”

“I’m afraid so. We’re right in front of the building so get cleaned up and meet me inside…again I’m sorry.”

With that he left the bus leaving the girls in a state of extreme frustration. Stella spoke first, sighing loudly. “I don’t care how late we’ll be! I need to cum!”

“I know…I do too but what’s gonna happen if it gets out that we missed it?…Jack’s right, we can’t have people thinking we’re divas…”

“Fuck you’re right…but how are we gonna get through a breakfast as horny as we are?”

“I guess we’ll have to just deal…fuck this sucks!”

So the couple got dressed, groaning as their tight jeans rubbed tantalizingly against their tortured cunts. Lastly hair and makeup and they were on their way to the meeting, finding even walking a nightmare. Before they walked into the room, Stella stopped Andi. Do you think it’d be ok if I ducked into the bathroom real quick?”

“Ohhh no. If I can’t cum, neither can you…besides, they know we’re here.”

The two women tried to look as confident as they could but inside everything was on fire. Jack smiled and waved them over to the table, seating them next to him. At the meeting it was Danny, the owner of their record deal, and Sam, the owner of the stage where tonight’s concert will be held. They had called the meeting to talk about tonight’s show-there were some technicalities that hadn’t been finalized. As hellos were exchanged, a buffet of food was rolled in. Right now, food was the last thing on Stella and Andi’s minds but they tried to seem interested. Andi’s arousal level hadn’t gone down much but it wasn’t as intense. However Stella’s was still just as strong. She kept squirming in the chair not being able to find a comfortable position. Her clit was puffed up and rubbing against her panties, only making her wetter. Her nipples were rock hard and threatening to poke through even her bra. All of this stimulation and no orgasm was causing her toes to curl in agony. Andi had to jab her side to get her attention. “Stella, they’re asking you a question.”

Stella snapped out of her trance and looked over at the three men. “Sorry, just tired. What were you saying?”

Sam, the stage owner, asked again “How would you feel about adding an extra song to your opening? Last night’s show was a little short and I want to give the audience something to think about when Andi comes on.”

Somehow Stella pulled herself together enough to answer. “That’d be fine. I love performing but how would we make it work? We haven’t rehearsed that yet.”

This time Jack spoke up. “Well you’re in luck. After this meeting we scheduled a last minute rehearsal for you two. One for you Stella, to work in that extra song, and one for you Andi, to polish off your choreography.”

The girls almost whimpered at that statement. Their plan was to get through this meeting as quickly as they could then find somewhere to relieve their aching desires but now even that was being taken away. Trying not to sound pissed, she said “How long is this rehearsal going to be? I like to relax before a show.”

“A few hours or so. Stella’s rehearsal won’t take as long but I don’t know how much the dancers want to go over with you Andi.”

After that, breakfast was over and the meeting was adjourned. The girls then found out the rehearsal was starting in a few minutes so no time for doing anything. Which meant they were on their way to exploding from frustration. While walking to the stage, Andi felt so guilty. If she had just stopped teasing and gone faster Stella could have had a chance of finishing before Jack barged in. But it felt so good Andi didn’t want to rush it. And now they were paying the price. Stella looked over at Andi, her eyes still smoky. “What’s up?”

“I just feel so bad…I should have gotten you off without putting it off…”

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Am I about to explode? Yes but you couldn’t have known Jack was gonna drag us to that meeting…I promise I’m not mad. I just hope to God there’s nothing planned after this rehearsal.”

Andi smiled weakly and squeezed her lover’s hand. “Me too…and thanks.”

