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Brad was rather unsure of whether he should cancel his plans for the night, or even how to go about doing that. He was invited as a special guest to one of the spring break parties being thrown by MTV. However, the way the redhead was sucking on his cock as if his cum was the nectar of the gods, he didn’t know if he’d be able to get away, or if he’d even want to.

He tried to recall the details of his day that led to this point but the slurping sounds and the moan from the girl currently engulfing his rod made the details fuzzy. The college water-polo player knew he had been at the beach, and he remembered that there was someone having difficulties in the water. It was rather stupid of him to immediately try and get to their aid given that it could have been an undertow dragging her down, but Brad was just too nice of a guy to sit by idly while someone was in trouble.

The way she moaned with her mouth around him before pulling back a little to look up at him and smile (as best as a girl can with a mouth full of cock) was driving him crazy, he could already feel the pressure building up. He continued to remember once her forehead returned to his stomach. He managed to get the girl out and when she wasn’t breathing he helped resuscitate her. Brad never had a chance to get the name of the girl he rescued, or even really look at her before she was being taken to the hospital and tv cameras on the beach began pestering him for interviews.

It was those interviews and his heroics that led to half-a-dozen different private party invites that night. And just as he was getting ready to go there was a knock on the door. Thinking it must be a ride to pick him up he answered it to see a gorgeous redhead standing at the door; a sarong covering her lower half, a bikini top and in between slightly tanned freckled body topped off with long red curly hair that reached just past her breasts. Brad couldn’t help staring at her breasts, they filled the bikini top quite nicely, and he had to catch himself to look up to her face.

She had a cute face, emerald eyes that looked like they could stare through him, a cute little nose, cheeks freckled like much of her body, and cute little lips with pink lipgloss. Little did he know when he answered the door where those lips would be momentarily. She asked him if he was the one who rescued the girl at the beach, and he told her he was. Quickly after he said yes she moved forward, shut the door, and kissed him–Brad might have been put off a little had he been seeing someone, but then again, he wouldn’t be at spring break if he was. The kiss was aggressive on her part, something Brad had never quite experienced. He was already missing it when she pulled back, and said, “I’m the girl you rescued, I just wanted to thank you personally.”

Being the nice guy he is, Brad was about to tell her no thanks were necessary when she suddenly dropped to her knees and her hands reached out for his shorts. A girl had never been this forward with him before, nor this fast. With him just standing there his shorts and boxers lying on the ground, she held his cock in her left hand before smiling up at him and finally moving in to start licking his balls.

Another first for Brad. He’d heard guys talking about it, but always figured he’d rather have the girl’s oral attentions on his cock. Now that he was in the moment he understood completely. His balls wouldn’t be bathed for long by her tongue as it was just the teaser to the main course, which she quickly gobbled down and got to work.

Now that he was done remembering how he had reached this point, he realized how much stamina he’d had in the process. He had rubbed one off earlier, being a little horny after all the girls who were fawning after him for being a hero. He closed his eyes, his breathing becoming a little more erratic as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, knowing he was about to cum when suddenly she pulled off completely.

“In my mouth or on my face,” came her soft voice for a moment before her tongue went back to the ball licking that she had started with.

“Huh,” asked Brad, pulled out of his bliss by her sudden question.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my face?” she asked again kindly before resuming.

Brad had always liked seeing facials in porn he had to admit, and the fact that the girl was asking him instead of him having to be the one to ask. “Your face?” he replied, asking it as more of a question than giving an answer.

“Tell me when,” she said before she pulled back and took him into her mouth once more. The way she swirled her tongue around his shaft as she moved her head along her shaft was driving him crazy, and after only five more bobs of her head he said, “I’m ready.”

He managed to hold on for a moment while she pulled back. She closed her eyes and mouth and just tipped her head back a little bit. Her left hand held his cock to help guide as the streams of hot cum erupted and started to coat her face. As Brad looked down and watched her face get painted he was surprised with the amount she got out of him, especially for his having cum once already today.

When he was finally done she reached up to wipe enough cum away from her eyes to open them, then moved forward to clean the little bit remaining from the tip of his cock. He looked down at his cum-covered pleaser, just amazed from her blowjob. “Wow, that was awesome, you didn’t need to…”

Suddenly she backed off and stood up, though something was different now. The sarong and string bikini bottom she had on underneath were on the floor, as was the bikini top she had on when she entered. It took his brain a moment to realize that the girl who just gave him the best blowjob of his life was now standing naked in front of him.

The fact that the slightly-tanned freckled girl wasn’t perfect helped draw his eyes even more. She had tanlines in all the usual areas. His eyes immediately went to her breasts, now sitting out in the open for his viewing pleasure. Much like he thought from his first glance, they looked to be a little more than a handful, and her paler skin revealed that her areolas were also quite pale, just pink enough to stand out from her skin. The nipples were similarly inflicted, but the decent size of them for her breasts, and the fact that they upturned a little and standing at attention more than made up for it.

As if taken by a sudden realization, his eyes took a turn downward, hoping to see if the fiery red hair was matched below. To both dismay and delight he found that such a question would have to wait for another time as only smooth skin greeted his eyes above her pussy. Just as he was about to take a good look at her soft folds she spoke again, and he was compelled to look upwards once more.

“I owe you for saving my life, so I’m going to give you the only gift I can think of. You saved my body, now you get to have it to do with as you please,” she said once more softly, the smile still wide on her cum-coated face.

“That almost sounds too good to be true,” Brad responded back to her, a slight chuckle in his voice from the nervousness of having the girl throw herself at him. “Aren’t you worried I might hurt you, or get you pregnant, or give you a disease?”

