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My wife Emma and I have been avid swingers for the past dozen years. We are both in our late thirties and we both have our own businesses. We are successful and happy I believe in that we have some money saved, few bills, a mortgage free home as well as a vacation/ retirement condo in St Marteens and best of all, love each other deeply.

We are also very involved with our community and its needs as it comes to helping others. We have done everything from working and donating to the food bank to bowling for hospitalized children. We find this fulfilling but sometimes depressing as the needs far out last the donations and volunteerism.

Emma has been a constant organizer for many of the charity organizations we belong to and is always looking for new and improved ways to raise funds and expand the pool of donors. This story is about how she really expanded her efforts.

I was working in my home office one bright morning, enjoying a bagel and egg with some Hawaiian coffee. Emma had left earlier to go to a planning meeting at the home of Wanda Proctor. Now every planning committee has a Wanda on it. The matronly, white haired know it all who dominates the meetings while putting others ideas down. They are the take charge people, not that they do a better job, but that they believe they are the only ones capable of getting it right. Emma and Proctor often clashed at these meetings, but in the long run they did do the events and raised funds. Many of the ladies involved disagreed with Wanda, but few would buck her, so Emma usually caved that an event could go forward.

I was taking a long sip from some still steaming coffee, when I was startled by the front door slamming. From my office I heard the distinct sound of high heels on the tile floor and the clang of keys dumped on the granite countertop. I assumed that Emma had returned and was not in a good mood. Boy was I right on target.

Walking into the kitchen, I found Emma red faced and breathing heavy, her 36D tits rising sharply in her white blouse while wringing her hands. Usually she keeps a lid on it when she’s really mad, but something or someone had set her off big time today. I was almost frightened to ask what it was.

“Em, what’s the problem, why are shaking so much?”

“That fucking cunt whore bitch.”

“Wow, tell me how you feel honey. That came out with so much acid, I feel like I need a tums shower. Who are you talking about?” I asked knowing full well the answer.

“Wanda fucking Proctor pissed me off so much today that I quit the organizing committee.”

Now this was news, Emma loved that group (save Wanda) and would normally walk over coals for those ladies. She has spent more time and treasure with this group than anything else lately, including her business. Based on her emotions, I thought it best to try and settle her down by pouring her a cup of coffee and getting her to at least sit down.

My dad, that old sage of married life came to mind. After 45 years married to mom; son he said, the best thing when the spouse is upset is listen and listen some more. Do not interject or try to be impartial, just keep your trap shut and let her get it all out. That was my plan for Emma at this juncture.

“Em, it must have been some meeting for you to quit, please tell me about it.” Smooth operator, that’s me.

Emma sat, kicked off her high heels and took a large gulp of coffee. Her breathing had settled some but was still erratic from her anger. She took a second gathering her thoughts before she began.

“Glenn, do you remember a couple months ago when I floated the idea of the volunteers banding together to make just one committee?”

I nodded to that.

“Well the idea was that instead of us assigning a person or two to organize and do a fundraiser we would only do large events together and then disperse the funds to the causes that needed help the most. We did not want to say do a cookie sale to benefit just the cancer society, but do something bigger so many organizations would benefit. You also remember that the only person against that was Wanda.”

I again nodded. I recall the angst of that time, Emma was wound up tight over that fight but still not like she was now.

Emma continued on. “So today we were planning new events and Jenny Spenser suggested since we had some new businesses in town with young single people we should have a people auction. That is auction off the people’s time for dates, chores whatever. Since we had never done anything close to that, most of us gave the concept thumbs up.”

I was a little distracted when Emma brought up Jenny Spenser. I had met her several times before and once she was in our house shortly after her marriage. Jenny was a newlywed, early 20′s, tall brunette with the most phenomenal ass I’ve ever seen, up there with J Lo. I just had a short fantasy break thinking of that ass in my hands while Em was talking. Reality returned quickly as Emma resumed her tale.

“No, Wanda would have none of it, considering it far beneath us. She literally brought Jenny to tears knocking her idea. Instead the old hussy said we should do a walkathon. God knows we’ve had walkathons to death. They always involve the same people and we also raise the same amount of money, so absolutely boring and mundane. So I got into it with Wanda about being stagnant and not wanting to try new things, she called for a vote and it was 10-2 with only Jenny supporting me. As usual the others were afraid even though I know most supported us. After the vote she did a high and mighty about agreeing with her and I basically said I quit.”

Ever the statesman I responded with “you did the right thing, honey.”

Now that Emma had gotten all this out I noticed her body and voice calming down and relaxing a little. I thought that after she totally chills, she’ll find a way to get together with the girls and continue on with the charity work. I was about to ask if she wanted more coffee when the phone rang.

Being the closest, I answered it.

“Good morning to you Sam” I remarked. Emma looked at me with a wide eyed expression and nervousness. It was our town Mayor, Sam Proctor. Yes that Proctor, the husband of the old battleaxe herself, Wanda. After about a minute of listening, I said, “fine we’ll be here” with a perplexed Emma looking on.

As soon as the phone hit the cradle I got that urgent “What did he want?”

“He’s on the road and will be here in about 10 minutes, wants to discuss something with the both of us.”

That was not good enough for Emma.

“For heavens sake Glenn, what does he want?”

“Just said he wanted to talk to us babe, that’s all.”

Sam Proctor is a great guy, elected as mayor for the past three terms. He was nothing at all like his wife in personality. He was the richest guy around, the largest employer in town, running three businesses and really did not have the time to be mayor, but his skill as an executive was fantastic and he was by far the best mayor we could have. He got along with everyone and was never confrontational. It didn’t hurt that he was also the town’s largest donor, a point his wife Wanda exploited to the max.

I started to brew another pot of coffee, not really knowing what to expect but figured it couldn’t hurt. Emma was antsy to say the least, running around more or less in circles while trying to appear she was actually doing something. It wasn’t long before the door bell rang.

“Hi Sam, come on in” as I gave our mayor a hearty handshake. We were friends since we moved to town some 10 years ago, even though he knew some of the issues we had with Wanda. Sam was one of those striking guys, the type women adore and men respect. He looked a lot like that late actor, Peter Graves of Mission Impossible fame, though shorter in stature. He was by far the most important man in town, even if he wasn’t just the mayor, but he made you feel that you were when he engaged you.

Emma came up behind me and when Sam spotted her she got a big hug and kiss on the cheek. We led him in to the den and we sat down to the coffee that Emma had poured earlier. Sam looked relaxed but also like a man with a mission so we let him just come out with it.

“I had just gotten to the meeting this morning when I was told of the fallout you had with Wanda. I first of all want to apologize for her and would hope that the fence can be mended because we need everyone to pull together.”

Emma cleared her throat, but her posture said more about her discomfort as she sat on the edge of her chair.

“Thanks Sam, but you should not have to apologize for anything. You were not there and one thing led to another. I perhaps acted a bit hasty, but I feel we need to go in a different direction in terms of our fund raising drives.”

Sam was at ease and appeared hopeful that a resolution was near.

“Does that mean you will come back if Wanda apologizes?”

“It’s not a question of that Sam. I know we can get along again and we were both at fault. I just don’t think the disagreements are going to end because we are just on different pages when it comes to our work. It would be best if we split and did our own thing.”

Sam pushed back all the way in his chair and finally took a sip of coffee. He had an expression on his face of a man with something else on his mind though.

“I expected that might be the case. Actually I went to the meeting with the plan of offering a job in my administration for a liaison with the state. Part of that work would entail all our charitable efforts throughout the community as well as organizing and running all our city’s events, such as the tomato festival etc. We would harness matching funds from both the state and feds, so I need exceptional organizational skills.”

Emma was very intently looking at Sam. What he was saying was making her eyes and ears stay riveted to his every word. I knew that Emma had a longing to enter politics in some fashion and this may be the way in.

Sam swallowed some more coffee and continued.

“I had hoped to have all the committee members give me their choices today so that I can make a selection. I just wanted you to know I have not informed Wanda that I was coming over here today, nor does she have any inside track for the job. I do realize what I know from the members, they would have voted for you Emma or Wanda.”

I was interested in his thought process now myself. “So Sam what are your plans now since it would appear the committee voting would be out.”

“Glenn, on my way over here I did think of something. How about a contest if you will. I know that members will line up behind Emma here and some behind Wanda. So we would have two teams matching up. Since it will soon be September, how about a battle, featuring one event between the two teams. Whoever raises the most money and has the most enthusiastic support, would win and those team members will select one of their own to be my new liaison. We’ll tally everything up on Dec 31 at my house party, and declare a winner. How does that sound?”

Before I could muster up an answer, Emma gave a resounding “I’ll do it!” Emma never could refuse a challenge. I remember one time at a swinger party out of state when the hostess said she could take on 6 guys in a gangbang; Emma topped her by offering herself to the whole house. After 18 guys worked her over, her pussy was a wreck for two weeks. No sir, never place a challenge or contest in front of my wife and expect a feeble response.

Sam’s face reflected a man that was delighted to have made an offer and have it accepted. As he stood up to leave he made a few more comments.

“Emma, what exactly were you proposing this morning while Wanda wanted a walkathon?”

“Well the idea was really Jennifer Spenser’s. It was that we would hold an auction for both single and married couples who could offer services. Maybe the singles could have dates, some others could do chores or projects that the current wives or husbands did not want to do. It just sounded like a lot of fun and we set up parameters of involvement. It certainly seemed more appealing than walking up and down the street.”

Sam was rubbing his chin and calmly said that it did sound like more fun. Sam said he would get back with Emma to finalize the “contest” and left. He no sooner had the door closed behind him than Emma was on the phone telling Jenny to hurry over.

I had to get to a meeting so I left the house before my fantasy girl Jenny showed up but I insisted to Emma that she fill me in on everything when I got back.

I walked in later that day to what looked like a whirlwind of activity. Notes and papers were laying or tossed everywhere in the den and I couldn’t help but notice the three empty bottles of wine on the coffee table with two lipstick stained glasses. Emma came around the corner to greet me with a deep kiss and a groping hug while I inhaled her alcohol laced breath. I also knew that wine heightened her horniness to the next level, so I decided in an instant to take full advantage.

Lifting my laughing wife up and slinging her over my shoulder, I race walked to the master bedroom and tossed her roughly on the bed. In one quick motion my pants and underwear were discarded and the dress shirt flung to the floor. On the bed, Emma also removed what little she had on all the while panting like a mare in heat. After a short bout of kissing and groping, I buried my stiff rod into a steamy, wet and incredibly tight pussy. Emma’s muscle control was outstanding as usual and she milked my cock with utter abandon. At this stage I don’t know who was hornier. I made sure to have some contact with her clit as that usually put us in sync together on our orgasms. This was a fuck for fucks sake, our libidos were off the charts and we just needed release. The frantic pace we pounded into each other was unsustainable and we both cascaded into our own releases. Emma moaned out her “I’m coming” while I grunted my eruption into her pussy by stiffening my entire body. Emma encouraged my cumming by flexing those love muscles of hers to drain me completely. Spent, we pulled apart and lay side by side returning to a relaxed state of breathing.

“So honey, you’ve had a good day?” I joked.

Emma punched my arm while laughing.” You can say we had a great day with that last kicker.”

“I can see by all the notes out in the den, that it was certainly busy. What all did you get accomplished today?” I quizzed.

“Shortly after you left, Jen got here and we have been brainstorming ever since. We have potentially 20 people to auction. I hope you don’t mind but I placed you and me on the list to.”

“No I don’t mind at all. Is there any chance I could get some pussy out of the deal?” I joked.

“Oh stop already, while getting another arm punch. You’ll have all you can do here with me” as she raked her nails over my balls.

“Do I know any of the other potential auction items?”

“Sure, besides us there’s Jen and Ben and…”

I did not hear any other names after Jen. Ben was her husband, a nice hunky kind of guy, which I know made Emma happy. But the chance to have a date with Jen was certainly an opportunity for me.

“So besides finishing those three bottles of Kendall-Jackson what else did you get done?”

“Once we identified the folks we thought would give us the biggest bang for the buck, we sent e-mails, cute and sassy ones, to see if they would commit. We already have several responding, all with the thumbs up.”

“It does sound like you are well on your way to being a mayor’s aide” I gleefully told Emma.

“Oh Glenn, this is going to be so much fun to kick the ass of Wanda Proctor and rub it in her face. Some of the girls have told me that once Sam told her of the contest, she was livid. Not so that he didn’t just give her the job; but that someone would actually oppose her for it. Plus it looks like she will still do the walkathon. Knowing how they have been in the past, she’ll be lucky to raise more than the best we have ever done which was $12,000.”

And so things were looking good……

Three weeks later

Wow has things taken a 360 degree turn. What looked so promising several weeks back had turned sour. The early commitments did not pan out. Instead of the 20 people we planned on, it was just down to the 4 of us. We heard back about conflicts, spouses were not ok with it, they were moving, on and on. We finally got a real glimpse of the truth when Eileen, another committee member that stayed with Wanda but was a mole for us, said that many of the people we wanted were “subtly” pushed out. Most were either employed by the Proctors or were vendors and feared some kind of blowback. It never led to Sam, always Wanda. Meanwhile Wanda had commandeered other organizations and her walkathon was going to be used. Rumor had it that she had 500 people lined up with an average of $50 donations. That would more than double the previous amount raised.

Needless to say the mood around our house was more akin to a funeral home. Even with the beautiful Jenny stopping by and me drooling over her body and Ben making Emma swoon, made no difference. Emma was close to tossing in the towel and just handing the win to Wanda. Ben, who did not work for the Proctors, being the town vet and volunteer firefighter, said we should bring our information directly to Sam. I nixed that as he was our friend and to throw his marriage up to possible turmoil was more than I could or would do.

So it was decided one afternoon among the 4 of us, unless we had another approach we would call Wanda and Sam in the morning and bow out of the charity contest.

Jenny and Ben went home and Emma went to have a pedicure, so I was home making a sandwich when the phone rang.

“Hello, this is Glenn”

“Glenn you hunk, how are you?”

Good lord, that sultry voice could only belong to one beautiful blonde bombshell named Vicki Cumberland. Vicki and her husband Norman lived a state over from us and have been regular swing partners for almost 6 years. We met them at a party and have been pals ever since, but it has been maybe 6 months since we have seen or talked to them. I think the only contact may have been an anniversary card that Emma had sent a while back.

“I am fine Vicki, my tasty little morsel, how are you sweet cheeks?”

“I am so horny Glenn darling, we haven’t seen you guys in ages and I’m just checking to see how you and Emma are.”

We continued with the small talk and catching up on news and events. The big news was that her husband Norman had struck out on his own and created a new firm. Norman is a web site design specialist and has pioneered many things on the web. I was very happy for him, he is a great guy. We talked about getting together soon and I brought up the troubles we were having on the charity side and I didn’t know if we could break away. Vicki asked that Emma call her later and she may have a solution for our issue. Even though I pushed for more information, Vicki said it was just an idea and she would float it by Emma. Shortly afterward we ended the call.

When Emma returned several hours later, still down in the dumps I might add, I let her know of Vicki’s call. This gave her a small boost; she was close to Vicki and now felt bad about the little contact over the past months.

It was a few minutes after 4pm when they connected. At 5, 6 and 7pm they were still on the phone with each other, occasionally placing it on speaker. I could hear Norman also on the line and I gave a shout out “hello buddy.” By 7:30 I was looking to have dinner; Emma was still heavy on the phone while taking notes. I pantomimed picking up dinner at a drive thru which Emma nodded yes to. I was back by 8pm from the BBQ place; sure enough Emma was still on the phone.

After dinner I watched some TV, and then the news and I dozed off. Around 11pm I awoke, looked around and did not see Emma but I could hear her in the house. Stumbling some, I found her in the office, on the computer and still to my amazement, on the phone. In a weird sign language way I asked how long she would be while she waved me off. With that I headed to the bathroom and finally to bed.

I was in a semi sleep, just feeling the urge to piss, when the bed sagged a little beside me. Emma was finally coming to bed. Slitting my eyes to look at the alarm clock showed 3am. I stumbled up to go take a leak and asked Emma if she was just coming to bed and she responded with a yes. By the time I got back, she was out like a light.

I got up my usual time, very nosy on what Emma had been doing all night long. With her still asleep I wandered into our joint office room and scoured around her notes from last night. My curiosity was very high because I think she came up with something to keep the contest alive. Many of the notes I found listed names of people we knew, most from out of our area. It finally cracked my noggin that the people posted were all swingers we knew over the years and folks we had stayed in contact with and partied.

I was really interested at this point and almost wanted to wake Emma to find out more. To appease my appetite, I logged on to her computer and saw a new icon, which when I clicked on came to a website called It was password protected so I couldn’t get much information but I determined this is what she must have been up to last night with Norman and Vicki. Only Norman could have put this together so fast and professional. I decided to make a little breakfast and wait for my sleeping beauty to wake and fill me in.

Hours later, a yawning and sleepy looking Emma shuffled into the kitchen. Her hair was disheveled as she had gone to sleep with her makeup on which now was smeared somewhat on her face. All in all she looked hot and I felt like fucking her over a barstool that moment but I was more interested to know about last night. Emma wouldn’t begin to talk till she had some coffee and juice which I quickly poured for her.

“My God Emma, what all did you do last night and did you keep the Cumberland’s up all night to?”

“I can’t believe we got done what we did Glenn. Without Norman I would still be twiddling my thumbs. The guy is an absolute genius and Vicki had the idea.”

“Well, what is it?” I was begging literally.

“The concept remained, that is an auction for people’s services. Except now it is for sexual services and involves a number of our swinger friends around the country. The site is password protected and will just involve people we know or have been with.”

I was interested in hearing more.

“How does it work, you know we like to keep the swinger angle away from here. We just don’t need the drama. How is money raised and what rules apply?”

“Glenn it really is ingenious. First Norman is the administrator and only he can access passwords and the entire site. First you log on with a code that you will get from Norm. Then you create your profile; download a picture, no nude, but certainly a bathing suit or such. Then you give yourself a username and your set to go. I think there are 20 people or so already set up or close to it. Do you want to see how simple it is?”

“What you already have something on?”

“Of course you and I are already set.”

Emma went on line and right to the site. She popped in a password and the screen went live. Listed on the left side were odd names which she described as usernames. She clicked on GLASSMAN. Lo and behold there was a picture of me out by the pool taken about a year ago. My face was blocked out but it was me.

“What the hell is Glassman?”

“Gee honey you are dense sometimes. If you don’t like it we can change it before we go live. But it stands for GL – Glenn, and you sure are an ass man.”

Emma knew me well. Ass man was perfect. I asked to see the profile on me. She hit that target as well. Emma explained further how things worked.

Every week half of the profiled people would be the “items” up for bid. The “items” were equally divided between men and women. Bids would start Monday and end at midnight Thursday at which point the “item” could be delivered over the weekend. If that was not possible, payment would still have to made, and you could take possession later. The following week the bidder’s would become the items. Emma planned it this way since we had 12+ weeks, everyone would have multiple times to play.

I was excited about the possibilities and asked Emma how the money raising part would go. First she said everyone would have a minimum bid of $50. New bids had to be in increments of $10. There was no cap. Another rule was that you could only win an “item” once, but then again that person could select you another time. We continued for the rest of the morning looking at the site and me asking some more questions.

By early afternoon needless to say I was stoked. The idea of some swinging action and helping charities seemed a perfect fit. It was then I realized we may have a problem based on yesterday.

“Em this is all great, but didn’t we discuss yesterday when things were not looking good, that we would call Sam and toss in the towel?”

Emma was unfazed. “Yeah but we don’t have to do that now.”

“But we have another problem, or don’t you remember?”

“What is it Glenn?”

“We had Jenny and Ben here when it was decided to quit. How are you planning to tell them we are going forward and in this new direction? This could jeopardize our under the radar living about our lifestyle.”

Emma face revealed a furrowed brow and a look of worry. I guess in the scheme of working this event out she did not think how to handle this aspect of it. I did not envy her position.

Emma decided not to wait and fret about it, looking around she spotted the cordless across the room and went for it. After what seemed like an eternity, her call was answered.

“Hi Jenny, its Emma. Something has come up today and we will not be bowing out of the contest. If there is anyway you could come over today we can discuss it with you. Hope to hear from you soon. Bye.”

Although I was curious as a cat to hear how Emma would do this, my insides could not handle it. I made an announcement that I would be running some errands shortly and I did not know when I would be back.

Emma gave me a well deserved “you’re a chicken shit” response.

I returned hours later not knowing if Jenny had come by or not. I was prepared for the worst, but rather hoping for the best. What that was I didn’t know. Emma was busy on the computer and did not look up when I came into the room. Based on her intensity she was involved only with the screen.

I stood there like a lamb waiting for his fleecing, still no acknowledgement from Emma. I had a thought that the contest had cratered due to our desire for some secrecy. Finally Emma looked up and a slight smile started on the left side of her mouth.

“Well?” I asked with a knot in my gut.

“Everything is just fine. It went better than I could have hoped. Jenny called back just after you left and then came right over, just left about 30 minutes ago.”

“How did you handle it, babe?” I yearned to know.

“I told her the truth, clear and simple.”

“What! Did you tell the truth about the auction or about us?”


My throat fell into my ass. I held our privacy concerning our lifestyle very high, now it looks like that is blown out of the water. I had to sit and do it quickly, so I took the seat next to Emma who was still logged on to the computer.

It took another second to compose myself, but I felt my teeth grate while spitting some dialog out.

“Have you lost your mind Emma? Couldn’t you have just told her we were trying to generate funds from friends out of town?”

“I did Glenn, but Jenny probed me for more and finally I slipped and she picked up on it immediately and I got cornered.”

Resigning myself to the fact the cat was out of the bag if you will, I hoped that something was still salvageable.

‘So how bad was it?”

“See for yourself” as she slid the computer screen over for a better view on my part. She hit on the username JS1NEWBIE. It popped open two photos of a yellow bikini holding onto a young, tan and outstanding body. Even with the face blocked, it was very much Jenny Spenser. The first photo was a frontal and showed a gorgeous set of tits, nice cleavage and flaring hips; the second photo locked my stare in. It was a rear shot with Jenny looking over her shoulder with a smile. My eyes riveted to that posterior. It wasn’t a string bikini but nonetheless left far more ass on display than fabric.

With my eyes never leaving the screen, I asked Emma if this means what I think it does.

“Yes it does, she and Ben are in.”

My balls started to tap dance together. Emma saw the glee on my face and knew exactly what I had to be thinking.

“I just finished entering it. Do you want to see her profile?” With that she clicked on it. I felt like I had won a prize. I was glued to the screen reading the following.

Newlywed newbie, mold me shape me. Looking to experience everything and I mean everything. Am 24, brunette, recently married (spouse will play to) 5’6″ 130, 36-24-36. Always had fantasies, never felt like they could be fulfilled till now. Shy at first, couple of wines will open me up and I mean open. Told that oral skills are excellent and I do enjoy all aspects of it (means I swallow). Looking for girl/girl; threesomes and more (yes gangbang intrigues me) anal (virgin) and ultimately being what they call airtight. Please bid me up and I will make every dollar of your donation well worth it!

Anal virgin had me clawing at my checkbook to get it out, when Emma pointed to the bottom of the profile which stated this:

Item not activated at this time.

“What does that mean?” with the vision of Jenny’s ass on my face disappearing.

“I gave Jen and Ben a week to decide if they want to go live. So for right now, people can look but not touch.”

I knew my wife was right. The first time we ventured out onto the swing scene we were too nervous and frightened to think straight. I could relate to how those two may feel.

“So when does the program go live?” I wanted to know

“Today is Friday, so we are running a pilot or test; it will all go live this coming Monday if there are no glitches.”

“What does the test mean and who’s doing it?”

With that Emma clicked on some other things and up popped Vicki’s profile. On the bottom was my code next to $50. Emma then flipped to Norman and her code was on his.

While she was doing that, she gave me the following explanation.

“It’s the least we could do since they supplied the expertise and the idea. We are going to see them tomorrow evening so be prepared.”

I could not object to that. Vicki was an exceptional lady, certainly one of my favorite friends with benefits. I loved anal with her, she was one of my firsts on that score plus she was one of the few women I knew that could orgasm while being plowed in the rear.

It was going to be a great weekend.

Emma continued to test the system with Norman’s input and everything looked good to go. We ran up more and more bids against fictitious bidders to see how it would handle. We both had bids up to $500 now on both Vicki and Norman. When I started to make a face, Emma calmed me down by saying this was a test and we would not be contributing that money. But in reality, our friends were worth that and more.

