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Maria woke early the next morning, she looked over to Harry still asleep, quiet and still. ‘It’s a long time since I woke up with a man in my bed,’ she thought with a smile; spontaneously she leant over and kissed him very gently, Harry did not stir and Maria thought again, “Look at him he’s so peaceful, no one would ever guess what he is like in bed.”

She got up showered in the second bathroom to avoid disturbing Harry and made herself a coffee. On returning, Harry was still fast asleep, so she took her coffee onto the small balcony which led from her bedroom. Maria sat down; her view looked out over her property towards the river and the centre of Hawksworth beyond. She felt totally relaxed in the relative cool of the early morning, and as she sipped her coffee, she fell back into her earlier daydreams.

What had he called her? “Priceless,” it was silly, she smiled to herself, but at the time it was perfect, and then Harry had made love to her; they had kissed, they had rolled around on the blanket next to the pool, then he had sucked her nipples. Rock hard nipples Maria remembered, touching herself for a moment as a reminder, she smiled, and then he had moved down inexorably, to eat her out again. In the cool of the morning it seemed in one sense like a blur to Maria, but the pleasure, the tormenting pleasure of his probing searching tongue went on and on looping through her mind, again and again to a relived climax.

What Harry had wanted had been a little unexpected: Maria bit her lip pensively as she remembered, Harry had turned her over onto her hands and knees and fucked her, it was no longer lovemaking, he had taken her, ‘he fucked me,’ reflected Maria. To call it rough sex was not enough, the sheer energy, the urgency with which he plunged into her without regard for anything electrified her, she gloried in it, and when his climax came he fell on her back biting hard into her shoulder as his semen flooded her womb. Maria remembered no pain or hurt only a surge of complete joy, a joy of giving herself completely.

“Day dreaming?” Harry had woken up and padded quietly over.

“Mmmm, you could call it that” she replied as he kissed the top of her head. Then Maria woke up properly, “You had better hop in the shower and get dressed if you are working today, time’s marching on, it must be almost eight already.”

“Yes you’re right, I had better get moving.”

“Be downstairs in ten minutes for some breakfast.”

Harry met the deadline with a minute to spare. “Porridge with fruit on the side and a huge mug of tea, what’s this about Maria, porridge oats in the morning and pasta in the evening, are you trying to build me up?”

“No,” she laughed “it’s carbohydrates for energy, oats, slow release in the morning, wheat pasta for quick energy in the evening, I’m optimising your performance, and looking after my own best interests at the same time.”

“I’m partial to my favourite sweetmeat myself” responded Harry, putting an arm around her playfully.

“Don’t I know it,” retorted Maria brushing him off, “And if last nights last performance is a guide, you prefer your sweetmeat to be steaming in a sticky marinade.”

“Maybe,” grinned Harry pausing between mouthfuls, “I was a bit carried away, I put it down to the pheromones, your body heat and yes, maybe it was the marinade, as you so decorously put it.”

“I’m not complaining, I’m just wondering what you’re going to come up with to top it.”

“Ah ha,” said Harry “Well I do have designs on…hello who’s this?”

A small truck had turned into the driveway, and as it straightened to proceed down the track to the old house, the sign on its side was clear, “Salt’s Engineering:” the Bruton brothers had bought the firm but retained the old name.

“That’ll be old George with one of Cory’s men bringing back the new tyres for the tractor, I’ll have to rush, I want them to give me a hand with those trunks.”

Harry grabbed a banana and made hastily for the door. “Hey wait a moment,” cried Maria “designs on what exactly?”

Harry hesitated for no more than a second and answered with a huge grin “But your ass of course…your wonderful magnificent ass.” And then he was gone.

Maria was left talking to herself for a moment. “Surely not, he can’t mean, no of course not, he couldn’t possibly…could he?”

Harry arrived just as George and his workmate had started to unload the first of the wheels. “Ah good,” George greeted him “we’ve got the hoist on the truck but an extra pair of hands would be handy manoeuvring these big wheels, especially,” he added “seeing as the only help I’ve got is this useless article.” The useless article old George referred to was a large affable young man about Harry’s age, he grinned “G’day I’m Pete, don’t mind George, the truth is the poor old sod’s a bit past it, so we could do with a bit of help.”

Old George and Pete continued to bicker and abuse each other, in a way that only the very best of mates can, while Harry observed that both of them were in fact, very competent and sure in their work. In what seemed to Harry a surprisingly short time they had the massive wheels unloaded and re-fitted.

“Now I s’pose,” observed old George accurately, “You’ve got something you want us to do for you.”

“Right,” confirmed Harry “I want Pete to give me a hand to carry a couple of steel trunks and a chest down from upstairs. The trunks in particular are too awkward and heavy for one person. If Pete could give me a hand to load them onto my ute I can then take them up to Maria’s house for her.”

“We can do better than that,” suggested Pete, “We’ll use our truck because we’ve got the hoist and it’ll be much easier to load and unload.”

The two young men made their way upstairs to the tune of George telling them to get on with it because he didn’t have all day.

“What’s the camera for?”

“Oh my aunt is interested in the history of this place and asked me to photograph everything before it was moved. I was going to get Maria to take them, but perhaps you could help. Harry quickly took a dozen pictures and asked Pete to take a few more with him in them as his aunt Diane had requested. They soon had more than enough

“What’s this?” asked Pete, noticing the chest in the back corner

“Only an old chest of drawers.”

“No… I don’t think so, look at these brass handles, two on each side, one above the other, and also the fancy brass work on the corners. The top half probably lifts off.”

“What is it then?”

“I’m not absolutely certain,” replied Pete, “But it might be a campaign chest.”

Harry was none the wiser for being told that, and was conscious of keeping old George waiting; “Come on, we had better get it all shifted.”

Harry and Pete soon had both trunks, and the chest on the truck and as Pete had guessed the chest separated into two equal parts quite readily. “Just as well” Harry exclaimed “it must be stacked full it weighs so much.”

“Pete you take the truck up to Mrs Bunce’s house,” instructed George, “Harry and I’ll follow you.”

“Now young Harry, I wondered why you took the tin work off the tractor when you cleaned up, was there a possum, or something like that nesting under it.

“Yes there had been, though what it was I don’t know, but it was a real mess.”

“Well thanks; it saved me a bit of time you thinkin’ of that.”

Conscious that any thanks from old George was hard earned, Harry changed the subject, “you were giving Pete a hard time back there, he’s not that bad surely?”

“Course he ain’t,” George cackled, “Young bugger’s the best bloody apprentice I’ve trained for years, but apprentices are all the same; cuss ‘em and kick em up the ass, whether they need it or not, that’s my method, keeps their mind on the job, otherwise all they think about is football and girls.”

“Well, I’m glad I’m not your apprentice.”

“Mighta done you good,” grinned the old man toothlessly, I’ve turned some unpromising lummoxes into pretty fair mechanics, so maybe there might be hope for you yet.”

They lurched to a halt, and George got out of the ute well pleased with himself for coming out ahead in the exchange.

Maria came out to greet them and directed Harry and Pete to her study where the trunks were to be stowed. That was soon done. “I think I’ll leave the chest out here in the conservatory then I can wash it down and decide what to do with it.”

“Oh no,” exclaimed Pete, “You mustn’t do that,” but then he turned bright red embarrassed at his outburst.

“Who are you to be telling Mrs Bunce what to do, you cheeky varmint,” protested old George.

Harry interrupted, “Hang on a moment, Pete was telling me something about this chest, and he probably has a good reason for what he was saying.”

“Well yes,” replied Pete collecting himself, “First Mrs Bunce, the chest appears to be full of something and it’s very heavy so it’s probably papers, second the timber has been in the dark for ninety odd years and though it’s not cracked it must be very dry, so if you washed it, some of the water is bound to get through to the contents and they would be damaged, and if the chest was left in the sun in a hot conservatory it would crack up in no time.”

“You have a good point about the possibility of damaging the papers,” agreed Maria, “But I’m not bothered about the chest of drawers itself, so it can just go in the conservatory.”

“But I think perhaps you should be bothered Mrs Bunce,” persisted Pete, “Because it’s not a chest of drawers, it’s a campaign chest, at least I think it is.”

“What’s a campaign chest, and why should this be one?”

“Well Mrs Bunce, campaign chests were very popular for officers in the British Army, in fact most armies a hundred and fifty years ago. They served as a piece of furniture that the officers could also use as trunks when they travelled, overseas or on campaign, that’s why they’ve got the handles on the side. If you look closely, the top two levels of drawers are split into three but the middle one is probably a false drawer, and when you unlock it my guess is that will fold out as a small writing desk. If it’s what I think, it will be worth restoring.”

“I’m impressed Pete, where did you learn all this.”

“My girlfriend Tracey, her uncle restores old furniture for a hobby, he even makes it from scratch, his house is full of it.

Old George interrupted, “So you’re goin’ out with Billy Thompson’s niece, and I thought young Tracey had a bit of sense, but you’re right about Billy, he’s a pretty good builder but he’s a much better joiner, does some really top class work.”

“Coming from you George, that’s a really big wrap,” observed Harry.

“Well I ain’t one to praise too much, but Billy’s a top tradesman, we had an expert up here from Sydney a few years back, and he swore some chairs Billy had made were genuine antiques. He was a bit flummoxed when Billy told ‘im they was only six months old, but then he said, ‘damnit if they fooled me they’ll fool anyone else,’ and he offered to buy anything Billy could make. Billy wouldn’t be in it though, said he didn’t want to make a business out of it.”

Once started, Maria knew that old George would take some stopping, so she brought the discussion to a halt, “That settles it then, Harry and Pete can you put it into the study with the other things and Pete” she added, “Thank you for you advice, and you too George; I will ask Mr Thompson what I should do with it.”

Their task was soon completed, Pete and old George left and as both Harry and Maria observed they were arguing again before the truck even turned onto the road. “Do you reckon those two ever stop squabbling,” grinned Harry.

“Not a chance,” laughed Maria, “If they did they would have to admit how much they liked each other, so it won’t happen. Now I suppose, you will be getting off to work too.”

“Yes I have a few things to do, but I’ll be back this afternoon, will I see you here then?”

“Only if you are a bit later than usual, I won’t be back until about seven thirty.”

“Ok I’ll see you then.”

As things turned out although Harry only had a couple of jobs planned, the phone started ringing almost as soon as he had left Maria’s, he was flat out all day and by mid afternoon had decided to give the old house a miss for the day. He finished his last job at seven in the evening just giving him time for a shower and a burger before arriving at Maria’s just before eight. Maria had arrived only seconds before and was removing what appeared to be the spoils of a major shopping expedition from her car.

“Can I give you a hand with that?”


“It looks as though you have bought up the entire shop.”

“No I haven’t” retorted Maria, “it’s nearly all clothes, I have to get a lot made to measure, mainly because of my height. I go to a little Italian tailor who makes suits for men; I suspect I’m his only female client.”

“That’d be Mr Iemma, but you’re not his only female client, his daughter has an internet based business selling wedding dresses and special event dresses for formals, proms and such like. She obtains the orders and deals with the business side, whilst he and a group of ladies actually make the clothes.”

“Is that right, he’s such a sweetie, a real gentleman but very shy, he always makes sure his daughter is there when I go for an appointment, she does most of the fitting and takes measurements and afterwards he likes to talk about what he is going to do and we sit down and have coffee with lovely Italian cakes that his wife makes. It’s all very civilized.”

“Crikey, I never got that treatment when he made me a suit.”

“Of course not, Mr Iemma may be shy but he’s a gentleman and an Italian, so he knows how to treat a lady… and,” added Maria, “He’s a superb tailor and dressmaker.”

“Well, I know I’m not a tailor or dressmaker and certainly not Italian but hopefully” he suggested, putting an arm around Maria, “Maybe I can be a gentleman.”

“Mmmm,’ not to sure about that,” replied Maria responding quickly “Think of yourself as a work in progress, I would have thought a real gentleman lover would have had me half undressed and on the way to bed by now.”

A little more than forty minutes later Maria was becoming rapidly convinced of Harry’s progress, as she bucked furiously out of control, in the throes of her second orgasm. “Oh God don’t ever let it stop” she cried as Harry burst inside her, a river of cum flooding, penetrating deep into her womb. She was silent for a few seconds just twitching and heaving slightly, involuntarily, as she came down.

“Oh my God,” she repeated, “Now I feel all warm and mushy, it’s like I’m in a dream and I don’t want to wake up.” Harry knew from experience that he wasn’t expected to say anything, he had got used to Maria taking a long time to come down from her climax. He knew instinctively that she just wanted him to hold her close, while she chattered about how she felt. “That was so good, just so good, now just hold me,” she said as though reading his thoughts. He did so and she mumbled an incoherent contentment, “Your cock in me, I so love it, and when you come, mmmm” she trailed off, “It’s so lovely.”

Then after some time Maria quite suddenly spoke up, she giggled, “You have got yourself a couple of new champions, at least one of them is new anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well today before my visit to Mr Iemma I had a lunch date, half a dozen of us, women of a certain age I suppose, we try to get together every couple of months or so. Me, Susan Tremaine, Carol Johnson and her partner Lois, Frances Gear, the doctor and Bella Mason the High School Principal. Trixie the rector’s wife was invited but couldn’t come.

