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Although she had been doing it for past two months, still her limbs went weak, palms got sweaty and her heart rate shot up whenever she thought about it. Sitting in the living room, intently waiting to hear the click of the door closing, she rubbed her hands against the jeans, took two or three deep breaths, and thought how lucky she has been.

Eighteen-year-old Kathy was well aware that if caught it would not only ruin her relationship forever, it would also put her in an extremely bad situation, but her mind and body was concentrating on the door and not on repercussions. Finally, she heard the door close, and knew it was time. Wiping the sweat off her face with her T-shirt, she rubbed her palms against the jeans and tip-toed to the wall.

Slowly and quietly removing the poster hanging on the wall she peeped inside. It took Kathy’s eyes a second or two to adjust to the light, and then she saw a pair of smooth well-rounded thighs with water glistening over the soft skin. Kathy had seen those thighs many times in the past two months, but it was worth it every time. Moving her head a little, she enjoyed the view of the long legs, tight bums, flat stomach and voluptuous breasts. She was gorgeous, no doubt about that, thought Kathy.

After shampooing her thick long black hair, she took the soap and started rubbing it on her body. She began with her cleavage, then her pink nipples, her neck, her hairless armpits, her lovely back and then washed her shaved pussy, which was shining under the light and water.

When Kathy began watching her, she didn’t give her much time to enjoy because she always took showers in a hurry. But lately she was not only taking long showers, she was also swaying her hips and ass a lot and was also paying a lot of attention to her huge breasts and pussy, which meant Kathy was really able to enjoy the view.

Initially Kathy was only able to do watch her on weekends because she used to take shower in late mornings when Kathy was in school, but for the past few days she was taking showers in the evenings, which meant she was able to watch her naked body every day.

Kathy was on her knees, peeping inside the bathroom, and she was standing barefoot on the floor, with her body turned toward Kathy, and was drying herself with a towel. After drying her legs and thighs, she moved the towel toward her pussy and after rubbing the towel against it, slowly started to dry her voluptuous breasts, including her pink nipples.

Kathy knew the after drying herself up she would go to the attached room to change, so it was time to pull the curtain down, so to speak, therefore she readjusted the poster, tip-toed back to the living room and sat down in front of TV.

The next day was a Sunday, and Kathy was taking a shower in the morning when she felt as if somebody was watching her, so she looked around but there was nobody. But after two or three minutes, she again felt that somebody was there, so again looked around and saw what seemed like a pair of eyes looking at her from the same place she used to peep from.

She instantly froze and after keeping the soap down, walked toward the gap she had made in the wall and now she could clearly see two eyes peeping at her from the same spot. First, she thought she was imagining things, but when the eyes didn’t move or shift, even when she got closer to them, a chill ran through her whole body. She grabbed the towel, wrapped it around her as fast as she could and went to look behind the wall. When she reached there, she saw that the poster was in its place, but there was something written on it. She came closer and the second she read it, all her senses froze, heart started beating so fast that she could clearly and loudly hear it and her legs went weak.

For a second she thought she was in a dream or some nightmare, so she read it again and it was still there, written in bright red clear bold letters: “You thought only you can play games?” — Mom

A feeling of shame, fear and anger overtook her. She began feeling so weak that she had to sit down on a chair near the poster and began cursing herself for being so stupid. She was sitting there in that state of utter fear for well over ten minutes when somebody came from behind and put their hands on her eyes and closed them.

She tried to move the hands, but before she could she heard her say: “I know the peeping game much better than you. Don’t forget I’m your mother.”

Kathy had no idea what to say or do or even what to think, so she just sat there with her eyes tightly closed. Mother moved in front of her, told her to sit still and then she removed her hands from Kathy’s eyes.

Kathy took few seconds to open her eyes, primarily because she was too ashamed/afraid to look at her mom, but when she opened them, she saw Mother standing there in front of her with her hands on her hips, one leg in front of the other and her whole sensuous, full-figured body clearly visible in her cream night gown.

When she saw Kathy looking at her, she gave her beautiful smile, curling her full red lips.

“Honey, don’t be afraid, mommy is not angry at you. It’s not natural or OK for you to look at mommy when she’s in shower, but you were just curious to see how mommy looks, so I’m not angry. Now give mommy a kiss and a hug,” she said kneeling down and placing her hands on Kathy’s thighs.

But Kathy didn’t move and her gaze remained fixed on the floor, so she gave her a peck on her cheeks and hugged her. Then she sat down on the floor, near Kathy’s legs, and tried to make her comfortable with small talks, and when she was somewhat at ease, she asked her whether it was her idea to drill a hole in the wall or her brother Zach’s.

“I saw a man on TV drill a hole just like this one, so I also drilled one, but didn’t do it to watch you,” replied Kathy after remaining quiet for few seconds.

“I know, honey, you didn’t do it to watch me. And why did you hide it with a poster?”

“I was afraid that you might get angry for drilling a hole in the wall.”

“OK, I’m not angry at you, but answer all my questions honestly otherwise I’ll be?”

Kathy didn’t say anything, only nodded her head in agreement.

“Why did you start peeping?”

“One day you were humming some song and I wanted to hear it, so I put my ear near the hole and then accidentally saw you in the shower.”

Mom knew she hummed a lot in bathroom, plus she also understood that she couldn’t have made up the whole story sitting in this state, so she knew she was telling the truth.

“Does Zach know about the peeping?”

Kathy looked down at the floor and nodded.

“How did he know?”

“He caught me looking through it,” she whispered.

She took a deep breath, braced herself and asked whether he had seen her.

Kathy nodded her head.

“For how long have both of you been peeping?”

She just sat there with her head bowed.

Mom repeated the question again and this time sternly.

“Nearly two months.”

She was taken aback by the realization that both of them have been watching her naked for two months, but she didn’t allow her face to betray the surprise.

“Don’t worry, Kathy, mommy isn’t angry at you. Now go and put on some clothes,” she comforted her by kissing her flushed cheeks.

While talking to Kathy, Mom had realized something but wasn’t sure about it, so she called her childhood friend and while talking to her about her work, her children and other things, she slipped in the question.

She asked Jenny whether she would call her antics at school pranks or exhibitionism.

“Exhibitionism,” she replied replaying Mom’s antics in her mind.

“They were just pranks, not exhibitionism,” Mom tried to defend herself.

“Prank is when a girl takes off her bra once; exhibitionism is when she hardly wears it,” said Jenny.

“Pauline, you used to take off your bra in classroom, on the bus and even on the playground. You used to moon boys, you used to flash your breasts to cooks and gardeners at school, you even came to my house, in front of my father and brothers, in that cropped T-shirt without a bra. My father and brothers kept asking about you for months.”

“Did they?” Mom asked suddenly forgetting the peeping issue.

“Of course, they did. Both mother and I knew why they were so interested in you.”

“I guess that qualifies as exhibitionism,” admitted Mom.

“Not only that, you used to drop all your clothes at first chance of skinny-dipping. Don’t get me wrong, we all were impressed by your don’t-care attitude.”

“But I’ve changed.

“Of course, you’ve changed; now you’re a mother.”

“What if I again start exhibiting those tendencies?” wondered Mom faking a laugh.

“No, now you’ve changed.”

I took a deep breath and replied:

“Yes, now I’m not that Pauline,” answered Mom taking a deep breath.

After talking to her for five or six minutes more, Mom hung up the phone and lay down on the bed thinking that her desire to show her body was as alive inside her today as it was back then.

She was still on the bed when Zack came back after meeting his friends and went straight to his room. After five minutes, she knocked on his door and went to talk to him. He was smoking a cigarette which she took from him and took a long drag.

“Kathy has told me about the peep hole,” she said sitting down on a chair.

When he heard her, he adjusted his pillows, turned toward her and gave her a blank look. Mom knew he was a tough nut to crack, so she repeated herself.

“So?” replied nineteen-year-old Zack shrugging his shoulders.

“I’m not here to confirm anything; all I want is an honest answer to two questions that is all. If I don’t get an honest answer, you’ll be in big trouble. And, remember, Kathy has told me everything, so your answers should better match with hers.”

He flinched a little and raised his eyebrows.

“Have you seen Kathy in the shower and has she seen you?”

“Why don’t you ask her?” he replied in a calm voice after mulling over the question.

“I’ve, but just want to see whether you’re as honest as her?”

“Go and ask her,” he said taking the cigarette from her.

“Zack you’re making things difficult for yourself. I know you hadn’t drilled that hole, so I’m not holding you responsible. All I want to know is whether you guys have seen each other or not.

“Don’t know about her, but I might have.”

“She has admitted seeing you in the shower,” Mom said changing tack.

“Yes, she has, but we were just playing, nothing else,” he finally admitted.

Mom looked at him, got up and went back to her room. By now Mom was sure of two things. First, that she still loved showing her body and maybe that has passed on to her children. Second, if she gave Kathy and Zack enough it might help her in her more important plan.

In the morning, she went to them while they were having breakfast and told them that since they had been so honest, she wasn’t angry and if they behaved themselves and end all this peeping business they might get a bigger prize but only if they behaved themselves.

In the evening, just before dinner, she came to the living room and handed Kathy two boxes. In one of the boxes there was blue sleeveless top and red skirt and in the other was a green backless dress.

“Really, Mommy?” asked Kathy looking at Mom in surprise and giving her beautiful smile.

While Kathy was busy looking at her gifts, Zack was waiting for his. Mom took the third box from the table and gave it to him. He immediately opened it and saw a black T-shirt and coat.

“Now, go and wear them, let me see how both of you look.”

Kathy came back wearing them and the top was so tight that the shape of her young perky breasts was clearly visible and the skirt was revealing all the charms of her smooth thighs.

Zack’s muscular body was on full display in that T-shirt and the coat was making him look more handsome.

When they came back, Kathy asked her mother why she hadn’t bought something for herself.

“Who said I haven’t bought anything?” she replied going to her bedroom and coming back in a brown dress that had such a deep-neck that nearly all of her breasts were naked and slits that ran up to her panties.

When they saw her, they just couldn’t take their eyes off me, especially Zack.

“You guys are acting as if you’ve never seen me before,” she said walking toward them. “Stop staring at them,” Mom told Zack looking down at her boobs and smiling at him.

At the table, all three of them were in good mood and couldn’t stop looking at each other. After dinner, they sat down in front of TV, but instead of watching it we were more interested in watching each other, especially Kathy and Zack who were pretty shamelessly admiring each other’s bodies and Mom’s.

Zack, who was turning out to be as shameless as his mother, came for dinner wearing just a T-shirt and underwear, but she shooed him away.

Mom was making them slowly comfortable with their bodies, while all the time dangling the promise of better things to come.

Then the phone call came that she was expecting and had been preparing for. It was her ex-husband.

He asked her why Zack and Kathy weren’t going with him to the month-long holiday as planned. She replied that she had no idea why they were refusing to go with him, that he should ask them and, just to irritate him, added that maybe they don’t want to with him because of his new wife, Rachel.

That set him off and he started saying that he will take the kids with him no matter what happens, that she can’t stop him, etc.

After he was through with screaming, she put the phone down and applauded herself for executing the plan to stop the children going away with him on a holiday, which was just a first step to keep the children with her permanently.

When Kathy and Zack came home, they asked Mom whether they should go with Daddy and Rachel for holiday.

“It’s your choice. If you want to go, you can. By the way, I’m going to take a bath, so you guys decide whether you want to go with him or not.”

While Mom was taking bath, she called Kathy to come to bathroom as she needed her help.

“Honey, could you please rub soap on my back?” Mother requested her when she opened the bathroom door.

She hesitated for a minute, but when she again pleaded with her, she stepped inside and closed the door behind her. Mom was in tub and her body was partially hidden by foam and water, but when Kathy started rubbing the soap on Mother’s back, she lifted her body a little and now Kathy could clearly see everything, even the shaved pussy.

Kathy was rubbing her mom’s back and neck, but her clothes were getting wet, so Mother asked her to take them off, but she said she was fine. So, Mom turned around, her breasts were now near her daughter’s mouth, and said: “So, you had no problem in watching me, but now you are all shy? Come on, take them off, or they will get more wet. Take them off. I’ll keep my eyes closed.”

Mom closed her eyes, while Kathy took off her clothes and quickly got into water. But she wasn’t able to keep her modesty on for long because once she was in water Mother could clearly see everything of her body; including her round perky breasts, her pink nipples and also that her pussy was clean shaved like hers.

Mom saw Kathy looking at her vagina, so she asked her whether she started shaving herself after watching her in the shower.

“Yes,” whispered Kathy.

“Has Zack done anything?” asked Mom rubbing her toes on Kathy’s bare shoulders.


“He only watches and doesn’t do anything?”

“He has tried some stuff, like kissing, touching, etc. But I don’t let him.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t fancy him.”

“Whom do you fancy?”

But she kept quiet. Mom took the soap from her hand, asked her to turn around and began rubbing it all over Kathy’s neck and back. While they were rubbing and admiring each other’s bodies, Zack knocked and asked if he could come in. Both instantly shouted no. He again asked, saying that he just wanted to pee, but they again told him that he can’t come in, knowing fully well that peeing was the last thing on his mind.

They washed each other’s backs and although both of them wanted to stay like that, Mom got up, giving her daughter a good view of her pussy, and handed her a towel. Wrapping their wet bodies in towels, they went to bedroom where Zack was waiting for them. Mom could tell from his eyes and raised eyebrows that he was angry at not being part of the session, but she ignored his looks and told him to get out as they wanted to change. He sat there staring at them, but when he saw no response from either of them, he stormed out.

At night, Mom was in bed wearing a white deep-neck night gown and reading a book, when Kathy came in brown T-shirt and blue panties and asked her if she could sleep with her. When Mother said yes, she snuggled up against her, throwing one arm over her stomach and buried her head into her neck. Mom wanted to continue reading the book, but Kathy wanted to talk, so she kept it away and started talking to her. They talked about this and that and then the talks turned to boyfriends and although Mom prodded her but Kathy denied that she had any boyfriends.

Then Kathy turned her face toward Mom and asked her whether she was a good kisser. Her question caught her off guard, so she asked her why she wanted to know that. She replied because she wants to be a good kisser and would love it if somebody could teach her. Mom looked at her blue eyes, baby-like cheeks and taking her face in her hands kissed her soft lush lips. Placing her arms around Mom’s neck, Kathy locked her mouth with Mother’s full red lips and began kissing her and pushing her tongue as deep as she could.

After kissing Mom several times, she buried her face into Mother’s big breasts and kissed her cleavage. Then lifting her face, she looked at Mom’s brown eyes and slowly touched Mother’s pink nipples over the white gown with her lips and then moved her hand inside the gown, but Mom stopped her. Kathy went to sleep with one hand on Mother’s stomach and her naked thigh on her legs.

In the morning, Mom had a towel around her full-figured body and was going to take a shower when Kathy asked her if she could join her. Once in bath, both started rubbing each other’s bodies, kissing each other and were fooling around when Zach opened the door and walked straight in.

When they saw him enter so brazenly both shouted at him to go away, but he ignored them and joined them in the tub, although he did keep his underwear on. When Zack joined them, Kathy got up, with water and foam dripping from her naked body, and sat down behind Mom on the edge of the tub and began kissing and cupping Mother’s breasts right in front of Zack.

Zack was obviously enjoying the sight. He tried to shove his toe inside Mom’s pussy, but she blocked the entrance with her hand and that didn’t go well with him. Putting his hands in the water, he dragged Mother toward him and started kissing and fondling her boobs and nipples. While his hands were all over her body, Kathy’s were on her face and was kissing her passionately.

He again tried to finger Mom’s pussy, but she again stopped him, so he got up and took off his underwear. Cupping her left breast in his hand, he held his erect cock in his other hand just inches away from her mouth and began stroking it. Mother knew what he was doing, so she closed her eyes as Kathy held her face straight in front of Zack’s dick. Within seconds, Mom felt his warm cum all over her boobs, neck and face, including her lips.

After couple of seconds, Mom saw him standing under a shower and Kathy was holding his still erect cock and washing it. His cum was floating all over in the tub, so Mother washed his semen from her body, cleaned the tub and got ready.

At night Dad was leaving with his new wife and that night Kathy and Mom were in bed only in their night gowns and were talking about romance, etc., when Zack joined them, wearing only shorts. Without even saying hello or anything, he started kissing Mother’s lips. When Kathy saw Mom respond to his kisses, she pushed him aside and shoved her tongue deep inside Mother’s throat. Zack wasn’t going to take this lying down, so he turned his attention toward Mom’s big breasts and began squeezing, biting and kissing them.

All characters are over 18.

This definitely follows Ch.01 and that should be read first.

Please note that there are several possible explanations of the “room with a view” came to be set up but I considered it preferable not to describe how.

Suffice to say that in the story it is envisaged as (a) for consensual use only (b) with the knowledge and control of all parties involved and (c) for use with over-18s only.


I followed Lucy up the stairs. I heard quiet music and muted voices from the back bedroom as I passed the door; it was a potent reminder that my aunt and Caroline’s partner, Jack, were there. It would have been sordid enough to have overheard them in the adjoining room. It was doubly sordid for me and my aunt to be having sex in adjoining rooms — with each other’s knowledge — at the same time. My senses were almost reeling.

Lucy led me to the main front bedroom and closed the door. The bed was king sized. There was an en-suite shower and wash basin in one corner. A mirrored dressing table faced the bed. The wallpaper and fitted furniture looked expensive.

The wall adjoining the back bedroom was clad in wood pannelling, though it looked like hardwood rather than cheaper knotty pine. It was rather retro, having been popular several years earlier, but a little quaint by now. Like the lounge, the windows were fitted were vertical blinds. They were drawn closed. Despite the rain outside, there was still adequate daylight to illuminate the room, however.

Lucy turned on the radio at a low volume and stood with her hands on her hips. She cast her eyes up and down me. Her subtly applied mascara emphasised the pale blue of her eyes. I admired her petite frame — her slender legs, waist and hips, and her B-cup breasts rising and falling under her red satin blouse. But I now felt unaccountably shy and after meeting her gaze briefly I looked instead at her slender body.

“Well James. This IS a surprise, and no mistake. It’s a long time since I’ve been with a young bloke. Have you ever been with an older woman?”

I shook my head, embarrassed. She flicked her tongue over her lips. As I mentioned earlier, it was a natural mannerism but it seemed very erotic to me.

“Relax. Would you like me to change into something more sexy? Or stay as I am? Would you like me to undress for you? Or would you like to undress me?” she asked softly.

I didn’t know what to say.

“I know…” she continued.

In one corner of the room there was a small desk — not a computer desk (though a laptop was on it), but just a small traditional desk. It appeared to be made of mahogany, and so did the hard chair in front of it. Lucy took me by the hand and led me to it. She gave my hand a little squeeze. I felt her wedding ring against my finger. My stomach fluttered and my erection tautened.

I blushed as the reality hit me. A married woman had brought me to her bedroom and was leading me by the hand to a chair. Her husband was right now indulging in foreplay downstairs with one of her friends, and my aunt was doing the same in the room right next to where I now found myself.

It was so sordid — yet so delicious — and Lucy motioned to me to sit down on the chair.

“We have an hour — or so — before we change partners. I’m so thrilled your aunt brought you, and that I drew first turn with you. Why don’t you relax and let me tease you to begin with? Hmmm?” she crooned.

My expression must have given me away. She laughed. Then to my delight she stood astride my thighs and leaned forward. I glanced inside her blouse at her white bra and her pale skin. She smiled encouragingly.

“Oh don’t worry love, I don’t mean whips and PVC clothing. I just mean taking it slow-ly “(she dragged the word out) “to begin with. You just sit there and let me do the work to begin with? How does that sound, James?”

I was tempted to say it didn’t sound as exciting as getting straight into it, but of course I didn’t. Instead I nodded. She stooped to kiss me. I’d kissed plenty of times before that, of course. But the next minutes were something special. The best way I can explain my experience until this fateful evening is this.

You meet a girl and begin to get serious. You respect her and don’t want to go too far too soon so you build it up slowly. Each date you get a little bolder. Your kisses become more passionate but as your hands wander they are gently rebuffed. So — for the time being at least — you make do with snogging. It becomes a substitute for what you really want.

But it is quite something to snog like that; because of course it’s a substitute for sex. You want to go further, but you can’t. So the kissing takes on a real passion. No wonder the old films used to show only discreet, fleeting, mouth-closed kissing. The snogging becomes very arousing and very erotic, too, because you are hoping that one day your straying hands will be welcomed rather than removed. You hope it’s a sign of still better things to come.

And — it occurred to me that night with my aunt’s swinging friend — you can lose out. Once a sexual relationship has begun there is still kissing, but not with the same intensity. I’d started to lose sight of that — until now.

To begin with, Lucy and I shared a few brief, tentative kisses. They became more lingering, firmer. I remained seated on the chair. Lucy hitched up her black skirt and sat astride my thighs facing me. She was only about five feet three or four in height and lightly built, but she was well proportioned, and her gentle weight felt good resting on me and rocking slowly back and forth. Her lips were not very full, but she knew how to arouse with a kiss, when to break off, when to return.

I put my arm on her narrow waist and caressed her back through the warm slippery satin of her blouse. She tugged on my lower lip with her two. I can’t remember which of us parted our lips first or whose tongue explored whose teeth first before testing whether touching tongues was okay. Suffice to say that soon we were kissing like two lovers on their second or third date.

Little whimpers and grunts escaped from us. Our tongues danced and flickered, then we reverted back to lip moulding, and back again to tongues. It was good to know that we had an hour or so ahead of us, and that there was no need to rush. I reckon we probably spent ten or fifteen minutes just snogging and hardly touching. She continued to rock slowly and irregularly back and forth on my lap. Once her crotch brushed my erection.

“You’re a big boy!” she giggled.

But she was careful not to do the same again, probably — and, to be honest, rightly — for fear of over-stimulating me.

I now felt guilty for wishing I had been drawn with Caroline instead. I was savouring Lucy’s actions and body. I found myself wondering how many times she had done this, and with how many different men. To be one of many felt very tawdry yet arousing. With a twinge of shock and excitement, even as Lucy and I snogged, I found myself wondering also about the number of partners my Aunt Anne had enjoyed

Lucy tilted her head back, and I nuzzled her neck and throat, inhaling her sweet perfume. She cupped my hands over her breasts and squeezed them against her modest but firm orbs. They were a delight to touch through the satin of her blouse.

She led my fingers to her blouse buttons.

“Time to unfasten this and give my tits a good suck, love,” she crooned. “And by the way — I’m no lady in the bedroom. I’m a slut, a slag, a whore — YOUR slut, YOUR whore. Call me names — tell me how nasty I am. If you like, that is,” she added, self-consciously. “But if you DO like, I won’t be offended. I find it a turn on in fact!”

Her red silky blouse was very alluring but it was indeed time for it to be removed to reveal her breasts. I unfastened the buttons down to the waistband of her skirt. She tugged her blouse free and I unfastened the remaining buttons. I peeled it open. I saw her white, lacy bra covering her modest orbs. Her skin was pale. Her bra stood out in contrast with it. The pretty pattern was offset by the smoothness of her skin. My heart was pounding.

Lucy smiled at me. I looked briefly into her piercing blue eyes, then at her slightly dishevelled hair and at her narrow lips. As well as licking her lips she also had a way of drawing her lower lip under her upper one, as if in thought. It was very appealing. She shuffled forward on my lap. Her weight and movement aroused me further. She slipped her blouse from her slender arms. It slid sensually to the floor. She was content to leave it there.

This fleeting image imprinted on my mind for a long time to come. I had always enjoyed the look and feel of a smartly dressed female, and loved foreplay and undressing my former girlfriends when they were so clad. But more often than not they fussed about not wanting their nice clothes to get creased, and about needing to fold them neatly before resuming. It was an understandable but annoying distraction.

Lucy’s blouse was smart, well tailored, and probably expensive. Her dropping it on the floor and leaving it where it lay seemed very significant. In that moment she seemed like a mature, cheating wife who wanted urgently to get down to business, and for whom a few creases or footsteps on her expensive, discarded clothes mattered nothing.

She ran her tongue over her lips again and leaned forward. She brought her shallow cleft to my face. I pressed into it, with one smallish lace-clad orb on each side. Her skin was soft and smooth, and her breastbone was hard. I cupped her breasts through her pretty, white bra and kneaded them. She stretched up and brushed her left orb against my mouth. I felt her nipple, and something hard. She chuckled softly and peeled down her bra cup. Though her mid-pink nipple she had a small gold hoop.

I’m fairly indifferent about piercings. But her age and marital status made hers seem alluring.

I took it between my lips and gently tugged it, pulling her nipple by it. I brought my teeth onto the gold ring and thrilled in the feel and the sound of it. I drew her nipple into my mouth and sucked the rubbery point, the soft surrounding tit flesh and the gold hoop. She cooed and whimpered.

I swept my hands over her back and unclipped her bra, then swept the straps from her shoulders and dropped it onto the floor on top of her blouse. I glanced down at the two carelessly discarded garments. The white of her bra made the shimmering red of her blouse stand out the more.

I kneaded her B-cup breasts and gently pinched her nipples. Her breasts were fairly firm for her age and only sagged a little. They were in perfect proportion to her slender frame. Her nipples went tauter now and jutted invitingly away from her breasts. She dug her hand down between her crotch and mine to rub my erection.

“Mmmm…. STILL a big boy I see!” she grunted in my ear. She flicked her tongue along my upper lip, under my nose, and we resumed snogging, but this time accompanied by my fondling her mature, smallish breasts and alternating with my kissing and sucking them. I grunted my approval. So did she.

She stood up and took my hand in hers. My eyes were drawn to her wedding ring. Again I thought of her husband and Caroline had reached downstairs, and pictured his head buried in her big, ripe bust. I thrilled at the prospect of doing the same with Caroline. With another twinge of guilt I thought of my dad’s sister, just a yard or two away on the other side of the wall of the room where I was embroiled with Lucy.

I tried to dismiss my speculation, but with a chill shudder, related questions flooded my mind. “Aunt Anne — are you thinking about ME having sex with your friend? Are you wondering what I’m doing, Auntie? I’m sucking her tits and chewing her nipple piercing, Auntie… but… oh Auntie — even as I’m doing it I’m wondering what it would be like to suck and fondle YOURS…!”

