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I hardly got any sleep during the night, the words of the guard whose dick I had sucked playing on my mind, and when morning came I was still exhausted from the day before.

We went through the same routine as before, only this time I didn’t see Jeff and wondered what had happened to him. Again, straight after breakfast, we were all herded out to the waiting van but, as I was about to board, the guard stopped me.

“Not you today,” he said. “The governor heard about yesterday and wants to see you.”

I swallowed hard, wondering exactly what he had heard, and watched as the transport left for the quarry.

“Come on follow me,” the guard said as he began to walk back through the gates.

Struggling to keep pace with him we went along a few corridors until we reached the governor’s office, where the guard knocked on the door.

“Enter,” came the governor’s voice from inside the room.

The guard opened the door and I came face to face with not only the governor, but also the boss from the quarry.

“Ah Julez just who I wanted to see,” the governor said.

“Have I done something wrong sir?” I asked before glancing at the boss.

“No Julez in fact the reports I am getting from ALL the staff at the quarry are excellent.”

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, why am I here instead of on the van?”

“Because I just wanted to know what you thought about the work.”

“Well apart from the heat it wasn’t too bad,” I replied. “I’m shocked that no-one else had completed the job in a morning before.”

“Well boss here thinks you might have been taking the piss,” the governor said. “But I told him about your past and he finally calmed down.”

“So what happens now then?” I asked.

“Boss will take you back to the quarry and he will keep you a lot busier in future,” The governor said. “Don’t let him, or me, down though.”

“No sir I won’t,” I said.

“Good then you may go.”

The boss stood up and led the way out of the room and outside to his car. Looking at the vehicle wondered just how much money the staff were getting paid. It was a huge, jet black Hummer with chrome bull bars on the front and the image of a naked woman spray painted on to the hood.

“Get in Julez,” the boss said as he walked around to the other side.

Doing as I was told I sat in the passenger seat, next to him, and he started the car up. The engine roared and we were soon hurtling along the roads at almost 100, on the way back to the quarry. As we drove I almost dozed off and it was only the fact that the boss brought his hand crashing down onto my knee that stopped me.

“Tired Julez?” he asked as I sat bolt upright.

“Guess I still am from all that rock shifting,” I replied.

“Are you sure that’s the only reason?”

“Yeah why?”

“Oh nothing,” he replied but I could tell there was something.

We continued the drive when, all of a sudden, the boss pulled the car off the road and headed down a dusty road, causing me to start panicking.

“Where are we going?” I asked nervously.

“Don’t you worry about that,” the boss said. “We’ll be there in five minutes.”

I turned my head and started to look out of the window hoping to see some sort of sign that told me where we were heading, but there was nothing, just miles and miles of open countryside, and the further we went the more uneasy I became.

Eventually though the boss brought the car to a stop outside a small roadside café.

“Let’s get something to eat,” he said. “What they don’t know won’t hurt.”

I stayed where I was as he climbed out of the car, until he stuck his head back in and told me to follow him.

“You didn’t think I was going to leave you out here alone did you?”

“But I had my breakfast back at the lock up,” I replied.

“Trust me for what I have in store you will need as much energy as possible.”

Not liking the tone of his voice I just followed along and sat where he told me to, once we were inside. As I sat there, waiting, I stared towards the door and wondered if I could make it out before he came back. The only problem was that he had picked the furthest table from the door, and I would have to pass him to do so.

Just as I had made up my mind to risk it a large plate was paced down in front of me, covered with a full English breakfast, and the boss sat opposite me.

“I suggest you eat that,” he said picking up his own knife and fork.

I stared at the amount of food on the plate in front of me and was amazed. There were three sausages, three slices of bacon, two fried eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding and a fried slice, as well as a plate of toast on the table.

“Come on Julez get stuck in,” the boss said watching me carefully. “Don’t worry I’ve not poisoned it or anything.”

He burst out laughing at his attempt of humour causing me to smile, and then I picked up my cutlery as well. We didn’t speak as we ate, and all I could think was that he must want me for more than just rock shifting to be treating me this well.

Once we had finished eating we had one more coffee before heading back out to the van, and continued our journey. The boss opened up as we spoke, telling me about The Quarry and how the new government thought it would, at least, half the crime statistics. Listening to him as he spoke I began to relax more, his company wasn’t bad, and he would occasionally come out with a joke as well.

“Not long now Julez,” he said as we turned off the road onto another dusty track. “If we go this way we can save twenty minutes driving time.”

I was looking out of the window as he said it, and didn’t notice him massaging his cock through his worn, dusty jeans, glancing at me as he did so.

As I continued to stare out of the window thoughts of the day before, the two guards I sucked off, images of Jeff through his cell bars all flooded through my mind, and I began to wonder if there was something more than just rehabilitation going on at The Quarry.

Suddenly the boss stopped the car and I felt his hand grip my thigh tightly. Turning to face him I was shocked to see that he had his cock out of his jeans, and was slowly stroking it.

“What the fuck are you doing!!?” I asked.

“Come on Julez surely you didn’t think your antics yesterday would go unheard of,” he replied.

I was listened as he spoke, but couldn’t take my eyes off his huge throbbing member, it must have been at least nine inches long and at least half as thick, and it really was the most gorgeous cock I had ever seen.

As I continued to stare at his hand, moving slowly along the full length of his hard shaft, I felt the hardness of my own cock inside my jeans throbbing.

“What do you mean about yesterday?” I asked feigning innocence.

“Something along the lines of you, two guards and a mouthful of cock that’s what,” the boss replied.

“I never had a choice,” I said. “Once they knew I was there they threatened to tell you I was trying to escape.”

“Why didn’t you just run and come to me?” He asked.

“Who would you believe a con or two trusted guards?”

“I’m sure something could have been worked out,” the boss said. “Unfortunately we now have a problem don’t we?”

“How do you mean a problem?”

“Well I can’t have convicts just going around sucking anyone’s dick can I?” Boss said. “Especially when they aren’t looking after the one person can make their life a living hell.”

Before I could say another word the boss let go of my thigh and placed his large hand on the back of my neck.

“However I also have the power to make life so easy for those that I choose to do so for,” he said smiling at me, his hand still wrapped around his hard, thick cock. “If you get my meaning.”

I knew exactly what he wanted, and normally I wouldn’t hesitate to wrap my lips around the swollen, purple, pre-cum covered head of his cock, but sitting in the truck alone I felt scared, and pressured. For all I knew I could suck him and he could treat me worse than all the others. On the other hand though doing it could get me away from shifting all those fucking rocks, day after day, and get me much easier work.

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea I knew I had no alternative other than sucking his monstrous cock, I just hoped that he didn’t take long to cum, and lowered my head slowly.

“I knew you would see sense,” the boss said as I flicked my tongue over the end of him, tasting his pre-cum. “Mmm that feels so good Julez.”

Opening my mouth as wide as I could, to take his monster cock, I slowly lowered my head, taking inch after inch of his hardness into my mouth, until I couldn’t get any more in.

“That’s it Julez suck my cock,” the boss gasped. “Make your boss a very happy man.”

Struggling not to gag or choke on his size I soon got into a good rhythm, my head bobbing up and down quickly, only occasionally going to low and catching the back of my throat.

“Fuck yeah that’s it,” boss moaned breathlessly as I continued to suck his cock.

I sucked for all I was worth but it looked like the boss was never going to cum, and eventually he placed his hand on my head and told me to stop.

“What’s wrong?” I asked letting his cock fall from my mouth, my jaw aching.

“Get out of the car,” the boss said opening his door.

Wondering what was wrong with him I did as he said.

“My cock should be wet enough now,” he said as he looked at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“What I mean is drop your jeans, turn around and bend over the hood.”

“You’re kidding right?” I said shocked.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

His face had changed from one of pleasure to one that said ‘do it or you will suffer’

Realizing that this had been his plan all along I slowly undid my jeans and slid them, and my boxer shorts, down to my ankles before turning around and doing as he had asked.

“What a gorgeous white ass,” the boss said and I heard him take a couple of steps towards me.

I braced myself, and tried to relax my sphincter muscle as much as possible, as I felt his hands grip my hips. As the thick head of his cock came into contact with my tight hole I closed my eyes, and gritted my teeth.

Slowly the boss pushed against me, more pre-cum covering my hole, and after a few attempts the head of his cock broke through my defenses, causing me to yelp loudly.

“Good job no one can hear you yelping like a girl,” the boss said as he brought one of his hands crashing down against my ass cheeks.

“FUCK!!!” I called out. “That fucking hurt.”

“Stop whining like a bitch or I’ll really hurt you,” the boss said the tone of his voice scaring me.

Without warning he slapped my ass again as he drove forward, burying the whole of his cock deep inside me. Pain tore through my body and I thought he had ripped me open, yet the boss just proceeded to continue thrusting hard and fast into me. Gritting my teeth the pain gradually subsided and I soon found myself enjoying the feeling of the boss’s thick, cock driving in and out of me, and reached down for my own hard cock, and began to masturbate.

“Good to see you enjoying it,” the boss said as I wanked in time with his powerful thrusts.

“Oh yes fuck me,” I gasped the feeling of my orgasm beginning to grow in my body. “Cum with me boss.”

“Oh I will Julez believe me,” he said thrusting hard into me. “And I’m not going to be long.”

Gripping my cock and stroking faster than ever as the boss pounded, and slapped my ass, my balls tightening. Try as I did I couldn’t hold back any longer and letting out a loud moan, I started to cum Jet after jet of my white, milky liquid erupted from the end of my cock, and onto the front of the car as I felt the boss’s cock twitch deep inside me.

“Oh fuck Julez yes!!” He called out as he drove his cock, hard into me once again, before beginning to unload his own seed into me.

Each twitch from his cock caused me to cum more and soon we were both totally drained, the boss inside me and my cum coating the front grill of the car.

Finally he withdrew his, still hard, cock from my ass and turned me to face him.

“I think you and I are going to get on just perfectly Julez,” he said with a wink. “Come on get tidied up and let’s go the governor’s coming to The Quarry this afternoon.”

Once dressed we jumped back into the car, my ass sore from both the pounding and slaps that he had given me, and we continued on our journey, arriving fifteen minutes later.

I climbed out of the car to be greeted by one of the guards from the day before.

“Glad you could make it boy,” he said sarcastically. “We didn’t think you were going to come.”

“Believe me he will always come,” the boss said and the two of them burst out laughing.

“Right let’s get you to work boy,” the guard said and led me to join the others and yet another pile of rocks.

This pile didn’t seem as big as the previous days and I began to move them quickly, and efficiently, soon catching up with the rest o the cons that were busy doing the same.

Looking around there was no sign of Jeff, and I began to wonder what had happened to him, as he wasn’t at breakfast either. I assumed that he was needed back behind the prison walls, probably to keep the guards entertained, and wondered if that was what would end up to me now that I was the boss’s favourite cock sucking fuck slut.


The coffee pot bubbled upstairs, its thick morning smell slithering down the cellar steps to bring my thoughts back to earth. I had been elsewhere, it seemed.

I set eight-six-one back in his cage and changed the water, the food. Then I checked the other cages to make sure the other creatures were still visible, or alive. They were both. I stumbled over to the rack of coats and robes that hung under the basement window and behind the stairs. Then I tied the rope around my naked body and heavily mounted the steps.

It was no use to a logical mind to think, what had I done? I knew perfectly well what I’d done and I’d enjoyed it. A little too much in fact. My fingers kept making contact with the smooth pine of the bannister and feeling the soft down of Amber’s stomach flexing under my grasp. Halfway up the stairs I stopped and drew my fingers to my face.

Her smell was almost gone, replaced by eight-six-one and the familiar aroma of wood and must. What if I had fathered another child tonight? What if I was unfaithful to Margaret?

What if that was just a malevolent spirit who haunted the neighborhood?

I smiled. My heart pounded under my chest from confusion and excitement and fear. And yet I was giddy; innocent; powerful and yet humbled by either the girl’s bold concupiscence or my own singular triumph. Hell, why not make it a double. Amber certainly left a good deal of restraint at the window; I couldn’t speak for the girl but there was certainly an aura of triumph about her all throughout her several climaxes… And I, what had I achieved? Everything.

I traipsed into the kitchen in my bare feet, my wife catching my eye over her pointed shoulder and simultaneously smiling into her phone and glowering at me. She was speaking enthusiastically – far too energetically for so early on a Saturday (was it Saturday?) but it was none of my business, or I chose to leave it as none of my business.

As I poured the coffee I suddenly realized that I felt shell less. Naked, obviously, beneath the robe, but that in itself was not uncommon. Rather, before no matter the woes and hormonal highs of Rebecca or the cold reluctance or alien sociability of my wife the words seldom penetrated because the latest failure, theorem, confounded hypothesis, existential convolution of algorithmic righteousness, boredom, numbers and dead mice were cloistered about my brain like cotton pulled over my ears and eyes.


My wife spun on me.

I had laughed aloud. She gave me a dirty look and stomped out of the kitchen, all the while carrying her high, boisterous enthusiasm over the conversation. I smiled bashfully to myself. I had not meant to let that escape but the wave had washed over me all at once.

I was suddenly free from that. Because it worked. After so long.

Not that I held the illusion that I was free from scientific (or perhaps moral, at this point) inquiry. There were still years of tests ahead of me, ahead of the Institute, of all of us. But… Hell…



I didn’t see Margaret for most of the day. We went to bed in silence that night (I having slept most of the day, waking briefly to drive Rebecca somewhere that was going out of business or going on sale, then coming home and devouring most of what remained in the refrigerator). In the morning of course she was already awake and straightening her hair.

Margaret, my wife, hated her curls. I had always loved them, the original trait that spurred my attraction to her, but she straightened them whenever she could; I disapproved but said nothing; she straightened them more. I sensed that in this, like in so many minute conflicts between us, there was always the brief opportunity for resolution. But we had been married a long time now, almost nineteen years (as long as I had lived without her) and we gradually let the unsaid stay unsaid, the gulfs of unpleasantness that could erupt at the mildest comment soon growing so wide that there was little to bridge the gap between what we had in common – which was little. Ultimately we, like her parents before us, stopped trying. It was easier and happened as naturally as one year following another. I knew this before now and simply not cared.

I continued to stare at her through the high french doors of the bathroom. I rolled over to my side and watched her in the bright light of the morning window; that heavenly light dwarfing the harsh artificiality of her vanity mirror. Her hair was shorter than when we first met, darker too because she dyed it. Her mother went gray at a young age and she was adamant to never find out what that meant for herself.

Margaret was older than I. She had been a Junior in college at the same time I was completing my accelerated sophomore year. Because I had graduated high school early she had been fascinated with me. Maybe, I thought, in bitter moments when I wondered how it had come to this, she gravitated to me because she was less intimidated by a younger man, thinking too that my intelligence and drive would render me low maintenance. She was right. But I wondered, as I was told by men who were not quite friends but nevertheless valuable companions in my final bachelor days, if she had planned it all. The sudden sexual bouts, the demure outer Catholic mask shed the moment we were far (far) away from students and teachers who knew her and safely ensconced in my dormitory where she unleashed herself on me. She needed very little in return and rewarded my occasional attentions with all that my studies could not relieve. It was perfect.

But I’d never asked about the precautions she was taking. I certainly wasn’t.

I was a young and selfish man. But smart enough to know when I was in trouble. Was I stupid enough to be duped? I always wondered.

But I had to smile now. Because it didn’t matter now. I stared at Margaret in the mirror, at her long lashes that her girlfriends endlessly coveted, telling me how lucky I was to have a wife with such bedroom brown eyes, telling me how impressively she had kept her figure. Margaret was a vegetarian, thin though never much for fitness, with teardrop breasts that sagged but in a full, heavy fashion. She had softened some, from her eyebrows to her ears and her nose, her pale lips. It did her complexion good, the way her chin no longer seemed so cruel or her long neck so strained.

I had been with another woman last night but I… I couldn’t tell where my new happiness sprouted from. Was it finally realizing I had won? Was it conquering that young, brazen runner? Was it just staring at my wife in her mirror? Perhaps it was all these things and more, or less.

“Where were you last night?” she asked.

I cleared my throat. “I worked late in the lab. You probably heard me…”

She pulled the iron away from her hair and squinted at me. “You weren’t in there.”

“I ran. Intermittently.”

“Oh,” she said, and turned back to her mirror. I rolled awkwardly in the bed and her voice floated back to me. “Has the Institute called you?”

She wanted me out of the house. “Not yet,” I said. “But I’m going to speak with some of the lab tomorrow.”

“After the carpool.”

“After the carpool,” I agreed.

“I’m going grocery shopping later. Do you want anything?”

“No,” I said. And that was our last conversation of the day.


I sat behind the wheel in our slanted driveway wondering how it would be to see Amber again. Rebecca had dashed next door to go get her, as she did every morning, and the two would walk back to the car – slower or faster depending on all the important events I was too square to hear.

They came back breathless, both of them wearing enormous grins and Amber especially looking healthy, happy and mischievous. “Well?” she asked my daughter after giving me a hurried hello. I put the car into reverse and rolled into the street while Rebecca pondered aloud.

“Ohhh, I don’t know!”

“Come on!” Amber chided.

Rebecca only laughed in reply.

“Do you believe in ghosts?”

I swerved the car and nearly flattened Mr. Potacki’s little Pomeranian. The girls shrieked and I quickly righted the car.

“What the hell, dad?!” Rebecca screeched.

“Dog in the road,” I said.

“I don’t see-” Amber started but I was already turning the corner.

It didn’t take long for the girls to calm down enough to resume their previous conversation.

“No,” said Rebecca, “that’s so stupid.”

“I think my house is haunted,” Amber whispered. She was downright giddy.

I watched Rebecca smirk in the mirror. “Haunted, huh? You don’t seem scared.”

“No…” Amber taunted. “I think it’s a lonely ghost.”

“Oh yeah?” Rebecca said. The fire was suddenly in her eyes. I realized the two girls were communing in secret right behind me in some significant but abstruse way. “What’s his name?”

