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The Dilemma

As the tattooist’s needle pierced my delicate skin and the painful process of inscribing the company logo above my bare pussy proceeded, I began to think again of all the chaos I’d recently caused. Derrick’s bankruptcy and impending incarceration, the rapes of Carla and Amber, and the anguish that awaits my husband. I knew too what awaits me, the same fate that Belinda, my predecessor met. She would be sold, she was informed, but Mr. Stanford also gave her permission to take her own life, an option she accepted gratefully. But how had I come to this? How had I, a young and innocent bride until just eighteen months ago, come to be lying naked on a table about to be indelibly marked as “company property”? How had I, a unworldly, naïve, Christian girl, agreed to have my ass branded with Mr. Damon’s and Mr. Compton’s initials and so readily accepted my status.

I don’t know how I managed to get myself in this terrible fix. A mere year ago, I was a twenty-one-year-old, faithful wife. And only yesterday, I was sitting nude on the couch in Mr. Damon’s office listening distractedly to him describing my present condition. Suddenly, I heard him abruptly stop talking and point suddenly at me. Looking down, I realize that I’d unconsciously crossed my legs. I instantly uncrossed them. I’ve been told many times that in Mr. Damon’s or Mr. Compton’s presence my legs are always to be open and accessible. Mr. Damon just shook his head in frustration at my stupidity, and continued on. I hadn’t been listening, but I paid attention now.

“As you know, Chloe,” Mr. Damon resumed, “Chuck and I have been discussing how we want you marked now for some time, and we’ve decided to move ahead. This weekend, a tattooist I’ve hired will come here and mark the area directly above your cunt with our logo, and just below that he’ll inscribe ‘Exclusive property of First Capital Investments, Inc.’ On the following weekend, we’ll both brand our initials into your ass. Do you have any questions?”

Though I knew this was coming, I couldn’t really comprehend it. My attention was oddly captured by a tiny drop of cum glistening on my breast. It must have fallen there while I was cleaning Mr. Damon’s cock. I absently mindedly wiped it and placed it dutifully in my mouth.

So I’m to be permanently marked as private property. How will I ever explain that to my husband? Maybe I never will. I know I’m going to be told to leave him, anyway, so what does it ultimately matter.

“No, sir,” I answered. “I don’t have any questions. “I suppose it will hurt a lot, won’t it.”

“Yes, I suppose it will,” Mr. Damon answered sympathetically, “especially the branding. But you need to marked, Chloe. Both Mr. Compton and I agree on that, as does Mr. Stanford. I assume we have your consent.”

“Yes,” I haltingly said. “It’s just that it will be hard to explain.”

The pain of the needle inking my tender pussy suddenly made me begin to think about all that had led me to this tattoo parlor and the end of what little freedom I had left.

The Beginning of Something

Joey and I had been together since I was a freshman in high school and he a junior. We were never an “item.” Neither of us was popular enough for that designation, but that’s probably why we were always so close. I had been raised in a very strict and very Christian family, so I never was allowed to dress in any way that was fashionable. In my family, everything fashionable was “sinful,” anything that would show any hint of my burgeoning body was “moral turpitude.” I was frightened of sex, and the natural inclinations of a budding young woman that emerged at night in erotic dreams and longings paralyzed me the next morning. The pull of hormones tugging at my protective veil of Christian piety turned me into a reclusive young girl terrified of the changes her body and mind were going through.

Joey, though smart, was simply skinny and awkward and attracted no attention whatsoever. But I liked him. He was shy enough to never press me for sex and observant enough to notice the changes going on. We sort of became our own society and built a pretty strong bond. He was my only boyfriend, and I assumed that would always be the case, so upon my graduation, marriage seemed an easy and seamless step. We married shortly after I graduated. I was barely eighteen. Joey was twenty one.

Joey had gotten a job at a garage downtown shortly after his own graduation. He’d always been very good with his hands and automobile mechanics seemed to come naturally to him, so he did very well very early on. Unfortunately, he didn’t make enough money for me to pursue my dream of a college degree in English literature, so I found work as a receptionist at a stock brokerage firm in town with hours flexible enough for me to take some early afternoon and evening classes at the local college.

I’d always done well in high school, especially in my English classes, where the romance of books could shield me from the drabness of the real world I lived in, and my English teachers, most notably Mr. Barnes, all took an avid interest in my education. I say Mr. Barnes most notably because he alone also seemed to take notice of me as a woman, a “blossoming” woman, as he would sometimes put it. It was terribly flattering, exhilarating actually, to be noticed the way he noticed my changes.

I truly was blossoming. My body began to change most dramatically in my sophomore year when Mr. Barnes first met me, and by my senior year, when I enrolled in his honors lit class, I knew, even if no one else did, that I had a fabulous body. It embarrasses me now to think of the hours I spent in front of the mirror admiring the new fullness of my breasts, the waspish size of my waist, and the full and erotic curve of my hips or the hours afterwards when I would reprimand myself for my hideous depravity. My breasts were probably a little too large for my frame, but it really didn’t matter because I was also painfully shy from early years of being “plain” and so intrinsically fearful of “damnation” as well, that in public, I took pains to cover up all of this “blossom” that only Mr. Barnes appeared to see.

After graduation, life began to change pretty remarkably. More and more people began to take notice of me and to remark on my appearance, some of it nice, some of it creepy. On countless occasions, I noticed men following me around the supermarket and not infrequently at the local mall, too. I was still quite shy about all this obvious attention and quite certain that the temptation I felt to flaunt my body was the work of the devil, but I was also oddly flattered and exhilarated at the same time. I even found myself occasionally giving in to the devil’s temptation and “posing” for some of the guys I knew were checking me out, and then feeling ashamed moments later when I’d remind myself that I was now a newly married woman. But I had to admit more and more that I enjoyed being looked at.

Later that summer, I had my hair cut into the more flattering shape my hair dresser had been recommending and let him colored it a much lighter shade of blonde than my natural ash. The hair style and color proved perfect, complementing my face, drawing attention to the fullness of my lips, and emphasizing what I’d always thought to be one of my better features, the deep hazel hue my eyes,. With Joey’s encouragement, I bought a new and more flattering wardrobe. Skirts a little shorter and tighter, sweaters a bit clingier and lower cut, and an attitude a little less meek and retiring, but by no means arrogant or showy. A different woman was emerging from her chrysalis.

A Trip to the Mall

It’s interesting, now that I think back on it, how important to our future one afternoon and one outfit became to the new me. And to the new “us.”

It was a warm early spring afternoon the following year. I was lounging around the apartment in sheer tights and a light sweater when Joey asked me to run over to Sears at the mall with him to get some tool he needed for work. I said, sure, but I needed to change first.

“Nah, come on. You look fine. It’s only Sears,” he said distractedly.

“I don’t have anything on under this, Joey. Don’t you think I should at least put on a bra?”

“Nobody will know. Come on,” he said, seemingly exacerbated at my reluctance.

“Okay,” I said, suddenly feeling a very unfamiliar but erotic sensation. I’d never been out of the house without a bra. Regardless of what Joey might think, sans bra, my boobs were certainly going to be noticed in this outfit! And for some sudden and inexplicable reason the whole idea seemed exciting! I wanted my boobs to be noticed! “Let me grab my shoes,” I said, trying to tamp down my rising excitement.

The first shoes I came to were totally inappropriate—four inch, black stiletto pumps I’d bought for the senior prom last year. And that’s what I picked.

I threw on a little wind breaker and ran out to the car where Joey was waiting. He gave me the strangest stare, and his “Ready to go?” had an odd excitement to it. A sort of sexual tension that I immediately got caught up in as well. Maybe he wasn’t so “distracted” as I thought. We rode to the mall in a strange silence, tinged with what I could only sense was sexual stimulation mixed with anxiety.

As we got out of the car at the mall, Joey suggested I leave the jacket in the car. I hesitated a second, afraid that Joey would be embarrassed by what he would now clearly see was my almost blatant nakedness beneath my tights and sweater, but I did as he asked. Neither of us said a word as we walked to the mall entrance, but I could see Joey stealing surreptitious glances at my boobs bouncing tantalizingly under the tight sweater as I walked in those totally inappropriate but sexy little pumps. I should have blushed, but instead I was as keyed up as I’d ever been.

In the mall, it was apparent that not only Joey was watching and admiring the body walking beside him. I thought he’d surely see the commotion I was causing and be uncomfortable or self-conscious, but he didn’t seem to be. In fact, he seemed to be suddenly quite possessive, as if he wanted everyone to see that the little “sexpot” next to him belonged to him. I could sense his heart beating faster. I was puzzled, but interested, too. This seemed so unlike him.

I began to be a little more overt, just to see what happened. I deliberately paraded my body, transparently expressing my sexuality in the most obvious manner. The more obvious I became, the more excited Joey became. And so did I.

For the next month or so, every time we’d go somewhere, at Joey’s implicit suggestion, I’d dress in some similar fashion. He never asked outright, he was still too shy for that, but I could see by his reaction that he wanted this to continue. So I accommodated him…and me! I showed more and more flesh in what I wore. More leg, and definitely more boob. Each time we went out, I’d ratchet it up just a teeny bit, so by midsummer, when we went out, Joey had a very sexy young “slut” hanging all over him.

Joey grew increasingly happy with the new me. He’d never been much noticed in high school, but now he was getting noticed for his “bitch,” as he put it one night. And he loved it! More and more!

I don’t deny that I did, too. I loved the attention and most of the comments I’d overhear murmured under a guy’s’ breath. Our sex life got better when Joey began to encourage me to tell him about the guys who’d look at me and at what I’d overhear them say. I learned early on that, if I embellished the stories, our sex was even better.

I began to wear sexier clothes at work, too, shedding the drab, loose-fitting blouses and sweaters and the long granny skirts for a more modern look that highlighted my figure a little more and drew attention to the body beneath. Nothing was inappropriate, but fortunately for me, since contemporary style the last few seasons so emphasized the breast, I could be quite innocently sexy and provocative. And naturally, the looks and compliments I got at work were translated into much more flirtatious and more tantalizing remarks about what was said and done later in the bedroom to Joey. Our sex got better and better.

We even discovered porn, which at first embarrassed both of us, but soon became another part of our weekend love making. Joey became quite intrigued that nearly all the porn stars kept themselves totally shaved, and I agreed that it was a very sleek and sexy look. At Joey’s urging, I soon did the same, and loved the feel of Joey’s touch on the silky smooth skin of my tight young pussy. Joey came almost to depend both on our occasional porn movies and even more on the stories I’d embellish for our sex life.

At first, he’d want to know who “liked” me at work and who “wanted” me the most. Later, he’d ask me who I was most attracted to, and though I was reluctant to say anything at first, when I discovered that even an innocent preference for one of the guys increased his performance, I subtly began to admit to certain preferences. If my stories required considerable variance from the truth, they were also extraordinarily hot…for both of us!

As things progressed, I began to give Joey little fashion shows, shows that always turned into sexy little strip teases. Joey would name all the guys he knew who would “die to see this,” guys at work who had made comments about his “hot wife.” He suggest that maybe we should tease them that way sometime, and I’d go along with it, shaking my boobs and wiggling my ass, pretending I was in front of them. It was all harmless fun.

We began to take fun “risks,” making our sex life a little more dangerous. I had this cute mask that I got at a party shop for Halloween last year, and one night I became the “mysterious lady” who seduced my husband in our bed. Joey loved it! Then one weekend afternoon, I walked out onto our patio completely nude with the mask on and Joey again just went wild.

The next day, we drove out to his mother’s house to water her plants while she was away, and Joey surprised me with the mask. He wanted to take pictures of me. Outside! Totally nude! I probably too readily agreed. The idea was exciting and dangerous, the great aphrodisiacs of our sex life.

We went out into his mother’s backyard, where I sexily stripped for him. I was so excited because it seemed so perilous. Though trees surrounded the yard, I was certain we were clearly visible from the street. But I posed nonetheless, my heart pounding and my excitement peaking. Later, we made love right there on the little love seat we had dragged out for the pictures! That was truly risky and terribly thrilling.

That night, Joey drove me home nude, which was a bit more frightening than I wished at the time, but we ended up doing it again on two other occasions, one time stopping off to neck in the park. We were just two kids, discovering the sex life we never had in school.

We had a party one Saturday night and invited some of Joey’s friends from work. Joey dressed me in something totally inappropriate, a teeny, tiny little Lycra micro mini, fishnet stockings and a bustier! I looked like a hooker, but Joey told me the next day that his friends at work couldn’t stop talking about how hot his wife is. I got really icy stares from the wives all night though, and I’ll bet they were talking about me in a very different fashion the next day. But I didn’t like any of them anyway, so no loss.

This sort of thing went on for the better part of the year, and for a time, it was enough. We were still experimenting with sex and with what we’d become. That was especially true for me. I became increasingly proud, maybe even a little conceited about my appearance, which led me more and more to encourage Joey to show me off. I don’t think I was really sluttish, but I knew I was becoming somewhat of an exhibitionist. And it was fun!

I would still have occasional devastating attacks of guilt and remorse, thinking I was becoming a terrible harlot, but they grew less frequent in time, until eventually I quit beating myself up morally and eventually even stopped attending church altogether. Maybe that was a mistake.

The Club

Early the next summer, a package arrived in the mail for me. It was from an online dress store, some place called “Wicked Temptations.” I hadn’t ordered anything online, and even though it was addressed to me, I decided not to open it. I showed the package to Joey when he came home, and he laughed and said he’d ordered a dress for me as a kind of joke.

“Here, take a look,” he laughed, opening the package and passing the dress to me. “Try it on.”

“Try it on?” I said. “There’s hardly anything to try on,” I laughed, holding up this little fluff of material. “What were you thinking?”

Of course I did know what he was thinking. Our latest adventures had shown me that. But the closer I looked the more intrigued I became both by the dress and by the fact that Joey had purchased it “for fun.” It looked extremely revealing, to put it mildly, and really, really sexy. And I did want to try it on, maybe more than he knew, though I pretended not to.

“Oh come on, Chloe. Try it on. It’s no big deal. It might be fun.”

“You are so silly, Joey,” I laughed. “Okay, you wait right there and I’ll give you a fashion show!”

I went into the bedroom, quickly stripped off my work clothes, and held the little dress up against my naked body. There wasn’t much of it there. It was completely backless and short, and appeared to have a deeply plunging cowl-neck front. An eye-grabbing red, it was composed of a synthetic silk fiber of some sort that was slippery smooth and luxurious to touch. It excited me merely to look at it, and I actually trembled when I slipped it on. I was astonished when I turned to look in the mirror.

Stunned and excited, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and blood rushing to my face as I glanced again at the girl in the red dress. The dress was not only tight, it was impossibly tight, and clingy, adhering itself to every curve and crevice of my body. And it was not only short, it was exceedingly short, falling only a few inches below my bottom and hugging it provocatively. It dipped so low in the back that a good part of my butt was clearly visible, as was the sides of my boobs.

But it was the front that was most shocking. It was a simple cowl neck, but it plunged well below my navel and was wide enough to display almost the entirety of my breasts. No matter which way I’d turn, more would be displayed than covered. Walking, it was almost impossible to keep myself from spilling out with any step whatsoever, especially given the size of my boobs. It was like wearing water. At every step, some part of my body spilled out. Leaving me literally on complete display. I looked desirable and available…very available!

I could never wear it in public, unless I were to stand immobile, but how I wished I could, because I had never, ever looked or felt so sexy. I just couldn’t wear it in public…. I was determined, though, to let Joey persuade me otherwise!

I walked back toward the front room trying my best to stay in the dress. Entering the room and standing provocatively in the doorway I said, “If you want me to wear this, I must have better shoes!” trying to sound sexy and sultry but bursting almost immediately into a giggling fit.

“Goddamn it, Chloe! You look freakin’ hot. You could wear it at some of the clubs over in Bayside,” he said, after some hesitation, his voice cracking just a bit.

“You’re not serious, I hope. I could never wear this in public,” I said, hoping he was serious. I really wanted to be seen in this stunningly sexy excuse for a dress.

“Well, why not?” Joey answered, looking me up and down. “You really do look outrageously hot, Baby. It could be fun if you would. I’ll help you pick shoes,” he laughed.

“I’d be arrested if I wore this!” I smiled. “But it would be fun, wouldn’t it…?”

We were in bed within minutes and had terrific sex fantasizing about me in that outrageous little dress. I was a little vixen in bed, and our sex fantasy that night was very persuasive. I wanted to be seen in public in that tantalizingly sexy little dress!

Nothing further was said about the dress for a week or so, but the next day, I bought the perfect pair of shoes for our little fantasy dress, red six inch sling-back heels, but I never said anything to Joey about it.

On Friday, a week later, Joey suggested we go out to one of the clubs in Bayside, The Blues Baby, one we’d heard about but never visited. It had a reputation as a pick-up club, and though both of us knew that, neither of us mentioned it. An odd choice, I thought, but a curiously exciting one, too.

“Maybe I’ll wear the dress you bought me,” I joked.

“Well, maybe you should,” Joey replied, not looking directly at me.

“Do you have sufficient bail money?” I grinned.

“Oh come on, Chloe. It’s not that bad,” he answered, apparently seriously. “You see lots of that in the clubs around here. I mean we’re not in the Midwest.”

“Do you really want me to?” I asked, hoping so much that he did.

“Sure, why not. You have the body for it.”

“I couldn’t wear a thing underneath it, you know,” I said, my voice betraying my excitement at the erotic danger.

“We’re young and we’ve never done anything like this before. The guys at work all do this sort of thing all the time, you know, go out, drink, dance, show off their wives or girlfriends on the dance floor. None of them have what I’ve got, so I’d like to show mine off too.”

“You don’t dance, Joey. You hate it, as you’ve told me countless times.”

“But you do, and I wouldn’t mind watching. Watch guys eat their hearts out wanting what I have. Come on what do you say? We’ve always talked about being ‘bad.’ Let’s just do it once.”

“Are you really sure, Honey? Do you remember what I look like in that dress? I’m practically nude!”

“I do remember, Baby. That’s why I think it would be like totally hot, let the jerks at work see how hot my wife is.”

That remark surprised me a bit. He wants to show me off to his coworkers because it reflects well on him, I thought. I’m not a complete feminist, but enough of one to know objectification when I hear it. I was about to say that that was maybe a teeny bit offensive, when it occurred to me, that perhaps, for once in my life, I wouldn’t mind being an “object,” something for guys to stare at and ogle. Not at all!

“Are guys from work going to be there?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. Let’s just do it regardless, okay.”

“Okay, Joey, if you’re really, really sure. But this is kinda more than we did last summer. I really cannot stay inside the dress you bought, you know. Every time I move something spills out,” I said seriously.

“I’ll be right there. It’ll be okay. You really do look hot, Babe,” he answered bravely.

I had serious doubts about Joey’s ability to rescue me from any serious trouble, but I just let it go.

“Okay,” I said. “If you’re really okay with this, I guess I could try to be your little sexpot this weekend,” I went on, trying to be less of a cold blanket. “You can have fun showing me off. I’ll be happy to have you display me, okay. I think it could be lots of fun, too! You’re right; maybe we’re too conservative sometimes.”

I took Friday afternoon off from work to have my hair and nails done, and spent the later part of the day on my makeup. Joey had counter duty at work that Friday, so he wouldn’t be home until 9:00, so I had plenty of time to muse over the evening ahead. Unfortunately, the more I mused, the more nervously excited I became, so to calm myself down I made myself a vodka tonic.

I tried the dress on a half dozen times, posing in various positions. I soon knew what every single movement and angle would reveal. None were modest! Dancing, if I decided to, would be particularly precarious, because there was hardly a step, especially in these six inch stilettos, that didn’t almost instantly expose me totally. There would be very little left to the imagination of Joey’s coworkers, if what I expected to happen did happen.

By the time Joey got home, I was a little bit tipsy, but also much calmer and braver. I wasn’t dressed yet, but I had only to slip out of my robe and into that excuse for a dress to be ready.

Joey showered and dressed and by a little after 10:00 we were ready to go. I slipped on the dress, wearing only very, very sheer red thigh high stockings beneath, and with the help of four vodka tonics, said sexily, “What do you think?” thrusting my boobs in his face.

“Wow, Chloe. I guess you look a little more on display than I thought.”

“Too much,” I asked hesitantly, terribly afraid he was about to back out. I’d do anything I could to prevent that. “Will it bother you for the guys at work to see your wife like this?” I asked, hoping the idea of showing me off would make him determined to let me wear the dress.

“No, I guess not,” he replied a bit uneasily. “None of the guys at work are going to be there anyway, far as I know. You do look good. You have a beautiful body. The dress looks a little different tonight though than it did when you first tried it on.”

He was right that the dress looked slightly different. I was nearing that time of month, and my boobs were easily a full cup size larger than when I had first modeled the dress for him, so the dress covered even less now than it did when it stunned him with its brevity before. I was, shall we say, utterly and totally on display!

A great surge of relief went through me when I heard him agree that I looked good and he was, if not completely comfortable with the way I was dressed, at least willing to go along with it. I desperately wanted to be seen in this hot little outfit, for once, to be the object of desire. It was truly like a coming out for me.

The club turned out to be great! It was dimly lit and “bluesy,” the bar was filled but not cramped, and the crowd was a good mix of young and old. We found a couple of great seats at the bar near the dance floor and ordered drinks. I was only nineteen at the time, and afraid I’d get carded, but apparently the body on display in that teeny, slinky red dress proved identification enough.

Feeling sexy and sophisticated, I ordered my first martini. It turned out to be way strong! I was feeling the effects before I finished the first one, especially after all I’d had to drink while getting dressed. I knew my inhibitions were slipping away when I noticed the cowl neck on my dress had shifted dramatically to the left exposing my boob to just beyond the edge of my nipple. I saw that Joey noticed, too. But I didn’t do anything about it except grow progressively more excited. The same was true for him.

“I’d really like to dance, Joey. I wish you would,” I pleaded in his ear, bending over to expose that same breast entirely to him and anyone else who cared to look.

“I suck. I look totally stupid trying to dance. You know that. Believe me, somebody will ask you.”

“Not with you sitting there,” I pouted.

“What, you want me to leave?”

“Not leave, but maybe like just go to the bathroom for a few minutes and see what happens, okay? I really, really feel like dancing. And you said you want me to, right?”

“Yeah, I do. Okay, but don’t get too crazy,” he said. “But maybe a little crazy,” he grinned.

“Okay, but like don’t come back right away. Give somebody a chance to pick me up. Then you can ‘rescue’ me, k?” I said more keyed up and eager than I should have been.

I smiled back at him wickedly and winked as he left for the bathroom.

The second he was out of sight, I sat back in my chair and let the dress do what it wanted, and what it wanted was to exhibit me to the world. Exactly what I wanted, too!

The bartender brought me another martini. “From the guy over there,” he said, eyeing my exposed breasts while pointing to an older guy, maybe late thirties early forties, who was nodding at me.

I smiled back at him, turning slightly to let the dress gape open again.

He seemed content to just stare at me, so I made sure he had an awful lot of flesh to please his eye. I was sitting so that from his angle, nothing whatsoever covered my breast. I smile temptingly.

As he rose from his seat and walked over to me, I turned slightly in my chair to greet him, and with a little tug, helped the hem of my skirt steal to the very top of my thigh. It didn’t have far to go!

As he neared me, I recrossed my legs enough to let the skirt ride half way up my hip and briefly expose the nothing I had on beneath. I smiled enticingly. I was being terribly bad, I know, but I was also in such a sexy mood. Blame the dress, what little there was of it.

Instead of asking me to dance, however, he sat down beside me.

“You are the most compellingly attractive woman I’ve ever seen,” he said sincerely. “I’m glad I came here tonight.”

“Well, thank you,” I said, demurely but not excessively so. The hem of my dress was at the very edge of my vagina now. I subtly inched the dress up just slightly beyond the edge, almost unable to breathe now. “I’m Chloe,” I said with bated breath.

“I’m Brad. Who’s the guy with you?”

‘Oh, that’s just a guy I know,” I lied.

“Is he going to be upset I took his seat?”

“Maybe a little,” I smiled, watching his eyes bathe my body. “Wouldn’t you be?”

“I’d be devastated,” he laughed.

“You from around her?” I asked, moving enough to let the dress slip just that fraction of an inch needed to demonstrate clearly what lay at the very top of my thighs.

He put his hand on my knee and I smiled at him and sat back in my chair. My left breast was totally exposed. I waited a bit before I bothered to “notice” it and fix myself. His hand moved to mid thigh.

“No, I’m from out of town. Here on business,” he answered. “Hot little club,” he added glancing around the room, “but there’s nothing hotter than you tonight.”

I took a large sip of the martini. “Thanks for the drink,” I said. “It’s very strong, but I like it.”

“It impressed me when the bartender told me you were drinking straight up martinis. Not really a girl drink,” he went on. “I had him make you a double.”

“It’s just right for my mood tonight,” I laughed, opening my legs enough to invite his hand further up my thigh.

The back of his hand was brushing against my slightly exposed labia when we both noticed Joey slowly coming back to the bar. If he came up and spoiled this, I would just die. I shook my head quickly at him.

“Well, why don’t you dance with me before he gets back?” I said, nodding at what we were both watching. “Then he can have his set back and you can have me,” I said sexily, pushing my vagina hard into his hand.

“Love to,” he said, not moving his hand. “Finish up the drink.”

I gulped the drink down, nearly choking in the process, and managed to purposely drag the bottom of my dress nearly to my waist as I arose from my seat. Standing I struggled to pull the dress back down, entirely exposing my very wet, silky smooth vagina while untangling myself from the chair. It was quite a show! And I’m certain Brad knew it was deliberate!

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Joey watch me as I flounced to the dance floor.

The dance floor was crammed, which kept me from being the frenzied slut I felt inside, but not so crowded that I couldn’t continue to show Brad all there was to see. When the tempo slowed, I shamelessly collapsed into his arms. The double martini had put Joey far from my thoughts. I knew I was getting myself in trouble, but I just didn’t want to stop.

There was an absolute crush on the dance floor, which I hoped was shielding my behavior from Joey. As I pushed myself into Brad’s body as the music slowed, Brad effortlessly moved his hands from my shoulders to my bare breasts, and as he began lightly to pinch my stiffening nipples, I knew I was in trouble, trouble I was going to have a hard time getting out of. I didn’t really care. Not at that moment.

“You have an unbelievably sexy body,” he said, staring into my eyes, “and a face to match. It would be a real pleasure to take you home.”

I had opened for him entirely, let him assume I was his for the taking. I hadn’t made one move to stop his enjoyment of my body. And I was in deep, deep trouble.

I realized the only way out of this dilemma was some semblance of truth. I told him that the “guy I knew” was actually my husband and that he insisted on taking me out to show me off and that he encouraged this kind of behavior. Brad asked me if I didn’t think that was cruel teasing, and I admitted it was, apologizing and telling him that if I had my way, I would deliver what I promised.

He just left it at that and took me back to the bar where Joey was waiting, but whispered in my ear as he was leaving, “you’re a little cock tease.” That hurt. I was so terribly frustrated and so embarrassed that I told Joey I wanted to leave. I stole a look over at Brad as we left and the look he returned told me how pathetic he must think the two of us. And he was right!

In the car, I recovered myself somewhat and told Joey a made up story about what happened, something about the guy wanting me and me telling him how hot my husband was. Something like that. Anyway, it worked and we had a good night in bed, though the man who was fucking me in my fantasy was not Joey!

Five-Year High School Reunion

Joey’s five-year high school reunion was coming later the next month, and though he had initially not planned on attending, he was suddenly quite eager to go. I had a feeling I knew why. He wanted to be noticed for his “arm candy,” a phrase he’d used a couple of times in the last few weeks. I was okay with it. I liked a lot of the people in his class, and in truth didn’t at all mind having a few of the people who snubbed Joey see what his old girlfriend looks like now. Vain, I know, but I think understandable, too, if you’ve ever been to high school. I thought this could be a very fun night for both of us.

When I told Joey I wanted to find a really special dress for the reunion, he surprised me by insisting on coming along. And it pleased me, too. I liked the idea of the two of us sort of planning our “revenge.” Silly, I know, but kind of fun, too. We visited half a dozen stores before we found just the kind of dress that I had in mind and that I knew would fit Joey’s new image of me.

I liked the dress the moment I saw it hanging on the rack. I was a simple white knit long-sleeve dress with a scoop neck that buttoned all the way down the front. The kind of dress that is demure (a modest top) but sexy (mid thigh length). It was just exactly what I had in mind. Joey was not at all impressed at first, but I wanted to at least try it on. In the dressing room, I was pretty sure Joey would change his mind when he saw it.

The knit material was delightfully sheer and clingy and hugged my body flawlessly. Because I’m a teeny bit top-heavy, the dress was even tighter across my bosom than my hips, and tugged precariously at the buttons. Unbuttoning the top two loosened the dress perfectly and allowed just enough boob to spill out to make the whole ensemble charmingly tantalizing without being vulgar.

As I guessed, Joey was more than pleased. That night in bed, he couldn’t stop talking about how hot I looked in our new reunion dress and what a spectacular sight I’d make. Early in the night, he wanted me to promise I’d flirt, but by the time he’d “warmed up,” he wanted me to go a bit further. The point was to make all the guys who’d snubbed him be jealous of him now. I agreed to everything he said, knowing I wouldn’t actually follow through. It seemed harmless fun at the moment.

I spent virtually all of the day of the reunion doing girl stuff—getting my hair and nails done and shoe shopping. By the time I got home, Joey had already had a drink or two and had one waiting for me. He was very excited and his excitement was infectious.

Dressing was exhilarating. I had bought a pretty lace push-up bra and matching panties. I was going to wear white pantyhose, but decided last minute on white thigh highs with an elegant lace top band instead.

When I came out to present myself to Joey, he was even more excited than I expected. He looked me over carefully, turning me around slowly. And then he said with a distinct quaver in his voice, “You’d look better without the panties. You can kinda see the panty line.”

“You want me to take them off,” I said. “Won’t it be obvious that I don’t have anything on?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so. Why don’t you just try it and see? Maybe try it without anything, like maybe no bra either?”

I looked at him strangely. He was obviously very keyed up and maybe a little tipsy, but somehow the danger of the suggestion excited me, too. I’d try it.

In the bedroom looking at myself in the mirror sans bra and panties, I knew Joey was both right and wrong. The dress was much sleeker, more form fitting, and infinitely more alluring with nothing underneath. But he was wrong about it not being obvious that there was nothing beneath the dress but flesh. It was very obvious!

The more I looked and posed, the more I wanted to wear it exactly this way nonetheless. I have never looked so captivating or felt so tempting. Or been so brazen! This is the way I was going to Joey’s reunion. I just hoped he’d agree.

The second I stepped out of the bedroom, I knew this look might be too much, and I think if Joey had been completely sober, he might have objected. But a couple of vodka tonics had made him more courageous than he might have been otherwise, and though he hesitated a bit, he said that I looked really hot and sexy. I noticed his hands were shaking when he said it, however. I sensed he might be a little apprehensive about this in-your-face sexuality, but by that time, I was so into this new me, that I chose to ignore it.

As we checked in at the reunion desk, I clearly heard a guy behind us say, “Is that Chloe Wills? Man, what a change! She is smokin’ hot!” I hoped Joey had heard it, too. My confidence soared, as you might imagine.

As we walked to the open bar, I got so many openly admiring stares and not a few murmured guy-type compliments (“Jesus, what a babe,” “Goddamn, that bitch is hot,” that sort of thing). We were going to find a table, but decided instead just to hang around the bar for a while. After another vodka, Joey whispered shakily for me to unbutton one more button. That one more button was going to put a lot of bosom on display, but I went ahead and did it anyway. Joey couldn’t keep his eyes off my chest. I liked that.

Moments later, Derrick Carter walked up to the bar. Derrick is a guy I had a major crush on in high school. Joey hated him, for good reason. Derrick was big, a three sport letterman, stupid and a bully. But oh my god was he handsome! He still made my heart quiver.

In an English class in Joey’s senior year, Derrick had given a totally stupid answer to some question, and Joey had corrected him. Right after class, Derrick had grabbed him, and right in front of everyone, including the teacher, had “bitch slapped him.” Then to make his humiliation complete, he had his girlfriend, Teri Bales, slap him, too, which made everyone, including the teacher, Miss Martin, laugh! Though Joey doesn’t know this, I was walking down the hall at the time and saw it too. I felt so sorry for Joey. It was just so totally degrading and demeaning, but to my shame, I also felt this intense desire for Derrick right then. To do something like that right in front of the teacher was pretty gutsy. He didn’t seem at all bothered by authority, and at that time, I found that really appealing.

“Hey, Joey,” Derrick smirked, walking brashly up to the bar and putting his hand on my shoulder. “Your date looks great,” he added, openly looking up and down my body. “Didn’t you go to Central High, too?” he asked, turning to me.

“Yes, I did. I was three years behind you guys. I’m Chloe, Joey’s wife.”

“His wife, huh? You got yourself a hottie, Joey. Funny I never noticed her at school. Good seeing you again,” he said, looking at me and not Joey.

“Asshole,” Joey said under his breath. I could see he was visibly relieved when Derrick left. We could both see him checking us out from his table just across the room.

“You blew him away, babe,” Joey said. “He couldn’t believe I’ve got such a hot babe. Look at that thing he’s with.”

Derrick was with his girlfriend, Teri, who had put on a little weight since high school. She was still very attractive, but she’d been sensational in school, and now was moving pretty quickly toward fat. Conceited of me to say, I know, but she was certainly no longer any competition. I saw Derrick stealing long glances at me. I liked it! A lot!

A few couples had started to dance, and more were moving toward the dance floor, when Joey turned to me and said, “If Derrick asks you to dance, do it, okay. I want him to see how much hotter you are than that bimbo he’s with.”

It all abruptly came clear. Teri was the girl every guy in school was so hot for when we were in school and the girl who had completely humiliated Joey in the hall that day when Derrick held him while she slapped him to the amusement of everyone watching. He desperately wanted to show Derrick up. And maybe Teri, too.

“You sure?” I asked. I was more than willing, but didn’t want to show it.

“Yeah, do it. Like turn him on and then just like walk away from him!” he said, his speech slurring slightly.

Very weird on Joey’s part, I knew, but I really wouldn’t mind dancing with Derrick, though it didn’t seem likely to happen, not with his girlfriend right there.

“Do you want me to try and make that happen, like get Derrick to dance with me?” I asked.

Joey hesitated long enough to let me know he wasn’t too sure about that, but instead said, “Sure, why not, the asshole.” Having seen the way he ogled me, I had a pretty good idea that I could help it along.

So a few minutes later, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Walking by Derrick’s table, I looked him directly in the eye, and very slowly and deliberately but coyly, licked my upper lip, and then bent over to check my shoe, showing Derrick the treats available if he asked. That’s all, but I had no doubt he got the message. Whether he would act on it was another matter.

Back at the bar with Joey, I kept looking over at Derrick, making him aware that I knew he was there and that I was “interested.” I also tried my best to make the boob that Joey had wanted displayed as enticing to Derrick as possible. A few twists in the chair helped clearly send the message I wanted.

A few moments later, I saw his girlfriend along with two other girls at the table get up to go to the bathroom. They weren’t gone a minute before Derrick walked over and said to Joey, “Mind if I dance with your wife?”

Joey just shrugged his shoulders, trying to act nonchalant, but visibly nervous…to me at least. Derrick seemed oblivious, and simply ignored Joey. “Care to?” he asked extending his hand.

“Sure, why not,” I said, smiling and letting my dress creep high up my thigh as I slid off of the bar stool. Derrick just brazenly put his arm around my shoulder as he led me to the dance floor

I’m a good dancer and the disc the DJ was playing was really good dance music. I did exactly what Joey wanted. I showed Derrick everything he’d ignored in high school! I danced with what I guess you could call controlled frenzy, enough so that at times, I thought I might spill entirely out of the top of my dress. Derrick’s eyes rarely left my chest.

And then trouble came.

After a series of really hot dance tunes, the DJ shifted tempo to a slow and erotic Byonce hit, and as I turned to go back to the bar, thinking Joey would not want me dancing a slow number with Derrick, he quickly grabbed me and pulled me right up next to him. He wasn’t letting me go, and I confess I wasn’t at all unhappy with that.

One slow tune turned into another. I worried about what Joey would think, but when I felt Derrick growing tense and excited as he pushed himself harder against me, I couldn’t stop myself from responding. When his hand slip inside my dress and cupped my breast, I surprised myself by just melting into him. A second later he was caressing my throbbing breast and stiffening nipple. Though I was suddenly terrified of the consequences, I didn’t resist at all.

As the dance ended and we parted, I realized in alarm, that Derrick had managed to unfasten the entire top of my dress.

“What have you done,” I asked, stupidly, giggling and quickly buttoning back up. “You’ve almost totally undressed me!”

“If we’d had one more dance, I would have opened it totally,” he grinned. “Maybe next time. You have terrific tits, by the way.”

I just smiled at him, said “thanks, I hope there is a next time,” and walked back to Joey, glancing at Derrick over my shoulder and winking at him once.

Back with Joey, I made up some terrible lies tailored to make him feel that he got his “revenge” and that Derrick was now extremely jealous of him. Joey was dunk enough to buy it all. In fact, he was immensely pleased with me and told me so. As I was puffing up Joey, I noticed that Derrick and Teri seemed in the middle of a spat of some sort, and maybe a half hour later I noticed that she had left and didn’t seem to be coming back.

