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The weekend after we helped Jill move, my parents left for a cruise. My parents weren’t rich by any means, but I had received a lot of scholarship money, Brian had his own job now, and Jill… Well Jill made a lot of friends and seemed to be pretty much independent. My parents never mentioned it, and neither did she, but I was pretty sure she was an escort or something. The new boob job combined with the fact that when we moved she had an awful lot of lingerie and slinky dresses. A few weeks ago I would have scorned her and called her a slut behind her back, but now I felt a deep connection with her. I felt like I had a true friend who I could share my life with.

Nick was overjoyed to be without adult supervision for just over a week. My parents left me money for food and fun, but I probably wouldn’t even need it. Nick’s parents were incredibly wealthy and he had credit cards with ungodly limits. We planned to spend most of the time at Nick’s house, which was a lot larger and nicer than mine.

I did have a few things I wanted to accomplish before relaxing though. I hadn’t cleaned out my room in years, and I had promised my mom I would before leaving for college. I enlisted Nick, promising him a fun night. Nick showed up quickly, bringing with him things to spend the night as well as a bag full of alcohol.

We set to work in the basement, going through a closet full of old toys, clothes, and school things. Just after noon we finished all of that up and decided to break for lunch. I found myself drinking some fruity alcoholic beverage out of a can and eating a sandwich.

“So Emmy, how was it seeing your sister again? I know you’ve always been kind of at odds by her, but you seemed in a really good mood after her visit,” Nick asked me in between sips of his beer.

I had been quite thirsty from all the work and finished off one whole drink while we made sandwiches and was deep into my second. I think that is what caused me to say what I said next.

“Oh god Nick. I guess I haven’t told you, but the two days after that party were really intense! I saw her totally naked and she pulled me into the shower and even taught me how to trim and shave my pubes!” I was getting ready to go on but Nick’s shocked look stopped me. He’d seen my pubes over the past week, but he had credited it to looking at girls on the internet.

“You saw her naked…?” Nick asked me, eyes wide and sandwich halfway between his plate and his mouth. I shyly nodded, suddenly horribly embarrassed. That was when I made my second mistake. In order to avoid having to say anything I raised my drink and drank deeply. All I’d had to eat today was one sandwich and I was now two drinks in. The alcohol made me feel a little less humiliated about the whole weekend, so I went to the fridge and got another one as Nick pestered me with questions.

“Well what did she look like? I mean…Like it’s not like I want her or anything. It’s-Guys just have a thing for hot sisters and the two of you are some pair.” I think he could tell he was entering dangerous territory here. I found his unease cute and in my inebriated state decided to tease him a bit.

“Hrm, well. What do you remember about her?” I asked as I took the sandwich out of his hand, placed it down and slid into his lap. His mouth was hanging open and I giggled at him.

“Come on Nick. I know she’s hot.” I was giving him my best puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t know Emmy. No matter how I answer this I am just making trouble for myself.”

I could see that he needed a bit more motivation. “I’ll tell you what. You’re always asking me to hang out in just my panties so if you tell me what you remember of her and what you think I will go without pants until we are done cleaning.” He smiled at that and I knew I had him.

“Shake on it.” We shook and he pulled me for a kiss. He broke the kiss and his hands started working on my pants. He had a big grin on his face as he pulled them off me, revealing my typical large and boring choice.

“Well, her face is pretty similar to yours. You can really tell you’re sisters. It’s kind of strange how much taller she is than you. If it weren’t for that you two could be twins. Her boobs are pretty tiny, smaller than yours I think, and either one of you could be an ass double for Sasha Grey though.”

“Sasha Grey?” I asked.

“Oh, she’s this skinny little porn star. Sorry… I guess I got carried away,” he trailed off as my eyes widened.

I was shocked at the comparison to a porn star. “How do you know our butts are the same?”

“Oh… Weeeellll You’ve never really worn very revealing clothing, but… well Jill hasn’t been so shy. When she was home for college a summer ago she came out of her room wearing only her panties and didn’t cover up at all. And even before that she was always wearing leggings and yoga pants.” As he told me about her body I felt his penis stiffening below me. At first I was a little miffed at his arousal, but then I remember how she was able to work even me up. Plus, I was more than two drinks deep before 1 in the afternoon. I don’t know what possessed, me but I found myself wiggling my hips into him.

“The only real difference between you two is your tans. She is tan all over. But I mean, you’ve seen all that, you said you saw her naked? Tell me about that!”

I told him all about the rest of the day after I initiated sleep sex. When I got to the shower with my sister he had a full blown erection.

“So wait, some guy paid for her implants? Damn! What’s the tattoo? Where is it?”

“It’s a small knot right where her buttocks meets her leg.”

“Oh shit! How- How big did she make her tits?”

His sudden outburst startled me. “I don’t know. A D-cup at least.”

He was grinning at me. “Follow me, I think I have something to show you.”

I grabbed my drink and he guided me up the stairs to my bedroom where he pulled his laptop out.

“Take your pants off and lay down on the bed,” Nick instructed me as he played around on his laptop. I sipped my drink and thought about why I was comfortable discussing my naked sister with my boyfriend. It had to be the alcohol. Although, the fact that she was so open, even with me seemed to help. I was also surprised that I wasn’t jealous about Nick admiring her, but the thought of the two of them together did make me feel a bit uneasy. In the past even girls talking to him at parties makes me feel jealous and threatened.

“YES! I knew it!” Nick exclaimed. He had an excited grin on his face. “Hurry finish your drink so we can look at these.”

I looked at my drink, there was only about a third left so I tossed it back quick and giggled. I’d never been this drunk at 1 in the afternoon before. Nick set the laptop down in front of me closed and I heard his pants unzip and hit the ground behind me. I spread my legs slightly to give him a small view and felt a small thrill.

“Wow Emmy! You’re already really wet!”

I turned over and Nick was staring right between my legs. I glanced down, and shit he was right. In my drunken state all I could do was giggle. Maybe I was more like my sister than I thought. Nick laughed and rolled me over facing the laptop and started pulling my panties off.

“Open up the laptop and take a look.” I followed his instructions and the screen was filled with the shot of a girl wearing large sunglasses that obscured much of her face and a tight black dress. Her handle was “Sexbot2.0.” She had ample cleavage, blonde hair, and a flat stomach. Confused I started to turn around, but Nick stopped me.

“Keep going Emmy, you’ll understand in a few.” He was really massaging my butt hard now, just the way I like it. The pictures continued with her posing, flashing her boobs and posing seductively. The next shot was a close up of her shaved pussy. The girl was extremely wet and I knew I was just as wet. The next picture gave me a shock. There was a large white erection in frame, and the girl had her tongue out and was licking up it. I felt myself gasp as Nick fingered me a bit. I wiggled my hips trying to get him inside me, but he kept his fingers teasing just my labia.

The girl was able to take the penis all the way down her throat for a few of the pictures, which was pretty impressive. The guy was obviously much larger than Nick, and I couldn’t even take all of him. The next few pictures showed her stripping off her dress showing her full naked body from the front and side. Wow! The girls last week had been pretty, but this girl looked like she had stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

She laid on her back and spread her legs and the guy mounted her. These pictures were from her point of view and it showed off the muscular body of the guy framed between her two large breasts. I must have moaned because Nick started giggling.

“See something you like?”

“Oh god yes,” I responded without thinking.

At that he slid his cock into me slowly. The girl was fucked liked that for a bit and went back and gave him a short blow job. The girl and the guy were both really hot, and I could feel a huge orgasm building. I stopped scrolling.

“Oh god- yes yes fuck me Nick, I’m going to cum,” I gasped out, but he suddenly stopped moving causing me to groan in frustration.

“Not yet, I think it’s just a few more pictures.” He moved in slow shallow strokes to keep me on edge and I quickly went to the next picture. She was on her knees with her ass up in the air, her hands grasping her butt cheeks and pulling it open wantonly.

“Oh fuck-,” I wanted to orgasm so bad. The next picture showed his dick sliding into her from behind, just like Nick was doing to me.

“MMmmmm yeessss, make me cum now Nick, please,” I begged. He started fucking me harder and I could feel an orgasm building.

“Check out her tattoo,” he managed to get out between hard thrusts. I made my eyes come into focus and searched, but saw nothing on her back. I opened my mouth to get some clarification when my eyes found the small knot right where her butt joined her leg, just like I had seen on Jill. Instead of a question a scream came out.

“AAAAaaaagwwwhhhh!” I yelled as I came. My hips thrust back hard as my whole body tense, and I could feel Nick twitching inside of me as well as he held himself inside me. My vision started to go faint with the power of the orgasm and the difficulty in breathing.

As we calmed down Nick stayed inside me.

“See? I told you I had something to show you,” he said to me, laughing. I don’t know why, but I started to giggle uncontrollably.

“I can’t believe we just fucked to pictures of her… Shit though, those were hot.”

“Take a look at the rest of them then!” he told me.

Curious I started scrolling down. They screwed from behind for a bit, then also with her on top, before she got on her knees and took a load to the face. I don’t know why, but that picture of her smiling with cum in her mouth and dripping down her chin got to me. Now that I knew it was her, the sunglasses didn’t do a great job disguising her. I found myself getting aroused again and wiggled my hips, surprised but delighted to find Nick hard again. He started back up a slow fuck and I started reading comments.

Jill didn’t seem to respond to many, but when she did it was usually a question about activities she did or didn’t do. She promised a few guys certain costumes or poses in the future. Lots of people were complimenting her ass, and one guy asked why she wasn’t doing porn professionally with an ass like that. Jill responded that sex was an outlet for her and she would hate to have that ruined by it becoming a job.

Nick was working me towards another orgasm when we found a question about anal. She responded to it saying she loved anal! That shocked me. The girls around school that had tried it all hated it. They said it hurt a lot and the clean up was awful.

A bunch of guys started asking for pictures of her doing anal, and Jill didn’t hold out on them at all. The pictures seemed to be from the same guy. When we got to them Nick stopped thrusting, saying he was getting too close to cumming and pulled out.

“Hold on Emmy, after that first one I think we could both use a drink.” He returned a couple of minutes later with two cold beers and a towel. I got up and peed then had some of my beer before laying back down. Nick started massaging my butt again and placed the tip of his penis inside me to tease me. The pictures started with the guy licking her butt hole! I couldn’t believe anyone would be willing to do that, but then I remembered how thoroughly Jill washed herself in the shower. I guess she wanted to be ready for everything.

She must really enjoy it, because the next picture showed her vagina literally dripping. By this point Nick was working the first inch around inside me teasing me, and I couldn’t help let out a moan. I knew getting aroused while looking at pictures of my sister was wrong, but for some reason I just couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t believe how erotic she looked! Nick shifted behind me, and I felt his tongue lapping at my pussy.

“Damn Emmy! You are dripping!” he told me before lapping away. I felt an orgasm building, but Nick seemed to sense that and just teased my labia with his teeth and lips. Nick’s tongue started working upwards, and his mouth occasionally sucked gently on my skin.

“This is so much better now that your sister taught you how to shave!” I could only moan in response, but the moan quickly turned to a gasp as his tongue moved suddenly upwards across my butt! I felt myself tense and was prepared to tell him off, but his fingers found my pussy, interrupting any complaints with pleasure. Hit tongue was lapping away happily at my butt, and any thoughts of being unclean evaporated. Fuck, no wonder my sister got so wet, this felt amazing! Speaking of my sister I looked back at the computer screen and moved to the next picture.

In this picture the guy used a finger to tease around her butthole some. His finger was shiny with what must be lube, because he started to push it inside of her. I wasn’t surprised when I felt something start to probe at my butt and push its way inside. The tongue had felt so good that I decided to let him explore a little bit. Nick moved very slowly, but there was still a bit of pain and burning.

“Ow! It burns a little bit Nick!” I complained. He pulled his finger out slowly and hopped up.

“Just a minute, let me grab some things.” Nick went over to his bag and fumbled around a bit then headed over to my dresser. He started looking around. I ignored him and went back to looking at the laptop.

In this picture the guy’s finger had been replaced with two of her own. She was also rubbing her clit. I have no idea why, but the sight of her fingering her own ass was hotter to me than the guy doing it. It was just so wanton, so depraved.

“Getting started without me?” Nick said from right behind me. Startled I realized my own hand had slipped down and was working at my clit. Embarrassed I quickly removed my hand.

“I-I don’t know what’s come over me. We shouldn’t be doing this, she’s my sister for God’s sake!” I pulled my knees under me and started to get up.

SMACK! I fell back on the bed. Nick had just spanked my ass!

“What was tha-,” I started to ask.

SMACK! Another pop on my ass. It stung, but in a good way. I couldn’t believe it, but it seemed like I was actually getting more aroused! What was wrong with me?!

“We’re not done yet,” Nick said as he rubbed my ass cheeks. I turned to look at him. He was holding my sunglasses that he must have grabbed from my dresser as well as a small bottle of lube.

“Here, put these on,” he told me as he held out the sunglasses. I took them with shaking hands. The thought of being dressed just as my sister, in only a pair of sunglasses, as we watched her have sex seemed wrong, but I found myself putting them on anyways. I put my head down on the bed, and he licked my ass again. This time he was more aggressive with his tongue and I felt him pushing hard against my rosebud. The pressure felt good. Really REALLY good! I was moaning loudly and I felt my hips rise off the bed pressing back hard against him.

His hand found my clit and I felt my body tense in a small orgasm, which quickly grew when his tongue slipped past the ring of muscles in my butt.

“Oh God yes! Yeeessssssss,” I moaned loudly. Nick obviously didn’t want to waste any time and he quickly removed his tongue, causing a groan of frustration from me. This quickly turned into a surprised yelp as I felt a slippery finger slide into my ass. It felt weird. It didn’t hurt anymore, but I wouldn’t exactly call it pleasurable like his tongue had been. I could feel myself clenching at the new sensation.

Thankfully he just left the finger in and didn’t move it much to let me adjust. His fingers were dancing lightly over my clit, just enough to make me want more. He moved his fingers away from my pussy and I lifted my head to complain.


“Keep looking at those pictures. I know you like it, you’re pussy is dripping on the bed and the whole room smells like you!” I found myself obeying Nick. I have no idea why. In the past I never let him order me around like this. And the bastard was spanking me! The worst part about it all was I thought I liked it. Every time he hit my ass I felt a small jolt straight to my core. Probably had something to do with thinking I deserved punishment for all my wanton behavior.

I looked back at the picture of my sister’s ass, two of her own fingers stuffed inside of her. Nick was now moving his finger in and out of my ass and I was shocked to find that it felt good. I clicked to the next picture.

Jill was reaching back with both hands and pulling her ass cheeks apart, her pussy wet and open and her butt hole not closing completely.

“Copy her,” Nick spoke from behind me as he slowly withdrew his finger. As if in a trance I felt myself reach back and pull my butt cheeks apart.

“Damn, I cannot believe how awesome your two asses are! I can’t wait to get in yours!”

I opened my mouth to tell him that wasn’t ever going to happen, but all the came out was a loud “UUUHHHGGG” as I felt something larger start to work into my butt.

“Oh God, what are you doing?! You’re penis is way too big for me!”

“Relax! It’s only two fingers,” he explained then lightly smacked my ass. “Quit squirming or you’ll hurt yourself.” The slap on my butt caused me to moan.

“Oh you like that?” SMACK “You like when I spank you?” SMACK “Such a naughty slut learning about anal from your big sister.” SMACK

The last one did it. I felt a small orgasm rock through my pussy and his fingers slid right into my ass. I’m not sure he even realized I came since I had been moaning the entire time he spanked me. His fingers were pistoning in and out. I felt full, but it didn’t seem to hurt at all. He worked me like that for what felt like fifteen minutes. Me holding my butt cheeks open, his fingers pistoning in and out of me, and a close up picture of my sister in a similar position on the screen in front of me.

The bed shifted and Nick reached across me to click down to the next picture. My sister had a short message in front: “Hope you guys enjoy me taking this thick cock in my ass, I made a GIF just for you ;)

I felt Nick withdraw his fingers as I read the message. I again felt something at my backdoor and assumed Nick was going to add another finger, so I tried my best to ignore it and looked at the picture. Suddenly I knew that Nick wasn’t trying to add another finger. On the screen was a looping video of my sister’s ass as the cock pressed against her ass, then slid slowly inside her. Nick was leaning harder against me.

“You like that? You like seeing your sister take a fat cock in her ass as I take yours? Damn Emmy, not many girls would go through with this, you are a real slut!”

This story is based on correspondence I had with a couple after they read my submission “Controlling Bobbi” . After sharing some hot older woman / younger guy fantasies based on their teenage neighbour, one day she sent me an e-mail telling me she had actually submitted to his blackmail of her, and that he was now fucking and controlling her. A little while after that, she stopped all correspondence with me, presumably because the young man demanded it. I will let the reader decide for themselves where the reality ends and the fantasy begins. “Emily and Mark” are in their thirties and “Connor” and all the others are over 18.


Dear Diary. God it sounds so trite. The last time I wrote those words in this book was over ten years ago, but I absolutely have to tell someone this story and I’m pretty sure you won’t tell anyone else.

Well Diary, if you had asked me two months ago if this would ever happen I would have told you “never” but this afternoon while Mark was at work, I let the neighbour’s son fuck me in our living room. First, I had to kiss him, and let him feel me up, groping my breasts and squeezing my ass through my slacks before he made me strip naked for him. He ordered me to lay down and then fucked me until he came after which he dressed and walked out the door while I lay there leaking his cum onto the sofa.

Whew. I’m glad that’s out. I couldn’t keep it bottled up inside any more. I had to tell, because I know that this is only the beginning. Well actually the beginning goes back almost a year…

Of course, Mark is really the kinky one. He’s always reading erotic fiction on the net and trying to figure out ways to get me involved. About a year ago, he took me out to dinner at a restaurant but I had to be completely naked under my dress. Our waiter was a young guy and he was really checking me out throughout the whole meal. I’m pretty sure he got a couple good downblouse views. Of course Mark saw the whole thing. When we got home, he was a wild man in bed.

After that, he seemed obsessed with stories about older women and younger men. Our neighbour has an eighteen year old son. He looks a bit geeky to me, not at all my type, but some women might think he is kind of cute, with his short shock of ginger hair and lots of freckles. Mark has been trying to get me to come on to him for a while now. He does silly things like sabotage some item in our home, then get me to call and ask if Connor can come over to help me get it working.

In this game, I pretend that Mark is not home, when in fact he is hiding somewhere he can monitor the action. He always gets me to wear skimpy clothing and hang around exposing myself while Connor tries to help. Sometimes I show a lot of cleavage, other times a lot of leg.

Not long ago we did this and Mark insisted I wear a short skirt with thong panties. I needed to bend over to show Connor what the problem was. Mark, said that Connor took a picture of my partly exposed ass and thong with his phone when I was bent over. Mark has often rubbed my pussy until I cum, as he asks me how many of Connor’s friends I think have seen that picture.

Sometimes, Mark would blindfold me or tie me up and pretend to be Connor and fuck me. Other times he would ask me to call out Connor’s name when I came. It really made him horny and the sex was always volcanic when we did it. Mark sits around on standby a lot at work so he has time to fantasize and e-mail me sexy dirty stories and scenarios involving young men which we can review when we are in bed together. With all this repetition. I have to admit the idea began to turn me on too. Just as a fantasy though, not ever to become reality

So, as I said, these silly games were pretty much harmless until a couple weeks ago, when Mark read a story where the woman left a naked picture of herself jammed in the printer and called a young man to help her fix it. Of course the young guy saw the naked picture, when the printer restarted. Mark absolutely loved the idea but our black and white laser printer wasn’t suitable.

Instead of the printer, he sabotaged my software plug-ins then got me to call Connor for help. Of course before he did that he made sure a revealing picture of me was available from the desktop. No sooner had Connor sat down to try to help me, than Mark rang the house phone from his cell. I had to run to the kitchen to answer it, leaving Connor alone with the computer. There I was in the kitchen with my pussy literally drooling as Mark talked dirty to me about what Connor was seeing. I finally had to hang up on him before he made me cum right then and there.

Well Diary, it seems that after all the teasing we had put him through, and being alone with full unchaperoned access to my entire computer, Connor couldn’t resist snooping around a bit to see what he might find. Apparently he had a memory stick with him and he copied an entire folder of sexy pictures Mark had taken of me, either partially or completely nude. It never occurred to me that he would also have full access to my e-mail folder and he saved copies of dozens of our sexy fantasy conversations about young men in general, and about him in particular.

Mark had kept me talking for quite a while, longer than I realized while Connor was on the computer. When he came down and said it was all fixed, he had a kind of funny smile on his face but he never said a word. Not one word until he came to the door this afternoon that is.

I was not expecting visitors when I answered the door, and was a bit surprised to see Connor. I greeted him politely and asked what he wanted. He seemed very nervous when he said we needed to talk and asked if he could come in. When we got to the living room, he dropped the bombshell. He pulled out two full size pictures of me. One in a bra and panties, the other naked from behind. He told me that if I didn’t want the pictures and stories to be sent to my family and my colleagues at work, including my boss, then I better be prepared to do what he said.

When I threatened to call the police, he laughed and said that would be fine. He would simply say that it was me who was trying to seduce him and he would give them all the supporting evidence he had from the memory stick. I knew I was trapped, but instead of being frightened or angry, I felt my pussy start to melt. Oh my God. He was really going to take control of me, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. When Connor saw the look on my face, he seemed to immediately gain confidence and ordered me to kiss him.

And so it was, Diary, that I found myself standing in my living room being groped through my clothes while kissing Connor and letting him push his tongue between my lips. Having me submit to his attentions made him bolder still, and soon he stepped back and ordered me to strip for him. Having been subjected to Mark’s endless fantasy scenarios, I found that the real act of submission to this young man caused my tummy to melt and my pussy to leak. My brain was screaming that this couldn’t be happening, but it was, and it turned me on like nothing else.

My shaking fingers moved to open the buttons on my blouse. It seemed like time stood still as Connor’s eyes devoured each new piece of my exposed flesh. When the blouse was open he told me to get it off and then drop my slacks. One button, one zip and I was standing in front of my neighbour’s son in nothing but panties and bra. Of course those needed to go too.

After walking around me twice to enjoy the view, Connor made me lie on the couch and spread my legs. His eyes never wavered from my pussy as he dropped his pants to reveal his rock hard cock. When it popped into view, I couldn’t help but stare. It was so pink and so hard. I lay riveted to the spot as he moved between my legs and pressed his cock to my entrance.

I had to reach down to help him line himself up, and when I did he roughly pushed all the way in. This was not lovemaking it was fucking. Without any apparent concern for my pleasure, he roughly gabbed my tits and immediately began thrusting vigorously. My whole body shook and my head banged the arm of the couch on each stroke. In no time at all I heard him grunt and felt the rush of his hot seed as it jetted into my cunt.

It was like a geyser. The strongest jets of cum I ever felt hit the top of my pussy again and again. Finally he collapsed on top of me, laying there in a stupor for a moment before pulling his softening cock from my body. He grabbed my panties and wiped himself with them, pulled up his pants and turned to go. As he left he told me to keep shut up about it if I didn’t want the pictures sent. He said he would be back soon for some more action.

That is why, Diary, as I lay freshly fucked, leaking Connor’s load on our couch, I decided to get you out again. You are the only one I can tell who won’t blab my secret to the world. I only wish you could help me decide what, if anything I am going to tell Mark when he gets home.


Dear Diary. Well, true to his word, Connor stopped by again today. When I let him in he pulled me into a rough kiss and groped my tits. He ordered me to strip and watched closely as I complied. When I was naked, he told me to turn round for inspection. I didn’t see his phone until I was facing him again and heard it click. OH GOD. He had taken at least one picture. I know I should have been afraid, and I was, but I was also aroused. He could do what he wished, I had completely lost control.

Smiling, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bedroom. After throwing the spread aside, he pushed me down onto the bed and told me to spread myself. This act of submissively exposing my sex to him as he began to disrobe immediately started my juices flowing.

This time he stripped naked and rubbed himself up and down my body before telling me to put him inside. Obediently I reached down to guide his stiff cock into my wet cunt. His hands again went to my tits, kneading them as he pushed himself in to the hilt. He paused there a moment to savour the feeling of being completely enveloped in my, by now, hot wet pussy.

Then he began to fuck me with a passion. He groped my tits, pulled my nipples and pummeled my pussy with his cock as I lay submissively beneath him. I have to admit, Diary, that the whole scenario was making me so excited I was building towards an orgasm when he pushed all the way in, went completely rigid and shot jet after jet into me. When he pulled out, I so wanted more, but that was not to be.

He stepped into the master bath to clean up and take a piss, then dressed. Once again admonishing me to keep my silence as he walked out. For the second time, he had used me for his pleasure, filled me with his seed, and abandoned me.

The sex is rubbish. He cums too quickly for me to reach my peak, but being controlled by this teen boy and having him use me for his pleasure is driving my libido into the stratosphere. I couldn’t stop myself from dipping my finger in his deposit and rubbing it over my clit until I came.

When Mark came home, I broke down and told him what Connor was doing to me. At first he went ballistic. He yelled and threatened and talked about calling the police, but then as he calmed down, he got that funny look on his face and started asking me for details. I told him everything, and let him read my diary entries. We fucked like rabbits all night. Oh Diary. What is happening to me?


Dear Diary. If I thought that Connor might slow down his control I was sadly mistaken. Today he walked right in and dropped his clothes just inside the door. He told me to come over to him and after pulling off my tee shirt and bra, ordered me to take him in my hand and stroke him. Of course, he was giving my naked tits a work over and pushing his tongue into my mouth as I did. Once again, my submission caused me to get soaking wet in no time.

After a few minutes of this activity, he broke away and told me to come into the kitchen with him. Bold as brass, he walked over to the refrigerator and took out a beer. After taking a big drink, he told me to drop my drawers and bend over the kitchen table. When he moved in behind me, I felt his rigid cock brush against my arse before he lined himself up and pushed himself in.

I really like it from behind. That, added to my feelings of being controlled and fucked by this young man had my arousal in overdrive. I felt myself quickly approaching orgasm, but once again, Connor was first to cum. I was close, but not close enough. Even the feel of his hot seed jetting into the top of my cunt was not enough to push me over the top. Spent, he pulled back and wiped our combined juices onto my bottom.

He made me stay bent over like that while he finished his beer. I was so horny, and needed to cum so badly, that I reached between my legs and started stroking my lips and dipping my fingers in the cum leaking down my thigh. I started to stroke first one, then two fingers into my wet tunnel circling my clit every other stroke. I was in my own little world and almost didn’t hear the click of his phone, but when I did the thought of him having and sharing those photos with God only knows who, pushed me over the edge and I came like a freight train.

He’s obviously starting to gain confidence, Diary, and I really don’t know where he might take me on this journey of submission. I don’t know, and there is nothing I can do to stop it even if I did


Dear Diary. I can’t believe his audacity. Today he just walked in the door and told me to drop to my knees. Almost before I was down there, he had his stiff dick in his hand and was pushing it at my face. Of course I have given blow jobs before, but this was so sudden and unexpected, that it caught me off guard.

Connor groaned loudly as I sucked him until my cheeks collapsed. Once again, there was no romance here. I was sucking him off. He was in control and my brain was screaming with excitement and arousal. How can this be, Diary? What is he turning me into?

As I continued to suck and lick him, he grabbed my head and pressed his cock to the back of my throat. I don’t often suck Mark, but when I do I am always careful not to go too far down to avoid gagging. As soon as Connor’s cock approached the back of my mouth, I gagged. I pulled back, but Connor just pressed right back in. When I gagged again, he shot his load directly into my mouth.

I do not really like the taste or texture of sperm and I only rarely swallow for Mark, but Connor gave me no choice. I coughed and gagged, but his whole load was deposited directly in my mouth and he ordered me to swallow it. He then took great pleasure in wiping the leakage from my chin, cheeks and neck with his fingers and making me lick them clean.

After wiping himself off on my pullover, he zipped himself up and was gone, leaving me kneeling in my foyer with the pungent taste of his cum in my mouth and throat. A taste that returned all afternoon in little belches as I digested his load.

I might have wondered where such a young man could gain such confidence and know about so many different things to make me do for him, but I know he read Mark’s sexy e-mails and he’s seen the stories we read. I know he’s getting this stuff directly from our fantasies, and that’s what is making this whole thing so very exciting, and also so very frightening.

When I told Mark about having to swallow Connor’s load he got hard as iron. I spent the night sucking my husband off and swallowing his cum too. I think he is getting too into this, Diary. He told me he can’t wait to hear what Connor is going to make me do next.


Dear Diary. I think that I am developing a conditioned reflex to Connor. When he is doing things to me I am scared, and humiliated, but after he leaves, I can’t stop thinking about him controlling me and every time I do my pussy starts to get wet. I’m in a constant state of arousal and I cannot stop playing with myself and making myself cum over and over. Mark and I are fucking constantly as he questions me about my activities with Connor every night. I can’t believe how hot it is making him and how it has made our sex life so much more intense.

