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He came to me in the night. It was always in the night. In the daylight we both pretended that there was no nightly visitation. But he was highly sexed, and since my mom died, he came to me often at night. He waited until I’d turned eighteen, but after that, he came for me.

“Dad . . .” I murmured, still only half awake.

“Shush. Take this.”

I was on my back and he was straddling my chest with his knees and leaning over me, holding my arms out and above my head with strong fists encasing my wrists. I felt the tip of his erect cock at my lips and I opened to him, and we both moaned quietly in the dark as he stroked his cock in and out of my mouth, hardening it and arousing him further—and slicking up his tool for what he’d do later.

When he was sufficiently aroused, he moved his knees and lips down my chest and belly and swallowed my balls as his hand went to my cock. His hand went to join the other to cup and raise and separate my butt cheeks as his mouth went to my entrance. His hand on my cock was replaced by one of my own, and I lay there, looking dumbly toward the window, watching the wind sway the branches of the willow tree, and stroking myself. For a moment I had the sensation of someone being there, watching us, but I had shut my systems down. I didn’t care and my senses weren’t on alert. I was trying to transport myself to someplace else altogether.

He pulled my sleeping shorts—all that I was wearing—off my legs.

“Turn on your belly.” The voice was low, raspy, needy.

“Dad . . .” I murmured again. It was all I could manage, and I knew it had no effect.

“Turn on your belly, son.”

With a sigh of resignation, I did as he commanded. I always did as he commanded, whether day or night.

A heavily muscled arm went under my lower belly and lifted me to my knees, while a palm between my shoulder blades pushed my chest down on the cool sheet. He was crouched over me from behind, his thighs encasing mine. I felt the stretch and filling of the entry. But no pain. There hadn’t been pain, really, for months. My channel was fit to his cock now. He just slid up into me as I gasped slightly and groaned the almost nightly possession by him.

One of his fists went to the wrist of my left arm and pinned it to the bed above my head. He let me have the use of my right hand—he’d done so for nearly two months now—and I moved it to my cock and began stroking it again to the rhythm of his fucking cock.

He moved his other hand between gripping my waist and pinching my nipple and turning my head toward his face when he brought it down to my head. When he did that, we kissed, deeply, his tongue invading and searching my mouth cavity. This was something else that had only entered the ritual in the last month or so.

My lips freed, I once more turned my head and gazed at the window—and once more had the sensation of someone or something pulling away from it out there as I turned my head. Then I closed my eyes and concentrated again on not being there.

The nature of pretending I wasn’t really involved in what was happening to me in the night had changed in the last month or too also—and it scared me. In the initial months, I had zoned out to deny it was happening. Now I was zoning out because I was beginning to need it—to look forward to it each night.

Of course he really wasn’t my dad—not my biological dad—and nothing that he was doing was something I could report him for, something I could stop, short of fighting him, which, considering our differing sizes and physical power, was a comical notion. And leaving was something I couldn’t do, at least not yet.

My real dad had died when I was eleven, and Tyler had been with us for six years now, arriving a little more than a year after Mom was widowed. I say us, but he really was only with “us” for a bit more than five years. My mom died six months ago. She had been sick for some time before she died, and I think she understood Tyler’s interest in me before she went. But by then she was too far gone to do anything about it. She seemed to be hanging on mostly to be there until I got old enough to leave the house and go on my own.

My real dad’s death and her own quick decline there at the end had bollixed up that idea, though. I’d worshipped my real dad, and his death had been a real blow to me. I just shut my life down for nearly a full year though—and that included school work. So, I was set back a grade. And, so, when mom died, I was no more than a week past eighteen, but I had a year and a half more to go in high school. And what were almost Mom’s last words to me stuck.

“Stick it out until you graduate high school, Chris,” she’d said. “Promise me you’ll get your high school. Then go in the service for a while or something. Get away from this. But promise me you’ll get your high school in first. A man can’t do much of anything without that diploma.”

And so, I promised.

And the way it worked out with Tyler wasn’t wham bang, either. It was gradual. He worked me. He seduced me. And he was smart. He waited until I was eighteen. And when he finally had me, there I was, an adult, and not able even to claim rape. And the longer I stayed, the less anyone would care what I let happen to me. They would have asked, “Why didn’t you just walk?”

Well, I didn’t walk, because I promised my mom I’d get in that last year and half of school, and I didn’t have any other good options. I had no living family left, and I had no means really to live out on my own. I didn’t mind the idea of signing up for the military—I was leaning toward the Navy—but it stuck in my mind that one thing my mom had asked me to promise to do was to get that high school diploma before leaving.

And, as I’ve said. Tyler was clever. And he took it slow so that by the time I really was over the edge, it was done.

It had started the day after I turned eighteen. Mom was in the other room, dying. She’d been to the hospital and was back, under Hospice care, to die at home. I was keyed up and confused and into self-denial and wanting to make it all go away—transport myself to some fantasy land—and because I was a teenager with raging hormones, that meant a flashlight and dirty magazine and beating myself off in the middle of the night.

Which was all fine, but Tyler found me that night, right after my eighteenth birthday. I was terrified and paralyzed in place when he found me. But he came into the room and was calm and sat down on the side of the bed and told me all sorts of mumbo-jumbo over how it was normal and understandable under the circumstances. And while he was talking and holding my attention, he had his hand on my cock. When I noticed and flinched and began to object, he shushed me, reminding me that Mom was just in the other bedroom and that, although what I was doing was normal and understandable, it wasn’t something we wanted to worry her about.

“So, just lay back, and I’ll take care of it.”

And so I did. And he did. And I was surprised at how much different and better it felt when someone else did it.

Three days later, the night before Mom died, Tyler was back and sweet talked me into letting him take care of my fears and tensions again. And this time he ran his other hand over my body as he was slowly jacking my cock off.

When we came home from Mom’s funeral, I was a basket case, and Tyler sent me to my room and told me to try to get some sleep. But I couldn’t and I couldn’t stop crying. And Tyler came into my room and sat on the bed and hugged me close and soothed me with his calm, soft voice—which was really something coming from such a big, muscular man—and with his hands patting and stroking me here and there. He had my cock out of the fly of my sleeping shorts before I knew it. And I was in such a state that I didn’t care—in fact it was comforting. And this time he didn’t relieve me with his hand. He did it with his mouth.

Mom was dead now and there was only Tyler. And he’d already given me a blow job. And I was already eighteen and had promised my mom I’d stick it out through high school. And not only wasn’t I thinking too straight, but I was a teen with raging hormones and Tyler was giving me release and pleasure that, though I knew it was evil and not right, was overwhelmingly hard to resist.

Everything was fine during the day. Tyler was a coping single-parent dad by day. Fitting in getting me to school and being there during my ball games and other activities while still holding down his job. I took up more of the cleaning and cooking duties, but Tyler was hanging in there on those as well. And we said nothing during the day of what was happening at night. The dark covered all of our sins.

But he was coming to me more often at night now. And he cajoled me into taking head, and one night he introduced a dildo into the ritual as he was sucking my cock. The first time I just thought it was his thumb, which he had started strumming rim of my hole with while sucking me, but it wasn’t—it was a dildo. And the second time I knew it wasn’t a thumb—and that it hadn’t stayed at the entrance. By the time he fucked me with his cock, he had me asking for it. And I was over eighteen, and with nowhere else to go.

And now it was four months later.

Tyler had just been to visit me the night before. But he was here, at the door, tonight, as well. I’d heard it. He’d had a video on out in the living room. A male porn film. He was standing at the door, breathing heavily and giving me a scary stare. He was stark naked and had a raging hard on. I was sitting on the floor, on the thick cushion I’d taken off the overstuffed chair in my room; my back to the bed; earphones in, with the music set to something I liked to listen to before I went to bed; and doing my last-minute homework. I already was in my sleeping shorts.

Tyler was on me like a flash, grabbing my wrists with his hands and pushing my arms back on the bed. His cock was assaulting my mouth, pushing my head back on the bed as well. And I was gagging and gasping as he face-fucked me.

Then he pulled me up on my feet and kicked the cushion out into the middle of room as he was stripping off my sleeping shorts. He pushed me down on my shoulder blades on the cushion and grabbed my hips in his hands, and pulled my pelvis up into his crotch and my hole onto his cock, and started fucking down into me with long, deep strokes, thrusting down with his cock, while he pulled my pelvis up into him. Pushing me down as he moved his hips back and then pulling me in again as he thrust forward.

He was fucking me with a fury as he’d never done before, and I hooked my legs on top of the flare of his butt and hung on for dear life, my soothing “go-to-bed” music still playing in my ear from the earphones.

Above the sound of the music, I could hear the sound of the sex. Grunting and groaning and moaning in harmony, but above that, a plaintive cry of “Oh, shit, oh yes, oh gawd yessss, Fuck ME!”

I was shocked—and scared—at the realization that it was my voice.

* * * *

By this time, Tyler wasn’t the only one fucking me. By now, I knew what was done was done—and that I didn’t mind it when I wasn’t thinking real hard—and was thinking why should I give it away just to Tyler for free. I was scraping together whatever money I could to help my escape from here, which was coming within a year. I kept the money in an old can out in the rafters of the storage shed in the back yard.

I figured I knew where I would make some money off this. And I was right.

For years, Mr. Collins, a bachelor living in a house twice as large and tidy as ours just down the street from us, had been giving me the eye and trying to make friends with me when I walked past his house. I wasn’t so dumb that I didn’t know what his interest was—and there were whisperings going around the neighborhood and at school that bore this out.

All it took to get him to come out of the house was for me to stand out on the front walk by his white picket fence one day and look around like I had nothing better to do than stand there. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he sauntered out, acting like he had a reason to be on the move and “accidentally” noticing I was there and coming to the fence to greet me.

“Hi there, Chris,” he called out in a chipper voice. “Great day, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah, it is,” I answered. “Might rain tonight, though. The rains will be heavy this summer, they say.”

Mr. Collins was trembling like a Chihuahua on speed at this string of words from me. It was more in total that I’d ever said to him in all the years he’d been living in the neighborhood. He literally wagged his tail as he came out to the fence, obviously thrilled that I was still standing there.

“Yes, it’s good for the flowers, though.”

“Nice flowers,” I said. “And you got a gardener to take real good care of them, I see.” I was searching for words. The gardener was kneeling at the rose bed that lined the front porch of the house. He was facing away from us, an Hispanic, I guessed, maybe in his thirties. An outdoor worker. I wondered if he could hear us—and if he could understand English if he could.

“I try to keep the grounds up,” Mr. Collins said, his voice full of pride. “Say, I was real sorry to hear about your mother. I—”

“Thanks. Thanks, Mr. Collins. You’re a nice man for saying that.” I turned my eyes on him and smiled.

He practically melted on the spot with pleasure. He had his hands on top of the fence and they were trembling. I put a hand up there too, trying to make it seem like a natural move, and I could see him shudder as our hands touched each other.

“Nice house too. Real nice house. Big. Bet you have lots of rooms in there. Bet you have some nice things in there.”

“Would you like to see inside sometime?” Mr. Collins asked. His voice sounded so hopeful that I felt kind of sorry for him.

“I’m not doing much of anything now,” I said. I tried to keep my voice low, because I could see that the gardener had turned his head toward us—that maybe he was listening to us.

I thought that Mr. Collins was going to melt down to a puddle on the spot at the prospect of getting me in the house.

The gardener looked up from the rose garden as we passed and gave me a tentative little smile. I wondered if he figured any of this out. But then I didn’t care. He was just a gardener.

“How’s school and the baseball going, Chris?” Mr. Collins asked me as we entered the foyer. I walked right on into the living room, which showed that Mr. Collins made a whole heap more money that my stepdad did. “I’ve always been interested in how the kids of the neighborhood were doing.”

“Yeah, I know you have, Mr. Collins. I’ve seen how you watched me over the years. Well, I’m here now. And I’m over eighteen.”

He turned his head toward where I was standing in the living room, surprised by what I said and by the hard tone I’d taken when I said it. And there I was, standing in the middle of his living room, with my fly open and my dong hanging out and cupped in the palm of my hand. I was kind of proud of my cock, and Mr. Collins seemed pretty impressed too. He went to his knees with a loud moan and began sucking my cock in a way that assured me that, as suspected, I probably wasn’t the first neighborhood boy who had visited this house.

We were naked on his bed with him stretched out behind me and stroking his cock inside me from the rear as I propped my knee up on the bed to give him better access when I told him what the deal was: “$15 for you to suck me; $25 if I suck you. $50 for a fuck; $60 for the whole package.”

He didn’t object and signed up for the next visit to be on my way home from school three days hence. My stepdad didn’t get home from work for nearly three hours after my school finished for the day.

The gardener was in the front garden the next day I visited Mr. Collins, and he turned his head and gave me a little smile again when I reached the stairs to the porch and started climbing. I instinctive smiled back, a little nervous because he was there, and because I couldn’t think of a plausible reason to be approaching Mr. Collins’s house by myself if the gardener asked. But he didn’t ask.

The door was slightly ajar when I got to it, and I heard a faraway voice call out from upstairs. “Come on in. It’s open. I’m upstairs.”

I went in and began to climb the stairs. Half way up I stopped dead in my tracks and let out a “Holy shit.” I began to turn to flee the house, when Mr. Collins said probably the only thing that kept me there.

“$75. I’ll give you $75. And you won’t be doing anything special or different. This is for me. This is to make it more interesting for me.”

I turned back and looked up at him again. He was wearing women’s lingerie. A black lace bra, with matching panties and black mesh stockings and black stiletto heels. He also had on a red-haired wig, and his face was made up like a baby doll, a mean slash of shiny, deep-red lipstick across his mouth. He was talking in a funny, high voice like he was playing some sort of game. And I guessed it was pretty obvious that he was.

“It’s no different for you, honey,” he repeated. “It’s just me. It’s just what I like. $75, OK?”

He didn’t look all that bad as a woman. Younger even. And he wasn’t fat; he had good muscle tone and firm arms and legs. A flat belly and a nipped-in waist.

If I closed my eyes. . . . And it wasn’t like I had to get it up. He said it would be no different. And he had topped me earlier, although for the money, I was willing to try going either way.

I started walking up the stairs again, and as we crossed the hall to the master bedroom, I was impressed on how well he walked in the heels. I guessed he’d done this a lot.

“Please take your clothes off and sit on the side of the bed,” he said.

I watched myself—and him/her in the mirrors as I stripped. That was the thing I’d remembered the most about his bedroom from the other day. The mirrors. He had them everywhere. It had been arousing to me to see myself being fucked no matter how I turned my head. I assumed that the mirrors were there because he found it amusing as well. He wasn’t bad looking for an old guy and was a good cocksman—or so I thought, only having Tyler to compare him with. But I thought Tyler must be good at it as much as he was fucking me—and I knew he and my mom really went at it before she got too sick to enjoy it. And, surprising, Collins was as good at it as Tyler was, although he must be at least ten years older than Tyler.

We didn’t do it just like we had the first time. This time Mr. Collins spent more time in setting it up—and he had an extra fetish thing going with the lipstick. The color was something that rubbed off easily. Collins made a point of paying attention to nearly every inch of my body with his lips, and I could see that the lipstick was rubbing off on my skin. And he got up every once in a while and renewed it, so that it was always leaving fresh lip marks.

I found quickly that the panties had a slit in them in front, so that his cock came out without having to remove the panties. I sucked him and then he sucked me, being careful to leave distinctive lip-shaped red markings on my cock. He followed this up with lip attention to the rest of my body, and then he had me lay on my back on the edge of the bed, and he came between my thighs and fucked me to mutual ejaculations while we watched ourselves and each other in the mirrors. Although I had been worried about being able to get it up, the setting was so exotic and he was such an expert cocksman that I didn’t have any trouble at all. The mirrors helped too.

Afterward, Mr. Collins made me stand in front of a full-length mirror and he took photos of the artwork he’d done on my body with his ruby-red lips before he let me shower and gave me four twenties and told me to keep the change.

I had a pretty busy extracurricular activity schedule at school and on the baseball mound, but I did have Tuesday afternoons free, and Mr. Collins signed up for that time slot. He must have had quite a closet, because he was wearing a different set of lingerie each time—and a different shade of lipstick.

Tuesday’s must have been one of his set days with the gardener too, as he was always there, kneeling by the roses and giving me a little nod and smile when I mounted the porch stairs to Mr. Collins’s front door.

* * * *

I rather enjoyed the fucking with Mr. Collins, and it worried me that I did, but the money was too good to deny myself and put the brakes on this stuff. At $80 a week, my tin can in the storage shed was going to need company soon. I’d made it to late summer. One more year, my senior year, and I could just walk away from here—and with some serious cash in my pocket. I’d put it all behind me, or so I thought.

I was getting old enough now to accept that I was just fooling myself. I began to become obsessed with the women’s lingerie—and wondering about it in connection with my nights with Tyler. I have no idea what caused me to do it, but one afternoon, when rain had wiped out a baseball practice and Tyler wouldn’t be home for hours, I stole into the master bedroom and started browsing through the drawers in my mother’s bureau. Tyler had done nothing about getting rid of her clothes.

I found her intimate lingerie in one of the lower drawers and I took a pair of black lace panties back to my bedroom and stripped and put them on and walked around the house for a half hour. It didn’t give me quite the thrill I thought it might, but just the idea of how I wanted it to make me feel made me hard.

And then Tyler went four nights without visiting my bedroom. I didn’t think he was doing this on purpose at the time, but now I think he did. Now I think he wanted me to take that last step. The first two nights I luxuriated in a full night’s sleep. The third night I couldn’t sleep and kept looking at my door, waiting for it to open and for Tyler to slip into the room and into my bed. On the four night I was in a stew, wondering what was wrong, why he wasn’t coming.

On the fifth night I could take it no longer. I padded out of bed, stripped off my sleeping shorts, and slipped on the black lace panties I’d purloined from my mother’s drawer.

Tyler was awake, on his back, no doubt waiting for me—although I didn’t know it at the time. I climbed onto the bed and straddled his pelvis. He laughed and pulled my face down to his and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I could feel his cock come alive. He moved his hands over my bare torso as we kissed and then down to my hips, and I felt the jerk in his cock and heard the low gasp when he learned I was wearing lace panties. He let me know he enjoyed that a lot—but he didn’t enjoy it so much that it prevented him from gripping the flimsy material covering my buttocks on both sides and rending it apart with a low ripping sound and then settling my channel on his cock through the slit he’d made.

He laid there, providing the ramrod, and smiling up into my face as I did all of the work, riding his cock in undulating waves. When he had shot his load up into me, he laughed his ultimate victory over me, the fulfillment of my conditioning.

Later, in my own room again, I couldn’t sleep. I had come in the panties in Tyler’s room and he’d kept them as a trophy, so I was in my sleeping shorts once more.

It had already rained once and then stopped, and I could hear the splatter of precursory rain drops once again on the window. They were promising quite a storm tonight.