It was getting late in the evening now. Joey was drunk but still reasonably aware, and I was preening like mad for him. I’d unbuttoned another button, showing enough cleavage now to make me the decidedly fine arm candy he coveted, and draping myself all over him to reinforce his sense of ego. But all the while I was stealing glances at Derrick and he at me. A half dozen of Joey’s old “friends” dropped by to check us out. I danced with a few of them and flirted with all of them. Joey was on top of the world.

Around 1:00 a.m., the DJ announced last dance, and I saw Derrick get up and start walking over toward us. I was frozen in anticipation, frantic at the thought of what Joey would say if he’d ask me to dance and distraught at the thought that Joey might refuse.

“Joey,” I said. “Derrick’s walking this way. I know he’s going to ask me to last dance. What should I do?”

“Tell the jerk, no,” he said petulantly.

“You sure you don’t want me to make him super jealous this time?” I cooed. “I think his girlfriend got all upset he danced with me last time and just left. Isn’t that cool? I could really seal the deal this time, just make him so, so envious,” I added, rubbing myself up against him.

He hesitated a second, but said shakily, “Jesus Christ! Okay, do it! Really make him jealous this time!”

“Okay, Joey, but are you sure?” I asked, afraid he might change his mind. “I’ll make him really jealous for us, okay?! And you’re sure, right?”

“Yeah, sure, do it!”

“Hey, you mind if I borrow your wife one more time?” Derrick asked coolly as he leaned against the bar. I could see he was more than a bit drunk.

Joey just nodded his head as if to say go ahead, not looking directly at him, and Derrick escorted me to the dance floor.

Joey had likely forgotten, but I hadn’t, how long these last slow dances went on. I was tipsy and thrilled in Derrick’s arms, and it became increasingly obvious that Derrick was more than tipsy and way more than thrilled to have me there. We staggered more than danced.

“Did Teri go somewhere?” I asked innocently.

“Yeah. She went home pissed off!” he slurred.

“Oh, really? What was the matter?”

“You were the matter,” he said, pulling me tighter against him. “I kept telling her how hot you were and what a great body you had. She got pissed off.”

“Oh, God, Derrick. That was not a very nice thing to say to your girlfriend!”

“You upset that I did?” I felt his hand snake under my dress to once again enfold my breast.

“No, not really, I guess,” I said seductively. “Maybe I like it. Did you know I had just the most outrageous crush on you in school?” I whispered in his ear and pushing my body hard against his.

I had no idea why I said such a thing. It was totally improper, and a stupid invitation to trouble. I can only say that the alcohol and the mood and Derrick’s hand again on my bare breast provoked inappropriate emotions.

“Wish I’d known. If you had the body you have now, I would have known!”

“I did have. Maybe even better. I just kept it covered is all.”

“Your husband is a fucking fool to let you out of his sight, you know. You’re way too hot for that wimp.”

“Don’t be mean,” I said.

“Did he ever tell you about the time I bitch slapped him in the hall?” he smirked.

“No, but I saw it. You made Teri slap him, too. Everybody thought that was so funny. I guess it was. But it was like so, so mean, too,” I giggled. “He looked so terrified when little Teri was slapping him over and over that you just couldn’t help laughing. I should never ever admit this, but I was laughing too. It was just so ludicrous to see this little girl slapping this guy while he cried. Even Mrs. Martin was laughing!”

“Yeah, I saw that. Your little bitch boyfriend was crying, and every time Teri slapped him all the guys would go ‘boo hoo!’ It was very fucking funny. Mrs. Martin was cracking up. I fucked her, you know,” he added casually.

“Yeah, I guess everybody heard about you doing her. You got her pregnant, too, right?. That’s what everybody said anyway.”

“Yeah, I did. Her husband knew I was fucking her but still thinks the kid is his.”

“Well you are a dangerous guy, Derrick,” I laughed. “And I know you’re going to be very dangerous for me, aren’t you. You know why Joey wants me to dance with you?” I added.

“No, why? He must be fucking crazy is all I can think.”

“He wants me to make you jealous that he has a hot wife. He thinks that’s how he can get back at you and Teri for what you guys did to him. I guess it worked on Teri!” I smirked, grinding my body against Derrick’s. “She must be really upset,” I said as invitingly as I could. I could feel Derrick’s cock hardening against my thigh.

I know I shouldn’t have told Derrick any of that. It was such a betrayal of Joey and made him seem just utterly pathetic, but I was just totally into Derrick at that moment and wanted to make him know it.

“What a dumb fuck. You’re right it was fucking hilarious when I bitch slapped your little pussy husband and maybe I should do it again tonight,” he snorted. “What do think?”

“Well, if you really wanted to, I guess it would excite me. You know I wouldn’t do anything to stop you, that’s for sure, but don’t you think holding his wife’s bare tit in your hand is worse than a bitch slapping?” I moaned into his ear. “Or undressing her right here on the dance floor?” I added, taking his hand from my breast and putting it on the next button of my dress. “Isn’t that what you said you were going to do? That’s so much better than just bitch slapping him, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, maybe it is, and I did say I intended to undress you right out here on the dance floor.”

“Yes, you did,” I moaned into his ear.

A moment later, I felt my dress come apart and Derrick’s hands cupping my bare ass. “I’m going to fuck you, too,” he said.

“Yes, I know you are. And soon, too. Oh, God, Derrick,” I whispered in his ear. “You have no idea how I used to dream about something like this.” I could feel his hardness pushing against my naked belly now. I reached down to touch it. It was impressively large. “I want you inside me!” I whispered in his ear.

I could hold the dress together somewhat with the inside of my arms so that I didn’t appear publically nude, but I was bare naked to Derrick. And I could see that a few of the couples around us were aware of that. I didn’t care. I could feel the heat of his body on my exposed skin.

“I need to fuck you tonight,” he gasped, reaching down to stroke the silky smooth softness of my exposed and willing sex.

I pulled his head down to my anxious lips and kiss him, moaning as I flicked my tongue in and out of his mouth, “Yes, I want you, too,” I sighed heavily. “I want you to fuck me, Derrick. Desperately!”

“Lose the wimp! Let me fuck you tonight!” he demanded, moving his hand to cup my velvety vagina. I wanted frantically to obey.

“Oh, Derrick, I can’t,” I gasped as his finger slipped deftly inside me. “I’m with my husband. You know that. How can I?”

“Lose the wimp!” he repeated even more insistently, his entire finger inside me now.

“Derrick, I can’t. You know that. But we will. Soon. I promise.”

“Do you want me?” Two of his fingers were deep inside me now, caressing my quivering clit.

“Oh God, yes, Derrick, I do. Really do. Can’t you tell?”

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

My answer was to kiss him hard while I mumbled into his mouth, “Yes, I want you to fuck me, Derrick. You know I do!”

“Call me,” he said.

“I don’t have your number,” I whispered.

“Do you have something to write on?” he asked, taking a pen from his jacket pocket.

I shook my head no.

And then he did the most outrageous, sexiest thing I’ve ever heard of. He took my breast in his hand and wrote his number on it! There was no doubt at all now that the couples around us were aware of what Derrick had done. I stood there totally exposed as Derrick wrote his cell number on my breast while I swayed in front of him.

The dance was coming to an end, and I had to now contend with the fact that my dress was completely open and people were openly gawking.

“Hold me while I try to get buttoned up again,” I laughed nervously.

“Why not just let me walk you out of here naked?” he grinned. “You’d knock ‘em dead!. Then I’ll fuck you!”

“Oh God, Derrick, I wish you could. I really want you. I promise next time you will,” I answered breathlessly, hastily buttoning up again, this time clear to the top. Derrick’s number on my tit isn’t something I wanted anyone to see.

Joey was a teeny bit peeved when I got back, but a little too drunk for it to last. Rubbing up against him lasciviously and telling ego inflating stories did the trick. We were soon again acting the hot shot and his arm candy.

At home, after rubbing Derrick’s number off of my tit and into my address book, I gave myself totally to Joey, while in my fantasy I gave myself to Derrick. But it would be a fantasy, I promised myself. Though there was no question of my desire, I hoped fervently that he wouldn’t call. I couldn’t fall that low.

Work Days

In the weeks prior to all of this, work had been hectic. The firm was preparing to make a bond offering for a water works company and there was considerable anxiety and consternation about it that I frankly did not totally understand. What I did understand was that I was expected to stay late and join in the frantic pace of the coming weeks.

I really didn’t mind. There was something fun and exciting about the chaos and the strong camaraderie that ensued. Having never been through one of these events, I was attracted to the strong bonding that grew stronger as the issue date approached.

All this frenetic energy all around me happened to coalesce with what was happening to me at home. Joey’s obsessive interest in exhibiting me, his growing attention to my clothes, and new found insistence on my public sexuality, had come to produce profound (and welcomed) changes in me and how I felt about myself.

I was so much more confident about my overall appearance, but especially about my body. It was such a strange transition. I had become a chrysalis, exchanging my old drab, figure-obscuring wardrobe for the clothes Joey approved of now. And I felt a corresponding change deep inside of me. A new and much more confident woman was emerging, one who could admit to the growing sexual nature inside her that Joey had, intentionally or not, released. And sadly, a sexual tension Joey was less and less able to satisfy wholly.

So maybe a more shameless woman was emerging, too. In the past few weeks, two different men had not only seen my naked breasts, but fondled them. One man had undressed me in public and written his cell number on my breast! Worse, I had no regrets, none at all. Quite the reverse, in fact. I liked being looked at. I liked being the object of men’s fantasies. I could never go back to the old me.

The clothes I chose to wear to work more and more began purposely to evidenced the body beneath. I wore thin lacy bras when I wore one at all, and thongs or more often, nothing at all under my short tight skirts and dresses. I grew to love the feeling of being utterly naked beneath my clothes, and the less I wore underneath, the more guys stared, and the more guys stared the more I liked it. So like in classical psychological conditioning, I tended more and more to wear less and less. In short order, I not only became comfortable with but actually came to crave guys staring at me. I especially liked it when my two bosses noticed and complimented me on my “fashion sense!”

The week after Joey’s reunion was the week the bond issue was due, and to put it simply, it was utter chaos and frenzy. And it was terribly exciting. Everyone was working to near exhaustion, especially my two bosses, Mr. Damon and Mr. Compton, and me. We’d work well past 6:00, go for a quick dinner, come back and work until 10:00 or 11:00 many nights, and then just collapse in the conference room amid the mess of brochures and prospectives. Mr. Damon and Mr. Compton would then pour themselves brandy and we’d all just relax and compliment ourselves on how hard we work. The first time they offered me a glass, I refused, but at their insistence I later accepted. In the days following it became a sort of ritual, and one I looked forward to.

The day of the bond sale was the most hectic of my life, and it was sometime near midnight when all the work was finished. I was truly grateful when the day ended and the three of us gathered in the conference room to celebrate. We were drinking and laughing and enjoying the success of the weeks of hard work, and I was in an ebullient mood, made even better by Mr. Compton’s telling me how proud they were of my dedication and work ethic and that there would be a significant bonus for me as a result.

I was totally relaxed and extremely happy. The brandy had never tasted so rich and smooth. I felt wonderfully close to Mr. Damon and Mr. Compton right then, and I could sense they felt the same way. We finally could relax openly and celebrate the success of the bond sale.

I was growing just a teeny bit inebriated when Mr. Damon asked me if I’d ever tried cocaine.

“No, ” I said. “Never.”

“Care to? Matt and I are going to do a little. It’s sort of an energy boost. And God knows we could all use that right now!”

“I don’t know,” I said apprehensively. Isn’t it illegal?”

They both just laughed. “Come on, Chloe, give it a try with us. We’re all partners here.”

I didn’t know how I could actually refuse being a “partner,” so I said, okay, I’d try it.

Mr. Damon laid out three lines and showed me how to snuff it up my nose without sneezing. It burned at first, and I couldn’t really see any great effect, so they had me do it two more times. About ten minutes later I just felt this burst of energy and this general sense of euphoria. I was happy with them, with myself, with the world!

“Like to dance, Chloe?” Mr. Damon said casually.

“I do,” I said, “and I’m quite good at it too,” I added immodestly.

“I’ll bet you are. Why don’t you show us a few of your dance moves. I’d find it relaxing to watch a pretty girl dancing right now. How about you, Matt?”

“It would be just what the doctor ordered,” Mr. Compton replied.

I knew this invitation was not exactly proper, but the brandy and the cocaine had affected me enough to make the idea exciting, nonetheless. The office has “soft jazz” piped into the conference room, and though that’s certainly not dancing music, at the moment I thought it would do just fine, and I stood up and began to sway slowly, trying to get into the beat of the music. I desperately wanted to please my bosses and see them relax. They deserved it! I was soaring.

I could see myself in the large mirror behind the conference table, and from my vantage point, I looked extremely seductive. The way my body seemed to move almost without any conscious decision on my part seemed intensely erotic. Mr. Damon walked over to me and offered me some more cocaine from a tiny silver spoon. The effect this time was instantaneous.

I felt this great surge of erotic energy and an intense emotional attachment to our “team.” Dancing to please these men seemed the most natural thing in the world. I could hear both Mr. Damon and Mr. Compton praising my body as I swayed enticingly before them. I was in another world.

In the mirror, I saw Mr. Damon coming up behind me and watched him take the bottom of my sweater and slowly begin to pull it up. I raised my arms to accommodate him, and there I was, dancing in my sheer lace bra with my sweater in Mr. Damon’s hands. It was like being at home, doing an innocent little striptease for my husband. It seemed the perfect and natural thing to do. Looking at myself in the mirror, I realized how much better I looked out of my sweater, how much more erotic and tantalizing my dancing seemed. I thought I would look even better out of my skirt.

Mr. Damon brought me more cocaine, telling me how incredibly beautiful I looked and how magnificent my body was and how pleased they both were that I would dance for them. The cocaine made everything around me glow with an inner beauty.

In a sort of haze, I saw Mr. Damon pull the down the straps on my bra, and again, I thought nothing of it. Again, it seemed perfect. The swell of my breasts moved much more alluringly and my body seemed to respond to this enticement. And then he reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra, dropping it to the floor at my feet.

Now, I was suddenly nervous. I covered my breasts with my hands, but Mr. Damon pulled them down again.

“Keep dancing, Chloe,” Mr. Compton intoned from afar. “You look stunningly beautiful.”

In the mirror, the half naked girl agreed and continued to dance. My sense of innocent euphoria returned.

“Take your skirt off, Chloe,” Mr. Compton said in a husky voice.

It never occurred o me not to. I slid the zipper down and seductively danced out of my tight little skirt. The body of the woman in the mirror continued to sway seductively.

Suddenly, Mr. Damon just picked me up, carried me to the conference table, and in one quick tug, broke my thong from my body.

As if in slow motion, I saw him lower his pants, pull my legs up to his shoulders and prepare to enter me.

I quickly threw my hands down to cover myself.

“No, please, Mr. Damon. Don’t do that,” I begged. “I’m not that kind of girl,” I pleaded lamely. “I’ve never been with anyone but my husband.” Even in the haze of cocaine, I knew that things had now gone too far, and that I probably would not escape this. I hoped I wanted to.

Mr. Compton calmly pulled my hands away from my vagina, and I felt the head of Mr. Damon’s sex begin slowly to part my labia.

“No, Mr. Damon. Please, please. Please don’t do this,” I sobbed, now nearing panic. I did not want to be raped but I knew I was about to be.

Neither Mr. Damon nor Mr. Compton said a single word. Mr. Compton held my hands above my head, and Mr. Damon continued to push himself deeper into my vagina. And deeper and deeper and deeper. I thought he would never insert himself fully. And then he pulled out, and the next long, deep stroke began.

“This is exceptionally good pussy, Matt. Tight and smooth,” Mr. Damon said, breaking the strange silence that accompanied my rape.

“Don’t make a mess in it,” Mr. Compton observed. “I’ll want some of it, too. Finish up in her mouth. Let me turn her so her head drops over the edge of the table and I can get her mouth ready for us,” he continued.

Mr. Damon never withdrew or really even changed his rhythmic assault of my body as Mr. Compton rotated me sidewise on the table. I felt my head drop off the edge of the table and was instantly aware that Mr. Compton was preparing to enter my mouth. I had never done that before. But then I had never been raped before, either!

“Open your mouth, Chloe.”

I had stopped sobbing, but Mr. Compton’s abrupt command started me all over again. But I did open my mouth, and Mr. Compton took immediate advantage, pushing his cock fully into my mouth. And suddenly, my head was ringing and there were stars before my eyes. Mr. Compton had viciously slapped me twice across the face. “Jesus Christ, Chloe, haven’t you ever sucked cock before?” Mr. Compton snapped.

“No,” I sobbed tearfully. “Never.”

“Well, for God’s sake woman, keep your teeth off of a man’s cock! Suck it like a lollipop. Now open up again and for Christ’s sake be careful.”

I dutifully opened and accepted his erection again, this time being careful to do as he instructed.

He seemed satisfied this time, and began to rhythmically push himself deeper into my mouth. I gagged as he hit the back of my throat, and Mr. Compton and Mr. Damon both laughed.

“A newbie,” Mr. Compton noted in amusement.

Ironically, the slap had actually calmed me down and concentrated my focus. I was now intensely aware of the tempo of Mr. Damon’s cock as he stroked himself deeper and deeper inside me and the tactile sense of Mr. Compton’s slippery sex pulsing in and out of my wet mouth. And more and more I was conscious of a growing warmth spreading from my vagina up through my belly and figuratively engulfing me in ecstasy.

I was on the verge of climax, but I knew this would be like nothing else I had ever experienced. I had climaxed with Joey, or thought I had, but this would be different. Very different! Mr. Compton had pulled out of my mouth, and all of my attention was now focused on Mr. Damon’s sleek cock pulsing rhythmically in and out of me. I felt myself sliding into a deep abyss of sexual pleasure, when with a deep groan, he suddenly pulled out of me.

I was in a panic. I was on the verge of the most electrifying sensation of my life and the cock that was producing it was abandoning me. I was about to beg him, to plead, to pray for him to inset himself again, when simultaneously I felt Mr. Compton’s sex slip inside me and Mr. Damon’s cock pushing deep into my mouth. Almost at once, a warm gush of semen hit the back of my throat and Mr. Damon’s cock began to convulse violently in my mouth.

I had no idea what to do with the seeming gallons of Mr. Damon’s cum filling my mouth, until Mr. Damon told me exactly what to do.

“Swallow, bitch!” he said, stroking the last of his cum onto my lips.

I nearly gagged, but managed to swallow it all in two gulps, and then turned my attention to the astonishing sensation reemerging from my clitoris.

Mr. Compton’s strokes were quicker and harder than Mr. Damon’s, and if they were designed to drive me into utter sexual abandon, they worked to perfection. The sensation that Mr. Damon had launched was now soaring into unexplored realms of sexual enchantment. Every nerve was attuned to his stroke, the very fiber of my being was concentrated solely on Mr. Compton’s beautiful cock penetrating my open body. I could sense something happening that had never happened before.

A moment later it exploded! I began to moan and whimper like some whore in heat and that growing sensation inside me now completely overwhelmed me. I had no choice but to given in to it wholly and entirely.

“Oh God, Mr. Compton!” I shrieked. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” And then I fell over the edge into utter and total abandon. Through lust glazed eyes I saw Mr. Damon’s face contort and his cock begin to shudder, and I through a veil of lust and desire heard myself sobbing in reckless and wanton wildness, “Fuck me, Mr. Compton! Oh God, please, Mr. Compton fuck me hard!”

His cock exploded inside me, and my writhing cunt rose up to meet every gush of his incomparable semen as it burst inside me. His piercing stroke now was so powerful and so penetrating that I thought he might rupture my insides. And if that had been his intent, I would have urged him on!

And then that last, beautiful, vicious thrust up hard against my cervix sent me into the most exhilarating climax I could ever imagine. My mind went blank, my body shuddered in paroxysms of pleasure, and I felt myself enfolded in a blanket of carnal obsession. I had never experienced anything remotely like this…and I knew I would need to again.

At home that night in bed, I thought deeply about what had happened to me. I had been raped. There was no doubt about that. I had pleaded with both of them to stop. But they hadn’t. They were different from Joey. They were the kind of men who simply took what they wanted. And the thought that stuck with me the most was that what they took was only what they deserved to take. They were a different breed of man from Joey. They were more successful and more dominant and commanded a kind of respect from the world that Joey would never know.

It came to me in an abrupt and brilliant blaze of illumination that in taking me the way they had, they had succeeded in taking me from Joey entirely. In a flash of insight I realized that, though I was married to Joey, I now belonged exclusively to them…and to men like them. And though I honestly do love Joey, I knew that he could never possess me as Mr. Damon and Mr. Compton had. They had simply taken me, and I had become their property. I was finally what I was meant to be.


On the Monday after my incredible evening with Mr. Damon and Mr. Compton, Joey told me that he would have to be out of town on Tuesday to attend some sort of dealership training or something. I knew immediately that I had lied to myself earlier and that I was in fact going to call Derrick. The realization surprised me, believe it or not. I really had convinced myself that I would never do such a traitorous thing to Joey. Yet later that night, under the pretence of going to the drug story for “women’s stuff,” I called Derrick on my cell and arranged to meet him at an up-scale bar downtown the next night, a place where no one who knows me or Joey is likely to be. It’s mostly lawyers and businessmen.

All day at work I obsessed about what to wear and tried to sublimate my guilt over what I was doing. I rationalized it by acknowledging that some men were simply superior to others and by their very nature deserved to have whatever they could take. Men like Mr. Damon and Mr. Compton. Could anyone really deny that they were higher sorts than most other men? I don’t know that I can really explain it. It gets all confused in my head. But isn’t it sort of like survival of the fittest? They took me because they could, because they were the strongest, and Joey, if he would really think about it, would know that he is not in the same league as these men, and would know way down deep inside, that what they did was their right. And Derrick was that kind of man, too.

I decided it would be best not to draw too much attention to myself, so I decided to wear a white flared skirt that was sexy only because it is short and a white cashmere vee-neck that I decided looked more alluring without a bra than with. Actually, I went back and forth on that, thinking that I might draw too much attention to myself sans bra, but on the other hand, wanting to be at least a little tantalizing for Derrick. Tantalizing won out. White ankle strap pumps and particularly sheer thigh highs completed the look I wanted.

We’d agreed to meet at 8:00, but I wanted to be a little late so as not to look too terribly eager, though I was. I got there by taxi about 8:20 and found Derrick at the bar talking with another guy, who turned out to be some sports announcer on local television named Stan something or other. Derrick introduced me as his “date,” which I liked, and after some inane sort of sports blah blah, Derrick took me to a table near the back, where we were finally alone.

“You look hot, babe,” Derrick grinned. “You see the way Stan was checking you out?”

I actually had noticed, but pretended not to.

“I’m really a little nervous about being here,” I said. “But I’m glad I came.”

“Just relax, Baby. Let’s have a couple of drinks and reminisce.”

“Reminisce?” I said. “Derrick, we hardly ran in the same circles at school. You were way popular, and no one knew my name. But I do know stories about you,” I giggled. “I was terribly interested in all the things I heard about you.”

“Yeah, like what?”

“You really want to know? They don’t speak highly of your moral character,” I said grinning at him.

“Sure, what did people say? I’ll tell you if they’re true.”

“Well, there’s one story that you picked a new freshman chick to fuck every month. Is that true?” I asked coyly.

“Yep, and when I finished with her, I’d pass her on to my posse.”

“Jesus, you are soooo bad! I also heard that maybe not all of the girls consented?”

“You mean said, no? Some did, but I kind of ignore that. Easier that way.”

There was a time I would have been upset about such a remark, but after my experience with Mr. Damon and Mr. Compton, I understood completely. Like them, Derrick was a different breed. Like them, he could and should ignore “no”!

“You are just awful, Derrick. But I guess it’s true that good girls do like bad boys,” I said, smiling coyly into his eyes. “I also heard that you never use a condom and that you got at least six girls pregnant in high school, not counting Mrs. Martin.”


“You have eight kids!” I exclaimed.

“I got one. The others got taken care of.”


“Yeah. The other bitch was this little freshman cunt who thought abortion was a sin or some shit like that.”

“Did you get Mrs. Martin pregnant on purpose? I heard that you did.”

“Long, weird story. First off her little pussy professor husband walked in on us one afternoon when I was fucking her, like just as I was ready to unload in her, and says something stupid like ‘what’s going on here?’ So I calmly get out of the bed, walk over to him, and punch the punk hard in the face. He just drops like a sack. I tell him, ‘Listen, punk, don’t ever disturb me when I’m about to blow my wad in your bitch’s cunt, got that?’ Then I kick him in the gut and walk out.

“Jeeze, Derrick. Weren’t you at all scared he’d do something?”

He just laughed. “Nah, he was a wimp, just like your husband. He ‘forgave’ her and I just kept on fucking her whenever I felt the urge. I used to make her come to school without panties and make her show a couple of buddies.”

“And she did it?” I asked in amazement.

“Sure, just like you will. Anyway, about her getting knocked up. Her punk husband had some shit like low sperm count or something, so she was always taking her temperature and some other weird stuff and then scheduling sex with him. I never followed what was going on until some other cunt I was fucking put me wise. Like soon as I snapped to what was going on, I told her the second she was ready to call me. So she does, I pop a kid in her belly first time, her husband thinks it’s his, everybody’s happy.”

“Does it feel weird to know the kid is yours?

“Nah, means nothing to me.”

“How about the one who wouldn’t get an abortion? Do you see that kid?”

“No. Hey, let’s talk about something else, okay.”

“Sure. Like what?”

“Like how I’m going to fuck you tonight!”

“How? Well, I guess you’re going to fuck me anyway you want, right?” I said, breathlessly and brazenly.

“Let’s finish these drinks and go out to my place. I want to check out that hot bod again.”

In the car, Derrick told me a little bit about his life since high school. He’d gotten a football scholarship to the state university and made All American in his junior year there, but in his senior year, he tore his knee apart, and after three surgeries everyone agreed his playing days were over. But he was lucky to have met a very wealthy booster at college who took a liking to him, and when he left, he set him up as the general manager of a very successful car dealership in town and gave him the use of his house in a very exclusive section of town known as Deer Park manor. That’s where we were heading now.

I asked him about his current relationship with Teri. He laughed and said that I had been the best thing for their relationship because after that night at the reunion she had gone on pills and a diet and took up a fitness routine at the gym and in the process had begun to rapidly shed weight. She was apparently quickly on her way to regaining her high school figure. I can’t say that pleased me, because I truly did relish looking so much better than she did, but how could I complain, really, since her boyfriend was taking me off to have sex with me.

“Where is she tonight?” I asked.

“Back at her apartment.” “Doesn’t she live with you?” I asked, somewhat surprised.

“Most of the time, but I told her she needed to keep her own place ’cause I needed space every once in a while. I need space tonight.”

“I hope you won’t keep much space between us tonight!” I teased.

He laughed and said he intended to invade my space very deeply! I could feel my nipples stiffen.

“How’d a wimp like Joey get a hot body like you, Chloe,” Derrick asked off handedly.

“Maybe ’cause you didn’t ask,” I kidded.

When we pulled into the driveway where Derrick lived, I was definitely impressed. It was a magnificent Tudor style house with a large, manicured lawn and lush gardens lit by soft yellow lighting that lent the entire landscape a soft, romantic appeal.

“God, Derrick, this is beautiful.”

“So are you, babe,” he said, pulling me closer to him and bending down to kiss me.

His kiss was almost exactly what I expected: urgent, demanding, aggressive. It was perfect. My response was instant submission. I signaled in every way possible that I was now his to do what he wanted. When he reached down to pull my sweater over my head, I felt my heart begin to beat frenetically. Tonight, I was going to be what I promised at the reunion.

“You have a fantastic rack, babe,” he said holding both breasts in his hands while feeling their heft. “Fucking heavy, too! You had this rack in high school?”

“They kinda grew all of a sudden in my sophomore year,” I murmured.

“Why the fuck didn’t you show them? I’d been on you so fast. God damn these are fine,” he said, kneading my boobs forcefully now and pinching my straining nipples. “Well, their mine now and that’s all that counts,” he said. “I’ll want to show a couple of friends this set, you know.”

I just nodded and said quietly, “Yes, of course….. Like you said, they’re yours now.”

Out of the car, I felt exotic and enticing, standing topless in the soft light of Derrick’s enchanting yard.

“You’ve got a totally hot body, babe. I’m going to want to show that too. Now lose the mini”

I immediately unzipped the skirt and squirmed out of it, pleased at the way he looked at me and proud to be the source of his admiration. Standing now in nothing but thigh highs and heels, I watched him soak up my figure, running his hands over my hips onto my butt and then to my yearning clit. His touch there and his subtle penetration nearly buckled my knees. If he wanted to show me off, then I wanted him to show me off. Desperately!

“Pick your clothes up and throw them in the trash over there. You won’t need them again.”

Brad was rather unsure of whether he should cancel his plans for the night, or even how to go about doing that. He was invited as a special guest to one of the spring break parties being thrown by MTV. However, the way the redhead was sucking on his cock as if his cum was the nectar of the gods, he didn’t know if he’d be able to get away, or if he’d even want to.

He tried to recall the details of his day that led to this point but the slurping sounds and the moan from the girl currently engulfing his rod made the details fuzzy. The college water-polo player knew he had been at the beach, and he remembered that there was someone having difficulties in the water. It was rather stupid of him to immediately try and get to their aid given that it could have been an undertow dragging her down, but Brad was just too nice of a guy to sit by idly while someone was in trouble.

The way she moaned with her mouth around him before pulling back a little to look up at him and smile (as best as a girl can with a mouth full of cock) was driving him crazy, he could already feel the pressure building up. He continued to remember once her forehead returned to his stomach. He managed to get the girl out and when she wasn’t breathing he helped resuscitate her. Brad never had a chance to get the name of the girl he rescued, or even really look at her before she was being taken to the hospital and tv cameras on the beach began pestering him for interviews.

It was those interviews and his heroics that led to half-a-dozen different private party invites that night. And just as he was getting ready to go there was a knock on the door. Thinking it must be a ride to pick him up he answered it to see a gorgeous redhead standing at the door; a sarong covering her lower half, a bikini top and in between slightly tanned freckled body topped off with long red curly hair that reached just past her breasts. Brad couldn’t help staring at her breasts, they filled the bikini top quite nicely, and he had to catch himself to look up to her face.

She had a cute face, emerald eyes that looked like they could stare through him, a cute little nose, cheeks freckled like much of her body, and cute little lips with pink lipgloss. Little did he know when he answered the door where those lips would be momentarily. She asked him if he was the one who rescued the girl at the beach, and he told her he was. Quickly after he said yes she moved forward, shut the door, and kissed him–Brad might have been put off a little had he been seeing someone, but then again, he wouldn’t be at spring break if he was. The kiss was aggressive on her part, something Brad had never quite experienced. He was already missing it when she pulled back, and said, “I’m the girl you rescued, I just wanted to thank you personally.”

Being the nice guy he is, Brad was about to tell her no thanks were necessary when she suddenly dropped to her knees and her hands reached out for his shorts. A girl had never been this forward with him before, nor this fast. With him just standing there his shorts and boxers lying on the ground, she held his cock in her left hand before smiling up at him and finally moving in to start licking his balls.

Another first for Brad. He’d heard guys talking about it, but always figured he’d rather have the girl’s oral attentions on his cock. Now that he was in the moment he understood completely. His balls wouldn’t be bathed for long by her tongue as it was just the teaser to the main course, which she quickly gobbled down and got to work.

Now that he was done remembering how he had reached this point, he realized how much stamina he’d had in the process. He had rubbed one off earlier, being a little horny after all the girls who were fawning after him for being a hero. He closed his eyes, his breathing becoming a little more erratic as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, knowing he was about to cum when suddenly she pulled off completely.

“In my mouth or on my face,” came her soft voice for a moment before her tongue went back to the ball licking that she had started with.

“Huh,” asked Brad, pulled out of his bliss by her sudden question.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my face?” she asked again kindly before resuming.

Brad had always liked seeing facials in porn he had to admit, and the fact that the girl was asking him instead of him having to be the one to ask. “Your face?” he replied, asking it as more of a question than giving an answer.

“Tell me when,” she said before she pulled back and took him into her mouth once more. The way she swirled her tongue around his shaft as she moved her head along her shaft was driving him crazy, and after only five more bobs of her head he said, “I’m ready.”

He managed to hold on for a moment while she pulled back. She closed her eyes and mouth and just tipped her head back a little bit. Her left hand held his cock to help guide as the streams of hot cum erupted and started to coat her face. As Brad looked down and watched her face get painted he was surprised with the amount she got out of him, especially for his having cum once already today.

When he was finally done she reached up to wipe enough cum away from her eyes to open them, then moved forward to clean the little bit remaining from the tip of his cock. He looked down at his cum-covered pleaser, just amazed from her blowjob. “Wow, that was awesome, you didn’t need to…”

Suddenly she backed off and stood up, though something was different now. The sarong and string bikini bottom she had on underneath were on the floor, as was the bikini top she had on when she entered. It took his brain a moment to realize that the girl who just gave him the best blowjob of his life was now standing naked in front of him.

The fact that the slightly-tanned freckled girl wasn’t perfect helped draw his eyes even more. She had tanlines in all the usual areas. His eyes immediately went to her breasts, now sitting out in the open for his viewing pleasure. Much like he thought from his first glance, they looked to be a little more than a handful, and her paler skin revealed that her areolas were also quite pale, just pink enough to stand out from her skin. The nipples were similarly inflicted, but the decent size of them for her breasts, and the fact that they upturned a little and standing at attention more than made up for it.

As if taken by a sudden realization, his eyes took a turn downward, hoping to see if the fiery red hair was matched below. To both dismay and delight he found that such a question would have to wait for another time as only smooth skin greeted his eyes above her pussy. Just as he was about to take a good look at her soft folds she spoke again, and he was compelled to look upwards once more.

“I owe you for saving my life, so I’m going to give you the only gift I can think of. You saved my body, now you get to have it to do with as you please,” she said once more softly, the smile still wide on her cum-coated face.

“That almost sounds too good to be true,” Brad responded back to her, a slight chuckle in his voice from the nervousness of having the girl throw herself at him. “Aren’t you worried I might hurt you, or get you pregnant, or give you a disease?”

She simply shook her head once to all his questions. “If you want to hurt me, go for it. I shouldn’t get pregnant from both birth control and it just not being the right time, but if I do, oh well. As for disease, I know I’m clean and I don’t care whether you are or not. If it weren’t for you, I’d be dead right now, this body either lost at sea or in a bag down in some hospital morgue. So really, it’s no harm to me whatever you choose to do, as I’m still better off than I would be otherwise.”

Brad really didn’t know what to respond. For the slightest moment he wished he was the type of guy who’d gladly take her and give her the dirtiest, kinkiest sex of her entire life, but he knew that he wasn’t. When he didn’t take the initiative, she once again did. She reached to the bottom of the t-shirt he had on and started pulling it up, over his head. He reacted instinctively, raising his arms for her to remove it.

“Why don’t you go lay on the bed?” she asked.

Stepping out of his shorts and boxers, he took her lead and hopped onto his bed. She moved to the foot of the bed and started to crawl onto it from the end, slowly crawling over his body. When her head reached his still semi-soft cock she gave it a quick playful lick before continuing to lick up his stomach to his chest. When her breasts reached there, she hovered for just a moment, letting them tease the sensitive flesh. When she finally was over him, she laid her pussy down on his cock to just rub it, transferring some of her wetness to his shaft.

“Go ahead, I know you want to. Rub them, squeeze them,” she told him, looking down between his face and her tits dangling in front of them.

He didn’t need telling twice as both hands came up to feel her breasts. As his thumbs brushed over her nipples she moaned a little, eliciting a twitch from his cock. He rubbed her breasts and started squeezing. More moans escaped from her mouth as she was enjoying the work his hands were doing.

As he continued to knead her breasts, she reached back with her left hand and lifted herself off of him enough to guide his now-hard cock to her pussy. He stopped and looked at her as she felt his shaft glide into her warm and ready hole. Another louder moan escaped from her lips as she took his fullness inside her. For Brad it was a new feeling entirely, he’d never been able to have a girl without a condom and now she was the one initiating it.

She rode him with a steady rhythm for several minutes. Her head was up, mouth open just slightly and her eyes closed as she appeared to be enjoying the feeling of him being inside her. Of course he was enjoying it, and as she continued he started to become a lot more confident in himself.

“Could I ask something?” he asked, taking his confidence out for a spin.

“Mhmm, anything,” she said, suddenly stopping.

“Can I do you doggy style?”

She opened her eyes and looked down at him with a smile. “Of course you can.” And she pulled off of him and stood up on the bed and turned around. She got on her knees and put her hands on the board at the foot of her bed. She spread her legs and arched her back to allow him to enter.

Brad’s eyes popped wide at how willing she was to go along with it and just watched as she moved herself into position. Now that he was getting a view of her ass, he didn’t want to stop. As her legs went wider he was treated to a view of everything, seeing her pussy from behind and seeing the pucker of her tiny butthole.

“CanIfuckyourass?” Brad blurted out, he wasn’t sure where it came from, as he’d never taken a chick in the butt, but part of him didn’t see another chance to have it happen.

When her head turned back around to look at him, he was worried that he’d gone too far. The smile that had been on her coated face this entire time wasn’t there. “Well, I’ve never done that before, but for you I will.”

Brad was suddenly conflicted, the girl was gonna offer her only virgin hole to him just cause he blurted it out. “Wait, you don’t have to,” he said, trying to ease his conscience.

“No, it’s okay,” she replied back to him as she got off the bed. It’s just gonna take me a few minutes to get ready. With that she crawled off the bed and back to her clothes while he watched. He hadn’t noticed the small purse that she had apparently brought with her, it did match the sarong in its deep purple color. “I’ll be out in a few,” she said before stepping into the bathroom and shutting the door.