Within a few minutes the girls walked into the venue and tried to forget about the morning. Andi took a seat and watched Stella prepare to sing. First up was the song that they were adding. A song by Stella called Come On. Go figure, a sexy song. As the music began, Stella began sensually swaying her hips. No doubt channeling all that frustration. And watching this performance was really getting to Andi. Normally during rehearsals or concerts, she couldn’t really watch Stella because she was doing other things but now she could just take it all in. The song was about a guy teasing a girl about a relationship and the girl not taking it anymore. Begging him to ‘come on’ and finish what he started. Andi couldn’t help but feel like that song was being sung to her and it was having a strong effect on her body. The edge she had snuck away from this morning was back full force. Her cunt was gushing, most likely leaving a wet spot and her clit was yelling like a stubborn little kid. Stella was singing with all her might and rocking her body in all the right ways. But towards the end of the song something strange happened. Her voice slightly fluctuated and her hips twitched. As Andi watched, her mouth dropped open as she realized Stella was having an orgasm on stage. All the pent up stimulation finally broke. But what got Andi really hot and bothered was how Stella handled it. Her voice surprisingly didn’t change but her body came alive. To anyone else it would look like killer dance moves but in reality it was a strong orgasm racking her body. Then just as the song ended, so did the orgasm. Stella panted, her eyes bright and grinning from ear to ear. Taking a cue from the band, she jumped off the stage and ran over to Andi who was trembling once again. Her girlfriend seemed to notice. “I’m guessing from your reaction you noticed that…”

“Oh yeah…I can’t believe you came right on stage but it was so hot!…how do you feel?”

“A lot better…still horny but it’s not as strong…I wish I could help you…”

“Me too-oh they’re calling me…you suck.”

Stella laughed. “Sorry.”

The girls made the switch and Andi hopped on the stage. Luckily there was only one song they had to go over-the song with the most dancing. This song was sexy, strong, and had a lot of choreography. As Andi danced and rocked the song, her body was going crazy. Every move was stimulating and an orgasm was just one little touch away. But as the performance went on, she couldn’t quiet get there. So when it ended, she didn’t care what anyone said. She ran off the stage, grabbed Stella’s hand, and dragged her to the bathroom and into a stall. “You. Me. Sex. Now!”

Stella’s eyes widened and she grinned. “Wow…I’m not used to you taking such charge. But who am I to say no?”

Both girls pulled their shirts and bras up and discarded jeans and panties. Then, as if reading each other’s minds, Andi pushed Stella up against the wall, wrapped her legs around her waist, and began rubbing her pussy against her lover’s cunt. When this contact happened, both girls moaned loudly and went faster. Breast against breast, clit against clit and it was heavenly. In the heat of the moment, Stella bit into Andi’s shoulder causing the woman to cry out in ecstasy. “Oh Stella! Yes!”

As their pussies ground together, sensations swirled around through their body, making them get lost to desire. Andi however was the first to let go. Her long awaited orgasm hit her like a Mac truck and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out. She gripped Stella’s hips as her body tensed, trembling as all the frustration broke free into release. “Stella oooooh!” As Andi’s body rode the aftershocks, Stella came. Shuddering and gasping from the strength of it all. She bucked her hips against Andi’s one last time and slumped against the wall. They gulped for air and tried to get a grip on reality. Once heart rates calmed down, Andi brought Stella back to her feet and grinned. “I feel so much better…and slightly dizzy.”

Stella laughed and brushed hair out of her face. “I feel the same…thank you for that.”

After sharing one last kiss, the girls dressed, cleaned themselves up, then left the bathroom for lunch. Jack saw them and gave them a ‘what the hell’ look. Stella just chuckled and replied “Sorry. There was a long line at the bathroom.”

Jack nodded and walked away causing Andi to fall into a fit of giggles. “Oh if only he knew. Hehehe…”

After lunch the time was three and it was four hours away from the show. This meant the girls were off to Stella’s favorite things about show days-hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Not that Andi didn’t like being pampered but Stella was more into that thing. Once in the studio, Amy, Stella’s artist, greeted her with a warm smile. “Ah just the woman I needed to see. How are we feeling today?”

Stella beamed and plopped herself into a chair. “Great! And excited to see what you do today.”

“Well I got something pretty up my sleeve. It’ll really glitter under the lights.”

While Amy got to work, Andi’s artist walked in whose name was Martha. An hour later the girls were glittery finished with hair and makeup. Stella’s hair was left down but instead of straight like it normally is, it was curled giving it a bounce whenever Stella moved. As for makeup, smoky eyes and red lipstick. Andi had to remind herself that they weren’t alone because her girlfriend looked so sexy. “Wow Stella, you look incredible. I love the curly hair!”