Today when I let Connor in, he told me to strip off my top. He wanted it slow and sexy like an exotic dancer and that’s what I gave him. I felt so cheap being a stripper for this neighbourhood boy, but I had to do it. When I was topless, he made me clasp my hands behind my back and keep them there while he played with my tits and pulled on my nipples. Until he had them sensitive and standing at full attention.

I couldn’t believe that I just stood there, with my pussy leaking and my hands behind my back as he groped me for his pleasure, continuing to tweak and diddle my now throbbing nipples. It was almost a relief when he ordered me to lay down on the sofa and put my hands above my head. When he had me positioned to his satisfaction, he dropped his pants and moved toward me, his stiff cock leading the way.

As I lay there panting from excitement, he straddled my middle and pressed his cock into my cleavage, ordering me to squeeze my breasts together around it. He then began a slow thrusting of his hips, sliding his rigid dick through the tunnel between my breasts. After three or four strokes, he pulled out and spit a huge gob between my tits. Then he ordered me to spit too. It was so humiliating to have him spit on me and order me to spit on myself, but he is in control now. The lubrication of our combined spittle allowed his cock to slide easily between my tits hitting the bottom of my neck on every thrust.

It didn’t take too long before he told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He made me keep my mouth open and insisted that I not swallow as he shot jet after jet of his thick cum onto my tongue and teeth. Then, after ordering me not to move, he jumped off me grabbed his phone and took several pictures of me like that before telling me to swallow it all.

As he was putting his pants on he told me he was tired of waiting for me to open the door when he came and he wanted his own key. At first I refused. There was no telling what he would do if he had full access, and then it hit me. He was already fucking me and making me blow him. I could never refuse to let him in anyway, and so I took a spare key off the rack and gave it to him. My pussy tingled with excitement as I watched him add it to his ring.

When he left, I went to the bedroom, pulled out my vibrator and made myself cum. Twice. Later that night, Mark brought me off another three times while he fucked me. Oh God, Diary. What am I becoming?


Dear Diary. Last night was a hard night at work and I was exhausted, I didn’t hear a thing when Mark left for work this morning, I just slept right through. When I woke some time later sunlight was leaking through the blinds. I felt a warm body snuggled against my back and a hard prick pressing into my ass. Sunlight! It was late, and Mark should be gone. I was suddenly awake and spun round to see Connor’s smiling face. How in hell? Oh yes. He had simply used his key, walked in and crawled into my bed.

Now that I was awake, Connor pasted his lips to mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth. His hands were everywhere. Cupping my tits and pulling my nipples. Sliding behind me to grab my ass and in front of me to rub my pussy. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching down and grabbing his cock to squeeze and stroke it as my arousal increased.

It was only a matter of minutes before he threw off the covers, yanked off my panties, pushed my legs apart and mounted me, sliding his young cock balls deep on the first stroke. I couldn’t stop myself from wrapping my legs around his hips, even if I’d wanted to. In this position, Connor had unobstructed access to my sex. Soon he was pulling almost all the way out, then pressing back in until his pubic hair ground into my clit. I was right on the verge of climax when I felt his body go rigid and the strong jets of cum spray my womb.

Once again, Connor had gotten off and I was left hanging. As he pulled out and rolled off me I let out a sob of frustration. He turned, glared at me and asked what my problem was. When I told him, he laughed and said he didn’t care. He was here to use me for his pleasure not mine. He told me he was in control. I was his slut, his whore, his cunt, and he could do anything he wanted to me because I was powerless to stop him. He ordered me to stop wearing panties so he could have quick access to my sex any time he wanted, and told me that if he ever caught me wearing them again. He would spank my ass red.

It was like I got hit by a truck. It was all true. He was in control of me. I was his sex toy to do with as he pleased. He owned me. And as those thoughts all ran around my brain I felt my tummy melt with excitement. I lay in the bed with my pussy leaking our combined juices onto the sheets as he dressed and left.

Oh Diary. This is really true isn’t it? Our fantasy has become my reality. I just can’t believe this is actually happening to me, or that Mark is enjoying it so much.


Dear Diary. We got the call this morning. Mark’s mom fell in the bath, and had to go to hospital. Mark decided that he needed to go to see her and try to lift her spirits. I had never really gotten on with her and Mark said there was no need for me to come with him.

I hardly had time to walk to the kitchen and start the dishes when I heard a key in the lock. When the door opened, I called out and asked him what he forgot. Instead of Mark’s voice, it was Connor who replied that he was here for a quick fuck from his personal slut. I was just pulling my hands out of the dishwater when Connor entered the kitchen and told me to freeze.

He walked up behind me and undid my robe, opening the front and grabbing my tits in his cold hands. My nipples sprang to hard points and he immediately started to pull and twist them. It was quite painful and I cried out, which caused him to tell me to shut up and take it. His controlling manner made my pussy wet as his hands moved down my belly and pulled my panties down my thighs. It was then that I remembered about the panties, but it was too late.

I didn’t even have a chance to dry my hands, before Connor had pulled me down over his knees, threw my robe aside and started spanking my bare bottom. I cried and squirmed to no avail as the slaps rained down and my cheeks began to burn and turn red. This was humiliating beyond measure. There I was a grown woman draped across my teen neighbour’s lap getting a spanking like a little girl and, God help me, it was turning me on.

When he was satisfied that I had suffered enough for my disobedience, he ordered me to lay face down across one of the kitchen chairs. When he stood and dropped his pants, I could see that he was fully hard and his cock pulsed with life. He told me he had read something interesting that he wanted to try, and asked me if we had any lubricant in the bedroom. An icy chill ran through my center. I could think of only one reason he would want that, and prayed that was not what he was going to do to me.

I told him we had nothing like that, foolishly hoping that would put him off, at least for today, but not a chance of that. As I lay there with my burning red ass exposed, Connor opened the cupboard and found the vegetable oil, then went to the fridge and took a big carrot from the crisper. My brain began screaming for me to run, but I knew there was nowhere to go.

As he stood where I could watch, he rubbed the oil on the carrot and told me that the story said the long taper of the carrot would open me up slowly. Not to worry. I would soon be begging for his cock in my ass. He read our e-mails and stories. He must have seen Mark’s suggestions and my firm refusals. He knew I had no anal experience, and I knew that wouldn’t stop him.

Lost in my thoughts and fear, I hadn’t noticed that he had moved behind me and I jumped a bit when I felt his fingers spread my ass cheeks. The sensation of the cold carrot pressing against my anus spurred me into action. I began to beg and plead with him not to do this to me. I started to struggle to get up. He shoved me down roughly and then quickly straddled my back, effectively pinning me to the chair with his weight. He told me he could do what he damn well pleased, and to shut up and enjoy it.

When I continued to struggle and plead, I received several severe slaps to my ass and another order to shut up. As I lay there whimpering, I felt the small end of the carrot enter my clenched asshole. To his credit, Connor proceeded slowly, adding more lubrication as he stroked the vegetable in and out of my ass. Several times he spanked my ass hard and commanded me to relax. Mercifully, the pain in my ass cheeks took my focus off the carrot invading my arse.

Like it or not, the ever expanding diameter of the carrot slowly dilated my rectum as Connor continued to push it deeper with each stroke. By the time he had the entire length pressed into me, I was beginning to moan with arousal. I was shocked when he stood up, releasing me from the chair, the carrot still pressed fully into my rear passage. He told me to get into the living room, bend over the sofa and pull my ass cheeks apart.

I felt vacant when he pulled the carrot from my butt and tossed it in the trash. As soon as I was in position, I felt his rigid dick press against my stretched hole. He had lubed himself up with the oil and was able to easily push in the entrance. The deeper he went the less stretched I was and I could feel his cock opening me up as he pushed all the way in.

When I was fully impaled he slapped my ass again and asked me to tell him how good it felt. I’m no stranger to dirty talk during sex. Mark loves it and it feeds his fantasies, so I began to tell Connor what he wanted to hear as his cock pistoned in and out of my stretched asshole. Strangely, after several minutes of his fucking, I began to actually enjoy the feeling, and by the time he shot his load deep into my bowels, I was truthfully begging him to fuck my ass harder and faster.

Well, Diary, he sent me out to buy some proper anal sex lube, and spent the rest of the weekend fucking my ass and there was nothing I could, or would, do to resist him. I am now fully owned by my teenage neighbour. He has pumped his young hard cock into me and repeatedly shot his cum deep in every hole possible and I can’t deny that it is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. I have no idea what is coming next, but I am soaking wet just thinking about it.

Mark calls me nightly for full updates and I can only imagine how many times he has jerked himself off after hearing my reports. He was totally pissed about my anal submission and vowed to drill my arse when he got home. I told him I couldn’t wait for it Diary, and I meant every word.


Dear Diary. Late Sunday night, Mark called to say he needed to stay another night. I had no idea when Connor would return, but there was no question in my mind that he would when he saw Mark wasn’t home yet. I knew he couldn’t pass up another night of uninterrupted access to my body. The next time he opened the door I saw his eyes pass up and down over me and then he ordered me to strip. By the time I was naked, my pussy was wet and my lips were opening in arousal. I was rooted to the spot as he walked up and slapped my ass. I didn’t understand. I had not been wearing panties, Why the spank? I didn’t have any more time to think about it because Connor ordered me to get upstairs, and he followed close behind slapping my ass three more times along the way.

In the bedroom , Connor told me to get out four silk scarves. That scared me and excited me in equal measure. Of course I couldn’t refuse when he tied me spread eagle to the bed, but when I tested the knots and realized that I was truly secured with no chance of escape I started to panic.

Connor started searching through the nightstands and found my vibrator in the bottom drawer. He had an evil smile that never left his face as he asked me where the spare batteries were. I was helpless now, even more fully in his control than ever and I was almost cuming from the experience. When he returned , he sat down beside my hip and started running the vibrator up and down my pussy. I was so aroused I could hardly breathe.

Connor looked me in the eyes and told me he was tired of my not cuming with him and I was going to wish I had been more responsive to his efforts. With those words, he turned on the vibrator and started to slowly stroke it along my slit. I was so excited by being helplessly at his mercy, that even that slight stimulation caused my pussy to spasm. I pulled at my bonds as my first orgasm flushed through me.

I foolishly thought that Connor would stop but he didn’t even skip a beat. He continued to move the vibrator along my lips pausing to focus on my clit on each stroke. I was surprised when the combination of my predicament and the vibrations brought me to another orgasm. I arched my back and grunted like an animal as my second climax rolled through me. And still Connor kept it up. A few minutes later, I was approaching my third orgasm. I pulled and strained at my bonds as he pushed the vibrator into my depths and took me through my biggest orgasm yet.

I was now breathless and begging him to stop. But he kept it up slow and steady. Along my lips, onto my clit and then down and in. Over and over again. I whipped my head back and forth, I begged for him to stop, then I begged for him not to stop. I was delirious, out of my mind with arousal and humiliation when I felt myself spinning and falling, tumbling into the darkness. The last thing I heard before I passed out was a woman screaming through her orgasm. That woman was me.

OH GOD, Diary. It was the most intense experience of my life and he was in complete control the whole time.

When I opened my eyes, there he was smiling down at me. He had released my bonds and removed his clothes.. His cock was rigid and pink between his legs. When he saw me looking, he asked if I wanted to suck him. I meekly nodded my head, but that wasn’t what he wanted. He told me if I wanted to suck his teen cock, I had to beg for it. I didn’t know what else to do, so I started asking him to let me suck him off.

As I continued to beg him, the humiliation increased my arousal and soon I needed his cock in my mouth. I begged and pleaded with him to let me suck. After making me promise not to waste his cum, he finally relented. As he lay back on the bed, his virile young cock sticking straight up. I moved down and attacked him. I took him as far down as possible. Licking and sucking him with abandon. I had never wanted anything more in my life. When he told me to beg for his cum, and promise to savour it, I almost came just from his words. I sucked him and licked him and in between I begged him to blow his load. To fill my mouth. To let me taste and swallow his hot seed.

Suddenly he stiffened and flooded my mouth with his huge load. I was just about to swallow when he told me to stop. He made me open my mouth so he could see his load on my tongue and then ordered me not to swallow until he gave his permission. I tried to protest, but my words were garbled by the mass of liquid rolling around in my mouth. As the pungent taste soaked my tongue and taste buds, he got up and left the room.

And there I sat Diary, with my mouth marinating in his jizz, my pussy leaking and my brain spinning, wondering where he had gone. About ten minutes later, he walked back in with a beer and told me to open my mouth again. Ten minutes of saliva had added to the volume of his cum, and I had to tilt my head way back to keep the mess from running down my chin. When he saw that I had not swallowed, he nodded and told me to go ahead. I needed 3 gulps to get the slimy load down my throat and into my tummy, and it almost made me cum again.

Connor was rock hard again. After pushing me back on the bed, he grabbed my ankles, spread them wide and drove his dick into my pussy. By the time he finished his second pump, I was cuming all over him like the slut I have become. He pumped another big load directly into my center before he pulled out and told me to get cleaned up.

He stayed in my bed all that night. Waking every two or three hours to fuck me. My dreams were peppered with visions of what he had done to me. I could see his hands on me, feel his cock in my cunt and ass, taste him in my mouth. They were so vivid and erotic that twice I woke to find my hand stroking my clit. I was so turned on that I made myself cum both times.

It was mid-morning when when we finally woke for the day. He slapped my ass and told me there was nothing like a night of fucking his whore to bring on an appetite and he wanted me to make him breakfast. When I got out of bed I reached for my robe, but he told me it covered too much, and insisted that I go naked.

After breakfast, Connor was hard again. Oh Diary, he is so young and so virile, I just can’t help myself and soon I was kneeling in front of him swallowing. He instructed me to shower and shave, but to not brush my teeth or rinse my mouth. He insisted that the smell and taste of him remain in my mouth to remind me of him, until his return. After picking out one of my shortest thinnest shifts, he told me to be dressed and ready for instructions when he called.


Dear Diary. I can’t believe what is happening to me, What he is turning me into. I was sitting in the kitchen, totally naked under my hottest outfit. When the phone rang I answered, Connor told me he was on his way back. He instructed me to blindfold myself and stand in the front hall with my hands clasped behind my head, awaiting his arrival. It seemed like an hour before I heard his key in the door, but at no time did I even think about moving away from the spot. There was a lot of rustling as he came in then the door squeaked shut.

I heard him approach and sensed his nearness when he walked around me. The sudden slap to my ass caused me to jump and squeal, but I didn’t dare complain. He ran his hands over my ass, then up my sides and groped my breasts. After enjoying me though the clothes, I felt one hand move to my pussy as the other stayed on my breast. Without the benefit of sight, my hearing seemed somehow enhanced. I heard his aroused breathing catch in his throat as his fingers slid along my soaked cunt. My knees almost buckled as he stroked my clit.

And then he was pushing me down onto my knees. Still blind, the sound of his zipper was like a machine gun. The clink of a belt buckle, a rustle of clothing and I felt his hard cock press to my lips. This was beyond exciting. He was totally in control of me. I opened my mouth and sucked him in as far as I could. Strange, I thought, how different it feels when I can’t see what I’m doing.

Then I heard a cough. An icicle ran straight through my heart. Who had coughed? Of course. All that extra commotion at the door, the blindfold. Someone else was here. Watching. I was riveted to the spot, every muscle rigid, gripped in fear. My voice sounded tiny as I asked who was there.

I almost fainted when I heard Connor reply from down the hall. My brain reeled. If Connor was down the hall watching then who?? My hands came down, to push him away. I reached for the blindfold so I could see who had been manhandling me. Who I had been sucking. Connor’s sharp command made me stop. He told me to shut up, put my hands down, and get back to work on that cock. I begged him not to make me do this, but his reply was a sharp spank to my arse and a terse warning of more to come if I didn’t comply.

Tears of humiliation soaked the blindfold as I tentatively opened my mouth to receive the unknown cock. As I continued to service him, I realized that I had been right. It was a lot different than Connor’s and I started to wonder if it was another neighbourhood teen, or someone I didn’t know at all. I am so ashamed to say, Diary, that at that point it didn’t matter to me. Connor controlled me. Owned me. Could make me suck strange cock. I was powerless to stop him and it turned me on more than ever before. When I tasted the stranger’s thick goo, I came too.

I was helped up to my feet and told to remove the blindfold. My eyes darted around until they landed on him. Another teenager, bigger than Connor. Chubby, with a bit of scraggly beard on his chin. Not my type at all, but I had sucked his cock and swallowed his load and it had made me cum. He leered at me and introduced himself as Donnie, then told me that now we were acquainted, I didn’t need the dress anymore. When I looked at Connor, he simply nodded and told me to drop it.

Donnie’s eyes were fused to my fingers as he followed their motion down the buttons of my shift. When I pulled it open and off, he whistled and told Connor that I looked better than in the pictures. Donnie had seen pictures. The realization was like a lightening bolt. Connor was showing me off. I was his prize possession and he could brag and show pictures to whomever he wanted. There was no way out for me.

By the time I was naked Donnie was half hard again and I could see a bulge in Connor’s pants. Connor dropped his pants and sat on the sofa, motioning me over with a crooked finger. He wanted me on all fours between his legs sucking his cock. Focused on serving Connor, I didn’t notice where Donnie had gone until I felt my knees pushed apart and his hard dick press at my sopping cunt. Connor asked him to wait, until I begged for it. I did, Diary, I was so ashamed, so humiliated, but I couldn’t stop myself from begging Connor to let Donnie fuck me. I even begged Donnie.

It was insane. The more I begged them, the hotter I got. It took about five minutes before they granted my wishes and pressed their cocks into me at both ends. I was bobbing my head on Connor’s straight cock, as Donnie grabbed my hips and pounded my pussy from behind. My mind was a tornado of thoughts and emotions. I had never had two men at once. Never wanted to have two men at once. But here I was on all fours with a young strong cock stroking into each end of my body.

Donnie pushed in hard causing me to move forward onto Connor. The intensity of Donnie’s thrusts caused me to go further down than I ever had and I felt the tip of Connor’s cock at my throat several times, before he groaned and unloaded deep in my mouth. I moaned and swallowed and felt my pussy pulse as I orgasmed around Donnie’s dick. This pushed him over the edge and he flooded my pussy with his seed. They made me lick them both clean and swallow every drop before they dressed and left.

That night, Mark made me suck him while he rammed my vibrator into my pussy. If I wanted two cocks, he wanted to fantasize about it. He made me call him Connor and beg for a cock. I came and came until he finally unloaded in my mouth.

Oh, Diary. I have become such a slut for teen cock and Mark is no help at all. I hate it and I love it all at once. I have never been so humiliated and so excited before in my life. What is he going to make me do next?


Dear Diary. I had been going insane with arousal. I hadn’t heard from Connor in several days, almost a week, and I wondered what was happening. I never really liked what Connor did to me as he was doing it, but it always made me crazy with lust after the fact, and kept me wondering how he might control me next. The last time, when he brought Donnie, had been unsettling, but it was all I could think of now. Two cocks pumping their hot young seed into my body. Two teenagers using me for their sexual release. When would they come back to do me again. Would they bring someone else to join them? Oh God. Why can’t I stop thinking these thoughts?

The long wait was excruciating. Mark and I had sex, but it was nothing as volcanic as when Connor was controlling me. He had no new fantasies and the sex was tepid rather than red hot. Where had my teen master gone? When I heard his voice on the phone, I was flooded with both excitement and fear. What was he going to do to me next? He instructed me to put on a dress, no panties, no bra, and meet him outside. I was to bring my keys. We were taking my car. I called out to Mark to tell him I was going out to run an errand as I stepped outside. Connor was waiting and we drove off together.

With both hands on the wheel I couldn’t stop him from rubbing my bare legs and lifting my dress to expose my naked pussy. It took all my concentration to keep the car on the road as I followed his directions. It wasn’t long before we picked up Donnie, who sat in back leaning forward to watch Connor feel me up.

We stopped at a few traffic lights and I can only imagine what some of the nearby drivers thought when they saw what this boy’s hands were doing. One old gray haired gent, leaned out his window for a better look, and when he did, Connor pulled my dress right up so he could see my shaved crotch. The Geezer gave him a big smile and a thumbs up before traffic began to move again.

Eventually we ended up on a quiet dead end road. Connor told me to shut the car down and move into the back seat. As soon as I got in back, they pulled my dress off and started working me over. It was only minutes before they both had their cocks out and I was stroking them. I had to beg them for their cocks. Beg to suck or be fucked. Plead for them to DP me as they called it. After almost a week of denial, the excitement, danger and humiliation of this new scenario had me so wound up I couldn’t resist.

This time I was straddling Connor who rammed my cunt, while Donnie pushed his stiff dick up my ass from behind. The double penetration I had begged for was pulling and stretching both my holes beyond anything I had experienced before. I could feel their cocks rubbing together through the thin wall between my pussy and ass, sometimes in sync, sometimes alternating, always pumping. I was so aroused, that I didn’t know or even care if anyone was around to see. I was in a strange neighbourhood, naked in the back seat with two teen boys, and it was making me crazy with lust. Apparently, they were excited by it too, because it didn’t take long before both of them were shooting their loads deep inside me.

Donnie said he wanted to see me make myself cum. Shamelessly I spread my legs and started working my clit with my fingers. More humiliation, more excitement. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I didn’t see him take out his phone and shoot the video clip of my moaning writhing climax. As I was returning to earth, he held the screen up to my face and showed me the video he shot of my fingers strumming my clit in the throes of orgasm. Oh God Diary. Another teenager with more evidence of my descent into sluthood.

My lewd display had them both excited again. They made me suck them, each one shooting his load into my mouth again before we started the car and headed for home. On the way, Connor reminded me that Mark was still home and that I would be walking into the house simply reeking of sex, with their huge loads seeping down my legs from both orifices. He kept talking about it and rubbing me all over until we got back to the house. Luckily, I was able to rush in and get to the bathroom to clean up before Mark had a chance to see me.

Oh Diary. What if Mark had stopped me? Fantasy is one thing, but what if he had actually seen the boys’ cum leaking from my holes? How would he react? What would he say or do? And what will Donnie do with his video?


Dear Diary. Well, it turns out that my last entry was prophetic. It happened. Conner was reclined on the sofa with me straddling his hips facing him and pumping my ass to push his hard young cock deep into my pussy. We were both nearing climax, and he was sucking hard on my extended nipple, when I heard the front door open.

Before I could react, Mark walked into the room. He’d had a call not far from home and decided to stop in for lunch. The three of us were instantly frozen in time. The shock of discovery, and the resulting fear, caused me to clamp my pussy muscles down tight on Connor’s cock. The extra stimulation made him groan and raise his ass off the couch to press his groin tightly to mine. While Mark just stood there.

I had never been so afraid in my life. It was one thing for us to have fantasized about Connor fucking me, but it was another to have my husband see me doing it. After what seemed like an eternity, I saw a wicked smile slowly dawn on Mark’s face. He told us not to mind him, he was just going to fix some lunch. With that he headed off to the kitchen.

I began to dismount from Connor, but he stopped me, pulling my hips down tight to his. He slapped my arse, hard, and asked me where I thought I was going, then told me to get back to work. He said he didn’t care about Mark’s arrival and he wasn’t done fucking yet. I was gobsmacked. My husband had just found me on our living room couch with our teenage neighbour’s cock buried balls deep in my wet cunt and he had just walked away to make himself a sandwich. Not only that, but I now had to continue with Connor instead of talking to my husband.

There was no question who was in control of this situation and it was neither me nor Mark. Another sharp slap to my backside pulled me from my reverie. Connor told me to get up and bend over the arm of the sofa. In moments he was behind me pushing my head down and pumping into my pussy vigorously from behind. The sofa blocked my vision in the direction of the kitchen, so I saw nothing of Mark until Connor stiffened and shot his load. He grunted three or four times as he pumped the last of his seed into my upturned pussy, then pulled out, wiping himself off on my naked ass.

Connor ordered me to stay still until he told me I could move, and walked off to the bathroom. It was strange lying there, ass up, feeling my teen lover’s sperm leaking down my thigh, knowing my husband was in the other room. As it turned out, he was not in the other room. When I looked around to see Connor return, I saw Mark standing behind me staring at my open cunt.

My eyes never left Connor’s face as he walked up beside Mark and told him he was a fucking wimp and a wanker. He told Mark he was now going to fuck me whenever and wherever he wanted and share me with whoever he wanted and there was nothing either of us could do about it. He then announced that if he ever even suspected that Mark had fucked me he would bring a couple guys and beat him severely.

Connor continued berating Mark, telling him that the only pussy he was going to get from now on would be when he ate out my well fucked cunt. Looking at the tent in Mark’s slacks, he just laughed and said there was no time like the present to begin. Mark was mesmerized as Connor moved him forward and ordered him to his knees behind me. When he pushed Mark’s face into my arse and told him to eat me, I almost lost my mind.

The distraction of Mark’s presence had prevented me from cuming on Connor’s cock but now my brain was on fire. My husband had watched the boy from next door fill me with cum and now he was sucking and licking it out of my drooling pussy. Oh my God, Diary, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. My brain exploded and I came harder than than ever in my life.

It’s really happening, Diary, It’s not a dream or fantasy. It’s real. We’re both under his control now.


Dear Diary. It’s been a week since I made an entry, and what a week it has been. As I think back, it’s all a blur of Connor fucking me, or me sucking him. Of Mark eating my pussy until I scream, or shooting his cum into my mouth. Donnie has even been here twice to fuck me up the arse. He loves that. I’ve become a total addict to being controlled. A sex toy for my teen neighbour and his friend. I am continually horny and my pussy is always wet. I can hardly get through a night at work now. Connor lets himself in day and night, regardless of whether Mark is home or not.

Yesterday, Connor dropped a bomb on us. He has ordered Mark to move his stuff into the spare bedroom so he can sleep with me whenever the mood strikes him. We spent last evening relocating all of Marks clothes and other stuff from “our” bedroom to “his”. Now Connor and his friend have access to my bed both day and night, and I know they will both take full advantage of that.

I cannot believe that this is actually happening to me. Where is this teenager getting all his ideas? I’m now sexually servicing three men on a continuous basis. My pussy is rubbed raw by cocks (Connor and Donnie), tongues (Mark’s), and fingers (mine). This is insane. I have become an unpaid whore, her bed available at a moment’s notice. Just the thought is making me wet again. OH GOD. This can’t be real.


Dear Diary. I can’t believe that it has gone this far. When Connor and I woke up this morning, he pushed me on my back and fucked me senseless. Then he announced that we were going to a party. The smirk on his face indicated that this was to be no regular party. As he was leaving, he told me to Google “Bukkake” and take notes.

Diary. I sat there in shock as I watched women get bathed in dozens of loads of cum as they knelt in the middle of a room. My mind was swirling with emotion as I watched several women receive the same treatment. As I watched the fourth woman take a sperm bath, I reached down to my pussy and came like a volcano. Is this the kind of party that Connor had planned? Who would be there? How many? I came again.

After supper, Connor came in and told me to get upstairs. When we went into “our” bedroom, he opened the dresser and picked out my hottest lingerie and told me to put it on. He directed me to apply makeup in a slutty fashion, and then led me downstairs. Mark was sitting in the living room when we came in I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Connor threw me my coat and I saw Mark pulling out his cock as we left.

I was almost naked under my coat as we walked next door, and the instant we entered the house he took my coat leaving me totally exposed. I almost died from humiliation when we walked into the living room. There was a drop cloth on the floor and five teenagers sitting around the room. I turned to Connor to plead with him not to make me do this, but he simply spanked my ass really hard and told me to get on my knees like the slut whore I was.

This was too much. I didn’t like this, didn’t want it, but Connor controlled me, owned me. I didn’t really have a choice. I moved to the center of the room and knelt on the sheet. In no time all six were surrounding me, cocks in hand. Connor just smiled down at me and told me to get to work. I took his cock in my mouth first, just to get started. Pretty soon I had a rigid cock in each hand, one in my mouth, and three more pressing and rubbing against me.

Just like I had seen in the movies, I alternated sucking and stroking each cock in turn, allowing these young men to use me for their pleasure. Since my hands were fully occupied, I had no way to pleasure myself, but that didn’t stop my cunt from drooling down my leg. This was far and away the most intense sexual experience of my life. I was on my knees in my neighbour’s living room and six teenage boys were using me as their cum slut.

As the action heated up, Connor ordered me to lean my head back and open my mouth. Every one of them sprayed their load of cum into my mouth or over my face. I was covered in it. It dripped down off my face and onto my chest and shoulders. My mouth was half full, but I knew not to swallow until Connor told me to. Once everyone had a chance to see my mouth and tongue covered in their goo, I was ordered to swallow, then use my fingers to gather the rest and eat it too.

The guys were going out to a concert so Connor told me to go home to Mark, reminding me that he wasn’t allowed to fuck me. He said that he would look after that when he came back. So here I am Diary, naked in my bed with my pussy soaking wet, waiting for my teenage owner to come in and use me as his toy, and I love it. Will I ever be able to return to normal after this? What is normal? Will there even be an after this?


