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One long and boring afternoon I was sitting in my office in the city surfing the Internet. I looked at what seemed like a hundred different sites before I stumbled across one that featured nudism. I was quickly pulled in by the thought of mass nudity and eagerly logged onto the site looking for some fun photos. The site seemed very well constructed and allowed me to search for places to get naked. The site’s menu was great and allowed me to select a place based on its geographical region, state or city.

I selected my state and anxiously waited for the homepage to pop up. When it did I was almost shocked to discover there were five different clubs relatively close to me. One was a nudist resort / social club that was located less than one hundred miles from where I live and work. I selected the link and the site appeared before my eyes. The resort was located in a wooded rural area in the southern portion of the state. The site featured some great stuff and included a discreet aerial photo showing the tiny resort nestled quaintly away in the forest.

I clicked the “About us” bar from the page and a photo of a naked couple probably in their late forties or early fifties appeared. They were standing hand in hand beside a sign which read; Welcome to The Oasis, stay with us if you can bare it! The couple was average in size and appearance. So I continued to browse the site. I learned a great deal about the site as I clicked the various menu bars. I read on about the club and became very intrigued. After about fifteen minutes or so I decided to e-mail them.

In my e-mail I asked if I could attend one of their weekly open houses that were featured on the website. The site included a list of rules, a detailed map with directions on how to get there, a complete schedule of events and several very revealing photos of members enjoying the facilities. The resort featured a large outdoor pool and hut tub, clubhouse with a bar and a jukebox, a dance floor, foosball and pool tables, a large shower house, horseback riding, a small fishing pond, several cabin size cottages and much more.

Along with numerous photos were member testimonials, a schedule of events, and the club rules. After carefully reading the rules I determined the Oasis was indeed for me. I hate missing a good chance to see or be naked! The rules included that no one under the age of eighteen was allowed in and that it was an adult’s only social club. Always carry a towel with you, and do not consume alcoholic beverages openly outside of any of the buildings, and last but not least; couples and outgoing singles are always welcome. Most importantly outward displays of excitement and/or affection were not permitted in open areas. Without further hesitation I sent the e-mail. Later that day an e-mail alert appeared on my screen with a reply. I anxiously opened the message to find that I had indeed been invited to come and get my feet wet so to speak at the Oasis. The e-mail was from a woman named Jan. I also received a copy of an invite letter along with directions to show it to the person at the front gate upon my arrival. Presenting the letter would be the only way I would be allowed to enter their club grounds. I was very excited and couldn’t wait for the weekend to get here.

The open house went from noon until four every Sunday. The e-mail said that I would be given a guided tour the grounds and would be allowed to visit with the members and experience what the club had to offer before deciding whether I wanted to drop five hundred dollars for the cost of a single membership. Membership fees for a couple ran two hundred and fifty dollars. The e-mail also said that I could take the tour with my clothes on or off, it was my choice. Being a bit of an exhibitionist I didn’t struggle very long deciding how I would choose to take the tour.

When Sunday came I woke early, shaved, showered, and hit the road. The club was only about eighty miles away but the roads there were all country two lane. Filled with anticipation, I finally drove upon a gravel road about half mile off the state route. The gravel lane was marked only with the wooden silhouette of a palm tree painted black. I eased my SUV into the drive and followed the winding road almost a quarter of a mile before I came upon a small clearing with a large electric gate with a small shack with a stop sign outside.

I pulled up to the stop sign and stopped. A young well-tanned woman stepped out of the shack and approached the driver’s side of my car. She had curly thick auburn hair that flowed to almost the middle of her back. She was wearing cut off denim shorts and a black bikini top which did very little to cover much of her large round breasts, sandals and dark sunglasses, pretty normal attire for late August.

“Hello.”, she purred in a very sexy voice. “Can I help you?” she asked, politely flashing me a smile as she approached.

I told her my name and added that I was here for the open house.

“Well Richard, loose the last name.” she said. “People here are very discreet and last names are seen as an invasion of privacy and that’s kind of frowned upon. My name’s Carrie and I’ll be your tour guide”, she said as she went over and grabbed a clipboard from the tiny window ledge of the shack and placed a check mark beside my name. She then picked up the telephone and asked someone to take over for her at the front gate. She said the she had a tour and needed to be relieved.

Soon an older gentleman with salt and pepper colored hair appeared at a walk through gate located next to the shack wearing swim trunks and pulling on a white T-shirt.

“Thanks Wally, I needed a break.” she said patting him on the back.

The young woman then hopped into the passenger side of my Hummer and pointed towards the opening gate.

“Pull inside this gate and we’ll find a place to park.” she directed. Just inside the gate was good-sized gravel parking area with probably thirty or forty cars in it, but several open spots were still available.

A little beyond the parking area was a long wooden privacy fence with a building at one end. On the end of the small building there was a screen door and a sign that simply read locker room. We entered that building and were quickly greeted by a naked older woman who handed me a combination lock and a locker number.

“Come on, twenty seven is over here I’ll show you.” said my sultry chaperone. We walked down past two or three rows of lockers before she turned to her right. “Here we go.” she said as she opened the locker.

“Now get undressed and I’ll show you around.” she giggled while reaching back beneath her flowing hair to untie the straps of her bikini top from around her neck.

“I thought I had a choice?” I said teasingly as I kicked off my sandals.

“Not when I’m your tour guide.” she said with a smile as her top fell from her neck unleashing her impressive pineapple sized breasts. Her tits jutted impressively forward when she reached behind her back to untie the narrow cross strap. She unzipped her tight fitting denim shorts as I pulled my shirt over my head.

I reached down to unsnap my shorts as she wiggled out of hers. She wasn’t wearing any panties and was now completely naked except for a silver and turquoise choker pendant around her neck, and her sunglasses. Her pubic hair was a colorful match to her cascading tresses. Her pubes were thick but very neatly trimmed. I stepped out of my shorts and tossed them into the locker.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” she asked glancing at my package as she stepped towards me with a large white towel. She continued to look me up and down. “We’re almost ready but first you need to bend over.” she said cradling a large rubber stamp and ink pad in her hand.

“Bend over? What for”, I asked somewhat confused.

“This is one of the three ways we identify our first time guests.” she replied as she stamped a large red butterfly on the cheek of my ass with a smile.

“Do you always stamp their asses?” I asked.

“No on the women we usually do their breast.” she replied with a smile.

“What’s the giggle about?” I asked. “Tan lines like yours are the second way.” she said with a naughty grin.

“What’s the third way?” I asked her.

“Erections.” she joked slowly shaking her head from side to side.

That’s when I remembered the web-site clearly stating that open displays of excitement or affection were not allowed.

“You’re not prone to erections are you?” She asked staring at my flaccid cock as she leaned against the wall near the exit door with her arms crossed.

“I’ve had a few.” I told her with a mischievous grin.

“I’ll bet you have.” she said as she motioned me towards the door. I followed her through the doorway and out into the bright sunlight. Her smooth naked ass was very well rounded and wiggled nicely when she walked.

We quickly encountered naked people everywhere. We walked into a large open area. In the middle was a huge in ground pool and hot tub. Lounge chairs and blankets were lying on the ground surrounding the pool. There were naked bodies scattered about.

A radio was playing in the background. Some people were reading by the pool while others were soaking up the sun. Most of the folks we encountered were very friendly and spoke, but there were a few who were less than cordial.

“Over here is the clubhouse.” said my sexy tour guide. “You can get a drink or a bite to eat here if you like.”

We strolled inside where five or six people were hanging out. An attractive blonde was shooting a game of pool with an older fellow, two or three men were sitting at the bar watching pre-season football on TV, and a young couple was playing air hockey in the corner. We sat down and ordered ourselves up a cold drink as Carrie introduced me to the barmaid.

“Richard this is Margaret.” said Carrie. “He’s a new guy.” she whispered playfully.

Margaret was quite attractive, probably in her mid to late forties about 5′ 8″ tall, with sandy colored hair cut just above her shoulders. She had firm slightly larger than average sized tits and a nicely shaped body with only a tiny little pouch in her mid-section. She was very well preserved for an older woman.

“I’ve never had a naked barmaid before.” I joked.

“Would you like to?” she teased. “My friends call me Maggie.”

“Behave.” Carrie told her.

“Damn girl, you can’t blame a woman for trying to get laid around here.” whispered Margaret. After a little small talk we said goodbye and exited the clubhouse.

We walked the grounds carrying our towels for about an hour as Carrie showed me all that the club had to offer, or so I thought. Occasionally Carrie would lean over in front of me to point out something trivial allowing her large round breasts to rub firmly against me.

“I have one more special place I want to show you.” said Carrie as we headed down a narrow path towards the woods. “Watch the poison ivy, it’s a bitch if you get it in the wrong place.” she teased as she stepped into the brush.

She led me up a hillside quite a ways before we reached a small clearing at the top. Watching her ass swing back and forth in front of me as we ascended the ridge was beginning to give me hard on. I was semi-erect by the time we reached the top. The view of the wooded valley below was truly spectacular. I walked out to a large rock near the edge trying desperately to conceal my growing erection and to get a better look at the lush green valley below. Carrie walked up beside me with hair blowing in the wind.

“Isn’t it Beautiful?” she asked, placing her left hand on the cheek of my bare ass.

“Yes it is.”, I said with a bold move, lifting my right arm over her head and placing my hand on her shoulder. She leaned softly into me and I pulled her closer. Her breasts were warm and soft. Her pubic hair lightly brushed against my upper thigh as she placed her right leg in front of mine. Her hair continued to dance on the soft warm breezes that filtered through the trees. Her firm tan body shimmered in the afternoon sun while the island fragrance of her coconut suntan oil flooded my senses.

Without speaking another word our lips met softly. Slowly at first, then much quicker and much harder on the second kiss. Soon our lips and tongues were locked together and my hands were exploring her supple young body. Her nipples rapidly grew hard against my chest as I squeezed the cheeks of her ass. My growing cock pushed its way up between our abdomens. Carrie began dry humping my upper thigh as I fondled her ass. Before long the juices from her hot wet snatch were trickling down my inner thigh. Her breathing soon became very erratic.

I pulled back from her slightly and slid my hand around from her ass and placed it firmly against her hairy crotch. She moaned as my fingers brushed her clit in search of her warm wet opening. Her pussy lips were moist and swollen, and parted easily as I slid two fingers all the way into her wetness. The ball of my hand rubbed against her rigid clit. She began stroking my rock hard cock while I worked my fingers deeper inside her dripping twat. Within a matter of minutes she seemed to lose focus and soon her entire body was trembling.

This sexy young thing is going to come off right now in my hand I thought to myself. Not knowing how prophetic that thought would soon be. She began rocking her hips violently while she dug her fingernails into my shoulders. Her tits danced in front of me as she went off like a rocket then eased her frantic pelvic thrusts to a slow rhythmic grind. Gasping for breath as she slowly pulled away and placed her hands against my chest. She pushed me backwards until my bare ass came in contact with the large warm rock.

“Lay back.” she instructed as she brushed her wind tangled hair from her face. I expected her to mount up. I was ready to give the horny little bitch a serious fucking! Instead she laid her towel on the ground, knelt in front of me and pushed my knees apart as wide as she could. She licked her own juices from the inside of my thigh before placing her talented tongue against my balls.

I almost exploded right then and there as her warm heaving breath flowed across my crotch. My scrotum tightened with excitement. Her hands slid up and down my thighs as she mouthed eagerly at my balls.

She hoisted my rigid eight inches straight up into the air and ran her tongue along the length of my shaft, starting at the balls like it was an ice cream cone. Occasionally she swirled her hot wet tongue around the tip lapping up the tiny droplets of my sweet clear pre-cum which were rapidly accumulating.

After teasing me for quite some time, she pulled the skin tight against the base of my shaft with her right hand, cradled my balls in her left easing its swollen purple head between her lips. Her cheeks pulled in and she made a slurping noise as her head began to bounce.

I was fully erect and already throbbing, so I knew I wouldn’t last long. My cock began to glisten in the sunlight as more and more of it became wet and slippery with every exciting bob of her head. A combination of her saliva and my own juices trickled down the shaft and across her tightly clenched fingers.

She gurgled and gasped as she sucked and stroked me, occasionally coming up for air like a long distance swimmer. Her naked breasts pressed against the warm hard rock as she worked feverishly to please me. You could have driven nails with my cock it was so hard!

Watching the beautiful young girl suck my cock was quite a turn on and my orgasm lurked just around the corner. I moaned with excitement and closed my eyes. I could feel my release building and tried to fight it, but it was too late. I started wildly pumping her face. She gagged a little as I shoved my cock even further down her throat, but I couldn’t hold back. I arched my back and moaned with pleasure as the first burst of my hot load coated the back of her throat. It must have really taken her by surprise because she abruptly jerked her head up off my pulsing cock.

The second stream of cum splattered errantly against her upper lip and trickled down the side of her cheek. Trying desperately to control the gushing geyser she shoved my spewing cock back inside her mouth stroking it firmly until my entire load had been deposited onto her talented tongue. She swallowed, licked and sucked until my empty cock went limp in her mouth like a spaghetti noodle. She kissed my balls and wiped my cum from her cheek with the first two fingers on her right hand, then slowly released the tactical grip she’d had on my well-drained balls.

She climbed up on the rock and lay down beside me. “So what do you think of the Oasis?” she asked with a heavy sigh.

“Mmmmm, where do I sign.” I teased. She giggled as I wiped the sweat from my brow. We rested for a few minutes and talked about the awesome blowjob I had just received while I fondled her breasts. I told her it was great and that I was really looking forward to fucking her real good. “What?” she said, “Screw on the first tour? What kind of girl do you think I am” she teased, smacking me playfully on the chest as she jumped from the rock. I took her hand and we walked slowly down the path back towards the commons area of the club.

“Is everyone here as friendly as you are?” I asked. “

“Not everyone, but there are a few.” she replied.

“Who are they?” I asked inquisitively.

“I’m not going to tell you!” said Carrie kissing me on the cheek. “Because finding out for yourself is half the fun.” We took a few more steps before she stopped and said; “I will tell you this if you’re looking to score, during the week is usually the best time to find someone that you can make it with.”

Not long after we reached the bottom Carrie took me to the office and we filled out my membership paperwork. I put the five hundred dollars on my credit card and settled in by the pool for the rest of the afternoon. Carrie discreetly said goodbye and resumed her duties at the front gate. I didn’t see her give another “tour” the rest of the day. I did however meet some very nice people, singles and couples, and my minor inhibitions about being naked quickly faded. I even found a few ladies that I would really like to hook up with if the opportunity ever presented itself.

I returned home and made a promise to myself that I would return the very next weekend. As luck would have it I was able to slide away from work at noon on Thursday and headed to the club for the extended Labor Day weekend. When I arrived around 4:00 PM, I signed in and even sprung for a cottage. The small cabin like structure was nice but simple. It had a cathedral ceiling with a large fan hanging in the middle, a queen size bed, a small refrigerator, a clock radio, a small dinette set and a deck with a couple plastic chairs. The club was almost deserted.

After sizing the place up, I undressed and headed for the shower room. As I started to enter, I heard voices and moans. I quickly stopped just inside the entranceway. I peered through a crack in the slat boards that formed a vision break near the door. I could see a man and a woman. The woman was probably in her late twenties, well tanned, with long blonde hair, a clean-shaven snatch, and the nicest pair of store bought boobies I had seen outside of a strip club. She was bent slight at the waist with her hands resting on her upper thighs. She was the one doing all the moaning. The man was much older, probably in his mid-fifties or so, with grey hair and an athletic build. He was standing behind the woman with his hands on her hips. He was the one doing most of the talking.

“That’s right you hot little bitch, take it all!” he commanded as he fucked her from behind.

“Oh yeah, baby. That’s it, fuck me harder!” she whimpered loud enough for me to make out over the sounds of her ass cheeks slamming against his abdomen. He grabbed a handful of her wet stringy hair with his right hand, yanked back her head and fucked her even harder.

My cock began to grow instantly as I watched this unsuspecting couple pleasure one another underneath the shower spray. Soon the action slowed and she stepped away from his cock to turn and face him. The old guy was pretty well equipped and still hard. She placed her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply on the lips.

He grabbed the cheeks of her ass and lifted her towards him. She responded by wrapping her long tanned legs around his waist. He reached down and guided his massive member into her hairless twat.

In no time at all she was sliding all the way up and down his rock hard cock. His balls bounced wildly as her pussy swallowed his entire length. It wasn’t long before he grimaced and groaned. She leaned back and squeezed his ass with her long shapely legs as he came inside her. They stood motionless for a moment before he eased her feet gently back onto the ground then kissed her passionately as he withdrew.

I wrapped my towel around my waist in a futile attempt to hide my excitement then coughed as I stepped around the corner into the open shower area.

They slowly separated as I entered, stepping under different showerheads without speaking a word. The gentleman quickly rinsed off then dried. He told his lover he would see her the next week, and exited the building. I fumbled with my shampoo and soap as the blonde washed her hair, I was desperately hoping that my throbbing cock would subside before I removed my towel but to no avail. I pulled off the towel and turned on the water. The horny little blonde simply smiled and winked as I turned to face her.

“Did you enjoy the show?” she asked me as she lathered her impressive tits. Knowing that I had been busted, I tried to act innocent.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Watching us fuck.” she said. “No one get a hard on like that anticipating a shower.” I started to apologize but she interrupted me. “It’s O.K., I like being watched.” she said as she turned to face the shower. “Maybe sometime you can repay the favor and let me watch you fuck.” she said as she turned away to scrub her cum drenched twat.

“Anytime you’d like.” I stammered with a smile in hopes that she might be ready for a second round after she finished her shower, but it wasn’t to be. She did however stroll over to me and grab my semi-erect cock in her hand and stroke it three or four times.

“My name is Nicole; I come here mostly during the week. I’d love to give this thing a test drive sometime but I’m running a little behind, so maybe we can get together later?” she asked.

“Sure, I’d love to.” I replied as my cock began to harden in her hand. She ran her hands across my chest, kissed me and then left the building. I proceeded with my shower while thoughts of sex with the sultry blonde raced through my mind. I dried off, dropped my stuff off at the cottage and began to explore the grounds. There were only a handful of people to be found. I seen a couple of older women playing tennis, a younger couple walking the nature paths, and only four or five naked bodies lounging around the pool. I was shocked to see such a small number of folks using the facilities. Nicole had apparently vanished to the private confines inside of one of the cottages since she was nowhere to be found.

Clouds soon began to overtake the sun and thunder could be heard off in the distance. Great, I thought, I’m here to enjoy the weekend and it’s going to rain. As the storm neared I began to consider seeking shelter. I strolled over to clubhouse and walked inside. The place was empty except for the bored looking barmaid, Margaret who Carrie had introduced me to the weekend before. She greeted me with a smile and patted the top of the bar with her hand, so I went over and pulled up a stool. Maggie as she preferred to be called appeared happy to see me. I figured as slow as things were she would’ve been happy to see anyone. Maggie poured us both a margarita then walked around from behind the bar and sat down on the stool beside me. We began to talk and watch the TV behind the bar, while outside it kept getting darker and darker. Maggie share with me that she was divorced and that she had a son that was attending college out of state.

She was an older woman but I was very taken by her beauty. Before long heavy rain began to fall outside, falling lightly at first then harder as it became driven by the increasing winds.

“Well it’s probably going to be a real slow night around here.” said Maggie.

As we chatted I revealed to her somewhat reluctantly in but in great detail, what I had witnessed in the shower house.

“That sounds like Arty and Nicole.” she said without hesitation. “They’re married, but not to each other. Nicole is a little bit of a tramp that enjoys watching others do it almost as much as she enjoys doing it herself, and Arty is a pretty well equipped rich guy from the city that doesn’t get any at home. He must have finally talked her into doing it.” I smiled and nodded. “He’s always after the women around here.” she added. “I’ve turned him down several times myself.” The rain began hitting the screens and Maggie hopped up and walked across the room.

“You know, hard rain really hurts when you’re naked?” she giggled as she walked over to windows and began closing them. I went over to help her. “Go ahead and close the blinds if you would.” she said. “No one will be coming in anyway as long as this storm continues.”

When we finished with the windows Maggie closed and locked the door and turned off the neon open sign glowing behind the blinds.

“That should be good enough.” said Maggie. “Do you shoot pool?” she asked placing extra sticks from the four pool tables in the huge room back onto the rack.

“I do.”, I told her, grabbing a straight stick from the wall.

“You break.” she said retrieving the balls from the return and racking them on the table. Her breasts jiggled nicely as she centered up the frame.

“Nice rack.” I teased as I chalked up my stick.

“I like a tight rack don’t you?” she teased back. Maggie gathered our glasses and pitcher from the bar and sat them a table closer to us as I scattered the balls with the break. We played a couple games and engaged in a great deal of small talk before things started to get really interesting. Maggie seemed as interested in my naked body as I was in hers.

Early into the third game, after a couple more margaritas and a bunch more rain, Maggie began to loosen up. While taking a shot directly in front of her I felt her soft warm hand caress my inner thigh. I missed the seven ball in the far corner. She squeezed my ass playfully as she stood to take her shot.

“Two can play that game.” I told her. She laughed and drove home the twelve ball. Three or four shots later she had to take a shot directly in front of where I was sitting. It was payback time. She surveyed the shot then leaned forward with her legs slightly parted.

I gently ran my hand across the firm smooth cheek of her ass. She took a deep breath and tried to stay focused. She made the shot then turned to face me leaning her stick against the table. She grabbed her drink and stepped forward facing me as I sat in the chair. She placed her left leg over mine then her right straddling my lap.

“That’s not fair.” said Maggie seductively as she grabbed my hair with her left hand, gently placing my head against her chest. I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her closer applying warm wet gentle kisses to her growing nipples.

She grabbed the back of my chair with her right hand while hoisting her glass in her left, then stood wobbling slightly in front of me with a come fuck me look on her face. My cock began to swell with anticipation. I reached over with two fingers and rubbed a small amount of salt on her left nipple. “What are you doing?” she asked with a surprised smile.

I answered by simply placing my index finger softly to her lips. I then squeezed a slice of lime over her right nipple allowing the juice to trickle down across her belly. She bit her lower lip as the cold juices descended down over her sexy torso.

I pulled her to me slowly and placed my lips against her salty nipple swirling my tongue around the hardening tip. Then starting just below her breast working upwards I licked the lime juice from her other breast. She quivered, tilted her head back, and arched her back as I squeezed her shapely ass. As she leaned forward again I took the glass from her hand and sipped her margarita.

“You’re very bad!” she said taking back the glass. “Do you like all your drinks that way?” she asked.

“I do indeed.” I replied.

“Then have another.” she said with a naughty grin as she raised her eyebrows. She tilted her partially filled glass and let the tasty frozen treat pour onto her upper chest. Almost half a glass funneled its way between her tits down across her abdomen through her closely trimmed pubic hair and onto my growing cock before she stopped. She was obviously getting a little tipsy. I pulled her tightly to me and began to lick and suck the tequila-flavored substance from her naked body.

Placing my right hand between her legs I caressed her inner thighs and nuzzled my thumb against her swollen mound anxious to rub it strategically against her eager clit. She moaned with excitement as my warm wet tongue covered every tasty inch of her naked body from her tits to her hungry twat.

I was unable to reach much further south than the northern edge of the soft narrow strip of her pubic hair while she was standing. I was almost ready to lay her across the tiny bar table and eat her sweet sticky puss when she stepped back.

“My turn.” she said as she squatted in front of me. I spread my legs and slid my ass towards the edge of the chair in anticipation. Her pussy parted nicely when she squatted revealing all her sweet pink secrets. Not the least impressive of which was her very swollen and protruding clit. Her serpent like tongue made quick work of the sticky mess that covered the shaft of my smooth hard cock.

She placed her right hand on her pussy and spread the swollen wet folds of her labia with the first and third fingers of her hand. She plunged her middle finger deep into her wetness then withdrew it, coating her now fully exposed clit with her hot thick fluids. She stroked her snatch as she gobbled up my throbbing cock, first just the head, then more than half its length. Her hard nippled tits pressed against my thighs as she eagerly sucked my dick.

I wasn’t going to be taken like Carrie had taken me a week earlier in the woods. This woman, this gorgeous woman, was going to get fucked, and fucked hard!

I grabbed her under the arms and lifted her towards me. Our tongues met as she straddled me once again. My cock pressed against her pubic hair and rubbed her lower belly. I slid my hand down across her back between her ass cheeks and eased my middle finger into hot dripping snatch from behind.

Maggie squeezed me tightly with her thigh muscles as I swirled my finger inside her. She was a great kisser and the sweet smell of her hair was quite a turn on. She reached down between us and began stroking the soft sensitive head of my cock with the hand she wasn’t using to steady herself with against the back of the chair.

Her twat was growing soggy in my hand. She jumped and shivered with delight as I pulled my well-coated finger from her slippery snatch and slowly but firmly dragged it across the tiny crater of her anus. Most women are very sensitive there but are either too afraid or too ashamed to admit it to their lovers.

I patted her on the ass cheeks and she stood up. Grabbing the balls of her ass I lifted her off the floor and turned to deposit her luscious naked body atop the pool table. At the last second, and wanting to be different I decided to spread her out on top of the huge air hockey table in the corner. It turned out to be a very wise decision.

“Air hockey huh? I pictured you to be a pool table kind of guy.” she said teasingly as she leaned back onto her elbows with her legs from the knees down dangling over the edge.

“Did you picture this?” I asked as I reached down and turned on the table. The cold hard platform upon which she was sprawled quickly came to life. She gasped as jets of cool forced air massaged her naked body.

“Oh my god!” she said softly closing her eyes as I lowered her shoulders back against the table. I pushed her farther onto the table and further from the edge. Her areolas shrunk instantly and her nipples soon became hard like diamonds.

Placing my hands on the inside of her knees I gently spread her legs. I kissed the inside of her thighs moving from side to side as my lips slowly worked their way towards their final warm, wet and inviting destination. I slid my hands under the cheeks of her ass and lifted it slightly off the surface of the table as my lips touched her pussy for the first time.

I began kissing her well-manicured mound and lightly directed my warm breath across it. She moaned with excitement and grabbed a handful of my hair trying to force my face into her open crotch in hungry anticipation. I resisted her spirited tugs and remained in control.

I ran my tongue up one side of her moist hairy mound just past her clit, and then did the same on the other side. Then I pressed my nose into the folded crevice of her snatch savoring her very intoxicating scent, then dragged my tongue from just above her asshole all the way up along the inside of her sweet lips and across the fleshy folds that concealed her fully erect clit.

Eager for more she slid hers hands across her lower abdomen into her crotch and spread her tasty pink pussy open wide with her fingers while her thumbs retracted the cumbersome slippery flesh that normally shrouded her throbbing clit. She wanted it bad and she made it very clear.

“Eat me you fucker! Lick my pussy.” she whimpered. Always eager to please a lady I eased my tongue into her honey coated hole. Her juices were sweet and tangy just like a good southern style barbecue sauce.

My nose pressed against her painted fingernails and my excited breath flowed from my nostrils across her exposed clit while my tongue softly parted the tender yummy folds of her wet pussy lips. I slowly licked their outer edges in the pattern of a horseshoe. She continued to moan and started stroking the tip of her clit with her index finger. Before long her plentiful juices began pooling up behind that soft shiny narrow ribbon of pink tissue that separated her pussy and her ass.

She humped my face wildly grinding her clit against my teeth and upper lip. I quickly got the message and placed my tongue firmly against her aching love button. Her entire body trembled as I began to suck hard on her clit. Her ass cheeks quivered in my hands and her belly tensed with delight as the intensity of my sucking increased.

“That’s it Baby, suck my clit.” she moaned. Twice I brought her to the edge with my sucking only to stop seconds before she went off, so that I could plunge my hungry tongue deeply back into her wetness. She was ready to come and my teasing was about to end. Her juices were overflowing natures built in reservoir and cascading slowly across the forbidden puckered opening of her asshole.

I placed my thumb firmly against her slippery nubbin and worked it back and forth across it, massaging form left to right before I placed my lips against her clit again and began to hickey suck her rigid nubbin. Within seconds she was pounding the top of the table with one hand and shoving my face hard against her twat with the other.

My lips pressed her clit firmly against her pelvic bone. Her mound now enveloped my nectar coated face. She let out a prolonged scream that subside to a pleasure-riddled whimper then went limp on the table. The room was completely quiet except for the sound of her heavy breathing.

Before she completely regained her senses I pulled her to the edge of the table, lifted her to a sitting position and kissed her deeply on the lips letting her taste her own sweet juices. She responded with by shoving her tongue deep into my mouth. She reached down for my upright cock, balancing on the edge of the table.

Maggie muttered a broken “Oh-h-h-h!” as her trembling fingers guided me into her soaking snatch. She was so wet I went in all the way in up to my balls on the very first thrust. She rocked her head back and squeezed my neck. She then placed her heels behind my ass and pulled me closer and deeper as we kissed. My balls came to rest against the cool edge of the table.

I kissed her hard nipples as she leaned back delirious with excitement. I worked my cock rhythmically in and out of her soggy twat. It was hot, tight, and very wet. Wanting to get even deeper inside her I looked around for a better place to lay her heaving body. I picked her up in my arms and headed towards a small and empty round bar table across the room.

She wrapped her legs around me as I walked towards the corner table with my cock still inside her. The table was just big enough to lay her flat on her back. Her head was supported nicely while her ass hung over the other side by just a couple inches. It was just the right height for me to get some great leverage and still fuck her flat footed.

As I lowered her to the table she quickly caught on. She reached down and placed her hands behind her knees. She pulled her legs back spreading them wide to give me total access to her dripping love canal. She pulled them back as far as she could as I prepared to enter her. I teased her at first by slapping the underside of my hard wet cock against her mound then pushing it up through her pubic hair like a snake in the grass.

Her pubes were saturated with the sticky margarita drink. I pulled my cock back slowly dragging it across her clit as I went before sticking just the head of it inside her steamy slit. She gasped as I rocked back on my heels then rolled forward again, moving just the tip in and out over and over again. I started sliding a little deeper inside her slippery socket with every eager thrust that followed. I was almost half way in when her body tensed and her legs grabbed my waist. Eager for more, she flexed her well-toned thighs and roughly pulled me deep inside her. The head of my cock bumped hard against her tender cervix as my sticky balls pressed against her soggy ass cheeks.

I reached back and unlocked her ankles freeing her tangled legs. I placed my hands behind her knees and pushed them back firmly against her chest and hoisted her feet high into the air. I began deep stoking her hungry twat. I began to gyrate my hips in a circular and then slammed them up and down hard into her.

Before long her soaking pussy was making that somewhat embarrassing but very sexy sloppy squishing sound reminiscent of running barefoot through the mud. Maggie’s tits floated up and back on her chest with every full-length thrust of my plunging pelvis. She moaned, huffed and cussed for almost ten minutes according to the neon clock on the wall.

I was beginning to grow a little exhausted and my calves were on the verge of cramping when she finally got the “Big O”. She grabbed the edges of the table with both hands, lifted her head, closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and let out a long satisfying moan. I watched intently as her abdomen muscles constricted and her pussy tightened around me. She was cumming and cumming hard.

Maggie grimaced then shuddered as every muscle in her body convulsed. After a few seconds she collapsed with a tiny thud as her head and shoulders fell back against the table. Her arms flailed uncontrollably at her sides.

With her needs now fulfilled, I grabbed her waist and continued slamming my cock into her inviting snatch with reckless abandon. Maggie only whimpered and gasped while I pummeled her steamy twat. In less than a minute I was ready to explode. She must have sensed my impending eruption and she began to coax me

“That’s it baby, come! Come on my tummy!” she begged through her mental haze.

My orgasm was at hand, building deep within my loins. My balls ached, and my asshole tightened as the moment rapidly approached. The room went dark and my head spun as my hot creamy load began surging through my cock. I jerked back and pulled out. I grabbed my cock and lunged forward as cum began pulsing from its pink swollen head.

With the first burst I shot a huge hot stream across her belly button and up onto her breasts. The second fell short of her tits and splattered against her rib cage. The rest of my load, three or four ample blasts, surged from my cock and fell onto her still heaving lower abdomen. I squeezed every drop that I could from my once full balls onto her tanned naked body.

