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Jill brought enough cash to pay for a taxi there and back, and of course, buy a couple of the largest realistic dildos ever made for the inflated thousand-dollar price.

It had started raining on the way to the bookstore. She was glad she had worn a pair of old high-heeled sandals, but wished she had brought an umbrella.

She waited a moment before stepping out of the cab, hoping the rain would die down.

The taxi driver said he would have to turn the meter back on if she stayed in his cab much longer. She asked if he had a newspaper – anything to keep her hair dry – and he handed her a three day-old copy of the Times.

As if on cue, the rain fell harder and the wind blew faster as soon as Jill stepped out of the taxi. She held the paper above and to the side of her head, managing to keep her face and hair dry, but little else. Her white blouse was plastered to her skin.

She shivered as soon as she walked through the door.

Jill stood on the floor mat just inside the door, water dripping from her blouse and skirt.

This wasn’t the statement she had in mind.

She had wanted to make every man in the store drool over her, but she especially wanted the rude store owner to get an eyeful.

Instead, she looked like she fell in a swimming pool and managed to keep her head above water. She was drenched.

The rude store owner was nowhere in sight, either. A short black woman was behind the counter in his place.

“You lost, white girl?” the black woman asked, “or are you trickin’?”

Shivering, Jill managed to explain the story of the bachelorette party and the remaining party favors she was yet to buy.

“Yeah, that T.J. is an asshole, sometimes,” the black woman. “Sorry about that and all. He not all there, ya’ know?”

Jill smiled, shaking.

The black woman pressed a button and spoke into a microphone on the counter. Her voice carried to the back of the store, “Dee, you got your gym bag here?”

“Iris, I told you I ain’t going to the gym in this weather,” a voice answered.

“Well, bring it up here. I might need some of yo’ stuff.” Iris added.

Iris looked at Jill. Where Iris was short, black, and very heavy around the butt and legs, Jill was tall, white, and slender but curvy in all the right places.

“You sure you not ho’in?” Iris asked.

“Positive. Married, mother, real estate agent. I just want to buy those toys and go home.” Jill answered. “This was just to get into T.J.’s head so maybe he wouldn’t be so mean. So much for that idea, huh?”

“Well, look at you, though. You gonna get pneumonia in those clothes. Dee, here, has sweatpants and a sweatshirt you can wear if you want to try to give your clothes a chance to dry a bit.” Iris took the gym bag from Dee, the patron from earlier.

Jill looked at Dee. “You work here?”

“Yeah, sometimes.” Dee answered. “The rest of the time I’m a fireman. This isn’t glamorous or nothin’, but sis’ needs me to keep the trouble out, so I do.”

“Well, that’s very nice of you.” Jill shifted. “Dee.”

“Dee, why don’t you sho’ Red to one of the booths so she can get out of her wet clothes?” Iris saw the look on Dee’s face, and then added, “So she can change into your gym clothes while they dry.” Dee frowned slightly.

“I’m gonna see where T.J. put those two dildos.” Iris walked to the back of the store.

An elderly black man entered the store while two middle-aged black men walked out. Another two men exited the video booth area as Dee showed Jill to a vacant viewing booth.

“Ever been in one of these?” Dee asked.

“No, why?” Jill lied.

“Well, you have to be careful. Sometimes the floor can be slippery. Mostly from guys beatin’ off and not having the courtesy to nut in a hanky or somethin’ like dat.” Dee explained. He opened the door for her.

Jill walked inside, taking the clothes from Dee, and then closing the door behind her. Elsewhere, she could hear tokens dropping into video machines, and movies begin playing, skipping, and playing again as the occupants changed channels.

She heard someone enter the video booth to her right and caught a glimpse of an eyeball peering through the waist-high hole in the wall between her booth and his.

A moment later, someone entered the booth to Jill’s left and immediately deposited several tokens into the viewing machine. She bent over and looked through the hole on the left to try to see the movie the occupant was watching.

The occupant to her left had unzipped his pants and was quickly stroking himself to erection as he watched a tanned goddess get slapped in the face with a fat, flaccid black dick. The tanned blonde then leaned back while the large black man squatted over her face. The blonde in the video licked the underside of the man’s scrotum, and then licked around his anus before finally plunging her tongue deep inside his hole.

“Wow.” Jill said quietly. “I’m not sure if I should be grossed out or turned on.”

Jill’s clothes were still dripping wet, creating new puddles in the video booth. She stood up and peeled off her wet clothes, including her bra. Jill put on the sweatshirt first, and when she could see that it was as big as a dress, she folded the over-sized sweatpants.

She had already added to the mess on the floor, so she didn’t think a little more water would hurt anything. She wrung out her shirt and bra, and rolled her skirt several times until most of the water was out, then spread everything on the back of the single chair in the booth.

She bent over to see how the occupant was coming along on her left only to find the booth empty and the video screen cycling through previews. She hadn’t brought her purse, so she tucked her driver’s license and money in her bra. Thankfully, only the outside $100 bill was wet.

She carefully stepped to the right side booth. An eye continued to watch her. He probably watched as she undressed, and who could blame him? Video is one thing, but she was a real-live redheaded white woman, barely out of reach.

Jill wondered what Iris and Dee would think of her if she went out to buy some tokens. Surely, they must have been wondering what she was doing in there. Maybe they figured she was afraid to walk out in oversized sweatpants, sweatshirt, and slinky high-heeled sandals.

“Psst.” Jill whispered to the staring eye.

There was no response.

“Psst. Can I buy some tokens from you?” Jill asked.

The eye blinked and then the occupant stood up. Jill looked back at her door.

“Hey…” Jill started.

“Be quiet.” The occupant’s voice sounded familiar. “I’ll get you all the tokens you want, but you have to be quiet.”

“Dee?” Jill asked.

She was answered with the sight of several tokens being dropped through the hole and falling onto the wet floor. She reached her hand through the hole and felt a very large hand grab hold of hers. She then felt a role of tokens pushed into her hand.

She carefully pulled her hand and tokens back through the hole, stood up, and clicked toward the video screen. Jill watched as the previews cycled. When she was satisfied there was material worth watching, she deposited the entire roll into the coin slot.

She stepped back toward the chair and sat on the folded sweatpants. She selected the tanned blonde video that the left occupant had been watching.

The blonde was having her pussy stuffed by a fat, but not particularly long black cock. The girl looked barely twenty years old, but the black man could have been in his fifties. Judging by the blonde’s pigtails, “old black man does little white girl” seemed to be the intended plot of the story. It worked for the guy that had been in the booth on the left, so it worked for Jill.

There were no windows or window ledges in this particular booth, so Jill had to hold her feet up as she began fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. Her abdominal muscles rippled as she raised her legs and leaned back.

She found her rhythm and felt her clit swell under her fingers.

There was a knock at the door.

Jill stood up too quickly and almost slipped. She felt dizzy. Could she still be drunk?

She pulled the sweatshirt down around her hips, not realizing she was only barely covering her pussy.

It was Dee with a bag.

“Here, I already paid for them. Said I would, so here.” Dee whispered.

“I can pay you. I brought money.” Jill said.

“No, it’s okay, as long as you keep doin’ what yo’ doin’ and don’t mind if I watch.” Dee said with the sound of hope in his voice.

“I don’t mind.” Jill took the bag and looked inside. Two dildos and another roll of tokens were barely visible. “Thank you, Dee.”

Jill closed the door and hung the bag on the doorknob. She slid the sliding latch to lock the door, but knew it was really just there for looks. A soft breeze could probably blow the door open.

She reached into the bag and found the elusive toy that had caused so much trouble. It wasn’t very wide, but it was eighteen inches long. The box claimed it had a realistic foreskin, floating balls in the sack, and the shaft had something called “jack-o-matic” action. She turned the box over and could see that – with batteries installed – the shaft shortened and lengthened, requiring the user to simply hold it steady and the toy would do all the pumping.

“I’ll save that one for later.” Jill carefully put the box back in the bag. She reached for the other one, which was only a foot long in comparison, but as wide as her forearm.

It had no moving parts, but was beautifully sculpted. Jill quickly pulled it out of its carton and sat back in the chair.

The blonde in the video was alternating between having the fat cock fill her pussy, to having it fill her mouth. Jill rubbed the toy up and down on her pussy, rotating it until the entire head and shaft was slick with her wetness.

As the old man turned the blonde over and mounted her from behind, Jill eased the head of the toy inside her pussy. She could see eyes looking at her from the left and right holes. In the background, dozens of other video machines were having tokens simultaneously deposited in them.

Jill licked her lips and pushed the toy inside her farther.

The screen suddenly went blank.

Light from the adjacent booths was just enough to see the bag hanging on the doorknob. Jill reached inside and pulled out the other roll of tokens.

Before depositing the roll, though, Jill decided to really give Dee and the other occupant a show and removed the sweatshirt.

When the video screen came back to life, everyone watching her was treated to Jill’s full breasts, shaved pussy, curvy legs and pretty feet in high heels.

Everyone included the man on her left, Dee on her right, the other video booths, and Iris, watching at the front of the store – all thanks to a hidden security camera.

In the back of the store, everything was captured on videotape.

Jill sat back down and rubbed the wet dong on her breasts before placing the toy in her mouth. She was no stranger to the taste of her own wetness, and licked the entire shaft.

“Mmmmm.” Jill said, looking at Dee’s staring eye. She had no doubt he was stroking his large, thick cock in the other booth, and that seemed to turn her on even more.

She pushed the toy back inside her pussy while her other hand feverishly rubbed her clit.

In the video, the blonde was now on top of the older black man, facing away from him, and toward the camera. Jill knew these were actors, and the girl was being paid to look like she liked being fucked by this fat black dick, but the girl didn’t looked like she ever went to acting school.

She was either a natural actress, or she was really enjoying the fuck she was receiving. The possibility that the girl may have been on drugs never entered Jill’s mind.

Jill pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy faster and deeper, but she couldn’t bring herself to orgasm. She finally withdrew the toy from her aching pussy and clicked over to the hole on the right.

“Dee.” She whispered. “Come in here.”

She put the toy and her wet clothes in the bag and unlocked the door.

Dee quietly stepped inside.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He had just broken up with his college girlfriend, and hadn’t gotten laid in three weeks. He almost never masturbated, and his balls were telling him he was overdue.

“I don’t have a condom – they don’t make them big enough.” Dee said.

Jill’s pussy gushed with anticipation. “Tell me you’re clean. No diseases, right? You’re a good fireman?”

“I’m clean, little lady.” Dee answered, placing his large hands on her waist as he bent down to kiss Jill on the lips.

Jill opened her mouth, inviting his large tongue as she guided one of his hands to her pussy. Dee gently pinched her clit before sliding a finger inside her.

“You sho’ are wet, little lady.” Dee said between kisses.

“You’re making me wetter.” Jill confided.

Even Iris was getting turned on watching her brother finger this skinny white girl.

Jill reached down and felt the outline of Dee’s swollen cock through his pants.

“It’ll get bigger.” Dee said as he slid a second large finger inside Jill’s pussy. His thumb gently rubbed her clit as his fingers pressed up, rubbing in time with his thumb.

Her orgasm took her by surprise.

Jill came hard, soaking Dee’s hand as her legs went limp. Dee reached back and held her up, cupping an entire ass cheek in his hand. His large forefinger brushed against her anus.

Jill barely caught her breath before she bent over, trying to figure out how to undo Dee’s belt.

“You don’t have to do that, little lady.” Dee said.

“I want to.” Jill said, kissing him as she struggled with his belt.

“Dat bitch in heat,” Iris said, watching the little monitor under the counter.

The pay-per-view patrons in the other video booths likely thought the same.

Iris could hear the tokens cascading into the coin slots of the video machines and smiled.

Dee pushed Jill back while he undid his belt. He opening his fly and lowered his pants, never taking his eyes off of her. She looked whiter than she actually was with her red hair, soft overhead blue-white light, deep-red painted finger and toenails, and black high-heeled sandals.

When Dee lowered his silk boxers, Jill gasped. His flaccid tool resembled two soda cans in a black sock. Only the head of his shaft looked normal and familiar, being only slightly larger than her husbands.

Jill’s heels clicked as she carefully approached Dee. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do next. She had just wanted to see his manhood.

Now that she had seen it, she wanted to touch it.

She kissed Dee with an open mouth, which he quickly filled with his tongue. Jill reached down, trying to hold his thickening shaft with one hand. She was surprised by it’s weight.

Dee cupped one of Jill’s breasts, pinching her nipple harder than she thought he would.

“It’s not for show.” Dee said as Jill rubbed herself on his clothing.

“What’s not for sure?” Jill asked, panting.

“I mean it’s not for looks. When I take it out, it’s to use it.” Dee looked down at his half-erect shaft.

Jill could barely put her hand around it. As it swelled, her thumb and forefinger were separated by at least two inches.

Jill squatted in front of Dee and lifted his large dick to her lips. She licked the shaft, and even spit on it a few times as she had seen in the movie she was just watching. Her mouth would only open so wide, though.

“I want to make you come. I really do. But I can’t get it in my mouth.” Jill panted, trying her best to stroke his larger-than-life black cock.

“Then get it in your pussy.” Dee said, less friendly. He sat down in the chair, his wet tool bobbing up slightly.

Jill’s clit throbbed as she thought about Dee’s manhood filling her like no man had ever done before.

Dee handed her another roll of tokens and she put all of them into the machine.

When she turned around, Dee had taken off his shirt.

He had a few tattoos, but what she really noticed were his muscles. His chest was big, his arms were big, and his waist was a rippled mess of muscle.

She could see eyes peering at her from the adjacent video booths.

She turned her back to Dee and stepped backwards, straddling his lap.

Jill bent over, reached down, and guided the head of his large cock to her pussy. She grunted and exhaled but was wet enough to fit half his length inside her. She leaned back against his massive chest and placed one of his hands on her breasts and the other on her clit. Jill then attempted to lower herself on him further.

Jill watched as the tanned blonde in the video was doing the same thing to the old black man, except she had her feet on the man’s knees.

Jill carefully kicked off each sandal and placed each foot on Dee’s large legs. This allowed another two inches inside her, and she fucked herself harder.

“My poor husband. This black dick is three times the size of his.” Jill thought to herself, but only for a second. The thought went away as she felt the first wave of another orgasm overtake her.

She bucked hard against Dee and drenched his balls.

Iris manipulated the joystick so the little security camera could focus on Jill’s pretty feet, shapely legs, flat stomach, and hairless pussy. Iris paused for a moment on Jill’s large clit, but became confused when Jill suddenly stood up. Everything went out of focus.

“What the hell she doin’ now?” Iris said to herself, not realizing she had been squeezing one of her own nipples.

Jill stood up, making sloshing sounds when her feet hit the floor as well as when Dee’s hard dick popped out of her stretched pussy.

“I ain’t finished, yet, little lady.” Dee said, proud of the fully erect black statue on his lap.

Jill turned to face him. She bent over and licked her juices from his shaft, down to his balls. She licked under his scrotum, around his legs, and then up to his chest. Jill sucked on his nipples, then his neck and finally his mouth.

She dug her knees under his armpits, while come and water dripped from her toes.

Jill fed him her breasts, and then eased her soaked pussy onto his erect shaft. There was no need to hold his slick cock as he penetrated her. The head easily found her stretched opening. She lowered herself further and when she had about half his length inside her, began rocking her hips fore and aft.

“Is this better?” whispered in Dee’s ear.

Dee reached down and took each of Jill’s ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed hard. Jill winced in pain as the shock of it allowed another two inches of his cock inside her.

“You tell me.” Dee whispered back.

Jill teetered between pain and pleasure as she continued to rock her hips back and forth. As she arched her back, her clit made full contact on the top of his shaft.

Jill panted, then whimpered as she could feel herself on the brink of another orgasm. Dee was barely breaking a sweat.

“You’re gonna fuck me all night, aren’t you?” Jill gasped.

“I’d say you’re doin’ all the fuckin’ little lady,” Dee smiled and kissed her.

He put a middle finger in Jill’s mouth, and Jill sucked on it as best she could between breaths. Her back and chest were drenched with sweat, and her hair was matted on her forehead and neck.

Dee reached down and spread Jill’s ass cheeks.

Moans filled the room as a few of the occupants in the other video booths reached orgasm.

Jill was expecting another painful squeeze followed by Dee’s massive dick splitting her in two.

Instead, she was introduced to his wet middle finger penetrating her asshole.

Jill came instantly, but not without yelling, “Fuck! Yes! Fuck!” at least a dozen times.

Her pussy tightened around Dee’s shaft but her anus remained inviting as he continued to finger her butthole.

Dee’s load was substantial. Come instantly oozed from Jill’s pussy around his cock.

Iris’ camera zoomed in on Dee’s finger still inside Jill’s asshole.

A couple of weeks on and I still hadn’t been allowed to watch Derek, our fat forty something landlord, fucking my eighteen year old girlfriend Sally. I was told to sit outside our bedroom door and listen as he fucked her every day and every night on our squeaky old bed.

She’d lost interest in me sexually as well. We still cuddled and talked although I was a little awkward at first but I soon got used to the situation – mostly because I enjoyed it so much.

Gone were the initial bad feelings I might have had, to be replaced with constant erections and an overwhelming horniness. I was looking forward to their sex sessions almost as much as Sally was, and she knew it.

They did kiss in front of me though and Derek made sure I saw his hand up my girlfriends skirt as much and as often as possible. When this happened I was always spellbound, my cock threatening to burst out of my pants.

One afternoon we were all sat in the lounge, me on the armchair, Sally and Derek on the sofa kissing passionately. I was watching his hand as it crept down her back slowly, lifted up her skirt and pulled her knickers to one side. Then he stopped kissing her and looked at me, my girlfriend nuzzling his neck and moaning.

Reaching round with his other hand he pulled her buttocks apart, dipped his middle finger in my girlfriend’s very obviously wet cunt and then pressed it firmly against her arsehole. Sally gasped and writhed, pushing her arse back onto his hand and forcing his finger up inside her.

She was like a bitch on heat licking and sucking at our landlords neck and face, gasping and moaning and pressing her arse back onto his hand while he slowly but forcefully fingered her anus.

All the while Derek looked at me, “I’m going to have some of this today and you’re going to watch, understand?”

I just nodded, watching his finger roughly loosening my girlfriend’s backside.

Derek turned his attention back to Sally and whispered something in her ear she gasped again then nodded still writhing on his thick finger.

“Tell him,” Derek ordered Sally.

Amidst moans and groans Sally said, “Derek’s going to invite his mate over and they’re going to fuck me up the arse while you watch.”

Derek laughed and pulled his finger out of Sally’s arse telling her, “I’ll be back in a minute babe, just need to knock my mate up. Don’t you fucking move sexy!”

My girlfriend giggled and they kissed one more time before he left, then she lit up a cigarette and smiled slyly at me.

“Make sure you’ve got plenty of tissues, you don’t want to spunk on Derek’s carpet or he might not let you watch again.”

I dutifully got up to get some toilet roll from the bathroom, while my girlfriend sat half naked smoking and giggling at me, but I soon found that there wasn’t much left.

“Why don’t you pop downstairs and get some from his wife?” Sally suggested.

I hadn’t faced Derek’s wife since he’d started fucking my girlfriend and I knew that she knew all about it. When I went downstairs into the shop she said nothing as I picked up a box of tissues from the shelf and put them on the counter.

“Take them, they’re free,” she said barely looking at me.

“Derek said he’d need some Vaseline as well so take a pot…here!”

She plonked it on the counter in front of me. I mumbled my thanks and scuttled back upstairs just as Derek and his mate came in through the back door laughing.

His mate Barry was about the same age as him but quite a bit bigger and a lot uglier, he had an enormous belly but looked like he could uproot trees with one hand so I was instantly wary of him.

“Is that him?” I heard him ask Derek, who told him yeah and they both burst out laughing.

They followed me up the stairs.

