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It has been a while since I last wrote and thanks for those who have sent comments. If you haven’t read chapters 1-4 yet – or it has been a while! – it might be worth it before proceeding. Now that Dana has left the company and Jason has found a soul mate for his fetish in Alison, his secretary, life seems to be going very nicely.


After the stunning events of Alison throwing coffee in Dana’s lap, and the secretaries getting rid of her, office life had gone from strength to strength. My private life became private again and was now shared regularly with the delightful Alison as our friendship developed. I had dinner with Alison about once a week and we discussed the stresses of the office, and found ways to alleviate them. She was a most interesting and understanding partner in my secret. She was also refreshingly honest, “I don’t want a deep and meaningful relationship Jason, but I am more than happy to help you out with your fetish for as long as you want. I actually find it quite a turn on,” she explained one evening over a drink at her apartment.

We were snuggled together on her couch and she was casually stroking my silk teddy covered chest. My nipples were a target for her attention and she was enjoying tweaking the firm titties that pushed against the fabric while we talked. Eventually she reached across and took my hand and placed it on her spread inner thigh so that it could wander to her aromatic pussy that sat above her stocking tops. I trailed my fingers along her thigh and felt the sensuous material of the lace tops and then the warm flesh of her thigh. Higher I went to the hot, moist flesh and slowly I dragged my fingers across her cunt lips. They were searing hot and slick and I easily slipped my middle two fingers into her open hole. We continued talking while Alison continued to pay attention to my chest and I lazily stroked two fingers deeply in and out of her.

Not long went by before she was panting in short gasps and her hand had wandered down my torso to the tent in my French knickers. She slipped her hand up the leg of my knickers and grasped my hard cock and began stroking him. We were enjoying a mutual masturbation session that didn’t take long for us both to explode in orgasm. My knickers were soaked with my cum and her pussy grabbed at the fingers that were now plunging into her pubic bone. Eventually we subsided and Alison, always the attentive friend hooked her fingers into the waist and slipped my knickers from my slightly raised hips, taking them off me. She took them into the laundry and returned with another pair of my panties that I had previously allowed her to wash after a similar evening. She soon had me dressed again and there we were, two girlfriends sitting and chatting on her lounge. I had spent quite some time with her by now and had given her pretty well all of the background story I had told Dana so she was aware and more than a little intrigued. I had already agreed that she should come with me next time I needed to visit Sue and Andrea at the store. I was certain that they would be happy to help Alison out too.

I had been in my VP job for about six months now and had been looking for a new place to live now that I could afford something more than my apartment. I had found the best little complex of units that catered to young professionals. They had a couple of bedrooms and very nice living quarters with your own laundry and a small private courtyard garden and parking. I was happily ensconced in my new place and finding life pretty comfortable. My neighbours were friendly; a married couple on one side and a couple of girls who shared the next-door unit on the other. We saw each other occasionally as the girls and I shared a carport. I was enjoying the relaxed freedom of my place during one beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, just house cleaning and washing. Generally just bumming around the house in a pair of shorts, and my usual underwear. I had a small wash line on the patio so I was able to hang my freshly washed lingerie there where it wouldn’t be bleached in the sun, and perhaps be seen by nosey neighbours as had been the problem in the flats I had lived in when I first moved out of home. As I was hanging the undies a voice called out from a small gap in the hedge that peaked over the top of the fence to the girls’ place.

“Hi Jason, is your girlfriend home?” It was Lisa, the taller of the two girls. She was a 20 something brunette, slim and attractive with a dancer’s figure. Her friend, Penny, was a bit older and blonde, shorter and a bit fuller figured but also attractive.

As I was pleasantly contemplating what I was doing, I didn’t catch the intent of the question and so responded, “No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh I was just assuming, what with the wash you’re hanging … but no matter.”

“Oh, this!” I stammered, before covering, probably unsuccessfully, with, “No, I’m just doing a favour for a friend.”

“Well that’s perfect. I was going to ask you to do me a favour. I was going to sunbake and need some sunscreen on my back and Penny has gone out. Would you mind, please?”

The lovely face above the fence that was framed by her beautiful long hair had my complete attention. So here she was, needing someone to put their hands on her lovely body. Gosh, how could I refuse!! “Sure, no problem, I’ll be right over.”

“Oh great, just come through the side gate to the back lawn.”

I finished the last couple of items of hanging up and then went into the carport through my side gate and straight in the gate to next door. I wandered down the short path and came to the corner and spotted the most delightful scene. A large beach blanket was spread on the small patch of lawn that was surrounded by a slightly higher than fence-high hedge and the wine bottle was in a cooler next to the half empty glass. A cordless phone and a book lay casually tossed to one side and in the middle of the blanket was the back view of Lisa. She was lying with her long shapely legs toward me, face down and absolutely naked.

I stopped in my tracks. She was gorgeous and immediately I felt a stirring in my shorts that I was sure was going to be a problem. She partially lifted her head and looked around at me, giving a vague glimpse at the side of her pert breast.

“Hi. Thanks heaps. I hope you don’t mind. I always tan this way because I hate the tan lines. They show when I dance.” So I was right on that assumption anyway.

“Sure, no problem,” I responded as I tried to casually walk over to her. I knelt down on the edge of the blanket beside her and she leaned over to get the lotion. Again the glimpse of small firm breast! I allowed my gaze to stroll over her perfect shape. Beautiful shoulders, long arms, a narrowing waist to a set of trim hips and a pert bottom perched on top of the beautifully long slender legs; gorgeous! As she handed me the sunscreen I asked, “Where should I start?”

“At the top and work down, I haven’t got any cream on my back.” I wondered about the possible double meaning but said nothing. I decided I might as well enjoy the exercise and see what was going to develop here. At worst I could end up with a slapped face … but I didn’t think so somehow. She had laid back down with her head on her hands, her gorgeous profile in view. I spread the sunscreen onto my hand and rubbed them together and started to massage the cool lotion into the warm flesh of Lisa’s neck and shoulders. At my first touch she ‘oohed’ a little and murmured, “That’s nice.”

I continued, adding more lotion as needed, and stroking my hands across the sinews of her delicately muscular body. I moved gradually down her spine and across her ribs and slowly down her sides under her arms to spread the lotion and give her the briefest of brushes on the side of her breasts. She giggled a little, saying, “That tickles, naughty.” But she did not shy away.

I reached her lower back and asked her, “Is that all?”

Without moving she quickly replied, “Uh Uh. No I said before I hadn’t put any on. You’d better just do it all.” That was a pretty open invitation and I wasn’t going to ignore it!

I continued to spread the lotion and went down the outside of her legs until I reached her ankles and then moved up the inside of her legs to the bubble of her butt. I then spread the cream across the top of her backside. I continued to massage the cream into the cheeks of her bum and she slowly moaned her enjoyment of the massage. Very slowly I progressed, and with equal speed she started to move her legs apart.

I had now reached the crack in her bum and her lower torso was moving rhythmically to my pressure. My thumbs moved evenly down into the crack and grazed the delightful brown dot that was now peeking at me from her spread thighs. The dark minimal fluff of her pussy was also barely visible below. Holding her butt cheeks in my hands, my thumbs stroked down her crack to her backdoor; she very deliberately lifted her hips from the blanket to increase the pressure on her hole and she openly stated, “That feels great! Ummm.”

Spreading her cheeks more, I pushed and circled more conscientiously and her moans became more audible. It would not be much of a surprise to say that the tent in my shorts was enormous and the leakage was going to take another load of washing to remove! Finally Lisa said what she had wanted all along; “I guess you have put the cream everywhere where the sun does shine, what about where it doesn’t?” She raised her hips even higher giving me a clear view of the extremely wet cunt lips and almost absent pussy hairs. As she lifted I increased the pressure of my right thumb and it popped into her anus with little resistance. “Oh Yes!” was all she gasped.

She started to push against the reaming digit and then she asked for more cream and more fingers; “Stick them in me, quickly!” I jammed my fingers into her butt and poured on more lubricant. I had two fingers fully pushing and stroking into her but she still muttered, “No, it’s not deep enough. I need something longer! Fuck me!” I didn’t need telling twice.

I quickly moved behind her, her thighs making a triangle to her raised bum, and dropped my shorts and panties on the blanket. She had risen to her knees as I knelt behind her and aimed my swollen cock at her anus. A quick rub of its length with my lotion soaked hands guaranteed an easy entry and I slipped the bulb of my head straight into her arse hole; it popped past any resistance easily. Slowly I eased my thickness into her depths, rocking in and out in a slow pushing pace finding it being easily accepted to the hilt – clearly she was not an anal virgin. Lisa cooed her pleasure and squeezed me tight with her inner muscles as she begged me to ram her hard and fast now that I was in her. “God you stretch me so beautifully! Fill me with your come fast!”

I was powering into her from behind as hard as I could, well aware that I was not going to last very long. She thrust back with every forward motion and my balls were slapping against her soaking cunt. I grasped her hips to help create a pumping leverage as I withdrew to the edge of my cockhead before invading her again quickly and soon we were both grunting as our orgasms overtook us. She really loved it up the butt.

Finally we fell forward onto the blanket with my quickly deflating cock still inside her where our fluids blended together. We lay motionless for what seemed a long time before either of us stirred. We cuddled in that spoon position for a while and then, with a wet plop, my wilted penis popped out of her butt and she giggled that irresistible giggle of hers again. “Oh I’m leaking! You know I set you up, don’t you,” she stated as we gathered the bits and pieces on the lawn and moved inside to have a shower.

“I sort of guessed when you were naked on the lawn that you wanted more than a bit of sunscreen.” She chuckled and took me into the bathroom where we got into the shower together. “You are a really good anal lover. You certainly didn’t mind taking your time over getting me warmed up.”

“All part of my good neighbour policy. Always do what you can to help a naked gorgeous brunette.”

“I thought gentlemen prefer blondes?” she quipped.

“Perhaps, but putting my cock in your butt after knowing you only a few weeks hardly qualifies me for being a gentleman.”

“So where does it need to go to qualify?” she asked with a naughty grin as she started stroking him back to life under the cascading warm water. This was the stuff dreams are made of – a gorgeous dancer enticing me to make love to her. Within the next few minutes my cock was hard and deeply seated inside her cunt as she straddled me standing in the shower, her long legs encircling me. The warm water flowed over our rhythmically moving bodies as Lisa lifted herself up and pumped herself back down onto my deeply embedded cock, her vaginal muscles playing the piccolo along my shaft. This position didn’t take long to become tiring and we were soon rutting on the bathmat on the floor of the bathroom.

That, of course, was where Penny, Lisa’s housemate, found us as she walked in. We didn’t hear her come in but she was standing, leaning against the doorway, when she said, “Having a nice time you two?”

The surprise was enough to make us both jump and for me to slip out of Lisa. “Well girl, you certainly seem to have found something to do while I was out,” Penny continued; she was smiling as she stared at my throbbing cock and suggested, “You’d better do something to finish him off before he explodes!” With that she turned and wandered back into the unit.

Lisa looked up at me from where she lay, giggled again and said, “Oops! I guess we’ve been caught.” I of course was rapidly wilting with the embarrassment of being found like that and I suggested that it would be best if I left. Lisa nodded and reached for the pile of clothes on the floor to pass me my shorts.

As she grasped them from the pile she stopped to notice the fine lace and silky material of my undies — I was caught. “Well,” she smiled, “so that is who your ‘friend’ is that you were just helping out with the washing. I think I’d like to meet her one evening for a drink. Perhaps Pen would like to join us.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this last remark but the twinkle in Lisa’s eye and the deep sigh she let out certainly were encouraging signs for a future meeting with this gorgeous woman. I quickly got to my feet, slipped into my shorts and shoved the undies into my pocket and helped Lisa to her feet to leave. She made no attempt to cover up as we walked through the lounge and passed where Penny was relaxing on the couch.

“Hope you had a good time,” Penny called as I left through the kitchen door.

Lisa pushed her soft warm body into mine as she gave me a hug and a deep kiss. The push of her hips into my groin was enough to start something stirring again but then she pulled away and said, “Thanks for the massage and the company. I look forward to it again … soon!” Her tone told me that she meant it, and then she pecked me on the cheek and pushed me toward the door. I walked back through the garden gate and into my yard, all the while pondering exactly what the conversation was that would be happening next door — and how much Lisa would share about what she had just learned.

It wasn’t long before I found out the answer to my question. A couple of days later I met Penny in the carport as we both were leaving for work. “Hi Jason. How are you going?” I smiled but didn’t get a chance to respond as she continued, “Lisa tells me that she was going to invite a friend of yours to join us for a drink. I believe she said Friday night would be good, about 7:30?”

It seems that Lisa had wasted no time in talking about the afternoon delight and I was a little taken aback but managed to stammer a response along the lines of, “Yes, that sounds great.”

Penny was almost into her car when she paused and added, “Please tell her we like to dress up for the evening, something a bit formal. Dressing up is often so much fun when you just do it for the fun, don’t you think?” With that she was in the car and gone while I was still racing through my thoughts.

At work there were several messages about accounts that I had picked up. Work generally was fantastic since Dana had gone. Some of the new accounts had come my way via Andrea and Sue and the party at their place. I decided that, after the invitation for Friday, I should use my freebie at Jacqui’s. To be all spruced up and pampered seemed just the right thing to do. From the office I phoned the number on the business card that I had in my wallet. The call was quickly answered with, “Welcome to Jacqui’s; this is Laura speaking, how may I be of assistance?”

I asked to speak to Jacqui. She wasn’t available but the warm voice on the other end of the line asked could she be of assistance. “Well, as a matter of fact, you probably can help me,” I began. “Jacqui gave me her business card that offers a “Special”. I’d like to book in for it please.”

I guess I assumed that the term special was just another one of those business phrases in the advertising of their services but that impression changed immediately when Laura spoke. Her voice changed to a much more sultry tone and her comment, “It would be my pleasure,” certainly emphasized the ‘my’ in the sentence. “When would you like to come in?”

Again the tone and emphasis was on the last couple of words only. “Wednesday afternoon would be great. Is that possible?”

“Certainly sir, may I have your name for the booking?”

“It’s Jason, Jason …”

“Your first name will do fine thank you Jason. At what time will you be here?”

“When is free?” I queried figuring I had to find a spot on the time sheet.

“Oh no, on the contrary,” Laura explained. “You are on the Special, that means you get everything that suits you. What time would you like?”

“How about four?”

“Absolutely, not a problem. I look forward to seeing then. Bye.”

Again the tone told me I was in for an interesting afternoon. I cleared that afternoon with Alison and told her she could have the afternoon off too as I wouldn’t be back. I explained that I had decided to treat myself to the rejuvenation session. She smiled and whispered, “If half of what I have heard about Jacqui’s is true then you certainly are in for an experience. It is supposed to be the most exclusive and chic relaxation clinic that pampers to the rich and famous. You will have to tell me all about it afterward!” She was obviously a bit envious and yet she also knew I would tell her everything when we next spent the evening together. We were due to catch up on the following Monday — just us two girls getting together.

The next afternoon I left the office at about 3:30 and drove to Jacqui’s. It was a little bit secluded on the outskirts of town and the entrance was shrouded by an ivy-covered set of wrought iron gates. They led down a long driveway to what looked to be an old English mansion. There were no cars to be seen, only a driveway that looped past the front steps. As I stopped my car a lovely slim girl of about twenty walked down the steps. She wore a rather elegant maroon low-cut dress that was split at the thigh to reveal a pair of rather delightfully long legs in heels as she strode toward my car and opened my door for me. “Jason?” she asked and, in response to my nod, she continued, “I am your valet parking attendant. Please leave the keys and go in; you will be met by Laura in the foyer.”

I got out of the car and she took my place in the driver’s seat, again showing a great deal of long slim leg. She flashed me a smile and then started the car and drove it around the driveway to the rear of the building. I watched her go and then turned to the front doors and climbed the steps. Once at the open front door I stepped into a wide, open foyer with a gleaming parquetry floor and artwork around the walls. A wide sweeping staircase rose on my left to the upper storey and directly in front of me was a hotel style desk.

Behind the desk stood an elegant woman of about my age. She too was wearing the uniform dress and smile that I had seen on the valet attendant. As I approached she spoke and moved around the desk to meet me, “Hello Jason. I am Laura and I will conduct you through your visit with us this afternoon. Would you care for a drink … some wine perhaps?”

I nodded and replied, “Champagne would be lovely please.”

A few seconds later, as if from nowhere, another young girl arrived with a tray carrying a champagne flute filled with crispy cold bubbly. Again the uniform, legs and heels; Jacqui obviously didn’t employ unattractive staff! I took the glass and thanked her and then Laura said, “Please come this way and we will get you started on your visit.” As we walked down the foyer to a hallway she continued, “We have a full range of facilities here and all are at your disposal. There is a steam room and sauna, a masseuse, a manicurist/pedicurist, facial and skin therapist. We recommend that you start with a relaxing hot tub bath first. Does that sound okay?” The last was offered with a slight tilt of the head and a smile that certainly encouraged a positive response and so, naturally I agreed.

I continued sipping my champers as we arrived at a door about half way down the hall. Laura opened the door and ushered me in. Inside was basically a huge bathroom and the centrepiece was a semi-sunken hot tub of about ten feet diameter, a gentle layer of steam swirling across the surface. The sun spread a warm glow through the diffused glass of the window and the sparse furnishings whispered luxury to me. Laura turned to me and said, “Please allow me to help you with your bath,” and she reached out to take my half empty glass and placed it beside the lightly steaming tub. She immediately returned and commenced taking off my jacket, which she placed on a hanger and turned to put it in a closet to one side. This beautiful lady was undressing me and I was going to be given a bath. The thought was most appealing and the wine was already making the lightness of the atmosphere very relaxing.

Laura’s slim and dextrous fingers coated in red nail polish, a match for her lipstick, efficiently plucked at buttons and zips. Again, strangely, there seemed to be little that was overtly sexual about this lovely lady or what she was doing in eventually making me naked and showing me to the bath steps. She didn’t seem to even raise an eyebrow as she removed my French knickers and I wondered how much Jacqui had told her staff.

Once I was in the water and sipping the last of my wine, I was able to watch as she slipped her dress off her shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor with her heels. She was naked and as she walked to the bath I could see the firm but gentle bounce of her full breasts and the ripple of trim stomach muscles as she moved. Her hips swayed gently and her thighs met at a tiny neat triangle of fluffy hair that rose above her vagina. She stepped down into the water and a quick glimpse of her pink puffy pussy lips was all I could see before they disappeared into the water that I was sitting in. She moved across the bath to join me and without a word commenced to bathe me with a soft cloth she retrieved from the bath edge.

The long sensuous strokes over my neck and shoulders gradually moved lower to my chest where she took her time and then she shifted to sit beside me so that she could wash my back. There was not a word exchanged, just the gentle push or pull of my body to allow her access to the next area she was to wash. Eventually she asked me to stand in the water as she reached my lower torso and the cloth drifted to my crotch and up my thighs. My semi-erect penis twitched lightly as she brushed the cloth along my legs, the back of her hand brushing lightly against my shaft and balls but this was not a sexual activity despite my desire for her beautiful nakedness, her breasts seemingly floating as she knelt, her nipples standing firm. It seemed like something from a Japanese geisha story. She was simply taking care of my needs and naked was the convenient way to do this.

Once she had washed me all over she dropped the cloth onto the side of the bath and gently reached across me and took my hand. Standing with me in the bath she led me to the steps and I climbed out and stood on the mat while she ever so gently dried me with a soft towel. Her movements were the picture of elegance and her breasts swayed with her, and her nipples stood proudly in the cooler air of the room showing her arousal despite her silence. At last she spoke as she was drying my lower half and gently draping the towel across my groin to caress and stroke my swelling manhood. “Jacqui is quite insistent that we give every service available to the guests who receive her special offers.” Her hand continued to stroke my now rapidly swelling cock. “Is there anything I can do for you before you continue with your visit?” And as she said it her hand grasped me through the towel.

My facial expression was enough of an answer and Laura obviously had a preference anyway as she dropped the towel and continued to stroke me long and slowly. Her other hand drifted to my balls where they received a firm squeeze as she slowly sank to her knees on the mat in the humid atmosphere of the hot tub room. Nothing in the room was as hot as the mouth that engulfed the head of my penis and sank down the shaft to push back the foreskin. The fondling of my balls became more intense and three things became obvious to me: Laura really loved her work; she was extremely good at her job and I was going to last about ten seconds of this.

