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I started cross-dressing at a very young age. I believe my first time was in a pair of my moms tan pantyhose and high heels. It was a joke that my sister did on me but ever since that I kept doing it in secret. I use to wear my sisters panties, hosiery, bras, and make up. I got very good at making myself look like a woman. At 5″11 and very slim it wasn’t that difficult to believe I was a fine piece of ass. After getting in college I started to purchase thigh highs, heels, wigs, and everything it took to become a sexy cross dresser. One night I decided to take my dressing to the next step. I took a warm shower and shaved every inch of my body. I then proceeded to put on a pair of lacy black panties and black pantyhose. With that I slipped on a stuffed red bra and red 5-inch heels. I finished the outfit with a very short red minidress. After finishing the make up and wig I looked in the mirror and saw that I was one of the best looking women I had ever seen.

I really didn’t know what to do once I went out to the club. I never have thought of being with a man or what I would do if I were approached. I hesitated if I really wanted to go out, but forced myself to do it. On the drive over I kept getting a nice boner to the thought of the soft touch of a mans lips on mine. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking, but decided that tonight was the night I was going to try it. As soon as I walked into the club I got sexy smirks, stares, and ass smacks from every guy in the room. If only they knew what I was hiding underneath these cloths. The night proceeded with dances and shots of vodka. I danced with a lot of guys and grinded my tight ass on everyone of there cocks. It was such a turn on and as the drinks kept being brought to me I knew that I was going to get lucky tonight. One guy caught my eye the most. He was very buff tan with short black hair. His muscles seemed to be popping out of his shirt, which turned me on so bad. He danced with me a lot and grabbed my hips as hard and as sexy as possible as I grinded his ever growing member in his pants. I wanted him bad and he knew it. After the last song he grabbed my hand and took me to the bathroom.

My heart began to pound so fast and I got very nervous but the alcohol was telling me to just do it. Once inside he pushed me against the wall and began kissing my neck. His hands began to grope my ass and legs. I could feel his cock against my leg. As he kissed my neck harder I slowly moved my hand down his waist. I started to massage it through his jeans. His kisses got longer and I knew he wanted me. I never would have imagined being able to do this to a man. After a solid two minutes of this he pulled his head away and kissed me on the lips. His eyes sparkled and I knew what I wanted. I kissed him hard and our tongues wrestled against each other. I wanted do anything and everything with this guy I didn’t even know. I began to undo his pants as we swapped spit over and over.

I was so hungry for his dick I couldn’t wait any longer. I kissed him hard and dropped to my knees. I pulled his 8″ cock out and kissed it on the head. I quickly started to licked it all over the base. His moans from above told me how much he wanted me. I was so turned on I didn’t even hesitate shoving it in my mouth. The feeling was amazing as it slid in and out of my mouth. I sucked it so hard he twitched multiple times. I stopped every once in awhile and licked his nuts and kissed his waistline just so it would last as long as possible. Before I could begin again he pulled me up and kissed me. I tried again to go down but he wouldn’t let me. Instead he whispered in my ear how much he wanted to fuck my ass. I never thought that I would want this, but I was too horny to decline.

I walked over to the sink and bent over and stared at him and winked. He followed and pulled my wig hair back and kissed my back and neck and then lifted up my dress. I looked in the mirror and saw him staring at my pantyhose covered ass and he instantly pulled them down to my thighs and began to insert his cock into my ass. It hurt so bad at first that it was hard to not cry. After a few attempts it finally fit all the way in. I let out a loud moan and he began to fuck me. Slow at first because of the pain, but as he continued I started to not only like it but love it. I yelled faster which he of course did. I loved it so much; I started to thrust my ass back into his movements. We moaned together over and over. His balls were smacking my ass and I started to massage myself. As we did this over and over I felt myself cum in my panties. I was praying that he didn’t see the stain or the boner I had in front of me. I wanted this straight man to never know what he was doing. It made things so much hotter.

He thruster a few more times and I felt him tense up, and all of a sudden his cum shot straight into my ass. It was a feeling I had never felt before. Everything seemed to slow down and I felt euphoric. He rested his dick there for a few seconds until finally pulling it out ever so slowly. This gave me enough time tuck my now limp cock away, and then turned around and sucked the rest of the cum off his cock. He moaned as my tongue played with his over used cock. I got up and fixed my dress and pantyhose and then kissed him on the cheek and told him to call me for round two sometime. I handed him my number from my purse and walked out of the bathroom knowing I would see him again.

Celebrity Connection

Jess and I have been together now for over a year, actually closer to our 2 year anniversary. She learned of my and Brittany’s escapades and actually got excited. So excited in fact, that Jessica asked Brittany move in with us, so the three of us can share all of our sexual adventures. I get to do whatever I wanted with two young goddess’s who love pantyhose as much as I do. I will go further into details of our adventures in other chapters. This is going to be about a chance very lucky encounter with a famous young woman.

Both Jess and Britt know how much I love the WWE, and I watch it religiously every week and get the PPV’s every month. In fact she teases me of my crush on “Kelli Kelli”, by saying it is just because she and all the other Diva’s now wear tights or pantyhose just about every match. I think it has something to do with the image that the company wants to portray. Well I was due to attend a national conference for my industry and was going to be away for almost ten days. The only good news is that I get to take at least one of my sexy women with me, as Brittany has been in the business now for almost a year. She is going to be attending her first national insurance convention, so naturally she was a bit excited.

My girls surprised me with a very special gift just a week before the conference. Tickets to the WWE ppv that was actually in the same city as our conference. I was ecstatic with joy since it has been many years since attending a live show, and my first actually ppv event.

Jess teased me, “Now you can stare at your little pantyhose covered crush in person” she said with a devilish grin on her face.

“You know Jackie that these tickets are supposed to be very close to the action.” Brittany chimed in almost as excited as I was.

“Does this mean that I can take one or more of the Diva’s back to the room to fuck there pantyhosed brains out?” I said sort of sarcastically grinning back at my two beautiful concubines.

“Honey, if you were to get so lucky as to be close enough and talk a good enough game that any one of them wants to go to your room and fuck you, then by all means you go right ahead. I just want to hear all about it after.” Jessica said back to me almost as sarcastic as the question I had asked.

Brittany jumped in saying “Hey if he gets to fuck a Diva then I want to fuck a wrestler” giggling a bit as she said it.

“Absolutely baby, but I don’t think John Cena will cheat on his wife. Not to mention I bet he has a tiny dick.” I said cracking up laughing

“Well my dear, not every man has a ten inch driveshaft hanging between their legs, now do they” laughing back at me with a smirk on her face.

“Hey what about me?” Jessie chirped in. “If the both of you get to do what you want then you need to bring me home some wrestling meat.” She smiled brightly.

“Bring me home “Batista” I here he loves to fuck like a machine.” Her eyes opening widely.

Well there Brittany and I were 3 days into the conference and bored to death with the events set up for the conference. Good thing that the PPV was only two days away that Sunday. The girls actually got two tickets, and even though Brittany wasn’t into it as much as I was she wanted to go to see it live. I guess she was hoping to see one of her crushes up close as much as I was. It was a bit after noon time and I was getting ready to go down to the hotel gym to work out. Having to make love almost every day to two sexy young women makes a man want to keep in shape. After all they both actually helped get me back into great shape with all the “cardio” I had to do with each of them.

Brittany came rushing into the room telling me that she thinks that the wrestlers are staying in this very hotel. I explained how unlikely that was and that she may have just thought she seen one of the wrestlers. She was very sure of what she saw that she actually got all worked up and a bit horny. Although that didn’t seem to take much with her.

“Jackie, stay here and work me out with that big fat cock of yours instead of going down to the gym” she grinned at me seductively.

“Sure, get over here and start sucking my cock. But after I fuck the shit out of you I am still going to work out. After all there are other muscles that need exercise along with my cock, and heart.” I said starting to take my clothes back off.

She ripped off all her clothes but her seamless pantyhose and ran over to me tackling me on the bed. Immediately started kissing and sucking my cock while spinning around to put her wet pussy in my face. I could tell she was all worked up by the way she was attacking my cock with her mouth. She has rarely sucked my cock with as much enthusiasm as she is currently doing.

“MY GOD, that is awesome, don’t stop sucking my cock like that, I love it.” I screamed with pleasure.

Without saying a word she just moaned with my cock in her mouth “UUMMM HHMMMM”

She must have been doing some research because as she was sucking and stroking my cock, she reached down below my balls. She shoved two of her fingers up my asshole, pulled her mouth to just cover the head of my cock.

Stroking with one hand and fingering my asshole with the other, she found the magic spot. “OOHHHH MY FUUUCKKKKKING GGOOOODDD!!!! IM CUMMING” I yelled with ecstasy.

I immediately pulled her fat clit into my mouth with as much suction as I could force. I kept shooting load after load into her waiting mouth. I thought it wasn’t going to stop I was Cumming so much; she found a magic spot alright.

Shortly after I was Cumming and forcing her clit into my mouth she started to cum as well. I have never seen her cum like this before it was thick and gooey and covered my nose and ran into my eyes.

“DAMN, I never would have thought that I would ever be the one to receive a ‘facial’, usually I am always the one giving them” I said as she finished swallowing my cum and started her dismount.

“OH BABY, YOU LOOK DELICIOUS” she said grinning. “Let me clean you up so you can go do your exercises” giggling as she leaned down and sucked all of her cum from my face allowing me to finally open my eyes.

Well I finally made it down to the gym and started my workout. The hotel’s gym was actually a very descent size considering that it was just for guests. I was almost finished with my weight lifting and was gonna head over to do some cardio. I noticed a young pretty blonde girl get on a treadmill and started walking. She was very beautiful and her outfit was very sexy on her and she knew it too. She was wearing the normal yoga style attire, Under Armor tank top and black leggings or jogging pants. I walked by the treadmills on my way to a recumbent bike to finish my cardio. As I walked by I could not help but to make some eye contact and smile at her on the way. She actually smiled back a little and our eyes “walked” together for a few steps as I walked by.

I immediately thought to myself how familiar she looked, but couldn’t put my finger on it. After spinning on the bike for a few minutes I was surprised that she actually came over next to me and sat down on one of the other bikes. It wasn’t until we finally spoke that I realized who this gorgeous young blonde goddess was. It was “Kelli Kelli” of the WWE Diva’s. I was supremely surprised and very pleased to discover this. She is actually the Diva that Jessie always teased me about why I watch WWE. Trying to keep my composure we started having a pleasant yet teasing type of conversation.

“You seem to be in pretty good shape for an old man” Kelli Kelli said smiling and slightly giggling.

“You are in wonderful shape as well; you know it’s hard for us ‘OLD’ men to be attractive to younger women. I got lucky with mine, but I have to work hard to keep her.” I fired back teasingly.

“Well I am not sure who is the lucky one, her or you. But I was just teasing you about the ‘old man’ thing. What are you about 35?” Kelli asked smiling curiously.

“OH Honey, I am definitely the lucky one. Lucky twice, actually… and I am 38, but pretty good guess and thanks for the younger guess. It makes us OLD men feel good.” I said a little sarcastically on the later part.

“I think it is the maturity that us younger women love about a slightly older man, for the most part you guys are past your playing days and just want to spend quality time with us. Although it is hard to find time to find someone in my profession, so I think you are right. You are the lucky one.” Kelli said smiling brightly.

“I can imagine that going from town to town must make it difficult to find time to date, especially outside of the work place. I know it was hard for me for quite awhile being in different cities trying to sell someone insurance. Trying to make a few friends for the short time you are there.”

“OH, I am not here for the insurance conference, but I do know what it’s like to go from town to town and only know people for a short time.” Kelli said sort of matter of factly.

“Oh I know you are not here for that, you are here for the big event downtown tomorrow night. And don’t worry Kelli; I will try not to make a big deal to attract attention you may not want.” I said to her coyly.

“So you recognize me? I guess you are a fan then, that’s great. And it’s okay if I get attention especially if it is the younger fans, I love doing what I do for the kids.” Kelli said graciously.

“Yes maam, I am a fan and have been for my entire life. Actually my girlfriend Jessie teases me every week when I watch, but mostly because I love when you Diva’s are on. She really teases me when the one comes on she knows I have a crush on.” I said smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“So who is your crush on mister? This sounds interesting. I bet it is Melina, or Michelle.” She said quite intrigued.

“You know it was Michelle for a little while, but then the one I really had a crush on started wearing those pantyhose tights that the rest of them are now wearing. And to be honest I love a girl with sexy legs covered in nylon.” Getting redder and redder the more I spoke.

“You like girls in tights do you? Does your girlfriend wear them often? So come on man, tell me who it is, I have to know.” She quipped as she leaned over and smacked me on the arm.

“Well my dear if you must know, it is actually YOU. I cannot honestly put my finger on it about why I adore you. I just think you are so beautiful, and you come off as very honest and caring, yet a bit spicy too.

You know my girlfriend said she thought the wrestlers were staying in this hotel. She has a crush on a few of the guys too. She must have seen the one she loves the most earlier because she came back to the room and practically attacked me.”

“OMG that is so funny, both of you have crushes on us wrestlers. That is just too cute, and you just made my day. This is what I love about this business, you meet someone and they appreciate you for not just your job or as a sex symbol. You meet someone who can genuinely have an honest and meaningful conversation. I am glad I met you; btw I never got your name? I am Kelli.”

“My name is Jackson, but my friends call me Jackie. You would make me proud if you called me Jackie. Oh and I hope to see you at the show tomorrow, I have tickets that are supposed to be close to the action.” I said boyishly.

“Hello Jackie and I am glad you are going to the show. We are gonna put on a great show for everyone. Have you been to a show before?” Kelli asked intriguingly.

“Yes, but this is the first PPV I have been to, so I am excited.” I said smiling. “I plan on having a great time cheering and going crazy with the fans.”

Well my workout had been pretty much over for awhile, I was just milking the time I was spending with the tremendously beautiful “Kelli Kelli”. Now although I do wear pantyhose all the time, the only time I do not wear them is while exercising. But today I was wearing something real similar in black leggings. They were all black, tight and a bit shiny as well. I guess I like for people to see my physique in the gym, after all I have worked hard to get into shape. Subconsciously I also liked for people to see that I was blessed by the gods with a large cock. To which I was hoping that if she hadn’t noticed already, “Kelli Kelli” would see it as I got up to leave. Now let me remind everyone a bit, my cock is very large. In a flaccid state it is over six inches long and very thick. However when fully erect it is just at ten inches and very fat and meaty. I was so hoping it would get noticed by this luscious young vixen that I had such a crush on.

“Well beautiful, I really have to get back to my room and get ready. We are going out for the afternoon and then down to the hotel restaurant for a late dinner.” I said as I spun slowly off the recumbent bike in her direction to stand up and leave. I did this in the way you see women do when exiting a car to get attention from all of us men.

“It was really nice to meet you Jackie, and I hope you enjoy the show tomorrow. I will try to put on some extra effort just for you.” Kelli Kelli giggled as I seen her eyes wander and look directly at my crotch.

“Don’t worry about that, just wear something really hot and cute with some pantyhose. To be honest when I watch at home, I hope that you Divas have a wardrobe malfunction.” I said a little embarrassed.

“That is SO hilarious… You are such a dirty old man aren’t you? Luckily we use plenty of tape and glue to keep our outfits from having that problem. You know we are PG now right? We get into trouble with the TV people if something like that happens.” Kelli said smiling and laughing a bit.

“Who are you calling OLD, young lady?” I snapped back sarcastically. “Don’t make me take you over my knee for back talking your elders. I would enjoy putting such a feisty young lady in her place.” I said smiling and teasingly smacking her on her shoulder.

“I bet you would make sure I was wearing some pantyhose too, wouldn’t you…Daddy.” She teased back.

“OOOHHHHHHH you little smartass, I love you know more for that than from just watching you on TV.” I brightly smiled.

“I really have to go, but like I said we will be down in the restaurant later this evening for some dinner. I hear the food is really good, and Brittany really wants to check it out. So if you end up with nothing to do then come down and join us.”

“Well I do have some plans with some of the other ‘Divas’, but if it falls through or doesn’t last as long maybe I will come look for you two. But I thought you said your girlfriends name was Jessie? Is Brittany a co worker or something?” she asked inquisitively.

“Yes and no. Brittany is a co worker, but she is also my girlfriend. And yes my OTHER girlfriends name is Jessica. However this is an Employees only conference. So Jessie didn’t make the trip.”

“Wait a minute….TWO girlfriends? What are you a Mormon or something? I should have figured it out earlier when you said lucky twice, but WOW that is interesting.” Kelli said with an enthusiastic expression.

“No dear, not a Mormon.” Chuckling a bit. “It is a long story and I don’t have time right now, and yes I am very very lucky for what I have right now. I hope to see you again, but if I don’t have a great show. I will be rooting for you.”

I started to turn and leave when Kelli said. “You just might see me again, you never know in this world.”

I headed back to my room where Brittany was taking a shower when I walked in. I was so hot and horny from the past hour spent with my celebrity crush. My mind was racing with our teasing back and forth and my cock started to grow in my tight leggings. I ripped off all of my clothes and ran into the shower where Brittany was unsuspecting any company.

“Hi baby, how was your workout? Did you relieve any stress or frustration? I hope so because I want to enjoy our trip this afternoon.” Brittany asked through the muffled sound of the shower.

Saying nothing to her, I just joined her in the shower and grabbed her turning her facing me and started to give her deep penetrating kisses. I grabbed her around her body with both arms and pulled her tight while lifting her up to face level still locked in kissing. She wrapped her legs around my waist for extra support and returned the deep passionate kisses back to me.

Coming up for air she asks “WOW BABY, what brought this on? I love this forceful passionate side of you. You must be really really excited because I can feel your massive cock rubbing across the bottom of my pussy and ass.”

Without saying a word I reached over to open the shower door and carried Brittany out of the shower and placed her soaking wet ass on top to the bathroom counter. One of the benefits of all the exercising is I have gotten my strength back that I had in my youth. It was very easy to lift Brittany’s 125 pound sexy frame up with just my arms and place her on that counter. I stepped back a bit and pulled her to just the edge of the counter and grabbed her with both hands just under the back of her knees. Leaning in and kissing her I just gave her that “look” letting her know to just hold on and get ready.

She understood my gaze and reached down with on hand directing my extremely rigid cock to her dripping wet pussy lips. With one fell swoop I shoved my huge tool straight into her pussy and without hesitation she leaned back and screamed in ecstasy. Looking deep into each other’s eyes I just kept ramming in and out with my huge erection. Picking up the pace with a furious abandon, I kept pumping in and out of her pussy while our eyes stayed locked.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe what you are doing to my poor defenseless pussy right now. You have never been so forceful before this. I love it.” Brittany screamed out in between our deep kisses.

“Where is this lust and passion coming from? What happened during your workout?” She tried to mumble between deep breaths and deeper thrusts.

Without saying a word I continued this forceful annihilation of my woman’s wonderful pussy. I kept pumping in and out, in and out without slowing down. Brittany locked her legs behind my back to try and hold on while I punished her juicy pussy. I began to moan a bit loader as did she. I kept pumping in and out faster and faster, when I was finally ready to explode.

I stepped back and pulled my monster cock from her dripping pussy just in time to shoot massive blast after blast of cum all over Brittany’s body. Much of it landed all the way up on her face and covering her tits. I kept stroking my cock for as long as I could stand it while pumping shot after shot of thick gooey cum all over my beautiful Brittany. I dumped so much cum on this sexy vixen that I could have been on a “best of cumshots” tape for the porn industry. After finally Cumming the last drop from my softening cock, I just stepped back and stared into Brittany’s glazed eyes.

Totally spent and covered in massive amounts of cum, Brittany asked “Can you now tell me why you just destroyed my poor little pussy without saying a word? Don’t get me wrong I supremely loved what you just did, with hopes of you repeating it again in the future. I would just like to know where it came from is all?”

Catching a breath myself, I agreed and proceeded to reply. “Well gorgeous, I wasn’t sure until recently that you actually seen some wrestlers here in the hotel. I actually now believe you may have seen the one that gets you the horniest the way you attacked me earlier today. Well I have to tell you that I just spent the better part of an hour in a teasingly open conversation in the gym with none other than my special crush Kelli Kelli.”

“Are you serious? That must have been some kind of open and teasing conversation for you to come back here and destroy my poor pussy the way you just did. You have to tell me everything.” Brittany spoke softly and curiously.

I began to tell her everything that happened in the gym as I picked my exhausted young lady up off of the counter carrying her back into the shower so we could both clean off. She listened intently to my description of events and also exclaimed that she indeed seen her crush earlier. We both took time washing each other and cleaning each other for the next twenty or thirty minutes. We then toweled off and left the bathroom for the rest of the hotel suite. We really did have a full afternoon planned that we were now realized we were behind our planned schedule. We were in the Midwest for this conference and the weather was fair, some days were pretty warm, and others cool. We were planning of seeing some sights and do a little shopping to make sure we picked up something special for Jessie who could not come with us on this trip.

Brittany headed over to the dresser to pick out her bra and pantyhose, so I decided to go to the closet and pick out a pretty dress for her to wear this afternoon. I grabbed some nice khaki pants and polo shirt for me after I finally picked a sexy light pink summer dress that really showed off her sexy curvy body. Meanwhile she was picking out a sexy pink lacy underwire bra, to which I realized how much we really do think alike. She then picked out a pair of very sheer and soft black Wolfords Fatal 40 that we had picked up shortly before our trip. They might have looked good with that dress, but I mentioned for her to wear the nude color for today. I told her she can wear those sexy black ones tonight when we go down for dinner. She agreed and then tossed a package of seamless Wolfords to me to wear under my pants today.

“I think I will wait until tonight as well to wear these sexy pantyhose as well. I think we should somewhat match while dinning out at that fancy restaurant this evening, don’t you?” I asked smiling.

“Yeah you are right, that way if I get you excited during dinner it will show your huge cock for all the girls to be jealous about.” She giggled.

Later that evening……….

We returned from an enjoyable afternoon of shopping and seeing the sights, we even got a few wonderful things to bring back for Jessie. The both of us were a bit tired from our endeavors that we just collapsed on the bed and napped for a bit before dinner. We slept a bit longer than we wanted and both rushed to shower to get ready for dinner. Luckily we had picked out our dinner clothes earlier that day so at least we could get dressed rather quickly and head down to dinner. Brittany had this really sexy cocktail dress picked out that I kept teasing her about having “cock” in the name of the dress. After all I told her that wearing that dress would cause many cocks including mine to get aroused.

“AAHHHH, you perv… but that is the point right? To attract attention, I mean. Why have a sexy ‘little black dress’ if you don’t get noticed in it.” She quipped at me sarcastically.

“Yeah yeah, money well spent. I just wish those $40 pair of Wolford’s pantyhose came with a small hole so when I attack that shiny ass of yours later I won’t ruin those expensive things.” Grinning while sneering back at her.

We finished dressing and headed down to the restaurant when we found a line of people waiting to get a seat. We didn’t realize how busy this place would be, but were anxious to get seated. Many of the folks in line apparently didn’t have a reservation, and the restaurant also catered to the hotel patrons first and the rest after. Luckily we were both patrons of the hotel, and holding a reservation so we ended up only waiting for a little bit before our table was ready. We told the hostess that we would wait over in the hotel lobby just adjacent to the restaurant and to come there to get us when our table was ready. Later we found that to be there preferred method of having guests wait for their table, so it was easy for her to agree.

Sitting on a small loveseat in the lobby we sort of just sat there staring at each other while holding hands. That is when I noticed the sound of heels click clacking up to us. I thought it was the hostess telling us our table was ready, when I suddenly realized I was pleasantly wrong.

“WOW, you really are a lucky man, and her a lucky woman. You two look like teenagers the way you are staring at each other and holding hands.” I turned in amazement when I heard the sexy voice of my celebrity crush Kelli Kelli.

“Hey there! How are you? It’s nice to see you again. This is my girlfriend Brittany. Brittany… this is my well known celebrity crush, Kelli Kelli.” I said somewhat shy and embarrassed.

“AAAAWWWWW… isn’t he so cute when he is being shy. That is what I love so much about him.” Brittany said while graciously exchanging greeting with Kelli.

Kelli just smiled that big beautiful bright white smile that we all love about her. I then noticed she was dressed in a type of cocktail dress very similar to what Brittany was wearing. But what I immediately noticed was that she was wearing the sheerest and sexiest pantyhose on her luscious legs.

Still smiling Kelli asked, “Did you guys get to have dinner? This place seems really busy, I tried to get seated with some friends but they said if we didn’t have a res it would be over an hour wait.” Hearing some disappointment in her voice.

“Yes we actually do have reservations, and they said our table would be ready shortly. So did you get to have dinner yet? Would you like you join us?” Brittany answered cheerfully.

Shocked by her invitation, I added. “You should join us; I think Brittany would love to hear if what I told her about our conversation earlier is true.”

“That would be great, but I wouldn’t want to impose. Besides you look like you two are planning a romantic private dinner, and I wouldn’t want to ruin that.” Kelli replied politely.

“No imposition at all. We actually dress up every time we go to dinner at a fine restaurant. We would enjoy your company. Besides I think Jackie would love to have dinner with his special little crush.” Brittany snapped back emphatically.

Right after saying that, the hostess came to inform us our table was ready. But also to let us know that they only had a booth in the back. We said that was perfect because now we have a third person to our group and wouldn’t mind some privacy out of everyone’s way.

“I guess I am joining you then, since Jackie told the hostess already that it would be three instead of two.” Kelli smiled as she agreed to join use.

We were seated in a somewhat secluded corner of the dining room, which was somewhat dimly lit. I climbed in first so the girls could have the ends of the round booth in case they wanted to go to the restroom. We ordered some wine and appetizers at which point I mentioned to the waiter that we may be here for a while and I would leave a good tip if this were not an issue.

So after some small talk and backgrounds on one another Kelli asked “So Brittany, please don’t get upset, but are you girlfriend #1 or girlfriend #2? I am just really curious on how this kind of relationship happened.”

“Well to be honest, I have known Jackie all of my life. His sister and my mother were and still are best of friends. But it wasn’t until I began to work with him that we got together.” Brittany explained.

“I mean I knew he had a girlfriend when we actually first got together, but I really wasn’t looking for a relationship. I honestly was just kind of horny and he did spend a ton of money on my new clothes, so I thought it was the least I could do if I could get him to go through with it.” Brittany continued.

“So how did you get him to go through with it? I mean just with the short time we spoke I feel he is the sort who stays committed, but then again he is a man.” She said snickering sarcastically.

Brittany told her of our shopping trip on her first day of work and also about how she was intrigued about a man wearing pantyhose. How she teased me until I couldn’t stand it any longer.

“WAIT JUST A MINUTE, I know you said you love women in pantyhose, but you wear them too?” Kelli said nearly spitting out some wine when she heard this.

“Are you wearing now? I guess that helps hide that big cock of yours too, doesn’t It.?” Kelli said as I nearly spit out my wine as well.

“He was hoping you noticed that thing in the gym earlier, which explains why he came back to the room and tore me a new one in the shower. Man I could hardly walk after that encounter.” Brittany quipped in with a quick reply.

I was just blown away at this conversation starting between these two young sexy women. The girls continued talking about various things, including me and my pantyhose. After we finished eating and drinking some wine we decided to go back to our suite. I couldn’t help but walk behind these two goddesses and admire the views. Brittany was wearing that black cocktail dress I described earlier, but Kelli’s was very sexy as well. She was wearing a very form fitting sequin style cocktail dress. It was strapless, which begs the question of her wearing a bra or not. The hem of the skirt was a few inches above the knee, but clung to her body like it was painted on. The slit up the back almost rose to her very curvaceous and firm ass. Finally her stilettos were very sexy with straps that wrapped up her ankle and calf. They were black patent leather with little chrome heel tips.

“You alright back there Jackie? You are awfully quiet back there.” Brittany said turning her head smiling at me.

“I am just wonderful ladies; I am enjoying the views of two wonderful bottoms walking in front of me. I think I died and gone to heaven.” I said sort of snapping out of a trance.

“Well don’t worry sweetie, the view gets much better later.” Kelli snapped as she quickly lifted the back of her skirt to show me a peak of her ass.

“OOOHH, seamless!!! Wolford’s or Fogul’s?” I quipped back at her. “That is awesome; I now have two women in front of me wearing seamless pantyhose. You got to love when women like the same things.”

As we enter the room Brittany removes her heels and carries them with her over to the love seat. Plopping down on the love seat and leaning back Brittany puts her legs and feet up on the edge of the coffee table. Kelli joins her on the love seat and does the same. The difference is Kelli still has her stilettos on and her knees are bent upwards rather than stretched out on the table. I grab the chair from next to the love seat and move it to the other side of the table. Yes because I wanted a better view.

Brittany didn’t let me down. She immediately reached her arm around Kelli and pulled her head close to hers. The two girls began kissing passionately with one another. Kelli reached over starting to caress Brittany’s breasts, and as she did that Brittany reached over pulling up Kelli’s dress exposing her seamless covered pussy. I had already removed my dinner jacket, and now started to remove my shoes. Kelli spread her legs giving Brittany better access to her moist pussy. Brittany began to tease Kelli’s clit trapped under her sexy seamless Wolford’s. Kelli started to breath heavier and make small lustful moans. Kelli leaned over and pulled Brittany’s tits from her dress and started to suck on her very erect nipples.

“The two of you should take off your dresses to make things more comfortable and easier access.” I said trying to entice what I wanted from them.

They both paused and gave me that sexy little look as they stood and started to remove each other’s dresses. Brittany’s was rather easy since all she had to do is unzip and drop it to the floor around her feet. Kelli’s on the other hand was a pull over style with no zipper, that I seen. I soon realized that there was a hidden zipper of sort in the slit at the back of the dress. This now made perfect sense as to why such a short sexy dress would have such a high slit almost showing off her ass.

The two ladies now wearing nothing but sexy seamless pantyhose went back to making out and feeling each other’s bodies. Kelli actually still had on those sexy strapped shoes that wrapped up her incredibly sexy legs. I stood up and walked over to where they were, leaned down and grabbed each around the waist. Both instinctively knew what I was doing and each wrapped one arm around my neck. I picked up both girls as they grabbed on with both hands, and both started to kiss and suck on my neck. Wrapping their legs around me to steady them, I walked over to the bed and laid them down gently.

“Get out of those clothes, big boy” Kelli quipped licking her lips staring at me.

“In due time gorgeous, in due time. I don’t want to scare you away once you see it up close.” I snickered back at this goddess in front of me.

With that Kelli surprised both me and Brittany when she pushed Brittany to the center of the king sized bed and onto her back. Kelli then straddled Brittany’s face with her beautiful nylon covered pussy. As she lowered her pussy onto Brittany’s face she herself leaned down and began to lick and tease Brittany’s Wolford covered pussy. There I was standing there watching my sexy girlfriend 69ing with my celebrity crush right in front of me. I leaned onto the bed and began untying Kelli’s sexy shoes and removed them one at a time, while caressing her legs and feet as I did so.

Kelli was rocking her hips back and forth over Brittany’s face as Brittany was locked mouth lips to nylon covered pussy lips of Kelli Kelli. Brittany reached her hands around Kelli’s waist holding her from moving too far away while sucking on her swollen pussy. Kelli moaned loudly as she began to orgasm on top of Brittany’s face and all of her juices flowing into my girlfriend’s mouth. Kelli is actually a little shorter than Brittany and did not quite reach Brittany’s pussy to return the favor simultaneously to her 69 partner. Once Kelli had finished her orgasm and was starting to calm down some she did something else that was not expected.

Kelli pulled her pussy and ass away from Brittany by leaning down to reach her pussy to return the orgasmic favor. She did this by grabbing both of Brittany’s legs and pulling them towards her in what resembled a wrestling move to pin an opponent. This moved Brittany’s hips closer to Kelli’s head bringing her pussy into an easy access, while not allowing Brittany to move away easily. Kelli began to slowly and lightly lick Brittany’s pussy thru her silky seamless pantyhose. She would cover her entire pussy at times with her mouth and suck on it like a big nipple on a tittie. I was enjoying the view and at the same time finished getting out of my clothes down to just my own pair of seamless Wolford’s I had worn under my pants.

Brittany laid there moaning and writhing in ecstasy while Kelli continued to devour her now soaked hose covered pussy. I had now climbed onto the bed behind Kelli and almost over top of my girlfriend Brittany. I reach to caress Kelli’s nylon covered ass to let her know I was back there and ready to join in. Kelli came up for air and turned to look at me with a huge smile on her face which changed to a look of amazement when her eyes locked onto my huge hose covered cock.

“That FUCKING thing is HUGE!!! It is much bigger than I thought it was when I seen it trapped behind those workout tights.” Kelli exclaimed. “Please don’t hurt me too bad with that monster Jackie.” Kelli begged.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I will be as gentle as I can and take it slow until I think you can take it.” I cracked back sarcastically teasing Kelli as I did.

“Destroy this wonderful pussy, just like you did you mine earlier today after you finally got to meet and talk to your sexy crush.” Brittany chimed in somewhat trapped under Kelly and I.

With that I gently reached in rubbing Kelli’s pussy and then ripping a hole in her seamless pantyhose to gain access to her sweet lovely pussy. In the mean time Kelly went back to eating Brittany’s pussy with a reckless abandon that was causing Brittany to scream and moan more and more. Finally Brittany grabbed onto Kelli’s legs tightly while she started to orgasm feverously as Kelli would not stop attacking her pussy thru the pantyhose. Brittany was so wet with her orgasm that Kelli’s face was so wet and sticky from the oral assault that she finally had to stop and let Brittany relax.

“OH MY FUCKING GGODDD!!! That was one of the best orgasms I have ever had.” Brittany exclaimed breathing exhaustively.

“Okay ladies, my turn… now don’t either of you move so I can take it from here.” I announced emphatically as I positioned myself behind Kelli doggie style and straddling Brittany’s head at the same time.

Kelli was still very wet and juicy from her orgasm at the hands of Brittany just moments before, that it was almost easy to start penetrating Kelli’s swollen pussy.

“AAHHHHHH UUGGGHHHH MMMMMM, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, HMMMM, slowly slowly easy, OOOOHH.” Was all that Kelli could say as I started to push my massive cock deep into her soaking wet tight pussy.

As I got it as far in as I could I just left it there for a moment to try and allow her to get used to this thing shoved into her pussy. “Ready Slut? Here we go.” I said with a small chuckle.

“Yes DADDY! I think I am ready.” Kelli screamed submissively.

With hearing that, I slowly started to stroke in and out, with my hands firmly grasping Kelli’s hips and ass. For me this position has become almost normal being that I lived with two sexy women who regularly have sex all at the same time.

Now picture this, Brittany and Kelli in a 69 position with Kelli on top. Kelli’s legs were next to Brittany’s chest with her calves going under Brittany’s arms. This was allowing Brittany full range and use of her hands and arms while they 69′d each other. I was straddling both of them with my knees resting just outside of Kelli’s lower legs and my balls were hanging directly over Brittany’s face while my cock was shoved deep into Kelli’s pussy.

Thrusting in and out and picking up the pace I could hear Kelli moaning louder and louder and starting to pant. Brittany in the mean time was using one free hand to rub Kelli’s clit while I started to pound in and out of this wonderfully tight pussy. With the other hand Brittany started to play with my balls and pull them into her mouth one at a time. That is when I started to stay in the same place and push and pull Kelli back and forth impaling her on my huge rock hard cock.

“UNHH HHUH MMM OOOOH OOHHH!” Kelli would moan about every 4 seconds. “OH MY GOD THIS FEELS INCREDIBLE, I LOVE THIS HUGE COCK OF YOURS BURIED IN MY PUSSY.” She managed to say in between thrusts and moans.

“YES BRITTANY… KEEP SUCKING ON MY BALLS WHILE I DESTROY THIS PUSSY.” I exclaimed while picking up the pace a little more. Kelli’s moans turned to screams and got louder and louder as I pumped my huge cock in and out of her tight wet cunt.

“Brittany you are a very lucky girl to have a cock like this to use anytime you want. OOHH…KEEP RUBBING MY CLLIIITT…OOOOH OOOH YEAH THAT’S IT.” Kelli screamed with enjoyment.

At this point I was almost in disbelief that this was all happening. I was fucking my celebrity crush, while she is 69ing with my girlfriend. Realizing she also has a sort of fetish for pantyhose, and is also very bisexual and open minded in the bedroom. What happened next damn near blew my mind.