Maggie was splattered with cum from her tits to her clit. Her body was motionless except for her heaving chest. I pressed my balls against her sticky battered mound and laid my cock, still rigid but rapidly shrinking, on her belly allowing the last few sweet drops of my cum to ooze from its tender tip, smearing my load across her belly from left to right. That’s when we both heard a startling noise

“Bravo! Well done!” a voice in the darkness said. The voice was accompanied by the sound of a single pair of hands clapping, came from the darkness across the room. It was a woman’s voice. Breathing heavily we both turned to see who was there. A naked Nicole emerged from the darkness still clapping.

“The money shot was really great but could we do it again? Only this time over here.” she asked, pointing at her flat lean belly as she leaned back against the bar.

“How long have you been there?” asked Maggie.

“Hmmm, let’s see, ever since; that’s it suck my clit.” said Nicole. Obviously embarrassed a silent Maggie wiped a large splatter of cum from her breast with a cocktail napkin. Turning to face Nicole she asked her what she needed.

“Nothing!” responded the blonde very gruffly, “I heard screaming and was I just concerned about your well being. The back door was open.” I stepped back and Maggie slid still quivering off the edge of the table and placed her feet on the floor.

“So how about it cowboy, have you got another money shot in you?” asked Nicole.

“I don’t think so.” I replied as I pulled Maggie’s cum drenched body to mine and kissed her. “You see we’re just getting started.” Obviously frustrated by the spurned advance Nicole turned and headed towards the door.

“If you change your mind I’m in cottage number nineteen. I’ll be there the rest of the night,” she said shaking her hot naked ass as she left.

“Some times I hate that sexy little bitch.” said Maggie after Nicole left, thanking me for not going with her.

“Don’t thank me, I wasn’t lying, we’re not finished yet.” I told her with a playful smack on the ass.

We turned out the lights, locked the clubhouse and headed for the shower house. The rain had eased dramatically to just a light drizzle by then so we took our time and walked slowly arm in arm past the tennis court through the mud.

“That sounds familiar.” laughed Maggie biting me playfully on the nipple as we walked. We showered away the sticky remnants of our margaritas and money shot then plotted our next move.

“Your cottage or mine?” I asked.

“Let’s go to mine, I’m in eighteen, right next to Nicole.” she said.

“O.K. lets go.” I said; crouching to coax her to hop up on my back.

“Piggy back?” she asked with a loud giggle.

“Of course!” I replied. She hopped up and I grabbed the backside of her thighs.

With her arms around my neck, her tits pressed firmly against my shoulders and her pubic hair brushing against the small of my back we headed out. The slow sensuous walk to her cottage with her lower calves rubbing against my cock was almost enough to get me hard again. When we arrived I sat her down on the edge of the bed and pulled her tightly against me. I kissed her long and deep. She got up, grabbed a couple beers from the fridge and opened the windows while I collapsed on the bed with my feet near the headboard and my head at the foot of the bed.

She playfully leaned forward across my body and placed the cold beer bottle against my balls. I grabbed her and pulled her down on top of me. Her face pressed against my cock and her pussy hovered invitingly above me. Taking advantage of the situation I hoisted her right leg over my head and positioned her sexy ass squarely above my face.

She lifted my cock to her lips and began to softly suck it. I pressed my nose against her asshole and wiggled my tongue slowly and methodically into her sweet twat. We engaged in a wicked and at times extremely loud sixty-nine that ended with her tasty juices smeared all over my face and my tasty, but considerably smaller load pulsing down her throat.

Afterwards she turned around and lay down beside me. After a two-hour nap I awoke to her warm wet tongue encircling my nipple and her hand trying to coax my cock back to life. I pulled her over on top of me and kissed her. She straddled me and gently began rocking her hips, rubbing her short bristly bush back against my cock.

I squeezed her ass cheeks and sucked on her nipples until my cock began to harden once more. She sat upright then reached back behind her and massaged my balls until my fully erect penis rested firmly between her ass cheeks. Balancing on one knee she adjusted her position and prepared herself for my much anticipated penetration.

She eased slowly down onto my tender, but still more than willing cock. We fucked long and slow for what seemed like hours before simultaneous orgasms became a prelude to some much needed rest. We fell asleep after each of us had achieved our third orgasm.

The morning sun found us still in each other’s arms with her hand on my balls with mine still resting on her sexy ass. I spent most of the next day cat napping and sleeping by the pool as the holiday crowd began to arrive. I stopped and talked to Maggie that afternoon and we both agreed that we would have to enjoy ourselves together again.

I waited by the pool all day Friday and most of the day on Saturday hoping that Carrie, the auburn haired beauty that had given me the tremendous blowjob in the woods might arrive. Just before dark I stepped into the hot tub with a young couple and a single older woman. I introduced myself and we began to chat.

Ten or fifteen minutes after I sat down a pair of familiar hands began softly rubbing my shoulders from behind. I turned to see Carrie, naked of course, and looking even better than the week before. She said hello and stepped into the tub to join us. It wasn’t too long before her hand discreetly began stroking my cock below the waterline which bubbled beneath her erect nipples.

Over the next twenty minutes or so, the others in the hot tub exited one by one, leaving just the two of us. The grounds were overflowing now with nakedness and the crowd seemed much friendlier than usual. Carrie recommended that we grab a bite to eat and retire to my cottage. We stepped from the tub and dried ourselves off before heading to the clubhouse. A much older woman was behind the bar.

“Where’s Margaret tonight?” asked Carrie.

“She’s got the night off.” replied the woman over the loud music. We placed an order to go, grabbed a couple beers, and then found a table to sit and talk while we waited for our order. The dance floor was crowded with naked bodies undulating everywhere.

We grabbed our chicken dinners and headed off to my cottage. When we got there Carrie placed the dinners on the tiny table and kissed me deeply with a great deal of tongue. Her large full breasts pressed against my chest as I caressed her smooth round ass.

“Dinner is going to get cold, don’t you like it hot?” I asked her.

“You have no idea how hot I like it.” she replied dragging her middle finger across my left nipple. We sat down and had our dinner while we listened to the radio and talked some more. I found out that Carrie was just out of college with a degree is business management and that her mother and father, Jan and Bob, actually owned the resort. She told me that she had grown up in a nudist family.

What I didn’t find out until later was just how insatiable she could be. We finished our meal and strolled down to the shower house to freshen up before we got busy. Carrie maintained a great deal of eye contact with me entire time while I struggled not to focus too long on her gorgeous body. I was sensuously washing Carrie’s thick beautiful hair when in walked Maggie and another man.

We said our friendly hellos and exchanged idle conversation along with a few teasing glances. The situation was very cordial and nothing like I feared it might be. Carrie and I finished our showers, said goodbye and headed for the door.

“Keep an eye on him Carrie, he’s a handful Honey.” said Margaret teasingly.

Carrie squeezed the cheek of my ass and replied; “He better be more than a handful if wants to play with me.”

As soon as we reached the doorway to the cottage Carrie was all over me, rubbing my chest and shoulders with one hand while rubbing my cock with the other. I kissed her gently and began to fondle her large heavy breasts. She slipped away from me long enough to turn out the lights and light up some sexy tropical scented candles that she confessed she had planted in my cottage earlier before she joined my in the hot tub.

As she turned from lighting the last of the three candles I placed my hands against her shoulders and pushed her slowly down onto the bed collapsing on top of her. Her breasts settled slightly to her sides as our mouths met. I began eagerly exploring her warm naked body, squeezing her tits and sucking softly on her large dark nipples as her fingers combed seductively through my hair.

My cock pressed against her upper thigh. I ran my hand down over her abdomen until my fingers reached the fringe of her thick dark pubic hair. Her legs parted like a pair of French doors allowing my fingers to knead the soft meaty lips of her already wet pussy. She moaned softly as I ran the palm of my hand flatly over her swollen mound.

She reached for my cock and slid her hand along the under side of it’s shaft and began to stroke it with a flashlight type grip.

“O-h-h-h, Yes!” she groaned as I ran my fingers over her hairy mound again and slid them between the succulent pink lips of her snatch, penetrating the soft but dense bristle of her bush as I searched for her rapidly growing clit. She placed her right hand over mine and pressed it firmly against her firm swollen mound guiding my fingers to just the right spot while I continued licking and sucking her hard impressive nipples. Her skin was soft and golden brown. She smelled sweet like coconut and tasted like vanilla.

Eager to sample all that she had to offer, I climbed off her and knelt on all fours beside her on the bed. I dragged my hot wet tongue slowly downward across her firm flat tummy towards her beautiful twat. I pulled at the northern edge of her pubic hair with my teeth while I stroked the inside of her thighs with my open hands.

Soon my face was buried deep between her long tanned legs, and my lips were pressed against the soft dark edges of her meaty pussy lips. I began to rub her ass with my hands and she started moving softly beneath me. She threw her arms back behind her head as my probing tongue explored more and more of her succulent twat. She squeezed my head with her thighs and moaned loudly as I eagerly licked her tasty hole.

I wanted to take full control, unlike the last time we were together, so I climbed up onto the bed and hoisted my left leg across her body, straddling her chest facing towards her feet. Carrie spread her legs wide as I slid my hands up along the inside of her thighs until my thumbs and index fingers framed her hungry snatch. Carrie brought her arms from behind her head and placed her hands on the front of my upper thighs. She pulled my ass back towards her face and raised her head up off the mattress.

I wiggled a bit sliding my ass carefully towards her face until my balls made contact with her chin. She reached up and placed her hands flat against my ass cheeks. I felt her fingers tugging them apart to reveal my asshole as my tightly clinched nut sack moved closer to her hot wet tongue. I could feel her warm breath flowing softly upward between my parted ass cheeks

Carrie began kissing the backside of my balls as I continued to devour her hungry snatch. I placed my arms straight out over my head and told Carrie to lift her ankles into the air. She quickly hoisted her legs. I pulled my arms back until my elbows rested against the underside of her thighs and I wiggled them into perfect position against the backside of her knees.

By pressing my elbows firmly back as if I were swimming, I managed to spread her legs even farther which made her pussy gape open like a jack in the box to meet my dripping tongue. I grabbed her sexy ass with both hands, squeezing and spreading her cheeks with my fingers as Carrie began running her warm wet tongue upward along the backside of my balls towards the tightly puckered ring of my ass.

My fingers wasted little time moving their way upward to the outskirts of her eager twat. I slowly tugged at her pink meaty folds to expose the opening her slippery wet orifice and her gumdrop sized clit, both of which were covered with a sweet shiny, heavenly scented glaze that sparkled in the flickering candlelight and made my cock twitch with wild anticipation.

The combination of Carrie’s hot breath and talented tongue had relaxed my scrotum to the point that my balls were dangling freely above her face. So freely that she was lifting them one at a time with her tongue and letting them slowly roll off the tip and down across her chin. She mouthed at my balls softly then kissed her way slowly and knowingly upward along my bulging perineum.

I had purposely positioned my body atop Carrie in a manner that didn’t allow her any access to my rigid cock, which was still pressing against her chest. I was going to the one to decide where my load went this time! It was my turn to tease. Carrie reached around my legs and squeezed her impressive tits together enveloping the entire length of my rigid shaft between them.

I instinctively began to pump the soft warm fold between her breasts. Her hard nipples rubbed against my lower abdomen. Soon tiny clear droplets of pre-cum were emerging from the tip of my cock and dribbling between her tits. Carrie tried valiantly to reach them with her tongue but without success. I licked her twat until a large wet spot began to appear on the pristine cotton sheets beneath her trembling ass. Afraid that I might deposit my load on her breasts instead of inside her hot steamy snatch in an untimely fashion, I climbed off of her and stepped down off the bed. I knelt on the floor beside the bed and grabbed her roughly by the ankles, pulling her to me. She responded by pulling her knees back towards her chest to display her hot sexy ass which was now resting at the edge of the bed.

I hovered over her briefly caressing her tits as I pressed my upright cock against her puffy wet mound. She moaned and ground her hips pressing her hot humid cunt against my throbbing cock. I leaned forward and kissed her on the tummy before I pressed the head of my cock against the parted wet lips of her dripping pussy. She spread her shapely legs even wider in anticipation, sending me an unspoken signal that she needed me inside her.

Wrapping my fingers around the bottom of my shaft and pressing my thumb against the topside, I eased almost a third of my hard, thick eight inch cock inside her. She moaned with pleasure and grabbed the sheets, curling her fingers tightly as the next gentle push from my pelvis installed more than half its rigid length inside her.

After just a few more strokes my entire member was buried inside her hot wet hole and my balls rested against the now shiny and wet cheeks of her hot round ass. She rocked her hips with pleasure as I grabbed her ankles, hoisted her legs skyward and began stroking her long and deep. Her warm wet hole felt fantastic. I soon placed my hands on her waist and began to establish a steady fucking rhythm.

I was both turned on and amazed by the way the curtain like lips of her well lubricated pussy clung to the shaft of my cock like a fine leather chamois clings to the freshly washed surface of an Italian sports car. Her eyes were glassy and her mouth was open. Her body moved up and backatop the mattress. Her nipples again became fully erect and her huge tits rocked back and forth keeping perfect time with the rhythm of my powerful thrusts.

Carrie began to twist her upper body as she worked her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. Before very long she was warning me of her impending orgasm. Her fingernails dug into my love handles pulling me closer and deeper as I took her right up to, but not over the threshold and then stopped.

“Oh, fuck. Don’t stop!” she begged. “I was almost there you Bastard.” Promising not to stop when she got close again, I hoisted her legs into the air once more until her calves looked like goal posts. I entered her again and began pounding her hot gaping snatch. In no time at all her breathing became erratic and her head rocked from side to side. I slowed my strokes to a crawl and she sighed with pleasure.

“That’s it slow and deep.” she pleaded with a lust filled grunt of approval. I eased more and more of my vein bulging cock into her until I was balls deep again. She screamed uncontrollably and smacked my chest with her open hand. “A-h-h-h!” she screamed just before I pulled my cock completely out. “You’re such a fucking tease!” she whined.

“Let’s do it doggy style.” I said smacking her firmly on her elevated ass cheek. Eager for release she rolled over and eased her hot horny ass back to the edge of the bed on all fours and spread her knees apart. I stood up behind her and stepped up to her dripping snatch. I placed both my hands on her buttocks, fingers to the sides and pulled her cheeks apart with my thumbs then eased forward sliding my hard throbbing cock into her hot needy hole another time.

Carrie enjoyed being taken from behind and quickly became very excited. She began meeting my thrusts with her own doubling the amount of sexual inertia that we created every time our blood gorged organs met.

“Fuck me you bastard.” she mumbled over the sound of her sweet meaty ass cheeks slamming back hard against my pelvis.

Her awesome breasts hung from her chest and swung like the pendulum on a Swiss clock as I banged her mercilessly from behind. She dropped down onto her elbows slightly changing my angle of penetration. It was the little something extra she needed to push her over the edge. She began trembling and her breathing became broken as her orgasm neared.

All at once and without warning, her body tensed as she let out a broken scream, and slammed her ass back hard against my pelvis. I shoved my cock in as I deep as I could and stopped, my hands clinching her tightly around the waist. Her hips gyrated against my pelvis as she sucked for air. A wave of warm liquid began flowing down across my balls towards the inside of my thighs.

After the fury of her orgasm began to subside, I pulled my cock slowly out of her quivering hole. She managed to push herself upright still wobbly onto her knees. Shaking slightly, she leaned back against my chest. Her ass cheeks pressed against my hard slippery cock. I brushed her long sexy hair to one side and kissed her softly on the back of the neck. She shivered as I kissed my way slowly down over her right shoulder.

“Did you come Baby?” I asked softly knowing full well the answer.

Carrie took my left hand and placed it on her left breast and my right hand on her tummy. I pulled my hips back slightly and slid my candy coated cock between her slightly parted thighs until the top of my hard slippery shaft pressed up against her dripping slit and the swollen spongy head bumped her now super sensitive clit.

The stress was getting to Carla. Having recently moved from a small town, Phoenix with six 6 million residents was hectic. Her new job, her bitchy boss, the deadlines were all piling on. Having met the latest deadlines, we escaped town and turned off our cell phones. The city turned to desert as I plotted our route up and into the mountains. My lovely wife’s only response as she was lying back with eyes closed, “I do not care where we go, just get me away, Calgon take me away”!

I found the timing of the bath reference interesting as the next exit advertised: relaxing, natural, hot mineral springs. I could not pass up such a sign from heaven, pulling off the interstate into a remote desert town. The springs turned out to be less than enticing looking, ran down, and almost deserted. As I voiced my concern, Carla once again stated, “I do not care, just get me away from people”. Well, this appears to be that place, it was practically abandoned.

Leaving her in the car, I stepped through the bamboo gates and up to a trailer acting as an office. I rented a cabin through the upcoming weekend and unlimited soaking for the whole 5 days to include nights. I found our “cabin” to be no more than a gardening shed with a king sized bed. The springs area was not much better. To my surprise clothing was not an option and the soaking tubs were actually horse troughs. Head down, I returned to my chronically depressed wife, “I do not think you will approve.”

She snapped, “is there a bed? Is there mineral bathing?” As it met those requirements, I led her to our cabin with her hardly seeing a thing.

Carla was really out of it. Once in, I handed her a robe telling her to strip and change into it. I unloaded the car, put our food in the mini fridge, filled water bottles with wine, stripped, and put on my robe all in the time it took her to undress and pick up her robe. “I forgot my bathing suit”, Carla mentioned sounding stoned as I helped her into her robe. I led her out the door without explaining that suits are not an option anyways.

Walking her into the bathing area, she did not notice the old shriveled man that walked past, nor the old leather skinned woman sitting in the lawn chair. She did not notice they were completely naked either. I removed her robe and helped her into a large circular tub.

She soaked with her eyes closed. I could see the tension leaving her face, her muscles loosening, her lovely smile returning. All things that prescription medication failed to achieve. “This place is amazing” she told me, “I love it” slowly opening her eyes.

Two elderly men walked in and began undressing at the designated changing area just a few feet in front of us. Carla let out a small laugh as they pulled their underwear off. This was probably her first laugh in a month. It was good to see her coming back.

Having stripped they strolled over to our tub striking up a small conversation. With their cocks just inches from Carla’s face, they discussed how it was cooling off with the sun setting and asked about temperatures of the various tubs, reaching their hand down beside Carla’s nude body to test our water. Then they puttered off. Somehow she has always attracted elderly men with her cute young face a very curvy body.

Another small laugh came from her as she whispered in my ear, “They were naked.” She truly had not been aware that she, I, and the few others were nude as well. After momentary confusion, realizations flashed through her mind: the two men had seen her up close and naked, they were very pleasant, nothing we could do now as they already seen her.

Slowly processing this, she again relaxed. Only now becoming conscious of her surroundings she whispered obvious realizations in my ear. “That woman’s bush is very large. His balls hang down longer than his cock. He shaves his pubic area. Did you know some old men shave their cocks? People are friendlier when naked, there would be no stress in the world if everyone was naked.” Whatever thought that came into Carla’s mind, came out as she slowly re-entered full consciousness.

As dusk turned into night we chatted, sipped wine, and ate a dinner of cheese and crackers under the stars. Sitting in the hot springs completely naked had become a miracle therapy for my beautiful wife. Her expounding upon the new enlightenment was fascinating as she talked her way from “I would have never done this” to questioning if she “could walk around naked as others did? Was the shaved guy the ultimate nude?”

Her return to sanity was very reminiscent of Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, one of my all-time favorite books

We almost floated back to our cabin, walking on clouds, washed clean of all stress. Carla was exhausted but happier than I have seen her in years. She collapsed onto the bed while she continued to prattle. “I do not think I want to have a big bush like that lady, do you think shaving like the old guy is better?”

While she drifted towards semi-consciousness, I suggested we find out. I trimmed her pussy then decided to go “all in” shaving her sweet little cunt completely bald.

I awoke to see Carla looking at her now “very nude” pussy in the mirror. Carla noticed me watching and almost bounced to the bed. “I put on my robe and went for a walk this morning. It was not a dream. We actually are in the nude place. I had 4 different naked old men and a trucker offer to share their tubs with me. I filled our water bottles with orange juice; I am ready to get nekkid”. Her previous lethargic attitude was now almost childlike with excitement.

She was indeed ready practically skipping towards the bathing area. As she removed her robe she smiled to each of the men who watched with interest. She walked to the nearest tub seeking a brief place to hide and regroup her thoughts. I was once again her sounding board “they watched me take my robe off. I think he was close enough to see my shaved pussy. Do you think he liked what he saw?”

After a deep breath she stated “ok, I will relax now and enjoy … well, after this.” Leaving the tub she slowly strolled around the soaking area stopping and talking with each of the old men, feeling how hot their water was reaching her hand down to the water as close to their cocks as possible. Then she would continue to the next old man, each very glad for her company.

One elderly admirer placed his hand on her hip while she talked with him. With the erotic side now out of her system, she truly relaxed laying in the shade, soaking in the various tubs, and casually conversing with whoever struck up a conversation.

We awoke from a nap with the day stretching toward evening. With a bit of irritation we dressed in preparation to take a short absence from our watery sanctuary to find a restaurant for dinner. Would the desert night be as beautifully starlit? We wondered if we would once again have the whole soaking area to ourselves come night fall. There were posted rules concerning intimate contact in the baths, but who would know if we made love? Watching the gorgeous sunset and with our water bottles once again filled with wine, we returned to our new found Eden.

Not a sole was in sight. We claimed a tub in the back corner just big enough for two and cuddled together in the warm relaxing water. Staring up at the night sky, watching the stars begin to fill it, I relaxed feeling Carla’s hand wander over my body. Each time it found my cock, she lingered, softly stroking to ensure I remained hard.

Voices slowly invaded our dream world. Sitting up I could see a middle aged couple stepping into the hottest tub, known as Desert Pete. It was made of concrete and was filled with steaming water which was not tempered in the least.

Until they noticed us in the corner, their conversation was a bit agitated though quiet. Seems that he arranged their soaking mid-week at night; when no one was ever around. She preferred being a social nudist who enjoyed talking with people. Apparently one of his issues was that most at the springs were men. If there was a young woman for him to gander at, it would help him to accept all the old men talking to and ogling his wife.

Carla made a noise bringing attention to the fact that they were not alone. As they apologized, Carla set them at ease assuring them that we could hear nothing over the running water and did not even know they were there.

She strolled over to their tub introducing herself while asking if she could join them. Sitting directly across from them, she called me over.

Carla introduced me and asked about their names, Judy rapidly responded and introduced her husband Todd also. He frowned at her, which Clara took as a challenge. With her friendly tone and large breasts floating in front of him, Todd began to explain that he was in a political field. After a man at a party saw Judy and stated “I did not recognize you with your clothes on” he has been hesitant for either of them to be nude in public.

Our conversation began to flow, and I fetched some wine. I returned to Carla sitting on the edge of the tub with her shaved pussy quite visible to Todd. Before I took my place, Judy moved beside Carla. Both lovely ladies were in full view as I sunk in beside Todd.

The wine and our sexy ladies showing their stuff were bringing Todd out of his shell. Noticing Carla’s wine dwindling, I offered to refill it. She waved me off apparently with purpose in mind. Within a couple of minutes, Carla was reaching past Todd to get the wine herself. Her breast brushed against his arm. Putting it back in place, her breasts once again pressed into his arm. Carla and Judy soon were taking every opportunity to show us and tease us as much as possible.

I had retreated from the heat as well, sitting on the edge of the tub. Judy made no pretense as she admired my cock making flirtatious comments.

Carla asked Todd to sit on the edge so she might have a better view as well. We had noticed earlier that Todd was far from well-endowed and tried to keep his cock from view as much as possible. Carla pointed out to him that she could “clearly see it now, it was a wonderful cock, very hard, standing straight up, uncircumcised.”

She moved beside him pressing her breasts against him while placing her hand on his cock, whispering in his ear. His eyes rolled back with a soft moan as Carla stroked his cock. His hands began caressing her young wet curves, lingering on her ass. Carla has a thin waist but large breasts and hips, on the order of world war II pin-ups.

Judy moved between my legs licking the length of my cock.

Carla pouted that she wished she could suck Todd’s cock. In short order he was sitting beside me with his little cock proudly standing at attention. Carla mixed sucking his cock with talking about what a wonderful cock he had. She knows how to build a man’s ego, and keep him erect. Carla told him how “amazing his cock would feel spreading her tight little asshole.”

Without a word in response, he lifted, Carla turning her and bending her over the edge of the tub. I watched his cock enter her virgin asshole, causing just a small squeal from my sexy wife. Carla met each of his thrusts bucking wildly back against him. He pulled back, staring at her gorgeous ass, Droplets of cum began dripping from her puckered little asshole.

Judy whispered to me in a hungry voice “Fuck me now, I want your big cock in my pussy now!”

Once my wife, Jenny, had caught a glimpse of our nudist neighbor, twenty-year-old Tammy Butler, sunning herself in her backyard, Jenny was as hooked on her beauty as I was, although my wife’s enchantment with our neighbor’s charms wasn’t evident to me at first. In fact, I thought, initially, that Jenny pretty much abhorred, despised, detested, hated, and otherwise loathed poor Tammy, especially after Jenny had found the tripod-mounted camera I’d left pointed out of the window in the tree house I’d built for our son Johnny–the window that overlooked Tammy’s backyard.

During the night, while I’d been asleep, Jenny had taken the keys to the padlock that secured the trapdoor of the platform through which one had to ascend before he or she could climb into the tree house itself, and she’d entered the secret fortress. Immediately upon awakening and discovering the missing key, I’d scrambled up into the broad oak and into the tree house, where Jenny awaited me, seated in the armchair I’d hoisted into place several weeks ago. She’d nodded toward the camera. “Care to explain that?” she’d demanded, her tone icier than ice, and I’d known that our marriage was over.

Except that, as it turned out, it wasn’t over.

Instead, I’d confessed to her that she hadn’t exactly been the passionate sexpot she’d been during the early years of our marriage. Sex, when she bothered to indulge my fleshly appetites for it at all, was, at best, merely perfunctory. She was mechanical, not ardent. She just went through the motions–or, more accurately, she was pretty much motionless, like a mannequin or one of the inflatable sex dolls that adult book stores sell, airless and lifeless and folded inside cheap boxes.

I’d told her, that morning, that I needed the Jen I’d married, the vibrant, sensuous, intense, passionate, intimate, arousing, and lustful Jen who could make the world stop and my head and heart explode, along with my cock, when she took my prick down her throat, up her ass, or deep inside her cunt. Instead, the playful young woman who’d once happily (and convincingly) played the strumpet, the virgin, the college cheerleader, and a score of other sexy roles had become a reluctant and vapid mannequin.

I’d expected to sleep on the couch forever after telling Jenny how it had become between us. Maybe, despite Johnny, she’d divorce my ass, I’d feared, but Jenny had surprised me by actually understanding my grievance, accepting my criticism, and doing something about it. After seeking assurance that Tammy couldn’t see us unless we went to the window of the tree house that overlooked her backyard, Jenny had taken off her clothes, getting naked, right then and there, in our son’s tree house, and I’d fucked her, deep and hard, in her beautiful bubble butt. “Fuck me, Jimmy!” she’d invited–or commanded–and I had.

Afterward, as I lay on the floor, recovering, Jenny had gone to the window, still naked, my sperm shining, like lustrous pearls, on her back, her ass, and her thighs, and, looking down, from her vantage point, had called to me, over her shoulder, “She’s there, all right. Oh! She sees me! She’s smiling–and waving. Now, she’s gesturing to me to join her.” Incredibly, Jen had returned our neighbor’s wave. To me, as she continued to ogle Tammy, Jen had said, “She’s quite beautiful. I can see what you see in her.”

“Saw in her,” I corrected my wife, assuring Jenny that I loved only her and agreeing that I’d get rid of the camera and stop coming to the tree house to admire our nudist neighbor. I even suggested that Jen keep the keys to the padlock, and our marriage has been great, sexually and otherwise, ever since that day.

In fact, it’s gotten better and better. Let me explain why.

* * *

This morning, I awoke to find the bed empty beside me. I called my wife’s name, but there was no answer. I checked the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry room, even the garage. Her car was parked beside my own. Johnny was spending the night with my parents, so I knew she hadn’t gone for a walk with him.

Frowning, I went outside, into the backyard. I didn’t see her among the geraniums or the petunias or the marigolds. I checked a storage shed, thinking maybe she’d gone to fetch a wheelbarrow or some gardening tools. She hadn’t. Then, I thought of the tree house.

Looking up, I saw that, indeed, the trapdoor in the platform that provides access to the fortress above hung open. Obviously, my wife had climbed inside my former sanctuary. Why? Surely not to spy, as I had, upon our nudist neighbor. Jen wasn’t interested in other women. She could appreciate their beauty, of course, but only from an objective, detached, usually critical, point of view. She’d have no interest in ogling another woman, clothed or naked.

Then why had she ascended the oak? I asked myself. Why was she in Johnny’s tree house?

My birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks. Had she hidden my gift up there?

Curious, I called her name.

There was no answer.

Shrugging, I decided to climb the oak and poke my head through the trapdoor. I’d call her name again, to let her know I was there, so she could hide my present before my arrival and make up some excuse as to why she’d visited the aerie.

“Jenny?” I called. No answer. “Jen?”

She still made no reply, and, concerned that she might be in trouble–maybe she’d fallen and knocked herself out–I scrambled the last few feet up the rungs nailed into the trunk of the great, spreading oak, and entered the tree house. The place was as we had left it, weeks ago, when I’d agreed never to set foot in Johnny’s treetop abode again, swearing off any further interest in Tammy’s exhibitionism.

The armchair was vacant, as was the small settee opposite it. The round, braided throw rug was in place, flat on the timbers of the floor between the two pieces of furniture, and the lamps were off, their shades straight. The paintings on the walls and the photographs of us and our son stood undisturbed in their frames atop the bookcase filled with Johnny’s comics and books. The doily draped across his storage chest was also undisturbed.

The only thing that was different about the place, I noticed with a shock, was that my tripod-mounted camera was back in place, standing before the window, and pointed in the direction of our nudist neighbor’s backyard. I noticed, too, with another shock, that the binoculars I’d once used to get up close to, if not personal with, Tammy occupied the windowsill. I hadn’t brought either item back into the tree house, and neither had Johnny, who wasn’t allowed to enter the tree house and wouldn’t be for at least another five years, when he’d turned twelve, which left just one other person–the one who held the keys to the place. Jenny. She had set up the tripod-mounted camera. She had set the binoculars on the windowsill. But why?

A faint breeze played at the curtains opened at the window that overlooked Tammy’s backyard, and I went, instinctively, without thinking, to the casement. Setting the camera aside, I stood before the window and looked down, over the fence that separated our backyard from our neighbor’s lawn. I saw Jenny standing over Tammy, who, sunning herself–in the nude, as always. The younger woman lay upon her tummy, on a beach towel, staring up, her wide blue eyes on my wife’s face as Jen spoke to her.

My wife’s posture seemed neither confrontational nor cordial. It was neutral, I’d say, neither threatening nor gentle, and Tammy didn’t seem afraid. Perhaps they were merely chatting, I thought.

My eyes damn near bulged from their sockets at what I saw next, and I nearly fell over backward, my knees buckling. My wife, still standing over my neighbor, reached behind her own back, unfastened her halter top, and let spring forth her firm, high, round breasts, bearing her boobs to our neighbor. Letting the top drop, fluttering, to the green lawn beside our neighbor’s beach towel, Jen then kicked off her heels and slid the denim mini-skirt she wore down, over her hips and past her thighs. She stepped out of the garment and let it drop, too, beside her discarded top. She was now as topless and bottomless as our neighbor. Completely nude, my wife knelt on the towel beside our neighbor.

My cock stiffened in my trousers, and I absently rubbed my swelling, stiffening member through the tight, thin fabric as I watched my wife caress and massage another woman’s naked flesh. Tammy put her head down, resting the side of her face upon the stacked backs of her hands, her elbows bent to form a pillow. Jen’s right hand, spread flat, revolved in fluid circles, rubbing the buoyant mounds of Tammy’s bare backside; paused to knead the silken flesh or to clutch and squeeze the firm, but pliant cheeks; stopped momentarily to trail the edge of a sculpted thumb- or fingernail along the deep cleavage of Tammy’s golden-brown bottom.

Although, from my distant perch, I couldn’t hear either woman, I imagined Tammy’s soft, contented sighs and aroused moans. I wondered whether a trickle of her natural lubricant meandered from her hairless cunt, tickling, down one of her firm, bare inner thighs. I wondered, too, whether my wife’s breath had quickened, like her heart, and whether the bud of her clitoris had blossomed to hardness as she stroked and rubbed and fondled the beautiful body of our nudist neighbor.