“Anyway Bella was telling us all, that she was taking you on a trip up to Armidale for a conference. She got Carol’s back up a bit, I think it was because Bella was talking about you as a representative of her school, in a way that implied credit to Bella rather than the people who actually taught you — like Carol of course.”

“Oh, Mrs Mason’s just an ambitious woman, there’s no harm in that.”

“Maybe not, but Carol was pretty quick to tell her that you weren’t someone who could be led by the nose.”

Harry laughed, but then Maria added, “Susan then jumped in and told Bella, that someone she knew very well had told her that you had a knack for working out exactly what a woman wanted and taking your own initiative. I suppose she was referring to Alice because I hadn’t told her anything like that.

“Now what are you laughing about,” said Maria turning over to face him, “It isn’t that funny.”

“No it isn’t,” replied Harry, “Except for the fact, that it’s the second time someone has alerted me to Mrs Mason.

“What do you mean?”

Harry told her what his aunt had said ,of which Maria promptly concluded, “So Carol and Susan were right, she is manipulating you.”

“No she’s not, organising me a bit perhaps, but that’s all, and you can hardly blame her for wanting to promote her own school.”

“I suppose not,” smiled Maria sweetly, “In any case with Carol, Susan and your aunt looking out for you you’ll be alright.”

“I don’t need anyone to look out for me, though Carol doesn’t surprise me, she’s pretty assertive herself, Susan, Mrs Tremaine though, it surprised me that she got involved.”

“Susan does surprise people, most of them just see a stunningly beautiful woman who is just too nice to be true, but she is also very smart and determined, neither of which are quite so obvious. She’s sometimes slow to make her mind up but once Susan has decided on something it’s very hard to stop her. Anyway, I guess that all we are saying is, do not let Bella manipulate you.”

“Oh I shan’t, there’s only one woman who is allowed to do that and she has been very neglectful of her duties these past few minutes.”

“Is that so, in that case I had better take you in hand.” Harry felt her long fingers wind themselves around his cock. “Mmmm you’re paying attention now; in fact you’re like a sentry standing to attention, stiff straight and ready for action.”

And action commenced.

The next few days were uneventful, Harry continued to be fully occupied, working all day and making love with Maria in the evening. Harry’s aunt emailed to say her research had gone particularly well and she was going to extend her stay in Sydney for a couple more days. Towards the end of the week Harry’s phone rang; “G’day mate ‘ow er yer goin,” it was the unmistakeable voice of Billy Thompson.

“Hi, what can I do for you?”

“Well Harry,” Billy explained, I checked this morning’ how many bricks you had ready and I was hopin’ you could get out another three full pallets by Friday arvo. Reason is,” he continued “Is that I’ve got two extra brickies who have agreed to work right through the weekend, it’ll let us catch up after that bad weather we had a couple of weeks back. That should be enough for ‘em to finish the job.”

Harry thought for a second or two “Yes I reckon I can do that, I’ll just put in a long session on Thursday.”

“Good lad, oh and by the way, Mrs Bunce dropped by my place. We had a yarn about renovating the old house, I’m gunna give her a quote, hope she goes ahead, because it would be a real interestin’ job.”

“Ok then Billy, if you don’t hear from me, you can assume the bricks will be ready for you.”

Thursday, however, dawned cloudy and threatening and it looked ever more ominous as time went on, the forecast said heavy rain, and thunderstorms for the afternoon and evening. It was hot and seemed even hotter when black clouds started to move in bringing oppressive humidity with them.

“Looks as though I am going to get wet,” said Harry to himself “But can’t be helped, I promised Billy I would get the job done.” Harry threw several towels and another change of clothing into his ute as he set out. When he got to Maria’s he decided not to take his ute down to the old House. ‘Might be difficult to get back up the steep slope if it rains hard’.

Peggy had been ill and I wanted to show her a good time. We own a sailboat and actually sail competitively about every month but usually a leisurely sail on a lake is not on the agenda. So without telling her I had a friend pack morning meals and lunches for a long three-day weekend. Then I had the boat cleaned up by a kid at the boatyard, where we kept the craft, stuff Peggy does to get ready when we sail. I got home late from “work” on Thursday so I could launch the boat on Crescent Lake and check the boat out and make sure there would be no problems with the sails or the motor should we need it.

I told Peggy I wanted to go down to the boat early on Friday since we had not sailed in a while due to her illness. So we were out the door by eight-thirty and she was surprised to learn the boat was at the lake. When we got there I said, “Surprise; All aboard for the weekend cruise!” and we were off and out on the lake by nine-fifteen. When I say lake to some of you folks might be thinking “big deal a sail on a lake” but Crescent Lake is a large body of water that’s half as wide as it is long and when your in the middle of it it’s like being on a calm ocean of fresh water with no shoreline in sight. I thought I had packed everything we would need to stay on the lake all weekend only needing to head for a shoreline for dinner. But other than the clothes on our backs I had neglected to pack anything else to wear, so much for my dinner plans. You see packing is also something that Peggy handles when we sail. So when she went below to change out of her jeans and shirt to a bathing suit she soon returned to inform me of my faux pas.

I was busy kicking myself and dreading turning back to get to our car when my wife of twenty odd years surprised me back by emerging from the cabin with nothing on but a smile and two glasses of wine. Now Peggy being a former competitive body builder has always kept herself in great shape and while her illness was a terrible ordeal it had left her even leaner than usual. Needless to say she looked slender and sexy gliding toward me with hand outstretched to give me my glass of wine.

My wife is usually pretty modest and this was a huge departure for her. However she wasn’t finished surprising me yet. She handed me the wine and placing hers down she snuggled behind me and said, “What’s good for the goose . . .” she pulled my pants and underwear down to my feet in one quick tug “…is good for the gander.” She finished. She held my cloths so I could step out of them; fortunately I had removed my shoes and socks when I first came aboard. She stood and pealed my button-down shirt off my back one arm at a time so I was also in the altogether. The feeling of the wind blowing over my body was almost as arousing as the sensation of my wife’s naked form pressed against my backside. Her hand rubbed sensuously from my chest to my groin repeatedly, stopping at my pubic area above my quickly thickening penis.

She sipped her wine and whispered reassurances that while I forgot the cloths this may be exactly what she needed to celebrate her return to life, as it should be. We sailed on enjoying the wind and sun on our naked bodies, my wife working to maintain my aroused state while at the same time not doing anything overtly sexual. She nibbled my ear and continued her massage of my skin, with both hands now, and after she applied tanning butter; rubbing my back in a very clinical way did nothing to alter my turgid penis. She then started to slide her body over mine saying this was her way of transferring the tanning butter to her own skin. First she turns her back to me and slid her backside against my back and then she turned and along with the little kisses she trailed there she raked her tiny breasts and long nipples from my back down to my legs. When I felt her hard nipples glide over my butt cheeks it caused me to raise on my toes for just an instant like I’d received an electrical shock.

This was all I could stand; I quickly dropped the sails and the anchor. I rushed to embrace my partner in my arms and kissed her with all the passion of a bridegroom. Holding on roughly to her firm onion butt I pulled her toward me letting my erection press hard to her engorged and protruding clitoris. Did I mention that when my wife is aroused she has a clit that looks like a tiny cock? It is so hot when she gets going because it literally throbs. Although she seems to have a neat well shaven pussy her inner lips flower in excitement and then protrude out. I like to pull down on her lips and listen to her breathing as she sucks it in when I reach the point between pleasurable and painful.

But today all I really wanted was to sink my cock into her dripping cunt. I backed her toward the stern and laid her down on the seat, roughly pushing her legs to the hard nipples on her flat little tits, exposing her pussy and asshole to the lake and me. I rubbed my cock over her fuck hole then positioned the tip of her swollen clit on the hole in the tip of my dick and pressed upward. This got her attention and she asked, no pleaded for me to shove my cock into her. Well, I’m an obliging guy so I rammed it in balls deep as hard as I could and the air rushed from her lungs as I did so.

I fucked her at a furious pace and impressed myself with the speed and force with which I battered her tight cunt. She clawed my back and dug her heels into my shoulders. At one point she reached down and roughly grasped my scrotum with her thumb and forefinger above my balls pulling me into her until she could not match the speed of my pounding hips. Then I felt the gush as she came and it seemed like buckets of pussy juice washed over my cock and balls and onto the deck. This was followed; by my feeling my impeding climax and I said so. My wife pushed me back and slid quickly to land on her ass with a thump on the deck and take my cock deep into her mouth in one smooth motion. I could feel the back of her throat as it closed around my dick and then I was cumming deep in her throat. She never missed a drop, how could she my cock was lodged in her throat and I could actually feel her heart beating with the tip of my dick. I must have spurted seven times and when that was over she still held my cock in her mouth and suckled for more.

She released my cock from her lips and I knelt down on the deck kissing her lips and then trailed down her body to suck on her long sexy nipples and down again to her sopping pussy, cleaning her juices from her before taking her cock like clit into my lips and sucking it, licking it and even giving it a nibble till again she came copiously and I pressed my face deep into her cunt to bath in it. She sat up and licked my face clean of her juices causing my cock to even greater rigidity than it had gotten to be from eating her pussy.

I rose and had her up on “all fours” and began pressing my cock into her cunt but she topped me. “In my ass Jamie” she pleaded. I sat back, on my heels, leaned forward and licked her pretty asshole, working my tongue as deep as I could, causing her to shiver conspicuously. I then brought my cock to her tight brown eye and pushed my cock slowly in. Inch by inch my prick disappeared into her ass and it was so tight I feared I would cum before ever giving a full stroke. But I stopped and waited for her to relax and her hole soon loosened enough for me to press onward and inward. When my cock was scrotum deep in her ass I waited again and merely wiggled my cock around in her bowels. She began to moan and I knew it was time to really fuck her ass. I drew back and slowly slid into her, then faster the next stroke. Still faster on the third and so on until I was methodically sawing my cock in and out of her ass like it was a cunt. “Fuck my ass harder,” she said, “fuck me deeply.” I began pounding as I did before in her cunt; she grunted with every forward thrust and hummed on each withdrawal.

I would like to say I lasted a long time but even though I had just dumped the biggest load of cum I think I ever had down her throat it was very soon that I felt the need to fill her ass with my spunk. I shot maybe three or four spurts into her bowels and collapsed back on my heels as I withdrew. She turned and engulfed my prick with her mouth and cleaned my sperm and her ass flavoring from my cock like a practiced whore on a workday. To be honest this was without a doubt the hottest sex session we ever had in all our years together and in the afterglow I pondered the fact that it will probably be the only one like it. But who cared I knew that I would see a glimpse of this afternoon at other times and I love this woman no matter how nasty she does or doesn’t get.

We met on the internet, as so many do. He was searching for a girl with something extra, and my schoolgirls outfit fit the bill as far as he was concerned. We met a month later, he had abandoned his wife and children for a day in the woods with me. First we were going to have a little fooling around in his car.

We’d arranged a spot on a quiet road in the forest, a spot where cars could leave the road and park beyond the trees. I pulled off the road, avoided some trees, and looked for his car, a black 4×4. I spotted it parked in the shade of a tree, and brought my car alongside. I wasn’t yet dressed, but he had said it wouldn’t matter to start with. I could see him in the drivers seat, and wondered how aroused he must be, the kind of anticipation of a meeting just for our mutual pleasure must have him quite horny by now, and I was struggling with my own erection as I stopped the car. I looked over at him, hoping I wouldn’t be disappointing him, but I could see him grin somewhat, and he had already told me that my looks wouldn’t be an issue.

I opened the door, got out of my car, and then straight into his, looking into his eyes. I knew that we were both aroused, and would definitely be fucking very soon indeed, but I’d felt special when talking to him, and even if I was desperate for him to enter me, I was also sure that I wanted to wait. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of being with him first.

I sat down in the passenger seat, and leaned round to get a good look at him, he was quite toned, in comparison to my large frame. He wore jeans and a t-shirt, had a very close crew cut and was dark and handsome. I wanted to feel him against me. He drew breath, as if to speak, but I quickly reached up with my hand to quiet him. I didn’t feel like that kind of conversation right now, instead, I leant in towards him and took a kiss from him, I think he was as nervous as I was, even though this wasn’t the first time for either of us, but quickly he responded, and I felt a thrill as I found my tongue entwining with his. He breathed in slightly, sucking my mouth onto his, and I moved in closer, supporting myself with a hand on his thighs. I took the opportunity to run my fingers over his crotch, confirming his arousal was as intense as mine, the strain of his penis on the zip of his jeans, the pulse of blood through it making it twitch under my caress.

I knew that he felt the same way I did, both of us married, but seeking an intense connection with each other as lovers, not just sexual partners, and I gently pulled him towards me, cupping his hip in my left hand, rolling him slightly in his seat. The kiss continued for many minutes, I enjoyed the taste of him, the deep and sensual probing of his tongue, feeling more intense each moment. I was shaking uncontrollably, but this was the first time in many years I had met a man outside of my marriage, and I wanted him to feel the same intense longing and desire for me as I did for him.

We stopped a while later for breath, and I knew we’d made some kind of connection, and we were both still thoroughly aroused, and I decided to take the next step, briefly holding a finger to his lips to silence him, I took his hand, kissing them both on the palm, then sucking on each of his fingers in turn, knowing it would turn him on, but still restraining my desire to drag him into the woods and let him work his magic on my body.