Our weekend with the Cumberland’s was fantastic as usual. There place in the countryside is beautiful and private allowing freedom for the lifestyle. A lot of time was used by Norman and Emma tweaking the web site, but fun was still the top priority. Every day was awesome but the crowning moment for me was one afternoon where I watched Emma and Norman fuck and tussle on a swinging hammock out by the pool. It was comical how they tried for certain positions all in the wake of a moving network of fabric. At one point Emma was on her back, legs spread waiting for the rigid cock of Norman. As he made a stab downward, he missed his mark and his cock emerged thru the webbing between Emma outstretched legs. Laughing so hard I almost missed myself as I was inserting an engorged prick into the backside of sweet Vicki. We were in the den, she straddling the couch armrest while I had lined up her ass for my assault. A few valiant stabs into the air as well as her cheek, but I did finally get that ass fuck I had been craving. Vicki made the highlight reel as her orgasm was hard and long from my pummeling as she left me exhausted but oh so satisfied.

And so upon our return to town and work, the contest began. Eileen our insider mole in the other camp said that Wanda had pulled all her tricks together and was planning walkathons every weekend till the 31st and she was insisting that all their suppliers, vendors and workers chip in with walkers and donations. So we knew that we had to have a lot of action on our side to generate more funds to win.

Emma and I sat out the first week; I had made it a point that till Jenny came up as an item I would remain on the sidelines. I was prepared to make a sizeable donation to have dibs on her and Emma knew it. I think Emma’s plan was the same for stud Ben.

For the first week we only had 6 “items” and bidding was low. At the end of the week we had only generated $560. Eileen could not get the exact number on Wanda’s first walk, but knew based on the amount of walkers and minimums, the haul was in excess of $4,000. We were deeply in the hole and only 12 weeks left. I began to be concerned as was Emma that we did not have a large pool of participants but it would not be a good thing to try and enlarge it at this stage.

Monday rolled around when finally Jenny became active. Neither she nor Ben pulled out during their one week review, so I was itching to go. I had a heavy workload so I didn’t get to access a computer till I got home in the early evening. I was not really prepared to see what I did when I logged on and punched Jenny’s bid sheet up. She was already at $750. with almost 4 days left. It showed that she was being hit hard and often after the opening bid of $50 which lasted all of three minutes.

I decided to wait till later in the week to see how high this was going to get rather than place a bid now. At swinger parties we’ve attended in the past it was always are big push to be with the “newbie’s” so I anticipated this to be the same thing here.

I checked again late Wednesday night and found that Jenny’s value had gone to $1,220, which in a way was a relief since she had started so strong. Just to keep myself abreast of Emma’s antics, I checked her profile. Sure enough she was still after Ben but now another bid was ahead of her and that stood at $430. I did not look through anyone else’s listing so I did not know where we stood potential donation wise.

Thursday was the deadline for that’s week’s bidding and I was not going to look till 11:55pm, then if practical, I would make my final bid. Now I really wanted Jenny badly, but in my head I never had a stop price figured. I really did not know what I would do if the price was in outer space, so I was nervous.

When I logged on at 11:30 I was downing a beer trying to keep myself calm. I hit the line and got Ben’s profile and saw that Emma was top gun. Checking a little closer I saw a bid of $520 an hour ago, and then fifteen minutes later Emma shot back with $700. Considering the increments could be as small as $10, that leap was Emma’s way of nailing it. With a heavy hand I found Jenny’s page and took a deep breath.

Jenny had climbed to $1770, a huge sum based on all the other players and a testament to her desirability. I didn’t recognize the name with the high bid, probably someone’s friend of a friend. With the clock ticking down I looked at the pattern of bids. The last bid was considerably higher than the previous one, so I surmised that was a last shot to win. I quickly punched in $1800, within seconds $1850 overrode me and it was the same username. Someone else was playing my game. What to do?

With the clock ticking down to under a minute, knowing that someone is on line with me waiting to pounce at my latest move, I typed in $2000. The clock hit midnight, the page said close and Jenny was mine. I thrust my fist in the air similar I guess if I had just won big in Vegas, but reality hit quick, how Emma would handle me with placing such a high bid on her friend. Looking quickly to Ben’s page, Emma had made it a family double by having the winning bid also.

I guzzled the rest of my beer and hoped for the best. Just because I had the highest bid did not automatically mean that Jenny would have sex with me. She still held all the cards based on the rules and could reject me while I would still have to pay. Now the regular swingers we knew would not have done that but with Jenny being a “newbie” she was under no obligation.

I left for my office very early the next morning and did not talk to Emma before I left. About 9 she called to inform me that Jenny had called and she had given her my office line and I should expect her call. I felt like a love struck puppy awaiting that call, I didn’t know how it would pan out.

The phone rang just as an associate was leaving my office; I hurriedly asked them to close my door and tell my secretary to hold my calls. The caller id said Jenny and I swallowed hard. I don’t know why I felt and acted like a love struck kid.

“Good morning Glenn” Jenny purred into the phone.

“Hi Jenny, how are you today?”

“Well I am blown away mister. I was stunned this morning to find you on my bid list and with such a huge number. I never knew you liked me so much.”

“Of course I like you Jenny, but this is for charity and I do want us to win” I wanted to at least show her that I wasn’t infatuated with her, which of course I was.

“Oh yeah, charity,” her voice reflected a hurt tone. I knew that I was to blunt with my previous comment so I tried to dampen it a little.

“I really do like you Jenny very much; the charity part is just a little icing on the cake. If it’s ok with you I would like to take possession and use my “item” as soon as possible.”

Jenny’s tone changed to one of being upbeat again and she also was looking forward to fulfilling her bidder’s wishes. In fact she said Ben and her were available this coming Sunday and that Emma had already confirmed that was ok. Who was I to change an excellent plan?

They showed up Sunday afternoon, swimwear in tow, ready to spend the day and some of the night with us. Emma immediately took Ben for a tour of the house; I suspected there would be some stops along the way. Jenny looked dazzling in a pair of white shorts and a halter top, teal color. We sat on the couch sipping some wine which I had remembered from her profile as a relaxer. It was not lost on her, as she tossed the first glass down and filled another herself. I was curious on why she wanted to participate in this contest so while she was relaxing, I began asking.

“Hey Jen, what made you decide to be an active participate in this auction thing?”

She took an extra big swallow of the merlot. “Emma was so secret about not quitting and she kept telling me she could not give me any more information. Well I got so upset; I told her I would still call Wanda to quit. That was to much for Emma and she slowly let on what you guys were going to do. First I was taken aback a little, but then it sounded exciting and dirty. You know Ben was my first and only before and after marriage and he also had some fantasies when we talked about it.”

While she explained I viewed her body, so young and toned. I didn’t notice any tan lines; the tan looked natural so I hoped she was also a nudist. As she talked her chest would heave out and her tits looked exceptional with quite pointy nipples showing through. I began hoping I had the energy today for several bouts with her.

As we sat on the couch, chilling, it was evident that Emma and Ben had not come back through the den. Now our house was large, but not that large and most of it was on the opposite side we were on, a side that Emma had not been in yet. The side they did go to was where the master bedroom is.

I asked Jenny if she was curious; she looked at me with a confused look. I took her hand and helped her up from the couch and walked with her toward our master bedroom. As we peeked through the doorway, we spotted Emma and Ben, partially unclothed, writhing on the bed lip locked and in a full body embrace. Emma’s tits were out, being handled and squeezed by the large hands of Ben. Both their throats were emitting moans of pleasure while they continued with their foreplay.

Peeking at Jenny, her eyes, primarily her pupils were enlarged and her upper torso moving dramatically as her breaths became deeper and longer. This was turning her on, which of course was precisely my motive. Although Emma and I didn’t have any qualms about playing with or without each other in sight, I did not know what Jenny’s reaction would be since she was a novice to all this. While what was happening on the bed was ingrained in our memories, I still had a hold of Jenny’s hand and I guided her back into our den.

Before sitting, I embraced her and started with a soft kiss. Initially she sat there with hands and arms at her side and her lips pursed together. I held her closer and kissed harder and slowly the meltdown began. Her hands came up and held the back of my neck and head; her lips opened and a darting tongue emerged and sought out and found mine. Jenny pressed her body hard into mine and my hands stroked her back and then slid to her fleshy ass. I kneaded my fingers into her ass flesh finally realizing one of my fantasies with her.

The harder we embraced each other, the harder my cock became and hurt due to its confines. I don’t know if Jenny sensed that or not, but she released a hand from my neck and went for my zipper and with urgency. My hands left her ass and slid under her halter top to discover a lacy thin bra that barely contained her overflowing breasts. The softness of her tit flesh was fantastic and my hands were glued to those orbs, exploring every delicate inch as well as her nipples.

By this time she had fished out my steely cock and began fisting it with vigor. Just to be out of the restricted confines of my drawers felt wonderful, but her hand working on it made it priceless. Our kiss lingered on and on as we groped and explored each others body. Even though my donation had been high, I was feeling that if was worth it and more.

We had removed a considerable amount of clothes in our embrace as I stood there now in just my drawers and Jenny in her lace set of bra and panties. The bra was flipped below her tits and I was delighted that no tan lines were on her tits. The thought that she sunbathed nude shot another bolt of excitement to my bobbing cock. I finally broke our lip lock; while Jenny frantically took on air, I descended on those luscious mounds and devoured her grapefruit size tits and stiff nipples. Her fragrance was exquisite and the softness of her tit flesh felt fabulous to my fingers. Believe me; I could have feasted for days on those tits.

One hand however was drawn like a magnet to her pussy where it just had to stroke and probe with its fingers. The heat emanating from Jenny’s love hole was warmer than the sun as well as moist like the sea. As my finger was aided by another and another, Jenny, bent her legs outward allowing me deeper and deeper access. Her body position reminded me of someone sitting astride a horse, upper legs extended out lower legs in. I had the overwhelming desire at this stage for my lips and tongue to experience the thrill that my fingers found.

Pushing Jenny down, we fell onto the couch, still with hands busy on each other’s bodies. Sliding my head downward; my mission to taste the nectar of her juices, my tongue dragged along the middle of her stomach. Jenny sensed what I was doing and helped guide my head down with a free hand. Before engorging myself on her womanhood, I lustily gazed on my prize, the incredible labia lips the perfect shape of her pussy itself and the tempting asshole slightly hidden from view, but obviously there between those stunning cheeks.

With her flower unfolded before me, my lips and tongue entered the opening of my latest fantasy girl. The smell and taste were as I had hoped, fresh and sweet. My tongue probed deep into the pink fleshy confines, searching for that little hard nub, her clit. Finding it, I lavished my full attention on it; receiving full recognition of my success by the gyrations and vocalizations from my beauty. Jenny squeezed my ears hard as she ground her luscious mound harder into my mouth. Jenny’s lower body was lurching upward, leaving the sofa at ever higher elevations. The heat was more intense between her thighs as well, as her legs clamped themselves together, squeezing my face and head.

In the distance of the other room, you could hear high pitched screams, lustful orgasmic screams as Emma was without a doubt enjoying her portion of the double event. Emma was never quiet, but she was outdoing herself in the volume department. Being multi orgasmic, she will wear Ben out, of that I was sure. I should have talked to him on his arrival and forewarned him to pace himself or he may miss the best part of his coupling. Oh well, that’s their business, for now I had to focus on Jenny and our pleasure.

Although I relished all aspects of my oral loving, my lust was dictating that I penetrate this babe with another part of my anatomy. Reluctantly separating, I repositioned Jenny on the sofa so that she was on her back with her legs splayed open. She did this quickly and telling by her facial expressions, she wanted it. With her open to me, I took my rigid cock and stroked the outside of her pussy for additional lubrication and also to tease her. This was not in her game plan as she thrust upward and inhaled my throbbing cock into her cunt. Her hands clutching my ass cheeks and her ass rotating in circles on the sofa cushion, it was abundantly clear that she wanted to fuck and do it now.

Like a good man, I complied with her physical actions by pounding her hole and deep rooting her pussy. She was very wet and the sloshing sounds were echoing between my ears which only made me want to do it more. Wet as her pussy was, she remained very tight and occasionally I would be expelled with the force of her muscles. Attesting to her lust was her urgency to get me back in by keeping one hand always near our joining.

For her first time straying from her marriage, Jenny was very into it; while in between her moans of lust, she spat out “fuck me” and “fuck” over and over again. Even though I had enough of my own passion, her cries elevated mine for sure. I not only wanted my pleasure, but made it a goal for Jenny’s as well. Placing my hands under her glorious ass, I squeezed her cheeks hard and drove my cock in deep and upward, making contact with the magic button. Jenny became higher pitched so I knew I hit pay dirt. Her cunt was going ballistic on my cock and the wetness and friction of our joined organs was causing the temperature of our bodies to skyrocket. I so much wanted to blast a load in her ass, but since we had gone this far, I knew I couldn’t make it.

I also did not clear it with her about unloading in her open hole. My condom less missile was so close to firing, I had to warn Jenny of that. So between my grunts and sucking for air on my overworked lungs, I whispered out “I’m coming Jenny, I need to pull out.”

Instead of an answer or pushback, I got a pull in from her hands on my ass as well as a leg lock over my back. It was clear to me to fire in the hole. With the dam bursting, that is exactly what I did, over and over again. Not within recent memory had I had an ejaculation that was so powerful and long lasting. Jenny’s pussy was more than receiving my deposits; in fact her cunt was milking me for more.

I lay on top of her till my cock shrank down which fortunately for me took a while. Jenny was breathing heavily and her eyes were rolled back in her head as she to calmed down from her sexual zenith. In the distance, the wails of Emma were still bouncing off the walls as Ben was still providing her deep orgasms. Since they had started before us and were still going strong was evidence of Ben’s stud status as well as my Em’s insatiable appetite.

Jenny and I stared at one another while laying parallel to each other. She was rubbing my chest and I reciprocated by tweaking her nipples while stretching them out with my fingers. Jenny caught me a little off guard when she spoke and said “Glenn, are you still going to break in my ass tonight?”

Even though my cock was still in the position of a flag in a still wind, my heart pumped an extra load of blood to my friend below. Do I want to take another breath, I thought to myself, hell yes I want to tap that ass.

So in response to Jenny’s question, without words my fingers located her anus and began to play with it by rimming it first with my middle finger and then slowly inserting it. This caused Jenny’s body to jump as a whole but she made no effort to move away from my probing digits. This was only taking seconds but I noticed that my cock had not only risen but was now stiff enough to bob about. Jenny meanwhile was whistling out little coo like sounds and inhaling deeply. This was building into more passion and lust than are just completed coupling, which was already over the top.

With my fantasy quickly becoming a mind blowing reality, I reached for some lube I had conveniently placed earlier on the table. This was to both slick up my dick and get moisture to that wonderful hole. My fingers had created a slightly larger opening, but it still was clear that I was about to take the cherry from Jenny’s rear. Suddenly there was a lot of commotion as half running into the den was Emma, tits giggling all over the place, followed by a buff looking Ben, with his erect cock swinging back and forth. They were both laughing as Emma said, “It sounded too quiet in here, we need to get the blood flowing and the women fucked!”

“What do you think we were doing, reading the paper?” I laughingly said.

Ben was focused on what I was doing, smearing his wife’s ass with gel and showing the same residue on my cock. He stared and began jacking his prick with slow strokes. Emma, seeing him do that took over and said let me do that for you. Having witnesses did not disrupt me from my mission of popping Jenny’s anal cherry and I positioned her for me to best access her hole. I applied some pressure and found a lot of resistance even with the lube. I told Jenny to relax hoping that would ease the sphincter but still we had trouble.

Emma and Ben at this point were not interested in our action as Ben had gotten on the floor and Emma had mounted him and began impaling herself with force and speed. It wasn’t long before her vocals began and her voice register went higher and higher.

I don’t know if that relaxed or made Jenny hornier, but I finally got the head of my cock into her ass and left it there for her to get used to. I could feel the powerful efforts of her ass to expel me, but I left myself firmly in place if not pushing in slightly. The resistance of her ring was impressive but it finally succumbed to my steely rod and boom, I was in.

Jenny body language told me that this was new and for now, uncomfortable. I stayed motionless but lodged more than halfway into her cavity where the feeling for me was absolute heaven. I admired the roundness of her glorious ass and the perfect shape and bubble effect. Thinking of my profile, yes I snickered internally, I am Glen the assman.

While Jenny and my state of ecstasy was mellow at this point, you could not avoid the pounding a few feet from us where Ben’s balls were being ground into the ass of my slutty wife Emma. In all our years of swinging no man has matched the level or stamina of my wonderful wife and when she was on a roll, like now, the man or men would pass out from exhaustion. However in Ben I saw some worry but also tremendous determination to fulfill his role in this carnal circus. They have been playing now for quite some time and Ben was certainly holding his own.

Jenny was beginning to relax, I could tell by her squirming and rotating her backside, telling me that a little pounding could begin. Once I did, with several fully deep strokes, she let loose with some fancy howling. She started to shout “fuck, fuck” and countless “Oh Gods” as I really hit her ass. My balls were slapping her ass with a timely rhythm as she lunged back into me. Jenny was in such a frantic state that even Emma stopped her fucking to take in the whole deflowering of her friends asshole.

Whether it was to quiet Jenny or not, Emma and Ben quit fucking and disengaged to come up and stand near us. With Ben fondling Emma’s stout breasts, he shoved his cock into his wife’s mouth where she eagerly sucked it. This made the room quieter, so that the slapping sounds of my cock and the slurping moans from Jenny took center stage.

After a few moments, Ben athletically slipped under his wife and asked Emma to help him.

I made way for Ben’s legs as they interacted with mine while still keeping my cock deeply lodged in Jenny’s rear. It dawned on me that Ben wanted to fuck his wife and thus give her a double penetration. I maneuvered myself so he could insert his cock and then we both started to drive our cock’s home. Paying attention to all this, I did not realize it was still fairly quiet till I looked up and Emma had placed her pussy to Jenny’s lips. It seems most if not all of Jenny’s fantasies would be fulfilled this day. I gave it a 95 score of being airtight.

With both Ben and I blasting his wife’s holes with our loads, the day and evening progressed from there. Our guests stayed through Sunday and we enjoyed them over and over again. Jenny took to anal like riding a bike, once she mastered it that was all she wanted to do. Both Emma and our new friend were doubled a lot appearing to outdo each other in being consummate hot wives. The fantasy profiled by Jenny got a boost when she and Emma hooked up when Ben and I were resting.

After that weekend, I pretty much gave up on the fuckathon, business picked up dramatically and I had work coast to coast and travelled a lot. Even late at night in a hotel room, the computer stayed off as I was generally too tired to go looking to see who was doing what. Emma kept me somewhat in the loop when we talked briefly at night, sometimes I even dozed when she was still talking. I know that Emma continued to be an active participant in the game, both buying and selling.

The weeks and months rolled along and before long the contest would be officially over and the party at the Proctors would be the highlight. We had attended Sam and Wanda’s New Year’s bash for years and it was always fun and a great social event, however this year could exceed that with this contest.

Vicki and Norman came down for the event. With a month or so to go with the contest, Emma got nervous and turned all the administration and collections over to Norman. She did not know the total amount collected or even some of the players that were added on later. I remember her telling me that Norman had gotten several requests for new players in the last few weeks and they agreed to add them in hopes of pulling in more donations.

There were about 100 guests for the black tie affair and right after dinner Sam was planning to make the announcement of the contest winner and his newest staff member. I have to admit that Wanda was very nice to us all; in fact she looked quite yummy in a shear black cocktail dress that she filled out nicely with her large tits and cleavage. We really did like her on a personal level and she is a great friend beside her issue with Emma. So even though I wanted to win I knew whoever got the job, the town would be in good hands.

Tapping his champagne glass, Sam stood and thanked everyone for attending and to please allow him to make some comments.

“As you know ladies and gentlemen, he began; we have had a contest to see who could raise the most money during the last quarter of this year. We have had a grand battle with two distinct camps involving Emma and her associates and my wife Wanda and her crew.

Wanda’s group did a number of walkathons and clearly had large participation within the community. Emma and her team did an internet auction where folks were in essence donated with their time and talents. Grading will be not only on funds raised but on a satisfaction survey. Let me now flip a coin on who will announce their numbers first.”

The coin was heads, which is what Wanda called, thus her team was first. As the envelope was pasted to Sam, the room was exceedingly quiet and gave an aura of tension among the guests.

“Ladies and gentleman, the walkathon teamed scored a satisfaction score of 86%.”

That was quite high. Norman had read me the survey on the way over and the questions involved both the participants and the donor’s level of feeling about their event. So obviously people were pleased to have been in this charity with Wanda.

Sam continued, “And the funds raised are $64,369.44″

People rose to their feet and applause was from everywhere. Emma and I were stunned in that amount factoring in all the previous efforts with such an event. Wanda had indeed raised the bar and was obviously worthy of being the town’s primary fundraiser.

Emma looked nervously at Norman who exhibited no emotion on his face. We did not know what was in our envelope and had concerns for sure. I remembered the early sizable lead they had and I wondered if we did enough to overcome it. I regretted playing only once now. The applause and kudos’ began to wind down so Norman handed his envelope to Sam.

‘Everyone, please take your seats so we can conclude the winner. I hope that after this we can move to the other rooms and ring in the New Year. And now, we have the results of team Emma.”

There was a buzz in the room but for the most part was quiet. My stomach growled and I watched Emma fidget around with her necklace, her nerves on display. I knew she really wanted this job, more than just one upping Wanda. I took a quick look at Jenny Spenser wearing a teal blue long gown with a plunging neckline and a large opening down the back which accentuated that fabulous ass. My stomach problem went away to be replaced by an aching boner.

With the envelope open, Sam spoke.

“Ok for the satisfaction level, we have a score of 96%!”

Again a lot of applause, but I was surprised since what we did was swap partners for sex, who would not rate that 100%? But at least we had a better score than Wanda.

Opening the next paper Sam looked at it and then pulled it in closer. His forehead moved upward toward his hairline and he reached for his water glass but grabbed the wine instead. Placing the glass to his lips he poured the entire contents down his throat and sat down while handing the paper back to Norman and asked him to read it.

Norman stood and cleared his throat, not revealing much in his manner or look.

“Team Emma’s funds raised were…. The pause was deafening, $131,220.”

Total silence dominated the room for seconds. Then slowly, as it finally sank in, a smattering of applause started; followed by an extended cadence of chants, “Emma, Emma, Emma.”

The number hit me squarely in the nose, we had not only won but our donations doubled Wanda. This was not just a win but a total defeat. Looking for Emma, she was speechless, sitting down, holding her face with her mouth completely open, in shock. Norman was grinning from ear to ear, hugging on Vicki who was also ecstatic. I was motionless until a figure tossed itself into my arms and I suddenly had the wonderful Jenny squeezing the life out of me. She kept shrieking, “We did it, we did it.”

People began hugging and embracing each other, even Sam and Wanda, especially Wanda gave heartfelt congratulations. In a hasty exchange, Sam announced that Emma would be his charitable coordinator in his office.

A special thanks to H M for the time spent editing and smoothing out the rough spots.

Heidi walked into a dark room, heads turning in her direction. She had agreed, reluctantly, to come to this party with her new boyfriend, Joseph. He was a tall, well-built man with dark hair and strong features. They had met a few weeks before at a shoot – Heidi did some modeling on the side – and something about the man intoxicated her. She could not resist him and since that day he had brought her to a new sexual level. Last week he mentioned the party, said it would be fun. When Heidi asked what kind of party it was, he smiled coyly.

“Well I guess you’ll have to come to find out, won’t you?”

Heidi now walked through the crowd, sticking very close to Joseph. The party was being held in a decent sized loft, with large windows overlooking the bright lights of the city. The walls were mostly bare, the floor hardwood. There were couches and oversized chairs spread amongst tables of food and drinks. The lights were dimmed very low with soft music playing in the background. It was hard to see the people because of the lighting, and the fact that they talked quietly and closely in small groups.

“What kind of party is this, Joseph?”

“My friend throws it every year. It’s kind of a,” he paused briefly to consider his explanation, “let loose and relax bash. We all get together and we have a little fun.”

Heidi crinkled her nose. She wanted to impress Joseph’s friends, so she wore a tight fitting black dress. It had two tiny straps that tied behind the neck and was cut so as to emphasize her already impressive cleavage. The dress was short, ending halfway between her waist and knees with a six inch slit up one side. Her blonde-brown hair was down, flowing over her shoulders and framing her beautiful face with loose curls. Between the lighting and chatting, no one was noticing her beauty. Joseph seemed to perceive her thoughts even as they came to her.

“Don’t worry, baby. Everyone is going to see just how beautiful you are. I wouldn’t take you and not want to show off that nice body of yours.” He eyed her up and down, placing his hand on the small of her back. It slowly slid down, gently cupping one of her cheeks. He gave it a squeeze.

“Stop!” Heidi said, teasingly. She smacked him softly on the chest. “You can’t do that here.”

As if this were a challenge, Joseph cupped more fiercely, squeezing as he pulled her body to his. He began kissing her before she could object, using his free hand to massage her breast.