My girlfriend Sally was standing waiting looking very flustered when I walked into our lounge, she ignored me and actually leaned to look past me to see who was coming up the stairs with Derek. I saw her sharp intake of breath when she saw Barry and could tell she liked the look of him, she later told me that she thought he looked dangerous and that really turned her on.

“And this is our little slut,” said Derek pulling Sally over towards Barry.

“Hello love,” Barry leered at her wrapping his arms around her, his hands heading straight for her arse.

“Hiya,” Sally breathed before her mouth was engulfed by Barry’s.

I watched as he snogged her forcefully and pulled her knickers down, kneading her buttocks roughly. My girlfriend just melted into his big burly arms as Derek reached across and grabbed the Vaseline out of my hand. He opened the pot and held it out for Barry who dipped his thick middle finger in with a squelch and taking a huge gob of it, rubbed it with a circular motion in to Sally’s arsehole before pushing his digit right up her backside.

“Oh God!” my girlfriend moaned between sloppy kisses.

She wrapped her legs around Barry as he picked her up with one arm forcing her to sit back on his invading finger. He carried her like this into our bedroom with Derek close behind, but this time the door stayed open. I grabbed the tissues and tentatively followed then in.

Barry was sat on our bed when I walked in, his finger still buried in my girlfriend’s arse, Sally was facing him sat on his knee moaning as he sucked and licked at her neck and now naked tits. He’d already given her one love bite that I could see, it glowed red and angry on her soft white neck. Derek was watching and undressing casually, he pulled down his Y-fronts and his already hard cock sprang out and I could have sworn I heard it slap on his big hairy belly.

He looked at me briefly and sneered, “Sit down in the corner, shut up and watch how real men do it.”

I did as I was told sitting in the corner as Derek walked around the bed to stand behind my girlfriend.

I heard a zip being undone and saw Barry struggling out of his jeans, all the while still sucking on Sally’s neck, then he fell back onto the bed with her on top of him and she cried out. I craned my neck to see and could just make out his cock driving into her wet cunt from beneath. Barry held open Sally’s buttocks with both hands as Derek climbed onto our bed on his knees his throbbing cock in his hand. He picked up the open Vaseline tub, took a great glob of it out and proceeded to coat his shaft before lining it up with Sally’s arsehole and leaning forward into her from behind.

“Oh fuck ow, shit!” She cried out as Derek’s considerable bodyweight carried his cock before it deep into my girlfriend’s back passage, his big hairy belly resting on her back.

They both began fucking her hard and fast, tossing her around like a rag doll between them, all the while Sally shouted and cried one moment begging them to stop the next pleading with them to go harder and faster. I pulled my iron hard cock from my pants and wanked myself off to the unbelievable scene in front of me. Not five feet away, two middle aged fat men were fucking my eighteen year old girlfriend, one in her cunt and one in her arse on our bed.

I shot my load into a tissue just as Barry grunted and then bellowed, “Fuck you dirty little cunt!”

I could see his body tense up as he drove his cock deep into Sally’s cunt emptying his huge hairy balls into her. She gasped and moaned incoherently now her face buried in Barry’s chest as Derek mercilessly pumped her arse from behind. Then it was Derek’s turn, his head tipped back and he let out a long shuddering moan. I saw his buttocks clench as he ground his cock deep into my girlfriend’s arse pumping huge loads of hot spunk deep inside her.

After a few moments he pulled out of her arse with a pop, his cum covered cock trailing down her sweet teenage thigh. Sally lay whimpering and shaking as Derek beckoned me over to see the damage. Both her holes were dripping spunk, her arsehole wide open and an angry red.

“Now off you go,” panted Derek after I’d taken in what they’d just done to my girlfriend.

“We’re going to have some real fun with her now, and we don’t want you interfering so you can fuck off out for a bit.”

I walked slowly out of the room in a state of erotic and nervous shock, looking back only when I heard Sally gasp to see Barry mauling her tits and biting them roughly.

“Go on get the fuck out!” Derek barked, slamming the door shut after me.

I heard a loud slap and Sally cry out and then moan, Derek and Barry were both laughing.

That evening I got very, very drunk on my own in the pub not daring to go back until around midnight. The flat was dark when I eventually did get back and Sally was asleep in our bed. The room stank of sweat, sex and spunk. Resigning myself to another night on the sofa, I reached for my box of tissues.

My name is Helen Crusoe , I am fifty six years old, I am five foot six and have light blond hair and I keep it cut fairly short, for convenience reasons, Plus people say it makes me look younger.

I have a good body for my age, I think anyway. My thirty eight d’s are still firm and ripe and do not hang down at all so far anyway. My small pink nipples are still cute and get very taught when I am aroused. I still keep my pussy shaved because that was the way my husband always loved it.

Richard my husband of twenty years died sixteen mouths ago. I went thru a long grieving process, still don’t know if I am over it, I miss my husband still muchly. Richard was truly the love of my life.

I was devastated when I found out that he was killed in an auto crash, My lord it wasn’t even his fault.

He was hit head on by a man that was all drugged out. Since then I haven’t done much of anything.

One day I said “Enough” and began over to live my life, I had received almost 2.3 Million dollars from his trust and life insurance. I purchased a nice Condo, and an SL 500 Mercedes Benz , silver in color with a red interior.

Richard and I never had children our choice I guess, I was always on the pill and afraid to get pregnant.

One day a young man was working on the condo next to mine, I watched him through the window.

He looked to be about twenty three or four, it was hard to say really.

He was tall and sexy, without his shirt on I saw his six pack abs’s, I was aroused looking at him.

I had on a satin robe and nothing underneath, I felt naughty and ran my hand inside my robe and messaged my nipples, I imagined his big young cock in my small mature hand. OH I had to touch my throbbing pussy. I truly felt like being naughty, Even though I shouldn’t.

I opened the door and stood out on my steps and called to the strong looking young man.

He looked up and saw me, I allowed my robe to fall open slightly so he could see.

“YES ” he said

“You look like your hot, come up here and I will give you something to drink” I told him

My crotch throbbed, “OK Mam” he spoke.

Soon he was in front of me,

Oh Gosh I thought he was a young stud indeed.

His name was Kyle, I had him come in and sit at my table. I got him a coke from my refrigerator, I bent more then needed and allowed my robe to rise up in the back, I stood to the side of him and leaned down to sit his soda upon the table, I made sure that my robe was lose so it would swing open slightly , so he would have a good glimpse of my chest and my freckled breasts.

I did see him look, “Thanks Mam” he said. “Oh Please call me Helen” I told him.

“OK Helen it is”

I and Kyle talked for a little bit, He had a girlfriend , but she was in college away from our town.

“You must get lonely” I said to him.

“Not so much Helen I stay pretty busy” He told me.

While he sipped his coke, I noticed him looking at my chest, I was getting more aroused, wondering if his cock was growing in his work pants.

“You have a lot of friends”? I asked

“Oh a few” He told me.

I allowed my robe to slid a little more open, as we spoke.

He seemed to look surprised when he looked over toward me, I knew it was working. My thighs were quivering right now, I couldn’t stop it, It had been so long for me.

I said “Kyle do you like my chest, I see you checking it out”?

“Yes, Yes as a matter of fact I do” He told me.

” Kyle I am old enough to be your mother” I said to him.

“Mam, he hesitated “I like mature women” He said to me

“Really”? I said.

I kept my eyes trained on him and allowed my robe to fully open. “OH GOSH” he gasped

“YOU LIKE”? I asked

“OH Helen their beautiful” He said insistingly.

“Come over here and touch them Kyle” I instructed.

“Ok Sure” he told me.

I shook with sheer and utter excitement.

His hands trailed the sides of my big boobies, Then he filled his hands with them, and soon his fingers found my nipples, They were so still already.

I could see the huge bulged in his pants, Oh my it looked so big.

“You like them Kyle”? I asked

“Yes Yes I do” He told me.

I turned so I could touch his bulge, He felt huge, I ran my hand over his crotch.

He grabbed my breasts a little firmer now, I undid his pants He wore no under wear, It was easy for me to get his big young cock out, He was stiff as a rolling pin, He had at least a nine inch penis.

Larger than my husband ever was, I knew I deserved this today to fill my animal craving for some cock.

I stroked his young cock, it was heavily veined, and still growing, soon I bent and pulled him into my experienced mouth. “OOOOOHHHH” He gasped as I sucked him.

I made nice smooth strokes over him with my hot mouth, Then I stopped.

“Kyle I want you to fuck me” I told him.

He nodded his head, I took him by the hand to my bedroom.

I took off the robe, and lay ed spread eagle on my soft bed. ” Lick my pussy Kyle” I told him.

He obliged quite nicely, Licking my burning cunt with his young mouth, He spread me even wider and mauled my chest as he licked my older pussy.

“OOOOHHH KYLE” I moaned as he was pleasuring me.

I loved it, I was as hot as a torch, and torch that needed fucked bad.

Soon Kyle entered me, slowly at the start, “OH KYLE YOUR SO BIG” I expressed to him.

He soon plunged deeper into me “OOOOHHH” I moaned as I grabbed his little firm ass cheeks.

“Your Tight Bitch” he said to me.

“Yes Kyle” I said.

“I’m going to fuck the hell out of you” He told me.

“GOOD” I gasped out.

He began to fuck me with everything he had now, My thighs quivered with womanly excitement.

“OOOOHHHH OHHHHH”!!! I cried out as he gave me my first real cock orgasm in sixteen months.

“AAAHH AAAHH” He groaned as he plowed me full.

“I’m going to titty fuck you and come in your mouth bitch” He told me as he used me.

“OK KYLE” I gasped quietly.

“Maybe I will bring a couple of buddy’s next time I come over here, and we will all rape your pussy bitch”

He told me as he pounded my wanton wet cunt.

“OK Kyle, that would be fine” I e eked out in his ear.

I was having another orgasm and he was turning me on even more with his filthy talk. Inside I hoped his buddies would rape me.

I pulled his ass into me hard so he could slap his balls into my torching pussy.

Soon he pulled out, I firmly held my breasts together and he fucked them with all the fury that he had with in him, I love my big boobs fucked, expectational by a young man.

“OOOHHH FFFUUUCCCC” He loudly grunted as he came in my face and my neck and chest.

I jerked him to completion and sucked his final juices.

He staid in bed with me until he was hard again and we fucked once more before he showered and left.

The next day, he brought his friends Tim and Bob with him, Oh my lord, They all fucked me like there wouldn’t be any left for the next day.

Kyle held me down on my stomach and all three of them fucked and cum in my plump ass.

This now goes on at least once every couple of weeks . I love it and it keeps me feeling young.

To be continued.

Sarah didn’t know why Lindie was standing in the hotel lobby with a bag full of her clothes. She didn’t care about why. She was just thankful she was there. Lindie explained that she had received a text shortly after Sarah sent her the picture of herself standing in the lobby. It said to bring a change of clothes, make-up, and toiletries today, and that she would be busy for a day or so, sorting out a contract dispute.

“I didn’t send you any text messages.” Sarah said as she sipped her coffee.

“Well, it looks like I showed up just in time, regardless.” Lindie said softly. She put her hand on Sarah’s arm and Sarah began to cry.

“I don’t know what happened. Was I drugged? How many times did they fuck me?” Sarah whimpered.

“There was no ‘they’ Sarah.” Lindie said. “It was just one. He fucked you forty-three times.”

“Holy shit. I swear there were at least three of them. I’m telling you, I had three of them inside me at once.” Sarah said, shaking.

Lindie pressed on her forearm more firmly. “Calm down, Sarah. You’re going to be alright. I made up a story for your kids, and assured Kenny you would be okay.”

“How did you know I’d be okay?” Sarah asked.

“I didn’t, but what else was I going to tell him?” Lindie said.

There was a short pause, and then Sarah asked, “Did you fuck him?”

“Kenny? No. I sucked him off about a dozen times, though. I thought I would wait to fuck him until you were home. With as busy as you’ve been, don’t you think he deserves a little two-on-one time?” Lindie smiled shyly.

“How do you know it was only one?” Sarah asked.

“Same as always. I just know. Don’t you trust me?” Lindie said as her eyes glowed slightly. She could see that Sarah was having her doubts. Lindie’s skin paled, and her rapidly forming claws cut into Sarah’s forearm.

Sarah was defiant, but respectful. “Let go, Lindie. You’re hurting me.”

Lindie relaxed her grip and withdrew her claws, but continued to hold Sarah’s forearm.

Sarah pulled a paper napkin from the dispenser and wiped the blood off her arm.

“It’ll heal before we leave here. Don’t worry.” Lindie said flatly.

“I’m not worried. You’re better than any doctor I know when it comes to healing people.” Sarah said, trying her best to not make Lindie any angrier.

It had been only two hours since they both hopped into a taxi at the hotel and road across town to get a coffee and talk about what happened. Sarah had changed her clothes in the taxi, stripping off her little black dress and heels and replacing them with plain panties, sweatpants, t-shirt, and jogging shoes. The taxi driver got an eyeful, and Lindie did not let his erection go to waste. He happily covered the fare.

The bruises on Sarah’s body were fading quickly thanks to Lindie’s healing touch. When she wanted, Lindie could just as easily kill someone with a touch of her finger, failing one organ at a time if the situation called for it.

Sarah hoped she would never have to witness Lindie’s completely dark form, as most everyone that did — innocent or not — perished shortly thereafter.

“Do you think he was like you?” Sarah asked.

“Yes.” Lindie said, matter-of-factly. “You’re lucky to be alive.”

“I wanted him to fuck me so bad. I couldn’t get enough of him. I’m still thinking about him.” Sarah sighed.

“It’ll pass. He fucked you, but he also fucked with you.” Lindie tried to explain. “I guess you were in too many guy’s pockets. Enough people complained, someone knew he could get in your head, and he did. Let it go.”

Sarah took another sip of her coffee as Lindie released her forearm. Sarah’s body was completely healed. No bite marks. No bruises. She even had an after-orgasm glow.

“When can we talk about me?” Lindie asked, looking innocent, pretty, and young.

“When we can be alone — all alone.” Sarah answered. “I don’t want to tell the story twice. I don’t want to tell the story at all, but I know you need to know. I don’t want us to be interrupted, and I don’t want anyone around just in case you let your temper get the best of you.”

“Are you afraid I might hurt you, Kenny, or the kids?” Lindie asked.

“I’m terrified.” Sarah said, before taking another sip of her coffee.

“I don’t blame you, sis.” Lindie said softly. Her innocence and youth left her face, and her face transformed from pretty to beautiful to sultry. For a moment, though, Lindie looked cold and lifeless, her skin fading to a white glow, and her eyes turning an unnatural light blue. Her teeth cut through her lips, but were gone in an instant. Sarah wondered if anyone else in the coffee shop had seen it, too. She figured if they had, they’d be dead before the sun set.

The fact that Lindie had allowed Sarah to see this much must have been a sign of trust.

Lindie walked to the cash register to pay for the coffee and the young man handed her twelve dollars from the till, and three more 20′s from under the drawer. Lindie smiled and signaled for Sarah to join her. They stepped out into the cool breeze and hailed a taxi.

“Do you pay for anything, anymore?” Sarah asked, amazed.

“Nothing’s ever free, Sarah. But to answer your question, I have no need of money.” Lindie said sternly.

Kenny was standing at the side door when they stepped out of the taxi. The kids were still at school, and Sarah still didn’t know what story Lindie came up with, so she was glad they’d all have a chance, just in case the kids became inquisitive.

“I don’t do kids, so get your story straight with Kenny.” Lindie had said earlier. She said it again when they were sitting in Sarah and Kenny’s bedroom. They went downstairs to the kitchen, and Kenny felt the tension between Sarah and Lindie.

Sarah was in better shape physically, but mentally, she was still a little shaken. Lindie went into the kitchen and started making tea. Sarah and Kenny thought it strange that Lindie knew exactly where to find everything, almost as if she had been there her entire life.

The three sat at the kitchen and talked quietly. Lindie came up with a simple story of Sarah helping a sick friend, and worked out the minor details so the kids wouldn’t think anything different. She also told Kenny that Sarah’s last job hadn’t gone as well as planned, and she wouldn’t be escorting again, or at least not for awhile. Kenny took it surprisingly well, and asked if Sarah had been hurt.

“She’s tougher than she looks,” Lindie said, rubbing Sarah’s shoulder. Her hand dropped to Sarah’s chest, and then one of her breasts where she paused and gave a light tug on her nipple. “We’re sisters, after all, right?”

“I’ll be alright, Kenny.” Sarah assured him. She made no effort to remove Lindie’s hand from her breast. Lindie pulled up Sarah’s shirt and gave her a quick kiss on the nipple she had just pinched, and then gave Sarah a kiss on the lips. Lindie pulled Sarah’s shirt back down, sipped the last of her tea, and then put her cup on the counter.

Kenny could see so many similarities between the two, and the same things that regularly turned him on when he looked at Sarah were turning him on as he looked at Lindie. He had seen Lindie in her other form months earlier. He had filled Lindie’s mouth with come over a dozen times in the last two days. Yet, he remembered none of it.

Erasing memories was just one of Lindie’s many talents, but she tried not to abuse the ability. She could go weeks or months without a drop of come in her mouth. She wasn’t sure what sustained her, as she only ate to be social. It had been months since she ate three meals in one day, yet her shape never changed. She maintained slightly larger hips and thighs, as one might find in a gymnast or figure skater, a narrow waist, and full yet firm breasts. Depending on what she wore, she could pass for a girl barely out of high school, or a woman in her early thirties.

Shortly after puberty, though, she had a sense of being much older. Not years, but possibly decades — or centuries.

“Now that I have your undivided attention,” Lindie stood before Sarah, “would you mind talking about something I’d like to talk about? After all, I came to visit, not rescue you from the downward spiral of executive prostitution and extortion.”

Sarah asked Kenny to leave the kitchen, and to keep the kids out, but Lindie recommended they go to Kenny’s study.

“Better idea, Lindie.” Sarah said. “Bring the pot of tea. This might take awhile.”

“Do you remember going to Sunday school?” Sarah asked Lindie.

“Yes. I liked it. But, I think they got some of the stories wrong. I went back and read the verses when I was a little older, but it still seemed like something wasn’t quite right.” Lindie said curiously.

“Well, there are stories they cover in Sunday school, and stories they don’t. What I’m about to tell you — I think it applies to you, but I don’t know for sure. Nobody knows for sure. I need you to understand that.” Sarah continued.

“Okay, anything is better than nothing, and all I know is what I feel.” Lindie stood and began to pace back and forth.

“About that.” Sarah stopped Lindie carefully. “You have to promise me that you won’t hurt the kids or Kenny.”

“Why on earth would I hurt the kids or Kenny?” Lindie asked, her skin paled ever so slightly.

“Because when you get angry, bad things happen.” Sarah said, her voice shaking. “You can turn on a dime, and I don’t know how you’ll take what I say, or if what I say will even be enough to satisfy your curiosity.”

“I promise I won’t hurt your family.” Lindie held out a clawed hand. Sarah opened her eyes wide and tilted her head.

“See? This is what I’m talking about!” Sarah stood with her hands on her hips until Lindie’s hand returned to normal. Sarah reached out to shake Lindie’s hand on her promise.

“Have you ever heard of the Nephilim and Elioud?” Sarah asked.

“Just stories. Nothing more. I thought it was just weird stuff people made up.” Lindie said, stopping her pacing as if something caught her eye and she needed to focus to get a better look.

“Are saying I’m the daughter of an angel?” Lindie asked smiling.

“Not exactly, Lindie. Angels weren’t the only ones to mingle with us humans.” Sarah said carefully.

“Aliens?” Lindie asked comically.

“No, Lindie. Not aliens. Do I have to say it?” Do I?!?” Sarah asked, her eyes welling with tears.

“Demons?” Lindie said with a slight lisp. Her teeth had already cut through her lips.

