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It was late night,‭ ‬long past midnight when Amanda dropped Elaine off at her new home.‭ ‬Amanda had driven Elaine from Mark’s ranch near Elko to Las Vegas where Roy lived.‭ ‬Roy:‭ ‬her new owner.‭ ‬Roy:‭ ‬who had kidnapped her,‭ ‬raped her and let four other men and two women use her,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬Roy:‭ ‬who had killed two men who were trying to take her away.‭ ‬He was the mysterious younger man who had gotten her to sign her life to him,‭ ‬to become his sex toy.

Elaine sipped on the last of her soda.‭ ‬Amanda had insisted on getting some burgers on the way and Elaine was grateful to have the food in her stomach.‭ ‬Last night Roy,‭ ‬Sam,‭ ‬Mark and Amanda had all fucked her:‭ ‬they had fucked her mouth,‭ ‬pussy and ass and everything still hurt.‭ ‬She was still weak and spent physically and mentally from the ordeal.‭ ‬When she closed her eyes she could feel the cocks in her throat,‭ ‬a hard shaft pounding away at her sore ass.‭ ‬The cheeseburger had hit the spot,‭ ‬she felt a little stronger and even though the pain killers Amanda had given her had long since worn off,‭ ‬she hurt less.‭ ‬Elaine supposed she should get used to it,‭ ‬she doubted that that would be the last time Roy shared her body with other people.

Amanda had taken them through a dark neighborhood where most of the houses had never been started.‭ ‬There were lots,‭ ‬street signs and even fire hydrants but only a smattering of houses.‭ ‬Amanda had gone on a rant about the crash of the housing market and how it had screwed up her deal,‭ ‬but Elaine tuned her out.‭ ‬She had bigger things to worry about than Amanda’s real estate deal gone bad.‭

Elaine fingered the collar she still wore from last night,‭ ‬it reminded her that she was an owned thing now,‭ ‬property rather than a person.‭ ‬Somehow she thought that the entire world should be different.‭ ‬She knew she was.‭ ‬Elaine was not the same person who had gotten off the bus in Goldwash to meet Amanda for what she hoped was going to be a weekend of rough,‭ ‬passionate sex with her former roommate.‭ ‬Elaine obsessed over little fine points,‭ ‬like did her life change when she got on the motorcycle with Roy or did it really only change when he raped her tied to the picnic table‭? ‬What was the moment her new life began‭? ‬And it was a new life‭; ‬she had signed herself away,‭ ‬she had become Roy’s slave,‭ ‬and even if there was no way he could enforce it‭ (‬but she believed him when he said there was‭)‬,‭ ‬her willingness to sign the papers signaled a new chapter in her life.‭ ‬She had been willing to give up everything she was and had accomplished to become the property of this man.

Why‭? ‬She took a deep breath,‭ ‬held it and let it out.‭ ‬She knew why.‭ ‬She did it because he made her feel like no one had ever made her feel before.‭ ‬She enjoyed a level of sexual awareness and fulfillment that a few days ago she had not dreamed possible.‭ ‬Roy satisfied all her carnal desires that had gnawed at her,‭ ‬un-sated,‭ ‬for her entire life.‭ ‬He filled in the missing pieces.‭ ‬Elaine did not really need to be loved and cherished now,‭ ‬she needed to be fucked hard and used roughly.‭ ‬She needed her body to be desired and her wishes ignored if needed to meet that desire.‭ ‬She had no family‭; ‬they were all dead or out of the country,‭ ‬so there was no one to stop her or impede her from making this change.‭ ‬The only real contact she had was Amanda and Amanda was ready to sell her as a slave to another man.‭ ‬She had no real career to give up,‭ ‬she had been a freelance graphic designer.‭ ‬She had been good at it,‭ ‬not great,‭ ‬and with all of her contracts finished no one would miss her.‭ ‬Maybe someone would contact for another job,‭ ‬but when they did not hear back they would find someone else.

Elaine Galway was a slave‭; ‬she had always been a slave she just had not realized it.‭ ‬She belonged to Roy Barnhardt now,‭ ‬and she hoped he would be a good owner.‭ ‬She hoped her life with him would give her what she had been missing.

Finally,‭ ‬Amanda pulled into a driveway and stopped.

‭”‬This is it,‭” ‬the redhead told Elaine,‭ “‬you get out here and I head back to Elko.‭”

One light was on in the lowest floor of the house.

‭”‬Are you sure this is it‭?” ‬Elaine asked.

‭”‬Sure.‭ ‬Now kiss me then get out,‭” ‬Amanda ordered.

Elaine leaned over and kissed Amanda,‭ ‬her tongue briefly caressing her former roommate and lover’s.‭ ‬Then she took a deep breath,‭ ‬unbuckled her seat belt,‭ ‬and opened the door.

‭”‬It was nice to see you again,‭ ‬Red,‭” ‬Elaine said as she got out.

‭”‬I’ll miss you,‭ ‬Laney.‭ ‬Good luck,‭” ‬Amanda said to her.‭ “‬Find me if you ever need help.‭ ‬You’re going to be a great slave.‭”

As soon as Elaine closed the door Amanda backed out of the driveway and headed back east.‭ ‬Elaine stood for a moment in the driveway,‭ ‬enjoying the quiet of the night for a moment.‭ ‬She hoped it was the right place,‭ ‬otherwise she was showing up wearing a short skirt,‭ ‬a blouse with the buttons torn off,‭ ‬no underwear and a locked collar.

Elaine was thirty years old,‭ ‬5‭’‬2‭” ‬tall and her Irish heritage showed through in her slender build‭; ‬she weighed maybe‭ ‬110‭ ‬pounds.‭ ‬She had small,‭ ‬sensitive,‭ ‬firm breasts,‭ ‬long legs with gorgeous,‭ ‬silky thighs,‭ ‬narrow hips and a firm,‭ ‬beautiful ass.‭ ‬Elaine had a pale,‭ ‬almost milky complexion with a little color from spending time outside,‭ ‬and a few large freckles here and there that seemed like dark stars on a white sky.‭ ‬Her hair was straight and dark blonde and fell to the middle of her back.‭ ‬She had big,‭ ‬beautiful blue eyes that seemed to draw in even the most casual glance.‭ ‬Her eyes also seemed to display her naturally shy disposition‭; ‬in them one could see her ready to run like a frightened deer.‭

She could run now.‭ ‬There was no one holding her here right now,‭ ‬she was all alone.‭ ‬She could start walking away,‭ ‬down the hill.‭ ‬Someone would give her a ride into town,‭ ‬she could get away.‭ ‬No one would tie her up and fuck her,‭ ‬no one would hold her down while they pounded her ass as she screamed.‭ ‬If she went through that door into that house she would be a sex toy,‭ ‬the man who had kidnapped her and violated her would be able to do anything he wanted to her for as long as he wanted.

The night was quiet.‭ ‬She was tired,‭ ‬nothing made sense.‭ ‬Yet the more she thought about her time with Roy the more he made sense,‭ ‬what he did to her made sense.‭ ‬Too much to think about.‭ ‬She had made her choice already,‭ ‬she knew it.‭ ‬She took a step forward,‭ ‬then another.‭ ‬As she reached the downstairs door,‭ ‬it opened before she had a chance to knock.‭ ‬Elaine was blinded by the light pouring out.

‭”‬Come in,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬a female voice with a German accent told her.‭ “‬I’ve been waiting for you.‭”

Elaine stepped in and blinked until her eyes adjusted to the light.

‭”‬Good evening,‭ ‬slave,‭ ‬I am Anna,‭” ‬the woman said,‭ “‬but you will address me as‭ ‘‬ma’am‭’”‬.‭ ‬Elaine could see her now.‭ ‬She was blonde with her hair tied up in a night cap.‭ ‬Elaine guessed she was about forty years old and took good care of herself.‭ ‬She was not beautiful,‭ ‬but would be considered handsome.‭ ‬There was a certain precision to her that was apparent.

Anna picked up an old style wall phone and dialed.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬sir,‭” ‬she said into the phone,‭ “‬she just arrived.‭ ‬Yes,‭ ‬sir.‭ ‬I will.‭” ‬Anna handed Elaine the phone.

‭”‬Slave,‭” ‬it was Roy,‭ “‬obey Anna.‭ ‬I am putting her in charge of you while I’m away.‭ ‬You will do as she says.‭ ‬Always.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine answered,‭ ‬the thrill of hearing his voice undercut by knowing he was not close.‭ ‬There was a click as Roy hung up.‭ ‬Elaine handed the phone back to Anna and she returned it to the cradle.‭ ‬Anna smiled and looked down at Elaine.

‭”‬Now,‭” ‬Anna said in a heavy German accent,‭ “‬the first rule is that you will be naked at all times unless your Master or I tell you otherwise.‭ ‬Strip.‭”

Elaine looked at the German with bewilderment.‭ ‬She was not ready for this.‭ ‬It had been a rough couple of days and she wanted to sleep and rest and be ready for her owner.‭ ‬Having a strange,‭ ‬German woman tell her to strip within a minute of walking through the door caught her off guard and she did not react.

Anna frowned and anger flashed in her eyes.‭ ‬She grabbed Elaine by the collar and pulled her head down.‭ ‬Anna quickly secured the collar to a ring on the table and left Elaine bent over at the waist.‭ ‬Anna ripped Elaine’s skirt off and before Elaine knew what was happening Anna began paddling her bare ass with a short leather paddle.

Elaine tried to cover her bottom with her hands but Anna brushed them aside and continued paddling her.

‭”‬I see you need to learn a few things,‭” ‬Anna said as she continued reddening Elaine’s lovely butt.‭ “‬The first is that you will obey me,‭” ‬she added a few more hard paddles for emphasis.‭ “‬The second,‭” ‬and she struck again,‭ “‬is you will obey me immediately,‭” ‬and she hit Elaine again with each syllable,‭ ‬deliberately enunciating each one in‭ “‬immediately‭”‬.‭ ‬By now Elaine’s ass was bright red and throbbing and Elaine was crying from the pain and the shock of the paddling.

‭”‬You will find,‭” ‬Anna said and smacked Elaine again,‭ “‬things will be much more pleasant,‭” ‬another smack,‭ “‬if you do precisely as I say,‭” ‬two more paddles.‭ “‬One thing I do not tolerate,‭” ‬she paddled Elaine again,‭ “‬is a willful slave‭!” ‬Anna paddled Elaine ten more times hard then hung the paddle back on her belt.

Anna unhooked Elaine and Elaine stood back up unsteadily.‭ ‬Her ass was throbbing,‭ ‬tears streamed down her face and the spanking had reminded her how sore her asshole and pussy were from last night’s fuckings.‭ ‬Elaine did not want to be punished again and quickly took off her blouse.

‭”‬Very good,‭” ‬Anna said,‭ ‬smiling.‭ “‬Now turn around slowly.‭ ‬Let’s see what Roy has acquired for his amusement.‭”

Elaine slowly turned around,‭ ‬showing herself for Anna.

‭”‬Yes,‭” ‬Anna purred,‭ “‬you’ll do nicely.‭ ‬I do not go for women myself,‭ ‬but I might take a turn with you later.‭” ‬She smiled and rubbed Elaine’s wet cheek with her pointer finger.‭ “‬Do not worry,‭ ‬little one,‭ ‬you will do fine.‭ ‬Men will love having you.‭ ‬As long as you obey me and keep Roy happy everything will be alright.‭”

Anna bent down and picked up Elaine’s blouse and skirt and tossed them into a hamper.

‭”‬Come with me,‭” ‬Anna commanded and Elaine followed her down a short hallway.‭ ‬At the end they stopped and Anna took the paddle off her belt.‭ ‬Elaine tensed up,‭ ‬trying to ready herself for another spanking,‭ ‬but instead Anna waved the paddle in front of a panel beside the door and the door opened with a click.‭ “‬Card locks,‭” ‬Anna explained.‭ “‬The doors only open with the card.‭ ‬You will not have a card.‭” ‬Anna smiled as she held up her paddle,‭ “‬it was your owner’s idea to put my card in the paddle.‭ ‬Quite ingenious,‭ ‬really.‭”

They climbed up a flight of stairs.‭ ‬Anna opened a door,‭ ‬allowed Elaine to look,‭ ‬but did not go through it.‭ “‬The kitchen,‭ ‬living room and so on.‭” ‬Anna shut the door and they climbed up another floor,‭ ‬Anna opened that door.‭ “‬Bedrooms.‭ ‬You will be here a lot,‭” ‬she said curtly then closed the door.‭ ‬They went up one more flight and the stairs ended at another door.‭ ‬Anna opened that one and led Elaine through.

They walked down a wide hallway with doors on either side.‭ “‬Attic space.‭ ‬Storage and room for future development.‭ ‬Maybe Roy will build a shooting range here,‭” ‬it took Elaine a second to realize that Anna was making a joke.‭ ‬The hallway ended at a heavy white door with a peephole set in the middle.‭ ‬Anna clicked the card lock and pulled the door open.‭ “‬Your rooms.‭” ‬Anna motioned for Elaine to enter.

Elaine looked around at her new home.‭ ‬It was clean,‭ ‬but spartan.‭ ‬Elaine stepped in,‭ ‬but Anna remained by the door.

‭”‬It is‭ ‬2:45am,‭” ‬she said looking at her watch.‭ “‬We have your first tattoo removal appointment at‭ ‬2pm.‭ ‬You may sleep until noon.‭ ‬I will wake you.‭” ‬She shut the door and it locked with a ominous click.

Elaine was spent,‭ ‬but she wanted to look around and see where she would be staying.‭ ‬There were windows on‭ ‬the three walls that did not face the attic.‭ ‬Elaine pushed the curtains back and looked out.‭ ‬One faced the city and offered a great view of The Strip far in the distance.‭ ‬The other two looked out on the desert and mountains‭; ‬if this was to be her tower prison at least she had great scenery.‭ ‬There was a full sized bed,‭ ‬Elaine noted the rings bolted in to the headboard and foot-board,‭ ‬she knew what those were for.‭ ‬A sitting area had a small bookshelf and a tv with a satellite box.‭ ‬Beside it was a desk with a brand new laptop on it.‭ ‬At least she would not be bored.‭ ‬Two doors led off the room,‭ ‬one to a bathroom,‭ ‬the other to a kitchenette.

It was a nice enough place,‭ ‬she thought,‭ ‬for a slave.‭ ‬It was nicer than the one bedroom apartment she and Amanda had shared at the Grand Canyon.‭ ‬She collapsed on the bed,‭ ‬careful to lie on her stomach and not her sore butt.‭ ‬She was locked in a prison with a sadistic German warden,‭ ‬she thought ruefully as she fell asleep.

Elaine awoke when Anna came in.‭ ‬The older woman opened all the curtains and midday summer Nevada sunlight poured in.‭ ‬Elaine blinked and stretched as Anna readied the room.‭ ‬There was a tray with coffee and food sitting on a table and the smell of the coffee perked up Elaine.‭ ‬She climbed out of bed,‭ ‬feeling less sore than when she went to bed.

Anna was dressed in a navy blue skirt that fell to her calves.‭ ‬Elaine was reminded somewhat of Kristy’s work outfit,‭ ‬but Anna’s dress was higher quality and perfectly pressed.‭ ‬The pleats were straight as an arrow and there was not even a speck of lint or dirt anywhere on it.‭ ‬She had on dark stockings beneath that and black leather low heel shoes.‭ ‬She wore a long sleeve white blouse‭; ‬starched,‭ ‬or course‭; ‬buttoned at the collar and had her blonde hair up in a bun.‭ ‬Severe and precise were the two words that came to Elaine’s mind when she looked at Anna.‭ ‬Anna’s dress made her aware of her own nudity,‭ ‬another reminder of her place.

Before she made it to the table Anna barked‭ “‬make your bed,‭ ‬slave.‭” ‬Elaine looked longingly at the coffee and slowly turned back towards the bed.‭ ‬She jumped when Anna hit her bare bottom with the paddle again.‭ “‬Quickly,‭ ‬slave‭!”

Elaine began to make the bed.‭ ‬She had cleaned hotel rooms for a while in college and thought she could do a decent job,‭ ‬but she also knew that nothing less than absolute perfection would please Anna and she was sure to get paddled again regardless of how she did.‭ ‬She did her professional best and turned back to Anna,‭ ‬waiting to be punished.

Much to her surprise,‭ ‬Anna smiled slightly.‭ “‬Well done,‭ ‬slave.‭ ‬It looks like you are good for something besides pleasing men.‭ ‬Sit.‭ ‬Have some coffee.‭”

Elaine sat and poured some coffee into a china cup.‭ ‬She added some cream and started eating.‭ ‬Anna sat down across from her and poured a cup of coffee for herself.

‭”‬Now that you have gotten some rest,‭ ‬let me explain your new world to you,‭” ‬Anna always spoke deliberately,‭ ‬while she could never get rid of her accent she prided herself on never lapsing into German.‭ “‬You are a slave.‭ ‬You are a piece of Roy’s property just like this house or this cup.‭ ‬Your only purpose is to bring pleasure to men,‭ ‬and women if your master so desires.‭ ‬Your feelings do not matter,‭ ‬your thoughts and wishes do not matter.‭ ‬All that matters is you keep your master pleased.‭”

“Where is Roy‭?” ‬Elaine asked.

A frown crossed Anna’s face.‭ “‬Do not speak unless you are spoken to.‭ ‬I will punish you after breakfast.‭”

The two women sipped their coffee then Anna continued.‭ “‬Your owner is a busy man,‭ ‬frequently out on business.‭ ‬I take care of his household,‭ ‬which now includes you.‭ ‬I would advise you not to inquire into your owner’s business,‭ ‬curiosity is unbecoming in a slave and will be punished.‭ ‬I run an orderly house.‭ ‬You will have your duties and responsibilities,‭ ‬including keeping your rooms clean.‭ ‬I will not tolerate a mess and will inspect every day.‭ ‬My primary duty for you is to keep you ready to please your master,‭ ‬when you are not being used I will find other uses for you.‭ ‬I will punish you as I see fit.‭”

Elaine ate her breakfast without speaking again.‭ ‬Anna seemed to enjoy the silence and rarely looked at Elaine,‭ ‬instead she stared out the window at the mountains.‭ ‬Elaine again wondered what she had gotten herself into,‭ ‬only last week she was living a normal,‭ ‬if boring and lonely,‭ ‬life.‭ ‬Now that was all gone and she was someone’s toy.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬nothing to do about now,‭ ‬so she finished her breakfast.

When Elaine put her dishes back on the tray she looked at Anna and Anna motioned for her to stand up.‭ ‬Anna caressed her paddle and a gleam came into her eyes.

‭”‬Now I need to punish you for speaking out of turn,‭” ‬Anna said to Elaine,‭ “‬I hope you will learn not to be punished.‭” ‬Elaine knew it was a lie,‭ ‬she could already tell Anna enjoyed spanking her and inflicting pain.‭ “‬Bend down and grab your ankles,‭ ‬slave.‭”

Elaine bent over,‭ ‬her ass sticking in the air,‭ ‬ready for Anna.‭ ‬Anna rubbed her hand on Elaine’s vulnerable ass.‭ “‬You do have a lovely bottom,‭ ‬slave.‭ ‬I can see why men find it irresistible.‭ ‬So soft,‭ ‬so accessible.‭ ‬Now,‭” ‬she snapped out of her reverie,‭ “‬your punishment.‭ ‬It is a minor infraction,‭ ‬the first time.‭ ‬So,‭ ‬let’s say ten.‭”

With that she whacked Elaine’s right cheek.‭ ‬Elaine cried out as the paddle stung her ass and bit her lip as Anna finished reddening her ass with the remaining nine whacks.‭ ‬Elaine’s ass was glowing and her eyes watering when Anna finished.‭ ‬Much to her embarrassment,‭ ‬Elaine found she was wet,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬The punishment and humiliation were fueling her submissive desires.‭ ‬Anna reached her hand between Elaine’s legs and discovered her moist pussy.

‭”‬My,‭ ‬you are a natural slave,‭ ‬aren’t you‭?” ‬Anna taunted.‭ “‬I am finished with you.‭ ‬Shower and get cleaned up.‭ ‬I expect you downstairs in twenty minutes.‭” ‬With that Anna took the tray and left.

Elaine was horny and wanted some relief,‭ ‬but Roy was not around and she did not want to risk masturbating.‭ ‬Instead she showered and thought about anything but sex.‭ ‬When she was finished she saw she had two minutes to get downstairs.‭ ‬She hurried down,‭ ‬relieved to find all the doors unlocked.

‭”‬Punctual,‭” ‬Anna said as Elaine padded in on bare feet,‭ “‬good.‭”

Anna had Elaine wear a short blue dress that barely came down below her butt and sandals.‭ ‬Of course,‭ ‬there was no underwear.‭ ‬Anna walked around Elaine after she dressed and tugged the dress here and there to get the dress fitting just right.

‭”‬Come with me,‭” ‬Anna said and took Elaine out into the garage and to the car,‭ ‬a white Ford Explorer with tinted windows.‭ ‬Elaine guessed it was at least three years old and had a few scratches and dings in the paint.‭ ‬All the seats except for the first row and the front seats were out and sitting in the back of the garage.‭ ‬As Elaine walked through the garage she saw Roy’s motorcycle and wondered what he was driving today.‭ ‬Elaine hurried on,‭ ‬not wanting to displease Anna and climbed into the big SUV.‭ ‬She expected the inside to be one of those pointless luxury cars that people drove who only needed half the car.‭ ‬Instead she found cloth covered seats and remains of boxes and clutter in the back,‭ ‬this was obviously a work truck.‭ ‬Anna put some Carl Orff on the stereo and backed out into the street.‭

Anna did not say a word to Elaine as they drove.‭ ‬Elaine wanted to have some conversation or interaction,‭ ‬even with someone she disliked as much as Anna,‭ ‬but remembered the paddling she got when speaking out of turn earlier and stayed quiet.‭ ‬The loud music would have made any conversation impossible,‭ ‬anyway.‭ ‬Elaine had never been a big fan of Orff‭; ‬too German,‭ ‬too over the top and she had problems with his political leanings,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬The fact that Anna like him just reinforced her distaste.

The first stop was a tattoo removal place located in an unmarked building in an industrial part of town near the railroad tracks.‭ ‬Elaine was a little wary since she saw none of the usual trappings of a respectable business:‭ ‬no degrees,‭ ‬licenses or staff.‭ ‬There was only one man,‭ ‬a short old Asian in a dirty lab coat and he mumbled something about‭ “‬experimental‭” ‬as he pointed a large laser at the turtle tattoo on her bottom.

Elaine had gotten the tattoo of a turtle at Amanda’s request.‭ ‬Amanda felt that Elaine should have some sort of marking on her,‭ ‬a tattoo or piercing beyond the one in each ear.‭ ‬Elaine finally gave in and had a small,‭ ‬green turtle about the size of a quarter on her upper butt cheek.‭ ‬She had felt naughty when the artist did it,‭ ‬especially since Amanda had insisted that Elaine let him see her whole ass while he inked it.‭ ‬Roy had taken an instant dislike to it,‭ ‬he felt it marred an otherwise perfect expanse of flesh and getting rid of it had been one of his first priorities once he owned her.

Elaine had no experience with tattoo removal,‭ ‬but she was pretty sure that it should not feel like someone had taken a blow torch to her.‭ ‬When he was done,‭ ‬she was surprised to see no burning or blistering,‭ ‬but it still hurt.‭ ‬The man working the laser had an erection the whole time he worked on her,‭ ‬and for once Elaine was grateful for Anna’s glowering presence.‭ ‬It took about half an hour and Elaine was greatly relieved when he finished.

‭”‬See you in a week,‭ ‬Anna,‭” ‬he said.

On the way to their next stop Anna explained that this was a new experimental procedure that had not been approved yet for use in the United States‭ (“‬but it’s very popular in China‭”‬,‭ ‬Anna assured her‭) ‬that would only take three weekly treatments to completely remove the tattoo.‭ ‬There might be some long term side effects,‭ ‬but Anna disregarded those with a shrug.‭ ‬Elaine was a slave so there was no sense worrying.

The next stop was Radio Shack for some obscure cables that Roy needed.‭ ‬Anna brought Elaine in and all the tech guys and geeks gawked unashamedly at the beautiful woman in the short dress.‭ ‬Elaine found their attention harmless and amusing,‭ ‬unlike most everyone else she had met in the past week,‭ ‬they did not seem like any threat to her and she even gave a little flash of the side of her butt to them as she followed Anna out.

‭‬After that they hit a few more stores:‭ ‬a wine shop,‭ ‬bakery and grocery.‭ ‬Each time Elaine followed Anna in and stood quietly behind her.‭ ‬Anna scarcely seemed to even acknowledge Elaine’s existence until there was a bag to be carried.

They finally stopped at another unmarked warehouse near one of the small airports that ringed Las Vegas.‭ ‬Elaine felt a shock of recognition,‭ ‬it was the same one she had flown in to a few days ago to start this adventure.‭ ‬She saw the small bus station and across from that the gas station where she had first seen Roy.‭ ‬Anna led Elaine to a small,‭ ‬unmarked door around the side and into a small,‭ ‬cluttered office.‭ ‬What instantly struck Elaine about the office was the total absence of not only a computer,‭ ‬but any paperwork.‭ ‬There were boxes,‭ ‬both opened and sealed‭; ‬half empty Chinese food containers,‭ ‬overflowing ashtrays and a shotgun propped up in a corner,‭ ‬but no records.

The room was deserted but right after they came in a short young man in a dirty work shirt entered through a side door.‭ ‬He was about‭ ‬5‭’‬6‭” ‬tall,‭ ‬with another inch or two taken up with a big mass of black curly hair.‭ ‬He had a slightly swarthy complexion,‭ ‬deep brown eyes and a day or so worth of stubble.‭ ‬He had a short,‭ ‬compact build with no hint of a gut.‭

“Hi,‭ ‬Anna,‭” ‬he said then quickly looked Elaine over,‭ “‬let me get Roy’s shipment.‭ ‬Sorry,‭ ‬it may take a minute,‭ ‬but it’s just me here today.‭ ‬Tony’s gout is acting up again.‭” ‬He lit up a cheap cigarette and leered at Elaine again.‭ “‬Who’s she‭?” ‬he asked,‭ ‬squinting as the smoke drifted up into his eyes.

‭”‬A slave,‭” ‬Anna answered.‭ ‬Elaine flushed.‭ “‬Isn’t that right,‭ ‬slave‭? ‬You’re a fuck toy,‭ ‬aren’t you‭?”

Elaine reddened more.‭ ‬It was humiliating to be spoken off in front of a stranger like that,‭ ‬especially one to whom Elaine would never have voluntarily said more than two words.‭ ‬She wanted to deny it or run,‭ ‬but it was true and she knew if she disobeyed Anna she would be punished,‭ ‬and probably in front of him.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine said softly.

Anna smiled a satisfied smile.

‭”‬Yours‭?” ‬he asked,‭ ‬not taking his eyes off‭ ‬Elaine.

Anna laughed,‭ “‬no,‭ ‬Roy’s. J.J.,‭ ‬you know I only like men.‭” ‬There was something flirtatious in the way she said it that made Elaine think that at some point there had been something between them.