The several minutes she was in the bathroom was nearly agony for him. Part of it was from the guilt of asking to have her ass, but the rest was definitely from the excitement that she was gonna let him fuck her virgin ass would bring. He just hoped he’d be able to last long enough to enjoy it.

When enough time passed that he was starting to get worried she was getting cold feet, he got up off the bed and was walking to the bathroom door when it opened and she stepped out, holding a bottle of lubricant in her hand. She dropped down to her knees and took some of the lube and started to smear it around his cock, getting him ready.

“I’ve done myself as best I can, but you should apply a little more lube to me,” she said looking up to him, the smile having returned. “Only if you want to of course.”

He just blinked, not knowing how he should even respond to that when she spoke again.

“Anywhere in particular?”

He looked around the room and chuckled just a little. “I’ve always fantasized about taking some hottie’s ass while she’s bent over a table.”

“As you wish,” was all she replied before standing back up and walking over to the table that doubled as a desk in the hotel room. When she arrived, she looked back to him and said, “I hope you enjoy.”

She spread her feet apart about shoulder width as she turned to face the table and leaned forward. Once her torso was against the table she reached back and put the tube of lubricant on the small of her back. To Brad’s surprise, she then used both hands to reach back and spread her ass cheeks, once again giving him that unobstructed view of all her charms.

Still filled with nervous excitement, Brad walked over to her and picked up the bottle of lube from her back and spread some on that puckered hole that was waiting for him. She let out a little gasp as she felt his finger apply rub against it for a moment.

Finally ready, Brad took his position behind the redhead, dropping the bottle to the floor. He lined up behind her and pressed his very hard cock against her backdoor, and with his right hand reaching out to grab her hip, and his left hand helping to guide, he pushed forward.

Between her spit, pussy juice, and the ample amounts of lubricant on his cock and her hole, the head popped in with only a slight bit of resistance. The girl made a sound, somewhere between a gasp and a cry. Before Brad could even think to check that she was okay, she said, “Keep going.”

Brad’s cock was in heaven, never had it felt anything wrapping so tightly around it. Barely the head was in and he was already enjoying this newfound sensation. With her blessing he started to slowly push forward. When he encountered resistance, he pulled back so only the head remained inside before pushing forward again. He had no idea how he was lasting–perhaps it was the cumming a few times already, perhaps it was sheer force of will.

He looked down watching as with every attempt a little more of his cock was being swallowed by her obscenely stretched asshole, still made all the more visible by her continuing to spread her cheeks. He lost track of the time, but he rightly guessed it had taken a few minutes but with one final push he looked down to see just the tiniest sliver of his shaft sticking out of her ass, he was buried completely inside her.

“Let go and get up on your arms,” Brad commanded her.

As she did what she was told, making it so she wasn’t pushed into the table but up enough that her breasts could hang freely, Brad was shocked with himself. Apparently it was easy for him to be confident about what he was doing with his cock balls deep in a hot redhead’s ass. He bent over a little himself to reach forward and he wrapped his hands around her breasts, squeezing them and using them as handles as he started to fuck her ass.

He was slow at first, just starting to build up a nice pace while his hands kneaded her breasts, fingers rubbing her nipples and eliciting both moans of pleasures and little whimpers of pain. As he continued and started to feel the pressure rise from within, he let go of her breasts and both hands went for her hips. A man possessed, he started fucking her harder, like he would if he was in her pussy.

The whimpers of pain from the girl became a little more prevelant, after all, this was the first dick in her ass. Once more when she seemed to think that maybe Brad would start feeling guilty, she once again encouraged him.

“Oh gawd, fuck my ass, keep fucking my ass Brad.”

And that’s all it took. Knowing he couldn’t hold on any longer, Brad again buried his entire length in her ass as he started to cum. As her bowels were filled she was breathing heavily, letting her weight collapse into the table once more.

Even as he finished coating her insides like he had her outside, Brad didn’t pull out, he stood there enjoying the view.

“Why don’t you take a picture?” he heard her soft voice say.

Taking her at his word, he pulled out and went to the night stand by his bed and grabbed his camera phone. Once more she reached back, revealing her now well fucked ass to him and turning around and smiling as he took a picture. She stood up and sat on the table, legs spread a little and motioned for him to do it again.

“And now a closeup,” she said as she moved closer and he took two more, one with her breasts in the shot and one of just her cum-covered face.

“Get dressed,” she told him now, and like everything else so far this evening, he gladly obeyed. One he was dressed she motioned him into the bathroom.

Confused, he followed her, and she grabbed his phone from him. “I know the boys won’t believe this story when you tell them, they’ll just say you got those pics from some porn site.”

Leaning back into his clothed self, she took a full body shot in the mirror. Then a closeup. She turned around and gave one last good picture of her backside for him to be standing with and smiled.

“Well Brad, I hope you enjoyed your reward. Consider it payment in kind.”

With that she left the bathroom and went out to get dressed. Of course Brad took another picture as she bent down to pick up her clothes. She put on the sarong but didn’t seem to bother with the bikini bottoms that went underneath. Once her top was in place she went back to the bathroom to get her little bag.

“Aren’t you gonna clean up your face?” Brad asked, noticing she was still wearing his cum.

“No need really, I’m kinda proud to wear it, and besides, if anyone asks, it’ll make one hell of a spring break story.” And finally she giggled.

Even though she headed to the door, Brad was wishing it wasn’t over. As she opened it and stepped out he asked, “I didn’t even get your name.”

“Check my bikini bottoms,” she said as she walked down the hall, not even looking back at him one last time.

Brad blinked a few times and looked to the floor where the white bikini bottoms remained from when she took them off. As he bent down to pick them up, he noticed writing on the inside. Undoing the strings he laid them out on the table he just finished fucking her on. There was a message:

I’ll always owe you for saving my life.

Hope you enjoyed my anal cherry.

Love Lanae

Her email address and phone number were written right below.

Brad couldn’t help but smile, spring break didn’t turn out so bad after all.

Ch 3 Schools in

Fate and her new room mates were awoken by a very loud siren. Two large men dressed in blue tunics entered the room and directed the awoken slaves to follow them to the grooming room. They entered a white tiled, room which had shower heads on either side, and a mirrored wall with a counter that had assorted items including oils, waxes and an electric razor.

The men directed the new slaves to wash and groom themselves within 15 minutes. The neophytes looked at each other before two of the woman started to shower. Fate and the Nubian sat at the grooming station. Fate jerked her head around as a squeal pierced the air.

“God this water is cold” The red head said rather loudly.

“That figures” Said the large black man, under his breath, making

Fate smile.

Fate scanned the room and started to access her new roommates. First, her eyes were drawn to the full figured blonde showering. She seemed to be in her mid twenties. Her breasts were large globes of soft flesh with perky protruding nipples. She had a hour glass shape, with long, thick legs that reminded her of a recently deceased model, Anna Nicole Smith.

The red haired girl was slightly taller than Fate, and had a couple extra pounds on her and she seemed to be about Fate’s age. Her few extra pounds reminded her of the girls that played on the softball team. Her breasts were much flatter then the blonde’s, but her areola were larger, and a light shade of pink. She was chubby, but in a soft way, as if it were still baby fat, but what made Fate look at herself were the butterfly like lips that extended for her vagina.

Fate’s eye then turned to the man next to her, as he started to groom. He took some oil and rubbed it throughout his body. She stared as the man pulled his by the tip, and stroked the oil onto his penis. It seemed to become slick and glossy.

“Honey…. Get to it.” The man whispered.

As though mimicking him, she followed what he did. First the oil, next the razor, and finally she placed a cream in her hair. When she was done, and in the shower, all eyes were on her and she started to feel funny. The Nubian was just several feet away, and he seemed semi aroused. As she washed, she could feel her cunt slit moisten but not by the water but by her inner juices.

With the water showering on to her, she looked down. Her bronze skin glistened under the shower. She had never noticed how smooth her pussy was and that her pussy lips did not come out like the red head’s.

“All Right, Enough you shit birds” Shouted a guard.

They dried and were led naked to a quiet dining hall. They were told to quickly eat and then were led out.

In the villa, the owners were awoken with slaves bearing fruit and coffee. They showered in granite showers, while being sponged by their slave attendants.

Zeus and Hera were given leashes as they entered the large meeting room. Eight nude neophytes were led by four men into the room. As Fate, and the blonde male slave entered the room, they were leashed by the master and led into the room.

After everyone was seated, the instructors enter followed by Hans.

“Why are you doing…” Fate yelled as the meeting started to begin.

“IF YOU SPEAK AGAIN TODAY, I WILL cut out your tongue… Herod show her.” Vulcan bellowed.

One of the large men that guided the group, opened his mouth, to the shock of all, his tongue was severed half way back.

Vulcan spoke as he paced in front of them.

“Welcome young and old, black and white, male and female, as you have read, there are two groups of four. Two of you are honored to have a Master. The rest of you will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Some have come, on their own, others have not. We make no distinction here,… only that you are here. Each day, you will have four – two hour classes, and a demonstration after dinner. At the end of each week you will be asked to perform what you have learned or quizzed on the numerous classes that you have taken. Learn well my children, because only through pain is their change, AND you will change. Accept the pain and the pleasure is at your fingertips. As you saw with your dinner, you are being given two pills with your dinner. One is a vitamin, and the other is birth control. Do not swap pills or accidentally forget to take the pills, because any offspring becomes property of the Academy. I am Vulcan, this is Diana, Cupid, and Bacchus. We will be your instructors.”

Cupid walked through the crowd and pulled out a paint brush and started to paint on each of the trainees. When he was done each trainee had a number painted on their chest and back. Fate and Lars, the blonde slave, each had the first letter of their new name painted on their chest and back. Vulcan called one through three and Fate up to a table, set to the side.

“You will be known as Alpha”

Then he called 4 through 6 and Lars.

“You will be called Zeta”

Each was given a white linen loin cloth that attached at the hip with a thick Velcro. Fate was in awe as she watched #1 (the Negro of her group, and Lars, receive their clothes. There cocks were huge and were barely covered by their new loin clothes. The blonde from her group got #2, and the red head #3. #4 was a tall and thin, bald African American female, who seemed be be in her late twenties. #5 was a young, Hispanic female with short black hair. # 6 was a tiny blonde, with straight blonde hair and no breast to speak of.

“Alpha follow Diana. Zeta follow Cupid. God’s speed my children” Vulcan decreed.

Steve led Fate to a small classroom that had four chairs in a row and one behind the first seat, where he sat her down and took a seat behind. Cupid handed out a syllabus labeled Human Anatomy. When everyone had a packet, he had turned off the light and spoke on the physical aspects of the mouth and its orifice. When he was done, he asked Zeus to come up with Fate.

Cupid commanded Fate to her knees. When Fate had gotten down on her knees, Cupid walked behind her and inserted a wire orringer with a ratchet, and a micro camera that tucked into the corner of Fate’s mouth. Cupid turn on a projector and the class had a instant view of Fate’s oral cavity. As he cranked Fate’s mouth open, he asked Zeus to approach his slave head on. When Steve stood in front of her, Cupid told her manually stimulate him.

Steve could see that Fate was in discomfort when he pulled his tunic to the side. Fate wobbled as she grabbed the flaccid penis with both hands. A minute later Fate was staring at Steve’s erect penis. Cupid told Steve to insert it into Fate’s mouth and he did. The class watched as Fate’s eye grew wide as the cock began to enter her mouth. Cupid began describing what they were seeing on the screen. When he was done as ask Zeus to fuck her mouth and Steve went at it.

Holding her head, he forced he cock into the back of Fate’s mouth. She gagged and she instantly started to drool and couch. Steve stepped back slightly, as Cupid explained the bodies’ nature reaction.

“Again but this time Fate relax your throat and move your tongue forward” Cupid called out.

Steve started again, and again Fate choked and gagged but this time Steve did not relent. Spit and drool poured from Fate’s mouth as Steve drove his hard cock into her mouth. She wrenched and gagged each time Steve’s cock got to the back of her throat. Finally after several minutes, the class watched as Steve’s cock spurted several shots of cum down Fate throat.

When Steve stepped back, Fate was a gasping for air, and was covered in saliva. Cupid inspected the young neophyte, and spoke.

“If you want to kill yourself, that is how you could do it. As you can tell, without relaxing and controlling your oropharynx, you will choke. Trust me, there are cocks that are big enough to reach the tip of your epiglottic tract, thus blocking your trachea. Relax, and prepare, breath through your nose as the man draws out.”

Just then the clock struck 10 o’clock and Cupid undid Fate from the orringer and led Zeus and the others to Diana’s classroom where he took the Zeta group back to his class room.

During the walk, Fate’s mind raced. She was just orally raped. That man had just violated her mouth and shot spunk down her throat. What the fuck was going on.

Diana’s class was an etiquette class. She started off by teaching them several positions including, “Present” command which entailed the slave to spread their legs to shoulder width, interlock their hands and place them behind their heads. Back straight, knees slightly bent with their faces forward. The 1st position which made them sit with their feet flat on the floor, knees spread, and their hands on their knees, palms up, head forward, eyes down. Each tried it and it seemed #2 and Fate would need some leg strength. Steve realized that timing was everything because twice he accidently pulled on the leash too early, toppling Fate to the ground.

When the clock struck noon, the group was led by Diana to the dining room. Fate and Lars were unleashed. The slaves were directed to sit at a table that dissected the master’s table, forming a “T”. After they were seated, an older man served them soup and a sandwich.

Zeus and Hera sat with the instructors. Diana consoled Steve on his technique say it would come with time and told him to watch and learn.

She called the older man over and attached Steve’s leash.

“Position 1, you worthless slut” She called out. Immediately the man assumed the position. With the slight tug, the man propelled himself into a standing position.

“Good boy” She spoke as she stroked his head.

With a light touch, she pulled on the leash.

“Position 1″

He immediately dropped back down.

“See it just takes practice” She said just before she raised her tunic, and walked into the man’s face.

“HMMMM” She said as the man lapped at her pussy.

After a minute or so she stepped back and started to urinate in the man’s face. She laughed as she stopped and started the stream. Each time she projected the stream at different spot on the man’s face.

“Practice makes perfect” She bellowed then stepped toward the man allowing him to clean her with his tongue.

Fate finished her meal and watched the show that Diana was putting on and cringed.

Surely this had to be a bad dream. Any minute her father would appear and start laughing.

He father never came.

As the clock struck one, Bacchus called for Alpha groups to follow him. Steve attached his leash and led Fate down a wide stone staircase which led into the dungeon. The group was in awe as they looked around at all the devices.

“Position #2″ The group collectively spread their legs, eye forward, and their hands behind them. For the next two hours he went through the dungeon and showed then each and every piece of equipment from the stocks, wheels, crosses, spreaders, padded and unpadded saw horses, benches, cages, kennels, racks, and even a large tank of water.

As they reached the final apparatus, Steve looked at Fate and her eyes were as wide as saucers. He was looking forward to learning how to use these devices. Bacchus then led the group back upstairs and into a small gymnasium where he greeted Vulcan. Bacchus then asked the Zeta group to follow him.

Vulcan showed them to their lockers and excused Zeus. Each locker correlated to a specific slave. Each locker had a towel, and either a sports bra or a jock strap. The slaves put on their garments and Vulcan told them about the importance of being physically fit.

He began with stretching and worked them up 50 sit ups and 25 push ups followed by a 30 minute jog. Fate was exhausted as she ran, but she did admire the beauty of the estate. It was similar to her uncle’s estate in Italy.

When they finished everyone was out of breath. #3 bent down on one knee as she attempted to catch her breath. Fate followed the black man by putting her hands on her head. While the group rested, Vulcan stroked his cock while walking up behind #3. When he got to her, he pushed her to the ground and she landed on her hands and knees.

“Did I tell you to kneel” Vulcan bellowed

He moved like a cat pouncing on a rat. In one quick and powerful motion he lifted her cloth, spit on his pink python, and ran his meaty cock between her sweaty ass cheeks. He took her in one mighty thrust.

The group watched as she gasped. It appeared as if Vulcan had literally knocked the wind right out off her. Fate was in shock as she watched the red head’s anus expand to accommodate the thick, 9 inch cock.

Vulcan took up position just above her ass, and steadied himself with his left hand while grabbing her hair with is right. When he found his stroke, each was the same. He would carefully extract his cock, so the head expanded her anus then plow forward moving the woman several inches.

As the brutal ass fuck continued, Fatima felt something stir in her loins.

She watched as the girl regained she breathe, and started to wail.


She watched the thick, meaty cock saw into the woman. Her eyes were drawn to the top of the cock. There was a large vein that seemed to throb as the master extracted his cock.

Under the ruse of rubbing her thigh, she brushed her hand against her pussy. It was wet. She looked around at the rest of the group. The Nubian’s cock had pushed his cloth to the side, and he was rock hard at what look like a full 12 inches.

Fate looked back when the gasps turned to moans and watched as Vulcan pulled his meaty cock out of the girl’s ass, only to thrust it to the base. Finally, he made a grunting sound, and pulled his thick cock and shot several large wads of cum up, her back.

The first one landed in the girl’s hair, the second landed between her shoulders, and the third landed above the small of her back and pooled in the swale. The show was finished when Vulcan got his breath and gave the red head’s chubby ass a good swat.

Fate looked in disbelief, as the young girl anus was bright red, and was opening and closing, as it was in spasm. Just as Vulcan backed away, the anus opened wide and expelled a pocket of air that made a “whooshing” sound. Vulcan chuckled as he explained that can only be done by fully exiting the anus and having enough force to compress air into the descending colon. As Vulcan lead them to the showers, Fate watched as #3 walked just a little different.

After the group showered, they were brought back to their room. They rest their aching muscles until 6 o’clock when a large man escorted them to the dining room. Contrary to the slaves table which was quiet , the master’s table was vocal and gregarious.

After dessert, Hans stood up and asked Zeus to leach his slave and follow him. The masters and slaves followed immediately behind. Hans led Steve to the auditorium where a magnificent four poster bed was on display. The sheets were 1200 count, Chinese white silk, with white matching pillows.

Steve and Fate were at the side when everyone circled around. The masters took Fate’s leash and pulled her across the bed where she started to struggle but was no match for the masters. She was attached to each post, spread eagle. Her cloth was ripped from her side, and Zeus was asked to “full fill her fate”.

Steve removed his tunic and crawled on the bed.

“You FUCKIN..” Fate screamed

Immediately, Cupid extracted a ball gag and inserted into her mouth.

As Fate ranted into the gag, Steve slid between her legs and began to lick at her pussy. He parted her labia, and eyed her swelling clit, which was starting to protrude from its sheath.

The group listened as Fate’s muffled tone changed a notch as Steve started to lap at the olive skinned princess’s womanhood. Her jerking body seemed to change direction as her lament went on. Before her tongue bath she jerked side to side, now she seemed to be shivering top to bottom.

Steve’s tongue began to be well lubricated as his tongue circled her engorged clit.


Was heard coming from the gag, as Steve seem to finish his tongue lashing and rise above her assuming a kneeling position between her legs. A silence came over the room as Steve directed his penis into the awaiting cavern.

“Didn’t you say she was a virgin” Was whispered from one of the masters.

Steve felt Fate labia expand as he started his entry. She was soft, and wet, and Steve was trying to concentrate as he felt the head of his penis come in contact with a soft, flimsy wall. Steve took a deep breath, and stared into his captive’s eyes as he thrust his cock against her maiden hood.

“MMMMFFF” Fate mumbled as she shook her head.

Steve’s thrust sent his cock to the bottom of the young princess. He slowly pull back, and looked down at his cock. A pink fluid covered his cock and seeped out around it. Steve admired his work, and thrust back in. With each thrust, Steve admired the olive skinned beauty. She was soft like a rose petal, and he could feel her cotton like bottom against his hips.

Each time he looked down at his thrusting penis, less and less pink was noticeable, but a frothy white liquid had started to cover his manhood. He could feel he start to contract and expand against his penis as his balls tighten.

Steve’s last thrust sent electric shockwaves up his back. His toes curled as he felt the semen jump from his cock, wave after wave, splattered into the princess’s womb.

The crowd applauded as Steve kissed her forehead, and crawled off the bed. Fate heard the applause as the slick semen oozed between her ass cheeks. That night, Fate cried herself to sleep.

That night Fate cried herself to sleep. Steve was presented a framed swathe of the cum encrusted, bloody sheet.

“Fuckmeat,” I heard as I answered the phone. “I want you to get the tightest pair of jeans you own and meet me at Bright Rite Cleaners over on Parkway Avenue in the mall there. Meet me in twenty minutes.”

It had been two days since Derrick had taken me in the bedroom where I now stood, hoping Joey didn’t overhear this. I had spent two days shielding my marked ass from Joey, having to make up an excuse for sleeping in panties. I had pled a headache to avoid sex, but couldn’t keep this up much longer.

I had mentioned to Joey that I’d heard on the radio that Derrick was having a grand reopening at his car dealership and that we should stop by. He wasn’t too excited about that and remained noncommittal, and I knew that unless I had sex with him and get him excited about making Derrick jealous again, really jealous this time, he would ,first, have no interest in going and, second, never let me dress the way Derrick demanded. This would take serious planning, but I was determined to make it happen. I could not disappoint Derrick.

I met Derrick at the cleaners. He introduced me to Mrs. Lee, an older Chinese woman who the owned the place and who was apparently Teri’s seamstress.

“I Miss Teri’s tailor,” she said. “She so skinny now. I fix all her clothes. You Miss Fuckmeat, right?” she said in her odd but quite distinct pronunciation.

I blushed beet red and Derrick laughed out loud. “Yes,” I said nervously looking about me.

“Go back there and put those jeans on and this tee shirt,” Derrick ordered. “I want Mrs. Lee to alter them for me.”

The tee shirt Derrick handed me was what in girl speak we call a “wife beater,” and it was very well worn. I struggled into the jeans I’d brought, which fit me like they were painted on, and pulled on the tee shirt. It was tight over my boobs and so worn and sheer that it was virtually translucent. I felt nearly naked walking back out to the fitting room.

“Let me show you what I want,” Derrick said to Mrs. Lee. “I want the tee cut off about here,” he pointed, tracing a line just below my boobs,” but don’t hem it. “And then I want the jeans cut off like this,” drawing a line that swept up my butt and clear to the waist band on my hip and down again to the front. “Don’t hem that either, but cut the pockets off and sew them up.”

Turning to me, he said, “Wait for these. I’ll call you later.”

Fifteen minutes later, Mrs. Lee returned with my “ensemble.” “These very small, Miss Fuckmeat. You show lots!”

I started to tell her that my name was Chloe, but thought better of it and left.

At home, I tried on Derrick’s outfit. The jeans were now shorts cut so high that the lower part of my butt was clearly visible as was the very edges of my little cuny. The tee fell to the bottom of my breasts, but barely. In the mirror it was dramatically evident that there was nothing underneath any of this but bare tits and ass. There was no way Joey would let me wear this, I thought, even though I knew that somehow I would have to make him let me.

For some inexplicable reason, I threw both the jeans and the tee into the wash, set the water temperature to hot, and washed both three separate times and dried them in the sun. When I next tried them on, the shorts had shrunk so that they were almost impossible to pull over my hips and button. It took seemingly forever to wriggle into them. The edges were now perfectly frayed, and even more revealing. In the hot wash, the tee shirt had shrunk enough to reveal fully a half inch of flesh at the bottom of my breast and had become transparent to the point of being literally see thru! I had simply made things worse. Or better, depending, I guess, on who was looking! I knew Derrick would love what I’d done, and Joey wouldn’t, but I threw everything in the hot wash again anyway!

I took the risk of Joey getting to see Derrick’s message on my ass, the one that said he owned me, and naked in bed, told Joey how proud it made me when he would show me off, and how it would be so outrageously hot for him to make Derrick jealous again, and how terribly much I wanted to be his perfect sexpot that only he could have. It seemed to be working, and I sealed it all with outrageous sex.

Joey had agreed during our very hot sex and sex talk to let me dress in anyway, but when I slithered into my now impossibly tight jean shorts and pulled the truly obscene tee over my heaving breasts and presented it all to Joey the next afternoon, I was pretty sure from his expression that this was way, way too much. It probably was. It was 1:00 in the afternoon and I was dressed for the streets at midnight. But I needed to wear this for Derrick. And would!

“Maybe that’s just a little too much, Chloe?” he suggested timorously.

“Lot’s of college girls dress like this,” I said defensively.

“You’re not a college girl.”

“But I’m that age. Why can’t I show off a little,” I said, forgetting that the whole idea was for Joey to show me off, not the other way around. “And don’t you think this would really drive Derrick crazy?” I said, changing course. “He would be like so, so jealous of you,” I cooed, climbing up on his lap and sticking my boobs in his face. “You could just show me off so perfectly, right? Your hot little sexpot wife? All that stuff we talk about?

I could see he was still reluctant.

“Then I’ll do anything you want afterwards, k?” I cooed. “You can take me anywhere, and I’ll behave just like you tell me.” I could see he was torn now, and I just held my breath.

“Okay, but we can’t stay long. Like right in and right out, okay,” he said apprehensively.

A great flood of relief engulfed me. “Right, that’s perfect. Right in and right out! Just enough for him to see what a hot babe you’ve got, okay.”

Still, there was considerable tension in the car as we drove to Derrick’s dealership. Walking to the car I couldn’t’ really keep my boobs from bouncing or the tee from riding up half way up my bosom and revealing more and more with each bounce. I should have worn something other than heels, I knew instantly, but I also knew heels would be what Derrick would want. I sat quietly in the car for the ten-minute drive.

At the dealership, my nipples stiffened almost instantly. I wanted so badly for Derrick to see and appreciate his property strutting proudly to him. By the time we reached the front door, I knew the tee had ridden higher up my boobs, but I was momentarily shocked to see my moving reflection in the window. The entire underside of my tits was prominently displayed and each step revealed more than a hint of nipple. I tugged it down as best I could, but two more steps into the showroom once again found my tits put totally on view for all who wished to see. This was apparently to be their natural position now for the slut I’d become.

The showroom was more crowded than I hoped. There were maybe fifty or sixty people of all ages and types. There were mothers and fathers with little kids, a bunch of serious business types, some pretty teenagers serving cups of lemonade and plates of little sandwiches. I got very ugly stares from the women and quick and furtive glances from the men before they all quickly averted their eyes. There were also half a dozen young guys obviously on the prowl, and it was only in that crowd that I wouldn’t stand out disturbingly. I was terribly uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Derrick saw us almost immediately and guided us away from the throng in the showroom. The look on his face as he checked me out erased all my discomfort.

“Hey, you two. Glad you could come by,” Derrick said, looking only at Joey now. “It’s funny,” he went on, “I was just thinking about you last week, Joey,” he said, clapping him on the shoulder.

When, I thought, while you were fucking me in his bed?!

‘Yeah?” Joey said.

“Yeah, I heard at the reunion that you were into auto mechanics, and since I remember you as one of the smartest guys in school, I’m guessing you’re a damn good one. I’m looking for a shop manager, a guy who can run the books and offer a little help on the floor when necessary. Don’t suppose you’d have any interest in an interview.”

He was playing Joey like a maestro.

“I’m pretty happy where I am, but you never know.”

“You into racing? We’ve thinking of putting something together, probably some dirt track to start and then move up a little,” he said, baiting the trap. I had told him the night he fucked me that Joey was into racing.

“Yeah, I sort of follow the cars now and then. What are you building?” Joey said, suddenly warming to Derrick.

He had hit all of Joey’s buttons. Called him smart, said he was needed, offered a car to work on. I could see that Joey was hooked.

Two very attractive young girls, neither of whom could have been more than eighteen years old, walked up to us, and Derrick introduced them as Carla and Amber. Carla was a striking redhead in the shortest miniskirt you could imagine, and Amber was a perky blonde in shorts and a camisole that left her midriff bare and cut low enough to amply display her firm, full breasts. I watched Joey puff up a little when Amber said she was so glad to meet him and that Derrick had told them how much he’d hoped he’d come. How he could fall for that I don’t know, but he did. Carla was also flirtatious, but it was obviously Amber that caught Joey’s attention.

“Why don’t I let Ramal show you around the shop real quick. Chloe can wait up in our “VIP” lounge. It’s best not to have women out on the floor when were working, especially pretty ones like you wife. Dangerous business!” he said, putting his shoulder around Joey’s shoulders and beckoning to Ramal. “Ramal, take Joey out to the shop and show him around a little. Tell him what a great place it is to work. Carla, you take Chloe up to the lounge and get her comfortable.”

It apparently had worked. Joey turned and asked if it would be all right to leave me “just for a few minutes.” I replied, “Sure, I’ll be okay. Take your time,” and watched him being led out into the garage like a lamb to slaughter.

It surprised me that Joey would leave me dressed the way I was. I was for all intents and purposes nude…and would be soon! Derrick would see to that. But the car was apparently more alluring at the moment.

“Let’s go up to my office. You look fucking hot!” Derrick leered, patting my ass. Turning to the girls, he told Amber that he was taking me up to his office and that when Joey is finished in the garage, she should “entertain” him until he’d finished with me. He told Carla to go back to the lounge until he called her. Both girls gave me just the snootiest look.

Derrick’s office was in the middle of the second floor and overlooked the showroom on one side and the garage on the other. The blinds were all raised on the windows, so everything going on was clearly evident.

The door hadn’t closed behind us before Derrick ordered me out of my shorts, to check that his message proclaiming my ass and cunt to be his property were still there. They were, in all their glory.

“You might as well take the top off, too, though there will hardly be a difference,” he laughed. “How the fuck did he let you out in public that way?”

I just shrugged my shoulders and displayed my tits as ordered.

“Turn around and put your hands on that rail there and take a look down in the garage. See Joey down there? If he looks up, he’ll see your tits in the window, but he’ll just have to guess that my cock’s in your cunt,” he grinned.

I dutifully turned to the rail and grasped it with both hands, my vulnerable breasts on exhibit for all who chose to look. I spread my legs at Derrick’s brusque command. He impaled me on his astounding cock a moment latter. I knew he preferred silence, but I couldn’t help the impassioned, fervent moan that escaped my lips as his cock slid effortlessly into my wet and aching cunt. “Oh my God, Derrick, I love your cock inside me!” I whispered breathlessly. “So, so much!”

It was a quick fuck, but the mere thinking of Derrick and craving his gorgeous sex all morning had prepared me thoroughly. There was no need of foreplay. I was ready when I walked in. When he erupted inside me I met his ejaculation with an astonishing climax, all the while watching Joey lusting over some racecar Ramal was showing him on the floor. When Derrick finished with me, I simply collapsed on the floor, engulfed in the intensity of my climax.

Derrick was on the phone. “Carla, tell Ramal to come up to the office, and then bring me one of those bottles of solvent from the storeroom.” Turning to me, he said, “Stay here until I come back, and stay the way you are!”

“You mean naked,” I asked.

“Of course I mean naked, cunt! What else would I mean?” And walked out the door.

He apparently met Carla coming up the stairs, because I heard him say, “just go on in and put the solvent on my desk. It’s for the bitch inside.”

Carla came in, looked at me with amusement, and said, “Hi, I’m Carla.”

Carla was astonishingly beautiful, with long red hair, green eyes, and a perfect body. She couldn’t have been more than eighteen at best, but looked wise beyond her years.

“Hi, I’m Chloe,” I responded.

“Oh, really? I thought your name was Fuckmeat. I’ll have to tell Derrick that he has your name wrong.”

I blushed in absolute humiliation. “No, please don’t tell him that,” I whimpered

She laughed and walked over to the window. “I saw you come in. Where on earth did you get that vulgar outfit you were wearing? Amber and I just burst out laughing when we saw you. We both said, ‘Oh my God, what was she thinking!’ At first I thought the guy with you had to be your pimp, but then Derrick said that he’s your husband! Is that him on the floor leaving with Ramal?” she asked.

I glanced over. “Yes, that’s him.”

“Was Derrick fucking you while he was out there?”

I simply nodded yes.

“God, what a tramp you are!”

“Who’s a tramp,” Derrick asked, coming back in the door.

“Fuckmeat is, who by the way says her name is Chloe!”

“Well, she lied to you,” he said, staring hard at me.

“Shouldn’t liars be punished?” Carla asked provocatively.

“Maybe you’re right, he said. Addressing me, he said, “Fuckmeat, did you deny your name?”

“I guess so,” I whispered softly.

“Hmmm, that’s bad, very bad of you. Come over here and take my belt off. I think you could use a little leather on your ass,” he said. “Turn around and show Carla your ass message!”

Carla burst out laughing. “Oh my God, Mr. Carter, that is so outrageous. Does her husband know that’s on her ass?”

“I don’t know. Ask her.”

“Does he, Fuckmeat?” Carla asked?

I nervously shook my head no.

“The belt, Fuckmeat,” Derrick said sternly.

Upset and agitated, l removed his belt, handed it to him, and bent over the table as he ordered. The two vicious lashes he quickly delivered hurt intensely and immediately brought tears welling to my eyes.

“Now, what’s your name?” Derrick asked.

“Fuckmeat,” I replied, sniffling. “Tell Carla what your name is.”

“It’s Fuckmeat,” I said softly, addressing Carla.

“You should whip her tits, too,” Carla suggested.

“God, you are a sadistic little bitch, aren’t you Carla. Here you can do it,” he said, handing her his belt.

“Oh, thank you!” Carla said excitedly. Okay now, put your hands over your head, Fuckmeat,” Carla added pleasantly. “God, this is going to be so much fun,” she said to Derrick, who smiled back at her.

I looked at Derrick, but he only nodded his head and told me to put my hands over my head. I raised then dutifully and closed my eyes. Both of Carla’s strokes landed across my nipples. I whimpered in anguish, not wanting to express the burning, horrid pain shooting through my breasts in front of Carla.

“She closed her eyes,” Carla said. “Can you make her keep her eyes open and let me do it again?” She asked sweetly, pawing at Derrick’s chest..

“Sure, why not. Have fun. Keep your eyes open this time, Fuckmeat,” Derrick instructed, laughing and squeezing Carla’s boobs.

The door opened and a black man, apparently Ramal, entered just as the belt in Carla’s hands descended again on my breasts, but fortunately missing the nipple this time, while leaving two more deep red welts. I screeched in pain and fell to my knees.

Derrick pulled me to my feet immediately, and turn me to face the large black man who had just entered the room

“Fuckmeat,” Derrick said, “this is Ramal. He was babysitting your husband while I fucked you, and I want you to thank him.”

Through tear streaked eyes I saw the very large, obese, and greasy black man who had just entered. He was staring hard at me and putting chills of disgust down my spine.

“Oh, man, Boss. That is some fine looking pussy you got there. Fuckin’ tits on that bitch! Those muthafuckers be huge! Man, I’d like a piece of that white pussy,” he mumbled, reaching out to fondle my breasts.

“All of you will get to fuck her later on, but right now you’re going to have to settle for a blow job,” Derrick said, and grabbing me by the hair, he led me over to Ramal. “On your knees!” he ordered. “Get his cock out and thank him with your mouth.”

Disgusted and scared, I knelt in front of Ramal and began to fumble with his pants. He was even fatter up close, and smelled of food and sweat and engine grease. It was just awful. I unzipped him and pulled his cock from his pants. Like a black snake uncoiling, it began to stiffen in my hands. I looked at Derrick, who simply gestured for me to take Ramal’s cock to my mouth.

His cock looked foul and crusted with what was likely the juices of his recent lovers. I sensed that he had not bathed in some time. But nauseated as I was by what was in front of me, I deliberately took it to my mouth and began to suck his engorged penis. His gross belly hung directly over my head.

He moaned and uttered something unintelligible to me, but something that made Derrick chuckle, and I continued to draw him deeper into my mouth. Ramal was disgusting in every way imaginable, but I needed to please Derrick. At the moment, that was all that mattered.

I worked hard, hoping that Ramal would soon climax and free me from this horror, but he seemed intent on prolonging my misery, taking long and slow thrusts into my sickened mouth.

Suddenly, Carla was behind me. She grabbed the back of my head and slammed it forward onto Ramal’s cock, driving it completely down my throat. “That’s the way you suck cock, you stupid tramp!” she exclaimed.

I heard Derrick roar with laughter and felt Ramal groan in pleasure.

With his cock now deeply embedded, Ramal began to fuck my mouth in earnest. I was choking, gasping for air, and filled with utter repulsion. “Just please finish,” was all I could think.

And finally, after five or more deep hard thrusts down my throat, he ejaculated! I heard Derrick instructing me to “swallow every drop,” and I tried desperately to do so. He filled my mouth to overflowing and try though I might, some squirted from my mouth and dripped to the floor.

When Ramal withdrew, I felt an intense sense of relief, and ironically, even pride in doing something so horrid for Derrick.

Carla walked over near me, and pointing at the ground, said, “Derrick, she’s made a huge mess on the floor.”

Tell her to clean it up,” he said.

“Cunt,” she said, “Did you hear what he said?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Could you get me something to clean it with?”

“You’ve got something to clean it with,” she smiled sweetly.

I looked up at her puzzled.

“Your tongue, Fuckmeat. Clean it with your tongue!”

Dismayed, I looked over at Derrick.

“Right now, Fuckmeat. Do what Carla tells you to. Clean it before it leaves a stain!” he demanded.

I nearly retched as I lapped up Ramal’s cum from the floor, convinced now that my degradation was complete.

Finished, I just burst into tears. I was barely aware that Derrick had ordered Carla to “clean my ass” with the solvent she’d brought with her. It burned like fire and I know she intentionally rubbed some of it inside me.

Carla and Ramal left, and Derrick walked over and picked me up off of the floor.