I drew a deep breath and tried to focus on the sight and sensations before me instead. However tantalising the thought, having sex with my aunt was so illicit, so taboo, I needed to dismiss it.

Lucy led me round the bed.

“I want to show you something, love,” she said in a conspiratorial way. “Whether you want to see it is up to you…”

She drew her lower lip under her upper one again. It seemed to heighten the mysteriousness of her words. But they were an unwelcome distraction to me.

“When we rolled the dice to see who got to fuck in which room, this one was described as the room with a view. Want to know why?” she continued.

I shrugged my shoulders non-commitally. I was more interested in getting on with screwing her.

She leaned forward over a low chest of drawers and to my surprise she put her face to the wooden-clad partition wall that separated the bedroom where my aunt was.

“Ho-ho!” she chuckled, then turned round to me — though I had already guessed what was going on.

“You may have noticed that some of the knot holes have come away from the wood…” Lucy said.

My stomach was churning.

“Bill drilled right through the partition wall in some of those places — to make this a ‘room with a view’. Some helluva view, at times, too. A view into what is taking place in the back bedroom at our ‘social evenings’.”

Already I was in the grip of an intense debate. To look or not to look? As well as my lust, anger rose in me, a desire to protect my aunt. Lucy must have seen the change in my expression.

“Oh it’s not what you think. Everyone who comes to our parties knows. The choice is theirs. They can cover the peep-holes. Whenever they choose to. IF they choose to! Putting on a show for each other isn’t compulsory! But…” her voice dropped lower as she added, “they often do!”

At this, my stomach churned again as Lucy’s words — spoken so casually, as if it was the most normal of accessories in a bedroom — sank into my mind. It appeared from Lucy’s reaction when peeping that my aunt had chosen not to cover the spy-holes and instead to provide the opportunity for me, her nephew, to peep at her!

I felt light-headed. It was surreal. It was too good — and too illicit — to be true, especially after the embarrassing episode of my aunt busting me watching the porn movie, and the mounting desire for her that I had felt since.

Lucy’s hand cupped my balls and squeezed them. I looked down at the rude movement of her hand.

“So, the question is, James — do you want to see the view? Hmmm?”

Had I been in the room alone I would have felt torn both ways, though I admit I would probably have succumbed quickly. But to admit to Lucy a desire to see my aunt having sex seemed too perverted.

“It’s cool,” Lucy murmured. The tension almost prevented me for noticing how corny this sounded from an English woman of her age. “She MUST want you to, or she would have covered the peep-holes, James. She was hardly going to forget that her own nephew was going to be in here fucking me while she herself fucked her friend’s partner, was she, now? Besides…”

Her fingers unzipped my jeans and slid inside. Her thumb brushed the damp, slightly sticky front of my boxers. I looked down and watched my jeans betraying the movements of her hands. I groaned at teh sight and sensation.

“Besides, she told me she thinks you’re hot and that she knows you think she is! Yes, she told me that!” Lucy added triumphantly as she saw the disbelief on my face.

“Why don’t you have a quick peek at your auntie? Hmmm?” she insisted. “The opportunity may not last, you know. She might get up any minute and cover the peep-holes, and you’ll have missed your chance. Just think how annoying that would be! Think how you’ll feel tomorrow, next week, knowing you missed such a chance as that! Hmmm? You KNOW you want to, James. You know that SHE wants you to, as well.

“And as for me — it’s cool,” she continued. “I really think so. I don’t see anything wrong in it! It’s not illegal or anything. It’s very naughty, of course… but it’s not just me that’s urging you to. Your aunt is — by leaving the peep-holes uncovered. She’s offering you a view of her you’ve never had before — and soon it may be gone, James! Gone — forever!”

Her hands were kneading my balls through my boxers. The inner conflict was intensifying, but Lucy spoke softly and persuasively, and her persuasion was accented by her hand inside my jeans. My indecision racked me. The surge of my mixed emotions was almost painful yet also a delight.

“Of course it’s naughty!” she continued. “But no-one else need know. And besides, the naughtiness is half the fun, isn’t it? Pushing the boundaries, I mean. It’s up to you, of course; I’m not going to make you. But you KNOW you want to see her naked, or half-naked at least, having sex or at least foreplay. I know you want to. Your auntie knows you want to. And, like I say, James, your auntie WANTS you to see her… that’s why she’s giving you the chance…”

In the end I justified it to myself by telling myself it would be wimpish to bottle out when encouraged by my sex partner. My heart was pounding as I took Lucy’s place and brought my eye to the spy hole…

I had to stifle a gasp, though the view I had was far from explicit.

Caroline’s partner Jack was lying on his back. He was only wearing boxers. My Aunt Anne was wearing a white, doctor-style, button-through jacket. She actually had a stethoscope, too. I suddenly remembered that her late father, my great Uncle George, had been a doctor in general practice.

Only the middle two buttons of her jacket were fastened.

I was longing to see her naked breasts. Their smallness, though, meant that despite the jacket gaping open, it only bared part of her orbs and kept her nipples hidden. Her bare, long, strong legs looked fabulous. She was still wearing her red stilettos. Her jacket revealed a small pair of lacy panties. They were bright red. They stood out in sharp contrast to her pale skin and the white cotton of her doctor’s jacket. And, being red, they seemed brash — brazen, even.

Through the spy-hole I saw Aunt Anne step over to Jack and place the stethoscope on various parts of his chest and sides, then his abdomen. Then to my shock and delight she lifted the waistband of his underpants. She slid the stethoscope inside. My erection solidified.

My aunt motioned to Jack to pull them down. He obeyed. He was hard — like me. His erection looked a little longer than mine, though not by much. And my dad’s sister was gazing at it intently.

Perspiration broke out on my brow. Aunt Anne gingerly raised his hard shaft then placed the stethoscope on it and on his hairy balls. She took his erection near the tip between her finger and thumb. She gave it a little squeeze, removed her hand and did the same mid way, then near the hairy base. It was no medical procedure, but she did it almost in a clinical way as if examining it medically rather than sexually.

I made myself look away. I hadn’t seen much of my aunt’s body. But I had seen her playing with the erection of a bloke whose partner was downstairs having sex with Lucy’s husband. And her role-play, whilst fairly tame, was quite a revelation. I had always considered her straight-laced.

But Lucy was standing next to me looking through another spy-hole. Her eyes were bright.

“Look at her, James… look at her examining his hard cock!”

Lucy’s crude language aroused me further. I found myself drawn to the spy hole once more. Aunt Anne was slowly shafting Jack’s erection with her hand while gazing at it with her head tilted, as if trying to check that it was functioning normally. She leaned forward and held it under her nose, again retaining a detached, pseudo-medical expression.

“I bet your auntie’s going to suck it!” Lucy cackled softly beside me.

The characters in this story are both at least 18.


My name is Bobby, and I’m 18. I’d been looking at different colleges, when I got a call from my sister, Suzanne. She’s four years older than me, and we haven’t seen each other in about that long, since she went away to college herself. In her call, she invited me to spend February vacation with her, and check out some of the schools around where she lives. I accepted, but not without a bit of apprehension.

You see, when I was younger, before she left, I had gotten into the habit of peeping on her. I’ve heard a lot of boys going through puberty do it, mostly out of curiosity. The problem is, they usually get caught at some point, and get the standard caught-ogling-your-naked-sister lecture. I, though, never got caught, and was still looking at her when she moved out. Also, as far as I know, those boys never had any “response”. In my case, though, well, I…got my first hard-on looking at Suzanne, and it happened pretty much every time after.

But, I figured, it’s been four years. Maybe I’m over all that. I arrived at the bus station, to find Suzanne waiting to pick me up, and immediately I felt the first twinge of doubt, as my heart started pounding the moment I saw her. She looked more or less the same as I remembered her, albeit now with a punk tattoo down her right arm, and a stud in her nose, plus her hair was now dyed black, with red streaks. My sister’s always been a fan of punk rock, and many an argument erupted in our house over the way she dressed. If mom and dad saw her now, they’d both have a heart attack.

“So, Bobby, how was your trip?” Suzanne asked, once we were in her car.

“Oh, you know, pretty dull.”

“Yeah,” my sister joked, “travel by bus just isn’t as interesting since they got rid of all the bums and junkies.” We both had a good laugh at this. “So, lunch, you got anything in mind?”

“Uh, whatever’s good.”

We had lunch at this diner she frequented, then went on a tour of her school. Afterward, she took me back to her apartment. “Well, the TV’s right there, now, if you’ll excuse me I gotta change outta these sweaty clothes.” This part of the country is further south, and therefore warmer, than home. She went in to her bedroom, and shut the door.

As I sat there, flipping around, this devil in my head started to speak. “Dude, she’s changing in the next room. Don’t you wanna have a look?” I tried fighting it, but was finally compelled to look. Needless to say, I’m very good at spying on someone undetected. I crept over to the door, and silently opened it just a crack. She was already down to her underwear, and I looked in just in time to see her reach behind her back and undo her bra, before taking it off, and there they were, just as I remembered them. Those gorgeous, large, squishy breasts of hers, with their pink nipples. My cock started to swell up immediately, as I watched them sway and bounce as she walked around. When she put a new t-shirt on, I silently shut the door, and sat back down. As my sense returned, it dawned on me what just happened. I had just slipped up. I was starting to realize acting normal around my sister was going to be harder than I thought. About this time, Suzanne returned.

“So, dinner?”

That night, I lay on her couch. I must have tossed and turned for a couple of hours. By now, the fact I was still attracted to my sister was inescapable, and the devil in me now returned, urging me to get up and go into Suzanne’s room. I didn’t know what he would compel me to do once I was in there, just he wanted me to go. Once again, the impulse became too strong to fight, and I got up, and went to her door.

Once inside, I stood by the side of her bed, and just stared. Every instinct in me told me to get out of there, but I couldn’t move. Finally, I leaned over, and shook her. “Suzanne,” I whispered. She awoke, sat up in bed, and turned on the light.

“Bobby? What is it? What’s wrong?”

I sat on the bed next to her. “I…well…there’s something I have to tell you…but I feel like I can’t tell you. Does that make sense?”


“I mean, I thought I’d be able to handle this week, but…”

“Bobby, come closer.”


“Just come closer to me.” I leaned in closer. Suzanne put her hand on the side of my face, and said, “I already know. I’ve known all along. Bobby, if you want to make love to me, that’s okay. I’ll gladly be your lover.”

“But, I’m your brother. That doesn’t bother you?”

“It’s definitely weird, I’ll grant you that, but…I don’t care. As far as you and me right here are concerned, we can be lovers, and also brother and sister. The world doesn’t need to know, and it’s nobody’s business but ours.” She then leaned in and kissed me, inserting her tongue into my mouth. I was getting hard again. Suzanne was rubbing my leg, and noticed. “Hello there. Does someone want his cock sucked?”


“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Lie down.” I lay down on the bed. “Take your shirt off.” I took my t-shirt off, and threw it in the corner. Suzanne then straddled me, and took of her shirt, and her tits bounced out rather appealingly. She then leaned down and kissed me again, and then started kissing her way down my chest, then stomach. Finally, she got to my shorts, and pulled them down. I then felt her lips wrap around my shaft, as she began to suck me off slowly, all the while licking the head. This was my first blowjob, but I suspect my sister was giving me extra special attention. It felt amazing. I got up on my elbows to watch; Suzanne looked so sexy. She never sped up, but did increase the suction, and lick around my head a little more vigorously. Almost a minute before it actually happened, I felt my cock start to slowly contract, until finally I came in her mouth. I could hear my sister swallowing rapidly to get it all before the next spurt came. Suzanne smiled at me, and said, “You like that, Bobby?”

“Fuck, yes.” I said, catching my breath.

She then kissed her way back up my chest, before giving me another tongue kiss. “Hmm, my turn.” She rolled off of me, and I in turn rolled onto her, and we continued kissing, before I started kissing down her neck, then her chest. My sister was breathing heavily when I started squeezing and fondling her shapely breasts, and licking and sucking her pink nipples. “Yeah, that’s good. Just like that.” I squeezed her tits together, and kissed between them, causing her to sigh deeply. I moved down to her stomach. I’m glad my sister hadn’t lost any weight, because I was always in love with her pudgy little belly, and lingered on it awhile, especially her belly button. I again continued moving downward, pulling down her panties, kissing down her hip, arriving at her pussy. I first spread her legs, kissed her inner thighs, and ran my fingers gently along the backs of them. My sister breathed in sharply. “Ooh, yeah, give me more of that, baby.” Her pussy was already soaking wet by the time I got to it, and her pussy hairs tickled my nose as I licked up my sister’s juices. Suzanne’s breathing was getting choppy, punctuated by the occasional “Unh.” I inserted my index and middle finger in her, and she got more vocal, letting out a high-pitched squeaking noise. I started concentrating on licking around her clit, licking up one side of it, and down the other, in rhythm. Suzanne started shaking and hyperventilating as the orgasm approached. While she was mostly silent when it came, I could tell she was coming when she stopped shaking, her back arched, and her pussy tightened around my fingers. Once she relaxed, I pulled them out, and sucked her juices from them. My sister was smiling and sighing happily when I came back up. We practically sucked the breath out of each other, before she said, quietly. “Fuck me, Bobby. I need your cock.”

I worked my once again hard cock into her, and she grunted and furrowed her brow, before smiling again as I began to thrust into her. We continued to kiss lustily as we grinded our hips together. As we sped up, Suzanne pulled her head out from under mine, and started moaning and squealing. I could feel her digging her nails into my back, as we fucked faster and faster. In between screams which must have woken her neighbors, she whispered in my ear, “Cum in me. Please cum in me.” We eventually both climaxed simultaneously, and once again sucked each other’s faces, keeping our lips together as I rolled off her. Suzanne flashed me a devilish smile.

“Feel better, loverboy?”

“Mmm, yeah.”

“You wanna stay with me when you go to college?”


Suzanne turned off the light, we kissed one more time, and fell asleep happily in each other’s arms.

Dan stepped out into the quiet remains of a Saturday night, a knotted garbage bag in hand. At nearly one in the morning, the small bedroom community of Kessler Grove lay still. The only sounds, even on a weekend night, were the soft rush of traffic from the not far-off interstate, the odd bark of a dog or call of an owl.

He drew a breath of cool night air and shuffled down the steps of the back porch, thoughts of what Gina might have done that night brushing his mind. After nearly three weeks, the mournful effect of their breakup had largely withered. Weekend nights, though, still played dark tricks on the nineteen year-old. His parents were gone until Sunday afternoon and Dan rued the evening he and his ex-girlfriend might have had together.

Ex-girlfriend my ass, he thought. Over the last three weeks he had accepted that a month of weekend dates and awkward, intermittent sex did not make a relationship.

Overall, though, he was proud of himself. Only once, while he sat near comatose in front of the TV did thoughts of his ex-girlfriend agitate him. An image of her wedged under some hot-shot business major had done little more than bring a snort of contempt.

With a sigh, Dan opened the garage side-door and dropped the bag into its rubber holding cell. That done, he pulled the door shut behind him. Tired but restless, Dan stood for a moment on the brick walkway and rolled his shoulders. He somewhat regretted not going out with Dom and Nick that night, but drinking in the Oak Hill Cemetery hadn’t been very appealing.

Even if Jennifer Salasky was there. Dan knew her socially. He also knew she had liked him for quite some time. She was cute and quiet in a thoughtful sort of way. Unlike Gina, Jennifer probably wouldn’t harp on him about an alleged lack of ambition. In all likelihood she’d make a great girlfriend and be an enthusiastic bed partner. Thoughts of the pale brunette stirred his libido and Dan almost wished he could misuse Jennifer’s affections. Damn, he thought and grinned.

A sharp moan stopped him in mid-step. Dan looked laterally across the yard, towards a neighboring two-story brick house a hundred feet or so away. Once or twice Dan had heard those particular neighbors go at it. The night was still and Dan shrugged. Must have been a dog, he reasoned. Or a horny mind. He grinned again and reached the squat concrete porch.

Another cry found his ears and Dan started. Definitely not a dog. He grinned and looked toward the neighbor’s house. The windows were dark. Dan stood for a moment and waited for the carnal couple to fill the night with orgasmic cries. From what he’d just heard, his neighbors were likely to really go at it. Dan ran his tongue across his lip.

Another cry filled the night and Dan frowned. He could swear the sound came more from behind him. He turned around and stared at the McWilliams house. A laugh bubbled in his throat. He considered whether the geriatric couple were fucking and dismissed the notion. Maybe they still did the deed, but not so vigorously that Mrs. McWilliams would break the night’s silence.

“Umgah owgey!”

Dan turned and looked across the yard. The voice sounded as if it came through a pillow from somewhere beyond the shed. He now remembered his mom saying something about the little house and the woman who’d moved into it not more than a week earlier. His brow rose. He also remembered seeing, as he came home from work a few evenings ago, a rather attractive brunette near the house. He summoned the vision but got little more than a reddish summer dress and black hair cut, he thought, in a bob.

Another cry drifted over the shed. Damn, she sounds like she’s getting a good workout, he thought. Dan’s cock pushed against the leg of his sweatpants. He bit his lip and heard his heart thump. He shifted and grunted as the feel of fleecy cotton coaxed his member fully erect.

A distant but long, guttural moan drifted from over the shed. Thoughts of his ex-girlfriend were buried by his rising libido. His cock swelled to life with a need for the embrace of slick warmth. Another moan filled the night and Dan had an urge to whip it out and satisfy himself.

He swallowed and looked toward the shed. A space of some three feet stood between the shed and the high fence separating his house from the McWilliams. A space filled with night. Dan realized he could slip behind the shed and be closer – some thirty feet closer – to the woman’s house. Every sound she made would find his ears and in the dark, Dan could tackle his growing need.

The shadows slipped around him as he stepped into the space. He looked down at himself and grinned. His t-shirt and sweatpants were nearly invisible and his arms were little more than gray silhouettes. His heart raced and he breathed fast as he crept closer towards the neighbor’s yard. A waist-high chain-link fence bordered the two properties. Beyond that lay a landscape made of shadows and night.

He crept forward until the dark shape of the woman’s house showed itself. A squat deck adorned with the fuzzy shapes of potted plants jutted out from the house and its French doors. His eye caught an oddity in the shadowy contours – a sliver of light a lower corner of the doors.

“Peas!” The muffled cry was followed by what sounded like whimpering moans. Dan’s mouth fell open into a grin and his heart raced. Another moan slid from the dark house. Dan breathed hard and rubbed his stiff cock through his sweats, squirming at the sensations that demanded a more vigorous touch.

“Peas fug gee, peas!” A long moan followed the tortured plea and Dan nearly came. He gasped through tight lips and forced his hand away from himself. Dan giggled behind clenched teeth as he anticipated the onslaught of orgasmic wails. He glanced around him, the shadowy night reassuring that he was invisible. He tugged his sweat pants down, just over his hip bones. Anxiety he just might be seen stayed the descent of his pants.

He twisted his head around the corner of the shed. A Weeping Willow dripped shadows across a good chunk of the yard and Dan knew even the keenest-eyed neighbor could not see him. The rear-most neighbor’s house hid behind a solid white fence. In the night, the woman’s house was well-hidden. The space he stood in must, he realized, be all but non-existent.

He glanced back to the woman’s house and licked his dry lips as he looked at the faint sliver of light. He set a hand atop the fence and squatted. The doors themselves seemed somewhat paler than they should be.

Another soft, but distinct moan filled the night. Dan dropped to his knees, his cock aching for stimulation. Images of just how the woman and her lover were fucking spun in Dan’s head. A tattoo of sharp cries filled his ears and Dan saw an image of the woman on all fours. Breathing deep, he pushed his sweatpants down and stopped. He blinked and peered at the French doors. For a moment he thought he saw a vague blur of movement. Holy shit, he thought. They were doing it right in that room. A room with a light.

Dan froze as a notion possessed him. The yard was dark and would hide his approach if he crept up to the deck. He could crouch right at the steps and, if not see much of anything at least he could hear that much better. A shudder of excitement and fear rose from his chest. I’ll be so fucked if I’m caught, he thought. Everyone in the Grove would know and his troubles would be far more than legal.

“Uh whaa um!” The woman cried. Shaking, he stood and placed his hands on top of the fence. He was just tall enough he could swing one leg and the other over with casual effort. Fear, though, kept his feet where they were. He leaned his head just past the fence and looked toward the side lawn of the woman’s house. Three privet bushes marched from the corner of the woman’s house to the edge of the McWilliams’ property, obscuring, if not blocking a view from the street. He took a breath and chewed on a lip, considering the risks and rewards of sneaking into his neighbor’s yard.

He knew he might never have an opportunity like this again. Quickly and with only the slightest sound, Dan swung one leg and then the other over the fence. He almost went right back over, but crouched instead. He looked behind him and saw nothing but the neighbor’s white fence. He looked across the breadth of the yard and saw only the willow and darkness. He looked toward the French doors and what lay just the other side of them.

This is crazy, he thought. Instead of going back over the fence, though, he trotted in a crouch toward the deck, the sound of his breath and the plod of his shoes horribly loud in his ears. His half-erect cock bobbed against his thigh and he struggled against nervous laughter. He reached the deck and squatted in the elbow of the steps.

Slowly he shifted onto his knees and bent his body upright. The deck’s handrail and two potted plants either side of his face giving him confidence. He wrestled with his fast, panicky breathing and willed away the urge to flinch at the slightest sound.

“Do you won a gum?” A voice said. Dan frowned as he stared at the doors. The voice didn’t sound very masculine. A pale shadow shifted behind a door and Dan’s head throbbed with the urge to run back to the fence.

“Ess! Make me come!” The woman said. Dan grinned and stared at the doors, his cock returning to its engorged glory. Holy shit, Dan thought. He breathed fast and swallowed.

“Are you goring be a good girl?”

The voice sounded more as if it came from a woman. Dan’s mouth opened. The shadow drifted into view again, but Dan didn’t flinch. He was invisible, after all. Silent, as well.

“Are you going to be a good little bitch?”

This time Dan didn’t suspect; he knew. His neighbor was fucking a woman, not a man. Dan bit his lip and squirmed. He also looked at the sliver of light in the door’s lower corner. His breath shuddered as he thought of what creeping up to the door would reveal. No way, he thought. No fucking way.

“Do you won id?” The woman-voice said.

“Ess! I won it in my boo-see!”

Dan nearly moaned and he felt dizzy from the visions dancing in his head. He bit his lip until pain made him blink. The sliver of light beckoned. He’d be a fool if he passed the opportunity. Go slow, he told himself, just take quick a look. Enough to know exactly what the two women were doing.

He lifted himself into a crouch and set a shaking foot onto the first step. Cool air brushed his face and he nearly abandoned his course of action. Another moan from within the house brought his other foot onto the next step. He kept his eyes on the French doors, fearful he would see the shadow grow large and the door open. The deck creaked. Dan froze, one foot on the deck itself, the other on the steps. Too risky, he thought.

“Fuck me!”

Dan stared at the doors and an iron resolve surged through him. His breath tight, he crept forward, grinning in triumph as the deck took his weight without a peep. His eyes fell to the sliver and he quivered with expectation. His mouth fell open when he heard the shuddering scrape at his feet. Something grabbed his foot and Dan twisted in panic, the grip on his foot tightening.

His balance faltered as he spun himself around. The sound of something scraping the deck roared in his ears as he fell forward. The thump of his knee hitting the deck was almost as loud as the sound of something bouncing and clattering behind him. Arms flailing, Dan fell forward yet again, his palms and his chin biting into the grass. Minutes or even hours passed as he struggled to get on his feet and run.

The doors opened and a thin squeal of fear leaped from his throat as the knock of footsteps bore down on him. He kicked his legs, his knees barking against the steps. He pushed against the lawn. Something hard and sharp pressed between his shoulder blades.

“Don’t fucking move!” A woman hissed.

Dan felt a cold numbness wash through his body. He turned his head toward the fence and could swear the shadows there grinned in amusement.

“You!” The woman’s voice was a stern whisper. Dan whimpered in silence as he thought of how everything had gone wrong. The clatter of whatever he’d caught his foot in sounded in his ears over and over. Worse, the woman apparently recognized him. An eternity passed before the woman spoke again.

“Put your hands behind your back!”

Without thinking, Dan obeyed. He heard an odd, soft creaking as the woman shifted herself. She grabbed his thumbs and bent them until Dan gasped.

“You will stand up,” The woman said, her voice a whisper laced with broken glass. “If you try anything funny I’ll break both of your thumbs. Do you understand?” She bent his thumbs again.

“Y-yes.” Dan said. The pressure on his back disappeared. He stumbled to his knees and then his feet, wincing at the pain in his thumbs.

“You will turn around and walk into the house.”

The woman goaded Dan around and pushed him to the steps. Visions of police and the look of shame on his parents’ faces loomed before him. He glanced down and saw the dark shape of the small charcoal grill his foot had tangled with.

“Turn your head to the right and keep it there, understand?”

The woman bent his thumbs again for emphasis. Dan grimaced and fought an urge to break her grip. Even if he did, with his digits intact, it wouldn’t matter. The French door stood half-open. Maybe he could talk his way out of any trouble, if he could think of anything that might mollify his captor.

He turned his head to the right as far as he could and stepped over the threshold. The wall of whatever room he stepped into was beige with soft light. He moved forward at the woman’s prodding, his eyes passing over an autumn landscape print hanging on the wall.

“Who the hell is that?” Another, younger-sounding woman said. An image of a wide-eyed blond with a pleasantly heavy bottom and messy hair gathered up in knot leapt into his mind.

Dan’s captor prodded him forward, the wall and an entrance to a hallway sliding past his vision. As shocked as he was by his predicament, he marveled at the scent of feminine exertion and arousal that laced the air.

“On your knees!” The woman said. Dan obeyed.

“Lean forward and place your left cheek on the couch.” Dan again did as he was told. The fuzzy red of an armrest looked back at him. What felt like velvet met his face. I am so fucking fucked, he thought. He might have laughed at how his cock withered in agreement.