I liked watching storms, and Tyler’s laugh at the conclusion of our sex had awakened me to what he had conditioned me to do—that final step of me coming to him, wanting it, and willing to do all of the work to get it. This depressed me, and for the first time I wondered if staying around to complete high school was going to be the end of it—whether I could break away from Tyler even after that. And, even more depressing, I was beginning to doubt if the high school diploma was the real reason I was staying around—whether I wasn’t completely under Tyler’s spell now.

I couldn’t sleep, so I got out of bed and took a Coke from the refrigerator and walked out onto the front porch, just in my sleeping shorts, to welcome the coming storm and to try to force my racing brain to be lost in watching the thunder and lightning show.

I had finished the Coke and gotten tired of waiting for the storm to arrive. I turned to go back into the house, but I was grabbed from behind and tossed out into the yard. I landed on the wet grass and someone was on my back, his knee in the small of my back, and my hands were pulled behind me and being tied off. A burlap sack was pulled over my head and I was roughly pulled up and frog marched across the yard, tossed into the back seat of a car, and, after doors slammed, the car was on the move.

I have no idea how long we drove; I was too stunned by the sudden assault to keep any sort of track, but the car eventually stopped after a particularly bumpy ride at the last. I could hear the pattering of rain on the metal roof. The storm was starting. I heard a door open at the front of the car—and slam shut—and then one of the doors to the rear seat opened, and I almost tumbled out of the car. Strong hands grabbed me, though, and lift and tossed me toward the other side of the car. Someone was in the back seat with me. His chest was pressing in on mine—he was bare-chested, so I knew it was a man, and heavy muscled and slick with sweat. I heard and felt the ripping of my sleeping shorts—and heavy breathing. Whoever it was was too agitated to just pull my pants off. I was wedged, facing up, in the back corner of the seat. The seat was wide and plush, I figured some older model car—something American and from the 60s, maybe.

Rough hands were forcing my thighs apart and raising my legs, and the man was between my legs, and I screamed as a cock far thicker than either Tyler’s or Mr. Collins’s split me and forced itself deep inside my channel and I was being furiously fucked. He bit into my nipple and I cried out in pain again. I began to sneeze from the dustiness of the sack over my head. I tried to suppress it, thinking, “No, please don’t take the sack off, please don’t take the sack off”—knowing that if he did I would see what he looked like. And if he didn’t care if I knew what he looked like, then . . .

I couldn’t suppress the sneezing, though, and also began to cough. And the sack was drawn off my head.

It was Mr. Collins’s gardener.

“Why?” I cried out.

He backhanded me across the face and growled, “Shut the fuck up.”

And I turned my head toward the window in the passenger door I was wedged up against and watched the storm roll over us. There was thunder and lightning aplenty, and it seemed like each clap of thunder and flash of lightning was accompanied by a ramrod splitting me asunder. Each time the thunder clapped, I lurched at the thrust of his cock inside me, each time thinking he couldn’t go further down inside me, widen my channel with his monster tool any wider, but, with each thunder clap, he did.

He fucked me with intense purpose and abandon, and I moaned and groaned at how much fuller and more intense his taking of me was than Tyler’s and Collins’s fuckings were. He wanted me and drilled me in ways they hadn’t done, moving deep inside me, relentlessly fucking, making me writhe and whimper and cry out, afraid of what came after this, and then, because he was at it so long and so deep, afraid that this was the last of me—fucked to death. I had ejaculated a long time before he exploded and fell on top of me, sweaty and panting. Holding me tight, his breathing becoming less ragged but his cock coming back to life inside me the longer he held me there.

The second fucking, in consort with the abating of the thunderstorm into a gentle rain, was slower, more methodic and longer, with his hands now searching my body more, as if assuring himself that I actually was here, that the snatch and furious fuck that went before were real, not just one of the longing wet dreams that had driven him to do this.

When he was finished, he covered my head with the sack again and went over the front seat back into the driver’s position while I whimpered, exhausted and taken as neither Tyler nor Mr. Collins had ever done with me.

We drove on for a half hour or more, and I sensed when we turned off asphalt and onto gravel and then, eventually onto dirt—probably mud now. The last quarter of a mile or more was on jarringly rough road.

I was bundled out of the car, across uneven dirt, and up onto a wooden porch—which I discern because I was barefooted, and then through a door which was closed behind us. I heard two bolts being thrown on the door and the scrape of a key in a lock. The sack was jerked off my head again.

He had prepared for me. This wasn’t a casual snatch. We were standing in a log cabin that was about twenty feet square. The windows were all shuttered from at least the inside. There was a double bed in one corner and chains were welded to the wall above the headboard. At the loose end of the chains were wrist clamps, and this was where the gardener herded me—over to the bed, where he pushed me down on my belly. He untied my binding and turned me over on my back on the bed and forcing my wrists into the wrist clamps. The chains attached to the walls were short, and I couldn’t move my hands below my shoulders as I lay on the bed.

The gardener stripped off his wet jeans and his briefs and came down on the bed, forcing his knees between my thighs and sliding them under my buttocks. Then he thrust his cock inside my channel again, and fucked me for a third time—long and hard, with animalistic noises like he’d been building up to do this for months and hadn’t had sex in the meantime.

He said nothing to me, didn’t answer my whimpered questions or respond to my pleadings. If he hadn’t told me to shut up in the car in half-decent English, I would have thought there was a language barrier between us. There certainly wasn’t any other barrier between us.

He got out of the bed and padded around turning off lights. I had only a brief opportunity to see what was there, while he was doing so. Just one room. A small kitchenette area over on the front wall by the door we’d come through. This bed was in one back corner and a raised tin square about three foot square was in the other back corner. A shower head was on the wall above this. A toilet was set in the wall at one side of the open shower square and a white porcelain sink on the other. Thus, the room was completely exposed. There was an old couch with the stuffing coming out. A small desk against the front wall, on the other side of the door from the kitchenette—with a laptop computer on it—a round wood table with three mismatched straight chairs in the center of the room, and an overstuffed chair that didn’t match the couch.

Just this one bed. When he’d turned out the lights, he came back to the bed and stretched beside me and almost instantly started to snore. It took me longer to go to sleep, and shortly after that, he was waking me again, turning me on my belly—with my chained arms crossed above me—and straddling my hips and fucking me again.

When I woke in the morning, he’d changed the chains. They were longer now, enough so that I could get out of the bed and stand and walk maybe three feet from the bed. There was a hunk of bread and a cup of cold coffee on the nightstand next to the bed and two tin bowls on the floor below that. One was about a third filled with water and there was a sponge floating in it. The other was empty and had a half of roll of toilet paper in it. I could pretty much tell what both of those bowls were for.

The gardener was pissing in the toilet on the other side of the room. He was still naked, as, of course, was I. I listened as he emptied his bladder in a long, steady stream going on for almost a minute.

I wolfed down the bread and drank the coffee as the gardener moved to the sink and brushed his teeth and shaved. He still looked like an Hispanic to me. But he had a well-worked body, muscles bulging on muscles, and his cock and balls were hanging heavy. He was taking side glances at me as I sat on the edge of the bed and chewed on the bread, and I could see that he was getting hard again.

So, I wasn’t surprised when he put his razor down when he’d only half shaved and came over and grabbed for my legs while I sat on the bed. I slapped at his hands as best I could and told him no as emphatically as I was able, but he just stunned me again with a backhanded slap across my face that snapped my head to one side, and roughly grabbed my legs, tipping me back on the bed, and crouched been my thighs and fucked me to his ejaculation.

When he was finished with me, he just left me there, my heels dug into the corners of the bed and my legs spread and trembling, and me moaning softly, and went back to his shaving. He took a shower, dressed in his gardening work clothes, and was gone for the rest of the day.

The first thing he did when he returned to the cabin that night was fuck me again. He obviously had been building up to this and looking forward to it for some time. After that, he usually didn’t do it more than once a day, but he never got tired of doing it.

When the first weekend came up, he brought out some red lace panties he had been keeping hidden somewhere, put a slit up the middle of them in back with a knife, and forced them over my legs. He then sat on the edge of the bed, forced me onto his lap and cock—through the slit in the panties—with me facing away from him and stroked my cock through the material of the panties until we both had come. He hung the torn panties with my cum in them on the bedpost, where they remained for a week. I now knew that he’d been peeping on me at Mr. Collins—and probably at my own house too while Tyler was fucking me.

And I now also knew what had prompted this elaborate scheme.

I stayed with Julio—for after the first few weeks I ascertained at least that much about him, that his name was Julio—for thirteen months. I knew it was thirteen months, because he had a calendar hanging above the desk and he delighted in marking off the days. He delighted even more in the first few weeks he held me captive in marking off each time he fucked me. And there were more of the latter marks than the former.

Slowly, over the initial months, he lengthened my chains in stages of trust. The longest addition, permitting me full access to the cabin so that I then could shower in the corner stall too and go to the toilet properly and have access to food and drink was the night I woke him up and straddled his cock and fucked myself on him. That was a watershed of him believing I wanted him now and that he’d won me over.

He took the shutters off the windows soon after that, and I discovered we were in the deep woods, with a clearing for a power line not far in front of the cabin and railroad tracks in back. I’d already ascertained that a train ran by somewhere near at three set times a day, as it was about the only sound of life outside the cabin I’d heard for two months at that point. It didn’t escape my notice either that the train ran slow in this section of the forest.

By that time I’d figured I was here for good—or at least until something drastic happened. No one had come for me; there was no hint that anyone was looking for me. And I thought that figured. I was over eighteen. The school system couldn’t touch me if I’d decided just to drop out. And Tyler wouldn’t come looking for me; he would just have figured that I’d had enough and had cleared out that night I disappeared. I had screamed obscenities at him the night I’d left—mad, frustrated, and angry that he’d tricked me into coming to his room on my own for the fuck and begging for the fuck—and taking all responsibility for it. Tyler would neither wonder at me leaving that night nor want anyone to look into my disappearance too closely.

So, I was on my own. And seeing the effect of initiating the fuck on Julio—which I had tried as an experiment—had given me hope of being able to work on his vanity. I was making use now of what Tyler had taught me in his conditioning—he had taught me to move from one frame of mind to another just by gradual reconditioning. In Julio’s case the method could still be sex, which Julio was obsessed with, but the goal would be developing a level of trust that would, I hoped, eventually set me free.

I made him believe I couldn’t get enough of his cock now—and I admitted even to myself that it was, indeed, a very nice cock. I went after him and gave him master head, something he’d never had done before, and more often than not I was initiating the sex—and complimenting him on what a great lover he was. I asked him to bring more lacy and silky panties, and we repeated the fetish that he seemed to enjoy so much.

Increasingly, he was giving me little freedoms and favors here and there. And I was showing appreciation for them and doing my best to convince him that I was here by choice now.

Then, purposely, I went into a blue funk. He, of course, asked me why, noticing that my end of the lovemaking had become lethargic. I told him I was bored—and wanted to use the Internet. He said that wasn’t possible. I cried and pouted and told him that I wanted to study—that I could complete my high school via the Internet by taking GED—general education diploma—classes on line. He told me he couldn’t really trust me alone on the Internet, and I said, he could use the keyboard and I’d just sit there and do the class work.

He wanted good sex again, so he gave in to me. I started working on a GED on line to complete my last year of high school—thinking that if nothing else in life I could try to fulfill the promise I’d made to my mother. And, in turn, I gave Julio great sex again.

After a month of acting as intermediary for my studies, Julio got bored and let me do the classes myself. I was careful to stick to only that on the Internet, though, as he tested me several times to make sure that was all I was doing. And I gave Julio really great sex, thinking of inventive positions that he’d never even dreamed of before.

I had him convinced in the first eight months that I couldn’t live without him, that all of the police in the state couldn’t close in on the cabin and pry me from his bed.

The chains came off completely. But I was still naked. Julio had never permitted me to wear a stitch of clothes. That was one hedge on me not going anywhere. He had locks on the doors of the drawers and closet he used for his clothes and he kept them all secure.

For a couple of more months he still locked me in the cabin and shuttered the windows, using the outside shutters, when he went to work. I gave him no reason to think I’d even thought about trying to escape, and I always had my legs open for him, begging for it, when he came home.

He was the world’s greatest stud. I couldn’t go five hours without a cocking by him and by him only. I made him believe that.

I had complete freedom of the cabin and its environs for a full month during which he laid many a scheme to catch any sign that I’d tried to leave him.

At the end of that month, I completely finished my online GED work. I went to a virtual graduation ceremony, without inviting Julio to it or telling him that I had finished the work—and had a graduation certificate waiting for me on line for whenever I wanted to download it.

The next day, a Tuesday, while Julio presumably was pruning Mr. Collins’s roses, I put on trousers and a T-shirt of Julio’s that I had kept out of the wash and Julio hadn’t noticed were missing when he’d locked his clothes away, dug the pair of old boots out from under the bed that Julio had thought he’d taken to the dump with other trash, and held my breath until I heard the whistle of the train somewhere down the track, where it blew its whistle three times a day at almost exactly the same time.

The sun cooked Beau’s broad shoulders as he pushed the lawnmower across the yard. Clad in cargo shorts and sneakers, Beau tramped through the grass, sweat sliding down his back. His shorts hung low, revealing the very top of his meaty ass. He stopped, wiping his brow. Beau surveyed his surroundings. At his mother’s insistence, the 18-year-old was spending the summer at his aunt’s country house to keep out of trouble.

His aunt had devised a number of tasks in order to keep the boy busy and keep his behavior problems in check. His task today was to mow the lawn. What would have been a twenty-minute task at his mother’s house in the suburbs was a day-long affair on his aunt’s sprawling property. He had already been at the task an hour and a half and wasn’t even halfway finished. Beau put his hands on his hips and looked out at the vast lawn. His buff form was bronzed from all the time he had spent in the sun in the week since arriving at his aunt’s. Not only were his chores largely outdoors, he showered at least once daily using his aunt’s only shower, located in the backyard.

His initial hesitation at being completely exposed outdoors had been tempered by the scorching temperatures and the relative solitude. At this point he thought nothing of his mother’s sister-in-law seeing him naked, and the only other person to cross his path as he bathed had been the gruff, towering man who apparently lived down the road. Beau still thought of how the man had commanded him with practically no effort. The mark the man’s strong hand left on Beau’s bare ass had remained for a day. Thinking of it, Beau absent-mindedly rubbed his soft ass where the man had struck him. Beau was dripping with sweat to the point that his already-low-slung cargo shorts were a millimeter away from revealing the dark hair that surrounded his impressive cock.

“Fuck this,” he said, through labored breaths. He looked at his phone; 1 pm. No messages, of course; he got no service here. Beau wasn’t used to taking on his share of responsibility for the upkeep of a house. It was simple to him: if he didn’t want to do something, he didn’t. It was bad enough he had to spend his summer in the middle of nowhere; he wasn’t about to spend it getting heatstroke doing a bunch of stupid fucking chores. The lawnmower sputtered and stopped as Beau turned and walked across the front yard.

Rounding the corner to the back of the house, Beau kicked off his shoes. He turned the spigot of the outdoor shower, releasing a stream of cold water cascading onto the stone platform below. In one swift motion, Beau dropped his shorts and boxers and stepped atop the platform. He gasped as the cold water hit his neck and shoulders, falling down his toned body, his long, thick cock and his round, tight ass. His cock swung slightly as water droplets landed on it. He hung his head under the stream, letting the water wash the sweat away.

After a minute, Beau shut off the water, grabbed his shorts, and walked naked back to the house. He showered outside so often now that he thought nothing of walking around the house and the yard without clothes, his cock hitting his muscular thighs as he walked. He could swear he occasionally caught his mother’s sister-in-law letting here eyes linger on his cock. He didn’t blame her. It wasn’t infrequent that a friend of his would comment on what they thought was a massive hard-on in Beau’s shorts. “I’m not hard,” he’d reply. “I just have a huge dong.”

In his bedroom, Beau picked out a T-shirt and his other pair of cargo shorts, thankfully clean. He checked for clean boxers and found none. Briefs it was. He pulled up a pair of white Hanes, which barely constrained his cock. He finished dressing, slipped on a pair of flip-flops, and headed out the door. In his brief time in the country, Beau had discovered a bar within what passed for walking distance in this town. An hour’s walk down the road and he could at least get drunk; they never carded in this place, and Beau looked older than he was anyway. He began his walk down the dirt road and lit a joint he had rolled using weed he bought last time he was at the bar. Living in the middle of nowhere had its occasional privileges.

It was dark when Beau sauntered up the gravel driveway of his aunt’s house. He swayed as he walked, too drunk to even attempt a straight line, a bent cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth. He had fallen a few times on the walk back, and it was all he could do to keep upright now. His time at the bar had been relatively uneventful. He had pounded back beers and tequila shots with some locals, and unsuccessfully hit on the couple women who had ventured into the bar. Drunk off his ass, he hadn’t been particularly smooth. Beau spit out his cigarette and stumbled as he walked in the door, and laughed to himself.

“What on God’s green earth do you think you’re doing, young man?” His aunt’s voice caused Beau to clumsily swing around. She sat in the living room staring at him, fire in her eyes.

Beau tried to stand up straight, but the room kept spinning. “Err… uhhh… heyassssSarah.” His words slurred hopelessly. He leaned against the wall.

She stood up and walked toward him. “God dammit! Look at you! Not only did you not finish your chores, which landed me in a world of shit with the appraiser when he came by this afternoon, you’re drunk as a goddamn skunk. Here I promise your mother I’m going to keep you out of trouble this summer, and you’re getting shit-faced with… well, I don’t even know where the fuck you were.”

“Mmsorry,” mumbled Beau. He attempted to slide off his flip-flop and landed on his ass in the process.

“For god’s sake, get up here.” The woman lifted the boy to the best of his ability. “Damn, you’re heavy.” She guided the boy back to his room and spilled him onto the bed. His long legs and big feet hung off its edge. “You stay there and sober up. Don’t think we won’t talk about this tomorrow.”

Beau tried to respond, but instead threw his head back and passed out, the room still spinning.

“Whu-h?” Beau sat upright. “Augh…” He rubbed the back of his head, which was pounding. He looked down at himself. Still dressed in last night’s clothes, a single flip-flop hanging off his left toe. “The fuck…?”

He tried to remember the night prior. He could recall being at the bar, drinking beer and doing shots, maybe talking to some locals, although it was a blur. He vaguely remembered walking back along the dirt road and… oh, shit. The confrontation with his aunt. “Fuck.” He couldn’t remember exactly what had been said, just that she had been angry. Stumbling out of bed, he walked out of his room into the kitchen, wondering if she’d be there waiting for him.

It was empty. On the counter sat a note.


Beau put down the note. “Fuck.” He rubbed his forehead. At least she didn’t give me any chores, he thought. Padding about the kitchen, he fixed himself some food and coffee, and threw back a handful of aspirin for his aching head. Must’ve drank a fucking shit ton, he thought to himself. He knew he’d have to deal with his aunt eventually, but this was hardly the first time he had been in trouble. Her fault for making me do her bitch work, he thought.

