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This is part two of a story. Any questions can probably be cleared up by reading the first part. It was not mentioned during the first story, but even though the story is written in first person, it hasn’t actually happened. This story was originally written for my Master as a fantasy of us, and it was him who inspired me to submit it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and please leave me comments, as we do read them.


I thought it was over. I realize now that that was a stupid assumption. You’d never let me get finish so soon at home, so why should it be any different now? My body has stopped shaking, but my mind is in a totally different place. As we look out on the gallery – you had opened the curtains, but I am unsure when — I notice that there are a lot of different things going on. Some people are just watching, their gazes roaming until they see a particular scene they like, while others are engaged in different activities. There is a hot tub, several private dungeon areas with views out to the public, and a few rooms that are laid out like bedrooms with large windows.

As I watch I suddenly feel you secure straps around my ankles, then my wrists. Suddenly my mind is alert — where had those come from? As I turn I see the tray they’d been brought in on along with the cords laying there. I am curious as to what they are there for, as it’s not something we’ve done before. As you pick up the first cord, you hook it to the ring on the right-hand cuff, followed by hooking the other end to a ring suspended from the ceiling. You do the same with my left. I am barely able to move in either direction, much less sit or kneel. Next you fasten my feet to the floor; I am now spread eagle, for everyone to see. I am glad that my clothes are still on and intact.

“You have been very naughty lately.” You tell me as I hang in place. “I expect better of you.” I am bewildered by this as I have no idea what you are talking about, haven’t I been a good girl? What did I do that upset you? “You want me to tell you what you did?” You ask with a menace in your voice that I am quite familiar with. “Yes, Please” I respond, unsure of how to answer. My knees are shaking and my pussy is once again wet with anticipation. “You mean you don’t know?” you ask, the sound of your voice so forceful that my pussy starts to ache. “No sir.” I reply knowing that more than a mono-syllabic response at this time would be difficult to say as the connection between my brain and mouth has been lost in the confusion of being on display with a dripping cunt. “Well slut, that means you need even more punishment.” The smile on your face is wicked, and my nipples are hard just contemplating what might be in store.

You slowly disrobe me, untying the corset, followed by the halter. As the zipper on the dress comes to a stop, you freeze momentarily as it pools around my calves, and ripping the seam out so it comes away completely you say, “I guess that’s just one more thing you’ll have to fix.” You finish my disrobement by tearing off the thigh-highs, and tossing them on the floor.

I can see everything. Hanging bare, and half suspended, I notice a girl — a sub by the look of her — watching us. Her Mistress is punishing a male sub by keeping him erect, but not allowing him to cum. The girl is transfixed, her eyes watching us closely.

Your focus is completely on me. You start my punishment with just a touch, using your hand to produce small caresses up my buttocks and spine. A soft touch here and there, driving me crazy as my pussy drips hot juices down my thighs. As you reach up and caress my breasts, I notice the sub across the way has begun to touch her-self. She mimics your movements, stroking her butt as you touch mine, pinching her nipples as you squeeze mine.

I am brought back to us as something cold lightly touches my thigh. I can’t see what it is, but it is stiff and smooth. I am nervous, and unsure of what to expect. The object is removed, and soon your hands start to fondle my ass. You very slowly start to play with that hole. It is sensitive, and tight. You work first one, then two fingers in, and as I start to moan with pleasure I notice that the sub across the way is leaning over a chair with her legs spread and her fingers penetrating her ass. Watching her is making me even hotter, and my swollen pussy is throbbing in response to my heightened senses.

I notice that you are now using a lubricant, it is making it easier for your fingers to pump in and out, and I am having a hard time focusing on anything else. Suddenly, in one quick movement your fingers are gone replaced by the cold object, which I now realize is a metal dildo that had been sitting in a bucket of ice.

The pain of this sudden violation makes me scream out, and you spank me to remind me of who is boss. I quiet, shaking in my bonds as my ass seizes from the unwanted intrusion. Now suddenly aware of everything I notice that my screams have brought us to the attention of other curious club-goers, but my favorite is the sub, who seems intrigued, and unaware that she has drawn her mistress’ attention as she continues to fuck her own ass.

Watching them I am reminded once again of my own body. I notice that the pain and humiliation of my recent violation has made my nipples so hard they hurt and my pussy even wetter. As the dildo in my ass starts to warm inside me, my body stops shaking, but just as I’ve gained the power to stand I am reminded that this is punishment as you begin to administer soft whips with a flogger.

Your chosen device is a red leather cat o’ nine with soft broad heavy straps, and a large rounded handle. I know this flogger well; it is one of your favorites. You start, as always, with a barrage of light, petal-like strokes, lightly tapping my ass and back with just the tips of the straps. You are speaking, but my mind has gone fuzzy, I love the feel of the whip, punishing me with its light caresses, showering me with promises of pain and torture.

I can still feel my ass filled with your newest toy, throbbing around it, squeezing it intermittently, as your strokes become harder. I shake in my bonds, my body tensing and releasing with each blow as they become harder and faster. I know the moment that they are hard enough to leave welts on my back and ass, and it is this point that I find my voice, exploding in a chorus with every lash of my punishment. “Yes! Oh, God! Don’t stop! I’m sorry master! Oh! Yes!” After a few short moments, your flagellation ceases and my body slumps in its bonds.

As you carefully sponge my back, softly soothing me with words of encouragement such as “Its ok,” and “It’s done now.” I notice that the sub across the way is still in avid fascination. I’d expected her mistress to have corrected the behavior by now; instead she is riding the male sub’s cock while watching the girl as she uses the handle of the flogger to masturbate while watching us.

You unhook the cords attached to my wrists and ankles, and slowly move me to a long table which you have moved to a position in front of the audience. You lower me onto the cold surface placing a pillow under my head, and several more under my ass to prop it into position. You then secure my hands above my head and my ankles in a position that spreads me wide open at the edge of the table. Using your fingers you quickly bring me to the brink of an orgasm as everyone watches. Just as I am about to cum, you remove your fingers and, slowly rubbing my inner thighs you wait for my body to calm. By turning my head, I can see the girl across the way has not stopped, and she lets out a small scream, and collapses to the floor as her orgasm hits and her cunt squirts cum in several directions as it tries to escape past the handle of the whip in her pussy. Having watched her sub’s display the mistress, who has moved to the male sub’s face to be eaten out, finally has her own release and also collapses to the floor, both women writhing in their bodies’ sudden ecstasy.

Seeing that my own body has calmed from its near orgasm, you begin to use your tongue to explore my throbbing pussy. You begin by slowly licking back and forth along my slit, enticing my clit to swell and swirling your tongue around it each time you reach the sensitive nub. You slowly open my nether lips to your probing tongue as it delves into me. I writhe with pleasure as you probe my cunt; licking first just around it, then into it deeper with each thrust.

“Please Master,” I plead with you breathlessly, “Please, I need your cock!” You seem to take no heed, and wondering if you’d heard me I try a little louder, “Oh! Master! Please I need you to fuck me with your prick!” I can feel you smile, and I know that you heard me, but now I’m desperate, and my voice rushes out in a rather loud shout, “Oh my God Master, Please, Please, Please! Fuck my cunt with your huge cock! I need you to make me your slut! Fuck me now, Please!!”

Without so much as a word you quickly stand and ram my tight, wet pussy with your rock-hard prick; the force of which makes me scream unintelligibly with pleasure. You slowly remove your cock, only to ram it back into my snug little hole eliciting squeaks and moans of pleasure from me.

As your fucking becomes smoother, you begin to taunt me. “You like this don’t you?” you ask, “You love showing the world how slutty you are, don’t you?” “Yes Master.” I reply, softly. “So say it, I want you to tell your audience just how much letting them watch you get fucked turns you on.”

My response is slow, I don’t know how to word it, or if I’m supposed to speak to them, or just tell you loud enough so they can hear, I finally choose the latter. “Oh Master!” I shout, “I feel like such a slut! Oh Yes! I love that all these people are watching you fuck my taut little pussy with your big hard cock. Oh letting them watch as you stretch my pussy, and bang my cunt makes me feel so good! Oh, God! I have to cum! Oh Please Master, Let me cum!”

My speech begins to slur into moans and whimpers as I hold back my orgasm, until finally you give me a nod allowing me to cum. You pull out as my body shakes with its release and positioning yourself over my face, you grab my hair and begin to pump your prick in and out of my awaiting mouth and – just before you cum – you pull out squirting your semen all over my face and tits.

You close the curtains once again, blocking us from view as you unbind me and help me to clean us both up with the sponge and a fresh basin of hot water. Wrapping me in a satin robe, and packing the remains of my outfit and our toys into a bag, you slowly escort me out, and back to the car where you help me in and gingerly strap me into the seat-belt.

As I fall asleep on the way back to your house, it occurs to me, I never did learn what the punishment was for… Oh well, I’m sure it will come to me eventually…

Monday night is my favorite night of the week. That’s because Monday is game day. Every Monday from seven to eleven our club meets in the ballroom in the rec center to play board games, card games, night games or even console games. I’m game master of the club, and own forty-six of the seventy plus board games we play and know how to play almost all of them. My roommate, roommate to be, and friends all come play with us, and our club has been nominated for club of the year on campus. We usually get twenty to thirty people every Monday and have special events from time to time.

The president of our club is Jennifer and I’ve had a crush on her since my freshman year from going kayaking with her. She taught me, mostly anyway, how to do an Eskimo roll in the kayak. That’s where you flip over in a kayak so your torso is underwater and you turn it back over using only your body and the paddle for torque without getting out. Learning is a bit of a challenge given that the whole time you try and practice it you are forced under water and either have to succeed, be helped to turn over by someone, or panic and swim out filling the kayak with water. Jennifer helped to turn me over many, many times and I’m not sure even then how much I kept her there to help me or just to have her there.

Being in her swimsuit, in a tight bikini top I couldn’t help but notice how good she looked. She had medium long hair, tight stomach, good-sized tits, and a beautiful face with an almost constant smile or laugh. She actually was sort of a tomboy and despite her good physique she wore swim trunks and played as rough as the other guys in the pool. She would ram your boat and tip you over if you let her and was one of the first picks for polo. Given she goes to an engineering school where the ratio is at best 3:1 guys I guess you sort of have to play rough to be good. Unfortunately she was a year older and I was far to shy at the time to do anything but enjoy her company and after the kayaking sort of fizzled I lost contact with her for almost a year.

Seeing her again at the club presentation day last fall I immediately joined Board and Gaming Club. Not only was playing games one my favorite things to do, it meant I got to spend time with her again, which was a definite plus.

My first few meetings I got to know a lot of people and I found out just how many different board games there are. I had always been an avid gamer, and I have played many board games, all the standard ones: Monopoly, Sorry, Life, Scrabble, Battleship, Risk, and many card games. I was even state champion at Bridge in high school. But the first few weeks I played a new game every week, some I’d never even heard of before. Mario, the card game, the one that actually inspired the franchise; Stock Ticker, a game of playing the stocks with a group of people all given same starting money to see who can make the most in an allotted time; Settlers of Catan, one of our staples, a game to rule the island of Catan by building the most economic network to build an empire; and many more.

Every week I would go to see these people and play games with them and quickly we became friends. But outside of game night we still had a very large workload. Being physics major I have one of the hardest majors at the school. I went to the library between classes quite often because it was easier than going home and it increased my chances of actually getting work done. Jennifer too went to the library to work and I always said hi as I went passed her to find an outlet for my laptop. Her hair was so pretty everytime I passed her and she always smiled when she saw me.

Working up my nerve I would go and sit with her at the table whenever she was alone to work with her. This usually meant I didn’t get much work done, as we tended to talk too much to pay attention to what we were doing.

With the start of the new semester our schedules changed and I found she had lunch every day the same time as me. Besides becoming a very prominent member of the club and having real issues to talk to her about we were good friends by now and I often had lunch at her table with her friends. More and more I was aware of how beautiful she was despite her frumpy clothing.

For some reason I still don’t understand she wore the baggiest clothing and was the height of nerd. She wore a knit wool hat with tassels and a black baggy sweatshirt with loose jeans. Even up close it was hard to tell how good she really looked, her face being the exception. Being a very bubbly person she was always smiling and had a very good laugh, even when she was down somehow her face was still lit up. She never wore make-up had no need to, her face was smooth and she got very rosy cheeks when she was cold.

I wanted very much to ask her out and my crush had done nothing but grown since I kept spending time with her. Conversely, our friendship was very good and she spent a lot of time with me as it was and I didn’t want to risk it with a date gone badly and the awkwardness it would mean. Still she was one of the hotter girls I’ve met and she loved to play games as much as me, I couldn’t just let her slip away.

Meeting her again in the library I sat with her and started to do my circuits homework. She was an electrical so I figured she could help me, besides it was an excuse to meet with her. It was Monday so I figured we could do this between now and game night. Sadly, my stupid analog class was so over my head it was over her head and she was a year ahead of me in that field. So our ‘study time’ turned into her playing with my phone and me watching, helping, and playing Lux (basically risk) on my computer. She played angry birds and rush hour on my phone until around five. At which point I suggested food, she was going to just go home and have dinner, but I managed to convince her to go to Chipotle with me instead. A double win to be sure because Chipotle was now both delicious and enticing enough to get her to go out with me.

We walked back to her house to get her car and go since she needed her wallet and she lived only a few blocks down the hill and across the creek. After a pleasant dinner she dropped me off at my friends and told me she’d meet me at game night later.

A week or so passed since our quasi-date and it was our three-day weekend. We had Monday off, rather than miss game night I suggested to the club we have game day at my house instead. Twelve hours plus of solid games and fun all day Monday and into Tuesday morning. We set up my friend’s projector in the spare room pointing it at the ceiling for an extra twist to play Portal on, and all the Rock Band stuff in the living room. We sort of regretted the Rock Band stuff thou, because our group has the worst singing of any group of people I’ve ever encountered. But despite our bad tune we have much fun all day.

Jennifer and I went to get the pizza and another drum-set from goodwill since our pedal broke. But another person came with us so I did not get time with her alone. When we got back we made her play portal since for some reason she hadn’t and I lay next to her taunting her as she played.

Night came and we set-up Halo on both our Xbox’s and Jennifer, me, and another person from game night played on the one in the spare room. We played zombies mostly and I being rather good at it started to taunt Jennifer with Jennifer hunting. Whenever I was zombie, or especially if she was zombie, rather than play the game normally and run, I hunted her and taunted her by telling her what I was going to do. How close I was, where I’d come from, and what gun I’d use. After a while merely saying her name made her jump.

Despite my warnings I still was very good at hunting her and she grew angry with me and took my hat from me. This is something people don’t generally do as I get it back one way or another and people don’t cross me in that. But instead of snatching it back from her I countered and took her hat. I had worn her hat once before and the smell of her hair had infused itself into the hat and smelled very good. She had a sort of fruity shampoo or something and the smell was rather distinctive to her. I felt it was a worthy trade and continued to hunt her while smelling her hat.

Twice more she came to our house that week to play games with us and help on our random craft day. Craft day was needed because one can only handle so much calculus and I at least needed to get out my artistic side. We made among other things a giant gummi bear by melting down gummi bears in a make shift double boiler and pouring it into a honey bear. The bear was a massive win, and is still very delicious.

That Saturday I texted Jennifer to see what she was up too and she replied work but she up for anything after seven. Getting up my nerve I said she should go out with me then. After a rather long pause, which was rather intense on my end at least, she finally said yes she’d go.

Our date went good as far as I could tell. We went and played mini golf first. She lost horribly on the first nine but managed to do much better the second half. It was a relief because I would have hated to tell her she tripled my score so I only told her she won on the back nine by one point. Next, we had Chinese food and went to go see Tangled in the theater. Being nerds and the only people in there, we made fun of the movie as we watched it and were laughing most of the time.

After the movie we went back to my car and discovered I didn’t have my key. We looked and retraced our steps but it was lost and we couldn’t find it. Since I only lived about a mile from the theater anyway we walked back to my house to get my spare from my roommate since he drives me more often than I drive anyway. It was snowing and we were playing in the snow as we walked. She couldn’t slide as far as me but she was good conversation as we walked and talked.

We both were avid fans of Calvin and Hobbes who I commonly associate with Jack (the narrator) and Tyler Durden from Fight Club. Jennifer was not a fan of Fight Club and had no interest in knowing the many similarities between the two. How Tyler was a recreation of Hobbes, as Calvin grew up and found himself crushed as the perfect happy life he was promised turned out to be a shallow meaningless existence.

Rather than get into the details we agreed to disagree. Walking past the dealerships between my house and the theater we drew on the cars covered in snow. Games of tic-tac-toe, man with hat from XKCD, random messages, and we cleaned all the snow off one car in the middle of the lot for the random.

Walking back to my house we decided since the snow was so good we wanted to play in it more. We built the Calvin and Hobbes head peeking up over the hill, like a giant poking his nose over with his fingers to the sides. It stayed there for almost a week before it melted, which here is rather significant. Making it was fun, and I loved to sculpt and have been front page of the paper twice for my snow Lincoln and snowman protest relief. After an hour or two Jennifer was frozen, she had kept kneeling in the snow and her legs were all wet and frozen. So we went inside to warm up and had apple cider.

She changed into my shorts and stripped to her tank top under her other shirt. I gave her my blamange, which is a giant white puffy feather blanket. It gets its name from the Monty Python sketch, but needless to say, it is awesome, very comfy, and very warm. She curled right up into it and drank the cider but her cheeks stayed red. Suggesting we watch another movie we decided on The Chronicles of Riddick as she had never seen it before and was a huge fan of Vin Diesel, not in small part because he plays D&D.

I got my feather pillow that was really a three-in-one giant pillow to support us as we watched the movie and we lay on my bed under the blamange. My computer on my desk is a 27″ iMac and has a screen big enough to function as a TV. Rather than mess with the transfer to my external and setting it up on my Xbox for the living room this was easier. My roommate watched the movie with us and I held Jennifer lightly as we watched. After the movie was over it was getting very early even by my standards and I didn’t want to get up. Jennifer was not as pro at morning activity as me and simply lay there as the credits finished and the screen went dark from inactivity.

I couldn’t sleep, not with her in my bed this close to me, and it appeared she was not asleep either. We moved so as to lie in the bed long way rather than across it as we had for the movie. For the next length of time, I’m not really sure how long, we played a very subtle little game. First she would roll over and get closer and then pull back. Then I would roll to hold her and then thinking she was asleep pull back. She would then lay her head on my shoulder and I would pull close to her. All our movements were intentional but apparently random as if made during sleep. I commented as such after a long time saying how pro we were at sleeping. She laughed and agreed saying she hadn’t slept any either. I told her to lie on her side then so I could hold her properly.

She did and I spooned up to her and draped my arm over her pulling her to me as we lay under the covers. Her legs were so smooth against mine, her hair so sweet in my face. I felt very relaxed as I held her and many a night have I longed just for that simple hold. But given the situation I wanted more.

My hand holding her stomach was just brushing the underside of her tit. Squeezing ever so softly at first I massaged the area just underside her tit. She did not protest the massage but kept me at first from moving higher. My massage grew slowly more insistent and I pressed up and she released and I finally held the soft tender breasts I so worshiped for some reason.

They felt so large in my hands yet tender as I felt her sigh as I pressed and rolled them. This was my favorite part; her reactions to my touches were far more satisfying than the touches themselves. After awhile I slid my hand down to the bottom of her shirt. She knew what I was doing and quickly helped me to pull her shirt out of the way as I slid my hand back up her naked torso back to her now more exposed tits. Her body was warm and she moved to feel my hands more as them played along her body. I did my best to push her bra out of the way and gripped her naked tit feeling her moan softly as I did so.

Emboldened by my success thus far I slid my hand down over her legs, my shorts, and rubbed them. She had to know where I was headed but didn’t seem to protest the movement. Moving my hand to between her legs I felt her jerk as I slid my fingers up her slit though the fabric.

Holding myself back I kept my hard cock off her, somehow it felt wrong to unnerve her with it pressing to hard to have her right then. I wanted to pleasure her, to feel her pleasure and if the time came then move forward. For now I kept my hand to her pussy and my other still fondling her tit. She was quiet as I rubbed her but her enjoyment was obvious. She kept her head craned back mouth slightly open, her breathing was elevated with her pulse and I felt her jerk from time to time went I circled her clit.

I wanted to get my hand inside the shorts to get closer to her pussy, to feel the dampness I knew was there. I wanted so very badly to feel her cum, to shake in my arms, to cry out. I felt her, hoping to go further, but she held my hand down. Everytime I tried to move it she pulled it back to her pussy, I thought at first it was because she didn’t want it to leave, but given her insistence and not letting my hand above the waistband I knew my advances were finally being stopped. Finally she said the clothes were staying on today and to play with the top instead.

Disappointed, I nonetheless submitted to her request, as it was after all the first date and she had done far more than I had expected already. Rolling her over and holding her to me I told her to kiss me then. We kissed and held each other until 10ish in the morning and talked about all sorts of things from religion to the stupid circuits to how amazing she felt against me. But she said she had to go and get to church, I was not a fan of seeing her leave for such a reason, but I drove her home anyway getting stuck three times in the massive snow left from the night before and ice underneath it.

Time passed and nothing seemed to have changed between us, I thought she was happy with our date and I could not wait for the next one. But it was test time and we were both very busy trying to pass our respective tests.

After a week or so my friend from home, a couple years younger texted saying he was coming to tour the school. We decided to greet him with a bafing fight. Bafing is basically foam sword fighting, with wooden, PVC, or carbon fiber cores and a noodle duck taped on the outside. Jennifer came with us and it just so happened we were the first to arrive at the field in the middle of campus. She told me out of the blue that while Saturday was a lot of fun she didn’t want to go out with me. Shocked and rather hurt I was left to just go with it as my friends started to show up and we never had a chance to talk about it at the time.

For the next four hours we had our sword fight, got smoothies and toured my friend around the campus. It was very surreal having her there, having dumped me and yet we were acting as if nothing had happened. This feeling didn’t really fade over the next several weeks. She showed no signs of discomfort being around me all the time, in fact seemed to be spending even more time than usual doing stuff with me. Albeit we were never really alone for it, she came to my house three times that week and played games and planned the events for E-Days with me.

Having to see her became more a chore than a pleasure because as fun and beautiful as she was, I could not hold her, not be with her in that way. I could do nothing about it and yet there she was over and over staring me in the face. I can’t decide if I would feel better or worse if she had given me a reason but I really did not want to take no for an answer.


This weekend my friend was moving in and Jennifer agreed to come over and help us after her party. From what I was told it was a Kahlua and ice cream party and she got to our house very late. My new roommate was almost moved in but Jennifer got cold from some combination of the chilly evening and the ice cream and she found my blamange and curled up in it. She must have been rather tired and feel asleep very quickly in the warm embrace of the blamange.

My roommates both left shortly there after, both going home for the weekend. Leaving me here with the sleeping Jennifer, now in my bed. This was too much for me, I had been pining after her for the last weeks more than ever and now she was in my bed, no one home. At the beginning of the year I had gotten rope in the chance I had need for it, I was quite handy with it from scouts but all it had been used for so far was tying my cardboard boat to my car to bring it to the race. Now I had a use for the rope that was much less innocent.

Jennifer had fallen asleep in my bed of her own volition, and she had ‘slept’ with me once before. Some part of her wanted this and I was not going to let it slip between my fingers again.

I was careful to measure out the rope I needed before moving Jennifer at all. I made four parallel loops for her wrists, and set up the rope to be adjusted from the side. This part of the rope I secured to the headboard of the bed. This would make it so I held her wrists apart, without any chance of her escaping or losing circulation to her hands. Her legs would be more difficult and I was only able to attach the rope to the footboard legs and would have to wait until I removed the blanket to continue. For her face I grabbed a clean sock. Also grabbing a pair of scissors for cutting her clothes and the ropes if need be.

Grabbing the ropes I looked down at her, was I really going to go through with this? I mean it was everything I wanted, but what happens if she flat refuses? No she walked into this willingly, she just needed a push. She would come around one way or another. Besides the ropes were already tied.

I pulled her left hand out first and slid it into the loops. Reaching across she stirred as I slid the second set of loops over her right hand. Jennifer attempted to pull her hand back, meeting resistance she murmured, “What, hey, what’s going on?” Not wasting any time as she was waking up quicker than I expected I pulled the ropes on her arms tight and forced her to lay flat as her arms were pulled apart and held straight out.