“Is he a creeper?” The other woman said. Dan winced. He thought of everything that word implied and kissed his own ass goodbye.

“It seems so, Kat. Unless our young intruder here has a compelling reason as to why he was on the deck. Did your cat run into my backyard?” The woman said. Dan squeezed his eyes shut.

“No.” He said, grimacing against the discomfort in his thumbs and knees.

“Ah.” The woman said. “Stay exactly as you are. If you so much as move a finger I’ll abandon any thought of listening to an explanation. Instead, I’ll simply call the police, yes?” She said. The pressure on his thumbs disappeared.

“Yes.” Dan said. He summoned the will to turn and confront both women. He’d broken the law, he knew, but wasn’t the woman doing the same by forcing him down on his knees? He thought for a moment and then heard the phrase “citizen’s arrest”.

That odd creaking noise came again when the woman moved away. Dan thought he knew what made the odd sound. An image of the woman he’d seen just days earlier came to mind. He pictured his captor wearing a latex cat suit, her black hair cut into a blunt bob. If he saw her face, he knew her eyes would be dark and fierce, her skin pale and her contours subdued but stern.

Kat started a question that was answered with a “shush” from the woman. He heard her approach and bit his lip. Why the hell didn’t she just call the police and get the whole thing over with?

Dan opened his eyes when she grabbed his wrists and wrapped something around them. Before he could open his mouth and protest, he felt something soft binding him. In moments his hands were tied together. Dan breathed fast. What his captor did could not, he suspected, be at all legal. I’m really, really fucked.

“Keep your eyes straight ahead.” The woman said. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him upright. Dan looked down the short length of the shadowy hallway. A door stood ajar, letting darkness spill out of a room.

“Hey!” He said when something snaked over his eyes. A blindfold. His breath rattled out of him as he realized how vulnerable he now was. No one knows where I am, he thought. He trembled and swore he heard the night laugh at him.

“I’m, I’m sorry for what I did. Please, just call the cops.” Dan said. He fought against the panicky whine in his voice. Kat snickered and a shiver raced down his back.

“I’m sure I will. Or perhaps your explanation will be so moving I’ll simply forget about this and send you on your way home.” The woman said.

“Hmm, no. I should walk you home and tell your parents how you came to be on my doorstep. Don’t you think, Kat?”

Kat snickered again. Dan shivered. Please just call the police, he thought. The woman stood up, creaking as she did so. Dan suddenly realized what the odd sound was. She wore, he was certain, something made from latex.

“Maybe you should call the police, Diane.” Kat said, her voice sputtering laughter.

“My parents aren’t home. They’re out of town.” Dan said.

“Oh. Well, I guess it’s the police then.” Diane said.

Dan chewed on his lip and let his head droop. If Diane and Kat pressed charges, he’d spend the rest of the night in a cell. That prospect didn’t sicken him as much as the call he would make to his parents. I’m so, so fucked, he thought.

“Wait! I, I swear I’ll never do anything like this again. I – I didn’t even see anything!” Dan sought for more words, but realized how pointless it all was. Soft pain bit into his knees but Dan dared not shift.

His heart beat in his ears as he waited for the women to say something. Diane’s attire creaked as she paced behind him. After more than a few moments had passed, he felt some measure of hope. His mind grasped onto the fact that police or even parental involvement might make Diane’s private life public.

“How old are you young man?” Diane said at last. She moved directly behind him, the creak of her movements loud in his ears. An odor he couldn’t place drifted over his nose.


“And your name?” Diane said.


“So, Dan, is it becoming of a young man to peep through windows? Surely you know such things are not only rude but illegal, as well.”

Dan said nothing. He merely stared into his blindfold.

“Do you know what the word trespass means? As well as voyeurism?” Diane said. Her hand fell to his shoulder and she drummed her fingers. Dan flinched.

“I’m sorry about what I did, I swear.” He said. He felt feverish and a trickle of sweat slipped down his spine.

The fingers stopped and Diane moved away. She sighed.

“Does he sound sorry, Kat?” Diane said. Kat snorted.

“He’s just sorry he got caught. I’ll bet he saw something, too.” Kat said.

Dan let out a breath and shifted on his knees, the biting pain lessening somewhat. The brief hope Diane might let him off with a warning faded fast. Both women were simply playing with him. He’d disrespected their privacy and now they were having fun with him before letting the hammer fall.

“Is this true, Dan? Are you truly sorry for violating the basic rights of another? And, are you being truthful when you say you didn’t see anything?” Diane said. She clapped her hands together and Dan jumped. An odd liquid sound flitted about his ears.

“Either way, you still trespassed and invaded my privacy. Possibly ruined our night’s fun as well.” She said. Dan shrank when she approached and bent down to him. Hair tickled his ear.

“Were you going to do something to us, Dan? Maybe lose control and force yourself on me and poor little Kat?”

“No!” Dan said. He screwed his eyes shut and struggled against how the sound of her breath in his ear and the rubbery smell of her affected him.

“I was just going to – to look and,” He let the rest die off.

“To what? Stand on my deck and jerk off?” Diane said. She sighed and stood up. Dan swallowed several times. Kat snickered again.

“No, I was, I heard something and got curious, that’s all. Honestly, I know what I did was stupid and I’m really sorry! I’ll, I don’t know.” Dan let his head drop. Fuck it, he thought.

“Well, we do have a problem.” Diane said. “I value my privacy and really do not want my habits becoming public knowledge. But, you, young man have committed a rather serious offense.” She moved behind him and creaked as she squatted. Dan could feel the warmth of her face near his own. He squirmed.

“Would you, young man, be willing to demonstrate for Kat and I just how sorry you are, and perform a fitting penance?” Diane whispered.

The sound of her moist lips in his ear sent a fever-filled balloon through his body. He knew Diane must be messing with his head, but his libido didn’t. His cock hardened and pushed out against his sweats. He bit his lip and willed his member lay dormant. His body mocked him, however.

“Mmm. It seems you’re not only willing but very able, as well.” Diane said. She stroked his neck and stood up.

“Well, Kat, should we let Dan make amends for his transgressions? It might be quite a bit of unexpected fun.” Diane said.

“I don’t know. He’s kind of skinny.” Kat said. Diane chuckled.

“Perhaps he’s not skinny everywhere, Kat.” Diane said. She leaned over and Dan felt the tickle of her hair on the nape of his neck.

“Would you like to show Kat what you’re made of, young man?” Diane whispered. She breathed in his ear and Dan quivered.

He swallowed and corralled his thoughts. Any moment Diane and Kat would laugh. Or kick him out the door with a warning. The way Diane rubbed his shoulder, though, suggested Dan would receive something more than a verbal reprimand. He swallowed again and searched for his voice.

“Y-yeah. Yes. I want to show Kat what I’m made of.” He said, his breath coming fast. He gasped when he felt the tip of Diane’s tongue trace the edge of his ear.

“Very good. Now, stand up.” Diane said.

Dan got to his feet and took a deep breath. A part of him said this was all craziness. He didn’t know these two women, hadn’t even seen them. He had heard them, though, and the intensity of Kat’s earlier cries suggested a possibility for overwhelming pleasure.

“Take your shoes off.”

Dan did as she instructed. He heard her kick his footwear off to the side.

“Come this way.” Diane turned him away from the couch and guided him to what must be the center of the floor.

“Hmm,” Kat said. “He’s pretty cute. Aw, his fella wants to come out and play!” Kat laughed.

“If you’ll both excuse me for a moment, I’ll fetch the proper tools for our little game.” Diane said. She slid a hand over his cock as she walked away and Dan breathed deep. She left the living room.

“Nervous?” Kat said.

“Kind of. Yeah.” Dan said. I’m fucking crazy as well, he thought. Tools? Game? What the hell am I doing?

“Good. You come harder when you’re nervous.” She breathed. “Follow the rules, Dan, and we’ll all come.”

Dan could hear feverish lust in her voice and his head swam. He still couldn’t believe any of this wasn’t some joke. That Diane and Kat wouldn’t drive him to a frenzy and, so to speak, pull the rug from under him. He grinned. Even if they did just that, it would be the best sexual experience he’d had in months. Maybe ever. Thoughts of Gina, of Jennifer and mindless nights driving around paled before whatever new realm he’d entered.

Diane walked into the living room and set something down. Dan heard what sounded like the latches of a toolbox. He swallowed again and his own arousal wavered as he wondered just what sort of tools Diane planned on using. Kat’s earlier cries rang in his ears and Dan’s trepidation vanished.

The sound of things metal filled his ears and then Diane stepped in front of him. Something cold and hard caressed his cheek and he flinched. Diane chuckled.

“Don’t worry, young man. The only pain you might have is a case of blue balls. Are you particularly fond of this shirt?” Diane said as she grasped the garment’s hem.

“No.” Dan said.

“Good. Now be still while I remove it.”

Dan’s stomach quivered as Diane began cutting his shirt up the middle. The slight creak of her garment and the rasp of the scissor blades made for an odd cadence. He lifted his head up and away when the blades reached his collar.

“There!” Diane said as his shirt opened.

She spread the shirt open with the scissors and needles ran along Dan’s scalp when the cool steel brushed his bare chest. He gasped squirmed against the bonds of his wrists when Diane’s metallic touch slid down his chest to his stomach.

“You’re lean but certainly fit. Do you think he’ll have the stamina for some games, Kat?” Diane said.

“Does his tongue have any stamina?” Kat said, and laughed.

“Now now, young lady. Don’t get Dan overly excited.” Diane said. She slid the scissors into his waistband, the cold sliding down his groin. Dan shivered and curled his toes. He gulped and fought two emotions – fear and an excitement he wasn’t sure he’d ever felt.

“Or hopeful, for that matter.” Diane said. She pulled the scissors from his pants and stepped away, her second skin creaking as she moved.

More sounds came from the toolbox. Dan trembled as he wondered what Diane would do next and his mostly erect cock throbbed. He anticipated some touch or other with every sound he heard and reflexively stared into his blindfold, as if sheer effort might turn the thing transparent. The sound of someone, probably Kat, shifting position spawned what was denied his vision.

The soft creak of Diane’s movements approached him. She put her hands on his shoulders and turned him around. A nudge between his shoulder blades sent him a step forward. She nudged and he stepped again, their dance repeating until Dan feared he would smack into a wall. He made a sound when she grasped his ass with both hands and squeezed his rump, hard.

“Now Dan, in spite of your un-neighborly conduct, I’m more than willing to offer a laurel branch of sorts, should you be interested. Do you still wish to play with Kat and I? You’re more than free to go.” Diane said.

She kneaded the cheeks of his ass, her fingertips working into the firm shape of his rump until he winced. A far-off voice suggested he should indeed simply go. His body screamed otherwise and another voice, quiet and calm, whispered that playtime with the two women would be an unforgettable experience. A life-changing one at that.

“Yes.” He said after a moment. “I – I want to play.” He let his breath out. Diane’s fingers slid into the cleft of his ass and he gasped. She laughed.

“And a fine playmate you’ll be, I think.” She said. Her hands disappeared from his back side.

“First we’ll exchange this blindfold for something as effective but more interesting. You will stare straight ahead. If you follow the rules more of your sight will be returned. Yes?” Diane said.

Dan sensed that her hands were paused in midair as she waited for an answer.

“Yes.” He said.

The blindfold’s grip relaxed and Dan stared at a champagne-hued wall. Something slid over his head and once more his sight disappeared. Diane had put something like a cloth bag on his head. His mouth was left exposed and Dan could well guess why. He felt the strange mask cinch up around his neck and restless energy flowed through him as he thought of what sort of things Diane would have him do.

She spun him around and marched him to what must be the center of the room. He heard Kat make an approving noise. Dan felt his cock thicken as expectation spun carnal scenarios in his head.

“Kat,” She said, and Dan realized Diane was rather tall. The center of her voice sounded as if it came from only a couple of inches below his ear.

“Crawl over here and pull Dan’s pants down. With your teeth.” Diane said, her voice liquid warm against his neck.

The sound of Kat’s movements and excited breath grew large as she approached. Dan dug his fingers into his palms and a heavy breath slipped from him when Kat’s head bumped his groin. His cock, heavy but not hard instantly grew erect. She moved her head and Dan felt his sweats slip down over his hips. She stopped and readjusted herself, struggling to pull the hem of his pants past his cock.

His pants slipped past his buttocks and his cock swung free. The sensation of being exposed was electrifying. He couldn’t remember when his cock had swollen to such a rigid state. He breathed quickly and trembled with pleasant anxiety.

“Well,” Diane said. “Dan is certainly a healthy young man indeed. And his legs aren’t the only things that are long. Is he thick enough for you, Kat?”

“Yeah.” Kat breathed. Dan could feel the warmth of her voice on his sensitive flesh.

Diane moved behind Dan and gripped his waist. Her rubber-clad body pressed against his back and Dan’s head spun as he felt the warmth of her. He could feel the weight of her breasts against his back and her hips against his ass. Her hands slid over his stomach and chest, then down along the crest of his hipbones, fingertips sliding towards where his achingly hard cock joined his body.

“Mmm.” She crooned against his neck. “Lean and hard everywhere.”

She ran her hands along his hipbones repeatedly, every pass bringing her touch nearer and nearer his cock. Her body moved against his and her warm, moist breath drifted up his neck to his ear. Dan fought against the urge to thrust himself forward, seeking Kat’s mouth.

“Kat, use your tongue as a pillow for Dan’s weary head. Dan,” Diane breathed. Her tongue slid along the side of his neck. “You will remain absolutely still while we see just how much self-control you have.”

Diane broke her grip on his body and Dan nearly stumbled. He blinked and struggled for balance. Diane stepped away and Dan breathed hard, his hands twisting in his bonds. Not in a bid for freedom, but because he felt as if he would scream if he didn’t have some outlet for his fevered desire.

“Kat, move yourself into position, and you,” Something stiff brushed his chest. “Will keep those hips as they are, yes?” Diane said.

“Yes.” Dan said. Oh God yes!

He heard Kat shifting below him and bit his lip when her wet breath slid over the head of his cock. Her wet tongue slipped under the end of his member and Dan dug his toes into the carpet. Neither he nor Kat could be perfectly still and the small movements of her slick tongue incited a wild need.

“Now, there is the matter of your transgression, Dan, and I can think of no better punishment than an old fashioned caning. Can you?” Diane said.

He bit his lip and stared into the black void of his hood, the conflict between pain and pleasure a labyrinth. He had, in a fog of arousal, almost forgotten how serious his trespassing was. The reason for his standing where he did, measured against the feel of Kat’s tongue, suggested Diane’s punishment would not be mild. That Kat was on her knees, her warm breath sliding over his flesh, suggested pleasures greater than any pain.

“No.” He breathed. “A caning is what I need.” He closed his eyes.

“Very good. I think nineteen blows will do nicely.” Diane said. She stepped closer and Dan swallowed. He clenched his buttocks in anticipation of the first blow.

“Ah ah! No cheating young man.” Diane said and patted his ass.

“Relax yourself and no flinching into Kat’s mouth. Count each strike for me, please.” She said.

Dan drew a breath and chewed on his lip as he heard the creak of Diane’s rubber skin. He sensed more than heard the cane slide through the air. The cane kissed a cheek and Dan counted the first blow. Diane divided her strikes evenly on his rump, each swing of her instrument spawning a thin line of heat on his flesh.

The liquid warmth of Kat’s tongue was its own unique pain. Dan couldn’t tell if one ache mitigated or amplified the other and he didn’t care. The feel of tongue or cane sent burning needles of pleasure through his body.

“You’ve barely flinched or made any sound, Dan. Am I being too gentle?” Diane chuckled. The next expected strike, number twelve, hung in the air.

“We’ve only seven to go. Lucky seven, should you want it so, Dan. Do you?” Diane said.

Dan licked his lips and wondered what she meant. He thought for only a moment more.

“Yes.” He said.

“Very good. Kat, when you hear the cane, suck Dan off. And Dan, you’re not allowed to come. Should you reach that point, you will say ‘red light’. Ready?”

Diane’s words had barely sunk into his head when the next sting fell on his ass and Kat’s wet mouth engulfed him. He moaned and his balance wavered as Kat’s mouth pulled on the engorged head of his cock. The next strike fell, razor-sharp, but Kat’s sucking mouth spawned a different ache that dulled the cane’s biting kiss.

The feel of Kat’s mouth and the hot sting of Diane’s work sent Dan into a hazy realm where one sensation amplified the other. He grunted ‘eighteen’ and flexed every muscle in his body as he fought against the grip of an orgasm. The phrase Diane had given him faltered on his tongue. Only one strike remained and Dan screwed his eyes shut. He would not be a slave of his libido’s greed.

“Nineteen!” He grunted through clenched teeth.

Kat’s mouth pulled away from his cock and for several moments Dan trembled as he wrestled with the need for release. A thread of semen spilled from him. Finally, the urge retreated and Dan drew a deep breath. He rolled his head and shoulders back, an odd feeling of triumph possessing him. Diane leaned close to him and slid her hand down his back.

“Good boy.” She breathed in his ear. Dan groaned as his body responded to the liquid warmth in her voice. Her hand moved down and over his ass. She squeezed.

“Now, Kat will salve your wounds. Kat,” Diane said as she turned Dan around.

“Crawl and give Dan a healing kiss.” Diane said.

Dan heard the shuffle of Kat’s knees and her excited breath. He realized that her hands must be bound as his were. Diane stepped away and Dan felt Kat’s breath on his ass. A surprised sound leapt from his throat when he felt her wet tongue caress a cheek. He’d suspected his “healing kiss” would be as such, but the feel of Kat’s action still surprised him.

“Kiss him well, Kat. His rump is almost as red as his cock.” Diane said. Dan could hear her rummage in the toolbox. Kat continued with her healing touch and Dan wondered if the next game would be as maddening as his caning.

The sound of Diane’s creaking suit loomed from behind and Dan made a noise when he felt Kat’s face shoved against his ass.

“One last healing kiss, little kitten.” Diane said.

Kat’s tongue slid up the length of his crack and Dan shuddered against the odd but arousing sensation. Oh my God, he thought. Visions and expected sensations moved through his head of what Diane would demand of him and Kat. Before the night was over, Dan suspected he would be well-versed in carnal techniques foreign to him.

“Good kitty. Would you like to play swordfish?” Diane said. Kat gasped and Dan figured this new game was a favorite of his fellow slave. He heard Diane do something for a few moments and then a soft sound from Kat.

“Alright then. Coffee table. All fours!” Diane said.

Kat shuffled away and Dan hoped he was the swordfish. Diane, without a word, turned him around. He heard something bump against her body and a strong odor of rubber filled his nostrils.

“Open your mouth.” She said.

Dan faltered only a moment before obeying her command. He moaned with surprise as something thick and smooth slid into his mouth. Its size and taste summoned a fair amount of saliva.

“Hmm, it’s always nice to see a handsome young man suck on my cock.” Diane said with a hint of deep throated laughter.

Dan stared wide-eyed into his hood as he realized Diane had shoved a dildo into his mouth. A dildo that held the faint taste of, no doubt, Kat. She pulled the thing from his mouth and Dan considered if he was up to Diane’s increasingly perverse play. The memory of Kat’s tongue and the way the caning had amplified his senses said yes.

“Does my handsome young swordfish want to go home now?” Diane said. Dan shook his head.

“Good, because your penance is not yet complete, and poor little Kat still needs to come. Firstly, though, I will audition you and ensure you are worthy of the job. On your knees.” She said.

Dan descended to the floor. Thoughts of Kat with her ass in the air and his audition banished his vague fears. On the floor with his knees apart, Dan felt energized and ready. His cock, half-limp, thickened and stretched out before him, eager for the buttery grip of a woman.

Diane, from the sounds Dan heard, did something with the outfit she wore. He heard the sound of snap-buttons and rubber stretching against itself. Her steps moved a few feet to his left and she clapped her hands twice.

“Crawl to me Dan!” She said.

He moved, his knees grinding into the carpet as he sought the woman who owned his libido. The smell and, Dan would swear, heat of her body guided his journey across the living room floor. He moved until she grasped his head in both hands. Dan had only a moment before Diane pulled his head downward. He leaned forward and sensed her thighs on either side of his head.

“Stick your tongue out and lick.” Diane said, her voice whiskey-thick above him.

Dan pushed his tongue out and Diane pulled his head forward, his cloth-garbed face wedged between rubber-wrapped thighs. His tongue found not the wet, silken flesh of her pussy, but soft, warm rubber. He pushed with the tip of his tongue and felt the soft contours of her sex. A thin layer of rubber separated her from his tongue. As he licked, the bouquet of her arousal mingled with the heavier smell of her artificial skin.

Diane’s grip on his head tightened and she shifted her hips as he pleasured her. Her gloved fingertips caressed his scalp and her every breath became deeper and rough. Suppressed moans drifted above his head as Dan licked, the now heavier smell of her sex and the way her rubber-clad flesh felt under his tongue maddening his own arousal. She moaned louder and bucked against his face. Dan, now rock hard and desperate for the feel of slick, tight flesh, pushed his tongue deeper into the folds of her pussy.

She grunted and shook. Dan grinned as he licked, feeling a smug sense of power. She pulled his head from between her thighs and pushed him back up into a kneeling position. She caught her breath and not so gently caressed his head. A single, guttural laugh came from her.

“Naughty little Dan. Or should I say not so little. Hoping to make me beg for dick? Stand up!” She said.

“Make him fuck me, Diane!” Kat said. Dan’s cock throbbed at the rough desperation in her voice.

He stood. Diane moved forward and took hold of his member. Dan flinched as both wariness and eagerness shot through him. He felt a string cinch around his cock, just behind the head. His breath froze in his chest and his member softened as Diane tightened this new bond. He winced and breathed fast as the string gripped delicate skin.

“Not too loose, is it?” Diane said, her voice lyrical.

“N-no.” Dan said.

She tugged on the string and Dan gasped. Diane laughed and tugged repeatedly. The sensation, at first uncomfortable, soon became pleasurable and Dan’s cock swelled almost painfully. He breathed fast as Diane continued her tugs. A glimmer of orgasm filled the head of his member.

“Mmm, you like playing dog walker, eh?” Diane said. She stood up. “On your knees, little dog.”

Dan once more returned to the floor. Diane tugged rhythmically and Dan twisted his hands in his bonds. The head of his cock felt bloated with the need for a firm, wet grip. The sound of Kat breathing fast and shifting on the table was a beacon for the young man.

“Now, we’ll play doggy walk over to Kat, and then we’ll see how agile your head is. Come along!” Diane said and tugged hard on Dan’s leash. He grunted and eagerly shuffled after her. Dan moved as quickly as he could, eager to play with Kat. An image of the young woman, round, pale ass in the air and blond head writhing possessed him. After several moments, he wondered why he hadn’t reached her. Then he realized Diane had led him in a circle.

“Stop, doggy.” Diane said. The pull on his cock relaxed as Diane stepped behind him, the creak of her second skin soothing and exciting all at once. She undid the drawstring at the back of his neck and then pulled the mask up to his eyes.

“Because you have been such a good boy, Dan, you will now have some semblance of your vision returned. Keep your head and eyes straight, yes?” She said.

“Yes.” Dan said.

Diane pulled the hood off and blinked against the expected glare. He stared instead at a softly lit corner of the room. A moment later he felt another hood sliding over his head. The new hood was a twin of the other, though softer and lighter. It slid down over his face and his vision became diffused rather than blocked.

“Turn around, Dan.” Diane said.

She gave his ass a good smack. Dan shuffled around, eager to see his playmates. The sheer weight of his new hood cast the room in a slick, heavy fog. Diane stepped a few feet in front of him. He pulled his head back and looked her figure up and down. She seemed rather tall and her dark cat suit revealed a figure neither lean nor curvy, though her hips and thighs suggested a more than modest strength. Her face was rather soft, pale and framed by black hair cut into a bob.

Across the room he saw Kat on all fours atop the coffee table. She was not as Dan had imagined. His eyes filled with the sight of a lean woman with liquid-smooth caramel skin and what seemed a polite mass of auburn curls. He ran his gaze along her body, the sight of her firm, round ass making him prickly hot.

Kat rocked back and forth, her back rising and falling as she breathed. She turned her head and her dark eyes glistened. A wet tongue slid between full lips and she grinned.

“I want his cock, Diane.” Kat said. Dan hardened almost painfully and squirmed where he knelt.

The dark shaped of Diane’s mouth stretched into a grin and she tugged his cock-leash.

“Well,” She said, her head nodding downward. “You certainly are happy to have your sight returned.” Diane said. She looked over her shoulder at Kat.

“Let’s see if your sense of taste brings you as much joy.”

Diane tugged and Dan followed, breathing fast as he watched the rolling movement of Diane’s ass. His knees devoured the distance between him and Kat and he breathed hard as the sight of her body solidified the nearer to her he came. Her brown skin looked as if might melt under his tongue. The firm contours of her body told Dan she couldn’t be much older than him. He quivered as he thought of taking her from behind, the firm weight of her small breasts filling his hands.

Diane tugged and led Dan behind Kat. Her glossy brown rump filled his vision. His head swam with the sight of her offered up as she was. He breathed hard as his eyes found the bare, plump lips of her pussy. What Diane had said about his sense of taste went through his head. He ran his tongue over his lips and wanted to plunge his cock into Kat’s firm little body.

“Do you still need to come, little kitten?” Diane said. She slapped and grasped Kat’s ass.

“Yes.” Kat gasped. Diane worked her gloved fingers into Kat’s rump and tugged on Dan’s leash. He quivered as the head of his cock screamed for the touch of slick, feminine warmth.

“Dan, you will lick Kat and stop only when she says “red light”. You will start again when she says “green light”. Kat, you will not cheat.” Diane said.

Diane’s hand moved from Kat’s ass to the back of Dan’s head. She pulled and he bent forward, the heat and smell of Kat’s arousal engulfing his senses. He shoved his face against the warm mass of her rump and stuck out his tongue.

Her wet flesh had a rich, high taste. The smell of her arousal filled his nostrils and Dan worked his tongue deeper into the folds of her feverish sex. Within moments the juices of her lust and his saliva dripped from his chin. He circled the tight little mouth of her pussy, the sound of Kat’s moans and the way she squirmed against him goading Dan to more frenzied effort.

