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‘What was I thinking?’ Louise thought holding up the red baby doll before her. The idea was a month old, a way of re-kindling her husband’s passions for her, of showing her husband that Louise Chester was still a woman at fifty and a sexy one at that. Boudoir photographs, erotic yes, dirty surely not. They had been her best friend Carols idea. Louise had spent the afternoon bitching and moaning about her husband Mike with Carol throwing in her own thoughts before she finally gave her the idea.

Carol leaned in over her coffee and said, “Ever thought of some photographs for Mike?” Louise asked her what she meant by ‘Photographs’. “Last year for Steve’s fiftieth I went to a photographer and got him to do some Saucy photographs of me to give to Steve as his birthday present.” The two women leaned and whispered over their Latte’s as if they were conspirators in some great scheme.

“I don’t know Carol, a man taking nude pictures of me. I think that would make Mike a little angry.” Louise had never been one for nudity in any real form, once on a holiday in Spain they had ended up on a beach surrounded by topless women with no one caring but Carol the stoic British female she was, kept her breasts hidden beneath her bikini top.

Carol shook her head, “Not nude you dunce, erotic. You put on a little outfit and the guy shoots you in all these sexy poses. No nudity or if you like some nudity,” Carol smirked when she said the last bit. Louise looked at her questioningly. “Look it was heat of the moment stuff, this guy was snapping away and one thing led to another and,” she shrugged her shoulders.

“How much did you show?” Louise asked, shocked at this sudden confession.

“Just my tits Louise. Calm down the man was a professional and to be honest it was kind of hot you know, showing off to a stranger. Steve certainly enjoyed the photos.” A smile creased her face as Carol remembered the afternoon she handed over the little leather bound portfolio to her husband a red gift bow stuck on the top corner.

“I don’t know Carol it all seems a bit dirty.” Louise’s doubts kept piling up.

“Exactly my point. You want to get that spark back you are going to have to play dirty. Or at least show Mike you still know how to play dirty.” Carol sat back. “If you want I can come along for moral support.”

“I’ll think about it, okay?” Louise said and moved the subject quickly on to the soap opera on the Television the other night.

Which was a month ago, give or take and here she now was in a little back room. Her short blonde hair teased to within an inch of its life and her face done up better than Louise could do it herself. The photographer had promised a professional shoot and so far he had been spot on with his small team of stylists. Now she had to dress. ‘How can you dress in this, there is barely any material.’ Her mind still fought against the whole idea, the red baby doll had seemed a good idea and hand picked by Carol no less.

Louise slipped it on the top barely covered her ample breasts. She was once a curvy 34D but pregnancy had changed those and the rest of her. Louise was now a 36D and with a little pot belly that her husband once adored. Curvy was what she was meant to call it, fat is what she really felt and unattractive. The front of the baby doll opened along the centre but was held in place by three red bows that she securely fastened before she slipped on the matching panties her dark blonde bush just visible. Lastly the red stockings slipped on over her legs. She felt silly and more naked than she had ever done in her life. “You ready in there?” Carol asked excitedly.

Carol beamed from ear to ear seeing her friend when she stepped out. The transformation was remarkable. Louise was dowdy and frumpy at the best of times more so next to the glamorous Carol but for the first time ever Carol felt a pang of jealousy towards her friend. Here was a woman of sexy curves a pity she didn’t know how to use them. “You look fucking amazing Lou,” Seeing the doubt on her friends face she continued, “seriously I have never seen you look so…” she hunted for the word, “so fucking sexy.” Louise let out a laugh and Carol joined in helping her friend relax a bit more. Louise lowered her arms that she held across her body in a very defensive pose. Carol could not help but eye up her friends breasts. Louise was known for her heavy jumpers and seeing her almost naked was one thing but now seeing her breasts. Carol wondered why Mike was ever off those things.

“Are you ready?” The photographer asked as he approached fiddling with his camera, he stopped and looked up. Carol noticed it and wondered if Louise had too, he had stopped cold a sentence on his tongue lost when he saw Louise in her get up. He licked his lips gave a cough and diverted his eyes rapidly away from Louise’s breasts. “Okay Louise you look stunning, this is going to be easy to shoot.” He held out a hand that Louise took cautiously and let the photographer walk her over to the small set.

“So tell us Andy, shoot many yummy mummies?” Carol asked.

The photographer Andy laughed, “A few in my time,” he was aware that Carol was trying her best to relax her friend and was willing to help as much as he could. A Cold model made for very cold shots. “But none anywhere near the class and look of Louise here.”

Louise blushed at the words. Getting from the changing room to the set was one thing now Andy was preparing to shoot. She took deep breaths as he told her to just relax. She lay down across the white fur rug and stretched out awkwardly arms going up then down, legs doing the same. She looked like she was having a fit and felt like a right prat. The flash bulbs on either side of her went off suddenly. Andy smiled lowering his camera from his face. “Test shot Louise, see how painless it was.” She smiled back still very unsure. “Think about it Louise I now have one image of you dressed in a seriously sexy outfit looking all shades of gorgeous. Why stop there?”

And with that she had no answer. He was right, one shot of her dressed like this was already on the camera and it had taken less than a second to do. He had not laughed at seeing her in fact she was pretty certain he had been surprised at how good she looked when he had approached her at the changing room. So what did she have to loose. Carol was here and the Photographer was not an idiot. She smiled and stretched out her legs placing one hand under her chin and the other behind her head.

!POP! The flash bulbs lit up the scene once, twice, three times. Andy pointed this way and that, first lying down then sitting her up. That feeling of apprehension started to fade in fact she started to have fun. Louise sat up legs spread and leaned forward arms dropping between her splayed legs and her cleavage heaving out as she starred into the lens. Andy snapped away then stood up from his crouched position a big smile on his face.

“Wonderful Louise, you are a born natural.” When he looked up from the small digital viewer on the back of the camera he noticed that Louise was sitting upright unaware that the last position had knocked the strap of her baby doll off her shoulders and dropped enough to take the flimsy material away from her right breast exposing it. Andy lifted his camera and grabbed a shot. He walked over to Louise, “Here take a look.” He said and offered the camera to Louise.

It took her a second to realise what she was seeing. The next instinct kicked in and she hurriedly pulled the strap back up and covered her breast. “Did you see that Carol?” Louise asked all embarrassed.

“So what Lou, it’s a boob, I’m sure Andy here has seen many in his life time.” Carol looked at Andy.

Andy nodded looking at Carol. “Just the odd hundred or so,” he turned to look at Louise “But none compare to what you have Louise if you don’t mind me saying.” Louise went to say ‘how dare you’ or something of equal displeasure but she found the words stuck in her throat. She looked back down at the image. In it she could see how relaxed she looked a slight smile on her mouth one breast exposed. She did look kind of sexy, but this guy. She did not know him that well and he obviously wanted more of Louise topless.

“Please could we stick with the other shots?” She asked Andy. He nodded a little sadly at her reply he had hoped to see more of the wonderful woman who had walked through his door this morning but it seemed that was not to be. As he walked away, she kept seeing that one image over and other and what did Andy say earlier, how painless it was and why stop there? So why should she? What was holding her back Andy was clearly happy to take more photographs and Carol, well Carol was just Carol.

Andy turned and caught his breath. Louise had lowered both sides of the baby doll exposing both breasts. He stared for longer than he knew he should have and caught the eye of Carol looking at him and a little cock of her head. He lifted the Camera and fired away. After a few shots he moved in closer, he knelt down filling the lens with Louise’s face and her ample breasts. ‘My god she is hot for a fifty year old.’ Andy thought followed quickly with ‘She’s old enough to be your mom’ but that only seemed to fuel his passion for this woman, he remained kneeling aware that if he stood up his erection was more than likely going to be visible in his black drain pipe jeans.

“Louise you are magnificent, I just hope we don’t give your husband a heart attack with this pictures.” Andy joked. “Are these photographs for a special occasion?” He asked trying to keep professional while wondering how good her nipples would feel on the end of his tongue.

Louise hesitated with an answer, “Birthday present.” She finally blurted out.

Carol laughed, “Pull the other one Lou. Her Mike doesn’t think she’s sexy enough, Lou is in the sex starved category of middle life.” Louise took major offence at that and stood up covering her chest with her arms.

“How dare you say that Carol, Mike is…” What was Mike exactly nowadays? Husband yes, lover not in a very long time and oh how she missed it.

“Mike is a fool if you ask me,” Andy offered the thought had come out of his mouth instead of remaining fixed in his head. Both women looked at him, “Sorry but to have a woman like you in his life and not want to, you know?” He let the women fill in the gap.

Carol pointed at Andy, “See, he’s eighteen and he knows a sexy woman when he sees one.”

“I’m twenty four actually.” Andy offered though he doubted either woman had heard him.

Both women starred in silence at one another, finally Carol spoke. “Lou, you look amazing even Andy thinks so, the whole world knows so except Mike. You have a body that screams for attention and you now have photographs that will tell Mike that. If you don’t think so just look at his erection.” And she pointed directly at Andy.

The jeans were unforgiving and Louise could easily see the outline and bulge of a very hard cock pressed up against the tight fitting denim. Her mouth dropped open the penny dropping that another man found her attractive, physically attractive. Not only that a younger man. Louise was fifty one and Andy, twenty four? That made him twenty seven years younger! How was that possible? How could this young man possibly see her as attractive but the evidence spoke for it self or at least showed it self. “If I was younger, would I be your type?” She asked Andy.

He looked bemused, “why younger, you’re hot, well that’s to say attractive. Seriously if you weren’t married I’d have tried my luck by now.” The words were coming from his mouth but he was unaware of how they were getting there. “I’d bed you every single night if I were your husband.”

Louise looked at him, her bullshit detector remained silent. Andy was not a bad looker, not really her type but then again Louise had no type. Louise felt as if she were in a bad porn movie, ‘young stud fucks MILF’ or something equally as literate as the title of the movie suggested what you were going to see in a not too subtle manner like the ones she watched now and then online when Mike was off in one of his moods. But this was real life and she was married. ‘Get over yourself Lou this guy is just saying what he wants you to hear so you’ll get your tits out for him again.’ Somehow she had walked over to Andy. Louise felt out of control as if someone else was now controlling her actions. Her lips met Andy’s in a long lingering kiss before parting.

“Lou! Bloody hell what was that?” Carol squealed a look that was half shock and half amazement on her face. “You don’t have to prove anything to me okay.”

Louise turned and shrugged at Carol. For the first time in a long time here was a man, an actual man that found Louise desirable and clearly wanted her if he could have her. So why shouldn’t she? She kissed him again her hands finding his waist as his own hands found hers. Andy kissed her back as firmly as she kissed him. There was no hesitation by him he wanted this as much if not more than Louise right now.

Andy’s hand worked up her right side his hand rubbing across the red material of the baby doll, feeling the warm skin beneath. His thumb slipped beneath one heavy breast before he turned his hand and cupped the breast taking the weight and squeezing it ever so gently. Louise’s tongue explored Andy’s mouth the alarm and the nervousness were both quickly evaporating being replaced by lust at the taste and touch of this young man. Andy’s other hand slipped round and squeezed Louise’s ample backside pulling her in closer as he did so and pushing his erection against her making sure she knew of his intentions.

“You feel so good,” He said hoarsely as they broke their kiss momentarily. One hand squeezed her backside the other held her breasts and did the same. Andy lowered his head lifting the breast as he did so. Louise took a shuddering breath as his tongue flicked across her semi erect nipple. Her nipple firmed up after the first pass. The sensation was something she missed. Little electrodes of joy that warmed her breast with each lick and when he took the nipple in her mouth and gave it a gentle nibble she felt herself moisten and knew she wanted to feel him in her.

Louise broke their embrace and lowered herself to her knees. Her hands shook with adrenaline and she fought to undo the jeans. Andy finally reached down and unbuckled his belt. The button fly easily popped open as Louise pulled at one side. Her excitement was overwhelming it was not like she had not seen a cock before. She had seen Mike’s and she had seen enough lately online but this was better. This was real and it was going to be in her hand. She pulled the white briefs down and watched Andy’s rock solid cock bounce free and stand erect in front of her face.

One shaky hand reached out and touched the cock. It felt so hot and alive as she took hold of it. Bigger than Mike and thicker she had not felt anything like it, had only imagined what something like this could be like. She stroked it slowly listening to the gasps and short breaths of Andy as she worked his young cock in her old hand. ‘How did it taste?’ she wondered and opened her mouth guiding him in.

“Oh you dirty bitch!” Carol exclaimed. Andy jumped with surprise as did Louise at the sound of her friends voice Andy’s cock slipping free of her mouth and slapped against his belly.

Carol had taken a seat on metal chair, her jeans and yellow thong around her ankles. Her legs were spread as wide as they could and one hand worked slowly across a shaved pussy, finger tips already wet. “Who are you calling a dirty bitch?” Louise mocked and returned to Andy taking his cock and feeding it back into her mouth.

Andy held Louise’s head his fingers dug into her short blonde hair letting her dictate the pace and the amount she sucked. He could not believe his luck so many times in his life he had wanted an older woman. Ever since he learnt the fine art of masturbation he had discovered the joys of older women through the pornographic magazines he had found in his brothers room. Finally all those fantasies were coming true.

Louise sucked what she could, Andy’s cock was bigger than her Mike’s and even that she barely took more than the tip and an inch or two. But she found herself trying to get as much of this young cock in her mouth as possible. Her own moans seemed louder than those of Andy, but then again she was sucking his cock and playing with herself. Andy pulled back with his hips pulling his cock with it and out of Louise’s mouth. He took hold of it “I want to feel it between your tits.” He said through heavy breaths.

Louise straightened up and held her breasts slightly apart allowing Andy to fit his cock between them then she pushed them together encasing it. His cock head poked out from the top of her cleavage, shimmering with spit and pre cum. He started to buck his hips moving his slick cock between her heavy warm mounds his cock head dipping almost out of sight then rising up with each thrust. “Oh fuck they feel so good.” He said voice quivering with excitement. Louise stuck her tongue out ‘just like the movies’ she thought to herself. Her tongue met Andy’s cock head on his next up thrust and tasted a good layer of pre cum, she kept her tongue out catching tastes with each thrust. “I have to stop or I’ll cum.” Andy said pulling his cock, reluctantly from the warm embrace.

“I bet you want to taste her don’t you?” Carol called out as she watched her friend and the young man. One hand moving across her pussy, one finger buried deep inside her.

Louise lay back on the fur rug her legs spread wide. Andy knelt between them and could already see the mess that Louise’s fingers had made. The gusset of the red panties had been pulled aside and her meaty lips were puffed and spread eager for more. He leaned forward smelling her sex as he got closer. His tongue ran in one long slow motion starting from the bottom and working its way up between the lips to her clitoris where he lingered with a gentle rotation.

Her hairy mound tickled his nose and cheeks, he had had enough trimmed and shaved in his lifetime and to finally have a real woman before him was so much more of a turn on. He ran his tongue back down, poking it further in tasting her juices, feeling her warmth and the satisfying motion of Louise pushing her hips up to meet him. His tongue returned to her clitoris as his right hand index finger slipped with ease into her waiting warmth. Louise let out a long moan as she felt the finger slide in and the electric snap as his tongue played across her clitoris. She moaned even louder as his free hand worked up her body and found one breast, pinching the nipple between finger and thumb.

Louise detected movement next to her when she opened her eyes she saw Carol had come in close and was kneeling next to them and was still playing with herself, her eyes alight with lust at the sight. “Enjoying the show?” Louise managed to ask.

“Not as much as you.” Carol replied. Andy lifted his head, eyes admiring the other mature woman in his studio, “eyes down stud, I’m off the market.” She chided.

With renewed passion Andy returned. Louise could not believe how good it felt to have someone work so diligently to make you orgasm. Louise gasped as she felt a second hand on her breast. Carol smiled down as she used her free hand to rub and pull at Louise’s free nipple. It was all too much, both breasts were alight with their touches and her clitoris was sending shockwaves across her whole body. “I’m cumming!” Louise cried out her hands grabbing Andy’s head forcing him down as her hips began to buck with the force of the orgasm.

Andy felt her release, a gush of warm liquid across his fingers and hand he lowered his head trying to lap up the mess that he had helped create even as Louise kept on cumming. She held his head firm and he licked and poked his finger, well actually fingers. He now had three inside her feeling her walls spasm as the after shocks rippled through her.

We’d been seeing each other for a few weeks. I’d pop round on the way home from school for a quick fuck, sometimes on your settee in the living room, other times on the stairs right in the hall. A couple of times you picked me up from school and took me on a short drive into the woods. Sometimes, if I had ten minutes and I was at home, I’d pop round and give you a blow job and then run back home.

After three weeks like this I managed to get away for the night. I said I was visiting a friend, left the house, went down the road, and then sneaked back up and into your house. We spent all evening in bed together. I sucked your cock and you licked my pussy for the first time. I posed for photos for you and showered with you. I took my clothes off as soon as I was through the door on Friday and didn’t put them on again until I went back on Saturday evening.

One night we were lying in bed when you asked me if I’d like to go away with you for the weekend. I said yes, I’d love it, but where?

“A nudist place,” you said. I thought you were joking.


“Yes, it’s nice. Feeling the breeze against your bare skin, the grass, the bark; it’s how humans are supposed to be after all.”

“I suppose,” I replied. “What sorts of people do you get?”

“Oh all sorts. All ages, sexes, races, and some families. What do you think?” I didn’t really know, I’d never thought about it, but it was a chance to get away, and as long as they had a room we’d spend most of our time in there. I didn’t imagine it would be much different to any other holiday. So I agreed.

A school friend of mine had moved away a few weeks ago and I told my parents I was going to stay with her. They drove me down to the train station, and about half an hour after they left you arrived and I got in your car. We drove for about an hour, eventually turning off the motorway onto country lanes.

“It’s not far now.” You said. “Actually, there’s something I need to tell you.” I was a little nervous “Given your age we can’t say we’re a couple, can we? Now, don’t worry, we’re still in the same room, but I’ve had to tell them you’re my granddaughter.”

I burst out laughing, “Your granddaughter?”

“Yes,” you said, “pretty silly I know. Are you ok with that?”

“Sure,” I said, still smiling, “that’s fine.”

We turned up a wooded track with the sun breaking through the leaves. We came to a gate across the narrow road with a speaker next to it on the drivers’ side. You rolled your window down and pushed a button. When the answer came you said “Greenbourne and granddaughter.” I laughed again as the gate opened. You looked at me and smiled too. “Behave, or I’ll tell mum and dad,” you said with a wink.

We parked the car, took our bags out, and walked over to a wooden building which looked like an office. There was no one around and it was very quiet, just the sounds of nature. You opened the door and I went in ahead. As my eyes adjusted from the sun to the office I was startled to see a naked man in his fifties stood in front of me.

“Hello,” he said, “you must Ms. Greenbourne?” I didn’t answer, I was pretty stunned as I took in what an unusual situation I’d got myself into.

“She is,” you said as you came up beside me, “I’m her grandfather.”

“Excellent,” the naked man said, “I’m Terry, it’s a pleasure to have you both here,” he said, “a real pleasure.” He repeated, looking at me.

Terry got the key and took us to our chalet. On the way he gave us a tour of the place. It was off season, he said, so there weren’t too many people around, about 15 or so, but there was a sauna, gym, tennis courts, hot tub, and several acres of woodland we could walk in. Our chalet was small but clean, and was in a cluster of other chalets. As we went in Tony wished us a good time and said he looked forward to seeing us around the camp.

“You’re very lucky to have a granddad who’ll bring you somewhere like this,” he said before taking one last lingering look up and down me and turning to leave.

Inside the chalet we dropped our bags and had sex straight away; me bent over the sink with you behind me and my face pushed up against the window. Afterwards, with your cum dripping out of my pussy and down my thighs, we undressed, went to the bedroom, and lay down.

“I think we’ll have fun here,” you said.

I smiled. “Keep doing that and we will.”

You smiled too. “True Stace, but we have to go out and about round the camp as well. It will look unfriendly if we don’t.”

“I don’t mind being unfriendly,” I said “I’m here to spend time with you.”

“I know Stace.” You said after a pause, “Me too, but…it’s something I enjoy. And you like me being happy, don’t you?”

“Of course I do.” I was a little upset by the idea that there was something I wouldn’t do to make you happy.

“Good,” you said, pausing again. “If you want me to be happy Stace, when we’re out there naked, if you’re sunbathing and your legs are a little spread when someone walks by, don’t close them. I want us both to be totally relaxed. That’s the point of this place.”


A little later you decided we should take a walk. “Naked?” I asked, hoping you’d say I could take a towel or something.

“Naked.” You answered. So I sat on the bed and pulled my trainers on, but was totally naked otherwise.

We stepped out of the chalet and I was all nerves in case someone saw me, I was tingling all over. It was as though my body wanted to be so sensitive it could feel even the slightest glance at me. You were relaxed and I wished I’d felt the same. As I looked round at the other chalets I froze and went cold as I saw two guys on their porches looking at me. They were sat in the shadows, out of the sun, and were at least in their 40′s. I wanted to move my hands to cover my pussy and tits but, as though you could read my mind, you said softly “Remember Stace, relax.”

You took my hand and led me off our porch “Afternoon.” You said to the guys, and they eagerly said the same back. As we walked past their chalets to the path leading out of the clearing I could feel their eyes over every inch of my skin. Their gazes were hungry, I could almost feel them pawing at me. Part of me felt sick and embarrassed, but, to my surprise, part of me enjoyed it. My pussy tingled a little. Not only was I doing what you wanted, I also enjoyed the feeling of power I had over those guys.

We walked until we found a wide open stretch of soft grass. I brushed a space free of any twigs and lay down, and you did the same next to me. I closed my eyes, and I felt the sun and soft wind on parts of my skin I’d never felt them on before. My nipples hardened from the gentle breeze and I felt the warm rays of the sun on my vagina lips. I enjoyed the feeling and opened my legs up a little further.


I was woken up suddenly by the sound of laughing. I raised my hand to my eyes to block out the sun and saw, standing facing me, a stranger totally naked. He was about two feet from my ankles, which had spread wide apart exposing my pussy to the stranger.

“Sorry,” he said to me, “didn’t mean to wake you up.” You were smiling as well so you two must have been talking while I slept. The stranger crouched down so he was close to me, reached out his hand and said, “I’m Glen.”

“Stacey.” I said shaking his hand.

“Just been talking to your granddad,” he said, “shame you’re only here for one night.”

“Yes,” I said looking at you, wondering what else you’d said.

“You have your own chalet Stace?”


“Shame,” he replied before realising he might have said something wrong “You know…”

“Cheaper that way.” You said.

“Yes. That’s nice,” Glen said, “very nice.” I could see that he was staring at my bald pussy spread wide just a foot or so in front of him. I looked to you for some instructions, hoping, I think, that you would distract him or indicate I could shut my legs from his invasive gaze, but you just smiled and nodded your head slightly in Glen’s direction and, instinctively, I knew what you meant. I looked at Glen’s small, wrinkled cock and saw it was getting hard, its head twitching upwards.

A buzz ran right through my body seeing the effect I was having on this guy. I smiled back at you and sat up, resting with my arms behind me with my elbows on the grass, crossing my legs, and leaning far back to spread my cunt as wide as I could for him. I wondered if he could see that I was getting a little wet from showing myself off to him like this. I could see his cock take another leap upwards, which he tried to hide by facing away a little. Glen flushed, mumbled a little, and said he had to go. “If you fancy a break from you granddad come over and say hi,” and he was off into the wood. When he was gone we started laughing.

“Bet he’s off for a wank.” You said.

“Probably,” I said, “but he didn’t look at my tits once.”


That night was another first for me. I was washing my hands by the kitchen sink when you came over to me like you had that afternoon. You kissed my neck as I felt your stiff cock against my arse. I sighed and leaned back into you as your hands ran up from my hips, over my stomach to my tits, stroking all the way, and taking my nipples in between your thumb and finger, and rolling and squeezing them gently. My pussy was soon soaking and ready to receive you, and I offered no resistance as you bent me forwards over the sink again. I closed my eyes and smiled with anticipation as your left hand played with my left breast. I had my right hand working on my other breast and my left hand fingers rubbing my swollen clit. I couldn’t wait to feel the tip of your cock against my swelled, sensitive lips.

Suddenly, I felt cold jelly on my arsehole. You were rubbing it around and poking it a centimetre or so in with the tip of your finger.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Shhhhh Stace.” You said.

I knew what was coming, and I knew it would be painful. I took my hand from my breast and grabbed a wooden spoon by the sink. You took your hand off my tit and placed it on my shoulder, pinning it to the counter with all your weight to hold me in place. I felt the tip of your cock against my tight virgin arsehole, which had only ever had the tip of your finger up it. I thought of what your stiff seven inch cock would do to it, gulped, and closed my eyes.

“If it hurts Stace,” you said “it’s ok to let it out.”

You were guiding your prick into my arse with your right hand gripping the base. You eased in the tip easily enough, the swollen helmet which pulsed with blood. Your finger had been about that deep in before. “Here goes,” you said. I gulped again and squeezed the wooden spoon handle.

“Aaaaaaaagh!” I screamed at the unnatural, burning, tearing pain in my tight arse as your cock forced its way in. You stopped and stroked my hair.

“Shhhhh,” you said, “there Stace, it’ll be fine.” I looked at my hand, white from squeezing the wooden spoon handle so hard, and then it was gone as my eyes closed from the pain in my arse from another deep thrust of your cock. I screamed again. Tears were streaming down my cheeks I noticed. This was worse than when you’d taken my virginity. I took some comfort from thinking that while it had hurt at the time, I was fine with it now. This would be the same, surely?

I let out another scream, which I tried to stifle by biting my lip as you pushed in again. This time you were all the way in as I could feel your pubes against my arse cheeks. I heard you grunt.

“Fucking hell,” you said, “that’s tight.”

You didn’t thrust in and out, hard and deep, as you did with my pussy, instead you rocked rhythmically backwards and forwards, our hips moving together. There was no new pain, but there was plenty left over from your entry. You stroked my hair with your left hand and held my hip with your right as you fucked my arse. I tired not to make any more noise which would put you off.

Soon the pain welled again as you pushed deep in me and I let out a deep groan. You were tensing and I knew that meant you were about to cum and you did, heavily, filling my arse with hot sticky juice.

You pulled out slowly which hurt as well. I let go of the spoon, surprised I hadn’t broken it, wiped the salty tears from my cheeks and tried to stand up.

“Agh.” I let out as the pain from my arse shot through me again. You pulled me close and patted my head as I buried my face in the silver hairs on your chest and sobbed.

“There there Stace, you did really well, I’m so, so proud of you.” I stopped sobbing and said thanks. “That’s something I really enjoy, you made me very happy.” Not only was I now not sobbing, but hearing you say that actually made a smile flicker across my face. Then came a knock at the door.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“Probably some of the others here come over to say hello. It’s a friendly sort of a place.”

“Can you tell them to go?” I whispered weakly.

“We can’t Stace,” you said, “we have to be friendly back. And remember, I enjoy it here and like doing this.” You looked into my eyes “It makes me happy.”

“OK.” I relented.

“Good,” you said. “They won’t stay long. Go off to the bathroom and clean yourself up a little. Remember, you’re my granddaughter.” I walked painfully to the bathroom.

I shut the door behind me, wiped my face and straightened my hair a little. I could feel your cum seeping out of my arse, so I pulled some toilet roll and ran it gently up in my arse crack. I looked down at the paper to see cum mixed in with blood. I dropped it in the toilet, ran another handful and did it again. I repeated this a couple more times then flushed. I looked at myself in the mirror once more. I looked ok, but the pain in my arse was throbbing and burning. I took a deep breath and went back out into the living room, trying to hide the pain as best as I could.

Sitting around with you were Glen, Terry, and another couple of guys. “Stace,” you said, “you know Glen and Terry, this is John and Mark, they’re in the chalet two down.”

They both said hi and I managed to reply. The two of them, and Glen and Terry, were staring at me like they had been this morning. I immediately became very self conscious about being stood totally naked in front of them.

“Take a seat Stace.” You said. I couldn’t really say no, and the only seat was on the small sofa in between John and Mark. I walked over, hiding the pain in my arse, their eyes roaming over me all the way. I came in between them, turned my back and taking a deep breath began to lower myself onto the sofa. The pain was incredible but I managed it.