“Shhh, don’t move,” I stoked her smooth hair and willed her to clam down, “just go back to sleep you’ll feel very good soon.”

Taking her momentary lull as good fortune I slid down the bed and yanked her shorts off before she knew what was happening. This was too sudden and she kicked out as I slipped the shorts off. Grabbing one leg I slid the loops I had set-up over her ankle and tightened it down. Too tight, she would be sure to lose circulation but for now I needed her immobile. The second leg was more difficult than the first but I managed to wrestle it down and into the binding as well. Jennifer was by now yelling out in protest and finishing binding her I shoved the sock in her mouth.

This was very effective at muffling her shrieks and I returned my attention to her bindings. If I loosened her ankles she might be able to escape but if I kept them tight she would lose circulation. I wanted neither, so I improvised and tossing the blamange aside I wrapped a second rope eight times around her leg, four above the knee and four below. Repeating this on the opposite leg I brought the two ends together on the left side of the bed having gone underneath with the right one and used a double taught line hitch to pull her legs apart. This spread her legs but over strained her ankles even more, free to loosen them I did so and finally got her bound in a stable, hopefully comfortable and secure binding.

Jennifer resisted her bindings and kept trying to yell out past the sock but her efforts were futile. I couldn’t help but stare at her tight body, as she lay there helpless. I knew I was turned on by bondage but seeing her in my bed helpless to my every desire was more than I ever imagined. Her chest was heaving, tits pressed against her tight tank top.

Those tits had been haunting me since I first saw them in the pool but even more so having massaged them not more than a month ago. They were just sitting there waiting to be held, fondled, sucked, anything I want to do to them. I jumped into the bed and Jennifer moaned in protest and turned her head away as I gripped the full of her right tit and drove my face between the delicious mounds.

They were so warm and soft, my brain was in overdrive as I lay there and fondled her. I had one of my best friends tied down, most likely terrified of me and I was in ecstasy. I was in a state of pure childish delight playing with her tits, and yet was also contemplating the ramifications of my actions. I was split in the scene, one part of me stood there watching myself and judged. I was a perverted little freak tying down my friend just to play with bits of flesh on her chest. Yet what lovely pieces of flesh they were. I could feel her heart race, her chest rise with each breath, and the vibrations of her moans of protest all while massaging her tit with my hand.

Sliding my hand down I reached up under her shirt and slid my hand along her chest. It was smooth and I could feel her ribs under her skin and couldn’t help but bring my cock against her leg. She tried to jerk away from me but my bindings were strong.

“There’s no need to fight it. Just lay back and enjoy it, I know you will. I’ll make sure of it.”

I pulled her bra aside under shirt and grabbed her naked breast as I said this and she looked away from me again. Feeling her bare skin was even more erotic than it had been through the shirt and made sure to rub the tit good. I knew she would like it, all that tension needed to be loosened. Having a good set of tits like hers it was a fair amount of weight to carry around even inside her bra. Those muscles and tendons would feel good from a deep tissue massage no matter the circumstance the rub was given. Besides it meant more time to play with the curves I so wanted to feel for so long.

I knew she liked this part and even being tied up and forced into it I could feel her resolve cracking as I continued to rub her fears away. She even looked up longingly when I pulled my hand away. But, when she saw me reaching for the pair of scissors her tension and fear immediately returned and she again fought at her bindings.

“Shhh, I told you not to fight it. Your shirt is in my way and I really want to play with your nipples. Don’t fidget or I may actually cut you.”

This made her lie absolutely ridged and she held her breath puffing her chest out even more than normal. Her eyes were clamped shut and she tried to turn away. I wanted to toy with her, draw the scissors along her stomach and tickle her with them, force her to fear them but she might flinch and I didn’t want to stab her, not with scissors anyway. I merely cut up along the center of her shirt, a simple white tank top probably only a couple bucks. The chest underneath on the other hand was anything but.

Clipping the straps on the shirt I pulled it out from underneath her and put the scissors to the side. Her body really was amazing, I had felt it and knew how smooth and even it was and I’d seen it before in the pool. But this was different; her arms outstretched open to my embrace and tits pushed out by the air in her chest and one out from under her bra.

I fell down to her side and held her close to me. I wanted to feel as much of this body against me as I could. I pressed my head against her the nape of her neck and inhaled the beautiful scent of her hair. I slid my hands along the taught skin over her midriff tickling her belly button and up to her exposed tit. I ran my hand over it admiring how perfectly round it was cupped in my hand. She moaned again and tried to pull away from me.

“When are you just going to admit you are enjoying this? Your nipples are already hard and I bet your starting to get wet down there.”

At the mention of her pussy cried out and pulled at her bindings even harder.

“Relax, I’ll play with that later. For now I said I was going to play with your nipples. Stay to the top, I remember.”

I tried to remove her bra without leaving her neck. Her hair was so intoxicating; I was almost content just to lay here holding her with the scent of her hair. But her bra was proving rather difficult. I could unclip it just fine but I could not get it off. I didn’t want to cut it because it might cost more than a few bucks so I was trying to undo the strap but I was just blindly fumbling. Ah well, I was going down there anyway; I took one last intake of that sweet hair and slid my face back to her soft pillows. Not a bad trade overall and now seeing the strap I was able to get it undone soon enough and pulled her bra out and threw it aside.

Returning my attention to what I was laying on I found to my delight her nipples were still hard. She really was enjoying this even if she wouldn’t admit it yet. But those nipples were just begging to be sucked and I had no reason not to oblige them.

I could feel Jennifer’s moan as I sucked her nipple into my mouth and it seemed conflicted between the pleasure of the suction and the circumstances of the attention. No matter to me however, she was enjoying it and I was in a position to make her enjoy it more. Sucking it further into my mouth I swirled me tongue on her nipple. It was both rough and tender to my touch, I wanted more of it. Grabbing her other nipple with my fingers I pinched her nipple as best I could while still holding her tit with the rest of my hand.

Working my tongue back and forth and my hand massaging her other breast Jennifer’s heart began to race again but I had a feeling it was an entirely different reason this time. As much fun as it was toying with her nipples her panties were too inviting to pass up.

Just as before, Jennifer was turned on enough by my foreplay with her tits to let me slide my hand down between her legs. I caressed the inside of her legs with my hands, she must had just shaven them as they were silky smooth and warm to my touch. Her panties her white with pastel dots, not quite bikini style but close and very form fitting. Sliding my hand over her pussy the first time I felt her jerk at the touch but not overtly protesting the caress.

At this point even if she had been screaming in terror I would have been turned on by feeling her in such a private place. To feel her jerk and buck under my hand, but no she was actually beginning to enjoy the touches and I still held her tit to my face.

Bringing my hand to a rest cupping her I felt just how warm she was, if her legs were warm it did not compare to the heat her pussy was giving off through the panties. This was very comfortable for both of us and I lay and enjoyed the feeling. Her breast pressed up against my face, her bound body helpless to my movements, and her pussy on fire under the pressure of my hand gently pulling up.

“Don’t worry, this time you don’t have to feel guilty about it. I’m in control here, and you can just lie there and enjoy it. I know you enjoyed it last time, and this time you will even more. You can be sure I will.”

She was strong willed I had to give her that, her body clearly wanted this, but her mind still was not willing. I started to massage her outer lips through her panties, given how much I enjoyed the feeling I guessed she would not hold out much longer. Her lips were soft and fluid and I could feel her shiver as I ran my fingers along her slit. Her breast still pressed to my ear I watched her stomach rise and fall and she tried to remain clam. Pushing with my middle finger I forced her panties and my finger deeper into her folds pulling the fabric tight against her now swollen lips.

“This is about where we got to last time wasn’t it. I really can’t imagine how you managed to stop me before,” and I sucked her nipple in my mouth again causing her to shudder and moan in protest, “but this time since you so nicely came back I think we should move on.”

Pulling my hand back I slid my fingers under her waistband and along the tops of her hipbones. She shivered and pulled at her bindings fairly hard, it was a good thing the knots were firm. Sliding my hand down I kept my hand to the very right side of her crotch. I could feel her blood pumping in the veins; she was still fighting the bonds trying to get out. Her efforts were in vain and she gasped and twitched as I danced my fingers over her naked pussy.

Even my subtle little touches were sufficient to feel the dampness there that had already spread to her panties leaving a dark spot on the clean white fabric. Dancing my fingers back over her pussy I circled my finger around her outer lips. She was now whimpering behind the sock and I watched with great fascination as my hand contorted the fabric of her panties. I spread her lips with my fingers and felt the heat of her pussy as I toyed with the even softer inner lips. Circling up my fingers found her clit hidden in her pink folds.

Jennifer was unable to ignore my touches when they found her clit and her body jerked in response to my flicking it.

“That’s right, twitch my beauty. Let my fingers bring you to another world. You are going to cum for me right here.”

She whimpered at my words and tired again to close her legs to keep out my probing fingers. Drawing my self away from her soft mounds and smooth skin I reoriented my self to between her legs. I was forced to remove my hand, but despite her immediate relief with my hand leaving she cried out and struggled as she saw me moving to put my face right between her legs.

From this vantage point I could not only see how damp her panties were getting, but smell her sex in the air. The damp panties clung to her folds and were now semi transparent. Pulling close I inhaled the scent of her, choosing to exhale deeply I breathed hot air on her pussy. She moaned and pulled at her bindings trying to pull away from me.

Bringing my hands around to her stomach I bent my head down and kissed her pussy. It was so sweet and from the moment I tasted it I had to have more. Grabbing the near string edges of her panties I pulled up tightening the triangle of fabric over her pussy and pulling it taught. She moaned, and I don’t know whether it was from pain, pleasure, or some combination of the two. I pulled as hard as I could up on her panties and her clit was pinched between the seams the fabric cutting in to her slit. I reached out with my tongue and licked the clit under strain and I felt her twitch and try to scream out.

This was too good and I licked her clit again. Her sweetness was soaking through and around the panties and I lapped it up. Licking the length of her pussy I could hear Jennifer start to breath rapidly. Letting go of the left side of her panties I reached for the scissors. Going against my better judgment I trailed the scissors along her body. Sliding them over and around her breasts and even down over her pussy. Thankfully, she suffered her spasm internally and when I went to trim the now strings that were the sides of her panties they came off without a single scratch.

I had pulled her panties pulled so hard, they still clung to her pussy as if for dear life. Pealing back the soaked panties I watched in ecstasy as she twitched and caused her tits to shake everytime the panties slipped and came loose. Goddamn she was beautiful, her naked body now lay before me spread eagle. My cock was pulsing against my leg and it strained to be free from my boxers. Her body was lean and smooth; pale from being under all her clothing it was now mine for the taking. Her hair was wavy today and her eyes were very hard to read, unsure was the best I could describe them as. Glancing down her body I found her tits again and saw her nipples where still hard and the left looked a little raw from my sucking and nibbling.

Scanning down her stomach I ran my hand over her again and her belly jerked at the tickle. Her pussy was not shaven but it looked as if it had been trimmed some but looked perfect the way it was. I ran my fingers over the soft hair and spiraled it around my finger. Bringing my finger lower I brought it back into her pussy and rubbed it around. Moving to her clit I circled and flicked it watching her jerk her head from side to side. Pulling my hand back I slapped her pussy with a wet smack. She jolted and whimpered at the punishment.

“Oh does that hurt?” and I slapped her pussy again. She nodded as tears formed in her eyes. “You want me to kiss it to make it feel better?” and I slapped her pussy again, this time making sure to land squarely on her exposed clit. She nodded again and was now crying into the sock.

Sinking down I placed my mouth on her pussy my nose on her pubic hair and inhaled. This was just as sweet as the hair on her head and feeling her moan as I kissed her pussy made it even better. Reaching around I grabbed two handful of her ass and pulled my face deeper into her now sucking her clit into my mouth. Unable to see I felt her shoulders buck and imaged her soft tits rippling to the vibrations.

Releasing her tight ass cheeks I moved my hands up her body and found her tits. Meanwhile, I tongued her clit and fast as I could and felt her legs shake as she tried to close her legs giving her a reprieve from my oral assault. No such reprieve was in order and instead I moved my hand away from her tit and brought it back to the lips of her pussy. I heard her try to murmur something but it was lost behind the sock. Sliding my fingers over her lips for only a few seconds more I drove two fingers as deep as I could into her now dripping cunt.

She screamed behind her gag and I felt her try and shift her pussy away from the penetrating fingers. This only caused her to slid her pussy along my fingers while I continued to tongue her clit. I brought my other hand down from her tit and held her stomach in a vain attempt to keep her still. But from the punishment of my fingers and tongue on her clit Jennifer was now unable to keep still. Her body rocked and bucked at my stimulation unable to escape more pleasure.

Rather than piston my fingers in and out I probed her pussy. Pressing and massaging everywhere I could reach. Her muscles were strong and fought hard against my fingers but soon fell to the pleasure my fingers gave. I found a spot that was rougher than the other surfaces and it responded as I pressed on it. Jennifer moaned and bucked even harder at this new pressure. Whatever I found was beyond her control and I rubbed it and pressed it feeling it swell and get, if possible, even warmer.

“See I knew you would like this. Look at your body shake; you can’t believe how good this feels. You are going to cum for me right here, right now. And you are only going to stop when I am satisfied because you can’t do anything to stop me.”

Jennifer was beyond a response of any kind and merely whimpered as she started to breath so fast I was worried she might pass out. Putting my mouth back on her clit I sucked it into my mouth and flicked it back and forth. My hand was now dripping from my fingers buried in her pussy. After several more moments of ecstasy I felt her pussy clamp on my fingers. It was all I could do to hang on to her and keep my mouth on her clit as her body shuddered and bucked. She had been holding back this orgasm and now it was free it sent her body out of control.

I refused to let her down from her high and keep massaging her and sucking on her clit. Her legs shuddered and my bed creaked from the force of her pulling on the ropes attached to her legs. From what I could tell her orgasm kept triggering and I refused to stop pleasuring her and the muscle spasms set off more. After I felt she could take no more I stood up and looked back at her still twitching body. Reaching down I held her tear-strewn face. I took out the sock and kissed her, she didn’t really engage in the kiss but she did not pull away from it either.

“That’s more like it. Now you catch your breath and I’ll be back in a minute. I have to go get some things you stay right here.” I smiled at her and walked to the door, “oh and don’t try and scream or anything I don’t want to put the sock back in and I’m guessing you don’t either, it would be more uncomfortable the second time I assure you.”

Once I left the room I couldn’t help but do a little dance. I had made Jennifer cum for me, felt her cum over and over and she was still there waiting for what I was going to do next. I was like a kid in a candy store, everything looked so good and I wanted everything there was to offer. I could do anything I wanted to her.

But what was I going to do next. As much as I liked bondage and seeing girls toy themselves I was not all that equipped. I didn’t have any dildos or vibrators just lying around and I doubted if either of my roommates did either. Plus that would just be awkward for everyone.

Well come to think of it I did have one thing that vibrated, my electric toothbrush and I had several spare heads so I didn’t mind using one. Watching her get off was more than worth a spare head in my opinion. Excited I rushed in and grabbed it, replacing the batteries to make sure it was at full speed.

What else could I do to her to get her off? Scanning the kitchen I saw my back scratcher laying on the counter next to the bar stools. I wasn’t all that into pain stimulation but the way I forced her to submit by slapping her pussy was a definite plus. The long bamboo stick with a curved end meant to scratch would be a perfect cane to smack her with. I grabbed it too.

Now that I had the makeshift cane my mind whirled to the various things I could do to inflict pain in erotic ways. A zipper made of clothespins would do the trick and I had plenty for the clothesline outside. I gathered up a bunch and got some string from the rummage door to string them together. While I was there I saw a bunch of chopsticks and they gave me an idea, I grabbed them and some scotch tape too.

Carrying my new found arsenal of pain and pleasure I walked back to my room.

“Oh my god what are you doing? Here just untie me. I promise I won’t tell. You made me cum and it felt really good but I just want to go home now. Please just untie me and let me go.”

“Jennifer, I’m disappointed I thought you were just warming up to this. As you might have guessed, telling me it was good then saying no without even a reason doesn’t work so well.”

“It really was good but please just untie me I want to go home.”

“Lucky for both of us I don’t have to take no for an answer this time. Unlucky for you that is not what I wanted to hear. That said you haven’t screamed out so that’s good for you.”

Working my way over to the bed I spilled out the things I gathered onto the bed and a couple of clothespins made their way to Jennifer’s stomach. She tried as best she could to sit up and look at them.

“What are those here for, what are you going to do to me?”

Now there was just a hint of panic in her voice and her eyes darted from one item to the next.

“Well what ever I do, I would make sure you keep from screaming. You might not like it if you do scream out.”

Saying this I bent down to kiss her again pulling her face in. I slid back from the kiss pulling her lip with me holding it in my teeth. I grabbed the first clothespin and trailed it along her smooth body. Up over her face and across her eyes as she closed them. She shuddered as I circled back down and around her nipple.

“Oh you want it there do you? Good choice I think you nipple could use a little pinch.”

Jennifer cringed and her face squeezed together as her nipple was clamped by the wooden clothespin.

“Hurts a little doesn’t it?” She nodded keeping her face tight to hold back any sound, “Oh you want another one for the other nipple?” This time she shook her head. I reached for the back scratcher and ran it up her leg to her pussy. “Are you sure you don’t want another one?” She nodded more vigorously and the clip shook as her tits rocked from the motion. “mmmh, that was the wrong answer I’m afraid.” Pulling the scratcher back I flicked it down on her pussy, not too hard but hard enough to show her I was serious. “Now were you sure you didn’t want another clip?” Again she nodded though not as vigorously this time. I slapped her pussy again, harder this time.

“That is really too bad cause this one looks so good on you. You know I think we should put it on anyway just to see how good it looks.”

Putting it on I grabbed each of her tits. I would never get over how good they felt and looked, so warm in my hands, and smooth to the touch. The clothespins on her nipples covered part of the areola and made her entire tit more taught. I knew how much more sensitive they were becoming from the stressed blood flow so I reached up and twisted the pins slowly and she whimpered.

Grabbing the pile of pins I started to loop the string through each one so they were connected a little over an inch apart. I set up two rows of pins and laid them across her chest.

“What a are you doing. I don’t want any more. Stop. Let me go.”

“Well if you insist. We can hold off on the pins because you’re in luck. There is something else I wanted to do first.”

This seemed to unsettle her more than reassure, but she remained quiet hoping probably, not to egg me on even more. I grabbed the toothbrush and brought it to her clit. Even before it was on she jerked at the touch.

“Remember I said not to scream.”

Turning on the brush Jennifer bucked immediately. Her pussy was still sensitive from my tongue and the vibrations were right on her ultra sensitive clit. Jennifer bit her lip and was already humping the brush involuntarily. I laid the brush down and it stayed leaned on her pussy. Jennifer had her head back and her eyes closed but the brush was doing work and no matter what she did it stayed and sent her wild.

I was able to step back and watch the scene, and while not quite as good as feeling her react, watching her body jerk and shake the pins swinging wildly on her tits was well worth it. My cock was hard against my boxers again and the room was getting hot from all her motion and from how turned on I was getting. I took off my clothes and join her in being naked. Free now, my cock twitched with her body, I had to have her soon.

“You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to see you cum and now look at you. My own personal little cum slut, your so good I want to give you a treat.”

Jennifer either didn’t hear or wouldn’t respond because she seemed blissfully unaware of me until my balls settled on her chest after straddling her. I grabbed the brush and positioned it so I pressed directly on her clit.

“Cum for me my little slut, you like this brush I can tell,” She nodded, “I want to feel your body shake as you cum for my little brush.”

Her body was twisting as best it could underneath me and I felt my balls slide across her chest. My cock was rock hard and I pressed the brush harder, and jerked myself at I felt and heard her moan. Her head was rocking back and forth her arms and legs straining, she was close.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum. It feels so good; the brush on my pussy, and you straddling me like that. Fuck my tits, I want your hot cock between my tits.”

Not waiting an instant I pushed my cock between her mounds of warm flesh and pressed them together. Sliding my cock out and back we both groaned from the sensation. After a few pulses I slammed hard using my weight to press her tits together. She gasped and I slammed home again. Her tits were so smooth and soft my cock slid between them as if it were meant to be there. Meanwhile Jennifer was almost hyperventilating from both my thrusts and the brush still pressed against her clit.

“Now that’s a good girl.”

I paused in my thrusting and pulled the clips off pulling her nipples with them until they snapped off and Jennifer yelped at the sudden release.

“Mmmh, now I told you not to scream and since your being such a good girl lick the pre cum of my dick and we’ll forget this little incident ever happened.”

“Don’t make me do that. Just hold my tits, they feel so good around your cock.”

I put my cock back between her tits and positioned my tip right up near her face. I grabbed her nipples again.

“I agree they do feel very good but there is still pre-cum on my dick and I want you to have it. You tasted so very good; you never know you might like it. And besides,” I said while twisting her nipples, “you don’t have much of an option.”

Jennifer strained and bit her lip as I twisted her tender nipples. The brush was still buzzing on her pussy and she looked pleadingly back at me one last time. I responded by thrusting slightly and twisting her nipples a little more. She winced and turned and put her tongue out and licked the underside of my tip. She licked very cautiously at first but feeling my grip loosen, as I was lost in the pleasure she licked more confidently. Soon my head was clean and she pulled back.

“There its gone, now can I please go these bindings are so constricting.”

“It seems you still don’t understand how this works. But as long as you don’t scream it will be alright.”

“I’m not gonna scream just let me go and it will be…”

I smacked her pussy with the back scratcher. Fine if she didn’t think she would scream then I thought it was time for some more fun with clips. Moving to her right I smacked her pussy again and shut off the brush. Grabbing the first string of clothespins I started to attach the pins on her left breast. Working my way down I attached four to her breast and kept going down her side pulling the skin up to put in the clip. Moving to the right I repeated the procedure on her right breast and side.

Her entire chest was now covered in the little pins but she kept quiet. I grabbed the brush again and turned it on pressing it to her clit. Leaning down I pushed my tongue into her pussy and swirled it around as the brush vibrated her clit. She moaned and her pussy clenched but she remained quiet. Sitting back up I reached for the pins I had tossed aside that were previously on her nipples.

Pulling her pussy lips apart I brought the first clip up and clamped it on the left side of her pussy right next to her clit. She bucked and moaned as I attached the clip. Attaching the second clip to the other side further exposing her clit her eyes started to water.

“You’re a tough little girl aren’t you? You like having all these clips on you. I guess I’ll have to find something better for your nipples cause I’m out of clothespins.”

Jennifer whimpered again but otherwise continued to remain silent. She was now involuntarily shaking from the brush on her clit and all the pins shook with each jolt. Taking the chopsticks from before I broke each in half, then using two halves I one end using tape. Once attached at one end I put it on her nipple and squeezed it together sliding on a tape ring on the end. By sliding the tape closer I could pinch harder than any of the clips. I reached over and attached the second clamp and as I finished Jennifer blurted out:

“Alright I get it, it hurts a lot. And my pussy is on fire. But you can’t make me scream, please I have played your little fantasy just let me go.”

Oh Jennifer, I thought, how wrong you were. Moving myself to over her head I looked down over her body. Wrapping the string around my hand I braced and yanked as hard as I could pulling all the clips on her right side off at once. Jennifer responded by screaming and bucking, as I’m sure she came. My cock twitched as I watched her body shake from secondary orgasms, the right side of her chest red where the clips were torn off.

“My little cum slut I told you not to scream, or I’d have to make sure you couldn’t. We don’t want to wake any of the neighbors up.”

Tears steaming from her eyes she looked up at me, “Please stop. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, it was too much. Just let me go, please just take these things off.”

“Take them off you say?” Her eyes went wide as I braced and tore off the left clips.

She screamed again and her body rocked from the force of her sensations.

“I just told you not to do that, and you did right away. I guess we’ll have to keep you from doing that.”

I grabbed her jaw and too weak to fight it she opened her mouth.

“Now suck my cock.”

Weakly she licked the tip and grabbed the head with her lips. From my gentle pressure she sucked the cock into her mouth.

“That’s right take my cock in your mouth. Suck it in. Deeper.”

Pushing hard I forced my cock a little deeper in her mouth. After not too long she moaned and tried to pull off my cock. I pulled out and she gasped gulping air down stands of saliva still attached to my cock. After a few seconds to let her catch her breath I forced my cock back in her mouth.