She simply shook her head once to all his questions. “If you want to hurt me, go for it. I shouldn’t get pregnant from both birth control and it just not being the right time, but if I do, oh well. As for disease, I know I’m clean and I don’t care whether you are or not. If it weren’t for you, I’d be dead right now, this body either lost at sea or in a bag down in some hospital morgue. So really, it’s no harm to me whatever you choose to do, as I’m still better off than I would be otherwise.”

Brad really didn’t know what to respond. For the slightest moment he wished he was the type of guy who’d gladly take her and give her the dirtiest, kinkiest sex of her entire life, but he knew that he wasn’t. When he didn’t take the initiative, she once again did. She reached to the bottom of the t-shirt he had on and started pulling it up, over his head. He reacted instinctively, raising his arms for her to remove it.

“Why don’t you go lay on the bed?” she asked.

Stepping out of his shorts and boxers, he took her lead and hopped onto his bed. She moved to the foot of the bed and started to crawl onto it from the end, slowly crawling over his body. When her head reached his still semi-soft cock she gave it a quick playful lick before continuing to lick up his stomach to his chest. When her breasts reached there, she hovered for just a moment, letting them tease the sensitive flesh. When she finally was over him, she laid her pussy down on his cock to just rub it, transferring some of her wetness to his shaft.

“Go ahead, I know you want to. Rub them, squeeze them,” she told him, looking down between his face and her tits dangling in front of them.

He didn’t need telling twice as both hands came up to feel her breasts. As his thumbs brushed over her nipples she moaned a little, eliciting a twitch from his cock. He rubbed her breasts and started squeezing. More moans escaped from her mouth as she was enjoying the work his hands were doing.

As he continued to knead her breasts, she reached back with her left hand and lifted herself off of him enough to guide his now-hard cock to her pussy. He stopped and looked at her as she felt his shaft glide into her warm and ready hole. Another louder moan escaped from her lips as she took his fullness inside her. For Brad it was a new feeling entirely, he’d never been able to have a girl without a condom and now she was the one initiating it.

She rode him with a steady rhythm for several minutes. Her head was up, mouth open just slightly and her eyes closed as she appeared to be enjoying the feeling of him being inside her. Of course he was enjoying it, and as she continued he started to become a lot more confident in himself.

“Could I ask something?” he asked, taking his confidence out for a spin.

“Mhmm, anything,” she said, suddenly stopping.

“Can I do you doggy style?”

She opened her eyes and looked down at him with a smile. “Of course you can.” And she pulled off of him and stood up on the bed and turned around. She got on her knees and put her hands on the board at the foot of her bed. She spread her legs and arched her back to allow him to enter.

Brad’s eyes popped wide at how willing she was to go along with it and just watched as she moved herself into position. Now that he was getting a view of her ass, he didn’t want to stop. As her legs went wider he was treated to a view of everything, seeing her pussy from behind and seeing the pucker of her tiny butthole.

“CanIfuckyourass?” Brad blurted out, he wasn’t sure where it came from, as he’d never taken a chick in the butt, but part of him didn’t see another chance to have it happen.

When her head turned back around to look at him, he was worried that he’d gone too far. The smile that had been on her coated face this entire time wasn’t there. “Well, I’ve never done that before, but for you I will.”

Brad was suddenly conflicted, the girl was gonna offer her only virgin hole to him just cause he blurted it out. “Wait, you don’t have to,” he said, trying to ease his conscience.

“No, it’s okay,” she replied back to him as she got off the bed. It’s just gonna take me a few minutes to get ready. With that she crawled off the bed and back to her clothes while he watched. He hadn’t noticed the small purse that she had apparently brought with her, it did match the sarong in its deep purple color. “I’ll be out in a few,” she said before stepping into the bathroom and shutting the door.

The several minutes she was in the bathroom was nearly agony for him. Part of it was from the guilt of asking to have her ass, but the rest was definitely from the excitement that she was gonna let him fuck her virgin ass would bring. He just hoped he’d be able to last long enough to enjoy it.

When enough time passed that he was starting to get worried she was getting cold feet, he got up off the bed and was walking to the bathroom door when it opened and she stepped out, holding a bottle of lubricant in her hand. She dropped down to her knees and took some of the lube and started to smear it around his cock, getting him ready.

“I’ve done myself as best I can, but you should apply a little more lube to me,” she said looking up to him, the smile having returned. “Only if you want to of course.”

He just blinked, not knowing how he should even respond to that when she spoke again.

“Anywhere in particular?”

He looked around the room and chuckled just a little. “I’ve always fantasized about taking some hottie’s ass while she’s bent over a table.”

“As you wish,” was all she replied before standing back up and walking over to the table that doubled as a desk in the hotel room. When she arrived, she looked back to him and said, “I hope you enjoy.”

She spread her feet apart about shoulder width as she turned to face the table and leaned forward. Once her torso was against the table she reached back and put the tube of lubricant on the small of her back. To Brad’s surprise, she then used both hands to reach back and spread her ass cheeks, once again giving him that unobstructed view of all her charms.

Still filled with nervous excitement, Brad walked over to her and picked up the bottle of lube from her back and spread some on that puckered hole that was waiting for him. She let out a little gasp as she felt his finger apply rub against it for a moment.

Finally ready, Brad took his position behind the redhead, dropping the bottle to the floor. He lined up behind her and pressed his very hard cock against her backdoor, and with his right hand reaching out to grab her hip, and his left hand helping to guide, he pushed forward.