The gap between John and Mark was so small that my hips were pressed against theirs. Both continued to stare at me, and neither made any attempt to hide the fact that they had solid erections. Neither did Glen or Terry for that matter. I was turned on as before to discover the power my body and sexuality had over these men and my nipples hardened but the pain I was in stopped my enjoying it as much as I would have otherwise.

“Your granddad was telling us you have to keep this secret from your parents,” said Glen. I nodded.

“Yes,” I said. It was kind of true.

“Do you have any other secrets?” Mark asked. As I turned to face him he made a big point of looking me up and down.

“Then they wouldn’t be secrets,” you told him.

“There was quite a bit of noise coming from in here just now,” Terry said, “everything ok?”

“Yes,” you replied. “We were taking a splinter from her foot.” I noticed that John had snuck his arm around behind my shoulders.

“Is it just me or is it hot in here?” he asked with a wink. The others giggled like schoolboys.

“It is a bit warm,” you said. “Stace, maybe you could get us some drinks from the fridge?” I didn’t much like the thought of getting up and walking around given the pain I was in, but it got me away from Mark and John so I took another deep breath and pulled myself up, the two guys making a close inspection of my arse as I did so. I kept my cheeks tightly clenched and headed for the fridge.

“You’re a lucky man to have a maid like that.” Mark said to you and I heard you all laugh behind my back. I shut the fridge door and came back with five bottles of water. I stood in front of you all and crouched to put the bottles on the floor. The pain shot through me again, though a little less than before. I was beginning to recover. I took the top off one and handed it to you. Then I turned and handed one each to Mark and John. Then I heard Terry behind me cough rather obviously. I turned to him and he was looking at you so I switched my gaze to you wondering what was going on.

“Er…Stace” you said indicating the floor underneath where I was crouching. I looked down, and a wave of shame and embarrassment hit me so physically that I could feel my skin burning as I saw a few drops of blood. I stood up and headed straight for the bedroom and as I shut the door I heard sniggering behind me. I curled up on our bed and cried. Not for the pain or embarrassment, but because I felt I had let you down.


That night my arse was still sore, so you lay me face down on the bed and spread my legs. You put some more of the jelly on your little finger and worked it into my anus. It hurt, but as you pulled it out and pushed it in slowly the cool jelly made the burning go away a little. You stroked my hair softly with your other hand. Soon I began to drift off to sleep, with the breeze fluttering through the curtain by the open window, and your finger still gently working me, stretching my sphincter. We were going home tomorrow. “I hope I’ll be better for the netball match on Tuesday,” was the last thought I remember before falling asleep.

This story contains fisting, BDSM, interracial and older younger themes. If this is not for you please move on

Rachel is twenty one, and married to a much older man who she loves with all her heart. Not only because he was the father of her child but because he was all that she could ever want in a man. Added to that was the fact that she was free to do whatever she wanted, with whoever she wanted. Though Rachel and her husband had experimented with all forms of sex from groups of men, to woman of all ages from eighteen to seventy, she had rarely ever taken advantage of the freedom he gave her.

Rachel was slim with a gorgeous body and a perfectly rounded arse. She was extremely naïve to the effect that she had on men. She had an air of innocence about her that just seemed to attract men like a magnet. But she had no idea the effect she had on men just by being in the same room. She loved sex and did anything that was fun, she had very few if any limits. Her main problem with sex was that she could turn herself on so easily due to a fertile imagination and a seriously over active libido.

Since being married she had dressed to please and now it was just normal dress code for her. Short skirts and never a bra. When she was working she would wear a house coat with only panties underneath. She was also extremely submissive. If a client told her to do an additional room she would do it without question, or cook a meal or any of many other things that had nothing to do with her normal cleaning duties. That submission was about to take housework and extra duties to a whole new level.

Rachel had got into housekeeping by accident. She had offered to help an elderly lady with her housework as she had just had a hip operation. She did so well that it became permanent. The elderly lady had spread the word and Rachel now had several regular clients as well as some one off jobs that she got now and then


She had been cleaning Simon’s house twice a week for several months now. Simon was about fifty and his son Carl and Carls wife Rita, both in their twenties, lived with him. Rachel had met both Carl and Rita who were often at home when she came round to clean the house. They had all at one time or another told Rachel to, make some tea, or cook some toast or even sweep the garden path. All of which she had done without complaint. They treated her like a servant which she accepted as part of her job. She had always answered questions about herself when asked not being able it seemed to refuse to answer them. These questions Carl had taken a little further a couple of times and asked about her sex life. She would blush bright red when he said things that hit the button, and the more she blushed the more blatant he got. Even Rita, who found out that Rachel was bi-sexual, and Simon, who found out that Rachel had no age problems, joined in with the banter sometimes. Rachel would blush and smile and, even though she hated to admit it, she would get turned on at the thought of sex with a black man Something she had never done before.

She went into the house through the back door as usual and went through to the lounge where Simon was sitting reading the paper. This was not unusual and she just carried on with her work after a ‘good morning’. She cleared away cups and glasses and then started to plump up cushions when Simon said, “You have a gorgeous arse Rachel.”

A little shocked she went to straighten up. “No stay there. Just like that.” Simon said calmly as he stood up. Moving over to her he added, “I have wanted to do this for a very long time.” He put his hand on her right buttock and moved in a circular motion. Rachel was frozen to the spot, her pussy already getting wet. She felt no fear or even shock, all she felt was hugely turned on.

As his other hand started to massage her other buttock she couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure, and as his hands moved over her hips and up to her breasts she felt her knees start to shake. His hand slipped inside her house coat and as he ran a finger over her nipple she could feel his erection rubbing through his jeans against her bum crack, she opened her legs slightly to accommodate it.

Simon pulled at the house coat and she felt all the poppers come undone. Now one hand moved back to her buttocks, this time touching naked flesh. The hand moved round to her hip and slowly between her legs feeling her sopping wet hole. She raised her head and sighed loudly.

“You really are so fucking hot.”

At that moment Carl walked into the room. “Now that’s what I call a goooood morning.” He said with a laugh.

Rachel was too far gone now to do anything and Simon just continued pushing his fingers into her hole. Carl dropped his dressing gown on to the floor and sat on the settee, lifting Rachel’s arm so that she was now perched over his erection. The sight of it made Rachel gasp out loud. This was the very first black cock she ever seen and the effect on her was electric. Without any hesitation she moved her head down and slowly took his erection into her mouth.

“Fucking hell Rachel your fuckin eager ain’t yer.” Carl said.

Simon moved away for a moment and when he returned Rachel could feel his naked erection playing at her pussy. As it slid into her eagerly awaiting hole she let out a cry of utter animal pleasure. Both men were quite large but she had been fucked by bigger cocks, it was just the thought of being fucked by two black men and the thought that it was father and son made it all the more filthy and all the more fun.

Carl put his hand on Rachel’s head and urged her to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth until she had his cock in her throat, something she had done before and enjoyed. “Fucking hell you suck like a fuckin hoover.”

“I can’t believe this.” Simon said, “I am fucking a young hot cunt while my son gets deep throated. This is so fucking horny.”

“Well save some of her for me you bastards.” Rita said, “I wondered where you had gone Carl you dirty sod. And as for you dad you should know better, corrupting your son like this.”

While both men had stopped thrusting neither of them attempted to remove their cocks from it’s place of pleasure. “Sorry Rita I just couldn’t keep my hands off her any longer. Anyway you said you wanted some of her as well so why not join in. I always wanted to see you naked.”

“Yeah come on babes.” Carl said, “Have a taste.”

“Oh fuck it why not.” Rita said dropping her dressing gown to the floor, “Why should you two have all the fun. Move over make room for me Carl.”

She didn’t give Carl much choice, she was so turned on that she just pushed him out of the way and Rachel found herself eating her first black pussy. The sweet smell of a woman now drove her even further into lustful passion. Carl slipped to the floor and, spreading Rachel’s legs got underneath her. Simon withdrew his cock and allowed his son to pull Rachel down onto his throbbing erection. That left only one hole available and Simon had wanked many times over the opportunity to put his cock into this bum hole.

Not sure just how Rachel would react he fingered her pussy and gathered some of her juice on his fingers, feeling his sons cock inside of her sent a wave of excitement through him that surprised him. He slipped a juicy finger into that tight bum hole and played inside before pushing another finger in. Once he had three fingers in comfortably he put his erection to that hot hole, waiting for some reaction from Rachel. The reaction was for her to push onto him, slowly he pushed his black cock into that welcoming hole. A little at a time to begin with but once she was into a rhythm with him he pushed the rest in, right up to his balls, which bounced on her gorgeous arse cheeks.

Rachel was completely lost now. The men had got into a rhythm that thrust Rachel onto Rita’s pussy and she was licking that clit with every stroke, her hands now gripping Rita’s ample breasts and tweeking her nipples out of pure instinct.

Carl couldn’t believe his luck. He had not fucked another woman since he had married Rita, even though they had all talked about Rachel before he never expected to be fuckin the same woman who was eating his wife’s cunt. Every time he thrust into Rachel he would grip her tits hard and when he felt his dads fingers enter her hole and brush his cock he almost came on the spot, which surprised him more than anything else.

Simon, who had started all this from lust couldn’t believe what was going on. Never in his wildest dreams could he have ever pictured himself shagging a very young woman’s arse while his son fucked her cunt and his daughter in law got a pussy licking. And try as he may he could not stop looking at Rita’s tits and so wanted to help Rachel play with them.

Rita knew that her father in law was looking at her and didn’t care, in fact to her surprise it turned her on. She had often wondered what he thought of her and now, seeing the lust in his eyes as he watched her tits being squeezed by Rachel she finally knew. She also knew that she was going to come, and come hard. Rachel certainly knew how to eat pussy, and by the looks of it loved what a cock or two could do for her as well.

Rachel was lost in all the action. She had given herself up to it in mind and body and as her orgasm mounted she just let go completely. She knew the guys were about to come as they both started to thrust harder and Rita was moaning out loud and pushing up in to her face.

When they did come it was all thrashing bodies and loud moans and even a scream from Rachel who had come both in her arse and her pussy at the same time, something else that was a first for her. Rita bucked up so hard she almost knocked Rachel’s teeth out. Finally the family stopped bucking and fucking and Rachel sagged to the floor along side Carl.

“I need a cock. Now.” Rita gasped. As Carl got up and smiled at her she added, “Not you. You had your bit on the side now I want mine.” And she beckoned to Simon, who instinctively looked at Carl.

Carl just smile and said “I am going to enjoy this as much as you will dad.”

Rita slid forward on the settee so that Simon could make easier entry. Simon started slowly but soon increased his pace. Rita beckoned to Carl for his cock and pulled it to her mouth. Rachel just sat on the floor watching the action and recovering from her own ‘ordeal’. It turned her on all over again.

Carl came first in Rita’s mouth and the sight of his son’s come dribbling down her chin drove him into orgasm which in turn brought on Rita’s.

Carl turned round as his father shot his seed into his wife and offered his cock to Rachel who took it deep, sucking it till it was clean. Then she cleaned up Simons cock and once she had done that she looked to Rita who sat with her feet on the settee, her pussy wide and leaking her father in laws come. Rachel smiled and eagerly cleaned out that come riddled hole while the men stood back and watched as Rita again went into orgasm.

Finally, exhausted, they all sat in silence. Looking from one to the other. After a moment Rita said, “What the fuck just happened.” And burst out laughing. Everyone joined in even Rachel who had still said absolutely nothing.

After a while Simon got up and went into the kitchen returning a while later with three cups of coffee. Handing Rachel one he said, “I don’t know if you take sugar, I will bring the bowl in and you can help yourself.”

“Thank you.” Rachel said quietly. She, like Rita, was totally confused at to what had taken place. All she did know was that she absolutely loved it and hoped it would happen again.

All was silent for quite sometime then Rita looked at Carl, “Are you ok babe. With….” She trailed off and looked at Simon then back to Carl.

“Me!” Carl said, “I fucking loved it. Why the fuck hasn’t it happened before?” He laughed

“Dad?” Rita asked

Simon looked at her and then at his son. “It’s not something I ever would have expected but, if you two are ok with it then….I fucking loved it as well. But maybe right now we should be thinking about Rachel who, after all only came here to tidy up. He looked at Rachel sitting on the floor, naked with her knees up. Carl and Rita looked at her as well, waiting for her to say something finally.

Rachel seemed lost in thought for a moment then seemed to wake up. “What! Me! Oh! Well I just had the best fuck I have ever ever had ever.” She had a huge smile on her face. “But I really must be going. I haven’t even started work yet”

The three of them breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes of course Rachel. I am sorry we kept you so long. Maybe you should leave the cleaning for today.”

The looked on Rachel’s face mixed with the way Simon said it was just too much for them and they all burst out laughing again. Rachel slipped her knickers into her pocket and donned her house coat. “Well I will do a special job on Thursday when I come round.” This provoked another burst of laughter.

Simon reached for his jeans and took out his wallet. “I will still pay you for your work though.” He said with a smile. He took her wages out of his wallet and put it into her hand. He always paid in cash when she was leaving so nothing seemed untoward. Once Rachel was out of the house she took the money out of her pocket and was surprised to find a fifty pound note. She only charged five pounds an hour and she usually spent two hours at Simons so was expecting ten pounds. She smiled, she had wondered what he meant when he said ‘her work’ Now she realised that the ‘work’ he had paid for was the fucking he had given her. She felt really filthy and turned on all over again. Did this make her a whore she thought.

Walking home she wondered just how many of her other male clients looked on her in the same way that Simon did. It wasn’t something that she had ever considered before. Maybe she should take more notice in future. Once she got home she told her husband everything, he had always insisted on honesty so she had no fear of him being annoyed. On the contrary he had been so turned on he had bent her over and fucked her there and then. When she told him about the money he laughed and said, “Well you always wondered what it would be like to be a whore. Now you know you slut.” He did laugh which made her feel even better about it.

Later that evening Rachel was soaking in a much deserved bath. Thinking over what had happened at Simons house. She hoped he would still want her to do his cleaning for him as she couldn’t afford to really lose a regular customer. She also wondered if anything like it would happen again, deciding to play it by ear. She also decided to take more notice of her clients in future and if any of them wanted some extra work done then she would most certainly do her best to please them, if they in turn decided to give her a bonus that was up to them. She thought it a bit unfair to charge extra for something that she enjoyed doing. As it was Monday she would have to wait and see how things panned out with Simon and his family, if they wanted to give her some more added work to do she would be very happy to oblige, paid or unpaid.


Mrs Robinson and Mr Martin. Mrs Robinson was in her eighties and lived in a small bungalow. She only took about an hour to clean but sometimes Rachel would go to the shop for her so by eleven o’clock she was at Mr Martins. Mr Martin was in his sixties and was a retired gardener.

“Morning Mr Martin are you ok today?”

“All the better for seeing you my dear.” He replied

Mr Martin always sat in his chair by the fire, even when it wasn’t lit and watched as Rachel did her chores. Often he would ask her to do this for him or pick that up or go to the shop for him and on a couple of occasions he even asked her to go to the shop with him, holding onto her arm as they walked. Now and again he would put his hand behind her back, allowing it slip down to her bottom sometimes. All this had gone through Rachel’s mind as she walked to his house and she had admit that it probably wasn’t all innocent.

As she worked Mr Martin called out, “Rachel, Rachel.”

She walked into the lounge, “Yes Mr Martin?”

“Sorry to bother you my dear but could you get that magazine off the floor me.”

Rachel was fairly sure that the magazine had not been on the floor when she arrived so she bent down and picked it up slowly, glancing out the corner of her eye she could see Mr Martin trying to look up her housecoat which was of average length but if she bent from the waist was prone to ride up and show a fair amount of her legs. As she stood up she turned her back to him and undid one of the poppers on her housecoat baring a little more of her ample cleavage. She walked over to him and bent over to hand him the magazine.

“There you are Mr Martin.” She said, leaning forward. “Anything else I can do for you sir.” She deliberately added the sir even though she wasn’t sure why.

“No thank you my dear.” He said eyes glued to her cleavage and magazine thrust into his lap to cover, what seemed, a growing erection.

“I will carry on then. Just call if you want me sir. For anything.” She smiled and then left the room. Once out of sight she undid another popper. She could feel herself getting wet.

“You slut.” She said to herself.

Sure enough five minute later, “Oh Rachel, Rachel have you got a minute please.”

“Yes sir.” Rachel said, “Coming.”

As she entered the room he said, “Be a doll and plump my cushion up for me there’s a good girl.”

To do this Rachel needed to stand in front of him and pull him forward till his head was on her chest. Now that she had undone the extra popper his head was in fact buried between her tits and each time she punched the cushion he got pushed further into that wonderful cleavage. Once she had finished she pulled his head from it’s chosen place and moved him back. Still leaning forward she said, “There we are sir. Is that better for you.”

“Oh yes dear much better.” All this time his hand had been in his lap hidden under the magazine.

“Well if I can give you a, eeerr, hand with anything else you just tell me sir, anything at all.” Her gaze dropped to the magazine in his lap.

“Oh I will Rachel I will. Anything, you say? Anything at all?”

“Absolutely anything sir.” She smiled and waited for a second to see if he would ask anything else. He didn’t so she left the room. A minute later

“Oh damn. Rachel, Rachel dear I have had an accident.”

Rachel went into the lounge to find him with his cup in his hand and his tea in his lap. Now Mr Martin was not a shaker, his hands were always quite still so how this happened Rachel wasn’t sure but she knew what he wanted from her. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a tea towel. Getting on her knees in front of him she started to slowly wipe the tea up from his lap. Making very sure she brushed his erection frequently.

“Am I doing it right sir.” She smiled as he gazed again down at her cleavage.

“Oh yes Rachel. Perfect, absolutely perfect.”

“Do you like the view sir?” She asked giving an extra hard rub on his cock “Or would you like to open the curtains a bit more sir?” As she said this she raised herself up enough for him to reach the ‘curtains’ if he so wished.

“Well yes a little wider would be very nice dear.” His now uncharacteristically trembling hands reached forward and undone another popper. “Maybe one more.” and another was undone. Her tits were now on open view. He could clearly see that her nipples were engorged and her chest was heaving with her own arousal.

“Does that please you sir?”

“Oh yes my dear enormously.” he said breathing more erratically now

Rachel had dropped the tea towel by now and was blatantly rubbing his cock as she looked into his eyes. She moved her hand up to his zipper and still looking into his eyes she pulled it down and reached in for that cock. “If there is anything more I can do to help you sir tell me sir and I will do it sir.” His cock was now free of it’s restraint and Rachel was surprised at the size of it. It was only about eight inches long but must have been at least three inches round. Her small hands only just got round it.

“Well if you would like to move a little closer I am sure it would help enormously.”

Rachel thought he wanted a blow job so went to put his cock into her mouth but as she moved forward one hand went to her breast and the other to her head stopping her from putting it in her mouth. The hand on her tit was now squeezing her nipple hard, hard enough to make her moan with pleasure.

“Do you like that Rachel.”

“Oh yes sir it feels good sir.”

“You have wonderful hands my dear. Wonderful. Open your mouth there’s a good girl”

Rachel did as she was asked and with a final squeeze on her nipple Mr Martin shot his seed all over her face and into her mouth. Rachel had no idea the last time he had come but his stream just seemed to spurt jet after jet of hot semen onto her face. She swallowed what went into her mouth but that was soon replaced by even more until finally, exhausted and drained of fluid Mr Martin fell back into his seat.

“Thank you my dear that was most helpful. I would appreciate it if you stayed just as you are while you finish your chores.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.” She replied

She finished her work uninterrupted and when she was done she went back into the lounge. “I have done my work sir may I get ready to leave now sir.”.

He was reading his paper which he folded up and put aside. “Kneel down here my dear.” He said pointing between his knees. She did as she was told. “Now I want you to use your hands to wipe all that lovely come off your face and then I want you to lick your hands clean. Understood?”

“Yes sir.” She expected him to fondle her tits while she did it but instead he just watched as she wiped every drop of sticky dry come off her face and licked it from her hand. Once she had finished she put her hand in her lap and waited for him to inspect her.

“Very good my dear. Now you may wash yourself. Come and see me before you leave.”

As she washed her face she realised that the way she had acted with him, calling him sir, was purely on instinct and that the more she said it the more confident he got and the more demanding. Maybe she had found his true nature. She didn’t do her house coat up as he had not told her to do so. When she returned to the lounge he said, “Good I am glad you only did as I asked and left your self on view to me. In future when you arrive you will wear stockings, a short skirt and thin top with buttons. I may allow you to stay dressed or I may want you to walk around naked.”

“Yes sir.” Rachel said

“Here is your pay.” He said handing her an envelope which he always did. “Now I want you to leave your buttons undone till you have left the house when you can do them up. Understood?”

“Yes sir. Will that be all sir?”

“Yes, you may go.”

As she closed the door the feeling of excitement being half naked outside really turned her on. While she didn’t want to be seen she hoped she would be. Even when she started doing the poppers up she did it slowly and was disappointed when nobody walked past her. She did however leave an extra popper undone and decided that in future she would never go above her cleavage while working. When she opened up her wage packet she was pleased to see that he had put in an extra ten pounds for her ‘bonus’ work. Again she told her husband what had happened and again they fucked each other crazy. As he was a dominant man anyway he thoroughly approved of her behaviour, and as he put it, her etiquette. Complimenting her on her instincts.

As her husband had told her she could keep all her bonus money Rachel started to think of things she could buy with it. Deciding that she may eventually need to get some special clothing she chose to save it and see what happened. She also decided to take her housecoat up a couple of inches and in future she would wear stay ups or stockings and suspenders. But not till after Friday when she would see Sir again.


Today was an easy day if not a very nice one. She had the whole day free to do some window shopping and spend time with the baby. She only had Mr Roberts office at six this evening. Mr Roberts was the middle aged son of another of Rachel’s elderly clients. He was also a very rude man and very sexist. Always making remarks about how she would look stretched over his desk naked and things like that. The fact that Rachel never commented and completely ignored him seemed to drive him on to being more and more course. Secretly the fact that she disliked him turned her on as she would often fantasise about him doing what he wanted with her and then she could just say something like “Oh are you finished already” Or “Is that it then?”

She enjoyed her day and even bought a new set of suspenders and some stockings, in black of course, which she intended to wear next Tuesday for Mr Martin, or Sir as she called him now.

As Rachel arrived for work she was more nervous than usual, even anticipating what may occur. Her experiences thus far this week had been more than she would ever have expected. The second floor office was a single room with three desks on each side and Mr Roberts desk at the end. The office finished at five thirty except for Mr Roberts who stayed till Rachel had finished her work. As usual Rachel went to each desk emptying the bins first, Mr Roberts was watching her from the moment she entered. With her raised hemline and her lowered popper level she had no doubt that he was trying his best to get glimpses of her body that he had never seen before. As she approached his desk she was impelled to avert her gaze from him, something she had always done. She just couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Your looking well horny today Rachel.” He said raising one leg up onto the desk “Flashing all that tit for me are you?”

As usual Rachel ignored him, but she did take just a little longer than normal to empty the bin, bending over just that little bit further than needed.. As she stood up Rachel realised she was shaking. What the hell was she playing at. She was never like this. She always just ignored him and got on with her work as quickly as possible. Doing her best to seem calm she turned and walked away.

“Nice to actually see your tits for once Rachel.” He said, “Answer me a question will you?”

Rachel ignored him and continued walking away. “Rachel!” He shouted. The call was such a shock that she stopped. “Come here.” He ordered

Despite her head saying ignore him ignore him her feet turned her around and walked her back to his desk. Her hands shakily holding the bag of rubbish in front of her. He was still sitting with one leg up on his desk and the other on the floor, seemingly offering his crotch for her gaze. “That’s better. Now. You have shown me that you don’t have a bra on so would you answer me a question?” Afraid to say anything she just nodded in the affirmative.

“Do you have any panties on Rachel?”

The question was such a shock she looked, for the first time ever, directly at him. He had a huge smile on his face.

She turned round and, as fast as she could headed out of the office to the cupboard where she kept her cleaning tools, tears welling in her eyes. Why she had tears she didn’t know. It wasn’t anger, or embarrassment. So what was it? She really had no idea. Pulling herself together she grabbed her dusting cloth and went back into the office determined to completely ignore him. She dusted each section getting slower and slower, trying to avoid doing his section but all along knowing that she would eventually have no choice. He sat silently, watching her every move, smiling as she moved closer and closer. Finally she was at his desk. He wheeled away from the desk as he always did to give her room to get around it. Only this time as soon as she was in front of him he wheeled his chair back in with his legs either side of her, effectively trapping her. To get away she would have to step over his leg. He was so close to her that if she didn’t lean forward she would have fallen into his lap. Her hands placed on the desk for balance she said nothing, waiting for him to pull away and stop this silly game.

“I asked you a question Rachel.” He said in his most authoritative voice, “It seems I will have to find out for myself.”

She felt his hands on her naked leg and tried to say no but while the words formed no sound left her lips. As his hand reached her buttocks, and the edge of her panties “Yes.” She said quietly, “Yes I have some on. Now please let me do my work, please.”

His hands however did not stop. They ran over her buttocks and up to the elastic at her waist. “You should have answered me straight away Rachel. Now I think you owe me for being un-respectful. I will take these as penalty.” And he yanked her panties down to her knees. She gasped out loud, unable to stop him.

To her surprise he moved back, enabling her to stand upright. Then of course she realised this was for his benefit not hers as her panties dropped to the floor. “Step out of them Rachel.” With her back to him she did as she was told. Completely unable to justify to herself why she did not just run, or even object. “Now pick them up and hand them to me.”

Again she did as she was told. Her head was in such a mess, telling her no, don’t do it. While her body just obeyed. He took them from her shaking hand and put them to his nose.

“They are wet Rachel. I can taste your sweet cunt juice on them. You may carry on with your work now.”

Obediently she finished dusting his desk, all the while expecting him to again trap her. All the while screaming at her pussy to stop dripping juices.

Next she had to vacuum the carpet. This at least was noisy enough to stop him talking to her. She did the open area and then it was his area. She hesitated, waiting for him to move his chair away but when he did her knees almost gave way. He said nothing, he never touched her but she was in total shock. Mr Roberts sat with a huge grin on his face and huge erection where his trousers should have been.

“Well not so huge,” she thought through her shock, “in fact quite normal.” but erect he certainly was. She seemed hypnotised but it. The cleaner still running but not moving, it seemed impossible to avert her gaze. Even worse her mouth was wide open. “Run” her head said, “Run.”

“On your knees Rachel.” He said sternly.

The demand shook some semblance of reality back into her. But she didn’t move. She didn’t run.

“Now!” He shouted. Her legs collapsed. She fell to her knees, still gazing at his erection as it got closer and closer. Again she could feel the tears welling in her eyes but still couldn’t explain why, not even as she lowered her head over his erect phallus. “Now make it good or you could find yourself finishing your work naked like the slut you are.” His hand rested on her head

Slowly she began to work on his cock and then as the thought of being naked in his presence urged her on to greater effort. Her husband had always said how great she was at sucking cock and she used every little trick she knew. Flicking her tongue over the head, playing with his balls with her free hand, and taking him deep into her throat, where he delivered his seed. Without any warning his come went straight into her belly until he pulled out enough for the second jet to stay in her mouth. Quickly followed by another and another. She swallowed most of it but some escaped from her mouth and run down her chin. As he removed his hand she let him slip out of her mouth, unable to look at him she sat there waiting For what? She had no idea.

“Stand up.” He ordered. She did as she was told. “Not good enough Rachel. You allowed some of my precious spunk to get away. So I have no option but to punish you yet again. Strip.”

Shocked, she again looked him in the face, “I….I….Mr Roberts…I just….”

Roberts jumped out of his chair. “Now! Do not defy me.”

Rachel shrunk back, her hands flying to her poppers, dropping her housecoat to the floor. Her hands instinctively trying to cover her pussy, her dripping wet pussy.

“I have always wanted to see you naked Rachel. As I have always wanted you to suck my cock.” His hands roamed over her tits and down her back, she could smell his arousal which in turn aroused her more than her head wanted. He pinched her nipples and ran a hand between her bum crack. Her body reacted by opening her legs to allow him entry. He brushed his finger over her bum crack and then moved on round to her waiting cunt, throbbing in anticipation. Her legs shaking, almost giving way again.

“I knew you were a slut, a little whore. You love it don’t you Rachel?” She remained silent. “Put your hands on the desk and bend over. I am going to fuck you like the bitch slut you are.”

