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18 year old Mike Hampton stood in the doorway to his living room and the sight he beheld made his already hard young cock grow painfully harder in the tight yellow Speedos he still wore from swim practice. He had gotten home a few minutes earlier and had dumped his t-shirt, towel and sweats in the laundry and was headed to his room to cruise the internet for porn to help relieve the knot that always built up in his young balls at practice. Being an always horny 18 year old, the sight of all those tight young bodies in wet Lycra never failed keep him half hard through practice and by the end of the two hour session he usually had some seriously over bloated nuts to pop.

Stroking his hefty 8 inch cock and emptying his aching balls was all that was on his mind but as he was about to take the back stairs to his room, he heard a soft moaning coming down the hall from the front living room. His cock responded to the noise by stretching his Speedo even more. Holding his stiff member and lightly pinching the head, feeling the pre-cum leak through the overstretched Speedo, Mike headed quietly toward the noise.

As he got closer the noises got louder. It was definitely the sounds of someone having sex. It was probably his older sister and her boyfriend. They had a pension for having sex wherever the urge hit them and he had spied on them a couple of times before. Once in the garage and once while they were out back on a chaise lounge. Both times he had stroked himself off to their frantic sex and was sure he would be able to do the same now. Sex right in front of him certainly beat sex on his computer.

Taking the last few steps as silently as he could put him to where he stood now, mouth open and his large cock painfully pulsing against the slick material, staring at the scene before him. He had peeked around the door frame expecting to see his sister and was totally blown away by what he saw instead. Instead of seeing his sister, the person on the couching moaning and cooing was his 40 year old mother Laura! And, what made him even harder was that she was straddling one of the largest blackest cocks he had ever seen and it was buried to the hilt in his mother’s grasping asshole.

She was facing him but her head was thrown back, eyes shut and a high pitched keening was issuing from her mouth. She was completely dressed in what she usually wore to work; a nicely tailored business suit, a beautiful silk blouse, black stockings and shiny black two inch heels. Only now the skirt was bunched around her middle and she had her gorgeous aqua blue Victoria’s Secret full cut bikini panties pulled to the side to allow that huge black cock access to her over stretched asshole. He had jerked off many times into that pair of panties whenever he found them dirty in her hamper and few times they had been overly crusty and used. Now he knew why. His lovely divorced mother had been hitting it with this black dude with the giant cock.

Still stroking his turgid cock through his now soaked Speedos, he stealthily moved closer to the action before him. Neither one had noticed that he had stepped into the room. His mother was slowly pulling herself up from that throbbing black cock revealing the overly thick 12 inches that had been buried balls deep in her slickened anal chute so that just the head was still in her. He could see her asshole squeeze the man’s cock head a few times before she slowly pushed down taking the amazingly long steely cock back into her stretched out ass.

He held his breath as he watched inch after inch of black veined cock flesh slowly slip back into his mother. After what seemed like an eternity, his mother’s asshole came to rest on the smooth goose egg sized balls that hung below that huge dripping cock in a ball sack that looked like soft velvet. They visibly jumped and danced in their nut sack wanting no doubt to release the load that was making them so bloated. She let out a low moan and her body shivered in delight around that big black dick. The cock buried to the hilt in his mother’s ass was so dark and his mother’s skin was so fair and the wet aqua panties that framed their sex were so hot that he couldn’t help but grasp his rigid staff, which by now was freely oozing an abundance of his pre-cum. As he squeezed more of his young fluid from his aching sheath and before he could stop himself, a low moan escaped his own lips.

His mother’s eyes shot open and she lifted her head and stared right at him. He was no more than a few feet from them and froze like a deer caught in headlights. She didn’t say a word but shifted her stare from his eyes down his muscled torso to the wet lump he grasped in his bright yellow Speedo. When she had fully drunk in the sight of her son stroking his leaking cock in his swimsuit before her, her gaze shifted back to his bright red face.

He was about ready to run from the room when she said, “like what you see, son? Why don’t you come closer for a better look?” She turned to her head back to the man beneath her, “Charles, we have company. I hope you don’t mind.” Charles peered from around his mother and when Mike saw his face he knew immediately who it was. His mother was being royally ass fucked by their mailman Mr. Simpson.

In his low rumble of a voice Mr. Simpson said, “Don’t mind at all. It’s real hot having your boy watching me fuck your sweet tight ass. By the looks of those little Speedos, he seems to like watching too. Come closer boy. Kneel down here between my legs and gets a real good look at my big black cock slidin’ in and out of your mama’s ass.”

Laura held her hand out to her son and he took it with the slimy hand that he had been stroking his leaking cock with. “Ooh,” she said with a voice thick with lust as she felt his slickened palm, “you really do like what you see. You have quite the mess there in your Speedo.” She pulled him gently forward and he knelt as she did so.

He was now only a few inches away from where Mr. Simpson’s big black cock was plugged into his mother’s over stretched asshole. He looked up into his mother’s face as she stared down at him just in time to see her lick the mess out of the palm of her hand, the mess he had left on it. This act made him even harder, if that were possible, and he slowly began to stroke himself though his wasted Speedo.

He could barely breathe as he watched his mother pull up again from Mr. Simpson’s impossibly large cock. Painstakingly she rose up on that big black cock as slowly as she could. The giant cock and his mother’s wide open asshole was all that filled his vision. Up close, the cock looked bigger than it had from his first vantage point. He couldn’t believe that his tiny mother could fit something that huge in her ass but the proof was in the pudding and as she reached the point where the only thing left in her asshole was the head of Mr. Simpson’s monster cock she pushed back down again and he watched as her abused chute greedily sucked it back in as far as it would go.

With his face being mere inches from their dripping communion, Mike could smell their sex just reeking from them. Still stroking his obscenely hard cock through the now transparent Speedos he unconsciously licked his lips.

Laura saw her son’s tongue snake out between his lips and shivered at the thought that he found Charles and her sex apparently mouthwatering. She began to wiggle her ass back and forth on the root of Charles’ big cock. The more she wiggled, the more her swollen pussy gushed and leaked her juice out bathing Charles’ big cock and balls with her womanly slather. Her son just stared wide eyed at their joining. She watched as he leaned in a little closer and took a long inhale of their sex. He licked his lips again and began stroking his Speedo encased cock even faster.

“You REALLY like what you see, don’t you?” she asked her transfixed son.

Mike barely shook his head but she saw it bob up and down.

“It’s alright if you want to touch us. Go ahead, I know you want to. I can tell by the way you’re looking at Charles’ big dick that you want to touch it. It’s alright. I don’t think Charles would mind, would you Charles?”

“Not at all, babe,” he replied in his rumble tones. “Go ahead boy, you can do anything you want too. A mom and her son workin’ my big nut out is hot as hell! Go on boy. Don’t be afraid. It aint gonna bite ya. It may spit at ya though!” he laughed and that made his big cock pulse in his mother’s ass.

Tentatively, Mike reached out with the hand that was not busy pleasuring his hard rod and gingerly ran his finger tips over the bloated black nut sack that hung before him. The large balls began to dance in their smooth soft sack. Upon hearing a moan escaping Mr. Simpson’s mouth he became bolder and cupped the large nuts in the palm of his hand. The balls were so big that Mike had to stop stroking himself and use both hands on Mr. Simpson.

Mike held one of Mr. Simpson’s swollen nuts in each hand and began to massage and rub them for all he was worth. Mike hefted them up and the skin from Mr. Simpson’s nut sack poured over his hands. He fondled them and tugged on them, feeling them becoming more and more bloated as he did so.

“Woo hoo, boy that feels awesome.” Mr. Simpson growled as he began to pump in and out of his mother’s ass. “The only thing better, would be your sweet little mouth on ‘em!”

Laura reached down between her splayed legs and held her son’s face up so she could look him directly in the eyes. “Do you want to kiss them honey? Its okay if you do. If it feels good, do it. Don’t worry baby Mommy would love to see you suck on those big black balls. Go on, let mama watch you work over those big black nuts. Help Charles unload in your Mommy’s ass.”

Mike held his mother’s gaze for a few seconds more and then he did something he never thought he’d do. As he held Mr. Simpson’s large swollen balls, which were covered in his mother’s silken pussy juice, in his hands he leaned over and lightly kissed one then the other. When he pulled up, his lips were covered in his mother’s incredibly delicious juice which he licked off immediately and without any further hesitation, leaned back in and began to swath Mr. Simpson’s balls with his tongue. It was all he could do to control himself. In fact, he couldn’t control himself and he began to feed and suck and lick on Mr. Simpson’s smooth nuts like there was no tomorrow. He would suck one big ball into his mouth and then the other. He would chew on the smooth excess skin of Mr. Simpson’s scrotum and then rub them all over his face. Mike made a complete pig of himself on Mr. Simpsons nuts. He couldn’t stop himself from licking all of his mother’s juice from the giant sack.

Laura watched as her son worked the massive black balls of her mailman lover. By the sounds that Charles was making, she knew his nut was not far off. The friction of the monstrous cock in her ass and the fact that her 18 year old son, still in his sexy little Speedo, had a mouthful of her lover’s nuts was pushing here closer to her own climax.

Mike looked up at his mother to discover that she was intently watching him work over Mr. Simpson’s balls. Still looking her directly in the eye he sucked the left nut into his mouth and pulled back till it plopped out of his mouth with and audible pop. Then he did the same to the right one. He wanted to be as nasty as he could for her so while still holding her gaze, he began to lick up the underside of Mr. Simpson’s cock, nibbling and kissing the large pulsing vein as he made his way toward where Mr. Simpson and his mother were connected.

Mike didn’t stop. He got closer and closer to where they were joined in their messy ass fuck and, looking his mother in the eyes, swiped his tongue right across her asshole and Mr. Simpson’s badgering cock. He did more than swipe, he dined. Mike licked and sucked for all he was worth. He stuck his tongue into his mother’s asshole as Mr. Simpson also pumped furiously into it. He could taste them both and it made him want more. He fed like he hadn’t eaten in weeks.

Laura held her son’s gaze as he worked over her ass and Charles big cock with his relentless tongue. Mike looked at her with his tongue buried in her ass along with Charles’ steel rod horse cock and winked at her. That did it. Her son’s nasty wink pushed her over the edge. With a high pitched keening she began to cum hard. She came so hard that she squirted a large stream of juice out of her swollen pussy that drenched Mike’s face and Charles’ pounding cock. Through all this, she never broke eye contact with her son.

Mike’s face was blessedly covered in his mother’s tasty cum and still he did not stop his persistent tonguing of their nether region. Mr. Simpson was sawing his fat cock in and out of his mother’s ass with total abandoned when suddenly he pulled all but his cockhead out of her and held stock still. Mike nursed on the large vein right where it disappeared into his mother’s ass when he felt Mr. Simpson’s cock suddenly grown bigger and then the huge vein he had been nursing on bloated up and he could feel Mr. Simpson’s nut rushing through his cock, past his sucking lips and begin filling his mother’s abused asshole with his scalding black seed.

“There it is.” Mr. Simpsons sighed. “Your boy done good, Laura.” He said leaving his cock in her ass.

Mike worked the underside of Mr. Simpson’s cock until it softened enough to pop out of his mother’s worn asshole. There was a mixture of Mr. Simpson’s seed and his mother’s ass juice clinging to the deflating cockhead and Mike made no bones about popping it into his mouth and making sure it was completely cleaned of both their juices.

Mike sat back on his haunches and licked their mess off his lips. He scooped a big blob of their mixed juices from Mr. Simpson’s now sated balls and greedily sucked his fingers clean. He couldn’t believe how wonderful they both tasted. He wanted more.

His mother must have read his thoughts because she stood up leaving Mr. Simpson basking in his after cum glow and pushed him on his back. She pulled the gusset of her satiny aqua panties back over her dripping sex and stood over him with a two inch black high heel on either side of his head.

“Open up,” she said as she slowly lowered herself toward his face. “There’s more where that came from.”

Mike opened his mouth and his mother placed her panty covered, swollen beyond belief asshole right over it. She made sure her asshole was seated in his mouth. Her asshole was so swollen that it pushed obscenely against the drenched gusset of her sexy panties.

“Tongue it.” She said when she was finally settled. “Tongue mommy’s swollen rosebud you naughty boy. Tongue it good and you’ll get more of what you crave.”

Mike licked and nipped at the smooth wet satin that clung to her swollen ass lips. He ran his tongue around her engorged asshole and stuck it in her as her asshole greedily sucked at his probing tongue. Laura looked down at her sweet boy and could see his eyes looking back at hers. She reached down and gently stroked her fingers through his tousled hair. She could feel his probing tongue working her battered asshole.

“Ready?” she asked staring into his lovely blue eyes.

She felt him nod, unable to answer her with his mouth so full.

“Here.” She said and pushed down against his mouth.

Mike felt her swollen asshole open up against his tongue. He held her gaze as she pushed harder a second time and then he felt and tasted the sudden rush of Mr. Simpson’s spent load as it poured from her battered chute. He sucked and licked greedily at the tasty mess that gushed from his well fucked mother. There was a tremendous amount but that didn’t surprise him considering the size of the Mr. Simpson’s huge nuts. His mother kept bearing down until the flow became a trickle and he had sucked her torn asshole clean of Mr. Simpson’s spent seed.

When she had pushed the last of Charles’ mess out of her ass, through her soaked panties and into her son’s insatiable licking mouth Laura slowly laid herself down on top of her son and licked up what remained of Charles load as it slid down his chin. When she had collected what he’d missed, she opened her mouth above his and let the final bit of it slip from her tongue to his and ended by giving him a big soulful French kiss. He greedily sucked at the tip of her tongue as she pulled away.

“My aren’t we the hungry little man.” She said as she sat up next to him. Looking down between his muscled thighs she said, “Looks like its your turn.”

She could see the sizable lump in his yellow Speedos and knew he needed release. She kissed her way down his chest and torso and clamped her mouth around the rigid head of his cock as it pushed against the filmy material of his Speedo. She used her long red fingernails to tease and tickle his overly swollen nuts and applied suction to the swollen glans in her mouth.

“Oh mom, that’s it! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” he shouted just as a huge rush of thick viscous cum shot out of his cock through his clingy yellow Speedo and into her suckling mouth. He kept cumming. There was so much that she couldn’t keep it all in her mouth and it ran out coating his already drenched Speedo. She kept as much of it in her mouth as she could and when his spasms began to subside she leaned up to him again opened her mouth and shared his load with him. Once again he greedily sucked at her tongue getting every bit of his load from her and gulping it down like a man possessed.

When there was no more for him to eat, he lay back and stared up at her with loving eyes. “You’re the best.” He said and kissed her again.

“No, you are.” She said and squeezed his now soft cock through his sticky Speedo.

“No,” Mr. Simpson said from the couch as he waved his cock at them which was hard again from the show mother and son had just put on for him, “get over here and I’ll be the judge.”

It was a cold day, it had been snowing all week and the traffic was miserable. On my way home I saw four different cars off the road and had to ease the brakes at stop signs to prevent sliding. I used to love the snow, it meant days off and fun and everyone gathered around a fire but there was no such joy to look forward too lately. There was no dinner waiting for me, my wife, now ex-wife was in another state with her new boyfriend. With my wife gone, and daughter Alice off to college I was back to being on my own. I could watch anything I wanted, listen to whatever I wanted and nothing was put away where I couldn’t find it.

Last week my new sense of living on my own was shattered. My daughter came home for winter break and because of her distaste for her mother and new boyfriend she opted to stay with me. I loved my daughter, and I would do anything for her, so naturally I was very glad she came home to me for break rather than get drunk with her friends. That must be her aversion to her mother too; she never drank or even went to parties like her mother.

I walked in the garage door and took my coat off. Man my electric bill was going to be high this month. Even when it was freezing out Alice had turned the thermostat way up and I was already sweating in my suit.

“Daddy! You’re home. They said on the news eight inches of snow.”

“I fine sweetie, come give daddy a hug.”

Alice was not suffering from the heat, the reverse in fact. She was only wearing a thin white tank top, tall striped socks, and sexy little white panties. I must be the envy of all the boys from school, what they would give to see her run up and then jump into their arms her tits free to swing, nipples just barley visible through the fabric. I held her close, and I couldn’t help but enjoy her sexy body, it had been too long since I held anyone.

“I tried to order pizza but they said they won’t deliver tonight.”

Setting Alice down I circled my hand through her hair and held her chin.

“I guess we are just going to have to make something for ourselves then.”

Walking into the kitchen I went to the freezer and got out pork chops and a couple of honey crisp apples out. I put the pork chops in the sink and turned the water on to start them thawing and got out the cutting board for the apples. I cut up the first apple and Alice took a piece and jumped up on the counter next to me. Glancing over I noticed how her panties were now pulled taut against the lips of her pussy. Distracted the knife slipped and grazed my finger.

“Daddy! You cut yourself. Here let me kiss it.”

Grabbing my hand Alice brought my finger up to her mouth and kissed it. She them looked at it closely at my finger and blew on the cut. She then put my finger in her mouth and sucked it. Taken aback I was too shocked and aroused to react. As soon as it started it was over and she took my finger out.

“There good as new,” she said triumphantly.

Turning away from Alice I rummaged around the cupboard to get the frying pan. This was partially to hide my erection; the combination of her sex body, well-defined pussy, and sucking on my finger had made my attraction a little too obvious. I filled the pan with water and put it on the stove. I took the pork chops out of the sink and broke them apart putting them in the pan.

“How’s your paper coming along sweetie?”

“Argh my stupid Prof forgot what its like to be a kid. Which is ironic because my paper is about child development. He agrees with Plato. The ‘brain’ wants a society where the brains lead and children are reared to be model citizens by those best suited to parent, without the necessity of actually being their parents or something like that.”

“Well it sounds like you know what you’re talking about.”

The pork chops were now in simmering water and I flipped them over to heat them move evenly.

“The guy is just bitter I think. I don’t think he has ever been laid, let alone had children, so he figures just institutionalize it and put him in charge. But you wouldn’t let that happen would you Daddy.”

The water was now boiled off and I added a splash of apple juice and laid the slices of apple on the pork chops.

“And lose you to some stranger, no sweetie I would never let that happen. Who would heal my finger then?”

“Daddy,” Alice said mockingly and tilted her head.

“Alright fine, I would keep you for other reasons too.”