“Joseph, what are you doing?” Heidi managed to reply between kisses. He didn’t seem to care, continuing to fondle her body. She glanced around the room. Her eyes had begun to adjust to the darkness and she looked at the group nearest her. They were paying her no attention. Heidi was puzzled, she thought they weren’t being discrete at all, but then the mass of bodies shifted and Heidi realized the girl in the middle was totally naked and the three men surrounding her were involved in some heavy petting. She saw Heidi watching and winked as one of the men bent down and sucked on her tits while another kissed his way down to her pussy. Heidi couldn’t even comprehend as Joseph slid one hand under her dress and started massaging her clit. She closed her eyes and let her head roll back as she ground her hips against Joseph’s hand. He was moving fast now and she kissed his neck, up to his ear where she bit the lobe. Her left hand fell down to his crotch and she rubbed at his growing erection.

Just as Heidi felt her climax coming, along with the urge to tear her clothes off and get fucked, Joseph stepped back. Her mouth dropped and she swayed slightly, her knees trembling from the experience.

“Okay babe, I’m gonna go find the host.”

“Wait, you’re gonna stop now? And leave me here alone, in the middle of this orgy? I mean, I’m about ready to, well…we need to finish.” Her rising voice quickly hushed as the last few words came out. She was embarrassed and afraid to raise her voice amidst the crowd.

“I know, I know, and I’m sorry. But I have to say hi. Besides, if you’re scared of being alone I could make sure you have some company. And a little more, to keep you happy.”

“What do you mean?” A mischievous grin flashed across Joseph’s face; he did not answer. Instead he led her over to one of the large sofas. This one had a nice high back and looked like it came out of a 1930′s movie theatre lobby, bathed in dark red velvet. As Heidi sat down Joseph disappeared. Seconds later he was back and there were two rather large men with him.

“So babe, these are my buddies Lance and Keith. They’ll keep you occupied, er, I mean company, while I’m gone.” The men sat, one on each side of her. Both were much larger than Joseph, at least 6’5″, and both were built as well, with short brown hair and chiseled jaws. Heidi was formulating her complaint, and reason, to keep Joseph by her side when he handed her a glass with a kiss and vanished.

“Hi guys, I’m Heidi.” Neither of the men replied, they only stared. “Well…nice to meet you, too.” Heidi was getting downright pissed. She had agreed to come out to this “fun” party only to find it was a sex party. And then right as she was about to cum, her date takes off. Perfect. She took a large swig from the glass. It was sweet, almost too sweet. She swirled the cup, watching the red liquid all the while. She took another large sip and felt something. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but it was like a dazed state mixed with warm, tingling feelings. She felt her head get lighter as she swallowed the rest of the drink, but the fuzzy feeling in her stomach intensified. She started to notice how soft and smooth the couch was. Definitely velvet. She stroked at it absentmindedly. She vaguely noticed Lance, no it was Keith, take her empty glass from her hand and set it aside.

She was leaning all the way back on the sofa now, her eyes closed as her head rested. The warmness was increasing and she could feel wetness on the tiny sliver of her thong that ran between her legs. She was thinking of Joseph, out in the crowd and rubbing her clit. She shivered a little thinking about it, the fire in her belly rising even more. She imagined his hands, squeezing her ass, then her tits. Waves of pleasure were coming from her left breast- it was like he was there playing with it now. She slowly opened her eyes to see that it was not her imagination, and not Joseph but one of his mates. A large hand was kneading her tit through her dress. She felt a hand on her right thigh and watched as the other man, Lance, began to slide it up between her legs.

Lance slowly drove two fingers into her. Heidi was torn with confusion. Some strange man was violating her, but she didn’t seem to care. Her head was trying to speak, but her body wasn’t listening. She was dripping wet and ready for anything. As he worked his hand in and out he drove the palm up and rubbed it on her clit. Heidi was moaning audibly now as Keith pulled her dress down, exposing her breast. He sucked on her nipple and squeezed while Lance began banging her forcefully with his hand. She was gasping now and couldn’t resist grabbing his wrist and forcing him to move faster. She laid her head back and closed her eyes again. That strange, dazed feeling took her over and she almost passed out. Shocks of orgasm brought her reeling back to the room. Lance had his face buried between her legs, sucking and licking her clit while his hand moved feverishly in and out of her. Keith was standing up, undoing is pants.

Their performance must have been drawing attention, as there was a collective gasp from the room when Keith unsheathed his huge member. It was pointing out and down, building to full erection, and was already eight inches in length. He grabbed a fistful of Heidi’s hair and turned her face towards his hips. Without any command she engulfed his cock with her mouth. Lance was working her back to another orgasm with his skillful tongue and she lusted for cock. Heidi had grabbed Keith at the base and was attacking his prick. She bobbed her head back and forward, trying to take in every inch. She felt the head slamming against the back of her throat and fought gagging. The member was slowly growing in length and swelling in size. Heidi bobbed faster, but it wasn’t enough. Keith grabbed her head with both hands and began fucking her face. At first he moved quickly, putting only about half of his entire length in. Heidi clasped one hand to his ass and he began to thrust more violently. He was slamming the pretty woman’s face with his hips. The thick smell of pubic hair and crotch was overwhelming her nostrils while saliva, mixed with precum, leaked from her mouth and ran down her chin.

Keith backed away as Heidi was hit with another orgasm. Her whole body tightened and she opened her mouth, as if to scream. Moans and gasps were all that came out. She felt two rough hands pull her up to her feet. She could barely take in what was happening. Her head was spinning and her body was throbbing from orgasms. She watched Keith slide to one side of the couch. Lance laid her sideways, right in the middle. She was now laying on her side – one tit hanging out – while her hiked up skirt exposed her sticky thighs. Keith was sitting by her feet while Lance disrobed and sat by her head. She felt Keith pulling her legs apart and repositioning her hips. While still on her right shoulder, he pivoted her lower half so her stomach was on the couch. He pulled her legs apart and moved in between them while Lance slid under Heidi, so her head was right over his lap. She looked down at his cock. It was at least as large as Keith’s, if not bigger, and it was pointing straight up at her face.

She absently reached a hand down and started to stroke his shaft, up and down, in a gentle motion. She felt the cushion sag as Keith moved towards her. Tingles ran through her pussy as he rubbed his throbbing head against her clit. Heidi started to moan again. Lance had been busy sliding the top of her dress down, so her beautiful tits now hung freely. Heidi didn’t notice. She was squeezing Lance’s cock with her left hand as Keith began to slam his huge erection into her. She closed her eyes and moaned even louder, her mouth wide open. She felt the swift movement of a hand to the back of her head and, before she could inhale, Lance’s cock filled her throat. Heidi didn’t lose a beat, sliding back up the base and sucking with her all might, before diving back down. She pressed her nose into Lance’s pubic hair and slipped her tongue out and over his balls.

Keith lifted her right leg up on to his left shoulder. She was now spread wide, lifted slightly off the couch, her body in an awkward position as she continued to bob up and down on Lance’s stiff prick. She pulled her head up, still grasping Lance’s saliva-covered cock, as Keith began to slam his hips into her. He was driving deep inside, the position allowing him to stuff his entire cock into her. He hunched forward, the echo of their skin hitting again and again filling the room. Lance was pushing Heidi’s face back into his lap, all she could do was gurgle and squeeze with her hand, as Keith grunted with the force of the fuck. He began to grunt and his body quivered. He pulled back from Heidi, still holding her legs, and slid her away from Lance. She was on her back as Lance straddled her chest. He grabbed her beautiful tits and squeezed them together as he drove his dick into the soft flesh. He fucked her chest as violently as he had her cunt. Her tits were aching as he worked faster and faster. He stiffened up and pushed all of his weight into her breasts.

Sliding back he thrust again, sending loads of cum squirting onto Heidi. It pooled on her neck and around her chin and mouth. He pulled back and squeezed more of his load onto her tits. Heidi lay motionless, her chest rising and falling as she panted heavily.

Lance did not wait for Heidi to catch her breath. He stood over her and pulled her head back into the soft cushions. He directed his dick to her mouth and began to slide in and out. Her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft while he worked back and forth. He was leaning forward, groping Heidi’s tits in his hands. Lance fucked her mouth in hard strokes, slamming his head in the back of her throat. He withdrew and again pulled her up. She was sitting on her knees in the middle of the couch. Lance leaned down and kissed her, directing her hand to his erection. She jerked him slowly while his tongue probed her mouth. After only a moment Lance turned her towards the arm of the couch. She scooted forward until he pushed her down. She was leaning over the arm now, her tits pushed up on the arm as she let her weight fall forward.

She looked back as she felt saliva run over her anus. Lance had spit onto her ass and was rubbing a finger up and down the crack. His cock was dripping with saliva as he put the tip to her tight opening. He slid in gently as Heidi bit her lip. He was so big and she had never done anal. She felt like she was splitting in half as Lance put more and more of himself into her. He was staring down at the beautiful shape of her ass, admiring the sight of his dick sliding in. He quickened the pace, little by little.

“Oh god, I can’t take it!” Heidi shouted as Lance finally pushed his entire length insider her. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her, locking them in one massive hand. With the other hand he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. He used her like a counterweight, pulling back on her arms and hair while driving himself into her ass. It was so tight, he couldn’t get enough, so he thrust harder and faster. Veins were bulging up his neck and across his forehead, sweat starting to run down his face. Heidi was now bordering on yelling from the force working into her. She was being displayed to the crowd by Lance, her face and pushed up tits rocking back and forth with the fucking. She barely registered movement in front of her, followed by familiar sounds. Another cock, this one not so thick with smell, pushed into her open mouth. The taste was one she recognized.

“Didn’t think I’d let you have all the fun, did you?” Joseph asked as he slowly fucked his girlfriend’s face. She tried to answer, but opening her mouth more only prompted Joseph to thrust deeper. Heidi again found herself overwhelmed with ecstasy, being fucked at both ends by two large cocks. She tried to adjust her head so as to take in all of Joseph’s girth. Her squirming only made Lance pull with more force and fuck twice as hard. Joseph had one hand on the back of Heidi’s head, the other resting on the couch as he worked in and out. Lance began to release Heidi, leaning onto her back and grabbing her hips. He was close to cumming, grunting and panting much like Keith had. Heidi was waiting for him to pull out and paint her with another load of cum, but it never came.

Instead he pushed himself all the way within her, his hands digging deep into her hips. She felt him explode inside her, the warmth filling her insides. He slowly slid out, trails of semen stringing from his tip to Heidi’s crack. She knew she should feel violated; instead, waves of pleasure rolled through her, along with the severe pain of popping her last cherry. Sperm leaked slowly down her crack as her muscles relaxed.

Joseph pulled out of Heidi’s mouth and sat next to her. Her tits glistened with cum while it leaked from her ass. She was sweating and some of her hair had matted to her forehead. In one fluid motion Joseph lifted her up. He spun her so she was facing away from him and set her on his lap. She straddled his legs, his erection sticking straight up against her pussy. She slid up and down on the shaft, guiding it in with her hand as she found her rhythm. Her other hand reached back to the couch for balance while she slid up and down. With a little push from Joseph she rose a little higher and came down, his cock sliding deep inside her. Joseph grabbed her hips, directing her up and down. She spread her legs and reached both hands back for the couch. She shifted her weight up and down, faster and faster, slamming into Joseph’s lap. Her body was heaving, her beautiful tits bouncing up and down with each thrust. She felt herself cumming again. She gushed over and over, screaming Joseph’s name.

Before she could finish, Joseph threw her roughly to the floor. She lay flat on her stomach, exhausted and fulfilled. But Joseph wasn’t done. He grabbed her hips and angled them up at him, sliding a small decorative pillow under her stomach. He let her fall down and grabbed his member, maneuvering back into position. With a hand on each side he thrust into Heidi, no preamble or hesitation. He fucked like a madman set loose, the waves of force traveling up Heidi’s ass to her back. She could only lay there and take it, feeling Joseph swell inside her. After only a few minutes she was on her back again, Joseph straddling her chest. He beat furiously over her, the veins in his forehead visible even in the dark of the room. He sighed, releasing his load. It sprayed, streaking from her lips, up across her nose. He kept up his pace, squirting more and more cum onto her face. The pumping slowed as his he spent the rest of his seed. He stood up and sat back with a loud thud against the couch.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding. This is quite the party,” Heidi said.

Joseph smiled. “I told you it would be fun.”

“And you were right. Can you cover me up? All that fucking has me about to pass out.”

Joseph laughed softly at this. “That, or it was the drink I gave you.”

“What was in the drink?” Heidi tried to raise herself up on one elbow, but found herself too weak. Her eyes were quickly weighing down, and she felt sleep coming.

“Nothing for you to worry about, just something to help you relax. And you can sleep, but I can’t cover you up. A few of the guys still want a turn. But don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on you.”

Heidi did not like the sound of this at all. Indeed, as she laid there covered in cum, a man knelt down to the floor, grabbing he wrists. She tried to fight, but didn’t have the strength. Despite her inner protest, she found that warm fuzzy feeling still very strong in her stomach. It was like her body had overloaded on horniness. This new stranger lowered himself over Heidi in the missionary position. He began fucking before she could say anything against it. She felt herself falling asleep as the man convulsed with orgasm. As soon as he was done another body was on her, and she drifted to sleep.


Heidi staggered drunkenly to a room in the back. Her dress was pulled down at the top, shoved up at the bottom, and barely covering her midsection. She was covered in cum, from head to foot. It dried in her hair, causing the ends to stick out at weird angles. It was dripping and drying all over her chin and forehead, plastered on her tits and dripping from her ass. After taking on six men, Heidi had decided she needed to get off of the cum-covered floor and grab a drink. At the bar she spotted two men, built like Lance and Keith, and just couldn’t resist. They were tall, black men with huge arms and close trimmed haircuts. Their chests looked as if they had been chiseled from granite, standing out through their light, silk shirts.

The three were walking to the bath attached to the main bedroom. The room itself was decorated much like the living room, in big furniture with black and gold silk sheets covering the bed. The bath was no less impressive- a massive, marble whirlpool tub was set to one side with a stand up shower on the other. This too was marbled, with benches and plenty of room. Heidi hit the hot water and watched as jets sprayed from all different angles, lining the walls and ceiling. She slipped out of what was left of her dress and stepped into the foggy retreat. As she was rinsing clean, her company joined her. Both men were already erect. Not nearly as big as Keith, but their cocks were thick and meaty, fully hard and pushing eight inches.

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. The events within this story never happened and are solely created for the reading pleasure of this website.

It was a wild weekend I would never forget. A good friend of mine invited me to a party which was awesome because I had been working all week and really needed a place to vent some energy and just cut loose. This party was all that and then some. There was a lot of booze, loud thumping music and a crap load of hot women who were drunk and ready to have some fun. I was happy to be there and started to drink and dance around, basically have a grand old time. As I was parting, I saw someone I hadn’t seen in a while.

Her name was Christine and she was the hottest women from the office that I had been currently employed at. Christine had a smokin’ hot body, extremely long brown hair that went half way down her back and was a complete flirt so it was always fun to hang around with her. I casually drifted over and politely offered to refill a drink for her and she gladly accepted. We talked for a while and while she had a lot to say, I couldn’t help but keep looking at her legs and ample breasts, wishing that I could take her home and make out with her all night. She didn’t seem to feel the same way as she took off for the bathroom with some friends and do her own thing.

I was just happy to mingle and let it go, turning my attention back to the party, doing my own thing as well. As the night went on, I got a little trashed and was having a lot of fun. The crowd started to die down around midnight, but I was still having too much fun to take off. I wandered upstairs to look around and see who was still around, and much to my surprise there was a lot of drunk people either barfing or staggering around from being too intoxicated. I walked over to the master bedroom, where my friend’s parents would sleep when they were home, and there was someone lying on the massive king sized bed. As I walked into the room, I was able to see that it was Christine. She was awake but complete wasted and too drunk to even walk. She was lying down because she was feeling sick and wanted to settle her stomach.

I could tell that she was completely trashed. So drunk that there was a very good chance that she wasn’t going to remember a single thing the next morning and have one hell of a hangover to go with it. I smile crossed my face as I walked into the master bedroom and I stopped for a moment to close the door. She was too tired and drunk to realize that I had softly and quietly locked the door behind me so that no one else would come in and interrupt us. I could see her awesome legs because she was wearing a killer skit that would make it easy for me to feel her legs. I could feel her wiggle as I smoothed my hand across the back of her leg, feeling her up all the way to her beautiful ass. She whimpered as I grabbed her ass and looked up at me confused as I crawled onto the bed and on top of her. I rolled her over and we were face to face, and before Christine could say anything I leaned down and forced her to kiss me. As I was kissing her, I took my hand and put it under her short shirt. She tried to fight me off but it was no use as I slipped a finger under her thong and started to rub the lips of her pussy. She moaned as she became wetter with each stroke. After a few strokes, I got even braver and inserted a finger into her wet hole. I could see the look on her face as I went two knuckles in and began to fuck her with my finger. She tried to squirm but I didn’t let go and kept fingering her sopping wet pussy.

After kissing her, I started to open her shirt, revealing her amazing breasts that I didn’t hesitate to suck and lick. She was too drunk and tipsy to put up a fight and I was too strong as well. My cock was rock hard and ready to go after feeling and licking her body, so I took off my pants and positioned myself between her hips. She started to fight back more, but I could tell she was very weak from the alcohol and I had no trouble holding her arms and pinning her frail body to the king sized bed. I had taken off her thong and rolled her skit up all the way to her hips, leaving her wet pussy exposed and ready to be penetrated against her will. I saw a tear fall from her eye, and all it did was turn me on more and my cock got harder. Christine let out a short whimper as the head of my cock parted her pussy lips and slowly entered her. I could see the look on her face as her mouth gaped open with shock as I forced all of myself inside her, going in as deep as I could. Then I started to fuck her, pushing my cock in and out of her so much that my balls slapping up against her ass.

I could feel her pussy clinging to my cock as she was tensing up, trying to resist me as much as she could and all it did was make my feel better as I kept stroking in and out of her with force, fucking her brains out. She tried to resist, but I held her down and forced her to take every pump, forcing myself into her deeper and deeper with each thrust. She was crying and unable to stop what was going on, and with the door locked there was nothing to stop me from doing whatever I wanted to her. A few strokes later and I could feel that she was having an orgasm. She tried to hide it from me but I could feel it as her pussy was gushing and it was only a matter of time before I joined her. I watched her face and could see her wince and cry a little more as I blew my sperm deep inside her. I let out a groan of my own and pushed my cock as deep inside her as I could, spraying my seed inside her.

We were both exhausted and sweaty from the ordeal, and I was going to say something to her a few moments later only to realize she had passed out from a combination of the alcohol and the intense sex. Rather than leave Christine there for someone else to walk in and do what I just did to her, I decided to stay there and sleep with her. I took the time to strip her naked and I also took all of my own clothing off before covering both of us up. I went to sleep and didn’t do anything else to her for the rest of the night but cuddle. Our cuddling also made sure she slept on her side so that she wouldn’t choke to death should she vomit during her rest.

The next morning, we both woke up in the king sized bed, naked and in each other’s arms. I could tell by the confused look on Christine’s face that she didn’t remember a single thing from the night before. She rolled over and looked at my naked self there with her and it didn’t take her long to put two and two together. She gave me a half smile before asking, “Did we make out last night?”

“We sure did,” I answered with a smile. “You were an animal last night!”

She let out a deep sigh, obviously frustrated that she did something she was suddenly beginning to regret. “Is there anyway we can keep this between us?”

“I can’t see why not.” I said with a smile, “but on one condition.”

“What would that be?” She asked with a coy smile on her face. She knew what I was asking for and seemed to accept the price of my silence. She leaned over and kissed me and we began to make out again on the bed. I ran a hand up her leg and started to finger her pussy and it was wet and ready to go. Christine however was fully involved this time as she decided to be more proactive. She went under the covers and I laid there in stunned silence as I watched her head travel down my body and stopping over my hard and erect cock. I gave out a soft whimper as I could feel her soft mouth engulf my cock and take in every inch. She went on to give me the best head I ever had in my life, licking, sucking and deep throating me to the point where I almost blew a load in her mouth.

Before I could do that, Christine climbed on top of me and climbed on top of my cock, slowly lowering her wet pussy into my cock. She let out a gasp of her own as she lowered herself onto me until it was all inside her and she started to ride the shit out of me. I could tell by how the juices were flowing down the shaft of my penis that Christine was having a hard orgasm, and she didn’t hesitate to moan and groan as she pumped harder and harder as it went on.

After Christine finished cumming, I rolled her over and got her to get on all fours, with her knees and elbows on the bed. I got behind Christine’s amazing ass and fucked her pussy doggie style. She moaned even louder as I entered her from behind and started talking dirty the longer and harder I pounded her pussy. She started to moan louder and louder, and I could hear how wet she was as I kept pounding her harder and harder. Before long I could feel the sperm gushing out of my cock and went deep inside her again to release my seed inside Christine. She moaned again one last time as she could feel my hot semen shooting inside her. We crashed back on the bed and laid there, kissing and snuggling, feeling each other up.

She was in for a surprised as I used her own juices from her orgasm to lube my finger, which I softly inserted into her tight asshole. She started to moan again as I finger fucked her tight asshole. I leaned over and kissed her while fingering her asshole and I could tell she loved every second of it. I felt Christine’s hand go between my legs as she played with my cock, hoping it would come back up to play again. After a short bout of kissing and heavy petting, my cock was getting hard again and I was ready for round number two. I climbed on top of her and quickly slid my cock back inside her wet pussy and Christine stated to moan again as I fucked her missionary to another hard orgasm. After she came, my cock was drenched in her cum, and I used that as my lube. In the same missionary position, I spread her out and slowly stuffed the head of my cock into her tight asshole.

“I’ve never let someone fuck me in the ass.” Christine said as she tensed up. I could tell by the look on her face she was an ass virgin. She bit her lip and arched her back as the head of my cock entered her asshole and I slowly started to sink my cock into her one inch at a time until I was balls deep inside her ass. As I started to stroke her virgin ass, I watched with surprise as she reached down with her own hand and started to finger her own pussy, bringing her to orgasm while I fucked her up the ass. She was wincing in pain, but that was to be expected during her first time. I loved every moment of it but it didn’t take long for me to cum again, as I shot another hot load into her ass. Christine let out a yelp as she could feel the semen inside her and I could tell she loved it.

After I took my cock out of her ass, I kissed her again and smiled. “This will be our little secret.” and with that I hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came out of the bathroom, Christine had dressed and already left the bedroom. I made up the bed and slipped out of the house before anyone could tell that I was in the master bedroom. Thank goodness the host of the party’s parents didn’t come back for another few days so I stayed there and helped everyone clean the place up and make it look like new when the owners returned. Was the least I could do considering the fun I had. I didn’t see Christine again until a few months later, but that’s another story for another day.

At the end of the last story, my wife, had in her sights the next guy she wants me to share her with. A young, 20 something, well, built, dark complexion, about 6’2″.

His daughter had run into my leg with her riding toy and her Dad had hollered at her and when he did, my wife turned and they came face to face with one another. They both stood there eyeing each other up and down.

Finally, Jan, broke the silence and told him it was alright, she didn’t mean it, just not paying attention, like little ones will do. We walked with them to the playground where she wanted me to play with her. Dad said it was alright. As I swung her and helped he on the slide and jungle gym, Jan and Rick, his name, were deep in conversation, their faces only a few inches apart and she had her hand on his arm and I saw he would touch her bare leg, once in awhile.

She had her next lover, lined up. He did look like he was enjoying her also.

Meghan got tired of playing and wanted to go back to Dad.

As he got her things ready to go, Jan, said she invited him over for drinks later after he took Meghan back to her Mom.

He showed up around 8 that evening, dressed in nice slacks, sport shirt and deck shoes, of course, no socks.

Jan hollered from upstairs to fix him a drink, she would be right down. He asked for scotch on the rocks and I joined him. We sat in the family room talking about guy things and waiting for Jan. I wondered what she was doing up there.

We both knew what she was doing as soon as she joined us, carrying a glass of wine.

She had showered, fixed her hair and makeup and had put on a short skirt. and a camisole top that fit tight over her breasts and it was certain she had not donned a bra and as she sat down the skirt flew up as she dropped onto the couch, along side Rick. I saw she also, had not worn panties. She was bare footed.

“Tom, lets the three of us go out for a drink and some dancing, down at the beach”. Rick and I both agreed. I knew she wanted me to get comfortable around him. Little did she know Rick and I had already talked about a threesome. We were going to have some fun with her, put her on display.

“Jan why don’t you wear those really high heeled sling back sandals we bought last week.”

The three of us headed for the beach area and a well known club, that is hot with the swingers and singles.

Now Jan was no where the youngest woman there but she had a presence that told guys she was there to party. The band was playing when we got there so she pulled Rick out onto the dance floor and started dancing, rubbing against him would be more like it. While Rick danced in front of her, another surfer type, came up behind her, put his hands on her hips and pulled her back into his crotch. She turned around and said something, with a frown and he left her alone. I found out a little later what he had said to her.

