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When you have kids it can be hard to get alone time with your wife. This was the case with us lately and we both needed some alone adult time that’s for sure. We had a friends wedding coming up and we had made arrangements for the kids to stay at grandma’s house.

I had gotten ready first and took the kids to grandmas and when I got home I walked in to find my wife ready to go. She had a sexy black skirt with a white silk blouse and to top it off she was wearing the Cecilia de Rafael hose I bought her with her black and while open toe pumps with the ankle strap. I love those shoes; they always made her look so sexy. She knew what she was doing to me and smiled as we headed out. Once there we did the customary stuff and after dinner we danced a bit. I knew that her feet would be a tad bit warm and I couldn’t wait to get home and have them on my face.

My wife’s feet never smelled bad no did they ever get sweaty oh how I loved kissing them. We sat with some friends and I was having a good laugh but I kept my eye on her as she worked her way around the room visiting. I have had a few drinks and had a nice buzz working, the more I watched her the more turned on I got. I could feel my cock growing in my pants as my imagination took over. By the time she returned my buddy had taken her seat so she sat across from me talking to one of her girlfriends who joined us. We had a nice small table for four in the corner and as we all talked and laughed enjoying ourselves.

I felt her foot against my leg as she rubbed her foot applying enough pressure to let me know it was no accident. We talked and sipped out drinks all laughing and I slipped my hand under the table and it was met with her foot. She winked at me as I rubbed her foot sliding my fingers under her sole feeling her silky hose. He flexed her foot holding my hand tight trapped under her foot. I saw her lean close to her friend and whisper in her ear. They both looked at me. I felt her move her foot away as she placed it against my thigh and as she slid her foot towards my cock I slid to meet her. She placed her foot on my cock and pressed down like stepping on the gas pedal. I loved it, I moved the tablecloth a bit and I could see her foot massaging my cock with her pink nail polish barely visible through the peep toe. Without warning my massage stopped, my buddy left for the bar to get us some drinks and I wasn’t about to go anywhere with my cock straining to get out of my pants.

I was writing down a few web pages for my friend when I dropped my pen and had to slide off my chair to get it as it rolled under the table. I couldn’t have planned this I thought chuckling to myself. My wife looked and found the pen, she stepped on it holding it secure, as I reached for it she moved her foot to my face knowing what I would do. I held her foot by the heel hand brought it to my nose breathing in her sweet musky scent through the small opening or her toe. She flexed her toes lifting them a little and I slid my tongue under them as far as I could. She knew I would do this and quickly pressed her toes onto my tongue. As quickly as this started it stopped as my wife uncrossed her legs and pulled them away.

I looked over and noticed her friend had her legs crossed as well and on shoe off exposing her hose covered foot. I could see the slight dampness on the reinforced toe of her hose and if I wasn’t a happily married man I would have been sucking those toes and licking her hose covered foot. This whole experience took less that half a minute but it felt like an eternity as I reached my seat my buddy arrived dropping off my drink and then headed back to the bar to hang with some friends. I was ready to leave and mentioned this to my wife who informed me she was not and wanted to catch up with her friend so I resigned myself to watching the goings on of the reception.

Since my erection subsided I left for the bar to get a refill and was asked to get a round for my wife and her friend. Now I was their waiter and I didn’t mind since I knew my wife could hold her liquor and this would loosen her up for some fun tonight. After about an hour the music slowed and my wife wanted to dance. We headed for the floor and held each other tight slowly moving to the music. My wife placed her head on my shoulder as I leaned down into her breathing her perfume.

” I told Cris what you were doing under the table.”

I was a little shocked that she did this but honestly didn’t care.

” What did she say?”

“She thought it was great and told me she wished she could find someone to do that to her. Once in high school she had a date with a guy who kissed her feet and sucked her toes and she loved it. Her current boyfriend won’t go near them.”

“Hey what can I say, us foot guys are a sensual bunch.”

“Cris told me she had her shoe off when you went under the table. She actually took it off when I told her I had my foot on your crotch and was rubbing her toes thinking about what you were going through. So what does her foot look like?”

“Well I couldn’t see that well but its ok, I mean her toes are nice and no bunions but she didn’t have her nails painted. No where as nice as yours that’s for sure.”

My wife informed me it was time to go so we said our goodbyes and on our way out we passed Cris and her boyfriend and as she got up and hugged my wife,” Let me know how it goes, I cant wait to hear”

Once home I opened a bottle of home made wine while my wife slipped into something “more comfortable”. She came out looking sexy as hell; she took off her skirt and stood there in her blouse and heels. Extending her leg teasingly she slid her hand from her knee to crotch.

” I love the feeling of these hose you bought me, they feel so smooth and sexy!”

She walked by me taking the glass of wine and settled into her chair crossing her legs right over left. I settled on the floor in front of her and slowly took her foot in my hand. I brought it to my lips and kissed her toe through the opening just like I did earlier under the table. She placed her left foot on my leg raising her right foot higher. I kissed my way along her shoe until I reached her exposed arch. I placed my nose in as far as I could and breathed in her heavenly foot scent. Looking up I could see she had her phone and before I could ask,” I am telling Cris what you are doing, keep going I love the way you worship my feet!”

I found it a bit odd that she said that but hell I didn’t care. I unbuckled the strap of her shoe and slowly slid it off her foot. I followed it with my tongue as I licked and kissed her foot form her heel to her toes. I loved the warm feeling of her foot and the smell after a night in her heels. I buried my nose under her toes and inhaled as my life depended on it. She placed her left foot on my cock and again acted like she was driving her car. I found myself thrusting up into her foot. She pressed her right foot into my face and moved her left to my chest so I could remove her other shoe. Once I removed her shoe she placed both feet firmly on my face and held them there. Her feet covered my face and I was in heaven, the feeling of her nylon feet on my face along with the musky scent of her feet was all I wanted at the moment.

She got up to get some more wine and I took the opportunity to remove my clothes. When she came back in I was laying on the floor waiting for her. She stood with her feet on either side of my head and I was looking up to her sweet hose covered pussy. Taking her hand she ran it across her slit and stepped on my face. Her heel on my forehead and toes over my lips I stuck my tongue out to massage and taste them. I could see her holding her phone again and it dawned on me that she was taking a video of me worshiping her foot. Hell I didn’t care; we did this all the time so it was nothing new. I saw her aim her phone at my cock fro a few seconds and I was aware how hard it was. I reached down and stroked it for her slowly like when I masturbate for her.

” Yeah baby stroke you cock for me thinking about my feet on your face. Move over here so I can sit and rub your cock with my feet.”

I adjusted my position and she placed her left foot under my cock and used her right to stroke me. She was milking me slowly causing my pre cum to flow freely onto the arch and top of her left foot. She slid her toe up my shaft causing more fluid to rise out of my cock she placed her foot on top using her hose to gather my pre cum and smear it around the head of my cock. I thought I was going to explode it felt so good. Without warning she brought her foot and held it over my face so I could her cum soaked hose. Holding her phone close she lowered her foot to my face.

” I want you to clean up your little mess from under my toes. Do a good job baby and maybe I will let you cum on my feet.”

I sucked and licked for all I was worth pressing my tongue up under her toes as she pressed down on my face. The taste wasn’t as bad as I thought, kind of sweet and salty but ok I guess. I never thought I would do something like this let alone my wife making me do it. I could feel her other foot on my chest now sliding back and forth. God the hose felt great!

“Ok enough, now the other one. Come on baby I want to watch you lick your juices off my foot.’

She slid her right foot behind my head and brought it foreword towards her left foot. Once it was close enough I licked every inch of her foot. I bent closer and placed my lips on her foot and sucked wanting to make her happy. I could see her pone still there and I didn’t care on bit. I was so turned on I would have done anything she asked at this point. Once I cleaned her foot to her satisfaction she stood over me again but this time I could see that she had ripped a hole in her hose and as soon as I realized this she sat squarely on my face. I thrust my tongue up into her as far as I could. Her pussy was soaked, I could only imagine she was playing with herself a bit while filming me with her other hand. She was facing my feet and as I repeatedly fucked her with my tongue she ground her clit on my chin. I cold feel her orgasm building through her pussy and when she came she flooded me with her juices. I loved how she taste and could lick her pussy all day.

As soon as she calmed down a bit she swung around and grabbed my cock holding it as she slid her pussy down on me. My cock slid into her so easily and when I opened my eyes I saw her phone again.” Oh baby your face looks so good covered in my cum, lick your lips and get it all baby”

She rode my cock hard and without warning moved back up and sat on my face again. I could taste our mixed juices and liked it! I could see her pointing her phone down between her legs filming me as she rode my lips. For a brief second something seemed suspicious about her filming me with her phone. I thought I even saw her texting a few time during all this. Her pussy was soaked and I wanted to cum so badly. I could feel her hose on the side of my head and along my body as she trapped me between her legs. I was in sensory overload and for the first time since I was a kid I thought I was going to cum without touching my cock. My wife moved back onto my cock and I slid into her easily again.

” Come on baby cum for me now. I want to feel you’re cum shooting inside me.

That was all it took and I exploded inside her pussy filling her with a huge load of my cum. She was grinding back and forth hard and fast as she always does when I cum in her bringing on another orgasm. I could feel her pussy squeeze me like a vice as she slowed her movements. Looking me in the eyes,” Good Baby?”

” Sex with you is always goon honey, tonight was great. Where did all this come from?”

Smiling down at me she opens her phone again,” Cris loved it all she wants me to stand over your face while your cum leaks out of me. Yes dear I have been sending her clips all night so she could see what we do. I told her all about your fetish for feet and pantyhose tonight while we talked at the reception and what I was going to do to you tonight. She begged me to see so I told her I would send short video clips. She just texted me letting me know she came twice while watching and she wishes she had someone like you. She just asked me to do something and you know what, I like her idea.”

I was slowly rubbing her hose covered legs enjoying the sensation when she brought her knees up and together. Now all her weight was on me as she squeezed my softening cock. I could feel our juices slowly leaking out down my cock onto my balls.

Smiling she stood up and move up to my face and spread her legs her phone in hand!

It was a typical Saturday of March 2007 in the suburbs of New York for the Walsh family. Young Mark was in the family room sitting on the leather couch watching T.V. Mark was channel surfing and was keeping himself occupied with programs here and there. Mark’s parents, Adam and Danielle Walsh were in the kitchen and discussing how rude and out of control Mark was. Their uncontrollable son has been behaving unacceptable to his mother and father and was starting to affect their lives too in a negative way. The discussion was kept at a low tone as for Mark not to hear.

The discussion between the parents was becoming lengthy as Danielle kept asking Adam in a drawn out manner, “Why won’t your son do as I tell him?” She claims that,”Every time I ask him to clean up after himself of tidy his part of his bedroom either he totally ignores me or storms away from me?” Adam responded,”He’s always my son when he’s like this, not yours. I’ve talked to him but it’s no use any more. He just will not listen to you. Maybe we should talk to your sister, get him out the house to do chores at her place. Maybe he’ll grow up a little and get out of his poor attitude towards you and see how life could be and that right now he has it easy. You remember how Sean made a “360″ in his attitude towards Susan and she had him eating out of her hand just before the divorce.”

Danielle agreed that maybe the boy needed to take on responsibility. Danielle’s sister Susan was younger than her sister by 3 yrs. She was a stern, no nonsense woman and self established. She made a lot of money flipping houses when the market was good, but her persistence in jumping into this line of work caused her a divorce. Her then husband Sean Anderson tried to push her into not making this career decision and made Susan feel belittled and small. Susan vowed after the divorce that no man would ever be more domineering towards her as to never let this scenario happen again. Since then Susan has led a single carefree life and enjoying what she wants.

As Danielle and Adam’s discussion was coming to an end, their younger son Michael entered the kitchen. Michael who is 5 yrs. Younger than his brother Mark, came into the kitchen for snake break from playing video games upstairs in the boys’ bedroom. Both parents instantaneously changed their mood and asked Michael,”How are things.” Michael replied,”I did as you told me mom and my side of the bedroom is cleaned up and I’m playing video games.” Both parents couldn’t understand why Michael was the opposite of his brother Mark that always gave them a hard time and fought them tooth and nail.

At 3o’clock aunt Susan had dropped by to say hello and chit chat with her sister Danielle. Susan had announced that she had arrived and proceeded to the kitchen where her sister said,”I’m in here sis.” Both sisters had caught up on gossip and Danielle decided to tell her sister about Mark’s predicament. She told her sis that,”He thinks he’s so macho and doesn’t want to listen to either one of us. Maybe he could do some odds and ends at your place, knowing how you are. You could probably break him out of this way of thinking. We are about to send him to a military school and just give up on the matter.” The reason that Adam and Danielle came up with this idea was that just before the end of Susan’s divorce, she had her husband Sean eating out of her hand.