It was perhaps a little more but, as my seed rocketed from my now firmly crushed balls and into her bobbing mouth, my knees went weak from the experience. Gradually the pressure on my balls eased and the rhythm of her mouth moving up and down my shaft slowed to a crawl. Her eyes sparkled as she smiled up at me and licked the last drops from the head of my now wilting cock, gave him a little nibble on the exposed pink tip and then licked her lips as she stood up. She brought the wet cloth and towel up with her and gave ‘him’ a gentle wash and dry before ushering me to the closet where she found a long white dressing gown for me to wear. “What would you care for next Jason? How about the manicure and pedicure, followed by a massage, so that you can lie back and relax for a while?”

This seemed a great idea as my wobbly knees were still struggling to cope with me standing up. She slipped back into her dress and then linked arms with me and led me to the door. Back in the cool air of the corridor, the sudden change of temperature made me feel quite light headed. We strolled along for a few doors and then came to a room. Laura pushed open the door and we entered. It was similarly styled to the bathroom but wood panelled and softly lit and in the centre was a very comfy looking chair, a bit like a dentist’s chair but without the scary overtones of pain. To one side there was a desk and behind it sat two young women — twins. Not too surprisingly they were gorgeous with flaming red hair and what seemed to be magnificent figures. This was proven as they stood and came to where we were standing. Laura introduced me to Tiffany and Emma. They both smiled and took me from Laura who, after finding me another glass of champagne, left us without a word. A few sips was all I could take before these lovely ladies guided me to the chair and then one of them, Tiffany or Emma — I’m not sure which, asked me to take a seat and make myself comfortable. I reclined in the chair and in a matter of moments the girls had wheeled over a small table each and seated themselves on stools, one at my hip and the other at my feet. The chair was then adjusted under me so that I was lying almost flat, my head slightly raised on the headrest, and at about knee height that seemed to be convenient for their work.

The gentle caresses then started. Simultaneously one hand and the opposite foot were gently massaged and examined, while soothing lotion was rubbed in. Each finger and toe gently pushed, pulled and stroked. I had never had an experience quite like it. It was incredibly relaxing and yet stimulating at the same time. As I watched through half-closed eyes the two girls worked intently at their tasks on opposite sides of my body. My right hand was then gently laid in the lap of the lovely Tiffany on my right while my left foot was lightly dragged off the edge of the chair and onto the knee of her twin, Emma. At last I had noticed the monogrammed initial on each of their dresses, high above their firm breasts. Steadily they worked away caressing and massaging some type of cream into my skin and attending to my nails. It took me some while to realise that, lying as I was, my crotch was quite exposed to the view Emma had from my feet. I became both aroused and a little embarrassed at the thought and so I started to reach with my free hand to cover myself with the dressing gown I was wearing.

As I moved Emma noticed and leaned forward a little, brushing the ball of my foot against her breasts and at the same time asked, “Are you a little warm in that gown? We do want you to relax. Would you be more comfortable without it?”

Before I could respond either way Tiffany reached across and untied the towelling belt that held it together across my abdomen and gently pulled the gown apart to expose my naked body to these two flaming redheads, though the flame was in their eyes now as well. The gentle caress of my foot on Emma’s breasts hadn’t stopped and the slowly growing erection in my lap was the result. Having just recently enjoyed Laura’s attention, I doubted anything could possibly come of this despite how wonderful the sensations were. As Tiffany went back to work on my hand she dragged it closer to her crotch and seemed to lean back in such a way that I could feel the heat of her body. I was enjoying the attention but that is where it seemed to stop. They both continued their work as if nothing had changed and I think that was the most titillating aspect of the whole scenario.

After some while they both seemed to finish the job and moved in synchronous to the other side. The occasional glances at my semi-erect cock were enough to keep it there but now things did change a little. As Emma rolled her chair across to my right side I was treated to the view of her. She straddled her stool in a way that managed to seem elegant yet exposed her glorious red thatch of pussy hair to my open gaze. Her dress had gathered much higher on her thigh to provide this view and there was no attempt to change the situation. She gently guided my other foot to her breasts and rested it there as she started work. Tiffany rolled around the chair to my left and took my hand and placed it on her thigh.

This time, however, I felt no material between my skin and hers and, tearing my eyes from the glorious pussy of Emma, I looked straight into the pussy lips of Tiffany’s shaven crotch. My erection grew significantly in a split second, flexing with the coursing blood but still not hard. They continued to practically ignore it except for occasional glances but the movement of their bodies against mine became subtly increased. My thumb was being attended to but my other fingers were resting against very hot flesh. My foot was being worked on while the hard nipple was rubbing its sole.

I don’t believe quite the same amount of time was spent on this part of the treatment but perhaps that was just how time passes when you’re having fun. Again, with amazing timing, the two girls stopped the massaging and trimming of my nails and commenced to apply a clear nail varnish to my hand and toe nails. This was remarkably quick and quite a distraction after the caressing and fondling I had been receiving. Once all ten of each set of digits had been coated Tiffany explained, “You will have to remain very still for about ten minutes to allow the hardener to dry properly. Is there anything that you would like while you are waiting?”

My cock was still gently waving in the breeze and her tone made little attempt to suggest that anything else was worth asking for. The two girls stood up and allowed their dresses to fall to the floor. They stood there for a few seconds to allow me to fully appreciate the beauty of their bodies and then they approached, caressing my body gently. Emma reminded me, “Don’t move. You don’t want to spoil the nail polish. We will see what we can do for you. Jacqui does have a rule about us getting intimate with her special clients.”

Tiffany climbed onto the chair and straddled my stomach and I could see the wetness of her pussy. She rubbed herself against my stomach and eased back a little to allow my cock to brush her backside. She brushed her hands over my nipples and immediately they were hard. Emma was caressing my legs and getting ever closer to my balls that were tightening in anticipation. Tiffany gradually crept forward until she was across my chest and she was rubbing my nipple into her pussy.

“You have lovely boobies,” she murmured down at me. “Is that what Jacqui liked about you?” The surprise was in my eyes at the mention of Jacqui who it seemed had not told them all everything about me. “Yes, we do know about her little adventures and so we tend to enjoy the ‘Specials’ she gives out. We aren’t really meant to know but so far no one has complained.”

While washing my upper body with her juices, it was Tiffany who asked, “So what was it that you did for Jacqui?”

I could tell that they were both intrigued and so I decided to share the story of our evening. I explained how Jacqui ‘asked’ me to find her lost earring and what had ensued. Emma was quick to comment, “So you were there as the maid to serve these women? I guess you must have had to dress for the part!”

Tiffany was again paying a lot of attention to my nipples and it was then that I confessed, “Well as a matter of fact, yes I was. I have enjoyed the luxury of fine clothes and underwear for many years. It was the reason I was invited by the hostess who supplied my outfit.”

A rather dreamy look came over their faces and Emma murmured, “We’d love to see that some time but outside contacts with customers are forbidden by Jacqui.”

It was with that comment that I could see why. She stood up on the reclined seat, her feet either side of my chest, and then she casually stepped down off the seat, stepping over my arms and down either side of my head. She was straddling my chest and neck and I was now peering into the eye of her pussy lips only inches from my face. She shuffled forward and planted the puffy and juicy cunt lips I’d had oozing on my nipple right over my mouth.

As this happened an incredibly hot wetness oozed across my sole as my foot was grasped by Emma and pressed into her pussy. The two girls then went into a rhythmic rocking that allowed them to time their gyrations so that Emma, holding my ankle firmly, plunged her crotch up and down against my foot while Tiffany’s clit slipped in and out of my mouth and grazed against my nose. Tiffany’s juice soaked cunt was grinding itself further onto my tongue. Not surprisingly I was fully aroused and my cock begged for attention. As Emma came against my foot, Tiffany lifted up from my mouth and squirted her simultaneous orgasm over my face. These twins were truly in synch! As they subsided, they both stood up and moved to my side. I had the glorious view of Emma and Tiffany red-faced from their exertion.

Apologetically they looked from my face to my now rampant cock before Emma said, “We are sorry to not be able to help you with that but it is Jacqui’s rule.”

Quickly they gathered a couple of cloths to clean up their juices from my face and foot before slipping on their dresses and covering my manhood with my gown. This lasted a couple of minutes by which time I had wilted a little. Tiffany took some delight in licking her lips while watching the tent my cock made as I stood up; it flexed briefly before settling down again. “Thank you for letting us be of service. We’d love to do this again for you sometime.”

“Well perhaps we can arrange for you to do some freelance manicure work for a friend of mine?”

I hoped my tone indicated that I would be booking their time under a female name — I was sure that my alter-ego Jessie would make the booking for me. I was curious to wonder if their female customers were as well treated by Tiffany and Emma as I had been. They got the hint and as they finished drying me off Emma said, “We look forward to meeting your friend!”

As we got to the door to leave they both pecked me on the cheek. “Where to next? A sauna perhaps?” Tiffany queried.

It seemed a good idea and so I nodded and she looped her arm into mine and escorted me to the door. Emma smiled and said, “See you later we hope.” There was almost a challenge in her voice but it was certainly a friendly challenge. Tiffany took me into the hall and we walked a couple of doors down until we reached a sign stating ‘Steam Room and Sauna’. Here she left me saying she was sure I’d be fine to spend some time in here and that the masseuse was just next-door. She gave a last dazzling smile and turned and left me.

I entered the room and it was as luxurious as everything else had been so far. The room was huge with several cubicle style rooms inside. There was soft music playing from some hidden speakers and the aroma of flowers softened the feel of the room. The steam room and sauna had doors leading into each. They were both about the same size; a few yards square and there was an en suite in another corner. I sipped my wine and then went to the bench near the door to put it down and leave my gown on the hook. I grabbed a towel from the pile on the end of the bench and wandered into the sauna.

I sat and tried to acclimatise to the stifling dry heat and soon I was comfortably relaxed on the bench. The heat eased its way into my body and I could almost feel my pores opening to allow the sweat to drip from me. The heat delved into my muscles and I could feel them releasing their tension and the relaxation was a delight. My reverie was broken as I heard the door to the main room close and a voice call, “Jason, where are you?”

I hadn’t heard the voice in a long while but I recognised Jacqui’s tone immediately. I got up and wrapped the towel around my waist and went out into the main room. “Hi Jacqui, I’m here.”

“Well hello! How have you been enjoying our hospitality? I hope the girls have all looked after you well.”

“Absolutely; it has been wonderful and they have all been so friendly, thank you.”

She sauntered across to where I was standing, carrying my drink. “Here,” she offered, and as I took the drink she added, “I thought I’d join you for a steam bath. Do you mind?”

I was not sure that my objection would have made much difference as she was already heading toward the steam room door and her dress was slipping from her shoulders. She stopped at the door and turned, naked, toward me and said, “Well are you coming?” The double entendre was clearly emphasized and I walked across to join her. She took my glass and sipped the last drop of wine and said, “You won’t need anything else to drink, or this.” And she tugged at the edge of my towel and it spilled to the floor.

We went into the steam room and the cloud of steam masked my vision momentarily, then I could see she had sat herself in the middle of the wooden slatted bench and beckoned me nearer. I stopped in front of her and she said, “I think we should pick up where we left off,” and then she splayed her legs to reveal the delightful view of her earring pierced cunt lips.

I was an automaton as I went down on bended knees to suckle and play with her jewellery. She sighed and then pushed me back slightly so that she could grasp the rings in either hand and pull her distended labia apart to allow me further access. “Drill me with your tongue and, if it is good enough, there will be a rather special treat for you. My girls know I have a ‘hands off’ policy with the customers but I also know they have trouble following that rule. I am forgiving as long as you can still come when you get to me. My masseuse does not have the same restriction and she will offer you some rather unusual pleasure.”

I didn’t need the encouragement but it was very intriguing. Jacqui obviously was aware that her girls weren’t abiding by the letter of that policy as I had now had sexual contact with everyone I’d met since the visit started but I still had a very sizeable desire after the blue-ball creating twins had finished with me. I burrowed further into the juicy folds of her cunt and she clamped my head in between her thighs as she reached her first climax. The struggle to breathe was heightened by the steam filled room and the pain of having to breathe through the nose while eating Jacqui was titillating by itself. She gradually released the pressure on my head to allow me to move and I looked up into her glazed eyes, noting for the first time the pierced nipples.

“Mmmm … that was nice! Do you like what you see? I can arrange it for you if you like. I know how sensitive yours are.” With that she reached out and started stroking my already hard nipples. “See how they feel first,” and she pulled on my nipples until I was standing in front of her and then she tugged me down to her ample breasts. I reached out and tugged on the rings in her nipples, a matching set to the ones below, and as I did this she reached out with one hand to stroke the length of my solid cock. She squeezed it hard as I pulled harder on the rings and we moaned our agonising pleasure in unison. The sweat was pouring from my body and the grip on my cock was lubricated with sweat.

“I want you to fuck me between the tits and yank on my rings!” She slid to one side and lay on the bench, pulling me toward and over her body. She nestled my cock between her mounds and squeezed them up to envelop my cock. I started to stroke back and forth and I gripped the rings in her nipples firmly between my fingers and tugged on them to lift her tits higher and create a deeper cleavage to fuck. Her joyous moans told me she loved the pleasure of this pain. After pulling on them several times I was able to see the engorged nipples straining against the gold rings. Jacqui groaned loudly as I thrust in and out. I looped my index finger through the right ring and then dragged the left over to loop it onto the same finger. I had created a closed valley to stroke my cock into and the nipples were stretched to only half an inch apart. This set off a screaming tirade from Jacqui. “Oh my God that feels wonderful! Fuck me harder; tear my nipples off. I want that pain.”

I was slamming into the bottom of her tits that quivered jelly-like and shoving my cock into her chin as she watched it enter and exit her cleavage. She somehow managed to sneak her hand around under me and grasped my balls that were already about to explode. She gave them the most incredible squeeze I have ever felt. I went cold and almost passed out from the pain but at the same time I exploded come all over her tits and face as I continued to thrust in and out. I was still pulling on her nipples without even realising it and she was screaming in orgasm at the same time. I fell against the wall in utter exhaustion and somewhere along the line I let loose the rings on my finger. Jacqui was not quite done yet.

Breathing in heavy gasps she said, “Now clean up the mess you left!” The demand was clear and the intent was too. She wanted me to know who was boss, even after giving her an orgasm like that one. She sat up as soon as I got off her torso and through the mist of the steam she gestured to her tits, neck, chin and mouth and said, “Well? Clean it off!”

I hardly hesitated as I leaned forward to lick the come from her sweat soaked cleavage. I made a point of sucking the rings in her nipples into my mouth and exploring their texture as they joined the nipple. It was an amazing sensation and I was tempted momentarily to think about getting this done to myself. It obviously heightened Jacqui’s pleasure. I was thorough and as I grew closer to her mouth, collecting strings of come, she started to murmur the sweet sounds of pleasure – she was enjoying this. My salty come and her sweat made an interesting cocktail and as I reached her lips she opened her mouth into a passionate, tongue-sucking kiss.

It stirred my cock to think that this was actually the first time I had kissed her. I hard sucked on her pussy twice and fucked her tits and now I had kissed that demanding mouth. When she had finished, for it was she who pulled away, she stroked my cheek and said, “That was almost worth another “Special” but I am sure that you enjoyed it too.” The casual stroke of my semi-hard cock emphasized the point. “I am sure that you will enjoy your massage; Amber has a rather unique way with men. Enjoy yourself.” She stood up and left me in the steam room and, by the time I was out of the room, she was gone. I stood naked for a moment before deciding a shower was a good idea.

I went into the en suite and ran a cool, refreshing shower. I stepped inside and relaxed under the pressure of the water. It had been an amazing day so far and Jacqui’s parting comment suggested it was not yet over. I enjoyed the warmth of the water and soaked up the luxury of the surroundings. The tapping on the door broke my reverie. It slowly opened and standing in the doorway was a very tall and athletically built woman with a deep suntan and dark hair. She wore the same uniform as all the others but there was something more defined about her features that yelled strength. She walked in and took a towel from the rail and gestured for me to step out of the shower. In her heels, she towered over me. I was no longer surprised that there was no feeling of guilt in my mind as I stepped naked from the recess and stood in front of another total stranger. She hadn’t said a word but there was a definite understanding about what was happening.

She stepped closer and I noticed the poise of her movement and I glanced at her firm full breasts where the name badge read “Amber”. She started to dry me, commencing with my chest and shoulders, then down my body. It was an asexual encounter but there was a distinct control about her motions and the pressure of her hands rubbing me dry showed the strength I had assumed from her stature. Once she had bent down and dried my groin and legs she walked around me to dry my back. Still not a word had been spoken. Finally she finished and she reached for my gown and assisted me with putting it on. She linked arms with me and we moved, at her insistence, toward the door.

She finally broke the silence with, “Have you enjoyed your visit so far Jason?”

“It has been wonderful,” I exclaimed.

“I am not surprised, what with all fun you have had with the girls today!”

I was rather stunned by the comment. “Oh relax, it’s alright. Jacqui and I have an understanding and she tells me about her ‘Specials’ in exchange for a little ‘special’ I do for her. I find out about the new visitors and sometimes I like to share with the other girls. Jacqui knows, and she doesn’t mind as long as her own needs are met and, from what I heard coming from the steam room, she should sleep well tonight! I occasionally make sure I keep on the other girls’ good side by giving them a hint about our customers’ special needs or desires.”

My mouth must have fallen open in the shock of this revelation that they all knew about me before I had even arrived. “Relax Jason, your secret is safe. In fact I suspect you will gain a few long-term benefits based on how, shall we say ‘responsive’ you have been today. I know the twins were impressed!” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

All this time we had been strolling from the steam room to another room next door. She opened it and led me in to another beautifully spacious area with a massage table as its central feature. At a quick glance I could see the orderly arrangement of the room, an open cabinet with an array of unusually shaped and coloured bottles. The aromatic candles gave off a soothing scent. The dim light of the evening made little impression through the stained glass window that featured some unusual patterns. She closed the door and turned to face me again.

“Here we reach the end of today’s visit with a relaxing massage.” The emphasis was more on the word massage than relaxing. Again, as if I was almost not there, Amber reached forward and took the sash from the gown allowing it to fall open and expose my nakedness to her view. This time she did take a long look up and down my body and it was such an incredibly sensual moment even without any sexual contact.

She eased the gown off my shoulders and to the floor and then gently steered me toward the table. It was covered in a soft towelling sheet. I eased my backside onto the table and she began. “Lay on your back with your feet straight and arms at your sides. This is where you let me do all the work. Just follow my instructions as we go and you will have a wonderful experience.”

I did as I had been told and lay back. I was naked and totally in the hands of this strong willed and bodied woman. The strength was noticeable immediately that she started to caress my temples. She had moved to the head of the table and leaned over me to commence the massage with my scalp and temples. Her fingers were strong but gentle as they stroked and dragged across my skin and eased what little tension there was in my body away. Time passed as I lay there with my eyes closed; I was in a little world of my own.

As she stroked she started to talk in a soft and sultry voice. “So I believe you enjoy the sensations of softness against your skin Jason?”

It took a second for me to realise she wasn’t referring to her fingers but my first encounter with Jacqui. I murmured an agreement, not knowing where this was leading exactly but fairly confident that it would be sexual. Her hands continued to drag the sinews of muscle from across my cheeks and under the eyes. “Have you been interested in dressing that way for very long?”

It was a much more direct question but with her fingers stroking around my mouth and chin I wasn’t sure that I was supposed to say much, so another murmur of agreement left my lips. The caressing fingers reached and tugged on my earlobes in an incredibly sensual manner. “It must be wonderful to be confident and relaxed like that as well as an amazing turn on!”

The voice was becoming husky and I looked up into her upside-down face as she leaned forward over me. Her breasts swayed gently inches above my head as she continued her massage of my chin and neck. She moved around to stand by my shoulder and from a blue flask she poured some oil into her hand and then rubbed the two together before reaching across me to stroke my neck and shoulders. The aroma was devastating! It could easily have been from any exotic port in the world and it was an attack of the nicest kind on the senses. Amber slowly moved her slickened hands across my shoulders to my chest, caressing my small breasts, and then she allowed her palms to brush across my nipples. They sprang to attention and the areolae leapt from my chest at her touch. I could feel every sensation of her movement. The dark surrounds of my nipples were protruding more than I had ever seen or felt before and they were sending a message in Braille that approved of the contact; Amber continued her caressing; “Jacqui said you had cute tits and boy are they sensitive!” The comment, added to the oils, made my cock spring to attention and I gasped at the suddenness of my arousal.

“My God what is that stuff?” I gasped.