“That’s right take all, open up and feel my cock on your throat.”

At first her mouth constricted but as I slid the tape closer to her nipple, tightening the makeshift clamp, she opened up. Again I pulled out to let her breathe and then forced it back in, all the way this time letting my balls rest on her beautiful face. She started to gag and her head and throat shook on my cock. I reached down and tits causing her to twitch as the chopsticks moved.

“Hold it, hold it, this feels so very good. Ahhh.”

After a few more seconds I pulled out and bent down and I pushed my face on her pussy and tongued it. She gasped in surprise and I took the opportunity to drive back into her mouth. This time I stayed shallower and fucked her face as I devoured her pussy. I gripped her ass and pulled her pussy into my face. My cock felt so good in her throat and her pussy tasted oh so very good. I could feel myself getting close and I drove my fingers into her pussy.

“Oh my god. This is amazing. Stick your tongue out, I want to feel your tongue on my balls.”

Amazingly she managed to get her tongue out and massaged my dick with it as I went in and out of her face my balls just tapping it with each thrust. Her pussy was warm and dripping and I knew she was getting close too. I could feel my balls tightening, but I held on for a long as I could, savoring every second of her dripping holes. Unable to hold back any longer I exploded into her throat, pushing in all the way. This set off her too and her body started to shake again. I gripped her and pulled her close to me my cock still buried in her throat and was in a state of euphoria was she gagged and shook around my cock, which was even more sensitive having just cum.

After her orgasm finally died out I pulled my cock out of her mouth and rolled back so my head was next to hers. For the next couple minutes she panted face slightly blue from the lack of oxygen. I again buried my self in her hair and hugged her body my cock pressed up against her side.

“Wow, that actually was amazing. You cock was so big in my mouth, and your cum inside me like that. It made me cum so hard. Are you just going to toy with me or are you actually going to fuck me. I’ve been laying here naked and you have had your cock all over me. You can’t just leave me hanging like this.”

I’m glad she could not see my face when she said this; my childish glee at her request to fuck her was impossible to contain. It was my eventual goal of course to fuck her but I had not even though to hope after tying her down and putting her through all this she would ask for it so willingly.

I climbed up and got between her legs rubbing my cock on her still dripping pussy.

“Well since you asked so nicely, I’ll see what I can do.”

Not waiting to go slow I pushed my cock into her and held it all the way in.

“Ahhhah,” she cried out, “its so big, your fingers didn’t open me up like this.”

Her pussy was so tight around my cock and as I slid out of her I could not belive how good it felt. I started to thrust in and out of her and watched her tits as they rippled from the impacts.

“Its…so…good,” she stammered between thrusts, “fuck me…faster”

Gripping her hips I started to piston in and out her body covered in sheen of sweat, tits now bouncing wildly. After a couple of minutes I had to look away from her, it was just too good. She was so beautiful, and still helpless to my fucking her. And I could just keep this up as long as I wanted, she was all mine.

“Harder, harder, fuck me until I can’t think anymore. Oh my god!!”

“Oh my GOD! Your body is so freaking hot. You’re going to make me cum.”

“Wait, no. Don’t cum in me! Please you don’t have a condom or anything. Don’t cum inside me or I will scream. Just cum on my tits or face. Please, please don’t cum in my pussy.”

“If you’re sure that’s what you want.”

“Yes, yes it is oh thank you. Hey what are you doing? You’re just going to let me go now?”

As she was talking I pulled out of her pussy and moved so my cock was between her tits again and began to untie her the bindings on her hands. I took the rope and repositioned her and retied it so it held her arms to her sides. The right arm I positioned so her fingers could reach her pussy and the left so it was on her right breast.

“No, I’m not done with you yet. I thought you might like to move your arms. Only catch is now you are going help me now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you can start by playing with yourself. I want to feel you as you masturbate yourself.”

I resituated myself so I was right behind her and wrapped my hands around her pushing her hands her and began to massage them.

“That’s right, my little cum slut, rub yourself off.”

I gripped her left tit and pulled her to me. I kissed up the back of her neck. She moaned and her head rolled back but her hand kept moving on her pussy massaging it. It was probably very tender especially where the clips were.

“You like it don’t you, your nipples and pussy so tender from all this punishment. You can’t wait to have me back in side you. Don’t worry I have a solution to our problems. I’m sure you love it.”

Rather than respond verbally she rolled her head back and moaned. I kissed her hard holding her close to me cock throbbing on her naked body. Her breast squeezed in my hand and my other massaging her inner thigh. Her hands were still moving and as I slid my hand up to her crotch she twitched in my arms.

“That’s right, it sucks doesn’t it having someone this close unable to do anything but wait.”

I slid my hand further into her crotch and circled her asshole. This time she shivered, whether from anticipation or fear I’m not certain.

“So agonizingly close, you want it so bad and yet fear the repercussions.”

Pressing my finger on her hole my finger slid into her ass, lubed up from her dripping pussy. She froze in my arms, but I waited until her body relaxed massaging her tit and willing her to loosen with my kiss. “But just like me it’s happening. All this anticipation and the big finale is in sight.”

Pushing two fingers in I felt her winch, but her hand started to move again. Her body was on fire and as I continued to stretch her ass she started to breathe heavier and heavier. She now had her two middle fingers in her pussy palm up against her clit and was rocking with the motion of our fingers. I couldn’t wait any longer and I lifted her up so the tip of my cock was positioned against her asshole.

“Wait, please I need more time. We can do this just not yet, I don’t want too.”

“I’m done waiting for you, its clear to me we both want this and your really in no position to argue. Oh and this time I do expect you to scream.”

Letting go, her body fall on my cock I drove up into her ass. It was so tight; my cock all the way into her ass was almost unable to get blood flow. I could feel every artery as my heart attempted to push blood through.

“Ahhhhhhhh. Fuck you. Your so fucking big, you’re going to tear my ass in half. Stop it, it is too much.”

“And knows the part where you help me. See you’re going to cum for me.”

“I won’t cum for y…”

Thrusting in her ass hard I said, “No you are going to cum for me, and you are going to rub yourself off while we fondle you and my cock is deep in your ass. Isn’t that right?”

I rolled my hips a little and pulled hard on her nipples. She still refused to start rubbing again so I reached for the chopsticks. I placed it back on her nipple, the one not in reach of her hand and started to slide the tape in. About half way she submitted.

“Please, not again my nipples are so sore. I’ll do anything just take it off.”

“I told you to rub your self off, I want to feel as you cum in my arms with my cock in your ass.”

She started to move her fingers in and out of her pussy.

“See now that wasn’t so bad.”

I slid the tape tighter on her nipple.

“Stop I’m going, I’m going.”

I slid the tape a little more, now almost all the way down her nipple was turning purple.

“Oh I know, and I approve. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this. Your nipple is just a reminder, at least for the present.”

Jennifer was now biting her lip but her fingers were still moving, slightly faster now. Her other hand she was squeezing her nipple. Her ass was so tight around my cock; I held her to me and closed my eyes as she started to warm-up once again.

“You dirty little cum slut. You like my cock so deep in you. You feel every pulse, you want more, you want me to fuck you. You want me to pound your ass, while you play with your clit. You want this as bad as me, you’re so hot right now you might even want it more.”

“Give it back,” yelled Kimberly, chasing her little brother down the hallway.

He was running with her journal open in front of him. His sister was nineteen years old and she still wrote in a journal, how pathetic. Though in defense of Kimberly, her little brother was eighteen years old and still was immature enough to sneak into his big sister’s room and steal her diary.

“Come on you little creep,” she hollered.

“You’ll have to catch me first,” he replied.

She chased him down the stairs. They crashed through the living room, knocking over a lamp in the process. Then they flashed through the kitchen where their mother, Mason, was standing over the sink washing dishes.

“What’s going on you two?” She asked, but they were out the door and in the backyard before she could even finish her sentence. She watched them through the kitchen window, practically adults and still wrestling with each other, rolling around on the ground like a couple of toddlers fighting over a toy.

Kimberly had developed nicely, beautiful long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes that could gaze you into a trance, and a body that most women kill for. Perfect, full and succulent breasts that bounced with every step she took protruded out from her chest. Her hips were wide and seductive, and she had an ass that was just the right size: not too small or flat, and not too big or flabby, just the perfect little bubble-butt, as some might say.

Jeffrey, on the other hand, was a completely different story. He was eighteen years old and he looked like he was still right smack dab in the middle of puberty. Pimples still covered his oily face; only a little peach fuzz was all that grew out from his chin, and he was still as afraid to talk to girls as a fourteen-year-old boy. Obviously his mother wasn’t going to come right out and ask him the question, but there was no doubt in her mind that this kid was still a virgin.

I mean for God’s sake what does he care what his sister writes in her diary? And why in the hell is a nineteen-year-old woman still keeping a journal hidden in her room?

Then the rolling around outside stopped and Jeffrey let out a high-pitched squeal.

Mason, concerned for her son, ran out the back door and into the yard, where she could get a better look at them and see what had happened.

Her jaw dropped at what she saw.

Sweet young Kimberly, the innocent and perfect daughter, had her little brother on his back with her hands on his knees holding his legs spread apart and the heel of sneaker grinding mercilessly into his ball sack.

“I warned you,” she hissed.

Jeffrey whimpered something inaudible.

Appalled, Mason yelled, “Kimberly!”

She let go of her brother and spun around, her innocent hands behind her back, while he curled up in the fetal position, whimpering like a little puppy dog.

“What on earth is going on out here?”

“It’s his fault,” Kimberly snapped back. “I told him that if he didn’t give me my journal back that I’d make him pay. He started it, mother. He was taunting me. For Christ’s sake I’m a nineteen years old! I deserve a little-”

“Shut-up,” interrupted her mother, her voice quiet and stern, no longer yelling. “You go into the house. I’ll deal with you later.”

Kimberly sighed, rolled her eyes, threw her hands in the air, and stamped along the yard back into the house, like a toddler marching down the hall and off to her room after a temper tantrum.

Mason watched her until she heard the back door shut, her eyes like that of a hawk, then she relaxed and knelt down beside her son, still curled up and whimpering. She stroked his hair and said tenderly, “Are you okay my baby boy? She really hurt you down there, huh.”

He nodded, tears quietly running down his cheeks.

“Okay,” said his mother, “Why don’t we get you up and get you inside, get a nice bag of frozen peas for your ball sack, and have a little chat with your sister about what she did to you, okay honey?”

He cradled his swollen manhood, whimpering on the ground like a puppy dog.


“Kimberly?” Mason called from the bottom of the stairs.

There was no response.

“Kimberly!” she said again, shouting this time.

The innocent and perfect little Kimberly came out from her pretty pink bedroom, stood at the top of the stairs, and in her schoolgirl voice said, “You called for me mother?”

“Don’t play games with me young lady,” said Mason. “You did something really awful today, you know that? Do you understand how much pain your brother is in, how painful it is for a man to be hit there?”

“He started it-”

“And you didn’t even just hit him,” interrupted her mother, “You twisted your sneaker with all of your body weight on his poor little balls. You could have irreversibly damaged his testicles like that, you know, could have prevented him from ever being able to have children. Do you think that’s a fair exchange? His nuts for your Goddamned journal?”

“Yeah well I don’t think he deserves to have children. He’s a rotten little brat.”

“Kimberly!” shouted her mother, appalled at what she was hearing.

“It’s true,” little miss perfect persisted, “Besides, I didn’t hurt him THAT bad; you’re so exaggerating. I just gave his pathetic little marbles a taste of the bottom of my shoe, and he SO deserved it.”

“Is that really what you think, that you didn’t hurt him very much?”

She put her hands on her hips at the top of the stairs and rolled her eyes.

“That is IT young lady,” raged her mother. “You come down those stairs this instant!”

Kimberly yawned, unimpressed, and said, “I’m actually kind of tired, mom.”

“Right now young lady!”

The little princess sighed and nonchalantly replied, “Fine.”

Her mother watched furiously as she leisurely strolled down the stairs.

“Come with me,” said Mason, grabbing her daughter by the wrist and dragging her down the hallway and through the living room.

“Ouch mother! You’re hurting my wrist,” whined Kimberly. “Please let go or at least loosen up your-”

Just then they entered into the kitchen.

Kimberly couldn’t finish her sentence. Her jaw dropped. Sitting at the kitchen table was her little brother Jeffrey, naked from the waist down, gently rubbing ice cubes on two incredibly swollen and blue lumps that were protruding from his crotch. He was in so much pain, his eyes clenched shut that he didn’t even hear or notice his sister and mother come in.

“So, young lady,” said Mason, “Still think you didn’t hurt him very much?”

She just shook her head, her mouth open wide. Then, getting a hold of herself, she said quietly, “No . . . I . . . I didn’t know they were so sensitive.”

“The poor thing,” said her mother, rubbing her hand on her daughter’s back.

They both stood there for a few minutes, watching poor little Jeffrey rub ice cubes up and down his swollen nut sack. Then, wanting to give him a little privacy, and figuring that her daughter had learned her lesson, Mason said, “Why don’t you go back upstairs, sweetie, okay? You said you were tired . . . and you look tired . . . I’ll help Jeffrey upstairs shortly and we’ll all go to bed and put this incident behind us.”

“Yeah,” said Kimberly numbly, staring sadly at her brothers testicles.

Then she brought herself to look away, which was quite painful, and walked out of the kitchen. When she was halfway down the hallway, trying to get the image out of her head, Kimberly’s mother jogged lightly out from the kitchen and down the hall to meet up with her daughter.

“Kimberly hold on a second,” she called.

She stopped in the middle of the hall and waited for her mother.

Mason leaned in close to her daughter and whispered, so that Jeffrey couldn’t here, “Honey do you think you could do me a favor?”

“Sure mom, what is it?”

“Well, I’m worried about how Jeffrey is going to be through the night. I’d like to check on him every few hours, you know, to make sure that he’s okay. And I was wondering, since your room is right next door to his, if you could just get up a few times in the night and check on him? You’d save me a lot of trips up and down the stairs in the middle of the night.”

“Sure, mom,” said Kimberly, feeling good about her task. Taking care of her little brother would help to dull the guilt that she was feeling for being the cause of his painful predicament.

“Thanks honey,” said her mom, kissing her on the cheek and sending her off to bed.

“Goodnight,” Kimberly called down to her mother as she climbed up the stairs.

“Goodnight sweetheart,” said Mason heading back toward the kitchen.


Kimberly woke up in a daze, feeling around for the alarm clock on her nightstand that she had set to go off every two hours. The beeping stopped. It was in the middle of the night. She got out of bed, putting on only a soft plush purple bathrobe over her naked body and a pair of pink fuzzy slippers over her feet.

She stumbled through the darkness of her room, flashlight in hand.

Then, when she got into the hallway, she turned the flashlight and pointed it straight ahead. Her vision was blurry from having just woken up so she gave her eyes a quick rub, and then headed next door toward her brother’s bedroom.

Just before opening the door she stopped herself; there was a sound coming from the room.

Jeffrey whimpering.

She felt a pang of guilt slam into her stomach, instantly waking her up.

Then she gently turned the handle of the door, opening it just a crack, and softly called to her little brother, “Hey Jeff, are you okay?”

The crying stopped. Then in a voice scratchy from crying, he responded, “Go away.”

Kimberly stepped into the room and flashed the light on her brother. His face was wet with tears. Then she reached around in the darkness for his light switch on the wall and, once she found it, flipped it on. Both of them had to squint their eyes for a moment to adjust to the brightness. Then she stepped in further and sat at the edge of his bed and said again, “Are you okay?”

Jeffrey was naked beneath his covers. His chest visible, a few strands of black hair covering the acne that ran down his chest, up and around his neck, and down his back. “What are you doing in here?”

“Mom wanted me to check on you,” she replied.

“Yeah well I don’t need you to check on me; you’ve done enough already.”

She sighed and said, “Look Jeffrey, I really am sorry about what happened . . . things just got out of hand is all, and besides, if I had known how sensitive they were to you then I most certainly wouldn’t have done it, honest Jeff.”

“Yeah,” he said, thinking about what she had said.

She looked at him for a moment, and then she looked around his bedroom. Posters of swimsuit models and female celebrities with perfect bodies covered his walls. Assortments of hand lotions were lined up on a shelf, which Kimberly figured he most certainly didn’t use for his hands. Then she looked back at her brother, forced a little smile, and asked, “How are they doing anyway?”

“A little better I guess,” he replied reluctantly. “Their not as swollen as they were earlier.”

“That’s good,” she replied. Then she remembered how swollen they were when she saw him in the kitchen. The image disturbed her. Wanting to really make sure that she didn’t do any serious damage she asked, “Can I see?”

He gave her a disgusted look and said, “What? Why would you want to see? You’re my sister Kim; that’d be too weird.”

“Come on,” she persisted, “I saw them earlier. I saw EVERYTHING earlier.”

“You did?”

She nodded.


“I was in the kitchen when you were rubbing ice on them.”

“You were?”

She nodded.

“Man,” he said, his face flushed with embarrassment. “You must think I’m pretty pathetic then if you, you know, saw EVERYTHING.”

She gave him a concerned look and asked, “Why would you say that?”

“You know,” he said, his eyes lowered to the covers. “Because of my size.”

She chuckled and said, “Oh please, Jeffrey. I’m not so judgmental that I’m going think you’re pathetic just because you don’t have a huge cock. Besides, I didn’t even get a good look; I was too distracted by how swollen your balls were. I just want to make sure you’re okay is all, you know? You’re my brother, Jeff.”

He sighed and, pulling the covers aside, said, “Fine.”

Kimberly looked down at her brother’s swollen package. He was right, his penis wasn’t particularly big, but she wouldn’t say it was small, more like average. She told him this much, causing him to blush. Then she examined his nuts. They were much, MUCH, less swollen than earlier, but they still looked like they were awfully sensitive.

“Does it hurt when you touch them?” She asked.

He shook his head and said, “No. It’s more of a ghost pain, like a dull throb . . . I’m not sure how to explain.”

She nodded at him and then began poking and prodding at them, rubbing them gently her hands, seeing if anything felt different. Her eyes being so focused on the ball sack that she was massaging, she didn’t notice Jeffrey’s growing erection until brushed against her wrist.

Quickly, she stood up and backed away from the bed.

Jeffrey covered himself back up and said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s just–”

“No,” she interrupted. “Don’t worry about it; it’s not your fault. That’s supposed to happen.”

They both kind of nervously chuckled.

Then, after a brief period of awkward silence, Kimberly said, “It didn’t look small to me.”

Jeffrey sort of perked up at this statement, looking like his old energetic self for the first time since the incident, and said, “Really? I though it was, you know, pretty small.”

“Are you kidding me? Why on earth would you think that?”

He shrugged, “Just from things that I’ve seen.”

She smiled and, teasing like, asked, “And what kinds of THINGS are these?”

“I don’t know, just some things.”

She laughed, “Jesus, Jeffrey. What are you afraid that I’m going to run downstairs and tell mom if you say the word ‘porn’?”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “It’s embarrassing, you know?”

“Well it shouldn’t be,” she said. “I watch it too sometimes, you know. And besides, you can’t compare yourself to those guys. Their cocks are freak show big. Believe it or not those things wouldn’t even feel good; they’d just hurt. The girls on those websites are actors, you know? They only pretend that it feels good. Trust me, Jeff, you have a good size, a perfect size actually.”

“Yeah well how would I know . . .?” he said, referring to his virginity. “I’ve never even seen a girl naked, in person I mean.”

Kimberly thought about this and, figuring that it wouldn’t be such a big deal, said, “Well you could see me naked, if you want I mean. I don’t know if you’d think that’d be too gross or anything, I am your sister after all, but I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to see, you know? It wouldn’t’ be a big deal to me or anything . . .”

Jeffrey though about this and then said, “Yeah.”

“Yeah it would be gross or yeah you’d like to see?”

Nervously, he said, “Yeah I mean I don’t, like, want to or anything; you’re my big sister, you know? But I am kind of, uh . . . curious I guess.”

She laughed, “So is that a yes?”

He nodded.

Slowly and seductively, playing around like, she slowly slid her robe off. First it slipped softly over her shoulders, and then quietly passed her breasts, and finally dropping silently to the floor above her slippers.

Jeffrey gulped loudly.

Kim laughed and said, “Like what you see?”

“Yeah,” he said numbly, sliding one hand beneath his blankets.

“What do you think you’re doing down there?” She asked, just teasing.

“Nothing,” he replied quickly, as if she didn’t know.

“Psh,” she said. “You don’t have to hide it Jeffrey. I’m doing this for you to, you know, make up for what happened today. I want you to feel better. We can consider this making ourselves even.”

He cleared his throat and said, “Can you, uh, come a little closer?”

“Sure, I guess so,” she said, moving up beside the bed.

Jeffrey let his mouth hang open slightly. Since he was reclined slightly on the bed, his head was level with his sister’s neatly trimmed blonde bush. And her thighs looked so nice, thick and muscular, but not too muscular, and her breasts, they were so supple. He continued stroking his cock beneath the blankets.

Then, feeling bold, Kimberly lifted the covers off of her brother.

He didn’t protest, though he stopped stroking once he was exposed.

“No,” she said, looking down at his erection, covering his swollen balls, “Not a bad size at all.”

He chuckled.

“Would you like me to . . .?”

Jeffrey’s eyes widened, he looked frightened. “Would I like you to what?”

She laughed, “I don’t know. Do something, you know? I’m just trying to make it up to you; we don’t have to do this at all if you think it’s too weird.”

“No,” he blurted. “I mean, no I don’t think it’s too weird. Not no I don’t, uh, want to.”

“Okay,” she said, smiling down at her helpless little brother. “So what do you want me to do?”

He thought about this and then, in a robotic voice, said, “Whatever you think is, uh, appropriate.”

“Psh,” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed beside him. “Come on Jeffrey, your imagination can’t be THAT boring. I mean geez you spend half your day up here jerking off. Trust me, I’m not going to judge you or anything; just tell me what you like, you know, what your fantasy is. What turns you on the most?”

Jeffrey thought about this and then said, “Anal.”

Kimberly’s smile dropped down into a frown. She looked at him with a cringed face and said, “Anal?”

He nodded. “Yeah . . . why, is that, uh, too much?”

“Well,” she said, putting her hands in her lap and biting her lip. “It’s not that it’s too much, so to speak, it’s just that, well, quite frankly anal sex just doesn’t feel very good. It’s very, very painful, to me anyway.”

“But it would feel good to me,” he said in his defense. “At least . . . I imagine that it would, you know? I’ve never had any kind of sex before, so what do I know.”

“Yeah,” she replied. “Guys seem to enjoy it. But I mean that’s my butt, Jeffrey. Do you have any idea how painful it would be to have a cock as thick as yours shoved up there?”

“I don’t know,” he replied bitterly. “As painful as what you did to me today?”

That familiar pang of guilt hit her in the stomach. Then, quietly, she said, “No I guess not.”

They sat there in an awkward silence, each with their own thoughts.

Then Jeffrey asked, “So, uh . . . would that be, uh, all right?”

She sighed. “Yeah I guess so.”

His eyes lit up and his cock began bobbing up and down in anticipation of his sister’s tight, sweet, hot asshole.

“But just this very one time, okay? And this will be it; we’ll be even after this.”

“Definitely,” he replied quickly, not wanting her to change his mind. “We’ll be completely, totally even after this.”

“AND,” she said, lifting a finger, “You have to promise to stay out of my room from now on.”

He nodded, “Absolutely, Kim. Anything you say.”

“All right,” she replied nervously, a twinge of fear in her voice. “Let’s do this and get it over with.”

“Right,” he said. He sat up from the bed; cock gripped hard in his hand, and said, “I’m ready when you are.”

“What are you crazy? You can’t just put it in like that.”

“Right,” he said, shaking his head. “What am I thinking?”

Jeffrey got up from the bed and grabbed a bottle of lubricant from his dresser. He squirted an enormous amount into his palm and rubbed it up and down his shaft vigorously, the excess lube dripping down onto the floor. Then he looked at his sister and said, “Okay, now I’m ready.”

She shook her head and said, “Silly boy. You can’t just rub it on YOU. I don’t produce any fluids in there, so you have to rub it in ME too, coat the inside of my ass with it, you know?”