“We don’t know.” Sarah said quickly. “Dad was shooting blanks by the time mom was pregnant with you. And no, she didn’t cheat on dad. She never so much as looked at another man the whole time they were married.”

“So, how did dad handle it?” Lindie asked. Her teeth had retracted, but her mouth was still bleeding. Sarah maintained her composure, though.

“Dad was approached by a man about a month before mom was pregnant with you. He told dad that it would be hard to believe, and harder to accept, but you were needed to maintain balance. It was the way it was intended. It was the way it will always be.” Sarah found a picture of her parents and handed it to Lindie. “He said you would look like mom and dad, and you were every bit as much of them as you were of him.”

“How is that even possible? How do you know all this?” Lindie asked. Her heart felt heavy as she looked at the photograph. She missed her parents. They died before she finished high school, and there was so much she had wanted to ask them.

“Because the man talked to me, too.” Sarah said quietly. “He said the day would come when you would realize you were different, and you might question your own existence. Honestly, I thought we’d be having this talk sooner. But you’ve seemed to figure out quite a bit on your own.”

“I know I can kill people.” Lindie sniffled. A bloodstained tear ran down her cheek. “I know that I can smell someone’s entire sexual history with just one whiff of their breath or private parts. I can hear conversations miles away. I can heal others and myself with the touch of a finger. I know I can eat as much or as little as I want and never get fat or skinny. I know that when I change into… whatever I change into… I can break the sidewalk when I walk. I can grow wings and use them to fly or swim. Did you know they work underwater, too? I know I love the taste of a man’s ejaculation. I know that more than I know anything else, and it freaks me out. I know I’ve been fucked hundreds if not thousands of times and haven’t gotten a disease or gotten pregnant. I can cut my hair and paint my nails, and when I wake up, I’ll look the same as I do right now. What the fuck is that?!?!” Lindie’s skin paled instantly, but her teeth, nails, and eyes remained human. The faintest traces of scars covered her body. “I can’t even get a fucking tattoo!”

“I know,” was all Sarah could say. Lindie stood, motionless. Finally, Sarah continued, “Your body will continue to heal, but the scars will never completely disappear. Your body will no longer age, and you won’t require food or drink to live. You will require sleep, though. And, whatever fuels your passionate side… come?… well, that just helps the time go by that much better.”

“Am I a vampire… or succubus?” Lindie asked.

“There’s no such thing as vampires.” Sarah quipped.

“I wouldn’t be so sure. I know a werewolf, and he’s as real as you.” Lindie’s skin returned to normal.

“Really?” Sarah said with genuine curiosity. “I thought they were extinct. And he didn’t attack you? Your kind usually doesn’t play well with others.”

“Quite the contrary.” Lindie smiled. “He fucked me in a good way.”

“Like a wolf, or a human?” Sarah was on the edge of her seat.

“Both.” Lindie said.

“That’s really unusual, Lindie.” Sarah said. “Was he the tow truck driver?”

There was a pang of unexplained jealously taking over Lindie. “How did you know?”

“Lucky guess.” Sarah continued. “Anyway, they say the Big Guy works in mysterious ways. I don’t think you’re a demon, Lindie. Or daughter of a demon, despite your appearance when you change. You’ve done some gruesome things, but I think you mean well.”

“Either that, or I’m the daughter of a demon that’s not very good at her job.” Lindie smiled with glowing red eyes. Sarah was taken aback, as she only remembered Lindie’s eyes having glowed blue. Then she realized that that might have been all Lindie allowed her to remember.

“Well, there’s that, too.” Sarah said uncomfortably.

“Why me?” Lindie whispered. “Why have I been cursed?”

“Some might look at it like a curse, but I don’t.” Sarah consoled her. “It’s really more of God’s way.”

“Isn’t everything?” Lindie asked.

“Yes, I suppose.” Sarah said calmly. “But whatever you are, I think you have a purpose, and I think it’s for good, not bad.” There was a long pause where they both stared off, as if time were put on hold.

“I burned a priest.” Lindie said flatly.

“You did what?!” Sarah cried out, and then asked again in a hushed whisper. “You did what?”

“Before that mess with Pam,” Lindie said quietly. “I was sitting in church and a priest put his hand on my shoulder. I think he contracted frostbite on his fingers. He must have been in shock because he didn’t cry out or anything.”

“Did you try to hurt him?” Sarah asked.

“Not at all. I didn’t even know he was there.” Lindie answered. “I didn’t even know what happened until days later as it replayed in my mind.”

“I trust you, Sarah.” Lindie looked deep into Sarah’s eyes. “That’s why you’re still alive this second.”

Sarah stepped back as Lindie began her metamorphosis into something only seen in nightmares. Lindie’s skin paled and shined like marble. Her teeth cut through her lips and blood momentarily poured from her mouth. She inhaled and her clothes ripped and fell to the floor. As she exhaled and inhaled a second time, wings unfolded behind her, knocking over a lamp. Her breathing sounded labored, and her eyes glowed a deep blue. Her fingers looked more like claws, but were not disgusting. Lindie’s skin glistened in what little light that passed through the lined curtains, almost to the point of glowing.

Sarah shook uncontrollably as Lindie stepped towards her. In this form, as frightening as she may have been, she also appeared angelic. Maybe more than angelic.

Lindie turned, as if modeling for Sarah.

“Pretty?” Lindie asked with a hiss. As Lindie had done to her victims so many times before, she sniffed deeply along Sarah’s body. She could smell the history of twenty-three men, and three women. And something else.

“Oh my Gggg…” was all Sarah could say before Lindie collapsed both her lungs with the spear-like tips of her wings. Lindie carefully calculated the speed which would snap Sarah’s neck, or possibly rip her head from her body, and reached for Sarah’s throat slightly slower.

“I want you to remember this moment, Sarah.” Lindie hissed, tightening her grip around Sarah’s neck. “Remember this until the day you die, but don’t tell a soul or that day may come sooner than you think.”

Sarah mouthed words, but only blood came out. She would have looked like she was crying if there had been tears, but instead, only looked to be in agony.

Lindie retracted her wingtips from Sarah’s body, and the wings were gone. Lindie changed her grip on Sarah’s throat, bringing her hand to the back of Sarah’s head. She tilted Sarah’s head and kissed her deeply. As Lindie’s tongue found Sarah’s, the holes in Sarah’s lungs closed and healed immediately. Lindie exhaled in Sarah’s mouth and it smelled and tasted like come.

Lindie’s other hand, which had now returned to a soft, small, woman’s hand, untied Sarah’s sweatpants.

Sarah was too shaken to speak, but her eyes showed the fear.

“Relax, Sarah.” Lindie said in her normal, young woman’s voice. She looked like a beautiful young woman again. “I’m going to try to find out more about your last client, but don’t worry. You might actually like it.” Lindie pulled Sarah’s sweatpants and panties down to her ankles and waited for Sarah to step out of them.

Lindie guided Sarah to sit on the desk in the study. She stood between Sarah’s legs and kissed her again. This time, the kiss was soft and gentle.

“Relax, sis.” Lindie whispered as she ran her soft hands up and down Sarah’s legs and thighs.

“What are you doing, Lindie?” Sarah finally said as Lindie brushed her fingers over Sarah’s clit.

“I can find out more if you’re turned on. When it’s wetter, it works better, right?” Lindie said as she knelt between Sarah’s legs. She softly kissed from the inside of Sarah’s thighs to her pubic mound. “You like that, don’t you?” Lindie asked.

Sarah just looked at her.

“It’s okay if you come, by the way. I lick pussy just as good as I suck cock, so don’t hold back.” Lindie said before burying her face between Sarah’s thighs.

Sarah leaned back, and eventually laid back. Lindie lifted Sarah’s legs and pushed them back so she could lick every inch around Sarah’s pussy and asshole. She kissed Sarah’s feet, lightly kissed her calves, and then returned to her sister’s very wet pussy.

Lindie’s technique was suspiciously perfect. She knew exactly where to put her tongue and when. She gently slid two fingers inside Sarah’s slit, turned them slightly, and held them there. Sarah bucked her hips, rubbing her G-spot on Lindie’s fingers. Lindie’s face was covered in wetness, but she continued to lick through her sister’s orgasm. As she licked, Lindie’s tongue stretched and probed the inner walls of Sarah’s pussy. It was uncomfortable at first, but the discomfort was soon replaced with a surprising orgasm. Sarah’s thigh muscles tightened and she covered Lindie’s face with more wetness.

“You go girl.” Lindie said from Sarah’s pubic mound. “Just one more thing I need to do.”

Emily Booth is the the most famous burlesque dancer on the planet, her name is synonymous with provocative yet tasteful dancing, dancing that can only be truly appreciated by a man of restraint. She steps out of a giant bird cage wearing a finely fitting over bust corset extenuating her perfect elegant figure, On her fine long legs and shapely calves she has black pin-stripe stockings with frilly French suspenders and a ribbon over each thigh beneath which she has matching French lace underwear.

A black lace ribbon tied neatly in a bow offset to one side sits rests around her beautiful swan like neck. Her sweet facial features are subtly exaggerated with a little blush powder applied to her cheeks and she has a beauty spot painted with a china graph pencil just below the dimple on her left cheek drawing the eye to her bright vivid smile. a moderately applied layer of charcoal mascara around her long natural, curled eyelashes. Her mascara is complemented by a modest coating of gun smoke grey eye shadow. She has bright silver eyes that sparkle in the light.

She climbs off her swing and steps out of her giant bird cage, heading strait towards Fred as she gazes at him with a provocative smile. She stops only a foot away from him then leans forward towards him. Her chin up forming a flat line from the tip of her chin down her neck and chest to perfect bust, fully exposed to a view from the above angle. The spectacle beguiling on the hundredth occasion as it was in the very first experience.

Her sweet full lips with their smooth sharp contrast against her complexion now only a few inches from his own as she slowly closes her eyes for what seems like an eternity compared to a normal blink. She puckers her lips going in for the kiss, instead she kisses the air, teasing him before standing upright again and turning to her right slightly incline.

Her smooth sleek lines curved like a magnificent sculpture, as she stands there, both her firm buttocks and pert breasts visible from this perspective. She winks at him placing one hand on her right buttock as she blows him a kiss with her left followed by a short coy giggle and a wink. She stands there swaying her hips slowly, tantalisingly close, only and arms length away.

Bringing both hands up to her front she caresses herself, the fingertips of both hands gliding all the way up from her belly button up to the top of her corset where they stop, hovering just above the top clasp as she gives him a mischievous grin. She starts to slowly unbuckle the top clasp with a pop, then the next one, all the way down in succession, pop- pop- pop- pop. With the unclasping of th final clasp she parts her arms like an eagle spreading its wings and lest the corset fall to the floor. Beneath it she is wearing a fish net body stocking that perfectly hugs her shapely figure and a a pair of black feather nipple tassels.

Fred starts to slouch in her fine red leather arm chair he stole or rather acquired from the officers mess. Just then a small droplet hits him on his fore head and he looks up just as another drip falls hitting him in the eye and flowing down the side of his nose. He wipes his face and curiously takes a sniff. Strangely it does not smell of water, it has a more appealing, musky scent to it. Reaches over to a vintage black and white wireless set in a fine mahogany cabinet. Both doors already open he presses the pause button.

The perfect image could easily be mistaken for a real women wearing black lipstick as she stands there now frozen, her chest fully exposed as she stands there spread eagle. He restored the wireless set himself. Its an old model, no one uses black and white any more but it is more reliable and the picture quality is far better than the grainy image of a modern colour design.

He has only just bought the Emily Booth boxed set vinyls when they were at port in Liverpool and this is the first disk in the collection. He hasn’t seen any of them yet and he seems annoyed at this sudden interruption to his viewing pleasure. He looks very at home on his comfortable red chair , feet up on an empty crate. To look at him you wouldn’t know that he was in a large but cluttered and noisy engine room, you would think that he was in a lounge.

He pulls open a draw in a cabinet next to his wireless and picks up a small tobacco chest and a pipe, he flips the lid up and breathes in deeply through his nose. inside is a partition, one side is full to the brim with vanilla tobacco, the other with herb. He fills the pipe up with tobacco and then crumbles a generous helping of herb on top. He strikes a match and inhales, taking a deep drag of herb.

Aziz the apprentice is the only other person in the room, he is polishing a brass regulator when he catches a whiff of herb. “Fred that’s your third one this week!” Fred stares at him with a blasé look on his face. “So!”

“It’s Monday!”

“…Open the extractor will you.” The engine room has an extraction system to remove any nauseous gases from the engine and remove the smell of chemicals from the passengers quarters, it is also very affective at removing the smell of herb and tobacco too- very convenient in a ship where smoking is banned below deck. Aziz steps up onto a work bench in front of the window and pulls the leaver to start the extraction fan then gets back to polishing the regulator.

Fred takes another drag on the pipe and slouches into his chair with a sigh. He stares at the projection, mesmerised by the exotic beauty before he has another whiff of his fingers, “Hmm…It looks like water but it has a very slightly greasy consistency like thin oil or melted butter…. Coolant perhaps?’ He murmurs to himself unable to distinguish the smell for sure over the smell of grease and engine oil permeating his hands. “What?” shouts Aziz. “Oh nothing…I think there might be a coolant leak in the first class deck”

Or at least he thinks it might be coolant. He considers tasting it but decides not to in case it is coolant and wipes it on his coveralls instead. Another drop lands right in his pipe and puts out his prize winning herb. Herb, like opium, Tobacco and absinthe are very expensive and listed under controlled substances, hard to get hold of and highly taxed when bought legitimately. Just an ounce of his gourmet substance is worth a weeks wages and he may have just lost an eighth of that, he is not happy, then again he can always grow more.

Fred is the ships engineer, he lives in the engine room of the cruiser, he has been working as the ships chief engineer since the day it was commissioned and served along side the ships captain when they were both in the Royal Navy. The captain, while strict has complete faith in Fre’d's competence as an engineer and has given Fred and his team a lot more leeway than the rest of the crew.

There are sketches and designs for various contraptions and improvements to the ship as well as the odd print of a pin up girl here and there showing a little shoulder of thigh with a cute smile or cheeky grin. Scattered everywhere throughout the engine room is a whole host of tools and machines. Piles of dust, filings and swath make the room appear more like an old workshop than the engine room of s white star liner flag ship.

Fred and his small staff of two technicians and an apprentice have become a little crew in their own right often taking charge of the ship while in port, supervising the restocking and fitting while in dry dock the rest of the crew are on leave. While not a real gentleman he is next in line for first officer of the ship however he loves his job and probably wont accept it.

Sometimes however he gets bored and when everything is running smoothly it can actually be a most monotonous lifestyle. He passes the time by restoring old technology he buys cheap at auctions such as his black and white wireless and by proposing and installing modifications to the ship. The captain usually approves if only to give his staff something to do again.

He has already increased the ships speed by ten percent and he and his apprentice have given up their quarters in favour of permanent residency in the engine room, their quarters becoming little more than a store cupboard, the booming engine no louder than background radiation on a crystal radio to him now. When all else fails he has a vast collection of erotic vinyl and a secret lover to keep him busy.

The ceiling drips one last time.

“Drat!” did you see that boy?” Aziz looks up oblivious. “See what?” Fred points up to the ceiling. “The ceiling is leaking.”

“I thought you said the guys checked the pipes last week? ” Aziz says as he carries on polishing. “Well it doesn’t look like it does it?” Fred stands up reluctantly and walks over to a telephone mounted on the wall next to the door. He winds up the crank and picks up the receiver then dials the other two members of his staff in the main workshop.


“Can you men check the pipes for me please?” There is laughing at the other end of the telephone. “I didn’t know you were into that sort of tripe sir!” He can almost see them grinning.

“Shut up you dirty dog, did you check the ruddy pipes last week?”

“Steady on…Yes we did it last week Fred.”

“Well its leaking again.”

“It can’t be, we checked it…must be a washer.”

“Well go and fix it.”

“We can’t we have to get the main theatre holovision working by tonight.”


He hangs up the voice piece and picks up a tool box on a bench under the telephone. “Do I have to do everything myself! Come on boy.” Aziz’s face lights up at the prospect of doing something other than cleaning and he runs over to Fred. Fred looks at a chart on the wall to see which room is directly above. A deck, first class, room number 47. He makes his way through the door towards the stairs and Aziz follows.

He knocks on the door, there is no answer so he waits a few seconds and knocks again. Still no answer, he walks over to a telephone alcove in the wall and calls the porter. “Porter.”


“There anyone staying in room 47?” He thinks to himself, ‘please say no please say no.’

“Yes, shall I connect you?”

“No thank you, its aright I’m right outside they might not be in.” He walks back over to the door and knocks even harder, still no answer. “Hello…is there anyone there? It’s engineering, we need to take a look at the plumbing in your room.” Lady Ritzdale sits up suddenly still short of breath. She clumsily tries to pick her damp panties up off the floor and puts them on quickly. She can feel a cold wet patch over her vulva as she walks over to the door. She takes a look through the peep hole as Fred rolls up on his heels waiting his hands in his pockets waiting for an answer. He must have heard her shuffling.

He thinks he can hear something but he doesn’t like the idea of going into an occupied room without permission and prefers to assume that there is no one there. He wants to walk away but he really needs to get it fixed. He takes out a skeleton key and opens the door. His eyes almost explode as he is greeted by a scantily clad Lady Ritzdale wearing nothing but stockings French knickers and a corset, she has a small pistol strapped to her thigh and room a somewhat familiar musky scent to it. He manages to compose himself despite the incredible sight of such an incredibly beautiful and provocatively dressed woman.

Aziz’s jaw drops as he sees this beautiful woman in her underwear. “Sorry, there was no answer…believe there may be a leaking pipe somewhere here…” He looks over at the small wet patch on the floor and nods at it. She blushes and looks nervously away, bashfully looking at the floor, then she pulls a perplexed face. “Oh no, I’m sorry I…spilled something on the floor that’s all.” She catches a whiff of herb. “Have you been smoking herb?” Fred panics. He points at the pistol and says. “I wont tell if you don’t!” She smiles at Aziz who is still gazing at her hypnotised. “It’s a deal.”

Fred can’t help but join Aziz in the staring as he notices the glistening, silky wet patch on her knickers, he stands there for an awkward and undue amount of time, lady Ritzdale wonders if he has anything else to say whist stood there with a sense of ambiguity. Most men seem to think that women can’t see where they are looking yet it was quite apparent where there eyes where. It was quite unnerving and embarrassing standing there with a wet patch on her knickers yet at the same time it was also incredibly flattering to see them so easily aroused by the sight of her wet quim, tantalisingly visible through her French lace.

­Fred snaps out of it and looks over at Aziz drooling over the incredible sight whilst simultaneous realising that it was quite apparent what they were up to. “Well be best be off then.” Fully recovered from his dream state he proceeds to literally slaps Aziz out it. “You too you little pervert.” Fred takes one last glimpse at her V before he looking her in her in the eye as if it never happened, smiling like a Cheshire cat. She smiles back as if giving condolences and he becomes affixed to her perfect crystalline eyes. He stare too long again and ends up admiring her beautiful lips instead.

He knows he should be gone by now but he can’t help looking at her, she reminds him of his secret lover. He thinks to himself. ‘This is getting award time to go!’ and he finally breaks her spell. Grabbing Aziz by the shirt he drags him back a step so that they are clear of the doorway “…Good day.” She closes the door and Aziz and Fred look at each other with a huge grin. As if to say. ‘Did you see that!’

Fred takes out his pocket watch and looks at the time, it is five minutes past the hour of four. He hands Aziz the tool box. “On you go boy, I’ll check on you later make sure you’re OK.” Aziz runs off down the corridor and Fred walks off in the opposite direction. He keeps going until he reaches a stairwell near the stern of the ship and then goes down a spiral stair case. There is a plain door with the number 228 written on it. He knocks three times.

A member of staff opens the door, a young good looking American ship maid. She looks a little surprised but very pleased to see him. “You’re two hours early!” She smiles and they both look to the left and the right, making sure the coast is clear and then he hugs her like a child with a rag doll before they embrace and kiss romantically.