Amber shook her head forcefully and Rebecca suddenly attacked her with a furious reaching of fingers and pokes. “Tell me! Tell me!”

“Ow!” Amber groaned. “Stop, stop…” The two were already huffing against each other in a giggling pile.

I regarded them coldly in the mirror. “You’re both far too old to be behaving like that.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Lighten up, dad, this is a big deal.”

“I don’t understand.”

Both girls resumed their conspiratorial smiles. “We know.”

I left them to their huddled whispers, sure of nothing else but the fact that I was most definitely not the subject of their conspiracy. Rebecca knew enough that Amber had had some sort of experience in the last 48 hours. How deeply Amber herself believed in its supernatural validity was debatable, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves. My heart was going to beat heavily all throughout that day, seeing Amber or being found out, what I was about to do after I dropped them off, everything in my mind ensured that my body would be rapt and waiting for the slightest physical incitement.

Rebecca planted a swift kiss on my cheek and hurried out of the car to join the gaggle of girls gathering in the school’s parking lot. Amber pulled her long legs from under her and left her seat, closing the door promptly and pulling her dainty skirt around her calves. I was pulling the car out of neutral when she stepped back to the window.

“Mr. Beal…?”

I froze. I locked the car into park and lowered the passenger side window. She smiled shyly and leaned in.

“What is it, Amber?”

“I want to thank you.”

I raised my eyebrows in an attempt to mask the building tension in my jaw. “What?”

She pulled a lock of hair away from her lip and studied me for half a second before swallowing. “Just…the other night, talking to me.”



“Oh. No. No, not a problem, Amber. Cleared my head too, really.”


It was my turn to smile. “Yes,” I said.

“Okay,” she said happily. “Thanks again, Mr. Beal. Have a nice day!”

I waved back at her as she strode away from the car and joined Rebecca in the lot. It took five minutes to clear out of the parking lot behind the endless red lights of other vans and SUVs and then another five to get on the highway toward downtown.

Thankfully I wouldn’t need to go all the way into the city and could avoid rush hour traffic. Instead I turned off halfway down the pike and sped through the outskirts of Boulder towards the outer city park and the imposing acreage of one of the Institute’s many commercial research facilities.

I stuck my permit on the dashboard and waved at the security as I coasted in, parked, and walked determinedly up the peaceful brick walk between the glass and steel cyclinders of the complex, my hand in my pocket all the while fingering the glass vial in my pocket.

I encountered more and larger crowds of people the closer I got to Building G, most of them enthusiastic looking gentlemen in suits, some old, some surprisingly young. All of them looked hungry for something. I stopped at the employee entrance to the research zone and allowed the security officers to take my badge and frisk me (shifting my leg so that the small vial inconspicuously rolled behind my wallet). I glanced over my shoulder at the men in suits; they watched me curiously in turn. I had seen this before and I knew what it meant: the Institute was ready for business again.

After another kindly wave I was inside the building, my identity card swinging around my neck and my soles making authoritative smacks on the abandoned linoleum. Since disbanding the greater body of its advanced researchers the building was only occasionally used. The Institute had no qualms with allowing its senior staff to use the place but it discouraged too many of us gathering at once. After placing a call late Saturday evening I knew Pris would be working in G all day. After the mass outside I suspected that Pris would be doing more than working.

Priscilla Coker M.D. (with another Ph.D. on the way in advanced theoretical cellular electronics) was not a cold woman by any stretch of the imagination. At 31 she was already a leader in the field of both biological mutation and the budding nanotechnology industry, vivacious and endearing and outwardly one of the key faces of the Institute. She was 5’8″, platinum blonde (not naturally) and – as one of the key faces of the Institute – had to smile a lot and wear the sort of outfits that made lab work potentially hazardous. But the Institute needed that because most of us were not so striking to look at. Behind the veneer of Priscilla’s bright white smile, however, was an exacting, even cruel ambition. She was not, despite her high praise in the industry, its leading figure in theoretical transhumanist research. She had a good team of energetic graduates behind her that did what they were told and were rewarded accordingly. And many times over, if tales told out of school are to be believed. But there was a high burnout rate and young men in her brilliant cabal tended to last only so long. Which is not to say that Priscilla didn’t have talent. The girl could thread DNA like a fabled tailor if she ever got her hands on the right tools, and few understood the chemical reactions on the molecular level the way she did. It was never overtly clinical, her methods, but something emphatically instinctual. Public relations were as natural to her as being undressed. She was dangerous but valuable. And, after all, weren’t we after the same thing?

I found her door open, her legs shining under the heat of a solitary lamp at her desk and her knees crossed over each other in a short, red skirt. She looked up when I knocked on the door, her pale green eyes going from curious to tight in the time it took her to recognize me.

“Good morning, Pris.”

She smiled coldly. “Beal. I didn’t think you’d actually show up.”

I crossed her sterile and ordered office and sat down across from her on the other side of the desk. I appraised her shelves. “Your office is neater than anyone else I know. I suppose that’s one way to keep clean – don’t read the books.”

She sneered. “I heard one of the janitors nearly killed himself trying to get into yours. Bit of a health hazard, isn’t it? And besides,” she uncrossed her legs and leaned back, “at least I have friends.”

I leaned forward, my elbows on her desk. “You’ve got me there, Professor Coker. That’s exactly why I’m here.”

She gave a high, hollow laugh. “Moses comes down from the mountain, huh? You’re lucky you’re smart, Abner. Otherwise people might think you’re irrelevant.”

“Better that than illiterate, I always say.”

She frowned. “Why ARE you here? I really didn’t expect to see you. You’re always working.”

“I work until I get results.”

“Very funny,” she said. And stopped.

Her chair cracked as she slowly came upright. “What do you mean?”

“How are the nanites coming?” I asked casually.

“They’re still… they don’t seem to respond to photons the way we expected. The way I expected.” Ask Priscilla the right question about her work and she became just enough of a tolerable person. I never managed that trick myself. “I keep telling Corman that nanites are the wrong way to go about combatting the spectrum. I should be shifted over to neural engagement and let you and the rest of the sci-fi scum work on this whole optical nonsense.”

“Nonsense, is it?”

“It is…” She studied me coolly. “What’s up, Abner? You’re awfully pleasant for so early in the decade.”

I shrugged.

She sighed and shook her head. “I don’t have time for this now anyway. I have a presentation before the investors. Remember that atmospheric shield you opposed?”

“I don’t oppose the idea but the method is entirely wrong. If you want to create a barrier that large you need ten times the output and a completely different agent for the plutonium. It will dissolve at that speed.”

“That’s not what Bostwick says.”

“Bostwick is a quack who still thinks he can send amphibians back in time.”

Priscilla waved her hands in the air, dispelling the possibility of my rambling on about meteorological endogenics. “Whatever,” she said. “The Institute wanted me to sell it to the money.”

I stood up. “What do you mean?”

She tightened her blouse around her shoulders and gathered her papers. She grinned like a jack knife. “It means they’re apt to take me at my word, Professor, which is more than I can say for you.”

“If the Institute gets that project up and running the whole Advanced Espionage unit will be shuffled back another decade. Even if they spent half the budget recruiting new blood there’s no way they’d have the manpower and money to sustain the rest of our research.”

“So wait till next decade.” She strode out of her office. I pursued hot on her stiletto heels. “I don’t know what you’re so pissed about, Abner,” she continued, “you’ll probably be picked to lead it.”

“Over sixty five individual devices and more than two dozen research units will be compromised by investment in some ridiculous vanity project that wouldn’t pass muster at a grade school science fair!”

Pris tossed her hair over her shoulder and laughed in my face. “That’s so cute! Since when did you give a shit about other units’ research?” She continued to march determinedly down the hall to the massive auditorium across campus.

“There’s a difference between science and fiction, Priscilla. And there’s such a thing as principles.”

She spun on her crimson heel. Thrusting a hand into my chest she stared up into my eyes. “Stop it right there, Abby. The Institute cares about two things: money and money. I’m sure you’re aware that you are dispensable, no matter how big your brain is. In the meantime though, why not enjoy that sloppy paycheck that comes your way every two weeks and get with the fucking program.” She narrowed her eyes.

I casually pried her fingers back from my shirt. “Language, Pris.”

She laughed another high, hollow laugh, each one of her pearly teeth glinting in the hallway lights. I watched her swallow that sound, her ruby lips puckering for a moment while she thought about what to do with me. Finally she said, “I’m going to enjoy watching you lead this vanity project. I hope your principles don’t send you and your musty office packing in a cardboard box because it,” she leaned in close, the words cutting through her teeth, “is going to feel so good to watch you try to figure out how to make Bostwick’s project fly. Because if I know anything about men with principles it’s that they’ll try to make shit smell like flowers before they admit defeat. Even you, Abner,” she pointed, again making sure she touched my chest, “will admit that. Are you really going to throw a tantrum to the Institute…just because you know the project’s a waste of your time?”

“So we’re agreed it’s a waste of time.”

She smirked and retreated back down the hall. “Of course it is. But I, unlike you, Professor Beal, have more on my mind than how super smart I am. I like to think about the number of bathrooms I’m going to have when this is all said and done.” I watched her shoulders tense as she drew her hands together. “I’m thinking six – just one more than I really need.”

“That is entirely superficial,” I said.

“Isn’t it great?” She was practically beaming with anticipation. We crossed the empty courtyard in silence and swiftly made our way to the bustling theater. She glanced into the guest entrance and quickly made for the back portico.

“Prepare to be rich,” she said and patted me on the arm. I watched her step behind the curtain and suddenly meet what sounded like hundreds of excited cheers.

I paced behind the curtain itself, listening to the opening joke about how stodgy the rest of us scientists were and how they must have all felt overdressed. Or something like that. By that point I was livid. Bostwick! An ignoramus spawned by a community of ignoramuses! What passed for science in his febrile mind would have choked a primate with its absurdity! And Priscilla knew! She welcomed it just as the Institute had because she knew it was exactly the kind of thing the investors were willing to pay for: flash and fury… There was nothing subtle about the atmospheric shield. It was just another buzz word for missile defense only now it was the twenty-first century and the magic was just within our grasp – for upwards of several billion inflated dollars!

I threw my arms about petulantly and felt ridiculous. Hadn’t I just come to reinvigorate this greedy place? One swig of this elixir and disappear! No need to invest in overpriced tomfoolery when you could send some invisible operative to just deactivate the enemy’s defenses. No missiles required! All it needed now was testing – testing to make sure the effects lasted, that there were no side-effects, that it worked. Hell, I knew it worked…

No missiles required.

I glanced over my shoulder at Priscilla’s erect posture while she dazzled the murmuring crowd with facts and figures and a questionably tasteful decolletage. She was right; she could sell them on it. She was poised, confident, and well organized.

The security was guarding the outside doors, not the inside. There were men at the foot of the stage but no one behind the curtain. I reached into my pocket and pulled the vial out. It caught the reflections of the stage lights in its thin glass, the liquid within shimmering where the light didn’t quite refract the way it should have. Why did I bring it anyway? For science.

I popped the rubber cork and drank it, not stopping to think, as I swiftly began to unbutton my shirt, what would happen if this invisibility gag was all in my mind when I stepped out in front of three or four hundred monied ladies and gentlemen. If it worked as quickly as last time I’d only need a few minutes for it to take effect. If it didn’t last as long as last time I could be in for trouble. But what was I going to do exactly?

I was already down to my boxer shorts and black socks when my fingers drained of all their color. It was like staring through a glass statue, my forearm. I trailed my fingers down my chest and watched chest hair hang in space and then shorten and vanish. I reached down and pulled the sock off of nothing at all, then the other, finally drawing my boxers from mid-air to the ground. I was gone.

“Priscilla,” I whispered into her ear, “do you believe in ghosts?”

The girl snapped her head to the side as if a bullet had swiped across her face. She hadn’t heard me come up behind her from around the curtain and, despite my lifelong stage fright, picturing myself naked in front of the fully clothed assembly was doing much more to inspire my confidence than the other way around. As soon as she turned her head I tapped her on the opposite shoulder – just like some kind of looney tune! She started and whipped to the side, suddenly reaching out into nothing.

I backtracked quickly behind her and let the projector at the far end of the auditorium glide through me to the opposing screen. The happy murmurings of the crowd had suddenly frozen; the whole gathering waiting to understand what had happened. Priscilla, ever the diplomat, smiled broadly and apologized for the sudden interruption. There was a mad fly looking to sabotage the operation. That got an appreciative chuckle from the crowd.

She went on with the speech, the projection behind us outlining the basic planning stages of Bostwick’s idiot schematics. I couldn’t have that. I moved back beside Priscilla and breathed softly in her ear. I had to hand it to the girl, she had talent. All she did was deftly cup her ear, as if pulling a stary hair back around her earlobe (which, for anyone close enough, was ridiculous – each of her hairs was perfectly in place). Then I glided behind her and blew into the next. When she waved that off I suddenly realized just how many were in the crowd before us.

Tentatively I strode towards the edge of the stage. I stared out at the legion of faces, even waved my privates at them, stuck out my tongue, made crazy grimaces. Nothing, no one could see me. I cast no shadow. I danced before the projector and made not a single impression. This was brilliant!

Of course I still hadn’t achieved my objective. So I sallied back to Priscilla and decided to do something drastic. I placed two fingers, very gently, on the back of her neck.

Her whole body went bolt upright but she continued her drone. Perhaps it wasn’t noticeable to the eyes in the back but those at the front were visibly bemused. Priscilla by now realized there was something on stage with her but I was just over her shoulder and I could see her scan her periphery and then the eyes of the audience. No one, not even her, could see anyone but her.

I let my fingers glide down her back, over the fabric of her suit jacket. One elbow tried to nonchalantly brush me away but the gesture was too awkward to carry off, so she swung her arm back, right into my face. Her fingers gave a trembling spasm as they connected with my nose and she couldn’t help but turn. But no, I still wasn’t there, but yes, she did let out a yelp.

Priscilla was by the second looking more frantic – not afraid, but suddenly on unfamiliar ground. She returned to the podium and gripped the sides of the lectern with overeager excitement. Now she had happened on a stilted tangent about the return on investment the bigwigs were guaranteed. Most of them were still on board. Some of them looked unconvinced.

When she went for the lectern she removed herself from my radius, but that was easily remedied. I came up behind her again and drew my fingers down her back. Her legs were shaking behind the podium, each muscle punished by the high stilettos and sweat actually visible in the spaces behind her knees. I wasn’t sure how far I intended to go but my hand was now resting on her impressively toned buttocks. The red skirt glided under my fingertips but still, even still, Priscilla continued to sell it.

So I gently brushed the skirt back and reached underneath. It ocurred to me, even at this stage, that this was twice now I’d used invisibility to my voyeuristic advantage. I wondered if the corruption was inevitable. Yet how corrupt was seeing a round, flexed bottom (my fingers crept stealthily past the band of her panties and into the wet crevice of her ass crack) and not experimenting?

Below Priscilla’s waist everything was shaking. It was as if her legs were caught in a miniature earthquake and her upper body was capable of floating above it. But I could see the tremors in the white knuckles on the podium. And we both knew that she couldn’t risk giving anything away to the attentive eyes in the darkness. I slipped deeper into her ass crack, coming behind her and laying a hand over her left fist. Priscilla glanced at it, glanced at where she figured my shoulders were, and after a sudden eruption of laughter or applause from the audience I heard her whisper away from the microphone, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“You stop I’ll stop,” I whispered into her ear.

“You don’t have the balls.”

My hand slipped underneath her. I twisted my palm and pressed my fingers between her legs. I cupped her vagina and sunk my middle finger up inside her.

Priscilla’s sudden gasp was swallowed by a cascading round of applause.

“Okay,” she whispered as the applause died down. “Okay…” But even as she said it I watched her tighten her resolve and simultaneously felt her vaginal muscles tighten around my finger. She was going to try to ride it out. Ride was the operative word.

I began rocking my middle finger back and forth inside of her. Priscilla caught herself just before her knees buckled, then caught herself again as she tried to rock with it. The intense sweat collecting underneath her made her extremely slippery and my wrist and forearm were already damp wedged up against her body. I decided to send an exploratory thumb up into her anus.

“Polychromatic cells go beyond mere shading in this instance and na-ahhhhhhh!” Her sudden (almost erotic) outburst sent more than a few men to attention. It was as if I held her erect with my right hand, my left hand locked over hers, my fingers plugged into her body and her lower body noncomittally trying to force me out. “Nnmm,” she went on. “The fibers…” I wiggled my ring finger up inside what felt like a thick labial lip. “The fibers…” she gasped. “Ah.” She wet her lips and let out a tremendous breath. “To create this process, we…” My slick middle finger withdrew from her vagina and I slipped it gently up…

“We…” she tried again (the audience could not see her ass gently arching back onto my thumb, her back twisting).

My finger fondled.

“Oh,” she sniffed. “We, uh, ahm. Excuse me.”

My middle finger wicked across her clitoris.

“OH my God!” she suddenly blurted into the microphone. She slapped her hands over her mouth and darted to the right of the stage. My hand still stuck inside her panties I was dragged offstage with her, a weird fin-like protrusion seeming to hump out behind the girl’s skirt.

I finally pulled my hand away from her as she stalked through the theater doors and started lambasting the air.

“You dirty fucking bastard!” she shouted. The security guard started moving towards her and she shrieked at him. “Get away from me, asshole!” The man spoke some stuttered words into his walkie and backed away terrified. Priscilla clomped about ten more steps before cracking one of her heels. She swore loudly and kicked the shoe off, then ripped the other one off with her hand and continued to march across campus back the way we’d come. I followed behind her.

“Are you there?” she snapped as we strode back into G. We were in the hallway again.

“Indeed I am.”

She clawed wildly at the air behind her, realized she looked insane, and let out another stream of enraged curses.

“You might have gotten me fired!”

“Principles,” came the floating voice over her shoulder.

She groaned and shook her platinum head. “You touched me…” she muttered. We were stomping back to her office.

“You’re taking this rather well,” I replied.

“Well you’re obviously fucking invisible.”

“Language, Pris.”

We banged back into her office and she whirled on the space behind her. “Where are you?”