Earlier in the day while Brittany was giving me a blowjob, she stuck a finger into my ass which caused me to have a massively explosive orgasm. Brittany realized then that I enjoyed her finger in my ass. This was also the first time she did this, and later I found that she was sort of researching it wanting to incorporate into our sex lives.

Brittany removed her hand from by balls, but kept sucking on them while I fucked the shit out of Kelli’s pussy. She took her free hand and moved it up between my ass cheeks which were not too far from her face at this point. She started to rub my butthole with her fingers tickling me with the tips of her finger.

[Author's note: For this chapter, I've chosen to tell the story from a different character's perspective. The story is told by Cynthia, the busty landlord/nurse, featured in Chapter 2 (The Photo Shoot). The events of this story lead up to the beginning of Chapter 1. The story of Chris and Lauren will continue in the following chapter. Meanwhile, hopefully, this chapter will add context to the rest of the story...Enjoy!]

Couples Therapy

(Part 3 of “Shepherd’s Pie)

By Earth Angel

The day I announced my engagement, my mother gently pulled me aside, gazing at me with love in her eyes, lightly squeezing my hand.

“Cynthia,” she said, holding back tears. “I want you to know that I’m extremely proud of you for choosing to marry such a decent and honorable man like your father.”

At the time she said this, I still had yet to discover that the man I’d chosen to marry, this ‘decent and honorable man’ whom both Mom and Dad spoke of with such admiration and respect, was also undoubtedly the biggest pervert I’d ever met in my life — a man whose ultimate pleasure was secretly jerking off watching younger men with huge cocks fuck the shit out of his wife.

Perhaps, I should have picked up on the signs. Then again, maybe I chose to ignore them. My girlfriends always warned me about the quiet ones, probably to protect me from a city filled with odd-looking, socially awkward, creepy middle-aged men, who always saw me as more than just a pretty blonde, thus always seemed to be just my type

The day Joel and I first met, I’d been working as a registered nurse for over ten years. At the time, I was working down at the veteran’s hospital, near Fenway, when I pulled up one morning and parked facing the new wing under construction, where Joel had recently been hired to work as a sub-contractor.

Initially, he kept his distance, always watching from afar. For three weeks, I showed up every morning, certain to see him in his yellow hard hat, tracking me with his eyes, as I looked over, smiling politely, before quickly making my way inside.

Usually, all I had on were baggy scrubs, as I quickly jumped out of my car, with no make-up, and a velvet scrunchie loosely tied behind my head, holding back the frazzled nest of my shoulder-length, naturally golden blonde hair.

As I walked toward the front entrance, I marched with purpose by the new wing next to the main building, ignoring the horde of obnoxious construction workers, who instantly turned into a pack of drooling Neanderthals, with their annoying cat calls and tacky whistles, stopping to stand there and ogle me like a piece of meat, in spite of the fact that I’d literally just rolled out of bed, dressing quickly, before racing out the door, only to sit through thirty minutes of rush hour traffic, faced with another endless 12-hour shift, looking like holy hell.

I didn’t know it then, but the quiet guy standing apart from those grunting animals, the one with the nerdy glasses and receding hair line, had just moved to Boston from Portland, Maine three months earlier.

His name was Joel Hanson. What struck me about him had nothing to do with his looks. Compared to that group of leering savages, he was the only one who never did anything but smile when he saw me walking by. Not that his coworkers’ behavior really offended me. As far as dealing with the opposite sex, I honestly wasn’t so different than most women. Certainly, there were times when I did find it highly exciting to notice a man’s eyes roaming over me. Ever since high school, I’d always been known as a tremendous flirt. In fact, I’d bet my life’s savings that most, if not all, of the people where I grew up, believed that I was a total slut.

Admittedly, I did get around a lot back in those days. It all started when I woke up one morning at 14. I looked down and my eyeballs nearly fell from my head. My once ordinary palm-sized tits had suddenly ballooned without warning, visibly reminiscent in both size and shape to a twin set of large, hovering, air-filled blimps, round, heavy, and woefully uncontainable, forcing me to throw out all of my old, useless bras and haul around these huge, awkward, back-breaking, bowling balls, in a 38DD.

Three years later, I found myself wondering if my enormous tits would ever stop growing at all. By then, I had already gone up a full cup size. Needless to say, I had to get used to men staring at me wherever I went, from the time I woke up in the morning, to the time I finally went to bed.

Even the men in my own family had no willpower when it came to keeping their eyes off of me. All of them seemed to think I didn’t notice, but every man in my whole family had all been caught sneaking a quick peek at my massive hooters more than once.

In high school, my father started his own towing service, eventually growing it into one of the largest towing companies in town. I’ll never forget the day when I strutted down to his first little neighborhood shop, proudly displaying the first outfit I’d ever bought with my very own hard-earned money. Perhaps he didn’t want to know. Yet, strangely, my father never asked me where I got the cash. Not that I would have told him anyway. To me, it was better to lie about it, than force my poor father to picture his only daughter kneeling in front of the Connor twins from next door, who’d each given me $50 dollars to jerk them off and let them cum on my tits.

With my father still nowhere in sight, I waited for him outside the shop, leaning under the hood of an old pick-up. I waited there chewing a stick of bubble gum, bending over in white cut-offs, deeply wedged up my ass, allowing my cheeks to hang out considerably, as I stood there quizzing myself on the names of each auto part, till I heard footsteps come up behind me, turning as Daddy called my name.

Wearing a hot pink tube top, I spun around, smiling like Christmas morning, greeting my father showing more cleavage than a Vegas hooker, innocently grinning as my huge tits heaved over the cups of my strapless bra.

The look on his face was this unforgettable combination of panic, lust, and a sudden heart attack. I watched as he stood there stuttering, mopping his sweaty brow, all the while trying not to stare, when a half dozen other drivers promptly emerged out of the woodwork, whispering and snickering to each other, obviously pointing in my direction.

Later that evening, as I lay in bed, touching myself between the sheets, through our thin walls, I couldn’t help overhearing the rusty springs of my parents’ bed, noisily screeching, accompanied by their audible moans.

Beneath the covers, I quietly fingered my pussy while they fucked, listening for close to an hour, before finally whimpering through a shuddering orgasm, proud to feel solely responsible for giving my Daddy such an urgent hard-on, jealous of Mom, who clearly made good use of it that night.

Of course, after that day, I noticed my father got highly protective of me all of a sudden; teaching me how to fire a pistol, long before teaching me how to drive.

I started my career in nursing straight out of college. Even in ratty scrubs, as ugly and unflattering as they were, it seemed as if every man at the hospital could easily see me coming a mile away. By then, my tits had gotten so big that they practically entered the room before I did.

Given the Christian values passed down to me by my parents, at first, I was deeply conflicted over all the attention I got purely because of my looks. Then, one day, my father’s brother got really sick. Upon which, I spent several weeks traveling alone to regularly see him at the hospital. Those private visits with my Uncle Stewart led to his full recovery, which I personally believed was all due to my frequent visits, giving him reason to live, knowing that several times a week his favorite niece would swing by and happily jerk him off, which ultimately helped me appreciate the gift of my voluptuous figure, along with the implicit power of all my alluring feminine charms.

Soon, I was reveling in all the attention, especially after a grueling 12-hour shift. To help me recharge, all I needed was a few hours surrounded by single men, making the most of every opportunity to proudly show off my broad, sumptuous, milky white tits. I started frequenting local bars, where tons of guys eagerly lined up to pay for my drinks, which I chugged down one after another, till by the end of the night I didn’t care who it was drunkenly thrusting into me, or for that matter clearly remember which one had freely unloaded his warm, sticky load all over my big, round, beautiful jugs.

Honestly, I never really felt guilty about being such an easy lay back then, save for the fact that only a handful of guys ever called me back.

I knew things were different when Joel finally asked me out. Then again, I was the one who actually made the first move. I’d grown tired of waiting for him to do something other than smile at me from a distance. So, finally, one morning I decided to flip the script. I got up an hour early, making the extra effort to shampoo, condition, and blow out my sunny blonde hair. Pleased with that, I went to the mirror to patiently put on my face, where the application of lavender eye shadow really made my blue eyes pop. After a few strokes of bold, lengthening, dark mascara, with black eyeliner, and a generous coating of shiny pink lip gloss, I was finally ready to put on my naughty outfit.

It was mid-April and the weather was fairly warm for New England. So I threw on a bright yellow tank top, ignoring the fact that my bra straps kept sliding out underneath. For a second, I did consider going without a bra, then opted to be a little less obvious for once, remembering how shy he was. I then spent the next two or three minutes wrestling my stubborn hips into a skintight pair of sexy, blue, low-rise jeans. I spritzed on a little perfume. Then I looked down, inspecting the condition of my red toenail polish, pulse racing as I quickly slipped on a pair of flip flops, grabbing my scrubs, before finally hustling out to my car.

Along the way, I stopped and picked up a dozen donuts, just to have some sort of valid reason to walk over and introduce myself.

I pulled up in front of the hospital around 7:30. My shift didn’t start until eight. With butterflies in my stomach, I stepped out and promptly sashayed toward the construction site, offering a smile toward every curious glance, amused by the sight of every man within eyeshot freezing dead in his tracks.

Worried that one of my co-workers might see me, I walked over so quickly that my boobs start bouncing and jiggling uncontrollably, tumbling like power balls beneath the sheer fabric of my flimsy yellow tank top.

From a short distance, I could already see Joel grinning at me just as usual, green eyes looming wide behind his thick glasses. Clearly, he’d noticed me right away, as we quickly exchanged longing glances toward each other, ignoring the watchful eyes of those standing nearby. Though he most likely had no clue whatsoever, by then I’d already decided that soon I’d be giving him an open invitation to fuck me. Hence, I had no intention of wasting any more precious time.

Standing in front of him, he must have stood at least six feet tall, ruggedly able-bodied, with a sturdy, muscular frame. I offered him a donut. Then he looked down, pausing for a moment, before reaching down, pulling one out and promptly taking a large bite.

I stood there watching him chew for a while, before finally accepting it’d be up to me to start up a conversation. Otherwise, I’d be there all day.

“Sooo, what’s your name?” I asked, breaking the ice. His lips curled into a friendly smile. Before he answered, he reached up with his right and wiped his chin, then reached out and warmly extended it toward me.

“Joel,” he said. “Joel Hanson. What’s yours?”

“Cynthia,” I replied, accepting his handshake. “But you can just call me Cindy.”

“Hmm,” he said, wrinkling his brow. “I sort of like Cynthia better. Honestly, I can’t put together a grown woman like you with a name that sounds like a little girl,” he said, with a short glance down at my tits. “Really doesn’t do you justice,” he added, with an innocent smile.

For him to flatter me so openly was not only a big surprise, it was also a huge turn-on. Not only did it make me want to spread for him even more, it was all I could do not to drop down and instantly start blowing him right then and there.

After exchanging numbers, it took him only one day to call me and set up our first date. He might have been somewhat shy, but at least he had enough balls to call me right away.

While I appreciated his initiative, I wasn’t nearly as impressed by his imagination. However, as girls often do, I cheerfully played along with his tired idea of dinner and a movie, letting him plan the whole evening, since it honestly didn’t matter to me where went anyway. Regardless of where the evening started, my mission would only be accomplished once I got him in bed.

Our first date was set for Friday night. I must have spent over an hour trying on various outfits. By 8:30, I’d finally settled on the perfect slutty ensemble. I put on a pink satin demi-cut bra, over a white-collared shirt, fully unbuttoned, tied beneath my tits, creating a sinful combination of eye-popping cleavage and bare midriff. I then slipped on a black pair of studded, high heel clogs, with black thigh high stockings slid up over my curvy legs.

At the last minute, I checked my face, pleased with the look of my cherry red lipstick. After fluffing my hair, I then headed out, where Joel was patiently parked outside.

Ten minutes into the movie, I was already feeling restless, as Joel sat there eating his popcorn, making no effort to touch me whatsoever.

I needed to take matters into my own hands. So I reached over, set my hand on his lap, and then shamelessly inched my fingers down toward his crotch.

With my head face forward, I felt his hand curling around my wrist, palm sweaty, as I noted the tension in his tightening fist. Taking the chance that someone nearby might notice, I carefully pulled down his zipper, with one eye focused on the screen, and the other checking his reaction as his head slowly turned facing me.

I calmly reached down into his briefs, fingers warmed by the steam rising from his heated groin. Then my hand continued to explore further, where I then discovered what must have been the root cause of his dreadful shyness.

Being a nurse, I’d learned to develop compassion for people with anatomical defects. In his case, Joel simply wasn’t well hung. To put it bluntly, his penis was very small, barely the length of my index finger, which was how I measured it, as I felt it growing inside my hand.

Filled with sympathy, I couldn’t help thinking back to my Uncle Stewart, whose penis wasn’t so large either. Not that it mattered, since I loved him dearly and would have done anything to make him smile.

Sitting there next to Joel, with his puny hard-on pulsing inside my hand, the feeling was eerily similar to my vivid memories of visiting my uncle in the hospital and getting him off.

As we left the theater, by then I was so worked up that I couldn’t bear the idea of sitting still in some boring restaurant. So I asked if he would take me to a bar, just somewhere to hang out and have a few drinks.

We stopped at an Irish pub in Jamaica Plain, which wasn’t too busy considering it was Friday night.

At the far corner of the bar, we noticed an empty pool table. The one beside it was being used by three guys who looked like ZZ Top. After one round of beers, I could tell that Joel was finally starting to loosen up. I did my best to tease him as much as possible, deliberately bending over for every shot. His eyes grew wide as I playfully tempted him with my shapely body from various angles, letting my shirt gape open in the front, to the point where I probably didn’t need to be wearing one at all, since everyone was getting to check out ninety percent of my rack anyway.

As if that wasn’t enough, I turned around and boldly stuck out my big ass, getting so wet any minute I fully expected to start feeling warm juices running down my leg. Of course, had I worn panties, I could have avoided this little problem. Instead, as I leaned over the pool table, cooled by the air between my parted legs, I learned to embrace the idea of flashing my glistening pussy in front of strangers, convincing myself that I had no choice, as my tight denim skirt slowly proceeded to creep its way up over my moist hairless snatch, till finally it wasn’t the alcohol that had me intoxicated, liberated by the conscious decision to flash my cunt, drunk off the pleasure of willfully doing something so wrong, while only concerned with maintaining Joel’s healthy erection and increasing the vital flow of lubrication between my legs.

As the night went on, my slutty side just got bolder, as Joel and I continued to drink even more. I had always been a pretty good pool player. My father taught me when I was young. Eventually, I learned the game well enough to beat my older brothers. Still, I enjoyed convincing Joel that I had no clue what I was doing, waiting for him to come up behind me and press his little hard-on against my butt.

Leaving the bar, we pulled up to my empty apartment, completely hammered. I made no secret that I wanted him to come inside. I leaned forward signaling for him to kiss me, where we then started to make out, before finally rushing inside, enjoying some of the best sex I’d ever had. His dick might have been small, but he clearly knew how to use it, and he ate pussy like he’d never tasted a home cooked meal.

After dating for six months, we then discussed marriage, agreeing that we should both get physicals before taking such an important step. Though I came back with a clean bill of health, the other shoe fell off when we learned that Joel had a low sperm count.

For me, it had taken so long just to help him get over the diminutive size of his penis, only for him to suffer another blow to his ego, right when things were starting to feel normal.

On the plus side, my father treated Joel like a son. He respected the way Joel treated me and really admired his strong work ethic. He liked Joel so much that he even loaned him the money to start his own construction business. It started small, but within a few years, he was able to grow a loyal client base by outbidding major companies for large contracts.

After our wedding, we spent several months trying to get pregnant, with increasingly frustrating results. Finally, with help from a sperm donor, I gave birth to my son, Miles, on September 18th, 2011.

By then, Joel was comfortably earning six figures. So I decided to take an extended leave of absence from the hospital. We needed more space than our modest starter house in Hyde Park. So during the day, while Joel was working, I started calling realtors and house hunting online.

It took some time, but eventually we settled on a brown, two-story, fixer-upper, in Roslindale, with a nice yard, in a top-rated school district.

Between jobs, Joel spent the entire summer renovating the house from top to bottom. To help him, he hired a black architecture student from MIT. His name was Byron Thompkins, smart, witty, very handsome, with brown eyes, no facial hair, and a warm, easy-going smile, which went nicely with his bald head, mellow voice, and radiant brown skin.

The first time we met, I’d been up all night dealing with a crying baby. I woke up barely conscious, hauling myself out of bed. Then I slowly shuffled my way toward the kitchen to make some coffee.

I opened my bedroom door and stepped out wearing these little red boy shorts, with a white cami-style top stretched tight across my braless chest. I never saw Byron as our bodies suddenly collided into each other. I squealed from the blinding chill of freezing cold ice water instantly soaking through my shirt.

I forcefully arched my back, thrusting my giant hooters toward his bewildered face.

For a moment, it felt like Fort Lauderdale in ’96, when I’d reluctantly entered a wet T-shirt contest during Spring Break, only to claim first prize.

His eyes instantly bugged out, as he stood there holding his empty glass. Then he reached his hand out, holding a white paper towel, apologizing profusely, as he quickly began dabbing it against my tits.

“Shit, I’m really sorry,” he said. “I didn’t realize you were home. Your husband told me I could come in and get a glass of water. Honestly, I’m so sorry.”

At the moment, I almost felt worse for him than I did standing there with my nipples poking through the front of my shirt, which was rendered practically invisible as Byron stood there with his eyes zooming toward the soaking wet cotton vividly clinging to the broad surface of my large, glistening, upright breasts, as I stood there shivering, spine perfectly erect, aiming a pair of watery torpedoes at him, while pointed back was a large, visible hard-on, ready to shoot back at any second.

Weeks later, with the renovation well under way, something happened that changed the course of my marriage from that day forward.

I’d been struggling to work off my extra baby weight, with little to no success. Like most married couples, our sex life had dwindled down to almost non-existent, especially after the birth of our first child. To fix this, my husband and I agreed to try therapy. Through various contacts in the industry, I came across a well-known, highly-respected expert in behavioral medicine and clinical psychology, Dr. Megan Sinclair. After downloading one of her books on my Kindle, then reading it all in one night, I immediately came to the conclusion that this brilliant, insightful visionary was clearly the perfect counselor for us.

Physically, our new therapist was beautiful enough to be a Hollywood actress, with the same formal, dignified manner of Rachel Weisz or Elizabeth Hurley, and a low, sultry, resonating voice like Kate Winslet or Catherine Zeta-Jones.

For an older woman, she’d aged gracefully, with clear, glowing, ivory-colored skin; deep, calming, focused brown eyes; and subtle laugh lines barely visible around her smug, tight-lipped, rarely seen smile. Her comely figure looked healthy, but not overly fit, with soft, feminine curves played down seemingly on purpose in her high-class, custom-made business suits, in muted colors, with basic accessories, as if she intended to distract people from noticing her conspicuous boob job, with implants set high on her chest, both the size of my baby’s head, odd for a British woman nearing fifty.

At our first session, she admitted that her methods were, as she put it, “somewhat unorthodox.” She treated her patients using a theory designed to release their inhibitions. Within five minutes, she looked me square in the eye and laid out what she believed was the key to every successful relationship, enunciating each syllable like an audio-version of Psychology Today.

“My dear, you must learn to embrace your inner slut,” she stated flatly.

This wasn’t an easy thing for me to hear, not when I felt like I’d already been doing that all my life. Still, Joel and I figured we pretty much had nothing left to lose, except maybe our marriage, so we graciously went along with her initial instructions, in which she advised us to track all of our sexual activities for one week, reporting back everything to her at our next visit.

One sunny Wednesday afternoon, I walked down into the basement, where Joel had been kind enough to set up a treadmill, there among all his scattered tools and various building materials thrown everywhere.

As I walked down the creaky stairs, Joel and Byron were already there, discussing the merits of vice grips and socket wrenches, or whatever the hell guys talk about.

I laid down my yoga mat, fully expecting some sort of basic greeting. Yet, Joel barely acknowledged me, which I’d come to accept as standard behavior, whenever he was focused on a task.

On the other hand, Byron’s face instantly lit up from the moment I appeared in front of them in my skimpy workout ensemble.

My tits were so big that my sports bras had to be custom ordered, since nothing ever came close to fitting off the rack. The afternoon sunshine inspired me to wear yellow, which right after pink had always been one of my favorite colors.

Of all times, as I started stretching, my boobs decided to pick that moment not to cooperate. After laying down the mat, I sat down and spread my legs in either direction, uselessly struggling to keep my huge tits from flopping almost completely out.

Sitting there, with my legs covered by pair of royal blue leggings, it was hard to ignore Byron’s frequent glances, as I continued having to sit up and yank down my stretchy yellow sports bra, which insisted on riding up over the lower half of my large, unwieldy breasts, each time I leaned forward.

Finally, Joel led Byron back upstairs, allowing me to finish my workout in private.

Twenty minutes later, I was walking steadily on the treadmill, where I turned to the sound of heavy footsteps, loping down the wooden stairs. As Byron surprisingly reappeared, he gave me some lame excuse about needing to grab a box of nails or some other bullshit like that. I rolled my eyes and shot him a playful smirk, certain he’d come back purely for a second look.

I asked how things were going and he answered that everything was right on schedule. I nodded back, pressing one of the buttons to slightly increase the pace.

For two minutes, he hung around, lingering for no reason, watching me jog at a medium pace. From a short distance, his eyes faithfully continued tracking the tumbling motion of my pendulous breasts, bouncing in time to the whirring rhythm of the belt churning beneath my feet.

Soon, I began sweating, beads trickling down my stomach, staining the Lycra spandex firmly hugging my shapely hips, leaving dark patches in the sheer, skintight, pantyhose-type fabric of my full-length, royal blue leggings, technically footless tights, yet no matter the name, leaving nothing to the imagination as the moisture generated by my ever-increasing perspiration glued the material to every curve of my meaty hips and broad, fleshy thighs.

Meaning the hit the stop button, I reached forward, turning my head, when Byron apparently dropped his cell phone on the floor. Suddenly, the treadmill started racing beneath my feet. The belt nearly threw me off as it started whizzing beyond control. Byron quickly rushed over as I called to him in a panic, trying my best just to hold on and not fall down. He instantly came to my aid, slowing down the machine, as I desperately struggled to catch my breath.

For a second, I stood there with my eyes shut, clutching my sweaty forehead, waiting for the room to stop spinning. With a deep breath, my eyes slowly opened, as I looked over and noticed Byron staring down at my chest. In all the commotion, my sports bra had slid up exposing my tits completely. I instantly tried to holster them back inside, while Byron remained speechless, watching me stuff them back inside my bra.

Trying to contain my embarrassment, I struggled to think of something of appropriate to say, without directly explaining that my eyes were a bit higher up.

“Um, thank you,” was I could manage at that moment.

“No problem,” he said. “It was my fault. I didn’t mean to distract you.”

“Actually, I think you were the one who got distracted,” I said, making him blush, even with his dark complexion.

“Yeah, I guess that’s true,” he admitted, looking a bit worried. “You won’t tell your husband about this, will you?”

I paused for a moment, quietly considering how hard it had been for Joel to find such a talented partner.

“We’ll just pretend it never happened,” I said, patting his arm. “Have you had lunch yet? There’s some leftover pot roast in the fridge. Why don’t you go up and fix yourself a sandwich? I need to go hop in the shower.”

With that, Byron walked back upstairs, where I soon followed, passing him in the kitchen, on my way to the bathroom, where I quickly undressed, peeling off the damp sports bra, dropping it down to the floor, before slowly peeling down the blue leggings, then piling them over the yellow bra, both of which, unbeknownst to me at the time, ended up stuck between the door jamb and the door itself.

Minutes later, I was calmly enjoying a warm, steamy shower, lathering foamy bubbles over each one of my large, supple breasts. Though I hadn’t intended to leave the door open, from inside the misty, glass stall, I looked out and noticed that I’d somehow left it slightly ajar.

The angle of the ceiling high mirror above the sink provided me with a clear view into the main hallway. I’d just begun rinsing out my favorite tropical scented shampoo, when I noticed the shadow of someone standing there just outside the door.

Clearly, it was Byron, since Joel had already seen me naked a thousand times and certainly would never attempt to spy on me in such a bold manner.

In hindsight, maybe I should have made another choice. Yet, in that moment, the seeds of a budding exhibitionist had already taken root, especially after exposing myself to Byron in the basement.

Miles hadn’t woken from his afternoon nap. And Joel was most likely too busy laying tile for our new tenants in the upstairs apartment.

Seizing the moment, I decided to amuse myself, and hopefully Byron as well, as I reached up and detached the removable shower head, twisting the outer ring, changing the setting from a light mist to a hard, surging pulse.

Watching Byron through the mirror, I leaned back against the porcelain wall, where I spread my legs, aiming the nozzle at my swollen clit. I moaned under my heated breath, feeling the jets rapidly sputter against my hard, sensitive, love button. I looked up and almost gasped, when I saw through the mirror that Byron had shockingly taken out his cock. Clearly, it hadn’t occurred to him that I could just as easily see him standing there, staring at my nude reflection, as I savored the sight of an impressive hard-on gripped inside his right hand.

This was no ordinary cock. Even from a distance, I found myself staring at it in disbelief. He held it through the open fly of his comfortably loose-fitting jeans, where it looked to be just as long and hard as the brown wooden handle of Joel’s trustiest hammer.

I’m not sure exactly what he was thinking. The risk of getting caught may have been every bit as exciting for him as the thrill it was for me to show off my big, wet, soapy tits, all covered with glistening suds, rolling over my swollen nipples, pink, hard and throbbing like my clit, all the while knowing he could clearly see me through the mirror, holding the shower head, letting it spray between my legs, shuddering in pleasure as the surging water steadily drove me to toward the brink of orgasm while he watched.

Neither I nor Byron needed much longer to get off. I quietly stood there glued to the sight of him rapidly stroking his cock. I firmly bit down on my bottom lip, starting to cum right at the moment when his sperm started pouring out like foam from the head of shaken beer bottle.

He then walked off, with no effort to clean up his mess, as if he’d wanted me to find his expended load, which he’d freely splattered all over my blue spandex leggings, the volume of which I only realized after exiting the shower and slowly lifting my wet, sticky, yoga pants off the floor.

* * *

Later that evening, wracked with guilt, I took Miles into the bedroom, where I sat down and quietly began feeding him from my left breast. I gently cradled him in my arms, enjoying the sound of his peaceful cooing, as I sat there in front of our bedroom window, swaying back and forth in the rocking chair next to his crib.

My husband could always tell when something was bothering me, as he entered our bedroom, noting the somber expression on my face.

He asked what was wrong, as he calmly sprawled out on the bed, sensing we clearly needed to talk.

I stood up and set Miles down in his crib. Then walked over toward the bed, where I climbed up and settled down next to my husband filled with distress.

Slowly, I then explained that I’d caught Byron watching me in the shower. I held back the fact that I did enjoy letting him watch, though I did stress the point that I wasn’t particularly angry or upset.

Instead of yelling or making any direct accusations, the longer I spoke, the more I could see my husband getting visibly turned-on by what had happened. My pussy was still extremely wet, when before I knew it he suddenly mounted me, driving his cock between my legs, shoving it roughly inside me, vigorously thrusting for no more than a few seconds, before suddenly releasing all his aggression with a surge of warm semen, making me cum as well, as I felt his cock rapidly shooting off inside my pussy, upon which he lazily slumped against my naked breasts.

The following Monday, Joel and I returned for our second therapy session, glad to report all that had happened to our new therapist, Dr. Sinclair.

Seated in front of us, she stared blankly through the oval lenses of her studious, dark-rimmed glasses, speaking once again, with the rigid inflections of her perfectly enunciated, utterly refined, Standard English.

“Very interesting,” she mildly replied, with not so much as a blink. “Mrs. Hanson, I believe that your husband has what we call in England a cuckold fetish.”

As if she’d spoken a foreign language, I quirked my head slightly to the right, prompting her to continue.

“What this means,” she explained, “is your husband is basically a masochist, someone who reaches their highest level of sexual gratification by suffering through various acts of humiliation, in his case, the act or thought of you engaging in sexual activity with other men, typically without his consent, and normally with someone whom at least one of you would deem a complete stranger.”

“Hmm,” I replied, nodding my head soberly, as if she’d pronounced something far worse like Joel had cancer. “So, umm, what do we do?” I said, fumbling for words. “I mean, is it curable?”

With a sound like a muffled sneeze, the doctor quietly laughed under her breath, apparently amused that her new patients were so naïve.

“It’s not an illness, Mrs. Hanson,” she answered condescendingly. “It’s a fetish…something most likely stemming from a deep-rooted sense of inadequacy, often triggered by childhood trauma, though fetishes do often develop later in life.”

I sat there riveted by her shocking diagnosis, while Joel quietly sat next to me, never uttering a single word.

“I think it would be healthy for the two of you to explore this further with each other,” she continued. “In my years of practice, I’ve found that couples who learn to be more open about their desires often grow closer together, no matter how taboo or forbidden their desires might be.”

“Okay,” I said, nodding again, after taking a moment to think it over. “And how would you suggest we do that?”

“Well,” she said, as she sat up behind her desk. “I actually know someone who’d be willing to help you,” she told us, as she reached over and quickly began typing on her laptop. “However, I should tell you that the gentleman I have in mind does happen to be African American. I’m assuming this won’t be a problem for either of you.”

Hearing this, Joel and I turned to each other, neither of us knowing what to say, the wheels already fully in motion.

“Um, sure, that’s fine,” I said, turning back, making the decision to answer on his behalf.

The gentleman, as she called him, was a tall, chiseled, devilishly handsome black man named Dante Lavelle. I sharply inhaled when the doctor described his lurid occupation with the wildly intriguing title of “professional cocksman.”

The session ended after downloading some of my better pictures from Facebook, which Megan forwarded to Dante, along with my cell phone number.

The plan was for Dante to think that I was recently divorced. We never gave him my last name. He called me on Tuesday, thoughtfully taking five minutes to make me comfortable with his charming small talk. Stirred by the rousing tone of his voice, we set up a meeting on Friday night, asking him to meet me at the same Irish pub where Joel and I spent our first date.

“Not the friendliest place for a brutha,” he said, before we hung up. “But for you, I’ll make an exception.”

I spent the whole week obsessing over the perfect outfit. I considered everything, from a simple tank top with tight jeans, to a sexy, low-cut blouse with a short leather skirt. Or, even something more ladylike; possibly a sundress; or a light, sleeveless top, with a plunging cowl neck, paired with a wide belt and a straight black skirt, slit up the back.

I drove myself nuts going through all my options. Thankfully, once again, Joel was my hero. He didn’t show it, but evidently, he was just as excited about the whole idea, if not more. While I was busy tearing through my closet night after night, Joel went out and bought me a whole new outfit just for the occasion.

“This is what you’re wearing,” he said, in no uncertain terms, after laying everything out on the bed.

For this one evening, I’d already spent over $300 dollars on hair, nails, perfume, and make-up, all of which had magically transformed my pasty white, chunky exterior into a bright, sparkling, sexual theme park of radiant blonde hair, starry blue eyes, and a fabulous array of head-spinning, robust curves, offering more breathtaking thrills than a speeding roller coaster, virtually screaming for any man with a nice, hard, throbbing cock to jump on and go for the ride of his life.

Finishing my hair and make-up, I then proceeded to wrap myself up like a Christmas gift, fighting to pull down constricting Lycra over my stubbornly boundless tits, just before tugging the resistant fabric down enough to barely cover my wide, bulging hips, binding my shapely figure into the narrow sleeve of a skintight, two-tone, halter dress, white on top, purple on the bottom, with six-inch, purple, Loubitton heels, perching my ass into a round, elevated rear bumper.

I entered the living room, where I then presented the outfit to my husband, spinning around slowly.

“What’d you do with the pantyhose?” he said, frowning at me.

“What pantyhose?”

“The one’s I left on the bed, next to the dress.”

“I didn’t see any pantyhose,” I said, frowning back. “Why do I need those anyway? Is something wrong with my legs?”

“Of course not,” he said. “I just thought it would finish off the outfit…make it look more complete.”

“Hmm, okay,” I said, smirking a bit. “I guess I could wear them if you want. But this isn’t another weird fetish thing, is it? I’m not sure I could handle more than one.”

Joel shook his head. “No, it’s not like that,” he said. “Though I do like it when you wear those white ones to work sometimes. But that’s probably more because of the whole nurse thing.”

“Well, yeah, I can see that,” I answered, nodding back at him. “Anyway, let me go look. Maybe they fell under the bed.”

Sure enough, when I went back to the bedroom, I found the package laying right there on the floor. I was so busy hurrying to get ready that I didn’t even notice they’d fallen off the bed.

I picked up the package and read the label, curious to know what they were. The label read “Silkies.” The style was sheer-to-waist. The color was premium blush — a light, creamy, neutral pastel, with violet undertones, perfectly matching my purple heels.

Removing my shoes, I slid my legs into the hose, with no panties underneath. Even in dim lighting, the nylon shimmered invitingly as I gave in to temptation and slowly ran my fingers down my thigh. The tingling sensation felt wonderful against my fingers as I found myself sweeping them back and forth.

The clock was ticking, with Dante meeting me at 10:30. So I slipped back into my six-inch, purple pumps, clicking and clacking all the way back to the living room.

“Much better,” Joel said, smiling from ear to ear.

“I have to agree,” I said, smiling back. “And they feel amazing,” I added, unable to stop touching myself.

“Where did you get these?” I asked, surprised he had done so well.

“I just went to Google and searched for pantyhose,” he said. “I saw the name ‘Silkies.’ It sounded good. So I ordered some. Simple as that.”

“Hmm,” I said, nodding with approval. “Well, I’m very impressed. But I’ll only wear these on one condition,” I added. “You have to let me cut the crotch out. My pussy needs to breathe.”

Joel laughed. “That’s fine. Do whatever you have to do,” he said. “Just hurry up so we have time to drop Miles off with your mother. You know how she likes to talk.”

“Two seconds,” I said, holding up my hand, as I turned and walked to the kitchen, where I pulled out a small pair of scissors, proceeding to make the critical alteration.

“Okay, now I’m ready,” I said upon my return, flashing him quickly as I hiked my dress up, just to remind him that I’d worn no panties underneath, only my sheer, glimmering, silky pantyhose, which looked even better once I made them crotchless.

We got to the bar with five or ten minutes to spare. The place was busier than usual. Still, we managed to find a couple of empty stools, where we sat down, ordered light beers, then patiently waited for Dante to finally arrive.

From a distance, I noticed a familiar face. My stomach tightened when I realized it was Byron, who I then remembered lived only a block away.

“Byron’s here,” I said, holding my head down. “What if he sees us? What are we supposed to say?” I asked panicking.

“It’s fine,” Joel said, calm as usual. “Just sit here and talk to him. I’ll go home and get everything set up. Just text me before you get back. So I’ll know when to start the camera.”

“Okay,” I said, taking a huge sip of beer. “Do I look okay?” I asked, fidgeting nervously.

“You look incredible,” he said, leaning in for a kiss. “Have a good time. Just be careful. Call if anything happens,” he added, sneaking out the back way.

I sat there alone for only a minute, before Byron eventually noticed me and finally came over.

“Look at you,” he said, with a huge grin on his face. “Hot date tonight?”

“Something like that,” I said, with a slight nod. “You come here often?” I asked, noting the irony.

Byron snickered. “Did you really just ask me that?” he said, shaking his head.

“Yeah, that was pretty lame,” I said. “I know you live just down the street.”

Byron nodded. “Yeah, not the best ambience, but the beer’s cheap. Anyway, where’s Joel?” he asked. “Is he with you?”

“Not anymore,” I said, making up a story on the spot. “This was supposed to be our weekly date night. But he wasn’t feeling well, so he went home. Told me to stay and enjoy myself, especially since I got all dressed up.”

“You sure did,” Byron said, sizing me up and down. “You’re wearing the fuck out of that dress,” he added bluntly. “Are those pantyhose?” he asked, pointing down at my shiny legs.

“Oh,” I said, glancing down at them. “You know how chilly it gets after dark,” I said, making up a quick excuse. “Can’t afford to catch a cold, not with a baby at home.”

“Understandable,” he answered. “I must say they’re a nice touch.”

As he spoke, I was already feeling a light buzz. “Oh, is that your thing? I’ve heard about guys who are into that.”