Between her spit, pussy juice, and the ample amounts of lubricant on his cock and her hole, the head popped in with only a slight bit of resistance. The girl made a sound, somewhere between a gasp and a cry. Before Brad could even think to check that she was okay, she said, “Keep going.”

Brad’s cock was in heaven, never had it felt anything wrapping so tightly around it. Barely the head was in and he was already enjoying this newfound sensation. With her blessing he started to slowly push forward. When he encountered resistance, he pulled back so only the head remained inside before pushing forward again. He had no idea how he was lasting–perhaps it was the cumming a few times already, perhaps it was sheer force of will.

He looked down watching as with every attempt a little more of his cock was being swallowed by her obscenely stretched asshole, still made all the more visible by her continuing to spread her cheeks. He lost track of the time, but he rightly guessed it had taken a few minutes but with one final push he looked down to see just the tiniest sliver of his shaft sticking out of her ass, he was buried completely inside her.

“Let go and get up on your arms,” Brad commanded her.

As she did what she was told, making it so she wasn’t pushed into the table but up enough that her breasts could hang freely, Brad was shocked with himself. Apparently it was easy for him to be confident about what he was doing with his cock balls deep in a hot redhead’s ass. He bent over a little himself to reach forward and he wrapped his hands around her breasts, squeezing them and using them as handles as he started to fuck her ass.

He was slow at first, just starting to build up a nice pace while his hands kneaded her breasts, fingers rubbing her nipples and eliciting both moans of pleasures and little whimpers of pain. As he continued and started to feel the pressure rise from within, he let go of her breasts and both hands went for her hips. A man possessed, he started fucking her harder, like he would if he was in her pussy.

The whimpers of pain from the girl became a little more prevelant, after all, this was the first dick in her ass. Once more when she seemed to think that maybe Brad would start feeling guilty, she once again encouraged him.

“Oh gawd, fuck my ass, keep fucking my ass Brad.”

And that’s all it took. Knowing he couldn’t hold on any longer, Brad again buried his entire length in her ass as he started to cum. As her bowels were filled she was breathing heavily, letting her weight collapse into the table once more.

Even as he finished coating her insides like he had her outside, Brad didn’t pull out, he stood there enjoying the view.

“Why don’t you take a picture?” he heard her soft voice say.

Taking her at his word, he pulled out and went to the night stand by his bed and grabbed his camera phone. Once more she reached back, revealing her now well fucked ass to him and turning around and smiling as he took a picture. She stood up and sat on the table, legs spread a little and motioned for him to do it again.

“And now a closeup,” she said as she moved closer and he took two more, one with her breasts in the shot and one of just her cum-covered face.

“Get dressed,” she told him now, and like everything else so far this evening, he gladly obeyed. One he was dressed she motioned him into the bathroom.

Confused, he followed her, and she grabbed his phone from him. “I know the boys won’t believe this story when you tell them, they’ll just say you got those pics from some porn site.”

Leaning back into his clothed self, she took a full body shot in the mirror. Then a closeup. She turned around and gave one last good picture of her backside for him to be standing with and smiled.

“Well Brad, I hope you enjoyed your reward. Consider it payment in kind.”

With that she left the bathroom and went out to get dressed. Of course Brad took another picture as she bent down to pick up her clothes. She put on the sarong but didn’t seem to bother with the bikini bottoms that went underneath. Once her top was in place she went back to the bathroom to get her little bag.

“Aren’t you gonna clean up your face?” Brad asked, noticing she was still wearing his cum.

“No need really, I’m kinda proud to wear it, and besides, if anyone asks, it’ll make one hell of a spring break story.” And finally she giggled.

Even though she headed to the door, Brad was wishing it wasn’t over. As she opened it and stepped out he asked, “I didn’t even get your name.”

“Check my bikini bottoms,” she said as she walked down the hall, not even looking back at him one last time.

Brad blinked a few times and looked to the floor where the white bikini bottoms remained from when she took them off. As he bent down to pick them up, he noticed writing on the inside. Undoing the strings he laid them out on the table he just finished fucking her on. There was a message:

I’ll always owe you for saving my life.

Hope you enjoyed my anal cherry.

Love Lanae

Her email address and phone number were written right below.

Brad couldn’t help but smile, spring break didn’t turn out so bad after all.

It is 1811. I have been sitting in debtors prison for almost a year now, trying to raise the money to pay my landlord all the back rent I owe. I couldn’t help but get behind. A single woman in this day and age can do very little to raise money for herself, but I’m a religious woman and won’t prostitute myself. Someday, maybe I will marry – but that seems unlikely, wasting away my best years here in prison.

I was born in 1792 into poverty, and my parents died when I was a teenager, leaving me nothing. I had no prospects, and tried to find jobs in restaurants and shops, but it is difficult to keep a position. After being unable to pay my rent one month, my landlord had me thrown into prison. Now, I rely on the alms provided by passersby who see my outstretched hand.

“Woman!” The gaoler was yelling at me. I raised my head and looked at him silently. “This man is here to take prisoners for medical research. He picked you. Go on, now.”

“I choose not to go,” I answered.

Turning red and stomping toward me, the gaoler grabbed my arm and roughly pulled me forward. “You have no choice. He is paying me for prisoners, and you are one he wants.” He flung me toward the awaiting doctor, who proceeded to put handcuffs on me.

The doctor smiled. “You are an intractable one. Collins, the ether, please.”

