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Chapter One:

Ever since I was just learning to speak I have called my sister Evie, pronounced like the letters E V. At first I guess she thought it was cute, but as she grew older she lost her fondness for the moniker. Any how, I still called her that and she started acting like I was a royal pain in her ass. Maybe it had a lot to do with the two year (well, 1 ½ years actually but two grades) difference in our ages. When she was a senior in high school I was just a sophomore. I hated to admit it but Evie was the hottest girl in school, probably the entire town! That meant all the other hot girls hung out with her. You know … birds of a feather … that sort of thing.

And I SO wanted to date one of the hot girls in school, but that just pissed off Evie as she thought I was trying to horn in on her fun. She was wrong but looking back I can see her point. It was a wedge that pushed us further and further apart as she wanted to be with her friends without having to ‘baby sit’ her LITTLE brother! That pissed me off since I was horny, not in need of a baby sitter! Once I discovered girls as objects of desire — and boy did I DESIRE them — my sister tossed me out of at least five parties per year.

Sis went to the local college and reluctantly agreed to help save our parents some money by living at home. Being super hot as she is, and a great dancer/gymnast she was able to make the varsity cheerleading squad as a freshman, and as such would make the team every year after without trying out. Once again this meant she was ‘in’ with a group of super hot college babes.

She had the squad over to practice several times at our house and I soon fell in lust with Amber, same year as my sister and just as fucking hot! The first time I made a move on her Evie came up and said in a sickening sing-song voice, “Oh Amber, you need to meet my LITTLE brother, Dale, he is a JUNIOR at Flynn high school!” Amber’s jaw dropped about four feet before she recovered and made a hasty retreat. Evie then said, “Dale, why don’t you just let me have my life without trying to wiggle your way into it!” (After that the rest of the girls on the squad just ignored me as if I were part of the furnishings and not a person; guess they all got the word from Evie.)

“But she is soooo damned hot! Almost as hot as you are!”

“Nice try you pencil dicked shithead! Flattery will get you nothing but a hard kick in your little balls!”

Time flies and I am now a senior while Evie is a stuck up sophomore at the local college.

I suppose I should tell about myself. I used to be a little shrimp, the guy whose picture they put in the body building ads as the ‘before’ picture. Thus her unaffectionate nickname for me. Every time she is really pissed at me she calls me ‘pencil dicked shithead’. Even though I have now, as an 18 year old senior in high school, filled out into a 6’2″ 210 pound hunk of solid muscles she still calls me that. Trouble is, I no longer have the pencil dick that I had as a baby boy, instead I now sport a solid eight inches that is as big around as my wrist! (If I measured it down the underside to my balls it is nearly 11 ½” but that is probably cheating to measure it like that.) My balls grew right along with my dick and each is about the size of a small peach or large plum! (I need to jack off at least three times a day — usually more — just to keep them from getting too full and hurting like hell. It doesn’t take much to work up a huge load of man cream.) When I am lucky enough to get a girl ready to fuck, I have to keep her from seeing my manhood or the night is over! Sort of like ‘sticker shock’ but I call it ‘fucker shock’. If I can just fuck them first, they love it and want more, but if they see it first, it’s over! Stupid high school girls.

Anyway, I have snuck into several parties at her college and each time was doing a good job of wooing the ladies up until my sister announced LOUDLY the presence of a high school kid and that always got me tossed on my ear out the door.

Today I heard Evie and Amber discussing the Halloween costume party that they were going to on Friday night. Evie was going as the genie from the “I Dream of Genie” TV show, and Amber was going as Elvira. (She certainly had the body for it and the long black hair) They were still talking about it when I stepped into the room carrying my own costume. “Hi Evie…”

“It’s EVA!”

“Yeah, whatever, anyway, as I was saying, hi Evie and hellllooo sexy Amber…”

“Dale, I’ve told you before, STOP!” Evie said as Amber smiled at me and blushed.

“Shit, can a guy never finish a thought around you? So you gals are going to a party too.”

“You’re going to a different one right, my DEAR brother,” Evie snarled at me, emphasizing the word ‘dear’.

“I don’t know, which party are you going to?”

Amber quickly said, “The one at Phi Jama Jama fraternity!” Then quickly got a glare from my sister and she shut her mouth tightly.

I could tell my sister was pisssssssed off so I quickly said, “Hey, guess it’s your lucky weekend, sis, I’m going to one over at Randy’s parents’ house! Too bad as I know how much you like it when I show up where you are.” I easily ducked her punch and swatted her ass before stepping back and saying, “Look, I’ve even got my costume ready, I’m going as the cowboy Hop-A-long Cassidy.”

Evie turned up her nose in disgust saying, “Very um, original, Tex,” then both of them broke out in raucous laughter. I left them alone and was soon finding out everything I could about Phi Jama Jama fraternity. Then I called around town and found a costume place with a Spiderman costume in my size that came as a top, bottom and head covering. For what I had planned I didn’t want to be in a complete body suit!

Friday came and Amber and Evie were getting ready for their party. I noticed that Evie had a jacket in her room and it wasn’t really cold out, hmmmmm. After donning my cowboy outfit I knocked on her door as I turned the knob and pushed it open. Evie jumped as she applied her makeup, putting a big streak of blue shit on her cheek. What I really noticed was that THIS Genie had a fairly easy to see through top and when she jumped her luscious boobs bounced nicely making her bright pink nipples move all about under the shear fabric.

“Damn sis, even YOU look sexy tonight!” I said as she glared at me and tried to cover her chest. “Too late, sis, all ready saw them both! They’re nearly as nice as Amber’s are!” Amber smiled and blushed again. “You two make me wish I hadn’t volunteered to help with the party at Randy’s place! I’d love to be there at Fly Yama Bama tonight! Oh well, have fun and watch out for spooky monsters! Elvira, you look soooooooo hot!”

Then I was out the door and gone as Evie threw something hard at her door with a loud thud. As I walked down the hall I could hear her cussing me out as Amber said, “I think he’s kinda cute!” I couldn’t catch her words but I could tell Evie was really letting her have it for even saying something nice about me.

I drove over to Randy’s house and thanked him for holding onto my Spiderman costume for me. “You just promise to let me know if this charade works, you cocky bastard!” he said with a huge grin. We both thought my sister was hot but he is short and not at all good looking, so I doubt he would have a chance of getting up to the plate with her. Can’t blame him for hoping though. I changed into my Spiderman outfit and he looked at me and said, “Jesus fucking Christ, didn’t they have one in your size?!”

I looked where he was looking and saw my five inches of soft flaccid dick tucked down my left thigh and laughed at him. “This did fit good, until I had the costume lady take it in for me because I wanted it tight. She didn’t want to until I let her, um, feel the problem. Then she agreed to do it as long as she got to properly measure it so that the costume would look perfect on me. She took several measurements, about five with her tape measure and two time consuming ones with her throat!”

“Bull shit!”

“True as the day is long! First she had to suck me to find out how big I get and then measure it. She couldn’t stand the sight of me sticking out like that so she finished me off letting me blow my wad right down to her stomach as she managed to get about seven inches into her mouth and throat before gagging. After she made the alterations, she blew me again to make certain that it fit properly, and then happily finished me off once more. She isn’t much to look at but two blowjobs is two more than I expected to get so I had no problem with it. Besides, she wasn’t butt ugly or anything like that.”

“Fucking lucky bastard!”

“No, I become that if I get into the party and some how manage to fuck Amber tonight. That frat house is the wildest one on campus!”

I checked my reflection in the mirror and then left with him bidding me a hearty “Good luck!” I drove around for awhile and went to the drive up at Burger King for a Whopper and a Coke. No way did I want to get there on an empty stomach and get drunk from one drink! Finally about 9:15 I parked down the street from the frat house and donned my tight fitting hood mask, then walked up to the door with a group of about seven other people in costumes. The guy at the door looked us over and said hi to the ones whose identity he could discern, then let us all in. He never gave me a second look as I was the tallest of the group.

Nearly instantly somebody handed me a beer and a topless girl ran up and gave me a tongue filled kiss! She broke the kiss and said, “Hi Spiderman, I’m Eve! I lost my Adam, will you take his place?”

I looked her over quickly and said, “Maybe later Eve, but right now I’m trying to find somebody. Nice tits though,” I said as I boldly reached out and pinched her right tit.

She reached out and stroked my limp dick and gasped when she watched it grow down my leg. “WOW Spidy, if you don’t find her, you come find me, please?!”

After nearly an hour I thought I had finally found Amber’s Elvira only to discover the girl was supposed to be Lilly Munster! She didn’t let that deter her as she kissed me hard and ground our bodies together for a long time. When she finally broke our embrace she reached down and ran her fingers the entire length of my dick and asked, “Is this all you? It’s not nice to fool with Lilly,” my cock head twitched as she slid her fingers around my tip and she groaned out “Ooooo, it IS real! Come find me when you are done with Elvira!”

Surprisingly, I bumped into Amber as she stumbled around wanting to know who was looking for her. She gave me a once over and then dropped her liquid impaired eyes to my crotch again and said “Just who is this gorgeous Spiderman that is looking for me?” I deepened my voice trying to keep her from recognizing me and we chatted briefly as we tried to dance. Finally she ground her mound against my third leg and said, “Oh god, come with me. I have got to try some of your huge cock!”

She led me through the throng of people and finally we entered a darkened room with mattresses on the floor. My eyes adjusted to the dimness and I realized people were sucking and fucking everywhere around us. She led us over to one side of the room and gave a couple engaged in a heated 69 a light kick and said, “Hey Chuck, Eva, move over a little and give a girl with stud in tow some room!” My sister was on top and lifted her sexy eyes from the guy’s 5 inch dick and said, “Hello Spidermannnnn! How did I manage not to see you before? Amber, you are soooooo lucky!” Then she dropped her head back onto the cock before her and resumed sucking on him.

My costume’s mask had a hole for the mouth so I could get down to business without having to remove it and I rapidly put that to use. In less than ten seconds I had Amber’s top off and was sucking both of her luscious tits, my head moving quickly from one to the other as she groaned in pleasure. Suddenly she shoved me away from her breasts and onto my back then groaned out, “I must see your cock!” Then she pulled my costume bottoms down and gasped loudly, making my sister and several people around us look over. Several male and female voices softly said, “Holy fuck”, or “Jesus H…” and Evie softly said, “Amber you lucky shit! Good luck!”

By then my cock was in Amber’s mouth as her tongue worked my cock head madly. She pulled her dress up and climbed over me in reverse cowgirl position, then gripped my shaft and put my tip at her entrance. Just before she would have sunk onto me I pulled my cock from her grip and huskily said, “No, turn around! I want to see your face!”

As quickly as she could due to her tipsy status, she turned around and leaned in to kiss me while once more guiding my cock to her fuck hole. “Like this, Spiderman? You want to watch me fuck your huge cock?”

“Oh yeahhhhh,” I groaned as she sank down onto me. I was in heaven but also thought Evie had glanced my way briefly. It wasn’t until her fourth full thrust down that I realized I had spoke in my normal voice, shit! My sister was back at her blowjob on her guy as he sucked her pussy and Amber was in another universe as my cock gave her pleasure she apparently had never known existed before. Her voice started out in soft, quiet tones a she cried out “Oh my god, you are so BIG! Nobody has ever been so deep in me before … Oh god … oh GOD … Oh shit I’M CUMMING ALREADY!” and she was screaming in pleasure as she rode me to her first climax. My hands were squeezing her gorgeous tits and then I leaned up and began sucking on one hard nipple then the other as her climaxes rolled on and on. By the time Amber was crying out in the midst of her third orgasm, practically every one of the girls were looking over at me wondering why it wasn’t them that was happily fucking herself on my cock. The guys got pissed and soon the room was nearly empty. Only Evie and her guy remained along with two couples who were out cold, having passed out in the middle of their fuck. Evie had moved on top of her guy and was trying to ride his cock but I could tell she wasn’t getting any pleasure from her efforts. In reality, she was watching her best friend bouncing on my shaft as orgasm after orgasm racked her beautiful body.

Suddenly Amber tensed as my cock grew even bigger inside her and she screamed out, “OH YES! OH FUCK, SPIDERMAN, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE ME YOUR CUM! OH FUCK ME AND FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” She was rocking her pussy on me, her opening tightly attached to me as if we were one body. My balls erupted into her, blasting torrents of cum against her cervix as she screamed in climax once again! Amber arched her back and her head fell back letting her long hair tickle my legs as she shivered in ecstasy as wave after glorious wave of bliss washed over her.

As Amber shook hard above me she soon lost the ability to speak in any language, her sounds having no meaning at all. Still her body was forcing her pussy harder and harder onto me as her climax pounded her body into submission! Finally she slowed her movements and straightened her body. Her eyes came back into focus and she looked down at me with her face aglow with love and lust quite briefly before she keeled over and passed out, exhausted from our lovemaking and her thunderous climaxes.

Amber slowly dropped between my body and that of my sister’s fuck mate and she breathed deeply with a contented smile on her face. Making certain to keep my voice deep I said, “Hey, Amber, are you alright?” I was getting worried when my sister reached over and gently put her hand on my arm.

I looked into her lust crazed eyes as she said, “Don’t worry about her; it has happened before, just not from fucking. I sucked her clit once till she passed out, just like she did now. You must have really rocked her world to put her out like this!”

Not wanting to sit around and talk to Evie, I slid out from under Amber’s leg and patted her fine ass as I said deeply, “You were great doll, hope you wake up soon.” I started to pull up my costume bottoms when Evie reached over and grabbed my cock in her delicate hand.

My eyes met hers and she said “Do you really have to leave already? My guy here passed out and turned into a limp noodle under me; trust me that is not good for a girl’s self esteem! I could really use a good hard fuck, and I know I can make you feel REAL good!” As she spoke her hand was slowly stroking the entire length of my still hard cock. Before I could make up my mind — I mean I didn’t come here to fuck MY SISTER, just Amber and her sweet pussy — Evie leaned over and inhaled my shaft to the back of her mouth and bobbed several times on me as her eyes searched mine through my mask.

She must have sensed it as just before I was going to push her away and finish dressing she moved a bit to her side and then pushed forward not stopping until her nose was pressed tightly to my pubic hair! No girl had ever swallowed my entire cock before! I jerked up into a sitting position and emitted a huge groan of pleasure and Evie pulled off of me and quickly gave me a passionate kiss, her eyes still searching mine. Finally I thought, ‘What the fuck, why not do it? She’s a bitch who deserves it after all the shit she has dished out to me over the years. She’ll never know it was me.’

So I decided to make her beg me to fuck her. “Oh, I don’t know,” my deep voice said, “your friend was a great fuck; I might not be able to keep it up for you!”

In desperation my sister pleaded, “Don’t you worry about that, Spiderman, I can suck you back to full strength as often as I need to!” and to prove it she dove back onto me using her lips, tongue and throat muscles to work my cock into a harder than steel shaft. I glanced at her passed out fuck buddy and gave her a look that screamed ‘doubtful’. She pulled off of me and said triumphantly, “See, no problem with that! Don’t worry about him; he’s just one of the guys. But I’ve always wanted to suck and fuck a cock like yours, just never thought I would EVER see one.”

Again I moved as if to leave and she jumped up and straddled me then dropped her pussy right onto me, not stopping until she had over half of my cock up her velvet tunnel. “Oh fuckkkkkkkk that’s so good! Oh PLEASE don’t leave yet! Please fuck me with your wonderful cock, PLEASE!” All the while she begged me her pussy was pumping on and off of me, slowly working more of me in until she sat there with about seven inches stuffed inside of her. “Please, let me fuck you and then after I climax I’ll suck you off and swallow your cum…oh god PLEASE!”

In my deep voice I slowly said, “Well, you do feel really nice like this. And you can suck cock extremely well. Okay, you’re on!”

Boy was she! Evie was pounding her hips onto me over and over as her tunnel opened fully and took me to her deepest realms, my cock head bruising her cervix as she slammed onto me in a frenetic pace. I watched her face contort as several small climaxes hit her, then she scrunched up her face in pleasure and screamed “OH MY GODDDD I’M CUMMMMING! I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD! OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, yes, yes, yes, yes, FUCKKKKKKKKKK!” My sister kept bouncing wildly on my shaft as her groans went on and on until finally her body began to slow and her head slumped down against her chest.

I lifted her head up and said deeply, “Don’t even think about passing out on me! You’ve got a cock to suck and a gallon of cum to swallow!”

Evie looked down at me and a big grin swept her face before she softly said, “I thought you would never ask!” Slowly she pulled her well fucked pussy from me and knelt between my legs. Then she looked into my eyes as she slowly took my cock into her mouth and all the way to the base in one continuous movement. God but I groaned when she did that! “Oh, do you like that, S-man?” I guessed that saying Spiderman would take her too long so she had shortened it up a bit, not that I minded. Instead I just nodded my head and she happily resumed her oral work.

I do have incredible stamina when I want to, and since I had just filled Amber’s pussy with a huge load, I knew I could hold out for much longer than my sister expected her mystery man to do. I found a clock hanging on the wall and was laughing on the inside as twenty minutes passed and my sister was still doing everything she could think of to make me cum. I could tell she was frustrated that it was taking so long and I stoked the fire just a bit by gruffly saying, “Hurry up bitch! You said you’d make me cum and swallow it all! Come on, let’s get to it!”

She looked up at me with desperation written all over her face as she said around my cock head, “I’m twying, honesth I yam. I’ll do bedder, sthoon ou’ll be clummin.” She dropped back down fully onto my shaft and she was hungrily trying to drain my balls down her lovely throat. Her eyes were begging to me as she frantically jerked my shaft with both hands while she swirled her tongue rapidly around my cock head, her lips sucking hard on my bulbous head. Then she would release her hands and slam down onto me driving her nose into my abdomen hard as she bounced her face on me.

I decided to let her have my load (I had been holding it back just to torment her) and she felt it as my cock swelled even more between her lips and she groaned around me “Ummm hmmm. Ummm hmmm!” I grabbed her head and held her nose to my pubic hair as my first four blasts of cum rocketed straight into her stomach. Then I pushed her head back about six inches and held her there as the remaining five huge ropes of cum filled her mouth to over flowing time and time again. Evie’s eyes bulged out as she desperately worked at swallowing everything I had to give her and I gave her a lot!

I released her face and she gently worked her tongue and lips round and round my cock head making certain that she had fully drained me. “Holy shit,” she said finally pulling her well stretched mouth from my cock, “you really did have a gallon of cum in these things!” She squeezed my balls lightly as she said that.

Deeply my voice said, “That was really nice, slut, but now look what you’ve done!” She looked at my cock in surprise wondering what she had done wrong and I continued. “Just how the hell am I to get this back into my pants? Now I need to fuck you once again!”

I pulled her down onto her back next to Amber and took position with my cock just at the entrance to her pussy. “Well, bitch, what do you want me to do?” I huskily asked.

MY slut sister grabbed my hips and wrapped her legs around my ass then used all four appendages to pull me hard into her as she cried out, “Oh god, fuck ME!!!!!!! Fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before! Make me cum on your cock till I can’t cum anymore!” Funny, that was what I had just decided to do to her I thought to myself with an inward chuckle.

