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He brought home a gift for her today. It was a little box with a bow on top. After dinner and family time and putting the kids to bed, he gave it to her. She looked at him questioningly, it wasn’t any special day or occasion. He just waited. So she opened it. Inside was a thong. Nothing fancy, just a pair of black thong underwear. She asked if he wanted her to try them on. He nodded, so she headed off to the bedroom to change. She closed the door and felt all sorts of excitement washing over her, but especially in her pussy, which had tingled and tensed when she saw the gift. She was not really sure what this was all about, but she couldn’t wait to find out. She stripped off her clothes and put on the thong, then added a black lacy bra from her closet. She walked back out to the living room and turned slowly in front of her husband. He was sitting comfortably in his recliner and when he heard her coming down the stairs, turned off the tv. He watched her turn for him and beckoned her.

When she came to him, he pulled her onto his lap and kissed her. She returned the kiss and felt the firmness of his desire through his pants. Finally, he pulled her up with him when he stood and they moved to the couch. But instead of sitting on his lap again, he pulled her across it, lying face down. He told her, “I’m going to spank you now”.

She asked “Why?” She hadn’t done anything to warrant a spanking.

He said, “Because I like to spank you and feel you squirm against me and you like to be spanked.” She acquiesced and laid across him. He started by rubbing her ass, and smacking it playfully which made her giggle nervously. His spanks got firmer and harder and after several minutes, she was moaning and flinching. He picked up the hairbrush and started with light spanks. She whimpered when she felt it, she knew how much the brush hurt. When it seemed to get too intense for her, he told her she was a good girl, that he liked watching her take it, he said he would push her to her limits. His calm voice and soothing words reassured her. When it did get too intense, he switched to rubbing, but he knew she was enjoying it because she was dripping wet. The thong was completely soaked through with her juices and it was starting to leave a wet spot on his jeans.

She loved it when he spanked her, she slipped into a state of raw feeling. She lost all inhibitions and would do anything he asked eagerly, even things she didn’t want to do or those that she secretly wanted but was too shy to ask for. Sometimes, she regretted that later when her shyness returned and he expected her to make good on their agreements. Today, he was counting on that dynamic.

He started pulling the thong off in between spanks. He was going to try something new today. When he had worked her panties off of her entirely, he pulled her legs apart and started playing with her. He brushed against her clit with his thumb and she squirmed and tried to get more friction. He wasn’t going to let her cum yet. He told her she was not allowed to cum until he gave her permission, which nearly sent her over the edge by itself. She loves being made to ask, even beg, to cum. Her bottom was bright red and she was moaning and squirming. He couldn’t tell whether she was trying to avoid the spank or receive it harder. He suspected she didn’t know either. He spanked her harder.

He pulled her up so she was on her knees with her legs apart. He spanked her labia hard with his hand. She jumped and whimpered. He slid two fingers inside her, they went with ease, since she was dripping wet.

He told her, “This is mine. You are not allowed to cum without permission today or tomorrow”.

She moaned and he took it as acceptance of his terms. He pulled his fingers out and started working one into her ass. She squirmed and made a half-hearted attempt to pull away. He spanked her hard and told her to hold still. He slid one still-covered-in-pussy-juice finger into her ass and worked it back and forth. He felt her tense up and he knew this made her uncomfortable. She always tried to say no or squirm away. But he also knew that she loved having to submit to something she was uncomfortable with, it was a turn on for her.

He told her, “This is also mine, I will do with it as I please and you will take it.”

She whimpered and said, “yes, sir”. But her arousal was evident in the trail running down her leg.

He pulled out his finger and picked up her thong. He held it against her pussy and started working the fabric inside of her. At first she didn’t know what was going on, so she moaned and leaned into it. She realized something was different and sat still. “Are you… Is that the thong?” she asked. He said it was. It was getting harder to slip into her because the fabric was absorbing her wetness. She wiggled and tried to get away, but he held her and spanked her sharply.

“You will hold still for me”. She whimpered a little as he pushed it insider her bit by bit, but didn’t fight it. “Now, don’t you feel like a naughty girl, with your panties filling your pussy up?” he asked her.

She said, “Yes, sir” and he could tell she felt embarrassed. But at the same time, being naughty for him made her more aroused, more submissive.

“Stand up” he said. She did and he signaled that she should turn around, like she did when she modeled the new thong the first time. He said he liked it and stood up. He embraced her and kissed her deeply on the mouth.

“On your knees” he whispered in her ear. She immediately obeyed and got to her knees in front of him. He stripped off his clothes and her bra. His cock was hard and wet at the tip. She was not the only one who had enjoyed the foreplay. He pushed his cock into her mouth and held her by the hair.