After a few dances, they came back to the table. I had ordered drinks, so we sat for awhile and just watched. Soon she was gyrating on her chair. She grabbed me, “your turn, husband.”

There was a fast one, that she put on an exhibition to. Skirt flying up, giving anyone that cared to look a nice show of ass and probably close shaved pussy.

The next was a slow one and I took her into my arms and asked her if she wanted to go home soon and take Rick. She said she did, if I was alright with it.

I told her I was.

“What did that guy say to you.”

“He wanted to know if the two of us wanted to have a threesome with him and I told him that was already arranged with my husband.” No wonder he walked away mad.

When we got back to the house, she said, “Okay guys, I need cock and there are two here that will do just fine.”

We were in the living room and she started to undress as did Rick and I. She only took 10 seconds to get naked except for her heels.

She walked over to Rick, who only had his briefs to go.

“Let me unveil that big cock.” She gasped when it sprang out in front of her, half hard.

“Omg, that is marvelous, I love your cock.” She took it into her mouth and let him know just how much she did love his cock.

One she had it hard it stood straight out and was a good 8″ and thick. He had his pubes trimmed real close. She tried to deep throat him. She has no gag reflex, but there was no way, The mushroom head was just to big. Like shoving a purple plum down her throat.

As his legs were against the couch, she stood up and shoved him back onto it and climbed up with her feet on both sides of him, grabbed his shoulders and lowered herself down onto the head of that big cock. He reached under her and opened her pussy lips for her as she lowered herself a few inches, impaling herself on that big, purple cock head. I heard her gasp and her eyes got real wide and a groan escaped her lips as she slowly lowered herself onto him. She stopped, leg muscles straining, sweat starting to break out all over her body and said, “Tom, hold me up by my ass, as I lower myself all the way down on this stud, I don’t want to lose balance and hurt myself.”

I took her ass cheeks in each hand with my thumbs in the crack, on each side of her little pucker. As she lowered herself down my thumbs started to open her hole up. I helped her down, now kneeling behind her with the thumbs up to the first knuckle in her ass and his big cock impaled all the way into her tightly stretched pussy. She sat there shivering and shaking until she had her first orgasm. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and then a loud one as I pushed my thumbs further into her ass. She fell forward onto him, pulling my thumbs and part of his cock out of her holes. He had not come yet, so he fucked her in that position until he did.

She climbed off and said, “Well, now that one is out of the way. Lets take this to the bedroom.” Neither of us argued with her.

In the bedroom, she got on her knees and sucked his flaccid cock clean of their mixture. Meanwhile, I stood watching, slowly stroking my rock hard cock.

It took about five minutes for her to get him completely hard again and crawl up on the bed on all fours and said, “Come on, stud, fuck my pussy. I want that big man meat in me now.” Not one to disappoint, he moved to her and without a bit of foreplay, slid his cock to the hilt in her cum sodden cunt. It wasn’t long before I started hearing the squishing sound of his cock sliding in and out of her.

“Baby, get over here and let me take care of that hard cock for you.” She said to me in a real sultry voice.

I climbed on the bed and knelt in front of her, grabbed her by the head and started to face fuck her. Rick and I got into sync. Every time he thrust forward, it would force my cock against the entrance to her throat. She was doing her best to get it past that point but the head was just to big. Each time it hit that spot, she would make a sound. What a feeling that produced on the tip of my cock. I knew I couldn’t last much longer but Rick looked like he was in for the long haul.

Shortly, my balls tightened and deposited their load into her mouth.

“Don’t swallow until you show us.” She opened her mouth and showed me and then turned and showed Rick.

“Should we let her swallow now, Rick.” “No let her keep it there for awhile, and she better now lose a drop.

“You heard him baby, he is in the driver’s seat tonight.” She smiled and closed her mouth.

It wasn’t long until he was ready to cum and as he did he hollered, “Swallow it, slut, swallow your husband’s cum.”

She did as she was directed as he filled her with another load.

We lay on the bed with her between us, Rick and myself laying on our side, playing with her nipples as she tried to recuperate. That was not what we had in mind for her. We were going to wind her up again and let her go.

I reached down between her wide spread legs and started running my fingertip around her distended pussy lips. Using my thumb to strum her clit, while doing so.

She spread her legs even further, letting his cum leak out onto the bed. I scooped some out of her and brought it to her lips, which she devoured like someone starving to death.

Was my wife becoming a cum slut?

She had enough and took hold of both our cocks. Rick’s being younger and stronger than mine came back readily. Mine she had to work on though. We had her on all fours by now and Rick was licking and fingering her ass. Just the sight of that made me hard for her.

“Guys, I want both of you in me at the same time. DP me, dammit.”

I told Rick he would have to have her pussy. There was no way she could take that big cock of his in her little rear hole. He said he sure didn’t mind that but that he wanted to get her ready back there for me.

“Not a problem. Do what you have to.”

“Geez, guys I am right here. Don’t I have a say in this?”

“NOOO!!!” We both shouted at her.

Between his tongue and finger, he had her moaning and squirming in no time. Then he worked the Astroglide into her and all around her little brown pucker.

Her ass was now ready as was her pussy.

Rick laid on his back stroking that big cock. From that position it looked bigger than 8 inches.

She threw a leg over him, stood up and lowered herself down, reached between her legs and aimed his cock at her wide open pussy. She didn’t hesitate to take it in and keep right on lowering herself all at one time until she was squatted over him and had him impaled to the hilt.

Then she slowly, let herself down until she was straddling him on her knees with her ass inviting me to penetrate it.

I lubed my now stiff as iron cock and put the head against her little hole. She knew what she was doing, as she pushed back against it. I slowly opened to allow the head of my cock to enter. Once she had that in, the three of us, stopped, unmoving until she was used to it and ready to fuck.

Rick was buried all the way in and I only had the head in. We started to fuck he that way, him in, me out. She started shivering right away. A sure sign she wanted to continue that way. We slowly fucked her like this for several minutes. It was harder than I figured it would be to keep in sync with one another.

As I pulled out once, I stopped until Rick was out too and when he pushed in so did I.

“Oh, my gawd, sooooooooooo fucking full, so good. Fuck me, fuck me hard, both cocks, fuck me hard.”

Not to be guys that wanted to disappoint, we fucked her in unison for at least 5 minutes until she told us she was getting sore and wanted our loads soon.

Neither of us hesitated. We fucked her hard for a few minutes until we both unloaded in he hot, now loose holes.

As she laid back on the bed, completely sated and cum flowing from both holes, she said she wanted to shower and get some sleep.

We all fell asleep in short order and didn’t awaken until early morning. What a great way to be woken up. She had both of our cocks in her hand and was slowly stroking them with her eyes closed.

“Tom, would you mind too much if it were just Rick and me for awhile. I want him to fuck me all by himself. I will take care of you after he leaves. Of course, you will have to take sloppy seconds.”

That would be a first for me. I often wondered what it would be like. Looks like I am going to find out.

I went and made me a drink while the two of them fucked without me. It was only a few minutes until I heard her scream and holler. “Oh, god damn, that is so fucking good, don’t ever stop fucking me.” I heard all kinds of moan, groans, swearing and then “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Rick, I am gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm.” She can be rather noisy when she has an orgasm but this was like I haven’t ever heard before.

Then it was quite for a while. I would guess they were resting up for another bout, because soon it started all over again. Except this time I heard. “I am not sure I can take that much back there, Rick.” He wanted to fuck her ass. She has always been animate about not doing that with anyone but me.

I heard Rick say that he would take it real slow and that she could control the penetration.

She said she would try it but would have to go get some lube. Now I was really concerned. She was going to overstep the boundaries we had set. I decided to let it go and see where this was going to lead.

Then I heard Rick say, “where is the lube?”

“Rick, I can’t do this. I promised Tom when he started sharing me that I would give my ass to know one but him. I just can’t do that to him.”

“He doesn’t have to know. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“I’ll know and besides he is probably able to hear this whole conversation. Rick, as good as you are at fucking me, I am no longer in the mood and would very much appreciate it if you left now. This is not to say, that I would not want to see you again if you want but right now I have to make this right with Tom.”

He got dressed and left. I was in the kitchen, so he didn’t see me but I heard him saying some pretty harsh things about Jan. I can’t wait to see how she makes this up to me.

I heard the shower running and decided to got in and wait in the bedroom for her. See what she was going to do.

She took her sweet time, showering, drying off, drying her hair and rubbing herself down with lotion. I loved that, she was so soft and smelled so good. She was a freak for lavender. It was her.

When she saw me sitting there her head dropped and she said, “You heard all of that didn’t you. I am so sorry, honey, in the heat of the moment, I lost my head but as soon as I picked up the lube, I thought of you, put it back where you had it and you heard the rest.”

“I am glad you came to your senses, because if you hadn’t, this would have been the end of me sharing you.

She dropped the towel she had around her, walked over to me, sat on my lap and kissed me with a passion that I have not felt with her in a long time. While kissing her back, I rolled her off me onto the bed, and we hugged, kissed and groped, until she started to pull my clothes off. Once both of us were naked, she said, “go get the lube and take what is yours and only yours.”

After we were done, I realized what had taken her so long in the bathroom. She was squeaky clean, inside and out. The little minx knows me pretty well.

It was a couple more weeks until the itch struck her again and she wanted to know if we could go “trolling” as she called it for a nice big cock for her to fuck.

Her sex drive has not seemed to diminish much with age. She says her pussy is damp most of the time.

As luck would have it, one of our neighbor’s invited us to a cook out Saturday afternoon for his wife’s birthday. When we arrived, Jan, squeezed my arm as she looked around. A couple of the guys who work for our neighbor were there. He is a contractor and these guys were young, fit and tan. It couldn’t have been better picking for Jan, if she had ordered them up herself.

Jan herself is tan and fit and was wearing a sundress that came only to mid thigh, with spaghetti straps and was cut low enough to show most of her B cup boobs. She was wearing strappy sandals, with two inch heels, that showed off her tanned, smooth, muscled legs to perfection.

Both guys, almost gave themselves whip lash turning their heads to look at her, when Bob, the host, said, “there is Tom and Jan. Come on I will introduce you.” He told them.

They were introduced as Jack and Brad. Both of their eyes went directly to her boobs. She looked at them and smiled. She had her next conquests. I wondered if she wanted both at the same time or one at a time.

She didn’t shake hands but reached up and hugged each of them as they were introduced, which surprised everyone but me. She was on the prowl. Brad made the first move and asked if it was alright with me if he got her a drink.

I told him yes and she said she would come with him to get it. I guess the choice had been made for her. She gave me a little wiggle of her butt and looked over her shoulder and smiled.

Jack said, “you know he is going to do his best to get into your wife’s panties.”

I told him, “yah, I know, you missed your chance. We are into sharing but he is in for a surprise. I am there with them. She will tell him that and see where it goes. If not, hell, take a shot, if you can live with our rules.”

Her and Brad came back with drinks for themselves and one for me.

The four of us talked for awhile and she gave equal time and smiles to both guys. She would touch each of them on the arm.

Finally, she must have had enough, because she whined, “Okay, which one of you is going home with Tom and I tonight. I guess she hadn’t told Brad, because he looked at her and then at me, like we were aliens from outer space.

“What the fuck is this? I thought this was going to be just you and I, Jan and your wimp hubby was going to watch.”

Whoa, wrong thing to say to her. “My husband is not a wimp and when he shares me he is there also. So get the fuck out of my life, Jack what are your feeling about this arrangement.”

“I have no problem with it all. You have enough holes to go around. That is all that concerns me. Getting sucked and fucked by the hottest cougar here.”

The three of us said our “good byes” and left for our place. Peoples eyes boring holes in our backs.

It took the three of us no time at all to get naked, telling Jan to leave her heels on.

My wife wants to tell the story from here.

I couldn’t believe it. Tom produced a coin and said, “Call it, heads for her boobs and tails for her pussy.”

He flipped the coin and Jack called tails. Tails it was. I hoped he had a talented tongue because I was one horny bitch.

Spreading my legs wide he put his shoulders between them and went for it. He opened his mouth and engulfed my entire pussy and shoved his tongue inside, while sucking my nether lips into his mouth. He kept this up, until I felt an orgasm start deep down. He must have felt me stiffen because he pulled away from my pussy.

“No, you fucker, nooooooooooo. I am sooooooooooo close, get back there.”

I felt something funny between my legs. It was my blood engorged pussy lips. He had sucked so hard, it caused my labia to be blood engorged and oh, so sensitive.

Meanwhile, Tom is stroking his cock over my face. A big drop of precum emerged and it dropped off and hit me on my cheek. I tried to get my tongue over to it but to no avail. He took his cock head and moved it around on my cheek, along with some more that had accumulated.

Jack watched this, stroking his cock, too. Both of them were driving me crazy. Both were jacking off and neither was in any hurry to penetrate any of my holes.

“I need one of you in me, right fucking now. I need a hard cock in my pussy, NOW.”

Jack lay down along side of me, his hard cock standing straight up. I was finally going to get some hard cock in my hot, swampy pussy.

I swung a leg over him and immediately, took the head of his cock and guided between my swollen lips and lowered myself down, inch by inch until I was sitting on him. As I bounced up and down, I felt Tom, rubbing my ass, with the head of his cock. I could feel his precum as he moved it around and in between my ass cheeks.

He stopped when the spongy head, touched my little brown hole. He pulled away and I felt a large drop of cold lube, poured over it and it ran down the crack of my ass.

With two fingers he retrieved the lube and pushed it back until he had a goodly amount around my now twitching hole.

Meanwhile, while sitting still, impaled on Jack’s rigid rod, I leaned forward to give my husband better access to the hole he was preparing to fuck.

Jack was thrusting his hips upward, against my pussy, as Tom was beginning to work his two fingers into my greasy, slowly opening ass hole. Soon he had two fingers in and working them around preparing me for his turgid cock.

I was soon going to be filled in both holes.

One of my old college roommates back east who remains a close friend called me to let me know he was finally getting married. After several long relationships he finally felt he met the right woman. Ben asked if I would fly in and be one of the groomsmen in his wedding. I had not been back to my old stomping grounds for over 10 years and thought it would be fun so I agreed.

My wife Pam and I had reservations to fly in on Friday morning of the wedding weekend. The rehearsal was scheduled for Saturday evening with a dinner after and a Sunday wedding. He also mentioned that a few of the participants would be meeting Friday evening at 8:00 pm at the church for an informal walk though and mentioned that his best man had a bachelor party set up for Friday after the activities.

Pam and I flew into town Friday, checked into our hotel and then drove around town so I could see all of the changes. As the afternoon wore on my wife said she was getting hungry so we stopped for a small bite to eat and then went back to the hotel. Around seven I asked Pam if she was going to get ready and go with me to the church. She told me to go ahead and enjoy the evening she would meet everyone tomorrow. She said she might just go down to the bar and have a couple drinks and go to bed early.

When I got to the church it was good to see Ben and I met Jimmy his best man and the rest of the guys in the wedding. We went through about 30 minutes of planning and then spent a little time arranging the reception hall. Jimmy got a phone call during our preparation and did not look to happy. He called several of the guys together and told them that two of the three strippers canceled on him and the last girl would not work the party alone. He asked everyone if they had any ideas or knew anybody to contact. The guys sort of meandered around discussing options.

I asked Jimmy for his cell number and where the party would be held. I told him I would call him in a while and meet him at the party. All kind of thoughts were going through my head. After our Christmas party Pam had said what an exciting time she had but she kind of indicated she probably would not do anything like that again. We used it during our sex to spice things up but even when some of the guys from work hinted at a repeat we played down the idea.

When I got to the car I called Pam and asked what she was doing. She indicated she was at the hotel bar having a drink. I told her to wait there and I would be there in about 10 minutes. When I got to the bar Pam was sitting in a booth having a drink in some casual clothes. I told Pam what had happened with the girls and she just looked at me with a blank expression on her face.

My wife asked me to get her a shot of rum. When I returned she took the shot and then asked “are you wanting me to work the party?” I had a million dirty images racing though my mind and I just smiled at her. Pam looked at me and smiled back and said I’m going to need a couple more drinks……

We devised a plan and I called Jimmy on his cell. I told him I found a hooker working our hotel bar and she was interested in the job. Jimmy told me to tell her there was $1500 for her participation and the party would be ending about 2-3 in the morning. We looked at each other, Pam nodded her head and then I told Jimmy she agreed. He told me to bring the girl and meet him and the other stripper and the party hotel bar. I told him it would be about 30 minutes before we could arrive.

Pam and I went to our room so she could change. She put on her garter belt and stockings but purposely didn’t put on any panties. She hadn’t brought any nasty cloths so she put on her tight black knee length dress and her heels. We walked toward the car I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with the evening and she just gave me a kiss and kept walking to the car.

Jimmy met us at the bar entrance which looked like an old-fashioned lounge. We went inside where the other girl was waiting. Jimmy introduced Pam to Kara a blonde who looked like she was 16 but she must have been at least 18 wearing a typical slut wear type skit which barely covered her goods. Pam felt a little insecure at being nearly twice the girls age but when Jimmy handed identical envelopes to each girl with $1500 inside her heart fluttered with excitement at the thought that tonight she was to be a paid whore at a stag party. Kara asked “Okay, just to confirm we are here until whatever time in the morning this all ends and I don’t have to do anything I am uncomfortable with?”

Jimmy acknowledged her question with a quiet nod and led the two across the bar though the Main Lounge to the elevators. When we arrived at the suite Jimmy opened the door. Immediately Pam cast her eyes around to take in her new surroundings. The room was large, lit with the dim electric lights that imitated candles in shape, flickering which made the room feel like an old dingy comfortable club with armchairs, low tables, a sofa and a very plush carpet on the floor. A bar was at one end and a large open fire in an old inglenook fireplace at the other corner. Pam took all this in almost immediately and then did a double take. There must have been twenty five or more men in that room including two younger boys who didn’t even look to be 18 years old! She was, for tonight a paid whore who had been given the opportunity to back out and had taken the money.

As Pam and Kara entered the room all eyes turned upon them. Pam went straight over to the bar and asked for a double rum and coke which she downed quickly. The two girls mingled with the group and I noticed the alcohol my wife had been drinking seemed to kick in because she started getting a little touchy feely with the guys. I also noticed the younger boys, who I found out were Ben’s nephews Tim and Ricky always seemed to be near my wife and trying to cop a feel. Pam knew that the others would all follow soon enough; the difference was that she knew every man there was going to use her.

A little while later someone turned on some music and Kara got in the middle of the room and started dancing to get the entertainment started. My wife was watching from the side of the room and I noticed Tim and Ricky had been drinking and were getting a lot bolder with their intentions. Pam was nervously watching Kara start to remove her top when Ricky forced his mouth onto hers. She responded and then felt hands behind her fondling and groping her ass cheeks through her dress. She realized almost instantly they weren’t Ricky’s and broke the kiss to turn her head and kissed Tim. As my wife turned back to Ricky she felt her dress lift as Tim’s young hands groped for her flesh. Tim let out a loud “holy shit she’s not wearing panties” when he got Pam’s dress up enough to see her goods.

The best man Jimmy yelled “Hey Ricky, turn her so we can watch you two fuck her.” Tim and Ricky did not appear too experienced but were able to push Pam onto all fours at an angle so that they could watch Kara now dancing nude and the group could watch them violate my wife. Pam felt more completely used than in her whole life, it was her they were preparing to fuck but their excitement was coming from watching another woman dancing and stripping. Ricky quickly unzipped his young hard prick and unceremoniously shoved his cock into my wife’s mouth.

Behind her Tim said “are you ready to be fucked slut?” as he awkwardly flipped her dress over her back while trying to undo his pants. Without any preparation Tim slammed 7 inches of young hard meat stick straight into her female slit. Tim moaned “oh god a real pussy” as everyone started to laugh. My wife gasped at the suddenness of the assault as he literally pounded her and with each thrust pushed her mouth onto Ricky’s erect member forcing it down her throat. After just a few seconds Tim must have been close to cumming as he pulled out and began spreading her ass cheeks to look at her small puckered back hole. Pam knew what he wanted to do to her although maybe even under these circumstances he was too bashful or unsure.

When Tim gently probed her ass with a wet finger Pam dropped Paul’s blue veined member from her mouth and held it in her hand so she could speak, “You can fuck my ass if you want to…..” Based on my wife’s last adventure I’m not sure why but her words still surprised me. Tim needed no further encouragement as he spit on his cock and slammed his fuck stick straight up her butthole in a hard and almost vicious move which made her moan in pain. Tim cried out “oh my god” as he must have got his first piece of ass. He yelled” oh fuck Ricky you should try her asshole.”

Ricky yelled “well don’t make it too loose then you selfish bastard. How about we swap ends?”

Tim ignored the request as my wife grunted with each pump in her ass. Pam felt him losing control as he fucked her rear entry even faster. Tim’s jackhammer had only been working her bung hole less than minute when he suddenly tensed up and flailed his arms moaning “oh fuck here I cum” as she felt her insides sprayed with his hot cum. Tim only laid his head on her back for a few seconds and then pulled his deflated beef stick out of my wife’s anus without any consideration saying “nice ass you slut” and simply smacked her bottom as hard as he could on her cheek as my wife yelped. Tim left a bright red welt on her posterior as he stood up and walked towards the bar.

Almost immediately Ricky pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth and maneuvered around to stick his fudge packer in her little brown exhaust pipe that was already starting to leak some jism. Ricky spread her cheeks wide to put her puckered little poop hole on display as pushed the mushroomed cap on his young back door intruder against her sphincter. He was slowly and deliberately poking his cock against her back slit; Ricky would slowly press the now bright purple bell on the tip of his roto-rooter until my wife’s o-ring would start to open and then pulled it out teasing Pam.

My wife was making a low groaning noise as he slowly pushed until the head dilated her anal orifice. This time Ricky drove the entire length of his fuck stick in her exit hole and then back out. Pam turned to vent her frustration as she mouthed “fuck my ass” and then realized why his asshole plugging of her was more gentle and slow, he was performing for a number of other guys who grouped beside them to watch her being used in primal and most submissive way.

At this point no one was using her mouth Pam could see parts of the rest of the room. Kara was now naked not even wearing shoes or stockings and dancing as guys were trying to cop a feel. Pam could hear Ricky moaning and she pushed back on his cock that was up her shitter and started to fuck it, she knew it would make him cum sooner and she wanted to stand up. Then suddenly another man was kneeling in front of her, unzipping himself so that he could release himself and shoved his cock right at her mouth. In an instant he was holding the back of her head using her mouth like another opening for a deposit. Not waiting for her to suck or lick but literally fucking her throat causing her to gag. He exploded almost immediately but continued to fuck her mouth as she tried to swallow but she couldn’t. The throat fucking caused her to gage and most of the white love piss to run from her mouth. He carried on and on and with every thrust she bounced on Ricky’s organ in her caboose until she felt him tighten and shoot deep inside her bowels.

Ricky withdrew almost gently and stood up whilst another man knelt between her open knees and entered her in the natural way. Before she realized she had another semen shooter in her mouth and the guy tensed and shot a second load but this time as he came he pulled out so his baby spunk shot into her hair and on her face. The man in her female pee slit came shortly after but as another man moved towards her she heard a suggestion that they should strip her naked first. The men around her seemed to agree and the zip of her dress was undone all the way down to her ass before she could even stand up. She stepped out of it and one of the men scooped it up and tossed it over the back of a nearby chair.

My wife was pushed back onto her knees as the guys surrounded her and unzipped their zippers and her mouth was passed from cock to cock without any chance for her to be even aware what was really happening or who’s cock was who’s. Hands reached from behind to maul her breasts. Two fingers were pushed into her ass and scooped some of the bull gravy that had been left there; the results were fed into her mouth as she was moved between pricks. Her eagerness incited the guys to remark “eat it slut” suck the cocks whore” and more. Pam was thinking that all of these men would see her tomorrow and she would see them at the Reception.

The cock circle using my wife’s mouth went on for maybe ten minutes. None of the men were going to cum, Pam didn’t have enough time with any cock for that and none seemed in any hurry to either fuck her or wank onto her face which is what she had expected. Pam had always thought that men liked that because it degraded the woman. Or, she guessed, just maybe that they were holding out as the evening was still young and she knew that this was going to go on for a long time yet.

“I want to try something. John can you lay down and let her get on top of you?” John was one of their older neighbors and without questioning he undid his trousers and pushed them down and lay on the floor. She was helped by many hands to sit astride him and he pushed himself into her cunt. “John, pull the whore down towards you. I’m gonna fuck her ass at the same time.”

There were cries of “Go for it”, and “Bet she can’t take you both”, and “You’ll never get up there as well.” Pam heard them but was already concentrating on relaxing as much as she could. My wife had done this before and was ready because she was getting more frustrated and needed her own fulfillment. She was pulled forward, face to face with the neighbor and hands pulled her cheeks apart to expose her little rosebud which already starting to not fully close leaking two deposits of cum. She felt the accustomed head nudge gently at her tightest hole and then groaned loudly as it was unceremoniously pushed deep inside her rectum. “Oh fuck yeah take that you whore” said the voice from behind.