Another man came forward with a rag, reaching toward my face. Unable to use my hands, I tried to resist by moving my face away, but the two men held me close as the rag was forced over my nose and mouth. Soon, things went dark.


When I awoke, things were a bit hazy. I could see men looking down on me in two tiers – some were in seats before me, and others were in a balcony. The ones on the ground floor were all in white aprons and had notebooks. The doctor saw me open my eyes.

“Hello, I don’t believe I have your name. I am Dr. Kraus,” he said to me.

“Ann,” I said, still groggy. I tried to scratch my nose, but could not lift my arm from my side. I looked down.

I was completely nude, lying on a table that was tilted slightly up at perhaps a 20 degree angle. My arms were restrained by straps at my side, and my feet were tied into stirrups, held up in the air apart. I was completely exposed with a room of perhaps 40 men staring at me.

“It’s nice to have you with us in the operating theater, Ann. The men above are paid spectators, and the men below are students that will be learning from you.” He turned to the audience. “You see that I have shaved the patient. She is a virgin, which makes her particularly agreeable for this session.”

Dr. Kraus now took his finger and traced it around my vaginal entrance. “This is where the hymen is visible. You probably cannot see well from where you are, so I invite the students to come forward to take a closer look.”

The students stood and began to file down. As the first one leaned over and took a good look at my most intimate parts, I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. He touched the rim around my hole.

“Which part is the hymen?” he asked.

“This filmy tissue just inside,” the doctor answered, taking his own finger and pushing it slightly into my vagina. “You are all welcome to come and feel the hymen for yourself. You’ll need to know how to establish that one exists, when the men in the balcony ask you to check the purity of their fiancees.” The balcony rippled with laughter.

One after another, the students, about twenty of them, came and peered closely at my vagina, then felt gingerly inside for my hymen. One of them spent quite some time with his finger feeling inside my hole, claiming he couldn’t find it, which led to the Doctor again pointing out the hymen by carefully tracing my hole with the student. Having both fingers inside was painful as they vied to both fit inside my tight vagina. Finally, the examination was over.

As the students sat back down, Dr. Kraus continued with the lecture. “Of course, the hymen isn’t the only part of the vagina worth studying. There is also a clitoris, sitting just within the two lips of the labia. The clitoris is a useless organ, but during intercourse it can become engorged, as can the breasts.” He again touched me, pulling on my labia. “This is the labia,” then he touched the senstive bump above that, “and this is the clitoris.” He then moved to my side and started massaging my left breast. “You also see how the nipples of the breasts become hard when handled. This can also occur during normal intercourse.”

Dr. Kraus took off his apron and unzipped his pants, removing them. He folded his jacket and shirt up, revealing his flaccid penis.

“I know you’ve all seen one of these before, gentlemen,” he said. The crowd laughed. “You know how they work, no doubt. I will now show you how a woman reacts during normal intercourse, and how it changes her body afterward, so that you will be able to identify a used woman readily.” He began to stroke his cock, getting it hard. When it was standing out from his body, he took a cloth from a bucket and wrung it out.

“No, please, don’t!” I exclaimed. I valued my purity! I did not want to give it up!

“Collins? Please gag the patient.” The man who had administered the ether at the prison came forward and tied a cloth around my face. I could not fight him, restrained as I was. I tried to talk, but only muffled noises came from my throat.

“A woman will usually, upon first intercourse, be too dry to admit a penis into her vagina, so for that purpose we have here a soaked rag.” Dr. Kraus began to wipe my vagina, leaving my wet in the drafty room. He then positioned his member up to my hole and pushed it in. I screamed, but the gag muffled my voice. His penis pushing in and out of me burned me deep inside.

“You can see that the woman does not enjoy intercourse. This is true of women for most of their lives. You may have to instruct a frustrated husband that he will have to restrain his wife by brute strength or by other means.”

At this, Dr. Kraus began to move in and out faster. I squeezed my eyes shut. I could hear the crowd whispering and coughing, and some laughter here and there. Finally, he pushed himself into me hard, and gripped the table I was laying on to steady himself. He shuddered a few times, then stood up straight and carefully withdrew.

As he put his pants back on, he began lecturing again. “You can see that, in confirmation of our examination of the hymen, the patient is bleeding vaginally. She was in fact a virgin. You can also see that not all of the semen remains inside the vagina. This is an indication of obstinateness, an unwillingness to bear my child.” Dr. Kraus began to wipe me off again with the water soaked cloth.

“For the remainder of the lesson, each student will perform intercourse with the patient. You are instructed first to examine the vagina and confirm that you see no hymen, so that you can contrast the two states. After you have performed, you should wipe her off for the next student, out of consideration.” The audience laughed. “Be sure during intercourse to observe as much of the reactions of the patient as possible, and share those observations with the other students. I will call each student down alphabetically. Mr. Ashdown, please come forward.”

A student emerged from the gallery. He removed his apron and pants, as Dr. Kraus had, and began to stroke his penis as he moved toward me. He stood before me, still stroking, and peered down into my vagina.

“You can see that she is missing the tissue that was earlier covering her vaginal entrance,” he said aloud. Then he inserted himself. I began to sob for the loss of my virginity.

“She is crying, which leads me to believe she does not enjoy intercourse. She feels very warm inside, and very tight. I am a little amazed, in fact, that her vagina is expanding to accept my penis.” He moved faster, in and out, examining my body clinically. Then, he leaned forward, grabbing the table, and quaked as he released his fluid into me.

When he had recovered enough, he stood up and withdrew, accepting a wet cloth from Collins. He cleaned himself and then me off. I could feel his semen dripping from me.