My cock, I found, was rock hard, and I jerked my zipper down, fished inside my slacks and underpants, and freed my stiff, thick cock, upon the glans of which, I saw, a bead of clear Cowper’s fluid, or pre-cum, had formed, a drop of dew, as it were, upon a purple rosebud newly bloomed. Seizing the firm stalk of my manhood in my fist, I pumped the taut flesh back and forth, up and down, upon the straining member as I watched my wife massage our neighbor and wished, with all my heart and soul, that I were with them.

My wife shifted on the beach towel, scooting closer to Tammy. Her thumb shoved between the younger woman’s silken buttocks. My cock a rock, I imagined the ball of Jen’s thumb against Tammy’s tight anal orifice, jabbing slightly, but forcefully, at the portal to our nudist neighbor’s innermost depths. My prick strained in my pumping fist, and my balls, high inside the contracted pouch of my scrotum, ached. A moan escaped my lips. I frowned, concentrating upon the incredible show that the lovely women–one of them my own wife!–were putting on in Tammy’s backyard. I wondered whether they suspected that I was watching them. Probably, they did, I thought–or hoped–and the idea that they were aware of my presence fanned the lust that spread through my loins and my groin like wildfire.

Although the distance between me and the women on the lawn beyond the fence separating Tammy’s backyard from mine and Jen’s prevented me from seeing such fine detail as whether Tammy’s thumb had entered Tammy’s asshole, I assumed that it had, for Jen’s closed hand was pumping back and forth, jabbing and jostling the younger woman’s buttocks, as if the digit impaled the nudist’s bottom. Jen seemed to be thumb-fucking our neighbor, who wriggled her beautiful buttocks as Jen continued to hump her with her balled-up hand.

Remembering the binoculars on the windowsill, I snatched them up, peering through the objective barrels. The distance between us disappeared as my wife’s thumb and Tammy’s anus loomed into view, and, sure enough, Jen’s thumb was shoved up Tammy’s asshole, all the way past the second knuckle. Excited beyond words, I muttered a curse: “Damn!”

As I watched Jen’s thumb fucking Tammy’s asshole, I continued to pump the taut flesh up and down upon the shaft of my throbbing, pulsing prick. A surging sensation spread from my balls, through my groin, my lower abdomen, and my inner thighs, and my knees threatened to buckle. Orgasm was close, ecstasy imminent. I slowed the motion of my hand and arm, breathing deeper, slower, willing myself–and my cock and balls–to hold off. I wanted to come, desperately–but not just yet.

Tammy turned onto her side, and my wife’s hand slid from between the younger woman’s buttocks. Our neighbor turned from her side to sit upon her amazing ass, and Jen crouched over Tammy, pressing her cunt to the nudist’s lovely face. I trained the binoculars upon the women, and my wife’s bald pussy leaped into view, Tammy’s moist, pink tongue licking between Jen’s wet, glistening labia.

I lost it, my thick, warm, white cum jetting from my stiff, thick cock in splattering, spattering streams, against the curtains and spurting through the open window, out into the air and down, over the grass of the lawn below. So intense was my orgasm that I would have easily believed that my ejaculate could have shot all the way across the backyard, to splash and spray the fence between our yard and Tammy’s–or even beyond, showering my wife and our neighbor as they remained locked in their passionate lesbian embrace.

Another geyser of my semen spewed forth, and another, and another, until my sore, aching balls were drained of my fecundating fluid, and I half-staggered backward, against the far wall, nearly falling through the trap door in the tree house’s floor. As I backpedaled, I saw Jenny wave to me, a clear invitation to join her and Tammy. I tucked my sperm-smeared cock into my pants and, without bothering to zip my fly, hastened down the rungs nailed against the oak’s bole. I needn’t be extended a second invitation. I was ready, willing, and able to participate in any and every sex act that either Jen, Tammy, or I could devise.

I sprinted across the backyard and through the side gate that would allow me access to the narrow lane that led to the side of Tammy’s fenceless yard. As I ran, I smiled. My question had been answered. Both women had been aware of my presence in the tree house. They’d known I was watching them. In fact, they’d been putting on a show, just for me, probably well aware, even as they kissed and fondled and groped each other, that I was masturbating. Jenny, I was sure, had set me up, leaving the trapdoor open so I’d know just where to look for my “missing” wife. She’d even made sure the binoculars were within reach. Obviously, Jen wanted a ménage à trois. She’d probably wanted one since she’d first laid eyes on our nudist neighbor. I remembered Jen saying, the first time she’d seen Tammy, “She’s quite beautiful. I can see what you see in her.”

Apparently, Jen hadn’t been just speaking rhetorically. She’d meant what she’d said, and even though she’d made me promise to stop spying on our nudist neighbor, Jen herself apparently hadn’t been able to get Tammy out of her own thoughts. No doubt about it, I told myself, as I sprinted into Tammy’s backyard, returning the smiling women’s welcoming waves, my wife wanted to participate with me in a ménage à trois with our neighbor.

As my erect cock testified, I’d be more than happy to oblige her–and Tammy, too!

Chapter 03: A Blast at the Beach

Early one morning that strange summer I got a call from Doug. He wanted to take a ride north to Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook to explore the naturist resort there. Although my wife Rose was going to be around all that day, I agreed to go with him.

I agreed partly because I knew going would keep Doug away from Rose, even if only for a short time. It was a difficult period for me, as I was contending with jealousy in the wake of Doug and Rose’s encounter a few weeks earlier. Two other times since then I had returned to the house to find Doug there. Both times he was sporting a monstrous erection and seated on the couch in our living room directly across from Rose. I was never able to prove that there’d been any back-door hijinks, however Rose eventually admitted to me that she’d carried on a fling with Doug that lasted for many years. But that’s a different story altogether. The issue ultimately blew over and Doug, Rose and I are all on good terms today.

I rolled out of bed that particular day ready for a change of scenery. After more than a month of being constantly naked, day in day out, I found it a little unsettling to have to don clothes to make the hour or so trip to Sandy Hook. I dug out some khaki shorts and vest and donned my usual safari hat (probably one of the reasons Rose felt free to cheat on me was because, nude or no, I was always wearing that ridiculous thing). Doug said he’d drive, and soon rolled up in his small Italian roadster.

While I had gotten dressed for the trip, Doug was wearing barely anything at all. The only thing he had on was a strange, loincloth-like piece that barely covered his enormous penis. One of his female aficionados at our club had devised it for him. It consisted of a snug piece of cloth and several straps that held Doug’s humungous member to his left leg, and that was basically it. One tug on the straps and the cloth would instantly detach to reveal Doug’s cock in all its gross, resplendent glory. I wondered if police officers would feel it even met the legal criteria for clothing, if it came to that. It was so tight fitting I didn’t see how he could possibly get hard and keep it on.

We set off on the trip, driving north on Route 9 with the top down, passing through the various Jersey Shore towns. It was a fantastic day outside, cloudless. Since it was the middle of the week there was little traffic, so we made good time to the park gates.

As we rolled up, I realized the gate attendant would be staring directly down into Doug’s crotch. He seemed unfazed, and pushed his idiotic-looking wraparound sunglasses back on his nose.

The attendant was a young woman who resembled Doug’s occasional flame from the club, Elaine. She glanced down at Doug’s strong physique as he sat impassively, half-nude in the car. Her eyebrows shot up when she saw was between his legs. “Hello,” I called across to her.

We paid the toll and she raised the gates. She gave us a sly grin. “I know where you guys are heading today. Great day for the beach. The water ought to be fine. It’ll be uh, hard…finding parking down by Gunnison. You fellas have fun.”

Doug gave her his typical unreadable smirk and we took off.

“How nice. She thinks we’re a gay couple,” I said jokingly. “Look Doug, while I appreciate your huge dick, getting hands on with it is another matter entirely.” And it was true. I was perpetually aroused by seeing women’s passionate reaction to his improbably gigantic schlong and their inevitable, adoring capitulation before it. That summer so far I had personally witnessed more than a dozen women desperately beating him off and sucking at it, including my own Rose, and it was always amusing. It still is.

The road to the beach was virtually deserted. Heat steamed off the blacktop of the four lane highway that ran down the peninsula to the beach. On one side was the Atlantic, the other the bay. Sailboats drifted in the distance. The cliffs of the Atlantic Highlands rose off to our left. Before us there was the rough scrubland of Sandy Hook, with its aging war base and–somewhere out on the far side of those wilds–public naturist resort.

We hadn’t gone further than a half-mile from the gate when Doug single-handedly yanked on the straps attached to his “loincloth.” It came off immediately and he tossed it out the window. I watched in the rearview mirror as the tiny cloth fluttered in the wind, quickly lost behind us. His incredible penis unfurled, wobbling and vibrating with the car’s motion, its head drooping off the leather seats and down toward the floor.

I had known Doug to be an exhibitonist par excellence, but this made me a little anxious. Though we were off the beaten trail, we could still encounter police and uptight drivers who might report us. And there was always the possibity of a crash. I could see the headlines now: Naked Man Arrested Driving; College Professor Rode Shotgun. Any way you sliced it, it didn’t look good for my career.

But there was nobody in sight on the road ahead. We drove on in silence for awhile. Then out of nowhere I spotted a Jeep coming up quickly from behind. It contained a pair of young women. The Jeep slowed behind us for awhile, then made a move to pass on the left. The vehicle came up alongside us and matched our speed. The woman were laughing and looking down at us.

They cheered and waved. It wasn’t clear to me that they were reacting to Doug’s nakedness specifically, or even if they could see the coiled serpent in his lap.

Doug glanced up at them cooly, his expression betraying nothing. Then, as if on cue, his dick sprang to life. It jerked sideways and bounced off the back of the steering wheel until it stood straight up like some massive transmission stick. Without exaggerating, the head rested on the center post of the steering column. Doug could’ve used it to beep the horn.

I could just about see the woman in the passenger’s seat. Her face lit up, and she tapped the driver, who turned to look once, twice, three times. Both of their mouths hung open, and then they began cheering and beeping. After a few moments of this they sped off in front of us and disappeared around a curve up ahead.

“They seemed to have some effect on you, eh?” I said to Doug. He didn’t responded. Eventually his cock settled down and went limp.

After a few more minutes of driving through what seemed like a dense jungle brush, we arrived at the parking lot for Gunnison. It was indeed crowded. People were milling about the lot in various states of undress. I wondered if Doug intended to walk fully nude from his car all the way to the beach, a distance of maybe a quarter mile. No sooner did the thought cross my mind than Doug stood up out of the vehicle, his hideous, magnificent prick waving shamelessly in the breeze. He locked the door and trotted off ahead of me, keys jingling in his hand.

People immediately took notice of him, though no one made too much of a fuss. An elderly woman being helped out a car by a nurse raised her hand to her mouth and they both broke into a grin. One man nudged a friend who was lounging with him against the side of a car. All eyes were on Doug as he sauntered toward the beach.

I had seen enough of Doug those past few months so that I was usually unfazed by it, but at that moment it struck me once again how singularly huge his penis truly was. It swung down from his crotch like some rude, fleshy belt, slapping up against his thighs with each step. It was dark brown, almost purple, almost a different color entirely from the rest of his tanned body, and his pubis and the huge testicles that descended below it were covered with coarse black hair. It looked almost like some dwarf leg that had been grafted onto him, but I knew from the gallons of semen he’d expended since the time I’d met him that it was all too real.

The prick garnered its fair share of gasps and stairs and we moved steadily closer to the ocean and people became less and less clothed. We approached a sign that warned of “nude sunbathers ahead,” and I readied myself to remove my outfit.

Just then, a chunky, red-faced young woman in a ranger outfit came stalking up behind Doug.

“Sir!” She shouted in a strident tone. “Sir! You need to be clothed in this area…”

Doug whirled, and his dong followed in a blur, whipping around his hip before settling down directly in front of him again.

The ranger stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes bulged as she beheld the monstrous thing.

“Oh…okay…I…” the woman stuttered. She was at a loss for words. She took a tentative step forward, and for a moment I actually thought she was going to fling herself down in the sand and begin sucking away at it, as so many others so often did.

The ranger regained her composure, and wrenched her eyes away from Doug’s huge tumescence and up at his face. He gave her his patented smirk and said nothing. “Sir, the clothing-optional area is over there.” She pointed behind Doug, but he didn’t turn away from her. She glanced down again involuntarily, then up at Doug’s face. “Please…it’s fine this time, but please make sure you’re covered up when you come back this way to the parking lot.”

Doug still didn’t move, and I could see the poor woman’s breathing begin to increase steadily. Other people watched the confrontation, alternately concentrating on the pair and Doug’s preposerously massive cock.

Finally I stepped up and thanked the woman, and Doug and I turned and marched off past the sign.

There were rows upon rows of naked bodies laying the sand and playing about. It was far more crowded and lively that the beach back at the club. We made our way past the lifeguard stand and finally found a small section where we could carve out our own spot to sit down.

It was set back away from the more crowded area. Some people had set up windbreaks for privacy. There was a tent nearby that was bouncing suspiciously. Couples of various orientation were scattered about us. Birds hunkered down on the closed off sand dunes to our back.

I set my things down, unrolled a blanket, and began to disrobe. Doug, naked now for some time already, tossed his keys to one side and sat directly down in the sand. His giant prick sunk into it like an ostrich burying its head, his huge balls burrowing in beneath it.

Nude I resembled most of the men on that beach: somewhat portly, with rounded shoulders and of average endowment. There were several skinny guys, and some with athletic builds. Doug would have fallen into the latter category, but the sheer enormity of his member made him unforgettable.

The sun beat down on us. Doug was soon laying down and snoring quietly away. I rubbed sunscreen everywhere, and another slightly obese fellow with a pork pie hat invited me to play volleyball. I trotted off to join the game, leaving Doug and his sausage to roast. I played with a group of guys and gals for almost an hour, then we broke and took a dip in the sea.

I returned to my blanket to find Doug had turned over. His bronzed backside was caked in sand, and he was still asleep.

“That’s a recipe for sun poisoning,” I said aloud as I dried myself off and sat down on my blanket next to him.

I intended to doze off myself, but suddenly a shape whizzed by my head. I turned to see a frisbee take a bounce off Doug’s sandy ass and land a couple feet away.

Doug awoke and pushed himself up. A pair of woman strode over.

“Oops,” said the first one. “Sorry ’bout that.”

Doug was a little over six foot tall, and this young lady had a couple inches on him. She had a formidable physique and a guitar-shaped figure. Her skin was a light olive color, and black ringlets covered her head. She had a high forehead, a petite, upturned nose, and pencil-thin eyebrows; her eyes were shaded by a pair of large brown sunglasses. Her wide mouth smiled to reveal a set of small, symmetrical teeth. Her tight breasts jutted out fiercely. The only thing she wore was a lime green bikini bottom. Her shadow towered over us both.

“Watch where you’re throwing,” Doug growled, turning over. His immense tool tumbled into view. It was dusted over with sand.

“Madre de Dios,” the tall woman said. “Delores, take a look at that huge fucking dick!”

The second woman she called Delores was much shorter than her friend. She was compactly built with big curves, large breasts and a copious ass. She had nut-brown skin, and her dark brown areolae were the size of small pancakes. She had large, innocent, doe-like eyes and straight, black hair that fell to her shoulders. A pair of blue trunks covered her womanhood.

When she beheld Doug’s oversized gonads she emitted a high-pitched whistle. “That’s the guy we saw in the car back on the highway,” Delores said.

The tall woman smiled at me and said, “You are one lucky man to wake up to that cock every morning.”

“Ah,” I said, “No, we’re straight. Just friends. I’m married actually. Wife is back at home today.”

They both laughed. “Whatever you say,” Delores said. “That true, big boy?” said the tall woman, grinning. “You like ladies?”

Doug looked at her, more coldly than usual, I thought. “Some of them,” he said.

The women laughed uproariously, and Delores pushed her friend. Then the tall woman knelt in the sand to get a closer look at Doug’s cock.

“So what do you call it?” she asked Doug. “All guys name their dicks, right?”

Doug said nothing. He was as annoyed as I’d seen him. He lay on his back looking up at her. The tall woman pushed closer to his prick. The organ seemed to stir slightly.

“What’s your name, handsome? I’m Erica,” she said, speaking directly to the phallus. Doug’s dick lurched to life. In seconds he was at full mast. His massive cock head resembled some ancient, horrible leviathan that had landed on the beach. It throbbed with excitement, and sand flaked from the folds of skin under his naked glans.

Doug had a strained look. I could tell he was struggling to get the raging boner under control and having no success.

“I think he likes me,” Erica said, brushing sand off the shaft.

“Go Erica!” Delores urged, bending over to pick up the misguided frisbee, her swimsuit perfectly framing her strong, beautiful buttocks. “You ever seen a cock that big?”

“I’ve seen a lot of big dicks,” Erica said as her hands continued to caress Doug’s trunk, “but this one takes the cake.”

Doug’s erection was thundering. Then Erica did what no other woman I’d seen do up until then: she took Doug’s shaft, wider than a beer can at some points, in one hand. Doug laid back in the sand, his chin aimed skyward. His hands sought purchase in the sand. Erica pumped his cock a few times.

“Miss,” I said feebly, “public sex is expressly forbidden, here as much as anywhere else.” I scanned the beach: there was no sign of the ranger, and the lifeguards weren’t paying any attention. None of the sunbathers around us seemed to notice what was happening. “Please…we could get kicked off, or even locked up, if the authorities get involved.”

Erica stared down at Doug’s pounding erection, gently picking off bits of sand. “Delores, keep a watch for the cops and them.”

Delores nodded and smiled.

Erica looked closely at Doug’s humungous, knotted prick head, running a finger under the many fissures and layers of thick skin. The head wobbled ominously, red as a ripe tomato. It shone in the sun.

Without hesitation, Erica took Doug’s thick dick head deep into her mouth. I had seen several women gag and fail at that task, yet this giantess had swallowed almost a quarter of Doug’s foot-long-plus member with ease. She sucked at it long and slow. Another inch of the shaft disappeared down her gullet.

I looked around nervously. Across from us, a cute, zaftig woman on a blanket was watching. The man next to her slept on, heedless. Slowly the woman put a hand on her hairy mound and began to massage it in time to Erica’s sucking.

Erica’s nostrils flared as she dove down on Doug’s penis. Her hands squoze his balls and pressed his perineum. I had seen several woman attempting to give Doug adequate head, including my own wife, but this was different–Erica was actually fucking him with her mouth. She looped an arm under each of Doug’s legs and lifted them slightly, driving him deeper into her throat. Her suglasses fell from her face and plunked on Doug’s belly, then slid off into the sand.

“Old man, watch and make sure nobody’s coming,” Delores commanded me, then grinned. “You know what I mean.” She placed the frisbee on my blanket and lay down beside Doug. He was breathing heavily.

I stood up and surveyed the beach. The lifeguards were intent on the ocean. A pudgy man occupying a sheet nearby had his puny cock in his hand and was jerking it wildly as he watched Erica devour Doug. In a matter of seconds he had deposited his load in the sand and just sat there, panting and staring. Aside from him, only a few other folk were paying any mind to the scene, and all who did seemed pleased and fascinated. The zaftig woman who’d been stroking herself moaned aloud.

“It’s okay, baby,” Delores whispered to Doug, running her fingers through his greasy hair. “You say you like pussy? Well, how bout some of this?”

Delores slid up so her hips were aligned with Doug’s face, then slowly pulled down her swimsuit. Her pubis was covered in thick, black hair. She was already moist. Doug gave her a weak nod. She stood, legs spread apart over him, her back to Erica, then lowered her cunt onto Doug’s waiting face. He pressed up into her and her lips curled with delight.

By now my own cock was rigid and throbbing. I felt as if the slightest wind would have me spurting semen and battled to stay in control. Delores looked over at me.

“Grandpa…” she said as she bounced lightly on Doug’s face, “viene aqui.” She gestured for me to approach.

With one eye warily on the other beachgoers, I sidled over to the copulating trio. Delores immediately grabbed my prick and inserted it into her mouth. My balls slapped against her chin. I could do nothing but hold her head to me as she feasted, petting her lustrous hair.

We were all working in a rhythm, I realized: Erica deep-throating Doug, who chewed on Delores, who in turn fellated me. It was magnificent, but I knew I wouldn’t last.

Fortunately Doug was the first to go. Erica’s eyes got huge as what I assumed was the first explosion of semen fired into her throat, but she held on. A thin stream of white trickled out of the corner of her mouth.

His climax had a sort of domino effect on us. Delores flung her head back from my penis in ecstasy. She grunted heartily and laughed. I couldn’t take it anymore. The orgasm was one of the most powerful I’ve ever had. I expelled a torrent of semen all over Delores’s beautiful face and chest.

Finally Erica withdrew from Doug’s dick, gulping down the last of his come. She kissed each of his balls in turn. Doug rested his head back in the sand, his cheeks wet with Delores’s juice. He looked finished. His penis sagged and arched downwards.

“Now that’s what I call a DICK,” Erica said joyously.


Later on, the ladies walked with us back to the parking lot. Erica, Delores. And I were all fully clothed; Doug much less so. As we passed the ranger station, the woman we’d ran into earlier watched us walk by with a mixture of indignation and awe.

Erica Had fashioned a makeshift sling out of her bikini bottom for Doug’s huge dick. The small piece of clothing barely concealed his drooping penis. She used the suit’s ties to lash the prick tightly, then tied it around his hips right above his asscheeks. Holding the tie wrapped around his dong, she lead him to the car like a perverse circus performer leading an elephant by the trunk. She smiled victoriously.

And for the first time since I’d known him, Doug was genuinely smiling, too.

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cock sucking tasting each other

She lowered her head and started another good kiss, rocking her hips down. My hands naturally slid down to hold her ass. It rocked a couple of more times, and then we came up for air again. She murmured:

“I hope your tongue is that good somewhere else.”

Before I could reply, she was clambering up over me. I hoped so too, and said as much, as she got her knees past my shoulders. I wasn’t surprised, having enjoyed too many videos of face-sitting, just had never done it, never licked a pussy that was turned that way. I looked up at her, and she down at me with an encouraging smile, and then her pussy – her muschi – was on my mouth.

I had wanted to see it first – another time. And it already tasted good. Now I didn’t mind that I recalled the videos, thankful for the images of girls licking each other’s pussy and how they did, remembering that after seeing the first couple, I had recognized that I probably hadn’t been doing it right for my wife and the couple of short-time women-friends. I also hadn’t anticipated that I might ever have the opportunity to try to do it better. Sure, hoping, but not expecting that it could really happen, and then not with someone who promised that if I did it good enough, her pussy – Marge’s muschi – would flood my face.

What a delightful challenge! Of course, she had a well-developed clitoris, if she could come like that. Maybe that wasn’t true; I couldn’t remember the others. But if she could come like that and wanted to, and I did it right, …!

I tried, and Marge encouraged me with words and rocks of her pelvis. I opened my eyes once and saw that she was holding her breasts. I wanted to suck them – another time, like getting to see her muschi. Not both at the same time. Between more words of encouragement, she began to moan, and I hummed in response, hoping it felt as arousing as her moans had for my cock. It seemed so.

This story is really about the group experience, starting in the third person, and then I let slip that it was also a first person experience – for the most obvious reason. She – Marge – had sucked my cock like no one ever had before, and now I was licking her pussy – her muschi, as she liked to call it. And I was doing everything I could to give her an orgasm, hoping that she would flood my face with her love juice. She had told me that it could happen.

I can’t brag. She did, but only by encouraging me and from my experience watching videos of girls giving each other orgasms. But she did! Her love juice running down in my mouth and on my chin. I can’t brag, but I was very pleased with my success, the first time I had given a woman an orgasm that way, and then so good.

She dropped forward on the bed, turning her muschi up from my mouth, still gasping and whimpering. I hadn’t known how good a woman’s orgasm could be, quite chagrined that my wife’s never had been like that, despite our having two sons. I rubbed her ass, licking my lips for a last taste of her love juice.

“Oh shit! That was good! You did that good!” she murmured after a deep breath.

I was almost proud at her confirmation that it had been so good; I owed it to her for what she had done and in respect that we would be spending many more nights together. I had to hope and try to be an equal partner.

She began to move back down over me. Her breasts passed my face, and then hers appeared, and then we both felt my aroused cock touch her between her legs. She snorted and rocked her hips, moving back a little and pressing it down on me. I didn’t think she could want to do anything more, but she rocked her hips, rubbing her muschi on my cock, and where it felt good. It surged. It couldn’t twitch, since it was pressed down on me.

She looked down at me and snorted softly with a slight, wry smile. I guess that I also snorted, returning her smile. She snorted again and murmured:

“To hell with waiting till tonight. I want to fuck; put it in me.”

I was, of course, surprised that she immediately wanted fuck – didn’t like to hear that word either – but it was the only appropriate one. And my cock obviously was suggesting that it want to, too.

I reached down, and she raised her hips, and it slipped very easily into her very wet muschi, tighter than the ones I remembered. Her hips rocked down, making me moan, and she gave a satisfied sounding sigh as she relaxed on me, then licked around my mouth with a snort and murmured:

“Oh, it was good, real good, but a cock in my muschi … It was there, and my muschi wanted it.”

“My cock did too, a little to my surprise. God it feels good, your muschi.”

“Your cock too.”

She chuckled, and her muschi squeezed my cock.

“Mmmm! Even better!”

“For me too,” and she did it again.

I rocked my hips up, and she nodded, but then murmured:

“I want to sit up, have to get my legs up on the bed.”

We rocked our hips from one side to the other, managing to stay coupled as she drew her legs up, both then chuckling at our success. She sat up with a pleased moan and smile as my cock went deeper, pressing against the front of her vagina. I returned her smile and made my cock twitch, and her muschi squeezed it again. We chuckled again, and I murmured:

“I had forgotten how tight a young pussy is.”

“Mmm, thanks for the ‘young’. My brother said something similar.”

“As lucky as I am. … What do you want to do? Anything you want.”

“Not just this,” and her muschi tightened again.

“But that’s good. I may just close my eyes and pretend this is all a wet dream.”

“If you can hold my breasts, while I play with myself.”

“Oooh, of course, anything you want.”

We grinned. I reached up, and her hand slid down her stomach, her fingers creeping between our hair. As I played with her nipples, I felt her knuckles move on my pelvis, pressing on it as her fingertips began to rub. She hummed, not yet an aroused moan, but audibly pleased with what her fingers were doing. I was too, her muschi squeezing my cock every now and then.

Until I started watching videos, it had never occurred to me that a woman would want to help arouse herself when she had a cock in her pussy. But why not? I had told her that I like the idea of the woman being in control, and it was very pleasantly arousing to feel her muschi responding, maintaining a level that I thought could go on for ever, making my cock twitch in response.

I hadn’t closed my eyes, but saw that hers were half closed as she began to moan. And then her hips began to rock. Oooh, more arousing! If I hadn’t already come so good, I thought, I would be about to now. Had she planned all this? Done it like this with her brother? I moaned, and she nodded with another one of her moans, her fingers moving as fast as possible, her eyes now clenched close.

Suddenly they opened, wide, and she dropped down over me and demanded softly:

“Suck them, chew them!”

She shifted her shoulders and pressed a nipple down in my mouth. I didn’t really chew it, but did everything else I could with my tongue and lips and teeth, as my hands slid down to her ass. When she offered me her other breast, she murmured:

“Like in the shower.”

My fingers crept further on her taut ass, into her crevice, finding the base of her spine and then the soft spot below it. She nodded with an encouraging – maybe insistent – “uhn-hnn!” Her asshole contracted when my finger rubbed over it, and she approved with another “uhn-hnn!” It relaxed and contracted again, and my fingertip was on its center. When it contracted again, it felt like it wanted to draw my fingertip in. It pressed, and it relaxed, and the next time it contracted, it was holding it. “Uhnn!” she responded with a nod. Anything she wanted! Like in the videos ….

Clutching my finger and my cock! She gave a great moan and began to move her hips. After a few short strokes up and down on my cock, that was twitching in response to her clutches, she shoved me back and demanded: “Fuck!” and found my mouth with hers, her tongue fucking in my mouth.

Our hips slapped together. I had thought that my situps were just to tighten my stomach, but now I realized that they were for fucking like this: pumping my hips up to thrust my cock in her muschi, as hers slapped down; my cock throbbing as her vagina tried to milk it, and her asshole drew my finger deeper. We were both groaning and panting. God, it had never been like this!

I came, and she came, her warm muschi juice wet on my pubic hair and running down between my legs. We both collapsed, only our heaving stomachs rising and falling against each other as we drew deep breaths and sighed with moans.

When I could think again, I was a little proud – hell, a lot proud – that I had been able to satisfy a much younger woman, and one who had so much more experience than I had; that I had been able to do everything that she had wanted.

Slowly, our breathing returned to normal, more conscious of each others breathing. We chuckled, when we coordinated that one of us exhaled when the other inhaled. My cock was still in her muschi, but about to slip out, when it suddenly occurred to me that she was young enough to get pregnant. I hadn’t had to worry about that in years. At that moment, I probably should have said something about how wonderful it had been, but I said what was on my mind:

“Oh, you’re on the pill?”

She nodded with a snort and replied:

“Should have asked before, no.”


“Scared you? Sorry, not the pill, an IUD.”

“Hmm! No time to ask, not when you were telling me that you wanted to fuck.”

“True. And we sure did!”

“Um-hmmm! Better than I thought I could.”

“As good as I hoped, as good as I wanted.”

“Better than I ever hoped.”

She nodded and kissed me. My cock slipped out, and we snorted, and chuckled when we felt more liquid slip out. She began to move off me, murmuring:

“Before I get a cramp in my legs.”

“And then a real nap.”


We got up and washed, just smiling and smirking at each other, then agreeing that we had to go. She sat down on the toilet and then smirked again and gestured at the washbasin.”

“Like I did this morning,” I responded, turning to use it.

“Oh, you just flushed for effect?”

“Um-hmm, we didn’t know each other so well this morning.”

“We sure do now.”

“Um-hmm. Imagine how it would have been if we had just kept talking.”

“Oooh, fun! Hm-hmm! But I would have jumped in your bed before we talked much longer.”

“Hmm! But we weren’t in it – I wasn’t.”

“You would have been; I would have taken care of that.”

“You did.”

“Hm-hmm! And you did!”

We snickered, while she wiped her muschi, and I rinsed my cock and the washbasin. We returned to my bed and lay down, like we had before. How long before, I wondered, not looking at my watch. This time she didn’t ask if she could hold my cock, and we were silent for a few moments. I recalled seeing my yellow stream flowing in the washbasin, and asked – a little to my surprise:

“Natural champagne?”

“Hmm? Oh? In the bathroom? Hm-hmm! No, I haven’t. Why did you ask? Have you?”

“Just thought of it, seeing it. Don’t know why I asked.”

“Have you? Doesn’t seem like you would have.”

“Hm-hmm. A couple of surprising videos.”

“Haven’t seen them. And …?”

“Hmm. Saw them and was reminded that in India people do, their own.”


“Um-hmm, part of Indian medicine or whatever.”

“Hmm? And …?”

“Well, one night, watching videos – too many – and drinking beer – maybe too many – had to go a couple of times, and was. It was pretty white.”

“Hm-hmm! We women seldom see it, of course.”

“Um-hmm. So – not quite sober – I just grabbed the glass from the washbasin and tasted it.”

“Hm-hmm! You surprise me. And …?”

“Just mildly salty – after so many beers. Probably different when its more yellow.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Really?”

“A whole lot less strange than what you like to taste.”

“Hmm? Wouldn’t be difficult. Hm-hmm! You want to? Want me to?”

“No, I just thought of it, something to say.”

“Hmm? ‘Something to say’? If you say so. Maybe.”

“I wasn’t suggesting it.”

“Why not, … maybe? If you have?”

“No reason for you to.”

“Something new.”



I rolled towards her, and we got comfortable with our arms around each other and our legs overlapping. We kissed lightly and were silent, soon dozing.

More than just dozing, it was much later when we woke up, the sun in the west, the light in the room different. I think the noise from an airplane awakened us. We rubbed each other’s back with soft hums, opening our eyes and smiling at each other.

“Good morning,” she murmured.

“Good evening.”

“Oh, yes. Nice. Funny, thinking it was morning.”

“Jet lag.”

“Or ’cause we cheated, not waiting till tonight.”

“Maybe, enough sun and fresh air and exertion for it to be the next morning.”

“Hm-hmm! But it isn’t.”

“All the better. What do you think the others are doing?”

“Nothing better. Will we find out?”

“Pretty sure James and Kathleen have.”

“Um-hmm. Will be interesting.”