Susan told her sister,”Give me a couple of days and I’ll let you know.” Susan told Danielle that,”she would be back.” and Danielle said,”I’ll start with dinner.” As Susan left the room she entered the family room where Mark was still watching TV.. Susan knew how to make a dominant appearance and stood next to Mark. Susan was dressed in a brown blouse with a matching Brown pair of pants, dark suntan reinforced heel & toe stockings clad in black high heels.

Susan sat down on the “L” shaped leather couch and proceeded to take off her heels. Her nylon-clad feet were sweaty and tired from shopping and showing houses to potential buyers. As soon as she elevated her feet on the couch Mark yelled,” What are you doing, those things stink and are making me sick!” Susan was annoyed by the fact that he nearly screamed at her. Susan commented that,”They’re only feet, it’s not like they’re touching you.”

Susan wanted to push the envelope and see how much Mark disliked feet, so she lifted her right nylon-clad foot and poked Mark in his left ribs. As soon as the smelly foot made contact with his left side, he smacked her foot away with a forceful slap. Mark then yelled,”What’s wrong with you!”. He then turned the TV. off and stormed out the room saying,”That’s disgusting!”

After Mark stormed out of the room, a light went on inside Susan’s head. Susan remembered that just before her divorce she had read books about domination and the psyche of it, and dominant people always hold something over the other in the scenario. Susan knew her nephew hated feet and this wasn’t the first time with this reaction towards her. When she wore nylons her feet smelled more than usual, and this might be the one thing to put Mark in his place.

Susan thought about her close friend and business partner. Claire worked under Susan flipping houses, but Susan remembered that Claire stated on her resume that she had a bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology. Susan also liked that she is open and always into new things and sometimes gets eccentric, but Susan thought this was alright because of her passed predicament and now she wants to enjoy life to its fullest. Susan also knew that Claire dabbled in the s/m scene at the clubs once or twice.

Susan picked up her cell phone and called her close friend Claire. Claire answered the phone, “Hey what’s up.” Susan asked, “I have a question about dominance and how to get someone in line using, let’s say an object.” Claire knew that she could talk to Susan about anything and that they both played off each other. She asked, “What’s with the question?” Susan said, “I want to know in depth, because if your education, can you make someone do something that they don’t want to by using an object or objects?”

Claire responded with, “That is a deep, far and wide subject, but yes. It’s sort of like torture in a different view. So to answer your question, of course you can, and most of the time it’s effective! What’s the matter, you want to torment your ex?” Susan in an angry tone, “No not that!@#$%, but I know someone that needs to be put in his place!” Claire started probing saying, “So it’s a he. If you want my help give me the low down.”

Susan took a breath then started, “My nephew Mark has an authority problem with his parents and with me. He does what he wants to when he wants to and his parents are pretty much done with him and want to send him to a military school. Today my sister told me that if he does chores at my place and sees the other side of the fence, then he might grow up and gain responsibility. Just before I called you I found out that Mark hates smelly feet with ferocity. So I was thinking if he gets out of hand at my place, then I could use my stinky feet to keep him in line since he is too big for me to chastise.”

Claire laughed to herself and told Susan that, “This could be done but you need help in disciplining Mark. I could be a great asset in this.” Claire had ulterior motives since she;

A) Could finally use her education

B) Explore the femdom side she liked so much

C) That it should be easy since Mark is young and naive and if need be, twist the psyche of him and others

D) Plus the situation was erotic and hot.

First off Claire told Susan,” Tell Danielle and Adam that you need a lot done at your place since work has had you tied up. Propose that you pick Mark up after school and on weekends.” Claire was determined to make these times of chores into sessions.

Susan agreed and said she would run this past Adam and Danielle. Susan said in a determined tone, “We have to make this work, Mark is killing his parents’ marriage and Adam and Danielle belong together.” In a Silly tone she said, “If not the parents would probably disown him.” When Claire heard this she had many visual thoughts in a matter of seconds. She took the last statement seriously and a hot flash came over her. Claire responded flustered, “I’m with you all the way girl.”

Susan said, “Goodbye” to Claire and then proceeded to walk to the kitchen to talk to Danielle. Since the phone call only took a couple of minutes, Danielle was none the wiser. Susan told Danielle that, “Giving Mark more responsibility sounds like a great idea and since work has her bogged down she could use his help. I could use him to run errands and run here and there for me.” Danielle thought that thus was fantastic and said, “When do you want him!” Susan remembered her last remark with Claire and with the seriousness of Daniel’s Statement, maybe they were about to disown Mark.

Susan told Danielle, “Starting Wednesday after school I could take him off your hands.” Danielle was elated because she knew that her sister was no nonsense, stern woman. Danielle hugged her sister and said, “I don’t know what Adam and I would have done, we were already looking at military schools and found a nice one for him.” Susan told her sister, “Don’t worry, I’ll try my best.”

Susan helped Danielle set the table for dinner. Danielle called Adam from outside, and Michael and Mark upstairs to come eat. Of course Mark was the last one to the table and sat opposite Susan. Conversations came and went until the topic of Mark arose. Susan could feel the tension at the table except for Michael who was only 11 yrs. old. Adam talked about possible military school and that Mark was incorrigible. He spoke of the two times he tried to run away from home but never made it too far since he had no money to eat. He also talked about his bad grades and one time the police came to the house with Adam stating that, “He was shoplifting and was caught and found with an illegal substance on him. The owner of the store does not want to press charges, but we are going to have to talk to him about the other.” Susan could sense that Adam was fed up with Mark and that he felt that things seemed to start heading in the wrong direction with Mark. Susan was taken back by all of this and gave Mark an irate look. Susan told Adam about the arrangement between Danielle and herself and that she would take Mark off their hands on weekends and after school. Mark protested knowing how strict his Aunt Susan is and that he just pissed her off in the family room before.

Adam asked Susan, “How can you keep my son under control?”. With that comment Susan slipped off her black high heeled shoe, exposing her moist nylon-clad foot and nudged Marks ankle under the table. Susan noticed Marks facial expression and just before Mark could yell something, Susan pointed her fork at Mark and said, “You just shut up little boy!” Adam and Danielle were surprised and impressed that Mark shut up, but mark knew no one would listen to his outlandish remark of his aunt’s foot. With everyone against him he thought he’d be in more trouble.

After dinner Adam and Danielle were happy about the arrangement and Susan knew she had some work ahead of her, but she had great help behind her.

It was getting warm. The garage is usually a cool place but our make out session made it seem like a closet. The more I tasted her peach lip gloss on my tongue and her hands all over me the more the stagnant air receded into the background. The beads of sweat were starting to form on forehead, and my back, and my thighs. We were in the garage attached to Jessica’s parent’s house. We had come home for Thanksgiving, but even in our late 20s felt strange about having sex just down the hall from her parents. The garage had been our retreat for at least a couple of visits, and we didn’t hold back on our exploration even there. Jessica and I had been together for about four years. A size 14, so not small, and five foot ten, with shoulder length curly brown hair. She had good size but worked it well. I loved her large breasts and the way her ass gave me just enough to hold on during sex. But tonight I wouldn’t have much time for grabbing it.

The couch was old. Brown leather and it felt warm and sticky against my forearms. Jessie was on her knees behind me, caressing my inner thighs. l looked down between my legs and watched her French manicured nails as her hands went up and down my thighs and covered my hardening cock. She moved my thong to one side and I felt as the lace stretched across my cheek. She ran one solitary finger down the crack of my ass. I arched my back. The pleasure was almost too great. I was still ashamed to show how much I enjoyed it. We began this experimentation with my ass innocent enough, during a random session of sex after a night of drinking. Then, her finger, finding her way to my hole during head . . . and I immediately loved the sensation of being penetrated. We experimented more. And the toys got bigger until the inevitable introduction of a strap-on. Though I didn’t want to consider myself gay, I could not resist the urge of having her soft body on top of me and attached to a dildo I had already found so intensely gratifying.

She opened the tube of KY and squirted for what seemed like forever into the top of my ass crack. I felt it run warm and gooey down my slit. First, one finger . . . two fingers . . . and both pass the knuckle. I loved it and grinded back on her fingers. I worked my feet back to rub her nylon covered legs. I couldn’t get enough of her fingers . . .

Jessica stood up. “Turn around.” I did as I was told. She looked down on me perched on glittering silver four inch heels. “Come closer baby,” she said. And I inched my way over to her. She took her cock in her hand and rubbed it on cheeks and across my lips. Although I had never had any discomfort from our strap-on play, this was new. “Put your mouth on it.” “Put me in your mouth.” I hesitantly put my lips on her cock and felt the taste of the silicone in my mouth. She grabbed my head and forced me down on her rod. I felt it fill my mouth and ram the back of my throat. I was so hard and I felt my own precum leaking on my thigh. I grabbed her stocking covered thigh and felt the lace of her thigh hi tops as she fucked my mouth. I rubbed my hands up and down the smooth nylon and felt the back seem. I looked up at her sizeable tits as they swayed with her thrusts. She pulled the shaft in and out of my mouth. I knew that she couldn’t “feel” anything but she looked to be enjoying it just the same. “You have such a velvet mouth cunt.” Her dirty talk made my mouth water and the blow job got sloppier. Spit ran down the shaft and down my chin as I did my best to suck her dry.

She pulled out for the last time. She swung me back around to the couch. Dropping to her knees again and placing the head of her cock at my still wet asshole. I felt her enter and leave the head at the entrance of my ass. It felt too large and my ass felt completely full. She ran her hand up the shaft of my cock and gave my head a firm squeeze. My precum leaked onto her finger. She laughed.

“You little bitch.” “Did enjoy that mouth fucking I gave you?” “I actually didn’t think sucking cock would make you cum.” “You are such a good whore. Tell me you are.”

I didn’t know what to say. I leaked even more as she smeared cum on lips. “I’m a good whore.” “Take my ass, hard.” I’d given up any inhibitions and any desire to hold back from this fucking.

“Swallow it.” “Swallow your cum.”

I did and she thrust hard into me. She gave a hard thrust and put all 8 inches in my ass. She held it there. And there I was. Naked with Jessica’s strap on buried in my ass and my mouth coated with my own semen. I loved every minute and wanted more. I began rocking backing on her cock and she began fucking me hard. She grabbed me by my thong and pumped into me over, and over, and over again. I loved the feeling of her nylons on my bare legs. The dildo as it felt like it was splitting me in half. The submissive fucking on my knees in a dark garage. She leaned hard and leveraged all of herself into me. I felt her soft breasts and hard nipples as they swayed against my back.

I worked my gaping asshole back on her cock. Taking deep breaths to open wider and wider so that she could slide in and out of me with ease. But I wanted more. Her cock felt as if it were exploring every inch of my insides. A hard steel rod resting in the warm meat of my ass. I whimpered as she pulled herself out of me. Overwhelmed at my sadness at having her cock vacate my asshole.

She sat down and I climbed on top. Holding her cock and guiding it into my ass. Riding her was what I wanted and Jessica knew it. She grabbed my ass hard and pulled me over and over again on her cock. Two handfuls of my ass as she manipulated it around and down her cock. Harder than I wanted because it hurt, but I still wanted it harder. I loved crying out and moaning like a common whore. She moved me in circles and I felt now like a complete slut as she took complete control of my body’s motion. “Give me that dick,” I whispered, unable to contain my pleasure. I could feel the head of her cock as it went up and down my insides. She started to rub me and I was close to cuming.

And so was she. Her thrusts came harder and harder and I thought that my asshole would explode. The couch squeaked with our fucking. Her back almost stuck to the leather because of our sweat. She relaxed and leaned back. Sinking into the couch. She flipped her hair out of her face as she held me at my hips and ground into my increasingly raw ass. I felt her body begin to tense and I knew she was cuming. She gripped me tighter and cried out as she finished, thrusting the full length into me. I came, and I came hard. As I squirted on her chest and stomach she wiped it up with her finger and put in her mouth. She leaned down for a kiss. But as she had scooped up my semen she hadn’t swallowed, and as we kissed she slowly spit a load of cum into my eager mouth. And our tongues wrapped around each other our mouths filled with my cum and saliva. What wasn’t spilling out of the sides of my mouth I swallowed down hard.

“You’ve been a good slut tonight.”

She slowly slipped out of stretched asshole and collapsed on the couch beside me. We returned to our traditional roles almost immediately. The only evidence remaining being my red lace thong and her cock. I crossed my legs, wanting to savor the last seconds of fem. But I was no longer the Sub, and she no longer the Dom.

She leaned over and kissed my shoulder. She smiled, and was beautiful. But I needed more.

I knew I couldn’t be satisfied with her cock for much longer. I would need to be more submissive than her cock and my thong could provide. I needed to wear the stockings. I wanted to stand perched on top of the heels. I wanted to grab a cock between my hands and bury it deep in my throat. Cum smeared on my lips again, but this time mixed with my lip gloss. I wanted to ride a throbbing cock that Jessica could never provide. To feel that skin against my insides, holding my sphincter wide open. To feel that explosion deep inside and have an ass full of cum. To be bent over and feel a cream pie . . .