As I started thrusting into her I glanced at the clock on the wall, it showed 10:45. In no time Evie was gripping tightly to me as she shook violently under her first climax of this go around. I just kept right on going, paying her no mind as I drove my cock hard into her core. She grabbed my face and pulled us together kissing me fiercely as our bodies worked in unison as we slammed into each other. My right hand pinched her left nipple before I gripped it really hard and pulled it out about 2½ inches. She screamed as her back arched and her pussy clamped onto me harder than she had before, her second orgasm coursing through her tight young body as I just kept pounding into her.

As her climax waned she began moaning out “oh my god … oh my god … oh my god …” in time with my cock bottoming out inside her pussy. I looked once more at the clock and it showed 11:05 and I knew I was in for the long haul. Soon my never ending thrusts had her groaning hard into my shoulder and she was urging me to make her cum once more. My hand snaked in between us and quickly found her clit, making her eyes bulge in surprise. The first time I rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger she stiffened as she cried out “OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! OH FUCK ME I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OHFUCKYESOHGOD! YESSSS FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER … HARDER … THAT’S IT, FUCK ME AND MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!” Her cries rose in pitch and soon became inaudible as her body shook violently beneath me.

After she came back down I eased up just a bit and then gently reached under her legs and lifted them up and back until her knees were pressed to the mattress on either side of her shoulders. “Oh my god, you are in me so deep,” she groaned as I resumed my slow thrusts, my cock pulling back until just my tip remained inside, then I reversed until my base pressed hard against her opening. After getting her going that way I dropped my hips an inch or so thus changing the angle of penetration. This forced my cock head to rub hard against her g-spot on each inward and outward stroke. My first stroke made Evie emit a deep and raspy groan of pleasure while I slowly picked up my pace once more.

“Oh my god, you fucking stud, I’m going to cum again! Oh my god YYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!” and her vaginal muscles clamped down onto me like a ten ton press! It was difficult, but I managed to continue moving in and out of her tight passage while she cried out continuously in the beautiful agony of her climax. My sister’s head was rolling side to side as she groaned and her climax slowly faded away.

Suddenly her hands came up and grabbed at my mask, trying to somehow get it off of me. “Show me your face! I have to know who it is that has fucked me so good! Tell me who you are!”

I drove my hips forward forcing my cock deeper than ever into her and making her gasp. At the same time I grabbed her hands and said as deeply as I could, “It’s Halloween, bitch, that’s why we wear masks!” Then I quickly pulled out and flipped her onto her hands and knees before slamming my cock forcefully back into her dripping wet pussy. After giving her two more thrusts she was no longer thinking about my identity.

“Oh god yes, fuck me from behind! I love this position! Don’t stop, whoever you are! Just fuck me and don’t stop fucking me! Oh god help me, I love your massive cock! Say you’ll fuck me forever!” She powered her hips back at me as she called out once more, “God damn it, SAY IT!”

I was pounding relentlessly into her and could only managed a grunted “Forever”, in my real voice. My sister jerked her head up and started to turn to look at me just before she screamed out, “Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my fucking ass!” She continued crying out and groaning in pleasure as her climax pulverized her tight body until she could only hang her head as she struggled for breath.

My hand gripped my shaft as I pulled fully out of her before I changed the angle and pushed right back in, this time shoving about two inches of cock up her ass before she cried out, “Oh shit, not there! You’re too big, please not my ass!”

I gripped her shaking hips tightly and slowly increased my pressure with my hips as I said, “Bull shit, bitch! You just told me to ‘fuck your fucking ass’ and that is exactly what I am going to do!”

“Oh god no! I didn’t mean it!” she cried out as I slipped another inch into her tight little ass. Then I held my position firmly as she moaned and continued begging me to pull out. I reached forward and grabbed her messy but still tied “genie’ style hair and pulled her head back.

“You asked for this, and now you are going to get it, bitch,” I said in my deep voice and as I continued pulling she eased her ass back onto me another inch or so. “Come on sexy, you’ve only got an inch to go (it was really more like four but why tell her that), you know you want it! Come on bitch, shove your ass back and take all of me!” I was concerned that part of my speech was more normal voice than the deep one I was using but she was so into getting her ass pummeled by me that she didn’t seem to notice. She wiggled her ass before groaning as she pushed back against me and soon I gruffly said, “Good girl, you’ve got my entire cock up your ass hole!”

“Oh my god, you are so fucking huge!” my sister groaned as her body quivered on my cock. I loosened my hold on her hair and she let her head fall forward as she started slowly pulling off of me and then pressing back onto me. Only an inch or so at first but soon she was pounding nearly my entire shaft into her sexy ass. In minutes she was working her ass on my shaft in a blur just before her body stiffened as she screamed in climax once more. I took over thrusting into her as she could no longer manage it on her own.

After her climax was over I slowed and waited for her to regain her composure before resuming my full thrusts into her delectable ass. She tried to turn her head but simply couldn’t and so she just let it drop as she softly asked, “Why haven’t you cum yet? Every guy I’ve ever been with would have cum ten times by now…that is if he could still keep it up.”

“I’ll cum when I’m ready!” I told her. “As for me, right now I just want you to know you will NEVER find any guy who can fuck you like I am tonight!” Damn, a few words weren’t deep enough and I thought I saw her react to them. She groaned hard as I resumed my hard and deep thrusts into her well stretched puckered hole.

Once again I reached around her and found her pussy dripping with her juices. God she was soaking wet! Her body jerked in surprise when I slipped a finger into her pussy, then two and finally a third as I was fucking my hand into her cunt in time with my cock’s fucking into her ass hole. When she was groaning non-stop from her double fucking I moved my thumb up to her clit and rubbed it fiercely as I pounded both of her holes.

Evie let out such a blood curdling scream that I thought it would bring the entire host of partiers running into the room, but nobody arrived. Well, nobody came but my sister who babbled incoherently as she shook violently on my shaft and fingers. As she came back down to earth I pulled my fingers from her pussy I sniffed them and then licked her juices from them as Evie turned her head to watch me.

One might think I had been doing it for years instead of just the past seven months when I pulled fully out of her ass and said, “Suck my cock.” She did it after slowly turning around, her talented mouth taking me fully down her throat as she removed all residues from her ass. “That’s enough, now I want your pussy,” I said in my deep voice and she expertly spun around then shoved right back at me forcing my cock into her pussy all the way to the bottom. “Ohhhhh fucking hell,” she moaned as I bottomed out. This time I was pounding her pussy with only one goal in mind, I wanted to cum! Minutes later Evie cried out and then shook violently again as she came without a word, her teeth biting her lower lip to remain silent.

The room was echoing with the slapping sounds of our bodies smacking against each other over and over. Evie was mumbling gibberish as her passion swelled once more. My cock began to grow inside her and she perked up her head as she softly said, “Oh please, give me your cum! Shoot your seed into me! Do it, I want to feel it when you blast my insides with your cum!” I gave her three more hard full thrusts into her pussy and she tore the mattress covering open when she clenched her fists as she cried out “Oh fuck, I’m cumming again!” just as my balls powered up and my fire hose cock blasted her insides with one huge stream of cum after another.

Each blast from my cock was received with a loud groan and a shudder from Evie! Soon she was sobbing into the mattress as both of our climaxes reached their Zenith and began to recede. I was afraid I had hurt her but then I could hear her sobbing, “Nobody’s ever fucked me like this, NEVER! And I don’t even know who you are. Please take off your mask so I can see you! Please.”

My deep voice softly said, “No, my mask stays on! But you my dear Genie were one fantastic fuck!” I looked to my side and Amber was watching us through glazed eyes. “In fact, you were almost as good as Amber here is!” I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her lips and she just looked back at me and then at my sister sprawled before me. When I pulled out of her fuck hole, Evie simply fell forward onto her face with a groan, her lips trying to move but nothing was coming out of them.

I pulled my costume bottoms back up before I bent down to Amber once more and deeply said, “I hope you are okay, I didn’t want to hurt you!” She formed a weak smile on her dazed looking face and nodded to me. Then I leaned down and put my face right next to my sister’s as my hand rubbed her ass and then slid up and rubbed the side of her 32D breast.

She looked like she wanted to speak but I put a finger on her lips and used my deep voice to say, “Thanks for begging me to let you suck me off and fuck you! You are one fantastic fuck … for a bitch.” Her eyes blinked when I called her that and she tried to focus on my eyes once more. Then I resumed in my deep voice but slowly reverted into my real voice as I softly said, “It’s not so bad that you never saw my face. You can always ask some pencil dicked shithead to help you out if you get horny!” Her eyes grew wider than I had ever seen them as she tried to find my face as I started to standup. My hand reached down and pushed her face back into the mattress as I whispered “See you at home, Evie!” I was gone in a flash, but not before I glanced at the clock, which now read 12:25.

When I stepped through the open doorway and closed the door behind me the entire crowded hallway broke into applause and cheers at the stud in the Spiderman suit. The girls just stared at me in awe with their mouths hanging open. I acknowledged them and made my way through the mass of people, many of girls grabbed at my cock bulging in my pant leg as I passed them.

Not expecting to be out so late, I simply went home in the Spiderman outfit, instead of swapping it at Randy’s place. Our folks were in bed so I didn’t have to explain the outfit I was wearing, or its unusual fit. Instead I just hung it on a hook in my bedroom and went to sleep in the nude like usual. Man did I sleep soundly with a huge smile on my face!

Chapter Two.

I woke up around 7:30 Saturday morning feeling happier than I could ever remember! I had managed to find Amber at the party and she sucked my shaft before climbing on top of me and riding my cock through several orgasms until we both climaxed at the same time, an event that made her pass out and fall off of me in a deep sleep right after she finished shaking. What I hadn’t expected was my own sister begging me to fuck her and then sucking me for several moments to show she meant it. I decided it was the perfect time to get back at her for all the shit she had given me so I let her suck me off until I flooded her mouth with cum and then I fucked her hard and deep for over an hour and a half! Evie had been slammed with at least eleven powerful climaxes during our tryst and was unable to move when I left her sprawled on the mattress.

When I stumbled into the kitchen wearing just a pair of boxers, mom and dad were just getting ready to leave. “Good morning, son! Looks like you must have had a fun time at Randy’s party!” dad said. “Your sister has been moaning all night so she may not wake up for quite some time! I’ll bet she had too much beer last night!”

“Yeah, probably too much of something,” I said with a laugh.

Both of them told me to be nice to my sister and then said they’d be back quite late as they had several places to go in search of antiques, one of their favorite activities. They left and I ate some breakfast before grabbing a Coke and returning to my room to surf the web. I peeked into Evie’s room and she was in the fetal position with both of her hands tight against her pussy as she moaned and groaned some more.

I chuckled out loud and then went to my room, leaving her door wide open. About two hours later I heard her stirring and then later heard the toilet flush. Soon she was standing in my doorway holding onto the door frame to help steady herself. Her hair and makeup were a mess and she looked like a freight train had driven right through her. I ignored her presence and called up another page on my E-bay account.

Evie cleared her throat and I looked up smiling broadly at her as I said cheerfully, “Good morning sis! I had a GREAT time at my party last night, how about you?” She dropped her eyes for a moment and I said “Oh, oh, my sister had a bad night. I am really sorry to hear that!”

“How could you,” she softly asked?

“What? I couldn’t hear you sis, speak up please.”

Evie forced herself to speak louder and repeated, “How could you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

She took three steps and grabbed the hanging costume and shook it softly at me. “This, Dale! How could you fuck me last night like you did?”

“Was that you?” I said in mock surprise. “Wow sis, you have a damn fine ass!”

“How could you fuck your own sister?! That’s … that’s … that’s, um, shit I know it’s illegal, I just can’t think of the name for it!”

“You mean incest? Well it may be illegal but it sure was great! Wouldn’t you agree dear sister?”

“Stop it you … you damned mother fucker!”

“Hey, a new moniker for me! Cute but no, I haven’t tried that yet. Mom is pretty hot though, hmmm.”

“Dale, STOP!” she shouted at me.

“All right, back to your question. Let’s see, I tried several times to get away from you, but you were begging me to let you ride my cock and then let you suck me dry. Jesus was it difficult to hold out that long while you blew me! You really can suck cock, Evie!”

She blushed lightly and mumbled a soft “thanks” before I went on.

“As I recall, when I asked you what you wanted me to do, you said something about fucking you harder than you ever had been, to fuck you till you couldn’t cum anymore.” She just looked at the floor so I finished with, “Tell me I didn’t do both of those things for you! Tell me you were ready for the rest of the frat house to gang up on you when I left and begged them to fuck you some more!”

She stayed silent and I laughed before saying “I didn’t think so! Now get out of my room you fucking bitch!”

She didn’t move and finally I turned to face her and asked, “Well, NOW what do you want?”

Her eyes burned into mine for several seconds before she dropped them to my lap where my cock was resting at about half mast due to our talk. Her eyes finally came back up to meet mine and she softly said, “Dale, fuck me again! Please fuck me without the mask! I want to watch the man with the best cock ever while he fucks me to another huge climax! Just don’t over do it, I’m rather sore.”

I got up and walked over to her and then picked her up and tossed her onto my bed. Suddenly she looked wide awake as I approached her. I pulled her nightgown over her head, revealing her nakedness as she grabbed my boxers and pushed them off my hips where they slipped easily to the floor. I stepped out of them and got onto the bed beside her and started to climb between her legs face first. “No, I’m so horny you don’t need to do that, yet. Just push your big cock into me and fuck me! I need to feel my brother’s cock inside me again!”

Grinning, I moved up her body, stopping to kiss each of her nipples and make her groan in pleasure. My cock pressed up against her opening and I looked into her eyes, our faces inches apart. “So my beautiful sister, one last chance; are you certain this is what you want?”

Evie wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a soft yet passionate kiss before saying, “Do it, bro, push your cock into me and fuck me like you really mean it! Make me scream!” My hips had pushed my tip into her so the moment she said that I just slammed forward, my cock instantly bottoming out against her cervix once more. “Oh goddddddddd, yes! Do it, Dale! That feels SO good! Oh god yes, pound me with your cock!” Then she wrapped her legs around my hips and held tight to me as my hips began thrusting hard and deep into her quaking pussy. She screamed in climax in less than four minutes as her hips humped back up at me, her fingers digging into my arms.

We rolled around on my bed, her on top, then me again, then Evie once more as she came at least three more times on my rock hard cock. I returned to the top position and began pounding her relentlessly as she stared into my eyes. I grabbed her feet and placed them onto my shoulders making her groan in pleasure before she cried out “Oh god yes, Dale. Fuck me and make me cum WITH you. Fill me with your cum, claim my pussy as yours and yours alone!”

I rose to the occasion and released my cum as it plastered the back wall of her pussy with my huge load of cream. Evie screamed and kissed me deeply as her body shook violently as she came with me. Once we had both come down I gently let her feet back down and then rolled us over to keep my weight off of her.

“Christ almighty, you are incredible! I can’t believe my little brother is the best fuck ever!” She kissed me several times before laying her head on my chest and just resting. Every few moments I could feel her pussy clutching at my cock as another convulsion passed through her body. After a particularly strong one she lifted her head up and said, “I can’t believe it but I just came again! Not a big one or anything like that, just a nice soft shake as my body reacted to your huge cock pulsing inside of me!” She kissed me once more and then settled back into my arms as we just enjoyed the sensation of being so incredibly close.

I thought I heard something but Evie kissed me when my cock lurched inside of her once more and I forgot about the sound. Moments later I heard Amber scream out, “OH my god Eva! Not with him! Not with your shit head brother, oh my god! Oh Jesus how could you?”

Evie rolled her face towards her friend and gave her a grin before saying, “You ought to know, he’s the best fuck I’ve ever had!”

“No, last night you got the best fuck you’ve ever had! I watched some of it! I got fucked pretty good as well! But shit girlfriend, do you have to fuck your own brother so soon after that? I couldn’t fuck today if I wanted to!”

I looked up at my sister and said with a sad face, “Shit, she only got fucked ‘pretty good’. That can ruin a guy’s image.”

“Shut up dick head, Spiderman fucked me quite well last night. But god Eva, you’ve reached a new low here.” Amber glared at me before pleading with my sister, “Please come to your senses Eva and stop fucking him and get off of your albatross!”

Evie kept saying Amber’s name while Amber spoke and finally she literally shouted out a super loud and extremely long “AAAAAMMMMMBBBEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!” Her friend stopped talking and just looked at my sister with disgust written all over her face. “It’s about time you shut up! Look over there,” and she pointed to my costume hanging from the hook. “Guess who didn’t stay dressed as Hop-a-long for very long?”

“Shit, anybody can get that costume and hang it on a hook! That just shows he heard about us and got creative!”

Evie grinned at me before giving me a quick kiss. “Amber, take a look at your forearm for just a minute. Good, now take a look at this,” and she slowly lifted up and nearly off of my granite shaft. An audible gasp was heard as Evie neared my tip. “Satisfied now? Ahhhhhhhhh fuck he’s so good,” she said as her pussy slipped back over my shaft.

I noticed the sudden change in Evie’s demeanor and she suddenly cried out, “Oh fuck, what a turn on that was! Oh god Dale, I’m cumming again! Oh fuck, oh shitshitshitshit!” My sister’s hips began pounding her pussy on and off of me rapidly as she came again but then she slowed way down until she finally stopped all movement.

“HO … LY … SHIT!” Amber softly said as she walked around the bed and stared at our connection from where our feet were intertwined. Evie leaned way forward which pulled her nearly all the way off of me and Amber cried out, “Oh my god, you are him!” In a flash she was naked on the bed beside us pleading, “Oh god, Eva, get off of him so I can ride his wonderful cock again! Oh god I need it so bad!”

Evie looked at her and said, “But you said you couldn’t fuck today if you wanted to! Sounds like you want to which means I don’t need to move because you can’t fuck!”

“Selfish bitch!” Amber cried out as she pulled on Evie’s arm.

Evie laughed at her saying “Hey girlfriend, I’m just yanking your chain, and it was really wound up tight! I’m good for now. Besides I want to watch him in action as I was busy up until just before you keeled over last night.” As she spoke she lifted her delectable ass off of me and gave me one last kiss before moving away so Amber could climb onto me.

“Hey sexy!” I said as she positioned herself over my cock.

She looked into my eyes and snarled, “You’d better be HIM! If you are just a fake, I’m going to cut this fuck-stick off of you!”

“I’m not worried, and for your information I have a LOG, not a stick!”

Evie laughed out loud at that and Amber gave me another glare before she slowly lowered her body down onto my flagpole of a cock. “Oooohhhhh fuck,” she groaned as she bottomed out, our pelvic bones crushing together. Amber and Evie looked at each other and she said in a wavering voice, “Oh gosh, he certainly FEELS like the guy from last night!”

Amber lifted up and pushed herself back down twice before she looked at me in awe saying, “Oh my god YOU ARE HIM! Oh god Dale, I’m sorry I doubted you!” Amber was moving rapidly as she worked herself towards her first huge climax of the day. I grasped her face and pulled her lips to mine, our kiss reaching heights of passion I had never reached before! All through our kiss she was moaning in joy as she took my cock to her core over and over. My hands had found her tits and were tweaking her sensitive nipples when she clung tightly to me, her face by the crook of my neck as she cried out, “God yes, I’m cumming! Oh fuck Dale you’re making me cum!” Then she kissed me again and didn’t stop until her orgasm was over!