Having taken some time to nurse his hangover, Beau walked back to his room. He lifted his shirt over and off his head and ran his hands over his smooth chest. Shower, he thought. He dropped his shorts and briefs, wrapped a too-small towel around his waist, and walked out the door to the backyard shower. He dropped the towel and started the water. Standing under it, he could feel his headache subsiding. Another few minutes of this, he thought, and he may be able to bear the harsh glare of the sun in his eyes. He groaned slightly, looking forward to getting back inside and crashing until his aunt got home.


Beau heard. His eyes went wide as he recognized the voice.

“You are twice as dumb as I thought you were, and you are fucked besides.”

Beau turned cautiously. Henry. The man who a week prior had warned Beau from antagonizing his aunt again stood before him. Beau made a slight gesture toward covering his huge cock with his hands, before remembering where that got him last time and leaving his arms at his side. He unconsciously pushed his shoulders back and stood a bit straighter. “Hen – S-sir…”

“Oh no, not near good enough. You stand at attention when I address you, boy.”

Beau stood straight, wincing as his head throbbed. Looking down, he took in his visitor. Henry was tall as he remembered. Elevated by the platform, Beau looked down at him, but standing on even ground the man easily eclipsed Beau. Unlike last time, Henry came bare-chested. Beau could now see what he only got a hint of last time. Henry was built. Years of hard manual labor had given the man a massive, rock-hard body. Beau noted how different it was from his own; Beau’s body came from hours in the gym, from vanity. A life of backbreaking labor had sculpted Henry’s. Even where Beau and Henry had similarly-sized muscles, Beau thought that the man looked like he could break Beau in half if he wanted. The broad, solid chest was covered with a coating of brown hair, with a smattering of grey, matching the short, salt-and-pepper hair atop his head. The man wore jeans over massive legs, and work boots. Sweat dripped from the man’s grey temples onto the coarse stubble that covered his face, and his bare chest glistened. Beau wasn’t sure how old he was, but he appeared to be about forty.

“I thought that I made myself clear last time I was here.” The man’s voice boomed. “You do not fuck around with your aunt.” He stepped forward, his face inches from Beau’s chest. “So imagine my surprise when I get a phone call from her yesterday afternoon, hysterical, begging me to come over and finish mowing her lawn so that she doesn’t get fucked when the appraiser comes over. ‘Course, I’m happy to help out Sarah, but then she told me why she needed my help.” Fucking punk, thought Henry. All the same. Still, Henry knew how to break his type.

Beau had first been startled, but now he was tense and, he admitted to himself, fearful with the large man yelling at him when Beau was naked and vulnerable. Also a concern was the fact that Beau’s cock was centimeters away from touching the bare skin of the man’s chest.

“She needed my help because you,” Henry punctuated this last room with a sharp poke in the middle of Beau’s hairless chest. “YOU skipped out on your chores! Off getting fucked up some way or the other, I’d bet. Is that it? I said, was that it, boy?” Another poke.

Beau had to shift to keep his balance every time the man’s massive hand touched his skin. “Yes, sir. That was it, sir. I was at the bar. Getting drunk.”

“Fuckin’ layabout piece of trash. You think you’re gonna pull that shit on my watch? You think I’m not going to teach you a lesson?”

Beau had it. It was bad enough this creep was interrupting his shower. Bad enough that his shouting was aggravating Beau’s headache. Bad enough that he was manhandling Beau’s naked body. But if this asshole thought he was going to come over here and treat Beau like a bitch, he didn’t know whom he was dealing with. “Listen, old man,” said Beau, surprisingly himself with how forceful he managed to make his voice., “You think I’m going to punk out like a little bitch because some old-ass fucker doesn’t have anything better to do that fuck with me, you can just go to fucking hell. Now get the fuck out of my face, and get the fuck out of here!” Beau stood, his chest heaving. He stared into Henry’s eyes.

Henry didn’t move a centimeter. The older man’s hands were on his hips. His breathing didn’t change an iota. The expression on his face was intense, yet almost amused.

“I said fucking leave!” Beau swung his fist at the man. He had been in dozens of fights before, and he won them all. Other guys knew not to fuck with Beau unless they wanted to get their asses kicked, badly. He had sent guys to the hospital with broken bones. If this old man wasn’t going to listen to him, he was going to put him down.

Beau’s fist connected with Henry’s jaw. Henry staggered back slightly. Beau stood, still on the platform, arms at the ready, cock swinging between his legs. He breathed heavily, his eyes wide. The man had his head turned to the side, and a hand in front of it. A red drop fell onto the man’s hairy chest. Shit, thought Beau. Maybe I broke the dude’s jaw, or knocked out a tooth. Beau smiled broadly. The man spit on the ground. Beau shouted, “Not so tough now, are you, fucker?”

“Heh. Hah!”

Beau dropped his fists slightly. His look of glee was replaced with confusion.

The man dropped his hand and looked at Beau. He smiled from ear to ear. A trickle of blood ran from the corner of his mouth down his chin. He continued to chuckle. “Hah! Boy, I do not know where you are from, but that was the weakest, pussiest punch I have ever felt in my life. Fuck, your aunt could lay a stronger one than that on my jaw. Fuckin’ Hell, you do need me to break you in. Make you a man.” Henry stepped forward again. “Now, remember, boy, this’s for your own good.”

Beau didn’t have time to move before the man landed a blow square on Beau’s cheek. Pain exploded across Beau’s face. He blacked out for a moment as he flew off the stone platform and landed square on his ass in the grass. He fell back, his back and head hitting the ground, his legs outstretched, his cock flopping on his stomach. His head spun. He sat staring at the sky for a length of time he couldn’t determine. He knew he had to get up. The boy turned on his stomach, resting his weight on his elbow, and attempted to raise himself on his knees.

Suddenly, an irresistible weight fell on Beau’s back. He felt rock hard, sweaty muscles and coarse hair pressed into his back. He felt hot breath and hard stubble against the back of his neck. An arm like steel cable wrapped itself around Beau’s neck, putting the boy in a headlock. Beau felt a powerful hand on his ass, forcing his lower body into the ground. “What the fu-”

Henry cut off the boy’s words by tightening the headlock slightly. Henry beamed. The boy’s actions cracked him up, his arms trying desperately to pry Henry’s arms off him, yet not budging Henry a centimeter. “Now, you’re going to listen to me, boy. I know your type, like I said. Big, buff stud. Got all the girls screaming when you fuck ‘em with your big-ass dick. Yeah, I saw that thing. Bet you it impresses those girls. Not me, though.” Henry chuckled. It was almost cute how he could feel the boy’s muscles squirming beneath him. “See, I’ve been around the block. I know what separates a boy from a man. You’re about as useful as a horse and not half as smart. But I’m gonna make you better, boy. I’m going to make you a man.” He lightened his headlock.

Beau exhaled. He breathed heavily. He was using all his strength to try and get the man’s arms off him, and he couldn’t even manage to make Henry struggle. Beau didn’t know how this was happening. He had never physically been at anybody’s mercy. “Help!”

Henry laughed. “You forget where you are? Shit, you’re so dumb maybe you did. Nobody’s gonna hear you out here. Now, you play along here, you can learn something, and it’ll be better for you.”

Beau put all his strength into trying to push Henry off him. Beau succeeded in rising to his hands and knees, but Henry remained on top of him, an iron grip on Beau’s body.

“Gonna be like that, huh? No difference to me.”

Beau felt a hand that could have been carved from granite reach between his legs and firmly clutch his balls. Beau froze.

“Told you, boy. To me you’re just an especially dumb farm animal. If that’s how I gotta treat you, so be it.” Henry emphasized his final statement by squeezing the boy’s hanging balls. He snickered at the boy’s exclamation.

Beau’s mind raced. Think through this, man, he thought to himself. You’re on your hands and knees like a fucking animal. You gave this old dude your best shot and now he’s fucking owning you. He’s literally got you by the fucking balls. Christ, this hurts. Just play along for now, Beau. Get him off you, get your balls free, then wait until he turns his back and kick his ass. What’s that noise, anyway. Almost sounds like he’s spitting in his hand. “Ahh!”

In assessing his situation in his hangover-plagued mind, Beau hadn’t been paying attention to Henry. All he knew is that he suddenly felt something pressed… there. Beau felt something huge pressed against his asshole. His eyes went wider than ever in his life. He tried to yell, but was stopped by Henry’s arm around his neck.

“I told you, boy, ” the man said, “Your big dick may impress those little girls back home, but not me. You know why, boy?” Henry, smirking, leaned his head down next to the boy’s ear.

Beau could feel hot breath on the side of his face. The 18-year-old was trembling.

“Because I’m bigger, Beau.”

Beau shouted as he felt something huge penetrate his hole. He had never had anything up there, ever. It was unlike anything he had ever felt. He was being invaded. He could feel it sliding deeper and deeper inside. “Please!” He shouted. “Please stop!”

“Hah!” Henry chuckled. “You could’ve prevented this easy. Not my fault you had to be such a fuckin’ punk. Now, what you’re feeling now is my cock, lubed up and sliding into your sweet ass.” Henry gave Beau a full-strength slap on the ass, and grinned both at the yelp that issued from the boy, and the bright red handprint he left on the boy’s creamy, white, smooth ass. “It’ll feel better if you relax, boy. And you’d better, because I’m not even halfway in.”

Beau wanted to keep shouting, but knew that nobody would hear him. They were too isolated, and his aunt wouldn’t be home for hours. He could barely process the feeling inside his ass. The man’s cock felt like a fucking flagpole. It was huge. How could it not be in all the way? This man was bigger, faster, stronger than Beau, and his cock was bigger than his, too? What am I supposed to do, he thought. I can’t get him off me. Can’t shout for help. Is he right? Should I just relax? Beau’s thoughts went blank as he felt the man’s cock drilling deeper and deeper into him. He heard himself shouting. At one point he felt the huge tool hit something inside him, and Beau could swear that his shouting started to sound more like… moaning.

“There ya go,” said Henry. “Knew you’d come around. I’m almost all the way in you now. Trust me, once I start fucking you, you’re gonna forget all about the pain.”

“Y… you’re going to fuck me?” Beau could hear the fear and exasperation in his voice. He felt tears running down his cheek. It seemed like a stupid question when he thought of it. After all, Henry’s dick was buried in his ass already. But Beau never thought he’d be getting fucked by a dude at all, let alone be totally owned by some old guy.

“What was that?” Henry finally pushed himself entirely inside the boy.

Beau groaned loudly. “You’re going to fuck me… sir?” His voice was meek.

“Yes,”, said Henry. “Yes I am. It’s a learning experience. You see, you think the world revolves around you. You think you can walk all over everybody. You don’t answer to anybody. You gotta learn different. If you’re going to be a fucking little punk, then I’m gonna teach you that you belong to me.” With that Henry pulled his cock back and again sank it deep into Beau’s ass. “Trust me, when I’m done you’ll thank me.”

Beau lowered his head. He had never heard himself make the noises he heard coming from his mouth as the man again and again slid his cock in and out of Beau’s tight ass. What started as a slow, deliberate pace to Beau’s first fucking was speeding up. He became aware not only of the huge tool destroying him, but the older man’s hips slapping against his ass.

Was so not ready to face that fucking crowd again- was hoping that today would go better then yesterday… After the way they had treated me, I was so scared of everyone that had been in that room- the entire point of the exercise was to hurt me as bad as they could to see if I would recover from it, and I had. The bruises were gone, my eye was completely better (and I had learned a very important, eye-related lesson) but my spirit was still broken and deathly afraid. If my master hadn’t been there- I’m pretty sure I would have been dead.

And I’m really afraid to go through with the test because of what it means- I worked in the stables, I know what a stud fee is- and I don’t know that I want to grow more slaves for people that… evil. I really wish I could say something about it. Why can’t I ever say anything? What the hell is wrong with me?

Same building, same smoke filled room, same expensive clothes- they had been cleaned at the bathhouse and I noticed that all the blood was gone- same blank expression on my face as I followed sheepishly behind my master and tried not to think. I was so nervous- I was never this nervous before a job. I didn’t want to be a stud…

I grabbed the tube as soon as it was offered to me, and held my breath as long as I could, blocked out the negotiations, everything but the sound of my master’s voice. I counted to 10 after every hit and closed my eyes, hoping that it would all be over soon and we could just go home- back to the safety of my tower- I was skittish as I ran my eyes over the crowd talking, looking for the elf I had seen before, but I couldn’t find him. Getting light-headed. Good. What was I talking about?

“Xaxac,” my master pushed me up, “Show these good people how well you’ve healed.”

I was much more relaxed with the drugs coursing through me, and managed to be far more graceful in getting my robe undone, slowly sliding off the tights, sliding them down over the boots so I could keep them on. My master indicated that I should turn around, so I did, slowly, and bent over like he had instructed me to do when we were alone- he hadn’t ordered it here, but it went over well- I thought then, that I might want to take up dancing.

There were murmurs amongst the crowd, I tuned them all out- I just wanted to leave, and the fear must’ve shown through on my face, because those dicks seemed to get off on it. Some expressed disbelief, like they’d never seen a fucking shifter before, but most were just speaking with my master, quietly- in what I thought was scheming way-as I straitened myself and looked across the room.

“Look, it isn’t going to do any good to rip him open like you did yesterday,” I heard my master say, “If you want to do that, it’ll be extra. And I still don’t want any permanent damage,”

“Any damage I cause, I’ll pay for,” I recognized the man who had cut my back yesterday.

“You can try him out, but I don’t want him damaged- it’s not a matter of money,”

I think I started shaking- it was suddenly cold.

“His cuts all healed, but we need to know- if you’re breeding him as a sex slave, we want to know that EVERYTHING has healed.”

“That’s ridiculous, you felt him yesterday- he wasn’t a virgin then.” My master seemed to be getting angry- they were calling him a liar, “If you want to try him out, you have to pay. There’s not going to be any free rides!”


My eyes grew wide as I watched the sheer amount of money being passed around. I bit my lip- something told me that if they were paying for me it was going to be even worse then yesterday. I wasn’t used to that level of abuse- but I would get through it- I would heal- it was all going to be alright- my master wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me. I was trying my damnedest to justify it to myself.

“Xac- this gentleman wants to test your healing factor,” my master slid the gold into a pocket and I came back to my knees, facing where they were sitting.

He had pulled his pants down by the time I got there- deceptively quick for someone so big, and when I bent down to suck him, he grabbed my hair and pulled me into a kneeling position.

“Turn around” he order gruffly, and I sighed- dry? Why? What-the-fuck did that prove?

Whatever, I want to go home. Whatever gets it over the quickest.

He bore into me full throttle, with no lubrication- it must have hurt him the way it hurt me- even jacking off I’d rather have a little oil or something- but he bore over me, intent and seemingly happy- I could see his wicked grin in the corner of my eye- weighing me down- it was everything I could do to stay on my knees- I was to afraid of what he would do if I let myself fall. I was trying to disguise how badly he was hurting me- ignoring me- slamming into me with no regard for what he was doing- I was limp and trying not to cry- concentrating on keeping myself up, trying to close my eyes and focus on the floating, tingling sensation that I had a few seconds ago- not the ripping, searing pain…

But fucking shit, it hurt! Holy fuck, it hurt! It hurts, it hurts!

“Of course it does- your master was right- it’s like fucking a virgin,”

Shit, had I said that out loud?

“Every,” he announced the word with a deep thrust, “fucking,” another, and I couldn’t stop the tears from wailing up- didn’t he know that there were people watching us? “TIME!”

He was whispering now, but the tone was the same- I don’t know if anyone else heard him or not, but I don’t know how they couldn’t, “Cry you little bitch,” he hissed, “Tell me how bad it fucking hurts.”

How long was he going to do this? My knees were getting weak- my arms gave out and I fell to my elbows, pawing, clutching the carpet trying to think of… anything else.

He was ripping me open just as badly as he had yesterday- there was no reason for that! He fit! He wasn’t like the satyr- who DIDN’T rip me- he just needed a better pace, and I could relax; I could get off on this. As it was, every time I started to relax he changed pace, or grabbed another part of me, or hit me so hard it threw me back on guard. I really wish that someone- anyone would call him on it, but my master was watching silently- I couldn’t see him because of the death grip the monster had on my head, suddenly bashing me against the carpet so hard I felt my face scrape and begin to burn as he picked up his pace.

Maybe that means he’s almost ready! Please please please let it be over, let him cum! He seems ready-

“Cum inside me,” I begged, “please! Cum inside me!”

He laughed, “Goddamn, such a good whore- ripped and bleeding and still beggin’ for cum!”

Whatever- think whatever you need to, just let this shit be over! My ass, my fucking face- my arms he had pinned behind me- I can’t move my fingers- do I have any blood? Fuck fuck fuck fuck-

And he screamed- and exploded. He bore down on me so hard that I finally fell, and his full weight went to his hands, one still pinning my head to the floor, the other around my wrists, and I heard something snap- my angle changed and as he flooded into me, he slammed as deep as he could and made guttural, inhuman noises. I didn’t care about any of it- it was over- thank god, it was finally over.

He stayed there a few minutes, pulsating while I tried to milk his cock- but I didn’t really want him to enjoy himself, I didn’t really want his repeat business But I also didn’t want to earn a bad reputation. He spit on the exposed side of my face and I closed my eye to avoid it. I knew I was going to have a huge scrape across my other cheek- why the hell couldn’t I move my fingers? I tried to prop myself up with the hand that wasn’t pulsating and refusing me, but he held me firm even as he pulled out in one smooth motion.

When he let go, I rolled over to sit up, realized how badly it hurt and moved to kneel. I wiped the spit off of my face with my good hand (the right one) and tried to ignore the other and wait for it to heal. When I touched the left side of my face, it burned. I growled without realizing it.

“Now,” he commanded, “Come over here and clean me up,”

What? I looked around for towels or anything, but in the time it took me to realize that there were none, he pulled my head towards his lap- I put out both of my hands to brake my fall and immediately regretted it. I yelped as I pulled back the bad one. Was he fucking serious? I mean, I had taken a pretty rough treatment at the bathhouse this morning, so I knew I was clean, but… still… not to mention the fact that he was covered with my blood and his splooge. I don’t even eat meat- I didn’t know if I could really do blood and keep it down- especially considering… the situation…

He slapped me on the burnt part of my face. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. It tasted just as bad as I had expected. I tried to block it out, but my taste buds and stomach were both screaming at me- I just had to get through this, just had to finish it- this had to be the last thing from him. He was growing again in my mouth as I licked expertly, trying to get every nook and cranny- trying to leave him nothing to bitch about.

Finally, I knew that his shaft was clean, I couldn’t taste anything, no blood, not sweat, no seamen, no faint traces of anything else… I pulled back up with his hands still on my shoulders, crying freely now, as he stared down at me with this look of complete… dominance in his eyes… as if he owned me. I could hear him now, asking, “So, Max, how much do you want for this one?”