“Derrick,” I sobbed, “You really humiliated me. Why did you do that?”

“Come on, Baby, you pleased me. You passed the test. I know your mine now.” And then he squeezed my tits hard and called them his. It was the perfect thing to say and do.

“You let that awful bitch whip me,” I sniffled.

“It’s okay, Chloe Baby. You’ll whip her soon, too.”

He had called me Chloe and Baby twice now. Not Fuckmeat. I wanted to kiss him and tell him I loved being his property but he wouldn’t let me. I guess it was because he thought some of Ramal’s cum was still in my mouth. I did hesitantly beg him to be more careful with his property. He said he would. I doubted he meant it.

“Listen, Baby,” he said. “I’m having an end-of-year barbeque out of my place next weekend. I want you and Joey to come and I want you find a bikini that will blow everyone away. You look way hot when you came into the dealership today, Baby, but I want you even hotter next weekend. Got it?”

I smiled up at him through still wet eyes. “Got it,” I whispered, so happy to know that he still wanted and appreciated me.

We went downstairs where Joey was waiting, my boobs nearly bouncing out of Derrick’s top on the way down. I hoped the welts on my tits would disappear soon. But I was proud again. I actually missed the marks of Derrick’s ownership on my butt.

When we entered the room where Joey was waiting, the first thing I noticed was Amber with a strap of her camisole dangling down one shoulder exposing nearly all of her breast on that side. Carla was there too with her little miniskirt hiked high up her thigh. Both were obviously flirting with Joey.

“Joey,” Derrick said. “I’m having a little get together next weekend. Try to come by, okay?”

“Oh, do,” Amber said eagerly, bending down in front of Joey, her full breast heaving provocatively in his face. “It’s so much fun there. I know we’ll all have such a great time. Really try, k?”

“I’ll try,” he said, smiling at her. I could see his eyes glued to her chest.

In the car, Joey asked me what I was doing up there, and I told him the lie Derrick had instructed me to tell, that he was urging me to help him convince Joey to take a job with him.

“You were up there alone all that time dressed like that?” he asked.

“No, Carla was there most of the time. “What were you doing with that tramp you were sitting with?” I asked, quickly changing the subject.”

“Amber? I think she was flirting with me,” he laughed, “but I don’t know. She kept saying how hot you were. She said she and Carla were blown away by the way you dressed and carried yourself, and how they both loved how you weren’t at all self-conscious about looking sexy. She said they both thought that if they had a body like yours, they’d always dress like that! So, I guess I’m glad you dressed that way,” he smiled at me. “I like having the hottest woman!”

I knew from what Carla had said earlier that that was the lie Derrick instructed them to tell, but it seemed to have worked. Really worked!

“What do you think about the party at Derrick’s place next week? I think he really wants you to work for him, you know.”

“Yeah, I’ll think about it. He’s not such a bad guy, I guess. We probably should go just to be polite.”

Oh, Joey, you are such an innocent fool, I thought.

“I’ll need a new bikini if you’re going to keep up the image you have,” I grinned. “You know, the guy with the hottest, sexiest chick,” I laughed.

“Yeah, maybe,” he said somewhat seriously. “You sure did look hot today, and I guess that’s what this crowd likes. I loved that those two girls were jealous of you. Maybe Derrick’s got them, but I got these,” he preened, reaching under the tee to fully expose my boobs to the traffic around us. “I say go for it. You’re better looking than any of those chicks. And you’re mine!”

“Better than Amber?” I teased.

“Way, way better,” he beamed.

The Party

I wasn’t sure how little I could get away with bikini-wise, but I knew I had to have something pretty skimpy to please Derrick, and I wasn’t going to find that at any local shop. Plus, I was going to have to get Joey to go along with something that probably was going to be very, very close to total nudity. I thought the best thing to do would be to shop on line and get Joey to participate.

I found a ton of bikinis on line that perfectly fit my growing sexuality, my burgeoning need to exhibit myself in front of powerful men, but one in particular caught my attention. It was a string bikini that was almost entirely string, except for a tiny sliver that would cover little more than the slit in my vagina and two petite patches that would certainly cover no more than my nipples. I could see myself in it, virtually nude for Derrick, exactly the way he had ordered me to dress.

I got Joey to look at it and a few other far less risqué but certainly not modest suits. Joey thought the one I wanted was a bit too much, but he did like one of the others, a string bikini with slightly better coverage. After some discussion about the fun it would be to wear the teeny one I wanted around the house, I ordered it and the another more modest suit that Joey assumed I’d wear to Derrick’s party…and that I hoped I would not be wearing.

I modeled both for Joey after a particularly hot night out, and though he loved the way I looked in the hot little one I wanted to wear and even agreed that it would be awesome for me to wear it to the party, I could tell immediately that he was not going to consent to this when he was sober. I didn’t bring the subject up again, but on the afternoon of the party, I slipped into the outrageous string bikini Derrick would want me in, but covered it with a sarong tied tightly across my bosom. The sarong was sheer enough so that the outline of the bikini was evident on close inspection but not totally out there. I held my breath as I walked out to tell Joey I was ready.

I could see that he knew what I was wearing underneath, but apparently the sarong made him comfortable enough to somewhat hesitantly not object. After all, he must have reasoned, he could always have me keep it on.

It was one of those wonderfully warm, sultry, late afternoon Indian summer days. The drive and street in front of Derrick’s place was packed with cars, many quite expensive, I noticed. I could feel apprehension growing in my chest as I anticipated Derrick’s greeting. I had somehow to let him know that the sarong covered exactly what he had ordered and that it wouldn’t be there for long.

We walked into a vibrant party. People were already dancing to a very good DJ, some of the women quite suggestively. There was a game of volleyball going on in the pool that was really an excuse for horseplay, most of it involving throwing girls up in the air hoping they’d lose their tops in the process. In the first few minutes we were there, I saw that the tactic was more often than not successful!

We wondered about uncomfortably at first, since we didn’t know anyone there. Shortly, though, Amber appeared in a tiny little thong and wet tee shirt.

“I lost my top in the pool,” she giggled to Joey. “Come help me find it! Oh, hi Chloe,” she said over her shoulder, while tugging on Joey’s arm.

The bitch was just so blatant! Joey looked at me in dismay.

“Go help the poor girl,” I said, assuming that this is what Derrick would want me to say.

Not at all reluctantly, it seemed to me, Joey walked off with Amber toward the pool, and shortly after Derrick appeared at my side.

“Amber should keep Joey busy for a while,” said. “You better be wearing very little under whatever that is you have on.

“Maybe you should check and see,” I said sultrily. “It unwraps rather easily!”

I had hoped he would unwrap me right there, but at that very moment, Teri appeared at his side. She looked fantastic, much like she had in school. The pounds she’d shed had come from all the right places, leaving her boobs round and full and her hips and butt sensual and alluring. Her waist was again that school-girl waist she was so proud of in high school. I felt dowdy in this stupid sarong and wanted desperately to strip it off.

“Nice that you could make it, Chloe. Derrick didn’t tell me he’d invited you,” she smirked, obviously impressed with the way she looked.

“I think he actually invited Joey,” I smiled. “He wants to discuss a job with him. I just sort of tagged along. Hope you don’t mind,” I added somewhat aggressively.

“Oh, not all, Chloe,” she smirked again, looking first at her own beautifully displayed body and then at my fully covered one. “Not at all!”

She pulled Derrick away with the need to “meet someone.” The bitch, I thought. I decided to go see where Joey was. I got two large drinks from the bar and set out to find him.

I found Joey sitting at the edge of the pool with a drink already in his hand. Amber had apparently located her top and was again in the pool displaying her ample charms to everyone, but I thought especially to Joey. I sat down beside him. I knew he would never go in the pool. It wasn’t likely that he’d even brought a suit. He was painfully shy about his thin, frail body.

“Everybody seems to be having fun,” I said easily to Joey.

“Yeah, they do,” he answered.

“Amber seems to have developed a crush on you,” I laughed, just as Amber again briefly lost her top.

Joy just laughed. “She sure likes to show her rack!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, she does, doesn’t she? There are a lot of hot girls here, don’t you think,” I said, nudging him and nodding at Amber. “Maybe she’s afraid of the competition.”

“Yeah, maybe she is and yeah, there are a lot of hot chicks here,” he said, “but none hotter than you!”

“Have you seen Teri?” I asked. “She really looks good. A lot better than when we saw her at the reunion.”

“She looks like she did in high school,” he said, distracted by Amber’s cavorting in the pool. Some big hulk had just thrown her squealing into the air. Her top came apart when she hit the water. I thought she was very slow to refasten it.

“So I guess Derrick’s got his hot body again,” I said. “I guess he won’t be jealous of you now,” I sighed. “A lot of these guys have really hot wives and girlfriends.”

“Yeah, I think a lot of them must have money. You see the cars out front. That’s probably why they’ve got the girls they have.”

“Do you want another drink?” I asked. I really wanted Joey to get maybe just a little less cautious about showing me off. “I’ll go get us a couple more, k?”

“Sure. I’ll be right here.”

I wondered back to the bar, and decided impulsively to retie the sarong about my waist. If nothing else, I could at least show my boobs. I saw two guys give me decidedly admiring looks, and as I waited for our drinks, one of them walked up and asked me my name.

“That’s a pretty sensational top you’re wearing,” he said, openly staring at my boobs. “Not many girls could wear that!”

“Thank you,” I said, not at all modestly. I enjoyed his stares and tried to show him so.

“You here alone?” he inquired.

“No, my husband’s here.”

“You’re married?” he asked. “You don’t look old enough to be married.”

“I’m nearly twenty one,” I said.

“Well, he’s a lucky guy. You’ve got a beautiful smile…and a body to match.”

“Thank you again,” I said hoping to sound mysteriously seductive. “You’re kinda cute yourself.”

I found Joey again and handed him his drink. It was his third, and that seemed enough to make him less startled by my almost bare tits.

“Wow!” he said hesitantly. “I didn’t know you wore that.”

I know he did know. He just didn’t want to acknowledge it yet.

“Do you like it? Do you think I look as hot as Amber now,” I giggled.

I could see he was uncomfortable, so I decided I’d wait until the effect of the next drink hit before trying to get out of the sarong entirely.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to wait at all. The big hulk who had been throwing Amber up in the air decided to do some stupid cannonball right in front of me, completely soaking the sarong.

“Oh my God,” I said, drenched, the sarong now totally transparent and clinging to my body. I looked at Joey in feigned dismay, and took it off to wring it out. Sitting back down, I simply left it by my side to dry. I was finally dressed the way Derrick expected.

“Do you want to take a little dip?” I asked. “It’s kinda hot. I think I will.”

“Nah, you go ahead. I’ll wait her for you. Guard your sarong for you,” he laughed. The drinks seemed to be having a little better effect now.

I smiled at him and slipped into the water. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Amber get out of the pool and walk over to the lounge chairs on the pool deck. A few minutes later, I saw Joey walk over near her and sit in one of the chairs beside her. I waved to him to tell him it was okay.

The horseplay in the pool was all around me now, and I noticed quickly that this bikini was not a “swimsuit.” In the water it covered nothing. I felt someone grab me around the waist, and I turned just in time to see Amber’s hulky bodybuilder throw me up high into the air. Like Amber, I had no idea where my top was after I landed.

The hulk grabbed me again, and this time I flew through the air entirely topless, landing back in Mr. Bodybuilder’s arms.

“Looking for this?” he asked holding what I thought was my top. But it wasn’t. It was my bottom! I realized in an instant that he had somehow managed to totally strip me and that I was now perfectly nude. “Want another ride?”

“Don’t you dare,” I said sternly but playfully. “Are you crazy? My husband is right there! I’m completely naked, you idiot! Give me my bottom!”

“Well, before I do, I guess you’ll just have to let me fuck you!” he said, pulling me closer to him and pushing his legs hard between my thighs. “I’ve been watching you for a half hour and you’re turning me on.”

His huge legs easily pried mine open. He continued to pull me closer, purposely widening my legs to accept his pleasure.

“Stop it!” I said, but again apparently not convincingly. “I told you my husband is right there,” I repeated, glancing over to see if he noticed. Joey did seem to be intently watching, but with a big smile on his face. I was sure he’d seen the topless flight my bodybuilder had given me, and I assumed that was the reason for the grin. Harmless, sexy fun, he would think. He had no idea I was naked beneath the water. Naked, and open, and almost certainly about to be fucked.

The hulk continued to draw my naked body closer to his. I leaned back, hoping to make it obvious that we were only talking, but that only provided the opportunity and position he wanted. My legs were now nearly wholly splayed open and he had his hands on my thighs drawing me nearer and nearer his waiting cock. I was defenseless now, using my arms in a desperate attempt to keep my head above water. When I felt his fat cock breech my labia, I just shook my head at him and splashed water at him.

“You better not get me in trouble!” I hissed, less firmly than I should have. His cock continued unimpeded. I shuddered slightly as he thrust himself entirely inside me, stopped resisting, and let him open me fully.

Now that he was imbedded fully inside me, I peeked quickly over at Joey. Nothing must have seemed amiss, because he simply continued to grin at me.

The hulk’s tempo was increasing and I was having a harder and harder time keeping my head above water, so I finally had to relent and grab his shoulders. There was no point now in resisting at all. I relaxed and surrendered my body fully to him. It must have then been surely quite obvious to everyone directly at poolside that I was being seriously fucked. “Don’t you dare cum in me!” I whispered fiercely in his ear as his cock drove harder and deeper into my loosening sex.

I looked again at Joey only to discover that Amber was diverting his attention. Hate her though I did, I was grateful at the moment that her tits had so enamored my husband. Carla was peering intently at me. But I was beyond caring. I relaxed completely and let Mr. America plunder my sex.

“Don’t cum in me!” I repeated as his tempo signaled his quickly approaching climax. He simply ignored me. When he ejaculated in me, I simply submitted, letting him pull me deep onto his shuddering cock. “You shit!” I said as each spasm splashed more of his seed inside me. “You little shit,” I repeated, trying to look stern but failing miserably. The coy smile on my face probably didn’t help.

Finished with me, he handed me both my top and bottom, told me he’d be “back for more,” and swam away.

As I furtively retied my bikini, it occurred to me that in less than four months four different men had had sex with me. I had gone from an innocent young bride to a shameless slut in that brief time. What was becoming of me?!

I climbed out of the pool, my tiny bikini covering almost nothing at all now, and walked quite arrogantly by Amber. I was sure she was aware of the appreciative stares I was getting, and I made sure they continued as I toweled off as seductively as possible. I should have been nicer. She probably saved my marriage.

I saw that Joey had finished the drink I brought him and was half way through another. The grin on his face told me he was nearing where I wanted him to be. He didn’t seem nervous or awkward with my near nudity now. He was back to pride of ownership! Alcohol had become the catalyst for our sex life.

I told Joey I was going to get a drink and asked him if he wanted another. He said he did, and I set off for the bar to enthusiastic stares from the guys around me. I was extremely aroused. I hadn’t climaxed in the pool, but I was so on the edge of one. It would take no more than a gentle nudge to put me over the edge.

And then, to my erotic delight, I found Derrick there at the bar waiting for me.

“Come with me,” he said, sternly.

“Sure,” I beamed, “but first I have to run this drink over to Joey.”

“Carla’s taking care of that,” he said to my surprise. He grabbed my hand tightly and pulled me to a room just off the cabana. I was sure he wanted to fuck me as much as I now desperately needed him so deep inside me. I needed that one masterful stroke of his incomparable cock to release the pent up climax inside me.

In the room, he turned me toward him and in one quick and viscous thrust, drove his balled fist hard into my stomach. I fell writhing to the floor, gasping for air. He put his foot on my head.

You stupid cunt,” he said furiously. “You fucked that idiot Carl in the pool.”

“No, I didn’t!” I sobbed, gasping for breath.

He dragged me to my feet and struck me again, even harder this time. I thought I’d die. I could not breathe. All I could do was gasp for air.

“Carla saw you, cunt! Your ass and cunt are mine slut! Did you forget that? You fuck no one that I don’t tell you to, got it!” he yelled, pushing his foot down harder on my head.

He reached down and grabbed me by the hair and violently jerked my head off the floor and pulled me to a table in the center of the room, and struck me a third time in my belly.

“Put your tits down on the table, cunt, and reach back and hold your ass cheeks open,” he barked. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass!”

“Derrick, please don’t,” I gasped, trying to suck air into my depleted lungs. “Nobody’s ever done that to me. I know it will hurt. Please don’t,” I sobbingly pleaded.

“What do you think? I’m going to fuck you in your cum-filled cunt, whore? Spread your fucking cheeks, cunt!”

I pulled myself open and instantly suffered the most intense, searing pain I’d even experienced. His cock tore quickly and violently into my ass, rending it immediately. I could feel the tearing as with each deep grunt he drove his frightful cock deeper into my now bleeding rectum. I can only be deeply thankful that in his rage an excitement, he brutally emptied himself inside very quickly.

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. The events within this story never happened and are solely created for the reading pleasure of this website and its members.

I lost my temper with my contractor the day before, pitching a fit because he tried to tell me that the price to complete the job was going to be almost double of his original estimate. Not only did I refuse to pay for the extra estimate, I refused to pay him the money I still owed him. That is when things got ugly cause I told him that he would not see a dime unless he stuck to his original estimate and finished the job we agreed to. Upset by my refusal to accept what he had said, the contractor and his men left early that day and I thought I would never see them again.

So I was very surprised when they showed up the next day for work. The contractor had brought coffee and bagels for everyone and had a smile on his face. Since he was eager to get his men back to work I had assumed that he was going to honor his original estimate that we had agreed to. I felt proud of myself for taking a stand and stood there drinking my coffee and watching the men as they all got back to work. A few minutes after things seemed to be back to normal, I started to feel dizzy. As I fell down on the floor, the last thing I could hear was someone coming over and asking if I was all right.

When I started to come around, I finally figured out what had happened. My coffee had been spiked. The contractor wasn’t here to work, he was here to hand out a little payback to the bitch that was refusing to pay the bills. Everything was still a little hazy as I started to wake up, I realize that I was gagged. There was a rubber ball in my mouth and when I tried to touch it, that was when I found out that I had been cuffed to my own bed. I was tied up and drugged, and there was no telling what these men were going to do to me. I could hear them talking, something about how amazing my breasts looked, and I got the feeling that they were going to do a lot more than just look at me, and it scared me. They realized I was beginning to wake up and seemed eager to get started. They wanted me to be awake for what they had planned. That scared me even more. I tried to talk and scream at them but they merely laughed.

There were six men in the room, and it was the contractor who came forward and took a seat right beside the bed. “Today this bitch is going to get a good attitude adjustment and I’m just the man that’s going to give it to her. She’s going to learn that you pay hard working men what they earn, or we will take our payment through other means.” after he said that, the contractor stood up and began to remove his overalls. “Now it’s time for her to pay her bill. Take her pants off.”

I could feel the hands of the other workers as they tore my jeans off with little or no effort. I watched in fear as two men grabbed my legs and forced them apart as wide as they could possibly be. I was still wearing a thong, but that was going to put up little if any resistence to what this man wanted to do to me. He climbed ontop of me, and I could feel his hand started to feel my thong, and then with a quick movement, he pulled the loose pair of panties out of the way, expsoing my clean shaven pussy to entire room. “This is what we do when bitches refuse to give us our pay.” the contractor whispered in my ear. Just after he finished saying that, I could feel the head of his cock rub against the lips of my pussy and I started to shake and squirm, hoping and praying that I could get out and escape. It was no use, as the restraints on my hands and the two men holding my legs held tight, and I started to cry as the contractor slowly started to push his cock inside me. I could tell the fucking bastard wasn’t even wearing a condom, as I could feel his skin as he started to push deeper and deeper inside. His cock was huge, and after several probing strokes, he was balls deep inside me.

“How does that feel bitch?” the contractor asked, “I can tell your husband has a small cock, you’re cunt is squeezing the shit out of my meat.” I started to moan as the tears were falling down my cheek. “It’s too late for that, you’re going to pay for the work we did and I’m going to my money’s worth right now.”

I wanted to respond but I couldn’t and right after he said that he began to thrust back and forth as hard as he could. He began to pound my pussy with little or no concern for how I felt as he balls slapped hard against my ass with each thrust. His cock was pumping me harder than I had ever been fucked by anyone, and I bit hard into the ball gag as I could tell I was beginning to have an orgasm. I didn’t want to give that bastard the satisfaction of hearing me moan, but he could tell what was going on as my pussy was getting wetter with each stroke, and his cock was covered in it. I could hear how wet it was getting down there and the contractor laughed as he kept fucking me as hard as he could. That fat, smelly piece of shit leaned over and whispered to me as he was pounding the shit out of me, “Your cunt is so fucking wet. I bet you’re loving this!” I didn’t respond and turned my head away from him. He grabbed my head and turned it back to face him. “I just wanted to let you know I’m going to cum inside you now, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

After he said that I started to fight back, shaking and trying to squirm free like I had before, but like my previous attempt it was in vain. The contractor began to moan and I started to feel his cock throb and with one final thrust, that bastard shoved himself as deep as he could before blowing his unwanted seed inside me. I had never felt so much sperm inside me, as it just exploded like a fire hose, filling me up and leaking out and down the crack of my ass. I cried some more, being humiliated in front of his crew and violated for doing nothing more than stand up for myself. The contractor finally pulled his cock out but I could feel how stretched out I was, as the cool air shot inside as the head of his cock released with a pop. I looked up at the contractor as he started to put his underwear and overalls back on. He had a grin on his face that disgusted me, proud that he had taught me a lesson for standing up to him. He had demonstrated his authority to his men by raping a woman in front of them. Taking what he wanted and doing it by force. He looked down at me, “Now the real fun begins, little lady.”

I looked back up at him, a confused look on my face.

“Tyrone, you’re next.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My nightmare wasn’t over, it was just beginning. What looked like rape had suddenly developed into gang rape. The contractor was going to share me with every man in his crew. The two men holding my legs turned me over, so I was no longer on my back but instead on my stomach for my next assault. They also took the two cuffs that were binding me to the bed and detached them from the bed. The placed my arms behind my back and cuffed both cuffs to the other arm… binding them together. I looked to the side and I could see Tyrone getting ready to go next. He had removed his overalls, and was stepping out of his boxer shorts. I could see why the contractor wanted to go first, as Tyrone’s manhood made his bosses cock look tiny. I had never seen a cock that huge, and he was also black, something else I had never done before. I started to struggle, but I was held down to my own bed, forced to take it again by force.

Tyrone came in from behind, eager to take me like a dog, and I kept my legs closed, refusing to go willingly. He grabbed me by the hair and yanked my hair back. “Listen up bitch.” Tyrone growled. “I’m going to fuck that pussy hard, so you better spread cause the tighter you make it, the more it’s gonna hurt.” He was right, and I had no choice. He was going to rape me anyway, and as much as I didn’t want to submit, I spread my legs out, exposing myself to be taken from behind. I could feel the weight of the bed shift as Tyrone got into position and seconds later I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my already violated pussy. I love fucking my husband in doggie style, but Tyrone wasn’t my husband and his cock was bigger than the contractor’s and the thought of never being able to fuck my husband like that the same again made me feel sad. Tyrone wasn’t in the mood to wait, and was aware that I was stretched out a little as he just shoved most of his cock inside with one giant thrust. Again my teeth grit into the ball gag as the pain from Tyrone’s thrust sent a shock that went all the way up my spine, and then I began to feel him pump in and out, fucking me like a dog and doing it as hard as he could. His thursts hurt more with each pump and I thought it was never going to end, but it did without warning as Tyrone pulled out. He didn’t even orgasm so I was confused to what was going on.

The answer came seconds later when I felt a lubricated finger enter my asshole. Shocked that I was being violated in a new fashion, I began to wiggle and resist, but there was nothing I could do. I was being held down by two men, and Tyrone was now putting two fingers inside my asshole, lubbing up my ass. I had never let anyone fuck me in the ass, and I think Tyrone could tell by how tight my ass was when he was fingering it. “This bitch is an ass virgin!” Tyrone called. The other guys in the room whooped and clapped as Tyrone began to put some lube on his cock. I felt two hands grab my ass and pull my cheeks apart exposing my virgin ass to Tyrone. Mere seconds later, Tyrone pushed the head of his cock inside my asshole and I screamed for the first time. If felt like someone had shoved a piece of glass inside my ass and I really thought his cock was gonna rip my ass apart. He went slow at first… fucking my ass with just the head of his cock. Then with each throbbing pulse Tyrone began to thrust deeper and slowly fill my entire asshole, stretching my little ass to its limits. There was nothing I could do about it, as his enormous cock began to fuck my ass harder and harder once he got balls deep inside. My ass was being ripped apart, and just when it couldn’t get any worse, I could hear Tyrone groan just before feeling a rush of liquid squirt deep inside my ass. My ass was so tight around his cock, Tyrone had to literally force himself out, causing a gush of his sperm to seep out of my ravaged ass and dribble down my pussy and legs.

Before I could even get my breath back, the two men holding my arms lifted me up in the air off the bed. I looked down and watched as another worker laid down on my bed, the same one I made love to my husband on, and waited for me to come back down. The two men holding my arms lowered me down on their co-worker, forcing me to straddle him. His already hard cock entered my pussy and filled me back up, and the two men bent me over my new rapist so that he could fuck me harder and fondle my breasts at the same time. After the ripping that came at the hands of Tyrone, this man’s cock while big was not as harsh to take as took my pussy to town again. I was started to lose the will to fight, realizing that there was nothing I could do. I stopped making any sounds, and just prayed for the end to come soon.

They were never answered because while being fucked from below, I felt a new finger probe my asshole from behind. I could hear the guy below me talk. “Joe, what are you doing up there?” he called up.

“Since she was a virgin before Tyrone went in there, I’m sure she’s never taken two at the same time. Let’s give this bitch a double pen.”

“Right on, shove it in there.”

I started to squirm at the thought of being fucked in both holes at the same time, and the two men holding my arms were too strong, and without warning, I felt a new cock enter my asshole, and again I was in pain. Two cocks were pounding me at the same time, and despite the pleasure it was creating inside me for the first time, I refused to give either of these assholes the satisfaction to think they were doing something for me.

Then I heard a familiar voice as the contractor walked back into the room to enjoy the view. I was being fucked in both holes, and he gave out a chuckle at the site. “That bitch is getting it good but I think she wants more.” he walked over and pulled my head up by the hair. “I’m going take this off, and if you scream once I will make you regret it. Understood?”

I nodded and he removed the ball gag. “Please, stop! I’ll pay anything you want, just tell them to stop!”

“It’s too late for that bitch, but you will know not to say no to me from now on.” as he was saying that, he was taking his overalls off again and I looked at him in shock as he pulled his big cock out again. I was going to say something to him, possibly beg him not to do what I thought he was going to do, but at that time Joe rammed his cock into me harder than before and my mouth popped open with shock. The contractor shoved his cock inside and started to fuck my face while my other two holes were being fucked by his men. With both hands on my head, the contractor forced his big cock down my throat causing me to gag as he was pumped my throat. He pulled out on occassion to let me breath, but shoved his cock back in before I could muster the energy to say anything.

With his hands on my hips, Joe was slamming my asshole as hard as he could so much that I forgot there was another cock pounding my pussy. Both men began to groan and I knew what was coming, as both cocks exploded inside me at the same time, and I whimpered softly as I had again been forced to take someone’s seed inside me. The contractor didn’t care as he kept fucking my face, shoving himself deeper inside with each thrust. I was tempted to bite that fat fucker’s cock, but was afraid of what he would do in response. At this moment, my only goal was to survive. The contractor began to moan and for the second time that day, he was going to force his semen inside me. He grabbed two handfuls of hair and pushed my head down hard, shoving his cock deep inside my mouth. I couldn’t breath, but felt multiple shots of hot cum squirting down my throat. After he finally pulls out, I gasp for breath and sob uncontrolably.

“That’s enough guys. We’re finished here.”

After the contractor said that, the man underneath me got off the bed and the two men holding my arms tossed me onto my bed. The contractor walked over after putting his cock away and knelt by the bed so that his face was less than a few inches from my own. “We are going to get back to work. You are going to take a long, hot shower. Stay in there for at least thirty minutes and I want you to scrub that body down as much as you can. Then you are never going to speak to me or any of my men ever again. Are we understood?”

I nodded to him that I understood.

“You will tell your husband to handle the finances of this job from here on and you will never tell anyone what happened here. If you do, we will make what happened today look like a picnic. Are we clear on this?”

I nodded again. “I hate you.”

“You are entitled to that opinion.” the contractor said as he stood up. “Have a nice shower and do as you’re told.”

I didn’t want to anger the man again, so I gathered what was left of my clothing and left my own bedroom and into the bathroom that was attached. I locked the door and for the first time, I was safe. I paused for a few moments and listened to what was going on outside, and the contractor was true to his word. They were going back to work on the house and chatting like nothing had ever happened. I considered calling the police, but the thought of having to tell my husband what happened scared me. How would he ever look at me after what I had been through? After thinking about it for a while, I walked over to the shower and turned it on. I walked in and started to clean off the dirt and sperm that had been forced upon me. I wanted it all to go away, and I was afraid of the wrath I might inflict on myself and my husband if I defied that contractor again. He had won the day, and I would have to accept that… for now.

Summer Wayne, a high school English teacher, has fallen under the direction of a high school student after he has discovered her recent postings at a public website. The poor English teacher has just finished a weekend where she has received piercings in her ear, nipples and pussy lips. She has been forced to buy a complete new wardrobe that is both sexy and tight fitting, which is not what she would ever wear to school. Summer’s best friend has discovered her submissiveness and has planned to take complete control of her mind and body. Summer’s Master, has plans for his new slave beginning with school on Monday.


Summer, still feeling the effects of the beer, tequila and the sex with Lisa and Steve stumbled to her bedroom. She could not believe that her Sunday afternoon had seen her be subjected to domination by her best friend and her husband. To make matters worse, Summer was sure that her next door neighbor, Sam Johnson had seen the whole episode as Lisa forced her deeper into submission. Summer was confused by how her body reacted to the insults, degradation and forced sex. As she lay her head down onto her Egyptian cotton pillow case, Summer’s hands began to roan over her body, first stopping to tweak her erect and pierced nipples. As she became more aroused, her right hand found her hardening clit that continued to be stimulated by the events of the day.

Summer’s hands were working their magic on her body and it did not take much effort to have her on the brink of yet another orgasm. Just as she reached the edge, Summer’s cell phone buzzed. “Damn, who the hell can that be at this time of the night,” she quietly said to herself.

Summer looked at the phone and saw Master T’s name pop up on her phone id. Summer hesitated for a few more rings as she pondered whether or not to answer the phone. Just then the buzzing stopped and Summer smiled to herself believing that she had avoided a late night confrontation from her young Master.

Summer was jolted from her deep sleep by the morning alarm clock and its aggravating buzz at her customary 5:30 AM wake up. She hit the snooze for ten more minutes of rest before she started her day. When the alarm sounded its aggravating tone again, Summer hit the off button and crawled out of bed. As she walked into the bathroom to empty her bladder, Summer looked into the mirror and she was stunned by the size of her nipples and how the piercings made them look so much more profound. After relieving herself, Summer walked up to the mirror and gave each nipple a tweak and examined the reaction each had to her touch. She paid particular attention to the piercings hoping to find a way to remove them. But, the size of the bars on each end was too large and she remembered the soldering job performed by Marcos in his shop.

Summer slipped on her white silk robe, her house slippers with the one inch heels and headed for the kitchen for her first cup of coffee. On her way to the kitchen, Summer went out onto her porch to retrieve the morning newspaper. Because hers and James’ house sat so far from the street, they paid the paper boy a little extra to place it on their porch each morning. Summer thought it was strange that the paper was propped against the door, but she thought nothing more about it.

As Summer reached the kitchen, the aroma from her dark South American coffee beans pleasantly filled her nostrils. She added half and half creamer, took the paper from its plastic wrap and opened it to read. That is when she found the manila envelop. On the outside of the envelop were the chilling words, “SLUT, YOU DID NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE LAST NIGHT. CALL ME IMMEDIATELY BEFORE YOU OPEN THIS ENVELOP.”

“Oh my god,” was all Summer could say.

Without taking a sip of her coffee, Summer headed for the bedroom to retrieve her cell phone. She saw the missed call reflected on the touch screen of the phone and her whole body shuddered with fear of what may happen to her. As her fingers pressed the speed dial number for Master T, tears welled up in Summer’s eyes as the reality of her situation once again thrust upon her.

Master T simply answered, “What took you so long to call me slut?”

Summer did not know what to say other than, “Master T, I only just now found your note. I went to sleep last night and did not hear your call.”

“Because of your non-compliance and refusal to take my call, I have taken the liberty of posting several pictures to an email and have sent it to you. Go to your home computer, take the envelope with you and call me when you have opened my email. Do not open the envelope,” and Master T hung up.

Summer stumbled down the hall way to the office that was just off her the master bedroom. The office consisted of the desk that she shared with her husband James, two wing back chairs, a credenza and pictures of her family from various trips they had taken together. She logged onto the computer and opened her email. Summer called Master T as she had been directed.

Master T, answered in a harsh tone, “Slut have you opened your email from me?” Summer quickly replied that she had. Master T then instructed her to read the email and then call him after she had complied with the emailed instructions.

The email read:

“Slut, you have disobeyed me for the last time. You knew that you were to talk to me before you went to bed last night to get your instructions for today. But because you are a worthless cunt, I have had to send you this email and driven across town to give you instructions for your fist day in school as my slut. Your first day was going to be a little easier, but now things are different. Your non-compliance has forced me to alter my plans for you and your servitude at school. You may now open the envelope and read its contents for further instructions.” The email was signed Master T

Before she could open the envelope, Summer had to compose herself. She had woken up with a better feeling about herself and the he that Master T would not interfere with her morning routine. She was not naïve enough to think that he was done with her, but she had been hopeful to drink her morning coffee and prepare for her day.

Summer opened the envelope and she poured its contents onto the desk in the office. The manila envelope contained two smaller envelopes. She looked at both of the envelopes and as she expected, they were to be opened in order. She opened the envelope marked “Open First”. The envelope contained several folded sheets of paper. As she opened them she realized that they were pictures downloaded from a camera and printed on regular stock paper. The pictures were of her and Sarah from Saturday at Marcos’ piercing salon. One of the pictures plainly reflected Summer’s face buried in Sarah’s pussy, the second showed her lying on the table playing with her pussy with the gold lip rings clearly visible and the third picture showed her with a cock jammed down her throat with her eyes wide open.

Summer opened the second envelope and was almost relieved to find only a one page letter written by Master T. It began, “Slut, you have seen some obvious proof that you are a slut, that you enjoy being made to please and that you have no will of your own. Unfortunately, you do not fully grasp the depth of your submission. So, today we will begin re-enforcing your position of a complete submissive slut and my position as your Master. You are to get dressed in the black skirt and white blouse that you purchased on Saturday. You are to wear the yellow see through bra and thong panties along with the black garter belt and back seamed hose. You are to wear the four inch black pumps. You are to apply a heavy amount of make-up so as to highlight your eyes and cheeks. Your lips must be covered by your reddest lipstick. Finally, you will make sure that your hair is wildly styled making sure that your new left ear piercing is visible all day. You will meet me in your class room at 6:30 AM. Do not be late.”

Summer raised her hand to her mouth when she realized that it was now 5:45 AM and the drive to the school took her fifteen minutes. She quickly shut the computer down, took the pictures and tore them up. Summer ran down the hall to the bedroom and quickly took a shower to wash the cum stains from the day before. The water caused her nipples to become even more erect. After her shower, Summer quickly applied her make-up the way Master T had demanded by paying particular attention to her eyelids and giving them a dark blue tint to highlight her eyes. Ordinarily, Summer would take a great deal of time in transforming her hair from a weekend style that was free and flowing to the conservative bun she usually wore at school. But today, she used lots of hair spray and mousse to force her hair to hold its place and allow her gold loop earring with the three red beads to be clearly seen.

When Summer was satisfied that she had met Master T’s requirements, she quickly slipped on her garter belt, adjusted the clasp and attached the black back seamed hose first to her right leg and then to her left leg. Once she was satisfied that the seams were straight, she pulled on her yellow string thong. Summer noticed that the thong seemed to touch her clit and spread her pussy lips. She looked down and the new lip rings were clearly visible. Summer adjusted the thin material of the thong and was able to slide the gold rings inside the material. Next Summer slipped on the matching yellow bra. Immediately Summer noticed that the material of the bra made it quite obvious that her nipples had piercings and that her nipples were very prominent as they stood very erect, which she was sure is why Todd had ordered her to wear the yellow lingerie. Summer told herself to not worry about that right now and get dressed.

Summer quickly slid the white blouse on and believed that it was almost see through. As she stood before the bathroom mirror, Summer began buttoning the blouse and it was quite possible that anyone paying just the slightest attention to her would be able to make out the details of her nipples and would almost certainly be able to see the gold rod piercings. Summer quickly grabbed the black skirt and slipped it on. Immediately Summer knew why Master T had requested this particular skirt. The slits on the sides stopped at just below the lace tops of her hose and would not be noticeable when she stood, but when she was seated, Summer was sure that anyone would be able to see the very tops of the lace of the hose. The skirt was very tight and would cause her all kinds of trouble walking the halls of the school.

Summer gathered her make up into her daily bag, grabbed her wooden brush, checked her hair one more time and rand down the hall. As she started the engine in her BMW, she saw that she only had 10 minutes to make it to the school by 6:30 so she knew that she would have to exceed the speed limit to make it on time, hoping all the while that she would not encounter a police patrol.