I wanted it all.

One Saturday evening, after we had been to a football match, me and my mate were sitting at my house and drinking beer. After a few hours my mate told me about a girl he had seen lately, and that he would try to look her up this evening. He knew that she was at a party in a town a few kilometres away, and we were wondering how we would get there. I was thinking of a girlfriend to another friend of ours. I knew that he was on a trip abroad, and that she probably was home alone. I also knew that their relationship had come into a dead end, and I had always liked her. I called her, and she told me she was just back from a family birthday celebration. She could drive us, no problem. Jane, as her name was, showed up a few minutes later.

I sat in beside her in the front seat, and my mate sat in the back seat. I noticed that she had a black skirt, blue blouse and black pantyhose. I guessed she hadn’t changed her clothes after the birthday. I apologized for disturbing her, but she said she was bored at home and she was glad I have called. We talked a lot of bullshit, and Jane was laughing of her two drunken passengers. We arrived to the place where the party were supposed to be, my mate went in to look for her. He came back in the car almost immediately, and told us that she had moved on to a nightclub. We went down to the city, and he took himself in to the club without paying for the entrance. He found her, and came out to the car and told us that he would stay there. Jane said she wasn’t in the mood for a nightclub, so we went home again.

When I got alone with her, we were talking about her boyfriend. She told me that their relationship probably was over, but they hadn’t broken up yet. She said that he already was seeing another woman. She offered me a chewing gum, but she lost the package on the floor by the pedals. She turned on the light, and asked if I could try to find it. I reached over with my head down on the floor by her legs, and searched for the gum. I saw the package, but I pretend I didn’t find it, because I was looking at her sexy legs. Suddenly she pressed one of her leg against my face. I couldn’t resist anymore, and touched her leg with my hand. I stroked the wonderful nylon leg and kissed it. I was a little nervous for the reaction, but she just said that she thought I had found something else.I picked up the chewing gum, and kissed my way up her leg and to her knee. I straightened up, still with my hand on her knee. She smiled and laid her hand on mine and said that she thought this would happen sooner or later.

I leaned over and kissed her. It was difficult while she was driving, so she turned of the road and into a parking lot. Then she met my kisses with open lips and a searching tongue. We just kissed and cling to each other for a long time, and our tongues were exploring each other. I held her head in my hands and laid her back in the seat, and licking her mouth in the same way I would have done to her down there. I understood that this was turning her on, because her breath was getting heavier. At the same time I let my hand move under her skirt and up her thigh. Her legs felt wonderful through the nylon pantyhose, and she spread her legs as much as she could in the tight skirt. I reached up between her legs, and she felt warm through the pantyhose. We kept on with our heavy kissing, while I rubbed her between her legs harder and harder.

Suddenly she squeezed my hand with her thighs and moaning loud. She was just sitting like that for many seconds, before releasing my hand. She told me that she had felt very horny that day, and when I called her she decided that she would have sex that night. She was touching my erection outside my jeans, and opened my zipper. I helped her to pull down my jeans and underwear, and my big hard penis pointing straight up. She grabbed around it and started to masturbate me with her hand. Then she kissed it on the backside and down to my balls. I laid back and enjoyed her lips and tongue. She worked her way up and down my cock, and sometimes her lips and tongue was on my balls and even behind them and close to my anal opening. Finally she took the head in between her lips, and let her tongue play around it. Then she started to suck me, and I was surprised how deep she managed to press my cock. She had obviously a lot of experience in performing oral sex. It didn’t take long time before I reached my orgasm. I warned her that I was coming, and she let the sperm pump out in her face, mouth and hair. It was a real mess, but she found a handkerchief and cleaned up her face. After cleaning up we moved on, and she was masturbating my hard cock, while she was driving.

When we arrived at my house, I invited her inside. We just got inside the front door, before we started kissing and cling to each others. I took of her jacket and opened her blouse. She didn’t wear any bra, and a pair of small and cute breasts was revealed. I massaged her breasts and kissed and sucked on her hardening nipples. I continued kissing my way down her stomach, and I went down on my knee. I lifted her skirt and let my tongue glide down her thighs and knees. I lifted up one of her legs, and took her shoe off. I kissed down her legs and to her foot, all the way to the tip of her toes. I put her sexy toes in my mouth and sucked on them, and licked the nylon sole of her foot. I have always been a lover of female legs and feet, and especially when they are in pantyhose or stockings. It’s always a great foreplay for me.

She enjoyed my treatment of her legs, and when I moved up again, she grabbed my head and pressed my face to her crouch. I felt her warm and wet pussy through her underwear. She dragged me up on my feet, and took a grip around my penis, before she turned around and leaned over a dresser that was placed in the hall. She held up her skirts, while I pulled down her pantyhose and panties. I saw her round and sexy butt, and felt between her cheeks with my hand. I reached down to her pussy, and she was wet and wide open. I took a good grip around her hips, and rammed my cock into her. She screamed and she used her muscles inside and squeezed around me. I started to pump into her from behind in a high speed, and we just went on faster and harder. I pulled almost out of her every time, and then pumped hard into her and felt her around me all the way. It was a fantastic standing act, and I tried to hold back as long as I could. I manage to keep myself until I heard her make some weird sounds, and I thought it looked like she got an orgasm. Then I let the climax come and pumped the load of sperm into her.

We ended the evening in bed. We sat down naked in my bed, and shared some glasses of wine. After a couple of glass, we got turned on again. We got into a 69 position, and licked and sucked each others. She tasted and smelled of the sex we had earlier that evening, and we just lay down like that for a long while. Then she sat on top of me and gliding up and down on my cock. She started a long ride, and I saw that she really enjoyed it. She masturbated herself while she was gliding up and down me. Since I already had two orgasms, I could make it for a long time without coming. I don’t know how long we did it in that position, before we lay over on the side. I was still deep into her, and she laid her leg behind mine and squeezed us together. Her pussy felt tight in this position, and finally I made my third orgasm. We felt a sleep in that position and we didn’t woke up before early in the Sunday morning. She had to go home, so we stood up around 5 in the morning, and went into the shower together. I went down on her again in the shower, and licked her. She got another orgasm that morning in the shower.

We never become an item, but we met several times the next year and had sex. It was a nice and free relationship as lovers and friends, with no more commitment. We kept on like that, until we both got hooked up with some others. We are still friends, and we met at a party just a few years ago and dance tight. We are both married now, but we were alone at that party. It was summer and we went out for a walk after the dance to get some fresh air. We hadn’t forgotten our relationship some years ago, and suddenly we found our self in deep tongue kissing. She was just wearing a thin summer dress, and I felt her sexy body against me through the dress. We went into some bushes in the garden and she bent over against a tree. I quickly pulled up her dress and removed her underwear. We had a quick one from behind there in the garden, and she was still tight and as usual very wet.

I meet her from time to time, but that was the last time we had sex. But you never know, maybe we will meet at a suitable time and place again sometimes?

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional and is a segue into the darker part of the human psyche where forced sex fantasises dwell. The author also does not condone non-consensual or physically forced sex, but acknowledges that men and women do have these fantasises. I certainly do; and I sometimes act them out in real life in my female persona when dressed as Michele. In fact as a transvestite I identify more with the female characters in my stories than I do the male. That said, being bisexual, I am turned on by both the male and female characters; and of course my nylon fetish is self-evident.

Part Two

Detective Mike Harris tipped up Michele Bouvier’s black leather shoulder bag and spilled out the contents onto the desk in his bedroom. It was now two days since he forced himself Michele Bouvier in the railway station workshop but this was the first chance he had to explore the contents of her bag.

He and detective sergeant Janine Munner had been busy working the Pantyhose Stalker case, waiting for the forensic evidence and poring over the statements they had taken. He knew that nothing would come of it; when they ran the prints and DNA from the crime scene they matched the other prints and DNA from the other Pantyhose Stalker cases but they didn’t match anything on file.

Mike had replaced his own fingerprints and DNA in the all of the law enforcement databases with those of an unknown bum who had died long ago, so even if they ran the crime scene forensics through the police databases for elimination purposes they would not be able to match them to him.

Including Michele Bouvier, Mike Harris had taken ten women; but only five of the women had reported the crime. As an SVU specialist Mike knew that only about fifty percent of crimes actually got reported to the police. He was now on a twenty-four hour off-shift rotation so he had some time on his hands.

He opened Michele’s notebook computer but as he expected it was password protected. He knew people in the underworld who could easily hack into the computer but the risk of exposing himself was too great. He shut it down and put it aside to be disposed of later. He opened her cell phone and checked her contact list and scrolled through it. He found an entry for Nadine, Michele’s daughter, and smiled.

“Now this will come in useful,” he said to himself.

Her purse contained some cash and credit cards; he put the cash in his wallet and threw the credit cards onto the bed with the laptop. He rifled through the other compartments of the purse and found a key. It looked like a deadlock key and he guessed it might be a spare key to the Bouvier residence. Would she think to change the locks? Her key ring was not in the bag so maybe she kept her keys in her jacket pocket and she still had them? Maybe she wouldn’t remember the spare key in her purse? He placed it beside the mobile phone. The rest of the contents of the bag held no interest for him. He stuffed the computer, the credit cards and the purse back in the shoulder bag.

Mike decided to go out for a drink; he thought better when he was alone in a bar. He went out of his apartment building via the basement car park and threw Michele’s shoulder bag into the furnace on the way to his car. He stopped at a local hangout and had a couple of drinks while he planned his next move and then went home and slept soundly. Before he nodded off he masturbated using a pair of pantyhose he had taken from one of his victims. He wished now he had taken Michele Bouvier’s; he recalled how she had thrust against him during the sex; how she had enjoyed being fucked by the anonymous assailant.

“We need to speak to the Bouvier woman again,” Janine Munner said to him when he arrived at the station the next day.

“I’m still not convinced we got everything from her,” she went on.

“Ok with me,” Mike replied.

“I’d like to speak to her alone this time; I’d like you to interview the husband and also I’d like to interview the daughter if she’s home. Michele might have told them something that she hasn’t told us,” Janine said as they drove out to the Bouvier house.

Mike smiled. It would be fun to interview the poor sap whose wife he had taken; and if he could get some time alone with that sweet little daughter of hers it might help him consolidate the plans he had for her.

Mike checked out his partner. ‘Fucking lipstick lesbians! They all need a good fucking!’ he thought.

Today she was wearing a light coloured skirt and jacket combo; the skirt was short enough that he could see right up her long legs. Those long well defined limbs were clad in sheer taupe pantyhose and her feet were shod in beige high-heels. Her makeup was perfect as usual and a miasma of perfume surrounded her. She wore her long blonde hair in a braid. She had big tits too! If she weren’t his partner she would definitely be on his victim list!

They were ushered into the Bouvier house but they received a reluctant welcome. Janine explained that they just needed to follow up on some facts and Michele ushered her into the lounge. Michele was once again impeccably dressed in skirt, blouse, hose and heels; her makeup was heavy but discerningly applied. Mike would have fucked her again in a heartbeat. He followed Harold Bouvier into the den.

“I’m sorry to have to do this again Mister Bouvier,” he began.

Harold waived dismissively at a chair.

“Let’s just get this over with so my family can get on with our lives,” he sighed.

Mike sat down and pulled out his notebook; Harold Bouvier continued to pace back and forth.

“I understand the dreadful situation in which your family finds itself but I have to ask you some questions. Your wife may have held back vital information; which is of course understandable given the ordeal she has been through, and the delicacies involved.”

“Is there anything that your wife told you in confidence that you think may help us,” Mike asked.

“Not really. In the past she has mentioned that some of the guys in the office where she works have come on to her; but surely she would have recognised one of her colleagues if he were the perpetrator. Besides, really? With all that young skirt parading around the office where she works why would one of them go for Michele?”

Mike was taken aback at the callousness of her husband. He obviously didn’t have that much respect for his wife and he certainly didn’t appreciate her. No wonder she became turned on when she was taken; her husband probably hadn’t fucked for quiet some time.

“So there is nothing that you can add that would help our investigation?” Mike went on.

“Well not really. But I just don’t understand it,” Harold ran his fingers through his hair despondently.

“Understand what Mister Bouvier?”

“Well her hair and makeup were mussed, her skirt was torn and her pantyhose had a hole ripped in them and her ass had a few scratches but she wasn’t hurt,” Harold said.

“Not all sex perverts beat their victims,” Mike explained.

“Yeah; but if she had put up a fight, wouldn’t she be battered and bruised? He had her in that workshop for over half an hour; why didn’t someone hear her screaming? You heard what she said; she said he took her twice!”

“Jesus! How could she let him?” Harold whined.