“This? Oh this is my secret recipe that I only use when I really want to get a cock hard and keep it that way for a long time! It is made from a mixture of some herbs from Africa and my own cunt juice. You can taste me later.”

As she said the words the nipples were pinched in a vice grip and pulled and I gasped in pain and arousal. Her tone was casual but sexy and my cock was a steel post jumping away from my body and flexing with my pulse, upright against my stomach. I had never been so turned on in my life but there was obviously not going to be any early release. “Jacqui said you eat pussy very well but I prefer to be my own judge. So what is your favourite outfit when you cross-dress? Give me the details.”

I would not be escaping from the control of this woman for some time and, quite frankly, I didn’t want to. I tried to think over my wardrobe while her hands continued down my torso after torturing my nipples and caressing my breasts. The image came to mind of what I intended to wear to Penny and Lisa’s on Friday night. It was something I had thought through quite carefully not long after receiving Penny’s invitation. In a rather wispy voice, the best I could muster under the circumstances of Amber’s lowering caresses and nearing my erection, I began.

“I have a couple of friends, Lisa and Penny, who live next door to me and they have invited me to their place on Friday…”

“Oh they know about your preference do they?” I nodded. “Interesting! Go on.”

“Well I have already decided the outfit for the evening. I shall wear a sky-blue silk basque with matching lace panties. The stockings are very sheer black with seams and a butterfly motif embroidered into them on the calf. I have a cream silk blouse and a mid length skirt split to the thigh. I have to wear the two-inch black high heels as they are all I have apart from casual shoes at the moment.”

Amber’s hands had moved to my groin and were tugging on my trimmed pubic hair. “I must see you in that some time although I think the ladies would be more impressed with a dress … something that would expose a little cleavage. What’s the point of a basque if it doesn’t show off your tits and figure?” It was at that moment that one hand captured my scrotum and the other claimed a grip on my cock and stroked more of the oil into me. She didn’t even hesitate in her commentary, “Besides I doubt two horny women will want you dressed in anything other than the underthings you wear for the evening. They are going to play with you for sure!”

The image she had painted for me of Penny and Lisa and me in my finery was enough to send me over the edge. I came. The first blast flew into the air as Amber wanked my rock hard cock in her tight grip and it was followed by several others. The oils had created a gentle burning sensation in my balls and it seemed to intensify as I blew my load. I had cramps in my stomach from the intensity. She stroked me a few more times and my eyes came back into focus in time to see her release my cock and lift her hand to her mouth to lick the cum from where it had dribbled.

She lapped at the sperm while she gazed straight into my eyes. “Your turn soon!” she murmured. It was incredible to watch and then I noticed that, despite an explosive orgasm, I hadn’t wilted. In fact it was as hard as before. Amber saw my expression, “Ah yes, the oil does that rather well. You’ll be hard for a while yet don’t worry. Now turn over so I can do your back.”

I obeyed and rolled over. It was very uncomfortable at first trying to find a place for my rigid cock to sit without impaling myself. Quickly Amber’s hands were back on my neck and more oil was poured onto my shoulders and spread immediately. It was a warm sensation that filled the room again with her aroma.

“Rest your head on your hands and relax,” she told me. She slipped her hands around my shoulders and under my arms where she gently caressed the side of my breasts. I felt my cock flex at the touch and I tried to ease the pressure of my body weight pushing it into the massage table. I raised my hips slightly and instantly felt a stinging smack on my arse cheek, “Don’t move until you are told!”

The ache soon disappeared and became a tingling throbbing in my groin. She went back to playing under my raised arms and soon her oil slick hands easily slid under my body to caress my nipples again only this time her breasts were now firmly pushed into my back. The warmth of her body oozed through me. “They feel very aroused,” she whispered in my ear as she tugged firmly on both of my tits, clamping the whole nipple and surrounding flesh in a strong grip. As she did this she straddled my back and the warmth of her cunt centred itself on my spine. The juice and soft fuzz of hair told me she was naked though when she achieved this feat I had no idea.

Her hands stayed clamped to my tits and she ground her cunt into me as she moved back and forth riding my back. Soon she was nibbling and biting my ear and neck and she was laying full length on top of me, grinding me into the bench. My cock was drilling a hole in the bench beneath us both and I strained again to release the pressure by lifting my hips. A sharp nip on the neck told me not to move and she continued to slither down my body, still not releasing the now tender flesh of my breasts. She used her feet to push mine apart and she eased back to kneel between my legs. My nipples were released and the hands slid around my side to the small of my back. Her firm hands stripped the muscles of my back and pulled along the spine until they reached the top of my bum cheeks. There was a brief moment of stillness, as if she had disappeared, then the hands were back with a fresh supply of oil on them.

They commenced to massage my cheeks, starting at the top and firmly stripping through the muscle to my thighs and then returning to the top. I recognised this as what I had done to Lisa only days before. It was about now that I noticed the stained glass windows that I had seen when I came into the room. I remember that they seemed to be strange images. From my current position I could see why. The window was fitted sideways so that it could only be seen properly from a lying down angle. There before my eyes was a series of images of cocks in various stages of entry to a trim arse. Amber’s firm hands eased their way across my cheeks with her thumbs tracing my spine. Her palms pushed aside the cheeks and the thumbs grazed their way across my puckered back door just as I had to Lisa – I knew what was coming and I was excited at the thought.

The oil had that instant tingling feeling and I gave an involuntary jump. She pushed me down and returned her hands to the top of my bum for the motion to recommence. This time the thumbs slowed down at my anal ring and stroked around it while my cheeks were pulled apart in Amber’s hands. On the third occasion one thumb stroked the sphincter while the other nudged against it and pushed its way inside me. It probably only went in to fingernail depth but the sensation was delightful. The oil heightened every sensation in every nerve ending. I felt my puckered ring nibbling at the invading digit and found myself raising my hips and instinctively pushing back to take more. “So we enjoy this do we?” was Amber’s chuckling comment as she went through the exercise a fourth and final time.

“How does this feel then?” and as her thumb arrived at my chute she slowly slipped her thumb straight in to the hilt. I let out a grunt of amazed pleasure as my sphincter muscle briefly held against the invasion before accepting its destiny. My body was in the air now and I was head down on the bench. I arched my back and pushed against the thumb. Her fingers still maintained the steady pressure on spreading my cheeks. The thumb was rotating inside me as Amber withdrew it slowly and thrust it back in. Very soon we had a rhythm going of her plunging into me while I shoved back just like Dana’s strap-on dildo had penetrated me deeply months before. The sensation was extraordinary and stinging, tingling warmth had replaced the initial surprise. “My! My! You are a bum boy after all! Seems you are enjoying this a great deal. Ready for something a little larger?”

My groan of pleasure was enough for her to act and the thumb that was buried slipped out of my very well oiled anus to make way for something else. I had no idea what to expect. For a few moments there seemed to be no movement and then the trickle of oil down my crack lit up my senses. As it ran down into my open cavity the warmth grew. It ran passed my hole onto that tender skin between the anus and the balls. As it flowed onto my balls they sprang to life and I gasped at the pleasure of this amazing fluid. A solitary fingernail started to gently graze that sensitive perineum and Amber said, “Hold yourself open for me. I need both hands because you are going to explode in come very soon.”

This is the second chapter of this story. To get up to speed please read chapter one. Any feedback would be appreciated.


I could hardly believe what was happening. I’m not the kind of guy this sort of thing happened to, yet here I was, laying on my front on Sarah’s bed, while she gently but firmly massaged me.

My erection was pushing down into the bed as she sat astride me, and I could feel her wet cunt on the small of my back.

“Nice and relaxed now Jack?” Sarah said, with an edge of wickedness to her voice. I could imagine the glint in her eye.

“Uh-huh.” I replied.

“Gooooood.” Sarah replied in a husky voice.

She got off me and told me to roll over.

I did so and was greeted by the sight of her magnificent breasts and a wicked smile.

We kissed, long and hard, her hand wandering down towards my cock. She took it firmly and began to wank me off. I groaned with pleasure as we kissed.

She pushed me back and began to kiss down my chest and stomach and with no hesitation swallowed me whole.

It was amazing. I’ve had my fair share of blow jobs but this was an expert demonstration of how a cock should be sucked.

Every now and then Sarah would stop and wank me while licking the tip of my now aching cock.

“Enjoying?” she asked wickedly.

“Fuck yes but I want to fuck you.”

“All in good time baby.”

She did a 180 degree turn so she her sopping pussy was above my face.

I needed no invitation and began to lick her pussy eagerly, one hand one her ample arse. I let my finger wander towards Sarah’s anus. She stopped.

“Finger my arse while you lick me.”


I slid my finger in to her arse while licking her pussy, all the time her mouth clamped around my cock.

She was sucking harder and faster now. I was close.

“I’m going to cum.” I said.

“In that case Jack, you better fuck me. I want to feel your cum fill my pussy.”

Sarah shifted and turned so she could ride me. And ride me she did, wildly.

She leaned down so her huge tits were in my face as we fucked and within minutes she was screaming in pleasure as she reached orgasm.

With all the tension in my cock, I wasn’t far behind her, my balls tightening as I shot inside her.

She eased herself off me backwards so I could still see her.

Panting and smiling she began to finger her pussy, and then with her fingers covered in our intermingled juices she licked them clean.

That was almost enough to get me hard again there and then.

Sarah crawled towards me.

“Time to clean you up baby.” She said. She pushed my back and began to lick my cock and balls. The sensation was amazing.

Again I groaned in pleasure as Sarah began to wank me back to hardness.

We made love again, slower this time, more considered, taking our time to explore each other’s bodies, seeing what were the real turn on’s for each of us.

After reaching another explosive climax each, we collapsed in each other’s arms and slept.

Hours later I was awoken by Sarah wearing a dressing gown and holding 2 steaming mugs of coffee.

We drank. We talked.

“I’m not looking for a relationship Jack, and even if I was one with someone as young as you would never work.” She said.

I laughed. “It’s not often you get described as young when you’re in your mid-thirties.”

“You know what I mean.” she chuckled.

“You’re right though, it would never work. But does that mean this is a one off?” I asked.

“Of course not, as long as we have an understanding that this is a friendship with sexual benefits.” Sarah replied.

I was relieved, not wanting this amazing evening to be a one off.

“So, we can hook up once or twice a week, dinner, drinks and fucking. How does that sound Jack?”

“Delightful.” I smiled back.

“And, you never know, I have a friend or two that might want to join us some time.”

Now I was intrigued.

“Friends of a male or female persuasion?” I asked.

“Female Jack, don’t worry, I’m not going to introduce a guy to this.”

Again, relief hit me.

“I have a couple of friends who I think would really like you. And they already like me.”

With that, Sarah kissed me and those kisses started to wind their way down my body.

I closed my eyes.

I sighed happily.

I had moved to the right city.

To be continued…

James heard the doorbell go, and opened it to find his neighbour standing there with a smile.

“Hi James, I’m wondering if I could ask a favour? My broadband’s down and I have some urgent emails to send. Would I be able to use your computer for half an hour?”

“Sure Dave, come on in and I can help you out!”

Dave grinned at him as he squeezed past. James had had a crush on his hunky older neighbour forever. Everything about him was delicious, and he thought he’d even caught Dave watching James getting dressing up in his bedroom; when she peered out the window, she’d noticed movement from his room, but the lights had been out so he could never be sure. Dave had never mentioned it anyway. At the time, James had wondered if Dave was getting off, watching him pose in lingerie. The thought had turned James on so much that he nearly cum in his panties, and since then, he’d always made sure his curtains were open, just in case!

As Dave headed towards the lounge, James stopped to get a good look at his sexy arse; he was just about to follow his neighbour into the lounge when his brother Paul appeared.

“I’ll help Dave out James. I’ve a few things to chat to him about anyway; I need to sort out some things before I start my internship at the bank.”

James didn’t even bother arguing; Paul always got his way. He was only a year older, but had been the dominant one for as long as James could remember. They’d never gotten along very well, and Paul seemed to enjoy being a prick to him. James watched them both go into the living room before he headed back upstairs; for a second he considered having a wank thinking about his sexy older neighbour, but instead decided to plan his outfit for the weekend. He dug through his drawer, looking for his favourite lacy panties, before realising he had left them in the drier downstairs.


He’d have to be quiet. His family knew he was gay, but the cross-dressing was still his secret. And he’d prefer if the way they found out wasn’t with his brother finding him with a handful of lingerie!

He creeped downstairs and tiptoed past the lounge, trying to get into the kitchen as quietly as possible. As he was stealthily opening the kitchen door, the lounge door eased open a crack and he heard some very strange noises emanating from within. Feeling brave, James poked his head around the door and saw something that took his breath away!

Dave was sitting across from the door, completely naked and completely focussed on her brother. Paul, on the other hand, still had a T-shirt on, but was naked from the waist down, and his rock hard dick was evident as he slowly eased his lips down Dave’s cock. James was shocked; he hadn’t known either of them liked cock, and hadn’t even guessed both of them would be so well hung. Paul was slowly stroking his dick as he sucked, and it looked to James like it was about eight inches long. He’d never had one that big! Dave was even longer but not as fat, and a pang of jealousy swept through James as she watched her brother swirl his tongue around Daves purple bellend. It looked delicious! James realised he was as hard as both of them as he watched them play, and quietly rubbed himself through his jeans as he watched.

“Fuck Paul that’s it…..go nice and slow…..I want this to last,” Dave moaned from his chair, “Its been weeks since I’ve had you to myself…..I’ve been dreaming about your mouth.”

Paul slowly eased the long hard cock from his mouth, and smiled as he began kissing up Dave’s muscular body; soon he was leaning over Dave, still grinning as he moved in to kiss him softly. James got even harder as he saw their cocks rubbing together. He’d never looked properly at his brother before, but he was almost as tasty as Dave. They were both nicely muscular, and the sight of the two big dicks sliding against each other made him weak at the knees!

“I want this to last forever Dave” Paul whispered between kisses “I want to make you cum again and again… just need to stay quiet… my brother doesn’t interrupt us.” James watched as Paul reached for Daves gorgeous dick, his fingers wrapped around his length and squeezing softly as he kissed back down Daves hairy chest, stopping to suck on each nipple as Dave groaned softly.

“Mmmmm that’s a dirty idea, two brothers at once! You never know, he might be up for it?”

“I bet he would. I’ve heard him get fucked. But its not something you can ask your own brother is it?” Paul grinned before trailing his tongue down Daves toned stomach.

James nearly exploded listening to them; he was harder than he’d ever been, and it sounded like they wouldn’t have any problem with him joining in. He didn’t even need to think about it; he just hoped Paul was going to take his time like he promised; James needed time to get ready!.

He sneaked back upstairs and got dressed as quickly as he could. Being a closet crossdresser, he’d already had a lot of practice with changing in a rush, and James put it to good use. He was all dressed up in minutes, and put some finishing touched to his make-up before giving himself a final once-over in the mirror. James crept softly back downstairs, trusting the carpet to muffle his heels, and got back to the door to check he wasn’t too late. He was in luck, Dave was still moaning softly with his fingers running through Pauls hair. He was leaning back on the sofa, with Paul still kneeling between his legs. Her brother was completely naked now, eyes closed in pleasure as he bobbed on Dave’s fat cock. Perfect!

James slipped around the door and caught Dave’s attention, watching as his eyes widened in surprise. She grinned at the sight, and raised a finger at his painted lips to make sure Dave kept quiet. James moved carefully across the room, thankful for the carpet still muting the click of her heels. He relished Daves look of lust, and put an extra swing in her hips as she moved towards him, making sure her brother still hadn’t noticed her before she leaned over to nuzzle Daves ear.

“Hi Dave, I’m Jen. And tonight I’m your plaything.” She whispered throatily before she kissed him again. As she pulled back from him, he took in the sexy little crossdresser that stood before him, smiling coyly. Jens tight blue dress barely covered her tiny pert bum, and gave him a fantastic view of her thighs above her lacy black stocking-tops. The stockings and her six inch black heels made her legs look sleek, slim and amazing. A mane of jet-black hair cascaded over her shoulders, and her eyes sparkled as she ran her tongue over her ruby lips.

Jen kept her eyes locked on Daves as she dropped to her knees beside her brother. She watched him work on Daves fat cock, his head bobbing softly with his lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. She was a little shocked that she’d gotten this far without her brother noticing, but at the same time, she knew that if she were in his place, Dave’s massive dick would have her full attention. Feeling bold, and as horny as she ever felt before, she leaned in slowly, trying not to disturb her brother until she got her lips on Daves wet shaft. Jen slowly kissed her way up his big dick as her brother sucked on the bellend, until finally their cheeks brushed together. Paul instantly jerked away, startled and staring open-mouthed as his cross-dressing brother kept her attention on Dave; her mouth worked upwards, planting soft kisses all over him until she reached the tip. With a grin, she ran her tongue slowly around his enormous purple bellend and listened to Dave moan in pleasure above them. As she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock, Paul smiled and brushed her long hair back, getting a good view of her ruby lips slipping down to suck.

Jen shivered in delight as she felt her brothers fingers brush against her cheek. She was wrong earlier, she was more turned on than she’d ever been! Her brothers touch was like a spark of electricity, and Daves cock filling her mouth felt perfect. She eased her lips back and pulled the cock from her mouth, giving her big brother a sexy grin. He was staring at her with a look of pure lust in his eyes; making her feel like such a whore! She pursed her red lips and blew him a kiss before slowly licking Dave’s wet cock, tasting the mix of precum and spit her brother had left behind. Then, never breaking eye contact with her brother, she slipped her lips back over the fat dick in front of her, taking as much as she could inside her warm mouth. It felt amazing, and as she began to suck in earnest she felt Dave’s fingers wrap through her long hair, urging her on. Another shiver ran through her body as she felt Paul move beside her; he’d begun to work on Dave’s cock as well! Jen eased the long fat prick from her mouth and watched her brother cup Daves balls as his tongue worked around the base of his shaft.

“Jesus this is hot” Dave murmured in appreciation as Jens tongue went back to work. She swirled it around Daves bell-end again before she slowly worked downwards; she traced down his throbbing shaft, moving to meet her brother at the base. She wasn’t sure how he’d react, but Jen needed to find out. Within seconds, she was opposite him, with both their tongues working around Dave’s cock; the first touch was tentative, but it was like another electric shock for Jen; it felt so taboo and so hot! She waited for him to recoil, but instead her cock jumped under her dress as she felt Paul push back against her tongue before continuing to lick. After that, it felt natural; it felt perfect!! Each touch lasted a little longer than the one before, and soon they were kissing around his shaft. Jen moaned in ecstasy at his touch, and both of them slowly moved their mouths up his shaft, their lips still locked together. As they reached his bell-end, Jen felt her sexy brothers tongue run over her lips and push inside her mouth. For a second, Dave was forgotten, and Paul and Jen pulled away from him, lips locked together as she sucked on her brothers tongue.

“Fucking hell, this is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” Dave moaned from above them. “I knew I had one dirty cocksucker for a neighbour, I never realised I had two! Now all I need to know is which one of you wants me inside you?”

Jen pulled back from Paul with a smile, loving the taste of him on her lips. “I need it bro. I need a shag so bad. You want to watch me get fucked? Your little slutty sister got so turned on watching you suck; now she wants you to watch her get used. Is that OK?”

Paul moaned in approval and she grinned, kissing him again as Dave sat back on the couch. Jen stood up slowly and turned her gaze on Dave. His dick looked even bigger now, standing straight up for her and slick with their spit. She couldn’t wait any longer, and straddled him on the sofa! As she lowered herself onto his lap, she felt Dave’s hands on her, tugging her dress up over her hips as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel his fat dick pressed between her ass-cheeks, and hoped her brother was enjoying the view of the big cock pressed up against her tiny black thong. Her long red nails ran down Dave’s chest before he pulled her against him, planting soft kisses on her ear and moving down to her red lips.

As she opened her mouth to suck on Dave’s tongue, she gasped in surprise. Pulling away from the kiss, she looked over her shoulder to see Paul on his knees, alternating his tongue between her arse and Daves cock. Both of them moaned in approval before Dave spread her cheeks wide. “Tongue fuck her Paul,” he groaned, “Get her nice and wet…..get us both ready…..I need to be inside her.”

“Oooooohhh fuck yes” Jen whimpered, burying her face in Daves neck. She’d never been rimmed before, and now it was her brother who was sliding his tongue around her arsehole. “I love that so much Paul…..don’t stop…..lick me…..lick me bro.” Her brother lapped harder as she urged him on, and Jen groaned in delight at the sensation. It felt unbelievable, she never wanted it to end! “Tongue my hole baby…..tongue your dirty sisters hole” she squealed as she squirmed against Dave, finding his mouth again and pushing her tongue inside. Her dream had always been a threesome, and this was the hottest one she could imagine!