“I know.”

She jumped down from the counter and walked over to the pantry. Grabbing a chair and climbing up she reached to grab the jar of hot chocolate mix. Her ass was lean and frim I had to hold myself from a slapping that ass.

“Make me hot chocolate daddy.”

“But that doesn’t go with pork cho…”


“Alright but you get the cups out.”

“Yay.” Alice jumped up again and hugged me again her tits pressing against me. This girl was going to ruin my pants if she didn’t stop being so goddamn cute.

Walking back over to the pan I flipped the pork chops again sprinkling some seasoning on them before replacing the apples and giving the pan another splash of juice. I got out my double kettle and filled the inside with milk putting it on the stove to heat in the water bath. Alice was sitting at the bar on the other side of the counter and was humming Christmas songs. The milk and the pork chops finished a few minutes later and I got us our plates and served the pork chops and apples and poured the milk on the chocolate mix in the cups.

I turned on the TV and we watched The Daily Show while we ate and drank our hot chocolate.

“Daddy can you read me a story?”

“Don’t you think you’re a little old for a story?”

“No. And besides it would be good for my paper and I like when you read to me.”

“Well how can I say no, since it’s for your paper.”

Alice kissed me on the cheek and ran upstairs to find a book. After I put the dishes in the sink I followed her up to her room. Alice had a big room; really the top floor was hers. She had her own bathroom and what was once a playroom and her bedroom. The playroom was now a gym but her room remained as it was since she was a little girl. Alice was not a girly girl but she liked pink and still had most of her dolls all set up in the dollhouse I made her for her birthday. She also had a big comfy leather chair. The chair was mine and I read to her in it for many years and it just seemed to belong here.

“Read me my story again.”

Of course, our favorite, Alice and Wonderland. I had read the book more times than I could count. She was my little Alice, her hair was smooth and wavy just like Alice’s and she too was always off in her own world. Sitting down Alice sat back in my lap just like she used too. The feeling was very different however; Alice was not a little girl anymore, she was a hot scantily clad babe pressing down on my leg and up against my cock. Trying to ignore my rising excitement I turned to the first page and started to read.

Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, ‘and what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice ‘without pictures or conversation?’

So she was considering in her own mind (as well as she could, for the hot day made her feel very sleepy and stupid), whether the pleasure of making a daisy- chain would be worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies, when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her.

There was nothing so very remarkable in that; nor did Alice think it so very much out of the way to hear the Rabbit say to itself, ‘Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’ (when she thought it over afterwards, it occurred to her that she ought to have wondered at this, but at the time it all seemed quite natural); but when the Rabbit actually took a watch out of its waistcoat- pocket, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet, for it flashed across her mind that she had never before seen a rabbit with either a waistcoat-pocket, or a watch to take out of it, and burning with curiosity, she ran across the field after it, and fortunately was just in time to see it pop down a large rabbit-hole under the hedge.

In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.”

“Hold me daddy, I’m cold.”

Alice was in no way cold. Not only did she just eat and have hot chocolate and her body was hot to the touch against me, nonetheless I found myself sliding my arm around her waist and pulling her closer to me. Her lean body was so close to mine I had to force myself to keep reading, she was my little girl and I was reading her favorite story that was all.

She ate a little bit, and said anxiously to herself, ‘Which way? Which way?’, holding her hand on the top of her head to feel which way it was growing, and she was quite surprised to find that she remained the same size: to be sure, this generally happens when one eats cake, but Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.

So she set to work, and very soon finished off the cake

‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English); ‘now I’m opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!’ (for when she looked down at her feet, they seemed to be almost out of sight, they were getting so far off).

Alice turned in my arms and her tits pressed up against my check.

“Oh sorry Daddy, it seems these have had some of Alice’s bread since we did this last. And they’re not the only ones.”

Alice smirked as she rubbed her ass against my cock, which as she noticed was growing like Alice, my face still pressed against Alice’s perky young tits I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Alice, uhh, its not, uhh.”

“Its okay daddy, I would be a little hurt if you didn’t respond, in fact I really like it. Do you, do you want to hold them.”

“I shouldn’t, really, I should go I have things work on…”

“Daddy don’t you want to hold them?

“Yes but…”

“Its not hard, her let me help you.”

She grabbed my arm, still around her waist, and took my hand and pressed it to her breast.

“Mmmh your hand is so big and warm daddy. Play with my titties daddy, I want to feel your hands on me, so big and strong.”

My hands were moving of their own volition, I didn’t tell them to but soon I had Alice’s tits in my hands tweaking her nipples through her shirt.

“Harder daddy, pinch them harder.”

I reached under her shirt and found her nipple, the small rough spot on her unbelievable smooth torso. Pulling her shirt up I kissed each nipple then sucked one into my mouth nibbling on it slightly.

“More, daddy, more it feels so good. Play with my titties make my nipples raw.”

Her tits were so perfect, smooth and soft very good sized but not so large as to be obnoxious. Her nipples were hard and very sensitive. I could feel her moan as I sucked them in my mouth. She took off her shirt entirely and was now rubbing my cock with her ass.

“Yes daddy, play with my big titties, there bigger than mum’s were. I know you like my titties, but I have something else I want you to play with.”

She took my hand again and this time it lead to her panties. My hand followed her path without resistance. I held her pussy and pulled her down against my cock. My middle finger was pressing in on her slit. Her panties were being forced in around my finger inside her outer lips. Still my mouth was on her nipple but our attention was on her pussy, hot to the touch. I massaged her lips feeling how soft her little pussy was, she moaned and tried to move but I held her still.

“You’re trapped my little Alice, too big and all the doors too small.”

“mmh ahh daddy mmmh its getting so wet in here am I shrinking or are you getting bigger”

“You have to drink this my little Alice.”

I brought my hand from her pussy and put it in her mouth she sucked the fingers. Licking and sucking each one, eyes burning with lust.

“Fuck me daddy. No more game I want you big daddy cock.”

“Patience now my little Alice, one must cum before they can go.”

I brought my hand back to her pussy and neglecting to move the panties aside forced my fingers, panties and all, inside her pussy. She jerked and made a muffled yelp. I sucked her nipple as hard as I could and made her arch her back head pressing back against me and almost pulling the nipple from me. My other hand was on her pussy now too, I found her clit and started to flick it back and forth while I massaged the inside with my other hand.

Alice was moaning and rocking to my hands. Her body was smooth and her moans of pleasure intensified. Her breathing too, increased and I rubbed her pussy. Her panties were now soaked in her juices. I wanted so badly to taste her, but I wanted to feel her cum more, and she was getting so close. Her body started to stiffen and I pushed in as far as her panties would allow with three fingers and she shook as she came. Not violently, but she had several aftershocks before she could control herself. Standing she turned around pulled her panties down and then she bent over and grabbed my crotch.

“Caterpillar is hiding in your pants, I want to play with him daddy. Bring him out in the light so we can play daddy.”

Alice was undoing my pants and before I could say anything she had my cock out and in in her hand. I was rock hard and her hands felt so good.

“You like your cock on my tits daddy. So big and hard you want to cum all over your nasty little girl don’t you.”

Pre-cum oozed out of my cock and Alice licked it up. Fuck.

“mmm, it tastes so good daddy, I want more.”

She sucked my entire head into her mouth and continued to lick the tip. Her hair was so fucking smooth I gripped it. My daughter, my sexy fucking daughter was sucking my cock. My hands started to press I needed more. I had to feel her throat, it would make her stop talking so nasty. Fuuuck her throat convulsed around me, she was too good at this. Pulling off she gasped.

“I love your cock daddy, my pussy is dripping. Why the fuck did mom get rid of this?”

I shoved her back on my cock, she felt so good and her words were a little unnerving. She took me all the way inside her mouth and grabbed my balls. She sucked and licked my cock and even stuck her tongue out to lick my balls. I finally let her up for air and she gasped.

“Fuck me daddy, I want your big daddy cock in me.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her. God her tits were perfect. They were so full and perky as they pressed up against me. She reached back and grabbed my dick and rubbed it on her pussy. I leaned back fuck, she was dripping.

“You want my tight little pussy daddy?”

“Yes, yes I want it.”

“You want to fuck your baby girl in her room and make her cum on you.”

I answered by grabbing her shoulders and yanking her down onto my cock. She screamed out and I couldn’t even move it felt too good. I held her down as she tried to move, pressing deeper into her. She started to rock her hips and I sucked her nipple and as much of her breast into my mouth. She moaned and rocked more. I held her tight pressing her against me and then I grabbed her hair. It was so long and smooth. I pulled and made her lean her head back and she groaned. I kissed up her exposed neck and thrust into her. She cried out and tried to rock back on my cock. I thrust again and clamped down on her neck. I could feel the blood pump in her neck as I sucked and bit lightly. She just moaned harder and squeezed with her pussy.

“Play with my ass daddy, play with my ass as you fuck your baby girl.”

I gripped her ass and lifted her slamming her back down and then spanked her. I spanked her over and over until her ass was red and she gripped me tightly pulling her perfect tits hard against my face.

“Yes daddy yes, play with my ass, my asshole daddy. I want your fingers in my ass.”

I reached down and felt her puckered little hole and circled it with my fingers. She moaned and arched her back. I kiss her chest between her tits and bit the skin. She moaned and cringed into the bite, wrapping her tits over my face. As she curled forward my finger was forced into her ass and it was so fucking tight. She had never had anyone in her ass before.

“Your going to make me cum again daddy. You like fingering my nasty virgin ass as you fuck me daddy? I want you so bad daddy, cum inside me I want to feel your nasty cum as you explode inside me. Fuck me harder daddy make us cum.”

I pushed a second finger inside Alice’s ass to make her stop. She was going to make me cum before she got off. It was only partially effective as she screamed and both her ass and her pussy clenched on me. She was so fucking tight, she would be sore tomorrow. I fucked her harder and I felt myself getting closer and closer.

“Harder daddy harder! I want your cum so bad please daddy make me your little cum slut.”

I pulled Alice by her ass down on my cock and meet it with a strong a thrust I could manage. Over and over did she bounce, tits slapping her chest and my face. I pulled her hair again and bit her neck sucking on it.

“Daddy, daddy I’m cumming! Daddy cum inside me I want it I want it all!”

Slamming her home one last time I did. I shot over and over into her depths and she started to shake and scream as she came again, violently this time. I held her to me as I emptied myself into her and until she started to calm down only twitching every so often. We kissed again and then she stood.

“Thanks for the story daddy,” and reaching between her legs she gather some of the cum dripping from her pussy on her finger and brought it to her lips, “and dessert.”

I was well into my first semester of college. The University I chose was close enough to drive to, but my parents thought it would be a good idea to for me to live on campus. I didn’t mind, and actually wanted some freedom. I lived in a single dorm unit and was not having a difficult time of transitioning to life on my own. I had plenty of homework to keep me busy during the week, and I also was working out more. I was starting to enjoy the solitude of a nice long run. There was an area with lots of hills that gave me solitude and a challenge. On weekends, I would occasionally drift home to see my parents, who actually were busy doing stuff themselves. I had not seen Amy since high school graduation. She had left me a couple of rambling messages that I had not returned. I really had no reason to be mad at her. I had enjoyed myself very much during that afternoon with Rick. I guess the reason I was avoiding her was that Amy had exposed a submissive, feminine side I never knew I had. I felt being around her might expose other parts of me I did not know about.

After receiving a text message about a party she was having, I decided to go and visit her. I figured I would be safe at a party, around her stoner friends. When I got there I realized 2 things. 1: Her sister was out of town. 2: It was B.YO.B. Bring your own bong. I saw people smoking pot. They were in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hall-way and all over the place. I saw a group of people in one of the bedrooms. I wondered if she was she supplying all of them.

I stood close to the door and saw that Amy was sitting on the couch and was talking with an unfamiliar man. She seemed serious. They were looking at the screen of her phone and nodding their heads.

“Where are you at man?” Someone said to me.

“I’m just waiting for Amy.” I answered.

He continued on his way. I noticed he was having a conversation with someone else through an earpiece.

She seemed busy, and was probably not going to have time for. I looked around to see if I knew anyone. In particular, I was looking to see if Rick was there. I did not see him. I was getting ready to leave, when a hand touched my shoulder. I was half expecting it to be Rick. Something had me very horny and not in control of what I might do.

“Eric! I can’t believe you came.” Amy said.

She opened her arms and moved forward to hug me. I wrapped my arms around her. It felt good to see her again. She was dressed in black and was barefoot. Her hair was in a pony tail. Her brown eyes looked high, but not from pot. She looked energized by something else.

“How are you?” She asked.

“Good. I am sorry I never answered your messages. I have been getting used to College.” I said

“You are here now. That is nice.”

She told me about how her business venture was going. She said it gave her a sense of purpose. She was soon to get her medical marijuana distributor license, and that this party was the last type party she was going to have. Amy was going to be serious about her future and this was her way of saying goodbye to the past. I commented that I thought she looked very motivated. I told her that the desire that now filled her suited her perfectly.

“You always said the nicest things to me before. I am glad you are here. I know you probably feel out of place, but every moment with me must have felt like this.” She laughed.

“Almost every moment felt odd.” I said. “You were great.”

“How is college life?” She asked.

“It’s too structured.” I said.

“Meet any one new?”

“No. I haven’t”

“Do you still put on my sister’s thong? You left here with it that day.”

I was surprised she mentioned it. I tried not to look too fazed by her question.

“I am joking.” She said.

“How’s Rick, anyway?” I asked.

“He was around here. Something tells me you came by to see him.”

“Amy, I came to see you.” I said.

She was very perceptive. Part of me did want to see Rick. As for the thong, I was wearing it.

“I have some things to do, but I want you to know that we should stay in touch. Not just me, but you returning my messages. I mean it. I want to stay friends. You stood up for me… I was an outcast at that school. I will always have a love for you.” Amy said.

“I know.” I said.

We hugged again, and I so wanted to be her friend in the future. I wanted to think that our differences would not keep us apart completely. I said goodbye to her and left as if walking through a haze.

I gulped at the fresh air once I got outside. I stood on the porch a few moments breathing in the air. Just before I was about to leave, I felt a tongue in my ear, followed by a familiar voice. Rick was standing next to me. I had not realized how tall he really was. That day, neither of us was standing at the same time. He looked the same, except that he was full of a strange energy.

“Eric. How have you been?” He said.

Part of me wished that he had called me Erica. Perhaps, because I was dressed as a man, he called me by my real name. I looked up to him with a look that I was sure conveyed submission to him and to what he could give me.

“I am really busy tonight, but I want to see you again.” He said. “I want to see Erica again. Has she been around?”

“Yes. She has been around. You might be surprised. She looks better these days.”

“I believe it. She was something else. I have her number from Amy. I will call her soon.”

I was disappointed. I so wanted to spend some time with him. I wanted to be treated as before: like a girl. We waved goodbye to each other. I was left with a void. I needed to be satisfied. I got into my car and headed back to campus. I had brought Erica’s outfit with me, in case she was called upon that night. I wanted to cry, but found solace that he wanted to call Erica.

Once back at my dorm, I got out some outfits for Erica that I had been collecting. I had bras, skirts, women’s jeans and blouses. I also had a few shoes. I really had not mastered walking in heels, so I just used flip flops. I also had a pair of pink ballerina type shoes that Erica really felt sexy in. I was also getting better at applying make-up. I always put on very little. I only used a light amount of lipstick.

I stood in front of a full length mirror. I had on makeup and a small amount of red lipstick. I was naked, except for the white thong I had on earlier. I finally chose a pair of black spandex pants and a white blouse. I wore a white padded bra. I put on a pair of pink flip flops. I looked at myself in the mirror from all sides. I really liked the way my ass looked. I had lost a few pounds since high school due to the new exercise routine. My man boobs were only a little smaller. They had not melted away. I kind of wanted more of them now. The padded bras I wore made me feel more feminine. They made Erica feel more feminine.

I pointed my foot out, and extended my leg. I knew I needed to practice walking like a girl. I tried to go slow, moving the thighs very slowly, almost stepping in slow-motion to get a better idea of what I needed to do. I tried to work on the rhythm of my gait. I tried to keep my hands still. I wanted to be a cool girl with no exaggerated movements.

After about an hour of admiring myself and of becoming very horny, I stripped off the clothes and fell onto the bed. I was tired, and wanted to dream of Rick. I remembered the way his hand held onto my hips. I recalled his strong, calloused hands and how submissive he had made me feel.

I woke up the next morning a half hour or so later than usual. I was going to go for a jog. It was still the weekend. I got dressed quickly. Even though it was chilly, I wore shorts. My legs looked very shapely. I hardly had any hair on them, or on my face I was grateful for that. I never worked to get in such good shape while I had played baseball.

There were a few people out jogging. I chose an intermediate path. The hills were not so demanding, as I was not ready for the most difficult hills. My stride was good, as was my motivation.

I thought of Rick mostly. I should have kissed him while I had the chance. I was disappointed in myself.

Tired and sweaty, I headed back to my dorm. There was only one person in the common area. I went into the area to get a drink from the fountain. I nodded hello to him. I knew he was a wrestler. He was an inch or so shorter than my 5’10″ and looked very muscular. After I had my drink, I looked over to him one more time. He was making some notes in a small booklet. He looked up and we made eye contact for just a little too long. I felt it strange we were holding a staring contest. He then motioned to his lips, telling me to look at my lips. I turned around and found a mirror above the drinking fountain. I had lipstick all over my mouth. I had forgotten to take it off the previous night, and while wiping my face it had smudged all over my cheeks.

“Are you all right?” He said, walking towards me.

“I am fine.” I said.

I was embarrassed and wanted to get out of there quickly.

“I prefer darker colors on girls, but that is not bad.” He said.

I looked at him as if he had just dropped from the sky and was going to take me back up to wherever he had come from.

“I have to go and clean up.” I said.

I walked away, and looked over my shoulder once. He was staring at me, yet our eyes did not make contact again. He was looking at my ass as I walked away. My stomach knotted up. My previous experience had been aided by my then girlfriend, Amy. This scenario, if it ever transpired, was strictly on my own.

As soon as I got back to my room, I looked him up on the wrestling website. His name was Alex and he was from a neighboring state. He was sophomore and his major was listed as Urban Studies. He was listed at 5’10 inches tall, which meant he was an inch or two shorter and he wrestled in the 157 pound weight class. He looked cute. He had brown eyes and curly brown hair. I kept playing his words over and over in my head: “I prefer darker colors on girls, but that is not bad.” I wondered if he would ever prefer to be with me.