Once her climax had waned I rolled us over, finally taking the on top position with the love/lust of my life! I instantly started powering my cock hard into her, eventually lifting her ass in my hands and fucking her with her head and shoulders on the bed while her legs hung limply in the air behind me. She was groaning out “Oh … oh god yes … ooof … oh … god … oh … OH … OH … Fuck ME Dale, SHIT GOD OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OHOHOHOHOHOH GAWDDDDDDDDDD!” My hands looped around her thighs and were pulling her pussy into me hard as my hips rapidly slammed into her gash like a jack hammer. Amber’s eyes bulged out as she screamed in orgasmic bliss again, her hands gripping the sheets by her sides.

Once more she suddenly fell limp as I held her body by her thighs and ass, her head arms and feet lying on the bed unmoving. Her eyes opened as tiny slits and she moaned out, “Ohhhhhh Dallllllle!” before struggling to pull her torso up until she could hug me and smother me in kisses. “You are TOTALLY the guy! I love how you make me cum so hard, but why were you looking for me at the party?”

“Yeah brother dear, why … her?”

I ignored Evie’s implications as I said, “Amber, you know that we really got along whenever Evie wasn’t there. The only time you acted mean to me was when she was there.”

“I’m so sorry, Dale” she said.

“Oh gosh, was I really such a bitch to you?” Evie asked.

“Yup,” I said to my sister before turning my attention back to Amber. “I’ve always wanted to date you but sis made sure I couldn’t even have a chance to prove myself. So I thought maybe I could get into the party and you’d be in the, um, party mood …”

“Wild and horny?” Amber volunteered.

“Well … yeah. Anyway I guess my suit got quite a bit of attention and I was lucky to find you. I never thought it would turn out so good with you, but I’m sure glad it did.”

I had lowered her body to the bed and was slowly fucking into her as we talked. Our talk was peppered with our moans and groans and soon she said, “Please, Dale, fill me with cum!”

“As you wish, my sweet Elvira!” I grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as they would go as I speared her body with my rampant cock. Amber grabbed her legs by my hands and pulled her legs back until they were touching the bed, still spread wide. My cock was dragging hard across her g-spot and her eyes rolled back in her head as she soon began to shake.

“Oh my god you wonderful man, I’m going to cum again! Oh god fuck me Dale, fuck me! Harder! Pound that cock into me hard and give me … ooooohhhhhhh goddddddd … your cummmmmmmm!” My balls churned and when my cock lurched its first time she screamed “Oh god damn I’m fucking cummmmmmminggggg Dale! Do it! Give me your cum! I WANT IT ALL! OH FUCKING HELL!” My hips were slamming into her pussy, which she had totally opened for me, her hands still spreading her legs wide and I used mine to brace myself as I pounded into her, my cock spraying my cum deeply within her.

Our mutual climaxes finished and I leaned down to gently kiss her. Amber would have none of that as she pulled my face tight against hers and her tongue forced its way down my throat. She eventually broke off the kiss with many small pecks on my lips before she looked into my eyes and said, “You have truly fucked the shit out of me, and I LOVE IT! I need to rest and then I want to do it again, if you want to.”

I just gave her a thrust with my hips as Evie said, “That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen! Why didn’t I know my brother was such an orgasm maker?”

Leaning over and giving her a quick tongue kiss I said, “Because you were too busy telling me to go to hell to notice!”

“True and to the point,” she said. “I am forever sorry and hope you won’t deprive me of your wonderful cock!”

We spent the next four hours switching back and forth as I would fuck one of them to two or three orgasms and then switch to the other to give her the same treatment. Each of them begged me for my cum and I didn’t hold back, filling them over and over with my spunk. Amber was riding my cock as Evie lay beside us recovering when Amber looked down into my eyes and said, “Dale, would you please do me the honor and marry me!”

Evie and I both exclaimed “WHAT!”

“Think about it. We really do get along well, like you said and I know we have similar interests besides sex. And we are definitely compatible in the sack! Plus I love Eva dearly and would never deprive her of your incredible cock! You could fuck her any time you wanted to and nobody would be the wiser!”

“Sounds good to me,” Evie said.

“That’s a big step, especially for a LITTLE high school boy!” I said as both of them punched my arms.

“I didn’t say you needed to do it today, but after you get out of school would be nice. Just think about it.”

The subject was dropped but I knew all of us were thinking about it. Around 4:00 PM I was laying on my back with Evie riding my cock at a leisurely pace while Amber was riding my face as my tongue worked wonders on her clit. I heard a car door open and close and tensed at the thought our folks would be home early, but then heard it drive off and returned to my task at hand of getting both girls off at the same time.

Less than two minutes later both girls bodies stiffened as they cried out in unison speaking over each other, “Oh my god, I’m cummmmmingggg! Do it, oh fuck don’t stop…DON’T FUCKING STOP! Oh god it’s so good, cumming so hard!”

They froze when our mom shouted “EVA JANE PARKER! HOW COULD YOU? AND IN YOUR BROTHER’S ROOM!” She took some deep breaths while the girls blushed and looked at each other and then back at her. “I know you are both adults, girls, but if you must bring home a boytoy for the two of you, at least use your own room! Just because you hate Dale is no excuse to use his room!”

Evie tried to speak, “I don’t hate…” but mom cut her off angrily.

“Shut up! Everybody knows how you detest your brother! Now you two need to get off of Mr. Boytoy and send him home. Then Eva, we need to talk!”

“Mom, where’s dad?” Evie asked.

“I felt tired so I took a cab home. He’s trying to get some really nice items at the auction so he’ll be two or three hours more, why?”

Evie nodded to Amber who slowly lifted her leaking pussy off of my face and I said, “Hi mom, I’m home!” as mom gasped hard and fell back against the wall!

“Oh my god! This is impossible!” our mom said as she shook her head and looked at us again, sadly seeing the same sight each time she tried. “Dale, how could you! I mean with your…EVA GET OFF OF HIM THIS INSTANT! My god, Eva, that is INCEST!”

Mom was standing at the foot of my bed and had a perfect view of our joined sex when Evie very slowly lifted her ass into the air as my cock slid slowly out of her hot love box. When she was half way off of me our mom gasped softly. After another two inches mom softly said, “Oh my god,” and when Evie reached my tip Mom said in a much louder voice, “Oh fuck me, oh my god, Dale!”

I noticed that evil look in Evie’s eyes just before she started to dismount my still imbedded shaft. Mom could see her balancing over my 8″ shaft before she shouted “OOPS!” and slammed back onto me as she groaned out “Oh fuck me, Dale!” in imitation of our mother. After a brief shudder Evie grinned at me and then once more slowly, and I mean very slowly, pulled all the way up and off of me. She looked at our mom and said, “Happy now?” before quickly leaning over and sucking about three inches of my cock rapidly into her mouth and then pulled right back off. “Yummy! My pussy tastes sooooo good!”

“EVA!” mom yelled once more as she stomped her foot. “Both of you girls go wait in Eva’s room; we’ll talk when I’m finished with Dale!”

Sis leaned over and gave me a quick kiss saying “Go easy on her, my soon to be mother-fucking brother!” I was speechless as she winked and slid off the bed. Both girls then walked out of my room without bothering to gather up their clothing that was strewn about my room. Evie got a look from our mom and she shut the door behind them.

It took mom several moments to start our ‘talk’ and I studied her while I waited. At 39 she was looking better than most college girls, the definite source of Evie’s good looks and my handsome features. Her body is a solid 34B-24-34 that she easily maintains with her part-time job as an aerobics instructor at the local gym. Lustrous golden brown hair, bright green eyes and fantastic legs put the finishing touches on my awesome mother.

“Dale, how could you do that to your sister? And please put some clothing on.”

“Mom, in case you missed it, Evie was on top and therefore ‘doing me’!” I noticed her pointed nipples poking through her bra and top and decided to push the envelope a little with, “and this is MY room so I’d rather stay like I am,” and waved a hand over my body and drooping cock. Drooping but still aiming at the ceiling.

“Oh…um,” mom stammered as her eyes looked at my cock, then my face, then my cock where they stayed for several seconds before she blushed and looked away.

Taking a chance I asked, “Mom, how big is dad?”

She looked at me puzzled before her eyes grew and she gasped “His cock? Dale, you shouldn’t ask something like that!” Her gaze had locked onto my cock once more so when I repeated my question I purposely flexed my cock making it bounce above me. “Oh god,” mom said softly, then offered, “He’s 5, maybe 5 ½” long and much smaller around than … never mind!”

“Mom, come sit by me, it’ll be more comfortable for you.”

“No, I can’t!”

“Sure you can! You were tired, you need to sit down. Sit DOWN mom!” I ordered her. She did, her gaze still on my cock. “Um, son, how long …”

“Just over 8 inches mom!” I said proudly.

Mom scowled at me as she continued, “As I was saying, how long has this been going on?”

“Oh let me think, oh yeah, we started going at it around ten this morning and haven’t stopped for very long since then.”

“That’s not what I … SINCE 10 THIS MORNING!” I nodded and she once more looked at my now fully rock hard cock. She stared at it for several seconds before asking, “Dale, you were getting soft when I sat down, but now you look fully hard. How come?”

“Gosh mom, when I am nude in front a totally hot female it just happens!”

“But it’s just you and m … oh STOP IT, I’m your old mother for goodness sakes!”

“Duh, I know that! Except you are NOT old! But besides being my mom you are also one Grade-A genuine MILF! All my friends say so!”

“What is a milph?”

“Gosh mom, you really should watch more movies!” I said incredulously. Her look told me she meant it so I went on, “A MILF…M-I-L-F… is a ‘Mom I’d Like to Fuck’!”

“DALE ROBERTSON PARKER! How can you even say such a thing?”

“Shit mom, all guys think it! Whose mom do we know that would be great to … well you know. All my friends have picked you and I couldn’t agree more!” She started to speak but I cut her off, “Face it mom, you are totally HOT! Those days when you, me, sis, and her friends would be swimming and sunning out back, I was scoping out you, not them! I think you are … no, I KNOW that you are totally a MILF.”

I had been supporting myself on my elbows but I let myself flop back down making my rod look that much bigger as it twitched above me. Mom had been sitting over the side of the bed with her head turned towards me, but now she swung her knee and leg up onto the bed and turned her body towards me as her skirt was stretched to the limit. Her knee brushed my leg and then her hand was lightly stroking the outside of my thigh.

“Since 10 this morning,” she mumbled softly. Then louder she asked, “Aren’t you tired, or worn out? Or just a bit sore?”

“Oh heck no mom, I’ve never met the girl that can keep up with me! And up until you got home I was doing a good job taking care of TWO of them.”


“DAD says it isn’t bragging if you can do it!”

“And you THINK you can?”

“Mom, I KNOW I can, even now!”

“Oh god. Um, I, um …” and mom looked into my eyes hard before dropping her gaze to my pulsing cock then slowly pulling her eyes back to mine. “We might just have to find out, Dale.” And her hand slid up my leg and lightly grasped my shaft. She gently jerked my shaft three times before biting her lip as she lowered her face closer and closer to my pole.

“Oh lord forgive me,” she said softly just before her lips slid around my shaft and she bobbed her head on my first four or so inches! Mom lifted her mouth off of me and gasped “Eva was sooooo right! Her pussy tastes divine!” Then mom returned her attention to sucking my cock as she pushed five inches into her mouth and up against the opening of her throat, making her gag slightly. Mom hungrily worked her tongue around and around my shaft and cock head as she fucked her mouth on my cock.

I stared back into mom’s eyes as she bobbed on my shaft, her hands jerking the remainder of my cock. She pulled back until about 1-½ inches remained in her mouth where her tongue went wild on my cock head and she sucked onto me hard! “Ohhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk mommmmmm!” I groaned in pleasure.

That made her sort of smile with my cock still in her mouth, then she slowly took me to the back of her mouth once more before sucking harder than before and pulling back rapidly! I jumped as she popped off of me and grabbed my cock head as she grinned at me. As she repositioned herself onto her knees beside me she said, “So I’m a MILF in your eyes, is that right son?”

“Yes mom, you most definitely are!”

“Well, in that case you are a SILF…a ‘Son I’d Like to Fuck’!” She kissed me hard as her tongue searched my mouth and we worked together to remove her clothes, tossing them around the room.

Once she was dressed as I was, I leaned back and looked her over. “My god mom, you are more beautiful than I imagined…and I imagined you were a TEN!”

“You’re just trying to be nice to me before we fuck!”

My husband was out of town. Again. Sometimes I felt like a single Mom, raising my two kids without a husband present. He made great money, but sometimes I felt like he travelled so much that I didn’t have a partner. In addition, when he was home he seemed distracted, too busy catching up on his own life to pay much attention to me. Rather than his absence making our sex life or our hearts grow fonder, it seemed to be doing the opposite. I was lonely, and I was often very horny. My loneliness led me to fantasies and my fantasies led me to taking things into my own hands on a regular basis.

My next door neighbors were two recently divorced men who had moved in together to save money while their finances recovered from their respective divorces. Tom, the blonde CPA, was often the object of my fantasies. He was about five years younger than me; probably 35 or so. He had a sailboat and had the ruddy complexion of a man who spent a lot of time in the wind and sun. His roommate, Benson, was probably 40, in business for himself with a strong, quiet demeanor that kept people at a distance. That might have been why he was living in a divorce house with Tom. I suspected that his introverted and self-protective nature may have always left his wife feeling like an outsider. But I must say that he was an intriguing man, and nice looking with a good build, and I sometimes found my mind drifting to him as well while my fingers worked their magic.

As time went by, I became better and better friends with Tom and Ben. There were lots of weekend afternoons that we spent together, especially the weekends when their kids were visiting. I must admit that I found the attention from two good looking, virile men to be quite addicting when my husband was away and I was feeling lonely and abandoned. Tom would BBQ, and I’d make a salad. Ben’s specialty was garlic bread, and we often made fun of him for his meager talents; but the kids would play, and we would drink wine, and these two good men would make me feel like I belonged somewhere in the world.

Sometimes when the evening had worn on, and the kids were in the back room playing video games, and the wine had been flowing freely since 3 or 4 in the afternoon, I would share and tell them how much I felt abandoned by my travelling husband. They were two good souls, and they listened to me and encouraged me to be strong and be the best person I could be with the circumstance I was in. They were truly good friends, and I came to love them dearly.

On one such evening, I was complaining that my husband was coming home for about 4 days, and then would be leaving again for almost two weeks. I told them how I felt I had no control in my relationship, and that my life revolved around the whim of his work schedule. In short, I told them, I was nearing the limit of my understanding and compliance. Money was money, but I needed something more. I needed a man in my life. A real man who was there in flesh and blood.

As we sat and drank our wine we could hear the kids in the back room, screeching each time a zombie was killed or a car wrecked. Suddenly, Tom stood up and said, “Hey, I’ve got an idea!”

I was definitely a little tipsy, and I immediately responded, “OK, I’m in!” Ben stated that he needed to hear the idea first.

“Well,” said Tom. “Next weekend is supposed to be fantastic weather for so early in the year. Neither Ben nor I have our kids; I say we take my boat up to Lake Shandon and spend the weekend. We can sail, swim, lay in the sun, and then BBQ and drink more of this very fine wine in the evenings. We could even beach the boat and have a bonfire on the sand!”

“Will your boat sleep you two, plus me and the kids?” I asked, thinking it sounded like a pretty good idea.

“No!” said Tom. “No kids. Adults only. You spend all your time and effort taking care of your kids while your husband gallivants around the country selling medical imaging or whatever he sells. This is your time. Get someone to take care of your kids, and we’ll just be three free souls out for a weekend of fun!”

I honestly did not see anything inappropriate in his suggestion; we were, after all, three great neighborhood friends, and the idea of a weekend at the lake without the kids really did appeal to me.

“Well,” I said. “My sister and brother in law live only a couple of hours away and they could probably take Jason and Char for the weekend.”

“Settled!” said Tom. “It’s the Barton Street Boating Weekend……next weekend!” With that he raised his wine glass and looked expectantly at the both of us. Ben raised his glass and I raised mine, and we both said, almost in unison, “I’m in!”

That night in bed I masturbated furiously, having wild fantasies about having sex with Tom on his boat. I got so excited I actually left a wet spot on the bed and had to move over to my husband’s side. I left it at that, just a fantasy, and fell into a deep sleep for the rest of the night.

My husband came home the next evening and for some reason for the entire four days he was home I didn’t tell him about my plans for the following weekend. I quietly made arrangements with my sister, Maddie, to come pick up Jason and Char and take them out to their house in the country on Friday when they got out of school. I asked her to keep it quiet, although I didn’t tell her why. Tom and Ben and I conspired in private all week on food, wine, games, and other travel plans for our big weekend at the lake. I had no reason to think it was anything more than good friends spending time together, but somewhere, deep in the woman inside me, I knew I was hoping for more.

With our plans all set, I sent the kids off to school Friday morning, took my husband to the airport, dutifully kissed him goodbye, then drove home with great anticipation. With the kids taken care of, and my husband gone, I felt free and released of all my responsibilities. I actually got turned on driving home from the airport, and even felt the urge to touch myself. I didn’t, of course, but I enjoyed just feeling the urge. I felt free.

When I got home, Tom had the boat hooked up to his truck and pulled in front of their house. I raced in, grabbed the bag that I had surreptitiously packed while my husband was still at home, checked to make sure all the doors were locked, and almost ran next door to meet my friends.

The drive up to the lake took about 45 minutes, and I sat on the bench seat between Tom and Ben. I was wearing my swimsuit with just a cover, and was very aware that my bare legs were very exposed to both these hunky men. Every time Tom shifted gears his hand would brush against my left leg and each time it turned me on just a little bit more. The conversation was lively and fun, and we were three good friends headed out for a great weekend.

We got to the lake and launched the boat with Tom’s expert guidance. We loaded our supplies while Tom raised the mast, then motored out from the dock. As soon as we were clear of the buoys, Tom stopped the motor and stripped down to his board shorts. Following suit, Ben did the same, and with the warm sun on me, I took off my cover, leaving only my skimpy bikini covering my vital parts. Again with Tom’s guidance, we raised the sails and were off in the wind.

It was really lovely sailing around the large lake. Tom moved around the boat, adjusting sails and stowing gear. He looked great with his blonde chest hair, strong physique, penetrating blue eyes, and really cute smile. I couldn’t help but notice the outline of a rather large bulge in his trunks each time he shimmied past me with his crotch next to my face. I actually felt the urge at one point to reach out and touch it, but being the good girl I’ve always been, resisted the wonton impulse.

Benson, meanwhile, seemed to be catering to my every whim. Sunscreen? “Sure, Ben.” and there he was with the sunscreen, even being nice enough to apply it to my back. He brought out snacks, the snap peas and blue cheese dressing I had bought on an outing to Trader Joe’s. And finally, after we had sailed for a couple of hours, he went below and came back with a bottle of Chardonnay and three plastic wine glasses. “Let the fun begin,” he said. I thought it already had. I was in heaven.

When that bottle of wine was gone, and half of another, and the sails were down and we lay still in the middle of a back arm of the lake sunning ourselves, we decided it was time to find shelter for the evening and hunker down. Tom motored us to a quiet cove, and just offshore, he let out the main anchor in the front of the boat as Ben let out a smaller one at the rear. When they were both sure the boat was secure, Tom walked over to me and sat down next to me.

“I’m so glad we could all come out together this weekend,” he said, and gave me a big hug. It felt so good to be held by him and I hugged him back, maybe just for an instant too long.