Her fast breathing became thin moans and she shoved herself against Dan’s face. He licked her pussy with firm strokes, caressing her clitoris with the flat of his tongue. His back and neck cramped but he ignored the ache. The feel of her sex on his tongue and the way she moved under his touch sired an ethereal pleasure in Dan. Licking a woman was not new to him, but he had never before felt such complete pleasure in this particular act.

He heard Diane step around the coffee table, vaguely aware she had dropped something onto the couch. Once more, he felt a pleasurable tug on his cock as he licked Kat. The repetitive tugs fueled an unbearable need in Dan. Within the blink of an eye grew a hope Diane would command him to fuck his fellow playmate.

Kat’s moans had grown to grunts and wails as she moved against his mouth. A whimper of pleasure slipped from her and she smacked the table with her hand.

“Red, red light!” She moaned.

Dan pulled his head away and pulled himself upright. He gazed at the glistening cleft of Kat’s pussy. She moaned and quivered, the muscles of her back working as she struggled with the need for orgasmic release. Sweat tickled his lean body. The heavy need for Kat’s slick pussy was the greater sensation, though. One that made him shake with desire and hope.

“Stand, Dan.” Diane said.

He stood and looked down at Kat, the taper of her waist and flare of her hips heightening his lust. Her head was bowed and she breathed hard. Diane twined her fingers into Kat’s reddish curls.

“Is the intersection almost clear, pet?” Diane said. She laughed softly when Kat whimpered. Diane looked at Dan, her veiled features glowing with merriment.

She tugged on his leash until he was forced to step forward. Nearer to Kat he moved, Diane’s tugs guiding his cock to within inches of Kat’s pussy. Please, oh God please, he thought, his eyes fixed on Kat’s ass. Dan shook with the unbearable need to slide himself into Kat.

“Green light.” Kat said.

Dan nearly thrust himself forward but restrained himself. The game’s rules made him a puppet who could act only on Diane’s word. As much as Kat might want relief from her carnal torment, Dan wasn’t sure how she’d react to any violation of the game’s rules.

“Now, Dan.” Diane said. She wore what Dan would swear was a smirk.

“Very gently and slowly insert the tip of your penis into Kat’s little pussy. Just the tip.” Diane said.

Dan trembled as he bent his knees and moved his hips towards Kat. Sweat coated his brow as he stared down at his cock, only a whisper away from the slick cleft of Kat’s sex. He groaned when he pushed his hips and felt wet, buttery heat slip around the tip of his cock. A long, silken breath slipped from Kat. She writhed and Dan bent double as the liquid heat of her pussy slipped over the head of his cock.

“Ah, ah!” Diane said as she struck Kat’s ass with a thin wand. Kat gasped and her head dropped.

“Be still. Both of you!” Diane said. She drew the wand along Kat’s spine to the cleft of her ass.

“Kat, you will move yourself back and forth as I count to thirty. You will engulf the head of Dan’s cock only and not before the end of the count. Do you understand, young lady?” Diane said. Kat whimpered her assent.

“Dan,” Diane said, fixing him with a sober gaze. “You will remain absolutely still. You will also say “red light” should you begin to come.”

Dan breathed deep and could do little more than nod his head. His cock already anticipated the feel of Kat and the shadow of an orgasm embraced his body. He breathed deeper and curled his toes.

“Ready?” Diane said. “Begin!”

She struck Kat’s ass with the wand and Dan’s squirming playmate eased herself back. Diane began her count from one, Dan shifted his hips, lining his achingly stiff member up with the juicy cleft of Kat’s pussy. He tensed when the soft warmth of her slipped over his member. Kat moaned and ever so slowly pushed backwards to the beat of Diane’s count.

Dan rolled his head back and grimaced as more of his cockhead disappeared into Kat. The sound of her breathing and the slick heat of her grip overwhelmed his senses. Diane reached twenty-three in her count and Dan shivered as he fought the rising tide of an orgasm.

He opened his mouth, the phrase that would end the torture welling up in his throat falling when he heard Diane count twenty-eight. His stomach muscles tensed and bucked as he reached his threshold and he forced his hips to stay as they were. Diane’s game was, he now knew, a bizzare punishment and lesson. A hint of semen spilled from his cock and his leg shook as he suffered through the last two beats of Diane’s count.

“Thirty!” Diane said. She struck Kat with the wand and the young woman pulled herself forward with a heavy groan.

Dan sat back on his heels and bowed his head, his eyes squeezed shut. The tempest of his burgeoning orgasm began a retreat and he breathed easier, his thighs quivering.

“Kat, I do hope you will not be disappointed if we skip swordfish tonight.” Diane said. Kat vocalized her displeasure.

“Not to worry. Our uninvited guest has inspired an interesting and, I believe, quite satisfying idea.” Diane said.

“Dan, crawl to your right, please.”

Dan did so, moving toward the center of the living room. He glanced at the French doors on his left and wondered how long ago he had passed through them. Another lifetime ago, it seemed.

The creak of Diane’s movement passed by Dan’s head and he watched as she stepped to a grayish box sitting on the floor. A toolbox, as he’d thought. She crouched and Dan ran his eyes over the shiny, dark form of her. The round shape of her ass caught the light and Dan felt prickly heat dance across his shoulders and chest.

She rummaged in the box and when she stood and turned, Dan shivered. She stepped toward him and Dan felt a chill until his fogged vision could see she held a belt in her hand and not a whip.

“Hurry!” Kat said.

He then thought of how a belt might be used and swallowed. His punishment, it seemed, was about to become very interesting, as Diane had said. Dan remembered the cane and hoped satisfaction would be his as well.

“Stand.” Diane said. Dan struggled to his feet, his legs shaking.

She turned him around and he felt her pull on the binds around his wrists. A devilish thought swam up from some dark pool in his mind. Maybe she would have him spank Kat. He imagined her cry and writhe as he kissed her ass with black leather, spanking her until she came.

“When I undo your bonds, you will hold your arms straight out to the side.” Diane said. He felt a tug and the bonds relaxed. Diane pulled them away and Dan stretched his arms out, rolling his shoulders against a cramp.

She leaned into his back and brought her arms around his waist. He felt the leather against his stomach tighten as she secured the belt around him.

“Lie down on the floor and put your arms at your sides.” Diane said. Dan dropped to the floor, wondering what purpose the belt could serve. He stretched himself out and felt the carpet scratch against his sweaty skin. His cock, somewhat limp and heavy with deferred release, lazed back against his abdomen.

“Kat, did you ever slide down a banister?” Diane said.

She squatted on his thighs. He looked up at her and the lengths of rope in her hands. The weight of her warm ass on his legs made his cock twitch.

“No. We didn’t have stairs.” Kat said.

“Poor thing. It’s great fun, and this banister will be the funnest of all!” Diane said.

Dan learned what the belt was for when Diane secured his wrists to it. He looked up at her, his queen now that he was once more restrained. She placed her hands on his chest and slid them down to either side of his now erect cock.

“I’m glad you haven’t lost interest yet, young man.” She said.

She moved her ass down his legs and bent herself forward until her face was no more than half-a-foot from his cock. He gasped and squirmed when her warm breath drifted over the length of his keenly sensitive member.

He felt a touch on the underside of his cock and craned his head down the length of his body, hoping he would see Diane’s mouth opening. She lifted her head and Dan could just see glinting strand of saliva.

“Are you ready to ride the banister, Kat?” Diane said.

Her finger caressed the underside of his cock, the touch agonizingly pleasant. She spread her saliva along the length of him and Dan shivered when her fingertip lingered at the rim of his glans. She caressed him faster and Dan tensed as the sensation shifted between ache and pleasure.

Diane ceased her touch when Dan moaned and bucked. She pulled herself upright and gripped his thighs, almost painfully. He looked at her and the shadowy smile she wore. Her fingers massaged his thighs rather roughly.

“Well, my handsome young banister. Are you ready to prove your worth?” She said. Dan nodded.

“Yes.” He breathed.

Diane rose from him, the warm creak of her suit sending a tingle along his spine. He watched as she moved to where Kat, still on all fours, waited patiently. Diane moved to the opposite side of her young plaything and caressed Kat’s rump.

Kat lifted her head and cooed. Then she gasped when Diane fingered her pussy. Kat writhed on her elbows and knees, moaning as Diane vigorously worked her finger.

Diane grabbed a handful of Kat’s hair with her other hand and goaded Kat off the table. Dan’s lust ascended rapidly as he saw his playmate stand. She was a glossy, brown sliver of a moderately tall young woman with a fine-featured face and small, high breasts.

Dan’s head throbbed as he thought of how her dark, flat nipples would feel under his tongue and between his lips. He swept his eyes down to the jut of her hip bones and further down still to the hairless flesh of her sex. He saw a vision of her bare pussy lips opening as she slid down the length of his cock.

Kat looked at him and Dan could see her face burn with a need as great or even greater than his own. She bit her lip and rocked her hips back and forth.

“Before we play banister, Kat, I must ensure you have no means to violate the rules.” Diane said.

She pulled Kat’s arms behind her and used a length of rope to bind her wrists. Kat seemed oblivious to the action, her lusty gaze fixed on Dan’s body.

Her wrists bound, Kat’s breathing and rocking increased. Dan could swear her dark eyes glowed brighter in anticipation of the game. Diane stepped behind Kat and pushed her forward until Kat stood at Dan’s feet.

“The rules are simple – you will slide along the length of Dan’s cock until you come. If Dan can maintain what has, so far, been an admirable display of self-control.” Diane said. She kneaded Kat’s shoulders and placed her chin in the crook of her neck.

“You may only slide, however. Dan’s member must remain outside of that tight little pussy.” Diane said, her hands caressing Kat’s hips and thighs.

“Is the light green, little kitty?” Diane said. Kat breathed her affirmation and Diane stood up straight.

“Good. Move your feet apart, pet.” Diane said.

Kat did so, twisting her feet until she was an inverted ‘Y’. Dan felt a wave of heat as he saw the glistening cleft of her pussy revealed. Kat breathed harder and chewed on her lip.

Diane crouched and slid her hand up along Kat’s inner thigh, then extended a middle finger that slipped into the young woman’s pussy. Kat tossed her head, moaning as she rode Diane’s finger and the sound of soapy hands slipping together filled the room.

“Ready to ride the banister, all the way to the bottom?” Diane said. She withdrew her finger from Kat and stood upright.

“Yes!” Kat said, her pert breasts rising and falling as she breathed.

“Then move to top of the stairs.” Diane said.

Kat fell to her knees as much as moved to them. She scooched herself eagerly towards Dan’s cock. Dan balled his hands and drew a deep breath as he looked at Kat. The scent of her filled his nostrils and the sight of her tensed body filled his eyes. His cock ached and he knew he wouldn’t last long at the game.

“Wait a moment, Kat.” Diane said. Kat nearly growled with frustration. She rocked back and forth and pulled at her lips with her teeth.

Diane grabbed Dan’s legs. He felt her wrap his legs in rope at the ankles and just above the knees. Bound, immobilized and with Kat straddling him, Dan felt his lust grow even keener. His cock swelled until he thought it would literally burst. The only relief, he knew, would be Kat’s slick flesh engulfing him. He breathed hard and twisted his body, desperate for the feel of her.

Diane crouched near his side, a bottle in her hand. She laid a generous thread of lube along Dan’s cock and stood up.

“Hop on the banister, Kat!” Diane said.

Kat moved forward and pressed herself onto Dan. The sudden weight of her body as much as her soft warmth made him exhale and gasp. He closed his eyes and ground his head into the floor, struggling against the orgasm he could already feel building. Kat shifted her hips until the length of his cock wedged between the lips of her wet pussy.

With no subtlety at all, Kat pushed her hips back and forth, her breath fast. Dan curled his toes and felt the rope bite into his wrists as his body tensed against the onslaught of carnal pleasure. The flesh of Kat’s pussy felt fever-hot and her juices were as if heat itself had become liquid.

“Careful Kat. Sliding too fast and too hard might bring the stairs down.” Diane said.

Dan barely heard her. Kat as well seemed oblivious to Diane’s warning. She slid her pussy with desperate vigor against him, crying out as she chased the orgasmic relief denied her the entire night.

Nearly every muscle in Dan’s body tensed and shook as he suffered under Kat’s furious work. He wanted to let go and come but doing so would be the end of Kat’s liquid heat. The end of the game, as well. As bizarre as it all was, Dan felt a satisfaction he would never have imagined outside of penetration and orgasm. He grunted and fought against the urge to come.

“Are you almost at the bottom of the stairs, Kat. I’d hurry. Your banister is starting to shake a little too much.” Diane said.

She chuckled and Dan felt a resolve burn in him. He would show her he wasn’t weak. He would remain as he was and be the instrument for Kat’s pleasure. Though he couldn’t move his body, his will was not so bound. He would ride the crest of his own pleasure and deny its merciless demand he submit to it.

He opened his eyes and craned his head. Kat was bent nearly double as she rode him, her mouth open and eyes closed. Her skin was glossed with sweat and the contours of her flat stomach writhed as she exerted herself.

Dan’s own flesh was now coated with sweat as the effort of resisting taxed him. The keen ache of a rising orgasm filled the mass of his cock and every move Kat now made swept Dan’s body with countless needles of pleasure.

He groaned and threw his head back. Kat drew herself upright as she moved faster, the wet sounds of her pussy filling Dan’s ears. She threw her head back and let loose a harsh wail he barely heard.

It’s been a week since I spoke to Melody. She sits at the back of the class and stares out the window most days. She doesn’t wear her leather jacket as much anymore. I miss it; I sort of like the bad girl look. I find myself starring at her most days; sunshine just gets caught in her long, dark and messy hair. I miss her. If she won’t talk to me, there is nothing I can do about it. No girls in the school will talk to me anymore, except one.

“Logan! I asked what is the answer to question 4.” She startled me and brought back from out of my thoughts.

“Um… Um… 7?”

“No! Jenkins?” She smiled as she said Jenkins.

“The answer is 14, Miss.”

“Thank you Jenkins.”

Ms. Williams was a 45 year old math teacher. She had long amber hair, a very slender body for her age and big tits that were almost as big as Cassandra’s. Her ass was perky and was what all boys took her class for. I want to fuck her. She is my next target.

I find all classes boring, I think about sex all day until I go home where I masturbate and think about sex some more. Math was our last class of the day, so as soon as this period ended, I would make my move.

The bell rang just as I put together what I would say to her. I ran down to the change room to get ready. Here we go; I will turn invisible. Over the last three weeks I have come a long way in learning to control my sexual urges; I only get hard-ons when I wanted them. Except for two days ago when I heard my mom masturbating again; I turned invisible and just spied on her for a couple of hours until she was finished and then I just masturbated in my room covering my torso in cum.

I took off all of my clothes and put them into the locker; I let my hard on pop up and turned invisible. I walked out of the change room, invisible. The brisk air conditioned school gave me goose bumps. I felt so free, walking around the busy school, as everyone was leaving. All the classrooms empty.

I slowly opened the door to Ms. Williams’ math class and popped in. I was shocked at what I found. Jenkins beat me to it. Ms. Williams was unbuttoning her shirt and walking up to Jenkins.

“M…Ms. Will…Williams? What are you doing?”

“Jenkins, you’re such a good student… I like rewarding good students.”

“But what if someone catches us?”

“Don’t worry I will lock the door.”

She stopped unbuttoning her shirt and briskly walked to the door, pushed it closed all the way and flicked the lock.

“There, all better?”

She seductively walked over to Jenkins; as she pulled her shirt open revealing her huge tits. She unclasped her bra and dropped it on the desk in front of Jenkins. She moved his desk away, revealing his massive boner trying to break free from his pants. She reached down and unhinged his jeans and pulled down the zipper. She started to pull his pants and underwear down. Jenkins lifted himself off the seat to give her some help. A massive cock sprang up. 9 inches at least I thought.

“Wow Jenkins!” she exclaimed in awe.

I was incredibly jealous of my best friend Jenkins, of both his cock and stealing my action.

She knelt down and started to slowly stroke his monster cock. She slowly drew her tongue up from the base to the tip where she began to suck it. Every bob she made she took it in a little farther until it was down her throat. Jenkins started moaning loudly after a few seconds of this.

“M…Ms. Williams, I… I’m gonna cum.”

Ms. Williams kept sucking hard.

“I… I… I’m cumming Ms. Williams.”

He shot loads and loads and she swallowed every drop. Ms. Williams got up and began to take off her dress pants; she let them fall to the floor as Jenkins cock started to get hard again. She pulled her red lace thong up spreading her lips with the G-string, before pulls them down giving me and Jenkins a great view. I was very jealous of Jenkins but there was nothing I could do but watch.

Ms. Williams threw together a couple of tables near Jenkins and climbed on. She laid down and spread her legs. Jenkins walked over and put his head down to taste. Slowly at first as he had never done it before, he had only seen it on line. He slowly massaged her swollen clit with his tongue, making circles. She cooed gently. He began to suck hard on her clit, pulling and flicking it with his tongue. He suddenly grabbed her ass fiercely and pulled her closer. She started crying out in pleasure; desperately trying to keep her moans quiet. She put her hands out and pushed his head away before she lost it and screamed out of ecstasy.

“Thank you Jenkins.”

She climbed down and propped herself up on a chair, sticking her ass out.

“Fuck me hard Jenkins!”

“Yes teacher!” answered Jenkins proudly.

Jenkins brought his rock hard dick up to her ready and waiting cunt, he pushed it in slowly. She was tight and soaking wet. Jenkins grabbed her hips and thrust himself all the way; every inch of his nine inch cock. She cried out loudly and quickly covered her mouth. He slowly increased his speed. She was moaning with every thrust. He started moving as fast as he could. Her juices were bursting out after every thrust. He made one final thrust and came hard in her.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” He moaned loudly.

He pulled out his cock, covered in cum and pussy juice, still rock hard. Ms. Williams was about to get down when suddenly Jenkins grabbed her hips again and thrust his hard dick into her tight ass. It slid in all the way. She cried out in pain and pleasure.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Jenkinnnnnnnnnns!” she cried as her pussy squirted for the first time in her life. She trembled and went limp as he continued to thrust in and out of her ass.

I couldn’t believe my dweeby best friend had lost his virginity before me. I was incredibly turned on seeing my bitchy math teacher being fucked hard in the ass. I was masturbating hard as I absorbed the scene.

He started yelling out in pleasure. “Oh! Oh! Oh! I can`t believe I`m fucking my teacher. Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhh!!!” Jenkins came hard, filling her ass.

He pulled out still hard. Ms. Williams turned herself around and sat on the chair, exhausted and amazed at what her teacher`s pet had done to her. She had never come so hard in her whole life. She looked at his still hard cock and gasped.

“Jenkins!? You’re still hard as a rock!” She exclaimed as she put her hand out and grabbed it. She started stroking it. She pulled him closer and began to give him another blow-job. Jenkins quickly pushed her away.

“Wait… Like this.” He stuck his dick between her huge tits, and started thrusting away. She grabbed her tits and bobbed them up and down faster and faster. He started breathing heavy and letting out soft moans and sighs.

“Ah! AH! AHHH!!!” He shouted as he shot his finally loads all over her face and tits. My load shot all over my hands. I started appearing visible again. I jumped under her desk and hid. I stayed for hours waiting for them to leave. They cleaned up their messes, talked about next times and talked about his grades rapidly improving. They left together.

Finally I can leave. I got up and headed to the change room. I felt intense worry when I found the hall lights had been turned off. What time is it? I thought. I ran up to the change room door. It was locked. Oh shit! What do I do now? I had no choice but to walk home naked. I pushed open the school doors and was met by night time. The parking lot was empty. I felt relieved as I started getting a boner and I turned invisible. I had to pass through the centre of town to get home. I looked up at the clock tower and it said 8:30. I didn’t have to worry about my parents because my father was still on a long business trip and my mom just left to go on a three day writing retreat. I started to masturbate. The fresh air sent a chill down my spine. I was about to come. I started running as I masturbated, I couldn’t stop but I couldn’t finish somewhere this public. I reached the street near my house. Our house was fairly detached from the rest of town. I was going to shoot my load any second now. I stopped as I started to cum. I shot a load against a tree. I became visible again. Just then a convertible buzzed up next to me. Cassandra was in the back seat. She lifted up her shirt and flashed her tits to me. Everyone in the car was laughing as they drove off. I was incredibly humiliated again by that bitch. I walked to my house with my head down. I stopped dead in my tracks. Melody was waiting at my house. She was sitting on the steps. I was relieved, she hadn’t seen me. I ninja’d about to the other end of the house, and quickly ran to my room to get a change of clothes on. I ran back around and came out of the woods like I was just coming home.

“Melody! What are you doing here?”

“I was hoping to talk to you. Can I come in?”

“Ya! sure.” I was happy to see her. I felt so defeated reflecting on my day. My best friend has a larger dick than me and he had sex before me, not to mention I was just humiliated again by Cassandra and a bunch of frat boys. I always felt happy when I was around Melody.

“I knocked on the door but no one answered.” She admitted.

“My parents are out of town for a while.”

She smiled. We headed up to my room. She was wearing her black leather motorcycle jacket, and a short skirt. When we got to my room she sat down on the bed and I sat down on my desk chair at my computer.

“So what did you want to talk about?”

“It’s… My boyfriend, he disappeared.”

“Really, I didn’t even know he was in town.”

“There’s more, he hit me, hard. I told him it was over, but he just stayed outside of my house waiting for me to come home. I was waiting in the bushes for hours waiting for him to leave.”

My heart skipped a beat. She was there the night I beat him up. I gasped.

She continued talking “I saw what you did. I didn’t believe it at first, but then I thought back to all my recent experiences here in this town and I realized, I felt your presence watching me. You have some strange power don’t you!?”

“Wait! Melody! I’m not a freak, I was just masturbating in front of this mirror when I suddenly turned invisible, I couldn’t belie-”

“I heard what you said too!”

I froze, this was somehow worse; she heard me say I wanted to fuck her. She opened her legs and raised her skirt up revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. She was wet and waiting for me. I shot up and tore off my clothes. My boner shot up next and I turned invisible. She gasped for a second out of fear, but quickly regained her composure.

“So that’s how it works.” She said.

She took off her jacket and raised her shirt, revealing her perfect B-cup breasts. Her nipples were firm and pointing out. She threw her top across the room as I pounced on her. My hands explored her body. She couldn’t see me, but she could feel me. I brought my head down to her pussy and started to licking her slit up and down. Juices flowed into my mouth. She threw her head back and moaned uncontrollably.

I was finally fucking someone. It was finally my turn to get some action. All my embarrassments faded away. It was only me and her. I love her. I feel complete with her. I brought my head up and we kissed deeply. Suddenly I became visible again. She pulled away and smiled as she licked her lips tasting her own juices. We pressed our bodies together. Our hands explored every inch of each other. I didn’t understand why I was visible again, but I didn’t care. She grabbed my hard virgin cock and directed it into her warm and waiting pussy. She wasn’t a virgin anymore, after what Cassandra did to her. Although this was her first cock. We were a perfect fit. I let out a sigh as I pulled out again and pushed it in as deep as I could. She moaned loudly again. I increased my speed. We were in perfect sync. I was in heaven. I could feel her body and mine. We gyrated with electricity.

“Fuck me harder!!!” She screamed.

I started ramming her as fast as I could.

“I… I… I’m gonna cum!!!”

“Do it!”

I thrust into her as deep as I could and filled her with my load. Just then I felt her release a torrent of pussy juice. I pulled out and she showered me with cum. I shivered with excitement. My cock was hard again in no time.

“I love you.” She confessed as she shuddered and grabbed me. She pulled my head in and kissed me hard.

“I love you too!” I said as I let her throw me down onto the bed.

She climbed on top of me and started sucking on my seamen and pussy juice covered cock. She started making circles around the head of my dick. I moaned and shuddered. She took my whole cock in all the way down her throat. I suddenly started cumming uncontrollably. She was surprised for a second and gagged, but quickly regained control and swallowed every last drop. She threw herself down next to me. We held each other, fully satisfied and complete. We were in love, I was finally happy.


The next morning we just cuddled in each other’s warm embrace.

“I never said thank you.”

“For what?”

“…For saving me from my boyfriend.”

“I will always protect you!” I stated firmly, and meant it. I truly loved this hot, 18 year old, punk rock chick from Toronto, Canada.

“I was thinking; I should do something to return the favour.”

“You don’t have to do anything for me. Just be here, with me.”

“No. I want to. I want to help you fulfill all your sexual fantasies. Everyone you ever wanted to fuck, I will help you do it.”

“Ok.” I said trying to comprehend what she meant. She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen.

“Well…” I started listing names. “There is that bitch Cassandra… Jenny and her twin sister Monica… My last period math teacher Ms. Williams and my…” I paused, I wanted to fuck my own mother.

“… And your mom” She finished my sentence. I felt my heart stop for a second. “It’s ok, I get it, she’s hot, I fucked her once myself after all.”

We decided that our first target would be my mom and then Cassandra. I didn’t even wonder if I could turn invisible anymore, I didn’t care. I had everything I wanted. I had love.


Author’s Note: This story was co-authored by both AsylumSeeker (parts 1, 3, 5, and portions of 7) and WhiteWave48 (parts 2, 4, 6, and portions of 7).


Dillon, a tall and slender young man of nineteen, parked his white pickup truck in front of Anna’s house and walked to the door. They’d met in a class they both attended at the local community college. On break he’d seen the adorably cute blonde standing in front of a Coke machine searching through her purse for more change. Realizing she had none, the index finger of her right hand pressed the eject button so she could reclaim the coins she’d entered.

He’d reached down into the coin return slot and slipped them back inside, adding his own to meet the purchase price. She’d looked at him and smiled in appreciation. And that had started their relationship, which had been continuing for the better part of six months, with twice-weekly dates and, at times, study sessions, where studying rarely occurred.

He noticed the curtains of the front window shifting aside but couldn’t make out who was looking. But seconds later the front door opened and Anna emerged. The girl looked beautiful in a short denim skirt and a yellow half-top. They’d been getting very sexual over the past month. It was quite clear to Dillon she’d dressed that way to make things easier for when they parked after the movie.