Her breathing was now heavy and erratic, her cunt throbbing for attention. She did as she was told. He pulled her back slightly and then rammed his cock into her as hard as he could. She screamed. Even worse. She orgasmed, instantly, constantly, from the moment of entry her body craved the violation he forced upon her.

“Didn’t I always tell you how much you would love it you slut.” Roberts said as he wildly thrust into her. “You cock loving whore, you fucking slut, whore bitch. Aaarrrggghhhh oooohh yes you fuckin bitch.mmmmmm” He shot his seed deep into her and kept thrusting until his legs could take no more. As he pulled out Rachel collapsed onto his desk, still in orgasm. Writhing in unexpected and uncontrollable ecstasy, she slid to the floor and rolled up in a ball.

“Get your filthy cunt juice off my cock bitch.” Roberts said, standing in front of her. Still shaking she got to her knees and slid her lips around his cock. She had done this many times so no concentration was needed thankfully. After a moment he stepped back and she fell forward, now on her hands and knees. “Now get your work finished. I have a wife to get home to.”

Suddenly hit with shame at the mention of his wife Rachel reached for her housecoat. He stamped his foot on it. “When your finished you can dress. Now get a move on.”

All she had left to do was wash the central vinyl flooring. Her orgasm was still raging though at least under some control. She didn’t think of him at all as she rushed to finish but she knew he was watching as she swished the mop from side to side that he would be watching the sway of her breasts. Thankfully he made no further moves on her. Once finished she returned to his desk and stood waiting for him to remove his foot from her clothing. He was now dressed and looked like nothing had happened. She quickly dressed and he handed her a wage packet. “As ever Rachel you have done a great job. See you next week.” She turned and in a daze left the building.

She needed to calm down and relax for a moment so she walked to a nearby park and sat down on a bench. She drank some coke from a bottle she always took to work and calmed her breathing. Thinking about it she had to admit that she loved every minute of it. Even though she hated the man she loved it all. It certainly did not go as she had fantasised, and she doubted whether she would ever have the courage now to say anything like ” Is that it?”

She opened up her wage packet and was disappointed but not surprised to find her normal ten pounds in it. She smiled to herself and made her way home. As ever she told her husband what had happened and he smiled at her, not having the energy he said to act on his arousal. She gave him a hug and went for a long hot shower.


Busy day today. Simon, Mrs Ash and Miss Applegate.

Rachel arrived at Simon’s house with some trepidation but decided to just go about things in her normal manner, though she secretly hoped something may happen. Simon was at home and seemed his usual self, a bit nervous maybe but his usual self. Several times over the next hour Rachel thought he was going to do or say something and was eagerly waiting for that hard black cock to enter one of her eagerly awaiting orifices in some way or other, but nothing. By the time she left she was hot, horny very frustrated and extremely disappointed.

Mrs Ash had left her usual written instructions. The only additions being that Mrs Ash’s two son’s were home from university and there rooms would need doing. Rachel took it in her usual stride. Mrs Ash was a very formal employer and Rachel knew very well that the boy’s or young men, would not be up for at least another hour or so. A little over an hour later as she was leaving the master suite and wondering if the boys were awake yet Jimmy walked out of his room wearing only his boxer shorts and showing what Rachel knew by now to be a man’s usual morning erection. She wasn’t sure who was most embarrassed. She acted like nothing had happened, apart from a red face, and went downstairs for a cup of coffee, allowing them further time to wake up.

As she finished her coffee Jimmy came into the kitchen, still in his boxer shorts, and started making some toast. Rachel’s instinctive response as he walked in was to see if he still had his erection, Just a little disappointed she saw it had gone, however Jimmy saw her looking and smiled at her which made her even more embarrassed. She went to rush out of the kitchen and ran straight into Mark, the elder of the two brothers, who was also dressed in his boxers. As she passed him her heart was pounding and her pussy was twitching like a maniac. She had been frustrated when she arrived because nothing happened at Simon’s, now she was screaming to be fucked, by anyone. She rushed to the bathroom and shut the door, spending five minutes to calm her raging out of control libido. Once calm she left the bathroom and went to the boy’s room. Knocking before walking in as the door was open.

The room was in fact two very large rooms with a huge adjoining door which was left open most of the time. The boy’s were sitting in armchairs eating toast and drinking coffee, still wearing boxers and , Rachel’s fertile mind believed, sitting to show off their bodies, all their bodies as they were both sitting with their legs spread wide.

Rachel did her best to ignore them doing her work as best as she could. Luckily Mrs Ash never expected too much from her when the boys were home but Rachel found herself doing more than she usually would, all the time glimpsing at one boy or the other. Several times she caught a glimpse of cock and, her face bright red, she averted her gaze. But found it impossible not to look again, and again. The boys giggled on occasion and she was sure they were teasing her deliberately. Finally she could take no more and gathered up her things.

As she was walking out of the room Mark said, “We can take the boxers off if it would help.”

Rachel stopped at the door and took a deep breath before moving on. “Next time then Rachel ok.” Jimmy laughed.

Rachel got out as quickly as she could before she lost all control. Mrs Ash always paid her money into the bank monthly so she had no wages to collect. She took a deep breath as she left the house and again spent time calming her severely aching pussy before continuing on her way.

She stopped at a local café and had her usual cup of coffee before going on to Miss Applegate. As she sipped at her coffee she let her mind wonder over the week. She still found it hard to believe it all but did admit that not one single part of it did she regret, except maybe Simon not fucking her again which she found a little confusing and hugely frustrating. When she thought about the two boys she posed herself a question. If they had tried something what would she have done. She knew immediately that she would have done anything that they asked, or should she say, anything they wanted, which was nearer the truth. By the time she had finished her coffee she was even more turned on than when she had arrived at the coffee shop.

Miss Applegate was a domineering woman. Very much in charge of her life and very demanding, often making Rachel redo something that she had already cleaned. Although Miss Applegate was single, at times it was obvious that her boyfriend had stayed the night though Rachel had never seen him. Miss Applegate worked in a nightclub till 2am somewhere in town so Rachel had her own key and was instructed not to use the vacuum till after midday.

Rachel let herself in and started by gathering up any glasses and crockery that she found in the lounge, taking them to the kitchen. It was only eleven thirty so she dusted and polished the living room and dinning room and then went upstairs to do the bathroom. She gathered up any clothing that was spread around and put it into the laundry basket, admiring some of the lingerie as she did so. Once cleaned she went to the spare bedroom to see if it needed any attention, it didn’t so she turned and saw Miss Applegate walking to the bathroom.

Miss Applegate was about five foot eight so quite tall for a woman and she had, what Rachel thought, was a wonderful body. Often Rachel had seen Miss Applegate semi dressed or as now dressed in just a short see through nighty. Averting her eyes from that body she said “Morning Miss Applegate”

Obviously still half asleep Miss Applegate looked up and said, “Morning Rachel. Is it that time already? Be a honey and make me some coffee.”

“Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel replied and shuffled off to the kitchen, head still bowed.

The coffee maker was still whirring when Miss Applegate sat at the kitchen table, still dressed in that flimsy nighty. Rachel had seen this before but for some inexplicable reason after the week that she’d had this week Rachel noticed for the first time the roundness of those tits and how they stood up without any help from a bra, the long thin legs leading up to a pussy with only the slightest tuft of hair at the point of her slit and the strong hips. How Miss Applegate’s hair, even straight out of bed, seemed to be just right. “Rachel. Coffee.” Miss Applegate said waving her hand in the air.

Rachel realised she was daydreaming about Miss Applegate’s body. “Sorry Miss Applegate.” She said. Turning the coffee machine off she poured out a steaming cup and put it on the kitchen table.

Rachel turned back to the sink and started to unconvincingly look like she was going to wash dishes which was rather silly as she knew full well that Miss Applegate had a dishwasher.

“Do you like my nighty then Rachel?” Miss Applegate asked.

Rachel kept her back to Miss Applegate as she replied. “Yes it’s….nice Miss Applegate.”

“Nice! Is that all Rachel? Nice!” Miss Applegate said, “Turn around and have another look.”

Rachel felt her knees begin to shake. She had always been just a little afraid of Miss Applegate due to her very dominant nature. Rachel slowly turned around keeping her eyes to the floor.

“Look at me Rachel.” Miss Applegate said smiling, “What do you see?”

Rachel looked in Miss Applegate’s direction but found it impossible to look directly at her. “I’m not sure what you mean Miss Applegate.” Rachel said softly her eyes back on the floor in front of her and her fingers entwined in front of her.

Miss Applegate stood up and moved in front of Rachel, so close that Rachel had no choice but to look upon those wonderful firm breasts. She tried to avert her eyes but is was impossible to not see them. “Do you like my body Rachel?” Miss Applegate asked with a smile, “Does it turn you on Rachel?”

Rachel was a little surprised at the question and almost looked up into Miss Applegate’s face but stopped feeling that she not, in someway, allowed to do so. She remained silent. “Our me another coffee and bring it through.” Miss Applegate said walking towards the lounge.

“Yes Miss Applegate” Rachel said. She nervously poured the coffee and took it to the lounge where she found Miss Applegate sitting on the settee with one leg on the floor and the other on the settee. In this position Rachel couldn’t miss the open view of Miss Applegate’s pussy. She was holding what looked like a piece of a leather belt but it was only about fifteen inches long so Rachel wasn’t sure what it was. Rachel put the coffee on the small table at the side of the settee and went to leave.

“Wait.” Miss Applegate said sternly. “Stand here.” She was pointing with the strap that she held to a point directly in front of her.

Like an automaton Rachel did as she was told. Hands held in front of her, head bowed. Miss Applegate stood up and walked around Rachel. “If I ask you a question Rachel, I want an answer. Understood?”

Rachel said nothing. The next second she felt a slap on her right buttock. Not hard but enough to get her attention. “Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel said.

“Do you like my body Rachel?”

Rachel couldn’t bring herself to answer until she again felt a slap on her bum from the strap. This time harder, more painful. Sending shocks through her body down to her already wet pussy, why she was wet she had no idea. But she still gave no reply. This time the pain she got when the strap made contact was leg shaking. Rachel’s pussy throbbed in time with the throbbing pain on her arse. Before she even realised she had replied, “Yes!” Her legs were again threatening to give way.

Standing behind Rachel Miss Applegate whispered into her ear, “Are you gay Rachel?”

“No!” No hesitation this time more from the feeling of insult than any fear of the strap.

Miss Applegate now stood in front of Rachel with her arms crossed giving Rachel a close look at the strap that had inflicted the pain. It was about fifteen inches long and three inches wide and the ends were split for about three inches. Miss Applegate used the strap to push Rachel’s housecoat to one side so that she could get a look at her breasts. Not happy with the view she said, “Undo it.”

Now Rachel did look up at Miss Applegate. What she saw was a woman in her element. Dominant. In control. Miss Applegate moved out of Rachel’s view and Rachel heard the strap rush through the air before it made contact. The pain she felt brought a moan of pleasure pain from her mouth and her knees almost gave way completely her pussy felt like it ejaculated juice. She immediately pulled her housecoat apart.

“That’s better. Now I can see as much of you as you can of me.” Miss Applegate said., Still walking around Rachel inspecting her from all angles. “Now drop it.”

“Miss Apple….” Rachel didn’t get any further. The strap hit her buttocks with such force she fell to her knees. Her cunt was now on the very edge of orgasm. Slowly she got to her feet and dropped the housecoat to the floor.

Miss Applegate stood in front of Rachel now, “Have you ever licked cunt Rachel?”

Rachel found herself torn between answering and remaining silent and couldn’t understand why she didn’t just say “Yes.” This time the paddle slapped her hard than ever on her right breast. The unexpectedness of the location and severity of the slap was too much for Rachel who fell to the floor in orgasm.

Miss Applegate laughed and sat on the settee. She reached out for Rachel and pulled her by the hair to where she sat. “Eat my cunt you bitch. Now!” She said pushing Rachel’s face into her wet hole. Rachel hesitated but from somewhere Miss Applegate had pulled a belt or whip that she swung across Rachel’s back. It was long enough to not only slap Rachel’s buttocks but go between the gap and slice into her already throbbing cunt.

Rachel screamed but the sound was muffled as she threw herself deeper into Miss Applegate’s pussy. The more Miss Applegate used that whip the more frenzied both women became. Throwing themselves into the debauchery like a pair of wild dogs attacking prey. Rachel’s orgasm was now self sustaining. She didntneed to do anything to keep it going. Her legs were like jelly and not even strong enough to hold her on her knees. She was splayed out as wide as she could be and if she let go of Miss Applegate’s waist she new she would just slide like a boneless jelly to the floor. Her cries of pleasure and pain buried deep inside Miss Applegate’s writhing body.

When Miss Applegate finally came she ejaculated her juices into Rachel’s mouth and all over her face and still had enough to run onto the settee. Finally, both exhausted women collapsed in a pile. Rachel on the floor and Miss Applegate on the settee. Neither of them said or did anything for a full five minutes.

Rachel was the first to move. Crawling into the kitchen before she was able to pull herself to the sink and splash water in her face, clearing away Miss Applegate’s come juice from her eyes. “Go and have a shower Rachel.” Rachel spun round terrified that Miss Applegate was going to inflict more pain on her. “Go and have a shower Rachel. We need to talk.” Miss Applegate said. “Don’t worry you have completely knackered me out I could even raise myself let alone a whip.” She flopped into the kitchen chair and smiled.

Rachel didn’t say anything, just went up and again stood under a steaming hot shower after having some awesome sex with one of her customers. She had a feeling of pride that she had tired Miss Applegate out so much. Nobody had ever told her that before. Lots of other things but never quite in that fashion. As she left the bathroom Miss Applegate entered it. “Make some coffee I will be down in a minute.”

“Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel said.

By the time Miss Applegate came down |Rachel had donned her housecoat and was sipping at a hot cup of coffee. She poured one for Miss Applegate and stood at the sink waiting for her to say something. “Sit down Rachel.” Miss Applegate said. Rachel took the seat she had been in and sipped at her coffee.

“Do you know what a Domme is Rachel?”

“No Miss Applegate.”

“Well you do now. I am a Domme. I enjoy inflicting pain on my sexual partners, usually men. But I have never felt with any of them the way I did in there with you. You are just such an innocent it seems. It has always attracted me but I never, before today ever expected that you would be quite so submissive. Or quite so….so…. passionate, eager even.”

“I’m sorry Miss Applegate.” Rachel said, “I didn’t mean….”

“You silly girl. It was a compliment. You sucked my cunt dry in there. I can’t remember ever spurting so much in all my life and I want more.” Rachel’s head shot up. Fear on her face. “No not right now. Maybe next time you come round. But I don’t know how you feel about it. I don’t even know if you enjoyed it, I was just so lost in it all.” Miss Applegate said, “Did you?”

“I don’t think I have ever not been able to walk after having sex. The pain was shocking but the feelings it gave me were like nothing I have ever felt before. I don’t know how much of it I could take but I would like to find out, slowly though. If that’s alright Miss Applegate.”

“So will you be my regular sub then. That means submissive which is what you are, a submissive and a bloody good one too. It’s so natural for you.”

“Yes Miss Applegate.” Rachel said. “I would like to be your….submissive.”

“Good. Now I think it is time for you to get home or your husband will be knocking on my door. I have you wages her. Plus a little bonus.”

“Thank you Miss Applegate. I will see you next week.”

Rachel left Miss Applegate’s with a spring in her step and a pain across her bum that was a constant reminder of the pleasure she had just received, and it would seem had given. When she opened her wage packet she was stunned to find a fifty pound bonus on top of her normal wage. At a rough guess she calculated she had made nearly one hundred and fifty pounds extra this week


Mrs Bolton and Mr Martin

Mrs Bolton was Rachel’s very first customer. She lived in a small house and only really used two rooms and the kitchen so it never took long to do her chores. The long chatting and constant cups of tea is what took the time but she felt that she owed it Mrs Bolton as it was her that started Rachel on the road to work, and she knew that the old lady was lonely. She did make comment on Rachel’s clothing but as she had the housecoat over her short skirt and her poppers all done up there was nothing untoward, just the shorter hemline which Mrs Bolton commented on with a little twinkle in her eye. Rachel, as ever, blushed but said nothing.

Rachel entered Mr Martins house and went straight to the lounge for inspection. She showed no surprise when she saw that Mr Martin sat in his chair naked and with an already rising erection. “Good morning Sir.” She was wearing a very short grey pleated skirt and a white blouse which was undone to the waist and tucked into the elastic waistband of the skirt. No panties and of course no bra. Her suspenders and stockings were clearly visible even without any bending over. She was the perfect St Trinians schoolgirl with her hair in bunches. This again was an instinctive idea she had that Mr Martin wanted her to be as young as possible

“Good morning my dear.” He said looking her up and down, his erection rising even further. “You look stunning. But look what you have done to me.” He looked down at his erection.

Putting on her practiced little girl lost look Rachel bent forward to get a closer look and to allow her breast to rub against the tightly bound blouse, enough of her tits were visible for Mr Martins erection to reach completion “Oh! I am sorry Sir. Have I been a bad girl Sir?”

“You most certainly have. I will have to spank your bottom my girl. Come here.”

Rachel knew what he wanted and lay herself across his knee. Doing her best to keep some weight on her open knees as she did so. She didn’t want to hurt his legs which she knew were quite weak. She felt his erection against her tits and his hand raise her skirt, bearing her buttocks. He ran his hand up her leg, feeling the texture of the stockings and then running onto the naked flesh, slipping a finger into the suspender as he rose up to her naked buttocks. She had never been spanked before. Miss Applegate had used a paddle. Slap! The first hit sent a shockwave through her that went straight to her cunt. Each subsequent slap followed the same path and after the third slap Mr Martins fingers were making contact with a very wet pussy. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier and his cock was throbbing so hard Rachel was sure he was going to come all over her blouse.

When he did come his hands couldn’t keep up with the spanking so Rachel rolled her tits over his erection to finish him off. His come on her blouse felt warm and sticky and she almost came at the thought of what a filthy dirty whore she was being. As Mr Martin relaxed Rachel stopped her rolling and waited for his orders.

“Let that be a lesson to you miss. If you are naughty like that again I will punish you even more. Now get that top off and get on with your work.”

“Yes Sir.” Rachel said and standing up she slowly removed her come covered blouse and placed it into Mr Martins outstretched hand.

She didn’t know why but as she walked around the house doing her chores she was bouncing along like a child, maybe it was just in keeping with the clothes or maybe she felt it was what Mr Martin wanted but she was enjoying it. She quickly did the kitchen and then went to the lounge dinning room which was open plan. Mr Martin’s chair was at one end, so from the moment she entered he could watch her at work. She constantly bent over for him and stayed that way longer than was needed just for his pleasure.


“Yes Sir.” Rachel said as she lay across the dining table.

“Come over here my dear. Bring a chair with you.”

She did as she was told and stood in front of him with the chair in hand. “Turn around my dear and put the chair down but don’t let it go.” A bit bemused she did as she was told. “No keep your hands on the chair and shuffle back a little will you. That’s it now spread your legs wide.”

Now she realised what he was doing. In this position he could see right into her wet pussy so she wasn’t surprised to feel is fingers probe inside her wet hole. He finger fucked her for a few seconds before entering another finger and then another till all fingers and his thumb were inserted in her now seriously throbbing pussy. She spread her legs a bit wider and squatted to accommodate as much of his fist as she could. He was fucking her hard now and her pussy was flooding juices almost as fast as her mouth was seeping moans of pleasure. She could feel him straighten his fingers out as he pushed further and further into her hot hole and then suddenly he was inside her. His fist entered with a pop. She had never had a full fist in her cunt before. Rachel exploded into orgasm, her legs almost collapsing which pushed his fist in so far she could feel him brushing against her womb. She was crying now and screaming with pleasure.

Mr Martin was grunting with each push of his hand as though he was determined to enter her womb. Finally Rachel had to fall to her knees, she couldn’t stay upright any longer. She pushed the chair back as she fell and rested her head on the floor. Mr Martin’s hand slipped from her throbbing wet cunt and she felt him move behind her.

“I have always admired your bottom Rachel. If it’s not too much trouble for you I am going to fuck it.”

Rachel knew that this was his way of asking permission. After all not every woman like her arse being fucked, unlike Rachel who loved it. “I am yours to do with as you please Sir.” Rachel said shakily still going through her orgasm. She felt a finger slide into her dirt box and guessed it was still covered in her cunt juices he slipped another in but at this point the must have been desperate to get his cock in that warm hole as he rose up, brushed at the entrance and then slowly slid into that dark place. Rachel’s orgasm immediately rose up again and as he started thrusting into her she could feel her anal orgasm rising rapidly. She started to push back on him and it took only seconds for him to come in her dirt box, but that was long enough for Rachel to reach a double orgasm in her arse and cunt. She was now ferile, thrusting back and screaming for more. But try as he may poor Mr Martin could go not further and slumped back into his chair while Rachel curled up on the floor till her orgasm finished. Finally she sat on her knees and faced him. “I’m sorry Sir for taking so long to recover.”

“That’s perfectly alright my dear. It’s nice to know that I can still do that to a woman, especially one so young. Now be a good girl and clean me up please.”

With a smile Rachel leant forward and took his soft cock into her mouth and gave it a really good clean up. So good in fact that it began to get hard again. She pulled away and looked down at the floor without saying anything.

“Well done child. As much as I would love to come all over your face I think for now we should call it a day. Go and get cleaned up there’s a good girl.”

Rachel put on her childish grin and skipped off to the bathroom. As she cleaned her self up she felt her fanny and was surprised how quickly it had closed back up. Her hair was in a mess so she took out what was left of the bunches and combed it straight. She went back downstairs and entered the lounge where Mr Martin was now dressed and waiting. He pointed to the floor between his legs and Rachel dutifully knelt on that spot with her hands in her lap.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your visits this week my dear and hope that I have not been too much trouble for you.” He said quietly.

Rachel looked into his eyes and smiled. “Not at all Sir. I have enjoyed it immensely and hope I can be of further service to you next week.”

“You certainly can my dear. However. Due to my, shall we say, lack of vigour I was thinking of inviting some of my friends around on Tuesday, if that would be alright with you. They would of course be happy to pay for the…. Entertainment.”

“I am here to serve you Sir and will be more than happy to do whatever Sir desires of me.”

“I hoped you would say that. Now put this back on,” He said handing her blouse to her, “and here is your wages for the day.”

Rachel put the blouse on and put the wages in her skirt pocket. Will that be all Sir?”

“Yes my dear, just one thing. I want you to go home just as you are, all the way home and dress in those clothes on Tuesday. I do enjoy you in stockings. Lovely my dear lovely. Off you go now.”

It was the early eighties, a rare, long and hot English summer as we made our way from the stuffy airless mining village into the cool clean air of the countryside in our tiny Fiat 500.

I was wedged into the back seat of the small white box with the bags, booze and presents ready for my Mum’s 40th birthday. She and her twin, Aunt Tina, were celebrating at their new place deep in the Dales. Her husband, Uncle Dave, had done well under the new government and had been a part of a, then new fangled, management buyout and hit the big time.

They had moved away from the small town we, and my mother’s other sister, Aunt Jane, called home. Aunt Tina had bought into the countryside lifestyle big time and was more than a bit snobby. She tended to rub our noses in it a bit with the girls going to public school, you know, and, to me, the large and modern house looked like a mansion.

Uncle Dave worked in London during the week, my Mum and Aunt Jane were both single parents this meant that I was going to be the only male in the house for at least the rest of the day. The twins, Tina’s daughters, Joanne and Julia, a pair of identical twins, unusual in our family and Aunt Jane’s oldest, Chloe, would be there for the height of decadence in the 1980′s – a pool party.

We could never tell the twins apart so we nicknamed them Twin 1 and Twin 2, depending on whichever appeared first. Our nickname for Chloe was Mundy, a jest on the daughter in the Addams family, her name of course being Wednesday, but she was the same – dark, straight and long black hair, petite, pale skinned and demure.

The twins had been, until around 18 months ago, at the same school as the rest of us and had a reputation for being a bit slutty, having “worked” their way through most of the boys in my class. They had been in the same year group as Wendy, my twin, and I. Mundy was a couple of years above us and was by then in her early 20s.

We were going to be joined by Uncle Dave and by my grandparents the next day. Saturday was the main event, a garden party and BBQ. Aunt Jane’s other two daughters and Tina’s youngest, already married with a baby girl, would be joining us, together with around 50 carefully invited guests.

Mum and Wendy had badgered me all day about joining in. I was a bit shy and preferred my own company. I was to be paraded like some kind of a prize bull but I was used to this being the only male offspring in this branch of the family. The gatherings were infrequent but the families were quite competitive, coming from a small council semi there were few things that we could compete on.

Ever since I was a young boy I had been paraded to the family. Both aunts had always been all over me, making me sit on their knees and cuddling me incessantly. I had also begun to notice that, particularly older, women would give me longing looks as I wandered around the town.

I was under developed for my age, below average height and rather scrawny. My sister was a couple of inches taller than me and rather chunky in appearance – big boned it was termed in those days. I did, however, have one aspect of my body that was well developed – something perhaps to brag about.

My name is Billy Wadsworth, my friends call me Wad, but this is not necessarily a shortening of my name. My cock is, and was then, rather large, almost 9 inches when flaccid and growing to a thick snake a few inches longer when fully erect. It is a feature of it that even when flaccid it makes my package look rather full, which is why I still receive flattering glances from the ladies. At that time I was yet to fully blossom but had lost my virginity during a skiing holiday earlier in the year.

I’d had a couple of non serious girlfriends since and had a few gropes that had only managed to make them run for the hills when my size became apparent.

The car coasted down the long gravel drive and my mum beeped the horn as we swung around to a stop outside the double colonnade that famed the large white front door, Dallas style. We sat in a momentary silence as we waited for the door to swing open, I half hoped that we had the wrong house and that Aunt Tina could not possibly be that posh.

We were greeted by a line at the door as we piled out of the small and stuffy car. Tina at first gave an exaggerated air kiss but soon melted into a genuine sisterly hug for my Mum, followed by Wendy as the twins then welcomed her. Aunt Jane and Mundy were next as I dived into the back seat and grabbed the luggage.

Aunt Tina beckoned me, her posh accent slipping as she demanded a hug and a kiss. As she squeezed the life from me I looked over her shoulder at the twins, resplendent and elegant in their silk wraps. They had indeed blossomed. They had always been a bit lanky, tall and lean but their boobs had now developed as had their overall shape, they looked really good. They in turn had noticed me and recoiled timidly at the bulge in my denim shorts. They were beautiful, tall, long legged and blonde, until they opened their mouths, then the commonest of accents betrayed their true lineage in spite of their mother’s best efforts at correction.

After the ubiquitous tour I was ushered to my room to prepare. The house was big and posh, 5 bedrooms, a big kitchen and of course an outdoor pool surrounded by a large courtyard and patio area. They had televisions everywhere, 2 video recorders and even a professional looking camera, it had lights and everything.

My room, the study, had been kitted out with a canvas camp bed. It wasn’t too bad, a bit small but cosy. Essentially it was a corridor with a small double seat green leather sofa on one side and a desk, with a PC computer on it, opposite. The metal framed camp bed lay in the narrow space between. At least the French doors at the far end opened directly on to the patio area with the pool. The other end joined to the dining room. With thick curtains at either end it seemed private enough as I slipped into my swim shorts.

The table where the “oldies” had camped out on was directly outside of my room and I had the clear sound of their conversation as I pulled back the curtain and gently opened the door to the patio. Aunt Jane stopped in mid sentence as my pale frame emerged into the bright sunshine. The girls playing in the pool all stopped too, Mundy even glanced up as she lay flat out on the brickwork in her black one piece. But none of them seemed to be looking at my face.

Shyly I made my way to the pool and jumped in as the conversations sparked up over the bottles of wine stacked in the centre of the wooden table set. After a while the girls suggested a game of volleyball in the pool. We had no proper ball so a blow up beach ball would have to suffice.

They took the deep end and Wendy and I the shallow. The pool wasn’t huge, around 15 yards long and about 10 wide. At its deepest it was up to my neck, about 5 foot and it sloped to broad steps at the far and shallow end. There was an imaginary net and the game started gently and non-competitively.

I noticed that if I bashed the ball into the air the twins had to stretch to return it. Each time they leapt their boobs would almost pop out from under their matching, and quite skimpy, yellow bikini tops.

“That’s enough of that.” Wendy said in threatening tone as she stood waist deep in the water and had caught on to my game.