“I’m reluctant to say.”

She stepped backwards in her bare feet and sat on her desk. “Is this easier?”

I stepped forward cautiously. “Maybe.”

She flipped up her skirt. “Is this easier?”

“…I’m confused.”

“Come here…” she said huskily and reached out for me. “Are you naked?”

Before I knew what I’d done I was standing over her desk and she was reaching out to me. Her fingers first brushed my cock and I watched her eyes go wide as my stiff member passed invisibly through her hand. “Oh my God…” she whispered. Her manicured nails sifted into my pubic hair and roved up my stomach and chest. “You’re…you fucking did it…” Her fingers continued across my shoulders. She kept pinching and poking, dragging her nails down my sides. All the while I noticed that she was spreading her legs over her perfect desk. “Do something to me,” she whispered.


“I- I don’t know. My hair!”

I reached out and swept my fingers through her thin blonde, nearly white, hair. I let the hair slip through my hand as I pulled it towards me. Priscilla watched wide eyed as her hair floated before her eyes. She let out a low, earthy laugh. “Do something else,” she whispered.


“Do what you did on stage, you bastard.”

“This?” I laid my hand over her left hand.

“No…” she said. Her legs opened wider on the desk.

“This?” I breathed softly into her ear.

She shivered but shook her head. “No,” she said. “But you don’t have to stop doing that…” While I moved in closer her hands reached up to run down my chest and stomach again.

I pulled my hand away from hers and dragged my trembling fingers up her soft thighs. “This?” I breathed into her ear.

“Oh…” Her breath was coming so rapidly that it was catching in her throat.

I drew a finger over her (what I now saw were lacy, crimson) panties. She sucked a tremendous amount of air down her upturned mouth and fluttered her eyelids. “This?” I said into her ear as I slipped my fingers inside of her.

Her legs clamped shut over my invisible hand and she ground her pussy against me. “Yes,” she groaned. She pressed her head against my temple and reached behind me to claw at my back. “Oh, you fuck…” she groaned.

I don’t know what possessed me other than sheer, powerful lust. I reached down and tore her panties apart. She gasped as she saw the flimsy material fly from her bald pussy. “You wouldn’t,” she taunted.

“This?” I said, and pushed my cock up against her skirt.

“Bastard,” she whispered, reaching for it and dragging it down. “Bastard,” she moaned as she led it to the entrance of her slit. “Fuck me,” she demanded as her thighs raised to allow me entrance into her-


The two of us slammed back to reality as the voice came bawling from the hall. “Holy Hell…” Priscilla rasped as the sound of footsteps came trundling towards us. Gathering her bag and a few choice items she grabbed where she figured my wrist was (missed, but I grabbed her fingers) and pulled me out her office door and down the hall in the opposite direction. Both of us were barefoot and our soles slapped down the hall and made several extreme turns around and around the complex, all the time the voices behind us, all the while more footfalls in pursuit. At last we burst from the building and sprinted towards the parking lot.

“You have to make sure I don’t get fired!” she yelled over the racing wind.

“Why’s that?”

“Sexual harassment!” she screamed. We scurried over the grass and flew into the parking lot. “Where’s your-” She must have realized I was either invisible or without pockets because she suddenly pulled to the left and started pumping her elegant legs towards her own car. “Are you there?” she called back.

“I am,” I said at her side.

She panted. “How are you right there?”

“I run a lot.”

She unlocked her doors from a distance and we piled in on either side.

“I did not intend to get you fired,” I said.

“Right,” she replied. “Fuck you just the same, Abner.” She started the car and we pulled out fast. “And if you don’t mind, nobody needs to know about what may or may not have almost happened back there. This has been an incredibly stupid morning.”

I buckled the seatbelt over myself and Priscilla did a double take.

“That’s so weird.”

We pulled away from the complex and got back on the highway towards suburbia.

“Okay, look,” she said, dragging her fingers through her hair. “I’m going to try to salvage this. I’ll tell Corman and the heads that you’re on top of this.” (She seemed awkward with the phrase.) “I’ll tell them… I had a bluetooth or something and you had a eureka moment or… Dammit, Abner, you better not have got me fired!”

“You’re still taking this well.”

“Because fuck Bostwick!” she bellowed. “You’re invisible!” She reached over and spread her hands over my chest. “And you’re…in much better shape than I imagined.”

“You imagined?”

“You’re still a pain in the ass, Beal. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

“But I am a genius.”

“Unfortunately,” Prisiclla sighed, merging into the carpool lane, “you are.”

“You’re in the HOV.”

“So what?” She thought for a moment. “Right.” She merged back into the fast lane. “I will help you,” she said. “But you have to help me, too.”

“That’s why I came to you.”

“You can’t tell anyone else for now. Who else knows? Your wife? You have a wife, right?”

“She doesn’t know.”

“Who knows?”

Briefly I thought of Amber. “No one,” I said. “And,” I continued, “the formula is not in my laboratory.”

She glanced at me, or the window really, from behind her blonde tresses. “So what?”

“In case you were thinking of having the Institute take what they rightfully own…instead of firing you.”

She turned back to the road. “I wouldn’t do that.”

“Wouldn’t you?”

We drove on in uneasy silence.


I gave her directions to my address and she drove me home. It was almost one in the afternoon but it already felt like a whole day had passed. I had taken the serum only two hours before so I had at least four (and likely five) more hours until I was visible. It would be strange, I realized, when I saw Priscilla again. Being invisible, without meeting one’s eyes in reflection, gave a curious but compelling objectivity to one’s consciousness – and at the same time an inescapably powerful lack of accountability. I could never have done the things I’d done in the past few days if they could see my face.

But it wasn’t just that they couldn’t see my face, Amber, Priscilla, my wife, the audience… It was that I had no face at all. I was not simply myself invisible; I was a void: a complete non-entity who nevertheless had hands and blood. And could do things. And could both create and destroy while being nothing, nowhere at all. I resolved not to think on this too deeply. It was not my way, and I wondered if it was not to my advantage to ponder too deeply on how unfettered and unopposed I had become.

“Can you get inside without a key?” Priscilla asked.

“I’ll find a way,” I said. I unbuckled the belt and opened the door. “Thank you.”

She reached out. I stopped. She held my forearm in her fingers, not out of longing but curiosity. I let her study it, pinch me again, feel my veins beneath my skin and the hair under her thumb. “You really did it, Abednego,” she said. “You sick bastard.” She gave me an alluring, half-mocking smirk and watched the door swing wide and shut. Then she peeled away from the driveway and zoomed out of the suburbs honking all the while. We had agreed to meet at the week’s end when she had had time to smooth over the mess I’d caused.

At the very least I had saved over sixty-five projects from total obscurity, and the jobs of at least half that number. Not something I would have considered before and, in truth, my actions this morning were selfish ones. Yet selfish actions can have charitable results, now and again.

My front door was unlocked.

I hadn’t really thought about it. I’d just wandered to the front door, forgetting my nudity and the fact that I was keyless, and pantsless besides. But the knob turned and swung open in my hand. I denied the urge to call out, to ask if anyone was home.

Because there was very definitely someone home.

I could hear them upstairs. At first, as I searched the bottom floor, all I heard was a muddled bumping, an inconstant creak that was gone as soon as I focused. But there was a greater urgency to the sound, a harder force behind it. The commotion was building somewhere and it was becoming clearer that whoever was causing it was certain they were alone.

The sound of a woman’s voice filled the house. It echoed down the stairwell with an unquiet command, wild, gaining ferocity and passion as it bounced throughout the kitchen. Was it Rebecca, I wondered? Had she cut class and come wandering home with some teenage specimen of fumbling ardor? It sounded too harsh for Rebecca.

Stacy was a very successful rep of Metropolitan Agency. She quickly made a name for herself thanks to being a tall attractive blonde, and due to her aggressive outgoing can do attitude. She took pride in looking great for a 32-year-old woman. She had a sexy body maintained by working out religiously. She had light blonde shoulder length hair, great curves, a fuzzy well-trimmed blonde pussy, and supple C cup breasts. Stacy had thick nipples as wide as dimes centered in plum sized areolas, which always drove her husband and her past boyfriends wild. Despite Stacy’s working out frequently, she still had a little bit of a beer belly which she hated, but hid it as best she could with the form fitting clothing she liked to wear.

Stacy wasn’t without her share of enemies at Metropolitan Agency. She stepped on many toes on her way to success, and in many cases she could be a total bitch on wheels. There wasn’t one person in the office where she worked that didn’t want to put Stacy in her place. Despite being extremely successful in her job, Stacy was a notorious gossiper and back stabber. This was about to catch up with her and change her life forever.

Ryan (Stacy’s office manager) came in early Monday morning as usual to get on top of his agency’s business for the week. He was surprised to find a large sealed manila colored package on his desk. Not entirely sure what it was and having a number of things to attend to, Ryan set the package aside and got started on getting his to-do’s in order. About two hours after everyone got into the office Ryan got around to the mysterious package and opened it up. At first he was unimpressed as he saw simply a stack of papers upon opening the package. Once he pulled them out he saw that they were printed out copies of emails and instant message conversations. Upon reading some of them he noticed that they were all written by Stacy and her friends, and were scathing emails about Ryan, Stacy’s co-workers, their clients, and personal secrets about Ryan and the rest of his team.

Ryan was so upset that he was trembling at his desk. He thought “Oh my God! How could she do this to us!”

It took Ryan an additional hour to cool off enough and think about what he was going to do before stepping out of his office and addressing his employees.

Ryan walked to the center of the office and greeted his staff all at once. “Everyone, I think we have been growing apart over the past year as a group and we need to take a day to have a team building exercise. I’ll schedule a meeting this afternoon so we can plan a fun day for all of us tomorrow.”

Stacy remembered she had an appointment this afternoon. “Ryan, Could you schedule the meeting before 3 pm today? I have a doctor’s appointment today and I need to leave at 3 today to get there on time.”

Ryan retorted, “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll work it out.” With that Ryan returned to his office. He decided that he would schedule the fake meeting at 2 pm and then secretly schedule the real meeting shortly after 3 and invite everyone but Stacy to attend. Ryan was feeling blood flush into his cock as he thought about setting up a big surprise for that backstabbing bitch Stacy.

Right on time as the fake meeting was coming to a close, Stacy got up abruptly, grabbed her purse and effects and headed for the door. To every man’s fortune on her team, her breasts jiggled and bounced wildly as she quickly made her way to the door. “See you all tomorrow guys and gals!” She was genuinely excited about the fun day tomorrow.

After she left, Ryan quickly shifted gears and brought out copies of the gossip and back biting emails Stacy had written about him, all her co-workers, and their clients. Janie, Randy, Steve, Chet, Matt, John, and Alison were blown away. Janie exclaimed, “She’s always so mean to us, how could she do this! Augh!” Everyone was getting upset. Ryan quickly began talking to them about what they were going to do to make this right. It was critical that they all work together on this or it was going to fail and blow up in their face in a very bad way…

That next morning Ryan quickly got set up in the conference room so that he was seated facing the room’s doorway at the far side of the table. As his staff trickled in he waited for Stacy to arrive and quickly called her into the conference room. “Stacy, can you join me in the conference room please?”

Stacy just got in and really needed to pee following her commute in to the office. “Ryan I need to use the restroom and I’ll be right with you.”

“Stacy, this will just take a second. Get in here, I need to run something by you, and then you can go visit the girl’s room.” Ryan replied.

“Uhhhhh. Alright Ryan. What’s up?” Stacy said as she came in, closed the door and took a seat across from Ryan.

Ryan couldn’t believe his luck. Stacy was wearing a cute kaki skirt that ended a few inches above her knees, and a low cut cream-colored top that accentuated her very interesting cleavage.

“I need to you quickly look at these and tell me what you think.” Ryan said as he handed over some of the printed emails Stacy had written.

At that point Alison walked by the conference room window and with an evil grin, waved to Ryan and gave him a thumbs up indicating that Stacy had left her car keys and her cell phone on her desk and were now well out of Stacy’s reach.

Stacy excitedly looked at the documents thinking that Ryan was trying to get some professional advice from her. When she saw what the printed documents were she froze with her face looking down on the table. “Ahhh. I don’t know. How did you get…”

Ryan was out of patience and BAM! Slammed his hands down on the table yelling, “How could you do this to us Stacy?! HUH?! You treat everyone here like shit half the time, and then you have to go and stab us in the back and betray our confidence and the confidence of our clients?!

Stacy lost control of her bladder for an instant and peed herself briefly before she composed herself and stopped the flow of urine into her panties and skirt. She hoped that her piss didn’t soak through the back of her skirt. Her face was turning many shades of red and she didn’t know what to say. “I. I. I. I’m sorry Ryan. Ahh.” She couldn’t look him in the eye being so embarrassed that she got caught in her backstabbing and she now realized that she had peed herself more than she thought.

Stacy finally shakily brought her head up and looked at Ryan. She noticed that his pupils suddenly dilated and his tone changed. “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. We are having the team building fun day, and you are going to be our team building Fuck Slut project for the day today.” Ryan said with a smile as he rose to his feet.

Stacy could see that Ryan’s cock was already erect and restrained within his pants.

She shot up from her seat, barely murmuring “I’m out of here.” Turned and made her way to the closed door.

Ryan noticed a dark wet spot about the size of a softball on the back of her skirt. “Oh my God I made her piss herself!” Ryan thought with glee.

Stacy quickly noticed that the entire staff was crowded around the conference room as she tried to scurry out of the room.

“What the Hell are you all doing out here!” She yelled at them as she began pushing her way through them to get to her desk and escape.

“Grab her!” Ryan exclaimed as he came out of the conference room.

Randy and Alison quickly grabbed Stacy on each side by her arms and pulled her back around to face the center of the crowded circle her co-workers had formed around her.

Janie walked up to Stacy so close that Janie’s breasts pushed into Stacy’s. She slowly exhaled a hot breath into Stacy’s face, looked down at their touching pairs of breasts and looked back up into Stacy’s eyes. “We are going to use your whole body to make us feel good Stacy.”

Janie grabbed Stacy by the hair on the back of her head and kissed Stacy full and on the lips for what seemed like forever, and then ran her wet saliva covered tongue in a big long swipe across the left side of Stacy’s face from her chin to her eyeball.

Stacy began to sob uncontrollably and exclaimed, “You. You can’t do this!”

“We are doing this.” Ryan retorted. “We have to work together here people. Let’s get Stacy out of those clothes. Randy, Alison, hold her. The rest of you start on getting her out of that piss stained skirt” Ryan laughed out loud after he said that.

Stacy began struggle to get free. Janie quickly slapped Stacy as hard as she could across the face as Steve and John each promptly grabbed one of Stacy’s ankles immobilizing her legs.

Ryan pulled out an orange ball gag and tried to get it into Stacy’s mouth. “No way! Mmm mmmm!” Stacy closed her mouth tight not letting Ryan insert the ball gag. Matt stepped forward and gave Stacy a quick jab into her stomach.

“Huhhhhhnnn!” Stacy exclaimed and Ryan popped the ball gag into her mouth quickly buckling it tight behind the base of Stacy’s head. “Ahhhnnnnnnnn!” Stacy moaned around the ball gag now intrusively stuck in her mouth.

“That’ll shut her up for now.” Ryan and Matt said almost simultaneously. ” Now, strip her.” Ryan commanded.

Matt and Janie began to undo the buttons and zipper of Stacy’s skirt and jointly pulled the garment down over Stacy’s curvy tan hips down to her ankles. Steve and John switched up their grip of Stacy’s legs and pulled her skirt completely off leaving Stacy’s with only her lacy light yellow thong panties covering her pussy. They then stood up and began to work Stacy’s top up over her supple C cup boobs.

Randy and Alison forcibly lifted Stacy’s arms up and allowed Janie and Matt to slip Stacy’s top over her head and off of her body.

Stacy now stood, gagged, held by four of her coworkers wearing only her lacey light yellow bra and thong panties, her jewelry, and her high-heeled shoes. With that Randy and Alison thrusted Stacy forward with a shove causing her to crumple immediately to the floor. Steve and John, still holding Stacy’s ankles, now swiftly took off Stacy’s high heeled shoes and released her letting Stacy get up on all fours.

Stacy was mortified, she felt totally vulnerable, and still had to pee something terrible. “Nnnnnnaaaaaaahhhh.” She murmured around her ball gag as a stream of her saliva began pouring out over her lower lip and hung nearly all the way to the floor.

“Stacy, I know how you think this office is a boys club.” Ryan chimed in, “Well, Alison and Janie are now honorary guys in the ‘Boys Club’. They are going to use you today just like any of us men will. What do you think about that bitch?”

Alison stepped over Stacy’s back with Stacy still on all fours on the floor and undid Stacy’s bra, letting it fall to the floor around Stacy’s hands. Stacy quickly grabbed the bra, got up onto her knees and tried to bring the bra back up over her tits to cover herself. The saliva streaming out of her mouth swung back and splatted against her chest and tummy. Steve in a flash reached in between Stacy’s hands cupping her concealed breasts and pulled the bra away from her. In a token effort Stacy tried to reach out to get some of her last clothing back, but to no avail.

“Look at the thick nipples on that bitch you guys!” Steve said. “They gotta be as wide as pennies and a half inch tall! Shit that is hot!

Stacy being on her knees now looked around and saw that her co-workers were either nude or in some state of undress. Every penis she saw was fully erect and bobbing to the blood pumping into the shaft. Janie and Alison were now nude as well and both had one of their hands parting their fleshy vulvas and rubbing their clits as they gazed back at Stacy who was now wearing only her panties.

Stacy tried to stand up but was shoved forward again, this time by Chet. “Where are you goin’ Fuck Slut? We haven’t even started with you yet.”

Stacy was back on all fours again, and Chet wasted no time. SMACK! He slapped her right butt cheek as hard as he could and Stacy toppled to the floor. Chet, Janie, and Randy grabbed for Stacy’s panties so quickly that the panties tore apart in two places as they were pulled off of her limp body revealing her trimmed fuzzy blonde hair covered pussy.