“I know but I have a couple of hours free and I’m really in the mood!” He picks her up and carries her inside, slamming the door behind them. She laughs out loud, kicking her legs back like a hoarse. “I’ve just finished work. I want to get ready and look nice for you.” He carries her strait over to her bed and lays down on top of her. “But you always look nice and Martha is not back until eight!” She looks him in the eye with a mischievous look. “Yes we have four hours all to ourselves!”

He kisses her, biting her bottom lip as he pulls away whilst he peers into her mischievous eyes. She giggles and wraps her arms around him as they kiss again, deeply, more passionately this time. His hands creep down the sides of her narrow waist and stop at her hips, gently creeping around to her front. He tickles her and she laughs then gazes at him again. She takes one hand off him and places it between his legs, grasping onto his increasing package through his boiler suit.

Both still fully dressed, she takes her hands off him and starts to slowly unbutton his boiler suit. He unties her apron and pulls up her maids dress and petticoat, exposing her abdomen. He blows a raspberry on her belly and then glimpses down towards her tight young passageway. “You’re not wearing any underwear!” She grins. “Well I knew you would be…coming!” He strokes his hand over her thigh and grabs a small hip flask, bound to her thigh with a frilly elasticated band.

I certainly hope so, I do enjoy coming with you!

He opens it and takes a swig before passing it to her”You come very prepared!” She giggles and takes a swig then closes the lid and tosses it to one side. He kisses her belly and starts kissing her lower and lower , she puts her head up, taking a quick look at the top of his balding head before she pulls her dress and petticoat up over her head, leaving them in a pile above her head so that she if left wearing nothing but her shoes, stockings and a frilly black bra.

Her body fully liberated she pushes him down with both hands, forcing him to bury his head even further between her legs and smothering him. “Kiss me.” He presses up against the bed, forcing his head up for air. “I was kissing you.”

“Kiss me passionately.” She says with a sweet undeniable innocent smile. She does not even know the proper term for cunnilingus yet or any other of it’s crude euphemisms.

Her body is so young and elegant. It is the envy of a lot of women and the desire of many men. It makes the older but non the less still beautiful women remember when they were the object of desire. Such women would often stop and complement her. Secretly she wished that she had the courage and the confidence to approach a man and maybe one day have a sweet heart

Her eighteenth birthday was not three weeks ago, she was still an innocent prude virgin then. It was Fred who deflowered her though had no malicious intent to corrupt her. They met through a friend who bought a gallon of Freddy’s ship made moonshine (tax free of course) for her birthday party and invited him along. He mocks her light heartedly “You are so sweet and innocent” She just pulls a mischievous face and forces him back down below.

He purposely caresses her with his stubbly chin making her giggle. The laughter soon subsides and turns into a groan as he starts to kiss her other lips and dips his tongue inside. He starts to nibble on her lips and then wriggle his tongue as deep inside her as he can. Alternating between the two he continues for a few more seconds, delving his tongue inside her sweet honey pot before focusing on her nub.

The feeling of his hot breath and the sharp swarthy rubbing of his stubble makes her hmm in approval. “Mmmm…don’t tease me.” Not wanting to pause for thought (or breath for that matter) he continues. Lapping at her fountain like a lizard at a watering hole, tasting the cool water with the tip of it’s tongue. Then he begins to pleasure her proper and she applies more force to his head to ensure he doesn’t stop. He carries on for a while then stops abruptly.

“Right, lets get your engine running, see if there are any emissions!”. He pulls his goggles down and takes a deep breath as if drowning. and buries his head between her legs. She bursts out in a fit of laughter. “you are such a big kid!” Busy enjoying his meal he hums in response “Mmm Hmm.”

Next he licks her slit all the way up like a cat grooming itself or a child licking an ice cream. He envelops her gem in is mouth gently clamping it in his teeth as he lightly sucks on it. She groans even louder. “Mmmm I’ve been waiting all day for this.” He starts to wriggle his head between her legs tickling her with his moustache and she clamps his head in place using her thighs like a vice her legs.

He begins massaging her lump with his tongue and her hips rock slowly. After a while he moves his hands, underneath her firm buttocks, grasping them tightly as if to hold her down in order to prevent her from floating away. His tongue gets a little tired and he starts to move his entire head instead, his moustache tickling her inner thigh and vulva as he makes her squirm even more. His firm grasp of her buttocks anchoring her down as she squirms, rolling her hips and becoming more and more short of breath.

Every now and then his goggles catch her abdomen and she feels the edge of the cold brass housing . He begins to suck on her gem even harder drawing his teeth along its hood as he tickles it with his tongue and occasionally kissing it covering his face in her juices. He can feel the moisture of her damp never region all over his face. He removes his hands from her bottom and uses them to part her vulva, exposing her engorged pearl even more before he takes it back into his mouth, lightly clamping it between his teeth, his mouth a pair of sugar tongues, her nub a rock of sugar.

August was hot… in more ways than one. Let me give you a little background: I was 20, stuck living with my parents, and hadn’t been laid in months. The summer heat flooded into my room as I disinterestedly played with my phone. Dusk was fading to night as I lied stomach down on my bed I could feel my dick throbbing, and the all too familiar sensation of my mouth watering without thirst. Cocksuckers will know what I mean.

Now, I’m not usually one for using apps to hookup, but that night I was damn horny. I struggled with the idea of hooking up a bit. I don’t like to sleep around and was raised to wait for the right one, but hey, a guy has needs! Eventually I came to the conclusion that every once in a while was alright. I mean, it HAD been over 4 months since I had last had any cock. My hormones were raging. I don’t think I could have said no to myself even if I wanted to.

I pulled up grindr and looked at the profiles. All local guys, which I wasn’t in the mood for. Switched over to growlr and found a handsome older man in his 50′s. Shorter than me and not too much else info in his profile, but I said fuck it and messaged him.

“Hey, how are you?” I opened with.

He responded almost immediately. “Doing well here, how about yourself buddy?”

We shot shit for a bit, divulging details to barely reveal the surfaces of who we were. Little details men usually talk about like asking what either of us did for work, hobbies, interests, etc. I found out he was here with some straight buddies on a cross country road trip. He sent me another face picture and then a cock shot. I was tantalized.

Being more forward than I had ever been I sent the message, “Hey man let me suck it.”

He seemed rather delighted from his messages after, stating that his buddies were fun but he needed a little of a different type of fun that he hadn’t had in a while. “Can you host?” I dumbly asked.

“No buddy I’m in a room with a couple of straight guys. I don’t think they’d take too kindly to you.”

“How bout I blow you in your car?” I asked, excitement growing.

“I don’t have a car here. We are traveling in my buddy’s car.” He replied.

I was a bit disheartened honestly, and almost thought about giving up.

“Hey well let me ask my buddy if I can use his car to run to the store real quick. Then we can meet up somewhere. Can you host?” he seemed to ask eagerly.

I thought about it. I didn’t want to host him inside my parents’ house even though they were out for the evening. I was super horned but at the same time a bit of logic kicked in, maybe something else. I really didn’t want to suck a guy in a place that my parents…lived. It would have been a bit awkward for me to see that spot while I was around them and think back to that night of pleasure I had.

“Yeah I can man.” I messaged.

I gave him my address and headed out of the house with an idea. He had told me what hotel he was staying in, so I knew he would be at my place in a matter of minutes. I was right, minutes later a white car pulled into the front of my house. Night had fallen fully by this point so all we had to greet each other was occasional moonlight through clouds. His picture was recent since he was as handsome as his picture had been. We shook hands, smiled, and I led him through my drive way back around the house where the garage was located.

We were barely into the garage when he shut the door behind him, and I dropped to my knees. I kissed his crotch through his shorts, excitedly running my hands over his front thighs, ass, and back thighs. He grabbed my head and shoved my face forward. I could tell he was as turned on as I was. Even though we were thirty+ years apart, the chemistry between our bodies was amazing. He groaned and uttered “yeah buddy” through a deep grunt. He pulled my face out of his crotch and I looked up back at him. The look on his face was so…desirable. I could barely see through the dark lighting of the garage but somehow that added to the sexual energy we had. An almost faceless cock getting what he needed from an almost faceless mouth.

I quickly undid the man’s belt and pulled his shorts down mid-thigh. Like a ravenous vacuum I swallowed his cock whole. I shoved it deep into my throat, melting into its delicious taste. It was to anyone else an average cock. About 6 inches cut, average thickness, but GREAT shape and look. To me, an avid cocksucker who had been denied for months, it was like magic. Again he took hold of my head and began fucking my face, uttering dirty words.

“Yeah boy you need this just like I need this, huh? Hrrrnnnnnng”

“Fuck yeah swallow that cock whole you slut.”

My hands explored upward, grabbing his pecs and feeling his thick nipples.

“Pay attention to my balls too, boy!” he commanded.

I went down on his balls like he told me too. Licking, slurping, and savoring their salty taste. They seemed to be a bit saltier than his dick. I loved it. I was in heaven. I felt his dick resting on my cheek as I hungrily tended to his balls. He rubbed my shoulder and the back of my head, groaning and murmuring what a good slut I was. I was ready to cum.

He let go of my head but kept a hand on my shoulder, and I went back to tending to his dick. I bobbed up and down on his head, swirling my tongue, trying to get that ultimate reward all cocksuckers want. I placed my hands on his back thighs and just went to town. We were both sweating from the heat and the sex. All that could be heard was his grunts, and my slurping and moaning sounds. I felt his cock tense in my throat and suddenly he grabbed my head and shoved me down on his cock. I felt the first shot shoot deep into me. I swallowed it all eagerly until he subsided.

I began stroking myself as I sucked his dick gently. He growled in appreciation that I was cleaning up the mess I made. Up and down the shaft, sucking up and excess spit that might have been on his balls. I looked up at him to see he was looking down at me. He smiled through the dim light to see his cock disappearing into my hollowed cheeks.

“Thanks buddy. Great blow.” He said firmly.

I grabbed the base of his cock with my free hand. This was hot but I wanted more.

“How about you take me home to your buddies?” I boldly asked.

He had mentioned they were on an all guys trip to get away from the wives.

“C’mon man. You can tell how much I love cock.” I said almost desperately. I could tell the idea turned him on. His cock began growing stiff again at the nursing of my tongue and lips. I gave him a few sucks.

“No man that’s not a good idea. Sorry. But I can give you all the cock you need…” He said firmly, then slapping my check lightly.

I felt him fill my mouth again. This time I sucked him slowly and tenderly, since he was a bit sensitive from the first blow. The spark between us was turning from ravenous to tender. I still have not experienced a blow session like that night. He came more quickly, and with less cum the second time around. It was late after the second blow, and coincidentally. My parents called and asked if I wanted anything before they came home. Strangely, it didn’t feel awkward to talk on the phone in front of him even if it was a little rude. Must have been the feel goods of the afterglow.

“Sorry man we gotta cut this short” I said.

“I understand buddy, thanks again for the great blow. Wish I could have taken ya to my friends.” He winked and then surprisingly grabbed and kissed me. I responded warmly to the kiss and gave him a deep taste of his cock. He pulled away, went out the door and left. I waited a little bit and sent him a message that if, by any chance he was passing through my area again, to look me up.


Copyright Oggbashan December 2010

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Fort Vauxrein was the worst Foreign Legion posting in Algeria. It was originally built to protect an isolated water hole on a significant camel-trading route. It gradually lost its purpose as other water holes on the route failed, making the camel route impracticable.

No one came. No one passed the fort. No one challenged its hold on useless desert. The only people who came to the fort were replacements for its tiny garrison. The posting was for the Foreign Legions misfits, not its criminals, but those deemed incapable of becoming competent soldiers. In the 1930s it had become an embarrassment to the French authorities in Algeria.

The only officer was a superannuated Ensign. He wouldn’t accept retirement because he had nowhere to go. The Legion had been his whole life once his aristocratic family had discarded him as unsuitable even for breeding stock. His only success in life was in persuading his superiors to keep Fort Vauxrein as a base for incompetence. He enjoyed reading in his library, drinking fine wine in moderation, and the luxury of sole command that had nothing to do.

The four sub-officers had shown, over and over again, that they had no leadership skills. The handful of the eighteen privates who knew how to load their rifles couldn’t hit an elephant at fifty yards. The Legion had equipped them with the most useless and ancient rifles in their stores.

Fort Vauxrein had guns. Plenty of guns. They had been hauled over the desert in the mid-19th Century and carefully mounted to command all the approaches to the Fort. Apart from the test firing on installation, they had never fired a shot, and shot was all they fired – grapeshot or solid iron cannon balls.

The soldiers drilled with those cannon several times a week. Even they couldn’t make errors with 18th Century muzzle-loading cannon. The fort’s Commandant wasn’t convinced. They loaded canvas cartridges filled with sand, rammed the cannon balls down the muzzles, stood with lit tapers and applied the taper to the touchholes. On Bastille Day and New Year’s Day something would happen because they placed a small sprinkling of powder on the cannons’ touchholes for the celebrations. The set of small flashes was Fort Vauxrein’s firework display.

Once a quarter the garrison fired real cannonballs. The sand-filled cartridges were replaced by gunpowder-filled ones. The sub-officers made sure that no soldier stood in front of the muzzles, and one by one the Commandant ordered the cannon to fire. They fired half the cannon in the morning, stopped for the midday meal and a siesta, and fired the remaining cannon in the early evening. The sand dunes around the fort showed deep scars caused by the cannon balls. The next morning a detail had to collect all the cannon balls and bring them back to the fort for re-use.

The fort had only one asset. It had a resident cantiniere, Anne-Marie. She was the cook, the barmaid, the laundress, the supplier of small items such as tobacco and sweets, and the fort’s whore.

No one knew how old Anne-Marie was. She had been a fixture even before the Commandant. She was a large, plump woman who admitted she had never been attractive even in the remote past when she was young. She had come to Fort Vauxrein long before the First World War because she knew she would be the only woman there. As the fort’s cantiniere she would have no competition for her trading activities and her body. At any other fort or garrison she would not be the whore of choice.

Alone of all the fort’s inhabitants, Anne-Marie had contacts with the local tribe. She traded with them, exchanging goods from the capital for fresh goat’s milk, vegetables, meat and anything else that the fort needed. She exchanged information with the tribeswomen to their mutual benefit.

Each time she wanted to trade she would take a couple of loaded mules and ride the third. Some of the soldiers felt sorry for the third mule, carrying Anne-Marie’s heavy body.

Anne-Marie was reputed to be the richest cantiniere in Algeria. The fort’s garrison spent almost all their pay with her, either for goods or for sex. Twenty-three men’s pay wasn’t a fortune, but that pay over many years had built up to a considerable sum because Anne-Marie’s prices weren’t cheap.

Each man could have a night with Anne-Marie once a month, if he could afford it. Almost all of them did. The sub-officers could pay for more than one night a month. Anne-Marie went to the Commandant’s bed every Sunday night.

Although her physical charms were very faded, her sexual skill in providing whatever each individual soldier wanted was legendary. After all, she had practised on generations of soldiers. For the past twenty years her skills were demonstrated in a darkened room. Anne-Marie, with the lights out, could be any soldier’s dream partner. In broad daylight in the desert sun, she could be his nightmare.

The sub-officers and soldiers of Fort Vauxrein had one skill that they had brought to perfection through repeated practice. They could paint. They painted the buildings. They painted the fort’s walls. They painted the rocks. They painted the fort’s horse drawn carts, the sand-wrecked armoured car that would never move again. This palled after a time and they began to experiment with murals. The inside walls of the soldiers’ quarters were painted with erotic scenes of imaginary women in lascivious poses.

The murals were painted time and time again becoming more erotic with every renewal. Any visiting officers were given a guided tour of the artwork and marvelled at what could be produced with the inspiration of the one elderly fat woman present in the fort.

Life at Fort Vauxrein had been the same, year in and year out, for dozens of years until two separate decisions were taken, far apart, but about the same time.

The French government decided that Fort Vauxrein should be abandoned to the desert. It was a convenient dumping place for useless soldiers but another place could be used. Resupplying Fort Vauxrein was expensive.

The local tribal chief had too many sons and his eldest son was worried about his inheritance being cut into too many small pieces for his brothers and half-brothers. The sons would become adult at twenty-one years. If one son inherited, any sons who were not adult at the time of the chief’s death were likely to perish from ‘childhood illnesses’. Any who were adult might have a ‘hunting accident’. If the inheritance was divided then the process of elimination might involve civil war before one could become undisputed chief.

The son, known as Ahmed the Reckless for his propensity to rush in where fools feared to tread, challenged his father to declare that the eldest son should inherit the whole of the tribe’s meagre assets and the large area of infertile land they controlled.

Ahmed’s father had never been convinced that his eldest son would be suitable to lead the tribe. Ahmed was a lightweight, even by the standards of his tribesmen who were always close to starvation. He was shorter than the tribe’s norm and lightweight in applied brainpower as well as body. Apart from being reckless, Ahmed had a chief adviser, Suleyman (known, but not to his face, as ‘the Slimy’) who had ambitions to be the real power behind the chief. Suleyman kept Ahmed’s bed supplied with a succession of willing women eager to be the mother of a child in line for chief’s son.

All the women knew they owed their chance to Suleyman, and reported exactly how Ahmed had responded to them, what his sexual preferences were, and anything Ahmed said that he shouldn’t. One of Ahmed’s repeated wishes is that some of the women would wear European clothing including underwear. So far Suleyman had been unable to meet that request but thought that it might be possible if Anne-Marie was approached through intermediaries.

The chief wanted to dash Ahmed’s ambitions so that a more suitable heir could be appointed and didn’t want Suleyman anywhere near the reins of power. The chief also knew exactly what his eldest son’s sexual preferences were because the women reported discreetly to him as well as Suleyman.

The chief told his son that he would consider whether Ahmed was suitable to succeed as chief of the tribe if Ahmed would successfully complete a challenge that his father would set. If Ahmed failed – he would be passed over for another. If Ahmed declined the challenge – he would be passed over for another. Would Ahmed accept the challenge?

Ahmed instantly agreed. His father sighed. Ahmed was being reckless, again. He should have tried to find out the terms of the challenge before answering.

“Very well, Ahmed,” the chief said. “I think you might need the help of your friend Suleyman. Both of you come at dusk. I will assemble the elders of the tribe and tell you, and them, the terms of your challenge.”

Ahmed saluted his father and left to seek Suleyman. Suleyman was not pleased.

“What is the challenge? What will you have to do? You have no idea but you have accepted? Suppose your father asks you to fly to the moon. You have already accepted the challenge. You would fail and your status as presumed heir would be lost.”

Ahmed tried to persuade Suleyman that the chief wouldn’t be so unreasonable as to set an obviously impossible task. Suleyman was not sure. He knew that the chief was wiser than Ahmed believed.

When Ahmed and Suleyman appeared before the assembled elders, Suleyman was worried. This could mean the end of his plots, his long-term plan to rule through Ahmed.

Ahmed was excited. If the challenge was reasonable, he was sure that he could succeed and become his father’s heir.

The chief announced the terms of the task that Ahmed had to perform. Suleyman carefully wrote down the chief’s words as he spoke them.

“Ahmed. The task I am setting you is to convince me that you might (the chief emphasised ‘might’) be a suitable successor to me when I die. You agreed to accept the challenge earlier today, didn’t you?”

Ahmed tried to produce a sonorous reply to match his chief’s formal words. It came out as a squeaked “Yes!”

“Very well. Our traditional enemies, the occupiers of our land, are the French. They are far more powerful than we are. We cannot face them in open battle so we must harry them when we can. We have to practise deceit, to act secretly, to strike and then vanish into the desert, yet what do we achieve? Our best and boldest warriors die to inflict pinpricks on the French that scarcely trouble them.