The twins didn’t seem to mind as their splashing grew and their dives became quite exaggerated. At last Twin 1′s small and firm right boob popped out from below the thin material. With false modesty she covered up as I returned the ball to her sister and lo and behold, exactly the same thing happened! By this time we were having almost our own private game, I would lob the ball high in the air and watch, as by now, both sets of pert boobs would “accidentally” spring free.

“What the hell!” Twin 1 exclaimed as she tore her top all the way off. “You’ve seen it all now anyway.”

It was obvious by the lack of any pale outline that they wouldn’t normally have covered their tits up. Her sister took her lead and exposed her 2 pert and brown breasts fully. They were small but compact with pink and dainty nipples protruding from small round centres. This was a game I was enjoying! I looked behind and saw Wendy peeling her top off and letting her larger but pale white tits fall free as if in competition with the twins.

Once the cat was out of the bag it was like a wave, before long every one of them was topless, Mum included. It was only Mundy laying prone on a towel that covered her modesty. I was trying not to look but being a young male my gaze couldn’t help but dart from one set to another, my member, of course, had other ideas and started to stir within the confines of my baggy union jack swim shorts.

The twins changed tack. Instead of returning the ball to me they started to volley it out of the pool, “accidentally” of course. Each time I would haul myself up and on to the side, walk past the prone Mundy and bat the ball back before diving into the pool. Not that I minded as I could cop a letch at all the bare flesh as I spun around.

This happened three or four times before Wendy had a brain wave. As I hauled myself up and whilst I was balanced on the edge of the pool she yanked my shorts down and completely off. I was committed to pulling myself up and out and sprang up, fully naked, in front of Mundy. It wouldn’t have been too bad but with all the flesh on view my cock wasn’t exactly fully relaxed. Even if it had been so it would have been big enough, but as it was sticking out at 90 degrees and half erect, it bought an audible gasp from Mundy just a couple of feet away.

I raised myself from my knees not knowing what I was going to do next. Wendy’s hysterical chuckles were silenced as I turned in profile and decided to collect the ball as if nothing had happened. All conversations stopped as the women at the table noticed my predicament. I caught the expression on the twin’s faces, Twin 1 was waist deep in the pool, with her tits out, standing stock still and open mouthed. Her sister, a few feet away, audibly caught her breath and raised her hand to her mouth as she followed my progress across the warm patio floor. I glanced left to see Tina and Jane grinning as their eye line was firmly fixed on my semi rigid cock. My mother’s expression wasn’t the look of horror or shame that I would have imagined, rather a smug look – “that’s my boy”, was written all over her face. Even Wendy wore an expression of superiority, a look of “beat that if you can” as family pride had clearly been re-established.

It was the look on Mundy’s face that caught me most by surprise. She was normally such a demure and shy creature but her pale blue eyes shone and a deep look of lust radiated at my thick tool. She sprang up and sat erect as if in a trance, studying every vein and tracking every joggle of my cock as I moved to collect the ball. Noticing her clear and undivided attention I made no attempt to cover myself as I swung slowly around, allowing her a full view as I did so. I glanced around, noting that all eyes were seemly following every sway of my swelling cock. I couldn’t help a huge and involuntary twitch as all of the attention made it lurch to more generous proportions.

“My, my.” Was stage whispered by either Jane or Tina as I took the two or three steps to the pool edge. I paused, threw the beach ball back and jumped in, making directly for my floating shorts.

Next came the game of piggy in the middle. Twin 1 just beat me to the punch as I neared the centre of the pool. She grabbed my shorts and lobbed them back to her sister in the deep end with me wading desperately after them.

Back and forth two or three times they went before I decided to take direct action. When the shorts were with Twin 2 at the shallower side of the pool, I dove full length at her. I grabbed her hips and yanked her bikini bottoms down in revenge as she attempted to get away. She fell and I managed to slip them over and off her kicking legs and feet. I looked at her taut and naked backside wobbling sexily as she stood and made good her get away. She threw my shorts high as she stumbled and fell head long into the water.

The shorts fell short but Twin 1 made it to them just before me. I repeated my assault, but this time on her bikini bottoms, ducking down and under the water as I pulled them sharply down. I sprang up and back, clutching both pairs of the skimpy material in my right fist, defiantly and with a victorious cheer.

I paused with my midriff only half covered by the water and looked at the fully naked and stunned twin before me. She stared back at me, but again not at my face. I looked down to see my dick end, now almost fully hard, jutting out above the waterline and peeping out from its thin sheath of foreskin.

I studied her in turn, moving my eyes down her dripping and bronzed stomach to the pale patch that marked her pubic area. A thick mat of blonde pubes stood proud of the water and hinted at a pink and open slit beneath. This sumptuous view simply served to stiffen my cock yet further.

I heard a splash from behind me. I swung around only to be flattened by Twin 2. She had jumped up and bowled me over and under the water. She stood over my head and prevented me from coming up for air. I began to kick the water behind her as she clamped my head between her thighs to prevent my escape. I did the only thing I could think of to do. I grabbed her hips and planted my mouth up and on to her exposed gash. I pulled her down and on to my tongue as I darted it into the soft folds of her slit. For a split second she pushed her hips down to meet my probing muscle but instead released me from her grip and glanced back in embarrassment as she moved aside. She looked down, her chest heaved, but she wore a curious expression – an almost wicked glint in her eyes. Wendy, trying to diffuse the now obvious sexual tension, made for a towel and beckoned me out of the pool. Nothing was said bar Wendy’s cheerful,

“Aw Billy, give them back their bottoms.”

That broke the ice and both chuckled nervously as threw the skimpy bottoms over my shoulder. I waded to Wendy opening a towel before me, grabbed it, ran up the steps and hastily made for the study, leaving the door ajar behind me but closing the curtain whilst I changed into my denim shorts.

It was getting late and soon after the girls left the poolside to watch a video in the lounge. I joined them but was unimpressed with the choice, a girlie flick and I soon got bored and returned to my room, mainly with a wank in mind.

It was still hot in the room and so I decided not to close the door as I lay naked on the bed. The women were still outside and the wine fuelled conversation had gotten rather more bawdy but I could only hear half the conversation from who I assumed to be Tina.

“My God, I had no idea he was that big. You must be very proud. Where did he get it from?”

“He was how big? No wonder you had such a smile on your face back then.”

“You want to see it do what? That is very wrong, you naughty girl!”

“How often? Well I do suppose he is a teenage boy. Dave told me that he used to do it two or three times every day.”

“That’s cruel. Poor lad. I bet he does it in the middle of the night. And you say Wendy tries to catch him at it too – poor lad, he gets no peace.”

“I doubt if it would fit.”

“Oh you can, can you? I would like to see that too.”

“I know where I could fit something like that….. it could be arranged you know.”

I lay back, my cock hard and in my fist as I listened to the tone of the conversation. After all it had been a day full of tits and flashes of my cousins snatches.

After a few minutes things went quiet outside. A security light came on and shone directly through the crack in the curtains facing the pool. At that moment a loud click indicated that the door behind me was being opened.

I felt a cool breeze against the top of my head as someone came in. I realised that I was bollock naked with my rock hard cock in full view. The light dazzled me as I looked up to see a figure stand astride my head, with one leg each side of the narrow canvass camp bed. Without a word the figure bent down and took the tip of my cock between her warm and soft lips. I looked up to see the dark outline of a swimsuit and the fuller figure of one of the older women, but which one?

She smelled heavily of cheap wine as I felt her hot breath tumble over my exposed and sweaty midriff.

She sank down to obscure any other view as she slid her mouth further over my now straining shaft. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came, after all I had been wanking madly moments before. I lay motionless, staring at the ceiling, with a mixture of horror, guilt and pleasure as her soft lips clamped tight over my engorged phallus. Further and further she sank her hot mouth down until I could feel the back of her throat against my bell end. With a gag, and to my surprise, she sank yet further until I could feel her tonsils flex against the underside of my purple helmet. She stroked at the remainder of my length, about a half, yet to be drawn into the hot and moist void with her hand and moved down to knead and cup my aching balls.

She was expert at giving head and knew, possibly before I did, that the point of no return had been reached. My hips bucked up as my cock pulsed the first gush of a salty load down her throat. She jumped back, women always seem to be surprised when I cum, and allowed me to spurt the second thick jet over her face. Two or three more strong pulses followed and pumped my hot cum up and arcing out of my twitching dick.

She leant back and lapped at my end, making it jump and jerk uncontrollably, as she licked the final drop of cum from the eye at the end of my tip.

The bed collapsed as I thrust upwards again in search of her hallowed orifice. She sprang up and in the light thrown into the room I saw her cum covered and bespectacled face – it was Aunt Jane! She wiped my dripping cum from her cheek before removing her smeared glasses and smiling down at me.

“Billy, you have got a big cock there. You’re not going to be short of girlfriends with that thing aren’t you?” With that she put her finger, still with a large white glob of cum on it, to her lips and made for the open patio door.

Stunned and in disbelief, I lay back and closed my eyes with a mixture of shame and satisfaction. I didn’t know what to do so I just lay there. It had been a long and unusual day to say the least and I soon drifted into a fitful sleep. It was too quiet and all too soon, or so it seemed, I was awoken, this time by splashes coming from the pool. I opened my eyes to the daylight but it was early, I groped for my watch and noted the time – 6.15 am!

I leant forward and parted the curtain to see who was in the pool. I looked out into the bright morning light to see, standing on the edge of the pool, the naked shape of Aunt Tina. For a near 40 year old she had quite a figure, her tits were a little saggy but quite suckable. Although not as tall as the twins she was a good few inches taller than me, slim with long and flowing fair hair – not at all similar to my Mum who had much the same shape as Wendy. Her pink nipples stood proud and erect and her ample chest allowed the drops of water to be channelled down her bronzed body towards her bald and perfectly shaven cunt. My eyes were drawn in and studied every fold of her ample and puffy inner flesh.

My cock immediately leapt to attention. She dived into the water and splashed to a few widths of the small pool. I stood back as she stepped out, grabbed her towel from the side and made her way into the kitchen. I looked at her ample arse wobble delightfully as she walked bare foot across the brick surface.

Cock in hand again I started to stroke it rhythmically – after all I was a teenage boy and it was a quiet country morning!

“Click”, the dining room door sprang open again and Tina breezed in.

“We haven’t got long. Now where is that giant cock of yours?” She placed a small pot on the desk top before kneeling down beside my waist.

Not even a “good morning” as she took the semi erect tool from my hand, probably still stinking of wine from her sister’s breath the night before. She looked into my eyes and guided my knob end between her soft pink lips. Again I didn’t know what to say or do, guilt or pleasure, guilt or pleasure….. She put her finger to my lips to usher me quiet before concentrating on bringing my cock to full readiness.

Once she was satisfied I was at full length she removed her towel and mounted me facing the patio door. I felt the cool damp of her thighs against mine as she settled on my lap.

The bed collapsed further under our combined weight and lay flat on the floor with a clunk. Tina paused momentarily as if trying not to disturb the remainder of the house. She grabbed at my cock and making a fist, offered it to the entrance of her bald cunt. I looked to see if I could watch my cock slide into her depths but couldn’t and so I concentrated on her corpulent arse flexing and over spilling my loins as she rose up.

I felt her hot and wet cunt wall grip at my shaft as she lowered herself down and on to my thick cock. I grunted as her soft inner flesh smothered and cradled my invading rod. Her inner heat contrasting with the cool morning air and her own cold and damp flesh pressed against mine. As she sank down I could feel my tip being forced against the upper limits of her gripping cunt.

She stopped pushing down, raised herself slightly up and tried to force more of my length inside of her, by using her cool and tightly clenched fist wrapped around the base of my thick shaft.

Alas she couldn’t force any more of me inside her and with a deflated sigh lifted completely off.

My cock flopped against my stomach with a distinctive slap. She made a grab for the pot on the desk top, opened the distinctive rectangular lid of the Vasleline jar and spread the cool goo on to my end and massaged it down my twitching shaft. With a wink she reached under her groin and deposited the large glob from her finger at the entrance to her hot hole.

I lay motionless as she shifted position and lay back over me, her cool and damp flesh smelled of chlorine as she sank back. She spread her legs and raised her knees, limbo like. Her hand again gripped my tool as she re-offered it to her warm entrance. This time, as I felt it slide in, she gasped and shuffled her hips to allow greater and fuller access. I groaned in delight as I felt the warm and slippery flesh of her inner lips butt against the base of my rigid tool.

I could do little bar look up at the ceiling as my chin was being pushed back by her shoulder. Her wet hair dangled in my face as she raised her head to look down her slender body, and concentrate on settling my cock fully within her. God it was tight, especially around my base, fully embedded inside her damp and heaving body.

My entire cock was swathed in a hot and tight fleshy sheath, it was almost too much to bear and I could feel my balls tingle as my sap had already begun to rise.

Instinctively I made a grab for her tits from below her arms. I pulled my hands up, cupped her large and chilled mounds and tweaked at her hard nipples with each hand before she took my right with hers. She guided my fingers down her cool body, across the smooth mound of her pubis, to the silky soft inner folds of her fleshy and open cunt. Her breathing was laboured as she ran my fingers across the hard bump of her clit, through the thick folds of soft and lubricated inner flesh, and down towards the warm and wet cavern below.

I was naïve and hadn’t yet realised fully what was going on. She pushed at the back of my hand and forced the tip of my finger into the wet entrance. She grabbed another and pushed that further forward, making two. Joining my fingers with at least one her own she guided me to stir her pot with the distinctive flesh on flesh sound of mutual masturbation.

It was about that time that I realised what was happening with a start – if my fingers were in her cunt where was my cock? I jumped and then froze, she stopped moving and stoked my hand.

“That’s the only place that that thing will fit lover.” She whispered over her shoulder. “Now just lay there and let me fuck the cum from it.”

I was shocked and stunned at her language but thought the better of it when I realised that my cock was deep in her arse and I had 3 fingers buried in her sopping gash.

She offered me her cum soaked fingers over her shoulder.

“Here, taste me. Taste my cum. Take it from my fingers.” She whispered huskily as she forced the cool digit between my lips.

Her long nail traced a path along my tongue as I closed my lips over the slender finger and began to draw off the oily residue. I closed my eyes to savour the flavour and breathe in the scent of her intimate place.

She moved her left hand below mine, cupping her exposed cunt. She spread her lips wide beneath my hand and plucked at her clit with her middle finger. She raised her torso up and began to pump up and down with her hips. Slowly at first, she allowed my full length to gradually rise in and out of her warm and tight rectum.

Almost in time with her clitoral manipulations she rose and fell, each time embedding the full length of my cock deep inside of her.

“Frig me Billy, frig me harder. ” She insisted as the rhythm of her thrusts increased.

I could feel the hard shaft of my tool through the walls of her cunt as I probed it deep with a fourth finger. It squelched loudly as my hand withdrew and thrust upwards in return. I felt her cunt tighten and clench my fingers, her chest heaved, her stomach tensed and arched as she whimpered to her crescendo.

She thrust down sharply at the final moment, as if wanting to impale herself on my dick forever. Her pulsing and clenching muscles gripped at the base of my cock as I withdrew my dripping hand from her cunt.

With a series of panted wails and quiet whimpers she came, her whole body shook and writhed on top of me. Her soft buttocks stuck themselves against my loins as virtually every pore in her body opened and spread a shimmering mist of sweat over her soft skin.

“Oh God Billy, Oh God!” She panted out as her muscles flexed involuntarily in a series of bodily jerks. “Haven’t you cum yet?”

She was slightly raised and I instinctively thrust my cock rapidly upwards in a series of short jabs as I felt the sap rising further in my balls. Her tight arse yielded as my cock swelled and finally pumped its thick seed into the depths of her hot hole.

I was sure I heard an external gasp as she allowed my cock to slip out from her abused bud. My cum ran out and down my balls as she leant forward and stood.

“My God Billy, you do take after your father, don’t you.” With that she picked up her towel, opened the patio door and left, still naked, wriggling her butt and proudly allowing me to see the wet stream of my cum also flowing down her shapely inner thigh.

I opted to keep a low profile and tried not to make eye contact with anyone, especially Jane and Tina when I finally plucked up the courage to enter the kitchen. After breakfast the girls went off horse riding. I noticed that the Twin’s arses looked really good in their jodhpurs as they went off in their car to the stable with Wendy but mentally beat myself up for harbouring such impure thoughts. Mundy stayed and helped out in the kitchen, I loped about and generally tried to stay out of the way.

Grandpa and Grandma turned up about mid morning as did the waves of workmen. I watched as the marquee arrived and was erected. This was followed by deliveries of booze, food and all kinds of other stuff. It was like some kind of military operation. Grandma took charge and strutted around ticking off lists and barking out orders to the assembled family workforce.

Mostly I sat outside with Grandpa. Uncle Dave arrived around tea time as did the girls. As soon as Dave came back the beer bottles came out, much to Grandma’s chagrin. Soon everyone was at the booze, even the girls were allowed a couple of bottles of wine.

We had a light tea, pizzas I seem to remember, before the girls went off to watch yet more videos. Uncle Dave, Grandpa and I hopped into the car and headed off to the “local” for a couple of pints – being men folk and all.

I remember going in, it was rather like the metaphorical piano stopped playing as we approached the bar in complete silence. We sat, sipping our pints, trying to avoid eye contact with the obviously hostile locals. I don’t remember how long we stayed there, but Dave tried his best to engage with the landlord, who, in turn, was polite but clearly disapproved of us – the nouveau riche.

It was reasonably late when we returned and both Grandpa and Uncle Dave decided to turn in. The girls were still at the video player, quite a raucous one judging by the cheers and coos coming from the lounge. The older women folk had all retired, probably on orders from Grandma.

I went to bed and lay in the small and hot space, naked again and with my cock out and ready for action. The damn security light sprang back on after just a few minutes and shone through the crack in the curtains. I lay back and thought I could hear a shuffling noise outside, I considered closing the curtains and as I leant forward the patio door burst open. In stepped Twin 1 dressed in a pink pyjama set.

“We haven’t got long.” She said as she started to peel it off.

She gently pushed me back, prone, spun around and mounted me facing the patio. After groping from my thick tool she shuffled forward and positioned herself over it for an easy entry. She lay back and thrust her hips upwards like a limbo dancer, gripping my tool in her fist and offering it to her tight and hairy snatch. God she was tight as I felt my tip penetrate her moist little cunt.

She sighed in satisfaction as she took a few inches inside and lay back. She was wet, almost gushingly so but the down side was that I kept popping out when she lay back. My exposed end lay against the wiry down of her blonde pubes.

Each time I came out she would sit up, re-insert me and lay back again, determinedly so. The security light was flickering annoyingly but suddenly went out all together.

At last or so I thought. My hands went immediately to her small but firm boobs as she lay back again. She was tall and her soft hair, still pleated rested against my face. She sighed and arched her back to accommodate more of my thick and eager tool. Again it slipped out. At that moment the dining room door burst open, the light was switched on and a broad and common voice whispered sharply,

“I told you that wouldn’t fit in there”. It was Twin 2. She paused for a moment as my tender end snaked up and along the hairy roughness of her sister’s mound. My eyes were dazzled and I struggled to focus on her to ascertain her mood.

“Here, I told you what to do.” She said in annoyance as she too peeled off her matching pyjama set.

“Lay back.” She barked at her sister. “I told you we’d have to do him like we did Jason Michaels.”

I was confused. I thought we’d been busted. I lay there with one twin laying on her back stretched out on top of me, my cock nestled between her wet cunt lips, protruding up and on to her belly and her naked sister, jabbering on like a machine gun, and climbing on top.

Twin 2 just wouldn’t shut up – she went into some kind of verbal overdrive, barking out instructions and making comparisons.

“God his cock is big. Bigger that Paul Wilkinson’s, isn’t it?” She didn’t wait for an answer, she didn’t even pause for breath.

“God I wonder how it feels.” She said as she squatted over her sister’s belly. She lowered herself down carefully so to allow the remaining length of my swollen cock to slip between her smooth labia. She wiggled to consolidate my cock, trapped like a sausage between two sets of soft and moist cunt lips.

She rocked gently back and forth and I could feel the hard bump of her clit just under my phallic head. I looked over Twin 1′s shoulder, as she was also, at the sight of my cock sandwiched between their two sets of lips. My eyes rolled in their sockets as Twin 2 started to gently rock back further, her soft inner flesh massaging the exposed tip of my solid cock. Expertly she ground her hips down and along its length pausing only to increase pressure on her sister’s wet slit below. God it was hot.

I am not sure how long she kept this up but she chatted incessantly throughout,

“God that’s good. God that’s hard. God that’s big.” And, “See I told you this was the best way to get him off.”

Twin 2 was quite competitive, “I bet I can make you cum before I do.” She offered as a challenge to her sister.

By this time I had almost tuned out . I was gently kneading Twin 1′s tits and kissing the back of her neck. She in turn cooed as mine and her sister’s machinations pleasured her. By this time Twin 2′s slit was glistening and slippery wet, she was thrusting herself fully forward until the tip of my knob brushed her puckered butt hole. On each sweep I sensed her push down, gaining pressure, trying to slip my cock inside her gushing cunt. Twin 1 gently eased her hips upwards and presto, my cock slipped into the hot and wet entrance. At least it seemed to shut her up for a few second, she drew breath through gritted teeth as the first few inches of my cock found its way inside her tight twat. She gripped at my shaft with the walls of her cunt before releasing it and sliding forward, allowing it to fall again between her silken lips.

They repeated this process, in perfect tandem, over and over again, and with great skill, both using their cunt lips in cooperation to wank me off. Each subtle movement slow and deliberate, each tilt of the hips slight, as they deftly massaged my meat with the soft inner walls of their cunt lips.

Twin 2 slipped my tip into her hot hole almost with each backward sweep of her loins. She gripped the end firmly in her wet walls and jabbed forward, slapping my cock gently against her sister’s open gash, and clit, below. Then she would release, allowing me to slip out and up her wet crack.

I could feel the soft bump of Twin 1′s clit slide down the underside of my shaft as her sister’s soft inner lips pulled gently at my tender skin opposite. Up further she slid until I could feel her hard nub just under my phallic ridge. Back and forth they slowly swayed, building both in intensity and allowing Twin 2 greater penetration with each backward stroke. She was using her cunt to lubricate my shaft and I could feel her sweet juices run down and mix with her sister’s drenching the base of my meat below.

Twin 2 was now lost in her own world, she fell forward, gasping, eyes closed and in range for me to suggest something dirty of my own to her sister.

“Suck her tit.” I whispered into Twin 1′s ear as I nibbled the back of her neck. My nostrils filled with the scent of her perfume, and a slight hint of horse, as her pleated blonde pony tail fell away and over my shoulder.

She was hot, sticky with sweat and dead weight as she drank in the sensations raging through her loins. She rose up, almost peeling her soft skin from my chest and duly obliged, drawing a gasp from her sister who now had permanently mounted the top couple of inches of my rock hard cock. I was pinned and could do nothing to help as she struggled to thrust her hips upwards and forwards to drive my cock in further.

Her sister’s wetness flowed down my ball sack as Twin 2 continued to stab herself on and over my cock. Her forward thrusts gently slapped the remainder of my shaft against her sister’s exposed and erect clit. Each bump bought and increasing response from the twin sandwiched between us.

I am not sure who started first but when one went we all did. Twin 1 withdrew from her sucking with a hiss, Twin 2 closed her eyes and threw back her head trying to stifle a scream and I instinctively made a grab for any bouncing flesh that I could hold on to.

I think Twin 2′s cunt walls flexing finally drove me over the edge. As soon as she sensed me spurting she lurched forward to allow me to spray both hers and her sisters open snatches with my hot cum. And boy did I cum, in waves, I pumped my seed over the soft mat of Twin 1′s bushy blonde pubes before her sister sank and ground hers down. My cum spread and soaked them both, their downy hair sticking into tacky mats as more spurts sprayed the melee of pink and open flesh.

Twin 1 lay there, her chest heaving and panting as convulsions spread through her torso and down her legs. Twin 2 looked down in awe as she saw her sister enjoying a major orgasm. As her quivering subsided her sister grinned and stroked her forehead tenderly ,

“Wow Jo, that’s the best one yet!”

We paused momentarily, something stirred outside, both twins shot up, collected their pjs and left via the dining room door. I lay there, sweaty and with my balls covered in a mixture of my and the twin’s cum, satisfied beyond all belief but more than a little concerned about the possible family implications. I had heard the tales of the twins “double heading” my mates but thought they had been just that – tales, but now I knew better.

I lay back and relaxed into a deep and contented sleep.

I awoke with a start, again to the sound of the dining room door latch. I felt a cool breeze and a dull thud as someone’s clothing hit the floor. It was early and I was tired and so I made little effort to swing around to see who it was. I am not sure who I expected but I certainly didn’t expect this one – it was Mundy standing to my right stark naked. She looked good, short and compact, pale but reasonably athletic in appearance. Her tits were on the larger size for her frame, pendulous with cherry red areolae and small bud like nipples.

She paused as if to allow me to feast my eyes on her naked frame as she studied mine. I lifted my hand to her and she guided it straight to the neatly trimmed V of her crotch. I stroked downwards and marvelled at the smoothly shaven sides and lips of her hot cunt, already wet and open.

My cock was less than enthusiastic, it lay limp and exhausted from the previous night’s exertions. I am also sure it would have been heavy with the scent of the Twins but it didn’t seem to matter to Mundy – she stooped down and gently lifted the soft member to her warm lips. She threw her leg over my head to allowed me the opportunity to do her a 69, an offer that I took full advantage of. I could feel the intensity of her hot breath over my balls as she drew and sucked at my slowly stiffening end.

I grabbed the solid globes of her butt cheeks and spread them slightly as I offered my tongue to her open and already damp snatch. I started at the delicate fold of her clitoral hood and probed the tip of my tongue under to search out the small and firm nub beneath. She jumped as my soft tongue hit home and rotated her hips to make my tongue run along the smooth and remarkably straight line of her slit. I paused and concluded that she must have been turned on before she came in, her cunt was too juicy and open for it to be just me.

My tongue was resting against her hot entrance. I curled the end and threw it into the fleshy void, swishing and swirling it around the wet opening before driving it in as deep as it would go. The darting thrust bought a hum of appreciation that sent vibrations down through the core of my cock, still deep in Mundy’s mouth.

I repeated the process, a swirl, a suck and then a dart of my fully extended tongue. She gasped at each intrusion, her cunt walls gripped and pulled my soft member in further, almost ripping it from its anchor.

Quite, scared, breathless, heart beating out of her chest. The virgin stands there inside Gatwick Airport in London not knowing what to do. She didn’t speak English, only Spanish. She mistakenly got on the wrong plane. ¿Donde estoy? The lost girl says, as she walks around like a deer in the headlights. He stands there from afar, 5 foot 10, leather coat, black tee and jeans. He says good bye to a neighbor who needed a ride to the airport. He looks at his iPhone as he turns to leave and sees her. Young and 18, 5 foot 2, 110lbs. breast DD. He moves to her as she starts to cry. Like a true gentlemen he wipes her tears away. She pulls back, ¿Quién es usted? ¡Déjame en paz! He grabs both her arms, his grip tight and powerful. She looks at his face, he’s bald by choice, she stares into his brown eyes, and feels herself losing all control. She reaches a hand up to his face, caresses his cheek feeling his stubble. He knows at that moment that he is her master, her life and body is his to own.

He leads her to his car, she is lifeless, a dummy, a puppet and he pulls the strings. He rolls up to his flat and takes her inside. He walks her into his bedroom and locks the door. He sits her on the bed, not knowing what to do with her. Why does she submit to him? Looking at her huge breast he feels his jeans tighten, he starts to sweat. Quickly he grabs a few neckties and lays her down on the bed. he binds her wrist and ankles to the bed feeling a rush blood from the top of his head to the bottom of his other head. she lays there, she does not move. What he wants to do to her she’ll allow it to happen.

He goes into the kitchen and gets a knife, he stares at her and makes a choice. He slashes at clothes cutting, tearing, and ripping them off. He drops the knife, takes off his coat, pulls off his t-shirt, she takes a good look at him. His broad shoulders and muscular forearms, his big pecs and hard nipples. His hard ripped 6-pack abs. his whole body covered in hair, not thick just very lightly. She watches as he pulls down his pants revealing his thong soaked in pre-cum. He takes it off and sits on the bed licking his lips while stroking his 10 inch uncut cock. He slowly sank down meeting her pussy, touching it, rubbing it. Opening her lips he see her hymen and knows she is a virgin, this makes him extremely hard. he kisses her lips, he runs his tongue all the way down to her ass and back up. he lightly licks, not wanting to break her hymen. She moans softly, this brings a smile to his face.