I held his left hand in mine, as I gave his penis a squeeze through his jeans, and then slowly drew his zip down, freeing him slightly, watching the bulge bring his boxer shorts through the gap, I groped his testicles, cupping them gently, and then popping the buttons on his boxers, drew forth his penis, and quickly leant down and took the entirety into my mouth. The tightening of his hand on mine and the groan as his body relaxed completely confirmed my move had been effective, and I had to control a sharp thrust of his hips with my other hand to prevent him choking me with his lovely silky cock.

I lubricated it with my tongue, making sure that my mouth and tongue would be pleasing to him, and gently began to bob my head on him, ever so gently and slowly, feeling his breath falling into line with my movements. I wanted to please him so much, even with my lack of experience, but I also wanted to make sure he would be aroused later when he had the opportunity to do much more as my lover.

I felt fingers entwining themselves in my hair, and a pressure forcing my downward movements deeper, he wanted to penetrate my mouth and throat with his penis deeper and deeper. Ignoring the discomfort, I acquiesced, as I wanted his control, his force, and also, I desired a little pain and discomfort, as I would desire more than just a little pain later on. I felt his breath becoming more ragged, and I brought myself up, leaving his cock glistening with my saliva, a few drops of white liquid just freeing themselves from the tip, I shook my head, “Not yet. Later, but not yet.” I could see his disappointment, and the strain as he controlled his urge to ejaculate, I held my finger to his lips once again. “kiss me again, please.” and with the adrenaline I had caused to rush through his system, he leant over quickly, pushing me back into the seat, He took this kiss by force, pinning me back, forcing his tongue into me, all gentleness and subtlety lost. He was taking from me because I had denied him, but my place was beneath him, and this was more than I had dreamed of, and I felt elated as he took his pleasure from me just as he gave me the same rush of physical pleasure. I grasped him by the hips and pulled him onto me, the feeling of his weight pushing me into the seat so excited me, feeling his damp penis pushing against my belly, and my own hardness pushed against his knee.

He stopped a few moments later, his face hard, clearly wanting to move onto our other intended activities, he roughly opened his door, slammed it, walked round to my side of the car, and in one quick move, opened my door and dragged me out by the arm.

Slamming the door shut, and pushing me against the side of the car like a policeman subduing a suspect, he put his cock back inside his jeans and zipped himself up. For a brief moment my heart sank, as I worried he may be crying off, and leaving me to my unsated desire for him.

Then, as he locked the car, he walked past me, grabbing my hand, all thoughts of me losing this opportunity suddenly forgotten, although I was still pleased I had worn some ladies suspenders and stockings under my own jeans. I looked forward to the sensations of him against them, and against me.

He had a coil of rope in his hand, and the feeling of intense arousal, and of fear crept into me, but I had made the decision to meet him, out of desire for the one thing he wanted, and I did not deserve the option to deny him.

We walked briskly into the woods, at least a few hundred yards from the car, avoiding any ppublic paths, until we reached a clearing in the woods. Some soft mossy grass, and a lack of forest waste made it perfect. He gestured for me to kneel down, and doing so, he knelt with me, pulling off his shirt, and I followed suit.

Wearing just his jeans, and I the same, I suddenly felt shamed, my body was nowhere near the standard of his own, and I hugged myself to cover it, but he’d told me before it wouldn’t matter, and moving behind me he pulled my arms back, not just to make me uncover myself, but so he could slip the rope around my wrists, and a few brief moments later I felt the rope tighten, and stay tight.

I flexed my arms, and while they could still move slightly, he hadn’t tied a lovers knot, which would free me when tested, but a proper knot, intended to keep me restrained no matter how much I struggled. Another flash of fear ran through my mind. While we had talked about bondage, and my desire for submission, he was still a stranger, and now I had passed the moment of no return. I had given my body to him, and it was at his discretion that I would have my freedom again.

Standing, he move in front of me, and stripped himself of his jeans, and his underwear, and I bit my lower lip as I looked at his fantastic body, well toned, and admired his erect cock, which I so wanted inside me. Kneeling, he kissed me again, but now his breathing had slowed, regular and deep. He knew now that he was in control, that he could decide the path of our courtship.

He pushed me back, my bent knees forcing me to let myself fall backward onto the grass, and he undid my jeans, pulling them off with no ceremony, just making me almost as naked as he was. I looked up at him, seeing a slightly sneer on his face, and I bit my lip again, not sure where this would go, whether we would enjoy each other as lovers, or whether I was just a naive conquest of his, a one night stand for him.

He parted my legs, running his fingertips from my bottom to my ankles along the backs of my legs, he obviously enjoyed the feel of the nylon stockings I had on and I closed my eyes and simply enjoyed another mans touch, as his fingers ran over the elastic of the tops of the stockings, giving my thighs a gentle squeeze, he lifted my legs up against my tummy, holding my ankles either side of his head, he kissed each of my calves in turn, moving in towards me.

I realised he had not put a condom on only when I felt the damp head of his penis against the cheeks of my bottom, but I was far too desperate for him to say anything. I wanted him so much I didn’t care if he left his semen inside me or not, and a moment later I felt his penis against me, gently testing me.

At first I thought he would just penetrate me roughly, taking his pleasure after I’d denied it to him in the car, but he spent several minutes slowly pushing ever so gently into me, never penetrating more than a few millimetres. Opening my eyes, I looked into his, and he was smiling a gentle smile, enjoying the moment, and I smiled back, knowing that this was going to be an intense moment for both of us.

He paused, grinning slightly wider, and then with a sudden movement, thrust into me deeply. I gritted my teeth, and winced as my muscles accommodated his length and girth, the pain was quite focused, and I fought back, only slightly, but failed to restrain the reflex to push it out. Even with that effort lost, he threw his weight down, throwing my legs over his shoulders, and pinning me down by the shoulders, and held his cock inside me. “Is that what you wanted Lucy?” He asked, using the woman’s name I’d adopted for our conversations previously, and with my teeth clamped together, and tears coming forth, I nodded.

I still had my eyes closed when I felt his weight shift forward, and I felt his lips against mine once more, and trying to relax as much as I could, I opened my mouth to let him in. The pain was still there, but I felt it subside slightly around him, and instead of holding me down, I felt his hands at my sides, clasping my hips as he pulled out slightly and starting making love to me.

I had known the pain would be there, but now I relished it, and the fear as I lost control, giving my body completely over to him. We’d talked about rape as a fantasy, but we both knew it would never really be so, only mutual joy to both of us, domination and submission, and the opportunity for him to use me as he wanted, as a willingly submissive sexual partner.

He moved forward, propping me up slightly with his knees facilitating a deep entry, and began a steady rhythm, his breaths getting shorter and sharper, I groaned with each thrust, knowing it aroused him, knowing he wanted me to be vocal, I gasped at the deepest point of each penetration, feeling him move faster and faster. I hadn’t expected him to last long after my performance on him in the car, and I wasn’t disappointed when only moments later he drove himself into me, threw his weight onto me again, and with a twitching of his cock, ejaculated into me, I stared into his eyes as he froze with me, his eyes searching mine, and I whispered “I love you” as I felt his hot cum flooding me, coming out around his penis.

Sobbing with each breath he thrust a few more times, emptying his load into my willing body, and spent, without withdrawing he lay down on top of me.

He took a moment to get his breath, and rolled off me, and with his weight gone, I felt the blood return to my hands which had been pinned underneath me and I wriggled them to get the feeling back into them. He lay on the grass next to me, and I felt his hand snake over my belly and gently grasp my own cock and start to gently pump it. I smiled, telling him he didn’t have to, for the fantasy it would be better not to let me cum at all, only letting me do that when we met again, but he laughed gently, and leaning over, took it into his mouth, and it only took a few strokes before I arched my back and lost all control again, pouring myself into him.

He undid the ropes tying my wrists, and we shared a cuddle on the grass, before he got up and got redressed. I stood naked with him, and we held each other as lovers, before he left without another word. Looking into his eyes, I only wanted to know one thing, when we’d be together again…

With a pleasant sigh, I rolled onto my back and stretched out beneath the covers. Soft morning light streamed in through the window overhead.

I’d just had the most lovely dream.

Except, it hadn’t been a dream at all.

I buried my face in my hands, giggling. Me and Lord Ruvano had made use of every last inch of that gigantic bed last night. I could hardly believe half of what we’d done together. Of course, I’d been so horny I probably would have fucked a table leg. Not that I regretted it in the least.

And why should I have? I’d just had the most incredible night of sex in my entire life and I was waking up in the bed of one of the most influential people in the entire kingdom. There was a new king on the throne, and with the Steward dead, it was a new start for not only the kingdom but me as well. What did I care if I had to make that new start as a woman?

It wasn’t as if my manhood had ever gotten me anything. As a man, I’d always been given the heaviest labor in the palace. I had to jump through hoops just to get a woman’s attention. I was thought of as stupid and slow-witted by everyone who saw me. Why would I ever want to go back to the life of a dirty stable hand?

Now I had beauty and freedom; the best food, the nicest clothes, and the grandest trinkets. Most importantly of all, I’d have people waiting on me for a change instead of the other way around. I’d be a fool to pass all that up.

Even if I one day changed my mind, there didn’t seem to be any rush. Lord Ruvano still had the wand, so I could change back whenever I wanted. For now, I couldn’t see any possible reason why I shouldn’t just enjoy my sudden reversal of fortune.

Lord Ruvano had left early in the morning to attend to all kinds of matters which I was fortunate I’d never have to worry about. Having the room to myself, I dozed in for a while longer, only half awake. So relaxed and comfortable, I could have remained between those soft sheets all day. They were so different than the course linens I was used to.

It was some time later when I was roused by Lord Ruvano’s return. I heard the doors closing behind him and the familiar click of his boots on the floor as he approached the foot of the bed. Then with a quick yank, he jerked the covers right off of my naked body. I let out a shriek, half in surprise, half playful.

“Get up,” he said. “There’s too much that needs to be done today for you to sleep until noon.”

“Is there indeed?” I said.

I would have thought last night would have dampened my sexual appetites somewhat, but seeing him again, I could only think of the pleasure I’d felt with his cock inside me. On all fours, like a cat, I stalked across the bed toward him, my breasts swinging freely with each step. He was looking quite elegant in that black tunic of his, but it was already quite rumpled. It must have been a rough morning. I kneeled before him and grabbed his cock through the front of his pants. It twitched appreciatively.

“I can think of a few things that I’d like to do today as well,” I said.

He smiled, taking a deep breath as I rubbed him. His cock stiffened, its contours becoming more defined as it pressed against his pant leg.

“Mmm, I can hardly believe you still want more. My cock is raw after what you did to it last night.”

My pussy was a bit tender as well, but I’d risk a little pain if I could recapture even a fraction of the pleasure I’d felt last night.

“I hope I didn’t injure you too badly,” I said, opening the front of his trousers. He didn’t resist, merely stared down at me. I reached inside and found his warm shaft waiting for me. Pulling it free, I saw it was every bit as long and hard as I remembered it from last night, though now a slightly brighter shade of red.

I ran my tongue around the swollen head and wrapped my lips around the tip in a sloppy wet kiss. I wanted to taste him again, but my pussy was tingling in anticipation as well. After swirling the head of his cock around in my mouth, savoring the slippery warm flesh against my tongue, I let it pop back out. It slid down my chin, leaving a glistening trail of precum. I licked it from my plump red lips as I looked longingly up at him.

“If you’ve had enough breakfast now,” Lord Ruvano said. “There ARE other matters yet to attend to.”

Reclining back on my elbows, I spread my legs for him, my pussy lips sticky as they parted hungrily. “Please, just a little longer…” I said. Going down onto my back, I began rubbing my breasts, rolling the nipples between my fingertips. “Please…”

Lord Ruvano looked down at me and shook his head as I reached for him with my foot. “Are you sure you’re the same woman I first met those few short days ago?” he said. Gently, he brushed his fingertips across the inside of my leg.

“I’ve always been this woman.” I said, rubbing the underside of his cock with my toes. “I just never knew it until you showed me.”

He smiled and, taking me forcefully by the ankle, pulled me across the bed. As he held my foot over his shoulder, he sank his cock into my tender pussy with a single violent thrust.

I let out a long protracted cry. My warm folds were on fire after last night, but the lightning that raced through my impatient flesh more than made up for the pain. With my hair splayed out across the bedcovers, my body squirmed under him as he began his long, steady thrusts. I bit my lip and clutched the sheets. He crashed into me and I threw my head back. It was just as good as last night. Even better.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I cried in time with his jabs.

I wrapped my other leg around his waist and helped pull myself onto his cock. My breasts jiggled from each impact. I kneaded and mashed them in anxious desire as his cock raked over and over again against the soft flesh inside my pussy. I was going to cum again, just as hard as ever.

But then there a quick knock at the door and Bakoro stepped into the chambers without waiting for a reply. I shrieked for real this time and pulled off of Sir Ruvano as I scrambled to find something to cover myself with. By the time I jumped off the bed, took up the bedcovers laying on the floor, and wrapped myself in them, Bakoro had already gotten quite a show. He didn’t even make any effort to pretend he wasn’t staring. Oddly I didn’t mind all that much. I must have been growing more comfortable in this body than I’d realized.