“Um-hmm, a reason to go to the bar before dinner.”

“For sure!”

We grinned and got up, and got dressed. This time I didn’t wear underpants. She snorted with a grin. She had to brush her hair and put on lipstick, and then we were on our way to the bar, holding hands in the elevator. As the door opened, she smirked at me and asked:

“You want them to think we have?”

“Only if you do.”

She squeezed my hand, and we went to the bar, finding a few of the group. A couple of them smiled, and we smiled back. I wondered if the others were being more tactful, perhaps James and Kathleen, or had the others not smiled like that because they weren’t so compatible yet with their roommates? And those not yet at the bar, still in their rooms, not just taking showers?

We got our drinks and joined the discussion of how the others had spent the afternoon, of course, nothing about what might have happened in their rooms, although someone’s remarking that they had watched the Tour de France on TV could have been an excuse for their not being on the beach.

Soon others joined us, one couple who had had too much sun, letting me wonder if they had avoided going back to their room before they could just get ready for dinner. The two young men didn’t join us. Someone suggested that they were still scouting the field. Sans-culotte and his friend were still with the two women.

Then we went to dinner, not all attempting to sit together, but Marge and I sat with the friend of Sans-culotte and one of the women. He didn’t have a Literotica user name and introduced himself again: “Étienne, you can call me Stephan.” As we were returning to our table from the buffet, two young girls approached a nearby table. When Marge heard them speak German, she went over and spoke to them. They seemed pleased, to be spoken to in their language. She saw our two young men enter the dining room and spoke with the girls. They smiled and nodded, and she beckoned the men over. They also seemed pleased, and we heard them introduce themselves, and the girls replied in English.

Marge returned to our table with a smile, telling that the girls were students and that she had explained that the young men were with our group. During the meal, we occasionally glanced over and saw that they all seemed quite happy with each other’s company.

At our table, we noticed that Stephan and the woman seemed to be better friends now, wondering that they weren’t sitting with their relative roommates, who at another table also seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. After a second glass of wine – and then two drinks at the bar – she glanced at him with wink and said that the four of them had moved to a suite in the hotel. They didn’t mind our smiles, nodding in response. He explained that the hotel had given them the suite for less than the price of two rooms, since it had requests for two standard rooms.

We congratulated them. Marge and I glancing at each other with smiles, and we all then smirked with chuckles.

After dinner, we went for a walk, holding hands and chuckling about each other’s speculations about the other sets of roommates. Suddenly she chuckled and whispered:

“How does it feel without underpants?”

“Hm-hmmm! Great. Don’t look, but it feels like my balls are hanging down to my knees.”

“Oooh! Really?”

“Just feels like it, thank you.”

We chuckled and then stopped at a bar and had a Pernod. As we returned to our hotel, we agreed that it was too early to go to bed, not without an exchange of smirks. In the bar, we ordered a glass of wine, slightly surprised to find Kathleen and James there. They both grinned, having seen us holding hands as we entered the bar. We nodded, and joined them with our wine, and all raised our glasses and drank, smiling again. When Marge held my hand again, James nodded with a smile and murmured:

“Like us?”

“I hope so,” I replied.

Marge squeezed and moved our hands with a nod and smile. Kathleen smirked slightly and rubbed his back, then chuckled and remarked softly:

“Can’t get any closer to a Harvard man.”

We nodded with smiles, and he put his arm around her with an indulgent smile, adding:

“Or closer to South Boston.”

We all chuckled and drank again. Then we told that Sans-culotte and Stephan were sharing a suite with the two women, and they enjoyed hearing that, admitting that they had wondered if the women were lesbian. Maybe just bi, we all agreed. They then told that they had seen Marge introduce our two young men to the girls and enjoyed hearing that she could speak German with them. Marge snorted and said that she had told the girls that they could complain to one of our group if the guys didn’t behave themselves. We all snickered at the question of what the girls might think was misbehaving.

We finished our drinks and with grins agreed that it was time to go to bed. In the elevator together, holding hands, we all smirked, and then wished each other good night, when our floor was reached. Still holding hands, we chuckled and went to our room.

As we undressed, Marge grinned again when she saw that I didn’t have underpants on. Naked, we went to the bathroom, going as we had before. She snickered and asked:

“Natural champagne?”

“Not after red wine and Pernod.”

“Hmm? Maybe not.”

We grinned and brushed our teeth and went to bed, mine, of course. We curled up together like we had for our nap. I was pretty sure that more sex could be disappointing, but since we had talked about it so much, I felt obligated to show my willingness. Besides, it was nice to hold her breast, and I did. She snorted and said:

“I just said that I wanted to sleep in your bed, nothing about touching each other or doing anything else.”

“Thank goodness! I wasn’t sure.” I took my hand away.”

“I didn’t mean it that seriously.”

“Want me to hold it? I do, feels good.”

“Um-hmm, even if my nipple doesn’t pop out.”

“I just want to hold it. Hm-hmm! Almost as much as I like to hold my cock.”

“Oooh! I don’t want that; nothing for me to do.”

“Only almost.”

“Oh, that’s all right. More comfortable if I turn over.”


She did, with my arm around her, and my hand found her breast again. She clasped hers over mine, and I curled up closer behind her, squeezing her breast, and we said good night.

When I rolled back during the night, she followed me, her arm sliding over me. I pleasantly recalled where and with whom I was in bed. I rolled further, on my other side, and her arm drew us closer, her warm body against my back, and I fell asleep again.

I slowly woke up from a nice dream, something about my cock, of course. No wonder, her arm was resting on my waist, and she was holding it. When I snorted, she murmured:

“Awake? Good morning.”

“Good morning, very pleasantly awake. You can’t imagine what I was dreaming. Did you find it in your sleep?”

“No, but when I did, it already wanted to be held.”

“Um-hmm, but you know what that suggests.”

“Mmmm! That it doesn’t just want to be held?”

“Oh, it wants to be – most of the time, but ….”

“I was afraid of that. Me too, now I have to, too.”

We chuckled and got up. She chuckled again as she watched me hold it down to go in the washbasin, remarking:

“You weren’t drinking a lot of beer last night.”

“Nor were you. At home, I usually go in the shower in the morning.”

“Hm-hmm! I always just plump down on the toilet first. Want to see too?”

I smirked with nod, but then remarked:

“But then you’ll probably have to wash your feet.”

“Oh, yeah. Anyway. If I stand at the high end of the tub, ….”

She did, smirking at me for a moment, and then we watched her stream arch out, the same color as mine, of course. She gave me a wry smile. As it began to die down, she leaned forward, supporting herself on the hand bar on the wall, managing not to drip on her feet. She jerked her hips a couple times to try to shake off the last drops, snorting at me with a grin. I gave her my hand to help her stand up and step out of the tub.

“Want me to wash?” she asked, obviously implying that we might do something.

“No. I couldn’t imagine why you asked.”

“Hmmmm! But I could. Remember what you said in bed?”

“Oh, that? That it liked to be held?”

“’Most of the time,’ and not just held.”

“Hm-hmm! True.”

“Sure you don’t want me to wash?”

“I won’t mind. Hm-hmm! Of course, right now could still be an exception to ‘most of the time’.”

She smirked and replied:

“You’re being difficult, making it hard for me.”

We both snickered at her choice of words. I replied:

“I thought I was trying not to.”

“Just trying, I hope. If we don’t, all the day on the beach we’re going to be wishing we had, you know how.”


“Only for you. I’ll just grin and tell you what I wished we had done before breakfast.”

“That’s unfair!”

“Yes. Going naked in public suggests new forms of seduction.”

“Hmm! More like blackmail. And you could cheat on the beach, and tell me what you were hoping to do after our shower.”

“Oh, good idea!”

“Shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

“No, but I won’t if we do now. Promise.”

“Now you’re trying to make it hard for me.”

“Um-hmm!” she grinned, adding: “the best way I know how.”

“Ooooh! Like that? I’ll risk your cheating.”

We chuckled with grins and returned to my bed. She immediately lay down with her feet at the head of the bed, and I joined her. We rolled together, drawing our thighs up under each other’s head.

Of course, I tasted a few drops of her urine, but then I was tasting something better, and she was making it hard for me, as she had said: “the best way I know how,” indescribably good. She couldn’t lick the most sensitive part of my cock, but her finger in my asshole made up for that, and mine was in hers again, to her obvious delight.

Many minutes later, we rolled apart, my face again all wet. After several satisfied sounding sighs from both of us, a Bible verse suddenly occurred to me. I snorted and quoted it:

“And the evening and the morning were the second day.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Genesis. And the third day?”

“As I remember, just plants and trees, so you can forget about anything that is animal, hasn’t been created yet.”

“Forget, with all the naked flesh on the beach?”

“Just a figment of your prescient imagination.”

“Hm-hmm! Already populating paradise with hundreds of persons.”

“That’s not in Genesis.”

We both chucked. She fondled my flaccid cock, and I fondled her breast. She snorted and remarked:

“Just figments of our imagination.”

“Um-hmm. Shower, breakfast?”

We got up, smiling at each other as we went to the bathroom, and enjoyed a fairly unarousing shower together. We dressed. As we were leaving the room, she glanced back at our beds and remarked:

“I guess housekeeping is accustomed to seeing that both beds were used and then that just one of them is.”

“In all the other rooms of our group, I hope.”


In the dining room, only Sans-culotte and Stephan and their new friends were already there. We sat at the adjoining table, greeting each other, and they included us in their conversation about its seeming that everyone in the group was getting along well. We agreed, exchanging smiles, and they did too, all of us nodding.

Sans-culotte had never introduced himself with his real name, even in the email correspondence. Marge asked why. He glanced around, checking that he couldn’t be overheard, and replied softly that he worked in government ministry, that his name appeared occasionally in the media, but that his face wasn’t known. The women nodded, as though they had asked the same question, maybe having received the same answer, or perhaps not, agreeing not to reveal his name. Marge nodded and said that his Literotica user name was most appropriate, and we all nodded.

Then we saw the German students at the buffet, and that our two young men also appeared, apparently having agreed when to meet again. The others remarked that it looked like they had found each other. Marge explained that she had introduced them, that the girls were German. The others were pleased, admitting that they all had wondered how the two guys would get along in the presence of mostly couples.

Stephan and Sans-culotte agreed, but told that from their experience, that usually worked itself out. The women snorted with smiles, nodding. Since we all seem so comfortable with the situation, I ventured to say to the women:

“I guess we were all wondering a little that you two immediately agreed to share a room.”

They glanced at each other, snorting, and one replied:

“Not ‘immediately’, after a couple of emails.

The other one nodded with a slight smirk and added:

“We know what you probably mean. We decided not to risk it with some man.”

“Not that we would have minded if it had been you,” the other added.

“But, well, after more than a couple of emails, we agreed that we thought we could enjoy each other’s company.”

“If we had to,” the other added.

They both nodded with smirks, and Sans-culotte and Stephan smiled with nods, one remarking:

“Only one night.”

The women snorted and nodded, then glancing at each other, and one murmured:

“We did.”

The other one nodded slightly, maybe blushing. Marge remarked:

“I would have, too. Why not? But I risked it.”

She gave me a smile, and they all smiled, and we changed the subject, agreeing that we were lucky that the weather was so nice. Eventually the other members of our group came to breakfast. After another cup of coffee, we got up, agreeing that we see each other before dinner.

There had been no agreement about meeting after breakfast, and that agreement indicated that we were all on our own for the rest of the day. Marge and I returned to our room and changed for the beach. She had brought a couple of books to read: “in case you turned out to be a real bore.” I snorted and replied:

“I did my best to be a good borer.”

“Oh, you did! I think I can stand you’re being boring like that.”


“Hm-hmm! Maybe not.”

We grinned and she showed me her books: “Josefine Mutzenbacher – Die Lebensgeschicht Eine Wienerische Dirne, Von Ihr selbst Erzählt” and “Fear of Flying.” I snorted, remembering that the book by Erika Jong was about sex, and remarked:

“Erika Jong, in case I was a complete bore? And the other?”

“Hm-hmm! I was hoping even better: Josefine Mutzenbacher – the lifestory of a Viennese whore, told by herself.”

“Oooh! Bedtime reading?”

“If you were a complete bore.”

“Or maybe to let me know what you were thinking about.”

“Um-hmm, that occurred to me too.”

“Too late; I already know.”

“My – our – good luck.”

“Very, but you want to read them on the beach?”

“If there’s nothing else to do.”

“Not the way you might be thinking. Remember, you promised.”

“Oh, okay. I can find an English or German crossword puzzle.”

“Better idea.”

We grinned and I agreed:

“German for you, English for me.”

“Hmm! Sound like an old couple’s day on the beach.”

“That wasn’t flattering.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean it like that, only the second day.”

“I don’t think it will be.”

We smiled and with her beach towels went down and on the beach. It seemed that our group had spread out more, and we also move further from where we had been the previous day. After spreading sunlotion on each other, we lay down. She shoved the English book over to me with a snort, and we both began to read.

I had already read “Fear of Flying,” years ago, but in her company and surrounded by other nude couples – and some attractive single girls – it was new again. I noticed that Marge had stopped reading and was thumbing through the pages of the book. After a glance at the nearest single girls, most of them with another girl, I glanced over and asked:

“Not as good as you hoped?”

“Not yet.”

“That’s cheating.”

“I know. Hm-hmm! You’ve been looking at the girls.”

“Of course, if they want to let me.”

She looked around with a snort and replied:

“Shameless, showing their pussies like that.”

“I like yours better, your muschi.”

“You had to say that. Hmm! She really wants someone to see hers.”

I looked in the direction that she was and saw a girl with her thighs spread. They hadn’t been like that the last time I looked. I snorted and agreed:

“Sure does. Not nicer that yours, but, well, I have to admit that is is a very attractive young pussy.”

“Hmm! You’re too honest.”

“Maybe, but I said yours was nicer.”

“But hers is shaved.”

“I did notice that. … But I like that yours isn’t, that it doesn’t look like you want to show it to everyone.”

“Hmm! You almost saved yourself.”

“Just almost?”

“No, just enough.”

“Thanks, so I can still admit that hers is pretty.”

“Oh, it is; have to admit that, myself.”

“Of course, I have just seen ones on video, … young ones.”

“Me too.”

“Only? At breakfast you suggested that you wouldn’t mind …, well, having a female roommate.”

“Did I? Just to make them feel more comfortable . Maybe not one of them.”

“Hmm? But someone else, … with a pussy like that girl’s?”

“Wouldn’t you want to lick it?”

“And – if you don’t mind too much – put my cock in it. Should I want to lick it? Gladly, but why did you think of that?”

“Hmm? Just looked like it would be good to lick.”

“Very! But you said that.”

I glanced over at her, but she didn’t return my glance. I thought for a moment about how to phrase my next remark, then saying:

“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to, … also wanted to. “

She still didn’t reply. I thought that it would have been easy for her to say something in response, but she didn’t. After a moment, I did look over at her and asked softly, but directly:

“Have you? I wouldn’t mind. Why not? As much as I enjoy licking yours – your muschi – just dreaming about licking another one.”

Marge didn’t turn her head. I looked back at the girl’s pussy. Was it now a little more open, aroused because she had noticed that we had been looking at it? I heard Marge snort softly, and glanced back over at her, seeing her nod slightly. Then she snorted again with a slight smile, still not looking at me, then after a moment replying:

“Since you don’t mind, yes, … a couple.”

“Nice. I don’t just not mind, like that you have.”


“Not really, maybe from seeing too many videos, sort of assume that was easy to get the idea, easier than for boys.”

“I hope so! Yeah, I think it probably is.”

“At least I was right about that. I’m not going to ask.”

“Hm-hmm! But you’re curious.”

“Of course.”

“We talk about everything else.”

“Time to turn over?”

“Yes, and – hm-hmm! – you can show her your cock.”

“She’ll have to sit up to look, and there probably better ones for her to look at, at least, unaccompanied ones.”

“True, just the last of what you said.”

We sat up and turned to face the sun, away from the girl we had been looking at, but also now at facing the water. Marge looked around, then said:

“Aren’t those our two young men in the water, the ones cavorting with the two girls?”

They were too far away to really identify them, and I couldn’t remember the girls faces, but I thought she was right, agreeing:

“Not sure, but I think you’re right. Looks like you found them the right company.”

“Um-hmm, nice if they hit it off.”

“Like that? Are German girls ‘like that’?”

“Like what? Willing to have some fun? If they come here, probably.”

“Hmm! Like all of us.”


We dropped back on our elbows, enjoying the sun in silence. I didn’t have to look to know that warm sun was making my cock as large as it could be without becoming aroused, resting on my very loose sack. After a few minutes, I asked:

“Does the sun feel as good on your muschi as it does on me?”

“Hmm! I hope so, that it feels as good on you.”


“But we weren’t going to talk about that – my promise.”

“Just the question, hoping it did. Why did you bring those books, not maybe “Fifty shades of Grey” or something more current?”

“I had read it, didn’t finish it; I’m not into all that stuff. And it would have been too obviously suggestive.”

“The others aren’t?”

“Didn’t have show them to you – to my roommate – if I didn’t want to suggest anything. I could have read the German one for fun, if he asked, telling him it was about something else.”

“Hmm! And if he had known some German?”

“Either I would have liked that, or – again – I wouldn’t have had to let him see me reading it.”

“Where did you learn your German?”

“Probably could have at home, but didn’t; took it as my foreign language, which pleased my parents, and then as my major in college, junior year abroad in Heidelberg.”

“Oh, of course: ‘muschi’.”


She gave me a smile, and then snorted and added:

“Not just mine.”

“He slept with other girls? Well, of course, but girls you knew, also junior year abroad?”

She shook her head with a smirk and replied:

“Not him,” and raised her hand and pointed at herself.

“Oh, of course, … well, not of course, but …”

“Like you were curious before.”

“I didn’t ask.”

“No, but I don’t mind telling, already admitted it, and we have to talk about something.”

“Not if you don’t want to.”

“Why not? First time. She had already been at Colby College, Colby-Sawyer in New Hampshire. Lesbian? No, bi; not enough men up there. Hm-hmm! Actually not yet muschis, before we slept with German students, … only a couple.”

“It did sound like it could have been several.”

“’A couple’ doesn’t have to be just two.”

We both smirked, nodding, and I raised my eyebrows, suggesting that she continue.

“So we did. Maybe she talked to others, don’t know, but we did. Of course, I knew what to do, and she sure did.”

“Hopefully not better than the German students.”

“Hmm! Only one of them, and it was only once.”

“He didn’t have much experience?”


We were silent for a while, looking around, no longer seeing our two young men and the girls. Then Marge spoke:

“After that, back at college, well, it was easy, just a couple, really only two. Why not? I wondered if freshman and sophomore years I had not understood what girls were suggesting. The boys didn’t do it, and I wasn’t going to suggest it.”

“Suggest you had more experience than they had.”

“Something like that.”

We smiled at each other and were silent again, soaking up the sun, and I was again aware of its warm rays on my cock and balls, enjoying the nice feeling with the confidence that it didn’t have to become arousing. I already had enough experience with that to be utterly comfortable lying nude, surrounded by others who were nude – but maybe not, if I kept thinking about it. Marge distracted me, suggesting with go in the water.

This time we didn’t have to sidestroke to maintain eye-contact, and I showed that I could crawl, hoping that she would be a little impressed with my physical fitness. She kept right up with me, however, which I liked just as much. We stopped after about a hundred yards and caught our breath, smiling at each other. Then she turned from me and dove under the water, coming up with butterfly strokes. I was impressed, then thinking that it would nice to that from the front, seeing her bare breasts maybe.

As though she had read my thoughts, after several strokes she stood up, grinning at me, and then dove in again, butterflying back towards me. It was nice to watch. I told her so, that it had been just what I had been hoping to see. She grinned again and replied:

“It felt good, and then that also occurred to me. Probably wasn’t the best style; I was trying to make them come up out of the water.”

“Thanks. Must have been strenuous. Want to walk back?”

We returned, looking at the other people on the beach, recognizing a few from the group. We only noticed our young men, when one of the girls waved to us. The one with perky breasts had waved at us, gesturing for us to join them. The other one had fuller breasts, both shaven. They introduced themselves: Petra (perky breasts) and Anna. We introduced ourselves, and they all made space for us on their towels. All of them immediately thanked Marge for having suggested that they sit together at dinner the night before, smiling at each other. It didn’t look like they had paired off. They asked Marge about her German, and she told them, glancing at me with a smile when she mentioned Heidelberg. The girls were friends from school, now at different universities, but together again for their vacation, their second one together. Anna smirked slightly and explained:

“Last year, we were at the Atlantic, near Bordeaux, not quite like here.”

“Hope our parents don’t go on internet,” Petra added: “and get the wrong idea about here.”

We all chuckled, and Anna remarked:

“We’ve already planned what we can tell about sightseeing,” eliciting more chuckles.

“But we’ll tell that we met two nice Americans and could practice out English,” Petra added, smiling at the men, who nodded and returned her smile, one of them remarking:

“And, of course, we’re looking forward to accompanying you on your sightseeing.”

We all chuckled. They thanked Marge again and said that they hoped they would be seeing us around. She and I stood up, Marge, with the final comment:

“When you’re not sightseeing.”

Snickers and grins, and we departed, returning to our towels, then deciding to have something to drink. We picked up our things and went to the beach bar, where I was more comfortable about being nude in the close presence of people with something on. When Marge suggested having a beer, we hardly smirked, I just agreeing:

“Good idea; more liquid and less alcohol.”

We moved away from the bar and commented with smiles about the success of her getting the four together, almost laughing about the girls’ having planned what they would tell their parents. When I suggested a second beer, Marge smirked more broadly, agreeing:

“In Germany the glasses are larger.”

Again we moved away from the bar and speculated how the other roommates were getting on, greeting two couples. who also went to the bar, and then joined us. We all agreed that the idea of the trip was being a success, exchanging nods and smiles that suggested that all of us were individually happy with our respective roommates. I mentioned that Marge had “taken care” that the two young men also had company. One of the couples had seen them together at breakfast and replied with smirks that they had, wondering who the girls were. The other couple hadn’t noticed them, but then also enjoyed Marge’s telling that they were German students and what we had learned about them, all of us chuckling again.

When one of the other men suggested another beer, offering to buy the round, we others agreed – not without Marge and me exchanging smirks – but insisted on paying for our own. We three men went to the bar and paid for our two beers and returned to our roommates. Marge said: “Prost,” and someone said: “Cheers,” and someone else said: “A votre santé,” and we all drank and smiled.

We continued our conversation, finishing our beers. When the others suggested returning to the beach, we followed along, finding a place where we could all lie down together, with a little space between our pairs of towels. Marge and I were lying on our backs, our little fingers linked. Nice warm sun on my cock and balls. But after several minutes, I felt that my cock wanted to do something. Apparently, Marge’s muschi also did; her finger clutched mine.

I looked over and saw that she was looking at me, then smiling slightly, before she murmured:

“I’ve got to go.”

“Me too.”

We grinned, smirked, but then one of the other woman said:

“I do too. We can go in the water.”

Marge scowled with a wry grin. I returned it, nodding. We snorted and got up. When the woman did, the others also did, chuckling, and we all went in the water, splashing about to suggest that we were having fun, but smirking, knowing that we all were going. We splashed a little more, and left the water. Our cocks were again somewhat smaller from the cool water. We returned to our towels, and each couple took turns refreshing sun lotion, the men first, the women lying on their backs.

The other men also massaged their partners’ breasts more than necessary, their partners’ obviously appreciating as much as Marge was, smirking up at their man. The one who had spoken before remarked:

“Of course we have; isn’t that why we’re here?”

Marge replied:

“Not sure. We had a lot of fun talking first.”

The third woman was silent, and other woman, remarked:

“We didn’t talk so much.”

“After all our emails: about the same thing,” her new friend commented.

“After he told me his height and weight.”

“I cheated a couple of pounds.”

“I’m not complaining; I did too.”

“But all in the right places,” he replied, his hands returning to her ample bosom.”

Marge remarked:

“I was worried about that, too. Had good luck, very good luck!” She grinned up at me.

Finally the third woman said something:

“We weren’t sure if we would, emails, agreeing that we could get along together without.”

“Um-hmm,” her partner agreed, smiling down at her, massaging her nice breasts again.”

She smiled up at him, and replied:

“After agreeing about that, … well, … there we were, two adults, knowing that we were going to see each other naked. Hm-hmm! Kind of ticklish in the room the first night.”

“We didn’t.”

“Nice of you not to suggest anything. I liked that.”

“I wanted you to … like that.”

“Isn’t he sweet?! But then, of course, it was foolish to wear anything in our room.”

“But still a little ticklish, just the two of us.”

“And our big beds suggesting …”

“That sleeping alone was also foolish.”

“Something like that. Somehow we agreed about that.”

“You went to bed and left the covers on the side to mine turned back.”

We all smiled at them and nodded. She chuckled with a smile and replied:

“Yours were also turned back, how I got the idea.”

We all chuckled. The women turned over, and we men applied more sunlotion. Then it was their turn. They were a little more discrete about applying it to our cocks and balls, down between our thighs, but we could all see that the other women were. Marge snorted and remarked:

“Have to wash them as good.”

We all snickered with nods and lay down again. I wondered if our young men were getting the same attention, and if they were, if they had managed not to become aroused, and then – if they had – if the girls would have wanted them to. If they had …? Don’t think about it!

After sunning for a while more, turning over a couple of times, someone suggested that we go in the water again. As we did, Marge smirked at me and whispered: “Don’t.” I nodded, returning her smirk. I resisted the inclination to let it flow again in the water, assuming that she was too. That was reinforced, when she suggested on the way back to our towels:

“Another beer, before we go shower?”

The others agreed, and we collected our things. At the bar, we met a couple of other sets of roommates. The conversation was more discrete than it had been with the other two couples. The others had, however, also seen our young men and the girls, and heard Marge’s story again.

We finished our beers and wrapped our towels around ourselves and returned to the hotel. While we all waited for the elevator, Marge moved her legs again, like a little girl who had to go. The others all snorted and let us take the first elevator. As we went to our room, she snorted and murmured:

“I don’t really have to go that bad.”

“But you want to?”

“Oh, of course, I have to, just not that much.”

“Me too.”

I opened our door, and she entered, immediately letting her towel fall before I closed the door. Mine fell, and we smirked. I asked:

“What I think?”

“In the shower? I want to.”

“Yours or mine?”

“Hmm? Mine first. If I like it, then yours.”

We snorted with grins and hurried to the bathroom, stepping into the tub. Her quite pale yellow stream arched out, splashing on my feet. We both snickered, and then mine sprang forth. I rocked my hips, spraying on her thighs.

“Oooh, warm,” she murmured, adding: “Here goes.”

She reached down in her stream, catching a handful, and I also did. We smirked and tasted it, smiling wryly, and then both tasted mine. She snorted and remarked:

“Like you said, cum – semen – is more ‘interesting.’ You drank a glass of it?”

“Half a glass, a couple of times, after drinking more beer and watching videos; both conducive to experimenting.”

“Hmm? I guess. You were right; it doesn’t really taste offensive, not even really strange, just a little raunchy doing it.”

“Yes, but aren’t we a little?”

“Um-hmm. Maybe more than a little.”

She smirked as I nodded, and then we washed each other. There was no question that we were arousing each other, telling each other it felt good when our erogenous zones were fondled. While we were drying ourselves, my cock began to droop, of course, just flopping back and forth on my hand as I dried my balls. She still had to dry her hair, letting me enjoy watching how her raised arms made her breasts move. She snorted with a grin, seeing where I was looking, and remarked:

“We still have a lot of time till dinner.”

“Um-hmm. We could go out for a walk again,” I replied with a facetious smile.”

“Hmm? If you really insist.”

“You have a better idea?”

“Two or three.”

She smirked and made a demonstration of drying her muschi again, her other hand unnecessarily rubbing the other end of her towel over one of her breasts. I snorted and replied:

“Just a suggestion. What were you thinking of?”

“Hm-hmm! As if you didn’t know.”

“Maybe, but if you have two or three ideas, maybe not what you were thinking.”

“Do I have to tell you? You know that I’m shy and modest.”

We both snickered and grinned. As she hung up her towel, I remarked:

“Now you tell me! Thanks for concealing that side of your character so well.”

We laughed, and she turned and stepped closer, rubbing her nipples on my chest, smiling up at me as her hands grasped my ass, and mine, hers. She murmured:


“Um-hmm, more fun; more fun continuing to talk like that, and more fun, not just …, well, you know.”

“Not just having sex as though that’s all we liked to do with each other.”

“Better than I could have expressed it.”

“Hm-hmm! What if we get carried away with talking and talk ourselves out of it?”

“Most unlikely, but that would also be interesting. Still have plenty of days to see if that could happen.”

“Hmmm?! Be fun to try, and see if it worked, if one of us didn’t finally ruin the attempt.”

“Saying something like: ‘Stop talking and lick my muschi!’”

“Oooh! That’s a good idea, but I was thinking of what you might say.”

“I would never be so crude as to say that!”

We snickered, gripping the cheeks of each other’s ass. She replied:

“But I wouldn’t mind that. … One of the things I was thinking about.”

“Oooh! That would be nice! And the other two or three things?”

“Just to make it hard for you, and then – do I have to say it? – turn around and kneel on the bed …”

“Oh! Doggie?!”

I feigned surprise. She grasped my ass tighter again, grinning and remarking:

“You’re not as dumb as I was beginning to think.”

“It’s easier to play dumb than to try to appear more intelligent than I am. But then, the third thing?”

“If we do that, there wouldn’t be a third thing.”

“What a relief!”

We snorted and sealed our agreement with a kiss, one that suggested what her lips and tongue were going to do. It also suggested that they weren’t going to have to take long to make it hard for me – harder for me. We left the bathroom, not getting further than the near side of her bed. She drew back the covers and sat down. She only gave me the briefest glance, and then my cock was in her warm mouth again.

Oh, I have been forgetting that this is about the trip of whole group. It’s very obvious why I have forgotten. Amazing how one can have total recall! And I can’t stop with my cock in her mouth, just maybe not get as carried away with the details and sensations.

I fondled her breasts, and saw that her fingers were pussy [Freudian typo, really!] – were busy on her muschi. When I was beginning to forget about what else she wanted to do, my throbbing cock slipped from between her lips. She looked up at me with an aroused expression and turned around, kneeling on her bed, presenting, offering her open and moist muschi between her thighs. I had seen too many like that in videos, but never live, and hers was as attractive and inviting as any of the others.

I must have looked at it for a moment too long. She demanded softly: “Fuck me!” I did, the head of my cock slipping easily between the open lips of her muschi and plunging into her slippery, tight, warm vagina. “Slippery, tight, warm” in the order of the sensations on my cock.

I couldn’t forget, but I’m getting carried away again.

In brief: I had never before fucked so hard and fast, our hips slapping together. Her fingers touched my balls as long as my sack was still loose and they were swinging as I fucked. Then I felt her fingers touch the base of my cock, and assumed that she was rubbing her clitoris. Her aroused noises let me understand why she liked to be fucked that way, and mine were just as aroused and unrestrained.

Keep it brief: clutching muschi, throbbing cock, a gush of warm muschi juice on my tight sack, dripping off it, spurts – several spurts – deep in her muschi.

She dropped forward on the bed with whimpering groans. My glistening wet cock bobbed, still throbbing. I dropped down over her, managing to get my hands between the mattress and her breasts, holding them.

Total recall, and then only briefly told. Got to stop that, if I want to get back to telling about the group experience. Difficult.

Maybe if I summarize: Marge and I had as much sex as we wanted and every way that we wanted:

always after our showers in the afternoons; always in the mornings, and sometimes after going to bed; and sometimes in the middle of the night – if we hadn’t when we went to bed. Maybe we didn’t in the morning, if we had in the night. No, I am pretty sure we did. Sixty-nine is so easy: don’t have to be aroused to start; just agree to enjoy something with each other; and then, of course, it gets better.

Back to the present, Tuesday evening: at the bar, the German girls greeted us, saying that the men would be along. They smirked, and one of them murmured:

“They had to go back to their room.”

Anna seemed a little embarrassed by this admission, but nodded, and Marge and I also did with smiles. Then Anna said something in German to Marge, who replied, and the girls both nodded with smiles. Their new friends joined us, and we moved away to talk with others from our group.

If possible, it seemed that all of us were even more happy with our choice of roommates. At dinner, we sat with the couple we had talked to at the bar in the afternoon, who had told about how they agreed to sleep with each other.