Anna looked so pretty, with her bright yellow hair made up and held in place by two plastic hair clips. Her breasts freely shifted under the thin top, indicating she hadn’t bothered with a bra. His excitement surged and his dormant penis stirred.

“Hi, Dillon!” she warmly greeted him.

He pulled her into his arms. “I’ve missed you,” he told her, and then kissed her succulent lips.

She quickly broke it off. “Not here! My dad can see.”

He walked her to the truck and opened the door. After the movie, which spawned several make-out sessions, they drove up the hill to an overlook. Several other couples had already taken the good spots, so he parked the truck in a thicket of trees that offered no view. But it wasn’t so bad… He had Anna to admire.

“How are you doing in Ms. Patterson’s history class?” she asked.

They both attended the class but at different times. “Fine… Why?”

“Why are we required to memorize all those things?” she asked in exasperation. “It’s not like I’ll remember them!”

“I can help you study if you want,” he offered.

A frustrated expression appeared on her face. “You always say that, but we end up doing anything but studying.”

“I can’t help it that you’re such a beautiful young woman,” Dillon complimented his adorably cute girlfriend. “Can you blame a guy for wanting you?”

Her frown turned into a slight and growing smile. “There’s such a thing as self control, you know.”

His right arm reached around her shoulders and pulled her close. “There’s no such thing when you’re this close.”

She giggled while enjoying the complimentary words. “You’re so bad!”

He made a point of looking down and admiring her bare, shapely legs, flat tummy, and the perky swells beneath the skimpy top. “And you are gorgeous.”

He leaned his face towards her, kissing those sumptuous lips. He breathed in deeply, enjoying the scent of her perfume. After several innocent kisses to warm her up, the tip of his tongue slowly pushed into her mouth. The wet muscles anxiously entwined, triggering sexual arousal in them both. A pleasant warmth returned to her lower belly as his balls began tingling and the soft cock started rising.

Their breathing grew heavier and pulses raced. His left hand reached over, caressing her smooth belly. The tip of his index finger traced along the rim of her cute belly button. When it encountered the gold piercing he smiled to himself. She began moaning into his mouth as their temperatures rose.

His hand moved up under her top and cupped the right mound. It felt so soft and supple as he squeezed the firm swell. Anna’s body eagerly pivoted to her left, making her more available to his advances. The tingling heat in her pussy was intensifying and she could feel the flowing wetness.

When her mouth pulled away they gazed deeply into each other’s eyes. Both were breathless. Dillon noticed the windows were steamed up, providing a veil that hid their intimate touching.

“Undo your pants,” she whispered.

He was only too eager to comply. His penis was fully extended and had been painfully throbbing inside of the small cotton enclosure. She looked down as both his hands pulled the belt loose, popped the button free, and tugged the zipper down. He removed his cock and balls, exposing them to her view.

“Why did you have to be so damned handsome?” she asked rhetorically.

After kicking off the sandals Anna reached beneath her short skirt and pulled the panties down her legs. She playfully hung them from his rear-view mirror, adding, “Isn’t that what guys do? I brought a spare pair tonight.”

After lifting her left leg and draping it over his right thigh, she reached her left arm around his neck and the interrupted kissing resumed. The hand that was formerly on her tit ventured south; the fingers sifted through golden curls before stroking the moistened lips. Her body shuddered as he touched her sex.

Her previously tranquil tongue turned wild, hungrily embracing his and thrusting to the back of his throat. The fingers of Anna’s right hand encircled his engorged shaft, squeezing hard as it pumped up and down. His hips made frantic fucking motions as her pelvis was grinding her pussy against his probing fingers. Juice coated the tips.

“You’re getting messy,” Anna decided.

She reached over, pressed the button of the glove box, and retrieved one of several condoms. After tearing the wrapping between her front teeth she carelessly tossed the packet and rolled the protective layer over his swollen penis.

“I want you so bad,” he whispered.

“This is nice too,” she countered.

“Come on, lay back, there’s plenty of room,” he persisted.

It didn’t take her long to figure out what he really wanted. “I’m not doing that! I’m a virgin.”

“So am I.”

“Except that I plan on remaining one for the time being.” Her voice was beginning to turn angry. “If you can’t handle this, then just take me home.”

Not wanting to be left in his aroused condition, Dillon backed off. “I’m sorry. This is nice too,” he added, using Anna’s own words.

Despite his growing sexual frustration he fingered her clit fast and hard as she stroked his cock. They breathlessly panted as the steam on the windows thickened and perspiration surfaced on their skin. She was writhing wildly as orgasm approached. He wanted so badly to fuck Anna, and lamented his inability to convince her.

Both of her hands reached down and grasped his left wrist. She pulled it tightly against her pussy and thrust her hips forward, smashing her clit beneath his fingertips. Seconds later her luscious body stiffened in climax. Her voice loudly cried out as all of the sexual tension was released. She continued the frantic fucking motions upon his fingers as a flood of essence rushed her innocent canal.

Moments later she heavily sighed. “God, I needed that. It was nice, baby. How come you haven’t cum yet? Usually you’re first.”

“I don’t know.” When he sounded aggravated Anna felt a little guilty for refusing him.

As both her hands resumed squeezing and stroking his cock, she tried explaining her position. “Look, it’s different for a girl than for a guy. Please don’t be like this; it’ll spoil the entire evening for me.”

“Can you try sucking on it?”

She looked at him, saw the hopeful grin, and briefly giggled. Her gaze shifted to the upright, latex-covered cock. “Well, I guess I can try it.”

As Anna moved to a kneeling position on the floor he inched closer to the middle of the bench seat, extricating himself from behind the steering wheel. She looked at his swollen penis apprehensively. She’d never gone down on a guy before and was nervous. But it appeared harmless enough with the condom on.

As her left hand cupped and squeezed his balls, the right gripped the base of his penis. Her mouth hesitantly took in the couple of inches. Her tongue swirled over the bulbous head, feeling the warmth of it through the thin membrane. Her lips tightened around the throbbing hardness and began sliding up and down.

Dillon softly groaned. His hands cradled the back of her head as his hips started slight fucking motions. Even wearing a condom he felt good with her mouth on his cock. Anna’s lips moved down and up, from the sensitized tip to the top of her right hand, sucking hard as she did. His leaking cum began accumulating in the latex reservoir as her sexual attention encouraged its flow.

“Am I doing it right?” she asked.

“You’re doing fine, don’t stop,” he quickly responded.

Encouraged by his assurance, her mouth resumed its erotic activity. Anna’s lips encircled him harder as they slid even faster. She could hear Dillon’s breathing growing heavier and knew he was getting close. His hands drew her head further down as his hips pumped upward. Her tongue swirled around and around as tingling pressure filled his aching balls.

“Oh, yeah… So good,” he moaned aloud as his cum began moving.

In the final seconds he delighted in the wondrous sensations radiating through his crotch.

“Uhhh!” he grunted as his body stiffened.

She felt the initial blast of cum as it struck the tip of the condom. She maintained the stimulation as Dillon continued to ejaculate. Three more times he twitched and groaned, squirting ribbons of semen that quickly filled the rubber. When his hands removed from her head, she pulled away and returned to the seat beside him.

“Was that good?” Anna questioned.

He was all smiles. “Yeah, of course it was. Come here.”

Their lips met in a kiss.

After dropping her off at home Dillon returned to the car. Despite finagling a weak blowjob out of her, his frustration was still building.

Once seated behind the wheel he angrily slammed his hands on the top of the dash. “Damn it! Am I ever going to get laid? Everyone’s doing it these days. What makes her cherry so special, anyway?”


“Frank! Is everything ready?” Jessica called brightly to her husband from where she stood at the front door. She was doing her best to sound relaxed and unworried. “If you like, I can take your bags out to the garage and put them in the car for you,” she suggested.

“No. Leave it,” her husband called from his den further down the hallway. His voice reached her in muffled tones. He must have been looking for something inside a closet.

“Are you sure? It’s getting late and you’ll miss your plane.”

“Like I said, leave it. You know I can’t stand anyone touching my things.” Frank’s voice was closer now, with a distinctly irritable edge.

With familiar dread, she heard his heavy footsteps and the jingle of coins as he made his way toward her, checking the contents of his pockets as he came.

“Thanks for the offer,” he said, “but I can only be sure of things if I do them myself.”

He paused and touched her forehead, planting a little kiss there as he turned to check the hall table.

“Now you won’t forget to feed the dog, will you?” he queried.

Jessica sighed. He’d already asked several times that morning. Of course she wouldn’t forget to feed the dog. Princess, their adopted black chow, would make sure she kept to her daily routine. Jessica was sure the animal was so smart it could read the time on the wall clock.

“And watch out for those kids looking for candy,” Frank reminded her as he patted his pockets again, looking for his keys. “It’s Halloween tomorrow, and you never know who’ll come knocking at our front door.”

“I have candy for them. I’m sure everything will be OK,” sighed Jessica, fishing the keys from beneath his newspaper on the hall table and handing them to him.

“Would you like me to drive?” she suggested, trying to change the subject. “Then you can catch up on the stock market report along the way.”

Forty-five minutes in a confined space with Frank was something to avoid if possible. It was far better to suggest an absorbing activity than to provide another opportunity for close questioning.

“What a good idea,” smiled Frank on his way back to the kitchen for a last mouthful of ice water. He swilled it around in his mouth as if to remove a nasty taste. “But I’ll back the car out of the drive for you,” he called out.

At least she’d said something right. She had no concerns about who backed out of the drive as long as it could be done in a reasonably peaceful manner. She waited near his large travel bag, his carry-on and his lap-top lined up neatly in the hall.

Frank came back toward her, his arms wide in preparation for a big embrace.

“Last real hug before we say good bye,” he said with a smile. “There’s no need to see me off at the airport. Just drop me there and come on home.”

“Oh? Change of plan?”

Jessica usually paid for parking and sat with Frank in the lounge until the last possible minute for boarding. Sometimes they were able to find a coffee shop but recently, with new security arrangements, the final thirty minutes or so before he passed through the barrier had turned into an opportunity for a small inquisition, an unwanted reminder of the written instructions he’d left for her at home.

Frank wrapped his arms round his wife and drew her close. He could feel her breathing into his shoulder and sensed the anxiety in the rise and fall of her breasts against his body.

“Hey! Honey! Nothing to worry about! I’m only going away for two weeks,” he reassured her in soothing tones, stroking her dark curly hair with his broad, warm hand.

Held close in his strong embrace, Jessica was torn between emotions. For some reason she was yet to work out, when he held her like this she loved him so much that it hurt, but she feared him in similar measure when he stood a little further off and she could observe him more dispassionately, noting his anxieties, knowing his need for control.

Even though they’d occupied this house for only three weeks, she began to feel a familiar longing for him to be gone on this business trip, at the same time knowing the loneliness would set in a day or two after his departure. As a young company wife of twenty-eight, with six of those years living in new places with Frank, she was familiar with the plus and minus aspects of this kind of arrangement.

Frank pulled her closer and tucked his thigh between her legs. Jessica could feel his hardening cock pressing just below her hip. She could sense his arousal as he lowered his face to hers, and she could smell his skin – that beautiful natural man scent that had drawn her to him in the first place.

“Come on, Honey. You know I’ll miss you like crazy.” He tilted his head to one side and moved in for a deep kiss, opening his mouth and swallowing her lips.

Against her will, Jessica felt the heat rise in her body, her heart rate responding to his kisses, to the touch of his hand on her cheek, to the ever increasing pressure of his thigh on her pussy. As he moved his hand to a breast and brushed his fingers across the nipple, she knew he’d taken her almost to the point of no return.

Panting, she watched as he stepped back and undid the buttons and zipper on his pants, his hands moving boldly, his fingers deft. He spread his knees and pulled the two sides of the zipper apart.

“No!” she cried out. “You’ll be late!”

“Never!” replied Frank. “Don’t worry. I’ll drive. Just take your panties off and make it easy for me, Hon.”

He was yanking his pants lower over his ass. Wearing briefs today, he found it easy to plunge his hand inside and flip his engorged penis over the top of the elastic. Still at half mast, it fell heavily, a little to one side, and as Jessica wriggled out of her panties she saw it rise to a free-standing hardness. Frank watched her expression of amazement. He knew he had her full attention.

“We’ll make a mess! There’s no time for you to change,” she argued as she undid the buttons on her blouse.

“Let me be the one to worry about that,” Frank reassured her, stroking his length a couple of times, almost to check if it was really there. “Come here,” he commanded.

Frank reached out for her and took her by the wrist. Sliding his other hand beneath her bra strap, he pulled it down her arm forcibly enough to reveal one breast. The nipple popped over the changing shape of the bra cup and he gave it a quick tug.

“Now this is one sexy wife I’m leaving!” he laughed. “Can’t think why I stay with this job.” He leaned down and drew the nipple into his mouth as he exposed the other breast with his hand. “Well,” he said. “Not much time, as you say. We’d better get moving.”

And move he did. Hoisting her little skirt high, he maneuvered his wife into the corner of the hallway behind the frosted glass panes of the front door, bending his knees so that she could balance on his thighs.

Only a few inches taller than she was, he found it easy to lift her up while she clung to his strong neck. Using Frank’s thighs and shoulders for support, Jessica wrapped her legs round him while he busied himself with their physical connection. Frank was strong, and he made the whole thing look like a smooth production in spite of the energy they expended.

Freed of any need to hold his wife’s slim body with his arms, Frank felt into her slit with his fingers. He heard her gasp with desire as he touched her clit and fingered its shaft. Doing it like this so near the front door and so close to a deadline was sure to make her hotter than ever. He knew her anxiety would carry her over the edge in record time.

Taking his hard cock in his hand, he swiped it along her slit, wetting his cock head and the surrounding parts of her entrance in one move.

He glanced at his watch. Countdown! It was time for the ship to dock.

“Say it for me, Hon!” he panted as he teased her opening. “Talk dirty to me! Hurry!”

“What? Now?” Jessica couldn’t believe she was hearing this.

“Say it! You don’t want me to miss that plane!”

“Frank… no! There’s no time.”

“Just say it!” Frank was hissing at her now.

“OK… Must I?”

“Yesss! Hurry!” Frank was holding his cock, stroking it a little and refusing to enter. He teased her clit with his fingers, and withdrew.

Above him Jessica panted, her pussy raging with want; she could smell his skin, hear his ragged breath. Hanging on tight, she felt him swipe his cock along her slit one more time but she wanted him to touch her clit for longer. She wanted him to plunge into her now.

So she said it – or some of it – hoping it would be enough.

“Ram me with your big cock. Baby! Sink it deep.”

“More!” shouted Frank.

“Sink it so deep it gags me! Yes, till I feel it up my throat!”

“Where?” Frank had to have the whole routine.

“No!” Jessica cried out. “I won’t say it, you bastard! Take me like I am or leave it! Miss the goddam plane!”

She felt Frank laugh as he threw back his head, his body trembling with excitement.

How Jessica hated that word he wanted. It was so demeaning in her opinion. But as she felt Frank shove his swollen cock through the gateway to her lava-hot depths, she knew she’d won that round and he was content with her win.

She sank down on him, filled to perfection, feeling him take her weight and lift her with his thrusts. With renewed interest, she began to tighten her pussy muscles, squeezing his length as it slid in and out, and as the heat increased and spread round her loins, she knew she was as close to orgasm as he was.

Frank pumped harder, breathing through his smile.

“Bitch! Whore!” he gasped. “My everlovin’ home-whore! Fuck, I love you!”

Jessica knew his release was imminent. Frank began panting faster with each thrust. She closed her eyes and withdrew into herself, her body rocking with his, the internal heat generated by their union building to explosive proportions, the tension reaching the point where she was holding it in check, drawing her stomach muscles higher and higher, squeezing him tighter, waiting for something to give.

She felt him tense, ready to shoot his cum deep inside her, and in that moment she let herself go with him. The dog barked in the next room as they shouted into the void, their bodies tensing and jerking in a joint climax. Jessica shuddered with the tremors of their combined orgasmic forces.

As he pumped the last of his semen inside her, Jessica went limp, her body slumped against his, her vaginal pulses still lurching in spasms that didn’t seem to want to stop, each one propelling her husband’s slippery penis from her body.

He stepped back and withdrew his slackening member, catching it in his hand to avoid splashing his pants. With practiced hands, Jessica grabbed her pussy to stem the flow of juices as she slid down his thighs to the floor. Frank was already tucking himself back into his briefs and zipping up his trousers as his wife made a dash for the bathroom.

“No time to wash!” Frank called after her as she turned on the faucet. “I like you fresh-fucked!”

He stood by the open door and waited for her, his suit jacket over his arm.


It was late afternoon as Dillon pushed the mower out of the garage. After checking the oil and gas levels, he pulled the starter rope and began mowing the front yard. He looked good in the shorts and t-shirt he was wearing. Realizing he’d soon be sweaty, Dillon pulled the t-shirt off before getting started.

Just minutes later, across the street and two houses down, a woman emerged from her home. As Dillon finished the easterly sweep and turned the mower back to the west, he noticed the lithe older woman. She looked to be around thirty and was likewise wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Only she looked much better in them, he quickly decided. His eyes gawked at the new neighbor, captivated by the alluring sight.

If rumors were to be believed, she’d just moved in from Australia, of all places. Why anybody would move to a bland Southwestern town from such an exotic locale baffled his young mind. But he was rather glad that she had, for it gave him something beyond school to think about, and had already fueled more than one fantasy.

He kept looking with each western swath, admiring her bare slender legs and nice ass, thinking to himself how nice it was to have something to do as he labored. After the chore was done he pushed the mower back inside the garage, closed the door with the push of a button, and returned to the house.

He stepped up to the front window and saw that she was still busy gardening, planting white flowers into the large tubs that lined the front porch. Compelled by his desire for a better view, he quickly walked to his bedroom and retrieved a set of binoculars from his closet shelf. He fully opened the slatted shades and focused in.

“My, oh my,” he whispered to himself as she moved, her front briefly facing him. “What a nice chest you have, and such impressive nipples.”

He zoomed in even more, confident that his lewd peering was going unobserved. She was a very attractive woman, he decided, as she swept several stray strands of dark hair out of her face. Perspiration had formed on her upper brow, making it glisten.

“Who are you?” he wondered aloud.

Dillon felt something on his back and he jumped. “What the hell?”

Mark, his seven-year-old brother, laughed.

“What do you want, punk?” Dillon asked in an aggravated tone.

“Mom said you were going to take me to the store and help me pick out a Halloween costume for tomorrow.”

By the time he refocused his attention on the neighbor, she’d already disappeared. He lowered the binoculars and sighed. “Yeah, I know. Come on, let’s go.”


‘You must cultivate your own garden.’

Jessica kept the words pinned to her fridge with a white camellia magnet. Frank thought they meant ‘keep busy at home while I’m away’, but Jessica knew better.

Ever since she’d first heard this saying, Jessica had taken it to heart in more ways than one. Its philosophy confirmed itself over and over every time she waved Frank into the skies on another business trip, leaving her to spend time with herself – on herself – no questions asked.

As she stepped out of the shower onto the fluffy new tub rug and towelled herself dry, she looked in the bathroom mirror and checked the shape of her breasts, patting her tummy and taking up different admiring poses as she hummed a little tune in anticipation of a few pleasurable hours alone in the new garden.

Although the late October days were already cooling by evening, Jessica knew she could slip into her favorite old shorts and t-shirt and enjoy the warm sunshine for a while. She found the touch of the fabric arousing. The soft, familiar texture against her bare skin made her feel at home in a new place, reminding her of many pleasant times tending her own personal garden of delights no matter where she lived.

As she pulled on the tight shorts, feeling the seam separate her labia and sit comfortably up her ass, she recognized the familiar rush of warmth in her loins and wondered how long she’d last before she needed to take action. Her sensitive nipples were already tingling against the stretch material of her cotton tee, and she knew her excitement was building quickly.

Opening the front door to let Princess out, she stooped to gather up the tray of white petunias she’d bought at the plant nursery on the way home from the airport. The fluffy black chow, excited to be in the front yard, sniffed her way round her favorite shrubs.

The owners of the house had insisted on white as the only color for their garden. But at the time they’d had no idea what a picture their new tenant would make with her tan skin aglow and her shoulder length dark curls blowing lightly in the breeze, stepping through their front door and carrying the young plants, white with bloom, to the large tubs along the porch.

There were four tubs in all so Jessica distributed the tiny individual pots along the row, wiggling her hips as she walked, loving the friction of the thin material of those soft shorts as she placed the flowers in position and then stepped back to admire their potential. In their protected position, they’d be good for at least a month before the weather became too cold.

Apart from the young guy across the way mowing his front lawn, she was in a world of her own as she took up her digging tools and began work on the first tub, bending low over the freshly turned potting mix, all the while intensely aware of the searing heat building between her ass cheeks and along her swelling labia.

Trying to prolong the tension, Jessica was pleased when the sound of the mower stopped and she could finally hear one of her favorite rock songs playing on the radio indoors. As she separated each plant with her fingers and bent over the tub to place it in the soil, she wiggled her ass in time to the music, humming along and enjoying the fall of her breasts and the bounce of her hardening nipples against the stretchy fabric of her t-shirt.

Caught in the moment, she was suddenly aware of the young guy packing up the mower. She sent a secret look in his direction, admiring his naked torso as he prepared to push the machine down the side path. Knowing he was there somehow added to the thrill of the occasion. She felt very naughty indulging in self-pleasure in full view of the street.

Rather self-consciously, Jessica continued her little dance. Each time she moved, the seam of her shorts pulled tighter over her protruding clit, and she began to feel an unavoidable compulsion to brush both nipples with the backs of her hands – to tease them a little, secretly, out there in the front garden.

“Ah!” she thought airily as she felt the burning tingle from the tip of each nipple arrived at her pussy. “I’ll do it with flowers next time.”

The thought made her smile, so she took up two of the young flowering petunias and held them to each breast, rolling each hard nipple beneath the heels of her hands, her body bobbing in time to the music. The action captured her imagination and she began to breathe more heavily.

Quite suddenly, she let out a gasp of embarrassment and dropped the plants. Pretending to pick them up, she ground her wrist against her pussy with an urgency that surprised her. She’d almost gone too far, and in the front garden, too. As if she’d just heard the phone, she made a dash for the front door. The slam could be heard along the street.

Behind the door once more that day, she thrust her fist against her pussy on the outside of her shorts, grinding her knuckle hard against her rigid clit. Her desperate touch produced pulses so strong they brought her to her knees and forced tears from her eyes.


Dillon guided his brother Mark down the sidewalk. While Dillon was dressed in jeans and a dark red t-shirt, Mark was wearing his Spiderman outfit they’d bought the day before. Others were also out trick-or-treating, but the groups were smaller compared to when Dillon was younger. Although Halloween was still a festive time, not as many kids went door to door.

After walking Mark up to a front door, he let his younger brother ring the bell and gather the treats. Once the traditional transaction was completed they approached the next house. Dillon grew a little nervous when he realized it was the house across the street and two down from his own where the cute Australian woman lived.

He’d seen her outside several times gardening, and yesterday he’d homed in on her nipples with his binoculars, but he’d never been up close. He silently wondered if she’d look as pretty in person.

Dillon heard a faint ‘ding-dong’ sound as his brother pressed the illuminated white plastic button. A few moments later the door opened. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but what he saw was quite surprising. The woman’s face was every bit as pretty as he’d thought, and she did have an impressive, shapely body.

The woman was dressed in shorts and a white pullover t-shirt that hugged her sizeable bosom. Dillon’s eyes briefly surveyed the swells of her breasts and immediately noticed the dark circular outlines of her nipples and areolas. Her face was streaked with perspiration, and flecks of what appeared to be insulation of some type clung to the sweaty skin. She was holding a bright red pipe wrench in one hand.

Jessica appeared both surprised and confused upon seeing the two of them standing in her doorway. She didn’t notice the wet spot on the left side of her chest which had rendered it practically transparent. Dillon saw and gazed at the visible front part of a breast, the light brown dimpled areola, and the impressive nipple shaft.

“Trick or treat!” Mark announced while holding out a plastic bag in anticipation.

“Oh my!” she gasped. “Is it that time already?”

Dillon felt embarrassed. “It is a little early yet, but my mom didn’t want the rug rat out too late.” He glanced down the street. “There’s others coming as well.”

“I guess I lost track of time,” she quickly explained. “There’s a leak in the kitchen and…”

He picked up after her voice trailed off. “You picked a perfect time. You can tell them it’s your costume. It’s quite bewitching.”

Jessica smiled and gave a brief laugh, unaware of just how bewitching she looked in her semi-transparent top. “That’s true, I hadn’t thought of that. Have we met?”

He nodded his head from side to side. “Not really, but we’ve seen each other. I live across the street and two houses down. I’ve seen you gardening when I’m mowing the yard.”

She acknowledged him with a nod of her head. “Yes, that must be it. I noticed you… was it yesterday? I’m Jessica, by the way.”

Jessica switched the wrench to her other hand and extended her right hand in greeting. Dillon shook it, noting the softness of her fingers. They briefly looked into each other’s eyes and he immediately liked the woman. There was something about her that struck him the right way.

“Trick or treat!” Mark impatiently repeated.

Jessica momentarily disappeared and returned with a large candy bowl. She bent down and held it out, allowing Mark to select what he wanted.

“One piece, Mark, leave some for the others,” Dillon reminded his younger sibling.

Jessica winked and whispered, “You can take two.”

Mark looked up at Dillon, smiled defiantly, and grabbed two miniature candy bars. “Thank you!”

After straightening up she smiled. “It was nice meeting you, Dillon.”

“Yeah, it was nice meeting you too,” Dillon quickly responded. “Look, I’m not a plumber. It’s just me, my brother, and my mom, so I do most of what needs to be done around the house. I can stop by after Mark is finished and help if you’d like.”

“Yes, I’d like that, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble,” she readily agreed.

Dillon grinned. “I’ll see you shortly.”


As she shut the door Jessica felt weak at the knees, almost like a teenager in love. Making her way back to the kitchen with the wrench, she couldn’t disguise the smile that lifted the corners of her mouth and raised her spirits. What a lovely prospect! A handsome young guy coming into her home!