‭”‬Where is Roy,‭” ‬J.J.‭ ‬asked with a raised eyebrow.

‭”‬Busy,‭” ‬Anna answered curtly in a tone that said that line of questioning was finished.

J.J.‭ ‬shrugged,‭ ‬drinking in Elaine with his eyes once more,‭ ‬then he crushed out his cigarette.

‭”‬Why do you insist on smoking such awful cigarettes‭?” ‬Anna asked him,‭ “‬I will buy you some Dunhills or even Marlboro’s.‭”

“Nah,‭” ‬he said,‭ “‬Ligget’s get the job done.‭ ‬Besides,‭ ‬I gotta keep up appearances.‭ ‬I’ll bring the stuff out to your car.‭”

Anna led Elaine back out into the heat.‭ ‬J.J.‭ ‬came out with a dolly loaded with four long wooden boxes,‭ ‬each one spray painted black with rope handles at each end.

‭”‬Slave,‭” ‬Anna barked,‭ “‬help him load those.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine took one end and helped J.J.‭ ‬hoist them into the back of the Explorer.‭ ‬They were a little heavy,‭ ‬but not as bad as Elaine had feared and in a minute they had them loaded.‭

“J.J.,‭” ‬Anna asked,‭ “‬would you like to see Elaine naked‭?”

Elaine froze.

J.J.‭ ‬looked Elaine up and down again.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬yes I would,‭” ‬he answered.

‭”‬Let’s go back in the office where it is a little cooler,‭” ‬Anna said and gave Elaine a light slap on her ass to get her moving.

Elaine was nervous.‭ ‬She did not want to expose herself to this man,‭ ‬but she knew she had to obey Anna,‭ ‬Roy had told her to.‭ ‬If she did not do as she was told,‭ ‬Anna would punish her‭; ‬Roy probably would,‭ ‬too‭; ‬and they could overpower her and make her do what they wanted anyway.‭ ‬She followed J.J.‭ ‬back into the cool,‭ ‬cluttered office.‭ ‬Anna shut and locked the door behind her.

‭”‬Slave,‭ ‬take off your dress,‭” ‬Anna ordered,‭ ‬holding out her hand.‭ ‬Elaine slipped the dress off and handed it to Anna.‭ ‬Elaine was now naked except for her sandals.‭ “‬No touching,‭” ‬she said to J.J.

J.J.‭ ‬walked around Elaine,‭ ‬looking her up and down and smiling.‭ “‬Wow,‭ ‬she is a nice piece of ass.‭ ‬I’d love to fuck the shit out of her.‭”

“Not today,‭” ‬Anna said,‭ “‬but would you like her to suck your dick‭?”

Elaine felt a moment of despair as she looked around the dirty,‭ ‬cluttered office.‭ ‬Anna was going to make her do this,‭ ‬suck his cock here.‭ ‬Elaine had memories of the two cowboys and what had happened with them and to them.

Anna opened her purse and took out a length of rope.‭ ‬Elaine put her hands behind her back,‭ ‬waiting for Anna to tie them.‭ ‬Anna tied them quickly,‭ ‬a little too tightly,‭ ‬Elaine thought as her hands started to hurt.

‭”‬Elaine likes being tied up,‭ ‬don’t you slave‭?” ‬Anna asked tauntingly.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine answered.

‭”‬Do you know what,‭ ‬slave‭? ‬So does J.J.‭” ‬Anna took a dirty bandana out of J.J.‭’‬s back pocket and tied has hands behind his back,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬Elaine was surprised‭; ‬in her brief time as a slave she had never seen a man tied up.‭ ‬Anna turned back to Elaine,‭ “‬on your knees and open your mouth,‭ ‬slave.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine dropped to her knees on the dirty concrete floor,‭ ‬little bits of gravel and dirt dug uncomfortably into her skin.‭ ‬She wanted this to be done.‭ ‬Anna moved J.J.‭ ‬until he was right in front of Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine could see the bulge in his pants,‭ ‬just waiting for her to satisfy.‭ ‬She opened her mouth just as Anna had told her.

Anna stood behind J.J.‭ ‬and undid his pants.‭ ‬She dropped them to his knees and grabbed his cock in her hand.‭ ‬He had a decent cock,‭ ‬not too big and uncircumsized.‭ ‬Anna stroked it up and down a couple of times then guided it into Elaine’s mouth.‭ ‬Elaine took a deep breath as he filled her mouth.‭ ‬Anna put one hand on Elaine’s head,‭ ‬pushed her down on J.J.‭’‬s cock and he slid into her throat.‭ ‬Elaine let Anna’s hand on her head guide her.‭ ‬She looked up for a second more before closing her eyes and saw Anna reach down between J.J.‭’‬s legs,‭ ‬she would swear that Anna stuck her fingers into J.J.‭’‬s ass.

Elaine did not stop to watch.‭ ‬She hated having her eyes open when someone fucked her face,‭ ‬she did not like the view and did not like being reminded of how submissive she was to men she did not like.‭ ‬She closed her eyes and just felt J.J.‭ ‬slide down into her throat and out again,‭ ‬her head guided by Anna’s hand on it and his hips guided by Anna’s fingers in his ass.‭ ‬She could hear him moaning and groaning and Anna whispering in his ear.‭ ‬Anna lengthened and slowed his thrusts,‭ ‬seeming to know when he was ready.‭ ‬When he came,‭ ‬Elaine was grateful.‭ ‬With his cock still in her mouth she swallowed his cum and opened her eyes.‭ ‬She saw that Anna did have her fingers in J.J.‭’‬s ass,‭ ‬and J.J.‭ ‬had a dreamy smile on his face.‭ ‬Anna took her hand out from behind J.J.,‭ ‬untied his hands and wiped her fingers on the bandana.

Anna pulled Elaine up by her hair and handed her the dress.‭ “‬Don’t forget to say thank you to J.J.,‭” ‬Anna told her.

Elaine slipped on the dress and tried to avoid looking at the smug sense of satisfaction in the young man’s eyes.‭ “‬Thank you,‭ ‬J.J.,‭” ‬Elaine said softly.

‭”‬You’re welcome,‭ ‬little slave,‭” ‬he said and lifted her chin so she looked him in the eyes.‭ ‬He wiped a little drip of cum from the side of her mouth.‭ “‬Let’s do it again,‭ ‬soon.‭”

Anna slipped J.J.‭ ‬a few bills and smiled at him.‭ “‬I’ll be free tomorrow night,‭” ‬she said to him in a soft voice then climbed back in the car.‭ ‬Elaine followed,‭ ‬dusting off her knees as she got back in while the sweat from the desert heat dried on her fair skin.

Elaine sat in stony silence as they rode back to the house.‭ ‬She stared out the window,‭ ‬not looking at Anna.‭ ‬Elaine was angry at Anna for what she had made Elaine do,‭ ‬for what she let J.J.‭ ‬do to her.

‭”‬Did you enjoy that,‭ ‬slave‭?” ‬Anna asked.

‭”‬No,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine answered.

‭”‬Why not‭? ‬I thought you liked being a slave‭?”

“I like being Roy’s slave.‭ ‬I didn’t like J.J.‭”

“What’s liking them have to do with it‭? ‬You gave that choice up.‭ ‬Besides,‭ ‬I would think that being forced to submit to a man you don’t like would make the submission even deeper and more arousing.‭ ‬The additional humiliation did not fuel your desire‭?”

Elaine did not want to answer.‭ ‬Even now she was still wet,‭ ‬Anna was right.

‭”‬It did,‭” ‬Elaine finally answered.

‭”‬I like this fighting spirit in you,‭ ‬your little acts of resistance.‭ ‬You have spirit and intelligence and can fully appreciate what is being done to you.‭ ‬You have an artist’s soul who sees‭ her ‬enslavement as a work of art,‭ ‬of drama‭; ‬instead of pure self indulgence.‭ ‬How you choose to view your enslavement is your choice,‭ ‬I think that is one of the things Roy likes in you.‭ ‬Not all owners would be so appreciative or gentle in their treatment of you.‭”

Elaine had not considered that Roy had been gentle with her,‭ ‬but then she imagined what Sam would do to her if he could.

‭”‬It’s just beginning,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Anna said,‭ ‬putting a hand on Elaine’s knee.‭ “‬Every man,‭ ‬and many women who see you will all want one thing.‭ ‬They may not know you are a slave,‭ ‬but there will be something that makes them want to have you,‭ ‬to use you,‭ ‬roughly and completely.‭ ‬And many will get that chance.‭ ‬You don’t really think Roy was going to keep you for only him‭? ‬You are a slave and you will be treated like one.‭ ‬You will be used often and by many men,‭ ‬your enjoyment means nothing,‭ ‬only what they want.‭ ‬Roy is too generous of a young man,‭ ‬and too proud of you,‭ ‬not to want to share you.‭ ‬Get used to it.‭ “

Elaine and Anna sat in silence while Elaine digested what Anna had said.‭ ‬It made her wonder more about Roy,‭ ‬who really was he‭? ‬Besides her owner and master of her destiny,‭ ‬that is.

Driving back towards Roy’s house Elaine was amazed at the ambition of whoever had planned his neighborhood.‭ ‬The empty streets went on for miles,‭ ‬there were a few houses were construction had begun,‭ ‬but apparently had been abandoned.‭ ‬Elaine counted eight houses that looked like they had been finished and three of those had for sale signs in front of them.‭ ‬It was a little depressing and lonely,‭ ‬another Nevada ghost town.

Anna backed the Explorer into the garage.‭ ‬As they got out of the car Anna looked at Elaine,‭ ‬snapped her fingers and held out her hand.‭ ‬Elaine slipped off her dress and handed it to the waiting German.‭ ‬Anna and Elaine unloaded the boxes and carried them through a door in the back wall and down a long hallway.‭ ‬By Elaine’s sense of direction,‭ ‬the hall was longer than the house,‭ ‬they must be in the mountain behind the house now.‭ ‬There were three doors off of the hallway and they went through the last one.‭ ‬It was a heavy locked metal door and behind it was a room maybe ten feet wide,‭ ‬fifteen feet long with a low ceiling of maybe‭ ‬6‭ ‬feet.‭ ‬The walls were rough carved stone,‭ ‬Elaine was reminded of a mine shaft.‭ ‬A narrow clear path went through stacks of boxes of different sizes and shapes.‭ ‬They added their box to a stack near the door.‭ ‬Anna and Elaine made four trips from the garage down the hallway,‭ ‬and Anna locked the door when they left the last one in there.

Back in the garage Anna turned to Elaine while she held the paddle.‭ “‬Do you know about curiosity and the cat,‭ ‬slave‭?” ‬she asked.

Elaine looked at the paddle and Anna’s firm grip on it,‭ “‬yes,‭ ‬ma’am.‭”

“Good,‭ ‬now bring the bags up to the kitchen,‭” ‬Anna said and walked towards her apartments.‭ ‬Elaine unloaded the rest of the car and carried them up to the kitchen,‭ ‬Anna had unlocked the doors for her.‭ ‬She was wondering if she should put them away when Anna came in,‭ ‬opened the refrigerator and took out two beers.‭ ‬She handed one to Elaine.

Elaine was extremely impressed with the house.‭ ‬The kitchen was huge with granite counter tops and lots of space,‭ ‬pans hung from hooks above an island in the middle and stainless steel appliances gleamed.‭ ‬It opened into a living room that was larger than the house Elaine had grown up in.‭ ‬There was a fireplace‭ (‬somewhat pointless for warmth here,‭ ‬but looked nice‭)‬,‭ ‬high vaulted ceilings and a picture window that looked out on the mountains.‭ ‬Elaine saw a swimming pool out one side and green grass out the other.‭ ‬Whatever Roy did,‭ ‬he was loaded.

‭”‬Enjoy,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Anna said and opened her beer.‭ “‬There is nothing more planned for today.‭ ‬Tomorrow you will be up at‭ ‬7am and will begin your exercise routine.‭ ‬You must keep your body desirable for your master.‭”

Anna busied herself putting groceries away while Elaine finished her beer,‭ ‬washing the last taste of J.J.‭ ‬out of her mouth.‭ ‬She walked into the vast living room,‭ ‬he could entertain quite a crowd here.‭ ‬Above the kitchen a balcony opened up from one of the bedrooms.‭ ‬Elaine wondered how long it would be before Roy took her up there and used her.‭ ‬She started getting turned on thinking about it and quickly changed her thinking to wondering about the air conditioning bill for this place before she got too aroused.

The sun dipped behind the mountains behind the house and Elaine looked longingly out the picture windows at the swimming pool.‭ ‬She could use a good swim.‭ ‬Anna saw her looking and smiled.

‭”‬Go,‭” ‬Anna almost smiled.‭ “‬Have fun,‭ ‬little slave.‭ ‬But first,‭” ‬Anna pulled a key out of pocket and took off the collar.

Elaine almost skipped out the sliding glass doors and onto the pool deck.‭ ‬The sun had already gone behind the mountain,‭ ‬it was still hot but bearable and not too bright.‭ ‬Elaine did not even pause or check the water,‭ ‬but dove right in.‭ ‬The water was chilly‭; ‬Elaine had not thought that Roy would be the kind of man to need a heated pool when it was‭ ‬115‭ ‬outside,‭ ‬and was right.‭ ‬She swam and enjoyed the water running over her naked body.‭ ‬She had always enjoyed swimming nude.‭ ‬When she was a teenager it was naughty,‭ ‬always worrying someone was going to catch her then secretly disappointed when no one did.‭ ‬When she began spending time in the Grand Canyon skinny dipping was easier,‭ ‬your clothes didn’t get wet and chafe and there was no one around.‭ ‬She and Amanda had had a few enjoyable naked swims.‭ ‬Those memories brought a smile to her face as she swam.

Before Elaine knew it the sun was lower and Anna was at the edge of the pool telling Elaine to come in.‭ ‬Elaine almost felt like a little girl being called to dinner as she reluctantly climbed out of the cool water.‭ ‬She knew she had goose bumps as the water dried quickly in the desert air,‭ ‬and her nipples stuck out like little rocks,‭ ‬but Elaine did not care.‭ ‬She had had a wonderful time in the water and washed away all the unpleasantness of J.J.

Anna handed Elaine a towel.‭ “‬Back to your room,‭ ‬clean up and your dinner will be ready.‭ ‬You will eat in your room,‭” ‬Anna said curtly.

Elaine happily ascended to her room and a long,‭ ‬hot shower.‭ ‬All in all,‭ ‬her first full day of a slave had not been too bad.‭ ‬Even Anna,‭ ‬though not pleasant,‭ ‬was bearable and seemed to see Elaine as something close to a human being.‭ ‬After the shower Elaine rubbed a lot of lotion into her skin‭; ‬the desert air,‭ ‬the pool and the long shower were drying her out.‭ ‬Roy had some for her,‭ ‬not her first choice but if that was what he wanted her to smell like,‭ ‬it was his choice.

Dinner was baked chicken,‭ ‬rice,‭ ‬steamed vegetables and a salad.‭ ‬All in sensible portions.‭ ‬They were going to force her to be healthy.‭ ‬Elaine wanted to protest that they apparently liked her the way she was so why couldn’t she eat like she had‭? ‬First chance she got,‭ ‬she was buying a bag of chips.

There was a note that said simply‭ “‬You are locked in for the night.‭ ‬Wash your dishes,‭ ‬I will wake you at‭ ‬7am.‭”

Elaine had her dinner,‭ ‬washed her dishes in her kitchenette then found a bottle of wine.‭ ‬She was surprised that Roy trusted her with a corkscrew,‭ ‬but remembered that she had handled his gun before.‭ ‬She poured a glass of wine and settled in in front of the tv.‭ ‬There was nothing on,‭ ‬but it was fun just to channel surf,‭ ‬watch a little of this and a little of that before she headed to bed for a good night’s sleep.

‬The following day went by quickly.‭ ‬Anna had Elaine exercise for an hour in a gym off the garage.‭ ‬Elaine would have liked to have done something outside,‭ ‬but knew it was too hot.‭ ‬During this time of year the heat was its own special prison and kept everyone inside during the day.‭ ‬After that Elaine helped Anna with some housework and chopped some vegetables for a salad.‭ ‬Anna would always find some reason to paddle Elaine,‭ ‬once for not folding a towel correctly,‭ ‬again for cutting the lettuce instead of tearing it.‭ ‬Elaine just accepted that Anna was going to punish her periodically and just went with it.‭

The biggest problem was that Elaine was horny,‭ ‬it had been a few days since her last orgasm.‭ ‬She had been through a long famine before Roy,‭ ‬but when he took her she had cum frequently,‭ ‬and now she was in another dry spell.‭ ‬When Anna paddled her it just made Elaine want to get fucked even more.

It was later afternoon when the phone rang.‭ ‬Anna answered another old wall mounted unit in the kitchen.‭ ‬Elaine did see a cordless unit under it and wondered whether Roy or Anna had the fetish for old technology.‭ ‬Anna talked briefly then hung up the phone.‭ “‬That was your Master,‭” ‬Anna told Elaine.‭ “‬He will be home in thirty minutes and wants you ready for him.‭ ‬Go get cleaned up,‭ ‬then come back down here.‭”

Elaine ran up the stairs to her room and took a quick shower.‭ ‬She would have liked to linger,‭ ‬but did want to be late for Roy.‭ ‬She washed up,‭ ‬regretfully turned off the water,‭ ‬and toweled off.‭ ‬All the while she kept thinking that soon her owner would be home and using her,‭ ‬soon he would be inside her and making her serve him.‭ ‬She was wet and ready even as she dried her hair.‭ ‬She looked in the mirror at her naked body.‭ ‬She was as ready as she could be,‭ ‬at least she did not need to worry about picking out an outfit or get dressed.

Elaine quickly padded down the stairs on bare feet.‭ ‬The kitchen door was open off the stairs and Elaine rushed in.‭ ‬Anna smiled at her as she did.

‭”‬Punctual.‭ ‬I like that.‭ ‬You are all ready to be fucked senseless,‭ ‬aren’t you‭?” ‬Anna asked.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine answered.

Anna slipped a collar on Elaine and cuffed her hands in front of her.‭ “‬When he gets in to the garage,‭ ‬make him a drink.‭ ‬Use these glasses,‭” ‬Anna pointed to some rocks glasses,‭ “‬three ice cubes.‭ ‬Bourbon,‭” ‬Anna pointed to a bottle,‭ “‬to a half an inch below the top.‭ ‬Place it on a tray,‭ ‬that way your hands do not warm up the glass,‭ ‬and hand it to him.‭ ‬Understand‭?”

“Yes,‭ ‬ma’am.‭”

“Good.‭ ‬I have things to do so I will leave you to your Master’s amusement,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Anna sneered and headed down the stairs to her apartments.

Elaine waited.‭ ‬This would be the first time she had seen Master in his own home,‭ ‬the first time he would use her since the night in Elko.‭ ‬She was impatient,‭ ‬eager for the young man who had made her his own‭; ‬not his girlfriend or lover,‭ ‬but his slave,‭ ‬his property.‭ ‬He would not buy her flowers or take her to dinner,‭ ‬he would fuck her roughly and punish her as he pleased.‭ ‬He would not be her one and only,‭ ‬but would share her with whomever he pleased.

Elaine was so distracted by this train of thought that she almost did not hear the garage opening below.‭ ‬She snapped out of her reverie and made his drink just the way Anna had instructed.‭ ‬She had it on the tray when Roy stepped out of the doorway.‭ ‬She had thought of so many clever or welcoming things to say to him,‭ ‬but they all escaped her mind as she saw him again.

Roy was dressed up.‭ ‬Elaine had never seen him in any kind of formal clothes,‭ ‬just riding clothes.‭ ‬He wore khaki slacks,‭ ‬a blue silk shirt and red silk tie and polished dress shoes.‭ ‬His hair was neatly combed and his beard trimmed.‭ ‬Elaine was stunned at how beautiful he looked civilized,‭ ‬as perfectly at ease in a tie as in jeans and t-shirt.‭ ‬She gaped at the young man who had violated her so thoroughly and completely.‭ ‬He had such power over her,‭ ‬such control.‭ ‬Elaine knew she was sopping wet right now,‭ ‬desperate to be taken by him.

Wearing only hand cuffs and a collar,‭ ‬as vulnerable and exposed as she could be,‭ ‬she offered Roy the tray.‭ ‬For his part,‭ ‬Roy never took his eyes off Elaine.‭ ‬She was such a natural slave,‭ ‬beautiful in her bondage.‭ ‬He had planned to linger,‭ ‬to tease her and make her wait while he slowly unwound from the long day at work,‭ ‬but those plans disappeared as his lust overcame him.

Roy took the drink from the tray and started drinking it.‭ ‬He took off his tie first and kicked off his shoes.‭ ‬Elaine stepped forward and began unbuttoning his shirt with her cuffed hands.‭ ‬Roy sipped his drink and let his eager slave undress him.‭ ‬Elaine opened his shirt and ran her hands over his broad chest then slid the shirt off his arms.‭ ‬She dropped to her knees in front of him and unbuttoned his pants,‭ ‬then unzipped them and dropped his pants to his ankles.‭

Roy stepped out of them and Elaine hurriedly pulled down his silk boxers.‭ ‬His cock bobbed in front of her face and Elaine licked it from base to tip.‭ ‬Elaine eagerly attacked his cock within her mouth,‭ ‬she thought of how many times he had plunged it into her depths and how she wanted him to take her again.‭ ‬She took his shaft into her mouth and began sucking,‭ ‬pushing her head down on him.

Roy was amazed by her reaction to him.‭ ‬He had expected something from her,‭ ‬but he was not quite ready for this.‭ ‬When he first saw her in Goldwash she had seemed so innocent,‭ ‬and maybe she was then,‭ ‬but she was innocent with a deep need to be used.‭ ‬He had tapped into that need and made it the most important thing in her life,‭ ‬he had made her life her wantonness and sexuality.‭ ‬She had to be owned and he owned her.

‭”‬Lie down,‭” ‬Roy told her.

Elaine lifted her head off his cock and lay back on the cold linoleum floor.‭ ‬She stretched out,‭ ‬spreading her legs for him,‭ ‬her bound hands held above her head.‭ ‬Her nipples were rock hard,‭ ‬her crotch wet and ready for him,‭ ‬even her ass tingled in anticipation of being filled.

Roy gazed down on her.‭ ‬He gorgeous legs were spread for him,‭ ‬her silky thighs inviting him in.‭ ‬Her glorious blue eyes stared up at him with desire,‭ ‬her bound hands in tight little fists.‭ ‬He wanted to show some self control,‭ ‬but she was his and ready.‭ ‬He dropped to his knees and climbed between her legs.‭ ‬He wanted to taste her desire and licked her cunt once,‭ ‬savoring the flavor of her juices.‭ ‬He had thought he was only going to have a quick taste,‭ ‬but he wanted more.‭ ‬He buried his face in her crotch,‭ ‬lapping up her wetness,‭ ‬sliding his tongue between her swollen lips.

Elaine had been ready to be fucked,‭ ‬she was not ready to have her pussy eaten.‭ ‬The shock and the pleasure made her cum only a minute into Roy’s ministrations.‭ ‬She arched her hips up,‭ ‬pushing her crotch into his face and moaned out in ecstasy.‭ ‬She closed her eyes and lost herself in the pleasure.‭ ‬She came again,‭ ‬her body quivering and her cries echoing off the ceiling above.

Roy could not wait anymore.‭ ‬The feeling of this beautiful woman cumming beneath him was too much.‭ ‬He kissed her thighs then climbed on top of her.‭ ‬He kissed her,‭ ‬making her taste her own desire and plunged his cock into her.‭ ‬She was so wet and ready that it took no effort to penetrate her.‭ ‬He pounded away at her,‭ ‬his lust and desire to control her overcame any restraint.‭ ‬He drove into her,‭ ‬slamming away on the kitchen floor,‭ ‬slowly scooting her across the linoleum.‭ ‬Elaine moaned and yelled as he plundered her,‭ ‬her submissiveness bringing her to another climax.‭ ‬Relentlessly her fucked her until he came with a yell of his own.

They slowed and stopped,‭ ‬sweat drying and cooling in the air conditioned house.‭ ‬Elaine looked up at the young man inside her with adoration and amazement in her blue eyes.‭ ‬She had never imagined anyone could make her feel like this and she never wanted it to stop.

‭”‬Welcome home,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she whispered.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he said and pulled out of her.‭ “‬Now,‭ ‬pour me another drink.‭”

Elaine struggled to her feet‭; ‬she was in a daze.‭ ‬Elaine had found it hard to recover quickly from cumming,‭ ‬her body was wobbly and her brain fuzzy for a while afterward.‭ ‬Trying to get off the floor with her hands tied and Roy’s semen oozing out of her was even worse.‭ ‬When she did finally get to her feet she saw Roy looking at her impatiently.‭ ‬That made her flustered and she quickly tried to make up time by rushing as she made Roy’s drink.‭ ‬She grabbed a handful of ice and dumped it into the glass,‭ ‬spilling a couple on the counter.‭ ‬Then she hurriedly poured the bourbon into the glass,‭ ‬sloshing liquor onto the counter.

Elaine handed Roy the drink barehanded.‭ ‬He glared at her and took the drink.‭ ‬He walked to the intercom on the wall and spoke into it.‭ “‬Anna,‭ ‬could you come up here‭?”

Roy glared at Elaine and sipped on his drink.‭ ‬Elaine shrank back,‭ ‬she knew she had made a mistake and now feared being punished.‭ ‬As her head cleared a little more she remembered the instructions Anna had given her and realized how much she had done wrong.‭ ‬Now Anna was coming up here with her paddle.

Anna strode through the kitchen door,‭ ‬paddle in hand from opening the door and her heels clicking ominously on the tile floor.‭ ‬She looked at Elaine distastefully then turned to Roy.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬sir,‭” ‬she said to him,‭ “‬is there something you need‭?”

“Anna,‭ ‬did you instruct my slave on how to prepare my drink‭?” ‬he asked her.

‭”‬Yes.‭ ‬Yes I did,‭” ‬the German answered.

‭”‬I thought so,‭” ‬he handed Anna his drink.‭ “‬Please take care of this.‭” ‬He sat down on one of the kitchen chairs.

Anna quickly assessed the situation.‭ ‬She saw Elaine standing naked and flustered,‭ ‬freshly fucked and scared.‭ ‬Anna smiled slightly,‭ ‬this woman needed to learn a few things.‭ ‬She saw the improperly made drink and the mess on the counter.

‭”‬Slave,‭” ‬Anna snapped.‭ “‬Did I not tell you how to prepare your owner’s drink‭?”

“Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine answered,‭ “‬you did.‭”

“Did you do it correctly‭?” ‬she held the glass in front of Elaine.

‭”‬No,‭ ‬ma’am,‭ ‬I did not.‭”

“And did you make this mess‭?” ‬she pointed at the spilled bourbon and melting ice cubes on the counter.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭ ‬I did.‭”

“This is not acceptable,‭” ‬she said coolly,‭ ‬her hand automatically touching her paddle.‭ ‬Elaine flinched.‭ “‬Some,‭ ‬correction,‭ ‬is in order.‭”

Elaine wanted to shrink away,‭ ‬but forced herself to hold her ground.‭ ‬She glanced at Roy and saw him smiling slightly.