Byron lifted his eyebrow. “Um, no,” he answered, with a puzzled look, “not particularly.”

“Oh, okay,” I said, eyeing him boldly. “I’m only asking because the other day you left me with a very different impression.”

“Ah,” Byron said. “The day you had on those blue leggings. I do remember that.”

“Oh, do you now?” I said, playing along with his little game. “That’s good. You should remember it. I certainly do…especially considering all the evidence you left for me to clean up.”

As Byron started to respond, he looked up over my left shoulder, where a second gentleman had walked up, standing tall, as he looked down over the two of us.

Turning my head, I noticed his skin was slightly darker than Byron’s, reddish-brown, like petrified lava, hardened over time. His eyes were smoldering brown as well, with a thin layer of short black hair, cut close to the scalp, shining like polished shoe leather in the overhead light, with a pair of thin, perfectly even sideburns on each side of his angular face, coming to a point below his chin, joining his dark, trim goatee.

“Excuse me,” he said, in his deep voice, cutting a striking figure in his full-length, open, black trench coat, worn over a dark gray suit, with a red tie, and a matching pocket square. “Hope I’m not interrupting,” he added, offering his hand, where I noticed his gold Rolex. “I’m Dante,” he said with an icy smile. “You must be Cynthia.”

As he stepped in front of me, the width of his broad shoulders made Byron instantly vanish from sight. I quickly detected the bold scent of Versace cologne. I smelled it as he leaned forward, openly gazing down at my large, heaving breasts.

Sitting there on the tiny wooden bar stool, smiling in front of him, I was well aware that my plunging neckline had slid down to the point where every man within eyesight would soon easily see my nipples were my dress to slip down another half inch. Before leaving the house, I did try wearing a bra, but the new dress I wore that evening was simply too tight. Therefore, I had no choice but to sit there and look innocent, as Dante stood there making no effort to hide the direction of his wandering eyes, openly staring down at my cleavage, where my tits billowed from the gaping front of my sexy, low-cut dress, like a fluffed up pair of round, oversized pillows.

“So what’s the game plan?” I asked, letting him continue staring.

Dante answered smugly. “Honestly,” he said, glancing around the bar. “This place is a little too Caucasian for me. No offense,” he added, acknowledging Byron with a slight head turn.

“Okay, so what do you feel like doing?” I asked.

“First priority is getting you far away from here,” Dante answered. “I’ll take you around my way…place called ‘Oasis,’” he said. “Bring your friend if you want,” he added, slapping $20 dollars on the bar.

I’d heard the name, but I’d never been there before. I enjoyed dancing. Yet, I hadn’t been to a nightclub in over ten years.

Knowing the location wasn’t exactly in the safest neighborhood, I stopped him before he made his way out.

“Isn’t that in Roxbury?” I asked, touching his arm.

“South End,” he said, mildly correctly me, as he looked back over his right shoulder. “You’ll be fine.”

Even in heels, Dante easily stood four inches taller than me, making him even taller than Joel. While Byron and I stood eye level with each other, right at the same height.

We stepped outside, standing by the curb, where Dante left us alone briefly to get his car.

“You do know who that is, don’t you?” Byron asked, sounding a bit worried.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I answered, tilting my head. “Should I?”

Byron stood there, slowly shaking his head. “You really need to get out more. That’s Dante Lavelle. He runs hoes for Cornelius Riley. Everyone knows Dante.”

I squinted back at him. “Hoes?” I repeated. “You mean hookers? You’re telling me this man is a pimp!”

“Yes,” Byron said. “And from what I’ve heard, he’s not the type of guy you want to mess with. What are you doing with him anyway?”

I paused for a moment, trying to think of some plausible excuse. “Um, it’s not what it looks like,” I said, as Byron turned to me, folding his arms, judging me with his eyes. “Well, okay…it is what it looks like,” I confessed. “But Joel knows all about it. And trust me, he’s okay with it. I swear.”

Byron listened intently, nodding his head. “Oh, now I get it,” he said. “So all that stuff you did in the shower…you did that on purpose.”

I chose not to answer, opting to let him think whatever he pleased.

“Do you know where this place is?” I asked, changing the subject. “I don’t see how I can back out now. But I would feel a whole lot safer if you were there.”

On that note, Byron agreed to follow us to the club, promising to make sure I got home okay. I sent Joel a text, just to inform him that Dante was taking us someplace else. He said that was fine, as long as we didn’t stay there very long.

As Dante and I pulled up in front of the club, we sat there and waited for Byron who pulled up behind us minutes later. I then waited as both men stepped from their cars, handing their keys to the valet; after which, Dante politely opened my door, then helped me to my feet, before quickly turning and walking ahead, leading us past the line of patrons waiting outside.

We entered the hot, cavernous building, where I fully expected to have my eardrums shattered by violent gangster rap. Instead, “E.T.,” by Katy Perry blared through the speakers, rattling my bones, vibrating every wall.

“You’re so hypnotizing… Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel?”

Overhead, the ceiling domed like an indoor stadium, three stories high, maybe more. Passing coat check, we came to a long staircase, with escalators on either side, leading down to the main dance floor, where flickering strobe lights illuminated a large crowd of mostly black, sharply dressed men, along with a host of scantily clad, highly attractive women from all different races.

Instead of going downstairs, we stayed there on the upper level, where two sets of bars on either side of the staircase extended from one end of the club to the other, with black marble countertops snaking as far back as the eye could see.

The DJ was set up in a crow’s nest overlooking the main dance floor, with a ramp on either side, giving him access to the upper level where the three of us we were all standing.

We followed Dante toward the ramp on the right side of the DJ. Beyond the ramp, I noticed a secluded balcony overlooking the dance floor as well, waiting there were four other women, all wearing tons of make-up, showing far more skin than I was.

Monique was the fiery Latina, with brown eyes, olive skin, and a thick Cuban accent, frequently tossing her light brown, wavy hair, with blonde highlights, wearing an off-shoulder, red sequin dress, with fringe on the bottom, and a hole cut out between her breasts, showing off the inner halves of her round, prominent C-cups, swelling like grapefruits underneath.

Kimberly was an Asian beauty, with dark eyes, raven black hair, and skin like yellow parchment paper, mostly covered by a black latex body suit, with the zipper pulled all the way down below her navel, exposing most of her large, cone-shaped tits, jutting beneath the sleek, black, shiny material.

Brandi was by far the most exotic looking, though her tits weren’t nearly as big as the others. She had thick, black, curly hair, with emerald green eyes, and luminous French vanilla skin. Given her features, it was almost impossible to tell her ethnicity. Yet, judging by the amazingly rotund shape of her thick, monstrous asscheeks stretching out the back of her jeans, I logically made the assumption that she must have been part black.

Finally, there was Jasmine, who boldly stepped up to Dante as the obvious ringleader of the group. Through the narrow slits of her bitter-looking, chocolate brown eyes, she greeted me with a cold sneer, thrusting out extremely large, dangerously intimidating tits, rivaling the size of my own, straining to escape imprisonment from her tight camouflage sports bra, with matching bike shorts bulging over the astonishing curvature of her round, high, basketball booty.

With her long, mahogany hair extensions, she boldly stepped up to Dante, flipping her ebony locks, hand waving aggressively in his face.

“Really, Dante?” she said, cocking her head. “I know you ain’t bringing some trifling snow bunny into our club.”

With an angry look, Dante viciously snapped his head, turning to Jasmine, taking the fire out of her swiftly.

“Fall back,” Dante said. “You know this ain’t your club. Ain’t mine either,” he added, firmly reminding her. “It’s Mr. Riley’s,” he continued, looming over her. “So no one but him tells me who I can bring in here, understood?” he added threateningly. “Now if you have a problem with that, then I suggest you go on somewhere with that foolishness.”

“Fine,” Jasmine said, huffing under her breath. “Come on Kim, let’s go dance.”

“Good idea,” Dante replied. “While you’re at it, take college boy with you,” he said, referring to Byron, whom I’d already noticed openly flirting with Monique, seemingly to spite me for snubbing him earlier when Dante first arrived.

With Jasmine leading Kim downstairs, Monique and Byron promptly followed, leaving me there alone with Dante and Brandi, who stayed behind as Dante stretched out on the sofa, where Brandi sat down and cuddled up beside him. She then looked over at me with a friendly smile, complimenting my outfit from across the room.

As she started speaking, from the opposite end of a large L-shaped sofa, I took a moment to admire how sexy she looked in her bright, colorful, trendy ensemble. She had on a skimpy, form-fitting tank top, bubble gum pink, with “Princess” written in white cursive across her modest chest. She also wore a tight pair of shredded white jeans, hugging her full hips and thighs, leading to a glossy pair of cherry red stilettos, together creating the perfect outfit for someone trying to look like a teenage hooker from Candyland.

“I love your dress,” Brandi said, crossing her legs. “It’s so bright and colorful,” she added, as I instantly smiled back, a reaction inspired less by her comment and more from the realization that our fashion sense wasn’t so different.

“So where are you from?” she asked.

“Dorchester,” I replied. “Though I just moved to Roslindale last year.”

“Cool,” she said, nodding her head. “Any kids?”

“One,” I answered. “His name is Miles. We actually just celebrated his first birthday.”

“That’s sweet,” she said, rubbing Dante’s leg. “I have a little boy too, right about the same age.”

Suddenly, Dante brushed her hand away. “Don’t do that,” he said, visibly upset. I wasn’t sure why, but I got the feeling it had something to do with Brandi mentioning her child. “Why don’t you get up and go get us something drink,” he said, using a tone clearly intended as an order. “You know what I like,” he added, lighting his cigarette, as Brandi obediently walked away.

Turning back, Dante asked me out of the blue, “So how long you been married?”

My eyes opened wide as Dante sat there with a bemused grin on his devilishly handsome face, legs parted on the sofa, arms stretched out over the cushions, as he exhaled the smoke from his fragrant menthol.

I listened as he then informed me that he and my therapist, Dr. Sinclair, had been close friends for many years. He knew full well that her practice mainly focused on married couples, particularly those with unusual problems in their sex life.

Brandi returned holding two glasses, setting one down on the clear table in front of Dante, before stepping over and handing the other glass to me.

Needing some liquid courage, I drank it down quickly, grimacing over the bitter aftertaste. Within a matter of seconds, I couldn’t stop staring at the vibrant colors of the fake floral arrangement sitting there on the same table. Staring through the surface of the glass table in front of me, I was then riveted by the leopard print pattern of the shag carpet underneath. Suddenly, everything in the room was inexplicably bigger, brighter, and more captivating.

Like most college girls, I’d done my share of experimenting with illegal drugs, convincing myself it would only make me a better nurse having first-hand knowledge of what it felt to actually get high.

Weed made me lazy and unproductive. Coke made me more hyper than I already was. But whatever I’d just taken was something completely different, something purposely designed to simultaneously activate all of my pleasure sensors at once.

“God,” I said, blinking as I rubbed my temples. “What on Earth was in that drink?”

From a distance, I made out the sound of Dante’s voice echoing through my foggy head.

“Just a little something to loosen you up,” he answered, before waving to Brandi. “Why don’t you help our guest comfortable,” he instructed. “Warm her up a bit.”

Before Brandi even sat down, I had already managed to get myself highly turned on, as I looked down, drawn by the violent tint of my hot new sheer-to-waist pantyhose, where I reached down and let my fingers linger over the lush, velvety weave, grainy as my hand swept in one direction, chillingly smooth as my hand swept back the other way. Were it up to me, I would have sat there rubbing my pantyhose blissfully all night. Yet, Dante clearly had other ideas, sending Brandi over to start what felt like my initiation.

The first thing that hit me was her incredible smell, like breakfast on Sunday morning, the one time my parents had ever permitted me to see them being remotely sexual with each other. Stirred by her sweet, appetizing scent, my memories drifted me back to childhood, roused by the image of my own mother making French toast, with cinnamon, strawberries and fresh orange juice, beautifully dressed up for church, in her floral print sun dress, with beige pantyhose, and a modest pair of low-heeled white pumps.

Humming a soft melody, my mother would stand by the stove, as my father entered, grabbing her from behind, sliding his hands over her shapely hips, grinding his penis against her full, curvy backside.

Following church, the two of them would then sit together in the living room; Dad watching football, with Mom sitting next to him in the same dress. Meanwhile, I’d carefully study their weekly foreplay, as Dad pretended to focus on the game, while Mom gradually hiked up her dress, just enough for Dad to enjoy sweeping his hand back and forth over her pantyhose, while the two of them sat there relaxing together on the sofa. All of this followed each Sunday by an evening of unbridled sex, loudly overheard from the privacy of my dark bedroom, where I’d lay there and quietly masturbate, having multiple orgasms, before finally drifting off to sleep.

When I came back to reality, I was lying there spread eagle, with Brandi crouching between my legs, running her fingers along the silky nylon over my inner thighs.

“Nice,” she said, eyeing the hole where my pantyhose gusset had been purposely removed. “Easy access,” she added smiling, as she hunched forward and slowly began licking my pussy using wonderfully warm, soft, gentle brush strokes.

It wasn’t long before Brandi noticed the rush of fluids leaking heavily in response to her skillful tongue, thrilling me with her eager thirst as she steadily began lapping at the river of juices pouring from my slit.

Framed between the upraised position of my bright purple heels, I looked up and saw Dante stroking his long, meaty cock. Seeing his manhood across the room, the size of it was equally impressive as Byron’s, the main difference being Dante’s was more menacing, with thick, bulging veins on each side, and a large, bulbous head, shaped like the tip of a bullet.

When it came to eating me out, the few girls I’d been with had nothing on Brandi’s phenomenal technique. She knew how to use her soft, delicate tongue so patiently, painting the walls of my steaming cunt like a true artist. She clearly enjoyed what she was doing, taking her time, relishing the moment, lathing her tongue over every nook and cranny, slurping out all my honey with no regard for the sticky mess destined to cover her pretty face.

Overhead, resonating through the speakers, Chris Brown repeated the same lyric from his song, “Look at me now,” which seemed rather fitting as I lay there savoring how deeply Dante devoured me with his bold, watchful eyes, reveling in his ultimate power, while Brandi leisurely continued teasing me with her marvelous tongue, driving me toward pleasure beyond reason, making me forget about the crowd of people dancing below us, ignoring my fear that someone would eventually see us, instead focused on the black, ravishing stud stroking his huge cock in front of me.

As soon as Brandi began fluttering her tongue around my clit, Dante must have instantly seen my reaction, as my ankles flexed sharply in my purple heels, clawing the edge of the sofa with my long fingernails.

“Don’t let her cum yet,” he said sternly. “Bring her to me.”

As I looked between my legs, I could see a flicker of disappointment flash across Brandi’s face, though she was careful to avoid letting Dante see it, as she slowly stood up, took me by the hand, then walked me over where Dante was sitting, leading me like an offering.

With an empty space next to him on the left, Brandi knelt on top of the cushion, with Dante between us, as I hunched down on all fours to his right. He sat there holding his cock around the base, waving it like a scepter, as I leaned down, hovering my face over it, trying not to look intimidated.

Sheepishly, I slowly went down on him, stretching my jaw as wide open as humanly possible, while nervously letting his swollen head gradually enter my warm gaping mouth. Within seconds, it was love at first suck, as I felt the thrilling sensation of his long, hard, monstrous shaft growing and throbbing inside my mouth. My head slowly descended halfway down, where I then curled my soft white fingers around the base, teaming both hand and mouth for jerking and sucking his big black cock all at once.

The music changed to a faster tempo, speeding my rhythm, as my adrenaline suddenly kicked in, aided by the blaring sirens and driving bass of ear-splitting, frenetic hip hop.

I honestly wasn’t great at giving head. With tits that big, it just wasn’t something I’d ever needed to practice. Still, I wasn’t the type to back down from a challenge, as I fought back the urge to gag, cheeks hollowed, eyes watering, drooling and spitting everywhere.

As my rhythm steadily increased, bobbing and slurping, jerking him between my balled fist, the feeling must have been too much for him, as he suddenly grabbed me, then hoisted me over his lap, where I squealed as he suddenly impaled me straight through the hole I’d fatefully cut out of my pantyhose, stretching my walls with the ungodly thickness of his long, rigid black mast, using both hands to firmly squeeze my ass, forcing me to take all of him, while my fat, round, hose-covered asscheeks thunderously bounced up and down.

Furiously, our hips started bucking and slamming in time to the pulsating beat. I needed to squirt, as my pussy welled to the brim, with a flood of juices ready to stream out. Still, I held back, fearful of ruining Dante’s tailored suit. Meanwhile, Dante took full control, gripping my hips, thrusting without mercy, seeming to penetrate inches away from my beating heart.

Gnawing my bottom lip, trying not to scream, I focused on the music, which barely muffled the violent slapping noises of our furiously colliding hips, with lyrics seeming to speaking for the handsome, black hustler vigorously pumping his huge cock inside me.

“Bitch, I’m a boss! I plan the shots!”

“I’m with the murder team! Call the cops!”

“We in this bitch! It’s goin’ down.”

“Yeah I’m the king. Now where my mu’fuckin’ crown?”

Finally, as if to show his dominance even more, he gruffly shoved me off of his lap, sending me down to the floor, where I landed in front of his slick penis, lunging toward my face, as Brandi swooped in, brushed me aside, and greedily began blowing him like I wasn’t even there.

I watched with envy as Dante began pouring cum into Brandi’s open mouth. She then turned and winked at me right before swallowing what looked to be an enormous load. I couldn’t believe she’d willfully deprived me of something I’d clearly earned. Still, there was nothing I could do about it, as she looked back, shrugged her shoulders, then stood up with remnants of Dante’s semen dangling from her chin.

“Sorry,” she said meekly. “I get carried away sometimes. I like you though,” she added smiling again. “You really know how to fuck.”

“Yeah, she does,” Dante said, rubbing his light beard. “I was just thinking we could use a new white girl,” he added. Brandi nodded her head.

“We should take her to Mr. Riley,” she said. “See what he thinks.”

On that note, Dante stood up, zipped his fly, and then firmly lifted me off the floor.

“Come with me,” he said, leading me by the hand.

“Where are we going?” I asked, hustling to keep up, struggling to pull down my dress.

He didn’t answer as he briskly continued walking toward another room behind the upstairs bar.

My mind was still cloudy. Yet, I knew the worst thing I could possibly do was allow him to see any visible sign of fear or weakness.

We stepped through the door, with Brandi following right behind. My eyes needed a moment to adjust to the overhead light, which was far brighter than the dimly lit nightclub left behind.

Sitting there on a black leather couch, surrounded by half naked cage dancers changing outfits, was a large, dark-skinned wooly mammoth, wearing dark sunglasses, with long dreadlocks, like a giant sequoia, in a brown sweater, with pockmarks all over his pudgy face.

The room reeked with the sour scent of marijuana, with a pair of rubber trees against the wall, on either side of the couch, a hard, tan, dusty linoleum floor, and tables with lighted mirrors for the girls to put on their make-up.

“Who is this?” said the man on the couch in a thick Jamaican accent, while behind me, the opening drone of “Rack City,” reverberated through the dressing room door.

“New girl,” Dante answered, “thought we might put her on the party circuit.”

For a moment, the second man didn’t speak, taking a moment to look me over through his sunglasses.

“Risky,” he finally said, leaning back, “looks good though. What’s your name darlin’?”

“Um, it’s Cynthia,” I said, stuttering a bit. “You must be Mr. Riley.”

He answered with a short nod, grunting under his breath. “Cornelius,” he replied, raising his right hand, calmly sipping on a brown beverage in a half-empty brandy snifter. “How long you been in the business?”

“The business,” I repeated, squinting back at him. “You mean nursing?”

“No, darlin’,” he said grinning. “I mean the oldest business,” he added, turning to Dante with a puzzled look on his face. “Where you find this girl? She lime green brudda. You don’t see that? You think you can take any girl and put her to work. All I see is another white girl who’ll end up runnin’ back wherever she bought dem fancy shoes.”

Feeling the tension, I decided to try politely excusing myself. “Listen, I’m sorry,” I said nicely. “I’m really not looking for anyone to put me to work. It’s a nice offer, but I really should get going or my husband will start to worry.”

Turning to leave, Dante suddenly grabbed my arm, spinning me back, facing his fearsome boss.

“Listen, shorty,” Dante said, gritting his teeth. “You’re a long way from the suburbs. So don’t try to front like we don’t know what you uptown girls want from us.”

I started to panic, noting the change in temper seething through his dark brown eyes.

“Okay, I’ll hang out for a bit,” I said, trying to keep my composure. “So what’s this party circuit? I mean, as long as I have a sitter, it might be fun…”

“Slow down, baby,” Dante said. “First, we need your measurements. Then we send pictures to all the guests.”

“Oh,” I said, calling out my stats. “Well, um, I’m 5’3,” I willingly offered, before shamefully lowering my voice. “My weight is around 135, 140,” I added, voice perking up again. “My tits fluctuate between 38EE or FF, all depends,” I said shrugging.

I turned back to Cornelius who sat there slowly nodding his head. “And what about the rest?”

I looked back, shaking my head.

“Brandi, get the tape,” Dante said, waving his hand. Then Brandi walked over to one of the tables with the lighted mirrors, promptly returning with a yellow tape measure, handing it to Dante.

For a moment, I stood there while Dante proceeded to measure my whole figure: bust, waist, and hips.

“38-32-42,” he said, nodding with approval. “I think we can use her.”

Standing there under the bright lights, I looked over toward the black leather sofa, where Cornelius was already starting to rub his bulging hard-on, which visibly extended several inches down the right leg of his tan pleated pants.

At that moment, I honestly couldn’t deny how wet I was, though I was beginning to question if Dante and I would ever get back to Joel.

Suddenly, Cornelius pulled out his cock. It was dark, thick, and stumpy, like a one-eyed hedgehog, poking through his open fly.

“Come here, darlin,” he offered invitingly. “Come take a seat.”

I paused for a minute, contemplating my next move.

Growing up in a city as racially segregated as Boston, my older brothers used to constantly warn me that white girls from nice middle-class families never went out and purposely fucked black guys, which was something considered way sluttier and far more shameful than just being an everyday, common whore.

Nonetheless, I’d already fucked Dante right there inside the club, so I figured my place in hell was pretty well secured. Thus, in order to complete my induction as a certified white trash slut, I might as well go ahead and fuck Mr. Riley, especially if Dante had no intention of finishing what he’d started.

With renewed confidence, I slowly made my approach, heels clicking against the tile, as Cornelius sat there eyeing me silently, hands by his sides, with his hard, chubby, black prick sprouting up between his legs, stiff as a board.

Standing between his legs, he gestured for me to pull down my dress, which I then proceeded to carefully peel down over each shoulder. With a bit of effort, the stretchy fabric slid down over my massive tits, as he looked up, smiling with approval.

“Turn around darlin’” he asked me nicely. Then I graciously responded, teasing him with a slow, casual 180, upon which I felt his hands reach over and slowly peel up my dress. He then caught me off guard, as he reached out and violently ripped my new pantyhose, tearing the nylon like tissue paper, leaving a hole wide enough to ventilate my white, naked, 42-inch ass.

“Drop it low, darlin’,” I heard him say, as his hands spread apart my cheeks. Then I sank down right above his crotch, blindly attempting to line up his rock hard dick for entry.

I reached down between my legs, gripping his shaft, gently guiding it toward my slit.

“Not there darlin’” he said, as I realized he actually wanted to fuck my ass.

I swallowed briefly, shifting a bit to make the adjustment. Yet, apparently, I moved too slow, wincing as I felt his cock spear through my rectum like a hot poker.

“Huhhhhh!” I shouted, gasping in shock. “Hmmrrggh hunnggaawdd…hold on…wait…ohhh fuuucckkk… your cock…oh God, your cock…it’s too big…it’s too BIG for my ASS!!!”

All at once, my flesh started burning from the inside out. By then, there was no stopping the blunt force trauma my asshole was sure to endure. His hands clawed my hips like King Kong, strong, massive, leaving no chance for escape. Still, I knew he was simply trying to see if he could break me. So I bit down, clenching my eyelids to block the pain while he ravaged me, knowing my battered anus had always been spongy enough to hopefully adjust.

Using my sudden rage, I reached down and viciously dug my sharp nails into his giant thighs. “Fuck it!” I screamed. “Fuck my ass, goddamn it!”

Finally, as expected, the pain gradually subsided, as I looked over and noticed Dante quietly observing, watching without judgment, as if almost daring me to see how far I was willing to go.

“You like that?” I yelled, twerking my asscheeks up and down. “You like fucking this white girl’s ass? Does it make it you feel like a man? Well, go on, fuck it! Fuck my white ass! Fuck me with your big black cock!”

Hearing all of the X-rated filth, spilling so naturally from my mouth, only excited me even more. Riding reverse cowgirl, I worked every inch of his manly cock, bouncing and swiveling, feeling it throb as I sank down, taking it balls deep, then popping up and jiggling my asscheeks around the head, showing them both I could put on one helluva show, leaning back, kicking out my legs, just to feel Dante’s boss mauling my soft, fleshy tits, as he reached up and roughly began squeezing them with both of his strong, black, monstrous hands.

Finally, the thrill of being there, in that bright, cluttered, rank smelling dressing room, with a couple of known gangsters, getting royally fucked in the ass, was simply too much for me to wrap my head around, as I went from being just another ordinary suburban housewife, to finally embracing my true inner slut.

Stupendously overwhelmed by my own fiendish capacity for wantonly taking rampant black horse cock up the ass, I reached down, flat fingered, viciously assaulting my clit, speed-rubbing the swollen knob, buffing it like an old shoe, as I launched pussy juice clear across the room, moaning like a wounded stray, motor skills giving way to short, sharp, involuntary spasms, which only got harder and more orgasmic with each new powerful contraction, urgently coaxing the huge cock wedged inside my bowels to instantly start flooding my gaping asshole with a hot, wonderful injection of hard, spewing black nut.

Weak, breathless, and visibly shaking like a leaf, Dante stepped over, helping me to my feet, before calmly walking me toward the door.

As I looked around, I noticed Brandi and a couple of other dancers, all of them speechless, silenced by my lewd display.

“I have to say that was pretty impressive,” Dante remarked, casually leading me out. “Apparently, there’s a package I have to pick up. So, unfortunately, we’ll have to continue this another time.

“Um, okay,” I said, blinking as I got my bearings. “So when will I see you again?”

“Soon,” he said, holding the door open. “I know how to find you,” he added, turning to Brandi with more instructions. “Go find the girls,” he said, swinging his left arm, shooing us out. “Tell college boy to see that our friend Cynthia gets home.”

* * *

Byron and I left the club shortly thereafter. As he walked me back through the main entrance, the look on his face told me he was deeply concerned.

“I noticed you were gone for a while,” he said, as we stood outside waiting for his car. “Did something happen? Is everything okay?”

“I’m fine,” I said, choosing to maintain the illusion that I was completely unfazed, which was actually quite difficult, especially in a crowded nightclub, with a bruised anus and cum dripping down my leg, trying to walk normally in six-inch heels. Eventually, I thanked heaven to finally be standing still.

Checking my cell, I saw that I had three missed calls. I immediately texted my husband to let him know I was on my way home.

“Joel’s probably worried sick,” I said, as the valet pulled up with Byron’s car. “I really appreciate you doing this for me.”

“No problem,” Byron said, helping me into my seat. “I’m just happy you didn’t forget about me,” he added, before closing the door.

The ride home was relatively quiet compared to the din of Oasis, providing me with time to ask myself how everything had gone so wrong. I knew Joel was waiting at home expecting me to come back with Dante. My pussy tingled from my realization that Byron was needed for something way more crucial than bringing me back home.

“Listen, I don’t know what happened back there,” Byron said, turning down the music. “But as far as I’m concerned, a white woman as fine as you should never have to turn to a crazy motherfucker like Dante if all you’re looking for is some dark meat. No offense.”

“None taken,” I answered, as I leaned over and brushed my fingers down his right bicep. “Actually, um…I was just about to ask if you wouldn’t mind doing me a really huge favor…”

* * *

Ten minutes later, we busted into my bedroom, tearing each other’s clothes off like they were on fire. Before the frenzy, I’d already told Byron that Joel was there hiding in the walk-in closet, waiting to film me being fucked by another man.

Apparently, the fact that Byron knew Joel was watching inspired a hard-on more like a lead pipe, as he picked me up, arms over his broad shoulders, locking his huge hands beneath my ass, heels hovering three feet off the floor, with nothing else covering my naked body but sheer-to-waist pantyhose, thankfully ripped open for Byron to drill my pussy with his thick, black, outrageously humungous cock.

In spite of its extraordinary length and girth, my sopping wet pussy was uniquely primed for insertion, offering no resistance, aided by the wetness induced by the realization that my husband evidently had no objection to the sight of his wife getting thoroughly impaled by the same man he’d hired to lay pipe around the house, not in his wife.

Soon, he was hoisting me up and down, bearing my weight with virtually no effort, tits flopping up and down between us, angled sideways, giving Joel a clear profile shot for the camera, with my blonde hair swinging behind my head, and a font of juices already starting to seep out and puddle between our feet.

He then carried me toward the bed, laying me down lengthwise, gripping my ankles, heels up in the air. He then began working his hips, churning and thrusting with surgical precision, barely sweating at all, with his long, sturdy, black dick railing me like a locomotive, fucking me till I started speaking in tongues.

“Unngggawwwddd huhh huhh hmm yesss fuck me!” I screamed in his face. “Fuck me you son of a bitch! Fuck my slutty wet cunt!”

The dirtier I talked, the harder Byron’s cock slammed into me, making me want to do even more to stoke his burning arousal. I reached down and rubbed my clit, adding another visual to go with my huge, rollicking tits.

“Mmmmm that’s it,” I moaned seductively. “Slam that dick in there. Tear me open. Fuck me with that big black cock!”

Clearly, he liked hearing that, flipping me over and aggressively grabbing my hips, literally making me weep with pleasure as he brutally started pummeling me from behind.

“OOOHH-F-F-F-UUUCCCKKK!” I cried out euphorically, feeling his balls slap against my clit, nails digging painfully deep into the soft flesh around my narrow waist, with pleasure only surpassed by the ultimate feeling of Byron pulling his cock out, shoving in two fingers, then rapidly jabbing them against my G-spot, till I literally went cross eyed, blinded by the mind numbing head rush, screaming and squirting, screaming and squirting again, every scream louder, each squirt releasing more juices than the last, till finally I lost count of how many times I must have cum.

Using the liquid splattered all over his hand, Byron then jerked himself off, holding me face down, ass up, glazing the tattered pantyhose stretched over the rounded humps of my fleshy, white, upturned asscheeks, with my final orgasm blissfully accompanied by the dreamy sensation of warm semen trickling down the crack of my ass.

Making a graceful exit, Byron tenderly kissed me goodnight, leaving me there lying on my back, where moments later, I watched as my naked husband quietly exited the closet.

By the edge of the bed, he stood over me, reaching down to rub my pantyhose. His cock never looked so hard, swollen to a bright purple, with the eye flaring wide open at the bulbous tip.

Chapter 5: of “Shepherd’s Pie”

A funny thing happened after Mom and I returned from Megan’s house on Sunday. I stopped stressing about school. I stopped grieving over my dead beat dad. And I certainly wasn’t thinking about Cynthia.

Overnight, all of my fears and insecurities seemingly disappeared, leaving me feeling completely invincible, not a single care in the world.

After nine years, my mother had finally admitted that her greatest need, after basics like hunger and thirst, was the powerful feeling of making men weak with desire, controlling their actions and their thoughts, feeding this need on a daily basis, to the point where nothing was going too far, purposely flaunting her gorgeous legs, in high heels and pantyhose, fatefully leading to the ultimate taboo, fucking her own son.

One afternoon, sometime in mid-October, I was sitting in one of my more boring classes, struggling to stay awake. It didn’t help that Mom and I had pretty much spent the entire night fucking till 2AM. Hence, I could barely manage to keep my eyes open. Sitting there, each time my eyelids started to dim, the first image that popped up was Mom either riding me on my bed, sucking my cock at the dinner table, or jerking me off, begging for a huge load, soaking her pantyhose, usually while watching TV.

These vivid daydreams naturally left me horny as fuck, as I jumped up, shaken by my cell phone, suddenly vibrating in my pocket. I reached down, pulled it out, surprised to see that I’d gotten a new email from Megan.

The message was an invitation to the party she’d previously told us about. It showed both of our names, along with the date, time, and location, with an option to accept or decline. Below this, at the very bottom, was a link reading, “Click here to view auction.”

Curious, I scrolled down, tapping the link right away, opening a new page, loading up promptly on the screen.

My eyes widened at the sight of a gorgeous half-naked model named Brandi, with olive skin, almond-shaped eyes, and long, curly black hair. Below her picture, the caption read, “not available,” as I scrolled down, continuing to scan over the remaining list. Following Brandi was a dark-skinned black girl named Jasmine. Her tits were enormous, practically leaping from the screen. Holding the phone between my legs, surrounded by over a dozen students, I sat there in class, with no desire to stop looking, noting the caption beneath Jasmine read, “bidding open.” Following her, I came to this cute little Asian girl named Kim, great rack, jet black hair, with bidding open on her as well. Next was this scorching hot Spanish chick named Monique, also available to my disbelief, with brown skin, brown eyes, and beautiful, blonde highlights, an alluring contrast to her long, wavy, brown hair.

Lastly, I came to the final girl, with a red banner flashing across the top reading, “New Girl.” Instantly, I started choking, as the whole class spun around and looked at me. Clearly, it was Cynthia, with “bidding closed” in bold red letters under her name.

Dumbfounded, staring at the screen, for a moment I couldn’t believe my eyes, seeing her wearing her white lab coat, red bra, white heels, and white thigh highs over glossy nude pantyhose, the same exact outfit from our photo shoot, erasing all doubt from my mind.

At that point, I realized there were only two options. I could rush home, hopefully making it back before Mom and Joel. Though I wasn’t exactly sure what good it would do to confront her. Or my other option was to wait it out, knowing our paths were certain to cross again at Megan’s party, where I’d simply play dumb; with the added benefit of getting some much needed payback.

The choice was obvious as I promptly accepted Megan’s invitation, smiling to myself, quietly tucking my phone back inside my pocket.

* * *

Two days before the party, nearing the pinnacle of morning sex, Mom and I languished in bed together, pausing to discuss costumes, orgasms held in abeyance.

By then, our relationship had grown to the point where she and I had begun sleeping together in her bedroom, cuddled up with each other every night.

For several minutes, I passionately lobbied to see her in her old gymnastics outfit, which Mom argued was simply too boring and unoriginal.

Wearing thick, durable, navy blue tights, soft as cotton, torn at the crotch, she peered over me, as I lay there squirming, gazing up toward her naked breasts.

“It needs to be something that gets people’s attention,” she said, writhing with my dick inside her. “Something fun, something flashy,” she added, clenching her pussy to drive her point. “But mainly something you can’t wait to fuck me in later on.”

Caving to the pressure of her warm snatch tightening around my cock, squeezing insistently, after taking a moment to mull it over, I softly stuttered, shuddering between her legs.

“Um…what about a superhero?”

Her eyes instantly lit up. “Ooh, that’s got potential. Anyone in particular?”

Nodding my head, in a moment of sheer inspiration, I quickly asked, “Have you ever heard of Elektra?”

She looked down, frowning with dismay.

“You mean the one from that horrible movie…with the girl from Alias?”

“Jennifer Garner,” I nodded back. “But you’re way hotter than her.”

“I don’t know,” she said, shaking her head. “I mean…of all the characters you could think of…why her?”

“Simple,” I said. “For starters, you wouldn’t have to change your hair. Plus most women usually go for someone like Batgirl or Catwoman. This would be something different. And, last but not least, I’d still get to see you in your leotard,” I added, twitching my eyebrows. “All you’d need is a red scarf, some long red gloves, and a pair of red ankle boots.”

“And pantyhose,” Mom threw in. “I do get to wear pantyhose, I hope.”

I’d assumed this was a given, noting the earnest look on her face, as I quietly stared back at her.

“What if I said no?”

She looked down, quirking her head, apparently not expecting this.

“Seriously?” she said, scrunching her face. “Hmm, okay…then, I guess I’ll just have to convince you.”

I instantly loved the direction this was going, as I then decided to put her to the test. If she was truly addicted to pantyhose, like Megan said, then nothing was more exciting than the idea of making her prove it.