The shock of being slapped so hard and the force of her panties being torn off of her body were too much for Stacy and she began to pee on the floor right were she lay almost motionless naked on the carpeting.

“Oh my! You dirty little slut! Look at you. You pissed yourself right there on the floor. Ahha ha ha ha!” Ryan exclaimed and he and the rest of the team laughed at Stacy now crumpled, naked and gagged laying before them on the floor. Ryan crouched down next to Stacy and reached in between Stacy’s legs at the base of her ass cheeks and ran his fingers up and down her bare pussy lips. Stacy let out muffled whimpers as Ryan’s hand explored Stacy’s meaty labia. Stacy was horrified that her pussy was responding to this humiliation by becoming drenched with her slippery juices. Ryan readily discovered that Stacy was very wet as his fingers quickly slipped in-between Stacy’s labia and easily into her vagina. “Holy shit gang, looks like our little whore is ready for some action! She’s wet! You love being a dominated fuck slut don’t you?”

With everyone now naked, Ryan looked over at his staff, “Steve, John, pick our Fuck Slut here up, take her over to her desk and lay her over the top. I want us to be able to fuck her both ends at the same time. Know what I mean?” He finished with a wink. “Hold on guys.” Ryan said as John and Steve were walking and dragging Stacy over to her own desk by holding by her arms and armpits. Ryan came around to face Stacy grabbed her by the chin and lifted her face up so that she was looking him in the eye. “Do you know what you are? You’re our Fuck Slut today.”

He continued to hold her face looking at her, “What are you?”

“Mmmmmmmmnnnn” was all Stacy could muster through her drool covered ball gag.

SMACK! Ryan slapped Stacy across the face. “What are you?”

SMACK! He slapped her again. “What are you!?”

Ryan with both his hands grabbed both of Stacy’s nipples and gave her a double titty twister. “WHAT ARE YOU!?”

“Aaaaaahhoooooooooooowwww! IMmmmm mour muck mut!” Stacy screamed through her ball gag causing an exceptionally large amount of her spit to ooze out onto her chin and onto her chest and tits.

“You’re going to do everything we tell you too aren’t you Fuck Slut.” Ryan added as he twisted Stacy’s big nipples again. “Understand?”

Stacy nodded and whimpered “Nnnnessssshhh!”

Ryan released the buckle holding Stacy’s ball gag tight in her mouth and pulled the gag out of her mouth. Without looking he handed it off to Janie who brought Stacy’s ball gag to her mouth and gave it a lick while Stacy was watching her.

“Now, what are you?” Ryan said looking at Stacy’s trembling eyes.

“I’m your fuck slut.” Stacy whimpered.

“What was that?” Ryan retorted.

“I’m your FUCK SLUT!” Stacy cried.

“You’re going to do everything we tell you to aren’t you Fuck Slut?” Ryan said with an evil grin.

“Yes.” Stacy murmured.

“You heard it here folks! Alright Steve, John get her over on that desk on her back so that her legs and ass cheeks hang over one side, and her head hangs over the other. We’re going to plow our little office fuck slut from both ends. When your not fuckin’ or getting sucked off by our little fuck slut here make sure you are taking lots of pictures. We’ll need some collateral to keep this bitch under control.”

Steve and John flopped Stacy down over her own desk mere feet away from her cell phone and car keys. “Ryan, you’re the one! Go ahead and be the first one to split that slut pussy.” Steve said as he positioned himself over Stacy’s face opposite of Ryan. “Suck me bitch!” Steve said and he guided his cock in between Stacy’s reluctant spit covered lips.

Not wanting to get roughed up further, Stacy gave in and began to suck Steve’s hard cock. She felt Ryan’s penis push in between the cheeks of her fuzzy vulva. Her wet pussy lips suddenly parted and Ryan’s cock slid into her wet pink love hole. Ryan paused mid thrust, put his hands behind Stacy’s knees, lifted up her legs, drew his cock back and slammed it in Stacy’s pussy all the way to the hilt. “Yeah! Oh my God this feels good. Oh my God! Damn!” Ryan yelled out.

It wasn’t long before Stacy saw Steve’s balls suddenly contract up toward his body. “He’s going to shoot his cum in my mouth!” She thought.

“Ahhhh! Yeah! Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!” Steve exploded a huge load into Stacy’s mouth. With each thrust of his cock into her mouth cum pushed out around his cock and ran down her face into her nostrils and toward her eyes, ears, and hair.

Stacy couldn’t believe it; she never had such a large amount of cum blasted into her mouth. She thought Steve shot almost ten big long streaks of cum into her mouth.

Ryan roared out loud in triumph as he literally filled Stacy’s pussy with his cum. As he withdrew a huge slug of cum sloppily fell out followed by more of Ryan’s cum pouring out of her pussy and over her asshole before dripping to the floor.

Randy quickly replaced Steve in Stacy’s mouth causing Stacy to gag on his cock and pushing more jizz and spit from Stacy’s mouth out onto her face into her nose, eyes, and hair. Matt moved in replacing Ryan and quickly slid his cock a few times into Stacy’s pussy. He then lifted up Stacy’s legs but flopped them both over his right shoulder holding them both with one arm, and guiding his cock with his free hand.

“I’m going to blow this fuck slut’s asshole out. Watch this Stacy, you fucking bitch!” He then withdrew from her pussy and began to press his pussy juice covered dickhead against Stacy’s tight semen covered asshole. With both her asshole and Matt’s dick being so slippery, Matt pushed his hard cock right in there. “Oh man this slut’s asshole is tight! Ahhh! Fuck!”

Stacy exclaimed in pain “Gluck Gluck Ooooowww Gluck Gluck!” and tried to squirm away from Matt invading her ass with his hard cock. Janie and Alison crowded over Stacy and began to slap her tits as they were flopping around and around as Randy and Matt raped her mouth and asshole.

“You’re not going anywhere Fuck Slut!” Alison chimed in as she abused Stacy’s tits with Janie. Janie and I are going to get a piece of you today too you whore!”

Before long Randy let out yell and shot his load of cum into Stacy’s mouth. Again Stacy was shocked to have such a large amount of cum blasted into her mouth. Randy pulled his cock from Stacy’s mouth and grabbed her by the chin and the back of her head. “Swallow my cum Fuck Slut.”

Janie reached out and pinched Stacy’s nose shut. “Do it you cum covered slut!”

Stacy had no choice. She swallowed every bit of Randy’s and Steve’s cum that was in her mouth, and opened her mouth and drew a breath. As she was breathing through her mouth Randy spit into her mouth and Janie spit onto her cum and spit covered face.

Janie came around and stood over Stacy’s face. “It’s my turn now to use that mouth, slut!” She lowered her pussy onto Stacy’s mouth. Lick my pussy you whore!”

Stacy was never with a woman before, in fact she was definitely not interested in having a sexual experience with another woman. Now, here she was being forced to eat the pussy of one of her office colleagues. Janie put her hands down under Stacy’s neck and pulled Stacy’s face up into her pussy. Stacy reluctantly stuck her tongue out and began to lick Janie’s pussy. Stacy worked on Janie’s clit for a bit and then went down to Janie’s vagina and used her tongue to move Janie’s juices up toward her clit. Stacy was surprised at how Janie’s pussy was making her tongue tingle, and how she was making Janie respond well to her tongue movements.

Matt couldn’t keep from cumming any longer in Stacy’s asshole. In one final stroke he drew back and then pushed is cock back into Stacy’s ass all the way to his balls and shot his load of cum deep into her ass. “Good God Man! Oooooh!” Matt exclaimed and withdrew leaving Stacy’s ass gaping open. Matt stepped back and let Stacy’s legs flop down tilting her ass back to the floor. With her ass tilted down, in seconds Matt’s huge load of cum was leaking out of Stacy’s stretched out asshole onto the floor.

Stacy couldn’t believe what she was doing, returning to work following a day full of being gang raped and humiliated at the hands of her own coworkers. She did have a lot of loose ends that needed to be covered off on though with all the work that was left undone the day before. She had to go in and finish up her responsibilities, besides, what happened yesterday had to be a one time thing right? I mean they wouldn’t just jump on me and use me for their own pleasure again right?

Stacy was wearing a cute navy blue one-piece short dress with a pair of high-heeled shoes. She walked quickly to the front door of her office building and carried with her, her purse and her briefcase.

Stacy walked in and the first desk that she had to pass by was Janie’s who noticed Stacy walking in and stepped out and stood before Stacy like she was there to collect something. “Give me your panties Stacy. Remember the rules Stacy, or should I say Fuck Slut. When you come in every morning you have to take your panties off at my desk and hand them over to me for the day. If I have to tell you again, you have to strip down and spend the day working naked. Now, give me your panties.” Janie smirked.

“I can’t believe you’re really doing this. Fine.” Stacy drew up her skirt and pulled her lacey red boy-shorts panties down to her feet, stepped out of them and then slapped them in a crumpled ball into Janie’s waiting hand. “There. Now leave me alone!” Stacy started to walk to her desk.

“Where do you think your going!? I had to tell you twice to give me your panties. You’re going to strip down and work naked today, slut. GUYS!” Janie reveled in her control of Stacy.

Randy, Steve, and John came running over.

“What the Hell’s going on here?” Randy yelled jokingly as he cupped and lifted his now bulging male package with his left hand. Steve already had his cock out, semi hard, sticking through the open zipper in his pants.

“I had to tell Stacy to give up her panties twice. She has to strip down and hand me her clothes. She’s working naked today.” Janie chimed in.

Stacy tried running for the door, but Steve and John grabbed her and pinned her face first down to the floor. “You knew the rules Fuck Slut, now WE’RE gonna take your clothes off for you, and fuck you good for being disobedient.” Steve said as he struggled to hold Stacy down.

Stacy couldn’t believe she was about to be raped by her coworkers again. Janie had quickly pounced on Stacy’s legs and began pulling off Stacy’s high-heeled shoes. Randy was already undoing her outfit’s back zipper as Steve and John held her down. She tried to struggle but could do little else but begin sobbing out loud as Randy opened the back of her dress and undid the back of her racy red bra. Within seconds with Steve and John’s help Randy had Stacy’s dress pulled up over her waist exposing her tan bare bottom and pussy to everyone assaulting her. Stacy couldn’t believe it but even though she was scared and mortified, being dominated like this was turning her on. She could feel that her pussy was becoming drenched as Randy pulled her crumpled dress and now bra up past her bare breasts to her armpits. The scent of her wet pussy was beginning to fill the air around her and her attackers. Janie got up off Stacy’s legs and walked over to her desk and began going though one of her drawers.

“Come on you guys! You can’t do this! Please!” Stacy sobbed as Steve and John forcibly moved Stacy’s arms up and over her head allowing Randy to slide Stacy’s clothes completely off her now completely vulnerable and naked tan body.

“This is part of your training. You little fuck slut.” Randy said calmly as Janie came walking back with a ring mouth gag.

“What do you mean, training!? C’mon you guys. Augh! Come on. Don’t do this to me! What do you mean?” Stacy said now in a panic.

“We. Are going to turn you into a full-blown sex slave. For real.” John said as he fought to keep Stacy from breaking free from their collective grasp.

“I’ll never go along with it. You can’t make me!”

“Ryan’s already set things in motion to make sure this happens, slut. You’re going to become a living sexual plaything, and there’s nothing that you can do about it.”

“Bullshit!” Stacy shouted back at John.

“Fuck this. Let’s get that ring in her mouth! Then we can fuck her mouth all we want.” Said John. Randy pinched and twisted Stacy’s right butt cheek making Stacy scream out in pain.

“Ahhhow! Aughh.” Stacy exclaimed and Janie slipped in the ring mouth gag in place pinning Stacy’s mouth open.

Now totally naked and helpless John and Steve picked up and walked Stacy over to Janie’s desk bending her over the desktop and pinning her torso and one side of her head down onto the desk. One of John’s hands held Stacy’s head down so her face stuck out over the side of Janie’s desk. Randy and Janie started to take their clothes off gleefully looking forward to ravaging Stacy again.

With his almost fully erect cock already out, Steve began to fuck Stacy’s open mouth. “Oh yeah. You remember this cock in your mouth from yesterday, don’t you whore? Ahh!” Steve began to pump Stacy’s mouth harder as Randy got in position behind Stacy’s fully exposed pussy and asshole.

Randy grabbed one of Stacy’s round tanned butt cheeks and one side of her pussy’s vulva with one hand, opening her moist tight pussy with his thumb as he guided his fully erect cock in between Stacy’s meaty pink pussy lips with his other hand. “Ahh come on. Get. In. There… There we go! Oh my God Stacy. You must be a total prude at home. Your pussy is waaay too tight. We’re gonna change that for your Hubby too. Ha ha ha ha! It’s going to be great watching you descend into being a sex object. God I love this!” Randy now gripped Stacy on each side just above her curvy hips as he plowed her pussy with abandon.

As Randy and Steve ravaged Stacy’s defenseless pussy and mouth, Janie approached John from behind and reached around him resting her naked breasts on his back and began to undress him. First undoing his belt and pants, letting them fall to the floor and then sliding down his designer briefs helping him step out of them and his pants. John’s erect penis now swinging free, Janie then started to unbutton his shirt to get him as nude as his coworkers so he could help gang rape Stacy.

“Thanks Janie! Way to be a team player!” John smiled as she slid his shirt off one arm at a time to allow him to keep Stacy from slipping free from her double penetration.

Stacy could hear more of her co-workers entering the office and murmuring things as they walked by her being gang raped. She felt mortified but something in her body was coming to life. Her pussy really responded to her being dominated and used. Even now she could feel herself getting close to cumming as Randy and Steve invaded her pussy and mouth.

Steve began pumping Stacy’s mouth even harder and she could see Steve’s ball sack contract upward, and suddenly… “Ahh! Ahhh! Ahh! Oh Yeah!” Steve exclaimed as he pumped his seed into Stacy’s mouth.

Stacy couldn’t believe how much hot thick cum Steve shot into her mouth. It seemed to her like he came forever. It had to have been almost 10 shots of cum. There was so much cum in her mouth and with the mouth gag in Stacy could do little else but just let the cum pour out onto the floor.

Steve withdrew his cock from Stacy’s open mouth and She could feel John letting up the pressure on her back and head. She propped herself up by her own arms and let Randy continue to fuck her pussy. Her beautiful C cup breasts now hanging free of the desktop in the open air began swinging and swirling wildly with Randy pounding her from behind.

John and Steve weren’t switching positions like she thought they might. Janie suddenly sat herself on her desk top in front of Stacy, reached out and undid the ring mouth gag. “Guess what fuck slut? You’re going to finish what you started for me yesterday. Eat my pussy! Janie grabbed Stacy by the back of her head with both hands and pulled her face down to her eagerly moist well-trimmed pussy.

The scent of Janie’s pussy filled Stacy’s nostrils as her face was pressed into Janie’s vulva. Stacy stuck out her jizz coated tongue and began to part Janie’s engorged pussy lips. She began to lick Janie’s pussy trying to mimic the way she liked having her Husband Chad lick her.

Randy was able to hold off from cumming up until now, but once he started watching Stacy being forced to eat Janie’s trimmed brunette pussy he couldn’t hold out any more and felt his rock hard penis prepare to launch a massive load of cum. He really wanted to stick it to Stacy though so Randy pulled out of Stacy’s violated sloppy pussy, SMACK! Slapped Stacy’s left ass cheek really hard and began to jack off his hard pussy juice coated cock with his right hand.

“Ooowwwll!” Stacy almost lost her footing and fell to the floor, but Janie quickly grabbed her by the base of the head and chin, and John was quick to catch her by the torso and shoved her back up into place, bent over Janie’s desktop before punching Stacy lightly in the side of her rib cage causing her boobs to hypnotically flail left and right.

“Get back where you belong Fuck Slut!”

Just as Stacy’s tan bare ass came back right in front of Randy’s cock he began to shoot his load in big long streaks hitting Stacy from the top of her ass crack all the way up her back to her neck and getting into her hair. “Holy shit! Ahhhh ah ah ah ah ahhhhh! Yeah! Oh my God you guys. I’ve never cum that much.”

Stacy could feel Randy’s huge warm cum load stretching up the full length of her back. She never felt more used and defiled. It’s not like her Husband Chad hadn’t cum on her before but she never cared for it and she only tolerated it because it was early in their relationship and she was trying to rope him in to be her man. She would never be okay with Chad cumming on her like that now that they were married. What was worse is Stacy had no idea how she was going to wipe that cum off her back. She could feel it begin to ooze down toward her ass and she could feel it begin to pour down her ass crack over her anus.

Keep going Slut, I’m near! Janie moaned as Stacy continued to lick Janie’s pretty little pussy. Stacy noticed that Janie’s pussy was not as meaty as hers and she was actually enjoying herself a little exploring with her tongue in the inner sides of Janie’s little vulva cheeks and her cute little labia and clit. She began to concentrate more on Janie’s clitoris now and began to press hard on it with her tongue between bursts of little licks.

John stepped in behind Stacy stroking his hard cock. “Looks like I’m going to plow Randy’s sloppy seconds.” John cupped Stacy’s pussy with the palm of his right hand and plunged his thumb into her warm wet vagina parting her pussy lips. He guided his fully erect cock in with his other had and was delighted to feel how easily he slid right in. “Oh yeah, fuckin’ A! This slut is actually pretty tight. We are going to loosen you up real good for your Hubby. How’s it feel to be dominated and taken? I bet you have guys fawning over you every day of your life up until now. Well guess what? We’re gonna own the power now. Get used to it Slut! Ahh! Yeah! Nice! Talking down to you bought me a few more minutes Stacy. I’m so going to top off your tank and pump your juicy pussy full of cum. Ahha ha ha ha! I love it!

Janie really started to respond to Stacy licking her pussy. “Oh my God! I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhhh! Janie’s back arched and her pussy launched a messy flow of cum out of the base of her pink opening hitting Stacy on and in the mouth with the rest smearing onto Janie’s wet vulva. Janie pushed Stacy up and away from her and got up off of her desk. Thank you Fuck Slut, I will definitely be back for more of that oral attention. Mmmmmhhmmmm. Janie said with a grin as she opened a baby wipe canister and began to wipe off her pussy, ass, and the inside of her legs.