My wife didn’t need any more encouragement as she moved up on her knees and then started slamming back against the two cocks filling her holes. She started yelling “fuck me harder” as she slammed her backside against the two guys. My wife was now using two cocks for her own pleasure as she moaned loudly. The group around them was silent for a moment and then started cheering her efforts. Pam worked up to a frenzied pace pounding the two poles in her orifices and moaning loudly”ungh, uunngh, uuuunnnnngh.” Her body began to shake as she slammed the cocks one last time until her whole body started convulsing.

The spasms of my wife’s orgasm caused two guys who seemed to just be along for the ride to tense up almost in unison and deposit their baby seed into her lower holes. The whole thing lasted maybe five minutes and as one withdrew from her ass and she was pushed sideways as her neighbor stood up, neither man so much as acknowledged she now existed as they high fived the group.

For a moment she lay still on her side and was aware only of men, naked from the waist down around her. She heard Tim and Ricky saying “did you see that cock slut? We can top that.” She looked behind her to see the two younger boys back and standing over her with their poles at full mast. The two whispered to each other as her stomach tightened at what they might be saying. Two hands pulled her to her knees so that she could give her mouth to them and she heard Tim’s voice “suck both cocks whore and make it good.”

Pam was busy trying to work the two cocks in her mouth just a minute or so when heard Tim say “shall we?” Ricky nodded his approval and lay down on the carpet. Tim lifted Pam with his hands around her to be on top of Ricky, stomach to stomach. Pam then felt Tim guide the head of Ricky’s steel hard young prick past her sphincter and back into her rear exit. Only when Tim crawled behind her did she fully realize what they intended to do next. My wife turned to voice her displeasure but I was so horny and wanted to see what happened next I stuck my cock in her mouth to let the boys continue. Tim lubed the head of his organ and started pushing it against his brothers’ cock and my wife’s anal orifice.

Pam started making some really loud guttural sounds as Tim pushed his rock hard young cock against her already filled opening. Tim groaned as he pushed harder and then my wife screamed “oh my god” as Tim’s reproductive organ joined his brothers’ in my wife’s ass. Pam turned quickly to keep the two from moving as she got used to the girth stretching her sphincter. As Pam got more comfortable she laid her head on Ricky’s chest which cued Tim to start boning her bum. She began to moan as the two young guys both started pounding her ass meat-to-meat.

Pam was both excited and ashamed as the violent double penetration went on and then she felt a third cock back at her mouth and heard my voice “suck it for me.” She had her two brothers fucking her backside and her husband using her mouth. With the increased speed of their buggering her derriere Pam knew that it wasn’t going to last much longer and she felt Tim stiffen and slam his semen shooter as far in as he could as he shot his wad deep into her ass. From underneath Ricky pounded her ass a few more times and then unloaded his jizz into the recesses of her bowels. I couldn’t take anymore and fucked her mouth furiously making her choke as I made another deposit down her throat.

My wife mentally counted; that’s five loads up her ass including a new first two at once, three in her mouth and two in cunt in only an hour since they started and she figured she would have to take at least double that many again before all this was over.

She lay still for a while as hands probed and groped her it was one of Ben’s school friends Dave pulled her to her knees by tugging prompting she took his cock into her mouth. For the next few minutes he continually abused Pam’s breasts and nipples until he shot a huge load into her mouth. She looked up at him and opened her mouth, still holding his cum there. “Swallow it whore”, he hissed at her and as Pam did so he slapped both her breasts as hard as he could causing a yelp at which he looked pleased as he turned and Pam watched him walk away.

The next two men were easy. She was positioned over the arm of the sofa and they just fucked her cunt until they came. Nothing special, nothing kinky Pam was grateful for the rest but pushed back on them to make the experience of fucking her memorable. When both had finished they simply sat in armchairs nearby watching her and Pam realized that no-one else was waiting to use her body, not yet anyway. She did a quick mental tally, five ass, four cunt, four mouth and one on her face, eleven men so far with Tim and Ricky twice.

Pam sat up and saw that most of the men had gathered around talking. She could not forget being double penetrated in her ass, by two boys. She was still lost in these thoughts when she saw Jimmy, the best man, approaching her, carrying bottles of beer, one he was drinking and the other two he offered to the seated men. “Was she good? Worth the money?” Jimmy was asking the questions.

Tim and Ricky jumped forward “Of Course, Her ass was so tight. I never had a woman there before. I’ve never been out with the sort of slut that would even think of letting a man well you know.” Tim continued “you should fuck the whore’s ass.”

“I think I will” Jimmy said as he moved behind my wife, unzipped and pulled out his cock. His organ was normal length, but is looked as round as coke can. Pam felt her ass cheeks parted and the largest cock of the evening filling her rectum as Ben finally decided to try her mouth. Jimmy fucked her ass hard. She knew her back door was well lubricated now with arse-grease that was leaking from it as she started to get excited. He didn’t last long however and Pam soon felt another cock unload inside her anus.

McKenzie Lowell stepped up to the door and rang the bell.

The door was answered by a giant dressed in a Scottish kilt, white button up and black half-mask.

“Trick or treat?” he asked.

“Hey Bear, isn’t that supposed to be my line? But I’ll take a treat over a trick any day!”

“Shit Kenzie, how did you know it was me?” Bear asked.

“Because I don’t know anyone else who hits 6’5″? And how did you know it was me?” Kenzie asked with a pout.

“Because I don’t know anyone else with your hot as hell body?”

“Oooooh, you better watch out,” Kenzie teased, punching Bear in the arm, “or I’m going to tell Lola!”

Lola was Bear’s wife. She was a gorgeous, black hair and green eyes, who stood at just under six foot, had a great sense of humor and was perfect for Bear!

“Please don’t Kenzie! She’ll have my balls for sure.” Bear laughed.

“Don’t worry; I won’t be responsible for your becoming a eunuch!”

Kenzie stepped into the foyer of the large, sprawling home that her friends shared. While Bear shut the door and hung her coat, Kenzie stepped up to the large mirror near the stairs to examine herself before stepping into the large masquerade party in full swing in the main part of the house.

Kenzie scrutinized her imagine. Waist length hair, so red it was nearly burgundy, with a nice wave complemented her bright blue eyes. She had clear porcelain skin with a healthy smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She loved her freckles.

What she loved much less was her very Rubenesque figure. Kenzie snorted. Rubenesque? How about fat! Kenzie really had no illusions about her size. She was a big girl. She smoothed her hands down her more than ample hips. Adjusting her gauzy, flowing white toga, she turned sideways and eyed her rounded stomach, much hidden by the empire waist of her gown. She’d taken a risk coming as a goddess. How many fat girls were actually brave enough to assume the right to be a goddess? Along with her white toga gown, she wore a gold laurel wreath and a white feathered half mask. The mask showed of her ruby painted cupid-bow lips to their best advantage.

As little as she loved her figure, she had almost learned to accept her less than supermodel body. Dates, though, had been few and far between, due mostly to her size, she was sure. However, Kenzie accepted that she was a beautiful woman. And she was definitely not shy about adorning her body. She had numerous tattoos including a large tree of life on her back. She also had multiple ear piercings, a hoop in her nose and small diamond stubs ornamenting her bottom lip.

Giving herself one last critical look, Kenzie stepped into the large great room. She looked around, taking in the crush of other party guests. There were several predictable costumes: witches, vampires, pirates and some zombies. Some of the women wore beautiful costumes, dressed as fairies and princesses. Her eyes landed on a particularly hot black haired she-devil at the bar. Kenzie smiled. Of course Lola would be dressed as a slutty bad girl. SO Lola!

Kenzie milled through the crowd, exchanging pleasantries with several people, making her way to Lola. When she reached her, Lola smiled and hugged Kenzie. With a large smile she handed Kenzie a glass of white wine.

“Oh fancy!” Kenzie teased Lola. “Did you break out the French Chardonnay for moi?”

“Oui! You know it! Nothing but the best for my girl.”

Kenzie took a sip. “Yummy! You so know my weakness.”

“Come sit with me,” Lola urged her and led Kenzie to a large sofa near an even larger roaring fireplace. Lola swayed her barely covered ass, showing off the devil red g-string that matched her costume. They sat together in the corner of the L-shaped sectional.

“You little slut,” Kenzie teased her best friend. “You are going to have innocent young boys limping around from their rampant boners!”

Lola giggle. “I know, right! I am totally shameless.”

Kenzie truly loved her two best friends. Bear and Lola ran a very lucrative and popular nightclub downtown called The Drunken Dog. It featured barely clad go-go dancers, live bands several nights a week and was patronized by lots of very attractive and rich people. Being a singer, Kenzie had performed at The Drunken Dog on a regular basis and it had become like a second home to her; or a first home, maybe. Kenzie had grown up in foster care and had no family. Completely alone in the world, Kenzie has struggled on her own from the time she had run away from her last abusive foster home at the age of 15.

Kenzie had supported herself as a street musician from that time on. She had an incredibly beautiful and unique voice, smoky and gravelly. She was also a natural on the guitar, having taught herself. At the age of 32 she’d yet to pick up a recording contract, however she had a very lucrative career performing at nightclubs and bars around the city.

“So,” she told Lola, glancing around, “nice party. Are you sure you found enough gorgeous people to be here? Are there any left in the city?”

“Maybe,” Lola, with a little smile, “maybe not. You going to sing for us tonight?”

“Absolutely. Can you have Bear get my guitar out of my car?”

“Sure. Meanwhile, why don’t you mingle? We have lots of naughty versions of games going on in different areas: Spin the Bottle, 60 Seconds in Heaven, yada yada yada! Play! Find a man to fuck, be bad!”

“Haha,” Kenzie retorted with sarcasm. “You know I’ve just got men beating down my door. I’ll stick with my trusty vibrator. Much less risk of rejection.” Before Lola could argue, Kenzie stood, holding her glass up. “I’m getting a refill and then I’ll say hello to a few people.”

Kenzie made her way to the bar and procured herself another glass of wine. She leaned back against the bar, sipped her Chardonnay and people watched for a while. She smiled when she saw Bear palm Lola’s ass across the room. In typical Lola style, she bent slightly to give Bear greater access and he took advantage, running a finger along her barely covered slit. Far from feeling embarrassed, the witnessed scene only made Kenzie feel hot and aroused.

Kenzie sighed heavily. She’d love to find someone to share her life and bed with. Taking another sip of wine, she stilled, feeling the hairs on the back of her neck raise in awareness. Someone was staring at her. Surreptitiously, from beneath lowered lashes, Kenzie glanced around the room. Across the room near the fireplace, not far from where she’d been sitting with Lola, she found the culprit. Her eyes were snared by a very hot specimen of man. When she met his eyes, his full, beautiful lips quirked up in a half-smile. Kenzie jarred from the intensity of his gaze.

Wow, she thought lowering her eyes, he is amazingly sexy. Discreetly, she hoped, Kenzie checked out the mystery man across the room. He was tall, fully as tall as Bear, but without the bulk. She couldn’t tell the color of his eyes from the brief look she’d had, as well as from the distance, but his jet black hair shined in the firelight, so dark it was nearly blue. He wasn’t dressed in costume, though he wore a nice leather half-mask. He was dressed in dark, distressed jeans and a leather half trench coat over a form-fitting black t-shirt. He also wore beautifully made black motorcycle boots with silver buckles. Jesus freaking Christ, she thought, that man is sin on two legs. Glancing back up, Kenzie saw he was still staring at her.

Kenzie felt mesmerized. She felt tingles from head to toe. Her nipples hardened and her pussy started weeping. Kenzie shivered, as she forced her eyes away. Pushing away from the bar, she made her way through the crowd, greeting several people she recognized, despite their masks. Kenzie was quick with a smile and even quicker with a laugh; endearing her to most people she met.

She wandered out onto the large multi-level deck. It was chilly, but not bad, considering the time of year. She made her way to the fire pit and noticed that a very adult game of spin the bottle was going on. It appeared that whomever the bottle landed on, irregardless of the gender of the spinner or whom it landed on, a deep tongue kiss was awarded. Kenzie watched for several turns, becoming increasingly aroused by blatant display of eroticism, before she felt heat at her back. Without turning, she knew it was the mystery man from the great room.

“Are you aroused by the game?” he asked, his breath warm on her ear as he leaned close to whisper to her.

Kenzie jumped slightly, shivering from his words and from the effect of his breath on her ear.

“Yes,” she said without turning. “You?”

“No,” he said, “I’m aroused by you.”

Kenzie stiffened. She turned quickly to find him inches from her. She looked up into his eyes. Way up, considering he stood nearly a foot taller than her. She noticed his eyes were so light blue they were almost white. They were beautiful, but in an almost eerie way. Definitely intense.

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“Nope, no trick here,” he said with a crooked smile, amused at his own Halloween pun. “I think you are incredibly hot. I just have one question for you.”

Kenzie simply raised her eyebrow in response.

He leaned in until her was whispering in her ear again. “Are you wearing panties?”

Kenzie leaned back with a bark of laughter. “You certainly aren’t shy are you?”

“I never have been accused of that.”

“What’s your name? If I turn you on so much I should at least know your name, don’t you think?”

“Fair enough. Silas.”

“I’m Kenzie.”

“I know. I’ve seen you at Bear and Lola’s.”

“Hmmm. Why haven’t I seen you?”

“I’m shy?”

“Oh I highly doubt that,” Kenzie laughed.

Before Silas could make a rejoinder, Kenzie’s name was called from the group playing around the fire pit.

“Come play! Be naughty…it’s Halloween!” This was from a waitress named Erin from The Drunken Dog that Kenzie had a friendly relationship with.

Kenzie hesitated.

“I will if you will,” Silas said from beside her. “Dare you.”

Never one to turn down a dare, a fault that had gotten her into plenty of trouble, Kenzie walked over to the group, throwing a challenging look over her shoulder at Silas. Kenzie chose a spot in the circle and Silas sat next to her, close enough that their thighs pressed against each other, causing a warm glow of arousal in Kenzie’s pussy.

“Ok, Kenzie, you next!” Erin said excitedly.

Kenzie groaned inwardly, but put on a game smile and spun. The bottle spun drunkenly for several rotations before, as if pulled by a magnet, landed on Silas. Kenzie gave a silent victory shout! How fortuitous! Without any wasted time, Silas buried his hand in the hair at the base of Kenzie’s neck and pulled her head back. Kenzie gasped at the suddenness of the action and the shot of fluid it caused to drench her panties. Silas took advantage of Kenzie’s open mouth and crushed her mouth, thrusting his tongue in with aggression. Kenzie moaned and thrust her tongue back at his. They dueled for long moments, tongues tangling, lips sucking, until Kenzie heard loud catcalls and whoops.

She raised her head feeling drunk with the power of the kiss. She had totally lost herself in it.

“Whoa!” Kenzie said on a little laugh. “That’s enough of Spin the Bottle for me or I might end up in a puddle on the floor! I’m getting a drink.” Kenzie stood on unsteady legs and made her way back to the great room and the bar, to the accompaniment of several playful boos. She could feel Silas on her heels.

Procuring a drink, she turned to Silas and said, “Yes.”

“Yes?” he replied.

“Yes, I’m wearing panties, but they’re little.”

“Shit,” Silas whispered, almost to himself. He stepped forward, completely invading her space and pressed his body against hers. He reached around and palmed her ass cheek. “That is so fucking hot, because now all I can think of is taking them off of you.”

“You are pretty presumptuous aren’t you,” Kenzie asked, meaning to sound firm but only managing to sound breathless.

Silas adjusted his hand to slide his finger up the crack of her ass, following the line of her little white silk g-string. With his other hand he palmed the back of her head and tilted her head to the side. Leaning down her ran the flat of his tongue from her collar bone to her ear.

“I go after what I want. And I haven’t wanted anything or anyone this bad in eons,” he breathed into her ear. Using his grip on her ass, he pulled her tight against him, pressing his hard cock against her stomach.

“I can tell,” she replied and turning her head, claimed his mouth in an unusual act of sexual aggression. When he threw himself wholeheartedly into the kiss, she groaned into his mouth. Her nipples were hard points, pressing into his chest through her thin gown. Her panties were sopping wet with her own arousal by now and her clit pulsed hard, from a simple kiss. She wiggled trying to get closer. Silas released her hair and palmed Kenzie’s breast before using his palm to rub her hard nipple in slow circles. When her nipple got even harder, it was Silas’s turn to moan. This continued for several moments before Kenzie registered a clearing of the throat.

Silas lifted his head and growled, “What the fuck is so important that you need to interrupt me, Bear?”

“Well, as much as I, and most of the room, are enjoying this hot as fuck display, it’s time for Kenzie to play for us.”

Kenzie’s cheeks burned at how she had forgotten where they were. But she put on a brave face and a saucy smile.

“Glad I could be of service, Bear. Should I take a bow?”

“Let’s save that for after your set?”

“Sure, but Silas will have to let go of my ass first.”

Silas slowly loosened his grip on her ass and stepped by, but not happily. He turned to Bear, displeasure clear on his face. Bear took a step back and lowered his head, in apparent submission.

“I apologize, Silas.”

Interesting, Kenzie thought, as she made her way to spot near the fireplace where her guitar, a mic and small amp were set up.

When she sat on the provided stool, she gave a cursory hello before beginning the intro to her first song. As she sang, most people came in from other areas of the house, crowding into the great room to hear her perform. She sang nearly a dozen songs, before launching into her current favorite, a song by India.Arie.

She had felt Silas’s eyes burning into her, never leaving for the entire set. As she began the lyrics of the song she looked into his eyes.

“Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t

Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I won’t

Depend on how the wind blows I might even paint my toes

It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul

I’m not the average girl from your video

and I ain’t built like a supermodel

But, I learned to love myself unconditionally

Because I am a queen…”

Kenzie finished the song to thunderous applause and thanked everyone for their appreciation.

Lola approached and, taking Kenzie by the arm, led her back to the bar. Kenzie noticed Silas had disappeared.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Kenzie asked.

“Maybe,” Lola answered, and with a little laugh handed her another glass of wine. “Just thought you might be parched after all that singing.”

“I am, thanks,” she responded taking a large swallow.

“So, what do you think of Silas? Like him?”

“What’s not to like? He’s super-hot and kisses like he’s set out to make it an art form. He’s definitely wet my panties! How long have you known him?”

“Oh, forever,” Lola answered with a little wave of her hand.

Kenzie recounted the exchange between Silas and Bear. “So, what’s up with that?”

“Well Silas is like family, I guess. He’s like an older brother to Bear; a mentor, really. He gave us the initial investment to start The Drunken Dog. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without Silas.”

“Ah. Ok. Still it’s odd to see Bear so deferential to someone.”

“He loves Silas, we both do, and would never want to offend him,” Lola replied.

“Well if you love Silas, so do I,” Kenzie assured her friend, giving her a one-armed hug, still holding her glass of wine.

“I think you showed everyone how much you ‘loved’ Silas earlier!”

“Oh shut the fuck up!” Kenzie retorted on a laugh. “So many people are going at each other at this party it might as well be an orgy!”

“Yeah, but there was something special about watching you and Silas. Half the people here couldn’t take their eyes off you.”

“Jesus, now I’m more than a little mortified,” Kenzie blushed.

“Don’t be, you are a beautiful sensuous creature! If you weren’t my best friend, I’d want to fuck you!”

Kenzie laughed. “You have enough fucking going on without involving me, you little perv! I am in need of the little girls’ room.” Excusing herself, Kenzie wondered upstairs and into Bear and Lola’s master suite. She used the bathroom, washed her hands and freshened her hair and make-up, taking advantage of Lola’s gigantic assortment of cosmetics.

When she left the bathroom, Silas was waiting for her, leaning against the bedroom door, barring her way out.

Kenzie came to an abrupt halt. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I thought we could play 60 Minutes in Heaven,” he replied with a wicked grin.

“It’s 60 Seconds in Heaven.”

“Oh, I’ll need way more than a minute with you. But baby, I am going to take you to heaven,” Silas promised, stepping away from the door and shrugging out of his leather trench.

Kenzie felt a rush of moisture flood her cunt, wetting her already damp panties. But not wanting to seem too easy, she asked, “Don’t I have a say in this?”

“Yes,” he replied, stalking her as she backed away from him. “You can say yes, more please, harder; any and all of those.”

Silas peeled his tee off over his head and Kenzie felt her jaw drop. Holy fuck, she thought, he is amazing. Silas had the type of body that a man only got from hard work. A natural, lean musculature, not something bought at a gym. Both of his nipples were pierced, with bars in both. So now she knew Silas possessed two things that turned her on beyond measure; a dominant personality and piercings. She glanced up from his chest to find his eyes on her. The look of lust on his face was so intense, she swallowed audibly. She stood frozen as Silas continued to approach her.

When he reached her, Kenzie expected him to grab her, but instead he slowly circled her. Reaching out he ran his hand lightly along her arm, around the shell of her ear, across her ass. He lightly touched her, circling her, making her feel like she was prey and he was toying with her. Through it all, Kenzie stood still, her breath hitching at every touch, her cunt spasming. She felt near orgasm and Silas had barely touched her! Eventually he made his way back to stand in front of her.

For several moments, Silas merely stared into Kenzie’s eyes. His eyes burned so hot despite their cold color. She felt herself enthralled, lost in the depth of desire she found there. She seemed aware of every inch of her body, as if her skin were suddenly too tight. Her nipples hardened to impossibly tight points, her breathing was fast, heartbeat erratic and her pussy was a constant fount of dripping arousal.

“Take off your gown, McKenzie,” Silas finally spoke, his voice deep and gravelly with want. Kenzie complied, slowly lowering her gown. Kenzie was surprised by her easy compliance, but even more surprised that this amazingly hot man wanted her. And she could in no way doubt his desire for her, she thought, glancing at the giant bulge in his jeans. Soon Kenzie stood before Silas in nothing more than her white silk g-string and 5 inch white satin stilettos. She resisted the urge to squirm and cover herself, severely self-conscious of all the extra weight she was displaying for this impossibly hot man.

“Love, no need to feel insecure. I could come in my jeans just looking at you.” And as unimaginable as it seemed, Kenzie believed him. She shivered hard as he reached out to run the back of his hand along her collarbone. Turning his had he smoothed his fingertips down her chest, between her large, though firm breasts, to settle at the top of her panties. Using a single fingertip, Silas traced the top of her panties, back and forth, until Kenzie was ready to beg him to touch her between her legs.

As though reading her mind, Silas slid his finger down her slit, staying on top of her panties. Kenzie groaned in pure delight at the feel of his finger on her cunt. She desperately wanted more. Please! she thought almost desperately.

“Patience, baby,” he told her.

Kenzie started. Was he reading her mind?

“Yes, and you’re thinking very loudly.”

Before Kenzie could even process that statement, Silas lifted her in his arms as if she weighed nothing, and carried her to the large bed. Kenzie marveled that he could lift her so easily, considering she was no slight burden. He laid her on the bed, grabbed her hands and lifted them above her head, and proceeded to devour her mouth. The thrust of his tongue in her mouth imitated what she longed for his cock to be doing in her sopping wet cunt. Returning Silas’s kiss wholeheartedly, Kenzie couldn’t keep from squeezing her thighs together, trying to relieve some of the pressure on her aching clit.

When Silas pulled away and stood up, Kenzie groaned in objection and tried to reach for him. It was then she realized that while she’d been lost in his kiss, Silas had been securing her hands to the headboard. Kenzie twisted her head around to look at her hands. Of course Bear and Lola would have shackles built into their headboard! She turned her head back to Silas. He was standing beside the bed, his gaze wondering her body, landing longer on some places than others.

“Do you know how fucking amazing you look in just that tiny thong and your hooker heels?”

“Why don’t you show me?”

“You have no idea how badly I want to,” he informed her with a shake of his head, “but first we need to talk.”

“Okaaaay,” Kenzie said, drawing the word out in confusion. Then with a start of remembrance, she asked him, “What the hell did you mean that you could read my mind.”

“Exactly that,” he answered, sitting down next to her on the bed. “If I couldn’t, how would I have known you were even thinking that?”

“Oh.” Kenzie thought for a second. “You could have guessed.”

“Ok,” Silas replied, “think of something.” After a pause, he laughed. “Not about sex. Something not so easily guessed.” Another pause. “Tacos? Seriously?” He laughed again.

“Holy shit! And give me a break, I’m hungry. Are you psychic?”

“Among other things.”

“What other things? I’m getting a little nervous here and feeling a whole lot of vulnerable.”

“I know you’ll have a hard time believing this. And I haven’t told anyone in a long time, but I think you’re special; and I want you. Not just tonight, but for long term. I’ve wanted you from the moment I first saw you at The Drunken Dog. I know all about you; your childhood in the foster system because of your mom’s overdose when you were four. How you ran away from foster care at 15 because of a very handsy foster parent. I know how you’ve struggled to be where you are today; a successful, beautiful, sexy artist with amazing talent.”