Just as her brothers tongue was becoming too much to bear, he pulled away, and Jen finally felt Paul press Dave’s bellend against her hole. Both Daves cock and Jens hole were wet and sticky with Paul’s spit, but his dick still felt massive, bigger than anyone she’d ever had before. Dave smiled at her softly and pulled her close, his hands still spreading her cheeks as she felt his hot breath in her ear. “Don’t worry babe,” he whispered softly “we’ll go nice and slow…’ll be so good.”

As Paul pressed Dave’s big cock against her, he kept working with his tongue, lapping hard. His warm tongue flicked over Jens arse before he swirled it around Daves shaft, keeping him wet as he began easing Daves throbbing cock inside his slutty sister. He heard Jen groan in a mixture of pleasure and pain as Dave’s fat bellend squeezed inside her. Her hair was thrown back as she cried out in ecstasy.

“Oh Jesus Dave…’re the biggest I’ve ever had…..I’ve wanted you for so long…..put it all inside me…..Make me yours.”

Dave grinned at her and slowly pushed deeper, holding her hips as she took him all. “Fuck baby you’re so hot… fucking tight… feel so good…..such a perfect little hole.”

Jen moaned softly as she began to grind on her neighbour, slowly at first as she buried her head in his neck. It already felt amazing, and it only got better when Dave began fucking her, pushing deeper inside her tight hole. She squealed loudly as she threw her head back, and finally noticed her brother beside her, stroking his huge hard-on as he watched. Without a thought, she reached out for it and wrapped her fingers around him, feeling him throb as she wanked him off. Her brothers big dick was irresistible to her, and as she bounced softly on Dave’s dick, she smiled sweetly, looking up at her brother as she pulled him close, taking his cock between her red lips. Her tongue swirled around it, and she grabbed his arse to pull him deeper inside her willing mouth. The sound of her brother moaning turned her on so much, and she began bouncing harder on Dave’s cock. She was impaled at both ends, and as Dave’s heavy balls slapped against her arse, she took all of Pauls length, deep throating him as he stroked her hair. Jens whole body felt like it was on fire, and she pulled her brothers long dick from her mouth, staring up at Paul with a look of pure lust in her eyes.

“Fuck my mouth bro…..use me,” she sighed “fuck me hard…..give me your cum.” she ran her tongue along his prick before shoving her tongue into Daves mouth again, kissing him furiously “You too Dave…..fuck me like a whore…..I want your cum so bad…..fuck me…..I need your spunk…..fuck me hard.”

Jen went back to work on Paul, and groaned as he pushed his dick inside her hot mouth. Both holes were filled again, and both Paul and Dave were pushing deep inside her, grunting in pleasure as they used her. She felt like such a filthy whore, and nearly screamed when Dave pulled completely out before slamming back inside her.

“Oh fuck Jen…..Oh fuck…..I’m so close,” he groaned, pistoning inside her hot arsehole, “I’m going to fill your arse…..fuck I can’t hold back…..fuuuuuccccckkkkk!” He gave one final thrust, and Jen collapsed against him as she felt his cock explode. Her lips were still wrapped around her brothers massive cock, and she felt him grab her head as he moaned her name. His cock swelled between her lips, and rope after rope of creamy cum filled her mouth. Jen swallowed eagerly, still softly grinding on Daves softening dick as she took all the spunk that her brother had to give. She finally pulled away, and opened her mouth to show her brother the last of his load before she gulped it down. It tasted fantastic, and Jen knew instantly that this wouldn’t be the last time she got some.

Both Dave and Paul were spent, and collapsed on the couch as Jen finally pulled herself up. She knew her make-up was smeared and her dress was in disarray, but the way the two still looked at her made her feel so desirable. She leaned over and gave each hunk a long, passion-fuelled kiss, before muttering about how she had to go change before their parents got home. Knowing two sets of eyes were on her arse as she left, she made sure to keep her dress hiked up, and put an extra sway into her walk, even as she felt Daves cum begin to trickle from her used hole. It was the first time she’d been fucked like that, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last!

Breen’s story..

So I visit home for some groceries and cash from the parents and somehow my pussy gets licked by the neighbour.

My college course workload is fairly easy so I hopped on the train and went home for a surprise visit. Both of my parents were off doing their own thing on this Friday afternoon. I had left my house key at school but our neighbour had a key to our home and we had one for theirs. Worked out good for all the kids, no worries about carrying a key everywhere.

Unfortunately the neighbour wasn’t home. Then just as I was about to break into the kitchen window I heard a car next door, a diesel smart car. John owned this funny little car and it fit his outgoing personality. I yelled over to him and asked if he could let me into my house.

John smiled and said he would bring the key right over. I wondered what he was smiling at until I looked down and saw that my v-neck shirt had opened up and my breasts were more exposed than I wanted. I had an ‘aha’ moment realizing that John must have liked what he saw.

All of the sudden an idea came to my mind.

John and Diane were a cool couple, sharing drinks with me, smoking weed with my dad and having great parties. I knew John pleased Diane cause they left their bedroom window open in the summer and she was loud. He must be good at the sex thing.

When John came through the adjoining gate and handed me the keys I asked him in for a drink. John seemed reluctant at first, he was trying to be a gentleman. I told him I wanted to say thank you upstairs in my room. Not too subtle but hey I am a college gal and not a bad looker so I figure he might be interested.

I have been a swimmer since I was young and my legs and ass are really toned due to training. John watched me when I sunbathed in the summers too so I knew he wasn’t a prude.

John said sure. We walked upstairs and as we entered my room I turned and said I needed to change first.

I pulled my shirt up and John stood there and smiled. Then he did something I wasn’t expecting.

He asked me to stop.

Then he said, let me do that.

He walked over and turned me around. His hands gently lifted the shirt the rest of the way off. My skin was beginning to get tingly and covered with goose bumps. John expertly undid my bra, the small demi-cup style, and massaged my shoulders a bit. The he kissed my neck. I was being seduced. I wanted to be the seducer but this felt so nice.

John asked me if I wanted to continue, I panted yes.

John’s story..

Friday and the weekend is here. Time for a few drinks a puff and some seriously relaxing. Then I hear Breen calling my name. Breen left for college this past August and she must have come home for a visit. She asked me for the key to her house, which we had in case of lost keys.

Her long hair fell off her shoulders in a mess, she must have been trying to work a window open or something. I got the key and went next door to let her in. Breen said she wanted to thank me and that I could come in and have a drink with her. Cool I thought, those tits were falling out of her top and I smiled at them, er her.

Her body was really lean, she was a swimmer and laid out all summer tanning in a small bikini. I have jacked off a few times thinking about her. Now she was climbing the stairs in front of me and I getting a hard-on watching her ass sashay just inches away.

In her room she said she needed to change and began to lift her top off. I asked her to stop, then I said “let me do that”.

Breen carries on

His hands slide down my sides and reached around to undo my jeans. He eased them down over my hips and I stepped out of each leg, spreading my feet apart as I did. My pussy was drenched. I wasn’t a virgin but this was different, he knew what he was doing.

John turned me around and told me to lie down on the bed.


This young woman was like a goddess. Her skin was smooth and tanned her breasts were round and firm, not too big, and the nipples small and hard. I slide her body out of the jeans and I could smell her womanly scent, she was hot and ready for sex. I had a plan.


I laid down on the bed and John knelt beside me on the bed. He started sucking on my tits and nibbling on my nipples. Just enough teeth to make it almost hurt, wow that felt good. My panties were soaking wet, I wanted to be fucked, like hard. John started kissing my belly and with his tongue began massaging my cunt through my panties. This was new. What was he doing. John pushed my panties down and I slide my legs up and out. His tongue traced the edge of my bush. This guy was making me blush. He spread my pussy lips apart and licked my cunt from bottom to top. I shivered and felt a gush of juice trickle down my ass. He licked the slick juice up and circled my back hole. I never had a guy do that before. Then John sucked my cunt lips and put his finger inside me. An orgasm erupted from my body as he licked my clit and massaged what turned out to be my G-spot. Then he kept going. My hips lifted up to his tongue. In place of his fingers went his tongue. I fucked his tongue and squeezed his head with my legs as another orgasm left me weak.


Breen laid down and I dove onto those nipples like a cat on catnip. I sucked her nipples into my mouth and heard her gasp and moan as I squeezed her breasts and nipples. When I bite softly her moans got deeper. Listening to her body I licked my way down to her cunt. With her panties still on I massaged her cunt through the fabric, it was soaked and beautiful. I worked my tongue into the opening of her pussy and felt her clit emerge from it’s hood. I slide her panties down and Breen spread her legs more for me to continue. Her body was so tight I almost came just looking at her. I spread her pussy and licked her from asshole to clit tasting this fine woman’s love juice. I began to focus on her clit, sucking and massaging it while my finger found the G-spot hard and swollen inside her pussy. The muscles around her pussy began to spasm and I knew she was about to cum. I kept this up and she almost squeezed my head off with those strong legs as a second orgasm

drained her.


Wow. That was so intense I said to John as my ability to speak came back. I felt totally relaxed and spent. Here I was laying naked in front of John, he still had his clothes on. That had to change. John I said now its my turn to suck on something. John replied that he would love to but he would have to take a raincheck. We planned a visit back at my college dorm at another time. Wow, do I have a story to tell my girlfriends.


My face was covered in pussy juice and as I wiped it on her sheets she said she wanted to suck on my cock now. I had to stop this fantasy but said I would visit her dorm soon to receive her offer.


My girlfriends are going to want a piece of this guys tongue.


My cock may never get soft until I go visit Breen and her girlfriends, maybe she will have a party.

Until then I will have to have my memory of the hot tight body of Breen to keep comming.

AUTHOUR’S NOTE: As before, apologies for the long delay between chapters – I don’t get paid enough to sit about and write all day, sadly. This chapter is much more explicit and hardcore than the previous two, which I recommend you read before getting into this one. Story contains a wife being naughty out of wedlock. If this offends you, you can either (like a sane person) skip this story and read something else or (like the swivel eyed, mouth-breathing hordes you will no doubt see in the comments) complain about being offended despite the warnings in BIG ANGRY CAPS LOCKS!! Honestly, I don’t get why you bother – it really doesn’t bother me.

We fucked like teenagers in the days that followed the barbeque. Far from disintegrating into the expected waves of shame and self recrimination, the electric, erotic, high of that night rolled on, injecting an urgency and passion into our marriage again that I hadn’t noticed was even missing.

We fucked all over our house. We fucked hot and furious, with Katie bent over our dining table, her face pressed into the wood, her breath coming fast and shallow, my hands wrapped around her dark glossy hair. We fucked slow and languid on the stairs, me back on me elbows watching as my wife took her pleasure reverse cow-boy, her eyes anxiously watching our un-latched front door.

It was better than our honeymoon. Rather than being dragged around Florentine piazzas my sight-seeing involved watching as my petite, blue eyed bride sucked on my thick dick on her knees as I reclined in front of our widescreen, the mindless drone of daytime T.V. soaps overlaying the slurping of my wife’s work.

It was stunning, really. Only days earlier all of this would have been unthinkable, relegated into the ‘disgusting’ section of Katie’s conservative mind, too obviously out of reach for me to even hope for. But no longer. Five blow-jobs in six years of being a couple and now? I had literally lost count since we bought that dress. As I watched Katie’s compact, athletic body spread out below me, her thick lips wrapped around my sore but iron shaft, I wondered again at how this side of my wife had been floating under the surface all of these years, how it took such a small push, a small thrill of being watched, being lusted after, to push her into a full on avalanche of sexual liberation. More maybe, wholesale personality change.

“I want you to fuck me in the garden baby, fuck me behind the shed,” she growled at me as she fisted my cock, her eyes a deep, crystal blue. That nearly sent me over the edge. Who was this woman?

I nodded and we stood together. I expected Katie to run for her dressing gown but she simply grabbed my cock and guided me to our back door, completely un-concerned that it was the middle of the afternoon in the commuter belt and that our neighbours on either side could (like most houses in England) see straight into our garden.

“Katie!” I hissed “What if John or Mary are at their window?” Katie’s hand tightened around my cock and she glanced over her shoulder at me smiling.

“Well, he will get quite a show,” she replied, dragging me forward.

The sunlight felt wonderful against my bare skin and the grass was warm and fresh under my toes. My wife walked naked ahead of me, her athletic back glowing with sweat and her soft tan accentuated by her thin bikini tan-line.

We made it to the shed and Katie turned around to kiss me, her tongue exploring my mouth and her free hand wandering up my gym honed torso. Without ceremony she pulled me to the grass and guided my rock hard member straight into her. She gasped and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in deeper, a low, moan of pleasure rippling out of her, like the purr of a cat.

“Yessss – that’s good.”

I grabbed the back of her neck with one arm and her ass with the other, pushed her down with force onto my cock with every stroke. Katie bit into my shoulder as she came and I went into a fury, bringing her off once more before pouring into her with an exhausted moan.

Once done we stared at each other and burst into giggles. The spontaneity of the moment over, Katie reverted, somewhat, back to the woman I married and demanded that I go back and fetch her robe while she hid behind the shed. I sighed and agreed and took a furtive, concealed route back, watching each window for lurking figures.

I slipped on some shorts and walked back out and handed Katie her robe, laughing at how she was cowering behind the shed, unsuccessfully trying to conceal all her goodies at once. Even then she was comically wary of darting back into the house, insisting that she had seen a curtain move or that “she was being watched”.

That night we made love, slow and languorous. We were both sore, tired and emotional. We didn’t need to talk about it, but it was clear that we had crossed a Rubicon in our marriage. We didn’t talk about Eric or what we had done, or what it had meant. We just enjoyed each other, spooning, conscious that the next morning brought us back into work, and the shackles of the real world.

As expected, work was a total nightmare. The nightmare’s name was Project Vectron and it nearly killed me. My boss, who was in the middle of his third divorce and had just had his second bypass, was like a kettle coming to the boil. I could only hope the sick bastard’s heart exploded before he managed to break me. Long story short – I was suddenly in the office until 10pm most nights. It was not ideal.

Katie was working as a teaching assistant at a fairly posh private school nearby – mostly to keep herself busy during the day, she told me. While she was disappointed, she understood the pressure I was under and so she didn’t whine about it, but decided that it was the perfect opportunity for her to start on some of her creative projects while I was away. Like I said, I am a lucky guy.

The second week that I was back to work I had an especially crappy day. My sociopathic boss had, in addition to all of the actual work I had to do, dumped a trio of complexly useless new starters on me and I spent most of my afternoon babysitting them through such impossible tasks as: using Excel and Booking a conference call. I drove home in a dark and vengeful mood. At least one of them had been deliciously cute, if especially hopeless. The kind of girl that caused over-worked married men problems, I realized – or would, if the man wasn’t married to my wife, the sex goddess.

As I pulled into my drive I noticed that Katie’s studio light was on, as was the kitchen light – which was normal. Less normal was the Ducati parked up next to Katie’s little sports car. I grabbed my lap-top bag and opened the door to my house.

I heard voices from the Kitchen and made my way there.

“We are in the Kitchen love!” Katie called as I set my bag down and loosened my tie. Opening the door I saw that Katie, sat in her art clothes and covered in spots of paint, drinking a big mug of coffee and talking in friendly banter with Eric, who was dressed in uniform. I also noticed the large bouquet of flowers and the bottle of wine propped up on the table.

As I walked in Eric jumped to his feet and stood to rigid attention all but throwing me a salute. Katie smiled up at me, slid off her chair and padded over on bare feet to give me a welcoming kiss.

“Welcome home, love. Eric brought us some gifts!” I smiled at her and glanced up at Eric, who was still stood to attention, clearly uncomfortable, his massive frame taut and tense, his blue eyes not meeting mine.

There was an awkward moment which Katie broke by announcing. “Well, I think we better try some of this red then,” and moving off to get out the wine glasses. I slid into a dining room chair and accepted a grateful glass of wine with a world weary sigh before I noticed that Eric had not moved a muscle. I glanced up at him and then at Katie who raised her eyebrows and shrugged.

“Eric,” I said, my voice thick from shouting at idiots all day. “Why don’t you have a seat?”

Eric seemed to fight with himself for a moment and then visibly found his resolve.

“Thank you sir, but I wanted to come here to apologize for my actions the last time we met.” His eyes were fixed rigidly at the wall in-front of him. “I have been thinking about what happened and I decided that I am not the sort of man that does that. So please, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, I am deeply sorry for taking advantage like I did. There is no excuse. There is nothing I can do to make it up to Mrs. Williams, but if Mr. Williams wants to take the satisfaction due to him, then I am ready.”

Katie and I stared at the young man dumbfounded. “Eric,” I said, incredulous, “What the hell are you talking about?” He turned and looked at me then and I saw how much this had been tearing him up. What had been a debauched, erotic adventure for us, spice added by fucking our long time neighbors’ son, had morphed in Eric into a monstrous betrayal verging on sexual assault.

“Satisfaction, sir. If you want to beat it out of me, I won’t fight back. I deserve it. There will be no charges pressed, sir, if you are worried about it – I’ll tell my C.O. I got glassed in a club.”

“Eric, are you saying that you want me to slug you? For fucking my wife?”

The poor lads face went crimson as I said this, his jaw cleaning in new determination.

“Yes Sir, I pay my dues.”

The moment was spoiled by Katie’s un-ladylike snort of laughter.

“This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard,” she said, as she sat on my lap and pushed the third glass of claret across the table at the still rigid Royal Marine. She turned her beautiful, fresh face at me and asked:

“Do you want to take this one, or should I?” I took a large gulp of the excellent wine and turned to the confused soldier.

“Eric, mate, please relax. We are fine. If Katie didn’t want to do anything, then nothing would have happened. If I had a problem with it then, well, I’d have tried to take satisfaction much earlier and would now be a broken mass of bones.”

Eric glanced down at us, his expression perplexed and wary.

“You are Ok with this? I thought….I…”

Katie sprung up from my lap and moved around to Eric in a wave of pity, taking his hand and sitting him down.

“Don’t be silly Eric. No, it was just good, if very, very naughty fun. No need to feel guilty.” The big man allowed himself to be guided down into his chair and his massive hand sought out the glass of wine. Katie pushed herself into his lap and Eric brought his other hand across her waist to keep her steady.

Katie gave me an angelic smile I spoke to Eric as I poured myself another glass of wine, “Eric, I can’t even explain to you how hot that night was for us. Katie and I have been at it like rabbits ever since. If anything I should thank you.”

Katie nodded and ran her hand along Eric’s defined chin, cooing softly at him “Poor, poor boy, worrying all this time.”

And just like that that atmosphere went electric again. Eric gulped down half of his wine and shifted.

“I can’t stop thinking about it either. Sometimes I think it was a dream.”

“I think about it at work all day. I’m pretty sure they are going to sack me for walking around with a stiffy.”

Katie grinned and shifted her ass ever so slightly in Eric’s lap, then gave me a wicked smile.

“Feels like you are not the only one.”

I felt a deep stirring in my trousers. Eric gulped down the rest of his wine and I watched, breathless, as Katie carefully put down her glass and slowly snaked her hand under the table and softly grabbed the thick outline of his huge dick. Eric groaned and tilted his head back. Katie pulled his head forward and started to kiss him, her hand now rubbing along the length of his iron shaft. I stood and walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer, cracking it open as Eric put his big hands over Katie’s breasts, slipping one under the paint-stained overalls. She looked incredibly sexy, dressed in her scruffy art clothes, her hair loose and wild, her petite frame perched deep in the lap of our neighbors solider son, her lips locked on his, her tits being mauled.

A sudden impulse grabbed me and I took out my smart-phone, opened up the camera and started taking pictures. Katie heard the digital shutter sound and turned her head. I expected her to protest but I kept at it, determined to have some souvenirs to get me through the long work days. Interestingly, she didn’t protest as expected and just stuck out her tongue at me. She then stood and knelt in front of Eric, who watched her with lust burning in his eyes. She ran her hands up and down the outline of his cock and shuffled closer to the chair. My picture taking went into overdrive.

Slowly, agonizingly, she pressed her face into his crotch, kissing each part of his trouser covered manhood. Her hands reached for the zip and the sound seemed to echo around our small kitchen. Moments later I watched, through the digital filter of my ever clicking smart-phone screen, as her tiny hand dove in and fished out his thick, veined monster, its head purple and angry. She moaned softly and immediately engulfed it with her thick lips. Eric sighed and threw back his head as my wife got to work, on her knees in the middle of our kitchen.