‘Because she enjoyed being impaled on my long thick cock?’ Mike was thinking to himself and suppressed a smile.

“How could she? How could she let that man fuck her! I told her that dressing the way she does, she’s asking for it!” Harold was angry now; his voice raised.

“I saw her underwear and her skirt in those plastic evidence bags; they were soaked! The asshole must have come on her; so imagine how much of his stuff she must have had inside of her! Christ!” Harold’s disgust was evident.

“Mister Bouvier; he had a knife, your wife probably saved herself from severe injuries by not fighting or resisting the man who attacked her,” Mike tried to diffuse the situation and stop Harold from shouting.

“Bullshit! I bet the bitch begged for it! That asshole violated my wife; came all over her and then fucked her! And what did she do? She did nothing! She probably gave him a fucking blowjob!” Harold screeched.

The door was slightly ajar and suddenly it opened fully and Michele Bouvier stepped into the room carrying coffee, cream, and sugar on a silver tray. Mike could see the tears in her eyes and his heart softened. How could her husband be such an asshole; how could he not appreciate her beauty. Sure she was a buxom woman, but she was sexy as all hell!

“Coffee gentlemen?” Michele asked; her voice quivering.

She had obviously overheard her husband ranting and his accusations.

She walked over to the desk and put down the tray. As she bent over Mike got a tantalising glimpse of the back of her legs. She poured coffee and Mike got out of his chair and went over to the table. Her breasts strained against the buttons on her cream chiffon blouse; he could see she wore a white satin camisole under her blouse.

“Thanks,” Mike said as she offered him a cup, he noticed the red nailpolish on her long manicured fingernails; her fingers were long and delicate.

She turned on her heels and took a pace towards her husband offering him a cup of coffee.

Harold exploded and slapped the coffee out of his wife’s hand; the cup flew across the room. Some of the coffee spilled on her blouse.

“You let some stranger fuck you in a railway workshop and you think coffee’s going to make it better! You stupid cunt!” Harold stormed out of the room.

Michele began to sob and Mike went over to her. She fell into his arms and put her head on his shoulder and cried. Mike held her gently and let her cry; her body felt wonderful and she smelled delightful. His cock began to thicken.

Janine Munner stuck her head around the door to see what the commotion was all about. She saw Mike comforting Michele and she made hand gestures indicating for him to continue to comfort Michele while she talked to her husband. Mike nodded.

He heard Janine and Harold talking in hushed tones in the hallway and then their voices trailed off; they must have gone into another room.

Mike still held Michele in his arms and she was leaning against him. Although she was a big woman she felt delicate; her breasts pressed against his chest and her belly brushed his. She heaved as she sobbed and her breasts and abdomen rubbed against his body. He held her tightly and his cock became erect. Her perfume enveloped them as they held onto each other for what for him seemed like an eternity.

Michele felt safe in the embrace of this young policeman; his body was hard but his touch soft and considerate; he stroked her back soothingly and then caressed her hair. Michele let the man comfort her for a while and allowed herself to be calmed and soothed by his gentle embrace. She absentmindedly lifted one foot off the ground and leaned into the man’s toned body. She suddenly became aware of how close they were; her belly was pressing against his groin and she realised he had an erection.

Her initial reaction was to break the embrace and push him away from her but it felt so marvellous to be held by someone who obviously appreciated her. Also she had been in a state of semi-arousal ever since she had been violated and the feel of the man’s hard member pressing against her through her clothing was quiet erotic.

Michele lifted her head off his shoulders and stared at him; her face inches from his. Mike gazed into her pretty eyes and his cock pulsed; he knew she could feel it. She suddenly smiled. She leaned forward and pecked him gently on the lips.

“Naughty boy,” she smiled and stepped back out of his embrace.

Mike could taste her lipstick and smell her perfume.

They heard footsteps approaching.

“Will that be all officer?” Michele asked, dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief as Janine Munner and her husband entered the room.

“Detective actually; but yes for now Mrs Bouvier,” Mike replied; her eyes registered his amusement at their private joke.

“And I’d just like to apologise. To my wife and to you two detectives,” Harold Bouvier said somewhat pompously.

“Oh go fuck yourself Harold!” Michele Bouvier sneered and spun on her heels.

Now she looked a lot more composed and in control. Her ass, constrained nicely in her tight skirt, sashayed from side to side provocatively as she strode purposely out of the room.

“Michele! Honey! I’m sorry!” Harold called after her as he followed in her wake.

“What a fucking dweeb!” Janine Munner muttered.

“Yep,” Mike replied, thankful that his suit jacket hid his boner.

“Did you learn anything else?” Janine asked Mike as they drove back to the station.

“Other than the fact that her husband is a complete, unappreciative, asshole; no!” Mike replied.

“Unappreciative? Be careful Mike your chauvinism is slipping,” Janine jibed him.

“Well even a complete misogynist like myself can see that Harold is blaming his wife for what happened to her. She seems like a very nice lady to me.”

“Jesus Mike! You’re the one who told me to harden up; you’re not sweet on the broad are you?” Janine continued to rib her partner.

“Nah! You’re more my type. Too bad you’re a rug-munching lipstick-lezzo!”

“Ah, that’s more like the partner I know and love. I didn’t get much else out of her either and I doubt she told her daughter anything. I don’t know though; I still get the feeling she isn’t telling us everything,” Janine mused.

The following evening Mike was parked outside of the Graham Academy; the community college where Michele’s nineteen year old daughter Nadine attended school. The boys were practicing football and the cheerleaders were practicing their cheer routines on the playing field under the floodlights.

Mike had his binoculars fixed on Nadine Bouvier. Just like the last time he has seen her she was dressed in her cheerleader outfit; a white pleated skirt, a figure-hugging spandex top, white with the letters GA in blue and red emblazoned on it, sheer flesh-tone tights and white gym shoes. Her brunette hair was worn in a ponytail.

She pranced around; her skirt flying up and her chest heaving in the tight spandex top as she went through her cheer routines. Mike had a huge erection that he stroked through his pants. He saw that the practice was about to finish and watched as she went over to the bleachers to where her tote bag lay. He quickly dialled a number in his cell phone and smiled as he watched Nadine rummage around in her bag for her phone.

Mike had got Nadine’s number from her mother’s cell phone.

“Hello?” Mike heard Nadine pant into the phone; she was still catching her breath after the workout.

“Hi. Nadine Bouvier? This is detective Harris; I was at your place a few days ago.”

“Oh, hello detective; what can I do for you?”

Mike went on to explain how he would like to talk to her to see if there was anything that she might be able to help them with regarding her mother’s case. He definitely did not tell her that if anyone should be talking to her, it should be his partner, who incidentally, was of a mind that Nadine had nothing to add to the facts of the case.

“I guess so; sure. I want to help. When?” she asked.

“Well I’m parked across the street here; maybe I can give you a ride home and we can talk on the way?”

“Sure,” she replied; why should a nineteen-year-old girl be suspicious of a cop?

Mike reached into the glove compartment and took out a small digital voice recorder. He switched it on and slid it under his seat. He unclipped the pancake holster containing his weapon and slid that under the seat too.

Mike watched Nadine approach and his cock pulsated; goddamn she was hot! Her little skirt flicked around her thighs and her firm tits were moulded to her spandex top. She waved as she approached his car and gave him a big smile. He reached across and pushed open the door for her. She tossed her tote bag on the back seat and climbed in the front. His eyes went straight to her legs as she carelessly allowed the little skirt to ride right up her thighs. She was wearing white spandex gym panties; what he thought were flesh-tone tights were in fact tan pantyhose. She saw him looking and smiled innocently.

“I don’t wear my good tights to practice; its bad enough they made us wear the uniform and full makeup, I must look a mess,” she said.

Her face was fully made up; lipstick, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara; the whole shebang. Her makeup was only slightly smeared by the workout and she smelled like bubblegum and perfume overlaid with a scintilla of perspiration.

“Yeah it was a full dress rehearsal for the game this weekend but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to ruin my good tights so I wear these old things,” Nadine pulled the sheer nylon away from her thigh and Mike’s cock thickened.

“Em; rather strong language for a schoolgirl,” he smiled at her.

“Bullshit, I’m a college freshman,” she beamed back at him.

He was amazed at how brazen she was with him and how attractive she looked. She was a younger version of her mother; all curves, and tits to die for.

She deftly spun around, and kneeling on the seat, she leaned over and rummaged around in her bag. Her skirt rode right up her ample ass and Mike could see all of her white spandex panties. They were moulded to her taut buttocks; the crevice of her ass crack clearly visible through the almost transparent material. The gym panties covered her ass from the tops of her thighs to her trim waist; the waistband of her pantyhose was also tantalisingly visible.

Nadine adeptly spun around and caught him looking. She smiled again.

“What is about guys with girls dressed in cheerleader outfits? Its just gym clothes worn with a short skirt!” she flopped back in her seat.

Mike saw that she had taken a package of cigarettes and a lighter from her bag.

“Well not all girls fill their cheerleader outfits like you,” Mike smiled back at her.

Nadine looked at him quizzically.

“You’re pretty fresh for a cop who’s supposed to be interviewing me about my mother,” she said.

“And you’re pretty fresh for a co-ed in her first year of college,” he replied.

“That’s why they call us freshmen,” she beamed back at him and shook out a cigarette and offered it to him.

“We aren’t supposed to smoke in municipal vehicles,” Mike said, taking the offered cigarette.

“You aren’t supposed to look up the skirts of teenage college girls either I bet?” she sniggered.

She offered him a light and then lit her own cigarette.

“It’s a cheerleader outfit; you’re not showing me anything I couldn’t see sitting on the fifty yard line,” Mike smiled back.

“Sure Mike,” Nadine replied and deliberately hiked up her skirt to the top of her thighs.

“Flirt!” he said playfully.

Nadine got serious.

“So. About mom?”

“Well my partner and I were wondering if she might have told you something that she wouldn’t tell us. A lot of sexual assault victims confide in their close family members things they are too embarrassed to tell the cops.”

“Like what?”

“Like anything,” Mike replied.

“Ok. She told you that he came twice right? Is that relevant? That he came twice? Mom said he panty-popped her first before he fucked her,” she drew on her cigarette.

“You can get the DNA off her underwear because he panty-popped her,” she said earnestly.

Mike was amazed at how forthright and unemotional this young woman was. Hearing her talk this way was turning him on tremendously.

“Err………Panty-popped?” Mike asked.

“Oh. That’s what we girls do for our boyfriends if we really like them. The boys want to fuck us but some of the girls don’t want to give up their cherries. Most girls will let a guy finger-bang them and some of the more adventurous girls let the guys panty-pop them.”

“Your generation probably called it dry-humping; but this is a little bit more daring. You let the guy climb on top of you and rub his cock on the crotch of your panties or pantyhose. Hence the term ‘panty-pop’ get it?”

“Jesus!” Mike exhaled, blowing a long plume of cigarette smoke out the window.

“So is that any help?” she smiled at him again and ran her tongue seductively across her teeth.

“Well we know about the DNA on your mother’s underwear. Is there anything else?” Mike asked.

“Apart from the fact that she enjoyed it,” Nadine said matter-of-factly.

“Whaaat?” Mike coughed and nearly dropped his cigarette.

“She told me last night. Came into my room and spilled her guts. Said my father had accused her of being a trollop who got what she asked for. Said dad hadn’t fucked her for months. Said her attacker’s cock was bigger and thicker than dad’s and that he knew how to use it.”

“Said she stood on her high-heels, spread her legs, and rutted like a whore. Said she enjoyed every minute of it and that as soon as I leave college she’s giving the old man the boot.”

“Jesus!” Mike repeated himself, incredulous at this girl’s candid responses.

“She really said all that?”

“Yep she did. Says the guy forced himself on her but that she got hot only when he started you to…you know…do her.”

“And what do you think of all that?” Mike asked.

“I love my mom and I hate my dad. I’m glad she’s leaving the old bastard. I’m sad she got violated but if she was forced to enjoy it; that’s not really such a bad thing.”

“Jesus,” Mike repeated himself yet again.

Nadine flicked her cigarette out of the window and pulled on her seat belt.

“So are you still going to give me a ride home?” she smiled at him again.

“Sure,” Mike started the car.

“How old are you?” Nadine asked, aimlessly staring out the window.

“Jesus! I’m thirty something,” he smiled trying to concentrate on the road ahead but he kept stealing furtive glances at the teenager’s long legs and firm tits.

“Mom says you’re hot,” she rambled on.


“She says you hugged her when dad ranted and raved at her. Says you were really kind.”

“Well its part of the service,” Mike joked.

“She says you had a serious boner too.”


Before Mike could retort she turned and faced him.

“You think my mom’s hot?”

“I think your mom is sophisticated and attractive. I think your old man is nuts not to be more attentive to her. But you couldn’t get me to say that in a court of law,” Mike concluded.