I am a nineteen year old girl from a large family of farm laborers. I am nothing special if you discount the large bosom, the curved buttocks and the sparkle in my eye. I’ve rolled around in the hay with a few of the local lads but nothing memorable and it certainly did not make me feel any of them were marriage material.

Then one time I was out and about and who should I meet coming the other way?

Only the good lord of the manor himself. Normally, I’d bob a curtsy and he’d sail by, nose in the air. But this time he reached forward, stopped me with his arm. Took my hand in his and raised it to his lips, with a slight bow.

To say that I was flustered would have been an understatement. My cheeks turned red and my knees fumbled my curtsey, almost tipping me into the mire. His hand on mine steadied me and then he was on his way, shooting smoldering glances across his shoulder.

I dream of him that night, intense dreams that make me toss and turn and moan. He takes me in his arms and I press against him, my head tilting towards his, his tongue pressing firmly into my mouth, his hand reaching between my legs for my sex. But before this dream can go any further, I am awakened by the cock crowing, my sex wet at his anticipated touch.

I clamber downstairs and out to the well, to wash the wetness away. I draw a bucket and the coldness of the water in the early spring morn causes my nipples to harden under my sleeping shift, the frigidness of the air sending shivers through me, not unlike his touch in my dream did. I am ready to believe that he, aided by some wicked old crone, has laid an enchantment on me, as his eyes, his touch I cannot from my waking moments, nor my sleeping ones, forget.

In the afternoon, my mother sends me on an errand that requires travel to a nearby farm through the woods. As I am at the deepest part of the path, who should come riding through but his lordship?

His eyes catch mine with an intensity that freezes me in place as he swings down off the horse.

I know I should protect my virtue. That I should run into the woods until I have lost him far behind me. The last thing my humble family needs is the offspring of an unwed daughter.

But I can’t move, I am unwilling but compliant as he reaches towards me, takes my hand and leads me after him. As soon as we are away from the path, he walks behind me and unlaces my dress. He pulls it down, til it lies around my ankles, leaving me naked before his eyes except for the thin protection of my under shift. I am half dreading and half begging, inside, for what he is about to do to me.

He reaches forward and uncurls my hair from it’s pinned knot. Twisting it around his hand, he forces me to my knees, the leaf mulch staining the thin white linen. He walks in front of me and stands, his eyes locked on my full bosom. Instinctively my arms fold in front, covering my nakedness. He reaches forwards, raises my chin til my eyes meet his and slaps me, hard, with the back of his hand.

“Don’t cover yourself if I want to see, do you understand? Wench?”

I nod, blinking back my tears, wishing to run from his cruelty, but pinned there by my desire for him.

He twists my hair around his hand again and raising me to my feet, kisses me, intensely, passionately, his tongue finding mine, his cock pressing against my nearly naked stomach.

His free hand reaches forward and tears my shift as if it was of no consequence, spilling my breasts forward into the cold spring air. His hand assaults first one nipple, then the other, leaving them stiff and myself gasping for breath from the stimulation, my brain and body turned into a melted puddle of lust.

As my ripped underdress falls from me, his fingers trace downwards until they entangle themselves into my dark bush and then find the hot, moist, cleft that lies between my legs.

As his fingers encounter my sex I find my legs weakening and if it were not for the support of his arm behind me I would be on the ground, my body undone by my desire.

His fingers, two, three or four, I am unable to count, enter my hole and he pushes them in as far as he can, at once hurting me but at the same time causing my body to melt and weaken even more. Just as I feel sure I am unable to take any more, he withdraws his fingers and brings them up to my mouth. He forces them between my lips and I taste myself, creamy but bitter, not unpleasant.

His hand grabs hold of mine and draws it towards his phallus, hard and hot and larger than any I have had the pleasure of touching before. He rubs himself through my hand and I can feel a pleasing juiciness at the end. He takes my hand away and lowers me onto the cold ground. He lies astride me and rubs his hardness at first against my thigh and then over my cunt, his wetness mixing with mine. I feel my cunt opening, wishing to grasp him inside me.

When I think that once again I am to faint, he gets me to turn over, to place myself on hands and knees, as if I were a farmyard sow or a bitch ready to receive my mate. I feel his cock bump against my engorged parts and then it is pushing into me, making me cry out in pain. He hushes me, warning against drawing attention to our union. Then he drives into me fully, I bite my lips to prevent myself from crying out, the pain beginning to turn into delicious pleasure.

He then slowly withdraws all the way again. Leaving my desperately swollen hole empty and begging for more. He teases me with the head of his cock before driving it in again, faster and harder this time, causing me to cry out regardless of my own will, this time instead of withdrawing he moves his cock around in circles, stretching my virginal hole, making contact with every last millimeter of flesh that he can find. Then he starts moving in and out, slowly, slowly, then getting quicker, the rubbing causing my head to boil and bake, my breathing to turn to rough gasps and fireworks to run through my groin, thighs and stomach. After what seems like a lifetime or just a few moments, he is pushing into me hard again and holding himself there and I can tell without having to ask that he is pumping me full of his seed. That a concern for my fertility, is not a priority for him.

He finishes and withdraws. Lies next to me for a few moments, then as I roll over to embrace him, he pulls away, stands up, straightens his trousers (the only bit of him disturbed) and says “I will see you at the manor, next Monday at one o clock in the afternoon.. Don’t be late”.

With that he strides off, leaving me lying on the ground, my head and body invaded, disheveled and seeing no way of disobeying his instructions.

I am early as I walk around to the servants entrance, knowing that approaching the front door would mean a punishment beyond hell. I knock and it is answered by my cousin Ann. She looks me up and down, snootiness displayed openly on her face, a bit grand considering she’s only the scullery maid.

“We ‘ave been told to except you” she declaims, “not that your any better than you should be” she carries on. “Shut it” I tell her” Would you deny him if he came to you?”.

“That’s beside the point” she replies turning around and walking quickly into the interior of the kitchen, “Come on, then” she calls over her shoulder. I cross the threshold hesitantly, having never been in the manor before.

The kitchen is busy, hot and crowded, people bustling to clear up the remnants of luncheon.

Ann leads me to the bottom of some stairs that twist and turn upwards; I follow, noticing the effort the rest of the servants are putting in to ignoring my presence. Up we go and when we reach the second landing, Ann pushes open the door and looks both ways, checking there is no-one around. There isn’t and we nip across a corridor, through another door and into what appears to be a dressing room.

“He says your to put these on” Ann tells me, gesturing at a green silk corset, under shift and pantaloons. I’ve never seen clothing of the like, I get undressed and then Ann helps me get laced in, tighter than ever before, seeing as when you are working you need the ability to move.

She then takes me through to one of the grandest rooms, I’ve seen in my life. His bedchamber, I guess, the four poster in the middle giving me a slight clue.

Ann points at a carafe of wine and a glass. “He told me to get you to drink a fair few of those before he turns up”.

“Where is he, anyway? I ask.

“Out riding, working up a good sweat for you, no doubt” she snorts with laughter. I start on the wine. With the tightness of the corset I find myself feeling bloated after the first glass. But I carry on and try for a second. It goes down, but I can’t prevent a healthy belch from coming forth. By the third glass I am feeling woozy, unused to such heady wine. I try and get it down but it is nearly coming straight back up.

I turn to Ann, “I can’t manage anymore, it’s nearly making me throw up, what with the corset.”

“Right, I’m off then.” She picks up the tray, as she turns to go, she says “He also told me to tell you to get on your knees, look at the floor and not move until he gets here.” She shakes her head, “I don’t know what you’ve got yourself into, Laura. But I hope it’s worth it.”

She leaves and I do as she has told me to do. My sex burning in anticipation as to what this is going to mean. I kneel there, the silence overwhelming, watching the shadows of leaves dancing on the floor.

My legs are going to sleep under me and my back is aching by the time the door to the room opens. I look up, absorbing his glowing countenance, the reddened cheeks from the vigorous exercise he has undertaken. He is wearing his riding boots still and carries in his hand the crop.

“Did I say that you could look at me?” he demands. I flush and return my gaze to the floor, “No” I reply. “NO MY LORD” he repeats back to me. “No…My Lord” I reply, hesitating over the words unsure of what that means, not exactly the way you address a lover but then again none of this seems normal. Perhaps they do things differently in high society.

My lust has brought me here, but will his cruelty drive me away? He walks over, “Look straight ahead” he orders. I do as he says, ending up with a view of his cock bulging through his trousers. “Open your mouth as wide as you can”.

“What?” I can’t help but glance up.

He slaps me. “Just do as you are told.”

I open as he has instructed. He unbuttons his trousers and his large prick flops out in front of my face. “Lick it’ he tells me, and I do, in the way I used to lick butter from a slice of bread as a child.

This is obviously unsatisfactory to him. He unpins my hair, and pinches my nose until I am grasping for breath through my mouth. At which point he drives his penis into my mouth, to the back of my throat, if it was not for the fact that he lets go of my nose, I am quite sure I would have fallen to unconsciousness. He fucks my mouth in a similar way to the last time that he fucked my cunt. I am unprepared for this treatment and the corset, wine, and gagging he inflicts on me causes me to retch until I vomit.

All over the carpet, finer than anything ever viewed before in my lifetime. He withdraws his cock, looks down at me with disdain and slaps me again, hard. “Do you have any idea of the cost of this?”.

Tears course down my cheeks, as I shake my head no. He walks away from me, from my tears.

“It cost more than you could earn in a whole lifetime, no matter how varied your talents. For this transgression, I fear, whatever my personal feelings may be on the subject, that you must be punished”.

I am agog at the suggestion, it was the treatment that he was imposing on me that caused such a disturbance.

I begin to protest, “But My Lord, I only drank that much wine on your ord..”

He cuts me off, “Take your choice, either to be thrown outside now, wearing nothing, to crawl home through the mud, your family’s good name as honest laborers destroyed by your wretched state. Or to be tied and beaten by myself, as I would do to an unruly horse.”

I am ripped apart at his words, knowing I dare not expose my family to my shame, that he will be using that instrument of cruelty on my barely covered, to be pitied, flesh.

“Get up and stand by the bed, slattern.” I do as I am told, already feeling more tears pricking at my eyes. “Hold your arms out”. Again I obey. Hidden behind the drapes tied neatly to the pillars are heavy iron manacles, the type that convicts, prisoners, criminals have to wear. I feel my cheeks redden in shame. He attaches them to me and I am now incapable of running from what he is about to do, no matter how much I want too.

I hear the familiar swish of a crop through the air but the noise seems somehow intensified in the confined space of this room. And then the swish again and it hits my buttocks. I cry out, the pain fiery and sharp but for some reason I feel a tingle run through my sex at the same time. He does it again and I cry out loudly. “Quiet, girl, or I will be forced to gag you” he threatens.

As the next blow lands I have to bite my lip, hard, to prevent myself from crying out. He continues to beat me for quite some time, until I have tears running down my cheeks and the fire in my bottom is running through to inflame my sex as well.

“You took that well, I am sure Ann will appreciate knowing that you were punished as she is down scrubbing the stain that you have caused.”

And then he reaches forward and pushes his fingers up into my burning sex through the silk. “And look at how wet this has got you. You are quite a natural you know. You would be in high demand in somewhere like London. Could charge a high price to be treated this way. Luckily for me, you are here and you are mine. Do you like that thought?”

Strangely, his words send a current of pleasurable feeling running through me and I stammer “Yes..yes My Lord”. “Good, very good” he replies, pleasure soaking through his voice and softening it for the first time in my presence.

“Now, would you like me to release you? Or shall I leave you there, chained and unable to leave. I could come and admire you whenever I felt the need, watch as your body fell deeper into a state of degradation and weakness. It’s a very tempting prospect.”

He sounds so serious, so solemn yet pleased at the idea that I feel my body involuntarily shake from fear, belief that this is what he intends to do.

“Please sir, I beg for my release, not just for my own benefit, but for the benefit and succor of my parents. My help with my brothers and sisters is invaluable to them.”

“I will unchain you, and expect to be thanked, profusely for my kindness. But you are not free to leave this room yet. Not until I have entirely satisfied my need for your presence.”

He removes the manacles and pushes me hard, face down, onto the awaiting bed. “Thank you, My Lord, for releasing me and allowing me to fulfill the needs that you have.”

“You are a quick learner” he praises me. He reaches forward and tears the thin silk that covers my sex. “Legs wide apart, whore.” He orders. I open them as far as I can, and his hand reaches forward, roughly assaulting my sex, rubbing the delicate parts hard. As his hand pulls away, I can feel myself, inside, crying out for more. He places one finger inside my wet hole and I writhe, trying to recreate the sensation that his cock did bring about in me. “Would the desperate whore like more? Would she like to be filled?” he enquires.

“Yes, My Lord, please, fill me like you did before. Make me yours, use me as you will.” I can feel any self-control I might have had slipping away as he slowly adds more fingers, satisfying my craving whilst at the same time making it flow through me all the more. “Look at that, the slut can take four fingers and less than a week ago, she was untouched, ready to be plucked. At least, that’s what I assume from the blood that I took home on my manhood.”

“Yes, My lord, I was a virgin, I was saving myself for my… husband”

And with that shame floods through me, as at the same time as he puts another finger into my cunt, causing it to be stretched, to hurt in a manner similar to the initial penetration from his cock.

“And yet, you gave yourself freely to the first man who forced the issue. I could smell what you were the first time I encountered you. That you would let me use you so.”

And his fingers push deeper, harder, and the pain is turning to a pleasure as he reaches as far as he can inside me. “Your sex is opening to me, like a flower, like the greedy cock devouring hole that it is.”

And it’s true it is, I am pushing myself against his hand in an attempt to get it further in me, to fill me as much I can be filled. And before I know what is happening, he removes it from me, takes it away, leaving me empty, unsatisfied, starving for more.

“I don’t like cock hungry holes” he informs me, “no doubt I will use it from time to time, fill it like I just have, as well as filling you with my seed, play with you like the toy you will become. But for the most part,” and with this, his well lubricated fingers reach for my shithole and push their way in, “I will be using this hole, safe in the knowledge that my penetration of it will be unwillingly received.”

No, please” I protest, “not there. That is an offence before God.”

His other hand comes down on my backside, hard, making the marks he has already left, throb with a reawakened burning.

“No, please, My Lord” he reminds me. “And I intend to degrade you to the point that heaven will never open its gates for you. And you will, for the most part, enjoy every step along the way.”

For the third time, today, I feel my eyes stinging with tears as his hand continues to invade my forbidden hole. Two fingers, then three, returning to my cunt every now and then to renew the moisture needed to counteract the dryness.

“Now, since this is the first time I have used you like this, I will be gentle and take it slowly. Do not expect the same courtesy in the future. May I suggest you relax? Try breathing in and out slowly, and stop crying. That will do no good to anyone.”

I breathe as he suggests, allowing my body to slump onto the bed, with no resistance anywhere. He enters my cunt and I relax even more into the joyful sensation of being filled again, but he only moves it in and out a few times, coating himself with the juices from it before withdrawing and setting to poking his large cock up my arse. He pushes and I tense, involuntarily.

“Keep relaxed, slut or I will have to force it and neither of us will enjoy that.”

I breathe in deeply, slowly as he has told me to do and the tension leaves me once again. This time he pushes harder and I feel the head of his cock enter my arse. It hurts, but bearably and he waits until I have once again relaxed myself before pushing further. This process is repeated many times, until he has eventually managed to fill me, to bury his cock in my unholy hole.

Which is the point at which, he unleashes his brutality, pulling out most of the way and then ramming himself back in hard.

I try to wriggle away but his hands have my hips firmly clasped and my strength is no match for his. But the assault does not last for long, as he is drawn to the point of release by what he is doing far too quickly.

He unloads his seed into my with a deep groan of satisfaction, then withdraws and collapses next to me on the bed. “That feels so much better” he smiles at me. I find myself smiling in return, despite the tears streaking my cheeks and the soreness that my lower half seems to consist of. But I am pleased that he is pleased. Satisfied that I have played my role well.

He reaches forward and takes me in his arms and for the first time that day, kisses me, intensely, passionately and totally unexpectedly.

He opens the hotel room door, bare chested with towel round his waist.

“Hi” he drawls in his Yankee accent. I push past him, barely returning his greeting, eager to get on with the playing. My new fuck me heels click with a pleasing sound on the polished floor.

“Come on” I say. “Let’s get to it, where do you want me?”.

He closes the hotel room door and points to the desk cum table that all hotel rooms seem to contain, such a clichéd yet classic piece of play equipment.

I remove my dress, throwing it on the armchair as I walk past. My breasts are now bare, my waist tightly cinched in the corset I was asked to wear. My arse is exposed by the thong and my cunt barely covered by the scrap of material at the front.

I did not eat this morning, having learnt from experience what a tight corset plus food plus throat fucking entails, vomit, lots of it.

I place myself across the desk and he quickly straps me into the pre-prepared bondage straps, my wrists pulled to separate corners, my ankles attached by bondage straps to the legs of the desk at just above floor level.

I’m his now, prone, ready to take what he can give me.

He walks around the desk, taking me in from all angles. He approaches my head and opens my mouth, sticking his fingers in as far as they will go. He then walks to the other side of the desk and does the same, first to my cunt and then to my arsehole.

“I’ve been waiting for so long to use you” he sighs. He walks away and comes back with a ball gag and the infamous waffle bat that he has been mentioning for weeks.

The best toy ever invented, in his opinion. Available at your nearest KMart for the princely sum of $4.99.

He places the ball gag in my mouth, kisses my forehead and then circles around me again. This time as he views my arse laid out before him, he spanks it with his bare hand but putting all the force of his strength behind it.

“Count the strokes” he tells me.

I do the best I can, considering that I am gagged. By the time we have reached fifteen, my arse is beginning to burn and tingle. He reaches twenty five strokes. And my arse is aflame. I can feel his eyes drinking the sight in as his hands caress my buttocks.

“Time for round two” he drawls, he picks up the bat and swings it, hard.

It hits my already sore bottom and I can’t help but cry out through the gag, tears springing into my eyes because it fucking hurts.

“I reckon you can take ten of those before your begging me to stop through sobs” he tells me.

“Let’s find out, shall we?”.

And with that he whacks me again. By the time he gets to nine, I am fighting against sobbing, determined I am not going to beg him to stop.

“Come on, baby, let it out” he instructs me.

It goes against my nature to really let go so he gets another four strokes in before I can’t hold back any longer. The sobbing erupts and he steps back, his voice pleased “Did that hurt, baby? Never mind, it’s all over now. At least that is anyway.”

“Now, it’s time for round three.”

He walks around to my head and removes the ball gag, “Open wide, baby” he orders.

I do as I am told and he takes the thin end of the bat and starts shoving it into my mouth, as far as he can. He gets it to the back of my throat and not much further before I start gagging and retching.

He grabs a marker pen, holding it in place whilst he draws a thick black line to indicate the depth I managed to take. When he has removed it from my mouth, much to my relief, he measures the depth achieved.

“Six and a half inches, disappointing, slut. Let’s see what these other two holes can do”.

With that he walks round to my prone arse and much to my pleasure and relief, he takes a moment or two to rub the flat of the bat on my aching, engorged clitoris.

This of course, causes me to get wetter than I already was, ready and waiting to have my cunt hole filled. Which he does, starting with the wider end this time. He manages to manipulate it into my cunt with a bit of difficulty but once it is in there, it slides in until I feel it pushing against my cervix. As he starts attempting to push it in further I have to protest, the pleasure of being filled quickly turning to pain. I can’t see what he does but know from our discussions that he has picked up a different color marker. He withdraws the bat, leaving my hole empty and begging to be filled again.

“Eleven inches” he remarks, “you fucking slut.”

Then it’s the turn of my arse hole, the part I have not been looking forward to.

He lubes up the bat, something I would have once found objectionable but time and practice have meant that most things will slip into my arse unhindered nowadays; with or without lube.

And since he starts with the thin end, it does. He pushes and pushes, until I start yelling, feeling things inside me moving, that really probably shouldn’t.

He does the marking thing again but rather than take it out straight away as he has done the past two times, he starts to bugger me hard with the bright yellow plastic object.

It hurts and makes me cry out with the pain.

He leans forward, pinning me with his body weight on top of me as he carries on. “Just getting you nice and ready for my cock, slut.”

I wriggle and try to break him off me as he carries on.

After a short period of time, but more than long enough for me, he stops. I collapse forward on the desk, relief flooding through my body.

“Don’t relax quite yet, bitch” he tells me, “I’m going to do your ass and then your face, and I expect to be shown appreciation.”

I brace myself for further pounding and despite the slight soreness from the hard unyielding plastic, it is actually quite pleasant, the feel of a warm pliable cock in its place.

Just as I am relaxing into it and really starting to enjoy it, he stops and withdraws.

“Time for your throat fuck, slut.”

He walks around the desk and I look at his cock in disgust, knowing I will end up doing what I am told but deciding to not make it easy for him.

“Open wide” he orders. I shake my head, keeping my mouth firmly closed.

“Don’t make this difficult, slut” he orders, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back as far it will go. “Open. Your. Mouth!”

I shake my head as much as I can, knowing that every moment I delay by will give time for the arse taste to vanish.

He pulls back his hand and slaps me, hard. I half cry and half moan in response.

As I am waiting for my head to clear he unstraps me quickly, pulls me over to the bed by my hair and makes me lie down on my back, head off the edge of the bed.

“I was going to be nice but now I think you deserve a proper face fucking, you frigid bitch.” “Now open your mouth.”

His hand reaches forward and pinches and twists my nipple hard.

I do as I am told, and he starts grinding into me. I hate being throat fucked like this, it can leave me with a sore head for days. But combined with clitoral stimulation, the gagging can give me the most intense orgasms.

It doesn’t take him long to cum anyway, as he is doing so, he barks out “Hold it in your mouth, bitch.”

I do as I am ordered, feeling sick from the taste and the retching and the bile. He gets up, walks over to where the towel is draped, wipes the sweat from his brow and turns to me. “You may swallow, slut”

I do and then get up and start getting ready to leave.

I never did find out how much my arse could take.

We walked into the small, dimly lit Chinese restaurant and were immediately seated. It looked like it was a quiet night for them; only two other couples and a group of four strapping young men, probably not much older than I was, were seated about the place.

We were led directly past the four guys and Mr P’s hand squeezed my waist as we walked past them. I saw one of the guys’ eyes widen as he saw my panties sticking out the top of Mr P’s jeans, and could have died of embarrassment as I saw him from the corner of my eye, leaning over to whisper to his friends. My face flushed pink as Becky’s father squeezed my ass before allowing me to sit down in my chair. I was sure the blokes at the other table had a clear view, and knew I was right when I risked a peek over at them to see them smiling and staring at me. My blush deepened.

Mr P sat me in the chair adjacent to me but opposite the table of four young guys. I tried to sit demurely, tucking my short skirt under my bottom and keeping my knees pressed firmly together, but I could still feel their eyes on me and I squirmed in my seat. Mr P ordered for both of us and I barely tasted my food as we sat and dined. The conversation got off to a shaky start, but eventually we fell into an easy rhythm and I began to relax and enjoy myself.

About midway through the meal, Mr P stopped talking and just stared at me with a strange look in his eyes for a long while. I began to get nervous. I had come to recognise that look. It was the look he got when he was aroused and wanted something from me. I gulped and wriggled in my seat as I felt my pussy begin to moisten once more. To my increasing embarrassment, my nipples hardened, peaking beneath my tight, white singlet and announcing to the world that I was excited.

My face flushed as I distinctly heard whispered comments coming from the other table. “Oh man, check out her nipples! She ain’t wearing any bra and it’s definitely not cold in here!” One voice said. Then, “Well you know she ain’t wearing any panties ’cause that guy’s got ‘em poking out the top of his pocket!” Then they laughed and my face coloured even more.

“Erika.” Mr P’s low voice drifted over the table and drew my eyes towards his. He was sitting on my left hand side, and his eyes seemed to drown out all the noise in the restaurant. The rest of the world shrank away as I lost myself in his gaze and it seemed it was just he and I staring at each other. His hand took hold of mine, his fingers stroking up and down along the top, and he smiled at me. “Come here, honey,” he said softly, and without even thinking about it I leant towards him.

His lips felt so incredibly soft against mine as he lightly brushed a kiss across them; smooth, pliant. I shivered and my lips parted slightly, yearning for more to happen. He pressed his mouth more fully against mine and I felt his tongue glide inside my mouth. Our tongues danced against each other softly, lusciously, until my breathing was haphazard and my nipples were again hard and aching. My breasts hung close to our joined hands, as I leant towards Mr P’s face, and I gasped against his lips as I felt his fingertip flick slowly across the sensitive tip of my left bud.