There was something about that front door, too. She knew that Halloween would bring visitors, but lately it seemed like ‘Open Sesame’ to all kinds of erotic delights, even if many of them were the result of her own imaginings.

“Dillon… Dillon…” she said to herself as she took another sip of the red wine she’d poured earlier to simplify the plumbing problem and lubricate her thoughts. She leaned back on the kitchen counter, forgetting the leak under the sink for a while.

What a hot young guy! She did enjoy looking at guys when Frank wasn’t around, and this one was so young and so delicious, and he’d be here in her house very soon. She could observe him at close quarters – on his knees with his head inside the cabinet, his ass in the air. She could make bright conversation and perhaps try a naughty little innuendo now and then. Frank would be so jealous if he knew. Later in the evening while she watched television with the dog, she’d have real memories to fuel the fires of her imagination and heat her pussy for a nice little session with herself.

In spite of her love-hate relationship with Frank, Jessica had never had an affair with anyone else, preferring to stay safe from his questioning and merely observe sexy men, constructing romances about them in her mind. Even with her husband at home in the house, she could indulge in this activity. All she had to do was shut her eyes to bring on the man of the moment. Frank just thought she was acting dreamy and happy.

“So, his name is Dillon,” she said to herself, busily setting up a new fantasy in her mind. “Young spunk plumber investigates…” Already she could see the movie review, its heading in large print. “Investigates her plumbing, more like it,” Jessica laughed, but her chest swelled with pleasure at the imagined conquest.

Looking down as she thrust out her breasts, she realized why Dillon had been ogling them. The wet side of her t-shirt was almost transparent and clinging to her erect nipple. If only she’d known at the time! Clearly she’d missed an opportunity for an erotic experience. Groaning aloud with disappointment, she was tempted to add to the effect and wet the other side too, but she knew this would look like a try-hard effort, a sure recipe for disaster.

She looked at her watch. If she was quick, she could get herself through the shower and into some fresh clothes, ready for her young helper when he arrived. She could let him through her front door and into her arms as he dropped his tool kit in uncontrollable lust, taking her luscious body in his embrace and raining kisses upon her… her…

She couldn’t finish the idea. The mere thought made her breathless. Kisses. She missed those.

The trouble with Frank was simple. He was sexy and good for a hard fuck, but he was not in the least romantic. His games of control often left her weak and helpless, frustrated by his need for power, and unfulfilled by his lack of empathy. He even retained control over the mail, not allowing her to open any of it until he returned.

The mail! There was something there she needed to examine…

Buoyed by the promise of having a young guy in her house for the evening, she turned her attention to the small pile of mail she knew was building on the desk in Frank’s den.

One of those letters had bothered her for days and Frank hadn’t opened it, even though he’d been home at the time. The letter remained in a prominent place on the desk, and Jessica had been watching it with interest, especially since her husband’s departure.

It was from a hotel in a place nowhere near any of Frank’s destinations, so it had to arouse her curiosity. Not for the first time did the thought of him having an affair cross her mind. With this letter in the house, she felt she was close to holding the proof in her hands. Perhaps he’d even left it for her to find.

“What the heck!” she exclaimed, still caught up in a frivolous mood. “If he’s up to something and he’s left it all there in that envelope, then I’m anybody’s!” And she walked toward the den, full of reckless bravado, her heart beating fast as she confronted the unknown.

Fifteen minutes later she was shedding her last tear in the shower. As warm water poured over her head, she said goodbye to the sham that had been her marriage, and opened her mind to a new life – without Frank.

After she’d dried herself on a fluffy towel and was bending over to submit her wet hair to the heat of the dryer, she felt the blood rush behind her eyes, increasing the heady feeling already there from the wine and the hot shower. Breathing hard, she knew that having a good cry was one way to eliminate all feelings of regret. As she moved into an upright position with her hair still over her face, the feeling of release was almost orgasmic.

With her hair newly dried and full of bounce and her mood light once more, she walked naked into the kitchen to find clean panties, shorts and a t-shirt among the clothes folded in the laundry basket. She paused on the way and took another sip of wine from the glass on the counter.

Just as she was stepping into her shorts, the doorbell rang.

Grabbing the t-shirt, she made her way toward the front door. There she stopped.

She was sure her unsuspecting young neighbor was on the other side, just feet away, so close to where she stood in the hallway, semi-naked and ready for him. Jessica realized how excited she was, her bare breasts rising and falling with each breath. The hall light was on so she guessed he’d be able to see her blurred figure through the frosted glass and notice her naked skin – even the darker shapes of her nipples.

The doorbell sounded again and Jessica jumped at the ‘ding-dong’ so close to her ear. Quickly she pulled the t-shirt over her head and thrust her arms through the sleeves. She was still tugging it down as she opened the door.


Dillon had been nervous and feeling a little shaky as he crossed the quiet street and walked two houses down. The younger trick-or-treaters were mostly gone, replaced by an older crowd of teenagers flocking from door to door in clusters, many of them not even dressed up for the holiday. He’d noticed Jessica had turned off the outside light, a recognized if oft-ignored sign that she was no longer handing out candy.

He’d taken a deep breath before pushing the doorbell and then he’d waited, worried that perhaps she wasn’t home. He tried again and the door opened a few moments later.



NOTE: Thank you for all the kind feedback on the first part of this story.


Pandora Jenkins didn’t come back to school until Thursday of that week. I came everyday — both to school and during. Every time I saw someone looking at their cell phone, I quivered in lust; I knew that they were looking at the photos of me. I wasn’t nude in them, but I might as well have been. My Batgirl costume was highly transparent in the flash of Joey Jackson’s camera, much like the dresses of starlets under that of the paparazzi.

There were two saving graces. First, nobody knew who I was. Second, it was what I’d fantasized about. Not this exact situation. I mean, everyone in the school seeing photos of my nearly naked body — only a mask protecting my identity — even the Principal, that wasn’t quite my plan. But it was fine by me.

Joey Jackson, on the Tuesday I’d returned, was called to the principal’s office, but nothing happened beyond that. Rumor had it, at least those I’d overheard in my eavesdropping, that he’d denied everything and, without any real proof existing, was sent back to class. I’d fallen back into baggy unobtrusive clothes and savored the sensations of shame, embarrassment, and at times pride that occurred every time I saw someone looking at my images. I even saw teachers at the school looking a few times.

One thing I’d chanced, early Wednesday morning, was to slip a note into Joey’s and Pandora’s lockers. In Pandora’s I said “Pandora, don’t be embarrassed. I didn’t leave because of you or your kiss, but because I was about to lose control with you. You were amazing and I hope someday that we have the chance to do it again. Love Batgirl.” In Joey’s, the note simply said, “You bad, bad boy. XOXO Batgirl.”

Pandora, by Friday, was walking tall, laughing about her experience, and making new friends because of her celebrity. Joey — I was watching — got quite hot, bothered, and hard when he read the note. I was in invisible mode, reading a book down the hall, and he never even noticed me as he looked around for a sexy Batgirl. Even from down the hall, I could see the bulge in his pants, and this was confirmed when two girls walking by pointed and started gigging.


I was nervous for a few weeks that someone would figure out that I was Batgirl. I was feeling, perhaps not exactly the same, but somewhat like a superhero trying to preserve their secret identity. I wasn’t ready for people to know my secret.

Late November was wet and rainy. I went out shopping a few times without a coat just to see people’s reactions to my wet shirts. I wore as many as 3 shirts on one trip, changing twice during the day. I would run to and from my car in the rain, letting people see me run past, the fabric of my shirts clinging to my body. I didn’t go farther than that, though; I was still overwhelmed.

As December began, I realized that my revealing photos were no longer making a daily appearance in my life. I’d gotten away with IT, and gotten away with wonderful memories to boot!

I’d picked up, during my shopping trips, some more clothing, this kept secret from my family. Mostly it was underwear or bathing suits. I’d try different outfits on at night in my room. I even put on my batgirl costume a few times. My experiences always ended with my coming quietly in my room.

My secret was safe when I went to school that Monday.

At 10:37 AM, I heard a girl’s voice behind me, “Hi Batgirl.”

I spun around, likely looking horrified, “What?”

“Shh….I don’t want to tell anyone, and if you freak out, people will hear you.” She was short, maybe five feet tall, and busty. Her short black hair framed an attractive face with large plump lips.

“I’m not Batgirl. Why would you think that?” I was rambling.

“Shutup already…really, let’s move over here.” She led me away from everyone in the cafeteria, the place most students congregated when it was raining out. I was in her power, and I knew it.

“Why do you think I’m that Batgirl?”

“I don’t think I know. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone, I promise!”

I paused at her plaintive look.

“Really,” she sounded honest, “I’m new in town and moved in to a house a few streets over from you. I was looking at the moon with my telescope and, well, sometimes I look in windows, and I saw you.”

“Saw me?” I was beginning to panic. I never though to close my blinds, but as our house is quite tall, I never worried about been seen by people outside. I mean. OK…that was something I should have thought of, all things considered. But now my secret was out. Out. What was going to happen? And yes, I was getting wet.

“You watched me?”

“Um. Not just you. All sorts of people. But you were one of the most frequent. I mean you…”


“You spent entire nights trying on different underwear and bathing suits and mostly naked. None of you other neighbors did that. At least not as much.”


“And I saw you try on that Batgirl costume. Several times. And while I’m new in town and at this school, I still saw the photos that were going around.”

“You did?” I looked down, more embarrassed than I’d ever been.

“It’s OK. Honest. I liked seeing them. I think you were very brave. I could never do something like that.”

“I didn’t know it would happen that way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just wanted to feel sexy. Um…”

“That’s what most of the women are saying, ‘She probably didn’t realize it was see-though…’ Though, many of them are also saying that even then, the outfit was pretty um, tight.”

“It was, but…” I hesitated, not knowing why I was talking at all, “…I just wanted to be seen for a change.” Her brow furrowed as she considered that. “I mean that, I’m a nobody here at school. You’re the first person who’s actually spoken to me in a week here. I’m invisible.” “I wondered about that. I admit I’ve been watching for a few days, wondering if I dare say anything to you. I’m not exactly Ms. Popular myself. I don’t know anyone either, really. I was kinda hoping you might want to hang out? Maybe we can talk more after school at my place?”

I stood there floored. I was actually being invited to someone’s home in a social capacity.

She was staring at me.



The afternoon raced by as I pondered what was going on? Was she going to blackmail me? What she going to tell everyone? Was she going to ravage me? But the one that stuck with me — the hope was, “Was she going to be my friend?”

At 2:57pm, we met in front of the school. “I was afraid you weren’t going to show up or were going to turn me in for being a peeping Tom.”

This disarmed me, for I’d been dreading something harsh. This sounded like she was nervous too. “I decided to trust you.”

“Well, let’s go. Umm…I just realized, I don’t even know your name.”

I laughed starting to feel at ease, “Oh my gosh, I don’t know yours either! I’m Susan.”

“Susan — it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance,” her hand reached toward me as she performed a slight bow, “I’m Kristi.”

And with that we started wandering toward her house, asking progressively more confident questions as we learned about each other. Krist had moved here with her Mother and two older brothers in October after her parents split-up. She missed her father, but was going to visit him over Christmas break.

Neither of us brought up the reason for our meeting. I think we were both waiting for some privacy at her place to do so. As we walked I realized that I really, truly, might actually be making a friend.

When we arrived at her place, nobody was home. She gave me a tour through a nice place. It was a large house I’d seen from my window, but it wasn’t close enough for me to see detail within the windows from my place. There were four bedrooms on the fourth floor. We peeked in her mother’s tidy room, her brother’s messy room, and her other brother’s tidy room.

Kristi’s room made me smile. It was just like she was in appearance. Oh — I’ve not described Kristi to you yet. Well, Kristi is 5 feet exactly she told me, though she admitted in a whisper that she was only 4 feet 11 ¾ inches tall. I’d say she’s trim, but her breasts are much larger than mine, I’d guess a D at least. Kristi had deep black hair and was dressed in black. Her walls were painted black, her furniture black Ikea constructions; Kristi had bright fun jewelry on her fingers, and her backpack was covered in humorous and ironic pins; every flat surface was covered with stickers and lacquered-over writings. It was fascinating.

And she had a telescope.

She closed her door and we just stood there in silence.

“You can look.”

I walked over and looked through and there was my window. Through the window you could see my stand-up mirror in the corner of my room. At least my bed wasn’t there, or she’d have likely seen me masturbating too. I flushed at the thought. So she’d seen me from the thighs up naked and preening. I felt wet.

“I’m so sorry, but you just looked so sexy and, come on, admit it, you’d look too if you saw something like that.”

I continued to blush.

“See…you’re blushing. You know it’s true.”

I nodded to confirm for her.

“Are you…?”

“GAY? No…well, not really. But sorta. I mean, I’ve kissed some girls and stuff, and had fun. I like boys though, in fact, my Mom’s agreed to let my boyfriend visit and even stay in my room the week before Christmas break. He’s done university a week before us, so he can come out.”

“Wow. My folks would never let a guy sleep in my room with me. Though, they’d never believe it if I brought one home either.”

“We’ve been going out for 3 years now, so my mom’s reconciled to things. My dad doesn’t know though. He’s a bit more old-fashioned, but he’s getting better. I miss my guy though.”

“I’ll bet.”

There was silence again. “Are you mad?”


“That I was peeping on you?”

I thought about it for a moment and told her, “Honestly, not really. I mean, I’ve been trying to dress and be sexier to get noticed and looked at — that’s why the Batgirl costume — and I’m just relieved you’re not telling everyone it was me.”

There was a knock at her door and it swung open. “Hey! Kristi! Oh! Hi!”

“Brian, stop shouting please and when you knock, you’re supposed to WAIT TO BE INVITED IN.”

“Yeah, anyway, we’re home and Mom wants to know what you feel like for dinner. Hawaiian or Supreme? And who’s your friend?”

“Brian, this is Susan. Susan — Brian, my messy brother. Dean, his twin, is probably in his room reading. He’s pretty quiet.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” I said as I tried not to blush. I mean, speaking to a boy that was actually cute.

“You too Susan. I hope I see more of you.”

“So do I.” I said it without thinking and think I heard Kristi let out a giggle.

“OK Brian. Tell Mom I suggest we get Hawaiian, but don’t really care and get out of here.”

I looked out the window and stood too, “It’s getting dark and I really should head home.”

Brian left the room and Kristi stood up beside me. “I’m really glad I met you. I really enjoyed the afternoon with you.”

“So did I.”

Kristi walked me downstairs, introducing me to her mother Beverly. At the door she gave me a hug and I hugged her back tightly.

“And it’s kinda hot to know you enjoyed looking at me like that,” was my whisper before I walked home in the night.


When I got home I didn’t turn on my lights in my bedroom as I closed my door. I walked over to my window and looked out toward Kristi’s house. It was there in the distance, and I could, indeed see windows lit and people moving past them now and then. The curtains on the bottom floor were all closed, but on the top they were open. Alas, my vision wasn’t good enough to really see more tan vague shapes.

At that point I remembered the old binoculars hanging garage. I think they’d been my grandfathers from his time in the Coast Guard. They were big and surprisingly heavy and said on them, 12×60. I’m not sure what that meant, but when I held them up to my face it was as though Kristi’s house was just across one street instead of a couple blocks away. I realized that one of her brothers was reading on his bed. He was visible from the waste up as he reclined, a large book on his lap.

I put the binoculars down suddenly. I realized that the idea of looking at someone else WAS exciting, especially a cute guy like Brian or…Dean. It must be Dean, because he was reading and, if my memory was correct, his was the clean room beside Kristi’s.

At that moment Kristi walked into her room and stood at the window. Somehow they’d drifted back up to my face during my thinking about Dean.

I reached over and turned on my bedside lamp. I watched as Kristi moved back behind her telescope and looked toward me. I waved, and she waved back. And then she lifted up her black t-shirt and flashed her black bra and smooth stomach at me. I laughed and realized I had made a friend.

And then I was called down for diner.


Dinner took forever, and when I returned upstairs and again glanced outside Kristi’s light was off, but Dean, her bother, had left his light on. Nobody was in his room, though, that I could see, even with binoculars. I finally lay on my bed and did my homework, thinking about Kristi, her brothers, and the fact that I had a new friend. Actually, that I had A friend. My first real friend. I hoped.

A bit later I turned off my lights, and waited for a few minutes. I then crept to the window and looked out with the binoculars. Kristi’s lights were on again, but I didn’t see her. Just her telescope and her bed in the background, also from about half-way up. It was setup the same way as her brother’s room, it would seem.

He was laying in his bed reading again, and I watched him for a while. He wasn’t doing much other than reading, but it was enough to get me wet. I watched as he flipped pages in his book.

At one point he looked up, said something, and then his brother walked in and sat on the window ledge, his back to me. I felt a bit odd watching these strangers, well, the back of a stranger and the lower head of another one. After his brother left the room, Brian got up and vanished from my sight for a moment. I saw a few bodies moving behind the downstairs curtains and then lights started to go off.

At that moment, Kristi came into her room and I saw her look toward my house. My lights were off, so she couldn’t see me, and didn’t even try her telescope. I realized that it was close to 10pm now, and that I should probably start getting ready for bed. Perhaps the fact that Kristi might watch me, now, in front of my mirror had something to do with what I did next.

I was nervous as I walked over and turned on the lights to my room. I made sure my door was closed as I walked back in front of the window, trying to act casual. I pulled off my sweater as I walked back across the window, letting whoever might be watching know that I was getting undressed. I went back in front of the mirror and started to undo my shirt. It was a flannel deal, nothing too sexy. Under it, though, I was wearing a sheer thin bra from American Apparel. I turned a bit and walked back and forth in front of my window, pretending to organize things around my room.

I walked out of the window’s frame with a rapidly beating heart. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. I tried to think about how to look normal as I got undressed and decided to take off my pants out-of view before walking back in front of the window, this time wearing only my matching bra and panties. They wrapped around my hips and covered most of my ass cheeks, but were just as sheer as the bra; the shadow of my ass cleft was definitely obvious through the thin fabric.

I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself, turning to look at my ass in the mirror while showing the front of my body to the window. After a minute or two, I realized that I was ready to come, and decided that I wasn’t ready to share that show yet. I moved out of the window, turned off my lights and lay on my bed, prior to doing what I had to. My fingers buried themselves and seconds later I had come. My panties were soaked, as were my thighs. I dried off with a towel, and discarded everything in my laundry hamper.

Returning to the window, crouched down, I looked out with my binoculars. Lights were off in Kristi’s room; I wasn’t sure if that’s because Kristi was watching for me, or if she was asleep. I was about to give up when Brian walked back into the picture in a bathrobe and with a towel in hand, drying his hair. He then walked over to and climbed in his bed. What kept my attention was the fact that he dropped his bathrobe before getting there. He was naked. I didn’t see his family jewels, but did enjoy focusing on his ass and back. He was taller than I was, perhaps 6 feet, and looked like he swam a lot. His back was broad and his hips narrow. He reaOched over and turned out the lights.

The dreams I had that night were very nice.

*** Over the next little while, Kristi and I got to know each other better. We spent evenings talking on the phone — enough so that my folks treated me to a cell phone with one of those “call any 5 numbers as much as you like” deals. Kristi’s was the only number in there, besides my home’s phone. I watched some, and caught Kristi watching me some. I didn’t try on the Batgirl costume anymore, and didn’t model quite so much, but I did now and then. We didn’t talk much about that side of our relationship, at least for the first week I knew her.

“Um, I’ve got a favor to ask you,” she whispered on the phone one night.

“Of course, anything.”

“Well, don’t say that yet. I mean, I know you flash me now and then, but I’m wondering…”

“Yes…” was my timid answer.

“Well, my boyfriend Rob is coming out Saturday night.”

“I know, and you must be so excited. I won’t be bothered by you spending a lot of time with him. I understand.”

“That’s not it, exactly.” She looked down, obviously afraid to make her request.

“It’s OK Kristi. You can ask. I promise I won’t get mad. The worst that can happen is I can say ‘No.’ “

“Well, I mean, would it be all right if I let him peek at you through my telescope? He used to like looking through it back home.” Again she stopped.

“At me?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, you know I like to watch you.” She blushed here, her pale skin turning bright pink.

“Um…” I was embarrassed here, knowing that she knew and accepted that I liked the idea of being watched. “I don’t know, honestly, if I could do that. I mean, it’s one thing if you know I like to be watched a bit. It’s another for other people to know. I mean, I don’t want anyone to know I like it. I’m too embarrassed and don’t want to get known as a slut or show-off.”

“Oh, that makes sense. But what if he didn’t know you knew. What if I told him I’d not told you that I could see you? I mean, I’ve mentioned your name, but now why or how we met. He wants to meet my ‘new best friend’ anyway. But showing him a bit of you in underwear, or whatever, would really rev him up. And me a bit.”

“I don’t know.” I did know, though, I was getting wet just thinking about it.

“Um. Could you arrange for me to see him naked,” I rushed on, “without him knowing of course!”

She smiled here, “Yes. I could do that. God. Does it bug you that the idea of showing him off turns me on? I don’t think, though that I want you to see us having sex or anything. I don’t think I could show myself off that much.”

I smiled in return. She and I really did have a bond here — and I was trusting her with a lot.


I spent the next two nights, when not talking to Kristi, fantasizing about how I could show off without it being obvious I was showing off. I finally came up with an idea and shared it with Kristi. She loved it, and I agreed to go through with it, though I claimed the right to back-out, or not be very revealing. “I’m not sure if I could knowingly show off too much knowing that someone I knew — well, would meet — would see me.”

“I can promise you he won’t ever say a thing about it. Hell, I’ll be threatening him with death etc., if he tells anyone.”

Saturday came around and I watched eagerly, that night for lights to come on in Kristi’s room. I knew he was taking the 5pm ferry and that Kristi was picking him up at 6:45pm; they were then going out to dinner before coming home.

At around 9:15pm the lights in her room came on. I waited and watched as a cute guy with curly hair lift a suitcase up onto her bed and unzip it. Kristi came up behind him, her arms encircling his body as she pressed her breasts against his back. They were still clothed as he turned around and they began to make out. They were kissing gently at first before it started to get a bit more passionate. She pulled off his shirt and pointed at the suitcase on her bed. He broke free and moved it toward the chair I knew was near her window. She walked over and started lifting out clothes and holding them up to him. She held up a blue shirt and turned back to the window. I could see her looking right at me through my binoculars and knew it was time. I quickly put the down and turned on my lights. I picked up my phone and dialed her cell.

“Hey Kristi, how are ya?”

“Good, thanks. I’ve got you on speaker phone. Rob is here and he’s just unpacking. What are you doing?”

“Hi Rob!”

“Hi Susan – I look forward to meeting you.”

“So, Kristi, my sister gave me a bunch of her old clothes and stuff, and I’m just trying it on.”

“Cool, is there some nice stuff in there?”

I laughed quietly at our loosely scripted play. “You’re busy with Rob, I’ll let you go.”

“No, really, I can talk for, say, 15 minutes.” This was our code to let me know that she wanted me to turn off my lights and look back at her with my binoculars. That’s when she’d pull him away from the telescope if he was still watching me.

“No, seriously, go re-connect with Rob!” I hung up.

I moved to the foot of my bed and picked up a sweater that I’d picked out. I walked over to my mirror and held it up against my chest, arching my back and promoting my assets as it were in the mirror. I twisted trying to show my front and then I shook my head, perhaps in an exaggerated fashion. I dropped the sweater and pulled mine up over my head, revealing a tight white tank top. I picked up the sweater – it was a nice forest green – and pulled it on, appreciating how nicely it fit. I was beginning to enjoy my own figure. And I hoped Rob was too. I didn’t look, but turned back and, walked off-stage, as it were, beyond the view of the window.

I pulled off the sweater and walked back to the mirror in my tank top and started taking off my baggy cargo pants. I was wearing french-cuts in white that hugged my hips well. I stood there for a minute and turned to admire my ass in the mirror. I then walked back to my bed and returned with a skirt and stepped into it, doing up the straps and checking out the look. I spun around a bit, and nodded my approval.

I then reached up and pulled off my white tank-top, revealing the Calvin Klein bra underneath. I picked up, from my bed, a long white dress shirt that went just past my hips, barely covering my ass. I walked back in front of the mirror, buttoning it up as I twisted and turned. After a minute I pulled off the skirt and exchanged it for some brightly patterned nylon leggings. I pulled up the shirt in back and looked at my ass in the mirror. I ran my fingers along the leggings and tried to express my frustration at my underwear-line, which, really, wasn’t bad, and not something anyone would see through anything over the leggings.

I pulled them off, sticking my ass toward the window as I did so.

I then pulled off my panties, turning to the side so that the curve of my ass was all Rob would see, not the crack. Well, maybe. I may have twisted it a bit more toward the lens than I’d originally planned. I then slid up the stockings, and pulled my shirt up past my belly button.

I twisted and turned, pretty much as I had the first time I tried them on a few weeks before. I loved how they felt and how running my fingers all over felt.

I then pulled them off completely and looked at the clock by my bed. It had been almost exactly 15 minutes. I then undid the buttons on the shirt and pulled it off, dropping it to the ground just as I walked out of the window’s view.

A few seconds later my lights were off and I was back, binoculars in hand, at my window.

I watched as Rob and Kristi kissed standing by the telescope. A few moments after I started watching, Kristi pushed him away, though and held a finger up to his lips. He reached out toward her, but she grabbed his wrists and put his hands down by his waste.

Just like she’d predicted, he didn’t even consider closing the curtains or turning off the lights. She began to unbutton his shirt and proceeded to slide it back off his shoulders. He was an average 19 year old, I guess. He wasn’t built like some 28 year old teenager on t.v. today, nor was he pudgy. He just was, well, a guy. He managed to distract Kristi with some kisses and gropes. she restrained him again, and got him to hold off.

I think it was the fact that she was undoing his belt buckle. She soon had his jeans pulled out of my view, and I loved that he was wearing bright red boxers. He was turned at right angles to the window, and I giggled seeing distinct tent in the front.