“Mr. Bennett,” Dr. Kraus called.

Another student emerged from the gallery, removing his apron and then his pants. He again peered carefully at my vagina, inserting a finger. “I can see nor feel any trace of a hymen.” He stroked himself until he was hard, and clinically inserted his penis into me again. At this point, I was merely crying silently, the tears dripping from my face, imagining the horrible fate that awaited me as a slut with no one who would marry me after this.

As he moved in and out, he examined my labia and clitoris with his fingers. “Her clitoris is becoming enlarged, bigger than it was when she was still a virgin. She feels warm and tight.” As the others had done, he braced himself as he moved faster in and out of me, finally leaning over me and pressing his pelvis hard into me as he exploded with his own pleasure. Not once did he look me in the eye. He withdrew and silently cleaned me for the next student.

“Mr. Bigge.”

A large man stood from his seat and came toward me. As his name would indicate, when he took off his pants, his cock was quite big. I began to sob again. I did not think I could survive this onslaught. He laughed at me.

“This gutter trash thinks she does not deserve this abuse! Maybe next time she will not break the law.” He unceremoniously inserted his finger into my vagina, smiling as he did so, then pushed his huge member into my still delicate hole.

I screamed in pain. I could feel his hands rove over my thighs. “I observe that her thighs do not strain in this wide position; maybe she is not so virginal as we would have believed?” He chuckled. He put his hands around my waist. “She doesn’t eat much, does she?” He took his time, pumping his cock into me hard each time, but still not finishing. He was obviously enjoying the show. Finally, with two hard thrusts, his seed flushed into me. Before he even removed his member, I could feel the sticky juice dripping down. He withdrew and cleaned me with the offered rag.

“Mr. Brickenden.”

Once again, a student came down, examined me silently, then inserted his penis. Mr. Brickenden pinched my nipples as he pounded me. “She is warm, not so tight anymore.” The audience roared with laughter. “Her breast are firm and enlarged.” He slapped them each a few times, again drawing guffaws from the crowd. “I rather believe she’s enjoying this.” He smirked at me.

I could feel the tears drip down my cheeks. He finished pleasuring himself between my legs and wiped me up. I resigned myself to my fate.

“Mr. Brooker.”

Mr. Brooker stepped down, ritualistically examining me as the others had, then rubbing my clitoris carefully as he inserted himself into my vagina.

“I have read that women as well as men can have an orgasm if the clitoris is stimulated. May I try, Dr. Kraus?” I looked at the doctor, who nodded.

As he moved himself in and out, Mr. Brooker also massaged my clitoris hard and fast. I tried not to respond, but despite my efforts to hold back, I could feel myself trembling. Soon, I was bucking my pelvis, my whole body rippling with pleasure as I involuntarily reached out for his fingers. When I was exhausted, I fell back on the table, and he stopped touching me, laughing. “I see that Mr. Brickenden was correct. She does enjoy being the object of our class.” Everyone chuckled. I was completely humiliated and embarassed, angry that my body had betrayed me. My hot tears continued to flow. Mr. Brooker finally came inside me and cleaned me up.

The class continued to use me, about 20 of them in all. Finally, it seemed everything was over. Collins was unstrapping me. I could barely move anyway, so what was the point of restraints?

Collins stood me up and turned me so that my back was to the crowd. Then he pushed me back on to the table, stomach first.

Still gagged, my surprise and the questions I had immediately formed were inaudible. I felt him strapping my knees into the stirrups, legs apart, and my hands were restrained to my sides again. Although I was confused, I was relieved not to be so exposed to such a large group of men any more. I also could no longer see them, as my head was through a hole in the table, facing to the front of the theater.

Dr. Kraus again began his lecture. “Some women are such sluts that when their vagina becomes too loose, as has Ann’s here, they perform their sexual work anally.” I felt something pushing into my rectum. “This cone is designed to open a woman’s anus sufficiently to allow a penis in.” My rectum was being opened wider and wider. I groaned from the pain.

“One of our spectators today has paid for the privilege of using Ann’s anus first. Mr. Mannering, you may come down.”

I heard footsteps, then the sound of clothing dropping to the floor.

“Thank you, Dr. Kraus. Any instructions, or may I get to it?”

“You may proceed as you wish, Mr. Mannering,” Dr. Kraus answered.

I felt the cone removed. “As you can see, class, the anus has been opened.”

Something warm, presumably a body, moved up against me, and I could feel a fleshy object press against my rectum. Soon, it was in, and I could tell that it was like all the other members that had entered my most private parts that day. Mr. Mannering was gentle at first, then more urgent. It wasn’t long before his penis was moving in and out of my anus so quickly that I couldn’t help but yelp each time. Finally, he pressed himself all the way in. I could feel testicles against my sensitive skin as he orgasmed. Before he withdrew, he stood and rubbed my buttocks as my anus closed on his increasingly flaccid member. He finally withdrew.

“You can see that her anus is now of a different size than it was at first. You can always look for the difference in a woman to see if she has allowed herself to be so used. You will also note that the semen is brown, because the woman is unclean back here. Any questions?” The crowd was quiet. “Class dismissed.”

As the men were leaving, they were free to come by me and touch me, and many reached their fingers into my throbbing anus, exploring me. Finally, they were gone.

“Collins, the ether again.” Unable to fight, I was again transported to another state of consciousness.

When I awoke, I was dressed, laying on the floor of the prison. The gaoler was laughing at me. I gave him a dirty look, to which he replied, “Don’t act high and mighty to me. I know what you are.” Again, I could do nothing but cry. I was a ruined woman.