Suddenly he stopped, he get on top of her and looks in her eyes. Slowly he runs his tongue across her closed lips, she slightly parted them, and his tongue darted into her mouth. It was a natural instinct that she begin sucking on it. He slowly pulled his tongue out of her mouth, moved to fuck her face. He rubbed his cock across her lips and then across her entire face. Across her nose, her eyes and all over her cheeks. He pushed his foreskin back so she can kiss the head. she licked up and down the underside of the shaft, down to his balls.

Now sticking straight out right in front of her face, she opened her mouth and sucked it down into her throat. After his cock was nice and wet he move back down to her pussy. She gasped when she felt part of him enter. She felt a pop inside as her hymen broke as he forces all 10 inches in. her pussy ached terribly, as he held his position and let her get the feel of his equipment inside. It didn’t take long and soon he begins to make small humps, out and in, out and in. The more he gyrated his hips, driving his dick in and out of her pussy the more pain she was in. she screams loud and he does not stop, just humps her faster.

She tries to move her arms and legs but they are tied up. he slaps her hard across the face for trying to get away. She cry and screams and he fucks her faster ripping her pussy open, it bleeds. He says yeah you like that don’t you, you dirty slut, you like this big hard cock in your virgin pussy. He smacks her again when her screams of pain turns to moans of love. She’s not to enjoy it, she is there to please him not the other way around. After an hour he cannot hold back any more. he could feel the explosion building up inside, but before he could cum she squrting long streams of pussy juice as he fucked her. he speeded up his thrusts and pulled out, let out a loud scream and like a geyser shot out all over her, shooting gobs of cum. But he was not done, he stood on the bed and began to piss on her. Her then untied her and laid on the bed and said lick it up and she did. So happy was he to have his own sex slave. The End

This is the third and final instalment of this story. Please read “Sister Sandy’s Laptop Chapters 01 and 02 before reading this.


“Get here ASAP! Need you!!”

I read the text from my older sister Sandy. I was intrigued by the commanding tone. This wasn’t her asking she was telling me to go and see her! After our two previous incestuous encounters and especially the last time it was pretty clear that Sandy had a bit of a kinky side to her that she wanted to explore. I decided to tease her a little.

“What for? Laptop fucked again?” I replied. A moment or two passed.

“Just do as you are told little brother” she replied.

“What if I don’t?” I teased further.

“Yeah like you won’t! Pls cum soon ;) ” she texted back. I smiled. I wanted to fuck Sandy again as much as she wanted me. So I made my excuses to my wife Liz once more and made my way to Sandy’s flat the next evening.

When I arrived outside her flat she was standing waiting for me at her door as before. This time she was wearing a black, loose fitting, silk dressing gown that stopped short just above her knees. Her feet were bare and the gown was low around her bosom revealing her beautiful, freckled mature cleavage which seemed much larger and prominent than it had before. Her hair was immaculate as ever and she smiled at me from under that long wave of blonde hair that hung over the left side of her face as always. She looked stunning.

“Hi!” I said smiling back at her.

She didn’t answer but just stood aside to let me in and then closed the door and locked it. She turned and looked at me a second and then stood in front of me so close that her breasts were touching my body ever so slightly. She looked up into my eyes and I looked into hers as she pulled her hair from her face. We held each other’s gaze for a few seconds before she quietly said;


I couldn’t resist her closeness and quickly kissed her full on the lips. She responded just as keenly and slipped her tongue between my lips which I sucked in gently. I reached around to embrace her but she caught my arms and pulled away gently breaking the kiss.

“Tim take a shower and then come to my bedroom.” She said looking away from me and then walked past me into her room. I stood there a moment aching to follow her as my cock was already swollen. But I did what she asked and entered her bathroom to take a quick shower. I turned on the water and stripped off my clothes. My now semi erect penis was oozing precum from the delicious excitement of what was to come. I duly showered myself down quickly taking extra time to clean my genital area and between my buttocks to ensure I was clean and fresh everywhere that mattered. When done I turned off the shower and dried myself down quickly. I took another dry, white towel that was hanging on the rail and wrapped it around my waist and then left the bathroom for Sandy’s bedroom. Sandy was sitting on her bed waiting still in her silk gown. She smiled at as I came in and then stood up and came towards me.

“Tim…um….look I want to do something. Or rather behave in a certain way with you but I’m not sure you would like it.”

“I said I’d do whatever you want sis. I’m up for anything kinky you know that so don’t feel weird or anything. Just let yourself go. Be what you want to be and do what you want to do. I’m here for you for anything you want OK?” I said smiling and put a hand on Sandy’s shoulder.

Sandy smiled back and stepped closer and put her hands on my bare chest. “Just understand that I’ve never really done this sort of thing..”

“Hey me neither!” I said clasping her upper arms. “Well…you know..not um….me and Liz have done some weird stuff you know but……crud I don’t even know what you’ve got in mind Sandy. But it’s fine. Really. Just be what you want to be!”

Sandy looked into my eyes and smiled with a twinkle in her eyes. She took two steps back from me and slowly pulled her gown down over her shoulders and let it drop. I gawped as I took in the sight of her. She was wearing a black leather lace up underbust corset that lifted her tits up making the bulging cleavage I’d noticed when I arrived and a pair of black lace panties that were very transparent. Her bush clearly showed beneath it. She stood there a minute with her hands on her ample hips accentuated by her tightly laced corset. I stared at her a minute then took a step towards her.

“Stay still!” she said sternly. “Don’t fucking move!”

I stood there as motionless as I could. My heart was beginning to really thump and parts of me were beginning to quiver with expectations.

“First we get rid of this!” Sandy said as she reached out and yanked the towel from around my waist revealing my now erect cock. She stood closer to me and her right hand reached out and touched my chest. I started to raise my hands to her but she grabbed them tightly and pushed them away making my stumble a little to one side.

“I said don’t fucking move!!” she said even more sternly than before. I dropped my hands but started to turn to towards her but she grabbed my shoulders and turned me around so I was facing away from her.

“Stay!!” she commanded and then giggled quietly.

I felt her hand softly caress my left buttock and then a finger trace up and down the line of my crack. She ran her finger up and down between my buttocks several times before running her fingers gently all the way up my spine and then around my neck and up to my ear which she suddenly grabbed and pulled firmly. I almost cried out but her left hand reached up and covered my mouth and I felt her soft hair against the left side of my face.

“Now are you going to be a good little brother and do what you are told for your big sister? She half whispered in my ear.

I nodded. I was partly highly aroused, partly amused and partly wondering just how far Sandy was going with this.

“Well you better you little shit!” she spat and shoved me forward onto the bed. I turned as I tumbled onto the bed and looked up at her. She was standing there with a hand over her mouth trying not to giggle.

“Sorry Tim. This is hard to take seriously!”

“It’s OK!” I said. “Please I like it. Honest!”

“You sure?” she said stepping up close to the bed.

“Yeah, yeah definitely. Really…just go for it. Call me names.. anything it’ll be fun!” I said leaning back onto the bed. My cock was standing to attention proudly.

Sandy re-asserted herself and put her hands back on her hips. She cleared her throat and managed to look serious as she said “OK you little prick get over on all fours and show me your arse!”

I did as I was told and got up onto all fours. I felt the bed give as Sandy knelt on it behind me and then felt her hands run slowly up the back of my thighs before gently caressing my buttocks.

“Now then!” Sandy said huskily. “Don’t move!”

“OK!” I replied almost breathless with expectations.

“What? That won’t do!” she said and smacked me quite hard across my bum cheeks. “You must say ‘Yes Mistress!’…got that?”

“Yes Mistress!..Yes Mistress” I replied obediently.

“Good boy!” she retorted. “Now then you will be still.”

“Yes Mistress!”

I felt her hands on my arse cheeks again but this time she gripped both buttocks firmly and I felt her spread them. I few seconds passed then I felt a cool air blowing on my anus. Sandy was blowing on my hole. I tried to look between my legs but my cock and balls blocked the view. I couldn’t help a gasp as I suddenly felt the warm, wetness of her tongue gliding upwards over my anus and then down again. She then started circling her tongue around my ring which made me lift my head and gasp louder.

“Fucking hell Sandy!” I couldn’t help but say.

“SMACK!” A shot of pain shot from my right thigh as she smacked her hand across it hard. “What did I fucking tell you? You fucking bastard what did I TELL YOU?” she almost shouted.

“Yes Mistress..Yes Mistress..I’m sorry Mistress!” I blurted out and buried my grinning face against into the bed.

“Don’t move or else!” she said and I felt her move off the bed. I heard her fumbling with something from her bedside and then felt the bed give again as she returned.

“Don’t move!” she said once again.

“Yes Mistress..” I mumbled from the bed. I then felt something very wet and cold being smeared on my hole with her fingers. I sucked in breath as she then pushed a wet, slippery finger fully up me in one single action. She wiggled it and gently pumped me a few times before removing her finger.

“OK. Now you stay still!” she said firmly and I then heard a soft buzzing noise before something hard and vibrating suddenly pushed against my anus.

“Yes that’s right little brother I’m going to shove my vibrator up your arse. And I’m going to fuck you good and proper with it.”

“Yes Mis…tress….uuhh.” I replied as she pushed the vibrator firmly against my hole. I was no stranger to this sort of thing as my wife Liz often used a prostate massager on me. So I knew to relax and just let it happen. Sandy giggled slightly as the vibrator slowly started to make it’s way into me. She wiggled it a little and pulled it out slightly before pushing it in again and this time my sphincter relaxed I felt the cool, smooth vibe slide into me. The feeling of the vibrations buzzing my hole was exquisite but the fact that this was my big sister doing this to me made it something very special. Sandy worked the vibe in and out of me gently for a bit. I moaned quietly with each inward thrust my sister gave me.

“OK little brother lie on your back!” Sandy commanded and pulled the vibe out of me. I did as I was asked and was relieved to be off my knees and able to see my sister. She knelt there smiling at me with her purple vibrator still buzzing away. She held it up in front of her face. “Just think. This has been up my cunt many times and even up my arse. Now it’s been up yours!” she grinned. I grinned back and then watched fascinated as she stroked the vibrator against her cheek. There were still traces of lube on it but it otherwise looked clean despite where it had just been. But then to my amazement Sandy opened her mouth and then licked nearly the whole length of the vibrator. “Mmmm…” she moaned and then while still looking at me with a smile she opened her mouth again this time engulfed it around the vibrator. She pursed her lips around it then gently pumped it in and out of her mouth before pulling it out then licking it’s length once more.

“Tell your Mistress what she is!” Sandy said as she took my cock in her hand now and started masturbating me.

“Umm….uh…She’s wonderful!” I responded but that received a smack on my thigh and a sharp squeezing grip on my cock.

“No you prick! What am I? I just licked this thing that’s been up your arse for fuck’s sake so what does that make me?”

“A dirty slut!” I replied taking a bit of a gamble.

“Better.” She said and started slowly masturbating me again. “Is that all? Tell me what I am you little pervert. Tell me what I am!”

Before I answered she put the vibrator to my anus again and pushed it into me. It slid in much more easily this time and I moaned as it did so. She started fucking my hole with the vibrator quite vigorously. “Tell me!”

I gulped before saying almost groaning…”You’re..a ..dirty..fucking..bitch..dirty ..slut…dirty ..fucking ..slag”

“Yes that’s right! What else am I?” she responded fucking my hole even faster and harder now.

“Fucking ..cock sucking.. .ass licking…cum whore!” I cried as she fucked my hole furiously now while yanking hard on my cock at the same time.

“You’d better believe it brother!” she gasped in response then suddenly stopped what she was doing and got off the bed. I lay their breathing heavily. The vibrator still stuck up me and buzzing away delightfully. I watched Sandy as she took off her corset revealing her large sagging breasts. She slipped off her panties and then climbed back on the bed.

“Fuck Tim I’m fucking soaking. Fuck me now as hard as you fucking can!” she begged and lay flat on the bed beside me. I sat up and the vibrator slipped from my hole. She grabbed it and spread her legs wide. “Fuck me you dirty bastard!” she commanded loudly.

I lay on top of her and guided my hard, dripping cock to her open, glistening gash. It slid in effortlessly with a single thrust with such a beautiful feeling for both of us that we both gasped at the same time. I was desperate to cum now and started fucking her hard.

“Yes..yes…fuck….harder…faster…!” she gasped in time with my quickening thrusts.

I fucked her as hard and fast while trying to last as long as I could. Sandy was moaning and panting along with me and then suddenly she lifted the vibrator in her left hand up to her mouth and sucked it in. She held it in her mouth and opened her eyes wide at me. I knew what she wanted and shifting my weight onto my left arm and took hold of the end of the vibrator buzzing in her mouth and started thrusting it in and out of her while still managing to fuck her at the same time.

“This what you want big sister?” I said sensing it was my turn to get dominant with her. “You want your mouth fucked by a vibrator that’s just been up your brother’s arse and cunt fucked with his cock?” I said feeling carefree now as I became closer to orgasm.

Sandy moaned and opened her mouth wide. Lapping her tongue around the vibrator. I pulled it out from her mouth and smeared it all over her face before sliding it back into her mouth which welcomed it with pursing lips. I let go of it and focused on fucking her now which I did as hard and fast as I physically could. Sandy grabbed my back and dug her fingers hard into me. I felt my orgasm coming and arched my back against her grip which only hurt more but that only seemed to intensify the incredible orgasm that swept up through me.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” I cried out as my cock exploded with cum deep inside her. I rammed myself as hard as I possible could into her with each ejaculation it felt as if I was almost hosing her inside. I collapsed on top of her sweating, panting and exhausted as my orgasm subsided. Sandy spat out the vibrator that was still buzzing in her mouth and gently pushed me to one side making my still hard cock slide out of her. I rolled onto my back but Sandy sat up and then gently leant over me to hold my cock and then take it into her mouth. She lovingly caressed it with her lips and tongue. Gently sucking it clean of my cum and her juices while her beautiful blonde hair caressed my right thigh. She sat up again and then lay back beside me and started fingering herself furiously.

“Christ I need to cum so bad!” she moaned. “Get the vibe Tim and stick it up my bum!” I was exhausted but did as I was told. I lifted the vibe off the bed where it lay still buzzing away and knelt up beside Sandy who was now giving her soaking cunt and real workout with her middle and index fingers of her right hand. She was breathing heavily through her teeth as I poked the vibe into the dark cleft under her furiously working hand. But I was unsure exactly where her anus was so Sandy quickly took the vibe from me and quickly worked it into her own hole.

“There now fuck me hard with it you bastard” she grunted as she went back to work on her clit. I did as I was told and pumped her rectum as hard and as fast as I dared considering the vibe had little lubrication now but Sandy didn’t seem to care. She was clearly in absolute ecstasy as I pumped the vibe in and out of her anus as she rubbed her clit with incredible speed. Eventually she went rigid and arched her back. Her eyes rolled and her mouth opened wide before finally letting out a scream that quickly became a long groan and ended with a long satisfied sigh.

I lay beside her on the bed and put my arm across her gently fondling her left breast. I nuzzled into her and locked my right leg between hers feeling her warm, wetness against the inside of my thigh. We lay motionless like this for a few moments before eventually Sandy sat up and then leant over me. Her breasts squashing against my chest and that beautiful wave of blonde hair hanging down and softly caressing my cheek.

“Well Tim we did it again!” she said smiling.

“Yeah. We did.” I replied and she kissed me full on the lips. Our mouths opened and we explored each others mouths a little before breaking off.

“I fucking love you little brother!” she giggled.

“And I fucking love you big sis!” I replied and kissed the end of her nose.

“Should we do this regularly?” she asked stroking my cheek.

“As regularly as possible!” I replied stroking her hair.

“Want to get more kinky?” she whispered in my ear.

” I’ll do whatever you want Mistress.” I said sliding my hand down her back. “Whatever you want.”

We kissed and started fondling and caressing each other. Eventually I became aroused again and we fucked once more this time Sandy on top. Her huge breasts and her beautiful hair bouncing as she gasped and grunted eventually bringing me to my second orgasm. We collapsed into each others arms once more and lay still again for a few moments before we eventually got up, showered and dressed. I was going to be late home but I didn’t care.

Two months later my world was turned upside down when my wife Liz left me. It turned out she’d been fucking one of her friend’s husbands and they had decided to get together. I was stunned. But had no cause to be angry given that I’d been screwing my own sister at the same time! So Liz and I broke up. She wanted to live with her new guy and I wished them luck. I even let him buy out my half of our house so they could live together there.

“Where will you stay?” Liz had asked me.

“Don’t worry about me. Sandy will put me up!” I replied trying very hard not to smile.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Last Week

The phone was ringing. West rolled over with a grunt and grabbed at it. “…Hello?”


“Master!” West sat up in bed, shirtless and looking divine. “I’m sorry, my lord, I was…”

“You’re fine. I’m just calling to give you new orders. The month is at an end. At the end of this week I want you and James to visit me at the school. We’re having…a recruitment drive. A big one.”

“I see, my lord.”

“Tell James, and I’ll contact the rest of my angels.”

“Yes, my lord, I’ll tell him. I look forward to seeing you. It’s been too long.”

“Only one more week,” Jacob said.

“Take care, my lord.”

“You, too,” Jacob said, and the phone went bed.

West smiled and hung up the phone. His month of exile was coming to an end, and soon he would see his beautiful master once more. He shook James, who was asleep beside him, awake.

James grumbled and pulled his handsome face from beneath the blankets. “What?”

“You need to wake up and listen, because I have our new orders.”

The next morning Jack walked to class with Maggie. She was close to him, as usual, using her body heat to keep him warm. Jack was detailing the big plans he had for the weekend.

“Well, it’s too bad that I’m going to miss everything.” She was wearing a tight sweater that hugged her sizable chest and a tight pair of blue jeans. The way her breasts bounced indicated that she had foregone a bra. “I mean, I guess I could stay if you want…”

“No, no, you go home and see your family. To tell the truth, I’ll be too busy to pay you the attention you deserve anyway.”

Maggie pouted. “Well, still, I don’t need to get fucked. I can just stay and, you know, help. You’re my god now, Jack, and I don’t know if you’ve figured it out yet, but I’m a very devout believer.” She reached down and grasped his crotch suggestively.

Jack jumped a bit. “Oh, I can tell, and I appreciate it, but I’m not questioning your loyalty. It’s just that your family is important, and there’s not much for you to do, honestly. This is god and angel work.”

“So, you’re saying I would be in the way?”

“No, but if it will make you feel better about going home then I can pretend. Besides, now that you’re my slut you can go home and evangelize about my greatness. Spread my gospel, maybe even start recruiting your family. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your parents and sisters bowing to me?”

“I’ve never thought about it, but sure, I guess that would be nice.” She pressed her full chest against him and leaned in. “Maybe I could help you get into bed with my sister. Watch you fuck her deep and make her your slut.”

Jack grinned. “Keep that up and we might have to find an empty supply closet before we go to class.”

“That’s kind of what I was going for,” she said before parting from him and sashaying her hips dramatically. She lead him to class that way and looked back periodically to make sure he was watching.

When they made it to class they took their seats by each other. Maggie smiled at Jack. “Why, you seem flustered, is something wrong?”

“Maggie, you wait around after class, and I’ll give you one hell of a show to remember me by. Let’s just put it that way.”

There was a lustful glow in her eye as she said, “Oh, I can’t wait!”

After class Jack kept Maggie with him, and they approached Mrs. Meter together. Maggie was giddy with excitement and nearly bouncing as she walked. She kept a smile firmly fixed on him as they made their way to the front of the room. Jack couldn’t help but laugh.

“You are really excited to get me into bed, aren’t you?”

She shoved him gently. “Of course I am. If you have complaints then you shouldn’t have made me a slut in the first place.” She ran her a hand along her figure, tracing the bulging shape of her unrestrained breasts. “Because I guarantee that all of your sluts are just as eager as I am to spend some time with your big, delicious cock.”

“You do realize that you won’t have me all to yourself though, right?”

Maggie looked to Mrs. Meter, who was busy packing up her things. “Her, right, you’re going to fuck our teacher in front of me, aren’t you,” she asked.

Jack smirked. “Maybe. Why, would that make you jealous?”

“No, of course not, master. You fuck whoever you want. If you want to fuck both of us then I’m fine with that. If you want me to tit-fuck you while you’re fucking her ass then I’ll do it. As long as you are happy I am happy, master.”

Jacob slipped one arm around her broad, womanly hips and said, “The answer of a true slut. You’re coming along nicely. Now then, allow me to introduce you to the real Mrs. Meter.”

Jack approached his teacher with Maggie in tow. When Mrs. Meter saw them she looked them over. She seemed to size Maggie up before turning her full attention to her master. If she was threatened or jealous she didn’t show it.

“Hello there, Mr. Hillton.”

“Don’t you mean Master Hillton?”

Mrs. Meter cast a quick glance at Maggie. “I see that you’ve invited a guest this time.”

“Does that bother you?”

“No, master, of course not. Whatever you want is fine with me.” She slipped her bag on and let Jack slipped his free hand around her waist. “Besides, I know from personal experience that you’ve got more than enough cock for two women to share.”

Maggie laughed. “Are you kidding? He probably has enough for a hundred women to have their fill.”

“Ladies, ladies, while I enjoy having two beautiful women talk about how big my cock is, I do have a tight schedule. So, let’s find somewhere private so that I can give you two the fucking of your lives.

Maggie leaned in and kissed Jack on the cheek before whispering into his ear, “I think you’ve already given me that.” On the other side of him Mrs. Meter gave a throaty laugh.

On the way to the office Mrs. Meter seemed to open up to Maggie. Jack’s presence put her at ease, and his aura opened up new parts of her that were closed off before. She had harbored some resentment toward Maggie for her young, shapely figure, but by the time they reached the office Jack had turned that into pride at serving Jack beside the young beauty.

Mrs. Meter locked the door behind them and then wriggled her way to the desk to drop her things off. The office was quite cramped with three bodies stuffed inside. The tight spaces made Jack’s scent swell quickly, and between that and the lustful energy each woman gave off he soon had them squirming without raising a single finger.

Jack tried to work his way toward the center of the room but had difficulty. The chair ended up flipped underneath the desk. Maggie nearly tumbled over him as he slipped past her, and her braless chest pressed heavily against him. They fell into a nearby wall and into a deep, impassioned kiss.

While they kissed Mrs. Meter kneeled down undid Jack’s pants. She extracted his limp godhood from within and jerked and sucked on him with all the love and passion she had in his bones. Maggie stepped over Mrs. Meter and stood above her while continuing to kiss Jack’s perfect mouth.

With both hot bodies pressed against him Jack staggered and fell back onto Mrs. Meter’s desk. He slipped his hands up Maggie’s blouse, finding her full bosom hidden beneath. Their kiss deepened, filling with fire and heat. She sucked hungrily on his tongue before parting, and together they lifted her blouse and tossed it aside.

Below Jack was now full erect. His divine scent had filled the room. Mrs. Meter had removed her panties and slid onto his cock, which was sticking from between Maggie’s legs. She stopped when her ass hit Maggie’s.

“You’re so fucking big,” Mrs. Meter crooned. “You’re the biggest cock in the world, and I love every inch.” She moved like a piston, fucking him relentlessly from the start. Each backward thrust sent the gradually disrobing Maggie against him, and soon she was nearly sitting on his lap on the desk.

With effort Maggie extricated herself from the tangle of bodies and yanked her pants off. By this time Mrs. Meter was bracing herself against the door and Jack had taken charge. He clutched her hips tightly and pulled her up and down his shaft with a fury. Eventually she lost her grip and fell forward with her ass up in the air.

Maggie lifted a leg and fingered herself to the sight. While watching she pretended that Jack was fucking her, an easy task with his glamour fogging her mind. Each wonderful thrust radiated pleasure, and Maggie could feel it washing over her. In turn, they could feel her pleasure as she slid three long fingers into her loving snatch.

Soon Maggie and Mrs. Meter were howling in combined pleasure. They both crested on the pleasure high. Maggie squealed her love for Jack, but Mrs. Meter could only mutter incoherent gibberish that amounted mostly to praise for his cock.

Jack felt their combined orgasm and let the pleasure seep into his. His vision blurred, and his mind strained for control. On instinct he kept fucking whatever body was before him, driving his dick into the depths of her tight, hot snatch. He made them shout his name and praise his power, and without moving he fucked them both senseless.

His orgasm came in relatively short time, and when it did both women collapsed. Though only Mrs. Meter had the pleasure of accepting his load, Maggie could almost feel him pumping within her body and fell to the floor as a string of orgasm assaulted her.

Jack rode out his orgasm, yanking Mrs. Meter up and down his cock a few more times before releasing her. He pulled out and cum gushed out from her used and abused pussy. She fell in a tired heap by the door while he kneeled beside Maggie, who stared at his cock adoringly before licking it clean.

“Thank you, master, thank you…” Mrs. Meter sighed contentedly, her head down by the door, and her body folded on itself.

Maggie sucked the crown of his cock, capturing his excess sperm, and then said, “I swear you were in me. God, that was amazing…” before licking the side of his soiled shaft.

Jack stood and looked at the clock. He was late for his history class but didn’t care. Righting Mrs. Meter’s office chair he took a seat and orders his two sluts into position. Though tired and spent, they both hustled into their spots at his side and went to reinvigorating him with their mouths.

“As promised, Maggie, I’ll give you at least one nice, long fucking before the weekend,” he said as he swelled. “Besides, I think if you fuck me well enough Mrs. Meter might we willing to give you an A for the semester…”

Mrs. Meter smiled. “Any slut who brings you pleasure automatically passes my class with a perfect score.”

“There you go, Maggie. So, remember, your grade is on the line.”

When he was hard Maggie lined up and slid down his shaft. She gasped when he hit bottom and said, “Oh, I think I’ll earn myself an A+…”

As expected, Jack didn’t make it to his history class. He spent the entire hour fucking Maggie senseless. When he was finished Maggie and Mrs. Meter cleaned him thoroughly and sent him on his way.

He had to rush to make it to his psychology class and didn’t have time to bathe. So, when he entered the classroom he still reeked of sex, and the natural strength of his glamour was increased.

Even were his powers not amplified, Mrs. Pratt was obsessed. She couldn’t get her mind off of him all week. All night and all day she thought about him, even at home with her husband. Somehow Jack changed her when he fucked her. He became something more than just a sexy student or a wonderful mistake. On the day that they fucked Jack became her god.

Time apart from him only cemented this concept to her, and his appearance in her class reignited flames of arousal. His disheveled hair, muscular frame, and masculine scent left her reeling with arousal. Her nipples hardened and chaffed against her blouse uncomfortable, and her pussy gushed.

She watched him move and kept a nearly constant watch on him through class. Jack kept his head down and pretended to ignore her. He wrote in his notebook and read from his book while secretly manipulating her light. Without her knowledge he infiltrated her mind, and he teased and twisted her into form.

After class he waited with his notebook out as all of the students in the class poured out into the hall. When they were alone Mrs. Pratt packed her bag and approached his desk anxiously.

“I noticed that you were almost late to class. Looks almost like you slept in.”

“Is that all you have to say to me?”

Mrs. Pratt cast a cautionary glance toward the empty classroom before licking her lips and saying, “Hello, master, I am awaiting your command.”

“That’s better,” Jack said, and he looked up at her and into her soul. She shined completely pink, possessed by him.

“You seemed distracted during class. I hardly got a glance out of you.”

Jack smirked. “I was taking very close notes. Would you like to see?”

She nodded and leaned over his desk to inspect his notebook closely. Jack had wrote a long, winding narrative about her fall and transformation into his slut. Near the end he simply wrote, “You are my slut. You are my slave. You belong to me completely, and once class is finished and we are alone I plan to shove my massive cock so deeply inside of you that you will feel it in your soul.” By the time she finished reading Mrs. Pratt was blushing and cock hungry. She stood straight and smiled down at him.

“Those notes are quite…impressive. How long until we perform a practical examine and put what you’ve written to the test?”

Jack grinned and closed his notebook. “Good things come to those who wait,” he said while packing his bags. He joined her beside the desk. “I will fuck you, Mrs. Pratt, have no doubt about that, but we must take care of something important first.”