There was something infinitely more appealing and sexier about seeing him now, and Kristi’s brother’s ass a while back, than looking at naked beefcakes on the internet. It was just more real.

My laugh turned into a choke as I saw Kristi turn toward the window and, I’m sure, stick her tongue out at me. And then she pulled down his boxers and I saw my first real, practically live cock. I’d no idea if it was, really, big or small, because within seconds of it popping into view, Kristi had stood back up, and wrapped a hand around it and was leading him toward the bed. He lay back on the bed, and I was treated to a longer look as it stuck straight up before flopping back onto his belly. And a second later Kristi had turned off the lights.


The next morning I slept in. It would seem I’d been up all night doing to myself what I suspect Rob was doing to Kristi.

I didn’t see her before school on Monday, but did during our morning break.

“Well, did he enjoy the view?”

“Did you?”

We both started laughing.

“He didn’t move from that position for the entire time you were there. And he was hard as steel, as I suspect you saw, when I got to him. Sorry about turning out the lights, but I’m a bit more private than you are.”

“Private with your body, but not with your boyfriends though!”

Again, we collapsed in giggles, taking a few seconds to recover. “I guess I do enjoy showing him off. It’s the visual part of me. I like to see.”

“I get that now. I’d never realized how exciting it was to watch or see something. I mean, I’d read about it and I get the other side, but I didn’t expect to feel that way myself. I was up all night.”

“So were we!” She grabbed my arm as we started laughing again, and, I think, attracting more attention than either of us had in ages.

“So will I be seeing much of you over the next few days?”

“Probably a little, but not much in person.” She stuck out her tongue just as the bell rang.

And she was right. We saw each other at school during breaks, but outside of school she was with Rob. And I saw them, and am sure he and she saw me, for Kristi made sure to parade him around in various states of undress in front of her lit window. And I made sure to walk around in my underwear and towels, flashing the odd bit of nude nipple or ass in a daring way. But there’s only so much “in front of a mirror” activity you can do before it looks fake. At least that was my thought. And he was there to see Kristi.

On the Wednesday of that week, Kristi called after school, “What are you up to?”

“I was going to go for a swim, actually,” I admitted. Kristi had worked out of me, the story of my visits to the pool. I was blushing lustfully as it came up again, feeling the excitement that had been building reach a new peak. I’d been thinking about my swim all day.

“Awesome, Rob and I’ll meet you there.”

She hung up before I could argue.

Fuck. I’d had things planned out. My old liner-less bathing suit was ready to go. I was wondering if I’d see a familiar face, or – more importantly – if some faces would see bits of me.

I spent the next few hours, including through dinner, trying to figure out what to do. What to wear. I mean, I’d been looking forward to this.

When I left I had a light-blue t-shirt with me to wear over-top of my bathing suit. I felt ripped off, a bit, having had my plans stolen from me.

I’d survive, and, hell, I’d be able to see Rob in a bathing suit, and, really, face-to-face for the first time. I was looking forward to that. If he was as nice as Kristi said, I’d enjoy making a new acquaintance.

I arrived at the pool right as the adult swim opened, and I walked out into the pool in my bathing suit and t-shirt. I didn’t attract too much attention, that I saw, and I decided to wait for them in the hot-tub.

It didn’t take long before I saw Kristi, in a red one-piece, and Rob, in blue shorts, walk toward me waving. I waved back as they joined me in the hot-tub.

“It’s really nice to finally meet you Susan. You’ve really helped Kristi feel happier here.”

“You too Rob. Kristi’s told me a lot about you, and she’s been so excited about your visit.”

We chatted for a while, the three of us, getting to know one another. Kristi got warm faster than Rob or I, “OK, it’s time for me to hit the cooler water. Do you two want to play some volleyball?”

The evening proceeded well, though Kristi did query me when we were alone, “What’s with the t-shirt. I mean, I do like the way your nipples show through it, but it’s covering up your sexy suit.”

“I just couldn’t wear it in front of people I know. I was too nervous, especially in front of Rob.”

“Ha. No worries Susan, we’ll get there.” Her tongue came out again with attitude as she splashed me and swam away.

A couple hours later it was time for us to leave, and Kristi and went to the change room together.

It was odd. It was the first time, in person, either of us had seen the other nude; despite peeping on each other from afar, and talking about it off and on, we’d not undressed in front of each other before. It was surprisingly comfortable and surprisingly sexy at the same time, and we both knew it as we watched each other undress. We also watched each other watching.

I peeled off my t-shirt and loved the look on Kristi’s face as she stared at me. Her eyes were almost bugging out of her head. I knew that in the light of the change room, the colour of my nipples would start to become visible through the stretched black fabric. And their outline would be in hi-def as the fabric clung like a second skin. My pussy, right now was enveloped by the fabric tightly, and my crack was evident.

“I understand why you were nervous about wearing the suit in front of Rob and I. But Fuck. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

I was looking at her as she pulled off her suit. Her large breasts were still perky and rode high on her small frame. She was fairly pale, and her skin smooth as cream. She had a beauty mark on her right hip. And she wasn’t shaved. She had a dark black batch covering her pussy. I was thinking, right now, “You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” I may have even whispered it.

I peeled off my suit as well, and we walked back to the showers to rinse off.

“What would you do if someone stole all your clothes right now while you’re in the shower?”

“Oh my God.” I’d fantasized about something like that happening. “I don’t know. I mean, it’s not likely to happen.”

“But what if it did. Tonight?”

“Oh God. Then I guess I’d have to borrow a towel from you, and then drive home. I don’t know what I’d do there. I guess try to sneak in.”

“Hmmm…you couldn’t drive, though, without keys. I’ve got an idea.”

I wasn’t sure if I liked where this was going; fortunately Kristi couldn’t see how wet the fantasy made me under the shower.

“What if all that was left was your t-shirt? And we told Rob that I had a spare key at my place. That way we could go home, you could borrow some clothes from me and I’d give you your ‘spare key’. My bag’s big, and your clothes won’t take up much space. I’ll just put them in there.”

“I don’t know, I mean, Rob would see me in the t-shirt.”

“Rob’s been seeing you in your t-shirt all-night, it covers more of you than that bathing suit did. Come on. We could meet you out at the side. Then you could take the side exit and not walk through the lobby. We’d just be a minute to get our car and come get you.”

“But he’ll just suggest I wear a towel, either yours or his.”

“I’ll tell you that I stood on mine when I was getting dressed.” We looked around, and indeed, the floor was a bit gross. “And I’m sure he’ll take the hint from me. He’s a horn dog guy after-all.”

“But…” I didn’t have any other excuses. I knew that I was going to take her challenge. I knew that she was enjoying being the puppet-master in my exposure, just like she’d enjoyed showing off Rob during the previous few days.

“Just stay here.” And she was out of the shower, grabbing her towel off a hook, and out of sight.

I waited another minute while I showered off. I then went back to where the cubby I’d stored my stuff, only to find nothing but my wet t-shirt hanging there. Kristi was nowhere to be seen.

I pulled on the cold and now-clammy t-shirt, finding it clung to me much like the suit did. It was thin, and my nipples were clearly defined, as were a darker shadow where they lay. The material was light, after-all. It did, thankfully, come down just past my ass, that is if I didn’t reach for anything , sit, or bend over. I hesitated, but realized that I was past the point of no return now. I either had to go out to the lobby or out to the pool area to get assistance. At the pool, I’d walk past people lower than me – in a pool or hot-tub that is – so the lobby was safer. I was glad that the dripping water from the t-shirt camouflaged the dripping moisture from me.

I pushed open the locker room door and peeked around. Kristi was talking to Rob about 40 feet away. Right in the middle of the lobby. Right at that moment, I knew I’d be having to get even with her.

I took a step. The ones that came after were easier, because as people’s eyes found me, I wanted to escape faster.

“Kristi, someone took my towel and suit and clothes and everything. All that was left behind was my t-shirt.”

“Oh my gosh, you must be freezing. You should use my tow…wait. I was standing on it when I dried myself, you don’t want that near you. Rob can she use yours?”

“Um.” Rob looked at Kristi, wondering if he was really supposed to pretend or not. “I stood on mine either, I don’t think you’ll want it.”

“Well, can we get out of here? Can you take me home?”

“I’ve got your spare key at my house. Let’s go there and you can borrow clothes. We can come back and then you can drive home.”

“I think you should report it.” Rob’s suggestion wasn’t one I was expecting.

“No. I couldn’t bear the thought of standing around like this anymore.”

Rob was staring at me, pretty blatantly, just like the other people in the lobby.

“Let’s go then, our car is this way.” Kristi took the initiative, but instead of walking out the side door, she walked out the front, past everyone else in the lobby. Damn her. She knew I was liking it. And I knew she was too.

We walked outside, across the parking lot to Kristi’s car. People’s eyes followed us, but we kept moving.

It was cold out, and had started to rain a bit, further causing the t-shirt to cling to my increasingly hard nipples. We made it though, and as I shivered in wait, Kristi opened the driver’s door, and unlocked the passenger door. “Do you want the front seat or the back?”

I answered Kristi, “It doesn’t matter, just let me in!” Rob laughed and said, “After you,” while he gestured gallantly with his hand.

I reached forward to push the passenger seat forward and froze, realizing my ass was sticking out from under the shirt. Well, too late for that. I pushed it forward and stepped into the car, further pushing the bottom of my shirt up my body as my thighs came apart. I don’t know if Rob saw anything else, but I am sure my ass was fully visible to him as I unglamorously climbed into the car.

Rob didn’t say anything, but when I looked at Kristi, she wiggled her eyebrows and looked down. I’d been spread fully apart in front of her, under the interior light. I shuffled over to be out of her line of sight and sat behind the driver’s seat.

Rob bushed the seat back as I sat there, pulling my seatbelt on. It pressed between my breasts, holding the shirt more tightly around my tits. And sitting, the shirt pulled way up, the vinyl of the seat cold on my bare ass. And if Rob decided to look back, my hands were the only thing preventing him from seeing how clean shaven I was.

The heat finally kicked in a few blocks away, and we all gave over to chatting. It was easier, in the dark of the night and alone in the back seat, to almost forget what I wasn’t wearing.

When we got to Kristi’s house, she parked on the street and ran in. Rob turned to talk to me and did his loveable best to maintain eye-contact. I mean, I was in a fabric-cling-wrap and more naked, I suspected, than most women in his life. “Um. Thanks for the swim. Um. Sorry about your stuff.”

“That’s OK. It wasn’t your fault. I’m just sorry you had to see me like this.” I knew I was blushing furiously in the back seat.

“I didn’t mind, I mean, um. It’s ok.”

We didn’t say anything else during the awkward minutes it took for Kristi to return.

Let’s go.

She drove off without giving me the bag in her hand, and I didn’t think to ask. I was so close to orgasm that I didn’t dare move.

When we got to the pool, Kristi pulled around by my car, and parked under the big light in the parking lot. “I grabbed my gym bag from school, as it was easiest. I’ll get the stuff back from you tomorrow. And here are your keys.”

I took the bag, thankfully and zipped it open, discovering a pair of bike shorts and a dark blue t-shirt. I checked that Rob was looking forward, and quickly pulled my wet shirt off, and the dry shirt on. It was loose enough, though it only came down to my belly-button. I then tried to wiggle into the shorts, but if you’ve ever tried to put on too-small shorts in the back seat of a small car, you know it’s tough. I noticed Rob trying hard to look and not to look at the same time. I finally contorted enough to get them on, and, thankfully, found that Kristi had put my own runners in her bag. They fit. She’d planned this during her time inside the house.

“Thank you, I’ll see you tomorrow at school, ok. Have a great night Rob. It was nice to meet you.”

“It was nice to see you, I mean, um, meet you finally too.”

“See ya Susan,” said Kristi with a laugh in her voice.

I managed to drive home and sneak in without incident.

That night there was no need for binoculars or prancing around in front of the mirror. I’d been seen, well, my ass at least, had been seen naked by the first live man ever. I was in fantasy heaven. And my fingers were tired when I finally fell asleep.


School let out the next day, and Kristi invited me to join she and Rob, that night, for a little party. “My mother’s out of town and she said we could use the hot tub and that you could sleep over if you wanted. Do you want?”

I’d not even had the opportunity to give her grief about the trick she’d played on me the night before.

One of my ex-boyfriends gave me the basis of this story, hence why it’s told from a male view point……

My neighbour, Mrs. Smith, became something of an obsession over the hot weeks during the summer of ’98. You see, she was in the habit of sunbathing in her garden believing her shrubs, hedges and rather substantial fence protected her from prying eyes. Which they did, unless those eyes were looking from our attic window.

Ironically, it was because of the heat that I needed to open the window. I’d been packing some boxes up there and it was sweltering. The window, having been shut for years, was jammed and so I had climbed onto a chair to give it a good shove. It shot open and of course I looked out of it. That’s when I spied the rather delicious Mrs. Smith in the most revealing of bikinis. She might have been a middle-aged lady of size fourteen proportions, but my eighteen-year-old cock certainly appreciated the view.

Well that’s how it happened the first day. I ogled her body for a few minutes and then moved away, admonishing myself for being a peeping tom. The next day however, I convinced myself it was harmless fun and dug out my old binoculars. I couldn’t resist giving Mrs Smith a more thorough examination. The x50 magnification virtually put her in touching distance.

I could see the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed and the bulge of her vulva as the bikini bottoms disappeared between her succulent looking thighs. Such a small thin strip of material protected her modesty.

She reached for her sun oil and poured some onto her chest. I gazed on in amazement as she moved the material to one side and rubbed oil onto her tits. I watched as her nipples became hard, her globes gleamed in the sunlight and I swear her breathing increased. She tweaked one nipple almost lazily. My dick twitched.

Still balanced on the chair and holding the binoculars to my eyes, I lowered my zipper and extracted my cock. Not an easy task while balancing on a chair, I can tell you.

Mrs. Smith meantime, had moved onto her belly. Her fingers swirled in oil and then disappeared under the material of her bikini bottoms. I stroked myself at a steady pace, hardly daring to hope she would lower them. Her hand stayed inside her panties and her hips started to buck, her mouth opened slightly, my own fingers keeping rhythm with her movements. I fucked Mrs. Smith inside my head. My hand pumping my hard dick as I imagined my cock sliding in and out of her hot body. We both reached a crashing orgasm five minutes later.

The same pattern followed for day two, three and four. Mrs. Smith obviously required regular relief and I enjoyed the free show. However, on the fifth day things took a new direction. I took up my vantage point later in the day than normal, which meant the sun was further up the garden and Mrs. Smith had moved her lounger. To my shock, it now faced towards my attic window. I quickly climbed back down off the chair, panicking that she was looking straight at me through those sunglasses. I then castigated myself for being such a coward.

There was no way she would be scanning rooftops. I watched her for a while, the binoculars proving to be worth their weight in cum. She checked her watch, put on a wrap and disappeared back towards her house. Moments later, she reappeared with Mr. Smith in tow. She sat on the edge of the lounger while he stood in front of her. I could hardly believe my eyes as she reached up, unzipped him and released a respectably large cock. Her tongue swirled around his bell end and then the entire length disappeared into her mouth. Her lips bobbed back and forth along it with enthusiastic vigour. Mr. Smith gripped her by the hair, virtually fucking her face. From there things moved on at quite a pace.

Much to my delight, Mr. Smith went from mauling her oily globes to tugging the nipples and stretching her flesh. He then pushed her back and yanked her panties to one side, allowing me a brief uninterrupted view of her hot open cunt hole, before sinking his meat into his prone and wanton wife.

She welcomed him fully, locking her legs high over his back. With the powerful binoculars, I was able to witness the folds of her cunt cling to his cock on each withdrawal. I could clearly see his dick covered in her juice. I knew as his hairy balls bounced off her tight arsehole he wouldn’t be able to keep up such a pace for long. Sure enough, he slumped forward, his body twitching as he emptied those large bollocks into her.

As he rolled clear Mrs Smith stayed legs akimbo, I watched the fresh sperm leak from her hole, I watched her trail a finger through it, collecting the white fluid from her gaping cunt. She then lifted it to her lips and drank it down. I shot my load.


My mother’s words made me jump to such an extent I fell off the chair. Landing with trousers still round ankles, binoculars still round neck and spunk residue on my belly.

She looked down at me, then went and peeked out the window before heading back down stairs.

“I’ll deal with you later.”

I listened to the phone call in a state of huge embarrassment, as my mother explained to Mrs. Smith I had been spying on her and that I owed her an apology at the very least. Thankfully my mother didn’t go into full details and so it was the next day I handed the flowers to Mrs. Smith as I stammered and mumbled my apology.

Mrs Smith looked me up and down saying, “sometimes sorry isn’t good enough Adam, I feel I need more, now strip.”


“You heard the lady Adam.” It was Mr. Smith who appeared from no-where. “If you go peeking into other people’s lives it’s only fair if they peek into yours, now strip.”

He moved to cover my escape and I realised I had better just accept my punishment. If Mrs. Smith phoned my Mum and said I hadn’t apologised, I’d be grounded forever. Within a minute, I was naked, my hands covering my manhood, my clothes in an untidy pile.

“Put your hands at your side Adam.”

Mrs. Smith was looking right at my cock as she said it. She smacked it gently as she looked down and it jerked.

“I think you like this game Adam.” I watched her breasts heave under the thin wrap she wore. “I think peeping Toms are perverts. Are you a pervert, Adam?”

I found myself quickly saying “yes!”

She grasped me by my cock and led me through into the lounge. Sitting on the sofa, she pulled me forwards, my cock now directly in front of her mouth. Her tongue flicks had me fully erect and then her lips engulfed me.

Although I could hear Mr. Smith undressing behind me, I didn’t care because Mrs Smith had opened her wrap and was showing me her welcoming cunt. The one I had been wanking over for the last five days. I reached down, my fingers brushing her hot sticky entrance. My knees seemed to give way, I was so eager to taste her. My own naked rear vulnerable as my tongue entered her. She held my head and I felt rough hands upon my butt cheeks. Rubbing, squeezing, then warm liquid, and then a hand pumping my rock hard cock. A finger trailed back up past my scrotum and onto my arse. More liquid and then pressure. A stubby finger entered my rear. The sensation was unbelievable. Mrs. Smith soothed me, told me to relax and it wouldn’t hurt. She held my head firm between her thighs.

Mr. Smith was now comfortably pumping two fingers in and out of my virgin butt hole and I had to admit I was enjoying it. The pain had subsided and pleasure had taken its place. In fact, when he withdrew them completely, I felt empty. I reached back with my own hand, fingering my hole.

Mrs. Smith climbed under me and lay on the floor saying, “I want to watch.” Then she put my cock into her mouth and I resumed licking between her open legs. I knew I was going to be mounted and in my lust, I wanted it!

Mr. Smith slapped my butt cheeks. I felt like a bitch, I felt hot, I felt like I needed fucking. His fingers worked my hole a little more and then I felt the head of his cock enter me. Mrs. Smith came in my mouth instantly at the sight of her husband sliding his cock into the neighbour’s son’s virgin butt hole.

He screwed me hard and I licked his wife’s dripping hole harder. His cock pummelled my rear and he called me a slut. He pulled on my hair and told me to take it. Mrs. Smith was doing her best to fuck my mouth with her cunt, her heels pushed down on the floor, her hips bucking upwards. My tongue never left her hole, even as I agreed at Mr. Smith’s insistence that “yes, I was a dirty little pervert and yes, I did love his big cock in my arse.”

He shot a huge load into me moments later and I shot mine into Mrs Smith’s waiting, hot, eager mouth. Mrs. Smith then had me bend over the arm of the settee and spread my butt cheeks. She examined my gaping hole before tonguing her husband’s cum from it. I’d never felt so exposed, so used, so vulnerable.

When I eventually stood back up, Mr. Smith was nowhere to be seen. I dressed somewhat sheepishly and Mrs. Smith, still naked, showed me to the door saying, “perhaps I would learn to behave in the future.”

She then added with a rather naughty twinkle in her eye, “Adam, Mr. Smith won’t be here tomorrow. If you come round about midday, perhaps you could help me in the garden?”

The summer of ’98 was a great summer, rain or shine, and my mother never realised she had opened Pandora’s box.

Another boring day staring at the video monitors. At least he could make his rounds soon. He’d have a chance to walk around the large mall. He had been working here for about four months as a security guard. It was dull but at least it paid the bills. He hoped to save enough to go to Tech School in the fall.

As Jeff walked the mall, he looked at all the hot girls and women. This was the best part of the job, especially when one of them saw his uniform and approached him for directions or to ask a question.

“If I could only get my foot out of my mouth,” he thought. Jeff was really shy. His parents had moved him across the country several times when he was young so he’d never had many friends. He’d been a loner in high school and even though he was now twenty-one, he’d still never had a girl friend. He just didn’t have the guts to talk to girls. He’d blush and stammer.

When the mall closed for the night, Jeff went around checking for stragglers, locked all of the exterior doors and returned to the security office. He had something on his mind. While looking at the security monitors today, he had seen a folder on the computer’s desktop that was locked and password protected. He wondered what it was. He knew that the file must be one that only his boss the Security Director could access. He thought about what the password could be. He knew that all his boss really cared about was sports, and never stopped talking about UCLA, so Jeff started trying passwords. After several attempts, he tried “UCLABruins” and to his surprise the file opened. Bingo! He was in.

The file was huge and separated into smaller folders named after each store in the mall. These files were full of video clips. He clicked the folder for ‘Teens and More’, a store with hot clothing for girls in their teens and twenties, then clicked on the first video. “Oh my God, these are video files for the dressing rooms! No wonder that only my boss has access to them.”

First he sees a shot with a young teen entering the dressing room. He quickly shuts the file. “No, I’m not THAT kind of pervert.” He goes to another file and clicks on it. It’s a clip showing two of the store’s pretty young female employees walking in together, each with an armful of tops and short skirts. They set down the clothes, and giggling, they both quickly strip to their panties. His eyes took in their young tits The taller one was dark-haired, with large, firm breasts. The blond was shorter, with a small, sexy chest and long pointed nipples.

They helped each other into short skirts while remaining topless. They teasingly rubbed and pinched each other’s breasts and nipples as they giggled and tried to spin away from each other.

“Holy shit!,” Jeff’s cock had become as hard as a rock, and he squeezed it through his uniform pants. He knows that it was late, the mall employees had all left, and he had locked the doors behind them. He opened his belt and the clasp of his pants and slid them to his knees. His boxers went next, and he began stroking his cock as he stared at the scene in front of him.


Kristine and Mara had stayed late at ‘Teens and More’. They had been short-handed, as two girls had called in sick. Since they had to clean and re-stock by themselves, they were running quite late. Finally, they locked the store and headed for the exit. When they got there, all the doors were locked. “Oh shit, we’ll be locked in all night!” panicked Mara. But Kristen remembered that she had once seen the security room way in the back. She had helped two movers to bring in a new display for the store through a seldomly-used back entrance, and had seen the room marked ‘Security’.

“Come on, Mara, I know where the Security office is. Maybe we can find someone there and have them let us out.”

The entire mall was dark, and Mara followed as they twisted through the back corridors and found the room. As Kristen was about to open the door, she heard someone inside. “Oh God, squeeze those pointy little nipples.” She looked at her roommate Mara and put her finger to her lips signaling quiet. She silently turned the knob, and lightly pushed the door open.

They couldn’t believe what they saw. There sat a boy about their age with his cock in his hand, stroking it hard and fast. He was staring at a computer screen at what she assumed must be porn. Signaling quiet again to Mara they both crept slowly into the room, staying just behind the boy’s field of vision. As they got closer, Kristen noticed two things. First, his cock was a whopper, long and fat, and the tip was wet with moisture. The second was the video. It showed her and Mara in the ‘Teens and More’ dressing room! They were both topless, and pulling on each other’s nipples. The video was from today just before opening time.

Kristen was furious. How could this pervert peek at her like that? She was about to speak when she had another idea. She slipped out her phone, and started the video recorder. She first focused on the computer screen, then pulled out to show the boy in the security guard uniform. Then she quietly stepped back toward the door, which showed him from the side. It was clear that he was pounding his cock, and was nearly ready to shoot his load. “Oh no you don’t'”, she thought. She spoke in a level voice.

“What have we here?”

Jeff spun in his chair to see the dark-haired girl from the dressing room video holding up her phone. Her face carried an evil look between a smile and a taunt. He madly tried to pull up his pants. Then the other girl from the video stepped into the light.

The dark-haired girl was angry. “How dare you stare at Mara and me and jack off! I’m sure that when your boss sees the video I’ve recorded, you’ll not only lose your job, but I’ll make sure that my boss presses criminal charges as well!”

Jeff could only stammer as he turned even redder while trying to hold his pants up. As he was about to speak, the girl cut him off. She reached to the desk, picked up a pen and wrote something on a piece of paper. She handed it to him. It showed an address and a time, the time being midnight.

She went on. “Unless you want to be disgraced, fired, and end up in jail, be at that address at midnight. Don’t you say a word. Just let us out of the mall. And, don’t finish jacking off, either.”

Jeff stammered, “look, I’m sorry, please don’t…” She cut him off. “Quiet! Just let us out of here.” She grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the door.

He quickly led them through the corridors to the the main entrance and turned the key. As the girls slipped through the door, the dark-haired girl stopped with her face only inches from his and said, “be there at midnight, and no jacking off.” He pulled the door closed and locked it.

Jeff’s mind was racing. “Oh shit, I am truly fucked now. What will my parents think? Will I get fired? Or go to jail?” As he made his way back to his office, he knew what had to be done. “I’ve got to convince those girls to keep that video to themselves. That means that I’ve got to keep the midnight appointment.”


Kristen had always been a strong-willed and pretty girl. In fact, most boys found her beautifully irresistible. She had long, thick, dark hair, green eyes, and a classically shaped Mediterranean face. Her breasts were a 36C, with a slim waist that flared to shapely hips, and long smooth legs. She currently didn’t have a boyfriend, although she had had many boys. She loved all kinds of sex.

Lately, she had become more interested in admiring all of the pretty girls that came into ‘Teens and More’. She had masturbated to the thought of her cute roommate Mara. She had even instigated the event in the dressing room today when she squeezes Mara’s cute nipple.