“Would you fuck her? She gave you a boner when you hugged her. I bet you would.”

“Let’s change the subject I think,” Mike said.

This encounter was not going at all to plan.

“Do you think I’m hot?” Nadine asked and glared at him.


“I think you’re also sophisticated and attractive; a younger version of your mother.”

“I also think you are nineteen and have far too much to say,” he chided her.

“Bullshit! You think I’m hot. Mom’s right though; you’re pretty hot yourself for an older guy,” Nadine was still staring at him.

“I bet you have a boner right now don’t you?”

“Jesus Nadine; do you ever shut up!” Mike snapped.

Nadine smiled at him again, parted her red lipsticked lips and raked her tongue over her teeth seductively. She slowly and deliberately pulled up the hem of her little skirt exposing her panties.

“Do you wanna panty-pop me detective? All this sex talk is making me hot,” Nadine smirked and looked deliberately at his crotch.

She knew Mike was horny as hell with all the talk about sex; she could see the outline of his long thick cock through his pants.

“Ok girly; you asked for it!”

Mike pulled off the road into a dark parking area next to a nature reserve. It was deserted.

Without even being asked Nadine climbed over into the back seat and threw her tote bag onto the floor. Mike got out of the driver’s seat and climbed into the back.

He pulled Nadine Bouvier roughly to him and began to kiss her; he slid his tongue into her mouth and she kissed him back. She tasted of bubblegum and cigarettes. His hands explored her tits; he squeezed them through the spandex cheerleader outfit.

“Here; let me,” Nadine gasped and pulled off her top.

Her magnificent tits were now available for Mike to play with. He eased them out of the cups of her sports bra and sucked on one nipple while his fingers tweaked the other. Nadine moaned and her hands fumbled around in his lap until her fingers found his rampant hard on and she began to stroke it through his pants.

Mike knew this was dangerous territory; but he had a plan. He hadn’t expected Nadine Bouvier to be so easy but then she didn’t know what was coming. He smiled to himself and continued to caress her full breasts and suck her nipples, which were now rock hard. He wished he had more light so he could see more of the teenage girl but he made the most of the situation.

He took his hand off her tit and caressed her body; he stroked her flat belly and worked his way down into her lap. He slowly lifted her skirt; the hem creeping up her nylon-clad thighs. The material of the skirt hissed softly on Nadine’s sheer hose. He found the clasp at the side of the skirt and undid it. Nadine assisted him by lifting her ass off the seat so he could pull the skirt down her legs. She kicked it off then she kicked off her shoes.

She was now dressed only in her bra, panties and nylons. Her breasts hung free of her bra cups. Mike groaned and reached down and stroked her legs. Their kisses became more passionate as he traced a finger up her leg and tickled the crease where her thigh met her body. He followed the crease until his fingers rested on the front panel of her gym panties.

Mike traced the outline of Nadine’s pubis through the warm slick fabric of her panties. Nadine’s pussy began to moisten. Mike dropped to the floor of the car and spread Nadine’s legs wide and put his head between them. He pushed his hands under her ass and caressed her buttocks; digging his fingers into her panty-clad cheeks; he lifted her ass up and pulled her closer until her crotch was only inches from his face.

He leaned forward and kissed her pubic mound; inhaling her perfume. Her crotch smelled of perspiration, perfume, and a hint of vaginal secretions. His hot breath on her mound was making her wet.

“Are you going to lick me? You can if you want,” she sighed.

“Do you want me to?” he smiled up at her.

“Oh God yes!” she threw back her head in lustful anticipation.

Mike stripped off his coat and pulled off his shirt without even fully unbuttoning it. He kicked off his shoes and sox. He was now naked except for his jockey shorts.

He looked down at the girls legs spread wide before him; her panties were glued to her pubic mound. Her legs clad in the sheer tan pantyhose rose up from seat like a Y-shaped feast. He lowered his head.

“Oh yes! Do it detective!” Nadine spurned him on.

He licked her mound and raked his fingers across her firm flat belly. Mike slathered at Nadine’s panty crotch; his lips traced the outline of her pubic mound. He could taste her juices now and hear her panting as he used his mouth to excite her through her panties and hose. The spandex panties felt nice but the fabric was too thick to really appreciate the subtleties of her young cunt. He removed his face from her crotch and slammed her legs shut.

Nadine gave a moan of despair until she realised what he was doing. He pulled her panties off and pushed her legs wide open again; her feet were still high in the air and he had a magnificent view of the young girl’s nylon sheathed pussy. Her pantyhose were sheer to the waist and they didn’t even have a seam running down the centre of the gusset. Only a gossamer thin film of sheer tan nylon covered her sweet pussy.

He buried his face again and this time he could explore her cunt with his tongue, he traced her lips and found her clitty. He sucked on it through the translucent fabric and she slammed her legs shut around his head and pushed his face into her groin. Her hose were sodden with cunny juice and spittle; her cunt was sweet; her lips and clitoris engorged with lust.

Nadine opened her legs for him and his hands once again found her buttocks and squeezed them as his lips and tongue traced her slit through her pantyhose.

“Oh fuck you are good at this; those college boys haven’t a clue,” Nadine moaned.

She thrust her hips upwards and put her hands on Mike’s head and pulled his face harder into her groin. Mike gave Nadine ten minutes of cunnilingus bringing her to the peak many times and then easing off so she couldn’t come.

Nadine was writhing all over the back seat and moaning like a banshee.

“Jesus mister when are you going to make me come?” she moaned.

“Soon; I want to try that panty-pop thing you told me about,” Mike grinned; his mouth wet with pussy juice.

“Ok Mike; you can put your cock on my pussy.”

“But only through my pantyhose; not inside them,” she warned.

“Ok honey,” Mike said and rose over her spread legs and lowered his face to hers.

He kissed her; slowly at first and then he slipped his tongue into her mouth and she responded and allowed Mike to ease her into position so he could climb on top of her. He kissed her passionately and his hands roamed all over her body. His hands once again found her breasts but they didn’t linger there very long. His hands ran down her tight youthful body and then he found her thighs and began to caress them; his fingers hissed on her sleek nylon-clad legs as he explored them from the tops of her thighs down to her knees.

She felt his red-hot penis against her flesh as he began to hump her legs and she closed them and trapped his cock between her thighs and kissed him back. Their muffled cried echoed in the dark quiet car.

Mike was humping away like crazy; she was the youngest girl he had taken and he wasn’t sure how long he would last. Nadine’s pantyhose were soaking wet and her cunt was hot and wet; he was ready for release knowing that he would be able to get hard again soon after.

“Panty-pop me mister! Make me come!” Nadine begged.

She put her hand between their bodies and pushed Mike off her a little. They were still frantically kissing each other, moaning and mewing as their lust began to peak.

Nadine took hold of Mike’s cock and rubbed the glans against the front of her pantyhose; his cock slithered on the silky fabric covering her belly.

“Now we’re panty-popping Mike; do you like it?” she moaned.

“Nadine this is so lovely but I want you to put it on your pussy!” he begged.

“Shhh………….Easy Mike; let me do it,” she crooned into his ear and then kissed him again.

She positioned his cock in the folds of her nylon-sheathed pussy; the sheer gossamer nylon enfolded his shaft. Nadine wriggled underneath him and re-positioned his cock so that his glans massaged her clitty. Waves of pleasure washed over her as Mike humped her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, making sure her nylons rubbed against his sensitive skin.

Mike moaned and began to slowly hump the teenaged girl, they kissed feverishly. He slid his hands under her buttocks and he lifted her ass up to meet his thrusts.

The friction of his shaft against Nadine’s tender clit was incredibly stimulating. She was close to coming.

Mike’s thrusts were getting harder and faster and the head of his penis was getting dangerously close to penetrating her vagina; only her translucent pantyhose prevented him from entering her.

“Easy Mike; its just a panty-pop, you ain’t gonna fuck me!” Nadine warned him again.

She reached down and placed the shaft of his penis inside the folds of her young cunny, ensuring the head maintained its vigorous massaging of her clitoris but stayed clear of the entrance to her vagina. She locked her legs around Mike’s back and raised her ass up off the car seat to meet his thrusts.

“Come for me Mike!” she panted in his ear.

“I’m coming with you Mike! Come on my young slick cunt!”

Nadine smashed her mouth against his and rubbed her silken-clad legs along his flanks and ground her pussy against his rock-hard penis. She drove her tongue deep into his mouth, her tits squashed against his chest, her nipples felt like rock-hard buds. She drummed her heels against his back as her orgasm raged through her body.

Mike panted and moaned; he frantically pounded his pulsing penis against Nadine’s sodden cunt and then she felt his cock throb and quiver as scalding hot semen flooded the gusset of her pantyhose; his juices intermingled with hers.

They ground against each other frantically kissing, groping and grinding their bodies together. Mike’s fingernails dug into her firm buttocks. His cock quivered and pulsed as his seed continued to flood Nadine’s pussy; the head of his cock rubbed and ground against her clitty and their bodies convulsed and contorted as they writhed together in an orgy of lust.

Eventually their orgasms subsided and Mike lay on top of Nadine; his slowly deflating penis enfolded in her come-soaked, gauzy-hosed cunt. Mike nuzzled Nadine and kissed her lips with soft tender kisses; he stroked her thigh with one hand while his other hand stroked her cheek.

“So that was a panty-pop?” he smiled down at her.

“Yeah; you didn’t do too bad for old guy,” she slapped him playfully on the ass and then wrapped her arms around him.

“Don’t move. I love lying like this in the afterglow but I really want a cigarette; do you mind?” she asked.

“Great idea,” Mike replied and managed to reach down and found them in her tote bag without too much difficulty.

He lit a cigarette for each of them as they lay in each other’s arms.

One of the reasons the FBI profilers at Quantico described the Pantyhose Stalker as having ‘remarkable recovery time’ was because he took Viagra. Mike was horny most of the time anyway but popping a Viagra when he was on the hunt ensured he always managed to get off on his victims at least twice.

Mike had put an empty soda can on the floor to use as an ashtray and had cracked the window to let some of the smoke escape. He lay on top of Nadine as they smoked their cigarettes and contentedly stroked each other.

“I gotta get home soon detective,” Nadine giggled and squirmed underneath him.

“No rush honey,” Mike smiled back.

“Wow mister; you sure like them panty-pops,” Nadine giggled as she felt Mike become erect again against her sodden quim.

“But no more tonight; like I said, I gotta get home.”

Mike didn’t move. In fact he pressed his body down on Nadine.

“Hey mister! Enough already! Get off me!” she whined.

“I haven’t finished with you yet!” Mike growled.

“No! No more! I gotta get home!” Nadine pleaded.

Nadine began to wriggle and struggle underneath his bulk. She suddenly realised that she was in serious trouble and had lost control of the situation.

“But you’re a policeman; you’re supposed to protect me, not violate me,” she begged.

“I am what I am. And you’re a haughty teenage prick-teaser who is about to get what she deserves,” Mike gnarled.

Nadine realised that fighting this man was out of the question. She was not a virgin; she had given away her virginity quite some time ago to a boyfriend she no longer saw or cared about. She had not had coital sex for over year though, limiting her sexual activity to the odd panty-pop here and there. She realised that Mike was going to take her; the irony of the situation was not lost on her. Her mother having been violated only a few days earlier.

She decided not to fight. There was a slim chance that if she didn’t respond maybe the detective would lose interest. She lay still on the back seat.

“Coward! Go on take what you want; I’ll not fight you, but you will be fucking a rag doll!”

Mike didn’t care. He just wanted to fuck this young teen-queen. Some of his other victims had responded the same way when they knew the inevitable was about to happen. It sort of turned him on as much as when they fought back.

Nadine didn’t respond and she didn’t fight; she just lay there with Mike on top, her legs spread. Lying prone and not offering any response at all only served to inflame Mike’s lust. He put his hand between Nadine’s legs and positioned his cock over her pantyhose covered pussy and started to thrust slowly against her.

Mike continued to kiss Nadine’s unresponsive lips as he humped her pantyhose crotch, the sensation was magnificent. He could feel the outline of his Nadine’s pussy lips through the hose and he adjusted himself so that his cock was between her puffy labia. The sheer nylon was saturated with semen and pussy juices from their panty-pop session so he couldn’t tell if Nadine was aroused or not but she continued to lie still and impassive.

He reached down and put a fingernail against the nylon covering her cunt and pushed until he felt her pantyhose tear. Nadine still didn’t move so he pushed forward with his hips. The tip of his cock forced its way through the hole in her pantyhose and was nestled in her pussy lips against the entrance to her cunt. He pushed forward again slowly but firmly and felt the head of his cock penetrate her.

“Gnuhhh!” Nadine grunted she felt his cock enter her.