We all smirked slightly. When does one meet people whom you know have just met, and the only thing you know about them is that they are sleeping with each other? They were smirking for the same reason, of course, although I and apparently Marge had no problem with it. No, she didn’t, her smile at me.

I asked what the girl’s had asked in German. She snorted and replied:

“They wondered if the guys were Jewish, you know, since they were circumcised. I told them that most men in the States are.”

“From your experience?”

“Don’t be fresh; you know that most of them are.

“Sorry. Did they care.”

“No, just curious.”

“And then the guys had to go back to their room.”

We all chuckled. The other woman suggested:

“Could have expected that they would have been in both rooms.”

We chuckled again, then all snorting at the realization that we were assuming that the two couples had probably had sex in one room, and that the girls had suggested that the guys join them in theirs.

“Ah, youth,” the man remarked with a grin. His companion snorted and replied:

“We’re doing pretty well for our age.”

We all nodded with smiles of agreement.

Wednesday and Thursday were more of the same. Marge and I talked with other couples, all of us discretely confiding that we were enjoying sex with our roommates, now bedmates. The German girls seemed to like to confide in Marge, talking to her a couple of times when neither their friends nor I was around.

By then, Marge and I sometimes separated for a while, walking or swimming alone, and then entertaining each other with what we had seen or done, always making it sound a little erotic. That was seldom true, but we enjoyed competing with stories, teasing each other with claims that we had attracted the attention of some sexy member of the opposite sex. The stories got better, claiming that we had sat with someone and only resisted an obvious suggestion to be with each other again.

That was, of course, an implication about what we wanted to do back in our room.

Once, when Marge was by herself, the German girls spoke to her. As she explained, when she smirked slightly and ventured to ask about the young men, the girls also smirked, nodding. Petra with the perky breasts, who was the more outspoken, replied that she and Anna had promised to stay together, no matter what. Anna had again looked a little embarrassed, but nodded, smirking slightly. Marge said:

“Of course, both in your room.”

The girls both blushed, nodding, and Petra replied:

“And in theirs, but don’t tell.”

She did, however, tell me, and we snickered, then wondering if they shared partners. That suggested the general question if maybe any couples had met in one of their rooms after dinner. That in turn led to a humorous conversation about what we would do if another couple suggested that, and then one about which couple we could imagine would suggest something , and which ones we would find attractive.

By then, we had better visual impressions of all the others in our group. When I suggested that I could imagine that it would be nice with Petra, Marge snorted and said that she wasn’t one of the group, but then smirked and said that she thought either of the young men would be good. I replied that Anna would also be just as good, since she didn’t care which of the men she would get. We snickered and agree to only choose members of our group.

When I suggested Kathleen, thinking that she had been very forward about agreeing to share a room with James, Marge grinned and remarked:

“Oooh, yes! James. You probably didn’t look at his nice long cock.”

I had, and tried to change the subject, but she didn’t let me, grinning and saying:

“Just once.”

“Look or do it?”

“Hm-hmm! Maybe twice, both ways. Your fault for suggesting Kathleen. Why?”

“Seemed eager. Your fault for not having immediately wanted a Harvard man.”

“Hmmm! Had one already. Too intellectual.”

“Shouldn’t have talked so much.”

“I was just kidding, … but James, if he can with her?”

“They don’t talk, just hold hands.”

“Hands?! Hm-hmm! She would need both to hold him.”

“Don’t complain!”

“Sorry. Just joking.”

“Hmm? I hope so, but you could be right.”

“I don’t want to just hold yours – with my hand.”

“Keep talking.”

“Maybe I can get eight fingers around it.”

She demonstrated what she was suggesting, and we both snickered. Later that day, she snorted and tried. With some goodwill, pushing her hands down on my balls, the tip of my cock rose above her fingers. We snickered again, and she said:

“I want to suck it, and not one that big.”

She did, as good as she had the first time, and the times since then.

Friday, the weather was cloudy, and a few of us agreed to take two taxis to visit a Romanesque church and a picturesque village, Sans-culotte’s suggestion and a nice change. Marge and I, of course, wonder if what we had seen was on the German girl’s list of sightseeing, Marge whispering that we could fill them in with details.

That evening in the bar, despite the lack of sun, most of the others had been on the beach, especially our two young men and their girls. After a first drink, they smirked at each other, and one of the men remarked:

“In case the rest of you are curious, we went down where things are more liberal.”

We were suddenly all ears, other conversation dying down. He smirked slightly at the effect of his remark, and the girls and his roommate also did. For a moment he seemed to search for the right expression and then said:

“Yeah, well, if you have seen beach videos, like that.”

Apparently most of us had, nodding with smirks. He appreciated our response and added:

“Yeah, a little strange seeing people doing that, knowing that they could be seen. Wouldn’t want to go there by myself, like some of the voyeurs we saw.”

His friend and the girls nodded, smirking. I looked at Anna, who again seemed a little embarrassed by his telling, but Petra seemed openly to enjoy it. I still couldn’t tell if they had paired off. He continued with a smirk of his own:

“But once you’ve become accustomed to it, it’s sort of infectious.”

We all snorted, snickering. Petra and his roommate nodded with grins. That suggested that Anna had also been infected. She then also nodded slightly with a wry smile. Apparently others had noticed her embarrassment. Her bra-less nipples were sticking out. There was a moment of silence in the group, and then Sans-culotte snorted and remarked softly:

“I can imagine. Thanks. Maybe save a couple of us from satisfying our curiosity, … or maybe not.”

The rest of us nodded with mild smiles, leaving it unclear which alternative they might be agreeing with. I thought that the videos I had seen were explicit enough. However, when we finished our second drink and were going to the dining room, Marge took my arm and murmured:

“Why not? Might as well see everything.”

“To tell back home?”

“In case anyone asks; can’t say I was here – we were here – and admit that we weren’t there.”

“Anyone? More than just your brother and his wife?”

She snorted and replied:

“A couple of others, before I understood that we would all be sharing rooms.”

“Hmm? What will they think of that?”

“They’ll have to ask.”

Alice has always been sort of a free spirit. During our long marriage, I’ve told her many times that I am okay with anything she decides she wants to experience. Honestly, she had never abused my open approach to life.

Even so, I was a bit surprised when she announced that Gail, a young family friend and flight attendant had invited her to go to Cancun, Mexico with her. Gail could get passes and wanted to take Alice along as her mother. Her mother was deceased and Alice had become very close to Gail over the ensuing years.

Of course, Alice wanted to know if I was good with her going with Gail. She said she would back out if I wasn’t comfortable with it. Well, I didn’t want to pour cold water on their plan and, frankly, it would give me a few days break to get some extra work done. I encouraged Alice to go, and I told her to have a great time. I figured that Gail, a very attractive young woman, would probably attract a lot of attention and could lead to a pretty wild time for the two of them.

Although old enough to actually be Gail’s mother, my wife was still quite attractive and vivacious. Her outgoing nature was even enhanced by good wine or frozen margaritas. She still wore size 12 on her 5’8″ frame. Her short, light brown hair framed a pretty, smiling face with big brown eyes. Another asset was her 38C chest topped by small, pink nipples that looked so cute when erect.

Alice phoned Gail and told her that she had her passport and she was good to go. I heard them making big plans for a shopping trip to buy some cute things to take to Mexico. Alice was like a young girl before the vacation trip with Gail. I teased her about all the hot men she would probably meet, and how I’d heard that many women went topless on the beach. She tried to minimize all my suggestions, perhaps afraid that I would ask her to stay home.

A few days later, I came home to find several bags on our bed. The girls had been shopping. I peeked into the bags and found that my wife had purchased two rather small bikinis, a yellow straw hat, new, strappy sandals, sun screen, and a couple of thin sarong cover-ups. I detected Gail’s influence at work, but and it made me horny to imagine how the two of them would look stretched out on the white sand.

I was elected to drive the gals to the airport. We picked Gail up and I was surprised at the small amount of luggage the two were taking. Gail told me that they wouldn’t need many clothes at the all-inclusive resort and both laughed. They knew that they could buy other things if the need arose.

I kissed Alice passionately in front of the security checkpoint and gave her a pat on her bottom. I then gave Gail a fatherly peck and hug. I told them both to have a good time and not to worry about me or anything else for that matter. They were off to enjoy seven days of carefree time and they shouldn’t waste a moment.

My wife assured me that they would be good. I just raised an eyebrow and told her again to have a fun vacation.

A week later, I was back at the airport to retrieve the girls. Two very tanned and smiling faces greeted me at baggage claim! My wife, Alice, looked absolutely radiant in her Mexican blouse and white shorts. Gail wore a halter that displayed her ample cleavage to advantage. She also wore very tight shorts that did nothing to hide a distinct camel toe. Both wore floppy hats and sandals that showed off fresh pedicures.

Alice put her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I leaned down and gave her a welcome home kiss. Her tongue found mine and we held our kiss longer than normal. I could feel eyes watching us, some probably quite envious.

Gail put an arm around me too and stood on tiptoe waiting for her welcome. I meant to kiss her cheek, but she caught me smack on the lips and lingered for a long moment. Gail said thanks for letting Alice go along. She winked at Alice as she told me that they’d had an absolutely marvelous time.

What all did you find to do? I asked, and I got wild laughter in return. Gail repeated that old line that, “what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.” She said it would be up to Alice to tell me what she thought I needed to know. Then, she kissed me again and Alice didn’t seem to mind that her hot, young friend was showing me a lot of affection.

We dropped Gail off at her apartment. I started to drive home, but Alice said she was famished, so we stopped at a casual Italian restaurant. Normally, we sit across the table from each other, but Alice insisted that we sit side-by-side. I enjoyed feeling her warm body pressing against me as we ordered a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio and read the menu.

Again, I asked her to tell me about her trip. She smiled and told me that they had a very good time. She said that they ate too much, and drank too much. Our meal came and we enjoyed sharing our two dishes.

I asked Alice if they had met any interesting people in Cancun. She almost choked and had to sip some wine before she could speak. Yes, she and Gail met quite a few people there at the hotel, on the beach, and on the boat. She seemed reluctant to go into details, which made me a little suspicious, but I let it pass.

“What about the boat?” I asked. “Where did you go?”

She told me that the first day, they went on a catamaran to Isla Mujeres, an island just off Cancun, to snorkel with some of the other guests. She was a little sheepish about the boat trip, so I asked more questions. “How many were on the boat? Was the water clear? Did you see many fish? How long were you out on the boat?”

She told me that she saw thousands of beautiful fish and that the water was very clear. They were out all afternoon, and that it ended in a sunset cruise back to Cancun. She still failed to say much about the other people she met.

“Let’s wait until we’re home to get into details,” she insisted.


After dinner, we went home and I helped her with her bag and some souvenirs. She wanted to take a nice long shower and wash away the salty humidity of the beach resort. I decided to unpack her bag and put her clothes in the laundry room for her.

First, I noticed that he tops of her bikinis still looked new where the bottoms still had some white sand in the seams. “Did Alice go topless on the beach?” I asked myself as I tossed the swimsuits into the basket.

Next, I pulled out the two bras she took along. They, too, were fresh and clean. Maybe, she went braless the whole time.

Digging deeper, I reached several pairs of panties and they had obviously seen some use. One pair was still damp in the crotch and I turned them inside out. Sure enough, they were still heavy with her aroma and there were unmistakable signs of heavy leakage. A picture began to appear in my mind.

I finished with the clothes and took her bag back to the bedroom. Alice came out of our bathroom with a towel around her head. She was gloriously nude. I felt my cock twitch and throb as I watched her walk to the dresser.

“Don’t dress yet,” I said quickly. “I want to admire the way you look in your birthday suit.”

I moved to her and let my hands lightly trace her curves. “You don’t have any tan lines on your boobs, honey, did you and Gail go topless on the beach?”

My wife blushed scarlet at my comment. She kissed me again. “I love you, my darling,” she murmured in an effort to distract me.

“From the condition of your swimsuits and your lack of tan lines, I’m guessing that you did go topless,” I whispered in her ear. “Wish I had been there to see you.”

“You mean it?” she asked. “You’re not upset with me?”

“Hell no, you look hot!”

Alice kissed me again. “I was afraid that you would be upset if you found out that I’d been naughty.”

“I like you when you’re naughty, you know that,” I countered. “Just how naughty did you get while you were down in Mexico?”

“Well, Gail was sort of a bad influence on me, I’m afraid. But I’m sure you’d rather not hear all the steamy details. Gail would be angry if I told you,” she teased.

“I already have some ideas,” I replied. “Your soiled panties gave me a hint.”

Alice turned red, then white. “Oh, God, I didn’t want you to see them,” she moaned.

“It looks to me like something, or somebody got you pretty wet and juicy,” I laughed. “One pair is still pretty wet and they smelled very sexy.”

My wife turned and fell onto our bed. I sat down beside her and turned her face to me. There were tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked softly. “How many times have I told you that I’m okay with anything you decide you want to experience? I just want to be a part of it, or at least know about it, okay?”

“I did a lot of stuff,” she whimpered. “I’m ashamed of myself. You’ll hate me, now.”

My hand gently stroked my wife’s shoulder, back and bottom as she wet the bedspread with her tears.

“Did Gail do a lot of stuff too?” I asked.

“Uh huh, we both did,” she confessed.

I continued stroking her nude body. “Here now, this is what I want you to do, Alice. Dry your tears and turn over.”

She did. I stood and stripped off my clothes.

I looked into her weepy eyes. “You are so beautiful. I love you and you know I do. I want to make love to you right now. After that, I want you to tell me all about Mexico, everything.”

She nodded and sniffed several time. I kissed away her tears.

My cock began to stiffen and she mutely slipped off the bed and took me into her mouth, eagerly sucking and using her tongue. My fingers combed through her hair as her head moved back and forth. She looked up at me and moaned as our eyes met.

“Sit on the edge of the bed,” I suggested. I arranged her on her back with her ass at the edge, then I stood over her and placed her legs on my shoulders. Looking down on her, I noticed that she had trimmed her bush up on both sides, just leaving a strip up the middle.

I moved the head of my cock up and down her wet slit and watched her nipples become erect from arousal. It took no effort to slide my hardness inside her slippery tube. Usually, Alice is very tight and I use some lube to help.

Our initial slow, gentle rhythm began to accelerate as we both felt our desire grow and grow. Minutes later, I was holding her legs wide and pumping hard and fast. My wife was gasping and making low guttural sounds.

“Oh yes, fuck me hard,” she moaned. “Give me your hard cock. I’m your slut now. Fuck me and fill me with your hot cum.”

My wife has never been very vocal, so it was a bit of a surprise to hear her utter such graphic commands. “Where did that come from?” I thought.

Alice moved her hand to cup my balls and urge me to fuck her faster. It didn’t take long for me to reach the boiling point. I squirted a big load into my wife’s slippery cunt and felt her juices mix with mine as she began to spasm. Her climax lasted for quite some time and her vaginal muscles milked me until I finally grew limp and slipped out.

“Mmm, that was so good,” she murmured, opened her eyes, and smiled up at me. She scooted up onto the bed. “Come up here and turn around,” she ordered.

I got on the bed and turned so my cock was at her head.

“Put your legs over me,” she said.

I did that and then felt her take my limp dick, wet with cum, into her mouth again. Sucking me after we had made love was something else she had never done before. Alice had thought oral after sex was nasty before. Her slit was oozing juice and her newly trimmed bush was glistening. I decided to take a chance. I lowered my face and tentatively licked her slit.

“Mmm, oh, yes,” she groaned before putting me back between her lips.

I could taste us and it had a very arousing effect on me. Soon my cock was stiff again. This time, Alice would not let me move. She continued to suck rapidly and I felt my balls tighten. With no warning, I ejaculated into my wife’s mouth. I felt her gag a little; then swallow. I drove my tongue into her warm folds repeatedly until her hips bucked and she flooded my mouth with more of her nectar.

Rolling off, I moved up and we held each other, sharing wet kisses and cuddling with our arms around each other. I waited for a while, hoping my wife would open up on her own and tell me about the experiences that had obviously changed her normally more conservative ways. She continued to lie quietly with me, evidently content in my arms.

“Whom do I have to thank for what we just experienced?” I finally asked softly. “I’ve never seen you so aroused and lustful, and I love it!”

Alice propped herself up on one elbow and looked at me intently. “I promised myself that I wouldn’t hurt you by confessing what happened. I even swore Gail to secrecy. Now, it seems that you really meant what you said before. You would be okay with anything I wanted to experience. But, I’m still not sure you would feel that same if I did tell you. My mind’s confused right now.”

I kissed my wife again, tasting the stickiness on each of our lips. “Let me make it easier for you, honey. I will tell you what I already suspect. Then, you can tell me if I am right or wrong and fill in the blanks and tell me the details. Is it a deal?”

“I guess so, if you really want to.”

“Well,” I began, “I know that you never wore your bikini tops when you were in Cancun. They were still new. It didn’t look like you wore a bra at all either, right?”

“I wore a bra on the airplane going to Mexico. You know I did that,” she replied defensively. “When we got to our room at the resort, Gail persuaded me to try going without one. It was hot and humid, so I finally agreed to join her. I didn’t see any harm in it.”

“I don’t either,” I responded. “You were there to relax and enjoy yourself. Tell me about going topless on the beach.”


“I wasn’t going to do it at first. I did wear my entire bikini and a sarong down to the beach that day. Gail just wore her thong bottom and a sarong up under her arms. We got to the sand and one of the boys showed us to loungers under a cute thatched roof affair. He took our drink orders and soon we were sipping a very tasty concoction…I think it was rum and some other stuff. I looked around and noticed that all the women were topless, at least all that I could see. Some of the women on the boat trip went topless too. Gail didn’t even hesitate. She pulled off her sarong, stretched out on her chair, and began to put on lotion. Frankly, I began to feel a little out of place.”

“You wanted to take your sarong and top off too, right?” I interjected.

“I sort of wanted to, but I was also pretty nervous about it. The waiters and other men were all around us too. I can tell you, some of the women should have kept their tops on!”

“I’m sure you had nothing to be embarrassed about. You have wonderful boobs, honey,” I offered.

“Gail turned and asked me if I was ever going to get comfortable and work on my tan. I knew what she meant. I did take off my sarong at that point, rolled it up, and put it in my bag. Right after that, our waiter came back to check our drinks. Gail ordered another drink and he smiled as he got his eyes full. Then, he turned to me and asked if ‘madam’ would like another. The way he said it made me feel like a wrinkled old lady or something. I just nodded and he scooted off to the bar. That was the last straw! I unhooked my top, jerked it off, and stuffed it into my bag. I didn’t bother with bra or bikini top the rest of the week.”

“I’ll bet the waiter was smiling at you when he brought your second drink,” I laughed. “He was gazing at a very nice pair of titties. Were your nipples also hard?” I asked casually.

Alice smiled for the first time, recalling the moment. “Yes, I couldn’t help it. Beside the waiter, several men in their little Speedo suits walked by and they all looked at Gail and me. Those Speedos don’t leave much to the imagination, I can tell you.”

“You and Gail must have made some of them swell uncomfortably when they ogled Gail’s firm perky breasts and your nice full set,” I coaxed. “I’m sure you both made a good impression.”

Alice laughed. “After a while, it didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. Gail helped me put on lotion, and I did her back for her. The sun really felt warm and there was a nice breeze off the water. After a while, we went into the water to cool off and splash around. It was great fun.”

I finally got Alice to talk about her trip. Once she started, she was more inclined to tell me more. I wasn’t upset about her going topless and that encouraged her to go along with me. “Did you meet any other people at the beach?” I asked.

A nice German couple were sunning next to us. They were just a few years younger than us and quite tan. I figured it wasn’t their first visit to Mexico. They came over to us when we were all in the water and met us. Elsa and Karl are from Frankfurt and they really like the Mexican Riveria.”

“Was that some of Karl’s stuff in the pair of damp panties I found in your bag?” I asked innocently.

Alice’s eyes widened. “How did you…I mean, why would you say that?”

I grinned. “I think I just got my answer.”

“Oh, God. I wish you hadn’t found my panties before I washed them,” my wife stammered. “Would you believe me if I told you it was just my own stuff in them?”

“Nope, I took a good sniff,” I chuckled. “Don’t get upset. I’m not upset, just curious to hear about you and Karl, and Elsa and Gail.”

“Elsa and Karl were real nice. We splashed around and then talked the afternoon away when they moved their stuff over to our palapa, or thatched roof. We ended up having dinner together there at our resort and they invited us to join them in their villa for a nightcap. We had a nice room with a view, but they rented one of the villas the resort has right on the beach. It was a small house with two bedrooms, a big living area, and a private patio looking out over the water. They had a bar and everything. It must have cost them a small fortune.”

“They sound like very gracious folks,” I urged. “It must have been very cozy.”

“Yes, we had more drinks. Karl put on some music and danced with each of us. He is a good dancer and he likes to dance close.”

“I’m sure he enjoyed pressing you close, I know I sure do.”

“Elsa didn’t seem to mind him dancing with us. Of course, she got turns too and we all had a good time. He was a perfect gentleman.”

“Did anything else happen while you were visiting Karl and Elsa?” I asked innocently.

“Well, Elsa told us that they liked to go down the coast a little way and sun on a nude beach. She said they both hated to have tan lines. Gail spoke right up and asked if we could go along with them. Honestly, she said it before I had a chance to say a word. Elsa just smiled at us and nodded. She wanted us to join them.”

I smiled at my wife. “Admit it, you were kind of excited about visiting a nude beach, weren’t you?”

“Not right away. I was kind of put out with Gail. Later, after we went back to our room, we talked about it. Gail has been to nude beaches before and she said it would be fun and not at all dangerous. I figured it would be alright with Gail along with me, but I wasn’t sure I’d have the nerve to really do it. Gail also suggested that I should do something about my hairy bush before the next day. I finally agreed with her and she actually trimmed it up nice and neat for me that night. It was embarrassing, but she showed me how hers looked and she did mine to kind of match. I like it now, do you?”

“It looks and feels very sexy, honey. When did you go to the nude beach?” I asked as my interest grew.


“We met Elsa and Karl at our beach the next morning after breakfast. They have a wonderful buffet with all kinds of fruits and American favorites too. When we got to the beach, Elsa suggested that we take a ride with them rather than sun at the resort. They had a jeep. We jumped in and Karl drove down the only road. It wasn’t too far, maybe twenty minutes or so. There were a few other people there, but not as many as at the resort. The difference was, they were all nude…men and women.”

Sheri and I had “met” on the internet. We both had the same sort of things on our minds, although not exactly the same. She had once been a model, but now was past the point age-wise where she could command the sort of work she once had. She was still damned attractive, the sort of woman that every guy wanted to get naked with. She oozed of sexuality. Her thing had to do with knowing that she could not only still turn heads, but make guys cum as well.

I had some very specific plans for her. The first time we got together, it was at a smallish bar/restaurant on the avenue. She wore a halter top, short denim skirt, and sandals with straps that crisscrossed almost to her knees. We both had martinis and as hers began to take hold she leaned forward so that her tits would show. They weren’t huge and were a little on the droopy side, but I still thought it was really hot the way she wanted me to see them. At one point I reached over and slipped a hand inside her top to caress and cup one. She just sat there with her eyes closed and a smile.

After a second round, I told her to go to the men’s room and wait for me there. In this place there are two tiny restrooms that face each other across a short hall off the main dining area. After a minute or so I followed and once inside the diminutive space, I undid her halter so that I could see and play with her titties. I sucked on them for a bit, then told her I wanted to see her pussy.

She pulled the skirt up to her waist, revealing no panties and a shaved snatch. I stroked it for a while then stuck a finger into her juicy hole before unfastening my jeans. Before I could get the zipper all the way down, Sheri took over, sinking to a squat so that she could take my member in her mouth. She was a damn good cocksucker and before long I blew my load down her throat. We both re-dressed, she slipped out, then I followed shortly after. When I got back to the bar, she was nowhere in sight and I thought maybe I’d blown it. (Actually now that I think about it, it was more like the other way around.)

That night we reconnected on the internet and she told me she thought that it had been perfect as far as she was concerned — quick and dirty was how she liked it. We made plans for a return to the scene and eventually ended up doing it twice more, once pretty much the same scenario, and the second time we actually fucked. We also met up early one evening at a “meat market” out in the suburbs. That time we more brazenly just went into the men’s room, locked ourselves in a stall and fucked, her bent over with me tapping her from behind.

But the best time was when we met up at the athletic club. A nudist group here in town takes it over one Saturday night each month during the winter. They used to do this at an old YMCA (really) but for the last couple years have been using the club. The whole place is available for nude recreation — swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna rooms, treadmills, there’s usually a nude volleyball game in the gym and a massage table set up in one of the lounges.

I’ve gone a couple times on my own. It’s really great fun just to get naked with other people in the middle of the winter like that. Nothing had ever happened when I was there, but I’d heard stories.

Sheri and I got talking about those evenings on one of those occasions when we were having our “adult beverages”. I’d never noticed her, but she said she had been to the events several times. There was a guy she knew who just loved having her join him in the jacuzzi and stroke his cock until they couldn’t stand the heat any more. He enjoyed having her play with his member under the bubbles, but he also liked it when they would get out. Everyone knew what was most likely going on under the surface, so it was no great surprise when he would step from the tub sporting a big stiffy. He was able to get away with parading around in front of every one like that.

She said that was all that ever happened, but it did get me thinking. I asked her if she’d join me for the next event, which was a week away. She laughed and told me she’d be delighted to. We made arrangements for exactly what time and each headed our separate ways.

That next Saturday we met in the vestibule of the club, signed in and both headed for the women’s locker room. I always get a kick out of that part — strolling right in, finding a locker, and stripping naked right there in the women’s locker room. We grabbed towels and headed for the pool, to watch and to also be seen. The mix of males to females was about 3 to 1 and I would guess that there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 or 80 people there that night. Of all the women, Sheri was the only one sporting a smooth shaven snatch. Aside from one guy, she was also the only one with rings hanging from pierced nipples. There were a handful of others with tattoos of some form or another. Hers was comprised of four letters in gothic script positioned on her lower abdomen that said “LOVE”. I noticed that her pudendae were puffy and distended and her nipples were like rigid thimbles. I licked my chops.

In the room with all the treadmills several people were each doing the road to nowhere thing, all with either tits or penis jiggling away as they did. We passed through and around the corner to the rooms where the exercise machines and free weights are located. These spaces are rarely used at all during the nude events and the lights are mostly off, only an occasional fixture lit. Just inside the broad entryway I led us to the left where there was a dimly it corner, less than twenty feet from where the treadmill walkers were jiggling away.

Sheri knew what I had in mind and laid her towel down on the floor to kneel on. As her face approached my groin I rapidly got hard and as soon as her lips wrapped around the head of my cock I was all the way there. Sucking away she brought me almost to the point of ejaculation in no time at all. I kept thinking that someone might stumble across us there but no one appeared. I had decided that if someone did I was going to paint her face. I ended up holding on for later.

We ventured deeper into the maze of equipment. On one of the free weight devices I had Sheri lay down. There were high bars to each side of the bench and she spread her legs, resting a foot on each of them allowing me perfect access to her cunt. I spread my towel on the floor and proceeded to ravage her with my tongue. She was more than a little vocal as she came and this time I thought for certain we’d get caught, but again no one appeared. I mopped up her sopping maw with my towel and we moved on.

Holding my towel in front of me to hide my hard-on, we made our way upstairs and stood for a while on the indoor track that ran around the perimeter of the gym a floor above the volleyball game and watched. My dick went flaccid again, so I was able to return the towel to slung around my neck. Sheri reached over at one point and fondled it, and it was at then that one of the women playing below glanced up and caught us. She quickly diverted her eyes, but there was no doubt that she had seen me getting groped. I parked the towel on the rail in front of me and Sheri’s groping turned into a full fledged handjob. Every once in while the woman below would glance up. Even though my now swollen again cock was hidden from her view by the towel, I’m certain that she knew exactly what was going on.

Again I stopped Sheri short of bringing me to full climax and we ventured up another level to where the handball courts are located. No one was around and we wandered around for a bit, stopping here and there to grope each other or for her to suck my cock. At one point we stood right in front of a large window while I stuck a finger in her and nibbled her nipples. If anyone saw anything we never knew. I liked the concept that someone might be watching, but it would have been much better if we knew for certain that there was.

All total there were four levels to the courts, two above two. After we’d explored them all I led her to a court on the second tier and spread my towel out on the floor right in the middle of the space. She started to go down on her knees and reached for my cock to suck, but I told her to lay down on her back and “spread ‘em”.

After she was properly in position I knelt down and positioned my fat cockhead mushroom at the entrance to her juicy slit, then in one smooth forceful thrust shoved it all the way in. Sheri let out a little yelp and I started to bang away in and out. I held her legs, partly to keep them that way and partly just to have something to hang on to. We fucked away like that for probably twenty minutes. She came a couple times and finally I reached the edge too. I pulled out and stood, then splattered my load of creamy white goo all over the front of her as she fingered her clit and came again.

I looked around and still no audience. But if felt good to stand there still hard with a naked woman laying at my feet covered in my jizz. After a couple minutes I started to go limp and Sheri sat up then stood and used the towel to mop herself up. I commented on how it was too bad we hadn’t drawn an audience.

She giggled and told me that we had, that I must have missed the guy standing on the observation gallery jacking off as we fucked. I suddenly went hard again. There was no one there now, but I loved the fact that we had been watched. As we headed out and down to the main level I again had to hold my towel in front of me to hide my erection.

Sheri had a quick rinse in the shower and we headed to the steam room. There were several others already there but shortly after we arrived, all but one exited. No sooner were they gone than Sheri stood up then straddled my legs and pushed a breast right into my face. I wondered how the guy that was left would react, but I felt my cock getting rigid once again. Sheri did too and before I realized it, she had positioned herself so that she could impale herself on it ever so slowly. Once she had engulfed it with her cunt she stated bouncing away on it.

I looked over at the other guy. Sure enough he was masturbating as she gyrated with my pole buried deep inside her. He said something about how lucky it was to get two shows in one night and I just about came right then and there. Sheri had other ideas and told him that it would be nice to have a cock in her mouth too. He certainly didn’t need much convincing. Standing on the step that I was seated on, his member was at a perfect height for her to take in her mouth. She sucked and slurped away without losing a beat in the workout she was giving my dick and her pussy. Before long the heat and eroticism of the situation brought all three of us to powerful climaxes.

After we all disengaged, Sheri made a beeline for the locker room and had another shower before dressing and heading out. I stuck around and spent a little time swimming and luxuriating in the jacuzzi before also going my way.

We’ve gotten together once more since then. That time she told me to meet her at one of her girlfriends house. We thought we would have the place all to ourselves but it turned out the girl’s brother was home. We got naked in the basement den and she sucked on me for a bit but then we ended up chasing upstairs and bursting in naked on the brother who was in his room playing a video game. He was in his late twenties and a real nerd, but Sheri grabbed him by the hand and we all three went back downstairs. He never took his clothes off, but he sat there and watched as I reamed Sheri in true doggy style, her on her knees with her ass in the air, and me in a crouch position over her, slamming away. When I came that night I pulled out and blasted it all over her ass and back just so he could see.

When it was over he went for some paper towels and after he returned, handed them to me and then disappeared. I’m guessin’ that he probably made tracks for the bathroom and jerked himself off. Sheri remained naked as we shared a cold Corona and after a half hour or so I left.

Last time we spoke she promised to set something up so that her roomate would end up accidently discovering us “en flagrante delicto”. It just might be time to pursue that.

Chapter One: The Wish

It was Adam’s 26th birthday. Twenty-six was his favorite number (one of his favorite basketball players, Kyle Korver, wore that jersey number), so he looked forward to this birthday. He had no reason to believe it wouldn’t be exceptional. His mom made a cake and put novelty “2″ and “6″ candles on it.

When the cake was brought out, with the candles lit, and the traditional singing of “Happy Birthday,” it seemed like every other birthday. And then he made the wish.

“I wish that, under any and all circumstances, I had the ability to control, change, and manipulate people and things, or anything I wanted with my mind.”

It was a very specific wish, one that he had contemplated the wording of for several days. He didn’t know if it would work, because birthday wishes are a sort of superstitious thing; but decided his favorite numbered birthday would be a great time to make that wish. He took a sigh, and sliced the first peace of cake, and wondered if his wish would come true.


Adam woke up the next morning and wished he didn’t have to get dressed. Being a closet nudist, he slept in the nude, and this morning he was wishing it was legal to be nude wherever he liked. But he got up, got dressed, and went downstairs to have breakfast and get ready for his day. There wasn’t much on the agenda, but he did have some errands to run at the mall later on.