Janie then began collecting Stacy’s clothing articles and effects off the floor and locked them in one of the large drawers in her desk. “You won’t be needing these today, Slut. Ha ha ha ha ha! We so own you now.” Janie was grinning evilly from ear to ear as she looked a Stacy being ravaged.

Stacy, defeated propped herself upon Janie’s desk by her elbows and let John finish inside her. She could feel Randy’s cum running down her back toward her ass now. John colliding with her ass cheeks repeatedly has his rock hard manhood plowed her female mound made the cum on her back run down even more and caused her bountiful C cup boobs to really swirl and bounce through the air. John saw Randy’s cum all running down Stacy’s back too and took the top of his right hand and scooped up a good portion of Randy’s jizz on his index and middle fingers and popped them into Stacy’s unsuspecting mouth. As he withdrew his fingers, Randy’s cool dollop of cum scrapped off on the inside of Stacy’s right inner cheek and poured over her tongue and in between her right cheek and gum. John immediately cupped Stacy’s jaw with his right hand and clasped her mouth shut with his thumb pressing down over the ridge of her nose.

“Swallow the cum bitch! It’s gotta go somewhere and what better place than down your throat.” John said with an evil grin as he continued to plow Stacy’s sloppy violated pussy. John was really going now causing the flesh of Stacy’s ass cheeks to ripple rhythmically with each thrust and her round soft breasts were flailing beautifully with abandon.

John could feel his loins prepare to launch a monster load of cum. “Here it comes Slut!” John stopped thrusting and pushed his rock hard cock as deep into Stacy’s pussy as he could go. “Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Take what I give you Slut! Oh my God Yeah!” John Slowly withdrew and grabbed Stacy by the neck bringing her head up to his with her back still to him. “Tell me you want me whore!” John said and he sucked Stacy’s left ear lobe into his mouth and bit down.

“Oww! I want you!” Stacy cried out.

John grabbed the container of baby wipes from Janie’s desk and slammed it into Stacy’s mid section into her hands. “I thought so. Now go get cleaned up and get to work. Ryan says we have a meeting in the conference room at 10:00 am.” SMACK! John slapped Stacy’s right ass cheek and shoved her forward. “Get over to your desk! Go!”

As Stacy walked across the office to her desk she could feel John’s huge cum load draining out of her meaty pussy lips onto the inside of her legs. As she scurried toward her desk she left a trail of semen dollops on the floor. Her tanned breasts and ass cheeks wiggled and wobbled before everyone’s eyes as she walked. To everyone’s delight she began her humiliating day of working completely naked already looking like a used cum-slut whore.

Stacy was stuck. God only knows how many photos they had of her appearing to enjoy yesterday’s sexual encounter. Not to mention being surrounded by her sexually dominant bully coworkers with no clothes, no shoes, no purse, no car keys, and no cell phone. Only left with her jewelry she was wearing, and the semen and pussy juices some of her coworkers left on her face, back, ass, and in her mouth and pussy. Defeated and humiliated Stacy pulled some baby wipes from the canister John shoved in her hands and began to wipe her vulva, labia, ass crack, and inner thighs clear of semen. She pulled another two sheets out and wiped off her face and chin. She couldn’t wipe out the smell of Janie’s pussy completely as some of Janie’s pussy juices managed to ooze up into Stacy’s nostrils while she had worked her tongue and mouth from Janie’s clit to the base of her vaginal opening while eating her out. Stacy couldn’t believe this was happening to her. All the while she was wiping herself clean, standing there completely naked, Alison, Matt, and Chet worked at their desks only feet away normally as free people. Why was this happening to her? She tossed the used baby wipes into her trash basket at her desk and walked as quickly as she could to the restroom without causing her breasts and tanned ass cheeks from wobbling and jiggling too much for everyone to see. She had to relieve herself before the 10 AM meeting that was less than 10 minutes away from starting. “God! How am I going to sit at the conference room table completely naked with everyone else fully clothed!? How could they do this to me!?” She thought.

Stacy finished using the toilet and washing and freshening up and came back into the office. “Shit! They’re all already in the conference room waiting for me.”

Stacy scampered to her desk, grabbed a large notepad and pen and scurried to the conference room at the back of the office. Her breasts and ass cheeks jiggled fantastically the whole way there. She entered the conference room meekly clutching her pen and notepad to her chest in a poor attempt to cover herself. Both of her nipples were peeking around the sides of the notepad, and she could do nothing to cover her blonde well-trimmed fuzzy womanhood below.

“Nice of you to join us Fuck Slut.” Ryan snapped at her. I heard about what happened this morning, and LOOK AT YA NOW! Working stark naked for the whole day because you wouldn’t give your panties up as you came in. If you’re late to another meeting you’ll be working bare naked for a week.”

“You know, I think we need to add something to our meeting today. We need some entertainment for the team, I mean it is a whole hour. I think we need to have our budding sex slave whore, play with herself for the duration. Stacy, get up from your chair, go to the wall over there. I said get up and get over there, Slut! Matt! Grab her naked ass and get her over there!

Matt quickly stood grabbed Stacy under her left arm and hoisted her up and drug her half stumbling to the far wall in front of the whole team her boobs swinging wildly all the way there.

“Augh! God! Okay.” She stood before them trying to cover herself.

Ryan stood and pointed at her from across the table. “Now, face the wall, put your left hand on the wall, and bend over, stick your bare ass and pussy out toward us and start playing with that blonde pussy of yours, and don’t stop until I tell you.”

Stacy turned and positioned herself as Ryan ordered her, and reached between her legs with her right hand and parted her vulva and labia with her middle finger and began to rub her clit slowly. “Uhhh. Mmmhhhh.” Stacy was shocked that she made noises of pleasure while being humiliated like this.

Alison and Chet, seated closest to where Stacy was standing could already catch the scent of Stacy’s open vagina in the air, smirking gleefully as they watched her.

“Are you a little dry down there now? Here let me help you out whore.” Ryan stood and made his way to the corner of the room and produced a bottle of lube from behind a potted plant in the corner. Ryan then approached Stacy as she pleasured herself and held the bottle of lube about 2 feet above her bare bottom arched out for all to see. He then gave the bottle a generous squeeze unloading what felt like a tidal wave of lube to Stacy pouring down from the top of her ass crack, over her anus, and down into her spread labia and vulva over her hand. Feeling the additional lubrication, her fingers began to really rub and caress her exposed womanhood. “That’s it, now you’re wet again. Now give us a nice hour-long show. Don’t go too fast now.” Ryan sat down and got to business.

“Now, we are going to figure out what we are going to do with the sales commissions for Stacy’s accounts.”

“Hey, that money is from my hard work! It belongs to me!” Stacy yelled out as she stood and turned facing Ryan with her fists clenched at her sides.

“All right.” Ryan stood, and began to get undressed laying his clothing over the back of his chair. “Turn around and keep playing with yourself! Obviously you have forgotten what you are. We, are, making you, our, sexual, plaything.” Ryan slid his boxer shorts off, his cock now exposed and becoming erect pulsing with each of his heartbeats. “Now like I was saying. I think Alison and Matt will take those commission payments, and Stacy here will remain on a comfortable salary, but will be taking on a new role. …Permanent Sex Slave. Since you don’t know your place yet Stacy, I’m going to take that asshole of yours. Oh and ah, keep playing with yourself while I’m using your asshole to get me off.”

“Mer-row!” the cry of a wildcat rang out in the near-darkness.

James jumped, Butch bowed.

“Boss,” he smiled a wicked smile, “Got your delivery for ya.”

“Excellent Butch,” Giovanni’s voice was deep, the darkness surrounding him amplified it. Was there any reason for his office to he that dark? He obviously couldn’t see to do any work. “You’re dismissed.”

“Wha,” Butch nearly fell straitening himself back up, “I um… I just leave?”

“I’ll call if I need you,” Giovanni assured him, his hands folded, his eyes shining over them like those of the unseen wildcat.

“Yes sir,” Butch folded one arm and bowed again, angst and anger (and, was James wrong- jealousy?) concealed poorly behind his words.

James was left staring in the darkness as he heard the door clink shut behind Butch, and shuffled uneasily. Giovanni, his eyes accustomed to the darkness, watched his drunken squirming, enjoying the nervous tension, the energy the boy was giving off. He let this go on for a few minutes before James visibly jumped and lost his balance.

He made a strange, high-pitched sound, part fear, part confusion, as something brushed against him again, and growled. It was easily as tall as his knees at it’s shortest point and reached nearly to his waist at the tallest. The growl was threatening- he was in the creature’s territory.

“Persian,” Giovanni finally spoke, “You’re scaring our guest.”

“Mer-rrow,” The wildcat agreed, and James caught the golden gleam of it’s eyes in the darkness.

“James,” the boss smiled, “Are you afraid of the dark? Come closer.”

Careful not to tread on the cat, James took those tentative steps, until he reached a chair- he fumbled, and sat down nervously.

“You can’t be afraid of the dark in our organization, Jimmy.” the boss peered at him, resting his hands on the desk before lighting another cigar. The brief fire lit his face, but the cherry gave him an eery glow, sharpened his features, and made him look as imposing as he should have been in the bar. James swallowed. Hard.

“From now on,” the boss blew a stream of smoke in his new toy’s face, “You are part of the darkness. You are the bad guy, waiting in the shadows- you are the worst thing in the dark alley.”

“I….” James jumped as the Persian rubbed, purring against his legs, “I… am, sir?”

“You will be, eventually.” Giovanni smiled, “Because I’ve decided to give you the job.”

“You have?” James suddenly brightened, “Thank you, sir!” then, remembering what had happened in the car, “What… what will I be doing?”

“For now,” Giovanni slid back in his expensive, posture perfecting chair, “Come closer.”

James put a hand against the desk, to steady himself, and help keep him from stumbling in the low light, and traced the edge with it, until he found himself on the other side. His skin was burning and his head was swimming- the fear, the intimidation- he decided he wasn’t going on his knees again unless he was asked. There was nothing on the desk- no computer, no paper-work- only a vase with what looked to be a single rose in it. A rose… bright red… like Jessica’s hair… so he pushed himself up on it, steadier then he would have been on his feet and higher then he would have been on his knees.

Giovanni smiled, leaned forward ever so slightly, and ran a hand down either side of the youth to his waist, and slowly used the leverage to pull him into his lap.

“You’re shaking,” he held fiercely with one hand and pulled the youth’s chin with the other, forcing eye contact until he had to use that hand to remove his cigar.

“I… I’m sorry,” James hooked his legs through the arm rests, realized that he was completely pinned and hastily added, “Sir.”

“You learn quickly,” The boss took his cigar- obviously expensive, and placed it, still burning in the ash tray James had missed, dangerously close to where he had been sitting, and pulled Jimmy even closer so he could whisper in his ear”I’m going to help you, James. Right now, you’re weak, pliable, you let the world decide your fate. By the time I’m finished with you, you won’t be like that. You’re… you’re like a puppy, like a Growlie. I’m going to turn you into an Arcanine.”

James swallowed nervously, desperately wishing for more alcohol.

“Butch drugged you?” Giovanni asked, James shook uncontrollably, but his boss ignored it, “I can smell the sweet scent on you. Mmm… That little bitch.” James couldn’t help himself, he laughed, “There you go- relax. Part of what you need, James, is to face your past, face your fears, and conquer them. So I’m going to be meeting with you, like this, and I’m going to help you, alright, James?”

It was weird that he kept calling him by his full name. Imposing. What was wrong with Jim? Jimmy? How did you take something like someone’s name and use it to make them nervous? The silence was foreboding- his boss wanted an answer.

“Yes, sir.” James replied, more confident this time, painfully aware, from his position that the boss was packing another present for him, his cock was hardening again, despite the blow-job in the car, and pushing against his pants- and the youth in his lap.

“So,” Giovanni leaned back, his whisper rising only slightly, “Are you ready to talk about your girlfriend?”

“I always…” James faltered, “Thought that girlfriends were voluntary. She’s my fiance. I don’t have a girlfriend. Anymore.”

“You were a child when you met?” When the boss leaned back, the chair went with him, pinning James’s legs completely and forcing him forward, destroying his already weak balance.

“Yes,” James blushed.

“Take your shirt off.” The demand was simple, but James struggled with it. He took a deep breath, choked back tears, and pulled the overly ornate T-shirt over his head. Giovanni ran his hands along the smooth contours of the boy’s chest, marveling at his dancer’s body.

“You said during the ride that you knew more about sex slavery then you wanted,” his boss continued, picked up his cigar and took another puff, “Because of this girl?”

“Y…” Jimmy sighed, swallowed, and tried again, “Yes, sir.”

“Are you afraid?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Why? Have I hurt you?”

“No, sir…” James blushed, “I’m just… nervous. And- that persian… I don’t think she likes me.”

One of Giovanni’s hands fell to his side as James heard another long high-pitched meow drag from the unseen predator. The boss scratched her gently between the ears as James’s shivers changed to downright tremors.

“Don’t worry about her,” Giovanni pulled the youth close, until the Persian was rubbing against his legs, “She’s very,” he paused, jutting his hips in a manner that couldn’t quite be called thrusting- that made James hold back another squeal, “Well trained.”

It was impossible to ignore the hard cock that rubbed against him, or the hands that played gently over his back- the most gentle touch he had felt in days- the youth involuntarily slumped forward, pressing himself into the man’s chest as he spoke again in his calm, authoritarian voice.

“All of my… minions,” May as well use the word now- no use pretending anymore, “Are well-trained. I have no use for those that are not. I demand obedience, but I reward handsomely.”

James nodded, the voice was soothing- and it seemed to good to be true. There had to be a catch- this man wanted to protect him, from his overbearing parents, from the world that would destroy him- for his looks, his money, his perceived importance. Why would he do that?

“So,” his boss continued, straitening his chair, “Why don’t you tell me all about your finance?” he picked up the shirt that James had tossed on his desk and tied his arms behind his back with it- gently at first, then winding firmly until the boy felt his shoulders pull- then Giovanni stood, forcing the youth with him, on his back over his painfully crossed arms, as the sadistic tone found itself creeping back into his voice, “While I bend you over this desk and fuck you properly.”

James started crying- not noticeably, but tears fell in two streams from the corners of his eyes.

“Please boss!” He begged, “Please, sir, not like this!”

“Have you ever been fucked by a man before, James?” The gangster continued, in his booming voice. James shook his head, “Relax. I’m not going to hurt you. Some of the others…” his grin was wicked, and for the first time since climbing into the backseat of a stranger’s car, James felt his fear controlling him, fighting his rational mind, telling him that he had to at least struggle- but he knew that he couldn’t. Even if he escaped, this was not a man he could just run from, and where would he run? Back to the maze crawling with this motherfucker’s henchmen?

“She did this to me,” James was trying not to sob, “You don’t have to tie me up! Please…”

“Shhsss,” his boss pressed against him, sliding a hand between the hard wood of the desk and the small of the teen’s back, “It’s ok. Cry if you have to- fight through it.” He was undoing the youth’s shoes- slid them off and moved to his pants.

James was trying to control his breathing, trying to tell himself that he could ignore it- that no matter what he did, he was already… well… fucked. He felt himself jerked violently as the boss dug his nails into his scalp, pulling a handful of hair forcing him sitting, spinning, down again. He was disoriented in the darkness, now facing down against the desk with one of the boss’s hands around his makeshift cuffs pressing him violently to the surface while the other was pulling apart his legs, forcing one of them to the desk while he tried to maintain his balance on the other.

He lay across the boy, pushing against him, melding into him, until he could nibble the earlobe trying to hide in the cascading purple hair.

“Relax,” was the only command he gave.

And that somehow made it impossible to relax. He tried, with all his might to relax, to focus on the warm connection, the heavy breathing, the sweet scent still floating around his brain, leaving a numb-edged glow on everything. But he still squirmed as he felt his boss pull him farther apart, felt the head of his cock slowly prod at an opening that was not prepared. Then he screamed. Giovanni laughed, and gently nibbled his ear. He thrust forward again, and half his cock disappeared into that young, virgin ass.

“Relax, James,” he whispered, the authoritarian air in his voice mixing, again with concern, sympathy, “You don’t want to get hurt.”

James made a whimper that might have been an agreement. His boss took a side of his hip in either hand, leaned back, and buried himself the rest of the way with no further warning- the youth bucked uncontrollably, and screamed again. He was suddenly drenched in sweat; not being able to move forced him to focus on the searing pain as his ass was split in half- he convulsed, squirmed again, trying to get used to the feeling, the fullness.

Giovanni actually kissed the back of his head before he pulled out. He had cleared a path- it was easier the second time, but he still met with resistance. James convulsed every time he pumped into him, his screams slowly turned from inhuman utterances of pain to… something else. His boss looked down and slapped his firm ass just as he made such a sound.

“You’re fine.” he hissed, “You didn’t rip much for your first time.”

“Rip?” James asked, his hands balled into fists, logic and emotion replaced with a look that couldn’t be placed, dreamy and numb at once, dull and far away- helpless.

“We did go in dry,” Giovanni shrugged and pulled the youth back to him, impaling him, knocking his leg from the desk and planting himself between his spread thighs, forcing him onto his toes, and eliciting another helpless cry.

“Dry?” James repeated in a sob.

“You never told me,” his boss wrapped a hand around the boy’s throat and lifted him from the desk, still spread and half bent, his breath coming in shorter bursts as he realized much of his weight was leaning on his neck, “If this was your first time.”

“Yes,” James was crying- his voice was barely audible as he struggled for breath. He jerked violently as his boss used the position, perfect for riding him, unable to move as he felt the rock hard phallis pumping in and out of him, using him, “Sir,” he added in a sob.

“Hmm…” Giovanni was thinking, his grip tightened, he seemed to consider something, almost threw the boy down, thought better of it, and just let him drop. James practically gulped the air, for lack of anything else to do, and began moaning again, in earnest, as his boss picked up speed.

He was moaning, not screaming now. Giovanni smiled.