I flicked the camera on to video and fished out my aching cock and started stroking. The sound of her slurping filled the kitchen. I glanced out of the kitchen window, suddenly aware that the blinds were up. I wondered what John and Mary were doing next door, while their son was having his dick sucked by his wife. I remembered that we sometimes could see John from the kitchen when he watered the plants on the window sill in his library. Maybe he was there now, watching my whorish wife suck off his boy.

Abruptly Katie stood and shrugged out of her overalls. She was wearing a mismatched set of underwear, her favorite, most comfortable black bra and some pink panties, which she stepped out of without ceremony. Her bra followed, unclasped with one hand and sliding sinuously down her athletic body, pooling in an obscene pile on the floor with the rest of her discarded clothing. She grabbed hold of Eric’s cock and leaned in to give him another deep kiss. A moment later and she lowered herself back into his lap, her back against his chest, and impaled herself on his shaft, her knees together. I noticed my hand was shaking as I held up the camera. Katie stared straight at me as she lowered herself, inch by inch, on Eric’s cock.

“Oh baby, it’s so big. Fuck. It is filling me up. Unnngh. I fucking love his dick.” My other hand started pumping my cock faster. An erotic age later she finally bottomed out, taking his whole length in her, her eyes closed in bliss, her hands wrapped around Eric’s head behind her, which thrust out her gorgeous tits.

Katie then started to fuck him, rocking back and forth and riding him in earnest, grunting with pleasure. I moved closer to get a better angle on my recording, watching in fascination as Katie fucked herself senseless, bouncing now with wanton abandon. Eric was content to leave her in control, running his hands up her body and rubbing her nipples. Their pace quickened and Katie arched her back, crying out, staring straight at me with her blue, blue eyes.

“Urrrgngh, I am coming sweet-heart, fuck, I am cuuuming.”

She shuddered and collapsed back into Eric, turning her head up to kiss him, still stuffed to her limit with his meat. Eric then moved his hands down to her knees, pulling them apart and pulling Katie up and closer to him, spreading her obscenely and starting to pump her with his own savage rhythm.

“Yes, fuck me hard Eric, fill me up, fill me up.”

She came again, loudly, and I moved over to turn on the radio, worried that we might wake up the neighbors who would then peer into our lit up kitchen.

As I turned back I saw that Katie was now face first on the kitchen table with Eric ploughing her from behind. As his hips rocked he tore off his uniform, not missing a stroke as he exposed his muscular torso and released his huge, heavy balls, which started slapping against my wife’s body as he fucked her. Katie picked her head up and stared at me with dull, lust filled eyes as she was penetrated again and again. I watched as she clenched up in another deep orgasm and kept filming as Eric flipped her over onto her back and pinned her legs to his shoulders, pounding hard at her in the missionary position. This left Katie’s head hanging off the edge of the table and I wondered over to her and stuck my cock in her face. She immediately grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth. I was mesmerized by the fact that I was capturing this on video and watched as she took more and more of my cock into her mouth, all the way down so I was fucking her throat.

“Fuck that is hot,” Eric said as he watched from the other end, his pounding increasing in urgency, “She swallowed the whole thing.” I pulled out and started furiously stroking, nearly ready to pop. Eric was hammering away now, moving the table with each thrust. “I’m going to cum, Mrs Williams.”

“In my mouth! I want to taste it!”

Like a flash she was on her knees and she was working on his thick cock. Eric came with a roar, deep in her mouth, her cheeks actually billowing out with the force of his load. Katie struggled to swallow it down, his seed spilling over her lips and running down her chin. This sent me over the edge and I fairly shunted Eric and unloaded all over Katie’s surprised face. It was a massive load, churned in the long hours of office frustration and it flooded over Katie, covering her face in sticky cream, all captured by the all seeing lens on my phone. I had never come in her face before and so wondered how this would go over. Thankfully she just laughed and started scraping my cum off her face, and into her mouth.

Eric handed her a tea-towel and she wiped the rest off and the three of us stood staring at each other in bemusement for a moment.

“Well,” Katie said as she finished wiping her face, “That was exciting.”

“I agree.” I said, as I zipped up my fly. Katie and Eric made no move to pick up their discarded clothes.

“You better not lose that phone,” Katie said, wagging her finger at me. I grinned and promised that I would back up the pictures just in case.

“You are a pig. Eric, it’s pretty late, do you want to stay over or do they need you back on base?”

“No, I am Ok staying here if you don’t mind, I can crash on the couch.”

“Don’t be daft,” I said “You and Katie can use the bed, I’m pretty knackered so I think I’ll drop off down here, I’ve got an early start so don’t make too much noise, alright?”

Eric stared at me and Katie looked pensive.

“Are you serious?” Eric asked after a moment. “You don’t mind?”

I shook my head. “Don’t ask me to explain mate, but I’m totally fine. Go fuck her brains out all night. In fact, I’m going to be working all hours for the foreseeable future. If you want to fuck her during the day when I’m out, I’m O.K. with it. Just keep it discreet, alright?”

“Do I get a say in this?” Katie asked, her face screwed up in mock outrage.

“No. You relegated yourself to fuck-slave status with your wanton seduction.”

“Dammit. Oh, well, I better go and please my master then,” Katie said as she grabbed Eric by his cock and led him upstairs. The last I saw of them that night was Katie’s swaying ass as she went up the steps, her tiny hand wrapped around Eric’s already growing member.

They made a lot of noise, however, and Eric managed to break our headboard.

Katie told me the next day that Eric had cum in her five times.

“He is like a machine, even when he came he just kept at it until he was hard again.”

“Oh to be young again,” I quipped. She smirked at me then asked:

“What you said to him, about coming over and making love to me while you were at the office.”


“Did you mean it? Would you be OK about it really?” I looked her straight in the eyes and said:

“I meant it. It fucking gets me off, I don’t know why. If you are going to do it, maybe take pictures or something, I’d like to know it is happening.” She went up on her tip-toes and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“I love you, you perfect man.”

Work descended into the next circle of hell. My days basically consisted of a series of angry conference calls as one part of the globe after another woke up and discovered how pissed off they were and decided to shit on me for it.

I only managed to get through the day by sneaking off to the men’s room and jacking off to the video I had taken of Katie and Eric.

We hadn’t seen him since that session which was over a week ago. He had apparently told Katie that he was on some sort of training exercises so would be away from the base for a while and wasn’t sure when he would be back.

I was sat in one of the conference rooms with the management team having another, endless, pointless call with our useless Atlanta team when my phone buzzed discreetly in my suit jacket. Bored out of my mind I pulled it out and surreptitiously checked my text messages, where I saw a new one from Katie. It was a picture message which I quickly expanded. It nearly gave me a heart attack.

The picture was of Katie in our living room, dressed in what can only be described as a slutty school girl’s uniform. I recognized the plaited skirt – it was the one they used at the school Katie worked at, although I very much doubt that they allowed the girls to wear it skimming their ass cheeks. Her shirt was tied just under her breasts and she had applied thick, glossy lipstick. She was posing sexily, bent over at the waist with a faux surprised expression. Very hot. What was she doing? Not that I minded. I clicked off the picture, worried that my co-workers would think I was porn surfing during the call.

The meeting descended into the usual shouting match and my phone buzzed again with a new message. I eagerly checked the message and saw that it was another picture message from my wife. Excitement bubbling up in me I opened it up and nearly cried out in surprise.

In this picture Katie, still dressed in her school uniform, was on her knees, sucking on Eric’s massive tool. Her lips were stretched out wide as she struggled to fit him in and her eyes were staring deep into the camera. I cock rocketed to attention and I hurriedly excused myself from the room fairly running to the toilets. Once there I started furiously stroking myself and waiting with baited breath for the next message. Katie was being fucked, right now, in my living room. An age passed before the phone finally buzzed again.

This time Katie was being fucked doggy style in our bathroom. The picture was a self shot, taken by Katie into our full length mirror. It showed Eric, his ripped torso covered in a sheen of sweat, holding a handful of Katie’s hair as he pounded her, still in her school skirt.

Squealing tires signaled my haste to get home once the office released me.

I found Katie a sexy, disheveled mess. She was still in her costume but her hair and face were plastered in what I could only assume was Eric’s cum. She smiled up at me tiredly as I came in.

“Did you like my little messages?” She asked, picking herself up from the couch. I nodded mutely.

“He only just left, maybe ten minutes ago? We fucked all afternoon and all evening. The boy is not human.”

I started stripping out of my clothes.

“Care for another round?” I said, my voice husky with desire.

“With you? Always my love, always.”

So we did it on our living room floor, with Katie’s face sticky with another man’s come.

And so it went for weeks. Eric would come over every other day pretty much and screw Katie to within an inch of her life. She would dress up for him, and for me, and they would take pictures and video.

My mind went insane with lust, picturing them fucking. Katie and I were all over each other, all the time. As I typed reports, my fingers banging against the keyboard, my mind would picture Eric and my wife slamming the headboard into the wall. It was a sexual dream.

A couple of times I managed to get home early and we would play as a threesome again and we would be treated to the site of Katie impaled from both ends.

One morning, about three weeks into this new routine, Katie informed me at breakfast that Eric wanted to take her out as a date to a military sponsored ball.

“He wanted to clear it with you first. He says he knows no-one there and there should not be anyone we know either to make it awkward,” she told me as she draped her hands over my shoulders and kissed my head.

“When is it?”

“Oh, it’s on Friday.”

“Ah. That’s when I am flying to Zurich.”

“Hmm, maybe we can drop you at the station on the way?”

“Yes, that works. That way I get to see you all dressed up.”

I now had conflicting emotions about Friday. I absolutely hated Zurich and resented having to give up my weekend to run yet another pointless workshop – but, I was very excited about Katie’s date.

Friday had one other benefit, as I was going to be busting my ass in Zurich, the chief sociopath had graciously given me the afternoon off to pack and get ready. I got home only to discover that Katie had booked herself into various salons for a load of treatments etc, prettying herself up for her date.

I grabbed a beer and packed my bags then did a few chores around the house. I mowed the lawn and started splitting some logs in our neglected pile. As I was chopping away, John called out to me from over the fence and wondered over.

“You’re back early – haven’t been sacked I hope?” He asked in jest.

“I can only dream of such freedom John, no – flying out later so they gave me an afternoon.”

“Ah, shame. How’s Katie doing by the way, we haven’t seem much of her lately.”

“She is doing Okay – absorbed in her projects at the moment – hence the state of the garden.” John nodded, and then added.

“Well, we were hoping that maybe you and Katie might like to come over for some dinner next week. Eric will be there and you all got on so well before, I’m sure he would be delighted to see you.”

“I’ll see if we can make it, depends on the slave-drivers really.”

“Good, good, well – let us know.”

Katie came back about an hour later. All I saw of her was a swift blur as she vanished into the bathroom for some final primping and preening. I turned on the T.V. and zoned out. Finally she made her enterance and it was well worth the wait.

She had chosen the red dress we had bought – that seemed a lifetime ago now. It was strapless and scandalously short. Her tits looked like they were imminanty about to spill over the short top. She wore her hair up, accentuating her long neck and fine features. Her long legs were covered in stockings, with the tops of the suspenders just visible poking out from the hem of her dress. Bright red lipstick and perilously high heels finished the look. I wolf whistled as she wiggled down the stairs. She spun for me and I took out my phone to take a few snaps.

“Are you bad or were you just drawn that way?” I asked.

“Sorry?” she replied, confused.

“Never mind, you look gorgeous. When is Eric getting here?”

“We are going to meet at the Station, he doesn’t want his folks seeing me being picked up by him all dressed up.”

“Fair enough, I guess.” She looked at me knowingly.

“Pervert; John might find it acceptable but Mary would probably gouge my eyes out.”

I threw up my hands, “I didn’t say anything!” She pouted at me and we moved out to the car.

I nearly missed the train. Traffic delayed us and I had to drive like a maniac to make it. I jumped out of the car at the station drop of, kissed Katie quickly on the lips and tore off at a dead sprint with my bags in tow. I made it literally as the doors were sliding closed.

It wasn’t until I was sat in the plane that I noticed the bulge in my pocket, which were Katie’s house keys.

Oh dear.

Nothing I could do about it now, hopefully she would be able to call a locksmith when she got back home.

Zurich went as I expected. Long, dull, meetings interspersed with organized fun and bullshit networking events. I hit the free drinks pretty hard.

I got home on Sunday night pretty tired and got a cab back from the station. As we pulled up I noticed that the lights were on in the house, which was a good sign, at least Katie managed to get in somehow.

I found her reading sprawled out on our bed, dressed only in one of my oversized rugby shirts, her shapely, tanned legs deliciously crossed above her.

“Hi Hun, I’m home, I said as I flopped in bed next to her.

“You stole my keys you idiot.”

“Yeah, sorry. I only realized on the plane, must have been the mad hurry.”

“Well it caused some problems.” I nuzzled up to her and said sorry again.

“Anyway, what I really want to know was how was you date?” She smiled and pushed me on my back, her fingers working on the buttons to my shirt, taking it off.

“Well, it’s been quite a weekend,” her fingers kept moving, undoing my trousers and pulling them down with my boxers, which sprang my cock free. She grinned and grabbed it with her cold, thin fingers, gently squeezing and starting a slow stroke.

“Tell me all about it sweet heart, I am ready”

After I had run off in my mad dash for the train Katie only had to wait a few minutes before Eric turned up, looking tall and handsome in his full parade uniform, red beret and all. Eric drove them to the little village where the ball was being held about fifteen minutes away. They parked up and joined the party which was being staged in an old manor house.

“I felt like such a hooker, in that tiny dress, with no underwear surrounded by army type strangers,” Katie told me as she pumped my shaft.

They mingled and drank for a while, getting compliments as to what a good couple they made, even if quite a few eyebrows were raised at Katie’s outfit.

After a while the music started and couples made their way onto the dance floor.

“It was all very formal, waltz’s and the like. Eric is a very good dancer,” Katie said as she squeezed some hand lotion onto my solid cock.

“I remember,” I said

Eric and Katie danced some numbers together but soon found themselves with other partners and the ritual change over’s were observed.

“I was passed around from Solider to Solider; I don’t think I’ve ever been felt up so much in my life.”

My cock was aching.

As the night progressed and everyone got drunker things got rowdy, as was inevitable with a bunch of drunk army men, with couples kissing on the dance floor and two or three sneaking up the staircase to the supposedly locked rooms.

“Things got a little steamy on the dance-floor. Eric and I were kissing and I could feel his cock stirring against my belly. It was so hot. We decided that we needed to go upstairs.”

I groaned as she said this, my balls churning now.

“So we snuck up the stairs and burst into a bedroom kissing. He had pulled my dress down and my boobs were out and he was gently sucking on them as we fell into the bed. There was, however, one problem.”

As Katie and Eric landed on the bed, Eric’s fingers already deep inside her, his cock released from his zipper, they noticed that they were not alone in the bed. Another couple, already naked and in the midst of fucking, were lying next to them.

“Don’t mind us!” the strange man said as he continued pumping away. He was clearly a soilder as well, his body, while smaller than Eric, still had the same deadly bulk and definition. His woman was blonde and tall and in her early twenties. She glanced over and smiled at Eric and Katie then moaned in pleasure.

Eric looked questioningly at Katie, who in answer pulled off her dress and grabbed his cock, slipping him in.

“It was so naughty, fucking like that right next to another couple. She even kissed me, when the boys flipped us both over to fuck us doggy. I wish you had seen it baby, it was so hot.”

The men managed to co-ordinate their climaxes, filling up both women at the same moment.

“I never even got their names or anything. Once they finished they just got dressed and left.”

Katie and Eric then got a cab back to the house, only to find that it was locked and that she didn’t have the key.

“It was a nightmare. It must have been about 3am and the bloody cabbie just vanished as well.”

“What did you do?”

“Eric has a key to his parents place, so we stayed there.”

“What? Dressed like that? How did you explain that one?” she laughed and increased the pace on my cock.

“He snuck me into his room through a window,” she said, sniggering.

“You’re kidding?”

“No, John and Mary didn’t have a clue. He walked in and he pulled me through the window. It was really sexy actually, like I was a teenager again. He fucked me in old room, surrounded by all his old toys and posters of models.”

“Oh jesus that is hot.”

“Mmmm, I know. It was so sexy, having to keep completely silent as he slid it into me, knowing that John and Mary were only next door.”

“What did you do in the morning?” I asked, my breath coming heavy now.

“Well, when I woke up I slide under the covers and greeted him a bit like this,” with that she took the tip of my cock into her mouth and slide her tongue over it. I arched my back in bliss. She kept pumping as she took her mouth off my cock and started talking again. “Then we fucked again, and once more in his shower. Then John and Mary went out, so we fucked in their living room on that old horrible couch and finally we did it in their library. I stayed in his room all of Saturday and Saturday night as well. It was surreal, I was naked all day in John and Mary’s house, being fucked repeatedly. Eric finally broke into our place just this afternoon.”

“Fuck honey, I’m going to cum.”

“Yesss, come for me baby, come in my mouth” she cooed as she took my spurting cock into her mouth, swallowing down a huge load.

“You’ve changed Katie, you’ve changed.”

My gorgeous wife licked her cum covered lips and pouted at me.

“Do you prefer old me or new me?”

“New, without question.”

All good things come to an end, eventually. About a month and a half after their date, there was some sort of flare up in Afghanistan and Eric’s regiment got deployed in what the news was trying to tell us was “not a panic.”

To celebrate, we had one last session with Eric, to give him something to think about while sat about staring at Afghan dirt and tried not to end up on the news ticker.

Thankfully, Project: Destroy Dan Williams (me) was winding down having miraculously failed. Even stranger, it looked like I was emerging from it with some sort of credit and what was promising to be a juicy bonus at the end of the year.

With this in mind, I decided to splash out on our final erotic gathering before Eric was shipped out, consigned to a long tour of bashing the bishop. Katie was also up for a big send off, her natural compassion added to the general, insatiable horniness she had developed promised at quite an evening.

For the night of ultimate debauchery, there was only really one choice: Amsterdam.

We got into the city just after lunch checked into our penthouse suite and spent some time wandering the wide squares and picturesque canals. We had a delicious café lunch and Eric dragged us into a Coffee shop where he forced Katie into taking two cough interrupted tokes on something they called ‘blue steel’. I passed, re-living previous horrific memories of weed, Amsterdam and a loss of control.

As the afternoon turned into evening we retired back to the hotel and Katie got ready for our night out. She had bought a new dress, red (of course) but made of what looked like tightly (very tightly) wrapped silk bandages. It was classier than the first red dress, but no less sexy. I slipped into a shirt, jacket and slacks while Eric surprised me by wearing a tie.

Once ready, headed out to dinner where we spent a couple of hours with tiny portions of delicious food, excellent wine and slowly smouldering, relaxed conversation. Everyone knew where the evening was going to end – with Katie a cum covered mess – but we were in no rush for once. It was more than the fucking that we would miss when Eric went out and it was a fact that we acknowledged without voicing.

The two of them were a little tipsy by the time I paid and hustled them into our taxi.

“Where too next, hubby?”

“When in Rome, sweetheart, when in Rome.”


“Red light district.”

Katie gasped. I found it adorable that my wife, despite the fact that she was reading herself for a no holds barred threesome later that very evening, still found the idea of visiting the naughty part of town somehow shocking. Eric raised his eyebrow at me but said nothing, his hand creeping up Katie’s inner thigh.

Katie was mesmerized by the girls in their little glass booths, stacked one on top of another, like a prostitute advent calendar.

“So brazen,” she whispered as she stared, “I wonder how many they get through in a day,” she muttered to herself.

Moments later she found herself hustled into a seedy cellar while I paid the fee for the Live Sex Show. She was too dazed to complain and refuse and Eric and I bundled her into her seat before she knew what was happening. As the lights came up on the perfect physiques of the performers, her wits came back to her.

“Oh my god Dan, are they actually fucking?” I nodded and kissed her neck.

“Look at his thing. It is massive! It’s bigger than Eric’s!” she hissed at me. I noticed that she had spread her legs slightly and that Eric was clearly doing some preparation work.

We sat through a couple more acts of oiled up, beautiful people fucking in a weird, musically directed, rhythm before the part of the show that I had banked on started up.

A gorgeous blonde performer, tall with pendulous swinging breasts stood on the stage and demanded a volunteer. As expected, no one in the subdued crowd stepped up – must have been no stags in. She scanned the crowd again, her face pleading her fingers running over her perfect tits, her Brazilian shaved mound and the shapely curve of her ass.