“And what exactly is more important than fucking me,” Mrs. Pratt asked. She straightened her back out and pushed her chest forward to draw his attention. She had been waiting all weekend for him to fuck her, and she didn’t like the idea of waiting any longer.

“Your husband is what,” Jack said while leading her out of the room. “I think it’s about time that he learned the truth about our relationship. I assume that you’ll have no problem with that.”

Initially Mrs. Pratt didn’t know how to answer. While she was Jack’s slut, she still loved her husband deeply. They had been married for well over thirty years, and though she was willing to betray her vows to him she had no interest in hurting him.

On the other hand, Jack was her master and her god, and when she looked into his eyes she wanted only what he wanted. Ultimately, she gave up her life and her commitment to her husband so that she could be Jack’s slut. That meant his desires and pleasures came first. She was HIS, and that meant he was due whatever pleasure she could bring him. If he craved her husband’s humiliation and heartbreak, then she would give him just that.

She led him down the hall, toward the adjunct instructor’s office. While they walked he kept his arm about her waist unabashedly. Any student who passed them saw how he owned her, and it seemed their secret would be out regardless of her answer.

“You’ve gotten very silent.”

“I was thinking.”


“And…I am your slut, master, and so I will do whatever you ask.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“I live for you now. I want only what you want, and so if you wish to show my husband how you’ve made me into a slut then I have no right or reason to refuse you.”

“That’s just the answer I wanted to hear,” Jack said, and he lowered her hand to cup her ass. “I hope you’re ready, because I plan to give him one hell of a show.”

The adjunct instructor’s office was an average sized room housing three desks. It was shared by all adjunct instructors for breaks between their classes. That is where they waited for Mr. Pratt after class. Mrs. Pratt sat on the desk while Jack took a chair in front of her. Idly, he ran a hand along her thick thighs while they waited.

At that time in the afternoon she and Mrs. Pratt often had the office to themselves. Few instructors actually used the office, and the Pratts only did so because they would drive to school together.

When Mr. Pratt finally did show up there was little chance of being caught, but Jack was still cautious and stood to apply his runes. Mr. Pratt noticed them waiting but didn’t make much of a fuss. He simply rubbed his mustache and put his briefcase on a free desk.

The entire time Jack was trying to dominate Mrs. Pratt he was also wearing down Mr. Pratt. He had broken into the old man’s weeks before, and each night Mrs. Pratt went home smelling of Jack only made his presence that much stronger. Even without direct action Jack could tell Mr. Pratt was his. It was in the way the old man shined.

Mr. Pratt stuffed his hands in his pocket and looked his wife and Jack. Carnal images came to his mind unwillingly. Mrs. Pratt bent over the desk. Mrs. Pratt covered in semen. Mrs. Pratt choking on Jack. The old man seemed to fold into himself.

“…Jack, did you need something?”

Jack smiled. He could see the fear and worry in Mr. Pratt’s soul. Every night for the past week Mr. Pratt had masturbated to such fantasies, lost in a mixture of disgust and fascination. Simply being in Jack’s presence was giving him an erection.

Jack took Mrs. Pratt’s hand and pulled her close. He slipped one hand around her waist and used the other to pull her shirt down over the shoulder. Her skin was soft and pale, and Jack planted a small, delicate kiss on her shoulder while staring into her husband’s eyes.

“You have a beautiful wife,” Jack said. He moved his hands and cupped Mrs. Pratt’s breasts through her shirt. He hefted them up while she moaned. “She’s stacked and smart, and she fucks like a goddess. I wanted her from the moment I saw her, and guess what? I took her.”

Jack released her breasts and swatted her ass. “Get naked for us, slut. Show your husband the body that now belongs to me.”

Mrs. Pratt lifted her shirt slowly and said, “Yes, master.” She wore a purple, lacy bra that could barely contain her large, pale breasts. They nearly came tumbling out when she lifted her arms, and one hard, red nipple stuck out after she tossed the shirt aside.

Next she stripped her pants. They fit tightly to her shapely legs, and she had to bend at the waist and stick her ass out toward her husband in the process. He stared at her large, round rear in shameful lust but knew deep down that it was no longer for him. Her panties, lacy and purple like her bra, had slipped partly between her cheeks.

She righted herself and pulled the panties out and around her fleshy rear. Then she looked back at her husband to grin. “I’m really very sorry for teasing you, darling. I know it’s sad to think that you will never be able to touch me again, but I still hope you enjoy the view. From what I gather it should be rather nice.”

“Let me be the judge of that,” Jack said, and Mrs. Pratt turned her back to him and bent once more. Now her large breasts swayed before her husband while she gave her master an up-close view of her delicious ass.

Jack squeezed and swatted at her rear before yanking her panties down. Juices caused the crotch to cling wetly to her pussy. Once her lower half was naked Jack slid a single finger into her vulva. He paced it slowly, taking time to sink it in to the knuckle.

“Oh…,” she gasped. Just that lone finger felt better than her husband’s full dick.

Jack squeezed and shook her ass a bit more before spanking her one last time and withdrawing his finger. “Well, it’s official, you do have one hell of an ass.”

“Thank you, master, I’m glad that it is Jack tested and approved,” she teased.

Jack grinned and slipped his already hard godhood out. Grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her back and slipped inside of her immediately. She grasped while stretching around his divine girth, and the big, lustful smile on her face grew wider with each inch.

“Oh…You’re inside of me, fucking me, in front of my husband.”

Jack squeezed her ass and started pulling her along his cock. She moved her hips, meeting his slow movements enthusiastically. “Actually, it looks more like you’re fucking me.” He took her hips against and started setting the pace, fucking her relentlessly and brutally. “This would be me fucking you.”

Mrs. Pratt climaxed only seconds later. She nearly fell forward into her husband’s lap, but she braced herself against the nearby desk. “Oh, I’m coming. I’m coming….” She looked into her husband’s eyes. “Look at him, darling! Isn’t he beautiful! He’s fucking me, he’s fucking me senseless in front of you with no shame, no restraint! Look at how he owns me and uses me and—I’m coming again!”

Mrs. Pratt’s stare was somewhere between awe and resignation. “Yes, darling, I see it,” he said. His pants were tented. The sight clearly aroused him even as it broke his heart. He looked away from his wife’s rapture-warped face and her swaying breasts and turned his gaze to the locomotive beauty of Jack. Their met eyes.

Pink mist circled and consumed Mr. Pratt. Everything faded away, and he found himself falling. Reality was pulled out from beneath him or had dissolved into air.

Jack watched the old man’s eyes fog over. He smacked Mrs. Pratt’s ass. “Your husband isn’t even putting up a fight. He already knew when we got here. He probably knew from the very start: you’re mine!”

“Yes! Yes, master! I am yours! And you are my…my god!”

They rocked into each other. Each movement brought them deep, reality warping pleasure. Mrs. Pratt shook with the force of his thrusts. She was no longer coherent, as her mind collapsed and faded in the fine, pink mist that had taken her husband. Her brilliance eroded and turned to pure passion.

Her breasts wobbled free from her tight bra. Her husband returned to this image: his beautiful, brilliant wife turned wanton. Her hair was a mess. Her mouth hung open. Her eyes were rolled back. Her breasts had fallen free and were swaying hypnotically beneath her, with her nipples swollen with arousal. He saw this and watched impotently as it continued.

Jack’s presence was everywhere. He was inside of Mr. Pratt just as he was inside of his wife. It was then that Mr. Pratt truly accepted it. He loved his wife, and he always would. She was a beautiful woman, normally very classy, too, and she deserved the best. Jack, clearly, was the best, and so she deserved him just as he deserved her.

Jack reached forward and unsnapped Mrs. Pratt’s bra, which slid smoothly down her arms and fell to the floor. Now her breasts moved freely, unhindered by the flimsy lace that had once struggled to contain them, and they bounced heavily as Jack grabbed at her arms and fucked her even more roughly than before.

Mr. Pratt was astonished, transfixed by the sight. His wife was now standing straighter, with her body bent upward. By the look on her face he could tell she was still lost in otherworldly pleasure, but now Jack was truly using her.

Suddenly Jack released her. She fell forward and caught herself on the desk while he withdrew from her. He was absolutely enormous, larger than Mr. Pratt thought possible, and his cock gleamed. He wasted no time in taking Mrs. Pratt by the waist and leading her about.

“Mr. Pratt, I want you to tell me how that made you felt.”

Mr. Pratt watched blankly as Jack bent his wife over another desk and started to finger her. She lifted one leg and rested it on the desk to grant him greater access. Jack slid his enormous cock along her backside.

“It was-is-beautiful,” Mr. Pratt said after some consideration.

Mrs. Pratt swiveled against Jack’s hand, which was three fingers in. Those three fingers couldn’t compare to his mythic girth, but his every touch was still euphoric.

“And what you see right now, what do you think of this?”

“It is…natural,” Mr. Pratt said.

“Natural? Explain,” Jack said while ramming his fingers in knuckle-deep. Mrs. Pratt yelped and sat up to toy with her own breasts. She twisted and sucked on her own nipples as waves of pleasure washed away the shores of her mind. By this point she was little more than a fuck toy.

“It is…My wife is submitting to the superior male, to you. I could never begin to compare. I could never hope to even compete. You are beyond mortal standards. You are a god. You are her god.”

“That’s right, I am your wife’s god. I won her, all of her, but I am not here to tear a marriage apart. So, I want your permission. I want you to give your wife to me.”

“Isn’t it late for that? Didn’t you already take her?”

“Yes, I did, and this is little more than a formality. Still, traditions are traditions, and I think you should at least willingly hand this slut off to me.” Jack wriggled his three fingers inside of her. “I think if you did that it would make her very happy. Wouldn’t it, Mrs. Pratt?”

“Yes,” Mrs. Pratt purred. “Tell him what he wants to hear, Walter. Tell him that I am his. That my pussy, my soul, my body, my mind, tell him that all of it is his. Tell him that you approve!”

The old couple locked eyes, and Mr. Pratt truly saw his wife for the first time. She was a slut lost in her desperate need for a better man, for a god. Jack was less than half her age, and yet she was bent over a desk for him, writhing against his fingers with confidence and without shame.

Mr. Pratt blinked and cleared his throat. “If you insist then…I approve of it. I give her to you, Jack. My wife, my beautiful Evelyn, belongs to you. Use her however you like.”

“Well, if you feel that way…” Jack slid his fingers from Mrs. Pratt’s pussy and rubbed the juices along her butthole. This caught his teacher off-guard but in no way repulsed her.

Jack grabbed her hips and lined up. Rather than piercing her pussy, Jack went a bit higher. The feel of his enormous crown pressing against her tiny ass brought trepidation, but Mrs. Pratt gritted through the initial pain. Jack owned her and could take her however he liked. She was truly committed.

He went slow. Mrs. Pratt was surprisingly accommodating. She laid flat as she could on the desk and relaxed her body and lifted her ass up to give a better angle for her master’s godhood. Then she held and waited for the inevitable end to the pain.

Once Jack started riding her the pleasure came quickly. At first he fucked her ass with slow, deep thrusts. Then she started moving, meeting his thrusts with gyrations of her own. She shook her ass down his shaft and was rewarded with an orgasm. It was followed shortly by another.

She sat up on the desk and reached down to tease her pussy. Juices squirted onto the desk and ran down her leg as powerful waves of pleasure arched out from her ass and throughout her.

Already she worshipped him, but Jack became her every thought. He was perfection. He was absolute control. When he fucked her ass the very core of her being, the center of her light, collapsed and was bathed in glorious pink light. She became a part of Jack, an extension of him, and every touch became indescribable pleasure.

Her worship, love, and pleasure were all overwhelming. She had such a vast mind, and when she fully submitted to Jack and became his true slut in heart, mind, and soul, Jack could hardly contain the pleasure. His head lulled back, his eyes unfocused, and his cock swelled in her.

She kept moving her hips with impressive stamina. She slid up and down his enormous shaft with the ease of a natural born slut. After what Jack did to and for her Mrs. Pratt knew that is what she was. Being a cum slut came to her more easily than being a scholar, which was her previous calling.

The pleasure in the room surged out of control. It filled their minds and threatened to drown him. Mr. Pratt crested from simply watching, staining both his underwear and pants and maintaining erection even after.

On the desk, Mrs. Pratt shouted incoherent praises in between squeals of delight. “Fuck! Master! Fuck! Your beautiful cock is my pleasure! I am yours! Ass is yours! Fuck! Cum! Cum in me! Drown me! Dissolve me! Renew me! Slut! I’m your slut! No one else…No one else is real! You! You are existence! AH!”

Jack came and filled her with cleansing light. She fell forward onto the desk and rode out his pleasure. Sperm shot deep into her bowels, and she could feel each thick stream as it pumped into her. The heat of it spread through her, triggering a long series of powerful orgasms, and she sat there face down, her ass up, and she melted away.

When finished Jack slid his sticky cock from her ass and staggered back. Sperm trickled down his swinging cock and pooled on the floor beneath his feet. Mr. Pratt caught him from behind and steadied him, and both stared at Mrs. Pratt on the desk.

“Well, would you look at that…”

Mrs. Pratt still had her ass angled up. Cum oozed from her stretched bottom. It ran down her worn pussy and dripped onto the desk below. Even Jack was impressed by how much he had stuffed into her.

Jack looked at Mr. Pratt, who stared in equal awe. “And that…,” Jack said, nodding to Mr. Pratt’s stained crotch. “Impressive for a normal man,” he said through some laughter.

Mrs. Pratt slowly came down from her high and, in the process, just as slowly crawled from the desk. She gave a soft, melodic laugh and rested against the desk legs. She was so thoroughly fucked that movement was hard on her. She was also very tired and contented. Yet when Jack took her by the hair and pulled her toward his dirty cock she felt invigorated.

“What did I tell you,” Jack asked while she cleaned him. “I aimed to give a good show, and I think I gave one.”

She purred an affirmative.

When his cock was clean Jack pulled his pants on and walked over to Mr. Pratt, who was now staring blankly at them. Mr. Pratt didn’t know who he was without a wife, and it was only right that Jack fix him.

Kneeling down, Jack looked him in the eye. “Mr. Pratt, listen. I know that everything is changing, and that you may be confused about your place in this new world your wife has found. So, let me speak plainly: you are mine. Give yourself to me as a follower, just like your wife, and you will once again have purpose.”

“…What purpose?”

“You will continue to be married to her, and you will live for her. You will pamper her, care for her, and keep her ready for me. Really, your relationship won’t change much, save for the fact that she fucks me, and that should make you happy.”

Mr. Pratt hollow gaze gained some life. He smiled weakly and said, “Thank you…It does make me happy that she found you. And thank you for choosing her.” Though it hurt to say, Mr. Pratt meant it.

“You’re very welcome,” Jack said, and he kissed Mr. Pratt’s forehead. Energy surged between them. Jack rode the pathways of Mr. Pratt’s brain. He was once a proud, loving father and devoted husband, a kind, simple man who was contented in his old age. This image distorted like a puddle, and then Mr. Pratt was wiped-clean and renewed under Jack’s care.

Jack stood. “You’ll need to take care of her. She’s leaking everywhere.”

“Of course, master, and thank you for fucking her ass. She is shining so brilliantly now.”

“Oh, it was my pleasure,” Jack said cheekily while leaving. He hesitated at the door and watched the two of them. Their relationship was still new and fresh, but Jack could see the way Mr. Pratt loved his wife and trusted the old man to care for her.

He left the offices for his final meeting of the day: Mrs. Mueller.

Jack skipped his class with Mrs. Mueller to grab a quick lunch with Ambrosine and rest his cock. After their meal Jack went for a quick shower, cleaning himself after having ravaged Mrs. Pratt’s ass ruthlessly.

Once cleaned, dried, and dressed, Jack went straight to Mrs. Mueller’s office and met her there. She greeted him with a big smile at the door and nearly toppled him with a hug before bowing. “Oh, master! Thank you for coming by. When I didn’t see you in class my heart sunk to the bottom of my chest.”

Jack grinned and helped her to standing. “Don’t worry about that, I’ll just have to shove it back into place with my cock.”

“Well, I like the sound of that.” Jack took her hand and placed it against his crotch. She cupped him. “Why don’t you come into my office so we can start with a nice, long blowjob?”

“You would rather blow me to start? You must really love to suck my cock.”

“I do,” she whispered while leaning in and kissing him. Her tongue slithered into his mouth. She tasted of strawberries and alcohol, and when she broke the kiss Jack could see lust fogging her eyes. “I love sucking that big, beautiful cock of yours. I love choking on it and swallowing your seed. After blowing you the other day I went home and my husband asked why my lips looked so puffy, and all I could do is laugh because if I told him the truth he would just die.”

She rubbed his cock firmly through his pants and when he swelled she smiled. With her free hand she grabbed at his pants and tried to yank him into the office. “So, please, come in here so I can eat your cum, master!”

“Oh, you’ll get a mouthful and then some, but…” Jack stepped back and removed her hands. Rather than go into the office Jack simply slipped his pants down and let his cock hang free. It was over halfway hard and already astonishingly large. Mrs. Mueller stared in shameless adoration, salivating. “Instead of your office I want you to suck me off out here.”

“Out here,” Mrs. Mueller said, gesturing to the hallway. A small pearl of pre-cum collected on the tip. It called out to her. She licked her lips.

“Yes, right here and right now,” Jack said. He reached out and pulled her forward by the hair. She kneeled and grabbed his cock on instinct. Already her fingers couldn’t meet around him. “There’s a good girl, serving her god however he asks. Now, worship me!”

Holding his cock, she gave a quick, cautionary glance up into his dark, confident eyes, and then she smiled. “Yes, master, it will be my greatest pleasure.”

First, Mrs. Mueller licked up that hypnotic little droplet of cum. Then she shivered and swallowed his shaft with one smooth swipe. His scent and heat confused her and filled her with brilliant light. It was easier to take him since he was still limp, but she also couldn’t go too deep. Jack was at least a foot long even then.

Rigidity came to him quickly, and soon she was gagging on less than a fourth of thick cock meat. She struggled to take him, moving in slow, deliberate movements and running her tongue along every inch of flesh she could touch.

Jack let out a deep groan and cupped her head. He took control, pulling her up and down his shaft and fucking her mouth. She relaxed her body into his command, letting him use her however he liked. Soon he was simply masturbating himself with her face.

He went into her throat, a first for him at full strength. She choked on him and pulled him deeper, reaming herself happily. The idea of stretching her throat was a great pleasure. Saliva ran down his cock and her neck. She used it to lubricate his shaft with both hands.

She couldn’t breathe around him. His scent was everywhere and inside of her. Her head went light. She wasn’t even halfway down on him, and that felt like a lifetime achievement. His size never ceased amazing her.

Jack released her, and she shot up like she was spring loaded. Spittle exploded everywhere when she fell from his cock, and she sat on the ground gasping for air. “You’re…amazing,” she told him while stroking his slippery cock. She sat up and took him in both hands. “You’re a god, a master of men and women alike. Your beauty is fable, a legend that shall reach every ear on Earth. Someday, master, you will own this world, and perhaps then your beauty and your power will be harnessed to its full potential. Perhaps then you can sail the stars, taking your myth with you. Perhaps you could transcend time and space and rule for all of history!”

Jack laughed and slapped her cheek once with his cock. “Waxing poetic while sucking me off…It’s not the first time I’ve heard such things, though you’re far more original than any other slut I’ve had so far.”

“Thank you, my master!”

She went back to sucking on him noisily and this time took him in her throat willingly. She paced herself, learning to breathing around him, as difficult as it was. Each downward bob made it easier, and soon she throat-fucked him without discomfort. She went down, gagging, and held that way.

“Don’t you two know any shame,” said Mrs. Ash from down the hall. Jack looked down the hall and found her standing at the door, her hand on her hips. She shook her head in disgust. “People come down this hall, you know. They’ll catch you, and you don’t even seem to care. I mean, look at her, she hasn’t even stopped sucking.”

Jack grinned. “That’s because she knows there are more important things than pride. Like worship to her one true god.” He looked into Mrs. Ash’s eyes, into her light, and read her. “But, you know that, too, don’t you?”

She hugged a notebook to her small chest. Despite her age she had the figure of a teen. “What are you talking about?”

Jack pulled his cock free from Mrs. Mueller’s mouth and turned on Mrs. Ash. He stroked his bloated godhood while staring into her light. Pink spread through her. “I mean that you should come and get a closer look, my slut in training.”

Mrs. Ash shivered when he called her a slut. His voice was entrancing. It drew her toward him. The entire time she stared at his huge cock, bloated and veiny. The tip gleamed red and the shaft shined wetly. Mrs. Ash couldn’t imagine taking so much and was envious of her coworker’s skill.

Jack released. Thick ropes of cum splashed across Mrs. Mueller’s face and filled her open mouth. She cupped her sweater-covered breasts and caught his cum as if in a chalice, and she clamped her mouth over his crown.

For her loyalty Mrs. Mueller was rewarded with her own orgasm. It was made more intense as sperm slid down her hungry throat. The heat of it spread through her, amplifying her pleasure with each mouthful.

Mrs. Ash shook in arousal. When Jack came she felt a pulse, like a shockwave of pleasure. The sight of him spewing so much cum was more than she could have hoped for. He was handsome, he was confident, and most of all, he was hung.

Normally Mrs. Ash found the word cock to be crass, but it suited Jack’s endowment perfectly. His size, both terrifying and bewitching, was too beautiful to look away from. It was too beautiful not to succumb to, not to be destroyed by.

Mrs. Mueller served as cautionary tale. She was a beautiful, lonely woman who willing gave herself to Jack. For him she became a slut and worshipped him like a god. She forsook her family, her husband, and acted as a tool for his pleasure.

Mrs. Ash envied her.

Jack called to her suddenly. He was stroking his cock, depositing the last bit of cum on Mrs. Mueller’s extended tongue. His gaze was on Mrs. Ash, though, and she felt herself submit. “Mrs. Ash. Look at the mess I made. I think she could use a little help cleaning up, maybe a tongue.”

Mrs. Ash couldn’t resist. Somehow, she had refused to lick Mrs. Mueller clean that day, but she couldn’t resist any longer. She needed to taste Jack’s essence because if it tasted anything like it smelled then it was orgasm inducing.

Mrs. Mueller flipped her hair back and exposed her sticky neck as Mrs. Ash kneeled down. Delicately, Mrs. Ash traced her tongue along her coworker’s soft skin. Her first taste was tentative. Afterward she lost reservation and sucked on Mrs. Mueller’s neck with wanton hunger.

Behind Mrs. Ash Jack was lifting her hips and pulling her skirt over her ass. He slid her panties to the side and gently fingered her sopping pussy. Once she as ready he lined up and thrust forward.

Adriana bit her lips, concealing her pleasure. Her little hands grabbed the bed sheets tightly to keep from being pushed away. She unwillingly let a shy moan escape.

“Heh,” laughed Bob, holding Adriana’s hips in his palms. He paused then kneaded her soft bottoms while Adriana waited for him to continue.

His hands massaged up her lower back, caressing Adriana’s soft skin. He roamed to her sides and grabbed Adriana’s perky breasts, pushing his cock all the way inside and pressing his body against hers. He leaned down and kissed her shoulders as he tweaked her nipples.

He moved his hand higher to her throat, and held her chin gently. Bob made Adriana turn her face as he brought his face to hers, kissing her lips, then snaking his tongue into her mouth. Adriana obliged. Bob’s tongue danced with hers, sucking it back into his mouth.

“Little slut,” said Bob as he re-positioned himself behind Adriana. He gave Adriana a hard spank, and then another.

“Spread your cheeks,” commanded Bob. Adriana rubbed her sore butt cheeks for a moment, then used both her hands and spread her butt cheeks apart, making her face press into the bed.

Bob spat into his hand, then rubbed his spit onto the tip of his cock.

“Tell me what you want.” said Bob, smearing his cock against Adriana’s asshole.

“Please fuck me,” said Adriana, muffled by the pillow.

Her muscles clenched as she felt Bob enter her. Even though Bob had been coming over every day for a week, it was still such an unnatural feeling for her. It always felt so full, so big inside her ass.

“Who woulda thunk that Adriana is a little anal queen?” taunted Bob, stuffing his meat all the way in. Adriana groaned.

“I mean, I always knew you were a little slut, but other people probably think you’re a little sweet innocent next door girl. Just look at this slutty little ass, taking my dick in and stretching around it.” said Bob, his hands roaming up to her sides.

“S-stop, I don’t like it,” said Adriana quietly, her eyes wincing.

“What, you’re gonna keep pretending? Did you forget how you were shaking all over, and begging for ‘just a little more’ last time?” said Bob, grinning. He gave Adriana a loud slap on her ass.

Adriana was speechless. She didn’t know what came over her when Bob fucking her last time. She was so turned on that she lost her dignity, and begged her rapist to keep going.

“Only sluts do that, slut.” muttered Bob, slowly churning his cock into Adriana’s ass.

For a couple of minutes, the room was silent aside from the occasional moans from Adriana.

“These moans are getting louder, are you close again?” said Bob, leaning over Adriana. Adriana breathed heavily, shaking her head.

“Go ahead, you can touch your pussy,” laughed Bob as he slowly milked his cock with Adriana’s cheerleader asshole.

“N-no,” mewed Adriana.

“It’s alright Adriana, go ahead. I won’t judge, just bring your hand to your pussy and rub it.”

“I can’t…” cried Adriana, planting her face into the pillow.

“Look at you, so wet and horny, it’s okay to touch yourself,” encouraged Bob. He grabbed Adriana’s wrist and brought it under her tummy, tucking it between her legs. He held Adriana’s hand at her pussy and rubbed softly.

“Ugh…” groaned Adriana, spreading her legs just a little bit wider.

“Good girl, see, it’s fine,” said Bob gently, letting go for Adriana’s hand.

“Now keep rubbing your little cunny while daddy fucks your slutty little ass, okay?” said Bob as if he were talking to a child.

“O.. O-okay,” said Adriana, her face still planted into the pillow from embarrassment.

Bob put on his biggest grin. He was victorious.

“What a good girl…” said Bob, pushing his cock further up Adriana’s ass.

“Does daddy’s cock feel good in your little bum?” said Bob, fucking Adriana harder. His balls began to tighten from Adriana’s cute obedience.

“Yes!” shrieked Adriana at the change of pace, turning her head to the side.

“Yes what, baby?” said Bob, thrusting harder into Adriana.

“Yes it feels good…” said Adriana, in a defeated voice, her body involuntarily pushing back at Bob’s cock.

“What does?” urged Bob, stopping momentarily.

“D-d.. Daddy’s cock,” said Adriana, trailing off, hiding her bright red face into the pillow.

“Mmm… daddy’s cock is going to fill up your little ass again,” said Bob, then slammed into Adriana as hard as he could.

“S-stop talking like that,” begged Adriana, her body pushing backward at Bob. Her little asshole swallowed Bob’s cock as Adriana slowly fucked herself.

“You want me to stop, don’t you?” said Bob, landing a good slap on Adriana’s ass, his hands hungrily groping over Adriana’s back.

He then slowly pulled his cock out of Adriana’s tight little ass, letting just the tip linger at the entrance.

“NO!” screamed Adriana, turning her head back to look at Bob. Bob grinned down at her, stopping for a moment.

“Please.. I’m so close…” whimpered Adriana, actual tears forming in her eyes.

“Please fuck me Bob… I’m so close.. ugh..” begged Adriana, her little butt pushing backward at Bob’s cock, riding on it.

“Bob…?” he asked, raising his eyebrow at Adriana. His hands pushed against Adriana’s ass, preventing her from pushing back.

“Ugh… No… Daddy, please fuck me, … daddy…” moaned Adriana, even meekly smiling at him for a second. That smile used to work on her dad before.

“Keep it up,” said Bob, kneading Adriana’s ass as it milked his cock. Adriana sniffled in a little girly voice, whining for Bob’s cock.

“Daddy, please fuck me again, please fuck your dirty little girl,” mewed Adriana, her little ass swaying left and right for attention.

Bob, assured of his dominance, resumed thrusting his cock into Adriana. His cock stretched Adriana’s pink hole, forcing its whole self inside. He watched as Adriana hopelessly pleasured herself while being impaled by his cock. Her brown hair was tossed to the side, and she had little beads of sweat on her forehead. Her pretty lips were bit down as Bob pounded her from behind, her big brown eyes looking behind at Bob.

“Mmmeeeee,” came a muted shriek from Adriana, her eyes shut as her body shook under Bob. Adriana brought her other hand to her mouth and moaned quietly.