“Latest dispatches have just come in, m’lord,” Bakoro said, jerking his thumb over his shoulder as his cold eyes remained fixed on me.

“I’ll be right there,” Lord Ruvano said as he casually put his cock back into his pants. I nearly sighed in despair upon seeing that. I would have liked for him to finish. Turning to me, he said, “It’s time for you to get ready.”

“Ready?” I said, readjusting the bed covers but nearly dropping them entirely. “For what?”

Lord Ruvano smiled broadly. “The king has requested a personal audience with you.”

“The king? With me?”

“You must have made quite an impression yesterday. He’s been doing little else but talk about you all morning.”

And why did he want to see me? I hadn’t done anything to catch his eye — at least, not on purpose. And I hadn’t tried to make him think that I was the least bit interested in talking with him either. I knew that he fancied me, but with his wife, there wouldn’t be any chance of him trying anything improper with me. What could he possibly want?

“I’ve summoned servants to help you get cleaned up,” Lord Ruvano said over his shoulder as he started for the door. “There isn’t much help available at the moment so you’ll have to make due with your old friends from the kitchen staff until we find you some proper chambermaids.”

I barely heard him. Bakoro had continued staring at me until the last possible moment, the lust plain in his eyes. Despite Lord Ruvano’s warning to the contrary, he still wanted to have his way with me. At that moment, I was nearly ready to drop the sheets and let him. Had I really become the whore everyone already thought I was?

The two of them left the room and the promised servants arrived in short order. Greta was again among them. As my bath was being drawn, she approached with eyes respectfully lowered. I almost wished she would make another off color remark about how big my tits were rather than keep addressing me as she did.

“Will you be requiring any Lankshire Root Tea or Banann Leaf Ointment, mistress?”

“What for?”

“Very well,” she said, turning to go, “Your bath will be ready shortly.”

“No,” I said. “I meant, what are they for?”

Greta looked at me as if I’d just asked if water was wet. “The Banann Ointment is for the…soreness…” she said, motioning uncomfortably to her lower regions. I suppose it stood to reason there was little doubt about what had transpired in these chambers last night. “And the Lankshire Root is to prevent a child.”

A child? The possibility had never even crossed my mind. But I WAS now a woman and Lord Ruvano was indeed a man. If I had been trying to get pregnant, the things we’d done last night would have been a good start. My stomach lurched.

“Yes! Both please!”

The tea was dark, foul smelling, and bitter. I nearly gagged swallowing it but wondered if I should ask for a second cup just in case. After bathing, the Banann Ointment did indeed help to sooth my tenderness, but even the finest silk still felt harsh against the sensitive skin between my legs so I chose to go without any kind of panties. The dress which had been selected for this occasion was more conservative than some of the others I’d worn, but it still showed off a great deal of cleavage and hugged my body close enough that it wouldn’t take much imagination to know what I looked like underneath.

Lord Ruvano returned shortly after my preparations were complete and escorted me to the king’s private chambers. I still had no idea why he wanted to see me, especially with Lord Ruvano along as well. It didn’t help my churning stomach any to have my pussy exposed to the air like it was either. With each step and swish of the dress, I was reminded that I was not fully attired. Thinking that I was going to be presented to the king like that caused my cheeks to take on a rosy tint.

Apart from a somber mood still hanging heavily over the rest of the palace, everything seemed more or less to have returned to the way it had been before coup. A few doors showed signs of having been hacked open, but all the blood was gone, the servants again scurried about on their tasks, and the nobility stepped respectfully out of Lord Ruvano’s way.

The room which made up the king’s personal chambers were of a more human scale than the great halls and throne rooms I’d seen yesterday, but the decoration was no less generous. Very few but the highest members of the nobility were ever invited into those rooms. A handful of them were already waiting in the antechamber upon our arrival. With the way they spoke in hushed whispers amongst themselves and glanced at me out of the corners of their eyes, I was thankful to have Lord Ruvano at my side.

The doorkeeper was sent to announce our arrival and within seconds the king’s booming voice shouted that we were to be seen in right away. The gold-chased doors swung open and I took a deep breath. Me and Lord Ruvano walked through with the other nobles filing in behind us. For a personal audience, it apparently wasn’t going to be terribly private.

The room we found ourselves in and everything it contained was starkly white — the carven pillars, the polished floor, the arched ceiling overhead, and even the marble throne. Austere in design as well as decoration, the room was entered through a door in one of the long sides directly across from a matched doorway which stood open and granted views of the gardens beyond. At one end of the room sat the throne atop a short dais, and at the other, the only pieces of furniture which did not conform to the monochromatic pallet: a large, perfectly rectangular block of black granite and a few crates. The way they were cluttered there haphazardly suggested they were new additions which had not yet been properly unpacked or arranged.

Looking just as brazen as he had when last I’d seen him, King Rosenthall jumped from his throne at the sight of me and bounded down the stairs. In the middle of my curtsy, he took hold of my hands and pulled me upright, kissing my fingers as he stared into my eyes. Unsure of what the protocol was when one was being accosted by royalty, I attempted to stand my ground without clinging too obviously from this mountain of man pressing in on me.

“Oh, Stephanie, I’m so glad you came,” he said, kissing my hands again. As if I had a choice to refuse a royal summons. “I was feeling lost without your beauty to inspire me.”

I glanced at Lord Ruvano out of the corner of my eye but he merely stood there without showing the slightest sign of concern. The other ministers shifted their weight uncomfortably, but were equally mute.

“Um, I’m, um, honored by your summons, sire.”

“Yes, of course you are,” he said. “We didn’t get a chance to speak yesterday during my coronation but after Lord Ruvano told me about your skills as a conversationalist, I just knew I had to find the time to make your acquaintance as soon as possible.”

I smiled nervously. Skills as a conversationalist? Was Lord Ruvano trying to make a fool of me?

The king motioned toward the garden. “Walk with me.”

“Of…course.” What else could I have said? “It would be my pleasure.”

Offering me his arm, we passed through the doorway into the gardens. Lord Ruvano fell in with the other ministers of state as they followed us at a respectable distance of several paces, remaining absolutely silent the whole time.

The gardens were similar to those Lord Ruvano had shown me previously, but this was a private section reserved for use by the king alone. The sunlight sparkled from the last of the morning dew which still clung to the lush green foliage. Most of the flowers had yet to open but the clever way which all the paths doubled back on each other turned the relatively small space into a labyrinth of intriguing views.

Plodding along beside the king as he droned on about how wonderful he was, I had very little to do but take in the sights. I listened as best I could, but without being given any chance to speak for myself, it quickly became apparent the only trait the king needed for a good conversationalist was one who could stomach his company and listen to his ramblings without speaking her mind.

After passing around a hedge, however, the king suddenly came to a stop and turned toward me. “You are without a doubt, the most beautiful woman in the entire kingdom, Stephanie. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since I first saw you.”

With my back to the hedge, I could do little but blush. Down the path we’d just walked, there was no sight of the others. They must have been waiting around the bend, right on the other side of the hedge.

The king squeezed my hands in his and kissed them desperately. “I can’t take this any longer. If I wasn’t already married I would make you my queen.”

“Sire, I don’t think — “

I jerked back as he leaned in and kissed my neck. His rough beard tickled my skin as his hands gripped my waist and slid up to cradle my breasts. The feel of those gigantic hands on my body sent an thrill through me. I felt like a little child in his embrace, totally at his command. His kisses worked their way up my neck, his tongue occasionally flicking out, rough against my soft skin.

“Sire, this isn’t…oh…” I whimpered effeminately as he pinched my nipples through the fabric of my dress. Again I looked down the path but there was still no one there. “The queen would surely not approve…”

“Fuck her,” the king said as he forced his lips over mine.

I cringed away, but as his tongue invaded my mouth, I parted my lips and kissed him back just as forcefully. I was still so horny from last night I couldn’t help myself. He mashed my breasts and I could feel my pussy growing damp.

Backing away from me, the king reached between his legs and pulled open the front of his trousers. As he released his cock, I gasped. It was huge, as big around as my wrist and with a swollen, knobby head befitting his burly physique.

I wanted it. More than anything, I wanted it inside me.

Seizing me by the shoulder, he spun me around and pushed me against the hedge. I tried not to giggle too loudly. The lack of control was exciting; as was the knowledge those other men were standing just a few paces away.

I stuck my ass toward the king and spread my legs as he lifted my skirts. If Lord Ruvano wasn’t up to the task of pleasing me, then I’d just have to make due with whomever was willing. The king dragged his bulbous cock over the folds of my pussy, letting my slippery juices coat his shaft. My skin was still tender, but that monstrous cock would likely hurt even if I weren’t.

Leaning his massive body in against me, the king wrapped one arm around my shoulders and groped my left breast. With his other hand, he took hold of his cock by the base. Slowly, it slid down the valley between my ass cheeks, stiff and hot.

“Have you ever taken it in the ass before?” he whispered in my ear.

I nearly cried out in surprise but he clamped his hand over my mouth, stifling any utterance I might have voiced. There were always those who said doing such things were amoral. I’d never yet found a woman who was willing to let me try it with her, but the thought of having a cock that large invade my own ass was terrifying and exciting at the same time. I felt the head, lubricated with my own juices, press against my puckered little asshole.

“Just relax,” he said.

I did as instructed and he pushed his cock forward. The pressure was intense. There didn’t seem to be any way it could possibly fit. Involuntarily, my body tensed, instantly sending a tinge of pain through my ass. I cried out but his hand over my mouth closed even tighter.

“Relax…” he said again and I did my best to comply.

He entered me, slowly but steadily spreading my reluctant ass. As his head popped just inside, the pain was pronounced. I was thankful he backed out then and lubricated his cock from my dripping pussy once again.

Stretched as my ass now was, the pain was more bearable when his cock returned. He slid up inside me as far as before, but then with a forceful jab, drove it in even further. It felt like he was pushing my insides up into my stomach.

I bit down on his finger to stifle a cry and he laughed in my ear. Softly, he began to rock his hips. At first his massive cock slid back and forth only a few short inches, but as my ass became accustomed to his girth, the pain lessened and his strokes became longer.

“That’s it, Stephanie, swallow it down,” he said in a low, breathy voice.

Each jab carried his cock a little farther into me until I could feel his hairy thighs resting against my ass cheeks. He paused and then pulled it back in a single long, smooth stroke. It wasn’t anything as intense as being fucked in the pussy, but I still couldn’t believe how good it felt. As he dove back in, I let out a moan and pinched my eyes shut.

He must have taken that as a sign, because he went faster this time, quickly building to a furious pace. With each thrust, I could feel his hefty scrotum swing forward and slap my wet pussy with a splat. He grabbed my hips with his huge hands and practically slammed my entire body up and down on his cock. It was oddly intoxicating to be dominated like this by a man so many times larger than myself.

I could feel the pressure inside me building. I was going to cum without hardly having my pussy touched at all.

However, he beat me to climax. With a deep muffled grunt, he rammed into me and I felt a warmth spreading out through my ass. His cock moved more freely now and a wet squishing sound accompanied each thrust. He didn’t stop ramming into me, however, and the slippery gooeyness spilling from my ass only intensified the feeling.

Warning! This story contains lots of piss play, humiliation, abuse, and worse. Do not read this if you might be offended, which is partly what I’m always trying to do anyways.


It was just happenstance. We were at a friend’s place, a big weekend party at this great house in the country miles from anywhere. The party was winding down on Sunday, and this woman I didn’t know needed to get to the train station. Since I was leaving about the same time and it was generally in my direction I offered her a ride.

A mutual friend described a short cut through the countryside that was supposedly a bit rugged but, she said, would give us a beautiful view of the land that we just couldn’t get from the highway. Not map directions, but more the “go up the road until you get to the fork, with the left one just a slight turn, but the right is sharp. Take the right, and drive for a few miles until you pass an old barn behind a rock wall with a worn coat of white paint, and turn past the wall going left for a few miles” etc. and so on. Neither of us was in a great hurry, so we were fine with the idea, and away we went, no cares.

She was not a real looker, but nice enough. I didn’t know her, but I figured she was bright. She had some kind of a research and teaching job, and was sort of known in the city. You know, rich enough that she worked at what she wanted, because she was interested in it. I didn’t care, but I’m sure I could have made a connection or two for work or whatever if I had wanted to press it. Even though we were there just to relax, she was dressed pretty well, even expensively. I figured she was probably pretty straight, and I was a bit intimidated, although I have learned to keep an open mind about people.

After a few miles the road was just a double rut in the dirt between the grass, and we were going a lot slower than I had thought we would. But the view was great, the sun was still high, and everything was going fine. Until the car died.

Stupid me, the city kid. I never thought of it, and was merrily sailing along, talking and laughing, without a care or a thought for anything as mundane as the gas level. And it wasn’t even the corny old trick of running out on purpose.

So we got out, looked around, and realized from the weeds and grass growing on the road that there wasn’t exactly a steady flow of traffic that would be showing up any time soon. I wasn’t even positive we were on the right road. Of course in a car you can just drive around until you hit a main road or a river or something, right? As long as you actually do have gas, that is.