Dear Diary. I can’t believe what has happened to my mind. I’m constantly horny. I can’t seem to get enough sex. It’s all I think about, day and night, and it has spilled over into my career. As a good looking nurse, I have had patients hit on me for my whole career. Here at the retirement home, there’s hardly a month that goes by that some geezer doesn’t try to cop a feel of my tits or ass. Bath time is particularly troublesome because the old guys are naked and the act of washing them is very intimate. There have been many occasions when the old men have achieved an erection, and several where they have begged me for a favour. I have always respectfully declined and made sure they washed their own privates.

Last night, was bath night for Mr. Johnston. He is a nice old gent who is very friendly with all the staff. Although he has never made a pass at me, I know he has a dirty mind because he is always telling us ribald jokes. I have no idea where he gets them from, but some of them make me laugh right out loud.

Anyway, about half way through his bath last night, He closed his eyes, leaned forward a bit and groaned. I thought he was having a stroke or heart attack and held his shoulders asking him if he was OK. As I leaned him back in the bath, he opened his eyes and looked up at me in a rather sheepish fashion and then nodded is head downward. I glanced down and saw a big stiff cock sticking up out of the bathwater.

I couldn’t help myself. My mind immediately appraised his cock as bigger that either Mark or Connor, but not as rock hard as their considerably younger members. It was sticking up from is mass of gray pubes, large and pale with a fat head, and my eyes were glued to it. Mr. Johnston whispered that it was the first hard-on he’d had in over six months, and lamented that he would have to waste this one too. He asked me for the washcloth so he could cover himself.

As I was handing it to him, be gently grabbed my wrist and started to guide my hand to his cock. When I started to pull away, he looked up into my face with pleading eyes and whispered “please”. My mind is not my own. I have been transformed into a total slut by my teenage master. That is the only excuse I have for what I did next. Yes Diary, I reached down with my wet soapy hand and wrapped my fingers around Mr. Johnston’s dick.

His groan this time was much louder his whole body stiffened at the contact. I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it and without thinking I brought my other hand up to help out. I now had two hands wrapped around the thick cock of a man who was considerably older than my own father, and I began to slowly and gently stroke up and down. He was stiff, not fully hard. There was still an unaccustomed softness there which, somehow, aroused me even more.

As I was lost in these thoughts, I suddenly felt his hands grope my tits, squeezing and kneading them. The front of my smock was instantly wet and my nipples sprang to attention. When Mr. Johnston saw and felt that, he moaned again and dribbled a load of thick goo over his cock and my hands. I was going to stop, but he begged me to keep going and as I did more and more of his cum dribbled out. I was a bit surprised there had been no squirt, just a slow flow like lava running from the volcano After about a minute of squeezing and stroking his softening member, he thanked me and told me to stop.

Suddenly my mind returned to me, and I freaked out. What in Hell had I just done? I could lose my job and my career for doing something like this. Mr. Johnston must have seen the panic on my face and he smiled, telling me not to worry, that he would keep the secret until next time when maybe I would be kind enough to use my mouth.

The smile never left his face as I quickly cleaned him up dried him off and helped him dress. When we left the tub room, I grabbed a fresh smock and stepped behind a curtain to change. Mr Johnston’s voice boomed in the empty room as he told me to come out of there and let him watch me change, or else. Timidly I pulled the curtain aside and opened my smock. I had worn a fairly sheer bra and Mr. Johnston’s eyes were riveted to my tits as the smock came off. As I was putting on the fresh one, he commented that perhaps next time I could save myself the trouble by bathing him topless if I didn’t want to get into trouble about tonight, that is.

When I heard those words, I felt my core melt. Another man was now going to take control of me. Not a teenager this time, but a man older than my own father. Connor thinks it is hilarious and told me I should blow every old geezer that gets hard in the bath. OH. GOD, Diary. What is happening to me? How do I keep getting myself into these situations? And, what am I going to have to do on bath night next time?


Dear Diary. How can I even begin to explain to anyone what my life has become? It is impossible to believe that a woman can have so much sex from so many men, none of whom is her husband.

Mark decided he needed to take a break. Actually Connor had something to do with that. The other night, Donnie had been in to give my ass a good fucking, and when he left, Mark came into the bedroom. I hadn’t touched him in over two weeks and his cock was as hard and straight as steel. He said he had watched me get fucked and my moans and begging had made him so horny he was going to fuck me.

I told him no. I reminded him about Connor’s demand that I not have sex with Mark any more, but it fell on deaf ears. Before I knew it, I was pushed onto my back and Mark had mounted me. He groaned loudly and shuddered as his thick hard cock entered my sodden pussy. I was just starting to warm up when I felt him stiffen and shoot a huge load of cum deep into my cunt. I was nowhere near my orgasm and I asked him to keep going, but he just slid off me and lay on the bed gasping for breath.

Well Diary, it seems to have come full circle. It is now my teen lovers who are bringing me to intense orgasms every day and night, and my husband who is unable to satisfy me. Tears of frustration and humiliation ran down my cheeks. Of course, Connor walked in at just that moment and started to laugh. He told Mark to get back to his room then took out his phone and sent a text.

I was on my knees kissing and licking Connor’s rigid cock and begging him for his cum when the doorbell rang. It was three huge teens, rugby players by the look. Connor let them in and then called Mark to come downstairs. They beat Mark senseless, then Connor offered me to them as a reward. As Mark lay moaning and gasping, I had my first triple penetration sex.

When it was over, Connor made me give him money for beer and they all left for the pub to celebrate. I spent the next 45 minutes tending to Mark’s injuries as cum dribbled from both my lower holes. When he was somewhat recovered, Mark told me that he was done with our game and he was leaving to bunk with a buddy until I came to my senses. I cried and begged, but in the end I watched as he packed a bag and left me there alone.

Connor came home drunk and bent me over the couch to drill my pussy with his hard young cock. In his drunken state, it took him forever to cum and by the time he did I was exhausted. When I told him that Mark had left, he just laughed, then called Mark a wimp and a pussy saying he was better off gone.

I’m alone at Connor’s mercy now dear Diary. Completely under this teenage boy’s control without any support or comfort from my husband, and my pussy is literally drooling at the prospect. What have I become?


Dear Diary. Connor has been increasingly insistent that I service the old men at the retirement home. He finds the idea of me fucking and sucking these old guys extremely arousing. Whenever he asks me about them, he is instantly hard and he fucks me like an animal every time he makes me tell him about it. I can’t help but think about how Mark used to do the same fantasizing about Connor. Are all men obsessed with such ideas?

The next morning I woke up with a little extra jump in my step. I quickly went through my morning routine, and threw on a random pair of shorts and t shirt to hide my thong while I went downstairs to grab a quick breakfast. Looking around the house, I made sure that nobody was home before I went back to my room to start making my profile for the swingers’ site. I even skipped the my usual morning jog because I just couldn’t get my mind off of what happened with my toy last night and my need to explore some more.

Getting back into my room, I turned on my computer and logged in. I made my way to the site and started to fill in my profile with all the important information:


Age- 18

Height- 5 feet

Weight-110 lbs



Sexual Orientation- Bi-curious

Looking for- Females, Couples, Cross-dressers, TV/TG

Location- Somewhere in Canada (You didn’t think I would really reveal that here did you?)


I know what you may be thinking, why didn’t I include males in the looking for section, but at the moment I thought it may have been easier for myself to start exploring my bi curiosity with a women in the room at the same time or with others like me. I just didn’t feel comfortable being on my own with a man yet. Key word being yet.

Under the section where we were to write a description of ourselves I wrote:


Hi everybody,

I’m a young Chinese male who would love to explore two things here, my desire to cross-dress and my bi-curiosity. I own a decent sized wardrobe, with matching shoes, wig and make up to make me very passable when I dress.

Also I am very open to trying new things because you just never know what you might like until you try it. I try to live by the rule of trying it at least twice before deciding whether I liked it or not. Where I draw the line is anything not safe or dirty, so condoms are a must and please, no watersports or anything along those lines. As for my experience, so far it is only limited to my own toys (a butt plug and dildo)

Hope to hear from you soon



Yes I go by the name Krista when I dress. I liked it, had a good ring to it and the way it sounded just made me feel good in general. After creating my profile with this information, I started to explore, and realized I didn’t put up and pictures yet. I took a look at how the pictures at this site were done and noticed they had two sections, one set for everybody who had a profile on that site and the other set was only for people that you allowed to see. At this point, I started to get excited, and almost ran across my room to the closet where I kept all my feminine clothes. I took out several outfits that I thought would attract some attention on the site and used them in my pictures. Normally I would have thought about using make up too, but because I was going to hide my face, I decided my shoulder length black wig was going to be enough.

I put on my first outfit and walked over to my full length mirror. It consisted of a pair of deep blue spandex leggings that hugged my curves in all the right ways, and one of those shirts that’s long enough to cover just below my bubble butt, but isn’t really a dress. Oh, the shirt was in white, before I forget to mention. I struck my first pose with my side facing the mirror, bending forward at the waist slightly, arching my back forward which made me stick out my chest a bit, and sticking out my butt a little in the back. Although I didn’t have much to speak of when it came to breasts, it was alright, the way my ass looked more than made of for it.

For the next picture, I added a pair of 5 inch white fuck me pumps to the outfit and walked back to the full length mirror. This time I decided to do a really provocative picture. I turned my back to the mirror; spread my legs a little farther then shoulder’s width apart, and bent over forward enough that it caused my shirt/dress to reveal a slight bit of my round ass. Deciding that I liked how these two pictures looked, I went back to my bed for my next outfit.

My next outfit was my favorite bikini. Both the bottom and the top where colored in a pattern where the blue gently faded into white. The top was a triangle top with tassel detailing that had the same color pattern. (If you don’t know what tassels are, think cowboys and the rows of little strands of fabric detailing along their different jackets and such). The bottoms were ring tie sides with a full cut back. To finish off this outfit, I put on a Blue Jays cap (snap back so it had room for a pony tail) and pulled my pony tail through it.

I decided to keep this pose simple because I thought the outfit was sexy enough as it is. I walked over to the mirror in my bare feet, and while looking at it, I placed my left hand on my hip, shifted my weight so it was almost entirely on my straight left leg. This caused me to bend my right leg a bit. Turning my head to the left, so my hair would fall on my right shoulder, I took the picture.

I decided I needed one more picture, and by this time I was having a lot more fun than I had realized so I got a little bit daring with this one. Staying in the same bikini, I basically gave myself a wedgie, revealing almost all off my butt cheeks. Walking back to the mirror, I struck a pose facing a way from it this time. This time I kept it really simple, I stood there with my legs a bit more than shoulders width a part, and again turned my head to the side so my hair would drape over my right shoulder again. But to add some punch to it, using my left hand I pulled on the bottom tie of my bikini top and took a picture, just as the two strings of the bottom strap were falling away from each other. Boy, did that have the effect I was looking for.

I had to admit, I never thought I would have it in me to take pictures like these let alone put them online, but my experience with that butt plug was really making me crave more, and pictures like these on my profile had to help right?

As I walked over to my computer I quickly retied my bikini top and adjusted it to fit comfortably in place. I decided these pictures would all go into the section that was visible to anybody had an account. They weren’t daring enough to have to control who got to see them. I ended up choosing my second picture with the first outfit (the one where I am in the spandex leggings with my back facing the mirror, bent over so that the shirt/dress barely covered my ass) as the main profile picture that was to be displayed by my name. I uploaded the pictures after some quick editing to hide my face. As hot and exciting as this was, I definitely didn’t want to be identifiable from these pictures. As I started to pack things up, my hand brushed by my dildo as I was putting my camera away.

Riding the adrenaline of taking those pictures and placing them online, I quickly grabbed the dildo and the bottle of lube and ran across to my bathroom. Good thing it was in the middle of the day and my parents weren’t home, or I would have a hard time explaining to them why their only son just ran across the hall in a bikini and holding a dildo. Now you may be wondering why I went to the bathroom again for this but think about it this way. The edge of the tub provided a great surface for the suction cup base of the dildo, it was a perfect height for me to ride it easily, and the shower was only a step away for clean up afterwards.

As I sat down in the bathtub, I placed the dildo on the edge of it again like I did with the butt plug the previous night. Now I may not have a lot of experience but I did know that I couldn’t fuck myself with the dildo right away without getting hurt. So I leaned back against the tub, shifted my hole so I had easy access, and I lifted and spread my legs allowing them to rest on the edge of the bath tub wall. I took the bottle of lube, got my right middle finger all slippery, and placed its tip on my hole. I started to apply some pressure, and let out a soft moan as I started to slip my middle finger in section by section, until it was completely buried in my ass. I slowly started to finger fuck myself, working my middle finger in and out slowly at first before rapidly picking up the pace as I was now really turned on and horny. After fingering myself until my cock got completely hard, I slowed down to drizzle a bit more lube on my hand and finger so that I could work in my index finger at the same time. As I slid in two fingers into my asshole, I let out a slightly louder moan, and began to finger fuck myself with reckless abandon. After a few strokes I worked in a third finger, leaving only my pinky and thumb on the outside. I continued to finger fuck myself hard and fast until I couldn’t take it anymore, and the lust for the dildo that had been building inside me had boiled over.

I took my hand and fingers out of my ass, to help me get up quickly and position myself over my dildo. I quickly lowered myself so that the tip was sitting at my now warmed up hole. Pausing there, I made sure to lube it up good, and slowly began to bury the 7 inch cock inside me. As inch after inch buried into me, I moaned in pure joy and ecstasy, the feeling of the dildo inside me just felt so right, it made me feel so full and content. Sitting on the tub edge, with all 7 inches inside of me, I started to rock my hips, in a circular pattern. Using my right hand, I steadied myself on the tub, and using my left hand I began to slowly stroke myself a bit. I continued to rock my hips around in the circular pattern grinding against the dildo that was attached to the tub, moaning, and stroking myself. Slowly I picked up the pace of both grinding against the dildo that was completely buried in me and stroking my cock. The pace got quicker and quicker until I could no longer hold on, and started to shoot a stream of cum. I came so hard, that the first two shots actually hit the bottom of my chin, something I have never done before.

After my first orgasm had finished and I had regained some composure, the first thought was not that I should clean up, it was that I still wanted more. I needed more. Looking around the bathroom, I tried to find something I could use to help make me cum again when my eyes settled on the vibrator I normally used for muscle massages. I slowly got up, feeling the dildo slide out of me slowly, until with a quiet popping sound it came free. I walked over to get the vibrator and plugged it in. Next I went back and got my dildo off the bath tub and took it back with me to where the vibrator was lying. Placing both toys near me, I lied down on my back on the carpet on the bathroom floor. Carefully I re-lubed the dildo, and with my right hand I reached down between my legs and positioned it in front of my asshole for another good fucking.

Slowly I started to fuck myself with the dildo. At the same time using my left hand, I took the vibrator and put it over my now soft cock, and turned it on to the “low” setting. As the machine came to life with a low humming sound I started to moan softly and began to fuck myself faster with the dildo. I continued to work the dildo in and out while making sure to apply a constant pressure on the vibrator to keep it in place. Slowly but surely I felt the sexual tension start to build again as my cock came back to life, stiffening up slowly but surely. I started to angle the dildo in a way that with every thrust into me, it would stimulate the prostate and boy did that ever feel good. I started to pick up the pace with the dildo and after fucking myself like that for a good five minutes, with every thrust hitting stimulating the prostate, I was almost ready to cum again. At this point I threw the vibrator into its “high” mode, and within a few seconds I started to cum again! My legs started to spasm and twitch and my whole body began to shake as I let out a loud moan (I didn’t care if anybody had heard me at that point, it just felt so damn good).

I didn’t shoot as big a load (who can cumming this close together) but the orgasm was still as strong as my first one that happened only a few minutes earlier and actually left me a bit weak in my knees. After I turned off the vibrator, I just lay there in my after orgasm glow, with my dildo still buried completely inside me and the only thing that I could think of was how much I just enjoyed that.

After cleaning up the washroom and a quick shower, I changed into a new outfit, a matching powder blue thong and bra set, and went downstairs for some lunch. After a quick lunch, I went back upstairs to my room and decided to check in on the swingers’ site seeing if I had received any early hits on my account. I know I know, it was early and I shouldn’t expect anything, but I just couldn’t help it. Logging in, I saw that I had a few hits and one message in my inbox. Most of the hits according to the site were from single males which I didn’t want to meet with at the moment, but I took a quick peek at their profiles anyways just in case for later. I mean just because I didn’t want them now, doesn’t mean I won’t want them later if they’re hot.

When I got to the last profile I noticed the name “MrAndMrsT” and quickly went to look at their profile. The profile was not very detailed, but it did provide some good information. MrT was 29 and MrsT was 27. They didn’t list any other physical description, but judging from their two pictures, they took good care of themselves and were actually pretty hot. Scrolling down in their profile I noticed one other valuable piece of information, they lived in the same city as me! Granted that could still mean an hour’s drive away in the best of traffic, but an hour is better than being outside of regular travelling range completely. Scrolling to the bottom of the page, I found their short description/essay about themselves and started to read. It started off with the regular stuff about being polite professionals and discretion is required. They listed a few other non-important things, and just when I thought I wasn’t going to learn anything valuable from this mini “about me” essay they wrote I came across the following line:

“Both of us are very interested in Cross-dressers or TG/TV, especially Asians and Latinos”

If I wasn’t so “drained” from my morning activities, that line would have gotten me really excited. I mean, what are the chances I would’ve found somebody this quickly? I thought to myself, this site may really be worth it. Still riding the high from reading the profile, I just barely remembered about the message in my mailbox. I opened it and found the following message:



Just saw your profile, and the pictures of you are really hot. We would love to chat with you some time. Feel free to add us on Skype at ******.


P.S. Don’t take this the wrong way, but MrsT doesn’t think you’re really. She thinks the pictures are too hot to be true. Would love it if you could help me prove her wrong.


After reading the message I was stunned. After being made fun of for so long because of my looks, somebody thought I was hot. And one of them actually thought I was too hot to be true! My luck was really beginning to turn around. I quickly wrote them a reply saying thank you and that their pictures were very good looking too. I added at the end that I would love to chat with them on Skype, and assured them that I was definitely real.

Over the next two days I never did see them come online, and never received a reply from them on the swingers’ site. I assumed that they had forgotten about me, or worse, they were playing me for a fool. I know I shouldn’t have been too upset about it, but I was. For once it seemed like somebody out there actually accepted me for who I was, and then it was torn away from me again. It was the third night after the original exchange when I came home ready to delete them from my Skype when I saw the message from them. It read:



Sorry for not replying for so long. Things just got hectic here for a few days and we couldn’t get on. Can you do tomorrow at 11am?



I answered and told them that 11am tomorrow would be great and that I looked forward to seeing them. I made sure to set the alarm early so I would have time to get up and get ready properly. The whole nine yards, makeup, hair, clothes, everything to make a good first impression. That night I went to sleep thinking and laughing about what a difference in my personality when I am Krista compared to when I am not. Krista was outgoing and confident. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it. When I wasn’t Krista, things were completely opposite, on the other side of the scale. I fell asleep that night thinking, wouldn’t it be nice being Krista full time? To always be so outgoing and confident would be nice for a change.

To be continued………..

It was the third weekend after Paul and Ali’s visit when Rachel expressed an interest in seeing the pictures we had snapped of our evening of debauchery. They captured the moment well and the girls looked very sexy. Rachel joked we should have had a professional photographer capture it in the style of a wedding or something– before, during and after. I responded by asking if this was just a cheeky way of getting a third cock in the room. Rachel denied it and I believed her, but I also think she took to the idea.

Sex between us was still on a high after the visit and I was enjoying the anal rubicon we had crossed from time to time: Rachel would let me penetrate her ass if I had made a good job of getting her off and she had any energy left. She would lay her clit on a vibrating back massager and plant a dildo in her sex that picked up the vibrations off the tool on her clit. I would massage her ass and then slowly slide my well lubricated cock into her. She insisted that I pull out to cum as she wasn’t ready for the mess yet as she perceived it. I knew I could pretend that I had just gotten over excited and do it anyway but thought better of it. She loved it but was still a little nervous. I now understood exactly what it meant for your wife to bite the pillow. She was now having regular chest flushes from the sex in her butt as well as the normal way.

Ali and Paul had been in touch and they were clearly enjoying the post event sex too. Paul had sent me a pic of Ali; she looked flushed and very sexy. It was a picture of just her head and shoulders; she had spunk running down her chin. I asked Rachel to toss me off over it so we could send a pic back of me cuming on it to show them we liked it. Rachel was happy to oblige and demanded we send one of her naked in the shower too. Paul texted back that he loved the reminder of their post run workout.

All these photos had set Rachel off talking about getting some done professionally and we scoured the internet for a local (but not too local) photographer. There are plenty of boudoir photographers out there, I was a little surprised at how many. I asked Rachel if she wouldn’t be more comfortable with a female taking the pics but she said part of the fun would be giving a rise to some random guy. I picked a couple that were within an hours’ travel and emailed them from a new email address that I created for the purpose.

I outlined broadly that we wanted husband wife glamour shots with the emphasis on the woman. I asked about privacy and confidentiality etc. A couple of days later I checked the account and both had come back saying that they could oblige. One had put a little more effort in and sent a link to the sort of thing they had in mind. I liked this because they weren’t sending their own clients photos but had obviously thought about it. That night I lined up a couple of photography stories from the loving wives section for Rachel and once the kids were in bed gave Rachel a back massage whilst she read them. They both involved the girl ending up either fucking the photographer or his assistant(s). Rachel asked as I fingered her pussy how the search was gong and I told her. She said simply, “Arrange a visit it sounds great, now put your cock inside me”.

My cock was raging hard because of her response and that night neither of us lasted long and sleep came early. She must have been tired out though because after I came inside her she just crashed out. Next morning I was treated to a rare sight. Rachel’s pussy was all covered in mostly dried spunk and smelt of me. We made love before she bathed as it turned us both on so. That day I rang Jeff the photographer and made an appointment for a consultation.

We talked on the way there and agreed that this would have to be a cash transaction and that we needed to keep our surname private to keep things simple. The studio was at Jeff’s house which seemed to work for Rachel. I’m not sure she would have been willing to get her kit off in some city centre studio. The studio and office was in a wooden building on the drive of Jeff’s house. He was clearly doing well in his chosen profession. Jeff came out to meet us and showed us into the office and around the studio. Neither was anything special but they were clean and warm. It suddenly occurred to me that the studio didn’t have a bed and it dawned on me there really was no good reason it would have. Jeff was slightly younger than us by his looks and quite fit looking. He seemed like a sincere guy and Rachel made it obvious she was comfortable with our chosen photographer.

Before we could start getting into detail his wife popped in and offered us a drink. I wondered if she was just curious to see who had made the out of the ordinary request. She brought coffee over for us and stayed as Jeff had started to run through some pics on a memory stick I had brought with us that I had copied off the Internet; to illustrate the kind of thing we were after. Jeff’s wife was called Simone and she said she thought Rachel was being brave but would really be glad she had done it. She said Jeff had taken loads of pictures of her but that was no big deal posing for your husband. I thought about asking to see some, she was very pretty, but the moment came and went. Jeff moved through the jpegs to a pic showing a girl on her knees with a cock in her hand ready to be swallowed and we all went quiet. Simone was the first to speak and she said, “Well, we don’t have any of me doing that, but we might have to do something about that!”

We all laughed and the tension was broken. I piped up that she should turn away if she was easily offended as they got more explicit from here on in. Instead she pulled up a stool. In the main the pics showed pretty girls going from a dressed to a naked state and there were the obligatory coupes sex shots too. We explained that Rachel wanted something sexy that she might put up on a wall but not brazen or it would frighten the children, as well as recording what great shape she was in for posterity. I explained I wanted some shots of her for me to masturbate over when I was away from home. I said these would ideally include full sex and oral shots. I told Jeff and Simone how great Rachel looks in her Lycra running gear and wanted some of the shots to show her undressing out of this sort of gear. I asked if the studio could accommodate these requests and Jeff said he was sure it could.

Simone seemed more on the ball and said they had some beanbags and big cushions they could bring over. The final jpeg showed a girl with a cock in her sex and another in her hand. Simone giggled and said she definitely wanted that one herself. I explained that I had tried cutting and pasting such shots and wondered if Jeff might have more success. I went on to explain the challenge, which is the skin tone changes as the light bounces differently off the female body in its single position as the male appears at each end and it is obvious that it is fake. Jeff said he would think about it. Jeff showed some if his own work next and we were impressed, Simone left us to it at this point. There was one very clear black and white picture of an anonymous lady’s ass sticking up as she knelt on her hands and knees. The pussy detail was amazingly clear and it just looked arty not pornographic. The scene was obviously in a wood and Jeff explained it was actually Simone out in their back garden. My cock twitched.

We agreed a time and a date to come back. Simone popped back out as we were heading to the car and asked if we minded if she chaperoned her husband for the shoot and offered to fix Rachel’s hair and makeup too. We agreed and Jeff’s parting advice was to wear loose clothes on the day to avoid obvious bra or pant marks on our skin.

As we drove away I confessed to Rachel that I had had a hard when she had described what she wanted to do. She quipped she hoped I had no problems on the day and she suggested we stop in a lay-by so I could feel how wet she was. Even as I was pulling off the road she was sliding her shorts and pants down. She laid her chair back and opened her legs. I climbed over and opened my trousers and pushed my cock into her. There was no resistance at all. It wasn’t exactly comfortable but we managed a few strokes before I climbed back into my seat and said, “You can keep those off until we hit home.” Whenever I could I rubbed her clit as I drove along, I couldn’t make the angle to finger fuck her but was glad the car is automatic. And no she didn’t flash any truckers if you are wondering; she’s not that type of girl.

That night as Rachel lay beneath me grinding herself on my cock I asked what she thought of our visit and our appointment. After a lot of shallow breathing and a very flushed chest she answered me. She said she like Jeff and his wife and thought the pictures he took were generally what she was after, but she worried that I might get the porn ones I was after. I reassured her that I was comfortable with it all and then after a few long strokes emptied my sacs into her. I don’t think it was recalling the picture of Simone’s pussy that sent me over the edge so quick, I’m sure it was just the general excitement of it all.

For the next few weeks I drank no beer and spent a lot of time doing aerobic exercise as well as the usual dips and bars. There were lots of abs exercises done by us both. Rachel even appeared one day having been for a spray tan, she had clearly been very brave as there was no pale skin left anywhere. She looked great with a tan. Although the excitement was growing we abstained for the two nights before our visit. This was hell as Rachel spent a couple of hours sorting out her best underwear, stockings and Lycra. I talked through with Rachel at some stage my one insecurity. I didn’t want to look like the guy with the average cock beside the gorgeous woman and highlighted how in the first minute or do after a good orgasm my cock is much longer, harder and broader than at any other time. She sweetly reassured me on this point and agreed that for my ego if I got to empty my sacs on Simone’s cushions she would ensure that Jeff captured it well and that my cock looked huge.

The next morning Rachel woke to a cup of tea and an Agent Provocateur gift box. I walked the dogs, fed the horse and dropped the kids at school whilst Rachel bathed and packed. Rachel never normally goes commando so knowing she was doing so as we drove to Jeff’s was a cruel torment.

Once in the studio Simone appeared with her makeup bag and tongs. The girls went into the studio. I sat down and thought we were in for a long wait. Actually they appeared back in 10 minutes flat each of them clutching a full glass of wine. Presumably their second from their aura. Rachel had obviously got dressed with Simone knocking about near her, though I couldn’t be sure she had been watching. Jeff and I had agreed there was little point in doing lots of shots of Rachel clothed so after only one or two shots of Rachel in a blue Polo Ralph Lauren dress he photographed her removing it and revealing her new black stockings, suspenders and push up bra. Rachel looked amazing posing for the camera. Even before she got naked I was hard looking at her flat defined stomach, the knickers that revealed the line of pubic hair and her breasts looking like they could tumble out of the bra at any moment. She did a variety of sexy catalogue poses both standing and laid out on the cushions.

I mentioned that the knickers were ouvert and Jeff said he would bear that in mind. Simone busied herself with all the details as Jeff worked through a series of shot instructing her on how to position Rachel; making sure stocking tops were straight and that rogue hairs were put back in place. I wondered if Rachel was conscious of this attention. It was doing it for me. Simone was in tight Lycra shorts and a vest top. She had clearly thought about how hot it would be under the studio lights. Rachel had no issues with obeying the instructions and Jeff asked at what point I might want to get involved. I said I was there to make the starlet look good and nothing else. He said well get naked then. He took a series of shots of Rachel in all her finery posing with my muscular toned body and finished the set with a couple of her holding my cock and rubbing it on her face. He was as keen as I was to get her out of those clothes but for different reasons perhaps. He wanted to avoid red marks; I wanted to fuck my wife in front of these two strangers. Rachel was clearly a bit buzzed and finished the second glass of white wine.