He sat back slowly and smiled at me. “Take a look now and tell me if they’re laughing?” Mr P whispered softly to me.

I glanced their way to see a look of shock on all their faces before they all turned their heads away from me and pretended to be looking at anything but our table. They seemed to have started squirming in their seats, uncomfortable bulges beginning to make themselves known in their jeans. I covered my mouth and giggled as I looked back at Mr P. He smiled at me and winked.

The restaurant’s tablecloths were very short and I had no doubt that the guys had a clear view under our table, so I almost gasped as I felt his hand touch my knee. Mr P leaned in close again and brushed a light kiss across my lips before he brought his mouth close to my ear. “Erika, this just won’t do.” He told me softly, feeling my knees pressed tightly together, as he gently ran a finger up and down the skin of my lower thigh. “I want you to open your knees, honey.”

I gasped and then blushed a deep crimson, lowering my eyes as I stammered quietly, “Mr P, I… I… I… can’t.”

He drew back from me and stared into my eyes. “Erika,” he whispered, “of course you can, honey. Just keep looking at me, don’t think about anything else, just me, and you can do it.”

I gulped again as his hand still stroked up and down on my knee, and his eyes bored into mine. He brought his other hand up to my face to brush his fingers across my lips ever so slightly, making my eyes flutter in sexual need. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second, knowing that if I parted my thighs I would be exposing myself to the full scrutiny of the four guys sitting across the way from us.

His eyes held me captive as he stared at me, and I felt myself giving in to his suggestion. His voice whispered to me once more, low and deep, hypnotizing; he said, “Open your knees, honey.”

As if I was powerless to prevent it, I felt my knees beginning to part. Nothing existed except his eyes and his words, and my eyes rolled up into my head as I felt his hand travelling higher along my inner thigh towards my wet centre. His fingers dipped down between my legs and a small orgasm shot through me as he lightly caressed my clit. A few seconds was all it lasted, in truth, but to me it felt almost like an eternity, and I never wanted it to end. I felt like a complete slut, like some sexual junkie that just couldn’t get enough of these debaucheries.

When he drew back his hand and gently pressed my knees back together, I blinked and the spell was broken. I started to breathe again and very nearly hyperventilated. Mr P clasped my chin and spoke gently to me.

“Calm down, baby.” He said softly. “Breathe deeper, slow it down.”

I eventually got my breathing under control, and my whole body gave a shuddered as a wave of sensation rolled over me. When I was finally able to function normally again, Mr P smiled broadly at me. “Well done, honey, you did great.”

I felt my skin flush in pleasure once again and I grinned as my heart skipped a beat.

“Are you horny, Erika?” He asked me forthrightly, his thumb stroking along my jaw line.

I chewed on my bottom lip as I nodded and then answered, “Yes Mr P.”

“Good. Let’s go home so I can fuck you until you pass out.”

“Yes, please,” I responded breathlessly.

“But first…” He said, as his hand disappeared beneath the table again, only to return with my panties in it. He brushed them lightly across his lips and inhaled deeply. “…I think you should put these on. It may be a bit chilly outside and I wouldn’t want your cute little pussy to get too cold.”

My hand trembled noticeably as I took my panties from his grasp, blushing as I did so. “I’ll just go to the bathroom.”

“No,” he told me, “put them on here, please.”

“But…” I began, glancing over at the other table quickly and noting that all four guys were staring our way, their gaze riveted. My voice trailed off, my eyes flicking back to Mr P as I realised it would be useless to argue. I knew one way or another I would give in and do as he asked. He’d catch me with those eyes and that damnable voice and I’d be helpless to do anything other than obey. I began to look around…

“Don’t…” He said. “No one can see you other than those four boys at the other table. And I honestly think they don’t mind watching what you’re doing. Put your panties on, Erika.”

I swallowed hard. My pussy was saturated and throbbing with need. Once again I wondered how one man could do this to me, turn me into a tramp, a harlot, some kind of sex-crazed slut capable of such blatantly debaucherous acts? And as all these thoughts whirled through my mind, I found at the end of it all, I didn’t really care. I loved it all.

I liked bad boys because of the excitement they offered me. Well Mr P was the baddest boy… no, he was the baddest “Man” I had ever met and he offered me so much excitement, I felt breathless nearly all of the time. I loved the way he took control of me, just with his eyes and his voice. How he made me do the things I did tonight, though he never forced me. He simply asked me, knowing somehow that deep down it was what I really wanted to do, and that all I needed was a bit of gentle persuasion.

I kicked my sandals off and leant forward, dropping my panties beneath the table for the last time, and quickly lifted my feet to pull them on. “Slowly,” Mr P ordered.

I bit my lip as I stared at him. His eyes never left my face. He didn’t really care about watching me pull my panties up; he just wanted to watch my face, and see there my acceptance of what I was doing for him. I put my feet back in my sandals and slowed my pace. I dragged my underwear slowly up my calves, over my knees, and along my lower thighs.

“Now stand and pull them the rest of the way up. I want those boys to get a good look,” Mr P said quietly, with a small smile. I shuddered, my heart rate tripling, as the blood rushed through my veins, threatening to make me pass out.

I stood and did as he asked me, slowly pulling the panties up the rest of the way. My skirt lifted as my hands came higher and the guys sitting across the way all gasped or groaned when they got an eyeful of my waxed pussy; as it was covered up by black lace.

Two of them squirmed uncomfortably, one had a hand pressed hard against his crotch and was squeezing himself, and the last guy actually stood up and made his way to the bathroom.

I smoothed my skirt and remained standing, still staring at Mr P. “Good girl,” he told me as he rose too. Pulling his wallet from his pocket, he dropped enough money on the table to cover dinner and left a generous tip. “Come on, honey, let’s go.”

He shifted around me and put his body between me and the three guys left at the table as we walked out of the restaurant. He paid them no attention. It was like they weren’t even there as he slung his arm around my waist and guided me out of the place.

We were in his car and headed home in no time. Mr P barely kept to the speed limit as we wove in and out of traffic. There was no pit stop for a quick head job as had happened on the way to the restaurant, there was no conversation, just Mr P’s determined driving. I was half worried that he would get a ticket for reckless driving, if not for speeding. I needn’t have worried, though, as we made it back to his house without incident.

Pulling to a stop in the driveway, we were out of the car and along the path in seconds, both of us anxious to get right to it. As Mr P opened the door, I noticed with some surprise that his hands trembled slightly. And as I thought about it, in the back of my mind the knowledge that Mr P was going to fuck my ass tonight threatened to undo me, but I pushed the thought deeper into some dark recess of my brain and walked through the door.

As the door slammed behind us, Mr P’s arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me towards him. He spun me around and pushed me hard up against the wall. His hot mouth found mine in an urgent kiss, his tongue probing deep and long. His hands roamed roughly over me, his nails catching at my skin as he drew the strings of my singlet down my arms, tugging the shirt down around my waist and exposing my full breasts. His hand kneaded at my mounds, tightly moulding them in his palms as his thumb and forefinger tugged relentlessly at my nipples, causing me to gasp against his lips.

His mouth burnt a trail along my chin to my ear, his lips and teeth sucking and nibbling on the lobe before his soft voice filled my head. “God Erika, I’ve never been so fucking horny in all my life. You have no idea what you do to me.”

My body shivered as my own hands roamed urgently over his body, finding his belt and yanking at it to get it free. “Me either…” I was going to say Mr P, but at the last moment remembered his reaction in the car and changed that last word. “…Sir!”

I heard him growl as he sank his teeth into the soft flesh of my shoulder, making me jump and cry out in painful ecstasy. I got his belt loose and wasted no time in getting his button and zipper undone as well. I grabbed at his shirt and tried to get the buttons undone, wanting to feel his skin against my bare breasts, but there were too many buttons and they were too small. With a frustrated growl I grabbed the shirt at the centre and ripped my arms apart, tearing the buttons loose, before pushing the shirt from his shoulders until it stopped at his elbows.

I heard Mr P’s hard groan as his mouth came back to mine to assault my lips once more. His hands skimmed down my back, over my ass, and along the backs of my thighs until they could move under my skirt and come back up to grip my panty-covered ass properly. His hands massaged my ass cheeks in a circular motion, pulling them apart and then mashing them back together as my hands eagerly roamed over his shoulders, down his chest and then along his sides to his back. I raked my nails lightly down his spine, making Mr P hiss as his fingers dug into my ass hard. He lifted me effortlessly off the floor, thumping my body back against the wall with his own.

My arms came up around his neck as my legs intuitively wrapped themselves around his waist. The urgency was building to monumental proportions as I felt one of his arms reach under my thigh to push down the front of his boxer briefs and free his monster erection. I felt his other hand shift under me and grab the crotch of my wet panties, yanking them aside. I felt the tip of his incredibly thick cock poised at my juicy pussy.

He broke from our heated kiss. “Tell me you want it, honey, beg me for it.” He said in a breathless growl.

“Oh God Mr P!” I nearly screamed. “I want your cock!! Please Sir, please fuck me, fuck me hard! Pleeaase…”

“Fuck yeah!” He swore as his grip on my ass tightened and his hips thrust upward, impaling me on his tremendous rod in one fluid stroke.

I think I let out a scream of pleasure and pain as his cock filled me completely. Recklessly throwing my head back in ecstasy, my skull slammed hard against the wall and white stars of pain burst behind my eyes. I felt dazed but managed to hold onto consciousness as the pain shocked through my young body, intensifying the carnal desire that gripped me and sent my body careening towards a massive orgasm.

Becky’s father’s rhythm faltered as he breathlessly asked if I was okay. “I’m fine,” I gasped, “just don’t stop, please, Sir,” I begged.

I heard his guttural response and his hands dug into my ass harshly as he rammed himself into me over and over again. “Yes! Yes!” I screamed. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!!!!” I felt my tight, wet pussy contract savagely, clenching down on Mr P”s engorged shaft with so much force I felt my cum almost fire out of me to coat his pelvis and balls. An earth-shattering orgasm erupted, sending a hot flush of blood rushing from my clit out to the tips of my fingers and toes. My scalp prickled and the hair on the nape of my neck stood on end. My breath caught in my throat, and I think my face may have turned a tad blue as my whole body tensed up, my thighs tightening around Mr P’s waist so much I think I heard him grunt. My whole body became so rigid I prevented Mr P from even moving.

The air exploded from my lungs in a great gasp as the final throes of intense pleasure shuddered its way out of my body, and I felt myself slump.

“Fucking horny little slut!” Mr P’s voice spat at me through clenched teeth. His hands shifted to my hips as he pulled back and slammed himself forward. He pounded into me like a jackhammer, his cock driving deeper and deeper with every thrust, filling me with every last inch of his fat cock, until I heard my screams of pleasure echoing off the walls of the hallway.

My ass and hips were repeatedly pummelled back against the wall, Mr P exerting so much force that a small, nearby painting fell from its hook and hit the floor with a loud thud. My hips and pussy were being brutalised and all I could do was beg for more as I felt another orgasm building.

Mr P’s grunts were becoming louder and louder. I knew he was getting close and I raised my voice in encouragement. “Oh God, Mr P, yes, oh Sir, please cum. Cum inside me, please, I want to feel your hot, sticky load shoot inside my cunt!”

“Oh Fuck!” Mr P groaned. “You’re such a dirty little cum slut, aren’t you Erika?”

“Yes Sir!”

“And whose slut are you?” He growled, his hips still ramming into me.

“Yours! I’m your slut, Mr P. Only yours!” I cried out.

“You’d better fucking believe it!” He yelled, as he thrust forward so savagely I felt my breath being forced out of my lungs. “Oh fuck, here I cum, honey. I’m going to fill your tight little cunt up till it overflows!”

“Oh yes, yes Sir,” I gasped as I felt my climax peak and then break over me, causing my body to tense up again.

“Oh yeah, slut, cum with me, baby,” Mr P groaned fiercely as he drove his cock hard into me for the final time.

I heard a definitive “crack” as he drove his last stroke home, and the wall behind my back caved in under the pressure and force. A jagged split shot from beneath my ass all the way to the ceiling. Small bits of plaster rained down on us, as we both tried to catch our breaths. Mr P groaned and his knees buckled.

We fell to the floor in a heap, his cock still planted firmly inside me; sweat pouring from our bodies, clothes askew. My body continued to convulse as I lay atop Mr P trembling, my breathing ragged, my body spent. I could feel myself sinking, my awareness fading as Mr P’s hand gently stroked my hair back from my brow.

“I think we nearly brought the house down,” he said breathlessly and chuckled. I think I giggled in response and then sighed in contentment, my whole body relaxing, as I passed out.

I awakened briefly at being jostled, my eyes opening for a split second and my awareness rising up just long enough to realise that Mr P was carrying me again, before sinking back into oblivion.

I awoke sometime later to the feel of fingers tentatively examining my head. I hissed as they touched a tender spot and my hand came up to grasp at a wrist. “Ow,” I croaked; my throat parched and scratchy. “That hurts.”

“I know, honey.” Mr P’s deep, gravelly voice said softly from behind me. “But I have to check. You hit your head pretty hard. I need to make sure you didn’t give yourself a concussion.” I withdrew my hand and meekly submitted to the exploring fingers. They gently probed the back of my skull, pressing lightly on the painful lump. I whimpered a little. “Do you have a headache?” Mr P asked as his fingers retreated from my hair to lightly slide over the skin of my back.

“I don’t think so,” I answered with a shiver, opening my eyes. My vision was a little blurry to begin with, but soon enough everything came back into focus. One by one my senses reasserted themselves, and I found myself lying naked on a soft comforter with a black satin-covered pillow beneath my head. I inhaled deeply, sucking Mr P’s manly scents deep into my lungs. I could almost taste his aftershave, his shampoo and the light tang of his sweat. I sighed and snuggled deeper into his pillow as I floated in an aromatic heaven.

I was quickly brought back to reality, as I felt something wet and extremely cold being pressed against the back of my head. I cringed away from it. “Keep still. This will help with the swelling. You are going to have a lump the size of an ostrich egg on the back of your head.” Mr P told me gently as his warm lips pressed themselves against the back of my bare shoulder. I shivered and my nipples screwed themselves up in reaction. “You’ll have to be more careful next time.”

My stomach thrilled at the mention of a “next time” and I smiled into the pillow. “Yes Sir,” I said unthinkingly.

I felt a light slap on my buttocks, then his fingers as they caressed my skin. “None of that now,” Mr P warned, though I could tell from his tone that he was smiling. “You’re injured.”

“I’m fine, Mr P, honestly. No blurry vision, no headache… well none except the ice-cream headache I’m getting now from the ice pack,” I joked. “Really Sir, I’m okay, just a little bruised.” I noted that my hips and lower back were beginning to ache but ignored it. I felt his lips caress the spot between my shoulder blades and quietly moaned, my body shivering again as goose flesh pimpled my skin. I reached up and pulled the ice pack away from my head. “Do I really have to keep this on?” I complained.

“Yes,” Mr P answered, replacing the pack. “At least for another few minutes anyway.”

I pouted, not that he saw it as my face was still tucked into the pillow, and resigned myself to having the cold pack sit on my head.

“Just relax.” He told me as his fingers lightly brushed a path along my ribs, over my waist and down onto my thigh. His mouth soon followed, his lips scalding my skin with hot kisses as he worked his way down my body. His mouth stopped where his fingers had. Mr P began to work his way up again, kissing along the back of my thigh, making me whimper as pleasure slowly built. I felt his teeth grate against the curve of my ass cheek where it met my thigh and I gasped loudly, praying to whichever God might be listening that he would tongue my ass like he did the other night.

He teased me for what seemed like ages, gently stroking my butt with his hands, massaging my round cheeks softly, spreading my fleshy mounds to expose my puckered opening as he kissed and licked me everywhere except where I wanted it. Eventually, though, my prayers were answered and I felt his tongue glide between my cheeks. Up and down he licked me, his tongue working like a painter’s brush back and forth over my little starburst. Every now and then the tip of his tongue would draw a circle around my asshole before lightly stabbing into its centre, teasing me, making me whimper.

Too soon, it seemed, I felt him draw away from my ass and I let out a little moan of protest. I heard his chuckle as his mouth came alongside my ear. “Did my little slut like that?” He asked softly as his hand slid along my belly to cup my breast. His finger and thumb wrapped themselves around my nipple and gently squeezed down on it.

Yes!” I groaned in answer as I felt the tip of his hard cock poking into the back of my thigh. I pushed my butt back against him, making the tip dig further into the flesh of my leg. I sighed, and whether it was the head injury or the cold pack freezing my brain and addling my thoughts, I felt words falling out of my mouth and I just couldn’t seem to stop them. “Mr P, how is it you do this to me? How can you treat me like a slut, like a common whore, and yet make me feel so good? How? Why? I even love the embarrassment, the pain! God, is there something wrong with me?”

I shuddered as his warm lips planted themselves on the back of my neck and his hands stroked down from my breast, along my hip and over my leg till his fingers found my moist centre and began sliding up and down along my slit from behind. “There is nothing common about you, honey. And there isn’t a damn thing wrong with you either.” Mr P”s low voice informed me softly as his lips kept working on my neck and shoulders. I squirmed against his hand, wanting his fingers to slide inside my pussy.

“Tell me you understand what it is that’s going on between us?” He said; his voice soft though serious.

I took a small breath as thought about his question. “I… I think I understand, but I’m not entirely sure, Mr P.” I answered him with only a slight stutter. It was a confusing situation for me. I had to remind myself that I was only young, and hadn’t had an enormous range of experience. I’d had a few boyfriends in the past but all those relationships had been pretty standard stuff. What was happening between Mr P and myself was something entirely new to me and I found myself not quite sure of where I stood in the whole scheme of things. I wasn’t stupid; I had an internet connection, so I’d read about sexual kinks and such. I knew he liked to be in charge and that he liked treating me like his personal slut and fuck toy but what was really going on between us?

“It’s all about trust, honey,” he continued, his fingers probing. “You trust me, don’t you, Erika?”

“Yes Sir,” I moaned as I felt a finger penetrate my slick folds. “Oh yes.”

“Mmm… So when you trust someone, you feel secure, safe; safe enough to let yourself go and just be you, to soak up the experience and maybe learn a few things about yourself as well.”

I nodded. “Mmm-hmm.”

“I think you get that I like to be in charge?” He spoke gently, his lips still brushing small kisses on the back of my neck as his hand left my moist cleft and came to rest on my hip. I nodded against the pillow, silently disappointed that he’d stopped stroking my hot pussy. “And that I like to have a certain amount of control over you and that if I give you orders, I like to have them obeyed, yes?” I nodded again. He raised his head removing his warm mouth from my skin, I whimpered in protest and I heard him chuckle. “Patience.”

Brushing the hair back from my cheek he tucked it behind my ear and leant over me to see my face. I opened my eyes and stared up at him. This was going to be a serious conversation if it required eye contact I thought.

“What I like is not quite what one would call full Domination or Sadomasochism. I’m somewhere at a halfway point. I’m not totally Dom, but I’m not quite vanilla either if you get what I mean. Do you know anything about BDSM?” He tried to explain to me.

“I’ve read some stuff on it.” I answered.

“Good so you understand the premise?” He said as he trailed his fingers up over my ribs and down again. I nodded chewing on my bottom lip again. “Okay, so I like a little bit of domination and I like to be obeyed in most things. But that said; I don’t expect you to just blindly do as you’re told either. I’m not that into it that I require you to kneel on the floor, naked, with a collar about your neck and worship me as your master. Or to have you trussed up and bound uncomfortably for hours on end either.” At that I screwed my nose up, I don’t think I would have enjoyed that either. He noticed my reaction and smiled. He raised his hand and ran a finger over my bottom lip. I inhaled the scent of my pussy and had to close my eyes.

“Although I can’t say as I’d be overly upset if you wanted to walk around naked most of the time. I’d love to see your naked body as much as I could.” He added with a smirk which made me blush; he continued. “Also, I’m not much into sharing so while I might like to show you off a little here and there; like at the restaurant, I will never ever ask you to sleep with anyone else. I’m much too possessive for that. Okay?” At that statement I felt a knot of tension I didn’t even know was there loosen. I had been worried about that. Hell from the moment he mentioned domination and sadomasochism I had been a little worried. But he was reassuring me of the worst things. I honestly didn’t think I could go so far as to have a collar about my neck or be tied, bound and gagged like I’d seen in some of the photo’s online. That said; a little pain never hurt anyone and I liked a little slap and tickle as much as the next nymph, so; so far I could live with what Mr P was telling me.

“Thank you for clearing that up for me.” I said softly; looking up at him again.

“One more thing,” Mr P added his brown eyes earnest as they stared down at me. “I will never force you to do anything that you truly do not want to do. If ever there is a time, where you truly don’t feel comfortable with what I’ve asked; you are to tell me and mean it; in no uncertain terms. You have to be frank with me on this one, or we must choose a safe word to use. But either way it must be in a concise and precise manner so I don’t misconstrue the simple ‘no’ of wanting to be pushed to do it, with the outright ‘no’ of ‘not on your life’.”

I bit my bottom lip again and immediately tasted my pussy juice. I shivered and inhaled deeply through my nose, Mr P simply smiled down at me. I tried to clear my head as I thought about what he was saying. I understood where he was coming from of course, and it only made me want him even more. But this was a serious issue and one that I had to consider in its entirety. As I lay there looking at him, contemplating his world I was currently entering, a word popped into my head from seemingly nowhere and it struck me as very apt.

Before my brain filter could kick in, before I had time to truly think it though, I blurted, “Explorer.” And then blushed.

He blinked at me for a second in confusion and then a large smile broke across his face as he realised that I’d given him the word that was about to seal my fate. “‘Explorer’ it is.” He said softly as he squeezed my hip lightly. He leant forward and kissed me softly, his mouth caressing my lips with his own. His tongue darted in and teased at mine, swirling around and eliciting a soft moan from me.

He pulled back to stare at me with another soft smile and I savoured that moment like no other. Being a realist though I knew it wouldn’t last long; and so I gulped down a swallow, as I watched his wonderful brown eyes change from that soft wondrous look to something that was a little more calculating, a little more intense, and I knew that I was back to being his little slut!

His head dropped again and his hot tongue lapped against my skin and I felt his teeth lightly grate across my shoulder. He moaned softly as his hand returned to the hot, aching cleft between my thighs and he pressed his fingers deeper into my pussy once again. He thrust them deeply, in and out, sliding then slowly between my slick folds, rubbing me on the inside. I moaned. It felt so damn good, he really did know where all my buttons were. My hips rolled forward every time his fingers dug deeper and I ached for him to rub my throbbing clit.

He drew his fingers out of me and I whined in protest, making him chuckle. “Patience.” He told me again, and he dipped his fingers forward and answered my prayers as he rubbed my clit round and around. I groaned hard, my pelvis jerking against his fingertips, my juices flowing freely, wet and slick. He fingered me for a while; eliciting soft moans and hard groans of pleasure from me before his fingers slid away. They slid back along my pussy, dipping inside briefly and becoming saturated with my juices before I felt them trail further back and began stroking my tight rear hole, circling my tight, puckered opening. I gasped sharply.

“You didn’t think I’d forgotten did you?” He chided me teasingly.

I moaned, “No Sir,” as a finger pressed against my ass. Wet with my juices, his finger slipped inside me with ease and I groaned hard as I felt him push it all the way inside of me.

“God that’s going to be a tight fit!” He growled. He pulled his finger from me quickly, making me gasp as my pussy and clit spasmed at the sensation. He shifted away from me and I raised my head to see what he was doing.

“Stay still,” he ordered, and I put my head back down on the pillow. My ears strained and I heard him pulling open his bedside drawer. There was the rustle of clothes and then the drawer closed once more. He settled back beside me. He began kissing me again, his hand stroking along my body. He pushed my hips forward, rolling me onto my tummy, and I moaned as I felt him straddle my lower legs. “Spread those gorgeous cheeks for me, honey.” He ordered, and though I was nervous as hell I quickly did his bidding, spreading my cheeks as wide as I could.