Summer pulled into the school parking lot at 6:35 thankfully having successfully dodged any traffic mishaps or police cruisers as she roared down the back streets to her school. Summer grabbed her pocket book and school bag and made a mad dash to the school. She was able to get into her classroom in less than 5 minutes, but Master T was not in her room. She looked at the school clock and noticed that the time was actually 6:40 and wondered where Todd, err… Master T was.

Summer was startled when she heard the door to her classroom slammed shut. She turned from her desk and saw that her Master had entered the room. She stared him directly in the eyes and could feel his anger at her being tardy. Summer then heard his first words, “Slut, what took you so long to get here?”

“Todd, I drove as fast as I could to get here. I only now noticed that my watch is 10 minutes slow. I thought that I was on time’, Summer replied.

“How dare you refer to me as Todd? What is my name slut?”

Summer began to cower just a bit and quickly responded, “Your name is Master T, sir.”

Todd walked up to his submissive high school teacher, grabbed her by each nipple and screamed into her face, “Slut when I tell you to be some where be there on time, no matter how long it takes to get there or what obstacles you have to avoid, DO NOT BE LATE, EVER!”

Summer could only muster a “Yes Sir” as Todd continued to pull and twist her nipples through her blouse and bra. He was being careful not to rip the nipple piercings out of her flesh, but Todd was driving home the point that she would do as he demanded.

Todd released the poor teacher’s nipples and directed her to the middle of the classroom, where she was told to take her blouse and skirt off. When Summer hesitated, Todd uttered only, “NOW”!

Summer lifted her hands and began unbuttoning the top button and worked her way down the blouse until all of the buttons had been opened and the blouse had been pulled from the skirt. Without waiting for further instructions, Summer shrugged her shoulders and let the blouse fall away from her body. She placed the blouse on the nearest student’s desk and then reached around behind her and unzipped the black skirt and began pulling it down over her hips until it lay on the floor at her feet. She reached down to retrieve, it, but Master T said, “Leave it there slut.”

Then Summer’s Master ordered her to bend over her desk. Without objection, Summer moved to her desk, leaned over and placed her palms on the top of the desk. She was ordered by her Master to lay flat on top of the desk. Summer was wearing her black garter belt and hose, the yellow lingerie and her four inch black pumps. Summer looked up and pleaded, “But Master someone might come in and find me in this position. Please do not make me do this.” Todd’s silence told Summer everything she needed to know. As she placed her chest onto her desk, she felt frightened about the possibility of being discovered by a colleague, the janitorial staff or an early arriving student. She closed her eyes and listened to her Master.

“Slut, you have displeased me and that is an unfortunate event for you. I have told you that you are to be punctual and do what I say when I say to do it. Last night you did not answer my call. Today you were 10 minutes late reporting to me. For each offense you will receive ten strokes with your wooden hair brush. Where is your brush slut?” Todd demanded.

“But Master, someone will hear the noise from the strokes and my screams. Please, please I beg you. I will do anything you tell me to and I promise to never be late,” pleaded the poor English teacher.

Todd looking down at his conquest replied, “I know you will do all those things and more for me slut. But right now, you are going to be punished for your non-compliance to ensure that the next time you think about not complying, you will remember my lesson to you. Now where is your brush slut?”

Summer told Todd that her brush was in her pocket book. As he retrieved it, he gazed down on the outstretched teacher with her ass exposed for anyone to see. As he moved behind his slut, Todd looked down between Summer’s legs and he could see the pussy lip rings peaking out from the thin material of her yellow thong. He put his feet between Summer’s legs and forced her legs even further apart. Todd then stepped to the left side of Summer and using his right hand he brought down the brush harshly onto her left ass cheek.

Summer screamed, but it was a low, barely audible scream. Todd did not dare risk being discovered so he reached into his back pack and brought out the black egg that he purchased for Summer over the weekend. It was a remote control version that was roughly two inches in diameter. Todd walked to the side of the desk where Summer’s head was and he told her to open her mouth. As she did, Todd forced the black egg into her mouth. Then Todd said, “Hold that in your mouth so that your screams cannot be hear slut.”

Todd checked his watch and it was getting pretty close to the time that the other teachers on his slut’s hall began arriving for the day. He rushed through the twenty strokes with the hair brush making sure to mark the ass in the same place. When he finished he ordered Summer to stand before him.

Todd then instructed Summer to take the egg out of her mouth and to insert it into her pussy. When Summer hesitated, all Todd did was begin to pick up his back pack and while looking straight into Summer’s eyes said, “Okay slut. If that is what you want it, I will be more than happy to send the emails that are already in my personal and private email folders to everyone in your address book as well as Principal Harding. I am sure that Mr. Harding will be quite surprised to find out that the head of his English Department was having sex with one of her students as well as seeing her actively enjoying sucking another woman’s pussy. And let’s not forget your poor husband James, who is working so hard for my father’s company in Asia. I wonder what he will think when he sees pictures of you with the shoe salesman.”

Summer realizing her fate was tied to her submission to her student quickly replied, “No Master, please don’t leave. I promise to do as you tell me.”

With that, Summer lowered the egg to her pussy, pulled aside the small patch of material between her legs and pushed the black egg inside. She noticed that coming out of one end of the egg was a black wire. She reasoned that it would be used to pull the egg back out should it go to high up inside her.

When she had full inserted the egg into her pussy, she pleaded again, “Master please do not go. I promise to do anything and everything you tell me to whenever you tell me to do it.”

Todd turned around at the door to the classroom and said, “Ok slut. We will see. Now get dressed and enjoy your day.”

Todd opened the door to the class room and walked away without closing it back. Summer quickly realized her predicament and ran to close the door. As she turned to walk back to her desk, the egg in her pussy began vibrating. The egg’s vibrating jolted Summer so much that she had to grasp the side of her desk to steady herself. Just as quickly, the vibrating stopped and Summer realized that the black cord was not for retrieving the egg, but it served as a receiver wire for the hand held transmitter that Master T would have with him today. Summer thought to herself, “Oh my god. What will he do to me today?”

Summer hurriedly pulled on her skirt and slipped her arms into the sleeves of the white blouse. The skirt of course was slightly wrinkled because she had been ordered to leave it in a pile on the floor. As she completed buttoning the last button, the morning announcements for staff came blaring over the intercom system. Summer looked at the school clock and saw that it was now 7:00 AM.

Summer went about her morning routine in her room. At about 7:20, someone from the office called over the intercom and requested that Summer report to the office. All Summer could think about was that Todd had sent the information anyway and that her life as she knew it would be over. Summer quickly adjusted her blouse and tried to pull her skirt down so that the tops of her hose would not show as she walked. The tightness of the skirt across her ass and her four inch pumps made walking a new adventure for Summer. She had to learn how to put one foot in front of the other like the models she had seen on television late at night. Summer got the hang of it by over exaggerating the swaying of her hips, which made walking somewhat easier. She noticed the looks she was receiving from the other teachers, men mostly, in the hall as well as some of the early arriving students. Those glares and stares unnerved, but somewhat turned Summer on as she continued her walk down the hall.

Once she reached the administrative office, Summer was surprised by the number of students in the office as well as the number of adults, some parents and other teachers. Summer felt all of the eyes in the office on her. She walked up to the front desk and asked who had requested that she come to the office. Shirley, from back in the office blurted out, “Ms. Wayne we have a package that was delivered this morning and that it was marked urgent.”

Everyone in the office turned to look at Summer as Shirley slowly walked across the office floor to reach her. As she handed the package to Summer, Shirley was able to look directly at Summer’s blouse and she thought she could see the outlines of piercings. Shirley held the envelope a little too long and Summer had to pull it from Shirley’s fingers.

As Summer turned to walk away, she heard Shirley say, “Ms. Wayne I love the new piercing that you have. When did you get your ear pierced?”

Summer was both embarrassed and relieved to be able to answer, “Shirley, I got the new earring this past weekend as sort of a surprise to my husband James. He will be home in about a month, and I wanted it to be something that he would love.”

As Summer continued on her way out of the office, she felt the eyes of every person there on her. The hallway was now over crowded with students and she could hear whispers and caught the boys gawking at her while the girls all seemed to view her with disgust.

As Summer reached the door to her classroom, the bell rang for the first period to begin. As she walked to her desk, she glanced around the classroom and for the first time in several days, she seemed to have everyone’s full attention. Summer sat behind her desk because she did not want to dare give the students too much of a view of her legs and the opportunity to see the tops of her stockings. She began the period by instructing the students to turn to page 210 of the novel they were currently reading as a class project.

As Summer followed along silently at her desk, she suddenly felt the egg in her pussy begin to vibrate. The strength of the vibration caused her to gasp out loud. One of the students in the first row heard the gasp and asked if she was ok. Summer could only nod and tell the student she was fine. As the egg’s vibration continued to work its magic on her pussy, Summer felt her body begin to react to the stimulation and she was fast approaching an orgasm. She tried to squeeze off the approaching orgasm, but it was too no avail as her body paid no attention to her brain and erupted in orgasm. Summer grasped the edge of her desk and pushed her pelvic region down into her office chair to try and suppress the urge to scream out loud. She felt sweat beginning to form on her forehead as the intensity of her orgasm began to subside, but the vibrations of the egg only intensified. As she began to approach a second orgasm, Summer stared intently at the book on her desk paying no attention to her class with every eye now firmly affixed on their English teacher.

Summer was startled when the vibration in her pussy stopped just before her body succumbed to the second orgasm. Summer could not see, but Todd was standing just outside of her classroom and his remote control’s range was just perfect to affect her from outside of the room. Summer looked up from her book and found the eyes of her students all fixed on her. She cleared her throat, stood up and excused herself to go to the bathroom. She instructed the class to continue reading and keep the room noise down to a dull roar.

After their teacher left the room, Cindy, the head cheerleader was the first to ask, “What in the heck is wrong with Ms. Wayne?” The girls to her left and right all shook their heads and said they had no idea. The boys in the back of the room were only able to speak about the outline of her nipples that they could see directly through Ms. Wayne’s blouse. One of the boys whispered that he swore that he saw Ms. Wayne’s nipples with piercing. The other boys just pooh pawed that comment saying that she was to uptight to have something like that done to her. About that time, the bell indicating that it was time to change classes began to ring. All of the students in Summer’s room packed their things and headed out of the door.

Summer was leaning against the stall door of the faculty bathroom when Shirley, from the front office came in. She was clearly concerned with the way Summer looked and asked, “Ms. Wayne are you ok? You look like you have been put through the ringer.”

Summer was brought out of her stupor by Shirley’s interruption in the bathroom. Summer looked at Shirley and said, “No, nothing is wrong really. I just felt a little faint and rushed in here from my class.”

Summer caught Shirley giving her the once over taking in the clothes that she had on. Shirley then asked, “Summer, I have never seen you dressed the way you are today. What has come over you dear?”

Summer looked down and she could see that her nipples were poking through her bra and it was very evident that her nipples were pierced as the balls on each end of the bars were pressed against the material of the yellow bra and sheer blouse. Summer also noticed that her run to the bathroom and her pose against the stall had caused her skirt to hike up above the tops of her stockings and it was very evident that she was wearing a garter belt.

Summer lied and said that she was going to a cocktail party for James’ company after work and did not think that she would have time to go home and change. Summer walked over to the lavatory and began washing her hands. After drying her hands, Summer ran her hands through her hair making sure that the earring was still clearly visible. As she steadied herself to head back to her classroom, she pulled at the hem of her skirt, but before she could get out of the door, Shirley asked, “Ms. Wayne I am not sure if you are aware, but your yellow bra is quite visible through your blouse. And, if I am not mistaken, I can make out the outline of your nipples. Have you had your nipples pierced also?”

Summer stopped in her tracks and tried to pose a reasonable response to Shirley’s probing questions. Summer knew that she was Mr. Harding’s pet and if you ever got on her wrong side, life at the school would be awful. Summer spun around and looked at Shirley, who had a smug look on her face.

“Well Shirley, you are right. I did get them pierced this weekend because James asked me to. I am having to be careful with what I have pressed against the piercings as my nipples are still a little sensitive, so that is why I am wearing the yellow bra. I did not realize that I had worn this particular blouse until I got here this morning. I just did not have time to change,” replied Summer.

Shirley, looking incredulously at Summer said, “Ms. Wayne I would have never thought that you would be the type of woman who would desecrate her body with piercings. I think that you are like those women who hang around bars and look for men. I do not believe that that is the type of person who should be teaching at this school. I am afraid I am going to have to tell Mr. Harding about this Ms. Wayne.”

Summer quickly replied, “Now wait a minute Shirley. I have only done something for my husband and it has nothing to do with how I teach or work. I am sorry that you find the idea of piercings offensive, but that really is none of your business.”

Summer could tell she was walking on thin ice with Shirley because even if Mr. Harding did not really care whether or not she had piercings, Shirley would not let up. Summer had to do something to keep Shirley from going to Mr. Harding. As she moved away from the lavatory towards the door, she looked at Shirley and asked, “Shirley, why can’t we just leave this between us. I can appreciate your issues with my piercings and you can appreciate my desire to please my husband.”

“I do not see how I can agree to that Ms. Wayne as I just find it too disgusting to allow it to go unreported,” replied Shirley.

“Please Shirley, can’t we work this out together and not get Mr. Harding involved?” pleaded Summer.

Shirley quickly answered, “I just do not know how that would be possible.”

Summer then asked, “What about the piercings do you find offensive, Shirley?”

Shirley told Summer that just the fact that she would do that was disgusting and she could not see how the piercings could be anything more than disgusting body desecration. Trying to find a way to avoid Shirley going to Mr. Harding, Summer thought she saw an opening and said, “Shirley how about I let you see the piercings so that you can see that they are meant to be erotic and for my husband’s private pleasure?”

“No, I do not want to see them Ms. Wayne,” replied Shirley.

“But, Shirley, won’t you at least let me prove to you that they are beautiful and will bring him pleasure,” Summer questioned.

Shirley’s body language began to give her real feelings away as her eyes were going from Summer’s breasts to her eyes. Summer could see a few drops of sweat developing on Shirley’s brow so she pushed the envelope with Shirley. “So, Shirley, I am going to unbutton my blouse for you to be able to get a clearer view of the piercings” Summer said as her fingers immediately went to the top button on her blouse. Summer watched Shirley’s eyes follow her hands as they moved down her blouse unbuttoning each button. When Summer completed unbuttoning her white blouse, she pulled it open and pressed her chest forward so that her nipples would strain against the sheer fabric of her yellow bra. Summer noticed that Shirley was now just looking from nipple to nipple without even glancing up at her eyes.

Summer looked down and she could see her nipples were erect and she knew that Shirley could see the full outline of her nipples as well as being able to clearly make-out the gold posts of her nipple piercings. She paused for several minutes gauging Shirley’s reaction and then she pressed further feeling like she was control of events around her for the first time in several days. Summer says to Shirley, “Why don’t you just reach out and touch the gold bars. Touching them will not hurt me.”

Shirley seemed to be in a trance. In all of her fifty years she had never been so close to such beautiful breasts. She had always admired Ms. Wayne whenever they were close and she was envious of the way she had been able to keep her body in such fine shape. Shirley, was not an old prude or dumpy in anyway, but she represented Mr. Harding and so she had to be careful about her desires and needs, especially after her husband died prematurely of cancer three years ago.

Summer said again to Shirley, “It is alright. Go ahead and touch each one. I promise not to bite.” With that Summer edged closer to Shirley and deftly took Shirley’s right hand and moved it up to her breast. Summer then moved Shirley’s index finger and lightly touched the outline of the piercing of her right breast and then she moved Shirley’s hand across her chest to her left breast where she again touched the outline of the piercing as well as the her nipple with Shirley’s index finger.

Summer could see Shirley’s chest moving and her eyes darting from one breast to the other. Summer released Shirley’s hand, but she did not move it away from her breast. Shirley slowly circled the pierced nipple which made Summer’s erect nipple harden even more. Without evening offering any encouragement, Summer felt Shirley’s left hand cup her right breast and she began to lightly squeeze the breast. Meanwhile, Shirley continued to touch the nipple piercing in Summer’s left breast.

Summer seizing the moment instructed Shirley to pull on both nipple piercings so that she could see that they were permanently fixed in place and that she could see how the nipples would be stimulated by James’ touch. Almost on cue, Shirley began to lightly tug at the English teacher’s nipples. Summer took Shirley’s left hand and slid it to the flesh of her cleavage and then helped Shirley slip inside the sheer bra to Summer’s nipple. Summer grabbed the back of Shirley’s left elbow and pulled it towards her chest. Shirley’s breathing continued to get deeper and Summer could hear slight moans emanating from Shirley’s mouth.

“Shirley, take my breast out of the bra so that you can gain better access to it,” Summer instructed. Shirley did as she was told using both hands to free one and then the other of Summer’s breasts. Now Shirley was lost in Summer’s breasts and because of their height proximity, Shirley was slightly bending over to be able to look more closely at the piercings.

“Shirley, go ahead and touch my nipples with your tongue,” Summer whispered. At the same time she placed her hand on the back of Shirley’s head and moved her towards her breasts. Shirley offered not resistance and quickly took Summer’s right nipple into her mouth. Shirley began tonguing the piercing first and then started to rotate her tongue around the large areola of Summer’s breast. Summer then instructed Shirley to take the other breast into her mouth so that she paid appropriate attention to both nipples. Shirley did as directed without any resistance. Summer quietly enjoyed this new found dominance and quite liked having power over a helpless person.

As Shirley continued to worship the breasts, Summer began to feel her pussy moistening more than when it was first stimulated by the egg that was stuck up into the far reaches of her pussy.

Summer continued pressing Shirley by instructing her, “Shirley I want you to pull on one nipple while you suck the other. While you are doing that, I want to hear you breathe so that I know you are enjoying pleasing me.”

Shirley pulled her lips away from Summer’s breast, looking up into Summer’s eyes said, “Ms. Wayne, I have never ever tasted another woman’s breast before, but yours are wonderful.”

Just then the bell rang signaling the end of second period, which was the shortened period for a high school homeroom. “Shit”, Summer exclaimed as she pulled Shirley away from her breasts. She then said to Shirley, “I do not think we will have a problem with you knowing about my piercings. If you do, I will give you another opportunity to touch and suck my breasts. Are you willing to do that for me Shirley?”

Shirley quickly responded, “Yes Ms. Wayne, it will be our little secret.”

The two women smiled at one another and Summer quickly buttoned her blouse, tucked it into her tight black , checked her make-up to make sure it had not be smeared by her bathroom encounter, checked her hair to make sure the earring was still visible and then gave Shirley a hug as she headed out of the bathroom. Summer smiled to herself and thought that she might have some fun at Shirley’s expense some time in the near future. It was nice to be able to force someone to do something for her pleasure for a change.

Just as she entered the class room, the egg in Summer’s pussy went off. She grabbed the door frame and was thankful that the students had already left for their third period classes. Summer had a planning period right now so she would not be disturbed by any students. But, Summer’s tormentor entered the classroom right behind her as the egg was continuing to work its magic on her pussy.

Todd placed his hand on Summer’s back and moved her towards her desk. Once she reached the edge of the desk, Todd applied pressure to force Summer onto her belly flat down on the desk. As Summer’s breasts touched the desk, she could feel Todd between her legs placing his feet against the insides of her feet as he applied pressure to force her legs open. Because of the tightness of the skirt, Todd had to set the controller down onto Summer’s desk so that he could use both hands to pull the skirt up over her hips.

Once Todd was satisfied that he had complete access to his slut teacher’s ass, he turned off the vibrating egg buried deep in his teacher’s pussy. When she realized that the egg was no longer vibrating, Summer let out a soft moan and quickly said, “Master please turn it back on as I am so close to coming.”

Todd said nothing as he stepped away from the very tempting ass displayed before him. He reached into his back pack and pulled out a red Sharpie medium point pen and he quickly wrote in block print letters, “I am” on Summer’s left ass cheek and “A Slut” on her right ass cheek. He then pulled his handy digital camera out of the back pack and began taking pictures of his outstretched teacher.

Summer, realizing that she was once again being subjected to degrading pictures said to her tormenter, “Master, please don’t take anymore pictures. Don’t you have enough already?”

All Todd did was to walk around to the end of the desk where his English teacher slut’s head was, unzipped his pants, pulled out his now fully erect cock and instructed his slut to raise her head up off the desk and suck his cock. With his camera, Todd was able to catch Summer’s opened mouth just as his cock slide forward. He glanced at the view finder on the back of the camera and he was quite pleased with the image of his cock resting on his slut’s lips.

Todd began fucking his cock in and out of his slut’s mouth and as he grew nearer to orgasm, he reached down and picked up the remote controller for the egg in Summer’s pussy. He flicked the switch on to level 10 on the controller and he immediately saw Summer’s hips press down hard against her desk. He could feel her moaning around his cock that was now deep down his slut teacher’s mouth.

Summer began sucking on her Master’s cock in rhythm with the vibration in her pussy and her hips as she fucked down against her desk. The vibration in her pussy was drawing her ever closer to orgasm, but she remembered that she was not allowed to cum unless she was given permission by her Master. The vibrations were getting her ever closer to the point where she would not be able to control her orgasm.

Todd saw that Summer’s hips were pressing hard down against her desk and he guessed that she was very close to orgasm because of the deep moans emanating from around his cock in his slut teacher’s mouth.

Todd pulled his cock out of his teacher’s mouth with some difficulty as Summer did not want to let it go. He heard her moan a quietly as he pulled away. Summer lay her head back down onto the desk and concentrated on the vibrations in her pussy. But, she knew she could not cum so she begged, “Master please let me cum.”

Todd replied, “Not yet slut. I am not through getting my pleasure and we still have 15 minutes before your next class starts.”

“Oh Master, please let me cum. I am so close,” pleaded Summer.

Todd did not pay any attention to his still outstretched slut. What a picture this was: his teacher laying face down on her desk, her skirt pulled up over her hips, yellow thong stretched tightly against her pussy lips, the gold ring pussy lip piercings quite visible and the hand drawn tattoo on her ass cheeks.

“No slut, I am not through with you yet. Do not cum or you will be very sorry,” said Todd as he slid back between Summer’s spread legs.

Todd reached down and pulled the thin material of the thong and rubbed his fingers against his slut’s pussy lips. The juices from her pussy had soaked the small crotch of the thong and he was able to soak the middle finger of his right hand. He moved the finger to the poor slut’s anal passageway and slowly began to insert his finger. He pulled the finger back out and once again soaked it with the teacher’s pussy juices. When he was fully satisfied, Todd inserted the middle finger back into Summer’s ass and began to slide the finger in and out of the puckered ass hole. Summer realized that the anal stimulation was bringing her ever closer to orgasm began pumping her ass against Todd’s finger and hand.

Todd withdrew his finger and pressed the tip of his cock against the puckered lips of his teacher’s ass hole. Summer pleaded for him to stop, but Todd continued to press against the poor teacher’s ass hole. His cock head suddenly slipped inside and in a matter of seconds Todd was able to slide his cock all the way into his slut’s ass.

Combined with the increasing sensation from the vibrating egg and Todd’s cock now fully imbedded into her ass, Summer pleaded again, “Master, please let me cum.”

I bowed my head as the judge stared down from his chair to me.

“I cannot believe that somebody without any previous convictions could have snapped the way you did over one small comment,” he began.

“But sir…” I started to reply.

“Silence!!” The judge roared. “No matter what he said, or did, you had no right to leave him fighting for his life in hospital.”

“So you’re saying it was okay for him and his friends to try doing what they had planned?” I asked my rage starting to boil over.

“You and your friend should have walked away and gone for help,” The judge continued. “Instead you used excessive violence and for that I have no choice but to hand you the severest sentence that this court will allow.”

I stared at the judge, the veins in my neck throbbing with rage, as I waited to hear what his sentence would be. I just hoped that he took my previous flawless record into account.

“The only thing that has managed to reduce the sentence I am handing you,” the judge began. “Is the fact that you admitted your guilt at the earliest opportunity.”

I held my breath as I waited for his next sentence.

“So taking everything into account I sentence you to three year’s hard labour at The Quarry.”

Quickly raising my head I stared at the judge.

“You have got to be joking,” I said my body trembling with rage.

“I can double it if you would like me to,” the judge roared down at me.

“Three years, no parole, and maybe in the future you will think before you do anything like this again.”

As soon as he had finished speaking two large, tattooed, security guards appeared, from out of nowhere, either side of me.

“Take him down.”

Suddenly my arms were clamped in the vice like

grip of the guards and I was dragged from the dock, out to a waiting van and bundled into the back. There were two other people, one man and one woman, already in the van and as the guard handcuffed me to the restraining bar I noticed them both staring at me, silently.

It wasn’t until I was fully restrained, and the guards had claimed into the front of the van, that either of them spoke, and then it was the woman.

“What did you get?” She asked.

“Three years at The Quarry,” I replied.

“Fucking hell man,” the male prisoner said. “What the fuck did you do to get that?”

I stared at him, sizing him up before deciding whether to tell him. He was a scrawny looking man with long straggly hair and he was skinny as hell.

“Put someone in hospital,” was all I said.

“Must have been bad,” the man responded. “Normally The Quarry is eighteen months maximum.”

“So what about you?” I asked him.


Turning away from him as he put his head down I looked back at the woman. She was muscular, had long golden hair, immense breasts and tattoos down both arms and on her legs.

“What did you do?” I asked her. “The name’s Julez by the way.”

“I’m Sabrina,” she replied. “And I you must know I murdered a man that was trying to rape me.

“So where are you being sent?”

“Same as you, only the woman’s side, but he’s right I only got eighteen months there then I’m getting transferred to a regular woman’s prison.”

As she spoke I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The thug I had battered was still alive yet I got double the length o time that she had, it didn’t seem right.

“Where are you going?” I asked the man looking back at him.

“Rehabilitation for six months,” he replied. “At the new drug rehab place this government have had built.”

During the rest of the journey the three of us sat in silence, my mind racing as to why I had been punished as severely as I had, until we came to a screeching halt and the back door opened.

Two men dressed in hospital whites climbed into the van, took the man out roughly and slammed the door shut again before the van started up again. The rest of the journey took about an hour and when we finally pulled up I stared out of the window, at the imposing stone walls that I saw before me.

The doors were thrown open and the two guards that bundled me in stood there, an evil smirk on their face, and then climbed in to unshackle Sabrina and me, before pushing us out into the blazing sunlight.

As we walked towards the entrance the large wooden door swung open and two more guards, this time female, came out and took Sabrina in one direction while I was led the opposite way.

“Make the most of her,” one of the guards said. “That’s the last woman you’ll see for three fucking years.”

I smiled to myself at the thought of the guard thinking not seeing a woman for three years was going to bother me, they had no idea that being locked up for three years with men would normally be my idea of heaven.

The thing was the reason I had been sent to The Quarry was because some homophobic thugs thought it would be funny to try and get me and a straight friend to fuck each other in the streets, getting nasty when we refused, and I had given the ringleader the pasting that had left him lying in a hospital bed.

Trudging along white corridors I was led to what was named the welcome suite and told to sit and wait to be formally signed in. The guards then walked away, muttering to each other, leaving me alone in the room.

Looking around I was impressed with how clean and tidy everywhere was. The things I had heard about this place gave me images of a dark medieval style prison, run by violent thugs that either broke the inmates or killed them.

Eventually a well dressed, cleanly shaven, man walked into the room and over to me. He looked me up and down without saying a word before he finally spoke.

“Stand up and strip,” he ordered as he turned to the table behind him.

Doing as he asked I slipped my boots, socks, jeans and t-shirt off, leaving me in front of him in just my boxer shorts. When he turned back around, and saw me standing there like I was he smiled.

“When I said strip I meant everything,” he said. “NOW FUCKING DO IT!”

Taken aback by the sudden outburst of anger I hooked my thumbs into the boxer shorts waistband before sliding them slowly down my legs.

“See that wasn’t fucking hard was it?” The man said slipping his hands into a pair of latex gloves.

Walking over to me he began to check my head, running his fingers through my hair roughly, before lifting my arms and giving those a thorough examination as well. Once he was satisfied with my upper body he dropped to his knees, pushed my legs apart, and ran his hands up them slowly, getting closer and closer to my cock. Looking down it would have been so easy for me to grab his head and force myself between his lips, but I resisted the urge, although the thought had started to stiffen my cock a little too rapidly.

As he lifted his head he couldn’t help but notice my state o excitement and he looked up at me.

“Impressive cock,” he said. “I can see you being very popular here.”

He laughed out loudly once he had finished his sentence, before flicking the swollen head of my dick hard with his finger, causing it to soften quickly.

“Turn the fuck around and bend over the desk,” he said standing back up straight. “And open your legs.”

Cautiously I did as he said and, without warning, felt a cold, sticky liquid squirted onto my ass before he rubbed it into my hole and roughly inserted a finger.

“You would be surprised what some of you people smuggle in here,” he said as his finger worked around the inside of my ass, brushing over my prostrate, and instantly hardening my cock once again.

As he continued to probe, far longer than I thought was really necessary, the throbbing in my cock got worse and a small amount of pre-cum leaked from my cock’s slit. Finally he removed his finger, turned back to his table, and began to write.

When he turned back around he told me to go through to the net room, pointing at the door in the corner, and I did as he asked without saying a word, desperately trying to make sure he didn’t see the effect his anal probing had had upon me.

The next room was just as clean as the first only there were already four other, fully naked, men standing in a line with their hands protecting what little modesty they had left. Joining the end of the line I waited as one by one the men in front slowly moved forward, through an x-ray scanner, which after the anal intrusion I assumed we had all gone through I didn’t think needed, but kept my mouth shut.

Once we had all moved through we were ushered through yet another door, into what turned out to be a shower room. The five of us lined up and, without warning, the showers were switched on and a jet of freezing cold water cascaded down over our bodies, eventually warming up just enough.

None of us spoke as we washed ourselves all over quickly, but I noticed a couple of the other men looking at each other with a look of longing I their eyes. Slowly the other two and me left the shower, leaving the two that were staring at each other alone, moved to yet another room, and dried off.

As we began to walk through the next door I could hear the moaning and groaning of the two that we had left behind in the shower, and smiled to myself as it was obvious what was going on.

The next room looked totally different to the crisp, clean whiteness of all the other rooms so far, instead this was dark, smelt damp and was where we were to be handed our new clothes for the duration of our stay.

Walking to the counter, where two large men were handing out the clothes I was handed me a pile of clothes and a pair of boots.

“Put them on and be quick about it!” the man ordered.

I stepped back from the counter to the benches behind me and placed my clothes down, before beginning to get dressed. At least the clothes all looked new, there was no way I would have worn some boxer shorts that had already been used and I stepped into them, before the socks, jeans and vest top followed quickly.

Once I was dressed I was ordered to leave the room by a door at the far end and as I did I found myself greeted by yet another guard in a long corridor.

“Follow me,” the guard said. “And you better keep up.”

I did as he said until he stopped in front of a door, knocked and then swung it open.

“In there,” he said pushing me in the back roughly.

I was about to turn and say something but a door opposite opened, and in walked what I assumed was the governor.

“You must be Julez,” the man said.

“Yeah that’s me,” I replied.

“First of all when you speak to me you will address me as sir,” he said before sitting behind a large mahogany desk. “Secondly your say here will be as pleasant for you as possible providing you don’t cause any trouble.”

I shuffled in front of the governor, trying to keep my eyes on the floor, a task I was finding increasingly difficult considering how handsome he was.

The governor had a large muscular frame, was clean shaven with short, dark hair and film star looks.

“I think it would be polite if you actually looked at me when I was speaking,” he said, snapping my mind away from the thoughts that were beginning to enter my head.

Looking up at him I felt the first stirring of yet another erection in my jeans and was grateful that they were quite loose around the crotch area.

“You will start earning your keep tomorrow, at 7am,” He said. “Today you settle into your room and make sure you understand the rules of this place.”

With that he walked over to me and handed me a thick book with an image of the walls I first came through on the front.

“Follow everything in there and your next three years will fly by,” he told me. “If not then what happens will be your own fault.”

As he walked back to his desk I stared longingly at his ass, the outline perfect in his tight trousers, and my cock grew a little more.

“That’s all for now,” the governor said. “Don’t let me see you in here again. GUARD.”

“Thank you sir,” I said keeping hold of the book.

The door flew open and the same guard that had brought me to the office came back in.

“Take him to Block C.”

“Yes sir,” the guard said and led me out of the room.

As we walked I kept my eyes fully alert, checking out every inch of the place seeing, what each room was called until we finally arrived at Block C, where I was handed to yet another guard, who proceeded to take me to my ‘room’.

Pushing me through the door I looked around. The room was no bigger than eight feet square, with just a bed and wash basin in. the bed was just a standard metal framed single bed and the sheets and blankets were folded neatly on top.

“Get the fucking bed made and start reading,” the guard said before pulling the door closed behind him and locking me in.

Putting the book on the side of the wash basin I made the bed quickly, before picking it up again and lying back. If this was to be home for the next three years I thought I might as well get myself comfortable and began to read.

Although I was trying to read my mind kept wandering back to the governor, and his hot tight ass, and I felt my cock harden rapidly. Kicking my boots off I slipped under the covers and, holding the handbook in one hand, slipped my other one under the cover and opened the zipper and button of my jeans.

Slowly I wrapped my fingers around my thick, hard shaft and began to stroke myself slowly, all the time listening out for anybody coming. I continued to stroke slowly, thoughts of the governor wrapping his gorgeous lips around my hard shaft filling my head and I began to move my hand quicker, the feeling of imminent ejaculation rapidly filling my body.

Tensing my legs I gripped my cock tightly and stroked really fast until I couldn’t hold back any longer, the first jet of cum erupting from my cock onto the sheets next to me. I continued to stroke, milking every last drop that my body had to give, not caring about the state I was getting my sheets into until I was finally spent, and not a moment too soon either.

I heard the door out on the wing open again and just managed to get my cock away as another guard walked past, with yet another new inmate. Breathing heavily I went back to the handbook but it was no use, I just couldn’t concentrate so I got of the bed, made sure I was all zipped up correctly and dropped to the floor, where I proceeded to do some press-ups.

By the time I had done fifty two or three more guards had walked past my cell, with new inmates, and soon all but one of the rooms, the one directly opposite me, was occupied and the noise on the wing began to get louder and louder. I listened carefully, trying to make out anything that was being said, but it was virtually impossible. All I could make out was the sound of sobbing coming from two rooms down from mine and I walked to the front of my cell.

Placing my arms through the bars I rested my head against them and began to wonder if anything other than being locked up was going to happen during the day, as I could see myself going stir crazy.

Soon though the shouting, and two cells down’s sobbing had stopped, and all that could be heard was the sound of breathing and pages of the handbook being turned. Deciding I ought to continue with the handbook I was about to turn back to my bed when the door at the far end of the wing flew open and two guards came into the room. Striding past my cell they continued to the last cell on the opposite side of the room.

“For fuck’s sake Jeff can’t you keep away from this place,” one of the guards said to the person behind the bars.

“You know why I can’t,” the man called Jeff replied.

“Surely you can find someone on the outside,” the other guard said.

“Why would I when I can get all I want here?”

One of the guards took a quick look around and I stepped back so he didn’t see me.

“Okay tell us what you want Jeff,” the guards said.

“You know what I want,” came the reply.

“We want to hear you say it Jeff,” the other guard said. “NOW SAY IT!”

I listened and couldn’t believe what Jeff next said.

“Please sirs let me suck your dicks.”

“That’s better Jeff,” one of them said as both guards proceeded to unzip their trousers and take their, already, rock hard cocks out for Jeff.

“You know what to do now Jeff.”

I watched, amazed, as Jeff reached through the bars and took both of the guards cocks in each hand and began to stroke them slowly. As he did the guards turned to face each other and began to kiss each other passionately, their hands reaching forward and stroking Jeff’s face as his hands continued to work their cocks.

“Get on your knees Jeff,” one of the guards said once he pulled away from the other one’s lips. “Get down and suck my cock.”

Jeff didn’t need telling twice and I watched as he dropped to his knees and brought his head forward to the cell bars. Slowly he wrapped his lips around the guard’s thick, swollen cock and began to move his head back and forth, all the time continuing to stroke the other guards cock as he sucked.

My own cock was rock hard again but I was too afraid to do anything, in case they all heard me, so I just continued to stare, but wished that it was me with a mouthful of hard cock.

Suddenly, and without warning, the guard being sucked let out a loud, audible moan and pulled Jeff’s head as far forward as possible with his hair and bucked his hips aggressively.

“Oh fuck Jeff that’s it,” the guard moaned. “Swallow it all you dirty little cocksucker.”

Jeff’s head moved quicker I it was obvious that the guard had finally cum, and was filling Jeff’s mouth with his thick, white, milky liquid.

“Fuck Sam hurry up,” the other guard said. “I need to fuck his tight ass hard.”

With one last thrust into Jeff’s mouth Sam groaned loudly, before withdrawing his cock.

“You heard him Jeff,” Sam said. “Stand up, drop your pants and turn around.”

Without saying a word Jeff did as he was asked and I watched as the guards gripped his shaft and guided it slowly between Jeff’s ass cheeks before thrusting forward quickly, which caused Jeff to cry out.

“Oh yes your ass is so fucking tight Jeff.”

“That’s it Mark fuck him and fuck him hard,” Sam said still stroking his cock.

Placing his hands either side of Jeff’s hips Mark began to thrust quickly back and forth, Jeff moaning with each forward thrust, until he couldn’t hold back any longer. Reaching into the cell he grabbed Jeff by the hair and pulled his head back.

“I’m cumming Jeff,” Mark said breathlessly.

“Oh fuck yes do it, fill me sir,” Jeff called over his shoulder.

