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Mark: Fuck, your tits are awesome. Touch them for me. Mmm, gawd. Tug your nipples hard now.

Mark: I want to fuck those perfect tits. Watch you lick at the head of my hard cock when I thrust up toward your face.

Sexy: I want to suck your cock. Make me gag with it.

Mark: I’d fuck your mouth just like your pussy.

Sexy: Stick it down my throat and cum.

Mark: Watch you choke with my whole cock in your mouth and down your throat. Pump my cum down your throat.

Sexy: Mmmmm I want your cum.

Mark: I want to give it to you. I’d love to give you my cock. Cum all over your face and tits.

Sexy: I’d lick it up and spread it on my tits.

Mark: Mmmm, I’d suck your hard nipples afterward.

Sexy: I’d let you fuck me in the ass.

Mark: Gawd, I’d love that. I love how you love sex.

Sexy: You’d only last 5 seconds in my tight ass.

Mark: I’d make you cum first. Make my naughty little slut cum with my hard cock up her ass. Imagine your rabbit is my cock and show me how you’d fuck me, Lindsey.

Mark: Mmmmm, you are sooooo hot. I want to fuck you right now.

Mark: I’d also fuck your tight shaved pussy. Hard from behind, spank your ass, pull your head back by your hair. Fill that hot pussy with cum.

Mark: Then I’d put you on your back and open your legs wide and lick your sloppy hot pussy babe.

Sexy: Oh fuck, I’d love that. I want you to lick your cum out of my pussy.

Mark: Look how hard you’ve made my cock. Fuck.

Sexy: Call me. 503 999 9999. I need you.

Thursdays had always been a great day for Mark. Not only was Thursday just one day from declaring another weekend, Mark had for years made them a workout night…a trail run with friends followed by cold beers at the locals pub. Generally home by 8 pm with a good buzz, Mark spent the remainder of the evening with his family. Perhaps the beers and the buzz were what led to the latest evolution of his tradition, cruising pornographic internet sites after his family turned in for the evening. His dabbling first consisted only of looking at pictures. He was amazed at the amount of porn readily available on the internet…literally anything and everything one might be interested in. While his interests were initially restricted to free sites where he could check out pictures and video clips, he soon stumbled onto chat rooms.

Mark is a fairly conservative guy and the chat rooms were more than he could initially comprehend. So many people typing real time to one another, at times inviting another to a private chat…it was very exciting to Mark to enter this “secret world.” Mark soon realized the benefits in creating a secondary, secret email and IM address so that his new chat friends could contact him in a manner he could easily conceal from his wife. Mark wondered how often he was really playing with a sexy woman, rather than an unattractive woman or even worse a man posing as a woman. Nonetheless, the chat rooms were a great outlet to explore sexual fantasies and tendencies that he sensed, or even knew, his wife would not be comfortable with.

Over the course of four or five years, Mark developed “online” relationships with three or four women. The relationships were all similar—they were limited primarily to online chat. They all were very exciting to Mark, he came countless times during those chats, but began to want more. Mark’s most recent playmate prior to Lindsey was “Cutiepie” from Ohio. Cutiepie was the first to convince Mark to connect with her telephonically, rather than only by keyboard.

Voice chat was a new dynamic that rekindled that crazy electricity within Mark–such an exciting, risky play. Cutiepie had a very sexy voice and an equally sexy mind. Cutiepie definitely had her own needs and sexual tendencies…one of her biggest turn ons was having her wrists ducttaped to a balcony and fucked hard from behind. She liked being used. But she was always attentive to Mark’s needs as well. They made each other cum hard during their conversations and equally enjoyed their time together.

Mark received a webcam from family for Christmas and quickly put it to a use for which it was not intended. Cutiepie was the first to watch Mark, at least below the shoulders, on web cam. Mark’s activities with Cutiepie had evolved to voice and video chat via Yahoo IM, all while his family slept just one floor above his head. Had his wife only known he was sitting in the home office nearly directly below her, stripped naked, stroking his hard cock as he talked so crudely and sexually to his online friend. Those conversations inevitably ended with his standing, positioning the camera to capture the full length of his cock, as he stroked it and came a massive pool of hot cum onto the smooth wood surface of the desk.

Mark was disappointed that Cutiepie never reciprocated by showing herself on camera and slowly their online relationship weakened. Mark was interested in the next level…finding a chat friend who was comfortable in front of a webcam just as he had become. He stumbled across a webcam site and decided to subscribe for three months, using his company credit card so that his wife wouldn’t see the charge. It was a fateful decision because it is where he met Lindsey.


Sexy: Hiiiiiii. I’m so glad you called. You made me so fucking horny. I need to hear you cum.

Mark: I think we feed off each other. My cock is throbbing. I want to put it in you for real, right now. I want to fuck you hard.

Sexy: Fuck me hard with it. Make me your slut.

Mark: I want to make you lick your pussy juices off my hard cock, then slide it down your throat.


Mark: You like tasting your cum don’t you?

Sexy: mmmmmm, yessssss.

Mark: Taste it for me right now. Suck your cum off your fingers.

Sexy: mmmmm…

Mark: I want to fuck you right now. For real.

Sexy: Fuck me in my ass.

Mark: I would love to fuck your tight ass. I’d fill your ass with my hot cum babe. You’d feel it oozing out of you.

Sexy: I came earlier while you watched me with my rabbit in my ass. I was thinking it was you.

Mark: You know I’d love to feel my cock in your ass.

Sexy: No one has ever licked their cum out of my pussy. I’d make you do that after you fucked me. Just pull your face up between my legs and make you lick my pussy.

Mark: I’d love to lick your sloppy wet, hot, puffy pussy just after you’ve been fucked.

Sexy: I want you. I wish you were here with me right now.

Mark: Gawd, so do I. I’ve had so much fun with you this way, I want you for real.

Sexy: So do I. I’d let you do anything you want with me.

Mark: I want to do everything with you. Make you my naughty little whore. Tie you up. Spank your ass. Pull your nipples. Cum all over you.

Sexy: I’d let you. I’d let you cum anywhere you want.

Mark: Are you rubbing that smooth pussy for me right now?

Sexy: Yesssss.

Mark: How does it feel?

Sexy: So fucking hot. I want you to fuck it. I want you to lick it.

Mark: Do you want to be my kinky little slut?

Sexy: Fuckkkk yessss.

Mark: I’d like to squirt my cum all over your face and hair.

Sexy: Dooooo it….cum all over me. I want to hear you cum now.

Mark: I’m standing in front of you, stroking my hard cock. Looking down at you, on your knees, your mouth open, tongue wagging and begging for my hot cum.

Sexy: Fuck yes. Doooo it…cum all over my face.

With that, Mark groaned loudly into the phone as his hot jism rose through his hard cock and spewed all over, covering his stomach and chest as he lay on his back. Cum continued to leak out of the tip of his cock, covering his hand as he continued to grip his rod and slowly stroke it.

Mark: Damn Lindsey. You turn me on so much. I would love to be with you right now.

Sexy: Do it. Come see me.

Mark: What if I came to Oregon. Would you meet me for real?

Sexy: It doesn’t matter. We both know it would never happen.

Mark: Why not? If I can find a business reason to travel there it could happen.

Sexy: It won’t. You’re married, I’m married. You have kids, I have kids. We both have our lives. This is fun but that’s all it will ever be.

Mark: Look, I’ve never cheated, not even close. You’re the only person I’ve ever suggested this with.

Sexy: It’s hard for me. My husband is gone for months at a time. I don’t want to fuck either of our lives up. I have almost cheated while out dancing with my friends. I let a guy finger me while we danced. That was it.

Mark: Wow, for real? I love your appetite for sex babe.

Sexy: I do love to fuck. I must be part man. I think about fucking all the time. I had a short skirt on with no panties. I go without panties a lot.

Mark: You’re making me hard again.

Mark was completely taken by Lindsey, aka Sexy on the webcam site. She was first and foremost, very beautiful. Twelve years younger than him, she had medium length blonde hair, an infectious smile, perfect tits, and a very nice body to complete the package. She was very outgoing and playful with a great, dry sense of humor, and a massive appetite for sex. And not just sex…kinky, imaginative, wild sex. However, over the two or so years they had met online, they would talk not just about sex, but politics, culture, religion, economy and more. They genuinely clicked and their relationship had evolved from simple chat acquaintances to true friends. Mark knew that she was in a graduate study program, that her husband was in the military. It was very difficult for her to raise her children and study, almost as a single parent. The web site was a late night outlet for her, much like it was for Mark. Sex made her relax.

Mark: So you didn’t fuck him?

Sexy: No, I might have but my girlfriends rescued me.

Mark: I would have just taken you to the men’s room and fucked you before they had a chance to stop you.

Sexy: And have other men watch me fuck and suck you.

Mark: Would you want to be watched? Have them watch you be slutty for me?

Sexy: Fuckkkk yesssss.

Mark: I need to come to Oregon.

Sexy: We would go to a dark restaurant first. Get a booth, and let you finger me under the table. I’d rub your cock too.

Mark: I’d make you cum at the table. You’d have to bite your lip not to moan out loud. Then after dinner and drinks we would go to an adult store and get toys.

Mark: Then we’d go to my hotel room and play out all the things we’ve talked about together.

Sexy: I would meet you if you came to Oregon. But that’s all I can promise.

(In Chapter Two, Mark and Lindsey will meet for the first time)

The rain is pattering softly on the window pane, I watch it as the droplets run down the window. The street lights are on beyond but my thoughts are lost in the maze that the drops create, much like what is going on in my mind. At any moment the door will open and a man will walk through it and come straight in and claim me. I watch another drop quickly runs down the window and my mind flashes back many months.

I was playing an online game and walked into a club and struck up a conversation with a total stranger. It turned into a year long journey of hundreds of hours together online, growing into chatting on camera, to finally play sessions even across the ocean. We knew so much about each other, yet nothing at all. Had talked late into many nights as how our first meeting would go. Now, I have traveled from the US to London to meet him. We had dinner dinner last night with some friends to set up guidelines and safe words. It was casual and nice, with an undercurrent of pure wanting. To see him but not touch him, was the hardest thing I had to do.

But now I am now gonna meet him for the first time alone, and I am scared out of my mind, yet my pussy clenches at the thought of it. My gaze changes from the window to the jack and coke in my hand, lifting it to my lips and take a long sip. I sigh softly as it coats my mouth and flows down my throat. Again my eyes shift from the glass to the door as I hear it open. In he walks and the presence is unmistakable. There is something about him that commands your attention and I notice that others in the bar turn to look at him also.

He walks directly to me and places his hand on the small of my back and simply says “Angel.” The accent and the warm pressure of his hand sends shivers down my spine. He looks at me with hazel green eyes and they stare at me knowingly and also questioning.

I feel my chest tighten and a soft yet clear “Master.” escapes my lips. This simple word takes my breath away, to say it to him face to face for the first time.

“Stand.” he says and I quickly grab my purse and stand. I am dressed as he likes, in white. The trench coat falls to just above my knee, and under it are the Malono’s heels I bought last summer, my red hair is pull back, and around my neck is a pendant with the letter M on it, for Master. His palm slides from my back to my elbow and starts to lead me from the pub. I notice people are starting to turn and look as we leave, probably finding it odd that I am leaving with a man that has literally said two words to me. I am finding this a little odd also and my step slightly falters. His grip tightens on my elbow and his eyes look at me with such care and loving, with his mouth close to my ear and in just a whisper says, “Do you wish to come, Angel?.”

My eyes meet his and my heart melts and I know he is giving me an out, then my lips say “Yes Master, take me.” I watch as the smile slowly grows across his face, and he takes me out of the pub into the night.

The next 20 minutes are all a blur of heartbeats. I am in the back of the car with Master, not even knowing who is driving. He parts my knees as we ride through town, “Don’t close them.” he says as his hand travels up my thigh and his finger traces the edge of my skirt hem. I am startled by the force in his voice and yet the softness of his touch, it is maddening in its seduction. All to soon we pull up to a cottage and he opens the door and holds a hand in mine to help me out of the car. I blink as I look around, wondering when we left town. I don’t see another house or light anywhere as we duck through the rain into the cottage.

The door closes and I am giggling from nerves and excitement until he pulls me toward him and with a fire in his eyes his arms wrap tight around me, his hand grabs the back of my hair and yanks my head back and bites the base of my neck under my ear. I scream and moan at the same time and now know why we are at this cabin, as no one will hear me. This thought flashes through my mind and it both excites me and terrifies me. I hear Master laugh deeply and pulls back and looks at me and says “Kneel Angel, like I taught you”. My legs simply fold on there own accord, knees wide, feet tucked under my ass, back straight with shoulders back and hands held behind me and I look up at him and I am his, this is where I belong. His eyes tell me the same thing. “Who do you belong to?” he asks.

“You Master.” I answer.

“What are you?”

“Your Angel”

“Unzip me” he says. My fingers shake as I reach up and unzip the front of his pants, something that I always dreamed of doing and it is actually happening. “Take it out and put it where it belongs.” I hear above me. My heart racing as I reach in and pull out my Master’s cock, it is so large. I know men always say they are hung well, but this thing is a monster. I lean forward and wrap my lips around it moaning softly at the taste and smell of pure male power. With cock filling my mouth, I again lower my hands to my back and look up at him. My Master smiles down at me while he slowly fills my mouth with his cock. I feel it fill me to the back of my throat and then some. I gag hard on it, tears stinging my eyes already. “Suck it angel.” I tighten my mouth around the cock wondering how this will ever fit in my ass cause I know he will use all of me. I move my head forward to sink him in deeper and then pull my head back slowly feeling the vein on my tongue, but quickly I am stung by a flick of the finger to my cheek and I look up in surprise. “I am in control here pet, not you.” he says in a stern yet loving tone. I nod, since I can’t say anything with my mouth so full, and my eyes return to the cock filling me. “Look at me!” and my eyes return up to his. “Never stop looking at me.” My eyes snap open and lock on his as he starts to fuck my mouth.

He starts slow and but soon he is pumping away deep and hard, I hear myself gagging and coughing, spit dripping down my chin. Tears brimming my eyes as the cock slams into the back of my throat. Trying to hold still, gagging. Can feel the spit running off my chin and staining my coat. I feel him pull out and hot cum hitting my face and chest, but I never look down, my eyes still locked on his, as cum is dripping from my eyelashes. He moans as the last of the cum drips from his cock, his hand opens my mouth and he wipes the head off on my tongue and I do everything I can not to swoon at the taste of him and he smiles and half laughs. “Angel is hungry for more I see.” I smile up at him and nod, but my legs are screaming at me from being on the wood floor for so long. He pulls me up to my feet and kisses my nose.

I feel his hands untie the belt on my jacket and slide it off my shoulders. It falls softly to the floor behind me. I hear him walk around me hopefully admiring his pet. My DD’s are quite perky in this bra and panty set and feel Master’s finger tips trailing along the tops of them, sending a shiver across my flesh. “Don’t move Angel.” and I stiffen and hold still. His hand continues to cover my body, one that has gone soft in age, but it is mine and I am proud of. Fingers dig into my belly and then release to then move onto the top of a thigh, cross to my ass and feel the sting of the slap and the struggle to hold still. The sensation of his rough hands finally touching my skin, the smell of him in my nose still, his eyes wandering over my body is all enough to make me want to cry in happiness. He feels the change in me and strokes my hair, leaning into my my ear and whispers “Mine.” I smile as a small shiver runs down my spine. He takes my hand and leads me down the hall to the back of the cabin.

We enter a room that is darkened but just enough light to see this is a play room. I am lead to the middle of the room and I see hooks in the ceiling and the floor. He takes out a knife and my air is taken out of my lungs as I stare at it. “Don’t you dare move girl.” My eyes widen as he comes near and with a quick flick of the wrist my bra and panties are removed.

I feel soft lined cuffs attached to my wrists and then my ankles, and watch as Master starts to weave ropes through the eye bolts and to my cuffs. As I watch him I feel my limps stretched, arms straight over head and feet about 2 feet apart. I am comfortable enough, and think I could stand this way for a long time, but then that might be bad too. Then I feel the blindfold brushing over my eyes and my world goes black and I have a moment of panic. Master is there with a hand on me constantly. Reassuring words in my ear, his arms enclose me from behind. I feel his warmth and his calm and I settle down and start to breathe easy again.

Then, I feel fingers on my nipples, they pinch hard and pull them straight up in the air. Pain floods my breasts and I moan into it as I lean back against Master. “Stand up girl. Hold yourself in pride.” I straighten and gasp as the pain increases as fingers pinch just the tips of my large nipples, it goes on for what seems like minutes, I am gasping in air. Then he finally releases them and the pain clears out but only for a second, because then the spanking of my ass starts. Hard solid blows assault my ass. Never in the same spot, he covers my ass completely. I am trying to stand still but the slaps never end and I never know where the next will land. There is no rhythm, constant change in the power of them. I am completely out of my element. Shaken and wondering what is happening and where next. I am on my toes and trying to move away when he stops and I feel his wide palm start to caress my bum. My ass is on fire and the tenderness now is overwhelming. I moan and start to move into the touch. “Oh, my baby likes I see.” I hear behind me. I smile and nod, and move back just a a little seeking more. The slap is fast and hard, with the soft caress after. I jump and moan at the same time. Mixing the pleasure and pain inside me. They start again the spanking but this time I am leaning into them. It is easier not to fight them and to let the pain wash cleaning over me. “Stick it out there Angel. Beg for it. Tell me what you want.”