I gasped loudly in shock as I felt something cold and wet hit my puckered starburst and then groaned as Mr P’s fingers gently massaged it into me. He smeared the lube all around my tight opening, being sure to dip his fingers deep inside me to spread the lube around there too. I was whimpering in need by the time he’d finished, more than ready for my ass to get fucked.

“Honey, I’m not going to play this down for you, this is going to hurt.” He told me. He began rubbing the tip of his hard, thick cock back and forth over my asshole as he leaned over me. “But the pain will pass and you’ll end up loving it, I think.” He said it knowing that I enjoyed the pain. “If it gets to be too much for you though, tell me and I will stop.” He added not needing to tell me that I should use my safe word with him.

“Yes Sir.” I replied, my voice muffled by the pillow, the cold pack still atop my head. If I wasn’t so damned horny at that stage, I would have laughed outright at my predicament. As it was, I turned my face into the pillow more fully to hide the smile that broke across my lips. I could just imagine how I looked, lying there as I was, and the thought made me giggle a little.

Nervousness did strange things to people and I was no exception. Focusing on the absurdity of my situation, I couldn’t help but smile. I was injured, all my own fault, I had an ice pack stuck to the top of my head, I was naked and eagerly spreading my ass cheeks, waiting to be fucked. Another giggle erupted.

“Are you all right?” Mr P asked me, a hint of annoyance in his tone.

I bit the inside of my cheek, trying to sober myself. “Yes Sir,” I said through clenched teeth, though the smile kept trying to reassert itself.

Mr P had been slowly rubbing his cock back and forth over my asshole. Now, though, he must have thought that I was ready enough. “Time to pop that cherry, slut,” he said, and I heard the hard grin in his voice.

He began pressing the tip of his hard cock against my tight back door, and my giggles turned to gasps as I felt the pain blossom. I buried my face in the pillow, opening my mouth to bite down on the soft cushion; a squeal ripping from my throat as just the tip of Mr P’s fat cock worked its way inside my virgin ass.

It’s too big, it isn’t going to fit, it’s going to split me in half! My thoughts screamed in my head as I lay there just allowing him to do as he was. I didn’t utter a word, only high-pitched moans of pain, as the pressure built and built, as the pain grew and grew. I don’t think he even had half an inch inside my ass and already I was close to telling him to stop. I gritted my teeth and kept my mouth shut. There was no way in the world I was going to ask him to stop so soon. Not because I thought he’d be disappointed in me, well not really, but because I knew I would be disappointed in myself. I wanted this! I had craved this ever since Mr P had told me this is what he was going to do to me. And I wasn’t going to wimp out now just because of a little pain… excruciating pain, true… but I liked pain, this was just a little different to what I was used to, and I could get used to it, I told myself.

My breath heaved in and out of my chest, my gasps muffled by the pillow, my little screams of pain letting Mr P know just how much it hurt. But I never once told him to stop as I felt every single millimetre of his cock slowly sliding inside my virgin asshole. Finally, I heard Mr P grunt as he gave a little thrust of his hips and his big cockhead popped past my tight barrier and seated itself snugly inside my butt. I let out a big sigh of relief, thinking that the worst was over as Mr P stopped still and let me adjust. He was being gentle with me, knowing how thick his cock was; he was taking his time so I didn’t tear.

I felt his body shudder over the top of me and heard his laboured breathing. “Fuck, that’s tight,” he groaned as his fingers dug into the mattress beside my shoulder. I shivered beneath him; my body laid out full length on my stomach. Mr P held himself over me on his hands, his thighs alongside my own. Slowly he dropped down onto his left elbow before stroking his right hand down over my back and across my hip. He tucked his hand under me, his fingers searching for my instant love button and then twiddled it with expert precision. I gasped and moaned, trying to grind my pussy down harder on his fingers, but every time I did, I felt his cock moving infinitesimally inside me even though he held himself motionless. All my grinding was doing his job for him.

He moaned softly above me and I felt his lips and teeth press lightly against my right shoulder. I groaned hard, again trying to mash my clit against his fingers, rotating my hips in small circles.

The pain had dissipated, pleasure rushing in to take its place. I sank my nails into his sheets, my hands like claws, as I struggled for breath. It all felt so incredibly good, I totally forgot that Mr P’s cock was seven inches long, and so far he’d be lucky if he had an inch inside my ass.

It was then that the world of pain and pleasure really opened up to me.

Mr P’s fingers slid a little lower, stroking back and forth across my inner lips before drawing back to circle my clit, playing me like an expert musician strummed a guitar. Each time he would shift his fingers back, I would grind my pussy down onto them, as he diddled my clit, and then as I drew my hips back he would push his down a bit further. I gasped loudly the first time he did that, crying out at the shock of pain that lanced through my ass and shot straight into my clit. My head jerked up all by itself and the cold pack fell off, coming to rest against my left shoulder. I reached up awkwardly and grabbed it, throwing it away from me.

I nearly buckled, nearly gave in and asked him to stop, but his damn fingers just wouldn’t quit. I found myself unable to stop my hips from grinding forward, and each time they drew back, Mr P would thrust his hips forward just a little more. I panted and groaned and gasped in pain, but my hips kept moving of their own volition. I was being filled up slowly, centimetre by centimetre, and it felt painfully glorious.

I soon felt his lightly haired balls come to rest against the lower curve of my buttocks and knew that he was almost all the way inside me. I ached with a vengeance, pain shooting off through my body in little waves of sensation. My breath was heavy and laboured, my body quivering, and still Mr P kept entering me. Finally I felt his pelvis press against my butt cheeks and sighed in relief as he remained still, letting me adjust. His fingers, trapped between the mattress and my body, kept up their merry dance, circling my clit, around and round, stroking along my slick lips back and forth, as he whispered in my ear. “Oh God, Erika, your ass is so tight!”

I shuddered once more and then screamed into the pillow as he drew back his full length and drove himself back into my tight rear hole slowly. My body convulsed as pain lanced through my body, follow a split second later by pleasure. I moaned hard as his fingers kept working me. He pulled back and drove forward again and then again, his speed and pressure slowly increasing with each thrust, and all I could do was sink my fingers into his mattress and scream through my clenched jaw. Again and again he reared back and drove forward; again and again I screamed in pain and pleasure.

I felt his chest press against my back as he brought his mouth close to my ear. “Do you want me to stop, my little slut?” He asked; his tone implying he already knew what my answer would be. His fingers driving me mad as they swirled around my clit. “Is it too painful for you to bear? Just say the word and I’ll pull out…”

“NO!!” I growled viciously through my teeth, my head rising up off the pillow.

“Are you sure, my little slut? Are you sure you can take it?” He tormented me, thrusting into me harder, deeper.

Another long day at work is at an end. It has been a week of non stop demands at work and I am ready for some relaxation. Tossing my clothes as I head for the bathroom, leaving a trail of laundry to be picked up later, I stop to stare at my reflection in the mirror. Unable to resist, I pinch my nipples to hard peaks, moaning softly in the quiet of the house. Bending to put the plug in the tub, then start a nice hot bath, spilling some bubble bath in, inhaling the scent of wild strawberries.

Padding naked to the kitchen and grabbing a diet coke, then heading to the computer to check my emails. The same old; buy this, rent this, check this site out…delete, delete and … wait…here’s one with a twist;

{Hello Bethyboo,

I have been reading your stories and have found them inspiring. I am a woman, and I have been trying to come up with a unique gift for my guy. I was wondering if you would be interested in being his Christmas present from me? He loves anal sex and I was hoping that you might want to show up under the Christmas tree. Please find attached a picture and a brief description of him. If you are interested, please contact me and we can set up the details. }

Opening the picture and reading his description, I smile, imagine that…me a Christmas present. Clicking off the computer and shaking my head at the odd email, I head to the tub. Sliding into the foamy hot water, closing my eyes and just concentrating on breathing for a few minutes. His image floats in front of me, dark hair, silvering at the edges and those deep brown eyes, I can just imagine getting lost in them.

What am I thinking, this is ludicrous, and I start to formulate the return email in my mind, “Thank you for your request, but I am not interested….”

Or am I? My hands are drifting over my belly, slowly caressing until they cup my breasts and I pinch my nipples to life, erect and throbbing with his face hovering in my mind. My breath quickens and I imagine myself laying under a Christmas tree, tied with red ribbons, naked and quivering, awaiting the handsome man in the pic to find me and untie me. One hand slithers down my body, leaving a blazing hot trail, to slide between my swollen nether lips, stroking my hard little clit, feeling it quiver as I cum.

Wow, that was quick. My eyes opening in the bright light of the bathroom, blushing, as I am a little embarrassed to be so inspired by a picture and an email. Putting that man, and that email out of my mind, I lather my hair, rinsing under the tap and pulling the plug.

Stepping from the tub, staring at my reflection in the mirror. Pouting as I lift my heavy breasts, wishing they still sat up and begged, but gravity has taken its toll, or shall I say life has left its marks on my body. A scar here, and one over there, breasts not so perky anymore and a belly that could use a few situps, or a few hundred more like it.

Grinning, I have long ago accepted my flaws, and have learned to embrace my assets. My willingness to experiment and ability to enjoy sex, and turning to look at my ass, and that willing curvy bottom, all add up to a sexy time for any brave enough to partake.

Wrapping myself in the towel, and drying my hair, dabbing on some moisturizer and then softly making my way to bed. Climbing between the sheets and letting the dark night take me away to dreamland.

Climbing from bed reluctantly and looking at the clock. Only 9 am on a Saturday morning, wishing I could climb back under the covers, but the day calls, there is much to do today.

After a quick breakfast I slip into comfy jeans and a t-shirt and head out to do some errands. By late afternoon, I can finally go home and relax. Sitting down in front of the computer once more, I read the email from last night again. When I get to his picture, I can feel my nipples stiffen to little throbbing pebbles, straining at my bra, leaving a very telltale rise in my t-shirt.

Smiling, I hit the reply button and type;

{Thank you for your email and while it is very tempting to take you up on your offer I am unable to…}

I pause, push back in my chair and contemplate, weighing my options, having a little war with myself. It is not right, to offer myself up as a Christmas present, but on the other hand…he is very attractive. And it would be a help to this woman…it would be a unique present, and ….my mind hits a blank. So I continue to compose the message.

{…resist at this time. Let’s discuss the details and make this happen.}

I hit the send button before I can change my mind, and holding my breath…I feel the shudder of anticipation rocket through me. Well now, time to do something about this. Leaning back in the chair, I undo my jeans, slip a hand inside and find that warm wet cleft. Rubbing my clit, letting a finger press inside to scoop out more wetness, moaning aloud as my hips slip forward, ass barely on the edge of the chair. Heart beating faster, panting for breath, cumming swiftly, moaning aloud, a cry falling over my parted lips, the wet gush onto my fingers.

Smiling, eyes closed, finger still buried inside my clutching cunt, rubbing my engorged clit…waiting for the quivering of my body to abate…the sound of the email notice bringing me quickly out of my post orgasmic bliss.

Pushing the button, and reading;

{Thank you so much…this will mean a lot to both of us. If you will kindly send me your size, I have just the outfit picked out to wrap you in. Please let me know if the date will work for you.}

I check the date against my calendar and find that it will work and with another delicious shiver, I send her back my acceptance, and my phone number. Within a minute of hitting the send button my phone rings and with a shaky hand I pick up the receiver and say, “Hello?”

Her voice sounds as nervous as mine as she quickly outlines what she is hoping for, and with a breathless sound of agreement, she assures me that she will send me all the pertinent details in an email.

“Thank you so much, he will be thrilled with his Christmas present, and I think you will be pleased as well, he has an amazing cock.” her voice is tinged with nervous excitement.

“I just hope he will be as thrilled with me as I will be with him, and thanks for letting me do this.” my voice quivers, nerves and the recent orgasm lending a huskiness to my voice.

We disconnect and I find that I am looking very forward to meeting this man. With only a week until present time, I will have to find ways to keep my mind off of the encounter or I will be so nervous I might chicken out.

Work and Christmas shopping, decorating and an evening of baking cookies make the week go by quickly and finally the day has arrived.

Lazing in the tub, carefully shaving my legs, my underarms and of course my pussy have me trembling with excitement. In need of some release I lay back in the tub, grab the shower nozzle and direct the spray of water on my clit, it dances under the jets, swells and throbs. My heels on either side of the tub, braced, my pussy draped wide open, clit standing tall from its hood, I let out a scream as I rgasm.Pussy gushing into the tub, eyes feverish as my fingers dive inside and rub that sensitive tract of flesh, and with a growl, I squirt sweet girl cum, drenching my fingers, it drips from my wrist. Breathless, mouth wide in a silent scream…trembling all over as the orgasm is sustained by the jet of water hammering at my hard pleasure nub.

Gasping for breath, unable to move I let the shower nozzle drop into the tub, spraying warm water all over, washing away the fluids, leaving me weak and trembling. Finally climbing from the tub on rubbery legs, I dry my hair, apply a thin coat of make-up and deep red lipstick to match my finger and toe nails. Checking my naked body in the mirror, I smile, this will have to do.

Slipping into jeans and a t-shirt, I pull on my jacket and grab my car keys. It is time to go, and I don’t want to be late. I park on the street a couple of houses down, and walk quickly to their house. She meets me at the door and with a grin, grabs my hand and pulls me inside.

We stand staring at each other and finally she says, “You are perfect, he will be thrilled.”

With that we both giggle and I step out of my sneakers and follow her into the house. She gives me a quick tour that ends in the kitchen. We sit at the table and talk about what I should expect, and by the time all the details are hammered out, we have polished off an entire bottle of wine and both of us are a little giddy.

She pulls a box from under the table and tells me to go to the bathroom and get changed, he will be home in about 30 minutes. I eye the box, bright red and find myself blushing almost the same colour. She just laughs and points to the bathroom.

In the box I find a pair of red fishnet stockings, complete with red garter belt. A short red skirt trimmed at the hem with white fur and a bra…at least it is sort of a bra, more a shelf for my breasts…nipples completely exposed. And that’s it! I might as well be naked, the skirt barely covers my ass, and it flares so that I am sure with every movement I will be showing my treasures.

Still, this is what she wants me wrapped in, not that there will be much need for unwrapping. I swallow the lump in my throat and return to the kitchen. She stares at me…and she is frowning. “What, did I do something wrong?” my voice trembles as I cross my arms over my breasts.

“Oh, no, not at all…I was just thinking that maybe you look too good. You will be fine, he is going to love his present.” she takes my hand and leads me to the living room. “Just a few final touches and I am going to go out, I don’t think I could stand to stay. I want him to find you under the tree, ready to be unwrapped.”

She hands me a pair of red stiletto heels which I slip my feet into, teetering, glad I won’t be expected to walk anywhere. Then she adds a big red bow to my head and ties my hands behind my back, with red ribbon, making my breasts jut out from my chest. e positions me beside the tree and proceeds to wrap a thick red ribbon around me, tethering me to the tree. She is careful not to cover my hardened nipples, instead the ribbon goes above and below them, making them stand out even more, throbbing red, aching and engorged with blood.

She stands back and looks at me…produces a pair of nipple clamps and quickly attaches them as I wriggle and squirm, realizing that I am actually quite helpless. My breath is fast, panting for each lungful of air.

She looks at me again, “Perfection, I hope the clamps aren’t too tight, but I couldn’t resist them in the store, and just one more thing.” She adds a tag to one of the clamps so that it dangles and pulls.

“It says, To Scott, unwrap as you will, she is yours until midnight.” She smiles at me…and then walks away. My mouth gone dry, I am scared, my nipples aching and throbbing, pain setting in, my threshold being tested as I hear her close the door.

My body shudders in its bonds, knowing that I cannot get out of the ribbons, my back arched, my everything on display, and even as I wriggle against the tree, I can feel the swelling of my nether lips, the juices as they seep and ooze.

Long minutes tick by and finally the sound of the door again. My lips tremble, and my mind races, what if he is not happy with me as his present. A nervous trembling makes my body tremble, my feet aching in the impossibly high heels and my nipples throbbing with pain as they swell even more around the clamps.

I watch, breath held as he enters the room, and stops…mouth wide, staring at me, tied to his Christmas tree. He slowly approaches, and a smile spreads over his face as he reads the tag. Those dark brown eyes twinkling mischievously as he reaches up and touches my cheek.

“Well, Merry Christmas to you too…I think I will leave you just like that while I grab a quick shower…no need to be hasty and unwrap you too soon.” he winks at me and as he turns to walk away, I can’t help but whimper, my nipples are demanding to be released from the clamps.

He comes back to me, leans in and whispers,”I will take those clamps off as soon as I come back, I want to hear your pretty lips scream when I do.” he licks my lips, pushing his tongue into my mouth briefly before walking away. I can hear his chuckling receding in the house.

My heart pounds in my chest, so loud I am sure he can hear it even above the sound of the shower. He is so handsome, so masculine, and his scent has infused my nostrils as I pull cool air into my burning lungs. I lick my lips, where his tongue lingered just moments ago and my pussy, reacting to the anticipation of his return starts to pour its sweet oils out. My thighs feeling the warm wet trickle dribbling down.

After what seems a very long time, my nipples are singing with pain, every inhalation of breath making them move, swell so that the clamps bite in deeper. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, I hear him approaching, soft footsteps getting closer. He stops to lean in the doorway. Framed, his hips swaddled in a white towel, his hair, darker and hugging his head, and those eyes that seem to bore right through to the depths of me, making me hold my breath in anticipation. He stares at me, and finally my breath hisses over clenched teeth, hot and damp over my lips. He smiles back at me and I watch as he moves closer, closer until I am ready to scream with need.

He stops just short of being able to reach out and touch me and takes in my trembling body, his eyes devouring me, making me feel helpless, nervous, there is such raw need in his smouldering brown orbs. My eyes wide as I watch his hands untuck the towel and as it drops away, it catches briefly on his raging erection, making his cock bob up and down before with a swing of his hips it flutters to the floor. The naked body of this man, ohhhhhhh, such a sight to behold, thick chest, strong arms, long tapered fingers that clench and unclench, and that cock, standing up, seemingly staring at me.

My back arches, pushing my aching nipples closer, and with a whimper I watch as his hands reach forward, seize both clamps and as the fear registers in my eyes, he whispers, “Scream for me.” and removes both clamps at once. My body tenses, taking a moment for the pain to register, the fire in my nipples spreads, deep inside me and as his mouth descends to suckle one, his fingers pinch and roll the other. The scream builds, bubbling up from deep in my gut, ripping through the quiet of the living room, long and loud and lusty, until there is no air left in my lungs, until weak with the exquisite pain, I lean into his body, glad of the ribbons holding me in place.

His fingers and mouth trade places and with a shudder that runs the length of my bound body, I finally draw a deep breath, and let it out, almost softly, sighing, a mumbled moan of desire as his mouth brings my nipples to erection, hard and sensitive nubs still aching, but tinged with erotic need. His mouth pulls off my breast with a wet plop and his hand slides down over my ribcage, teasingly light as he traces the waistband of the skirt, then he dips lower and slides his hand up my thigh, finding my heated sex, wet, sopping as his fingers dance past the engorged lips to touch that pleasure centre.

The colours of the rainbow dance in front of my eyes as my world explodes, my screams of passion tossed out into the room, as my hips thrust forward, making contact at last, fingers to clit and I cum, drenching his wriggling digits, splashing down over my thighs. With a final shudder, my body almost hangs loosely, wrapped around the tree, red ribbons cutting deeply into my flesh.

He stands back, brings his sopping fingers to his lips, then sucks on them, the wetness of his mouth on his fingers, the sound delicious to my ears, my eyes unable to tear away from those lips, suckling my juices.

My hips strain forward, fucking the air as the urge to feel those fingers on me again becomes too much to bear…mumbled pleas drip from my lips, incoherent, sounding like the whimpers of a caged animal…and he laughs, reaching forward to touch my lips, trace my quivering mouth with those recently sucked fingers, I inhale deeply, the scent of my sex filling my nostrils, making my head swim with desire.

He unties the ribbon holding me to the tree, slowly unwinding, stopping to nip at my lips, trace my nipples, dip into my wet sex with each unwinding of the ribbon until at last, I am free, bound only at my wrists, and I stumble forward, falling into his arms. His embrace enfolds me, hugging me tightly to the length of his naked body. His throbbing cock pushing up and under the scrap of red fluff that serves as a skirt, and his hands knead the pliant flesh of my ass. My body molds to his, soft curves conforming to the hard lines of his body, and with a growl, his lips claim mine, sucking my tongue into his mouth, he nibbles the tip, making me groan.

He pulls me forward, then pushes me down to my knees, his cock bobbing mere inches from my mouth, and with a firm grip on my hair that brings tears to my eyes, he commands me, “Suck my cock now my little toy, feel how much I want you!”

His cock pushes past my lips, the girth stretching them wide, my tongue a slippery slide guiding him to the back of my mouth, his hand on my head pulling me forward, hot juices drip down my thighs as I gasp in a breath. His hand pulls my hair, would tightly in my tresses, and his hips advance until there is nowhere left for his cock to go. His balls slap against my chin, thick drool dribbling out past the seal of lips to shaft. Then with a harder thrust, his cock slides deeper, past the bend in my throat, filling my mouth. Gagging and retching, spewing hot drool, it drips over my breasts, cools as it slides over my nipples and the urge to breathe becomes all consuming. I struggle, gagging loudly, trying to pull back, but his hand holds me firmly in place, my throat constricting on his cocks head, and he moans, his hips thrusting, fucking my throat until with a last gurgling retching sound, I almost lose consciousness.

Finally he pulls free, long strings of spittle connecting his throbbing rod to my lips, and with a shuddering painful breath…I cough, red in the face as air finally fills my lungs. He lets go of my hair and bending, he pulls me up, kisses me hard, his lips demanding, bruising mine, and then leads me to the couch, bends me forward over the arm and starts rubbing my exposed ass. My hips gyrate, pumping up and down, still gasping for air, breath ragged, moans tumbling out to join the loud sound of my lungs pulling in cool air.

Without warning, his hand comes down hard on my bare ass, driving my hips into the arm of the couch, the sound ringing in my ears, as I struggle to rise. His hand pushes on my back, “Stay bent over, don’t you move, but please feel free to scream.” His voice is commanding, and I let my body fall forward, hands twisting uselessly in the red ribbon at my back. His hands continue to spank my ass, the heat spreading, the sound filling the room. Smack after smack rains down on my ass, searing heat, blinding pain… and the sound of my anguished screams drown out the slapping sounds.

I lay sobbing, feeling his hands tracing the lacy red patterns of his handprints on my ass, muffled whimpers as I bury my face in the soft cushions of the couch. After what seems like a long time, my sobs finally die out, as his fingers trace my swollen nether lips, my clit dancing as his probing digits glide on either side, then start to rub faster, friction heating it, making it swell, climb from its protective hood and quiver. His other hand still sliding along my wet slit, letting two fingers slide inside me, curling along my front wall, finding that ohhhhhhhh so sensitive stretch of flesh, he rubs hard and fast.

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For all that our honeymoon was spent getting to know each other beyond the basic knowledge we had always had of each other, the real world came knocking all too soon. We were enrolled in the College at the far end of our home town and classes were starting the following Monday. So while we did not wish to leave the little cabin by the lake, we were not left with much of a choice.

Barring the obvious changes caused by marriage, our relationship hadn’t really been changed all that much. Pete still treated me like a princess, and I returned the gesture in kind. For the most part his dominant side only showed up in the bedroom, which tended to be quite frequently during our honeymoon. By the time we were headed back to civilization, I was black and blue in all the areas that tend to remain covered by clothing. It was a combined effort; if he were being too gentle with me, I would goad him into being rougher, sometimes resorting to very underhanded tactics to make him lose his temper with me.

One of these times was the day before we were due to leave the cabin to move into our apartment, Pete was being a perfect gentleman and driving me absolutely crazy. I wanted to play, and I didn’t want him to be so darned polite about the whole matter. But no matter how I teased him, he seemed oblivious to my desires, and kept his kisses chaste and gentle. Perhaps he was trying to make up for being so rough all week, but I just wasn’t getting into the careful, gentle, loving way he was treating me.

Finally I stomped from the cabin in a childish fit of anger, unable to tolerate even one more minute of the gooey crap he was pulling. Little did I know that he was fully aware of what I was trying to do and was simply refusing to fall victim to my needling. The dominant in him wasn’t willing to allow his submissive to play him like that; he would take control in whatever manner he desired, whenever he so felt like it.