Staring up boldly, noting the wheels turning in her head, I challenged her to come up with something worthy of being a pantyhose slut, or more specifically, my pantyhose slut.

As if she’d already had an idea, she curled the left corner of her mouth, sniffing as if insulted by my arrogant tone, when I looked up and smugly answered, “Try me?”

“Okay, hot shot. How’s this?” she suggested. “If I can wear pantyhose with my costume, then after the party, you can tie me up and have your way with me when we get home.”

Not bad, I thought. Still, I knew she could do better.

“Hmm, I’m not really into the whole bondage thing. What else you got?”

Shaking her head, she then pressed her lips together, dropping her head, straining for something better. Finally, she answered, lifting her head with a smile.

“We could drive into the city and take pictures. I’ll wear whatever you want. You could even fuck me out in public, say…down at the arboretum.”

Not only was she getting warmer, but her pussy was also getting much wetter around my shaft, feeling her juices seep down, tickling my balls.

I looked up, tension mounting in my bloated sac, nodding with approval. “You’re almost there. Keeping talking…”

By then, the extent to which I had penetrated her cunt seemed to inspire her with new ideas, along with a stream of hushed, warbling, incoherent speech.

“Uhh uhh oh oh okay…what if I g-g-give you a f-f-free pass at the p-p-party,” she stammered. “Any woman you…ohh oh gawd…any woman you…want!”

Now, she was on the right track. Still, I purposely muted my enthusiasm, carefully treading a potential minefield of jealousy and insecurity.

“Hmm, I don’t know…” I answered mildly, both of us nearing our peak. She looked down, flashing the whites of her eyes. “I’m just saying,” I explained. “My goal is to make everyone jealous that you’re with me. That’s the only reason I want to go,” I said, “to show you off. Then, we can come home and fuck like rabbits.”

Her insides quivered, groaning from the pit of her stomach. My hands rushed up, gripping her taut buttocks, squeezing hard, fingers clamping over the nylon, balls waiting to detonate on command.

“We could have a threesome,” she whispered. “You, me and Megan…I’m sure you’ve thought about that.”

I blew my load right then and there, hips hoisting off the bed, both hands clutching Mom’s cheeks, clawing her meaty ass, pulling hard, slamming our privates together, willing my eyes to somehow remain open, as I looked up, watching Mom’s head swing back, moaning toward the heavens, as I lay there beneath her, gritting through a brutal series of dizzying spasms, lost in the throes of my searing hot, sperm-rich, baby batter jetting off somewhere deep in the furthest reaches of mother’s womb.

* * *

The night of the party, my mind was racing with so many lurid thoughts of what was to come, ironically, making me the one frantically running around, trying to get ready. Could Mom really pull off a threesome with her and Megan? How would Cynthia react when she got there and saw us? Was Joel coming with her? If so, what would he think? I was so busy worrying that Mom eventually seemed annoyed that I wasn’t paying her much attention?

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” she said, all ready to go, modeling her outfit by the front door. “This costume was your idea. Don’t you like it?”

I had just stepped out of the bathroom, after two minutes rubbing lotion all over my body, then another few minute, primping in front of the mirror, spiking my hair with extra gel. I’d wanted to go as another character from the Marvel universe, like Rorschach or Daredevil, but Mom hated that idea, insisting on something more conducive to admiring my chiseled physique.

Turning toward the sound of voice, I entered the hall, wearing a white satin robe, shirtless, baring my chest, pecs glistening from all the lotion. Giving Mom time to examine me, I stood there watching the gradual descent of her calm, steady gaze, from my firm, shiny, naked torso, down to the fake UFC championship belt strapped around my slender waist.

“Hot damn,” she said, grinning with approval. “Anderson Silva needs to watch out.”

I was pleased to hear that Mom liked what she saw, yet I couldn’t ignore that I was having trouble trying to walk, after taking her suggestion to cut off some of her black leggings at mid-thigh, wrestling my hefty package into them instead of shorts, a decision I questioned as I stood there sporting a full erection, with no room for underwear beneath the spandex, knowing that Mom and everyone else would easily make out the outline of my bulging cock.

“Hmm,” she said, openly gazing at my hard on. “Guess my costume is working for you after all.”

Smiling, I stood there thinking she couldn’t possibly have any idea, burning her smoking hot image into memory for all eternity, certain this evening was sure to be something I’d never forget.

Inspecting her outfit from head to toe, I stood there, patiently marking each item off my checklist list; bold, pouty, red lips, check; long, windblown, chestnut brown hair, check; sleek, skintight, sexy red leotard, brimming with cleavage, God help me, check. Red scarf tied around her head, red gloves slid up over each arm, and red latex boots, pulled up over her knees, fuck me. After all that, what could be hotter? Oh yes. That was the moment my eyes lingered over the bronze nylon covering her shimmering thighs, the ex-gymnast nailing the dismount, in sheer-to-waist, suntan pantyhose, earning Mom a perfect ten.

* * *

We drove off to Wellesley, arriving at Megan’s cottage, cheerfully greeted by a cute blonde, dressed like a sexy elf, instructing us to turn right off the main road and park with the other cars near the stables.

There, I helped Mom out of the car, where she looked up and noted the distance between the row of cars steadily lining up outside and the long walk some thirty yards back to the front door.

“There’s no way I can walk that far,” she said, shaking her head, “not in these boots.”

“No problem. Let’s just go through the back,” I said, noting the people gathered on the back patio.

With a number of guests obviously there already, as we walked up, Mom turned and gave me a puzzled look. “Are we late?”

“Hard to say,” I answered, “though it does sort of seem like we’re the last ones here.”

“Well, if anyone says anything, then I’m blaming you pretty boy.”

Clearly, she was kidding, yet I still felt bad for taking so long to get ready.

Reaching the house, I led Mom up a short flight of steps, leading to a varnished deck, with smoke rising from an outdoor grill, the smell of burgers to our left, smooth jazz playing overhead, steam rising from a built-in hot tub off to the right, arriving at what seemed to be a rather posh affair, or at least more than Mom and I were used to, as we joined hands, entering the kitchen through an open sliding glass door.

“Bienvenidos,” we heard, turning to the sound of a charming Hispanic accent, pleased to be warmly greeted by a vivacious, brown-eyed, Latin hottie, in a black, A-line, mini-dress, tits heaving from the plunging neckline, bordered by white lace, with a white apron tied around her waist, and black garters holding up matching black stockings, as she stood there holding a full glass of sparkling champagne, proudly displaying some tasty-looking curves of her own.

For a second, I almost reached for the glass, stopping the moment I recognized her face, just before making the embarrassing mistake of thinking she was really the maid.

“Hi, I’m Lauren. This is Chris,” Mom said, reaching out her hand.

“Monique,” she said, glancing toward me, with a look like she was drinking me with her eyes. “You don’t look familiar. Are you new?”

“Yes, it’s out first time,” Mom replied, “looking forward to it though.”

“Oh, me too, especially now,” Monique said. “You know what they say about skinny white boys.”

“Come again,” Mom said, squinting at her.

“Exactly,” Monique giggled.

Noting her double entendre, Mom nodded back slowly. “Oh, um, forgive me,” she said. “I should have explained…he’s actually with me.”

Monique sniffed, nodding her head. “Ah, lo siento señora. I meant no offense. However, since you’re new here, I should definitely warn you…if you don’t like to share, then you’ve probably come to the wrong house.”

Clearly insulted, my mother stepped forward, red boots toe to toe with Monique in her black slingbacks.

“Excuse me?” Mom said, arms folded, glaring defiantly.

I jumped in, hands up, hoping to avoid starting things off with such an unnecessary confrontation.

“Listen, I’m really sorry. She gets a little defensive sometimes. Any idea where we could find Dr. Sinclair?”

Without speaking, Monique raised her glass, pointing it forward toward the long hallway, leading to the front door.

“Take this,” she said, offering me the glass. “She needs it more than I do.”

Taking the glass, I graciously thanked her, handing it to Mom, who instantly gulped it down, as I then led her through the spacious kitchen, red boots clicking over white tile, noting the sterile appearance of the white cabinets, with top of the line, digital appliances in every corner, stainless steel, sparkling as bright as the grey-on-black marble counters.

Leaving the kitchen, we then passed a group of guests mingling together in the dining room off to the left. Over to the right, as Mom and I continued our way down the hall, I couldn’t help turning to glance at a young, gorgeous brunette, with huge lofty tits, and a long, dark, braided ponytail, flawlessly mimicking Lara Croft, ass smothered in tight camouflage shorts, nipples poking through a strip of white cotton, arguably a bra, with black holsters holding huge guns, the whole works. Unable to keep myself from staring, I looked on watching her lean forward, locking lips with a second smoking hot brunette, wearing a costume inspired by a top female pop star, both of whom, if I wasn’t mistaken, seemed to be older, more shapely versions of the same girls posing in all of the family photos hanging behind them.

Seeing the pictures made me assume they were sisters, leading back to memories of Bethany and Kendra Saint-James.

Bethany, the girl who gave me my first kiss, was an innocent freshman, half Dutch, half Irish, one year behind me in school. It happened one day when I went over to hang out with her brother Austin, my one and only friend at the time. Austin and I traded comics and played video games almost every weekend. Bethany was a shy, flat-chested, tomboy, with green eyes, and long, sandy blonde hair. She never got in the way, so neither of us minded if she hung out and played with us in Austin’s room, especially since she knew more about comics and video games than most girls her age.

One afternoon, Bethany and I were sitting alone in Austin’s room, when she turned to me and randomly asked if I’d ever kissed a girl. Surprisingly, at 14, I honestly admitted that I never had, to which she confessed that she’d also never kissed a boy either. Austin had stepped out to use the bathroom, so I knew that he’d only be gone for a minute. Still, I never expected for Bethany to lean forward and gently kiss me on the lips.

Prancing along, fresh home from cheerleading practice, Kendra, her older sister passed by right at that moment, catching the two of us red-handed. At 17, Bethany’s older sister had already blossomed into a blonde, top heavy, major league piece of ass, like a younger and thinner version of Cynthia, only meaner and more conceited.

When she wasn’t shaking her pom-poms at every high school sporting event, or working part-time, shamelessly flirting for commissions at Hot Topic, evidently, her third favorite activity was tormenting me as often as possible.

As Kendra busted through Austin’s door, Bethany quickly ran out, while Kendra stood there, dead sexy, in spite of her usual smirk, with legs to her neck, and large, full on, bodacious tits, raised like a shelf, stretching the limits of red and white straining polyester.

“Having fun?” she said, glaring, hands on her shapely hips.

I was so embarrassed I could barely speak.

“Stand up,” she ordered, urging me to my feet. “Let’s see if you’ve got a chubby,” she said, as she stepped over and squatted in front of me, yanking my shorts down to my ankles, gasping in shock.

“Holy shit!” Her eyes bulged at the sight of my semi-hard penis. “How the fuck did you get such a huge cock?”

From that moment, and only from her encouragement, what started for Kendra as just another humiliating practical joke quickly changed everything between us.

Within a week, I was asking permission to sleepover at Austin’s, the perfect ruse for me to go over and fool around with Kendra, who purposely left her door open, when everyone else had gone to sleep, as I crept in, climbed in her bed, and lost my virginity to her that first night.

Over the summer, Kendra was more than willing to teach me all about sex, giving me the confidence to finally seduce her little sister, taking her cherry, as Kendra had taken mine.

Reaching the foyer, Mom and I eventually found Megan cordially greeting her guests by the front door, her buxom hips cinched tight in a black leather corset, over a white blouse, with ruffles on the sleeves.

She hadn’t seen us as I quietly took a moment to study her festive outfit from behind. Her ass admittedly did look pretty nice, though it really didn’t have anything on Mom. Nonetheless, she clearly knew how to draw my attention, with no complaints at the sight of her in black, unforgiving, horse-riding breeches, squeezing her shapely buttocks, with black leather, spike-heeled boots, cuffed below the knees.

Finally, Mom waved to her across the hall, as Megan turned to us and smiled, politely excusing herself, gracefully sauntering over.

I stood by as she and Mom warmly embraced, patiently waiting to feel her arms take me in as well.

“Ms. Shepherd, lovely to see you again,” Megan said. “So glad you could join us,” she added, turning to me. “Christopher, my goodness darling, you look good enough to eat,” she said, pleasantly greeting me with the scent of rose petals, as she leaned in, pressing against my chest.

With a kiss on the cheek, she then took me by the hand, leading the two of us over toward the two girls I’d seen making out moments earlier. “Come,” Megan said. “I’ll introduce you to the family.”

Making our approach, struck by a feeling of repressed anger, I thought to myself, stunned by how pretty they were, that these were exactly the same kind of spoiled, beautiful, privileged young girls who’d always ignored me growing up.

“Girls,” Megan said, calling them over. “I’d like you to meet Ms. Lauren Shepherd,” she said, as each girl stepped over and gave Mom a brief hug. “And this handsome devil is Lauren’s son, Christopher,” she added, seeing their eyes grow wide. “These lovely young ladies are my eldest daughters,” Megan told us. “This is Chelsea,” she said, waving to her left. “And this is Emma,” she followed, waving to her right. “Emma is actually visiting from Los Angeles,” she said, explaining why her skin was so tan.

I wasn’t expecting for Chelsea to step over and hug me as tightly as she did. Her arms lingered around my shoulders far longer than any girl that sexy had ever done before.

Stepping back, I stood there staring at her outfit, soaking all of it in.

“Great costume,” I said. “You must really love Katy Perry.”

Flashing a brilliant smile, Chelsea instantly gushed all over me.

“Oh my God! You’re like…the only one who’s figured that out. Everyone else thinks I’m a fembot”

“It’s the hair,” I said, noting the color was mostly black mixed with bright purple, draping down to her shoulders.

As a whole, Chelsea’s entire costume could have been something taken from Willy Wonka’s wet dream: soft, natural, bouncing tits stuffed inside a sparkling, silver bra, cleavage spilling over the pointed metallic cups, with huge rainbow lollipops glued to each one, paired with an equally bright pair of skintight purple hot pants, glittering as much as the stardust twinkling from her slender thighs, sharply inhaling as I looked down, stunned by the magical effervescence of silver Lurex tights, leading down to white go-go boots.

“Um, if you don’t mind,” said Emma, apparently not wanting to be left out. “I’d really appreciate your opinion too.”

Hoping she hadn’t seen me sweat, I watched as she slowly turned for my inspection.

“Honestly,” I said, scanning her costume up and down. “I don’t even know where to start. I noticed you the second we walked in. I mean, what guy hasn’t dreamed about Lara Croft. The whole thing is perfect…the hair, the outfit, even the guns look real.”

“They are real,” Emma said. “They’re just not loaded. Like Mom says, we have five rules here…no one under 18, no photos without permission, no drug use or smoking inside the house, no pain inflicted without consent, and absolutely no deadly weapons.”

“Mom, I think everyone’s ready,” Chelsea said. “Have you seen Dad?”

Megan shrugged. “He’s probably off somewhere boffing some blonde stewardess. We can start without him.”

With that, Megan led the four of us back through the foyer, turning right into the cigar room, passing the pool table, taking us by a dark wooden wine rack, leading us on to the parlor, with a reclining sofa facing a large mounted plasma TV, and a chaise lounge over the by window, in the far left corner of the room.

Waiting there side by side, standing behind Megan, Mom and I watched as another possibly 20 to 30 guests steadily began filling the room.

“Greetings,” said Megan, centered amidst everyone. “As always, Bill and I want to warmly welcome and thank you all for joining us this evening as all of us gather to celebrate hedonism and debauchery. For those of you who participated in this month’s auction, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve set a new record, raising over ten thousand dollars for underprivileged youth, with the generous cooperation of our dear friend, Mr. Dante Lavelle.”

Nodding and smiling through brief applause, Megan then briefly reminded everyone how the auction worked. Prior to the party, all the participants were given a number between 1 and 100. After blood tests and thorough background checks, of those hundred, only thirty applicants received an invitation. Until the party, the highest bids remained secret, known only to Megan, who then placed the winning numbers on each of the four available girls, explaining why I noticed Monique with a round button pinned to her dress, quiet next to Chelsea, as I looked around, wondering which lucky bastard had 35.

“Now,” Megan continued. “In keeping with tradition, at this point we’d like to begin by formally initiating our newest members. For those of you who don’t know, it gives me great pleasure to announce that we now have our first genuine, biological mother and son. Please join me in welcoming Ms. Lauren and Chris Shepherd.”

Again, we were greeted by a second round of vocal applause, louder and longer than the first. Glancing to my left, I noticed Monique lean over and whisper something in Chelsea’s ear, to which Chelsea then whispered something to her mother.

“Now I realize the two of you might feel a bit nervous performing in front of all these strangers,” Megan assumed correctly. “Fortunately, someone has graciously offered their assistance, considering this is your first time.

Calmly, Monique stepped forward, as Mom and I turned to each other, firmly squeezing each other’s hand.

“I should have known he was your son,” said Monique, as she reached out and took my mother’s hand. “Allow me to make it up to you,” she offered, leading my mother toward the chaise lounge.

Clearing a path, the room quietly parted, as Mom and I followed Monique.

Reaching the longue, Monique turned to Mom and softly asked, “Where do you want me?”

Standing beside them, quickly removing my belt, I shivered as Mom ran her fingers down my chest, head turned, focused on Monique, yet highly aware of Mom’s hand, which ultimately slid its way down to the prominent bulge straining against the black spandex.

“Why don’t you show me yours,” Mom whispered. “Then maybe I’ll show you mine,” she added, squeezing my cock, reminding everyone it was hers.

Quietly taking Mom’s direction, Monique gracefully settled down, thankfully leaving on her black slingbacks. Knees up, legs in black stockings, she then swung them around, heels pointed straight out, revealing a lacy black G-string, as she leaned back, spread eagle, offering herself up to Mom.

Until then, my sole objective in life was simply to fuck Mom in pantyhose. So the concept of seeing her eat Monique’s pussy was something for which I wasn’t mentally prepared.

Fortunately, somehow, among all those people, I managed to process seeing my mother kneel down, lunge forward and bury her face in Monique’s twat, black G-string pulled to the side, tongue gliding over rosy lips, moist, shiny, widely spread by Monique’s fingers, as she lay there moaning, tongue fluttering over her clit, feeding Mom’s surprisingly urgent hunger for Latin cuisine, prompting Monique to respond audibly in her native tongue.

“Ay dios mio! Uhh uhh si señora. Me gusta su lengua en mi chocha. Ay chinga me! Chinga me con su lengua!”

Clearly, Mom knew what she was doing. Had she done this before? Was it pure instinct? Had she always dreamed about eating pussy, only there, in front of me and all those people, was she then finally getting her chance? Either way I was so horny I had to pull out my cock.

“You see,” Monique said, in her rich throaty accent, as she reached up and gently grabbed me by my dick. “I knew you’d have a big cock. You fuck your mother with this?”

I looked down at Mom, smiling as she looked up, smiling back, beaming with pride, watching as Monique carefully guided my penis toward her mouth.

Right at the moment, when I urgently wanted her Latin lips wrapped around my knob, my head spun toward the sudden appearance of two people who, judging from Mom’s reaction, couldn’t have picked a worse time to show up.

“Lauren..?” said Cynthia, standing there with her husband, ignoring the series of heads turning immediately on her arrival, given her astonishing lack of modesty, trumping every girl there, instantly drawing the attention of anyone there who had a cock.

Recalling our photo shoot, for the most part, she was wearing the same costume. The only difference was the white nurse’s hat on her head, red heels instead of white; a real stethoscope dangling between her stupendous jugs, with “Head Nurse” printed on a name tag over her right lapel, below that, a round button indicating her winning bidder was 63.

Making her lab coat fit as tight as a dress, she’d left most of it purposely buttoned from the bottom up, thankfully leaving the top three open, partly to show more cleavage, but also I imagined so she’d still be able to breathe. The white fabric outlined her busty figure so well, that I stood there questioning how she could walk at all, especially in those bold, shiny, high-heeled, red pumps.

Recognizing her voice, Mom spun around, white as a ghost, with a ring of fresh pussy juice coating what little remained of the cranberry lipstick smeared all over her gaping mouth.


Justice served. Two MILFs busted at once. Honestly, in that moment, what else was there left to say? Had Cynthia said anything like, “What are you and your son doing at an orgy?” Logically, Mom would have followed asking why she was at the same orgy with her husband. It was clearly a no win situation, as Cynthia slowly turned and looked at me, prompting my mother to follow suit, both of them frowning with equal suspicion in their eyes.

Feigning innocence, I looked back, shrugging my shoulders, holding my erect penis over the tongue extending from Monique’s mouth.

“What?” I said, frowning back. “Obviously, Megan invited all of us.”

“He’s right,” Megan said, stepping through the crowd. “I did invite all of you…though I certainly had no intention of causing trouble.”

From the looks on their faces, Mom and Cynthia were only becoming more embarrassed and confused.

“Um, maybe we should go find someplace to talk,” Mom suggested.

Cynthia nodded back. “Yeah, maybe we should.”

Leading the way, Cynthia turned and headed toward the front door. For his part, Joel’s outfit showed no imagination at all: blue jeans, flannel shirt, tool belt, yellow hard hat; barely a costume at all.

He and Mom followed behind Cynthia, weaving through the crowd, as I stumbled along, two steps behind, belt in one hand, struggling to tuck away my hard-on with the other.

Near the wine rack, Cynthia quickly stopped short, long enough for me to catch up.

Blocking her path, shamelessly underdressed, was a girl I recognized from her auction photos, the black one with really huge tits, showing far more cleavage than costume, with ’15′ pinned to the gaping front of her low-cut, blue-collared shirt. Dressed like the strip club version of a cop, in black boots, black fishnets, and painted on black booty shorts, in person her costume made her look far more physically imposing, as she and Cynthia stood face to face.

“See, I told you she’d walk out,” she turned and said to her slutty Asian cohort, shorter and more petite, with long, floppy, black pig tails, clearly braless, in a white, see-through, sailor shirt, cut off above her navel, black tie loosely hanging from her neck, paired with a short, pleated, navy blue miniskirt, white knee highs, and black high-heeled Mary Janes.

Skirting to her left, Cynthia raised her hand dismissively. “Jasmine, not a good time,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Hold up,” Jasmine said, purposely stepping in her way. “First off, don’t ever put your hand in my face. That’s number one. And what makes you think you can show up late, then start acting disrespectful? The only reason Brandi’s not here tonight is because of you. You’re taking money out of her pocket. Money I know she needs more than you. How much is Dante paying you anyway?”

As if to steady herself, before answering Cynthia first took a deep breath. “Two thousand.”

“For the night?” the second girl quickly chimed in. Kimberly, I recalled.

Subtly, Cynthia turned to her, shaking her head. “Per hour.”

Kimberly’s eye widened with shock. “Are you kidding? He’s paying you double! What the fuck?”

“What can I tell you?” Cynthia shrugged. “Out with the old, in with the new…”

“Oh, hell no!” Jasmine snapped, ready to haul off and slap Cynthia any second. “I’m done playing with you. You obviously don’t know who you’re fucking with…”

Stepping in, Mom suddenly reached over, grabbing Jasmine by the arm.

“Hey,” Mom said. “This is a friendly gathering. Why don’t you just leave her alone?”

Feeling her hand, Jasmine glared back at Mom, snarling with anger and disdain.

“Bitch, I don’t know who you are, but you’d best take your motherfucking hand of me right now!”

That’s when I saw red. If Joel wanted to stand there and look stupid, letting someone threaten his wife; that was on him. But no one could get away with calling my mother a bitch. Sorry, not happening.

Just as Jasmine balled up, ready to swing, I grabbed Mom’s shoulders, pulling her out of the way, as I stepped in, reached over, seizing Jasmine by throat, applying enough pressure to show her I meant business.

Her eyes registered fear, as she looked back, struggling for air, heeding my angry warning.

“Don’t ever call my mother a bitch!”

Even as Mom begged me to stop, I held tight, choosing not to let go.

“Son, let her go,” came a deep voice, turning my head.

“Dante,” Cynthia said, turning and smiling to my left.

“Did you think I’d miss this?” he said, smiling back.

Soon, Megan was there as well, standing beside the tall, thirty-something, black gentleman, nattily attired, in a crisp, black tuxedo, paired with a cape, black as night, with a red, upturned color, matching the contacts glowing from his blood red eyes, with a menacing pair of realistic pointed white fangs.

“What’s going on here?” Megan asked, clearly not amused.

“Jasmine was just apologizing to this young man for insulting his mother,” said Dante.

Turning and squinting, I looked over, not quite believing my ears, releasing Jasmine, who quickly inhaled, before turning to Dante, who instantly denied her a chance to plead her case.

“Apologize,” he insisted, “unless you’d rather go back to Chauncey and Essex, spend Christmas on the stroll.”

Slowly, Jasmine turned to me, sniffing and bowing her head. “I’m sorry,” she meekly whispered, failing to look me in the eye.

“No, not like that,” Dante said. “You know what I mean.”

Frowning, Jasmine turned to him, voice timid. “You mean…right here?”

“Would you rather go somewhere else?”

Jasmine looked around, turning behind her shoulder. “What about the pool table?”

I looked over to Mom. She looked back, nodding with approval.

“Fine,” Dante agreed. “Get to it,” he added, turning to Kim. “That means you too.”

As if waiting for someone to give them the green light, Mom and Cynthia swiftly accosted Jasmine, each grabbing an arm. Following their lead, Dante and I dragged Kimberly along, ignoring her high-pitched whining and squirming, protesting all for not, pulling her to the nearest end of the pool table, tossing her down to the floor.

Laying my belt across the table, over my shoulder, I noticed Megan quietly supervising from the corner, where Dante opted to step back and watch alongside her, allowing Monique to slide over and press her tits against me, while Jasmine stood there in front of me, Cynthia on one side, Mom on the other, neither one letting go, as Kimberly knelt inches from my feet, with a plaintive look in her eyes.

“What now?” I said, turning to Dante.

With red eyes, he looked back, showing his fangs. “You’re the boss.”

Grateful for the chance, I still couldn’t help feeling that the notion of taking on multiple women was definitely entering new territory.

At 19, between Mom, Cynthia, Kendra and Bethany, I could still easily count the number of women I’d fucked on one hand. Hence, it was definitely scary, not to mention surreal, to look back and see not one, but five different, insanely hot, older women, all of them perfect tens, each bringing their own unique flavor, turning from one outrageously slutty costume to another, as I stood there thinking how great it would be to one day see all of them beautifully featured in the pages of my own filthy, cum-splattered, porn rag, with Mom naturally on the cover, aptly entitled ‘Eye Candy.’

Breathing in, I took just a moment for a short, silent pep talk. Over six months, my whole body had undergone rigorous training for a major challenge like this. I’d conquered the fear of fucking my mother, so how much harder could this be?

Seeing her next to Jasmine, in a leotard clearly intended for high school gymnasts, sleek, shiny, fire engine red, I couldn’t believe how well she embodied my greatest comic book fantasy. Clearly, something as tight as that wasn’t designed for a fully grown woman, lusciously filled out; busting with curves my eyes lingered over with forbidden lust.

Truly deserving to be worshipped, my first thought was making Kim crawl over and lick Mom’s boots. With no other option, she nodded back, quietly spinning on her hands and knees. Reaching Mom, I watched from behind, enjoying the sight of her full-bottom, white cotton panties peeking from the rising hem of her short, navy blue skirt. Using her tongue, she then proceeded to polish the latex, tracing a line from the spiked heel over my mother’s angled knee.

“Now lick the pantyhose,” I told her, loving the power almost too much, watching as Kimberly followed orders with blind obedience, moving higher, tasting the nylon, leisurely grazing her tongue over the glossy surface, rising toward the cleft where Mom’s leotard pressed up against her precious cunt.

“Kiss it,” I said. “Kiss her pussy all over.” Sure enough, Kimberly had no problem with this.

Sucking air sharply in her mouth, I noted Mom’s excitement, despite feeling the tingle of Monique’s lips, soft kisses pelting down my neck, sensing what seemed to be her growing infatuation with my cock, rubbing her black stocking against my leg, with one hand permanently fixed to my bulging hard-on, squeezing it over my spandex shorts.

Soon, Mom was gripping Kimberly by the back of her head, pressing the Asian schoolgirl’s face flush up against her twat.

In my left ear, Monique warmly whispered, “May I suck your cock?” To which she failed to wait for an answer, dropping down, pulling it back out, before hungrily stuffing it in her mouth.

The challenge of orchestrating everything all at once grew more difficult the longer Monique demonstrated her wet, messy, highly persistent, sword swallowing technique.

“Lift her up,” I said, meaning Kim, directing my mother to pull down her panties and bend her face down over the pool table. “Now spread her ass,” I ordered next, watching as Mom roughly parted her cheeks. “Now,” I said, turning to Jasmine, quietly held by Cynthia. “Make her eat it.”

In no time, Cynthia forced Jasmine down to her knees, one hand clutching her by the hair, using it to shove Jasmine’s face straight toward Kimberly’s ass.

“That’s right. Lick it bitch!” Cynthia yelled. “Lick that dirty ass!”

Judging from her tone, the hatred between her and Jasmine was unmistakable, as Cynthia cheerfully attempted to smother her bitter rival, shoving with all her might, laughing at Jasmine’s whimpers, pushing with such anger and aggression that Kim’s ass seemed to be swallowing Jasmine’s face.

“Hope you like sushi, bitch!” Cynthia raged, laughing as Jasmine flailed her arms, Mom gleefully egging her on, spreading Kim’s cheeks, aiding the penetration of Jasmine’s tongue, which however reluctantly, Kim clearly enjoyed, literally squealing like a schoolgirl.

Seeing Jasmine, knelt down, forcibly rimming Kim’s ass, my eyes moved from her smothered face, mostly covered by her long, sweeping black hair, down to the sight of her white lace bra, visible through her open blue shirt, loving the contrast of black and white, where both cups seemed to be overburdened by large, heaving, milk chocolate tits, big enough to feed a small village, finally stopping to ponder why she’d chosen to wear such skimpy shorts, with half the material necessary to cover such a fat ass. My whole life I’d never seen a more luscious pair of dark, round, meaty asscheeks.

Between studying every angle of this gorgeous, black, freak of nature, and the building pressure swelling inside my balls, urgently driven by Monique, the equally resplendent, brown-skinned Latina, blessed with an uncanny talent for sucking cock, creating a vortex of ball-draining suction, baiting me to cum in her mouth, by then, I had taken all I could stand, pulling her up, spinning and bending her over the left side of the pool table, all in one motion.

With one hand ripping down Monique’s panties, I threw my cock into her so hard that she and Kim painfully butted heads, which neither actually seemed to mind, especially Monique, who instantly started screaming in loud, vocal adoration of my driving cock, blathering in two different languages.

“Ay Chris, fuck me!” she yelled. “Ohh ohh si! Chinga me! Chinga me duro!”

I knew she was saying she liked it hard. So I reached out and grabbed a clump of her long brown hair, gaining more leverage, hearing her cry out in pleasure, arms pulling one way, snapping her head back, hips rapidly thrusting the other.

Though I’d barely broken a sweat, I could already feel Monique starting to cum, not that she was quiet about it, thrashing and howling in less than a minute. Looking on, beaming with pride, Mom beckoned me with her index finger.

Pulling out, I stepped over where Mom took Jasmine by the hair.

“Open your mouth,” she ordered the girl kneeling before me in her slutty cop outfit.

Meanwhile, a crowd had gathered to watch Jasmine suck Monique’s juices off my cock. Eager to be involved, Monique suddenly came up behind me, feeling her tongue wedging straight up my ass.

Taking a page from Cynthia’s book, Mom began pushing on Jasmine’s head, leaving my cock with no place to go but down her throat. I’d never seen Mom so aggressive, as if she intended to teach a few lessons of her own.

“Try calling me a bitch now,” she said, sneering while Jasmine wiggled her head.

Monique’s tongue was every bit as skillful and persistent as her mouth, worming so deeply inside my rectum, purposely stabbing in and out, this coupled with Mom standing there, face fucking Jasmine with my cock, somehow managing to stay on my feet, though my knees had already started to buckle.

Knowing that Dante was there next to Megan, quietly watching, I then decided to once again wield my authority, choosing to cum on my own terms.

“Lift her up,” I told Mom, meaning Jasmine this time.

It didn’t matter that Monique might have been disappointed, as Mom promptly helped Jasmine to her feet, heeding my instructions, leading Jasmine back the table, where I quickly followed, telling my mother to spread Jasmine’s cheeks wide open, needing assistance to shove my cock inside her asshole.

With no other lube, I waited as Mom slowly leaned over, using her spit, letting her dribble roll down, covering the hole, doing this several times, finally nodding for me to slide in.

Trembling, I looked down, shaking my head, judging the width of my hard-on against her narrow hole.

“Trust me,” Mom said, recognizing my dilemma. “It’ll fit. Just don’t force it,” she said, walking me through it. “Take your time. Let it happen,” she added, patiently easing my nerves.

With Mom’s guidance, instead of pushing, I placed the tip gently over the ring, watching and waiting for the hole to dilate on its own. Regardless, as careful as I was, giving Jasmine all the time in the world still didn’t stop her from cursing the moment my swollen head broke through the seal of her anus, groaning in sudden pain.

Once getting through that initial sting, my first anal experience definitely got better from there. The only feeling that felt better than sliding my dick in Jasmine’s ass was looking up, seeing Mom’s face all aglow, smiling, watching me so intently, with her hazel eyes gaping as wide as her mouth.

Stirred by Mom’s thrilled expression, my hips slowly started to churn, while her hands steadily continued to spread Jasmine’s cheeks as wide as possible, presenting the perfect view of my white cock plummeting deep in her big, black, juicy ass.

Before long, I looked down and saw Jasmine thrusting back, bouncing and shaking her thick rump vigorously up and down. Maybe I’d seen too many movies. Yet, on instinct, I reached up and struck my hand firmly across her butt. The sound reverberated so perfectly that I couldn’t help doing again. Three, four, five times in row, spanking and fucking her big black butt all at once.

“You like that!” I said, striking her again, making her ass jiggle.

“Hmmrrrfuckkk,” she groaned bitterly. “God damn that some good dick!”

“I’m sorry. Could you repeat that? Mom didn’t hear you.” I swatted her again.

“Ahhh fuck!” she loudly swore. “I said, God damn that’s some GOOD FUCKING DICK!”

Mom smiled. Still, I kept drilling away. “Oh yeah, is it good? Is it good enough to cum while I fuck your ass?”

By then, I had her screaming, asscheeks rocking back and forth. Soon, her sphincter was practically strangling my cock.

“Can you take more? Can you take it harder? Do you want it harder in your ass?”

“Yes! Do it! Fuck it harder! Tear that shit up!”

Taking her cue, I reared back, swinging for the fences, walloping with all my strength. Looking up, Mom winced from the power of my ferocious blows. Beyond fucking, I’d then graduated to fully owning Jasmine’s ass. The sound of her climax combined everything from screaming, grunting, sobbing, and ultimately wheezing from lack of breath. Yet, even then, all that stopped me was the intense pressure of her squeezing tenacious asshole laying a choke hold around my dick.

I pulled out, spraying cum, hosing both sides of her ass. Slowly, it dribbled down like white icing over chocolate cake, leaving the darkness of Jasmine’s cheeks smothered in creamy white glaze.

Stepping over, joined by Monique, both standing to my left, Megan decided to choose that moment to share something which only she could have known.

“I’d suggest you try some while it’s still warm,” she told Monique. “You’ve never tasted sweeter cum your whole life.”

Leaning over, Monique dropped her head down to Jasmine’s ass, moaning as her tongue slithered through all my spunk.

Slurping up every drop, Monique turned to Megan, letting it linger in her mouth.

“Mmm,” said Monique, lighting up right away. “That is so good!”

Over my shoulder, I caught a look of suspicion on Mom’s face, squinting, quirking her head, turning the moment she glanced my way.

Megan smiled, nodding in response to Monique’s comment. Meanwhile, Jasmine seemingly pulled herself together, as she sat up, turned around, and looked me square in the eye.

“I’ll give you credit,” she said. “You do know how to fuck.”

On that note, she patted my arm, turning and leaning on Monique, helping as she quietly staggered off. Over my shoulder, I turned and saw Kimberly down on all four, tag teamed by two random guys, one in her pussy, fucking her from behind, the other clearly enjoying fucking her mouth.