With a final thrust forward Mark grunted loudly and both he and Jeff started to moan as he unloaded his seed deep inside Jeff’s ass. Once Mark was fully drained he pulled his cock free and quickly zipped himself back up just as Sam, who had been furiously wanking while Jeff was being fucked, came again, his cum splashing against the cell bars and Jeff’s ass.

Once both guards had put their cocks away Jeff turned to face them.

“Thank you so much sirs,” Jeff said his breathing slowly returning to normal.

“Here Jeff we will see you tomorrow,” Mark said as he handed Jeff a packet of tobacco.

“Oh I hope you do sirs.”

With that the guards turned away and, as I backed up onto my bed, began to walk back up the wing towards the exit, before Sam stopped outside my cell.

“Hope you enjoyed the show new boy,” he said staring at me. “Who knows you may just be lucky enough to get the same treatment while you are here.”

He then walked away and left me, alone and with a massive hard on, to think about what he had just said. As hot as it had been watching the two guards have their way with Jeff, and seeing them unload their muck into and onto him, neither of them were the sort of men I ever went for, and I just hoped that they would stay the fuck away from me.

The following is a fictional story from the mind of a bisexual male.

So I’d been sucking this guy I met on an online cruising site for a couple months. Six foot, well built, dark hair, and dark eyes with a long, thick cock he loved jamming into the back of my throat. I’m a submissive cocksucker by nature so he’d come by whenever he was horny and use me. I texted him my schedule, so he knew where I was at all times. When I was at home, he’d show up unannounced and ring my doorbell. I’d let him in, close the door, drop to my knees, and within seconds I’d have my mouth filled with his cock. He’d grab me by the hair and drag me all over the living room, fucking my face in different positions.

If I was at work or out at a movie or family gathering, he’d drive and park someplace close but without a lot of people around. He’d text me, I’d excuse myself and I’d come out to his truck and I’d climb in and suck his dick as he sat in the passenger’s seat. Sometimes he’d even come into the theater or park I was at and text me a command to go into the restroom or woods there and I’d suck him off that way. One time, when I was working late and no one else was at the office, he came by my work and I sucked him off in my office.

He completely and totally owned me. My mouth and throat were his to pleasure himself with. I belonged to him and I always hungered for his cock to fill my throat.

So one Saturday we decided to try a new venue: the porn theater at my local adult store. I’d never been there, but I told my Master that I was curious about it and we agreed to go there and I’d suck him in one of the private viewing rooms they advertise.

We met in the parking lot and went in and paid for our tickets separately. He went in as I paid for myself and he waited for me at the door. He firmly held my arm as we walked down the hall, reminding me he was in control. We parted the curtains to the dark theater and the sight and sound of a blonde woman sucking a large cock greeted us on the giant flat screen television in the theater. We stood there and watched the movie for a few minutes as our eyes adjusted to the stark darkness.

I began to be able to make out several black leather love seats situated all over the theater and several men sitting on them, while a couple others stood in the back. My Master pulled me to an empty one and we sat down. The blowjob in the movie had gotten harder, the woman was gagging and drool ran down her face as the guy shoved his hard, erect penis deeper and deeper into her mouth. I licked my lips.

My Master asked “You want that don’t you, fagot?”

“Yes, Master”

“I’ll be right back.”

He got up and left to rent the private room. I looked back and I could see two doors to private rooms both with windows that had blinds open, revealing a love seat and big screen TV in each. I also noticed the men in there. None of them were doing anything and I couldn’t see the bulges in their pants very well, so I had to imagine their cocks. And I did. I’ve never told Master this, but I wasn’t just a slave to his cock. I loved cock period. I glanced behind at the tall muscular bald black guy standing in the back. I bet he would have loved to have his cock fill my mouth. The fatter guy with the big belly sitting in the love seat near him, I wanted him too. I bet his cock was nice and thick. And the even old man, probably in his 70s or 80s in the love seat beside me, I bet I could get his cock hard and cumming inside my mouth. I wanted all of them, I wanted to shove every cock in that room in my mouth. I wanted to be every man’s cumslut.

My Master returned, grabbed my arm, and pulled me up.

“Come on,” he commanded.

All the guys looked at us as we went into the private room and shut the door. My Master closed blinds and sat down on the love seat. It was a tiny room. The TV, which was playing the same movie with the gagging blonde, was about five feet from the love seat and the blinds and door were within arm’s length of it. He let go of my arm and sat down. The light from the TV highlighted the delicious, massive erection forming in his shorts.

“Drop to your knees and strip, fagot!”

“Yes. Master!”

I anxiously took off my socks and shoes and then threw off my shirt and shorts. I had no underwear, so I was completely naked now as I kneeled before him. He grabbed my head and shoved it unto his crotch. I mouthed his hard dick through his pants as he moaned. I put my warm hungry mouth over it, licking it though his shorts until they were soaked with my saliva.

He unzipped his shorts and threw them off revealing his massive fuck tool. I craved it so bad as I sat there on my knees. He harshly grabbed my head and thrust his dick into my open, hungry mouth. He held my head firmly in place as he wildly thrust his massive cock into my mouth over and over. I choked, I gagged. My saliva dripped out of my mouth. I just closed my eyes and felt his cock go deeper into my throat with each thrust of his hips. He fucked my mouth like it was a pussy. He used me just like the whore in the movie was getting used. I was in heaven.

As he facefucked me he would yell at me:

“You like that cocksucker?! You like choking on my cock?”

All I could do was try to moan something that sounded like “yes” in between my gags.

Then he thrust it deep and yelled “Yes! Take it” and I could feel stream after stream of cum hit the back of my throat. I sucked all his cum for a couple minutes before he took his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it against my face.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said with a big grin as I felt his hard wet cock rub against my cheek.

“Good, so did they,” he said.

I suddenly opened my eyes and looked over. The blinds were open! It was hard to see in the dark, but it looked like several guys, if not all of them, were gathered around the window looking in! I was shocked. I was horrified. I was naked on my knees. I had just sucked a cock in front of a room full of people, and I didn’t know what to do.

He grabbed my hair and looked me in the eye.

“You liked them watching, didn’t you? You liked entertaining them like the whore are?”

My shock wore off and I remembered I belonged to my Master. If he wanted others to watch as he used me then that was part of my purpose as his slave. Suddenly I realized that I was very turned on by the exhibitionism. I felt more in my Master’s power than ever before.

“Yes! I loved it!” I yelled back.

He then pulled my head down so my eyes were on his still hard cock.

“Good. I command you to let them use you like I do.”

“What?” I was shocked my Master would give me to others, much less complete strangers.

“If you want my cock, you’ll do it. You’ll let them use you. We agreed you’d do whatever I want didn’t we, slave?”

As I looked at his cock all my hesitation and fear faded. I was his. His to use. His to abuse. His to give away. I was his slave and now, at his command, I was the whore of every man in that room.

“Yes, Master!” I screamed.

I glanced up and saw him smile as he opened the door.

“Stay on your knees!” he commanded as he dragged me out by my hair. I crawled on my hands and knees him beside like I was his pet. All the guys in the theater were looking at me in wide eyed amazement.

Up close I could see the light catching the bulges in their pants. Some had their hands on the crotch, rubbing their erection. I wanted them all. All in my mouth.

I heard gagging noises from the movie. I think it had moved on to another throat fucking scene with another girl but I couldn’t see it through the men, nor did I want to.

“This is my slave,” my Master declared. “And he wanted to suck all of you at once.”

Anxiously belts were unbuckled, flies were unzipped, and some even threw off their pants and clothes. Immediately three men walked up to me, their naked cocks hanging just inches from my face as I kneeled there, naked at the back of the theater. My Master let go of my hair.

“Suck them!” he commanded.

I devoured the first one on my left, my warm hungry mouth took the length of it in. I could feel it growing inside my mouth, getting harder. I bobbed back and forth on it wildly. It wasn’t quite as big or wide as my Master’s cock, but I sucked it with abandon none the less.

I then felt the next cock rubbing against my right cheek, anxious to feel my hungry mouth on it. I was only too happy to oblige. I pulled back letting the first cock, which was now rock hard, out of my mouth with a trail of saliva going from it to my lips. I wrapped my hand around firmly around that wet, hard cock and stroked it as I consumed the next one. It was shorter but fatter. I took it all the way and stuck out my tongue so I could taste his balls. I sucked him, his thick cock slowly filling my mouth as I wildly stroked the first guy. As I worked the second guy’s newly hard cock with my warm hungry mouth, I felt another cock on top of my head!

The third guy had laid his long cock on my head. It much longer than the other two, which I now both had in my hands as I slowly tilted my back so my face was rubbing the third guy’s long, narrow cock. I licked down up the bottom of his shaft as I pulled back. I could hear him moan and felt him shake a little. Then I slowly began to take the long semi hard cock into my mouth. Slowly my lips devoured the shaft. Then suddenly I felt my Master’s strong hand grab the back of my head and shove me all the way down. I gagged on the long length of the cock as I heard the third man groan. My Master held me there as I chocked on the massive cock until he finally let me up for air.

The guys took a hint and took turns grabbing my head and shoving their cocks down my throat. I had a hard time even keeping track of which cock was which as my head was pulled between them and then shoved on to their cock for a merciless facefucking. Drool was streaming out my mouth. I gagged over and over. They just kept using me. It was wonderful.

As they did this my Master slapped my ass hard a couple times. The tinges of pain further turned me on. He roughly fondled my ass and I felt something wet working it’s way into my ass. I’d seen enough porn to know he was fingering my ass with lube. It felt wonderful. I groaned with pleasure as the cocks filled my mouth. I could feel a second finger go in and then a third.

“Mmmm” I groaned with a cock in my mouth.

“You like feeling me inside you, don’t you slave?” my Master asked.

“Mmmm” was the only response I could give.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me back from their cocks. I was panting, but barely had time to catch my breath before he pulled me to my feet.

“Enough foreplay!” he exclaimed as he walked me forward a couple steps towards the back of an empty love seat and bent my body over the top of it. He held my head down by the hair, the top of the love seat was pushing against my stomach and I could feel his hard cock rub against my ass.

“You want to me to fuck you, don’t you fagot?!”

I was turned on and scared at the time. I’d never had a cock in my ass before but at the moment I really, really wanted it. I couldn’t resist.

“Take me, make me yours!”

And with that he pushed his hard dick in my lubed up hole, forcing himself in me firmly, but slowly. I screamed from the sheer size of the cock that was entering me. It hurt but turned me on at the same time. He pushed it deeper into me.

“You like that don’t you?”

“Yes,” I tried to get out between my groans. Even in the midst of pain, I wasn’t lying. My cock was rock hard, As I felt him get deeper and deeper in, my submission to him was becoming even more total. I was his slave. To use. To fuck. To violate. I belonged completely and totally to him.

I could feel him moving his cock inside me, back and forth. Slowly at first. And then hard and faster. After a bit, the pain lessened and it started to feel good. I was enjoying having his hard dick ram my ass..

“Fuck me!” I yelled back to him.

“Take it, take my cock, slave!” He yelled jamming it harder into me as I yelled in pain and pleasure. My cock was so hard. As I was getting used to the cock pumping inside me, I noticed the guys I gave blow jobs to were stroking their dicks close to my face.

As I moved to my Master’s gyrations, being fucked like the whore I was, I wanted to complete the scene. I needed to take two men at once. I looked up at one of the guys and gave him a look of pure desire and hissed out “Give it to me!” between my groans.

He put his hard cock up to my lips and I devoured it. I could feel him pushing his cock deep into my throat as my Master’s cock pushed deep into my ass. I choked on his cock. He fucked my mouth. I was gagging, choking, drooling all over the place as my Master fucked me.

Then I heard my Master yell and felt stream after stream of warm wet cum shoot into my ass. It was too much for the guy that I was sucking and he sprayed cum into my throat. I was getting cum down my throat and my ass. It was incredible. I sucked the guy’s last drops of cum as my Master pulled out and wiped his last little bit of cum on my ass, marking it as his.

I just stayed there bent over the couch, using my hands to support my myself as I tried to recover from what had just happened. I panted, exhausted, but feeling good.

“It’s not over bitch. Not until ever man in this place cums in you,” my Master said.

I was surprised. I thought it was over. I barely had time to think about it when I felt another cock in my ass. I moaned and another guy grabbed by head and thrust his dick into my mouth.

I moaned as they fucked my face and ass. I could hear my Master laugh, He was enjoying the show. Then I felt another cock slapping the side of my face It was heavy and bigger than all the others. I opened my eyes and saw it was the black guy’s cock. He was now naked and had his cock in his hand. It was every bit as big as I thought it was. It was thick and much longer than anyone else’s in the room. The guy I was sucking pulled out and let the black guy put it in my mouth. He pushed it in as far as it’d go and I choked. I could only get it half way in my mouth but I tried to get more. I wanted to devour it all.

They took turns fucking my face as the third guy kept fucking me. I felt the guy in my ass him shoot his load into me, The guy I’d been sucking then circled around and started plowing away at my ass, leaving my mouth to the massive black cock, which kept thrusting itself into my mouth.

“You like being used, don’t you white boy? said the black stranger.

“Mmmm hmmm” I groaned.

I loved it. Getting used over and over. I just let him choke me repeatedly with his big black dick as the other guy pushed his cock inisde me over and over. Then I felt the cock in my ass cum. I had cum dripping out of my ass.

The black man pulled out of my mouth and he looked at me, smiled, and said, “My turn now.”

He slowly slide his massive cock into my cum soaked fuck hole. I could feel him stretching me as he went deeper and deeper. I groaned. It was so massive. The he began to fuck me, moving back forth inside me. Once I got adjusted to it and started to enjoy the large dick that was inside me, I looked around for another cock to suck.

My Master was standing there watching. Everyone else had cum in me and left, except for the old man. He was leaning on top of a love seat watching me while playing with himself. I motioned to him to come over. He did.

His cock was moderate sized and still not hard. I took into my mouth and felt it start to stiffen. He groaned. I sucked it a little and then let it out of my mouth.

I looked up at him and said, “Use me.”

He then shoved his now hard cock back into my mouth and went nuts facefucking me. He thrust himself into my mouth wildly. I think it turned on the black guy cause he started pounding me harder til he came in my ass with a mighty groan.

The old man pulled out and put his cock on my cheek and stroked it until he shot cum down my cheek. He quickly zipped up and left leaving me with cum dripping down my cheek and out of my ass.

Then my Master came up to me and shoved his hard cock in my face, stroking it fiercely. I took his balls into my mouth and sucked them.

“Do you like that? Did you like being their whore?”

“Mmm hmmm” I moaned sucking his balls.

He then grabbed my hair and held me with his hard dick right in front of my face.

“But you still belong to this! I am your master.”

“Yes Master. I am their whore but I’m your slave. I belong to you. I live to be used by you.”

“Good,” he said as he shot his cum unto me. It plastered my forehead and dripped down my face. It was a perfect ending. He’d turned me into a porn movie slut and I loved it. After he moved away, I could finally see the movie screen and their was an Asian woman choking on a cock.

“Amateur,” I said with a smirk as cum oozed down my face.

I grabbed one of the paper towel rolls that were lying around on the love seats and cleaned up. But as I was wiping Master told me to stop. He was wanted me to leave some cum on my face as his mark. I obeyed and put on my clothes.

He left the store first. And then I walked out, my face was glistening with a thin mask of still moist cum. I’m not sure anyone glanced at me or even knew why my face was wet, but I knew and I couldn’t have been prouder to be my Master’s theater whore.

My Jacob,

I knew that you would not understand my decision so I never confided in you. You would have tried to stop this and you’d probably have succeeded, but it would only be preventing the inevitable and this is just something that I have to do. Sometimes it feels as if even breathing is a chore to me and now that I have made my decision, I can only feel a sense of relief that I have finally found a path towards peace.

I know you thought that I was stronger than this and for that I am truly sorry. You did your best to help me — please don’t ever doubt that. I don’t think I ever told you how important you were to me but I hope you knew anyway. Sometimes I acted as if our friendship didn’t mean the world to me, when it was in fact one of the greatest things in my life. You were the only person I felt I could talk to over the last few months. You kept me holding on just that little bit longer. Please don’t hate me for this.

I love you, Jake.

Sandy xxx

I folded the letter and gently placed it back into my wallet. I didn’t need to read the thing to remember what it said. The words were ingrained in my mind so that I could never forget them, even if I had wanted to. The tragic suicide of my best friend Sandy at the tender age of 22 still crippled me with grief, even 12 months later. As I sat at her graveside on the first year anniversary of that fateful day in which I found her unconscious at her desk, I kept thinking about what might have happened if I had left college early that particular day. But I had been too late. Would Sandy still be alive if I hadn’t stopped by at Starbucks on the way home from a full day of lectures?

Sandy had been everything to me; I’d met her when we were both 14 years old and we’d become best friends instantly. She spent most of her time with me rather than going home to her abusive step-father and an absent alcoholic mother, and then we had left for college together. Sandy had been my roommate, my best friend, and perhaps the most important person in my life with the exception of my mother. Sandy’s life had been difficult but she had projected the image of being such a strong and independent young lady to the rest of the world. She could be herself with me, and I knew better than anyone how sad and alone she felt sometimes. I’d spent many hours comforting her or sleeping beside her when she didn’t want to be alone.

I leaned forward to rearrange the flowers against her headstone. I tried to shake off the memories of her downward spiral towards suicide and instead replayed the good times, memories that I had spent the past year trying to bury because it was too painful to know that those good memories were now all I had left. I recalled my 18th birthday when I came out to her. She had rolled her eyes and told me that she already knew, saying that she’d be more than willing to go to the local gay bar with me to help me find a guy who would take my cherry. I had blushed profusely and slapped the back of her head playfully before bursting into laughter.

I remembered the day when I introduced Sandy to my first boyfriend Jon. She’d not liked him very much but she’d been nice for my sake. She was the first person I called when he dumped me for some college football player. Sandy and I spent the evening eating ice-cream and watching bad horror movies until the early hours of the morning when I passed out in front of the TV.

I laughed out loud as I remembered when the two of us had started hunting for an apartment together in our second year of college and our current landlady had assumed we were partners. Sandy decided to go along with it, slapping my backside and calling me ‘baby’ and ‘honey’ at the end of every sentence. I had been so embarrassed but she had found it hilarious. She had also enjoyed embarrassing me.

Sandy would have been disappointed with the way my life had turned out since she had left me. I had been almost as dependent on our relationship as she had been. Without her I fell into the dull and repetitive pattern of college, eat, sleep, college, eat, sleep until graduation and then into a similar pattern of work, eat, sleep. My social life was now non-existent and I’d fallen out of touch with my college buddies. I rarely spoke to my mother — a brief phone call every couple of weeks simply to let her know that I was okay — and I never visited her. I still lived in the apartment that Sandy and I had rented together, paying the rent on my own with an empty room that I was too afraid to enter. Her step-dad Dirk had taken her stuff — probably binned it all too or sold it for drug money — and all I had left of her was a photo album that I had taken before Dirk had turned up, plus her sketchbooks. I should probably have advertised for a new roommate but it just didn’t seem right.

What really bugged me was my lack of tears. My life had fallen to shit in the last year but I hadn’t cried once. Maybe a tear or two at the funeral but nothing more. Surely that couldn’t be normal. What kind of person couldn’t even cry over the death of their best friend?

It was starting to get dark and the sound of the church bells woke me from my thoughts. I stood and brushed the grass off of my trousers before heading out through the rusty gates, turning left to head back to my apartment. I passed a bar on the way. I don’t know what compelled me to stop but I paused outside. I hadn’t been in there often but Sandy and I had been there a couple of times and she had always quite liked it. I peered through the window for a moment and then headed inside. A couple of drinks might do me some good, I thought.

I took a look around as I entered. The place wasn’t too busy, but there was still a steady crowd. I pulled my wallet out from my pocket to check how much cash I had on me. It was enough for a couple of drinks, at least. I ordered a double vodka and coke and sat down at the bar. I felt overdressed; I’d headed to the graveyard straight after work and so I was still in my black slacks, white shirt and navy tie. I took a look at myself in the mirror behind the bar. I looked tired too. My black hair was sticking up all over the place and I had slight bags under my eyes. I used to pride myself on my looks but I had definitely let myself go in the last several months.

“Cheer up, Sunshine.”

I looked up as a guy sat down on the stall next to me and shot me a grin. I took a second to appreciate how stunning he was before looking away and taking a swig of my drink.

“Scott.” He held his hand out towards me. I hesitated before putting down my drink and shaking it. Gosh, he was beautiful. For a brief moment I thought that I recognised him. His smile, those eyes, that gorgeous chocolate brown hair. He seemed so familiar. Had we met before?

“Jake.” I offered, before releasing his hand and looking back down at my drink.

“Yeah, I know who you are.” He laughed at my incredulous expression. “American history with Professor Lewis?” There was an awkward pause where I tried to place him, then nodded. “Don’t worry, I don’t think we ever really spoke to each other. You were always glued to that blonde chick’s hip. It’s been a while though, I wasn’t sure if it was you at first.”

I reeled at the casual mention of Sandy and simply nodded. I did remember him, although not too well. He’d not been part of my crowd and I hadn’t gone out of my way to talk to many of my classmates.

“So, how’s life treating you?”

I wondered why Scott was sitting here trying to make conversation with me. Now that I could place him, I couldn’t remember a single time when he’d spoken to me in class with anything more than a brief “hey” or a quick nod of the head. In fact, I was surprised he knew who I was at all. I’m not rude, though, so I put on my best smile and responded with a shrug.

“Oh, you know. Same old, same old. Work’s keeping me pretty busy.” He looked like he expected me to say more, so I continued. “I work over at the big law firm Smith & Sons around the corner from campus. It’s not really as good as it sounds though, mainly just proofreading documents and stuff. How about you?”

“Cool, man. I don’t work too far from there, actually — I’m working over at the museum.” I nodded. The only museum in this town was less than a ten minute walk from the offices of Smiths & Sons. “It’s not the best job I guess, but I’m hopefully up for a promotion soon.” He paused. “Still playing football?”

I was shocked by how much this guy remembered about me. I hadn’t played football on the college team, but I’d played at weekends with a bunch of friends. I’d never been any good but it had been a lot of fun. I felt slightly guilty that I remembered very little about Scott other than that he had always sat a few rows behind me in our American history lectures. How had I failed to notice him before? How had I been so oblivious to his striking good looks and those beautiful dark eyes, the kind that you could lose yourself in?

Scott ordered himself a beer, buying one for me, and I thanked him. We began to engage in small talk. I’d have called it ‘catching-up,’ but we hadn’t known each other well enough beforehand for that. It was nice to have the company, and I quickly learned that Scott was extremely funny and very smart. Good looks and intelligence? Some people got all the luck.

“So, are you still seeing that blonde girl from college? Sally, was it?”

I tensed at the question. A lot of people had assumed that Sandy and I had been an item, although it wasn’t deliberate on our part. I had never hidden my sexuality from anyone, but to passers-by and people who didn’t know us, I suppose we must have looked like a couple. It sounded like Scott had not heard the news of Sandy’s suicide, either.

“No, I’m not with Sandy. We were just friends, anyway.” I tried to keep my voice neutral.

“Oh. Okay. Sorry, dude.” He must have sensed that it was a sore topic, although I assumed for the wrong reasons. I had loved Sandy, but I hadn’t been in love with her. She had been like a sister to me.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. Actually, I’m gay.” I had no idea why I told him this, it just came out (no pun intended). I guess I had been so keen to change the subject that I had said the first thing that popped into my head. Unfortunately the first thing to pop into my head had clearly been the subject of my sexuality. My insides clenched as I waited for Scott’s reaction.

Scott was quiet. I wondered if he was trying to plan his escape, perhaps debating the best way to leave without being too rude. Or perhaps he didn’t care about appearing rude and just wanted to get away from me as quickly as possible. The wide grin he sent my way threw me off a little and made me lose my train of thought.

“In that case, do you fancy going out for dinner some time?”

Well, that was unexpected.

“Um, sure.” As was that.

Scott smiled again. God, his smile was breathtaking. I started to feel aroused and shuffled in my seat nervously.

“Cool, man.” He downed the last of his beer and slammed the bottle down onto the bar before speaking again. “Well I have to get going, but can I get your number?”

I nodded and leaned across the bar to ask the barmaid for a pen. I jotted my number down on a beer mat and handed it over. Scott grabbed the pen from my hand and scrawled his own number onto another beer mat before leaned towards me to slide it into my shirt pocket, where his hand lingered gently for a moment. I gasped at the contact then blushed furiously. He was so close that I could feel his warm breath against my face. I was embarrassingly turned on.

“I’ll call you.” He pulled away from me and winked. He was gone before I even had a chance to react.

I finished my drink and then headed home. Scott was on my mind the entire time. I couldn’t stop picturing that astounding smile of his, those gorgeous full lips and that tall, muscled body. I’d always had a thing for taller, more muscular men. I stood at an average 5″10 and Scott had to be at least 6″3. I wouldn’t have said that I was skinny and I certainly had muscles — I used to work out on a daily basis — but it was clear that Scott was way more defined than I was. I shuddered as I remembered how good it had felt to have him lean in so close to me.

It wasn’t until I got back to my tiny third floor apartment before I remembered the reason I had been out late in the first place. My feelings of lust were suddenly replaced with guilt.


I didn’t hear from Scott the next day. I spent my Saturday tidying the apartment and then going for a run. I ordered pizza and ate alone, drinking cheap beer and watching Star Trek reruns on the television. I briefly considered heading out to a bar or club, but what was the point when I would be on my own? I could call one of my college buddies and invite them out but I suspected that they’d given up on me by now. I could phone Bill, one of my work colleagues, but I suspected that he’d be spending the evening with his pregnant fiancé and wouldn’t be particularly keen on the idea of going out drinking with me. I looked across my small living room at the beer mat which was sitting next to the phone. I could always call Scott but I was sure he’d be busy on a Saturday night. Besides, he’d said he would call me and I didn’t want to seem desperate. I headed to bed early.

I was lying in bed on Sunday morning, debating whether it was worth getting up and trying to decide what I needed to do. I thought I should probably head over to the gym since I was still paying for a membership that I barely used. I desperately needed to head over to the laundromat before I ran out of clean work clothes. My fridge needed cleaning out too, and I’d have to head to the store at some point. I sighed and looking over at the alarm clock. 8am. Perhaps another few hours of sleep….

I was woken up by the sound of my phone vibrating along the nightstand. I turned to take a quick look at the alarm clock. 11:15 am. Shit. I reached out for my phone and flipped it open, bringing it to my ear.

“What?” I answered groggily.

“Hey, Jake. It’s Scott.” He sounded amused. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“Oh, err, I mean, hi, Scott…” I could barely construct a sentence. Smooth. “No, I was awake. Well, I was earlier. I… fell back to sleep.” I felt like slapping myself. Just stop talking Jake, I thought.

Scott let out a small chuckle. “Well I was just calling to ask if you fancied going out to dinner tomorrow night?”

I sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. “Yeah, sure. Where did you have in mind?” Phew, my power of speech had returned.

“Well there’s this great little place a few blocks over from my apartment. I could pick you up at your place at 6? That’s if you’ll be up then?” He joked.

“Ha ha,” I mocked, “but yeah, that sounds good.” I gave him the address to my apartment and then we said our goodbyes. I instantly felt nervous about our date, but hopeful too.

I dragged myself out of bed and headed over to the bathroom. I glanced towards the closed door that led to Sandy’s room. I paused outside it, tentatively reaching for the handle and opening the door a crack. I didn’t go in there often and the room was empty. I supposed I could use the space as a guest room or for storage, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Sometimes I considered moving somewhere else, somewhere where I wasn’t haunted by the loss of Sandy, but I didn’t think that I could do that either. Besides, I knew that the loss of Sandy would stay with me no matter where I lived.

I briefly let myself remember the day we had moved into this place and how excited we had been. Sandy had dashed into this room to claim it as hers despite it being the smaller of the two bedrooms. She claimed she wanted it for the view but all you could see from the window was a dodgy looking alley, a bus stop and the apartment buildings across the street that mirrored our own. I found out pretty quickly that the real reason was because she didn’t have that much stuff — her step-dad Dirk hadn’t allowed her to take much from home when she’d left for college so all she’d had was her clothes, her art supplies and a few CDs — and she’d felt that this would have been more obvious in a bigger room. Naturally, I’d never been over to her place when she’d lived with her step-dad, and her roommate during the first year of college was so messy that it had been hard to decipher what belonged to whom. I was offended that Sandy had thought it would matter to me though and we had even argued about it. In the end I’d given her the ‘what’s mine is yours now’ speech and we’d made up.

I remembered the times that I had slept in here, just holding Sandy in my arms. Sometimes she’d have bad dreams and I’d stay with her because she said that she needed to know that someone was there to keep her safe. Sandy had been so petite that at first I was scared I’d break her but we got into something of a routine when I stayed with her, and I’d pull her against my chest and she’d sleep with her head resting on my shoulder and my arms wrapped around her. Sandy never really told me what she dreamt about those nights but I still knew that the nightmares were about Dirk. I also suspected that they were about her mother who was never around and who hadn’t thought twice about leaving her only daughter alone with a man like Dirk Winters.

I pulled the bedroom door shut and headed to the bathroom to take care of business, trying to concentrate on my upcoming date rather than wallowing in the loss that still felt so fresh. Jesus, what would I wear? I glanced in the bathroom mirror. I’d definitely need to shave and I’d have to make an attempt at taming my untidy hair. I was pretty sure that Scott wouldn’t go for the homeless look. But he’d already asked me out, so surely he must have liked something he saw. I stared at my reflection for a few more seconds, trying to figure out what had attracted him to me. I came up blank. I might have had something going for me during my college years but I’d graduated almost a year ago — just 6 weeks after Sandy’s suicide — and these days I was something of a mess.

I could think of nothing else but my date with Scott at work the next day. I kept making mistakes, which was completely unlike me. I was a pretty efficient worker, always keeping my head down and getting on with the tasks I had been set. I got very little done and kept swearing under my breath every time I noticed yet another mistake in the documents I was typing up. Bill kept quiet at first but eventually asked me what was wrong.

“It’s nothing, really. I’m just a little preoccupied. I’ve got a date tonight.”

“Way to go, man,” Bill exclaimed. “About time! What’s his name?”

“Scott. He’s… wait –” I paused. I’d never told Bill that I was gay. I hadn’t deliberately kept my sexuality from him but since I didn’t date, there had never been a suitable time to drop it into a conversation. “How did you know I was gay?”

“I know everything, dude,” Bill joked. “But seriously, tell me about him.” And just like that, my friendship with Bill seemed to solidify into something more real. We’d always got on well but I wouldn’t have considered us good friends until that point when he showed a genuine interest in my life outside of work and he seemed to really care about seeing me happy.

“You’ll have to let me know how it goes. Just, please, no sex details.” I laughed at the face that Bill pulled before he continued. “If it goes well, perhaps the two of you could come out to dinner with Scarlett and I some time. She’s always complaining that I don’t take her out enough, plus she’d love to meet one of my work colleagues.”

“Yeah, maybe.” I smiled and nodded, but I didn’t want to think that far ahead. It was only a first date, after all.

I ended up leaving work half an hour early and heading home to decide what to wear and to calm my nerves. Bill wished me luck and promised to cover for me if our boss noticed my absence. Bill was a good guy, and I suddenly felt very grateful to be working with him. I made a mental note to go out and buy him and his fiancé something nice for the baby shower I knew was coming up but had yet to RSVP for.

The walk home was lethal. I could have taken a taxi but it wasn’t a long walk and it would have felt like a waste of money. I dodged through traffic in an attempt to get home quicker but ended up having a couple of near-death experiences instead. It had been a while since I had gone out on a date or even hooked up with anyone so I was incredibly nervous. It was very strange; although Scott had asked me out and not the other way around, I feared that he wouldn’t find anything he liked about me and then lose interest. I was definitely attracted to Scott and prayed to God that I would make a good impression tonight but I was anxious and also worried about letting him — or anyone else for that matter — into my life. Since losing Sandy, letting anyone get that close again seemed wrong.


Scott arrived five minutes early but thankfully I had been ready in plenty of time, although that had only led to me pacing the apartment and wearing holes in the already shabby carpet. I’d shaved and combed my hair and even I had to admit that I looked a lot better than I had in months. The knock at the door startled me a little and I took a deep breath and tried to squash my nerves as I walked over to answer it.

Scott looked amazing. He was wearing a tight fitting pair of black jeans and a grey shirt that hung nicely and really showed off the definition of his chest and biceps. His brown hair was in a messy, jelled style that really suited him and he had fresh stubble on his cheeks since I’d last seen him. I loved a guy with a bit of facial hair. Scott’s dark eyes shined as he smiled and looked me over, nodding his approval.

“You look great, Jake.”

“Um, thanks. So do you.”

“I was thinking we could walk. I don’t live far from here and the restaurant is only a short walk away from there. It’ll only take us about fifteen minutes. If you want to call a taxi instead, that’s cool.” He grinned but looked slightly unsure of himself, which actually made me feel better. At least I wasn’t the only one feeling nervous.

“That’s cool, I don’t mind walking. I’ll just grab my jacket and then I’m set to go.” I didn’t invite Scott in to see the apartment even though I could sense that he wanted to. I just wasn’t comfortable with inviting anyone in to the place that he been mine and Sandy’s sanctuary, not after losing her here too. I grabbed my jacket then headed out.

The walk to the restaurant was nice. Scott walked by my side, his hand occasionally brushing against mine while we made small talk about our day at work. It wasn’t as awkward as I had feared and I found it pretty easy to talk and to ask questions. Scott made a few jokes about things that had happened at the museum. He was so animated when he talked and he really made me feel at ease.

When we arrived at the restaurant I was surprised to find that it was the same little place I had passed many times but never entered, called The Alcove. I’d always wondered if the food was any good but just hadn’t found the time to eat there and more recently I had not been too keen on the idea of eating out alone. The place was cosy and had a homey feel, with candles on all the tables and old black and white photos on the walls.

We went straight through and were seated at a table for two towards the back, where we would have a little privacy. After ordering drinks, the waitress left so that we could decide on our food order.

“You come here often, then?” I almost slapped myself. That was the lamest line ever, and I felt myself blush.

Scott just smiled and nodded. “I’ve been here a few times. I used to work here when I was at college so I know the owner pretty well.”

The waitress came back with our drinks and we both ordered the steak. Once we were alone again, Scott leaned forward in his seat and rested his arms against the sides of the table. “I’m glad I ran into you on Friday. What a coincidence, huh?”

“Yeah. Especially when you consider that I go to that bar about once a year,” I laughed.

“Really? I guess I was pretty lucky then.”

I blushed and laughed a little.

“You seemed a little down though.” Scott pointed out. I didn’t know how to respond and I really did not want to get into a discussion about Sandy and the past year I had spent without her, so I simply nodded and made my excuses.

“Oh yeah it was nothing really. It had just been one of those days at work.”

Scott nodded. “Ah, I feel you’re pain — we all have days like that. In fact, that about sums up most of my working life so far.”

We both laughed at that and then continued to make casual conversation. We chatted a little about college, our jobs and whatever else crossed our minds until the food arrived.

The food was delicious and we continued to make small talk throughout the meal. I was really enjoying my time with Scott and it felt great to be out at a restaurant rather than sitting in my apartment on my own. I was becoming increasingly attracted to him and I would often catch him admiring me and giving me heated glances that sent tingles down my spine. God, I wanted him.

We were just finishing up our food when Scott starting talking about how he had admired me from a distance around campus. I flushed a little at this but was very flattered to know that he been attracted to me even back then.

“I’m not sure why we never spoke but I suppose that doesn’t matter too much now, huh?” He smiled and took a sip of his wine. “So what about the girl you were always with? Sandy? Do you see much of her these days?”

I nearly chocked on my drink. I tried to regain my composure and act casual. “No, I don’t.”

“Oh.” Scott frowned a little. “That’s a shame. You two seemed really close. In fact, I don’t think I saw the two of you apart more than a handful of times.”

It was obvious that Scott was only trying to be nice and that he didn’t know the reality of the situation but I really didn’t want to talk about this. I didn’t talk about Sandy any more. I didn’t even discuss her during my bi-weekly telephone calls to my mother. I was reluctant to speak but Scott was looking at me expectantly. I knew that he had meant no harm with his question and was just trying to get to know me.

“Yeah, Sandy and I were very close. She was my best friend. We actually lived together during college.”

“She was your best friend? What happened? Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, not really.”

“Sometimes friends just grow apart, you know? I’m sure if –”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Scott,” I said, cutting him off mid-sentence. It came out harsher than I had planned and I sighed, rubbing my eyes with the heel of my palm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just that it’s really not something I want to talk about. Please, just leave it.”

Scott nodded and took another sip of his wine, then changed the subject to movies. After that, the rest of the date went well and the conversation flowed nicely. It was easy to chat and joke with him — it seemed to be so natural, as if we had known each other for years. I suppose, technically, we had. Scott seemed to have an unlimited supply of funny stories and had me almost in tears with his stories about some of the customers he had encountered both working part-time at the restaurant and at the museum.

As we waited for our dessert, Scott moved his hand across the table to gentle stroke the back of mine. It felt so good.

“I like you, Jake.”

“I get that,” I laughed, “and I like you too.”

I felt kind of sad as we left the restaurant and started walking in the direction of my place. I didn’t want the night to end since I was having such a good time. Should I invite him back to my place, or would that make it seem like all I was after was a quick lay? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invite him up. Not because I wasn’t interested — I definitely was — but because my apartment was a very private place for me these days and I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of letting anyone in. So what did I do now? Was there something I should say? I wondered briefly when the dating game had gotten so difficult. I was sure it hadn’t always been this confusing. I know it had been a while since I’d been on a date, but I couldn’t remember being this nervous before. Perhaps it was because I was genuinely attracted to Scott and I was so scared I would fuck it up.