But I knew my master would never, never let that happen.

And on my faith, he chose that moment to speak.

“What’s wrong with your hand, Xac? Why won’t you let it touch anything?”

I tore my gaze away from the monster above me, “I think I… hurt it when I fell?”

“Is it broken?” he asked, and pulled me from the grip of my tormentor.

“I.. don’t know…” I admitted.

“Move your fingers, rotate your hand, like this,” he made a gesture where he moves his wrist in a circle.

I screamed in pain when I tried. It still wouldn’t move. My master’s eyes narrowed.

“You broke his wrist.” he spoke slowly, calmly, but there was a dangerous silence that accompanied his demeanor

“He heals,” the man responded.

“Yes,” master cut him off, “And if it heals incorrectly- if the bone isn’t set- then he will be damaged- permanently”

The man made no response.

“You,” my master continued, “are going to go with us and pay a healer to set his hand.”

Silence. The three of us stood- I really wanted something to drink or rinse my mouth out with.

“We will return and I am still willing to deal for the stud fee,” he said with an arm protectively around my shoulder, “His healing is obvious.”

And the three of us left, went into the carriage, and journeyed off to my first real visit with a healer.

This is a pretty lengthy start to an idea of my rendition of A Little Mermaid.

All characters are eighteen or older.

Also, the excerpt in the beginning is a throwback to other fiction I’ve written. A little explanation of how I do my mythical creatures is sometimes needed, but footnotes aren’t an option, sadly.


Though a well-known creature, merperson anatomy is commonly misrepresented due to centuries of misinformation.

Since they mate and possess gonads like humans, the trademark scales of a merperson begin to form beneath their buttocks and a few inches below their genitals. Their bottom halves are not one veritable fin. This mistaken assumption is due to the fact that, though mer-people do in fact have two separate “legs”, they commonly swim with the appendages pressed tightly together. Their scaly limbs do end in luxurious “tailfins”, however, which are composed of flimsy membranes. This makes it impossible for them to traverse to land, but they serve as beautiful props in mer mating rituals.

– Excerpt from Mythic Observations by Aspen Leroux, p. 67, chapter III


Zelda burst through the surface of the ocean into chilly twilight air. After waiting a second for her gills to close – an initial reaction to air- and for her lungs to take over, the mermaid inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of salt and fresh air. Nearby, lightly silhouetted against the setting sun, a galleon bobbed on the water. It wasn’t the shadow that caught Zelda’s attention, though, it was the indiscernible shrieking.

Zelda cautiously swam closer to the ship. Her father’s warnings about humans flared in her mind, but they were ignored in favor of curiosity as the screams became louder. It took her a minute to realize the ruckus was originating from an open window that, presumably, led to the officers’ quarters.

With the help of an opportune wave, the mermaid made short work of climbing the stern of the ship. Zelda perched herself onto a decorative ledge and peeked into the open window; she felt her heart twist and her lower stomach prickle in a mix of shock and excitement at the scene.

“Let go of me!” a blonde woman, adorned in a dingy dishwater brown dress, pounded her open hands against her attacker’s chest. He had her trapped against a desk, his hips grinded unabashedly against hers. Chuckling, the man further pinned the woman against the desk by snatching her wrists.

“Wouldn’t it be a pity,” the man’s voice oozed like oil as he leaned closer to his unwilling prey. Despite her thrashing, he brought one of her hands to his lips and ran his lips over her palm as he continued, “If such a pretty thing like yourself was caught stealing from the prince? What’s the punishment for theft, again?”

The woman’s hands instantly closed into fists as her struggles ceased. The rosy flush left her cheeks as she bit her bottom lip, worry painting her face into a miserable expression. Finally, the servant woman averted her gaze and muttered, “How may I be of service to Your Majesty?”

Zelda felt her lower stomach tighten as the prince purred, “Submit to me.”

With a dismal expression on her face, the servant nodded in compliance.

“Good girl.” The prince turned the woman around, anticipation evident by the lump in his pants, and shoved her harshly forward. As she bent over the desk, his hand went to her neck, holding her down as his fingers tangled in her locks.

Zelda’s hand began its descent down, over the curvature of her breasts and the slippery flesh of her stomach. Her fingers delved between her lips, eliciting a shiver from Zelda just as the prince hiked the servant’s skirt over her hips. With her legs forced wide apart by the royalty, and relieved of her modest covering, the servant’s pussy lay bared before the man and, unknowingly, to the mermaid.

The prince ran his fingers over the woman’s lower lips and she responded with reluctant whimpers of pleasure. Zelda’s fingertips lightly traced her clit, sending soft brushes of delight through her body, as the prince’s own fingers began the same ministration. However, unlike Zelda’s gentle self-pleasuring, the prince’s fingers rubbed roughly and quickly against the servant’s own sensitive nub. Instantly, the servant mewled and writhed while the pressure in the prince’s pants grew. Involuntarily, her hips pressed against the prince’s fingers and a pleased grin curled at his lips. He slid three fingers into the servant, enjoying the way her muscles clenched at him as he sawed the digits in and out of her. It was evident the woman was frustrated in her own body’s enjoyment, as she tried to stifle her wriggles and bite down on her moans.

Satisfied with her reaction, the prince removed his fingers from the woman and undid his trousers. His fingers wrapped around his pulsing cock, stroking it a few times before leading it to the servant’s swollen pussy lips.

Zelda bit her bottom lip as her gaze took in his dick. Long and thick, with a nice plump head. The mermaid had to admit it looked positively enticing. Her lower stomach tightened and prickling tingles coursed through her body as the man rubbed the head of his cock against the servant’s pussy. Zelda could almost imagine how it would feel to have meaty cock stretching her, filling her. Then the prince jerked his hips and easily thrust himself roughly into the waif-like blonde.

With a grunt, the man began to pound into the woman, enjoying the half-dry friction of the servant. The blonde whimpered in pain, her whole body tensed around him, but the friction soon had her drenched. His free hand, unabated by uncertainty, delivered a stinging slap to the woman’s rear. The sound of his palm smacking the soft flesh sent jolts of pleasure to his groin as his balls tightened.

It also sent an excited rush through Zelda’s lower body as her pussy became drenched in her juices. Her free hand joined its counterpart down below, slowly sliding two fingers into her hot cunt. Already, the muscles clenched at her fingers as Zelda continued to watch the prince fuck the other woman.

Ragged panting tore at the prince’s dry throat as his fucktoy whimpered. Whether it was from pain or pleasure, he didn’t care. The almost unbearable tightness that gripped at his balls was the only thing on his mind; he wanted to push himself forward, over the edge, and fill this little peasant whore with his hot cum. His hand tightened on the back of the blonde’s neck as his other palm came down harder on the woman’s ass. With each spank, her pussy’s muscles clenched tighter and tighter at his cock.

Zelda was fast approaching her own peak. Her fingers worked more quickly, teasing her clit and finger-fucking herself. Her muscles tensed as hot warmth curled through her body. Her impending orgasm pressed against her body and, with a full body spasm, a hot tidal wave of ecstasy crashed over her. Zelda bit down on her bottom lip as her body trembled and, just then, the ship tipped on a particularly large swell, tossing the unbalanced mermaid into the sea with a yelp.

The prince, on the other hand, was having a tougher time reaching his peak. Frustration clawed at his gut as both of his hands went to the servant’s hips. Forcefully, he slammed into harder, trying to send himself over the edge. He was precariously, and stubbornly, perched on the very tip.

Snarling to himself, the man dragged his cock from the servant’s sopping pussy and, without a warning, rammed into the woman’s ass. A shriek tore from her lips as red-hot pain accompanied the man’s cock, but the prince continued to pound into her ass, intent on coming.

“S-stop, it hurts!” The blonde struggled between standing there and somehow pushing the royal dick off her.

The man didn’t even acknowledge her word, though the hot pressure of his oncoming orgasm was made all the sharper by the woman’s pain. It didn’t take long for him to reach his peak. With one last hard thrust, balls tightened, his muscles tensed, and he was finally sent hurtling over his proverbial edge. Pleasurable heat bubbled through his body as his release unleashed spurts of cum into the blonde.

Still panting, the prince removed his slowly softening cock from the orifice. He cleaned himself off with the hem of the servant’s dress and buttoned his trousers before stepping back, “I’m done with you, peasant.”

The woman didn’t stir. Only a sighing whimper signaled that she was still conscious.

“Well, off with you. You’ve outlasted your use.” The prince sauntered away from the servant, toward his bed. Exhaustion weighed on his limbs.

Stiffly, the woman gingerly righted her self. She took care to smooth her skirt down, delaying the inevitable pain that would accompany her first steps. When the prince harrumphed, the blonde knew she couldn’t dally any longer. After a pained curtsey to His Majesty, the servant hobbled toward the exit.

Zelda peeked over the ledge, cautiously. She didn’t wish to be found out should the unoccupied couple happen to turn their eyes toward the open window. Though she missed the finale, due to her impromptu dive, the mermaid still wanted to steal one last glimpse of the prince.

Luckily for her, the prince found that moment to be opportune to change his sweat-stained clothes. As he tugged his shirt over his head, momentarily blind to the peeping mermaid, Zelda received an eyeful of his chiseled physique. The best part, however, was the happy trail that naughtily dragged her eye down from his navel to the waistband of his pants.

The second passed and as soon as the prince’s head pulled free of the shirt, Zelda dove back into the ocean. Her flushed cheeks tingled, despite the cold water that whirled past her face, and her breath caught in her throat as her thoughts whirled around the image of the prince. It was an instant connection that Zelda never experienced before and it made her heart ache with desire.

As she swam deeper and deeper into the sea, the mermaid soon made her choice. The prince would be hers and she would be his. Zelda’s gaze flicked down at herself, briefly noting that her finned feet would be a problem. The thought was quickly displaced, though; she knew just which witch of the sea to go to about the fishie anatomy issue.

The summer seemed endless, Beau thought. He lay back on the bed, trying to nap. His mother’s sister-in-law, with whom he was living, was at work, and Beau had just finished the day’s chores. Beau had shown a renewed commitment to his work the past few weeks, ever since a bout of irresponsibility had led to some… harsh discipline at the hands of the mysterious and powerful man — Henry — who twice now had bent Beau completely to his will.

Beau shifted so that he lay directly on his back, his arms and legs spread. The room was hot. It was at least 95 outside, and Beau had just finished mowing the lawn and cleaning out the garage in preparation for some yard sale thing his host had planned. He had been drenched in sweat by the time he finished, and had stripped off and rinsed off under the house’s only shower, located outdoors. Exhausted from a long morning’s work, he wanted to take a nap. The heat was making that impossible.

Beau reached his hand down and absent-mindedly snapped the waistband of his small white briefs, the only item of clothing he wore. He cursed himself for being too lazy to do laundry; he would have preferred a loose pair of boxers, but the tight briefs were his last clean pair of underwear. He had just been so tired lately with all the work he had been doing around the house. Once Sarah realized that he was actually going to do what she told him to, she had put the tall, buff 18-year-old to work. Beau raised his neck and looked down at his body. His skin was bronzed from his time in the sun; his muscles rippled even more than when had had arrived. His huge dick strained the fabric of the briefs and left him with a sizeable bulge. He threw his head back and ran his hands through his hair. He was thankful that his chest was naturally smooth; less to keep track of.

His shoulder was sore from hauling things out of the garage. Beau thought of how much work he had been putting into the house lately, ever since… Henry. He thought of how helpless he had felt as Henry’s strong arms and hands had completely dominated him, how he had begged for mercy only to have his virgin ass completely destroyed by the man’s enormous tool. Beau thought of how it had felt to have the man pounding him mercilessly, Henry’s hips smashing against his soft ass…

Fuck, thought Beau. He realized that the bulge in his briefs had grown. The white cotton could barely contain it. Why did thinking about that day do this to him? How come, as hard as he tried not to, he thought about it when he jerked off? Maybe if he had been able to get some real action around here it would be different; but he hadn’t even seen a girl other than his aunt in weeks. At this point he was about ready to –

Beau sat up. He thought he heard footsteps in the house. Was that a voice…? It couldn’t be…

The door to Beau’s room opened. In the doorway stood a girl who looked to be around twenty. Beau was slack-jawed. He hadn’t seen a girl so pretty in… he had no idea. She was small, much shorter than he. She had brown hair that cascaded down her shoulders. She wore shorts and a tank top and carried a large, clear plastic Starbucks cup, mostly filled with ice.

“Oh! Hi!” The girl’s eyes were wide; she clearly had not expected what she saw. “I, uh… wow. I’m really sorry for barging in on you like this.” She was torn between awkwardly trying to look to the side and meeting the gaze of the large, nearly naked man on the bed in front of her.

“Uh, no, that’s okay,” replied Beau. He was confused by the girl’s behavior for a moment, before he realized that he was still on the bed propping himself up with his strong arms, his thick thighs spread, revealing his growing bulge in his small white briefs. “Oh, shit!” Beau covered his bulge as best he could with his hands. “I’m, uh, sorry, just let me get some…”

“No, no,” the girl said, settling her gaze on the younger man’s face. “I’m the one who busted in on you. I’m really sorry. It’s just that I was supposed to, like, pick up some stuff for my mom, and… well, I didn’t realize that Sarah wouldn’t be here. I’m, uh, Shannon.” She extended her hand.

“Beau.” He scooted forward on the bed and extended his own hand. Beau had large hands, but only one wasn’t up to the task of concealing his bulge. He caught the girl trying not to stare. He smirked. He wasn’t sure if she had expected to find him here or not, but he could tell she thought he was hot. Not that he blamed her. Might as well give her something to look at, he thought to himself. “So,” Beau removed both hands from his package and again used them to prop himself up on the bed. He kept his legs spread. “What brings you to my bedroom, Shannon?” He flashed her a wide, white smile. It had been a while since he had gotten to really flirt with a girl.

“I… ah, sorry,” she laughed nervously. “My mom is friends with Sarah. She asked me to come over here and pick up some stuff before the yard sale.” She tried to keep her eyes fixed on the boy’s, but she couldn’t help but let her eyes wander downward, to his cut, tan chest and stomach, and the white briefs that looked liked they were about to burst. She could tell that he wasn’t hard, and still his cock looked enormous.

Beau could practically feel the girl’s eyes sliding over his abs and his bulge. His smile only widened. He planted his feet on the bedroom carpet and stood up. He put his arms in the air and stretched, giving his visitor a totally unobstructed view of his ripped body. “Ooooh, right.” He lowered his arms and rested his hands on his hips. “Sarah said somebody might be coming by to pick some things up before the sale.” He almost laughed at the girl’s attempts not to ogle him. “You, uh, need me to help out? I’ve been doing a lot of work today already, but for you…” He flashed her another smile. Beau imagined how he was going to throw her down on the bed, slam her against the wall, make her scream when he fucked her with his rock-hard cock.

“Wow, um, yeah, I mean, that’d be great.” She attempted a drink from her straw, forgetting that she had finished it on the way over. She smiled at the boy sheepishly.

Beau took a step forward, keeping his hands on his hips. His buff, nearly-naked form was now only a foot away from the girl. “Looks like your drink is gone.”

Shannon regained her composure. The boy had caught her off-guard, and she couldn’t deny that she was taken in by his bold attempts at flirting, his showing off. She thought she should take the opportunity to flirt back. “Yeah, I guess it is.” She popped the lid off the cup and withdrew an ice cube. “Not these, though.” She placed the cube on her tongue and swallowed it, smirking at the boy’s attention to her lips. “You want one?”

“Sure.” He kept his hands on his hips. His briefs rode even lower than before as a result of the stretching, and his bulge had increased in size since Shannon entered the room. He opened his mouth to accept the ice.

Shannon, still smirking, took a cube from the cup and held it squarely against the center of the boy’s chest. Her smile widened at the gasp she elicited from Beau when the ice hit his skin.

Beau furrowed his brow and returned the girl’s smirk, but kept his hands in place. “Not what I expected.”

“Mm. But refreshing anyway.” She slowly slid the ice cube downward, leaving a cool trail of water on the muscled chest. The boy remained motionless. In fact, his eyes didn’t leave hers. The ice disappeared by the time she got halfway down his rippling abs. Damn, she thought. She had hoped to have an excuse to slide her hand down the front of his briefs. She settled for the twitch she saw in his bulge when a drop of cold water made its way into his waistband and presumably hit the base of his dick. “Want another?”

He took a step forward. His buff form was now inches away from the smaller woman. He felt powerful, in control, knowing how much she wanted him. He debated whether he’d have her give him a blowjob before he fucked her. “How about you first. Not fair, me being the only one without clothes on.”

“You’ve got clothes on.” She gestured toward his briefs.

“These?” He snapped the waistband of the underwear against his hip. “I don’t think these count.”

“Then lose ‘em.”

“How ’bout you first.” He flashed her that devilish grin, his eyes boring into hers. He took a small step toward her.

She laughed nervously. She could feel the heat emanating from his body. She had to tilt her head back to maintain eye contact; the boy had nearly a foot on her. “How old are you, anyway?”

“Eighteen. You?”

“Twenty-one. You’re just a little boy.”

“Not that little.”

“Drop these and prove it.” She hooked a fingertip into the front of his briefs.

“And what’ll you give me if I do?”

“Mm. I can think of a few things.”

Beau reached his arms around the girl and cupped her ass, pushing her into him.

Shannon hadn’t planned on being seduced by a younger man like this, but she found herself practically swooning once she was pressed against his hot, hard chest, feeling his strong arms around her. “I… ah…”

“Shh. Don’t worry; I’ll lose the shorts soon enough. But first, lets –”

“I can’t believe my goddamn eyes.”

Beau was petrified. Not here. Not now. He paused for what seemed like an eternity, then slowly shifted his eyes to the side.

There stood Henry. The man somehow seemed to get bigger every time Beau saw him. He stood in Beau’s doorway, looking as if he could snap the doorframe with a shrug. He was more dressed-up than Beau had ever seen him, wearing a short-sleeved button-down with his usual jeans and work boots. His graying hair was cropped close, and Beau could see the salt-and-pepper stubble that had rubbed his shoulder raw when Henry had fucked his then-virgin ass. Henry’s arms were crossed, and there was fire behind his eyes.

“Ow, you’re hurting me,” protested Shannon. She attempted to extricate herself from the boy’s arms, which now were inflexible as granite. “I’m sorry about this, sir.” She grunted. “Get off! Sheesh.” She brushed herself off and shot a dirty look at Beau. She faced the new arrival. “Sorry, again. We didn’t hear you come in.”

“Mm.” The man didn’t take his eyes off Beau, nor did his expression change. “And what is it I interrupted, boy?”

Beau’s eyes hadn’t left Henry’s since they met them. He had only been able to stare, his mouth hanging open.

“We were just…” Shannon started.