Before she removed any of the clothes we did a couple of shots of me fingers a couple of finger penetrating her through the ouvert pants and then her sucking my cock. Then she began removing the clothing and substituting each item initially for a cushion before brazenly showing her body to the camera. When she was naked and with her bum up in the air Simone produced from nowhere a glass dildo and handed it me. She squeezed a little lube on it and I posed holding it to Rachel’s sex. I opened her petals with it and when encouraged by our host began sliding it slowly in and out of her. She moaned and started tweaking her own nipples. The camera caught all of this. We finished with a shot of her laid on the cushions with the glass dildo half buried in her sex whilst I fucked her mouth with my over excited cock.

The next scene was more related to what we had planned and involved Rachel posing in her Lycra sportswear. We had brought her road bike wear as it is better suited, with zip top and bib shorts, to a sexy undress montage. I had my cycle wear too and Jeff captured us undressing and kissing. There were pictures of Rachel with her top almost completely unzipped and then flapping exposing her breasts, her nipples hidden behind the bib short braces and then finally taking her top off with her hands high above her head and me shielding her breasts from the camera standing behind her with my head resting on her shoulders. We did a similar one when she was naked and then in the same pose with my cock protruding from her pussy lips as I stood behind her- I was very excited. I loved seeing her in just the bib shorts, she has such a hot body.

The time was flashing by, literally. And we quickly progressed to some arty nudes and I sat naked next to Simone. I pulled a towel over my manhood and she laughed saying it was too late to be shy. She nudged me and pointed at Jeff’s pants. She whispered that she was in for a good time after we left. I replied I was sure we would all be. She quipped that she was looking forward to seeing me having mine very soon. Jeff must have heard as I was soon back on set. Jeff had the camera setup on a low tripod now and the image was clear to us on a monitor. He operated it by a small remote and Simone stood by to change the angle. She seemed to know what she was doing and changed it a few times before he had even asked. Jeff was increasingly hands on making sure that Rachel was exactly where he wanted her for the shot. When it came to the most intimate shots he was rubbing her nipples to make them hard and moving her labia about. I was enjoying this and my cock when it was required was doing me proud. I said to Jeff he needed to give the lips a gentle rub for a minute to make them fill and glisten. He didn’t need a second invitation. Rachel moaned softly as he rubbed her sex.

As he continued to play with her pussy Rachel motioned for my cock and made a mess of her lipstick. Simone made sure all of this was captured for posterity. Whilst Simone reapplied the lipstick I explained to Jeff that things had gone pretty much as far as I was comfortable with. He took this well but asked if I would be interested in Simone being in the shots whilst Rachel and I fucked. What he had in mind was a naked female voyeur masturbating in the background. I said that sounded cool but that there would need to be a good mix of shots. Some with Simone and some without.

I wasn’t disappointed. Jeff explained the idea to the girls and Simone was more or less instantly naked. Simone was a brunette too and had a little landing strip of pubic hair atop her pussy. She too had an all over tan and her breasts were big enough to be hiding implants; if they were they were good ones. Jeff put Rachel and me in a variety of poses showing Rachel being penetrated or giving / receiving oral sex. This was exactly what I was after and I wasn’t sure most of the time which ones Simone was in or out of. I didn’t really fuck Rachel; we really just posed for shots even when my cock was buried in her. The whole room was charged with sexual tension though.

Jeff asked how wanted to finish up and Rachel said she wanted me to cum over her face and chest as she kneeled upright, I knew she was doing this for me. Rachel wanked me hard and Simone slid a hand in from behind through my legs and massaged my scrotum. The attentions of two naked ladies was more than enough and I shots streams of spunk all over my wife as the camera shutter fluttered away. When I opened my eyes Jeff was naked and fucking his wife doggy style. He laughed and said, “It’s your turn with the camera”. I took a few shots of them as Rachel cleaned herself up. By which time Simone was riding Jeff who was laid on the floor on the cushions with his hands out massaging his wife’s ample breasts. I moved behind and took over; they were real, Jeff is just a lucky guy. Rachel insisted that I fuck her properly now as she couldn’t wait until we got home, she lay beside Jeff and I slid my rejuvenated cock into her. She worked my cock all over her pussy walls and her and Simone stoked each other’s breasts as us good husbands were royally laid by their wives.

Rachel wasted no time and milked my cock as hard as she could. Jeff followed suit driving his cock into his wife and cuming loudly, after a quick rest he started snapping away again. He took some pics of his wife as his cum leaked out of her and he took some more shots of Rachel in just her bra. These shots were with Rachel’s legs open in various poses standing, kneeling and leaning, all emphasising her swollen pussy lips. Rachel enjoyed this posing even more now that she was satisfied. She could see the effect on Jeff too; his cock became a flag pole again. Her eyes were following his cock wherever it went and I thought for a moment she was going to go well beyond what we had agreed. However Simone reappeared with more wine and helped Rachel pose for the finale. She posed for a couple that had my cock head just slightly in her ass. My favourite was with me laid out and her doing a crab over my body with my cock clearly going into her ass. Her face glowed and said it all, “I love this man and his cock”. The very last shots were with Rachel in the crab as above but with Simone fucking her with the glass dildo, by this stage my whole cock was buried in her secret passage. I could feel the glass dildo running up and down beside my cock and Rachel clamping down hard on both me and the dildo. Rachel was quickly exhausted with that very physical pose and we rested for a short time.

We dressed and said our goodbyes. By the time we had gotten home Jeff had setup a password protected vault and later that night we looked through the pics of Rachel in her finery and in her birthday suit. We were both very pleased. There was a great one of Rachel kneeling away from the camera but looking back over her shoulder with lustful eyes. I’m sure it had been my cock she was looking at. Rachel selected this one as a black and white portrait. None of the ones I liked would ever be printed but my favourite was one that was taken as I entered Rachel as she lay on some cushions. It captured the tautness of her vagina as it was stretched by my penetration and her facial expression filled with the lust of a woman getting something she wantonly needs. There were plenty of good shots for me to wank over whenever I was away from home. Jeff sensibly hadn’t put any of him fucking his wife in the vault but she was clearly visible in a couple of the shots of the shots of Rachel licking my cock, with her fingers buried in her pussy. In those final very physically demanding shots I was surprised to note that as well as penetrating my wife with the dildo Simone had been playing with Rachel’s clit too. No wonder Rachel had cum so hard and fast. Part of me had wanted Rachel to reposition herself so that she sat with my cock and the dildo in her so that she could wank Jeff. I confessed this to her and she said she recalled being mesmerised by his cock at some stage and wanting to suck it dry but partly because of our agreement and partly because she was so sensationally overloaded she hadn’t reach out to it. I would have loved seeing her suck a cock will being double impaled and even more so if she had sucked him dry.

Jamie had a dish of delicious spaghetti waiting on Dave when he arrived back from his weekend golf outing. He froze though when he entered the kitchen and spotted Jamie for the first time since Katherine and Taylor had given the girl a new makeover. Cutting her long brown hair and leaving in its place a styling that just barely covered her ears on the side with bangs in the front. Jamie had actually grown quite fond of the new look and embraced the new Jamie.

“What did you do to your hair?” exclaimed a surprised Dave.

“A new look for me, like it?” Jamie asked actually beaming over her make over.

“Well it’s different,” Dave tried to reassure himself. “What possessed you to cut it so short?” If only he knew a crazed lesbian had gotten hold of it in a frenzy filled moment.

“I don’t know, just a change of pace,” Jamie shot back trying to appear sincere. Dave continued to look her over and then reached into the fridge for a cold beer. He was far from enthused, preferring the long brown locks that he had known since high school.

Jamie and Dave sat in the den watching TV as they enjoyed a dinner together for the first time in several days. The young girl tried to engage her boyfriend in conversation about the weekend with his buddies but Dave seemed more intent with catching up with scores on ESPN.

Realizing her man was getting more involved in a baseball game, she retired to her bedroom with a Neil Gaiman book she had purchased. Jamie had fallen asleep when Dave slid into the bed wearing just a pair of gym shorts which he typically slept in. As Jamie woke up, she slid her head onto his bare chest, lightly moving her small hand across his broad shoulder. Jamie reached up and tenderly kissed his warm cheek and stretching… his lips.

Dave had been her whole world since high school and now she was so mixed up. She loved him but she also knew, she loved being with Katherine and Taylor. She loved their touch, the way they made her feel. What’s more she loved what she did with them, tasting their sweet young pussies.

Jamie swept her hand down Dave’s hard abdomen and rested it lightly on the top of his shorts, feeling the familiar cock, just waiting to come alive as she moved her hand slowly, grasping, feeling as the cock began to swell under her expert touch. She didn’t wait for an acknowledgment from Dave. She slid down and pushed the shorts just past his cock and balls as she took the warm member in her mouth as it began to fill her moist cavity. Her tongue began teasing its head as she coated the hardening shaft with her slick saliva.

Soon his cock had reached its full seven inches as she moved her head up and down, twisting slightly as she had always done, making Dave groan as his cock stiffened. Jamie couldn’t help but think of a couple of nights earlier when Katherine made her suck on Taylor’s strapon. The 9″ cock stretched her mouth wide as Taylor often pushed too far making her reflectively gag on the huge cock.

She tried to get the images of Taylor out of her head as she moved her lips up and down on Dave’s soft warm shaft until she finally needed to feel his firm cock in her womb. Jamie climbed up and straddled Dave’s body as she eased her already wet pussy down on his stiff cock. Using her hands she pushed up and down, taking his whole member in as he groaned, and his eyes closed with delight.

Jamie moved faster and faster, more deliberate as she toyed with her own little clit. She wanted them to cum together, to climax the way they always had. She loved him. Dave was her lover. They were meant to be together.

Dave rose off the bed and his toes clenched as he moaned loudly, his legs tensing up as he shot stream after stream into her hot wet cunt. Within seconds his body went limp signaling his orgasm had subsided as Jamie slowed her pace coming to a halt as well. She eased down and kissed Dave lightly on the lips, holding her position for a few seconds as she rolled off and went into the bedroom bath, sitting on the toilet allowing Dave’s spent cum to seep from between her soft lips.

It never really occurred to her before tonight about their typical lovemaking ritual – his climax and then her hasty retreat lest she leave a big wet spot in the bed where she would sleep for the fest of the night. Feeling his cum drain out, she peed before wiping off and returning to the bed where Dave was already breathing deeply.

She was unsure if he had already fallen asleep as she cuddled up behind him. She thought about how different it had been over the weekend, a rapid succession of orgasm after orgasm with Kat and Taylor. Jamie flipped onto her back and let her soft warm hand wander to her shaved cunt. Her slender finger slipping in as she brought it up to her mouth, wetting it before returning it back to her anxious clit. Taylor had loved sucking on Jamie’s tits and she twisted her own nipples as she fantasized about Taylor sucking on them now while Katherine fucked her with her strapon like she did last weekend.

God how she had loved it when Taylor ate her pussy, moving her tongue as far as she could up her canal. Jamie’s fingers worked her clit which began to throb, pulse, as she imagined Taylor sucking on it as Kat sat on her face, offering her sweet pussy to Jamie’s tongue. She felt a warm rush over her pussy, her orgasm working its ways from her toes to her fingers as her clit throbbed. Jamie came softly, quietly and then drifted off to sleep.

It was mid week before she received a cell call from Kat asking if she would consider going with her on a photo shoot that Thursday. Jamie informed Dave she might be out shopping and he saw no problem with that as he intended to work late anyway. It was so easy to trick him. She wasn’t sure if that made her feel better or worse. Jamie wondered exactly what assistance she could possibly provide Kat but she didn’t ask her mistress. She simply acknowledged she would be ready. She had to – free will didn’t even enter in to it anymore.

Kat had asked Jamie to dress professionally in a blouse, grey dress and high heels. She of course still wore the thick silver necklace Kat had given her as a symbol of her complete submission. Dave had asked why she was wearing it to bed earlier in the week as she normally removed all her jewelry. But she just indicated it was something she picked up shopping and she really liked it dismissing his question.

Getting in the car, Kat explained that Jamie herself would be the subject of the shoot along with another model she had had worked with before. It would start off with Jamie wearing her professional attire but quickly evolve into an S&M scene.

Kat could see the apprehension in Jamie’s face and she knew, without her saying so, she was concerned about the distribution of the photos.

“The pictures themselves will remain my intellectual property but a few will be purchased by a woman for her private collection. We will also all be paid quite well,” Kat assured.

“So, who’s going to see these photos,” Jamie inquired.

“There will be a few for her private album and she typically takes one or two of them from which she makes a print for her home. At least that’s what’s she done in the past,” Katherine acknowledged.

“A print for her home, like to go up on the wall?” Jamie asked.

“Well that’s up to her, does it turn you on to imagine yourself on public display” Kat asked teasingly. Jamie looked away, it was a moment before she spoke again.

“So you know this lady?” Jamie pressed.

“Yes, very well,” she assured her.

“Why me?” Jamie quizzed.

“I’m shooting it in black and white and with your skin tone, as light as you are, it will be a stark contrast. Plus, I think it’ll be hot for the both of us,” Kat went on.

The girls pulled up in front of what appeared to be a warehouse downtown which had been renovated into studio apartments. “Look, if you want to bail, I’ll call Taylor but I think you’d be perfect,” Kat said giving her a last opportunity to get out of it.

“No, I enjoy you taking pictures of me. Besides, I’ve missed you and I’m a bit horny!” Jamie smiled.

“Well, one more thing,” Kat added. “I said I’m shooting it in black and white. A little S&M deal,” “Yea” acknowledged Jamie.

“The other model is a black woman,” Kat said her eyes staring straight into Jamie’s. Kat’s words hung in the air as Jamie thought about what she had just said. The other woman, another lesbian, was African American. While she didn’t consider herself prejudice in any way, there had been few black women at the schools where Jamie grew up giving her little contact with blacks until she went to the University of Colorado.

“Do you know that actress Joy Bryant that stars in Parenthood on TV?” inquired Kat.

“No,” Jamie admitted.

“Well she’s a former model and really hot. Tiffany looks a lot like her. Really nice figure, and a good bit taller than you, about 5’10″ with gorgeous brown skin. She’s really got it going on,” Katherine smiled.

“Well,” Jamie paused, “Let’s go meet her.”

Katherine and Jamie took the elevator to a fourth floor studio apartment where a tall, slender black lady in a beige housecoat opened the door. Just as Kat had stated, Tiffany was stunning. “Hey baby,” Tiffany exclaimed as she kissed Kat loudly on the lips, hugging her before pulling back and appraising Jamie. “And you must be Jamie. Please come on in.”

The girls spent a few minutes getting familiar before Tiffany got down to business removing the housecoat revealing a black leather corset which barley contained her ample breasts, black panties and high heels. Tiffany seemed to tower over Jamie even though she too wore heels. Kat’s camera began catching images as Tiffany pulled the brunette toward her, roughly, as Jamie felt her warm sweet breath on her face as Tiffany’s soft pink tongue rolled out of her mouth like a snake and licked the girl’s face…slowly.

Jamie was made to undress an article at the time as Kat captured every moment until she was completely naked. Tiffany then produced a black collar with a little silver hoop which she instructed Jamie to put on. Jamie was just about to tell her she was forbidden to remove her necklace when Kat said it was acceptable to trade the collar for the necklace.

Jamie was also provided matching ankle and wrist restraints, also black with silver hoops. Once the leather was in place, Tiffany pushed the younger girl down to her knees, pulling her face to her leather clad pussy telling her to lick her there. Lick her pussy through the leather.

Jamie did as she was instructed to do as her head was pushed further down, licking the woman’s bare legs and then the tops of her high heel shoes in an act of total submission. Jamie was required to pull down the woman’s panties and began tonguing her dark brown pussy lips with a soft pink core.

Jamie was surprised at how much the strong smell of the woman’s sweet pussy, mixed with the leather affected her as her head felt light and she felt a rush through her body. Jamie’s pink tongue eagerly lapped at the black woman as Tiffany teased her, “Lick that fucking cunt bitch. Get you some black pussy baby.”

Tiffany stopped long enough to remove the leather corset, her gorgeous mocha breasts exposed with the large dark nipples. Tiffany had an elaborate tattoo, a series of black stars that started to the right of her pussy, moved up her hip, along her side and became smaller and more compact as they reached her right breast just at her hardening nipple. Tiffany was every bit as attractive as Kat had mentioned and sexier than Jamie could have imagined.

The older black woman who appeared to be in her mid thirties, about ten years older than Jamie, now stood in front of Jamie, legs spread in only a pair of black heels. Jamie herself was completely nude, withstanding the leather collar and restraints indicating her complete submission.

Tiffany pulled the woman up and forced the young girl’s mouth to her erect dark nipple that Jamie hungrily took into her eager mouth. She sucked trying to draw as much of her breast as possible into her mouth as Tiffany pulled her head back sharply by her short brown hair, and then squeezing her cheeks making her mouth open reflexively, allowing a wad of saliva to drain down in a thread from her mouth to Jamie’s.

Kat captured it all as Jamie’s eyes grew wide but she accepted it willingly as a smile of wicked delight swept across Tiffany’s face, a realization that this young girl would do anything she required.

She pushed her head back hard to her tit, “Suck it, suck my nipple slut. You want some of mama’s milk don’t you baby. You like sucking on that juicy tit. Get you some baby,” Tiffany purred as Jamie licked and mouthed the black woman’s titties.

Tiffany then pushed Jamie back down on her knees again and turned around spreading her cheeks. “Lick me there baby. Lick my ass. Show mama how much you like my ass.”

Jamie had a crazed look in her eyes as she dove her face between Tiffany’s soft brown cheeks. She pulled the woman’s bronze globes apart and jabbed her soft pink tongue at Tiffany’s dark opening. Her saliva leaving a wet trail across her skin as Jamie became a woman possessed. She was so turned on! Her whole mind just went away. She felt so naughty, so dirty licking this woman’s ass but she loved it. She couldn’t get enough as she pushed her tongue into Tiffany’s tart ass. It tasted sweet and forbidden and she realized she could lick her there all night but Tiffany had other plans.

She roughly dragged the poor girl who didn’t have a chance to get off the floor as she was pushed onto a bed in the corner of the room. Tiffany moved to the four corners and pulled each limb tight, her arms to the corners of the headboard over her head as her tits were thrust out. Her legs likewise as Tiffany stopped momentarily to admire the perfectly pedicured toenails painted burgundy. Tiffany thought about tickling the soles of her feet but thought better of it as she went into an exposed kitchen and brought back a bucket of ice.

The black mistress took cubes and moved it lightly, ever so slowly over the delicate flesh. The ice cold sensation caused bumps to pop up on Jamie’s white flesh, drawing soft moans. Tiffany traced patterns around her cute breasts, little circles as the ice melted, cold water dripping down the sides of her tit but Jamie still refused to cry out. The ice almost felt as if it stabbed her nipples as Tiffany pushed the cold ice into her soft pink nubs which hardened, causing Jamie to groan loudly.

Then the black woman moved the ice down her taut smooth stomach, around her belly button until she reached her shaved pussy, teasing her delicate cunt lips causing Jamie to try to rise off the bed only to be held fast and secure.

Tiffany then produced a pair of nipple clamps, adjusting them before slipping one and then the other over Jamie’s hardened nipples. As each one was released and the tension took hold, it drew a sharp gasp from the captured brunette. All of this captured on Kat’s camera as she walked around the two taking in the decadent scene.

The black beauty then lit a white candle that she held over her submissive lover allowing the hot wax to drop, forming hard puddles on Jamie’s soft tender skin. Tiffany took delight in allowing the wax to fall on Jamie’s nipples which had already begun to turn white from the tension of the nipple clamps. The poor girl winced and shivered at each drop, both the pain and the pleasure were new to her.

Only when the brunette’s tits were coated in wax as was her pussy did Tiffany remove the clamps causing the blood to surge back into the swollen white nubs causing a painful yet exciting sensation in Jamie’s chest. It was a searing pain which reached to her pussy causing her to close her eyes and thrust her face to the side of the bed.

Tiffany went over to her dresser and pulled out a large strapon black dildo that had to be eleven inches and thick as she lubed it up. She unfastened the girl’s small tender feet but left her wrists shackled over her head as Tiffany adjusted herself between the young girl’s exposed pussy, the top of which was still coated in warm wax.

Generously applying lube to the girl’s cunt, Tiffany began working the large head in slowly causing Jamie to gasp. While it was only two inches longer than the cock Katherine had used on her that weekend, it was much thicker and it further stretched the girl’s tight opening.

“Fuck, oh my God, fuck!,” Jamie finally yelled. As the long black shaft began to inch its way into Jamie’s hungry pussy, Jamie could no longer control herself.

“Oh shit, fuck me. That feels so fucking good! It’s so fucking big… shit. Fill me up, fuck me, fuck my little white pussy with your big black cock.”

Jamie’s cries fed Tiffany’s zeal as she pushed harder, pushing the girl’s legs up and over her own. Kat couldn’t get over the contrast between Jamie’s snow white thighs over Tiffany’s mocha colored legs. Captured in black and white pictures, the contrast would be even more vivid

“Take that cock bitch. I’m getting me some of that white pussy. Kat said you was some kind of straight girl. Says you still got some boyfriend you shacked up with. He know you out here getting fucked by a black sista? He know I’m tapping that sweet little pussy of yours…stretchin’ ya’ hole?” Tiffany sneered.

“No, no he doesn’t know…oh shit,” Jamie cried her head thrashing side to side on the bed as the huge black cock filled her womb, stretching out her cunt. The black cock moved further into her unexplored pussy. Jamie didn’t think it possible to take so much cock as it traveled deep inside, forever changing the contours of her pussy which stretched and accepted Tiffany’s cock.

“Yea, well I’m fucking his bitch now. Matter of fact, you’re my little bitch now aren’t ya’? You’re mamas’ little slut, taking all my black cock, filling that little white pussy of yours. When I’m done with ya’, you ain’t never gonna’ want any of that little white dick no mo’. You gonna’ wanna’ be mama’s bitch from now on. My little ass lickin’ whore. Ain’t that right dyke?” Tiffany chided her.

The more Tiffany talked, the more graphic she sounded as her thighs slapped hard against Jamie’s legs. Kat was trying to get everything but she was getting so turned on herself watching the two lesbians go at it. She felt her own pussy throbbing as she stopped momentarily shooting the scene and rubbed her own pussy through her tight jeans.

“Yes, fuck me, make me yours. Give me your cock. I want to be your little lesbian slut, your whore. Fuck me mama, fuck me…fuuuucckkk that feels so fucccccking good,” Jamie cried as her body convulsed. Her pussy felt like it was literally on fire as Tiffany bent down and kissed the girl hard and passionately on the lips. Her thicker, bigger lips completely covering Jamie’s as the brunette’s tongue immediately filled Tiffany’s warm moist mouth, searching out her tongue, as wave after wave wracked her lean body.

“Shit, shit, shitttt!,” Jamie cried as her legs wrapped tightly around the black woman’s slender waist as Jamie’s pussy tried to pull her in. “Oh my God,” Jamie cried out one last time until she went completely limp, exhausted from the ordeal.

Tiffany pulled the long black shaft out of Jamie’s cunt, which gaped open and twitched from the assault. The cock was coated in a white film of Jamie’s cum that Tiffany had her clean off willingly. Satisfied that the dildo was properly wiped clean, Tiffany rose from the bed and unshackled the brunette whose hair was wet and matted to her face.

Tiffany looked down at her spent lover, “Did you enjoy that baby?”

“That…was fucking amazing,” Jamie shot back. “I’m not sure I have ever cum so hard in my life,” she added.

“And I got it all,” Kat affirmed as she held her camera. “Look, Tiffany, we gotta’ run. I need to get this one back to my apartment. The two of you have got me worked up bad,” Katherine admitted.

The alarm sounded and I hovered for a moment somewhere between sleep and wakefulness before I had the presence of mind to turn it off.

I stretched reaching out a hand for Steve only to met by empty bed, it took me a further minute or two of fuzzy headed recollection before I remembered that he was working away and would not be home until the next day.

Rolling over onto my back I kicked off the duvet, the early morning light seeping through the blinds and shading me in stripes of dark and light.

Feeling a little horny I ran my hands over my breasts squeezing them gently teasing the soft nipples until they hardened standing proud of the surrounding light brown areola, causing a slight dampness to spread between my legs.

With one hand I reached down trailing my fingers over my flat stomach, and along the tiny strip of hair that led to my mound, I drew one knee up and dangled the other leg off the edge of the bed.

Cupping my mound I pressed my fingers to my damp slit, spreading my legs wide as I began to rub back and forth pressing my index finger inwards between my lips.

Rolling over quickly I reached into the bedside table drawer, fumbling around for a moment before I found the long thin vibrator that Steve had bought me as a joke to use ‘when he was away’, I touched the tip to my pussy slowly dragging it back and forth resisting the temptation to plunge it between my lips, taking my time.

The soft vibrations seemed to spread throughout my entire body as I touched it to my clit, I held it there with the tip just making contact, until my juices started to trickle out from between my legs following the contours of my body, running between my cheeks and soaking the sheet.

At last I could stand it no longer, the vibrator met no resistance as I pressed it up and into my pussy until it was completely embedded, pumping the shaft in and out while stroking my other hand over my clit back and forth.

Nearing my peak I pushed the vibrator in as deeply as it would go, leaving it inside of me while I concentrated on rubbing my engorged clit, flicking my fingers back and forth over the sensitive nub, raising my ass up off the bed and rotating my hips, panting caught up in the need to climax, wave after wave of pure ecstasy pulsing through my groin as I tensed up, warmth flooded my fingers as my juices ran and I collapsed back onto the bed gasping at the intensity of my orgasm, pressing my fingers hard against my sex, the vibrator still humming happily deep inside as the last of the convulsions fade away.

I stretched tensing my thighs and squeezing them together not quite ready for the delicious feeling between my legs to fade away, still idly circling my fingers over my clit I brought on a second ‘mini’ orgasm, not nearly as intense as the first, but just as nice.

The second wave came quickly because I was so sensitive, my pussy tingled making me squirm with pleasure as the spasms gained strength, I held the vibrator deep between the wet folds of my labia by squeezing my thighs together until at last my orgasm faded away, leaving me sweaty, wet and spent.

I squeezed the muscles in my vagina, letting the vibrator slip out on its own then flopped back, totally relaxed and ready for the day to begin.

Taking a long hot shower I dressed in a plain white cotton summer dress, a little longer than the dresses I usually wear, sitting just below the knee but still sheer enough to be exciting.

It was the type of strappy dress that does not look good with a bra. Still feeling a little horny and naughty I decided if I wasn’t wearing one of my bras then there was no sense in wearing the matching panties.

Taking a Taxi into town I spent a good part of the morning window shopping.

It was a pleasantly warm day, with a nice breeze that flicked the edge of my thin dress around my legs, tickling the back of my knees the sensation of the soft cotton almost sensual on my skin, my nipples had responded to the thin material rubbing against them and were standing out, the outline and colour of them just about visible. I had drawn several admiring glances from passing men and was understandably feeling pleased with my self.

Riding on the escalators in the shopping centre I had noticed several men looking back at me as I got off them. I was puzzled at first as my dress was not short enough to give anyone standing behind me a glimpse of my bare ass then a little thrill ran through me as I realised that, when I neared the top of the escalator the sunlight pouring through the glass roof and windows of the mall would make it transparent.

As I was naked under the dress the outline would be quite revealing.

Despite my early morning fun I was feeling quite horny.

A new bar had opened and I decided to stop for a bite of lunch, opting for a light salad and large glass of wine. The place was a little crowded so I took my food out onto a patio area, taking a seat at a small table, the smooth wood of the chair cool through my dress fetching goose bumps up on my skin.

Finishing my drink I made my way to the crowed car, the lunch time office rush had started and I was roughly jostled as rude impatient people competed for the bar staffs attention, eager to be served before they had to return to work.

As I stumbled the guy behind steadied me by grabbing my hips.

I turned to thank him and came face to face with Sam. (See the story, visit).

“Hi”. He said, “Hope you don’t mind you looked like you needed a little help there.”

I wiggled my hips.

“You should know me better than that, what brings you down here.”

He shrugged. “Just work, meetings the usual boring stuff, we broke for lunch but to tell you the truth the deals almost done so I am in no rush to get back”

His hands were still on my hips, we were pressed quite close together and I could feel the heat coming off his palms, his musky cologne was subtly pleasant and the slight bulge in his crotch pushing my left buttock didn’t go unnoticed.

I was beginning to get a little damp between the legs.

Leaning back into him I looked over my shoulder and whispered.

“Do you still have a copy of those pictures from the last time we me?”

He flushed a little. “Yes of course I have, I won’t forget that day in a hurry.”

“I’m feeling a little horny; would you like to play a little game?” I whispered.

“What here?” He said a little shocked.

Pushing my hand back between us I touched my finger tips to the front of his trousers, tracing the outline of his cock, he almost jumped but the press of people around us prevented him from pulling away.

“Use your hands to guess what kind of panties I’m wearing.” I said.

He ran his hands over my hips, rubbing hard with his thumb to try and find the outline of my panties. He eventually worked out that I wasn’t wearing underwear and moved one hand over my lower stomach pulling me in even closer.