This story uses the same Sarah from “Summer Camping Trip”, however, it is not necessary to read either before the other. I am a new writer, so please leave comments, good or bad, and I will accept them gladly.


“Hmmmm” Sally let out a soft moan into the headrest of the masseur table. Ever since she past that age barrier of forty about five years ago, Sally’s body needed some form of relaxation. Sleep was good, but her bank account still showed the remnants of her tricky divorce many years earlier. Not only did she win over the house, but was also left a hefty sum of her ex-husbands’ earnings after being caught with the babysitter, claiming not to have known she was only sixteen.

Since then, her husband had spent a short sentence in prison, before moving far away from her. Sally had gained custody of their then-toddler, Sarah, and used the wealth that she had been left with to raise her as best she could.

That was fifteen years ago, and long out of her memory. Right now, her mind was occupied with the tingles flushing throughout her body as the large hands of the Mexican masseur, Diego pressed into her back. With plenty of oil, Diego had worked up a hot burning rub all over his client’s back and legs, and frequently changed his movements to suit the demands of Sally.

This was the second time Diego was called upon by Sally for his services, and he had come to see that he was to be one of his more tricky customers. “Too hard” or “Harder” were the most common words from his client. Although she treated him more like a hired servant.

However, he was drawn back to the job because the prim and proper anglo lady was quite beautiful for her age. She was an average height but had legs that seemed to go on forever. Diego savoured his time spent massaging up and down her taught muscles in her thighs and calves. She obviously worked out. Sally had decent sized breasts, but while she did remove her bra for the massage, she had not even considered turning to face upwards. Topping it off, she had a striking face, framed with luscious brown locks, slightly curled and flowing past her shoulders. Many younger men saw her as a “milf”, and Diego thought she resembled the actress Courtney Cox.

Sally liked the way she looked, wearing clothes that demonstrated her inherited wealth whilst also showing off her body. However, as she was laid off her job just last month, she had cut the spending on clothes, and felt guilty now in the pleasure of Diego’s hands. She loved the way the roughness of his skin was complemented with the gentleness of his touch. She was forced to think of the Mexican man’s body.

Diego was almost 40 and was no model. His facial features were rugged but he thought he was far from attractive, and his lack of confidence in his appearance often worsened it. However, after years of training and practice in his area of expertise, Diego had huge arms and a strong, muscular chest. With regular exercise, the rest of his body was also fairly easy on the female eye. Sally had thought on numerous occasions since his first visits of the possibility of his seduction. After all, she was not being largely satisfied in her current status as single mother.

Perhaps it was the way she wiggled her bum on the table slightly as Diego approached her upper thighs, but he sensed her sexual frustration. He withheld from making any suggestions last week, but this week the movements had become more obvious, and it was clear that she needed more than a massage.

As the massage was winding to a finish, Diego looked over Sally’s naked body, with the exception of her baby-blue panties. He decided he needed to be bold. As he slid his hands up the long legs of the beautiful lady, he lingered in his movements as he reached the top, and rather than lifting them from her legs, he continued the press higher.

His large fingers pressed on the underside of her panties, and Sally thought “Finally” as her expectations were fulfilled. As his thumbs dropped between the crack of her ass cheeks, he lowered them slowly, tentatively to her cunt lips. Resting there for a moment, he waited for a reaction. Seeing none, he felt safe to continue, and rubbed her slit up and down a few times. Sally was in a state of relief, however she knew this could not last.

Suddenly, Sally jerked herself forward away from Diego’s fingers, turning abruptly, her face showing a shock. “What do you think you’re doing?!” she questioned him in mock-fear. Diego was dumbfounded for words. He felt like there was no need to explain what he was doing and so could not answer her question.

A smile appeared across his face as if to express his mischief, but was only returned with a stern look of disbelief. Sally played the part well as she slapped him across the face, wiping his goofy smile from it. “How dare you! You think you can just go fondling your clients willy-nilly. Let me tell you, I am not some cheap whore!” Her voice had risen to a shout.

She paused. “If you do not want me to press legal charges, and believe me I WILL, you will complete this massage and leave, free of charge.” Diego had nothing to reply, a schoolboy caught with gum in class. He had to comply to the strong will of the lady. “Yes, ma’am” he said.

“That’s just for a start! You should be paying me not to take you to court. You wouldn’t stand a chance with this one.” Sally felt she might have overdone it a little, but she had to be sure she was getting this massage for free. She lay back down on the table, “No more funny business,” she commanded.

Diego went about with his business, disappointed with himself for not asking at least before taking such a bold move. But he was sure she was asking for it. His confusion was only replaced by frustration; not only with him, but with the way Sally had reacted. She treated him like dirt, and she had done ever since he had worked for her.

His hands pushed strongly into her back in frustration, thinking “white bitch, thinks she’s better than me, more powerful than me! I’ve worked ten times as hard as her, I deserve the wealth she has. I should be looking down on her.” His thoughts were disturbed by a twitch and a small yelp, “Too hard, you numbnut, how difficult can it be to keep some consistency.”

With that the front door opened, and in trudged the tired looking Sarah. She was dressed in her school uniform and looked absolutely gorgeous. She wore a white buttoned blouse, with a small navy blue bow under the collar. Her skirt was the same colour, and came down to just above her knees. As though to dress her splendidly shaped legs up further, her silky white socks came up to just below her knees, and her small feet were clad in small black flats. The outfit looked amazingly cute on her small figure, as her skinny body, complimented by her cute bubble butt, immediately drew the gaze of Diego.