I tried my best to look out for Alex, but he never seemed to be around. He was not in any of the places that I was looking. I was sure that his comment did not exclude me from what it was that he liked.

We finally spotted each other after one of my runs. He came up to me and said hello. I was very nervous. His eyes were very bright and pierced through me. I wondered if he was imagining me as Erica. He had no clue about Erica was. Not yet, at least.

“How are you?” He said.

“I am fine.” I answered.

“I have some time off this weekend. Maybe we can go for a jog or something.”

“That would be great.” I said, trying not to sound too excited.

I was very excited. He gave off a very vibrant air of confidence.

“Did you have a good run?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said.

His phone suddenly rang and he seemed rushed to answer it.

“I’ll come by tonight to make plans. I have to take this call.” He said.

All my doubts about whether or not his comment was real were starting to fade. He was going to come by my dorm that night. I wasn’t going to be there, but I was sure he would like meeting Erica, and she might just like meeting him.

I went home and took a long shower. I shaved off the few visible hairs on my legs and I touched up my already trimmed pubic area. I put makeup on first. That always took me the longest. I put on some foundation and a little blush. I put on the darkest lipstick I had: a reddish black.

It took me some time picking out my outfit. I decided to wear pink panties and a pink padded bra. I wanted to wear a skirt, but decided a pair of torn at the knee jeans might suit the occasion better. I wanted to get fucked, but did not want to seem desperate. A skirt just begs to be lifted. I chose a light blue top and ballerina shoes of the same color. The last piece of my outfit was my wig: short, straight and black.

I sat down and concentrated on relaxing. I was breathing in deeply and slowly exhaling. A purposeful knock at the door brought me back to the moment. I went over to the door and tried to be confident myself. I knew my body had tightened up since I started running the hills.

“Hello, Alex.” I said, trying to sound docile.

His eyes widened as though he were just given a gift.

“Hello.” He said. “You know, I never did catch your name.”

“Erica.” I said.

I felt so slutty just then.

“Hello, Erica.”

He came into my room. There was no need to make plans. These were the plans.

“Maybe we can get our exercise in here.” He said.

I thought that a wonderful idea.

We had an awkward moment of silence, then, as two horny college kids do, we started to close in on each other. We started to kiss, and I could feel his strong hands search out my body. His hands settled on my hips. His lips were active. I peeked to look at his eyes. They were closed. His body was so strong and I told him so. On cue, he went into the middle of the room and started to undress. He kept his eyes focused, but did not look at me. His chest was impressive. I could tell he was capable of lifting plenty of weight. When he was finally down to just his briefs, he paused and let me take in his beauty. He was a vain young man who had certainly put in the work in the gym over the years.

“Wow.” I said as I was admiring him.

He kept on his underwear, and I wondered if he was hiding a small surprise for me. Or was it a large piece of meat to chew on?

It was my turn now. Without saying anything, I started moving around to a silent beat in my head. I did my best to seem girly. I turned for him so he could see my ass shake for him. I walked backwards into his body. I could feel him under his underwear. There was something solid, just like his body.

Alex grabbed my ass and squeezed. It felt so real. He moved to the front of my jeans and unbuttoned them. That is all the prodding I needed. I had them off quickly, and was presenting myself to him. I removed my top and threw off my shoes. I stood there in bra and panties. I was surprised that I was no thinking about what I was doing. I was being instinctual. He came over to mw and his momentum carried me back onto the bed. He slid off my bottoms. My little worker was very hard. I was expecting some attention from him. He only looked at it and placed a finger on the hole he was looking for.

Alex finally took off his underwear to reveal a penis about the length of mine but twice the width. I was in shock almost. I didn’t think I would be loose enough, or experienced enough to allow him in. I motioned to him that there was some lube on the nightstand. He reached over and got some. He was sort of rough as he applied it into my opening. His hands did not seem gentle at all.

“Up you go, princess.” He said.

“Where am I going?” I said, sounding frightened.

He grabbed both my legs and lifted them in the air. He pressed into me and I gasped. I tried to remember to relax. After a few attempts, he found admission and proceeded. He pushed in. A bareback adventure and my eyes were spilling out of my head. I started to grunt. Not seeming very lady like, Erica was reduced to a grunting whore as he pushed in farther. My own penis was losing all the ambition of earlier. I was in survival mode all of a sudden.

I felt he could have crushed me if he had wanted. It made me wonder if I had ever been an athlete myself.

“Please be gentle, Alex.’

“Quiet, Erica.’ He said.

He closed his eyes. Alex had a stern look on his face. His hands holding onto my legs with a power I am sure he usually saved for the wrestling mat, but here he was using it on me. My feet flopped in the air. His fullness enveloped me with nothing but pain. Any tenderness I had expected for the girly Erica was gone. He continued his power strokes, and I continued hanging on, wanting it to be over. I raised my head to try to get a better view. He was relentless with me. His face was reddening and he held an unflinching stare. Then, finally, things changed a little. I started to pay attention more to what my body was feeling and it did not feel so bad. More, Alex. Violate this bitchy, black haired girl. Do it.

I sensed he had been with a few before me. He was too relaxed and one-minded to be an inexperienced stud. His penetration of Erica was now complete and all that was left was release.

Into Erica he came, and it felt warm and friendly, possibly the only nice thing about him. He was out of breath and wiped away some sweat from his face. Match over.

Alex looked relieved. His face softened now. His scowl was gone. I lay there looking needy. He pulled out his still engorged cock. I grabbed my semi-hard penis as if to present it to him. He laughed and flicked it with his fingers. He was done.

“See you, girl.” He said, as he gathered his things.

“What?” I said.

After the door closed I started to cry. Why was he so rough with me? I wanted him to acknowledge that I needed to be looked after, but he was gone. I needed Erica looked after, and treated like a woman who had given a man something special.

Thug sex Part I

I’d been a bit of a geek at school and was bullied quite badly for always at the top of the class so; when I went to University at 18 I deliberately lost touch with everyone from school and our small village and successfully re-invented myself in the ‘Big City.’ I went wild; fucking anything with a pulse and after leaving with a very good Degree I subsequently lived on and off with 3 different boyfriends and shared a house with two female work colleagues until I eventually got married. I had been drawn to ‘exciting guys’ since leaving home and some of them were quite volatile especially my marriage which ended when I had to move back to live with my parents, 100 miles away after his latest violent episode.

Mum and Dad are lovely people but more than a little bit old fashioned. Mum wanted to know the details of my every move and Dad constantly poked his nose into my internet activity too, so not only was I not getting ‘any’ but my DIY fun was curtailed too because I slept in the next room to my parents; leaving me gradually more and more frustrated.

Thankfully the company I work for had organised a transfer to a factory about 10 miles from home; so at least I was still earning money and looking for my own flat.

After a month my position at work changed meaning I had more day to day contact with the guys in the warehouse and necessitated regular meetings with the team leaders.

Not much fazes me, so walking around the huge warehouse and hearing their lewd comments was a nice experience after the jealousy I’d put up with over the last two years. I never really dressed provocatively, it’s not that type of company, but I usually wore bras that gave me plenty of uplift and made my 30c boobs bounce as I walk around in my highish heels. As you would expect the factory and warehouse was full of life’s waifs and strays with most men being married, in relationships or just plain dull.

One particular guy did catch my eye. Not because of what he did but probably because of what he didn’t do. Nelson was one of the fork-lift truck drivers and while not exactly ignoring me; he was so cool he would just arrogantly smile whenever I walked past him; exuding a feeling that he could have me any time he wanted; which was just patently big-headed, so I always gave an extra wiggle when he was in my presence.

Another thing about Nelson is that he is black; skinny as a stick and he had styled himself on the Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg; with braided corn rows and pigtails in his hair, a scruffy non-beard and a gold tooth, plus he always wore extra baggy clothes, especially his jeans which always looked like they were going to fall down. Every available square inch of skin looked like it was covered in tattoos, even his neck. They were all good ones – professional; but only added to his air of mystery and pretend menace.

It didn’t take much research in the office and canteen to find out that he was 22 and a bit of a stud muffin that liked the ladies; especially the married ones. I wasn’t surprised to hear he treat them badly and may have made one pregnant the previous year.

One evening as I was driving through the factory gates in the rain I saw Nelson running down the street to catch a bus that was pulling out of the stop. I sniggered as he threw an imaginary punch at the bus as it drove away. I noted that it was the number 50 and vaguely remembered that it went in the direction of my parents’ house.

‘Toot-toot’ I blasted the car horn as I pulled up next to him and wound the window down.

“Where are you going?” I smiled as I tried to avoid the rain.

He didn’t recognise me at first, then flashed his extra wide toothy smile when he did, before looking suspiciously around the empty car. “South Grisholm; why?”

“I’m going that way; do you want a lift?” I shouted over the traffic noises.

“Okay.” Nelson grinned at the thought of getting into my car, “cool.”

Neither of us said anything for the first few minutes as I concentrated on the heavy traffic; but we kept looking at each other and nervously chuckling.

As soon as we left the city centre the rain began to ease off as did the slow moving traffic.

I was suddenly unsure as to whether I’d done the right thing as his lanky black frame filled the front of the car and began to intimidate me as I’m only 5ft 2 and just over 7 stones.

“So?” Nelson slowly asked as he chewed on his fingernails, “You sure don’t live on the Southside; so where do you live?”

“My parents live in Whitley but I’m looking for a own place, nearer the City Centre.” I replied a little too quickly. I was still edgy as we chatted, but Nelson seemed quite relaxed and we chatted for the next 10 minutes or so; basically introducing ourselves. He pointed to my wedding ring and asked what my husband would think about me giving a black man a lift home. Suddenly my hands became clammy as I replied that I was separated and it was none of his business who I had in my car.

The only time he sounded uneasy was when he admitted to living with a girlfriend and their sons. I wasn’t sure why he was uneasy; after all this wasn’t a date or anything, just one colleague doing a good turn for another; wasn’t it?

Soon we were driving along a row of run down and boarded up shops in South Grisholm and Nelson suggested he should get out here; as he didn’t want his girlfriend to get jealous or anything. I was flattered and blushed.

As he was about to close the car door I coughed and timidly asked if he wanted a lift in the morning seeing as I would be virtually passing by anyway.

His eyes instantly twinkled and he flashed his trademark smile; “That would be cool; pick me up over there….at 8?” I looked across the road and saw a derelict pub car park, and then nodded my agreement.

I giggled all the way home like a teenage schoolgirl would, after attracting the attention of the coolest guy in the football team. Even Mum noticed that I was in a good mood as we ate dinner; but I only admitted that ‘someone was showing some interest in me at work”

As I lay in bed I couldn’t stop myself playing with my pussy; regardless of any noises I might make! Of course I couldn’t use a sex toy but my fingers would still be able to do a good job; and they did. My pussy was already puffed up as I stroked the inside of my thighs and along my labia before dipping a finger into my sticky hole. My first orgasm didn’t take long at all and was very intense as I twirled my finger around and frantically rubbed my clit with the palm of my hand. The second one took much longer and was a ‘slow burn’. I normally use a toy for the second and third but tonight it was just my fingers; just like 12 years ago when I first discovered masturbation. It was even funny as I desperately tried not to noisily grunt or cry out like I normally do when I climax; but that would keep for another day.

I had been waiting in the car park for 10 minutes when Nelson nonchalantly crossed the road. I tried to look as composed as possible when he climbed into the passenger seat of my Renault Clio but my heart was racing and my stomach was in knots.

“Hi hunny,” my black co-worker greeted me as he ran his eyes over my body. Without realising it I’d dressed a little bit racier than normal knowing he was getting a lift. My skirt was a little shorter than usual and I knew that he could see my white lace bra through my nylon blouse.

I greeted him and chatted about nothing all the way to the factory. Nelson interjected when necessary but it was mostly me doing the talking as he was still half asleep; but kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye and smiling; which gave me a bit of a buzz.

As we approached the factory; he suggested that he should get out near a newsagent in the next street.

“I’ve got your reputation to think of; haven’t I?” He winked and smiled, “We don’t want to start them tongues wagging, do we?”

He was just about to walk away when he motioned for me to open the window.

“Are you gonna pick me up tonight?” He asked as his gold tooth glistened in the morning sunshine. I helplessly nodded.

Our paths crossed a couple of times during the morning but Nelson never showed anything other than his normal cool arrogance as his friends laughed and whistled as I walked through the warehouse. Only he knew why my boobs were bouncing a little more than usual and why my arse was rolling from side to side.

It was my turn to be late after work, but Nelson was nonchalantly smoking a cigarette on a wall beside the newsagent shop when I arrived. The arrogant sod motioned that he was going to finish his smoke before getting into the car.

When he did get in the atmosphere was electric. I tried talking about work things; but he soon stopped me by telling me that he ‘had enough of that shit’. I got the message but couldn’t think of anything else to talk about.

He quickly broke the ice.

“Are these stockings or tights?” Nelson cackled as he placed his hand on my knee and slowly stroked my nylon covered thigh.

I got such a shock I swerved the car and it took a second or two to get it back under control.

“Tights!” I gasped as I slapped his hand before changing gear.

He shrugged and placed his hand back into the same spot.

“It’s just….I know you white girls like the whole stockings and suspenders thing.” He laughed as I swiped his hand again; “it’s a cool thing; vey, very sexy.”

“I sometimes wear stockings; but it has to be tights at work.” I giggled as I slapped his hand much harder and he finally removed it from my leg. “Can you imagine the effect wearing stockings would have walking up that open staircase in the warehouse?” We both laughed at the thought; “Christ knows how many heart attacks that would cause.”

“You’re looking good, anyway.” Nelson told me in a husky voice; “very sexy; but you are always look very sexy.”

“Thank you.” I replied as we stopped at traffic lights; “but what would your girlfriend say if she heard you say that?”

“She doesn’t have to know; does she?” He laughed as his hand went back to my knee and up my skirt. I couldn’t stop him or answer as I had to concentrate on crossing a double carriageway. By the time it was safe to respond he was eagerly squeezing my thigh and his pinkie finger was touching my pubic area, making me shiver with excitement.

“Stop that!” I laughed as I pulled his hand away and threw it back into his own lap. “You’ll cause an accident doing things like that!”

The biggest threat of an accident was now me wetting my pants!

We spent the last 5 minutes of the journey with him trying to get his hand up my skirt and me trying in vain to stop him. As we approached the derelict pub, Nelson told me to pull into the car park; then he pointed to the far corner and told me to go there and turn right. I followed his instructions until my car was behind the building and completely out of sight. I presumed he’d been here before.

As I stopped the car I heard him unlock his seat belt and before I knew what was happening his left hand was up my skirt and his right was around my shoulders pulling me towards him. My seat belt constrained me but couldn’t stop him kissing me. His big brown rubbery lips smothered mine; but that first kiss was incredibly soft and sensitive and lasted forever.

My brain was on the verge of overload as he pulled my thighs apart and began stroking my pussy through my panties and tights with one hand and the other was squeezing my tit from across my shoulder.

As Nelson leant forward to kiss me again I pulled back. He looked surprised; until I smiled and unlocked my seat belt too. He moved his right hand until the belt sprang into its holder then he automatically went back to mauling my boob. We kissed and kissed and kissed as he stroked and fondled my covered mound with one hand as the other snaked inside my blouse and bra fondling my fleshy boob and stiff nipple.

It took a little bit of manoeuvring until my right knee was up against the steering wheel, allowing him better access to my hot and willing sexual area. By now his long pink nicotine flavoured tongue was swirling around inside my mouth, which allowed me to do my ‘party trick’ which is to ‘suck it’. I’ve never known a guy that didn’t get his mind blown when I did this, and Nelson was no different as he began breathing through his flared nostrils as he roughly shook and manhandled my tit.

Eventually we had to come up for air and broke off the kiss. As we both gulped air into our lungs he looked me in the eyes and ordered me to take my blouse off and ‘get my tits out.’ I complied and dropped my blouse and bra on the back seat.

He looked suitably impressed as my boobs stand proud and firm and look huge against my tiny frame.

I grinned as I pulled the lever on my seat and it quickly fell back. Without a word he bent forward and began planting kisses all over them before licking my nipples and rubbing his face across them. I took hold of my boobs by the sides and playfully slapped his stubble covered face. Cackling with laughter Nelson licked and sucked my tingling nipples as his hand went back between my legs. This time his fingers made straight for the waistband of my tights and knickers and he pulled the front down. The angle wasn’t great as he tried to get his hand between my legs so I lifted my arse for him to pull my tights down. In one swift movement they were around my knees and his fingers were pulling my labia apart and his long middle finger easily slid into my crack.

I flung my head back and let out a sigh as his finger poked and prodded my inner workings like a gynaecologist as he continued nuzzling my nipples and boobs at the same time as I stroked his coarse hair and corn rows. I was moaning and groaning while Nelson was now on his side with one knee on his seat while he worked his black magic on my prickling body.

He moved again and was now nearly lying on top of me; but his stomach was still in the air. I couldn’t resist and slid my hand down the front of his baggy jeans and grabbed his dick through his boxers. My eyes lit up as I tried to gauge its size. It was my turn to be impressed; there was a lot of cock down there and it was my job to free Willy.

Now fingering my neatly trimmed cunt with two digits Nelson stopped sucking my tits and raised himself up until his head was against the roof of the car and he steadied himself by gripping the back of his seat.

“Mmmm.” I purred as I ran my hand along his cock, then with my other hand began pulling his jeans down over his skinny arse. His eyes were wide open and he had a serious look on his face as he shuffled his jeans down to his knees. I took my hand off his rod of steel then placed my sweaty fingers on the waistband for a few seconds. Then I dragged them down and ta-da! His long black cock sprang into view.

“Jesus!” I gasped as it pointed straight at me. I’ve had more than my fair share of cock over the years but had never been with a black man before and boy; did Nelson live up to the stereotype. It was about 7 inches long and shaped like a Cuban cigar. His dark brown knob was already poking out of the foreskin as I took hold of it; wrapping my lily white hand around the girth and pulling the skin back until his magnificent knob was on fully show. Nelson didn’t say a word as I tugged his cock, but his breathing became deeper and shallower and his fingering became firmer and faster.