‭”‬First,‭ ‬pour your owner a new drink.‭ ‬Correctly this time,‭” ‬Anna ordered.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine calmly made another drink just as she had been instructed before.‭ ‬Roy took it off the tray without commenting.

‭”‬Now,‭ ‬clean up the mess,‭” ‬Anna snapped.‭ ‬Elaine started to grab a paper towel,‭ ‬as she did Anna quickly smacked her ass with the paddle.‭ “‬With your mouth.‭” ‬Anna grabbed Elaine’s hair and pushed her face down on the counter.

Elaine picked up the ice cubes in her mouth and dropped them into the sink.‭ ‬Then she went back and licked up the melted ice and liquor.‭ ‬She was grateful Anna kept a clean house as her tongue was on the counter.‭ ‬She hated to think what she looked like,‭ ‬bent over the counter,‭ ‬a red mark on her bare ass from Anna’s paddle while Roy’s cum slid down her thigh.

Anna put her hand on Elaine’s back and Elaine stopped.

‭”‬Acceptable,‭” ‬Anna said.‭ ‬She held Elaine down with one hand and with the other rubbed her paddle on Elaine’s beautiful butt.‭ “‬Now,‭ ‬I think some punishment is in order for disobeying my instructions.‭ ‬Don’t you agree‭?”

Elaine took a deep breath.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am.‭”

The first smack was very sudden and Elaine jumped.‭ ‬After that they fell with clockwork regularity,‭ ‬covering her perfect ass with stinging blows.‭ ‬Elaine cried and bit her lip to keep from yelling as she was paddled.‭ ‬Elaine did not know how long it went on,‭ ‬after twenty she stopped counting.

Anna stopped and Elaine tried to catch her breath,‭ ‬but before she could Roy was behind her.

Roy loved watching his slave being punished.‭ ‬He was obsessed with her ass already,‭ ‬seeing it reddened and hurt was too much.‭ ‬When Anna finished,‭ ‬he wanted to take Elaine again.‭ ‬Anna stepped aside and Roy was behind Elaine.‭ ‬He put his hands on her abused cheeks,‭ ‬feeling the heat rising off of them and seeing her body rise and fall with her muffled sobs.‭ ‬He thought of how wonderful it was to have such a beautiful woman here to do anything he wanted to.‭ ‬Roy slid one hand up her back and firmly gripped the collar,‭ ‬holding her against the counter.‭ ‬His strong legs pushed hers apart,‭ ‬spreading her,‭ ‬opening her.

Roy put his cock against her puckered little asshole and waited.‭ ‬Elaine tried to gain some composure,‭ ‬but Anna’s punishment had pushed her too far and as much as she tried she could not find calm.‭ ‬He body,‭ ‬already inflamed from Roy’s use of her on the floor,‭ ‬was beyond reason and she could not stop sobbing.‭ ‬Roy waited a second more then bored into her,‭ ‬filling her quickly,‭ ‬stretching her tight ring of muscle.‭ ‬Elaine yelled out and tried to rise up,‭ ‬tried to get away,‭ ‬but Roy’s grip held her down.‭ ‬He slid back and forth slowly a few times,‭ ‬stretching her and letting her ass get ready for his invasion.‭ ‬He was ready to start fucking her hard,‭ ‬but each time he did,‭ ‬she tried to rise up.‭ ‬He wanted both his hands on her hips and he wanted her to stay down.‭ ‬He realized that no threat of punishment would work now,‭ ‬she was beyond reasoning and beyond controlling her body.

‭”‬Anna,‭” ‬Roy said to the German,‭ “‬Please hold her down.‭” ‬Elaine saw the sadistic gleam in Anna’s eyes as Anna pushed down on Elaine’s shoulders,‭ ‬forcing her onto the granite counter top.

Now with Elaine held in place,‭ ‬Roy started ramming her ass.‭ ‬She cried out with each thrust and felt her helplessness,‭ ‬Anna was not letting her go and Roy was not stopping until he finished.‭ ‬He savored each second his hard cock was buried in her hot,‭ ‬tight ass.‭ ‬He loved how fucking her felt and he loved the power he had to do this to her,‭ ‬nothing could stop him.‭ ‬He let out a primal roar as he came inside her,‭ ‬slamming her violently as he did.‭ ‬Elaine cried freely,‭ ‬but did not try to get away any more,‭ ‬she accepted her submission to him and accepted his desire to do this to her.

Somehow,‭ ‬she knew what was going to happen next.‭ ‬With his cock still buried in her aching ass,‭ ‬Roy reached between her legs and began stroking her pussy and clit.‭ ‬Elaine wanted to fight the orgasm,‭ ‬deny the climax and not give Roy the satisfaction of making her cum,‭ ‬but she had no will left.‭ ‬Before she was ready,‭ ‬before she thought possible,‭ ‬she came.‭ ‬Elaine could hear Anna chuckle as the orgasm blew through her body,‭ ‬but Elaine did not care,‭ ‬this was what her body craved.‭

With a soft pat on her red ass,‭ ‬Roy pulled out and let go of Elaine.

‭”‬Anna,‭ ‬I’ll have dinner in an hour.‭ ‬Have Elaine fed,‭ ‬bathed and ready in my bedroom in two hours,‭” ‬he instructed then took his clothes and headed upstairs.

‭”‬Back to your room,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Anna ordered.‭ “‬I’ll be up after I have fed your Master.‭”

Elaine slowly stood up.‭ ‬Her ass ached,‭ ‬her legs were wobbly,‭ ‬she was leaking cum front and back,‭ ‬and her brain had not turned back on yet,‭ ‬but she managed to get out of the kitchen and up the stairs.‭ ‬Fortunately Anna was more interested in cooking than taking care of a slave so Elaine made it up unmolested.‭ ‬She collapsed on the bed,‭ ‬hoping she had an hour to rest until Anna came for her.

Slowly,‭ ‬Elaine was able to calm and get control of herself.‭ ‬She stopped crying and started thinking about Roy inside her.‭ ‬Even when he hurt her,‭ ‬Elaine still wanted him.‭ ‬She needed him to do these things to her and to make her do things she would never dare to on her own.‭ ‬Elaine was a little jealous of women who could just do what they wanted,‭ ‬she needed someone to force her to act out her deepest desires.‭ ‬This is what she wanted,‭ ‬she kept reminding herself,‭ ‬and soon Roy would take her to his bed and use her as he desired,‭ ‬this was her life.

She sighed,‭ ‬and enjoyed the little bit of rest time she had.‭ ‬She turned her head and looked out the window facing the Strip.‭ ‬It was getting dark and the lights of the casinos were bright against the darkening sky.‭ ‬She wondered how many people were having sex right now,‭ ‬in how many of those rooms were women getting fucked‭? ‬How many more would be by the end of the night‭? ‬All that screwing going on made her chuckle a bit,‭ ‬she hoped some of them would be as satisfied as she would be by morning.

At some point the door opened and Anna came in.‭ ‬She was carrying a tray with some pasta and meat sauce and a glass of red wine.‭ ‬There was a gleam of cruelty in her eyes and she seemed a little disappointed that Elaine was no longer distraught.

‭”‬Ready to be taken again,‭ ‬slave‭?” ‬Anna asked with a smirk.

Elaine rolled over and scooted off the bed.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬she answered and sat down at the table.

Anna unlocked Elaine’s collar and set a timer down on the table,‭ ‬it read‭ ‬58‭ ‬minutes.‭ “‬When this timer goes off,‭ ‬I will be back for you.‭ ‬Be ready or you will be punished,‭ ‬severely.‭” ‬The heels of her shoes clicking on the floor,‭ ‬Anna turned and walked back down the hall.

Elaine attacked the food with gusto.‭ ‬She was hungry and knew she needed her strength for tonight.‭ ‬The wine was especially welcome and she enjoyed the warmth radiating out from her stomach.‭ ‬When she finished she took a quick shower,‭ ‬washing off the sweat and cum.‭ ‬She had to switch to cool water,‭ ‬the hot water was too painful on her paddled ass.

When the timer went off,‭ ‬and Anna walked through the door on the first beeping,‭ ‬Elaine was ready.‭ ‬She sat at the table waiting for Anna to take her to her master.

Anna frowned at Elaine,‭ ‬apparently she had been eager to deliver another round of paddling to the slave’s bottom and was disappointed by not being able.‭ ‬The German woman locked a collar around Elaine’s slender neck and hooked a leash to it.

‭”‬Stand,‭” ‬she barked.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine stood,‭ ‬staring defiantly into Anna’s eyes.

Anna roughly pulled Elaine’s arms behind her and cuffed her hands together.

‭”‬Well,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Anna said and tugged on the leash.‭ “‬It is time to go and please your master.‭ ‬Do not disappoint him or I will get you.‭”

Anna led Elaine down one flight of stairs and waved her paddle to open the door to the bedrooms.‭ ‬The door opened at the back of a hallway near a linen closet.‭ ‬From this side,‭ ‬the door was almost invisible,‭ ‬blending perfectly into the wallpaper.‭ ‬Elaine followed Anna past closed doors to the master suite and into Roy’s rooms.‭ ‬Anna had Elaine kneel by the door and hooked the leash into a hook on the floor.‭ ‬Anna patted Elaine condescendingly on the head and left,‭ ‬shutting the door behind her.

Elaine looked around and wondered again where Roy got his money.‭ ‬The room had a balcony that opened onto the living room below and another one that faced the mountains.‭ ‬There was a big bed in the middle of one wall,‭ ‬and Elaine quickly noted the obligatory hooks and loops at strategic places.‭ ‬Doors opened to walk in closets and a bathroom,‭ ‬and Elaine heard water running in there.‭ ‬The floor was tiled with a rich mosaic pattern with a few oriental rugs scattered here and there.‭ ‬A dresser was on another wall,‭ ‬a big hardwood thing that looked like it belonged in a gallery.‭ ‬The wall decorations were minimal,‭ ‬a Diego Rivera‭ (‬print‭? ‬Elaine wondered‭)‬,‭ ‬a Goya and a few landscape photographs.

Elaine closed her eyes and took a deep breath.‭ ‬Soon Roy would be fucking her,‭ ‬making her do things,‭ ‬pleasing himself with her body.‭ ‬The more she thought about Roy inside her,‭ ‬the more she became aroused.‭ ‬She knew that this was going to be the first of many nights spent in this room with her master.‭ ‬When she opened her eyes,‭ ‬Roy was coming out of the bathroom.‭ ‬He was wearing only a blue terry cloth robe that fell to his calves.‭ ‬He saw her kneeling there,‭ ‬bound and collared,‭ ‬naked and helpless,‭ ‬and smiled.

Roy slipped off his robe and dropped it on the floor.‭ ‬He was hard and ready,‭ ‬the only question was how was he going to use his slave tonight.‭ ‬He stood in front of Elaine,‭ ‬her magnificent blue eyes looked up eagerly at him,‭ ‬ready to do whatever he wanted.‭ ‬She leaned forward,‭ ‬ready to start sucking his cock,‭ ‬but he held her back with a light hand on her head.‭ ‬Roy caressed her cheek and neck,‭ ‬touching her soft skin.‭ ‬Having her so completely in his power was intoxicating,‭ ‬there was so much he wanted to do to her,‭ ‬or to have done to her,‭ ‬but right now he just wanted to savor her beauty.

He unhooked her leash from the hook and had her stand up.‭ “‬Turn around,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬he told her.‭ ‬Elaine began slowly turning around in a circle.‭ ‬Roy did not touch her,‭ ‬but drank her in with his eyes.‭ ‬He gazed at her small,‭ ‬firm breasts with nipples erect from her arousal.‭ ‬He stared at her flat stomach and neatly trimmed bush beneath.‭ ‬His eyes wandered to her silky thighs and shapely legs as she turned her perfect ass that he had claimed as his own.‭ ‬He smiled at the scattering of dark freckles on her smooth,‭ ‬pale skin.‭ ‬She was beautiful and she was his.

When she faced him again he stopped her and lifted her chin.‭ ‬Roy leaned down and kissed her,‭ ‬his mouth gentle on hers,‭ ‬his tongue softly probing her hot mouth.‭ ‬Elaine welcomed him in,‭ ‬her tongue brushing his,‭ ‬but softly retreating,‭ ‬drawing him deeper into her.‭ ‬His hands slid down her sides then around to her back.‭ ‬He held her bound hands in his as he kissed her.‭ ‬She responded eagerly to him,‭ ‬pressing her naked body against his,‭ ‬feeling his chest hair on her nipples,‭ ‬his hard cock against her stomach.‭ ‬She spread her legs slightly and pushed her wet cunt onto his muscular thighs,‭ ‬his hair softly tickling her lips and clitoris.

Roy continued kissing her.‭ ‬He still enjoyed a good kiss,‭ ‬the pleasures of fucking were great,‭ ‬but a good kiss was something to enjoy.‭ ‬Besides,‭ ‬he was in no hurry,‭ ‬she wasn’t going anywhere.‭ ‬Elaine’s knees grew weak as he explored her mouth,‭ ‬she had not expected this,‭ ‬do you really kiss a slave or just fuck her senseless‭? ‬The idea that she was his to be enjoyed every way possible had not occurred to her before.‭ ‬This tenderness by the man who had so brutally taken her ass earlier was hard to adjust to,‭ ‬but keeping her off balance also added to the intrigue.

Roy let go of Elaine’s hands and began caressing her back and bottom,‭ ‬all the while moving his leg up and down against her wet pussy.‭ ‬Elaine loved his touch,‭ ‬the feel of his strong hands exploring her.‭ ‬He began kissing her neck now,‭ ‬nibbling and licking around her collar.‭ ‬Then,‭ ‬abruptly,‭ ‬he picked her up,‭ ‬her chest against his,‭ ‬his cock rubbing the outside of her lower lips and carried her to the bed.‭ ‬He set her down on her back on the silk sheets,‭ ‬Elaine spread her legs,‭ ‬ready to be entered.

‭”‬Please,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine moaned,‭ “‬please fuck your slave.‭”

Roy smiled and looked down on her.‭ ‬She was so ready,‭ ‬and needed him in her so much,‭ ‬but he was not ready yet.‭ ‬He had gotten his immediate need out of the way earlier and this was his time to enjoy her thoroughly.

‭”‬Not yet,‭” ‬Roy said then climbed between her legs.‭ ‬He licked her neck from her collar to her chin and stopped for an eager kiss.‭ ‬He kissed along her collar bone while his hand caressed her thighs,‭ ‬sliding from the outside to the inside and back again,‭ ‬touching the soft skin and the firm muscles beneath.

When Roy began to lick Elaine’s small,‭ ‬firm breasts she began to squirm and moan.‭ ‬Roy slid a finger than another into her sopping wet pussy while his thumb gently worked her clitoris.‭ ‬She let out a soft yelp and arched her back into Roy,‭ ‬pushing her sensitive nipple deeper into his mouth.‭ ‬She bit her lip and began sweating as he played her body.‭ ‬It felt so good,‭ ‬and with her hands bound she could not stop him even if she wanted to.‭ ‬Elaine closed her eyes as she felt the orgasm building.‭ ‬Roy switched from breast to breast,‭ ‬wetting each with his tongue,‭ ‬pulling on each nipple with his teeth,‭ ‬but his hand stayed firmly in her crotch.‭ ‬His fingers inside her slowly worked back and forth and his thumb caressed her swollen clit.

‭”‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine moaned,‭ “‬I’m cumming…‭” ‬The orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightning.‭ ‬She squirmed and jerked,‭ ‬but Roy did not stop.‭ ‬She cried out as she rode it,‭ ‬her bound hands clenched into fists beneath her.

In more clearheaded times she wondered about her body.‭ ‬For the first twenty-eight years of her life she had not been able to orgasm.‭ ‬Then along came Amanda and she orgasmed and once she did the first time it was easier.‭ ‬Now there was Roy and since he had first raped her,‭ ‬and there was no other way to describe it,‭ ‬she came almost at the thought of him taking her.

‭”‬Please,‭ ‬Master,‭ ‬please fuck me now,‭” ‬she panted.

Roy was not ready yet.‭ ‬Elaine quivered as Roy started kissing her stomach,‭ ‬working his way down.‭ ‬He tugged gently on her pubic hair with his lips,‭ ‬then pulled his hand out of her.‭ ‬She moaned with disappointment when she was empty,‭ ‬but the moan was cut short as Roy buried his face in her crotch.‭ ‬In only a few seconds of Roy eating her pussy,‭ ‬Elaine came again,‭ ‬bucking her hips into his face.‭ ‬Roy reached under and grabbed her ass,‭ ‬one cheek in each hand and continued his oral assault on her lips and clit.

Roy loved the taste of her juices.‭ ‬She was so wet now,‭ ‬his tongue lapped at her lips,‭ ‬sliding inside her then moving up to her clit again.‭ ‬Her smooth thighs rubbed his cheeks and when he looked up he saw he breasts heaving with passion,‭ ‬her chest flushed red.‭ ‬After her third orgasm,‭ ‬Roy was ready.

‭”‬Please,‭ ‬please,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine begged.

Roy climbed out from between her legs and Elaine caught her breath for a moment.‭ ‬Roy slid on top of her,‭ ‬and put his cock to her entrance.‭ ‬Elaine opened her eyes,‭ ‬soft from her passion,‭ ‬and looked pleadingly into his eyes.‭ ‬Roy pushed into her,‭ ‬slowly,‭ ‬until his hips pressed against hers.‭ ‬Elaine kept her eyes on his,‭ ‬breathing deeply in relief.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she sighed.

Roy began slowly fucking his slave.‭ ‬He closed his eyes now and concentrated on the feeling of her hot,‭ ‬wet pussy gripping his hard cock.‭ ‬Slowly he slid in and out,‭ ‬burying himself deep inside her.‭ ‬Elaine’s pussy was magnificent,‭ ‬tight and ready.‭ ‬He began going faster,‭ ‬building up speed and thrusting harder into her.

Elaine watched his face as he took her.‭ ‬Her body felt loose,‭ ‬from her head to her toes,‭ ‬as she received him.‭ ‬He had done this to her,‭ ‬he had made her a slave and made her feel alive like no one had ever before.‭ ‬She felt another climax rising,‭ ‬and began rotating her hips around Roy’s cock.‭ ‬She found his rhythm and came yet again.

Roy slammed into her a few more times then pulled out.‭ ‬He crawled up on the bed and rammed his wet cock into Elaine’s mouth.‭ ‬She eagerly took him in,‭ ‬tasting her juices as he slid down into her throat.‭ ‬He came quickly now,‭ ‬shooting his cum into her mouth.

He flopped down on the bed beside her,‭ ‬breathing heavily.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine said softly.

‭”‬Oh,‭ ‬we’re not done,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬Roy assured her,‭ “‬we have all night.‭”

Roy ran his hands up and down Elaine’s chest,‭ ‬her nipples flicking as he caressed them.‭ ‬Elaine slowed her breathing and calmed,‭ ‬but her body was still on fire,‭ ‬every nerve tingling.‭ ‬She was his.

He turned her onto her stomach,‭ ‬Elaine prepared for another fucking,‭ ‬but Roy unlocked the cuffs.‭ ‬Elaine stretched her arms,‭ ‬rubbed her wrists and hands and sat up.‭ ‬Roy was up and came back with a glass of cold water for her.‭ ‬Elaine drank deeply and felt the cold water flow down her throat and into her stomach.‭ ‬She smiled at this little kindness,‭ ‬finished the glass and handed the empty glass back to her owner.

Roy sat back down beside her and Elaine leaned over and kissed him on the neck.‭ ‬She timidly reached a hand out and touched his chest,‭ ‬afraid he would push her back.‭ ‬Instead he smiled and held her hand on his chest.

‭”‬Slave,‭” ‬he told her softly,‭ “‬please me.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine whispered into his ear as she kissed his neck.‭ ‬She had longed to discover his body since he first taken her and now she had the chance.‭ ‬She continued kissing his long neck,‭ ‬happy he had a smooth shave.‭ ‬His breathing quickened and she felt his leg muscles tense up so she kept it up while her hands ran across his broad chest,‭ ‬gently tugging on his hair.‭ ‬Her other hand found his back,‭ ‬smooth with no hair but one mole almost right in the middle.

Elaine kissed his neck and throat for a long time,‭ ‬trying not to leave any marks,‭ ‬but enjoying the obvious pleasure it gave him.‭ ‬Her hands were on his chest and back,‭ ‬only sometimes venturing down to find his cock was hard again.‭ ‬He was ready,‭ ‬but she was not yet.‭ ‬She pushed on his chest gently,‭ ‬but firmly and he got the picture.‭ ‬He lay back on the bed,‭ ‬his cock standing up like a flagpole.‭ ‬Elaine kissed it briefly then kissed his thighs.‭ ‬His legs had enchanted her since the first time she saw them,‭ ‬powerful and masculine.‭ ‬She wrapped both hands around one and kissed it again,‭ ‬rubbing her cheek against it.‭ ‬Roy ran his hand through her hair,‭ ‬but let her continue.‭ ‬She worked down to his calf,‭ ‬looking closely,‭ ‬touching and tasting,‭ ‬then back up the other leg.‭ ‬When she got back to his cock,‭ ‬she was satisfied for the moment and switched her attention to it.

She licked his shaft a few times,‭ ‬tasting her juices on him,‭ ‬but she was not in the mood to give more head.‭ ‬She climbed on top,‭ ‬facing him and got up on her knees.‭ ‬She held his cock in her hand and guided it to her waiting cunt.‭ ‬Roy stared up at her as she slid down on it,‭ ‬a dreamy smile on her face.‭ ‬Elaine rested her hands on his chest then began moving her hips around his embedded cock,‭ ‬circling and up and down.‭ ‬While she fucked him,‭ ‬Roy reached up and began tugging on her nipples,‭ ‬pinching and twisting.‭ ‬Elaine was enjoying fucking Roy,‭ ‬but was not able to cum,‭ ‬she realized she needed him to be in control to get off.‭ ‬She had to be submissive,‭ ‬but she did as she was told and was rewarded by Roy cumming inside her.

Roy lifted her off of him.‭ ‬He took another long drink of water then cuffed her hands in front of her.‭ ‬Then he lifted the glass to her lips and let her drink as he held the glass.

‭”‬That was nice,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he said to her,‭ “‬but you didn’t cum,‭ ‬did you‭?”

“No,‭ ‬Master.‭ ‬I guess I need you to be in charge,‭” ‬she sighed.

‭”‬Don’t worry,‭ ‬Slave,‭ ‬there will be plenty of that,‭” ‬Roy said.‭ ‬He guided her down so she was lying on her stomach,‭ ‬her hands beneath her.‭ ‬He placed a couple of pillows under her hips,‭ ‬sticking her butt in the air while her face was on the mattress.

‭”‬I was after you for a long time,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬Roy said,‭ ‬while he began caressing her thighs and butt.‭

“‬When I saw you at the party,‭ ‬the one to which Amanda brought you,‭ ‬I knew I had to have you.‭ ‬It was your beauty,‭ ‬your innocence,‭ ‬your need.‭ ‬You went into that party scared,‭ ‬nervous about having multiple men you had never met fuck you.‭ ‬You were trembling when Frank spread your legs and readied to penetrate you.‭ ‬But Frank was gentle and considerate,‭ ‬all the men that night were.‭ ‬As you were leaving I could see relief in your tired eyes,‭ ‬but also disappointment and could tell you were wanting more.

‭”‬After that,‭ ‬I hacked Amanda’s computer and e-mails.‭ ‬It wasn’t hard,‭ ‬all she had was your basic store bought virus protection and it did not take me long.‭ ‬I was reading all her files on you,‭ ‬with pictures and videos,‭ ‬within a day of the party.‭ ‬I got into her e-mail and read everything you two wrote back and forth.‭ ‬Then I got into your e-mail.

‭”‬I knew I had to have you,‭ ‬Elaine.‭ ‬I knew you were a perfect slave,‭ ‬that you needed something rougher and more dominating than the party.‭ ‬You needed to be taken,‭ ‬not walking into a party under your own power and letting men fuck you,‭ ‬but taken by a man who wanted you so bad nothing would stop him.‭ ‬You needed to be owned and I needed to own you.‭”

Elaine listened to him as his hand began to penetrate her pussy,‭ ‬wet and leaking from him.‭ ‬His other hand stroked her back.‭ ‬By this time,‭ ‬nothing should have shocked her.‭ ‬She had been raped every way possible,‭ ‬but the idea of Roy reading her e-mail made her feel violated.‭ ‬There had been some intimate e-mails between her and Amanda,‭ ‬things that she did not any other person to ever see and Roy had read them all.

‭”‬After that I found out everything I could about you,‭” ‬Roy continued,‭ “‬friends,‭ ‬family,‭ ‬finances,‭ ‬habits,‭ ‬anything.‭ ‬I constructed a pretty good picture of a shy,‭ ‬lonely woman waiting for something big to happen in her life.‭ ‬I even drove to Prescott a couple of times to watch you,‭ ‬seeing you jog in those short shorts was almost enough to make me take you then and there,‭ ‬but I knew the timing wasn’t right.‭ ‬But I knew I could make you disappear quite easily.‭”

Roy reached for a tube of lube and squirted some into her battered asshole,‭ ‬working it in with a finger.‭ ‬Elaine realized now how thoroughly he had hunted her,‭ ‬how even when she thought she was most alone and on her own,‭ ‬Roy was waiting for his chance to get her.

‭”‬When Amanda began offering you to settle her debts I knew I had to move,‭” ‬he kept the fingers of one hand in her pussy while the other readied her tight back door.‭ “‬Fortunately,‭ ‬she provided me with the perfect situation.‭ ‬All I had to do was delay her and sweep in and take you away.‭ ‬When I saw you in Goldwash I knew it was going to happen and when you climbed on the back of my motorcycle it was already too late for you.‭ ‬The anticipation was great,‭ ‬though:‭ ‬riding down those old roads,‭ ‬you pressed into my back,‭ ‬your hard nipples poking into me,‭ ‬you unaware of what I had in store for you.‭ ‬When I tied you to the picnic table and pulled up your skirt,‭ ‬seeing you gorgeous ass and hips in my power,‭ ‬I knew I was there.‭ ‬No matter what,‭ ‬I would have raped you there,‭ ‬but feeling your wet pussy made me know that I would own you.‭” ‬Elaine closed her eyes as his fingers worked into her,‭ ‬getting her ready for further use.‭ ‬She thought back to the picnic table where her whole life had changed.

‭”‬And,‭ ‬Elaine,‭ ‬you have disappeared,‭” ‬Roy paused and kissed her butt briefly then continued talking.‭ “‬Movers cleared out your apartment while we were riding through the mountains.‭ ‬All utilities and bills were settled up and closed,‭ ‬your car was picked up at your apartment.‭ ‬There is a post office box that is your forwarding address.‭ ‬Your family is gone or out of the country,‭ ‬you really did not have any friends.‭ ‬No one will come looking for you and as far as any legal authority is concerned,‭ ‬you are paid up and on your own.‭”

Somehow Elaine thought that she could end this when she was ready,‭ ‬get out and go back to her old life.‭ ‬Not that she really wanted to,‭ ‬but the idea that she had some chance left to go back was appealing.‭ ‬Now she realized that there was nothing to which she could go back.