We’d only been walking for about 5 minutes when Scott stopped. “This is me.” He pointed towards the entrance of an apartment building very similar to my own, except with a few more floors.

“Oh, umm –” I stuttered.

Scott gave a shy smile. “Do you want to come up?”

“Yes,” I answered too quickly and blushed, trying to recover with a more casual response. “I mean, sure, why not.”

Scott let out a small chuckle and reached for my hand. He laced his fingers through mine and gently tugged at my arm to lead the way. My hand was tingling from his touch and my heart started to beat a little faster. It felt wonderful holding his hand. I followed him as he led me to an elevator and pressed for the 5th floor.

Scott’s apartment was a bit bigger than mine and much better decorated. The front door led straight into an open living space, everything in very earthy shades. It seemed very minimalistic but still felt warm and cosy. The walls were lined with black and white photographs. Scott was in most of them, surrounded by what I could only assume was a very large family. I nervously jammed my hands into my pockets and continued to look around. Scott gave me a quick tour of the nice sized modern kitchen off to the left of the living space and the two bedrooms and small bathroom down a small corridor off to the right.

“Take a seat, I’ll grab us a couple of beers,” Scott said, nodding towards the couch.

When Scott returned he dropped down next to me on the couch, passing me a bottle and then taking a swig of his. The drinks from the meal had definitely affected me and I found myself openly checking him out as he drank. He’d stretched his long legs and his head was tilted back, his eyes closed a little. I felt the arousal in my jeans and reluctantly looked away as he lowered his bottle and turned to give me a cheeky smile. I blushed. He’d been fully aware that I was checking him out and I wasn’t used to getting caught. I fumbled for something to say.

“This is a great place, Scott.” I took a swig of my beer.

“Thanks. I can’t really take much credit for it though; my sister did all the decorating. She’s an interior designer and this became her first major project. I think she wanted to show off.”

“Well she did an amazing job. It puts my apartment to shame, which looks like it’s about ready to fall apart.”

“Just don’t say that to her, her ego is big enough as it is.” I laughed at that and Scott shifted a little closer in his seat, turning towards me.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he breathed.

The statement had seemingly come out of nowhere and I blushed, ducking my head a little. “Scott –” I started. I had no idea what I was going to say, but I was cut off anyway by his lips brushing lightly against mine. He pulled away all too quickly and I tried not to look disappointed. He took my beer and put it alongside his on the coffee table and then made to lean towards me again. This time I was prepared when Scott’s lips met mine.

Scott kissed me deeply and cupped my face in his hands as he leaned into me. His tongue slid in and brushed against the roof of my mouth. I kissed him back and intertwined by tongue with his. I was gasping for breath when we finally pulled away from each other. I stared into his eyes and I let my fingers gently caress the stubble across his jaw line. I was painfully hard in my jeans and Scott pulled himself into my lap to straddle me before reaching down to unbuckle my belt. I felt myself hesitate and pull away ever so slightly. Scott noticed.

“Hey,” Scott said softly, “what’s wrong, babe?”

“It’s been a while, and I don’t want to rush anything,” I mumbled. My body was betraying my words, however, with my hard on practically about to burst out of my jeans.

“I won’t push you into something you’re not comfortable with, Jake. All I want is to make you feel good, I promise.”

Scott slid down between my legs to the floor and I gasped as he made quick work of my jeans and then reached into my boxers to pull out my hard dick. Scott simply stared at it for a moment and I started to feel self-conscious. I wasn’t particularly huge or thick, but I was a good 7 inches when hard. I’d never been ashamed of it before but I found myself hoping that Scott liked what he saw.

“Beautiful,” he murmured.

Scott took my dick into his mouth and I gasped. My hesitation was forgotten and all I felt was intense pleasure as I arched my back and groaned. Scott was a master; he knew exactly what to do to bring me close to the edge and then pull me back from it. He began humming as he bobbed his head, the vibrations driving me crazy. I gasped in ecstasy as he began deep-throating me.

Scott made sure to taste every bit of my manhood and I was almost blind with pleasure as I teetered over the edge of my orgasm. I began to thrust forward, crying out incoherently. My balls drew up and I knew I was going to come. I tried to warn Scott and grabbed at his head to pull him off, but he gently pushed my hands away and continued to suck. He didn’t move away and I cried out his name as I came into his mouth. He looked up and into my eyes as he swallowed my load. The sight was too much and I groaned, closing my eyes as he swallowed the last of my come.

“Holy shit,” I gasped once I had caught my breath.

Scott chuckled and pulled himself up off of the floor, sitting back down next to me.

“Wow.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I turned to see Scott’s dick tenting his jeans. I reached over and palmed the bulge, causing him to hiss. My whole body felt exhausted, but I hauled myself over to straddle Scott’s lap and rested my face in the crook of his neck. I unbuckled his belt and Scott lifted us both up slightly so that he could pull down his jeans. I reached into his boxers to cup his balls in my hand. Scott groaned.

It didn’t take long to send Scott over the edge. The blowjob must have really turned him on because he was so close. I fondled his balls for a while before slowly jacking him off as I kissing along his jaw and his neck, and within a few minutes he was coming into my palm. He arched his back and groaned, before collapsing back into his seat and panting.

I slid out of his lap and into the seat next to him. My hand was covered in his come and I took my time licking it off as he watched. He let out another small groan and pulled me towards him so I could rest my head against his chest.

“You’re amazing,” Scott breathed before kissing the top of my head.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I joked to cover my blush.

“So I suppose this is a good time to ask…” Scott said, before pausing. I tilted my head up to look at him. He seemed hesitant rather than his usual assured and confident self.

“Ask what?” I rested my hand on his thigh, squeezing it gently in what I hoped was a comforting gesture.

“Well, I was hoping you might want to, you know, give this a go and be my boyfriend?” Scott met my eyes and I could see the uncertainty in them. I moved my hand from his thigh to lace my fingers with his.

“Does it mean that I’ll get blowjobs as good as that one on a regular basis?” I joked.

“You’re such a dick,” he laughed.

“I’d like that Scott. To be your boyfriend, I mean.”

Scott squeezed my hand a little and leaned in for a kiss that started off slow but ended with tongues and both of us pawing at the other’s clothes. I reluctantly pulled away and sighed. I didn’t want to move too fast. I didn’t want to screw this up and I was afraid of what could happen if I let this go too far. I think, mostly, I was scared of getting hurt.

“I really ought to go.”

“Okay.” Scott didn’t seem ready to let me go just yet, still firmly grasping me in his arms. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Sure. I finish work at 5 so just give me a call.”

I extracted myself from Scott’s arms and stood. I tucked myself away and re-buckled my belt. Scott stood and pulled me towards him to give me a goodbye kiss. He nibbled along my jaw and then at my ear lobe. “See you tomorrow, gorgeous.”


After that first date, I began to see Scott on a regular basis. I learnt a lot about him and found that we had many things in common. We liked the same movies and music, and we’d talk for hours about gigs we’d been to or telling stories about our college experiences or funny things that had happened at work.

I spent the night at his place on the Saturday the weekend after our first date. He’d invited me over for pizza and a movie and we’d decided on X-Men: Origins before settling down on the couch. He pulled me into his arms so that I was leaning against him with my head on his shoulder and his arm around me, and he rested his feet up on the coffee table. In just a few days, I was feeling almost completely at ease around Scott. Sitting with him like this felt natural, as if it was the way things should be. After the movie we cuddled for a little before grabbing a few beers and getting to know each other better.

As we lay there on the couch, our legs tangled together, we asked each other questions about our past. I learnt a lot about his family. Scott had grown up in the countryside with his mother and father and 5 siblings; 3 older brothers, an older sister and a younger brother.

“I’m closest to my sister Emma, she’s only a year older than me and we did practically everything together when we were kids. She had the shitty end of the stick most of the time, being the only girl and all. She’s super smart though and she definitely knew how to run rings around us all. She still does, actually,” Scott laughed. “I actually came out to her first and she was truly amazing. She stood by me when I told the rest of my family and she defended me to anyone who said a word against it. My eldest brother Chris kinda reacted badly at first but it was Emma who talked some sense into him. He was full on prepared to beat the homosexuality out of me when I came out, but these days he’s cool with it.”

As Scott told me this, I kept thinking about Sandy. She had been close enough to be a sister and she’d been there for me in all the same ways that Emma had been there for Scott.

“What about you? Do you have any siblings?”

I answered with a shake of my head. Scott seemed to sense that this might be something that I didn’t want to talk about and a topic that he shouldn’t push. I told him a little about my mother and explained that it had just been me and her after my dad left. He held me and listened.

Scott and I went out to dinner several times over the next few weeks and most nights I ended up at his place where we would kiss and make out but nothing progressed further than oral, which I was eager to reciprocate after the amazing blowjob he had given me that first night. It felt amazing to be close to someone again, but not just anyone. I was with Scott, and I could already see how special he was. I stayed at Scott’s place a lot and he never seemed to mind that I wasn’t ready for sex yet. In fact, he didn’t even mention it.

One night, after the best blowjob of my life, I decided to say something. I was worried that he’d get fed up of waiting for me. I didn’t even know why I was so hesitant to go all the way. We were in bed and I was lying against his chest so I lifted my head to look at him. He was falling off to sleep, so I propped my head up on my arm and I reached my hand out to trail my fingers across his chest and took a moment to admire his beautiful face.

“What?” He mumbled, opening one eye to look at me.

“Are you annoyed that we haven’t gone all the way yet?”

Scott seemed to immediately wake up then. He turned onto his side so that he was looking straight at me and reached out to run his fingers through my hair and then hold my cheek in the palm of his hand. “Of course not, Jake. Why would you even think that? I can see that you don’t feel ready yet and I’m not going to push you into something you aren’t comfortable with. You’re taking this at your own pace, and I’m fine with that. I respect that.”

“Okay.” I leaned forward to plant a kiss on his forehead then pulled myself against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my temple. I felt so good in his arms. I didn’t want him to ever let me go.

“Tell me a secret,” I whispered.

“Huh?” Scott rubbed his hands along my back in soothing motions and pulled me closer.

“Tell me something. Anything. Something that no one else knows.”

Scott was silent for a moment. “This one time, during college, I got off thinking about you.”

I laughed. “Just the once? I’m insulted.”

Scott laughed too. “Okay, maybe more than once. You didn’t seem to realise how hot you were and you were completely oblivious to the attention you got from others. In fact, I think that made me even more attracted to you. That’s why I never spoke to you — I was insanely attracted to you and I thought you’d be able to tell straight away. Although if I’d have known then that you were gay, maybe I would have.”

I was silent at that. I briefly wondered whether the loss of Sandy would have been easier if Scott had been around then to help me through. I quickly shook away that train of thought and lifted my head to kiss Scott passionately on the lips. Scott broke away, only to begin covering my face with lots of little kisses.

“Now you have to tell me something,” Scott muttered between kisses.

“This one time, during college, I got off thinking about Professor Lewis up there at the front of the class wearing that bow tie and those sexy suspenders.”

Scott’s laugh shook my whole body. I fell asleep to him whispering sweet words in my ear and soothingly running his fingers across my back.


After almost four weeks of dating, I felt ready to take things all the way with Scott. We were meeting for dinner at his place that night and I was impatient to get home from work. Bill gave me a knowing look and shooed me out of the office early with a “go get him, stud.”

My phone went off just as I walked through the front door of my apartment, and I dashed over to check the caller ID. Shit, it was my mother. I hadn’t called her in a while and she was bound to be worried. I glanced at the clock. I knew I would have to answer just to assure her that I was okay, but she had a habit of keeping me on the phone for ages.

“Hey, momma. How are things?”

“Jacob!” She started down the phone. “I have been worried sick about you! Why haven’t you called? It’s been weeks!”

“I’m really sorry momma, I’ve just been busy. I didn’t mean to worry you.” I felt guilty because I knew that she worried about me a lot as it was, even when I did manage to call her when I said I would. She seemed to worry enough for two people, but I guess that was because she had taken on the role of my dad once he had left us.

“Busy? That’s your excuse? Too damn busy to pick up a phone and give me peace of mind?! I didn’t know what had happened to you! I’ve been calling and calling but you haven’t been picking up. I wouldn’t have to worry if you would come and visit me once in a while, just to let me know that you’re taking care of yourself.” I couldn’t remember the last time she had been this angry. Her voice was high pitched and she sounded close to tears. I sighed deeply.

“I really am sorry; I wasn’t deliberately avoiding your calls. I’ve been out most evenings. I’m… well, I’m seeing someone.”

The anger was gone instantly. “Oh! Really?! Oh baby, I’m so pleased. Is he nice? Is he treating you right? What’s his name?”

I laughed. “He’s called Scott. And yes, he is treating me right. We’ve only been dating for about a month.”

“Oh, I’m so glad for you honey. I really am. After you lost Sandy, I was so scared you’d never let anyone in again.”

There was silence for a moment and I heard a quiet sniffle from the other end of the phone. “Yeah me too, momma.”

After assuring her that I would try and make time for a visit and telling her that I needed to get ready to go out, I managed to hang up the phone. I was surprised by how good I felt. I dashed to the bathroom to have a quick shower, then pulled on a comfy pair of jeans and a blue button up shirt, grabbed my wallet and keys from the counter and hurried out to Scott’s place.

Scott answered the door with his phone to his ear, talking hurriedly. “I have to go now, Emma. Yeah, I’ll call you. Yes. Okay. Yes. Love you too. Bye.” He hung up then pulled me into the apartment before I’d even had a chance to utter a greeting. Pressing me up against the door, Scott kissed me so passionately that my knees felt weak and my mind was in a jumble by the time he finally pulled away to rest his forehead against mine.

“I missed you,” he murmured before leaning down to kiss along my jaw.

“You saw me last night,” I laughed.

Scott pulled away and smiled at me. “How was work?”

“Thrilling,” I replied sarcastically.

“Emma wants to meet you.”

“She does?”

“Of course she does. She’s dying to meet the gorgeous man I can’t stop talking about.”

I blushed as he pulled back and grabbed my hand to pull me into the kitchen. His kitchen had a small dining table in the corner which he had set out with a candle in the middle and a single red rose across my plate.

“Wow, you’ve really pulled out the big guns,” I joked.

Scott rolled his eyes and turned away from me to check on the food. “Grab a beer and sit down. Dinner will be ready in a minute.”

Dinner was delicious. Scott was an amazing cook whereas I struggled to make toast without screwing it up. I told him so and he laughed. This wasn’t the first time he’d cooked for me, but he’d definitely gone to a lot of trouble tonight. I was just finishing up when I remembered the conversation with my mother. Scott must have noticed that something was on my mind because he reached across the table for my hand and asked if everything was alright. I told him that I had spoken to her.

“Oh?” Scott didn’t push for any more information but I could tell that he wanted me to go on.

“Yeah. She tore me a new one for not calling her in so long. I thought she was gonna jump down the phone and strangle me.”

Scott laughed, “Well it’s only because she loves you.”

“Yeah. I haven’t seen her in a while and I guess she worries about me.”

“You should definitely go see her,” Scott said.

I nodded. I hadn’t seen her since Sandy’s funeral. I felt horrible for leaving her to worry about me all this time. “Yeah, that’d probably be a good idea. Why don’t you come with me? I’m sure she’d love to meet you.”

“Really?” Scott’s grin spread across his whole face and I couldn’t help but laugh.


Scott nodded but said no more, finishing the last of his food before standing. I stood too, following him into the living room and sitting down on the couch with him. I leaned in for a kiss.

“Thanks for dinner, Scott.”

“No problem, babe.”

We began to make out on the couch. It started off gentle and slow, but rapidly became more heated and passionate. I was rock hard almost instantly and gasping for breath when Scott relocated to straddle my lap. He ducked his head to plant another kiss on my lips, pushing his tongue inside and swirling it erotically against mine. The intensity of our kiss shook me to my core. It was becoming more and more apparent that I was falling in love with Scott, but I wasn’t ready to say the words out loud yet. I didn’t want to ruin this.

Scott rubbed our denim clad erections together which caused us both to groan in pleasure. He reached for the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it up over his head. I reached over to tweak a nipple and he moaned before pulling my hand away so that he could reach down and undo the buttons on my shirt. As Scott undid each button, he kissed and nipped at the skin that he exposed. When my shirt had been removed, Scott clamped down on my left nipple and bit it slightly before sucking it into his mouth. I hissed in pleasure and arched my back a little, then grabbed hold of his hips.

“Scott…” I moaned.

Scott pulled off and looked down at me. “Shit, you look hot. Let’s take this into the bedroom, baby.”

Scott stood and held his hand out to help me up. We stumbled across to his bedroom and he pushed me down onto his bed where we lay on our sides facing each other. I stroked the stumble along his jaw line before he pulled me into his arms to lay kisses down my neck and across my collarbone. I met his lips before pulling away to speak.

“I need you, Scott,” I panted, “I need you inside me.”

Scott pulled away to look into my eyes. “Are you sure, Jake? I’m happy to wait, don’t feel like you have to –”

I cut him off. “I’m ready Scott, so don’t you dare deny me this.”

“Never,” he smiled, leaning in to kiss me. Our tongues battled it out for a moment until he pulled away and rolled us over till I was on my back and he was kneeling between my legs. He unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans, pulling them down with my boxers as I lifted my hips to make it easier. He pulled off my socks and then removed what was left of his own clothes.

“God, I love your body, it’s perfect,” Scott said as his fingers travelled down my chest then went further until he was cupping me in his hand. He reached across to his nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. He spread my legs further apart before positioning himself between them and raised my hips up by placing a pillow under my lower back. I pulled my legs up as far as I could to give him better access.

Scott coated his fingers with lube and teased at my hole before inserted the first finger into me. It had been so long and I was tight, but I quickly adjusted and started pushing myself onto his finger to get him further into me. Scott chuckled lightly and leaned up to pepper kisses across my chest. Without wasting any time he added a second finger and I moaned in pleasure as I felt him hit my prostate.

I was desperate to feel him inside me. This was good but I needed more. I needed to feel him filling me.

“More. I need more,” I could barely speak.

Scott didn’t reply but simply added a third finger and began scissoring them inside my tight hole. I wanted to say something, to tell him that I needed him now and not his fingers, but I was so lost in the sensations of his fingers rubbing against my prostate. He pulled his fingers out and I groaned.

“Hang on, baby,” Scott said as he leaned over to the nightstand and searched through the draw. “Shit, my condoms must be in the bathroom.” Scott pulled away to get up but I pulled him back down to me and nipped at his earlobe.

“I’ve got one,” I panted, “in my wallet.”

“Okay.” He kissed along my jaw before getting up and scooted to the end of the bed to rummage through my jeans for my wallet.

I lay there and gazed up at the ceiling, my heart beating so fast that I thought it might explode. I was in love with Scott, there was no denying it. I wanted him so much and it felt so great to be this close to someone after so long. I wasn’t alone anymore and I finally felt like me again. I smiled.

Scott seemed to be taking a while to get the condom but just as I was about to sit up and see what the problem was he crawled back up the bed and laid himself on top of me, looking straight into my eyes. His eyes seemed to sparkle and he held my gaze for what felt like an eternity. It was as if he could see right into my soul. He leaned down for a passionate kiss that made me moan with the anticipation of what was about to come.

“I want you so much, Jake.” It was barely more than a whisper and I shuddered with desire.

“Take me.”

I attempted to roll over onto my stomach but Scott stopped me and leaned down to brush his lips tenderly against mine. “I want to be able to see your face when I make love to you.”

That one sentence was enough to turn me into an emotional wreck. Pull yourself together Jake and don’t you dare cry, I thought. I nodded and spread my legs for Scott as he rolled on the condom and lubed up. He never broke eye contact as he lined himself up with my hole and started pushing forward.

It hurt at first but no more than I had expected. It had been over a year since I’d been with anyone and it took time to adjust to a cock as big as Scott’s. He held completely still but I could see that he was desperate to move. After a minute I nodded and he pushed forward again, slowly and slowly, inch by inch, until he had his whole length inside my tight passage. I moaned as intense pleasure replaced the pain.

“I’m in, baby. I’m in,” Scott moaned as he leaned down to kiss me deeply. The change of position meant that he brushed across my prostate and I moaned in ecstasy.

“You like that?” Scott asked as he nipped at my earlobe and began to pick up the pace, pulling his hips back to pull himself almost completely out and then slamming back in.

“God yes… harder, Scott… ahh,” I couldn’t speak after that and Scott began pounding into my ass harder and harder as I arched my back and lifted myself to meet each of his thrusts. He hit my prostate with every stroke and I was close to coming within minutes. I gripped his back and pulled him against me. His stomach rubbed against my erection and the friction sent me over the edge.

“That’s it baby, come for me,” Scott panted into my ear as his pace became even more frantic.

I couldn’t hold back and screamed out his name as I shot streams of come between us, coating my chest and hitting my chin. My ass muscles clenched around his cock as it pumped into me and Scott cried out as he joined me in release. Once we had both come down from our orgasms Scott kissed me, licking the come from my chin, and then slipped out of me. I groaned at the feeling and felt oddly empty. He rolled off of me.

“Don’t move, babe,” Scott whispered before swinging his legs over the side of the bed and standing. He removed the condom then headed in the direction of the bathroom, coming back moments later with a wet cloth. He gently washed the come from my chest before throwing the cloth to the floor and lying back down to spoon up behind me.

“That was fantastic. I mean… wow,” Scott gasped.

“Yeah… amazing,” I could barely speak.

“Jake. I –” Scott stopped mid-sentence and paused. “Babe, are you awake?”

“Mm?” I was too exhausted to speak and it felt so good to be wrapped up in Scott’s arms with his sweaty chest pressed against my back.

Scott chuckled and kissed the back on my neck. “Never mind. Go to sleep, babe.”

I didn’t think twice about what he had wanted to say. I was out like a light and had the best night’s sleep I’d had in well over a year.


“Can we go to your place tonight? I’ve never actually been inside and I’d really like to stay there with you.”

I looked up from my food. I hadn’t expected the question and it surprised me that he wanted to see my place so much. “Sure, I guess.”

I wasn’t sure why I had been so hesitant to let Scott into my apartment. I suspected that it was to do with Sandy. It had been her home too, and I’d rarely brought guys back because I’d always felt that it wouldn’t be fair on her. Plus my apartment had been my sanctuary for so long — it was where I had lost my best friend and where I grieved. It seemed too personal to let someone in, and yet I wanted to let Scott in. We had already had sex (and lots of it in the past few weeks), he was coming with me to visit my mother in a fortnight, and I was meeting his sister the coming weekend. Surely letting him see my apartment was only a tiny step in comparison?

After dinner I insisted on paying the bill, and then Scott held my hand as we headed back to his apartment so that he could pick up a change of clothes. Scott had only been to my place twice since picking me up on our first date and he hadn’t been inside either time. My palms started to sweat as we entered the building. I was nervous. Scott wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked up to my apartment.

Once we arrived at my door, I gave him a quick tour and then headed into the kitchen to fetch some drinks. I hadn’t shown him Sandy’s room and he hadn’t inquired. When I returned, Scott was holding a picture from the mantle. It was of me and Sandy the day we moved into the apartment — we were laughing and had our heads pressed together, there were stacks of boxes behind us and the photo was at a funny angle with the top of my head out of the shot because Sandy had taken it herself. Sandy had her tongue sticking out and she looked so beautiful.

“This is a lovely picture.” He put it down before turning back to me. I put the drinks down as he approached and melted into him as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. It was brief, and when he pulled away he rested his forehead against mine.

“Why don’t you talk about Sandy, Jake?” He was whispering, as if he was scared to speak too loudly in case it scared me away. My hands suddenly felt clammy and I closed my eyes.

“Because I don’t want to. Scott, please, let’s not go there.” My heart was pounding in my chest and I tried to push him away. He tightened his hold and wouldn’t let me leave.

“Jake –”

“Let go of me, Scott! Leave me alone! I said I didn’t want to go there. Please, don’t make me say it… please.” I pushed against him in an attempt to get free but his grip was too tight. I wiggled around until I finally gave up and collapsed against him, burying my face in the crook of his neck and trying to hold back the tears that I knew were coming.

“Talk to me, Jake. You can tell me anything, you know that right?”

I looked up at Scott. The look he gave me was so intense that I had to close my eyes.


His arms moved from my waist. One hand reached up to stroke my cheek while the other gently caressed my lower back.

“She’s gone, Scott.” I felt a tear fall.

“I know, baby. I know.”


Scott held me as I cried for Sandy and for the fact that I hadn’t been able to help her, not in the end. It was the first time that I’d had someone there to comfort me. At the funeral I had rejected the efforts of my mother and my friends but it felt okay to let Scott comfort me. It was also the first time that I had really cried. I cried so much that my ribs hurt and I felt exhausted. After a while I finally calmed down enough to talk, although my voice sounded gravelly and weak.

“You knew?”

“Not at first, no. But after the way you reacted when I mentioned her on our first date, I realised that something was up. I didn’t want to push it, assuming that you’d tell me when you were ready. Then I spoke to a mutual friend from college that first week and he told me what happened. He said it was common knowledge and I felt like a complete dick for not knowing…” Scott paused. “There’s something else too. Babe, when I was looking through your wallet for a condom the other week, I found the note you keep in there.”

I was silent for a moment. I briefly wondered whether I should be angry that Scott had seen the letter, but I wasn’t. I pulled myself closer to Scott, wrapping myself in his arms.

“In a way, it’s partly due to Sandy that we found each other.”

Scott kissed my temple and started running his fingers through my hair. “What do you mean, babe?”

“That night in the pub, I had been on the way back home from visiting her grave. It was the first year anniversary of her suicide, a whole year since that night when I found her….” I trailed off. My voice was barely above a whisper. I shuddered and buried my head in Scott’s chest.

We first met CJ in the story Saturday Night. You might like to start with that chapter. These stories are written for someone special. I hope she likes it and I hope you do too.


CJ had felt herself in a fog for weeks now. The cause had been that Saturday night with Sarah and the others. It had been a wonderful, intense experience and CJ had loved every minute of it.

She had been tricked into it. It was her workmate, Sarah, who’d set it up and lured CJ in. She felt like she’d used for the pleasure of the others.

But CJ had not complained, not then and not since. She’d had great sex (including with her workmate) and had really enjoyed another woman’s body for the first time in years. She’d been fucked by Sarah’s boyfriend as well — brutally hammered by the thickest cock she’d had in a long time. The only cock she’d had in ages. CJ had been thrilled and grateful for Dale’s passion and for his cock.

But the person who’d been on her mind ever since was Bess. Oh the lovely, gorgeous Bess. Sexy and sensual with those big tits. Somehow CJ knew Bess was more than ‘curious’ when it came to fucking another woman. Though Sarah seemed to be just playing out a fantasy, CJ had sensed that Bess was very much into sex with women. Had the problem been the fact that Bess’ fiance was there as well?

Since that night things with Sarah had been just fine. In fact, Sarah had been a little extra friendly to CJ while in the office. Then, a couple of times during drinks after work she’d even ‘let slip’ that Dale (Sarah’s boyfriend) might like to have CJ suck him off. And CJ hadn’t objected. She knew she would not object if Sarah ever made a serious offer. CJ already knew that Dale had a very nice cock.

Her thoughts had, however, been taken up with Bess. Sarah’s friend, the delicious Bess with the double-Ds who knew how to kiss and how to touch a woman.

Sarah had been non-committal the couple of times Bess had been mentioned. She’d been very coy when CJ had hinted she wanted Bess’ number. It was probably for the best. Bess had a fiancé and it seemed likely he wasn’t as happy about sharing as were Sarah and Dale.

So she’d been shocked to hear Bess’ voice on the phone. CJ had needed a moment to be sure it really was Bess, the same woman she’d lusted after on that Saturday night. It was early one evening, a rushed call. Perhaps her fiancé was nearby? She’d kept it brief — could they meet that weekend, Saturday afternoon? She had something to discuss.

‘Yes, I’d like that very much.’ CJ tried to stay calm. Bess might enjoy women but she was many years younger and surely had her pick of the pack. And there was the fiancé to consider as well. ‘Yes, the coffee shop near the campus would be fine.’ She hoped Bess wouldn’t notice how worked up she was.

That hope was dashed as soon as she saw Bess walk into the coffee shop. Bess was younger, after all, and very comfortable wearing shorts and a nice shirt that was buttoned low enough to show of her generous cleavage. CJ found herself licking her lips and trying to stop her mouth from drying out. She knew she was shaking a little. Bess wanted to ask her something and CJ knew she’d agree to whatever it was.

‘You know I am studying on campus here? I am in a Masters program, human physiology. We have a very important practical component to complete. Its kind of like an experiment.’

‘Sure. Sounds very interesting. Is that what you want to ask me about?’

‘Well, yes. But its not what you think. You see, our professor is researching human sexual response.’

It sounded odd to CJ and she felt a little deflated. So that was it? ‘And you have a survey you want me to fill out? I suppose Sarah told you a bit about my history. I guess she’s done the survey for you already.’

‘You don’t understand. This is a practical, we have to do experiments. We need to collect data on actual human response. Its like doing a whole lot of tests. All the students in the class have already been subjects.’


‘That’s why I’m asking you. We need people who will undergo sexual stimulation in front of the class while everyone is recording the results and taking notes. Actually, the class is mostly women students but we need a really good female subject.’

CJ was just a little disappointed to think she was wanted only as a guinea pig. ‘We?’

‘There’s nine of us in the class. Seven women and two men. And Professor Ryan is a woman which is why we’re focussing on female response.’

‘And not Sarah?’

‘Like you saw that night at Sarah’s place, she is not shy. Sarah doesn’t mind someone watching her. But it would be awkward when she went around telling everyone about the experiment.’

‘Well I am not the ‘kiss and tell’ type its true.’

‘I know this sounds like a really weird request. I swear its totally legitimate. There’s papers you would need to sign and everything. But I sensed something about you that night. You are a special woman and I know you’d be great for our research.’

Bess went on. ‘And there’s something else. That night… I really wanted… Well I really wanted to find a way to thank you and to give you something special.’

‘I don’t…’

‘This is an experiment in sexual response. Y’see, we have to stimulate you. Repeatedly. You have to be able to get aroused and to achieve orgasm over and over. I was thinking I would like you to have that experience.’

‘I am flattered,’ replied CJ. ‘At least I think so. But in front of a group of strangers?’ Actually, CJ didn’t mind that so much but she wasn’t at all sure how she’d ‘perform’ in front of ten people since she’d guessed the only naked person would be her.

‘Here’s some information about the whole thing. Please read it. I’d really love it if you could be a part of this. Its all for science anyway you know.’ CJ had to laugh at that. ‘And it’s all anonymous. You’ll see its all explained in the brochure. Your face will be hidden, We have the whole lab set up for this.’

CJ didn’t think it sounded quite as much fun as Bess was trying to make out. But she was a little stoked that Bess had wanted to pick her and not Sarah for this experience. And, more to the point, CJ knew that she was going to agree — if only so she had an excuse to see whether she could interest Bess in something outside the lab.

Which is how CJ came to be standing behind a thin curtain in a university science lab with her all her clothes folded neatly on a bench beside her. She still did not feel comfortable about being a part of Bess’ experiment. Somehow the promises about her anonymity hadn’t really convinced CJ. The fact she could hear some of the students on the other side of the curtain, ‘preparing’ the lab, didn’t make it any easier.

She was totally naked, apparently it was ‘necessary’ for the experiment. The brochure Bess had provided explained the whole process and stressed that the students would preserve her anonymity. But she’d be naked all the same. CJ had never been naked in front of so many people at one time. And she knew that at least some of the students would touch her — to prepare her, to simulate her and to ‘record’ the responses.

She was a little frightened at finding herself in this situation. Why had she agreed to this? It was as if as if she’d been set up again. Still, CJ knew that she wouldn’t refuse anything Bess asked of her for the next hour. In truth, CJ had known all along she would not be able to refuse Bess whatever she wanted. CJ just couldn’t understand why she was infatuated with the younger woman. By now she was fairly certain that there was no chance of any more sex play with her. Bess had maintained an admirable but frustrating ‘professional’ approach. Maybe it really was about the fiancé.

Then Bess and another young woman appeared from around the curtain. She was told they would ‘help to prepare her’. CJ was suddenly even more aware of her own nudity. She even felt a little embarrassed by her 34Ds with their blue veins streaking the skin. She almost folded her arms across her chest, as if to hide them. Then CJ realised there wasn’t really any point to doing that.

So she tried to distract herself, tried to ignore the sudden warmth in her cunt that she knew was caused by standing naked, available in front of sweet young Bess. So she thought about the other young woman — Mags, small and thin with tight jeans and obviously no bra underneath her white T-shirt. Those thoughts hardly seemed to help either.

It took only a couple of minutes for the two of them to have CJ up on the table, a smaller curtain hanging from a portable frame placed just below her chin. That was as far as her privacy was to go. The table was padded and long. CJ climbed onto the middle and was surprised when the two students helped her down to the bottom end. It felt like her arse was hanging off the end.

Her wrists were placed into soft cuffs down by her hips. That had not been mentioned in the brochure. CJ wasn’t sure why that would be necessary.

Then her ankles were lifted up and she felt herself being spread wide, placed into stirrups. She knew her cunt was totally exposed. At least that seemed reasonable, the process was about her being ‘stimulated’ and she knew they needed to touch her cunt. The brochure had mentioned that test subjects should shave their pubic hair and CJ had taken extra special care that morning. She realised, too late, that her little chute was totally exposed as well. Both her holes were on display and the entire class would be able to see them.

CJ could hear others in the lab. There were at least two women. One of those voices asked, ‘Is she shaved, Bess?’ CJ wanted to call out her assurance but her voice was frozen inside her throat.

The other woman continued. ‘She looks nice and clean but you’d better go over it once again Jenny. To be sure.’

Who was this Jenny? And why couldn’t they see that CJ had already shaved her cunt that morning? And who were all the other people who had gathered in the lab? CJ could only hope they were Bess’ fellow students and that they’d observe the protocols by staying the hell on the other side of the flimsy curtain.

Numerous hands came next, taping small instruments to CJ’s skin, around her neck and her chest. ‘To record you,’ Mags whispered. CJ tried to concentrate on Mags’ tiny nipples poking through the black T-shirt. It wasn’t easy because she could also feel the unmistakeable sensation of something warm and wet being applied to her cunt lips. Then she felt the razor being gently applied to her labia. CJ knew her face had turned bright red. This was only a science experiment but she felt deeply humiliated.

Suddenly there was another voice. ‘Are we ready now? We need to get started.’ It was an older voice, authoritative. CJ knew it must be Professor Ryan. Strangely, she didn’t feel any more comfortable knowing that the senior woman was now present.

Everyone was hidden behind that curtain now. It hardly mattered as many hands again went to work on her.

‘We’re almost ready Professor.’ It was a man’s voice, young and soft. CJ had almost forgotten that Bess had two males among her classmates.

Soft straps were applied to her legs and another across her hips. CJ knew she was immobilised completely. Why had Bess not mentioned that? Someone was softly drying her labia with a towel and then she felt something clipped onto the outer labia on her left side. Another ‘recorder’? The same thing was done to her right side. She really was a test subject.

Next, the final torment, something was slipped into her anus. That was a shock and not pleasant. CJ grunted in response and she heard someone being admonished for being careless. Mags appeared again to reassure CJ — as if that was possible by now.

‘Just a little thermometer,’ she smiled softly. ‘We need to keep track of all your reactions.’

CJ heard chairs being dragged across the hard floor of the lab and in her mind she could see the class gathering closer to watch everything that was to be done to her. They could all see her most private openings. They’d all have notebooks too, of course, or probably laptops. Then the professor spoke again.

‘Alright. This is subject D7. Margaret and Jennifer are conducting this session. Donald will assist. Bess will ensure the equipment is ready. The camera is functioning. All the paperwork is correct. You may begin.’

Only a second later something soft was placed on CJ’s clitoris. It felt small and warm. She realised it was a finger, a woman’s finger. Someone was just barely touching her clit, slowly stroking her. CJ wanted to disappear into an enormous hole. She had to fight to stop her hips from lifting off the table. The straps were firm but she didn’t want the students to see her arousal.

That was pointless, too, because of course the machines were betraying her responses.

‘Yes that’s good,’ said a male voice. Must be Donald. ‘The preliminary stimulus is showing up really well.’

‘Take your time everyone,’ came the professor’s voice. ‘Make sure we get the most positive response possible.’ She heard murmurs of agreement from the students but still CJ was frozen, her voice trapped somewhere inside her. She was a test subject she remembered. This was all for science. But she knew her cunt was getting damp from the fear of having an unseen stranger play with her clit.

The finger stayed a few more moments, stroking first up and then down. Then it left her and CJ felt like she could breathe again. Something was being shuffled around between her legs. Some apparatus was being wheeled into position. She knew it for sure when again something softly touched her clit. But this was hard, much harder than a finger.

The slightest vibrations started and instantly CJ felt them flowing through her clit and into her belly. She tried not to tense up. Bess popped her head around the curtain and smiled at CJ. ‘Just try to breathe. That makes it easier.’ Bess knew this was true because, as CJ now recalled, the professor had insisted the students experience all this before they were allowed near ‘live subjects.’

The buzzing became a little stronger. It really was pleasant, even a pleasure. CJ gulped as she realised that soon the entire class would be able to see her wetness spreading from her hole.

‘We are getting good readings,’ announced Donald. ‘I’ll get mine ready.’