I push my ass back as far as I can and gasp out in a small voice “Please my Master. Spank me. Please spank me.” I scream as a hand slaps my pussy. The shock makes I eyes fly open even under the blindfold. I am on my tip toes and rocking back and forth.

“Get your ass back here!” I fight that inner fight and slowly return my ass back to his hand. Then they start again, I am gasping and trying not to cry, when the pussy spanking really begins. Two to the ass, one to the pussy, three to the ass, two the the pussy. I am crying out in pain and but the pussy betrays me and starts to flow. Master is laughing at me. I can hear him in between the slaps. Laughing at his horny pet. I feel his fingers on the lips of my pussy, pulling on them, stretching them. I am moaning and dripping, moving into the pressure and the pain, when he flicks my clit with his nail and it takes everything I have to not cum.

“Oh God, please Master, may Angel cum?” I cry out. I hear what I know I will, him laughing and saying no. Then his fingers start to rub my clit, slapping it and rubbing it again. I am trying to take deep breathes and hold back the wall.

I hear in my ear “Who owns you?”

“You do Master” I gasp.

“What you are?”

“What you make me, Master.”

“How much do I own?”

“Allllllll of me, Master!!” I am dancing on my toes, trying to move into the fingers and away from them all at the same time. Trying to stay in the present. Fighting with everything I have not to cum.

Master’s hand is gone and then back with a sharp hard slap right to my pussy, and when I open my mouth to scream out I hear him say, “Cum Angel.” At the sound of the words the wall inside me falls and the orgasm floods through me, crashing from my toes to my head and back down. I am rocking on the ties, pulling against them and using them to hold me up as wave after wave hits my dripping pussy. The orgasms roll one after the other, my breath stolen with each one. After what seems forever, for I know not to stop without permission, my left breast is slapped and I hear, “Oh stop it.” I take a big deep breath and will them to stop. This has always shocked me that he can control my orgasms so much better than I can and with just a simple word.

I have hardly composed myself when I feel my ass pulled back and my arms loosened just slightly as I am bent forward over some sort of bench. Then I am shocked and cry out in a mixture of glorious pain and pleasure as Master slams his cock into my so wet pussy. I almost cum the instant he enters me but I know better and feel the massive cock go deeper and wider than anything has before it. He is not gentle. He is commanding, and taking what he has waited for a year to have. It has always been his, but now it is before him to be used and indeed he shall. My head is yanked back as Master grabs the ponytail and lifts it, as he pulls back to almost out and slams hard back in. The tears can no longer be contained and are soaking my blindfold as I ride that fine line. It is when he finishes that hole and fills my tight ass that I am gone. Screaming out in the most lovely pain and serving as he desires I find my place and it is with him, here, now, having my ass fuck and fucked hard. Then I am brought higher still as the whipping of my back starts. I have no idea with what, but it is a stinging piercing pain, cutting through all the other. My screams match each blow and with each one he slams into my ass. I am shaking and crying and inside screaming for more. As Master’s blows start to overlap it brings on a whole other layer of sensation. They all build together, one on top of the other. I can see them in my mind, and I am thinking they have to fall. I can’t hold them up any more. But he doesn’t stop, and I am begging. “Please Master please, it hurts.”

“Do you wish me to stop Angel?”

I find myself answering. “No my Master, noooooo.” my head shaking along with my entire body. I hear that chuckle behind me and I can imagine the smirk on his face as he continues, to beat and fuck his girl. I feel the marks raising up on my back, sure they are crisscrossing and making me a beautiful picture for Master to look at as he fucks my hole.

“Who am I?” he asks as the unrelenting cock fills my ass over and over.

“Master.” I reply.

“What are you?”

“I am Master’s Angel, Master’s pain slut.”

“Then cum!” I cum so hard I can feel the gushing down my legs and Master’s hand is there now too, shining my clit. That is when my mind blows to pieces and the world shatters away. I still feel and hear but through a fog of bliss. How long it lasts I do not know.

Then next thing I remember, I am laying on a bed and Master is wiping the pussy juice off my legs. I try to sit up and notice that my hands are cuffed together and are in my lap and I smile softly and lay still. The bed moves as Master slides in next to me and cradles me in his arms, stroking my hair and kissing my head. He is so gentle and warm that I melt into him. I know he is pleased with me. I can feel it and glance up and see him smiling down at me, he says to me in almost a whisper, “My woman!” then his lips cover mine and this is our first kiss. My entire body moves into him. This is more than just a kiss, this is hot possession. This is claiming of his woman. And I know I am never leaving.

Please go easy on me, as this is my first story. It wasn’t originally intended to be a Literotica submission, so I understand it isn’t the most cohesive of writings. If people end up liking the basic gist of it, I’ll write more coherent stories in the future.

In my early twenties, I was wondering if it would ever come together. I’d dropped out of college, but had a good desk job that would certainly allow me to provide for a family in the future. Unfortunately, that future wasn’t anywhere in sight. Most of my days were spent crunching numbers and pushing paper, and my nights were spent wondering how my friends could still be so excited for beer pong and trivia night.

I was losing touch with my friends interests, and as a consequence, losing the common interests I might have shared with most girls my age. Dressing in slacks and collared shirts seemed to put a damper on that too. At 6’3 with long dark hair and a defensive lineman’s frame, work clothes tended to make me look…well uncomfortable all the time.

Perhaps it was loneliness, perhaps it was just the thing to do in 2006, but either way, I was there. Looking online for Mrs. Right.

What about her?

Too blonde.

What about her?

She’s a smoker. I don’t smoke anymore.

What about her?


What about her?

She was never going to be Mrs. Right.


She was twice my age, and almost certainly wouldn’t be interested in having kids for the first time in her mid-40s. But perhaps, at the very least, she could provide some insight to what girls my age might want. At the very least, she’d be some fun company, and some quirky, but still respectable arm candy. She had short, brown hair and thick glasses, but she also had a very warm smile, lovely green eyes, and some pretty dangerous curves.

After exchanging messages, we went out to dinner, then went to the beach just to hang out and talk. Her outfit choice of a t-shirt, cardigan, and modest skirt led me to believe she had no idea what kind of brick house figure was floating under all of that cotton. Thank God I played it casual with jeans and a collared shirt.

It turned out she was dating an older guy, but it was a long distance type of thing, and according to her, he’d been looking to take a break for a while.

I’m a good guy…but even good guys (perhaps especially good guys) deserve to get laid once in a while. I put my good guy hat aside, and took that piece of info as my cue to start laying the groundwork for hooking up.

I asked her what her thoughts were on her and her man’s break. She said it made her sad, because she thought they could have kept it going until one of them was ready to move (they both worked in similar fields, but were working on long term projects), and they were going to stay friends. I told her that I understood, as I’d done both the long distance thing and the ambiguous long term status thing, but to look on the bright side. Even if nothing worked out, when she talked to him next time, she could make him jealous by saying she’d gone out with someone half their age.

She said “Well there are bright sides too. You get to meet new people, pretend you’re a twenty something and date again. Plus, you know, the bedroom stuff.”

“Bedroom stuff?”

“You’re just gonna make me come out and say it, aren’t you? When guys get older…some of them…and they mean well, but some can’t get as…you know…hard as they used to. Or…you know…for as long.”

I answered back “Oh, haha. Yeah, I forgot about that. Well, younger guys, we have issues too. Sometimes we get a little too excited and things…you know…end sooner than they need to. We haven’t exactly learned to take our time, and sometimes it could be over in like five or ten minutes. Then afterward you can’t really ask for a do over.”

“Five minutes? Man…I miss five minutes. And a do over? Sign me up.”

It seemed as though the plan would be a go. I certainly wasn’t out to use this poor girl as a one night stand, but I’ll be damned if I was gonna miss out on this experience. If the connection was bad, she’d know. There wasn’t anything in our conversation over dinner or afterward that led me to believe she wasn’t realistic. We could both try it, and if we didn’t like it, go our separate ways. But if it was good for both of us, that pussy was going to get a workout it hadn’t seen in years.

I put on the adorable eyes and she asked if she could kiss me. I kissed her softly, then backed away.

“Why did you back away? That was fun.”

Perfect set up.

“This is embarrassing…but I’m…kinda hard, and I didn’t want to come off like I was reading too much into you kissing me…”

And thus, the flood gates were open.

She became a flustered school girl, like she had discovered sexual contact for the first time and didn’t give a shit who knew she was out to get some dick that night.

She kept kissing me and making self justifying excuses about why she was doing what she was doing. They must have been for herself, because she knew I really could care less. Or maybe she was just giving me boner fodder, as though I had whispered the slut out of her.

We drove to the drug store and I picked up some condoms, then we went to literally the closest motel to the area, and she got a room.

She asked me to strip and lie back on the bed. So I complied. From there, she straddled me, took off her top, and apologized for having such big low hanging tits. I accepted her apology by sucking on her big round nipples and running my hands all over them.

Next she turned around, pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and apologized for not having a bald pussy like a younger girl. I accepted that apology by leaning forward, taking a deep sniff of her musky bush, and then diving into her muff with a gusto that I can only assume she had never seen before.

It was then that the dirty talk started.

“Fuck yeah. Get my pussy juices all over that face. Lick my dirty little snatch…oooh you’re gonna fuck it good tonight…”

Wow, she’s really into this.

From there she turned back around and said “But on the plus side for you, I do have over twenty years of experience sucking cock. And this is your lucky day, because if there’s anything I love, it’s a mouth full of dick.”

From there she inhaled my cock, slathered my balls with her tongue, then let out the most depraved and hot thing I’d ever heard at that point

“Oh fuck I missed having a cock that could get that fucking hard! I need your hot young cream…shoot that cum all over my face, get it on my tits, I wanna take a fucking SHOWER in your jizz!”

I erupted all over her, and she wiped every last bit from all over her body and sucked it off her fingers like it was blow at a Rick James party.

She talked a big game. How in the world could I respond?

“That’s a good girl eating all that cum. But I think I know what you need.”

A devilish grin came over her face.

“You need some of this young, hard cock.”

Yeah, that sounded good.

“I do…”

“You just need it to get past the entrance to that cute little pussy”

Did that even make sense?

“Just shove it in there…fucking give it to me…”

“You just need that one little bit…then you can let that dirty, kinky little cumslut out.”

I hope this works…


“You wanna let her out…and you know she will do anything to get this dick…”

“She will…”

She will?

“Lie back and spread those fucking legs…”

She was more than happy to comply, while never letting her gaze escape mine.

“Show me how fucking horny you are.” I commanded, slowly gaining confidence.

Immediately she started rubbing her clit. Staring at me.

“You can do better than that.”

“I’m still warming up…”

“A dirty little slut like you? You don’t need any warm up.”

“Mmmm, no, not for you baby…not at all…” she lifted up one of her heavy breasts and started sucking on it, making adorable squeaky noises usually heard by sixteen year olds breaking in their hymens.

“You rub that pussy for me.”

“It’s your fucking pussy, baby…”

“Damn fucking straight it is. If I see your little whore ass walking up and down the street, it’s my right to bend you over and fuck you right there.”

Did that come out of me?

“Fucking do it PLEASE!!”

I guess it did.

I slipped on a condom and dove in with reckless abandon. No easing it in. No slow start. She did everything in her power to make sure this was happening, and she deserved to be rewarded.

My role was fairly minimal for a while. All I had to do was pound the fuck out of her as hard as I could for as long as I could. Would I hurt her? Who cares, at this point it’s what she wants, and if it’s not, I don’t think she’d hold it against me. We’d just find a new position and go back to it.

She wrapped her legs around my back and inspiration flowed from her lips


Stud? Who, me? I’m all of six inches rock hard. I’ve only ever slept with a few girls before, none of them where anywhere near this impressed. What kind of mess has my mouth gotten me into?

You’d better not fuck this up.

I become a machine at this point. Not in any flattering way. My job is to be hard and fuck hard and fast. To essentially be a merciless piston providing an endless onslaught to her snatch.

Without warning I stopped and pulled out.


“Shut up and get on your hands and knees.”

She likes this mean thing, right?


I start fucking her from behind, and immediately she starts cumming. She wants to slow down and recover, but she’s not with some old man. In her mind, she’s with a selfish young stud who isn’t stopping until he gets busts his nut.

I keep pounding away and she keeps coming.


I start slapping her ass


The harder I spank the harder she comes. I finally pull out, but before she gets a chance to beg for more, I grab her hair, she turns around onto her back, and I reward her by shoving my cock down her throat. Hard. I almost feel guilty when I break the plane of her throat, but my guilt quickly subsides when her gagging sounds are accompanied by her squeezing my ass to pull it in deeper. I fondle one of her tits, then reach back with my other hand and start slapping her pussy. Giving it a real serious spanking. All she could muster in return was a half defeated, half inspired gutteral scream/moan as she continued to choke on my cock.

I withdraw my dick from her sopping wet mouth. Long strands of drool and wild eyes with wet smeared makeup tell the story of our encounter so far.

She deadpans “I need what’s in that cock and those sweet fucking balls.”

I turn her back over, jam my cock back into her pussy and fuck her wildly for another minute or so before pulling out. She moans and screams for more right away, but suddenly takes a deep breath and becomes silent for the first time in what seems like forever.

I’m not used to this kind of experience. But I’ve already made it this far. She doesn’t know I’m not used to it.

Suddenly, I lose track of what I’m doing, and it becomes very clear, she’s not used to someone rubbing her pussy juices all over her ass. She’s definitely not used to someone forcing their cock up there. She’s most definitely not used to loving it.

I can’t believe I just did that. More importantly, I can’t believe how easy it was.

She starts moaning steadily, then louder and louder. She didn’t expect it to feel this good. But it did. And she needed it.


She didn’t need to tell me twice. Soon she started bouncing that round mature ass up and down. Eventually she figured out just the right angle so that she could make the thrusting happen faster and deeper. I pull my hands away, and from the doggy position, she’s riding my cock like her life depends on it.


For her sake, I scream out “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

It’s just what she wants to hear.

“YEEEEEEEEES!!!” She screams, almost peeling the paint as I slap her ass one final time. As she comes for another few seconds, I pull out quickly, flip her over, rip off my condom, then cum all over her once innocent and cute, but now used and degraded face. She loves it. She needed this. She didn’t just get it…she earned it.


I got up out of bed. Took a shower without saying a word. I got dressed.

Pick your words carefully…

“Now for your favorite part. I’m leaving. You can sit here covered in cum for as long as you want. You lay here, used and fucked good and hard, and you call me when you need some again.”

She crawled over, licked my cock through my jeans, then rolled over on to her back and said “thank you so much…anytime you want it…please just fucking take it…”

To this day, I have no idea how long she sat there with her ass stretched out, her pussy bright red, and her face and hair covered in my cum. I’m not sure that she does either. One thing I do know…

…she’ll never fucking forget it.

Neither will I.

-This is a fantasy of a man (me) being forcefully taken by other men and contains some things that not all may want to read about, including spanking, anal sex, pissing, enemas, etc. If you’re not into this type of fantasy please don’t leave negative feedback. If this turns you on, please send me a message. It’s written in a casual style, not a heavy, formal writing style. That makes it seem more realistic to me. Thanks, and enjoy..

I just “met” you online a couple of weeks ago and invited you over to my house to get acquainted. I can do that now that I live alone again. My girlfriend recently left me. For three years she refused to let me into her ass and I tried everything I could think of short of forcing my cock into her ass. My anal fetish was so advanced that she also found out that I was corresponding with gay men in order to have some contact with others that shared my sexual interests and in some cases, my extreme fetishes.

You wrote me after seeing my profile and pictures and were intrigued by someone who seemed to have the same thoughts, the same dirty, nasty, thoughts, as you did. When you came to the door I can’t lie, I was very nervous. I was imagining all sorts of crazy things that could go wrong, the types of things that a person reads about every once in a while. You seemed like a nice guy with a dirty mind, though, just like me, so I took a chance that you wouldn’t be a violent wacko. I’m so glad that I answered the door that day, now I have an equally horny sex partner that matches, and in some ways exceeds, my own fetishes and does so in a way that’s forceful but not hurtful. I couldn’t ask for any more than that. It’s like you’re the clone of myself that I used to dream about.

We talked for a couple of hours, getting to know each other and talking about what turns us both on, in person instead of online. We both also have a couple of glasses of wine too many and we start stripping each other, almost unceremoniously. We’re acting like we both know almost exactly what the other person wants so why prolong the foreplay. It’s time to get down to business. It’s time to see how far each of us is willing to live up to the hype of our dirty online chats.

After we’re both naked and anticipating the evening, we rub baby oil on each other and you start chasing me around the room! What better way to really get acquainted?! I mentioned in several of my e-mails that I have a fantasy of being taken against my will, by more than one person even. a gang rape fantasy. And you know that I’m all about anal anything.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so open and willing to jump right into things since I just met you. It’s too late now, we’re both naked and you’re chasing me around my house with a huge hard on! Your hot, slippery, fat, dick is hanging out as you’re trying to catch me as I run around the room, flopping back and forth. I can hear it slapping your legs as you chase me around the living room furniture, the island in the kitchen, up the back stairs in the kitchen and down the main stairs all the way down to the basement. I make my way to the small exercise room that I set up down there and you try to grab onto my as I run around the weight machine. Both of us are buck-naked and horny as hell and bouncing off of the big, over-stuffed furniture down there.