‭”‬I can do anything I want to you,‭ ‬any time I want to.‭ ‬I can act out every fantasy or dirty thought I have ever had on your beautiful little body.‭ ‬I loved seeing you tied down while Sam,‭ ‬Mark and I took turns plowing your tight little ass.‭ ‬We’ll do that again and lots more.‭” ‬He pulled his fingers out and moved between he smooth thighs.‭ “‬By the way,‭ ‬Sam wants to buy you.‭ ‬He made me a nice offer.‭ ‬I declined,‭ ‬this time.

‭”‬For now,‭” ‬Roy let it hang and slid his hard cock into her sore ass once more.‭ ‬Elaine bit the sheets as Roy took her from behind again.‭ ‬It hurt,‭ ‬it always did.‭ ‬It did not hurt as much as earlier,‭ ‬he lubed her up this time,‭ ‬but she was sore from his brutal assault on her anus earlier and had not really had a chance to recover.‭ ‬She tried not to think about what he had said,‭ ‬how he had completely erased her old life.‭ ‬Now everything depended on keeping Roy happy‭; ‬she hated to think what Sam would be like as an owner.

Roy was pounding away at her,‭ ‬lasting longer each time he fucked her tonight.‭ ‬Elaine’s eyes were watering and she began moaning in pain.‭ ‬Roy kept his grip on her hips and slammed roughly into her each time,‭ ‬reminding her with each thrust that she was his property and entirely in his power.

‭”‬Touch yourself,‭” ‬he ordered her,‭ “‬make yourself cum while I fuck you in the ass.‭”

Elaine hesitated and Roy smacked her ass.‭ “‬Do it‭!” ‬he ordered.

Elaine reached her bound hands between her legs and began touching herself.‭ ‬She briefly touched her wet pussy,‭ ‬but quickly moved to her clit.‭ ‬The combination of bound hands,‭ ‬realizing she had lost her old life entirely and Roy pounding away at her ass was such a turn on already that it only took a few seconds for her to reach climax.‭ ‬When she came her asshole spasmed and that made Roy cum,‭ ‬too.

‭”‬Good job,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he whispered to her.‭ ‬He ran both hands up her back and moved her sweaty hair to one side,‭ ‬a few stray strands sticking to the sweat and tears on her cheeks.‭ ‬He leaned forward and kissed her neck and cheek softly,‭ ‬gently.‭ “‬You are wonderful like this:‭ ‬helpless and fucked hard.‭ ‬This is what you want and need,‭ ‬isn’t it,‭ ‬Elaine‭?”

Elaine nodded slowly and answered,‭ “‬yes,‭ ‬Master.‭”

Roy slid out of her and walked into the bathroom.‭ ‬After a minute she heard him urinate and flush.‭ ‬He came back out and dimmed the lights then crawled in beside her.‭ ‬Within a minute Elaine heard the regular breathing that told her he was asleep.

Elaine stared up at the ceiling while Roy snored beside her.‭ ‬She could not sleep,‭ ‬her brain was too active right now to shut down.‭ ‬Physically,‭ ‬she was exhausted and sore,‭ ‬but it did not translate to sleep.‭ ‬Her ass and pussy ached from Roy’s hard fucking,‭ ‬her hands were bound and she was collared.‭ ‬Semen seeped from front and back and little bits were stuck in the corners of her mouth,‭ ‬she was as helpless and used as she could be.‭ ‬She wondered about her life,‭ ‬would it be like this every night‭? ‬Wasn’t that what she wanted‭? ‬She knew it was.‭ ‬What worried her was being lonely and cut off.‭ ‬As long as Roy was here and using her then she thought she could bear it,‭ ‬no matter how painful and physically tiring it would be.‭ ‬But something told her that Roy would frequently be gone for long stretches,‭ ‬leaving her alone with Anna.‭ ‬That did not seem pleasant.‭ ‬She realized that there was no way she could get on Anna’s good side,‭ ‬there was no way they would be friends.‭ ‬Anna was her keeper,‭ ‬nothing more.‭ ‬Being isolated in this house with no friends and no Roy would start to drive her crazy.‭ ‬She needed him more,‭ ‬she needed someone.‭ ‬She did not sign her life away to be lonely.

At some point,‭ ‬Elaine got up to use the bathroom.‭ ‬It was a tidy bathroom,‭ ‬clean and tastefully decorated in a masculine way.‭ ‬The smells were of musk and soap,‭ ‬with a faint hint of sulfur in the air.‭ ‬There not much on the sink:‭ ‬a razor,‭ ‬a comb and a toothbrush and,‭ ‬she noted with amusement,‭ ‬a pack of matches with one burned out beside it.‭ ‬She fought the urge to look through the medicine cabinet and drawers and instead sat on the toilet,‭ ‬urinated and cleaned herself up as best she could with toilet paper.‭ ‬She washed her face with cold water and gargled with some mouthwash to get the last of the cum out of her mouth then came back to bed.

I awaken just as you come into the room with my breakfast tray. I see you are wearing your special uniform of fuck me heels, short, short skirt, a see-through top tied just under your breasts and your “CUNT” collar. You look like the horny slut you are and more.

I get out of bed, walk to the bathroom with you trailing behind me. You take off your clothes and lay down in the tub, I place my feet on either side of your body and crouch slightly as I let loose with a hot stream of pee. I piss over your entire body and notice your pussy is already puffy and glistening with your juices already. I make a mental note to ask you about this later.

After I finish relieving myself on you, I grab a handful of your hair and grind your face into my pussy, I tell my little white cunt, “Lick me until I cum, bitch.”

You start moaning like a whore in heat and I catch you fingering your already wet snatch. I give myself over to the orgasm racking my body. I then proceed to brush my teeth as you take a shower to prepare yourself for round 2.

As I finish up my breakfast in bed, you walk in clean and freshly dressed.

I ask you, “What you were doing this morning?”

You reply with a nonchalant “nothing Mistress”.

I tell you to take off your clothes and go to the ball in the corner and assume the position. You beg for my forgiveness, as you lay across the ball and I chain your hands and feet down. I pull out my favorite paddle, the one with the tiny rounded nubs on the surface and proceed to spank your lying white ass with abandon.

“I swear I will be a good slave!”

“I will always ask permission to pleasure myself!”

“Please Mistress, I will never lie to you again, I promise!”

I laugh at you as you raise your ass to meet each smack of the paddle.

“You’re a pussy licking slut who should know better than to lie to your mistress, who is smarter and wiser than you.”

After I have thoroughly showed you I am not to be taken for a fool, I gently caress your very red and hot ass cheeks. You make small sounds in your throat and I see you grinding your pussy into the ball, I slap you on your ass signifying the punishment isn’t over yet. I grab a handful of clothes pins and start attaching them to your nipples and pussy lips. You cry out in pleasure pain, your pussy really starts flowing with your juices.

You continue to whimper and beg for forgiveness. “Shut your mouth or I will stuff a gag into it!”

You shut up immediately, knowing I am losing patience with your whimpering. I pull out a strap-on from the ‘toy chest’ and hunt for a few special toys, just for your sorry ass. I find what I am looking for and suit up for a little fun. I come to stand in front of you and you lift your head to see me wearing the big, fat red cock with the ripples and ridges on it. Your eyes take on a gleam, knowing you are about to be used for my pleasure.

“Open wide slut, suck my cock just like a whore.”

You don’t even hesitate; you just start blowing me like a bitch in heat, slobbering all over my cock getting it good and wet for your pussy.

I pull out of your mouth, “Don’t expect any gentleness, only good little slaves can be made love to.”

“Bad slaves get fucked as rough as her mistress deems necessary.”

You stutter out a, “Yes Mistress, anything you say.”

I walk back to your red, imprinted ass and pull on a few of the clothespins hanging from your pussy lips, then give you a couple of swats on your ass again, you moan over and over again.

I wrap my hand tightly into your hair, pulling your head backwards to me and then I ram the cock as far as it will go into your pussy.

You start moaning loudly, I slap your ass cheek, “Shut the fuck up or I will gag your filthy ass!”

You tone it down somewhat, but I am fucking your cunt with abandon and you are on your way to one of the cums of your life.

Just as you are ready to go over the top I bend down and whisper in your ear “If you cum I will beat the living shit out of your pathetic, trashy white ass bitch.”

You grit out a breathy, “Yes Mistress.”

I see you trying so hard not to cum, that I pull out of your hot pussy with an evil grin. I walk back to face you and ram the cock down your throat and make you suck my cock clean of your juices. I am somewhat satisfied with your performance so far, but there is more to come.

I fuck your mouth like I fucked your pussy, hard and without mercy. You are trying your best to blow me, but drool is sliding out the sides of your mouth and you are gagging every so often when I slam into the back of your throat.

“Deep throat my cock you horny bitch!”

“You know deep down you’re a little slut whose sole purpose in life is to please your mistress, whatever that entails.”

You are so obviously grinding your drooling snatch on the ball that I bring your attention back to the top of your body by grabbing the clothespins on your tits and pull them away from your body tightly. You try to scream, but that is difficult with a mouth full of cock.

I resume my position behind you and wrap my hands in your hair once again. I ram the red cock as far as I can into your dripping snatch. You scream out and writhe as much as the chains will allow.

“Stop moving slut or I will beat the shit out of you!”

I pull your hair tighter and keep pounding you hard, you are moaning uncontrollably as I slap your ass cheek.

“Are ready to cum bitch?”

You scream, “Yes Mistress, please let me cum!”

I laugh wickedly, “If my trashy whore cums before I grant her permission, she will rue the day I became her mistress.”

“Please Mistress, I beg you to let me cum!”

I simply reply, “I don’t think you are ready yet, whore.”

I stop fucking your nasty cunt and start working my cock into your tight asshole.

“Mistress please, your cock is too big to fit into my small ass!”

I just laugh at your complaints as I continue to stretch your asshole.

“I can see your pussy is still dripping its juices, so it can’t be hurting that much.”

You won’t shut up so, I pull out of your ass and go and get the gag that is shaped like a cock.

I push the red cock into your mouth, “Clean your ass juices off my cock, cunt.”

Once you have sucked the cock clean, I shove the cock gag into your mouth and buckle it shut.

“Since you can’t seem to understand what obedience is, I am going to have to ravage your holes with the biggest cocks I can find.”

“Not being able to sit down for a few days, should be a good reminder of who’s in charge.”

I take off the red cock and pull out a new toy you haven’t seen yet. It’s called the DP monster, because it is huge, black and scary looking; the cock for your pussy is 9 inches long and thick, the cock for your ass is 7 inches long and 2 inches wide. Both have life like veins and nice fat mushroom hoods on them.

After I am ready, I stand in front of you showing off the treat in store for you. Your eyes get big and you try to speak, but that is hard to do with a mouthful of cock. I grab some lube for the ass cock and put on just enough to coat the tip, why make it easy for a disobedient slave?

Your eyes implore me not to fuck you with that monster strapped to my ample hips; I slap your face and laugh at you.

“Stupid cow, you should have thought about the consequences, before you lied to me!”

“You’ll love having your holes stretched to their limits with fat, black cock.”

“For my own pleasure, there’s a special nub on the inside of the strap-on that rubs against my clit, I can cum numerous times while I fuck you.”

I grab a handful of hair and whisper in your ear “You will cum only when I tell you to and not a second sooner. Is that clear, bitch?”

You nod your head in understanding of my command. I walk back around and grab your hips; I line up the DP Monster to your ass and pussy.

My hips surge forth in one swift move, impaling you on my cocks. You scream and thrash, making me cackle with glee.

“Your sorry ass is going to learn, that I am not one to be trifled with.”

I pull almost completely out of your holes, before I plow back in to the hilt. Your muted screams and thrashing urge me on a brutal rhythm.

As I push into you, the nub presses against my clit, sending shivers throughout my body. A fine sheen of perspiration coats my body as I ferociously fuck your pussy and ass without mercy.

Plunging in fully, withdrawing almost completely and then forging my way back in. I feel the pressure in my clit building to a wonderful climax.

Just as I fall over the edge, I scream “You can cum now slut!”

Your pussy juice spurts all over the cock as I ram it home one last time, sliding down your thighs and slowly dripping onto the floor.

As I catch my breath, I unchain your hands and feet; then unbuckle the cock gag. I slowly withdraw the Monster from your holes, amused to see your ass gape is red and raw.

©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

Here are the characters:

The Cassidy’s

Matthew: The Patriarch

Helen: His wife

Hayley: Their youngest daughter

Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell

Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth

Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn

Son in law’s

Brandon Mitchell – Actor

Daniel Worth –Sports agent

Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah

Jake Harrison – Fiancé to Hayley

Mary Harrison – Sister to Jake

Stephen Cassidy – son of Dent Cassidy, suitor to Mary

Kenneth Baylor Cassidy – Head of the board

*Gwyn Baylor Cassidy – wife of Kenneth, therapist.

Blake Black: Family lawyer, keeper of the Ritual

*Valentina Alexis Black– former supermodel, wife/slave of Blake Black

The Chadwell’s

Lord Thomas Chadwell

Lady Catherine Chadwell

Mason Chadwell –great nephew to Matthew, fiancé to Daniela

Daniela – Frederick’s daughter, fiancée to Mason

Claudia Chadwell-Winston and her husband, Martin Winston

Braxton Chadwell and his wife, Tara

Carlton Chadwell and his wife, Carmen

Sylvia Chadwell-Sawyer and her husband, Adam Sawyer


Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley

Brian West – Assistant to Jake

Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

*New character


Daniela and Mason moved into their new house. The work on the house was completed in record time. They would keep the New York apartment. Daniela was still going to college, Mason was working late nights at the restaurant and he wanted the children to go to Dalton. So they would be spending time between houses.

The nursery was decorated in pinks and blues with Winnie the Pooh on the boy’s side of the room and ballerina’s on the girl side. It was a pretty room. The furniture arrived from England and fit perfectly. Mason couldn’t wait for his mother to see the room.

Mason wanted to talk to Daniela about their wedding. “Mother has enlisted the best planner in England to help with our wedding. I’m sure she will be phoning you. I want to thank you for agreeing to get married in England and specifically for getting married at the Castle because my parents are over the moon. We should go over in September to go over the plans. As soon as you have the babies you’ll be measured for your dress.” He said kissing her cheek.

Daniela couldn’t think about a wedding dress. At this moment she was feeling like a beached whale. Overnight, it seemed to her that she had grown triple her size. Mason or Millie had to help her put on or take off her shoes since she couldn’t see her feet and sitting on the couch was out of the question unless she had someone to help her up.

Millie, who was thrilled to be working permanently for Daniela had arrived and immediately took charge. After a week or so, Mason realized what a godsend she was. Their house and their lives were much more organized. They were in the process of hiring a nanny, Mason wanted two, but Daniela asked for one for now. They would be having a housewarming/baby shower to welcome their friends into their new home.

Sex was regulated to blow jobs for Mason because Daniela was under doctor’s order to take it easy. Mason didn’t mind. He was enjoying her pregnancy and was looking forward to meeting his children. Matthew was calling a great deal to see how Daniela was feeling, while Jake was just leaving them alone and Daniela prayed the babies were his.


Blake and Valentina were on their way to Paradise Island. The trip would take five days and during those five days, Blake intended to work on training Valentina and fucking her as often as possible.

Valentina woke up the day after their sudden wedding with a sore ass and Blake between her thighs. She was a little nauseous and noticed the crackers beside her bed. Valentina ate one of the dry crackers and felt her nausea suppressed, she also noticed that Blake had put two bands on her wrists.

Blake lifted his head from between her legs, “Good morning my dear. The bands on your wrist are to help with the nausea. Let me finish my morning breakfast and I’ll explain. You may cum when you wish.” He said as he dived back down between her legs.

Valentina lay back and let her husband feast on her. She came once, twice and before she could come again, Blake came up and lay behind her. He moved her over to her side and felt her ass. He checked to see that her ass was healing nicely. In the drawer beside the bed, he took out a butt plug, lubed it nicely, and carefully inserted it in her ass. Valentina groaned at the intrusion.

“The plug will remain there. When you have to go to the bathroom, you may remove it and I will reinsert it. Tomorrow I will fuck your ass again and put in a slightly larger one. Plus, I plan to take your ass nearly every day until you can take my dick easily and cum without my touching your pussy.”

The wristbands are to help you with the morning sickness. I’ve heard they work well if you just leave them on. I’ve bought several pairs in case you get them wet. Now up with you and let’s shower and get ready for breakfast. I’ve bought quite a few bikinis for you my dear and I’m sure you will want to get tanned. I want you naked and I will put lotion on you so you don’t burn. We don’t want any tan lines.” Blake said and he swatted her behind.

Valentina sat up slowly. The nausea was fading. She put her arms around Blake and kissed his lips. Blake pulled down her nightgown and twisted her nipples. He bent down and sucked on her breast. “If we keep this up we won’t be going anywhere and breakfast is waiting. I need my strength, but don’t worry my dear I’ll take you outside in the glorious sun of the ocean.”

Taking her hand, he took Valentina into the shower that was luxurious. Blake washed her body. “I want you to take very good care of yourself my dear. You are carrying my child. I expect you to eat well and from here on, I will be going to your doctor appointments. I want three children, so I plan to get you pregnant two years after this one, then two years after the second one.”

Blake rubbed her belly and kissed her there. “All clean now go get dressed while I shower.” He said.

Valentina asked him, “Master may I wash you?”

“Maybe later, right now I want you to dress in one of the bikinis and we’ll eat.” Blake said and Valentina left him to dress.

There was a beautiful multi-colored bikini with a matching wrap for her to wear. She put her hair up on a high pony and dressed. Blake came out the shower and dressed in shorts and a tee. He put sunscreen on her. Valentina helped him with his sunscreen and they went out to view the rest of the yacht.

Valentina was awed by the size of the yacht, which slept 19. There was normally a crew of 16 but for this trip, they used only 10. There was a hot tub and seating around the boat. Breakfast was served outside near the pool. Valentina was seated by a waiter and served her fruit plate. Blake joined her and his granola with yogurt was served.

“Sir, this is so beautiful.” She said.

“I had it renamed in your honor.” Blake said kissing her hand. His cell phone rang and he answered it. “Hello?”

“Oh Derrick, I’m on my honeymoon. Call Kenneth and he will take care of it. I’ll be back in the office in eight days.” Blake smiled at Valentina, “Thank you so much. I look forward to receiving it.”

“Derrick Cassidy Kennedy sent us a case of fine champagne to celebrate our wedding.” Blake said and dug into his granola.

Valentina ate breakfast and marveled at how beautiful the yacht was and how large. She was looking forward to relaxing and resting and she blushed as she thought of Blake fucking her.

After they finished eating breakfast, Blake showed her around the yacht and introduced her to the rest of the crew who congratulated the new Mrs. Black. One of the members of the crew was the chef, a beautiful black woman named Cela. She smiled at Blake and him at her. Valentina noticed, but said nothing. There was also a maid named Tantila who was Tahitian with long dark hair and olive skin.

Blake took her out to lie in the sun and Valentina lay down on the lounge sofa. Blake put sunscreen on her back and untied her bra. He untied her bikini and she lay naked with her clothes underneath her. Blake himself took off his shirt. He kneaded Valentina’s buttocks and legs. Blake pressed a button on a remote and a canopy came over them. “I’ll let you get your tan on in a little while, right now I want you.” He said.

Valentina felt the plug being pulled out her ass and then Blake’s fingers feeling her ass. “Yes you are healing nicely. Tomorrow I’ll take you back there. Right now your pussy is calling for me, up on your knees.

Valentina maneuvered herself. Blake took the opportunity to take a napkin and folding it placed it over her eyes. Blake eased himself into her pussy and began fucking her. Valentina moved on Blake’s cock. Valentina felt something in front of her mouth. First a thumb, which invaded her mouth, then a cock, was pressed to her lips. “Suck the cock, my dear, show the man how good you are with your mouth.” Blake ordered.

Valentina began to suck. The man fucking her mouth was much smaller than Blake was and she sucked him with ease. Blake continued fucking her. He watched as Scotty fucked in and out of his new wife’s mouth. Valentina was feeling very wet and moaned as she sucked.

The man she was sucking pulled on her nipples causing her to groan. “That’s right baby, you are doing so well. Suck that cock. I like seeing my little slave like this. You’ve been such a good girl.” Blake said fucking in and out of her. He spanked her ass once, twice, three times and Valentina sucked harder on the dick.

She wanted to please her Master. Blake pulled out and they exchanged places. She felt the familiar girth of Blake’s cock slide into her mouth and the smaller cock into her pussy. She missed Blake’s large dick and her pussy didn’t feel as comfortable around this much smaller dick. The man fucking into her couldn’t get enough traction so he mouthed to Blake to turn her over so that he could push her legs up and really get in. Blake agreed and Valentina was turned onto her back. The man bent down and licked her pussy. He was good and took his time. “Please sir, please may I cum?’ She begged.

“No my dear not yet but soon.” Blake said and stuffed his cock back into her mouth. Blake fucked her mouth hard while Scotty fucked her pussy. Scotty came soon after and pulled out. Blake replaced him at her pussy and began eating Scotty’s semen from Valentina. “Please Sir, please may I cum. I’m so, so, please.” She said and Valentina pinched her nipples.

She was moving her hips and Blake stopped licking her to look at her as he slid his fingers inside her pussy. “I love you like this. I love the way you look all spread out in heat.” Blake said and then sent back to licking her. Valentina knew she wouldn’t be able to hold on too much longer. Blake chuckled and said, “Mouth or cock!”

“Please Master, cock.” She begged and he slammed into her. “Cum slut cum for your Master” Blake said as he fucked inside her.

“Thank you.” Valentina said as she came hard onto his dick. Blake followed soon after and lay on her chest. He lightly kissed her nipple and then removed the blindfold.

Valentina knew better than to ask whom she had sucked and fucked. Blake wouldn’t tell her anyway.

Blake put more sun block on her body then left her to tan as he went to the kitchen.

Blake walked up to Cela and kissed her lips “Tonight you will join my wife and I. She needs to work on her pussy licking skills. She had her first muff diving experience with one of the Cassidy wives. I need you to teach her a few more things.”

Cela chuckled, “Can I fuck her?”

“Yes, but gently, she’s pregnant.” Blake said.

“Congrats, I’ll take it easy. So,” Cela purred, “Mr. Blake Black is going to be a daddy? How does it feel?”

Blake ran a hand through his hair. “It’s great I really love her. She’s my perfect slave, but I’m sure she’s going to challenge me and I will teach her what disobedience will get her and” He raised an eyebrow, “I will look forward to it, but not for a while, she’s pregnant and I’m still training her.”

Blake pulled Cela into his embrace. She laughed as he kissed her cheek. “I’ll see you later.” He said and released her.

Valentina fell asleep. She dreamed of Blake fucking her. Valentina shivered in her sleep and came. Blake watched her. He smiled, she was coming along very nicely and he knew she was dreaming of him.


Hayley and Jake had a wonderful time at their joint bridal shower. They received gifts ranging from an electric drill for Hayley to the complete line of Global Sai Knives for Jake.

Everyone had a good time playing silly games and Hayley wore her toilet paper veil with pride.

Hayley had given the list of 20 names for the wedding night ritual which she called the “Final Ritual Orgy” to Kenneth. She had included him and Gwyn and Daniela and Mason even though they wouldn’t be there.

Jake quit his job. The bank gave him a party and a choice of a gift, Jake had a hard time choosing because he had more money than he ever had and he didn’t need anything. In the end, he chose an iPad and gave it away to a young kid, he knew.

He had been home for one week and found that he needed to get out. In addition, he felt that he was underfoot with Marvina even though he spent most of his time in the office, but the best part was at night when Hayley came home.

She would enter the door and drop to her knees. He knew she was tired from work, but she would suck his cock before doing anything else. Their relationship was getting back on track, but Matthew warned him that Hayley would have one really big bout of rebellion the closer they came to the wedding.

Now tonight was the night for her Bachelorette party and his Bachelor party.

Jake and Hayley kissed each other goodnight. “Have fun, but not too much fun.” Jake said as he kissed Hayley passionately. “The same goes for you.” Hayley said.

Daniela, Samantha, Quinn and Tara who had flown in from London were all in the limousine waiting for Hayley. The party was being held at The Queen’s Club. A popular nightclub owned by the Cassidy family not too far from Hayley’s home. Already at the club were Mary, Denise, Gwyn and forty of Hayley’s friends from work and college.

From the moment she entered the limo, Hayley was handed a glass of champagne. She decided that this night since it was her party she was going to have a good time. They arrived at the Club and cheers went up. Glasses were raised. “Congratulations Hayley. Let’s Party” came from the ladies in the room.

Hayley greeted the crowd with fist pumping and she sat down at the table of honor. The Body Builders, a group of men in the Chippendale tradition all stood around the room. Three of them came up to Hayley and put a crown on her head. She laughed as they started dancing around her chair. Denise took Hayley’s hand and put it on the chest of a very brawly body builder. The dancer, a 6’2″ hunk with massive muscles bent down and locked lips with Hayley. She was in male heaven.

Hayley had fifty dollar bills in bundles of thirty passed around to each guests to put in the pants of the dancers. For herself, she had about fifty thousand dollars in hundreds. She was going to have a good time.

Samantha had been given the duty of making sure that Hayley didn’t go too overboard. She had one glass of champagne and for the rest of the night drank ginger ale. Helen warned Samantha that if Hayley did anything crazy she would be the one to be punished, so Samantha was watching Hayley like a hawk.


Brandon was in charge of Jake, but he had a feeling that Jake would be fine. Jake asked for no strippers. He wanted a nice quiet evening with just a few friends, the Cassidy’s and Nate. They had dinner at Mickey Mantle’s sports bar and then went to Jazz at Lincoln Center.

“Are you looking forward to the wedding?” Brandon asked amidst the noise at the bar.

“I’m looking forward to the day after the wedding and some reprieve from the Cassidy family.” Jake said.

“You’ll get some respite, but you know it won’t last long. You’ll have a few others to look after as Samantha and I did with Denise and Daniel and you and Hayley. The best time will be after Mary and when your kids are engaged. You’ll have a rest and will almost have forgotten about it.

Samantha and I are hoping that Jonah and Quinn get pregnant very fast so we can start.” Brandon said hopefully.

Jonah butted in, “the day after the wedding, Quinn is ready. She’s already bought some ovulation kit that tells her when the right time is to get pregnant. So you probably won’t have to wait long.”

Daniel joined the conversation, “All the women are jealous of Daniela. She is almost ready to burst and carrying twins, nonetheless. If my father had his chest poked out, anymore it would burst. He is so thrilled and so proud.”

Jake laughed; it would serve Matthew right if the twins were his. The proud peacock strutting his manhood, Jake thought.

The men hung out until one, and then Nate, Daniel, Brandon, Jonah and Jake climbed back into their limo and dropped everyone off. Brandon asked Jake if he wanted some company, but Jake declined, he wanted to just go home and wait for Hayley to arrive. He thanked the guys for the party and he realized just how much he couldn’t wait to get married.


Hayley was having the time of her life. She was passing out money like water to the dancers who stripped onstage. There were six men dressed in various uniforms; army, navy, police, etc… Two of them came down from the stage and dragged Hayley back with them to the stage. They bumped and grinded with her as Hayley who was now really drunk ran her hands all over their bodies. Samantha was watching, but she got a little distracted by a waiter who came over to ask if they wanted another bottle of champagne for the table. When she turned around, Hayley had disappeared.