Sensing that I had held the embrace longer than he intended, I quickly pushed him away and called out, “Last one in’s a rotten egg!” and dove over the side of the boat. Both Tom and Ben followed immediately and we had fun splashing and playing in the water. Tom did swim up to me at one point and grab me playfully. His arms and skin felt good in the cool water, and I knew that I had crossed a dangerous line. I was more focused on how good Tom felt than I was the guilt of being there with them without my husband.

The evening was warm and Tom BBQ’ed off the back of the boat. We swam occasionally, prepared food, drank wine sparingly, talked, and felt the day’s fading sun on our skin. It was truly an afternoon to remember. After a great dinner on the boat, Tom went below and brought me a blanket. I was still wearing nothing but my bikini, and the evening was beginning to chill.

Ben went below and came back with a bottle of red wine and three real glass wine glasses. “Ok,” he said. “I’ve been saving this bottle of wine for a special occasion since before I got divorced. It’s a Chateau Laffite Rothschild, 1987. Arguably one of the best wines in the world. My wife didn’t know I owned it, therefore I still have it. Tonight we drink and be merry!”

He opened the bottle and poured us each a portion. “To the three of us,” he said, and put his glass forward to be touched by ours before we drank. I truly felt this was a special moment and clinked my glass lightly against his. I turned to Tom to clink his glass as well and our eyes met, and I felt as though he was looking into my soul in the waning light of the day.

“To the three of us,” he said, and lightly touched his glass to mine, then to Ben’s.

I looked away and took a sip. I don’t know much about wine, but this was very smooth and very, very tasty. “Mm mm,” I said and wrapped the blanket more tightly around me. “Very good, Benson. Very fine.”

I was sitting in the bow of the boat with Tom and Ben on either side of me and I took another sip, put down my glass, and leaned towards Tom. Snuggling up to him just a bit, I sighed and thought about how absolutely wonderful it felt to be with these two good men tonight. Tom put his arm around me, and Ben moved closer, leaning lightly against me. Mmmmm. It just felt wonderful.

We sat in silence as the darkness fell, sipping our wine and just feeling comfortable in each other’s presence. The boat rocked us gently as I felt myself melting into Tom. Ben cuddled me from the other side, leaning in close. I was really in bliss, wrapped warm and comfy in my blanket with men I felt close to snuggling with me on either side.

I felt Tom move slightly, and felt the blanket shift against my legs. Moments later, I felt a hand gently lay itself on my bare thigh and begin rubbing lightly. It felt wonderful, and although I knew I was a married woman, I made no move to resist or stop it.

I leaned into Tom and sighed, which he must have taken as a sign that it was okay to continue. He stroked the top of my thigh down to my knee and back up again as he hugged me close. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of a man’s hand on me. He began kissing my neck and ear lightly as he rubbed my other leg, and let his hand linger near the top. I shifted slightly, parting my legs ever so much, wishing and anticipating that he would move his hand towards my moistening flower. I knew it was so wrong, but it felt so right. I snuggled into his gentle kisses.

I felt Ben move even closer and I reached my arm out and wrapped it around his shoulder, covering him with the blanket as well, pulling him closer as Tom’s hand began straying to the inside of my parted thighs. He began to rub the inside of my thigh, up and down so slowly, so tantalizingly. Each time he would come up just short of the top, deliciously close to my now wanting womanhood, wet with anticipation. Ben must have taken me sharing my blanket with him as a go sign, and I felt his warm breath as he began nuzzling and kissing my neck and ear on my other side. What an amazing feeling having a man on each side of me kissing and nuzzling my neck and cheeks.

I became very aware of the thin sheath of material my bikini afforded between Tom’s potential touch and my now soaking pussy. As he rubbed the inside of my thigh, I snuggled into him even more and tried to will his hand to touch me there. I wanted his touch. I needed his touch. I spread my legs a little wider and thrust my hips forward just a little; just enough to coax him to touch me there. He continued to rub the insides of my thighs slowly and purposefully. He was driving me crazy and he knew it.

Ben was kissing my neck and ear, and I felt his hand under the blanket on the bare skin of my tummy. He rubbed in light circles, then touched my breast on the outside of my bathing suit. I felt my nipple stiffen and I reached up and took his hand and pressed it to my breast. As Tom caressed my open thigh within inches of my wet and aching clit, I pulled my bikini top up and guided Ben’s hand to my erect nipple. He flicked it lightly then gave it a light pinch, pulling gently as he did. It felt heavenly.

Ben moved his lips towards mine and I eagerly sought them out. With my lips locked in a passionate kiss with Ben and his hand gently caressing my nipple, I felt Tom’s hand move up the inside of my thigh and begin to lightly caress my wet slit through the now soaked material of my bikini. He rubbed his hand up and down my sex, adding gentle pressure as Ben’s tongue sought mine in our passionate kiss. I moaned into Ben’s mouth.

I felt Tom’s fingers move from the gusset of my bikini bottom and he began rubbing his finger along the seam of the leg hole. I could feel that he was trying to work his finger under the side of bikini so he could feel my bare sex. I had shaved in the shower that morning and I knew that my little kitty was bare and thought for a moment how slick it must be with my juices flowing so freely.

Suddenly I felt Tom’s finger slide under the material and gasped into Ben’s mouth as it probed my sex, then penetrated me. I pushed back against his hand and for a moment he just held his finger deep inside me. The feeling was amazing, locked in a passionate kiss with Ben, having my nipples stroked and Tom’s finger buried deep inside me.

I broke my kiss with Ben and turned to Tom and he leaned in to kiss me. Our lips met and I had a very mild orgasm as our mouths melted together in a torrid kiss. Not wanting to make Ben feel left out I reached over and put my hand in his lap and felt for his penis. I quickly found a very hard cock and gave it a squeeze as Tom began moving his finger up to my clit and making small circles around it. He teased me, avoiding the hard nub, but lightly rubbing every inch of my slick lips and skin around it. Still locked in my kiss with Tom, my tongue searching and finding his tongue, I stroked Ben’s hard cock. Ben’s hand left my breast, and I felt him open the blanket wrapped around us. In a moment, his head went down and I felt his warm tongue caress first my right nipple, then move to the left one and do the same.

Just then Tom’s fingertip brushed lightly across my clit. I moaned into his mouth. The gentle rocking of the boat accentuated the heaven I was in. Here I was with my two close friends and neighbors, one with his mouth on my breasts, the other with his hand on my sex. I continued rubbing Ben’s cock through his shorts, and with my other hand felt for Tom’s. When I found it, I was surprised by its size. Ben’s felt normal in my hand; about the same size as my husband’s, which was plenty for me. Tom, however, was much bigger around and I suspected longer as well. It was so hard it felt like stone through the material of his swim trunks.

I felt a momentary pang of guilt when I thought about the fact that I was comparing the size of the cocks in my hands to my husband’s. But it passed in a brief moment, and I knew that what was happening here was meant to be. It had been my secret fantasy. So secret that I hadn’t even admitted it to myself. I wanted Tom; he had been the object of my fantasies. But I wanted Ben as well. I wanted them at the same time.

At that moment, Tom broke our kiss. He pulled his face away from mine and looked in my eyes. “Are you okay with this?” he asked, and I felt my heart melt.

“Yes,” I answered. “More than okay. It feels right.” Ben had sat up when he heard Tom speak. I looked over at him.

“Are you okay with this?” I asked Ben.

“Yeah,” he replied. “We both are. We wanted this to happen. We hoped it would happen.”

I pulled Ben to me and kissed him deeply. Then I turned and did the same to Tom. When our kiss broke, Tom moved onto his knees on the deck in front of me. He unwrapped the blanked from around me and put his hands on either side of my bikini bottoms. I lifted my fanny off the seat and with one motion he pulled them down and off. As he did so, Ben reached behind me and I leaned forward. He unclasped my top and pulled it away.

Ben leaned in and began kissing my neck as Tom leaned forward into the V formed by my legs. He gently spread them and I felt his warm breath on my pussy. I felt the first light touch of his tongue on my wet sex and pulled Ben up to kiss me. I reached for Ben’s hard cock again and when I did he untied and pulled open the Velcro fastener. I fished out his cock and felt the smooth warm skin in my cool hand. He was hard, ready to fuck me in an instant if I pulled him to me.

Tom began licking up and down my wet pussy, stopping to nibble and gently suck on my clit. I stroked Ben’s hard cock in time with Tom’s busy tongue as I continued to kiss him passionately. I felt one of Tom’s fingers slip just inside my hole. He held it there as he worked my clit with his talented tongue. Then he slid it in just a little further as he whisked the tip of his tongue over my swollen nub. I began pulling on Ben’s cock. I wanted it near me. I wanted to see it. I wanted to taste it. I was at a feverish pitch, Tom working his magic on my wet slit with his tongue, running his finger in and out of me, touching all the right places.

I pulled harder on Ben’s cock and he got the idea. He got up on his knees on the cushion next to me and offered me his cock. I grabbed it and pulled it towards my hungry mouth, and just as I wrapped my lips around it and began swirling my tongue around the head, Tom slipped another finger into me, then another. He began to fuck me with his fingers as he licked and sucked at my clit. The more excited I became the greedier I felt for Ben’s cock in my mouth. I worked him with my hand as I licked and sucked feverishly. Tom was getting me close, so close to cumming. I reached over with my free hand and squeezed Tom’s cock and when I did, holding two cocks in my hand at the same time, I came hard against Tom’s mouth. The orgasm seemed to go on and on in wave after wave and I sucked greedily on Ben’s hardness as each washed over me.

When I was finished, Tom leaned back and stood up. I gently pushed Ben away from me, and was sad just for a moment as his cock left my mouth.

I sat there looking at them, the blanket fallen away, and my naked body exposed to these two awesome men and friends. “Let’s see,” I said. “Which one of you is going to fuck me first?” I smiled. “Eenie meanie, miney moe,” I said, pointing at each alternately. “Catch a monkey by the toe. If he hollers, let him go, eenie, meanie, miney, moe!” And as I said “Moe”, my finger was pointing at Tom. His boyish face under his shock of blonde hair broke into a big grin.

He stepped forward and I pulled the string on his board shorts and yanked them down. His long, hard cock popped out as they fell and almost hit me in the face. Oh my god! He was huge. I felt just a moment of fear at the thought of that monster penetrating me, but remembered that two 8-pound babies had fit out of that hole, and it should accommodate any cock just fine.

“What about birth control?” he asked.

“I’m on the pill, don’t worry,” I answered as I reached out and took hold of his monster. I pulled him to me and licked it up and down, marveling at the girth and the length. He was rock hard.

“Let me get you a little lubricated so I can fit this big boy in me,” I grinned.

“I don’t think you need any more lubrication,” he laughed, and leaned over me, grabbing the rails of the boat on either side of my head. He bent his legs and positioned the head of his cock at my entrance. I looked down and saw the big mushroom head of his cock poised and ready to penetrate me. I reached around behind him and pulled him into me. There was a brief moment of pain as my tunnel expanded to allow his girth to slide all the way up inside me. That brief moment gave way to intense pleasure as I felt him fill me like I had never been filled before. He slowly slid every inch up me and the intense pleasure caused me to gasp, then moan.

I felt Ben’s hand on my breast again as Tom slowly slid out and then back in again up to the hilt. It felt heavenly, Tom’s huge cock filling me, stroking the inside walls of my cunt while Ben pinched and pulled on my nipples. I turned my head to Ben and pulled him towards me, seeking his lips, his mouth as my passion built. Tom began fucking me in earnest, sliding his huge monster in and out of me, while Ben felt the heat of the fuck through our kiss. I was pushing up, meeting every thrust of Tom while I moaned into Ben’s mouth. He was fucking me hard now, hovering over me, supporting himself with his arms as he pounded against my pelvis. Ben moved his mouth down to my nipple and sucked it in as Tom’s cock was hitting all the right places.

I felt my passion rise again and when Ben moved his mouth and took my other nipple in, I came again for a second time, hard, against Tom’s cock. I writhed underneath him as the orgasm shook me. His groans became louder and closer together and I looked up and caught his eye over the top of Ben’s head. Face to face, I saw his eyes roll up, and then closing them, he came inside me with an explosive force. He pumped load after load into me. I had never wanted someone to fill me with his cum as badly as I did at that moment. He grunted and groaned and I held him to me, wanting every drop, every speck of his seed in me. He was squirting against places inside me that had never been squirted on before. Deeper than I knew I could take.

“Oh my god,” he said as he staggered backward. I felt him pop out of me and I suddenly felt empty; barren. At that moment, Ben grabbed my legs and swung them up on the cushion. I slid forward, lay back and opened my legs, holding out my hands to him.

“Your turn, Benson. Your turn now,” I said as he climbed on top of me. I reached down and took his cock in my hand and guided it up to my messy opening. I could feel the slick combination of my natural juices and Tom’s cum against my hand. Ben slid right in with no resistance.

“Fuck me, Ben.” I whispered in his ear. “I want you to fuck me now.”

He felt comfortable on top of me as we started to move together in rhythm. He was not as large as Tom, but it felt wonderful nevertheless. I felt so close to him as we moved together.

Tom knelt down next to me and I turned my head towards him. We began kissing lightly as Ben and I moved together in perfect harmony, with the perfect rhythm of the perfect fuck. He felt so good inside me, and so good on top of me. It was almost as if we were floating with the gentle tide rocking the boat. I let my hand fall into Tom’s lap and found his spent cock. It was wet and slick, and still large in my small hand. I gently caressed his flaccid cock and made out with him as Ben and I fucked in our sublime rhythm.

There was no chafing, no discomfort on this, my second partner within minutes. I was leaking juices of my own from being so turned on, and that plus being stretched by Tom and the addition of his slick cum, made Ben slip in and out effortlessly and comfortably. I matched every thrust by Ben, and wrapped my legs around his and moved against him as he plunged his cock into me.

“Come in me, Benson.” I whispered. “Put your cum in there with Tom’s, so all three of us are mixed up together in me. I want you to cum in me.” I felt Tom’s cock twitch and grow a little when I said that to Ben, and Ben began to pick up speed.

“That’s it, Ben. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” He began groaning. I turned my face away from Tom’s gentle kisses and locked lips with Ben, wrapping my arms around him as well as my legs. “Fuck me,” I said into his mouth. “Oh, yes. Fuck me.” I kept repeating those words into his mouth as I moved against him. Our tempo increased. I felt yet another orgasm coming from out of nowhere, and I began to shake as I fucked Ben back with all my might. I felt him tense and as he came in me, I came as well, for the third time in an hour, shuddering through each racking wave of pleasure, feeling Ben, my friend, shuddering as well through our shared and simultaneous climax. When the stabbing pleasure subsided I looked over and saw Tom watching us, a smile on his face, his ruddy complexion apparent in the moonlight.

After a moment in which we gathered our senses, Ben slowly sat up, and with a completely straight face, said “Well, there’s more wine if anyone wants it.” We all laughed together.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg,” I squealed as I went over the side of the boat, falling into the dark water.


There was a small galley below, with a water closet, a small table with a bench seat, and a big, king-sized bed in the bow. After our swim we sat at the table and sipped the last of the Laffite Cab, talking over what had transpired on the deck. During our conversation, the men admitted that they had talked about it, and they had both agreed that it wouldn’t be weird for them with the other participating. At the end of the conversation, we all decided that what had happened was good, and that while it would be our little secret, we’d all like for it to continue.

We all went to bed together on the king-size mattress in the bow of the boat below. It didn’t dawn on me until we climbed in and got comfy that there was only one bed on board. They must have been pretty confident that we would become lovers before bedtime. Or perhaps they thought if we hadn’t, sleeping together might lead to, well, sleeping together. We all three were nude, and we cuddled and caressed a bit in the bed, but there was no repeat of the scene up on the deck. I guess I had worn those boys out!! I was so starved for sex, or for attention, or for love, that I would have been glad to go another round or two or three with either or both of them.

At about 4 in the morning, I awoke and found Tom snuggling into me. I turned towards him and he took me in his arms. I cuddled right into him, and he found my mouth with his and kissed me gently but intensely. I held him and stroked his back as we kissed, feeling his warm skin against mine. His penis begin to grow hard against my stomach. I reached down and took it in my hand and felt it expand as we kissed. Within moments he was hard, and I scooted myself towards him and put my top leg over his leg, making myself available for him to fuck me. He took the hint, and slid a little bit towards me and I rubbed the head of his huge penis up and down my wet cunt before positioning it right at my opening and pushing forward with my pelvis. I felt him slip into me, and this time there was no pain, only pleasure. I held his face and kissed him while he began to fuck me. It felt so good, so right, so slow, so sexy, and while different from Ben’s movements, was still a perfect rhythm. I focused on nothing but the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of me; on the feeling as his large mushroom head brushed against the top of my cunt, where all my nerves gangle into one intense spot of pleasure. He was slightly above me on the bed, and the position we were in caused his cock to slide against my swollen clit, and I focused on the pleasure I was feeling there as well.

He stopped, and I could hear the steady, heavy breathing of Ben behind me. I reached around behind Tom and put my hand on his butt and pulled him into me.

“Don’t stop,” I breathed in his ear. “It feels too good for you to stop.”

He started again, pushing his cock deep inside me. We kissed, and the feelings of his cock on my clit and his giant mushroom head scraping against my g-spot were even more intense, more pleasurable than before. My whole world at that moment was wrapped up in his cock inside me and the feelings it was giving me. I hardly ever came just from intercourse, but I had cum earlier in the evening on both their cocks, and I knew I was going to cum again on Tom’s very soon. I was just so turned on. He picked up the pace and I matched it with my own, feeling the pleasure of each thrust against him. Each time his cock slid into me, it was heaven. Each time it slid out, it was paradise. It all seemed to be happening in slow motion, and I felt my orgasm arriving like a train from far away, around a hidden bend. I could feel the vibrations on the track, but I could neither see nor hear it coming until it was right at the station. Suddenly it burst into view, and I felt my body tense as the first contraction hit me. I cried out and clutched at Tom and felt that I couldn’t breathe as the pleasure covered me like warm water. I orgasmed with my entire body in a surge, with the pleasure washing over me from head to toe. I gasped for air as pulse after pulse hit me. Then I felt Tom stiffen and I grabbed a handful of his hair as he came powerfully, shaking and shuddering. I held him close and kept cumming with him as he filled me with his seed.

When it was over, I kissed him and whispered, “Thank you.” He kissed me back and rolled away, keeping his hand draped over my waist. As I listened to Ben’s steady breathing I fell back asleep.

When I woke in the morning, I had to pee. I was a little uncomfortable with the stool and bag setup Tom had on the boat, so I climbed naked out of bed and let myself over the edge of the boat in the early light, peeing in the lake. I also tried to wash out my vagina, trying to rinse away Tom’s residual sperm that hadn’t leaked out onto my leg while I slept. I rubbed away the dried, crusty cum from my vulva and leg and then got out. It was chilly that early in the morning on the water and my bottom and legs were wet so I grabbed a towel, dried off, and raced back to the bed, feeling chilled. When I climbed in, my legs brushed against Ben’s and he immediately sat up.

“Oh my god, your legs are cold!” he said and looked over at me. His hair was all mussed up from sleep and he looked so cute.

“I know,” I said. “I’m freezing. I got in the water to pee. Warm me up!” I moved towards Ben and he lay back and took me in his arms. I put my head against his chest and sighed. It felt so good, his quiet strength so comforting. I kissed his lips very gently.