But now we had to decide what to do. We were far enough out that neither of our cells was on any grid, and it looked like any rescuing that was going to happen was going to be done by us or not at all. So we started to walk.

After walking for a few hours in the sunlight and then in the dusk however, we still had not seen anything or anyone. Some shortcut. By then we were tired, and lay down in the grass for a rest. At least the summer heat was enough that we were in no danger of freezing.

We were somewhat bored though, and we were both restless. It looked like we might be staying here for the night, and I was envisioning the idea of spending the night doing nothing but staring at the stars and talking to a stranger. Being ADD, I sometimes get impulsive urges to do or say things just to be a bit jarring, to provoke people, for a kick. Or perhaps it was just my boredom with always doing things the conventional, accepted ways. Anyways, I didn’t really have a lot to lose.

“Why don’t you suck my cock?”

“OK,” she said nonchalantly, and leaned over to zip down my fly.

Now, I wasn’t completely surprised, as she had seemed neutral to mildly friendly, with no negative signals. To me this meant that she was at least latently interested. And for all intents and purposes we were marooned together, the classic situation. She was probably a little jazzed by the potential of sex, and there was precious little else to think about then and there.

I figured that the only downside was that the trip would turn frosty. But it was just as likely that she would either refuse and then just not discuss it, or be shocked and not react at all. But I also figured it was fifty-fifty that she would go for it. And I was more than gratified at her completely casual acceptance of my instructions.

And she was so casual, almost placid, that I wanted to see just how far I could push her. I wanted to see if she was just OK with the cock sucking, or if I had lucked out and stumbled on a real sub. I told you I sometimes like to provoke people.

“Actually, while you’re at it, I think I’d prefer to take a piss in your mouth. I’d like you to drink my piss right down, the whole lot.”

We were miles from everything. If she didn’t like it, she could just say no, but otherwise how bad could it get?

“Sure, ” she said, and looking me in the eyes, took almost my whole cock in her mouth.

We were lying sideways to each other by now, but I rolled over her, so I was pressing my cock down into her mouth. This could be difficult for her, as she would have no control if she started gagging, which was almost inevitable. Also, if I started to seriously fuck her mouth, she would be defenseless, which was just what I wanted.

She put up no resistance or objections, but merely waited for me to start.

I unleashed full force.

She swallowed as much and as fast as she could, but she couldn’t get it all. Aside from the gagging, I was letting her have it too fast for her to handle, and a lot went down the sides of her mouth even as she was swallowing. It soaked her hair and formed a pool that turned the dirt she was lying in into strong smelling piss mud by the time I was finished. She just lay there, redfaced from the choking, but passively waiting for me to make the next move, or give the next instruction.

Bingo, we had a winner. The lady was a sub, or at least enjoyed being one for the day. Or the night.

I told her to strip, as I needed all her clothes to tie her up with.

I tied her face down and naked across a large tree that had fallen. I was able to thread the clothes under the log in such a way that her wrists were tied to her ankles, with her legs spread wide apart, and her asshole and cunt high in the air, fully exposed and on display.

My first use of her like this, my first pleasure, was to fist fuck her in both holes. This took quite a while, which was all good; hours of fun and excitement for both of us.

Having finally worked a fist into each of her cunt and asshole, fucking her with my hands several times, I then looked for other toys to invade her with. Since we were forced to make do with materials at hand, I picked up some small smooth roundish stones and put them in her mouth one at a time. I told her I didn’t want to put anything dirty in her asshole, so I wanted her to thoroughly clean the dirt and filth from each one first. As she finished sucking each stone, I took it from her mouth still wet and worked it slowly and steadily into her asshole. Finally she had her entire rock collection in hand, so to speak.

I then picked out an evergreen bough and experimented using it as a switch or flogger. I left some very satisfactory red marks all over her skin, paying particular attention to slashing and beating her cunt and asshole with the needles and rough branches. I did the side of her tits a bit, but I left that until later when she was off the log. She didn’t have a gag or anything, so she screamed and screamed. I figured if it brought anyone running it would be a bonus, as my fun would end but we would be rescued. She started to cry, but never asked me to stop whipping her.

I then grabbed her hips hard, gripping her pelvis and with my thumbs digging deep into the white flesh of her ass, and started to work my hard cock up her cunt. For some reason I didn’t need to add any lube, as juice was overflowing her cunt and was seeping all down her legs.

But I could feel the stones clearly through her cunt wall, and it actually made it harder to fuck her. I had to fuck into her on a downward angle and force it all the way in, because the stones pressed down on the inside of her cunt. It was difficult working my way in, so once I got all the way in I stayed there and just fucked in and out in short strokes. The friction was great, and the rocks made her cunt super tight.

When I was ready to cum the first time I pulled out and stuck my cock in her throat for the first couple of spurts, which she swallowed. As I was cumming I pulled out and the last shots were all over her face, which I told her she was to leave intact to dry on her face and show to anyone we saw.

I continued to fuck her and use her until I had absolutely nothing left, so I had my bedtime piss all over her back and ass, and left her tied up and spread like that for the night. Maybe someone or something would find us in the night and rape her! We said our good-nights and fell asleep.

In the morning I realized that we had been assaulted by bugs, although I had been a snack while she seemed to have been a banquet, spread out naked like that. I had my morning strong piss into her mouth, and she did a better job of swallowing it all. I then repeated the harsh whipping to her back, legs, cunt and ass. I let her off the log finally, standing her up straight and tying her with her back against a large tree and whipping her neglected front. I hit her hard and rough on her cunt and the rest of her body, but paying particular care to savagely beating her soft and tender breasts from all angles and with dried, rough branches. Then I fucked her in her cunt, untied her, and made her kneel in the dirt while I fucked her skull for a while.

We started walking again, but for the rest of the day I kept her marching naked along the narrow road, with the stones still up her ass, and spreading her cunt lips or her ass most of the time to expose herself in case anyone might see us. For a while I had her walking with a very thick branch shoved high up into her cunt, filling it and making it very difficult to walk. Of course, the orgasms she seemed to be having while walking along with that small log filling her probably didn’t make walking any easier either.

Another time I made her walk with a few boughs covered with needles I shoved up her cunt, just for the pleasure of the insertion. Too bad we didn’t have any rose stems, but these were almost as good.

We did finally come to a highway, so I gave her her clothes back and we hitched to the next town where we could get a meal, a can of gas and a cab ride. She was a mess and there was still some stuff dried on her face – sweat and cum and piss and mud and whatever else. Everyone who saw us almost certainly thought she was a total whore. Different people of course would have thought this was a good or bad thing.

The cabbie was clearly interested, and kept making crude and suggestive remarks. So I had her strip naked in the back of the cab, and suck my cock all the way back. We almost went off the road. The cabbie was going insane, and when we finally got to our car I told him he could have any of her holes he wanted. He got her to stand beside the cab still naked and lean inside and suck his cock while he was sitting in his driver’s seat. Clearly a favourite fantasy realized.

When we got back to the city I took her up to my place and fucked the shit out of her, I reached into her asshole with my hand and searched around inside her, pulling the stones out one at a time, or as many as I could find. As I pulled each one out I then put it in her mouth for her to lick and suck her own shit off.

She comes over on weekends mostly, and sometimes I invite friends over to use her, both men and women. I have a standing challenge to anyone to find something so perverted that she won’t do it. The prize is that she will have to do it anyways; and then be that person’s slave for the night.

She hasn’t said “no” to anything yet.

As I stated in “Ideal Day One” there are many “ideal” days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you a third version of what might be “Ideal”.

There is nothing new with my wife getting up before I do in the morning to go to the bathroom with me following to let the dogs out to do their morning rounds as well. What was new is that when she came back to bed she moved to my side of the bed and starting playing with my cock, making me hard instantly.

Once I was breathing hard, she pulled the blankets back, straddled my cock with her wet pussy and was soon sliding back and forth on my shaft. She was soon moving faster and playing with her clit at the same time. Knowing that I cannot take that for very long, she moved forward until she was more over my chest, but kept playing with her clit while I watched. While she rocked faster and faster I reached up to pull on her breasts and squeeze her nipples, adding to her excitement. When she climaxed she squirted all over my chest, a feeling that I love and a view that made my cock as hard as iron.

After calming down she slid back and my cock seemed to find its own way into her pussy. Because she was so wet and I was so excited from watching her, it took no time at all for me to explode in her tight pussy. She slumped forward on me and we cuddled while my cock softened and slide out, making us both laugh.

Before I went to cook us breakfast we both jumped into the shower to clean up.

Dressed for the day with my small plug in place, held there by my favorite pair of thong underwear, I cooked us French toast and bacon for breakfast. During the rest of the morning I kept the butt plug in place, only occasionally taking it out to re-lube it as needed. Lynn wears a thin dress with her favorite bra, I don’t know if she has underwear on or not. After I cook lunch I change to the larger plug in anticipation of a drive in the country. The plug moves with every bump as we go over rough roads, reminding me that it’s there and keeping my cock hard and my mind racing.

After an hour or so we find a place in the woods to park where we will not likely be disturbed and there is plenty of room for the dogs to run and romp while we romp in our own way. This time we do a switch, instead of me playing with her and entering her from behind while she leans over the seat of the pickup she tells me to undress before bending me over the seat and telling me to hand her the dildo and lube from the console. I didn’t even know she had put them there, a pleasant surprise!

I have not had time to play with her at all on the drive up and still have the butt plug in my ass. After pulling the butt plug out of my ass she hands it to me to take care of. While I am wiping off the dildo with the baby wipes we keep in the pickup she pulls up her dress and puts the dildo between her legs. In one move she pushes it in my ass while I’m not paying attention. What a feeling that is, wow! She continues to fuck me with the dildo, slow and fast, then hard, slapping her pussy against my ass harder and faster until I cum on the ground.

When she takes the dildo out of my ass I turn around and take it from her to wipe down and put away. Telling me to lube up the butt plug again, she pushes it back in my ass and I put on my thong to keep it secure. She then sits on the seat and reclines the back before putting her feet on the dash and door frame so I can finger and lick her to orgasm before we get dressed and gather the dogs up for the drive home. Again, the feeling of the dildo in my ass was enhanced with every bump and dip in the road.

Stopping at the take-out pizza place only added to my excitement even though I knew there was no way they could know, I knew about the butt plug in my ass. After dinner we move to the bed where I replace the butt plug with a vibrating version and give Lynn the control. While we cuddle and caress each other she changes the speed of the vibrations. Turning it off always makes me anticipate her turning it back on and despite knowing it will start again, I always jump when it does.

Rubbing against her leg, my cock is rock hard. When she rolls over I play with her pussy for just a little bit before climbing over her and easing my cock into her cunt. The combination of her wetness, the vibrations in my ass and the movement of her ass as she fingers her clit take me over the top. While I’m shooting cum in her, she increases her fingering and climaxes moments after. Turning off the butt plug she has me move beside her so we can cuddle more. Soon any ideas of more sex are lost when we both fall asleep holding each other, my plug still in place in anticipation of sex that will have to wait for morning.

I was six months pregnant now and everything was better than it could have been. My father and I were having sex almost every day which just turned my mother on. She would watch and as soon as he finished with me I would watch them. At this point in my life I couldn’t think of anything better.

My sister, however, was always there in the back of my mind. She is twenty; just two years older than me. Her breasts are just slightly larger, but her pussy is just as sweet. When our parents weren’t around we spent quite a bit of time together ourselves. Yet, she had no idea what our father and I have been doing this whole time.

About three months ago I told both my parents about Katie and myself. Neither of them was angry, in fact they embraced it. What was even crazier is my mother suggested my father get Katie pregnant as well. I know my parents always wanted a big family and why not use their daughters to help fulfill that? I was all for it and my father and I came up with a plan…

Saturday came fast and I convinced Katie to go with me to Mr. Brown’s Orchard. I told her I wanted to make our next time special and a little of the exciting side. She had no objections and we quickly got a blanket and basket and headed out the door.

The walk down to the orchard is exciting for me. My pussy wouldn’t stop dripping with my juices. Not only was I going to fuck my sister again, but she was going to be in for a surprise. I couldn’t wait for either and I especially couldn’t wait to have her pussy in my mouth again. I just loved the taste of her.

We round the last corner and go through the gate. Immediately I see Mr. Brown and I grab Katie’s hand and guide her over to him.

“Oh, Selene,” he says. “Have you come for some more apples?” I nod with a smile. Mr. Brown looks over my body as he always does and then turns his attention to my younger sister. “And who is this?” he asks.

I smiled and say, “This is my sister Katie.”

His smile widens. “My, it’s nice to meet you young miss.”

Katie just smiles and I say, “Would you mind if I got a few extra this time?”

Mr. Brown continues to smile and says, “Take all you need.”

I return the smile and grab Katie’s arm, pulling her toward the trees.

“He is kind of creepy,” she says once we are into the trees.

I smile at her. “He’s harmless, but he does like to look.”

It seems to put her at ease and after a few minutes of walking past apple filled tress she asks, “Where are you taking me?”

“There is a stream down this way with a nice opening. No one ever goes that far out so we will have plenty of privacy,” I answer her.

Eventually we make it down to the spot next to the stream. I throw out the blanket and sit down. Katie drops the basket and sits down beside me. She places her hand over my enlarged stomach and starts rubbing it. “I wish I could have a baby like you,” she says. “You’ve never told me who the father is.”