Your task is to do something more than a pinprick. Yet I am reluctant to lose more of our warriors. So…”

The chief paused to allow Suleyman’s frantic scribbling to catch up. He spoke very slowly and clearly so that every word could be heard by the elders and the wider population of the tribe.

“…without losing the lives of a single one of our warriors, nor incurring injury to any of our warriors, and without being humiliated in any way, you must take something from the French garrison of Fort Vauxrein that they are unwilling to lose. If you can do that, I might consider you as a potential successor. No more than that. A potential successor.”

Ahmed looked up at the repeat of ‘potential successor’. What did his father mean?

His father looked back at him.

“I said ‘potential successor’ because at present you are not. So far your life and conduct has not been suitable for a future chief. If you succeed, you might have changed my opinion of you, and more importantly, the opinions of the council of elders who will decide after my death, no matter what my wishes might have been in life, exactly who will become the next chief.”

The elders nodded. One of them stood up, walked across to Ahmed, and handed him a scroll.

The chief spoke again:

“That scroll contains the exact words of the task I have outlined. Your advisor has been scribbling unnecessarily.”

At same time as Ahmed was being told the terms of his task, the fort’s commandant was re-reading a letter he had received with the supply delivery. The letter told him that Fort Vauxrein was to be abandoned. None of its stores, armaments, nor equipment were considered worth saving.

The only item the authorities were concerned about was the fort’s magazine full of gunpowder. Gunpowder was useless to any other unit but it should not be allowed to fall into the hands of the tribesmen. The commandant was instructed to expend all the gunpowder without damaging the fort. The structure might have a future use, if only to protect the waterhole from the encroaching desert.

The next day was a Sunday. That day Anne-Marie set out with her three donkeys to the tribesmen’s encampment. She had some unusual items in her trade goods. In response to some of the women’s requests she had raided her wardrobe for the underwear and clothing she had worn many years ago when she had been comparatively slim. She also had a couple of mail-order catalogues of cheap women’s clothing. She could order for the tribeswomen, get the items with the fort’s next supply train, and bring them on her donkeys.

At the encampment she retreated with the women into the darkened ladies-only tent. There she produced her battered suitcase of ancient clothing. The women were disappointed. Even in their backwater they were aware that voluminous directoire panties, ankle-length slips, hobble skirts and Gibson-girl corsets were not fashionable however well made. They agreed to look after the suitcase for Anne-Marie and sat down for the real business of swapping gossip and examining the delights of the mail-order catalogues.

Their main item of information was the challenge that the chief had given Ahmed. They had the challenge word-perfect and had even written it down for Anne-Marie to take with her. None of the women considered Ahmed to be a suitable chief, almost all preferring anyone but Ahmed.

Who else might be suitable depended at first on the particular woman’s male relatives. The arguments were fierce but the majority thought that the chief’s third son, unusually named James after his maternal grandfather, was the best of a limited choice. Unfortunately James was still too young to succeed if his father were to die within the next two or three years, but after that? He would be their choice.

Anne-Marie asked if she could meet or perhaps see James. His aunt went to fetch him. At his age of nineteen he could still enter the women’s quarters, if more than one woman was present, without causing a scandal. Next year that would be difficult, the year after, impossible.

When James arrived the other women left, except his aunt.

“What do you want from me, Anne-Marie?” James asked in French.

“You speak French, James?” Anne-Marie was surprised.

“And English. I went to school in Algiers. So, what do you want from me?”

“You know of your father’s challenge to Ahmed?”


“And you want him to fail?”

“Of course. I don’t want to die. Being Ahmed he will probably fail anyway, but I might be prepared to assist in that failure.”

“And accept help?”

“Ah. Accepting help means accepting an obligation. It depends whether the help is worth the obligation, Anne-Marie.”

“OK. What I need is permission to continue to trade with the tribe. Until now it has been of mutual benefit…”

“…your prices are rather high, Anne-Marie, but taking into account the delivery costs and the ten per cent commission you pay to the chief,

not wholly unreasonable. If I were fortunate enough to become chief, we could probably continue the arrangement to our mutual benefit. It would of course expire when you do. You are not likely to live as long as me, unless something untoward happens to me…”

“…and that we will try to avert, James.”

“Very well. What do you suggest?”

“If Ahmed is going to take something from Fort Vauxrein, he can’t do it from here.”

James nodded.

“He will have to set up a base much closer, and there is only one possibility, the Well of Miriam.”


“If he were to be surrounded and ambushed there, he would have lost his challenge.”

“Also true, but that could be dangerous both for those unfortunate enough to follow him, and to those who ambush him, that is assuming that the ambushers will be Fort Vauxrein’s incompetents. They might kill one of ours by mistake, or worse still, one of their own. I wouldn’t trust any of them with live ammunition unless they were five miles from me.”

“James, have you considered any suggestions for making Ahmed fail?”

“Yes, Anne-Marie. Humiliation is one of the fail factors. Humiliation of Ahmed would be sufficient. I wouldn’t want any of our tribe humiliated even if they are led by Ahmed.”

“How could he be humiliated?”

“That’s where you can help.”

“Me? You mean me, personally?”

“Yes. You have an enviable reputation for sexual prowess that belies your, forgive me, appearance. Our women have learned much from you. If Ahmed is informed of your skills he will be determined to experience them for himself. If you can get him into an embarrassing situation, he will have failed his challenge, no one will be injured, and the way will be clear for me in a few years’ time. Do you think you could contrive that, with help from our women?”

Anne-Marie considered James’ question for a few minutes.

“I think so. If I could be ‘captured’ by Ahmed’s men and brought to the Well of Miriam, with help from the women with him, I have an idea that will humiliate him. I don’t think you had better know what my idea is. Can you arrange for the women to cooperate?”

“I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t even know that there is a plot. But my aunt can.”

James spoke rapidly to his aunt in the local dialect. He knew that Anne-Marie could understand him. His aunt agreed to help. He left the two women together to work out details.

Anne-Marie returned to Fort Vauxrein that evening. Unusually she asked to see the commandant. In his office she asked whether she could speak to him in private. The commandant raised his eyebrows and ordered the duty sub-officer from the room.

“What is it that is so secret, Anne-Marie?” he asked.

Anne-Marie explained what she had learned, the discussions with James, and produced the written details of the task set for Ahmed. The commandant laughed. From the drawer of his desk he produced the letter he had received ordering him to abandon the fort. He handed it to Anne-Marie.

“You see? Ahmed can’t take anything from us that we are unwilling to lose. We are abandoning the fort and everything in it except the gunpowder, and the authorities don’t want even that.”

“There is one item you and the garrison don’t want to lose…” Anne-Marie said slowly.

“…and what’s that?”



“Think about it, commandant. I’m the only person or thing that the whole garrison value, if only for the credit I give them between pay allotments. If Ahmed captured me, he would have met his father’s challenge.”

“But he doesn’t know that you are the only thing of value, does he?”

“Nor does his father, nor James. But if he were to capture me, he might try to persuade you to surrender the fort in exchange for my release.”

“And that letter gives me authority to surrender the fort. But then Ahmed would appear to win. That wouldn’t do. He could be an embarrassment to the authorities.”

“But if I escaped while the exchange was being negotiated? That would embarrass him.”

“It would. Can you guarantee your escape?”

“Yes, commandant. Everything has been arranged. I will be ‘captured’ at the Well of Miriam where Ahmed will be preparing to raid the fort. I will suggest that I could be exchanged for ‘something the French value’ up and to the fort itself because I am the commandant’s mistress…”

“Which you are, every Sunday night,” the commandant interrupted.

“…but he will want to sample my body before the exchange.”

“Will he?”

“Yes. He is being softened up for that now. The women who visit him each night are telling him how much they have learned from me, how expert I am, and by comparison they are mere beginners, and how he could reach undreamt-of passion in my arms.”

“Has he seen you, Anne-Marie?”

“Yes. Many times. He has also heard about me, and my skills, many times.”

“I hope, for your sake, that he is convinced.”

“I’m sure that he is. When he is alone with me he will discover that my skills include sexual bondage which I will persuade him to try.”

“I don’t think I want to know exactly what you intend. Poor Ahmed.”

“Poor Ahmed indeed. Once he is restrained, I will escape. Ahmed will have failed to take something of value, he will be personally humiliated, and no one will have been hurt.”

“And you have a trade agreement with James, the chief’s probable successor.”

“Yes, but if the fort isn’t garrisoned, I might have a problem getting my goods to the tribe.”

“Possibly not as much of a problem as you think, Anne-Marie. If your plot succeeds, I might tell you how you can continue to trade from Fort Vauxrein when the garrison has gone. But now, you have been alone with me too long for the garrison to accept. I will see you tonight?”

“Of course, mon commandant! For the usual fee.”

“Until then, au revoir.”

That evening Anne-Marie came to the commandant’s bed. She enjoyed her nights with him. Apart from being paid more than her usual fee, she had little to do. She cuddled the commandant to her voluptuous naked body, cradling his head between her breasts. She had to be careful. One night she had nearly suffocated him before his impotent struggles woke her.

His bed was the most comfortable in Fort Vauxrein and she could sleep undisturbed once the commandant had begun to snore softly. In the mornings she would roll over him, propping herself on her arms as he thrust underneath her. Her breasts surrounded his head as he tried to plumb her depths. She could barely feel his prick inside her but would encourage him with appropriate words as he came inside her. Another quarter of an hour of smothering him and she had earned her pay.

Sometimes while in the commandant’s bed she regretted the frantic pounding of the younger soldiers as they tried to arouse her to passion. However well endowed the soldier, Anne-Marie could accommodate his erection and wring him dry. But she would have appreciated the youthful ardour in a more comfortable bed.

That morning, unusually, the commandant asked her to stay once she had dressed.

“I need to send a message to the chief,” he said, “and you, Anne-Marie, are the only one who can take it safely.”

“What message?”

“I need to tell him that the army is intending to abandon the fort, that we are going to destroy all our gunpowder, and to ask whether he would consider a business proposal. At present, I don’t want to reveal the business proposal. I want Ahmed’s plot to fail first.”

“And I will try to ensure that the plot fails.”

“If you get the chief to agree, not to help you, but not to hinder, then you probably will. Ahmed’s own incompetence might not be enough.”

“I’ll need an excuse to return so soon, commandant.”

“Perhaps you’ve received a new catalogue? It doesn’t have to exist, just be the excuse.”

“That’s easy. I have several old catalogues that look right.”

The garrison was slightly surprised when Anne-Marie set off for the tribesmen’s’ camp with a single donkey. It was so unusual that they talked about it for most of the day.

At the camp Anne-Marie met the women who were curious about her sudden return. She explained that she needed to speak to the chief, in private, but that the excuse for her visit was a new clothing catalogue.

While the women pretended to be deciding on their purchases from the catalogue, the chief slipped into the inner part of the women’s tent.

Anne-Marie gave him the commandant’s message. She also explained how she intended to foil Ahmed’s task by allowing herself to be captured at the Well of Miriam, and then escaping.

The chief sighed.

“Is it such common knowledge that Ahmed is an idiot?”

“I know, and because I know, the commandant knows. You know. Most of your tribe knows. The women certainly know…”

“…the elders know. They and I would prefer James to be my successor. As yet he is too young…”

“…but he already has the wisdom that Ahmed lacks.”

“That is true. But Ahmed is of age. He must have some role in the tribe. We don’t have the useful post of village idiot.”

“With my help, and with that of your women, he might win that post.”

“I cannot be seen to help you, Anne-Marie, but I will tell my women to cooperate.”

“You do not need to do even that, O chief. They will do that willingly. They are irritated by Ahmed’s sexual demands on them.”

“Then I will leave it to you, and them.”

“Ahmed will take some women with him when he goes on his task?”

“Of course. He will take his large tent, his bedding, the long mirror in which he admires himself, and his women. He is stupid. For a raid you should take nothing but the absolute minimum, weapons, water and a little food.”

“Then the women, and his mirror, will be his downfall.”

“I need to know no more, Anne-Marie. I will send one of my elders with Ahmed to monitor his hoped-for failure. Good luck. But what about the commandant’s business proposal?”

“I know no more than I have said. He would like your agreement in principle to cooperation between you.”

“Then he has it. I would agree to anything that might improve the finances of our people. We have so little.”

“I will tell him. Thank you, O chief.

The chief left. Anne-Marie joined the women and explained her plan to them. One suggested a small change. If Anne-Marie were to be captured, it would be better if the women captured her. If she resisted the men, she or they might get hurt. The women’s capture would be a set-up and Anne-Marie need only pretend to struggle. Anne-Marie agreed. She asked that her suitcase of elderly clothing should be available near Ahmed’s tent.

She was surprised that the women already knew the day on which Ahmed would go to the Well of Miriam. She arranged to be riding close to the well, but out of sight of it, to a place where the women would ‘accidently’ find and capture her.

Anne-Marie left and returned to the fort. While she had been away the commandant had summoned the sub-officers and given them the news that the fort had to be given up and the gunpowder destroyed. He wanted the gunpowder to be used to widen the passes on the fort’s approaches.

The sub-officers arranged for barrels of gunpowder to be placed where they would meet the commandant’s intentions. It would take several days for the charges to be placed correctly.

Unfortunately for Ahmed’s advisor Suleyman, the several days to place the charges coincided with the time taken for Ahmed to move his raiding party into place at the Well of Miriam.

Suleyman went to reconnoitre the fort’s activities, crawling up the reverse side of a dune as a gunpowder charge was set off in the rock face supporting it. He was thrown high in the air, landing again in the soft sand, half-buried in it, but then peppered with falling rocks that cut and bruised him. His plight was observed by the chief’s appointed elder who had remained at a safe distance.

The elder had to assist Suleyman from his covering of sand and rock.

“You won’t tell the chief, will you?” he asked anxiously. “I’m not really injured.”

The elder didn’t reply but had to support Suleyman several times as they made their way slowly back to the Well of Miriam. Suleyman had to admit to Ahmed that his scouting had revealed nothing except the unexplained blasting. He undertook to return to overlook the fort tomorrow and then limped back to his tent to have healing salves applied to his wounds.

Fortunately for Suleyman, that afternoon the pre-arranged ‘capture’ of Anne-Marie was successfully carried out by the women. Brought before him, she admitted that she was the commandant’s mistress. Suleyman hastened to Ahmed’s tent, forgetting his injuries.

“O Ahmed,” Suleyman said, “Fate has smiled upon us. Anne-Marie, the fort commandant’s mistress, has been captured. We can exchange her for something that the French do not want to give up, and you will have succeeded.”

“Anne-Marie? Isn’t she reputed to be endowed with incredible sexual skills?”

“So our women say. It seems unlikely. She is a fat old woman.”

“I know that. I have seen her several times but the stories about her are legendary. If she has remained the commandant’s mistress for so long despite her appearance, there must be something exceptional about her.”

“Perhaps, O Ahmed, but she is a useful bargaining counter.”

“She will be just as useful tomorrow. She is not a virgin. I would like to know whether the legends about her have any foundation. Let the women bring her to me at midnight.”

“Are you sure, O Ahmed?”

“Of course I’m sure. Do it! You are dismissed.”

At midnight Anne-Marie was hustled by the group of women into Ahmed’s tent. They forced her to kneel before him. Two women put the battered suitcase of clothing in front of the long mirror.

“What is that?” Ahmed asked.

“In there are some of the tools of my trade, O master,” Anne-Marie said. “You want me to perform at my best, don’t you?”

“Silence, slave!” Ahmed ordered. “You are at my mercy. You women, leave us!”

The women left.

“So, Anne-Marie, you are mistress of all sexual enchantments, are you?”

“Yes, master, but I cannot show you the path to exquisite delights except in darkness. You do not need to see my miserable body, only to feel and experience it. If you could put out the lanterns?”

“Very well. What else do you need?”

“If you could undress yourself and lie on the quilts?”

“And then what?”

“Then you will feel what I can do.”

Ahmed put out the lanterns. Marie moved to her suitcase and opened it as Ahmed undressed. She joined him on the bed.

“What is this? You are still dressed, Anne-Marie.”

“At the moment. I don’t need to undress to start. I am your helpless captive, aren’t I?”

“Of course. We captured you.”

“Have you ever understood that sexual encounters have two types of joy, O master, the joy of penetrating a woman’s deepest cleft and the joy of being surrounded by her soft caress? The penetration is what most men feel. They do not think, or perhaps even give themselves time, to enjoy the woman’s response.”

“Perhaps not.”

“Then you have never experienced the sweetness of surrendering your manhood to a woman’s intimate caress?”

“No. Is there more pleasure?”

“Yes, if you accept that your penetration has two sides, the thrust and the response that the thrust produces. As you enter she accepts. As you thrust deeper she enfolds. No man can wholly enter into a woman. That is impossible. But I can give you an understanding of just how a complete penetration could be almost unbelievably overwhelming. Will you trust me to show you?”

“Why should I trust my captive?”

“Why shouldn’t you? I’m here, O master, in your tent, surrounded by your followers. If you were to call out, guards would come running, wouldn’t they?”

“Perhaps. It depends on the call. They wouldn’t respond to the noise of lovemaking.”

“But if you called for help?”

Ahmed was indignant.

“I would never need to call for help against a woman, slave!”

“Then your fears are groundless. You can let me show you what I can do. It means that you will have to surrender the initiative to me for a while.”

“Surrender? I would not surrender to you, nor to any woman!”

“It would only be the fantasy of surrender, a fiction, a situation that you could control at all times…”

“…and this would give me an unforgettable experience?”

“You will never forget it. But first you must give me permission to act. At present I am your helpless slave. I cannot give you the experience you wish for without pretending that I am your mistress…”

“Never. No woman of my tribe would dare claim to be my mistress…”

“Exactly, O master. They are too frightened of your power but sexual fulfilment is often reached by devious paths. You need to surrender your body to a woman to experience the most delicious ecstasy. Until now, you have always been the leader, the one who impales, the one who commands. But a woman can give far more if she sets the rules, she directs, she controls what and how the sexual congress is made…”

“You would control me? How dare you suggest such a thing!”

“It would only be the appearance of control. In such situations there are rules that the master sets. For example, if any time he were to feel that the woman is going too far, there would be a control phrase he will say. Once that word is said, the woman will stop immediately and the master resumes control.”

“What phrase is that?”

“Whatever phrase we choose. What about ‘Fort Vauxrein must be destroyed’? You would not say that phrase normally so I will know that is the signal for me to stop and release you from my control.”

“You are sure that this will bring me an experience unlike any my women have provided?”

“Yes, it will totally unlike anything they have done and completely irresistible.”

“Very well. You may proceed but mind, slave, that when I say the phrase you must stop at once.”

“Of course, master.”

Anne-Marie took a silk ankle-length half-slip from her open case. With it she gently stroked Ahmed’s body. His nose detected a trace of expensive Parisian perfume. Despite himself he became erect as the silk caressed him.

“Now imagine that this silk is the inside of a young woman’s thighs and that your manhood, massive though it is…” Anne-Marie stroked the silk briefly over his erection, “…has become the whole of you. All of you is penetrating between her soft yielding legs…”

She slid the silk over Ahmed’s torso. She was pleased that he responded with a soft groan.

“But as yet you have not begun to insert yourself between her lips of passion that are spreading to receive you…”

Anne-Marie slowly pulled the slip over Ahmed’s head and down to cover him from neck to his upper arms.

“Would it not be more enjoyable if her silken embrace surrounded your whole manhood, O master?”

“Yes, perhaps,” Ahmed replied.

“Then it shall. Kneel, please.”

Ahmed knelt on the quilts. Anne-Marie lowered the first slip until it covered from neck to hips, before she pulled a full-length slip down over his head, adjusted it around him carefully trapping his arms by his sides.

“As you penetrate her delights further you must also feel the tighter grasp of her silken self as she responds to your manhood.”

She lifted a corset from her case and wrapped it around Ahmed. She fastened the clasps at the front one by one.

“Can you feel her holding you more firmly? Can you feel her resistance to your thrust?”