I eventually moved forward and licked the velvet knob; which made him sigh and draw breath as I then planted a series of kisses along the taught shaft. This was my first taste of black cock and I wanted to savour every last second. Still wanking him I kissed the tip again then swallowed three inches in one gulp.

“Shit!” Nelson gasped as he grabbed the back of my head as I feverously sucked as much of his cock as humanly possible. I love cock sucking and was now desperate to show this black stud exactly how good I was. I gargled, sucked, blew, kissed and even managed to get the knob into the top of my throat (which impressed him) all the while furiously rubbing his shaft and tickling his balls.

My black colleague now had a tight grip on my head as I sucked his long black cock as if my life depended on it and his fingering was as good as a few fucks I’d had!

Eventually his breathing became very shallow and he started banging his cock deep into my mouth. I knew what was coming next and sucked as hard as his mouth-fucking would allow.

“Ugh, ugh…..ohhhhhh…..uuuggGGHHHHH…..FUCKFUCKFUCK!” He panted as stream after stream of warm cum filled my mouth. With his cock still filling my cavity it was difficult to actually swallow it so it just kept filling up what little space there was.

Nelson’s adrenaline soon sank into his toes and he slowly slid back onto his calf’s as his cock slowly rolled out of my aching mouth. With sweat running down his cheeks he managed a thin smile when I kept my mouth wide open so he could see how much spunk was in my mouth. Then I tipped my head backwards and swallowed the lot. It really did feel like a huge salty oyster as it smeared my throat and ended up in my belly.

“Fucking Hell, Lucy……you’re a helluva fucking cocksucker!” Nelson sniggered as he scooped his spent cock back inside his pants. “Every body thinks you’re so fucking innocent…..a real fucking cock teaser; but…but…fucking hell! You dirty bitch; you sure can suck cock!”

“I have my moments.” I giggled as I found my bra and blouse under my seat. I managed to put my bra on in the car but not my blouse and tights so had to clamber outside and with no shame pulled my knickers and tights up before putting my blouse back on in the open air.

When I was finally smart again Nelson looked like he was desperate to get away.

‘No kiss goodbye, then.’ I told myself as he gave a wave and said ‘same time tomorrow.’

The final drive home was quite funny in its own way; as I relived what I’d just done and kept swirling my tongue around my mouth in a mission to keep tasting his spunk.

I was so sweaty that I had to have a shower before dinner and managed to bring myself off three times as the hot soapy water cascaded over my soft skin.

Sure enough Nelson arrived 10 minutes late the next morning as he was to do every morning afterwards, and as I didn’t wear tights or panties that day, I let him stroke and finger me all the way to work.

On Friday the factory closes at 1pm so we went straight back to the Pub car park and I sucked him dry again only this time I made him finger me to orgasm.

Over the weekend Mum subtly mentioned something about ‘strange noises’ coming from my bedroom and was I feeling alright. I got the message and kept my masturbation for the shower on the Sunday.

I don’t know why, but I wore trousers for work on Monday. Nelson wasn’t impressed on the morning ride to work, so contented himself by playing with my tits, much to the amusement of a couple of lorry drivers.

When we got to the pub on the evening he wasted no time in taking my sweater and bra off and soon had his cock out for a fun titty-wank then I began giving him another marvellous blow job; taking as much black cock into my throat as I could. But after a few minutes Nelson stopped me and told me to get out of the car. There was something arrogant about him that I knew I would comply with his every request. Topless, I got out of the car and waited for him to join me.

Even though the pub was derelict there was always the possibility that some kids or metal thieves could appear at any moment; but that just added to the thrill of what we were doing.

“Get your drawers down.” Nelson instructed me as he pulled his own jeans and boxers down to his ankles, “then bend over the bonnet and spread your legs.”

My heart was pounding as I unbuckled my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles and kicked them off before placing them on the front seat. I’d done some things in my time but I’d never had sex in a public place and it was rather thrilling to do it with a young black thug.

I was now naked apart from my shoes as I turned away from him and lay across the bonnet, legs splayed wide apart as instructed. Nelson took hold of my left hip and pulled my arse slightly into the air then spread my arse cheeks before guiding his rocket into my pussy for the first time.

I braced myself as the fat knob bumped against my labia; then as I arched my back the knob eased past the folds and with one almighty plunge his mighty 7 ½ inches rattled my box.

“Oh fuck.” I gasped as it filled my cunt in one swift thrust. Nelson then took hold of my other hip and began fucking me ragged while giving my arse the occasional slap.

The sensations that his massive cock were causing were out of this world. At one stage I swear that he was growling as he fucked me so hard he made me whimper and grind my teeth.

“Huh, huh, huh……that hurts………fucking Hell….your cock is fucking huge!” I panted with each pump of his long cock.

My hands were now so greasy I couldn’t grip onto the bonnet and my big and bouncy titties were soon sliding across the metal as he pounded my cunt from behind like a man possessed.

“Yes…yes…yes….harder…..fuck me harder!” I was gasping for air as his cock nearly split me in two.

My arse was soon sore from the spanking and the powerful fucking had me light-headed but I still recognised the tell-tale signs when he began panting and his fucking became harder and faster.

“Don’t cum!” I suddenly cried out, “don’t cum inside me! Please don’t.” But it was too late; his last two enormous thrusts lifted me off my feet and I felt my cunt fill with hot spunk in just the way my mouth had the previous week. Three small jerks later he pulled his cock out of my stretched cunt and then he took hold of my forearm.

“Get down there and clean it up for me.” He directed me as he turned me around to face him. Still slightly groggy; I fell to my knees on the cracked concrete and licked the excess spunk and pussy juice off his long dangling cock. It tasted absolutely delicious and felt gloriously humiliating as I lifted his soft cock up to get at the bits clinging to his ball sack.

Satisfied and sated Nelson stroked my cheek to let me know he was finished and I should stop and get dressed. It took him a couple of seconds to pull his jeans up but I was still naked in the car park and could feel his spunk running out of my battered cunt and down my thighs.

“Gotta go hunny,” he smiled as he wobbled one of my tits. “See you in the morning?” I nodded, as he turned to walk away.

Unceremoniously I scooped as much spunk as possible out of my tattered cunt then wiped my still sopping pussy with a tissue before tearfully getting dressed. Thankfully I was still on the pill; but letting him cum inside me was something I hadn’t really bargained for; but if that’s what he wanted to do I knew I was helpless to stop him.

The next couple of weeks followed the same pattern with Nelson filling my mouth with spunk most nights. We did fuck a couple of times but the rain and wind made it difficult most nights. I loved the raw gratuitous sex and to some degree loved his horrible selfish attitude towards me but after a couple of weeks it became apparent that the novelty of only getting his cock blown was wearing off for him and as we couldn’t go back to his place or mine; for the obvious reasons regular fucking was out of the question.

I suggested going to a hotel; but he was too cheap to pay for a room and even though I was becoming infatuated and desperate thought better of spending my own limited cash.

Thug Sex Part II

I knew my relationship with Nelson was nearly over when he started texting on the way to work rather than fondling my tits. It was probably for the best really as the relationship was purely based on sex – fantastic sex and knew if I played it right he would still fuck me occasionally; just not every day. Is that sad of me?

It was raining on the Tuesday night so we stayed inside the car and I gave him a long lingering blow job. By now I was deep throating him regularly which really impressed my well hung black lover and tonight he was spanking my arse while I sucked him. Without warning he pulled my head back by my hair and sprayed his spunk onto my face and tits. As I masturbated in front of him told me to rub it in. As usual I was as horny as fuck and my pussy was already very juicy as I smeared his cream into my tits and licked it off my fingers as I fingered myself. My legs were already as wide as possible as I vigorously stroked my kitty as I licked his spunk off my fingers. Nelson was grinning as he tugged at his deflated cock; making me shout out ‘how much I loved big black cock’ but the grin became a look of astonishment as one by one I slid all four fingers into my snatch. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head as I eased my thumb in too and pumped my fist in and out. I had taught myself to do it years earlier and the feeling is out of this world.

I continued screaming how much ‘I loved big black cocks’ and wanted ‘as much black mans spunk as possible’ as I fisted my sloppy cunt.

I was soon puffing my cheeks out as my orgasm neared. My fingers were a blur as I rubbed my clit with my other hand and at the final second I pulled my hand out. As my intense orgasm made me look like I was convulsing I squirted a few ounces of pussy juice in an arc into his direction. At first he was horrified then his cock got rock hard again. When my shaking subsided I got the giggles as Nelson was full of questions about what had happened while he wanked himself senseless.

I explained that I sometimes ‘squirted’ and it was quite common if not a regular thing. He wanted to see me to do it again; but I told him that it’s not that easy. Visibly disappointed he tucked his cock away and began a sulk as I got dressed.

“I want a proper fuck next time.” I told him as I fastened my bra. “In a room somewhere; preferably with a bed.”

He shrugged his shoulders and made that annoying ‘tsk’ sound with his teeth. “What do I get, if I organise something?” He asked.

“I’m serious.” I tried to sound as firm as possible, “A drink would be nice too; not a cocktail, just a beer or glass of wine.”

“Fucking Hell.” He sighed, “I’ll see what I can do.” Still sulking he got out of the car and left me to finish getting dressed on my own.

The following morning he was in a good mood and told me that he’d organised ‘something’ for the following Friday night.

I was impressed.

I was on a training course for the next couple of days so didn’t see him until Friday morning; when he outlined his plan.

“Do you know the Cockatoo?” he asked and I nodded that I did. “I’ll see you there at 8. My Uncle lives a couple of streets away and it’s his poker night, so he said we can use his bedroom.”

The Cockatoo was a bit upmarket by Nelson’s standards but I presumed it would only be for one drink anyway. I was like a bitch on heat for the rest of the day; especially when I walked past him in the warehouse.

As we were meeting later in the evening Nelson went for a drink with some pals after work. I went shopping straight after work; buying some new undies; a tiny black, sheer g-string and matching balconette bra which would push up my already large tits, a very short red pleated mini skirt and a low cut, black chiffon and mesh top that was virtually see through. Not forgetting a pair of red patent platform shoes with silver heels that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a lapdancer.

After a shower and a shave; making sure that my pussy was as bald as the day I was born. I then put my hair up; until it resembled a pineapple with my long red, white and black highlights falling away to the sides. I then got dressed into my new clothes and as I applied the finishing touches to my bright scarlet lipstick I admired my look in the mirror – very slutty!

As I left the house I saw Mum’s disapproving look as I waddled down the path in my new shoes; but it was too late and I was soon in the back of the taxi. I sat in the middle seat and the driver made no pretence of looking in his rear view mirror as he made flirty conversation; about ‘my lucky boyfriend.’

It was no surprise to find Nelson not in the bar when I arrived so I bought a cocktail and sat at a table away from the bar and enjoyed the leering looks I was getting from a couple of groups of men as tried to look as alluring as possible while I sipped my drink.

I was just becoming annoyed as I finished the cocktail when he arrived at quarter past; sauntering into the bar as if he owned it. There were a few other black guys around but none looked like Nelson. He was wearing a pair of denim dungarees with one strap hanging loose and a tight white t-shirt that emphasised his muscles. Everyone else was ‘smart-casual’. When he saw me he grinned then gave me a big kiss before sitting down and making me go to the bar to get him a beer. I did as I was told and bought another large cocktail for myself.

All eyes appeared to be on me as I made my way too and from the long bar. I realised that some looks were disapproving but I couldn’t give a shit now that he was here and my night was just starting.

We stayed for half an hour; hardly chatting but I managed another cocktail (that I bought with my own money) before he looked at his watch and decided it was time to go to his Uncle’s flat.

I was nervous, excited and incredibly horny as I linked arms with my young black lover and he paraded me through the crowd to the big doors. Once outside the cold wind hit me and I suddenly felt more than a little drunk. I expected to get a taxi but he was correct when he’d said that the flat was only a couple of streets away. It was above a bakery in a small row of shops and we had to enter from behind. Once up the stairs he just opened the door and walked in.

“But I thought your Uncle was going out.” I queried as I followed him down a passage that led to a room with a light on and voices.

“No.” Nelson laughed as he held the door open and ushered me into the living-room. “I said it was his poker night!”

My mind was fuddled from the mix of strong drinks and sexual excitement, so I struggled to take in the sight that met me.

Five or six older black men were smoking and playing cards at a small dining table while, heavy reggae pumped out of a stereo on a sideboard.

I froze to the spot as a big man spoke to Nelson.

“Hiya kid,” He greeted him then looked at his watch; “right on time too.” I was baffled and turned to look at Nelson who was behind me and now held me by the waist.

“What do you think?” He cackled as his hands slid over my blouse and cupped my boobs.

“She’s a honey.” One of the others called out.

“Sure is; Snoopy.” Another laughed; “You’ve got better taste than your Uncle!”

“Fuck off!” The first man told him as threw a screwed up piece of paper in his direction before turning his attention to me.

With a grin on his face he said; “The kid tells me you can’t get enough black cock.”

The drink was taking its effect and my head was spinning as Nelson caressed my boobs through my new bra making me unconsciously roll my hips against his crotch.

“Well,” I giggled; “I like his.” Then giggled again as Nelson’s hand slid under the bra and scooped my boobs out, “I’ve not seen any others.”

“Tonight’s your lucky night, then!” A bald fat man dripping in gold chains and rings cackled from the back.

Nelson was now pulling my blouse over my head and without a second thought I unclipped my bra and let it fall to the floor. Nelson’s hands went straight back to my naked boobs and began tugging at my stiffening nipples and making my boobs bounce as I rubbed my arse against his hard dick.

“Hey,” A younger mixed race guy grunted. He was in a white vest that highlighted his muscles and tattoos, “Are we gonna finish this hand of cards?”

The Uncle howled with laughter and agreed that they should, before turning back to me; “Get me a beer out of the fridge sweetie?”

I turned my head to see Nelson who just winked and asked for one for himself. Without a care in the world I walked past the table towards the kitchen, wiggling my hips and knowing my shoes would make my naked boobs bounce, which all got whistles and hoots from the men at the table. Others shouted for beer too once I was bending over in front of the fridge, making sure they all got a look up my micro mini-skirt.

I could only manage to carry four bottles and clutched them to my chest on the return journey. Back at the table only three men were still playing as I distributed the beer.

As I walked past the fat man with the gold chains his hand stroked my legs and when I didn’t complain went straight up to my buttock which he squeezed and patted as the man next to him grabbed an unfettered boob. I was in my element but looked over at Nelson who was grinning from ear to ear as he supped his beer.

When I arrived back from the kitchen the second time the Uncle took my wrist and pulled me towards him.

“Sit on my knee sweetie and bring me some luck.” He told me as he guided me to his muscular legs. I sat side-saddle with my boobs parallel to his face.

“I don’t know if I can concentrate with these sweet titties so close to my mouth!” He laughed as he threw two £10 notes onto the kitty; then nuzzled my nipples as I swigged from my beer bottle.

As I sat on Uncles knees I took the opportunity to take a look at the others in the room.

There was the fat man who looked about 50; the muscle man in the vest that looked deadly serious and scarily tough, two younger men in their late 30′s or early 40′s wearing tracksuits. One was sporting a tight afro and a goatee beard and the other a pork pie had and droopy moustache. Then there was Uncle who was the biggest of all, over 6ft tall and naturally quite muscular. He was wearing smart black trousers and a black shirt.

Not a lot was said as the game finished but all eyes in the room were on me as Uncle’s massive black hand played with my bouncing tits as he kept shaking his thighs.

Uncle scooped the pot and laughed that I had ‘brought him good luck;’ and he would have to think up a suitable reward.

I was soon despatched for more beer and some rum & cokes from the kitchen. As soon as I set off for the kitchen Uncle called Nelson over to the table. I made a great show of bending over when I got the beer out of the fridge only this time I handed the drinks out two at a time meaning I got to walk all around the room in only my tiny skirt and soaking g-string which was now buried deep inside my hot snatch. Most of the men took the opportunity to grope my tits or arse as I performed my waitress service.

Although he’d never asked to some degree this was my own personal sex fantasy; being at the whims of a group of men and willing to do absolutely anything that they wanted.

When everyone had a drink I was standing in the centre of the small room lapping up the attention as I slurped my large rum and coke.

Without beating about the bush, Uncle called over to me; “The kid tells me that you can swallow all of his meat in one go.”

I made eye contact with Nelson who winked as he swigged a mouthful of Red Stripe.

“That I’d like to see.” The fat man laughed as the Afro guy shouted over to Nelson, “What are you packing down there?”

Nelson grabbed his crotch and responded, “8 inches.”

“She can swallow the lot? Seriously?” Afro tried to confirm.

“I trained her good.” Nelson cackled and high-fived his Uncle.

“So,” Uncle pursed his mouth and leaned forward; “are you gonna show us how you do it?”

I sipped more rum and considered the situation before replying; “would you like me to?”

“I’d fucking love it!” Uncle howled.


“Here.” Uncle waved his hand to show he meant the living room.

“In front of everyone?” I asked suspiciously.

“Of course.” He laughed again; “we are all men of the World.”

“Shit.” I gasped; suddenly realising what might be in store.

There was a silence as I gulped the remnants of my drink down.

“Okay.” I nodded with a big smile on my face.

“Can he get it up in front of an audience?” The muscleman asked Nelson with a hint of malice in his voice.

“Don’t fucking worry about me.” Nelson told him firmly, after having his manhood challenged. A second later he was dropping his pants and tugging his already long cock in front of the crowd.

“Come here,” he instructed me and curled his finger. “And get this fucker really hard.” As usual I complied. I unfastened my mini-skirt and let it drop to the floor and kicked it towards the sofa before I sank to my knees and replaced his hand with mine and started licking his balls and the thick veins on his big black dick.

“That’s the way.” Nelson sighed as I pulled his foreskin back while nibbling his scrotum. “Now suck the fucker real good.”

As the old men gathered around I slowly fed a few inches of his big black cock past my scarlet lips and began sucking it as I crushed his bollocks. Soon Nelson was holding my head and moving his hips backwards and forwards. I wanted to take a little bit of time but he seemed in a hurry to impress Uncle and his friends.