She looks almost sad and I’m sure if it is because I am pregnant or that I have held the truth from her. We have always been close and became even closer since we started having sex with each other. I want to blurt it all out to her right there but instead I say, “That is part of your surprise, but for now…”

I lean in and kiss her full on her lips. Katie returns the kiss and makes full use of her tongue as well. We strip each other’s clothes off while we kiss passionately. This process has become almost a ritual and easy at the same time. Katie spreads her legs wide as I reach out to touch her voluptuous breasts. I start squeezing them and she throws her head back and moans loudly. With my other hand I slip two fingers into her velvety pussy and start pumping them in and out. And in no time she begins squirming in excitement.

After a minute I slip down between my sister’s legs, pushing her knees apart further and bury my head between them and begin sucking at her sweet pussy. Katie groans with an animal lust. Soon her whole body goes into convulsions and she thrashes around under my mouth. Katie grabs and paws at her own engorged nipples and I continue to suck and lick at her hairless pussy. Then I feel her hand grab handfuls of my hair and she is begging for me to stop.

I do and then I back away toward the basket. I reach in and pull out a good sized blue dildo. I show it to Katie then push it into her mouth. Katie has a shocked look in her eyes, but she complies nonetheless. After Katie get the rubber toy wet with her saliva, I waste no time inserting it into her waiting pussy. I quickly begin thrusting it in and out hard and fast. Katie nearly screams and bites her bottom lip to prevent the scream. It comes out muffled and she resumes playing with her large breasts as she lies back, enjoying the ride.

I fuck her for several minute without letting up. Soon, Katie is jerking and lurching wildly again enjoying another intense orgasm. After her gyrations subside, I pull the dildo out and immediately cover her freshly fucked pussy with my mouth. I suck Katie’s cum juice out, licking and swallowing the sweet nectar that I love so much.

Ravaged, but satisfied, Katie lies motionless. I move up her body and lean in and kiss her lips long and tenderly. I reach in and tweak her nipples, then gently twist each one between my fingers and thumbs. Katie squirms around a little and I begin to fondle her ample breasts more vigorously. I then squeeze them gently, kiss and lick them lovingly.

I stop what I am doing abruptly and I move up toward her head, positioning myself over her face. I squat down setting my wet, pregnant pussy over her mouth. I grab her blonde hair and start riding her mouth. I mouth fuck her for minutes until I begin writhing uncontrollably and drench Katie’s face with my cum.

After I regain control of my heaving body, I get off and turn around and slowly crouch down until my ass is lined up with her mouth. Katie doesn’t hesitate to stick her tongue into my asshole. My hip gyrate over her tongue and I fondle my own breasts as I enjoy this wonderful anal tongue lashing. Soon, I am sliding back and forth on Katie’s mouth, forcing her to alternatively tongue my pussy and ass, until my body shudders once again and I squirt another load of my juices into her mouth.

I slide back down next to her and we embrace each other as we kiss. After a few moments I break the kiss and direct her to kneel on her hands and knees. I massage her ass, spreading her cheeks wider and wider with each pass of my hands. Then I spread her ass wide open and cover her asshole entirely with my mouth. I suck and tongue her ass with enthusiasm, causing Katie to wiggle and squirm uncontrollably. After I had her nice and slippery with my saliva I pull away and say, “Daddy is the one that got me pregnant.”

“What?” Katie almost yells. She starts to move to roll over, but I stop her.

“How would you like Daddy to get you pregnant too?” I ask.

“I—” she starts say when my father slips his big cock into her tight ass. “Ahhh!”

I could see Katie clench from the sudden intrusion. So I say, “Just relax and it will start to feel good.”

After a moment she relaxes and starts to enjoy my father’s cock sliding in and out of her tight little ass. Slowly he starts picking up speed, driving his cock harder and faster in and out of her.

“Oh Daddy!” she shouts.

He cums hard in her and when he pulls out a trail of his cum seeps out of her asshole. I lick my lips and slide in behind her sticking my tongue out to lap up every bit of it. When I am finished I grab my father’s cock and I start to stroke it up and down. Then I take the head of his cock into my mouth and get a groan from him. Katie gets on her knees and moves up alongside me. I slowly start to move my head down his shaft before pulling back.

“Can I?” Katie asks.

I take my mouth off his cock and Katie slowly takes the head into her mouth and moves down his shaft, taking almost all of it down her throat. I watch in amazement as she slowly fondles his balls in her hand.

I lean in and start licking his balls as Katie moves up and down on his shaft, gagging each time she tries to go down further on his cock. Her saliva is running down his shaft and onto his balls as I take turns on his balls, sucking one into my mouth, then moving to the other one.

I stop when I feel his balls tighten. My sister wanted to get pregnant and I knew we needed to save some of my father’s cum for her tight little pussy. Katie stops when she notices I have and pulls her mouth free from his cock.

“Okay Daddy,” I say. “Lay down for us.”

He lies back onto the blanket. His cock is pointing straight up toward his stomach, still dripping with Katie’s saliva. I guide my sister to move over his chest and straddle him. Katie brings her pussy over his face. Her pussy lips are tight together, but I could also see glistening coming from them and I knew she was more than a little excited. Our father slowly sticks out his tongue to split Katie’s pussy lips open and taste her sweet nectar. I hear him moan as he tastes her juices and as he pushes his tongue further into her pussy Katie exclaims, “Oh my fucking god, Daddy!”

I laugh a little and ask, “You like that sis?”

Katie begins moving her hips against his mouth as his tongue goes further into her tight pussy. “Holy hell, this feels so fucking good Selene,” she groans.

Her legs start to tremble and she moves faster against his face as he moves his tongue in and out of her pussy. Katie’s moans get louder and louder just as her body suddenly freezes solid. A long moan escapes her lips and her whole body begins to shake. “Oh fucking yes!” she screams out as her orgasm begins. Pussy juice shoots out, directly into his mouth. Her body shakes violently as more pussy juice squirts out and into his mouth, overfilling it. It flows out the side and down his throat to his chest. Finally Katie’s body begins to slowly relax as she collapses, breathing heavily.

They both look at me when I start to moan. I am quickly rubbing my exposed pregnant pussy. I focus on my clit as I rub faster and my moans get louder. My ass suddenly lifts off the ground and I hold my hand in place on my clit and begin to squirt out my own juices. My juices fly out and onto the blanket as I cum.

As my orgasm subsides and I collapse, Katie takes our father’s large cock and slowly starts to stroke it up and down. “I sure hope this big thing fits inside of me,” she groans.

“It fit perfectly in your sister,” he replies smiling at her.

Katie moves down to straddle his hips, her pussy hovering just above his throbbing cock. I move up beside my sister and ask, “Are you ready to take this big cock?”

As long as Daddy fills me with his hot cum,” she says smiling.

“Well then, let me help you with it,” I say. I move behind my sister and kneel between our father’s legs. My hand wraps around his thick cock and Katie begins to lower herself further toward it. As the tip of his cock brushes against her pussy lips, he lets out a deep groan. I rub the head of his cock up and down Katie’s slit, getting it wetter with her pussy juices. “Okay Katie, it’s all ready for you,” I say as hold his cock at the base of her pussy.

Katie nods and bites her lower lip as she wiggles her hips slightly against his cock. She pushes herself a little lower, the tip of his cock slips into the outer edges of her pussy. Slowly his cock sinks deeper into her tight pussy. I move my hand away from his cock and grab on to her hips.

Katie continues to slowly lower herself further on to his cock as I moan behind her. “Yes, take is slow. Let your pussy get used to it. Katie continues to slide down until his cock bottoms out. After a moment she starts to raise her hips back up and then slowly back down. When she hits bottom again, she lets out a long, low moan of pleasure.

“Yes, Katie,” I encourage. “Ride that hard cock. Make yourself cum all over his cock.

Katie starts to build a slow and steady rhythm, moving up slowly until just the tip is in her tight pussy, then slowly sinking back down onto his cock. “My god this feels so good Daddy,” she moans. “I fill so full.”

I move up toward my father and ask, “How does her pussy feel?”

“Damn, she is so tight baby. I don’t know how long I can last in it,” he answers.

I chuckle and say, “Make sure you fill her up like me. Help her give you a baby too.”

I move myself over him, positioning my pussy above his face. “Eat my pregnant pussy Daddy,” I demand as I quickly lower my pussy onto his mouth. My pussy covers his mouth and instantly I feel his tongue push into my hole.

Katie’s moans grow louder and more frequent as she shoves herself completely onto his cock and wiggles her hips around on him. I start moaning in pleasure myself and Katie almost screams as she has another orgasm. “Yes Katie,” I moan as I move my hips even faster against his face. “Cum all over his cock.”

Then suddenly our father groans loudly as he deposits his hot seed deep into Katie’s pussy. I grind my pussy harder into his face until I feel my cum squirting out all over it. When it is finished I get off and look at him. “Now fuck my pregnant ass Daddy, but save your cum for Katie. We want to give you all the babies we can.”

When Lorelai Gilmore had mentioned to her Mom that she and Rory were planning to ‘fuck round Europe over the summer’ Emily had assumed that Lorelai had meant it metaphorically and had told her not to be so coarse. If she had known that her daughter and granddaughter had meant it literally her response would almost certainly been different– not that, as both Lorelai and Rory were over eighteen, she could have done much about it.

“Just put our names after the message,” said Rory as her Mom frowned at the postcard of a North Yorkshire moor. The teen sighed as her Mom nodded and then in complete disregard of what her daughter said, added eleven in brackets after Rory’s name and fifteen, again in brackets, after her own. Rory gave another sigh as her Mom slid the postcard and pen into her bag and got up off the café stool she was sitting on. Rory followed her as they headed outside, “How are you going to explain that to Grandma?”

“Explain what?” Lorelai Gilmore gave an expression of innocence, which given what the numbers meant, was as unfitting an expression as if Mick Jagger said ‘drugs and sex were bad’. She headed towards a red post-box as Rory followed behind her.

“You know what, missy,” Rory said, watching the card be popped into the letterbox, “the numbers.”

There was silence from Lorelai as she paused and looked thoughtful, before smiling, “I guess I’d have to just explain I was more attractive than you and got more fucks.”

“You are not telling Grandma about our competition,” said Rory, she looked genuinely appalled as she continued, “Anyway its not fair, when I went off with that Spanish builder I wasn’t to know that you were going to go off with both of his friends.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going to,” countered Lorelai.

“And those two hand-jobs I gave in the back of that coach in France… they should be counted as well,” added Rory.

Her Mom grinned, “Rory without rules it is anarchy. And the rules are that there must be fucking of the mouth, ass or pussy.”

“You could have told me before,” grumbled Rory as she turned and started to head back down the street, “I’d have blown them.”

“I did mention it,” Lorelai grinned, “You just weren’t listening. So what we going to do now? It’s getting late.”

The eighteen year-old shrugged and looked round the street of the small Northern English market town. It was even less busy than Stars Hollow in an evening and Rory hadn’t thought that was possible. The only sign of life was a geriatric street cleaner and he looked way too fragile to cope with two Gilmore’s on the prowl. Rory turned back to face her Mom, “We could head back to the Youth Hostel…”

“Boooorrrriiiinnngggg,” said Lorelai with as much emphasis as she could manage. She skipped over to a lamppost and holding it by one hand swung round, “Wheeeee!” she squeaked, before stopping and fixing Rory with a look, “We’re young, free and single we should be having fun, partying like there is no tomorrow. We head back to the Hostel, the only people there are the Hartlepool Christian Girls Association and I bet with a name like that we can’t even persuade them into some muff munching.”

“They did invite us to the lecture they were planning to give on the origins of the King James Bible — it may be more interesting than it sounds,” said Rory.

“Rory…. Booooorrrrriiiiinnnngggg,” said Lorelai, she hung her head to one side and opened her mouth either in an imitation of someone hanging themselves due to boredom or perhaps to show that she thought the HCCA were a bunch of imbeciles. Either way it was obvious that her interest in listening to them explain the political, religious and cultural significance of one of the great works of English Literature was low. After a few moments the Milf straightened up again, “Rory if we wanted a holiday with culture we could have packed Grandma and Grandpa and headed out to see the New York Metropolitan, followed by a hike to Washington to see the Jefferson Memorial. We didn’t, Rory, we didn’t want that. We wanted cock and lots of it.” She fell to her knees in front of her daughter, “Please, please, please, don’t make me listen to the turgid prose of a bunch of up-tight virgins who wouldn’t know fun if it came and stuffed its finger up their collective asses.”

Tutting Rory helped her Mom up, “Okay, I get the hint. No Bible readings… so what then?”

“Mhhmm,” Lorelai looked down the street, first left and then right. After a moments consideration she pointed right, “This way,” she said and set off at pace.

Rory had to do a quick jog to catch up with her, something the notoriously slothlike younger Gilmore was not used to. She got into pace beside her Mom, sliding her arm through Lorelai’s, partly as a show of daughterly affection, but mainly so she could slow her Mom’s walk to a less frantic speed. “So what’s down here then?”