“I know your mother, young lady. She says you’re a good girl. But I asked this big idiot over here a question. What is it I interrupted, boy? You should know by now that I don’t like to repeat myself.”

“I… uh… sir, we were just, um…” The last time Beau saw Henry, it had been over his shoulder as the man shot his load deep inside Beau’s ass. Seeing him again, let alone in his bedroom, was surreal. Beau was currently wearing the most clothes Henry had ever seen him wear — this was the first time Henry had seen Beau not naked — yet he somehow felt more vulnerable than ever. As the realization that Henry was here hit him, he instinctively stood straight with his arms at his side.

Shannon decided it was best to keep quiet. She wasn’t sure what the relationship between these two was, but she knew she had missed something. The boy who had previously been seconds away from seducing her was now himself completely under their visitor’s control. She could sense it just from Beau’s body language.

“Yeah, yeah. I know what you were doing. In Sarah’s house, while she’s gone, no less. Shoulda known you’d need more than one lesson. God above, but I’ve never seen a boy dumb as you.” Henry crossed the room and stood inches away from Beau. He looked the boy up and down; he couldn’t repress a smirk at the boy’s straining white briefs. “Thought I told you to mind Sarah and stick to your chores. And here I find you trying to put your punk moves on a nice young girl. I thought I made myself clear. Guess not though.”

Beau’s eyes were wide. It was bad enough that Henry was here at all, bad enough that he was barely covered by his briefs when the other two in the room were fully dressed, but on top of that there was the possibility that Henry was going to humiliate him in front of Shannon, totally killing any chance he’d ever have with the girl. “Hey, uh, why don’t you just take off, Shan. Text me later.”

Henry gave Beau a quick, sharp slap to the face. Though Henry barely had to flick his wrist, Beau’s head snapped to the side. “You the one giving out orders here, boy? That’s not how you address a lady. Shoot, I have more work to do on you than I thought. You just stay where you are, young lady. This might be instructive for you, too.” Henry roughly grabbed the hair at the back of the boy’s head.

Beau quickly thought over his options. The last time he tried to fight back against Henry, he wound up with a black eye. Beau was stronger now than he was then, but he knew that the older man could kick his ass without breaking a sweat. He wasn’t sure what Henry had in store for him, but he doubted it’d be more embarrassing than getting his ass kicked by someone more than twenty years his senior. But letting himself be manhandled in front of the girl wasn’t going to help either; he had to be a man. He figured that Henry would rather back off than have a confrontation in front of the girl. Beau reached one hand around his back and grabbed Henry’s wrist where the older man had a hold of his hair; he placed the palm of his other hand on Henry’s chest. “Hey, fuck you, man. Get your hands off me, and get the fuck out of my room before I kick your ass.” Beau looked the older man straight in the eye.

Henry didn’t even bother responding. He dragged the struggling Beau by the back of his head to the bed, and with one swift motion flipped the boy so that he lay on his stomach across Henry’s lap as he sat on the bed. Henry held him down with a single arm. He could tell the boy had gotten stronger, but he was still nothing compared to Henry. As before, he chuckled to himself as the boy squirmed. Even moreso now, as Beau lay across his lap, his bubble butt in the air and straining the cotton briefs, and his beefy legs kicking helplessly.

Shannon was taken aback. She completely understood now why Beau had become obedient the minute Henry had walked in the room. The older man could toss even the tall, buff boy around like a rag doll. She was amazed that the stud she had been about to let fuck her was now lying completely helpless across the older man’s lap. She wasn’t sure whether to leave or stay and watch.

“Hey!” Beau shouted in desperation. He attempted to wriggle free, but he recognized this feeling of helplessness from the time Henry forced him to the ground. As much as he flailed his arms and legs, Henry’s vice-like grip refused to fail. “Fuck — come on, man, just let me up. I’ll fucking — just fucking let me up”

“Boy, if you’re gonna act like a spoiled fuckin’ brat, that’s how I’m gonna treat you. I’m gonna do what your mama shoulda done years ago. ” With the hand that wasn’t currently occupied pinning the wriggling youth, Henry roughly yanked down Beau’s briefs, revealing his large, but toned ass.

Beau was mortified. He looked toward Shannon, who was gazing wide-eyed at his bare ass.


Beau shouted. Henry had brought his large, strong hand down hard on Beau’s ass. A girl or two before had playfully spanked Beau, but this was different. He had never felt a blow like that on his ass. He heard himself making pathetic whimpering sounds, but he couldn’t stop.

Shannon couldn’t look away. She saw that the man’s huge hand left a large, bright red imprint where he had just struck. She put her hand to her mouth. She had never seen a guy as big and strong as Beau get completely owned and humiliated like this. She would have been lying had she said she wasn’t intrigued.


Beau again shouted as Henry’s hand laid another harsh blow on the soft skin of his ass. Beau was still thrashing, but he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere. He had a vague idea that he looked silly with his legs kicking behind him, but he’d do anything to avoid the pain of another –



“PLEASE,” Beau cried. “Please just stop!”

Henry paused, his arm in the air, ready to bring down another spank. “What’s that, boy? You’re a big strong man when it comes time to fuck around, but not when it’s time to accept the consequences?”


“FUCK. Please, please I’ll do anything. Sir! Just let me up please!”

Henry rested his palm on the reddened mound of Beau’s ass. He caressed it softly. “What do you think, girl? You think this dummy’s learned his lesson?”

Shannon was speechless. She had seen this man go from savagely slapping Beau’s ass to what almost looked like a display of tenderness. Besides, she just saw an 18-year-old boy get manhandled and spanked bare-ass right in front of her.

Henry pulled his arm upward once again, ready to continue his assault. “I said, you think he’s learned his lesson? Or does he need more punishment?”

“SHANNON PLEASE!” Beau locked eyes with the girl.

Shannon saw that the once-cocky young stud had tears forming in his eyes, and there was fear in his voice as he pleaded.

For his part, Beau was too concerned with the pain to think about how incredibly embarrassed he would be when this was over.

“He’s learned his lesson! He’ll be good. Sir.”

“Well, well.” Henry lowered his hand and gave Beau’s red ass a light pat, smirking at the wince it elicited from the boy. “Looks like you better say ‘Thank you’ to this nice girl for saving your ass, boy. Stand up and make yourself presentable.” Henry pulled the boy’s briefs back up over his ample round ass, letting the waistband snap against Beau’s skin. Finally, he lifted both his arms off the boy.

As soon as Beau felt himself free from Henry’s steel-cable hands, he shuffled off the man’s lap and awkwardly stood. He looked first to his assailant, who sat on Beau’s bed with his arms crossed, a stern look on his face. Beau then turned to look at Shannon as he absent-mindedly rubbed his tender ass. He met the girl’s eyes, both incredibly humiliated and unaware of how humiliated he’d be in a second. Shannon’s eyes were practically bugging out of her skull as she looked at — “Oh, fuck!”

Beau’s dick was hard as a rock. His tight, thin briefs weren’t remotely up to the task of keeping it covered, and so a good five inches of Beau’s cock slipped through the waistband of the briefs, pressed against his abs and throbbing. Beau quickly moved to cover his huge erection with his hands, though his attempts were awkward and insufficient, and he was continually distracted by the pain on his ass.

Henry rose and stood behind Beau. “Boy, what did I tell you about standing up straight when I am present? Same goes for this young lady. That means back straight, arms back, boy, unless you think I need to use my belt on you this time.”

Without hesitation, Beau snapped his head and shoulders back, and stood at attention, his arms at his side. His raging member was now completely visible straining out of his briefs, but Beau would have done anything to avoid more punishment, even further humiliate himself further in front of the girl he had planned on fucking not twenty minutes ago. He couldn’t bring himself to meet her eyes.

Shannon gaped. She wasn’t sure which was more impressive — the level of control the older man had over the formerly cocky young stud, or the size of said stud’s cock, which was even bigger than she had hoped.

Had Shannon been able to see behind Beau, where Henry stood, she’d have seen the older man’s strong hand find its way down the back of Beau’s briefs and quickly find the boy’s asshole. Henry pushed against the boy’s hole, penetrating him. Beau gasped, and nearly spun around.

“Beau?” Shannon asked. “Are you okay?”

Michelle & I finished dinner at about 6:45pm. She talked non-stop about everything from the weather to politics.

There was an anxious tone in her voice when she spoke. She was probably feeling a sense of guilt & nervousness because in the past 4 hours, unbeknownst to her, I had watched her allow herself to be molested by a massage therapist & groped by a group of six guys in a bar.

On both occasions Michelle could have stopped her assailants, but on both occasions, she reluctantly allowed the molesters to continue as her body submitted to the roaming hands & fingers.

The massage therapist gave me an invitation to a party before she left our hotel room. It is being held in the outer suburbs of Sydney, an area I’m not familiar with & it’s starting in just over an hour.

“Hey honey. Let’s go for a walk this way.” I said as we were walked out of the restaurant & headed toward the train station. “It looks a bit more scenic.”

Michelle hooked her arm in mine, looked up at me & smiled as we walked in the warm mid-summer night air. Obviously feeling tipsy from the alcohol she had consumed in the past few hours, Michelle was leaning into me occasionally as she lost balance while we walked. I had to put my arm around her to keep her steady. I’m 6’1″ and she is only 5’3″ so her head rested nicely on my chest.

She was happy and chatted to me without a care in the world. She was also so distracted with her conversation, that she didn’t even notice we had walked into the train station, standing on the platform & waiting for the outer-suburbs train.

When the train arrived, Michelle looked up at me confused as we boarded. “What the… Where are we going?” She asked, “Why are we getting on a train?”

“I don’t know honey.” I said reassuring her, “We know this part of the city pretty well. I thought it might be nice to explore a bit & get a drink somewhere different.”

Michelle liked spontaneous actions & this was a nice surprise to her. She had a smile from ear to ear as we walked through the train trying to find a seat. “Man it’s crowded,” I said walking in front, “I wonder if there are any spare seats in the next carriage?”

I had just passed one of the doors as the train pulled into the next station, a couple people got off & I was lucky enough to score a seat. When I looked around to get Michelle to sit on my lap, I could see she had been pushed back down the isle by the crowd of people who just got on. There must have been some kind of football game on in the suburbs, because they were all dressed in red & white colours as they crammed into our carriage.

There were a few kids, teenagers & some middle aged guys. Michelle was about five people back from me standing at the side of the seats near the door. Even though I was only 4 or 5 metres away from her, she hadn’t seen me yet.

It felt like we were in a can of sardines as I waited for the crowd move a little. In the end, I thought I would just wait until the next stop before I tried to grab her. I also didn’t want to be that annoying wanker on the train who yells out to people.

An announcement came over the PA; “Service from Sydney to Paramatta. Next Stop is Redfern.”

Parramatta is where the party is, so we are going to be on here for at least another 40 minutes which should still get us there by 8pm, I thought to myself.

We could have got a taxi, but I figured it would have been hard to pull off the spontaneous act after giving the driver an address.

When I looked over to Michelle, I could see these two old guys in the seat she was standing next to. Both were looking out the corner of their eyes at my wife’s slim size 8 body. Her left hand held the loop handle above her, while she was using the vertical pole which divides the seats from the doorway as her other support. The pole holds the clear glass which works as a wind break for the passengers when the doors open.

With her body stretched like this, her perky A cup breasts were pressed tight into the silk fabric of her dress. Michelle had no idea how naked she looked right now. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra & these two lucky old guys had the best seats in the house.

The old guy closest to her moved his arm onto the armrest of the seat. His hand was now at the exact height & about an inch away from her crotch. The train rocked and moved around a lot & Michelle was being pushed from behind by the crowd as they struggled to keep their balance. Every time she got pushed forward, the dirty old pervert was able to cop a feel with the back of his hand.

His mate was staring at her body to, but she just looked straight ahead & out the window as the train pulled into the next station. Again only a few got off, but more people squeezed their way on, so I still couldn’t get to her. She was smart enough to stay where she was and held on tightly to her support handles.

The train was now so over filled; she was pressed right up against the armrest. The old guys were clearly loving the view of this hot blonde 34 year old woman standing so close.

His fingers now started to wiggle & move nearer, tracing their way around her pubic area. Michelle knew what he was doing, but she just continued to look out the window ignoring the roaming hand.

She was stuck & couldn’t move if she wanted to, as the guys hand had become more assertive. He began to pull up on the front of her dress, as the back of his hand massaged her mound with his knuckles. She started to blush, as the old master continued to maneuver her hemline up until it was released & hanging loose over the armrest.

She stood helpless in front of him, unable to move with his hand now under her dress. Michelle was still facing to the side of the train, staring out the window calmly, until suddenly her eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped.

She looked down at him annoyed, giving him a death stare like she was about to slap him in the mouth. He just looked up, into her eyes and grinned smugly. With a couple rounded movements of his elbow, he was able to change her expression from stern to breathless.

Michelle had removed her hand from the above handle and now had it resting on the man’s shoulder as she struggled to breathe.

The train was very rocky & I could see she needed to hold on to something to keep her balance. This made her powerless to stop the old master, as he continued to take advantage of her predicament.

“Next Stop; Newtown” The electronic announcement coming from the speakers was in a woman’s voice.

The train began to slow down for its next stop as more people started pushing toward the door. The old guy was smart enough to see the crowd moving. So to ensure she didn’t get swept away from him, he moved his right hand from her crotch to her waist and forcefully pulled her into the small space in front of himself and his mate.

I lost sight of them as the vacating crowd was now blocking my view. Just as many people were getting on as getting off, so I just sat and waited until the mass of bodies cleared.

The new passengers moved away from the door and settled. To add to my day’s fortune, I now had a better view of my wife through the glass as she stood facing away from me, but directly in front of the two old perverts.

A large lady with frizzy hair had sat in the seat across from me. This would seem like a bad thing, but I could use her hair to camouflage my blatant staring in case either of the guys noticed me.

Michelle’s ass was pressed into the glass divider, but as the train increased in speed, so to do the unsteady rocking of the cabin. She had nothing to hold onto for balance, and wearing 8 inch stilettos wasn’t helping her situation.

The other guy sitting near the window lent forward and held her by the right wrist, as he looked up and said something to her. It was too hard to hear because of the noise of the tracks and other people talking around me, but she looked down at him & shook her head.

Before she had even finished her refusal, the train went over a bump which he used as an excuse to pull her toward himself. Michelle was struggling hard to keep her balance now as she tried to pull her hand away, but the train was so bumpy she couldn’t keep her balance.

He yanked forcefully on her wrist, pulling it across the front of his body and forcing her to spin off balance. She fell backwards onto his lap while his other arm wrapped around her waist, holding her tight.

She tried to re-adjust her position, but these attempts only helped him straighten her up as Michelle was now sitting square on this old guy’s lap. His mate smiled and patted him on the shoulder to congratulate him.

Her face was blushed & quite red as I realized she could probably see me now. I maneuvered myself behind the woman’s frizzy hair, feeling pretty certain that I had a one-way view of this new adventure.

The arm which was wrapped around her waist continued to hold her tightly, as he talked in Michelle’s ear. The man’s other hand rested on top of her thigh, rubbing back & forth from her knee to the dress hemline. The dress was being pushed up just a little bit each time his hand made its way back towards her and I could now see the top of her thigh high stockings.

Her dress stared to bunch up at her waist, and it didn’t take too long before I could see her panties. Michelle put her left hand on top of the old guys in an attempt to stop him rubbing too close to her crotch, but he just continued to do his thing, exposing her even more as she squirmed a bit on his lap.

I watched in amazement, as he put his hand over hers and continued his rubbing, but now something was different. He started rubbing the inside of her thigh with her own hand, using her like a puppet. Slowly but surely, he moved her hand and began to guide between her legs, pulling it back carefully until it was resting on her mound.

He continued using her hand to rub, but now it was with smaller movements, more targeted at her joy spot. Michelle remained still and unsure of his intentions, as this old master pervert proceeded to press his fingers firmly down on top of hers, forcing them to place pressure on the front of her black panty clad pussy.

His wrist started to move rhythmically, putting pressure on her hand and fingers as they pressed into her crotch.

Her face was looking dreamy and she looked out the window with a distant stare trying to ignore the attention from the guy whose lap she was sitting on. The other guy had started to grope her right breast, softly pinching and teasing her nipple through the silk of her dress.

The old pervert under her; grabbed Michelle’s hand and started to guide it up over her panties towards her belly button. She looked worried & unsure of what he was making her do. Once he had moved her hand above her panty line, he pressed firmly, pushing it into her stomach and then started to slide it back down.

With this simple action, the sly old fuck had managed to slip Michelle’s fingers under the waistband of her thong. He continued pushing her hand down until it was forced completely inside her panties.

Michelle’s eyes opened wide in shock and she looked bewildered at this new development. With her own fingers now resting on her bald pussy, surprisingly he pulled his hand out and placed it back over the top of hers, but on the outside of her thong. He was still pressing slightly into the back of her hand, but inviting her to play with herself.

As the train pulled up to its next stop, he continued to hold her hand in place and using his other hand, covered it with her dress… The other guy also stopped and pulled his hand away from her breast as more passenger boarded.

Because I was so intently focused on what was happening to my wife only 5 metres away, I hadn’t even heard the announcement of which station we had stopped at.

Both of the old guys were talking to her now, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Michelle was nodding slightly & agreeing to something as they looked at each other smiling like school boys. She just looked out the window again with glazed eyes as the train continued on its way.

The old perverts wasted no time as the one on her right continued with her breast. He was a bit firmer now; massaging her A cup breast like her had been given a green light to push the boundaries. The other guy, whose lap she was sitting on, had managed to pull her dress back up, exposing her hand inside her panties.

I don’t think she had realized it yet, but the old guy was no longer helping. Her hand was now moving inside her panties independently, while his hands were now on either side of her hips, slowly maneuvering her dress out from under her. She was lost in her own world, oblivious to his movements.

I was hard as a rock watching Michelle being forced to masturbate on a crowded train. It was probably the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my life, watching as she closed her dreamy eyes and softly started to bite her bottom lip.

The other man had slipped his fingers into the side of her dress under the silk fabric, working them towards her nipple. Her eyes opened briefly as she got startled when the tips of his fingers finally reached their goal He gave her another pinch and again started massaging her right breast.

Looking down at his invading hand, then over at him, she looked as though she wanted him to stop. Michelle’s left hand was preventing her from making any clear decisions at this point, as her own fingers were buried in her panties working against her will power.

The train began to slow down again the voice came over the speaker. “Next stop; Homebush.”

It was like a mass exodus when almost all the passengers got up from their seats and moved to the doors. Clearly most of the passengers were going to the football at the Olympic stadium.

I also got up and made my way through the crowd to get closer to her. The crowd was pushing hard and because I was going against the traffic. I couldn’t move far, so sought the refuge of the seat across the isle and about one row back from Michelle.