You’re almost catching me and the excitement is making both of our cocks stand at attention. We’re both rock hard and our cocks are swinging around as we run around the room. I turned the AC off a couple of hours ago and it’s in the mid-80′s in there now so we’re both slippery from sweating so much in addition to the baby oil that we rubbed all over each other to get things started. Both of us are oiled up, slippery, hot, and sweaty and as horny as either us has ever been, or at least I am, I just met you so I can’t speak for you, yet..

Every once in a while you’ll get close enough to me to reach out and SLAP my jiggling ass cheeks and try to grab onto me, but I’m just too slippery from the sweat and the baby oil. You jab at my asshole with your fingers as you’re running after me, too, sometimes landing on (IN!) the sweet spot.. YAAAA, right up my ass! You’re starting to get closer to catching me and you grab a handful of ass cheek more often than not. Maybe I’m getting tired, or maybe I’m so horny that I’m purposely slowing down.

Finally, you do get a grip on me and pull me down to the floor and lay me over an exercise ball that’s on the floor and tie my hands together with some velcro straps so I’m hugging that exercise ball, totally helpless, my shiny, slippery butt is up in the air and I’m guessing that it looks pretty inviting. Just being draped over that warm, vinyl ball feels good enough, but I know what’s coming next. You get on top of me; your hot, oiled-up, sweaty, slippery body is laying on top of mine. Your cock is between my legs and my butt cheeks and you’re gliding your cock between my clenched-up ass cheeks, just fucking my slippery ass cheeks, pushing them together as hard as you can. The big exercise ball is at the perfect height for fucking my ass when I’m draped over it. You slide your cock between my butt cheeks for a few minutes but the feeling is too much with the underside of your bulging, throbbing cock rubbing on my asshole and cheeks, and you finally SHOOT your hot, sticky sperm up on my back!

“AHRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! MMMMMMMMMMM…RRRRRRRRRR…” Your cum is shooting up and over my ass and onto my sweaty back! I can feel it splashing down in hot gobs against my sweaty, naked back and it’s running down into my ass crack. I feel you rubbing the underside of your spurting cock on my asshole and I know that feels so good. Ahh, your soft but still firm cock head is rubbing on my asshole, tickling it, teasing it, taunting it. You’re good at this game so far. I wonder what else is on the agenda for the evening. Little did I know that you had a fully-orchestrated session planned for me.


You start spanking my ass as I’m still draped over that big exercise ball, your cock still dripping cum on my legs and my back is covered by your still warm cum. I know that my ass is in the perfect position for spanking and fucking!


“Ass boy, get ready for a good spanking.”..


“OWWW!!.. hey!”

Then you start rubbing your cum, that’s still on my back, down to my ass and you’re rubbing it into my asshole! Pushing in as much as you can with your fingers. Probing the tight, little puckered hole that you’ve heard so much about. The hole that you were soon to know very, very well.

It feels so good, so nasty, so dirty, to have someone, anyone, especially a total stranger, rubbing and pushing into my tight hole. You’re trying to make sure my shit chute is good and slippery for what’s about to happen next. Your cock is nice and hard again from the excitement of spanking me and rubbing your cum into my poor little puckered love hole. You just touch your cock head on the rim of my ass and lightly rub it around on there in your own cum for a minute, making sure that it’s nice and slippery. The circular motions of your soft cock head rubbing around on my asshole as I’m tied up and helpless and draped over my exercise ball is almost too much. I can’t believe that we’re this far into things already after just meeting in person a couple of hours ago!

Then you lay down on me with your sweaty, oily, slippery chest on my slippery, sweaty, oily back and you put your legs on the outside of my legs as I’m still on the exercise ball. Then you slide your cock IN my ass, in one motion! The first time a cock has been in my virgin ass! Well, “virgin” if you don’t count the bananas and ring bologna and zucchini, etc, that have been in there over the years.


PUSH.. in it goes! Your fat cock slides up inside my ass right up to your balls, just like a snake going into a hole. You hold it there, pressing into me, laying on me with your full weight. You start pulsing your cock in my ass and in return, I clench my asshole at the same time. That’s the feeling that I’ve wanted to experience for so many years, even when I was seventeen or eighteen I’ve wanted to have someone put their cock in my ass. I don’t know where this fetish comes from, I’m just glad that you’re here to satisfy my cravings.

Then, you start in on a marathon ass-fuck session. You can go a long time now that you’ve already cummed so you just start pumping in and out, and in and out, and in and out, holding onto my slippery hips and slapping my ass.

“Rrrrrr.. mmmm.. ahhhh.. mmmm..” fuck, fuck..

“Rrrr..rrrr.. mmmmmm.. uhhhrr.. ass boy, I’m gettin’ close, you’d better get ready for a butt load of cum, literally.” You know that I love being talked to in the most dirty, nasty way, that really turns me on and you’re good at that, too. And, obviously you know how to fuck an asshole so there are two fantasies fulfilled so far. So far, so good.

I can feel you speeding up!.. You’re really slamming into my ass, slapping against my butt cheeks with your full weight, plowing into my asshole as far as your big cock will go! We’re bouncing up and down on that exercise ball and I’m helpless so you have to hold me upright so I don’t roll over. My feet on the floor behind me are the only way I have to keep myself from rolling over like a helpless turtle on its back.

“NOOO, that’s too fast and hard.”, I say, knowing that makes you even more horny when I pretend to resist. Then you get up off of my back and stand above me with just your cockhead still inside of my asshole, just keeping the tip of it in my tight hole, and you just LET LOOSE with your second load of hot, spermy goo, this time INSIDE my asshole!

“MMMMMMMM..RRRRR!!!!!!!.. ASS BOY! HERE IT CUMS, my hot, sticky load of cum, shooting up inside of your ass! Filling your dirty ass full of my sperm!!”..

I can feel your shooting hot cum hitting my insides and shooting up in my rear, filling me up! “UUUUUhhhhh.. mmmmmmmm… it’s so much, it’s filling my ass up, and it’s so hot and sticky! That feels sooo good, your hot sperm shooting up my poor, abused little butt hole…” I know that you love dirty talk too.

You finally stop jerking and shooting cum in my ass and I try to clench up my asshole as tightly as I can to keep it all in there. But, a dribble leaks out, and with that, SLAP!! “KEEP THAT HOT CUM IN THERE, ASS BOY!” So, you pick up a buttplug that you brought with you and you slide it in my ass to keep your warm cum up inside of me.

“Try this on for size, cum-lover.” Plop! In it goes. “Now it won’t leak out.” Then you start slapping my ass again and I hear the door open and hear someone else coming in the room. Then I feel a blindfold being put on me! What the? I’m being blindfolded and there are now two guys in the room and I’m still laying over this beach ball with my hands tied, my ass all full of sperm, and there’s now another stranger in the room! I barely know you yet and you’re already having other guys come over to my house? What’s next? I figure that you must have planned this with one of your friends but I have no idea who it is or what’s going to happen to my poor little ass next. Is it some homeless guy you picked up on the street; one of your friends? Who is it?! I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the gang rape fantasy.. but I’m still horny as hell so maybe it’ll turn out ok… it’s been great so far.

As I’m lying there still draped over that exercise ball, I feel a hand come down on my left ass cheek, SPANK!


Then another on my right cheek, then another.. Then it’s constant spanking and I know that my ass is becoming all red and hot and it probably looks great! It’s weird having this new stranger in my house though, I hope he’s not too mean or abusive to my poor little ass. You obviously told him about our chats and my fantasies and that I love all things anal. Hopefully he’s not some psycho but just another dirty, horny guy like you are.

“Uuuuuu.. OHHHH!” I feel a hand on the butt plug, the slippery fingers are gripping it, digging into my ass, and then I feel it turning inside of me. Someone’s turning the buttplug that’s jammed up my ass and they’re turning it around and around and they’re also spitting on my asshole with the buttplug that’s jammed in my ass! It’s getting so it’s slippery!.. What a dirty feeling, having two strangers doing this to me! Two nasty strangers spitting on my buttplug-filled asshole as I’m helpless and tied up and bent over my exercise ball in my own basement! Now these two guys know where I live. That’s either a very good thing, or a very bad thing. Sometimes a bad thing is a very good thing.

I feel something on my lips. It feels like a big sausage, but it’s all sticky. It must be your cock, the one you just rammed up inside my asshole, all full of cum and my own ass juice! I’m being forced to clean it off. And while I’m doing this, I feel the butt plug being pulled out, “EEEEEEEEoooowww..”

Then I feel another cock going up into my cum-filled ass, a different sized one! It feels great. This is only the second cock that’s ever been in my asshole! I’m blindfolded, my hands are tied around this exercise ball, and am being butt-fucked by some other stranger that I haven’t even seen yet! Talk about starting out my first fantasy session full speed!

I’m being forced to clean your dirty cock off at the same time this other guy is ramming his longer, but narrower, cock way up inside my ass! He’s bottoming out, pulling his snake all the way out and then crashing down onto me, and into me, with all his might! We bounce when he crashes into my ass and back.

Now BOTH OF YOU are slapping my ass! You’re in front of me with your cock in my mouth and the stranger is behind me holding onto my hips and forcing me back onto his cock; fucking my ass like there’s no tomorrow. You’re reaching back and spanking my ass and he’s doing the same from behind! I hope I don’t regret asking you to come over.

Well, I know that you’re rock-hard again because your cock is in my mouth, so I clench up my ass as much as I can, and I hear, “Ohhhhh noooooo.. noooo, Joe, I’m going to shoot my cum in this guy’s ass, NOOO! MMMM.. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, here it comes man, here’s my hot cum spraying up inside of your tight, little asshole!!!! I can’t stop!”..

Then I hear you say, “Do it man, let’s fill this guy’s ass with as much of our hot sperm as we can!”..

“Hey, you said your name was Jeff and he just called you Joe?!”, I ask.

“Whatever, man. Did you really think that I was going to use my real name?” Oh oh..

And with that, I feel another load of cum being shot up inside my poor little asshole, mixing with yours, being forced in my colon! His cock is so long that I can’t believe his cum isn’t shooting out of my mouth! It’s mixing with your cum that’s already in there and oh boy, I’m getting so full of hot cum now! The new guy is grabbing onto my slippery hips and really driving his cock in and out as he’s shooting his cum up in me, until he finally stops. I can feel him getting off of my ass and feel his still hard cock plop out of my abused little hole. Whew. I’m being raped by two total strangers! That’s what this is turning into, me getting gang raped by two strangers! I know I mentioned that was a fantasy of mine but I’m starting to wonder if things will get out of hand. I’m as dirty and nasty as they come but I don’t know what these two have in mind. And, being blindfolded and tied up so I’m helpless adds another dimension to things.

Well, the rest didn’t last for long, as now I feel your fat cock in me again, and you’re pistoning in and out like a machine! RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM.. Squeezing between my butt cheeks and driving deep into my pinkish-brown hole. In and out your fat, slippery cock goes, and it goes like that for a LONG time.. Oh no, not another cock at my mouth! It’s the stranger’s limp, cum-drenched, ass-juice cock now… Well, I’d better get to work on it.

Oh oh, is that the doorbell again?!.. I hear another voice, “Hey Joe, it looks like you’ve got this guy right where you wanted him, stretched over something with your cock pounding into his ass. Is this that guy you met on the internet? The horny, dirty, nasty guy? The guy who likes sweaty, sticky, stinky, shitty ass fucking and dirty talking and spanking and veggies and cocks and enemas and shit like that? I can’t wait to get my cock in this guy’s ass after you’re done with him. I’ve always wanted to find a nasty slave to rape. Get him good Joe, yeah, get him good. Your cock looks soooo good plunging in and out of that guy’s tight little hole.”

I don’t recognize the voice at all. Who is this guy now? Then I hear the other guy say, “Yeah man, this guy’s ass is super tight, and now it’s super slippery with all of our cum in there. It’s just like a bank vault, we’re filling it up but we’re not going to let any of it come out.”

I feel your cock stop pumping and feel just the tip of your cock in my ass again, so I know what’s coming! Literally, your cum is coming!.. And there it is! “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!….. Ass boy, here’s another load for you, take it all, take all of this cum .. mmmmmmmmm… AHHHHHHH!!! RRRRRRRRR..” Jets of hot cum shooting up deep into my abused, gang-raped asshole. Another load of your cum is being unloaded in my bank-vault-ass-opening!

“Mmmmmmmm… It’s like getting a cum enema! I can feel your hot jets of cum being spurted up my ass, Jeff, or Joe, or whatever your name is!” I’m actually still enjoying what’s turned into a rape fantasy with three strangers abusing my tight shit hole. Speaking of that, I wonder if I’ll be able to shit for a week with the way these guys are packing it up my ass with their big cocks. Every time they ram their cocks into me and bottom out they’re packing my shit farther up my colon.

Oh oh, now it sounds like the new guy’s at my ass and he’s not fooling around. He just gets up on my back, laying on me with his full weight with his feet off of the floor, and he slides his fat little cock in my hole and starts humping! IN AND OUT it goes, then I feel him getting up and pulling out and the other stranger is in me with his bottoming-out long cock, and they’re taking turns! A couple of pumps, and then they switch. Seeing this makes you rock hard again, but that just means that all three of you are now doing this! Taking turns at my poor raped little ass!

And you’re all spanking my ass cheeks in-between raping me. Then I feel TWO cock heads at my little ass opening! “Hey, NO, Wait! My ass is too tight for two fat cocks pumping in and out of it at the same time!”

“Keep it down fuck toy, we’ll do whatever we want to you. Joe said you had a fantasy of being gang raped by dirty, nasty guys and we can do whatever we want to you. He told us to meet him here. He said that you’re our dirty sex slave for as long as we want and we intend on making the most of it before your sweet, little asshole becomes too stretched out.” I’m glad that the second and third guys are the ones struggling to slip their cocks in my asshole. There’s no way that your fat cock and another one would fit in me.

Oh no, there’s the door again, who could this be now!? “Hey Joe, this must be the place. And this must be the dirty, nasty guy you’ve been talking about wanting to gang-rape-ass-fuck for the last couple of weeks. He’s got a great-looking little ass, lying there over that bouncy exercise ball. I can’t wait to get my cock in there too! He’s got a figure skater’s ass, those are some hot cheeks. I can’t wait to bounce off of those sweet cheeks and pile-drive into that little asshole. Save some for me!”

“You’ll have your chance man. Right now, these two both have their cocks buried in his little asshole, but it won’t be long before we all pump our cum up there again. I hope they don’t stretch that tight hole out too much. Although, I was thinking of shoving my fist in his ass later so maybe it wouldn’t be that bad if they did. We’ll find something to do to him for our pleasure. His hole is still super tight though, you’ll love it. We’re trying to fill him up with as much of our cum as we can. It’s already running out and squishing out between his cheeks when we pull out and then ram back in there. Why don’t you go upstairs and find some stuff to stick up there to mix with all of this cum. He said that he fantasized about being fucked with food in his ass. Mixing it and pushing it in his ass in a big, dirty, sticky mess. Maybe you shouldn’t have told all of your fantasies, man. I think they’re about to all come true whether you really wanted them to or not.”

It all started in the summer of 1998, back in Cairns, Australia. Marriage is a fickle thing, and mine had fallen apart over perceived jealousy and the fact that she just wasn’t meant for me, or maybe I wasn’t meant for her. It didn’t really matter any more, she gathered her things on a Saturday morning, called her parents, they came to pick her up, and that was it. I never saw her again, and the only conversations I had were short and angry with her wanting nothing more to do with me.

Life sucked at the time. I had a good job, was earning decent coin, and kept doing it, because I had to do something. But, I was empty inside. I’d loved the girl, and she had taken my heart and ripped it out of my chest, stomped on it, then kicked it to the curb.

I needed balance, I needed something. I had a second tragedy within a month of the first. My best friend in town, a young man by the name of Jay, who had been suffering for a while from mental illness, decided that on his 18th birthday we’d spend the night drinking at my place. I enjoyed a nip of whiskey, and he liked coolers. His parents agreed, so I got a couple of quad packs for him and we spent the night watching movies, drinking, and enjoying company. His mind dissolved over the course of that night as bi-polar disorder flared it’s ugly real head. As I held him in my arms, I saw the young man I had known for almost 8 years disappear, to be replaced by a paranoid, delusional creature who thought he was some Biker Gang god who could do and be anything.

Jay died by his own hand eight years later, unable to handle the Bi-Polar issues.

I was alone, feeling more alone than before, I sought out Jay’s father, who was a Tai Chi Master, and we spent a few solid weeks with me doing some deep in depth training with him to find my inner balance and focus my turmoil. He was willing to give me as much time as possible, and at no cost to me, because of what I had done for his son, but that wasn’t fair to him, so I took what I needed from the training, and then allowed him to go back to earning his income from his school.

Tai Chi balance, an interesting thing. I still retain it. It taught me to look at the entire world as a series of circles and spheres. I was quick study, learning hand and leg movements, body position and posture, and how to relax and pretty must just let things flow around me, not stand in the path like most people, and then deal with getting slammed.

My loneliness was still intense, and I tried the club scene, but the two girls I hooked up with were only interested in a quick fuck, nothing long term. So neither relationship was even that satisfying.

Next step, the internet. I did my day job, now able to save money as I had no reason to spend it any more, and began hunting the internet for my interests. I had always had an enjoyment with spanking and sexual dominance, but not violent dominance, the mind fuck was much more interesting to me. The ability to dominate with words and concepts rather than brute strength.

I found some chat rooms that were kind of kinky, but they focused on Gorean lifestyle, which was odd and bizarre, the way those people had torn apart John Norman’s world and rebuilt it into a real life multifaceted sexual thing. Not my scene. Then I came across what would become my home online for the next two years, a spanking chat site.