“Did you wake up in the middle of the night?” I asked.

“Once,” he replied. “Didn’t you hear me get up to pee?”

“No, you lucky!! You can just stand and pee over the side.” I waited for a second. “So you didn’t wake up when Tom and I were doing it?”

“No!” he said. “Really? You two did it right next to me and I didn’t wake up?”

Then we heard Tom reply from behind me. “Yes, we did, Benson. And it was spectacular.” Tom sat up, leaned over and kissed my cheek, then said, “Why don’t you make it up to Ben while I make some coffee and a bite for breakfast?” I smiled at Ben.

“It seems only fair,” I said with a fake pout. “I don’t want Ben to think I’m playing favorites.” I reached down and took hold of his semi-erect cock. “It’s time for some Ben, now, I think.”

I started kissing my way down his chest and pulled the covers down, bringing the sight of my hand stroking his cock into view. It turned me on to see my hand on a penis different from my husband’s. I felt it growing and kissed all the way down until it was against my cheek as my hand slid smoothly up and down his shaft. I could hear Tom right there, whistling as he went about his work. I smelled the coffee brewing as I slipped my lips over the tip of Ben’s cock. He held my head as I started licking and sucking on his stiff member, which tasted vaguely like lake water. I got my hand and mouth working in perfect harmony, and I knew that I was giving him a world-class blow job. Probably the best one of my life. I pumped and sucked until I knew he was going to cum, then I took him out of my mouth and held him against my breasts, pumping slowly. I felt the first gush up under my chin, and I pumped and milked him until he had covered my chest and breasts with his pearly cum.

I hadn’t felt this sexy since my husband and I were dating some 14 years before. I lay back, my breasts covered with still warm cum and watched Tom as he moved about the small galley, cracking eggs, buttering toast and pouring coffee. He turned to me with a cup, and he smiled when he saw me laying there, naked, spread-eagled, cum-soaked, with Ben’s deflating cock still in my hand.

“Well good morning,” he said with a smile as he handed me the coffee cup. “Would you like me to get you a damp cloth to clean yourself up with?”

I smiled and said, “Yes, please. And thank you for the coffee.” He ran a cloth under the tap, wrung it out and handed it to me. I wiped Ben’s spunk off my chest and then used the other side to wipe Ben’s cock clean.

Ben looked at Tom and said, “Hey what about me? Don’t I get coffee brought to me in bed, too?” Tom laughed.

“From what I just saw, it looked to me like you were being fully served in bed,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. “But here’s a cup anyway.”

I got up from the bed, and not bothering to dress, I poked my head out and made sure there were no other boats in the private cove. When I was confident we were alone and I wouldn’t be seen, I went up on deck with my coffee. The air still had a bit of a morning chill, but the sun had come out and felt good on my skin. I looked down and saw goose bumps on my breasts and that my nipples were stiff and elongated in the cool air. Ben soon followed balancing a plate and his coffee, followed by Tom with two plates; one for me and one for him. He had put together a great little breakfast of eggs, fried potatoes and small slices of fried ham. It was absolutely scrumptious, eating outdoors on the deck of the boat in my birthday suit.

After devouring about half my plate, I took a sip of coffee and said, “Excuse me for my immodesty, but I am feeling really sexy right now with you two, and I want to enjoy the feeling.” Tom and Ben both agreed that they were fine with me being nude, and told me I didn’t have to wear clothes for the rest of the weekend if I didn’t want to. “Well,” I said. “Maybe when we’re in private places, I won’t”

We had a wonderful day that day, sailing, hiking along the shore. Ben had even brought a fishing pole and we caught two or three trout, which he promptly put back in the water. I felt so alive and so sexy. I spent most of the day without my bikini top, ducking below to retrieve it or sinking low on a cushion when other boats came into view. Tom was expert with the boat, and I loved to watch him sail; his blue eyes concentrated on his task, the wind blowing his shock of blonde hair. There were a couple of times during the day that I got incredibly horny and thought about wanting to make love to both these gorgeous hunks, but the day was just so perfect and our activities so limitless that I decided to wait until the evening. I did notice that Tom had a huge erection, though, when we had pulled into the cove where we spent the night and Ben was teaching me to fish naked.

Tom found a spot on the lake with cell reception and I called my husband. He mentioned that he had tried to call me the night before and I told him that Maddie and Jack had called and asked me to bring the kids out for the weekend, so I had driven them out. I covered by saying that I must have been at a spot out on a country road where there was no cell reception when he called. He asked what my plans were for the rest of the weekend, and thinking quickly, I told him that since I didn’t have the kids I was going to go out this afternoon and have my nails done, then shop, then have some dinner and maybe see a movie by myself. I told him I needed some me time. What I really meant was that I needed some “something-in-me” time. I signed off, telling him that I’d call him Sunday evening on his cell. That took care of that.

In the afternoon Tom announced that we should begin looking for a spot for a beach fire for the evening, so we started sailing into coves near the back of the lake, looking for a nice beach with woods behind it for firewood. We found a spot about 5:30 and Tom and Ben anchored the boat right off-shore. Tom advised that I put something on while we searched for firewood, and after I reluctantly covered myself, we all hopped off and waded onto shore to look for firewood.

Within about a half hour, we had a good sized pile and Ben had found enough rocks to make a nice fire ring on the beach. Tom went on-board and brought back three folding beach chairs, a couple bottles of wine and an ice chest filled with cheese, fruit, and other healthy snacks. I had made sandwiches for a late lunch and we all agreed that we’d graze for dinner. We were in a secluded cove again, and no other boats were in the area.

Ben worked on getting the fire going as Tom opened the wine and I put out some cheese and crackers with apple slices. The fire was soon crackling and we all had half a glass of wine in us. I just loved these two guys, and I was having the time of my life. I knew them. I trusted them. And, now I lusted after them.

The fire was warm, and I giggled and said, “Is it okay if I take my clothes off now?” Both immediately said yes, and I stood and slowly disrobed, turning so they could admire me in the waning light of day, lit by firelight. “Not bad for a 39-year-old mother of two, huh?” I asked.

“Beautiful,” said Ben.

“Gorgeous,” said Tom.

I did a little twirl, and sat back down, feeling the warmth of the fire on my skin. I took a sip of my wine and popped an apple slice in my mouth. “Well come on, you guys, I’m not going to be the only one naked, am I?

As they both stood and pulled their T-shirts over their heads and dropped their trunks, I couldn’t help but run my hand lightly over my bald pussy. There were small beads of moisture forming along the outer lips that clung to my fingers as I traced them up my sex. I saw Tom looking out across the darkening water as he sat down, scanning for other boats. Satisfied that we were alone, he sat back down and scooted his chair over closer to mine. Ben did the same from the other side.

The characters in this story were introduced in my story Mom’s New Boyfriend (MNB). If you want more of a backstory on how semi-innocent high school teacher Jenni was seduced into a submissive lifestyle, you can read about it in MNB. Or, you can start reading here and (hopefuly) not be too lost. This is the story of high school teacher Jenni. She is a real person who is a fan of MNB and is submissive. This story chronicles her life submitting to one of her students. Many of the events in the story are real, although like a “based on true events” movie I will embellish them to make for a better stroke story. Some of the events (like her seduction) are fictional because it makes for a better read.

In our story, over the last few weeks Jenni, who has a repressed desire to be more open sexually, has been exposed via a former student (the very submissive Brittney) to a lifestyle free from the bonds of societal norms. What Jenni doesn’t know is it wasn’t just a coincidence that Brittney bumped into her. Brittney’s master tasked her with helping seduce Jenni to become the playtoy of his neighbor’s son, one of Jenni’s students. As we pick up the story, Jenni is at a party where her inhibitions have been broken down. She has seen Brittney both pleasured and punished and wants to experience the wild sexual abandon and release that Brittney has enjoyed. Thinking Brittney is her friend, she has put her trust in her to arrange her first BDSM experience. In retrospect that was either her best decision or biggest mistake. You can decide for yourselves.

This chapter is much shorter than one of my typical chapters. In an effort to publish more frequently, I am going to try and keep the chapters shorter.

I had just watched Brittney tied on the couch and gangbanged. The look of intense pleasure she had on her face was something I’d never felt and I wanted that. After the group of men and women who were using her like a fuck doll had finished with her I pulled her aside and confessed that I wanted a similar experience. She asked if that meant I wanted to be gangbanged. I told her no, but that I wanted to be tied up and fucked. I guess part of me did want to be gangbanged and maybe my being tied was my way of putting myself into that position without admitting it to myself or to her. My pussy was pulsating with the thought that after I was tied the guys would just take advantage of me, but I couldn’t say that was what I wanted. Brittney said she could arrange everything and that I should go to the bathroom and relieve myself. She told me with a wink in her eye that I may not have an opportunity to go for quite a while.

Upon my return, Brittney was standing alone. When I walked up to her she took my hand and started leading me to a hallway off the family room. I guess she had arranged for my first tie to be private which reassured me. I thought Brittney was amazingly free in her serving her master and mistress which shocked me. And although I think I understood where she was coming from I didn’t think I could act that way. She led me into a bedroom where I saw a queen sized bed which already had ropes attached to the corners. All of a sudden my fantasy was becoming real and I was nervous. Brittney must have sensed my hesitation and gave me a hug.

“Don’t worry, Jenni,” she said reassuringly. “I’ll stay here with you. Everything will be fine. Just enjoy yourself.”

I nodded. I trusted Brittney. It was time to let go of my fears and hopefully experience something beyond anything else I had ever done.

The first thing Brittney had me do was strip off my coverall and out of my tiny bikini. Not that I had figured I would be clothed at all, but the act of getting naked in front of her, especially at her command, made me tingle. I moved toward the bed, but before I was allowed to lay down, Brittney pulled a large pillow out of the closet. It was wedge shaped and looked like it was designed for holding your legs up when you lay down. She tossed it to me. It was very firm. It must have been made out of high density foam. Brittney told me to put it in the middle of the bed and then to lay face down with the pillow supporting my hips. She also told me to face the foot of the bed.

I didn’t quite understand the purpose of the pillow until I lay down. Because it was a wedge, it very effectively kept my ass in the air. I had expected that. But because of the angle shape it also allowed me to take some (but not all) of the pressure off my knees and chest meaning I could hold that position longer. I began to wonder how long Brittney planned to keep me there. She expertly tied my wrists and ankles to the bed. Immediately I tested my bonds to see how much I could move. The answer was not much. I was really stuck now. My final preparation was to be blindfolded. Again I didn’t really understand the purpose, but Brittney assured me that not knowing who was touching me or what was about to happen would be a huge turn on. I hoped she was right. She told me to “hang on” and I heard her open the door and walk out of the room. I didn’t hear her shut the door. If that was true anybody walking by would see me in my predicament. It also mean anyone walking by could choose to fuck me. My mind began to spin.

I don’t know how long Brittney left me. Time stood still. I may have been seen, but nobody else came into the room. “I found you a partner,” Brittney announced. My pussy gushed a little at her words. “He said he would be here in about 5 minutes. My mom was blowing him.”

I began to worry that he would cum in Brittney’s mom before he had a chance to fuck me. Then I felt a sting on my ass as Brittney had just spanked me. “He likes a nice pink ass,” she told me. “Plus I’ve been wanting to do this as payback for all your teasing.”

“All my teasing?” I thought. She was the one who kept teasing me. That’s why I find myself here. What the fuck? My question didn’t have long to stay in my mind as another sharp blow from Brittney’s hand refocused my thoughts to the exquisite pain emanating from my bottom. An erotic spanking was one of the things I fantasized about when I masturbated. How did Brittney know? I never told anyone because it was too weird. Yet here we were.

Brittney administered what I guess was a sound spanking. I had no frame of reference. She didn’t seem to want to hurt me, but she was forceful enough that blood was rushing toward my skin heating up my backside. She did tease my pussy a bit telling me that “he’ll love all this juice” and making me squirm a bit. She also told me how much she would love to eat my pussy and maybe she would do that after he was done before she released me. Brittney knew I wasn’t into girls, but I wouldn’t have a choice now would I. I wondered if she would make me eat her as well. Then I heard the door open again.

“Well what do we have here?” I heard a man’s voice say. It sounded familiar. I must have talked to him earlier. “Looks like a slut who wants to get fucked.”

I didn’t answer. He was right, of course, and I’m sure he knew that. I heard him taking down his pants. Brittney was rubbing my clit.

“She’s dripping all over my hand. She’s definitely ready for you.”

“She better be good. I gave up your mother for this and you know how much I love fucking your mother,” he said.

“I know,” Brittney replied. “Mom loves fucking you too. But Jenni here will be a treat for you. This is the first time she had been tied.”

I felt his weight on the bed in front of me and soon after felt the tip of his cock brush my lips. I didn’t need to be told what to do. I was happy to take him into my mouth. I wanted to prove I was better than Brittney’s mom, Cathy. I knew I had not sucked as many cocks as she had, but I was inspired to prove myself worthy. Brittney kept playing with my pussy making sure I remained overheated. I didn’t take long for the cock in my mouth to be at full staff and he seemed very ready to break my bondage sex cherry. Brittney announced that she “would be right back” and I felt her weight leaving the bed. At the same time my mystery man popped his cock out of my mouth and I felt him move behind me. I don’t think I had ever been so wet and he slid into me easily. It felt so good to finally be full as I had been dreaming about cock all during the party.

“You like being tied up and fucked don’t you little girl,” the man hissed at me. I didn’t respond right away. He smacked my ass and started fucking me harder.

“That’s OK, slut,” he continued to berate me. “You don’t have to admit it. Your body’s reaction tells me all I need to know about you. Your ass is the most beautiful shade of red and your pussy is gripping my cock like you are afraid to fall off. How long have you been dreaming of a stranger using you?”

I was moaning now. Every degrading word he said went straight to my heart. I knew he was right. I was a slut. I was getting off on being tied up and I didn’t care that I didn’t know who was fucking me. All the times I acted like a slut at a bar dancing on tables or trying to get picked up was because I secretly wanted to be treated like this. I’d never found the man I needed because I didn’t know how to look. But here he was fucking me from behind and I didn’t even know his name. I tried my best to buck my ass up to meet his thrusts. I couldn’t move much but I know he appreciated it based on his comments and a few additional well timed swats to my ass. I could feel my orgasm building. I normally don’t cum just from penetration. I need clitoral stimulation too, but I was getting close and thought I may be able to get there just from his thrusts, spanks and dirty talk. Then I heard the door open again. I was expecting Brittney’s voice but instead it was another woman.

“Well look here,” she said in a mocking tone. “I found a new whore fucking my husband.”

I don’t know why that triggered the reaction in my body to start cumming, but it did. Was it the humiliation of another woman catching me fucking her husband? Was it the implied promise that she would punish me for my sins? Was my body finally letting go from the limitations of my conscious mind? I don’t know. But I do know that once I started cumming I didn’t stop. I yelled out “Fuck me I’m cumming.” I do remember that. I think I babbled something like, “Oh God your husband is good. His dick is amazing.” The rest of my sounds were unintelligible I’m sure. Then I felt him swell and was rewarded with a thick shot of man goo deep in my pussy. He grabbed my hips and held himself tightly against me while his cum splattered my insides.

“I saw that same look on your face when you fucked Brittney, honey,” the woman said. I realized her anger must be part of their game. “Brittney is not this tight,” he added to the conversation. “Peter has stretched her out. I’m glad I got to enjoy this one before she gets ruined.”

They were talking to each other as if I wasn’t in the room. I was just a fuck hole to him. Well two fuck holes so far and his wife didn’t seem to care. I felt him get off the bed, but somebody else took his place. Based on the amount of movement in the mattress it was another guy, unless his wife was pretty big and I didn’t remember any of the women at the party being plus sized. I felt another hard cock sliding into my pussy. But he didn’t start fucking me. I began to wonder if my first partner’s wife had helped him get hard or if someone else was in the room. I had not heard Brittney’s voice but certainly there were plenty of other women who may have provided services. Or he could have just gotten hard watching me cum. It didn’t really matter. I was full again and ready to be drilled. But he just sat there.

“Please fuck me,” I pleaded.

He didn’t say a word. Then I felt the cool gel of lube being spread around my asshole.

“No, please don’t fuck my ass,” I pleaded. “You’re too big.”

Then I heard the woman speak. “Shut up slut. You talk too much.”

I was about to say something else when I felt the mattress compress in front of me. I didn’t get an opportunity to complain, resist or explain that I didn’t do women before a wet pussy was forced into my mouth. “You can cum again after I do whore,” she exclaimed with more than her share of obvious pleasure of dominating me. I didn’t start sucking her pussy immediately. She was basically rubbing herself on my face at first. But when the guy behind me pushed his cock against my asshole, greased or not I squeezed my ass shut and opened my mouth to complain. And just like that I officially became bi-sexual.

A few more swats to my ass with a command to “loosen up” found my new friend inching his cock up my butt. By the time I had opened up to take his full length (I thought I had been full before but this was amazing) I was eagerly lapping away at the pussy being forced into my mouth. When he started thrusting I went wild with howling. There was no way I was going to hold back from cumming again and I didn’t care if I came first against orders. Fireworks were going off in my head. The pain from his cock stretching me had given way to bolts of pleasure overpowering me with every thrust. Even the thought of eating pussy, up to that moment a repulsive concept, turned out to be not that bad. I still didn’t know what I was doing and I think she was getting more pleasure from rubbing my face and watching the action than from my limited skills.

Again I lost track of time. I came at least three times rutting on his cock up my ass. I think the woman came twice and the guy shot a huge load deep up my butt which he then trapped by pushing a plug in effectively sealing me from dripping. I was totally gone mentally. I vaguely remember both of them getting off the bed. I then felt my arms being untied. I started to stretch but two hands grabbed my wrists and quickly brought them behind my back. I heard the snap of the handcuffs even before I registered the feeling of cold steel on my flesh.

Next I felt the pillow being pulled out from under me and finally my legs being untied. A pair of soft hands felt up my legs, into my pussy, now leaking the cum of my first suitor, a little tug of the plug to make sure it was secure and the Brittney’s voice. “Roll over baby. I have one more task for you.”

I flipped over onto my back. I had a pretty good idea of what Brittney might want. I knew she enjoyed girls as much as boys so I shouldn’t have been surprised when she slid me down the bed so my head was off the edge.

“The report on your pussy eating ability was not very positive. I’m going to let you practice on me,” I heard Brittney proclaim. “Of course I’m also need to punish you for teasing me so the quicker you get me off, the quicker you’ll be released.”

I felt a piece of leather slowly being drawn over my pussy lips. I knew pain would follow, but at that moment it was pure pleasure and I responded as such. Then I felt Brittney swing her leg over my head. I was crushed between her thighs and then felt the sting of what I later learned was a riding crop. I liked being hand spanked much better. The crop was too intense.

I did my best to make Brittney cum. Cum well and cum quickly. For her part Brittney was giving me instruction on how to get her off, but she obviously also enjoyed using the crop on me and she took delight in calling me every filthy name in the book. Of course at that moment she wasn’t lying. She teased my pussy with the crop between strikes on the rest of my available flesh to keep my arousal bubbling but not allowing me to go over the top. It was sheer madness. My clit was throbbing and her indirect stimulation of it meant and direct contract would set me off like a rocket. But of course she didn’t allow that. Even after she came on my face she didn’t let up.