He whispered in my ear. “I don’t think you’re wearing any.”

Gathering the material of my dress up in the fingers of one hand I slowly pulled it up at the back, lifting it until one cheek was exposed.

Rubbing my ass against his growing bulge I said.

“Do you want to check me out just to make sure?”

Holding me close as we were gently jostled by the crowd he dropped a hand to my side and caressed up along the back of my thigh and over my buttocks.

Holding and squeezing them one at a time he sent electric jolts through my body by sliding a single finger gently along the crack, tickling between them as he explored the soft skin there.

My tummy did a little flutter, this was so surreal. I was in public with my dress bunched up, my bare ass being caressed by a guy who had previously watched me strip for him within the first hour of meeting up for the first time and the people around us so self absorbed that they were unaware of the near naked woman standing next to them.

His touch was making my pussy tingle and I was feeling naughtier every second.

He rested his hand at the bottom of my cheek cupping it and whispered.

“I think I am pretty confident you aren’t wearing any panties.”

“Best to be sure though.” I said.

Shifting my feet apart a little and rising up on my toes I pushed back against his hand wiggling my hips so that his fingers slipped off my buttock and brushed against my pussy. He took in a sharp breath and I thought that I might have gone too far after all not everyone is comfortable ‘playing around’ like this in public.

He let his fingers rest against me for a moment then pushed his fingers along my slit parting the damp lips, adjusting the angle of his hand until he managed to ease the tip of one finger between my lips pushing it in and out for a few seconds.

This was almost too much to bear; reluctantly I turned my hips pulling away from him. He looked a little disappointed until I pressed my glass in his hand and said.

“Glass of white please and then meet me outside.”

Luckily no one had taken the table I had been seated at earlier. I sat down and waited for Sam, there were several people outside but most of them were seated around a table with their backs to me so with some luck they wouldn’t spoil my fun.

At last Sam came out and handed me my drink, sitting opposite me.

He looked a bit awkward so I leant forward exposing a good deal of cleavage while allowing one strap of my dress to slip down over my shoulder exposing the firm curve of my left breast, the dress just catching above the hard nipple, a little pit of brown areola peeking out.

“Have fun in the bar?” I asked.

He flushed a little. “What do you think?” he said.

I sipped my wine taking a moment to think while enjoying the slight buzz that I was getting before replying.

“I think I could be persuaded to get a little more adventurous.”

He glanced at the crowd behind us.

“What here?” I nodded in reply.

Leaning in close he said. “Depends on what you intended doing.”

A wicked idea came to me and I smiled.

“You enjoyed taking those pictures of me when you visited my house didn’t you?”

He nodded. “Hell yes there’s not a week goes by that Jake and I don’t talk about it.”

“Then how about we start with you standing just over there and taking my picture?” I said handing over my camera phone.

He looked it over for a second then stood up, taking a step or two back.

As he lifted it to frame the picture I sat back and lifted my dress pulling it up over my thighs to expose my landing strip but squeezing my legs together to hide my pussy.

He almost dropped the camera but quickly gained his composure and fired off a shot.

A couple of the guys at the table opposite had stood, gathering up empty glasses obviously going to fetch a round of drinks. One of them glanced my way but was so caught up with what his mates were talking about he never even noticed that I was sitting there partly exposed.

Sitting on show and vulnerable sent a little tingle of excitement between my legs, a trickle of moisture seeped out of my pussy adding to the wetness already there from Sam’s touch.

He was glancing down between my legs then looking around nervously to see if anyone else was looking our way, leaning over the table he said.

“Aren’t you worried someone might see you?”

“And what if they do? I hope it has the same effect as it’s having on you.” I said, pointing at the bulge in his trousers.

He shifted a little trying to make himself comfortable.

“Are you ready to take another?” I asked.

He nodded yes so I put down my glass and shifted position sitting slightly to one side so that if the guys behind Sam had looked over my pussy wouldn’t be directly on show to them. Although the thought of them catching a quick glimpse between my legs excited me I didn’t want to be too obvious.

I lifted my dress again but his time opened my legs a touch until I felt my damp lips part a little, showing a little more of myself.

The tiny landing strip was new because I had fancied surprising Steve when he got home; however the rest of my pussy had been waxed smooth the day before so there was nothing to hide my nakedness.

Looking down I could just see a little bit of ‘lip’ poking out, every little detail of my damp slit exposed to Sam. I sat holding my dress up enjoying the slight breeze blowing over my legs, drying my wetness and cooling the heat between them until I heard the rowdy guys coming back with their drinks.

Pulse racing I smoothed it back over my lap and took a sip of my drink, sighing contentedly as the cool liquid hit the back of my throat.

Sam was drinking mineral water with ice and nearly choked on a cube as he took a long pull off it, his hands were shaking slightly as he tried to hand back my phone.

“Lets do one more.” I said winking at him.

He glanced over his shoulder at the guys around the other table.

None of them were looking our way but to be honest I was so turned on at this point I don’t think I would have cared if they had come over to watch.

Sam licked his lips eager to see what I would do next.

His eyes went wide as I eased the straps of my dress off my shoulders and let the flimsy material slip down over my breasts. My sensitive nipples were standing out almost painfully hard as the cool afternoon breeze played across them making me shiver slightly.

Inching forward so that my ass was on the edge of my seat I reached down and took a hold of the hem of my dress, hesitated for just a second then pulled it slowly up towards my waist, lifting my leg over the arm of the chair as I did so.

I could feel the lips of my moist slit part, opening up and exposing all of my most intimate parts to Sam’s gaze.

Butterflies danced across my stomach as I realised if one of the guys at the table had looked over, or someone had walked outside from the bar I would not have time to cover up before they saw my pussy.

I lounged there all but naked so turned on that I almost wished that they would.

Sam stood motionless, seemingly frozen to the spot until I whispered.

“For goodness sake, take a picture.”

He kind of blinked coming out of his daze then quickly took several shots in quick succession.

Sitting back and adjusting my dress I said. “Was that too daring for you?”

He finished his drink before replying.

“Wow Jules if that is normal behaviour for you I don’t know how Steve has avoided a heart attack; I don’t think that I could take it.”

I leant across the table giving him a nice view of my cleavage.

“Well I’m only just getting started,” I reached under the table and touched my fingers to his bulge. “It seems that we both need a little relief, where are you parked?”

He told me that his car was in the multi-storey; I gathered up my bag, finished my drink and said. “The funs not finished yet, let’s go.”

When we got to the car park I was pleased to see that he had parked in the far corner and that he had a large luxury car on hire, so there would be plenty of room.

The windows had a slight tint too although I was so turned on that it would not have made much difference if it was an open top sports car.

As he unlocked the car and opened the driver’s door, I opened the rear door and sat with my legs dangling out of the car, my skirt pulled up over my thighs.

“I think we might have more room back here.” I said.

It took him a second to catch on. “I thought we were going back to my hotel, good god Jules we are not teenagers.” He said.

I smiled and pushed the shoulder straps of my dress down, exposing a good deal of my breasts.

“No but I like to take a risk, it adds to the excitement.”

I slipped back across the seat; he glanced around then joined me, pulling the door shut behind him.

He pulled me close kissing and nibbling my shoulder, moving down until he reached my breasts. He licked my nipples his mouth closing over them, teasing at first then sucking hard, his hand squeezing and lifting both breasts clear of my dress, the straps slipping easily down as I squirmed against him.

He alternated between gently licking and kissing my whole breast working the nipple, flicking his tongue over my sensitive nub while sucking hard. His teeth replaced his lips, making me gasp as he bit gently, tugging, then moving to the other side doing the same there then repeating the whole process licking each of my breasts, circling around the areola before flicking across the nipples, sending jolts of pleasure through my belly, straight down to my clit which was beginning to throb.

His mouth loosened its grip and he moved a hand down between my legs pushing my dress up over my thighs until it brushed against my naked pussy. By this time I was soaking wet so there was no resistance as he used his fingers to spread my lips, exploring every inch of my most intimate parts.

He touched his thumb to my clit, grinding into it and then rubbed it gently.

I pushed down on his hand to ease the pressure.

“Give me a moment.” I said, slipping my dress up over my head and draping it over the front seat.

He pushed me back across the cool leather of the seat, kneeling in the foot well with my legs either side of him. He placed his hands either side of my pussy and used his thumbs to open me up closing his mouth over me as his tongue licked and swirled around my opening, darting in and out with little flicks.

He nuzzled his face into my mound, spreading my legs even wider, hooking one over his shoulder and blew softly on my damp lips sending little shivers coursing through me.

My stomach was doing little flips as he pushed two fingers into my pussy; I reached down and wound my fingers through his hair, pulling his face closer.

Lifting my ass off the seat I ground my hips into him, he teased and fingered me until at last I could take no more and came explosively soaking his face and hand, the walls of my pussy pulsed around his fingers, gripping them as I convulsed and gasped in orgasm.

His mouth continued to work at my clit even as I tried to push him away and move back over the seat but all this seemed to do was urge him on as my ass sank into the soft leather upholstery.

“Sam it’s too sensitive, you’ve got to stop…” I said but he ignored me, holding tight as he lapped at my sopping pussy, his fingers still inside me. He suddenly tongued my clit and another climax hit, wave after wave of excitement fluttered through me making me gasp for breath until he finally let go, kissing along my thighs until he could lean back and look up at me, his finger tips still rubbing at my entrance, both my juices and his saliva and trickled down between my legs pooling in a damp puddle underneath my ass.

He was going to have to get the car cleaned before he returned it.

Pushing Sam back onto the seat I grinned up at him.

“It’s my turn now.” I said, opening his belt and fly, pulling at his trousers and boxers until he lifted his ass off the seat too help me get them off.

His cock was hard and slick with pre cum, I worked some of it up and down the shaft, pinching at the tip making him squirm by running a fingernail along the little slit.

Dipping my head I nuzzled his balls then licked along the shaft, opening my mouth at the top taking him in using my tongue to lick the swollen tip, swirling it round tasting his excitement.

Clamping my lips tightly around him I sucked hard as I took as much of his length into my mouth as I could manage, drawing my head back lapping from base to tip flicking my tongue over the tip before sucking him in again working my head up and down, over and over again in a steady rhythm keeping an even pressure on his member with my lips.



It was just a simple manila envelope, my name and address labeled dead center—the words “photographs, do not bend” stenciled across the bottom. I’d grabbed it out of the mailbox with a thick handful of other letters and was halfway across the porch before I realized what it was.

I absently jiggled it for a second and then dropped myself into one of the old rockers we had out there, the other bills and junk left scattered across my lap as I ripped at the top edge and zipped it open with my thumb. It was all wedged in there pretty tight, two sheets of thick cardboard sandwiching the pictures—another second and I had them out, lifting the top cover away and… …it was a woman…a girl really, eighteen or nineteen maybe, slim and posed slightly to the side, a soft roundness to her hips, a fullness in the deep curve of her partially covered breast, longish chestnut hair mantled across the gently freckled flesh of her shoulders…

Aware of the sudden hammering in my chest as I stared at her, my breathing shallow, almost labored, dizzy with a rush of pure adrenalin as I stared at her. My hands trembled as I shuffled to the next image, the girl squaring a bit more to the lens, a hesitant smile tinged with embarrassment, her right hand blurred as if she were trying to mask her nakedness as the shutter clicked.

A groaning creak as the screen door opened off to my right, “…Hi honey, how was work?”

I looked up blankly, my Mom smiling as she leaned outward, one foot on the porch, one still inside the house.

“…Good,” I managed to mutter, discretely slipping the cardboard sheet back over the pictures.

“Just good?” she teased brightly.

“No, it was good,” I stammered, my mind fluxed.

She rolled her eyes and let the smile come again. “…Clean up and we’ll have dinner, okay? Dad’s going to be running late again.”

“Yeah, okay,” I said, watching as she disappeared back into the house. I lifted the cardboard and slid down to the second photograph again, that same smile, the finely wrought features. I shook my head numbly, tracing down the girl’s visage, down from her chin with the edge of my thumb, along the breasts with their small dark nipples, downward to that darkly rich thatch of pubic hair, along the slender rounded edge of her thigh…

“…Mom,” I whispered, swaying my head yet again.


It was mid October of last year, the 14th or 15th I think. I remember how the leaves of the sugar maple were still that fiery yellow-orange, how they looked almost hot to the touch in the mangled gash the huge tree had torn through the roof of my grandmother’s house. The rain had poured in hard that night, soaking the boxes of Christmas decorations and the old clothes she’d kept neatly hung on a long steel pipe. The place was dead air, even with that six foot hole to the sky, stale and old. I bent to pick up another waterlogged box, the bottom coming apart in my hands as I lifted it up and carried it across to the undamaged portion of the attic.

There were stacks of various sized boxes already piled on this side—”taxes, 71′ to 80′” on scrawled on one of the them, “pay stubs, 1978-83″ in magic-marker on the one immediately beneath it. I sat down thinking that all this shit should get tossed, knowing that my grandmother would shake her head and say that it wasn’t doing any harm sitting up here. I spied an old banana box stashed in the corner—”Anne’s school papers”.

I got up and shoved some of the other junk out of the way and pulled the box into the clear, pulling the string cord to a single exposed light bulb overhead as I crouched and lifted the cover. Pictures mainly, 8×10″ blowups of landscapes and artsy angles on things around the house, black and white shots in a little montage of pots simmering atop a stove, a deer with a whole apple in its mouth—and then there she was, my Mom framed in an old fashioned mirror, a bulky 35mm camera held at her waist as she clicked the nifty self portrait of herself. I smiled at it; at how effortlessly pretty she was even then. I went down through the stack, a group of high school kids kicked back against a counter in a darkroom, all of them with their camera’s dangling ’round their necks, my mom second from the right, jeans and platform heels, a blouse buttoned high to her throat, a guy with thick curly hair casually draping his arm across her shoulders. I picked it out and studied it, looking at her, at the hand over her, that air of possession. I wondered if he was a boyfriend or just some guy buddy. My Mom was always very circumspect on her own youth, always bright about it, never really talking about any particulars really as concerned adolescent romances or boyfriends. I’d never been able to picture her in any type of sexual situation, which I guess you’d say is a pretty normal thing for a young kid. I just kept staring at that picture, trying to imagine her making out with this guy in some beat-up Chevy Nova or some other old 70′s Detroit clunker. Letting him unbutton her blouse maybe, stiffening as he bent to suck on her untouched nipples…a flinching gasp as he bit down on it, this kid rocking his head as he tugged at it with his teeth…

“Man, you are one jacked pervert,” I muttered to myself and finally dropped it back into the stack, stirring through the rest of the pictures with my hand—and then, there it was. One of those plastic film canisters from back when cameras actually used film, the weight telling there was a roll inside. I leaned away from the light and peeked up the lid, sure enough the spool of film was in there. There was no way of telling if it was exposed or just some unused castoff that my Mom had stuffed in the back of a drawer. If it was exposed, I wondered if it was still good or not—hell, I wondered if you could even still get 35mm film developed anywhere. I just figured it would be a nice touch if I did get it done and if the prints were any good at all, I could give it to her for Christmas or her birthday which was in late November.

And so I pocketed the film without any more thought—an internet search told me that under the right conditions exposed film could stay viable for years, though whether or not a blistering hot attic was a “proper” condition was up in the air. That and the fact that I couldn’t get the film developed anywhere local kept it tucked in my nightstand drawer through her birthday, and then through Christmas, right up until I came home for Easter break and finally searched out a company in Illinois who ran 35mm color prints off. I mailed it out before I left for school, a money order for the developing costs and two sets of prints enclosed—the girl I’d spoken with told me that they gave no guarantees on old film and that I might get nothing at all back.

Mother’s day came and went with no pictures, and then the first couple weeks of June when I moved back to work with a friend’s landscaping company for the summer. I’d almost forgotten the whole deal before that hot afternoon.

Nope, it probably wouldn’t have really panned out for a Christmas or Mother’s day gift after all I thought wryly—a print from the center of my pile, my Mom straight and erect as a ballerina, up on her toes, those bared breasts as perfect as a young girl’s breasts could ever be.

“Jesus Christ,” I whispered again, tucking my head to fan through the whole stack. She was stripped completely for some of them, some with those obligatory Playboy poses of the unbuttoned cardigan, one with…

I clamped a hand over the stack, knowing that I had to get out of there, an ache in my head as if my mind was going to hemorrhage. I stood up and quietly slinked into the house, seeing my mother in the kitchen as I edged up the stairs, in my room, closing the door and locking it, setting the pictures on my unmade bed, tossing the cardboard aside and just fanning the pictures out across the mattress. They were all there, or most of them at least, the extra set of prints tucked below the first. I knelt along the bed and started to rifle through them, one after the other, seeing a bit of the tension seem to ease from her features as she went from one shot into the next—the tenth or eleventh shot in and a grin of pure carnal mischief creased her face, leaning against an old wooden desk, her back arched beautifully, hair hanging free behind her, nipples hardened.

I was hard too, ragingly hard, constricted uncomfortably in my grimy jeans. I reached down and unfastened my belt, popping the button and working the zipper blindly, my cock springing free as I tugged my jockeys down an inch or two. Looking back at it now, I guess I’m surprised that I just did it like that, no thought as to the rightness or wrongness of it—actually it was probably the absolute “wrongness” of it that had me engorged like I’d never been before. I touched it and felt the heat, found my grip without looking really and just got a frantic rhythm on it, furiously stroking myself off as my free hand milled through the photos, a picture of her balanced against the footboard of a large bed, legs spaced wide, hands gripped onto the dark wood, the tip of her tongue pressed carelessly against her upper lip, as wantonly innocent as…

It exploded out of nowhere, grunting powerfully as thick ropes of semen spat out of my cock, spasms in my gut as I came so fucking hard, feeling it rippling through my brain as I forced my eyes closed to the room’s light, chewing savagely into the edge of the mattress to stifle a shriek…

I sagged against the bed, utterly spent, aware of myself panting. I carefully opened my eyes and saw what seemed a copious amount of cum plastered against my box spring, dripping downward in crawly rivulets. The photograph was clenched in my hand, crumpled, a balled-up ruin.

And surprisingly there was none of that after-the-fuck guilt I would’ve expected, none at all. I was messed up, I’ll freely admit that. Confused—you better believe it. Shocked that in the course of ten or so minutes I’d got to see my heretofore modest and refined mother stripped bare-assed naked and that within less than a minute had jerked myself into the most wickedly delightful orgasm I’d ever experienced—sure I was fucking shocked, who wouldn’t be. But I’ll tell you square that I was not disappointed—hell, I couldn’t wait to get myself hard and do it again.

I slowly stood up, my erection flagging. Get hard and do it again. And I knew in that exact instant that somehow she was going to know that I’d seen her like this, that she had to know—that I wanted my Mom lying awake in bed at night, eyes wide in the darkness as she wondered whether her only son was jacking off over her old nudie pictures down the hall.


“I need to give this to you,” was how I started two days later, my Mom folding laundry atop the dryer on a Saturday morning, Dad off to an early golf game. I’d already scanned each of the pictures into my laptop, backing up the images on two memory sticks—negatives taped under a shelf in my closet, the second set of prints squirreled away in the bottom drawer of my dresser.

I extended the ripped envelope the photos came in to her, averting my eyes as a sudden wave of embarrassment came over me.

“What is it?”

“I think…I did something I shouldn’t have…I’m sorry I…”

The stammer was genuine, so was the unexpected blush I could feel rising on my cheeks. I pressed the envelope into her hands and forced myself to watch her reaction.

She took it with a worried expression—worried for me. Hesitant as she slid the shortened stack of photographs free.

“I found the roll of film with some old pictures you had up in grandma’s attic. …I thought I’d get ‘em developed and surprise you with them.”

Her hand froze and a minute shudder wracked her body. She lifted the cardboard a speck, closing her eyes and biting down on her lower lip.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I just wanted to…”

“Excuse me,” she rasped, clutching the photos in her hand as she squeezed past me—I watched her stagger back through the kitchen, listening to the clutter of her footfalls as she went up the stairs, her bedroom door slamming shut.

I went up a few minutes later, pausing to listen at her door but hearing nothing, wondering if she was in there looking at them. I tried to imagine how humiliated she must feel about me having seen them. I went to my room and clicked on the laptop, a password protected document where I had the images stashed, a slideshow all my own. I played around with them for a bit and then clicked off. I was agitated, pacing back and forth like a caged zoo animal. Ten minutes passed, then another twenty. I looked out the window, a beautiful summer day. She knocked softly, once, then again.

“Mom,” I said as I opened the door. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy, arms wrapped tight about her waist.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, staring at the floor, her voice breaking.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t know…”

“I was so stupid,” she stammered on, stepping past me, looking around my room, still clutching herself.

“I shouldn’t have gone through your things.”

“It’s not your fault. I should’ve thrown that…that filth out myself. I’m so ashamed of…”

“It’s not so bad, Mom. …It’s not”

“Oh God, don’t ever tell your father about these, please, promise me…”

“I won’t, I won’t ever tell anybody. It’s our secret. …Don’t worry.”

She paced up to the window and leaned forward against the sill. I found myself unconsciously studying her ass, the curve of her hips. She was 43—a good 43, but still 43, her face attractive and softly lined, the long auburn hair of her youth cut stylishly short now, a rich grayness that had come upon her while she was still in her early thirties, peppered now with an occasional strand of darkness. I noted that she was thicker in the torso now than when she posed for her little teenage pictorial, her butt ample but not fat, maybe a bit heavier in the thighs—I caught myself doing the appraisal and stopped it.

“…You looked at them?” she intoned after a moment, voice husky.


“…All of them?”

“All of ‘em,” I answered, nodding.

She straightened herself, wiping her eyes, trying to clear her throat a bit as she got steadied.

“They’re not bad pictures, Mom.”


“They aren’t. They’re just like what you’d see in Playboy. Hell, all the stars pose in there ’cause it’s so classy and all.”

“In Playboy,” she muttered blackly. “…That’s just what he said too…”

“Who’s ‘he’?” I wanted to know who got her clothes off…the fact pretty much evident in my brain that if this mystery guy got her to shuck her clothes for the camera, he pretty much had to have royally fucked her brains out. I’d been playing with the thought for the last two days, every time I was whacking off over her pics, thinking about the guy behind the lens jamming his big cock down her teenaged throat till she gagged, giving her a ferocious, hair-pulling bang on that bed she was posed against, driving her into wrenching orgasms again and again, voice wrecked with shrieks of utter abandon.

“He was such a liar,” she sobbed bitterly, dabbing her eyes as she at last turned to face me. “I’m ashamed that you saw them, and I’m sorry. I hope you’ll be able to…”

“You were beautiful in the pictures and I’m glad I saw them,” I blurted—which wasn’t in any way part of what I’d been planning to say.

“God…” she whispered, covering her face with her palms.

“No one else will ever know about them,” I spoke up. “It’ll just be between us, our secret…and I meant what I said about being glad I got to see them. …You were beautiful in them. Most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, God,” she groaned, still hiding her expression from me, though I thought I heard a smile of sorts in there, a smile of sheer exasperation. “Now I’m even more embarrassed, if that’s even possible,”

“Don’t be embarrassed about anything, okay,” I said and then on impulse went over to my dresser and took out the other photos. “…Second set of prints,” I chuckled uncomfortably “…It was gonna be my secret stash.”

“You were going to keep looking at them?” she said in genuine horror as she grabbed them from my hand.

“Probably,” I answered.

“…Just don’t think about this anymore, okay. Please.”

“Unless you decide to give me ‘em back?”

“I am so mortified,” she said and stepped for the door, pausing to lean her forehead to the wood, eyes closed. “…You must think I’m such a slut.”

“I don’t think that,” I lied—actually not a lie really, because I didn’t think she was a slut, just a racy little babe with a really terrific body, one with a little more mileage on it than I’d ever imagined just two days prior.

“I feel literally sick over this.”

“I always thought you were the most beautiful mother anybody ever had. Now I know how beautiful you were when you were younger. …I meant it about hoping you let me see them again.”

She walked out without another word and softly shut the door. I sat against my bed and for the first time realized what it was I wanted, what I really wanted.


Nothing like a nasty secret to build a bond of trust between two people, and this deal with my Mom and me was at least to her, about as nasty and dirty as you could get. And I treated it as being off the map, not alluding to it, no thinly veiled comments about it, just a smooth lake without so much as a ripple as I’d have dinner across from her and my dad.

Time was in play, and time had its own pace.

Two weeks passed before she brought it up while we sat alone in the kitchen over dinner, just the two of us.

“How are you doing, honey?”


“I mean about, you know…about that with…”

“Your Playboy spread.” I teased, watching as she stared a hole into her plate.

“Please don’t call it that, you have no idea how humiliating this has all been for me.”

“You ever wonder about all the women who’ve posed for Playboy over the years, Mom. Think of them all…the one from the old Charlie’s Angels, the one who died…”

“Farrah,” she grinned.

“Yeah, her and Cindy Crawford…all those actresses and models.”

“Just stupid naked girls in a dirty magazine.”

“And some of them have sons, right, and you know that sooner or later they’re going to see those pictures,” I winked “…you know, probably hide ‘em under the old mattress.”

“That is such a creepy, creepy image.”

“Look, like I told you that day, I’m glad I got to see them. You’re stunning, amazing.”

“Were stunning,” she arched an eyebrow wryly. “…Past tense.”

“You’d still be stunning, Mom, to anybody.”

“…Thanks for the compliment, phony as I know it is,” she said, standing up, rubbing my shoulder as she took the plate from in front of me.

“So, what are my chances on getting that second set of prints back? I really do want to see them again.”

“Stop,” she laughed, “…You look at some girl your own age, not me. And you shouldn’t be looking at that junk anyway. It’s…it is so goddamned demeaning.”

“It helps if you call it art and I really do want to see ‘em again. …We can look at them together if you want.”

She turned and gave me “the look”—no not that “look”, but the one that I’d gotten when I was fourteen and announced that I was going to built a diving suit from a design in Popular Mechanics and try it out in the local lake.

“I’m serious. I’ve looked at them already so I don’t really see the harm. …Have you looked at them?”

“Just enough to want to crawl off under a rock and die.”

“Come on, did you look at ‘em or not? …I’m betting you did look at them, and that if you were being honest, you’d say they were beautiful. …So?”

“Let’s change the subject, okay.”

“Can you imagine some boy in Florence looking up one day at The Birth of Venus and seeing his mom up there on the canvas? That Botticelli, man. …I found that painting in the encyclopedia at the library when I was like six and I ripped it out and took it home with me.”

Mom turned and smiled at me, as if against her will. “…Vandal.”

“I got a thirst for art, what can I say.”

“Then go to the Met,” she said, playful now, waving me out of the room.

I went upstairs and changed, deciding to take a run before it got to hot out, disappointed that I hadn’t gotten her to talk more. I’d be cagey about it though, determined to be patient with this, to play it out right.

“Here,” came my mom’s voice as I went past my parent’s bedroom. The second stack of prints in her hand. I snatched them so fast that she flinched.

“Thank you?” she chided playfully.


“Please, just make sure daddy never sees them. …You’re actually going to look at them?” she said, blushing now.

“Sure I am,” I stammered excitedly. “…Thanks. Thank you so much.”

“You’re just going to look at them, right?”

I didn’t even try for an answer—and then I did it, I looked at one of them right there while she stood watching me, then the next. I glanced up and smiled. “…Thanks,” I repeated for the umpteenth time and went back to my room, dropping the pictures on my bed and turning to go out and finish my walk, letting the door open more than a crack—carefully gauged the gap.

When I got home, sweaty, keyed up, my run fucked by having better than half a hard-on for most every stride I made, the door was off, closed a little tighter than I’d left it. She’d been in here. She’d seen her pictures strewn atop my sheets. She knew exactly what I was going to be doing in here with them, which, stripping off my perspiration soaked tee shirt and shorts, I proceeded to do with added vigor.


“Do you have any appointments today?” I asked. I’d already spied through my Mom’s scheduling book for the week. It had been a little less than a week since she’d surrendered her pictures to me and neither of us had spoken about any of it since.


“Want to hike up the tubs with me?”

“You have work,” she said glancing up from her checkbook.

“I’ll call off. I haven’t missed a day yet.”

“…It is nice out.”

“We can do the whole loop, up through the bolder field. Then have lunch down by small waterfall.”

“Buy sandwiches at Cellastino’s?”

“Hot peppers and provolone.”

“…Okay, call up and see if you can get it off.”

“I’m feeling pretty sick,” I said, feigning a cough.

“Ask for the day off. Don’t leave Mike in a lurch.”

“Get changed,” I said happily as I snatched up my cell phone.

The tubs were a string of huge potholes supposedly gnashed out of the earth by a glacier. Now a sparkling creek ran through them, cascading down through a series of higher and higher waterfalls, a trail maintained by private hiking groups. I’d been hiking it since I was a kid, my Mom often taking me up there, always angling off through the dark woods to a small isolated waterfall bounded by a deep pond of icily clear water.