It took me a few seconds to get my breathing right then with a mouth full of saliva as lubricant I slowly swallowed all 7 inches of his young black cock. As my chin rested on his balls I gurgled as I eased a couple of inches back out…..then back in again and out again and in again.

The men were laughing and clapping as I put on a real humdinger of a show for them; deep-throating Nelsons long cock for 2 or 3 minutes, until I could tell that he was getting over excited and tugging on my hair as he started panting and forcing his cock in to my throat too roughly. As quickly as possible I let it slide out and as I was gulping in air he began firing spunk bullets onto my face. He could always produce a very healthy amount of spunk but this time it seemed to go on forever until it was in my eyes and hair and running down my face onto my swollen boobs.

“Fucking Hell! That was fucking amazing!” Someone shouted.

“I can’t spunk that much in a month!” Another laughed.

“I told you she was the best fucking cocksucker I’ve ever had; didn’t I?” Nelson looked at his Uncle.

“You did boy; you did.” Uncle grinned as he unbuckled his belt and began loosening his trousers, “You were right and now its my turn.”

I wiped some spunk from my eye and tried to work out Uncles age – at least 50 and possibly 60 and he must have been a handsome man in his younger days. Soon his pants were around his ankles and he lifted his shirt to expose a big soft belly and a big fat black cock. It must have been about the same length as Nelsons’ but much, much fatter. Uncle shuffled forward and dangled it over my face.

“Can you swallow that then; sweetie?” He maliciously grinned as he rubbed it across my nose.

“It’s too big.” I admitted as I curled my soft white fingers around the shaft and kissed the tip as I pulled the foreskin back.

The men were now all guffawing as they dropped their own trousers and they too offered their cocks to me. I soon took two or three inches of Uncles big dick into my mouth and began feverishly sucking it as I tightly gripped another two either side of him. My mouth and hands were quickly working in unison as I tugged and sucked all three cocks in turn.

After a few minutes I felt someone kneel behind me and jiggle my tits with one hand as he caressed my peachy arse with the other. I smiled as I realised that I had been so busy sucking and wanking that I’d forgotten about my own needs. The hand caressing my arse soon slid between the cheeks and began stroking my ravenous cunt.

“It’s like fucking jelly down here!” I recognised the voice as the Afro guy who had just slid a finger into my hole. If I’d been in ecstasy sucking on three black cocks, getting fingered at the same time was making my heart skip a beat.

FINAL Chapter

Dressing as a woman in secret, how far would he go?


Once my manpussy stopped throbbing I decided to freshen up and have some more wine and enjoy the porn movies that were on the television I had ordered. The girls in the video were shoving this big double headed dildo into each other. They were eating each other out and were cuming over and over. They were making me horny again and the wine was going down so smooth.

I started felling brave again and getting a little tipsy and wanted to test my courage. I decided that I was going to take the chance and drive to the nearest liquor store and buy another bottle of wine dressed as CandyCane. I was hoping to be seen by someone, anyone and hopefully not laughed at.

I freshened up my makeup and put my red miniskirt back on and wiped the excess Vaseline off my manpussy that was making my butt cheeks slide too much. I even got a feminine pad and stuck it to my skirt just in case I leaked a little from my big dildo that had just fucked and gapped my ass so good. I was getting so nervous as I gathered my keys and wallet.

I stood at the door and took a deep breath and opened the door to the hallway and hurried to the nearest staircase which leads to the parking lot. As I started down the second set of stairs from the third floor, someone was coming up! I didn’t know where to turn or to stop so I just kept walking at a steady pace holding my breath.

As I approached the couple, a man and a woman, I hid my face under my wig hair but peaked out of my bangs as we started to pass. The man was a tall handsome European looking man in his mid 40′s and was talking sternly to the woman who he had by the arm. As we passed I noticed he looked directly at my face and actually turned a little to see more of me as we passed.

I was so afraid he was going to laugh but didn’t hear anything except his voice directed at the woman. After they were almost out of sight I looked back and caught him still looking at me. Oh my god, did he know I was a man? Did he think I was ugly? Did he think I was a hooker?

I must have looked very different than anyone else in the hotel and all I could think about was if he found me attractive or not and how big his dick was. I finally reached the door to exit the building and as I searched the parking lot for anyone else I realized I still was holding my breath and let out a huge sigh.

The coast was clear. I hurried to my car but felt a complete feeling of freedom walking in plain sight dressed as CandyCane, as a hooker, a little slut! The cool air rushing up my skirt and was so cool and soothing. So this is how a woman fells when she is outside in a skirt?

Mmmm, the breeze was cool on my face, my makeup, and it cooled the back of my neck. I could feel it going through my thin white blouse and was cooling me off all over my chest and shoulders.

Once I arrived at my truck and got in, I looked in the rear view mirror and started to check my makeup like my wife always does when she gets into the car. How funny I thought to myself. After I adjusted my skirt and got situated, I started the truck and headed to the liquor store I had been to earlier in the day. Would it be a guy or a girl at the window this time?

Please let him or her be nice and not make any comments that will embarrass me I thought. Once I arrived at the drive up, there was a car in front of me. I decided to remove cash and my ID from my wallet so the guy which I could see didn’t suspect I was a man if he saw my man wallet.

“Hello,” I said in as low a voice as I could, “could I have a bottle of Sangria in the green bottle, please?” The guy looked into my eyes, then the car, leaning out of the drive up window a little more than usual I imagined and said, “sure young lady, you partying alone? Can I see your ID?” Just then I hesitated with my ID card, it was a man on the picture, me!

Oh my god, what an idiot I thought to myself that instant and slowly handed it to him. He looked at the ID, looked at me and smiled from ear to ear and handed it back to me and said “$12.75 please” as he went to the wine cooler. Whew, he wasn’t going to make a big deal out of my ID not matching my face.

I handed him a $20.00 as he handed me the wine and I nervously waited for my change. He reached out and handed me my change and again he looked into the car and down at my shaved legs in my thigh high stilettos. I looked up at him right into his eyes to see his reaction and he gave me a little wink as I drove away. I did it! I did it! Someone finally saw me as CandyCane and I even got a wink from a man I thought to myself, WOW!

Now, after being seen I was getting even braver and decided before I go back to the hotel I wanted to drive around a bit and feel the freedom of just being a girl in a car driving down Main Street. It was exhilarating and it felt so good to have my bare butt cheeks on my heated seats and it was making me tingle all over again.

My stomach was feeling jittery again as I thought to myself, I just want a warm throbbing cock in my ass but how would I do that without exposing myself? As I drove around keeping my face semi-hidden, I could hear people talking at each intersection in their cars or radios playing music as we passed on the street with their windows down.

No one was making a big deal out of me dressed as a girl but, who knew I wasn’t? No one but me.

Once I arrived at the hotel I hurried across the parking lot and up to my room without anyone seeing me. I was very surprised that all the practice I had walking in heels at home I can actually walk pretty unnoticeable in my stiletto thigh high boots. They make me feel so sexy with the leather on my thighs.

Once in the building, I start up the stairs and notice something. Oh great, look up there on the ceiling, hall cameras. Great, now I’m being videoed entering a room that was rented to a man. I wonder if they will report this or not even notice? Oh well, I’m here and I’m ready for a glass of wine.

Once I got the wine unwrapped and poured, I sat with my legs crossed over my shaved sack and could feel the warmth from my balls creeping up my thighs again and my cock stating to twitch. I wondered if that guy at the drive up would fuck me as I sipped my wine. I wondered if he was gay and how big his cock was? I guess I’ll never feel that REAL feeling of a cock in my manpussy.

After having a few more glasses of wine I was feeling no pain and the porn movies were getting to be boring. I said to myself,”You know what Candy, let’s go to the lounge.” I bet its empty and I can just sit at a little table in the back and just relax listening to some music.

Did I have the courage? I was drunk enough.

I grabbed the glass of wine and tipped it up and drank it to the bottom. Then lifted the glass of my imaginary friend and said out loud “fine, then I’m leaving” and giggled as I went to relieve myself before going downstairs. As I sat on the toilet with my cock between my legs I started to realize what I was about to do.

I was going to have to show my ID card again if asked and possible be exposed. You know what, the worst that can happen is I don’t get served and I come back to my room and fuck myself again with my dildo.

Once I finished relieving myself, I wrapped a few wraps of toilet paper on my hand and reach between my legs and wiped my manpussy off and the tip of my cock, feeling just like a girl. I was feeling so feminine and girly and it was wonderful. I then touched up my lipstick and powdered my face and rechecked my eyeliner. I couldn’t resist the full length mirror again and stood there admiring myself one more time before the revel.

Was I nuts or plain desperate?

I think it was a combination of the wine and my desire to be seen and admired, or maybe the craving to have a hot real COCK in my ass. I just want to be told I’m beautiful, just once dressed as CandyCane.

Once I finished in the bathroom, I practiced walking back and forth in the room from one end to the other so I could see if I needed to work on my walk or if I looked to manly. I was amazed that I looked the part, walked the part, and actually didn’t look to manly in the outfit I was wearing. The blouse hung perfectly to hide my small belly and wide shoulders.

The thigh high boots hid my very muscular manly legs and the fingernail polish and fake nails feminized my hands and my makeup was perfect. I had finally mastered the art of makeup and even toned down the small wrinkles and small bags under my eyes to the point they weren’t even visible. Using different tones of makeup to lighten the deep areas and darken the areas I wanted highlighted, I was ready.

I grabbed my key card to the room, my ID card and some cash which I stuck in my bra and headed to the elevators. Once I arrived at the first floor, I could hear the music through the doors and took a deep breath and walked out of the elevator. I scanned the room quickly and saw the room was fairly empty except for three guys playing pool and a man in the back where I wanted to sit.

The bartender saw me as I walked to a dark table in the back; a few tables away from the man in the back that looked like he was having a mixed drink. Once I walked to the table I could feel the guys at the pool table looking at me as my heels made their clicking sound on the wooden floor. As I sat I crossed my legs and faced them.

A few of them were gesturing obscenely as most men do when a lady walks into a room.

I was feeling no pain. I was numb but getting wet and excited seeing all these cocks in one place. Was this going to be the night CandyCane was going to be fucked by a real man with a big fat cock?

The bartender walked over and asked what I was having and I said “a glass of sangria wine if you have it?” For a second he looked at me like he knew something and asked for my ID card. I got nervous and said I had forgotten it in my room and he said “oh you’re a guest, what room?” I said I was in “room 308″ and he said “no problem” and went for the wine, whew!

No ID needed and no embarrassment in front of all these guys. I was starting to feel good about the situation.

Once I got my wine I noticed that the guys at the pool table were drunk and one of them started to approach me. I turned away from him as he stepped closer and asked if I wanted to join him and his friends. I slowly raised my eyes to him and said “I’d rather be alone if you don’t mind” and sipped my wine again. He was persistent and continued to get closer to me which was making me real nervous.

Just then the gentleman who was seated a few tables away got up from his table and said “the lady’s with me” and sat at my table!

I was in utter shock. It was the man from the hallway. He was gorgeous and had the most piercing blue eyes and perfect kissable lips. I looked up at him and said “Thank You.” He looked up at the man who was still standing there and he took the hint and walked back to his friends who laughed at him once he was back at the tables.

I sat staring at this hunk of a man and slowly his gaze reached mine and we were staring at each other. I finally blinked and he said “are you really alone?” I cleared my throat, took a tiny sip of wine I thought, and squeaked out a “yes” and asked “if he was alone as well?” He said he was for the night and put his hand on top of mine.

I almost screamed with fright, joy, delight. His hand was heavy and warm as he caressed my hand with his thumb and said if I remembered him from the hallway.

I looked up and said “yes” in a shaky voice and he said “then you know I’m with a woman in this hotel.” I again said “yes” and sipped my near empty glass of wine. I hadn’t realized I wasn’t sipping anymore, I was gulping it down nervously. He then said if I was offended by him coming on to me with another woman upstairs and I said “no.”

As I stared at his handsome face I felt a connection with him and felt like he knew my secret, or did he? He ordered both of us a drink as we watched the guys at the pool table leave. We were alone except for the bartender. He looked at me as we drank our drinks and asked “if I would be more comfortable in my room?”

I actually started to feel my cock get hard and my manpussy get hot and wet as I said “I would” and started to stand up as a gesture for us to leave. He threw a $10.00 bill on the table and asked the waiter to send up a bottle of Sangria to room…hesitating as he looked at me and I said “308.”

He placed his hand on my shoulder and walked me to the elevator and pressed the up button. My legs started to shake and my manpussy was getting real hot and wet. I could feel the warmth of his hand through my blouse as the doors opened he eased me forward into the elevator. Once we stepped inside he pressed the “3″ button knowing I was on the 3rd floor.

The doors closed and he turned himself towards me, looked into my eyes and pressed his swollen lips into mine! I instinctively opened my mouth as he snaked his flaming hot tongue into my mouth. I could smell his cologne…mmm. I could feel his unshaven face stubble pierce though my makeup and I could feel something on my thigh. Was he getting hard already? Was that his cock or his keys?

I could only imagine what his motives were, his thoughts, did he know?

I didn’t care at that moment when the elevator started to move up to my room. I just continued to suck his tongue like my wife would do mine and tried to remember to be gentle with my hands. I even raised one of my thigh high boots and rubbed his leg with my thigh as we entwined for the brief ride.

As the elevator started to jerk in the usual stopping motion, we slowly separated and for an instant looked into each others eyes knowing this was going to get hotter and hotter by the second.

He reached down and grabbed my hand as the doors to the elevator opened and he lead me to room 308. We stood there for a second and again he kissed me as I reached for my room card in my bra. He took the key, inserted it into the slot. As the green light flashed I knew I was going to be in for a treat and hopefully a good fucking.

As we entered the room, he stopped and looked around and said, “I thought you were alone” as he pointed to the two glasses on the table. I looked up at him and said “they were both mine” blushing I’m sure. I know I must have had an embarrassed look on my face so he took me into his arms and kissed my swollen lips and stuck his tongue down my throat.

I could feel his muscular hand on my neck as he continued to tongue fuck my mouth and squeezed my ass through my miniskirt. I was starting to get hard as a rock but leaned my pelvis away from him so he wouldn’t feel my cock on his body.

Should I tell him now? He has to know or he might get angry once he reaches down to touch my pussy and all he grabs is cock. I stopped him for a second and put both hands on his chest and looked up to his eyes and said, “I need to tell you something.”

He reached up with his hand and gently touched my lips and said “I need this” and proceeded to shove his tongue in my mouth.

I stopped him again and said as I grabbed his hand and pressed it to my cock “does this change anything?” He gently squeezed my cock and shaved sack and said “I was hoping you had a cock I could suck.” Than he slowly knelt to the ground kissing my chest and then down to my waist as he reached into the waist band to pull down my skirt.

I shuddered as the cool air from the air conditioner and his hot breath hit my upper thighs as my skirt slid down my thigh high boots. He licked all the way around each boot at the thigh and with his other hand slide a finger into my manpussy. I let out a small moan of pleasure…”mmm” as his hot mouth continued to search for my now engorged cock.

I could feel him nibble at my silk thong underwear at the crotch and finally letting my cock out of the mesh. He slowly kissed the tip then slurped my cock down his throat. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror with a man sucking my cock and trembling near collapse from the fear I had thinking I was going to lose him or anger him once he found out I was a man.

I stepped back and slid onto the couch and started to sob and he quickly came to me on his knees and said “why are you crying, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!” I stopped crying, looked into his eyes and said “I’ve waited so long to hear those words and I thought you were going to be mad and leave once you knew I was a man!”

He wiped my tears and kissed me passionately with his sexy lips, sliding his hot tongue passed my enflamed lips and down my throat.

I stepped out of my miniskirt and started to unbutton his shirt and looked into his eyes and said “I want this to last all night” as I sucked his nipple into my mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure and I reached between his legs to find he had a monster cock. He must have been 10-12 inches long and at least 5″ in diameter!

I wanted that cock in my mouth, in my ass and wanted it now. I continued to suck his nipples and with the other hand undid his belt and then his pants. His pants once unbuttoned slide down his muscular legs from the weight of his belt and I immediately dropped to my knees to see his gorgeous cock and to my suprise, no underwear.

The head of his cock was huge and purple and barely fit in my mouth much less his length. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and put that throbbing head into my mouth and slide all I could into my mouth. His cock was huge and on fire. I could feel every vain engulfed in blood with my tongue as he pumped it deeper and deeper into my throat. I could fell his cock head at my deepest point but I wanted him in further and grabbed his ass as he pushed forward.

I pulled as he pushed into my mouth stopping him every few seconds for air as he lunged forward. I know girls take a cock and swallow it so I thought so can I if I’m persistent. I continued to pull him in further until I felt my throat give at the deepest point like something broke or give in as he pushed down my throat to my adams apple!

I could feel him deep, deep in my throat.

Could my throat ring I had read about finally be broken? He knew he was in deep and he even reached down with one hand to feel his cock in my throat. Once he felt my neck and his cock inside my throat he immediately started to moan and groan holding back his cum. I could feel it boiling up in his shaft on my tongue as I held his cock deep in my throat as I inserted a finger in his ass.

He let out a moan of joy “uuuhhh,” as I finger fucked his ass.

I wanted every drop of his manhood in my throat so I pulled him out for a few seconds to get some air. I took a few deep breath and shoved him in as far as I could get him in with hot wet saliva dangling from my chin. His balls were against my chin and nose and I could feel my mouth stretched open farther than it had ever been opened.

He reached behind my head and started to pump his monster into my mouth and throat like he was fucking a pussy.

Inch by inch he pushed and inch by inch I swallowed until I could feel his legs tense up and then the lava rising up his shaft gushing down my throat. It felt so good that my own cock began to twitch and squirt cum onto my cloth and thighs as I sucked him dry. I could feel every pulse of his cock on my tongue as he came.

He pumped and pumped cum into my belly till I felt like I was going to bust. Then I pulled away gasping for air with sticky saliva running down my chin and clinging from his cock and my lips. I gasped for air and looked up at him with my tear filled and mascara smeared eyes and immediately sank his cock back into my throat remembering a video of deep throating and how men loved it.

I remembered from the video if I stuck my tongue out under his cock I could breathe small amounts of air and could last longer with him in my throat. I could feel his hand holding the front of my neck again so he could feel his cock pulse his hot lava down my throat. I could feel his man meat deep, deep in my throat.