“So you can be a good pussy slave,” she declared. “Now you need practice. Do it again.”

When I didn’t respond quick enough, meaning instantaneously, she snapped the crop against my thighs. I cried out in pain, but my scream was muffled by the soft folds of her dripping snatch. She kept snapping the crop and then softly teasing my labia avoiding by millimeters direct contact with my clit and what I was sure would be an instant orgasm. I was spinning with lust and cursing my body’s need for release. I was starting to understand Brittney and her mom better. In my current state I would do anything to cum. I couldn’t say that, but I felt it. Finally after I got her off two more times she stood up. I felt her place the crop on my stomach. The tip was just grazing the top of my clit.

“Jenni, you’ve performed well. I thought of one more thing for your introductory lesson,” Brittney told me. I thought eating her was her one last thing. Maybe she was just teasing me again and had no plans to let me go or worse no plans to let me cum again.

“I’m going to whip your pussy and clit 5 times with the crop. If it makes you cum you are what we call a pain slut. That’s not a bad thing, but in the future it’s good to know. If you don’t cum, I’ll let you use the vibrator of your choice. Deal?”

“Um, I guess,” I replied. “Do I have a choice?”

“Not if you want out of those handcuffs,” she told me.

The first swat was to my pussy. It was hard and the pain was terrible. I screamed. Brittney didn’t seem to care and I realized nobody was going to come to my aid. I started to focus on making myself cum so she would quit hitting me.

“Count with me slut,” Brittney instructed. “One,” I shouted out.

“Good girl,” she replied.

“Two!” I screamed. The second one was on my pussy as well. Pain was shooting through my body. The crop focused the strike. There was no pleasure, beyond the enjoyment Brittney was undoubtedly feeling.

“Three! Please no more. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Really?” Brittney said with a pause. “You know I’m a sub. But maybe Master Peter and Mistress Dasha would train you.”

“Anything,” I begged.

“Four!” another scream and another blow to my pussy. “Please no more!”

I realized none of the strikes were directed toward my clit yet. I couldn’t withstand a strike like that on my clit. I started to cry.

“Five,” I babbled. Brittney started rubbing the crop on my clit. My hips began rolling side to side and my tears became quiet moans as I tried to not let her see what she was doing to me. Of course there was no doubt Brittney knew exactly what she was doing. I’m sure her master and mistress had done something similar to her. Hell, they were probably testing her to see if she had learned anything from her own punishment.

“Please let me cum,” I pleaded hoping her own memories would trigger a sympathetic response. She continued to slowly rub the tip over my clit.

“Have you been punished enough?” Brittney asked although I could tell from her voice she was just teasing and the question was rhetorical.

“Are you ready to start your new life as a cum slut?” she asked and then quickly added “On call to be used by your superiors at a moment’s notice?”

When I didn’t answer right away (I was trying to think of about the implications but the intense nerve pulses coming from the core of my body was making it difficult) she applied more pressure to my clit with the crop, although she didn’t snap it.

“If I strike your clit you will experience a pain like you have never felt before,” she warned me, “but a whore like you will probably get off on it.”

Brittney’s words seemed out of character for her, but they were working wonders on my psyche which I assume was the idea. I also assumed my first submission had been a game so I could experience some of what Brittney and her mom felt, but now I realized it was different. This wasn’t a game and she was really going to make me beg and pledge myself before I’d be allowed to cum. I was desperate to orgasm. I was happy to suck any cock, eat any pussy and offer my pussy and ass to anyone who would make me cum. But this was different. Would Brittney become my mistress? Or was I meant for her owners. Or was I overthinking this and she was just fucking with me? In one last act of defiance I told her I wanted to feel the lash on my clit. I know what you’re thinking. That was stupid. But I had to know if she was right. Was I a pain slut? Would I really get off on being beaten?

Ashley was feeling particularly horny today. After several orgasms in the morning, during her shower, before breakfast and even once while at the kitchen table having her breakfast. She is dressed, prepared to go to work and thinking of what she could do to herself during the drive to the office. All that was on her mind was a long hard cock. Her lover and boyfriend, John, is away on business and how she misses him. Her cunt begins to get wet again just thinking of the night before he left for his two day business trip.

Just one day away, and she is already like this. John had called her last night too. He described in lewd detail what he would do to her when he’s back. She had masturbated over the phone and cum to his voice alone. Such a lover was John. She couldn’t wait till he gets back and fucks her in the ass in front of an audience in some faraway European country.

Oh well … She quickly opens her toy drawer and grabs a mini vibe and a long, slender dildo. The dildo is ribbed and looks rough but it feels great inside as it rubs up against all the right spots. She jumps into her little convertible sports car and off she goes. The purr of the engine brings back thoughts of John. He could fuck her like a machine. Relentless. Tireless. Bringing her to one orgasm after another. Her cunt is now dripping wet, recollecting those experiences with John.

She is used to the heavy traffic on the way to the office. As she was feeling particularly randy today, she was even flirting with some of the good looking men sharing the same traffic situation with her. Then, one particularly large truck pulled up next to her, plodding along slowly in the jam. On the door of this truck was a painting of a lady, nude, but her arms are crossed at her chest and her legs were also crossed, hiding her private parts. She had a sultry look on her face, as if inviting someone to do something to her. Ashley then noticed the truck drivers hand reaching down to slowly rub the tits on the painting. His experienced hands move up and down the painting, touching every part of her “body”, sometimes rubbing in tiny circles and sometimes pinching. Ashley could have sworn she heard a moan. It could have well been the driver.

Ashley touched a button and the roof of her car slides back. She looks up at the truck driver and notices that he is a handsome hunk. She can’t help herself but spread her legs apart and pull her skirt high up, giving him a good view of her clean shaven pussy. She grabbed the dildo and inserts it all the way into her already wet cunt. With that, he signals her to turn off at the next junction. Ashley nods in agreement, not really knowing what she is getting herself into. Already unable to control her sexual urges this morning, she needs a good deep pounding to get her through her day. Quickly texting her colleagues to let them know she’ll be running late, she pulls in behind the truck and follows it off the highway.

After driving for less than a mile, she notices a truck stop with a small motel right beside it. She gasps and closes her legs but the dildo inside just stimulated her even more. She reaches for the vibe and presses it up against her clit, cumming quietly. Her body shudders a little as she tries to park her car. She sets the roof back up, pulls down her skirt and composes herself before exiting the car. The truck driver, handsome hunk that he is, has just opened the door to one of the motel rooms. Does he have a room there permanently? She begins to wonder if she is really ready for this. Her pussy spasms from the aftershocks of her orgasm a few moments earlier and with that, she makes up her mind to follow him into the little motel room.

The room was dark when she walked in but her eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light. It was a cozy room, the ambience was right. She was most amazed at the large mirrors on the walls and ceiling. The floor looked like it was glass but it was too dark to tell. The warm amber lighting got her into the right mood immediately. She felt her body shudder at the thought of what could happen to her in this place. Looking around she noticed there is almost nothing else but a large round bed. The sheets are satin and dark red with large pink pillows thrown here and there.

Ashley looked around once again but could not see the handsome hunk who has just walked in. Perhaps he is in the bathroom. Oh well, she might as well get comfortable on the bed. She unbuttons the top two buttons on her white silk blouse and pulls up her skirt a little. She arranges the pillow in such a way so that when she lays on the bed, it highlights her in the sexiest way. Still a little apprehensive though, she took a sip of water from the glass on the bedside table. Taking a deep breath, she relaxes herself a little. Moving her hands over her firm boobs, she could feel her nipples harden beneath the sheer silky material of her blouse. She had removed her bra when she was in the car. She moans softly as she pulls on her nipples gently, teasing herself, making her pussy wet. Her hand slowly moves under her skirt, lifting the hem and thrusting two fingers into herself. She looks around the room and it is still empty.

She felt a little awkward and thus she laid back and tried to compose herself. She took another sip of the water and relaxes further. She decides to drink all of the water. It seems to relax her somehow. She feels the urge to touch herself again, this time, allowing her hands to wander immediately down between her legs. One hand spreading her cunt lips wide open while another plunges two fingers urgently in. She curls her fingers inside her cunt, rubbing up against her G-spot, pushing her quickly to the brink of orgasm. She rubs harder and faster. Curling and uncurling her fingers with a rapid pumping motion of short strokes, rubbing directly against her G-spot. Her moans of pleasure fills the room. She doesn’t care any longer. It doesn’t matter. She just needs to reach her climax. Frantically, she uses her other hand to rub hard on her clit. Her body convulses, unbridled lust permeates through her entire being. She loses control completely and begins to fuck herself hard. She pushes another finger into her cunt and that drives her over the edge. Her body convulses, jerking and spasming uncontrollably. She had lost count on how many times she climaxed since this morning. It is only 8:45am now and she was supposed to be on her way to the office.

She sent another SMS to the office saying that she would be on her way to meet a client and would probably not come in for the rest of the day. She’s the boss after all. John had helped her start her modelling agency and advertising firm. Her list of clients is short but very profitable and her models have never failed to deliver the best shows in town.

Ashley adjusted herself on the bed. Feeling comfortable, she dozed off into sweet slumber.

She had only slept for a while but she started to wake up, feeling refreshed and also puzzled at the disappearance of the handsome hunk. She had wished for some deep hard fucking from a strong trucker. John would approve. They share an open relationship. As long as everything is disclosed during their stormy love-making sessions, John would always let her have her fill of men. Scientifically speaking, a woman is able to cum almost continuously while men, after climax, would need to rest for at least 20 minutes. How would it be possible for a single man to satisfy a woman then?

As Ashley slowly rose from the bed, she suddenly realized that she could not. There are restraints on her ankles and wrists. She realized that she only has her blouse on. Her silky blouse sticks to her curvaceous body, unbuttoned. The dim lighting somehow accentuates her firm breasts, particularly her hard nipples poking achingly against the blouse. She could feel the air in the room flowing rather strangely. It seems like the air is caressing her. Touching her intimately. Her pussy begins to moisten again and her nipples stand out even more, harder and more sensitive. She can’t seem to get enough of it today. Looking around, she notices that the restraints were connected to chains. The chains are connected to grooves in the floor. The grooves run up the walls and ceilings. She did not notice them earlier probably because of the large mirrors. The grooves seem to frame the mirrors.

She might as well just wait to see what happens next. Before long, she notices a door open. A door concealed behind a mirror. In walks a rather large man. She could not see his features in the dim light but he has a v-shaped frame, most probably with rippling muscles. Ashley fidgets on the bed, trying to contain her excitement. While he continues to stand there, her excitement increases. Lust courses through her body. She tries to touch her breasts or clit but her bonds do not allow it. Her arms and legs are slowly spread wider by the chains, leaving her in a vulnerable and exposed pose. She notices the huge man walking over to her. She can see his handsome face now, smiling down lewdly at her semi-nakedness. Her pussy quivers as his eyes takes in her sexy body in every obscene detail. Ashley quickly looks down, trying to hide her eyes but she glanced at his cock while trying to hide her shyness. What she saw was unbelievable. He has a huge fuck-rod. Almost as thick as her forearm and a good 10 inches long at least. It was standing straight up as he observes her semi-naked form. Her chest heaves as she takes in a deep breath. Her blouse falls aside, leaving her breasts bare. Her nipples are aching hard, yearning to be touched. To be caressed.

This man moves slowly. She quivers with anticipation, closing her eyes as he hovers over her now. He massages her breasts, pushing them together, bringing her nipples close enough to be engulfed by his mouth, both at the same time. He licks on those delicious nipples almost frantically, drawing soft mewls from her honey sweet lips. Her hips move uncontrollably. The pleasurable onslaught on her breasts made her pussy all wet. Soaking with love juices, dripping down to the sheets below, she is getting hotter and hotter. Feeling herself more and more out of control now as she thrusts her chest upwards to his greedily sucking mouth. Her nipples taking in all the pleasure it possibly can. Ashley wants to pinch them hard but the restraints hold her arms apart.

The chains slowly readjust themselves now. Additional straps descend from the ceiling and the large man stands up to wrap those padded straps around various parts of her body. It was a well made machine. WIth a touch of a button, the machine is able to hold her suspended in mid air, in the most open and vulnerable positions. She tries to struggle but it was futile. Right now, she’s in the position akin to a skydiver. Legs spread, bent upwards at the knees. She is looking down to the floor. Her body is flushed with excitement as the chains and straps stop moving, putting her into her final wide-spread position. Her pussy is exposed from behind. Her breasts dangles heavily downwards from her chest, swaying gently.

The man reaches under her to cup both her heaving breasts, feeling their weight in his palm. They are not large but fleshy yet firm, looking absolutely fabulous with or without any clothes on. He gently massages them, eliciting further moans from her. Ashley stretches her legs a little, causing her posterior to be angled a little higher, due to the straps around her body, thigh and upper arms. She feels very comfortable though, almost like floating. Without warning, she feels a long, hot tongue slip wetly into her open vagina. She gasps and screams out in pleasurable delight as the tongue invades her pussy, leaving her breathless to its attack. She looks down and sees a different man now licking her insides, almost able to touch her G-spot. Gosh, he has a long tongue. She rocks herself and starts a slow swinging motion to and fro, allowing the tongue to penetrate her a little deeper each time she swings towards it. The pair of hands on her breasts goes directly to her nipples now, pulling and pinching gently. Tweaking them between thumb and forefinger. She looks down again, trying to get a glimpse of the other man’s cock.

She almost fainted when she saw the size of him. He definitely looks larger than the first guy. With two huge cocks like these, she would surely be split in two when they finally decide to fuck her.

With her pussy well lubricated now, the second guy stands up and lets his cock rub against the moist opening of her excited cunt. She tries to rock backwards to swallow it but he stays just out of range, just allowing his cock to rub up and down her sensitive clit. The enormous tool feels hot to the touch. Her pussy drips even more love juices onto the sheets below. He notices this and uses his cock to scoop up the liquid love, smearing it all over his cock head. Smoother now, more lubricated, he rubs his cock head even harder and more urgently up against her exposed, sensitive clit. She holds her breath in lewd anticipation of his invading cock. She could imagine it impaling itself, grinding itself into her, ripping her apart while pleasuring her to no end. She wants it in her, urgently. She wants to feel the sensations of the long, thick tool fucking her to kingdom come.

She groans out loud in pleasure as his cock begins to work on her tiny, sensitive clitoral bud. She rocks herself backward as much as she can, rubbing up against him harder each time. He then positions his cock slightly higher, allowing the huge head to spread open her pussy lips, letting her feel his girth. Ashley’s eyes were wide open when she realized how big it actually was. The head is almost the size of a tennis ball. She feels it slowly pushing into her, spreading her wider and wider as it inches its way into her moist pussy. She spreads her legs further apart, allowing him more complete access to her love tunnel as he grinds deeper and deeper into her.

Her mouth is open, agape, but there is not a sound from her. She could feel every vein and sinew of his fat shaft filling up her tight pussy. At the angle she is currently suspended in, the large cock rubs directly against her G-spot. With the pleasure so intense, Ashley begins to lose control. Her body trashes about uncontrollably. Shaking, quivering. She squirms and wriggles, trying to swallow the large tool entirely into her hotly quivering cunt. In a sudden, quick move, he grabs her thighs and pulls her towards him as he slams his prick deep into her welcoming cuntal depths. At the exact moment, the other man rubs a vibrator right on her clit. Ashley immediately bursts into a series of uncontrollable orgasms, squirting out around the hard shaft now buried entirely in her cunt. Her body bucks and shakes, trying to break free of the bonds. The man pulls out, almost all the way, then slams deep inside her again. She squirts again, splashing him with sweet cunt honey. Then, he does it again. This time, she screams out in pure lust as her third consecutive orgasm slams hard into her. He suddenly pulls out and away, leaving her to cum and allow the aftershocks of her climax to continuously hit her.

Her pussy yearns to be filled. Yearns for the large cock which has so easily satisfied her with each fucking thrust. Yet, he walks away. Moving to one corner of the room, he stands there just to watch her. Both guys are just observing now. Waiting for the right time to make their move again.

Her arms and legs are shaking as she is slowly lowered onto the bed, face up this time. The straps and bonds manipulate her like a puppet, setting her down gently. She is still jerking uncontrollably from time to time. The aftershocks of her three consecutive orgasms has not completely subsided, causing her to squirt involuntarily again and again. Her hands move to her cunt, covering it, as if shielding herself from more stimulation. She could cum again easily as she is so sensitive. Her mind and her pussy is telling her two completely different things though. She wants to stop but her body is still shuddering from just thinking about being fucked. Pleasure and lust running rampant throughout her young nubile body. Her sexual urges leaping to the forefront as her hands move to caress her inner thighs. She dare not touch her clit directly, not knowing what would happen if she does. She closes her eyes for a moment to revel in the feeling of utter satisfaction. When she opens her eyes again, her body yearns for more.

Since early this morning, she just wants to be fucked. It must have been something she ate or drank as she is never this horny. Her pussy flowing continuously as she reaches down to touch her open cunt lips. She probes gently with a finger, and then two. She curls them up to rub her G-spot. Manipulating herself. Fingering her moist cunt like a bitch in heat, waiting to be fucked. Her pussy juices drips onto the sheets as she now spreads her cunt apart with three fingers.

Then, she suddenly remembers that there are still two men in the room with her. She had been so consumed by her lust and climaxes that she momentarily thought she was alone in the room. She looks around and could see them at the corner of her eye. Her body jerks again, uncontrollable from the waves of lust gently crashing upon her. Ashley licks her lips lewdly as she looks at the two men. They stood still, smiling, with a twinkle in their eyes. She looks down to their torso, at their large extended manhood. They are indeed huge. Almost the size of baseball bats. She yearns to feel them inside her again. After having experienced one of them, she wonders what it would be like to have them both fuck her at the same time. One in her cunt and the other in her tight ass. Her butt clenches and her body quivers at the thought of both the massive pricks invading her at the same time.

Her other hand moves to her butthole, slipping gently inside. She groans at the self-satisfaction she was giving herself. Her fingers probing her cunt and ass at the same time while her mind wanders to those large dicks, imagining that they are fucking her at once. She lifts her ass off the bed and rams another finger into her anus, spreading her ass with them. Her cunt juices keeps the opening well lubricated and she is easily able to get another finger inside to match the number of fingers already in her cunt.

She glances at the two men. She closes her eyes when she noticed them starting to move. She won’t have to wait long.

The two large men in the room slowly moves towards her now. They had let her rest and recover before starting again. One of them removes her blouse completely. Feeling naked and horny, she spreads her legs wide and her hands move to her tits, rubbing and squeezing them together, as if a sacrifice to offer the gods of sex. She closes her eyes as they get closer. She gasps out loud and moans satisfyingly when one of them grabs her knees rather roughly, pushing them back to her chest and instantly rams his large tool deep into her wet, quivering pussy. She is well prepared. Ashley feels like she has indeed become a sacrifice to the overpowering, lustful nature of these well-built men. She grunts her satisfaction as his cock easily thrusts into her and grinds against her G-spot, then burying itself deep into her. Then, he pulls almost all the way out and slowly grinds into her again. In and out again. Ashley is getting well fucked, thoroughly enjoying the stimulation it delivers as each long stroke delves into her deeply.

He is taking his time. Building her climax slowly. Not rushing as she first thought he would when he suddenly slammed into her. The other man is just watching, taking in the lewd, salacious view before him. Watching a sexy, young girl get fucked by his best friend is something he always enjoys. She has no idea what else is in store for her though.