A web site that sold spanking pictures, videos, and audio tapes, like many others, but this one also had a chat server attached to it for communities. I played with the java server, then loaded up a copy of MiRC and dove heard first into a conceptual fantasy world that engrossed and fulfilled my need for my own control.

Being in Australia, and not being interested in just a toss during the chat made me different from the hundreds of men who would log on daily. I talked, listened, healed myself, and helped others to heal and understand their own needs. I refrained from sexual things during the play, even during the fantasy spankings, I only focused on the spanking aspects, not ‘pulling out my cock and sliding it in’ type of thing that most of the online guys wanted to do.

I was better than that, I was TheOldDragon, a sage who knew a lot about everything, was very experienced with spanking all types of naughty women, and who was not wanting to grab an online sub and lock her up – I was free, so were they. Time online was time to be treasured and enjoyed with the group, not locked in a Private Chat for a toss session.

It did not take long before I was getting real life propositions. Those intrigued me more than anything else, girls were willing to take this fantasy into reality, and try and make it work?

I hooked up with an online by the name of Baybe, and after a few months, she decided to take the plunge from her dead-end life in Tacoma and flew to Cairns to be with me.

Waiting for her at the airport was an intense experience. Seeing her come off the place, blonde, a bit older than me, curvy all over, wearing the typical LBD that hugged her and revealing everything while still being decent. We got back to my place and within ten minutes she was stripped naked, had a properly red bottom, and my hard cock was buried to the hilt in a hot wet pussy that really wanted my cum.

Our relationship was fast, it was a rebound for me, but I needed it because it gave me a purpose again. I ended my job and travelled back with her to the US, setting up shop with a company in Redmond making signage, which is my trade. I was working under the table being not a citizen, and this was part of the plan.

Within a month she was openly cheating on me, and encouraging me to cheat on her. This was not a monogamous laureateship, she was an active swinger. I wasn’t really a swinger, but did play a little. The couple we had stayed with were also very much into spanking, and I had an opportunity to discipline and then use the other woman for my own needs. I spanked her, but it never felt right so I never did anything else, even as Baybe was being fucked by Spice’s husband in the other room.

Then we did a mock wedding, and that was when things really heated up. For the wedding, we invited people from the chat room to come out and enjoy the time with us. We ended up with a group of about 10 chatters who came down for the wedding of TheOldDragon and Baybe.

That was memorable. I met people who for a long time I had known virtually, and now it was reality. Some of the girls were afraid because they were IRL virgins, but really had an interest. I was able to explore that interest with one girl, who’s online nick was BadGirl.

Ahh BadGirl, my darling lass. You were so nervous when we met. Hiding behind Trevor from Scotland who gave me a wonderful split tawse just built for naughty girls’ bared bottoms. So very nervous, you knew you wanted the attention, but were so afraid to actually ask. It took some doing, but eventually, I stepped towards you, Trevor sidestepped, and you were face to face with what had been fantasy before.

I held out my hand, and you very nervously put yours in mine, then I gently, oh so gently, guided you away from the group that you were hidden behind. As they all slipped away, Willow whispering ‘Good Luck’ in your blushing ear, and before I think you realized it, we were alone, me sitting on a bed, and you standing in front of me, biting your lip so hard you did draw blood.

I gently pulled you towards me, so that we were lightly touching, my knees to your thighs, and I could feel you trembling. You were so nervous, this had been a fantasy for so very long, you were truly a spanking virgin, always wondered, but had never experienced it. I am so proud that you allowed me to initiate you into this D/S world so that you could then go back to Minneapolis and explore it there with your future boyfriends and partners.

You pulled away as I gently pulled you towards a sitting position on my lap and you did step back, not hearing a protest from me as you walked to the doorway, then you paused and looked back. I looked at you, and then held both my arms up, and you came back, into a warm hug that helped to begin to put you at ease.

My hands holding you as you sat on my lap, trembling with nervousness and some excitement. Not too sure what to do next but willing to let me guide you and lead you down the pathway to fulfilment. I slid one hand up to caress your face as you looked not quite at me, not wanting to meet my eyes, acting the sub, because you were still so very unsure. Like a doe in the sights, not sure if you would bolt or stay still.

I pulled you down and gently kissed you, which surprised you, because you did not expect romance out of me, your lips opened slightly and you returned the kiss with a touch of boldness, still not wanting to meet my eyes, so you kept yours closed.

I pulled your head gently down so that you were nestled against my shoulder, and I felt your warm breath down my back, then I whispered into your ear ‘You don’t have to do this, but I do think you want to, don’t you?”

I felt you nod, tentatively, then with more certainty.

I pushed you back slightly and made you look at me. “I need to hear you say it, BadGirl. I need to hear the words.”

You mouthed silently, then a single word ‘Yes.” escaped your lips and you buried your head in my shoulder again, letting your light brown hair cascade down to cover your face as I felt you sigh with anticipation and nervousness.

I nodded, and Willow pulled the door shut, closing us off from the rest of the party. She had been watching from around the corner as I calmed you down, I think you knew, and even if you didn’t at the time, she told you afterwards. You had always been safe, and nothing bad would happen to you in my hands. You slightly jumped as you heard the door click closed, but stayed wrapped in my arms, slowly breathing as I could feel your heart pounding as you pressed your breasts against my chest.

I gently pushed you back to a standing position, and then I also rose, letting my hands rest on your hips as I looked into your green eyes.

“If you want to stop, if this gets to be too much for you, just say my handle, and I will immediately stop. Do you understand?” You nodded, and just to be sure, I asked you to say it to me. You whispered ‘Tod.” and then I again kissed you to help reduce your turmoil even more.

We were much closer in age than Baybe and I were, your 27 to my 31. In another life, we might have become a couple, or even something more permanent. For now, this was to be a one time event, and that is where it was best left, as one glorious time that left only memories of kindness, exploration, and pleasurable pain.

My hands slid around to cup your ample bottom, as you were comfortably curvy, the way I liked my spanking girls, and you knew it well. I gave a gentle squeeze, and you jumped nearly out of your skin as another jab of reality struck home. Then, one hand slid around to the clasp of your jeans and I gently undid it. You looked at me with a question in your eyes, and I smiled at you as I slowly pulled the zipper down.

“Bare bottom, BadGirl, just like it always should be.” You smiled, a crooked and weak smile as you allowed for the jeans to open, exposing a pair of pink panties to my sight. I slid my hands into the sides of the jeans and slid them down to your knees, then sitting down, drew you face down across my lap before you could even take a good breath.

I just let you lie there, supported on the bed, legs wrapped in your jeans, bottom covered by a small pair of high cut pink bikini panties, your teal shirt slowly riding up a bit as one of my hands continued to gently rub your back, my other hand caressed your bottom as your breathing quickened, then you took a solid breath and blew it out, and I felt your weight settle on my lap as you finally acknowledged what was about to happen.

My hands kept busy, one roaming across your bottom as the other continued to caress your back and as they gently caressed and rubbed you, you continued to relax, only to draw in breath sharply as my fingers slipped into the elastic and your panties were pulled down to bellow your bottom cheeks, I was unable to pull them further because of your weight, and for the now, that was OK. They would come off fully later.

I felt it was time, and my hand slowly slid off your bare bottom, leaving it cold, you drew in a breath as my hand smartly cracked down, once on each bared buttock. You jumped and gasped. They were not hard smacks, but they were firm, as I was. You could clearly feel my hardness beneath your hip as my hand continued to warm your bottom, slapping your cheeks firmly and beginning to bring some colour to them.

As I spanked, you began to wriggle and writhe a bit, gasping at the sensations, and the panties managed to slide down to tangle around your jeans which had now managed to slide to your ankles. I paused and stood you up, your face red, breathing hard, and tapped your knee. You obediently lifted it and I unwrapped your jeans and panties from one, then the other foot, leaving you naked from the waist down, eyes moist but not tears, yet. Those would come soon, as you wanted them to. You were neatly trimmed, as you did not feel the need to actually shave, so a neat brown bush met my gaze as my eyes looked you over, then I crooked my finger and you came to stand right in front of me.

Both my hands rested on your hips, this time, my fingers pressed against warm buttocks as my thumbs held you in place. I leaned forward and planted a kiss on your stomach, which was plump, rounded, and stuck out from your shirt just a tiny bit. You smiled down at me, and I looked up at you.

“Are you wanting to continue, BadGirl?” I asked softly, my fingers gently pressing and kneading your warm bottom as I looked up at you. You nodded, and I pulled you closer, then you were over my lap again, but this time, I positioned you properly. Your legs were slightly apart, so that my hand could comfortably rest in between them, and you jumped as my other hand left the small of your back and gently cupped your breast, feeling it’s firmness through the thin t-shirt and bra you had worn.

“Breathe, my BadGirl, this is the part that girls don’t like, but they do grow to enjoy.” I said, then began to smack your bottom firmly, my hand stiff as iron as it began to slap firmly, raising colour and stinging in your bottom almost immediately. I squeezed your breasts as I spanked you firmly, and within a few firm slaps, you began to cry.

These were cathartic tears, you had not really done anything wrong, but what your body wanted, nay, demanded was this form of punishment, and then the reward that tended to follow. As my hand continued to bring a solid red blush to your nether cheeks with the occasional dip between to stroke your growing heat, your body shed some of the turmoil and pain as you let go and became a submissive girl, being spanked for no other reason than because you could be.

I steadily spanked with a basic rhythm, warming and colouring your bottom until I sensed you were nearing your limit, and then my pattern changed, beginning to spank closer to the cleft between your legs as my other hand began to gently knead the breast that it held contained. You began to wriggle your hips as the heat from your sore and hot bottom began to seep inwards, also bringing a sharp reality to what had only been fantasy before.

I began to caress your bottom, with only the occasional slap as I began to really focus on bringing you towards a conversion of the pain into pleasure. Within few moment, your legs were wide apart and my warm hand was between them, fingers massaging your lips and caressing the nub of flesh at the top as your nipple was stiffly promoting itself through your bra and shirt.

You gasped, then pushed yourself off my lap and knelt on the bed, almost panting, hair in disarray, face wet with tears and eyes glistening with arousal as your body processed the feelings and began to really feel the sexual burn from the spanking. You looked directly at me as you pulled your shirt up and off, then swiftly undid your bra and knelt, naked on the bed, in front of me.

As I was about to say something, your mouth found mine, and you pushed me down with a burst of aggressiveness as you had to see if all of the fantasy could become reality. Your hands fumbled then undid my belt and opened my slacks, pulling me free of the confines of the pants so that you could hold my stiffness in your hands like the prize you wanted it to be.

Breathless, you looked at me, then your head went down and you wrapped those lips around me, tongue already hard at work as you began to bob your head up and down, laving my shaft with your oral attentions.

You raised your head and licked around the head, then went down again, bobbing and laving all down my shaft. Then you were up again and sliding up my body, nipples and hair dragging across my chest until you were sitting on me, straddling my hips. I remained passive, this was your fantasy trip to reality, after all, you really were in charge. I caught your eye, and looked over at the table, where some condom packages sat, you looked, then ignored them and gripping the base of my shaft, pressed him home into your wet slot.

Now before everybody begins ragging on me about safe sex and protection and all that. You need to remember one thing, I was TOD, TheOldDragon, one of the most knowledgeable and respected people on the chat server, with good reason. I did not make mistakes. I gave advice freely, and my advice was without bias or judgement. I didn’t care if a snarky sub, bitchy Domme, or testy Top was asking me the questions, I replied to all of them the same way, with fact, not fiction.

BadGirl had spent plenty of time with me online, and had talked to most of the girls who I knew IRL in the Seattle area, so she really did know me. I also trusted her, like I trusted all the people I was with in this small community that we had developed. If she did not feel the need for a condom, then I knew that she was not going to let herself become pregnant, and that she was STD free. I was STD free, and I remain that way. I work carefully with my people, and with all of my relationships, even the flings, was either fully aware of the history, or condoms were used, without exception.

BadGirl was living her fantasy, and wanted it bareback, who am I to deny her that thrill.

31 years old, with a nearly orgasmic bbw 27 year old riding on my hard cock, my hands wrapped around her fleshy red buttocks, feeling the heat from them, feeling it as it seeped into her hot pussy and the slickness as she slammed up and down on me, driving herself towards a climax. I was self-taught in basic Tantra, so I was able to not only reduce my orgasm impulse, but stiffen myself and work my own muscles to caress her g-spot as she rode me.

As I expected, BadGirl came, all of a sudden, almost as a surprise to her. She stopped, gasping, then fell on me as I felt a flow of wetness from her nether lips wrapped round me and her sheath gripped me in convulsions as she pulsed.

I held her, allowing my stiffness to relax, but I was certainly not going to soften, and held her, rubbing her naked back and caressing the back of her head under her hair as her breathing slowed, then she came back to her senses and sat up on me.

“That was … amazing.” She breathed, and I chuckled. “Welcome to the world of spanking stimulation, BadGirl. I hope you are enjoying it.” She smiled, then wriggled her hips so my shaft moved a bit in her, and she began to bounce some more.

I felt it was time for a bit of dominance, so I rolled her onto her back, and took the missionary position, putting her arms up over her head so I was holding her wrists and with her legs now firmly wrapped around my waist, began to properly drive into her.

Now in a position where she had no choice but to enjoy, losing all control, she began to have small multiple O’s. Not earth-shattering, but body rippling, pussy slipping, breath gasping orgasms that kept her rolling until I felt the urge coming and this time pushed it through so that I surged into her, feeling myself swell, then spurting my seed into her as I pressed fully against her, feeling her still warm buttocks against my thighs and the dampness seep from between us.

I gently released her wrists and she tested them, making sure I had not hurt her, then I leaned back on my haunches and slid out of her, letting a bit of my semen spill out of her with a gasp from her at the loss of the full feeling she had.

I helped her to a sitting position and cuddled her as she chatted about what had happened. All her feelings and random thoughts coming out as she relaxed in the afterglow of her fantasy made real.

My darling BadGirl, you were a jewel. I thank you for the time you gave me and allowed me to share with you.

My next girl was also from the chat rooms, and was my almost soulmate until I met my angel. Boonie, or lil-boonie as she referred to herself.

An adorable young lass from the East US who is now a School Librarian. Never been touched, she was a 28 year old virgin when I began to chat with her, and she found a soul mate in me that she had never felt with anybody else. She had enjoyed spanking with a neighbour and some friends, but no proper sex, that was not permitted. Although she had permitted her friend to take her bottom so she could have that feeling known, and she had taught herself oral skills to please the man, but had never allowed penetration, until now.

My Boonie, we chatted on the phone, and talked over chat for months before she arranged to finally fly out to meet me. At Disneyland. I went down for a four day weekend to meet some of Baybe’s swinging family and see if there was any real chance of recovering the failing marriage. There wasn’t. In the time we were down there, she slept with three guys, including her cousin.

I met Boonie in a Denny’s at 11pm at night, because she flew in later than we did, and I was sitting there when she came in with her twin friends who had agreed to be her chaperones as her parents were very protective of their special little girl, even at her age, and she didn’t want them to think anything bad was going to happen; but she did plan, and her friends were fully aware of it, and in agreement that it was time.

She was exhausted, and nearly fell asleep as we sat there eating a late night snack, then I looked at her friends and said to them “I think Boonie can stay at my hotel, it’s just up here.”

The twins looked at each other, then at Boonie, who was sitting between them, anticipating and excited, but also very tired, and agreed. They got up, and she slid around to sit by me, cuddling into my arm as the two girls bade us good night with a promise to meet them at the Disneyland gates by noon tomorrow.

We sat for a few more minutes, then Boonie pressed against me and yawned heavily, she was really exhausted. A cross-country flight will do that to you. I quickly paid the tab, then helped her to her feet and picking up her small bag, walked with her back to the hotel and up to my room.

Boonie, you were so demure and innocent, you knew what you wanted, but were still nervous about what was going to happen and I wanted to be so very careful. You wanted me, and I knew that I wanted you as well, but you were virgin, I needed to be so very careful to make sure this first time was so special you would only know pleasure, no pain.

You earned and deserved that alone, for the time you gave me, and I am so pleased that I managed to give you the pleasure you wanted.

You blushed as I took charge and walked you over to the bed, then sat down and lifted the t-shirt off, exposing your breasts to my gaze, as you had no need of a bra, small, flat breasts with little cherry nipples and tiny pink aureola. I undid the belt and unclipped the button on your shorts, and with a helpful wriggle, they were down and off your feet quickly, leaving you in just a pair of white panties.

I left those on, and then looked at you. “I think we both need a shower, then we can sleep.”

You nodded, and allowed me to lead you into the en suite. I turned on the water and set it to quite warm, then swiftly undressed until I was just down to underwear as well. You were so adorable, eyes everywhere except on my erection, even though you kept sneaking glimpses at it.

I had you put your hands on my shoulders as I slipped your panties down, exposing you fully to my gaze as I looked upon your nakedness. As you knew what a sub should be, you were fully shaven, you had been doing that for months, I recalled. Liking the little girl feeling, the innate naughtiness, and also the submissive feelings that it gave you to remove your adult hair for a possible master.

I gently turned you around and had you step into the cubical so that the water cascaded down around your head and shoulders, your close-cropped black hair spatting into wetness, rivulets of water running down your compact body as you felt the warmth and heat from it. Then I was naked and in the shower with you. You still refused to look at my erect cock, even though you wanted to, but it was improper for a young southern lady to do such things, even as we were about to do something most improper.