I then heard Megan call out for Cynthia across the room.

“Darling, would you please follow me?”

Turning her way, Cynthia lifted her eyebrows in curiosity. “Where are we going?”"

“To the stables,” Megan answered. “There’s someone there waiting for you.”

“Um, okay. Is Joel coming too?”

Megan nodded. “Yes, of course,” she answered, turning to me. “Christopher, I’d also like you along as well. We’ll need your assistance.”

“Me?” I replied, pointing to my chest.

“Yes,” Megan said, waving toward the parlor, beckoning her eldest daughter. “Don’t worry. Your mother will be fine. Chelsea will keep an eye on her.”

Clearly, there was no room for further discussion, as Chelsea came over, nodding politely as Megan told her to watch my mother. Then, Megan abruptly marched ahead, accompanied by Dante, followed by Joel and Cynthia, walking hand in hand.

Reluctantly, I finally opted to tag along, leaving my mother, who stood there, tracking me with her eyes, as I turned back and saw Chelsea struggling to lead her away.

Reaching the stables, I stood back, remaining silent, after two minutes traipsing across the field.

Oddly, most of the stalls were completely empty, with only a couple horses and tons of hay strewn all over the floor.

Waiting up ahead, after opening one of the wooden gates, Megan waved over to Joel and Cynthia, inviting them to enter the second stall.

“Come along, dear,” she added, waving to me, as I stepped up and followed them all inside.

Laid out on top of the hay was a brown blanket covering most of the floor. Standing beside it, directly across from me, were three serious-looking men, all of them black, each of them wearing costumes.

The man on the left was shorter than the others, slightly thinner too. His skin tone was also the lightest, more like a really deep tan, dressed like a 40′s gangster, in his dark brown, baggy suit, with a matching fedora, and a gold chain dangling by his knees.

Beside him, the tallest man hid his face under a blue and white New England Patriots helmet, with bulky-looking shoulder pads underneath his blue and white jersey, knee pads under his tight white pants, along with a pair of white cleats.

Finally, the last guy was medium height, bare chested, densely black, built like The Hulk, dressed like an extra from ‘Gladiator’ with his gold helmet and brown leather loin cloth.

Dante and Megan stood off in the left corner, while Joel and Cynthia stood just beside me to the right.

Slowly, the man in the middle removed his helmet, calmly revealing his face. Cynthia then sharply inhaled, instantly clutching her chest, shouting a name I’d heard maybe once or twice, though he and I had never met.


Like I’d have done, he played it cool, smiling and simply answering, “Surprise.”

Clearly confused, she looked back, blinking, scratching her head. “But…how did you…I mean, did you bid on me?”

“No,” he explained. “But your husband did. This was all his idea.”

Cynthia quickly turned to Joel, who looked back giving her a childish grin.

“Happy anniversary,” her husband said.

Cynthia’s face turned bright red. “Oh, my God! Sweetheart, what did you do? You got me…you got me three black guys?”

Joel stammered. “Well, umm…actually, I got you four,” he said, turning to Dante.

Stepping forward, Dante reached for his collar, slowly removing his cape. He then proceeded to calmly undress, along with the other three, when Cynthia then turned to Byron, politely requesting that he leave everything on except the helmet.

“I sort of have a thing for football players,” she added with a smile. “There’s just one problem,” she said, turning to Joel. “I want you to be here, but I also got a surprise for you too.”

Turning back, Joel responded with the same look of confusion his wife had given him moments earlier.

“Mr. Hanson, you’re coming with me,” I heard spoken in the accent clearly belonging to Megan, who stood there by the open gate, arms folded, waiting for Joel to follow orders.

“Um, oh…” Joel said. “Wow, I had no idea. But uh…I guess someone else will have to shoot the video,” he said, pulling a small, palm-sized, camcorder from his pocket.

“I guess that’s why Megan wanted me here,” I logically deduced, reaching for it.

After handing me the camera, Joel lovingly kissed his wife, turning to go with Megan, who sternly pointed down to the ground.

“On your knees,” she insisted, as Joel promptly dropped to all fours, crawling behind Megan, leading him off to another stall.

Once gone, I powered up the camera, checking for lighting and focus. The stall was illuminated by four lanterns hanging from each corner. Aiming the lens directly toward Cynthia, I then started filming her in front of the men, slowly starting to undress.

She took her time, first removing her stethoscope, followed by her hat. Starting from the top, she then slowly unbuttoned her lab coat. After laying it down, she then decided to leave on the rest, including her red, lacy, overstuffed bra, red heels, and white thigh highs drawn up over her knees, with best of all, no panties on beneath her nude pantyhose.

Kneeling on the blanket, she looked up, smiling as Byron made the introductions. The short one in the gangster costume was Gerald, he told her. The big guy with all the muscles was Marcus. Evidently, they all went to school together.

“Nice to meet you,” she said, smiling at eye level with all their cocks.

I focused the camera on her bright, gorgeous, wholesome, blue eyes, framing the picture with her blonde hair, and her round, pudgy, adorable, childlike face.

“Try not to ruin my make up,” she said, opening her mouth, where Byron took the honor of sliding his cock in first. Cynthia then reached out for Gerald and Marcus, leaving Dante to watch, while Cynthia jerked them both off.

Wanting to capture the best angles, I stepped around, hunching behind Byron, as Cynthia closed her eyes, bobbing and noisily slurping away.

“Keep looking at him,” I said, seeing she needed help playing to the camera.

Chin up, Cynthia gazed high, with no less than six inches of black cock crammed in between her lips, rapidly sawing in and out, as her hands busily did their work, stroking penises left and right.

After clearing his throat, Dante finally got Cynthia’s attention, spinning around, quickly apologizing, and then gobbling his meat down too.

Eyes glaring, looming above her, biting his bottom lip, Dante watched as Cynthia wildly devoured his cock, stretching her jaw, taking in all she could, coughing and groaning, before sliding back, sticky webs left behind, pushing herself, deeply inhaling, steeling herself to force down every inch, veins pulsing between her lips, pausing half way, chest heaving, before violently forcing air through her nose and mouth, groaning with pleasure as Dante’s cock, all of it, plunged down her gullet.

Zooming in, forever documenting her major achievement, the camera recorded her wide-eyed, jubilant expression, spread across her beaming face.

From there, I witnessed her transformation, brimming with newly found confidence, turning to Marcus, easily choking down seven or more inches, steadily bobbing her head. The vigorous motion, perfectly caught on film, surprised everyone, including him.

“God damn,” said Marcus. “This bitch is off the chain!”

“Hmmph hmmph hmmph hmmph,” was all Cynthia mumbled in return.

Meanwhile, she skillfully managed to keep both hands filled with cock, jerking off Byron and Dante.

From a distance, I then heard what might have been the crack of whip, causing a low-pitched whimper.

I had to assume it was Megan doing something painful to Joel, with no way of knowing exactly what.

For her part, Cynthia focused on Marcus, frantically sucking. His eyes bugged out in disbelief.

“Fuck,” said Marcus, peering over her bobbing head. “You love black cock, don’t you?”

“Mm hmm,” Cynthia answered with her mouthful.

Marcus smiled. “Well, keep sucking, bitch. Keep sucking till you get that nut.”

Happily, Cynthia wolfed down his cock, every inch, straight down her throat, amazingly doing this not only once, but easily, three times in a row.

Marcus grimaced, holding her head, deeply unloading in her mouth. Swallowing, her blue eyes rolled back in ecstasy, catching a close-up of her face.

Over her shoulder, she then requested assistance removing her bra.

Leaning down, Gerald promptly unhooked it from behind, when Cynthia tore it off, exposing her giant tits for all to see.

Mouth gaping, she quickly turned, lunging for Gerald’s cock, rewarding his assistance by noisily slobbering his long, rigid, brown shaft.

Swirling her tongue, she glanced up, shooting him a wink, liberally coating his cock with spit. Tightly, her slick fingers curled around the base, slurping and fist pumping up and down.

Stunned by her crazed, cock-sucking frenzy, I lowered the camera, pointing it at her crotch, hoping to gauge her excitement. In close-up, her pussy looked even wetter than I’d expected, seeping through her pantyhose, flooding down all over the blanket.

Meanwhile, I kept shooting, as loud thwacking noises continuously preceded the distant, low-pitched echo of muffled, agonized groans.

Seemingly on a mission, regardless of her husband suffering through some form of sexual torture, Cynthia never slowed down, jerking and sucking, filling the night with the loud, joyous, popping noises of her mouth.

“ShhlooMph ShhlooMph ShhlooMph ShlooMph,” she bobbed frantically, kneeling in front of Gerald, with his bowed, clearly lost for words.

“Ahhh shit!” Gerald cursed, turning to Byron. “You were right. This girl is no joke. Ohhh fuck!” he moaned emphatically. “She’s about to make me cum!”

Smiling, Cynthia pulled back. “Yes, baby, cum on my tits!”

As Cynthia grabbed his cock, I stood back, centering her in the frame, capturing the motion of her tits jumbling in time to her rapid hand strokes. Leaning in, keeping him lubed, she hotly projected spit down over the head. Soon, her hand began pumping so fast that the image on camera started to blur.

Finally, Gerald rewarded her as well, groaning as his hips suddenly lunged forward. Cynthia responded, arching her back, thrusting her massive tits. From the eye of his cock, Gerald released what looked like an avalanche of cum, numerous volleys, squirting in rapid succession, spraying her tits with dozens of cloudy white pellets, rolling in rivulets, stopped by her fingers, as she reached up and leisurely started rubbing it in, using it like lotion, smearing his cum all over her gorgeous breasts.

“Mmm salty,” she remarked, flinching her eyebrows, after licking some off her finger. “That was nice,” she added, sighing in a way I interpreted as relief mixed with disappointment. “But somebody really needs to fuck me.”

In a moment of brotherly recognition, Dante and Byron slowly turned to each other. Nothing was said between them as they walked over, reached down, and promptly removed Cynthia’s shoes. From there, the two of them calmly slid off her thigh highs, leaving her fully naked, except her pantyhose.

For my part, I was highly content with Cynthia kneeling there between them, in glossy nylon, from her waist down to her toes. Yet, Dante and Byron clearly had other ideas, as they leaned down, looming over her, one on each side, hooking their fingers in the waistband, flexing their muscles as they roughly pulled, tearing her pantyhose to shreds.

Stretching out, lying on his back, Byron took Cynthia and pulled her down over his cock. Like a tree trunk, long and wide, pointed straight up, I couldn’t imagine her taking it all without discomfort.

Clearly, I was wrong, as Byron forcefully grabbed her by the ass, driving it in, reeling from Cynthia’s explosive bellow.

“Yeeeeoooowww!” she instantly wailed, as I stood back, trying to imagine the depth of his penetration. “Hmmpphh huunngghhh oohh oohh oohh f-f-fuuuccckKK!” she began screaming and cursing.

Although it was against the rules, we were able to exchange enough information on Mygirlfund to meet in person. I was in Las Vegas for a teacher’s conference and instead of taking a regular room; I splurged for the suite at the Riviera. It was nice, large room with an excellent view of the strip, kitchen and my favorite, a large whirlpool tub. I’ll call her Sugar to protect her identity and I am Tony (to protect mine).

She arrived later that evening and entered the suite with the key that was left for her at the desk. I was expecting her so I had prepared. The room lights were out, the suite lit with scented candles (coconut – my favorite). I guess I should describe myself. I am 5’8″, 49 years old, and a history teacher at a high school. I am also a veteran, having served 20 years in the Army as a tank crewman. I am still fit, although I am not a 20 year old with washboard abs. I coach the girls soccer team and can hold my own with them. I have blond hair, where I have hair (I am balding, but will always have “fuzz” there) that is starting to turn white (not gray). I have an average cock I guess, about 7 inches, but thicker than most others. I seem to be horny all the time, even for an “old man” and I usually jack off 3-5 times a day – especially after being around the hotties at school and on the soccer pitch!

Sugar is a brunette with brown eyes and wears glasses. I find that so sexy! Her lips seemed, to me, to be made for kissing and other things! She was busty, but not overly busty, and they are real! (40DD!) She is 5’7″ and has a perfect round ass! Although she is only 20 and attending college, we still hit it off based on our mutual likes and our desires for long, passionate kisses, hugs, followed by slow intimate sex (okay in every hole – but still slow and intimate!)!

So, Sugar arrives and I, sitting on the couch in my swimming suit (a special purchase) and a t-shirt welcome her. I tell her to freshen up in the bathroom (the tub is already filled, rose petals floating on the hot water, scented oils and candle lit).

She goes in and, poking her head out, tells me “Very Nice.” _

Once refreshed, she comes to the living room, wearing a sheer bikini (one of those really tiny ones) and high heels. I stand and walk to meet her, embracing in a friendly hug, at first, then tighter, and then our lips meet. This kiss is soft, sensuous, and passionate, not to mention long. Kissing has always been a special turn on for me, just the idea of kissing, and then touching tongues in an erotic playful wrestle makes me hard. As close as we were pressed together, my cock got even harder.

She pressed it against her mound. I could smell her arousal. I told her to come with me to the bathroom.

I led her by the hand, and we both stepped into the tub. I opened the champagne and poured us a glass. We sat close to each other, sipped our champagne and kissed. For a long time.

Eventually we had finished our champagne and were slowly and gently caressing each other, exploring the sexy bodies of each other.

I was gently fondling her large breasts and she was slowly rubbing my hard cock, gently stroking and using her thumb and fingers on the head. I gently pinched her hard nipples, twisting, extracting soft moans from her pink lips. She tasted good, her mouth was wet and so was her pussy.

She straddled me next. Her wet mound pressed on my hard cock. She was grinding her pussy on me as we kissed and caressed, our bodies becoming one. I felt her hand on my hard on, and then felt my swimsuit being pulled down and out of the way. My cock was released.

Sugar told me to sit on the side of the bed that she wanted to suck me.

When I sat down, my manhood was fully erect, hard as a rock, and pointing straight into the air, ready for her luscious lips. She kissed the head, then the sides, then the entire length. Finally she took the head into her hot mouth, her tongues swirling around the head and tickling the underside.

Pleasure beyond belief as she slowly and sensuously took my length into her mouth then throat. I had never had a woman do that to me before. It was unbelievable and the best I had ever had. She continued to suck me, then sensing my desire and closeness to orgasm stopped. She pulled the bikini top off of her large breasts and wrapped them around my length, and began a slow tit fucking.

WOW! After a few minutes of this (I couldn’t take any more or I would cum all over her tits) I switched places with her. I spread her legs, and got between them, but not before kissing her some more, tasting my precum on her lips and on her tongue. I worked my way down, kissing and fondling her tits, eventually making it to her pussy. She smelled wonderful and after I pulled her panties to the side, she tasted just as good. I spent a lot of time there, licking her wetness, both her pussy and her ass. Such a pleasure for me to taste her, and I know she had at least one orgasm on my mouth!!!!

Now it was time, I got between her legs and pressed myself into her wetness. She was tight, and her velvety smoothness was amazing on my hard cock. We fucked, just for a few minutes, then I picked her up and I sat down in the tub with her riding me. I reached around her and grasped the soft sexy mounds of her ass, caressing and spreading, touching her anus with my fingers.

Sugar was moaning and kissing as we fucked for what seemed like forever, or at least I wanted it to be forever.

The she told me, “My ass, put it in my ass Tony!”

I pulled out of her pussy, not wanting to leave as if felt like “home” but complied and pulled out anyway. She then guided it to her asshole. She pressed down, ever so slowly, until my head “popped” into her. Then she slowly sat, taking more and more of my 7 inches into her ass.

Once all the way in, I began to suck her breasts, licking her nipples, gently tugging on them. Sugar began to bounce on my cock and she filled her ass with me. I had never had such a sensuous fuck in my life!

I couldn’t take any more and announced that I was about to cum!!

“Oh Tony, cum inside me, cum inside of my ass!”

It was more that I could take, and I filled her with my cum, pulling her head to mine and kissing her soft lips. I moaned into her mouth and she moaned into mine, cumming once more with my cock in her ass.

I was going be a very sexy week in Vegas!!!!!!

We rested and chatted, drank some wine, and then we were ready, again. We left the tub and I retired to the bed while she stayed in the bathroom to change. I changed as well. I put on my mantyhose, as she had requested in our letters, and she put on a bodystocking.

She came out of the bath and joined me on the bed. As we were talking, Sugar was gently playing with my cock, which was now fully erect. Her hands and her touch were magnificent, and I loved each and every second of her ministrations.

“I want to suck your cock.” Was all she said.

She got between my legs, took hold of my hard cock and began to stroke me, slowly and sensuously. He lips were so close to my cock I could feel her breath on my head. Her lips, full, red, spread and she took me in her mouth. Just the head. Her talented tongue swirled, teasing and massaging.

This woman was a great cock sucker! As she toyed with the head of my cock, she was stroking my length and fondling my balls. I don’t know how long she kept this up, I had my eyes closed most of the time in ecstasy, and the rest watching this beautiful woman work her magic on my cock.

Eventually she began to take more of my length into her wanton mouth. Over my pantyhose. By this time, my mantyhose sheath was soaked in her saliva and made for the most erotic feeling I have ever experienced.

Sugar began to slowly suck my cock, in and out my length went into her mouth. She used her hands, fingers, tongue, teeth and lips to pleasure me. This was the best cock sucking I had EVER had! She sucked and sucked, teasing me to the brink, then stopping, letting me calm down, then taking me to the brink again and again! I couldn’t take it anymore.

I told her it was time for out other fantasy. She smiled.

I laid flat on the bed, my cock sticking straight up. Sugar then lay on top of me, her legs spread, then with my cock between her crotch, she closed her legs, using her hand to keep it tight against her wet pantyhose crotch.

“Fuck me like this Tony!” Sumata. I LOVE IT!

I slowly started fucking her pantyhose thighs with my pantyhose cock. Pantyhose against pantyhose was an extremely sensuous feeling!

We fucked. For a long time. She played with my cock and I played with her tits.

Then I had her lay on her front. She put her legs together, making her sexy ass bubble. I licked it. All over. WHAT AN ASS!

Then I tore a hole in the gusset. I straddled her, and held the hole open for my cock. In I pushed. But not in her pussy or asshole this time. This time I wanted to fuck her ass cheeks.

As my cock was well lubed with her saliva and my precum from our thigh fucking, it slid easily between her ass cheeks. It felt every bit as good as her pussy. I fucked her ass like this. It was just amazing. So amazing that I couldn’t contain my load anymore and soaked her ass cheeks with my cum, at the same time, Sugar, who had been rubbing her clit under her, came with me.

We slept. Close; our bodies rubbing throughout the night. I woke several times, my hard cock pressed between Sugars ass cheeks, and we rubbed each other until we fell asleep again.

When I woke up in the morning Sugar was gone.

There was a note on the table, “I have to go and get a few things; I’ll be back – shower and change into what I have laid out for you.”

I went into the bathroom and took a nice hot shower, soaping up my body. I washed my cock good. I became erect. I soaped myself and stroked. I couldn’t help it – remembering last night with Sugar was too much for me. I really got into it. I put my foot up on the rim of the tub and added more soap. My cock was so fucking hard and so fucking slippery. My hand was good. I stroked and twisted, cupping my balls and even sliding a finger into my asshole a few times. I was so turned on. I kept stroking, precum oozing from the head. I imagined Sugar there watching me, her red lips inches from my face as I pumped my hard cock for her. I imagined her giving me instructions, telling me what to do, how to stroke, all the while playing with her magnificent tits.

“Come out here and do that for me!” She had been watching me as I had been fantasizing!!!

I put on what she laid out for me. A cock ring! It was metal and had an attachment that reached back and entered my ass, massaging my prostate. When I came, I was going to explode!!!!!

She had me sit on the big plush chair. Sugar knelt in front of me. She was wearing a pink camisole and a bra underneath. The bra was too small. It pushed her already big tits together and upwards, threatening to explode from the straining fabric.

My cock throbbed, causing the prostate massager to flex as well. It felt wonderful. Sugar then started playing with her tits. I had never seen such a sight. This young lady knew how to tease. Her hands pushed and kneaded, tweaked, pressed, spread, and massaged her tits. She put them close to my cock, sometimes letting my cock head touch her flesh, and then quickly pulling away. It was the most wonderful tease!

She did this for what seemed like an eternity. And she wouldn’t let me stroke my cock anymore. She pulled her nipples out of the bra, and then used them to rub on my cock. Eroticism at its best!

She smeared my precum all over her tits. I want to cum so bad, and told her as much.

“Not yet!” She stood and went to the refrigerator. She returned with some ice cream. “Wanna lick?” She asked.

“Yes, please!”

She then turned and began to tease me with her sexy round ass. She danced it and twisted it, she rubbed it, and she pressed it against my cock. What a great ass!!!!

She then pulled her tight boy shorts down, now only wearing a thong bikini. Again, her ass is amazing. She continued her sexy tease, occasionally letting me rub my cock on her ass, and in between the ass cheeks, pressing her asshole on the head, but not letting me penetrate.

Then she put some ice cream on her ass, rubbing it all over, then pressed her ass close to my face, allowing me to lick it off.

“More, Sugar, More!!!!!”

We used more ice cream, sometimes I licked it off, and sometimes I smeared it all over her ass with my hard cock, mixing ice cream with pre cum.

Once my cock was covered with ice cream and pre cum, Sugar would turn and lick my cock clean. I wanted to cum so badly.

“Oh yes, cum on my tits Tony.” She knelt and pulled the camisole and bra down, fully exposing her big tits, and then she wrapped them around my cock. It didn’t take long. I exploded cum, shot after shot, all over her tits, covering them, soaking them, between the cleavage and all over her hard erect nipples.

We smeared the cum with my cock. Then I licked her tits clean, adding ice cream to her already erect nipples.

I pulled her onto my lap, my still erect cock (thanks to the cock ring) pressing against her mound.

She started rubbing her pussy on my hard cock, her lips spreading and her juiced making my cock slippery. This was more Sumata, and I was loving it!

I was sucking her hard nipples, squeezing her tits, and making love to them with my mouth as she was getting herself off on my cock. I felt her cum before I heard it and when her pussy convulsed it provided the stimulation needed to make me cum again. I shot my second load of the morning onto my stomach, and Sugar played with it, rubbing it and scooping some onto her fingers and then eating it.

We kissed. My cum tasted like ice cream. It was good. The sex was good. Life was good!

But our week was far from over. That evening Sugar had another surprise for me.

When I returned from my conference, she was waiting in the room.

She told me to get dressed again (my outfit was in the bathroom).

This time it was black silky shiny pantyhose, without a gusset, and another cock ring, this one without a prostate massager.

When I went into the room, she had me lie on the bed. She was wearing a fishnet body stocking with spike heels. Sugar crawled between my legs and began to massage my ever hardening cock with her hands, her big tits, and her puffy lips. I was in heaven.

Then she told me to turn over. I flipped over, knowing my ass was exposed.

“Mmmmmmm, I love your ass in pantyhose Tony. So sexy.”

I felt her hands on my cheeks, then caressing, then she spread my legs. I felt her hot breath on my ass next. Then her tongue. Then she began to lick my puckered hole. It was pure ecstasy. Her wet tongue probed my nether regions, causing my cock to become more erect that ever.

Sugar inserted her tongue. Heaven. She tongue fucked my asshole, eventually inserting a finger, fucking my ass.

I loved it, and I begged for more, “Oh Sugar, fuck my ass with your fingers, give me more! Open me up and take my virgin ass!”

She did, adding a second finger then a third. “Are you ready for more Tony? Are you ready for my cock?”

I looked back and saw that she had added a strap on cock at some point. It was lovely, about six inches, thick (like my cock), and veiny. It even had balls!

“Oh Sugar, yes, baby, I want that in my ass! Fuck me baby, fuck me like I fucked you!”

“Turn over again. I want you to watch me fuck your ass!”

So I did. I lay on my back and spread my legs, opening my ass to her.

My hard cock was pointing straight up, oozing precum begging to be sucked or stroked. Sugar positioned herself between my legs, then pressed her cock against my hole. Slowly and deliberately she pressed forward, reaching up and grasping my hard cock.

“Oh Tony this is so fucking erotic! Your cock is so hard and so hot! And your ass is so open for me!”

The cock head popped through my anal ring. Damn it felt good!

She continued to slide her cock in my ass, well lubed from her tongue and saliva. It went in easily, and all the way. Then she started to slowly fuck my ass as she stroked my cock. My view of her huge tits, her erect nipples added to my excitement. She fucked me good. She stroked me good.

Then Sugar got on her knees behind me after I got in a doggie position, resting on my elbows. She again inserted her hard cock in my ass and started fucking me.

I loved it and told her so. Damn it was good. I was finally being fucked be the sexiest woman I’d ever met.

She fucked me for a very long time, and I never complained, only asking her to fuck me again and again.

But I was ready to cum. Sugar pulled out of me and went down on my asshole with her tongue again, this time pulling my cock backwards and stroking it. She alternated between stroking my cock and licking my asshole to sucking my cock and fingering my asshole.

I couldn’t hold out any more and blew my load in her mouth.

After I was finished cumming, she spit my cum into my asshole, licking me and smearing it around. When we kissed, the taste of my hole and my cum made me rock hard right away. This time, we reversed roles and Sugar took my cock in her asshole, making me cum as she came.

After our session, it was time to get some dinner, rejuvenate, and get ready for a night of hot fucking and sucking, and, as I told Sugar, more Sumata, which was fast becoming my favorite!

The craziest experiences of our lives always occur when we least expect them. People come into to our lives when we aren’t looking for them. This happened to me on a business trip to Charlotte.

My boss had asked me to visit the store of a potential client for our consulting business. I hated these kinds of trips. No fun, just a quick flight in, a meeting, a half decent meal on the company teat and then back to the hotel for a night of cable TV and a six pack from a convenience store.

This time was no different. The owner, a beautiful middle-aged blonde in a flattering blue dress, seemed irritated that my boss had pawned the trip off on me. I explained that his wife’s birthday had coincided with the trip which appeared to calm her down. As I ran through the consulting offer I couldn’t stop staring at her shapely calves and black patent leather stiletto pumps. These business trips always made me horny. The hot women in the airport, the stewardesses, bar girls, etc. As we closed our meeting, I had the temerity to ask if she had dinner plans. She went from mild irritation to barely concealed disdain.

I packed up my attaché and bid Ms. Sexy Heels adieu. I told her I’d be in touch although there was no way I was calling that bitch. My boss could do that. I’d made this pointless trek on my day off and no matter how quickly I would’ve jumped on her sweet body, I was not going to add insult to injury by letting her have the pleasure of also turning down our business offer.

Back at the hotel, I headed straight for the bar. We weren’t supposed to expense alcohol but fuck it. I deserved it.

“Myers and coke,” I barked at the bartender. “No, make it 151 and coke.”

“Yes, sir” he answered and efficiently produced my medication. “Should I start a tab?”

“Absofuckinglutely. Sorry, that was rude. Yes a tab…Mike?”

“Mike or hey you, whatever suits you.”

“Can I also get a menu?”

“Absofuckinglutely, Mr?”

“Ed. But skip the mister ’cause that would just be weird.”

I sat back in my bar chair and surveyed the dining room on the right. Empty. The wait staff was standing around looking bored. I sighed.

“Must’ve been a tough one,” a feminine voice commented from behind me.

I turned to meet the voice and found a slender brunette smiling next to me at the bar.

“151 and a sigh. There are much tastier chasers for a drink like that,” she winked.

I checked her out from head to toe. I know it was obvious and somewhat rude but I guess her surprise made me forget my manners. She was hot in all the ways I find sexy. Her hair was styled nicely, impeccable make up, red lips, luscious curves dressed up in a button down blouse and a black pencil skirt with a thigh revealing side slit, sleek black legs wrapped like a present in shiny black pantyhose, and perched on four inch black pumps. Men love a real, feminine woman.

She gave me a wry smile when I recovered my courtesy and met her gaze. All the horniness I had felt at the business meeting came rushing back and took up residence in my cock making it jump a bit.

“I’ve had worse but thanks for noticing,” I offered courteously.

“I’m Chantal”

“Yes you are. What an exquisite name. French?”

“Maybe after I get to know you better, Ed.” Chantal’s eyes crinkled as she briefly touched my shoulder to slip up onto the bar chair next to me. I felt my heart race a little.

“What’ll happen if you get to know me a lot better?”

“I just might give you a big surprise, Ed,” she taunted as she hiked her skirt slightly and crossed her legs. The pointed toe of her shoe rubbed against my pant leg.

“Those are some seriously sexy heels you’ve got there, Chantal. Do they hurt your feet to walk in them?”

“Why, you want to try them out?” she shot back sarcastically.

I blushed. She got me. I felt a little like I was a pervert or something.

“I’m just teasing you. Yes, sometimes they’re murder but it’s worth it. I feel super hot when I wear them and men always notice me. These women and their comfortable shoes. Boring. They’re missing the best part of being a woman. The privilege of being feminine.”

“I couldn’t agree more. I guess I’m old fashioned. I am absolutely enthralled my feminine women. I love everything about them. The hair, the perfume, the makeup, the sexy clothes and don’t get me started about how much I hate barelegged women. A nylon calf, the sweet wisp of hosed legs as they strut by. God.”

“Then you oughta love me. We have something in common already and we just met. Isn’t that fun?”

I could only smile.

“I have about a hundred pairs of pantyhose and I’d wear every pair I own for you. Would that cheer you up?” She reached over and squeezed my thigh. My cock was now like an iron bar. She slid her hand higher. I watched as her bright red nails etched the outline of my bulging trousers and then lightly pressed my manhood.

“You look pretty cheery already.” She leaned towards me. I returned the favor by lightly running my fingers over her soft sheer nylon covered knee. Chantal made low humming sound of appreciation. She pressed her mouth to my ear and whispered.

“If you get that hard from just a little sexy talk, you’re gonna explode when I do something really hot.” With that she tugged emphatically on my cock like it was an exclamation point.

I gasped. I’m no prude but I checked to see if the bartender had seen this and for once was glad that he was not to be found.

“Describe really hot,” I probed.

“Hmm. Pantyhose man. I bet you’d like to rub your dick all over my legs. Or press it hard into my hose covered butt crack. Maybe you’d like me to sit on your face? Or maybe me on yours”

“Uhh…” I was a flustered but totally intrigued.

“Anything else?”

“Maybe you’d like tie me up with my hose and do whatever took your fancy.”

She licked the interior of my ear. Where was that bartender? I needed to settle up right now.

“That could be fun.”

“Maybe you’d like to try a pair on and have me lick your big fat cock? Or how about you just fuck me ’til I cum all over your throbbing meat?”

Mike appeared from the kitchen. I waved.


Chantal’s suite was way bigger than my room. I could hear her singing lightly as she did whatever women do in front of the mirror. The entire trip to her room had been surreal. She had kissed me in the elevator and then led me by the hand down the long hallway with a slow sexy strut.

Once in her room, she made me a drink and then excused herself to freshen up. When she returned I was in awe. She was wearing only a black silk slip, black opera gloves, sheer black pantyhose, and black patent leather stilettos.

“You like?”

I nodded. She strolled over to the loveseat and then stretched out sensuously. She motioned for me to join her. As I approached she raised her beautiful legs and allowed me to sit. Then she stretched them across my lap. I tried hard to get a glimpse under her slip but to no avail.

“Remember your question about my feet in those shoes? These are even harder on them. Mind giving them a little attention?” she asked coyly.

I was transfixed by her legs on my lap. From her thighs exposed just under the slip to the hot bit of toe cleavage peeking out of her pumps, I was in heaven. I removed her shoe and began what I intended to be my greatest foot massage ever. She moaned slightly as I worked the ball of her foot.

“Yes. You have good hands. That’s a good sign.”

“Of what?” I asked, my cock straining at my boxer briefs.

“An attentive lover, silly. Do my other one now.”

I accommodated her wish and removed her other stiletto. I studied her nicely pedicured and painted toes. Deep red shone through the black nylon in a way that turned me on even more.

I continued the massage for a few more minutes, relishing every minute, every touch. Chantal’s eyes were lightly closed. I was clearly relaxing her. I knew I was good at this. I had gotten in more women’s panties via their feet than any other move in my repertoire.

“Oh, sweety! That is fabulous,” she cooed as she sat up. “Anything I can rub for you?”

I looked at her slyly.

“Take it out.”

“Why don’t you take it out, baby?” I responded.

Chantal leaned over towards me and unzipped my trousers. I couldn’t wait to get my cock out of its confinement. She gingerly pulled it out of my briefs and through opening in my pants.

“Nice cock, Ed” she smiled. “I’m gonna have fun with that.”

With that she reclined again and started rubbing it with her pantyhose covered feet. What a sensation. She pressed my purple cock head between her insoles and rubbed it up and down until pre-come oozed from the tip. She took one toe, dabbed it, and then stretched a long strand up until it dripped away.

Chantal tantalized me with the deft use of her feet, the fabric stroking my cock head and the most sensitive under area. The blood surged making it as hard as steel. Sensing that I was about to explode, she stopped.

I watched with slight disappointment as Chantal rose to her feet but was encouraged by the sight of her putting her heels back on and standing directly in front of me with her gloved hands on her hips.

“Now for the real fun.”

She strutted over to the dresser and turned on some slow romantic music. She turned to face me and started to dance a very sensually. The music was jazzy and full of sultry saxophone.

I noticed how fit she was. Fit without being sinewy. Her long legs were the nicest and shapeliest I’d ever seen in person. She was a skilled dancer. I loved that. She bent forwards and touched her right toe , running her hands up the length of her leg. She was not only fit but flexible. My cock was raging. As she reached the top of her thigh she turned sideways and lifted her slip up to her waist. She was wearing sheer to the waist pantyhose. No panel, totally sheer. Normally I was happy to catch a glimpse of a woman’s hosiery, any part of it. Now I was getting it all.

“You want to cha cha with me, lover boy?”

“No, I’m fine right here.”

Chantal danced towards me and then turned her back. She shook her ass to the slow beat. My cock throbbed hard. It was the second time I nearly came. I thought of everything I could to not blow my load. As if she sensed that I was struggling to not cum, she inched her slip up over her butt cheeks offering a full view her black pantyhose covered ass with one black g string running up the crack of her buttocks. I could see her wonderful plump ass with nothing in the way, possibly one of my biggest turn-ons. I wanted to run over and grab that ass or bite it or lick it or fuck it, but that seemed like a long shot. I’d settle for her turning around so I could see her hot little pussy. I wanted to see how nice the it looked before I fucked her silly.

She dropped her slip back down over her ass, turned and strode towards me. Without a word she pulled me to my feet. I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed her waist and pulled her against me, my cock pushing between her legs. She squirmed a bit but then relented. I held her with one arm and with the other pulled her mouth to mine. I kissed her hard. She opened her lips and accepted my probing tongue. She squeezed her thighs tightly around my cock nearly making me cum again but I managed to hold onto my juice. In a mad whirl of passion she kept kissing me while she undid my belt and fly, sending my pants to the floor. I kicked off my shoes as she pulled down my briefs and unbuttoned my shirt. I wiggled out of it and now was completely naked in front of this gorgeous woman.

“Now it’s your turn,” I chided.

“Not quite yet,” she answered as she pushed me down on the couch. She got down on her knees and opened my legs. She examined my manhood carefully.

“9 inches of beautiful cock would be my guess, Ed. You should be proud. I don’t get to see many that big and perfect. Love the fat head on it, too. I should take a picture. My girlfriends will never believe me when I tell them about you.”

With that she ran her tongue from the back of my balls to the tip of my head three times and then ran it around the head so many times I lost count. She licked me from the tip to the base and went to work on my balls, kissing and fondling them. Then she drove me mad by tracing the ridge from my balls to my asshole, lightly tapping and darting around my hole and then in and out of it. No woman had ever done that. Wow, I was reeling. It was all so unbelievable. I was sure something would go wrong. But it didn’t. It just kept getting better. If she was a pro, so what? She was worth the money. I hoped she wasn’t. I liked thinking she was actually attracted to me.

Her hand gripped hard at the base of my cock. What a grip that was! Chantal put her lips over the tip of my cock and slowly worked me into her warm moist mouth, moving an inch at a time and then moving back to the tip. Back and forth, in and out until she reached her gloved hand near the base. She moved her hand to fondle my sack and then went to the bottom of my cock. I could feel the fabulous sensation of her lips around the root of my penis.