“Isss there nooooo one?” she drawled in her eastern European accent. I raised Katie’s hand and shoved her down the isle to a surprised “Umph.”

Once the crowd got a look at their ‘volunteer’ a huge cheer and plenty of cat-calls went up. Katie staggered to the stage, in obvious terror.

The blonde vision smiled winningly and helped Katie to the stage, commenting on how brave she was and how it took a woman to do a man’s job etc…

Eric and I grinned at each other, watching how out of water Katie looked in her classy red dress next to the naked porn performer, on a stage watched by dozens of disgusting perverts (us included).

The performer led Katie to the centre of the stage and had her kneel down, calming her the whole while. She then slipped on a silken blindfold and lightly bound her hands. The cat calls from the crowd were thunderous. Katie, smiling, still a little drunk, played along. She did so hate hurting people’s feelings. Besides, it was just part of the show, right? Katie loved drama.

“Now we play, peel the banana!” Blondie announced, dragging a stool up to opposite my wife’s face.

If you have never seen this particular show, it goes like this. The performer grabs some hapless volunteer (usually someone kicked up the isle in a stag do) and forces them to peel a banana which she has inserted in her, well you get the idea, with just their teeth. Now, this is usually hilarious with some drunk, fat, stag. With Katie, well, it was suddenly incredibly erotic.

The crowd went quiet as Katie ended up with her face buried in the bond woman’s crotch, trying vainly to peel the banana. I noticed that the blond woman, far from bantering and jeering as was the usual fair, had one hand on Katie’s head and her head thrown back, eyes closed.

The school holidays had finally arrived and I was going to spend the first night sleeping over at my neighbour David’s house. We had both recently celebrated our 18th birthdays and had been good friends since Kindergarten. I was looking forward to the sleepover as it gave me a chance to enjoy the eyecandy that was David’s sister.

After spending the night playing video games, making prank phone calls and consuming too much junk food we reluctantly decided that it was time to go to bed. I was given the honour of sleeping on the top bunk as usual.

It didn’t take long for me to drift off to sleep and it seemed to take even less time for me to wake up with an erection and an urge to urinate, the usual result of too much soft drink

I didn’t want to wake my friend, so I quietly pulled down my blankets, swung my legs over the edge of the bed and slowly lowered myself to the ground.

My feet hit the floor harder than I had planned, and I felt my erect penis bobbing up and down. It must have protruded through the fly in my boxer shorts as I was sliding down.

I could see neither my friend nor my erection as my view was blocked off by the top bunk and it was dark. I froze, hoping that I hadn’t woken David up.

Slowly, I started to lower my hands in order to tuck my cock back into my boxers.

Slap! I don’t know whether I heard or felt it first. A sharp pain ran through my cock and it began swinging violently sideways. Just as it slowed down there was another sharp slap, harder than the first. This one really hurt but I was in too much shock to react. I froze again.

I was horrified at the thought that David was slapping my cock in a not-so-subtle attempt to tell me to get my erection out of his face. By freezing for so long, it must have looked like I was deliberately flashing myself to him.

Before I could react there was yet another slap, even harder again. This one nearly made my knees buckle. I started to wince, but was cut short when a hand reached through my fly and grabbed firmly around the base of my cock and my balls. I feared for the safety of my genitals and bent down to apologise to my friend.

As I bent my head below the top bunk, David pulled me by my genitals onto the bed with him. I ended up face to face with him. He was laying on the bed clad only in his boxers.

‘I always knew you had the hots for me’ he said as he planted a kiss firmly on my mouth. I didn’t resist, partly out of shock and partly because I thought I owed him something for accidentally leading him on.

As his tongue began exploring my mouth my mind kept telling me that this was wrong. I did not like David that way. I was in love with his sister. I so badly wanted her. She was beautiful. This felt so wrong.

I made some effort to pull away, but I was stopped when David’s hand was thrust down into my boxers and grasped my buttock. He began roughly squeezing it as he again brought his mouth to mine.

Here I was, a hand kneading my ass, another grasping tightly onto my genitals and my mouth being violated by a tongue. Definitely not how I had thought my night would turn out.

David’s hand began moving across my ass and his fingers began exploring between my buttocks.

Zap! It was like a button had been pressed. His finger had found my anus. I froze again and all resistance stopped.

I had never felt anything like this before. As his finger caressed my anus, my heart began to beat harder and faster and my breathing followed suit.

He must have sensed the change in me as he became more comfortable with his exploration of my body. With his hand still down my boxers he deftly pulled them down over my hips and down my thighs, exposing my ass completely. The boxers were prevented from going down too far by my cock and balls still protruding through the fly.

After pulling my boxers down, I felt David’s hand leave my ass and he pulled his mouth away from mine. I was a bit disappointed and missed the pleasurable sensation he had just brought to my anus.

As his lips again pressed against mine, I felt his finger return to my anus. It felt quite wet. He must have just covered his finger with saliva. But this could only mean one thing…

My suspicions were proven correct as his finger first caressed my anus again before being thrust inside. That first breaking of the seal sent the strongest sexual sensations I had ever had through my body. Not that I had really had that many, apart from masturbating whilst fantasising about David’s sister.

His finger began rhythmically thrusting in and out of my asshole. I lost all sense of resistance. Wrong or not, this felt good.

Suddenly I realised that David was doing all the work. I felt embarrassed and slack and wanted to do something to please him in return.

My hand went automatically to his groin and I could feel his erection beneath his boxers.

‘Not yet!’ he said abruptly as he brushed my hand away.

It was then that his hand began to caress and pull on my cock. With his finger in my ass and his other hand massaging my genitals, I was quickly overcome with sexual bliss. Before I knew it my breathing stopped and my cock started its quick spasms as it shot its load.

‘Oh my God, I am so sorry!’ I breathed as I realised that David’s hand was full of my creamy cum. I suddenly felt ashamed that I had experienced the ultimate pleasure at the hands of my best friend.

‘I’ll clean that up!’ I quickly offered and started to move off the bed.

‘No you won’t,’ David whispered as the finger in my ass prevented me from going anywhere.

I then felt his finger being pulled out of my anus and thought that it was all over until I felt the other hand on my ass, covering my anus with my own cum. David’s hand softly smoothed my love-cream over my anus and then began poking it inside me, where most of it ended up going.

‘Now unleash my demon,’ David commanded, and I instantly knew what he meant.

My hand went automatically to his boxers to return the favor. I reached inside his fly and grabbed a handful of his genitals, deftly maneuvering them out of his pants. His cock was somewhat smaller than mine, but I had a hunch he knew how to use it better. After all, size didn’t matter, how masterfully you use it does… and he was certainly being the master right now.

He held my hips with both his hands and again I reacted instinctively. I knelt over him, straddling his hips and lowered myself down onto his shaft.

This was a defining moment. As the tip of his cock began to penetrate my anus, we had become lovers and he had claimed me as his own.

The pain of his cock entering me was soon subsumed by the intense physical pleasure I felt as his shaft entered me, and the equally intense mental pleasure of just knowing that he was doing this most intimate act with me.

After a short moment to adjust to his cock inside me, my hips began to rise and fall in time with the gentle thrusting of his own.

I was glad that his thrusts were gentle as it meant there was more to this than mere sexual gratification. It was as if David was showing me affection, and the intensity of his desire to have me want to do this with him again and again.

Suddenly, I heard what sounded like the bedroom door opening. I had my back to it and so couldn’t turn to see what it was. And besides, I definitely did not want to break the rhythm of this pleasure I was feeling.

Only when I heard the giggle did I realise that it was David’s sister. She was peeking through the door. All she could see what my lily white ass being claimed and violated by David’s cock.

I felt a sudden rush of disappointment. I could never have her now. There was no way she would have anything to do with me sexually after seeing this.

My thoughts were cut short as David made one final thrust into me, and my anus could feel the spasming of his cock as he shot his hot load inside me.

After emptying his last drop inside me, David gave me one last passionate kiss and then quickly got out of bed and went into the bathroom.

I was left kneeling on the bed. My ass was sore and full of cum. My genitals were sore from the slapping and rough handling. And I had just lost any chance with David’s sister.

I began to feel sorry for myself until I realised that perhaps this wasn’t so bad. It had felt better than anything I had ever experienced.

But it had to remain a secret. I could discuss it with no-one, not even David’s sister who I had to pretend hadn’t seen anything. I could never face her again if she knew that I knew what she had seen.

Julie Davidson arrived back at her apartment block just after midnight. She paid the taxi driver and stomped towards the entrance door. She was in a foul mood. The 41-year-old divorcee had been looking forward to this night out all week. It was a rare chance to get out, dress up and enjoy herself. She had been out with her friends Louise and Pamela and after a few drinks they had all started flirting with guys, to her horror both she and Louise had ended up going after the same guy and he had brushed Julie off with a comment about not dating older women while Louise had her tongue in his ear! That had been too much for the raven haired, short tempered Julie and she stormed away, hailed a taxi and went home alone and angry. The fucking nerve of Louise, wait ’til she saw her again!

And so it was in this bad temper that she entered her building, far earlier than she had wished and steam still literally coming from her ears as she just refused to calm down.

Normally she would take the lift up to her top floor apartment but as she entered the lobby she saw it was already up there and after a moment’s wait she decided to stomp her way up the stairs. After about ten steps she realised the stupidity of doing it in her high heels but through sheer bloody mindedness she continued, cursing under her breath with every step.

It was a smart, new building in the city and each floor had two large, expensive apartments. Julie liked living there except for one thing – Allison, the woman who owned the other flat on the top floor. Allison was the same age as Julie, but (in Julie’s mind anyway) she looked older, fatter and uglier. Whereas Julie had long, dark, shiny locks, Allison had a short dark haircut with cheap highlights. Also whereas Julie spoke in a posh, cultured, educated voice Allison’s voice was a rough, Scottish accent that swore far too often for Julie’s liking. For long enough Julie had wondered how such a ‘creature’ could afford to live in the same apartment block that she paid for. But over time Julie had seen enough male visitors to Allison’s flat to form a very real suspicion that she was up to no good behind that door, drugs maybe, prostitution probably, something decidedly dodgy anyway.

The two women had never been friends. They had put up with each other, studiously ignored each other and, when they thought the other not looking cast vicious glances at each other. Both thought they were alpha females and would never get on. Their relationship had gotten worse just over a month ago when Allison had been playing music way to loud during the day. Julie had been off her work sick and had been feeling bad anyway but the constant booming noise had been too much and she had stormed across the shared landing to rattle on her neighbours door. It had not been answered quickly and when it was Allison’s head was all that was visible. She had snapped at Julie, Julie snapped back demanding the music be put down before storming back to her own sick bed. Whether the music was turned down or not Julie could not tell but from that point the two of them had embarked on a petty feud of complaints back and forth that did nothing but anger and irritate both.

Tired and still angry Julie made it up the last flight of steps and was greeted by the sight of Allison seeing a man out of her apartment. Neither saw Julie and she stepped in against the wall and listened.

The man was softly spoken and very well dressed.

“Thanks you Mistress Allison, well worth the payment. Again sorry to ask for a session at such a late hour but it just so happened I had the chance. Here, please take this as an extra token of my appreciation.”

Julie peered round to see the man hand Allison a note of some description. And only then did it dawn on Julie that Allison was not wearing ‘conventional’ clothing. The fat bitch was in a black PVC top and short, her fat tits falling out of it. She had on thigh high boots and elbow boots.

“Fuck’s sake” hissed Julie under her breath as the truth dawned on her slightly inebriated mind.

The man then got in the elevator and the doors pinged closed and it was at that point with Allison just turning back to go into her flat that Julie burst forward and shouted.

“I fucking knew it! You’re a whore! A fucking whore!”

Julie was drunk and aggressive, a bad combination. Her normal ability to bite her tongue was gone and she was saying exactly what she was thinking and actin without thought. Allison whirled around at the sharp voice behind her and faced the raging bitch before calmly stating.

“Did you want something?”

Julie was out of control and got right up in Allison’s face, pointing and poking her finger at her.

“Yeah! You out of there! You’ve no fucking right to live there! You don’t belong! I always wondered how you managed to afford this place and now I know! You’re a whore! You….aaaaaargh!”

Julie broke off as Allison casually reached her hand back and slapped her neighbour across the face. It unbalanced Julie and before she knew what was happening Allison had taken a firm grip of her hair and was dragging her into her apartment!

Julie was too stunned to react as her neighbour dragged her forcibly into her flat then slammed the door shut. They were both about the same height, five foot five but Allison had a good few pounds on Julie, though both boasted impressive breasts and were, rightly proud of their racks. Allison was virtually dragging Julie behind her by the hair until she dumped her in a bedroom that lay just off the main hall.

Staggered, Julie took in her surroundings and was taken aback as she looked at various whips and floggers on the wall, a cage in the corner of the room, a rack like contraption and a cross clearly for tying people to.

“What the fuck….”

She got no further as Allison’s large hand engulfed her mouth and muffled it. Allison leaned in close and spat her words out.

“I’ve had enough of you you stuck up bitch. It’s about time you learned your place. On your knees and kiss my boots!”

Julie looked up at her attacker with incredulity and shook her head.

“You’re mad, no way, I’m getting….”

She tried to crawl away but Allison’s fingers hooked into her hair and jerked her back and forced Julie’s head right down at her boots. Julie tried to respond but whether through shock or alcohol she was lacking in strength and power and was easily manhandled by the larger woman. Allison pushed her head down there and rubbed Julie’s face across the toes of her boots.

“You’ll do that gratefully when I’m finished with you.”

Julie managed to get her head up and spat out.

“Fuck you!”

That just made Allison laugh and she pulled over a wooden chair and sat on it and hauled Julie up and over her knee. Julie struggled and wriggled and couldn’t figure out what was happening until she froze as she felt her neighbour hoist up the hem of her short skirt and expose her creamy white ass cheeks.

“I can see you need a good, hard lesson in respect bitch. So you tell me when you’ve learned your lesson and are willing to kiss those boots of your own accord!”

Wit that Allison began to spank Julie’s ass firmly, each blow bringing a red palm print to her ass. After thirty of so and the smacks echoing through the room Julie cried out.

“OK! Ok! I’ll do it! Please stop!”

Allison halted her spanking and used Julie’s hair to jerk her head around to face her.

“Try anything slut and you will regret it, understand?”


That earned Julie another hard spank on her tender ass.

“Yes Mistress Allison. That is how you will address me from now on, understand?”

Julie was confused and scared and even a little aroused. She could not comprehend how she had been so easily dominated by her neighbour and just wanted to get out of there right then. She would have given anything to be safely in her own bed.

“Yes Mistress Allison.”

Nodding Allison pushed Julie’s body off her knees and she landed with a thump at her feet. Julie couldn’t believe she was doing it but she scrambled forward and began to tentatively lick the tops of Allison’s fetish boots. Allison observed her coolly, occasionally using her free foot to swat at Julie’s head and body, pushing her over, unbalancing her contemptuously.

“OK enough! Get up and get undressed. Let’s see what you’re so proud of bitch!”

Julie stared at her as if she had gone mad. It was a dumb move as it earned her another cuff around the head from Allison’s hand.

“Fuck’s sake! Are you as stupid as you look bitch? I gave you an order and you had better damn well do it or so help me god I will tie you to that cross over there and whip the living hell from you!”

That did the trick and Julie scrambled, drunkenly to her feet and hurriedly stripped off her expensive top and skirt and paused only a moment in her sexy lingerie before a harsh glare from Allison saw her peel that off too. Her shoes had gone in the earlier struggle and she suddenly felt very small as she stood, naked and uncomfortable as her hated neighbour stared at her and examined her. She felt like a cow at a cattle market as the PVC clad Mistress scrutinised Julie’s body, first with her eyes then her hands. She held Julie’s jaw and moved it to look at her profile, then her hands grabbed Julie’s tits and weighed them up.

“Proud of these are you?”

“No Mistress Allison.”

“Ha! Don’t give me that shit! I’ve seen you parade yourself around here with those things literally hanging out. Think you’re something special, don’t you? Yes, you fucking do! Well they’re nothing special, let me tell you. Now go and lean over the bench, time to see exactly what you can take.”

Julie did not like the sound of that at all, yet she still did as Allison told her and padded over to the far side of the room and stretched herself gingerly over a wooden bench with a leather top. From behind she heard rustling and a loud click. Unable to resist she looked over her shoulder and was horrified by what she saw. Allison’s PVC shorts now had a plastic cock jutting out of them pointing straight at Julie!

Julie made to voice her disapproval and resistance but the bigger woman moved swiftly and was on her in an instant. Leaning hard on her back, pining her down. Her hand snaked forward and again cupped over Julie’s mouth to silence her.

“Shut up you snobby tart. You went out looking for a fuck tonight, didn’t you? Well now you’re going to get one!”

Julie whimpered into the hand then jumped as she felt a finger tracing the outline of her shaven cunt.

“See? You’re soaking wet bitch! You want this!”

Julie shook her head but it was an action that held no real conviction. Allison removed her hand from Julie’s mouth and reached down to grab something, when it came up it held an orange ball gag that she stuffed in Julie’s mouth then tied it expertly behind her shaking head.

“Don’t want you waking the neighbour you know. She’s a real miserable cow!”

And then Julie felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart and with a sudden shock realised her fucking would not be what she expected. Allison laughed at the frantic movements of her trapped neighbour and swatted her ass with her hand again.

“Keep still bitch. You didn’t think this was for your pleasure did you? No this is all about me having some fun. Now relax and take this in the ass slut!”

Allison speared her body forward and impaled Julie’s ass on the thick plastic dick. Julie shook and struggled but Allison’s weight and position held her in place and she slowly eased the strap on deeper and deeper until it was in all the way to Allison’s crotch. Then she slowly drew back before shoving herself in again. After several more thrusts Julie managed to break free but she was still on the cock so when she dropped to her knees Allison followed her down no fucking her like a dog on hands and knees. Eventually, Julie’s arms and legs gave out and she was lying on the carpet just being ass fucked with all Allison’s weight on her. Finally, Allison relented and with a humiliating ‘pop’ she pulled the plastic from Julie’s asshole. In an instant Allison had the gag undone and just as Julie gasped in a deep breath into her mouth Allison rammed the dildo, fresh from Julie’s ass, right into Julie’s mouth.

Julie’s protests went ignored.

“You always act like your shit don’t stink anyway bitch, so what are you bothered about, eh?”

It was humiliating and degrading to Julie but her will was broken and she just lay there and sucked the fake cock clean of her own bodily substances. When she was down Allison rolled her ‘guest’ onto her back and stood towering over her. Julie just lay there and watched as the other woman unbuckled the cock and then peeled of the PVC shorts to reveal a very, hairy, fat pussy. Julie wrinkled her nose in disgust, which really wasn’t a smart thing to do. Seconds later she watched in horror as Allison stood right over her then lowered herself down so that her knees pinned Julie’s arms to the ground and so that hairy pussy was just inches from Julie’s face. The sweaty smell was powerful and disgusting and Julie so wanted to be out from under there but realised she could do nothing.

“Not as neat as yours, is it? Not as well groomed? Not as clean? Well you can do something about that now bitch, get licking it!”

Julie had never been with another woman before, never even dreamed of it (and for sure if she had it would not have been this lump of a woman she detested!) but with no choice available but to do as she was instructed she extended her tongue and began to tentatively explore the hairy cave in front of her. As she did that, Allison began to rock backwards and forwards, pushing her pussy further and further into Julie’s face as she did and she also peeled off her top and began to play with her own fleshy breasts. This was complete sexual domination and ironically both women were getting off on it, though one rather less willingly than the other. Allison reached back to poke at Julie’s cunt with her fingers and they came away soaking which only served to turn her on even more. Allison was moaning now and both realised she was at the point of climax. She brushed away Julie’s tongue and used her own fingers to finish herself off, rubbing hard and fast on her clit until it exploded, firing globules of hot juice all over Julie’s face and into her eyes, nose and mouth.

Her body exhausted Allison just stayed there, kneeling over her neighbour, catching her breath. Julie for her part, just lay there, not fully able to comprehend all that had happened since she had returned. Then Allison leaned back and before Julie could react Allison started to piss on Julie! It took her seconds to react and in that time a fair amount of yellow liquid had flowed into Julie’s mouth. Once she did close her mouth Allison didn’t care, more than happy to piss all over her stuck up neighbour’s face. When she was finally done she stood and looked down at her subdued neighbour.