This audio was made in response to Angelofdesire’s ‘my little secret’ and all her other amazing audio submissions. I hope that she and anyone else can enjoy my version of the story as much as I enjoyed hers.

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (30 min/mp3)

* * * * *

About 6 months ago I joined a gym because I have never had a very masculine body and now that I just turned 21 it was time to finally get off my butt and try to build some muscle. That is where I met my girl friend Brook who stands 5′ 9″, has a fantastic body and a gorgeous face. She looks like Tia Carrere who was in Wayne’s World and True Lies but in my opinion much hotter. I have always had a thing for hot asian girls so when she walked up to me, my jaw almost dropped. I could not believe she walked up to me and started a conversation. Not only did she approach me, she asked if I wanted to grab a bite after working out. I agreed to meet her in an hour and could not help but to stare at her tight ass as she walked back across the gym. She turn and looked back and caught me staring and gave me a smile. Now I had the energy to lift more weight than I had ever lifted before. It still was not very much weight since I was a still a novice at working out but at that moment I felt like an champion body builder.

After working out I quickly showered and I met her in the lobby of the gym. She said she knew the perfect place to go so we got into her BMW convertible and we went to a quiet restaurant with very few customers. That was nice because we were able to talk and get to know each other. Since we were really hitting it off I asked why she approached me and not the big guys at the gym. She gave an evil smile and said, “Guys with long hair turn me on and I prefer guys who are lean. They are more flexible and are much more fun in bed.” I could not help myself from blushing and when she noticed that, she smiled even more and said, “I am so glad we met, I am gonna have so much fun with you.” Being naive, I had no idea what she meant but I was having such a good time, I really did not care. We did not sleep together that night but with in a week we were dating and started an exciting sex life. I have always been shy so even though I had just turned 21, Brook was my first girl friend. Also I do not have a lot of confidence since my dick is smaller than average only being a little over four inches fully hard.

Before I mentioned I did not have a masculine body. The truth is, I actually have kind of feminine features and had been teased most of my life for my looks. I love having long hair and would never change that but I was sick of being called a girlie boy and almost every other name they could come up with. Along with wanting to build muscle, I also hoped I might meet a girl at the gym. I just never dreamed I would actually meet someone so quickly.

Not before long I moved in with Brook. She is only 25 and already has her own Internet based business. I don’t fully understand what the business does, but it is successful enough that she owns her own 4 bedrooms, 3 baths rooms house with a hugh back yard. If anyone would have bet me a year ago that I would be living with a beautiful girl in a real nice house and was extremely happy, I would have bet what ever I had and told them “No way, that will never happen.”

Brook is really into eating healthy and working out so she put me on a very healthy diet and works out with me. I was surprised at the exercised she has me do. Mostly she taught me yoga and pole dancing. When we did any other exercises, they were the same exercise most of the girls were doing instead of the stuff I saw the guys doing. At first I resisted the yoga and especially the pole dancing but she told me that since I was new at working out, I had to build a foundation and work on my flexibility prior to getting into the heavy workouts. At first I felt really silly pole dancing especially since she made me wear heels for the extra tension it puts on the leg and ass muscles. It was really good workout and I could definitely feel I was getting in shape so continued to do what she said.

Not only did I do what she said when it came to eating and working out, she really took charge our relationship and our sex life. I am so in love with her, I will do anything she wants. She is very kinky and we experimented with many different fetishes. We tried a lot of different roll playing scenario’s and sex in public places. She turned me on to anal play where she made me wear a butt plug or she uses her strap-on on me. She even made me suck on her strap-ons and dildos. At that point she had not dressed me up yet except for the heels she made me wear when I pole danced. We both like BDSM and I tried being in charge by tying Brook up, teasing her and spanking her but it was quite obvious that I was not very good at that. She knows how to and loves being dominate. I now truly believe I was born to be submissive.

One day Brook inserted a medium size pink vibrating butt plug in my ass, sat me in a chair and tied me up securing my arms and my upper body to the back of the chair. Then she secures my legs to the legs of the chair. She started to give me a slow sensual hand job. Her hands and my cock was covered in lotion and she was messaging my balls switch off from stroking me and gliding her palm in circular motion around the head of my cock. She would also vary the speed of the plug. She kept me close to cumming for almost an hour and was driving me absolutely crazy. Every now and then, she would get me so close, she would let go and just watch my dick twitch and ooze out a little pre-cum. Then Brook told me she was going paint my toes before she would let me cum.

Even though I did not have a choice, I agreed to letting her do it. I knew it would make me feel silly but I trusted her and knew kinky things pleased her. I figured no one would know and we had already tried so many different things, I thought, what the hell. As Brook placed a foam separator between the toes on my feet, she told me she had a bunch of different colors and I had to pick the color she would use. If I picked the same color she had in mind, I would get a special treat. I looked at the colors and figured she either had the bright red or the pink in mind so I told her I picked either of those two colors. She smiled and advised me her choice was one of the colors but since I did not pick one color, I would have to beg her to paint my toes in the color I chose. As I thought about it she started to tease my dick again but this time with her mouth. She sucked just the head of my dick in and swirled her tongue around it. I let out a moan and she stopped and said if I didn’t beg soon, she would tease me for at least another hour before I could cum. I suddenly started begging her to paint my toes Pink and she asked why I wanted her to paint my toes pink. From some of our past roll plays I thought I knew what she wanted to hear. I started saying, “Pink is a cute color and even though I am already cute, pink toes will just make me even more cute.” Brook then made me promise to do what ever she wanted if she would paint my toes. Once again, being putty in her hands, I did just that.

Brook whispered in my ear that while she did my toes, she wanted me to tell her how much I have wanted her to do this and how horny it makes me to have my toes painted. As she started to paint my toes, she asked me guiding questions. I found myself saying how I have never really felt masculine and painting my toes has been a dream of mine for years. She took her time doing my toes and commented how she could tell how much this was turning me on. As I was agreeing with her I started to realize it did turn me on a little bit since I never lost my erection.

As I look back, a lot of our pervious sex and experimentation with roll plays has conditioned me to say what she wanted to hear but obvioulsy at the time, I had no clue. I also had no idea how much things would change over the next few months. After my toes were painted a dried, she said she had something that would be a perfect accompaniment to my toes. She told me to closed my eyes as she walked away. When Brook returned, she untied me, removed the plug and slid something over my feet and then up my legs. I felt like it was a pair of underwear. She had me raise my hips off the chair and she slid them fully on. I opened my eyes and looked down to see I was wearing a pink pair if women’s panties that matched my pink toes. This is the first time she has feminized me and I did not think she would be into doing that. Suddenly I had some very mixed feelings. I felt silly and embarrassed yet at the same time it was made me horny and naughty. Brook asked me to walk across the room to a pole and dance for her. Now I felt really silly but I placed my hand on my hip, placed my left foot directly in front my right foot and walked crossing each foot over the other like that down to the pole. Then I started to some of the dances she had taught me. I looked at Brook and could see how happy this made her which made me want to give her a real good show. After a few minutes she applauded and threw a dollar at my feet. I slid down doing a split which was easy after all of the yoga a dancing classes and picked up the dollar. Brook then clapped her hands and then she handed me my jeans. She told me we were going away on a trip right now and to get dressed. When I started to look suprised and started to speak, she placed her index finger on my lips and giving the “Shhh” sound. Her finger stayed on my lips, leaned forward and she said whispered in my ear, “You picked the right color and I have a big suprised for you. Keep the panties on and finish putting your clothes on so we can go. We are going on an adventure and you are going to cum harder than you have ever before.” I tried to find out where we were going and what was going on but she just smiled and said it would ruin the surprise. As I was getting dressed Brook left the room for about ten minutes. While she was gone I got dressed and walked over to a full length mirror and looked at myself trying to see if I had panty lines showing. As far as I could tell, nobody would have a clue I was wearing panties and pink toes to match. Brook returned, kissed my very passionately and then walked me out to her car. I was wondering where we were going on and then I realized we were pulling up to the airport. She pulled into long term parking and I asked what was going on. “You will see so trust me. I have taken care of everything. You are about to be pampered like never before and take our relationship and sexual fantasies to a whole new level.”

I started to get worried that since she had just painted my toes, made me wear panties and then go out in public, she might completely feminize me. Then I thought if she did, it would be in a hotel room in private. She would never do anything to hurt or embarrass me.

She got out of the car and went to the trunk pulling out 2 medium size rolling suitcases. She handed me one handle and told me to follow her. I kept asking questions and finally she stopped in her tracks, started straight into my eyes and sternly said, “I love you and want to give you this adventure more than anything. I have gone way out of my way to plan this so if you care anything about me, you will quit with the questions and just enjoy the trip.” She had never talked to me like that. It made me feel small the way she spoke to me but also made me feel bad I was ruining her plans. As she continued to walk I lowered my head and followed her.

As I started to catch up to Brook, she stopped walked and turned to me. “I’m sorry about how I talked to you but I have put a lot of thought and time into making the best and wildest few days of your life. You should know by now, I know what you truly want and I plan to give you an experience you will never forget. I love you and I will never let you get hurt. You have to trust me and you will end up doing some things you might think you don’t want to do at first but if you trust me and do what I say, you will find you will love it. Will you promise me you will do what I say no questions asked?”

I looked her and said, “I have to admit this all scares me but I do love and trust you with all of my heart so yes, I promise.” I still had no idea how wrong I was when thought I knew how far she might take this.

Brook smiled and said, “Thanks, you won’t regret it. Now stay here while I check our bags.” As she walks away I wonder what she has planned but I figure she is just gonna take me to a new place and have crazy sex in a hotel room. What I don’t know is where and for how long. She comes back and said, “I will hold

The tickets and we are about to fly first class to San Francisco. I told you that you were gonna be pampered baby so let’s go to the through security so we can go to the lounge and have ourselves a drink.”

I followed her to the security line and suddenly got real nervous. I have never been on a plane and had heard but completely forgot they make people

removed their shoes going through security. I see the security officer picking people at random and I turn to Brook and asked, “What if they pick me? Everyone will see my painted toes.”

Nonchalantly she said, “Everyone is not here and who cares if they see your toes, you don’t know them and you will never see these people again of god sake.”

Even though she is right, I become real self conscious and pray as I walk through the line I don’t get picked. When I don’t get picked and just walk through, I am completely relieved. We walk down the hall see lounge. We walk in and she has obviously done this before. She tells me to grab us a couple of seats and she goes to the unmanned bar and pours us each a whiskey. I’m in awe watching how comfortable she is at all of this. Like I said before, I have never been on a plane much less traveling first class. As she handed me the drink I told her how I could get use to this. She smiled, clinked our glasses together and took a big drink. I sipped mine and she just looked at me and told me to quit acting like a girl and drink up. I’m not sure how to take that but I follow suits and gulp down the rest.

Brook leaned into me and asked, “Now, how did it make you feel when you thought people would see your pinky toes?”

“Terrified.” I replied.

“But you got through it didn’t you. You did not let the fear hold you back. I find that would help bring you out of your shell which I find real sexy. Almost as sexy as your toes and matching panties.” Brook let out a big laugh and a wicked smile. ” I’ll get us another drink.”

I started to think I’m over my head here but after my second drink I started to loosen up. We heard the call for our flight and she led me out of the lounge and past all of the people who have booked a coach seat on the plane. We sat in the comfortable seats and relaxed as the rest of the plane filled up. I was relaxed from the drinks and enjoyed being there when we got the pre flight instructions. They mentioned that we were flying to Atlanta and advised us how long it should take. I asked if we got on the wrong flight and she replied, “I didn’t book a direct flight and we switch flights in Atlanta but don’t worry, we are flying first class the whole way.”

The flight and landing went real smooth. We exited the plane and walked into the main portion of the airport. We walked around for a while and I kept picking at my ass trying to adjust my panties. Brook laughed and said, “That’s not very lady like so go into the rest room and adjust yourself. I found a stall and even though I’m in a stall, I got nervous that someone might see throughout the small crack by the stall door as I undid my pants. A humiliating feel came over me and I quickly adjusted my panties and pulled my pants back up as quickly as possible. Feeling relieved no one saw, I walked back to Brook who was waiting outside. As we headed to the next terminal to catch our connecting flight, I realize we now have to go through another check point. My heart started to speed up again once again hoped I would not get picked to take off my shoes. This time I did get picked. I started to freeze but Brook grabbed my hand and said, “Who gives a fuck what they think. Show your toes and be proud.” then she lead me towards the security guard.

What she said did not take away the fear and humiliation but gave me enough courage to remove my shoes and socks and walk through. I heard gasps and snickers and I walked through security. As I passed through I felt completely humiliated. Brook kissed me and told me she is proud of me and advised me that even though my face looked upset, the bulge in my pants said otherwise. I suddenly realized that getting humiliated turns me on and as I thought back to when I adjusted in the bathroom, I was hard then too. I just did it so fast I didn’t realize at the time. My mind struggled with the new realization that it turns me on to be humiliated. As we walked to the next lounge I figured out that Brook is right. She knows more about what I want than I know. I can’t believe a few hours ago I was getting one of the best hand jobs I had even gotten and now I’m wearing pinky panties and just took my shoes off so a bunch of strangers got to laugh at my pinky toes nails. Now I thought that my perception about her feminizing me privately in a room might be an under estimation.

I looked at Brook trying to figure all of this out in my head. She looked back at me and could see I was angry and confused. Sweetly she said, “Look, it was about a one in five chance you would have to take off your shoes. Like I said before, you don’t know them and they don’t know you. Your confused because you feel I did this to you even though I have told you that I would never hurt you. Well at the same time you got angry, your dick got hard as a rock. You were teased and humiliated all your life but this is very different. You are being humiliated by someone who loves you and in a sexual way. You love it when I give you pain but would hate it if someone just came up and punched you. What you have to realize is I know what you don’t. I know what you truly want but if I didn’t force you to do it, you would be too afraid to see it for yourself. Like I said earlier. Trust me and do anything and everything I say.” That is when she leaned across the table and once again passionately kissed me. Once again I melted and started to feel bad I was even mad at her.

From that moment we started to hold hands and I started to relax again. We got on our next flight and from all of the drinks and emotional ups and downs, I dosed off. I was woken up by Brook with a soft kiss and I was still buzzed from the earlier drinks. We got off the plane and got our luggage. As we were walking out of the airport we were met by Linda, a close friend of Brooks that I had never met. She was almost as hot Brook. She had long blonde hair, a tight body and huge boobs. She smiled, shook my hand but then grabbed Brook and hugged her. They started to walk out talking and I just followed. We walked up to a stretch limo and the driver took our bags and placed them in the truck. Linda and Brook climbed in first and sat on the back bench seat. I climbed in and sat on one of the side bench seats. Linda handed each if us a shooter and made a toast. “To old friends, new friends, and to new experiences. What a wild ride it will be.” We clinked glasses, slammed our drinks and then they both laughed. As I wondered what the toast meant, Brook whispered something into Linda’s ear and they both laughed. Thats when Linda smiled at me and said, “Okay, let me see em.”

Feeling defensive I looked at Brook and asked why she said anything. She gave me a stern look and reminded me I that agreed to do was to do what ever she said. I could tell she was getting pissed so I tried to play it off by telling her she has not told me to do anything. She looked at me a said, “I will not stand for you to making me look bad in front of any of my friends. You will do anything I say and anything Linda says. She is like a sister to me and by not doing what she says is an insult to her and to me.” She then turned to Linda and said, “He is all yours.”

I lay back on the bed next to Cindy, totally relaxed. The room was hot from our exertions so we lay without touching. At least until she began to run her fingers over my groin, finding where my panties were soaked through with my cum.

She moved to lay on her side, propped on her elbow, her left breast laying heavily against my arm as her right hand traced the edges of my panties and brushed my shaved legs. I shuddered happily as one finger slid down to stroke the gusset of my panties, a suggestive move toward my erogenous bottom.

I closed my eyes as her hand moved up my body, dancing over my cock for a few moments, ensuring that it recovered to half-hard. She went further up, over my smooth abdomen toward my bra and the soft, full fake breasts that filled the satin, lace, and wire completely.

I looked and saw her cupping my breasts, her fingers touching and swirling the prominent nipples around where they announced themselves in the otherwise smooth, pink satin of the cups.

The journey completed by touching my face and my lips. Traces of lipstick still rubbed off on her fingertips.

“You are a divine creature, Janie,” she said at last, satisfied with her inspection.

“Thank you, honey,” I said with a smile. I was in a glow of sexual satisfaction and acceptance. If you’d asked me three months ago, I’d say such a woman as Tessa didn’t exist, could never embrace my passion for the feminine and find her own pleasures in it. Needless to say, I’d do anything for her.

Her hand had returned to my panties, stroking them and bringing my cock back to life for round two.

“I think I’m ready for the next step, Janie,” she said after a couple minutes of silent stroking.

“Anything, my goddess,” I breathed, the flow of erotic pleasures in my cock was beginning its journey around my body and mind.

“When we play, I tease you about being a slut and a panty-loving sissy…”

“And more,” I grinned.

“Exactly. I think the theme is pretty clear, but we’re missing the main event.” She paused again, still stroking, though I was beginning to realize that this was very serious to her.

“What do you mean?”

“I think it’s time you became a cocksucker.”

While my face flushed and I suddenly found swallowing to be difficult, she continued to hold my cock. She felt it swell in her fingers. I couldn’t reply but she was smiling.

“Are you ready to play?” That was our code phrase for sexual play time where I would get to dress all sissy and we’d experiment.

“Yes…” I said quietly.

She leaned back to reach underneath the pillows on her side of the bed. I got a lovely view of her tight body and healthy D-cup breasts. I was more blessed than any man or any sissy had a right to be.

When she leaned back, she had a rubber cock in her hand. Without thinking, I let out an exhale of tension.

She raised an eyebrow. “What did you think I meant? No, don’t answer. I think I get the message. Anyway, this is my cock. It took some time to find the right one since I wanted a beautiful one that was also big enough to satisfy my girlfriend, Janie. Do you like my cock?”

“Yes, Tessa, your cock is beautiful and sexy.”

“Thank you. I’m very proud of my cock.” She got up until she was standing on the bed over me. I watched her carefully step into the strap-on harness, pull it up her legs, and adjust it for a few moments until he stayed in place and was positioned just right.