Mara had moved in with Kristen after answering a housing ad on the internet. She had just relocated from the midwest, and came to California to look for a job and, hopefully, a future. She and Kristen had hit it off immediately, and Kristen had gotten her a job at the clothing store where she worked. Six months later, they were the best of friends.

Mara had the girl-next-door look. She wasn’t a knockout like Kristen or as tall, but she had a firm, lean, athletic body. Blond hair hung around her thin face, blue eyes and small thin mouth. Her breasts were a firm 34B leading down to a thin waist and smallish hips. She walked loosely and confidently like the athlete that she had been in school. She loved looking at Kristen, and had even let Kristen touch her breasts in the dressing room, only so that she could touch Kristen’s. Mara had had boyfriends back home and a few one-nighters since moving here. She was no stranger to sex.

As the girls entered the apartment, she asked Kristen why she had invited the security guard over. Kristen grinned wickedly and said, “you’ll see,” as she headed for the shower. “I’ll shower first then it’s your turn. Put on some music, and open a bottle of wine. We’ll have to hurry. Oh, and make sure to dress slutty.” She was in the bathroom and closing the door before Mara had a chance to reply.


Jeff found the address and parked his car. He hadn’t had time to go home, and was still in his security guard uniform. He was very nervous as he rehearsed his apologies and excuses. He had decided that he would offer them nearly anything to destroy the video. Gathering his courage, he went up the steps, found the right apartment, and knocked on the door.

Mara was just returning to the living room when there was a knock on the door. Kristen moved towards the door. “Wait”, Mara said, “what’s your plan? Even though his cock is huge, I don’t fuck just anybody!” Kristen came to her and put her hands on Mara’s hips. “Don’t worry,” she said softly. “I don’t either. We’re just going to have some fun, not fuck him.” With that she turned for the door, and quickly pulled it open.

“Come in.”

Jeff entered sheepishly and Kristen closed the door.

“Please, I’m sorry, I’ll do anything…”

Kristen held up her hand to stop him. She firmly said, “please, be quiet and just listen.” She ushered him into the middle of the living area and stepped close at his side. Mara moved closely to his other side.

Kristen spoke. “What’s your name?”

“Jeff”, he said.

“I’m Kristen and this is Mara,” she replied.

“Alright, Jeff. You know that we caught you in a criminal and immoral act. You know that we could basically ruin your life. Correct?” He nodded his head, staring at the floor. “Look at us”, Kristen said sharply, and he looked her into her eyes, and then into Mara’s.

“We’re not mean girls’”, she continued. “We don’t particularly want want to ruin you. But, we’re both deeply offended that you were spying on us, and on our customers at the store. You have abused your position as a security guard, abused the trust of every store, and everyone in the mall. We WILL expose you if you don’t do exactly as we say.” She paused, and looked at Mara, who had an excited look in her eyes. “Jeff, if you want us to keep quiet, you have to agree to do as we say. Do you agree that this is fair?”

His face was deeply red as he looked at her and nodded, then turned and looked at Mara and nodded again. “Mara, do you think that it is fair for us to punish Jeff?” Mara slowly looked Jeff over from head to toe. She smiled widely at Kristen. “Absolutely,” she replied with a wink, which Jeff noticed.

They both looked at Jeff, and Kristen spoke. “So, now, Jeff, for your punishment……strip!”

Jeff’s mouth dropped open as the girls just smiled. He started to speak, but Kristen said, “Oh, and don’t say a word.”

Jeff’s frightened stare passed quickly back and forth between the girls. Kristen bent down and slid the coffee table from in front of the couch into the corner. She got behind Jeff, put her hands on his shoulders, and guided him to just in front of the couch. Then, she took Mara’s hand and led her to the couch, where they both sat down, looking up at Jeff.

“Begin, and do it slowly,” purred Kristen.

Jeff felt shear panic. He had never been naked in front of a girl, much less two beauties like these. Their predatory leers only made him blush more.

“Would you prefer to get naked in a prison shower?” Kristen said sharply. She softened. “Now relax and take it off. Slowly. We want to see your big cock.”

Although terrified, Jeff’ felt his cock throb at her words. “Maybe this won’t be so bad,” he thought. “I guess I’ve got no choice.” He slowly loosened his tie, and unbuttoned his top button. His hands shook as he removed his tie and dropped it on the floor. Then he very slowly started to work his way down the row of buttons. He pulled the shirt tails from his pants and loosened the cuffs. He slid the shirt from his shoulders and let it drop to the floor leaving him in his t-shirt. Sighing, he bent and removed his shoes and socks. Then he reached down and peeled off his t-shirt while looking at the girls.

Mara looked him in the eyes and slowly licked her lips. “Hmm, not a bad chest for a pervert.”

He blushed, but felt his cock throb again. He was now nearly hard, and his cock pushed against the front of his pants.

Kristen leaned forward and stared at the outline of his cock. “I knew that the pervert would like this. Look, Mara, he’s already hard.”

“Yes”, she replied. “The pervert likes spying on girls, and he apparently likes flashing his cock at them, too. Alright pervert Jeff, time to finish the show.”

Jeff had never been so embarrassed in his life. He was about to show himself to two fully clothed and smirking girls. He shakily undid his belt, then the clasp of his pants, then his zipper. Closing his eyes, he let the pants fall to the floor, leaving him in only his boxers. He opened his eyes and looked down. He could not look at the girls. He kicked his pants aside.

Both girls leaned forward on the couch. Their eyes were only a foot away from his cock, which he was trying to cover with his hands.

He could feel Kristen’s breath upon him as she spoke. ” OK, drop them. then cross your wrists behind your back, feet apart.”

Jeff let out an anguished, soft moan as he closed his eyes, slipped his thumbs into the sides of his boxers, and lifted them around his cock, He dropped them to the floor and kicked them away. He pulled his hands behind his back, and widened his stance.

Both girls were purring wide-eyed as they stared at his cock. Kristen spoke softly. “Holy shit, look at that cock! It’s fucking huge, and as fat as my arm!”

“And look at those huge balls hanging down! They look like fucking tennis balls!” whispered Mara.

“Jeff, you deliciously shy boy, keep your eyes closed and stay still while we perform our inspection. Me first, Mara.” cooed Kristen. She slid forward to the edge of the couch, reached, and slowly wrapped her hand around the fat cock. Jeff’s body shivered at her touch. She slowly slid her hand to the base, then up to just under the head. Then using just her fingertips, she slid them all around the smooth head, finally using them to pull open the center slit.

In an excited whisper Kristen said, “Shit, Mara, you are not going to believe this thing. I’ve handled more than a few cocks, but never one close to this one.” She slid her hand down again, then slowly slid even further underneath until she was cupping his big, heavy balls. “Oh, man, since we didn’t let the pervert get off when he was looking at our tits these things are full and swollen. This is going to be great. Mmnn. OK, your turn, Mara.”

“What was going to be great?” thought Jeff? “Are they going to fuck him or suck me?” The idea made his cock pulse even more.

Now it was Mara’s turn to slide closer. She moved her face to just inches from his upright cock. Kristen slid closer, too.

Mara was panting softly as she moved her head and eyes around to see his cock from all sides. He could feel her hot breath.

She spoke quietly. “Look, Kristen, you can see it pulse with his heartbeat.” She raised her left hand and cupped it under his big balls, hefting them like she was weighing them. She wrapped her right hand around the base of his shaft. She held it tightly, and started a slow jacking off motion. A pulse of pre-cum oozed from the tip. Both girls sucked in their breath as they watched.

“Easy, Mara, we don’t want it to blow.” breathed Kristen. Mara slowly and reluctantly let go of his manhood. Kristen gently ran her fingertip over the head of his cock and brought up her hand. She had a drop of pre-cum clinging to her fingertip and she showed it to Mara. Looking Mara in the eyes, Kristen slowly brought her finger to her mouth, sucked the tip, and moaned. She swiped the finger over his cock head again and held her fingertip to Mara’s lips. Mara looked at her with glassy eyes full of lust and slowly tongued the offered fingertip. She moaned and licked her lips.

Kristen stood up and said, “I have an idea, Mara. I want to measure this big cock completely. I’ll get a tape measure and you get your good camera. Shoot close-ups from every angle. Give him a stroke every now and then to keep it rock hard, but whatever you do don’t let him come. Then we’ll shoot shots of each of us holding his cock, and finally we’ll use the timer to get some shots of us both squeezing his cock at the same time.” Mara squealed and jumped up with a huge smile.

“Pictures?” Jeff said, “but..”

“Silence, cockboy,” scolded Kristen. “Did you forget that we control your fate now?” She softened her tone. “Open your eyes.” He did, and saw the two girls standing close and staring into his eyes. She continued, “The pictures are for us personally. As long as you’re a good cockboy, no one else will see them. This is part of your punishment. Don’t move a muscle and keep your hands behind your back.” Both girls left the room.

They returned, Mara with her camera with the zoom lens, and Kristen with a cloth tape measurer, pen and paper. They each briefly stroked his cock and he let out tortured moan. Kristen set the tape measure against the top side of his cock at the base and ran it to the tip. “Eight and seven eighths inches. Jesus” Mara snapped a picture of the tape measure laying along his cock, with Kristen’s fingers pinching the tape at the 8-7/8″ mark.

Kristen moved around and started measuring his cock in every way. Circumference at the base, at mid shaft, and just under the swollen head. More pre-cum was oozing as Mara took shot after shot. Kristen carefully measured the ridge at the base of his cock head, then over the top of the head from front to back. She was tempted to stroke him but she knew that he was close and that his cock was fully engorged. Click went the camera.

She release his cock and it sprung back up, slapping Jeff’s belly. He groaned as he looked on.

Kristen grabbed the loose skin at the bottom of his scrotum with both hands. She pulled down as far as she could, and to the sides. “We don’t want you to come yet, now, do we?” she giggled. She gently grabbed a ball in each hand and pulled them down, away from his body. “We don’t want them to pull tight so that you can shoot off!” Jeff let out a loud “oh”, but it was not from pain. Mara continued to click away.

Kristen was ready to begin measuring his balls when she noticed the the cloth tape measure was wet on the bottom from his pre-cum. “Jeff,” she said in a light, mocking voice, “I can’t use this with your cum on it.” She lifted the wet area to his lips and said, “be a good cockboy and clean this off for me. Lick, cockboy.” Jeff was beyond resisting, and licked the area clean. He looked up at Mara’s smiling face as she caught the photo. “Good cockboy.” Kristen went to her knees, and started measuring his balls and sack in every way that she could imagine. Mara’s digital camera clicked away.

Finally, Kristen pulled Jeff’s balls down once again, then stood up. Jeff still had his legs spread, and his hands crossed behind his back.

My father left my mother and me when was only five. It was not the big deal that people made it out to be. My home life was as healthy as any other. That is until I got a new father, well step father. My mother remarried when I was in JR high. She married a nice man.

Unfortunately that nice man had a not so nice daughter. My step father was always so proud of Summer. She was class president, head cheerleader, home coming queen, had good grades and was little miss popular. My step dad and even my mom’s face would beam with pride when telling people about their lovely daughter Summer. There she was 5 foot 3 Summer with her long blond hair past her shoulders down to her mid chest. Her thin slender build only accented her size C tits. Her flat little tummy always exposed if weather permitted. They would mention me, Steven, as a mere afterthought. There is good ole Steven 5 foot 5, a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet. My light brown hair still in a Justin Beiber original style.

High School was horrible for me. My step sister was popular and hung with the in crowd since day one. I was the same age as Summer but one year behind her in school. When I began my freshman year of high school my step sister was there to greet me. Not as a friend or relative but as a freshman loser open to hazing. All those stories of hazing in the news never really stopped the practice in my small Midwest town.

I was introduced to the humiliating rite of passage by Summer and her friends on my very first day of school. I was walking around the hallways like a lost soul on my first day looking for my home room. I spotted Summer who at home rarely spoke to me waving me over to her and her friends. I had a short lived feeling of relief. I thought Summer was going to be nice and help me. I told her I could not find my home room and she looked at my class schedule as she and her friends giggled. Summer threw her arm around my neck and started guiding me down the hallway. Summer and her group of friends were talking and giggling the whole time. The hallway was jammed with students trying to find their way that I was not able to focus on where we were going or what everyone was talking about. Summer’s friend to my left a really cute Asian girl named Sarah and to our right was a tall guy Tim.

“Right here little bro,” Summer said.

Tim propped himself against the wall blocking the room number but Summer nudged me towards the door. I mumbled something like a thank you, but no one was really paying attention as I looked back at them while opening the door and walking in. I looked down as I entered the room and folded my class schedule up to put in my pocket. Just as I was about to put it in my pocket I heard an ear piercing scream.

“Pervert! Get out of her!” screamed some girl I had never met before.

She was standing next to a running sink, as I heard the flush of a toilet.

“Sicko,” shrilled another girl behind the first screamer.

I was frozen in panic. I looked at them, then towards the opening stall door. Then I knew it I was in the girl’s bath room. Another girl poked her head out the stall door and screamed. They were yelling at me calling me pervert, freak, sicko. Then things only got worse, I do not know if it was fear, or the running water, or maybe I was just nervous. I pissed my pants in front of three girls. Three complete strangers watched as I wet myself. Their screams turned to laughter; I turned to run out the door.

As I opened the door to the hallway my step sister and her friends were pointing and laughing their asses off. I darted down the hall looking for the boy’s room to hide in; I will never know how many people noticed I had pissed myself or just looked at me since I was running like a crazy person down the hall. I was not familiar with the layout of the school but the boy’s room had been right next to the girl’s room, so I ran all the way to the far end of the hall with nowhere to hide. Desperate, I ducked into a janitor’s closet for some much needed privacy. When the bell rang signaling everyone to go to home room and I stayed put.

The bell rang a few times indicating it was time to change classes. I ignored the ringing and stayed in the closet. I could feel my underwear and pants soaking wet and could not think of what to do. I found the closet had no working light and nothing that could help me cover up. The bell rang again, and I heard kids in the hallway, but I was determined not to move from that closet until I graduated. I started losing track of the time, when I heard someone opening the door. It was the school’s janitor. He saw right away what happened to me as the light shown right on me from the hallway. He smirked but did not laugh. He told me to come with him. Thankfully the halls were empty since classes were in session. The janitor walked me to the nurse’s office.

I was so embarrassed to have another person see me like this but I needed help. The nurse had almost no reaction as the janitor explained where he found me and my situation was clear. The nurse just grabbed a pair of sweat pants out of a drawer and told me to get changed. She pointed to a private bathroom in her office. After I changed out of wet things the nurse told me to go to my next class. I was hesitant; I just wanted to go home, but the nurse put her hand on the small of my back and nicely nudged me out of her office into the hall. There were a few kids in the hall out of her view because she positioned herself in the doorway to prevent me from going back in. Then the bitch said the words that ruined my high school life.

“You cannot spend all day in here, and you cannot spend your whole life in the closet.”

My face turned beet red as I walked away. I could hear the small group of kids in the hall laughing. High school kids are not really mature to begin with and hearing someone tell a boy to come out of the closet was all they needed to assume I was gay. Being labeled gay in school would lead to me being bullied for years. My stepsister’s initial prank led to this and to 4 years of wedgies, (that is when people grab the back of your underwear and yank them up) and swirlies, (where a larger guy or two pick you up and dunk your head into a toilet and then flush it). Oftentimes it was my stepsister’s friends or at my stepsister’s prompting that these nasty pranks were pulled on me. I would be called slang names for gay including faggot, gay boy, and pecker checker.

Worse, I could not escape the torment at home. Summer would have friends over constantly. The only benefit was little miss popular would have her girlfriends over for sleepovers and pool parties when it was warm. I even got a little revenge on Sarah, Summer’s cute Asian friend. We were all 18 at this point, and my hormones were raging. They were best friends she was over often. It happened on a Saturday morning after Sarah slept over. I planned to go the library to study, but I slept through my alarm clock. As I headed downstairs for some breakfast, I passed Summer’s room and heard her and Sarah talking. Sarah told her she wanted to take a quick shower before they headed out to the mall. This was my chance.

I ran to the hallway bathroom. We had a closet for towels and wash clothes, which happened to have vent doors. I liked to hide there when playing hide and go seek as a child. It was great since you could see out the door, but someone outside could not see in without peering through the slats carefully. I was going to hide in there and sneak a peek at one of the hottest girls at school. I was in the closet for only a few minutes but it felt like forever. My heart was pounding so loud I was afraid Sarah would hear it when she came in the bathroom.

Finally I heard the door from the hall open, close and lock. Sarah had come in. She was a sexy 18 year old high school cheerleader. I had my face right up to the vent to get a look. Sarah had perfectly light tan skin. She had a bubbly round face, lovely black eyes. She was very thin, a spinner. Her tits were A cups, but I wanted to see them so bad. I was curious if she shaved her pussy or not. Sarah spent an eternity brushing her teeth, but finally went to the shower to turn the water on. I made sure to leave a fresh towel on the sink so she would not open the closet. Then pay dirt.

Sarah pulled her pink T shirt over her head and threw it to the floor. I had a perfect view of her tiny tits. The little tan mounds with dark nipples. The nipples were so cute, they looked like Hershey kisses. I looked down to her flat tummy that had slight abs muscles. She reached her thumbs into the top of her sweat pants and pulled them down along with her panties. She was facing me so I got a perfect view of her neatly trimmed pussy. It was all clean and hairless by the lips with a small black triangle on top. My dick was pushing so hard on my shorts I thought they would rip. I started rubbing myself over my shorts. Sarah turned around and reached her hand back in the shower to feel the temperature of the water. Her butt was tiny and looked so tight. I licked my lips as I alternated between rubbing my junk and squeezing it lightly. Sarah bent over just enough that her pussy lips could be seen just below her ass crack. The temperature must have been acceptable since she stepped into the shower and closed the curtain.

I immediately dropped my shorts and boxer shorts to my knees and began beating off. Then it occurred to me that when she washed her hair I could pull the curtain back a bit and see her naked as I stroked myself. It was risky but she locked the door so no one was going to come in on me. The water from the shower was loud enough but still needed to be careful. I opened the door and slid out carefully. I crept to the back of the shower waiting to peel the curtain back. I heard the unmistakable sound of someone standing directly under the showerhead.

I peeled the curtain back with my left hand as I tugged lightly on my dick with my right hand. Sarah’s back was to me as she wet her hair. I followed the water with my eyes. It slid down her back and rolled over her luscious, tan ass cheeks. There she was only inches away. My knees were getting weak; I knew it would not be long till my dick exploded. The shower had a little shelf towards the front for shampoo and other sundries. Sarah reached for the shampoo and began to work it into her hair as I stared at her juicy wet ass. She stepped back out of the water and began to lather her hair. I continued stroking. Then I nearly got myself caught. Sarah turned around to rinse the back of her head. However she had her eyes closed to keep the soap out of them. The soapy water ran over her pert little nipples and down her flat tummy. I focused on the small patch of her dripping pubic hair. Her pussy lips were clamped together, not loose or meaty in any way, very tight and firm. I stared at her young pussy, and stroked myself as fast and hard as I could. I only risked another few seconds as I began cumming all over the floor. Spurt after spurt.

I let the curtain go back and stepped back in the closet. I was shaking from cumming so hard as well as from the sheer fear of getting caught. I could see from the closet door that my cum was still on the floor but I was too scared to leave the closet again. When the water shut off, I got worried Sarah would notice the mess I made. Thankfully she stepped out of the shower wet and stepped right in my cum. She was too wet to notice. She grabbed the towel from the sink and I watched her dry her naked body. Although I had just cum I was already getting hard again. I was rubbing myself for a second by the time she finished drying off and wrapped the towel around herself, and headed back to Summer’s room to get dressed.

Numerous times I would get to spy on the hottest girls in school sun bathing or swimming in our pool. However, if Summer and her girlfriends were bored they would pick on me. Call me names like loser, nerd, and their favorite “piss pants” referring to the infamous incident at school. She would even allow her friend Tim to beat me up a little bit every now and again at home. Life sucked, except for the occasional chance to spy on some of Summer’s girlfriends. My lovely stepsister would pick on me even when she was not with her friends. I recall one time her mocking me about the gay thing. Summer said,

“Steven, I heard a rumor around school about you being gay. You know its ok. It’s ok with me if you like boys or are confused. It happens to a lot of people. You know I could help you tell your mom and my dad if you want.”

Her comment offended me and I said, “Fuck off. I am not a little faggot. I am not a perverted freak.”

She stormed out of the room angry and stomped her feet. The bitch is mocking me and gets mad that I tell her to fuck off. She was upset the whole day and did not talk to me much after that. It is needless to say that when my stepsister headed off to college I felt a great sense of relief. She was going to school in state but was moving to campus. I was going to be left alone at school and home. For the first time in years I looked forward to the start of the new school year.

Senior year of high school started off well enough. It seemed that no one really bullied me since Summer was gone. A few months into school I even got my first girlfriend. I guess I was a late bloomer getting my first girlfriend at 18 but I didn’t care. Things were going great. I was taking my new girlfriend Amy, to the home coming football game and dance. I was even thinking after the dance might be the first time I got lucky and get laid. I dreaded that Summer would be in town for homecoming. It was tradition for the previous year’s queen to help crown the new queen. I hoped Summer would be too busy with the ceremony and catching up with her friends. I managed to avoid her at home and everything seemed fine.

Amy and our friends were having a great time. Our school team the Badgers were up by two touchdowns at half time. During half time they crowned the new home coming queen. After that the game continued and our team kept the lead the whole time. The crowd cheered as the clock ran out and we won the game. Everyone was smiles and cheering as we headed to the parking lot after the game. It was freezing and once the adrenaline of winning the game wore off we were all getting colder and colder. When we got to my car, Summer and her friends Tim and Sarah were standing by my car.

Summer asked me for the keys to my car. The car was a gift for making the honor roll for the first time ever. My mother talked my stepfather into getting it for me. It seemed with Summer gone my academic and social life improved. Summer never got a car when she was in high school and they were banned for freshman at her school so she still did not have one. I was angry. Summer thought I would ditch my friends and just let her take my car for the day. I was feeling pretty bold since I was with my girlfriend and our friends.

“Sorry, Summer you are no longer the queen. So you can walk your ass home for all I care.”

My friends all laughed at her and her friends. It was my small taste of revenge.

“Look Stevie, you can get a ride with one of your friends, I need the car. Dad dropped me off and your mom told him you would take us home.”

I replied, “The car? Fuck off, it’s my car.”

I high fived one of my friends as we all laughed at Summer’s misfortune of having to walk home. My moment of triumph was short lived. Before I knew it Tim had snuck up behind me and pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I was facing my friends and Amy with my penis and balls on display. My bare ass was facing the now laughing Summer, Tim and Sarah. It was no fault of my own. I have an average sized dick but with it being so cold it shrunk down to almost nothing. My balls were also high and tight. I bent down to pull my pants up and Summer kicked me in the ass making me jerk back up. This afforded Amy and our friends another unobstructed view of my shrunken penis and balls. It was true humiliation. My friends who had been laughing at Summer, were now laughing at me. I pulled up my pants as quick as I could, and jumped in my car, pushing past Summer and her asshole friends.

It felt like forever before my friends and girlfriend got in the car so we could leave. My cheeks were flushed red from the embarrassment. I was silent with rage but everyone was all grins and giggles as they got in the car. Amy sat in the passenger seat next to me, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. She laughed a bit as she pulled away and covered her smile with her hand, as if that would help. We drove to the local Star Bucks for some coffee and hot chocolate to warm up.

I was quiet and did not jump into any of the conversations. I was upset but to everyone around me I must have appeared angry. No one mentioned what happened at the parking lot but every time they smiled or laughed I could swear it was directed at me. Summer had ruined my day.

The following night was the homecoming dance. I tried to blow everything off that happened the day before but I couldn’t. By the end of the night I had just pissed off Amy since I was not being any fun. I took her to make out point a private spot in the woods overlooking a lake. It was a great spot to park.

We started making out, which quickly lead to some heavy rubbing and petting. I was rubbing her chest over her thin dress. I could feel her nipples harden through the thin material. At the same time I could feel Amy’s hand rubbing my thigh and crotch area. I was rock hard, but my dick was trapped to one side of my pants. I wanted Amy to see and feel how big it was to make up for the previous day’s embarrassing moment of penis shrinkage. I reached down to adjust my cock so it was not trapped to the one side Amy could not seem to reach. We never broke from our kissing. Our lips were locked and our tongues probed each other’s mouths.

When I adjusted myself Amy moved her hand from my crotch area. Since she was not going to feel it, I wanted her to see that it was not small. I wanted her to know that the cold weather was to blame for any deficiency in my size. I reasoned that if she gave me a blow job she would get a good look.

I reached up and turned on the dome lights for the interior of the car. When the lights came up I broke our kiss and started unbuttoning my pants. Amy just sat across from me with her hands folded on her lap. When she heard me pull the zipper down on my pants, she reached above us and turned the light off. I leaned over and she leaned in and we started kissing again. Since she turned the light off she was not going to see that it was bigger than she thought it was. The only way for her to see it in the dark was if she blew me. As we kissed I reached behind her head, broke off our kiss and nudged her head towards my crotch. Amy started to giggle a bit. I knew she thought I was small, and now was my chance to prove her wrong. I started pulling her head down harder, but she jerked back. She was smiling and snickering. At the time I thought this was about the size of my dick, but in hindsight I now know Amy was just giggling since she was nervous.

This was the first time she would be having sex. Unfortunately I did not have that kind of insight then, so I thought this laughing was about my penis size. I started getting angry again. The moment was lost. We sat for a while both too nervous to make another move. I buttoned my pants and zipped up and took Amy home.

The weekend passed and Summer left thankfully. I went back to school hoping to resume my routine where things were great without Summer. I was looking for Amy and spotted her with some of her friends talking in the cafeteria at lunch. She hadn’t notice me walking up behind her when a group of people walked by blocking me from catching up to her. Since she had not seen me, she and her friends started leaving the cafeteria to go outside. I followed behind looking to catch up and talk to them. That’s when my world sank. I heard some of their conversation.

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