“Whore,” said Bob nonchalantly, as he continued to pound Adriana’s ass. His pace slowly picked up, and his breathing became heavier. It bothered him that Adriana had an orgasm.

“FUCK, you’re such a whore!” he shouted at Adriana, his voice filled with anger. He slapped Adriana’s ass as hard as he could. Then both his hands reached up and grabbed Adriana’s tits, gripping so tight that her tits overflowed between his fingers. He thrusted harder at Adriana, using her tits as handles as he slammed her little raised butt down with his hips.

“Wha.. Bob, stop, this hurts!” cried Adriana, her hands reaching back in plea.

Bob held Adriana’s wrist and pushed it up behind her back, holding her down as he continued to ram his cock down into her asshole. Adriana wailed under him, her little body squirming to break free to no avail. Bob sat saddled on Adriana’s little ass, his entire cock buried inside. He thrust down into Adriana, holding her down by her arm and his weight. He pushed Adriana’s head into the bed, muffling her cries, and continued to plunge his cock into Adriana’s squirming little butt.

“Take it, you fucking whore!” shouted Bob as he pushed himself over the edge, cumming deep inside Adriana’s ass as he fucked her. Her little ass squeezed on his cock each time he pulled back, milking his cock for him.

Bob fell over on Adriana, his cock still buried to the hilt in her ass. His hands forced under Adriana and cupped her tits.

“That’s what whores get, you dirty whore. Your fault for being a whore…” muttered Bob, slowly moving his hips, still fucking Adriana with his half-hard cock. He breathed down Adriana’s neck, grinning to himself on his conquest.

“That.. that was bad..” said Adriana, turning her head away from Bob. She felt Bob’s cock stiffen inside of her.

“Heh,” laughed Bob, gripping Adriana’s breast harder.

“No.. that was really bad… ” said Adriana quietly, beginning to sniffle.

Bob couldn’t help but to laugh and enjoy the weeping little girl under him. His cock grew harder as he lazily fucked Adriana’s cum filled ass.

“Stop..” cried Adriana, pushing at the bed with her arms, trying to get away from Bob.

“Please.. let me go,” she said, squirming harder. She could feel Bob’s cock filling up her used little hole.

“Seven days, seven days we’ve been fucking, and you’re turned off this little episode?” said Bob, leaning up a bit.

“N-no, I just.. I can’t, you can’t keep doing this to me…” said Adriana, working up her courage against her neighbor.

“I can do whatever the fuck I want to you, you fucking slut,” said Bob, sitting back up on Adriana’s ass, his now fully-hard cock straining against the inner walls of Adriana’s little asshole.

“That’s not what I meant..” muttered Adriana, biting her lip again as Bob’s cock adjusted inside of her.

“So what the fuck did you mean, slut?” yelled Bob, slapping Adriana’s ass again.

“N-nothing, I didn’t mean anything,” surrendered Adriana, biding herself for another assfuck.

She whimpered as Bob fucked her asshole again. She could feel his cum gushing inside of her as Bob used her body. She fought the urge to cry again.

“Good, you dumb whore, now come clean this mess” said Bob, in a satisfied tone. He climbed off of Adriana and sat on the edge of the bed.

Adriana supported herself up, wincing at her sore ass. She got off of the bed and knelt between Bob’s legs, where his hard cock hung proudly between his legs. She brought her face closer, and gently licked Bob’s cum-covered cock. Tilting her head side to side, she used her tongue to do what she thought was a decent job at getting Bob’s cock clean. Once she felt finished, she sat on her heels and looked up at Bob.

“Not yet, you dumb bitch,” growled Bob, grabbing Adriana by her hair and pulling her between his legs. He pushed Adriana’s head below his cock and pulled her face into his balls. Adriana opened her mouth and licked his once cum filled testicles, carefully sucking on them and tracing her wet lips on the wrinkly skin.

Bob laid on the bed as Adriana serviced him with her mouth. He shut his eyes in bliss as his teenage next door neighbor flicked her little tongue on his sweaty balls. He imagined that the only way this could be better would be a beer in his hand. He wondered how long he could make this last, or if he’d go to jail by the end of it. Either way, jail or not, Adriana had already made it worth it.

“B-Bob?” mewed Adriana, stopping momentarily.

God, this dumb whore will never learn, thought Bob. He got up from the bed and smacked Adriana’s face, putting her in a daze.

“The fuck did you call me? Are you SO GOD DAMN STUPID?” yelled Bob, pulling his hand back for another one.

“N-no, what did I.. ugh, sorry, I’m so sorry.. I’m so sorry..” cried Adriana, tears gushing down her face.

“Yes, you dumbshit, YOU ARE WRONG,” yelled Bob, “What did I tell you to call me?”

“I thought.. I thought that was only when..” Adriana cried into tears, covering her face with her hands.

“And I thought you could be a good girl,” said Bob in a stern voice, holding Adriana’s wrists and peeling them off of her face.

“I can, I can!” yelled Adriana, her big teary eyes looking up at Bob.

Bob pulled Adriana closer by her hair again to his cock. Adriana looked up at Bob momentarily, and then opened her mouth.

Grinning to himself, Bob pulled Adriana’s head down, savoring the sensation of wet teenage throat engulfing his cock.

Bob gripped his fist tightly around Adriana’s hair, and forced her to bob her head up and down his cock, using her face like a sex toy.

“Ahh, fuck, it feels so good Adriana, mhmmmm…” moaned Bob, selfishly thrusting his hips against Adriana’s face.

“You love sucking cock, don’t cha baby? Look at yourself, slurping on it like a little slut. God, you’re so beautiful…” said Bob, his hands roughly massaging Adriana’s face.

Adriana looked up at him and nodded yes.

“This little girl wants some nasty cum in her little mouth, don’t she?” Bob asked, tilting up Adriana’s head by her chin.

“I bet you sucked every cock at that your school… Yeah, I’m sure you did, you cute little bitch. I bet you’re real popular with the boys… Just look at how slutty you are… Tell me, are you popular with the boys at your school?” pushed Bob.

“Every fucking cock at your school… you disgusting whore…” muttered Bob, forcing his entire cock in and out of Adriana’s mouth as she stared back up at him, her mouth foaming saliva and dripping down her chin.

Bob pulled her all the way down, and clenched his thighs, locking Adriana between his legs. His dick hardened even more as Adriana fought to escape. He twirled Adriana’s hair around his fist, and pulled her hair back tightly while keeping her in place with his legs.

“Take it, slut,” he commanded. Adriana looked up with begging eyes, obviously agitated and stressed.

“Mmmm, so goooooood…” taunted Bob, his hips shifting little by little, keeping Adriana tighter in place and pushing out his pelvis further at Adriana’s face.

Bob rocked his body on the edge of the sofa, moving his cock very little inside Adriana’s throat. He loved his power over Adriana. There was no way that he could do this to his wife… But Adriana, an even younger, hotter, sexier girl, was under his complete control.

Slowly, Bob loosened his thighs, but kept Adriana’s face pressed into his pubes with his hands. He pulled her head back, deliberately taking his time unblocking her throat with his hard cock. With a loud pop, his cock broke free and slapped against Adriana’s flushed face.

“Mouth open,” said Bob, stroking his cock fast while pointing it at Adriana’s face. Not soon after, he started cumming straight onto Adriana’s face, covering her face and hair, with a fair amount shooting straight into her mouth.

“Hah… now that was a decent blowjob… What a good cocksucker… What are you Adriana?” asked Bob in his taunting voice again.

“I’m daddy’s good cocksucker…” said Adriana, her head dropping in shame. Bob’s cum flowed down to her chin and onto the carpet.

This Story was kindly edited by tangentjoker.


I own a company, mostly online, that deals with people’s fantasies. Most of my clients are older rich women; women that have deep, dark, depraved, sick fantasies.

They pay me well for fulfilling their dreams. So well, in fact, that I have an agency of people who help me fulfill their needs. A lot of my clients are fairly regular users of my company as I am the only company in Ireland who supplies to this kind of demand for the rich folk.

I walk into the office. I take off my coat and hang it on the rack. I drop my briefcase on the floor and slouch onto the big plush sofa.

“You okay?” Louise asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine, Babe. Just tired, that’s all,” I reply. “Anything new in today?” I ask.

“Yeah. Mrs. McGirk again. She has a new one for you,” Louise says as she works her fingers on the keyboard.

I reach for my bag and pull out a bundle of money. “That’s for yesterday,” I say as I toss the bundle onto the desk.

“How much did you charge her?” Louise asks.

“1200 Euro,” I said as she started to count the 50 Euro notes out.

“And how much do we owe Tomas for his day?”

“350. I gave him a little bonus this time as he did a great job on Mrs. Walsh and she paid us a little extra and said she would email us for her next appointment and can’t wait to use our services again. You would think the old bitch was new to this, wouldn’t you, but she has been using us for nearly 4 fucking years now, the dirty old cunt,” I replied.

“Well, looking at what is left, you both must have given her a good seeing to this time because even with Tomas’ wage took out there is still 250 extra there,” Louise said as she looked at me.

“Well, let’s just say the dirty old bitch really enjoyed herself this time. That’s why I’m so fucking tired. Mrs. Walsh had a hell of a lot of energy yesterday and we just kept at her the whole day and night. She is a randy old cunt, as you well know, Babe,” I said, relaxing more into the sofa.

Louise smiled over at me and said she would make coffee. Getting up, she walked around her desk and to the coffee machine. I watched her as she went, her small tits pushing out through her tight white blouse and her plump arse wiggling as she walked making the black ruffled sticky out skirt dance as she walked. She caught my eye when she turned around and asked did I want a fuck this morning.

“No. Not yet, Babe,” I replied to my stepdaughter.

“You sure?” she asked.

“Later, Sweetheart,” I said as I pushed my head back onto the sofa.

Coffee came and I sat up to take and drink it. Louise was back behind her desk before she spoke again.

She said, “Back to business.

“There is nothing booked for the next two days, Pops, so you can have a rest. Then, on Friday, there is Mr. and Mrs. Green in Navan. They want the same as last time with you and black Bob. Only this time, they want Mr. Green tied up on a chair in their sitting room. Here is the best part: They want you and Bob to force Mr. Green to wear his wife’s pink lace bra and panties as soon as you get there. They say in their email that you both can beat him a little harder, if you wish, but only beat Mrs. Green the same as last time when you and Bob are raping her. Then, of course, the same ending with Mr. Green being forced to eat your cream pies from his wife’s pussy and asshole. They have already paid up front and deposited an extra 150 for changing their story to include the new panty fetish for the old fella, as stipulated in the agreements,” Louise said as she gasped a breath before starting again. “It’s only a half day for you and Bob on Friday so it shouldn’t be too tiring and i know you don’t like doing it in front of spouses but they are good customers and have been with us for years. They always pay what we want and are always on our website saying how good we are and how professional we are and have got us a lot of work from newbies too. And everytime they get a visit from us they write their story of what happened on that said day in our story blog and they get quite a lot of good comments from other users on the site. So, you see they are good for us.”

“I know that, Princess, but I just think it’s kind of odd that a 70-year-old man enjoys being tied up and, now, dressed in his wife’s underwear while myself and black Bob break into their house, beat them both and fuck every hole his 65-year-old wife has, then force the old fella to his knees to clean up our cum from the woman he loves after we are done raping her. I just find it strange that at their age they get enjoyment from this, that’s all. I know they are paying for our services and that they are just living out a fantasy but, fuck me, at their age you would think they are past all that; especially him. You would think he would want to protect her and mind her not to have two guys come to their home, slap them around and rape her as he watches. I don’t know, Babe. As I said, I just think it’s strange they live in that fantasy world at that age, that’s all. It’s fucking odd,” was my reply.

“Look at it this way, Pops. I hope when you get to that age, you are still able to perform. Still able to fuck me. Still able to make love to me. Still able to live out your fantasies with me and, besides that, as old as they are they have and still are spending a fortune with us every month and have gotten us loads of new customers over the years. And, just remember, I once offered them a freebee for their loyalty and help in building our business to what it is today. And they kindly refused, saying it would not feel the same if they didn’t pay; that paying for our people to use and abuse and rape was all part of their humiliation, which they thrive on. So let them at it, and enjoy the lifestyle that you earn from the Greens,”Louise said, looking for my reaction.

I nodded a knowing nod and drank more from my coffee cup. Louise got up and filled my cup again with more hot black coffee, returning the pot after she topped her cup up.

She walked past me and asked, “Are you sure, Pops?” grinning as she swayed her nice, full, round arse past my eyes.

I knew what she meant. She wanted me to fuck her in the office, but tiredness was taking over my body.

“We can fuck later, Louise,” I told her.

She looks at me with pity in her beautiful blue eyes; not pity for herself, but pity for me.

“Okay,” she started. “Saturday, there are three bookings, but none for you. Two are regulars in Dublin and one in Cork. The Cork one is only a second visit, so not really a regular, and Samantha was requested to do it, as she was before. It’s a guy who apparently likes to worship pussy and ass and then get strap-on fucked as she drags her nails down his back, ripping the skin off him. First time he contacted us, he was charged 1000 Euro. But when he contacted us this time, I asked Samantha about him and she rang him.

“She told him on the phone that if he wanted her again then he was going to pay more. The cheeky bitch charged him an extra 300, which he gladly paid, and readjusted his payment online. I told her she shouldn’t be doing that, and she said he was minted and could well afford it. And she said, anyway, she worked him hard. And she knew he would come back to us again, so she upped the price. So I will split the extra 300 with Sam fifty/fifty and pay her her usual 350. So she has a good payday from that dude and we make a little extra from him, too.” Louise took a breath again and then carried on, “The two in Dublin are the usual old pair of dolls. They have booked Michael and John again, same as always: Dinner date, dance and fuck. Two and a half grand between them. Same every week. Pay the boys 700 between them, plus their own personal expenses: petrol, clothes and such and we make about one and a half grand.

“On Sunday, I have one myself. It’s Mrs. Caffery, but only for a few hours as her husband is playing golf locally. She’s still being charged the same as usual. I just treat her like a dog: walk her on a leash, make her eat from a bowl, have her lick my pussy and rim my hole. Then, I finish with the usual: make her drink my piss from my pussy and lick my arse clean when I shit on her saggy old tits. So it’s going to be a quick session for her. And she doesn’t mind not being fucked by me, or getting her usual spanking, as she is afraid her husband will return early,” Louise said.

I then remembered what Louise had said to me when I walked into the office about Mrs. McGirk and asked her what it was that she wanted different than the last time.

“Well, Pops, you know she likes to change things around now and again. Like the last few times you and black Bob have been with her and doing to her whatever it was. Well, she wants a change again. She asked for you both again, but wants things to be different. She still wants to be raped by you both. She wants you both to use a little more violence, but not to mark her face. She basically wants to be kidnapped, gagged, hooded, roughly treated and abused by you both. Only this time, she wants it like she has seen in some of those humiliation pornos. She has sent a few clips in her email of what she would like to happen, and has asked us to email her a bill for it for the extra services.

“You can look at the clips later, if you want too, but its mainly ass-to-mouth, gagging and puking on cocks, facial spitting, pussy stretching, tit torture and bondage. That kind of stuff,” Louise said.

“Fuck me, she is really getting into the rough side of things, isn’t she? I remember the first time she booked me, she was so embarrassed when she first sucked my cock. And now look at the dirty old cunt! She can’t get enough of it since she first started. She is a dirty old fucker. Remember last bank holiday she booked me and Bob? Well, we took it in turns with her, after both using her on Friday evening and night.

“We kept her at it all weekend. All over the bank holiday, she must of only slept about five hours, total, because we would take it in turns to rest and sleep, so that there was always one of us with her at any given moment. We wouldn’t even let her go to the bathroom. We made her piss and shit in a bucket in the corner of the room. Then, we made her go outside naked at night and empty out her mess and clean the bucket out. Ha, ha, ha, that was funny, because she didn’t want her friends seeing her out there like that.

“I thought she was going to piss herself when I shoved her out the door into her garden with the bucket and wouldn’t let her back into her house for ten minutes until she had the bucket cleaned properly. And now she wants a bit more humiliation, degradation, suffering and pain? Well, as long as she is paying, the old whore can have what she wants. When has she booked for?” I asked.

“She hasn’t booked a date, yet. She says in her email to run it by you. And if its OK with you, then to book her either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. She said you should pick the day and surprise her at home. She will be home alone for those three days and doesn’t want to know when you plan to visit her. She wants to have the surprise when it happens, but she only wants to hire you and Bob for twenty-four hours; not the whole three days. So, what do you want to do, Pops? Do you want to do her on Monday, as you’re not booked for then, anyway? And I can move Bob’s other appointment around so it suits you. Or do her on Tuesday when you’re both vacant?” Louise asked, looking at me as I settled myself down on the sofa, laying on my back ready to have a snooze.

“Yeah, Tuesday is fine. We can do her on Tuesday. We get an early start on Mrs. McGirk because she really is a goer. She can go for three days so we will have our work cut out on her. So may as well make it an early morning visit, I think. If you’re not too busy, Louise, you can come and watch, if you like. It will add to her humiliation even more if you’re there laughing, watching and advising us on what to do to her while she is bound up being used. I know she has spoken to you many times on the phone but she has never met you and i think it would be a real nasty treat for her if you were there and humiliated her with us. What do you think about that?” I asked.

“Well, I’m busy in the morning, Pops, but I could make it for the evening time, when I close the office, if that’s not too late,” Louise said, smiling at the thought of getting off at someone else’s expense.

“That’s that sorted, then. So, it looks like Mrs. McGirk is going to get a good seeing too this time. First by me and black Bob, and then by all three of us. Fuck me, she is going to panic when she realizes that not only is there another woman in the room watching her flabby old body being used… but she is going to be very embarrassed when she finds out it is you, the dear sweet girl on the other end of the phone that she has spoken to so many times,” I said with a laugh.

“What will we charge her this time?” Louise asked, half laughing at the thought of it all.

“Just the usual 1000 for Mrs. McGirk; and 200 extra for the extras that she wants. And the surprise of you being there we won’t charge the old fucker for. She can have that extra free of charge because she is a weekly booker and always gives us a little bonus every week. And the fact is she isn’t too bad a fuck for an old bitch. She can take my full 71/2 inches and Bobs 9 1/2 inches and she always has dinner in the oven left for us and a few beers in the fridge. So, she ain’t so bad, after all. But anything over and above her time and she has to pay premium rates for,” I replied.

“She never goes over her time and most of the time you all are finished with her early, anyway. And she always pays up front and gives you and Bob a good tip. So, I think you’re right to give her a nasty surprise free of charge, now and then,” was the reply I got as I pulled more pillows under my head.

I could hear the buttons click on the keyboard as Louise sent my reply to Mrs. McGirk.

I was just nodding off when Louise said, “Fucking hell, she is eager. She has replied and confirmed the booking and is delighted at the price. Payment is already in the account and she looks forward to being used by you both again. Oh, the poor old dear really does love the attention you give her. Little does she know what she is in for this time, hey Pops?”

I smiled as I turned my head to look at my beautiful stepdaughter.

“What is it with women wanting to be raped and abused, Louise?” I asked her.

“Its just a female fantasy, Pops. All women want to know what it feels like to be used that way. They want to feel the humiliation, disgust, pain and abuse. They want to feel helpless and feel dirty. It’s just a fantasy that every woman I’ve ever known would have at least once in their lifetime.

“Most women would never dare ask their partner to rape them in role play. They would be too embarrassed to ask. That is why they find us and use our services: to fulfill their desires and dreams. But some get addicted to it; to the feeling of helplessness and to the humiliation they feel during and after the act. And if they can afford it, then they become our regulars. Most of our clients, the regular ones, stem from the first time they used us. They are the ones that keep our books full all the time.

“They are addicted to us and the service we provide. Women are lucky that we are here. We give them what they want: their fantasy; their dirty little secrets and their life’s dream. It’s just a woman’s thing, Pops. That’s all.” Her voice drifted off as I did.

I woke to the sound of Louise moaning and groaning. As I opened my eyes, I could see that she had moved her chair around to where I was sleeping on the sofa. She had her legs spread wide, her feet lifted up and opened out on the sofa. Her short skirt was pulled up around her waist and she had her plump arse perched on the edge of her seat. She was leaning back on the backrest and looking at me as she was fingering her lovely pussy.

I watched, as my head was clearing, and looked between her chunky thighs as her fingers rubbed her clit faster as her other hand forced a big flesh-coloured dildo into her waxed cunt.

My attention was taken from her delightful pussy as she shouted out, “Oh, Pops! I’m cumming!”

I looked at her face and she was flushed red as her orgasm reached its height.

“Fuck,” she screamed as her legs shook and made the sofa tremble. Still fucking herself with the dildo, she didn’t slow down until her orgasm had passed. She removed the big rubber cock from her cunt and lifted her legs down to the floor. She put her fingers up to my nose and I sniffed them before opening my mouth and licking all Louie’s pussy cream from them.

She pulled her fingers from my mouth, lifted her arse from the chair to fix her skirt, then re-sat, using her legs, she slid herself and the chair back around her desk and shot a wicked look at me.

“You’re a dirty, nasty, cunt,” I said to her as she smiled that dirty kinky smile she always has when she does something out of the ordinary like this.

“It’s your fault, Pops. You didn’t want to fuck me when you came in here earlier on, and then you fell asleep. What am I supposed to do? You know I am always wet and horny, that my pussy is always soaked, and you didn’t do anything about it. Even if you had licked my slit when I asked to be fucked, then, that would’ve been enough for me. It would’ve released my orgasm and I wouldn’t've been so fucking horny looking at you over there laying on that sofa. So, its your fault and I just had to share a little bit of my jilling off with you. It’s not my fault you woke up to the sound of me cumming, either,” she said with a dirty laugh.

“You always have you fingers stuck up your twat. You can’t leave your pussy alone for more than five minutes. Every time I look at you, you’re fingering yourself. You’re a fucking nympho, Louise. If it’s not your fingers on your pussy, then it’s something stuck up your fuck hole. Thank God you don’t have a cock or you would have it well and truly pulled off yourself,” I replied, getting up and looking at my watch to check the time.

“Look, Pops, you know I always get horny when I’m near you. I’m horny at the best of times; but when you’re around, my pussy just gets so fucking wet and hungry for cock that I have to jill one off if you don’t take care of me like you usually do,”she replied.

I got off the sofa and went to the bathroom door in the office. I opened the door, walked in past the shower and wash hand basin, lifted the toilet seat, took out my cock and started to pee. Louise was talking to me but I couldn’t hear her. She moved into the bathroom as I was midstream and said that there were two more enquirers today when i was asleep. She had emailed both of them back and had set them up with an account on our website. She had used the chat room to discuss their needs and wishes. Both applicants were happy with what they had learned. Both had joined the website, filled out our disclaimer and paid their deposits of fifteen grand each. Louise had set up meetings with them for tomorrow at two different locations and both she and I were to attend the meetings, as usual, to discuss their requirements further.

So it looks like I’ll have something to do tomorrow, after all, I thought to myself as I stripped and climbed into the shower. Louise said it was knocking off time and she was going to tidy up a few loose ends while I was in the shower and shut the office down.

Shaved, showered and out the door we went. Heading for the car, I asked Louise if she was cooking tonight.

“Am I fucking cooking? We have made a killing over the last week, so you’re bringing me out for dinner; Italian, I think. That nice cosy place in Navan town will do nicely,” she said as we got to my car.

Sitting, eating dinner, with my sexy stepdaughter, Louise, was a nice treat. The waiter always thought we were a couple because of the way we acted together.

Chapter Twenty-Six: The Third Week

Coming into the third week Jack was feeling assured. Mrs. Meter was one deep fuck from servitude, Mrs. Pratt was just about to go insane with lust, and Mrs. Mueller was already there. Even Maggie was turning out nicely, and she hadn’t even been on the agenda.

Early Monday morning, before class, Jack was in his room making up notes. He had scribbled the name of his four angels on a piece of paper and drew lines from them. Each line was connected to a name of a female target.

Each of Jack’s angels possessed a piece of his light within them. When they were worshipped then he was worshipped. He gained power from the pleasure they caused and the praise they received, and in turn he gave them power and pleasure of their own. That would be key to his great conquest.

He put away the note before leaving and met Maggie in the commons. They walked to class together. She kept close to him, and she smiled and laughed as they passed through the halls.

Through math they passed notes to each other. After math Jack kissed her on the cheek and then visited Mrs. Meter’s office privately. She was kneeling ad waiting for him, and gave him a long, loving blowjob without being asked.

For Mrs. Meter the weekend without Jack was torturous. While stroking him to hardness she told him, “I dreamt of you every day. Mostly, I dreamt of your cock.” She stared cross-eyed down his shaft before licking the crown. “I tried to suck my husband’s…thing, but it just didn’t feel right. It’s not the same. He doesn’t even begin to compare.”

She took him into her throat. It was difficult, and her lack of skill showed, but she was very enthusiastic about it. The willingness and tightness were a wonderful combination and brought Jack to orgasm. He came so much that she nearly drowned.

Jack jerked the last of his cum onto her face and into her open mouth. By the end of his climax she was sitting with her mouth open and cum all over. His flood overcame her early on, but she was all too happy to get a hot, white facial. She licked up what she could and kissed his cock before he put it away.

“You look good with my cum on you.” Jack did up his jeans and watched her eat his cum. She smiled at him. “Anyhow, I should be going. I’ll see you on Wednesday. You can blow me again.”

“Oh, I can’t wait,” she said. “I’ll see you then, sir.”

Jack stepped out of the office and closed the door, and Mrs. Meter sat in a pool of cum and contemplated the ‘sir’ at the end of her sentence. She wasn’t sure where it came from, but she knew it felt right. After all, she respected him, even revered him, and she had to show him her piety.

Jack had feared the weekend without him would give Mrs. Pratt time to regroup, but Monday found her even more broken than before. Barriers that once stood against him were now fractured, sad little things easily swept aside. Once he got his hooks in she couldn’t shake free.

Rose light had blossomed within her. Jack saw it as soon he looked her in the eye, and he toyed with it throughout class. She hardly looked away from him during the hour. With her mind open and her light turning she was more receptive and easier to tune.

Class let out and Jack waited. She smiled at him bashfully, aware of his intention, and he could see a pink flash behind her eyes. Jack twisted her, swelled her arousal to colossal levels.

She blushed and packed her things quickly. She was almost out the door before Jack called on her.

“Yes, Mr. Hillton, how may I help you?”

“Well, do you remember when we were alone last time/”

“How could I forget?” She seemed breathless and enamored. Then she closed her eyes, took a deep, calming breath, and steeled herself. When she looked at him again her eyes were cold, distant, and she was fearless. Jack admired her strength, but he also wanted to break her even more. “What about it?”

“Well, you have two hours until your husband is finished with classes, right?”

“Yes, what of it?”

“I was thinking that we could use the time to talk…privately.” He stared her in the eye and controlled the flow of her emotions. She struggled but could not resist.

She smiled faintly. “Jack, I know where you want this to go, and I am telling you that our last…encounter was a mistake.”

Jack approached her and leaned in. “Mrs. Pratt…Silly little Mrs. Pratt,” he breathed. Pink spots spread through her gaze again. Her expression softened, her smile lingered. He put his hand on her hip as a gesture of power and control, and she did not recoil. “Take me somewhere private for our…talk.”

She nodded shakily and muttered, “Okay.”

Mrs. Pratt led Jack to her car. The entire time walk there Jack kept his gaze on her ass. It swayed dramatically and purposefully, as if she were enticing him. She never looked back to confirm it though and kept a quick pace. Clearly she was ashamed, but she was also powerless.

Mrs. Pratt owned a large, spacious SUV. She unlocked the doors and they got in the back, where they would have room to stretch. Once inside she locked the doors again. “So, what exactly is so important that we couldn’t discuss it publically?”

Jack laughed. “Oh, come on, you know that we’re not really talking, don’t you?”

She smiled knowingly and twisted her brow. “Oh, then what exactly are we doing?”

He had to marvel at her control. Few women could be toy with him in such a way. From the beginning she seemed to know how things would turn, and yet she resisted and fought him on every front. He had no doubt of her eventual submission though. No woman could resist her passions in his presence.

Without a word Jack reached out and pulled her into a kiss. She melted in his grasp and wrapped herself about him as their tongues met. Their lips mashed together forcefully. The kiss was thunder, quick and hard. She fell backward and pulled him in between her legs.