I don’t know why it happened. Maybe it was because it was the Christmas holidays and they always make me a bit lonely. Or maybe because I’ve always had a taste for seducing older men. Or perhaps it was just that I found the man who lived on the sixth floor mysterious and attractive on a visceral level. Whatever the reason, it happened, and I’m glad it did.

I had moved from Paris to New York four years before, taking a job in Midtown and living in a highrise apartment building near Sutton Place. Shortly after I arrived, I fell into a romantic relationship with someone and it became quite intense. In retrospect, I think I fell trop vite et trop forte — too fast and too hard. I was a stranger in a strange land. In any event, we embarked on a weekend love affair — she lived in another city. It was my first serious relationship with another woman.

She was…is…very beautiful. I met her while on vacation in the Caribbean. She was walking on the beach. She was in a string bikini and I had never seen such a gorgeous creature before — beautiful eyes, a lovely smile, a perfect body. We hit it off immediately. She pursued me and I felt so flattered that someone so beautiful would want me so much.

You see, I have always been sexually attracted to men but drawn to women in a more emotional way. Yet the way she affected me, the way she touched me…she took me to places I’d never been. She had a way of getting under my skin, of getting past my inhibitions, and making me feel things that I never felt before.

I remember the first time she kissed me, brushing her full lips softly over mine, her hand softly touching my face, the heat grew deep within my body. And when she first caressed my breasts, her fingers gently brushing my nipples like the softest feather, my heart pounded and my pussy became so very wet. And then, when she licked me, making love to me with her beautiful mouth and tongue … oh mon Dieu … I was so excited I couldn’t stand it. La petite morte with her was as complete, as satisfying, as any I’d ever had. Right now, remembering that first time, lifting my pelvis to her mouth, feeling her tongue in my pussy … I’m getting wet again just thinking of it.

As our relationship grew, I had a kind of sexual renaissance. All I could think about was sex. All the time. When would be the next time I would be with her? When would I feel her tongue between my legs again? When I was at work. In meetings. I couldn’t concentrate. It got to the point that I snuck a vibrator into my office and would actually masturbate during the day. I would create a ruse that I had a project to finish and then I’d shut the door, draw the shades, and put my legs up on my desk and pleasure myself. I’d imagine my lover kneeling under my desk, making love to me with her tongue, licking and sucking me. I ran the vibrator over my clit until I came, playing music on my laptop to keep my moans from being heard outside. Incroyable!

Yet even with these daily dalliances, I couldn’t seem to satisfy my urges. I found myself wanting more. Something was missing. It started to feel incomplete as if only a part of me was being pleasured. And then I realized what it was. I wanted — needed, really — a man’s cock. I needed to take it in my hand. In my mouth. To feel it inside me. No matter how good her tongue was, or how stimulating a vibrator could be, it wasn’t the same. I needed the hot, penetrating hardness of a velvety, throbbing penis. I longed for it. Day and night.

Finally, my lover and I decided to break up. It was hard because I still cared for her. But I was driven by a lust that was always lurking beneath the surface.

That’s when it happened. Shortly before Christmas, I was returning home from work. Snow was on the ground and the store windows brimmed with decorations. Watching the couples bundled up in their overcoats and scarves, walking arm in arm down Fifth Avenue, created a yearning deep inside me.

I had just returned to my building, and was saying hello to the doorman, when I saw him by the mailboxes in the lobby. It was him. The man from the sixth floor.

I had known him casually for more than a year. We had a easy, friendly relationship, just saying hello in passing, but I sensed he was attracted to me. I could feel his eyes on me when we rode the elevator together. I would catch him looking at my body. He was older than me, a professor at the university here, with sensitive, intelligent eyes that seemed to really see me.

Anyway, I saw him by the mailboxes and we started chatting. Just small talk. We were talking about a TV show that we both liked on HBO. He said he had missed the latest episode and I said casually that I had too but had recorded it and that we should watch it together. He said that sounded delightful and we decided to do it that night. When I shut the door to my apartment, my heart was beating like a schoolgirl’s.

I have always been attracted to men who were older than me, and he was just my type. Dark curly hair with dark brown eyes. The thought of seducing him, caressing him, taking him in my mouth, feeling him grow hard …well, it made me dizzy just to think of it. I took a long bath just to calm myself. I tried to put such thoughts out of my mind. But after drying myself I found myself spraying eau de cologne on my breasts and on my pussy. I couldn’t help myself.

When the knock on the door came, I was dressed in a clingy nightgown and heels. It wasn’t a negligee exactly, but it was quite sheer and, yes, it showed off my figure. Oh, I was shameless but I didn’t care. And because I was already excited, I’m mean in a sexual way, my nipples were hard and quite visibly pressing against the fabric.

When I opened the door, he paused and I could feel his eyes linger for a moment on my breasts. I took him by the arm and led him in, my breast pressed against him.

He sat on the couch and I stood before him and asked if he wanted something to drink. The light from the kitchen behind me shone through my nightgown. My legs were slightly apart and my hip was thrust to one side. I could see him studying the outline of my body, the contours of my thighs, beneath the sheer nightie. I let him. I wanted him to. It excited me. I shifted my weight from one leg to the other, slowly moving my hips.

“I have beer, wine, sparkling water. What’s your pleasure?”

He gave me a sly smile.

“That’s a loaded question,” he replied. “What are you having?”

“I planned on opening a Courbissac from Languedoc-Rousillon,” I said with a gesture to the wine case against the wall. “Care to join me?”

“Sounds perfect,” he answered with a smile.

I walked to the armoire on one wall and opened it, removing two crystal wine glasses, and placed them on the coffee table. I could feel his eyes on me. On my body.

“Do you know Languedoc?” I asked. “It’s in the south. On the Mediterranean.”

I then walked to the wine cabinet on the other wall. I knew he was watching my every move and I made every move count. I wondered to myself, is he an ass man, or a breast man?

“It’s one of the major wine regions of France,” I continued. “Very beautiful.”

The cabinet was just a metre high and I bent over to find the wine I wanted. As I did so, I pressed my ass against the sheer fabric of my nightgown giving him a good view.

“Very beautiful,” he echoed.

I turned to him with bottle in hand and caught him eyeing my derriere. Ah, an ass man, I thought to myself. I was enjoying this.

“Is that where you’re from?” he asked with eyebrows raised.

“Non, non,” I replied. “I’m from the north. From Bretagne. Although I lived most of my adult life in Paris.”

I started to open the bottle of wine, twisting the corkscrew, knowing he was watching me like the proverbial hawk.

“This is how we open wine in Bretagne!” I said.

I put the base of the bottle between my legs and leaned towards him. My arms were pressing my breasts together, spilling over the top of my nightgown.

I made a show of wrestling with the cork, putting my whole body into it. I turned from side to side, letting him feast on my breasts. I grunted as I struggle with the cork, biting my bottom lip with my teeth, until it pulled out with a loud pop.

“Voila!” I exclaimed, brushing a shock of auburn hair from my my face. “The world’s most beautiful sound!”

I bent at the waist in front of him to pour the wine. The front of my nightgown was scooped and as I bent forward I could feel it fall open. I pretended not to notice that the top of my breasts were visible to him. I just chatted on about Bretagne, how beautiful it was, and how different life was when I moved to Paris. I poured the wine slowly, carefully, giving him a good, long view.

I could see a bulge forming in his trousers.

When I finished pouring, I sat on the couch next to him and raised my glass.

“Joyeux Noel,” I said as we touched glasses.

“To new friends,” he said, charmingly.

I stole a glimpse at his crouch and I could see that he was clearly getting larger. Perhaps he’s an ass man AND a breast man.

As we spoke of our lives, our experiences, I turned my body to face him. I sat up straight, with my back slightly arched, and my breasts pressed against the sheer fabric. The outline of my nipples were clearly visible. Yes, I was shameless.

You see, I’m rather proud of my body. I’m a former dancer, with a petite figure, and I work hard to stay in shape. While my breasts aren’t very large, they have a nice shape with pink upturned nipples that stand out when I’m excited. They were standing out now.

Oh, I admit that it excited me to flirt with him. Was that so wrong? It had been so long since I had been with a man. And he seemed to enjoy it too. Knowing that I still had it in my power to excite a man, to make his body react with a mere gesture or pose, was such a turn on to me.

When I showed him my ass, and saw the effect it had, it made my heart race. I’ve been told I have a nice ass more than once — it’s my strongest asset, so to speak.

And when I caught him looking at my breasts, yes, that too sent a wave of heat through my body. And when I sat next to him, and could see the outline of his cock, getting bigger, because of me, well then I have to admit it made me very wet. I cannot help it. I am a healthy French woman and I have a good body and a pretty face and this is what we do. C’est tout.

We shared our wine and talked of everything, from literature to art, to politics and our families. I told him about my life in France, and how it felt to be a foreigner living in the U.S. He was a great listener, sensitive and insightful. We enjoyed each other’s company tremendously but there was a sexual tension that ran like an undercurrent throughout our conversation.

We decided to watch the TV show which I had taped earlier. Here, I confess another deception. I had already watched this particular episode. I just wanted to watch this one again — with him. In it, the main female character, an Irish woman living in the U.S., lusts after a man and finally takes him as her lover.

Over the next hour, we sat and watched as the woman character grows increasingly obsessed with the man. The sexual tension built up during the whole episode. His mere physical presence makes her wobbly. His touch sends electricity through her body.

Finally, she asks him to carry her suitcase up to her bedroom. They are alone. The house is empty.

“We will never speak of this again,” she says, matter of factly.

Then, she moves to him. Gives herself to him. They embrace passionately and she lets him push her back onto the bed and remove her clothes. The last shot of the episode is a closeup of her face gasping as his cock fills her.

Watching this again, this woman living far from home, longing to feel a man inside her, taking this near stranger to her bed — all with him sitting right next to me — was just too much. By the time the credits ran, I was completely … totally … wet. My heart was pounding. I had to calm myself.

“More wine?” I asked, my voice tremulous.

“That was quite a climax,” he said as I refilled his glass. “Do you think she enjoyed it? I mean, they cut away before the action really started.”

I let out a small laugh, collecting myself.

“Oh, I’m confident that she was more than satisfied,” I said, filling my own glass. “She had been waiting so long for this. All that pent up desire flooding out at once. All alone, in that empty house.”

I turned to him, my composure restored.

“My guess is,” I said confidently, “she had an orgasm that was positively volcanic.”

I smiled at him seductively. He looked at his glass and nodded.

“Perhaps, though he was moving rather fast,” he said with a glint in his eye. “It may have been just a flash in the pan. We’ll never know what happened after the last fade out, will we?”

I took a sip of wine and imagined how the scene might have played out.

“I like to think that, while he started fast, due to his passion for her, he was wise enough to slow the pace and let her feel every bit of his love. Deep inside her. Touching her very soul.”

There was a pause as he looked at me, intently. We were crossing some sort of unspoken boundary.

“Is that how you would have liked it?” he replied in a low voice. “If the scene continued, I mean. Slow and … deep?”

“Ummm, oui … yes,” I said, feeling that heat again between my legs. “Slow … Deep … Intimate.”

I slowly licked the rim of my wine glass and turned to him. “And you? How would you have liked it to continue?”

He thought about it for a moment.

“I would hope he would have covered her body with kisses. Leaving no part unexplored. With his lips. And his tongue.”

I smiled knowingly.

“Go on.”

“And … I hope he would have had the courtesy to bring her orgasm several times that way. With his head nestled between her legs.”

I shifted a bit in my seat. My heart was beating fast again.

“Is that right?”

“Of course, she might have other ideas,” he replied with a smile. “What ideas might she have?”

I smiled and thought a moment. Then I spoke in a slow whisper, my eyes closed, as if in a trance.

“I think … she would have liked … to wrap her lips … around him … and to feel him … growing … growing … harder and harder … inside her mouth.”

I opened my eyes and he was staring at my mouth. I licked my lips and continued. My hand found his leg and gently stroked his inner thigh.

“I think she would use her tongue,” I whispered. “To please him … to tickle him … to make him hard.”

My hand found his cock, and started to rub it slowly through his trousers. He let out a grunt.

“May I show you what I mean,” I cooed.

“Yes,” he whispered.

I knelt on the floor in front of him, facing him on the couch. I began to unfasten his pants.

“She would want to take it slow, to make it last. She had wanted his cock for so long that she’d want to savor it.”

I released his cock from his pants and began to stroke it, slowly. My eyes were fixed on his. It felt so glorious to have a cock in my hands again.

“And then … she would stroke him … slowly … making him bigger … harder.”

I made my thumb and forefinger into a pussy shape and slid it over the tip and slowly down the shaft, one hand and then the other. He leaned back and moaned loudly. His cock was fully erect now. His chest heaved.

“And she would long to taste him … to lick him … to feel that soft hardness … beneath her tongue.”

I trained my eyes on his and glided my broad, soft tongue along the length of his shaft, swirling around the tip and tasting the precum that gathered there.

“And as their desire grew … they would want more … they would find themselves … in an embrace … soixante-neuf … head to foot … mouth on pussy … mouth on cock … and he would pump his cock into her mouth … as if it were her pussy … sliding in and out … and she would love it so much. And she would press her pussy against his face … his tongue and lips caressing her clitoris. Pure, unadulterated, pleasure.”

Slowly, I stuck out my tongue and licked from the base of his cock to the tip. He leaned back, moaning.

“Only then would he put his beautiful hard cock against her hot, wet pussy. She would want him … need him .. to fill her up .. to make her come.”

I moistened my lips with my tongue and puckered them. Full, wet, fleshy lips hovering over the tip of his cock.

“Slowly … gently … he would push the tip against the lips of her pussy … so wet … so ready.”

I pressed my puckered lips, shaped like an pussy, against the swollen tip. And pulled away.

“And he is so turned on … his cock is so hard … and swollen … the tip spreads her lips as he enters her.”

Again, I pressed my lips against the tip and let it pop into my mouth, making my lips tight against the warm, velvety skin. My tongue slid over the head with a flourish. I felt his body shudder. Again, I released him from my mouth.

“Her pussy is small and tight … so the tip spreads her lips … and makes her gasp.”

I pushed my lips against the tip again and this time slid halfway down the shaft. I released him with a smack.

“He wants her so … he pushes himself inside her … filling her. She cries out … it feels so good.

I took his cock deep into my mouth and throat, sliding up and down the velvety shaft. I squeezed my lips around the head and slowly released it with a smack.

I raised myself up until my lips met his.

“I want to do all that,” he whispered. “With you. Right now.”

As if in a trance, he stood and pulled me up from my kneeling position. We walked into the bedroom and he kicked off his shoes as I unbuttoned his shirt. I pulled off his trousers and underwear and let them drop to the floor. His erect cock stood out, glistening.

I was so full of desire my legs were trembling. Not just from our foreplay, but from the knowledge that I was about to make love to a man the perfect size for me.

A quick explanation before I continue my story. You see, in reality I am quite petite and I cannot lay with just any man. If the man is too big, it isn’t pleasurable for me. I prefer a man who is small to average size. A man who is big, I must say no. I will give fellatio but no more. But a small man feels wonderful for my tight pussy. And an average man? Well, let’s just say that an average sized cock feels like a huge cock to me, ok? Like a porn star would to another woman. It spreads me and fills me and makes me cry out until I come over and over again.

I lay him down on the bed and did a strip for him. First one shoulder, then the other. I cupped my breasts in my hands, hiding them, rubbing the nipples. I let my nightgown fall to the floor. I turned and showed him my dancer’s body. I stuck out my ass which he seemed to like so much. Then I slowly got on the foot of the bed on my knees, my knees spread, and lifted my hands to my hair. I could see him staring at my breasts, devouring them with his eyes, and at my pussy, shaved and already dripping wet. I let my fingers drift down to my shoulders and arms until they found my breasts and I caressed them and played with the nipples. I was so turned on, they were hard and erect, ready to be touched and sucked. Slowly, I moved my hands downward, to my hips and stomach, until my fingers found my pussy. I slowly slid my index finger along the wet slit and then brought it to my mouth, tasting my own desire.

I saw his throbbing cock rise and fall as it lay against his stomach.

“Do you like my body? Do I turn you on?” I purred.

“God, yes” he answered.

“Then show me,” I purred again. “Touch yourself.”

He hesitated for a moment.

“I want to watch you touch yourself. It makes me so hot. Touch yourself while I touch myself.”

By my own estimation, I was a bit of a slut in college. I dated a few women seriously but I wasn’t averse to waking up next to a naked stranger and asking her name. Some hot times were had, you can be sure of that. Still, I don’t think the collected stories of all my other college sex partners can compare to the tales I could tell about one woman – Gina. I dated Gina for almost two years, easily the longest relationship I had in my five years of school.

Gina was two years my junior and she was a lovely sight. She was gorgeous; simply stunning. She had a huge smile, her lips seeming insufficient to hold back the big gleaming white teeth behind them. Her hair was medium-long and dark, thick and wavy, soft and smelling of tea roses. She had full young breasts that hung heavy in her blouse, shapely legs she liked to show off, and a wonderful hourglass figure. Her hips were a touch wide but that just made her deliciously voluptuous. It made her luxurious. She was sexy in an intriguing mix of womanly body and girlish charm.

She was a lusty wench, too. Her enthusiasm was nearly boundless and almost anything suggested to her would eventually come to pass. She would act horrified at first but given some time to think about it she invariably became more and more excited by the idea. Her imagination, however, was somewhat stunted and she didn’t know how to release her fantasies. Well, at first. She learned.

After a while our sexual relationship became a little stale as we reached a point were we were too afraid or too insecure to push each other or really ask for what we wanted. We decided to try something we called being “in charge,” which was a date where one of us was to follow the other’s commands without fear of hurt feelings or unfulfilled desires. I don’t think it was really a dominance and submission thing, at least not at first, just a more one-way affair where one person got to be the center of attention for the night.

I went first to get the ball rolling, and that night was fairly successful. We didn’t do anything shocking or revolutionary, but it gave us both a certain comfort level to be a little bit selfish and really express what we wanted. It gave Gina all kinds of ideas for her first night to be in charge. We set that up for a Wednesday night since I had no classes on Thursdays and her first class didn’t start until 2:30. I lived alone in a rare single room in the dormitories so it was my place or no place. She came over after dinner.

She knocked on the door near sundown and I answered it quickly. Gina’s wide, glorious smile engulfed me and lit a fire in my heart just like it always did. She was dolled up in a short skirt that showed off her legs and a red blouse that hung open a little more than necessary to display her generous cleavage. She knew she was devastatingly pretty and she wanted to hammer it into my skull that I was one lucky bastard. I certainly knew it.

She sauntered straight into the room and took a seat in the dorm-provided “comfy chair,” crossing her legs and assuming a commanding air. Without a word spoken I could tell she was really into the spirit of the evening. I was at least as excited as she was. I closed and locked the door and approached my queen.

“How may I serve you tonight?”

“I have a list!!” she proclaimed, actually pulling a small stack of note cards from her bra and making a bit of a show out of it. My adrenaline surged a bit as her fingers dipped in there, but I had to be patient.

“May I see it?” I asked. Her mischievous grin answered me before her voice did.

“Oh, no. That would be telling.”

“I see. Then I reiterate; how may I serve you tonight?”

She reached into her purse and pulled out a CD. “Start it on track 4.”