I took some liquid body wash and gently lathered you up from neck to groin, having you turn slowly and washing your entire body down from the long flight, letting my fingers linger over your most sensitive parts, lightly rubbing and slippery pinching your nipples, then gently caressing your stomach and below, making your breath quicken.

You were too demure to wash me, which was OK, I quickly washed myself, but took your hand and placed it on my cock, and you held on, firmly, still looking st my chest rather than what your hand was holding, occasionally looking into my eyes with a furtive glance. I had us both get out of the shower and turned it off, then taking a couple of towels, thoroughly dried you, making sure every inch was dry from the water, then taking another towel, dried myself, and walked naked with you back into the main room where the bed was.

I walked you right over to the bed, then stopped you and sat down, pulling you against me, so that we remained, touching intimately, two naked adults, me sitting, you standing, feeling the light pressure of your breasts against my chest, you feeling my hardness pressing against your legs and crotch as it made it’s presence known. You looked at me, then I leaned forward and gave you a gentle kiss. You pressed into the kiss, nervously, unsure, never really having kissed anybody properly before.

I kissed you tenderly, nibbling your lips and then gently broke the kiss, one of my hands caressing your head and check, the other firmly planted on your trim backside, holding you against me.

“Are you ready, my girl?” I asked you tenderly. You shook your head with a small smile. “No, but I want to do this. I trust you.”

I kissed you again then pulled you down onto my lap, so my hardness now pressed against your thigh. One hand now resting on your hip, the other gently rubbing your breasts as you continued to explore kissing.

During a pause in the kissing, you found yourself being laid back down on the bed, with a towel under your hips, then I was lying beside you as the kissing continued. You were tense but excited. Wanting but wary.

My fingertips slipped down to your stomach,then went lower, brushing the top of your mons, then lightly rubbing your lips, which were slippery with anticipation. You put a hand down as a token defence, only to have it gently but firmly moved away as I continued to explore your most private places.

As my fingers kept up their busy work, gently caressing and sliding up and down your slit, getting you wet and more excited, my other hand firmly now held both wrists and my mouth was busy kissing your neck and behind your ear, which for you was an intensely erotic place.

You were already wet when we started, I bought you to a climax quickly, and you came, bucking against my hand, straining against my restraining grip as your body released it’s tension. I continued to rub your clit and caress you, bringing you through your orgasm and back down to the reality we had chosen together.

The nervousness came back when you felt me shifting your legs further apart and you knew what was going to happen next. I released your wrists and you watched as I took a tube of KY jelly, then put a copious amount on my hard cock, lubing it up as much as possible, then my wet fingers also stroked your slit and as you gasped, my fingers lubricated the opening into your body, rubbing KY all around your entrance and some just inside.

Your hands went to my forearms as I got into position over you, and you closed your eyes, only to open them again as I paused, the head of my cock pressing against your virgin opening.

I kissed you, deeply, passionately, as you felt my hardness split you open and begin to fill you. You whimpered as I pressed against your hymen, but you pressed into the kiss, and I felt your hips press upwards slightly as well. With a firm motion, I pushed past it, muffling your yelp with my mouth as we continued to kiss, and then was in you, fully and deeply, pressing my body against yours as the full length of my shaft filled you, the wiry hairs at my base tickling your shaved pubis.

I lay like that for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of your intense tightness as you became accustomed to the feel of a man inside you properly. Then I began to slowly move, sliding out and then back home, pushing my hips to give some movement, but not a lot, this was a gentle coupling, gentle like my Boonie was gentle.

You began to move your hips as well, your body knowing what it wanted, even as your eyes remained closed, tears leaking from them as your emotions conflicted over what had happened. You were a southern belle, never really been kissed. Now you were a woman, after 28 years. Not married, making love to a man who you could never marry, enjoying a ‘dirty’ weekend with somebody you travelled cross the entire country to do this with so your parents would never find out. We made love the only way we could, with passion and tenderness.

I finally came into you, after you had reached two more climaxes with me firmly embedded in your depths, then I finished and unloaded my own seed into your body. After, I would not allow you to get up to clean up, bathroom only, then come back to the bed and curl up beside me, the evidence still on your thighs and buttocks, of our coupling and your lost innocence. You cuddled against me tightly, bottom pressed against my groin hard, my arms wrapped around you holding you in a tight embrace, and we slept.

Disneyland was fun, the best trip I ever had. Splash mountain was the best experience. Sitting behind my Boonie, hands firmly on her hips as the log ride spun and rushed round corners, up and down the flumes, rushing around. Boonie laughed as my hands slid under her shirt and gently cupped her breasts but did nothing to stop me, although I did withdraw my hands as the big drop came, because they took photos and it would not do for a photo to possibly end up back east for them to see their daughter having a strange man groping her on the ride.

After the day, back to the hotel, for another shower to wash off the sweat, then you wanted the spanking from me that was almost as much of a need as the lovemaking. I slapped your trim bare bottom firmly, smacking you all over your small backside, bringing colour to it even as you wriggled in discomfort. You had no real experience to process this pain into pleasure, so I was determined to help your body begin to process the emotions properly, as a woman should be able to do.

With my other hand gently caressing both breasts, rubbing nipples into an erect state, I pressed your legs apart and continued my spanking, fingers dipping in between as I did, teasing you and beginning to awaken lusts.

The spanking continued, bringing a pink flush to your bottom as my hand firmly slapped all over it, bringing a solid warmth and pink colour to your cheeks. Then I laid you on the bed and lifted your legs so that you held them under your knees, and I gave more attention to your bottom in the diaper position, so that my fingers could easily caress you intimately as your bottom continued to flush with colour and begin to take on a proper red shade.

It had begun to really hurt, despite the erotic caresses, and you began to kick and shift your legs, unable to handle the pain, so I stopped, pulling you up against me in a solid hug, and stroked your hair and cheek, giving you the affection that was important for any sub to know that despite the trial she had gone through, she was loved.

You had not cried yet, but then you began to, all of a sudden, shedding tears quietly, you were not a noisy girl by any means, and you quietly cried, holding on to me, naked, in my lap, as you cried, feeling safe, feeling protected, knowing that you were loved, knowing that this was what you had wanted and were getting it fulfilled, and that nothing would happen that you did not want to happen.

Your lips found mine and you kissed me with a passion that was not surprising, as the heat finally reached your pussy, slowly bringing it awake and letting the rest of you know, there was a purpose to the pain. I kissed you back, my hands caressing your breast and also rubbing your bottom as you sat on my lap, feeling the heat I had put there as you began to wriggle your hips against the fire slowly beginning to build in your loins.

Laying you back on the bed, my hands roamed all over you as my lips followed, kissing your neck, breasts, nipples, stomach, then my lips brushed your mons and found your small clitoris, then gently kissed it, making you gasp and writhe.

I gently kissed it, then kicked it as well, letting my tongue caress it in every direction, then I moved down and licked your lips and allowed my tongue to slightly move around the entrance to your vagina, making you gasp again and you pushed me away, unsure of the feelings I was bringing up.

“You didn’t want that, it was not part of your interest, although it felt good, it was not what you had imagined, and as a result, was not on the books for this weekend. You quickly scurried down and took me in your hands, the first time since we had become intimate that you got a good look at my package. Your hands were inexperienced, your mouth not much better, but bless you, me girl, you tried. You kissed all over, your tongue working overtime as you licked me frantically, then you took me into your mouth, licking and sucking noisily as you tried to do the right thing orally, to get me excited. It wasn’t necessary and after a little while, I pulled you off and gently laid you on your back again with a soft kiss.

You had almost instinctively spread your legs slightly when you laid back, and I took the opportunity to lay on you and slide into you gently, this time there was no extra lube, just your moistness and my excitement. I slid into you, then with a firm kiss on your mouth, slid fully into you, making you gasp as your almost virgin pussy expanded to accept me. I am not a big man, but decently thick, so I stretched you as I slid into you.

We fucked slowly but steadily, your legs slowly lifting up then wrapping around my waist as I slid in and out of you, your body responding to the movement as the excitement built inside of you, bringing you to a peak of pleasure that was heightened by your still very sore and red bottom.

I rolled and ended up with you on top, not what you expected, but as my hands were a firm grip on your hips, you knew that I was still in control, so the submissive role was still maintained. I lifted you slightly, so that you slid up along the length of my shaft, then you settled down on your own, eyes widening as you felt the full sensations that your action had done. You did it again, then again, trying to move faster, but my hands held you firmly and guided the pace.

I felt you begin to contract, and watched the skin flush occur as the orgasm began to peak in you, seeing the reddish blush rise in your chest and sweep up to your neck as you gasped and I felt the muscular contractions. I pulled you down hard on me as you hit your peak, you crying out softly and I quickly finished as well, spurting into you, helping you to continue the orgasm as I completed you for this time.

You snuggled up to me afterwards, not wanting to get up, ignoring the slightly uncomfortable feeling as my seed slid out of you, and we enjoyed the afterglow of the coupling. Then, another shower, and off to dinner.

That night, you wanted me to take you fully, which meant using you anally. This was the last part you wanted to have happen, and you actually wanted this first, as your deflowering had been too scary, but with me, you allowed me to take charge as the trust had been built so strongly that you felt totally at peace and there was no concern at all.

More KY jelly, this time after a long massage, where you lay naked on the bed, and my gentle hands rubbed, kneaded and caressed your entire body, front and then back, relaxing you, easing tension, and then I began to focus my attention on your bottom, kneading and working your cheeks as my fingers rubbed and caressed the cleft between your cheeks, lightly touching both your anus and pussy from behind, then continuing to massage you and keep relaxing you.

I took some jelly and began to rub it around and then gently, pushed it into your anus, allowing for you to relax and get used to my finger in you to the first joint, then I put more jelly on and added a second finger, gently moving them in and out. More jelly made movement easier as you expanded to accommodate me, and then I put a good dollop on my cock, rubbing it around to coat me fully, and shifted position so that I was at the entrance.

With a gentle but firm pressure, I slid into your tight back passage, you gasped and wriggled as my thick cock slid into you, but your well-lubed passage was prepared and I slid into you fully without much difficulty. You groaned as your anus stretched to accommodate my thickness, as well as my weight pressing down onto your hips and lower back.

Now that I was in you, I began to move, slowly but firmly, and you felt the feelings rise again, this time, more submissive sensations, you were being taken by your Dom, the way he wanted to, and you had no choice but to enjoy it, or suffer.

I rolled you onto your side, still deep in you, and you curled into an almost foetal position so that my arms could hold you fully, one firmly gripping your hips, the other holding your breasts and roughly pinching your little nipples as I continued to slide in and out of your bottom.

Your anus was very tight, and it did not take too long before I felt the urge to climax, knowing that I was not going to be able to hold it back, however, this was also part of what was your expectation, you cumming while I was using your bottom was not expected, you wanted to be dominated in this position, not pleasured. You wanted to be taken and used, and so you were. I came in you, filling your bowels with a load of sperm as I held you tightly enough against me to leave bruises on your hips.

After Disneyland, Boonie went back to the East Coast and although contact was maintained, it eventually began to fade as she found her new life, and my focus shifted to two new submissive girls in my life.

I had been mentoring a young lass by the handle of Londonkitty for about a year as she explored the D/s world with various different men, when she decided to make the decision to meet me. Although nothing overtly sexual happened, it was a series of encounters that left me satisfied and which I do cherish for the knowledge I gathered and for the pleasure I supplied her.

Although it was against the rules, we were able to exchange enough information on Mygirlfund to meet in person. I was in Las Vegas for a teacher’s conference and instead of taking a regular room; I splurged for the suite at the Riviera. It was nice, large room with an excellent view of the strip, kitchen and my favorite, a large whirlpool tub. I’ll call her Sugar to protect her identity and I am Tony (to protect mine).

She arrived later that evening and entered the suite with the key that was left for her at the desk. I was expecting her so I had prepared. The room lights were out, the suite lit with scented candles (coconut – my favorite). I guess I should describe myself. I am 5’8″, 49 years old, and a history teacher at a high school. I am also a veteran, having served 20 years in the Army as a tank crewman. I am still fit, although I am not a 20 year old with washboard abs. I coach the girls soccer team and can hold my own with them. I have blond hair, where I have hair (I am balding, but will always have “fuzz” there) that is starting to turn white (not gray). I have an average cock I guess, about 7 inches, but thicker than most others. I seem to be horny all the time, even for an “old man” and I usually jack off 3-5 times a day – especially after being around the hotties at school and on the soccer pitch!

Sugar is a brunette with brown eyes and wears glasses. I find that so sexy! Her lips seemed, to me, to be made for kissing and other things! She was busty, but not overly busty, and they are real! (40DD!) She is 5’7″ and has a perfect round ass! Although she is only 20 and attending college, we still hit it off based on our mutual likes and our desires for long, passionate kisses, hugs, followed by slow intimate sex (okay in every hole – but still slow and intimate!)!

So, Sugar arrives and I, sitting on the couch in my swimming suit (a special purchase) and a t-shirt welcome her. I tell her to freshen up in the bathroom (the tub is already filled, rose petals floating on the hot water, scented oils and candle lit).

She goes in and, poking her head out, tells me “Very Nice.” _

Once refreshed, she comes to the living room, wearing a sheer bikini (one of those really tiny ones) and high heels. I stand and walk to meet her, embracing in a friendly hug, at first, then tighter, and then our lips meet. This kiss is soft, sensuous, and passionate, not to mention long. Kissing has always been a special turn on for me, just the idea of kissing, and then touching tongues in an erotic playful wrestle makes me hard. As close as we were pressed together, my cock got even harder.

She pressed it against her mound. I could smell her arousal. I told her to come with me to the bathroom.

I led her by the hand, and we both stepped into the tub. I opened the champagne and poured us a glass. We sat close to each other, sipped our champagne and kissed. For a long time.

Eventually we had finished our champagne and were slowly and gently caressing each other, exploring the sexy bodies of each other.

I was gently fondling her large breasts and she was slowly rubbing my hard cock, gently stroking and using her thumb and fingers on the head. I gently pinched her hard nipples, twisting, extracting soft moans from her pink lips. She tasted good, her mouth was wet and so was her pussy.

She straddled me next. Her wet mound pressed on my hard cock. She was grinding her pussy on me as we kissed and caressed, our bodies becoming one. I felt her hand on my hard on, and then felt my swimsuit being pulled down and out of the way. My cock was released.

Sugar told me to sit on the side of the bed that she wanted to suck me.

When I sat down, my manhood was fully erect, hard as a rock, and pointing straight into the air, ready for her luscious lips. She kissed the head, then the sides, then the entire length. Finally she took the head into her hot mouth, her tongues swirling around the head and tickling the underside.

Pleasure beyond belief as she slowly and sensuously took my length into her mouth then throat. I had never had a woman do that to me before. It was unbelievable and the best I had ever had. She continued to suck me, then sensing my desire and closeness to orgasm stopped. She pulled the bikini top off of her large breasts and wrapped them around my length, and began a slow tit fucking.

WOW! After a few minutes of this (I couldn’t take any more or I would cum all over her tits) I switched places with her. I spread her legs, and got between them, but not before kissing her some more, tasting my precum on her lips and on her tongue. I worked my way down, kissing and fondling her tits, eventually making it to her pussy. She smelled wonderful and after I pulled her panties to the side, she tasted just as good. I spent a lot of time there, licking her wetness, both her pussy and her ass. Such a pleasure for me to taste her, and I know she had at least one orgasm on my mouth!!!!

Now it was time, I got between her legs and pressed myself into her wetness. She was tight, and her velvety smoothness was amazing on my hard cock. We fucked, just for a few minutes, then I picked her up and I sat down in the tub with her riding me. I reached around her and grasped the soft sexy mounds of her ass, caressing and spreading, touching her anus with my fingers.

Sugar was moaning and kissing as we fucked for what seemed like forever, or at least I wanted it to be forever.

The she told me, “My ass, put it in my ass Tony!”

I pulled out of her pussy, not wanting to leave as if felt like “home” but complied and pulled out anyway. She then guided it to her asshole. She pressed down, ever so slowly, until my head “popped” into her. Then she slowly sat, taking more and more of my 7 inches into her ass.

Once all the way in, I began to suck her breasts, licking her nipples, gently tugging on them. Sugar began to bounce on my cock and she filled her ass with me. I had never had such a sensuous fuck in my life!

I couldn’t take any more and announced that I was about to cum!!

“Oh Tony, cum inside me, cum inside of my ass!”

It was more that I could take, and I filled her with my cum, pulling her head to mine and kissing her soft lips. I moaned into her mouth and she moaned into mine, cumming once more with my cock in her ass.

I was going be a very sexy week in Vegas!!!!!!

We rested and chatted, drank some wine, and then we were ready, again. We left the tub and I retired to the bed while she stayed in the bathroom to change. I changed as well. I put on my mantyhose, as she had requested in our letters, and she put on a bodystocking.

She came out of the bath and joined me on the bed. As we were talking, Sugar was gently playing with my cock, which was now fully erect. Her hands and her touch were magnificent, and I loved each and every second of her ministrations.

“I want to suck your cock.” Was all she said.

She got between my legs, took hold of my hard cock and began to stroke me, slowly and sensuously. He lips were so close to my cock I could feel her breath on my head. Her lips, full, red, spread and she took me in her mouth. Just the head. Her talented tongue swirled, teasing and massaging.

This woman was a great cock sucker! As she toyed with the head of my cock, she was stroking my length and fondling my balls. I don’t know how long she kept this up, I had my eyes closed most of the time in ecstasy, and the rest watching this beautiful woman work her magic on my cock.