“Good boy,” he whispered, the evil creeping back to his voice, “Do you like this?”

There was a pause.


“Hm?” the boy moaned dreamily.

“Having,” the boss paused, pumping hard with every word, “Fun?”

“God- yes!” James thrust back, arching on his toes, “Sir!”

Giovanni smiled- he had been right. He knew of course, from the moment he saw the boy, but he wanted to make sure, wanted the kid to sign his own warrant, as it were.

“Do you want more?” He paused with every question, delighted that James tried to keep pace, but couldn’t, due to his compromised position.

There was another pause, then, “Yes! Yes sir!”

The boss rotated his hips, spinning, leaving just the head inside the youth’s sphincter without going any deeper- James tried to thrust into him, but he held back. There was a whimper from the boy, and his boss laughed- before James had time to utter a protest- he slammed into the youth so hard it forced him back to the desk, knocked the wind out of him, and sent his mind reeling. In the same instant, he had reached under the boy, and clutched his penis with a death grip- the only thing that kept him from slamming his junk into the desk with the ferocity of his torso, and saving him a world of pain.

The boy thrust into his hand, back against his dick, grinding, sliding, making noises that couldn’t have been human. Suddenly, the cries changed- he arched his back against his tormenter, screamed, tensed so hard his muscles shone against his drenched flesh as he shot; once, twice- three times coating the floor below the desk- he heard his boss curse- it had been to much for him. He had fully intended to pull out, to coat the boy in his cum- mark his territory as it were- but he couldn’t. He lost control and exploded, digging into the youth’s flesh and pumping while the boy convulsed- James screamed again, as the salty semen crept into the wounds he had gotten from ripping, as the swollen head of his new employer emptied against his prostate, forcing his muscles to jerk and twist him in a way he had never experienced.

He tried to breath- and couldn’t. Giovanni was slumped over him, his spent cock still inside, their torsos pressed together so tightly James’s lungs had no room to expand. They were both drenched in sweat now. Giovanni ruffled his head and, strangely, counted to three. In his post orgasm stupor, it took James a second to figure out why, as the older man pulled completely out of him in one fell swoop, leaving him feeling strangely empty in a way he had never noticed before.

He pulled James’s shirt from his wrists, but the youth held his position, trying to catch his breath. His boss used the shirt to clean, first his cock, delicately, thoughrally, then the boy himself, before he pulled his pants up, and slapped him on the ass. James sat up on the desk, grimacing in discomfort as he tried to adjust his weight- he was sore, after all, and the gesture wasn’t lost on his boss.

“Good boy,” he said, taking the youth by the chin, and plunging his tongue, suddenly, into his mouth. James started, muffled a scream, then closed his eyes and lost himself. Why not? There was nothing he could have done. Giovanni held him there until he was ready to break away, biting hard on the boy’s lower lip when he did. He kept his chin, forcibly held eye contact until tears swelled in James’s, and he couldn’t hold anymore.

“It will be alright.” The older man assured him, leaning back in his chair and pulling the boy into his lap, in his arms, comforting him, “You’re safe now, James. Welcome, to Rocketto Dan.”

In the darkness, the wildcat’s cry rang out, followed by the soothing sound of a loud purr.

‘How do I get ahead in this business,’ Jim, the young, eager new intern asked me one day, ‘I’ve been here for months and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere.’

‘You want the bosses to notice you,’ I replied, watching as Jen, another intern who had started at the same time as Jim and was now the company director’s personal assistant, sashayed by, ‘Start wearing short skirts and stockings!’

We laughed about it and that’s where I thought we left it. A couple of weeks later, though, and we were rooming together at a conference.

I was a mid-ranking manager at the company and I guess Jim saw me as someone to try and impress and ask for advice if he was to get on in the business. Even so, I was slightly surprised to see how he’d taken on my latest bit of advice when I got back to the room after the conference dinner.

I hadn’t seen Jim all evening and now I could see why, he had been up in the room dressing up. As I came back in, I was confronted with the sight of the office intern dressed in a pair of nylon thigh high stockings whose lacy tops were barely covered by a little pinstripe miniskirt just like the ones Jen liked to wear. He had a pair of patent leather pumps with six inch pointed heels on his feet. The top buttons of his feminine blouse were unbuttoned to reveal a padded black lace bra.

His face was painted in girly make up with scarlet lipstick and a wig of wavy blonde hair completed the look and made him almost unrecognisable as the guy I knew. So much so that for a moment, I thought Jim had scored a girl or had a stripper sent up.

‘Is this the kind of thing you meant?’ he smiled, both sheepish and seductive, ‘Is this the way to get ahead?’

I didn’t really know what to say to this. He really did look pretty like a sexy slut office girl the way he was dressed and it seemed to have screwed with any way I had of thinking straight. It had been a while since I’d seen my wife in such sexy things as my male intern’s bra and stockings.

‘Let me show you what a good service I could provide,’ he walked over, those heels giving him a feminine sway to his walk, I couldn’t take my eyes off those long legs in their sexy nylons, ‘I’ll show you how good a head I’ve got for this business.’

Before I really knew what was happening, he had started to kiss me. His hand ran down my chest and was unzipping my pants. I realised my dick was getting a little hard.

I tried to put a stop to this.

‘Jim stop it, don’t be ridiculous. I’ve got a wife back home. And besides, I’m not into other guys.’

‘I’m not either, I’m just trying to give myself something extra the other guys won’t give,’ he said, ‘And give you what your wife won’t! She won’t ever know. Nobody will.’

He was right. My wife hadn’t gone down on my dick in what felt like forever. She hadn’t made this kind of effort with heels, short skirts and stockings in a long while either. I might not have been into guys, but right now the one in my room looked more like a hot woman than she did.

He was right too about how she wouldn’t ever have to find out what went on in this hotel room. I could get my rocks off with this sexy boy babe tonight and then go back to normal after I got back.

I ran my eyes hungrily down Jim’s girly dressed up body. It certainly looked feminine enough to fuck.

All of a sudden, however, I noticed one thing that wasn’t so girly. Sticking out from beneath that slutty little miniskirt was the circumcised head of a horny young man’s dick, already glistening with his precum.

Jim was obviously not wearing any girly panties under his little skirt and that skirt was so short that it barely managed to cover his manhood. Now, as the situation obviously began to excite him, that manhood was swelling up and that growth had pushed it out beneath the bottom of his skirt.

Even as I eyed him up, his dick was getting harder and that was pushing the skirt up, making it rise to expose him.

Oddly, it was the sight of this aroused manly member that started to fascinate me. I was keen on how easily I could tell that Jim was into what was happening from the growing cock beneath his skirt. The combination of very feminine clothes and underwear and that hard dick was strange and alluring.

I pushed him down onto his knees and dropped my pants around my ankles. My own dick was getting to a state where it was nearly as hard as his.

He looked a proper little slut on his knees in his little skirt, lacy bra exposed, looking up into my eyes, licking his lipstick wearing lips, anticipating getting a taste of me.

‘OK,’ I said, ‘You want to really impress the bosses, you need more than just dressing to impress. Show me what you can really do. Give me head and get ahead.’

He grabbed my semi-erect cock in his hand and started jerking it as he licked around the head. Before too long, he had opened his mouth and let my shaft slide between his scarlet lips.

He sucked and slurped all around my dick, letting it grow longer and thicker in his mouth. I’d never been given head like this by a real girl. It wasn’t that he was particularly skilled at it, just the eagerness with which he stroked my shaft and sucked the head was enough to bring me to loud groans and sighs.

‘Oh come on, baby, that’s it, that’s a good girl.’

His own dick had now pushed right up out from beneath that tiny skirt and I couldn’t help staring down at it poking out like that, just above the lace stocking tops covering his thighs.

I ran my eyes along the curve of his calves clad in nylon stockings from the pointed heels of his pumps up to the bare skin of his thighs. I knew that I had to get myself between those sexy stockinged legs. I had to fuck this girly boy’s ass.

‘How’s that for you, sir?’ he grinned, licking at my quivering dick, ‘Better than a stuck up real girl could do?’

‘Oh yes, I’ve never had a girl give head so keenly. Let’s see if a sexy dolled up boy babe can fuck better than a real girl too.’

I turned him round and bent him over the bed. Kneeling behind him, I flipped that tiny miniskirt up around his waist to reveal his bare naked hairless ass and thigh high nylons.

I pushed his nylon wearing legs open wide and positioned my dick, wet with the saliva of his cocksucking mouth, right behind his pert little ass with its tight hole.

‘Fuck me sir,’ he turned back and grinned, lipstick smeared and wig slightly adjusted, still looking like a sexy babe, but a dirtier one than before, ‘Fuck me better than a real girl. My skirt wearing boy ass is so much tighter than a woman’s cunt.’

It sure was. As I pushed right up inside him, his ass clenched tightly around my junk, making me get even harder. He gasped and still I pushed in until I was buried right inside and could feel his tightness all around me.

It was such a good feeling as I started pounding my intern’s ass, seeing him bent over and stretched out on the bed, in his blouse and stockings looking just like a little secretary girl getting pounded by her boss.

My wife would never let me do her anally, but Jim was really getting into it, slamming his tight ass up to meet my deep thrusts. The tight feel of his warm hole wrapped around my dick was sending me into ecstasy.

‘Oh baby, that’s a girl, what a tight hole you’ve got, feels so good on my dick.’

‘Mmm, tighter than a real girl?’ he moaned, ‘See how I can please you more, give you more. Your company needs someone like me.’

It was true, this was better than any fuck I’d ever had with a normal girl, he was so keen to do things other girls needed persuading into, to dress in stockings and miniskirts, to give head and take a dick up the ass.

It was so obvious that he was into it too and that got me off even more. I’d have thought that the give away feeling of my balls slapping his, reminding me that I wasn’t doing a cute girl intern like Jen up the ass, but my male buddy, would have put me off, but it just drove me on more.

More than his moans and sighs of pleasure, I enjoyed how hard and excited I could feel my fucking was making Jim’s dick.

Completely on instinct, I reached around between his legs and grasped his dick in my hand. I started jerking him off as I pounded his ass, enjoying the feel of his dick alive and excited in my hand.

I flipped him onto his back so I could admire that feminine dressed up body with his hard, erect masculinity jutting right out.

He lay back on the bed, spread his stocking wearing legs wide and I got in between them, kneeling with my dick in his ass and his long, sexy legs around my waist, pulling me deeper in.

As I grasped his dick and started wanking him, he tore the blouse open to reveal his black lace bra, looking for all the world like it was on the chest of a real woman. As he threw his dirty blonde head back and sighed like a girl, he began to fondle his chest like there really were tits in that bra.

It was quite a sexy sight, only enhanced by feeling his dick in my hand on the verge of reaching its climax from my anal pounding.

‘Ahh, you don’t get to see an orgasm like this from a real girl either,’ he gasped as his cock blew off in my hand.

He was certainly right, it was a hot sight seeing what looked in almost every way like a slutty girl, shooting streams of sticky white cum right up over her blouse and bra, even hitting herself in the face with some.

That gave me an idea and I pulled my cock, so near its own climax, out of Jim’s ass and stuck it right back in his face, wanking it off until it exploded a steaming, sticky hot load right down his cheeks, over his lips and into his mouth.

He licked and swallowed my salty spunk like I’d only seen from porn stars. Even when my wife had sucked my dick, she’d never swallow and now my male intern was doing it instead.

Watching his pretty, girly face as he licked his scarlet lips of my cum I knew that my earlier thoughts about going back to normal life after this had been wrong.

He’d been right all along to follow my advice about getting ahead in stockings and short skirts.

He’s now got a permanent job at the company as my own personal assistant and he is very good at giving me just what I need!

This story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. You may reprint this as needed, just give credit to the author. If any differences occur between continuity, accept the one you like better as truth, and enjoy!

Here’s the last recap for you loyal readers out there (I apologize for the delay, life got hard, unfortunately, not the fun kind), Got your cocks out? Good, because let me tell you, this one’s gonna be a ride! Two weeks ago, I went on vacation from work, got stood up on a date, and the following day a package arrived at my apartment containing a pair of black panties with a pink heart. From there, I was compelled to suck dick, take it up the ass, and then my body started to shift to a woman’s body, well except for my cock, the only masculine thing left. I met another girl in a similar situation who helped me through the hardest change, then the other night, I had a three some with a woman and her boyfriend. But alas, this vacations almost over, and work looms ahead.

It’s now 6am in the morning, and Roy Barker is dead, in his place is Rachel, and I have work. I have to return to Roy’s job, Roy’s life, but I’m no longer him. I’m not the quiet submissive lanky man that used to be pushed around by corporate America, I was a woman, mostly, and I was a sexy beast that only craved to please. How am I to return to the dull life, and more importantly, what’re my coworkers going to think?

My phone rang then, 6am and someone was calling me. “Hello?” I answered, questioning who would want to call me at such a time.

“Roy, it’s Gary, listen, I know you’ve had a long vacation, so let me make today a little easier, sleep in a bit, come in at ten instead of eight.”

I tried to muster as masculine of a voice as I could, “Okay, Gary. I appreciate the time.”

“Don’t worry about it, when you get in, just head up to my office, I want to talk to you about what you’ve missed at the office.”

“Thanks sir, I will see you around ten then.”

I hung up and looked up at the ceiling. There was no way I was going to hide this body, double D tits are not easily hidden, nor do I want them to be. I’m proud of these breasts. I tried to fall back to sleep, but my penis was hard and stiff. I reached my hand down into my panties and released my morning wood. It stood straight up high, I rolled my hand over its seven inches as its pleasure rolled through my body. What is it about morning wood that feels so amazing? I moaned as I climaxed and then licked up the cum. I had not only grown accustomed to its taste, but I craved it.

I got up and decided to use my morning to figure out what I was going to do. I figure worst case scenario, I would be let go from my job and be a laughing stock, but I could get a new job and no one would know of my previous life, maybe if I’m lucky, no one will remember me and I could just say I’m new. Over breakfast, I figured I would go in, dressed as sexy as I could be, and maybe I could get myself a promotion for sucking enough cock.

I was stressing myself out over this. I took a long hot shower, letting the water roll off my back and down my slender legs. Body hair still didn’t grow anywhere but the heart shape pubes. I felt the smooth skin and remembered the few women I had the fortune of fucking when I was a guy. Maybe I could find myself a beautiful lesbian woman, and we could run off to an island. I could bury my face deep inside her muff and lick her clit for hours as she grinds her crotch into my face and moans and purrs. My penis was stiff again. I relieved it quickly this time and began to get dressed.

I slipped on a pair of dark stockings and attached it to the garter belt. I put a grey business skirt on, short of course, I have to show off these legs. A black bra under a white blouse, making sure to leave a few of the top buttons left open to reveal my ample cleavage. I put my hair up in a bun and wore a pair of fake glasses to complete the look. I was so generically sexy, but I loved it. A pair of hills completely the ensemble and I left for work, not sure where the time went.

The office looked the same as usual, the bland cold grey and beige walls and potted plants that should just be fake. I walked past the desk, attracting views from coworkers left and right. I caught women’s jealous eyes, and means naughty eyes. I pictured all the men undressing me, and fantasizing about my abundant bosom bouncing in their face as they fucked me. They had no idea of what was between my legs, but at this point, I did not care.

I knocked on Gary’s door and heard him call me in.

“Hello Gary.” I said.

He looked up at me, eyed me up and down, “Do I know you, miss?”

I stuttered a little, “Its-Its Roy, Gary.” Gary was a tall businessman, about fifty years old, his hair salt and peppered.

His mouth dropped, “Roy? Must have been some vacation.” He said, still in shock.

“Yeah, it’s been a crazy two weeks.”

“I can tell that.” He sat in silence for awhile, I could see him shuffle in his seat, and knew that something was growing in his pants. “Are you completely?”

“I still have the manly bits, if that’s what you’re hinting at.”

He seemed a little bummed but not discouraged. “What brought upon such a change?”

“I don’t know, I found a pair of panties, and soon after I was turned into this.”

“Well,” He thought for a moment, “We are an equal opportunity employer, Roy-”

“Rachel” I corrected

“Rachel, so we can’t fire you for personal changes, your job is, well your job.”

“I’m glad to hear that, I was worried.” I leaned forward a little, revealing more cleavage for his view.

“I-I could not fire you for personal choices, but some people might ask questions, ya know?”

I smiled a little, “Well, maybe there’s another position you’d rather see me in.”

“Oh, I can think of many.”

I stood up and walked over and sat in front of him on his desk. He placed one of his hands on my legs, and moved it up and down, gently rubbing. I purred at his touch. Now, I was horny too. I moved off the desk and sat in his lap, wrapping my hands around his head and started to gently kiss his neck. His one arm wrapped around my waist, as his other moved to cup one of my breast. He massaged it gently at first, but soon was putting more strength into it. I began to move my kisses closer to his mouth until we locked lips. His tongue swirled in mine.

We parted kisses, and I slid onto my knees, and began to unfasten his belt buckle. I could feel his stiff cock underneath the grey business suit. It begged to be freed. I reached in and pulled it out. It was stiff as a board, but the skin was soft as I started to work my hand up and down the thick shaft. It must have only been about seven and a half inches, not much bigger than mine, but it was thicker, that’s for sure. I kissed the head, and worked my tongue up the shaft. As I was about to stick the entire thing in my mouth, his phone range.

“Drat” he said, “Hold on one sec, hun, I have to take this.”

I felt disappointed at the turn of events. Here I was getting all worked up and excited, and it has to halt.

He spoke to the other person, “Alright, I’ll be done in a minute. You know, you’re timing his horrible, I just got one of my employees back from vacation and we were just catching up.”

He hung up the phone and stood up, fixing his pants, “I’m sorry, Rachel but we’ll have to postpone this. I’ll be back in fifteen.”

“You better be,” I purred, “you’ve got me excited.” He hurried out of the office, and I sat there on a floor for a few minutes rubbing my cock through my skirt. “When did I become such a pervert” I asked myself, but then I remembered the panties and smiled.