Nadine flinched but she made no effort to stop him; he pushed his shaft in further and found no resistance. She was wet! It was obvious Nadine was not going to become a willing participant; but she couldn’t stop her body from responding.

“Ohhh!” Nadine grunted again as Mike’s cock snaked further inside her.

Although she was unwilling; Mike’s cock was turning her on. It was long and thick; far bigger than any of her boyfriends. Her pussy began to lubricate and exquisite little sparks of sexual excitement began to surge from inside her vagina.

“Oh please stop! Please stop! Don’t do this!” she begged.

Mike ignored her and he started to slowly thrust, hardly moving his cock at all, just enough to push his cock further inside her, millimetre by millimetre.

“Mmmm…You’re tighter than your mother,” Mike whispered in her ear.

Nadine was shocked. Then it sort of made sense. This man was the same man who had attacked her mother! And she had willingly given him with a panty-pop!

“Oh my God!” Nadine gasped as the realisation hit her.

Not only was she being fucked by the man who had violated her mother; just like her mother, she was beginning to enjoy it!

Eventually Mike was fully inside Nadine and his balls came to rest against the silken gusset of her pantyhose, he was trying to delay his orgasm. He was close to coming but entering her slowly had helped prevent his climax. But he knew the inevitable would happen soon, regardless of how slowly he fucked her.

Nadine felt Mike’s cock fully enter her, filling and stretching her vagina; the base of his cock ground against her clit and she could do nothing to stop the sexual energy radiating from her cunt. She tried, but couldn’t stifle another moan.

“Ohhhh,” she whimpered.

Mike lifted her silken hosed legs up and put them around his body. Nadine didn’t fight him; she was just like a rag doll. Mike could feel her silky pantyhose legs on his back and thighs; he pulled his throbbing cock all the way out and then thrust deeply, once, twice, three times.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” he cried out in the cool dark car.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Nadine cried each time that he plunged his cock deep inside her, she grunted with the force of his thrusts.

On the final thrust he pushed his cock in as far it would go and his scrotum nestled on her pantyhose clad ass.

He exploded.

Mike crushed Nadine’s lips and she began to respond. She opened her lips and allowed his tongue to explore her mouth. She kissed him back and suddenly her legs came to life and she wrapped them around his body, rubbing her silken-sheathed claves along his torso. She wrapped her arms around him and lifted her ass up and arched her back to meet his thrusts.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she wailed and ground her pussy against him.

She felt her vagina flood with scalding semen; Mike’s cock jackhammered in and out of her; her clitty felt like it was on fire and the walls of her vagina throbbed and squeezed the quivering member impaling her and filling her with seed.

Special thanks to Erosite for editing this story.

Summary: The story is about Anja, a chubby young woman who describes some of her sexual adventures and experiences during her student years. Bored by her boyfriend, who only varies foreplay but always plays the same role – the role of a gentle Romeo – she looks for variety. Perhaps inspired by stories, pictures, movies or personals ads, she decides to meet a dominant couple, with unexpected results.

Part I: Anja’s Growing Sexual Boredom Leads to a Decision

David was a kind boy without ostentation. His appearance or character could be exchanged with almost any other of my or his fellow students. During courses he played the role of a careerist. That means, his main objective was to pass his courses. He was always punctual. To avoid missing one of his courses by oversleeping, he set two alarm clocks. During his courses at university he was dressed in the style of his teachers. In his spare time, however, he adapted his clothing to his neighbors and was dressed more sloppily. I would say he played a more bohemian role. He pretended to have no money, drank cheap wine and chatted about art and philosophy. With me, he played the role of a “gentle Romeo.” I liked it, but “variety is spice of life.”

One evening I met David at the kitchen of the dormitory where I lived. I was making pancakes when he came into the kitchen to put away some groceries in his food locker. Smiling at me, he remarked, “Mmmm. It smells delicious. What are you cooking?”

”I am baking pancakes,” I answered with emphasize on the word “baking”.

David smiled, “What a coincidence. Pancakes are my favorite dish.” I invited him to eat with me, but unfortunately he had no time.

The next few days we met “coincidentally” more often in the kitchen. He would comment on the news on the radio, emphasize our similarities, show interest, address flattering or ambiguous remarks to me, and finally he invited me to dinner, “Have you got any plans for tomorrow? We could make pancakes together?” I agreed and we arranged to meet at the kitchen the next evening at 6. As planned, we baked pancakes and then ate them together. After washing up and putting the wet dishes into the dish dryer we went to my room. There we sat on the couch and watched TV.

“Coincidentally” he touched my back. It was an arousing feeling. Would he go further? After a while he got up and went to the toilet. What a pity. Coming back he took his place on my left again and wrapped his right arm around my waist. Pulling me close to him, he fondled my belly with his left hand, peered into my eyes and laughed wolfishly, “Mmm-mmm-mmmm.” He gently kissed my lips. While circling his tongue in my mouth his left hand tenderly caressed the inside of my nylon covered thighs, which caused me to moan. Getting progressively more vigorous he fondled and rubbed my belly, breasts and finally my pussy.

He unbuttoned my blouse and whispered in a deep voice, “Come on. Get undressed. Take off your blouse.” I obeyed and took off my blouse and dress and David got undressed, too. He pulled a condom over his hard cock while I took off my bra. He seems to prefer safe sex, I thought to myself, with rising horniness.

When I began to take off my stockings, he grinned and said, “You can leave them on. You can leave on your nylon stockings. They look good on you.” He seems to have a nylon fetish. But that is Ok. I like wearing stockings with my garter belt during sex. They make me feel a little bit slutty. Will he treat me like a slut? Should I tell him that when wearing stockings I have always had successful anal, orgasming without touching my clitoris?

While I pulled my stockings back up, he hugged me from behind, kissed my neck and caressed the inside of my thighs, my breasts and then rubbed my pussy. Pressing his stiff cock between my butt cheeks, he guided me to the bedroom. There he gently pushed me onto the bed and said, “Lie down, please. On your back. Legs apart.” He laid himself next to me and caressed my pussy until it got wet. Then he knelt between my legs, laid on me and slowly and gently slid his cock into my pussy and fucked me. I would more accurately say he fucked me in a 4/4-step with accent on the first stroke. Getting progressively more vigorous he then fucked me harder and rougher.

After a while he stopped abruptly and commanded, “And now from behind. Come on. Turn around. Get on your hands and knees.” I obediently positioned myself like a dog and presented my pussy for penetration. David knelt behind me and placed the tip of his cock against my wet labia. In one motion, he pushed his entire length inside and fucked me hard again.

A while later he withdrew and lay on his back and said, “Now it’s your turn. Sit on me.” Exhausted, I rode on his cock until he ordered, “Enough. Now lie down. On your back, again. Legs up. Lift your legs. Put your legs on my shoulders.” He then leaned his body against my legs, pushing them to my ears and fucked me – in and out – until he climaxed. Satisfied, he pulled his cock out, laid himself on his back and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

I grinned and whispered, “Mmmm. That was nice.” David got up and went to the sink to remove the used condom and wash his cock.

Second round – the oral game.

After drying his cock David took his place on my left again and wrapped his right arm around my waist. Pulling me close to him, he peered into my eyes and laughed wolfishly as he had before, “Mmm-mmm-mmmm.” While fondling my bare pussy, David kissed my nipples and finally my pussy, which made me moan.

Suddenly, David took a pillow, laid it on the floor, knelt down between my legs, peered up, smiled and kissed my pussy again. He gently circled his tongue on my clit before he started to lick me more boldly. With every exhalation he moved his tongue vigorously up through my swollen lips. He plowed my pussy with his tongue for several minutes. Then he peered up again, smiled and asked, “Do you like it?” Not waiting for an answer, he again circled his tongue on my clit. I moaned and arched my back as I climaxed.

Satisfied, I pulled David back on the couch, “Hmm. Thank you very much. That was wonderful. But now it’s my turn.” Submissively I knelt down on the pillow between his legs and grabbed his cock. I gently pulled back his foreskin all the way, revealing the moist, dark pink skin. I licked and kissed the tip like it was an ice cream cone. It tasted a little bit soapy, but I liked it. Then I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. Aroused, I moved my head up and down, and when he started to moan I went faster, finally swallowing his spurtings.

David seduced me several times thereafter. He had other strategies, in addition to fondling on the couch:

“Oily massage” foreplay

The next day I sat at my writing desk. David stood behind me and began massaging my shoulders. “Tense shoulders, fancy a massage?” he asked.

“Mmm, why not?” I replied.

After rubbing and kneading my shoulders for a while, David whispered, “Your shoulders are quite tense. Come on. Take off your blouse. I’ll give you a real massage.”

I declined with thanks, “No thank you. That is not necessary.”

But David kept up, “Come on. I have a very good lotion.”

I finally agreed and David said, “Mmm. Nice. I would suggest you lie face down on the couch, on your stomach, while I go and get the promised good lotion.”

I obeyed, took off my blouse and laid myself face down on the couch. David fetched the lotion, took off his pullover and trousers and sat down on my buttocks. He poured some lotion on my back and started rubbing and kneading my back. “How do you like it?” he asked me. “Do you like it more gentle,” David kneaded my muscles more strongly, “… or would you rather have it more rough and dominant?”

I moaned approval for the latter.

After a while David kneaded my bum cheeks before he started with the same procedure as the day before: “Get on your hands and knees, turn around, lie down on your back, legs apart, legs up, lift your legs, put your legs on my shoulders …”

“Passionate welcome hug” foreplay

The next Friday I had another date with David. Waiting for him, I took a shower and dressed in a sexy outfit with nylon stockings and pumps. Suddenly the doorbell rang. It was David. He smiled as he saw me and said, “Hello, have you missed me?” After closing the door he looked at me and asked, “New stockings? Mmmm. Nice.”

David hugged me passionately and kissed my lips. After a while he turned me around, hugged me from behind and started to undress me. Feeling my wet pussy he ordered, “Bend down.” I obeyed and got fucked from behind right there just inside the door before David led me to the bedroom for more sex play.

“Let’s take a nap” foreplay

Another time I yawned. “Tired?” asked David with a grin on his face. “You look tired. Come on. Let’s take a nap.” Knowing that David wanted to fuck me, I went to the bedroom with him, and we undressed and got in bed. We lay spooning under the sheets, his hardening cock pressing against my butt cheeks. His hands massaged my breasts, belly and finally my pussy before he fucked me.

The sex with David was good. I liked it when he played the role of a “gentle Romeo”. But Gossen’s First Law – marginal utility diminishes with every additional consumed unit – applies to sex as well. After a while – like the hero in Richard Wagner’s opera Tannhäuser – I was looking for variety. Inspired perhaps by jokes, stories, pictures, movies, interviews or personals columns, I wanted to try new sexual experiences. I googled terms like “sex” and “spanking,” read erotic stories, and watched porn movies and spanking movies.

I must say that I like porn movies and find them inspiring, even hypnotizing. Staring at a cock ramming in and out of a mouth, a pussy or an asshole induces a hypnotic trance. In this state, my mind is open and receptive to suggestions. Especially to the suggestions of the female actor that is moaning and screaming how horny it is to behave and to be treated like a whore. After a few minutes I feel like putting on my slutty black nylon stockings and being used like the female actor in the video: I want to kneel down and suck dick or I want to present my ass either for rough fucking or even a hard spanking.

I was especially fascinated by the statement of a spanking model: “I love getting spanked. I like pain. I like the endorphin rush I get after experiencing pain. I like being submissive, but I think most of all my love for spanking is that I simply like having my bum played with.” I fantasized about getting the endorphin rush and playing a submissive role; I wanted to be dominated, spanked, whipped and caned.

I thought about how to convince David to satisfy my submissive cravings. Should I choose a direct strategy and tell him: “Darling, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of being spanked. Would you like to give my little hiney a nice hard spanking? Come on. I have been a bad girl. I smoked.” Or should I just just tell him that I have been a naughty girl and that I need a spanking right now? Maybe I could inspire him with ordinary household items like a cooking spoon or a belt: “Mmmm. Nice cooking spoon (or belt). I wonder how it would feel on my butt. Come on, I feel like taking a paddling.” Maybe I could watch a spanking movie with him and tell him that spanking movies are inspiring, even hypnotizing to me.

But would David feel like giving me a hard spanking for his pleasure? Is he a dominant and sadistic character anyway? I could read aloud to David some S&M personals advertisements like “Dominant man is looking for a submissive woman to spank her butt,” and ask him if he also likes spanking submissive women. But I was too shy to talk with David about my fantasies. Furthermore, I didn’t want to be spanked by somebody who isn’t a little bit sadistic and enjoys hurting me. I decided to answer an S&M ad.