Eventually she began to take more of my length into her wanton mouth. Over my pantyhose. By this time, my mantyhose sheath was soaked in her saliva and made for the most erotic feeling I have ever experienced.

Sugar began to slowly suck my cock, in and out my length went into her mouth. She used her hands, fingers, tongue, teeth and lips to pleasure me. This was the best cock sucking I had EVER had! She sucked and sucked, teasing me to the brink, then stopping, letting me calm down, then taking me to the brink again and again! I couldn’t take it anymore.

I told her it was time for out other fantasy. She smiled.

I laid flat on the bed, my cock sticking straight up. Sugar then lay on top of me, her legs spread, then with my cock between her crotch, she closed her legs, using her hand to keep it tight against her wet pantyhose crotch.

“Fuck me like this Tony!” Sumata. I LOVE IT!

I slowly started fucking her pantyhose thighs with my pantyhose cock. Pantyhose against pantyhose was an extremely sensuous feeling!

We fucked. For a long time. She played with my cock and I played with her tits.

Then I had her lay on her front. She put her legs together, making her sexy ass bubble. I licked it. All over. WHAT AN ASS!

Then I tore a hole in the gusset. I straddled her, and held the hole open for my cock. In I pushed. But not in her pussy or asshole this time. This time I wanted to fuck her ass cheeks.

As my cock was well lubed with her saliva and my precum from our thigh fucking, it slid easily between her ass cheeks. It felt every bit as good as her pussy. I fucked her ass like this. It was just amazing. So amazing that I couldn’t contain my load anymore and soaked her ass cheeks with my cum, at the same time, Sugar, who had been rubbing her clit under her, came with me.

We slept. Close; our bodies rubbing throughout the night. I woke several times, my hard cock pressed between Sugars ass cheeks, and we rubbed each other until we fell asleep again.

When I woke up in the morning Sugar was gone.

There was a note on the table, “I have to go and get a few things; I’ll be back – shower and change into what I have laid out for you.”

I went into the bathroom and took a nice hot shower, soaping up my body. I washed my cock good. I became erect. I soaped myself and stroked. I couldn’t help it – remembering last night with Sugar was too much for me. I really got into it. I put my foot up on the rim of the tub and added more soap. My cock was so fucking hard and so fucking slippery. My hand was good. I stroked and twisted, cupping my balls and even sliding a finger into my asshole a few times. I was so turned on. I kept stroking, precum oozing from the head. I imagined Sugar there watching me, her red lips inches from my face as I pumped my hard cock for her. I imagined her giving me instructions, telling me what to do, how to stroke, all the while playing with her magnificent tits.

“Come out here and do that for me!” She had been watching me as I had been fantasizing!!!

I put on what she laid out for me. A cock ring! It was metal and had an attachment that reached back and entered my ass, massaging my prostate. When I came, I was going to explode!!!!!

She had me sit on the big plush chair. Sugar knelt in front of me. She was wearing a pink camisole and a bra underneath. The bra was too small. It pushed her already big tits together and upwards, threatening to explode from the straining fabric.

My cock throbbed, causing the prostate massager to flex as well. It felt wonderful. Sugar then started playing with her tits. I had never seen such a sight. This young lady knew how to tease. Her hands pushed and kneaded, tweaked, pressed, spread, and massaged her tits. She put them close to my cock, sometimes letting my cock head touch her flesh, and then quickly pulling away. It was the most wonderful tease!

She did this for what seemed like an eternity. And she wouldn’t let me stroke my cock anymore. She pulled her nipples out of the bra, and then used them to rub on my cock. Eroticism at its best!

She smeared my precum all over her tits. I want to cum so bad, and told her as much.

“Not yet!” She stood and went to the refrigerator. She returned with some ice cream. “Wanna lick?” She asked.

“Yes, please!”

She then turned and began to tease me with her sexy round ass. She danced it and twisted it, she rubbed it, and she pressed it against my cock. What a great ass!!!!

She then pulled her tight boy shorts down, now only wearing a thong bikini. Again, her ass is amazing. She continued her sexy tease, occasionally letting me rub my cock on her ass, and in between the ass cheeks, pressing her asshole on the head, but not letting me penetrate.

Then she put some ice cream on her ass, rubbing it all over, then pressed her ass close to my face, allowing me to lick it off.

“More, Sugar, More!!!!!”

We used more ice cream, sometimes I licked it off, and sometimes I smeared it all over her ass with my hard cock, mixing ice cream with pre cum.

Once my cock was covered with ice cream and pre cum, Sugar would turn and lick my cock clean. I wanted to cum so badly.

“Oh yes, cum on my tits Tony.” She knelt and pulled the camisole and bra down, fully exposing her big tits, and then she wrapped them around my cock. It didn’t take long. I exploded cum, shot after shot, all over her tits, covering them, soaking them, between the cleavage and all over her hard erect nipples.

We smeared the cum with my cock. Then I licked her tits clean, adding ice cream to her already erect nipples.

I pulled her onto my lap, my still erect cock (thanks to the cock ring) pressing against her mound.

She started rubbing her pussy on my hard cock, her lips spreading and her juiced making my cock slippery. This was more Sumata, and I was loving it!

I was sucking her hard nipples, squeezing her tits, and making love to them with my mouth as she was getting herself off on my cock. I felt her cum before I heard it and when her pussy convulsed it provided the stimulation needed to make me cum again. I shot my second load of the morning onto my stomach, and Sugar played with it, rubbing it and scooping some onto her fingers and then eating it.

We kissed. My cum tasted like ice cream. It was good. The sex was good. Life was good!

But our week was far from over. That evening Sugar had another surprise for me.

When I returned from my conference, she was waiting in the room.

She told me to get dressed again (my outfit was in the bathroom).

This time it was black silky shiny pantyhose, without a gusset, and another cock ring, this one without a prostate massager.

When I went into the room, she had me lie on the bed. She was wearing a fishnet body stocking with spike heels. Sugar crawled between my legs and began to massage my ever hardening cock with her hands, her big tits, and her puffy lips. I was in heaven.

Then she told me to turn over. I flipped over, knowing my ass was exposed.

“Mmmmmmm, I love your ass in pantyhose Tony. So sexy.”

I felt her hands on my cheeks, then caressing, then she spread my legs. I felt her hot breath on my ass next. Then her tongue. Then she began to lick my puckered hole. It was pure ecstasy. Her wet tongue probed my nether regions, causing my cock to become more erect that ever.

Sugar inserted her tongue. Heaven. She tongue fucked my asshole, eventually inserting a finger, fucking my ass.

I loved it, and I begged for more, “Oh Sugar, fuck my ass with your fingers, give me more! Open me up and take my virgin ass!”

She did, adding a second finger then a third. “Are you ready for more Tony? Are you ready for my cock?”

I looked back and saw that she had added a strap on cock at some point. It was lovely, about six inches, thick (like my cock), and veiny. It even had balls!

“Oh Sugar, yes, baby, I want that in my ass! Fuck me baby, fuck me like I fucked you!”

“Turn over again. I want you to watch me fuck your ass!”

So I did. I lay on my back and spread my legs, opening my ass to her.

My hard cock was pointing straight up, oozing precum begging to be sucked or stroked. Sugar positioned herself between my legs, then pressed her cock against my hole. Slowly and deliberately she pressed forward, reaching up and grasping my hard cock.

“Oh Tony this is so fucking erotic! Your cock is so hard and so hot! And your ass is so open for me!”

The cock head popped through my anal ring. Damn it felt good!

She continued to slide her cock in my ass, well lubed from her tongue and saliva. It went in easily, and all the way. Then she started to slowly fuck my ass as she stroked my cock. My view of her huge tits, her erect nipples added to my excitement. She fucked me good. She stroked me good.

Then Sugar got on her knees behind me after I got in a doggie position, resting on my elbows. She again inserted her hard cock in my ass and started fucking me.

I loved it and told her so. Damn it was good. I was finally being fucked be the sexiest woman I’d ever met.

She fucked me for a very long time, and I never complained, only asking her to fuck me again and again.

But I was ready to cum. Sugar pulled out of me and went down on my asshole with her tongue again, this time pulling my cock backwards and stroking it. She alternated between stroking my cock and licking my asshole to sucking my cock and fingering my asshole.

I couldn’t hold out any more and blew my load in her mouth.

After I was finished cumming, she spit my cum into my asshole, licking me and smearing it around. When we kissed, the taste of my hole and my cum made me rock hard right away. This time, we reversed roles and Sugar took my cock in her asshole, making me cum as she came.

After our session, it was time to get some dinner, rejuvenate, and get ready for a night of hot fucking and sucking, and, as I told Sugar, more Sumata, which was fast becoming my favorite!

This is my, well our, first submission after being a regular viewer of the great stories available on this site. Below is an actual account of a first encounter between myself and a very sexy lady on an internet chat site. I’ve chopped off the early ‘getting to know you’ exchanges (didn’t feel these would work for everyone!), but have left in a little after chat. I have her permission to publish this and we hope that, if popular, we will be able to publish further conversations as we have them. Please feel free to leave comments, thanks.



LadyBuzzToys 22:50

So, if I arrived at your front door right now, what would do to me?

captainnoone 22:52

Good question…I’d begin by closing the door behind you and pinning you against it…kiss you deeply and intensely and let my hands begin to explore your body…

LadyBuzzToys 22:55

I would enjoy being pinned back, and writhe slightly as I enjoyed your exploration. Pushing back just enough for you to know that you could boss me around…but only because I’m letting you.

captainnoone 22:57

I’d enjoy your writhing; it would make me want you all the more. I’d kiss your neck and you’d respond by lifting your head to let me in, I’d kiss down until I met your clothes, wanting to go further.

LadyBuzzToys 23:00

I’d undo the top button of my shirt, allowing you to see the curve of my breasts, and kiss a little more. I’d look up at you, give you the slightest of smiles and from that you would understand that I want you to carry on.

captainnoone 23:03

I’d undo the next two buttons, never breaking eye contact, feeling your chest rise and fall as I did. Finally I’d glance down and be delighted by what I saw…your delicious cleavage supported by a sexy black lace bra…my intake of breath gives away how impressed I am.

LadyBuzzToys 23:05

Catching you off guard I spin you round and pin you against the wall, slide my hands underneath you shirt over your stomach and round to your back, pulling you in for another brief kiss.

captainnoone 23:07

I’m shocked at first, but soon respond to your kiss…I realise the tables are turned and wonder what you’re about to do.

LadyBuzzToys 23:08

I take two steps back from you, unbutton the rest of my shirt, but leave it on. I slide a hand underneath and feel my breasts, enjoying you watching.

captainnoone 23:11

I watch on, drinking in the sight of you touching yourself. While you touch yourself, you glance down and smile…you know just how much you’re turning me on from the bulge in my jeans.

LadyBuzzToys 23:13

I grab hold of your belt and pull on it, guiding you into the living room, I’m wondering where will be comfortable and then you lead me on to…

captainnoone 23:15

the thick, shag pile rug that lies in front of the fire, a fire that I lit specially a while before you arrived. The warm glow is the only light in the room. I lay you down and your shirt drops open, giving me the opportunity to lay some soft kisses on your stomach and make my way up to your breasts.

LadyBuzzToys 23:17

Again the tables have been turned; I am enjoying both the warmth of the fire and the kisses on my skin. I start to remove your shirt, enjoying each patch of skin as it is revealed.

captainnoone 23:19

I continue to kiss your body, enjoying the feeling of your hands on my skin. I reach up and begin tracing my fingers around your breasts, touching them the way you did at the door, knowing you’d like it.

LadyBuzzToys 23:21

With this I begin to moan with pleasure. I unbuckle your belt, slide it off then pause. I rub your bulge through your jeans, enjoying the anticipation.

captainnoone 23:23

I let out a sigh of gratification as your hand rubs my bulge; instinctively I push myself into your hand. In a rush of frustration I quickly pull your shirt off your shoulders, pull your bra straps down and reveal your stunning breasts. I can’t’ wait to get my lips on them.

LadyBuzzToys 23:24

I lie back and pull your lips to my breasts. I rub myself against you, enjoying the friction from the denim.

captainnoone 23:26

I kiss gently, carefully circling your nipple, trying to avoid it purposely. Occasionally, I pause and let out a warm breath as my mouth passes from one side of your nipple to the other. Your body reacts instantly as your nipples harden. The feeling of you rubbing against mine is driving me crazy

LadyBuzzToys 23:28

I unbutton and unzip your jeans, slide a hand in and begin a slow rhythmical rub through your underwear

captainnoone 23:29

Again I lose control and let out a moan of appreciation. Finally, and unexpectedly, I reach out my soft tongue and make contact with your nipple.

LadyBuzzToys 23:31

Ohh, that’s good. I slide your jeans down and off, loving watching that bulge, knowing how much pleasure it will bring. I slide a hand under my skirt as you continue to play with my breasts.

captainnoone 23:34

It feels good to be out of my jeans. I move from nipple to nipple, licking more eagerly, and gently graze your nipples with my teeth. I’m sure I hear you moan gently, unsure of whether it’s because of my tongue or what you’re doing to yourself with your expert fingers…

LadyBuzzToys 23:36

I tease myself, feeling my wetness already through the thin fabric. I stop then move my hands back to you, over your t and bulge, wondering if this would be the right time to take them off.

captainnoone 23:39

In my mind I’m begging you to pull them off; I need to feel the soft skin of your fingers directly on me. I pause to get you out of your shirt and remove your bra completely. I kneel up and look down at your topless frame, desperate to see the rest of you.

LadyBuzzToys 23:41

I unzip my skirt and gesture to you to pull it off, feeling the tiniest of involuntary thrusts from my hips. I relish the way you are looking down on me.

captainnoone 23:45

I respond instantly, eager to see more of the body I can’t take my eyes off. I pull your skirt over your hips and down over your legs, which you lift to help me. I turn and throw the skirt on the floor. When I turn back, I see you lying there in just your knickers, I can’t wait to take you and it shows in my eyes.

LadyBuzzToys 23:47

My legs part slightly and again I slide a hand over my black knickers. I am feeling very naughty doing this in front of you, delaying your pleasure.

captainnoone 23:49

I watch as you run your fingers over the fabric. Instinctively I respond by reaching for my bulge and for a moment we stoke ourselves in unison. I simply can’t take my eyes off you; they scan every inch of your body.

LadyBuzzToys 23:50

I roll over and kneel up. From behind you see me slide my knickers down…to just below my bottom.

captainnoone 23:51

I gasp at the sight of your firm bottom and reach out to explore you once again with my fingers. I run my hands all over them, being careful not to slip a finger anywhere too sensitive, not yet.

LadyBuzzToys 23:52

I push back onto your big fingers, wanting much more. I reach behind and tug at your underwear, wanting you to take them off.

captainnoone 23:54

Although I’m lost in the feeling of you pushing back and responding to my touch, I slide them down without hesitation and reveal myself to you.

LadyBuzzToys 23:56

This makes me gasp and become more frenzied. I push you onto your back and sit astride your thighs. I run my hands up and down your legs and over you chest. I lean forward to tease your nipples with my tongue, I touch you almost everywhere.

captainnoone 23:57

My body is tingling with your touch, I yearn for you to wrap your hand around me and begin to stroke. I guide your hand to where I really need it to be.

LadyBuzzToys 23:59

I groan when I touch it, I slide my firm grip up and down the shaft. My legs shift to the side of you; I part your legs and lick inside your thighs.

captainnoone 00:01

I moan in response to your grip and can’t help but buck my hips in time as your firm grip moves rhythmically up and down my shaft. The licking drives me crazy……..You’re too far away from me, I need to feel my tongue on you again.

LadyBuzzToys 00:03

I kneel up, straddle you again and lean forward to kiss you. Then I lower my breasts to your mouth, enjoying your greedy licks and nibbles.

captainnoone 00:06

While my tongue swirls around your nipples, I reach my hands down. One glides down your back to your bottom, the other across your stomach towards your most sensitive of areas…your legs are wide apart, either side of mine and I easily explore you with my fingers.

LadyBuzzToys 00:08

I push down onto your fingers, moaning, wanting so much more, loving the way your hands are in control of me. I start to beg for what I want. Please, please, let me slide onto you.

captainnoone 00:11

I love hearing you beg, it makes me harder than I thought possible. I move both of my hands to your bottom and slowly guide you towards my aching shaft. I feel your soft, warm lips meet the tip and gasp.

LadyBuzzToys 00:12

I pause there delighted by the anticipation of what is to come; I turn, look you straight in the eye and give you a very dirty smile. I begin to move my hips in a slow circle, moving down onto you very slowly.

captainnoone 00:14

I stare into your eyes as we share the intense sensation, it drives me wild. I feel you slowly working down my shaft and have to force myself to resist thrusting into you, although it’s the only thing I want to do…

LadyBuzzToys 00:16

I let out a very soft scream as I slide all the way onto you, feeling so tight around you. I lean forward, pin your shoulders down and thrust down onto you, slowly sliding up and down.

captainnoone 00:19

I close my eyes and let out a loud groan as I feel your hands pin me and your pussy gliding up and down my shaft, I can’t help but thrust to meet you each time you come down on me, pushing myself as deep inside you as I can…

LadyBuzzToys 00:20

I start to fuck you harder, no longer able to control the slow movements. My hips slam into you as I thrust.

captainnoone 00:21

I grab you bottom firmly and force you down even harder, I need you deeper and deeper.