“No idea,” said her Mom, “I just decided to follow the tingle in my pussy. It never leads me wrong.” The noise from Rory was swiftly converted from a disbelieving hum into a quick rendition of ‘Erase, Rewind’s’ opening chords as her Mom glared at her, “Don’t you believe me? My pussy has never led us astray yet — when it gets that feeling it’s like a compass pointing towards large dicks.”

“Sure Mom, I believe you,” with the weariness of someone who has to continually keep explaining to a grown woman that the tooth fairy was a myth. She gave a shrug, “I haven’t a better idea though, so this way’s as good as any other.”

Whether it was a result of Lorelai’s magical magnetic pussy or just luck after a few moments they came across a pub, ‘the Flying Fox’. Plastered on its wall was a poster, ‘Live Music’ and from inside came the unmistakable beat of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ being played badly. The Gilmore Girls looked at each other and then down the street; it might not be Madison Square Garden, but there wasn’t a lot of choice. Lorelai turned to her daughter, “Give it a go?”

Without waiting for a reply she headed in; with a shrug of resignation Rory followed her.

To say the pub was in dire need of a refurnish was an understatement. The wallpaper was yellowing and stank of old nicotine smoke, peeling from the walls to reveal plaster cracked and even yellower. The seats were so ripped and torn, with the foam hanging out and sitting down was a game of dodge the sharp metal springs. The only thing that could be said was that at least they were less battered than the tables, where the torn and stained beer mats failed to hide the witty scratchings that Kilroy had once frequented the pub.

The few customers turned to look at the Gilmores as they entered, before deciding the Mom and daughter were less interesting than half-drunken beers and conversation about tomorrow’s 3.30 at Chepstow or whether Manchester United would beat Arsenal by one goal or three. Lorelai went to the bar and ordered two lagers; she had been in the UK long enough to realise that the idea that Brits liked all their beer luke-warm and flat was a myth — though unfortunately this fact hadn’t yet reached the Flying Fox’s landlord. She grimaced as she sipped one and past the other to her daughter. Rory pulled a similar face and headed over to the stage.

All the time the band had been continuing to play, oblivious to the lack of interest by the pub’s patrons. There were five of them, a vocalist, drummer, bassist and lead and rhythm guitars — and their lack of talent was obvious, but in the Gilmore’s eyes redeemed by the fact that there buff bodies were sweaty and sleek, muscles and tattoos visible beneath tight T-shirts. The band moved from murdering the Caesar’s ‘Jerk it Out’, only identifiable because the vocalist named it, to an equally brutal killing off Steppenwolf’s ‘Born to be Wild’. At least when they moved onto a piece of their own it was hard to tell whether they were playing it badly or whether it was meant to be a medley of Thrash Metal and Bubblegum Pop. Still the Gilmore’s gave a small cheer as in announcing it the vocalist dedicated it ‘to the pretty girls in the front row’ and as there was no-one else in any of the seats near the stage it was obvious he meant them.

After their attempt at their own composition the band quickly moved back to their comfort zone of slaying other, more talented, band’s works. The best of which it could be said was that least a couple were similar enough to the original that the Gilmore’s were able to guess what they were without the vocalist shouting it out.

Luckily neither of the Gilmore’s were listening to the music…

“If I have the vocalist, drummer and bass guitarist, you can have rhythm and lead…”

“Why can’t I take the bassist — that’d make more sense me getting all the guitar studs…”

“Because… look I love you dearly, but I don’t think you could handle all three…”

“You’re just being greedy… I so could.”

The two Gilmore’s continued their conversation through the gritted teeth of dazzling smiles aimed at the band. If the five band members realised they were being stalked by a cougar and her kitten they didn’t come out and say it, though their pelvic thrusts were suggestive. And the continual dedication of songs to good-time girls, sexy senoritas and beautiful babes, as well as mentions, in the vocalist’s patter, of fun with groupies also hinted that the band were not planning to set up a male equivalent of the Hartlepool Christian Girls Association.

With a last screaming riff the band’s set drew to a close. The vocalist bowed his head in a mock salute, “Good night, Flying Fox… keep on rocking.” There was polite applause from the barman, and he nudged some old boys propping up the bar to make them do the same. The Gilmores went further, both jumping up and screaming, waving their hands like banshees and twisting and bopping their heads like their necks were elastic. Lorelai murmured to Rory, “If I was wearing panties I’d have thrown them.”

Her daughter nodded, before quickly resuming her seat. Lorelai gave one more shriek and joined her. The vocalist gave them a look, frowning in bafflement at their sudden change in demeanour — from interest to ignoring. Secretly Lorelai and Rory were giggling inside, it was a ploy they found worked well when trying to trap a fucktoy; show interest before feigning boredom and then pounce once the target was confused and vulnerable. The vocalist gave a shrug and turned back to helping his bandmates pack up. They did so with the speed of a group practised at getting up and out before the venue owner demanded his money back or enraged music fans leapt up to revenge themselves for the horrors they had just sat through. So fast were they that Lorelai and Rory had to drain their beers or risk missing them.

Putting the glass down, Lorelai stood up, “Shall we see if the boys need any help in putting their gear into their van?”

“I’d rather help them get their gear into me,” grinned Rory, joining her Mom.

They nodded to the barman politely as they left by the door to the car park; he ignored them and continued to wipe listlessly at the bar. Outside it was a balmy August evening, the slight breeze acting like the perfect air-conditioner for the warm night creating the almost perfect temperature. The band’s van was in the corner of the car park next to the grass verge, it was almost out of the range of the lights fixed to the pub’s wall. In the gloom the five members could be seen loading their equipment into the back. Lorelai gave Rory a small nudge, “Let’s go and have some fun.” She gripped her top pulling it down so it clung even more tightly to her bosom, before striding towards the band. Rory grinned and did the same, following a pace behind her Mom.

“Hello boys, loved the set,” lied Lorelai as she approached.

“You’re American,” said the drummer.

Lorelai nodded, then twisted her head to indicate Rory who had caught up and was standing with her fingers in the pockets of her very tight hot-pants — they were so tight that she couldn’t do more than slide the tips of her fingers in. She smiled at the band members as her Mom continued “We’re on vacation; touring Europe”

“Cool,” said the bassist in what was probably supposed to be a ‘laid back surfer’ style and flicked a strand of his long blonde hair from his forehead.

“How you finding it?” said the rhythm guitarist. His eyes moved up and down the Gilmores, even in the gloom taking in that the two women were dressed provocatively in tight T-shirts and very, very tiny hotpants.

He smiled as Lorelai stepped further forward and slid her arm through his and the lead guitarist’s. She moved forward and behind the van, out of sight of the pub’s backdoor. Behind her Rory had taken the drummer and the bassist by the hand and had led round; the vocalist followed like a stray puppy. Lorelai slid her arms from the two band mates and in one fluid motion reached to the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. She smiled, her white teeth glinting in the dark, but as she wasn’t wearing a bra it wasn’t her smile the boys from the band were looking at. The Milf smiled, “We’re finding it fun.”

“Very fun,” agreed Rory. She pulled off her top and dropped it to the asphalt next to her Mom’s, “We’re learning loads and having lots of new experiences.”

So saying the teen dropped to her knees and began to undo the vocalist’s zip. Her slut Mom followed her daughter’s example, her hands reaching for the bassist’s zip; she struggled with the undoing it even as Rory had pulled out her first cock and was getting out the drummer’s as the singer’s prick rapidly hardened. The rhythm and lead guitarist didn’t even wait for the Gilmore’s to undo them, seeing what was happening they undid themselves and pulled out their fully erect cocks.

“Wow…” “Christ…”, Lorelai and Rory exchanged impressed glances, licking their lips hungrily. The smallest of the cocks was just a touch under nine inches, the biggest at least a foot and none of the five rock-hard members on display were pencil thin, but thick and bulging. It was just what the Gilmore Girls were looking for; a mother-lode of dick. “Fuck, they’re huge,” the two Gilmore’s said in unison and began licking and sucking.

They took the cocks at random, firstly going for those nearest their mouths, sucking and licking at the huge rods. As they blew they slid their hands and fingers over the other waiting pricks and under their balls, keeping them firm — though it was unlikely with the Gilmore’s heads bobbing on their bandmates’ cocks that they would have gone limp. The first two cocks were only sucked for a few moments, before Lorelai and Rory pushed them out with their tongues and swivelled on their knees to take a new prick in their mouths. Again they sucked and licked at the two members, taking them deep into their mouths and pushing their tongues at the erect pricks, driving ad guiding them as they bobbed.

“Mmmmnnn,” said Rory as she pulled her mouth off the drummer’s cock. She shifted half a foot and lowered herself on the singer — the last untouched prick. Her mouth slid down the one-foot pole and she began to work her head back and forth, greedily slurping at the huge tool.

“Mmmmmnnn, too, you greedy tramp,” Lorelai pulled her mouth away from the lead guitarist, a trail of saliva holding between them for an instant. She stood up, but only for long enough to walk past her sucking daughter and onto the drummer’s recently licked prick. The Milf dropped down and took the ten inches between her lips, they slid down over a prick already wet with her daughter’s saliva. Deeper and deeper she went, sliding down further than Rory had managed, until the cock was pushing at her throat. She could hear the grunts of pleasure from the drummer as his cock was taken deep.

“Fucking hell,” gasped the vocalist as Rory’s head bounced up and down his member. He looked beside himself at his friend, the drummer, getting deep-throated by Lorelai. “Fucking hell,” he repeated as the two bandmates high-fived.

“Next,” gasped Rory, she pulled her head back and took a few deep breaths of much needed oxygen, before swivelling round enough to take the lead guitarist in her mouth.

At the same time Lorelai had brought back her head one last time, her eyes watering and with saliva dripping from between her lips. She grinned up at the drummer, before turning to take the bassist in her mouth. If she had gone deep before she went even deeper this time, sweeping down the full ten inches like it was a lollipop and only stopping her forward motion as the prick hit the back of her throat. The Milf’s eyes watered and she felt the bile rise in her throat as her gag reflex kicked in, but she steeled herself and with only a brief pause she continued to mouth-fuck the bassist. From his grunts and shivers she guessed he appreciated it. But it couldn’t last too long, Lorelai didn’t want the young man to cum — not when her and Rory’s front and back holes remained unviolated. She slurped down one last time, feeling her tonsils bounce as the cock rammed into them, before pulling up and switching to the vocalist, who gave another cry of “fucking hell” as Lorelai’s mouth took his member.

Meanwhile Rory was on her last prick. She wasn’t going as deep as her Mom, even if she was taking a large length, but she was more than making up for it with the speed and strength with which she sucked the rhythm guitarist. His hands rested on her shoulders and his eyes rolled in his head as the teen enthusiastically sucked at his nine-incher, her long brunette hair flying back and forth as her head bounced forward and back like she was still rocking at the gig. However, like her Mom she didn’t want him to cum; not yet anyway. The cock was so good, such a tasty piece of manmeat that Rory really had to force herself to stop sucking. Reluctantly she pulled her head back; from the look on the guitarists face she wasn’t the only one for whom stopping was a shame. She looked up at him and grinned, “Don’t worry — it’s not over yet.”

She looked over at Lorelai, her Mom had finished with the vocalist, stopping the deep-throat before he came — much to the singer’s frustration. Lorelai smiled teasingly and got to her feet, Rory following suit. The two Gilmores swung in a circle, looking at the five pricks, each one dripping with the saliva of a Milf and her girl and each one as hard as steel. Almost in unison Lorelai and Rory peeled down their hotpants, kicking them off as they slid. The coy smiles they gave the boys from the band were misleading, as with no underwear the two Gilmores were now clad only in their pumps and socks.

The two women skipped over to the van, leaning their hands against it and wiggling their behinds invitingly at the young men. There were growls of appreciation from the band members, like motorbikes revving up before a big race. Rory turned her head over her shoulder, smiling prettily at the five big dicked musicians, “You want to take me and my Mom? Fuck our tight… well tightish cunts from behind… well come on then.”

“Fuck… yeah,” grunted the five band members

“Hurry up,” said Lorelai impatiently, “We want big cocks… we want big cocks now.”

Strong muscular hands gripped her waist and the Milf gave a moan of pleasure as the first of the hard cocks was slid into her waiting cunt. The band member began to thrust, hammering his cock deep into Lorelai. Beside her Rory gave a groan as her slit was also filled by it’s first cock of the evening. Neither Gilmore knew which of the band members had moved in to take first shot, neither cared enough to turn round and see — they knew the pricks were hard and big and that was all they needed to know. “Fuck me, fuck me hard,” both Lorelai and Rory squealed.

The van began to rock as the first two band members began to hammer the two Americans against it, slamming their cock deeps into Milf and teen pussy. The two women gasped in pleasure, their hands hot against the cool steel of the van, feeling the excitement rise in them as the two large dicks stretched at their slits, racing over the slick, wet walls and pressing deep at their clits.

As I stated in “Ideal Day One” there are many “ideal” days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you a version of what might be “Ideal” if I was allowed to pleasure my wife as I wanted, any time I wanted.

I had been anticipating today for over a month, ever since we had discussed the possibility and she had agreed to go along with it for one day. Today is the day I get to play with her any way I want, at any time, and she has to agree. There is to be no complaining, no telling me no, she is to simply do as I ask sexual wise, according to the guidelines we had agreed upon.