Jack smiled at her. “So, let’s converse,” he said while sitting up. He placed a hand on her thigh. She quivered but couldn’t speak. Everything was happening so fast. It was all too much to process. “We need a subject to discuss though. Why don’t we start with these?” Jack put his free hand down between her breasts.

Mrs. Pratt shook her head. “No, Jack, we…We can’t…”

Jack ignored her. He moved his hand down and lifted her blouse up over her pale stomach. She helped him get it up over her head and laid back to give him a view of her shapely chest. “Well, well, I think these will be a fine conversation starter.”

He grasped one of her breasts firmly. It was dense and meaty but yielding as well. He pressed it against her chest, and she let out a long, impassions groan.

“I think you’re enjoying yourself.”

“No, I’m just…”

“Don’t lie, Mrs. Pratt. It’s unbecoming.” He leaned down and caught her in a powerful, tempestuous kiss. She clutched him tightly and pulled him into her. As their tongues met she hooked her legs about his waist and pulled up against him.

By the time the kiss ended her bra was up and over her tits. Her nipples were blood red and very, very hard. They stood out from her breasts as beacons of her arousal. Jack cupped her breast again and teased the nipple with his thumb. “For someone not enjoying herself you’re not in a hurry to stop me.”

She bit back a moan and laid there, somewhat stoic. Behind her eyes Jack could see her arousal struggling to surface. He leaned in and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Finally, with a loud gasp, she relaxed in his grip.

“Oh, God…your mouth is so warm. It feels so…so…”

“How does it feel,” he asked while kissing his way upward. He planted a small, quick kiss on her lips before crushing her beneath his muscular form. Grasping both breasts, he leaned in and whispered, “I want you to admit that you’re enjoying yourself. I want you to admit how you crave me. Then, and only then, I will let you see my cock. Then and only then will I let you pleasure me and worship me as you want. All I ask is for complete honesty.”

“I…I…” She shook her head. Jack kissed his way back down to her breasts and bit one gently. She resisted and struggled with the monstrous lust ached in her groin, and then it hit her. All he gave her was pleasure, pure, organic pleasure. It was a natural reaction, and there was no shame in it.

This realization opened her mind to entirely new possibilities. She craved his cock and there was no shame in that either. Furthermore, she obviously needed him or else she couldn’t have put herself in such a situation. She denied it because of stifling social protocols. Her id was out of control though. It hungered for him in a way that her super ego could never understand, and she decided that guilt be damned, she would give in.

“The truth…is that I love your hands and your mouth. The truth is that they make me feel more than good. You make me feel more than good. Having such a handsome young man lust for me and pleasure me in such a way is flattering beyond words.” She smiled and cupped his head. “The truth is that I want you to ravish me, Jack, and that I need that cock of yours. Now, let me have it before I take it by force.”

He grinned around her nipple. “Well said.” He sat up. “You’ve finally earned it.”

Mrs. Pratt smiled and sat up to undo his pants. They were bulging already, but she was surprised to find his cock limp when she pulled it out. By her estimation it was nearly a foot long. She held it with both hands spaced apart and marveled at its size.

The first thing Mrs. Pratt noticed was how warm the car got shortly after Jack’s exposure. Shortly thereafter she took note of the strong smell that filled it. The scent, originating from Jack’s crotch, burned her nostrils slightly and set a flame alive inside of her body.

Shakily, she measured him one grasp at a time. “Oh my word! I’ve never…seen anyone even nearly the same size as you. You’re…enormous…magnificent…and you’re not even fully erect.” She held him up a bit and leaned in close to examine. Her cheeks grew red as his smell insinuated itself upon her. “You’re still growing and already you’re easily twice the size of my husband…” She stroked with long, slow strokes from tip to base.

When he grew fully erect she took the time to run her hands along every inch. The dimensions left her speechless. In the same way that she couldn’t wrap her hands around his thick shaft, she also could not wrap her mind around him. As with all things that confounded her, Mrs. Pratt became even more enthralled by him, finding his immensity both frustrating but also alluring.

“Here we go. It’s fully erect now, and I must say…You have a perfect penis, Mr. Hillton. I had been struggling with my feelings for you since day one, but only now do I fully understand why. Now, don’t misunderstand what I am saying. You are an intelligent, clever, and amusing young man, and you are very handsome as well, but this here is your best feature. With this you can have any woman in the world. With this…” She sighed and looked him in the eye. “What I mean to say is thank you. Thank you for this chance.”

Jack thrust into her hands, ramming his cock hard against her cheek. “You’re welcome. Now, don’t disappoint.”

“Of course,” she whispered, and she started jerking him off excitedly. She twisted her hands and threw herself into it. While stroking she leaned in and ran his cock along her cheek and face. Her eyes were closed as in prayer. His heat filled spread through her and filled her.

Jack closed his eyes and focused on her. He felt her writhing in his mental grasp. Then she struggled no more. She submitted to him. His light surrounded her and engulfed her. Her brilliant mind swelled within him and then simply collapsed. Jack felt this-the aftershock-and then he felt rapture.

Jack bulged and then exploded. Cum splashed across the car seats and the windows. It hit her full in the face and coated her breasts thoroughly. Thick streams burst from his cock, raining down all over her, drowning her.

She opened her mouth and partook of his essence, and to her surprise she had an orgasm herself. It was the second of her life, and it was electrifying. She shook and groaned loudly, and she clamped her lips tight around him and refused to let go.

When Jack finished he was breathless. Her mind had been so vast and was now hollow and ready for his light. Her worship and submission was euphoria, and he basked in it momentarily.

Mrs. Pratt licked at his crotch lovingly and mewled like an animal. “You truly are a masculine paradigm. Your cum…” She licked up some and groaned luxuriously. “When can we do this again?”

Jack pulled his pants up and slipped out of the car quickly. Mrs. Pratt sat in his cum and stared in shock. He did up his pants. “I’ll come and see you some time.”


“We’ve got class.” Jack looked around. “You might want to hurry and clean yourself up. Your car doesn’t offer as much privacy as you would like to believe.”

Mrs. Pratt looked around self-consciously and pulled her shirt up over her chest. Jack laughed and closed the door. She sat in her car and watched him go back toward the campus. He was right, the car offered no protection.

She slipped her shirt on over her sticky body and looked at the mess they had made. She would have a lot to do before her husband got out of class, that was sure. For a moment she considered whether the trouble was worth the reward, and then she laughed the question off.

No part of her entertained, even for a second, that it wasn’t.

Wednesday evening Jack forewent class and made a visit to Mrs. Mueller office. She was already drinking when he arrived and no longer made an attempt to hide it from him. He closed the door behind him and took a seat.

“Missed my class…”

“Didn’t see much of a point in going,” Jack said.

Mrs. Mueller snorted. “Just another man abandoning me.”

“I didn’t abandon you. I just have better things to do than sit in one of your ‘lectures.’”

“But you came for the sex?”

Jack shrugged.

“My husband never wants to have sex.” She sighed. “That’s not the problem though. The real problem is that he doesn’t love me. To him I’m just a disguise…a suit to wear so no one can see the real him. So that even he can’t see the real him.” She downed a shot and then poured another. “He’s a good man though, a great man. Stayed with me even though he’s…the way he is. But me, I’m just not happy with it anymore. I need something to, you know, satisfy me.”

Jack smiled. “I can satisfy you.”

“Oh, I know you can.”

Jack stood and undid his pants. His cock was limp and not even half as large, but his scent filled the room quickly. Despite its smaller size Mrs. Mueller seemed impressed. She leaned forward and examined him.

“I see that you’re a grower.”

“I am, so why don’t you help it grow?”

She stared cross-eyed at his crotch for a moment, and then she slipped from her chair and kneeled before him. “How exactly could I do that?”

“You can use your mouth.”

“My mouth?”

“Yes, use your mouth and your hands.”

“My mouth and my hands…” She smiled. “Okay, that sounds wonderful.” She cupped his crotch and inhaled deeply of it. She kept doing this until the inhalations turned to sucking, and then she gave herself completely to his cock. She throated him without being told.

In short time Jack was fully erect, and he wasted no time in taking things further. With a firm grip on her head he fucked her throat ruthlessly. She gagged and struggled for air, but she also kept firm in her resolve to pleasure him. This went on for a few seconds before he disengaged and said, “Now you need to take off your clothes. I’m going to give you what you’ve been so desperately missing.”

Panting, Mrs. Mueller stood in the small office. There was hardly room for her to undress. Jack watched her while stroking himself, and his cock was only a few inches away. It was swollen and gleaming. To her it looked in pain, and she felt a dire need to relieve it.

She yanked off a knitted sweater and tossed it to the floor. Mrs. Mueller’s figure was shapely yet sagging. In her youth it would have been tight, but years of stress and neglect had put extra weight on her. She wasn’t fat but fleshier and simply didn’t have the perkiness with which Jacob was accustomed.

She shimmied out of her jeans and panties in tandem. Like her upper body, her lower body was attractive but showing its age. Her rump, specifically, was plump, shapely, but taking a turn for the worst. Her pussy was an unkempt marsh of dark brown hair that she showed self-consciously.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting…”

“You’re fine,” Jack said while forcing her onto the table. He spread her legs and she hugged them to her breasts while he lined up. “Are you ready?”

Mrs. Mueller looked down at his cock. The crown was nestled against her womanhood. Clearly, Jack knew his way around a pussy. She swallowed nervously. He was much, much bigger than her husband.

“I’m not sure I can fit…I mean, you’re so big…Be gentle.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. With a little practice you’ll take me like a professional.”

“I sure hope so,” she said. She seemed hopeful and hungered for him. At times Jack felt guilty for his quick dismissal of her problems. She clearly hadn’t made love in years, and if Jack knew anything it was that people require love.

He took a deep breath to calm himself and remind himself of who he was. Eros was the god of lust, and Jack was a god of love, and somewhere along the way he had lost sight of that. Mrs. Mueller was a woman in great need of love, and he was simply trying to drown her with lust. It was his duty as a god, as her new god, to give her something to believe in.

He inched in slowly. Mrs. Mueller was tight, almost untouched. She clearly hadn’t spread herself for any man in years. It was almost like popping a cherry, and Jack found that thrilling.

She moaned loudly as he sank deeper into her, and she wrapped herself around him. “Oh god, you’re so big, you’re so, so big, and you’re the first I’ve had in years. It’s so big but so god…And it makes me so proud. Please, Jack, please fuck me. Fuck me hard and fuck me deep and make me into your woman.”

Jack found her depth at eight inches and he waited. He let his warmth spread through her and ease her tension. He let his scent invade her and calm her nerves. She hugged him tight and caressed him, and she idolized him.

“You’re so, so big…God, it’s been so long, and it feels so wonderful to have your big, fat cock in me.” She giggled, and Jack wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the glamour, but she seemed happy. “It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had, and I’m sure it’s the best!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” Jack straightened out and started fucking. He watched the penetration and marveled at how large he looked. Her pussy could barely handle him. Each withdraw exposed inch after inch of massive shaft, gleaming with her juices . Each new drive forward made her toes curl.

He held her thighs and fucked her like he owned her, because at that moment he did. She met him as best she could, rolling her hips and hugging him with her pussy like she was afraid to let go. She shifted, slipped from position and fell into her things on the desk, sending them falling to the floor. Releasing her legs, she braced herself for his deep thrusts.

Mrs. Mueller may have been succumbing to age, but she was in her element during sex. Her body glowed with life. She panted huskily, looked lewd, and fucked like an expert. It was a shame she had been out of practice for so long, because she was built for cock.

She came hard and started chanting. “Oh, yes, Jack, yes, fuck me! Fuck me with your huge cock. Give my pussy what my husband won’t. You’re such a stud, a beautiful, hung stud! Fuck me, use me, and fuck me some more!”

A second orgasm ran through her like a powerful current. It was the best orgasm of her life, far beyond the first in its intensity. She screamed like a banshee and fell back to her desk in a sweaty, exhausted heap while Jack continued to move.

Someone knocked at the door. “Megan, are you okay in there?”

Jack lifted her and put her to the floor. He pinned her down with her legs against his shoulder and started fucking her more roughly. While fucking he slapped her across the face. His balls slapped against her other cheeks. Her head lolled until he caught it in a kiss.

“Should I stop fucking you and let you answer the door? Or should I answer the door and let them see what a big cock you have in you?”

“Wouldn’t I be proud?” She laughed carelessly and caressed his strong arms. Her toes curled as another orgasm hit her. Another knock came to the door, and Mrs. Mueller bit back her shrieks. “D-Don’t stop…Do anything. Do whatever you want. Just don’t stop. Keep fucking me, and I’ll be happy.”

“If you insist.” Jack kept fucking her until the person lost interest and went away. He kept fucking until his cock was swelling and throbbing inside of her, and then he came in the most glorious fashion and filled her with his seed.

Mrs. Mueller had to cover her own mouth to keep the orgasm in. It settled in her throat as she wrapped her legs tight around Jack’s head and shook. Everything in her screamed out in pleasure, and she forgave god for all of those years without sex. Maybe that was all part of the plan, and she was being rewarded with Jack for her patience. The thought nearly made her cry.

Jack pulled out and found her panties. He used them to clean his cock. “I hope that was worth the long years of waiting.”

“It was,” she murmured lazily. Her legs ached, her pussy was sore and leaking, and she simply couldn’t move, but she wore a contented smile all the same.

Jack did up his jeans and then smacked one of her thighs gently. “You’re making a mess down there.”

“I can feel it…all of your hot cum leaking out of me. I think I love it. I think I may love you.”

“I expected as much. Show me you love me.”

She nodded and, with some effort, sat up to kiss his crotch. “When will you be back?”

“Later, whenever I want, I own you now.”

She nodded again.

“Good, then I’ll be seeing you.”

Jack slipped out of her office. On the way he met Mrs. Ash. She smiled at him and blushed. Sex was still thick in his aura.

“Oh, hello, you’re…Were you with Me-Mrs. Mueller?”

“Oh, yeah, she’s in her office. I just got done talking with her.”

“I see. Well, thank you,” she said, and she passed him by.

Jack heard Mrs. Ash’s gasp from the hallway. He grinned and continued outside. He wasn’t worried what would happen as a result of his hubris. In time he would fix the mess. Until then it would just have to take care of itself.

On Friday Jack continued his teasing. From Mrs. Meter he got another blow job. She took him into her throat without hesitation and swallowed most of his cum before being overwhelmed. Jack congratulated her on the progress, and she seemed genuinely grateful.

In the evening he avoided Mrs. Mueller and stopped by only long enough for a quick blow job. He owned her now, but he had his sights set on another target. Mrs. Ash, who worked across the hall, was wary of him, and Jack was eager to force himself upon her.

At the end of the day Ambrosine approached him asking to return home for a visit. Jack wanted to stay and organize the coming week, as it would be the time to reap all which he had sown, but he didn’t want to keep her. He walked her out to the car that evening and kissed her in golden light of the sunset.

They looked out at the sun set together. “I think Spring will come early this year.”

“All the girls will start undressing, showing more skin.” Ambrosine laughed. “Will you be able to keep your head in the game?”

“Don’t worry, I’m focused.”

Ambrosine looked at him for what felt like a long moment, and then she said, “I know you are. You’re really going to do it.”

“Do what?”

“Take over the school.”

“Yeah, for starters at least”

“And then what?”

“The world?” Jack shook his head. “I’m not really sure. We’ll talk about it when the time comes.”

“Alright,” she said. “Are there others?”

“What do you mean?”

“Gods, are there other gods?”

Jack shrugged. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Yeah,” she said thoughtfully. “You’re the only god that matters.”

“Exactly,” Jack said. “Now, you’re wasting day light.”

“What? Do you have big plans tonight or something?”

“Maybe. Are you jealous?”

“Never.” She kissed him on the cheek. “I’m sure your family would love to see you, though.”

“They’ll be fine.”

“My mom would love to see you, too.”

“She’ll be fine, too.”

Ambrosine shrugged. “I tried. I’ll see you later, sweetheart.”


She got into the car and Jack closed the door. He stepped out of the way and blew her a kiss before she left. Then he watched her drive off and down the street. When she was out of sight he went inside.

Nolan was in the room and would stay for the weekend. Jack didn’t particularly care for his presence, and so avoided the room during that time. He went to visit Maggie instead, knowing full well that she would happy to entertain.

“You’ve been keeping up with your room,” Jack said while walking around. Everything was cleaned, save for the dress and towel on her bed. Those were remnants of blowjobs given, and she seemed unwilling to part with them. When Jack entered the room she was wrapped up in them breathing deeply.

She smiled. “Thanks, but I do it all for you.” The admission made her blush. While a proud slut, the effect he had on her was at times unsettling. She was something of a tomboy by nature, and due to her pretty face and natural curves she could often command the obedience of men around her.

Jack was different. He dominated her, treated her like a pet and not an equal. From what she could tell he treated all women, his girlfriend included, like this. He was confident, handsome, very well hung, and just seemed to take charge in a way no other man could. That was his charm.

What startled her was that Jack was, all-in-all, a pleasant person. While demanding and authoritative, he never forced her to do anything. She submitted to him willingly, and that willingness is what concerned her. She had always been a proud woman, and yet Jack had her on knee like so many other sluts. It was like he reshaped her, molding her into his idea of perfection.

Her room and hygiene were proof of this. The blowjobs were equal proof as well. Yet she took pride in these things, and she did because Jack took pride in it. In the end, she took pride in submission, and if given a chance for a redo she would play everything the same if not submit sooner, and that was the truly unsettling part.

Jack pulled up a chair and sat before her. “You’ve really done well, shown how lady-like you are, but that’s not why I’m here.”

Maggie laughed. “That’s obvious.”

“Does it bother you?”

“Does what bother me?”

“That you’re my slut now. Does that bother you?”

Maggie wasn’t sure how to answer. Sometimes it was like Jack could read her mind. She stared at him curiously, trying to measure his concern, and it seemed sincere. Yet another facet of his complex personality opened up to her, and she found his compassion and sincerity disarming. She was stunned and even more in awe of him.

“Jack…No, I am not bothered by it. I want it.” Her tone was uncharacteristically soft. “Listen, you put the moves on me, but I’m the one who gave in.”

“I didn’t give you much of a choice. I can be really…persuasive. Especially with women like you,” he said.

“I’m sure you can be, but…” Her top was low-cut and had thin straps. She fiddled with it nervously while speaking and one strap slid down her shoulder. Her breasts were straining against the top. “You can be irresistible, but then again, I want this from you. I want to submit to you, as odd as that is for me.”

“Good, I wouldn’t want to take you away from you, if that makes sense.”

“It does.” She sashayed toward him. Her jeans hugged her thighs tightly, and the way she moved drew Jack’s attention. She bent over him, giving him a view of her bottomless cleavage. “I’m still me, I’m just happier now.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that. I just want you to know that you don’t have to be submissive all the time. I like you for you, and that is why I wanted to fuck you.” He smirked. “That said, I don’t at all miss how hairy you used to be.”

“Okay, I get your drift, smartass.” She slipped onto his lap facing him. Her breasts were wedged up into his face with his chin nearly resting in her cleavage. “But you don’t really know that I’ve been keeping my word. My room is clean, but I may be dirty. Maybe you should give me a look over.”

“Maybe I should,” Jack said. He already had a hand up her shirt and was yanking her blouse up over her head. She had foregone a bra that day, and so her bare breasts were now in his face. Each red nipple was erect at his mere presence but grew harder at his touch.

Jack grasped a breast in each hand. Her nipples stuck out through his fingers. He lifted her breasts, inspected them, and then kissed all around them. He kissed until he heard her gasp and then he sucked one aching nipple into his mouth.

She sighed. “Well, how are my breasts?”

Jack shrugged and continued sucking. He switched between her breasts, teasing the next nipple with his teeth until she started running her fingers through his hair. “They seem fine, but they aren’t what I’m worried about. There are plenty of other places that you could be neglecting.”

“Of course, take your time.”

Maggie pulled her arms away and arched her back. This position shoved her chest into his face. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip to keep quiet. Jack clutched more tightly to her breasts and went to work teasing them all over.

“They’re well shaped, I’ll give you that, and heavy. They taste clean.” He lifted up her left breast and licked slowly around the areola. Then he repeated the performance with the right. “Each is responsive to my touch. Very responsive, like you’ve been waiting all day.”

“Just like that,” she breathed.

“Lift your arms, please, I would like to examine those as well.”

“Yes, sir,” she said while obeying. She lifted her strong arms up above her head, which gave her breasts even more lift. Jack ran his hand along the sensitive skin of her underarm, and she broke out into goosebumps.

“Smooth and strong and you’ve been keeping your underarms shaven just like I asked.”

“I’ve been doing my best to take care of myself. After all, I belong to you now.”

“You do?”

“Yes…I do. I submitted to you, remember?”

“Oh my, I guess I had forgotten. So, I own you.”

“Pretty much.”

“All of you?”

She nodded.

Jack teased her breasts again, and she squealed in delight. “These, too?”

“Yes, Jack, my breasts belong to you!”

“I see,” Jack said while wearing a devilish grin. He licked and nipped at them thoughtfully. “What should I do with them, then? They’re so big, it’s rather intimidating.” He looked between them. “More than a mouthful each…I could choke on these fat things.”

“Maybe you should…You won’t hear me complaining.”

“If you want me to suck on your tits then tell me.”

“Please, Jack, I need it…”

“Do you normally ask for things you need?”

“Please….” She quivered in his grasp. Heat was pulsing through her, pooling in her nipples. She panted hungrily for him, eager to find an orgasm somewhere in their play. If she didn’t then she would go mad. “Just, please…”

Jack shrugged. “I don’t think I want to.” He released her breasts and moved his hand down her sturdy waist and to her broad hips. He clutched her tightly, possessively, and she fell forward into him.

“Jack,” she whined, and she clutched his head. “Suck on me,” she barked while pulling him into her tits. Internally he applauded her for such authority. Externally he rewarded her by sucking her tit into his mouth. She shook in his grasp and writhed against him. “Yes, YES, YES! Your mouth feels so good. You mouth, your hands…It all feels so damn good!”

While sucking on her breasts Jack grasped her about the waist and lifted easily thanks to the war god’s strength. He carried her from the chair to the bed, where he fell atop her. Maggie clutched his tighter and growled passionately.

Free from her weight Jack slid his pants and underwear off. His cock was hard enough to kill and fall against her stomach. This simple contact had her convulsing and climaxing. She writhed beneath him as the pleasure in her stomach swelled and burst, and her mind went blank. She became an empty vessel ready for his light.

He released her breast and mounted her, sliding his cock along her face. Slapping it down between her breasts, he wedged them together and teased her hard nipple. Then he waited, using his cock as a smelling salt to waken her.

Gradually Maggie’s mind returned, and she smiled. Jack’s cock was against her chin, his hit was in her skin, and his smell was in her nose. “Your cock,” she said while giving a half-lidded glance down her body. “What exactly do we have here?”

“I wanted you to suck me off.”

She grasped him with both hands and started stroking. Lifting her head slightly and puckering her lips, she kissed the crown and licked the pre-cum it oozed. “After all that teasing earlier you have a lot of audacity to ask this of me now. Maybe I should give you the same treatment.”

Maggie opened her mouth and gazed up at him defiantly. A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of her lips. She kept stroking while poising her mouth ready to take him, but aside from that she didn’t move.

“Do it, Maggie, suck me off.” Jack’s insides were twisting. He was frustrating but also greatly amused by her freewill. He liked Maggie with a bit of fire in her. It added depth to his conquest.

She looked down at his cock and cooed softly. “Oh, sweetie, I don’t think I will.”

“You will. You will because you want to taste me.” She twisted her nipple, and she groaned in pleasure.

“Maybe I do, but I can taste you as easily as this.” She extended her tongue slowly and circled the glans. Jack jerked in her hands but did not thrust forward. She kissed his cock head again before saying, “See, just a little taste. You want more than that, don’t you? You want your hot cock in my mouth…in my throat…coming down in my belly.”

“You listen here…Either you suck me off yourself or I ram my cock down your throat and treat you like a dirty little slut.”

She hummed calmly and licked at his cock again in short, quick swipes of her tongue. Then she grinned up at him. “Maybe I’d like that…”

“Have it your way,” Jack said before lunging forward and burying himself in her throat. Maggie suffocated on him, but she reveled in it. She stroked him faster and even pulled him in deeper. She wanted him in her mouth, in her throat, in her depths. It was what she wanted from the very start.

True to his word, Jack was merciless. He rammed into her throat without restrained, and to his luck Maggie enjoyed it. Nothing in her life had made her feel so alive. While it was difficult to breathe or think, she found a simple joy in such service. To her that moment of struggle was perfection.

Eventually Jack withdrew. Maggie tugged him back in, unwilling to let him go, and only relented when forced. She watched him slide form the bed with his cock swaying before him. The sight nearly had her coming.

“What’s wrong? Was I not good enough?”

“You were great,” Jack said breathlessly. “I’m done with the games though. You’ve been such a loyal slut, and I think it’s time we finally stopped with the games.”

“What do you mean?”

“Maggie, take your pants off.”

Maggie squealed and obeyed. She nearly ripped her clothes off to reveal her sopping muff. She lied back on the bed and spread her legs for him. Jack took her thigh and lined up.

“I’m going to fuck you.”

“I know!” She was grinning like an idiot.

“When I fuck you I’ll own you. If you think you’re my slut now then you have no idea what’s going to come. When I fill you up you’ll finally understand. You’ll see the truth?”

“The truth?”

“The truth about what I am.” He pressed the head of his cock against her pussy and ran the length of it. She was hot, wet, and ready, and though she looked anxiously down at her crotch she was desperate for it to begin.

“I’m a virgin,” she said while staring at his godly large cock.

“I know you are, and that’s fine. Soon that will all be over. You’re a virgin now, but I’ll change that, and then we’ll be connected forever. Then you’ll be my slut.”

She looked up into his eyes. They were dark, deep, and beautiful, and in them she found sanctuary from the chaos around her. She took a deep breath and said, “Yeah, okay…Fuck me and make me your slut.” She pulled her legs back, pressing her knees hard against her breasts. Jack crawled onto the bed and applied pressure to her crotch.

He looked into her eyes, and inside of them he could see pink light. “Enjoy yourself, Maggie, you can only lose your virginity once.”

“I’m glad it’s you.”

Jack smiled. “Thank you. Now, hold tight. You might feel a slight pinch…” He slid in slowly to allow her time to accommodate, but this didn’t ease the pain. With each inch Maggie winced more. She hugged her knees tight and bit back any complaint. To make it through the initial pain she started thinking about the good things.

She thought about how Jack smelled. Each labored breath filled her lungs with his strong scent. He smelled like spices of some sort, though she couldn’t place them. The smell made her skin tingle and her head foggy.

She thought about how handsome he was. An image of him was burned in her brain, and at any time she could recall it with perfect detail. Always he was bathed in a rose colored light, like an aura. It stuck out in her mind, just like he did.

She thought of his taste. Her mouth was still slick with it. He burned her throat, made her tongue go numb. It was cloying but delicious, and each lick would send a fire through her loins.

She thought of his voice. Her ears still rung with it, from his subtlest breaths to his determined commands, she knew the entire rang of his voice. She found euphoria in his every word.

Then she thought of his cock. She focused on his rigidity and his heat, and she found that while it hurt to accept him, it was also the greatest pleasure in her life. He sawed into her slowly and then reached her depth. At first she feared that moment where he could go no deeper, and then she loved it. It was different, unlike anything in her life, and it made her feel complete.

Maggie opened her eyes, and she felt no pain. She looked down and stared at his pussy. It was widely stretched, like an arm was inside of her, and nearly ten inches of cock was buried into her depths. She could fit no more, and yet he had so much more to give.

“Are you okay?”

Maggie smiled and breathlessly said, “I’m great.”

He withdrew slowly, giving her time to watch each inch pull back like the tide. It felt her feeling empty but not at all in pain. There was only a void, an incompletion. Then he speared back into her with one powerful, driving push, and she felt full again.

Heat swelled inside of her. She arched her back and let out a yell as it webbed through her insides. Pressure built up inside of her and then exploded with fury, and she clawed at Jack’s back as she came.

“Oh, yes! Yes, Jack, yes! I’m coming. I’m coming so hard! Your cock…It’s perfect. You’re perfect! You’re divine!”

“Exactly,” Jack said, and he accelerated his pace. He became a piston, fucking her with a relentless rhythm, and soon he was equally lost in the pleasure. They pulsed and ebbed together, and he destroyed her tight, virgin pussy.

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