“Mmmmm, yes, I like my big, heavy cock,” she purred, swinging it around with just a movement of her hips. “I like to touch my cock too.” She traced her fingers up and down the shaft before slipping it into her grip and beginning to stroke it.

“Oooo, yea, that feels good. I like to stroke my cock. Makes it so hard, especially when I’m looking at my girlfriend.”

My panties were tented with my raging hard-on and it was hard to keep from reaching down to rub myself through the cum-soaked satin.

Tessa got back down on the bed, laying back propped up with the pillows.

“Janie, will you kiss my cock?” Her hand was still moving in a motion similar to a guy masturbating but just off enough that you could always tell she was a girl.

I slid down the bed and then got up on my knees next to her hips.

“Just kiss it, that’s all, honey,” she teased. I looked at the dildo more closely. The color was a surprising match for Tessa’s skin tone and the detail of the mold was impressive with a distinctive cum-hole and circumsized foreskin. It was then that I noticed the foreskin was moving up and down with her hand. Fascinated, I moved in for a closer look.

The detail was really amazing. If I were to squint, I could easily mistake it for a real cock. I felt her hand touch my head, not pushing but almost suggesting that I kiss it. So I did. The ‘skin’ of the head was soft with a hard core. It must have cost her a fortune.

“Ooo, baby, that feels so good. Kiss it all over.”

I got myself settled so I could lean down to the whole cock easily and began to kiss and lick the whole thing, from the fat head down to the hairless but moveable balls. I saw little traces of the slutty red lipstick I’d chosen for the evening.

“Janie, will you suck the head? Just the head a little, honey?” she whined playing her role perfectly. And if I wasn’t mistaken, I could tell that her sex was enjoying it too.

I placed my lips around the head and gently drew it into my mouth. I shuddered at the sensation. It was something I’d fantasized about now and then but never felt like I really wanted to bring it up to Tessa. Maybe after everything we’d done together I was still afraid that I could push her too far.

But I quickly forgot about all this and entered that zone where I’m completely focused on her and myself and the sensations… the weight of my breasts in my bra pulling the straps against my skin… the way my panties slide over my bottom as I shift my cock in the front… the enforced position of my feet strapped into 4″ high heels. Now I could add the sensation of taking a soft cock into my mouth.

The rubber felt cool at first, but as I worked it, it warmed up and made the illusion seem even a little more real. Tessa didn’t have to play at asking me any more. I easily moved on from sucking the head to sliding more of it in my mouth. I used lots of saliva, getting it nice and slick.

“Oh yeah, fuck that feels good,” she moaned as I began to bob my head up and down on the cock, keeping my teeth from the edges but pressing my tongue against it all the way up and down. I was about halfway down, I guess, when it would hit the back of my throat. Those were the moments where she gasped a little.

The way the foreskin shifted under my lips was amazing and it didn’t take much for me to dream that it was a real cock I was mouth-fucking. She gasped again.

Of course! She was getting rubbed by the base of the dildo. As soon as I caught on to that, I changed my blowjob technique to stimulate her more.

She was watching me intently, sucking ‘her’ cock, and I saw her face and breasts flush as they do sometimes when she gets very aroused. I wanted to reward her for bringing this into our play time so I got a finger nice and slick with my saliva and went to press against her asshole.

Her eyes shut and her hands went to pulling on her thick nipples. She was past words as I slowly felt her ass open and let my finger slip inside. She began to buck up, thrusting the cock into my mouth and grinding the base against her clit. I let her work it as I slowly started fucking her ass with my finger.

After only a couple minutes, she came, her ass clenching down on my finger and her hand reaching out to my hair to hold my head as she ground against the base, getting the real peak out of the orgasm.

Soon, we were back to laying on the bed. She was breathing hard, her eager cock jutting proudly over her pussy. Her fingers reached over and found my aching cock in my wet panties.

“My cock does something else too,” she whispered grinning.

All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 15.


So Friday night came round, and I’d packed my things ready for my night out at Heather’s. My mother had told me about Ken being on nights and Heather being lonely, and would I mind going round to stop with her. She said nothing about jiggling, but seemed very attentive and had made sure I’d showered before I’d got changed to go.

Saying goodnight, my mum gave me a peck on the cheek, and told me to be on my best behavior, with a funny kind of look on her face. Then I was walking down the street to Heather’s house, and ringing the bell.

“Come on in, pet” she beamed, “I’m so glad you were able to come over tonight, as I’ve got a special surprise for you!” and she pecked me on the cheek as I walked past, clutching my overnight bag. She quickly shut the door, then came up close, putting her arms around my neck.

She was wearing a pretty white jumper, the kind that has little holes in the pattern that you can see through. The white of her bra showed through clearly, to my slight disappointment. Her skirt was a red tweed, tight around her tummy – and bottom too.

Then she pressed her lips up to mine, and we began a long passionate kiss in her hallway. Our tongues touched and flicked each other, and I felt my hands wondering up the smooth back of her sweater, feeling the lacy holes – and her bra strap – as we continued our embrace. When we broke off, Heather led me into the kitchen.

“Well you need to know about my little surprise, don’t you?” she asked, with a smile flickering on her face.

“Yes, what’s this all about?” I asked.

“Well, your mum has asked me to give you a jiggling tonight in bed, then she wants me to tell her all about it tomorrow! So I can touch your cock officially!!”

“Well, I kind of knew that already…” I smiled back.

“How? Did your mum tell you?” quizzed Heather, folding her arms, and showing off her breasts at the same time.

“No!” Now it was my turn to tell her a secret. “I came home early the other day, and heard you all talking in the kitchen. All about jiggling too! I thought you were going to tell her everything!”

“Well you cheeky boy, fancy listening in to ladies’ private conversations!” chided Heather, with a wink. “So you know your mum knows that Joan has jiggled you – and that now I’m going to?”

“Yep,” I replied, “I heard it all! It got me so excited listening that I had to go and toss myself in the shower. I think my mum might have been watching me too!”

“I don’t know, you’ll be fucking your mother next, and no mistake!” smiled Heather. “It’s just as well I’ve been giving you all this training, isn’t it?”

“What you don’t know,” she continued, “is that I’ve got another secret. Because Isabelle has told me I’ve got to take you up to her house tonight for a special surprise! I think I’d rather just give you your official jiggling here, but you know how bossy Isabelle can be, and she made me promise the other day…”

“So what happened?” I asked, sensing there was something else going on.

“Oh it was nothing…” said Heather, blushing a little. “Well actually we were both in bed together at the time – she is very persuasive you know. And she gave me a special girly haircut, you know, down there. And made me promise to take you up there next time you were stopping with me.”

“So you had sex with her? And then she cut the curly hairs off your pussy?” I was amazed.

“Well come upstairs with me as I’ve got to change before we go out. I’ve got instructions to wear one of Isabelle’s cardies that she’s lent me, with nylon stockings but nothing else – no bra or panties! It’s all quite strange, isn’t it?”

So she got up, and led me up the stairs I knew so well, but this time into her bedroom, not the spare room where I’d cum for her so many times.

“And the other thing,” she whispered, not wanting to wake the children, “is that you’re not to have cum before you get there. So you can watch me get dressed – but no playing with yourself!”

So I patiently sat on the chair in the corner, and watched while Heather got herself ready.

She firstly stripped off her skirt, then pulled the pretty sweater off over her head, standing in front of me in just bra and panties. She did look so sexy in her special slightly dumpy way, with breasts straining at the bra and panties nicely folding between her legs.

Then she turned away, undid her bra, letting it fall forward onto the bed. Then with a wiggle she slipped her panties off, revealing the twin rounded beauties of her bottom.

“Can I see you shaved?” I asked, getting more sure of myself now.

“Of course, pet!” she smiled, turning around and moving towards me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy, as it was all pink and bare, with the folds between her legs clear to see.

“Do you like it?” she asked, a twinkle in her eye. “You can touch if you like. My orders didn’t say anything about me not cumming – just you!”

And she came right up to where I was sitting, lifting her left foot onto my right thigh, so her pussy was now open and beckoning in front of me.

“Why don’t you just see if I’m smooth enough for you?” she smiled, putting her hands on her hips and somehow pushing her breasts forward.

God it was amazing. There was I fully clothed, with a raging hard-on, with Heather stark naked in front of me, her cunt now shaved smooth, asking to be fingered!

I put my hands forward and stroked her hips, moving one hand down over her bulge where the hairs used to be. She was so smooth! And it was just so natural for my fingers to slide down, reaching the folds and dampness between her legs. She drew in a breath as I flicked over her clitty, then beamed down at me as I began to finger it more.

“I don’t know why, Andrew, but having myself shaved makes me feel so much more sexy!” she said, “and right now I just want you to finger me till I cum, with me standing here over you, and you tending to my needs. Don’t worry, though. I’ll take care of you later, you’ll see!”

So knowing what my job was, I got to it with both hands. One explored her clitty, sometimes sliding up over her belly to reach up to caress her breasts, the other hand between her legs, sliding over the damp folds, seeking out her cunt, and slipping inside.

She seemed to like all my attention, as soon she was gasping and panting, and began moving her hips to meet my fingers, offering herself for more fingering. I’d now got two fingers sliding up and down her cunt, feeling the softer surface at the front, while my other hand was stroking her clitty, squeezing and urging it onwards.

Then she drew in a deep sigh, and put her hands behind her head, showing off her breasts and letting me know she was ready for finishing off. She was panting hard now, and I knew from experience it wouldn’t take long. I kept up my fingers pushing up into her wetness, and increased the speed of my stroking over her clitty, which was now clear to see, swollen and slippery with her juices.

Soon she was there, moaning, “Oh Andrew, take me now, take me now! Aaaaahhhh, oh yes, yes, yes!” as she pushed her cunt down on my hand, grinding and squirming above me.

It felt so strange to do her like that. Me fully clothed, and sitting down, with her nakedness right in front of me. But I was certainly ready for a good session at Isabelle’s!

As she calmed down, so I slowed down my fingers, and gently slid them out of her wet cunt. She took her foot off my leg, so she was simply standing naked in front of me.

“Here’ let me have your hand!” she commanded, “the one with the wet fingers that were inside my cunt.”

I held up my hand, and she grabbed it, bending down to suck her juices from the fingers that had been inside her just moments before. Isabelle had got her interested in sex, and no mistake!

After licking all my fingers carefully, she smiled at me: “Thank you so much for having me, young man. I do love a good jiggling myself. Maybe this is what I’ll tell your mum about tomorrow!” And she bent down to kiss me on the lips.

Then she stood up, calmly breathing in with her eyes closed, as if savouring the moment.

“Right, now I’ve got to get my special clothes on for Isabelle.” And she turned round, reaching for something lying on the bed. It was a beige sleeveless cardigan, almost like a long waistcoat really, as she pulled it on. It seemed to be angora or some other soft hairy wool, with a kind of Arran pattern and she had to stretch it to get the buttons done up – especially over her breasts.

“Mmmm, this feels so soft!” she smiled, “But Isabelle is a size or two smaller than me I think.”

The cardigan had a v-neck, and even with the buttons done up there was a nice view of her cleavage. The bottom of the wool only just covered her bottom – a bit like a short mini-dress. And Isabelle wanted her to wear this, with nothing else? She’d get arrested on the street! Especially when she pulled on the nylons. They were a small fishnet pattern – not at all Heather’s usual style – but she slipped them up her legs as far as they went. Then she went over to the drawers, and pulled out a black suspender belt.

“Excuse me a minute!” she giggled, lifting up the cardigan to her waist, and showing off her naked cunt to me again. She pulled the belt around her and clipped it together, before fastening each suspender to the nylons. I counted the three for each leg, marveling at the different views of her body that she revealed as she did them up. Then she smoothed down her dress, hiding the belt but not the ends of the suspenders, and looked at herself in the mirror.

“My, what a difference!” she smiled. “I’ll just put some lipstick on.”

And soon she had bright red lips to go with her tight beige cardigan and black fishnet stockings.

“Right, now we’re ready for our surprise!” she said, reaching out a hand to lift me up from the chair. “And now it’s dark enough outside so no-one will see us as we walk up the road…” So tiptoeing downstairs, we grabbed coats, quietly shut the front door and headed off up the road. What would Isabelle be up to? She seemed insatiable. Already she had introduced Heather – and me – to oral sex and threesomes. Now she had persuaded Heather to shave her sex, and had actually done it for her. And they’d had sex together, just the two of them. If only I could have been there to watch that!

Isabelle was expecting us and welcomed us in almost before Heather had knocked the door. “Oh hello,” she smiled, “I’ve been thinking you had forgotten our little promise, Heather.” Heather flushed slightly, “No, Isabelle, I couldn’t forget that, could I? And now we’re here, so the rest is up to you.”

I was a bit lost by this, but took in the view of Isabelle, who was wearing a thin purple cardigan, buttoned only at the neck, over a light grey plain sweater. Naturally her skirt matched the grey perfectly – it must have been a set – and the knitted material clung beautifully to her hips. She had her hair up in a smooth bun as usual, looking so demure and sophisticated.

“Welcome both,” she smiled, showing us in, then continued: “Kisses please, you two, where are your manners?” as she shut the door.

So Heather leant forward and they embraced, Heather pecking Isabelle’s cheeks in an almost French manner. Isabelle beckoned to me, so I did the same, feeling the soft wool of her cardigan as I put my arms around her waist, and almost tasting her perfume as I kissed both cheeks.

“Now let me have your coats and I’ll put them away for you.”

As Heather took hers off and moved into the lounge, Isabelle admired her cardigan. “That cardie looks so nice on you Heather, it makes you look almost animal! It looks so much better on you than me, as you fit it so fully!”

Heather smiled but looked puzzled: “I’m not sure about animal, but I’m glad you like it. It’s certainly makes me feel different, especially with no undies on.”

Isabelle smiled: “I’m glad you remembered that art, my poppet. Now give us a twirl and show it off, I’m sure Andrew would like to see more too.”

So Heather turned slowly round, lifting her arms up to her shoulder height. The bottom of the cardigan only just hid her own bottom, and the suspenders did give her a basic animal look. I could see what Isabelle meant, as my cock hardened again.

“Those stockings do suit you, my love,” said Isabelle, admiring her compliant friend. “Now come here and let me have a little stroke of you. Hand on head!”

Isabelle just put her hands on Heather’s waist, then slowly moved them up to stroke over her breasts, squeezing them gently as she did, before sliding all the way down to her hips, then lower to the hem of the cardie. To my amazement she then just slipped a hand under, at the front, to check Heather’s clitty. Heather gasped, and blushed a little too.

“Well, that’s a good girl” Isabelle smiled, pulling her hands back, “I’m glad you remembered to have no undies on, but I thought I’d like to check for myself. You do feel quiet damp though. You didn’t have him fuck you already, did you? I told you I wanted him fresh!”

Heather flushed more, “No, Isabelle, I wouldn’t do anything like that when you’d told me not to. He wanted to of course, but I didn’t let him. So he’s still fresh for you.”

“Right, girls,” Isabelle was sterner now, but winked at Heather, “We’d better go up to get ready for bed. Did Heather tell you that you were going to stop the night here with me, Andrew?”

“Err.. no!” I replied, surprised. I thought this would be a visit for an hour or so – but all night! No wonder Heather didn’t want my mum or the neighbours to see us.

“Well, let’s go up stairs and get ready for bed – I’ll bring some cocoa up later on.” And with that, she led the way upstairs. I watched the tight pale grey wool of her skirt as it clung to her rounded bottom as she started to step upwards. “Go on, pet!” said Heather, catching my eye. “You follow her and I’ll follow up behind.”

I followed Isabelle’s wool-clad bottom up the stairs, glimpsing the line of the edge of her panties through the thin wool as she walked, then followed her round and into her bedroom, where Heather and I had been taken before. Isabelle beckoned me to sit on the side of the bed.

“I’ve been thinking,” began Isabelle, “that it would be really nice to have a special girl’s night in, with lots of exciting games that girls like. Heather says she’d like that too, so what about you, Andrew?”

“Well, it depends what you mean” I replied, “I’m not a girl you know!”

Isabelle looked at Heather, then at me: “Well we thought we should pretend you are for tonight – so we’re going to dress you up as a girl so we can all play girl’s games together! So to start with, just strip off all your clothes, and I’ll get out your new ones. I’ve got plenty of spare undies for you, and a cardie does suit you, you know!”

Flustered yet aroused, I began to take off my clothes. They just watched, so I stopped when I had just my pants on.

“No, don’t stop there – I’ve got some nice girly panties for you.” said Isabelle, holding up a pair of white panties. They were plain stretchy cotton with a lace panel at each side.

“Come on, take yours off – now.” Isabelle ordered.

I did as I was told, knowing that their eyes would be on my expanding cock as I lowered my pants to the floor.

Isabelle spoke first: “Mmm, you are a good boy Andrew – I hope you haven’t worn him out too much over the last few days, Heather, or there’ll be trouble! Now Andrew, step into these for me please. And Heather, you can unbutton your cardie too – it’s bed time for all of us soon.”

So facing Isabelle’s fully clothed body and feeling my nakedness, I carefully stepped into the panties that she was holding out. I could hear Heather undressing behind me, but was too engrossed in Isabelle’s hands as she pulled the panties up to take much notice. The panties were tight around my legs as they came over my thighs, and felt really strange as the thin elastic cut into my waist as she let them go. My cock was upright, trapped by the front of the panties, which revealed the outline of my hard cock.

Isabelle smiled. “There, that looks nice doesn’t it, Heather – we’ll make him into one of us in no time! Oooh!” she added looking up, “I can see you are getting ready for bed – you do look so nice in that cardie!” she glanced over towards Heather.

I glanced round too, to see Heather smiling back at me. She’d undone all the buttons so the cardigan was hanging open. The nakedness of her breasts and belly now went down between her legs, following her shaving session earlier in the week. I just stared as my cock twitched harder inside Isabelle’s tight panties.

“Now for your cardie, my girl – what colour do you think would be best, Heather – come and see!”

So as Isabelle opened a drawer full of her jumpers, Heather brushed past me to join her. Isabelle held up a dark blue round-necked cardigan: “What about this?” she asked, and turning towards me she draped it over my chest. It felt gorgeous as the soft wool brushed against me.