(See Anja: Part II)

Summer 2012: Beating the Heat in DC

It’s early July in DC–and already unseasonably hot and sticky in the nation’s capital. The heat wave is unbearable with temperature in triple digits and everyone is seeking relief, even at night. My name is Han-Na, a Korean-American working in DC for a multinational company based in Seoul. I’m in my mid-20s, 5’8″ tall, and about 110 lbs. in my stocking feet. My bilingual skills in Korean and English are highly sought and I was lucky to find a job coming out of college in the middle of a tight job market. I’m doubly fortunate that I get to work in an air-conditioned modern office building just south of the Mall, not far from the Anacostia River. I live in a nice apartment building near M St., NE, and 3rd St., SE, a few blocks north of the new Yards Park on the Anacostia River.

During the weekend, I happened to see pictures on about kids playing in the water fountains in Yards Park and reminded me that I could seek cool relief not easily found anywhere in the city. Dozens of kids (and grownups) were cavorting in the playful fountains near the main entrance of the park. Others drenched themselves in the waterfall that fed the basin below. As I sat at my desk at work and thought about the scorching heat outside, I fantasized about getting soaked in the fountain and waterfall. An idea came to mind that would satisfy my stocking fantasies tonight. I could hardly wait for 4:30 to head home to my apartment.


Hardly anyone knows about my secret fantasies that I have harbored since college days when I was first introduced, rather accidentally, to sexy underwear and stockings. The sorority that I pledged for, Zeta Alpha Tau, was trying out a new initiation ritual inspired by all the new Victoria’s Secret stores popping up in major cities. Until then, my tastes in underwear were pretty conservative–plain cotton briefs and sports bras. They were inexpensive and matched my simple lifestyle which included jogging, biking, and weight training. I had no real need for anything fancier. However, the new ZAT initiation required us to wear sexy underwear and clothing selected for us for an entire semester. Any deviation from the prescribed wear led to expulsion.

As I grew up in a somewhat traditional Korean household with my parents who had immigrated to the States in the 1980s, I knew nothing about what stylish American women liked to wear under their “dress-to-kill” dresses and skirts. I guess one could say that I led a sheltered life. At the first ZAT meeting when we received initiation instructions, everything seemed too daring and risque–but I was eager to follow orders to get into the sorority. I learned that I would be required to wear sexy underwear all the time, even during weekends and evenings, such as garter belts, girdles, thong panties, sheer panties, no bra, and sheer stockings–preferably old-style RHTs and FFs. This was a new world! The first time I went shopping, my sorority “sister” assigned to me took me around to various lingerie shops in the DC area. It was truly an adventure and eye-opener!

I remember the first lingerie shop we visited was named Joy’s Delights in a small strip mall outside of Rockville, MD. When we stepped into the store, my eyes opened up wide when I saw for the first time, all kinds of sexy underwear. I must admit I got a little thrilled to see the assortment of garter belts, OBGs, skimpy panties, and nightwear. The salesgirl sized me up and figured that I was a newbie–so she kindly asked me for my waist size, panty size, and foot size. She took me to a changing room with an armful of things to try on. My sorority “sister,” Wendy, joined us to help me out. Stripping down to practically naked was a little uncomfortable since I never undressed before anyone before–not even my own family. But there I was in my birthday suit. The only thing I had left on were my cotton panties–partly for modesty, but also so I could try on different panties.

Over an hour, I tried on a number of different garter belts. They all fit my slim waist nicely, but I liked several basic colors: white, beige, baby blue, pink, and black. I also tried a variety of panties, but I preferred the high-cut sheer panties for comfort and feel. The salesgirl brought out a variety of sheer stockings to try on. Having worn pantyhose and knee-highs for most of my adult life, the feel of real nylon stockings overwhelmed me. Never had I felt anything so sexy and stimulating. As I slipped the FFs and RHTs on my lithe legs, I felt my body shiver and my cunt getting moist.

Looking at myself in the full mirror, I looked fantastic in garter belt, sheer panties, and stockings! Not wearing a bra felt liberating also! Feeling the thrill, I knew that I could not go back to bare legs or pantyhose. I must have spent over $200 in just the first lingerie shop. We visited a few others in the area, but I didn’t buy much more for the time being. At the local mall, I picked up a small wardrobe of sexy dresses that would show off my legs. I especially liked the sundresses and slip dresses which were light and cheery–especially during the hot summer months. For the rest of the year, I settled for an assortment of skirt/blouse combos and short dresses. This was the new Han-Na–a total remake into a steamy, sexy young woman!


During my college years after initiation into ZAT and the world of fine lingerie, I wore stockings every day, practically 24/7–even wearing stockings to sleep. I couldn’t get enough. Some of my fellow ZAT sisters also really got into sexy underwear and stockings, but nowhere as fanatically as me. I was hooked–a sex addict! Daily, I felt the impulse to wear my sexiest underwear, sheerest nylons, and most revealing clothes. Increasingly, I had the urge to go “public,” wearing revealing clothes in risky, outdoor places. Summer was the best because I could wear sheer sundresses and slip dresses out in public with my finest garter belts, panties and stockings underneath. It was especially refreshing on a hot day to stand under an outdoor shower,soaking myself from head to toe, and rinsing off the sweat and cooling off my superheated pussy.

My dates got sexier as the word got around that I liked sexy clothing and like to show off. On first dates, it was pretty common for guys to start stroking my thighs seeking my garter straps and stocking tops, feeling my nylon-covered legs, and inching their hands up to my sheer panties–but heavy petting was as far as I allowed because I was going to “save” myself for my husband. I wasn’t a true virgin anymore. On many a date, the petting progressed to plunging roaming fingers into my cunt and bringing me to the ultimate climax. Needless to say, there were many frustrated guys falling by the wayside who failed to stick their bulging dicks up my vagina.

Aside from going on countless hot dates, I lived out my fantasies by going out in public with sexy dresses, underwear, and stockings. Starting out with regular dresses and skirts, I began getting more daring with sundresses and even slip dresses. Lately, with all the hot weather in DC, I even starting going out wearing filmy white slip dresses with colorful designs. Even in the daytime, the colorful patterns concealed what I was secretly wearing underneath–white garter belt, sheer white panties, and tan RHT stockings. With the unbearable heat in the streets, stockings were so much cooler than pantyhose which heated up the crotch. A slight breeze blowing into the bottom of my light dress felt so refreshing! I wore such sheer old-style stockings, 10 or 15-denier, that my legs appeared bare. The only hint that I was wearing real stockings was the reinforced heels and toes–but close-toed shoes and sandals hid them nicely.


It was finally 4:30 and time to go home. As usual, I had gone to work wearing a dark business suit–but underneath i had on a royal blue garter belt, sheer baby blue panties, and vary blue RHTs. All day, I could feel my nylon-covered legs brushing against each other. Perhaps no one else heard the distinct swishy sound of nylons rubbing. I could hardly wait to change into something more comfortable–and sexier–for my foray into the evening outdoors.

It took only 15 minutes to walk home from the office, but I was already drenched in sweat from head to toe. My crotch was dripping with sweat. First thing I did was to strip off my business suit down to stockings and undies and jump in the shower, washing everything off with steaming hot water. Switching to cold water, it felt so refreshing! Stepping out, I stripped off my garter belt, panties and stockings and hung them up to dry.

After drying off, I rummaged through my overflowing lingerie drawer and picked out a white garter belt, sheer hi-cut white panties, and a pair of Hanes RHT stockings in my favorite color, “Barely There.” Sitting on the sofa, I slid the stockings up my left leg and attached the garter clips, then the right side. The sheer white panties were next. The white garter straps were clearly visible through the transparent panties. Wow, it felt soooo nice! No bra tonight. Next was my favorite white slip dress that was so filmy and light. My garter belt, panties and stockings were almost visible through the sheer dress, but the random bright color patterns concealed what was just underneath. But backlighting would have revealed the silhouette of my legs. I was now ready to stroll to the nearby Yards Park, a few blocks south. Instead of regular heels, I chose a pair of clear plastic jelly sandals which were super light and comfortable. In the low evening light, the reinforced heels and toes of my stockings wouldn’t be too visible.

As I walked down 3rd Street toward the park, it was already dusk, and there were quite a few people heading down from nearby apartments to Yards Park to enjoy the fountains in the blazing heat and sweltering humidity. Most park-goers were already stripped down to shorts and bathing suits, so I was a little dressed up by comparison.

I arrived at the park entrance shortly and stood in front of the fountains that greeted park visitors. Several rows of fountains shot up into the air as dozens of grownups stepped into the fountain to get drenched. I followed suit and stood in the middle of the dancing columns of water lit up by blue lights. Standing directly over one of the fountains in the middle row, the cool jet of water shot up into my hot crotch and bathed my nylon-covered legs all the way to my pussy.

Obscured by all the water shooting up, people standing next to me couldn’t see my stockinged legs exposed as the fountain occasionally lifted the edge of my flimsy slip dress to my waist. My right hand went down to my panty crotch which was completely exposed and my middle finger rubbed my clit which was moist–not from the fountain water, but from within. It felt so wonderful to be totally soaked in cool water and getting excited as I rubbed my clit through the filmy sheer panties. My slip dress was soaked through and through and my dark nipples probably peeked through the sheer dress.

Suddenly, the fountain water dropped to the bottom as the fountain began a new cycle. I stood there in the open with my hand under the front of my dress. The hem was lifted up, but only the front section; the retreating water brought the rest of the slip dress down to just above my knees. Looking down, I could see the outline of my white garter belt, panties and darkened stocking tops through the sheer dress material–but it wasn’t that obvious in the dim light. Time to move on to the cascading waterfall below the fountains…..

It was a short walk down the stairs to the basin where more people were wading in the shallow water to cool off. But one of the popular places was to walk on a pathway at the edge of the basin that leads to the back of a cascading waterfall from the fountain above. Instead of walking around the perimeter of the basin, I stepped into the basin and crossed over to the other edge where I followed the path to the back of the waterfall. Inspired by YouTube video clips and photos of kids standing under the cascade, I moved under the falling water and reveled in the cool water pouring down from above. I was totally soaked through. The water flowed into the top of my slip dress, pouring over my bare chest and breasts, then down my abdomen and nylon-covered legs. I don’t know how long I stood under the water, but I lost track of time and totally forgot about others in the area. My mind had drifted off as I rubbed my pussy through the soaked sheer panties and rubbed my hands up and down my drenched nylons and garter straps. I felt light-headed and felt close to coming. All I could hear was the rushing water falling on my body. I didn’t even notice that someone had slipped behind the waterfall.

Suddenly, without warning, I felt a pair of rough hands from behind grasping my bare breasts through the flimsy slip dress. Fingers pinched my nipples which were hardening as they were fondled. Shocked, I couldn’t move. A low, husky voice whispered into my ear, “Stay quiet and I’ll add to your pleasure. I also enjoy nylon stockings and wet sex. You look so hot all wet.” His right hand moved down the front of my body and pulled up the front of my slip dress to my waist, tucking the hem inside my garter belt. He reached down to my crotch, rubbing against my pussy through my sheer panties–up and down, one finger sliding along the crack and fondling my clit. His other hand slid down my garter straps, along the stocking tops, and along the front of my thighs stroking my silky smooth nylons down to my knees.

Could anyone see what was happening from the front of the cascading water, or was I totally hidden by the waterfall? His hands worked their magic on my cunt as they stroked my pussy and thighs. “Oh, your pussy feels so soft and your nylons feel so sexy. Let me slide my dick into your wet cunt.” With that, I felt a stiff rod from behind sliding in and out against my cunt. It felt incredibly stiff and huge–larger than anything I ever felt. His dick rubbed against the sheer nylon panties, just itching to get underneath to the prize awaiting him. One hand pulled aside one edge of my panties and his dick slid under, now directly rubbing against my pussy. Oh, God, I can’t take it anymore. I was about to explode and have a pyrotechnic meltdown.

He then released his hold and turned me around 180, now embracing me in a frontal bear hug. With all the water falling on my head, I couldn’t clearly see his face, but I could tell he was a little taller than me, perhaps almost 6 feet tall, muscular, and bearded. My eyes were blurry from being so close and obscured by the cascading waterfall. He embraced me tightly and gave me a deep French kiss, exploring my mouth fully. His dick was now rubbing along the front of my pussy, turning up the fire within me. My backside was facing out now, so I wondered what others looking at the waterfall could see now–a semi-naked woman with soaked slip dress, garter belt, sheer panties, and dark tan stockings? Or, perhaps just a blurry form of someone standing under the waterfall?

I barely had time to think about that as he pulled down my sheer panties and hoisted me up off my feet. I instinctively wrapped my nylon-sheathed legs around his back and locked my ankles together. He plunged his foot-long log (or so it seemed) straight up my super lubricated cunt. I was now impaled on his enormous prick and sliding up and down steadily and slowly, writhing in erotic agony–firing me up ever so mercilessly. I almost lost consciousness as we both exploded together. Our scream together of total release was drowned out by the noise of the falling water.