LadyBuzzToys 00:22

With one hand I reach behind and caress your balls, with the other I selfishly reach down to stroke my clitoris, still thrusting hard.

captainnoone 00:25

Your hand on my balls feels like heaven. The sight of your hand reaching towards your clit spurs me on. I move my fingertips closer to the tiny hole between your cheeks, wondering if you want me to touch…

LadyBuzzToys 00:26

Yes, I want you to!……Mmm, after a few seconds circling, applying pressure, a finger sneaks in. It moves around again in a circle, gently stretching the tender muscle.

captainnoone 00:31

I feel the muscle relax, allowing me to ease even further in…I can’t help but wonder how amazing it would feel to slide my shaft in there. The mere thought makes me slam even harder into your delicious tight pussy…

LadyBuzzToys 00:33

The sensation of cock and finger combined makes me cum, I tense and my pussy is wetter that you’ve known it, perhaps too wet to fuck. I climb off you and get down on all fours, still wanting more. I run my hand over the soft skin of my bottom, showing you exactly what I want

captainnoone 00:35

I quickly get up and move behind you. I run my hands over your bottom and my finger finds your hole once more. This time it slides in so easily, it tells me you are ready. I move forward and position the tip of my shaft. You feel it touch and I see your body tense then relax.

LadyBuzzToys 00:36

I push back onto you, my whole body begging for more.

captainnoone 00:38

The feel of you pushing back onto me drives me insane. I look down and watch my shaft disappear inside you. I place a hand on each of your hips and pull you closer to me, feeling the wonderful tightness envelop me.

LadyBuzzToys 00:40

I breathe harder, being fucked like this is a little painful, but so, so good. My bottom stays tight around your shaft and I moan as push back.

captainnoone 00:41

The feeling is so intense, I respond by pushing harder and faster into you, I know it must be hurting but I can tell you like it. My entire shaft is sliding in and out of you from tip to base each time.

LadyBuzzToys 00:43

That’s so fucking good, sliding in and out of my tight arse, I feel the sensation of coming again rising inside of me.

captainnoone 00:45

I’m desperate to make you come and I feel the tension in your body. I continue to pound you. I reach below with both hands. Two fingers of one hand slide easily in and out of your wet pussy; while the other frantically strokes your clit…I want to hear you come…

LadyBuzzToys 00:47

And you do…….as my moans turn into screams, almost animal like, you feel every muscle in me tense…and then release.

captainnoone 00:48

The sound of your screams overwhelms me. My breathing tells you I’m getting closer myself. I can’t help but wonder where you want it…

LadyBuzzToys 00:50

You’ve made me feel as dirty as hell, and I’m thinking about you coming on my face.

captainnoone 00:51

I gently pull out of you and move round so that my shaft is right in front of your beautiful face.

LadyBuzzToys 00:51

My mouth is open, still breathing hard…

captainnoone 00:53

I slide my shaft in and feel your lips close around me…my hips begin to stir and I move myself in and out of your mouth.

LadyBuzzToys 00:53

I reach behind you and slide a finger into your anus, guiding your hips into me.

captainnoone 00:56

That tips me over the edge. I pull out of your mouth and take my shaft in my fist. I pump it right in front of you, I can see you watching me…I know I’m about to come.

LadyBuzzToys 00:57

My mouth hangs open, hoping to catch some come, still panting and moaning…

captainnoone 00:58

I inhale suddenly as I come. I look down and see rope after rope of thick white come land on your face and tongue.

LadyBuzzToys 00:59

Mmmm, I lick my lips greedily, use my fingers to wipe it off my face then suck them in front of you.

captainnoone 01:01

I almost collapse as the feeling subsides…seeing you sucking your fingers is amazing…I run my eyes over your body, it’s glistening with sweat and looks amazing…

LadyBuzzToys 01:02

I am calming down, catching my breath, still gently touching myself, exploring just how wet I am…and satisfied. I stroke the sides of your long legs and torso, glad for the pleasure they have given.

captainnoone 01:04

I lie down beside you and run my hands over your glistening body, knowing I’m sharing the same feelings as you.

LadyBuzzToys 01:05

Your toned body looks amazing covered in sweat, and I am exhausted.



LadyBuzzToys 01:06

Well, I didn’t get that early night I had planned!

captainnoone 01:07

Nor me. That was absolutely amazing…thank you.

LadyBuzzToys 01:08

Thank you…didn’t expect it to last so long, but it got me really horny.

captainnoone 01:09

Me too, couldn’t help but stroke while I read what you wrote…so horny and descriptive.

LadyBuzzToys 01:10

I get very turned on by words. I’ve been playing with a vibrator, and have been very, very wet.

captainnoone 01:11

Oh wow…thanks for sharing that with me. I have a very active imagination and can picture you doing it.

LadyBuzzToys 01:12

I’d love to talk again sometime…maybe you could boss me around, or vice versa. Either way, I’ve got to be up in five hours, so really should get off to bed!

captainnoone 01:13

Yes, I’ve got to be up at six. Would love to talk again and share some more adventurous ideas. Hope we can do it again soon.

LadyBuzzToys 01:14

For now, I can fall asleep thinking of a tall man doing dirty things. Mmmm, sweet derams indeed.

Pari and Hitesh had known each other for many years – a decade, give or take. Their association began through the world of cyberspace, like any normal modern day relationship. It started off innocuously enough. A few minutes on messenger, a couple of posts on a public forum, etc. Before they knew it, they had started spending hours together online, sometimes being up till sunrise.

They talked about everything. No topic was taboo, even contentious religious ones. He was a Hindu. She was Muslim. And, they argued. Vigorously. Vociferously. Yet, each respected the other’s right to opinion. Their verbal battles never got uncivilized.

Over time, their online rendezvous turned into offline meetings. A coffee here, a lunch there. It helped that they lived 20 minutes away.

So it went for a while. Eventually, sex came up. They were in their early 20s and were as hormonally active as 20 somethings are expected to be. He thought Pari was an extremely hot woman. She had a pretty low opinion of herself.

At 23, Hitesh was your average looking male with an average height and build. But that is where all things average about him stopped. He was sharp, quick witted and very intelligent. He had a way of making women feel good about themselves. He used just the right blend of chivalry and chauvinism. It is a fine line to tread. A lot of men go overboard with chivalry – hold the door open for women, pick up the tab on a date, etc. Some women like that, yes. But almost no woman who likes that sort of thing is worth spending reasonable time with. The trick is to make her do a few things herself, which preserves her aura of being an independent woman, while being extremely courteous and respectful. A man must always make a woman feel safe, comfortable. She should feel free to be herself. Nothing turns a woman on more than a man who does not judge her for who she is.

Hitesh had that effect on women, more so on those women he was interested in. And he was especially interested in Pari. He gave her intelligence a lot of credit. He knew that she would know if he was trying to get into her pants. So, he did what she did not expect – told her bluntly that he wanted to get into her pants.

Pari did not understand why. She did not consider herself to be attractive. She was 24, built a little on the heavier side but her 5’6″ frame gave her a proportioned look. Perhaps it was her dark complexion that made her feel unattractive – India is a country where all maidens are supposed to be fair. He loved her skin tone, though.

Then there was Pari’s belief system. She wanted to remain a virgin until her wedding night. Her religion forbade anal sex. He knew this about her. He knew that there was no way she would consent to having sex with him. Why did he still make her the indecent proposal? She asked him.

Hitesh knew intercourse was out of the question. He was man enough to not try changing someone’s belief system. She trusted him enough to know that he would not force himself upon her. An element of total trust existed between them.

So he told her. He told her that he is not going to do anything she does not want him to do. He told her that all he wanted was to go down on her. He told her that this seemed to be the next logical step in their relationship.

It took her a few days but eventually she agreed. She did not know why. Something about being so intimate with Hitesh excited her. She knew of no man who would be happy only to go down on a woman.

Of course she knew Hitesh was getting some tail. She knew of his sexual encounters with Gunjan. She also knew that his relationship with Gunjan was only based on lust. There was no future in it. Not that she needed to justify her being with him when he was in a relationship with another woman. As far as Pari was concerned, it was a non-issue. Their relationship was not going to be held hostage to such wordly contrivances.

Gunjan, obviously, did not know. He told Pari that he is not telling Gunjan about this. He trusted Pari to understand that. What about Gunjan? Well, what she did not know could not hurt her. Besides, it is not like she was a paragon of virtue. She was a married woman having a torrid affair. Her husband did not know of her romps with Hitesh. Would the pot call the kettle black?

On the appointed day, Hitesh picked Pari from her home. They drove for a while and found a room in a resort. The resort was perfect – the rooms were far enough to afford maximum privacy.

She went into the bathroom to change. His raging manhood was sending him into a tizzy while he waited. The wait was well worth it. She came out with just a towel wrapped around her bosom.

The white towel contrasted brilliantly against her ebony skin. She looked like a Godess carved in black stone. Her ample bosom heaved with her every laboured breath. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted. She stood at the edge of the bed, waiting for him to make the first move.

He was not ready. Not yet. His eyes wandered down. The towel was barely low enough to cover her bootilicious bottoms. Her legs were open, her thick thighs drawing him like a magnet.

He took his shirt off. He did not trust himself enough to undo his trousers. Before him were perhaps the sexiest curves he had ever seen on a woman. The woman was within reach. He held her hand and lay her face down on the bed.

He undid the towel exposing her smooth back. She was wearing white cotton panties. Her ran his hands over her exposed flesh. Her body instinctively quivered at his touch. He put his hand between her legs. Even through the offending fabric of her underwear he could feel the heat emanating from her sex.

He considered himself a decent masseuse. He started kneading the muscles on her nape. He could feel the knots. She was tensed. It was her first time with him. She had only ever been with one other man before. He was an idiot to let her go. This woman exuded sex. Hitesh was lucky to have her with him.

As his hands worked their magic, she loosened up. Soft moans escaped her lips. He planted light kisses on her exposed back. He could see the sides of her full breasts jutting sideways as the weight of her body bore down on them. His fingers brushed them occasionally, sending her into a tizzy.

He took it slow. No rush. They had the whole day to explore the depths of their bottled up passion. He was hard, almost painfully erect. His jeans valiantly fought his penis’ attempts to burst out of the confines. He lay on her back, the exposed nipples of his hairy chest pressing against the naked flesh of her back. She felt his erection against the soft flesh of her buttocks.

Slowly, he turned her over. She clenched her fists and shut her eyes. She had never exposed herself to him before. She felt shame. He kissed her on her mouth, engulfing her luscious lips. Her nipples hardened. She wrapped her arms around his neck. The shame had gone. In its place, was lust – pure, unabashed, animal lust.

He started to cup her big breasts. They were big, a size D cup at least. His fingers flicked over her nipples. With his tongue, he traced a path from the valley between her breasts to her deep navel. His tongue rolled over her belly button while his hands worked her breasts. She was breathing heavily now. His mouth moved lower and rested on top of her panty covered vagina. He was experienced enough to know where her clitoris was. He nibbled over her panties. His tongue danced over her nether lips.

Slowly her legs parted. In a flash, he slid her panties off. She instinctively reacted, starting to close her legs. He was too seasoned a player. He dived between her legs before she could completely close them. He hit the right spot. She almost shrieked in pleasure.

The first thing he noticed was the smoothness of her pubes. She had taken the trouble to shave. He liked that in a woman – the initiative to make the oral experience more pleasant. It was almost baby-skin smooth. He loved eating her pussy, loved the sensation of her hairless crotch on his tongue.

Hitesh loved to go down on a woman. Just the very thought of making her orgasm turned him on. It was important to him that the woman had as great a time as he did, may be even greater. He could never come himself until his partner did.

Pari was discovering a whole new side to cunnilingus. It was not her first time. But Hitesh was using his tongue almost as well as she used her fingers to get herself off. Somehow he knew the right tempo, could hit the right notes.

Her orgasm steadily built up. He felt her muscles tense. Suddenly, without warning, her legs crossed, holding his head in a vice-like grip. This had happened to him before – a womans thighs wrapping around his head in an extremely brutal hold. The blood drained from his brain. He licked her harder, faster.

This woman was on the brink of explosion. She was taking her time getting there. His eyes were beginning to pop out of their sockets. He felt light-headed. Her grip on his head tightened. He did not know how long he could go on before he passed out due to lack of oxygen. With one last sinew of strength, he flicked his tongue across her love button. That did it.

Her dam burst. Her legs immediately opened. She pushed him away and let out a muffled scream. Her eyes were closed, her breathing in rapid shallow spurts, beads of perspiration formed on her body. She lay there for a while, perfectly still. As her orgasm began to subside, she turned on her side and curled into the fetal position. She felt her clitoris throbbing wildly, giving her delightful mini-orgasms.

Hitesh had taken his trousers off. His absurdly engorged penis stood up straight. He lay on his side beside her, deftly placing his member in her ass crack, in between the folds of her cheeks. With his hands he softly massaged her breasts while she recovered from her mind blasting orgasm.

Pari was extremely turned on. His cock wedged between her crack was making matters more intense. The heat of his loins radiated outwards and spread inside her like a wild fire. Her pussy was soaking, her nipples stood up at attention.

She wanted to go all the way. Her virginity vow did not make sense to her. Why had she waited this long for something so wonderful? She asked him to take her, to make her a woman. She was ready.

He was a thorough gentleman. He valued their friendship enough to not let a fleeting moment of indiscretion destroy it. Yes, they would probably experience the greatest moment of their lives. But she would never be able to forgive herself later. He knew that about her.

He asked her once. Yes! He asked her the second time. Yes! He asked her the third time. That was his rule. Three strikes. She hesitated the third time. That was enough. He did not ask her anymore. The moment had passed. They had become friends for life.

Her hand went behind her back and found his erection. God, he was hard. She never knew a cock could get this hard.

She leaned over him, her right hand holding the base. Her left hand cupped his sack. She started to engulf him in her mouth.

Her mouth was warm. He felt dipped in a vat of hot oil. This woman knew how to give head. She had done this before, many times before. He could feel her nose hit his stomach. No woman had been able to swallow him completely. She was a genius. Born to perform fellatio.

He knew he would not last long. His head was so swollen he was afraid it would burst. He felt his seed start to rise. He warned her. She increased her pace further until he shot at the back of her throat. She milked every drop out of his balls and swallowed it like the sweetest dessert. The perfect woman.

She lay with her head on his shoulders, her hand holding on to his limp cock. He ran his fingers through her hair as they drifted off to sleep.

This is my first story that I have written and submitted to any website. I welcome feedback. This is based on my real life experiences with a few details changed to protect identities. I hope you enjoy.

Ch. 1

The front porch light was left on as they had discussed. Had it not been he would have gone ahead with his task regardless. He was already too far committed to the task. Turning back would mean a long drive home with the craving worse than it is now.

Ben took a deep breath and tried the door. With a slight turn and a gentle push the door silently glided open as he crossed the threshold. Closing the door behind him he allowed his eyes to adjust to the dimly lit room. The living room was about as ordinary as the Camry parked in the drive. This was the typical type of woman who he would meet for these adventures. Usually she was middle aged, living in suburbia, and most of the time married with the husband out of town, but on this rare occasion she was divorced. He didn’t have a preference either way.

He stood silent for a few minutes and quieted his breathing so that he could hear even the faintest of sounds carrying through the house. After the initial entry he always liked to listen for any signs that the information he received was false or partial so that he could adjust his plan or abandon it all together. No sound. Time to resume the activities.

As he walked down the tan color hall he stopped to admire a picture of his new friend. She was at the beach with her 2 young daughters. If he remembered correctly they were 10 and 6 and would have long been asleep by now. Children shouldn’t be up at 1 AM regardless of who your parents are. Her green eyes were reflecting the sun quite nicely in that picture as her dark brown hair fell around her face. She was very attractive and her body was incredible. You could tell she worked hard to take good care of herself. Her perfect C cups still had a perkiness to them and accented her Coke bottle curved figure perfectly.

Now that he knew she was being truthful with her photos he grew even more aroused. He walked past the doors to the girl’s room to the Master Bedroom that was cracked slightly. After slipping inside the room he closed the door behind him, careful to not make a sound.

When he turned around his eyes widened as the soft candle glow revealed the naked body waiting for him on the king sized bed. She was blindfolded and sleeping on her side. Her bronze body revealed no tan lines and the only hair on her body was on her head. He loved the sight, smell and touch of a hairless body. Her breathing was heavy. She really was asleep. This was going to make this all the more fun.

Slipping out of his athletic shorts and boxer briefs he made the decision that she was indeed safe and her request to be filled with his seed would be fulfilled. He slipped his t-shirt off and stepped out of his sandals. His manhood stood at full attention and pointed toward his destination.

The hour and a half drive now seemed like a good decision, even if he had to be in class 6 hours from now.

As he stood behind her he let his fingers trail gently making a path from her ankle, up her leg and to her inner thigh. Once there he rubbed her inner thighs and slowly made his way to her waiting lips. She was already wet from what must have been the anticipation of the night’s festivities. A low moan escaped her mouth as she woke from his touch.

“About time you got here”, she teased.

“Shhh…no talking”, he murmured.

She nodded her head in agreement as her back arched. His fingers had worked their way and were slowly moving in and out. She reached for him with her right hand and held him for a moment before slowly pumping him up and down.

It was his turn to let out a low moan. As the moan escaped his throat she leaned forward and took him in her mouth. He inhaled sharply as he felt the warm wetness engulf him. Her head began bobbing up and down taking him down her throat. No matter how many blowjobs he received he never tired of the sensation. It was ecstasy.