“Where’s Hayley?” Samantha shouted to Mary.

“Hayley went backstage.” Mary shouted over the din.

“Shit!” Samantha said as she climbed on the stage and went backstage to find her sister.

She found Hayley down on her knees giving the brawly bodybuilder head while ten other guys stood around her jerking off and taking pictures. Samantha took her cell phone from her purse and dialed a number. She said into the phone, “Backstage, now!”

Five men burst into the room moments later and grabbed the phones from the men. “Hey that’s my phone.” Said one guy, but he instantly shut up when he was handed five thousand dollars.

“Did you text these to anyone?” Samantha said as each man handed her their cell phone.

“We didn’t have a chance.” Said one guy, before you and your goons burst in here.

“You’re lucky. Check all the phones and see what was sent out, delete all the pictures. If we find that anyone has received a picture of my very drunk sister sucking cock, it will be the worst for you.” Samantha said and grabbed the brawly bodybuilder.

“You keep your mouth shut,” She said thrusting an envelope with ten thousand dollars into his hand.

He said nothing just nodded. Samantha left security to take care of the men and make sure they understood the seriousness of any photos getting out.

Samantha was tempted to have all the phones destroyed, but she believed she had stopped it in time. Hayley nearly passed out, was still on her knees on the floor.

One of Hayley’s security scooped her up. “To the limousine, let me get the rest and we’ll meet you outback.” Samantha said scowling.

Samantha phoned her father and told him what happened. Matthew made a phone call and made sure that no one would buy any pictures of Hayley from anyone. He put his team to search the net to intercept any photos. He was thorough.

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If you need a list of the cast of Cassidy’s please refer to chapters 1 — 36.

Lacy Alexis — Sister to Valentina

Ellen McGraw — Pregnant stalker and supermodel

The Cassidy Kennedy’s

Derrick Cassidy Kennedy — Suitor to Lacy Alexis

Amber Cassidy Kennedy — Mother to Derrick

Senator Alan Cassidy Kennedy — Father to Derrick

Jackson Cassidy Kennedy — Brother to Derrick married to Pedro

Pedro Cassidy Kennedy — Husband to Jackson, changed his name to Cassidy Kennedy after their marriage

Janice Cassidy Kennedy McGarrett — Sister to Derrick

Bronson McGarrett — Husband to Janice


Margaret Jones — Assistant to Hayley

Brian West — Assistant to Jake

Marvina — New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake


The Christening for the twins had been postponed until the Sunday after Thanksgiving due to a water main break at the church, so Hayley and Jake would only be spending two days in Denver.

Brian West had prepared everything for Jake and Hayley’s trip for Thanksgiving. He and Margaret had prepared a surprise for their return home…the house would be decorated for the holidays except for the tree. Hayley wanted to do it herself with Jake’s help. Mason and Daniela would not be joining them, they were spending Thanksgiving in Connecticut and Frederick was coming. On Sunday they would meet at the church for the Christening of the twins who at four months old were very animated. Camilla always wanted her daddy to hold her while Carlos always wanted to be with his mommy.

Blake and Valentina along with Derrick and Lacy were invited to Mason’s home for the holiday. Frederick would be flying in and Cook was sending pies with him to make their celebration complete.

Daniela insisted on making part of the dinner with the chef from Mason’s restaurant doing the rest. Servers were hired and Daniela was excited about her first Thanksgiving in her new home.

As her family sat at the table, Daniela realized that she had much to be thankful for. She glanced over at Mason and grinned. He was handsome, loving and a great father. She couldn’t ask for more and her father loved her. He was thinking of retiring in a year and she hoped he would move in with them.

Blake had brought two very expensive bottles of wine and Valentina had insisted on feeding Camilla and Mason chuckled to himself wondering how she was going to remain clean in her white blouse after feeding Camilla who loved to throw food.

Somehow Valentina managed. Camilla looked over at her daddy with a look that said ‘see I can behave’ as Valentina shoved a spoonful of baby food into her mouth.

Derrick had his hand on Lacy’s knee the entire time. He was very possessive of her. He also watched her with the twins. She had a few things to learn, but he felt that Lacy would be a good mother.


Hayley and Jake had settled into newlywed bliss. They enjoyed each other’s company. Jake was attending school. He found studying the law to be not only interesting, but because of the formula he was able to retain more.

They used the playroom now and again, but Hayley was perfectly happy sitting at Jake’s feet or being over his lap as he spanked her beautiful behind.


They flew out to Denver on Thanksgiving eve and spent the holiday with all of the Cassidy’s. Helen was beside herself with joy and gushed all over Quinn who at three months pregnant had now opened the door for Brandon and Samantha to begin trying.

Jonah was grinning as well as his father slapped him on the back congratulating him.

Denise and Daniel hadn’t spent a great deal of time with any of their family and vowed to make that a priority. They invited Brandon and Samantha to spend some time with them.

Hayley and Jake were happy to see everyone. They would all be flying back to New York the day after Thanksgiving to get ready for the christening of the Chadwell twins.

Hayley spent some time with Cook downstairs. He would also be coming back to New York since he was invited by Frederick to attend the christening.

There would be no sex amongst other members of the family ever again. It was now time for procreation and starting your own line of the Cassidy dynasty.

Matthew took a walk with Hayley and Samantha. “I’m glad the ritual part of our lives is over. You know why we do what we do and I’m sure you will be looking with dread over the next twenty one or so years when you have your own children, just as your mother and I did, but I assure you that you will understand. As time goes on you’ll forget about it until it rears its ugly head and your son or daughter tells you that they are getting married.

Until then, love your children as your mother and I have loved you and instill the ritual into them without giving them any details. The Ritual must continue and must thrive. You two are the future.”

Hayley and Samantha both understood. Hayley really understood more than her father and Samantha. Her classes with Kenneth brought new insight every day and she was committed to ensuring that the Ritual continued for the sake of the country and the Cassidy family.

The current vice-president of the Board was retiring. Ian Barkley Cassidy was 90 and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his wife who wanted them to move to Thailand. Kenneth wanted Hayley to take his place and would be putting it to the vote at the next meeting.

Thanksgiving day brought about a wonderful dinner and great conversation. Jake marveled at how much things had calmed down. They were just a typical family having a typical dinner. He began to relax and realize that this would work.

After a night of singing, drinking, card games and chess they all went to bed by one. In the morning at ten three SUV’s loaded with bags went to the airport. In a 14 seater plane, Jake, Haley, Helen, Matthew, Quinn, Jonah, Denise, Daniel, Cook, Samantha and Brandon along with pies, a small turkey, some candied yams and a ham boarded.

Once in New York, Cook and his dinner were taken to a townhouse where Matthew and Helen were staying. This would be the place for the celebration after the christening.

The rest were dropped off at the Plaza with the exception of Jake and Hayley who were taken home.

Jake and Hayley were very surprised at the festive decorations Brian had set up. The house was ready for the holidays. Jake called Brian and thanked him especially for leaving the Christmas tree for he and Hayley to decorate.

Marvina had welcomed them home with freshly baked cookies and hot chocolate. She was thrilled to know that Cook was in town and she would see him at the christening.


Lord and Lady Chadwell flew in on Saturday as did the rest of the Chadwell’s.

The babies seemed to know that something was amiss when they woke up that morning; they were a little cranky. Lady Catherine arrived at the house and immediately took charge. The twins looked beautiful in their christening gowns; one which was Daniela’s given by the King to Frederick and the other passed down from generations which Mason had once worn. The photographers hired snapped away.

Mason and Daniela rode with Lord and Lady Catherine to the church. Everyone from the Cassidy family and the Chadwell’s were in attendance. Sylvia greeted her brother warmly and Mason shook hands with Adam. They had come to an agreement and Mason understood his brother-in-law’s relationship with his pain-slut sister.

Claudia shyly asked to hold Camilla. The change in Claudia was a delight to see. She cooed at the baby and kissed her cheek. Camilla laughed up at her.

“Your wife looks happy.” Mason said to Martin.

“You have no idea how much she’s changed since the Ritual. She’s a much better person and I’m very happy for it. As soon as you and Daniela get married I’m going to knock her up. She really wants to have children badly.” Martin said patting Mason on the back.

Mary and Stephen arrived holding hands. Mary asked Lady Catherine if she could hold Carlos and she handed him over. Mary thought that he looked so much like Jake, even more so now than he had before. She held her tongue. It was none of her business, but she hoped Jake wasn’t the father and hadn’t cheated on Hayley.

Hayley nudged Jake and he turned to see Mary with Carlos. He groaned, “I can see her mind thinking from here.”

“I’ll go get the baby, after all I’m his godmother and I need him for the ceremony.” Hayley said sweetly. Walking down the steps of the church she took the baby from Mary after greeting her.

“Hey there, I’m so happy you’re here. Hello Stephen.” Hayley said and took Carlos.

“He is such a handsome boy.” Mary said nonchalantly, “He’s a little dark, who’s his father?”

Hayley smiled broadly at Mary, “I have no idea. All I know, ” Hayley said conspiratorially, “Is that they are now Chadwell’s and if that is what Mason and Daniela want us to believe than that is what we will all believe.”

Mary nodded; she would not say anything else. Once in the church Mary greeted her brother and congratulated Daniela and Mason.

Marvina arrived and Jake nearly didn’t recognize her. She was dressed out in her Sunday best with a huge white church hat on her head. She looked stylish and was holding onto the arm of Cook who looked dapper in his pinstriped suit.

Blake and Valentina were there as well as Lacy and Derrick. Claudia looked with envy at the pregnant Valentina who looked stunning in her off white dress.

Frederick along with Daniela Mason, Lord and Lacy Chadwell and Jake and Hayley stood on the altar.

The twins were baptized and christened. They behaved well with the exception of Carlos who would have rather played with the water than have it sprinkled on him.

Camilla was a little angel and slept through the entire ceremony. Jake and Hayley stood with Daniela and Mason and agreed to raise and protect the children.

The ceremony over, Matthew took little Camilla into his arms and kissed her. He felt a strong connection to her and hoped he’d live long enough to see her grow up. He envied Daniela and Mason seeing her every day and wished that he could spend more time with her.

Helen took Carlos and kissed him. She knew how hard this was for Hayley and she took her daughter’s hand. Hayley smiled. She and Jake had talked about it a few months earlier. He apologized for not thinking of her feelings. Photographs were taken and the twins were passed around.

At the townhouse, appropriate christening gifts were given and the babies were held and fed. Helen had arranged for a portable crib to be brought in and the twins were taken out of their christening gowns and put to bed.

Daniela and Mason looked like very proud parents. They ate and drank and then packed up their babies and returned home. Lady Catherine offered to go home with them, but they declined her invitation. They wanted to be alone with their babies.

Portia had attended the ceremony, but it was her day off and together they gave the babies a bath. By the time they were done dressing the twins for bed, Mason and Daniela were exhausted.

They put Camilla and Carlos in their beds, turned on the baby monitor and turned off the lights. Mason went into the kitchen and returned with two glasses of champagne, a tray of antipasti and some Italian bread.

He and Daniela ate and drank. They got ready for bed. Mason made love to Daniela that night. “I want to thank you for bringing the babies into my life. I love you.”

“I love you too. I want to thank you for being such a good father.” Daniela said as she caressed his face.

“We have a little over a month until we’re married.” Mason said as he nibbled on her nipples and kneaded her breasts.

“I can’t wait.” Daniela moaned.

Mason slid inside her pussy and kissed her as he moved back and forth. Daniela wrapped her legs around his back. She was completely and utterly happy and so was he.


Lacy was tipsy. She had been drinking since she arrived at the townhouse. Derrick had already warned her to stop and so had Valentina. Blake watched her. Lacy went over to Stephen, she ran her hands down his arm and Mary came over to her, “Keep your grubby hands off my boyfriend. Go snuggle up to your own.”

“I’m sorry Mary, I didn’t mean any harm. Weren’t those babies cute? I swear, one of them looks black.” Lacy said.

Derrick grabbed her arm, “It’s time you got home.”

Blake went over to Derrick, “I think that you should stay at my house and we should give Miss Lacy a spanking so that she won’t do this again.”

Derrick nodded and clasping Lacy’s hand tightly in his, they thanked Matthew and Helen for inviting them.


Lord and Lady Chadwell left soon after. Once in their hotel room, Lord Chadwell helped Catherine off with her dress. He knelt on the floor to take off her shoes and caress her stocking legs. “The twins are so beautiful my dear.” Lord Chadwell said still kneeling awaiting his wife’s permission to take off her stockings.

“You may remove them and then I think I need to unwind.” Catherine said. “You may undress.”

Lord Thomas Chadwell took off his clothes. He hung his and his wife’s clothes in the closet, then putting on his collar he returned to the bedroom where she was lying on the chaise.

The sight of her like this always made his dick hard, but his dick might not even be used this night. Thomas crawled towards Catherine who opened her legs. She grabbed him by the sides of his head and pulled him into her pussy. She never did this unless she was in heat and Catherine was in heat thinking about the wedding night ritual with Daniela and Mason.

Thomas was held in her pussy. He licked and sucked Catherine’s twat as she held him inside her nearly suffocating him. Thomas didn’t mind in fact his dick was hard as steel as he sucked on his wife’s juices.

“What a good boy you are my love? I’m glad you got over your temper tantrum the other night when I wouldn’t let you have your way. I really hated whipping your ass in the stable, but I loved how lovely it looked after and how hard you got when I fucked you.” Catherine said as she stroked his head, “Lick my clit harder.”

Thomas did as she asked. Catherine thought of Mason’s cock. She licked her lips as she thought of taking him in her mouth again her handsome young son with two babies. She was so very proud of him and Daniela; Catherine would enjoy sucking her pussy again. It would taste different than her pregnant pussy and Catherine couldn’t wait. “Yes, like that, keep it up. I’m about to, about to, cum.”

Catherine pulled his head in harder, Thomas took a deep breath and sucked on her clit as she exploded holding his head in her pussy, his face was soon soaked.

She held him there as he continued to lick her. When he was released, Thomas knelt eyes lowered.

“I’m sure you want to play with that little cock of yours don’t you?” Catherine said.

“I want whatever you wish my dear” Lord Thomas said wishing he could stroke his aching cock.

“Good answer” Catherine said and grabbed his head again, “Please me until I say stop and then we shall see…”

Thomas with a smile on his face went back to eating his wife’s pussy again.


The moment they arrived at Blake’s house and the door was closed, Valentina slapped her sister’s face. “How dare you embarrass me like that? Getting drunk, are you crazy?”

Lacy rubbed her cheek, “Jeez, I’m sorry. I guess I drank too much champagne.”

Derrick was annoyed. He wasn’t really angry but Lacy needed to learn a lesson. In a calm voice he said, “Strip”

Lacy looked at him and did as she was told. “Into the Danger Zone.” Blake added.

“Come on guys, I didn’t do anything that…”Lacy started to say the rest but Derrick grabbed her nipple and pulled it.

“Ouch, Sir, please.” She slurred.

Derrick picked her up and over his shoulder. He spanked her ass as he led her downstairs.

Valentina was so angry she was shaking. Blake held her. “Go up to bed. I’ll be up after we’ve chastised her. She’s just letting off steam. I think it’s good for her. She went through a lot with Derrick, so don’t be too hard on her. I’m sure Lacy will regret it in the morning.”

Valentina stroked his face, “Don’t be too long Sir.” She said as she went upstairs. Blake watched her and his dick did a jump, even pregnant she was one very hot looking woman.


Down in the Danger Zone, Derrick unceremoniously dumped Lacy onto the bed on her stomach. He secured her wrists to her ankles and picking up the paddle began to spank her ass, Lacy felt her pussy grow wet as Derrick welded the paddle. Blake came downstairs. “One more Derrick then done.” He said.

Derrick nodded and gave the final blow. Lacy’s ass was red but not damaged. Derrick felt her red ass, it was hot to his touch. His dick was hard and Blake unzipped Derrick’s pants. Derrick allowed Blake to take out his cock and stroke it.

He moaned, ‘That’s really good. I can’t wait to fuck her. I want to watch her take your dick in her mouth.” Derrick said to Blake.

“I heard she can suck it all.” Derrick said as Blake undressed.

“Yes, she couldn’t at first, but now she’s quite good. I’m not going to cum in her mouth, my wife wants that privilege, but she can make me hard.” Blake said stroking his own cock.

To Blake’s surprise, Derrick knelt in front of him. He looked up at Blake and Blake nodded. Derrick took Blake’s dick in his mouth and sucked on it. He could barely get his mouth around half of it and couldn’t imagine anyone taking all of it.

Blake pulled out of Derrick’s mouth and climbing on the bed grabbed Lacy’s hair and pulled her head up to look at him, “Are you sober now?”

She nodded. “You know what to do and don’t get drunk again or I will tan your hide.”

Lacy nodded again and opened her mouth. Derrick stroked his cock. He put lube on his dick and Lacy’s ass and eased himself inside her. Lacy moaned around Blake’s cock.

Blake moved in Lacy’s mouth, she had become quite the good cocksucker. Blake moved more of himself in her mouth as Derrick watched. Finally Blake felt Lacy relax her throat and Blake pulled her all the way down to his groin. Derrick’s eyes grew wide as he fucked in and out of Lacy’s ass.

Slowly Blake withdrew from Lacy’s mouth. Lacy begged, “Please Sir, please may I suck you.”

Black laughed, “Your master will cum in your mouth, your sister needs my dick now.

Blake picked up his clothes and left. Derrick fucked Lacy’s ass. He spanked her behind as he moved in and out and twisted his hips, “You are never to drink more than one or two drinks at the most. I don’t want to see you behave this way again or it will be worse for you, do you understand?” He said as he swatted her butt.

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry sir.” Lacy said.

“Your punishment will be denial. Don’t you dare cum.” He said. “I’m spending tonight with you and will make sure.”

Derrick pulled out. He went to the bathroom and washed up. When he returned he picked Lacy up and brought her into the bedroom. He kept her tied up as he fucked her face and pulled her all the way down on his cock.

Derrick exploded into her mouth and Lacy sucked him. She thought that after he came he would untie her. Derrick did not. He left her tied, between his legs where they both fell asleep. He awakened in the middle of the night and woke her. Derrick took hold of the sides of Lacy’s head and slid his dick all the way down her throat. When he was very hard he picked her up and sat her asshole down onto his dick.

Lacy was half awake, but she woke up fully when she felt his hard cock drilling inside her anal passage. Derrick moved her tied body up and down his dick. Finally he came and eased her off of him. He got out of bed and taking a knife cut her out of her bindings.

Derrick went into the bathroom and returned with lotion. He soothed her aching arms and legs. He had washed himself, but he still wanted her mouth.

The young slave girl Adria wept silently as she stood naked, her hands clenched behind her neck, on the raised platform in the centre of the crowded dining hall. Her pretty face was wet with tears, which welled ceaselessly out of her enormous blue eyes, presently containing the most woeful of expressions. This did not detract, however, from the general perfection of her features: naturally red, pouting lips, soft cheeks, fine thick black hair, and a small but extremely shapely body, with perfectly formed petite breasts, a flat stomach with a cute navel, slightly full thighs, small hands and feet, and plump round buttocks. The latter retained a pink glow from the chastisement they had received a few minutes earlier in the room of correction.

It was the rule at the compound that after a whipping, the errant slave must stand naked, injured parts on display, in the public space, for the remainder of the day. This served as an additional penalty — public humiliation — as well as a warning to the other slaves about the consequences of inappropriate behavior. Weeping bitterly as she was escorted from the Mistress’ place of correction, Adria gently soothed her burning skin with her fingers.

Pushed on to the platform, rather than keeping her fingers entwined behind her neck she attempted to allay the pain of her bottom with soothing palms. Her soft little hand was promptly seized by the Mistress’ aide and struck sharply with a cane. When Adria shrieked at the sharp agony and instinctively thrust the burning palm beneath her armpit, her other hand received the same treatment. The intensity of the sensation and the fear of repetition made her comply; the passing slaves, carrying trays of food, watched curiously as she stood trembling in correct posture, the tears flowing more than ever.

More than one of the slaves — female as well as male – looked admiringly at her perfect buttocks, whose tender skin was streaked and reddened by the paddle that had been employed on them. Her nipples, too, were somewhat aflame; her soft little lower lips, sweetly shaped and completely nude, glistened slightly with moisture. Few of her fellow domestics, however, openly gloated over her very public exposure. In the household, bitter chastisement could descend on anyone, sometimes for the most innocuous of offenses; something of which the slaves were well aware.

Earlier in the day, Adria had been sent to work in her Ladyship’s rooms, where her dainty ways and appearance created a favorable impression on such guests of the household who chanced to enter. Adria’s innocent appearance, however, concealed a fervently passionate, if inexperienced, nature. For some days she had been exchanging admiring looks and supposedly chance brushes with another young slave, a handsome 18 year old boy with smooth skin, dusty blonde hair and liquid brown eyes.

That morning they had been left alone to work in the “royal suite”. Almost immediately the boy had boldly seized her by the hips and made to kiss her exquisite lips; after a momentary hesitation Adria opened her mouth and sucked on his tongue passionately. Groping and caressing each other, their desires became inflamed; they both gasped in pleasure as the other touched their most sensitive — and hitherto mostly unexplored — secret places. The boy enthusiastically caressed Adria’s vagina and ass and inserted two fingers to manipulate her soft, sweet, rapidly soaking inside; Adria had freed the boy’s stiffened cock from his clothing and was tenderly massaging it, fascinated by its life and smoothness. Almost instinctively she fell to her knees and opened her virgin mouth to absorb and caress this wonderful object, filled with life. It was then that disaster struck as the steward entered the room on a chance errand. Stern hands drew them forcefully apart, and the dreaded sentence was pronounced: “Take her to the Mistress. I’ll deal with this young idiot myself.”

Transported by strong hands briskly along the cool passageways of the compound, Adria had time only to review, stunned and alarmed by the sudden events, what she had heard of the mistress. She had seen other young women stand naked in the dining room, their backs and behinds vividly striped. Her sweet flesh cringed as she imagined the sharp pain of the whip on her tender bottom. The guards quickly stripped her and wrapped cords around her wrists. Her arms were drawn upwards and her nude body was completely exposed. A cloth was placed over her eyes; she stood trembling in anticipation, helpless and utterly vulnerable.

Her senses made more acute by her fear, Adria felt that a young woman had approached her. A musky perfume, mingled with a not unattractive odor of sweat and other secretions, drifted across her consciousness. She felt a delicate touch traverse her slender back and rest on her plump, inviting buttocks, holding her firmly. Then a sudden fiery agony assailed her. Her soft nipple had been gripped by some kind of metal instrument, and sharply squeezed. The metal teeth stabbed her sensitive nerves in a pain she had never before experienced. The pain eased, then was inflicted again, this time accentuated by a clever twist and pull of the implement. As she squealed in pain and surprise, she heard a delighted laugh come from her assailant.

Adria writhed helplessly as her tender nipple was again bitten deeply. She began to plead and beg, which met only with more laughter. Her nipple received yet another vicious bite; then she felt the metal withdrawn. She gasped in relief, only to produce a shriek of surprise and pain as her other nipple was excruciatingly addressed. For a seemingly endless period, her nipples were alternately subjected to these agonizing attentions. Then she felt hands tying her ankles, fastening them to the place she stood so that her legs were parted. Immediately a new agony shot through her; her tormentor had applied the sharp toothed instrument to the tender folds of her pussy, which she probed and tweezered carefully for what seemed a wretched eternity.

At last the pain ceased. Adria was gasping, weeping, and sweating all over her beautiful body. Her blindfold was removed; she saw the smiling face, beautiful but sinister, of one of the dreaded Mistress Akume’s Nilotic-featured, Amazon handmaidens. She began to plead with this intimidating figure but her nose was promptly seized in a firm grip, and when her mouth involuntarily opened to take a breath, a leather ball was thrust inside and fastened tightly behind her neck. She could not speak or move; she watched spellbound as the other young woman, gazing with an air of amusement and anticipation into the bound one’s frightened eyes, went to a rack of instruments of chastisement, from which she selected a lithe cane.

The cane flicked across Adria’s exposed buttocks. A pink welt sprang up as the girl let out a muffled shriek; the cut had burned like fire. Perhaps this was deemed too severe an instrument, because the amazon girl replaced it in the rack with an air of disappointment. She lighted on a flat wooden paddle; grasping this, she whisked it through the air several times. Apparently satisfied, she walked behind the helpless girl and disappeared from her view. Adria felt her touch the paddle to her bottom, which still burned from the single cut of the cane. A sound of rushing air, a sharp impact; and a flaming pain erupted in her buttock as the wooden paddle, skillfully wielded, cracked against her soft flesh.

The paddle struck her repeatedly; several times in the identical spot, producing a crescendo of painful sensation, then on other parts of her unprotected rear. She writhed frantically and screamed through the gag; this slowed not a whit the steady series of impacts on her rapidly reddening buttocks. Each measured impact left the mark of the paddle imprinted on her pale flesh; the glow faded momentarily, only to be replaced by a new mark. Her tormentor exhibited a fiendish talent in piling pain on pain, repeatedly smacking the same tender place; Adria was almost hysterical as the agony increased, without a moment’s surcease.

Her convulsing bottom and squirming hips did not affect her chastiser’s aim a whit; the sharp impacts arrived on their chosen target with steady consistency, while the inflicter of pain dispassionately observed the effects of the punishment; albeit with a certain excitement, demonstrated in her erect nipples and quick breathing. Rather than lessening as the punishment took its course, her strokes seemed to increase in their intensity; finally, her victim’s tender flesh glowing a roseate hue, she relinquished her instrument of chastisement. Her victim, crying almost silently, slumped in her bonds as the skin of her buttocks flamed brightly.

Her assailant, skin glowing with a light sheen of sweat, stepped to Adria and stroked her flaming posterior affectionately, following it with a sharp pinch that brought a squeal from the helpless girl. Adria’s plump nipples, pink from the attentions paid them, were softly squeezed. Fingers gently petted her labia, skillfully locating the slave’s clitoris. Despite her sufferings, Adria felt a warm glow pervading her private parts; as the amazon caressed her, she began to breathe fast, and a flood of warm liquid spread through her pussy.

Another set of fingers caressed her bottom, circling her little pink asshole; this produced a further glow of pleasure, and the bud swelled and opened slightly, inviting penetration. Impaled both fore and aft, she felt the fingers inside her begin to rub the wet membrane separating her anal and vaginal passages. She squirmed in pleasure; the glow on her buttocks seemed to enhance the delicious sensations. The long strong fingers inside her continued their work; her gag was removed and she began to gasp as the stimulating delight took her.

Full lips were pressed against her soft mouth, and a tongue thrust into her; almost without thinking she began to suck and stroke the intruder with her own tongue, stimulating it with great delicacy, licking it and drinking the saliva that dripped from it. She was given up altogether to her partner, opening herself to the maddening caresses and moving to bring them deeper inside herself. The Amazon began to pant hoarsely, and pressed her pubis against Adria, rubbing against her rhythmically. Their gasps of pleasure accelerated; almost simultaneously they climaxed, Adria slumping sated and surrendered in her bonds.