CJ’s mind began to race. What did that mean? But Donald had sounded very matter-of-fact. It seemed the students really were treating this as an experiment and treating CJ as a ‘subject.’ She tried to think of herself that way, just an object that was being used for another purpose. She hoped that would keep her cunt under control and her juices at bay.

‘Pass that one to me,’ came another voice. The four of them were talking softly, almost as if CJ wasn’t there. She recognised Bess’ voice. Oh Bess, why had she gotten CJ into this predicament?

The apparatus on CJ’s clit was taken away without warning. Just as suddenly it was replaced with another. CJ was sure she couldn’t tell the difference. But suddenly the new vibrations shot into her and she failed to stifle a small grunt of surprise.

‘Please Bess,’ came the professor’s voice. ‘Take care of that will you. We cannot have distractions in here.’ And then Bess appeared, her soft eyes smiling at CJ. The ‘subject’ wanted to say something, to appeal to Bess. She wanted to hear Bess reassure her, tell her she was to be freed. Instead Bess silently placed a large, soft piece of leather on CJ’s face. A small soft piece of material was pushed between her lips and teeth. In seconds it was tied into place. A gag! — CJ had been gagged. It even had something for her to bite down on. Oh, but surely that was for the best because CJ didn’t really want these hidden strangers to hear her involuntary noises.

Donald kept commenting on his instruments. Something new was applied to CJ’s clit and straight after she felt something being inserted into her cunt. It was thin and hard. Some kind of measuring device? It wasn’t moving or buzzing. Just lying there but somehow that seemed like a torment to CJ. These strangers were stimulating her clit and yet they were happy to leave her cunt hole alone?

‘I think we need some extra measurements,’ said Donald. ‘I’ll do it,’ said another voice. It sounded like Mags. The thing in her cunt was removed and at the same time CJ felt a clamp being attached to her left nipple. This was the extra measurement? Then another was applied to her right nipple. They were a little tight and CJ realised that the added sensation was very agreeable. She was certain that the gag was good idea after all.

‘That’s good,’ reported Donald. ‘Nipples nicely swelling now. Better measure the clitoris too.’

A new clamp was applied, this time right onto CJ’s clit. She felt her eyes fly open and stifled a small cry of pain.

Something new was being inserted into her hole. This one was larger. The unseen hand pushed it forward until CJ felt it bump into her cervix. She could no longer decide what was worse — being treated like a test subject or being denied proper stimulation. What kind of experiment was this?

The clamp on her clit was removed and again CJ wanted to cry out. ‘Put it back,’ was her only thought. As if by magic, the clamp was closed around her clit again bringing another grunt of delight from her. These little bastards were starting to drive her crazy. Now she understood the need for restraints and the gag.

The others in the class were obviously watching intently. They were beginning to ask questions now. They wanted to know all about temperature, pulse, muscular response and even ‘moisture response’. They actually wanted to measure the amount of juice that CJ’s cunt was producing. She felt ashamed but she also felt horny. She didn’t really want her cunt to gush for them but she hoped the class would give her at least one orgasm.

‘Stage two now,’ said someone and her cunt was emptied again. It was only for a few seconds.

A new object was inserted. As it was being slowly pressed into her CJ noted this one was larger. In fact it felt like a small vibrator.

‘Number five first,’ said Mags. ‘The next one has the new moisture probe incorporated’.

The unseen hand then began to slowly slide the object back and forth. ‘At last, sweet heaven,’ thought CJ. Someone was slowly fucking her with some kind of object. Hell, it felt good. Then she worried that this was just more measuring, that the students would continue to ignore the strengthening need deep inside her.

She wanted to beg, to beg for more and beg them not to stop. Surely it was Mags’ hand. Though maybe by subject D7 even the males in the class has had enough practice. CJ hardly cared. Because the thrusting was too regular and slow, too gentle. It was better but still it left her feeling denied. This was an experiment in sexual response. She dreaded the thought of cumming in front of a group of strangers but why wouldn’t they bring her to climax already?

They continued on, as if oblivious to her needs. What the fuck were those instruments for anyway? She heard something heavy being moved. It had wheels, as if some sort of trolley was being positioned down near her privates. Now she understood the need to have her arse perched on the end of the table. The experiment had been meticulously planned and CJ was positioned precisely so that the class could access her holes with all their damned apparatus.

‘Right,’ said Donald, ‘that’s a good temperature reading. The clitoral monitor is doing well too. Can we do moisture again now?’

‘Number 9 is ready,’ said a voice. Jenny? ‘I’ll start by hand.’ CJ decided that she might as well not be there. The students were totally in control. She was just something to be used by them. She was totally helpless, forced to take whatever the experiment dictated they do to her. CJ hoped they’d all get good grades after tormenting her like this.

And now the probe in her cunt was removed. CJ was about to scream through her gag when suddenly she felt something else pressing against her opening. Jenny was slowly easing it into her tunnel. It felt good, better than good. The size of a nice big cock and CJ could feel a textured surface. She welcomed the sensation of being stretched, opened.

Once again CJ felt a steady hand begin to thrust the probe in and out of her cunt. Jenny was going deep. It was measuring her ‘moisture’ after all. This probe felt good, though. After those first smaller instruments this one fitted nicely inside her. CJ thought of the sweet young Bess and wondered whether she was going to use any of the apparatus on her.

‘Yes, good,’ reported Donald loudly. ‘OK, lets see what results you can get.’

Now Jenny began to move the probe a little more firmly. CJ realised that she was being fucked by a scientific instrument. And what an instrument it was, especially in the obviously capable hands of the young student. CJ was aware that her breathing was picking up. No doubt the machines were catching all that. She felt her body start to warm. Most of all she felt her cunt respond to finally having some proper stimulation applied to it.

Jenny was firm and insistent with her thrusting. She began to pick up speed. ‘How’s that showing up?’ she asked. ‘I’m applying a little more pressure now.’

And she was. The probe was really beginning to work in and out of her cunt. CJ loved to masturbate with her favourite vibrator but even better was having someone else fuck her with one. She knew there were no cocks to be had in this lab. That hardly mattered now as Jenny expertly drove the probe back and forth. CJ could hear herself moaning almost constantly. Her climax was building. So quick! Should she try to hold it in? She knew instantly that it was useless to try.

Someone applied new pressure to her clit. Something was stroking her around the outside of that infernal clamp. Yes, the clamp. Oh god, how good those nasty little clamps felt as they transmitted her arousal and her lust to the watching class.

Thinking about her clit was a mistake. Within seconds CJ felt herself begin to erupt. She did her best to be quiet, struggled to lie still while Jenny fucked her bound body with some kind of device. Oh, but she could hear herself blowing around the gag and knew that her arms and legs had gone rigid underneath the leather straps. She could feel the climax surging though her body and rattling in her brain. It was weeks since she’d been fucked and she’d carefully followed Bess’ suggestion that she not masturbate for a week before the experiment.

‘Yeah, that’s working well,’ reported Donald. That was all he could say about CJ’s sweet, explosive orgasm. It was her first really ‘public’ climax. Her first orgasm of this insane experiment. The students had forced it out of her and she felt exposed and ashamed and humiliated and so incredibly turned on.

‘Real good,’ agreed Bess. ‘I want to use number 12 next.’ CJ didn’t mind too much what they used next. Young Bess was going to touch her. The thought made the remnants of her first orgasm feel even warmer.

‘Take your time with this response,’ spoke up the firm voice of the professor. ‘Make sure you get all the data from this one before you switch.’

Again the class members were asking questions of Donald. They could have asked CJ herself except that she was still tightly gagged. In fact, she reminded herself, in this state they could do whatever they wanted with her — or to her!

Before her cunt had time to recover, while she felt herself still hot and engorged with blood, the thick probe was removed. CJ was sure the experiment was only getting started. She felt confused — why was it so arousing to be displayed for these hidden strangers? But she heard the sound of the trolley again and hands were on her cunt, moving and adjusting the sensors and measuring devices they’d placed there earlier.

‘Right. Go,’ said Donald.

Suddenly CJ felt a new device placed against her cunt lips. She heard Mags offer to help and again tried to focus on the thought of those small, young tits with their long nipples.

Something was being pushed into her, inserted into her hole. Suddenly CJ realised this one was big, really big. Luckily her cunt was till slick but she knew this one would be a struggle. Mags gave another push and CJ couldn’t help but grunt in response. It felt about the size of the biggest cock CJ could remember feeling. She tried to make herself relax, to let her cunt stretch around the girth of this new probe. She didn’t know if she could handle this much size but the students intended to use it anyway.

‘Got it all Donald?’ asked Bess. ‘Number 9 needs to start as quickly as possible.’

‘Fire up,’ came his reply. CJ had expected a young man to have his eyes bulging out of his head by now. This boy must be a real science geek.

She felt another nudge and the thing withdrew slightly. There was another nudge and CJ grunted again. Her cunt was full. It felt strange but it felt good. Where they fucking her or not? The probe moved some more, deeper and quicker. Oh, this one was interesting. She wondered for a moment if the students were prepared to hurt her to get their results.

‘Second speed.’ She heard Mags call out. Then CJ heard a new sound. Then she felt the probe in her tunnel begin to pick up speed. The probe thrust harder and deeper. It was a machine. She was being fucked by a machine while the class watched.

CJ could hear the mechanical sound, a clunk each time the piston was fully extended and the probe was touching her cervix. There was power behind this one, real force. She was being fucked by a machine and she was going to be reamed by the thick thing at the end whether she liked it or not. Actually she rather did like it. She was being stretched and pummelled inside. Her own hand could never have jammed something so large inside her tunnel. There had been that one guy, that one cock, long ago. She tried to recall his name.

But someone was touching her clit. Readjusting the clamp that measured god knew what. They were touching her clit. That big thing was reaming her cunt and someone was touching her clit. Then her arse, they were checking the probe in her butt hole. And still that fat cock was pumping back and forth in her hole. CJ felt so horny, so hungry. She could hear the students asking their questions again. Only this time she was not embarrassed. She forgot all about her thick thighs and her large butt and her pale tits. This time she knew she felt a small twinge of pride that she could take everything they could dream up. They wanted to see her sexual response and she was going to show it to them.

Strapped to the table, unable to move, she could only lie there as the probe moved right to the entrance of her hole and then plunged deep to her cervix. She’d not been touched in some of those places for a long, long time. And the machine, number 9, was doing it over and over and over again. It was almost the perfect fuck.

Suddenly she was cumming — cumming hard. This time it was huge, so much bigger than the first. CJ heard herself groaning painfully through the soft leather gag. Was that being recorded as well? Her brain was boiling and her body was out of control. She wanted to thrash and moan but she was helpless. The big fake cock just kept pumping in and out. It was merciless. CJ didn’t want it to stop. She could feel herself drooling around the gag. Huge spasms were gripping her cunt and she knew her hips were bucking against the leather straps. She wanted to shout out and tell them to ‘fuck me!’

Instead the thing in her cunt was slowing. The machine was slowing and the fuck was coming to an end. CJ wanted to protest, to shout out her needs. If they left the thing in her she knew she’d cum again for them.

But the machine had stopped and the probe was being removed. The students were talking amongst themselves, ignoring her needs.

‘Number eleven is next Donald,’ said Bess. ‘Jenny will pump it up as soon as you’re ready.’ But CJ, with her brain on fire, wasn’t listening. She only knew that her cunt was wide and empty. She was hungry, desperate for more. Now she knew she’d done the right thing in agreeing to Bess’ proposition. She didn’t care about the class using her. She just wanted more orgasms. She needed them right now.

The new probe was shoved into her hole. It was smaller than the machine, almost too small. Though CJ enjoyed the fact it was being inserted by hand. Now she was thrilled to have the young students touch her. Especially Bess and the young Mags with her pointy nipples.

‘OK. Good readings now,’ called out Donald. ‘Go with number eleven.’

Something strange started in CJ’s cunt. The new probe seemed to be growing. Had someone mentioned ‘pumping’? Yes, she could feel it swelling now, beginning to fill her empty hole. An unseen hand moved it slowly back and forth. That felt much better.

‘Nearly ready,’ said Bess. CJ could feel the thing still growing inside her. It was already as big as the machine cock and she could feel it wasn’t done yet. The hand stopped as the pressure in her cunt became too great. CJ grunted and groaned as her cunt was stretched further than it had ever gone before. Oh, what were they measuring now?

“Right. It’s on.’ What was?

And then CJ felt it. The instrument was wedged hard inside her cunt. But there was something else, something moving. She could feel it under her pubic bone. Something new was pressing there, vibrating very softly. She didn’t know what the hell they stuck inside her. But she could feel it start to rub and buzz against that special spot. She was stuck tight and the probe was jammed in. But somehow the students had designed the perfect tool to massage and stimulate her G-spot.

Fuck, it felt good! CJ’s cunt muscles were out of control now as they contracted around the instrument. The buzzing was getting more intense and the pressure on that one spot was growing stronger. She wanted some thrusting but she knew she would cum anyway. CJ had given up worrying about her predicament. The students wanted sexual response and they were getting it from her.

Once more her cunt gripped the apparatus. This time Donald knew he’d caught it on his machines.

‘Great. Really good muscle response to this one.’ Strangely, his comments only encouraged CJ to relax and let the coming orgasm build inside her. She no longer cared that her cunt was betraying her to the eager students. If only someone would give a little more thrusting.

‘Good muscle response is important,’ came the professor’s firm voice. ‘Get some sphincter data as well.’

CJ didn’t stop to think what that meant. She knew another orgasm was close and she knew the students would make sure it arrived. So there was a little surprise when she felt something between her butt cheeks. Another unseen hand withdrew the probe from there and CJ felt a small thrill at the sudden sensation.

Instantly some new thing was pressed against her small, dark hole. The new thing was inserted, pushed past her anus and deeper into her bowels. CJ couldn’t help but cry out through the leather gag. It wasn’t painful at all. In fact this new sensation was incredible. The thing was thicker than the last probe, about two fingers thick and well lubed up. It seemed to fill her passage nicely and CJ was instantly aware that it somehow seemed to make the vibrations in her cunt even more intense.

The device in her cunt was huge and getting bigger. That special piece against her G-spot was certainly working its magic. CJ had never had a vibrator like this one. The pressure and buzzing inside her was beyond description. CJ no longer cared about her big arse or her thick thighs or her blue-veined tits. She was being stimulated in both holes and two students were fucking her at the same time. She only cared about cumming and cumming hard.

Someone was moving the other probe solely back and forth in her arse. It was delicious. The buzzing inside her cunt increased further. And then, without warning, something was applied to her clit, a finger. It was too much for CJ to bear any longer. Immediately she felt her climax tearing through her. This time she could feel herself straining against the leather straps. She knew it was her voice that was screaming out around the soft gag.

Just like before, the students were focussed only on getting their results. CJ was cumming so much harder than she’d thought possible but they just stayed on their tasks. They wanted Donald to get all his data. And CJ didn’t care. She wanted them to take their time, she wanted more. She usually enjoyed arse play but was shy about it. This time the sensation was making her orgasm so incredibly intense. Her cunt was spasming around that huge thing inside her and she could feel her juices running down her crack. It was a humiliation but CJ no longer cared, she just wanted them to give her more pleasure.

Another orgasm was following quickly. ‘Oh god’, she thought to herself, ‘that thing is so big and my cunt is still squeezing hard on it.’

Donald was seemingly still fixated on his machines. ‘This is very good data. Big responses. Maybe we should try Level 3.’

Then Jenny’s voice — ‘Professor, would you give us permission to move to Level 3 stimulation with this subject?’

‘Yes, subject D7 seems very suitable,’ came the calm reply. ‘I’ll sign the paperwork now. You may proceed without limits to Level 3.’

CJ was subject D7 and she was close, so close, to her next orgasm. So she was bewildered when suddenly the buzzing in her cunt slowed and the probe in her arse was withdrawn. ‘Oh no’ she thought to herself. ‘Not now, please.’ Again she wanted to call out to them, to beg, but the gag muffled her moans of protest. The young students had worked her into a state of frenzy and now they were taking it all away from her.

Suddenly there were hands all over her. On her tits, removing the small clamps. Then her labia and even her clit. The clamps, the measuring devices, were being removed, replaced, shifted and checked. CJ knew the class really was interested in her sexual responses and didn’t care about her needs. But she was loving the sensation of their hands pulling and prodding at her.

Something new was being wheeled into place, between her legs. At the same time new clamps were applied to her nipples. And then hands began to stroke her breasts. They were massaging her tits, stroking and squeezing them. The invisible hands were working her tits, from the base to her nipples. CJ knew these were Bess’ hands. They were the same hands she’d felt that night at Sarah’s house. Oh Bess! CJ was relieved and excited to feel her touch.

But the students were focussed on her holes — her cunt and her arse. CJ was still dripping wet and panting heavily. The students were pressing something new into her cunt, something hard and thick.

Then she felt something being introduced to her bottom. CJ tried to relax but she was too excited, this was too sudden. She wanted them to fill her up but she didn’t want them to hurt her.

The students, however, either didn’t care or were simply confident that they knew what to do.

The thing in her cunt wasn’t like the inflatable probe. But it was snug and when CJ felt it start to move she knew, she just knew, that the class was having her fucked by a machine once again. She could hear the motor working and feel the cold, relentless way the device shoved in and out of her. Luckily her cunt was still soaking wet because she quickly felt the thing pick up speed. At last the little bastards were fucking her. If only they’d let her cum this time.

Bess was still working her tits and now her cunt was getting some real relief. CJ felt that orgasm starting to build again. That was the moment when someone decided to force the other probe into her butt. CJ couldn’t protest and she was helpless to refuse what they were doing to her. Her sphincter easily stretched to accommodate the new thing. The machine in her cunt was really pumping and having her arse filled by complete strangers was actually a thrill. Plus there were Bess’ hands still expertly massaging her big tits.

CJ was being fucked for the whole class. Fucked in both holes. The hand working the thing in her bottom was gentle but just as insistent as the machine. They wanted her to cum and CJ knew she was about to oblige them.

She came, came hard. Came loud. They were all watching her and listening. Donald was recording everything. Somehow that made it all the more exciting. CJ thrashed and strained against the leather straps. Her eyes were popping out of her head and her brain was on fire. She wanted to cum good and hard. She wanted to cum for Bess.

Now there was no mercy from the students. CJ was nothing but a test subject. Hell it was like she was being raped by them and their machines. Bess was there. That made it better somehow. But CJ knew Bess was a part of it too.

Before one orgasm had finished the class was working on the next. Her holes were emptied and new devices were inserted into her. No-one stopped to ask CJ what she wanted or what she enjoyed. They had their instruments for that.

The things on her nipples began to send a tingle through her. Suddenly CJ realised that it was electricity. The students were sending an electric current through her nipples. She wanted to gasp aloud but realised she’d lost control of even her throat.

This time the probe in her cunt was big — really big. Fingers were on her clit, softly rubbing and pinching. The device being inserted into her backdoor felt like it was made of balls. CJ felt each one as the object was pressed into her. Just as quickly she felt them again as they started slowly to work it in and out of her.

The fingers on her clit were driving her wild and she was grateful for the extra stimulation. They were experimenting in her arsehole (or was it an assault?) and somehow CJ found that she was loving the way the students were working on her.

The big device in her cunt wasn’t going in so easily. ‘Number 15,’ came a voice. ‘Use 15 first and then try that one again.’

Something soft and buzzing was quickly introduced to her cunt and CJ happily allowed her body to swallow it. She knew her body was out of control as she felt another orgasm swell through her. Orgasms were coming so rapidly that she almost couldn’t tell where one ended and the next began. She didn’t care, she was desperate to cum and greedily allowed her body and her mind to sink into the multitude of sensations and stimuli that the class was applying to her.

As soon as the next peak passed the class manoeuvred their devices once more. Numbers were called out. CJ could hear them but was too far gone to make any sense of them.

Something started to buzz against her clit. The huge thing was back at her cunt entrance. This time CJ knew the students would force it into her. She didn’t mind at all.

Whatever was in her bum slowed briefly. They were all concentrating on her cunt. The new apparatus felt enormous. It was shoved past her entrance. This time she would be properly stretched. CJ wanted to call out her encouragement but she was speechless.

Bit by bit it was forced into her tunnel. CJ had never had anything that size inside her. She wanted to take the whole thing. Her clit was still buzzing and her nipples were still sending amazing shocks through her body. She wanted them to fuck her into oblivion. Whether the students cared about her needs or not, thankfully the experiment meant she got exactly what she wanted.

The huge thing was finally in her cunt. She was impaled, stuck on the monster. Even her cervix was squashed by its bulk. Someone turned on a motor and that thing was being forced back and forth. Every bit of her insides was being touched and stroked by it. They bashed it into her cervix and CJ didn’t mind at all. Her entire cunt was being fucked and she knew she was loving it. Impaled like this, even the device in her anus was being squashed up. CJ would have refused such an enormous probe if they’d asked her but luckily the students had not considered it. They wanted to test her response and they wanted that thing inside her.

CJ knew her juices were flowing from her hole and down between her butt cheeks. She even pictured the way her wetness was coating the other probe, the one made of balls that was working deep in her bowels. Oh, how wonderful that felt as well!

She was cumming again. In fact she hadn’t stopped cumming. This felt better than the best sex she’d ever had. And the whole class was watching. CJ barely even thought of that. In fact she’d stopped thinking, her brain was too far gone now.

She barely even noticed when the students swapped the thing in her arse with a new probe. They were welcome to fuck her arse as much as they liked so long as her cunt was filled and her clit was being rubbed.

Right on cue a finger came back to her clit. It was just as well because the enormous probe was still punishing her cunt. Now the students were totally in their zone, simply using her as a subject to test their many different devices. CJ was beside herself with lust.

Whatever was jammed into her hole next was buzzing and CJ realised that the new probe in her arse was doing the same. It wasn’t necessary. The students were continuing to fuck both her holes and were proving rather skilful at it. So long as they kept that up CJ would continue to cum for them.

Her nipples were being pinched and she was cumming even harder. CJ could hear her own noises of pain and pleasure. Another time it would have been embarrassing but right now she wanted them to serve as encouragement for the class.

She came again, feeling her cunt muscles trying to squeeze around the intruder. But they wouldn’t do it and CJ realised it was because she’d been stretched so wide that her muscles couldn’t work normally. It was only when the students withdrew the monster probe, slowly dragging it from within her, that J felt her cunt spasm with the aftershocks if her latest orgasm.

Then something small and vibrating was placed deep in her cunt. CJ couldn’t decide if that was relief or not. Soon whatever they had in her butt began to grow and expand. CJ knew their new apparatus was supposed to hurt but she was too busy having yet another climax. Then the anal device got really big and CJ felt she would be split apart. So she came again with a long and hard climax as she thrashed against her restraints.

The class wasn’t wasting any time. They had their experiment to conclude and all their instruments to use. CJ’s arse was emptied out while something small stroked inside her cunt. She could picture her arsehole dilated wide and being inspected by the whole class. That thought triggered her next explosive release.

Over and over different devices were introduced to her body as she lay there helpless on the table. They either buzzed or vibrated or simply moved in and out of her horny holes as she slobbered and moaned in helpless reverie. She came no matter what they did to her.

Something cold was used and she came. Something hot brought the same response.

Another device went into her cunt and then was expanded. Once more it was enormous, growing till it hurt and then growing still more. This time there was no fucking but the fingers were back on her clit and CJ had no trouble cumming at all. Over the din of her own orgasm she heard Donald mention something about ‘sphincter response’ and knew she’d been stretched so wide back there that she couldn’t feel the latest instrument inserted into her chute.

CJ lost count of the number of things they shoved into her and the number of times she came. There was no point trying to count what she could not control. She’d signed over her body to the students and they took what they needed from her.

It was only after a long time, it felt like ages, when CJ felt herself beginning to fade, that at last the procedure seemed to slow and then stop. So many orgasms had run together that it took a while for CJ to even realise that she’d stopped cumming. Her holes were empty again and the professor was talking to the class in her calm, strong voice.

‘That is definitely time expired everyone. Donald, make sure all the data is backed up. The rest of the class will leave and you four need to help your test subject. And please Bess, make sure that she signs the final forms for the ethics committee.’

CJ’s chest was pounding. She could still hear her own ragged breathing. But she sensed that finally her ordeal was over. The professor had dismissed the class. She could hear chairs dragging on the hard floor as the students collected their bags and filed out of the lab.

Bess was beside her now, gently removing the gag. She held one finger to CJ’s lips.

‘Shhh. Don’t try to speak yet. Let everyone leave and then we will finish up.’

CJ was exhausted. She gladly lay back on the table as the foursome went to work on her. The thin curtain was removed and she could feel unseen hands removing the clamps and measuring devices from her body. Bess had a towel and softly mopped up the drool from CJ’s mouth and her cheeks and even her neck. God she was humiliated. She’d never been so out of control in her life.

The four of them were busying themselves around her and CJ saw Mags again with her small tits and her long nipples. Kind of sexy. She saw Donald — almost a boy with his slender limbs and baggy shirt. CJ saw that he did, indeed, have the glasses she’d expected to find on this budding scientist.

Jenny was there still. She was stunning, truly a beauty with long blonde hair and the face of a magazine model. CJ noted her tits as well, smaller than Bess’ but sitting high and firm under the buttons of her shirt.

CJ was still strapped to the table and the stirrups. She was wondering when the students would release her. Her brain was returning to normal and she was slowly beginning to wonder if she shouldn’t flee from the lab as quickly as possible. Then she sensed Mags close by her side.

‘You were so wonderful CJ,’ she whispered. ‘Thanks for doing all this for us. Bess said you’d be fantastic and you were.’ Somehow that revelation didn’t make CJ feel any less embarrassed.

‘You did a lot today,’ she continued. ‘We pushed you hard. We really want to thank you now. There’s something we like to do for our most special subjects.’

CJ had no idea what Mags was talking about. She wanted to say something, to thank Mags. Or to plead to be released from her bonds. She was still too frazzled to make the words come out.

‘We have all our measurements now,’ Mags was continuing. ‘So this is just for you.’ There was a small giggle and she was gone.

CJ was startled by the new sensation on her inner thighs. Then it was on her cunt. They were touching her. More, they were fondling her. She didn’t know what to make of it. Until, that is, she felt someone’s lips on her cunt, softly kissing her labia.

It was Mags! CJ could see her down there between her legs, still spread wide in the stirrups.

She was still trapped. The students had used and abused her. Now they wanted to take advantage of her some more. CJ simply didn’t have the energy to protest. Besides, she’d been so embarrassed and ashamed it seemed there was nothing left to protest about.

Plus there was the fact that Mags was being soft and slow. It felt amazing. The young woman had done this kind of thing before, eating pussy. With her lips she gently suckled on CJ’s labia, savouring them, almost loving them. CJ had never felt anything quite like it before.

Then Mags placed her tongue right on CJ’s slit. She worked slowly, carefully moving it up and over CJ’s sensitive clit. It was delightful. A hell of a way to show gratitude.

CJ didn’t need to writhe this time. Mags was obviously skilled and she wanted to build CJ up slowly. CJ assumed that was the idea, a relaxing orgasm all her own after the innumerable shrieking climaxes she’d surrendered to their machines.

It still felt strange to be strapped down to this table in a science lab while a young female student explored her cunt. But CJ lay back happily and allowed Mags to dip her tongue into the middle of her hole and scoop up her still copious juices. CJ moaned a deep, soft moan of joy.

Sweet Bess was beside her next, standing at the side of the table and smiling a wonderful smile to CJ. Her young friend leaned in and pressed her mouth to CJ’s. The kiss was firm, insistent, and CJ allowed Bess to force herself on her. More, she was happy when Bess pressed her tongue into her mouth and she opened to let the other’s tongue deep inside. CJ knew it was making her cunt gush for Mags but all she could think about was that fabulous night at Sarah’s and the lust she’d felt for Bess ever since.

Then Bess broke the kiss and put her soft hands on CJ’s tits. She was massaging them again, expertly. It made CJ moan louder. She wondered how Bess could know she loved her tits being handled in just that way. But she didn’t really care because it felt so good and because it was Bess who was pleasuring her.

‘CJ’s anus will be a little tender Donald,’ spoke Bess with quiet assurance. ‘You should apply some of that lotion. Do it softly though.’ CJ was stoked at Bess’ concern for her. If only she wasn’t so hung up on that fiancé of hers!

Jenny was making herself busy too, moving around to undo the leather restraints. The strap across her hips went first and then her legs. Meanwhile, Mags was starting to work some real magic on her cunt and CJ could feel her next orgasm in a long, slow rise from somewhere deep inside. Bess’ hands were fantastic on her tits and then she felt Donald’s finger slowly inserted between her arse cheeks.

Actually her anus wasn’t so sore. Her arse would need a few days before it worked properly again. But she was a plaything for these young people. And Donald’s delicate touch was an added thrill. Perhaps the other students had trained him. CJ could feel herself getting close. She was going to cum in Mags’ little mouth. But she knew there was one more thing that would clinch the whole deal.

‘Please Bess,’ she gasped. ‘Please let me have your tits. Let me have them.’

Bess just grinned and removed her hands from CJ. In one swift move she yanked up her shirt and her bra. Those big double-Ds fell out into plain view. CJ gasped. She’d seen them before but still she gasped. CJ could feel herself cumming just form the sight of them. It was a different kind of release. The soft finger and the gentle mouth on her holes slowly drew out one long continuous, soft orgasm.

‘Please Bess…’ she croaked. Bess was still smiling as she leaned over CJ and draped one of her big, soft tits right over CJ’s mouth. CJ hungrily tried to work the flesh with her lips and her tongue until Bess shifted her position and fed her nipple straight into CJ’s mouth. The result was that CJ started to cum all over again, continuing to flood Mags’ mouth with her cunt juices. Where was it all coming from?

Jenny finally released CJ’s hands just as Bess was ready to change position and feed the other tit to her. CJ reached up and took hold of Bess by her waist. She’d not really had the chance to caress Bess that other night. It felt good to touch her. It felt so much better when Bess switched and fed her other nipple into CJ’s mouth.

The other two had left her holes finally. CJ didn’t mind, she was still coming down from those two exquisite rewards they’d given her. Suckling on Bess’ nipples was just the thing to prolong the sensations and the warm buzz that filled her body and her brain. Greedily she sucked and licked on Bess’ nipples, using her free hand to move Bess back and forwards. It wasn’t as much of Bess as CJ wanted but she was glad to finally have this much.

‘We might need to let Donald give you a small reward too,’ murmured Bess with a grin. CJ did her best to query Bess with her eyes, not wanting to release the nipple from her mouth. ‘After I had all those instruments and measurements I needed a real cock,’ she went on. ‘It might be good for you,’ she smiled. ‘And Donald deserves something for being so patient with all our womanly needs.’

Now CJ did let go of Bess’ nipple. She was a little nervous. What more did the students want from her? Letting some strange boy fuck her? But deep down CJ knew that Bess was correct – a real flesh cock was just the thing to help her come down from her ordeal. She lifted her head to glance at Donald. He was standing at the edge of the table, obviously feeling extremely horny himself. CJ knew it was hardly his fault as he’d seen her holes repeatedly stuffed and been left to do nothing more than measure her reactions.

‘Yes, yes let him do whatever he wants,’ murmured CJ as she let her head drop back down.

‘Can he give you his cock?’ asked Mags. ‘Is it OK for him to fuck you?’

‘Yeah sure,’ she replied, resigned to it. ‘Tell him to fuck me.’ She lifted her head again to see that Mags was already working at Donald’s flies. Beside her she could hear Bess chuckling. These young people seemed to have some kind of private fuck club that they’d turned into a science class.

Mags was lightly stroking Donald’s cock, though CJ could see he didn’t need it. He looked even younger with his pants around his ankles. He was thin and pale and his cock didn’t seem special at all. It fitted nicely into Mags’ hand. CJ wondered whether her cunt was now too stretched to feel Donald at all. But his balls were big and low and CJ guessed he’d have enough virility to at least give her a nice long screw. His shaft looked like steel and

‘Get him a condom Mags,’ instructed Bess.

‘No no,’ urged CJ. She wanted it over and done with. ‘Its OK. Cum inside me.’ CJ had gone on the pill again and she figured letting the young geek shoot inside her was the least risky thing she’d done for ages. There was nothing more to say once Bess lowered herself and once more shoved her big tits into CJ’s face.

The close presence of Bess gave CJ just enough energy to pleasure her in return. There was no need to exert herself for Donald. Her legs were still up in the stirrups so he had perfect access to her. CJ only had to wait as the young science student shuffled forward. She wondered if Mags was still holding him, helping his aim as he moved to CJ’s stretched hole.

The head of this flesh cock pressed against CJ’s opening. She forced herself to relax. As tired as she felt, something inside her wanted that young cock. She felt Donald push forward and then he was in her. The boy seemed to know what to do and a single, slow thrust was all he needed to sink to the hilt inside CJ’s hole. Her cunt swallowed him as they both let out slow groans. The sudden insertion of real meat felt terrific. CJ knew she was being used as a hole once more but it would be nice to be fucked for as long as her tender cunt could last.

CJ felt Bess’ hands back on her tits and she realised how right the students had been. It was delightful to receive all this soft, warm stimulation after the frenzied assault of machines and rubber probes.

Mags appeared and CJ saw she, too, had her shirt pulled up and her tits sticking out. They were small, A-cups if that, and that made her long nipples look even bigger and harder. CJ tried to turn her head to stare. It was hard to take her mind off the gentle thrusting Donald was giving. Damn if that little science geek dick didn’t somehow hit the spot. CJ knew she was moaning softly in time with Donald’s stroking. It was gentle and far away, very relaxing.

Then she saw Mags was pushing her pants down past her skinny hips. The young woman was obviously very aroused. Her dark pink nipples were hard and long. Mags was going to play with her cunt. Did the whole group intend to have an orgy with CJ in the middle? CJ looked at Bess again with her heavy tits dangling in her face. It didn’t look like Bess was going to get any more involved. It was the same as had happened at Sarah’s place.

CJ realised it was time for her to make something happen. She turned her head back to Mags, now with one hand deep in her cunt.

‘Let me,’ she gasped at Mags. After the next thrust from Donald she repeated it — ‘Let me.’

Mags stopped her fiddling, realising she was being watched. She looked straight at CJ. ‘What?… you mean?…’

CJ knew she did mean that. She’d been driven into a frenzy by the students. Donald had his cock deep in CJ’s cunt and Mags had already swallowed her juices. CJ just knew that she wanted to taste that young cunt.

‘Yes. Come here to me.’

‘There’s no room on that table for all three of us.’

Donald was still gently plumbing her cunt with his hard cock. CJ didn’t want to give that up.

‘Get me down,’ she rasped.

Quickly Donald and Mags got CJ’s legs out of the stirrups and helped her off the table. Bess had helpfully found some large towels to spread onto the hard floor of the lab. ‘Lucky we didn’t need these today,’ she snickered. CJ was aware that the beautiful Jenny was standing to the side, a keen observer but quite detached from the action.

CJ got herself onto all fours and waited for Donald. The young geek didn’t keep her waiting and quickly took up position behind her. CJ wiggled her hips and Donald obliged by spearing her once more, shoving his young cock all the way to the hilt. He grunted and CJ moaned. She knew that cock would make her cum one last time for today.

She rocked back as Donald resumed his thrusting. Mags got onto the floor in front of CJ and shuffled herself into position. CJ could see her shirt was still pulled up high but she’d discarded her pants. Mags had understood what CJ wanted and she propped herself on her elbows and slid her hips under the older woman’s face. CJ was panting in response to Donald’s eager thrusting fucking when Mags split her skinny young legs and exposed her swollen cunt lips.

CJ saw that Mags had nice long labia. She noted a tuft of hair above her smooth lips. She knew she could smell the scent of the eager student. At that moment CJ stopped thinking and lowered her face into the cunt laid out before her.

Softly, she explored Mags’ flesh, running her tongue between the folds and sucking them into her mouth. CJ noted one labia was so much longer than the other. If she’d had the use of her hands CJ would have explored some more. But she needed both hands to brace back against Donald’s gentle humping.

Instead CJ drove her tongue into Mags’ folds and quickly found her moist hole. She wasted no time in pressing her tongue deeper into that hot opening. She knew Mags had tasted her cunt and was pleased to return the favour. Mags tasted good and CJ quickly got down to her task of licking and sucking. The young woman moaned and coo-ed her response to CJ’s efforts.

‘Do you want me to wait?’ asked Donald. Was there a point to such manners?

‘Fuck her Donnie,’ called out Mags. ‘Do her like the other one.’ CJ, of course, was in no position for conversation. Who was the ‘other one’? But she had no reason to argue with Mags’ instruction.

‘Oh Jesus’ groaned Mags. ‘CJ, I am loving that. Oh, just like that, yesss,’ CJ just kept at Mags’ young cunt, enjoying the moans and groans coming from the younger woman and the way she kept moving her hips to find more purchase for CJ’s tongue. CJ knew she probably was not as experienced as Mags but she knew enough to get a decent orgasm out of the little bitch.

CJ’s cunt was feeling the effects of all the earlier probing and pounding. Donald had hit his stride and was beginning to use more and more force as he shoved his member into her tunnel. CJ liked the way he was making her tits bounce and sway underneath her. She hoped that Bess might notice as well. But she needed him to cum soon.

Dropping herself closer to Mags, she reached back with one hand between her legs. Mags was really starting to pant and CJ could taste the extra wetness pouring from her hole. She might even get the two of them to cum close to one another.

As Donald thrust forward harder CJ was able to find his balls swinging against her. They were heavy and covered with thin hair. Carefully she stroked him, enjoying the feeling of his eggs and the thought of his impending eruption.

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