She worked on his cock, taking as much as she could into her mouth. She slid her lips up and down it and paused to gently lick his balls. She traced the side of his scrotum up one side with her tongue, then started at the bottom again and went up the other side. She licked all over his cock and sucked it. She loves sucking his cock. All the while, the thong inside her made itself known, she could feel it and was torn between enjoying it and wanting it gone. The teasing, she was so turned on, she wanted to cum, the thong reminded her that she was being filled, even while she was sucking and licking and giving her husband’s cock attention. She brought him close to orgasm and he pulled out of her mouth.

“Turn around” he said, “I want to cum inside you”.

She thought “Finally! He’ll take these panties out of me and fuck me!” She turned around and, still on her knees, leaned over the couch so he could have her doggie style. He slid a finger into her pussy, she clenched, waiting for him to start to pull the panties out.

“It looks like your pussy is occupied; I’ll have to cum in your ass”.

Hearing him talk dirty to her like that was music to her ears, but what came next. “Remember, you aren’t allowed to cum, don’t even touch your pussy,” brought with it a strange mixture of excitement, arousal and dread. They had never played this game before. She was never “not allowed” to cum, she just had to ask for permission, sometimes she had to beg and he made her wait on the edge of orgasm, but he always let her. She was excited and aroused because it was another way for her to submit to him, to give him control over her orgasms. She had already given him control of her having them, he made her cum whenever he wanted, or he would tell her to masturbate and cum for him while he lay in bed next to her watching and stroking his cock. But he had never denied her before!

She felt the head of his cock press against her opening and she tried to relax herself to accept it. She really enjoyed anal but was too shy to ask for it. This time he was rough with her. There was so much wetness all over from her deep enjoyment of the spanking, and even the thong, that he didn’t need lubrication. He lined up his cock and slid it all the way in. She was filled up in a split second, she cried out. It hurt to be taken so suddenly and thankfully he paused with the full length of his cock inside her and let her adjust. She pulsed around him and when she started wiggling her hips, he knew she was ready.

He pulled out nearly all the way and slid back in slowly. She whimpered and tried to thrust back, but he held her still. He didn’t want to cum right away, he was going to enjoy this. She was starting to use her hands to pull him, so he grabbed each hand and pulled it behind her back and held them there. Next time, he would use cuffs or something, but for now, he just held them in one of his hands. She stopped struggling, but continued to try to thrust on his cock. He was sensing a desperation in her. He pulled almost all the way out again and slowly slid back in to the hilt. He liked feeling her softness envelop him bit by bit. She wiggled and thrust and squeezed him with her muscles, but she couldn’t get him to speed up. He would take his sweet time and enjoy her ass as he pleased.

He felt his orgasm building and he grabbed her hair with his free hand. This forced her to arch her back to a more pleasing angle for him. He put a handful of her long hair in the hand that was holding her hands. His pace quickened and she tried to thrust back. He buried his cock deep into her and his cum filled her. She moaned and pulsed around his cock, as if trying to get every drop. She felt submissive and intensely intimate with him, taking him and his cum in her like this, at the same time feeling naughty and sexy and desperate to cum.

He released her hands and hair and slowly pulled out of her. He slapped her labia a couple times, playfully, and spanked her ass, a bit harder. She was still in the mental fog that comes with her extreme arousal and just knew she wanted more.

He leaned over her on the couch, and told her this, “I know you don’t wear panties much, but starting tomorrow, you will wear them every day. And sometimes, I will expect you to not be wearing them when I get home. I will text you and at that time, you will remove your panties and do this.” As he said it, he slid a finger into her pussy and started tugging on the thong. Her muscles tensed and she quivered with anticipation. And humilitation. He wanted her to do that… To herself?? But she agreed, because she would agree to anything for him. And this was one more sexy-but-embarrassing thing that might turn her on.

She wanted to ask him to rub her clit, or at least let her rub it, she wanted to ask to be allowed to cum. She waited. He led her to the shower and they took turns soaping and lathering. He paid special attention to her labia and clitoris, keeping her aroused but not letting her cum. When he rubbed his soapy hand down to her bottom, to wash where he had taken his liberties with her, she tried to turn to not allow him.

He held her and reminded her, “This is mine, not just when we’re having sex, but all the time”. She felt a renewed surge of arousal and intimacy. She relented and allowed him to wash her everywhere.

After drying off, they went to bed. She snuggled in close to him and his hand wandered across her skin. He found his way to her clit. Even after showering and getting a thorough wash and rinse, she was slick with desire again. She quivered and moved to get more contact with his hand. He said, “You’ll have to wait tonight, no cumming yet. And no touching yourself, either.” She groaned, she wanted to cum. She dozed off, but slept restlessly for a few hours.

When she woke up, it was to soft licking on her clit. She opened her eyes and looked at the clock. 2am? He sat up on his knees and she could see he was hard again. He reversed and straddled her face. He leaned forward and buried his face in her pussy. She moaned and arched her back, her whole body came alive with his tongue on her clit. He pulled away and slid his cock between her lips. “You make me cum, then you can cum and not before. But once you swallow all of my cum, you can have as many orgasms as you can stand.” She got to work.

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