She’d taught me how to swim there when I was five, the water so cold that I remember her lips turning blue.

It was a great place to be alone, to just sit and feel the stillness—to talk with someone, to say things that you couldn’t say.

We hiked for just over two hours, a hard climb up over a prehistoric bolder field, Mom in a pair of green cargo shorts and tall leather hiking boots, the outline of a sports-bra underneath her plain white tee.

We ate our lunch there by the base of that waterfall, her eyes rolling when I pulled the bottle of pinot noir out of my pack. A corkscrew—”see mom, just like the boy scouts.”

“That wine is very good,” she whispered after we’d finished, lips stained red, a bit tipsy maybe.

“It was.” I’d had only a plastic tumbler of it.

“You’re only twenty. That probably makes me a corruptor of minors.”

“Hey, I brought the wine, not you.”

“True, but…but I guess I’ve already corrupted you, huh?”

I chuckled, gave her a shrug.

“What do you do with them?”

“…Look at them. You know, once in a while.”

“What’s once in a while?”

“Every goddamned day,” I laughed.

“Don’t swear, honey. …And that is so mortifying.”

I took my boots off and splashed my feet in the water.

“Do you do…do you do anything when you look at them?”


“Yep, what?”

“You know,” I answered, wanting to just scream out what I’d been doing and what I’d been thinking.

“So totally mortifying,” she shot back, laying back on the rock where she sat and draping a hand across her eyes. “…Doesn’t it bother you looking at your mother like that?”

“How old were you in them?”

“…My senior year of high school. In the spring, my last semester.”

“Who took them?”

“That isn’t…”

“Come on, you can tell me. I know you can’t tell dad.”

“…His name was Eric.”

“He was your boyfriend?”

“He was…never mind, let’s not talk about this, okay?”

I sat there in silence for a long while, kicking water with my tired feet, Mom just vacantly staring up through the canopy of leaves.

“He was my teacher,” came her voice finally, a distant echoed tone. “He taught English, but he ran the photography club too.”

I looked over at her, another shocker of shockers from her. I have to admit that it really turned me on, the exact Freudian babble as to why it did an unanswered question to this day. I just let her words hang there, knowing that the silence would let her speak.

“I was seventeen when I signed up for the club, and he was…God he was handsome. He was only thirty-six years old, but to me that seemed so old. He joked with me, always complimented me with the photos I took…’you have some real talent’ he’d say. Always nice to me, talking about things, but never creepy like you’d imagine an older guy talking to a young girl would be. …God, I had such a huge crush on him.”

She sighed and closed her eyes, rays of sun cutting down to her reclined figure.

“Then I turned eighteen…I was so inexperienced, so naïve.” She opened her eyes and looked over at me, meeting my gaze. “…I was a virgin. I wanted to save myself for marriage…I mean I was really into it. I never did anything with the boys I’d date, though they tried hard enough. …I never even let them touch my breasts. …I’m sorry. I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

“It’s okay,” I whispered.

“I never told anybody about it with him. …I was just so shy.”

Again I let the silence leech after her words, for some reason finding delight in the fact that she’d been a virgin like that.

“He kissed me in the darkroom one day after everyone else was gone. Just a soft kiss, so soft, and I didn’t even close my eyes. …It was so wonderful.

“A week or so later we were there alone again and I…I went up to him and just stood there waiting. He didn’t say a word, just came up and kissed me again, harder this time…I felt his tongue in my mouth and his hands were touching me. He looked at me and cupped my breast, just outside the blouse, really tender. He asked me if I had ever done anything…that’s how he phrased it, ‘done anything’ and I shook my head. …Does it bother you to hear this?”

I shook my head, never breaking our gaze. She smiled hesitantly.

“I stepped back from him and I unbuttoned my blouse for him. I remember the brassiere I was wearing snapped at the front and I…I unsnapped it and held it out for him. He had very rough hands and I can still remember how they felt on me.”

“So, did he…”

“He kissed me again. He kissed down to my breasts…we there in that darkroom and it was just the red light on. He kissed down my stomach and knelt and lifted my skirt…it was…he lifted it and he slowly pulled my panties all the way down, lifting my feet to slip them off. They were pink striped and had a little red bow embroidered on the front, I can still remember that. Then he…you know…”


“He…he kissed me down there. I was standing there, leaning back against the counter with all the developing trays and the sheets of film hanging down from the wires. He…I’d never had one before that. I mean never. He…it was so fabulous, my legs just collapsed and he was holding all my weight and he just kept doing what he was doing and I had to put a hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t…”

I watched her laying back on that flat rock, lost in the memory, her voice fading and far away, a smile that made her look so many years younger.

“Everything looked so new when I walked home that day. The next day he asked if I could get over to his apartment that weekend. I took a bus there Saturday afternoon. I was so scared, so worried someone would find out or see me going there.


“He just took me into his bedroom and undressed me without a word, took off everything and I was standing there naked and he took off his clothes. …I’d never seen one before, and I actually got scared with how big it looked. …I shouldn’t be telling you this.”

“I wanna hear.”

“You’re not supposed to think of your mom like this.”

“Tell me, please.”

“He made love to me, he told me a lot of what to do. I had to put the rubber…the condom on him and you know, unroll it down him. And…I loved when he put all his weight down on me, I was just like mashed under him and it hurt so bad that first time, probably ’cause I was so scared. …After he came he showed me it, all his stuff under the rubber and I was just squishing it around like it was silly putty. I came when he did it to me again a little while later and I now I could be loud. God was I loud.”

“And that’s what you did with him.”

“I did everything with him,” she mused, as if to herself, a sated aspect in her voice, as if she were still that girl curled up next to her older lover.

“Can I take your picture?” I asked.

“Shoot away, kiddo.”

“Not like that.”


“Just here with the water.”

She rolled on to her side and gave me a blurry look.

“…Like he did.” I went on.


I stood up and slipped the Sony digital camera from my belt, the zippy buzz as I pressed the power button and the lens adjusted.

“Come on, trust me.”

She sat up slowly, blinking herself out of the fog. “You’re my son, and there’s no way…”

“Trust me. Let me do this for you.”

“We should go back, it’s getting late.”

I snapped a picture of her sitting there, then another.

“If I ever did it you’d probably feint.”

“…Try me.”

“I should, I should, get you to break off this…”

I snapped another picture.

Her expression changed and she glanced around nervously. “Somebody could walk past.”

“We’ve never seen anybody down here, ever, and not on a weekday.”

I snapped another shot.

“Wait,” she blurted, agitated now, her palm jacked out at me.

“You are so beautiful.”

“Yeah, right,” she muttered, looking around again and then turning her back to me. “…I don’t believe I’m even considering this.”

I clicked a photo.

“Big mistake,” she muttered and quickly lifted her tee shirt up over her head, dropping it on the rock, squatting to undo her boots, peeling down the tall gray hiking socks, undoing her baggy shorts, slipping them down and stepping out of them. Another glance around, apprehensive, breathing hard as she stood there in her white panties and Nike sports bra, a sidelong glance back over her left shoulder.

She lifted the bra over her head and dropped it, a moment’s hesitation before she peeled the panties down her legs. Bared, her back to me—a soft whirl as I took a picture.

“Don’t take one like that. Not with my big butt.”

Her body was definitely older, a bit of crepe high on her thighs, still with a long lovely back.

“You have a great ass, Mom. Turn around for me?”

She pirouetted about, her arms lifting outward. I bit my lip, felt the camera flutter in my grip. A bit of roundness to her belly, her breasts heavier and still firm, slung probably an inch or so lower, the nipples dark and more pronounced. Her pubic thatch was thick, the silver gray unsettling to me even though it was a spot on match for the drapes.

“The quiet ravages of age,” she said in a quavering tone.

“I think you’re gorgeous. You are.”

I snapped through a fast row of pictures as she nervously shifted from foot to foot. “Go over by the water.”

She looked about again and then stepped towards the waterfall. “There,” I said, clicking off half a dozen shots, zooming in closer, framing her as she stretched her hands into the water.

“You know that I’m enjoying this, don’t you,” she whispered.

“Turn to the side…just a little, just like that,” I said, coming closer, placing my feet carefully as I lined up a profile pose. “…Here,” I said, and I reached in and touched her shoulder, a flinch as I angled her for a better view.

“We’d been lovers for only a month or so when he got me to pose for those stupid photos,” she whispered distantly, cupping water in her palm and absently spilling it down over her tits. “…How’s that?”

“Great,” I said in a strained tone, actually light in my head with the lust rising at the sight.

“I was so afraid of someone ever seeing them that I made him use my camera and then when he was done I wouldn’t give him the film. He was so mad.”

“What he’d do?”

“He called me a stupid little prude. He stopped… he made me beg for it…just pulled back a little bit and I was so…”

There was a flash of anger in her eyes, her cheeks mottled with color. I shot a close up of her face like that, clicked another one her eyes so hard for a second that I had to look away.

“After a couple days of him being all cold with me, I went into the dark room with him and I undid my blouse and my bra and I knelt down and I…I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down and…”

Her face was fiery now, voice quivering with an unearthed resentment.

“…I sucked his cock, right there, right down on my knees. Let him cum in my mouth and…I opened my mouth and I showed it to him on my tongue and…I swallowed it, swallowed it all. Then I just put my clothes back on without saying a word and I left. I did that every day after class for two weeks straight…but I never gave him his damn pictures.”


“Now you definitely think I’m a slut, right?”


“Back then girls didn’t do that, weren’t supposed to do it. Not good girls anyway. You suck on a man’s thing and you were…he used to tell me ‘get to work, Annie’. Just like that, me down on my knees for him. Get to work and swallow his fucking sperm for him.”

“Are you okay?” I asked, seeing the anger suddenly drain away like rain off glass.

“…I’m sorry I spoke like that in front of you, I really am.”

I reached out and touched her inner thigh, a caress along the back of her knee.

“Don’t do that,” she whispered, but didn’t step away.

I slid my hand up along the back of her leg, a featherlike touch, gooseflesh rising on her skin.

“Please don’t…”

My mother shivered—I leaned forward and kissed her just above the knee, an inch or so higher, another soft kiss, my fingertips brushing across the smoothness of her ass, my thumb tracing out the deep cleft there. I kissed higher, dropped my weight onto one knee, palm wide on backside as I brushed my mouth through the coarse tangle of gray pubic hair.

“Please, baby…” she whispered, shaking her head, her eyes brimming a bit as if she were going to start weeping. “…we can’t, we…”

I dipped my head and softly kissed her vulva, the thick folds of labial flesh reddish pink, bright beads of moisture standing out like dew in the curly coils hair. I swiped my tongue into her turgid crevice, tasting the salt, she was absolutely slick now. I licked deeper, my mom stiffened, a single deep gasp as she rose up almost on her toes. I found her clitoris, flicked the bud one time, her hands grasping my head but not pushing me away. I trolled my tongue deeper, the entire length of her slit, twirling it into her, flicking her clit again, fast, pressing onto it.

Mom throttled down on my head, another ragged gasp, a wheezing cry breaking off her lips as she came, that fast, I licked faster, circling it, sucking it, she smothered my face into her crotch, manic as she hit another orgasm, a moaning shriek, her throat puffing as she gritted her teeth through another, nails plowing into my scalp, I sucked on it, side to side on it with the tip of my tongue, she tried to push me off, but I had my hands anchored into the softness of her ass cheeks, wrestling her hips onto me as we scrunched against the cold rock wall. Sucking it—sucking it.

She stiffened out bodily, convulsing through that final climax like a clubbed fish, a low rushing sound from deep within her vagina as her legs wrapped into my ribcage till I couldn’t breathe.

“Ma,” I whispered a few minutes later, looking around at the empty glade, the sound of birds in the trees and the drum of the water soft after the frenzied riot of her orgasms.

She was weeping quietly—hiding her face from me, balled up as if in shock or shame.

“Hey,” I went on, touching her calf. She pulled away as if touched by fire.

“Oh my god, what have I…”


“Oh god, oh my god…” She was standing, covering her breasts, her crotch as best she could, staggering back to the pile of clothes. Pulling the shorts and shirt on, stuffing the bra and panties and socks into her small day sack.

“It’s okay,” I muttered stupidly.

She struggled with the boots, not lacing them, a glance back at me through tear swollen eyes as she started to walk back to the car. I picked up my camera and stepped down from the rocks, putting my own boots back on, an effort to get my wet feet into them, starting to run after her, seeing her move through the trees like a shadow, keeping pace with her till she got to the car, slamming the passenger door.

I expected to hear her crying when I opened my door, but instead found her staring blankly at the dash.

“Don’t say anything, okay?” she asked hollowly.

I sat there and didn’t say a word.

“…Just please drive us home.”

She didn’t say a word on the long drive back, her body pressed to the door as if wanting to hold a certain distance from me. I sat behind the wheel while she gathered her things and went up the stairs to the empty house. I waited a long while before I pulled the car into the garage and went inside, up the stairs, agitated, wanting to talk to her, to—

“Baby, you stay up in your room tonight, okay?” she said softly from inside her darkening bedroom.


“Just do that for me please, okay? Your father’s going to be home in another hour and I can’t have you down there with us tonight.”

“You’re not going to tell him?” I fairly yelped in dread.

“Of course I’m not!” she shot back—I could make out her silhouette sitting on the edge of her bed, arms hugged about her waist, rocking slightly, back and forth, back and forth. “…It’s just that I know how to lie…I’m just not too sure about you.”

“I can…”

“You stay up here. You’re sick, stomach thing probably. You missed work today and all. Understood?”


“Go get yourself a sandwich or something and a coke. Just don’t come down at all. If he peeks in on you moan and groan about feeling like hell.”


“I love you, you know that don’t you. Love you more than anything or anyone.”

“I love you too.”

“Go get your sandwich, baby. I’ll take care of everything.”


“How’d you sleep?”

I lifted my head off the pillow, my brain fogged. Mom was seated at my desk, a cup of coffee in her hand—a glance at the clock. Six a.m.

“Dad gone to work?”

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This is a work of Fiction.

She rolled onto her side, pressing her back against him. His arm was in the way, but she could still feel the warmth of his body. She squirmed back into him a little and turned the page of the paperback. She looked at the words, trying to remember where to start reading again. Her eyes drifted closed. She needed to take off her reading glasses but she was so… drifty…



Click click.

The muscles of his forearm twitched against her back.


Her eyes opened.


She looked over her shoulder.


She sighed and opened the book back up. Upper left corner of the left hand page… Oops. It still didn’t make sense. She turned back a page and re-read. She must have been nearly out when she read this…



She rolled onto her back and read a few pages. The problem was, the…


…made it hard to concentrate.

She looked at him. He had that stupid half-smile on his face. It was an endearing expression, but…

“What are you doing?”

He was engrossed, and didn’t notice she had stopped reading until she spoke again. “You have an erection,” she said.

“Huh?” he said, looking at her and blinking.

She looked over her half-moon reading glasses at him. “An erection. Stiffy. Hard on. Swollen…” She closed her book on her finger and reached her hand down to where the light blanket covered him to the waist, “Member,” she concluded. “Why?”

“Um… your mere presence?”

“Really. I’ve been here all evening. Nothing else?”

He looked at the screen in front of him, then back at her. “Looking at stimulating photographs?” he said, the muscles in his face contorting a little, trying to suppress that irritating, mischievous little grin.

“You mean like dirty pictures.” She put both hands on her book and went back to reading. She finished the page and turned it.

“Depends on what you consider dirty,” he finally answered. “Some of them are quite provocative.”

She didn’t even look at him. “So any picture of a naked, skinny girl is provocative?”

There was no answer for a while; her attention went back into the book. She turned another page.

“No. Some are just boring. To me at least. Some are… not. Not boring.”

“What? Oh. Your pictures.” She glanced at him. “Why not videos?”


“Well, I guess the still photos just capture the moment better. It would be over as soon as you saw it on a video.”

“Whatever. Just don’t think you’re getting any from me while you’re drooling over a bunch of other girls.”

“You were asleep anyhow.”

She read. He clicked, and twitched.

“Besides, movement catches your attention. With the videos, I mean. You’re like a cat that way.”

“What, you’re afraid I’ll pounce on you?” She looked at him for a moment, then reached down, making a claw of her hand. Yes, he was still erect. Very erect, in fact. She rubbed him absently through the blanket. “Those pictures all look the same to me. How do you decide which ones are going to produce this kind of response?” She squeezed him slightly, holding for a moment and feeling his pulse.

“I don’t decide. Its not a conscious process.”

“I think you’re deciding with your co-processor.” She gave him another slight squeeze through the blanket.

“OK, I decide with the little head then. Some just do it for me.”

“Not so little now,” she said, a smile touching her lips. “What makes a picture ‘do it for you’?”

He looked at the screen. “Some kind of detail stands out on some of them, some… I don’t know, some are just hot. Does that bother you?”

She ignored the question. Let him think that it did in fact bother her. “They’re identical. Interchangeable. Same picture, different face, over and over. No art to them. And the hardcore ones are worse. They always seem to end with the guy jerking off on the girl’s face or maybe popping on her tits. Its just stupid.” She paused. “Come on my face doesn’t ‘do it for me’” She took her hand away and turned back to her book.

He went back to looking at the screen, and clicked through three more pictures. “That doesn’t actually turn me on that much either. I’d rather have them come in a condom than all over a girl’s face.”

She looked at him, without putting the book down. “Do they have those?”

“Uh… Yeah. Or creampies.”

“Which is?”

“The guy comes inside the girl, she lets it run out. Usually with a close-up.”

She blinked. “I guess that would be hotter than the stupid facials…”

“Which, the condom or the cream pie?”

She didn’t answer.

“If it bothers you, I’ll stop,” he said. “I can read about canning peaches or fixing chainsaws or something.”

“It doesn’t bother me.” He continued to watch her face as she looked back at her book. Her eyes weren’t moving like she was reading. After a few moments she set it aside. “All right. I give up. Show me some.”

“Show you?”

“Yeah, convince me I shouldn’t be upset by you looking at this stuff.”

He looked at her and after a moment, smiled. “OK. Sure…”

“But you have to tell me what you like about them.”

He looked at her and licked his lips, eyes narrowing. He tensed a little. “I don’t know. Its kind of baring my soul to you. Telling you what I like.”

She smiled, tilting her head back and parting her lips. “But if you tell me what you like… then I’ll know more about what you like.” Her smile became wicked. Her hand brushed across his erection. “And forget the condoms. I don’t care about seeing a bag of jizz.”

“Noted. No points for bags of jizz. Ummmn. Let me start with something… tamer.” He pulled up a picture, and tilted the screen so she could see it.

“She’s pretty.” She sounded annoyed.

“Well, yeah, I do generally prefer pretty girls. That’s one of the things I like about you. He watched her reaction as she looked at the picture.

“So what do you like about this one, besides she’s pretty and young and thin? She’s still kind of covered up.”

“Well… I like the stockings.”

She studied the picture. “Tell me… about that.”

“They’re sort of like clothes that aren’t really clothes. They cover her legs, but really only accentuate them. The don’t cover the more… interesting parts. I like the line up the back…”

“You like the line on the stockings, or you like the little string thong?”

“Well, I like both. The combination has an artistic symmetry to it. See how the lines on the stockings flare out into a triangle at the heel? It looks just like the thong flaring out into the triangular patch… in front.”

She studied the picture, her lips parted slightly. He felt her touch leave him and glanced down. Her hand was now hovering over her body, fingertips trailing along where the blanket draped between her thighs.

“I like the way she’s bent over away from you, but you can still see her face, looking back at you. I like her hair trailing down, and you can see the underside of her tits below the crop shirt.”

“I bet you like the backs of her knees, too,” she said.

He looked back at the picture. “Yeah… but why do you think that?”

“Well, the line in her stockings goes over the back of her knees before it flares out over her heel… but goes over the backs of her knees first. The string of the thong goes over right over her…” She touched the picture, “ass… before it flares out over her pussy. Which looks like it is completely shaved, even through the fabric.”

“So if you know that much about how much I like, why do you have to ask?”

“Tell me something else you like about this one.”

He looked at the picture again. “She has herself… tilted. Her pelvis is tilted forward. It makes her pussy more obvious, and spreads her cheeks out. I like the way it makes her ass look. She looks like you could just pop that string and start fucking her.”

“I don’t usually fuck girls,” she said.

“Well, like I could anyway.”

“You do and I’ll tie your nuts in a knot,” she said. He noticed that her hand had disappeared beneath the covers only after he felt her thigh rub against his, as she bent one knee and spread her legs a little.

“So show me some more. Something… raunchier. Something that makes you get hard.”

He looked at her eyes; she closed them deliberately, trembled, then opened them again and licked her lips.

He stared at her face for a moment longer. “Let me see…” He flipped past a few more pictures, then stopped at one of a different woman, with short dark hair and bright blue eyes. The model lay on her back with her ankles and knees pressed together, knees pulled up near her face and held there with one arm, eyes staring straight at the camera. She wore bright blue stiletto heels that matched her translucent bra, and nothing but skin between the bra and the shoes.

“You just like that one ’cause she’s got her finger in her ass,” she said.

“Hey, you brought up the subject. But yes,I do like that. Quite a bit in fact. But I like the wet, slick looking pussy, and the short trimmed bush. And the look in her eyes… It’s like she’s saying she’s ready for you to fuck her pussy, but not her ass. Its busy entertaining her finger. Maybe later.”

“Its too warm under this blanket,” she said, and pulled the blanket down to her thighs. She put her hand into her thong panties and pressed her legs together. “So you like a woman to keep her legs pressed together like this?”


She spread her legs wide, one across his thighs. He could see her finger tracing circles inside the thin panties. “I thought you preferred her to spread, more like this?”

“Yeah, well, it depends on the angle, the point of view.”

“How so?” she asked, the motion inside her panties increasing.

“Well, if you’re looking at her from the front, spreading everything out is definitely the best.”

She spread her legs a little further, brushing her knee across his rigid dick. “More like this?”

“Yeah, so her pussy lips open up, and you can how wet she is.” He could now see that her wrist was now making quick, in-and-out movements in between circling. “Are you finger fucking yourself?”

“Why, isn’t that on the list of things you like to see?”

“Well, yeah, but you never do that…”

“It was an accident. I was so wet my finger just slipped into my pussy on its own.” The in-and-out motion increased. “Tell me about when you like to see her legs pressed together.”

“When I’m looking from behind, and she’s bent over at the waist, or like this with her legs pulled up. It looks like she’s trying to hide her pussy, but you can still see it well enough to tell its wet. It works even better when the knees are together and the ankles spread. Opens up the thighs and ass cheeks.”

“It looks like she’s so wet her juices are dripping over her ass. Show me more.” He flipped through a few more pictures. “How about something with some dick involved. And take your hand off that tool of yours if you’re going to make yourself come before I can get a taste of it.”

He hadn’t realized where his hand had been. “Oh, I see. You get to play with yourself but I have to behave…”

“I could go back to reading my book…”

“Never mind, let me see what I can find for you.” He pulled up another picture. “So I guess this one I like because of the position. Somehow we never do this…”

A blonde with shoulder-length hair was on her knees, with her chest and shoulders on a blanket on a tile floor, her face half buried in a pillow. Her eyes were closed and a corner of the pillow was clenched in her teeth. Peppermint striped string panties were stretched tight between her knees, her legs spread as much as the fabric would allow. Her calves were angled out even further. She had a slight tan, but no hint of a tan line and not a single strand of hair visible below her eyebrows. A pale, muscular man was on knees behind her. The head of his dick was just splitting the lips of her pussy. Her lips were swollen and very wet.

“And you like this one because of the tall, skinny blonde?”

“Well, she’s pretty, again, but the key is the position. The great thing about this position, from the guy’s viewpoint, is the view of her ass. Guys are very visual. Its almost impossible to look at her pussy and fuck it at the same time, but when she’s like this, you can be buried in her pussy, and still look down at that asshole and imagine how great it would be to slam your dick in there. And I like the way she’s using both hands to spread her cheeks open, inviting him to look.”

“She’s got that tilt in her pelvis too,” she said.

“Yeah, I noticed that.”

She pulled her thin camisole up, exposing one breast and half the other. “But if she’s like that, you can’t really see her tits very well.” She licked a finger and began circling her exposed nipple with it. She played with it for a few moments before saying, “You’re supposed to be showing me pictures, you know, not staring at me.”

“Well, I like the fingers in the mouth thing. And the tits.”

“Oh, you like this sort of thing?” she said, taking her hand out of her panties. All four fingers were already shiny and wet. She licked each one, then put two, then three, then put all four into her mouth; then put her hand back into her panties.

“Yeah, that sort of thing.”

“Get back to doing your job,” she said.

He flipped through a few more pictures; a solo redhead on her back with a long, sliver vibrator, tip resting on her clit – she asked if he liked to watch a girl masturbate, and he affirmed that he did. A pale brunette taking the huge dick of a muscular black man halfway into her mouth while another was buried in her pussy.

She continued the work inside her panties, and started squeezing her entire breast in between playing with the nipple. “I guess some of them aren’t that boring.” She paused. “I’m soaking wet, but I haven’t come yet.” she said, looking into his eyes. He started to reach between her legs and she slapped at him. “Not yet. First show me something dirty.”

“You mean that one’s not dirty enough?”

“Come on. Show me what you like even better than that one…” She arched her back a little.


“Oh, I see. You want me to tell you… Well, show me what put that little smile on your face and made your dick get so hard.”

He smiled, but didn’t say anything.

“Show me something with a pretty girl taking it up the ass.”

“You want it dirty, dirty?”

“Yeah, show me some dirty ass-fucking. If I like it maybe I’ll let you do it to me.”

“I thought you had to be really hot before you would even think about letting me near your ass?”

“Practically melting. But when I am, it makes me come so much harder. I’m starting to think a lot. And starting to melt.”

He turned his attention back to the screen, searched for a moment, and pulled up another picture. “This is one of my favorite poses. The girl is pretty hot. Kind of the reverse of the pussy fucking one…” The picture showed a brunette with long dark curls; she wore a dark green corset pushing up large, soft tits. Her nipples were erect and wrinkled. She lay on her back in a chair, one leg over the shoulder of a tall, thin guy with long, straight blond hair. His dick was thin, and half buried in her ass. Her other leg was splayed to the side, not to block the view. She spread her pussy lips with the long fingers of both hands. “Its kind of posed, but I like it anyway.”

“So this way you get to look at her pussy, open and inviting, while fucking her in the ass?”

“Yeah… hot.”

Her hand was moving inside her panties again. “Is that your favorite?” she said, a little breathlessly. “Position, I mean…”

“Well, I do like that pose…”

” But I bet you like it even better with the girl on her belly, completely helpless…” He looked at her face. “Preferably over a pillow or with something under her hips to prop her ass up in the air.”

He pulled up another picture.

“Yeah, like that,” she said.

“I like the way she’s spreading her cheeks here, and her pussy is open and wet. And the panties not even down to mid-thigh, creasing her skin, about to break from her legs spreading. She was in such a hurry to get fucked that she couldn’t get her panties all the way off. And the guy’s dick looks huge in her ass. I like the way balls just brush the back of her pussy lips.”

“She’s not as skinny as some of the others…” Her breathing was noticeably faster.

“Yeah, makes her ass look rounder.”

“She’s built kind of like me.”

“Yeah, I think she’s built about right, not fat, but not so skinny that she doesn’t have some curve to her ass.”

“I bet you’d like to see me in that position, wouldn’t you?”

He flipped to the next picture. “And this is almost the same pose, but now it looks like she’s climaxing.”

“You just love it when a girl comes when you’re in her ass, don’t you?”

“Yes I do. And this one ends like this…” He pulled up another picture, of the same couple. The girl in the picture still spread her cheeks with her hands, and it looked like the guy had just pulled his dick out of her, though he was still obviously very hard. Milky fluid trailed from the head and was trickling out of her ass, which was still slightly open. The juice was running into her pussy, which also gaped. She smiled back over her shoulder.”

“So that’s a cream pie?”

“That’s what they call it.”

“So you like to see some guy’s semen dripping out of a woman’s asshole?”

“Well, preferably my own semen, but yeah.”

“You like the way it runs down into her pussy?”

“Yeah. Makes it even wetter. I like the way her pussy is open for it to run into.”

“I bet she’s gaping open like that because he pounded her pussy before she let him ass-fuck her. She’s a dirty little cunt. You like watching a dirty little cunt come?”

“Of course!”

“You like to watch her face, or her ass and pussy?”

“Well, depends, but right now ass and pussy.”

“Am I a dirty enough cunt for you?”

“Is that a trick question?”

“Nnnng… No cream pie, but if you want a live show, you better go look,” she said as her breathing quickened more.

He put the screen on her chest, squeezing the breast that was still covered through the thin fabric of her camisole as he swiveled around on his hips and positioned himself to look at what she was doing. Somehow she had the little blue print thong down around her ankles. She drew her knees up and spread her legs, flexing one ankle and causing the thong to shoot off into the corner of the room.