As he looked out the front window, checking out the day’s weather, he saw a couple jogging, out for their morning run, go by his house; but the unusual part was that, apart from their tennis shows, he was nude and she only had her running shorts on. This didn’t bother Adam in the slightest, other than finding it strange. He watched them run down the street, paying much more attention to her slender figure and bare back, glistening with sweat from the workout.

I wonder what she would look like without her shorts, he thought.

And just as he was thinking this, they stopped for a breather, she pulled her shorts down and off so she was just as naked as he was, and then continued running on, out of sight now, leaving her shorts where she had dropped them.

Adam stood there with his jaw dropped, shocked by what had happened. Then he remembered his birthday wish. Had it actually come true? He would have to find out.

So he said aloud, “I have the house to myself right now, and no one is coming back until later tonight.” He hadn’t seen anybody yet, but when we walked around a bit now, he saw a note on the counter, saying that the rest of his family had gone to a nearby theme park for the day, and that he shouldn’t expect them back until 11 that night. This could’ve been a coincidence, so he would continue trying other things.

Man, I wish that naked lady would come back and stop by, he thought, as he undressed himself. Don’t need clothes if no one else is home. Then the doorbell rang. Looking over at the windowed doors, he saw that is was the naked lady from earlier.


Melissa Markham and her husband, John, had seen the front page headline this morning: US Congress Amends Law, Nudity Allowed Anywhere. It was good news for them and their two daughters, Hannah and Liz. They all enjoyed nudity while in their home, and now they could take that enjoyment wherever they pleased. Melissa suggested to John that their morning jog should be nude today, simply because they could (he of course agreed to this).

So John put on tennis shoes, and Melissa decided last second to leave her shorts on last second with her shoes. And off they went. They jogged their regular rout through the neighborhood and made chit-chat along the way. They were a very happy couple, having been married 16 years.

After some time, Melissa had the desire to remove her shorts; but not just a whimsical desire; this was a strong urgent need to be completely nude. So she took discarded her shorts and began running again, not even bother to pick her shorts back up.

Melissa and John continued their run, and enjoyed the new freedom of being nude while they did so. It was a normal and uneventful run, and as they were heading home, Melissa felt a strange need. There was a house they passed on their run everyday, and she didn’t know who lived there, but today, she felt the strong, urgent need to go there, to meet who lived there, and to introduce herself. She told her John to go on home, that she would be back in a little while and then went up to the door and rang the door bell. She could see inside, and inside was a young man in his 20′s, who she could tell was nude as she was.


Adam opened the door to greet the naked lady whose name he did not know. He was still unsure of his power, if he even had any at all. He still needed to test things out, but figured this lady would be as good a test subject as any.

“Hi, I’m Melissa, I live down the street with my family,” she said as she held out her hand. “I realized today that we had never met, so I stopped by to introduce myself and get to know you.”

“I’m Adam. It’s nice to meet you. I’ve seen you out running before; what made you decide to run naked today?”

“Oh, didn’t you see? It was in the paper today, front page. Public nudity is allowed anywhere now.”

Adam was slightly stunned at this. Upon hearing her words he remembered some of his first thoughts waking up this morning, wishing it were legal to be nude anywhere. However, he hadn’t read the paper, and therefore had not realized this wish had come true as well. He decided it was time to start testing out his powers.

Melissa was about 5’6″ and had a very slender figure. Her breasts were only about B cup, but they were perfect for her body. Her hair was a dirty blonde, and went down to her shoulders while in a pony-tail, as it was now. She had a full bush of pubic hair, but her legs and ass were just as exquisite as they come, plump and juicy, but not overly so.

Adam looked at Melissa, and told her, “Melissa, you will answer my questions and do as I say.”

Melissa appeared to space out for a second before she came back to her senses and agreed.

“How old are you?”

“I am 38 years old.”

“How long have you been married?”

“16 years.”

“Do you have any kids?”

“John and I have two daughters.”

“Are you happy in your marriage?”

“I am very happy, I love John and my girls very much and I feel quite appreciated.”

“Why did you run nude today?”

“We practice nudism while at home, so thought it would be fun to get out when we saw that we could.”

“Your whole family is nudists?”

“We wear clothing when necessary, and aren’t part of a group or anything, we just enjoy the freedom of non-clothing while at home.”

“Are you an exhibitionist too? Does being nude and having other people see you nude turn you on sexually?”

“Being nude only makes me feel free, and being free allows me to be myself. I did feel some excitement this morning while out running, but I think it was more from the first time experience of being nude in public, not being seen.”

Adam contemplated his next questions, wondering what kind of influence his new ability really could have. “Can I finger your vagina?”

Melissa was appeared slightly shocked by this blunt question, but then her face calmed, and she replied, “Sure, of course you can.”

Adam put his fingers into her pussy, which slipped in easily because she was apparently already wet. He wondered if this was because she was actually aroused or if he had manipulated her body without knowing it. This will take a lot of experimentation and testing to understand this new ability. So after having his way with Melissa that afternoon, he started putting his powers to practice.

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Oops. A naked woman unintentionally and accidentally celebrates Nude Day.


Having never celebrated National Nude Day before, I had no intention of celebrating National Nude Day today. It was all just an unfortunate accident that turned out for the better. To be honest, I didn’t even know it was National Nude Day today or that there was even such a day as National Nude Day. A bit of a prude, never having been naked in public, I’m a privately modest person.

My perverted ex-husband said that I was sexually inhibited, when I refused to play his games of voyeurism and exhibitionism. He wanted me to wear a short skirt to the mall and flash the shoe store clerk my panties, when trying on boots, but I refused. Then, he wanted me to flash my tits to truckers on the highway and serve his drunken friends topless or naked at his weekly poker parties, but I denied him that perverse pleasure, too. Yet, now that I’m naked, when I think about how so many times I had refused to go to a nude beach with him, there I was standing outside my apartment door without a stitch of clothing.

To be honest, for the life of me, I don’t know how it got inside my apartment, but somehow it did, nor do I know how long it’s been there. Those things can hide, really hide. Maybe it flew inside when I opened the door to let myself in from work. They are really fast and so quiet that the Air Force, if they haven’t already, should copy them and design stealth fighters in their image. It wasn’t until several hours later, the next morning, that the bat made his appearance known and scared the living shit out of me. As if this thing was a vampire, never have I been as afraid.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was about to get dressed for work, when there he was flying low and in crazy patterns over my head. At first, catching it out of my peripheral vision, I thought I was seeing things. It was so fast that I thought it was just a shadow created from the light. Then, when he flew right at me and low, I knew it was a bat.

“Oh, my God! A bat! Get out! Go away,” I screamed figuring her was trying to nest in my hair.

He flew as if he was drunk and, just at the last instant, when he was about to crash into me, he’d veer off in a different direction. Then I remembered that bats were blind. Always just at the last moment, his radar allowed it to avoid whatever he was surely going to hit.

“Eww gross.” If mice aren’t bad enough, this ugly thing is a furry mouse with wings. “Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!”

To say that I panicked was an understatement. I hate flying things, especially bugs, and this flying mammal was the biggest and the scariest thing I ever saw. Even though he was really so small, in my tiny apartment, he looked huge. Then, when I got a good look of his face and his hairy body, he was monstrous looking.

He appeared just as crazed and panicked as I was and my screams weren’t helping either one of us to calm down and relax. He’d fly straight for my head, before turning away at the very last second. Thinking quick, hoping he’d fly out the way he came in, I flung open my front door and hid behind it. Only, when it was apparent that he wasn’t leaving and flew right at me, again and again, not even thinking that I was naked, I left my apartment, but without my clothes.


The door slammed shut behind me. It wasn’t until my door closed and locked that I realized that I was standing outside my apartment door naked. Naked, I was naked. If the experience of the bat wasn’t scary enough, now outside in my hall, I was standing there naked.

“Oh, my God. This is so frigging embarrassing. Quickly I tried to think of which neighbor to bang on their door, but nearly all my neighbors were single men or married couples. There were a couple of single women upstairs, but I’d have to walk the length of the hall and up the stairs naked to get to their apartment, with the hope that they haven’t left for work, yet.

“What am I going to do?”

Beside myself with fright, I was shaking. Then, I heard a door open and close further down the hall.

“Fuck! There’s someone coming.”

Trying to hide myself in my tiny door frame with my ass sticking out, when facing one way or my tits sticking out, when facing the other way, I looked to see who was coming and it was a man. As he neared closer, I recognized who it was. Jeff, a neighbor that I’ve seen in the lobby and in the elevator was walking towards me. He’s an attractive man, a bachelor, and I was, perhaps, developing a friendship with him, while hoping for more, that is, until now. Totally embarrassed, now, I’m just mortified.

“Oh, my God. This is so embarrassing,” I said under my breath, as he neared

Figuring it was better if he saw my ass rather than the rest of me, I turned to face my door. With my naked ass completely exposed, I didn’t dare turn around. I couldn’t look at him. I reverted to when I was a child thinking that if I didn’t see him, he couldn’t see me. Only, just as that didn’t work then, it didn’t work now either.

“Hello, Susan, how are you?” I could feel the heat of his stare on my naked body.

“Hi,” I said still not turning around.

How am I? I’m frigging naked and so very frigging embarrassed, that’s how I am. It was bad enough he had a full and uninterrupted view of my ass, I wasn’t about to give him one of my tits and pussy, too.

“Did you lose weight?”


“Did you get a new hairstyle?”


“There’s something different about you,” he said with a chuckle.

“I’m fucking naked,” I said feeling sick to my stomach.

“Oh, I didn’t realize,” he said with a laugh, “maybe that’s it,” he said laughing again.

“That’s real funny, Jeff.”

“Are you going to the Nude Day event,” he said pausing, while waiting for my reply.

Huh? Nude Day event? What’s he talking about? What Nude Day event?

“No,” I said.

At first, I thought he was kidding and making a joke about my nudity, but when I didn’t answer him in the positive, he continued talking.

“I was just heading there myself. We could go together. I mean, I could give you a ride, since you’re already dressed for the event,” he said with a another laugh. “To be honest, having never participated in a National Nude Day event, I’m a little shy and I didn’t want to strip off my clothes, until I got to the beach.”

“Actually,” I said into the door. “I’m not attending the Nude Day event.”

“Oh,” he said still standing there, no doubt waiting for an explanation, while staring at my ass, no doubt. I couldn’t bear the embarrassment to even turn my head to look at him. With a long pause in our conversation, feeling him staring at my naked ass, he spoke finally. “Then, why are you naked?”

“I, um, locked myself out of my apartment,” I said turning my head, but not my body, in his direction.

“I see,” he said. And then there was that long, silent, uncomfortable pause again, that I could just feel him staring at every part of my naked body. “I can get the manager to open your door, if you’d like.”

“Yes, thank you, even though that would be terribly embarrassing for John to see me naked, too, but I don’t have very many options, do I?”

“Maybe he’ll entrust me with your key and won’t have to come up to see you naked,” he said being the gentleman that he is.

“That would be good,” I said knowing that the manager, once Jeff told him, who always leered at me, while undressing me with his eyes, that I was naked, would surely want to come up for a closer and, no doubt, lingering look.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Susan, how did you lock yourself out?”

“A bat. There’s a bat in my apartment. I don’t know how it got in and I really don’t care, but–”

“There are bats around here,” he said. “I’ve seen them, when walking my dog late at night. How he got in your apartment is a mystery. They generally avoid people.”

“It figures that the one bat that got in the building would pick my apartment to roost,” I said talking to my door. “Can you just go and get the manager please, Jeff, so that I can go inside my apartment and kill myself.”

“Yes, of course. I’ll see about that key, before anyone else comes along. Here,” he said. “Take my shirt. Maybe he’ll just give me the key without having to come up to spare you further embarrassment.”

“Thank you, but I think when you tell John that I’m standing in the hall naked, he’ll want to come see me for himself, too. He’s always leering at me, while undressing me with his eyes. He wouldn’t miss seeing me like this for the world,” I said wrapping material around me tighter and quickly covering most of my nakedness with his shirt.

Jeff left and it was a few, very long minutes before he returned. In the meantime, several of my neighbors emerged from their apartments. The women said some derogatory stuff under their breath to their husbands, but the men all stopped to offer their assistance and one neighbor, old Mr. Crenshaw, actually pawed and groped my naked ass through Jeff’s shirt, before trying to fondle my breast and insert a wrinkled old finger in my pussy.

“Eww. Get lost! Beat it, before I call the cops! Frigging pervert!”

“Hey, girlie,” he said, “you asked for trouble being in the hall naked.”

“Beat it, asshole!”

While standing there waiting for Jeff and the manager to return with the key, I remembered Helen, my cat. My friends call her Helen Keller because she’s deaf and I always defend her telling them that she’s not deaf and blind, just deaf. I love my kitty, hardly a kitty anymore, at 12-years-old, but having had her since birth, she’ll always be my kitten.

She’s in there, the poor thing, with the bat. Just as I thought that, I remembered that bats have rabies. What if the bat bites Helen? Oh, my God. What if Helen turns into a deranged, wild animal and attacks me? Thinking of the bat, as if it was a vampire bat, rabies don’t happen that fast. Do they?

Then, I heard John and Jeff coming down the hall. Jeff was laughing and John was leering. Even though I was wearing Jeff’s shirt, I couldn’t look at John, the manager. I was so embarrassed. Hiding my face again, with the thought that if I couldn’t see him, he couldn’t see me, I stopped short before dashing in my apartment, when John opened my door.

“There you go,” said John unlocking my door.

“Wait,” I said. “There’s a bat in my apartment.”

“Yeah, so?” John looked at me, as if I was crazy. “What do you want me to do about that? Call an exterminator. I fix sinks, faucets, toilets, air conditioners, and furnaces, but just as I don’t do windows, I don’t do bats. Sorry, but I don’t do bats,” he said again, but this time with a loud laugh, as if he was having a personal joke.

It was then that I wondered if he had put that bat in my apartment with the hope of coming to my naked rescue. Nah, what are the odds of that? He wouldn’t do that, would he?

“Well, I’m not going in there with that flying rabies rat in there,” I said stepping away from the door.

“Suit yourself,” he said, but bats freak me out in the way of that movie, The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. Nope, I don’t do bats,” he said again. “You’re on your own, Susan. Good luck to you,” he said with another loud laugh.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” I said. “You don’t do bats. Can you at least call an exterminator for me?”

“I can do that,” said John walking away with a wave of his hand.

“Hold off on the exterminator, John,” said Jeff. “Why don’t you let me take care of the bat for you. I’m pretty handy with a broom,” said Jeff to me, before going to the maintenance closet and returning with a broom and a small shovel.

“Okay, sure, but be careful Jeff. Don’t let him get close enough to bite you. Bats have rabies,” I said in a panicked voice.

Jeff opened my apartment door just wide enough to squeeze himself inside and closed the door behind him.

I listened at the door for banging or swatting or whatever the hell else he was doing with the broom and shovel, but he opened the door almost immediately with the dead bat resting on the end of the shovel.

“Eww,” I said staring at the dead bat, before stepping away. “What happened? How did you kill it so fast?”

“Laying on its back on the carpet, it was already dead. I think Helen took care of the bat for you,” he said with a laugh. “It took a deaf cat to take care of a blind bat.”

Surely, not love at first sight, but I attended the Nude Day event with Jeff. Tit for tat. I figured since he already saw me naked, I’d ogle his naked body, too. We’ve been together ever since.


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Prologue: Poster Child

Allie, my chesty, redheaded wife is the poster child for National Nude Day here in Greenville, and I mean that quite literally. Last year, thousands of posters featuring her beautiful, nude body went up all over town to advertise the fifth annual event. The posters showed her looking back over her shoulder and smiling at the camera with a twinkle in her eye. Across her backside, a large tattoo read, “Follow Me for National Nude Day.”

Allie works for the mayor, you see. She’s the Manager of Special Events, so it’s her job to publicize National Nude Day, among other things. The poster budget included enough to pay for a professional model, but the photographer took one look at Allie’s gorgeous figure and suggested that she be the model instead. When Allie realized that the money saved could go towards the parade, which always came up short, it was all the incentive she needed to strip down and wiggle her ass for the camera, thereby becoming immortalized.


Chapter 1: Houseguest

Allie’s younger sister, Mercedes, flew in for an extended visit over the summer, and it was my job to pick her up from the airport. I staked out a bench in the baggage claim area and buried my nose in a magazine while I waited for Mercedes’ plane to touch down.

I became completely lost in thought, because the next thing I knew, the magazine was being pulled from my grip, and a husky female voice startled me by speaking my name. It took me a second to realize that the slender woman who stood before me wearing a tight-fitting top and a very short skirt was, in fact, Mercedes. The last time I had seen her, she had just turned 16, but three years had passed since then. “Wow! Look at you, all grown up and stunning! Have you actually grown taller?”

“No, but I lost about ten pounds.”

“And your voice has gotten deeper.”

She cleared her throat. “I think that’s just from the air travel.”

“Well, anyway. You look fantastic.”

She smiled at me. “Thanks. You’re just as handsome as ever, yourself.”

We collected her bags, and headed out to my car. When Mercedes climbed into the passenger seat, her short skirt rode up high on her hips and I was treated to a nice glimpse of her skimpy underwear. As we pulled away from the airport, I barely managed to keep my eyes on the road while resisting the constant urge to glance down at those enticingly bare legs.


Our next stop was to pick up Allie from city hall so that we could all go out to dinner, but my wife wasn’t in her office. She left a note on her whiteboard. “Wesley, my last meeting of the day might run long. Take a seat and I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Allie’s guest chair was missing for some reason, so Mercedes let me take the desk chair and she sat on the corner of Allie’s desk. I attempted to read my magazine while we waited, but I kept getting distracted by the way that Mercedes crossed one long, bare leg over the other, directly in my line of sight. I kept thinking, Damn, Allie’s sister is quite the hottie.

Allie and Mercedes are three-quarters Irish and one-quarter French, but where Allie inherited hardly anything from her French grandma, Mercedes inherited quite a bit. So, the two are night-and-day different.

My Allie is a redheaded vixen at five foot seven inches tall with an average build. Lately, her hair was cut short with bangs, and dyed a chocolate-red. I melt every time I look into her dark green eyes, and she smiles at me with those thick, sensuous lips. She has a cute, freckled nose and her large breasts are also dusted with freckles, which everyone knows because she loves to wear low cut tops that display plenty of cleavage.

Mercedes, on the other hand, has long, brown hair and golden brown eyes that study the world through stylish, dark rimmed eyeglasses. Both girls have muscular legs that are topped by wide, rounded hips, but Mercedes’ hips taper to a very narrow waist, while Allie’s waist is thicker. Mercedes is a few inches shorter than Allie and she is not quite as busty as Allie.

While Allie is playful and feisty, Mercedes is much more reserved. I’m not saying that Mercedes is shy, but rather that she exudes an air of confidence. Mercedes will usually let others take the lead, but that doesn’t mean she’d follow blindly.

Mercedes stood and moved around me. I looked up and saw that a framed copy of the aforementioned “Follow Me” poster had caught her attention. Allie had gotten it signed by both the photographer and the tattoo artist and mounted it proudly opposite the door of her office. It was the first thing anyone noticed upon entering. Mercedes pondered. “I wonder what they are going to do for a poster this year. I don’t know how they could top that one.”

“Allie won’t tell me. She’s keeping it a secret, but maybe you can pry it out of her,” I answered.

“Maybe I should be in the poster, this year.” Mercedes placed her hands above her head and emulated Allie’s pose. “What do you think, Wes? Would you like to see your sister-in-law captured like this? All I need is the tramp stamp.”

“I’m surprised you don’t already have one, you tramp.” I reached over and pulled down the waistband of her skirt to check.

“Hey!” Mercedes twisted around and stuck her tongue out at me. Just then, Allie walked in and Mercedes forgot all about me. Mercedes hugged her sister as if she had just come back from the dead.

When Mercedes finally let go, Allie asker her, “So, you’re going to be staying with us all summer, huh?”

“Yeah. Mom and Dad are remodeling the whole damn house and I don’t want to be anywhere near when dust starts to fly. I’d just be in the way, anyway.”

“So, since you’ll be here all summer, you know what that means, don’t you?” Allie smiled.

Mercedes answered with only a slight hesitation in her voice, “Yeah, it means I’ll be here for National Nude Day, which is about a month away.” She pointed back at the poster. “I assume the whole town’s going crazy again like you were telling me last year? I can’t believe some of the pictures you sent me.”

“We still have the same city ordinance that requires everyone to strip naked that day, if that’s what you mean.” Allie kept smiling.

“I don’t know how you guys can stand it, with everyone in the world looking at you.”

“Well, that’s why we passed that ordinance three years ago. When National Nude Day was merely clothing optional, there would always be some fully dressed creeps ogling everyone. But, after we made it so that everyone is required to get naked, the lowlifes all decided to go elsewhere and things got a lot more comfortable. Let me tell you, the day is much more relaxed when everyone is in the same boat.”

“Relaxed, huh?”

“Well, yes. Exhilarating and relaxing, both. You’ll see.”

“I guess I will.”

Allie shooed us out of her office. Our reservation was for six thirty, and we had just barely enough time to get there.


Chapter 2: Poster Unveiling

The two weeks leading up to the Fourth of July weekend were uneventful. Mercedes had no trouble settling in. She got a part-time job at a juice bar that was walking distance from our house and she made some fast friends.

So, it was happenstance that Mercedes was home on the particular Thursday that a large package arrived addressed to Allie. Mercedes couldn’t help but open it. Inside, she found this year’s posters for National Nude Day.

“Don’t go too far on National Nude Day,” was the headline. Below that, a sequence of images in five panels, like a comic strip, showed Allie in various stages of undress. In the first image, Allie was unbuttoning the blouse of her conservative business suit, revealing a lacy bra.

In the next, Allie was topless with her freckled, 38D boobs clearly on display, and her skirt was unzipped and lowered as if she was about to step out of it. This revealed lacy panties and a garter belt.

The third panel showed Allie seated on a padded bench. It was a side view with one of her knees pulled up to her chest. By this point, she had discarded her panties and the garter belt, and was down to just a pair of stockings, one of which she was rolling down her leg.

In the fourth image, Allie was again standing upright, fully facing the camera, and fully naked, striking a pose.

The fifth and final image showed Allie in the same pose as the fourth panel, except that her skin had been “unzipped” from her neck to below her belly button, and Allie was pulling her own skin apart to reveal the muscle and bone underneath. “Don’t go too far,” indeed.

The rest of the poster gave all of the pertinent details for National Nude Day, which was coming up on July fourteenth–a Thursday. It gave the schedule of the day, naming twice as many activities as last year and it promised a parade that would be “bigger and better than ever.” At the bottom, it cited the city ordinance requiring that everyone out in public that day must be naked, or face a hefty fine. Finally, it ended with the usual admonishment, “Remember: Be nude, but not lewd.”

Allie and I arrived home at almost the same time that evening. Mercedes was grinning from ear to ear. “Your posters arrived. I can’t believe you did that! Full-on frontal nudity. There’s no mistaking it’s you.”

“Well, why not? There are plenty of naked pictures of me floating around in the world already. What’s a few more?”

When I saw the poster art for myself, I whistled. Allie looked gorgeous in those sexy poses and the way that the photographer captured her mischievous attitude.

“Oh, honey. You’ve really outdone yourself. I already knew I had the sexiest, bravest, hottest wife in town, but this proves it.” I kissed her long and hard.

“Oh, get a room,” chided Mercedes. When we broke off the kiss, she then asked, “Should I put one up at the juice bar tomorrow?”

“Actually, if you could take a stack and hand them out all up and down the block that would be great.”

“I’ll do it before my 11 o’clock shift, tomorrow.”


Over dinner the next night, Mercedes couldn’t stop talking about the positive reaction she received every time she handed out a poster. It was unbelievable to her how much the whole town was looking forward to Nude Day. “It’s almost a cult thing,” she commented. “And I didn’t realize how much last year’s poster turned you into a minor celebrity around here, Allie. This new poster is going to send you over the top. My male coworkers already have dibs on half the posters I handed out for when they come down after the event. They made me promise to get you to autograph them.”

Allie was surprised. “Really? I was asked to autograph a few of the posters last year, but I thought those people were just being silly and goofing around.”

I said, “Keep this up, Allie, and some day you’ll become a real national celebrity. You know, one of those people who are famous for being famous, like Kim Kardashian or Lisa Marie Presley.”

“Gee, thanks.”


Chapter 3: Fourth of July BBQ

I love hot summer nights. It was the Fourth of July, about an hour before sunset. I had on a tank top and shorts and Allie was still comfortable in the bikini top and denim skirt she had been wearing all day. She was inside preparing for our guests while I started to clean the barbeque. Just then, I heard my sister-in-law, Mercedes, come home. Mercedes yelled from the front entryway. “Hey, Allie! There’s a bunch of naked kids right behind me.”

Well, that got my attention. I set down the scrub brush and hurried inside. Sure enough, three college students stood naked in my living room talking with Allie. They were some of the volunteers that Allie had recruited to help with the Nude Day parade logistics. The parade was, by far, the biggest and most complicated event of the day, so it required the most help to organize. But, Nude Day was still ten days away. So, why were they naked already?

The ringleader of the three was Martha. She was tall and skinny with long, black hair. Her friend, Cindy, was more compact with pert breasts, muscular arms and legs, and golden blond hair. I was happy to see that both girls had followed the current trend to shave their pussies bare, and neither girl was the least bit apprehensive about being seen that way.

Next to Cindy was her boyfriend, Dale. He stood halfway in height between the two girls at around five foot seven. He had curly brown hair, and brown eyes that were always smiling. Well, why not? With his runner’s physique, he had nothing to be shy about. I could see that Allie and Mercedes both especially liked what they saw between Dale’s legs. His circumcised cock was flaccid and dangled straight down three or fours inches.

As I came in, Martha was in the middle of explaining to Allie, “…how can you play beer pong without beer? So, I said, ‘Why don’t we just play with soft drinks?’ And he said, ‘What would be the fun in that? The whole point is to get tipsy and go crazy.’ So, I said, ‘Well, how about if we still go crazy–like maybe the losing team has to get a head start on Nude Day?’ And of course, we were the losing team, so here we are. We’ve been naked for three days and we’re not allowed to get dressed again until tomorrow.”

Mercedes pulled her attention away from Dale long enough to ask Martha, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll get arrested, running around like that?”

“Oh, we can’t get in trouble for that. Greenville doesn’t have an indecent exposure law. Never has. So, this town is technically clothing optional all year round. What’s special about National Nude Day is that nudity is mandatory for the day. Anyone who doesn’t care to participate is expected to stay home, or leave town for the day. So, it’s kind of a flip-flop from how other places celebrate Nude Day, or so I’m told.”

Mercedes said, “I knew about everyone having to strip naked on Nude Day, but I didn’t know that it was optional on other days, too.” She said it with a little trepidation and I could tell she’s still getting used to the idea of joining in on National Nude Day.

That reminded me. “I’m sorry. Where are my manners? Have you all been introduced? This is Allie’s sister, Mercedes. She’s living with us while her house is being remodeled.”

Cindy spoke up. “We traded names when she let us in, but I didn’t know how you were related.”

Allie invited the volunteers to stay for barbecue, but Martha said, “Oh, we can’t stay. We still have a couple more errands to run tonight. Plus, part of our beer pong dare is that we have to eat dinner in the commons, in front of as many people as possible.

“Anyway, we’re just here just to drop off a key for the padlocks we put on the two storage containers. The same key works for both locks. By the way, thanks again for having them arrange the storage containers to form a small privacy area for us to use as a break room. We even found a couple of old couches and a carpet remnant to throw back there. You are so cool, Mrs. K. You think of everything.” She handed Allie a key that was attached to a stretchable coil meant to be worn on the wrist, which was thoughtful since Allie wouldn’t have any pockets on Nude Day. Cindy went on, “Everything is in place, including the tables, awnings, traffic cones, et cetera. The only thing I’m worried about is we may not be able to bring enough ice with us the day of.”

Allie, turned to me, “Wesley, let’s remember to pick up at least four bags of ice on the way in ourselves.”

I nodded. “Sure thing.”

Allie, Mercedes, and I then escorted the kids out to Dale’s car. One of our neighbors gawked openly at the naked college kids, while the garden hose he was holding filled his potted plant to overflowing. The two girls just smiled at him and waved as if their exposure was perfectly normal.

Dale drove an old Ford mini pickup, so the three of them had to squeeze in across a single bench seat. Martha sat on the passenger side and Cindy sat in the middle with one bare thigh on either side of the floor shifter. With Dale’s hand on the shifter being in such close proximity to Cindy’s charms, I wondered if the car would be the only thing shifting into overdrive before their errands were complete.


Our dinner guests arrived twenty minutes later. Bill and Stacy Evans were the owners of two produce stores and they also regularly ran some farmer’s markets in town. That’s how Allie got to know them, in her official role as the manager of special events. The Evans’ brought along their son, Bill Junior, and his wife, Lucinda, who are also involved in the family business. They came bearing crudités and fresh pineapple for the grill.

“I’m sorry we missed that,” commented Stacy when Allie told them of our naked visitors.

Mercedes commented, “I can certainly see why those three volunteered to help run Nude Day. They seem like natural born exhibitionists.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that.” Allie said, “I think what you saw is nothing more than that they all three had the experience of attending last year’s Nude Day. You mark my words. By lunchtime on Nude Day, you’ll be just as carefree as they are about being nude in public. It’s amazing how liberating it feels when you get to a certain point of acceptance.”

“We’ll see,” Mercedes said as she blushed slightly and wandered off.

Later, as we all sat down to eat, Lucinda asked Mercedes, “I take it that this is your first time in Greenville for National Nude Day, then?”

“Yeah, I don’t normally visit my sister during the summer. Tell me, am I the only one here who hasn’t been naked in public before?” She looked around; nobody said anything. “I guess so.”

Allie then said, “I have an idea. What do you say the eight of us disrobe right now? That way, for the rest of the evening, it’ll give Mercedes some time to get used to just us seeing each other before the big day.”

Everyone smiled at the idea and we all looked to Mercedes to answer. “Okay, yeah. I guess.”

Allie didn’t hesitate. She stood up and walked over to a lounge chair. She took off her bikini top and draped it over the back of the chair. Then she wiggled out of her jeans skirt and placed it on the seat of the chair. She wore nothing underneath, so this quickly rendered her nude other than a pair of pink flip-flops.

Allie stood in place for a moment, obviously inviting all of us to take in the sight of her fabulous body. Then, in three quick strides, she returned to the picnic table and resumed her seat on the bench. She said to me, “It’s your turn, Wes.”

I didn’t hesitate, either. I stood and unselfconsciously removed my shirt, shorts and underwear and piled them on top of Allie’s skirt. I don’t consider myself a hunk, by any means, but Allie certainly likes what she sees in me. I’m of British and Eastern European descent, 5’10″, with a hairy barrel chest. I have dark hair, dark eyes, a slightly crooked nose and a two inch white scar on my arm that Allie says makes me look rugged. I work on computers all day, but I’m no slouch. I make it to the gym at least twice a week, especially during the spring and summer months.

Even before I sat down, Mercedes bravely stood up and took her turn. Maybe she figured she was a co-host of this party and so it was only right that she went before our guests, or maybe she was just anxious to get her part over with. Regardless, she quickly dropped her khaki shorts and removed her spaghetti strap top to reveal a matching set of bra and panties. With only a slight pause, she locked eyes with me and reached back to unclasp the C-cup bra. As it fell away, I saw my sister-in-law’s beautiful, firm breasts for the first time. They were lovely–pert with flawless skin. The quarter sized areola were dark red and puffy. Mercedes’ nipples were growing hard with excitement right before my eyes as she continued to expose herself to us.

Next, she bent over and pulled down her panties. By the time she finished getting the panties past her sandals and then stood back up, those perfect nipples where rock hard, jutting out almost half an inch. I also saw that the removal of Mercedes’ panties revealed a thick patch of dark brown pubic hair. It was trimmed just enough to accommodate an average bikini.

Everyone else disrobed together. The two Bills were in better shape than me, undoubtedly from healthy eating and lifting crates of vegetables all day, and their wives were both pretty buff as well. Bill Sr. and Stacy were in their late forties, but they didn’t look a day over thirty-five. Lucinda was just a bit younger than Allie, and just as much of a knockout, but in a Latin American way.