I could use any of the toys we own (or might get between the time we talked and the day comes around), any way they are designed to be used, I can have her wear what I desire, but it cannot be outside the house if it is not something she would normally not wear in public. An example is that she would not wear a mini skirt or a bikini, etc. since she would not wear those any other time.

Since I’m always horny, starting out that way in the morning was nothing new, being able to do something about it was, while not necessarily out of the realm of being done, it was not the norm. Too many possibilities were going through my head, but I decided to start out slow, or as slow as my horny state would allow, and just finger her to orgasm while she was on her knees on the bed, straddling my chest and facing my feet. That way I get to see her pussy up close to watch her lips open up and the juices start flowing. Nothing makes me harder than seeing her clit all hard and slick while I’m playing with her.

It only took a few minutes before I had her climaxing and sliding down to lay on my legs while recovering from her orgasm. While she was there with her ass facing me I reach back for the lube and find the smallest butt plug we own to hand to her. While I could put it in, I would rather watch her do so, and it’s my day.

Although she does not normally allow me to use a butt plug on her, she only hesitates a bit, knowing she agreed to this, and that I won’t force her if she does not want to do so. I get to watch as the slender plug slowly slips into place with only the little curved part to keep it from going too deep, showing. Once in place I have her get up and put on a pair of thong panties I had her purchase for just this occasion. Without the thong to hold it in place the plug will eventually slip out and we don’t want that. She has never worn a thong before (I like them more than regular underwear) so the combination of the thong and the butt plug should keep her thinking about sex until I am ready for whatever I decide to do next.

The first thing is to have breakfast. Deciding on French toast I mix up the batter and start cooking while she digs out the butter, jam and other things we will need to accompany the meal. This means she has to bend over as well as reach high on the shelves to reach things. One way I get to see her ass in the thong, while her breasts sway nicely and the other I get to see her breast pull up and swing as she reaches up.

Because I have used a but plug for many years I know that she will not like to have it in for very long this first time. After breakfast we return to the bedroom for more sex. Leaning her over the bed I have her leave the thong on and pull it aside to play with her clit and pussy so that it will continue to hold the plug in place. When I have her hot enough she is humping against my fingers and raising her ass in the air, I remove the thong underwear and move into position behind her, reaching down to spread her pussy lips wide so my cock will slide in easily. While I get used to the feeling of her pussy around my cock I have her reach under herself to play with her clit. Soon she is humping against me as she gets more and more excited. Any movement of my cock and I can feel the butt plug in her ass, making it harder than normal for me to hold off my own climax. What is not expected is that when I am pushing my deepest in to her pussy, I also push the plug deeper into her ass, which makes her moan with each thrust. Soon the combination of her work on her clit, the feeling of the butt plug in her ass, and my cock ramming deep into her, causes us both to climax.

Climbing onto the bed on our sides, I leave my cock in her pussy until it is so soft that it falls out on its own. My cock is followed shortly by the plug as she relaxes. While we are cleaning ourselves and the butt plug, our dogs start bugging us, they are long over due for their morning walk.

The walk will give me time to recover anyway, so I put on a pair of thong underwear and my sweat pants while she dresses in a skirt with button front blouse but I have her go without a bra or underwear. There is a big empty lot right behind the house and we seldom if ever meet anyone else out there even though we live in town.

After we return I have her stand and face me, holding her skirt up out of the way, while I play with her pussy again until she cums. Moving so she is kneeling in the recliner I fuck her from behind while playing with her breasts and nipples. This time I am able to control the pace a bit more and move through several different tempos. First I move slowly so I can feel my cock being gripped by her pussy as I reach full depth. When that starts feeling too good, I change so when my cock is about half way in; I then thrust hard, making her breasts swing while my balls hit her pussy from behind. Building speed I am soon fucking her hard while pulling back on her hips to keep us in rhythm. Soon this is too much and I shoot into her pussy while she pushes back against me, making sure I’m as deep as possible.

Lunch is fixed with me wearing only my tee shirt while she is wearing her skirt, with her blouse open so I can enjoy the view of her wonderful breasts. Unable to resist the temptation I take one of the ice cubes I’m getting for my tea and rub it on her nipples, making them hard. Moving lower I then rub the ice on her pussy, something we have done before and found fun. Because we just had sex there is no way I have recovered enough to put both the ice cube and my cock in her pussy, something we have not tried for a long time.

Needing time to recover, we use the afternoon to go for a drive in the mountains. Once underway I have her pull her skirt up to show me her pussy. After turning onto a forest road I have her unbutton her blouse and take off her bra (she insisted on that until we got off the highway) so I can watch her breasts bounce in time to the rough road.

Because so far the only thing we have done that we would not normally do was the butt plug I have her reach into the console where I have stored the new toy I purchased just for this drive. I have her put in the dildo while we are driving so she will be ready when we find a secluded place to stop. What I didn’t tell her is that the dildo is a wireless remote control model. Once it is in place I wait a few minutes before pushing the button, this makes her jump and sigh at the same time. Of the several different variations of speed and rhythm I find the one that makes her squirm the most and leave it on until I can tell she is about to climax before shutting it off. A few more miles down the road, even with the bumps that make the dildo move in her pussy, she has calmed down again and we find a nice spot to pull into the trees where we won’t be seen by anyone that might drive past our location.

As the pickup dies, I push the button again and reach over to play with her nipples while the dildo does its magic in her pussy. Getting out and walking around the pickup, I open her door and place her feet on the sides of the door so she her pussy is fully exposed to me and Mother Nature. Changing the speed control to a slower rate I start fucking her pussy with the dildo and playing with her clit until she is humping and matching me thrust for thrust. To prolong the session I shut off the vibration and have her hand me the small butt plug and her thong again. With both the butt plug and dildo safely in place, I put the larger butt plug in my own ass, safely held in place by my thong, increasing my own sensations.

Pulling aside her thong I turn the dildo on to its max setting before telling her to fuck her cunt with it while I watch. Soon she is humping on the seat, playing with her clit before holding her pussy lips open so I can watch her squirt when she climaxes. As she calms down I turn off the vibrations, allowing her to relax but insist she continue to slowly push the dildo in and out of her cunt.

Once she has calmed down some, I pull the dildo out of her pussy and fill it with my rock hard cock in one quick move. Because she is so wet and I’m so horny from watching her fuck herself with the dildo I cum almost before my cock is fully in her pussy. With her butt plug still in place it adds to my sensations as well as hers. My own butt plug pulls deeper into my ass as I climax.

Wiping ourselves clean, but leaving my butt plug in place and putting the dildo back in her pussy (I do let her take out her butt plug) we get back in the pickup and head for home to eat dinner and recover before the next session.

“I’m your fairy tale. Your dream. Your wishes and desires. I’m your thirst and your hunger; your food and your drink.” — Klaus Kinski

Masozi wondered what to do. He wandered round the deserted hay stacks in the dark field restlessly. Heat came in thick strands. The East African evening was a long time in cooling. He thought he would perhaps wash himself since there was time. There was a cavity of fresh water at the base of the hill. It was filled by a tiny spring that ran down to the lush garden in the lower field. All round the cavity the dwarf willows stood like clots of ghosts lost in the twilight.

The night did not darken; the moon rose in the sky and the purple bell-jar flowers around the water’s edge turned black. The meadow-larks flashed in the darkness as if they creatures of phosphorescent; making the air ache with song.

Masozi knelt on the slab of stone to bathe his arms, then his face. The water was deliriously cool. He had still an hour before Sanaa would come. He decided then to take his bath right then instead of waiting for the morning. As he soused his head he thought of what she had said to him the day before when she called him a crazy man:

“Maabol! I might need you to help me with something else as soon as you have some free time.”

Laughing that just the thought of her made him hard, he squeezed the rest of the water from his hair, standing in the forsaken corner of the field, veiled in the gray tinge of moonlight. The night had on a ruttish look: he couldn’t recall seeing the lustrous gray sheen before, like sweaty skin after a long, hard fuck, the heat of the bodies evaporating into high silvery places.

Then the willows, wrapped obscenely about themselves like sailors clutching their mates’ cocks, began to move, though he felt no wind. As he dried himself, he discovered little willow-the-wisps in the dusky air, felt their presences on his thighs, his ass; like soft caresses that were curiously delicious. At first they startled him to realize he was not alone. The little people, called Abatwa in the old stories, the fairy cousins to the ziziphus lotus, haunted him. He reached to put his hand over their blue, electric fleeciness. Laughing, he gathered them in, dusting himself all over with their lunar fragrance. For a moment he hesitated in fear of what he was doing; but the subtle glow in the endless night, however, reassured him. From all around, close to the ground, came singing from a thousand unseen voices:

“The music of the moaning fields, deep in the grass.
The slap of bellies in the tall grass, deep in the ass.
The fairy lights glint among the tawny-brown willows.
The music of the moaning fields, deep in her ass …”

An hour later he was waiting under their rendezvous spot, in a state of high sexual exhilaration. He glowed. She was late. Forty-five minutes later she came, flitting through the dark where he was leaning, her thick thighs jiggling, her breasts under her nightgown bouncing rhythmically in her own eager way.

“I was beginning to think the Old Man Anansi had bewitched you,” he gave her massive ass a playful slap as she moaned in response.

“No, my old auntie Mmbali would not go to sleep,” giggled Sanaa. He laughed with her and they wandered out into the dim, glowing field.

“I want–” She was intense, full of energy. “I want — to run — there!” She softly squeezed his cock and pointed across the field.

“Yes, let’s run, then,” he was breathing a little harder at the touch of her hand.


Dropping his heavy cock, in an instant Sanaa was gone. He raced after her. At first he could scarcely see her, though he could hear the rustle of her nightgown. Her large, plump cheeks bounced in front of his eyes. He was surprised that she was so fast. Finally he overtook her, caught her by the arm, swung her around. They stood panting, facing one another with laughter, his cock pressed against her thigh.

“I knew you’d catch up with me if I ran slow enough,” she asserted blithely.

They walked on, holding hands, breathless. The sky was darkening with an awning of cloud. Every now and then she would tease him by bending over slowly to pick a flower up from the field, letting her nightgown ride up the back of her legs until, almost, her ass cheeks threatened to reveal themselves to his immense delight. As she would right herself, she’d look at him over her shoulder and wink.

“You only caught me because you spanked my ass right before we ran.”

“I could never hurt an ass as glorious as yours!”

“Well then, come here, lover man,” Sanaa said. “Rub it. Make it feel better.”

As he came up to her she gripped his thick erect cock, its veins popping out all over, which had become hard the moment he saw her and had refused to behave itself ever since.

“Fuck me where it hurts,” she whispered in his ear.

“Khawwar karrak?” he whispered, asking her what, exactly, she wanted in her ass.

“Do I need to spell it out for you?” she moaned as she gripped his cock harder. “Under the stars, in front of the whole world.”

The empty field was suddenly filled blue fire, a sprinkle of otherworldly lights, like an elfish orgy in full swing. Pulling her nightgown up to her neck, she stood a little apart from him with her feet close together. With a gleam in her eye she shook her hips, making her cheeks clap together.

“You like that, maabol?” She asked, bending over, arching her spine, parting her ass like a peach. “You better come here,” she moaned.

Masozi gave Sanaa’s bubble ass a hard slap when he got behind her, slowly pushing his thickness into her.

“Be gentle, crazy man, I’m sore from all this running,” she groaned huskily as they clung to each other.

“I’ve only got the tip in you,” he said.

“Salgot? Are you serious? So big!”

She grimace as he pushed in further. “No! No! It’s too big! O! Virgin Mother, crazy man Masozi is stretching me too wide!”

He spread her cheeks wider still, receiving a clear view of her stretched anus. She slapped her hand against the ground, calling on all the saints and devils to make him to take it out.

“You like big cocks in your ass?” he grunted.

“Yes, crazy man,” Sanaa moaned as her fingernails dug up tufts of grass.

“I’m only half way in, does it feel good?”

“Yes, Jesu! Yes, Mary!” She cried as he slapped her butt again.

“Well, then–”

With a cry he shoved the remainder of his pulsing cock right into her rectum, catching her by surprise. She screamed in response as he pushed deeper — deeper — deeper still in her 5’3″ frame; placing his fairy-dust hands around her shoulders, pulling her back, impaling her.

Shifting her weight her bubble cheeks began recoiling off his stomach; even this caused him to grunt with pleasure. Each time their bodies made contact, a thunderous clap vibrated through the field, causing the fox on prowl to stop and listen.

Soon Masozi’s thick cock slid in and out Sanaa with ease.

Grabbing her waist, he started bringing up his hips higher, ramming faster, quicker.

“Oh, crazy man! Fuck me!”

She was breathing though gritted teeth now; bent over, clasping her ankles as Masozi continued his onslaught, his hips bashing against her pillow-like backside.

“Masozi! Maabol! You are going to make me cum!”

“Angels and ministers of grace, this ass is too much!” he cried, just before he gave his last few strokes.

“Do it! Now!”

Jerking his cock with speed a long thick stream of cum jetted into Sanaa’s trembling rectum, flooded her, still clinching his cock while a moon-silver cum drop escaped, trailing down her inner thigh from her filled asshole while the music of addax horn, the cheering of the an invisible audience, surrounded them in their glow of their pleasure, the bone bracelets on the host’s arms jingling in the night breeze.

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