She had trimmed her auburn pubic hair down to just a little more than a stubble, in the shape of a triangle. She was shaven clean around that, with smooth lips, now puffy and soaking wet. Legs still up in the air, she reached behind her and lifted her ass cheek, fingertips catching her pussy lips on that side and pulling them open. The fingers of her other hand swirled around the hood of her clit. Her pussy gaped open. Her ass was a tight pinpoint. She let her legs relax, spreading them wide and resting one across his hip. She was glistening and wet from the swollen bump above her lips all the way back to the cleft behind her ass.

She ran her fingers down her lips, hesitated, then ran them over her ass and back up to her clit. The second time down, two fingers trailed into her pussy. “Those pictures all focused on the girl… I don’t even want to screw a girl, I don’t know why I’m reacting like this…”

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The next chapter in my story inspired by Kate’s Playground, by MyJimmy. In it Krissy and her father explore their new arrangement together, getting a little dangerous. Yada, yada, yada, don’t try this at home. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

But it could be chapter 10, if you know what I mean…

The next few days passed relatively uneventfully. I returned to work and Krissy continued to enjoy her summer with her friends.

I posted the point of view pics to the website and, as I had predicted, it created quite a surge in traffic. Krissy was well on her way to making her five grand.

A couple of times I tried to engage Susan in some frisky fun. My heart wasn’t fully in it since I knew it would mean the end of my ‘agreement’ with Krissy, but I figured I owed it to Krissy to make a real effort. But Susan was like an icebox and I got nowhere. I decided to step up my game.

It was Friday. I had cooked a candlelight dinner for me and Susan, which got me a big kiss on the cheek from Krissy as she headed out for the evening.

“You are the sweetest man in the world. This is your night daddy, I can feel it.”

But several hours after she was supposed to have been home I got a belated text from my wife telling me that I should just wrap up the leftovers and leave them in the oven as she needed to work late.

Krissy came back to the house to find me alone in the kitchen staring out into space, a beer in my hand and a sputtering candle that had burned down to a nub. She guessed what had happened right away.

“Oh daddy,” she said sadly.

“It’s fine. Her job is important to her,” I said.

“No daddy, it’s not right. You really tried and she didn’t even bother to show up.”

Krissy pulled the beer from my hand and put it on the table.

“Come on. Wallowing won’t do you any good.”

Even though I hadn’t thought I really wanted this to work, I suddenly found myself overwhelmed with the growing realization that my marriage was really and truly falling apart.

“Honey, I appreciate you trying to cheer me up, but I really just want to be alone for a bit.”

“Not up to you dad,” Krissy said firmly.

I looked up at her quizzically. She planted a hand on her hip and unbuttoned the front of her jeans with the other.

“We had an agreement. I just spent the night dancing and flirting with boys and had to leave without any getting any. So I’m horny.

“I need a cock to suck and someone to eat my pussy and per our agreement the only person who can service me is you. So mope on your own time. Pull those pants down so I can suck you off. I wanna taste your delicious cum again.”

I was shocked, and almost instantly hard. Not about to argue, I shrugged my pants and boxers off and sat back down on the chair. Krissy kneeled in between my legs and grabbed my cock, staring lustfully at it.

“Mom doesn’t know what she’s missing,” she sighed as she dropped her mouth over my cock and started to suck enthusiastically.

Let me tell you, the best cure in the world for depression is a vigorous blow job. Five minutes later I had forgotten about my wife altogether as I blasted thick loads of cum in Krissy’s eager mouth, then threw her on the kitchen table and ate her out. She came hard on the table, then again on the floor as I pulled her down and she rode my face.

Still we weren’t done. Shedding clothing on the stairs and in the hallway as we kissed and teased one another like lovers we made our way to the bathroom to clean up. Under the hot water of the shower she sucked me off for a second time and I returned the favor once more myself. Finally, both of us completely spent and satisfied, we toweled off and went downstairs, cleaning up the evidence of our crime.

After a few minutes we found ourselves sitting on the sofa in the living room wrapped in towels, our clothes collected into a heap on the chair next to us. For a while we just sat there, smiling at one another and holding hands. We both knew the evening was about to end and neither of us wanted to acknowledge it.

“Hope your old man wasn’t too terrible a substitute for a summer fling,” I joked.

Krissy shook her head and rolled her eyes, smiling.

“This is so weird. I can’t believe I’m sitting here with you and about to tell you…No, forget it.”

“What?” I asked, playfully tugging at the towel fabric around her breasts. “Tell me.”

Krissy looked down, not meeting my eyes. “Telling you that…that for the rest of my life your tongue will be the yardstick I use to measure oral sex. I have never cum so hard on a tongue as I did on yours, daddy.”

Shyly she looked up to my eyes to gauge my response.

“I think you’re just trying to boost your old man’s ego.”

Krissy climbed onto my lap and put her hands on my chest.

“Believe me daddy, I wish I was. It would be so much easier if I was.”

I pulled Krissy in for a kiss. Not a chaste father-daughter kiss, but a deep lovers kiss that Krissy returned with fervor.

After a minute of making out with her squirming in my lap I could feel myself getting hard again. Krissy pulled back from our kiss and glanced down at my crotch, smiling.

“Looks like somebody needs some more release,” she smiled as she slithered out of my lap and onto her knees in front of me.

Tugging open the towel she watched as my rock hard cock sprang up, reaching up to grasp it in her hand.

“You’re like, the perfect guy,” she moaned, “always hard!”

Then she lowered her lips over my cock and started blowing me for the third time that evening.

Our encounters earlier had been sweaty, frenzied events with animal-like intensity. This time, with both of us having already cum multiple times, it was a slower, more loving experience. I leaned back, smiling ear to ear as my daughter slowly moved her lips up and down my cock, mewing softly.

Suddenly we heard the front door open. Krissy froze, my cock still in her mouth. My wife was home and about to catch our daughter with my cock in her mouth!

I heard the sound of car keys being tossed into the bowl in the hall by the door and footsteps as Susan headed to the kitchen. Passing by the entrance to the living room she turned and saw me on the couch, my back to her.

“Oh, hi honey. Sorry I missed dinner.”

She couldn’t see the other side of the sofa where Krissy was kneeling, my cock still in her mouth. But if she walked in here…

I twisted around to look at her. “Hi. No problem. How was work?”

I could feel Krissy’s tongue starting to twist around and lick my cock, which had been deflating in my panic, getting it back to full erection. Jesus, I thought, trying to stifle a moan, did she want to get caught?

“Fine, fine. What are you doing sitting in the dark?”

“Nothing,” I said as casually as I could.

Krissy had started slowly bobbing her head back up and down my prick. I gritted my teeth, my cock throbbing.

“Just fell asleep.”

Susan shrugged. “Ok. Food in the oven?” she asked and moved away towards the kitchen.

I hissed as quietly as I could as Krissy began bouncing her mouth up and down forcefully on my cock, her cheeks hollowed and her lips tightly gripping my shaft.

“Yah. Help yourself.”

I grabbed Krissy’s head and started jerking her up and down my length. She whimpered quietly, sensing my impending orgasm. I heard the sound of the oven door opening.

“Mmm,” my wife called out, “it smells good!”

“Yah,” I replied, “it’s…delicious!”

I groaned softly as I came hard, spurting ropes of cum into Krissy’s eager mouth. She noisily sucked and swallowed each blast, her lips and tongue massaging my cock to get every last drop out.

My mouth was open wide, trying to suck air into my lungs as quietly as possible. In the kitchen I could hear Susan getting out a plate and silverware.

Finally convinced I had given her everything she was going to get, Krissy let my flaccid member slip from her mouth, smiling up at me and winking. Then she quickly turned around and scooped up her clothes from the chair.

As she tip-toed out of the room towards the stairs she turned around to look at me with a wicked grin, moving a hand up to her stomach and rubbing it in circles while she mimed “Mmmm.”

I just stared at her slack-jawed. With a silent chuckle, she quietly bounced out of the room and up the stairs.

Recovering my senses I nervously glanced back towards the kitchen and began tugging my clothes back on. I had just gotten my shirt back on when Susan came back to the living room entrance with a plate of food. I smiled pleasantly at her.

“Do you mind heading up to bed?” she asked. “I was hoping to watch a little TV with dinner.”

“Not at all,” I said, getting up. “Enjoy.”

I headed upstairs, pausing for a few minutes on the stairs to let my adrenaline soaked heart slow down. Holy shit that had been close! Krissy had shown me a side of her that I never knew existed. I began to wonder just how innocent she really was.

Krissy’s door was closed and I could hear soft music playing. I was tempted to open the door, but decided I had had enough excitement for one evening.

Going into my room and closing the door behind me, my eyes began to adjust to the darkness as I undressed. Something tripped my senses and I froze. I wasn’t alone in the room.

Looking over towards the bed I jumped a little when I realized Krissy was sitting quietly on my bed, watching me.

“Holy crap,” I gasped. “Krissy, are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“Not yet,” she giggled.

“Krissy, your mother is just downstairs. We barely escaped getting caught already. Do you want her to find out?”

“She just started eating dinner,” Krissy replied with a nonchalant shrug as she tugged her panties off. “We’ve got at least half an hour. More than enough time for you to even the score.”

She leaned back onto the bed, rubbing her pussy. “Get over here and eat me out.”

I glanced at the door, considering telling her no. But Krissy’s pussy looked so inviting. Plus, I figured she was probably right, it would be a while before my wife came upstairs for bed.

Screw it, I thought, putting my face down into my daughter’s snatch.

“Mmmm, daddy,” Krissy moaned as I started in on her with gusto.

Twenty minutes and two orgasms screamed into a pillow later, Krissy wobbled unsteadily out of my room with her underwear in her hands and a big goofy smile on her face.

I rolled over and went to sleep. How strange my life had become!

Allison checked the cork board in the hardware store looking for a handy-man to do some work around her yard. One of the employees asked her if she needed any help, and she said she was looking for help with a new garden in her back yard.

“I’d go with this guy here, Shane Masters. He’s good at most yard work, and plumbing sprinklers and stuff. He also has very reasonable rates.”

“Thank you; I’ll give him a call.”

Allison wrote down the number and then headed home to call Shane. He answered on the second ring with a pleasant “hello”. She told him about her idea for a new garden in her backyard, and he agreed to swing by later in the day.

He arrived just after two, and he was anything but what she’d been expecting. He had dark wavy hair, about the color of hers, and beautiful blue eyes. He was about five-foot-ten inches tall, with broad shoulders and an inviting smile.

He was wearing tan cargo shorts, and a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top four buttons undone. It was long and un-tucked, and on him it looked rather GQ. He had a curl of hair hanging next to his left eye, and it was all she could do not to move it with her finger.

He smiled and introduced himself, and she smiled and did the same before leading him to the back yard. He commented on the beautiful Roman style swimming pool and spa as they walked past it. She talked about it for a minute and then took him a little further back into the yard, and showed him where she wanted a new three tiered flower garden.

“So I’m assuming you want it curved in front, like the other two, and made of the same brick as the others as well?”

“That would be nice, if you can do that? I’d also like it to have its own zone on the sprinkler system, and some accent lighting like the others do.”

“I can do all of that easy enough. I get two-hundred a day, and I’m going to estimate five days to complete it.”

“Do you have any pictures of your work, maybe from jobs you’ve already done?”

“I have a website you can check out, and a few regular clients that don’t mind giving me referrals.”

“Do you mind if we look at it right now?”

“Not at all.”

He followed her to the study where her home office was and she pulled over a second office chair for him. He reached over and punched in the web address and she was impressed by the quality of his work. She sat there flipping through the pictures, while he sat there staring at her from the corner of his eye.

Allison had long dark hair, with burgundy streaks in it, and he was surprised at how shiny and smooth it appeared. Her neck was just a little longer than what might be called normal, and he thought it gave her a very unique look. Her chest was nice as well. It wasn’t small, and it certainly wasn’t large. He assumed it was all natural, but you never knew for sure.

She finished up and he offered to give her the number of a few clients but she assured it that wasn’t necessary. He set one of his cards in front of her and she picked it up between her fingers. Her nails were manicured and had been airbrushed by a top notch salon.

They got up from the desk and she walked him to the door. He couldn’t help but take in her beauty, walking gracefully along in her black bellbottom jeans and fitted navy blue blouse. She turned at the door and caught him watching her hips and ass. She turned red when she realized he was smiling about it.

“So…when can you start Shane?”

“I can start tomorrow if you want me to?”

“That would be great, do I need to sign anything, or give you any money now?”

“No, I’ll be here at nine in the morning if that’s ok, and we can go over the cost of supplies and what not.”

“Do you…mind if I ask your age Shane?”

“Not at all, I’m twenty-six and I’m bonded and licensed.”

“Ok, well I guess I’ll see you in the morning then, and thank you.”

“Oh, it’s my pleasure Miss.”

“Call me Allison, if you’d…like?”

“Ok Allison, I’ll see you at nine in the morning I guess.”

She watched him walk to his lowered Chevy S-10 pick-up and slowly drive away. She wasn’t sure why she was staring at him as he left, but she couldn’t look away until he was out of site.

Allison was up and showered by seven-thirty, and her hair and makeup was done by eight. Unfortunately it took until almost nine for her to find the “right thing” to wear. Eventually she decided on a pair a light rose colored pastel denim shorts and a light weight white fitted sleeveless blouse. She slipped on a pair of Bass leather sandals just as the doorbell rang.

Today Shane was wearing brown cargo shorts and a tan tank-top with his logo, “Shane’s Home & Garden” across the back. He had on suede leather boots and was carrying a leather folder in his hand. They went to the back yard and sat at the patio table by the pool.

They went over everything and about an hour later he started carrying tools in the side gate. She sat at the table and watched as he went back and forth. He smiled every time he looked her way. Eventually he started marking the grass with spray paint for the straight sides, and then put down a long piece of chain marking the free-form curved front wall.

“Is this the idea you had in mind Allison?”

“That looks perfect to me, it matches the others perfectly.”

He went along the edge of the chain marking the ground and then grabbed a flat nosed shovel and started removing the turf where the brick would go. She sat down on the grass a few feet away and watched him work.

“So is this all you do Shane?”

“I do a lot of garden work; I took landscape design in college. I also install new sinks, bathtubs, faucets, things like that. I hang pictures, and have been convinced to set tile as well.”

“I noticed the truck you were driving yesterday was pretty fancy, is that a hobby of yours?”

“Ya, she’s my baby I guess you’d say? My mom bought it for my when I went to college.”

“I imagine she must have a pretty nice garden as well, with you being so skilled at it.”

“She did, before she died, well I mean the garden is still there, at my house, but mom isn’t.”

“Oh, I’m sorry…when did she pass?”

“Five years ago, she had lymphoma.”

“That must have been pretty hard on you and your dad.”

“It was just me and mom; my dad vanished when I was just a baby. My aunt stayed with us at the end though. How about you Allison, you live here alone?”

“I was…married, until five years ago. I got the house, or I guess I should say I bought him out of the house, but yes, I live alone.”

“You sure have a nice place here, I love the yard.”

“Thank you, I have a lot of ideas I’d like to run by you, once this is finished.”

“I’ll take all the work I can get.”

“Would you like something cold to drink, I have iced tea, lemonade, and a pretty big choice of soda?”

“Iced tea no sugar would be great, if it’s no trouble?”

“None at all, I’ll be right back.”

He leaned on his shovel handle watching her walk to the French doors. He couldn’t help but feel she was a little sad about her life. He wasn’t sure why, she seemed to have everything a woman could want, pretty much, and she could land any man she wanted, if she wanted.

He got back to his work and a few minutes later she arrived with two big plastic cups filled with tea and ice. He sat down on the grass and enjoyed the cold drink in silence. She took a few sips and then set her cup between her thighs while she stared into it.

“So what went wrong with your marriage, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Well, I’m still not quite sure…to be honest. I actually thought things were great, until he walked in one night and told me he wanted a divorce.”

“Wait, what…are you serious? No constant fights, or the standard, “We’ve grown apart” line? He just came home and said he wanted a divorce?”

“Yes, that’s what happened, and a year later he married a younger woman, and now they have a four year old daughter.”

“Did he want kids, is that was got between you two?”

“No, when we got married he didn’t want kids, so I got my tubes tied. I guess he changed his mind, and figured I was…broken.”

She had a tear running down her cheek and Shane realized he might have gone too far. He drank the rest of his iced tea and set his cup on the grass. He reached out and touched her leg, causing her to jump.

“I’m sorry; sometimes I forget my place Allison.”

“No, its fine…Just getting older sucks I guess, I was just thinking about how much life you have ahead of you.”

“What are you, like thirty? You have plenty ahead of you as well, I’m sure.”

“Thanks, but I’ll be thirty-nine in August.”

“Get out, seriously?”

“Yes, almost to the dreaded forty.”

“Well you look great…I should get back to work, before I forget why I’m here.”

He hopped up and grabbed his shovel, while she just sat there with her sweating cup held against her crotch. She picked it up to take a sip, and it had made a wet spot on her crotch. He knew it was just water from the cup, but it looked incredibly sexy regardless.

“So…what is it you do Allison? Your office seemed set up for computer work.”

“I’m a web developer. I design websites and graphics for a big firm out of New York.”

“Wow, it must be nice to work from home every day.”

“It is, but it can be lonely at times I guess.”

“So do you date much?”

“Oh…no, not since…my husband…”

“Wait, you don’t date?”

“I don’t get a lot of offers working from home.”

He tried not to stare at her crotch, but it wasn’t easy. She eventually caught him and when she looked down her face turned bright red. He turned his back to her and continued to cut up the turf until he felt less like a jerk.

She took the cups inside and didn’t return for a while, and when she finally did, she sat at the table with a magazine. He continued his work until almost six and then started cleaning up for the day. He caught her watching him a few times as he stacked the sod in a pile. He finished up and then walked to within about five feet of her.

“If it’s alright, I’d like to start around seven thirty tomorrow, I’ll just let myself in the side gate, ok?”

“By all means, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Yes, goodnight Allison.”

She watched him walk around the pool and down the path to the far end of the house and out of site. She dropped the magazine on the table and rubbed her face with her hands. She couldn’t figure out why she was so intrigued with him, he was only twenty-six; he was just beginning his life.

She shook her head and then picked up her magazine and went inside…

The next morning she woke up around eight. She looked out the window and he was already covered in sweat from moving bricks. Her husband was an accountant and never did any real manual labor, but something about Shane made it look sexy.

She sat on the edge of the bed watching him while her fingers slipped down the front of her cotton panties. She watched as he unloaded the next load of bricks from his cart, and then to her joy, he removed his t-shirt and wiped his face and perfect chest.

One hand was teasing her hard excited nipples while the other hand rubbed circles around her hardening clit. She’d spent a lot of time alone, and had perfected her masturbation techniques, but this time her body betrayed her and she exploded with almost no warning at all.

She gasped and moaned out as her fingers rubbed furiously across her clit, and her nipples burned with desire. She rubbed until her breathing got raspy and another orgasm started approaching. This time she used both hands on her pussy, one for penetration, and one for stimulation.

Her eyes were glued to his naked back as he started laying out small stacks of brick, and to her utter amazement he stopped and slipped his hand down his shorts. She watched as he wiggled his leg and adjusted his cock in his shorts.

She squealed out as a flood of emotion ripped through her body and her abdomen got hard like a rock. She rubbed and thrust as wave after wave pummeled her with searing pleasure. It was like nothing she’d felt in five years.

She gasped for air until her head cleared and then slowly dragged herself to the bathroom and started the shower. She washed her hair quickly, and then down her body before climbing out and drying off. She grabbed a pair of bikini cut cotton panties and slipped them up her freshly shaved legs. She stopped just before her unruly bush and stared at it in the floor to ceiling mirror.

“My god, I’ve let myself go…”

She removed her panties and grabbed her razor. Twenty minutes later she’d gone wild and shaved the entire area smooth. She ran her fingers over her full vulva and smiled. She felt sexy for the first time in ages. She slipped her panties back on and went to the closet. She flipped through the hangers until she found a nice floral print dress and slipped it over her head. She decided against a bra, but she wasn’t exactly sure why.

She pulled her hair back and put it in a pony tail, and then went barefoot to the back yard. Shane wasn’t there, but a few minutes later he arrived with a batch of cement. He smiled brightly saying good morning, and she did the same.

“Can I get you some coffee or anything?”

“Uhm…sure, coffee, one sugar and two creams would be great!”

She got almost to the edge of the pool and turned back to him.

“Do you like it strong, or weak?”

“It doesn’t matter to me.”

She took two steps backward and slipped on the edge of the pool, falling in with a big splash. Shane’s eyes shot open wide as he rushed to the edge to check on her. She was treading water and holding her arm where it hit the corner as she fell.

“Well now I look like a moron, I can’t even walk right anymore.”

“…and I was just getting ready to tell you I loved your dress.”

He watched as she swam to the steps and slowly walked out of the water. She was so embarrassed she forgot she wasn’t wearing a bra. He stood there staring at her dark areolas plainly visible through the wet fabric.

“So you like…this dress?”

“Ya, very much…”

“It’s see-through, isn’t it…”

“Uh, ya, pretty much.”

“Oh shit!”

She put her arm across her chest when she realized she was bra-less. He turned red but still took her arm and looked at the small abrasion in the middle of her forearm. It wasn’t bleeding, but it was going to bruise. He wasn’t sure why he did it, it was probably because of his mom, but he leaned down and kissed it.

“All better.”

Her arms turned to goose bumps and she shivered under his lips. Her arm slid down an inch and her hard nipples were leaving dents in her dress.

“I should go change.”

“Don’t change on my account.”

“If I was twenty-six, I probably wouldn’t.”

She couldn’t believe she’d just said that. It was like her body was hitting on him while her mind just stood there and watched in confusion.

“Why on earth would your age matter?”

“I…have no idea; I don’t even know what I’m saying.”

She turned and headed for the doors while he watched her pantie covered ass crack as she walked.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you Allison, I wasn’t really thinking.”

“Actually, I’m not embarrassed about the dress, just looking clumsy.”

She walked inside and went to the kitchen. She looked out the window over the sink and he was rubbing the hard lump in the front of his shorts.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, I actually turned him on?”

She was dripping water all over the Italian marble and it got slippery when it was wet, especially in bare feet. She turned, overly excited and her feet slipped out from under her. She screamed and went “thud” on the hard floor.

She opened her eyes, and she was lying in the living room on the sofa. She had on her bath robe, and Shane was looking pale as he started talking to her. She could see his lips moving but all she heard was mumbling. She reached inside her robe and found her breasts covered by a lace bra. Further down she found dry underwear, and she panicked.

“Are you ok Allison?”

“I…I guess, did I change…myself?”

“No, I called 911, and realized you might not want to be hauled away, dressed like you were when you fell.”

“Hauled away, what do you mean?”

“The paramedics are coming; you’ve been out about fifteen minutes…you scared the shit out of me.”

“I’m not going in an ambulance, that’s absurd. I’m fine now.”

She sat up and got dizzy before falling back down on the pillow under her head. A few seconds later there was a loud knock at the door and the doorbell rang a few times. Shane went to the door and let them in.

About ten minutes later they were putting her on a stretcher. She was embarrassed, but glad she wasn’t wearing a wet see-through dress. She told Shane where her house keys were and told him thank you. He said he’d check on her later and a few minutes later they drove away.

He worked until two in the afternoon and then called it a day. He went to her office and found her purse and cell phone, and then he went to her room and found her some clothes. He put everything in his work truck and drove home to clean up before going to the hospital.

He bought her flowers at the florist up the street and then tracked her down on the second floor. Her door was closed, so he knocked before opening it slowly. She was sitting up talking to a doctor, but she smiled when he walked in the room.

“Are you going to be ok Allison?”

“Yes, I have a mild concussion, so they’re keeping me overnight.”

The doctor got up and left the room, leaving them alone. He set the flowers beside her bed while she tried to find something to say. He took her purse and phone from the bag and then showed her the clothes he’d brought her.

“Listen Shane, thank you for getting me out of the wet dress, you’re right, I’m glad I wasn’t half naked when they arrived. The flowers are beautiful too.”

“I’m sorry, I feel bad for removing your dress, I just…I wanted to…protect you I guess?”

“Like I said, I’m fine with it, really.”

“Ok, I also put your dress through the wash so it wouldn’t get bleached from the pool.”

“Thank you, I love that dress.”

“Ya, me too, but I think I’ve said that a few times already.”

“You liked it wet, I remember that part.”

“I won’t lie, you’re a beautiful woman.”

“So, how was it, seeing a naked forty year old?”

“Wow, well…you need to get over the age thing, you look better than my last girlfriend.”

She turned red and looked away. She’d been fishing for a compliment, but nothing quite so bold. She almost jumped when his hand touched her leg and she looked up at him.

“I put my number in your phone, so just give me a call if you need a ride home tomorrow, ok? I’ll still be working if you don’t mind?”

“So, you’re leaving now?”

“Well, I don’t want to bother you, or anything.”

“You can stay if you want; I mean I don’t want to keep you from anything though.”

He walked around the bed and sat down in the padded chair under the window. She smiled and turned on her side so she could see him. A few minutes later they were talking about the future changes to her yard, and things she wanted to do out front under the big leaded glass windows.

They talked until after dark, and eventually the nurse showed up and gave her another pain pill. He kissed her hand and told her goodnight, and when she looked in his eyes she saw something she wasn’t used to seeing in people. A genuine friendly smile…

The next afternoon she called him for a ride, and told him to just use her car to pick her up. He hopped behind the wheel of the Lexus convertible and headed to the hospital. When he arrived at the front door she was waiting in a wheel chair with a bag filled with her robe, and her flowers between her legs.

She was perfectly fine, and got in the car without any help. She told him to step on it, and he raced away laughing. Twice on the ride home he patted her thigh, causing her to blush the first time, and gasp the second, when he got the inside edge of her thigh.

Once they were back at her house, he got back to work in the yard. He had his shirt off when she finally arrived an hour later. Her hair was wet and pulled back in a pony tail again. She was wearing shorts and a white t-shirt, and he would have sworn she was braless.

Most of the brick work was done, and he was installing the sprinkler system. She complimented him on his work, and they talked about the flowers that would be planted at the end of the week. She loved his ideas and decided to let him decide what went where.

The rest of the week flew by, with him bringing in dirt, and then the flowers and bushes. On Friday he installed the accent lighting and the job was finished. He cleaned up a little and then loaded up his work truck. She met him in front of the house and handed him a check for two thousand dollars.

“This is way too much, even with a tip Allison.”

“No, you earned every dime of that. I paid even more for the other bed, and you did a much better job, so thank you.”

She kissed him on the cheek and hugged him, but when she let go, he didn’t. She let him hold on until he was finished, but he shocked her when she stepped back.

“Would you like to go out with me tonight, in my truck, maybe some pizza, and then a little cruise, on Tenth Street?”

“I’m flattered Shane, but you don’t want me in the passenger seat of your truck on a Friday night, I’m sure.”

“So, I’m too young for you then?”

“What…no, I’m too old for you, sweetie.”

“Wow, you really won’t let that go, will you? Ok, I’ll see you on Monday. I’ll start on the flower beds next to the house, in back, like we talked about.”

“Fine, what does a thirty-nine year old woman wear to go for a “cruise” exactly?”

“Jeans and a t-shirt would be fine, underwear is always optional.”

“Shane, is this a…cougar thing?”

“What…Oh hell no…don’t even say that, that’s just wrong…”

“Ok, so when are you picking me up?”

“I’ll be here at seven…see you soon.”

He drove away, and she realized she was already wet between the thighs. She walked inside in a daze, still not quite sure what just happened. Did he really want to date her, or just get in her pants? Was letting him get in her pants such a crazy idea? Her asshole of an ex husband had been in them a thousand times, and where was he, off fucking another woman, no…a girl, half his age.

She went to her room and started digging through her closet. She was done feeling like a forgotten puppy. This was her life and she was going to enjoy it for a change. She pulled out a silk cowl neck top that was open down the back, and hung so low in the front her belly button showed. She grabbed a pair of tight white denim jeans and six inch heels and then started in on her makeup.

Shane pulled up and parked in front of the house. He checked his hair in the mirror and then hopped out and walked to the front door. He was whistling as he knocked softly. The door opened, and his mouth fell open. He felt his dick swelling in his black jeans as he stumbled inside.

“Is this…too much?”

“You look absolutely…incredible….”

She turned around and he almost fell backwards. He’d never actually been with a woman that knew how to look sexy and elegant all at the same time. He wanted to touch her, but he refrained. There was a single thin strap that tied behind her neck, holding the top together. One pull on the bow and it would just slip off her smooth shoulders.

She picked up her small bag and waited at the door while he stepped back outside. She locked it behind them and then let him help her into the lowered truck. The entire interior was done in dark teal suede to match the paint. Behind the seat was the biggest stereo system she’d ever seen.

He showed her how to use the seven inch touch screen, and she went through the almost endless list of music. She was pleasantly surprised to find she liked almost everything she came across. She added about ten songs to a playlist and hit play. He handed her the remote and told her she could turn it up if she wanted.