I had a better view now & could clearly see the whole scene. I could also see that the old guys hadn’t bothered to cover her modesty this time. Instead, they put her on display, leaving her exposed for the eyes of the vacating passengers. Every one getting off the train had a perfect view of my hot, 34 year old blonde wife with her eyes closed touching herself in the most explicit way.

The old perverts just smiled at the onlookers & continued to brazenly grope and fondle my wife. They were proud of their prize & justified in their actions, knowing everyone of the other passengers would have traded their tickets to swap places.

Through the window, they looked at her like she was an entertainer from an Amsterdam peep show. Some were shocked, but most of the guys gawked for as long as they could, before being pushed forward and off the train by the crowd.

The train was eerily silent & looked empty as it took off again. Michelle looked around in a distressed haze, but she couldn’t really focus on anything so turned to the front closed her eyes again. I presume she was looking for me and I know she didn’t see me.

With the train almost empty, the old guys got more daring. The one on the right continued to grope her breast with his right hand, while he reached out with his free hand and took Michelle’s right arm by the wrist.

He was twisting her wrist slightly as he pulled her hand across into his lap and onto his now exposed cock. WTF! When did he pull that out?

In all the commotion of watching Michelle stared at by no less than sixty passengers who got off at the last stop, this old pervert had managed to release his manhood. It was about 7 inches and rock hard, as he wrapped Michelle’s little fingers around it.

She didn’t do anything at first, but he held her hand there tightly and slowly began to move it up & down the length of his shaft. It didn’t take too long before he released his grip and moved his hand away, while Michelle continued to move her hand. She was now jacking him off slowly & rhythmically.

The old pervert, who owned the lap she was occupying, put his hand between her shoulder blades & pushed forward, raising her dress above her panty line. She was facing the floor and he could now see her black thong buried deep in the crack of her ass.

Michelle is only 5’3″ & too short to reach the floor in this position. Her legs dangled helplessly either side of his as one of her stiletto heels started to fall off. With her looking down and unable to use her peripheral vision, I stood up to get a better view of the action.

With his left hand resting on her back holding her dress up & in place, he used his other hand to move her thong aside. Now he could see her puckered little rosebud & the tips of her fingers working her wet pussy.

Strangely, he reached forward and put his hand over her mouth like he was trying to gag her. Then he slid his thumb between her lips & moved it around for a few seconds, forcing her to suck on it, which she did willingly.

He slowly pulled his thumb out & quite quickly moved his hand back towards her ass. Placing the slimy thumb at the entrance of her backdoor, he started to move it in circles. I could see Michelle’s hips pushing back at him as he massaged her and softly applied more pressure to the area.

Slowly his movements & her pushing allowed his thumb to penetrate her asshole as it slid in up to the first knuckle. Michelle lost her breath & gasped as he worked it in a circular motion again. Adding some more pressure, he eventually got his way, fully inserting the digit into her.

“Ooohhhhhhaaahhhh!” Michelle let out a loud gasping exhale as the old pervert began fucking her ass with his thumb. Sliding it in and out like a piston.

Her hips were grinding hard into his lap as she rubbed her clit with her left hand, not caring who was watching. Her only focus was to bring herself to climax.

The head of the other old guys cock was now turning purple as she yanked & pulled hard. He pulled his right hand away from her tit and grabbed armrest tightly. Just then, he pushed himself back into his seat and said; “Fff-ffuuuck!” He threw his head back and started to cum all over her hand, wrist and his own pants.

Faster and harder she continued to work herself, still holding the now limp dick as the two old guys became bystanders. Her hand let go & shot out in front of her, pressing hard against the glass as she reached a powerful orgasm. “Ooaahhhhh-my-god!” she squealed under her breath, “Oh-my, fuck my-god…fff!”

“You dirty old bastards.” Michelle whispered quietly as she lent back into the guy exhausted & looked at the roof. “My-oh-my, you’re a couple of dirty pervy’s… Ummm, yummm.”

As she reached down into her bag to grab some tissues to clean the cum off her hand, I snuck to the back of the carriage and opened the door. I thought it worked so well with the hotel room, I would try it again.

I pretended like I was just entering the carriage when the train started to pull into Parramatta station. I saw Michelle now standing in the isle facing away from me. The two old guys had moved to the doors at the far end ready to leave.

“Honey! I thought I’d lost you” I called out as she turned around. “Where were you?”

“Oh sweetie, I’m so glad to see you. I lost you in the mad rush.” She said, “I was lucky enough to find a seat, and I didn’t think it was smart to move around with the amount of people that crowded in.”

“Good plan. There were way too many people.” I said smiling, “I’m so sorry, I got pushed all the way into another carriage. Did you find a seat?”

“It’s fine sweetie. I found a comfy spot to sit.” She smiled & spoke in a cute playful tone. “These Sydney train lines are not very smooth though. I got bounced, bumped & poked quite a lot in my seat.”

My name is Lori, I’m 42 years old and I live in Orange County, CA. I have two great kids, Jimmy is 18 and Amber is 19. They are both lifeguards and extremely fit. Both blond, both tan with broad swimmers shoulders. Amber, like me, is very slim with petite but perky breast and bikini lines from being in the sun. Although I’m in my forties, I run, swim and play tennis and keep myself very fit.

My husband passed away about 7 years ago and we have all become very close to each other. We live in a middle class neighborhood and I have to work very hard to maintain our lifestyle.

I also have a sister named Yvonne; she is 38 and married with no children. She and her husband live in a gated community and have lots of money. They seem to have plenty of time for their friends, clients and church friends but little time for me and my kids.

My sister is built very differently from me. She is also blonde and tan but has a very full body, very large natural breasts and curvy hips and bottom, but not fat.

We also have a 36 year old brother that lives out of state. I haven’t seen him in years. He is married but has been separated from his wife for over 6 months.

I don’t mind that my sister doesn’t make much time for me but when she slights the kids, that upsets me. She will make plans to do something with them and then cancel at the last minute almost every time.

I’ve spoken to her several times about this and she promises she will never do it again but she still does.

Yesterday was the last straw, she was going to take my daughter Amber to the mall and buy her some new clothes when she sent a text saying that she would not be able to make it and that they could go another time.

My daughter was upset; she doesn’t have much money and was really looking forward to spending the afternoon with her aunt. She was for the first time visibly upset. I had had it; I was going to have it out with my sister.

I planned on going to her house and confronting her when I received an email from her, inviting me and the kids to the house for dinner, I thought maybe she is trying to make up for all the times she has stood us up and I felt a little better, I still planned on letting her know how much she disappointed Amber.

When we arrived at my sister’s house the next day for dinner I was surprised by how many cars were there. When we went inside the only persons I knew were Roger my brother in-law, my sister Yvonne and my brother whom I hadn’t seen in a couple years.

The others were business contacts and their preacher and members of their church. This was not a family function at all! I was upset and went looking for my sister.

I found her talking to a couple of her church friends when I barged right in. My sister was wearing a very thin floral pattern summer dress, about mid-calf with two little straps holding it up and high heels.

I started to raise my voice about who was more important in her life, family or these so called friends. Her little church friends slowly walked away. My sister turned her back to me and started to walk away, this really infuriated me. I grabbed her by her blonde hair and pulled her backwards. She turned towards me and started swinging. I let her go and pushed her… she fell back into a large overstuffed chair. We grabbed each other and started yelling, a small crowd gathered but nobody stopped us. When she finally did let go, I pushed her back into the chair but held onto the straps on her dress. The thin silky dress tore off and was left in my hands.

My sister, now falling back in only a sheer floral bra that was so thin you could see her large white breasts and very large areolaes and her matching thong, also so sheer you could see that she shaved her pussy.

Her legs flailed open as she landed in the chair. When she stood the entire room looked on as she was practically naked in heels and underwear!

This could not have worked out any better.

Because she was so tan, her white breasts almost glowed, showing the contrast of her large brown areolaes. When she turned toward the stairs, the entire room could see her little thong covering the crack of her ass but her round white ass cheeks were exposed for all to see.

She tried to cover herself and run up the stairs, but I wasn’t done with her yet. I grabbed her bra strap from behind and swung her around. She flew back down to the floor as the front clasp let loose and tore allowing her huge breasts to fall out for all to see. I was now holding her expensive bra in my hand and smiling down on her, feeling pretty good.

When she got up I was surprised when she did not just run up the stairs, instead she came right at me. She socked me hard in the stomach, it took my breath away. I was stunned. She grabbed my white blouse by the sleeve and flung me to the ground. My left sleeve tore completely off, allowing that side of my top to fall, exposing my white lacy bra covering my left breast. Before I could get to my feet, she was on top of me. She outweighs me by 25 pounds, I rolled into a ball as she was pulling and hitting me. She’s bigger and stronger than me but I was always a better fighter.

Soon she was on top of me, both of us facing each other with our arms wrapped around each other, she pressing her large bare breasts into me. As we both struggled, I was surprised nobody intervened. I was able to work my way on top of her, but we were facing in opposite directions, like a 69 position. I had all my weight on her, she was tired, and I was in much better condition. I was able to hold her down and rise up and look around the room. I was on all fours now holding her down. My breast hanging down, my left bra cup allowing more of my breast to be exposed then I would have liked. Showing most of my small firm white boob, but my nipple still barely covered. My white jeans intact and my crouch directly over my sisters face. I was looking down only inches away from my sister’s panty covered pussy.

I looked around the room at all the faces, and saw the look of shock. Also standing there, were my lovely daughter, my brother and son. My son had worked his way around so that he had a great view of his aunt’s panty covered pussy. He had taken his camera phone out and was snapping pictures. With my sister bucking underneath me, my bra strap slipped over my shoulder allowing my left breast to hang, now completely exposed and swaying with the commotion. My son noticed this and started taking close up photos of my exposed tit.

I thought maybe I would give him and everyone else a better view of my sister’s pussy. I grabbed the shear silky material and pulled it hard to one side. Now all could see her clean shaven pussy, my son started snapping away photos of this also.

Roger my brother in-law had seen enough of his trophy wife being displayed for all to see and grabbed my jeans from the back of my waist and started pulling. I was not going to let go. I wrapped both arms around her hips holding tight. This put my face right above her pussy and as we struggled, and pulled she raised her hips a few times and my face would make contact with the soft folds of her pussy lips.

I was dressed to fight, my pants were not going to tear and Roger could see I had a death grip on his wife and was not going to let go. So he grabbed the bottom hem on each leg of my jeans and tried to pull them off. At first they didn’t budge over my hips but soon there were two men pulling and I could feel then inching down. I opened my legs wide trying to prevent them from coming off. I was losing that battle and as I looked over my shoulder at the two men determined to remove my pants I could see more and more of my ass being exposed. Soon the white from my bikini line came into view as my thong did little to hide my tiny bottom.

My sister, still underneath just inches from my crotch watched as my jeans were slowly pulled down exposing my white cotton thong right above her face.

Then in one final pull, they were off. My untanned cheeks exposed with just one little string covering my asshole. My son was now behind me taking some close up pictures of his mother’s white ass hovering over his aunt’s face.

I still was determined to not let go. Roger gave another warning then grabbed the back of my thong and started slowly removing it. His wife, my sister watched as my shaved pussy was slowly coming into view right over her face…. When he pulled my underwear off I made it a point to press my exposed pussy into my sister’s face, and grind my hips and pussy on her nose and mouth. Of course my son loved this – getting pictures of his mother’s exposed pussy being shoved into his aunts mouth. He also knew the opportunity would never come again and took some close-up shots of my tight little pucker hole.

From the looks of all the bulges in the room I think most the men liked it also.

I still did not loosen my grip, when I could feel someone getting very close behind me. I heard another warning then the sound of a zipper. I turned to look over my shoulder and Rogers cock was out and was hard and his engorged cock was aiming for my vulnerable pussy, my legs were open wide straddling his wife’s head. She had the best view in the house when he entered.

He was angry, no fore play here; he buried his cock full hilt, first time and every time after. This hurt, I hadn’t had sex in over a year and my pussy is tight to start with, it was now being brutally fucked.

This first thrust made me loosen my grip on my sister and some of her bible study friends dragged her from under me. Before I could react, a couple women pulled my torn blouse up and over my head leaving me with only half a bra in place. Their preacher grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as far as it would go while ramming his hard cock in my mouth.

From the looks of him and his wife it had been a long time since anyone had sucked his cock. He began saying that I was a sinner and this was my punishment.

How could this happen? One moment I was in complete control and now I was completely exposed and on all fours being fucked from both ends. My daughter looked on, silent, mouth open. My brother was next to the preacher doing nothing, watching this stranger fuck my mouth. He also had a hard-on. My son was moving all around the room documenting this horrible scene with his camera.

Both men were fucking me very hard, this was not sexy, not fun for me. I did not want this.

My brother in-law had a very strong grip on my hips as he drilled my pussy, then without warning in one move he pulled his cock from my pussy and buried it in my very tight ass. I screamed but could not get away… My late husband and I had tried this a couple times but it was always very slow with alcohol and lube. I didn’t like it so we very seldom did anal. I heard the woman react when he did this, I’m sure they knew how much pain I was in.

The old man must have liked this because he soon came in my mouth, forcing it in my throat. Some of his semen dripped from the corners of my mouth. My eyes were closed, glad that was over and praying the ass fuck would finish soon.

With little hesitation another cock was shoved in my mouth, not as rough but fucking my mouth and throat with this larger cock.

I could feel Roger’s pace quicken, thank god he was getting close. Then he came with a few more angry thrust he withdrew from my ass.

Immediately though another cock replaced his in my pussy. I realized right then, I was being gang fucked… and in front of my family!

The new cock in my pussy was a little gentler, but anything would have been soothing at that point.

For the first time I looked up at the man whose cock I was sucking and it belonged to my own brother. I could not believe that he would take advantage of this situation and make his own sister suck his cock.

I know it had been awhile for him also going through a very tough divorce.

For some reason I wanted to make this good for him. I also wanted him to know that I was good in bed. Instead of remaining on all fours, I reached up and squeezed and stroked his cock as he slid it in and out of my mouth. I could see him looking down at me making eye contact.

I have never thought of my brother in a sexual way but perhaps as a young man he had thought about this moment many times and could not pass on this opportunity.

I must have been enjoying it; I could feel my pussy getting turned on… I wanted to resist any appearance of enjoying this forced sex but I started to very gently press my pussy towards each thrust.

My brother was getting close, what should I do… I thought I would pull him out when the time came and jerk him off.

Behind me, the man’s pace was also quickening, I was now openly fucking him back… I was about to cum! It built and built and I was right on the verge when my brother shot his load in my mouth… I didn’t care. I sucked and stroked him trying to get every drop out as I let out a loud moan… “AHhhhhh my god I’m cumming!!!!!”

Then I heard my daughter Amber squeal and say, “Jimmy made mommy cum!” When I heard this I pulled my brother’s cock from my mouth and looked over my shoulder to see the man that just made me orgasm and it was my own son! His eyes closed and his head back he held my hips tight and he fuck his mother’s pussy and hard as he could… and shot his semen deep inside of me.

How depraved was this, yet I was turned on watching, knowing that I was able to make this young man cum.

Both men withdrew their cocks from me and I rolled on my back and sat up. I just wanted to leave when I heard my sister voice coming down the stairs. “Not so fast, I’m not done with you”

When her church group heard this several woman grabbed my arms and legs and held me down on my back. I was unable to move, my arms straight out to my sides and legs opened as far as possible.

My sister appeared with a short silky robe tied in the front and just barely covered her ass. She had a strap-on dildo secured in the front. I thought no way she’s fucking me with that; I have already had four cocks in me… a little mercy. But none today, she kneelt in front of me, my legs and pussy wide open I had no defense.

She slid the black, hard rubber cock deep into my pussy! I was flat on my back watching the hate in her eyes as she fucked her older sisters pussy, I’m sure she has wanted this to happen to me for a long time. Her large breasts were swaying under the thin material and would expose themselves every several thrust. She leaned forward and pulled the rest of my bra down exposing both of my white petite breast… nipples erect, as she leaned forward both of her massive breast fell from her robe and as she roughly squeezed and pinched mine she didn’t seem to care that everyone could see hers.

This was not arousing for me, I have no lesbian tendencies but she reached down and flipped a switch on her strap-on that made it vibrate! She reached up to my shoulders and was able to pull me into her thrust, her huge areolas dangling over my face. I could feel my body betraying me… I did not want to be aroused, I had just cum yet I could feel my pussy and clit getting aroused.

The vibration must have been too much for her also because she was about to cum….I was on the edge. She placed her hand behind my head and forced my face into her to massive soft breast….forcing her nipple into my mouth I started to suck on it! She drew back so everyone could see I was sucking her hard nipples on my own…. She let out a long loud moan as she came!!!

She reached behind her and unbuckled the strap-on. She stood, leaving it buried all the way in my pussy and buzzing away. My legs still being held wide apart I could do nothing, I was on the verge of Cumming and she knew this. There I was spread wide and moaning and humping the air trying to get off. They laughed. I just needed a few more strokes in my cunt and I would be done. I must have laid there and buck wildly for two long minutes before my loving daughter finally had seen enough. She stepped up and pulled the dildo from my pussy, making a very wet sound.

My sister did not like this and ordered her to put it back in, she said no. She said either you put the vibrator back in your mom or you will take her place. When I heard this I could not watch this happen to my innocent little girl and told Amber “its ok, do what she says”.

Amber looked confused, not sure what to do. My sister looked at her friends and said “hold her” and they grabbed her and held her in place. Amber said “Ok,ok I’ll do it” my sister response was “Your damn right, but you’ll do it my way” With that my sister reached over and unsnapped her short little shorts and let them slide off Amber’s slim hips and were on the ground around her ankles. She was wearing a little pink thong that I must have washed and folded and put away 20 times.

All could see her bikini lines as her white, tiny bottom was exposed. They also pulled her little tank top off over her head displaying a matching pink bra supporting her tiny firm breast.

Nobody seemed to notice but me that her brother was again busy taking pictures, now of his sister standing in just a throng and bra. My sisters friends helped strap the dildo on her even though she was protesting.

I’m not liking what was about to happen – I see her being pushed in my direction. My legs and pussy spread wide, the cum of two men and myself making me very slippery. She could not miss the target.

My little girl kneelt between my legs and with one hand started directing the dildo towards my pussy, she mouth to me “sorry mom”, then she placed the tip of the rubber cock in my pussy. She slowly and gently started to fuck her mom. This was the first slow fucking I had this afternoon. Every other one had been very hard and fast. She fucked me slowly as the room watched, my son directly behind his sister getting as close as her could for penetration shots! His sisters white cheeks directly in front of him. This slow fuck went on for a few minutes; my sister grew impatient and ordered her to fuck me faster and harder.

My sister turned the vibrator portion back on, I could see my daughter quickening the pace…. The vibrator stimulating her clit through the thin material of her thong. I could she she was getting aroused, my sister came behind her and with one pull slid Ambers thong down around her thighs… the vibrator was making direct contact on her clit…. My little girl was about to cum. The men, including my son and brother and some of the woman moved to get a better look at Ambers now exposed asshole and glistening pussy.