Ahmed sighed slightly.

“Yes. The sensation is not unpleasant, slave. What next?”

“You need to penetrate further and deeper, far inside her. Please lower yourself.”

Anne-Marie helped Ahmed to lie on his back. She stroked his legs with silk stockings and then loosely tied them with slipknots around his thighs and ankles.

“There is yet more of your penetration that she can take, if you lift your legs, O master.”

Ahmed lifted his legs. Anne-Marie carefully eased her narrow silk-lined skirt up his legs and wriggled it up to his waist. The hem of her heavy long skirt hid even his outstretched toes.

“Now she begins to tighten herself around your manhood, ready to receive even more of you…”

She fastened the skirt’s waistband, tightened the stocking around his thighs and buckled the skirt’s hobble on his calves. She loosened the stocking around his ankles, folded up the bottom of the skirt under the stocking’s loop and knotted it, before lowering his silk-bagged legs to the bed.

“You have nearly reached complete penetration of her luscious body. There is one step more to achieve your whole penetration of her…”

She brought her voluminous silken panties over his face, stroking them gently across his eyes and cheeks.

“Can you feel her excitement?”

What Ahmed might have said was stifled as Anne-Marie suddenly stuffed a large fold of the panties between his teeth, wrapped a silk stocking over his encumbered mouth, yanked it tight and knotted it hard.

“Mmmph!” Ahmed’s gagged mouth struggled to speak.

Anne-Marie’s heavy body slammed across him. She rolled him face downwards before grabbing the corset’s lacing. She hauled each section of lacing tighter and tighter before knotting it. Ahmed tried desperately to throw her off but deprived of the use of his arms and legs he failed, slumping beneath her.

“Do you want to say the control phrase, O master?” Anne-Marie taunted. “It is so simple. All you have to do is say it…”

“Mmmpf! Mmmpf!”

“That’s not it. I have to assume that you are happy for me to continue with your penetration and sweet surrender to her silken embraces. She has nearly done.”

Anne-Marie stood up, walked away from Ahmed’s helplessly struggling body and lit the lanterns.

“I can see that your penetration isn’t yet completed, O master. A few seconds more and your surrender to her enfolding charms will be totally overwhelming.”

Anne-Marie took some silken scarves from the suitcase. She wrapped a long one around his head over his silk-encumbered mouth before tying it cruelly tight. She wrapped another scarf as a hood over Ahmed’s head, blindfolding him.

“You have penetrated her completely and yet you are not erect. That won’t do.”

Anne-Marie dragged the struggling silken bundle across to the centre of the tent and heaved Ahmed upright against the central pole. She lashed him to the pole, facing the entrance, with more silk stockings and scarves. She knotted each one carefully so that he would be unable to wriggle free of the bonds.

“Now you have penetrated and are erect. But you haven’t experienced the full sense of your surrender within her engulfing body. You need to see how you have penetrated so completely within her essence.

Anne-Marie removed the blindfolding hood and replaced the scarf around Ahmed’s head so that she had uncovered his eyes and directed them towards the tent’s entrance. She brought the long mirror and placed it to the side of the entrance so that Ahmed could see himself bound inside a long black hobble skirt and a tightly laced black silk corset. His mouth and most of his head were sheathed in pink silk scarves. He shook his head in denial.

Anne-Marie giggled.

“O, master,” she said, “now I think you have experienced something your women have never done, something that is completely irresistible, don’t you agree?”

“Mmmpf! Mmmpf!”

She rummaged in her suitcase to produce a placard inscribed in the local dialect – “Ahmed, Master of Women.”

She tied it to the tent pole above his head.

“As we are supposed to be enjoying the arts of love throughout the whole night, O master, the first people to enter this tent in the morning will be the women bringing your breakfast. They would want to know whether I have shown you something you have never experienced. Of course, once they have seen what needs to be done, they might wish to replicate it on you themselves.

Now, O master, I regret that I must leave you to the clinging embrace of your silken mistress. I have to return to the fort. Goodbye.”

***All characters are over 18***

“Enter Slut,” a voice loudly orders in response to a soft knock on the door.

A petite long haired blonde submissively enters the room wearing the sheer white silks of a virgin slave girl.

The stone walled room is furnished modestly, a wooden table, stool, a bed, a small chest, and a fire place. A torch is burning on the wall bestowing an orange glow in the room.

The young slave girl’s eyes glance to her new master, seeing him for the first time.

She sees an older man, who’s possibly in his mid-sixties, overweight, balding, medium height. He’s dressed in heavy dark robes as that of a monk with a sash around his waist.

He sits at the table as the young slave kneels at his feet in the slave position, spreading her thighs in a “V,” sitting on her feet, hands on her thighs, looking down as the old man peers down at his new sex toy.

His hand slips between his robes as he starts massaging his limp cock as he looks the girl over. He notices her perky tits in the silks as her nipples visibly poke through the sheer fabric. His free hand slips under the top of her silks as his hand squeezes her tit, grasping it firmly, her tits are more than a handful, the man as if satisfied removes his hand.

“Remove your silks,” stroking his cock as he feels it arising to the occasion.

“I demand that my slut’s flesh is always on display, in and out of these quarters. You will remain nude. Do you understand, Slut?”

“Yes, Master,” the blonde meekly confirms.

He watches her slowly slip off the silks. Her tits appear gorged and perky. His cock becomes hard as he imagines oiling them and placing his hard cock between them and fucking them as she obediently keeps her warm mouth open as a receptacle for his creamy cum.

She stands, with the silks at her feet, knowing she’s being inspected closely.

He pays close attention to her pussy as the bottom silk is slipped off; noticing her pussy is bare. A hand reaches out and grabs her pussy firmly as a thick finger slowly teases her lips, “Your pussy is to always remain bare smooth, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” attempting to remain calm as the old man mauls her flesh.

“Do you know what your job is?”

“To please you Master,” the young teen nervously responds.

“Your main purpose is to service my cock and any other cock I instruct you too, is that understood?”

“Yes, Master. My duty is to service your cock and any other cock that you wish.”

“Good girl,” the old man places a hand on her shoulder, forcing her back to her knees.

“Alright, slut, your first duty is to service my cock with your mouth. You will always swallow my cum unless I instruct otherwise. As a matter of fact, I plan on using your mouth several times a day to drain cum from my old balls, Slut.”

The nude girl, accepts her fate, kneels at the feet of the old man. She hopes the old man would be satisfied with her mouth and not force her to take the length of his cock deep in her throat.

The man stands, parting his robe, revealing a huge hard cock, pumping it within inches of her face. He strokes his cock up to reveal a heavy shaved ball sack, the girl knows she will be expected to lick and bathe it with her tongue and mouth. The cock is being stroked against her face. She feels the thickness and heat of the hard flesh against her cheek. He gets his cock and bounces it on the girl’s pouty lips. She smells a musky odor from his big cock as he’s stroking the tip near her closed mouth, coating her lips with his drizzling pre-cum, and rubbing the sensitive tip against her full lips.

The girl obediently kneels as the old man is stroking his cock on her face. She accidentally licks her lips as she winces from the salty taste.

“Good girl, Slut, know your Master’s cum as you’ll taste a lot of it from now on.”

He sees her pink tongue slip out and wet her lips. Her tongue wipes off the drizzled pre-cum as he smiles to himself as he sees her dislike of the taste.

“Alright, Slut, open wide for your Master’s cock, I’m going to fuck your virgin mouth.”

Obediently her mouth opens into a perfect “O.”

He looks at her again as if savoring the moment as he holds his cock firmly and slips it past her lips till the head of his cock sits in her mouth.

His heavy cock sits on her tongue, instinctively her tongue licks the head as her lips wrap tightly on his shaft. The wet tongue laps at the slit, tasting his pre-cum again as it oozes into her mouth, as he makes her gag from the taste.

“That’s it Slut, take Daddy’s big cock in your mouth,” as he pushes a bit more cock in her mouth.

The thick meat in her mouth causes her lips to stretch wide, her tongue stroking his cock as he slowly slips it in and out her mouth. Her tits begin to sway a bit as he gets into rhythm, fucking his cock in her mouth until her lips are wrapped around the head and pushing back in. She looks into his eyes as he uses her mouth. The slave notices the urgency in his thrusts and sweat forming on his forehead.

“Rub my balls, Slut, feel the load of cum Daddy is going to pump in your mouth soon.”

His thick cock saws in and out her mouth, her hand reaches up to cup and massage his balls. The balls in her hand are so heavy; it’s as if she can actually feel the weight of the big load of cum inside. The cock in her mouth is hitting against her throat causing her to gag on his old big cock. She starts licking his cock more and massaging his balls, hoping to please him with her mouth so he doesn’t force her to take his cock in her throat.

A long strand of spit stretches from her lips to his cock as he pulls it from her mouth. He starts pumping his cock up exposing his balls again.

“Lick and clean Daddy’s balls, Slut,” as he stands over her face, his heavy balls on her mouth and nose.

She starts licking his balls, almost gagging from the taste of sweat. She can see his cock thoroughly aroused and erect, not wanting to try his patience she sucks on a single testicle. The skin feeling soft, as her mouth sucks on it, letting it slip from her mouth, and licking it before moving to the next ball. The girl watches his hand furiously pump his cock as her tongue licks and sucks on his nut-sack. Small hands are on his thighs as she spreads his hairy legs wider so she can have better access to his cock and balls.

“Good Slut, you’re hungry for Daddy’s cock aren’t you,” as he pushes his balls into her mouth. Her cheeks puff out like a chipmunk, drooling on his ball sack as he strokes his cock.

“Alright, Slut, Daddy’s going to fuck that mouth,” as he slips his ball sack out her mouth and feels his cock pressed against her soft lips.

She opens her mouth slightly and he pushes his hard cock in her mouth again but this time she feels both his hands entangle into her long hair.

“That’s it keep sucking on Daddy’s cock,” as he pulls her mouth on and off his cock.

Long strands of drool are escaping her mouth to land on her tits.

“You’re going to become an expert cock sucker for Daddy,” her eyes tearing as he’s hitting the back of her throat harshly with his cock.

“That’s it, Slut, gag on Daddy’s hard cock. Daddy likes when you gag on my cock.”

Coughing on his cock, her head held tightly against his cock.

“Every time you gag, your throat muscles squeeze tightly on my cock,” hitting her throat again as if showing her an example.

“Start swallowing Slut, I expect my cock to be fully encased in your throat. It’s an act of obedience when your mouth is being fucked like a pussy.”

He begins pressing his cock into her throat. She tries to move back off his cock. The gagging causes her to feel like she’s going to vomit, but she’s firmly held in place. Her eyes tear, her face is red, and drool is coating his cock and leaking onto her tits. She feels just the tip of his cock enter her throat and he keeps it there, showing her the dominance he has over her body.

He forces his cock into the girl’s throat as every gag is rippling down his hard cock. He holds her head firmly as he pushes the tip into her throat, allowing her to become accustomed to it. He keeps steady pressure as he push more into her mouth. The thick cock slips out until just the tip is in her throat as he then pushes forward until more of his cock thrusts inside the confines of her throat.

“See Slut, you’re taking Daddy’s big hard cock deep in your mouth now,” as over half his cock is inside the girl.

His balls tingle but he has no plans of stopping until his heavy balls are bouncing off her chin while he’s fucking her face.

“That’s it Whore, almost all of Daddy’s cock is in your mouth now,” as he pumps his cock inside the girl.

He loves the way her tits bounce, covered in a mix of pre-cum and drool, knowing later that he’s going to fuck those perky tits till he cums another time in her mouth, forcing her to swallow every cummy drop.

The sound of gagging and face fucking is audible in the room. The robes of the old man sway with each thrust.

“Accept your face fucking, Slut, that’s it,” his hips now fuck her face like he would her pussy or asshole.

He strokes his cock one last time in her mouth, ensuring all of his cock is deep inside her mouth and throat. Loud moans escape his mouth as he feels his hung balls on her chin. He peers down at her face as he holds his old cock deep in her throat, owning it.

“Breathe through your nose, Whore, Daddy has his cock all the way inside your mouth,” his hand brushing against her cheek.

His hand is still planted on her head, enjoying the view of the young teen blonde with a mouth and throat full of mature fat cock.

He now begins to earnestly fuck her face, her body shaking with each long thrust into her throat. The gurgling sounds that emanate from her throat only cause her throat to vibrate on his cock which pleases him further.

“That’s right Slut, remember the first time Daddy is fucking your mouth. If you don’t swallow every drop of cum I’ll have you whipped till you bleed.”

He enjoys the final moments as he fucks her young mouth as her perky tits bounce with each thrust. He pulls her mouth off and on his cock. His balls loudly slap against her chin. He forces his cock deep in her throat one last time, her lips pressed tightly against his body. He slowly pulls his cock from her throat. The heavy head sits on her tongue, as its oozing pre-cum.

“Lick my cock Slut and remember to open wide and swallow all of Daddy’s creamy cum that I’m going to give you.”

Her lips feel so raw from the harsh face fuck, she prays that he cums to end it. She licks and laps the head of his swollen cock. She knows she will be forced to swallow every drop of his nasty tasting cum. She can feel his heavy balls slapping against her chin, his balls covered in her leaking drool and his pre-cum.

His fist wraps firmly on his shaft as he pumps his hard cock rapidly.

Holding one hand firmly in her tresses, he pulls back her head so her face is turned upwards to his hard cock. He watches her submissively open her mouth as she’s waiting for him to pump a load in her mouth. His balls tighten as he keeps fisting his cock.

“Stroke Daddy’s balls Slut,” as her hand starts massaging the load of cum from his balls.

The tip of his cock sits on her bottom lip as he begins to cum in her mouth. A thick stream of hot cum lands on her tongue. His hand firmly continues to pump more cum in her mouth as her small palm continues to stroke his old balls. Cum fills her mouth to the brim, forcing her to gulp and swallow the thick load.

“That’s it Slut, swallow all of Daddy’s cum.”

His cock continues to spray cum on her lips as he pulls it from her mouth to stroke it all over her face. The cock drenches her face with cum. She struggles to swallow the big load of cum in her mouth. The old man watches her swallow his cum as she then opens her mouth obediently waiting for another load.

Her eyes close as she feels the thick ropes of cum land on her face as she keeps her mouth open as expected and squeezes his balls as if she wants every single drop.

“That’s a good Slut,” as he paints her innocent young face with his cum.

He rubs his cock all over her face, smearing the loads of cum on her smooth cheeks, mouth, and chin. The cock softens as he rests the tip in her mouth so she can lick off the last drops of leaking cum.

“You’re always to clean off my cock after I fuck you, Slut,” the grip on her hair more tight as she rises off her knees to suck on his softening cock.

He admires the work he made of the girl as she cleans the cum off his cock. Her full tits bounce from the vigorous effort. He remains standing as she’s licking the cum off his shaft. He lifts his soft cock and as if already trained she licks and cleans his old balls from her drool and his salty cum.

He slips off his heavy robes and stands nude in front of the girl, “That’ll do Slut.”

The old man steps away from the girl to get into bed, exhausted from fucking her mouth. He grabs her hair roughly and pushes her onto the bed. She falls onto her back, legs splayed, her bare and apparently wet pussy peeking out between her thighs.

The old man gets into the bed, turning onto his side. The cum-faced slave girl peers to him, unsure what to do. The old man calls her near him and as she crawls on her knees on the bed to reach him he puts his hand on her head and shoves her face to his cock. The girl looks confused knowing he’s already used her mouth.

The old man looks down to see her face covered in cum and peers down at her tits and cleavage, reminding himself that he needs to give those tits a good fucking soon.

“You’ll sleep with your lips wrapped around my cock, Slut. If my cock falls from your mouth, expect a whipping your backside will never forget.”

The blonde takes his limp cock between her lips, her mouth wrapped around the head. Her mouth salivates on the cock and unconsciously her tongue brushes against the sensitive tip as they sleep. She awakes, feeling the dried cum on her face from her previous mouth fucking to find his cock slowly fucking her mouth again. She sees the old man still sleeping as his hips gently rock back and forth. Tears form in her eyes as she considers how her life will be spent, used to service cocks and drain cum, day and night.

A hand on her head interrupts her thought…

We knock on the door. As I hear footsteps from inside approach, my nervousness grows and I want to flee, but I resist. It’s always like this, every time. But once it gets going I love it. It’s more the fear of rejection, that they’ll look at us and say “No, thanks” even though they’ve seen us online. It’s silly but it is what it is.

A balding 40-ish man answers the door, he’s a bit round about the belly, but his eyes are charming and his smile genuine – I feel at ease immediately.

“Ah Tom! Gooey! Wait Go-E is how you said it was pronounced my apologies. Please come in! Come in!”

We follow George into the house, it’s a grand house decorated with classic taste.

“Samantha is just upstairs getting ready, Goey if you would be so kind to get Tom ready it would be much appreciated.” He moves away from us and shouts to his wife as he climbs the stairs.

“You ready?” I ask Tom, knowing he’s probably more nervous than I am, after all it’s him performing tonight. He nods and I bob down onto my knees, unzip him and pull his cock out. He’s already semi, and quickly hardens as I gently suck him. After a minute or so I hear George coming back down the stairs, “Oh wow!” he says as he watches me lovingly suck Tom, “I hope that looks as good in my wife’s mouth as it does yours!” I remove Tom’s cock from my mouth and stand up. “My oh my!” says George delightfully as he looks at Tom’s member, “She’ll enjoy that alright! I guarantee it!”

I smile as the idea of Tom fucking someone else causes my heart to flutter and my body to tingle. “Right, she’s all ready. So Tom if you could come up with just boxers on that would be grand, and Goey there’s a chair in the corner of the room for you. Safety word is cheesecake, don’t be afraid to use it, we’re here for fun not regrets!”

After Tom had stripped to his boxers we went up stairs into the bedroom. Samantha was on her knees with her eyes closed tightly, wearing nothing but an elegant gold chain with a cross. Her make up and hair was stunning and even now she looked incredibly classy. The crow’s feet around her eyes and mouth hinted at her age, 50, but the give-away was her breast. Age had worked with the sheer size of them to cause them to sag and they hung from her chest as if they were giant empty bags. George shows me to my chair and positions Tom in front of her. He moves his wife’s hands to grip the elastic of Tom’s Boxers.

“Happy birthday honey,” says George lovingly, “You can open your eyes now.”

She opens her eyes and a huge smile spreads across her face as she looks at the size of Tom’s bulge, “Looks like it’s going to be a very happy one indeed!” she says before pulling his boxer’s down in one quick motion. Tom’s cock springs out, hitting her cheek before towering over her face like a monument. “Oh my lord!” gasps Samantha, “Oh George! Thank you! Thank you so much!” and then begins to enthusiastically lick his balls while holding his immense shaft up with one hand and gently stroking it.

I watch as Tom’s cock expands in her hands, before Samantha moves her head away from his balls and stares directly into it, while keeping her gaze on his large purple head she asks, “Do you think I can handle this one George?”

“Would love to see you try honey!” answers George enthusiastically.

Samantha grips Tom’s buttocks, her aged hands squeezing firmly, “A great big cock and a firm butt, god I love Birthdays!” chuckles Samantha as she takes his large head in her mouth. I fidget in my chair excitedly, my hands between my legs, I can already feel the heat emanating from my lust. She pauses for a moment before quickly thrusting her head forward attempting to take him all in one go. Half of his penis disappears into her, suddenly her body lurches as she begins to gag; she pulls her head back gasping as tears stream down her eyes.

“Oh my that is big” she manages to say between pants of air. I unzip my jeans and slide a hand down between my legs as she regains her breath.

George kneels down beside her and playfully asks “Do you not like your present honey?”

“Oh you know I do George, but it’s just so big! I don’t think I can take it all!” replies Samantha in a mock sulk.

“Of course you can honey, just take it slow” speaks George softly as his hand glides under her straw blonde hair and rests on the back of her neck.