I was lost in lust, enjoying every millisecond of her splendid cocksucking. Some women wouldn’t suck your cock. Some did but acted like they didn’t like the taste but wanted to make you happy. Then there were the Chantals of the world: hungry, loving, world class cocksuckers. She knew everything a man could like. It was like she had ESP. I was almost catatonic. I didn’t want to blow yet but wasn’t going to last much longer with this kind of luscious mouth sex. But who cares. I’d hump her later. Fuck it, I was going to let it loose.

In the middle of my pre-explosion spasms she slipped her mouth off and grabbed the tip hard, preventing me from cumming.

“Oh…” I yelped in frustration.

“Oh, baby. If you pop, you’ll miss the chance to fuck me,” she taunted.

“God, no woman has ever done that kind of suck job on me. It’s like you were in my head the whole time. You must love cock.”

“Hmm. Yes I do,” she agreed standing in front of me. “I know a man’s cock inside and out.”

“Sucked a lot of them?” I giggled.

“Yeah, baby. Including my own. Want to see me do it? I’m really limber, Ed”

“Say what?” I stuttered.

” Remember I said if you were good I’d give you a big surprise? Here it is.” With that she raised her black satin slip and I found a huge cock staring back at me.

“What the fuck? You’re a dude?”

“No honey, I’m not a dude. I’m the hottest girl you ever met but with a little bit of extra skin.”

And she wasn’t kidding. Her cock was almost as big as mine and the head was a little larger. As I took it all in, she reached in under her pantyhose and untied the sides of her g string. She tossed her thong to the floor and straddled my leg, pressing my head towards her crotch and what happened next will remain a mystery for life.

For some reason, a reason I’ll never be able to provide, I put my mouth right on her nylon covered cock head. I wasn’t forced, tied up, offered money, or anything. I put my lips and tongue right on her beautiful, hard cock and then I was past the point of no return. I licked every inch of her cock, loving the feel and the sight of it through her hose. After I few minutes, she stretched her hose down under her scrotum and stroked herself. Man, she had a nice cock. Even straight guys can admire a nice looking cock. Without urging I took her in my mouth and sucked her as if it was my own. She began to verbally urge me on but I couldn’t manage the length without gagging. I don’t know what got into me but today, for first time it was another man’s cock.

“Maybe if we get together again, I’ll show you how to do that without gagging,” she whispered. “But for now, I want you to fuck me.”

“Listen, I’m not gay, okay?”

“Yeah honey, neither am I,” she laughed.

“No I mean it. I’ve never done this before. I had no idea. I just thought you were the hottest woman I’ve ever met.” I smiled. She smiled back.

Chantal somehow managed to put that fat cock of hers back inside her hose. The site of her erection stretching at her pantyhose almost made me cum…again.

“That is so sweet. I am the hottest woman you’ve ever met and in a bit, I’ll be the best piece of ass you’ve ever had in your life, too.”

Chantal stood and then pulled me up with her. She grabbed my hands and placed each palm on an ass cheek and then pulled me against her mouth again. We kissed passionately. She whispered in my ear.

“Fuck me. I need fucked and I’m tired of my rubber cock. It’s been way too long.”

She kissed me hard. I loved the feel of her ass in hose. I always loved that but most women don’t appreciate how much men love hose. If they did, they’d all wear them. In fact, women don’t appreciate the allure that their lingerie and undergarments have for men. Now that I’d met Chantal, it occurred to me that maybe cross dressers understood this or maybe they dressed up to match the women that turned them on. Or maybe I was overthinking, looking for a rationale to justify the fact that I was deeply attracted to another man. I had kissed another man. Another man had sucked my cock better than any woman. I had sucked another man’s cock and loved it. I was getting ready to fuck another man’s ass. I didn’t see Chantal as another man, though. She was in her own category.

Chantal led me to her bed. She stretched out on her back assuming a very alluring pose.

“Don’t keep me waiting, lover.”

“Why? What if I do?” I toyed, rubbing my swollen meat to tease her.” Maybe I’ll just jerk off while I stare at your hot bod. Come all over your hose covered dick.” I ran my hands all over her legs and then squeezed her dick hard.”

“Don’t! I’m just about to explode, sweetie. I want to do it with your cock buried in my ass. You won’t believe how good it’ll feel when I come all over your hard cock. Fuck me.”

I didn’t need much more prodding. I climbed on top of her. We began to kiss and rub our cocks against each other. It was a wild sensation of pure lust as we dry-humped. Chantal then raised her knees to her chest. I licked the backs of her knees and calves and then kissed her budding little tits. She moaned appreciatively. I spotted a rubber on the night stand and seized it, ripping open the packet. I couldn’t fathom what was happening to me but I liked it. I stretched the latex over my cock. Chantal grabbed the lube from the stand and handed it to me. I hurriedly applied it.

“Be generous. I’m a little scared of your size, honey.”

“You should be.”

“Pull down my hose, hurry. Fuck me, now.”

That really got me going. I grabbed her arms and pressed them to the bed behind her head.

“I’m in charge now. I’m gonna do whatever I want. Maybe I don’t want to fuck you now. Maybe I’m gonna just rip those hose right off you and suck you off instead.”

“No, be nice now. Give it to me,” she pleaded.

With that I grabbed the stretchy fabric that so drove me insane and tore an entry way towards her pink little hole. My cock had never felt this hard, this sensitive and honestly I think it was actually bigger and longer than ever.

I pressed it against her opening and then in slightly. There was some resistance and then the head popped in. Chantal moaned gutturally. It felt so good that I pulled back out and stuck it in again. I eased in slowly. I was aware of not wanting to hurt her, not wanting to have this end too soon or pop too fast. The tightness was exquisite.

“Slow. Let me get used to you.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Not in the least but don’t go in farther yet or it might.”

For some reason it’s hard to not cum when you’re trying not to. I wanted to fuck her hard and yet I didn’t want to pop too soon.

“Kiss me for a minute.”

We kissed. It was so passionate. I felt like I really liked Chantal. That scared me.

My fear was short lived and gave way to pure raw lust.

Authors note:

I recommend that you read Yuko’s Punishment and Yuko’s Punishment 1, 2 & 3 first before reading this next installment.

It was now three months since her last ordeal in the conference room at work. Three months since her last humiliating experience with her boss and ten businessmen. Even now, as she enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning in bed, just the thought of what she had done that afternoon at the office made her blush and feel embarrassed.

However the main cause of her acute embarrassment was the fact of having to admit that each time her mind flashed back to the events in the conference room it made her feel aroused. Lying there in bed alone that Sunday morning, images and memories flashed through her head of the ten businessmen taking turns to use her mouth and ejaculate all over her head filled her mind. Guilty excitement filled her senses as she thrust her hand between her open thighs to seek out the wetness and get some relief.

Later that evening she received an email from her boss to tell her of a business trip he wanted her to undertake. Despite her boss’s delight in sexually humiliating her from time to time she knew that she was a conscientious capable assistant.

This fact was confirmed by her boss’s email which told her he had booked her on a flight to London, business class, and a room in an up market hotel, and wanted her to deputize for him at an important conference. He explained that he would arrange for all the relevant documents to be emailed later.

Attached to the email was a return ‘E’ ticket and confirmation of the hotel reservation.

She had attended many meetings to discus this forth coming conference and now felt very flattered and honored that her boss had asked her to attend on his behalf.

Yuko spent the next week preparing and packing a case in preparation for her flight.

The flight was comfortable and she was soon checking into the hotel. She was impressed by her room which her boss had already upgraded to a suite.

As she unpacked her clothes she felt that she had achieved a good position in the company and felt determined to prove her self at the conference and hence impress her boss and demonstrate that she was a good business woman.

The following morning after a room service breakfast and a long shower Yuko prepared for the day at the conference. She chose some simple white underwear and sheer fifteen denier tights under a very conservative dark blue business suit; knee length skirt, matching jacket and a plain white blouse buttoned up to her neck.

Yuko checked her self in the mirror and felt happy that she had achieved the look she was after which was that of a smart young professional business woman.

She felt nervous as she pulled on a pair of low two inch heeled shoes, left the room clutching a large briefcase and headed for the elevator. She felt confident that her nervousness would soon go once she was in the conference room and chairing the meeting.

As she waited for the elevator she felt a cold shudder run through her body as she heard a male voice behind her ask, “Yuko?”

She recognized it immediately as her old boss from the UK office. The same boss who had been instrumental in her initial humiliation and punishment.

She turned to face him and to confirm that it was him.

“Hi Yuko,” he said cheerfully, I thought I recognized you. What are you doing back here in the UK?”

“I’m chairing a global conference on behalf of my boss in Japan,” she replied rather proudly, trying to remain calm and dignified. “So what are you doing here, I thought you left the company a while back?”

“I did,” he replied, “but I was invited back to act as a consultant for one of your delegates.”

She heard the elevator ‘ding’ to announce its arrival and waited for the doors to open. As they slid open her old boss said, “After you, Yuko.” She entered the elevator thinking how gentlemanly her old boss was being until, as the doors closed, he said, I only let you go first so that I could check out your backside.” As he spoke he slapped her bottom firmly, causing her to wince at the indignity of his actions.

While the elevator was descending he said, “I’m thinking that in your new managerial role you would prefer your adventurous past to remain a secret?”

Yuko just gazed down at her feet as she replied, “Please, I just want to move on and make a success of my career.”

Her old boss chuckled, reveling in the situation. “I’ll keep your secret quiet,” he said, “but it will cost you.”

“Anything,” Yuko pleaded, “just tell me how much and I’ll arrange it.”

He chuckled again as the elevator slowed and stopped. “I don’t want any money from you Yuko I just want the use of your body for my pleasure.”

As the doors slid open he grabbed her hand saying, “Come with me.”

She felt she had no choice as he led her down a deserted and dimly lit corridor to some gentlemen’s toilets.

He pushed the door open and then pulled her inside.

“Please,” she begged, I must not be late and cannot afford the time to return to my room if I need to change my clothes.”

“Don’t worry Yuko; all you’ll need to do is re-apply your lipstick provided that you swallow like a good obedient girl. Now unzip me.”

She placed the brief case on one of the wash stands and then reluctantly reached for the zip on his trousers. She paused briefly, but knowing that she had little choice if she was to avoid everyone in the conference hearing about her sordid past, she pulled it down and then delved inside his trousers and underpants and pulled out his penis.

She felt terrified that at any moment someone might walk in and find them but knew that any objection would be pointless.

She soon had her small hand wrapped around his manhood and pulled it free from his clothing.

“Now suck it Yuko and make sure you do not leave any mess on my trousers.”

She stooped down until her head was level with his crotch. She could both feel and see that he was fully erect. Her fingers barely reached around the thick shaft. Pulling his foreskin back she then opened her mouth and licked the head before taking the first inch inside. She tasted the familiar saltiness immediately and knew that the quicker she got on with it the quicker she could leave and go to the conference.

As she gripped the shaft with her lips she felt his hands briefly caress her ears before gripping the back of her head and forcing toward him. She quickly and repeatedly swallowed to try and avoid the gagging reflex as her old boss proceeded to fuck her head.

He was thrusting into her mouth, forcing her nose to squash against his pubic hair. She could sense that he would not take long as his thrusts increased in speed and she felt his body tensing. She felt the familiar pulsating of his shaft in her mouth as a brief warning of the sudden flood of semen as he ejaculated into her throat.

She withdrew her mouth a little as he released his grip on her head and sucked hard on him, making sure she drained every drop. Finally she pulled back a little further and cleaned the remaining seepage with her tongue.

“MMMmm, you have improved with time Yuko,” he said, “Your Japanese boss must be giving you plenty of practice.”

She looked up at him from her crouched position and saw the mean look in his eyes. She hated him for having just humiliated her like that. He made her feel cheap having just used her for his selfish pleasure but her body told a different story. She felt disgusted as the taste of his spunk lingered in her mouth but her nipples felt erect and alive. She felt used and abused as she licked him clean but could feel a growing wetness between her legs.

He then wiped the sticky head of his softening penis over her nose and lips before putting it away and zipping up his trousers. “You have my silence Yuko,” he said, causing her to a momentary sigh of relief, before adding, “for now.”

Chuckling to him self he then finished checking his trousers and left.

Yuko quickly grabbed her brief case and, checking that the coast was clear, quickly walked across to the ladies toilet. Upon entering she opened the brief case to retrieve a small make up bag as she checked her self in the mirror. Other than her lipstick being smudged and a few runs in her eye makeup caused when her eyes had watered while she tried to suppress her gagging reflex, she looked fine.

She fixed her eye makeup and lipstick and, realizing that the whole experience had only lasted ten minutes, she then tried to push the experience to the back of her mind as she set off for the conference rooms in the grounds of the hotel.

Throughout the conference she succeeded in ignoring the stares from her old boss and felt that she had conducted the conference competently as the chair person. One of her biggest fears before entering the conference room was that there might be other delegates that she recognized from the old UK office but as she settled in front of them all and glanced around at their faces the only one she recognized was her old boss. She felt relief as she started the proceedings, confident that at last she might be able to concentrate on her career.

Later, as she wound up the proceedings she looked forward to the gala dinner that was to be held later; a time to mix with the other delegates and perhaps forge some new business relationships to boost her career.

Yuko gathered up her papers, placed them in her brief case and made her way back to her suite.

She had only been back in her room for a few moments when the door bell rang.

She cursed under her breath and went to the door.

“Sorry to trouble you,” said a large scruffy looking guy dressed in working overalls and carrying a tool box, but our security systems are reporting a possible problem relating to your room. If it is convenient we need to quickly come inside and check.”

Yuko glanced at the man and his equally large colleague before replying, “Well OK, if you are quick then I suppose it will be OK. I have to get ready for an important dinner later this evening so please come in but I say again, please be quick.”

The two men entered the room, the last one closing the door behind him.

“So what is this security problem?” she enquired.

As she spoke the first and largest of the men reached for the TV remote and switched on the TV. “We have security cameras covering most of the hotel miss, and we spotted something earlier that could affect you. If you wait a minute I’ll bring up the security channel on your TV and we can check.”

Yuko watched, slightly puzzled as the maintenance guy entered a channel number and then a password via the TV remote control.

The large screen TV then showed a clear view of one of the corridors in the hotel.

He pressed a few more buttons causing the scene to change and then Yuko suddenly froze.

There on the screen was a recording showing her entering the men’s toilets with her old boss.

The scene then switched to the inside of the toilet. Yuko glanced at the two men and felt her self start to panic. In one swift pre-rehearsed move the two men grabbed her, pulled her over to her bed and then forced her to sit between them.

“What do you think your doing!” she protested, wriggling and fighting to free her self. She realized that to fight was useless. The men were leering at her and forcing her to look at the TV as the recording of this morning’s encounter with her old boss replayed on the screen.

Yuko watched with horror and a feeling of helplessness at the image of her self on the TV, getting out her old bosses penis and then stooping down in front of him to take him into her mouth.

The TV was still showing the recording of her earlier ordeal as the men started to rip off her clothes.

“No! No! You bastards, stop!” she protested already knowing that she was powerless to stop them.

She both heard and felt the buttons fly from her jacket as one of them held her and the other one just gripped the front and ripped it open. Her jacket was soon tossed onto the floor. She then felt his strong hands grip the neck line of her blouse and gasped as he just ripped it off her; the buttons flew across the room and the fabric tore and ripped easily. The men then swapped roles. As the other man now held her wriggling body the first one grabbed at the hem of her skirt. She heard the loud ripping noise as he tore it from the hem all the way up to her waist. It was now little more than a scrap of cloth as he finally ripped it from her body leaving her wearing just her bra, pantyhose and panties.

She still struggled as one of them held her whilst the other went to his tool box.

Yuko’s eyes were now wide with expectation and terror as she watched him come back toward her with four lengths of rope in his hands.

First they tied her legs; a rope around each ankle tied to opposite feet of the bed. With her legs tied and stretched wide open it made her struggling very difficult. Next they tied both her arms above her head and to each corner of the bed leaving her spread semi naked in the shape of a cross.

She stopped struggling and just looked at them defiantly as they leered back at her.

“I thought you wanted us to be quick,” the first guy said, “we’ll be as quick as we can and it will help if you stop struggling.” He then grabbed at her bra, pulling it violently away from her body. She could feel the fabric refusing to yield as it dug painfully into the flesh of her back and shoulders stretching away from her body to partially expose each breast.

She shouted, “No, please don’t hurt me,” when she saw the other man had fetched a knife from the tool box. As he approached she felt beads of sweat break out all over body. She watched him grinning at her as he approached and then with a few swift cuts she felt the pain of the bra digging into her vanish as it was reduced to scraps of useless fabric and tossed away onto the floor.

Each of them then grabbed a breast, squeezing them painfully and then, gripping her nipples between finger and thumb, they pinched her hard causing her to cry out.

“We were told that you liked it a little rough,” said one of them, “maybe we should now kiss them better.”

Yuko tried to ignore the aroused feelings in her body as they released their painful grip on her nipples. She then suppressed a sigh as they both surprised her by dipping their heads onto her breasts to lick her swollen and painful buds.

The gentleness did not last. After a few licks they moved down and she felt a hand grip the waistband of her panties which she had worn over her pantyhose. The panties were nowhere near as strong as her bra and with a strong powerful tug she felt them being ripped from her body.

She could almost physically feel their lustful gazes as though they were actually running their hands all over her. The only thing protecting what was left of her modesty was the fine nylon of her 15 denier pantyhose. She gasped as the one who had just ripped off her panties thrust his hand, palm upwards, into her crotch, pressing the fine nylon against the delicate moist folds of her labia. She felt him cupping her engorged lips in the palm of his hand knowing that he could now feel her wetness.

Her cheeks flushed crimson with shame as he announced to his colleague, “she’s wet! Her lovely little Asian cunt is soaking wet!”

“Let me feel,” said the other one as he pushed the other’s hand away and pressed his own inquisitive fingers into the wet nylon between her wide open legs.

She felt the pressure of the nylon against her tender lips as he pressed it partially into her wetness with his fingers. She whimpered as the pressure built in intensity as he pushed harder and harder trying to forcing more of the fine nylon into her wetness with his finger. He paused and she found her self gazing into his lust filled eyes. He stared into her eyes as he added a second finger and she then felt both moving in a sawing action up and down her nylon covered wet slit.

She saw the glint in his eye as he suddenly pressed both fingers hard against the resisting nylon. She felt the pain in her pussy lips as they were crushed by the nylon and then she howled with both the relief and the sudden invasion of her vagina as the nylon finally gave way and the maintenance man’s two fingers slid completely into her up to his knuckles.

She lay there impaled on his two fingers, feeling his knuckles pressed hard against her tender, engorged lips and his fingers moving deep inside her.

Any hint of her struggling had now stopped as he withdrew his fingers, gripped the frayed edges of the hole he had just made and tore the pantyhose further to expose all of the flesh between her thighs.

Yuko was now fully exposed as she watched the two of them hastily unfasten the flies of their overalls.

She gasped as they both pulled out huge erections knowing that they would both soon be forcing them selves inside her.

The first man was soon climbing on top of her and groping between her thighs. She felt the head of his huge cock nudge against her wet opening.

The air rushed out of her lungs when, without any further warning the guy thrust the whole length of his huge penis up inside her. It felt initially painful as her small Asian vagina was forced to stretch around and accommodate this large invader. The pain was short lived as he started to thrust selfishly into her. She then felt ashamed to realize that she was starting to thrust back against him.

It was quite obvious he was just seeking his own animal satisfaction as he pounded into her relentlessly.

Knowing that the other guy was waiting his turn just seemed to add to Yuko’s torment of trying to suppress her own arousal. She could feel her previously abused and swollen nipples tingling with desire as the man thrust between her legs. His whole weight was now on top of her and she could feel his hot urgent breath in her ear. It felt as though he was trying to split her in half with his huge cock as he pressed it into her as deep as he could get. With each pussy stretching thrust she felt her clit, aroused and swelling, being stimulated.

As he huskily breathed in her ear, “I hope you’re on the fucking pill,” Yuko’s body arched and thrashed on the bed and her screams of pleasure echoed around the room. Before her climax had subsided she felt his cock swell and throb inside her before releasing a gush of hot cum.

Embarrassed by her feelings she felt disappointed as he pulled out from her leaving her feeling empty.

The feelings were short lived as the other man took his place. He briefly and roughly squeezed both breasts as he positioned the head of his big erection against her puffy and dripping lips. She felt his weight on her as he released her breasts and, with one big powerful thrust entered her completely.

Again she felt her self being stretched to accommodate his manhood and then gasped again as he reached beneath her, gripped her buttocks and pushed a finger into her anus.

She protested, but only half heartedly as he quickly used her for his own pleasure, pushing his finger deep into her rectum as he erupted deep inside her vagina.

Once he had ejaculated he withdrew and wiped the head of his dripping penis over her thigh.

They were both staring between her stretched open thighs as she felt their collective cum trickling from her.

The whole of her body was still tingling with arousal and she pleaded, no, please don’t as both of them reached between her legs. She felt one of them briefly dip his finger into her dripping hole and then swiftly push it up her anus. The other started to flick her clitoris with the tip of his finger. She knew that another orgasm was not far away and as they took turns to finger fuck her anus and play with her clit she closed her eyes and submitted to her overwhelming desire for relief.

She felt both shame and embarrassment as the pair of them made her cum two more times referring to her as a horny Asian bitch as they abused both holes between her thighs with their fingers.

Finally they stopped, both of them grinning as one said, “I think that has solved the problem miss, you had better get showered and ready for your gala dinner this evening. They then untied her, zipped up their overalls and left her alone in her room.

Yuko lay on the bed for a while her ripped pantyhose still clinging to her legs and thighs but torn and shredded between her legs.

She reached down between her legs and touched her tender lips. They felt swollen but not as tender or sore as she had expected. She realized she was still aroused and for a moment felt tempted to pleasure her self once more using her fingers. She checked the time. There were still two hours before the Gala dinner and, as the hostess she knew she had to get some rest and then be ready in plenty of time.

She climbed off of the bed and removed the ruined pantyhose. She gathered up the remains of her ripped and torn clothes and then tossed them into the waste bin.

She glanced at the TV screen and saw the security movie repeating over and over at the point where her old boss had ejaculated into her throat. The two security guys had obviously left that as there farewell reminder. She turned off the TV, went to the bathroom and ran a deep hot bath.

She tried to relax in the hot bath but her mind was in turmoil. Earlier that day her old boss had effectively blackmailed her in order to force her to suck him off. Any normal woman would have run screaming and reported him but Yuko didn’t. Later the two guys had entered her room and roughly raped her. Again any normal woman would have called the police but she didn’t.

Feeling dirty and ashamed she could not resist sliding her hand down over belly and then down between her legs as she replayed the events of the day in her head. Subconsciously checking that her pubis and labia were baby smooth and hair free as always these days, she watched and felt her nipples stiffen and tingle as she remembered the maintenance guy’s huge cock stretching her as he entered her. Her finger tips were already dancing over her labia and seeking out her clit as she replayed the scene where they had literally ripped off her clothes and abused her. She felt the wonderful and familiar sensations start to radiate through her body both physically and mentally as she shuddered in the hot water with another orgasm.

She lay there for a while, exhausted and for the moment satisfied. Later she awoke with a start. The water felt cold as she realized she must have dozed off.

She quickly got out of the bath. Dried her self and then, seeing she still had a comfortable amount of time left before the gala dinner, she started to dress for the evening ahead.

Before she had left Japan her boss had stressed the importance of how elegantly she must be dressed for the gala dinner because she was the representing him and was the hostess. He had given her a generous allowance to go and buy a very expensive silk evening gown and shoes.

Yuko went to the wardrobe and took out the gown. She held it up and admired the fine patterned crimson red silk of the Kimono style dress, excited by the prospect of wearing such a beautiful and exquisite evening gown.

She had also bought a matching set of red silk underwear together with some fifteen denier sheer black hold up stockings.

She pushed the events of the day into the back of her mind as she started to get dressed.

She pulled on the red silk panties enjoying the luxury feel of the fine silk against her hairless pussy and then put on the bra. The soft silk cups were not under-wired or padded and so left her pert B cup breasts looking quite natural with a delicately small cleavage and slightly upward and outward facing nipples.

Finally she pulled on the stockings, rolling them carefully up and over her knees until the supporting thicker band was positioned high on each thigh. Before putting on the dress she checked her reflection in a full length mirror. She turned one way and then the other, feeling sexy but at the same time happy in the knowledge that the long gown would cover her and only she would know what was under it.

Finally she put on the dress. It had a long zip fastener on the back. Having fully opened the zip she stepped into the dress placed her arms into each sleeve and then, reaching behind, she pulled the zip right up to the top of the high neck line.

Yuko had loved the dress from the moment she had seen it the shop. Now, as she checked her self out in the full length mirror she felt pleased with her choice. The sleeves were three quarter length and the bodice reached right up to her slender neck. The hem of the skirt section was ankle length with open slits on each side reaching to just past the knee. The fine silk hugged her body, revealing the slim but curvy shape of her body beneath. As she walked across the room to fetch her shoes she felt the tightness of the skirt restricting her stride to very short but elegant steps. The shoes were red satin sling backs with a heel of about three inches; fashionable and definitely elegant.

She kept her make up simple but elegant with red lipstick and just a hint of eye shadow and mascara.

Finally realizing that time had passed quicker than she imagined she picked up her clutch bag, gave one last glance in the mirror, left her room and made her way to the private room which the hotel had reserved for the conference gala dinner which was on the first floor.

As she entered the room Yuko took a glass of champagne from a waiter and then looked around at the other delegates that had already arrived. There would be thirty in total, mostly men and two women.

She walked across and greeted them thinking how handsome all of the men looked dressed formally in dinner jackets and black bow ties.

Gradually the room filled and all of the delegates were there. Although she had chaired the conference her old boss took her to one side and said he was willing to make the welcome speech. Yuko readily agreed, pleased to avoid her self-conscious shyness of addressing the people again.

The room was quite intimate but large enough to accommodate three tables of ten people comfortably.

As they all took their places Yuko found her self seated with her old boss and eight other men. The all chatted to her politely but she was aware of them all trying to subtly check her out.

Her old boss stood and called for silence before saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, On behalf of the company I would like to welcome you all to our gala dinner. I think you will all agree that Yuko here did a great job of chairing the conference.”

Yuko blushed and glanced down shyly as the room burst into a round of applause.

Her old boss continued, “After the meal I will be holding an auction of various items to raise money for charity. I hope you are all feeling generous as it is for a very good cause, but more about that later after we have enjoyed our meal.”

The delegates applauded and then the waiters started to serve the meal.

The meal was delicious and for the first time that day Yuko was starting to feel relaxed.

As they were drinking their coffee her old boss stood and asked for silence.

“Before I start the auction I would like to show you all a video recording which I hope will encourage you all to be as generous as possible.”

Yuko was puzzled. This was the first time any mention had been made of an auction or video and she wondered what the charity was.

He then continued, “Yuko, I’ll need your help with the auction so will you please go and stand between the three tables.”

The three tables had been arranged in a triangle leaving an area in the centre.

Yuko felt eager to be involved, to help raise money for a good cause and help raise the company image. She left her chair and walked to the centre of the group. She was never at ease in front of people because of her inherent shyness but after chairing the conference earlier she felt that she had found a new self confidence.

Her old boss continued, “Ladies and gentlemen I’m sure you will all agree that the dress Yuko is wearing this evening looks exquisite. The company chairman back in Tokyo purchased the dress for Yuko specifically for this evening’s event and left me instructions that it should be first item to be auctioned.”

Yuko felt disappointed that she would not be keeping the beautiful dress for her self but consoled her self with the fact that it would be going for a good cause.

Continuing he said, now if you would all please watch the video I’m sure that afterwards we can raise a lot of cash.

The lights in the room dimmed and a large projection screen lowered almost silently from the ceiling, Yuko felt keen to watch and learn about the charity that her company was supporting.

The screen came to life and suddenly Yuko came close to bringing up the meal she had just eaten. She felt frozen to the spot as she and all of her conference colleagues watched her in the men’s toilet, stooped down in front of her old boss sucking his erect penis. The video had been cut to last just twenty seconds or so and quickly ended leaving the audience in no doubt that he had just ejaculated into her throat and that she had swallowed the lot.

Yuko felt her body tremble as she wished the floor would open and swallow her whole. Any relief from her acute embarrassment was short lived as within seconds of the toilet scene closing another even more explicit scene started.

There on the screen for all to see was Yuko. Completely naked except for her torn tights and tied spread eagled to a bed. In the hushed silence of the room Yuko watched and re-lived the moment in her head as the two maintenance men crudely fingered her fully exposed pussy and anus. She cringed with acute shame while her screams of pleasure filled the room as the two men made her cum. Like the last video, this one had also been cut short and suddenly the screen was receding back to the ceiling and the lights were coming back to full brightness.

Yuko just stood there motionless; her cheeks flushed crimson red, gazing down at her feet knowing that all eyes in the room were on her.

She could feel the expectant excitement in the room as her old boss continued, “Ladies and gentlemen I think that you will all agree that despite her shy exterior, Yuko is a very sexy and accommodating lady. You have all previously seen the full length video of Yuko’s punishment that I distributed before applying to take part in this fake conference. I have instructions from our company chairman that after the auction of the dress Yuko is available for what he has called, the sex orgy of the year during which she will be available for any of your sexual desires.”

Yuko was almost deafened by the loud instantaneous applause as the delegates made their delight at the prospect of her complete humiliation very obvious.

“Perhaps two of you ladies could help me with the auction by assisting Yuko,” her old boss said.

Yuko raised her head a little to see the two female delegates eagerly moving toward her and then joining her in the centre space between the tables. Yuko glanced at each of them noting their appearance. Both were attractive and slim, taller than her but with short cropped hair. One had dark haired whilst the other was obviously died red.

“Thank you ladies, now let’s start the auction.”

Who’ll start me at £500 for the dress?

500, thank you sir. 600 anywhere.

As the auction progressed with the price quickly ramping up the two short haired ladies encouraged Yuko to slowly turn around so that everyone could see her from different angles. As they turned her one of them forced her chin up making her face the delegates instead of gazing down at her feet.

The price was already at £1200 and as her old boss continued his selling pitch saying, “any advance on 1200, for this beautiful figure hugging dress,” Yuko tensed as the red haired lady ran her hand boldly over her from her neck down over her breasts to the gentle swell of her belly as if to show how it hugged her figure.

The auction was getting louder as the bids kept coming until the price reached £2100.

Yuko listened as her old boss continued, “Is there any advance on £2100,” going once, going twice, sold to the man at the back.”

The delegates cheered loudly and then the noise in the room slowly subdued to complete silence. Yuko felt a little sad that she would not be able to keep the fabulous silk dress but consoled her self by the fact that it had raised a reasonable amount of money for charity. She looked around at the delegates gathered together in the room. She sensed a mood of anticipation and could not help but notice how the men nearest to her were quite openly appraising her with their eyes roaming over her from head to toe. Suddenly she froze as her old boss said, “Ladies, please take off Yuko’s dress so we can give it to its proud new owner.”

Yuko tried to protest and get away but the two women held her firmly. She then felt the zipper being swiftly pulled all the way down.

She tried to suppress the now contradictory but familiar feelings of shame and arousal as the two women eased first one arm and then the other from her dress before finally pulling it from her completely.

The room erupted with loud cheering as the silk dress was passed to the highest bidder leaving Yuko, staring down at her feet dressed in just her red silk bra and panties together with her sheer fifteen denier hold ups.

Without looking up she could feel every pair of eyes looking at her and, with a strong submissive feeling of defeat, knew that her latest ordeal had only just begun.

One of the women lifted her chin again, forcing her to look at the men all around.

Her old boss then called for silence. The room was now completely quiet as he said, “As you have all seen from the video taken this morning, Yuko is very good at sucking cock as well as chairing a conference. I know that all of you have also seen the video of her punishment when she worked in the UK office and judging by your reactions here I know you are all keen to sample Yuko’s skills for your selves.

Before I give her to you I think you would all appreciate seeing what delights she has waiting for us to both see and use so I will now auction the bra and then the panties which match the beautiful silk dress.”

Yuko listened to the enthusiastic noise of the crowd as they bid for her bra. The price was already at £1200. She waited with nervous anticipation knowing that in the next few minutes her breasts would be displayed to the delegates.

“Any advance on £1200; £1500, thank you sir.

Yuko felt her body starting to tingle with arousal and at the same time deep shame that she should react in such a way.

“£1600; any more? Going once, going twice; sold to the gentleman on my right.”

Yuko felt her cheeks flush deeper as one of the women reached behind and swiftly unfastened the bra. “Time to show us all your tits,” she said with a slightly threatening tone to her voice.

Yuko winced as one of the women held her whilst the other pulled off her bra.

Her natural reaction was to try and cover her self but the women quickly grabbed her hands and held them behind her back.

She winced as both women painfully pinched her nipples, pulling them outward and upward as though trying to pull them off. When her nipples were released, Yuko felt ashamed again as they looked both erect and aroused and at the same time her breasts tingled with pleasure.

Again one of the women forced Yuko’s chin up to make her look at the lecherous male faces all looking directly at her exposed breasts.

She knew the time would come soon but still felt her body tense and fill with shame as her old boss announced, “And now I’ll auction Yuko’s panties.”

The crowd went wild but then the noise subsided and the room was silent as her old boss continued, “I think you’ll all agree that Yuko has a sexy body and the combination of the red silk panties and the dark holdup stockings have the effect of focusing our eyes onto her crotch. As you have all seen from the video, Yuko shaves her pussy.”

Yuko’s cheeks were nearly as red as the silk panties as he continued, “So, for the chance to own the panties and of course the bonus of seeing Yuko displaying all of her shaved charms who’ll start me at £2000?”

There was a flurry of bids and Yuko just stared down at her feet as she heard the bids rise to £3000.

She felt her heart rate increase as the bidding slowed to a halt at £3250 knowing that the time was rapidly approaching when she would lose her panties and be naked.

“£3250; any advance on £3250?” Yuko just stared at her feet and then felt a feeling of dread fill her senses as a man shouted, “£3500 if there is a wet patch!”

Her old boss continued, “Any advance on £3500?”

Going once, going twice, sold to the man to my right.”

The two women glanced at each other and then, as one of them cupped one of Yuko’s breasts, the other slowly and sensuously ran her hand down over the front of Yuko’s body. Yuko tried to suppress the feelings of arousal but as the woman’s hand slipped down over her belly and then inside the waistband of her panties she let out an anguished gasp as the intruding fingers brushed over her wet lips.

Yuko pleaded, “Stop, please stop,” but even as she spoke she knew her pleas sounded far from convincing. She felt humiliated and deeply embarrassed but as the woman deftly slipped a finger into Yuko’s vagina she just moaned softly and felt her whole crotch becoming saturated.

The woman was obviously pleased to have discovered Yuko’s aroused state as she announced to the crowd, “This shy Asian slut’s pussy is already wet and ready!”

As the crowd cheered the woman withdrew her hand but then proceeded to press the crotch of the silk panties against Yuko’s wetness. Finally, satisfied with the result she removed her hand, turned to Yuko’s old boss and said, “Her panties are definitely wet now.”

Yuko dreaded what might happen next as the two women stood on either side of her and lifted her off of the ground. She struggled half heartedly as they each reached for a leg and before she knew it they were turning her around slowly with her legs pulled open so that the large dark wet patch on the crotch of her panties could be seen by all of the men.

The men cheered loudly and then the one who had bid for the wet panties stood up and approached.

The women held on to Yuko but let her legs close; for the moment.

Yuko looked around at the many faces surrounding her as the man said, “I think you are wearing something that now belongs to me.”

He then reached for the waist of her panties and swiftly pulled them off, sliding them down over her sheer hold ups and then easing them from her feet.

To add to her shame he held them up displaying the obvious wet patch in the crotch to the crowd before placing them over his nose and breathing in deeply.

“MMmm, he exclaimed, you smell divine.”

As he stuffed the soiled panties into his pocket the women reached down and lifted Yuko’s legs up and apart again. Like before they turned around slowly but this time displaying her completely to the crowd. Yuko could feel her moist labia opening as her legs were pulled apart. She felt ashamed by the wetness she could feel between her legs but felt powerless to stop her body becoming more and more aroused as the women humiliated her.

The men had cleared one of the tables and the women carried Yuko over to it and laid her down on her back. She had given up any fight that was left in her and just groaned with shame as they lifted her knees, folding each of them back and apart. Laying there, exposed in the most obscene way, Yuko watched the men start to gather round and heard the unmistakable sound of zips being unfastened.