Adria spent the afternoon naked on the platform, her bottom flaming, cringing in humiliation as her fellow slaves milled around the dining area. She did not dare relax her posture, and did not see her erstwhile partner. She would have liked to feel his warm concern, and hoped he had not suffered too severely. Nevertheless it was certain that he had paid a similar price for his transgression. At last she was bidden to leave her place of prominence, and to obtain her evening meal. Wishing to avoid any attention, she ate quickly and lightly before joining the exit to the slave sleeping quarters.

A sharp tap on her shoulder intercepted her; once again she was bidden to the Mistress’ rooms. Her heart sank; was she intended for more punishment? The skin of her bottom, somewhat calmed, flamed into painful life in anticipation. Reluctantly — but knowing that any disobedience would be fatal — she turned down the long, shadowy hallway, her heart beating quickly and fearfully.

This made me super hot to write.

I seriously wanted to scream. My day could not possibly be going any worse. I stormed into the house from the car and threw my purse on the bookshelf and my jacket on the back of the couch. “Hello?” I called out, “Anyone home?” Silence was my only answer. I started to walk towards the back of the house, to our bedroom, and opened the door. My mouth flew open and stayed still for a several seconds while I took in the view laid before me. The bedroom was dimly lit, with 20 or more candles, some off white and others purple, casting a softly romantic warm light. There were at least thirty red and white roses spread in numerous vases on our nightstands, dresser and vanity. There was soft music playing from the stereo, Christina Perri, I was pretty sure, and, in the middle of it all, was you.

You, glorious you, looking at me expectantly, awaiting my response with the smug undertone to your smile I had come to love so much. You knew me well, that was for sure, and you took great pleasure in showing that to me through romantic actions such as these. You, who could melt away any negative feelings by just giving me your eyes, and your attention, knew how to take it further and how to have me at your feet, willingly. Me, who had never let anyone even dream of controlling her, took ultimate pleasure in you doing just that. You and I were perfect for each other and time had done nothing but further prove that exactly to be true.

I instantly knew that tonight we would playing one of our favorite games; my pulse quickened at the thought. All of the problems of the day left my mind and all I could think about was being close to you. I moved to hug you but you held a stern look in your eyes and your hand out to stop me from approaching and so I stood still, waiting. I tried not to smile but that was nearly impossible when looking at you. I bit my lip and did my best to maintain composure.

“I have laid out in the closet your outfit for you to wear after your shower,” You speak sharply and maintain eye contact, lust and power gleaming in your gorgeous hazel eyes. My eyes jump to admire your body, I’ve suddenly noticed you are wearing a purple t-shirt that shows off your chest and arms nicely and a tight pair of jeans, both making my mouth water a little bit. You are so fine, I think, as I always think, and I suddenly realize you are looking at me sternly, have you said something that I missed?!

“W-what?” I stammer nervously.

“Hmm, well there’s punishment one. I said you have thirty minutes to get ready or punishment two will be enforced as well,” As you say this you stand to leave the room, no doubt to gather the tools you will be using to keep me in line over the next several hours. You break eye contact as you turn to leave and I quickly move to do what you have asked. I take a quick shower, keeping my long brown hair pinned up as to not get it wet. I wash my body thoroughly, taking a bit of extra time on my breasts, slowly running the soft material of the pink loofah over my nipples, getting them hard and bringing my arousal up a bit higher. I love feeling the warm water run over my hot body and I am starting to get wet in other places. I fear losing track of time so I hurriedly move on, taking a razor to my legs, underarms and bikini area. I then rinse one final lingering time, mentally calculating that I have half the allotted time left to dress and put the finishing touches on myself.

I step out of the shower, wrap a blue towel around myself, and stand on the purple rug to dry my body off. I then tuck the ends of the towel in so it will stay and then move into the closet to see what I will be wearing. I see a short black flared skirt and a tight, low collared red top with five silver buttons and flared sleeves. I see a pair of black stilettos on the ground. Hanging next to it is a lacy black and red bra with a matching g-string. It’s something I would never wear on my own but gladly wear for you and even like it more than a little, not that I would ever admit it to you. I quickly dress and put on the shoes then carefully walk back to the bathroom to put on a bit of makeup and some perfume. I then head back to the bedroom to stand by the bed and wait for you.

When the door opens several minutes later you enter, carrying a couple of bags that you bring over to set at the end of the bed. You then glance at the clock and look me over. “You made it timing wise, good thing, baby,” I love it when you call me baby, it always makes my knees weak, and as you come to stand right in front of me I nearly stumble. You reach out to stroke my neck and my face and lean in to give me a quick kiss on the lips. Before I can react you pull back and reach out to tweak my left nipple through my shirt. Then another, longer kiss that takes my breath away as our tongues dance around wildly, expressing the strong desire we have for one another. You again pull back and stand up straight, and I know the game is about to begin. “Turn around and put your hands on the bed.” Your voice has taken on the sexy authoritative tone that always comes out when we play like this.

The kiss has left me wanting more and I hesitate slightly. “NOW!” You snap and I quickly turn. I lean over to bring my hands to the bed and my ass sticks slightly up in the air. I hear you rustle through one of the bags before you come up behind me. You start to rub my ass, pulling the skirt up and out of your way and I can feel a breeze on the bare skin the panty does nothing to cover. I feel a flat wooden instrument slide over my ass and a chill goes through me. “This is your first punishment, 10 spanks with this paddle. If you scream out I will only hit you harder, if you don’t, I will add five more. Your choice!” You finish your sentence with a smile I can feel, I know you love this, controlling me and forcing to make impossible choices. And you know that ultimately, it is exactly what I need and what makes me so hot for you.

The gentle rubbing stops and I brace myself for the first stinging smack I know is coming. I tense up in expectation and again I feel your hand and relax. That is when you swing back the paddle and bring it full force to my left ass cheek. Smack! I take the blow, not yet having decided which option I will choose and it hurts but not unbearably. The next three blows, however, all with growing force and in quick succession, have me screaming out in pain. The choice made, I prepare myself for what is to come but the pain is starting to overtake my brain and so is the wetness between my legs. It hurts, yes, but also feels so good that I can’t help but want more. My desires are rewarded as you continue my spanking, the paddle coming at me faster and harder as you tell me to count the remaining spanks.

“S-s-s-Six” Smack. “Ahhh, ssseven!” Blows eight, nine and ten are almost too much and I scream out the numbers loudly, relieved and disappointed at the same time when you are done. I remain in place, waiting for your next direction as you stand back to admire your handiwork.

“Wow, baby, your ass is red,” again you bring your hand to gently stroke my ass, lightly rubbing your fingernails across it which is painful but I am so horny that I don’t care, I just want your hands all over me.

“Was I too harsh?” You ask, the smugness obvious in the tone of your voice.

“No sir,” I answer, “It was perfect. Exactly what I deserved.”

“Good girl,” you reply. “Turn around.” I instantly turn around, teetering on my heels, to face you. “Unbutton your shirt.” My trembling hands come up to my blouse to unbutton it. “Slowly,” you warn. I comply, easing out one button at a time starting from the bottom. When all the buttons are undone you tell me to open it up so you can see my tits. I pull it open and poke out my tits so you can see that I am obeying you. Your hands reach out to fondle my nipples, pinching a little more than gently to get my attention.

“Suck my cock,” you whisper authoritatively, pinching again so I know this is not a request. Immediately, I drop to my knees, more than eager to take your cock in my mouth. I first remove your belt, then unbutton your jeans and ease them down your legs. You lift each leg to allow me to remove them then I go for your boxer briefs. The searing pain in my ass is temporarily forgotten as I take out your cock and stroke it gently with my hand. I feel your impatience grow with my slow movements so I bring my mouth to your cock and take it in to quickly swallow the shaft, using my tongue along the underside as I suck hard on you. I am kneeling with my back to the bed and you push me backwards so that my head is resting on the side of the mattress so you can force your dick down my throat a little further, locking me in and gaining full control. “Don’t use your hands!” You order, and I drop them by my side and concentrate on keeping my rhythm up and loving the feeling of you fucking my face. I glance up at you and admire the way your handsome face looks, contorted in pleasure as I blow you. You start to move a little faster, go a little deeper and my head bangs on the bed as your cock moves forcefully in and out of my mouth.

I am so turned on that I start to move my hand toward my pussy to rub my clit a little but you see my hand move and simply say between gasps “There’s punishment two!” And continue to make ferocious love to my mouth. Every time your cock hits the back of my throat I get hornier and I can’t wait to drink your cum when you explode into my mouth. I can feel your throbbing cock get harder and when I know you’re getting close I use my tongue to stimulate your cock and suck you in just a little bit harder when you finally let go and scream out my name before filling my mouth with load after load of hot cum that I willingly swallow and suck for more. You stop moving and grab onto the bed, your dick still in my mouth. I stay still, but keep a little suction around the head, my tongue still teasing as it continues to jerk with release. When the spasms have stopped you lean back off the bed, pulling your cock slowly out of my mouth and allow my head some space. You then glare down at me, see my smile and order me to stand up again. I hurry to do so and even though I am quite nervous what is about to happen, I am more aroused than ever.

“Lay on the bed and spread your arms and legs.” I gladly climb up on the bed knowing you are going to restrain me and I am instantly excited. I try to hide it but I know you see it. You walk around again to the bags and pull out a set of four restraints. You tie each arm and leg to a bedpost, making sure each one is tight and secure before moving on to the next. When you are done you come up and sit over me, running your fingers up and down my body slowly and sensually. Your fingers linger at each nipple, rubbing them through the thin fabric of my bra, then open the clasp in the middle to move aside the cups and rub my bare tits before bringing your focus back to my nipples.. I arch my back upward getting more turned on and this makes you stop. “Don’t move.” I stop moving and you reward my obedience by returning to your slow motions. You then bring your mouth to my left nipple and take it in your mouth while pinching hard on the right.

The mix of sensations is crazy and I think I might cum right then and there but I concentrate on keeping my orgasm at bay. You switch your hand and your mouth and slowly lick around my nipple while pulling tightly on the other with your fingers. I cry out in ecstasy and you respond by roughly ripping off my panties and shoving them in my mouth before returning to my tits. Your slow movements with your mouth and your fingertips are driving me insane and when I think I am going to fucking lose my mind you stop and move down further. “You’re really turned on, aren’t you baby?” You ask. I nod and try to control myself as your fingers slowly descend down my stomach and rub lightly between my legs, down my thighs, tantalizingly close but still so far away. The panties in my mouth and the feel of the restraints and you so close to my pussy is such a terrific feeling that I wish l we could stay like this forever.

When you bring your fingers to touch my clit my body is nearly shaking with pleasure and anticipation. You rub lightly, moving your finger ever so slowly over it back and forth. Your mouth then returns to my nipple, mocking the motions of your fingers and I start again to climb towards a mind blowing orgasm. Just when I am reaching the peak. You stop. “Punishment two, baby.” You get off of me and off the bed and leave the room. I seriously want to fucking scream and there is nothing I can do but wait for you to come back. I know if I move you will know so I do my best to remain still and focus my mind on what your hands were just doing. I want to cum so badly and I know that is exactly what you wanted me to feel.

When you return in roughly ten minutes, carrying a mug and some strawberries, I know I will not be disobedient again tonight. I would do anything you wanted for the sweet release you have denied me thus far. I look at you with pleading in my eyes and you only smile and pull an ice cube from the mug before placing it on your nightstand. Again you climb on the bed, and sit over me and place the ice cube on my neck and rub it back and forth. Then down towards my left breast, aiming for the nipple and circling it slowly with the ice cube. Then you move to the right, and then back and forth. The cold ice cube feels amazing on my hot body and is making my pussy throb with desire.

You move the ice cube down lower and slide it over my clit and then lower, moving it in between my hot pussy and my clit. When it is nearly melted you leave it on my stomach and grab for another, this time using it to push up into me and up against my g-spot. Oh my fucking god I think and start to slip into a new place, where all that I know is pleasure and you are the only one who can give it to me. You leave the ice cube in place and move your head down, between my legs and blow on my pussy. The feeling is awesome and it only takes a few slow licks of my clit with your tongue to send me completely over the edge. My body starts to convulse as the orgasm overtakes me and I pull against my binds as all my muscles contract in pleasure. You reach up to pull the panties out of my mouth as your own keeps licking, wanting to hear my moans and I scream out your name repeatedly as I cum harder than I can ever remember. My moans become louder and more incoherent as I ride out the intense waves of pleasure rocking my body.

When I have calmed down, I open my eyes and I see you looking at me lovingly. You quickly change your expression when you see me looking at you and I can see the desire in your eyes for more. “Should I fuck you like this or untie you and give it to you from behind?” I think you are not asking but mulling aloud so I stay quiet, hoping you’ll take me from behind so you can smack my ass and pull my hair. But like this works too I think, I just want your cock in my hot pussy where the ice has done little to cool me off. “You’re such a slut that I bet you don’t care as long as I fuck you, huh?” When I again stay quiet you pinch my nipples tightly and say “Say it, baby! Tell me how you want me to fuck you.”

I swallow and say, “I want you fuck my pussy from behind while you smack my ass and pull my hair. Please.” I look in your eyes as I say this and I know it’s what you want to hear.

“Beg me,” you say firmly.

“Please sir, please fuck me from behind, and smack my ass, please!?” I plead for what I want.

“Can I fuck you in the ass too?” You ask, and I am momentarily subdued.

“What?” I meekly say.

“You fucking heard me! Can I fuck you in the ass?” You are getting upset and I don’t want another punishment.

“Y-y-yes sir, if you want to,” I am hesitant but still horny as hell and wanting to please you.

“Good answer!” You get off the bed and untie me from all four posts.

“Get up on your hands and knees, slut.” You order when I am free, and I rush to comply.

First you come around to my head and put your cock next to my face, so I can lubricate you with my mouth. I hungrily take your cock in my mouth as you force it in and out of my mouth roughly. While you fuck my face you smack my ass, hard with your hand, awakening my earlier wounds. The stinging is severe but my arousal is greater and I moan loudly while sucking your cock. After a few smacks you stop, pull out your cock and move around behind me. I am unsure which hole you are going for but breathe a sigh of relief when you start to slide into my wet hot pussy. “Don’t worry, I’m just starting,” you say as you feel my pussy tighten around your cock. You start to fuck me slowly, tortuously working me as you reach up with your hand to grab my hair and pull it back roughly. I moan in pleasure and start moving my hips back against your body involuntarily.

“Stop. Fucking. Moving.” You command, and I stop after a few more movements. “Why can’t you fucking listen!?” You start smacking my ass again with the other hand then stop and pull your cock out of my pussy. You place it at my ass and use my own juices to help you slide in, slowly, at first, then all at once. I gasp from the pain but tell myself to relax as you start to slowly move in and out of my tight ass. It starts to feel better, then good, and your passionate moans tell me you are loving it. “I am fucking your tight ass you fucking slut! Oh my god it feels so good baby!” Your grip on my hair tightens as I feel you tense up right before letting go and squirting your hot cum into my ass. “I am cumming in your ass baby, oh my god I love you so much!” You keep moving until your orgasm subsides then you let go of my hair and pull out of my ass. You collapse on the bed next to me and rub my ass lovingly this time.

Although It stings from the smacking, your touch feels good and i start to relax into you. I love our games but I also love just being close to you, to feel your body close to mine. You make a move to grab some lotion off the table and start to massage it into my sore ass. We both know where this will lead and we still have those strawberries and your belt to contend with….

* On her eighteenth birthday, Rebecca daCastro’s father buys her a very special present — a slave-girl. Her very own slave-girl who will attend to her every need. Even better, it is one of her ex-school friends who has fallen on hard times. But will the two girls get on?

This story is set just after my earlier story, ‘Slaves of the Copper Coast’ and includes some of the same characters. However, it is a stand-alone story and you do not need to have read ‘Slaves of the Copper Coast’ to enjoy it.

* WARNING! This book contains scenes of a sexual nature, graphic violence against women and strong language, It is not intended for the easily offended or persons under eighteen years. You have been warned, so if you read on, don’t blame me.

* The names, characters, places and events in this book are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any similarities to real persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organisations is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

* License Notes: Thank you for downloading this e-book. This book remains the copyrighted property of the author, and may not be scanned, reproduced, copied or distributed for commercial or non-commercial purposes whatsoever without written permission from the author except in the case of brief quotation embodied in critical articles and reviews. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own copy where they can also discover other works by this author. Thank you for your support.



‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young person in possession of sufficient funds must be in want of a slave-girl.’

Rebecca daCastro walked up from Kresto Abrikoto, or Apricot Ridge’s, suburban train station running through the text of ‘Pride and Punishment’ in her head. She looked on as the little green train pulled away with a puff of steam as it headed to the next station down the line. The two rear carriages, little more than cattle trucks with canvas awnings slung over them, were still full of slaves.

She watched the slaves chatter under the hot tropical sun until the train vanished into a cutting.

Rebecca hurried to catch up with her friend, Alicia Bartro, who was walking up the hill closely followed by her slave-girl, Kyli. Their shadows were just starting to lengthen as the hot day shaded towards late afternoon.

At a glance, the two girls ahead were alike. Both were blonde and willowy. Their heads were close together as they talked almost as friends; owner and slave. For a moment, Rebecca was jealous of her friend. She’d love a slave-girl of her own rather than having to make do with one of her family’s household slaves.

She carried on watching them until she caught up to the two young women. Closer, you could see the differences between them. Alicia had her hair in fashionable chignon whilst Kyli wore hers in a simple pony tail. Also, Alicia Bartro wore the smart grey uniform of the private school both she and Rebecca attended together with a straw hat. Despite the tropical heat, the uniform skirt came all the way down to Alicia’s ankles. A most respectable length.

However, Kyli wore only a simple sleeveless shift dress that stopped at her knees, showing the girl’s well-turned calves. Most immodest, thought Rebecca, but then slaves have no need or understanding of modesty unlike free people.

Another difference was that it was Kyli who carried a parasol shading her mistress from the sun’s hot rays together with her mistress’s heavy book bag and gym kit. But that’s another thing, thought Rebecca. Slaves are no more than beasts of burden. It’s not like they have the same feelings as free people. They like to be useful.

And it had been scientifically proved by Doctor Humboldt last year that slaves don’t feel pain the same as free people. That’s why you have to whip them so often. They’d covered that at school this morning. No wonder mother had ordered Cook to thrash her chamber maid, Luci, for the second time this week.

Rebecca caught up to her friend. With a sigh of relief, she swung her book bag down from her shoulder and handed it to Kyli for the slave-girl to carry as well. Rebecca was glad to be free of its dead weight bearing down on her shoulder. The breeze cooled her perspiration.

“What do you say?” Alicia said to Kyli.

“Sorry, miss. Thank you, miss,” Kyli said quietly to Rebecca.

“I shouldn’t have to keep reminding you,” Alicia told her slave.

“No, miss.”

But then Rebecca and Alicia fell to talking leaving Kyli to bring up the rear. And there was a lot to talk about. It was Rebecca’s eighteenth birthday today and her parents were holding a party that evening for their family and friends. Rebecca was looking forward to it. Today she was an adult.

Soon, Alicia Bartro and Kyli turned off at their mansio. Alicia’s family were easily the richest in Kresto Abrikoto and Alicia had owned a slave-girl for many years. With a little curtsey, Kyli returned Rebecca’s book bag. Not for the first time, Rebecca wished she owned her very own slave-girl so she didn’t have to carry the heavy bag in this sticky heat.

Rebecca walked on to her villa. Lush tropical flowers covered the building. She stepped up past the portico and into the cooler, wood panelled entrance hall. Rebecca paused with surprise as she saw her parents waiting for her.

“Happy birthday, Rebecca. Your eighteenth birthday present is waiting for you in the next room.”

Rebecca was so excited. Her parents were wealthy and loved their only daughter so she expected something generous. “Oh, Daddy. What is it? Is it that ruby and diamond necklace I saw in de Graaf’s jewellers? Or my own pony and buggy?”

Rebecca’s father shook her head. He laughed. “A pony and buggy wouldn’t fit inside the villa, would it? No, when I saw it, I knew you’d want it. Why don’t we go in and see what’s waiting for you.”

Rebecca clapped her hands with excitement. Her mother and father looked at each other and smiled. After years of effort, Rebecca’s father had recently been elected to the rank of Konsilanto or Councillor. He was now on the city council of Haveno Ananaso, Kupro Marbordo’s capital. He’d worked so hard for this and now he wanted to celebrate his elevation – together with the increase in his earnings. Behind her parents, the family’s slaves stood in a group and watched. They were all in on the secret. The only one who wasn’t was Rebecca herself.

Their majordomo bowed. He was a dignified older male slave wearing a short-sleeved white shirt and grey shorts as well as his thin steel collar. He’d been with the family for years — before Rebecca was even born. He opened the double doors to the daCastro’s dining room. Rebecca ran in, her long skirts swishing as she passed. She couldn’t wait to find out what her parents had bought her. Dim light filtered in through shuttered windows together with scents from their garden. She paused and looked about her.

On their large table laid for twenty dinner guests stood a display of fresh fruits. Wine glasses and silverware sparkled. It took up much of the room. A dresser took up most of one wall. Salvers and vases stood on its top. Paintings covered the walls. Landscapes of Old Iberia, her family’s ancestral homeland, mixed with portraits of various ancestors. A baroque marble fireplace dominated another wall. At this time of year its grate was filled with cut flowers. Their fragrance scented the room.

Rebecca turned round and looked at her father.

“I can’t see anything, Daddy,” she said. Disappointment in her voice.

“Look by the fireplace,” her mother called.

Rebecca walked around the table. No, she still couldn’t see anything.

She pulled up short. Surprised and confused now. Kneeling by the fireplace was one of her school friends. The girl was wearing a simple sleeve-less dress.

“Amanda? What are you doing down there? Have you been invited to dinner?” She was surprised. Although Amanda went to her private school, their families didn’t mix socially. Amanda’s family was nowhere near as wealthy as the daCastros; the girl’s father managed a department store in Haveno Ananaso or something.

Although thinking about it, she hadn’t seen Amanda at school recently. There’d been a rumour that the girl’s family had lost a lot of money when the Kupro Marbordo stock exchange took a nosedive over artificial fertilisers.

Rebecca didn’t understand that sort of thing at all. She knew her father didn’t gamble and he regarded stocks and shares with as much suspicion. He tended to invest in safer funds rather than higher risk ones. However, from gossip around the school, some of the other students’ parents had lost money in the crash.

Rebecca held out her hands and drew up her school friend. Then she got the shock of her evening. A thin steel collar encircled her neck. Rebecca looked over her shoulder at her father. The man was trying hard not to laugh but he couldn’t hold it back. He hooted with laughter like it was the best joke ever. Eventually, he calmed down enough to speak.

“Now you’re eighteen, Becca, it’s time you had your own personal slave-girl. The responsibility will do you good.” He laughed again.

“Yes, it’ll be your duty to train and discipline your very own slave-girl. She’ll look after you, but it’ll do you good to be in charge of another human being.”

“But why Amanda, Daddy? She goes to school with me,” said Rebecca.

“Not any more, Becca. Her father had to sell her to pay off his debts and when he approached me privately I knew she’d be perfect for you. Do you like her? Did I choose well?”

“Oh, Daddy, she’s perfect. Thank you, thank you.” With that, Rebecca dropped Amanda’s hands, raced round the dining table and flew into her father’s arms. She kissed him several times before breaking away.

“I hope she behaves herself and gets on all right here,” Senhor daCastro said. “Of course, she’s had some initial training at the Domo de Korekto but she will still need to be finished off and taught our ways. I thought you might like to do that.”

He paused. “Oh, by the way she’s not called ‘Amanda’ any more. Her slave name is ‘Amna’.”

Rebecca glanced over her shoulder at her father’s words. At the mention of the Domo de Korekto, the House of Correction, she saw Amanda, or Amna as she should call her now, shudder. The Domo de Korekto was the house where slaves received their initial training. Rebecca had heard it was very painful and few slaves were willing to talk about it.

“Why don’t you take your new slave-girl up to your room? She can help you prepare for your birthday banquet tonight, darling,” said Senhora daCastro, her mother.

With that, Rebecca beckoned to Amna who followed her new mistress out of the dining room, into the vaulted hall then up the sweeping staircase to her bedroom. Once inside the privacy of her bedroom, Rebecca turned to Amna.

“What happened?”

There were tears in Amna’s eyes now.

“Oh, Becca, it’s like your father said. My Dad thought he could make a lot of money too quickly and as everyone was investing in those chlorate stocks, those horrible artificial fertilisers, but he didn’t know the stock market that well and he lost all his money so he had to sell me to pay off some of his debts and now he’s working as a humble clerk back at the department store and it’s just horrible, Becca…” the words tumbled from the slave-girl’s mouth.

“Stop. What did you just call me?” asked Rebecca.

Amna thought for a moment. “Oh, sorry. I should’ve said mistress. Sorry.”

Rebecca grinned. “I’ll let you off this once. But don’t let it happen again.”

“No miss, sorry miss,” said Amna returning her grin.

“You can lay out my clothes for the banquet now, if you want,” Rebecca said. “I’ll wear that white dress.” She pointed it out. It had been bought specially for her birthday.

Rebecca watched her new slave-girl lay out her clothes on her bed. Amna had a good body and had been much admired by the boys at school. Yet, as far as Rebecca knew, Amanda, as she was then, never encouraged their attentions. She’d never heard a whisper of scandal against Amanda.

The slave-girl stood one metre seventy in her bare feet. She was slim, only weighing about fifty five kilos, as far as Rebecca could tell. She had light honey-brown hair; pale arms and legs now as if she hadn’t seen much sunshine for several weeks. Probably not if she’d just come from the Domo de Korekto.

Rebecca thought for a moment. This was her slave-girl. She owned her. Like she owned her handbag or hairbrush. She could do anything she wanted. She felt powerful yet also worried about her responsibilities. As Amna bustled about the bedroom, she decided to try out some of her authority over the young woman.

She’d seen most of their house slaves naked, of course. And she’d seen Amanda, as was, naked in the communal showers at their private school. But she’d not seen Amna as a naked slave.

“Amna, take off your dress. I want to have a look at my birthday present,” she ordered.

Amna stopped laying out her mistress’s clothes.

“Bec…, miss?” she said.

“You heard. Take off your clothes. I want to inspect you,” she repeated.

Amna’s mouth turned down. She hesitated.

“Hurry up, girl,” Rebecca ordered. She took the same tone her mother used with her personal slave-girl, Luci. She intended to start off on the right footing with her slave-girl.

Slowly, Amna lifted up her sleeve-less dress over her head and dropped it to the floor next to her. She reached behind her and unhooked her breast band then dropped it onto her dress. She lowered her arms and stood with them by her sides. She looked at her new mistress with watering eyes, but with a hint of defiance in their grey depths.

Amna’s breasts were small but pert with delightful well defined pink nipples. They stood proud from her areola.

“Put your hands on your head,” Rebecca ordered. The slave-girl’s breasts rose on her chest as the young woman did so.