“Ok,” Kenzie said, beginning to struggle against her bonds, “I’m starting to be a little creeped out. Let me the fuck up!”

Silas placed his palm low on her belly and Kenzie stilled. “Calm down,” he urged her. “You don’t need to be afraid of me. I just needed to know everything about you. I needed to know if I could trust you. Bear and Lola vouched for you, but I have to be careful because of who I am.” He began rubbing his palm in ever-widening circles on her stomach as he was talking, making it very hard for Kenzie to concentrate, despite the seriousness of the conversation.

“And just who are you?”

“I’m a vampire,” announced to her. “Not just any vampire, though, but the king of this region.”

“Oh, so fucking funny!” Kenzie said. “What kind of game are you playing? I’ve got to tell you, it’s not very amusing to me right now.”

“It’s no game,” Silas told her and leaned forward with the intention of kissing her again. Kenzie turned her head aside trying to avoid the kiss. Silas grasped her by the chin, forcing her face back to his. “Don’t fight me Kenzie. I’m a predator. It’ll only make me more determined and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Kenzie swallowed, feeling a kernel of fear begin in the pit of her stomach. But that fear was waging a war with the desire already residing there. And desire was winning, especially when she could see the lust shining is Silas’s pale blue eyes. So when he leaned down to kiss her again she let him. Silas began the kiss gently this time, brushing his lips softly against hers, back and forth, until Kenzie was on the verge of begging him to deepen the kiss. He might be crazy, but he sure could kiss! Hearing her thoughts, Silas chuckled.

“You are a sensual creature, McKenzie,” he whispered against her lips. “All in due time.”

With those words, Silas began a journey down Kenzie’s body with lips and tongue. He started by giving Kenzie’s throat little flicking licks, interspersed with nipping bites. He worked his way sideways to where her neck and shoulder met. When he reached that ultra-sensitive spot he bit down with a good amount of force. Kenzie let out a little yelp of surprise followed by a low moan of delight. The feeling was amazing. She loved a little edge of pain to her pleasure; had always enjoyed when her lovers bit.

Silas laved away the little pain of his bite with the flat of his tongue. Kenzie was moaning and writhing on the bed, her body begging for more.

“Fuck, baby, you are so sensitive. I wonder if I could make you come without even touching your sweet little cunt.”

“I’m willing to let you try,” Kenzie countered, breathlessly.

Reaching down, Silas cupped her generous breasts, kneading them. Kenzie’s pussy clenched with desire and she groaned, squeezing her thighs. Silas ran his thumbs over both of her nipples, at once. Simultaneously, he continued rubbing her nipples over and over until Kenzie was panting and moaning. Unashamedly, she began begging for more.

“What do you want, baby? Do you want me to lick you pretty, berry colored nipples? Suck them? Bite them?”

“Please, Silas! Yes! Yes, to all of it. Please, please touch me more. Suck my nipples, bite them. I need more!”

“Greedy little thing, aren’t you?” he asked as he continued to simply rub his thumbs across her nipple. After several more minutes of this, Kenzie was nearly sobbing from a combination of pleasure and need. “Okay baby,” Silas crooned to her, “I’ll give you more.”

Leaning over, Silas opened his mouth onto her nipple and sucked the whole thing into his mouth. When he began suckling and flicking it with his tongue within his hot mouth, Kenzie’s hips came up off the bed and she gave a little scream.

“Oh god. Yes. Fuck, fuck. More, Silas. Harder.” Kenzie was babbling, begging in near incoherence. Silas gave her what she wanted. Moving to her other breast, he took that nipple into his mouth and bit down, the force just shy of pain. Kenzie moaned, pulling against her bindings, wanting desperately to sink her hands into his hair and pull him closer. Instead all she could do was writhe as her cunt continued to weep. Silas continued to move back and forth between breasts, sucking, licking and biting.

“Silas, I’m going to come,” Kenzie panted. “Please, I need to come. Keep licking my nipples. Oh god, yes, just like that. Oh that feels so good when you use your teeth like that.” Silas reached up to her untended breast and began to pinch and roll that nipple while he sucked hard on the nipple in his mouth. With a guttural groan and a hard squeeze of her thighs, Kenzie came. Silas continued to play with her luscious nipples until Kenzie was begging for him to stop.

“Silas, please! It’s too much.” With a final gentle kiss to the tip of each nipple, Silas raised up to give Kenzie a deep kiss, pushing his tongue between her lips to lick the entire inside of her mouth.

“I swear I can taste your orgasm in just your kiss. I can certainly smell it. Fuck baby, you are amazing. I knew you would be responsive.”

“I’ve never come from just nipple play. That was incredible.”

“Mmmm.” Silas stood and looking down at Kenzie told her, “Spread your legs for me, baby. God you’re wet,” he praised her when she complied. Reaching down, with incredible ease, he tore her thong off of her. Kenzie gasped, feeling a huge flood of moisture flow from her cunt, flowing down into her ass crack.

“Well, shit, that is fucking hot,” Silas praised as he reached down to finger the small hoop in Kenzie’s clitoral hood piercing. “You are full of surprises.”

Silas continued to run his finger up and down her slit, spreading her wetness around. Every time he reached the top, he would flick her clit, making Kenzie groan. “So pretty,” he whispered, seemingly to himself. He slid his finger down, and in one easy move, aided by Kenzie’s extreme wetness, he buried it in her cunt, all the way to his knuckle. Kenzie’s hips came up off the bed to meet his thrust. She moaned deep in her throat.

“More, Silas. Please more.”

“Kenzie, I’m a vampire. Do you believe me baby?” As he asked the question, he continued to thrust his finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy, adding a second finger. Kenzie pushing her hips against his every thrust.

Groaning in disappointment, Kenzie said, “Can you please stop talking crazy and just fuck me?”

“I want to baby,” Silas said as he leaned down to tongue her nipple. Standing up he continued, “I have to know you know what you are getting into. I have to feed on you to fuck you.”

“Ok,” Kenzie said. “You’re a vampire. Just fuck me.” Kenzie was writing on the bed, desperate to have his cock deep inside her aching cunt. She needed to have the emptiness filled. Her inner muscles squeezed his fingers hard.

“Look at me Kenzie,” Silas demanded. When she complied, Silas opened his mouth and a pair of long, sharp incisors shot down out of his top jaw. Kenzie squealed and struggled against her bonds. “Believe me now, beautiful?”

“What the fuck? That is just a trick, a Halloween prop!” Kenzie said, desperately trying to deny.

Silas gave an aggrieved sigh. “How much more convincing do you need? I can read your mind and I have fangs!”

“You’re really a vampire? Are you going to kill me?”

“No, Kenzie,” Silas said with a small smile. “I already told you I wanted to keep you. I just need you to know what I really am. I want to bond you to me and to do that I need to feed from you. Let me. I won’t hurt you, I never would.”

Looking deep in his white blue eyes, Kenzie could see the truth of his words. And she wanted him. More than any other man she’d ever known.

“Ok. You’re a vampire. You want me. I can accept that. Now will you just fuck me before I gnaw through these bindings and fuck myself?”

“Gladly.” With that single word, Silas’s pants seemed to disintegrate. In the blink of an eye, vampire speed, Kenzie though hazily, he had his shoulders wedged between her legs, spreading her wide. He placed his hands under her ass and tilted her cunt up toward his waiting mouth and, with his teeth, gently tugged on Kenzie’s clit ring. Kenzie moaned, panting with need.

“Oh yes,” she whimpered. “Harder! Yes, just like that. Ahhh, yes, suck it. That feels so fucking good.” Kenzie continued to encourage Silas as he licked and sucked her hard little clit into his mouth. He used his tongue to flick her clit back and forth, alternating with forceful suckling. Kenzie was nearly incoherent with the intensity of the pleasure he was giving her. “Silas! I’m going to come!”

Silas pulled away for a moment. “Come for me baby, come all over my face.” His dirty words were all Kenzie needed. As Silas leaned down and sucked her clit back into his mouth, biting down, she came with a shout.

“Fuck, fuck!” Kenzie was near tears, her head thrashing back and forth on the pillow. Silas just kept sucking, keeping her riding high on her orgasm until she was begging him to stop. “Stop, please! Enough, I can’t take any more,” Kenzie begged, thrashing her head back on forth on the pillow.

Silas relented, rising up on his hands and knees over her. Damn, he thought, she looks beautiful with all that dark red hair spread out around her, her lips dark with desire, her pupils dilated. He crawled up her body until they were face to face.

“You pussy tastes so good, baby. Taste.” With that, he leaned down and kissed Kenzie deep, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. Kenzie groaned in pleasure, suckling his tongue and delighting in her taste on his lips. Silas leaned down slightly, rubbing his chest hair lightly over her nipples, making Kenzie whimper into his mouth. He pulled his mouth off hers.

“Little girl, I’m going to fuck that hot little mouth of yours.” Kenzie moaned and squeezed her thighs together as a spasm of longing rocketed through her pussy at just the thought of Silas shoving his cock down her throat.

“You’re in luck,” Kenzie informed Silas, “I happen to give very good head.” She looked him in the eye, licking her lips and tasting herself again in the process. “Mmm,” she teased him, “I do taste good.”

It was Silas’s turn to moan. He was infatuated with this sensual, sexy creature underneath him. He climbed up the rest of her body until her was straddling her shoulders. Balancing with one hand on the wall above her, he grabbed his cock in his other hand and pumped it, running his fist up and down the long length. Kenzie watched intently, a gush of fluid pouring from her pussy. There was nothing sexier to her than a man handling his own cock.

Silas brought his cock to her mouth and rubbed the head against her lips. A drop of fluid leaked out of the tip, coating her lips. She licked it off, licking the head of his cock in the process.

“Yum,” she told him.

“Little girl, you are going to kill me,” Silas moaned, “and it’s damn hard to kill a vampire! Open your mouth baby and let me in.”

Kenzie immediately complied, eager to taste him. Silas pushed just the tip into her mouth and she reached out her tongue to swirl around the head. Closing her lips, she suckled on the head, using her tongue to probe the slit in the tip, coaxing more fluid from him. With a guttural groan, Silas threw his head back and pushed his cock the rest of the way in, bumping the back of her throat. Kenzie took a moment take a breath through her nose, making a conscious effort to open her throat and take him all the way in.

“Fuck, baby, you are good,” Silas groaned and he pulled back only to thrust even further down her throat. Every time Silas pulled back, Kenzie took the opportunity to suck hard on his cock, swirling her tongue around its length. Silas set up a steady pace of thrusting into Kenzie’s hot, and oh so willing, mouth. With every plunge, Kenzie was able to take him deeper down her throat, breathing through her nose every time he pulled out, smelling his pleasantly arousing musky scent. Finally Silas pulled out all the way. Kenzie whimpered in disappointment.

“I’d like nothing better than to shoot my load down your throat, but the first time I have to be buried balls deep in your pretty pink cunt.”

Silas moved back down her body. Positioning his cock at the entrance of her still pulsing cunt, he leaned down and brushed his lips across hers.

“Mmm,” Kenzie whispered against his lips, “now we can taste each other.” She wiggled her hips, lifting them, trying to force his cock into her, utterly ready for Silas to finally fill her aching cunt.

Looking her in the eye, he asked her, “Are you sure? If you say yes, there’s no turning back. I won’t let you go. Make sure you mean it. After this you’re mine. I’ll fuck you so hard and so good you’ll never want anyone else.”

“Yes. I want to belong to you.”

Without further delay, Silas thrust his cock into Kenzie’s soaking hot cunt all the way to the hilt. Kenzie let out a keening wail as he bottomed out in her, bumping hard against her cervix, causing a pleasure so great it neared pain. Reaching down with one hand, Silas hooked Kenzie’s knee on his arm, spreading her wide and sinking himself deeper in her pussy. Kenzie was stretched so wide from the size of his cock, she was burning. But she wasn’t about to complain. She’d always enjoyed a little pain with her sex.

“You okay, baby?” Silas asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Kenzie answered, breathily. “What are you waiting for?”

Silas pulled back to until only the head of his cock remained in her pussy, then thrust back in – hard. He repeated this slow, powerful pistoning over and over again. With ever y thrust, Kenzie grunted in a combination of pain and incredible pleasure. Silas leaned down and sucked her nipple into his mouth, causing her to tilt her head back, arching her back, straining to get her nipple further into his mouth.

Releasing her nipple with a pop, Silas told her, “We are going to get these pretty little nipples of yours pierced.”

“Yes, anything you want.”

“Good girl, Kenzie,” Silas praised, pleased with her unqualified submission. He thrust hard into her, bottoming out in her cunt again.

“Please, Silas, faster!” Instead of speeding up, Silas pulled out. Kenzie cried out in protest, nearing the point of tears from the need to have him fuck her hard and fast, deep. “No. Silas, that’s not fair!”

“Hush, baby.” Silas soothed. “I’m not nearly done with you yet.” Silas leaned up, grabbed her by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach. There was enough play in the bindings that her arms were able to criss-cross comfortably. “Ass in the air and keep your head down.” Silas commanded. Kenzie scrambled to obey, not wanting to delay, even for a moment, getting Silas’s cock back in her.

Without warning, Silas spread her ass cheeks, a hand on each, and leaned down to run his tongue from her cunt all the way up the crack of her ass. Kenzie thrust her ass back at him, silently begging for more. “Greedy little bitch aren’t you?”

“Hmm,” was all Kenzie could manage and, chuckling, Silas went back to licking her. He continued to tongue her luscious ass; long sensuous licks, short flicks and finally deep stabs directly into her tight little hole. “Oh yes. That’s it. Lick my ass. I love it. I want you to fuck my ass so bad.”

“Another time. Right now I just want to get back into you pretty little cunt and fuck you until you scream.” Moving up between her legs, Silas palmed her ass cheeks, spreading and lifting them, and plunged back into her dripping wet pussy. Kenzie was so wet that Silas could feel her fluids against his thighs where they had dripped down her own. He began thrusting into her hard and fast. Kenzie began to scream into the pillow under her. Silas could feel his cock bumping against the bundle of nerves that comprised her g-spot with every thrust. Releasing Kenzie’s ass, Silas leaned over her and reaching under her, grasped her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling them.

Kenzie turned her head on the pillow. “I’m going to come again,” she wailed, releasing a sexy little grunting moan with every thrust.

“Not yet,” Silas told her, and pulled nearly all the way out. He kept himself still there and, leaning down, began licking and kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Silas! Fuck me!”

“Mmm, are you telling me what to do little girl? I’m in control here, not you.”

“Yes. NO! I don’t know. I just need you!”

Releasing a breast, Silas wrapped his hand in the hair at the back of Kenzie’s hair, twisting, causing enough pain to feel good. Kenzie gasped and Silas felt a flood of her juices flow out of her cunt onto his cock and down his balls. With his other hand he reached forward and released the bindings imprisoning her to the bed. Using his grip on her hair, he lifted her up until she was sitting in his lap. Grasping her by the hip and the hair, Silas pulled her down, impaling her on his huge, swollen cock. Kenzie moaned out and let her head fall back on Silas’s shoulder, surrendering completely.

This is a story that’s about 90% true. Names were changed, and some other little things. Please forgive any mistakes you’ll find. I think the last story I wrote was a book report in grade school. So this is my first story here. Be gentle please, but feedback, voting, or email is fine. I will write other stories about the past if I get enough good feedback. Hopefully Enjoy!



The little crowd that surrounded the truck started cheering and making whooping noises, waiting for the show to start. She lowered her thong and took one foot out of them as she squatted. My eyes were on the screen of the handheld digital recorder capturing the event, while my boss /best friend, Mark, was smiling ear to ear taking pictures with his digital camera. This was his game. He loved to see how far he could push people out of their comfort zone sexually. He was a master in his ‘Art’.

The blonde haired college beauty was up in the bed of his truck with the tailgate down. She was wearing a green halter top with a short skirt. In her current stance, with the help of the neon and strobe lights coming off the tattoo shop, you could tell she was shaved. She opened up her lovely pink folds with 2 fingers as her face turned flush. “She is actually going to do it” I said to myself. The truck was parked next to a 4 lane street, and even this late at night, the cars passing could see what was going on. There was a lot of honking and whistles coming out of the cars that were driving by. It was a very busy road that ran straight into downtown Fort Worth. The traffic helped business, and we were known for certain ‘antics’ that went on at the shop. I think that’s why women like this one were coming to our shop a lot. Must have looked like a fucking Girls Gone Wild filming. Mark looked over with a wink and then yelled…

“Come on, we ain’t got all night girl. Think of waterfalls.”

“I’m trying, I swear!” The girl said while laughing. “I’ve got stage fright or something!”

This was making the crowd’s weekend, but to Mark and I…it was just a little entertainment to end a night of work at the studio. A few minutes later some relief came over her face and a little trickle turned into a stream of pee. She was a little drunk, and her friends that were there started clapping. When finished, she pulled her thong back on while staring at me. A little impish grin crept up on the sides of her lips. She hopped off the truck and went to her friends while they all giggled.

After the show, we walked in the shop. There were three stations for tattooing and a long hall for all the artwork to hang on, for people to hang out, and few places to sit. To the left was the private office for piercing. My boss and I shared this space. Complete with a TV that had every single channel on satellite, thanks to some hook up he had swapped out no doubt for a tattoo or something. It was always on some hardcore porn channel. Full security system including 10 cameras that went around the shop and into the main waiting area. The crowd dispersed except for the people waiting to be tattooed. Mark had me setup the tray for a tongue piercing.

I laughed. “You made her do all that for a free tongue piercing?”

“She wanted it for free. Why? Do you think I got ripped off?” He grinned. Always the smart ass.

I had been working there since I was 17. I was now 21. As a piercer I knew this would cost him 3$ for everything, even though we charged 40$ a piercing. I didn’t think it was much of a fair deal for her, but then again I wasn’t the one who agreed to it. After so many of these, I wasn’t even shocked anymore. I’d seen and filmed everything from women masturbating with different objects that Mark had found humorous; to women who would stick fingers in their asses and re lube their fingers with their mouths several times before he said they could stop. Women would get naked and make out. Every once in a while, I would need to step out of the room. I’m not gonna try and play psychologist to figure out why they did it. For the rush, just to be bad, the thrill, or just the money. Anyway, now he had a pee vid to add to his collection. I’m guessing everything in between also.

I just laughed harder. “You never cease to amaze me man. How did you know she would do it?”

“When you’ve worked here long enough young skywalker, you too will be able to sense these things!” He said in a mock voice.

Rolling my eyes, I asked. “No really, they all look the same in their little skirts and bubbly attitudes?”

“Just flirt dude. Hint about something that could possibly offend them, if it doesn’t then push a little further. Always look ‘em in the eyes, they never lie. Keep a lookout for body language, if she really wants you to know, it will be there”

To tell the truth I’m totally clueless if a woman likes me or not, unless they come out and tell me or some really obvious like a kiss, asking me out, or grabbing me etc. I just don’t pick up on hints.

I wasn’t a virgin, but growing up Southern Baptist in TX. At a private school… That’s really not a subject they touch on. It was only till high school I finally went to public school. All hell broke loose after that. I went from a tie wearing goodie goodie, to a pure bad boy by the time my sophomore year came around. Mark had been the brother I never had. He was the owner of the tattoo shop and after he offered me a job, my education about body art and women began.

Mark was 35, and doing well with the shop. I wasn’t anything to write home about. I’m about 5’8, a lil on the big side, brown spiky/messy hair with my fair share of piercings, a regular sized 6 inch dick(pierced, imagine that). I am a little bit wider than average, with a proportionate head to my width. Just one tattoo on my neck, in white ink, that glows in the black light. Just a word. Actually the only thing I’ve ever been complimented on was my blue “piercing eyes”, cute nose, and full lips that were “soo kissable”. Needless to say my self esteem had never been quite that high. Didn’t help much that I was dealt a massive blow when my 5 year relationship with Jenny had ended very badly. That’s another story though. It was still in the back of my mind as it had only been a couple of months.

Mark continued. “The two of the four girls in blue shirts out there are snobs, they’re only here because she wanted to get her tongue pierced and decided to tag along. The other 2 want you bro.”

“Who?” Pee girl and the short haired one?” Swaying my head in disbelief.

“Yeah, they’ve both been staring at you all night. You didn’t see that smile she gave you in the truck?”

“That was for the camera, she was just being playful. Besides she’s been hanging onto the short haired girl all night. She’s gay.”

“No, not gay. She might be bi, but not gay. There’s potential for a lot of fun there bro!”

“Whatever Mark, you ready?”

“Yeah, send her in.”

I opened the door and let her know he was ready.

“Can I bring a friend in, I’m nervous.”

The girl could pee in public but was nervous about this. I just shook my head and snickered.

“Yeah, one person can come in with you.”

“Chaz, will you come in with us? I’m scared.” Hillary asked me. (The girl with the green tank top) She was grinning and started giving me these puppy dog eyes that made Bambi look like a heroin-chic CK model.

“Yeah come on, we thought you were going to be doing the piercing anyway.” The girl with the pink halter top chimed in. I later found out her name was Tina. They were both lookers. Very sexy curves in all the right places. As to how they knew my name, I wasn’t sure. I grabbed a stool and after a couple of minutes of calming her down, she left with her brand new piercing, standing out in the lobby showing her other friends.

“See I told ya.” Mark said while disposing of the trash.

“Told me what? Did I miss something? She said one thing to me; hardly think she was begging for my dick.”

“Watch this.” He skipped to camera 10 which showed the lobby. They were standing there. They kept turning around looking at the closed piercing room. There was no sound on the cameras. All I could see was the 2 girls talking with one of our tattoo artists, and pointing at the door. Don came in, and said I was wanted in the lobby.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Hey, we were wondering if you would like to come to a party tomorrow.” I looked over towards the 2 snobs who were looking irritated and just wanting to leave.

“Where is it going to be at?”

“At the sorority house.”

I didn’t want to attend a party where snobby bitches were going to be looking down at me all night. I was hesitant, and the girls must have seen it in my face.

“Don’t worry, they’re always like that, the rest of the house is fun! It’s free liquor, and we promise to make it worth your while.” There was that grin again. The pert B cups staring back at me were hard to resist, but I’m an ass man all the way. I had caught myself stealing a glance at ‘em through the night. Who am I kidding? It’s the first fucking thing I try to look at when I get the chance.

“Ok, I’ll go. Just call this cell number, and we’ll see what happens. Oh, one stipulation. At no time during the party while I’m there will you pee in public, please.” I said with a laugh and smirk. They both laughed and Hillary replied in mock surprise. “Oh, I thought you liked that.”

“No, that’s my boss’s kink, not mine.”

“Really?” Well then what’s the dirty secret Mr. Chaz is holding back?”

“Umm, that’s a pretty personal question.” I said with a raised eyebrow.

Mark must have been listening. He came out of the door knowing I wasn’t about to tell her. “Aww, come on, tell me.”

“Tell her what?” Mark couldn’t pass up this conversation.

“What his kink is?”

“Anal. Although not really a kink I think, just a preference. Now ATM, that’s a kink. He smiled and went over to the artist’s station. Yup, that’s my best friend, always going for shock and awe. To my surprise she didn’t even flinch. I thought the ass-mouth reference would send them running for the door. “THANK YA MARK!” I said in a highly exaggerated voice.

“Hmm… Maybe you should of setup the dare tonight.” Hillary said as a sly smirk came across her face. I didn’t know how to respond. I had only been in the one long relationship and was still awkward and shy around girls. The flirting was easy, but once it came down to serious conversation I would lock up like a virgin in a whore house.

They left and the shop closed an hour later. After getting paid for the night, I was off in my car blaring my favorite band, TOOL. Window down just cruising home, while the streets were empty. This was my favorite time. 2 in the morning, wind in my hair, and the placing looking like a ghost town. I was in my own world till I noticed that fucking car. My cell phone went off with a text message, but I was too irritated to take it now. “Motherfucker” I mumbled. This damn red Honda had been following me home on and off for the last 3 weeks. It had tinted windows so I could never see who the driver was. A week earlier I had gotten out of my car at a light and ran toward the car, but they sped off, only to catch me later on down the road. My apartment hadn’t been broken into (yet), which is what I thought this was all about. Maybe checking to see if my schedule ever changed? My Ex had crossed my mind. Maybe she was seeing if I was already bringing home girls. Jenny fucked up bad, but I didn’t think with all the shit she put me through, that she’d be following me.

I pulled into a parking spot and my phone went off again with another text. Ignoring it, I got out of the car, and shut the door. This is when the car always pulled off. I was going over in my head if I had pissed anyone off, but I pretty much got along with everyone. Shrugging it off, I was home at last. A shower seemed like heaven, so after that I had a snack and lay down on my bed.

A few minutes later my reminder buzz went off on my phone. I checked the first one which was from a phone number I didn’t know. It was a few pictures from Hillary and Tina. They were both bent over with their asses spread and looking back at the camera. “God these chicks are evil” I thought to myself. There was another where one had taken a small dildo up their butt. It was out of focus and grainy so I couldn’t really tell who was who. The last was a picture of them both naked standing in a bathroom naked, with huge smiles on their faces.