Seeing all of these naked women before me, and especially seeing my lovely, sexy, sister-in-law naked for the first time, I couldn’t help but react. I grew hard under the table. Allie saw this and made me stand up again. “Here’s a sight you are going to have to get used to, Mercedes. You have such a hot body that guys are going to be saluting you all day long. Even my husband can’t help himself. Of course, he gets hard at the drop of a hat anyway. Be forewarned. This is going to be his natural state pretty much all of Nude Day.” My hairy, uncircumcised cock isn’t much to look at when soft, but it grows to a fair size when hard.

Lucinda giggled, “Billy’s getting hard, too.”

Bill Jr. said, “Well, yeah!” He pointed to where Lucinda was obviously manipulating him under the table with her left hand. “Enough of that, my dear. I’m trying to eat, here.”

Mercedes turned bright red, the hardest I’ve ever seen her blush. She said to Lucinda, “I’d never have the guts to do anything like that–right in front of your in-laws, I mean.”

Lucinda said, “Oh, you won’t find a more liberal couple in Greenville than Bill and Stacy here. Maybe I should explain that our produce market originally started out as a coop in a hippie commune.”

Stacy added, “Yeah. I was only a kid at the time, but I grew up among a bunch of skinny-dipping free-love types. We had our share of problems, but I like to think that I kept the best parts of that attitude and lifestyle going, both personally and as I took over the business. So, who am I to stop my lovely daughter-in-law from getting frisky with her husband if she wants to?”

Mercedes coughed to clear her throat and changed the subject. “Well, um, are you and I the only women in town who have any pubic hair left? It seems like everyone else has only a small landing strip, if that.”

So, I wasn’t the only one who noticed that Lucinda had a Brazilian. Add that to Allie’s bare pussy and the shaved pussies of Cindy and Martha from earlier, and I could see why Mercedes might wonder at the trend.

Stacy said, sheepishly, “Actually, Mercedes, I’m having mine waxed off before Nude Day gets here, as well.”

Mercedes said, “That settles it! Somebody loan me some scissors.” Everyone laughed.

Allie asked, with a grin, “Right this minute?” Mercedes just shook her head no.

There was a lull in the conversation after that, and then we turned to mundane topics. While everyone remained comfortably naked, no one mentioned it any further–not until the evening died down and it was time for our guests to get dressed again so they could leave.

Stacy spoke for the Evans clan, “Thanks for a great party. We’ll have to do this again sometime—including the dress code.” She winked at me. I was still naked and, as if to prove Allie’s earlier comment about my natural state, once again sporting a hard on.

“Especially the dress code.” That was from Bill Jr., who was receiving a goodbye hug from my still-naked wife at the time, and didn’t hesitate to give her fine ass a quick squeeze before heading out the door.

For the rest of the night Allie, Mercedes and I remained naked as we went about our normal routines: doing dishes while watching the news, checking e-mail, brushing our teeth, and so on. It didn’t take very long for Mercedes to get used to being naked in front of us, as I knew it wouldn’t. When it was time for bed, Mercedes even gave us both a naked hug, and thanked us again for putting her up.


The next day, I was alone in the kitchen eating breakfast with plans to head out to the hardware store, when I looked up to see Mercedes enter. Not only was she was still naked from the night before, but she had followed through on finding those scissors. She had shaved her pubic hair off completely.

Mercedes pretended like she didn’t see me at first. She stood just inside the entrance to the kitchen with her feet apart, yawning and stretching, allowing me to clearly see all of her fabulous body. She gave me more than enough time to study how the rounded halves of her pussy were separated by a quarter-inch gap that revealed a little of the pinkness of her inner labia. Just when I thought this girl couldn’t look any hotter, she went and did that.

Mercedes eventually pretended to notice me gazing at her. She froze in place with her arms still stretched out away from her body–acting like the proverbial deer in the headlights. “Oh. Hi, Wesley. I didn’t see you there. Did you sleep well?” She gave me her most innocent smile.

“Yes, and I’m wide awake now, but don’t give me any of your crap. You knew damn well I was here all along, you little tease. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.”

Just then, Allie walked up behind Mercedes and goosed her, nudging Mercedes two steps closer to me and allowing Allie to enter the room. Allie was just as naked as her sister. Allie told me, “This is just a test run. There’s time for the hair to grow back before the fourteenth, but I’m guessing Mercedes will learn to love keeping it bare.”

“I hope so,” I smiled. Then, I said, “Say, would either of you ladies care to accompany me to the hardware store? I recommend that you come as you are. You can give those old geezers behind the counter a thrill.”

Mercedes looked a little shocked, but didn’t say anything as she tried to figure out if I was being serious. Allie said, “Temping as that sounds, we’re just going to hang out around the house, today.”

“Suit yourself.”


Chapter 4: Nude Day Parade

“Hurry up and put your shoes on, guys! We need to get going.” Allie’s voice drifted down from the top of the stairs, where she had just finished showering. I had already put on sandals before refilling my coffee. I was otherwise naked, if you don’t count the thick layer of sunscreen that I put on after my shower.

“Yes, dear!” I continued to read my newsfeed. Allie then walked swiftly past me carrying a pair of white, cotton socks. When she got to the kitchen door where we tend to leave our shoes, she stood with her back to me and one hand on the doorframe. While she lifted one foot after the other to put on the ankle-length socks, I marveled for the hundredth time how Allie’s tits were large enough that the sides of them were visible from the back. I further watched as Allie turned around to slip her feet into her favorite white tennis shoes. She reached down, bending only at the waist, to tie the laces. In this position, those puppies swayed before her. Most women think guys only like tits that are firm and solid, but I think it’s much better when gravity does interesting things to them in different positions.

“You’re doing that on purpose to tease me. Aren’t you? You want to see me walking around today with a hard on, is that it?” I walked up beside her.

“You know I am, Darling.” She stood up to face me and gave my dick a yank. “Well, this could certainly be harder,” she observed.

“So could these,” I said, grabbing a tit in each hand and fingering her nipples. I realized that we were standing next to the refrigerator. So, I reached into the freezer for an ice cube, which I then rubbed on Allie’s nipples, one after the other.

Just then, Mercedes walked into the kitchen. She wore a pair of black sandals, and nothing else except her prescription sunglasses and a green tote bag slung over her shoulder. Once again I marveled at her perfect nineteen year-old body. As Allie predicted, Mercedes was again fully shaved.

“Alright, let’s go,” I said, tossing the partially melted ice cube into the sink. Mercedes saw that Allie’s nipples were wet and gave us a funny look, but didn’t say anything.

I wore a lanyard around my neck with just two keys on it. I used one to lock up the house and the other to open my car for the ladies. Being good citizens, we were careful to abide by the strict “undress code” for the day, so we left the house in only our footwear. We brought nothing that could be used to cover up in any way.

When we got to the parade grounds, Allie directed me to the parking spot that had been reserved for her, so that I would know where to park when Mercedes and I came back with the ice. Allie got out carrying only a clipboard that held her paperwork. Her ID badge was taped to the back. I watched my wife nonchalantly walk away from our car in nothing but a pair of tennis shoes, and I marveled for the millionth time at how lucky I am to be married to her, and to be in a place and time where things like this could happen.

Mercedes hopped into the front seat with me, and off we went in search of a liquor store. We found one four blocks away. Mercedes subconsciously hunched her shoulders and crossed her arms in front of her chest as we walked around the store, even though the clerk and the other customers were all naked, as well. The clerk gave me a conspiratorial smile as he realized that my friend was a Nude Day newbie.

During the drive back to the parade grounds, I asked Mercedes if she realized that she was doing it, and she suddenly got embarrassed. It’s funny. She wasn’t embarrassed about being naked itself, just about being an obvious newcomer. After we parked, I said, “Here, take these.” I gave Mercedes two of the bags of ice to carry and I told her to be sure to hold them at her sides. This momentarily cured her of her modesty, and by the time we reached the part of the staging area where the ice chests were stashed, Mercedes and I must have been seen by 300 people at least. After that, Mercedes wasn’t shy at all about letting others see her chest, or any other part of her body. “Allie was right,” she confided. “This feels terrific. It’s so liberating to walk around without any clothes on. I was worried at first, but seeing that absolutely everyone else around here is also naked is very reassuring.”

The ice chests were located in the makeshift volunteer lounge that Cindy mentioned when her gang stopped by our house to give Allie that key. Two old railroad shipping containers had been placed at an angle against two windowless walls to form a private alcove. That’s where those couches and the carpet remnant ended up. Cindy and Dale were both there when we arrived, and Mercedes was welcomed by a wolf whistle from Dale.

“Down, boy!” said Cindy.

I asked Dale if he had any interesting stories to share from when they lost that bet and had to spend a long weekend naked. Without going into any details, he admitted to making love to Cindy in his car a couple of times. “Oh, man, just telling you about that is making me hard again,” Dale said, looking down.

“Don’t worry, sugar,” Cindy replied. “I’ll take care you again soon enough.” She winked and gazed over towards one of the couches. Then, turning towards me, she said, “When your wife told us to set up this lounge, she made sure we all understood that what happens here, stays here. By the way, you do know that all of us volunteers are 18 or older, right? Mrs. K was a stickler for that. She also told us to make sure we have a wing man standing guard when anything is going on, just in case. Of course, none of that’s on record. We wouldn’t want Mrs. K to get in any trouble, now.”

“We love your wife, sir.” Dale added. “She thinks of everything.”

I whistled. “I do, too. And yes, she certainly does. Doesn’t she?”

I looked over at Mercedes and I’m not sure she could believe what she was hearing. “Don’t tell Allie you know about this, okay?”

Mercedes just shook her head, obviously indicating that she had no intention of saying anything to anyone.

Mercedes and I each snagged a water bottle and headed off in search of Allie. Allie wasn’t hard to find, being all business behind a big bullhorn. I just love it when Allie is naked and in charge. Mercedes, all proud of her sister, pulled out a camera from her tote bag and took some pictures.

Things were really hopping by then. I tried to give Allie a kiss but she just shooed me away, so Mercedes and I headed out of the staging area to find our seats in the bandstands.

Along the way, we passed a couple of the decorated floats being staged. One was made to look like the Garden of Eden, and we watched as an Adam and an Eve each received last-minute touch-ups to their painted-on fig leaves.

I was particularly drawn to another float that was made to look like a nineteenth century theater stage with gas footlights and such. Six stunning women with long, flowing hair were lining up. They each wore nothing but high heels, a tiara, and a narrow sash. Four of them had dark hair and the other two were blondes. When we got close enough to read the sashes, I realized that they were the winners and runners-up from the last Miss Greenville Pageant and the last Miss Teen Greenville Pageant.

I whistled as I passed the six beauty queens, marveling at their perfect bodies with their perfect breasts, washboard stomachs, long legs and tight buns. Mercedes was marveling at how her sister managed to talk them into being in a Nude Day parade. “I thought that beauty pageant owners were usually pretty uptight about what their ‘ambassadors’ were allowed to do.”

“From what Allie told me, the pageant owners had no choice in the matter. They’re contractually obligated to participate in any city-run event that wants them, and the city ordinance requiring full nudity on Nude Day trumps the pageants’ policies to the contrary.”

Finally, we approached a couple of antique convertible cars that were lined up and ready to lead the procession. Mayor Fischer was holding a door open for his bombshell of a wife, Lisa Fischer. At first glance, you might call Mrs. Fischer a trophy wife. She looks like she’s 20 years younger than the mayor, but I happen to know that they are only 7 years apart. They met in college. She was a freshman and he was in grad school. She just takes really good care of herself.

Mrs. Fischer was a petite 5’2″ with bright green eyes and shoulder-length dirty blond hair. Flawless, firm breasts rode high on her chest. If Mrs. Fischer had competed in her day, she would have easily given those Miss Greenville beauty queens a run for their money.

“Hello, Mr. Mayor,” I waved from about 10 yards away. “Great day for a parade, isn’t it?”

The mayor turned and recognized me. He held out his hand to shake mine but his wife quickly jumped out of the car pushing past her husband to give me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Oh, Wesley!” she exclaimed. Your wife has really outdone herself. This parade is going to be awesome. We’re going to have so much fun today.”

She held on to me for a bit longer than I would have expected–not that I was expecting any hug at all–pressing her body solidly against mine. I was keenly aware of her hard nipples mashed against my abs. I could also feel her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair rubbing against my leg, and my cock started to rise. When we finally parted, Lisa looked down and saw the effect that she had on me and smiled.

Allie taught me never to be ashamed of sporting an erection, especially on Nude Day. So, I just acknowledged it by saying, “As you can see, you’ve already made my day.”

“That’s sweet of you to say, but this was nothing. Wait until you get your wife home tonight after the success of a job well done. Combine that with the visual stimulation of hundreds of marching penises, and I know she’ll be insatiable. That, my friend, is what’s going to make your day.”

“If we even make it home…” I agreed.

It was then that I realized Mercedes had her camera out and caught the whole incident in two-point-four megapixel glory. Well, it certainly wouldn’t be the last snapshot of me and my erection that day.

I introduced Mercedes to the Fischers and then I took the camera and made Mercedes pose standing between them. With a wink, the major said to me in a low voice, “Make sure I get a copy of that.” Then, speaking louder, he addressed his wife. “Come along, dear. They can’t start the parade without the mayor, you know.”


Mercedes and I found our designated seats. Some bleachers had been erected at the start of the parade route, which was right across from City Hall, and Allie had slipped us into the VIP section. We drank our water and waited for the show to start.

Next to the VIP section, a video crew from the state college arts department was ready to record the parade for posterity. I pointed them out to Mercedes. “The plan is to broadcast the parade a few times during August, plus they’ll use the footage for some kind of a documentary they are producing.”

“Somebody’s going to have a huge job blocking out all of the naughty bits.”

“Oh, no. No blocking out. They’ll be broadcasting the parade exactly as they film it. It’ll be on the local cable access channel—just for the residents of Greenville.”

Mercedes whistled.

We watched as two reporters took their seats behind a desk and began to describe for the viewers what was about to take place. Nameplates identified them as Roger White and Anna Simmons. Seated as they were, their genitals were hidden from view, but Ms. Simmons was not the least bit nervous about her bare breasts being exposed to the camera. They even jiggled quite a bit as she talked animatedly.

The reporters suddenly stopped talking, touched their earpieces, and then looked up towards the start of the parade route. Sure enough, there came two young girls wearing white gloves, white cowboy boots, and nothing else, holding a banner between them that read “Grand Marshal.” Immediately behind them, three guys with trumpets blew a fanfare. They wore brown sandals and short, brown capes that left their asses exposed. It struck me as funny that the usual phallic symbolism of trumpets leading a grand entrance was rather redundant here.

A red antique convertible came next. The male driver wore nothing but a chauffer’s hat. The silver-haired couple in the back was obviously in their 60′s, but still looked pretty fit. A placard on the door named them as Grand Marshals Gene and Betty Harker.

“Who are they?” asked Mercedes.

“The Harkers were the ones who introduced National Nude Day to Greenville. It took them eight years to first get it on the city calendar. When their campaign finally worked, the Mayor at the time hired Betty to run the event. Allie only just took over last year.” Watching the Harkers drive past, it was great to see them getting the credit they deserved, garnering a few cheers from people in the know as they politely waved to the crowd.

Next, two more cowboy-booted girls held up a banner that proclaimed, “The Mayor of Greenville,” and then there was the white antique convertible carrying Mr. and Mrs. Fischer. The mayor sat sedately, waving one hand at the crowd, but Mrs. Fischer could hardly contain herself. She leaned way out of her side of the car, waving enthusiastically to anyone she knew and shouting out their names.

The float with the six beauty queens came next, and it was a real crowd pleaser, as you might expect. In stark contrast to the mayor’s wife’s exuberance, the beauty queens stood perfectly still, only turning their heads a little and doing that little wrist-only wave like the Queen of England.

I won’t bore you with a description of the entire parade, which took about an hour to go by, but one of the highlights for me was watching some varsity high school cheerleaders strut their stuff in front of their marching band. Along with their white tennis shoes and white hair ribbons, they were allowed to wear clear plastic miniskirts trimmed in white faux fur. Somehow, that made them look even more exposed than if they weren’t wearing anything.

A float with white, fluted columns resembling some ancient ruins in Athens carried ten students from the state college. There were five guys representing the five fraternities, and five girls representing the five sororities. Their bodies were painted from head to toe to look like marble statues, and they stood frozen in place on short pedestals.

Some drama students ran around on foot, pausing in the street to perform short scenes from the Lion King. They wore sandals on their feet and grease paint on their faces, which were done up to resemble different animals. The actors did a good job of projecting their voices without the help of microphones and they were surprisingly entertaining.

Pulling up the rear was a troupe of jugglers and clowns. One clown pushed a cart containing a couple of old fashioned steel garbage pails, and three more clowns ran around making exaggerated motions with push brooms like they were cleaning up after the parade.

Some spectators crowded in after them to follow along, but they were polite about it. It didn’t take much effort of the police escorts, who were on bicycles, to keep them at bay. The spectators just wanted to prolong the fun, to dance in the streets and be seen by the other spectators.


As the crowd thinned out, I stood up and looked around, trying to decide where we should go to look for my wife. After a minute or so, I decided that Mercedes and I should just stay put and let Allie find us.

Mercedes spotted her first. Allie was walking towards the camera crew, undoubtedly to see if they had gotten everything they needed. The next thing I knew, the two reporters were getting out from behind the desk and bringing their microphones with them. They positioned Allie with City Hall in the background and stood on either side of her. They obviously wanted to interview her on camera, and I can only imagine how nervous Allie was about that. I mean, it’s one thing to be featured in a still shot on a poster that you, yourself, planned out, but it’s another thing altogether to be spontaneously captured on video.

As Mercedes and I made our way over there, we saw a helper relieve Allie of her clipboard, radio, and bull horn. Then, a make-up artist came up to give Allie a quick treatment. She ran a brush though Allie’s hair put some powder on Allie’s forehead, shoulders, and chest, and applied a touch of rouge to her cheeks. Unabashedly, the make-up girl then aimed the rouge brush at Allie’s light pink nipples. Embarrassed, Allie started to push her away, but Simmons, the woman reporter, held Allie’s hands back and convinced her that the make-up artist knew what she was doing.

The make-up artist then turned her attention to the two reporters, adding some powder to White’s forehead, and to Simmons’ softball-sized tits. While the attention was off Allie, she took the moment to take a deep breath and put on her game face. “That’s my girl.” I said aloud to myself. Mercedes smiled at that from behind her camera. She took a dozen pictures of Allie as she was being prepared for the interview and another dozen once it got going.

Before the video cameras started rolling, the director, a tall black man in his 50′s, had Allie and the two reporters stand closer together. They were so close that they were almost touching shoulders. “I know it feels strange to stand so close, but believe me the video will make you look farther apart. Now, Ms. Kingston, feel free to talk with your hands, but try not to cross your arms when at rest. When you want to relax your hands, just hold them against your thighs, with your fingers curled in slightly.” Allie put her hands down like he described.

“Exactly,” he approved. “And, finally, if you happen to bump your hand, or any other part of your body, against any parts of Roger’s or Anna’s bodies, just ignore it. Don’t react. Don’t apologize. Got it?”

“You mean like this?” Allie moved her right arm slightly and, using the back of her hand, touched it against Roger’s long, thin penis. At the same time, she bumped the back of her left hand against Anna’s blond public mound. Quickly, she put her hands back into the resting position against her thighs and acted like nothing had happened.

The director nodded and smiled, “And we’re rolling…”

“We’re here with Allison Kingston, Director of Special Events for Greenville Township and the woman responsible for National Nude Day, including the fabulous parade you just witnessed.”

“Please, call me Allie. And don’t make it sound like I pulled everything off single-handedly. I had lots of help. The mayor has three assistants, who helped me directly, plus there were over 50 volunteers–and I’m only talking about this years’ celebration. This is the sixth annual official recognition of National Nude Day in Greenville, and it’s most definitely the culmination of heroic efforts on the part of many people throughout the years.”

“You mean people like Gene and Betty Harker, who were the Grand Marshals leading the parade?”

“Yes, especially them. We wouldn’t have a Nude Day celebration if it wasn’t for them.”

“But, how did you become involved in all of this? What was your first experience with public nudity?”

“I had the good fortune to spend a summer in France visiting with my grandmother before she passed away. I was 17 at the time. I stayed with a cousin who took me under her wing, and she introduced me to the nude beaches they have there. That’s where I met my first real boyfriend.”

“Let me guess, that’s where you lost your virginity?”

“Now we’re getting a little personal, aren’t we? Let’s just say that, even though the relationship only lasted a few weeks before I had to return home to the States, it was the best few weeks of my life, up until then…. And then I went to college and met the man who would become my husband. He grew up here in Greenville, so we made this our home. I remember that we moved here during a Fourth of July weekend, so Nude Day, ten days later, was the first thing I participated in after settling in.”

“What an introduction to your new home that must have been.”

“I was elated. I felt like I was back in France, having the time of my life all over again. The next day, I went to town hall and asked what I could do help plan for the next year. They told me a new position was opening up for managing special events. I applied on the spot and was hired three weeks later. And the rest is history.”

“A history that has shown that the Nude Day celebration keeps getting bigger and better every year.”

“Indeed, it does. For example, almost six hundred people marched in the parade today, whereas last year it was about two-fifty, and the year before that, which was the first time we had a parade, it was about a hundred.”

The two reporters continued to trade off asking Allie questions about the parade and her role in it, and Allie held up admirably. Roger asked a lot of factual and practical questions like, “Who built the various floats and how long did it take?” “Do you have an estimate of the crowd size?” and “Is the fact that it’s already eighty-four degrees out here at ten A.M. a problem for anybody?”

Anna asked more subjective questions like, “Was it your idea to put the mayor in the parade and how hard was it to talk him into doing it?”

Allie gave confident, precise answers that were easy to understand, and she even cracked a few jokes. She painted a nice mental picture of the history of the event. She coolly answered all of the most common concerns and objections that come up. She even gave a hint as to what the future might hold in store. She was doing so well, in fact, that they kept it up for a very long time. Finally, the interview wound down and the director and two reporters thanked her profusely. “That’s the best interview I’ve ever been involved with,” said Ms. Simmons.

The director, who taught video production at the state college, finally introduced himself by name as John Ackers. “You were very professional up there, young lady, especially considering your state of undress. You appeared to be even less nervous than Anna here, and she regularly poses nude for the art classes on campus. If Mayor Fischer ever steps down, you should run for mayor yourself. You’d be a shoe in.”

Somebody pulled the director away before Allie could even accept the compliment. She was given her bullhorn, radio, and clipboard back. Then, in no time flat, the crew had packed up their van and was pulling away. I heard somebody say they were headed back to campus to get footage of the nude Olympics being sponsored by a footwear company. I made a mental note to watch that footage as soon as I could.


By then, that part of the parade route had pretty much emptied out. Allie, Mercedes, and I were alone on our side of the street. Watching Allie’s interview was such a turn on for me that I had evil thoughts of doing my wife right there in the open, in front of City Hall where she worked, and in front of her sister.

I settled for giving Allie a big hug, and she kissed me hard. Then, suddenly, she went limp in my arms, as if all the energy had been drained out of her. I picked her up and carried her to the rented table that the reporters had used for a desk, and I laid her down on her stomach. I stood at the head of the table and massaged Allie’s neck and shoulders. Mercedes joined in and massaged her sister’s back.

“You were great, Allie. That interview was fantastic,” I told her.

“Oh, you like the idea of your wife being filmed in the nude for the whole world to see, huh? With her big tits hanging out? And her shaved pussy?”

“Yes, I do. Allie, I’ve never been more proud of you than I am right now.”

We kept massaging her, but it wasn’t working. “Man, Allie. I’ve never seen you this tense. Your neck muscles are really tight. I guess that must have been the hardest thing you’ve ever had to face, huh?” My admiration for my wife just went up another notch.

After a few minutes, we finally started to get Allie loosened up. Then, a call came across the walkie-talkie that demanded her attention. Allie sat up and took the call.

“Sorry, babe,” she said to me. “Thanks for rub down, but I have to run. It looks like we have problems down at the end of the route.”

Allie called for someone to pick her up, and few minutes later a volunteer in an electric cart pulled up. There was only room for one passenger, so Allie said to us, “I’ll be done in about an hour. Um, how about we meet back here in my office?” She pointed across the street to City Hall. As the cart pulled away, I watched my wife get back on the walkie-talkie and give out more directions.


Chapter 5: Parade Cleanup

The sun was almost overhead by then and the temperature must have been in the mid 90′s already. Mercedes and I were out of water, so we decided to head back to the volunteer lounge and grab another two bottles.

A couple of volunteers were busy cleaning up, filling trash bags and breaking down empty boxes. A tall, skinny boy with red hair was milling about by the storage bins. I didn’t recognize him, but he recognized me. “Hi, Mr. Kingston. Can I help you with anything?” He spoke rather loudly, and I thought it was odd.

“Hi, umm… I’m sorry; I don’t know your name.”

“It’s Joe.”

“We were just hoping to see if there were any extra water bottles left, Joe.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure we’re all out.” Again, he spoke louder than necessary.

“Oh, I get it.” I said. “You’re the wing man on lookout. We’d be interrupting something if we went back there. Don’t worry. We’re cool.” I took Mercedes’ hand and started to lead her away.

Just then, Cindy emerged from the lounge. She was panting and her thighs were slightly wet. Her pussy was clean-shaven, so it was obvious that she was freshly fucked. Her clit and inner labia were easily visible, and they were quite red.

She handed Mercedes and me each a water bottle. “Here you go, Mr. K.” Then, she indicated the lounge and said, “You can come on back and sit down if you like.” She thanked Joe for being the lookout and dismissed him saying, “Now we’re even.” I wondered what Cindy might have done in the past for Joe to owe her one.

We followed Cindy in and I was mildly surprised to find not just Dale waiting for her, but another couple as well. Cindy introduced the other couple as Judy and Charlie. They were seated on the larger of the two couches, and Dale was alone on the slightly smaller one.

Cindy had Charlie scoot over to make room for Mercedes on his couch, while she bade me to sit on the short couch with Dale and then she squeezed between us.

Dale handed Cindy a paper towel and she used it to wipe the juices from her pussy and thighs. I saw crumpled up paper towels near the other couple, too. “It looks like everyone was having a good time just now. I’m sorry I missed it.” The guys didn’t say anything, but the girls smiled and nodded.

Since Cindy was being so bold, I watched her intently as she wiped herself clean. “I think you missed a spot,” I said.

“Where?” She opened her legs wide and crunched forward to look at herself.

I started to point out a spot, and then acted confused for a second and my finger wavered around. “Never mind, you got it all.”

“Ugh, you got me.” She pulled her legs back together.

“Why doesn’t your girlfriend do something about that?” asked Judy, pointing at my erection. (Did I mention I got another erection at the sight of Cindy’s inflamed pussy?)

Mercedes said, “I’m not his girlfriend, I’m his wife’s sister.”

“And my wife is at the other end of the parade route right now.” I explained. “She’s going to be busy for at least another hour.”

“Ouch,” said Charlie. “That’s a long time to wait.”

“Yeah, a long time,” agreed Judy.

“I could take care of that for you now, if you like.” This was Cindy offering. She held her hand, palm down, floating above my cock by a few inches, and then tilted her head to look up at me, smiling. I thought the offer might have been only in jest, but I wasn’t so sure.

Suddenly, Judy stood up saying, “Come on girls. This guy needs an emergency cumectomy.” She pulled her boyfriend up and pushed him towards the entrance along with Dale. “Shoo boys. You’ve had your turn. Give the man some privacy. Go be our wingmen and talk about sports or something.”

A minute later, I found myself being accosted by Judy on one side and Cindy on the other—two naked college girls that I barely knew. I tried to stop them. “You can’t. My wife…”

Cindy made me shut up by placing her hand over my mouth. “You wife will thank us for doing her a favor. Now scoot to the center to give Judy some room, and relax.”

Judy asked Mercedes, “How about you, sister? Are you going to help or what?”

Mercedes could not believe what she was witnessing, but neither could she tear herself away. “I’ll just watch,” she decided with a grin. She even started to reach for the camera in her tote bag, but stopped with her hand only halfway there. I didn’t know if I was more relieved or disappointed that the camera didn’t come out.

Leaving my cock alone at first, four delicate hands explored my body. Cindy and Judy ran their fingers through my hair, and they rubbed my legs and all of my parts in between. My hands were pinned under their asses, preventing me from being an active participant, which was fine by me. It was bad enough that I didn’t fight them off harder.

Eventually, Cindy made her move. She ran her fingernails through my pubic hair then grabbed my balls and manipulated them.

“Oh, yes! That feels good.”

“It sure does!” said Cindy.

Judy encircled the base of my cock with just her thumb and index finger and started sliding them up and down. She’d go about halfway up and then stop and go back down, not even getting close to the head.

After a minute of this, Cindy went in for the kill. She slid off the couch onto her knees and licked me with her tongue. She used only the tip of her tongue at first, making fleeting contact with different parts of the helmet and the shaft. With each move, more and more of her tongue came into play, and it wasn’t long before my head was fully engulfed in her luscious mouth.

Meanwhile, Judy has shifted around on the couch and was now feeding me one of her tits. She took my right hand, which had been freed when Cindy moved, and placed it over her pussy. I couldn’t help myself and explored Judy’s charms with my fingertips.

Cindy kept taking more and more of my cock into her mouth and was almost down to the base. I had been ready to explode from the moment she encircled me with her lips, but I held it back as long as I could. I warned Cindy when I couldn’t hold it back any longer, and she released my cock from her mouth, switching back to using her hand. I let go and squirted several times. Most of it arced back into the air to land on my stomach or groin.

“Oh, my god!” exclaimed Mercedes.

“I’m all done,” declared Cindy.

“I’m not,” said Judy. She was just starting to get herself off with my fingers manipulating her cunt.

Cindy looked at what I was doing then said to me, “You’re not doing that right. Here, let me…” She pushed me away and took my place. I watched for a second, but I couldn’t tell how she was fingering Judy any differently than I was.

Mercedes handed me a paper towel and I used it to wipe myself clean. “You need one, too.” I pointed to where some of my jizz had landed on her left thigh.

That was when Mercedes totally blew my mind. Instead of using a paper towel, she scooped up my jizz with her finger and then sucked it into her mouth. She made a face like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. I was dumbfounded.

With a big grin, Mercedes said, “We should go.”

Cindy was still working on making Judy come, and I would have liked to keep watching, but I realized I was being selfish. So, I went out and rounded up the boyfriends and sent them back in. Mercedes and I took over the wingman duty until we heard Judy explode. She’s not the loudest screamer I’ve ever heard, but it was up there.

We popped our heads back in to say goodbye, but Judy said, “Wait! How long has it been since you reapplied sunscreen?” She reached into one of the bins and pulled out a bottle of Banana Boat.

“Oh, good idea. Thanks.”

I expected her to toss us the bottle, but instead she signaled for us to come join her on the rug. She started applying sunscreen to my chest. Cindy jumped up and said, “I’ll get his back.”

Mercedes smiled looking at Dale and Charlie, “Who’s going to do me?” The boyfriends started to fight over who got to work on Mercedes’ front, but she settled the matter by turning sideways. “Charlie can do my left side, front and back, and Dale can do my right.”

Judy added, “And guys, be sure to apply plenty of overlap in the middle. Don’t take any chances.”

Mercedes giggled as Charlie and Dale did a thorough job of covering her skin from head to toe, paying extra attention to her tits, ass, and pelvic region. When Dale got so bold as to try and insert a finger in her pussy, she gently pushed him away. “That’s enough of that. Down, boys. Keep moving down, boys.”

Judy took her own advice on me and made sure my stiffening cock was well covered, even though Cindy already took care of it. Soon, I sported a solid erection again.

“Oh, man! Are we going to have to do another cumectomy?”

“No, no. I’m fine, really. This happens all the time.”

Mercedes laughed, “Wow! Allie said that would happen, but I didn’t believe her.”

“Uh, speaking of my wife, we’re going to be late meeting up with her.”

“Off you go, then,” Judy said, giving me a hard slap on my ass and watching my dick bounce as a result.

I ignored it. “Come on, Mercedes. We should get a move on. Thank the nice boys.”

She kissed them on their cheeks and grabbed her tote bag. As we left the lounge area, I heard Judy say, “Who’s next?”


The electric cart that took my wife away earlier was parked in front of City Hall. As Mercedes and I approached we could see Martha sitting in the driver’s seat. When she saw us, she waved and then drove the cart over to meet us halfway.