She looked down at the girl’s smooth belly focussing on the dark hollow of her belly button. Then even further down at the girl’s freshly shaved mound. Totally hairless. Rebecca knew that slaves weren’t allowed pubic hair. Most owners thought it was unsightly and unhygienic on their slaves. From what Rebecca saw, Amna seemed to have a neat, tight sex. The girl’s legs were long and lean with firm muscles. Rebecca had glimpsed the girl naked before at school, but had never studied her body like this. She was pleased with what she saw.

“Turn around, Amna,” she ordered.

The girl did as ordered. She had a strong, lean back. Standing as she was with her hands on her head, Rebecca saw the girl’s ribs and backbone. She had a small, pert bottom that complemented her breasts perfectly. A slave-girl of this quality must have cost her father a lot of piastres.

Rebecca decided to use some more of her authority.

“Bend over and spread your buttocks, Amna. I want to inspect you more closely,” she said.

The girl whimpered but obeyed. Her hands spread her cheeks to her mistress’s gaze.

“Stand with your legs apart,” Rebecca further ordered. She stepped closer and crouched down. First, she looked at Amna’s puckered rosebud anus. It had also been shaved and looked perfectly clean. The girl’s buttocks trembled as she felt her mistress’s breath on them.

Looking slightly down, Rebecca studied Amna’s tight, reddish labia. She caught a whiff of the girl’s natural scent. Amna trembled.

“Keep still,” Rebecca ordered. She reached out with one hand and separated the girl’s vaginal lips.

“I said; keep still. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just checking out my property.”

Amna sobbed with embarrassment. Another girl of her own age with her hand in her privates. It was horrible.

There was enough light coming in through the window to allow Rebecca to make a full inspection. She touched the girl’s vaginal opening with her fingertip. Amna hissed; a sharp little sound. She expected to feel her mistress’s finger penetrate her. But that never happened.

“Are you a virgin?” Rebecca asked.

“Yes, miss,” whispered Amna.

“Good girl.”

Rebecca lowered her hand. With one finger, she touched the other girl’s clitoris. That most sensitive little button. She flicked Amna’s clit. Slowly at first, then a little faster. The girl tried to keep quiet and still but couldn’t quite manage it. Rebecca watched the little pink mound of flesh redden and enlarge underneath its hood.

“Do you masturbate, Amna?” Rebecca asked.

“Yes, miss. Sometimes I do,” Amna confessed.

Rebecca took her hand away, leaving the girl trembling on the edge. She remembered something she’d overheard her mother say to Luci.

“In future, you will always ask my permission before touching yourself down there. Do you understand?”

“Yes, miss,” Amna sobbed with a catch in her voice.

“Now stand up and finish off laying out my clothes,” she said, turning away. She watched her naked slave-girl lay out the rest of her clothes. She watched the play of light and shadow cross the girl’s lithe body. From her top drawer, the girl took out the lacy underwear Rebecca was going to wear tonight.

Rebecca made a decision. “I’m going to have a shower-bath now. You can undress me and wash me.”

“Yes, miss,” whispered Amna. Rebecca showed Amna her en-suite bathroom and how to operate the shower’s controls. She turned around and waited for her slave-girl to undress her.

Amna unhooked Rebecca’s lightweight linen dress then slipped it off over her shoulders and down over her arms and torso. It rested on Rebecca’s hips but then with a wriggle it slid down to her ankles. Rebecca stepped out of her dress. She stood naked except for her lacy white brassiere and panties.

“Come on, girl,” she said. With fumbling fingers, Amna unclipped Rebecca’s brassiere and helped her shrug it off. Then she knelt behind her owner, slipped her fingers into the panties’ waistband and lowered them down. The two girls were now naked together. Except that Amna still had her thin, steel slave collar around her neck.

They stepped under the spray. Amna picked up a sponge, lathered it and proceeded to wash her mistress, starting with Rebecca’s face.

“Gently, girl. You’re not scrubbing a floor, you know.”

“Sorry, Bec… miss,” Amna gently washed her mistress’s hair and body.

Rebecca was as tall as Amna, but she had a slightly darker, tanned complexion. She had dark brown hair which flowed over her shoulders in loose curls. Now it was plastered to her back and neck with the shower spray. Working down, Amna saw she the other girl had larger, yet still firm, breasts and broader hips with more rounded buttocks.

Amna knelt, soaped the sponge and washed down Rebecca’s legs. As she knelt, spray bounced off her back. Eventually, Amna stood.

“You’ve missed a bit, girl,” Rebecca said.

“Miss?” Amna thought she’d cleaned all her mistress’s body.

Rebecca spread her legs. Amna looked up into her mistress’s dark brown eyes. She blinked as the water hit her face.

“Use your hands,” Rebecca told her.

“Yes, miss,” Amna whispered, her voice barely audible above the water. Amna soaped her hand then slipped it between Rebecca’s legs. Unlike Amna, Rebecca had pubic hair. It was only considered unhygienic among slaves. Amna rubbed Rebecca’s genitals, her slippery, soapy hand washing and cleaning her mistress as ordered. Amna glanced up as she washed. She saw Rebecca close her eyes and arch her back with pleasure.

Amna put more soap on her hand then using one finger only concentrated on Rebecca’s clit. She felt heat between Rebecca’s legs. She gently stroked that little piece of tender, sensitive flesh.

Rebecca looked down. She was not embarrassed about being washed by another woman. In fact she was used to it as she sometimes borrowed Luci or one of the other female house slaves to do this for her. But it felt so much better now having her very own personal slave do this service. Especially as it was a girl she used to know at school. It added an extra layer to her pleasure.

The water started to run cooler. Rebecca shivered. She pushed away Amna’s hand.

“You did very well. For a novice,” she said.

“Thank you, miss,” said Amna.

“You may now dry me and dress me. Before you clean the shower-bath,” Rebecca said.

Carefully and gently, Amna dried her mistress with a towel, brushed her hair then helped her dress. She held out the brief lacy panties for her mistress to step into before drawing them up her legs. She adjusted the other girl’s breasts in the skimpy bra. Despite herself, she liked the feel of Rebecca’s large breasts. They felt so different from her own. Sexy too, in a way. She looked at Rebecca’s dark nipples still showing through the lace.

“Stop staring, girl and get me dressed.”

Next, she helped Rebecca on with her white party dress. It was off the shoulder, sleeveless, low cut and made the most of Rebecca’s full breasts and curvy body. The white silk showed off Rebecca’s tanned skin to perfection.

Finally, she found the shoes, knelt before Rebecca and placed them onto her mistress’s feet. Amna remembered what she had been taught at the Domo de Korekto. She instinctively knew Rebecca would like this. Still naked, she prostrated herself before her mistress and kissed her feet. A gesture of total submission.

Rebecca let her slave-girl kiss her feet for a moment. It felt good, especially as she hadn’t had to order her to do it. She thought Amna would make an excellent slave-girl after some training. She stooped down and helped Amna up.

“You’re a good girl. I think we’ll get on very well, don’t you?”

“Yes, Bec… miss.”

“You can dress now and follow me down after cleaning up here,” Rebecca told her.


The banquet was a great success. The daCastros lived in a large villa on Kresto Abrikoto, an affluent suburb of Haveno Ananaso, the capital city of Kupro Marbordo. Most of the local gentry had been invited. Among them was the extremely wealthy and powerful Bartro family. They only attended because their daughter, Alicia, was one of Rebecca’s closest friends.

All the same, Rebecca used to be jealous of Alicia as the other girl had Kyli, her own personal slave-girl for years now. But now Rebecca had caught up. She now owned her very own slave-girl, too. She couldn’t wait to show off Amna to Alicia.

Rebecca stood in their hallway next to her mother and father and greeted their guests as they arrived. The hall had been filled with cut flowers and smelled gorgeous. As soon as the Bartros arrived, only fashionably late, Rebecca dragged Alicia to one side.

As she did so, Rebecca fought down a wave of jealousy. She knew she looked beautiful tonight. But Alicia looked stunning. She was tall and blonde with her hair dressed in the latest style. Her flawless skin was exquisitely made up. The other girl’s green watered silk dress shimmered in the candlelight. Alicia was almost a year older than Rebecca and used that to pretend she was far more worldly-wise than Rebecca.

“You’ll never guess,” Rebecca whispered to Alicia. “Daddy bought me my very own slave-girl. Just like your Kyli. Isn’t that wonderful.”

Alicia turned to her friend and kissed her. “Yes that’s great. I hear the price of slaves has really come down now after that dreadful stock market crash. Almost anyone can afford a slave now. My Daddy’s thinking of buying me a companion for Kyli. I hope he buys me a male slave this time.”

Rebecca frowned. “I don’t think Senhor Bartro will do that,” she sniffed.

“Oh, I don’t know,” trilled Alicia. “It would be fun to breed from Kyli. Have some little slave-babies.”

Their majordomo rang the gong and all their guests filed into the dining room. As befitted their status, the Bartro family took pride of place. Rebecca found herself sitting between Senhor James Baxter, a wealthy young broker from the northern United Zones who had moved to Kupro Marbordo recently.

On her other hand sat Fernando, Senhor Bartro’s younger son who was on leave from the army. During dinner the young man told her exciting stories about campaigning against bandits infesting the distant Montoj de Pino, the Pine Mountains on the edge of Kupro Marbordo beyond the cattle ranches.

It was obvious what her mother was after. She thought if she put her daughter between two handsome young men, who both happened to be wealthy and single, then sparks should fly. Unfortunately, her daughter was too taken up with enjoying the banquet and thinking about her new slave-girl to pay too much attention to the young men.

Despite its numerous courses, the feast passed too quickly. A gourmet mixture of tastes and mouth watering textures. Afterwards, as was customary, the ladies retired to the drawing room whilst the men remained in the dining room and drank port and smoked cigars. Senhora Bartro played a gentle tune on the piano. After a while, the men joined them.

“I hear you’ve been bought a slave-girl for your eighteenth,” said Senhor Baxter. “Can we see her?”

“Oh yes,” squealed Alicia. “Let’s.”

“Although he’s only new to Kupro Marbordo, Senhor Baxter is quite the connoisseur of slave-girls,” smiled Senhor Bartro. “How many do you own now?”

“Only the four,” he replied with a grin. “But I keep them all busy.”

Therefore the majordomo rang the gong and summoned Amna into the drawing room. The girl entered nervously. She dipped into a low curtsey, her eyes on the floor.

“Nice,” whistled Senhor Baxter. “Must have cost a few piastres, Konsilanto.”

Rebecca’s father nodded. “She did. But I think Amna will be worth the investment. She comes from a good, respectable family and I didn’t want my only daughter corrupted by some slutty slave-girl’s lack of morals.”

“I can understand that,” Senhor Bartro added.

“Take off your clothes, Amna. Let our guests inspect you,” Rebecca ordered.

“Please no, miss.”

“Just do it,” Rebecca said, mercilessly.

Once again, Amna stripped off her dress and breast band. She blushed, her glow obvious on her pale skin as the men and women looked her over as if she was a prize horse.

Some of the men stroked her sides, squeezed her breasts, tweaked her nipples, and looked in her mouth and eyes. Then came the ultimate humiliation.

“Let them see between your legs,” Rebecca commanded.

Amna moaned. But she was a slave-girl. There was nothing she could do. She bent over with her legs apart.

“Wider, girl,” ordered Senhor Baxter. “We can’t see anything like that.”

Reluctantly, Amna did as ordered. Senhor Baxter placed his hand between her shoulder blades, forcing Amna still lower. Gently, he spread her hairless, moist labia and scrutinised her tight vaginal opening.

“She’s a virgin?” he said with astonishment.

“She is according to her papers from the Domo de Korekto,” confirmed Konsilanto daCastro. “That’s one of the reasons I bought her for Rebecca. Like I say, she comes from a good family and I didn’t want a slave-girl with the morals of an alley-cat attending my daughter.”

“Very wise,” said Baxter. “May I?” he asked Rebecca, his eyebrow raised in question.

She nodded assent, even though she didn’t know what Senhor Baxter intended. He spat on his fingertip then plunged it deep into Amna’s anus. The poor slave-girl gasped and her body bucked at this violation but he held her in place. Baxter pushed his finger all the way in up to his third knuckle joint. He twisted his finger as he explored her tight bum hole. Amna whimpered with distress. Eventually, he pulled his finger out.

“I’d say she’s an anal virgin, too. You got a good deal there, Konsilanto.”

Senhor Baxter patted Amna’s rump.

“You may stand now, girl.” He held out his soiled finger. “You can clean me off now.” He popped his finger into Amna’s mouth. Gagging at the taste, at what she had to do, Amna licked and sucked the man’s finger clean.

As she did so, Amna noticed Rebecca and her friend, Alicia Bartro whispering together. They kept glancing over at her. She couldn’t hear their conversation except for Rebecca saying, “Shall we?” and Alicia nodding. Amna didn’t like the two girls’ expressions.

Eventually, Rebecca turned her gaze over to her naked slave-girl. “You can leave now, Amna. Wait for me in my bedroom.”

Amna scooped up her clothes, curtseyed then fled from the scene of her humiliation. Laughter followed her exit.

Much later, Amna heard Rebecca come up the stairs. Immediately, she knelt on the floor to await her mistress. Rebecca yawned widely. “I’m tired. You can get me ready for bed then go to the female dormitory by the kitchen. I want to make an early start tomorrow so you can bring me my breakfast in bed tomorrow at eight. Understand?”

“Yes, miss,” said Amna.

She helped her mistress undress, hung up her fine clothes, and then brushed Rebecca’s hair until it shone.

“Well done, girl. You can go now but remember; wake me at eight sharp.”

* * *

* * *

Amelia saw movement out of the the corner of her eye. She couldn’t move much, the spreader bar at her feet, the rope braided into her long hair, and the anal hook kept her in a position that was unnatural, but surprisingly not uncomfortable. There in the center of the circle of subs, she was forced to stand and wait for the next “activity” from the others.

The first woman in the circle was approached by her partner. He moved around in front of her and to her credit, she kept her head down and remained in her submissive, kneeling pose. The thin, silver chain that ran up and over her neck and down to hook into two nipple rings was simply too tight and distended her breasts, stretching the skin of her nipples up and back toward her neck.

The man calmly reached for her chin and tilted her head up to look at him. They locked eyes and he smiled down at her. The hand left her chin and reached for the chain behind her neck. Once there, he pulled on the chain lightly until the flesh began to turn red. Her eyelids sagged as if she was going to pass out from the pain, but she never let her eyes leave his. His free hand caressed her cheek while his other pulled harder at the chain. Tears welled in her eyes, but still she would not look away or cry out. He wiggled his finger and the heavy weight of her breasts jiggled at the end of the chain. Suddenly, he pulled harder and the soft flesh became misshapen and odd looking. The nipple rings looked like they were actually going to pull out of her flesh, so stretched were they.

Still, she did not lean backward to lessen the effect. She did not cry out. She did not wince, gasp, or look away. He was clearly pleased and turned to smile at the others in attendance. His face betrayed a silent boast of, “Look. Look what I have trained her to do. She is mine.” Everyone watched in silence, some expressing satisfied smiles to those around them and impressed nods. The whole thing lasted no more than ten minutes, and her partner turned to face her, and then spoke for the first time.

“Thank you, Beatrice.” With no other word, he moved back to his place behind her and stood quietly.

In the center of the circle, Amelia found that she was turned on by what little she had been able to witness but could do nothing about it. Mary moved around her and to her surprise, attached nipple clamps to Amelia’s perky nubs. She turned the small knob slowly, tightening the device on one then the other nipple of the bound woman. She smiled as if to say, “Lucky Girl…” Before moving away from Amelia’s chest, she attached a weight to each nipple clamp and Amelia gasped.

The mood in the room noticeably changed. Dave’s voice from beside her ear seethed, “Amelia, keep quiet. This is your only warning.”

He didn’t wait for an answer since he knew she would remain silent. Before he moved away from her, he placed a hand on each hip and slowly turned her a few degrees to her right so that she could see what was next. Before anything else happened, she felt the tug in her bottom increase, almost imperceptibly.

The next woman, the tall redhead, still held her position even though her bound breasts were now so purple that they had to be painful. Her partner, a tall man in his forties with salt and pepper hair, moved around in front of her and reached down to lift her face to his. He leaned down towards her and kissed her full on her pouty, pale lips. Her mouth lingered and seemed to reach for more as he began to pull away from the kiss. Her eyes slowly came open and it was as if the sun was rising, so bright were her orbs.

What happened next shocked Amelia. Without warning, he slapped her left breast, hard. The noise was deafening in the room. Her breast bounced towards its twin and rebounded to its original position in time to receive another blow. The leather tightened around her breast never moved, nor did it allow the blood trapped near the nipple to return to her body. The pressure had to be incredible to the girl but she remained quiet. She fought to maintain her gaze into his eyes as he struck her breasts again and again. Three strikes to the left breast, three strikes to the right. She took it all and actually at one point smiled up at him. Amelia couldn’t see this; her position allowed her a cursory idea of what was happening.

But the rest of the attendees could see what was happening and many pressed forward to see her receive her treatment. He alternated his technique. He reached down and cupped a breast in one hand while making a fist with the other. He proceeded to strike the top of her breast lightly with the edge of his fist, rapidly and with enough pressure that the entire tit jiggled and forced even more pressure into the nipple end of the tightly bound breast. Her back arched, her face betrayed her, and she was clearly feeling incredible pressure in her chest…but still, not a word from her.

After performing this act on both breasts, he stopped and took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger. He blew a kiss at her and as she pursed her lips to return the gesture, he tightened his fingers and twisted, hard. She clenched her teeth and took in a breath as quietly as she could. But still not a word from her mouth of protest.

The man effected a sharp, short bow to her when he finished and said, “Thank you, Sheri.” He then returned to his position behind her and grinned the grin of a sadist who has been allowed to practice his craft.

At the center of the circle, Mary moved around next to Amelia again and began, with a long segment of leather stripping, to bind Amelia’s breasts. Around and around, tighter and tighter, until each breast was elongated and turning a brilliant shade of red. Each nipple with its clamp and weight seemed to actually become longer with the new torture. And when she was done, the rope pulling at her anal hook became a tiny bit shorter, pulling the hook further into her. She wondered if she could stand it much longer, but for him, she would bear the pain.

And Dave held both of her hips and turned her a slight bit to the right. Before he moved away, he whispered very softly, “I’m so proud of you…”

The stout man behind the petite blond moved out from behind her and stood in front of her kneeling form. He reached down and lifted her face to look up at him. A look passed between them and then he took a fistful of hair in his hand and roughly pulled her forward. Her hands moved to catch her fall and she ended up on all fours, her belt with the flogger hanging straight down and her black heels pointing out behind her.

He moved back behind her, reached for the flogger, and removed it from the small hook hanging from the belt. The man looked around the room, making eye contact with many of the attendees and lingering on more than one woman if his eye caught that “spark” of interest in what everyone in the room knew was going to happen. The flogger came down on her ass and she showed no emotion. It struck her tiny behind again and still, not a movement could be perceived. He raised his hand again and brought the leather down in a blow that made many in the room wince with the perceived pain. The noise was deafening.

She did not move. She did not make a sound. She didn’t even cry.

So the strikes continued and her bottom turned pink. He stopped to examine it and drag his nails across the tender flesh. Then he continued. A few minutes later, her bottom was so red that it seemed to glow. He stopped and rubbed it, seeming to soothe it, or to feel the heat he had created there. Some in the crowd knew that sensation, either having been on the receiving end of similar play…or having administered it. When he was finished, he moved back towards her head and grabbed her hair again and pulled her back to her kneeling position. He ran a finger along her delicate jawline and up her cheek to end near her ear. He looked into her big eyes and saw what everyone else in the room could see; gratitude.

He said, “Thank you, Julie,” and moved back to his position behind her, satisfied that he’d impressed the party goers with his sub’s performance.

Heels clicked on the parquet floor as Mary moved towards Julie and her partner. He held out his arm and handed her the two items, before she turned and walked back behind Amelia.

Amelia braced herself. She had guessed correctly; the same punishment was administered to her. Mary came back and roughly placed the ball gag–still wet with Julie’s spit–into her mouth. It was adjusted behind her head and pulled tight. From now on, Amelia could only breathe through the wet holes in the ball holding her mouth open and silencing her voice.

And then, Mary moved out of her sight and behind her. Her ass felt the sharp sting of the same flogger that had beaten Julies’ ass red. The flogger came down again and again on her ass, accentuating the pressure of the polished steel hook embedded in her bottom. She could feel the heat building up in her backside and the sharp pains continued. Over and over she was struck and trying to emulate Julie, she remained quiet and still. Her butt felt like it was on fire but she fought to hold still and remain quiet. Movement would only upset her delicate balance that was tested with each stroke of the tool as it hit her bottom. And still the flogger came down on her ass. Mary was thorough, Amelia was near tears and fighting it before she stopped. When she finished, Mary click-clicked back over to where the man behind Julie took the flogger back and turned to caress the beautiful blond’s ass one last time with the leather before hanging it again at her belt.

And the device in Amelia’s ass was pulled a little tighter before strong hands held her hips as Dave turned Amelia a little further this time so that two women were in her sight; the twins.

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“If you keep your mouth open like that the flies or something else will get in.” says Claudette with a smirk on her face, her eyes are smizing, which to those of you who do not watch America’s Next Top Model is smiling with your eyes. I watch. I have even dated some of them and one of those models is in my thirty.

I realize that I am still sitting gaping at her. I can’t believe that she’s here in my office. I gather my wits and remember who I am. I want this woman on her knees sucking my dick. I want her begging me to fuck her. I am not some slave to a woman; she is a slave to me. My dick jumps reminding me that I am the master here. “Calm down boy.” I whisper so she cannot hear.

Standing I smile warmly at her. My dick does a dance. My boss, Robert Douglas comes behind Claudette. He has been staring at her ass. Right now, I envy him because she has a fine ass and I would like to be standing behind it. “I see you two know each other, Ms. Casey is thinking about bringing her business to us. We are going to have lunch to discuss. She would like you to join us.”

Claudette smiles at me and gives me a wink. Her voice is sultry and smooth as she turns to Robert and says, “I’d like to discuss what you have to offer me.” As she says this, I feel as if she is directing this towards me and I blush. Luckily, her back is to me. Robert leads her away and my dick starts to deflate a little.

My best friend David who works two offices from mine comes over to my office. David is a 6’2″ brown haired guy who looks older than his 31 years, but very handsome with dimples that all the girls’ find very attractive. All of my mates are good-looking guys. I like the competition. We take bets on which one of us a certain girl will go for in a bar.

David is open mouthed as he says, “Who is that beautiful woman? My dick got hard the moment she walked onto the floor. Every man in here and a few women are watching her. Stan, he almost fell over looking at her ass and Barry, he went into the men’s room and I don’t think he went in there to pee.”

I laugh and then I smirk. “She’s a friend of Samantha’s. I went to a party at her house. I’m going to lunch with her today.”

“Shit man you’ve been holding out on me. Is she single? Does she do white guys? Hell I’d be on my knees kissing that ass in a minute. She makes JLo look like a boy. You had better hope our boy Marvin doesn’t see her. He will make a bee line for that skirt.” David says.

I am a little worried about Marvin. He’s a really good-looking black guy and a friend. He used to be a basketball player and an underwear model. He’s tall and chocolate colored. The women around here all fall over him. He’s currently dating a supermodel from Sweden with long legs and long blond hair.

I get a phone call from Robert’s secretary, an older woman named Catherine who says that lunch will be at one. We are walking over from the Financial Center at the World Trade to the Palm restaurant.

It is a mild March day and I’m glad that I don’t have to wear a coat. Claudette is wearing a light white coat. I can see her longs legs and her feet encased in those Christian Louboutin nude pumps. I know all about women’s shoes. I make a notice of everything women wear because I do dress the women I go out with. If I find something I like I buy it and send it to one of my thirty. They are all so grateful, so very grateful and spend lots of time on their knees or on their backs or even better with their ass in the air.

I can’t wait to see what she has under that coat. My dick jumps at the thought. I open the door at the Palm for her and she smiles at me. “Thank you.” She says with a slight nod of her head. My dick jumps again. Damn what is this woman doing to me?

I help Claudette with her coat and as I turn back from giving her coat to the coat check my dick jumps and stays stiff. Down boy, I say, but the dick just salutes at me and says, no way. She is gorgeous in a nearly backless fuchsia Valentino lace dress. How I long to run my hands down her back. I start thinking about baseball, basketball, soccer and it is finally thoughts of golf that make my dick go back down before I am very embarrassed.

We have our meeting. Claudette is a smart executive and much richer than I could have imagined. She’s a billionaire and counting. She is Oprah rich and wants to be even wealthier. She has great plans for her money and I have realized she wants power. Claudette does not want to be President, but she wants to control the President. Claudette wants to buy small companies, keep them in tact and just make a few changes just enough to turn them into a big company. She has some smart ideas and it will be my job to implement them.

We are sitting in a booth and she is sitting next to me, my boss across from us. We have had our lunch and are having dessert when I feel her hand touch my leg. I freeze as she lightly runs her hand up my leg. My dick rises immediately. I keep talking but all I want to do is cum. Just as quickly, Claudette removes her hand and I am left with a hard dick that now refuses to go down.

Claudette smiles sweetly at me. The bitch is making me mad with all this teasing. I finish my presentation and excuse myself to go to the men’s room. I manage to bring the old boy down, but I know the moment I return he will rise his head again. What the fuck is this chick doing. Who the hell does she think she is? Before I return to my seat, I call Chloe and tell her that we will be having dinner at eight at my house. She is so excited that I just have to laugh.

I manage to make it through the rest of lunch with my dick staying calm. I get Claudette’s coat and help her on with it managing to run a finger up her back. She doesn’t even flinch, but my dick does. Her skin feels so soft. I want to feel that skin and kiss it.

We walk back to the office. Her Bentley is waiting out front and I open the door before her driver gets out. She slides in and says to me, “There are a few more things I’d like to go over with you. Robert.” She says to my boss, “Would it be possible for Mitch here to come to my house day after tomorrow with the papers for me to sign?”

My boss looks at me. I can clearly see the disappointment on his face. He had hoped she would ask him to come. “Yes, he can be there?”

She reaches into her purse that she didn’t have with her in the restaurant and pulls out a card that she hands to me. “This is my New York address. Please meet me there on Thursday at 6.” She says coolly. I just nod, close the car door and watch as her driver drives away.

Robert and I walk into the building. On the elevator, he says to me, “Make sure you get this account Mitch. It’s important. If you get this, there is a promotion in your near future. “I nod and he grins, “She’s a damn fine woman. I’m happily married, but I’d give my left nut to fuck that sweet pussy.”

I grin broadly; my proper boss never talks like that. So it’s not only me she’s having an effect on.

Marvin is waiting in my office with some papers, but I know he has heard about Claudette. “Hey Mitch, how was lunch?” he says raising an eyebrow.

“Lunch was great. I got this one in the bag.” I say with a smirk.

Marvin grins, “So what is Claudette Casey like?”

I smile, “She makes my dick jump.” Marvin nods, “Wanna bet I can get to her first?”

“Nah man, I got this one. I’m invited over for her to sign the papers. I plan to hit that.” I say.

Marvin laughs, “Ever been with a black woman before?”

“No, but she’s got a pussy and I can always get there.” My grin is broad.

Marvin really laughs, “Let’s make that bet, because she ain’t gonna be that easy.”