“I hate it when Mark is right” I said out loud. The next text was from them also. It said “Better come to the party or you will be in trouble :P ”. I was hard as a rock. It was going to be easy to get off and have a good night sleep. I texted back “Whatever…you’re jus a bunch of teases”. I figured they were asleep by now. So I dropped my phone and looked for a sock I could jerk off into. Guys, don’t even act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

My phone buzzed, and I flipped it open.

“I’m not a tease! I just know what I want.”

I decided to leave it at that and relieve myself to the pictures. Soon after my body gave out, and I was sound asleep. I woke up around noon. Made some tea and went out on the balcony. My next door neighbor, Amy, was out sun tanning as usual. I wondered where her girlfriend was. They had moved in before me and after getting to know them, I found out they were a couple. There was nothing bi about them. Amy was normal and fun to talk to, but Michelle was a man hater. Needless to say we didn’t get along all that well, but she tolerated me.

“What’s up rug muncher?” We were always joking with each other.

“Nothing much dick licker. How ya been?”

“Ok I guess, you?”

“I’m good. So whatcha doin on this gorgeous Saturday?”

“Just gonna clean up a lil round the house, and maybe go to a party tonight.”

“Where’s the party?”

“It’s at a sorority, got asked to go by these 2 girls last night.”

Arching her eyebrow I could tell she was getting interested. “Really? 2 girls huh? What sorority?”

“I dunno, they haven’t called me with a time or place yet. If that doesn’t work out I’m sure my friends will have something going on.”

That’s when the man hater came out. She looked at me with a frown. Ever since me and the ex had broken up, she acted liked I was trying to move in on her girl. I was really gett’n tired of this bitch.

“Hey freak, we don’t want to hear about your latest conquests, ok?” Alright, fuck it. Let’s go there.

“Seriously-if I stuck my cock in your mouth, would you shut the fuck up?”

“Wha… You’re a fucking asshole!”

“Hey-Don’t blame me for the wound in your crotch. By the way, you owe us a rib… man hating bitch.”

Amy burst out laughing. She was almost in tears, and must of got a look from the butch to come inside.

“Well, you’ll have to let me in on the details later. I gotta go… c ya.”


Man that felt good. I recently started to say what I was thinking. My relationship had turned me into a little pussy whipped dog boy afraid to open my mouth. If the new me was an asshole… “Eh, Fuck it. Then so be it!” I thought. After cleaning the house I called some friends up to see what they were doing tonight. Mostly strip clubs and dance bars were on the list. I must of dozed off, cuzz when I woke up my phone was buzzing with a few text messages. I looked at the clock and it was 8pm. All the messages were from Hillary. The first was telling me where the party was and to show up around 8(oops). Another one was asking if I was coming or not. The last one was just a “hello?” I sent her a message back saying that I would be there. A few seconds later her message came through and it said “can’t wait!!”

About an hour and a half later, I knocked on the door and could hear the bass from the music outside. The door opened and a girl with a notebook stood there. She looked me up and down with a smiling expression. “Here we go…” I thought to myself.

“Name?” she asked. I sighed, already tired of this game.

“Chaz.” She looked at her list.

“Ahh here we are. Tina and Hillary’s guest.” She looked up with a raised eyebrow. “Well stud, looks like your VIP, enjoy the party. She wrapped me a paper bracelet and secured it to my wrist.

“VIP?” I asked.

“Oh, it just means the girls paid for you to get in, and bought your drinks. It also allows you to go upstairs without …umm being escorted. Doesn’t happen very often.” She said with a smile. “Enjoy.”

I had a feeling I wasn’t gonna have a problem doing that. I didn’t know what was upstairs, but I needed to find the drinks quick. This place was jumping with people. The music was loud in the dimly lit rooms, and the concert lighting was swirling all around like a real dance club. Hot chicks were everywhere! As I wondered around I finally found the beer. With no signs of Hillary and Tina, I polished off a few from the keg. Then I saw my vice. I threw down 2 doubles of jager. I heard a voice from behind me.

“Chaz?” As I turned around 2 women stood there with shocked looks on their faces. I didn’t recognize them, and didn’t want to be rude.

“Umm hey, how’s it going?” They looked vaguely familiar now, but still didn’t know where I knew them from.

“You don’t remember us do you? We used to come up to shop all the time. You pierced my naval.”

“Oh right, now I remember, it’s ummm…”

“Amanda and that’s Michelle.” She replied. Yeah right, like I’d remember the names of every naval piercing I did. I tried to recover quickly with the athletic looking college hotties. I didn’t want to come off as a complete jerk.

“Well, I’m glad I found someone I know at this party. I was about to leave if things didn’t get better.”

“Please… you prolly know half the people here. What do we have here?” Looking at the bracelet. “VIP huh? You must know someone at this party very well.”

“I met Hillary and Tina at the shop and they invited me, I don’t really know them. I came to the door and the girl put this on me.” I shrugged.

“Well since your hosts aren’t here, why don’t you come with us into the game room…?” Then my hosts decided to show.

“Ahem.” Turning again, I see Hillary and Tina with pissed off faces and arms crossing their chests. ‘Oh well, looks like I’ll be off to the game room if this doesn’t work out.’ I thought to myself.

“Ah, there you are.” I said to Hillary.

“And where exactly where you about to go?” I stammered, and looked between Amanda and Hillary.

“I was just talking to some friends.” After a few seconds Hillary started laughing.

“I’m just messing with you, loosen up a bit.” Which is exactly what I had been doing, and progress was great. I was starting to get a buzz. I excused myself from the 2 I had been previously talking to and Hillary and Tina led me through the house, crossing the dance floors. Seemed like a lot of people knew me, from the shop again I’m sure. I just said hi back, and did a few double takes on some very hot looking girls. I got slapped in the butt as Hillary just looked at me in disbelief. “Easy Tiger, I hope you’ve got enough to handle for the night.”

We ended up going up some stairs to where the rooms where lined up down long hallways. I was ushered through a door to which I assumed was one of the girl’s. It was a nice room for how small it was. Had all the usual furniture, desk, end table, dresser, and a bed. There were some pictures and posters on the wall. Hillary led me to the bed and we sat down. I saw Tina walk over to a tripod with a video recorder on it, as Hillary asked me if I wanted another drink.

“Yeah, uhh… sure. Umm… What’s with the video camera?” Then I saw the little red light go from red to green. I knew it was recording. Even with the room spinning a bit, feeling very uninhibited, I wasn’t digging the camera. Tina came and sat down on the other side of me.

As I lifted the beer to my lips and felt the cold beer rush down my throat, I began to feel two hot velvet mouths on either side of my neck. Hot and cold sensations ran through my body and my already rigid cock went to raging stone. I didn’t stop till the beer was gone. I let the beer drop down to the carpet as Tina found mouth. The other tongue had just licked the lobe of my ear. Then a seductive whisper came to my ear. “I can’t use my tongue or vaj tonight baby because of nature, but I still wanna play, and I don’t think that you’ll be in any way disappointed. Tina is ready to go, so let’s get more comfortable.

Note: This story is fiction. The names, events, and places are made up.

Daina recognized the gilded envelope as soon as she saw it in her mailbox. Sure enough, when she opened it up; “You are cordially invited to…” The firm’s annual Christmas party was the big deal of the year. Food, music, dancing, speeches by the partners, and everyone dressed in their best.

Daina didn’t drink, but she was glad some of her coworkers did. Because of that fact, everyone at the firm, including Daina, was put up in a hotel next to the party venue all night. She enjoyed relaxing in a quiet room alone, and once in the past she had even been upgraded to a hot tub suite.

There was something especially exciting about this year, too. Daina was looking at Dan in a whole new light, and while he had been well-dressed and handsome at previous parties, she sighed happily at the thought of trading glances with him all night this year.

Daina was hoping Dan would visit her room after the party, or, even better, spend the night with her. With their busy schedules, as well as the fact that they were keeping their relationship secret from everyone at the office, there hadn’t been a chance for them to simply spend a whole night, undisturbed, in each others’ arms.

The next day at the sandwich shop, though, Dan disappointed her. “Absolutely not,” he replied, when Daina mentioned spending the night together. “What if someone sees us together? Or figures this whole thing out? No way! Daina, you know we can’t do that!”

Daina’s heart sunk. “Come on,” she whined. She realized she sounded a bit like she used to when she was a teenager, and she was begging her parents for something. Without thinking about it, she whined, “But Daaaddddddy!”

Dan’s face changed. He had been serious, but when Daina called him “Daddy,” he couldn’t hold back a sly smile. Daina made a note of this, and realized that she, too, had wriggled in her seat when she said it. The thought of calling Dan, “Daddy,” was suddenly very exciting to her.

Dan snapped out of his momentary fog. “I’m sorry hun, I just can’t risk it, and you know you can’t either.”

But Daina was not satisfied. This was going to be a great time, and she wanted it to be a great time with Dan. She decided she was going to have to be irresistible at the party.

Going shopping with her mom to find a dress sexy enough to seduce her boss was a little strange for Daina, but she managed to eventually find one that was a real stunner and that didn’t let her mom know what she was up to. A black cocktail dress, with 2″ wide straps, that was low-cut enough to show off her gorgeous breasts, and really flattered her figure. She admired herself in the mirror. It was a little too long, if anything. She remembered that Dan had made a comment about how cute her knees were. “I can’t leave those covered up,” she thought, making a note to move the hemline up a few inches when she got home.

A few weeks passed, and finally the anticipation had built up to the day of the party. Daina could hardly concentrate as she laid out her dress and overnight bag. She was determined to look so amazing that Dan would sneak off with her somewhere.

That afternoon, she arrived at the hotel and checked in. Room 213. The hot tub upgrade, again. Opening the door, the room air felt stale. The hotel had recently been redone, and it was obvious this room hadn’t been used in a while. Daina set down her bags and opened the window to let in some cool, fresh air. As she slid the window open, she saw Dan’s car in the parking lot. She felt a twinge of excitement as she anticipated the evening to come.

Daina stepped in the shower to freshen up before the party. As she felt the hot water coursing over her entire body, she couldn’t help but think back to that first time they showered together. She felt her pussy getting wet and, before she realized it, her fingers were lightly grazing across her clit. Her pussy pulsed with excitement. Daina stopped before she went too far, deciding to save her fun for after the party. Daina took her razor and carefully shaved her pussy completely smooth. She loved the feeling of her smooth pussy, especially when she had something special to do.

Daina dried off and stepped out of the bathroom. The room was suddenly chilly. The window! In her fog of thinking about the party and everything else, she’d left it open. As she turned to walk over and close it, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She stopped and took a better look. In the cool night air, her nipples stood proud on her chest. Her hair was still damp and lay long down her back, in loose flowing curls. Her soft skin glistened with a few leftover drops of water. Daina felt gorgeous as she stared at the mirror. She realized it was Dan making her feel that way. During their encounters, she had felt sexier than she ever had before. Dan made a point of kissing, touching, and otherwise noticing every little spot on her body, and he talked about her like she was the hottest woman in the world.

The dress was laid out on her bed. As she looked at it, she had a fun thought. She knew the dress was cut all wrong to wear a bra, but what if she skipped panties, too? She decided to go for it. Daina pulled on her nylons, and slithered into the dress, reaching around to zip it up.

She could still feel a slight draft of air on her pussy. It made her tingle all over. This was going to be fun.

When Daina arrived at the party, she knew she had made the right decision. Dan was already there. He was wearing a dark pinstripe suit with a pink tie. Daina had a thing for Dan’s pink tie. He definitely looks worthy of seduction, she thought to herself.

Dan was talking to one of the partners. Daina slowly sidled over to where they were standing, her black sequined clutch gripped so tightly in her hand she thought it was going to be crushed.

Brad, the partner Dan was speaking with, noticed Daina first. Daina could see his eyes look her up and down. “Daina, so good to see you made it,” he called out.

Dan turned his head. Daina thought his jaw was going to hit the floor. Dan started to say something completely unintelligible to Brad, but trailed off in mid-mumble. Clearly, this was a good dress choice, Daina thought.

“Merry Christmas, Daina,” Brad said. As he hugged Daina, she could tell he’d had a couple of drinks. Brad was friendly at the office, but never like this. “Daina, I believe you know Dan, our up-and-coming associate,” Brad joked.

“Why, it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir,” Daina said with a sparkle in her eye.

“Oh, quit it, you two,” sighed Dan.

As Dan reached over to hug Daina, he decided to be a bit forward. “Merry Christmas,” he said, and kissed her on the forehead.

He pulled her closer. For an instant, the world seemed to disappear around them. Dan quickly leaned in and whispered in Daina’s ear. “You look absolutely stunning.”

Dan quickly let go before their hug became noticeably inappropriate. Daina felt flush at his boldness in front of everyone.

They drifted apart, and spent most of the rest of the night exchanging longing glances and a couple of naughty texts. The conversations occasionally wandered into the flirtatious, especially after most of the firm had taken full advantage of the open bar. Daina hadn’t seen Dan take a drink, however, and so she chalked up his comments to actually wanting her, instead of the liquid courage. Daina couldn’t tell, however, whether Dan was still too nervous about someone finding out to come to her room after the party.

As the party wound down, Daina decided to call it a night. She gave casual goodbyes to the other staff and made sure to shake hands with all the attorneys on the way out. Before she could leave, however, she hugged Dan goodnight. As she walked away, she sent him a text saying, “You looked amazing, tonight, too.”

Daina could hardly get back to the room fast enough. The flirting and eyeing all night had driven her crazy, and not wearing panties had left her pussy open to the cool air of the room. She could tell even without touching herself that she was soaking wet.

She got into her hotel room and shut the door quickly behind her. Daina breathed a sigh of relief.

As she laid on the bed in her dress, she decided it hadn’t outlived its usefulness yet. She hiked up her dress just enough to rub her fingers across her clit. Daina shuddered as she felt the warm wetness of her pussy on her fingers.

Just as she was starting to drift off into her own pleasure, though, Daina heard a noise at the door. Suddenly, it sounded like the door was unlocking! Daina jumped up off the bed and stood rail-straight, her heart pounding.

As the door opened, Dan stepped in and swung around, closing the door quickly behind him. Daina was largely in shock as she opened her mouth. “But… you… how did… the key?”

“$20 will buy anyone a low-paid hotel desk clerk,” Dan explained.

“You could have just come here, I probably would have let you in,” Daina said.

“I couldn’t take that chance. Especially the part about standing out there waiting and hoping to be let in. Someone might see. But what are you complaining about? Here I am,” Dan said.

“Well,” Daina teased, “What if I’ve changed my mind and just want to be alone tonight?”

Dan rolled his eyes. “You always have to make it difficult, don’t you? Well, you asked for it!”

Dan rushed over to the bed and pushed Daina down, landing on top of her. They kissed passionately for what must have seemed like hours.

Finally, Dan stood up, and pulled Daina up to her feet. “Turn around,” he whispered.

Daina looked at herself in the full-length mirror as Dan stood behind her. He brushed her hair aside and slowly unzipped her dress. As it fell to the floor, she gently kicked it away. She now stood in front of the mirror, with Dan’s arms wrapped around her, in nothing but her heels and stockings.

“Wow,” Dan exclaimed, “perfect.”

Daina’s heart raced with excitement. Dan’s arms slid down her sides and over the curve of her hips, then back up. She looked in the mirror and brought her arms up behind her head, around the back of his neck. She pulled gently on the back of Dan’s head. He bent down slightly and started kissing her shoulder and neck. Daina bit her lip as he gently nibbled and toyed with her ear. His hands rubbed her stomach and under her breasts.

Dan stood back and took Daina by the hand. He led her back to the bed. Dan sat down on the bed with his back against the headboard. Daina laid down next to him and snuggled up against him, with her head resting on his chest.

She reached down for the fly of Dan’s pants. He kissed the top of her head gently. Daina slowly unzipped his pants and reached inside. She giggled softly; Dan was not wearing underwear, either. Dan leaned back and slid his pants off. Daina slowly started rubbing his cock. She loved the feel of his thick cock in her hands, and looked up into Dan’s eyes smiling.

Dan kissed her deeply. He whispered in her ear. “Alright, since you got what you wanted, and I’m here, now I am going to have what I want.”

He shifted up in the bed. In one quick motion, he pulled his shirt off. Daina gasped as Dan took a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. “You’ve been teasing me all night, haven’t you? You enjoyed driving me crazy.”

All Daina could do was nod. “You are going to get punished, and there’s no one around to interrupt us,” Dan hissed.

Pulling on Daina’s hair, he moved her so that she was laying across his legs. With his left hand on her hair, his right hand grabbed her ass roughly. He lifted his arm up and held it above her. Just as she thought it would never move, his hand came down swiftly on her exposed ass cheek. “THWAP!”

Daina jumped in pain. “Oh, did that hurt?” Dan said dismissively.

“THWAP!” He struck her again. Over and over, until her ass shined red.

He pulled her face back to his cock. “Suck it.”

Daina slowly started to put his cock in her mouth. It was smooth and, like she remembered, had a wonderful, slightly musky, taste. Dan grabbed her hair with both hands and forced her head down onto it. Daina gagged slightly as the tip of his cock hit the back of her mouth. She tried to pull back. “Oh, no you don’t,” Dan said, “You been acting all week like you wanted this cock and you got mad when I suggested you wouldn’t get it. Well, now you’re going to get it.”

Dan forced her head down on to his hard cock. She gagged. Only, this time, she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. She reached down and started rubbing her clit and pussy. It was soaking wet. She plunged her fingers into her pussy.

Dan heard her moans, muffled by his cock, which was sliding deeper and deeper into her mouth with every stroke. He grabbed both sides of her face and picked up her head to look him in the eyes. “Did I say you were supposed to touch yourself? Now you’re really going to get it.”

Still holding her face with one hand, he smacked her with the other. “SMACK!” Daina winced in pain.

He slid out from under her. “Turn around. Face the mirror, on all fours,” he said.

Daina did as she was told. She was undeniably turned on by Dan’s rough treatment, and hoped he would push her even further.

“Look at yourself in the mirror,” Dan said, as he positioned himself behind her.

He started rubbing his pulsing cock between her ass cheeks while his hand roughly played with her clit. In the mirror, Daina could see him rubbing her pussy juices on his cock.

Dan’s cock head started poking at the entrance to her tight asshole. Daina tensed up. This was something new for her. “Wait,” she said.

But before the word had barely crossed her lips, Dan had yanked on a handful of her hair and, while pulling her head back towards him, drove his cock deep into her asshole. Daina let out a little scream and bit her lip. It burned, she thought. But it felt so good. Almost at once, she got through the pain and started pushing back against his cock. She could feel his balls rubbing up against her pussy lips on each stroke. Dan fucked her harder and harder. Daina’s arms collapsed underneath her, and she reached back, furiously rubbing her pussy.

Daina’s finger accidentally slid into her soaking wet pussy and rubbed up against her insides, on the other side of where Dan’s cock was ramming her ass with abandon. She quivered at the feeling. She began fucking herself with two fingers, matching the rhythm of his strokes each time.

Soon, Daina began to feel waves of pleasure overtaking her. All of a sudden, she realized her pussy was pulsing around her fingers. She pulled her fingers out and started squirting a mess of pussy juices all over the bed beneath her.

Dan realized what was happening, and pulled his cock out from her ass. “Get on your back,” he said, flipping her over with his arms.

Dan dove down in between her legs and started sucking on her pussy while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. With his other hand, he reached underneath her and put his index finger up her ass. After a moment, Daina felt herself shaking again. She squirted her juices into Dan’s mouth and all over his face.

Dan pulled back. He leaned up over Daina’s face. PFFT! He spit Daina’s pussy juice right in her face.

At once, Daina was shocked and aroused. Even more so when he next bent down to kiss her right on the lips.

Dan slid his cock into her pussy in one long stroke and started fucking her, while his face was only a fraction of an inch from hers. She gazed into his eyes as he fucked her with deep, hard strokes.

Soon, Daina could feel him fucking her harder and harder. She knew what was coming next. Dan bit her ear and held her still as his cock shot waves of thick cum deep inside her pussy. She shuddered and felt even more of her juices mixing with his.

Suddenly, Dan pulled out and slid down to her pussy. He licked her pussy top to bottom with several quick strokes. Then, he came back up and kissed her deeply. Dan tasted like an erotic mixture of her ass and pussy, combined with Dan’s cum. She couldn’t remember ever having tasted anything so wonderful.

Finally, Dan pulled back from kissing her. “Alright, I guess this beats playing board games and drinking with the staff all night, right?”

She laughed and rolled her eyes. She loved that Dan could be, in a short span of time, both a passionate, even rough, lover, and a funny, cute, dork. “Let’s try the hot tub,” she replied, “Last year mine went totally unused.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Dan said, “I think I kept my luggage in mine. Are you going to wash me?”

Daina snuggled him tightly and got up from the bed. She tossed a look over her shoulder at him, “Only if you feel dirty,” she teased.

8:24 pm – i scarf down a Chinese chicken salad before leaving for the party, so that i wouldn’t park myself near the cheese and crackers all night. The tiny slip of paper hidden within the fortune cookie that i eagerly cracked open read this: “what do you want?” Now, how in the hell is that a fortune? I turned it over, looking for something more as i nibbled on one edge of the broken bland cookie. Nothing.

i drive on two freeways, obediently following the instructions of my in-car navigation system, but not really paying attention to where i was going, lost in my own thoughts … What do I want? Stupid fortune that isn’t a fortune, but it was an intriguing question. What did I want?

A chance to do it over again, to turn the page back to that day, or rather turn the page of our collective novel backward in time, to that crisp evening when we first met. Today reminded me of that day — the cool-clean feeling of a new january morning — the world simmering after a three-day thunderstorm.

i walk confidently into an unfamiliar house, alive with a festive early-January party; people sucking out the last breath of the holidays. i step into the grand room, and instantly “feel” your presence; across the room, holding court, but keenly aware of my every move. The secret scent of your desire –distinct from any of the other party scents; the sticky sweet pall of liquored bodies sweating out seduction in flavors of cinnamon, apple and pine, but the fervent burn of your lust that only i could smell above them all, made me heady and unsettled.

i acknowledge the erotic sensation of You undressing me with your mind’s eye, as you smile in conversation with some nameless woman across the room — just out of my view. i bow my head down to one side, attempting to somehow eavesdrop on Your inner-dialogue, listening to Your silent assessment of me.

You’re paying attention to that girl with seemingly rapt attention, but Your steely-blue eyes are on transfixed on me, burning through me, conjuring up fantastic fantasies of the dirty slut you’d turn me out to be, just as soon as you decide the “when” of our situation. The next second wouldn’t be too soon in my estimation, but i silently forbid myself the luxury of acknowledging my slutty needs and instead turned them to intensify on the fierce wanting to only serve You and make You happy.

Then the question of “where?” the bathroom, the kitchen, the coat closet? no matter. And with that sly thought, my cunt flushed with hot need, reminding me of my dirty desires … My smooth virgin neck tingling with the ache for your touch, your warm breath whispering dirty words of exactly who i am, and the nasty, naughty things You’d do to me; Your nose brushing gently against the back of my ear as You nudge my hair away, and whisper how “fucking hard” i have made you with my slutty presence … how You are quite aware of what a total whore i truly am – underneath all this charm-school-girl etiquette that i present outwardly – and how very soon You’d fuck my mouth, my cunt, my mind … and “oh look here …” just look how wet the little slut has become. My, my … I lick my lips absentmindedly.

You smile mysteriously through the crowd at me, and then turn away, breezing back to your conversation with that woman. Foreign, lithe, pretty, feminine; her lips more plump than mine, her hair darker, longer, her tits a little fuller, her eyes colored with the same lust and desire — though not as intense — as my eyes. i felt the pangs of jealousy rise inside of me and clenched my jaw. i don’t know her, and i don’t care to — I didn’t like her energy from the get-go, and not simply because she had Your attention. i instinctively perceived her as “fake,” and i just don’t care for fake people.

She only seemed interested in You because of who you are in our little social circle … the success You’d achieved, the material things You had acquired, the material comforts your lifestyle could provide to her.

But there you are across the great room, glancing back at me — our eyes meet. my eyelids flutter, trying to recapture my imaginary interaction. i bite my lower lip unconsciously in remembrance of my sweet dirty fantasy, and unwittingly tuck my hair behind the ear where i felt your make-believe breath hiss my fate.

i turn away completely, my face red with shame, my back to you, engaging in mundane conversation – a valiant effort to deny You access to my psyche, my body, as i desperately attempt to ignore You.

i momentarily lose my balance, teetering to one side of my tall black high-heel, and then regain my equilibrium with an about-face toward my Hostess, turning my attention to trivial party things: how was your new year and how about that rain; what can i get you to drink and let me hang up your coat; did you try that new restaurant downtown and how is your dog? Questions i know the answers to are easier for me to answer.