She reached up and grabbed both my shoulders, both eyes closed and she was about to orgasm. With her leaning forward you could see her bra was a couple sizes too big as her bra hung down allowing the entire crowd to see her entire breast and nipples sway as she fucked me.

Soon, she was whimpering holding my breast and squeezing them. They let go of my arms and legs and I reached down and held my daughters ass cheeks and pulled her close for a deeper penetration…. We both moaned. I could feel her fluids running down my thighs! It was a loud hard climax for both of us.

The crowd applauded, and laughed. My daughter and I grabbed our clothes and my son and ran to the car.

We drove home, not a word was spoken until we got in the driveway when Amber said “We need to get even with that bitch”

Note, I’m open to any ideas to get even with my sister.


The Portfolio that Jimmy had compiled had become his prized possession, containing photos and a video of his nude mother disrobing at the tennis club locker room. He would visit these daily, he had possessed them only a month but had viewed the video over a hundred times already, slowing down the DVD when his mother removed her bra, watching her breast fall free under their own weight in slow motion and again when she slid her tennis shorts down exposing her shaved mound. The camerawoman did an incredible job with her close up of moms pussy and anus when she bent offer to remove her shoes. The contrast between moms tan and her sexy bikini tan lines was very exciting for this 18 year old boy.

Walking around the house mom just seemed more… sexual since she started dating Mark (from the agency). She had no idea I had this material but she somehow seemed sexier than ever.

While serving breakfast in the morning, when she would lean forward to lay my plate down, she would give me a full view of both her beautiful white breasts, it seemed like she would hold this pose a little longer than before. When I would ask for the butter and syrup she would make two trips instead of one allowing me to gaze upon her breasts again!

I know it was just my imagination but it almost seemed that she was a little flirtatious with me, her son. I could not look at her without getting aroused. I walked around with an erection almost every waking moment; I jacked-off 4 or more times a day.

The agency had made the offer of setting up anonymous sex with my mom for $2500.00 and I had to somehow come up with the money.

I had already sent a 1,000.00 deposit with a letter stating my intent to accept this offer, shortly after a man came to the door one evening to take my mom on a date. It was Mark, the man on the video being introduced to my mom at the tennis club bar. I know she was getting laid because she was much happier and even started dressing a little sexier around the house.

He was a little formal introducing himself to me, we had never met but I knew who he was. I wondered what the plan would be.

Mom came down the stairs, her hair was perfect, she seldom wore much make-up but this evening was an exception and she looked absolutely heavenly. She seemed excited about her first date in over a year.

I was still up when she returned before midnight. I wanted to hear about her date but she was pretty tight lipped. She said he was a real gentleman and that they were having lunch the next day.

It took me a month to come up with the rest of the money; in that time they saw each other several more times. She even spent the night with him at least one night. There was another time he spent the night at our house when mom thought I was out and they made a lot of noise. Banging the headboard against the wall and when they both came they were very vocal. I was so aroused picturing my mother getting hammered by this man that I laid in bed stroking my cock.

Finally I paid the fees and awaited instructions from the agency. They sent me an email and told me to meet at a particular Starbucks on Saturday at 8 PM. I was so excited I was like a kid at Christmas counting the days.

Saturday finally came, I watched my mom all day knowing that I would be seeing her later nude and, according to the agency having an intimate relationship with her later, and she had no idea.

Evening was setting in; she had been in a great mood all day and was now upstairs getting ready for her date (with me).

When she walked downstairs she took my breath away. She was stunning. She was wearing a black cocktail dress with sparkles all over it. The dress was very snug and I could tell she was not wearing a bra and there were no visible panty lines. I complimented her and gave her a hug. She told me that she would not be home tonight.

She left on her date and about an hour later I headed out to the Starbucks. I sat there sipping my coffee when I was approached by an attractive woman in her mid-thirties. I had never met her before but I recognized her voice as the camerawoman in the locker room and shower with my mom.

She told me that we would be going to the Hilton on Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach. We drove separately to the hotel. We walked through the lobby of this very expensive hotel and went right to the elevator. We didn’t talk much but she was very pleasant and nice to look at.

We got off on the 6th floor and she let us into a room half way down the corridor. When we entered this empty room she gave me a white terry cloth robe and asked me to remove all my cloths and put on the robe. I changed and walked out where she had a drink waiting for me. We both sat there with the TV on and made small talk. I still wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

She received a text to her phone after reading it and responding she said, “Were on”. She grabbed a video camera and took my arm. We left the room and entered the room directly across the hall. You could tell that this room was occupied because there was luggage and an open bottle of champagne.

The woman went over and turned the stereo on and then opened the closet door next to the bed, she directed me in and open the slates in the door. She stood outside and looked back at the door adjusting them so that I could not be seen. Then she took her place next to me and we stood silently listening to the music in the room anticipating the door of the room opening.

There they were, my mom and Mark entered the room. They were having fun; mom was laughing and had a little stagger in her high heels. Mark poured her another drink which she downed in a couple of gulps.

Mark directed her next to the bed standing about one foot in front of me. I could feel my cock getting hard knowing I was about to see my beautiful mom in a sexual situation!

With their back to us the female in the closet switched on the video camera and started taping. Mark was kissing my mom very passionately as he slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders! He slowly lowered her dress exposing both shoulders then lower until her entire bare back (no bra) was exposed. When it got to her hips it took a little bit of a tug but soon her dress was around her ankles. She wore no panties. Her sexy white bottom was only inches in front of me. I have never seen a sexier site. My cock was now standing straight out of the robe.

Mark whispered something to my mom and she giggled and said “ok”. Standing in only her black heels mom slowly kneeled in front of Mark and unzipped his pants pulling them down. Marks cock sprang up hitting moms chin, she grabbed it with her hand and slowly, seductively licked and sucked his cock before engulfing his entire cock!

Mark moaned with pleasure, his head went back. He placed a hand on the back of her head and shuffled sideways so that I would have a clear unobstructed view of my mother sucking and deep throating her date’s engorged cock. She was hot, the sounds were sensuous as she sucked and milked his cock. The sight was incredible, unbelievable, my mom sucked cock as good as any porn star I’d seen on the internet.

Mark helped her to her feet and kissed her and whispered something into her ear again, mom laughed “I don’t know, can I trust you?” she said.

Mark responded “Of course, I’m a gentleman”. They both laughed. In one motion Mark pulled the comforter and blanket off the bed leaving just the white satin sheets on the bed. Mom crawled on the bed (giving me a quick peek of her pussy from behind) and lay on her back in the center of the bed. Mark pulled a blindfold for a drawer and showed it to mom, she had a nervous laugh. He placed the blindfold over her eyes and tightened it in place. Next he pulled out two soft restraints and secured both wrists securing her arms outstretched to her sides.

Mark looked toward the closet I was hiding in when my female accomplice slowly, quietly open the closet door and we stepped into the room. She helped me remove my robe and now I stood next to my naked, blindfolded restrained mom with the hardest erection I have ever had!

I was directed toward my mother’s head; I knelt on the bed next to her face my rigid cock just inches from her beautiful face. Mark was now taking close-up still photos of my hard cock hanging over moms face as his female accomplice positioned herself to record the evening’s events on video tape.

Mark waved me closer, when the tip of my cock brushed my mom’s cheek she smiled and turned towards me and opened her mouth. I hesitated for just a moment savoring the view before sliding my cock into her mouth.

She immediately started sucking and milking my cock with her mouth, I have never felt such an incredible sensation. I watched this beautiful woman, the only woman I have loved my entire life giving me the best blowjob I have ever received. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her white breast and she moaned with pleasure.

I started to slowly pump her mouth, I repositioned myself now straddling her face, my balls now swinging and hitting in her chin as I increased my pace fucking her mouth. I reached back behind me, pulling and twisting her nipples as I massaged her breast.

I did not want to stop, I would have been happy cumming right here in her mouth. My pace quickened I was now fucking her mouth with earnest, I was about to cum! When Mark signaled me to slow down and stop.

When I pulled my cock from my mother’s mouth she was still sucking and it made a popping sound as I pulled out breaking the suction. I long string of pre-cum strung between the tip of my penis and her hot wet mouth.

I allowed my cock to slide all the way down the length of her firm, mature body.

I left a wet trail between her gorgeous tits, I took a moment here pushing her tits together surrounding my cock as I slowly titty fucked my mom. I then slid down her ribs, across her flat tummy all the way to her completely shaved mound. I positioned myself between moms open legs, as I did she opened them a little more inviting me in. I crawled between her legs and reached forward and cupped both her white breast, resting my hard cock on her shaved mound. I slid my rigid cock back and forth on top of her hard mound and slit making sure to brush her hard clit, she would jump when my penis would rub her little nub. As I played and messaged her wonderful tits, I slid my cock to the entrance of her visibly wet pussy.

Mark put one finger up asking me to pause as the camera woman got the lens of her video camera very close to her pussy as I slowly pushed my cock into my mother’s wet warm pussy, We both moaned out loud, Mark signaled me to be quiet as I slowly pumped her. Mark placed his mouth close to mom’s ear to reassure her and ask her if this felt good. She beamed a huge smile and said “Yes, this is the best. Please fuck me harder!” We all smiled at each other as I increased my pace, getting full penetration, it just seemed right. As I fucked her harder and harder she would move her hips meeting my thrust and moaning every time I would reach full hilt!

The warm, moist walls of her pussy caressed my rock hard cock, pulling and milking me as I fucked my mother’s pussy. The other couple in the room was taking photos and video taping us. The female camera man made sure she taped mom’s facial expressions as her son pleasured her, then turned the cameras down to get close-ups of my cock penetrating her now swollen pussy, her clit erect standing out from its protective hood… I would reach down and rub it causing her to jump and squeal!

The sight was incredible, mom completely nude and enjoying the fucking she was getting from her son (although she didn’t know it was me) and watching her breasts bouncing every time I would pound that wet cunt!

Mom pulled her knees up toward her chest opening her legs and softly moaning allowing me to get even deeper with my cock! She was the sexiest woman in the world at that very moment. Keeping one hand on her breast I reached down and put my thumb on her sensitive erect clit. Every time I would rub it she would jump like she had been hit with and electrical shock. Her clit became so sensitive she was begging me to stop rubbing her; I continued rubbing her clit until she had a very loud climax! She tried wiggling from under the pressure of my thumb on her clit. Her body tensed up as she let out a very long, loud moan! I could feel the fluid running from her pussy as she came, this was so hot.

I kept fucking her harder and harder, I could hear the wet pussy sounds coming from our sex! I was close to cumming myself when again Mark signaled for me to slow and stop.

I was shocked to hear what he said as her leaned close to mom’s ear and whispered, “Would you like to feel my cock in your bottom”?

My mom just smiled and said “I don’t know”

“Well we can go very slow and easy, if you don’t like it I’ll stop”, he whispered.

She visibly hesitated before saying “I’ve only done it a couple times and didn’t care too much for it. If you really want to you can try”.

I could not believe this, I never thought about ass fucking my mom, I didn’t want this, I don’t want to hurt her, I love her.

I was directed off the bed as Mark untied my mother’s wrist and turned her over, securing her arms outstretched with her head in a pillow. He also positioned a couple pillows under her hips, elevating her sexy white ass.

I stood back and looked at this beautiful sight in front of me. My beautiful blond mom with those lovely tan lines waiting for me. Blindfolded, her face pressed into the pillow, her arms outstretched and tied down, all her weight pressing her breasts flat, overflowing out the sides of her armpits. Her ass propped up in the air, waiting for me.

As she felt my weight in the bed behind her she opened her legs wide inviting me to fuck her. I held my hard cock in my hand and slowly direct it toward her pussy. Her pussy is so wet, lips swollen and open, I place the head of my cock into my mom’s pussy. I place both of my hands on her hips as I push my cock slowly into her touching bottom. She let out a sexy long moan! I started pumping her pussy!

Mark has me release with one hand so that she thinks it’s me lubing her ass. Mark placed a glob of clear lubricant on the opening to her bottom and smeared it around. Mom let out a low guttural moan as I continued to fuck her pussy.

Mark started working the lube in and out of her ass; I had to stop pumping her to watch this sexy site. She slowly rocked back and forth on my hard cock as he played with her asshole. He handed the jar to me and I took some lube and also placed it on my mom’s tight little hole.

I slid a lubed finger in her ass and she gave a sexy little sequel, she was very tight. I knew my cock would never fit in her ass. She seemed to enjoy me finger fucking her bottom, she increased the pace on my cock, and I could feel her tighten her anus around my finger.

I stopped fucking her and pulled my cock from her wet pussy making a loud wet sound. I lubed the head of my cock and touched it to her anus, she jumped a little. The head of my cock was way too big to fit in her, but I put a little pressure with my finger on the head of my cock, she stayed very still allowing her son to TRY to penetrate her ass. Like I thought it was too tight and with that thought that little hole expanded and allowed the big swollen head of my cock to slip in her ass disappearing from my sight.

Mom’s face distorted for a moment due to the pain, then she forced a smile and said “Ohh, that’s a big one… remember real easy ok”?

Mark responded, “Of course baby nice and easy”.

I looked at him and he signaled me to continue, the camera woman placed the video camera close to moms face as I fucked her with just the tip of my cock, trying not to come out. I could see this was still uncomfortable for her so I went in and out very slowly as her face would cringe.

This felt incredible, so tight, so sexy. I would slowly inch my cock in a little more each time until and had almost half my cock in her ass. At this point it was all she could take as she said “Enough please don’t go any deeper”.

I needed a better angle, I got off my knees and stood flat footed behind my mom with both hands on her hips and fucked her ass. I would only stick my cock in her half way, then about every tenth stroke I would go deeper and she would give a loud painful grunt, but never told me to stop!

I was really liking this, so tight so hot to look at I was fucking her faster and faster and about to cum, mom was panting like she was running a marathon. She was totally at my mercy, I was in complete control now quickening my pace and now going even deeper and deeper in her ass. Now she was not even trying to hide the discomfort on her face as I fucked her as deep and hard as I wanted, but she still did not tell me to stop. She was taking this in her ass for me; I just wish she knew it was her loving son.

I could hold it no longer, mom was now grunting with every stroke. I could feel my sperm working its way from my balls… I now hammered her ass harder than ever and I was cumming. I pushed the full length of my cock in for the first time. Mom let out a scream and her face was distorted because of the discomfort, but she never told me to stop. He stayed still and allowed her son to continue to fuck her ass and dump his load deep inside her bottom.

I couldn’t stop I had to finish; I had to pump her ass full of my semen and kept fucking her against her wishes. As soon as I was done I felt bad, I just could not stop at that point.

When I pulled my cock out I could see my sperm oozing from moms sore ass. The team made certain they got plenty of close-up photos of this. She said in a very low, sexy voice “That’s the best fuck I’ve ever had”.

I was now being ushered into my robe and out of the room I looked back to see Mark, still naked with a raging hard-on lining up behind my mom. I felt jealous, his assignment was over. He did not need to fuck her anymore, give her a rest. He was doing this strictly for himself. As he slid his cock into my mom’s waiting pussy, she cooed “I can’t believe you’re still hard after all that”

Mark said “You have no idea” and immediately went into a fast hard pace pounding mom’s pussy.

I quietly left with the other female and could hear them both grunting like animals as we left the room.

I showered in the other room, changed into my clothes and after the camera woman checked the hall I left and drove home.

I replayed the night’s events. I could not believe what transpired this evening. I fucked my mom’s tits, her mouth, her shaved pussy and that tight sexy ass…. And she will never know and I can never tell anyone, I now had the videos and photos taken that night to look forward to.

About 9 AM the next morning mom got home, looking a little spent she still wore the same sexy dress from the night before. No bra and I knew first hand no panties.

I greeted her with a big smile and embraced her feeling her breast flatten against my chest and asked how her evening was and she said “I had a wonderful time” with a big smile on her face “But I could use a nap” she added as she headed upstairs.

I stood at the bottom of the stairs watching her walk up the stairs. She knew I was right there and would be able to see up her short cocktail dress but she didn’t seem to care. I didn’t hide my leering eyes as I watched her all the way up the stairs. I watched as I could see more and more of her thighs and then her white cheeks of her ass appear as she disappeared into her room.

I looked up and saw that my 22 year old sister was watching me. She just shook her head and walked into her room.

Watch it, I thought. You could be next!

It was one of those situations I had heard about but never believed. Three friends were over at my house playing poker, and I was down about $300. It was a string of bad luck, really. My hands had been good all night, but someone else always had something a little better. Now, I am sitting here with a ace-high flush, the other three guys have gone in, but I do not have enough money to match them.

“I am short, guys. Can I put in my watch? Its worth $200.”

“I don’t know,” said my friend Lenny. “I already have a watch?”

“Well what can I do? I have to play this hand.” The guys all smirked, and Lenny said something I never though I would hear.

“Bet your wife. If you lose, whoever wins gets to fuck your wife in front of the rest of us.”

The room suddenly was dead silent as the guys awaited my response. I was stunned, but was confident my hand would win.

“Let me ask her,” I said. I called Michelle into the room and privately explained the situation to her. Her eyes widened in fear and anger.

“We don’t have $300 to lose, you moron!”

“I know, babe, that’s why I need to play this hand and win it back. And then some. If I win we get $1000 tonight!” I showed her my hand, and she was confident enough to agree to the wager.

“It better not be Lenny, though. I hate that asshole,” she said as I went back to the table.

“OK guys,” said Lenny. “Just to confirm. If any of us win, we get to fuck Michelle in front of the other three. She will be our sex slave and do as ordered.”

“It doesn’t matter, because my husband is going to win,” said Michelle confidently.

“Well we’ll see about that. Lay them down, boys.”

John, across from me, laid down two pair, a pretty weak hand given all the money that was on the table. Eric, to my right, put down three kings, better than John but not what I had. I put down my flush, and John and Eric groaned, they would not be fucking my wife. I looked over with confidence at Lenny, but my heart stopped when I saw him smiling. He put down three eights and two sixes. A full house. Beat me by one hand.

Michelle screamed “Noooooo!” as Lenny screamed “Hell yes!” He collected his money and put it in his bag, and moved his chair into the corner. He pushed the table against the wall and told me, Eric and John to sit on the opposite side of the room. We all moved over next to Michelle, who was on the verge of tears but was trying to stay strong. Lenny undressed and sat in his chair.

“Michelle, do me a favor and strip down to your bra and panties.”

Michelle stood up, head down, hiding her shame, and started to undo her blouse. As she peeled it off her shoulders, her 34Cs, concealed in her bra, popped into view. I noticed Eric and John shifting in their seats, clearly excited at the sight of her. Michelle continued, lowering her skirt down to her feet and stepping out of them.