We make a wager. If I get her to sleep with me on Thursday then I will give Marvin my two tickets to the Super Bowl next January. If Marvin wins then he will give me his tickets to the World Series. In addition, whoever wins also gets a bottle of very expensive champagne we both want that costs about $5,000.00.

We shake hands. I got this and I am not worried.

I arrive home at 7:15. I cook, but not tonight. I want to eat and fuck so I order from a restaurant that knows me. I now Chloe likes lobster and I have a porterhouse. The table is romantically set and I have a nice bottle of red wine. I feel a kind of responsibility to Chloe since I was her first, so I want to treat her nice.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a beautiful red negligee for her, which I lay out on the bed with some red-heeled slippers. She will change into this before dinner. I change into a pair of red sweat pants and a white tee shirt. These pants really hug my hips and I have several pairs. I am wearing sandals on my feet. Every week I have my nails and feet done. I believe a man should always look good for his woman and I do.

I check the drawer in my bedroom and tonight I take out the condoms. I also take out the vibrator and the lube because of course I’m going to fuck that ass. In a locked closet, I take out the paddle and a spreader bar. I have to get out my frustrations about Claudette. I’m going to use Chloe, as I want to use the black woman who is frustrating the hell out of me.

Chloe arrives early. She is dressed in a short skirt with a blue print top and a black trench coat with the sexiest five-inch rain boots. It’s raining and her Burberry umbrella is wet. I kiss her chastely on the mouth, take her umbrella, and put it in the stand. Chloe strips off her coat and drops it on the floor. She throws her arms around me and I take them off. “Pick up the coat Chloe.” I say my voice menacingly. She looks surprised.

She does not say a word but picks up her coat which leaves a puddle on the wood floor. In my mind I could not’ see Claudette doing this. I take her coat and leave her standing there as I hang it in the bathroom. I bring back a mop and hand it to her. Behind my back, I hold the paddle. “Clean the floor Chloe.” I order. Chloe looks scared but does as I ask. I go behind her and taking the paddle, I swing it, hitting her on her skirt clothed behind.

She jumps. “Ouch, Mitch, I’m sorry.” She says and stops mopping.

“Chloe, keep mopping. Clean up the mess you made.” I say going behind her and unzipping her skirt. She keeps mopping as her skirt falls to the floor. “Step out of the skirt.” I say and she does but she keeps mopping.

“Stop mopping, but hold onto the mop.” I say and I take the paddle and hit her on her butt that is still encased in her panties. She moans. I run my hands down her back and to her panties that I rip from her body leaving red angry marks on the side of her thighs. She gasps but still holds on to the mop as I pick up the paddle and start paddling her ass. Chloe holds on to the mop as I paddle her behind.

Tears are streaming down her face and I Chloe is holding onto the mop and trying not to scream. Finally, I stop paddling her. Her ass is red. She lets out a choking cry and I scoop her up into my arms. The paddle drops and I carry her into my bedroom laying her on her stomach on the bed. I turn off the lights. She is sobbing. I get onto the bed and grab the lube.

I am angry, but not at Chloe. It is Chloe however, who will get my anger. I lube my dick and her ass getting on top of her with one thrust I am in her ass. Chloe screams and I start fucking her hot to the touch ass. “Take it. Take it all bitch. You tease me and don’t deliver. Take all of my cock in that ass.”

She is trembling and I take her arms lifting them over her head as I fuck into her ass. “Please Mitch, please.” She sobs.

“Please what cunt!” I say not even seeing her. I’m thrusting harder and harder and she’s crying. I’m fucking her brutally and seeing Claudette underneath me. This woman is turning my world upside down and I cannot take it. I have to have her.

I realize in a brief moment of clarity that I am hurting Chloe. I stop and carefully pull out of her very sore ass. I kiss her back and her spine. She is whimpering like a little dog and I am ashamed of myself. How I ever let someone get under my skin like this.

Getting off the bed, I go into the bathroom and return with a wet cloth and a bowl of warm water. Carefully and tenderly, I wash her. She is bleeding slightly from her asshole and I clean her.

I place the bowl and washcloth on the floor. Chloe has turned to her side and is in the fetal position. She is still crying softly. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her neck. “Chloe, I’m sorry. So sorry I hurt you. I’ve had a bad time at work today and I guess it went to my head.

I turn her over. Her mascara has run and her face is streaked. Her eyes are closed and she is saying nothing. Again I get off the bed and take the bowl and washcloth back to the bathroom. I run a bath for her. When I return she is sitting up. I sit down next to her. She is looking at her hands and I lift up her chin.

Gently I kiss her and she responds. “I’m sorry I dropped my wet coat on the floor.” Chloe says to me in a barely audible voice. I move a strand of hair from her face, “no Chloe, I’m sorry. I let things get out of hand.”

She looks up at me, “Mitch, I liked when you paddled me. I also liked when you fucked me like this. I deserved it. I’ve wanted you to be rough with me and…” She stops talking.

I am astonished. Yes, I wanted her as one of my little pets, but I thought it would take time. Chloe moves and gets on her knees. “I want you to be my master. I’ve been reading all kind of things about BDSM and I was hoping that you would teach me.”

“Chloe.” I say, “You don’t know what you’re saying. I think that this has all been too much for you.”

“Mitch, uhm, Master, I want you to teach me. Paddle me, whip me, do whatever you want and I will just ask for more. Yes it hurt, but I want it to hurt.” She reached up to stroke my face, then let her hand drop. “Use me Master; take out all your frustrations on me. Whatever is bothering you, use me.”

I am floored and start to speak, when the phone rings. I take my iPhone from the table and look at the number. I don’t recognize it and I answer, “Mitch here.”

“Hello Mitch. I was just calling to confirm for tomorrow.” Said the sultry voice on the end. My dick did a jump and Chloe starts to lick my balls.

“Hello Ms. Casey.” I sigh.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” She purrs.

Chloe was now sucking my cock. I looked down at her. “No nothing at all.” I say, as Chloe starts sucking and slurping on my dick.

I am trying desperately not to moan. This voice and not Chloe is bringing me to the edge.

Claudette laughs, “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening. Please don’t forget the papers. Goodnight Mitchell.” She says and hangs up.

I set down the phone and grab Chloe’s head and start fucking her face roughly. She has been practicing on a banana or a dildo or something because she is much better and I use her mouth, her lips and as I cum, I choke her with my cock and envision Claudette on her knees sucking me.

Chloe gets her bath. I talk to her about what her being my slave means and that first she must learn to be my submissive. I tell her I want her to think about it for a week and I will also think about if I want to train her.

I have had five submissives in my life. I ended all the relationships. The thirty do what I want when I want at a time and place I choose. Having a submissive is like having a small child who works very hard at pleasing you. It is an obligation and I didn’t know if I wanted to take on the responsibility of having a submissive. I had decided that I didn’t. Now I’m not so sure.

Claudette is bringing out in me something I haven’t seen in two years – the very dominant side of me. The side that wants to control everything about the person I’m with. From what she wears to what she eats. This side of me hasn’t want to raise his head and now I’m thinking about it…with Chloe.

I am not Christian Gray from that book. I am not fucked up from a cruel childhood. I’ve always been this way. I’ve always been in control and I do like my women pliant. The five subs I have had – one got married and has two children, another one had a master and was very happy. Another one is getting her doctorate and the fourth is pregnant and living with another man.

The last one, Emily. I was falling in love with her and knew I had to get rid of her. I don’t like to think about her. She lives in Los Angeles now with her sister. She hates me. She has a right to. I not only broke her heart but her spirit. I pay for her therapy and her schooling.

Maybe this is what I need to get me out of thoughts of Claudette. I wash Chloe and dry her body. I dress her in the red nightgown and lay with her in my bed. I leave her there while I return to the bathroom and shower. I hold her in my arms, not making love to her the rest of the night. In the morning, she gets dressed, kisses me and leaves.

I block all thoughts of Claudette Casey from my mind and work hard all day. Finally, it is time for me to leave for dinner. Marvin comes to my office and reminds me of our bet. Robert comes by and reminds me of the contract. David comes by and tells me to tap that. I grin and tell him that I plan to.

I take a town car to a townhouse on sixty-Third Street. “Damn.” I whisper under my breath. I can only hope to have a house like this someday. This place must have cost at least thirty mil, I think. I get out and walk up to the black door that is painted black. Before I can ring the bell or knock, the same butler I saw in Connecticut opens the front door.

He escorts me in, takes my coat, leads me into the foyer and my heart drops. I thought we would be alone. There are about twelve other people milling about. I see Claudette talking to Morgan Winthrop and she walks over to me.

“Come and meet everyone Mitchell.” She takes my arm and I feel a current run through us. Claudette raises an eyebrow and I know she’s felt it too.

She introduces me to everyone in the group, but the person who peeks my interest is Mrs. Stephanie Stone, widow of the lawyer, Steven Stone with her new bride Anna Stone and her husband, Brian.

Stephanie Stone is a very attractive woman, but she’s no Claudette. Also, she seems to be very much in love with the two people she’s with. I chat with Mrs. Stone and give her my card. She is a quite wealthy film director and her wife is a stunner. I don’t disrespect married people but that Anna is gorgeous. As I chat with Stephanie from the corner of my eye, I keep watch to Claudette.

She is laughing at something a man named Tony has said. Her head is thrown back and her laughter is tinkling in my ear like bells. Again, there is a wonderful dinner and I am seated between Stephanie and Brian. The conversation is lively.

After dinner, there is dancing and drinks with a band. Claudette interrupts my dance with the beautiful Anna. She takes my hand and again the electricity charges between us. She leads me to her study. I had forgotten I was here to get papers signed and remove them from my leather folder that I have left on a bench in the foyer.

Claudette goes over them. Her attorney’s already made changes and she just checks to make sure. With a flourish, she signs her name and hands them back to me.

Claudette sitting behind her desk crosses her legs and stares at me. “So Mitchell, now that I’ve signed what do you intend to do for me?”

I go around her desk and stand in front of her. “I will work very hard on your account Ms. Casey.”

“You and I both know that’s not what I mean.” Claudette uncrosses her legs. She reaches out a hand to touch me. There is a knock at the door.

Stephanie Stone comes in. “Sorry Claude, Anna, Brian and I are going home. I wanted to say good night and thank you for a wonderful evening.”

The spell between us is broken and I scoop up the contract as Claudette stands and breezes past me to hug Stephanie. I watch her ass as she walks Mrs. Stone out the door. It is a really fine ass. For a moment I wonder what she would have done. Would she have taken out my prick? Would she have sucked me? I have to find a way to see her again.

After rummaging around the kitchen, Amy found all the fixings for a nice roast beef and cheddar sandwich on rye with lettuce, tomato, and some kind of fancy German mustard. She figured she couldn’t go too wrong with the items Patrick had bought for himself. “Coke or beer?” she called out cheerfully.

“Coke with lunch. And get yourself one too. And a sandwich.” Patrick flopped down on the sofa happily. It had been a good hour, and the afternoon showed every sign of being just as much fun. Amy came out of the kitchen with a plate and a coke, having decided sensibly to serve Patrick first, rather than juggle two plates and two cans of soda. Seeing her, Patrick had to suppress a whistle. Bare from the waist down, her pubic triangle was a nest of soft, red silk over long, firm legs that seemed to go on forever. Her purple halter lifted up her breasts, presenting them, and she was wearing a very sexy smile. She bent over sensuously and deliberately in delivering his lunch. Holding the pose, she looked up at him and licked her lips once before straightening up and returning to the kitchen.

Patrick patted the couch by his side as she returned. “Sit and tell me about yourself while we eat. We hardly know each other.” He smiled and took a big bite of his sandwich.

“Delicious!” he mumbled. An hour later they had established that Amy’s major flaws included a love of pop music and reality TV. Patrick liked football, baseball, and hockey, all incomprehensible to Amy. They shared an interest in clubbing, Amy a little more than Patrick, and he resolved to outfit her in style. Abruptly, he switched gears.

“Amy, have you ever been spanked before?” His question caught her off guard and she blushed.

“Yes, uh, yes. By my Dad mostly. He, um, he uses a paddle.”

Patrick frowned slightly and glanced to one side. “You did a lot of carrying on when I spanked you, so I wondered.” He shrugged slightly.

Amy turned a deeper shade of red, looked down, and bit her lower lip. “Well, I’m a screamer. Maybe you noticed?” She looked back up at him and smiled mischievously. “You don’t need to let that slow you down.”

Patrick returned her smile, but still looked serious. “Amy, you asked me to whip you, so you’ll know what it feels like. You put it in the lease. That isn’t something I demanded, except to keep you in line if you are extremely misbehaved. You haven’t done anything wrong, except for the business about being late and that was properly dealt with. Are you sure this is what you want?”

Amy looked back at him, still smiling. “I want you to know for certain that you have the right to. It isn’t just words on paper. And . . . I’m curious. More than curious. It’s a fantasy.” She held up a hand to stop him from speaking. “I know when you started writing my lease, you were making it up as you went along and you didn’t know if I would go for it. Maybe you thought I wouldn’t. But I keep my word.” She spoke seriously and with conviction. Then abruptly she giggled. “Well, except when I say I’m going to be at your apartment at eleven.” She looked back at him seriously again. “You should keep your word, too. Whip me!”

Patrick smiled back warmly. “You’ll probably regret saying that in a few minutes, but alright. You want to know what a whipping feels like, eh? I don’t actually own a whip. I haven’t had any real need for one. And you haven’t done anything wrong. So, I’ll give you a tour of the apartment.” He paused for a moment. “And along the way, I’ll whip your tail with whatever I think of. Maybe a few other parts of you as well.”

Amy gulped nervously and then nodded. She looked down shyly and asked “how do you want me to start with?”

“First, stand up. And toss your halter with your shorts. I want you nude.” Amy complied quickly. Her tits stood up proudly even without support.

“We’ll start in the entryway. Come here.” Patrick walked over to the front door. Amy followed, scanning the small, tiled area. There was a ‘welcome’ mat just inside the door, made of bristly brown stuff. A coat closet lay to the right of the door and a small pile of shoes was to one side. To the left of the door was the love seat. She had already been turned over that. Patrick opened the closet and scanned its contents quickly. Maybe he didn’t even remember what was in there? A large, red plastic fly swatter in the shape of a hand hung on a hook at one side. He grabbed it and swished it through the air. So, that would be first, Amy thought to herself. She suppressed a giggle. That thing would probably sting!

“Put your hands on your thighs and bend your knees. Arch your back a little if you can, or at least keep it flat and even with the floor.” Amy got into position, leaving Patrick enough room to walk all the way around her. She was looking down at the floor, bent over. She managed to arch her back a little. It wasn’t very comfortable, but she knew her bottom was stuck out, presented. Her breasts were also squeezed forward between her upper arms, nipples pointing down at the floor and a little forward. She felt very exposed, and realized that was probably the point. Patrick had walked around behind her.

With the first smack of the fly swatter, she released the breath she had been holding. It stung a little, but really it hurt a lot less than his hand. He repeated the smack on her other cheek. That wasn’t bad, she decided. Suddenly he went to town, with dozens of fast light strokes. He alternated cheeks. No one stroke had much impact at all, but the repeated little stings were starting to burn a little. Then suddenly he stopped.

“That was just a small taste” he explained. Then he walked around to her front. He lifted and squeezed her left breast brutally. She whimpered as he began giving her tit the exact same treatment with the swatter. He focused on the nipple, but rained down small smacks everywhere. Just as the burn was becoming hard to stand, he let go and abruptly switched sides. When he had finished, Amy could feel a light stingy burn across her whole chest and bottom. She was also breathing heavily, feeling excited. Patrick replaced the fly swatter on its hook in the closet and studied Amy for a moment. The skin of her breasts and behind was just slightly pink from his efforts. The redness from her earlier spanking had mostly faded over lunch. She was also panting and flushed. He slipped a hand between her thighs to cup her labia. Just as he thought, she was good and wet. He tweaked her clit roughly and she yelped and moaned. He took a step back. “That’s one item down, a few to go. Next, we’ll try a slipper.” He slipped his hand inside the shoe, and placed it flat across one of her thrust out cheeks. He watched her tense, and smiled. She was nervous about this one. He placed his free hand firmly on the small of her back.

Amy felt her bottom explode with pain as he struck her right cheek hard with the rubber-soled slipper, not once, but five times in rapid succession. He had aimed right for the crease between her butt and thighs and it felt white hot to her now. Her first impulse had been to stand straight up, but Patrick’s hand on her back had stopped that. He showed no sign of following up immediately, so she had a chance to recover. She knew that tears were streaming down her cheeks. After what seemed a long time but probably wasn’t, he announced “Now we’ll do the other side.” Before she could even tense, he was raining blows on her left cheek: smack-smack-smack-smack-smack. Then he tossed the shoe back in the pile.

“There are a lot of things in the apartment, so let’s head into the living room. You can stand up when you are ready.” It took Amy a moment to stop sobbing and stand up. Patrick pulled her behind him over to the sofa. He set down and pulled her roughly over his lap. “You’ve already been introduced to my hand, but I think it’s worth revisiting.”

Amy started crying immediately, burying her face into the fabric of the sofa cushion and waited for the hand spanking to start. It wouldn’t be worse than the slipper, she was sure. To her surprise, he didn’t smack her. He was squeezing and rubbing and massaging. And he was being gentle. It took a minute or two, but her sobs turned to moans. Her behind felt swollen and throbbing, but he was massaging out the sting. She lifted her backside up into his hand. She moaned, and his hand slipped in between her legs. Now he was rubbing her clit with two fingers while his thumb had somehow penetrated her, finding her G spot and pressing lightly in circles. “OH! Oh, oh, oh, OH!” She moaned and squealed under his attentions. But before she was anywhere near a climax, his hand was away from her pussy. He inserted his thumb into her asshole without prelude. It was lubed up a little with her juices, but the sudden insertion was still rough and shocking. “You!” she yelped. He chuckled and removed his hand, also lifting her by the waist and setting her up on her feet.

“It’s time to visit the dining room.” It wasn’t really a room, more like a nook between the living room and the kitchen. Amy didn’t see anything there he could spank her with. He certainly wasn’t going to beat her with the candlestick. He pulled out a chair. “Bend over the back of the chair and put your hands on the seat.” He moved off towards the kitchen. “And keep them there.” She heard him running the sink and supposed he was washing his hands. He rummaged about a bit. “Next we have the wooden spoon. Since we’ve already given your butt some attention, I think we’ll focus on your thighs with this one.”

Amy answered him “yes, Sir” resignedly. She was still worked up from the play on the sofa and not looking forward to another round of whacking. He beat a quick staccato rhythm up and down the back of her legs. She was sure he could have hit her with the spoon a whole lot harder, but he was still getting a good swing. As she felt the sting in her ass fading, there was a new burn from the backs of her knees to the tops of her thighs. “Now, let’s move on to the cutting board. This is just a little one, or I wouldn’t be able to swing it. Just three smacks with this I think.”

Patrick examined her for signs of damage. The marks on her bottom had faded to a uniform light red, and her thighs matched. Her chest was barely pink. He decided he could probably go on a great deal without really hurting her. He pressed the cool wood against her bottom, pulled back and let a stroke fly. One moment, Amy was bent over, dreading the smack of the cutting board. The next moment she was howling in pain, standing up straight, rubbing her butt, and hopping from foot to foot. It felt a lot like the paddle. Only this pain was more solid, with a deeper thud. And he swung hard.

“Get back in position!” Patrick demanded.

“Owww…” Amy responded. But she got back into position before he could answer. “I’m… I’m sorry Patrick. I couldn’t help it” she whined. “Do I need to tie you up? Or can you remain still?” His voice was sharp, and Amy trembled a little. Would he beat her harder if he had her tied?

“No, I’ll be good. I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting it to hurt so much.” She felt she was babbling, in between sobs.

“Alright. Three strokes then. That one didn’t count.”

“Yes Sir.” She sobbed, and gripped hard on the edge of the chair, willing herself to stay in position. The blow, when it came, was as hard as the first. The smack seemed to echo around the room and shatter some kind of tension in her. She jumped at the pain, but then fell back limp on the chair. She could feel her fingers digging into the fabric of the seat. The second stroke fell right across her seat as she was recovering from the first. “Aieeeeee!” she creamed out. Her feet left the ground for a moment and she kicked just to give an expression to the pain she was feeling. She resumed a fully proper position, muttering “ow, ow, ow, ow, ow”. The third stroke fell, and she stayed in place only by an act of will. She screamed, not once but three times, and then flopped limply over the chair. Then she screamed in an entirely different way.

Patrick knelt between her thighs, looking up at her dripping twat. Without hesitation he sucked her clit hard, entirely into his mouth. He wanted to surprise her. He was rewarded when he heard her wail of pleasured shock. He began to lick lazily at her clit as she give small cries of pleasure: “Oh! oh, oh! Oh, Patrick!” He plunged his tongue deep into her, enjoying the taste of her honeyed salt. She moaned. He reflected that she was probably not too far from a climax of one kind or another and gave her pearl a little nibble before withdrawing. He didn’t want to have to punish her because he brought her to orgasm to soon.

Patrick’s voice was calm and a little superior as he rose. “There are all sorts of things in the kitchen to whip you with, but I think we’ll skip the spatulas and so forth. It’s time to visit the bathroom. Come along.” He had to carry her for a few steps before setting her on her feet and leading her by the hand. Amy wiped her tears away and calmed a little. She wondered if he had a hair brush, or a bath brush. It turned out he had both, but she was surprised at the way he used them. He told her to grab the shower curtain rod and spread her legs. Then he smacked her lightly and repeatedly with the bath brush, not just on her legs and the backs of her thighs, but over most of her body. He skipped her neck, face, and back but covered new territory as well as revisiting everywhere that had already been spanked. Still, it was almost like a break. He was smacking so lightly it was almost pleasant. Just a bit more glow and a bit more burn. Then he grabbed a lava rock. “Try not to scream too much” he warned her. He started in on her bottom cheeks, already more than a little tender. The abrasion on her already stinging body was a different kind of torment. Amy gritted her teeth and didn’t scream. But she wanted to. He rubbed all her body except her face with the pumice. She felt as if the surface of her skin was on fire, and she felt completely, totally naked. Patrick picked up the hair brush and smacked all up and down the inside and outside of her legs, her belly, her breasts, and then returned to her ass. Again, none of his smacks were really hard enough to hurt her. They just added slightly to the burning sting.

Amy noticed the feelings started by his tongue were ramping up again, amplified by this new attention. Oh God. He was playing with her so expertly, pain and pleasure and pleasure and pain. “Stand up and turn around” he was saying. Did he have to repeat himself? Amy wasn’t sure, but she obeyed quickly. Patrick looked her up and down and smiled. “We have two rooms left to visit, and I think you are well prepared for some real punishment.” Amy gasped. “Real punishment?” she dared to ask. He just nodded.

“Next we’ll visit my office. I don’t ever want you in there unless I invite you.” He led her from the bathroom into the smaller of the apartment’s two bedrooms. It was dominated by a large desk. A computer covered one corner and the rest was neat, uncluttered with papers or other work. Amy noted with dread that a fraternity paddle hung next to Patrick’s framed diploma. He caught the direction of her gaze. “Yes. Assume the position. That’s bent over the desk. Grab a hold of the far edge. Normally, we’d measure these in the dozens. But since you are just learning what a whipping feels like, we’ll stop at six. But you’ll have to ask me for them. And count them. And I think the line is ‘thank you Sir, may I have another?’, hmm?” Amy bent over the desk, gripping the far edge. She said “Yes, Sir” with an attempt at confidence that was given the lie by the small sob that escaped her throat.

Her universe exploded with pain as the first stroke landed. The first words she muttered were “Oh my God oh my God.” But she gripped tight to the edge of the desk and tremblingly asked for another. She somehow survived the next five, which were no easier than the first. She choked out a last “Thank you Sir” and then went limp sobbing with the pain. Patrick looked at her throbbing, dark red, slightly blistered behind. He took in her sobbing form and wondered if it was too much. She had asked for it, repeatedly, and very literally. He wasn’t sure who this was for. She didn’t seem to be enjoying it, and he could have quit some time ago. She wasn’t wicked. He wasn’t angry with her. She was delightful! So why was this necessary? He gazed at her crying over his desk and was assailed by doubts. But there was nothing to do but go forward.

Amy lay over the desk, feeling shattered by the pain, like a million points of light in her brain. In the strange state in which she found herself, the sound seemed almost as bad as the sensation. It had been so loud, echoing around the room, breaking her. Now she heard Patrick’s voice. It was harsh and demanding but somehow for away. “On your feet. Turn around.” She wondered how many times he had said it. She struggled back to her feet, and stood straight and proud. She turned to face him. His face carried an expression of concern and maybe love? She smiled at him, waiting to hear what he would command, demand, ask.

“Amy, have you had enough?” His voice was so very gentle. She felt that she had more than enough, but it wasn’t for her to say, was it? “That’s up to you, Sir.” She knew somehow that was the right answer, but he wasn’t quite satisfied with it.

“We still have the bedroom to visit. If you are up to it?” He sounded tender and a little afraid. Amy realized he had probably already been more physically cruel to her than he had to anyone in his life.

“Please, let’s go to your bedroom, Patrick?” She was unsure of what she could endure, but she was totally sure of him. He stepped into her and kissed her, oh so sweetly, softly on the lips. Taking her by the hand, he led her to the bedroom. Patrick was more than half in love with this girl, who took all the beating he dished out and asked for more. It wasn’t that she was immune. No certainly not that! It was that she wanted to prove herself, she wanted to submit, more than she was afraid. But what to do next? He ran a hand through his hair, pondering as he led her to the bedroom.

Amy was unconcerned with how Patrick was feeling. The pain in her bottom and in her everywhere had led her to a state of calm, meditative acceptance. Her decision to accept and obey had left her feeling only love and trust from somewhere far away and deep inside. Patrick led her to his bedroom. The room was dominated by his big four poster bed and he was ordering her up onto it, on her knees. Obeying, she distantly noticed the weight bench and the enormous flat screen television. Both were obviously his. He ordered her hands behind her head and her knees spread wide. Amy made sure to kneel up straight so he could admire all of her. He caressed her breasts idly with one finger, making her shiver. Then he was massaging her clitoris with the knuckle of his right thumb. The agonies in his office had dried her right up, but now he was bringing back her need. Very deliberately, she was sure.

Patrick played with his girl, stimulated her, wanting to bring her back a little from the faraway place she had gone. She seemed dazed, and there was little fun in fucking a woman who was gone, and even less point in disciplining her. She began to take interest in his hands, in his thumb massaging between her legs. He didn’t slow, he continued teasing, waking her. When her juices were flowing freely again and she was moaning and beginning to try humping his hand, he knew his work was done. He moved his hand away, bringing forth a protesting moan. He smiled at her, glad she had returned.

Amy felt her burning desire return as Patrick turned her on again. She wondered idly how much more she could take. He could take her, anytime. He could always have taken her. Instead there was this punishment she had asked for. But now he was withdrawing and she whimpered with need. He walked to his dresser, and returned with… shoelaces? Yes, shoelaces. Many of them. he doubled them and doubled them again. He had a fist full of shoelaces. And he was talking about them. “I haven’t yet whipped your hungry little pussy. That will be next.”

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