I got off the floor and sat in his big leather chair and spun around once or twice in it, before deciding to be naughty and look around his office. I opened the drawers in his desk, besides some papers, pens, and folders, I found a flask, took a swig of the scotch inside, found a box of cigars with the metal casing, and thought of naughty things I could do with it. Then I opened the bottom drawer, inside were a bunch of files, and one with a green label with a white clover on it.

I paused for a second and remembered Michelle. Her panties were green with a white clover on them. I took out the file and read. It was detailing Michelle before the change, where she got stood up on a date, and the next morning she received her pair of panties, and then there for photos of her, hidden photos taken of her from all over her house and out and about. The pictures went all the way until she met me, then they stopped the same time Michelle disappeared from my life.

There were several more files, and I finally came to another one. Black label, pink heart.

“Roy Barker, social outcast, little to no friends, family far away. Perfect candidate for MP 2.3.”

It detailed my change, including encounters that I don’t remember. It seems I had been a busy girl those first few days before my encounter with Mark in the schoolgirl outfit. Including Gary. I put the folder away and now I knew he was behind this. Hidden cameras in my house, using me without my permission, but the question of why bogged my mind.

I heard someone coming closer to the office and I made sure to clean up my mess quickly, and sat behind the desk in the chair, my legs resting up on the desk. Gary walked in and smiled at me. “Hello Rachel, I apologize for that, now where were we?”

I smiled, rolled the chair out from behind the desk and spread my legs, “I do believe that you were about to suck my cock.” I lifted my skirt to reveal the bulge in my panties.

He chuckled, “My dear, I do believe it was the other way around.”

“Nope.” I said, licking my lips, “My clitty needs a lick, and it’s looking at you.”

He moved over to me and kneeled down, “That’s a good boy, give me a lick.” This guy was getting nothing from me, and I had overheard one day that one of the girls that worked here said he was into being dominated. He pulled out my erect cock from behind the magic panties, for I had worn them today.

“Those are nice panties,” he said as he pulled out my cock.

“Thanks, they’re my… favorite pair.” I said, “Now stop chatting and suck my dick, you little cocksucker.”

He dove in, wrapping his lips around my cock, I could feel his tongue work over my erect member, and I began to moan. I could get use to this dominating thing, I thought. He bobbed his head up and down, driving my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth, I could feel it hitting the back of his throat, but he didn’t gag.

“You’re good at this.”

He hummed an acknowledgement never removing my cock from his mouth. He finally pulled off, licked up and down my shaft, pleasing my member. He twirled his tongue over my head, and then dove back in. I could feel his tongue rubbing my shaft as he moved up and down, finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer, I began to shoot loads and loads of cum into his mouth, and he swallowed every ounce of it.

He stood up and fixed his tie quietly. He seemed almost ashamed of himself.

“You seemed to enjoy that.” I said as I got out of his chair and adjusted my outfit.

He looked over to me, and then started to undo his belt, “It’s my turn now, you’re going to finish what you started.”

“Not yet,” I said putting hand over his lips, “Why don’t you come over to my place tonight after work, and I’ll give you all the satisfaction you want,” I started to walk out, “Anyway, they’ll start to ask questions out there if I don’t leave here soon.”

He stood there in silence as I left. I left the office building and went back to my house. I had too many emotions in me right now. I knew the person who had done this to me, and I was angry that this happened. But I enjoyed who I was now. I was confident, sexy, and could have any mate I wanted.

I wanted to try to reach out to Michelle, tell her all about it, but there was a feeling that she already knew. That that may have been the reason she left, she helped me and she could get more, or get free, or I don’t know. I was confused and looking for an outlet. I couldn’t relax, I sat in my recliner just trying to figure out what I was going to do.

Then it hit me. I smiled. This was going to be a very exciting night. I went up to my closet and took off the office regalia I had on. I found myself one of my sexiest lingerie corsets: black with red strings and frills and a matching pair of panties.

I left the store quickly and met with a few older acquaintances for some help with my revenge. I got home, stripped to jus the corset and panties, and noticed that he should be here soon if he was leaving directly from work. I found a bottle of red wine and dropped a pill I had gotten off a friend into his glass. I filled the chalice and watched the pill fizz away right before a knock on the door.

I ran to the door and put on a giddy demeanor. Behind it was Gary, still in his suit and painted with a grin that he was going to have a fun night. “Gary! It’s such a pleasure to see you, I hope you don’t mind that I’m not dressed yet.”

“My dear,” he stuttered, “It-it’s not a problem at all, you look gorgeous.”

“As do you, you horny old man.” I showed him into my apartment and handed him his wine.

“I see you spared no expense at romancing your boss.” He spoke before drinking from the wine.

I let out a devious smile, “Why, I don’t think you know what kind of night your in for.”

He took another sip, then looked up at me curiously.

“Take another drink, and take a seat on the couch.”

He did as commanded. I already noticed that his actions were starting to slow. “I’m feeling very tired my dear, maybe some coffee to perk me up.”

“I think I know just the thing,” I whispered before he passed out.

Gary woke up, he had no idea how much time had passed. He tried to move his arms, but they were handcuffed to the bed. He looked down and saw all his clothes were gone, all that was on him was a pair of black panties with a pink heart.

“Isn’t it kinky?” I said from the doorway, wearing just a robe.

“Get-get these panties off me!”

“Why, don’t you think it’s sexy to wear a girls panties?” I said, playing dumb.”

“Just not this pair!”

“Afraid of becoming a girl?”

“No-no, wait.” Realization struck him. “You know.”

“I snooped around your office, I’m sorry I’m such a naughty girl.”

“I-you can’t! Don’t do this to me! How long have they been on? How long have I been out?”

“A few hours, I think, I lost track of time. Tell me, how would you like a hard dick up your ass?”

He stuttered, “I don’t don’t fuck give me your hard cock!” He looked scared of what he shouted, “No no no, don’t do this.”

“I think it’s too late, old man.” I sat down next to him on the bed. “What do you want right now.”

“You to set me free so you can fuck my ass raw.”

“That’s a good sissy.”

“You like my cock?”

“I want to worship it.”

“So tell me, because you have to give me information before I can grant your wish.”

“I’ll tell you anything, mistress! Please just give me your cock.” He was begging now.

“Why? Why did you do this to me?”

He paused, “Science, and because I can’t help myself, I love turning men into woman, the transformation gets me so hard.”

“Harder than my cock makes you.”

“Not anymore mistress, I want to serve your cock.”

“What happened to Michelle?”

“She…she helped you, so I gave her the final piece.”

“Piece? Explain yourself sissy, or I won’t fuck you.”

“I-I make them help in the transition, then I give them a new pair of panties that finishes the transformation, they can become fully female.”

“Where’s my pair?”

“In the safe behind my office, the combination is 42-23-17-40.”

“My, my, you’re a good sissy.” I undid his handcuffs and discarded my robe, leaving me naked lying next to him.

Like a good sissy, he sat up and instantly wrapped his mouth around my dick. I could feel his lips and tongue work their magic. He was going with much more fervor now, his head bobbing up and down much faster, and my dick sliding further down his throat with each thrust. Oh, he would be such a wonderful slut. When he had my dick lubed up with his saliva, he got up and bent forward, producing his ass for me. I pulled the cursed panties down and put my erect cock up against his tight asshole.

“Ever been fucked before, slut?” I called.

“No Mistress, I was always afraid!”

“Are you afraid now?”

“Yes Mistress! Very afraid!”

“But you want it?”

“I do! Please mistress, fuck me, fuck me like a good slut!”

How could I say no? I pushed my head in, slowly. I could feel his tight ass quench around it, but he eventually eased and I was able to slide it in further. Slowly I pushed my shaft deeper and deeper until I was right up against him. “How does my cock feel slut?”

“It’s perfect mistress!”

I began to thrust slowly. Pulling my cock almost out, then pushing it in. The suction and tightness made it so hard to contain myself, but I kept myself from filling him up, it wasn’t time yet. I started to thrust a bit harder, but he was still giving too much resistance. I pulled my cock all the way out from his ass.

“Mistress, don’t stop!”

“I’m not finished yet, slave.” I pulled a bottle of lube off my night stand and applied it generously to my cock and his ass. I positioned myself again and this time my cock went in with no resistance. He yelped a bit of pain, but didn’t protest. He was going to make a nice slut. I started to thrust harder and harder now. He began to moan louder and louder, I couldn’t believe that such a strong boss could be reduced to such a sissy. He was loving it, and I was so turned on. I began to pull my cock all the way out, then slamming it back in. I wanted to destroy his ass. The anger that was withheld was coming out, as I thrust harder and harder, I could feel his muscles quench and tighten around my cock, and it just made me thrust harder. He couldn’t stand the pleasure and pain, he looked back and I saw tears.

“Am I going to hard for you sissy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well you were a naughty boy.”

“I was, but I want to be a good sissy.”

“Then take my cock and the pain that comes with it.”

He accepted my command, but I couldn’t contain myself any longer, a few more good thrust and I felt his cock explode within his ass. I shot load after load into him, and as I pulled my cock out, the warm semen started to seep from his ass.

“That was a good sissy. Now go run along home, and I never want to see you again.

“Yes mistress, thank you.”

He quickly put on his dress shirt and pants, and fled my home, still wearing the magic panties. I got dressed and put on something casual and drove back to my old job. In his office, I found the safe he spoke of and unlocked it. Inside was a pair of black panties with a pink heart, and a note.

“You’ve received this because you helped another get through the transition. You’re reward is full femininity. Wear these, and you will be a complete woman.”

Do I want this? Do I want to get rid of all that’s left of Roy? Is it time for Rachel to take over?

I smiled and took the panties home. I think it was time to bury all that was left of Roy.

The End

My name is Melody and I love my job. It wasn’t always like that. Before old man Hawking retired I had the most boring secretarial job in the company. Then my new boss showed up, and all that changed. We were wondering what he’d be like. All we knew was that his name was Mr. Johnson, and that he was relocating from our London office. I was particularly worried, not knowing if I would be kept on or be sent back down to the secretarial pool.

Finally the big day came. I wore my best suit. Midnight blue to bring out my eyes, and custom tailored to fit like a glove. He stormed past my desk and into his office, slamming the door behind him, and I knew I was in trouble.

I heard not a peep from him for the next several hours, then was abruptly summoned into his office. He slowly walked around me several times, taking in every detail as he asked me questions. How long I had been with the company, whether I liked it here or not, what my duties for Mr. Hawking entailed…

Suddenly, he stopped in front of me and began to unbutton my jacket. I froze as he slipped it from my shoulders and stared at my breasts. I don’t know if it was the way he looked at me or the chill from the air conditioning, but my nipples became erect and strained at the silk of my blouse. He smiled, then returned to his desk and sat down.

I stood there, not knowing what to do or say as he continued to stare at my body. Then he spoke, “Unbutton your blouse and remove your bra.” I remained motionless, my mind whirling. Not wanting to comply, yet unwilling to lose my job. “NOW!” he said. With trembling hands I did as he asked. As I dropped my bra onto the chair, he began to rub the growing erection in his pants.

“Beautiful.” he said, “Now get on your hands and knees and crawl to me. And do not look me in the eyes unless I tell you to, bitch.” Until that day I had never been spoken to like that. But something began to stir inside me. I lowered myself to the floor, pulled my skirt up slightly, and crawled to him. When I reached him he ordered me to straighten, place my hands in my lap, and keep my eyes lowered. I did so and heard, rather than saw, him releasing his penis from his trousers.

He then started to roughly fondle my breasts as he spoke. “You have a very desirable body Melody; let’s see if you know how to use it properly. I have not cum since leaving England. My balls are full and I need release. You will suck my cock, you will allow me to ejaculate into your mouth, and you will swallow every drop. How well you do so will determine whether or not you still have a job. Is that clear, slut?”

I whispered “Yes, Sir” and took his penis into my mouth. He was rough, grabbing my hair and thrusting himself in and out of my mouth. I began to choke, but he only laughed and pushed himself deeper. My throat muscles began to open, stretching around his throbbing member.

He started to moan as his balls hit my chin. I licked, sucked, fucked his cock with my mouth, and within minutes it began to spasm. He growled “Swallow it, Bitch!”, and stream after stream of the sweetest cum I had ever tasted began to explode down the back of my throat.

I swallowed furiously to keep up, and milked his swollen balls for him. When he had spent himself he told me to get dressed and get back to work. As I left his office he said “Be here at the usual time tomorrow. And you are not allowed to wear panties to work from now on. Shut the door behind you.”

That was two years ago. And in those two years, Mr. Johnson has used and abused my body on a daily basis, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! But all good things must come to an end. I’m getting married next month and will be moving away. But before I go I must find a replacement for myself. One that will be suitable for Mr. Johnson’s special needs.

It hasn’t been easy, and Mr. Johnson requires me to pre-screen all the candidates, to save him the trouble of having to interview them all himself. That’s what I’m doing today. The waiting room is full of women applying for the position, but I have my eye on one on particular.

She’s young and very pretty. Petite with large, full breasts, just the way he likes them. She hasn’t much experience, and is obviously eager to impress me. But as she waits, she sees one woman after another being dismissed, and is getting more nervous by the minute.

I message Mr. Johnson to tell him to be ready for an interview. And I know his cock is getting hard already. I finally motion her to the seat at my desk, and make a show of perusing her resume. She fidgets, and it’s all I can do to keep from smiling at her discomfort.

Finally, I speak, “This is a very prestigious position, and the job description encompasses many things.” She interrupts, and begins to stammer about how she knows she’s young, and doesn’t have the qualifications of the other candidates.

I hold up my hand to silence her. “Actually” I say, “assuming she has the basic skills for the job, Mr. Johnson prefers to train his secretary to accommodate his personal business style. How badly do you want this job?”

Her face lights up, and she stammers “More than I can tell you! I need this job so badly, and I am willing to learn from the ground up!”

I smile. “That’s exactly how you will be trained, from the ground up. And if you are willing to do what he asks, rest assured, you will get the job. Follow me.” I knock once on the office door and lead her in by the elbow. “Mr. Johnson, this is Tina. She says she is willing to learn this job from the ground up, just as I did.”

He rises and walks over to her. She is too nervous to meet his gaze. Perfect. I step aside to allow him to circle her slowly, just as he did me that first day. The growing bulge in his pants tells me I have chosen well. He removes a pen from his breast pocket, stops behind her and uses it to lift the hem of her skirt. She gasps and whirls around. “Stand still!” I command, “Do you want this job, or not?”

Trembling, she whispers “Yes”, and Mr. Johnson returns to his chair, propping his feet up on the desk. I lead her over to his desk and stand close behind her. I reach around and begin to undo the buttons on the front of her dress.

She stiffens, and I whisper in her ear “I know how you feel because I was in your position once. But just relax and let this happen. One day very soon you will be glad you did. I promise.”

I continue until the last button is released, then gently slide her dress off her shoulders and push it over her hips to fall to the floor. She whimpers sweetly when she feels my fingers unhook her bra, but does not resist.

I reach around to the front and ease the undergarment from her full, firm breasts. Sir smiles his approval and says “Exquisite. How hard do her nipples get?” I pinch them lightly between my fingers and roll them back and forth. They harden immediately at my touch and jut out invitingly.

When I glance at my Boss, he is slowly rubbing his cock through his pants. “Now, show me her fuck holes.” he says. I slip my thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and lower myself to the floor, pulling them down with me. I rise, hold the crotch down with the toe of my shoe, and tell her to step out of them. She mutely complies and nearly falls, as her knees are so weak. I grab her waist to steady her. Then run my hands slowly down her smooth, flat belly to her inner thighs, and gently press outwards.

I whisper in her ear “Show him what you have to offer, sweetheart.” She does as she is told, parting her legs. I tilt her back slightly to lean against me and pull her open wide to show my boss both of her holes. Sir rises and comes to us, then looks at me over her shoulder and gives a curt nod in my direction. I step back and begin to quickly undress as he explores her young body with his hands.

When I am naked but for my heels, he tells me to sit in his chair, spread my legs and prop them over the arms of the chair. When I have done so, he says to Tina “Do you see those holes? She has used them to make me very happy, as she has also done by bringing you to me. I wish to reward her now. Kneel between her legs.”

She sinks slowly to her knees and looks up at me. “But I’ve never… I don’t know how!” I smile and wrap my fingers in her hair, pulling her face to my aching pussy. She begins to lick tentatively at first, then with more enthusiasm. I moan and sink back into the chair as my clit begins to swell, and just before my eyes close, I see my Sir unzipping his pants.

I hear him quietly move to stand behind me, and a moment later his hands are on my breasts, grabbing them roughly and squeezing. His touch sends a thrill through me, and I pull the girls face tighter against me and start to grind my wet pussy onto her mouth. The Boss laughs and tells her to suck on my clit.

As soon as she does I begin to cum, my cunt squirting juice until it runs down the crack of my ass. Sir releases my tits and swiftly moves around behind the girl. I release her hair just in time for the Boss to use it to pull her to her feet, then grab my arm and pull me to mine.

He spins her around and shoves her head down onto the desk, using his foot to force her legs apart. He pushes his cock between her legs, and then draws back in disgust. “She’s hardly wet!” he growls. “Open YOUR legs! I know YOUR fucking cunt is dripping right now!” I immediately prop one foot up on the desk top, brace myself, and lean back to allow him easy access.

He steps between my legs, cock in hand, and uses the head of it to part my swollen pussy lips. He thrusts violently forward, slamming his cock all the way into me, 1, 2, 3 times. Then he pulls quickly out and says “Thanks for the lube, cunt. Now guide me to that bitch’s fuck hole!”

I grasp the base of his penis and feel it throbbing strongly as he positions himself back behind Tina. I rub his dick up and down her slit to lubricate it and part the lips, then position the fat, shiny head against her hole and say “Ready Sir.”

He pushes forward. She squeals in pain as his prick stretches her open. He moans “Ohhhhh. Good job cunt. Her little fuck hole is even tighter than yours!”

A twinge of jealousy passes through me, but I reply “Thank you Sir.” He reaches forward, clamps a hand over her mouth, and rams his cock all the way in. It’s obvious her muffled screams excite him even more, as he starts to pound more furiously into her young cunt. I know my job well after 2 years in his service, and drop to my knees behind him to fondle his cum-filled balls as he fucks her.