“On your knees bitch, your hour’s nearly up and I bet you want to cum don’t you?”

With piss dripping from her features Julie whimpered as she nodded that she did.

“Then you can go once you have made yourself cum! But you’d better be quick because I’m going to write what I think of you all over you until you do!”

This confused the hell out of Julie and she was slow to start playing with herself. Mistress Allison wasn’t slow though and she picked up a black marker pen, walked over to Julie and scrawled the word “SLUT” across Julie’s forehead. Then Julie got it and she started rubbing at her clit as hard as she could. Allison smiled and wrote “FAT BITCH” across Julie’s tits as her neighbour screwed her eyes shut and tried her hardest to force her climax. Julie smirked and wrote in huge letters the word “WHORE” across Julie’s stomach. Julie gasped and doubled her efforts and finally came just as Allison scrawled the words “CUM DUMP” on her cheek alongside an arrow pointing at her mouth.

Julie came in a flood and then flopped forward in a gasping, sweating heap on the floor as Allison picked up Julie’s handbag from her pile of clothes on the floor and rifled through it for her purse.

“Normally I charge two hundred for an hour but seeing you’re a neighbour I’ll accept a hundred.”

With ease Allison removed the notes from Julie’s purse, and then before handing it back she grabbed Julie’s house keys. Julie looked at her questioningly but soon forgot that as Allison grabbed her by her piss soaked hair and marched her out of her apartment on hands and knees. On the deserted landing Allison walked over to the stairway and held up Julie’s keys and deliberately dropped them down the central gap. Seconds later the noise of them landing on the bottom floor echosed through the stairway. Alliosn grinned at her naked, piss soaked, obscene graffiti covered neighbour and said.

“Better get going slut.”

Then turned on her heel and slammed her own door shut and very deliberately locked it. Julie stood dumbly on the landing for a moment then hurried away down the stairs to attempt to retrieve her keys….


Allison’s doorbell rang a eleven the next morning. She thought it might be the police. She had her story ready of how a drunken Julie had attacked her last night and a witness already lined up to back her up but when she answered the door it was just a very contrite looking Julie standing there. Wearing very conservative clothing and barely able to look Allison in the eye.

“Come for your slut clothes have you?” demanded an aggressive Allison.

“N-No Mistress Allison. A hundred for an hour you said, yes?”

And Allison gave a great big grin as the bitch from next door handed her five twenties and dropped to her knees and crawled in past her…

Having graduated with a top degree in physiotherapy, I further boosted my status with a masters in sports injuries. With such a good qualification as well as the charisma to boot, I got a job in the city, working privately to build up my finances. By the age of 27 my reputation and experience meant I was earning £45 000 a year. However, as the usual stereotype will say, money and success isn’t everything. Something was missing and so I decided to pack up and make a new start. First things first, I left the city heading for a nice rural area, buying a 4 bedroom lucrative home. Apparently it was owned by a young professional footballer before being sold by his club.

The house had all the usual high quality features, from a spacious kitchen to a decked garden, however my favourite part of my new home was the hot-tub in the converted loft.

Despite being a dream home for me, the country road it was situated on was not all high-priced property. Again, it seemed like a nice balance of people all with different backgrounds.

The second part of my move, and obviously a very important aspect was continuing my career. I was extremely lucky in securing an adequately sized property to host my private practise. For this rural greenbelt town, a private physiotherapy clinic with state of the art equipment sounds bizarre, but again, because of my reputation and the calibre of my patients attending, word soon spread of my arrival.

So going back to moving in, because the move was a fresh start for me, I did not know many people, which meant I was able to settle my stuff in and arrange my home how I wanted it. I became familiar with the area, and a few of my neighbours. I gathered that to one side of me lived a friendly old couple who had been there for 40 years. To the other lived a younger couple, – Bob and Claire, and their two young children. I bumped into them a couple of times to which we made small talk. From what I gathered they seemed nice, although money seemed tight in their household and I once overhear them discussing the matter when sitting in the garden. Bob did not have a stable income, and with Claire looking after the children the onus for paying the bills was solely on Bob. About a month after moving in, I again overheard them again, this time in a more heated discussion. From what I could hear Bob had gone one too far this time, and resorted to ‘a small job’ and had stolen the hand bag of an old lady who had tripped in an alley way the previous night!

I was shocked merely at his lack of compassion for a helpless lady. My shock was shared by Claire’s, but from their conversation it was clear just how serious there lack of money was. I tried to forget this, however, the following day I was driving home from work when I saw a marked police car parked up outside. A policeman got out of the car and knocked on the neighbours door.

“Mr Richards?” the policeman began showing his badge as Bob opened the door, looking guilty as anything. I thought quickly and approached the two of them.

“Detective Superintendent Owens, Where were you last night between nine and ten?”, he quized Bob on.

“Err… I err..” Bob stutted.

I cut in confidently, “Jon Harding, I live next door, Bob was over at mine last night, we were watching the United game, what’s the problem?”.

“Oh, right, well we may have to ask you to confirm that in a statement for us”, the Inspector responded, a little shocked.

“No problem, here’s my card, my practise is just across the road from the police station I think.” I concluded before the policeman left. Bob and I waited for the sound of the officers car driving off, before we spoke.

“Thank you so much Jon, if there’s anything I can do just let me know!” Bob stated gratefully.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t eaten since breakfast so I need to dash, we’ll speak another time.” I responded as I walked over my front garden and opened the door. I had a work out in my home gym before taking a shower. I then had my tea and decided to sit on the decking in the garden as it was a really nice warm evening. Midway through my tea, Claire popped her head over the fence and asked if she could have a chat. I opened the side gate, and offered her a drink. She declined, and sat opposite me. It was only now that I began to notice that Claire was quite attractive. She had light brown hair tied up in a pony tail. She had a nice face, green eyes and a nice smile. Further south I noticed, without staring, she seemed to have quite nicely rounded breasts with a relatively smooth stomach. Considering Claire was a mother of two she had a great figure with nicely rounded hips. Essentially she had a healthy curvaceous figure. Anyway, I snapped back to reality as she began to speak.

“I just want to thank you for earlier, Bob told me what happened. I don’t think there is anything you don’t have, for us to offer, but we are truly grateful, and would at least like for you to come over for dinner one night this week?… That is obviously if you are not busy?” Claire said.

“Don’t worry, lets forget about earlier, dinner sounds lovely, I haven’t met too many people in the neighbourhood so would be nice to get out for a change.” I responded.

“That’s brilliant! Come over tomorrow!” She concluded as she got up and left with a smile.

The following evening, I called over there around seven. We must have got our times mixed up because Claire opened the door wearing just a towel, having just jumped out the shower. I was shocked and apologised, but she assured me it was ok and invited me in. I took a seat in the living room where her children were playing, whilst Claire scampered up the stairs to get dressed. A short time passed and Claire came in, now dressed in a thin summer dress going down to her mid thigh, as well as a cooking apron, which again, hugged her sexy figure. Bob then arrived home from work, and we made small talk.

Dinner went down well, Claire was obviously a good cook, and it was nice to have some company for a change. The kids had gone to bed, and the three of us continued to talk. By 10 o clock Bob yawned and I decided it was time to leave. We exchanged our goodbyes, Bob with a handshake and Claire with a peck of the cheek. She just smiled at me and I left, trying to keep her womanly smell in my system.

The next few days passed uneventfully and until the weekend. The summer weather continued and I decided to mow the lawn with the new mower I had brought. Without thinking I took off my t-shirt as the heat was getting to me. I continued the lawn before setting the engine to rest. It was only then that I looked up and noticed Claire by the fence. She looked gorgeous and was obviously also feeling the weather as she only had on a bikini. It was only now that I really started to crave her, and appreciated how sexy she looked. Her breasts were bigger than I first thought, and held up quite well considering two children. She was a knock out and was smiling in my direction.

“Fancy doing our lawn as well?” She asked jokingly.

“No problem” I responded, already lifting the mower and walking to the gate.

“I was only joking! You don’t have to do it!” she said slightly unsure of what to say.

“Don’t be silly, it’s no trouble at all, it looks like it could use a cut” I assured her, as I entered her garden, still topless as I brushed past her to get through the gate. I started mowing and within 15 minutes I was finished. The lawn looked ten times better, and Claire thanked me with a hug. Our bodies pressed up against each other, before she pulled away and handed me a cold glass of juice.

We chatted for a bit and she complained that she was often was bored of just looking after her house. I said she was welcome to use my home gym if she wanted, and after assuring her it would be fine, I gave her a spare key to the back door and said she should use it when she liked. She asked if she could do so now, and I accepted, adding that I would also do my work out for the day. I packed the mower away and showed her to the gym room. She was amazed at it, and started on the tredmill. We both did our work outs, still with me topless, and her in a bikini and shorts.

I noticed she was looking at me throughout, and when I reached the bicep curls, she commented on how toned I was. I smiled and said she also had a great body, to which her smile grew ever larger.

We both finished our workouts around the same time.

“Would you like to use the hot-tub?” I asked.

“Are you serious? You have a hot-tub? That would be amazing, I think I should shower off quickly though, I’m a little sweaty” she said with a grij.

“I also could do with a rinse before the hot-tub”. I showed her the shower and said I would wait outside.

“Don’t worry, we can both fit”. Claire responded with a smile. I was slightly unsure about whether we actually would, but I was not about to argue.

“Ok, if you’re sure” I responded as I set the power shower on and the steam begun to form. We both climbed in, and like I had thought, we were quite close together, what with my physique and her ample breasts. I looked at her awkwardly, to which she responded with a reassuring smile. She rinsed her hair, tilting her head back, and in doing so pushed her chest out. I could feel a stir in my trunks as my cock grew and became slightly concerned because of the size of my member. Before I could react or change my position, Claire turned round and leaned forward to reach for the shampoo. Her ass now pressed right up against my crotch, and in doing so sent my cock into overdrive. I was fully erect within a few seconds and I was absalutely certain that she could feel it. Not knowing what to do I froze, and left it up to Claire. I think she sensed this and started to grind up and down over my shaft. After a few strokes she turned and dropped to her knees as she tugged at my waste band.

Looking up at me smiling, she pulled out my 9 inch cock and gasped at the size. However, she was clearly determined to please me as she started to lick and kiss my cock head. By this time I was quite sure of what was to come, and decided to be more assirtive. I grasped her hair and started to bop her head down on my cock and she attempted to suck. She was a great cock-sucker and I could feel my balls tense up. Claire sensed this and increased the pace of her blow-job. I pulled her head off my cock and shot load after load of hot cum on her face to which she just licked her lips and continued to smile.

I was still hard after coming and Claire knew what I wanted. She stood up, turned her back to me and pulled her shorts down. She then reached behind and grasped my rock hard pole, as she guided it to her waiting pussy. I had have enough by this point, and decided to take control. I grabbed her round hips, and in one smooth stroke, drove my cock into her tight vagina.

“Ahh! It’s ripping me!” Claire screamed as my cock head hit the end of her vagina. I held still for a few moments to allow her to adjust to the size, before pulling out and beginning a rhymical slow hard fuck of my neighbour’s pussy.

“Hmm I feel so full. I’ve never had a dick so deep in me before, fuck me, fuck me”, Claire moaned.

“Yer you fucking love it don’t you! You love my cock pounding you don’t ya”, I responded.

“Oh yes, I do, fuck me, fuck your bitch hard, pound my cunt!” she countered. This really got me going, and I picked up the pace, thrusting deeper into new territory. I felt her start to wobble as an orgasm hit, so I drove into her, jamming her against the shower wall as I continued my assault.

“Oh shit! I’m going to cum, ahhh… fuck me, cum with me!” she screamed. With this encouragement I stepped my pace up to top gear as I plunged in and out as my balls tightened. I grabbed her hips and forced my cock deep into her pussy as I shot stream after stream of fiery sperm into her fertile womb.

I pulled out of her and let her down as she sank to the floor of the shower. I regained my composure, rinsed myself off and left the shower to sit in the hot-tub. Claire appeared about 10 minutes later, looking quite flushed. She had put her shorts back on and headed for the door.

“I’m sorry, I need to go” she claimed quietly and swiftly left without me able to even say bye. I didn’t see Claire for the next week or so, I gathered she felt awkward about the situation and what had happened, however, I was sure that it would not be long before I would be fucking her again. About two weeks after I had sex with Claire, I passed by Bob as I was returning home from work.

“Jon! How are you doing mate, I was wondering, if you don’t have any plans of course, would you like to come over for dinner again tonight?” Bob said enthusiastically.

“That’s very kind of you Bob, I wouldn’t want to impose on you and Claire though” I responded.

“Don’t be silly, Claire won’t mind, it would be nice to hang out, would be nice to get to know you a bit”, Bob assured me. After hearing this I agreed, and said I would be round in about an hour.

I showered, and picked a bottle of wine out from the cupboard and headed next door. Bob answered the door, and invited me into the kitchen where Claire was.

“Nice to see you Claire, the food smells delicious!” I said with a grin looking at her cleavage.

“Thank you Jon, it will be ready in about 10 minutes”, she replied, as Bob announced he was going to get changed. He left, and Claire began to try and explain.

“Look Jon, I’m sorry about what happened, I got lost in the moment and I”, I cut her off with a kiss, as I pinned her against the kitchen work surface. I could feel her giving in and I knew I would be fucking this woman as soon as I could get her limp dick husband out the way. Thinking of the devil, I heard Bob come down the stairs so I broke our embrace and acted normally as he entered the kitchen.

We sat down to eat with Claire opposite me, I kept staring at her ample cleavage and occasionally stroked my leg up hers under the table. All of this oblivious to Bob. We chatted about various things, about our interests and about recent funny things.

“Do you ever go to any United games Bob?” I asked knowing what was to come.

“No not really, the ticket prices are so much now we just can’t afford it” he replied.

“Well I tell you what, I have a season ticket, but cannot go to the game tomorrow night, I have a high-profile footballer needing extra treatment, so have to miss the game. I think you should go, you will love it, the seat is brilliant!” I explained to his delight.

“Jesus, that would be amazing Jon! I really would love that!” Bob answered.

Unbeknown to Bob, or Claire, I didn’t really have a patient to treat the following evening. I waited until I knew Bob would be on his way to the game before driving home. I arrived about 6′o. clock, and went straight to Claire’s house. She opened the door in a dressing gown and looking very surprised.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” she exclaimed, but again, I ignored her pleas walked straight in, up the stairs and found the ‘master’ bedroom. She followed me up, and continued her protests.

“The kids are downstairs watching television, you have to leave now!” Claire exclaimed. I wasn’t having any of it and kissed her full on. Once again her defence soon weakened and she began to respond to my embrace. I was in charge this time, and I immediately removed her dressing gown. She was naked underneath and looking shagadelic! I wasn’t wasting any time, I grabbed her head and pulled her down to my erect cock. I quickly unbuckled my trousers and boxers and released my monster penis, which I thrust straight into her mouth. She gagged at first but soon got to grips with her job. After a couple of minutes I pulled her head off my prick and lay on Bob and her bed. Claire knew what was happening and came and sat on my pole.

“That’s right, ride my big dick, you fucking love this. Fucking me on Bob’s bed, whilst your kids are just downstairs! You love it don’t you!” I growled confidently as I squeezed her big tits.

“I do love it, I tried to fight it but I just need your prick. Everything about you is the best, I need a part of you inside me, and I can’t just have Bob’s limp dick hopelessly trying to please me! I need your monster, now fuck your bitch!” Claire whispered, looking straight down into my eyes as she rode me like a horse. She really started to bounce up and down on my prick as it invaded her deepest parts of her vagina. Her tits were really bouncing now as her ass slapped down on my hard cock. After about ten minutes of her riding my knob, I spun her onto the bed and entered her in one hard stroke. Again she let out a low moan as I filled her cunt with my pole. I scooped her legs over my shoulders to really give me good access for my assault on her.

After numerous orgasms for her, my balls tightened and I thrust into her for the last time. Buried deep in her womb I once again shot my massive load of cum into her craving pussy.

“Oh God that was so good! I’ve never ever felt so full in my life. I can’t not have your dick in me. I love it!” Claire sighed as she calmed down from her climaxing orgasm.

“Damn right you love it, from now on, I will fuck you when I want, and you will beg for it. You are my bitch now, and will do what I want you to.” I boasted.

“I will, I will do what you want, you can take me when you want, and fuck me how you like.” She responded as she kissed down my chest…

Ananya was my neighbour’s daughter. She was slender and pretty and so innocent. She called me Babli didi and looked up to me for being a girl who knew her mind. I was her role model as she had told me many times. She had just started junior college and I encouraged her efforts as much as I could.

Her body had me fascinated for some time now and I was continuously thinking about how to get her to open up to me so much that I could help myself to it. I dreamt about her. I constantly undressed her in my mind. My hands itched whenever she was near and like a bitch in heat I always started salivating and thinking about her virginity. My mind was like a fertile ground where images of her nakedness flashed every time I saw her. And then later in the privacy of my bed or the bathroom, I would furiously finger myself to explosive, satisfying orgasms while fantasizing about her. My fantasies were driving me to the edge. I was becoming more and more frustrated by my imaginings, desperate to see her uncovered, to touch her.

I decided I needed to have her.

It was a Thursday and Ananya had come home early when her parents were not at home. Their flat was locked and I saw her sitting on the landing step, casually looking through some magazine.

I walked up to her. “Ananya, what are you doing? Are you locked out?” I asked.

She looked up and a pretty smile came on her face. “Babli didi! Yes, my parents are not yet home and they have locked the door so I can’t go in until they come back,” she replied.

“So come into my flat. You can wait there instead of sitting outside like some beggar,” I teased her.

She gathered up her bag and got up from the steps, following me into my house. She walked over to the sofa, put her belongings there and sat down.

“Do you want water?” I asked.

She nodded.

I went into the kitchen and poured two glasses of cold water. Bringing them out, I sat down beside her and offered it to her.

She drank greedily, gulping down most of the glass and then setting it on the coffee table. “Thank you, didi, I was so thirsty,” she said, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

“Good then that I found you and rescued you.” I smiled. “That I quenched your thirst.” And I will quench my thirst too before long, I thought to myself.

She smiled at me.

“Ananya, I have wanted to talk to you for some time…” I began.

She looked at me expectantly, and then when I didn’t continue, her curiosity got the better of her. “About what, didi?” she asked.

“Well, you are a pretty girl and your mother… she asked me to talk to you,” I lied.

A wariness came into her eyes. She got the meaning of where I was going. All girls had this talk at some point in their lives. Usually it was their mothers but now I was talking to Ananya about it. She didn’t suspect that her mother hadn’t asked me to talk to her.

“So do you have a boyfriend?” I asked her.

Her eyes widened a bit and she ducked her head, her fingers nervously starting to play with the folds of her skirt. “No, didi,” she muttered.

“Sure?” I asked.

“I promise, didi. There is nothing like that,” she said in a reassuring voice, still looking down into her lap.

“Hmmm….” I looked at her downturned head for a few seconds. “So no boyfriends…”

She shook her head no.

“What about kissing?” I asked next.

“How can I kiss when I don’t have a boyfriend?” she asked in return.

“Oh come on! You can kiss your girlfriends to see how it feels, right? Experimenting?”

Her eyes met mine, horrified. “No, didi! Nothing like that,” she burst out.

“Okay, so you have not been kissed at all,” I persisted.

“No, I promise.”

We were silent for a minute.

“Don’t you wonder what it’s like?” I asked next.

“No…” she said in a small voice.


“Didi, this is so embarrassing,” she murmured.

I reached out a hand and caressed her shoulder. “You can tell me, Ananya. You can think of me as your friend. At least, it is better than to have this conversation with your mother, right?” I joked.

A small smile played around her lips.

“Do you ever feel ticklish in your stomach when you think about sex?” I asked.

I saw her swallow. She didn’t say anything.

I moved closer to her on the sofa and lay my hand around her. My other hand clasped her nervous fingers in mine and I squeezed gently. “Ananya, think of me as a friend and tell me your feelings, okay?”

She nodded hesitantly.

“Do you think about sex?”

She nodded a yes.

I felt myself getting aroused.

“Do your nipples get hard?

She nodded yes.

“And do you touch them?”

She was silent and still as a statue.

“When they are hard and brush against your bra or against your blouse, does it send tingles through your body?”

“Didi…” she choked out.

“Are they hard now, Ananya?”

She just took a deep breath and shuddered.

Slowly, I started bringing my hand up to touch her chest.

She sank into the back of the sofa and almost stopped breathing.

“I am just confirming since you won’t answer me,” I said lightly and placed my hand on her breast.