She inches her mouth slowly towards Tom’s firm erection, her husband’s hand guiding her, and spreads her mouth wide before gently sucking his head. My mouth waters as I watch her lips glide up and down his shiny purple head. I see her tongue roll under his slit and lap at a drop of precum, she sighs in pleasure as she tastes it. “Oh George his cock tastes so good!” she moans deeply.

“Good honey good, now let me see you taste it all” mutters George like an excited child. His eyes grow with wonder as her bright red lips begin their slow decline down his shaft, as half of him disappears into her she gags slightly, but holds her position. I see her wrinkled skin on her knuckles tighten as she grips his bum cheeks, using her hands to pull herself forward, forcing his cock into her. I slide out of my jeans and I lightly circle my own hole, feeling my own wetness, as she takes Tom’s cock into her mouth.

As another inch of him slides into her she begins to gag heavily and splutter, she tries to move her head back but George’s hand holds her firmly in place.

“Sorry Hun” comes his firm voice, “But I really want to see this” and forces her head down onto him. Her massacre darkens with her watering eyes as Tom’s cock fills her throat, her body lurches as she gags and splutters around his cock. She starts trying to pull away from Tom fiercely but George’s hand stays firm. I finger myself with quick shallow thrusts as I watch her throat clench around Tom’s manhood. Tears whole down her cheeks staining them with her make up and then George suddenly releases his hold and Samantha’s head flies backwards.

She pants deeply as a thick line of salvia hangs off her bottom lip, joining under Tom’s shaft. I insert my fingers deep into myself and slowly curl my fingers as his spit covered cock shines brilliantly in the light, being bathed in her breath. George gently strokes the back of her head as her body draws in large gulps of air.

“God I love you,” he whispers.

“I know,” she pants and then enthusiastically declares, “My god, I can’t believe I took it all!” She rests for a moment before kissing George passionately, “Now” she gasps, “I want to ride him.”

Tom lies down on the bed, his hard cock encased in a condom. The sight of the sinhy plastic causes me to gently run my fingers over my clit; it turns me on knowing he is about to fuck somebody else. She clambers on top of him, her big hanging tits rubbing against his body as she positions herself. She reaches back to hold his cock in place as she lowers herself onto it. George watches intently as her vagina stretches around Tom, her lips clinging onto his cock as she slowly sits on it. Her chest heaves as she lowers herself, her body stretching around Tom’s thick cock. She bites her lip as her hairy vagina presses against his body, his shaft fully in her as I push 2 fingers deep into myself, curling and uncurling my fingers.

“Oh honey it looks so beautiful seeing you stretch around him!” grunts George as he fumbles with is zip, pulling his clothing down. His penis is average in length but a bit thin, he strokes it gently as Samantha begins to slowly ride Tom.

She turns to look at George and smiles seductively, “You like watching fuck nice big young cock don’t you?”

“Yes!” answers George sharply.

“Want me to cum all over this nice big cock you’ve gave me honey, do you?”

George nods eagerly as Samantha speeds up, her giant drooping tits bouncing and slapping together as she bounces on Tom, her pussy lips clinging onto his cock as she rides. I squeeze my right breast as I stop teasing myself and begin to properly masturbate.

“Oh god, Oh god. I’m not going to last, I’m going to cum, get ready baby get ready!” screams Sam lowering her front half, burying Tom with her breast, while lifting her ass high into the air as she frantically rides him. George moves his face close to her, only a hair away from her cock stuffed pussy as she bellows, “I’m gonna, I’m gonna…” and then screams in pure sexual bliss as a torrent of vaginal fluid gushes out of her, splashing George’s face. He wanks desperately fast as his wife’s ejaculate coats him. George smiles as he looks at his wife’s stretched hole, shining with her cum, as he slows his pace down, “Okay, he says, I want to see what you can do Tom, I want you to fuck her from behind really hard – no holding back!”

Tom climbs out from under her and George positions his wife so she’s facing him. They kiss deeply and she lowers her front half onto the bed, too exhausted to hold herself up, as Tom pushes himself into her from behind. Samantha grunts deeply as he fills her, his balls resting against her. He begins to fuck her, at first shallow and slow but he works so more of his shaft slides in and out of her each time, his pace quickening with each stroke, before too long nearly every inch of him is sliding out before being thrust back in hard, his balls slapping against her wet skin forcefully. I slide my fingers in and out of myself in rhythm with Tom’s thrusts, growing wetter as I listen to Samantha’s moans and gunts. George smiles as he watches his wife’s face, watching it screw up and gasp in orgasmic pleasure as she’s pummelled from behind.

She lifts herself up, her large breast swinging madly as she looks into her husband’s eyes, “Oh my god I’m going to cum, I’m going to…” George kisses her deeply as she orgasms, her screams muffled by him. As her moans quite down he releases her from his kiss, “Christ, I’m, again, I’m going to…” and bellows deeply as her body orgasms once more. Her fingers grip the bed sheet as she orgasms again, “George, I can’t stop” she grunts deeply as she thrusts her ass back into Tom as she orgasms again, “I just keep cumming George, I, I” and begins to constantly moan and scream as she continuously orgasms, Tom smiles as her vagina pulsates with every orgasm around him.

As Samantha’s voice grows dry, sore from all her shouts of pleasure, Tom announces he’s close to cumming. She looks up at George, “Where you want it?” she gasps.

“You know I’ve always wanted to see a man make a mess of your face,” he answers, almost shyly.

“Because you’ve been so good to me” she manages to say as Tom continues to piston his cock in and out of her, his hands holding her hips firmly, “Ok.”

Tom slides out of her as she quickly positions herself on the floor next to her bed. He sits on the edge his cock pointing straight at her, she quickly removes the condom, and gives him two hasty deep sucks, “My god you taste good,” she mutters before stroking him.

Her hands glide easily up and down his shaft. His hips move up and down as his orgasm approaches. “I don’t normally let men cum on my face” she says while staring at Tom’s cock, “But the husband has been wanting to see it for a long time, so, don’t let him down, Okay?” Her pace quickens, her fingers unable to touch her thumb as she strokes his girth. Tom begins to moan and Samantha closes her eyes and opens her mouth wide as he begins to ejaculate on her.

A huge spurt lands on her, starting at her chin and running into her fringe, a second hits her closed left eye, splashing onto her forehead and dribbling down her cheek. My own orgasm takes me and I rock in the chair as I orgasm, my cry of pleasure joining Tom’s deep grunting as she continues to wank him. George smiles at me knowingly and then looks back at his wife to see a third huge rope of cum shooting from Tom, it crashes across her face, dripping from her nose and chin. A fourth squirts onto her tongue, dribbling over it and pooling in her mouth. A few more spurts land in and around her mouth, making her lips and chin white with his seed.

She turns to face George, smiling, as cum drips from her face. He positions her cock in front of her open mouth and empties himself. She lets him see the mass of cum pooled in her mouth before swallowing it down. He fumbles in a side draw and pulls out a camera, “You look beautiful” he says, as he takes a photo of his wife’s cum glazed face.

Hands on her wrist startle the blonde sex slave into awakening. Blue eyes open widely as she looks to the petite form on the bed next to her that’s gently untying her wrists.

The dark eyed petite brunette looks to her and smiles, with the intention of seeming friendly, as she recalls her own first few days of being brought here and understands what the new girl may be going through.

The blonde seems confused, unsure what’s going on but starts to feel ashamed and embarrassed as she realizes this girl can obviously tell she’s been used as a fuck toy, streaks of cum still seeming to mark every inch of her body and the taste of her Master’s cum still in her mouth.

“I’m here to assist you, I mean you no harm,” the blonde also notices the girl is nude like her, presuming she might be another slave.

As the girl is having issues with untying the last knot, the blonde has a few seconds to look over the girl. She instantly notices the girl’s petite small frame, and much smaller and perkier tits than her own, guessing her tits are hardly a handful. The girl leans over finally loosening the knot and the blonde takes notice of the brunette’s shapely ass and back. Her skin is smooth as porcelain and her wavy dark brown hair spills over her shoulders and midway down her back. The blonde notices her cat-like eyes and pouty lips, and begins to wonder how many other pretty young women have been taken captive here and used as slaves.

“I’m a community slave, I’m owned by no one in particular but I can be of use to anyone on the grounds,” the petite brunette says, the blond picking up on a slight exotic sounding accent.

“Your Master requested that I take you to get prepared for him,” the blonde notices wetness between the thighs of the other slave, and her pussy seems a bit pink, knowing that someone has recently fucked her pussy and came inside her. She also sees that her pussy is bare smooth, just like her own.

The brunette becomes self-conscious and closes her legs, “The men are allowed to use my body here, but when not with a Master, my time is spent assisting with chores.”

The brunette looks to the blonde while she’s still in bed, knowing she is in disbelief at her predicament, comprehending this is a lot to take in.

“I understand you’re going through a lot here, but we don’t have time to talk that much. I must take you to get prepared and we still have to clean these quarters before your Master returns.”

The blonde still doesn’t say a word as she just shakes her head, sensing just a bit of fear in the girl’s voice. The brunette begins to organize some things on the small table in the room. The blonde watches the girl as she stands on her tip-toes, her back to the blonde slave, her round ass in plain view. The blonde notices something lodged between the tight ass cheeks of the girl as she reaches inside a cabinet to pull out a large bottle of oil as she walks back to the table near the bed, refilling the smaller bottle of oil that the Master had used on her the other night. The blonde takes notice again of the thick plug of the bottle as it’s pulled from the bottle then replaced once the bottle is refilled.

“One of your daily duties will consist of cleaning these quarters. He also expects you to clean yourself and be ready for him upon his return,” the brunette says with a serious tone.

“Some Masters may prefer you to be nude, some prefer silks. He may require you to be lubed and plugged when you’re not with him or have nipple clamps, etc. You’ll learn your Master’s tastes over time, for each it’s different. For now, I was told to lead you to the showers and to take you to one of the other Master’s so he can begin your training.”

The blonde slave, shivers at the word “training,” but obliges the brunette’s request not wanting any harm to come to the girl on her behalf.

“Hopefully, we can make it to the showers and to the Master without any interruptions, if we’re stopped in the halls we’ll have to submit to the Masters’ requests then continue what we were doing,” as the brunette pulls out a black choker with a pink jewel, encircling on the blonde’s neck.

“Your Master mentioned for now, he prefers that only your mouth is community property, which is noted by the pink jewel.”

The blonde looks to the brunette’s neck and notices the thick band of silver. “This,” the brunette points to her collar, “is how to distinguish community property from personally owned slaves.”

“I have no limits, I must fulfill any demand a Master may impose on me,” the brunette emphasizing the word “any.”

“Community slaves, normally are assigned one section of the grounds, so although I don’t have one specific Master, I have several Masters I must visit routinely on request,” the blonde seems amazed at how the petite brunette is stating everything in such a matter of fact tone, the brunette seeming to accept and submit to her position here.

“I have visited your Master on many occasions, he’s very stern. He only expects absolute obedience from his slave. I would try hard not to test his patience,” the brunette brushes part of her dark hair back over her shoulders, her perky pink nips coming into view again.

The girls spend time straightening out the small room, replacing candles, and putting fresh linens on the bed. The blonde gulps hard as she finds a small chest filled with what the brunette called “butt plugs,” nipple clamps, a paddle, and different types of ball gags – some have a small rubber ball to silence a slave and another as explained by the brunette has a wide ring placed in the slaves mouth, that forces one to keep their mouth open for a Master’s cock or whatever else he chooses.

She finds additional ties and cuffs used to restrain slaves. A device called a spreader bar, which was demonstrated by the brunette. The brunette locks each of her tapered ankles into each end of the device, as she emphasized how the bar kept her legs and thighs spread. She explained how the bar can expand in length which would further increase the spread of her legs. The blonde takes a peek at the brunette’s puffy little pussy as her legs are spread wide apart. The blonde notices wrist cuffs on the bar, and understands that a slave can further be restrained to remain bent over, legs spread, ass out but decides to ask anyway in hopes the brunette may exhibit it.

“What about the cuffs on the bar?” the blonde innocently asks.

The brunette points to the bar above the bed and then the bar near the headrest on the bed, “The bar can be hooked to either of those places depending on your Master’s mood or if standing, she places her wrists into the cuffs looking to the blonde to close them.

The blonde obliges and kneels to secure the delicate wrists of the brunette, “then your Master can have you bent as so to access all your charms,” the brunette laughing softly as the blonde smiles. The blonde glances over the body of the brunette, the brunette’s perky tits are in perfect view, they’re framed by her long dark hair as the hair parts and falls over each shoulder. The blonde still acts as if confused, “So how does a Master get pleasure from this position?”

“Well,” says the brunette, “I suppose if I was taller he’d have access to my mouth easily,” smiling, “however if you stand behind me, you can see that I’m quite spread to take him in either of my holes.”

The blonde takes the opportunity she aimed for to finally stand behind the brunette and closer inspect the apparent “plug” that was lodged deep inside the brunette’s tight little ass. The blonde observes the wide spread of the brunette’s pale thighs and her pink wet pussy that’s in plain view. The cum from a mysterious Master having dried on the brunette’s inner thighs. The blonde is curious to inspect the brunette’s plugged asshole as she gently touches the plug.

The brunette senses her curiosity, “That is a butt plug, like the ones in the chest. Masters use plugs to stretch or to keep your asshole stretched between uses. Most of all the slaves here are required to keep their asshole plugged and stretched.”

The blonde finally musters the courage to grip the end of the plug between the brunette’s wide spread firm ass cheeks and attempts to slowly pull some of the plug out of the brunette’s ass. The brunette breathes heavily as she feels the plug being pulled from her used little hole. She watches the brunette’s tight little hole grip the plug then sees the rim of her asshole squeeze and release repeatedly on the plug as the blonde slowly fucks it in and out of her hole, wanting to estimate the length and width of the plug. She’s in shock as she sees the width of the plug. The plug is just as thick and fat as the Master’s cock.

The brunette’s bare pussy gets wet as the toy is being fucked in and out of her asshole.

“Masters expect your holes to be ready for them, which is why I’m required to be lubed and plugged. A Master can slip the plug out and use my asshole with little to no preparation or delay,” she says as her cheeks start to blush for the first time.

The blonde would have never imagined such a petite girl could have taken such a big cock in her asshole. She tries to imagine the pulsing pleasure the brunette’s asshole must give to a Master when he’s cocking her asshole, shoving it full of hard cock.

The blonde pays attention to the ring of her asshole, the wide spread hole looks used, almost erotic. The ring of her asshole seems to match her pussy, as far as being a bright pink and looking wet. She notices the brunette appearing to be turned on from getting her asshole played with.

The blonde pulls the full length of the plug out of her tight little hole, watching as her tight ring snaps shut under the thick cockhead shaped tipped. She yelps as the bulbous head is pulled from her hole as the blonde places one hand on the brunette’s left ass cheek to spread her ass further apart as she leans close to the brunette’s hole to watch her used asshole quiver and seem to squeeze open and close, as if wanting something to clench on, as if almost missing the plug that keeps her hole filled. The blonde is entranced with the brunette’s winking pink hole as she finally watches it settle down and squeeze tightly shut, before pushing out a large amount of sticky white cum from her asshole and watching it streak down her ass and thighs. The blonde estimates several men must have left their potent load deep in the petite brunette already today.

The brunette giggles and blushes as she feels her asshole uncontrollably push out the creamy cum load from earlier from her little hole.

“My asshole gets quite used, ” blushing, “if a Master chooses to use my asshole, I submit and after he fucks his creamy seed in my hole, he will place the plug back in to secure it inside. I have one Master in this section that demands that I see him at the end of my chores and he’ll unplug my hole and demand I squeeze out every load of cum I received that day,” the brunette stopping there, seeing no need in telling her that the Master orders her to squat and watches as she squeezes out the thick cum from her ass into a bowl and then orders her to her knees so he can fuck her ass while she’s commanded to lap at the salty cum bowl like a dog, head lowered, ass in the air, asshole filled with old hard cock as her tits bounce from the thrusts.

The blonde seems to have satisfied her curiosity of butt plugs and slowly brings the plug, which has a thick crown like a cock against her little hole again, rubbing it against the shut little hole.

The brunette speaks up, “My asshole must be plugged before we can leave the room, go to the table and get the oil. My other lube has already been…evacuated,” the girls laugh in regards to the thick loads of cum that had trickled from the brunette’s asshole.

The sun-kissed, big breasted blonde made her way to the table to find the oil vessel, bringing it back to the pale petite brunette, kneeling behind her, her face near the brunette’s ass, eyes on the now small tightly shut little hole, the blonde’s pussy slightly starting to tingle with the idea of having to stretch the little hole again and having to push the fat toy deep in her asshole.

“Pull the plug from the jar and spread the oil with the tip on my asshole,” the brunette says as she succumbs to the thought of having to have the thick object back in her abused lil hole, keeping her stretched for the next man that plans to shove her hole full of his cock.

The blonde pulls the stopper from the jar. The glass plug is coated with a thick layer of oil as she presses it against the lil hole. The plug makes the brunette’s hole slick with oil, and the pressure of the plug causes the little hole to tremble and quiver again almost as if its happy to know it will be filled and plugged once again. The blonde directs pressure at the tip of the plug, no longer swirling the oil on her asshole, eager to see her asshole swallow the jar plug.

The brunette yelps, “Dip it again in the oil,” as she’s breathing heavily.

The blonde dips the plug in the oil again and places it once more against the tight lil hole, smearing more fluid, seeing the tight dimple of her asshole glisten with wetness from the oil.

The blonde also inspects the brunette’s pink pussy, imagining how many cocks fucked into her tight lil hole and left a full load deep inside her. Unsure if the oil had dripped down to the brunette’s pussy or if it’s her own wetness. The baldness of her mound makes her pussy look so smooth. The blonde better understands why the Masters prefer their slaves so spread and open, comprehending the eroticism of it.

The blonde applies firm pressure against the girl’s asshole, adamant that this time the lube plug will fill the lil hole. She watches the rim of the girl’s hole closely, noticing how it’s straining against the plug, the brunette is pushing out on her asshole. The blonde grips one of the girl’s cheeks and spreads her ass more open in an attempt to stuff her lil asshole full. The blonde can see the lil hole begin to spread for the bulbous glass stopper…

The door opens, startling the girls, the blonde drops the stopper on the floor, the brunette looks to the door, still subdued in bondage.

“Ah, girls what do we have here?” as one of the nearby occupants barge into the room, obviously looking to speak to the old man who dwells here but stumbling upon very two unfortunate slaves. The guest is quite content with his good fortune as he glances over the two slaves. His eyes not hiding their intention as he looks over the petite brunette who is conveniently in position, bent over, perky tits visible, ass in the air. He looks at the blonde, who is much curvier with her larger and fuller breasts and swollen nipples. The old man’s erection forms beneath his robes as he imagines taking them both.

The brunette slave attempts to speak calmly, “Master, we were cleaning this room when the Master’s new slave had found a chest full of devices. I was merely demonstrating how her Master may use the spreader bar,” the brunette says with a blush to her face, her eyes diverted to the ground.

The blonde remaining kneeling in position, behind the brunette, spreading her thighs as her Master had instructed, giving the old man a glimpse of her pussy, head bowed, tits thrust out.

“I see,” the old man sternly responds, his cock tenting the robe. He observes the steel collar of the brunette, pleased that he’ll have full access to this delicate pixie slut. His eyes look to the blonde and he notices the pink jewel with disappointment. Thoughts of fucking both these sluts had crossed his mind but he’ll make do with that was available to him and what was apparently spread and ready for his old hard cock.

The old man closes the door, the brunette sighs, knowing she will have to submit to his demands.

The old man walks in front of the brunette slave, wanting to see her face, quite pleased with its beauty, pondering why he has never seen this girl in his section, especially since she was community property and open to all for use.

His firm hand moves down her back to her raised ass, his eyes seeking out her precious little asshole.