Amy’s face lit up proudly and Stella grinned. “Thank you! I think I’m growing fond of it myself. And you look pretty good yourself.”

For this night, Andi’s hair was in an off the shoulder braid with sparkly hair accessories making her head shine. The makeup was simple but done up enough so the lights didn’t down it out. Next, it was onto wardrobe. Walking into the room with all the outfit choices, it occurred to Andi that she wore a lot of dresses on stage. Wanting to change things up, she requested that different choices be brought in. Stella noticed this. “Not going to show off those amazing legs?”

Andi blushed and hoped it wasn’t noticeable. “I wear dresses too much so I need to shake things up. Don’t worry, I’ve got something hot in mind…what about you? You can never make up your mind when it comes to this.”

“That’s because we have such beautiful clothes! How’s a girl supposed to choose? Plus…I tend to imagine how it’ll feel on stage so it’s mental elimination.”

As Stella searched through the racks, Andi saw her more hardcore clothes arrive. Leather jackets, heels, boots, tight shirts, and jeans. As the clothes came in, she was told to choose two outfits for the evening. The first one came to her eye instantly. A tight, faded white shirt that had been torn slightly causing the a portion of the stomach to exposed. Immediately costume director began apologizing profusely until Andi stopped her. “No it’s ok…actually, I love it! It looks really cool…I think I’ll pair it with my dark blue leather jacket, black skinny jeans, and…boots.”

The second outfit was a red, leather mini skirt, a black tank top, and black heels. Over on Stella’s side of the outfit room, she was only choosing one outfit which ended up being a tight, green dress that ended a little above the knees and boots. By the time they had finished dressing and the designers had finished making alterations, it was five. Leaving the room, Andi gazed at Stella. “You definitely chose the right outfit my dear. You look stunning!”

“Oh Andi thank you! But you’re the hot one here. I mean last week you didn’t even look at that stuff but look at you now…it’s incredible what sex can do to a person.”

Andi blushed for the second time that evening but enjoyed the comment none the less. Next they were off to help the band set up and get a feel for this venue’s stage. It was on the bigger side and the audience would be able to see them from all angles. Stella’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Hey! I wonder if Jake will be here tonight.”


“The guy that sent you our little friend…”

“O-oh him…I forgot about that…well if he is, he’ll get an eyeful of us.”

The rest of the preparation flew by and before Stella knew it, she was on. She has been performing since she was a kid but tonight felt different. Instead of just trying to entertain the audience, she was trying to impress Andi. Even though they were already together, the thought of her backstage drooling over the show made Stella very happy and horny. During one of the songs, she rubbed her hands up and down her body and remembered how it felt to have her lover do that. For a second she lost herself in erotic thoughts but brought herself back. The sexual frustration made her singing more sensual but if she wasn’t careful she’d fall off the stage. By the time the end of her act came, she was wishing Andi didn’t have to go on. This new relationship was making her insatiable. Stella bowed then made her way backstage, seeing Andi prepping herself to go on. Just to be a tease, Stella walked by Andi and smacked her ass. The woman jumped and looked over at Stella who just winked. Grinning, the two women locked eyes before Andi took her place with the band. After a few songs, the concert was going really well. The audience was screaming really loudly and Andi wasn’t missing a beat. The ass spanking did throw her off at first but she knew tonight would be very fun. At the halfway point, she ducked into a hidden closet just off stage and did the magic pop star outfit change. Actually it was several different people taking charge of different pieces of clothing. A minute later, she ran back onstage in the second outfit. Andi had to stifle a laugh when she saw some guys in the front row almost lose their eyes. They probably had a good view up skirt but for some reason, that didn’t bother her. After her experiences with Stella, she was more willing to embrace her inner sexuality. And later tonight she would embrace her. It seemed like Andi was constantly horny but that made things more fun. When the show ended, she controlled herself long enough to bow and wave before running off stage and pulling Stella into a hug. “Oh tonight was amazing!”

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