My wife’s control over me insures that I have no secrets from her no matter how depraved my hidden desires. She delights in my need to live under her feminizing control. As part of my training, she has ordered me to confess my prior deviant acts to the world. In this series, I confess my past experiences as a panty thieving college cross dresser. I have changed some of the names, but the rest of the confessions are, sadly, true.

As indicated in a previous story, “Wife in Control Ch. 3″, I discovered the pleasures of wearing my sister’s panties, pantyhose, ballet tights, and other soft and girly things as a teenager. These panty pleasures culminated in my moving into her old room as an eighteen year old high school senior and playing in her panty drawer and closet on a daily basis. I relished the pleasures of that year rubbing my rock hard cock with her body lotion, while admiring my pantied ass and legs softly covered in the various hues of the pantyhose and tights she left behind when she went off to college. It wasn’t that I wanted to be a girl or saw myself as trapped in the wrong body. Instead, I coveted the opportunity to wrap myself in her femininity. My sister had a sweet, feminine beauty that I adored. I enjoyed the feeling of simply wearing her most feminine lingerie, hosiery, and even the occasional dress almost as much as the orgasmic rush of pulling my cock over the band of her pantyhose and jacking off while pointing my hose covered toes in the air. Wearing her feminine clothes gave me a certain intimacy with her that was as addictive as it was difficult to explain. Outside of this kink, I was a very aggressive hetero young man who was relatively successful in my pursuit of the girls in my affluent and somewhat sexually conservative social group.

In 1986, I graduated from high school and headed off to college at SMU in Dallas leaving behind my special relationship with the silky contents of my sister’s panty and hosiery drawers. Other than occasionally pilfering a pair of panties from the dryer in the dorm laundry to jack off in when my roommate was out of town for the weekend, I suppressed my urge to frolic in women’s “unmentionables” as my grandmother called them. Instead, I turned my attention to chasing the girls I encountered on the SMU campus. SMU has a very wealthy student body, and the coeds were very beautiful, fashionable, and well maintained. The daddy’s little girl syndrome was alive and well, but there were also many very cool, fun young women who were as smart as they were beautiful. I was an all American looking guy and pledged a top fraternity, so I was around some of the most beautiful and accomplished women on campus on a daily basis. While I had some sexual success and was great friends with many of these beautiful sorority girls, I never connected with any of these women on a long-term romantic basis. In short, I was a good friend and a fun date. I had a lot of short term flings, but nothing serious.

My sophomore year, I lived in an apartment with three other guys, so my life was more of the same. I was a good student, but I had a great time as a typical wild fraternity boy, although I would like to think without the douche bag and asshole connotations. I kept my fantasies of playing in the panty drawers of those cute sorority girls to myself and did not act on them. At the end of my sophomore year, however, that old itch resurfaced.

Right after we finished exams, one the girls who was a “good friend” invited me to come to her hometown to be her escort for the weekend of a charity ball. Lauren was a tall, attractive girl, but we did not have a sexual connection other than a few drunken make out sessions. She wanted a fun date without the drama of dealing with a boy she did not know well. I was happy to oblige in return for free drinks and a fun party. I stayed in the guest room of her parent’s luxury condominium in downtown Houston. There was a cocktail party on Friday night before the Saturday night ball. She looked beautiful in a short cocktail dress with sheer hose and pretty black satin pumps (keep in mind this was the late 1980′s), and we had a great time without the pressures (or the pleasures, unfortunately) of romantic entanglement.

On Saturday, while she was out shopping with her mother, I went to take a shower in the bathroom shared between Lauren’s room and the guest room. As I undressed, I noticed the familiar sight of the leg of a pair of pantyhose hanging over the side of the waste basket. Lauren’s pantyhose had a small run in them, and she had thrown them away. Knowing I was alone in the house for a while, that old urge came over me. I sat on the cold marble floor of the bathroom and put on the pantyhose, pulling them carefully up my legs. They were very luxurious sheer to waist pantyhose and felt great on my legs as I pulled them high up my above my waist.

In a rush, those old familiar feelings returned as I admired my legs covered in the silky, shiny, evening hose. As I stretched out my legs, I could feel the cold marble floor on my ass through the sheer hose. After savoring the feeling of my hose covered legs for a few minutes on the floor. I reached up on the vanity and grabbed a bottle of Lauren’s body lotion. I squeezed the floral smelling lotion into my hand, pulled the waist band of the hose down to expose my now hard cock, and began to stroke my cock. It was incredible. I thought of Lauren in her pretty dress wearing these very same pantyhose just a few hours earlier. I imagined wearing the dress and her black satin stiletto pumps. The feeling of experiencing her femininity and the beauty of her hose covered legs by wearing her pantyhose was incredible. As I stroked myself, I leaned forward in the sitting position so my asshole came in contact with the cold marble floor through the sheer pantyhose. I pushed my sphincter out to maximize the contact with the floor and rock my body so my hose covered ass slid back and forth on the marble floor. The pantyhose and the sensation of the cold floor on my asshole drove me over the top. I spurted powerfully in my cupped hand as I came violently, shaking while I continued to stroke my cock through the end of my orgasm. I was spent, but I knew, like an addict, my suppressed fetish had been reawakened.

When I arrived back in Dallas after the weekend, my roommates had already moved home for the summer. Still buzzing from my rediscovery of the joys of pantyhose and alone in the apartment, I went on a search mission. I walked to a large apartment complex near my place that was popular with female students and entered the laundry room after surveying the area to make sure no one was around. I quickly checked the machines and soon found a treat. In one of the dryers, I found several pair of white string bikini panties and a mesh hosiery bag containing a pair of white pantyhose. While I had always been an honest person and would not normally steal anything, the excitement of my reawakened fetish overcame any sense of morality. With my heart beating faster from the rush of potential discovery and the naughty thrill of playing in the panties and stockings, I quickly grabbed a pair of the panties and the white pantyhose, shoved them in my pocket, and rushed home.

Safely locked in the apartment, I breathlessly undressed and pulled on the panties. They were made of real silk, which I had never encountered before, and felt very tight as they cupped my cock and balls in feminine softness. I was so turned on that I almost fell down as I hurriedly pulled on the white pantyhose and pulled them up my legs. They felt incredible on my legs and around my ass and cock. I admired myself in the mirror, posing like a hot young sorority girl. Crazed with lust, I walked to the kitchen area and grabbed a knife. I pulled the panty hose and the panties down to my thighs and cut a slit in the pantyhose and the panties, splitting them from the crotch panel backward a few inches. I pulled the panties and the pantyhose back up and pulled my cock and balls through the slit. I was rock hard as I grabbed some lotion off of my dresser and climbed on the bed. With my legs stretched out in front of me, my lower half looked like a sexy young woman, except of course for the stiff cock sticking up from the crotch of the pantyhose. I crossed my legs and rubbed them together enjoying the feeling of my silky legs sliding easily across each other. I was in pantyhose heaven as the girlish feelings I remembered so fondly from my sister’s bedroom came rushing back.

As I began to rub the lotion on my cock, my eye caught my umbrella sitting against the door frame. It was broken, but I had not bothered to throw it out. Eyeing the wooden handle of the large golf umbrella, I had a particularly depraved idea. I stood up and walked across the room, further titillated by the sensation of my hose covered feet sliding on the carpet as I walked. I grabbed the umbrella and brought it over to the bed. I rubbed a large amount of lotion over the wooden handle, which was about 6 inches long and was thick with four raised knobs to form a natural hand grip. I turned over on my knees with ass pointing to my wooden headboard. I reached back and ripped the hole in the crotch of the pantyhose wider to expose my asshole. Propping the tip of the umbrella on the headboard, I reached between my legs and lifted the well-greased wooden handle through the slit in the pantyhose and the panties to rest it against my asshole. Returning my hand to my cock, I pushed my panty covered ass back against the umbrella handle forcing the first knob on the end of the handle into my ass. It hurt at first as it forced open my sphincter, which had apparently forgotten the experience of my early anal adventures in my sister’s room. Soon the fire subsided as my asshole relaxed to accommodate the invasion.

I began stroking my cock with the lotion and pushed back on the umbrella handle impaling my ass further over the next two knobs. Then, I started rocking back and forth on the umbrella handle which caused it to rub against my prostate as the last knob stimulated the rim of my asshole, stretching it open each time I rocked back. It felt incredible. I felt an orgasm building up inside of me and surrendered to the intense dual stimulation of my cock and ass. I stroked furiously as I rocked back and forth, fucking myself on the umbrella handle. My ass contracted around the handle as my orgasm seemed to sweep over me in a wave launched deep within my bowels. With cum spurting uncontrollably on the bed, my entire body shook with exquisite pleasure with each successive orgasmic wave. Spent, I slid the umbrella handle out of my ass and fell to the bed. As I lay on the bed in the stolen panties and pantyhose, the post orgasmic lull exacerbated my feelings of guilt over my theft, and I promised myself I would not do it again. I threw the umbrella and the panties and the pantyhose in the dumpster behind my apartment and went to bed.

The next morning, I awoke horny once again and sad that I had not saved the evidence for one more wearing. Before I had a chance to stroke myself to relieve the urge, Lauren called to see if I would help carry a few of the heavier items as she moved out of her apartment to go home for the summer. She was a good friend, and her parents had spent a lot of money on me the past weekend so I readily agreed.

Lauren lived with 3 other girls in a house off campus, but was moving out because she was spending the fall semester in Europe as was the tradition for many wealthy SMU coeds. Two of her roommates had already moved home for the summer, but her third roommate, Leslie, was going to summer school so she had just gone home for a couple of weeks and had not moved out. Leslie was a beautiful 5’7″ blonde girl with a tight athletic body. I did not know her that well. She had the reputation of being a rich bitch, but Lauren said she was just quiet. Whatever the truth of that debate, it was undisputed that she was smoking hot. She was still head over heels for her boyfriend from high school who went to another college so she never went out, sadly depriving me and my fellow male students of her beauty and her body.

I arrived at Lauren’s house as she was packing up boxes and began carrying her stereo and some furniture out to a trailer that she had rented. After I made a few trips, she announced that she needed to go to the store and get some packing tape. She told me just to stay there and watch her place for a few minutes so she did not have to lock up. In my horniness, my remorse from the night before faded, and I decided to take a quick look around. Laurens stuff was mostly boxed up and the first two drawers of her dresser were empty when I hurriedly opened them, my hands shaking with excitement and sexual adrenaline.

The third drawer was filled with shorts and t-shirts which was no help at all. The fourth drawer, however, contained her aerobics clothes. My heart thumped with excitement as I ran my hands through the spandex leotards and tights in various colors. My fear of getting caught since Lauren knew I was here alone overcame my desire to pilfer the entire drawer so I quickly grabbed one of two pairs of shiny black Lycra tights and shoved them in my pocket.

Knowing that Lauren would be back in a few minutes, I moved quickly into Leslie’s room. She had only left to visit her parents the day before so the scent of her perfume and various lotions and powders lingered. Fighting the intoxication of the feminine surroundings, I opened her first drawer, which was her panty and sock drawer. The drawer mainly contained cotton bikini panties in assorted colors, which did not scratch my particular itch. I did, however find a pair of white satin string bikini panties and shoved it in my pocket without taking the time to examine them. I found feminine knee highs and ankle socks to be very sexy and would have loved to take several pairs, but had to hurry. I quickly grabbed a pair of white ankle socks decorated with black polka dots and put them in my pocket.

My hands shook as I opened the next drawer and realized I had found her lingerie drawer full of slips and bras and assorted wonderfulness. I lifted three rather ordinary slips to discover the mother lode. I found a white body suit made of very heavy lace that stretched in my hands. It looked very expensive because the lace was so heavy it was opaque. The exquisite body suit seemed much too fine for a college student and must have been a gift from her boyfriend. I shoved the body suit into my pants and raced to the car to hide my feminine finds.

I shoved them in the center console and returned to the living room of Laurens house breathless from the erotic excitement of my horny heist. I was just in time as Lauren arrived home. I raced to finish helping her load the trailer because of my eagerness rush home and model my illicit intimates in front of the mirror in a flesh flogging fashion show.

After we finished loading, I sped home and ran inside as quickly as possible. I stripped down and eagerly pulled the shiny black tights over my feet and up my legs to my waist. I pulled the white lace body suit on and put my arms through the straps. The body suit was firm and heavy, giving a girdle like feeling of support and control. I then put on the ankle socks, which were particularly thin, silky and feminine. I stood to admire myself in the full length mirror by the bed. Madonna was just becoming a superstar, and I loved that my outfit resembled her lace and spandex look of the moment, just like a trendy girl. My stomach tingled with the butterflies of taboo arousal. I moved to the bed and, lying on my back, stretched my legs toward the ceiling. The black tights looked like black liquid poured evenly over my legs. They felt even better as I rubbed my legs together and enjoyed the feeling of the smooth texture. I was about to explode. I grabbed a pair of scissors from my desk. I unsnapped the crotch of the body suit, pulled the tights down to my thighs, and cut a slit in the panel at the crotch of the tights. I quickly pulled the tights up and snapped the crotch of the body suit. Moving back to the bed, I grabbed some lotion and a towel. I jumped on the bed and pulled my now raging hard on through the hole in the crotch of the tights. I moved the crotch of the body suit to the left and pulled my cock and balls through the right side leg opening so that the crotch of the body suit was smooth against my pubic mound beside my cock.

Squeezing the lotion into my hand, I reached my hand around my cock and began a long term relationship with the tights and body suit. After smoothing the lotion on my cock slowly and smoothly at first, I was soon stroking my cock at a fevered pitch while I held my legs in the air, admiring how lusciously feminine the tights and the dainty socks looked on my legs and feet. I imagined how hot they looked when the girls from school wore them around campus. I fantasized about how hot Leslie must have looked when she wore the body suit and imagined her sexy body in it as she wore it for her boyfriend. Stroking myself toward orgasm, I thought of how hot and nasty I would be as Leslie wearing this outfit. How I would let my boyfriend unsnap the crotch, pull the tights down to my thighs and pull my tights encased legs over his shoulders as he entered me, filling me with his cock. An orgasm rocked through my body as I pointed my toes in the air like I imagined Leslie would as she came with her cute sock covered feet pointed over the head of her boyfriend as he thrust into her and pushed her over the edge. I quickly grabbed the towel beside me and spread it across my waist as my orgasm hit me hard and the contractions from deep inside me pushed the ropes of cum out of my cock and onto the towel. Breathing deeply, I moaned with the pleasure of each contraction, milking my cock until it was spent and beginning to soften.

As I settled back on the bed, I basked in the wonderful feeling of my newly acquired clothes. I knew that my addiction was back stronger than ever and my naughty ways were here to stay. As packed to go home for the summer that same day, I made sure to pack the body suit, tights, and ankle socks thinking of the pleasure that they would bring me, but unaware that they were just the start of my girly collection.

A young lady called Vanessa T contacted me after reading some of my stories to tell me how much she had enjoyed reading them. It transpired that my usual topics fitted nicely with her fantasies. After persuading her to admit her fantasies to me I suggested I should write her a story. The sexual adventure below is the result with a few added fantasies of my own. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


It sounded too good to be true, and of course it was, but as Jason listened to his old friend Andy describing the sexual activities of a group of select friends he felt excited. Andy explained how the club specialised in providing discrete but wild sexual adventures for the member’s girl friends or wives.

They were sat together in the bar of an up market hotel and across the other side of the bar, standing alone, was a very attractive looking woman. Jason guessed that she was aged around thirty five or so and dressed in a long elegant evening gown that clung to her body in all the right places. Jason had noticed her as soon as she walked in and now his friend Andy was suggesting that if he joined this exclusive club tonight he could participate with a group of like minded men and participate in the gangbanging of the woman later on. One of Jason’s biggest fantasies and the subject of many an internet search was the subject of gangbangs.

Jason listened intently as Andy explained that there were many women around like the one in the bar who had secret fantasies of being raped, gangbanged or just generally sexually abused by a group of men who would remain discrete and of course be trustworthy to keep a secret.

Jason looked over at the woman again, noting her exquisite figure. He found it hard to believe that a woman like that could be hiding such explicit desires and even more hard to believe that she was willing to act on those desires. He turned to face Andy and said, “what about her husband, doesn’t he mind?”

“It was probably his suggestion in the first place,” Andy replied with a grin. “Some husbands have fantasies of watching their wives or girlfriends being groped and fucked by a group of men and like to be present and watch. Their presence gives their wives the reassurance that if the men get too rough he is there to protect her. Others wait in the bar and just like to see pictures or a movie of the event later.”

Jason noticed quite a few men sitting around in the bar and no other women except for the one in question. He also noticed that she was looking around the bar discretely checking out the men but looking nervous.

“Is this woman’s husband here tonight?”

“No, he wants us to make a video that he can watch and enjoy later.”

So how do I join this club?”

“Firstly you have to be recommended by an existing member. I can do that now.

Secondly, and most importantly you have to sign an agreement that you will bring your girlfriend, Vanessa isn’t it, along to one of our gatherings as payment to the men whose wives or girlfriends have, or will be, enjoyed by you.”

Jason wasn’t really listening as his friend reached into his pocket and pulled out a sheet of paper and then pushed it across the table and said, “here, answer a few questions, sign this and you can be part of tonight’s action.”

In the back of his mind he knew that there was no way that Vanessa would ever agree to anything like this. However, at this very moment the drink, his curiosity and a semi-erect cock were ruling his mind.

As if to reassure him self he asked Andy, “so if I sign up I can definitely be part of a group that will help to satisfy that woman’s sexual fantasies tonight?”

Andy leaned across and whispered discretely, “That woman’s fantasy is to be tied up, forcibly stripped naked, preferably having her clothes ripped and torn off and then be abused and fucked by a group of men.”

He could sense that Jason was taking the bait as he continued, “just fill out the questionnaire including your girlfriend’s fantasies and any fetishes she has and then you can have some fun tonight with the rest of us.”

Jason was hooked. He took out a pen from his jacket and hurriedly filled out the questionnaire.

Name of Girl Friend/Wife——Vanessa

Height————————— 5 feet 2 inches

Weight————————— 105 lbs

Measurements—————— 33B-26-28

Pussy shaved/unshaved——-Shaved

Fetishes————————–Wearing pantyhose without any panties. Sumata whilst wearing pantyhose.

Favourite position?————–Doggy

Does she swallow?————–Yes

Ever had anal sex?————–Never

Fantasies————————-Non consensual sex, rape, punishment, humiliation.

He quickly read the last section which read, “I consent to bring the above mentioned wife/girlfriend to a club meeting within the next six months where she will take part in group sex activities with the other members.”

Jason signed and dated the paper and passed it back to Andy. He never thought for one moment that the paper he had just signed had any real significance. He just saw it as a means of his friend getting him in on the action with the sexy looking women on the other side of the bar room.

Andy felt pleased with himself as he folded the agreement and put it in his pocket. Ever since seeing Jason’s girlfriend by chance one evening, when she and Jason were attending a wedding, he had been overcome with feelings of lust and fantasised about fucking her. Over the next few months he found he could not shake her image from his mind. His friend Jason’s beautiful petite Chinese Singaporean girlfriend wearing a very revealing white dress was etched in his brain. The way in which the short dress clung to her buttocks so tightly that it was obvious she had not been wearing any panties; the smooth nylon sheen of her pantyhose drawing attention to her shapely legs. The revealing top showing her naked belly and then a skimpy boob tube which just seemed to draw attention to her breasts drove him wild with lust. He had masturbated many times since, imagining running his hands all the way up her nylon clad thighs until he could press his fingers against the flesh of her pussy through the sheer nylon of her pantyhose. Other times he would imagine forcefully pulling the boob tube down to reveal her breasts before making her suck his stiff penis and swallow his cum. Now that he had read about her fantasies on the questionnaire he knew that his masturbatory fantasies were now almost certainly possible.

Andy and his friends had tricked quite a few over the past few years and he felt confident that with patience Vanessa would be theirs to use as they wished whether she liked it or not. He felt a little guilty knowing that the target women’s husbands/boyfriends were being deceived but his own lustful desires overcame any guilt he might have.

The elegant woman that had caught his friend Jason’s lustful imagination this evening was in fact a high class prostitute but it suited the club members to pay for women like this to initially snare the husbands and boyfriends of the real wives and girlfriends that the club member’s had targeted and wanted for their perverted pleasure.

Andy’s thoughts were interrupted when Jason nudged him impatiently saying, “So when does the action start?”

“So you are impatient to get involved then?” Andy teased.

Jason didn’t answer, he just gazed across the bar room at the woman as his friend continued, “We’ll go over and introduce our selves now. As the new member you will have the privilege of stripping her naked. Don’t forget she has given specific instructions that she wants her clothes to be torn or cut from her body before being abused by all of us.”

Jason felt his erection growing uncomfortably stiff as his friend continued, “We will be using a special room upstairs where we have the facilities to tie her up as requested. When we get into the room upstairs you’ll be expected to instigate the proceedings. Are you comfortable with that?”

“You bet!” Jason replied, already standing and eager to start.

“One more thing before we go over.”

“What’s that?” asked Jason.

“There will be someone in the room shooting a video on behalf of the husband. This is quite usual so please just carry on as though he is not there.”

“No problem,” said Jason as they both headed toward the other side of the bar room and the elegantly dressed woman.

Jason noticed the other men in the room were also converging on her and could see an almost desperate look in her eyes. As he got close to her two of the men suddenly grabbed the woman’s arms.

She protested, “What do you think you are doing, stop!” as they pulled her shouting and protesting toward the rear exit of the bar and the elevator.

Jason felt a little awkward at first but when he, five other men and the woman were in the elevator Andy encouraged him by saying, “don’t be shy Jason, have a feel of her tits or do what ever you fancy.”

She was struggling against the two men who were still holding her by the wrists. Jason looked at the way her dark eyes seemed to challenge him. Up close he could see that she was younger than he had originally thought, aged around thirty at the most, with a superb figure that was highlighted by the clinging fabric of her evening gown.

Now that he was close to her he could also see that she was bra-less. He could feel his own inhibitions fading rapidly as the other men taunted, “Let’s rip off the dress and get her tits out.”

He felt as though he was being swept along by the pack of lust filled wild men as he reached forward and gripped the top of the woman’s dress. He paused for a moment, feeling his own arousal as the woman pleadingly looked into his eyes. His gaze shifted down to the outline of her bra-less breasts before suddenly ripping the sheer fabric from her body. The dress tore easily and the other men all cheered loudly as the top part was left hanging in shreds around her waist leaving her breasts naked and jiggling wildly as she protested, “no you bastards!”

Of course none of them took any notice as they all fought for a feel. Squeezing and pulling them roughly.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. They dragged the woman out and along the corridor. Her struggling seemed convincing as they then opened the door to a private room and pulled her inside. Once inside they were soon joined by other men who had rushed up the stairs from the bar.

Jason looked around noticing a rope hanging from a large hook in the ceiling. Andy said, “Tie her hands above her head Jason.” He swiftly grabbed the rope and with help from some of the others bound her hands together and then tied them to the hanging rope. With her arms now stretched up above her head the effect was to accentuate her breasts. The men paused for a moment and just looked at her; all enjoying the view of her firm heaving breasts. Her protests had died away and she only muttered a few obscenities when each foot was tied to specially placed rings fixed to the floor.

She was now helpless and the fact that her feet were tied about three feet apart made her look very vulnerable. The other men were already unzipping their trousers and again Jason felt swept along with the mood of the others as he imagined his girlfriend Vanessa in this position. It was high on his list of fantasies but knew that she would never ever agree to such a thing.

He stared at the captive woman, becoming more and more turned on by the defiant look in her eyes. Still looking at her he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his erection, he gave it a few strokes enjoying the experience of showing her what would soon be fucking her.

He looked at the way in which the lower part of her dress was now stretched very tightly across her hips and thighs; the fine taught fabric bulging subtly but erotically over her pubis. Filled with lust he then reached forward, gripped torn dress that was hanging from her waist and ripped it completely from her body.

There was a brief silence followed by loud cheers from the men as Jason and the others saw that she had not been wearing any panties and was now completely naked.

The group of men moved closer, surrounding her and all of them with their stiff cocks on display.

Aware that the others were waiting for him he moved closer to the woman. He felt as though he was in some kind of erotic dream. A situation where there were no moral constraints or come backs. He drank in the sexy vision in front of him; the elegant woman he had first seen across the bar earlier now completely naked; her breasts still heaving with each of her nervous breaths tipped with perfect large and erect nipples. His gaze slowly moved down over the silky flesh of her belly and to her completely hairless pubis. With her feet tied and her thighs parted he could see her fleshy pussy lips protruding between her thighs. Momentarily shifting his gaze he stared into her dark eyes and then pushed his hand between her open thighs. He felt incredibly horny knowing that he could just use this woman with no consideration for her enjoyment, just use her for his own selfish satisfaction.

He instantly felt both the heat and the wetness between her thighs and grinned as he roughly pushed a couple of fingers up into her wet pussy causing her to gasp. Satisfied that her pussy was lubricated he quickly moved directly in front of her, guided his aching cock between her thighs, adjusted his position and then thrust him self up inside her. She cursed loudly, “you bastard!” but that just added to his lust filled desires as he fucked her, gripping her buttocks and forcing him self inside her as deep as he could go.

He knew he would not last long but didn’t care. He felt his spunk rising and with a few more powerful thrusts he was emptying himself inside her.

He pulled out of her and stepped back, noticing one of the others with a camera as the rest of the men closed in around the woman. Jason watched as they all started to take turns with her; some from the front, others from the back. Andy was next and took her from behind quickly finishing he pulled out and wiped his cock on her backside.

When Andy had finished he walked over to Jason and said, “Let’s go and get cleaned up while the others finish with her.

The two of them went to an adjacent washroom and as they wiped them selves clean Jason could hear the woman cursing each man as the rest of the club took turns with her. Andy was grinning as he zipped himself up and said, “So, did you enjoy that Jason?”

“Oh yes! It was incredible, thank you for introducing me to your club.”

The two of them returned to the bar, had one last drink and then went their separate ways. On the way home Jason was replaying the horny events of the evening in his head. He had never expected to experience anything like that but in the back of his mind was a nagging problem that he was trying to ignore.

He knew there was no way he would be able to bring Vanessa to the club. Yes, he knew that Vanessa had fantasies that would be perfect for the club but they were just that, fantasies, not something that she would ever consent to in real life.

He dismissed his worry and decided that he would just renege on the agreement he had signed. After all what could the club do? Take him to court?

His friend Andy meanwhile had doubled back to the club and was chatting with the others.

They were all seated around a table looking at the numerous pictures they had taken secretly of Jason’s girlfriend Vanessa whilst following her during the past few months.

She had been the topic of numerous conversations recently ever since Jason had introduced Vanessa to his friend. From the moment he had met her he knew that he wanted to introduce her to the guys in the club. Introduce sexually of course not socially. There was something very alluring about the way she dressed and during the time he had been following her she always looked sexy and dressed in expensive outfits. Her dresses and skirts usually hugged her shapely backside and were short enough to show another interesting facet which was her pantyhose. He had never seen her without the expensive looking nylon sheen covering, but drawing attention to, her long shapely legs. She always wore heels and, after checking her out many times whilst taking sneaky pictures of her, he was convinced that she never wore panties, a fact that Jason had now confirmed.

After the events of this evening Andy felt confident that Vanessa would soon be theirs to do with as they pleased. He looked again at the pictures of her. There was something about her expression that seemed to say to any man who dared look at her, “In your dreams!” A kind of aloofness that as far as Andy was concerned made her all the more sexually attractive. He looked at the shots they had of her getting out of Jason’s car. The accidental glimpses of her nylon clad upper thighs. In one picture there was even a glimpse of the dark gusset of her pantyhose. Andy paused on this picture, imagining the delights hidden beneath that dark gusset and confident that before long her shaved pussy would be available for the club members to look at, finger and then fuck.

Now that the men had all read Jason’s completed questionnaire they all commented on the answer to the fantasy question of non consensual sex, rape, punishment and humiliation. The other thing they all commented on was ‘Sumata whilst wearing pantyhose.’ Without exception they all commented, “What the fuck is Sumata?” After a quick Google session on Andy’s lap top they soon learned that Sumata was a Japanese term for non penetrating sex. More specifically it was a term used to describe the man rubbing his erect penis between the tops of a woman’s thighs and parted lips of her vulva, usually from behind.

Her fetish of pantyhose sex was something else that fascinated the group. Usually their chosen targets would be stripped completely naked but perhaps they could fulfil another of her fantasies and perhaps add to theirs by leaving on her pantyhose. A common theme was starting to emerge during their discussions of perhaps instead of stripping her naked they would ‘rearrange’ her clothing before humiliating and fucking her. Andy found that he was fascinated by what he had discovered about Sumata. He was already trying to imagine how good it might feel to roll down Vanessa’s pantyhose sufficiently so that he could slide his cock between the hopefully wet nylon on one side and the pussy lips of his friend’s girlfriend on the other. The more he thought about it the more he liked the idea. He imagined the humiliation she might feel as a few of them took turns to do this Sumata thing and each ejaculate inside her pantyhose.

His imaginative thoughts stopped when one of the men turned to him saying, “I thought that our paid lady friend acted well again tonight; very convincing.

Andy chuckled, feeling pleased with him self and confident that Vanessa would soon be theirs to do with as they pleased. Their little ploy of paying a prostitute they knew well to play the part of a member’s partner, tempting the boyfriends of the women they wanted to abuse, had worked well so far and soon Vanessa would be added to their list.

After checking the pictures of Vanessa they looked at the video they had from the evening of Jason playing the leading role in the earlier gangbang.

They were pleased with the results. The camera had been cleverly positioned to not only show Jason’s face clearly but also enough detail to show him first ripping off the woman’s clothes and then raping her. Well, they knew it wasn’t rape but Jason’s employer or even the police might see it differently if the need arose.

A few weeks passed before Jason was contacted again by his friend Andy. He called one evening saying, “Hi Jason, my fellow club members have been asking me when they can expect you to bring Vanessa along to the club as promised.”

Jason just laughed saying, “I thought that it was just a joke. Surely you’re not serious? I never thought that you really intended me to go through with it.”

Although he laughed he felt a sudden feeling of anxiety. Worried how he could possibly submit his girlfriend to be abused like that let alone getting her to agree to it.

Andy was quiet for a moment and then said, “I seem to remember that you didn’t appear too bothered about ripping the dress from a fellow member’s wife before initiating and then leading her gangbang rape ordeal.”

There was a long uncomfortable pause but then Jason felt a wave of relief as Andy chuckled before continuing, “OK, don’t worry; I thought that you might feel that way. It’s really not a problem. We must meet for a drink soon.

Oh, by the way, you’d better keep an eye on the delightful Vanessa though; we don’t want her kidnapped or anything.” Just for a fleeting moment there was a sinister tone to Andy’s voice but then he chuckled and said, “See you soon Jason, goodbye.”

On this particular Friday morning Vanessa had absolutely no idea how very differently her day would end; why should she? So far she had no knowledge whatsoever of Andy’s club and its activities but before the end of the day all that would change.

She awoke feeling happy and horny. After a long shower she sat naked at her dressing table first brushing her hair and then applying her makeup. Before getting dressed for work she opened a fresh pack of 15 denier sheer black pantyhose and started to pull the new smooth nylon up over her shapely thighs. She paused midway, unable to resist running a hand down over her freshly shaved pubis and pussy. She loved the smooth feeling of her pubis and her fleshy pussy when it was freshly shaved.

Forcing her self to continue dressing, rather than play with her self for a little longer, she pulled the sheer nylon up over her thighs until it encased her lower body completely. She tugged the waistband higher, enjoying the feel of the nylon as it pressed intimately against her hairless pussy. She squatted down a few times allowing the sheer nylon to mould its self completely and comfortably around the intimate folds and creases of her crotch.

Before continuing she checked her reflection in the mirror. She turned one way and then the other, noting how the sheer pantyhose looked almost transparent where it was stretched over each of her buttocks contrasting perfectly with the much darker black of the reinforced gusset.

Vanessa had already decided to wear a simple white tapered blouse and dark grey pencil skirt. She chose a bra which somehow matched her horny mood. It was a black half cup bra trimmed with lace and it occurred to her that it would show through the white fabric of her blouse. She hesitated but then decided that together with the jacket she was intending to wear nobody would notice. The bra was trimmed with fine black lace and Vanessa liked the way it accentuated her B cup breasts and made her feel a little daring because the black lace cups only just covered her nipples.

She put on the white blouse and then stepped into her pencil skirt. The skirt was quite tight across her thighs and if it didn’t have a kick pleat in the back it would have be difficult to walk in.

She hesitated before putting on her jacket. The black bra was quite visible through the blouse and she felt that perhaps it was not appropriate for the office. Finally she ignored her worries, slipped on her jacket and then finally some four inch pointed toe shoes.

As she left the house and travelled to work she enjoyed the admiring glances of some passing men. She knew that the skirt accentuated her buttocks, making them wiggle provocatively as she walked but the admiring glances made the slight discomfort worthwhile. She often wondered what the men were thinking as they glanced admiringly at her. One thing was for sure, whatever they were thinking they wouldn’t get it; “in your dreams” she would say to her self as she barely gave them a second glance.

The day at work was uneventful but everything started to change from the usual routine as she left the office at the end of the day.

Jason was due to meet her outside of the office but as she exited the office building she found Andy waiting for her. She remembered having met him a few times before and knew he was a friend of Jason’s. Like the previous times when they had met she noticed immediately how he openly checked her out making her feel a little uncomfortable as he said, “I called round to see Jason earlier and he has had some bad luck. His car has been stolen together with his laptop and mobile phone. He is arranging a temporary replacement car and asked me if I would meet you from work and then take you to a bar we both know so that he can pick you up later once he has sorted out the insurance details and picked up a replacement car etc.”

The story sounded convincing especially because Jason had already said that he would be taking her to a bar after work.

Vanessa followed Andy to a car park around the corner from her office and they were soon both in his car and heading across town to the club.

Andy was finding it difficult to control his lustful feelings and anxious not to arouse Vanessa’s suspicions. As he drove along toward the bar he found it hard to keep his eyes on the road as his gaze was drawn to Vanessa’s legs. Her skirt had ridden up to reveal a wonderful shapely expanse of nylon covered thigh. He quickly shifted his gaze as she caught him looking and tried her best to pull down the hem to cover herself.

His eyes were also drawn to the brief glimpses of Vanessa’s blouse under her jacket. Her jacket was unfastened and as she moved Andy caught the occasional glimpse of her blouse; or more specifically the sexy black bra underneath it.

His mind began to race and he could feel his own arousal as he imagined what the guys had in mind for her later on at the club.

To calm his excitement he made an effort at small talk as they pulled into the parking area at the rear of the club.

He played the part of being a gentleman as he quickly got out of the car and rushed round to open Vanessa’s door.

He offered her his hand to help her from the car and felt his cock twitch as he gazed at her long nylon clad thighs briefly displaying more than she intended as she manoeuvred to get out of the low car.

There was an entrance to the club off of the car park and as they walked inside Vanessa felt a little uneasy as she glanced around the bar noticing that she was the only woman amongst twenty or so men.

Andy tried to reassure her saying, “It’s a little early yet and Jason should be here soon. Would you like a drink while we’re waiting?”

“I’ll have a glass of white wine please,” Vanessa said as she perched her self onto one of the bar stools. “A glass of chardonnay would be good.”

Andy soon returned with her wine and a glass of whisky for him self.

He sat on a stool next to her, raised his glass and said, “Cheers, here’s to an enjoyable evening.”

“Vanessa touched her glass against his but responded by saying, “I don’t know about an enjoyable evening, I’m only here until Jason arrives.”

As she finished speaking another guy wandered over with a drink in his hand and carrying a lap top computer.

“Hi Andy,” he said, “mind if join you?”

“No not at all, please. Let me introduce you. This is Vanessa, you know, my friend Jason’s girlfriend”

Vanessa felt uncomfortable as the new guy quite openly checked her out from head to toe before saying, “hi Vanessa, I’m Robert.”

Her unease grew as Robert said in a raised voice, “Hey, guys, come and meet Vanessa.”

The rest of the men in the bar quickly gathered round her, all of them making a point of checking her over. Vanessa went to get up from the stool, saying to Andy, “I’d like to leave now.”