You don’t seek me out, rather You let me marinate in the wanton juices you’ve stirred up … my cunt hot with the desire to be plunged into deeply by Your thick cock again and again. And ultimately left wanting more.

I move gracefully around the room, smiling my winning smile, flitting from one mindless exchange of niceties to another; trying too hard to pretend as though i don’t notice you … feel you … need you. You never lose sight of me, and i no longer know what it is like to not feel you near me. Something has changed, the earth has shifted – the imprint of you upon me … i can’t shake this, and it is unsettling, unfamiliar, scary and new.

i wander outside, feeling alone in unfamiliar dark waters that you have suddenly pulled me into. i amble, unaware and aimless, down a garden path while trying to reconcile the feelings that you’ve riled up inside of me.

a hedge a turn a bench a fountain … a lusty thought that pulls my attention away my self-awareness

a realization: i’m lost and alone in a strange place. i sigh, only partially thankful for the solitude i’ve stumbled upon in the wooded backyard of this party.

the quiet pierces the night, and i am quickly keen to the reality that there are no longer sounds of a party surrounding me, just the crackle of newborn stars, and a faint flutter of tiny cricket wings attempting one last lonely note.

i slow my gait, perk my ears, listening to the crunch of leaves under footstep. i stop, crane my neck out like a fawn assessing the change of mood. The quiet grows louder, my heartbeat thumps harder, the wind skips across the thin fabric of my dress and my nipples shiver straight to attention. i hold my breath.

Your “hello” thunders through the night air and my breath is sucked from my quivering chest.

i spin to meet you face to face, but it is such a foggy night, that all i can make of You is a shadowy, dark figure. i’m at a loss for words, (a rarity for me,) and You laugh at having caught me off guard.

“it’s rude not to reply to a greeting, you know.” You chastise me.

i stammer, “i, uh, i’m sorry … i just … You just …” i peer into the night, trying to pretend as though i don’t know it is You.

“um, do I know you?” i ask meekly, attempting to sound strong and in control.

You step out of the shadows and stand as close as You can without touching me.

“Do you know me — ha!” You shake Your head.

The night settles between our two worlds.

“Cheeky, little slut.” You’re genuinely amused at my response.

You press your warm lips against my cheek, and breathe in the sweet smell of my face, gripping a chunk of my golden hair tightly in Your strong hand.

“You’d better fucking know who I am, darling whore.” You hiss with warning. My knees go weak.

Then you wrench my head back, and pull the top of my dress to the side, exposing my supple tit, just there for Your taking. i gasp in shock and make no move to protest, only whimper & silently beg for more.

You graze your lips gently over the length of my smooth neck. i’m clearly aroused by Your forcefulness, Your perfect knowledge and command over my body … just a grunt, a sigh, a tug and i involuntarily react.

You slip Your free hand quickly under my dress, and press your palm against my hot slit, searing through my stockings.

You shove two thick fingers into my fiery cunt, piercing through the thin fabric of my fishnets — not caring that You’ve ruined them.

Your tongue dances around my ear lobe, teasing me. Hissing at me, riling me up. i melt in your arms, with deep, dizzying submission … i’m Yours … i always have been, but on this night, the moon is finally our witness.

You push me back against an ancient tree, sticky with fresh sap. I moan, unable to contain my desire. Then You release me, studying me, almost smirking at my lust and wanton need, playing with my eagerness for stimulation … i plead with my eyes, but say nothing. i can’t admit it even to myself, let alone, to You, this need, this desire that lives inside of me.

“What do you want, little one?” You reserve the more accurate name of “slut” for later because You sense that i’ll be more trustworthy and relaxed. How You know this, though, i am at a loss. Plus I can feel you’ve already dismissed me as being able to even remotely spry with you. I’m just butter in your warm strong hands at this point.

“i” scrambling to think of a witty smart reply. “i….” i decide not to answer, to deny the insatiable and forbidden desire inside my soul. i just stammer and sigh.

You release me and move to walk away, bored with my lackadaisical response.

“Wait!” i shriek, fearful that i’ve pushed You away for good. “Please, Sir!” i beg.

You turn with a sly smile on your chiseled face. “Well? I’m waiting, slut.”

I lick my dry lips, wind whipping against us both, “i … i …” and i’m not quite sure how to formulate the words to convey to you all that i want.

“Nevermind.” You grow impatient and dismiss me, sauntering off, back to the party.

“Sir, please!” I plead with you through the January night, my gravely voice getting lost on the wind.

i hear your footsteps slow, but i know that i have little time with which to persuade you.

“i know what i want.” I bravely declare, not even sure what i’m going to say, only that i do not want you to leave me.

“Yesssss, what then, Aurora?” Your impatience is conveyed in the texture of Your voice. You knew what i wanted too, but you weren’t going to let me off that easy — you wanted to humiliate me by making me acknowledge it, force me to own my desires and speak them aloud.

i shiver in the chill of the night, my plump breast still hanging out in the open as a testament to the slut that resides inside of me. my mouth wet with saliva, cunt wet with fire, tiny strands of hair sticking to my sweaty face and a look of what i know must be pure submission.

“Sir.” i whispered. Why was this so hard? my entire body hot with shame and desire. “Take me, fuck me, punish me, own me.” i blushed at my admission.

You chuckle softly at my raw lust for You and all that You have to offer me, considering all of the ways you could turn the slut inside of me out.

“You’re just a cock-hungry whore that needs her ass spanked & her cunt filled.” The honesty of your words cut into me, enflaming my entire body, my pussy smoldering.

My breath quickens…my heart races … can i be…can i truly be this much of a slut?

The night air is cool against the bits of steamy breath that escape the slight opening of my mouth. i close my eyes in shame.

A tear creeps down my cheek … why did i feel so ashamed at confessing my dirty desires aloud to You?

The wind scattering the audible evidence amongst the branches and leaves of the trees, the silence falling still between You and me.

Suddenly i feel You closer. The back of Your hand caressing my tear…loving my pain…approving of my desires.

You tilt my head up … Your gaze melts me, although my eyes are closed and i’m disbelieving of Your “realness.” This can’t really be happening … It is.

“Open your eyes…you will behold your true nature…I will unleash it for you.” You quietly assure me of a future i’ve only fantasized about for so long.

Your tongue traces over my lips…i inhale Your sweet breath… it invigorates me and stirs the longing hidden deep within my soul.

“Yes Sir…please.” i manage, barely audible as I melt against your fiery presence. “i beg you.”

This is all i’ve ever yearned for in my life.

“Oh, slut.” You hiss in my ear-hole, as you grip my hair tightly from the nape of my neck, thrusting me back, “I’m going to make you mine, and you’ll exist only to please Me.” Your tongue finds its way inside the cavernous tunnel of my ear, exploring, melting me in Your hold, tasting my dark thoughts.

“And we’ll let the naughty little slut inside of you bloom into who you were always meant to be in this life.” You promise, and lead me — Your hands still firmly clutched around my silken hair. You shove my head down, forcing me to kneel on the tiny pebbles that littered the ground.

“On your knees, slut.” Your tone darkens as the moon disappears behind a cloud cover.

My balance wavers as i obey Your command. You release Your hand from my hair, and my head falls innocently against Your bulging cock, throbbing with heated need beneath the fabric of Your slacks.

i moan, accidentally. i catch myself, ball my fists up and force them to my side, as i raise my eyes to meet Yours.

The longest, most truthful moment of my entire life is shared between our gaze. i cannot close my mouth, nor open it to speak the words that would convey to You just how much i need You. Need to submit to You.

“May, i, Sir?” I finally whisper, afraid of the words.

“What do you want, slut?” You hover above me, barking the words ferociously at me.

You know exactly what i want — You’ve known forever, but You are going to make me say it, regardless. i raise my voice a decibel higher as my knees tremble, gnarled against the river rocks.

“Sir? May i please suck Your beautiful cock.” i bite my bottom lip in shame at the little whore You reduced me to, in the backyard of someone’s party.

You draw in a deep breath, not moving Your gaze from me, and reach down to unleash Your beautiful, solid, perfect cock from within the confines of Your trousers. Seeing your beautiful manhood in all its glory makes me dizzy, heady with lust.

Instead of waiting for Your verbal approval, my mouth instinctively feeds hungrily, lavishly on your smooth, throbbing, warm cock. i devour You, slurping and moaning my way up and down Your delicious street, as if it were the only sustenance my wanton little whoreish mouth had ever known.

You bend over me, while I’m in the middle of a trance, my mouth getting fucked by You. You slap your hand down on my ass, pushing my head deeper down on the length of Your cock.

“You slut, you. I never gave you permission to suck my cock.” Instinctively, i arch my back and raise my ass up as if to beg for more punishment. You indulge me.

Smack, Your hand comes down harder over my cunt this time, and You keep Your hand against me.

“I can feel your hot little cunt under your dress.” You hiss to me. I get dizzy with arousal. I moan, my pink-wet mouth vibrating Your cock down the cavern of my throat. “I know exactly what she wants …” You muse.

You grab my hair and yank my mouth from You, strings of saliva and precum trailing off my lips and chin. I’m bewildered and stunned. You smile down at me, shaking Your head, denying me. Then smiling and taking away my toy, tucking Him back into his gray cotton-home & zipping up your trousers.

My eyes get wet with tears whose origins i do not understand. Did i do something wrong? Did i displease you in some way?

You pause for a moment, eyes appraising, breaths slowing. i practice my patience and wait for Your command.

“Face the tree, remove your dress, and place your hands over your head.” Your tone demands a response, and i scramble to my feet and turn to face the tree. While I’m complying with Your wishes, you pull out black leather gloves from a hidden coat-pocket and put them on each hand. i sense the tone of the situation taking a dark turn.

“Yes, Sir.” My reply is a husky whisper.

My entire body trembles with anticipation, and my self-awareness is unrelenting still. However, there is little time to process thoughts for too long.

You grasp my hair, the scent of new leather wafting into my olfactory. You tilt my head back, whispering in my ear. “You are mine now, slut, and I will do with you as I please. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, i understand and am grateful.” my voice had now regained some confidence, as i tried to get a foothold in our endeavor. My body flush and my cunt gushing; a dull ache throbbing betwixt my thighs.

i raise my hands and clasp them behind me, in trusting obedience to Your instructions. You smile with deep approval and gratitude — i’ve momentarily pleased you.

Your fingertips sear against me as they trail down the long country of my neck and back. You pause at the curve of my buttocks, pressing your thumbs into the muscles just above my ass. And then … The smack of your leather-clad hand on my ass shocks me out of my bliss, knocks me off my floating cloud. i gasp, and yet my desire surges. You replace your spank of your hand with the spank of your swollen, hard, perfect cock, and then at once you drag it along my ass & cunt crack and then with a mighty thrust, ram it up my tight asshole. I squeal out in shock and delight & alsmot fight against you. Your head pressed to mine, you deeply breathe & every swirling fiber of my being — twisting up my heart up and shoving it into my throat. I only want for you to possess me, own me. I’d do anything for you. This was the first stop on the SubSpace Express ….. Next stop delirious Domination.

Michelle was feeling a little drunk, but nothing too serious as we walked up the street looking for a bar.

I had a piece of paper with a time & nearby address written on it which was given to me by a lady masseuse who had earlier that day given Michelle a massage at our hotel. I happened to secretly walk into the room at the moment this hot little Asian woman gave my even hotter blonde wife a happy ending.

Afterwards, while Michelle was in the shower, Sandy the masseuse took me aside and told me to be at this address at 8pm sharp if I wanted to see more. I have no idea why I decided to go through with it, but seeing Michelle who is normally so conservative and for a better word, frigid… This was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

“This town looks dead.” Michelle said as we walked along the main street. “I don’t think we’ll find a bar here.”

“Lets try up here.” I said as I gently, as I pulled her arm and turned right up a laneway. “Maybe there’s a jazz club or something up here.”

Unbeknownst to her, I had led Michelle towards the address on the paper. The laneway was long & well lit at the start where there we a couple small restaurants, but the lights started to dim as we proceeded farther in.

“That looks like a bar on the corner down there.” I said reassuring her “Maybe they’re open still.”

“Geeze I hope so!” Michelle mocked in an exhausted voice. “My feet hurt & I really want a cocktail.”

We approached the red brick stairs & walked up to this large antique looking oak door with a huge brass dragon-head knocker. I knocked once on the door as a loud bang echoed down the laneway. There was no answer so I reluctantly knocked again, but a bit quieter this time.

“Come on honey, they’re closed” Michelle said as she started to turn. “I’m sure we’ll find another place.”

Disappointed, I reached for the knocker and went to give it one more hit. Just as my hand touched it, the door opened and an eery dull red light shone through. It opened all the way and a large man stepped out wearing a white mask similar to the one used in The Phantom of the Opera.

“We’ve been expecting you” he said in a deep monotone voice, as we stepped into the foyer. “Please wait here and someone will be right with you”

The weight of the door caused it to slam shut in a dramatic style, which made us both jump a little.

“What the fuck?” Michelle mouthed at me silently looking confused. “Expecting us… What is this place?”

“I have no idea” I said. “I thought it was a jazz club.”

“If this is a jazz club then I’m drunker than I thought”. Michelle whispered at me laughing. “I just wanted a drink.”

A woman entered the foyer now & held out two masks and a small card with the number sixty-three written on it.

“You must wear these before you may enter.” She spoke in a clear & proper tone. “I’ll take your coats to the cloakroom. Hand your card to the attendant to collect them when you’re ready to leave”

I looked at Michelle with her mask on. It was a half-face black mask which covered her eyes & nose. There were several feathers standing about 30cm high and the outer rim was lined with gold glitter & fake crystals.

My mask was the exact same white mask our greeter was wearing, which was slightly less interesting but much more intriguing.

The woman returned with a drink for us both. Large martini style glass with red margarita mix which tasted like berries.

“Now we’re talking.” Michelle said as we followed the woman into the main room. “What is this place?”

The room was large like a hotel lobby. The dark polished floor boards reflected the light coming from the crystal chandelier hanging from the high cathedral style roof. Directly under it in the middle of the room was a large table filled with a range of desserts & fruits.

There was a rather large bar in the back right corner & the entire back wall was one big mirror, making the room look even bigger. The music playing was an operatic drum/base mix, but nothing too over the top or loud.

Above us, a few people stood looking down from the mezzanine which circled the entire room. They were all in masks so I don’t know for sure, but it felt like they were staring at us.

The room had a couple large red antique couches & bar had several stools, but aside from that there were no other chairs. This was surprising because there were about nine smaller glass dining tables, scattered throughout the room.

Above the entrance was a big clock which read 8:13pm. The huge double doors at the entrance looked thick & heavy. It took three guys in white masks to close them.

The guests all appeared to be well dressed. There was about 30 men in suits & all wearing the same white mask as me. The women were dressed up in summer & cocktail dresses, but I could only see about nine including Michelle.

There was a dance floor on the left side of the room where one of the women was dancing with four men. “I’m going to dance!” Michelle said smiling as she finished her drink and skipped towards the dance floor.

I found myself a nice cosy spot in the back corner and watched her as five more guys walked onto the dance floor. Of course they went straight to my wife and started dancing close to her.

Michelle doesn’t mind the attention. She is a good dancer and loves to do it, but rarely gets the opportunity because I hate dancing, so when she gets the chance to let go & shake her ass she jumps at it.

It was weird seeing two women surrounded by so many guys on the dance floor, but I guess that’s what happens in this place. One of the guys had now moved directly behind Michelle and put his arm around here waist. He was pressing his groin into her ass as they both danced in time with the music. Another guy approached from the front and as they danced he managed to work his right leg between hers.

Michelle’s dress had ridden up with the dancing and I could see the tops of her black thigh-high stockings & garter straps. With the movement of the dance and the pushing from the guy behind, Michelle was now grinding her crotch into his leg.

The front guy put his hand on her cheek and started to move in to kiss her, but she turned away. He tried again about 30 second later, but this time she pushed him away looking very annoyed and said something which I couldn’t hear. When he tried a third time she just walked off the dance floor and came over to me.

“I need another drink.” She said obviously still irritated that her dance had been ruined. “I’ll go back when there are less assholes around.”

We got to the bar and ordered some drinks. I got my usual bourbon and Michelle was presented with the most ridiculously large green cocktail.

“What the fuck is that?” I asked

“It’s a Five Island Extacy!” Michelle said with a huge smile on her face. “I didn’t know it was going to be this big though.”

We both laughed as she took a sip from her dessert bowl size round glass. “Mmmmmm! This is good.” She said offering me a sip. “You have to try it.”

I took the glass and we found a stool at the end of the bar near the back wall. There was only one free so Michelle sat down & I stood next to her as we talked about the strange room & continued to drink for a while.

“I’ve got to go to the bathroom.” I said, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

I headed to the back of the room & walked up a dark corridor to the bathrooms to relieve myself.

When I came out there was a masked lady standing in the corridor. “You like to watch?” She asked blocking my path as I just stood there with a confused look on my face. “You like to watch her yes?”

“Sandy” I questioned “Is that you?”

“Yes.” She answered. “But you can’t use names here.”

“What is this place?” I spoke quietly so no one would hear, but sandy just motioned for me to follow her.

We walked through a large red curtain about halfway down the corridor. Then through another door into a room with a single line of chairs facing a wall.

“You sit down the other end.” Sandy was pointing. “In the last chair.”

I was confused, but I still sat down as she told me. “What is this?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” Sandy had a big smile on her face as she picked up a white remote control & pressed a button.

The wall started to slide way to the right and I could now see the main room. “It’s a two way mirror.” Sandy sounded pleased. “You see & hear them, but they can’t see or hear you.”

“Really?” I said amazed. “That’s awesome!”

“Look, look!” Sandy was pointing again. “There’s your sexy blondy.”

She was right. I was two meters away from Michelle sitting at the bar finishing her drink & she had no idea.

“Beautiful lady like her won’t be left alone for long in this place.” Sandy said proudly. “You stay here & watch. They will come soon.”

Sandy was right. No sooner had she stopped talking, the two men she was dancing with earlier approached Michelle and handed her a fresh cocktail. They looked like they were apologizing & pretty soon she was giggling as she talked, which happens when she has a bit too much to drink.

“I told you” Sandy said proudly. “Pretty blonde lady like attention from strange men.”

The guy on Michelle’s right was now leaning on the bar talking to her & taking sneaky looks at her cleavage. He was the one dancing behind her & he seemed to now have her complete attention as they were locked in conversation.

The other guy had moved around & was now standing behind her. He gradually moved a bit closer and rested his hand on her left shoulder and softly rubbed his thumb on the back of her neck. She didn’t seem to mind or notice his hand as she continued talking to the other one. He began to work his way to her shoulder now, as he quickly slipped two fingers under the spaghetti strap of her black cocktail dress & cleverly flicked it off her shoulder.

Michelle had no idea, but the left side of her dress had now fallen down and was resting just above her nipple. The guy in front was trying hard to keep his eyes off her nearly exposed breast as they spoke. He looked up & smiled at his mate who was now rubbing Michelle’s neck harder with his thumb & index finger. The gentle movement of her body caused the dress to slip off her nipple and fall softly to one side, but she just kept chatting & sipping her drink.

My wife was now sitting in front of two complete strangers with one of her perky A cup breasts on display. Both guys were in a temporary state of shock when they realized she had no idea, they looked at each other and continued to glance down at every opportunity.

Michelle’s breasts are perfectly shaped with small coin size pink nipples so I don’t blame these guys for staring… I would!

“Pretty blondy knows her boob is out.” Sandy looked at me as she spoke. “She teases them because it makes her feel good. But they know she will do what they want.”

“What?” I said disagreeing with her “She doesn’t know about her dress because she’s drunk.”

“Oh, she knows” said Sandy confidently. “She will let them do what they want, you’ll see. She likes to play dumb & slutty”

“I know my wife & she is not the exhibitionist type.” I said. “Besides, I know…how…”

Just then, Michelle looked down & noticed her exposed breast. Turning beet red with embarrassment, she adjusted her dress & apologized. The guys looked disappointed as she fixed her dress and were reassuring her as she went to get down from the stool still embarrassed. They somehow managed to convince her to sit again, as they guided her back onto the stool and handed her back the drink.

Michelle looked around with her arms over her chest shaking her head and laughing. The guys started laughing too while they talked more, telling her how hot & sexy she looked. Michelle nervously started to drink a bit faster than usual.

She looked shocked at first, then embarrassed and then put her face in her hands and rested her elbows on the bar. She was clearly drunk, but still smiling & still a little embarrassed as she was now again listening to the guy on her right talk.

The guy behind her had his hands on her hips and was now massaging her lower back with his thumbs. Michelle reached behind with her left hand grabbed his wrist to stop him, but he just continued rubbing & after a short time her grip had loosened until she gave up and rested her left arm back on the bar for support.

“You see, she is not resisting touch.” Sandy smiled. “Blondy want to be touched. She likes it.”

Michelle sipped her drink and chatted as the guy behind her was slowly pulling her to the edge of the stool with every movement of him thumbs. He was pulling on her cocktail dress with his fingers and I was surprised to see Michelle lean forward & raise her butt a little so he could slip it out easier.

He began to gradually bunch the back of her dress up, exposing her perfect ass & black thong to the entire room. With his left hand he quickly unzipped his pants & a 9 inch cock sprang out hard as a rock as he reached into his left pocket.

Still holding her dress up with his right hand, his left hand emerged from his pocket with a small tube. Her flicked open the lid and squeezed a small amount of transparent liquid on the head of his cock. He shoved the tube back in his pocket & rubbed the liquid over the head & shaft until it was glistening.

Moving close behind her, he moved her thong aside and pressed the head of his penis onto her puckered assbud. Michelle stared straight ahead in shock, her jaw dropped & her eye’s opened wide as this guy pushed forward, gently forcing her asshole to respond.

Michelle sat stiff trying to comprehend in her drunken state what was happening. The sneaky fuck slowly pushed forward & slipped the head of his cock past her main gate, then he waited for her reaction. Michelle did nothing but continue to look forward in shock with her eyes darting from left to right to see if anyone had noticed this blatant violation. Her lack of response both verbally & physically was all he needed as the guy took that as a green light to proceed.

Again he pushed forward, knowing that the lube would eventually do its job, but still waiting patiently for her sphincter to release completely. It wasn’t long before Michelle’s eyes closed and her mouth opened as she submitted her ass to this stranger. He began to grin as his shaft slowly started to slide in more and more until it was completely gone.

Michelle put her elbows on the bar resting her face in her hands, as wisps of her loosened hair fell forward. Her body was betraying her now, as she pushed back while the guy started to move his cock in & out, fucking her ass.

The guy next to her took the opportunity to feel one of her amazing little A cup tits as he slipped his hand down the front of her dress and began massaging her left breast.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This was my normal suburban wife being fucked up the ass by two strangers right in front of me in public and all I could do was sit and watch, completely engrossed in her adventure.

The guy pulled her back toward him so she was sitting upright & he could get more tension. Her now again exposed left breast bounced with each thrust and she grabbed the guy at the bars head and pulled it toward her nipple. He sucked, licked and tongued her nipple like it was the last piece of candy on the planet, as his right hand worked its way under her dress towards her secret place.

Behind her, the guy was gliding into her ass with perfect rhythm & Michelle was loving it. She looked up to the people watching her from the mezzanine & started to bite her bottom lip. Then she turned to the mirrored window I was sitting behind, unknowingly staring directly at me with her glazed eyes.

“She not see you” Sandy said, “She likes to see herself being slut.”

Michelle was looked down at the guy sucking her breasts. She was grabbing the back of his head and pulling him closer to her chest. He took her perky little breast & nipple in his mouth as he sucked & licked like a rabid dog.

She was in heaven now with all her senses being well & truly heightened. I’m sure she had forgotten that I was even in the same building as her body began to gyrate Uncontrollably.

The guy behind started to groan & move erratically before tensing up, gripping her waist tight and blowing his load into my wife’s ass. Her eyes again opened wide as she felt his slimy cum sprayed into her, I couldn’t tell if she was in shock or extacy as she just sat there taking short breaths & gasping for air.

There were no complaints forthcoming from the guy either who now had his head resting on her shoulder. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket as slowly his cock slid out of my wife’s ass followed by a stream of cum which dripped to the floor. He grabbed his cock with the handkerchief and wiped it as she pushed the guy in front away gently and rested on the bar exhausted. Both guys were smiling as they kissed her cheek, gave each other a high five & walked away.

Michelle just sat there confused in her state of extacy. A couple minutes passed & she rose from her stool, adjusted her dress & walked calmly to the bathroom.

I got up and started to leave the room. “No you don’t want to leave yet! ” Sandy said standing in front of me, “This is where it gets fun.”

“What are you talking about?” I Asked.

“She will come back soon and more will want to play with her.” Sandy led me through to another room on the opposite side of the dance floor. “You wait here & I’ll show you.”

To be continued…

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