He started to get close and decided to stop so that he could have more time to explore the rest of her. Grabbing her by the hair he pulled her from the meal she was making of him and gently pulled her onto her back. He dropped to his knees at the end of the bed and let his tongue trace the inside of each thigh. When he finally let his tongue flick her clitoris she was writhing in anticipation. It didn’t take long for her to cascade into her first orgasm. She grabbed his hair and he felt every muscle in her body tighten as she came.

Not wasting any time he stood and flipped her onto her stomach with her ass up in the air. Something about a woman’s ass pressing against him as he fucked her sent him over the edge. Lining himself up, he slammed into her from behind feeling her contract from the unexpected force. God, she was tight! His pace was slow and sporadic at first and then he found his rhythm. The speed picked up and he was hammering her from behind. This time a moan loud enough to get someone’s attention in the next room escaped from her mouth so he reached around and covered her mouth with his hand. He did not need a kid waking up and calling the cops because there was a stranger in mommy’s room. Her response was to push back into his hips, which was too much for him to handle. His jaws clenched as did every other muscle in his body as he began shooting into her.

As his orgasm subsided he allowed himself to fall to the side of the woman he just met. She lay there panting from her exertion, the blindfold still on. He rubbed her legs as her breathing slowed.

He stood and started getting dressed. Glancing over he saw a confused look on her face. She reached for the blindfold and he grabbed her hand.

“This was your first taste”, he whispered in her ear, “If you keep it on I will pay you another visit, soon.”

With a pouty look she let her hand fall to her side.

“Will I ever get to see you?” he could hear the longing in her voice.

“Maybe, if you’re a good girl” he smirked.

He quickly finished dressing and made a quick exit out of the house, not being as quiet now that the deed was done.

Will this hunger ever be satisfied?

When we first met, she was the uber bitch friend of a friend. I found out that she was going through a divorce and can’t say I was surprised. I began to see her more often as the days and weeks went on. She would show up to our happy hour sessions and at the occasional BBQ. She was forceful and mouthy, and increasingly sexy. As 42 she was a delicious cinnamon complexion Asian American with one of those rare delicious full bottoms that make me instantly melt. Her sassiness began to meld into sexiness and within three months we were dating.

Our sex was amazing, we were both escaping repressive relationships that had left us unfulfilled and we had each abandoned the hope for anything greater in this realm. We experimented with anything and everything we could imagine. Toys, restraints, anal, public exposure…we were wild. After 2 years we decided to get married and our love continued to unfold.

Soon after being married, we began to discuss new sexual horizons. The idea of playing with others came up, but we were both too shy and conservative to imagine it could be a possibility for us. So we decided on the next best thing, which was to play online in the various chat rooms and photo swapping services. For nearly a year we were breathlessly checking emails, and sharing fantasies and nasty chats with couples all over the world. Through this we found that when we contacted people nearby it sent us even higher into sexual bliss.

We began to increasingly seek out locals and found that it was much more difficult to find couples, but single men were bountiful as expected. I was not much into these one sided conversations, but my wife Sania found it mind-blowingly hot. Soon she would be on messenger and chat at all hours of the night, teasing and chatting and climbing on my willing tongue or cock for relief. She began to mention that she had been fantasizing about a few of her regular contacts, one of which she think she had met before but he did not know who she was.

Intrigued I asked who he was and how she met him. She recounted getting her work suit tailored and the older Indian man that had done her measurements. He had been nothing less than professional but when he unknowingly sent her a picture of his cock, she immediately recognized the interior of the store in the background. She was in no way ready to have sex with this man, but wondered if she could unknowingly contribute to some of the fantasies they had been sharing online.

We discussed the options, and as she swallowed me whole one evening after chatting with him, we hatched the plan for a little teasing. She ordered some fabric online and asked to schedule an appointment to have it fitted for a summer linen one-piece jumpsuit. He set the meeting for after work the following Monday, and we anxiously fantasized and planned her first attempt at transforming even the slightest of our fantasies into reality.

On Monday, she went to work as normal and we texted throughout the day about her growing anxiety and excitement. I reminded her that she had already seen his cock and had shared the most intimate of fantasies. Getting a close fitting would be nothing in comparison, and more importantly he did not know who she was.

She arrived at the tailor’s shop and handed over the linen, and discussed the cut and flow of the fabric. She spends a lot of time taking care of her tight body and she wanted it to be fitted tightly around her firm delicious ass. He asked that she try on a pair of sample pants that he had to get the correct inseam and fitting for the hips. She had worn a typical work skirt and tight fitted black top to work that day, and thus he held them open so she could step into them and slide them up without exposure.

Instead she slipped off her heels and slid down the zipper at her side. Still kneeling before her, she let it slide to the floor in front of his reddening face as she stood in her tight black thong that surely wafted the aroma of her excitement that built all day. She stepped into the pants and let him ease them up her hips as she maintained her demure composure. As he stood and slid behind her to measure the waist, she imagined that thick hard cock she had masturbated to several times, just inches from her ass, begging to be thrust inside her enflamed cunt.

The heat of his hands so close to her wetness as the pressure of the measuring tape traced a line from her back to her navel and pressed against her tingling clit. She could feel the wetness flowing as she tried to hold her thighs closely together as he finished his measurements. The silence in the room was broken as he asked her to slip on a blank top to get her measurements for the bust line.

She dropped the hem of the pants and let them fall to the floor exposing her once again. She then pulled her top off in one slow peel and turned to face him for her top fitting. Her embarrassment and excitement now evident, their eye contact broke and remained unsteady. He continued his dutiful measuring in this tense silence, as she felt his hands trace soft paths over her engorged nipples as he measured each and every seam line for the perfect fit.

Dry mouth he stepped back to inform her that the fitting was completed. She smiled and turned and bent over to pick up her skirt, lingering to ensure he could appreciate the wet fabric that had now disappeared between her folds. She dressed slowly in front of him and asked when it would be ready. They agreed on a completion date, she paid her deposit, and left into the night air.

In the car she called me almost stuttering with excitement and disbelief that she went through with it. I begged her to come home quickly to recount this story to me in full detail. As she undressed and showed me the fruits of her labor, she bent over the iPad to open her mail and see his cock again as I forcefully plowed deep into her sticky hole from the back. She came with a primal grunt and collapsed, face pressed against the screen which still displayed this thick older cock she had dreamed of, and felt the heat of, just moments earlier.

After this experiment, she was more bold than ever. We began to talk more openly about sharing and swapping. They still seemed like distant ideas that were hard to imagine being part of our reality, but her fascination with this, and my excitement at the possibility of new partners, drove us forward.

A few short weeks later, she mentioned that she had been chatting with an older man, in his mid-50s, that was a naturist and also a swinger. He had explained the intricacies of their lifestyle together, and she even chatted one evening with his wife. Sania asked if I wanted to join them in chat and I declined, as I wanted her to continue to develop this fantasy and relationship on her own.

That summer, she told me that this friend, now known as Frank, had a wonderful backyard pool with lush greenery that he and his wife had tended for years to ensure that they had absolute privacy. She also excitedly told me that even though she was much older than her, she was inconsolable in her lust for his cock which was apparently they thickest she had ever seen. She has never been what some call a size queen so I was surprised by the fervor with which she described it. That night as she sat on my cock she looked into my eyes and said she had been dreaming of Frank stretching her to her limits. I was in shock! She bucked hard with her tight Asian pussy as he tried to resist but quickly filled her insides with his boiling cum. She slid off and took me in her mouth and said she wondered if she could fit it in her mouth. I was rock hard again in seconds and without any tenderness she sucked another load from my now sore cock.

I was in a post coital daze when she slid up next to me in bed and whispered a soft question. She said Frank and his wife invited her over on Saturday to meet finally and maybe swim and have a few drinks in the back yard. I again was at a loss for words. She rubbed my soft cock and nibbled into my ear as she purred and begged to please let her go this once. She said she didn’t expect anything more than to meet them and learn more about how we can explore this lifestyle. I asked her if I was invited and she said, well yes they had extended the offer, but she really wanted to go alone the first time. Reluctantly, and admittedly worriedly, I relented and she skipped off happily to the shower to wash my remnants from her beautiful body. My head a bit foggy from all of the thoughts that raced through my head regarding what was proposed and what I just agreed to! Saturday was tomorrow!

Sania and I slept as we usually do after sex, her on one side and me on the other. I barely slept that night as my mind turned and twisted what the day would bring for my sweet sexy Sania. After finally drifting off to sleep at nearly daybreak, I was awoken at 11am by the sound of Sania scurrying about the room.

She was dressed as if off for a normal beach day. She wore her light blue thong bikini set under a tight fitting T shirt with some gauzy shorts which barely showed the hint of color. She had packed a small bag and with the flick of her hair and blown kiss wished me a good day and scampered out the door with a skip in the step. The rest of this story is as recounted and embellished by her later, my day was full of excited sickening anticipation and worry, and a full day of porn and self-pacification.

Sania arrived at Frank’s house and was greeted by his wife Amber. Amber was a bit younger than Frank, at 52, she still had a spring in her step and was a golden brunette, clearly blessed by her time in the sun as a naturist. Frank was out at the grill making lunch, and greeted them wearing a low slung speedo. Sania immediately began to hunger for the real goal of her visit to their house. Frank noted her stare and responded that he did not want to make her uncomfortable so had worn this covering where usually there would be none. She responded with a smile and gave him a tight hug and they exchanged pleasantries upon their first meeting.

Amber invited Sania to change into whatever is most comfortable and take a swim before lunch. Sania slipped off her shorts and and shirt as Frank handed her a margarita. He smiled and said how very glad he is that she joined them for the day. Sania gave him a peck on the cheek, before turning to strut to the pool and give him a view of her gorgeous ass before jumping in. Amber followed her closely behind as they swam a bit before encumbering the floating loungers to soak in some sun.

Sania complemented Amber on the evenness of her tan and without pause, slipped her top and bottoms off to show that it was indeed without lines. Amber told Sania that she should try it too, as the midday sun feels amazing on bare skin as the cool water laps below. Sania hesitated briefly as Frank smiled on from the BBQ at the edge of the pool. She then untied the single string and tossed her top at Frank’s feet. He bent down to pick it up and made an effort to show her his caressing of the fabric which had just held her small but beautifully formed firm breasts topped with chocolate drop nipples.

Amber complemented her on her firm figure and mentioned that she had never seen such nice brown nipples as most of their friends were Caucasian. Sania smiled and laid back to relax. When the attention had subsided, she slowly slipped her thong from between her lips, over her hips and tossed it, hitting Frank in the back. With a start he turned and she giggled playfully. Again Frank lifted her thong from the deck and this time tasted the small strip where it would have parted her lips. Sania shivered at the sight and Amber cooed a naughty laugh. Playing cool Sania returned to her sunbathing posture, soaking in the fact that she was now naked in another person’s pool and pondered the fun that could be in store.

Frank told them that lunch was ready and to come and get it. He laid out the burgers and corn on the table and waited patiently for the show that he knew was about to again. Amber was the first out of the pool, and as she climbed the ladder her large D’s hung and dripped beads of water before she stood and sauntered over to kiss Frank on the lips as he playfully rubbed her mound. Amber sat and yelled for Sania to hurry over.

Sania slowly climbed the ladder and bashfully tried to cover her exposed vagina as she walked. As she approached the table, Frank grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his lap and asked for his kiss. As he held her head against hers exploring her mouth, he took his first full hand of her ass as she pressed hardened nipples into his chest. She popped up and took her seat at the table and they quietly ate.

After lunch, Frank mentioned that we could use a quick dip in the pool to cool off. Frank walked over and sat on the ledge as Amber and Sania also slipped into the pool. They both swam over to Frank and Sania could not take her eyes off of the cock she had dreamt of now just inches away from her. Amber noticed her fixation and with a knowing wink to Frank, hooked her thumbs at the sides of his waistband and slid it off as he raised himself up. Half erect and now fully exposed, Sania was completely transfixed. Its sheer girth and apparent weight was astonishing, especially as compared to her small frame. His shaven balls hung full and taught. She momentarily broke to look at Amber. Amber kissed her full on the lips and said, Sania, it’s all yours for the day, enjoy it. Then Amber swam to the ladder and left the back yard in a flash.

Frank ran his hands through Sania’s hair, slowly directing her between his legs. She willingly drifted closer until he flicked his now fully engorged cock and it struck her cheek. She placed her hands on his legs and began to flick the helmet with a still cautious tongue. He continued to encourage her by slowly stroking her hair and soft face. She moved one hand, and then the other to cup his balls and attempt to circle his shaft. She gasped as one hand barely encompassed half of his erect trunk.

She looked up at him and smiled, before dutifully lowering her head for the first taste of his cock. His tip barely sank past her wet lips as she tried her best to take it all in and answer the question she had asked since first seeing it. She bobbed heavily on his cock for several minutes before her jaw began to tire. To take a break she licked down and encased his balls in her warm stretched mouth. He groaned and lay back on the pool edge. As she licked and sucked his balls, she saw his asshole and tried something she had never done before. She licked down and circled his ass with her tongue as she attempted to stroke his cock. Frank initially reacted shocked but then settled in and enjoyed it.

Sania now had regained her confidence in her abilities to handle this cock. She climbed out of the pool and startled Frank’s face as she committed herself to sucking the first load of cum from his impressive balls. Frank gripped her hips and lovingly traced her wet slit from anus to clit, pressing his hard tongue inside her, causing her wetness to flow even greater. Her dark lips were sucked and teased by Frank’s skilled mouth as he tasted his first taste of his new exotic lover.

Sania wrapped both hands around his shaft and with her mouth over his cock head, used her whole body to deeply suck and stroke him. She was nearly at fatigue when she finally felt Frank tense up and after a few hard squeezes he unleashed a thick packet of cum which shot to the back of her throat. She gagged and kept sucking, he relaxed and she collapsed on him, licking the small drips of cum that slipped out and lay on his balls and thighs. She was exhausted but so proud of herself.

Minutes later she was startled awake as Frank moved and picked her up to lay her on a lounge chair. She had fallen asleep on his cock. She giggled at the thought. Frank straddled the chair and again offered Sania his cock. He asked her to get him hard again. She was voracious in her appetite for this thick rod and complied immediately. After a few minutes he was fully hard and he step back as it popped from her hungry mouth.

He bent over and sucked each nipple before flipping Sania over on her stomach. He paused to marvel at the amazing ass he had only seen before in pictures and now was ready for him to claim. Sania slid back onto her knees and Frank pushed her chest down to the chair to open her fully for his onslaught.

Frank leaned forward and put three fingers in Sania’s mouth, scooping out saliva as she sucked at his digits. He wiped her wetness around his cock as she squirmed. Eyeing the deep pink insides of her body that were obscured by two dark lips, he parted the with his hand and in one slow plunge, filled her with more cock than she had ever known. Pausing motionless, Sania merely gargled a garbled response as he let her adjust to his size.

Slowly he began to increase the pace. Her tight dark lips stretched taut around her shaft, sliding in and pulling out as he filled her. Frank grabbed two handfuls of her ass as he smiled at her and began to fuck her with all he had. Sania was startled and gripped the chair, moaning uncontrollably as the first contact of his fat cock with her cervix sent her over the edge. Frank continued to pound her as she cried out in ecstasy. She felt more full than she could imagine. Her head felt full of hot lava as she savored the deep powerful thrusts of this man she had just met in person only hours ago.

Frank began to call out Sania’s name as he neared his second orgasm. Sania squeezed her legs together to make it tighter for him and begged him to fill her with his seed. Frank stood and pulled her hard against him as he unleashed a flow of semen that Sania felt in her stomach. He stumbled to the adjacent chair and lay back spent. Sania jumped up to kneel before him and suck the remnants of her and his cum from his flaccid cock and scrotum. Frank smiled and said he needed a few minutes to recover. Sania smiled and fingered her now loose lips and lay face down on the lounger.

Some time later, she heard Frank stirring and turned to see him climbing back on top of her lounger. He kissed her neck as she felt his already hard cock press against her ass. He bit gently on her ear and asked if she was ready. She begged. He reached for something off the table next to him and she felt the cool sting of an ice cube and it ran down her back. He traced her spine and used the cube to part her ass. She expected him to move it to her clit, but shuddered when he stopped and ran it around her ass.

Frank immediately lined up his engorged shaft and began to press it against her nearly virgin ass. Sania begged for him to be gentle as she does not regularly do anal. Frank didn’t respond but continued to press until she felt a hot pang and the head popped inside. She didn’t know if she should scream or beg for more. Frank grabbed a pat of butter from the lunch plate and rubbed it around his shaft with his tip still buried in her ass. As he pushed, she felt some relief as the butter began to smooth and speed his descent deeper into her bowels.

Sania began to beg him to fuck her in the ass. Frank complied and began an increasing pace of long slow thrusts into her tight ass. Sania queezed her legs together as they were pinned underneath Frank as he fucked her deep and hard. The pain was growing, but so too was a new sensation that was fueled by the fullness and the dirtiness of being owned by this older man who is stretching her asshole with the biggest cock she has known. Sania begged him to hurry. Frank said he didn’t know if he could cum again. Sania begged him to cum deep in her ass. She began to talk dirty to spur him on. She promised to suck his cock clean if he would fill her ass with his seed. With that image burnt into his head, Frank unleashed his final load into Sania’s cinnamon quivering asshole. He slumped down on her and pressed his cock as deep as it could go as he spasamed the last drops of semen into her newly stretched bowels.

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