“And why isn’t this little hole plugged?” as he rubs his finger over the tight knot of her wet asshole. He then gets both his hands and places one on each cheek of her ass and spreads them wide apart, causing the slave to blush from the spread, knowing her asshole is in plain sight.

The blonde looks to what the old man is doing, her pussy getting wet as she secretly hopes she can see him fuck open that tight little asshole.

“Girl, what were you doing to this girl’s ass, and speak freely, I want to know everything,” as he inspects the girl’s pink asshole.

The blonde takes a deep breath and speaks, “I had never seen a butt plug and was curious about how it can fit in such a small hole.”

“And?” the man knowing there’s more to the story, seeing the lube spread on the quivering asshole, softly blowing on it, wanting to see it wink open and close.

“And I wanted to see how big the plug was that had been inside her all day, so I had pulled it from her asshole and watched how her hole opens and closes to expand for the plug and,” the blonde seeming desperate, “I tried to push it back in her asshole but it was tight so I had to re-lube her hole and then you had walked in Master.”

“So why had you not completed the task of plugging this hole again?” the old man enjoying this pair of girls greatly. The innocence, beauty, and willingness to please being apparent in these two.

“I tried, Master,” the blonde nervously responds.

“Well not hard enough,” the old man looking directly at the brunette’s empty pink little asshole, his cock already hard as he’s been imagining his cock buried deep inside it.

“We must ensure this slave is plugged,” speaking to the blonde as he removes his robe revealing a chest full of gray hair, out of shape body , but a very hard fat cock jutting out from his body with a heavy sack of balls. The blonde slave believing it might just be as big as her Master’s cock. The brunette, hearing all of it, knowing no matter what the girl said this man had plans to use them and submits.

The old man walks in front of the brunette, leaning against her back, his hard cock against the small of her back, his heavy balls on her warm skin, facing her upturned ass, her head between his legs, lowered because of the bondage. His large hands once again reach for the girl’s cheeks and spreads them widely apart, her ass crack hardly visible due to the wide spread.

“Girl, kneel before this girl’s ass now,” emphasizing the word “now.”

The blonde quickly kneels in front of the girl’s spread ass, seeing her asshole only inches from her face, able to smell the sweetness from her pussy, knowing the girl is turned on, as she is.

The brunette’s head is lowered, and facing the blonde. The brunette watches the girl’s large breasts bounce as she gets into position.

“I want you to taste her tart little hole girl, bury your face in this sweet ass and tongue her hole, make it wet for my cock,” the man becoming more adamant, lust obviously taking over.

The blonde is unsure, although she enjoyed toying the hole, she did not want to tongue her asshole, how dirty.

The girl thought “why are these men so enamored with our assholes?”

The girl is caught off guard as the old man grabs a handful of her hair and brings her face to the girl’s hole, he shoves her lips right against the girl’s oiled hole. He grinds her lips against it, “you’ve already got ass on your lips, girl, makes no difference in licking it.”

“I expect you to obey me as you would your own Master, or he will be told of your disobedience to a Free. Now start tonguing her asshole. I want that little hole glistening with your spit before I fuck it open.”

The old man’s cock is throbbing on the girl’s skin, she can feel the heavy weight of his balls and cock on her back. Her pussy is wet as she feels the soft lips on her asshole.

The blonde hesitantly lets her bubblegum pink tongue slip out and slowly touches the girl’s hole with it. She can feel the girl’s asshole quiver beneath her. The old man smiles at the perversion before him, and makes his cock jerk on the girl beneath him.

“That’s it girl, now eat her asshole, give it a good tonguing,” as he keeps the girl’s ass spread wide to get tongued.

The blonde licks the hole before her, looking to the Master with each long lick. The blonde can taste the girl’s ass, lube and previous cum that dribbled out but continues to lick the hole.

The old man, pleased, but wants more, “start sucking on her asshole girl, make love to it,” laughing at the request but feeling his balls fill with cum, knowing this pair is going to drain his cum well.

The blonde starts sucking on the girl’s asshole, wetting it with her tongue, allowing her spit to dribble on the tight little hole, feeling the tight little knot begin to loosen and relax. The brunette unable to contain the pleasure any longer moans loudly, as her asshole is being reamed.

“Ah, see, you’re a quick learner girl,” laughing as he sees the little sluts getting turned on by each other. The blonde blushes but resumes hungrily eating the brunette’s ass out. The blonde by instinct puts her own hands on the bottom of the girl’s ass cheeks and keeps them spread as she’s looking at the Master as her tongue tries to fuck into the brunette’s hole.

The brunette pushes out on her wet worked little hole, wanting the girl’s tongue to fuck into her. Both of the girls’ bare pussies are dripping wet.

The old man frees his hands from the girl’s ass and watches as the blonde keeps the girl’s ass spread, he handles his balls, rubbing his cock on the girl’s back, wishing he could collar both these wenches as his own, knowing they’d bring his cock great pleasure.

The brunette moans loudly as she feels her asshole being attacked by the warm wet tongue, the brunette pushes out on her hole opening herself up, the blonde feels the asshole relax and begins tongue fucking her hole, the brunettes gasps loudly.

The blonde continues to hold open the firm ass cheeks of the brunette, her tongue consistently fucking the warm tight hole. The old man looking down at the spread ass cheeks of the brunette, and the full large bouncing breasts of the blonde, as she obediently looks at him while she’s tongue fucking the brunette’s asshole.

The old man starts stroking his cock, while looking at the girl, his long, fat cock, jutting forward from his hips, as he pumps the shaft with his fist. He reaches down to rub the brunette’s pussy, stroking her lips, and slides 2 fingers deep in her bald pussy and finger fucks her rapidly, knowing it’s causing her asshole to tighten on the girl’s tongue, causing the brunette to moan even louder. He brings his wet palm back to his cock, slick with her pussy juice as he watches his pre-cum spurt from the tip and land between the girl’s spread ass, slowly dribbling down her crack till it creamily puddles on the girl’s asshole and is quickly licked by the blonde with one swipe of her tongue.

The old man bounces his cock on the top part of the brunette’s ass, his cock slapping the firm flesh. Extremely aroused, as he cups his balls as he’s stroking his cock, feeling how heavy and full his balls are, anticipating how amazing it’s going to feel when he blows his thick hot load deep in this girl’s spread hole.

“Alright, slut,” his breathing ragged, “let me show you how to plug an asshole,” as he’s fisting his cock, the girl, seeing the thick organ, still ponders if it’ll fit in the girl’s ass, knowing her tongue had to fight its way in let alone such a fat cock.

The old man walks around, “keep her ass spread for my cock and do not let go until I’ve dropped a load deep in her guts,” fisting his cock, the girl watching the old man waddle closer to the girl’s upturned spread ass.

He steadies his twitching cock, entranced by her quivering asshole, looking at the brunette’s pussy wetness slide down her thigh, as the blonde switches positions.

The old man stands behind the brunette, letting the tip of his plum sized cock head, rub against the girl’s asshole, waiting for the blonde to stand in front of the brunette.

“Bend over girl, place your tits against her back, and keep her ass spread, keep your mouth open, and keep your chin at the top of her crack,” the old man’s face red as he begins bouncing his cock against the girl’s asshole, using his cock as a force to barge down the barrier. The brunette yelps out as she can feel the poking of the thick cock against her asshole.

The blonde submits, her full breasts against the girl’s warm skin, her mouth open, at the edge of the girl’s crack, her hands tightly pulling the girl’s cheeks back till her ass looks like a flat plain with a pink hole, her pussy spreading from the tight spread of her ass, looking like a hot gaping wet lil hole, the blonde’s eyes affixed on the massive cock before her.

The old man, seeming amused, stands straight, and lifts his cock to the blonde’s open mouth and plugs it full of his cock, the girl’s lips close as she suckles his cock obediently. The old man fucks into her wet mouth, holding her head, as he pulls his cock from her lips, his cock shiny and wet with spit as he shifts his cock’s position to its main prize, the brunette’s oiled warm hole as he again begins the assault on her asshole.

He applies firm pressure to his cock shaft, pushing the fat cock tip once more against her tight hole, “Open up to your Master, girl, submit to me,” as he feels the tight hole quiver and tremble against his cock as he feels the brunette attempt to spread herself open to be ass fucked.

“That’s it keep pushing out,” the old man, applying more pressure, loving the first moments of plugging a girl’s asshole full of cock.

The blonde’s mouth begins to overfill with saliva as she’s commanded to leave her mouth open, it begins to trickle from the sides of her mouth, chin, down the girl’s ass crack, and lubes the cockhead that’s pinned against the girl’s asshole.

He can feel her asshole straining to flower open for his cock. His cock is rock hard as he pushes against her hole, “that’s it girl, almost there, push more, open for my cock,” as he feels the warm spit, coating the tip of his cock, his hands on the brunette’s hips as applies steady and firm pressure, unrelenting, until her asshole submits to his cock. The punishing cock pushes through the tight ring of her asshole, causing the brunette’s body to tighten on his cock, the old man, in ecstasy as the young girl’s ass works on the tip of his cock, knowing her asshole is now fully possessed by him until he unloads a thick creamy load of cum deep inside her.

The blonde’s pussy leaks on the girl’s back as she watches the Master’s cock force itself in the girl’s asshole. The brunette squealing, the tight bondage, holding her still, the old man sighs as he pushes more into her asshole, until the plum sized tip is snuggly buried in her hole, her asshole tightening and releasing, clenching rhythmically on his cock, right under the sensitive tip.

The old man’s hand, releases his shaft, knowing from here on out, his cock has full unrelenting access to this girl’s exquisite tight asshole.

“That’s it girl, dance your asshole on my cock, clench my cock, tease my cock with what awaits,” as he feels the girl’s trained asshole, squeezing his cock.

The brunette squeezes his cock, and pushes out on her asshole as she feels him plowing deeper into her guts. He pushes more cock in her asshole and then slowly pulls out until just the head is buried in her hole and the shoves his cock deep into her hole, making her endure just a bit more cock with each thrust, “that’s it girl, accept my cock, soon you’ll be flooded with my cum.”

The blonde’s pussy and mouth are leaking with fluids, her mouth tires from staying open so long but intently watches more of the thick stick disappear into the girl’s ass as her spit continues to pool from her mouth and down the girl’s spread ass, providing a constant flow of wetness around the girl’s asshole.

The old man, grips the hips of the girl, and pulls her back on his cock, the brunette, moans loudly, as more cock is forced into her hole. Her asshole tightens on the cock as she tries to stay balanced from the bondage, not to fall over.

The old man has half his cock in the petite girl, fucking into her with small, sharp strokes, desperately wanting to bury his cock into her hole. The animal takes over in his demeanor, his thoughts on nothing else but filling the girl’s tight asshole with every drop of his cum, to empty his balls into the young slave girl.

He shoves more of his cock into the captive girl. The girl feels the fullness in her asshole. The constant stretching of her insides as she’s forced to submit to him. The old man has more than half of his cock in the girl, pulls out again until only the head is sealed in her hole and then shoves his slick fat cock into the girl with a harsh thrust, claiming her hole as his as the entire length of his cock is shoved fully into the girl’s ass.

The blonde looks with excitement, her pussy tingling, as she sees the old man’s full cock embed itself deeply into the girl’s asshole. She watches the girl’s hole spread wide for the invader, as if fully beat into submission. The blonde, continues to firmly hold the girl’s ass cheeks open, intent on watching the hole get fucked and filled.

He doesn’t allow her to grow accustomed to the fullness, wanting to feel her hole to quiver and clench on his cock. He begins to fuck her hole, enjoying the feeling of his shaven balls smacking against her bare wet cunt. He thrusts deeply into the girl, rutting into her ass, hardly pulling out.

He continues to fuck the girl with hard short strokes, as if punishing her asshole. The captive brunette yelps loudly with each demanding thrust. The blonde looks at the stuffed hole, pondering how it can shrink back to its small, tight size, after being fucked so hard by such a fat cock.

The old man, as if claiming his right to her asshole, he pulls out till just the head is hugged by her tight ring and then shoves deep into her, lodging his cock deep in her bowels, his heavy balls bouncing on her shaved pussy.

He holds his position, making his cock jerk in her asshole, “clench on my cock, girl, I expect my cock to be milked from your hole,” the raped slave, answers his command with a tight clench of her tight ring at the base of his cock.

“Good girl, after this, I expect you to meet me in my quarters daily. I’ll speak to your groomers. I’d very much enjoy stretching your hole at the start of your day, ensuring it’s lubed and stretched, and plugged before you start your rounds,” stroking his cock again in her ass, “yes, I think I’ll enjoy that very much.”

The girl, submitting to her place, petite body bent over, perky tits bouncing from the hard thrusts into her asshole, her asshole clenching hard on the cock as it pulls out from her ass and then pushing out on her abused hole as he fucks his way back in deep, filling her over and over again with his hard old cock. The girl’s warm hole tightly wraps around the old man’s cock as he punishes her velvety insides. She cries out with each hard thrust into her hole, feeling the blonde’s large tits and hot pussy on her back.

The blonde’s pussy leaks onto the back of the girl, as she watches the girl’s hole get stuffed repeatedly with the old man’s hard organ.

The blonde’s spit continues to provide lube for the girl’s asshole, dribbling on the old man’s cock.

“I think I’ll enjoy being the first load of cum in your ass everyday girl,” he says while he pumps her asshole full of his cock as he tightly grips her hips, readying to fuck her, punishing her for having her hole unplugged.

“Every day I’ll have you bent in a new position to take my cock up your ass,” the old man furiously fucking her hole now, the girl crying out, despite her pussy being wet.

“You’ll submit to my cock and take my loads,” pulling all the way out of her hole, the girl sighing with relief as he keeps just the tip in, the girl trying to breathe and catch her breath from the hard fucking.

The blonde feels extremely turned on by watching the brunette and the old man as he continues to claim her asshole.

The old man begins to feel his heavy balls swell with cum, knowing it won’t be long before he fills the girl’s asshole.

He grips her hips, eyeing the blonde’s still open mouth, her hands on the brunette’s ass, spreading her for his pleasure, he looks at the tight hole. The thought amuses him as he notices how lovingly she grips his cock tip, despite the reality of the situation being only a natural response.

“Just a bit more cunt, and you’ll have my cum deep in your asshole,” he begins cocking her asshole deeply, giving her a hardcore anal fucking, the girl shouts out loud with each thrust. Her body shaking as she quivers under the menacing strokes. The room is filled with the loud shrieks of the ass fucked girl.

The girl unable to control her asshole from the hard fucking, she feels like her asshole and pussy is just one large hole getting fucked. She dare not ask him to stop, knowing all too well the consequences. She tries to focus hard on making the old man cum, trying to milk his fat cock with her ass, attempting to time his thrust, pushing out on her asshole so he can fuck easily inside and then clenching on his cock ass he drags it out from her asshole.

The blonde unable to comprehend the scene in front of her, her drool still providing lube for the hard ass fuck, her tits bouncing on the girl due to the girl beneath her being fucked so hard. She can’t understand how such a small hole can take so much abuse.

The old man, feels the petite brunette milking his cock, as if she wants his creamy cum in her hole. He continues to pump her, intentionally making his heavy sack bounce hard on her shaven pussy.

He pulls out, his cockhead plugging her used hole, and then shoves deep into her asshole, forcing her to take the full length of his cock, burying himself in her asshole as deep as possible. He keeps his balls on her spread pussy, his heavy sack resting against her puffy lips. His hairy, large stomach pressed firmly against her ass.

He feels his balls swell to the maximum with cum, his cock straining in her hole. The girl knowing he’s about to cum in her ass, she attempts to squeeze his cock with her asshole, hugging it with her tight ring.

The brunette begins begging the old man, “Please cum in my asshole Master. Please fill my guts with your hot seed. Use my ass to empty your heavy balls, Master,” panting, hardly able to catch her breath from the hard rape.

The old man amused by the pleas, knowing he’s fully claimed her hole as feels the slave’s guts squeezing his cock, his hands on her hips as he begins unloading seemingly gallons of cum into the young girl. The old man keeps his cock buried in her hole, shooting long streams of cum deep in her bowels, filling her, pouring his seed deep in her ass.

He looks to the blonde as she stands on her knees, her full breasts in his plain sight, as they sway with her movement, her skin more obviously tanned than the pale brunette that’s choking his cock with her asshole. She reaches out for the old man’s balls, reaching behind him, her open palm massaging and squeezing the remnants of cum from his smooth balls deeply into the girl’s ass.

The brunette’s pale skin appears to have captured a blush tone as she seems to almost be purring from the cock buried in her asshole. The old man barely moves his cock in her tight warm sheath, satisfied with knowing he’s completely drained his balls into the young slut before him. The blonde softly massages the old man’s balls, replaying the scene in her head, as she imagines him fucking the bound brunette and filling her backside with his hot sperm.

The old man pulls his cock from the bound brunette slowly, wanting to savor the sight of her hole releasing his cock, him and the blonde closely watch her asshole as the old man’s fat tip meets her ring with resistance until it’s pushed out with an audible pop. The girl’s asshole looks freshly fucked, the pink ring now red, the palm imprints of the old man on her cheeks, the once tightly closed hole, is now stretched and open, almost as if inviting another cock up her ass. The brunette’s asshole begins to wink open and close.

The old man makes quick work of filling her abused hole with the stubby thick butt-plug. He takes advantage of the gaping abused hole and presses the tip of the plug to her asshole and applies pressure, watching as her anus clamps down on the intruder.

The old man fucks her ass slowly with the plug, until he slides the full cock length plug deep into her ass until her asshole squeezes tightly shut on the base of the plug, securing the plug and his hot cum deep in her insides.

He peers down at the bent over slave, her ass freshly fucked, plugged, her pussy glistening with wetness.

He speaks to the blonde as he presses his cock to her lips, “A girl’s asshole has the ability to stretch wide for a cock.”

Her lips open with disgust to accept his cock, knowing it’s now her duty to clean his cock from the ass fuck, tasting the girl’s ass and his cum all over the tip and shaft. The old man shoves his cock in her mouth, watching her lips wrap around the tip, he grabs a hand full of her hair and begins to bob her head harshly on his cock, her gags filling the room. Her full breasts bounce with each hard thrust into her throat. She looks at him as he uses her mouth, pondering why she enjoyed watching this old man practically ass rape the other girl.

“If she had been plugged, her hole would have held an inviting round gape, which my cock would have entered with ease,” the old man, uses her throat as an example, presses deeply into her throat with one long thrust until his balls bounce on her chin.

He looks down to see her eyes tearing, mouth open and filled with his cock, his big balls sitting on her chin. He pulls his fat cock from her lips and presses his balls against the girl’s lips, wanting her to lick and clean them from the previous ass fucking.

A pink wet tongue meets his balls, as she continues to lick and suck on the massive orbs. She sucks each round ball into her mouth, salivating and licking them clean. She tastes the girl’s pussy and his cum on the smooth ball sack.

The old man looks at the blonde kneeling slave before him, her large breasts heaving with enthusiasm for sucking his cock and balls in her mouth. He enjoys the sight of her taking his balls deep in her mouth, sucking on them. The blonde’s mouth appears full and overflowing with his balls.

He reluctantly pulls his balls from her mouth and slips his cock back into her awaiting mouth. He allows her to suck on the tip before he grips her hair tightly and forcefully shoves his cock deep in her throat, bobbing the girl’s mouth on his cock, the sounds of her throat being fucked resounding in the room. The old man smashes the lips of the girl against his groin, smacking his balls loudly on her chin.

The girl’s eyes show fear as she can hardly breathe. The old man pulls his cleaned wet cock from her lips, strings of saliva stretching from his cock to her lips.

“I must be on my way slut, perhaps in our next encounter my cock will have the pleasure of taking your asshole,” the old man walks to his robe, enrobing as he looks at the brunette’s spread ass cheeks, the butt plug trapped deep inside her ass by her tight rectum, knowing his hot cum flooded her guts.

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