His balls begin to tighten and I know he’s close to shooting his load into her. Another twinge of jealousy hits me. This one unnecessary, as he then says to me “I’m going to save her virgin asshole for another day. Assume the position next to her.” I rise swiftly, joy filling my heart, and bend over the desk at her side. He uses her for a few more strokes, then pulls out and steps behind me. I reach pack to pull the cheeks of my ass open. I know he likes a good view.

He presses his pussy-slick cock to my asshole and forces it open. I moan, and shudder with delight as he fills me completely and fucks me like the bitch in heat that I am. I rock my hips in perfect rhythm to his thrusts, making sure to stroke the entire length of his cock with my tight little ass. Then I look over at Tina, lying next to me, tears still drying on her face. I smile. She smiles back. And I know that my job is done.

Sir begins to moan, his cock swells and I tighten my muscles to grab it even better for him. I feel it begin to jerk, then spasm rhythmically as he pumps his thick, hot sperm deep inside my ass. I savor the feeling knowing it will be the last time I ever experience it.

I continue to rock my hips, slowly milking him of every last drop of his precious seed. When he’s finally finished cumming he pulls his now satisfied prick from my well-fucked hole and gives me a pat on the ass. “Good girl” he says. “Show Tina what to do next.” I slide from the desk to the floor and lovingly lick his cock clean before gently putting it back into his pants for him.

He sits at his desk, and resumes working. Not even glancing at us as we quickly and quietly dress. We head for the door, and without looking up he mutters “Goodbye and good luck, Melody.” The tears in my eyes make it difficult to see as I fumble the office door open and walk out.

Just before the door closes, the Boss says “Melody?” I turn and see him staring into my eyes. “I’ve decided this won’t be our last fuck after all. On your wedding day you will stop here on your way to the church. I’ve always thought you looked good in white.”

I’ve worked so many temp jobs since I was laid off last year sometimes I am not even surprised by the requirements of some of these assignments.

My most recent assignment was at some huge multinational conglomerate’s local office in my city. I was assigned to one of the executives whose own secretary was out sick or something like that. As a temp I never really care the reason, only that this assignment is close to home and even includes lunch so I make out well for a day’s work.

When Mandy at the temp office called to offer me the assignment she was very careful to apprise me of the required dress code for this office. Female employees are required to wear skirt and blouse and stockings were a must. She told me that they expect all of their employees to be pleasing to the eye.

Well that is not hard. I am considered pretty by most who know me. My 38 D’s fill out a blouse well enough and hardly sag, especially since all of my bras are the wired lacy kind, you know the kind without any padding so that anyone who looks can see if I am perking out. My big dark points often press hard against my white silky blouses.

So I told Mandy that I would be properly dressed for work at 8am the next day.

While I have a very nice shape, big tits, small waist and a firm ass I don’t usually dress to show much skin. It’s all left to the imagination of those watching. I dressed in a while blouse buttoned down the front with little frills at the wrist of the long sleeves. I paired the blouse with a black pencil skirt, not too short mind you, and moderately high heels. I didn’t want to wear heels too high since I was not sure of how much walking or standing I would be doing.

I pulled my waist length auburn hair back into single braid down my back. I like it that way, it practical and I like how the end of the braid feel tickling the top of my ass as I walk.

So I was ready for my assignment and showed up at 8am at the front desk.

I told the girl manning the desk that I was reporting from my temp agency and was told to ask for Tom in acquisitions. She told me to take the North elevator up to the 14th floor and I would see signs pointing me tot eh acquisitions department.

So up UI went and sure enough when I got out of the elevator at the 14th floor a sign pointed the way. I went through the door and inside I would see that the reception desk was empty but ahead was a door with Tom’s name so I knocked and a voice told me to enter.

Tom was 40ish, tall, built and blond. This will be a fun day I thought, especially working for such a cutie.

He looked up from his desk and said “I have a huge project and my assistant is out sick, which is why you are here.” he said. “Make yourself comfortable at her desk and I will let you know when I need you.”

So I went back out to the empty reception desk and settled myself. Computer, phone, pens and pencils, all standard office fare.

Throughout the morning I answered a few called, received a few packages and the mail, until lunch time.

Tom called me in to let me know what he would be having and told me to call in eh lunch order for the two of us and it would be delivered to the office.

When it did he invited me into eat with him at his conference table. It was mostly covered with papers but there was plenty of room for the two of us and the drinks and sandwiches we had ordered.

We ate and hatted and when we were done and the table cleared he began to explain that he needed me for. Did I mention that he was hot and I was wearing little tini tiny black lace panties that were quickly getting wet as I listened to him explain about the collating and charts and copying that he needed me to do. At one point I stood up to come around to his side of the table so he could show me how the final report had to be assembled and leaned over the table.

So here I am leaning over the table looking at the prototype report and I know that he could see right into my blouse and my full perky boobs and my big dark hardening nipples. It’s not that I left the blouse open but I never button the top two buttons and in the position you can see right in.

I knew he could see in and I knew he could see how big and hard my nipples were getting because he kept stumbling over his works. I also glanced down and could see him growing in his soft gray wool dress pants and subtly hear his breath quicken as he tried to keep talking.

It was then that I shifted slightly and I showed a bit more leg at the slit in my skirt opened slightly showing the tops of my black stockings. It was then that I felt his hand softly caress my ass. Very gently and then pull it away, causing a tiny moan escape my lips. I thought to myself “I need to get back to work.” I need this assignment and I was not sure how this was going to end.

So I stood and taking the prototype I went back to my desk to begin my part of the project.

I settled myself at the desk and began the work in between phones calls. I am not sure how much time passed before Tom came out with another section of the report for me and came close setting it down but standing above me. He leaned over me to turn a page to show me some detail (which means he could look down my blouse again) and as he reach to turn the next page his had brushed my breast. My nipple sprang to life under his touch and again he jerked away and went back to his office.

An hour passed and he called me in to go over the next section. He was standing at a white board and went through the progression of the project for me. Again I felt his hand in my bottom and his finger reaching between my cheeks.

Hmmmm thought to myself. If I give in to what he seems to want will I be in trouble? Is this harassment? Is he trying to get something out of me improper, yes, sex at the office is improper but that’s not what I mean.

So I decided to be bold and I turned to him so that my breast boldly rubbed against him and reached out to caress his (very firm) bottom in my hand. He did not pull away so I left my hand there and with the other pulled him toward me so that we were facing each other and I kissed him. I had to stand on tippy toe but he bent down to meet me.

“Is that this is part of the assignment” He asked as we separated.

“I have provided all kinds of services as a temp”. And he kissed me again this time he hand reach between my legs to feel my soaked panties.

“I think we need to get back to work”. Tom said breaking away again. He looked a little embarrassed.

At his point I was boiling hot and disappointed but he was the boss so I took the new part of the project and we back to my desk.

Five o’clock came and he sent me home for the day.

When I got home I stripped and spent the evening with my favorite vibrator. Tom had left me hot and tingling all over and I had to relieve what had been started.

The next morning I was very careful getting ready for work. I picked a slightly tighter almost see through blouse w with a nude color lace bra, so it gave the illusion that I was not wearing one at all. I wore a slight shorter black pencil skirt with stocking but no panties this time. I picked a pair of higher heels to accentuate my very firm round ass. I knew exactly the image I would be presenting to him, and I also knew that when I sat he would have a very nice view of my neatly trimmed pussy.

I had fun going to work since I took the bus and I liked the seats that face into the center of the bus. I know the business guy sitting across from me got and eyeful during the short ride from my place to the stop at the big office building. I was getting wet just thinking about Tom’s reaction to my outfit. I was sure that I was dressed appropriately but I knew that close inspection would reveal the special effort I made when selecting my outfit.

As I had yesterday I sat at the empty assistant desk and picked up where I left off in the project yesterday.

After not too long Tom called me into his office. I picked up the papers I was working on and with those and a pen I went into Tom’s office. As I put the stack of papers on the conference table I “accidentally” dropped the pen I was carrying so that I had to bend down right in front of Tom. I knew he could see right down my blouse and as I stood I managed to make sure that my breast rubbed against his crotch causing a moan from him and his prick to sproing into action.

I ignored him and sat down so that he could discuss the progress of the project. As I sat I crossed my legs to me sure that he could see my lack of panties. Oh and he looked alright. When he saw hoe “dressed” I was he pull my chair (the office kind on wheels) toward him and kissed me full on the lips. As he did I felt his finger in my pussy. I moaned. I was so wet and on a tingly high from yesterday, I was ready now!

He stood me up and we went over to the couch that was in the back of his office, sort of behind the big conference table. He sat down on the couch and I stood facing him. He reached up to cup a breast in each hand. Gently he caressed and massaged them until he stopped to unbutton my blouse and sort of stared at them in that nude lace bra. He removed the blouse and it fell to the floor.

I lifted a leg up to rest my foot on his knee and gave him a full view of my sopping pussy. He put his hand on me and rad his finger back and forth the length of my wet crack. I moaned in happiness. He unzipped my skirt and it left me in nude lace bra and black stockings and heel.

He unzipped his pants to reveal a very nice very hard prick standing at attention.

Once released he put his hands on my hips and guided me to sit on his standing member.

I was so wet that he slid in easily, filling me fully as I slid up and down on the length of him. I was flying high, bouncing on him, taking his full length in me again and again banging as hard as I could. At one point he flipped me so that now I was leaning over the arm of the couch and he was banging me from behind.

I was so hot that I did not even flinch when he pushed himself into my hot back door. I am usually not into that sort of thing but he was hot and I was randy and being in that position with his hands holding my breasts it was impossible to refuse.

And then he subtly tensed and exploded in my bottom. I wilted, my ass dripping with him. We waited there for a moment until I got up and went into his private bath to clean up.

I was going to get dressed, but he stopped me. Telling me that this office is private and he works best with beautiful scenery around him. So I worked the rest of the day dressed only in my lacy bra, stockings and heels. Every down and then he slid his finger along my pussy to keep me wet.

Toward the end of the day we went another round, but 5pm came and he dismissed me for the day.

I want home, stripped, showered and fell into bed naked and fell asleep with my favorite vibrator only to be awakened by a call at 7am from Mandy.

Mandy told me that Tom was very happy with my work and that he wanted me to be dressed as I was yesterday. Ok, I thought I can certainly do that.

So again I dressed in nude lacy bra, black pencil skirt, stocking, heels and no panties. This time my blouse was a pale pink, which actually would accentuate my hard dark nipples when they pressed against the thin lace of the bra.

I arrived at 8am like the previous two days. I settled at my desk and around 10am Tom called me into his office (why did I never see him arriving?).

I went in and was startled to see another man sitting with him at the conference table.

“Good Morning”, Tom said “I’d like you to meet Harry; he will be working with us today.”

Ok I thought, what does this mean.

Harry was hot and dark. He was built with bright blue eyes and jet black hair, I could see he had huge biceps but was trim and muscled

They ushered me over to a seat between them. I was nervous, especially when Tom suggested that I assume my (un)dress of the day before, oh I thought we have trouble here.

I hesitated, but Tom became firm. “You are here on assignment, and this is the work that I have for you to do. You were told ahead of time what the dress code is here and as manager I have the authority to request adjustment to that dress code, so strip!”

I was really worried, but I needed the money, I did not want to be living on the street. I had no savings and no one to fall back on, so what choice did I have? As I hesitated I felt a hand on my pussy, and it startled me out of my inner thoughts.

“Get a move on woman.” Harry said.

I had no choice so I stepped back and unbuttoned my blouse, trembling as I did it and let it fall. I would hear Harry’s breath as I did so. I reached around to unzip my skirt and they sat transfixed as I let it fall and they could see the perfect picture I presented.

They gestured to me to sit between them, with the pretext of reviewing some papers. No sooner had we begun than again I felt a hand on my pussy. It was Harry. I continued to review the papers, but then I felt a hand on my breast and it was Tom who pulled my face toward him for a kiss. Meanwhile Harry had buried his face in my twat and was licking hotly.

I did not want to but a moan escaped my lips and Harry stood and me with him. He picked me up and carried me over to the couch and laid me down. By this time my brain is spinning. This is not what I signed on for. I was being treated like a pro….a hooker….

I did not have much time to think as Harry came on top of me and slid his hot wide member into me in one push, I was involuntarily hot and wet and moaned at the entrance. He pounded on me, getting me good and hot while Tom stood close by fondled himself. Watching my lace covered breasted bounce. I am not sure at which point he ripped off my bra. I heard the lace tear but I was beyond the ability to do anything. I felt Tom lips on my nipple.

Suddenly Harry was off me and the men rearranged me so that Harry was laying flat on the couch and I was on top. My ass exposed to anyone in attendance. Suddenly I saw what they had planned. Yesterday has just been a trial run for Tom. He needed Harry to make this happen. Harry held me firmly so that I could not get away and Harry Took his position behind me. I was so wet and my head spinning I did not even flinch when he pressed his rod into my hot hole. Now I felt them both busing into me! Again my head spun with all the competing sensations. Hands on my body, dick in pussy and ass. It was overwhelming!

I don’t mean to be a cliché, but as I arched my back to try and accommodate their ministrations, hands reached to hold my head and yet a third penis was forced into my mouth. (His name was Richard but I did not know it at that time.) I could not refuse with 3 sets of big strong hands holding on to me.

Now no mind was paid to me, all the three men cared about was pleasing their hot rods and getting their rocks off in me. And they did. Pounding me for what felt like an eternity until all three exploded their loads in me.

With their needs met, they withdrew and let me clean up and get dressed. Tom excused me for the day and I shakily made my way home.

I stripped, showered and fell into bed, immediately asleep and woke only when Mandy called me at 7:30am to tell me that my assignment was finished and she would have a new assignment for me tomorrow. I realized that I had been fucked by Tom, Dick and Harry yesterday and I was very glad not to have to do that again. I was happy to go back to sleep.

Being known as the office tease or slut doesn’t bother me, I enjoy sex a lot in all its forms so being known as promiscuous suits me fine as it means I get a lot of guaranteed action!

There was an occasion I remember well during a meeting, round a table of 7 people, my colleague to the right of me began feeling my leg. Most girls might feel this as an intrusion of privacy, I don’t, I love being fondled in inappropriate situations! Don’t get me wrong if I know the guy to be a creep I’ll brush him off but in most cases I’m all for some sexual groping!

My colleague, Scott, is a good looking, athletic guy. I knew he had a girlfriend but that was a minor detail and if he chose to feel me up and turn me on then that’s his prerogative! During the meeting his hand moved further up my stockinged thigh till it was at the top of my black stockings. During a part of the meeting where I was required to speak Scott un clasped my stocking and began to push it down my leg, knowing this would put me in an awkward situation at some point! I wasn’t annoyed, rather, very much turned on by this forwardly flirty behaviour!

As Scott moved his hand further up my thigh I spread my legs as wide as I could, giving him room to stroke my moist pussy through my lace knickers. He expertly rubbed me softly, locating my clit which was swelling under his perfect strokes!

The meeting came to an end and in effort to somewhat keep my decency and my job I stayed behind, pretending to sort my papers and notes. Scott left me with a wink and a smile. I redid the clasps on my stockings and fixed my tight pencil skirt which had ridden up. I had a quick feel of my pussy and right enough it was dripping wet!

Later, as I was leaving the office Scott came up to me and whispered that I follow him. I knew that this was going to lead to some sex and in the frustrated state I was in after the meeting I was gagging for a good slamming!

He led me into an empty office where he shut the door, pinned me against it and we kissed passionately. His hands were all over me, gripping my firm ass and feeling the curve of my back. It felt great and I was filling with lust fast! I dropped my bag on the floor and tried to undo his belt and trousers to free the swelling cock I could feel grinding against my stomach.

Scott pulled off my jacket as I took out his cock. I made to fall to my knees but as I did so he pushed me over to the desk and bent me over it. I looked over my shoulder to see him standing back admiring the view of me bent over the desk. Standing in my black high heels spread slightly apart, my long toned stockinged legs leading up to my tight pencil skirt, perfectly showing off the slight curve of my firm ass and my tailored blouse framing the curve of my torso. He was slowly stroking himself and his eyes were filled with lust.

He moved forward and sank to his knees to pushed his hands up legs, pulling my skirt up as he went. He then pulled down my knickers slowly and removed them from my feet. He then felt my ass with his strong hands, all over moving to my pussy lips and back round. Pulling apart my ass cheeks he kissed my ass and began to tongue my asshole. It felt so amazing, the nerves sent shocks of pleasure up my spine making me quiver with lust! Pushing two fingers into my pussy sent more shocks and really got my juices going!

As my asshole relaxed with his tongue teasing it Scott pushed his finger in and began to tease it wider! Once wide enough he stood up, spat into the hole and slowly but firmly pushed his sizeable cock into my tight ass. It sent me into a lustful daze! I could feel his every inch in me and with my asshole contracting he pushed harder and harder, heightening the pleasure!

Scott occasionally pulled out his meat to spit into the gaping hole, the cool of the natural lube sent shivers down my spine but in my aroused state it felt good! After what seemed an age of amazing anal, Scott pushing his large cock into my tight ass I could feel him grow even harder, this naturally felt even better bringing me close to a climax. Scott was obviously close too, telling my his groaning and swelling cock. All of a sudden I could feel the shots of warm spunk filling my ass. Scott his groaning immensely as he sent load after load of his hot cum into me. The feeling of this sent me into an orgasmic bliss, I screamed and bucked against him, pushing his meat further into me, making the orgasm so powerful!

Once Scott was done he pulled out his cock and watched me twitch in my post orgasmic state. I could barely support myself against the desk I was so weak. Once recovered I pulled down my skirt, adjusted my stockings and wiped up the spunk that was running down my leg with my knickers which I picked up from the floor. Scott smiled and took the knickers from my hand and pushed them into his pocket.

He left the office leaving me to ponder what just happened. Amazing anal in a colleagues office at work. What more could an office slut want!

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