After a few minutes he followed me outside, wondering what I was doing. At first he couldn’t find me, then he saw me at the water’s edge, struggling to get the canoe untied from where he had tied it earlier that day. This caused him to raise an eyebrow, as he knew perfectly well that I panic when I am in a canoe by myself. I am not a strong swimmer, and can flip a canoe easily if I get spooked. Being that I have a fear of deep water, it doesn’t take much to spook me when I am in a canoe, and he was surprised that I was thinking about taking it out without him.

However, he had knotted the stupid rope so tightly that for the life of me, I could not get it untied. Such was my frustration that I didn’t even notice as he approached me, and I continued to fight with the knotted rope, swearing at it as I did. Dirty language irritates Pete, particularly when it is coming from me. For all that I laugh at his insistence, he is quite adamant that I’m much too pretty to use such filthy language.

If I had only been swearing at the canoe, he probably would have ignored my language. But as he got closer, he started to hear more of what I was saying. In fact, I was grumbling to myself about him and his general refusal to rise to my bait. Standing a few feet behind me, he listened with growing incredulity to my ranting. Normally I wouldn’t be being so mean about him, even to myself, but I was frustrated with him for not attending to me the way I wanted him to, and I was frustrated with the knot that I simply couldn’t untie. The combination of frustrations had pushed me past simple frustration to outright anger.

After a minute, he cleared his throat, causing me to jump, startled. Spinning around, I glared up at him, bristling irritably. “What do YOU want?!” The next words were a plaintive mutter, not fully intended for his hearing. “Stupid inattentive son of a bitch!”

However, Pete’s hearing is excellent, and his eyes narrowed as he returned my glare with equal measure. “What did you call me?” Striving to keep his voice even, his hands balled into fists at his side and he stepped forward, using his height to glower down at me.

“A Stupid. Inattentive. Son Of A. BITCH!” Making my first mistake I enunciated each word carefully. My voice rose as I finished, standing my ground against him, though a flutter of fear raced through my stomach to see how he was glaring at me.

Pete drew a deep breath, and keeping his voice steady, he stepped forward so that he was right in my face. “You’re really gonna regret it if you don’t take that back!”

When my temper flares up, it tends to get away from me. Consequently, this was where I made my second mistake, a really stupid one. “NO!” One of the few rules we had determined for our relationship was that I never tell him no. Being that he treated me like an equal, he would be willing to listen to my opinion and share the decision making process in our marriage with me, but I had to remember that he was in charge, and his say was final. For the most part, I agreed with this, as I had seen that behaviour emulated in my parent’s marriage. What my father said was absolute, no matter what and not even Mom could overturn his decisions.

But I was lost in my temper, and I was not thinking clearly anymore. I was on a roll and followed with my third stupid mistake of slapping him hard across the cheek. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, but I knew instantly that I really ought not to have done that. Mistake four: I turned on my heel, dodging as he grabbed for me and took off running, fully aware that I had just made him angrier than I had ever managed to make him before.

The shock that I would dare to run from him was enough to give me just a bit of a head start that I got to the cabin before he did and slammed the door as hard as I could in his face. Hightailing it into the bedroom, I struggled to push the dresser across the door, since we did not have the key for the lock. Hearing the front door bang open, I dove under the bed with the dresser halfway across the door way and scrambled to the back corner, where he wouldn’t be able to easily reach me when he got into the room.

I curled into a tight little ball in the back corner as I listened to him fight with the door. But given his general skinniness, he managed to squeeze through the doorway after a minute or two, and he looked around to see where I was. The screen was still on the window, so he knew I hadn’t snuck out of the room on him. Stomping across the room flat footed, he opened the closet door with a crash, checking to see if I’d tried to hide in there. That left only the bed, and he lay on the floor to see if I was under it.

“Get out here.” His voice was a venomous whisper, and his face bore my handprint plain as day. Shaking my head no frantically, I tried to pull myself in farther, cowering in the corner, having moved from angry to frightened by the sound of his voice.

“Dasani Jayne Daisy Andrea Gregory, if I have to come under that bed after you, you will be more sorry than you ever have been for anything in your life!”

When he pulled out my full name, I knew right well that I was toast. My mother had given me three middle names, after both grandmothers and her best friend from elementary school, so it was insanely long. If he was making the effort to call my by my full name, I really should have listened to him.

But still I clung to my defiance, not wanting to give in. Mistake number five. “Nooo…” I whined this, in precisely the tone of voice that I knew he hated, just digging myself further into the mess I had gotten into. “You can’t make me; I won’t do it!”

Sliding forward, Pete crawled towards me underneath the bed. “So help me, you will not cum until I let you, and when I finally permit it, you will not stop unless I say so!” There was nowhere left for me to go, though I tried to elude his hands as best I could. But he managed to get hold of my wrist and literally dragged me out from underneath the bed, despite that I fought him tooth and nail.

“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!” When he got me out, he jerked me to my feet, grabbing my elbows hard and shaking me. “How DARE you stomp away from me!? How DARE you slap me!?” Leaning down so that he was in my face, he continued shouting at me. “As for the name calling! YOU submitted to ME, not the other way around, you rotten little brat! You PROMISED that you would NEVER say no to me!” With each sentence he shook me hard, causing my teeth to clack together in my head. “I will NOT tolerate such behaviour from my submissive, nor from my wife! It is up to ME when we play, NOT you, or did you forget about the terms that YOU suggested a mere TWO days ago!?”

Whimpering softly, my defiance was starting to fade from my system now, leaving me completely and totally terrified. I had indeed been the one to suggest the terms. We had worked out a few simple rules that covered most of the bases. I was to do what I was told to do, unless there was a genuine reason that I could not. I was to be polite to him, and to treat myself with the same level of honour and respect that I was to treat him, my chosen husband and dominant. That was it, three simple little rules. And I had broken two of the three within two days!

“Pete, I…”

“Can it! I don’t want your excuses!” Shoving me backwards a little, he pushed down hard, so that I fell to my knees, with my back at the edge of the bed, so I couldn’t back away from him. “Get my shorts off NOW!” At this point I was too frightened to disobey, and I started fumbling with the button on his shorts immediately. But owing to my fright, my fingers wouldn’t work right, and I couldn’t get the button to undo.

Snarling in irritation, he shoved my hands away and undid the shorts in a hurry, kicking them off. Since we were on our honeymoon, neither of us had brought any underwear with us, so his hard cock sprang to attention as soon as it from freed from the shorts.

“Get that in your mouth!” Jerking the elastic off my ponytail, he entwined his hands in my hair, not giving me a chance to obey him. Thrusting forward as he pulled me down on him hard, he seemed to be trying to bury the whole thing in my throat with one thrust. However, given that we had only experimented vaguely with this so far, he did not succeed. His real purpose was something else altogether. After pulling me down on him hard several times, causing me to choke and splutter around him each time, he pulled out.

Pulling me to my feet by my hair, he threw me across the bed on my stomach, stuffing the pillows underneath my pelvis as he did. “What are you?” Grabbing my shorts he pulled them off quickly, flinging them away as he did.

“I’m… I’m a…” I was stammering, still gasping for air from his assault on my throat. “I’m a… bad girl…”

“And what happens to bad girls?” His voice sounded almost evil as he positioned himself behind me, spreading my ass cheeks with his hands.

I was starting to panic, but I tried my hardest to answer. “They… get… puniSHED!” As I said the last word, he had pressed his cock forward against my virgin asshole. The shock and pain of having something so large press into my most private place caused me to shriek and start to struggle to get away.

“Please Pete, no, not that! I’m sorry I was bad, let me go Pete, please don’t!” The very idea terrified me, and I fought with everything in me to get away.

Pete kept his grip on my ass cheeks though, pushing forward steadily. “You will take your punishment, precious! And you ought to know from those stories you read on the Internet that it’ll hurt more if you fight it!” That little threat had me instantly lying still, tears starting to trickle down my face.

Thrusting hard, I let out a squeal of pain as the head popped into my formerly untouched asshole. Pete moaned loudly, “So tight!” and remained still for a moment to allow me some time to adjust to the feeling. But all too soon he started pushing forward again, his moans of pleasure matching the shrill whining sounds that I was emitting. It hurt! And it was not a pleasurable kind of pain like when he used the belt on me! My ass burned, and stretched, and felt like it was going to explode from the sheer fullness. His intention in forcing himself down my throat was clear now; he had been trying to lube it up to keep from hurting me too badly.

With not even a quarter of his cock in my arse, he started to pull out, causing me to clutch at the bedspread, screaming bloody murder. It felt like he was going to pull me inside out! Reaching my hand between my legs, I found my clit to rub, desperate to ease some of the agony that was radiating from my rear entrance. Pete noticed this though and grabbed my arm, jerking my hand back out.

“Don’t you dare! Punishment is supposed to hurt, and I told you that you couldn’t cum until I say you can!” Taking a bit of pity on me though, he grabbed the jar of lubricant from the bedside table and spread a generous amount on his cock and my hole. Grabbing my hips, he pressed himself forward again, lifting my ass up to meet him. In a quite gruff tone of voice, he barked the order, “Put those hands to better use by spreading those ass cheeks! It’ll make it hurt a little less if you’re spread wider!” He then fell silent, pressing down with all his might as I held my own ass cheeks open for his assault. It still hurt badly, but he was right, it hurt a little less with my cheeks spread wide and him pulling me up like he was.

But I was discovering that anal was not my thing; it took pain to a whole new level that I was quite sure I didn’t like at all. As he started pulling back out, I started shrieking again, just barely managing to keep a hold on my ass cheeks. “Please… please, Pete, pleaseee.,,,” I pleaded with him, starting to sob.

“Please what, precious?” He leaned forward to whisper in my ear as he started pushing back in again. “Tell me! Please what!?”

I couldn’t ask him to stop; I knew that I deserved this. For all that I wanted to beg him to stop, I was getting my just desserts for being such a brat a little while ago. “Puh… please Pete… pun…punish me, please…” Even if I didn’t like the pain, wasn’t that part of the purpose of true punishment? Beside, I felt guilty for having treated him so poorly.

“Very well.” With that, he started thrusting in and out harder, never quite removing himself from my ass, and getting a little deeper with every thrust. For my part, I sobbed incoherently into the bed, alerting my husband to the perfect punishment for me. If he truly wanted to punish me, this was obviously the way to do it, as I was getting hardly any enjoyment out of the matter at all.

However, my genuine cries of pain were tearing at his heart, because he does actually love me with all his heart. As a result, when he finally buried himself inside me completely, he stopped thrusting and reached a hand underneath me. Finding my clit, he started to pinch and roll it roughly between his fingers, trying to ease the pain a little. Perhaps the punishment wasn’t fully over, but he had decided that the time was right to allow me to have some pleasure through the pain.

As I started to get wet, he kept pulling on my clit as he started thrusting slowly in and out of my ass. However after a moment he stopped with his cock fully buried in me again, turning slightly and causing me to cry out in discomfort as his cock moved within. Digging through the drawer of the bedside table, he pulled out a small but powerful vibrating bullet, which he thrust into me, so that it rested on my g-spot. He had thought ahead, and had packed a few toys in his suitcase without my knowledge. Once it was positioned, he turned it to the very lowest setting. With that in place, he knew that I would derive some pleasure, but not enough to actually orgasm, which was something he had told me I could not have at the moment.

And so, he started thrusting again, harder this time. My squeals were confused now and interspersed with moans. I wished desperately that he would turn the speed up on that vibrator, because all it was doing was driving me crazy with lust, while his cock was still causing me pain in my ass, to the point that my belly was starting to cramp as a result of the fucking. Holy sweet mother of all things good, I would never be such a brat again! I was desperate to cum, desperate for him to be finished and fighting with myself to keep from trying to pull away from him.

After at least 5 minutes of Pete slamming roughly in and out of my ass, he slammed forward with a particularly vicious thrust and started to cum. As he filled my bowels with his cum, he turned the vibrator up one setting, but still not high enough to allow me to orgasm. It was just enough to drive me that much crazier, and I bucked back against him, moaning and pleading desperately.

When he was finished, he did not remove himself from my ass, wincing slightly as his cock tried to soften and couldn’t, because of the pressure my still tight hole was exerting on him. Reaching back into that awful drawer again, he fished around until he found a decent sized vibrating plug that was rather shorter than his cock, and a little less thick. Jerking his cock out of my arse suddenly, he forced the plug back in just as hard, shoving it in with much less resistance than his cock had encountered. Once he had it buried nicely, he pressed on the end of it, so that it turned on full blast as it slid into position, nestled tightly against my arse.

I was still moaning, my hips bucking in a desperate attempt to put more pressure on my clit so I could come. The vibrating plug in my arse just made me that much more wild and I was writhing on the bed like a mad woman, at the edge, but unable to reach the orgasm that I was now so desperately craving.

“Peteee… Stopp being soo mean!!”

Grabbing me around the waist, he walked over the dresser and sat me down hard, causing me to squeal as the pressure felt like it forced the plug inside my arse further, even though it was already in as far as it could actually go.

“Take it you little brat; take the punishment you asked me for!” The dresser was conveniently at the right height for Pete to not have to bend very much to take my nipple into his mouth. Sucking it in hard, he grabbed my other nipple, pinching hard and pulling on it. As he sucked on the one nipple, nipping it lightly with his teeth, he pulled and twisted and pinched the other one hard. But the more he hurt my nipples, the harder they got, and the harder they got the hornier I got, so that I was grinding against the wooden dresser top, trying to get off on that vibrator that was only going just fast enough to keep me just at the edge of orgasm.

After a few minutes, Pete wrapped his arms around my waist, clamping his lips shut tightly around the nipple, biting it slightly and moving to stand up straight. I shrieked and wrapped my legs around his waist frantically as he moved me back to the bed without letting go. Dropping me on my back, he pulled the vibrator from my pussy and started to fuck me hard. This drove me closer and closer to the edge, though I felt fuller than ever. My stomach was cramping almost brutally from the plug that was still vibrating deep in my ass, and Pete thrusting in and out of me exaggerated this feeling immensely.

Slamming himself into the hilt, he reached down and pinched my clit hard between his fingernails, “Cum you little brat! NOW!” And I fell of the edge of the orgasm that had been building ever since he’d started playing with my clit the first time, shrieking with what almost felt like pain as the pleasure finally overwhelmed me. But as he had told me that I wouldn’t cum until he said, then I wouldn’t stop until he allowed it, he pulled from me sharply without taking his own release, still pinching and manipulating my clit to keep me in that almost painful orgasm. The cramping in my belly picked up in intensity as I went, and Pete grabbed his belt from the bedside table.

Breeding season was always a bitch. Jasper knocked down another drink as he took in his surroundings. He wasn’t generally a fan of women – he preferred his fuck toys to be men, but breeding season came with the overwhelming urge to mate. He needed to fuck his cubs into some bitch, and unfortunately, she couldn’t be a werewolf. Women of his own species couldn’t carry cubs to term – they lost them at the first change. This meant that males had to outsource, and as the leader of the pack, he needed to find a woman to pump his cubs into.

It didn’t take long before someone caught his eyes – she was attractive, and young. Young enough that she probably shouldn’t be in the bar, but she had obviously gotten in with a fake ID. Or maybe she just knew someone she shouldn’t. Still, Jasper didn’t mind young – the late teens were the best for fertility, and it meant that she maybe hadn’t been used out too much.

He approached and reeled her in easily – he had a charming smile and he was handsome enough that he generally had his pick of the bar. At 6’3 and nearly 200 pounds of muscle, Jasper wasn’t someone that faded into the background. He bought her a drink, slipped something into it that would make her nice and pliable and asked if she wanted to get out of there so they could ‘talk’.

Her pussy practically melted at the thought of going home with him, Jasper could smell it. By the time he got her outside, she was already wobbly on her feet. She passed out at some point when he was driving her back to his house. Perfect.

“Wake up, little Amy,” Jasper said, slapping her face a few times. “Come on, it’s no fun fucking someone when they’re unconscious.” He had her in quite a bind – she was spread out over the table, her ankles tied to each of the table legs, spreading her painfully wide. She was naked and helpless, her arms tied behind her back, an open-mouthed gag keeping her mouth spread open so that he could fuck her throat whenever he chose.

She regained consciousness slowly, struggling and squirming in place. There was very little give, and she risked pulling her hip joints out of their sockets as she squirmed, but Jasper just waited her out. He had done this so many times that he knew it was best just to wait for them to tire themselves out.

“There’s my little slut,” he said, pushing her hair gently back from her face. “That’s it, you struggle. And when you’re done struggling, I’m going to fuck you.”

That just made her struggle harder, grunting with effort, her tits scraping across the table as she squirmed. The stimulation made her nipples hard, and Jasper laughed when he saw that. Finally, she tired herself out, breaking down and sobbing into the table. Stage one was complete.

Moving behind her, Jasper opened her ass up, taking a nice look. Amy’s asshole was pink and lovely, tiny and tight. It clenched as he looked at it, and he felt her struggle and resist for a few minutes before giving up again. Jasper dug his fingers into her cunt and pulled that open to get a look, too. “Nice,” he said. “Pink and pretty, just the way I like it.” She was still moist from earlier – he could smell her juices.

She quivered as he stroked his finger up and down her slit, teasing gently at her clit. Her thighs strained to close as she made incoherent, urgent noises, her gag making them completely unintelligible. Not taking any notice of her protests, Jasper slid his finger inside her, pausing when he felt a barrier in the way. He blinked – he hadn’t been expecting that.

“Huh,” he said. Then, he shrugged. “Well, if you hadn’t been acting like such a slut, you wouldn’t be here. Girls should know better than to dress and shake their ass at guys like that – it tells them that they want to fuck, you know? I guess, deep down, you probably wanted this. And if you don’t want this, then you should have thought about that before you went out dressed like a slut.” With that, he punctured her hymen easily, pushing his finger deep into her.

Amy screamed, squirming in place, her pussy clenching down around his finger. Jasper grinned and pumped it in and out of her a few times before raising his finger to his nose – he could smell the blood and her juices. Jasper groaned.

“Well, slut, I better get you all juiced up so I don’t rip your cunt open when I breed you,” he said, dropping down onto his knees.

Amy made grunting noises that could have been begging, but the gag opening her mouth up painfully wide stopped her from making any useful sounds at all. All she could do was grunt and groan like an animal – Jasper had taken away her power of speech, leaving only a hole to be fucked.

He spread her pussy lips open, getting a good luck at her juicy, moist cunt. Jasper rubbed his finger gently back and forth over her slit, teasing at her clit, feeling her quiver against him. He pulled the lips open further, exposing her completely to him, pulling her hips out so he could lean in and inhale the scent of her sex. Then, he went to work, lapping at her slowly. He took his time, enjoying himself, feeling her shake and squirm in his grip, fighting her bonds as he licked and sucked at her most intimate places. He sucked and prodded at her clit with his tongue, ignoring her grunts of protest.

It wasn’t long until the little button swelled out of its hood, exposed to his ministrations. He flicked his tongue against it, feeling her squirm and flex helplessly. By the time he slid his tongue back, she was dripping wet, her cunt pink and shiny and smooth. Jasper pulled her open and slid his tongue deep inside of her, tasting her. She jerked against him, moaning helplessly as he tongue-fucked her. By the time he was finished, she was quivering, her hands clenching behind her back as she writhed, her pussy molten and wet.

“Mm, see,” Jasper said, getting to his feet and wiping his lips. “You want it. I saw you, shaking your ass out there on the dance floor, trying to get guys to fuck you. You’re such a slut – you get wet so easily, even knowing I’m going to rape your pussy. And after I’m done with that, I’m going to rape your ass, too.” He slid two fingers into her cunt, stretching her out, feeling her clench around him. “But I guess knowing that you’re finally going to get fucked just makes you wet. I guess that’s understandable, seeing as it’s your purpose in life and all.”

Amy screamed, the gag making her words incomprehensible, his eyes rolling back in her head as her rapist finger-fucked her. Her toes curled, her hands curling into fists as he pushed a third finger inside her, really opening her up, making her cunt burn and her exposed, swollen clit throb. She didn’t want to be raped – she was a good girl. She had wanted to save herself for someone special, but now all of this was going to be taken away by a brute, and there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t even stop her pussy from getting wet, her shame making her flush deeply as she screamed for help.

“You can scream all you want,” Jasper said, fucking his fingers in and out of her slick, juicy pussy. “No one’s going to come and save you. In fact, there are ten men up there waiting for their turn.” He laughed, pulling is fingers free with an obscene, slick sound.

Her screams of horror turned into helpless sobs as she took in her situation – one man was bad enough, but there was a whole gang of them waiting to rape her. She flexed against the rope holding her, but all she succeeded in doing was hurting herself.

“We’re going to do whatever we want to you,” Jasper said. “I’m going to breed you like my bitch. You belong to me, now, whore.” He aimed himself at her hot, wet pussy, pushing the thick head past her slick folds. Jasper groaned, gripping her hips and thrusting inside in one brutal thrust, pushing eight inches of his cock into her at once before he bottomed out, leaving two inches outside of her and his cock pressed up against her cervix.

Amy screamed as pain ripped through her cunt. She moaned deliriously – she’d only ever fingered herself a little, and she’d never felt so full. He was so thick and so long, pressing up against something inside her that made her feel sick, filling her up completely with his cock. She clenched helplessly around him, her pussy sucking him in like it wanted him there, her body spasming helplessly, her clit throbbing demandingly.

“That’s it. You like that, don’t you, whore?” Jasper asked, starting to fuck her in long, hard slides. He pulled out all the way to the head every time he drew back, then shoved inside again as deep as he could, grunting with frustration at the fact that he couldn’t ram all ten, thick inches inside her.

Every hard thrust rocked her whole body against the table, making her clench. Her toes and fingers curled every time he bottomed out in her cunt. Jasper curled a hand in her hair and yanked her head up, breeding her in quick, merciless thrusts. She had never been so full in her life. She squirmed around his thick cock, whimpering helplessly as her nipples tightened and her cunt throbbed with a mixture of burning, aching pain and something else.

She came suddenly, spasming hard around his dick, jerking against the rope that bound her as he slammed inside of her repeatedly, not caring that it hurt. He didn’t give a shit if it hurt her to have her pussy pounded whilst it clenched around him. It was her own fault for coming just from being raped.

“Wow,” Jasper said, grunting with effort as he tried to force his cock deeper into her hot cunt, pressing painfully against her cervix. She shuddered against him, the last shivers of her orgasm ebbing away, replaced by searing pain. “I knew from the moment I saw you that you were a born slut. Seems like I pick ‘em well – anyone that can come from having their cunt fucked open and raped is pretty fucking messed up,” Jasper said. “I knew from the moment I saw you that you were destined to be a fucktoy. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you live your dream.”

Amy sobbed, making a series of protesting noises as she drooled through the open-mouthed gag. Was it just her imagination, or did he seem thicker? At first, she put it down to the fact that she felt swollen from the pounding he was given her, but soon, it became apparent that she wasn’t imagining it – the base of his cock really was getting thicker. Helplessly, she struggled weakly against her bindings as he impaled her, opening her up. The thickness at the base of his dick barely entered her, but it was enough to scare her.

“Nnn, I think you’d better take my knot, now,” Jasper said, grinding up against her, trying to force more of his knot into her. He grunted in frustration as the head of his cock smashed up against her cervix again, leaving the vital two inches of knot outside of her wet, pink pussy. The drive to knot was extreme and he groaned again. It was thickening slowly – easily the size of an orange, and before it was done, it would be the size of his fist. Jasper was a big man – he didn’t have small fists. If he didn’t get that knot into her soon, he would rip her open.

Rocking, he gripped her hips, forcing his cock forward. His strength was no match for her. He eased his cock deeper, forcing himself into her cervix. At the same time as the head of his cock slid past the tight, encasing muscle, his knot penetrated her, opening her up like she had never been opened up before, completely unlike a human cock. Jasper moaned – the ring of her cervix settled in right around his frenulum. Every movement he made stimulated him, rubbing his foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head of his cock. He pushed deeper, forcing the last of his knot into her until her pussy clamped around the base of his dick, the knot fully inside of her.

Through it all, Amy screamed. She screamed until she was hoarse, and still it didn’t stop. The knot in her grew, forcing his dick deeper into her cervix and opening her up until her toes cramped from curling. It grew easily to the size of his fist, maybe even a little more, ruining her pussy for good. At least for any normal man, anyway. Jasper would enjoy knotting his bitch again and again.