She started raising the volume until she could feel the music in her abdomen and chest. It made her laugh from the tickling sensation in her gut. He smiled as he drove across town to the pizza place. She’d been expecting someplace bright, like Pizza Hut, but he took her to an Italian restaurant that made a killer deep dish. They were seated in the back near a window where he could see his truck.

“Shane, do you actually want to…date me?”

“Wow, well…that was my intention, does that bother you?”

“It’s a little surprising to me, even if it seems normal to you.”

“I get that you have a hard time with the age thing, and I won’t push, I promise. But there’s nothing wrong with going out and having some fun, right?”

“I’m ready to have fun Shane, trust me…”

The waiter arrived and Allison ordered wine, while he went with a root beer. Once the drinks arrived they ordered a three meat deep dish and then started talking. Shane talked more about his mom, and Allison talked about her failed marriage. They both unloaded their mental baggage until the food arrived.

“Shane, you said I look better than your last girlfriend, what did you mean?”

“I…well; I wouldn’t want to talk about the…details here.”

She realized he wasn’t talking about her overall figure; he was talking about the more intimate areas. Her face turned red and she finished her glass of wine. She waved down the waiter and got a refill before talking again.

“I might not be what you want Shane, I grew up in a different time from you. Women are much more…adventurous now days.”

“You don’t actually think I’m a player or something, do you?”

“I figure you been around the block a few times, and at twenty-six I figured you’re…experienced.”

He leaned forward until he could talk in a low voice and asked her if they were talking about sex. She nodded her head yes, and he turned beet red. She was a little shocked at first, but smiled and returned to her food.

“Wait, are you saying that after eleven years of marriage, you don’t feel experienced?”

She cocked her head and thought about what he’d just said. Somehow she’d equated his youth, with sexual experience. She’d had sex thousands of times, and he might have had it hundreds of times at the most. She felt a sudden rush of control come over her.

“Ok, you’re right; I am pretty experienced I guess. Maybe I can teach you a trick or two.”

The roles had reversed, or maybe he’d never really had the upper hand she’d thought he’d had. Maybe this was really all her doing in one way or another. She had dressed to entice him, and she had already masturbated while watching him. Maybe she was the one doing the seducing in this relationship.

They finished eating and then walked to the truck. He opened the door for her but she stopped and turned to face him with a sultry look on her face. At that moment he realized he’d been dating girls, and Allison was a woman. A hot, sexy, erotic woman…

“Will you kiss me Shane?”

“Uh huh…”

His lips met hers and a few seconds later his instincts took over. He explored her mouth with a delicate touch at first, and then increased the intensity until she was squeezing his ass in her hands. His hand was slowly slipping into the open back of her jeans where he found her naked butt.

She wanted to rub his crotch and feel a cock for the first time in years. She wanted to open his pants and suck on his hard swollen head. She wanted him to shove her over the edge of something and give her a really hard and deep fucking, but she also wanted him to drive her around in his truck. She wanted to be with him, in front of people. She wanted him to show her off; she wanted to feel like she belonged to somebody again.

He broke this kiss amidst his heavy breathing and she blushed red. He helped her into the truck and then drove them downtown. They cruised up and down the three mile strip with everyone else until around ten. After the next pass he turned into the big home improvement store parking lot and parked next to half a dozen other trucks.

They turned out to be his truck club members. He introduced her to everyone and then they walked around looking at all the other parked cars and trucks. Shane had his arm around her waist, and she realized she’d never been out like this before. Movies and dinner was about the most her ex husband ever did with her.

Two or three times over the next hour he stopped to make out with her right there in front of his friends and anyone else in the area. He wasn’t ashamed to be with her, or worried about what people thought. He had his hand in her back pocket while they walked and while he didn’t realize it, every time he pulled, the big seam of fabric running between her thighs rubbed her clit.

A cute little bubble gum chewing girl in a pink plaid miniskirt bounced up and said hello to him. He tried to smile as he introduced her to Allison. Her name was Becky, and she was his ex girlfriend. She was dressed on the edge of slutty, and when she learned it had been his ex she’d just met, Allison gave him a curious stare.

“What, what’s that look for Allison?”

“You think I’m better than that?”

“You’re the first woman that doesn’t embarrass me, to be honest, and yes I think you’re hotter than her.”


“Well in my head, my opinion is the only one that counts, so get used to it.”

She let him win, because it felt good to hear him say it. He steered her back to the truck by her back pocket, and she was actually worried she might have a wet spot on her crotch from all the stimulation. He stopped by the driver’s door and wrapped his arms around her waist.

She looked up at him and he started kissing her again. He slipped his hands in her back pockets and she moaned into his mouth. He looked into her eyes and they were glassy and filled with desire.

“When you pull on my pockets, it rubs me…between my thighs.”

“Oh wow, you mean all this time I’ve been?”

“Yes, and I think I’m ready to leave now Shane.”

He was holding her tight to his body and she could feel his excitement through the front of his jeans.

“I think you’re ready now too.”

He unlocked the truck and helped her inside. He waved to his buddies and drove away. About a block off the strip she let the right side of her top slip to the side revealing her firm breast and hard nipple. She looked out the side window as she revealed the left one next.

“Fuck, you’re amazing! All you ever think of is your age, and all I see is the most incredibly sexy woman I’ve ever met.”

“I feel young tonight Shane, and my pussy is very wet.”

“…and I’m one very lucky guy…”

He raced across town to her house, and she reached in her purse for the garage remote.

“Go ahead and park inside Shane…”

He pulled in and she closed the door behind them.

“Shane, I don’t have to worry about…catching anything, right?”

He started laughing as he climbed from the truck and went around to her door. He opened it and told her no, he was safe, and clean.

“I’ve never had sex without a condom, and I’ve been tested.”

“Good, because I don’t want to use one, ok?”

“Ok, if you’re sure.”

“I am…”

She grabbed the front of his jeans and opened them up. His cock was a vertical bar in his boxer briefs and he looked sexy. She leaned out and started kissing it through the soft cotton and then pulled the font down until he was free.

“Can I suck on it for a minute?”

“I won’t last a minute Allison; I might not last a couple seconds.”

“Then don’t…”

She bent it down and slipped her mouth over his shaft. He gasped out and his hand went to her shoulder. She wanted to get at his balls too, so she held his cock in her mouth while she pulled down on his jeans and boxers until they were clear of his heavy balls.

She returned her hand to his shaft and looked up at his tensed up face. He looked down at her and she smiled at him.

“Will you cum for me, right here, right now?”

“God, like I have a choice…”

She swallowed half his hard cock and started sucking while she slowly moved up and down the hard shaft. At the top she would swirl her tongue around the ridge of his head and then dive back down until he hit her throat.

She rolled his balls in her hand and then ran her finger through the crack of his ass. He gasped and moaned and she felt his cock spasm. He grunted and she was rewarded with a mouth full of warm cum. She’d expected it to be slightly bitter like her husband’s but it wasn’t. It was almost sweet, and she liked it. She sucked and pumped until he was dry and breathing heavy.

“Now, you can watch me play until you’re ready for more.”

She got up and walked to the door leading inside and he followed her into the house. She walked slowly up the stairs not wanting to fall in her high heels. She’d done enough falling around him, and she didn’t need anything getting in the way of the five year itch she was about to get scratched.

He followed her to the foot of the big bed where she removed her heels. He smiled and pulled the string behind her neck. Slowly she let the top fall from her shoulders and to the floor. He pushed her back on the bed and picked up her blouse. He put it over the back of the chair beside the bed and then returned to her small feet.

She was undoing her zipper and he grabbed the leg openings and pulled them from her body. She scrambled up to the pillows and pushed the covers down to her feet. He pulled his shirt over his head and then kicked off his shoes and peeled off his socks. She watched as he removed his jeans and then his briefs.

“God you’re handsome Shane.”

“You think so?”

She nodded her head yes as he crawled on the bed and asked for a pillow. She handed him one and he slipped it under her ass. Her knees fell open and he dropped down between them.

“I talk…a lot.”

“No, you’re fine Allison.”

“I mean during…sex, I talk a lot.”

“You promise?”

“Trust me, I get a little loud.”

“I’m really going to enjoy this then.”

He looked at her open and inviting pussy, and the crinkly folds framing the still-hidden opening to her sex. He licked and sucked on the extended labia, and her head filled with a sudden desire she’d forgotten all about. She got the chills when his tongue slipped across her asshole and up into her bright pink pussy.

He dug around at the soft flesh, drinking in her constantly flowing wetness. Her fingers found his hair just as his tongue slipped across her hardened clit. She hissed his name as he sucked it into his mouth. He heard her gasp, and felt her body tense up. He pressed his tongue against the hard nub and rubbed across it.


He sucked and nibbled and licked until she relaxed and sighed. He slipped his hand between her thighs and his fingers played in the wetness. He rubbed her puckered little rosebud and she begged him for more. He slipped two fingers in her pussy and explored her tight sex.

She started building up to her next orgasm, and Shane could tell by her breathing it was going to be big. He started rubbing circles around her tiny anus and when she started gasping for air he pushed his fingertip up her ass.


He let her ride the waves of ecstasy for a while and then climbed between her wide spread thighs. He grabbed his cock and bent it down until he could press the firm head against her clit. She squealed and then gasped when it hooked her swollen pussy and slipped inside.

She grabbed his ass and pulled him in deep and then started thrusting against his pelvis. Her senses were on fire and she couldn’t get enough of him inside her. All her wants and needs had flooded her mind, and she wanted him to possess her. He dropped down on his hands, and her legs wrapped around his waist.

He started stroking into her and slowly her legs worked their way up his body until she was holding her own ankles. He moved his arms around her legs one at a time and pressed them forward with his shoulders.

“Oh…I like that Shane…”

“You feel so good Allison.”

“God, fuck…me…harder.”

Shane started bouncing them on the bed with his heavy thrusts, and his pelvis was pounding against her swollen clit. Every bump pushed her closer to the next big explosion, until she was begging him to make her cum. He pushed in deep and stopped thrusting. He started grinding against her and she started whimpering.

“Oh ya…fuck, fuck, fuck…SHANE!”

She started shaking and bucking and he started thrusting hard and fast as she exploded in climax. Her head went back and her back arched, and a long low moan escaped her lips before her breath caught in her throat.

When her back finally returned to the bed he released her legs and dropped down on top of her. He covered her mouth with his, and amidst her heavy breathing he kissed her open mouth. His cock was still rock hard and buried deep inside her shaking pulsating pussy.

“That was incredible Shane, my god…it’s been so long…”

He leaned to the side a little and propped himself up on his elbow while he studied her face. She turned red in the cheeks and started laughing, and then pushed him off of her. He rolled on his back and looked down as she turned on her knees and grabbed his still hard cock.

“Wow, he still wants more of me I think.”

She rubbed his cock head between her lips and then opened her mouth and slid down the length of him. He tried getting her to sit on his face but she refused.

“No, I want to play with you for a minute; I used to be pretty good at this.”

“Oh fuck, you…still…are…”

She was slowly working him into her throat in quick strokes, getting past her gag reflexes. Finally after a minute or two her nose was touching his heavy balls on each downward push. She fondled his balls and tickled his ass and he started thrusting. She let him continue for a few seconds and then let him go.

“Get behind me Shane…and play with my ass again.”

He scrambled around behind her and couldn’t believe the view. Her knees were about eighteen inches apart, and her pussy was swollen and wet. The dark edges of her labia were in stark contrast to the bright pink center.

He put his palms on her ass cheeks and spread her open while slowly licking from her clit to her puckered little rosebud. She hissed at the sweet sensation, and he started going at her asshole with more determination. She let out a moan and started twisting and tugging on her own nipples.

“God, fuck me Shane…grab my hips and fuck me.”

He got up on his knees and rubbed his cock between her swollen lips. She pushed back at the perfect moment and forced his cock deep inside her hungry cunt. He shoved forward while his hands pulled back, and moaned out as she clamped down on him.

“Put your…thumb…in my…ass…”

He slid his hand to the center and rubbed around the tiny hole, covering it with her own wetness, and then started pushing it inside. This was a first for him and it was incredible. He could feel his cock in her pussy, and his cock could feel his thumb.

His thumb started moving, and she started moaning. He couldn’t help but pick up speed, the mental feeling was driving the physical, and he wanted to cum. She could tell by his breathing that things had changed, and she started slamming back into him, meting each stroke with her own.

“Oh fuck Shane, I’m gonna cum!”


His thumb was buried as deep as it would go and her body was convulsing on both his invading cock and thumb. He was pumping blast after blast of cum into her and she was whimpering with each thrust.

“God that feels good Shane…”

He was completely spent, and fell forward on her back. She slid forward letting him cover her naked body with his. He couldn’t help but kiss her neck and head while his hands caressed her shoulders. She shivered once from the sweet sensation and then grabbed his wrist in her hand. She pulled it to her face and kissed his fingers before resting her cheek on it.

He hopped up and turned out the light before pulling the covers up and climbing in next to her. She curled up in his arms and he felt wetness on his chest. He looked down and she was crying silently. He kissed her soft forehead and pulled her close.

“Are you ok Allison?”

“I forgot how good it felt to be loved…I mean, made love too. It’s been so long…you made me feel desirable again, which was something I’d given up on.”

“You are an amazing woman Allison, tonight was…unbelievable, to say the least.”

“So…will you stay the night?”

“There’s no place I’d rather be, than right here sweetie.”

She wrapped her leg around his and snuggled up against his firm chest. A few minutes later she was fast asleep. He closed his eyes and thought about the future. He worried she might sabotage what they had, and that scared him. He drifted off to sleep, but his dreams were filled with worry.

In the morning he awoke alone, and felt a little nervous. He checked the bathroom and the shower was wet from recent use. On the toilet were his clothes. They had been washed and were folded neatly on top of a fresh wash cloth and towel.

He hopped in the shower and speed washed everything. He was out five minutes later and drying off. He could smell something amazing, and he realized she was cooking. He dressed quickly and then made his way to the kitchen.

He stopped at the edge of the wall and watched her work. She was singing an old Journey song and practically dancing around the kitchen. She was wearing a very tight pair of pastel blue terry cloth shorts and a white tank top. Her dark areolas and nipples were clearly visible through the thin cloth.

The camel-toe in her shorts got a quick reaction from his groin and suddenly he felt over dressed. She spotted him by the wall and stopped what she was doing. She smiled at him and then asked him if he was staying for breakfast.

“Yes, and lunch…and dinner, and…”

“Shane, last night was wonderful, and waking up in your arms…well, it was a dream come true.”

“I…feel over-dressed all of a sudden.”

“If you want to eat in your underwear, please…please do.”

He laughed, but quickly dropped his jeans and removed his shirt. She handed him a cup of coffee and then kissed him good morning. She served breakfast, which turned out to be a ham and cheese omelet and fresh strawberries with heavy cream.

He sat at the head of the table and she sat right next to him with the corner between them. She had one leg pulled up so her ankle was under her thigh. Her shorts were still splitting her pussy, and the way her chair was turned towards him it was in plain view.

“Allison, will you continue to go out with me? I’m being serious about this…and I want a relationship with you.”

“Shane…I’m sure I’ve caused you to worry about how I feel, but I’m past all that. If I’m what you want, who am I to complain?”

“…but do you want me?”

“I do…I really do.”

He put the last bite of food in his mouth and then got up abruptly. She looked up at him as he stepped closer. She set down her fork just as he bent down and slipped his arm under the back of her butt and scooped her out of the chair. Her legs went around his waist as he walked to the staircase and started climbing.

He got to the bed and set her on the foot of it. He slipped his boxer briefs off while she pushed her shorts down. He pulled them off her legs and tossed them on the floor before crawling between her legs while she worked her way back a few feet.

He found her sopping wet and wasted little time burying his hard cock in her willing pussy. He wasn’t gentle this time, and he started pounding hard and grunting out his desire.

“God Shane, fuck me harder…”

He started heaving and pounding like a man possessed with desire, and she started moaning and panting until she screamed out his name. He didn’t even realize she was cumming; he was all consumed in his own pursuit of orgasm.


His cock exploded like never before, blasting off inside her hot sex. He grunted and flexed giving her every last drop, and then rolled off of her. Her chest was heaving, and her hips were sliding round while she moaned and whimpered.

“I’m sorry, you just…my god you make me so…horny Allison.”

“Sorry for what, my god…I’ve never cum so hard in my life…”

“I never understood the whole “Blinding lust” thing until I met you. When I helped you out of the pool that day, I wanted you more than anything in the world.”

“That morning, I watched you from that window, and played with myself. I hadn’t felt so horny in years Shane. You woke something up inside me, that I must have buried a long time ago.”

“Wow, you got excited looking at me?”

“You’re a very handsome guy Shane…I’m horny all the time now.”

The moment I saw you at the front door I thought, ‘Now this is one classy woman’ and my god you were sexy.”

She got up and grabbed her shorts and then went to the bathroom. She didn’t close the door so he hopped up and walked over to see what she was doing. She was sitting on the toilet peeing, and her cheeks turned red when she saw him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“It’s ok, I don’t mind you watching. I just…every time I see your dick, I think of the garage…”

His cock jumped and started growing. She watched with interest as it slowly rose up until it was almost touching his belly. She held her finger up and wagged it at him, pulling him towards her like magic.

He stopped in front of her and while she sat on the toilet in nothing but her thin tank top, she started sucking his cock. He couldn’t help but moan as she started taking him down her throat like a pro now. He grabbed her head and she moaned as he slowly started fucking her mouth.

He knew he wouldn’t cum again anytime soon, but her mouth felt incredible. He finally took a step back and she whined at losing her toy. She took some toilet paper and cleaned up before flushing the almost silent toilet.

“Go lie on your Back Shane; I’m going to fuck you for a change.”

He didn’t answer; he just turned and went to the bed. He crawled to the middle just as she hopped on the bed and pulled her shirt over her head. She crawled on his lap and quickly impaled herself on his hard shaft.

He grabbed her breasts while she humped and bounced on his cock. Her fingers went to her clit and a few minutes later she exploded. She dropped down on his chest and a few seconds later her hips were thrusting again. He grabbed her around the waist and she whimpered as she rubbed her clit up and down his shaft, setting her body on fire again.

“I could fuck you all day Shane…”

He slipped his hand over her butt and a few seconds later his finger found her asshole. He rubbed it around his cock for a second and then shoved it up her asshole. She squealed in delight as he buried the digit to the second knuckle.


Shane started finger fucking her asshole and it was like flipping a switch. Her pussy clamped down on him and she started screaming and groaning.


He slowly pressed a second finger in with the first, and once he started thrusting them in and out she started moaning again.

“God Shane, have you ever had anal sex?”

“No, I’ve never even done…this before.”


She felt his cock jump inside her and tried to giggle, but her constant state of orgasm was making it hard. He was pulling on her asshole and sending blinding bolts of bliss through her body. She finally couldn’t handle the sensitivity in her clit anymore and relaxed on his chest.

“Shane, do you want to be the first to…fuck my…asshole?”

“Jesus woman, you just get better by the second!”

She rolled off of him and reached for the nightstand drawer. He climbed over her and moved her hand.

“Let’s see what toys you have in here sexy woman…”

“Nothing much, but I’m not opposed to…getting more, if you like that idea?”

He found a single hard plastic white vibrator and a bottle of lube. He grabbed them both and rolled off of her back.

“Shane, you can stay here whenever you want, and you can keep some…stuff in the closet.”

“I will, first chance I get.”

She rolled onto her knees and put her beautiful ass in the air. He got behind her and started kissing and licking the firm flesh around her crotch.

“God you make me feel so…sexy Shane.”

“You drive me crazy woman, I’ve never had so much sex, and I just want more.”

He slipped two fingers in her wet swollen pussy and started rubbing the roof of her cunt.

“God, just a little further Shane, ugh, that’s my…g-spot.”

“Oh shit, seriously, I can feel it!”

“If you…rub it…until I…cum, I’ll squirt all over…you.”

“Oh fuck, seriously? I can make you squirt?”

“Fuck, you…like that…idea?”

He started rubbing it with firm pressure while he licked around her asshole with his hard tongue. His palm was rubbing her clit and she was started to get pretty wound up. He grabbed the lube and dripped the cold liquid in the crack of her ass, letting it run down to the dent that was her tiny rosebud. He used his thumb to push the clear liquid inside and she moaned at the sudden increase in pleasure.

He used his teeth to turn on the vibrator and then started rubbing the pointed tip around her asshole. She started whimpering again as his fingers started stroking her g-spot slowly. He pushed hard until the tip of the vibrator started sliding into her crinkled little asshole.

“Oh fuck, that feels amazing!”

He pushed harder and it slid in an inch. She pushed back and got almost the whole thing on that stroke.

“Jesus Christ, I feel full!”

He started fucking her ass with the vibrator while his tongue moved down to the bottom of her pussy. He was rubbing her g-spot and clit, and fucking her asshole and she was crying now and begging him to move his face.

“Not a chance woman, I want to be right here.”

“Oh, oh, oh, FUCK!”

Her body froze stiff and liquid shot out around his fingers and all over his face and arm. He was putting almost the entire vibrator in her ass and she was shaking as squirt after squirt of girl cum was blasting into him. Her husband had hated it. He’d never believed she wasn’t pissing on him, and now she had a lover that wanted to bath in it, and drink it.

She started taking deep breaths as her body slowly started to relax. He removed his fingers and slowly pulled the toy from her sexy bottom. She cooed as it slipped free. He dumped it a few feet away and crawled to his knees between her legs. She moved her knees apart and he rubbed lube into to his cock.

“God, are you gonna fuck my asshole Shane?”

“Oh god, are you sure you want this Allison?”

“Yes, I really want this…”

He rubbed the swollen purple head around the wet opening and then started pushing. He had expected some resistance, but the head popped inside easily. He pushed further and she moaned as he slowly sank to his balls.

“Oh fuck, that feels wicked Shane!”

“It’s so…hot, and…tight.”

“Fuck my asshole Shane, give me a good ass fucking lover.”

“My god, I love…you.”

He started fucking her ass and the more he pounded the better it got. She started grunting and rubbing her clit while he started taking long deep strokes. He could feel her rubbing hard on her clit and he could feel his own impending explosion building up in his balls.

They tightened up and he roared out her name as his cock bucked and unloaded blast after blast of cum up her tight hot asshole. She started wailing and he felt her squirt all over his balls and thighs. He started shaking as the last of his cum dripped out and into her ass.

She fell forward panting and gasping for air. He crawled beside her on his side and started rubbing her back and smooth butt. She turned her head to face him, and with a smile she asked if he meant it.

“Mean what?”

“You said you loved me, and even if you were a little gone, I enjoyed hearing it.”

“Wow, I was saving that for…down the line. I don’t want to sound like an infatuated kid.”

“I know what you mean, and no pressure, ok? But I’m glad you said it Shane, I really am.”

“Fuck it, I do love you Allison. I realized it when you fell and hit your head. I was in tears, and I thought you might…die.”

“Well I’m sure glad I didn’t, because the last twenty-four hours have been…life changing.”

He rolled towards her and let his leg slip over hers. His arm was around her and his face was in her hair and he was kissing her neck.

“I love you too, you incredible man.”

The rest of the week was like heaven for both of them. He worked in the yard, and she spoiled him, catering to his every need, especially the nasty ones. They spent one night at his house, where he showed her the gardens. She frowned at the for-sale sign in the yard, but he said it was too much house for one person.

The next Saturday, they took his truck up north to a truck show and had a nice mini vacation together. He took second place in his class, and while he was impressed, she thought he should have won first place. Sunday night they took his truck back to his house and drove her Lexus back to her place.

“So Shane, I’ve been putting this off, but I have a two week company conference in New York coming up. I leave next Sunday night.”

“Wow, two weeks, seriously?”

“Yes, and I wish I could take you, but it’s all about community building and crap. I have a roommate for the whole two weeks, and we’re supposed to “Bond” or some crap.”

“Well, I have a lot of work coming up; I guess I’ll just keep busy until you get back.”

“Will you stay here at my place, some of the time?”

“Do you want me to?”

“I’d like to think about you in my bed every night, waiting for me. That probably sounds silly though.”

“Well then that’s where I’ll be, every night you’re gone sweetie.”

“Can…I take some pictures of you?”

“Like naked pictures of me?”

“Oh wow, I meant to take with me…but…would you let me take nude pictures of you?”

“I would, for you Allison.”

“Wow, do you want pictures of me too?”

“What guy wouldn’t want nudes of your incredible body?”

“I…have a video camera too…”

They scrambled to the bedroom where he grabbed his camera bag from the closet. She had a crappy little digital, but he had a fifteen-hundred dollar Nikon. He set it up on the tripod and showed her how to use it in auto mode.

He wasn’t a model by any means, but she gave him direction while she took picture after picture. At one point she asked him to grab his hard cock and look into the camera. He almost starting laughing, but he was too horny.

“I can picture you playing with yourself while you look at these.”

“God you’re gorgeous Shane, how could I not get turned on by these.”

“Trust me; I’m getting horny just thinking about you.”

“Shane…can I…shave you…down there?”

“Are you serious, you want to do that?”

“Ya, I want to shave them, and then suck on them.”

“Fuck woman, I’m so close to cumming right now, my god.”

She pulled her top off and removed her sexy lace bra as she walked towards him. He just stood there holding his cock wondering what she was doing. She grabbed his digital video camera and handed it to him before dropping to her knees and grabbing his cock.

“Film me sucking your cock Shane.”

He turned on the camera and pointed it at her lovely lipstick outlined mouth as she sank balls deep on his cock.

“Oh fuck, this isn’t going to take long.”

“Cum on my tits Shane, and in my open mouth.”

“Oh shit!”

He grabbed his cock just as it exploded. This wasn’t porn, and his cock didn’t dribble a weak little shot of cum. It blasted straight out into her open mouth. He aimed at her breasts and the next shot hit her nipple. He kept pumping until she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked out the last few shots.

He stepped back while she rubbed his cum into her skin, filming her the whole time. She got up and took him by the hand, dragging him to the chair, and then walked to the bathroom. She returned a few minutes later and proceeded to shave him clean as a whistle.

Once she’d rinsed him off real good she leaned right in and sucked his balls. She was squeezing his cock in her hand and he was already getting hard again. Her finger snaked down to his asshole and he jumped.

“Just let me try this, ok? If you don’t like it I’ll stop. I want to rub your prostate.”

“Uh huh…”

She soaped up her finger and wormed it up his asshole. His cock got hard as steel in a matter of seconds. He couldn’t believe he had a finger in his ass and it felt good. If it had been anyone else, ever, he would have said no. He trusted her, and he wanted to be as willing as she was.

Her finger found its target and he let out a moan as she started sucking his balls and rubbing his cock. He’d never felt anything like it. For him, sex had always been a cock thing. It felt good and then you climaxed. Now he had three places on his body igniting his senses, and while he had just cum, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he did again.

She removed her finger and let him go and he looked at her like she was crazy. She removed her pants while she stared at his amazing cock through glassy eyes. She went to the nightstand and grabbed her lube and the vibrator.

“Oh no you don’t, a finger is one thing…”

“No silly, just slide down and spread your legs wider for me.”

He slid down cautiously while he watched her closely. She oiled up his cock and then turned around to bend over. She grabbed her ass cheeks and he got the idea. He oiled up her winking little asshole until two fingers would slip in easily. She set the camera on the bed pointed at the chair and his cock, and then started impaling her asshole on his shaft.

She reached under him and slipped her finger back inside him. He hissed and moaned and she started massaging his cock with her ass. She grabbed the vibrator and turned it on high, before slipping it up her pussy.

It felt incredibly tight for her and her senses went into overload. She started rubbing her finger inside him and taking short thrusts on his cock. He grabbed her hips and started hammering her as hard as he could.

She lost it and started cumming. The idea of the camera catching the whole act had her wound up tight, and when the slightest hint of an orgasm showed up, his hard pounding shot her over the edge. She arched her back hard, and then she felt him explode deep inside her ass.

She humped and heaved on his cock while she rubbed the vibrator against his embedded cock. Her finger tickled his prostate a few more times and then she fell back against him letting the vibrator fall to the floor.

His cock started going soft, and a few seconds later she climbed off of his lap and turned the camera off. She climbed on the bed giggling and he looked at her through half closed eyes with a smile. She turned and sat Indian style facing him.

“You’re making a mess on the comforter.”

“So what, I’m going shopping tomorrow, and I’m buying more sheets, and blankets, and comforters. I’m buying you a big bathrobe, and some bath sheets, and maybe I’ll buy you a new car.”

“A new car, what on earth are you talking about?”

“I want to buy you a new car to fix up, like the truck. Maybe a Honda, or…I don’t know…what would you enjoy building next?”

“Allison, I have money, and I own the house. My mom made sure I was taken care of.”

“I have plenty as well, and I’d like to watch you build another show car. Maybe get a little greasy with you?”

“So let’s buy and build something together.”

Her phone started ringing but she let it go to voice mail. He went to the shower and turned it on. He returned to the bed and scooped her off the mattress with one arm. He deposited her in the bathroom and they showered together.

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