“No, I think it’s too dark,” replied Heather, “What about this pink one?” And she held up a thicker pick v-necked cardigan: “This looks more like a girl’s colour to me!”

“Yes,” agreed Isabelle, “I think this time you are right – now go and help him on with it – ooops, I mean help her on with it!”

So Heather stepped forward, her own cardigan wide open and her breasts gently swaying, and held out a sleeve for my arm. It felt so strange to be being dressed like this – but amazingly arousing too.

“Now the other arm.” said Heather, moving behind me, before slipping my arm in, and pulling the jumper on over my shoulders.

Isabelle stood in front of me. “Now, let’s button you up my girl, you’ll be catching a cold showing your chest off like that.” She moved her hands forward, and pulled ‘my’ cardigan together, before doing up the top button. “Now, you do the rest while I watch. Heather, how tight are her panties round her bottom?”

So as I did up the buttons, my fingers shaking with excitement, so Heather stroked my bottom with her hands. After a minute or two she spoke: “Well her panties are quite tight, Isabelle. I think she may need some bigger ones.”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” smiled Isabelle, “because there’s no room at the front at all, now is there young miss! Please put your hands behind your head and I will see what the problem is. Heather, can you help me slip her panties off please.”

So the two of them just eased my panties down, over my hard cock, which sprung free, arching erect again right in front of Isabelle’s face.

“Well we can’t be little girls if we’ve got a big cock, now can we, Andrew. Heather, you come round behind me, so that she can watch what a real girl looks like, and I think I’ll have my first cream now – before my cocoa.”

And with that Isabelle just knelt down in front of me, then, licking her lips, she took my cock straight into her mouth, with one hand gripping the base, and the other cupping under my balls.

I gasped for breath as Isabelle worked me up, while Heather calmly walked round to be behind her, looking straight at me. She put her hands on her hips, pulling her cardigan wide apart as she did so, to show off her breasts for me, then smiled knowingly as she looked me directly in the eyes. Whilst I watched I could feel Isabelle’s fingers pumping my cock and squeezing my balls as she sucked me off.

Her head was now bobbing up and down as she took me deeper into her mouth. Heather lowered her right hand towards her naked smooth mound, then slipped a finger between her legs, catching her breath as she touched herself.

“You can be a good boy now, Andrew,” she smiled, “Give Isabelle her cream. You know she is asking for it so you’d better give it to her hadn’t you?” she raised an eyebrow briefly,

“Good, you may begin by repaying my hospitality. I want you to clear the table and rinse the china. You may then put everything in the dishwasher. When you are finished, I will continue your training.”

I obeyed at once, being very careful with the china. I wondered where Megan was while I was doing my domestic chores. The answer to that came a minute later. I was startled by first a flash then the unmistakable sound of a Polaroid camera ejecting a picture.

“Why did you do that,” I exclaimed? Remembering my prior instructions, I hastily added, “I meant to say why did you do that Mistress?”

“First, I am proud of you for remembering the proper form of address for your Mistress,” she replied. “As to your question, I took a picture of you simply because I felt like it. You must learn to never question me. Since you appear to be finished here, you will come with me. I’m afraid I will have to discipline you for your arrogance.”

Megan turned on her heel and motioned me to follow. She led me back upstairs, but not to our bedroom. Instead, she continued down the hall to the guest room. Using a key hanging from a ribbon at her waist, she opened the door and ushered me in. Megan had been busy. It was now one obviously intended for a girl. The bed was similar to Megan’s in that it had a wrought iron frame work and canopy. The bedspread was pink satin with a matching ruffled flounce.

As I surveyed her work, she spoke, “As you can see, I have installed a lock on the door. It will remain locked unless I decide otherwise. This is to be your room. This is where you will sleep unless I decide to allow you into your Mistress’s bed. It is now time for you to get ready for bed. You will strip off all your clothes and place them in the hamper. You will find the hamper in the closet. While you are there, I want you to select another nightie for yourself. As I’m sure you’re aware, a proper lady always wears something pretty to bed.”

I followed her orders, stripping my pretty lingerie. I looked in the closet and found two nighties there, one in pink the other in pale blue. They were both a frilly baby doll design with matching ruffled panties. I chose the blue one. As I pulled it over my head, I couldn’t help but marvel at how good it felt to be caressed by the soft nylon of the nightie. My nipples actually got hard as the sheer bodice cascaded over my chest. This was nothing compared to what happened when I slipped the panties up my legs. As they settled over my groin, my penis was teased by the slippery fabric, impelling it to erection. The panties were so sheer, there was no way I was going to be able to conceal my excitement from Megan. “Oh well,” I thought. There was nothing I could do about that and went back to the bedroom for her approval of my choice.

“I told you to merely select your nightie” she chided. “I said nothing about your putting it on. I suppose I should have known this would happen. What you have done is prove just how much you like wearing panties. I’ve turned you into such an eager little tramp, you act without permission. “Come here,” she ordered. “Let me see what it is that’s making such a nasty bulge in your pretty blue panties.”

I walked over to her and stood with my hands at my sides. She reached out and using just one manicured nail, traced the outline of my erection through the panties. “Would you look at the size of your clit?!’ she exclaimed. “Whatever am I to do with you? There is no way I can just put you to bed like this. You wouldn’t wait for the door to close before you started to play with yourself. I’m afraid I’ll have to take steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. I want you to go and lie on the bed, you know the position, so hurry up.”

I did as I was told and as before found myself with my arms and legs secured to the bed posts, again using four leather cuffs with lengths of nylon rope attached. When she was satisfied that I was completely helpless, Megan looked down at me and smiled at my predicament. “Now I can sleep securely in the knowledge that my new sissy slave won’t be able to get herself into trouble.”

She reached into my panties and wrapped her hand around my erection. “If I left you to your own devices, you’d start to play with yourself, doing something like this,” she teased as she began to slowly masturbate me. My whole body spasmed, aching with desire. “Look at this,” she said softly. “Look at how badly my sissy wants to come. Well, not tonight my pet, that is to be your punishment for not addressing me properly. In fact, you may as well come to understand that the only time you will be allowed any sort of physical release is when I deem it appropriate. That will happen only when I am satisfied that you are behaving properly and have truly earned the privilege. There will be times like now when it amuses me to tease and torment you without allowing you release. I have found this to me a wonderful discipline device. By the time I’m done with you tonight you’ll always remember the proper way to speak to me.”

She continued her stroking, asking in a husky whisper, “Don’t you wish you had been a good girl? Don’t you wish I’d tighten my grip and stroke you faster and faster until you filled your panties with your juices?”

“Yes Mistress,” I panted. ” Please Mistress, give me some relief, I’m very sorry, I’ll never speak to you in that manner again.”

“Not tonight my pet, perhaps in the morning if you are especially good, I’ll let you climax. For now though, I’m afraid I’ll have to continue your torment until I’m satisfied that you have truly learned a lesson.”

True to her word, she continued. Each time she felt me getting close to the precipice, she either slowed or stopped stroking me completely. My hips would buck involuntarily, striving to get release from my heightened arousal. This went on for several minutes before she removed her hand and pulled my panties back in place.

“Don’t go away,” she teased as she went into her room, returning with a pair of black lace panties and her Polaroid camera. “First, I’m going to take a few more pictures of your submission to me,” she said as she took several shots of my helpless situation. “My possession of these pictures will ensure that you don’t have any second thoughts about obeying me. Can you imagine the thrill the secretaries at your office would get out of these if I posted them in the ladies room?” I imagine they’d be quite jealous. I doubt any of them have a lingerie collection as vast as the one I have in mind for you.”

Megan waited a few minutes for the prints to develop before showing them to me. There was not a doubt in my mind that these pictures could ruin my career. They clearly showed me in tight bondage while wearing pretty lingerie. One shot in particular, showed my cock straining against my panties, proving how much I enjoyed my imprisonment. “Just one more pose and I’ll leave you to your dreams,” she continued. “I want you to be reminded of me while you sleep tonight,”she said pulling the black panties over my head. Once they were on, she arranged them so the crotch area was directly over my nose and mouth. Then, using a common safety pin, she took all the slack out of the waistband and secured them at my neck. I was now trapped inside her panties, forced to inhale a combination of her own sweet musk and the perfume she wore.

“I hope you appreciate these. I wore them at the office today and they are full of my scent. Now each breath you take will be a reminder of your Mistress and her sweet pussy. Unfortunately, that is as close as you’ll get. You have misbehaved and as much as it pains me, I have to instill some discipline.”

After taking more pictures of me, she turned and walked to the door, calling over her shoulder as she went, “Sweet dreams little sissy, I’m tired and have to get some rest. You must be tired as well and you’ll need your beauty sleep. I have a big weekend planned for you.”

The door was then closed and I heard the distinct sound of the lock being thrown. My erection continued to throb, causing me great discomfort. How, I wondered could something normally so pleasurable be so uncomfortable? I tested my bonds, hoping Megan had left enough slack for me to get to my aching tool. Of course there wasn’t any to be had. I reconciled myself to the fact that I would just have to try and go to sleep, that I was now alone, trapped until Megan decided to release me. Needless to say, sleep came very hard. The panty hood ensured that with every breath, I was filled with her essence. My erection was still there as I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke in the morning to the sound of Mistress’s voice, “Come on, sleepy head, it’s time for you to get up.” I opened my eyes and through the thin nylon of my panty hood, I saw Megan standing next to the bed. She was dressed, if you want to call it that in a pink half-cup bra with a matching garter belt and seamed stockings.

“I told you I was going to put you on an exercise regimen,” she said as she undid the safety pin holding my hood in place. She continued speaking as she pulled her panties off my head, “We may as well begin now. Your tummy needs to be tightened and I can’t think of a better way than with a few sit-ups. These are going to be very special sit-ups. You are going to have the privilege of servicing your Mistress while you exercise.”

I wondered what she meant by that. How was I going to do sit-ups and pleasure her at the same time? My question was answered in short order.

Reaching into the drawer of the night stand, she retrieved two items. The first was a sturdy leather collar with several rings attached. Megan placed it around my neck and secured it with a small padlock. She then untied the rope holding my wrists to the headboard and reattached them to the collar. Next, she picked up what appeared to be a dildo with two latex straps. Placing the base of the dildo against my chin, she stretched the straps over my head. One went around my neck, the other over my ears to the back of my head. When she was finished, I had a six-inch latex cock growing out of my chin.

“Now my pretty, you are going to please me while you tighten your tummy,” she said as she straddled my face, while facing my feet. She lowered herself until the head of the dildo was just at the entrance to her pussy. “Now I want you to stroke it in and out of my pussy very slowly,” she ordered. “At the top of each stroke, you are to lick my ass, swirling your tongue around my rosebud.”

I hesitated for just a few seconds, not sure what she meant. This prompted Megan to reach into my panties and lightly squeeze my balls. “Get to work sissy, I don’t have all day!”

I immediately complied, using my stomach muscles to raise my head, driving the dildo deep inside her love tunnel. As she had dictated, I used my tongue to bathe her ass, swirling it around and trying to stick it inside. In order to do this, I had to hold myself in position with just my abdominal muscles, putting considerable strain on them. By about the fifth repetition of this, Megan began to breathe heavily, bathing me with her juices. Before long, Megan gasped, “All right my pet, rest for a minute. I want to change position so your talented tongue can be put to better use.”

I stopped at once, grateful for the chance to rest. Megan repositioned herself so her pussy was facing me and after a short interval, again lowered herself to the dildo. “All right, I’m sure you know what I want at that top of each stroke,” she whispered. “Give me some pleasure and I just might let you up.”

I repeated my prior performance, the only difference being this time I used my tongue on her clit. Her body began to tremble as the onset of her climax approached. I used this to my advantage, holding myself with the dildo deep inside her while I sucked her clit between my lips and lashed it with my tongue. This was more than my Mistress could stand. Her orgasm overtook her and she screamed her pleasure. “OH YES MY PANTY PET, SUCK ME, FUCK ME, MAKE ME CUM.”

She ground her clit against my mouth, filling it with her pleasure honey. Her climax would begin to abate then another wave of pleasure would shoot through her, until at last she collapsed, resting against the headboard.

It took several minutes for Megan to regain her composure. Only when her respiration began to return to normal did she lift herself from the dildo. She sat next to my still bound form and while stroking my cheek said, “That was incredible my pet. The feeling of being penetrated and attended to orally at the same time pushed me to heights I’ve never reached before. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to use this toy and I can assure you, it won’t be the last.”

She unlocked the collar and removed the cuffs. “I want you to take a bath now. I have it prepared and to make sure you don’t do anything naughty, I will accompany you.”

With that statement all hopes of being allowed to relieve the pressure in my groin vanished. Megan was apparently intent on keeping me at a high state of arousal for the foreseeable future. I stood and undressed, placing my baby doll nighty in the closet hamper. I followed Mistress Megan into the bathroom where a tub was already filled with hot, scented water.

“Get in, sissy we don’t have all day,” she ordered.

I did as I was told, slowly immersing myself in the water. I began to wash, using the sponge handed to me by Mistress Megan. She next gave me a pink razor saying, “Now shave yourself all over. I don’t want to see any regrowth from last nights shaving. I know I did it for you last night but I want you to learn how to do this for yourself.”

Again, I followed her instructions, now without even so much as a second thought. While I shaved, I marveled at how much my life had changed in just a few short hours. This time yesterday, I was a typical single male, looking only for my own pleasure. I recognized the fact that now everything had changed. I was now just the play toy of a beautiful woman, trapped forever in her web of silk, satin and lace. What was even more interesting and in fact more to the point was that I was enjoying it! I found myself looking forward to the events to come. The questions I asked myself included; What would Mistress Megan dress me in when my bath was over? What color would she choose? Would I be allowed to wear a corset? All these thoughts and more occupied my mind as I finished the last of my shaving.

My reverie was interrupted by Megan’s next command. “All right my pet, it’s time to get out of that tub. We don’t want our pretty skin to get all wrinkled do we?”

I rose and stepped into the soft bath sheet she held and stood docilely as she patted me dry. “Come with me,” she said, leading me back into what I had begun to think of as “my room.” Once there, she had me sit, still wrapped in the towel at the vanity.

“You have such pretty features, I think a little enhancement would really bring out your natural beauty,” she purred.

With that, she set about giving my face a more feminine appearance. She plucked my eyebrows, applied mascara and eyeliner. Next, came the foundation and a little blush for my cheeks. The last thing applied was the lipstick, a bright crimson. She stood back, admiring her handiwork in the vanity mirror. “There’s just one thing missing,” she mused. “You need a more lady like hairstyle. You are such a lucky girl, I have just the thing.”

She left the room for just a moment, returning with a large round box. “Close your eyes my pet, I have a surprise for you.”

I closed my eyes in anticipation of what she had in store for me. I was sure by the size and form of the box that it would be a wig. My suspicions were confirmed when I felt Megan placed it on my head. She fussed with it for a moment, combing it into place. “All right, you may open your eyes now,” she instructed.

I opened my eyes and gazed at the creature in the mirror. The image was of a striking woman, one with shoulder length auburn hair. There was one thing that struck me immediately and I had to ask, “Mistress, the color is an exact match for my own hair and coloring. Is that a coincidence?”

“Of course not, my pet, I bought this several weeks ago in anticipation of this very moment. Once I was sure I wanted to turn you into my pantyslave, I took a chance that I could make this happen.” She reached down, trailing her fingers down my chest to the top of the towel. “Stand up now pet, it’s time to get you dressed.”

I followed her to the armoire where she opened several drawers. In each was an array of panties, bras, stockings and garter belts. There had to be at least a dozen sets there, all color coordinated. “Hmmm,” she mused as she inspected them. “Which color would be most appropriate for your first full day as my panty pet? Let’s see, since you are almost newly arisen to the realm of panties, I think pink will be perfect, yes a nice sissy pink for you today.”

She handed me a complete set of lacy, pink lingerie, indicating that I was to put it on. I took the stockings and rolling them first, pulled each in turn up my legs. Next of course, came the garter belt. This was quickly followed by the bra and panties. The bra was under-wired with push up pads sewn into the cups. Once in place, I once again had the illusion of small breasts. The panties were French cut, with lavish lace at the leg openings and side panels. I walked to the vanity so I could inspect myself in the mirror.

From behind me I heard Mistress Megan issue yet another order, “Go to the closet my pet, there’s a dress that will be perfect. You will also find a pair of white pumps that should fit you.”

In the closet I found the dress and shoes she had referred to. The dress was a white jersey knit, the kind that would cling to the body. The shoes were also pink with a white satin bow at the instep. I pulled the dress over my head and pulled it into place. The hem came only to the tops of my stockings. When I slipped the shoes on, the problem became even more pronounced, clearly showing the garter tabs.

Megan had come up behind me and her laughing voice interrupted my struggles to get the hem lower. “I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to look like such a tramp while wearing a virginal white dress. What a pity you can’t show yourself off to the world like that. You’d give a eunuch a hard on with that outfit! Wait a minute! Why not? You look quite convincing. If I hadn’t dressed you myself, I would never know there’s a cock in those panties. I think we’re going to take you out like that. I had intended to take you shopping anyway, so we may as well make the best of it.”

“Please, Mistress, don’t make me do that,” I cried. What if we meet someone I know, or worse yet someone we work with?”

“Not to worry, my pet. I know of an absolutely fabulous shopping mall that’s about a two-hour drive from here. There will be little chance of us running into anyone we know there. Besides,” she continued as she handed me a pair of wrap around sunglasses, “these will serve to disguise you further. Enough of your back talk, be a good girl and do as you’re told and perhaps your Mistress will give you a special treat when we get back. Come along now, we have some shopping to do.”

With that said she turned on her heel and headed for the front door. “We’ll take your car, my pet. That way your hands will be occupied and you won’t be able to get into any mischief the way you could if I were to drive.”

She stood at the side of the car and watched with amusement as I attempted to get in the driver’s seat. “Not that way silly,” she taunted. “The way your dress rode up, I could clearly see your pretty white panties. No lady would ever allow that. Get out of the car and I’ll show you the proper way to enter a car while wearing a dress.”

Mutely, I obeyed and watched as Megan showed me the proper procedure. She sat on the seat, facing out with her legs together. Megan then kept her knees together and holding the hem of her dress down, pivoted on the seat, swinging her legs into the car. “Now, you will demonstrate for me,” she said as she reversed the process to get out.

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