As his eyes travelled up her little frame, it came to rest on her small, pretty face, soft blue eyes, smooth skin, accentuated with her small mouth and nose. Stands of her blonde hair, washed with a light brown, fell down onto her face in her flourished tiredness, while the rest of her hair, held in a ponytail, was hidden by the cute, beige broad-rimmed hat.

Sally sensed something had changed as Diego’s hands stopped moving. She looked up to find her daughter of eighteen years. Just last month, they celebrated her birthday as they looked back on the years of difficulty for them both without a husband or father. “Hi dear, how was your day?”

“It was alright, same old school.” Her face seemed to exude life and her smile lit up the room.

The casual chitchat continued, while Diego was instructed to “continue working.” He did so, but kept an eye on the pretty teen, who came and sat on the couch near the table. As she slumped down on the couch, her skirt rode up to about halfway up her thighs, and Diego could feel blood flow towards his groin. Her skin was so delicate and golden. He wandered how she was able to get such an even and perfect tan.

Sarah seemed to take interest in the handiwork of Diego, and asked her mum in a sarcastic tone “where’s my massage, huh mother?” Sally was about to reply when she caught her tongue, and turned to face Diego. “Actually, Diego here has been kind enough to offer to give you a massage free of charge.” She gave him a threatening smile. “Oh that’s nice of you, Diego” Sarah walked over to him, “I’m Sarah by the way.”

“Well I’m about done now anyway,” said Sally as she rose from the table, covering her breasts from the other two. Sarah followed her to the other room, “Umm, mum do I have to go naked like you?” she asked tentatively.

“I’m not fully naked. Besides you can keep your bra on if you want.” Sarah still looked anxious, “It’s for free, dear, just go and enjoy it. And you better go quickly, I need to pick up your boyfriend in about twenty minutes, remember.”

Sarah had almost forgotten about her boyfriend coming over for a movie night tonight, and with the football field a lot closer than his house, he agreed to come over straight from practice.

Sally pushed her daughter back out into the living room, urging her to go quickly and make the most of Diego’s “generosity”. “Do I have time to change my underwear at least?”

“Don’t be such a fusser, just get on the table.”

With that, Sarah settled herself, and started unbuttoning her blouse. She made light work of the blouse, and moved to the skirt, slipping it quickly aside. Diego watched in awe through the corner of his eye as her ass was revealed. The skinny little girl then walked over to the table, and Diego noticed she was in fact very small.

“Erm, excuse me Sally, I do need your permission to massage anyone under eighteen years old.”

“Well that shouldn’t be a problem, Diego, as my lovely daughter is eighteen,” she replied in scorn. Diego blushed at his mistake, and was surprised that such a small girl, despite her beautifully formed body, was so old. “Lie down please,” he suggested to Sarah, who was a little confused as to what to do.

She lay down and Diego almost blew his load right there. Her cute rear, covered in her thin, white school underwear, was sticking up off the table. It was so small and cute, fleshy yet firm. He yearned to just reach out and grab it. He imagined his big hand, almost completely covering it completely, grasping the flesh in his hand and releasing it, allowing it to ripple in small vibrations.

Sally walked in again after leaving to dress fully, and Diego was forced into action. He asked her carefully if he could unclip her brassiere, as it was important that he could access her entire back. Sarah was cautious, and opted to consent as his large fingers fumbled to unclasp it. Once done, he poured some oil into his hands and went about rubbing over her small back.

In comparison to her mother, Sarah’s body would take far less time as there was less skin to cover, but Diego could do this all day. As his hands danced over her back, he fell into a trance as the heat in his hands was surely transferred into her body. Sarah never once complained, and after a few minutes, the massage had built to a point where each stroke brought a wave of relaxation and relief to the girl. She too fell into the trance of the magical power of Diego’s hands.

Diego moves his hands to Sarah’s thighs, moving them up and down. He was unable to go below the knee as Sarah had seemingly forgotten to take off her socks. He should have seen that earlier and now could not take them off for her as he had oil all over his hands. As he began to massage her upper thighs, he ventured further and further north, pressing into the lower parts of Sarah’s ass.

Sally watched from the kitchen and made sure Diego behaved. However, her view was not completely clear, and on one upstroke, Diego accidentally brushed Sarah’s pussy through her panties. Sarah dismissed it as an accident, but a few strokes later felt it again. Maybe he was just being a little clumsy. Diego was far from clumsy with his powerful hands, and couldn’t help himself with the successive brushing of her little cunny imprint in the white cloth. This continued and eventually, a drop of moisture appeared on the underwear.

Sarah was not keen on being felt up by a stranger, but thought, this was a massage and he is just touching my body to make me feel good. So she let it continue, her arousal building as he now brushed slightly heavier against her snatch and on every stroke. Diego was in heaven as the youthful flesh rippled and moved around his fingers. Never had he massaged such heavenly buns with the perfect mixture of flesh and muscle. His cock was at full-length now and bursting for release, as both descended into another trance.

Both were abruptly stirred when a “beeeep bip” came from the pile of Sarah’s clothes. Sally strolled in to see what the noise was. “Can you check my phone for me please?” Sarah asked her mother, “It could be from Phil.” Phil was Sarah’s boyfriend of two months.

Sally found the phone and flipped it open. The message appeared on the screen. “Oh damn! Phillip needs to be picked up in fifteen minutes, which means I need to leave now.” She looked at Sarah in a sorrowful tone as she gave the signal that time was up.

“Mummm, are you sure you can’t leave in ten minutes, this is so good!” she pleaded with her. “Or you can just go anyway, I will see Diego out.”