She felt a strong hand grip her shoulder and push her back down onto the bar stool as Robert said, “Your boyfriend is in debt to all of us and tonight is repayment time.”

Vanessa glared indignantly at him as she replied, “Jason’s debts are his business not mine. Besides I don’t have any money with me.”

The men all laughed and then Robert said, “I think you need to see something.”

He opened the lap top, held it in front of Vanessa and hit ‘play’.

Vanessa started to protest as she saw what she thought was the start of a random porno movie. She made to get up and leave again but like before a strong hand pressed her back in her seat.

She then gasped as she recognised Jason ripping down the front of a helpless looking woman’s dress and exposing her breasts; helpless because the woman was being held forcibly by two other men. She wanted to look away but her eyes felt drawn to the screen as the action moved on to where the woman was tied with her arms above her head. Vanessa felt completely stunned as she watched the woman’s feet being tied to the rings in the floor before Jason ripped off her dress completely.

Vanessa felt as though she was watching some kind of nightmare as the woman writhed around on the ropes completely naked before being fucked by all of the men in turn; Jason taking her first followed by all of the others.

Robert closed the lap top and put it on the bar before turning to Vanessa.

Vanessa felt completely shocked by what she had just seen and just sat and listened in disbelief as Andy said, “Vanessa, this little club of ours is where we indulge in living out our fantasies of group sex.” He then lied a little as he continued, “many of our member’s partners have similar fantasies and we help them to have experiences of being group fucked with complete discretion and confidentiality.

The woman you just saw in the movie was the wife of one of our members. A very important rule of our club is that any man taking part must agree to bring his wife or girlfriend along for the enjoyment of the rest of club as a form of payment within six months of joining.

Each new member signs an agreement where he not only agrees to this but also gives details of his partner’s measurements and lists her fantasies and fetishes.

Vanessa felt her self panicking and tried to get up and leave again. She felt the strong hands on her shoulders and this time struggled to wriggle free and escape but it was hopeless. The men were crowded around her and she eventually stopped struggling and sat back down.

She listened in silence as Andy read out the details that Jason had submitted when he had joined. She felt her cheeks flush red with embarrassment as Andy read out her vital statistics and the fact that she shaved her pussy. She took in a few deep breaths to try and calm her self as Andy paused reading the agreement for a moment. She then felt her cheeks turn to crimson as Andy continued, with excitement and delight in his voice, that her fantasies featured non consensual sex, rape, punishment and humiliation.

As if that wasn’t enough she listened in a daze as he then described her fetish of having sex wearing pantyhose and went on to explain the Japanese term ‘sumata’.

Finally he read out the part where Jason promised to bring Vanessa to the club where she would take part in group sex with the other members.

The room fell silent for a few moments and Vanessa was aware of all the men gazing at her.

The silence was broken by Andy as he said, “Vanessa, as you might have guessed by now your boyfriend Jason is not going to come and collect you. He doesn’t even know you are here. Not yet anyway. Just in case you are in any doubt and if Jason’s list of your fantasies and fetishes is correct, then tonight all of your fantasies are about to come true.”

Vanessa shouted at them, “No, no way you bastards, I won’t let you, let me go!”

She made another attempt to jump up and escape but this time a large strong hand swiftly slid inside her jacket and painfully gripped her left breast. The more she struggled the harder he squeezed. Finally as he squeezed and then twisted her breast painfully, she stopped her struggle and sat back down.

“So Vanessa, your choices are very limited. Whatever else happens we are all going to fuck you in one way or another. The best thing you can do now to make it easier on your self is to start by undressing your self, right now here in the bar, but whatever you decide we will still all have our way with you.”

The man was still gripping her left breast quite painfully as Vanessa gazed down at her feet knowing that there was no escape.

There was no way she wanted her clothes ripped or torn. They were all expensive designer items that had cost a fortune but equally there was also no way she was going to undress voluntarily and submit her self to these depraved men.

She raised her head and looked around defiantly saying, “I’m not going to take my clothes off for you so you’ll just have to do your worst.”

The man gripping her breast pulled her up off of the seat by pulling her tender flesh painfully upwards. As soon as she was standing she started to struggle as the men closed in. The man released his painful grip on her breast and then she felt many hands starting to grope her all over. Her jacket was swiftly and efficiently removed and then eager hands were busy unfastening her blouse. As the last of the blouse buttons was unfastened Vanessa, despite the fact that she knew she was about to be abused and used by this crowd of excited men, bizarrely felt pleased that she had chosen the sexy black half cup bra that morning. She felt shocked as she realised it was giving her an unexpected thrill knowing that the sight of her partially exposed breasts was exciting the men.

She was still struggling but knew it was hopeless as her blouse was opened to reveal her B cup breasts which were displayed sexily by the black lace of the bra. She saw the looks of lust in the men’s eyes as they paused briefly to leer at her bra covered breasts. She heard a few of them exclaim, “Nice tits, Vanessa,” as she felt other hands pulling up her skirt.

Her skirt was slowly but surely being pulled up over her thighs. She could feel the tightness of it as the rolled up hem was pulled and stretched further and further up her legs showing off more of her nylon clad thighs to the men. She heard the sound of a seam ripping as the kick pleat gave way and the skirt was finally bunched up tightly around her waist.

She squealed ‘ouch!’ as one of the men playfully but quite firmly slapped one of her buttocks as if to reinforce the fact that now the only thing between her buttocks and the men was a thin covering of sheer nylon.

One of the men then said, “Let’s get her tits out.” She felt fingers push under the bottom of the wired bra cups and then suddenly her bra was being stretched out and then up leaving her breasts unsupported and naked. She tried to object shouting, “no, please no,” as hands and fingers started to maul her naked breasts; squeezing the soft flesh and pinching her nipples, but deep inside she was becoming resigned to her fate.

She felt helpless as her hands were then held tightly behind her back. She listened to their crude comments as they slowly circled round groping and gazing at her exposed breasts.

She winced as they took turns to roughly pull at her nipples, causing them to redden and swell. Much to her added embarrassment she realised that she was becoming aroused. The rough treatment of her nipples, although sometimes painful and the feeling of being so vulnerable, was causing her breasts to tingle. She tried to concentrate on how she could get her revenge on Jason, or how much it hurt when they twisted and pinched her swollen nipples, but no matter how much she tried to suppress her arousal she felt a distinct wet patch forming on the nylon between her thighs.

Up until now the many groping hands had concentrated on her breasts and buttocks but increasingly she felt a persistent hand trying to force between her upper thighs from behind.

She was doing her best to keep her thighs clamped together but as the men turned their attention to her lower body Andy said, “move your feet apart Vanessa.”

She realised that it was Andy trying to push his hand between her thighs and ignored his request until she felt his breath close to her ear as he said, “move your feet apart or we’ll drag you to the room upstairs, tie you up and force your feet apart. The stark image of the woman that Jason had helped to gang rape entered her head. She hated the idea of these men touching her intimately but the thought of being tied and completely helpless filled her with added dread.

She could feel his fingers relentlessly pushing between the lower part of her buttocks and with a sigh of resignation she slowly relaxed her thighs, moved her feet apart a little and then gasped as Andy swiftly thrust his hand between her thighs and gripped her fleshy nylon covered pussy tightly in his hand.

She felt completely trapped as Andy said, “Jason told us that you not only have a fantasy of non consensual sex but that you like the feel of a stiff cock thrusting between the gusset of your pantyhose and your pussy lips. Well, today’s your lucky day Vanessa because a few of us are willing to try that before the rest of us fuck you.”

As soon as Andy finished speaking Vanessa squirmed around as she first felt Andy remove his hand from between her thighs and then the back of her pantyhose being rolled down to expose her buttocks.

She saw the men, especially the ones in front of her all trying to lean back and catch a glimpse of her naked backside.

She knew it was pointless to struggle but still tried to object when Andy said, “You’ve got a lovely arse Vanessa, let’s show the guys how lovely it is by you bending forward.

“No, please no,” she objected but realised she had no choice as strong hands held her waist and pushed her head down, bending her over to display her buttocks more fully.

She cringed as Andy said, “Vanessa, let’s see what delights you are hiding before we satisfy this unusual Sumata fetish of yours.

She felt her feet being kicked further apart and then unknown hands gripping her exposed buttocks.

“Please, please don’t degrade me like that,” she pleaded as she felt her buttocks being pulled apart and then a finger tip brushed over her anus as if to emphasise that they could all now see her tiny puckered hole.

She knew that her pleading was in vain as she heard some of the men say, “show us her pussy Andy.”

She felt her pantyhose being rolled down a little further and her buttocks pulled further apart. She could feel the sudden coolness of the room on her moist lips as the men all started commenting crudely.

She gasped as she felt the tips of Andy’s fingers brush over her wetness. Then, mouthing a low groan of shame she felt him pulling her inner lips apart, opening her crudely for all the men to leer at.

To add to her shame and embarrassment Andy then eased a finger into her wetness and announced to the others, “her cunt is almost dripping. Let her stand up and we’ll try this Sumata thing”

The men holding her head down released their grip and allowed her to stand. Andy’s hand was still between her thighs, pressed in between her wet lips and the reinforced gusset of her pantyhose.

He moved a finger around in the wetness as he said, “So, Vanessa, Jason says you like the feeling of a big penis thrusting between your thighs and trapped by the nylon of your pantyhose? Or should I say that up until now you liked the feeling of Jason’s stiff penis rubbing against your wet pussy lips?

She felt his finger slip out and then he removed his hand as he asked the others, “Guys, are there any volunteers to try out this Sumata thing on Vanessa?”

Vanessa watched as three of the men in front of her began unzipping their trousers as one after another each of them said, “Yes, I’ll try it.

Her natural instinct was to struggle again even though she knew it was pointless. Others held her tight as she wriggled around. She did not want to look but her curiosity got the better of her as one by one the three men pulled out their erections and stroked them to full stiffness in front of her.

She was still struggling as the first one moved round behind her. The waist band of her pantyhose was still down under her buttocks at the rear as she felt the head of the first man’s penis press between the very tops of her thighs. She felt him push forward, the gusset of her pantyhose helping to press it against her wetness and causing it to slide sensuously through moist furrow of her wet and pouting labia.

Although still struggling a little, Vanessa instinctively leaned forward a little causing the head of the man’s penis to momentarily brush against her clit. This caused her to let out an involuntary sob as she began to surrender to her sexual feelings and start to almost imperceptibly move her hips in harmony with the man as he started thrusting inside her pantyhose.

Her sobs and sighs were becoming more frequent as she fought to suppress her rapidly rising arousal. The man was now gripping her waist as his thick erect penis ploughed the wet furrow between her pussy and the pantyhose.

She sensed that he would soon finish and perhaps save her from the indignity of having an orgasm in front of all these men. His breathing was becoming louder and his thrusting more urgent when suddenly he let out a long deep moan and Vanessa felt his hot semen flood the front of her pantyhose.

He quickly withdrew and before she could catch her breath a fresh stiff fat penis slid into the hot wet gap at the top of her thighs. As the new man started to thrust he reached around Vanessa’s waist and gripped the top of pantyhose that was against her belly. He pulled it upwards causing the nylon gusset to press his erection more tightly against her wetness and at the end of each thrust causing the head of his penis to nudge against her clit.

Vanessa closed her eyes, blocking out her view of the leering men, knowing that she could not resist any longer. Her breasts tingled all over and she could feel her orgasm building rapidly. As her hips moved in harmony with the second man she started to lose control. She felt him pull the front of the waistband up until she thought the nylon might tear. She could feel the whole length of his penis pressed against her parted lips as his hot semen suddenly flooded over her clit.

It was at that very moment that she lost it completely. Her legs trembled as her screams of pleasure echoed around the bar.

She was still panting and sighing as she felt the man withdraw and his cock swiftly replaced by another.

As the third man pushed his erection into the wet mess between her gusset and pussy she opened her eyes. Vanessa had never felt anything like this before, filled with lust and now resigned to the fact that she would have to satisfy all of these men before her ordeal could finish. She found her eyes drawn to each of the men that she could see in front of her; all of them now unzipped and lewdly stroking their exposed erections waiting their turn with her.

Like the man before him this latest one gripped the front of the pantyhose waistband and pulled it upward causing the nylon to press the length of his erection between her pussy lips. It was pulled up so tightly that Vanessa could feel the bulbous head of his stiff penis as it parted her lips from the back toward the front with each of his inward thrusts.

Like before she could not resist matching his thrusts with pelvic movements of her own but this time the end result was different. She could sense and feel his rising lustful passion as he fucked the wet gap at the top of her thighs but as he continued to thrust he placed a hand on the back of her neck and pushed to make her lean forward. She tried to resist but he was relentless. She could feel his fingers pressing her neck forward causing her to bend at the waist. The more she bent forward the more the head of his stiff cock pressed into her wetness. As she felt his thrusts becoming urgent he made one last push on the back of her neck. She was forced to bend further forward, past the critical point where instead of gliding through the wet cushion of her pussy he entered her.

Now that she was bent over the front of her pussy and the gusset of the pantyhose acted like a guide, deflecting the forward thrusting penis upwards, in one continuous inward thrust, all the way up inside her wet vagina.

His hands quickly shifted to grip her hips tightly as he made a few more powerful thrusts, grunted loudly and then emptied his semen inside her.

He remained motionless for a moment as his last drops of semen oozed into her and then he withdrew.

As he withdrew Vanessa stood back upright and almost immediately felt her pantyhose being pulled back up to cover her buttocks. The whole of the crotch area was wet and she could feel the last man’s semen already oozing out of her to add to the mess from the others.

A few of the men had gathered closer to her and for a moment she froze and panicked as she saw one of them with a small knife.

Seeing the look of panic on her face, Andy grinned and reassured her saying, “its OK Vanessa, we thought you might like our own variation of pantyhose sex.

She looked puzzled and flinched as the man with the knife moved even closer. Her whole body tensed as he gripped a small section of the pantyhose on her thigh about eight inches or so down from the gusset at the front and cut a short slot in the nylon. He repeated this at the back and then did the same on the other leg.

Her puzzlement was solved as four men moved close to her. Surrounding her they used their fingers to open the slits in her pantyhose and ease their erections under the nylon. Their four faces were close to hers as she felt their cocks pushing up between the nylon of her pantyhose and the soft flesh of her upper thighs.

She felt hands squeezing and groping her breasts as all four men started to thrust against her thighs. With each upward thrust the heads of their penises were only an inch or so from her cum soaked pussy. She tried to ignore her own feelings but could not deny how erotic it felt to have the four of them ‘fucking’ her thighs. Four men who she knew would soon be adding to the mess inside her pantyhose.

She could feel their hot breath on her face and neck as all four of them thrust against her. As well as groping her breasts one of their hands was pressing the wet nylon gusset of her pantyhose pushing his fingers up into the wet recesses of her labia. She could not resist moving against the groping fingers, subtly moving her hips until the fingers were hitting the spot perfectly.

She closed her eyes unable and unwilling to control the orgasm that she knew was about to erupt through her body. She felt the urgency of all four men and, as the first one started to ejaculate inside her pantyhose, her mouth fell open, her body trembled and once more her screams filled the room. By the time her orgasm had subsided all four men had ejaculated. The tops of her pantyhose were now swimming with semen.

The men, having spent their energy, quickly pulled away leaving her standing there with small dribbles of spunk trickling out of the four slits in her pantyhose.

Any fight that had been in her was now gone. She just stood in the middle of the group of men wondering what else they had in mind for her.

She noticed that there were still many erections waiting their turn with her. She also noticed that Andy had disappeared somewhere but was now returning. He was grinning and carrying a small bag.

Ever since that night when Jason had handed back the completed form Andy had been excited and fixated on one particular answer; the fact that Vanessa had never had anal sex. Tonight he intended to change that and to be the first violate her smallest orifice.

As he stopped in front of her, Vanessa felt nervous again as he asked, “have you ever had anal sex Vanessa.” The shock and bluntness of his question made her momentarily speechless as he continued, “you know, has Jason ever fucked your arse?”

Although Jason had sometimes teased her anus with the tip of a finger during their lovemaking the thought of having her anus penetrated with a penis had always been a strict no-no.

She looked at Andy’s mischievous grin and the group of men surrounding her and panicked as deep down she knew that today would be her first time.

She felt her buttocks clenching at the thought of it as she looked at Andy and, with a pleading note to her voice said, “No, nobody has ever done that. Please don’t make me do it.”

“We’ll decide later,” said Andy, placing the bag on a nearby table, “but in the mean time we’ll see what your delightful little puckered rosebud might be capable of.”

She watched his face as he reached into the bag. His expression looked full of lust as he pulled out what looked like a short string of over sized pearls. At least, that was the only way that Vanessa could relate to the object that Andy was holding for her to see.

There were five shiny black beads. The first was perhaps half an inch or so in diameter. The beads were joined together in a continuous string separated by a gap of an inch or so and increasing in size with a large ring at the very end next to the largest bead which was around one and a half inches in diameter.

Vanessa felt her self trembling as Andy then pulled out a tube of KY and started to coat the beads liberally with the lubricating gel.

He then passed the dripping shiny beads to one of the others as he screwed on a long applicator nozzle to the tube of KY and said, “Now bend over the stool Vanessa.”

She knew she had little choice but still pleaded with Andy saying, “no, please, not my bottom”. A few of the men gripped her arms and moved her over to a nearby bar stool. Although till pleading for mercy they soon had her bent over the stool. The soft seat was pressing into her lower belly as they held her head down on one side and her feet on the other.

She was still struggling half heartedly, knowing that it was in vain as she felt Andy push his fingers between her nylon clad buttocks. She could feel the wetness of the semen, now cold and sticky around her crotch and upper thighs as Andy gripped the dark reinforced crotch of her pantyhose and, using his finger nails to assist, tore a gaping hole.

Although her head was being held down she could see the movement of feet and knew that most of the men were now looking at her exposed buttocks, or more specifically her anus. As if to make the point she felt her buttocks being pulled apart and then a finger tip brushed over her delicate rose bud causing it to visibly tense.

Despite everything that had happened earlier she felt renewed humiliation as the long applicator nozzle was slowly pushed into her. She felt the coldness of the gel inside her as Andy squeezed the tube filling her rectum with the KY.

She felt the tube being slid back out and the coldness of the gel, as some of it oozed from her anus, acting as a stark reminder of just how crudely she was exposed to all of these men.

She felt her whole body tense involuntarily as Andy said, “Try to relax Vanessa and we’ll see how many beads you can take in your arse.”

She started to wriggle again as she felt the first of the beads being pushed into the tight ring of her anus. She was surprised at the ease with which it entered her and for a moment she relaxed a little. She felt pressure build as Andy started to ease the next bead into her. It felt uncomfortable as she tried to resist the invasion of her rectum by tensing her sphincter.

It went against all of her natural instincts but when Andy said, “try to relax Vanessa, it will help and anyway you don’t really have a choice,” she reluctantly forced her subconscious to try and go against all of its natural instincts and relax her sphincter.

She found it very difficult to focus her brain when being humiliated like this but gradually she managed to release the tension in her sphincter. She then felt the pressure start to build and then felt the sudden relief as the second bead passed the gripping ring of her sphincter allowing it to contract again. She had a clear image in her mind of the beads and although she felt a little surprised by how relatively easily she had accommodated the first two she felt very fearful of the last and largest.

The room was almost silent. All she could hear was the breathing and the occasional lewd comment from the men as Andy started to ease the third of the beads onto her rectum. Like before she felt the pressure increasing as the bead stretched her sphincter. It felt uncomfortable as she tried her best to allow this intrusion. She gasped aloud and then sighed with relief as, like the first two, the third bead was pushed past her novice sphincter which then closed back into the gap between the beads.

She felt Andy pulling on the ring, teasing her sphincter by partially pulling the third bead back out and then releasing again causing her to draw it back inside her.

The effect of this constant teasing of her sphincter was giving her sensations that were new to her. She was repeatedly tensing and then relaxing her pelvic floor by instinct as Andy pushed and pulled on the beads.

“Only two more to go now Vanessa,” he shouted gleefully as she felt the pressure suddenly rise again.

She could sense the excitement amongst the men, hearing them encouraging Andy with their crude remarks.

Things like, “go on Andy, her arsehole will soon be able to take the largest cock.”


“Her arsehole will soon be as big as her pussy!”

She knew that there was no way Andy would stop this latest torment until the last of the beads was inside her. She tried to ignore the panic that was building inside as the pressure made her momentarily wince with pain. Like before, the discomfort suddenly eased as the penultimate bead was sucked inside by her sphincter as it passed the point of no return.

Also like before Andy teased her by pulling back on the ring. She felt the pressure as her sphincter instinctively tried to close as the bead threatened to exit her anus. These sensations were ones that up until now she had not associated with sex. As Andy slowly pulled the ring back Vanessa could feel her rectum opening. At the point where she felt as though her bowels were about to open she started to panic and then the feeling passed again as Andy released his grip and the bead slid back inside.

She cringed as she imagined the view the men had from behind her. Her pantyhose ripped and torn, dripping with spunk and her most private place on full view being stretched open with the invading beads.

“OK Vanessa,” said Andy, “Just the last bead to go but before that we need to move you a little so the guys can see a little more.”

A little more! She thought to her self, wondering how much more she could possibly reveal.

The men adjusted her position as she was bent over the stool. Her buttocks were now a little higher and her thighs further apart.

She felt Andy’s fingers probing the wetness between her thighs and then tensed as he ripped open the gusset of her pantyhose some more saying, “That’s better Vanessa, now the guys have a nice clear view of your pussy as well as your arsehole.

She felt fearful that the last and largest bead would simply not fit inside her. She listened as he said, “just relax Vanessa and it will be OK.”

Relaxing was the last thing on her mind but she knew that if by some miracle she could relax then she just might be able to take the last bead.

The sensations the beads were causing were already confusing her. Although she would never admit it she was experiencing a strange feeling of pleasure after each of the beads was inserted. To add to this mixture of confusing sensations she suddenly gasped as Andy ran the tips of his fingers between her engorged spunk covered pussy lips. One of his fingers brushed over her clit as he used his other hand to push the last bead against her resisting sphincter.

He continued to both tease her clit and apply increasing pressure on the bead.

Vanessa could feel her sphincter resisting painfully but he seemed to sense the pain each time and back off a little. Much to her surprise she realised that she was slowly getting used to it. The men started to encourage her, “come on Vanessa, you can do it!”

She tried her best to relax her muscle as Andy increased the inward pressure. She then gasped, more with surprise than pain as she felt her anus open right up and the last of the beads slid inside her.

The men all cheered loudly and then Andy said, “Before we continue with your anal lesson I think its time for you to satisfy a few more of my friends. Get off the stool and kneel down Vanessa.” She only hesitated for a moment before doing as he asked. As her knees took her weight on the floor she knew immediately what was expected of her as one of the men moved in front of her holding his erection in his hand. He rubbed the exposed head of his erection across her lips and said very bluntly, “suck it.”

She nervously glanced from side to side trying to count how many more men were waiting for the same treatment. She counted to ten and then stopped counting. Turning back to the man in front of her she looked up into his eyes as he stared down at her. She could see the pure lust burning in his eyes as she slowly opened her mouth. Unlike her experiences of oral sex with Jason there was no tender licking or teasing. She tentatively tried to tease the head of this stranger’s cock with her tongue but he was already past teasing. As her lips parted he just pushed the whole length into her mouth.

Vanessa panicked as she started to choke but knew she must quickly adapt as he gripped her head with his hands and started to fuck her mouth. She could sense his urgency and she felt grateful in the sure knowledge that he would not last much longer.

His hands moved to the back of her head as he forced the swollen head into her throat. She felt her self gagging and for a moment, unable to breathe. Just when she thought she would pass out she tasted the hot salty fluid flooding down her throat and then relief as he slid almost all the way out of her mouth.

Vanessa was gasping for air and swallowing spunk at the same time. The man held the head of his cock just inside her mouth so that her lips were around the ridge.

“Make sure you lick off all of the drips,” he grunted as the last of his spunk trickled out into her mouth.

Having recovered sufficiently she did as he asked, licking and swallowing the drips until they stopped.

Any relief was short lived because as soon as he pulled away another man quickly took his place.

She knew that the sooner she could satisfy the men the sooner her ordeal would be over. Looking as though she was eager for the next load, she parted her lips invitingly and then tasted what was becoming a familiar slightly salty and stale taste of aroused penis.

Like before the man held her head, using her mouth for his selfish pleasure. He did not choke her like the previous man but as she sensed his imminent ejaculation she was not expecting the large amount of hot salty spunk that suddenly flooded her mouth. She tried desperately to swallow it but most of it spilled out and trickled down her chin.

For a while she lost all sense of time as, one after another, the men used her mouth. To her initial relief the third man set a trend by not ejaculating into her mouth or throat and instead pulled out at the last minute, spraying her face. The relief of not choking or having to swallow soon disappeared as one after another they took great delight in ejaculating where ever they pleased. By the time they had finished her head was covered with spunk. It was in her hair, all over her face and dripping down onto her shoulders and her dishevelled bra and blouse.

Gabrielle was shocked when she opened her front door. Her neighbor, Jocelyn, had arrived for the dinner that Gabrielle had invited her too. Jocelyn was a bit early, and she had her husband with her. At least Gabrielle hopped the large black man standing next to her was Jocelyn’s husband. Gabrielle had never seen Mr. Colbert, but she didn’t want to make an assumption just yet.

What Gabrielle was prepared to make an assumption on was that Jocelyn was a whore. At least Gabrielle felt Jocelyn dressed like one. Jocelyn was dressed looked like a trailer park floozy. Her long blonde hair was turned up into a loose bun that allowed strands of her hair to fall in random directions. Her makeup was over done with too much red lipstick and an abundant amount of eyeliner. Not something a man would realize, but something a man would appreciate.

“Hi Gabby!” Jocelyn said and leaned forward to hug Gabrielle. As they embraced, Gabrielle found it hard not to touch bare skin. Jocelyn wore a yellow tube top that barely kept her firm breasts covered. Gabrielle guessed that if Jocelyn inhaled too sharply her nipples would pop out. Jocelyn wore a denim skirt that was so short Gabrielle was agast. To make her outfit even more tacky, Gabrielle noticed that Jocelyn wore sheer nude pantyhose. Jocelyn’s platform heels had a cork sole and bright yellow straps that criss crossed over her feet and ankles.

Jocelyn let go of Gabrielle and gestured to the man that was with her. “Gabby, this is my Master, Aaron.” Jocelyn said with a grin. Gabrielle had already extended her hand to shake his but hesitated when Jocelyn had said “Master.” Gabrielle shot a confused stare at Jocelyn. Before she could ask a question, the man spoke to her.

“Man of tha house home?” he said in a deep baritone. He had been wearing dark sunglasses but he pulled them off. Gabrielle realized that he was looking everywhere but her face. The focus of his inspection started with her feet. True, Gabrielle was wearing hose and heels, but she had just come home from work. The modest black three inch pumps Gabrielle wore were in sharp contrast to the fuck me heels Jocelyn had on.

“Um,” Gabrielle said trying to remain polite “if by that you mean my husband, yes. He’s in the study.”

Aaron didn’t react as if he had heard Gabrielle speak. He just continued to study Gabrielle. Gabrielle looked to Jocelyn for an explanation but Jocelyn was focused on Aaron. She looked like a servant ready to quickly do anything Aaron asked of her.

“Okay, bitch, go keep Mr. Adkins happy.” Aaron said. Gabrielle was horrified at what Aaron just said but before she could protest she was almost bowled over as Jocelyn sped past her, and into her house. Gabrielle turned and looked after Jocelyn, watching her almost trot down her hallway to the study. Gabrielle heard her front door click shut and spun around to find Aaron inside her personal space, again ogling her with his eyes.

“Excuse me,” Gabrielle started to say, the polite tone in her voice was gone. “I’m not ready to receive any guests right now and-”

“You a secretary?” Aaron asked.

“I beg your pardon?” Gabrielle.

“Pencil skirt, button top. You a secretary?” Aaron said again. His tone didn’t have the quality of someone who was making conversation. More like a customer asking a car salesmen if the vehicle of interest was equipped with an automatic transmission.

“I’m a loan agent at the bank.” Gabrielle said and she was proud that she hadn’t growled as she said it. Her temper was reaching it’s limit with this man.

“So, you have a dress code?” He asked.

“Yes.” Gabrielle said.

“So are you wearing stockings or pantyhose?”

Gabrielle was a moment processing what he had just said. They way Aaron was acting suddenly came into sharp focus for her. The open foyer suddenly felt very inclosed to Gabrielle. He was inside her house. The only protection left was her husband. Gabrielle heard a giggle from the other room. It was Jocelyn and her small laugh was full of sensual undertones. What she was doing was a mystery to Gabrielle but she knew she didn’t like it.

Aaron slapped Gabrielle across the face. It wasn’t hard but the sudden shock and the sound was enough to startle Gabrielle and poise her on the edge of flight. “Bitch, I asked you a question.” Aaron said.

“Stockings!” Gabrielle blurted. As quickly as she said it, Gabrielle covered her mouth with her hand. She couldn’t believe what she had just said. Gabrielle had always been a proper lady and discussing foundation garments with a strange man was outrageous to her sensibilities.

“Serious?” Aaron raised an eyebrow. Clearly he was surprised by her answer. “I gotta see these.” he said and grabbed Gabrielle by the arm, pulling her toward him. Gabrielle tried to call out but a large hand clamped over her mouth and her cry was muffled.

Aaron’s left hand partiality frisked Gabrielle, but mostly groped her as it searched over her body while his right hand kept a firm grip over her mouth. Gabrielle’s eyes went wide as his hand gripped her breasts then ran over the front of her skirt. His fingers felt her garter straps. Gabrielle was still so overwhelmed by the sudden ravishment that she just froze and held still as Aaron felt her up. His fingers drew her skirt up and when he had a fist full of cloth he yanked her hem up above her stocking tops.

Aaron was pressed close to Gabrielle and his bulging cock dug into her ass. “Let me explain what is about to happen.” Aaron said, his deep voice whispering into her ear. “I’m going to fuck you. I mean I’m going to fuck you hard. You can struggle, fight, claw, kick, whatever, but” His grip intensified on Gabrielle and for a moment she found it hard to breathe, “You’re still going to get fucked. You can fight me and I will slap you silly,” he paused “or you can let it happen. Either way, it doesn’t matter. You’re my bitch and you’re mine to fuck. Understand me?”

Aaron took his hand away from her mouth. It was clear he wanted an answer and Gabrielle did not want to him to become more violent than he had been. “Yes.” She breathed. Gabrielle figured that soon her husband, David, would notice something wrong and come save her from this savage man and his lustful intentions.

“From now on you call me Master.” Abruptly, Aaron spun her to face him. Reaching for her side he started to unzip her skirt. The sensation of this man grabbing her and now stripping her sent a feeling shooting through Gabrielle that confused her. She should feel assaulted, attacked, and outraged, but instead she felt excited. She could also see Aaron’s massive cock pressing against his pants and she desperately wanted that cock inside her.

Gabrielle gasped at her own thoughts. She couldn’t believe that she had allowed such an unclean and adulterous idea to from in her mind. But her body started to melt under Aaron’s physical touch. The more he unclothed her, the more wet Gabrielle became.

Aaron continued to roughly strip Gabrielle. She said nothing as he yanked her skirt down to the floor. Her smooth white blouse was crinkled where it had been tucked into the skirt. It was barely long enough to cover her, but not enough to conceal her black garter belt and satin thong. Aaron took a hold of her shirt by the lapels and ripped it off her in one motion. Gabrielle’s nude bra displayed her lovely breasts nicely.

Aaron groped her breasts for a moment then spun her around again. “Hot damn, that’s a nice ass.” Aaron said and he slapped her right buttcheek hard. The sound of the slap echoed in the house. Gabrielle was stunned, partially because of how Aaron had just slapped her ass but mostly the sound of the slap was followed by silence. Surely if David hadn’t heard Aaron ripping her clothes off, he must have heard that slap. With another shock, Gabrielle realized that she torn. Part of her wanted David to come rush to her rescue while the other part wanted David to delay until this man had forced his giant cock into her a few times.

“Kneel down, bitch.” Aaron ordered. Gabrielle hesitated and Aaron grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees. Gabrielle saw that Aaron had unzipped his own pants and his huge black cock was thrust out, stiff as a rod. Using his grip on her hair as a handle, Aaron forced her mouth over his cock.

“MMMMMPPHHHH!” Gabrielle tried to call out but she was gagged by the penis that was thrusting into her face. She tried to pull her head back but Aaron had a vice grip on her hair. She put her hands on his thighs trying to push him away but that did nothing. She was kneeling with legs twisted and the door behind her. Gabrielle could only hold on and fight her gag reflex as Aaron face fucked her.

After several sharp thrusts, Aaron pulled his cock out of Gabrielle’s mouth. “Suck on it, bitch. Don’t rake your teeth over it. Shit.” Gabrielle gasped for air but his cock was back in her mouth quickly. His girth forced her to breath through her nose. Aaron pulled out again. “Hey, slut.” he said and slapped her face with his free hand. “I know you can suck a cock better than this. Any bitch wearing stockings like that knows how to suck dick.”

Gabrielle opened her mouth to speak but before she uttered a sound, Aaron slapped her again. “Do you understand me, whore?”

“Yes.” Gabrielle gasped. Aaron slapped her again.

“What do you call me.” He demanded.

“Master!” She almost squeaked the word. Again, Aaron slapped her face.

“How do you answer me?” he growled.

“Yes, Master!” It came out of her in the same breathless tone as a woman nearing an orgasim.


Gabrielle’s eyes went wide as Aaron stuffed his cock into her mouth again. Gabrielle gave up her struggle and started to actively suck Aaron’s cock. Her face stung and she didn’t want more retribution for disobedience. Aaron was right of course. Gabrielle had sucked a few cocks in her time. Something she had confessed and been forgiven for. Now, Gabrielle wanted to worship this giant cock that filled her mouth.

“Look at those stockings.” Aaron said as he slid his cock between Gabrielle’s lips. “See, bitch? You want to get fucked. That’s why you’re wearing these sexy nylons.” Gabrielle brought her feet up off the floor, balancing on her knees. Using her hands on his thighs as support she slowly kicked off her heels revealing the dark reinforced toe and heel of her nude stockings. Gabrielle could feel Aaron’s cock stiffen more in her mouth. The sight of her stockinged feet rubbing against each other was stimulating him quite a bit.

Gabrielle let out a pleased moan. She could taste the precum forming on the tip of his cock. He’d cum on her soon. And while he was recovering from his ejaculation, she would escape this brute. She could be forgiven of a small indulgence right now. Suddenly, Aaron pulled out Gabrielle’s mouth with a “POP” as her sucking lips were suddenly open to air. Snatching her by her black hair, he lifted her to her feet.

Gabrielle wobbled on her left heel, her right shoe had come off while Aaron stripped her. Before she could catch her breath, Aaron stooped then slung her over his shoulder. Carrying her like a sack of flour Aaron walked toward the stairs that lead up to the master bedroom.

“Put me down!” Gabrielle protested. In answer, Aaron gave her round ass a swat provoking a squeak of surprise from Gabrielle. As Aaron carried her toward the stairs, they passed the den. Gabrielle suddenly understood why David hadn’t come to her rescue. He was sitting on the couch, arms wide and head flung back with his eyes closed. Kneeling between his legs was Jocelyn, her head bobbed slowly up and down over his cock.

Jocelyn wore only her pantyhose. The rest of her skimpy outfit lay about on the floor. Her heels were on the couch, just in reach of David’s fingers. Jocelyn had clearly seduced Gabrielle’s husband and now was being rewarded for his non-interference with Aaron’s plans.

“David!” Gabrielle said indignantly. Aaron slapped her ass again. David didn’t even act as if he had heard anything. Ignoring Aaron and any consequences, Gabrielle said: “David! He’d going to fuck me!”

“Shut up you stupid bitch.” David said, clearly annoyed at the interruption. Can’t you see this lovely girl is sucking me off. “Fuck.” he said looking up. “Jocie, babe. Start over. That cunt has ruined the mood. Start from where you come in.”

“Yes, Sir.” Jocelyn said and started to put her skimpy clothes back on. Gabrielle watched and was just as shocked as she was when she answered her door. As Jocelyn slipped her silky feet into her shoes she looked up at Gabrielle. “Have fun, Gabby!” she said with a wink. “And brace yourself. He fucks hard!”

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