I cupped her small breast in my palm and held my hand to her, not moving. Finally I was getting to do what I had done only in my hundreds of fantasies. I pressed my hand a little and Ananya’s breath left her in an explosion. She started breathing in small gasps through her opened lips. I cupped my hand firmly on her breast and started pumping it like a blood pressure cuff in my hand. Ananya’s hands went crazy clutching and unclutching bunches of her skirt. Her breath grew even more ragged and I could actually hear her heart fluttering in her chest like a little bird’s.

“Don’t be afraid,” I whispered to her. “Every girl goes through this. Every girl does this. It is innocent, just experimenting. There is nothing wrong with it.”

“What… what am I… why are you…” she stammered breathlessly and then stopped in confusion.

“Shhh,” I soothed her. “Don’t get nervous, Ananya. I am just showing you how nice it feels when your breasts are touched. Since you said you haven’t done anything like this, I want you to know what it feels like,” I said.

“But didi…” she began.

“Shhh. Don’t talk,” I commanded.

With that I turned her face towards me and leaned down to her desirable lips. Her unkissed lips. Considering the lust I had for her body, I controlled myself like a saint and just gave her a moist kiss on her closed lips. Then I pressed my lips against hers. Oh God! They were so soft. Like rose petals.

I started nibbling on her mouth as she just sat there and took my sweet assault. After what seemed like the longest time, I put my thumb on her chin and pulled it down. Her lower lip slid open and I inserted my tongue in a smooth motion. She gasped and tried to wriggle away but I was ready for her. I made soothing murmurs and kept on nibbling and sucking on her sweet lips. I kept inserting my tongue in her mouth and sweeping it about in the inner side of her lips.

She was still trying to pull away and I was getting impatient of the tight control I had of myself. I wanted her naked with her ripe body open to me in every way. My brain skittered to pictures of her lying wantonly with her legs open, presenting herself to me in the most intimate way possible.

Impatiently, I moved away from her lips and looked into her face. “Open your lips wide, Ananya,” I ordered, my voice thick in its arousal.

But she bit her lower lip in nervousness. Her chest rose and fell with the wild way she was breathing.

I got distracted by her breasts and captured one of her small mounds again. “So soft,” I murmured, squeezing her gently. “Tell me how I make you feel when I kiss you and touch you like this, Ananya,” I whispered on a ragged breath.

She shook her head from side to side and I felt her nervousness increasing.

“Shhh. It’s okay. You don’t have to answer. It’s okay.” I soothed her in the voice I would use to calm a crying baby. Taking her lips up into a kiss again, I played with her breasts. My heart leapt as I found her hardened nipple. So she wasn’t unaffected! I took up the hard nub between my thumb and fingers and started rolling it until I felt Ananya tremble.

“Yes. Feels good, doesn’t it?” I said against her moist mouth. “Feels so good.”

By this time, Ananya was half drugged by what was happening. She was nervous, no doubt about it, and maybe shocked too. But now I knew that what I was doing was affecting her body just the way mine had yearned for her for a long time. I was playing her vulnerable spots expertly.

It was time to move further and take this to a place where there was no coming back.

I started opening her button down shirt in the front.

At first she didn’t know what I was doing, she was so drugged. But as soon as it penetrated her fogged brain, she started struggling.

I broke off from her and applied both my hands to the job. “Shh, Ananya. Don’t struggle or the shirt will tear,” I cautioned.

“Didi, no… please…” she kept struggling and trying to bat my hands away.

I looked her directly in the eyes and made my voice hard. “Ananya, stop struggling. If the shirt tears, then you will go disgraced back to your house. How will you tell them what happened if they ask? What if you father sees you in that condition?”

She stilled momentarily with the notion of the horrifying image I had painted.

That was all the time I needed. I had her unbuttoned to the waist, and slipped my hand in. I found the understrap of her bra and nimbly slid my hand under that too. Finally I was in contact with her naked breast! And it was the softest of flesh I had ever touched!

Her breast fitted into my hand completely and I started to knead her. My mouth found its way back to her sweet lips like a drug I couldn’t let go off. She was now sitting docilely, all struggles ceased. I didn’t know whether she was just in shock at what was happening or beginning to accept it or just too overcome with lust like I was at touching her naked flesh.

I was overflowing with pussy juice. I could feel myself slick and slippery down there. Even if I moved the slightest amount, I could feel my soggy panties wet with my cum sliding against me. It made me want to throw off my clothes and Ananya’s too but I had to proceed slowly and not scare off this sweet little virgin.

“So soft,” I murmured against her lips as I spread the ends of her shirt farther and exposed more of her. “Such a lovely, sweet girl,” I whispered to her before bending my head and taking her now exposed breast into my mouth. I heard her take in a breath sharply as I closed my mouth over the nipple. I suckled ferociously, laving her nipple with my tongue every few sucks and fondling the rest of the softness with my hand. I snuck my hand down to her stomach then and slipped a middle finger into her navel.

She arched up with a moan at that and almost dislodged me from her breast.

I slid my hand out and moved back to kiss her open mouth. She was soft and pliant in my arms by now. Drugged to the point of no return and mine to do with as I wanted. I saw her half sitting, half lying on my sofa with her eyes closed and her mouth open in a sigh.

I captured that open rosebud mouth and moved to the next stage. Bunching her skirt in my hand, I exposed her creamy thighs. There was no resistance. She was far too gone now to struggle. I had no trouble adjusting her so that my hand could access her panty clad pussy. At my first brush at the apex of her legs, I felt her moan into my mouth.

I pressed my hand hard against her and felt her welcome moist softness. She was so warm and ready. Her panties were wet with eagerness and I felt myself release more juices at her open surrender. I had waited so long for it! Now it was mine. She was mine to take and do with as I wanted.

I lifted my head and looked at her supple body lying pliant in my arms, her clothes in disarray, her breasts open to my roving gaze. My hand was placed in her most private of places. I rubbed her intimately and saw her lips tremble in reaction.

My sweet beautiful, Ananya. My lovely virgin lying before me.

I spread her legs farther apart to gain greater access. My hands passed that final barrier between us. I slid her panties to one side and dipped my hand into her honeyed wetness. She was so wet! My fingers were instantly coated with her juices. I burrowed past her pussy lips and felt her centre. I probed her with one finger. So small. I pushed against her and felt her tense up a little. I withdrew my finger a bit and found her little nub with my thumb.

As soon as I brushed her hard little core, she rose against my hand.

“You like that?” I asked her softly.

I continued circling and rubbing her little clit with my thumb while my finger stayed at her entrance, ready. Her breath was coming in short gasps now and I felt her body tensing up with each strum of my thumb. I played her body like an instrument, seeing her breasts rising and falling rapidly with indrawn breaths and gasps as I finger fucked her. My virgin was splayed open in front of my eyes, getting fucked like I had always imagined in my dreams.

My strokes got faster and faster, and in tune with it, her breaths got more ragged. She kept rising herself to my hand, to better position her pelvis against my tormenting thumb. I flicked her clit as hard and as fast I could, increasing the tempo, rubbing into her as she thrust herself up into my hand. She was moaning and moving her head from side to side now and I felt her buck once, twice, then go completely still before whole body tremors ran down her entire length and she thrashed like a puppet on a string.

As her explosive orgasm ran through her, I knew my chance. I clasped her to myself and pushed my finger firmly inside of her. She let out a cry and her hand clamped down on my wrist as I thrust myself deeper into her.

“Babli didi… didi, no…” she gasped.

“Shhh… Ananya… sweet darling,” I murmured into her ear. “It will be over in a minute.”

She squirmed but her orgasm was still running through her and she did not have the strength to stop me from burying my finger up to its length inside of her virgin pussy. I milked her clit with my thumb as she rode her high, all the while my finger submerged in her tight warm softness.

She eventually wound down and came to rest with her face on my chest, her arm draped over my shoulder and her breath slowing down to normal.

“Ananya?” I said softly.

She didn’t respond.

I slid my finger out a fraction and slid it in again.

I felt her breath catch.

“Does it hurt, sweetie?” I asked.

I felt a faint nod against my chest.

I moved my thumb which still rested against her clit a fraction of an inch.

This elicited a shiver.

“And this?” I asked.

She didn’t respond.

I applied a tiny bit of pressure.

“Please…” she whispered, barely audible.

“Let me take it out, okay? It might hurt a little,” I cautioned.

I felt her tense and pulled myself out as quickly as I could. My finger left her depths with a wet plop and I heard her let out a little mew.

I saw a few flecks of blood on my fingers mixed with her wetness when I inspected it. I had taken her virginity. I gathered her to me and hugged her to me like I would a small child. She pulled her legs close and sighed against my chest.

“You were so brave,” I said, smoothing her hair back over her shoulders. “And so sweet, so soft.” I caressed her back and then slipped my hand down to her round ass. I cupped her and pulled her towards me.

She in turn snuggled up and slid her arms around me.

We sat like that for a long time but eventually I could take it no longer. My mind had started complaining that I had her in my arms and I was just wasting the time.

I shifted a little and she raised herself off me, trying to pull away.

“Wait, Ananya. I have to inspect you,” I said.

She shrank back. “What? How?”

“To see that I haven’t hurt you.”

She looked at me apprehensively.

“It’s required,” I said firmly as I took up her wrist. “Lie down here now.”

I got up and pushed her down gently on one end of the sofa with her head resting on one arm and lifted her legs to lay them straight out in front of her. I lifted her skirt up to expose her and then pulled her panties down and off. When I started to arrange her legs, she held them closed.

“Ananya, I have to look,” I said. “Please help me to make sure you are okay.”

She grudgingly let me part her legs. I opened them as wide as I could. My first look at her would be magnificent. I took one of her legs and draped it over the back of the sofa and the other one I placed on the floor. She was spread open as far as she could be.

I drank in the sight of her naked pussy. I reached out and slowly parted her pussy lips. She was so delicate. As my fingers opened her up, I could see more flecks of blood stuck to her inner thighs, all the way to her centre, where she was bright red. I fingered her and she shifted uncomfortably.

“Ananya, there is some blood. I will have to clean it up,” I told her.

“I can do it myself,” she whispered, not meeting my eyes.

“No. I will do it,” I said firmly. “Come with me.”

I took hold of her wrist, got her up and walked her to the bathroom. I unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. “Sit.” I motioned towards the pot.

She slowly obliged. Her legs were close together as she sat.

I moved into a crouch and parted them. “Open your legs wide, Ananya. I need to see your pussy to wash it,” I said soothingly.

I took a tumbler full of water and started washing her. With one hand I poured and with the other, rubbed her pussy of blood and her juices. It was the most intimate thing anyone could ever do and I felt like I could burst with my orgasm as I held my face before her and washed her soft folds. I kept pouring water and gliding my hand between her legs even when she was clean because I just felt like I couldn’t stop.

Finally, I stopped pouring water and just held my hand against her pussy. “Pee,” I commanded her.

Ananya looked shocked.

I caressed her folds. “Come on, pee,” I urged her.

She bit her lip.

I kept caressing her gently, back and forth, and just when I thought that she wouldn’t obey me, I felt warm urine wash over my hand. I kept rubbing my hand into her, almost purring with contentedness. When the last trickles dribbled down my hand, I again washed her thoroughly and led her into my bedroom.

“Let me dry you,” I said, taking up a towel. I manoeuvred her into a squat and started rubbing the towel into her pussy. She took it for a minute before trying to move away. I let her.

“Lie on the bed,” I directed.

“I… have to go home,” she hedged.

“Ananya, I have to apply something on your pussy,” I told her. “It was your first time and you are so delicate. It was rubbed raw. It is red like the flesh of a watermelon. I have to put ointment on it,” I stated.

She reluctantly moved over to the bed and lay down. I again spread her legs as wide as I could and gazed at my fantasy. It was exactly as I imagined it. The combination of innocence and wantonness all in the young girl. I took up a tube of ointment and situated myself between her legs. Taking a liberal amount, I started spreading it on her. As my fingers kneaded the greasy liniment into her softness, I felt like seducing her all over again.

I looked at her young face with her eyes closed and her lashes against her flushed cheeks. Her shirt was still gaping open and her legs were laid open again to my ministering hands. This time I just couldn’t wait to go the slow way and just slipped a finger into her immediately.

She inhaled sharply but didn’t give any other indication of the intrusion. I started sliding my finger in and out of her in slow strokes. She lay still and pliant.

I’m not particularly special. I’m not shy or overt in nature, nor am I verbose in words. I take care of myself, go to the gym, eat relatively well and I put the right amount of gel in my hair. I have many friends, male and female and I’m fairly well-liked. I guess I’m average. Maybe I’m even boring. But I’m ok with that, because I can entertain myself with an excellent imagination.

I’m human. I like watching TV, having pizza and beer when the occasion calls for it (which is most weekends with my buddies), I watch porn and I like sex. I don’t have a girlfriend, but I’ve had my fair share of experiences. I have desires like any 20-something, confident, well-groomed, fairly good-looking (if I do say so myself) kind of guy and I like to entertain them.

Tonight, though, I have no plans, so I’m sitting in the dark on my couch, contemplating life. When I get like this — analytical and self-exploratory — I generally end up falling asleep before I can discern my next great advance in life. But for some reason, tonight I’m horny. I have no basis for this other than being of the male species. I didn’t see a particularly hot chick on TV who got my juices going, as they say. I don’t even have someone to think about while I jack off to whatever images I may see or conjure in my mind’s eye. I just noticed that I’m rock hard for no specific reason and I’m marveling at the incredible sight that is my cock in my hand.

It’s somewhat pathetic that I’m home alone, doing what I’d rather be doing with the girl next door. Not literally… That’s just a figure of speech. Or is it? Now that I think of it, there’s a pretty hot new neighbour who I’ve seen jogging up and down the street, ass tight in her Lulu Lemons, tits bouncing as she runs. She has tight abs, smooth legs, and a long, dark ponytail that she wears loosely on top of her head, with strands falling around her almond-coloured face. Her eyes are dark and piercing, which I’ve only noticed because she’s waved a few times when she’s seen me on the stoop as I’ve collected the morning paper.

I have no idea what her name is, but right now, my cock doesn’t care. I’m not even aware of it, but I’ve taken myself completely out of my boxers, my eyes are closed and my hand is moving slightly faster on my dick than it was thirty seconds ago. The neighbour is in my mind and suddenly, the tank top she normally wears has become a lacy, black bra. Her capri Lulu’s are a matching thong and she’s in my living room. I can’t imagine this would ever really happen. I’m not special, but I guess I’m not bad. Maybe I should give myself more credit, because there she is and the wetness I feel on my fingers could very well be either of us.

She must be thirsty after her run, because, dressed in her barely-there’s, she grabs a glass of water and drinks most of it down in a few seconds. The rest, she dips her fingers in and splashes her face, and beads of water drip onto the roundness of her upper breasts. Did her tits just go up a size? Yes, I think they did. She smiles at me seductively, because, really, there’s no other way for me to imagine this. She sees me lazily sitting on the couch with a hand on my cock and she looks almost disappointed that it’s not her doing the work. She moves toward me and I’m getting excited, wondering what she intends to do. She can only want to please me in every way imaginable, given that this is my fantasy. My pre-cum is oozing in anticipation and I am forced to take my hand off of myself to allow her to get to work.

She doesn’t take her sharp eyes off of mine, which drives me wild and makes me anxious at the same time. She’s now kneeling in front of me, my legs spread and she has a coy smile that tells me that I’m going to enjoy this, as if there was another choice. She slowly reaches out and takes my hard dick in her hand and I shiver at her light touch. With her thumb, she ever so slowly swirls my juices over my head and the electricity shocks me. I groan and wonder where the sound came from, as I was fairly sure that I was not a moaner.

Enthused by my response, she leans forward, not diverting her gaze from my face until she has no further choice and suddenly, my cock is in her warm mouth. Barely moving, she tickles the head with her tongue, circling it, pressing against its most sensitive underside. Even more slowly, she begins to swallow me, pushing my shaft deeper into her mouth, all the while, washing me with broad strokes of her tongue. Her hand is pushed to the base of my dick and when she comes up for air, it mounts with her, pumping me so infuriatingly slowly, once, twice, three times until she gingerly takes me in again. I can’t help but push my hips up toward her and I cringe each time she pulls away. I want her to work her faster and make me cum all over her face, but at the same time, I find myself enjoying this tantalizing tease more than I thought I would. Whose fantasy is this, really?

In clear efforts to cause my inevitable insanity, she sits back on her heels and smiles in a way that tells me she is gaining some pleasure in this torture. She begins to rub her hands over her chest, pushing her tits together and up, revealing cleavage and a small beauty mark that I just noticed above her bra on her right breast. Reaching behind her back, she unclasps the delicate lace barricade and allows herself to fall out of her bra, heavy and pert. Her nipples are hard; her breasts perfectly round, with some give, proving naturalness in their sway. She takes a moment to pinch her nipples and she groans as she does, her head falling back, revealing her deliciously appetizing neck. She enjoys the moment and her own touch and now I want to touch her. I don’t get the chance, though, because she has other plans.

Leaning forward again, she places my desperate cock in between her tits and begins to rub them against me. My pre-cum is doing its job in coating her and the lubrication allows for easy gliding through her ample cleavage. She’s looking down and enjoying the show, which makes two of us. My hips have a mind of their own and I can’t control myself as I start to thrust into her. My angle is off, so I push myself closer to her from my seat on the couch. Although I have little leverage, I use every muscle I can to move with her as she bounces her tits up and down on my shaft.

I don’t have enough control like this and maybe I like that in some way, but I think I want more. I stand up and for a moment, I’m held hostage, as she instantly takes me in her mouth again and starts sucking fast and hard. Where did this come from? I can’t move, nor do I want to and I watch her take me all in. I don’t hold her head, but I caress it as she swallows me, twirls her tongue around me, pulls me out and takes me in again.

She moves even faster and I’m starting to buck wildly, feeling myself get out of control. She doesn’t stop, not for a second and she sucks me hard, with fervour and desire. I can’t help pulling her head into me, now and she doesn’t object. I feel her swallow against me, hot, slippery and soft and the next instant I feel myself against the roof of her mouth, hard and rough. Her teeth barely graze me, but it doesn’t hurt and the changing sensations are nearly sending me overboard. Her tongue is magical, like fairies or gypsies or a fucking blowjob goddess and I think there must be a light emanating from her mouth that feels like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I drive myself into her face and I don’t know how, but she never breaks her rhythm and I’m going to burst…

Her hand is on my balls… Holy shit, that feels so good… and we’re both making sounds that could only mean an impending explosion. Her other hand is on her tits; one then the other, then back and she’s roughly squeezing them. The pleasure she’s deriving from her own actions throws me into a near rage and I want to cum all over her.

Man, those breasts look good. I can’t decide if I want to fuck her, let her blow me to oblivion or shoot my load on her body just so I can watch her get off on the sheer act of causing me such enjoyment. I opt for the latter and although it’s hard to stop her assault, I gently guide her onto her back, groaning as she strives to keep my cock in her mouth while we move. Now I’m straddling her face, but I don’t want to choke her. I pull back and with a pillow under her head (how did that get there?), she darts out her tongue and continues to lick my head in earnest.

I have little patience left, so I shift myself down her body, until I’m just over her glorious tits. I start jerking myself again and I feel the wetness from her mouth still on me, which drives me absolutely wild. I rub myself on her chest, slathering her in our combined juices and I roughly push her breasts together over my dick. She envelopes me easily and assists me with her own hands, aware of what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m too close to stop and I start to buck my hips faster, thrusting between her bouncing tits, seeing my cock push out the top. She greets each drive with her tongue, flicking it against me with a heat that’s nearly intolerable. I feel myself getting tight and my cockhead is purple with rage. She pinches her nipples, moans, screams and calls my name as I get closer and closer… I pound her harder, coating her tits with more pre-cum than I thought possible. With one, two, three more thrusts, I cry out in a release that knocks me forward and I have to plant one hand next to her head to prevent myself from falling on her. I cum all over her tits, her face and her hair and she licks her lips to taste my explosion. Her breathing is as heavy as mine and as we slow our pace and my dick begins to calm, I rub it along her breasts for one last beautiful view of our entanglement.

I realize that she hasn’t cum. I realize that I still don’t know her name. I realize that my stomach is drenched, as are my knuckles and the top of my boxers. I’m sitting on the couch and I’m spent, my cock in my hand, my house dark and I’m alone. I smile, relieved and relaxed. I’m not particularly special and I may even be boring. But I have one hell of an imagination.

June 2018
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