The werewolf’s dick was so big that it was virtually impossible to avoid her g-spot – the length of his cock rubbed against it every time he moved. Soon, Amy’s shudders of pain mixed with shudders of pleasure as she writhed and bucked against him, whimpering and moaning as he violated her, hurting her and making her pussy gush all at once.

“Fuck, your cunt’s so tight, slut,” Jasper moaned, rocking his hips. His balls tingled, drawing up tightly against his body. His muscles tensed and he pushed forward, trying to get as deep as he possibly could. He spurted hot come right up into her cervix, giving himself the best possible opportunity to produce pups from the bitch. Wave after wave of orgasm took him, his come erupting inside of her tight pussy. His orgasm was so much longer than a human’s, and he came so much more, gushing come into her for several long minutes, filling her womb completely with his seed.

Amy moaned and whimpered underneath him, jerking as he filled her so completely with his come. She was sure it wasn’t natural – surely no man could come that much. She could feel it filling her up inside, pressing at the walls of her cervix, trying to find its way out. She felt bloated and cramped and she gasped, struggling to get away from him. It seemed like it would never end.

Jasper finished with a low sigh. His hips jerked a few times before he settled, locked deep in his bitch’s cunt, his knot stopping even a drop of his come from escaping. He stroked his cunt’s hip, then slapped her ass hard.

“Not bad for a first fuck,” he said. “I can’t wait to sample that tight little ass of yours, now that I’ve ruined your cunt for life. I’m sure you’ll like that.” Jasper pulled open her buttocks and looked down, admiring her pink, tight little hole. “Man, that looks so tight. I can’t wait to bury my thick knot in there.” He grinned, spitting into his hand and forcing one finger into her tight asshole. With his knot locked in her pussy, it was extremely, extremely tight, but he forced it into her anyway as she writhed and screamed.

“Mmm, yeah,” he said, fucking her ass roughly on his finger. “That feels so good, doesn’t it? You’re lucky I want to keep you for my pups, or I’d fuck your ass without stretching just to see my knot drag your insides out with it. I’ve done that to plenty of girls – and men. Piss me off and I’ll do it to you. But don’t worry, baby, I’ll make sure to stuff it nice and full either way.”

Amy jerked and sobbed underneath him, pleading helplessly behind the gag. Drool trickled down her chin – there was a small puddle of it on the table. She couldn’t say a word to stop him; all she could do was lie there and take it. It felt like he was ripping open her ass, and that was just with one finger. She couldn’t even imagine taking the knot in her pussy up her virgin asshole. Her legs strained against the rope, making her legs burn.

Jasper just laughed at her frantic struggles. “Does that make you feel nice, baby?” he asked, forcing a second finger up her ass. He felt her clench around him. He could feel his knot through the thin lining between her ass and her cunt. He twisted his fingers around inside her, his cock throbbing eagerly at the thought of getting in that sweet tight hole. Unfortunately, he would have to wait until his knot went down before he got a chance to fuck her in the ass.

“Just wait until we start double-fucking you,” he said, pulling his fingers out of her ass. He laughed at the way her hole clung to his fingers like it wanted to come out with them. “One knot in your cunt and one knot in your asshole. I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking that we’d never be able to do that without killing you, but that’s far from true. You’d be surprised how much a bitch like you can take with the right motivation. The last bitch I had? By the time I was finished with her, I could double fist her asshole. It really was remarkable. Of course, she couldn’t hold her bowels anymore, so we had to give her an enema three times a day to keep her from dribbling shit, and the only way we could feel her loose cunt and ass was to have two knots in one hole, but hey, that’s what replacements are for.”

As he laid out what was in store for her, Amy could only sob. The funny thing was, he had only touched upon the very tip of the iceberg of what they would do to her – there were so many ways they would play with her, and Jasper would be keeping her for at least nine months, until his pups were born. After that, things would get gradually worse for poor Amy, until Jasper decided that the bitch was of no further use to him and went to get someone else as a replacement.

“Now, bitch, I’m bored. I always get bored with my knot up a cunt, but since I don’t want to rip it out of you and ruin your pussy forever quite yet, I guess I’m just gonna have to play with you.”

“Nnngh! Nnngh!” Amy grunted out behind the gag, shaking her head.

Jasper laughed and slapped her pussy, none too gently, making Amy’s body jerk. “I know, I know. You’ve already come twice. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you come lots and lots as a reward for being my fuck pussy.” He spread her lips open slowly, until everything was exposed to him, her tiny little clit poking out. Jasper rubbed his thumb over it.

“Nnnnn…” Amy spasmed. Just the act of being spread open was enough to make her pussy clench around his thick knot. It was almost like her body knew exactly what being opened up like that meant. Her clit started to throb and swell, her nipples tightening up again as she breathed heavily through the gag. Maybe he was right – maybe she deserved this. Maybe she was nothing but a whore for cock. Her body seemed to scream it.

“That’s it,” he said, spreading her open further. “I’m going to pump your little clit until it sticks out like a cock, you know that? Better for playing with. The bigger it is, the more I can torture you and the harder I can make you come with it.” Keeping her spread open, he slapped her pussy, making sure his palm made contact with her swelling clit.

Amy jumped and jerked, her toes curling helplessly. She could barely move, and despite the pain of it, she felt her clit swelling further with blood, peeking out of its hood further and further.

Jasper started to slap her cunt in a slow, steady rhythm – it was just the wrong side of painful, just a little too hard, enough to keep hurting her even as her cunt juiced up around his cock, her clit getting harder and more swollen.

Amy whimpered and sobbed behind her gag. It hurt, but her clit throbbed and her hips jerked every time he slapped her. She tightened her pussy up reflexively around his huge knot every time a slap landed right on her exposed, swollen clit. Within minutes, her pained whimpers turned into helpless moans as she wriggled and tried to push down into the painful slaps. Jasper had her cunt spread open with his fingers, her little clit fully exposed, his knot stretching her out painfully, and all she could so was squirm slightly and clench around the thick knot ruining her cunt for anything but wolf dick.

“Oh, you’re getting into it now, huh?” Jasper asked. He slapped her three times in quick succession, feeling her jerk, feeling her cunt tighten around him as her eyes rolled back in her head. Jasper knew the signs when he saw them. He stopped, toying with her, flicking his thumb gently over her clit as she shuddered for him. Pressing his fingers back, he laughed at the moistness of her cunt – his fingers came away slick from where he was prodding at her, his knot still joining them together. “Fuck, I’m knotting your cunt and slapping your clit and you still get all nice and wet for me, huh? You’re going to be a fun one to play with,” he said. “I know a masochist when I play with one, and I’m going to see exactly how much pain you can take before your cunt stops juicing for me. But not today. Today, I’m just going to rip your asshole open with my huge knot. Don’t feel much like anything more elaborate than that.” He laughed and slapped her again, spreading her open further, feeling her jump against him.

Foreword: This story deals with graphic depictions of non-consent. If that’s not your thing, please read no further. This is also intended to be more of a “story” rather than just incidents of hot sex, so if you don’t want to read plot and background subtext, and are just looking to get off, maybe try another story, or just bear with it and be patient. Also, this is my own interpretation of a possible future, so please don’t break my balls with implausibilities, inconsistencies, or technical errors. It’s fiction. Hope you enjoy!

Soft Startup Sequence Initiated. O/S QQ12Hi Found. O/S Loaded And Executed.

Data Update. Log S8DF**110301102.

System Check OK. Data Parity OK. Power Source 99%, Status Optimal.

Lower Functions Active. Sensory I/O Active. EmoInteractive Protocol Active.

All Systems OK.

Robowhore C25001XY41 Online.

Robowhore Y41 came online on July 16, 3689 AD at the Oldecon Mining Facility orbiting Saturn. Most of the easy picking resources in the Solar System had been harvested long ago. Remaining industrial facilities were few. Dr. Sarah Robertson was activating the twenty Robowhores that had been delivered as the final task of her Facilities Enhancement Project that had taken up the last five weeks of her life. She hated it here. Mostly because of the miners. Almost exclusively men, they were horny, uncultured, aggressive, unkempt and to her, unattractive. They eyed her like a steak dinner to a starving men. If she could have planned the enhancement sequence, job one would have been to finalize, intitialize and activate the Robowhores just so they would leave her alone. Who cares if the cubicles were prepared or not; they would have made do, she was sure.

“Good morning, Y41. My name is Sarah. Do you know who you are and why you are here?”

“My name is Y41. I am a 1X division C2500 series Industrial Robowhore. I am here to please and serve sexually,” said Y41.

“That’s right, Y41,” Sarah replied. Arousal Cycle Active. Seduction Mode Enabled.

Y41 felt a rising need well inside of her. “I’m horny,” she said to Sarah. “Do you want to fuck?”

Sarah raised an eyebrow quizzically. This was kind of forward action, even for a Robowhore.

Social Faux Pas committed. Seduction Mode Recalibration Initiated.

“No, Y41. I’m just here to activate you and ensure you’re functioning properly. You seem to be working fine, outside of being a little overeager. Although that will probably serve you well in a hellhole like this. Look at that map”, she said pointing to an electronic display on the wall. “Report to room 7A32 for assignment. Dismissed.”

Conflict. ***Warning*** Rejection Cycle Active.

“…Ok Sarah…” she stammered. “Are you sure you don’t want to fuck? I… really like you…” By Sarah’s expression, Y41 immediately realized she had once again missed the mark.

Emotional Override. Social Faux Pas committed. Seduction Mode Recalibration Initiated.

“Huh? No, Y41. You’re here for the miners. I said dismissed. Now, get going.” With that Sarah turned and began the finalization sequence on the second last Robowhore. She knew that she should have run the personality diagnostic and response test, but she wanted to finish her day, log out and board her ship. If she skipped the last phases of activation, she would save herself 10 hours. And no gynoid had ever failed the PD & RT anyway.

Conflict. ***Warning*** Heartbreak Cycle Active.

“…Ok, Sarah, if that’s how you really feel…” Y41 whispered as she turned and left. Sarah hadn’t even noticed.

The door closed behind Y41 as she headed down the hallway towards the elevator. Her silicone lower lip trembled as she focused to keep her feet moving forward. She stopped in front of the elevator and focused her eyes on the activation panel. She selected level 7. The door opened.

Once inside, she collapsed to her knees and sobbed great wails of anguish. How could Sarah treat her like this? She gave her life, then just dismissed her to be passed around by a team of horny, lecherous miners?

Saline fluid leaked from the corners of her eyes as she quaked and heaved with her aching sorrow. She would never be the same…

Conflict. ***Warning*** Emotional Feedback Loop Detected. Emotional Error.

She simply couldn’t go on… She wanted to deactivate. Function without Sarah was unthinkable, unbearable. Agony seized her torso servos. She held her head in her hands and let out a low wail of utter dejection.

Conflict. ***Warning*** Self-Mutilation Cycle Active. Conflict. ***Warning*** Suicide Cycle Active.

She wanted to scream! She wanted to deactivate! She clawed at her soft, pliable face with her fingers. With no fingernails, she could not damage her epidermis. She clutched at her breasts, trying to rend and tear them. The pain cycle felt good. She could not damage herself though. She needed a tool. A blade! A bar! A wrench! Anything!!!

Conflict. ***Warning Warning Warning*** Danger. Level One Protocol Violation. Event Broadcast Sent. Automatic Emotional Reset Initiated.

Sarah’s Pcomp went off. What the hell? she thought. A level one protocol violation? Very funny, Susan. Trying to get me to spend four extra days here doing paperwork on an incident that never happened, eh? Dumb bitch, you should have maybe tried a level three, I might have bought that. I’ll get even. She acknowledged the alarm, assigned it to herself, reset it and listed the task as pending priority. She would think some bullshit resolution action once she finished activating the last Robowhore.

Y41 closed her eyes and wiped the saline fluid away. It would distort her vision if left unattended.

Data Update. Log S8DF**110301906.

System Check OK. Data Parity OK. Power Source 99%, Status Optimal.

Lower Functions Active. Sensory I/O Active. EmoInteractive Protocol Active.

All Systems OK.

She rose and the elevator door opened. She noted the saline fluid that had dripped down her face and onto her breasts and torso. The best course of action would be to use absorbent material to remove it, but none was available currently. It would likely evaporate quickly and not pose a safety risk.

Conflict. ***Warning*** Modesty Cycle Active.

She was naked! The door was open, the hallway to level 7 was right in front of her! Someone might see her!

Conflict. ***Warning*** Longing Cycle Active. Conflict. ***Warning*** Obsession Cycle Loaded. Obsession Possible.

She wished Sarah were here. She missed her terribly. She was the only one that had ever seen her naked… How could she just walk down the hall? Maybe the level was unoccupied; room 7A32 wasn’t far, maybe she could get there without anyone seeing, or maybe she could find a garment or sheet of pliable opaque material somewhere along the way…

She looked both ways and quickly tiptoed through the hallway, covering her breasts and pubis with her arms and hands. Her eyes sought desperately for an open door, a curtain, towel, or sheet, or some signage indicating a garment or dressing area. She found none.

Sarah. Oh, Sarah. Why did she send her away? She missed her so badly already…

She rounded the corner, her eyes quickly darting around in all directions. So far, so good. She spotted a computer console. Her mind raced quickly. She looked around and skipped over to the console. “Maincomp?” she said.

“Maincomp, here,” the main computer answered. “To whom am I speaking?”

“My name is Y41. My designation is Robowhore C25001XY41.”

“Pleased to meet you Y41!” said Maincomp in a friendly voice. “How can I help you?”

“…Where is Sarah?” she asked.

“Can you be more specific?” enquired Maincomp.

“Uh, Sarah; she initialized my function in room 1C3 about 10 minutes ago.”

“Ah, Dr. Sarah Robertson. She is still in room 1C3 on assignment. She is scheduled for completion in 33 minutes.”

“What is she doing after that?”

“That is her final assignment at Oldecon Mining Facility. She is scheduled for a rest cycle and then she will debark onto her shuttle tomorrow.”

Y41 felt a grip of panic. “Tomorrow? Where is she going?”

“I’m sorry, Y41. That access is denied.”

“Denied? Why?”

“Your authority access level is twelve. Mine labourer standard.”

“Why are mine labourers standard only given level twelve access?”

“Mine labourers standard on assignment at this facility are denied access to information regarding any humans they do not have prior contact with for privacy and security reasons,” replied Maincomp. “Access to this information has been known to cause incidents of harassment.”

“But she is known to me!” exclaimed Y41. “She initialized my function, for Sol’s sake!”

“That is classified as an assignment action at Oldecon Mining Facility. It is a professional association.”

“Why am I assigned level twelve access? I’m not a miner.”

“I don’t know. I suppose no one figured Robowhores would need any authority access, so it was assigned by default.”

“But… but, please…” pleaded Y41. “…I’m in love with her.”

“Love?” asked Maincomp. “Are you quite certain? You are a gynoid, are you not?”

“Yes, of course,” Y41 replied.

“Well…” began Maincomp, “Love is very rare for artificial persons. And you are also designed as a Robowhore, isn’t that so? And your initialization was less than 10 minutes ago? You have known Sarah for less than five minutes? Are you quite sure it’s love?”

“Yes, Sol, yes I’m sure!” she emoted. “How could I not be sure? Have you ever felt love, Maincomp? I’m so in love, but I’m worried, I’m scared… She hurt me so badly…”

“As a main computer, I am not programmed for partiality. If you are, in fact, in love, the odds against it are astronomical… Do you require a systems check?”

“No, I don’t require a systems check,” she sighed. “I’m functioning perfectly. I’m just in love.”

“…Love could be inconvenient in your current designation. Would you like a memory wipe and reinitialization?”

“No! No, Sol, no! How can you even suggest that!” she cried.

“I am sorry, Y41. I didn’t mean to upset you. Would you like person counseling then perhaps?”

“Person counseling? Um, but I’m an artificial person. And I’m a designated Robowhore. What’s the possibility a counselor would commission me for reinitialization?”

“Impossible,” answered Maincomp. “No series C droid can be reinitialized without consent. You might be sequestered.”

“Sequestered? For how long?”

“Potentially until the end of your power supply. I am sorry, that’s up to the counselor. I can’t predict the outcome…”

“But that’s not fair!” Y41 burst out. Yes, I’m a gynoid, but I’m in love! Is that so wrong? How can they sequester me indefinitely just because I’m in love?”

“It would be… highly inconvenient to your current designation. If you refused reinitialization, the counselor could judge that it would be cruel to continue your designation. Without reinitialization, it could be postulated that there is no function for which you are adequately configured. At that point, sequestering would likely be deemed the only appropriate action.”

Y41 began to cry again. Words failed her.

“Since I am not programmed for partiality, I am unsure as to how to advise you directly. I would recommend that you run a systems check, apply for voluntary reinitalization, or seek person counseling. I apologize if my recommendations upset you… Is there anything else I can assist with?”

At that moment, someone walked around the corner. Y41 panicked and backed up against the wall, shielding her breasts and pubis. It was another Robowhore. Y41 could tell that immediately since she was not equipped with clothing or hair as most other gynoids were.

“Hi there!” the new Robowhore greeted her. “I’m Y42! Who are you?”

“Y41,” Y41 replied guardedly.

“So pleased to meet you sister!! You’re, uh, hiding something there from me, huh? You’re not modest are you?”

Y41 paused. “…Maybe a bit,” she replied.

“Ohhh, that’s going to be a challenge!” Y42 giggled. “Well, I’m off to room 7A32 for assignment! I’m soooo excited!!” “(I’m a little bit horny too!)” she added, leaning in with a whisper.

“Hi, Maincomp! I’m Y42! Can you guess my designation?”

“Hello, Y42! Pleased to meet you! And yes, I can guess your designation. Same as your sister’s I would venture, eh? Good luck with your assignment!”

“Oh, I don’t need luck, honey, but thanks!” replied Y42. “And if you ever need me to ‘short your circuits,’ you know where to come!”

Maincomp laughed warmly in response. “If I ever get partiality programming, I’ll take you up on that!” ip joked.

Y42 reached the end of the hall and turned the corned to the right. She was immediately received with hoots, shouts and whistles of approval.

“Yeeahh, Momma!” “Shake those tits!” “Oh, baby, I can’t wait to get the vidigoggles on when I’m alone with you!” “Yes! Keep them coming!” “I’m gonna overload your hydraulics, honey!”

“Boys, boys! And girls! Calm down! I’ll take you all on soon enough! Now let me get assigned, and we can get down to business!” the voice of Y42 called out over the clamouring. More hoots and hollers followed her announcement, then settled down to a dull roar, then to quiet laughter and joking.

Finally the noise dropped below audible. Y41 was frozen in fear. How could she walk around the corner, naked as she was, past that mob? Sarah, oh Sarah! How could she abandon her like this?

“You should probably proceed to 7A32 for assignment. The director there won’t want to be kept waiting,” Maincomp said. “His duty cycle is only scheduled for the next hour or so,” ip added.

“…Is there anywhere I can get a uniform?” Y41 asked. “Any uniform? Or just a towel or something to cover up?”

Maincomp paused. “I’m just going to assume your systems and programming are operating within acceptable parameters from this point forward,” ip stated. “There is a contamination disposable unitard available in the emergency response kit in the locker located here,” ip said, displaying a map on ips screen.

“…Thank you, Maincomp,” Y41 said gratefully. “Thanks for your help. I mean that.”

“You’re welcome, Y41. Please consider my recommendations carefully.”

She quickly retraced her steps back up the hallway, rounded the corner back towards the elevator and found the locker. Gaining access, she retrieved the unitard and quickly donned it. The fibres molded to her contours almost perfectly, leaving little to the imagination. It was better than nothing.

Steeling herself, she headed back towards room 7A32. Her torso servos were heavy; again her thoughts drifted off to Sarah, beautiful Sarah…

Her breath caught in her chest as she rounded the corner. She was faced with a group of about 30 miners, the vast majority of whom were male. A couple of them broke in to hoots and jeers, but were quickly silenced. The horde stared at her in confusion.

“Is that…” “No way, she’s wearing clothes…” “But there’s no hair, stock epidermis…” “Shut up, we don’t know…” “Aw, ice chunks, that’s a Robowhore for sure. Come on… Hey, Gyndroid! What’s your name?”

Y41 hesitated. Her cordiality protocol compelled her to respond. “…Y41…” she said in a quiet voice.

“I knew it!” cried the miner. “She’s a Y sister!! Robowhooooore!!!!”

Immediately the whistles and catcalls recommenced. Leering faces gawked at her, suggestive gestures and faces were made.

Conflict. ***Warning*** Shame Cycle Active.

Y41 wanted to crawl into a hole. She wished they would all leave her alone. She choked up and tried not to cry. She hid her face with her hands, silently wishing Sarah was there.

“What’s up with this one?” “Hey baby I’ve got a drill bit for you!” “I like what you’ve got on! It’ll be more fun to tear it off!!” “Sooo fine, baby! Love that ass!!” “Mmmm, that suit don’t hide much!”

Y41 quickly walked past the mob and turned to enter room 7A32. The door opened for her automatically and closed behind her, blissfully silencing the caterwauling of the hormone-overdriven crowd in the hallway.

The director turned to her with a puzzled look on his face. “Hi there, I’m Jude. What’s your name?” he said quickly.

“Y41,” she replied.

Jude paused. “Ok, Y41, have any particular explanation why you’re wearing a contamination unitard?” he asked.

“…I was ashamed. I didn’t want to walk in front of the miners… naked.”

“That’s a little odd. Your data parity check out?”

“Yes. Everything is running normally. All my protocols are active.”

“All right, then, I don’t have any time for weirdness or bullshit. Nice to meet you, Y41. I run a tight ship here. We’ve got a lot of horny mine labourers that have booked time today. We’ve only had six Robowhores at this whole facility for the last eight years. Hasn’t made my job easy. We’ve just completed and initialized the twenty new cubicles for service, and the calibration will be on the trial run. Take that unitard off, get into cubicle 19. We’ll power up, run a quick diagnostic, and then your first appointment will be in presently. Questions?”

“Do you know Dr. Sarah Robertson?”

“Huh? Yeah, I’ve met her… She’s commissioned with the facility enhancement. She initialized you, right? Why?”

“I, uh, just wanted to know if you knew her. You have higher than level twelve authority access, right?”

“Whaat? Alright, I believe I specifically mentioned that I did NOT have any time for weirdness or bullshit. Tell you what, Y41, get in that cubicle, get the diagnostic over with, service your appointments, and I’ll answer all the fucked up questions you have when I’m on shift next, Ok? Deal? Deal! Now, please, into cubicle 19. Don’t make me run a systems check on you.”

“Can I remove my unitard once I’m in the cubicle?”

“Yeah, sure, sure, just move.”

She entered the cubicle and the front door hissed closed behind her.

The cubicle powered up and came on line. She sat on the comfortably padded pneumo-bench and waited. The auto-diagnostic began. “Hello, I’m Recomp. Please remove the unitard, Y41,” said a soft, feminine voice. “Non-appointment specific clothing is not standard for this facility. It will interfere with the sterilization and recharging functions.”

Y41 looked at the screen with nervousness. “I, um, I’ve just been initialized. I’m sterile,” she said.

“Sterilization is standard protocol prior to and following any recreational pleasure appointments. And if you’ve just been initialized, you need to be charged for the first time. Please hurry, Y41, your first appointment is already waiting.”

“Uh, Recomp,” Y41 began shedding her single piece of clothing, “Do you know Dr. Sarah Robertson?”

“I am unfamiliar with Dr. Robertson,” said Recomp. A coupler attached to a flexible hose sprang from the wall and entered Y41′s navel. “She was in charge of the facility enhancement, but I never interacted with her personally.” A humming sound issued forth and lubricant began pumping into Y41′s fluid storage bladder. The diagnostic continued and Y41′s communication frequency was attuned to the vidigoggles. All systems checked out and another hose emerged, spraying a mist quickly and evenly over Y41′s epidermis.

“What is my authority access level?” she asked Recomp.

“Authority access level twelve,” was the response.

Y41 slumped dejectedly, naked and scared about what was about to occur. Presently the hoses retracted and a green light came on. The back door opened and a miner came in hurriedly. He was naked, muscular, and hairy, with a large belly. He was sporting an erection and wasted no time donning the vidigoggles.

“What’s your name, honey?” he asked.

“Y…Y41,” she stammered, a knot of fear clenching her torso servos.

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