“Oh I cannot leave you here alone with him,” she directed a strong stare at Diego.

“Mum you never trust me with anything. I am eighteen now, I know how to handle myself. I’m not a little girl anymore.” Diego couldn’t help but think that she still appeared to be one. Sally thought so to.

A tension rose as neither spoke, challenging the other to give in. “Oh fine whatever, finish this quickly, I want to see you gone by the time I am back,” she said to Diego. “And if you dare try any of that funny business on my daughter, I will have you out of this country in no time. Honey keep your phone on you and call at the slightest disturbance, OK?”

Sarah looked at her in her frustration of being treated like a kid.

“Ok, I’m going. I’ll be right back.” One last glare at Diego and she was gone.

As the door shut, Sarah removed her bra completely and lay back down on the table. “Please, exactly as you were Diego.” He resumed his powerful stokes into her thighs and ass, now more willing to push higher up, and play with her pussy lips through her undies.

The massage grew more and more powerful and daring in the movements of Diego’s hands, and continued to push Sarah’s underwear higher and higher on her cheek. By the time the bottom edge was completely scrunched up to the top edge of her underwear, Diego had complete access to the young girl’s ass. The fabric was wedged up into her ass crack, and the edges of her pussy lips came into view. Small tufts of hair snuck out over the edge of her panties, and Diego continued to further fondle her cunt. Her juices were now flowing freely, and she lifted her bum towards the fingers.

As Diego continued, his large finger was removed from her pussy, and with a quick and desperate flash, Diego grabbed her underwear and yanked it down her toned legs. He then took each cheek of the small bubble butt in his two giant hands. It was almost covered completely, and he made light and heavy squeezes of the flesh in his rough hands.

This was not enough for Diego, though and he lowered his face towards her pussy. Lifting her ass by his hold on her cheeks, Diego pulled the eighteen-year-old ass into the air so that his tongue could lap up the juices that formed around her pussy lips. Sarah let out a squeal further portraying herself as younger than eighteen.

Sarah was not a virgin, however had never received oral sex from any boy, and only now realised what she was missing out on. Diego let his tongue explore the outer lips of the smooth crevice, moving down to pay particular attention to her clitoris. Sarah’s ecstasy continued and could not withhold screams of joy as she tilted her head back towards her rear.

Her back arched in an extremely erotic pose as both her head and ass were lifted off the table, while her flat stomach remained down. Diego continued his assault on her clit and surrounding lips, until he drove his tongue as deep as it would go into her pussy. Adding to this, he moved one of his thumbs to circle her small, brown rosebud.

With the grip he had on her cheeks, Diego easily spread them apart to reveal her most precious of holes. No boy she had been with had ever even touched there. That no longer stood, as Diego wedged his thumb down to the first knuckle into her shit hole. The sensations were too much to bear, as Diego’s tongue now darted in and out of her slit. Sarah reached back, spreading her cheeks further for him as she screamed at the top of her lungs in her biggest orgasm.

Diego rode it long and continued his stimulation of her private parts, and one orgasm turned into a second immediately after. Diego squeezed his entire thumb into her rosebud, and wiggled it around in unison with his tongue. As this orgasm subsided, Diego turned Sarah over and pulled her body toward him so that his groin was level with hers. He bent down and kissed her deeply, swishing her pussy fluids between their mouths. Sarah accepted the heavy kiss, amazed at the passion with which he delivered it. No boy had ever kissed her like that.

As he held this, one hand stroked the smooth skin of Sarah’s face, while the other wrestled with his pants until they lay on the floor. Sarah had no idea what he was doing, her eyes and faced occupied with the mashing of her small, cute lips against his large cracked ones. All things about Diego seemed to mountain over the girl, and his urge to take her was built up with the memory of how her mother had treated him.

“That white bitch thought she was so much greater than me. Now look at me!” he thought to himself as he looked into the eyes of her little daughter. And with that thought, he pressed his cock into Sarah’s slit with a sudden force.

Sarah had not been expecting his entry, and the combined force and size of his Mexican tool would have caused her to scream. But Diego held her face against his, and eased his entry. He had plunged five inches of his extremely fat prick into the tight snatch, and held it there as she grew accustomed to it inside her.

Lowering himself down into her, he moved his hands to her small breasts, pinching her erect nipples. Sarah felt this as a sharp pain, too, but after several pinches and twirls, his large fingers again felt heavenly on her skin. At last, he bottomed out on the extremely tight pussy, having to heave his weight down to enter untouched depths with his eight-inch meat.

With that, he stood up, taking in the sight of his huge tool buried inside this lithe girl, squirming around on the end of his fuck stick. He took mental note to dedicate this moment to Sally, laughing to himself.

Picking up Sarah with ease due to his huge arms, Diego now had her leaning into his big body, and lifted her up off his pole. Gravity and arousal forced Sarah to slide back down, and Diego continued this, building a steady rhythm. Sarah had overcome the pain that had inhabited her swollen cunt and gave way to unbridled pleasure, and began to do the bouncing atop of Diego’s manhood. Sensations ripped through them both as Diego started walking around the room. He walked into the next room, a formal lounge room, which had a window out to the front of the house.

Laying her down on the antique furniture, he pressed Sarah’s sock-covered legs back in front of her body. With one hand, he held her ankles together at his arms length, and with the other guided his eight-inch monster into Sarah’s sopping hole He placed stood up on the coffee table too and squatted over the girl, her ass and pussy exposed completely for him to take advantage.

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