Next thing I remember is that he withdrew his engorged dick from my sore tunnel, dropped me down onto my feet, turned around quickly and disappeared around the edge of the waterfall–and he was gone, like I imagined the whole affair. I was in a daze from my first but most incredible orgasm from a real fuck, not just self-pleasuring or heavy petting.

So this is what it’s like! My virginity was now gone, but so what. I staggered out from the front of the waterfall with my slip dress in complete disarray. The wet dress was still stuck inside my garter belt exposing, everything up to my waist–and my sheer panties were down around my ankles. There were still some people cooling off in the pool, but they weren’t paying attention to me. I quickly pulled the dress hem out of my garter belt, pulled up my panties, and readjusted my dress. I slowly walked back up the stairs and went back into the fountain for one last soak as the fountains fired up again–shooting cool, refreshing water up my dress and rinsing all the cum off my swollen cunt.

The walk back to my apartment took only 10 minutes. Little did I imagine that this would be one night of sinful ravishing by a total stranger and living out a wet fantasy that I would never forget. Back at my apartment, I stepped into the shower and rinsed my whole body, dress and undies and all. I never felt so thrilled and fulfilled. Tomorrow night, do I dare do the same thing? I wonder if that guy will be there again? I’ll find out…

Part II: Anja Experiments with S&M

Although I wondered if spanking is better in fantasy than in reality, I decided to answer a personals advertisement. Aroused, I googled terms like “S&M Personals” and found an appealing ad:

Dominant couple is looking for a chubby submissive girl

We are dominant couple looking for a submissive female to abuse and have adult fun with. If you are a bisexual submissive female, get in touch and maybe we could discuss what we could do. We are full of ideas and maybe you have a few, so that we could have a fun and very kinky night.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Mmmm. That sounds interesting, I thought to myself, and answered:


I read your advertisement online and felt drawn to it. My name is Anja. I am a 25-year-old chubby woman. Sexually, I am rather submissive. I am fascinated by the idea of being dominated by an older couple. In addition, I am interested in role playing. Playing a role helps me loosen my sexual inhibitions. For example, I like to dress up like a prostitute and wear long glossy black nylon stockings and pumps. Putting on and wearing nylon stockings make me feel like an anal slut. One cannot dress like a slut and not behave like one.

One of my sexual fantasies is to put on a slutty outfit and play the role of a submissive cum drinking anal slut. Obediently, I will present my bare bottom for a spanking or kneel down to suck your dick. You can fuck my holes and cum in my mouth. Thereafter you can …

Kind regards and hoping to meet you soon.



p.s. Anal, but only with lube.

My e-mail was successful. The next weekend I met Peter and Betty Brown at a bus station. We were alone. Peter grinned as he saw me, “Hello. You are Anja, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.” I answered nervously.

Peter looked to his wife, “Nice, isn’t she? May I introduce you? This is my wife Betty.”

Betty grinned, “Pleased to meet you. How are you?”

“Fine, thanks. A little bit nervous. And you?” I answered.

We went for a walk and had some small talk: “How old are you? …”

Suddenly Betty said, “We are actually quite close to our place. Would you like to come up for some coffee or a glass of wine?”

I answered. “Why not, with pleasure.”

We went to a brick house and Peter opened the door, “So, please come in.” I said thank you and Peter led me into the house and asked if he could take my coat, “May I take your coat?”

“Or anything else?” Betty interjected with a wicked grin.

I laughed and gave my coat to Peter, “That’s very kind of you, thank you.” Nervously, I thought about the ambiguous remark “or anything else.” Should I take off more? Does Betty want me to get undressed already?

While I was still thinking about the ambiguous remark, we went to the living room and Peter pointed to the couch, “Have a seat, please. What would you like to drink? I have coffee and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon.”

I chose the wine, “Mmm, wine sounds good. I’ll have a glass of cabernet sauvignon, please.”

Peter grinned, “Excellent choice.” He brought three wine glasses and filled each.

Betty took her glass and toasted, “Cheers. Here’s to our quite interesting guest.”

We took a sip and Betty remarked, “Nice, the finish is long and lingering with soft tannins and flavors of dried peaches and prunes.” Betty looked at me and asked, “Do you like prunes?”

I answered, “yes, of course,” and took another sip to hide my nervousness. How should I behave? Should I say, that I especially like sperm flavored prunes? Or is this too direct? But then I don’t know whether I like sperm flavored prunes or not.

“Can I pour you some more wine?” Peter asked and I nodded, “Thank you.”

Round 1:

Peter took a printout of my e-mail, “Well, you wrote that you are rather submissive sexually and that you like to be dominated.” Nervously, I nodded. Peter grinned, “Nice. Ok. Then be a good submissive girl and get undressed to your panties.” Shyly, I obeyed and took off my pullover, my shoes, my bra. It was an arousing feeling to undress before two strangers, especially when they are sitting fully dressed on the couch in front of me.

After taking off my stockings, Betty ordered, “Come here and stand up straight, hands behind your back.” I obeyed and Betty slowly pulled down my panties and grinned wolfishly, “Mmm, mmmmm.” I felt humiliated and aroused.

Peter handed me my e-mail and said, “Would you be so kind as to go to the middle of the room and read your letter aloud, please.” Nervously I took the e-mail and went to the center of the room. I stood there naked and began to read; I felt so humiliated and aroused.

Peter interrupted, “So, a slutty outfit helps you loosen your sexual inhibitions? Have you brought along any nice garments?”

I answered that I had taken off the stockings. Betty got up, took my stockings and garter belt from the floor and grinned, “Ok. Then put them on, please.” I obeyed and put on my black stockings.

Betty walked around me and inspected me. “Mmmm,” she said, “Come with me, darling. I’ll dress you up like a real slut.” Dressed in my nylon stockings I followed Betty to the bedroom. She opened her wardrobe and gave me a cheap-looking pearl necklace and a glossy apron, “Here, put these on. Being dressed up like a slut makes it easier for you to behave like one.”

I complied and dressed up like a cheap whore. Betty looked at me and grinned, “Mmm, mmm. How do you feel?”

I felt humiliated but said, “Like a slut.”

Betty ginned, “Nice. Are you ready to behave like one?”

I bravely answered, “Yes, I am.”

Betty touched my shoulder and grinned, “Are you ready to take a hard spanking?”

I said that I was.

“Good girl,” Betty said. “Then go back to the living room and ask Mr. Brown to give you a hard spanking.”

I obeyed, went back to the living room and asked Mr. Brown, “How do you like my slutty outfit? Would you like to give me a hard spanking?”

Peter smiled, “Mmmm, mmm. Fine. Then come here and lay across my lap. Over my lap, honey,” he said patting his legs. Submissively I obeyed and laid myself down on Peter’s lap. I felt nervous and excited. After caressing my bare bottom for a while Peter spanked me with his hand. Smack – smack – smack.

It felt quite good and it didn’t hurt – in the beginning. After a while, my bum seems to have become more sensitive. Betty moved close to my head, caressing my hair and comforting me, “Yes. Be a good girl. Take your spanking. You like it, don’t you? Come on, Peter. Spank her harder.” Smack – smack – smack.

After a while I had to get up again. Peter opened his trousers and pulled out his semi-hard cock. The tip of his glans looked shiny and swollen as it emerged from his foreskin. I had to kneel down before him and suck him. Betty watched me and commented, “Yes, be a good slut.”

After sucking Peter’s cock for a while Betty leaned back, spread her legs, lifted her skirt and asked, “Would you like to give me oral pleasure, too? Would you like to lick my pussy?”

I played my slutty role perfectly and laughed excitedly: “Mmm, mmm. Yes, of course. I like prunes.” Aroused, I knelt between Betty’s legs and kissed her pussy. She had a clean shaved mature pussy. Her big wrinkled labia looked like two prunes lying beside her rosy red clit.

Peter got up and knelt behind me. He rubbed the tip of his penis against my wet pussy. I moaned as he slid into me. After fucking me for some minutes, Peter pressed the tip of his penis against my asshole, “Relax, Anja,” he said. “Press against it like you are taking a shit. It makes it easier.”

Betty added, “Just relax and push against it like when you defecate. It loosens the sphincter quite effectively.”
Submissively, I obeyed. While Betty consoled me, Peter pushed his cock in my ass. It hurt and I grimaced. Betty pressed my head into her lap and Peter fucked my ass from behind while I continued sucking his wife’s pussy.

After a while, Peter pulled out and slapped my buttocks, commanding, “Turn around. Lay on your back.” I obeyed and laid back on the couch. My head rested on Betty’s lap. While Betty gently caressed my hair and my breasts, Peter put my legs to my ears and pushed into my ass with quick hard thrusts that made me shiver with pleasure.

Then he pulled his cock out of my ass and pressed it against my mouth. I felt disgusted and held my lips closed. Betty caressed me, “Come on. Be a good girl and take it in your mouth.” Submissively, I obeyed and sucked his cock. It was just disgusting. Finally he came in my mouth. Although I don’t like swallowing sperm, I was glad; the taste of semen was better and less disgusting. “Good girl,” Betty commended as I swallowed and she reached for a glass of wine and toasted, “This is to Anja, our submissive anal cum slut.”

Round 2 – With implement

Exhausted, I sat on the couch and tried to remove the disgusting taste of shit and sperm from my mouth. Betty caressed my naked pussy and smiled at Peter, “Our little girlfriend is still wet. I think she now wants to enjoy some nice implements, doesn’t she?” Betty looked at me, “She wants to be paddled, whipped and caned, doesn’t she?”

I was frightened and nervous but continued playing my slut role, “Mmmm, yes, why not.”

Betty grinned, “Fine. Then be a good girl, choose a nice implement from the table and ask Mr. Brown to give you a nice hard thrashing.”

On the table were a wooden spoon, a belt and a ping pong paddle. I took the wooden spoon, held it out to Peter and asked him, “Mr. Brown. Would you be so kind as to use this implement on my bum?”

Peter grinned, “Good girl. Then would you be so kind as to stand up straight and put your hands behind your back.”

Betty repeated the words more sternly, “Stand up straight. Hands behind your back.”

Nervously, I took my position. Peter stood next to me and caressed my bum with the wooden spoon. With his other hand he squeezed my nipples and fingered my pussy. I kept my position and waited for the first stroke. Smack. “Ahhhh,” I cried out as I took the stroke. It hurt immensely.

But Betty comforted me and I kept submissively presenting my bum for punishment. Peter grinned; he seemed to be a little bit sadistic. “Do you want to feel this nice belt?” Betty asked after a while, showing me the black leather belt. Afraid but curious, I nodded.

Peter took the belt and commanded, “Bend down.” I obeyed. Smack – smack – smack.

It hurt a lot. “Ahhhh,” I screamed and got up.

But Betty commanded, “Keep your position, little girl.” Comforting me, she caressed my bum, “Poor girl, a spanking with a belt should be indulged and enjoyed lying flat on the bed.”

Peter took two pillows from the head of the couch, piled them together in the middle and looked at me, “Now, be so kind and lay face down with your hips over the pillows. Get your bottom up for me.” I took my ordered position. Betty sat next to me and caressed me. Peter raised the belt to shoulder level and brought it down hard across my red welted bottom. I cried out as I took the stroke. Betty comforted me and kept me in position: Smack – aaaah, smack – aaaah, smack – aaaah.

After a while Peter ordered me to turn over, lie on my back and lift my legs. I obeyed and Betty grabbed my ankles. My vulva and asshole were now totally exposed. Peter caressed both with the belt before he quickly brought it down hard across my red welted bottom: Smack – aaaah, smack – aaaah, smack – aaaah.

Betty began to rub my pussy, “It seems somebody’s pussy has gotten all wet.” While Peter continued whipping my bum, Betty got up, took a bag and removed a silicone dildo, condom, dildo harness and tube of lube. She put the condom on the dildo, put the dildo through the hole in the harness and strapped the harness on. She gently lubed my tight asshole and my well thrashed bum. It felt nice and cool. Then I had to get up. Her artificial cock looked so inviting. Instinctively, I knelt down and sucked for a bit before I presented my butt. She plowed me good and long until both holes were sore.

After quite some time, Betty pulled out, slapped my bum and said exhaustedly, “Wow, that was horny. How did you like it?” 

Relieved, I answered, “I would say it was an interesting experience.”

Betty grinned, “Did you actually climax during our little BDSM game?” 
”Mmm, not really,” I said, confused. “Maybe, I was too nervous.”

“Oh, what a pity,” Betty said, pretending to be sad “Maybe next time. Would you repeat it again?”

”Why not,” I said, while my ass still burned like fire.

Some final thoughts: I would say getting a hard spanking has been an interesting experience. But, like pussy eating, anal, cum swallowing or sucking a dick that has been in my ass, spanking had been much better in my fantasy. There I am not afraid of getting STDs.

Special thanks to Erosite for editing this story.

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