“Very nice. And obedient! Turn around for me, baby,” Lenny said to Michelle. Michelle turned away from him and towards me. She was staring daggers at me, but I was staring at the ground.

“Yeah, that won’t do. Eric, do me a favor and wedge those panties up her ass a little. I was hoping for a thong, Michelle.” Michelle shivered as Eric grabbed her panties and pulled them up her crack.

“That’s much better. Now get on your knees and crawl over to me,” Lenny ordered.

Michelle took a deep breath, lowered herself to her knees, and started to crawl over to Lenny, who was jerking his cock to attention. Michelle crawled across the room, her wedgie and ass on display for Eric and John, who were rubbing their cocks in their pants. As Michelle reached Lenny, he told her to stand up.

“Now spread your legs,” he said. Michelle spread her legs just past shoulder width. “Wider,” he ordered. Michelle scooted her legs further apart until Lenny told her to stop. I saw him reach towards her crotch and grab her panties, and I saw Michelle’s hands clench tight in discomfort.

“Now, bend over at the waist and take my cock in your mouth.” Michelle hesitated, so Lenny reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling her down to his dick. He grabbed her jaw and forced her mouth open and pushed his dick inside.

“Oh yeah, Michelle, your tongue feels so good.”

In her current position, I could see what Lenny had done to her undies. He had wedged her panties up her pussy, too, so that she had a wedgie on both ends of her taint. Lenny pushed his hand on the back of her head and lowered her head to the base of his cock. With his other hand, he reached forward and started spanking her.

He bounced her head up and down with a firm grip on her hair until she was doing it on her own. He then reached both hands towards her panties on either side and gripped them tightly. He pulled them up her ass, and then pulled them the other way, up her pussy. Both ways, he was stimulating her clit and rubbing her asshole, loosening her up and getting her wet.

I watched as my wife’s head bounced on Lenny’s cock with a steady rhythm and listened in horror as I heard her start to moan. Lenny slipped a finger under her wedged panties and into her pussy.

“Damn, bitch,” he said. “I knew I was going to make you cum, but I didn’t think you would get this wet this fast.”

He pulled her panties far up her ass and leaned forward so that his chest pushed down on the back of her head. Her knees buckled and she screamed around his cock as she tried to resist, but he was in complete control. He raised his chest and pulled her hair until she was off his cock.

“Stand up straight,” he commanded.

My wife stood, facing him, her panties-turned-thong on full display to me, Eric and John. Lenny reached towards her bra and pulled the cups down so that Michelle’s nipples sprung into view and her tits pushed up and towards each other. He brought his lips towards her right tit and took her nipple into his mouth.

With his right hand he started rubbing her pussy, planting it firmly between her legs and pressing the tips of his fingers up into her hole. I watched in disgust as Michelle tossed her hair back, arched her back and looked up at the ceiling in ecstasy. She moaned and bucked her hips gently against his hands, allowing herself to enjoy this lost bet. Lenny switched to her left tit and started slobbering all over it. After it was wet, he looked up to her face.

“Are you ready to get fucked?”

Michelle bit on her lower lip and nodded, “mm hm,” she said.

“Turn around,” he said. My wife turned towards me and the guys but kept her head down. Lenny pulled her panties out of her ass and down to her feet. She stepped out of them and Lenny picked them up and held them in his hand.

“Back up and put your legs on either side of mine,” he ordered. Michelle did as she was told, her pussy spreading slightly for John and Eric to admire. “Good girl,” said Lenny. “Now grab my dick and lower your pussy onto it.”

My wife leaned over and reached her hand between her legs to grab Lenny’s cock. Holding it erect, she sat down on it, allowing it to spear her pussy. She was so wet the she slipped down all the way to the base. She gasped out loud in shock and pleasure, and then responded as Lenny grabbed her jaw and pulled her mouth open. As she waited agape, he pushed her panties into her mouth.

“You are my slave, and will do as I want. If these panties come out of your mouth, your husband owes me one thousand dollars. Got it?” Michelle nodded silently, her eyes clenched tight to lessen the embarrassment.

As Michelle tasted her ass and pussy-stained panties on her tongue, Lenny grabbed her ass and lifted her up and down his cock. This was a position that we used to do in college, but for the last ten years it has been nothing but missionary and the occasional doggie. But she did not forget how to ride a cock, and she started bouncing her knees, lifting her torso straight up and down.

“Finger your clit, babe. Get yourself off,” said Lenny.

Staring straight down, avoiding eye contact, Michelle started rubbing her clit. Her pussy was already sopping wet, and a sound akin to a boot stuck in mud began to echo through the basement. That sound began to mix with the sound of Michelle’s moans and groans, and the firm but mild slapping of her ass on Lenny’s thighs.

After a few minutes, Michelle started to accelerate her bouncing, and Lenny could tell she was on the verge of cumming. He put his hands on her shoulder blades and pushed her up his cock but would not let her come back down.

“Stay!” he insisted. Michelle tried to hold this position, her knees slightly bent, the tip of Lenny’s cock nestled comfortably just inside her hole. I watched in concern as Lenny put his middle finger into his mouth and lubricated it with saliva. He removed it from his mouth and pressed it against her asshole.

Michelle’s eyes went wide as she realized what he as doing and screamed into her pantie gag as he pushed in up to his second knuckle. He hooked it inside her sphincter and commanded her again.

“Sit!” Michelle lowered herself back down, pushing his seven inches back into her pussy. She started bouncing again, Lenny keeping his finger impaled in her ass as she moved. Michelle reached her hands behind her back and planted them on Lenny’s shoulders for leverage.

As she found balance, she started to bounce faster again. Lenny seemed to wait for her to approach climax before deterring her. Once he felt her get wetter and noticed her start to moan again, he repositioned his wrist so that his middle finger was pointing straight up. As Michelle raised up she didn’t notice the change, and when she slammed down on his cock his finger shot straight up her ass to the hilt.

“MMMMMMMMPHHH,” my wife screamed as pain seared through her ass, still slightly muffled by the panties in her mouth.

“Come on, bitch. You are so close! Cum for me,” Lenny taunted as he impaled her pussy and ass. Because she had her hands behind her, Lenny reached in front of her and started to maul her clit with three fingers.

“Still sopping wet,” said Lenny. “What a whore.”

With the finger in the ass, the slightest movement caused her to jump, and he knew it. He jabbed slightly upward, making her rise up, and then pushed her down with the hand in her pussy. Eric and John laughed and pounded fists in enjoyment at my wife being manhandled. I shifted in my chair and shook my head in frustration as I heard my wife start to moan again.

Lenny could sense that she was approaching orgasm again, and this time he was going to let her. I watched in disgust as her pussy clasped tightly around his dick and slid up and down. Lenny had two fingers spreading her pussy lips apart and a third vigorously assaulting her clit. There was sweat glistening on her stomach and tits, which were giggling in her bra, nipples poking out the top.

Michelle slammed down on his dick, but instead of rising up again, she swiveled her hips around, rocking the cock inside her like a pendulum. With Lenny rubbing her clit hard, she came, gasping around her gag and breathing quickly and deeply. Her breasts swelled out towards her audience and quickly moved back and forth as air moved in and out of her lungs.

As her movements slowed to a halt, Lenny grabbed her bra and ripped it apart. Michelle laid back against his chest and enjoyed the post-orgasm state as Lenny fondled her tits. Her eyes were shut and her head fell back against his shoulder. “Lets go, bitch. We are far from done,” said Lenny.

He pushed Michelle forward and she stood in front of him. He grabbed her hair and led her over to the poker table and bent her over it. He positioned her so that her bare ass and pussy faced me and my friends.

“Spread your cheeks, NOW!” he ordered. Michelle reached her hands towards her ass and spread it apart for him. He leaned over and spit right into her spread asshole, and Michelle braced for the inevitable. She had hoped that he would just finger her ass, but she now knew he was going to take her anal cherry.

I would have been mad ten minutes ago, but now that she had cum and seemed to be enjoying herself, I didn’t care if she got what was coming to her. Lenny spit again and pushed the tip of his cock against her sphincter. He pushed forward with a hard and steady pace. Michelle kept spreading her ass as the assault continued, obedient in fear that we would have to pay $1000 that we didn’t have.

As Lenny pushed the head of his dick past her sphincter, Michelle screamed past her pantie gag.

“Don’t tell me your husband never fucked this tight little asshole,” said Lenny. “I really am the lucky winner.”

He put his hands on Michelle’s and forced them to spread her cheeks even wider and leaned forward, pushing all of his weight against her asshole. He was able to push his dick more than half way in.

My wife raised her calves off the ground, her legs bending at the knees, and her toes curled tight, indicating the tension she was experiencing. Lenny started working his way out of her ass and back inside again, slowly getting more and more of his cock up her butt. When he was all but an inch from balls deep inside her, he pulled out until just his head was inside, and jammed forward with all his strength.

He bottomed out, and Michelle knew he had when he felt his hairy balls rub against her taint and pussy. In celebration of working his cock into my wife’s asshole, Lenny left in buried inside her, wiggling it around to try to loosen it a bit more. My wife squirmed, her legs still bent at the knees and in clear discomfort. Lenny spit again, allowing a string of saliva to extend from his lips to the base of his cock.

Once there, he again started moving in and out of her asshole with more ease. He spat twice more, lubricating his dick well enough to glide in and out. Michelle lowered her feet back to the ground…she apparently was growing accustomed to the dick in her ass. After he could fuck her ass as easy as he could her pussy, Lenny hooked his right arm under her right elbow and grabbed her left elbow with his right hand. In this fashion, he could control both of her arms behind her back with his one arm

He shoved deep into her ass again, and pulled her up off the table with his right arm. He backed up, pulling her with him, and spun her around 180 degrees. They were now facing us, standing in the middle of the room. Michelle’s head was hanging low with her hair blocking her face, but that would not work for Lenny. He gripped her hair and pulled it back, revealing her face and craning her neck towards him.

Lenny began rocking in and out of her with great force. Her tits were bouncing furiously as her body rocked from each thrust. She wanted to hold them so it would not hurt so much, but Lenny had locked her hands behind her back. Her face was stained with makeup as there had been tears running down her cheeks when Lenny popped her anal cherry. But they had dried, and despite her hair being pulled, the look on her face was not all together painful. Lenny let go of her hair and started fingering her pussy again.

“Dude,” he said to me. “You gotta try this some time. Not only does her asshole feel great around my cock, but she seems to like it. Her cunt is still wet!”

I looked up at her face to see her reaction, and she was looking at me with a sorry expression. He was telling the truth.

“I will prove it,” he said. “Watch me make your wife cum in the next minute.”

He unhooked her arms and reached around her chest. He clenched onto her left tit with his right hand, leaving his right arm under her right tit to prevent it from bouncing so much. This eased the strain on her chest, and she could enjoy his fingers a little more.

He kept humping into her as he rubbed her clit, and I listened in disbelief as my wife started moaning like a whore again.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Ah. Ah. Ah. Oh. My. God!” escaped from her mouth despite her gag. This encouraged Lenny to go faster and faster with both his dick and his fingers. I saw Michelle’s legs start to quiver and buckle and brace for then inevitable.

Again, she came, falling back against Lenny and pushing his dick all the way up her anal passage. Lenny wiped his fingers clean on her stomach and pulled out of her ass.

“On your knees,” he said. Michelle turned around and lowered herself to her knees in front of him. He pulled the panties out of her mouth and pushed his dick inside.

“Clean it up, bitch.”

Michelle started sucking his cock clean and Lenny pulled her panties tight and placed them against the back of her head. With them, he pulled Michelle further down his cock until his head was hitting the back of her throat. He concentrated very hard on not cumming, biting his lip and staring up towards the ceiling. Obviously, it was not just the physical pleasure, but the visual and mental stimulation of owning my wife that had him on the verge of orgasm.

He backed out of Michelle’s mouth and said “Don’t forget the balls.” He lifted his dick and thrust his pelvis towards her waiting mouth. He dipped is balls inside, and Eric and John’s jaws dropped as they watched her tea bag him. Her tongue whipped around his hard scrotum, tickling each ball one at a time. He then grabbed her chin and forehead, pried her mouth open and told her to stare up at him.

“Stick out your tongue,” he ordered, and she obeyed.

I noticed that she seemed to be obeying with less reluctance, responding quicker whenever he demanded something of her. With her mouth agape and tongue extended, Lenny slid the base of his cock between her lips, cleaning the insides of her ass off of him. Michelle took it like a slut.

“Now, get on all fours,” he told her. She quickly pounced into position and awaited his next move. He stood over her ass with a foot on either side, her ass facing us, him facing us. He smirked as he balled up her panties and pushed them towards her sphincter. He shoved them into her asshole, stimulating her and pushing her cheeks apart for their audience.

He then sat upright on the floor in front of her, legs extended, and told her to straddled his cock again. Michelle raised herself back up on her knees and spread her legs on either side of his. She scooted up the length of his legs until her tits were at his face. He then reached around her, grabbed her ass and lowered her pussy onto his dick again.

My wife automatically started bouncing up and down on his cock, her juices glistening on his dick in no time. Lenny grabbed her tits as they bounced, and brought them to his lips. He clamped his teeth onto her nipple, extending it and hardening it in a matter of seconds. Once they were both firm, he pinched them and tweaked them around, like he was tuning a radio. Michelle responded to this by wrapping her arms around his back.

My embarrassment grew as I watched them start to kiss. It was unbelievable. He had degraded her in front of my friends, he had deflowered her ass, and he had made her cum twice, and although she hated him until about an hour ago, she was now willingly kissing him passionately. Their mouths wide open, their tongues extended, they went at each other like rabbits in heat. Michelle bucked wildly on his dick as he brought her close to her third orgasm of the night.

Lenny grabbed onto the panties that were shoved up her ass and slowly pulled them out. Then, with two fingers pushed them back in. In and out. In and out. The unusual form of double penetration made her really tight, and it was clear that they were both about to cum. I could not watch, afraid of the prospect of Lenny cumming inside by wife.

“OK, I’m ready,” said Lenny. “Get up.”

Michelle lifted her waist until she was off his dick. Lenny stood and carried her back to the table.

“Lie on your back,” he commanded. She did as she was told. He grabbed her beneath her armpits and pulled her back on the table until her head was hanging off it.

Cruel2BKind, thanks for proofreading!


I’m rounding the corner when Monday grabs me.

I’m thrown to the ground, and a familiar dread bubbles in my gut as I recognize my assailant.

Fuck, I think. It knows.

Monday is the jealous type. I’m a total slut for the weekend, though, and just could not say no to a wild night with Friday. And, somehow, the certainty of punishment didn’t stop me from making slow, lazy love to Saturday and Sunday. Never has.

Guess I might be a masochist, or something.

Now I’m going to pay, though. I know it, Monday knows it, and I realize it’s the knowing that makes this kind of torture so awful.

“Where the fuck were you?”

I don’t answer. Monday knows where I was. I feel guilty, now, for being such a whore. Sure, Monday abuses me, but I mostly deserve it. I decide I’m definitely a masochist.

My pants are yanked down to my ankles, and suddenly, I’m on all fours, ass in the air. I shiver in anticipation of Monday’s violent ministrations. It doesn’t like that I’m not wearing any underwear.

“You fucking slut!”

I don’t deny it. I consider begging to suck Monday off. Sometimes that works, and I’m left alone if I just swallow enough spunk.

No such luck, today. Before I can open my mouth, I hear the crack of a whip.

Fuuuck. Not again. I’ve still got the scars from my last whipping.

Monday smacks my ass with a hand, first. It pinches the same cheek and I can tell it’s enjoying this. It gets off on punishing me.

“Why you always gotta be such a sadistic fuck?” I mutter under my breath.

Monday hears me. Oops.

“Bitch! Did I say you could talk?”

The lashes fall quickly, then, sharp and hot. It’s an ugly whip. I grit my teeth and try not to whimper. Showing weakness is pretty much the worst mistake you can make with Monday.

Nothing makes Monday so hard as a brutal lashing, so I know I’m in for a good reaming. When the whip is finally tossed aside, I can’t suppress a shudder.

Monday sees it. “I’m gonna fuck your ass today,” it drawls. I can hear the smirk. I fucking hate that spiteful bastard.

“Rather you didn’t,” I say, as casually as I can manage.

“Fuck you!”

Did I mention Monday has an evil temper?

I cringe as I hear it unzipping its fly. Monday’s dick is so big, it won’t return Spielberg’s calls. Monday’s dick could fuck Tuesday, if it wanted to. The FDIC won’t let Monday’s dick fail.

Monday starts beating my ass cheeks with its heavy cock. “What the fuck were you thinking?”

“I always come back to you,” I moan miserably, knowing this argument won’t save me.

Monday laughs. “Yeah, and fuck if I know why. How stupid are you?”

Oh, so now it’s my fault.

Monday shoves my knees further apart and positions its monster cock at my anus. It teases me for a little while, letting me think I could be spared. I’m not dumb enough to hope, but I know better than to tell Monday this. It rubs the welts on my ass cheeks and whispers obscenities until I’m blushing. Monday’s a nasty fucker, but nothing if not creative.

Finally, with no warning except an enthusiastic holler, Monday shoves its dick up my ass. No condom, no lube.

I clench down around the invader, hoping to snap it off. Wouldn’t that make my life.

It doesn’t work. Instead of breaking, Monday’s dick buries its entire, rock hard length painfully inside my rectum. FML.

Before I have a chance to adjust, Monday is slamming away, stuffing its thick meat into my bowels at a frightening pace. I tell myself it hurts less if you relax, but it’s in my nature to fight back. I can’t help it.

I wonder why I do keep coming back. I mean, I’m in love with Friday. Really. I’d do anything for Friday, rimming and ATM included.

So why Monday? Why do I keep coming back? I don’t like the scat play, or its creepy asphyxiation fetish.

It’s the domination, I suppose. Like I said, I’ve got a masochistic streak that Friday just can’t satisfy, and Monday is the best fucking Dom I ever met. So good, in fact, that I forget how much shit it makes me eat. And that it never heard of a safety word.

Monday’s making horrible noises, now, smug little squeals as it starts slapping my bruised cheeks with each rocking stroke.

“Take it!” it bellows. “Take my fat dick up your tight ass.”

My asshole is on fire.

Monday reads my mind. “Bitch, I hope it burns. You’re my bitch, hear? My! Shit! Twat!” What kind of childhood provokes this sort of depravity?

With a lurid groan, Monday yanks my pelvis back into its dick and starts pistoning like an M240, spraying my insides with entire magazines of cum. The feel of Monday’s hot jizz slurrying my shit finally knocks the fight out of me. I collapse and take it.

Monday rapes me twice again that day. Thinking of Friday is the only thing that keeps me going. After the last time, it kicks my pants back towards me and sneers. “Learn any lessons today?”

“Yeah,” I say, trying to sound sincere. “You sure ripped me a new one, Monday. Won’t happen again.” Prick.

I wonder just how many assholes I’ll have by the time I retire.

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