Martha’s smile broadened when she saw I was hard. “Hi, Mr. K. Mrs. K. sent me to get you and Mercedes.”

“Where are we going?”

“To the end of the parade route. One of the floats broke down and a rider twisted his ankle. It’s nothing serious, but Mrs. K. didn’t want to leave until everyone else left the scene, so she sent me to meet you. It’ll probably all be cleaned up by the time we get back.”

The electric cart only had one passenger seat. When Mercedes realized that she would have to sit on my lap, she said, “Oh, my God. No way!”

I assured her it was okay. “I hope you’re not afraid that I’ll try to jam my penis into you.”

“Actually, I’m afraid that I’ll try to jam it in me. I’m so horny right now, you have no idea.” I didn’t think she was joking, but even as she said it, Mercedes carefully seated herself in my lap and told Martha to start the cart moving.

Martha didn’t help matters any, saying, “You should go for it, Mercedes. It’d be a shame to let a good woody go to waste.”

At first, Mercedes tried to sit to the side so that she was centered over my right leg, and so that my cock was pinned under her left butt cheek, but she slid around with every little steering adjustment Martha made. It also didn’t help that the cart had very poor suspension, causing us to bounce off the seat with every little bump in the road. My cock would then slap against her mons every time we landed back in the seat.

Mercedes tried using her hand to keep my cock away from her pussy, but it only made her hotter to feel the extra pressure of her hand down there. Her newly denuded flesh was probably extra sensitive, too.

We were less than halfway down the parade route when Mercedes exclaimed, “Oh, fuck it!” She started fingering herself and grinding her ass deeper into my lap. It was all I could do to keep her from falling out of the cart. I told Martha to pull over. She found a deserted alleyway and stopped in the darkest shadow she could find.

Mercedes was in full concentration mode. She was breathing hard, but otherwise being very quiet. Since I no longer had to struggle to keep Mercedes in place, I decided that I may as well help her out. Mercedes had her boobs crushed under her own arms as she reached down between her legs to masturbate. So, the first thing I did was to push on either side of Mercedes’ boobs and squeeze them together. This caused them to be trapped between Mercedes’ arms instead of under them, which exposed her nipples to the open air. I then reached around to pinch them and rub them. They were already somewhat hard, but I made them harder. I then began to roam. Using just a light touch with my fingertips, I caressed the girl everywhere that I could reach–along her arms, from her hips to her inner thighs, across her belly, and on up to her neck and throat.

Twice, I suddenly stopped what I was doing and jumped back to attend to her nipples, making sure they stayed hard. Whenever I did that, Mercedes stiffened up and shivered. She leaned her head way back to rest on my left shoulder, and pressed her feet hard against the floorboard of the cart. It was as if I was playing a human cello.

Mercedes turned her head and whispered in my ear. “Put it in me, Wesley. I need you in me.”

“Are you sure?”

Mercedes leaned forward and reached between our legs to grab my cock. She held it pointing straight up as she lifted herself up and then slowly lowered to take me into her tight pussy. The warm, slick pressure felt every bit as a wonderful as I imagined it would be.

“Uh, I guess you’re sure.”

Mercedes shifted around to regain her balance, and then began to gyrate her hips randomly, side-to-side and up-and-down. A few seconds was all it took to send Mercedes over the edge. She stopped her gyrations and orgasmed, letting out a sigh of pure ecstasy. Her wetness flowed into my lap.

I didn’t cum myself, but that was okay. This was all about Mercedes, not me. Beside, I rationalized, if Allie ever finds out about this I can at least say that I was a good boy and held back. Just maybe that will be enough to keep her from killing me.

Mercedes relaxed the tension in her muscles, and slumped. “Oh, god. I needed that!” Once again, I held her tight around her midsection to keep her from falling out of the cart. After a few seconds, Mercedes pulled some napkins out of her tote bag and we used them to clean her cum off her, the seat and me. We tossed the soaked napkins in a nearby dumpster, and no one was any the wiser as Martha drove the cart out of the alley and we resumed our course to the end of the parade route.


Chapter 6: Old Town

Allie was waiting for us alone. She sat on the last set of bleachers that had been set up for the parade and she was busy applying a fresh coat of sunscreen to protect her fair skin. I missed seeing Allie rub it in to her naughty bits, as she was already down to her shins. She lifted one tennis-shoe clad foot up onto the seat next to her as she worked to make sure her leg was fully coated, and then the other. She didn’t care that this exposed the inside of her pussy lips to anyone who looked.

Allie smiled when she saw us pull up. “You’re just in time to do my back, and then I’ll do yours.”

“I’m covered, actually,” I said as Allie squirted a liberal amount of lotion into my hands and then rose to stand before me. I dabbed it onto various parts of her back and then started to rub it all in.

“You are?” she asked.

“Yeah, Mercedes and I got into your stash in that little lounge area you set up.”

Allie turned to Martha and held up the bottle of sunscreen. “How about you, Martha, do you need a fresh coat?”

“Sure. Thanks.”

Allie squirted lotion into Martha’s hands and I watched over Allie’s shoulders as Martha went straight to rubbing it into to her young chest.

Mercedes said, “I’ll do your back,” and she held out her hands to receive another squirt of the lotion from Allie.

It felt wonderful to be rubbing my hands over the skin of my wife’s naked back while standing out in the open, under the sun, and watching Mercedes do the same for Martha. Martha thanked Mercedes when she was done. Then, she turned to Allie. “If that’s all, Mrs. K., I’ll take the cart back to City Hall. My friends are probably waiting for me by now.”

“Sure, but do me one last favor?” Allie gave Martha her walkie-talkie, bullhorn, and clipboard. “Give these to the security guard when you turn in the cart, and tell him I’ll come around tomorrow to collect them.”

“Will do,” said Martha.

When Martha drove off, Allie yanked on my arm and said, “Come here, you!” She, stood up on her tip-toes, and kissed me hard. I held her close and could feel some of the tension drain away.

“That was a job well done, lady.” I told her when she finally broke away from my embrace.

“Yeah, Allie,” Mercedes agreed. “That parade was something else. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Allie took a bow and then made an exaggerated motion of wiping her brow, saying, “Whew. I’m so glad that’s over with. Let’s go have some fun. You guys ready for lunch?”

“Sure. Where to?” I looked up to get my bearings and realized we were at the east edge of the Old Town district, where we’d have our pick of restaurants. Allie led the way, walking between Mercedes and me with her arms on our waists.

The Old Town district was recently renovated, and I was anxious to see what the business leaders had planned for their first Nude Day after the reopening. I wasn’t disappointed. The first thing we noticed was the sounds of street musicians playing. As we approached we could also see artists with colored chalk were drawing murals on the sidewalks. Other artists were drawing people’s portraits, both serious and caricatures. Normally, these kinds of things would be close-ups on faces, but today I saw plenty of busts and full length nudes being drawn.

We passed a bookstore that had scheduled several book signings throughout the day. At the moment, a master photographer was autographing his how-to book on shooting nudes. He had some equipment set up in an alcove next to him and every once in a while he’d invite a customer with a question to come up and he’d demonstrate the answer–using the customer’s girlfriend or boyfriend as the model.

Speaking of photography, around every tenth person we passed had a digital camera, video camera, or cell phone out and was busy taking pictures of their friends and the various goings on. Allie, Mercedes, and I were undoubtedly caught in the background of hundreds of photos by day’s end. And with today’s hi-res cameras, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could zoom in enough to make out every freckle.

Nobody around us shied away at being filmed. Nobody at all. It was Greenville’s sixth annual National Nude Day and absolutely everyone in was used to it by then. I guess, anyone who didn’t care to have their picture taken just didn’t join in at all.

We passed up a crowded Mexican restaurant where the wait was over an hour, undoubtedly because the waitresses looked so sexy wearing nothing but flowers in their hair, and some garter bands around their thighs (to hold the dinner checks and writing implements). A couple of Italian restaurants we spotted were just as bad, but then we came across a German beer garden that had been set up for the day with immediate “seating” at the two dozen small stand-up tables. (No worries about making sure you have a towel to sit on.)

As we consumed our bratwursts and stout, Allie filled me in on the problem with the parade float, but Mercedes didn’t pay attention. She preferred to flirt with every young stud that passed our table. One of them, who introduced himself as Hank, said he recognized her from the juice bar. Hank cultivated a bohemian style with short, black hair, a goatee, and round rimmed glasses.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t recognize you without your clothes on,” Mercedes admitted. Apparently, she liked what she saw with his clothes off, because she invited him to join us.

“Actually, I need to head back to work. My boss gave us all a 3-hour lunch to enjoy being out in the sun, but I took mine early so I could catch the parade, and now I need to get back.”

Allie asked him, “So what did you think of the parade?”

“It was spectacular. When I tell my coworkers what they missed, they’re going to be jealous.” Hank suddenly realized who he was talking to. “Hey, you’re the lady in the poster!” He said that a little loudly and it caused everyone around us to stare. I saw several people point at Allie and whisper to their friends.

Mercedes said, “Yep. That’s my sister, Allie. She works at City Hall and the parade was all her doing.”

“Well, you did a fantastic job. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” said Allie.

Mercedes asked Hank, “You wouldn’t happen to be going past the juice bar, would you?”

“Why do you need a ride?”

“Yes, if it’s not too inconvenient. It would save my brother-in-law here a trip. My shift doesn’t officially start until three o’clock, but I have the feeling that it’s already a busy day and they can use all the help they can get.” Of course, Hank said yes. With the way that Mercedes was flirting with him, I had the feeling that he would happily drive 200 miles out of his way and not consider it inconvenient.

Mercedes confirmed that she would meet us back at the house after her shift. That was so we could get ready for the party we were going to later that evening. She hugged Allie and me goodbye.

“Have fun working naked,” Allie winked at her. Mercedes stuck out her tongue at Allie, then turned to follow Hank to his car.

When Mercedes found out that she was scheduled to work a shift on National Nude Day, she didn’t think anything of it at first because she assumed that only the customers would be naked. But then Allie set hear straight. “Actually, you have to be naked, too.”

“But what about the health code exception?”

“That’s only for cooks working with hot appliances. At the juice bar, you are all considered ‘food servers,’ not ‘food preparers.’ Food servers have to comply with the undress code like everybody else.”

Mercedes took the news in stride, but she was initially apprehensive at the thought of being naked in front of coworkers. Obviously, that wasn’t the case anymore, not after everything she had seen and done on National Nude Day, thus far.


Allie and I relinquished our table in the beer garden and continued to stroll through Old Town. Almost immediately, Allie pulled me into a lingerie shop and she started browsing.

A voluptuous, natural blonde in her late 20′s or early 30′s stepped out from behind the counter. “May I help you find anything?” She wore a black and red garter belt with sheer black stockings, red high-heel shoes, and a red shelf bra that made her boobs look massive while leaving them almost completely exposed. Her left nipple was pierced with a gold ring.

I started drooling and my cock grew harder.

Allie said, “We’re just killing some time.” She started to browse and immediately picked out a lace bra and some matching g-string panties.

While Allie continued to shop, the clerk came up to me and started chatting. That’s when I noticed the name tag and did a double-take. It was a small name tag that said her name was Shari. At first, I thought it was attached to her shelf bra somehow. But then I realized that it was actually hanging from her nipple ring.

“How long has she kept you like that?” Shari asked me.


She indicated my stiff cock.

“Oh, since before the parade started this morning at ten A.M.,” I lied. “Why?”

“Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“No. Allie taught me years ago never to be ashamed of showing my appreciation for pretty women. And on National Nude Day, there are always lots to appreciate. For example, I like your jewelry.”

“But, I’m not wearing any jewelry. Oh, this.” She brushed her nipple ring with the tip of a finger.”

My dick twitched.

“Yes, I see that you do,” she said. “I’ll bet you’d love to fuck my tits, huh?”

“Um, is that a trick question?”

She smiled.

Allie called from the back of the store, “Hey Honey, if you’ll stop flirting with the chesty sales lady for half a second, maybe she can unlock a dressing room for me?”

Shari laughed. “We’ll be right there.” She grabbed a set of keys in one hand and my dick in the other and headed towards Allie. “I have some something here that you need to try on first, Ma’am. I’m pretty sure it’s just your size.” She unlocked the door to the larger of two dressing rooms and shoved me in. Then she took away the garments that Allie had selected and shoved her in after me, with quite a bit of force, in fact. “We wouldn’t want these to get stained before they’re paid for,” she winked, and then closed the door behind us.

“Oh, my,” said Allie as she came to a halt against me and we embraced. “What just happened?”

“It seems that Shari there took pity on me and insists that you take care of this,” I said while guiding Allie’s hand to my cock.

“Oh, she does, does she? Are you in agreement?”

“Well, I think it’s the least you can do, considering I’m about to buy you some nice, frilly under things.”

Allie acted like she was thinking it over for a few seconds, but then said, “Okay, it’s a deal.” She pushed my shoulders back and down, making me sit on the dressing room bench. Kneeling before me, she started licking around the head of my penis.

I reached down to fondle Allie’s breasts and she turned sideways a bit to give me easier access to one of them. I closed my eyes and savored the sensations on my skin: where my fingertips came in contact with Allie’s left nipple, where her right tit pressed against my knee, and especially where Allie’s luscious lips engulfed my hard on.

Suddenly, I sensed a flash of light and opened my eyes. Shari stood in the open doorway with a digital camera and started taking pictures of us from various angles.

She was now totally naked, having stripped down to nothing but her name tag. “You’re in luck,” she said to both of us. “Today is customer appreciation day. The front door is locked and you get my dedicated service.”

I looked down at Allie to see what she thought of this new development. Her eyes were wide open in surprise, but then a devilish grin began to form. Allie took my penis out of her mouth, stood up, and turned around. She sat next to me on the bench, holding my penis in her left hand, and said to Shari, “I’ll bet you’d like to dedicate your service on this, huh?”

Shari took more pictures, including wide angles of me and Allie sitting side-by-side, as well as close-ups of Allie’s hand on my cock, and of Allie’s sensational boobs. Shari then set the camera down and approached. “Actually, ma’am, it looks like you have that well in hand. I was thinking I could help you better over here.” Shari kneeled in front of Allie and began lapping Allie’s bare pussy with her long, pink tongue.

Allie was caught off guard and tensed up at first. It was the first time a woman had ever done that for her. I grinned like the Cheshire Cat, and Allie relaxed and began to enjoy it.

I picked up the discarded camera and took a half-dozen shots of Allie and Shari together.

Allie declared, “I need a cock in me.” Shari stood up and directed me to lie on my back on the floor. Allie got down on her knees and straddled my legs. Slowly, she lowered herself on my cock and started to ride it. I reached up and fondled Allie’s magnificent tits. Shari took more pictures.

Then, Shari got down on her knees, facing Allie and straddling my head. She lowered herself so that I could lick her sweet pussy. I wasn’t used to chomping on a pussy with hair, so I took my hands off of Allie’s tits and used my fingers to navigate Shari’s folds. Shari took over fondling my wife’s breasts. I think Shari and Allie kissed, but I’m not sure.

After a few minutes like this, I couldn’t hold back any longer. With the familiar sensation of Allie’s cunt muscles milking my cock, and the unfamiliar sensation of this sweet pussy at my mouth, I was on sensory overload. Allie slowed down and lowered herself all the way, so that I was fully impaled in her and my balls were pressed between us.

I came.

Allie climaxed a few seconds later. My cock, now becoming soft, pulled out of Allie’s cunt, and Allie rolled off me and crawled up onto the bench.

Shari was still humping my mouth with her pussy. Allie grabbed the camera and took a few pictures of Shari in the throes of ecstasy. I was tired of lying on my back, so Shari and I switched positions. I straddled her head and bent down to continue sucking on her pussy. My cock, slick with my and Allie’s combined love juices, was right in front of Shari’s face, but she didn’t mind. In fact, she started licking it clean.

Allie tried to get pictures of that, but it was hard to get a good angle. The dressing room was spacious, but still just a dressing room.

With three of my fingers buried in Shari’s cunt and my tongue on her clit, she came, bucking wildly. Her climax lasted longer than Allie’s. I tried to lap up Shari’s juices, but most of it ran down her thighs and dripped onto the carpet.

I stood up and then helped Shari to her feet. “Well, that was fun!” she said. Then, “I’ll be right back.”

I looked down at Allie, who was lying on her side on the bench, idling drawing her fingertips across her body. She sat up, smiled up at me and said, “That was pretty hot.”

“Our first threesome,” I said. “Maybe not our last?” I asked.

“Next time, two guys.”

“Okay,” I agreed. “Fair is fair.”

Shari returned with damp towels for each of us and we cleaned ourselves up.

Shari was about to put her uniform back on, but I stopped her. “I’d like you to pose for a shot like that, with just your name tag, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“If I wouldn’t mind? Oh, honey. Anything you want.”

We ventured out into the main part of the store and I took some pictures of her behind the counter and in front of it, both out of her uniform, and back in it. Then, Allie started trying on her selections and Shari took pictures of that, sometimes with Allie alone, and some with me next to her.

I asked Shari how I could get copies of the photos we took and she said, “Don’t worry about it honey, I’ll make sure you see them soon.”

We kept everything that Allie had selected except for one of the bras. Shari bagged up the intended purchases and wrote Allie’s name and phone number on the outside, leaving the bag under the counter for Allie to pick up sometime later. As Shari unlocked the door to let us out, she kissed Allie on the lips and gave my cock one last squeeze.


We continued heading west, deeper into Old Town.

“I have to ask you something, Allie. If Shari had wanted to go all the way and fuck me, would you have let her?”

“You mean, would I have let you?”

“Well, that too.”

“I guess so. I mean, I was right there, so it’s not like you’d be cheating on me, but it is a big step. What would you think if things were reversed and it was a guy who wanted to screw me with you watching?”

“I think I’d want you to do whatever gives you a thrill. I’d be a little jealous, for sure, but it would also be a turn on for me, I think.”

“Well, I don’t know…” We walked in silence for a bit, and then Allie said, “I do know that I have no regrets with what did happen. None whatsoever. I’m chalking it up the magic of Nude Day.”

I decided that Allie would probably not kill Mercedes and me for screwing in the electric cart after all.


We continued our little stroll and ended up near the roundabout at the center of Old Town. I saw on the clock tower that it was approaching four o’clock. We still had three hours to kill before we were due to attend the charity ball.

“Let’s have a seat and people watch for a bit,” I suggested. That sounded good to Allie. I bought two lemonades using some cash I had stuffed in my watch band, and we found a park bench overlooking the town square.

Shoppers carrying sacks or pulling small carts went to and fro. Bicyclists, skateboarders, and roller skaters rode by wearing nothing but helmets and knee pads. Couples, young and old strolled by, hand in hand. Everyone adhered to the undress code.

At one point, a young mother walked by us pushing a stroller with a two-year-old daughter inside. The mother was several months pregnant. I thought she looked radiant, and said so. She stopped and thanked me for the compliment. “That’s what my husband said when he met me for lunch today.”

We introduced ourselves. Her name was Elizabeth and so was her daughter’s. “I go by Liz and we call her Betty.”

Allie slid to the end of the bench, making room for Liz to sit between us. “Would you like the rest of my lemonade?” Allie offered.

“No thank you. I have a water bottle in my stroller.”

“Betty is the name of the lady who was in charge of National Nude Day until I took over two years ago.”

“I thought I recognized you from the posters. What does ‘in charge’ mean, exactly?”

“Mostly, it means organizing the parade.”

“Oh? I didn’t get to see the parade. Apparently, I just missed it when I got here earlier, but I overheard people saying it was a good one.”

“We taped it,” said Allie. “Keep an eye on the city website to find out when it will air on cable access.”

“I will,” promised Liz. “Tell the mayor that I’m very happy that they made Nude Day all-or-nothing. My husband and I went naked the first year, but we were a little creeped out by all the fully clothed guys with the cameras, so we didn’t go the second year. But then, they said everyone in public had to disrobe, and so we tried it again, and now we’re hooked.”

“That’s exactly why Betty pushed through the mandatory nudity ordinance. And, everyone agrees it’s much better this way,” said Allie. “You are obviously having fun. You don’t appear to be the least bit embarrassed at being nude in your pregnant state.”

“I was concerned at first,” she admitted. “But most everyone’s been really nice, like your husband. A few people stare, especially at my swollen boobs, but I’m just taking it as a compliment.”

“As you should,” I chimed in. “You’re a gorgeous example of womanhood.”

“You are too kind, sir,” said Liz. She stood up. “I have to be going now, but it was nice to meet you.”

“You, too.” Allie and I finished our lemonades in silence as she walked away. We continued to people watch.

“It really is remarkable how positive everyone is about a mandatory Nude Day, don’t you think?” Allie pondered, talking to herself as much as to me. “You’d think we would have gotten way more flack than we did, but everyone who’d rather not participate seems content to just avoid public spaces for a day and let the rest of us have our fun. I guess it’s a sign of the times.”

“In this town anyway. I don’t think Mayor Fischer could have gotten elected with such a progressive platform in many other places.”

“That’s true. And, after all, it’s only one day a year. It’s not like we’re rubbing our nudity in people’s faces all year long.”

“Well, you can rub your nudity in my face, anytime you please, dear.” I took her hand, and kissed the back of it.

Allie looked up at the clock tower. It was almost 5 pm. “What do you say we head home and take a shower before the party? I could really use one. Plus, I want to change my outfit.” She lifted her feet and wiggled her white tennis shoes to show me what she meant by “outfit.”


We hopped on board one of the free shuttle busses that ran between Old Town and City Hall, essentially riding the parade route backwards.

Allie took a moment to inspect the staging area and saw that her volunteers had done a terrific job of cleaning up. I followed Allie over to the two railroad containers where she checked to make sure they were locked down tight.

I thought I heard a noise. “Is anyone back there?” I asked out loud.

At first, there was no answer, just silence. Then, we heard a guy clearing his throat, and then he said, “It’s just me, Mr. K.” Allie and I looked around the corner and we saw Joe, Judy’s wing man from earlier, sitting on the short couch. His penis was erect between his legs, and it was slightly red.

Allie gave him a disarming smile and said, bluntly, “I see you’re sporting a nice erection for my viewing pleasure. As I keep telling Wesley here, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Um, well, yeah. I was just, um, killing time waiting for my friends to get back, but I think they’ve abandoned me. There wasn’t enough room in the car for everyone. The driver was supposed to take her friends home first and then come back for me.”

“We can give you a ride. Where are you headed?”

“I’m not sure. I was just going to tag along with my friends, wherever they were going. I could go home, but there’s nothing to do there.”

“Well, you certainly don’t want to stay here. Come along, we’ll figure something out.” By the time we got to our car, Joe decided to have us take him to the student center on the college campus.

It felt nice to be in the air-conditioned car after walking around all day in the ninety-five degree heat. The blast of cold air made Allie’s nipples harden. I reached over to give them a squeeze, but Allie batted my hand away. “Hey, it’s look but don’t touch day,” she complained, while signaling with her eyes to remind me of our passenger in the back seat.

“Hear that, Joe? Allie says we can look at her hard nipples all we want. Stick your head up here and take a good look.”

“That’s okay, Mr. K. I’ve seen them. They’re nice.”

Allie changed the subject. “Joe, you’re a friend of Judy’s, right?”

“Her boyfriend is my roommate.”

“She’s quite the exhibitionist, isn’t she?”

“I’ll say. Did you hear that last night she rode her scooter naked all over campus, telling people to be sure and watch the parade?”

Allie said, “No, I didn’t, but that sure sounds like her.”

I asked, “If you didn’t know about the scooter ride, Allie, then what exhibitionist tendencies are you talking about?”

Joe answered for her. “She’s probably referring to how Judy keeps flashing us her tits at the volunteer meetings.”

“That, and how she always wears miniskirts without underwear,” Allie agreed. “What I want to know, Joe, is do you think that National Nude Day turned Judy into an exhibitionist, or was she already one and the legitimacy of National Nude Day allows her to justify it the rest of the time?”

“I’m not sure you can answer that. It’s a chicken and egg thing, really.”

“Yeah, that’s what I think, too.”

When we got near the campus, vehicle traffic was thick with students leaving for the day. Joe pointed to a parking lot across the street. “You can drop me off at the bookstore, if you want, and I’ll take the footbridge across. It might be easier.”

We did, although I complained that I wouldn’t get to see very many naked coeds that way. But, as we pulled up to a convenient drop off point between the entrance of the bookstore and the base of the footbridge, a bevy of beauties emerged from the bookstore.

“There you go, honey,” said Allie. “Ask, and ye shall receive.”

All five girls had the bodies of cheerleaders, with nicely sized and very firm tits, and narrow waists with tight abs. They all had bleached blonde hair and dark tans, two of them with very distinctive tans lines.

As Joe hopped out and thanked us for the ride, one of the girls laughed at the sight of Joe’s erection. Remembering what Allie said about not being ashamed, Joe turned to her and said, “This is what you get for walking around all hot looking like that. You should take it as a compliment.”

One of the other girls teased the first girl, “You should take it as an appetizer, Heather.”

“I’m not hungry right now,” she answered back. “Maybe later, though. Come along girls.”

The one called Heather led her four friends up the footbridge and we watched them all wiggle their asses in practiced lock step. Then, Heather turned back towards Joe and said, “Hey, Boner Boy. You coming?”


Twenty minutes later, we pulled into our driveway at home. It was perfect timing, because Mercedes came walking around the corner just then, having finished her shift at the juice bar. Allie met her halfway down the street and they walked back together. At least half a dozen of our neighbors saw them walking in the nude. Allie and Mercedes casually waved at everyone they passed.

I only needed ten minutes to hop in the shower to get ready for the party, but the girls said that they would be a while freshening up, so I did some chores around the house. Half an hour later, I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a glass of ice water, when the ladies made their grand entrance.

Allie wore a pair of dark blue pumps over light blue, thigh-high stockings. Up top, her hair was tied up in a sophisticated style and she wore sensuous makeup to go with it. A choker-style silver necklace and some complimentary earrings completed the outfit. The blue and silver looked fantastic against her redheaded, freckled complexion. She never looked sexier.

Mercedes had similarly changed into black fishnet stockings and black pumps and she also wore a fancy hairdo, makeup, earrings and a necklace. In her case, the necklace was a long one with a heavy pendant that nestled in her cleavage. A small collection of black and white bracelets gathered on one wrist. She looked like a 50′s movie star.

Her tote bag was sitting next to me on the kitchen table, so I pulled out her camera and aimed it at the two of them, but Mercedes said, “Wait, I’m not ready. Give me a second if you want the full effect.” She reached into my water glass, pulled out an ice cube and proceeded to rub it across her nipples to make them hard. Allie laughed at her sister’s antics. Then she, too, reached into my glass and did the same thing as well.

I handed them a napkin to damp away the moisture, and then I had them pose for me, separately and together. When I was satisfied, Mercedes took the camera and positioned me next to Allie. I said, “I feel like I should go back upstairs and put on a bowtie, or something.” I was much underdressed compared to the girls, still only wearing what I had been wearing all day–sandals, a wristwatch, and a keychain lanyard around my neck.

Mercedes said, “No way. That would just look silly on you. A woman wearing only fashion accessories looks sexy, but a guy wearing them just looks comical. That’s what I think, anyway.”

So, she snapped away at the two of us. At one point, Allie took hold of my shoulders. She pulled me towards her, and she kissed me deeply for a long time. Mercedes snapped a few pictures of that, as well. When Allie eventually broke away, she said, “Let’s go party!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I clipped the camera to the lanyard around my neck, and followed my two stocking clad vixens out to the car.

I was about to lock the front door when Allie suddenly remembered to bring the invitations. While she ran back inside to get them, Mercedes leaned next to me. “By the way,” she asked. “Where did you learn that fingertip technique you used on me earlier?”

“Your sister likes it. I figured you would, too.”

“Do me again sometime?” she asked with a sly grin.

“Absolutely,” I replied.


Chapter 7: Charity Drive

Allie, Mercedes, and I pulled into the valet parking for Behind the Eight Ball right on time. We handed over the invitations and were quickly carded and hand-stamped. The ladies then checked their purses and Allie clipped the claim token to my lanyard.

I hadn’t seen the invitations prior to that point and I was shocked to notice that they were marked $250 apiece. “Did we really just spend seven hundred and fifty bucks on a party?” I asked Allie.

“Well, dear. It is for charity, you know.” Allie grinned at me. “But, no. The tickets were a gift.”

When she didn’t elaborate, I filled in, “From one of your many secret admirers, no doubt?”


Allie took Mercedes and me by the hand and pulled us towards the DJ station where we signed up for the darts tournaments. The DJ said it would be at least half an hour before he announced the next round of players and suggested we grab a drink at the bar or hit the dance floor. Allie was in charge, so we did the latter. Mercedes joined us, even though she didn’t have a dance partner.

While we danced, I checked out my surroundings. Behind the Eight Ball was an upscale pool hall that looked more like a British Bed and Breakfast than a pub. I particularly liked that they had lots of velvet drapes that helped to deaden the sound. I like to party as much as the next guy, but most party venues are so noisy I wind up with a splitting headache the next day just from that. I made a note to myself that we needed to go to the Eight Ball more often.

The place was beginning to fill up. From the way they were checking ID’s at the door, I knew everyone was at least eighteen, but I guessed the average age was about forty. Even so, most of the patrons looked good. They were the type of people who kept in shape, and none of them had anything to be ashamed about as they entered the establishment naked.

The dance floor wasn’t all that big and it steadily got crowded over time. Our naked bodies began bumping into each other at random with more and more frequency. Pretty soon, we were just one big jumble of seething flesh, but no one seemed to complain. I certainly wasn’t about to complain, especially since the 2-to-1 ratio of women to men out on the dance floor was holding up.

Suddenly, the music stopped and the DJ announced the next round of games, including our turn at darts. Three dart boards barely fit in one of the back rooms, so we players were squeezed in even tighter than we had been on the dance floor. It was all we could do to keep out of each other’s way while throwing, and there were lots of jokes about people inadvertently getting their nipples pierced if they weren’t careful.

Between Allie, Mercedes, and me, I was the only hopeful, but I was so distracted by all of the naked female flesh that I made a poor showing. When our games ended, Allie and I headed to the bar, while Mercedes went back out onto the dance floor.

Around half an hour later, Mercedes joined us at the bar with a couple of friends in tow: Bill Jr. and Lucinda. Allie was ecstatic. “I didn’t know you were going to be here!”

“My mother donates all of the produce for these events, so they give her a pair of tickets in return. This year, she gave them to me and Lucinda.”

Just then, someone tapped on a microphone. I turned towards the stage where a tall man in his forties with short-cropped balding hair and big smile began to speak. “Welcome, everyone, to the Second Annual Behind-the-Eight-Ball Charity Drive. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Phil Cannon. Standing next to me is my lovely wife, Megan. We own this establishment together, but this charity drive was all her idea.” There was some spontaneous applause, and Phil paused while Megan beamed with pride.

The woman certainly was lovely. Standing almost as tall as her husband, she was thin but not overly so. She had freckled skin and long, strawberry blond hair that was tied back in a pony tail. She sported a pair of lavender-tinted eyeglasses with octagonal silver frames and she wore a complimentary silver chain around her waist. Her pubic hair was also strawberry blond, quite thick and curly. It made quite an impact, and I found myself wondering if maybe clean-shaven pussies aren’t always better.

When the applause ended, Megan turned towards the back of the stage for a second and I got to admire her taut ass. She brought forward an easel with a flip chart and set it between herself and her husband. The top page showed their Behind-the-Eight-Ball logo. Phil continued, “As with last year, eight deserving charities will split the proceeds from tonight’s event.” Megan flipped to a page that listed the eight charities. “Four are the same as last year, two are new ones picked by Megan, and the final two were nominated and voted on by our hard-working staff.” He pointed to the bar and that generated more applause.

“As you know, you are here to eat, drink, and be merry; to play pool and play darts and maybe win some prizes. All of you paid two hundred and fifty dollars each to be here, which means there’s about forty thousand in the coffers, so far. And I say, ‘so far’ because this year there’s a surprise twist. Thanks to four generous gold-level corporate sponsors, we have the opportunity to significantly increase that amount through a matching-donation challenge.” As Megan flipped to a third page naming the gold sponsors, Phil said, “We’ll get back to them in a minute and tell you more about this challenge that they and Megan cooked up together. But first, I want to recognize our silver-level sponsors who donated all of the great prizes we have to give away tonight. As with last year, there’s three ways to win. We have four prizes each for both the pool tournament and the darts tournament. And we have eight random drawings, for a total of sixteen prizes.

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