“As you wish.” I popped the CD in and set it up, then punched play. In a moment a slow, sexy blues groove filled the room.

“Now I’ll give you your first command,” she said, holding out one of the note cards with an impish grin on her pretty face. I took the card and read it.

strip teasE

Aw, fuck! I think I would have preferred it if she had whipped out a dildo and wanted to stick it in my ass. Look, I think I’m a bit of a big shot in the sack, and generally in life I’m a confident man, but I hate dancing. I talk a good game and I think I’m a fairly smooth operator, but I’m clumsy as fuck and I can’t dance to save my life. I fear nothing, but in that moment I was flat out terrified. I almost didn’t notice the odd capitalization on the 3×5 card.


“Dance for me, bitch!”

I’ll try not to horrify you with the precise details as I’m sure I failed miserably at most of the things I tried. You go ahead and imagine a Chippendale’s dancer doing his best as you read this and I’ll try to keep it brief.

I reminded myself that my girl was worth it, closed my eyes and started moving my hips to the music. I turned around and wiggled my butt in her face a little and she rewarded me with a swat on the ass. A bit more swaying to the sultry blues beat and I started taking off my shirt. Thank God I was in shape back then so my torso and chest were nice to look at. My shirt came off and I tossed it to her. She twirled it over her head and cheered like a drunk trucker in a titty bar.

I think I managed to make the belt somewhat sexy at least. I popped the buckle and pulled out a few inches of leather, then held it in my hand as if it were my dick. I moved in close to her and offered her the belt, which she took. She gave it a tug and I held tight, acting as if she were pulling on my cock and making an appropriate face of feigned ecstasy. She rightfully laughed at that but I did my best to push on through this heinous act. I moved away and let go of the belt and she pulled it through the belt loops and off.

I popped the button and tried to gyrate suggestively as I slowly pulled the zipper down, trying to make it as loud as possible. The wide, amused smile that had not left her face since this whole debacle started finally showed the slightest wisp of lust as my pants opened. She reached out but I moved back out of range. I turned around and swayed my hips in front of her as I pushed the blue jeans off my ass so she could see my boxers. Sorry — tiny G-string, for those of you still imagining the Chippendales dancer.

About this time I regretted leaving my belt in her hands. A sharp crack of leather on my backside pulled a curse out of me and ruined any kind of rhythm I might have had, but judging by the howl of laughter from Gina she thought it was worth it. I turned with a touch of anger in my eye but it’s hard to reach a position of righteous indignation with your pants around your knees. I kicked the strip tease into high gear and lost the shoes, then pulled the jeans and socks off together leaving me in my underwear and damn near the end of the first item on her list.

Being the trooper I am I did my best to at least finish on a high note. I pulled my BVDs down my hips, moving the hem lower and lower as I slowly approached her. I worked it down to the base of my cock and just a little further, showing her the first glimpse of myself. I moved in as close as I could and tried to strike a pose, arms up and flexed, chest stuck out and torso slowly swaying to the music while shoving my pelvis at her. Again, she took the hint quickly and reached up to pull the hem slowly down until it barely held the head of my dick down. Now the twinkle of amusement in her eye was definitely turning to lust, and that suited me just fine.

She ran a finger up and down the shaft a few times, a feather-light touch that made me shudder in anticipation.

“Don’t quit your day job,” she gently chided, referring to my dance. I was just glad to be done with it and was hoping her next task had something to do with me fucking the hell out of her. Of course she made me wait for that, but not before getting my hopes up by yanking my underwear down and setting my master monster free. I stepped back and kicked them all the way off and stood before her completely naked. I did enjoy the look in her eyes as she ogled me.

“What’s next?” I asked. She picked up her cards and sorted through them, raising an eyebrow theatrically.

“I think you’ll like this one.” I took the card.

Come in my mouth

“Seriously? You want me to stand here,” I picked up my cock and moved in close to her, invading her personal space and giving her a very intimate view, “and put my cock in your mouth?”

“That’s not what it says. You are on your own, stud. I won’t help you get there. I’ll just take care of the end result.”

“Right. So, you just want to watch me jerk off?” I wrapped my slowly thickening rod in my fist and began tugging gently, trying to make it a good show for her.

“Exactly,” she said sweetly, her lovely eyes beaming up at me. “Now get to it. I want a snack.”

“The least you can do is take your tits out so I’ve got some encouragement.” She considered that for a moment.

“I don’t know. That’s not on the card. Besides, don’t I get you horny enough just sitting here?” She leaned back in the chair and struck a pose of her own, legs crossed and showing a fair amount of thigh in her medium-short skirt, blouse open enough to allow easy view of her ample cleavage, and of course her amazing high-beam smile that could just about make me hard all by itself.

“Baby you know you are hot as Hell, but just sitting there like that you could be at your parent’s dinner table. You have to give me something. Something sexy. Either set them free or talk dirty to me.”

“Ooh, I like that!” She leaned forward and put her face near my slowly moving hand, almost using my prick as a microphone while I jerked off.

“I love the taste of your cum. Did you know that? And did you know I’ve never tasted another man’s cum?” I instantly forgave her the mention of ‘other men’ due to context. “In fact this big, hot cock is the only one to ever pass my lips.” She opened wide and almost let me in, licking her lips with a slow, lurid tongue. If I had lunged I could have easily smeared her lipstick a bit, but I was patient.

“I gave plenty of hand jobs before you, and every guy’s little prick would spit up this nasty, slippery goo and I couldn’t wait to wipe it off my hands. But then I met you. Mmmm, baby you have no idea how bad I wanted your cock in my mouth from the moment I met you. One look at you and I knew I was through with all those little boys. The first night we made out and you took your shirt off I could smell you.” She took a long, slow whiff of me and smiled. “Mmmmm…you smell like sex. And I just wanted my tongue all over you.” Again her tongue slipped out and flirted with the end of my rigid cock. I was good and stiff at that point and I was slowly increasing my pace, caught between racing for the orgasm and wanting to keep it slow to hear what she had to say.

“And when I saw your dick for the first time…oh, you just don’t know how hot that was. That long, thick, meaty cock was all for me, and I wanted it. Bad. Remember how I used to say I thought it would be gross? How I would never, ever in a million years let a penis in my mouth? I was lying. I knew it would be amazing, but I was afraid I’d like it too much. I wanted it so bad it scared me. I wanted to feel it, to smell it, to lick it, to take it in my mouth and suck on it, and most of all I wanted it to come on me, in me, all over my mouth and tits and everywhere. I wanted to be covered in it, drenched and dripping on my knees in front of you.”

Her delivery was flawless, slow and dusky. Her large, dark eyes moving from my cock to my face and back again, her suggestive mouth so close but not touching, her warm moist breath on my skin, and the husky, sexy tone of her voice all conspired to make it a hell of a time.

“Remember the first time I took you in my mouth?” I’d surely never forget it. “The night before I had a dream about it. I dreamed I was on my knees and you stood above me. You were all in shadow, except for your cock. It was bright and beautiful and terrible and sexy and scary all at once. You took my head in your hands and pushed it down my throat and I was helpless. You just flowed into me and filled me up. When I woke up I had to masturbate immediately I was so horny. But I knew I had to suck your cock that day.”

She turned her face and gently brushed her cheek against the head of my cock. I left a little trail of wetness on her flesh. She wiped it off with a finger and considered the little smear of pre-cum.

“But when you came in my mouth the first time and I tasted you…mmmmmm.” She licked her finger lewdly. “Did you know I came at the same time? No? Well, you were a little preoccupied at the time. But I did. When that fat cock erupted and filled my mouth with its hot, sticky cream I lost it. I wasn’t even trying to come but I did. That’s how much I love your cock, baby.”

Jesus Christ what an actress! I was jacking off quickly and I could feel that I was getting close. I grabbed a post of my loft to steady myself and I raced for the finish line.

“Cum for me, baby. Fill me up. Fill my mouth with that hot, nasty cum.” She turned up the heat and her tone became needy as she begged and pleaded for my orgasm like she was in a porno. I couldn’t wait to oblige. “Come on, baby! I want to taste it, I want it all over my tongue and on my lips, I want it all baby! Come on, give it to me baby, cum in my mouth, cum for me! Cum in my mouth! Fill me up baby, I need it sooooo bad!”

The moment finally arrived and I leaned in close, aiming my cock at her wide open mouth. I put the end of my dick on her tongue and barely managed to keep myself steady as the first contraction launched a shot of semen into her face. I wanted so badly to drive down her throat and come properly but I had to follow her rules, damn it! A second spasm sent more cum into her mouth, and a third and fourth added to the growing slurry of spit and sperm. The gouts turned to spurts, and the spurts to dribbles, and as I squeezed out the last few drops she closed her lips around the head, quickly whisking them away.

I took a half step back and watched as she gave me a show, opening her mouth again and showing me the pool of milky fluid coating her tongue. She closed her mouth and swallowed with a serene, sexy look on her face as she did so.

“Mmmm…that was nice,” she said, licking her lips dramatically.

“I love the way you talk, girl. Hell, I love the way you do everything. I can’t wait for my next instructions.”

“Good.” She pulled out another card.

Undress me

“Easy enough.” I held out my hand and she stood gracefully, her perfect smile beaming at me. I unbuttoned her blouse, nearly desperate to see her heavy breasts. I hadn’t really been a tit man before Gina, but her perfectly plump breasts were pure heaven. They were just heavy enough to be ‘big’ without going too far, and at the age of 19 they were young enough that gravity hadn’t done its damage yet. The blouse dropped to the floor and the front clasping bra followed it quickly. Her lovely ladies were pale and smooth, full and round, perfumed and perfect, and as I went after one with my tongue she pushed me away.

“Follow our instructions, please.” She was deliriously pleased to put me in my place. She was enjoying obviously enjoying power of being in charge.

“Yes, my love,” I whispered, dropping to my knees to help her out of her skirt. I pulled down the zipper and peeled it down off her hips, revealing only lacy back panties. Those soon joined the rest of her clothes in a pile and she stood there above me, gloriously nude. I stayed on my knees because I figured she would like it. I think I was right.

Hands on hips, legs akimbo, she looked down at me and smiled.

“Oh, I like you this way. I might have to rearrange my cards now.” She leaned over to the cards on the desk and picked them up, then rifled through them. I could see the gears turning behind her deep brown eyes but she decided to keep her original schedule. She handed me another card.

Kindle my flames

Ah, the meat and potatoes. Let me tell you about Gina; she loves foreplay. LOVES it. I tell the hot stories of our latter period but for the first six months or so I got no more than a hand job from this girl while putting in marathon sessions of heavy petting, kissing, licking, nibbling and manual stimulation. I got to third base on the first date and stayed there for half a year.

Now I didn’t mind the slow approach on Gina. I enjoyed playing her skin like a piano and she was incredibly responsive to my touch. You always knew where you stood with Gina, and if you had one of her many erogenous zones under our finger or tongue she’d let you hear about it. While she encouraged me, I just plain enjoyed touching the girl. Her skin was smooth and pale, her breasts heavy and round, her waist narrow and high, and her ass was full and curvy. A slow tour around Gina was a nice time indeed.

As we progressed in our sex life the foreplay receded a bit. Gina was always so eager to race up to her limit, and once her limit was a bit higher we had plenty of options. But that evening was all about her whims and it looked like she wanted a slow burn. No problem. That would give me time to recuperate.

It started with a backrub. She went face down on the giant pillow I used as a lounge chair and I straddled her butt. Good thing I had just cum, otherwise I would have wanted to plunder that ass immediately. But my lust had been sated for the moment so I took it slow and gentle, running my hands over her back, sides, shoulders, neck and arms, running my fingers through her hair, and generally making nice to her with my hands.

Then I got off her butt and gave a similar treatment to her legs, rubbing her ass, thighs and calves, massaging her feet, and finally dealing with her toes. I slithered my tongue between her toes, gently suckling on the pink painted piggies one by one. She cooed softly while I worked. Neither of us had any particular foot fetish but she enjoyed attention to just about every square inch of her body so I figured I might as well be comprehensive.

I moved the tongue bath steadily northward, licking and nipping at her ankles, calves, and thighs. I skirted her nethers because I knew it was too soon to let my tongue loose down there. Up her back, her sides, and up to her neck I nibbled and nipped while she purred her happiness. Once I got up to her ear lobe she spoke.

“Now the other side.” I got up and let her roll over, and she raised her foot into the air with a giant grin on her face.

I started back at the toes, again licking, nibbling, suckling and nipping at her. Calves, thighs, a quick trip past her wispy brown bush, and on to the navel I went. Naturally I spent a great deal of time on her luscious breasts.

Gina’s breasts were easily the best I had ever had the pleasure to handle. They were full and heavy but she was young enough that time and gravity hadn’t done her any damage. They weren’t so big as to be floppy and cumbersome but they were the perfect compliment to her womanly hips. Her nipples were dark and medium sized and they stiffened up at the drop of a hat. Her areolas were smallish and sensitive, and like most areas on Gina they reacted very well to gentle stimulation, and even better when things got more energetic.

I ran my tongue underneath their bulk, around their circumference, in between them up and down her cleavage, and then spiraled in to her nipple. I flirted with the edges of the areola first, not touching the nipple at all. My hot breath flowed over her buds and she started to squirm. I continued my teasing and she squirmed more, soon trying to force her tit into my tongue. Still I teased her, putting my hands on her shoulders and pinning her down while I changed my tactics.

I started drawing lines on her tit with my tongue, starting far away from the nipple and moving in, always stopping just short of her needy hot button. If my tongue had been a paint brush her breast would have looked like a sunburst.

The afternoon sun cast the big Harley’s shadow across the simmering asphalt. Not a breath of wind rustled the gnarled mesquites and thirsty creosotes dotting the low hills. A few cottony clouds drifting above the distant mountains spoiled an otherwise ocean blue sky, but their presence heralded the coming desert monsoon that would break the June inferno.

The bike’s pillion creaked as Claudia leaned back with her left boot planted on the parched ground and her right leg extended with her heel propped irreverently on the handlebars. She eyed her ex-Marine boyfriend David and rubbed her tattoo. Yesterday, the eyes of the black Celtic dragon entwined around her upper left arm had gained a hint of red ink, lending the beast a surly glare. On the night Claudia had summoned the courage to reveal the tattoo to David’s friends, none of their tequila-soaked brains could see the dragon in the ornate design, but everyone could see a snake.

The name stuck, so pretty Veterans Administration nurse Claudia became biker chick Snake whenever she wrapped her legs around her lover’s Harley Softail.

And now Snake chewed the tip of her braid, watching David relieve himself in a way that any woman accustomed to the veneer of civilization would envy. He’d turned his back, not that Snake gave a damn, while he target practiced on a conical mound of fine red dirt. Of all the roadside ant hills between Tombstone and the Chiricahua mountains, why this one? Snake stifled a laugh. It was like watching a little boy aim a toy gun.

“Sun’s about down,” David called over his shoulder.

“Happens every day,” Snake said with a yawn. “So?”

“Good time to lose that shirt.” It was the most words that David, laconic on the best of days, had strung together in hours.

Snake considered whether she’d heard a command veiled as a suggestion or a suggestion veiled as a command. Riding bare-breasted was nothing new; her first time had been on a dare David had suckered her into. She’d sat numb with her guts twisted into a Gordian knot as David exposed then lovingly kissed her. David’s sure command of the bike and his strong back like a castle wall between her and the world had, in a few miles, cut through the knot. The experience had been liberating in a tingly kind of way, but only with David sure to enforce look but don’t touch. Now, on rare occasions, she’d show off just for the hell of it.

But not today.

“I think I’ll keep it on,” Snake said, again yawning and making a show of smoothing her shirt across her chest. She saw no use in spoiling the man. And besides, they were at war in a manner of speaking.

The low-intensity sex skirmish had erupted the moment David had roared up to Snake’s condo this morning. There was no particular cause. Maybe it was the heat, or that she was about to get her period, or he’d had a tough week. Some invisible demon had caused daggers to glint in their first contact. The hello kiss had been curt and icy hot: his hands hard on her body, her teeth sharp on his lip. From that moment, the day had been thrust and parry, tease and counter-tease, with each look and each touch burning their carnal fuse shorter and shorter. There was only one way it could end.

“Lose it,” David said.


David hitched up his jeans and strode to the bike, a roll of his shoulders making the vertebrae in his neck crack so loud that Snake winced. Then he was on her, one hand clamped under her chin and the other scooped under her outstretched thigh, dragging Snake half off the bike. Her arms flailed then caught around his neck as David’s lips claimed hers in a rough kiss. Pressure to her throat opened Snake’s teeth to his tongue.

Snake countered David’s kiss with her own violence as electric currents stiffened her nipples before spiraling downward to go to ground in a clenching sizzle between her legs. Just as she was working out the logistics of getting bent over the bike—the hot exhausts frightened the hell out of her—David rudely planted her back on its seat.

He grabbed her shirt, his eyes bottomless pools behind his dark glasses. “Want it ripped off?”

The threat puckered Snake’s nipples tight to the threshold of pain, but she hadn’t packed a spare shirt, just extra panties and a pair of tattered cutoff jeans proven to transform the man into a mad-wolf rapist should the mood strike her. Flexing her best school girl pout, Snake skinned off her black tee and stuffed it in a saddle bag.

She wiggled her shoulders. “Wanna cop a feel?” Her breasts weren’t designed for a burlesque shimmy, but it was the thought that counted. David ignored the taunt and mounted the bike.

The big Harley coughed to life, then chewed into the road with David jamming through the gears like he was kicking a lazy dog. The desert blurred past as they chased the setting sun. Snake didn’t give a damn about their destination so long as the ride ended with David’s cock lodged between her legs.

She slipped her hands under David’s shirt to play with his muscles. His skin was hot and grainy from evaporated sweat and she craved a long taste. Instinctively she traced the long scar curving from beneath his left arm to his shoulder.

Go to hell Afghanistan.

Then Snake cut f-u-c-k-m-e down David’s spine with her fingernail.

The sun was melting into the horizon when David leaned the bike off the road and into the dusty lot of an ancient motel. Maybe Snake recognized the place, maybe she didn’t. Two roads coming from nowhere and going to nowhere mated in the desert. And before Eisenhower built the interstates, someone put up a garage, then the motel, and finally a grease sump that passed for a diner. It hadn’t occurred to anyone since to crack open a can of paint or haul away the extinct cars.

David cut the engine. “Watch the bike.”

“Sure, babe,” Snake said, glancing around the near empty parking lot before folding her arms across her chest.

The old lady anchored to the TV behind the motel desk didn’t give Snake’s exhibition a second look. All she saw was a fistful of cash and one less empty room. Life was good.

David tossed a cracked key fob to Snake and idled the bike across the blistered gravel to room eleven. Snake climbed off, stretched, and unlocked the door. From the looks of it, most guests didn’t bother with the key and knob. She pushed open the door and basked in an enveloping bath of cool moist air; her nipples saluted the whirring swamp cooler.


“Come on, Snake,” snapped David. “Move your lazy ass.”

A hard boot slammed into her rear, launching Snake through the doorway and across the worn carpet. Saddle bags flew past as she tumbled head first across the bed, her momentum slamming it against the wall with a thump.

“Goddammit,” yelled Snake, spinning into a jungle crouch and ready for the rumble that had been coming on all day.

David kicked the door closed, showed his teeth, and advanced, methodically working open the buttons of his fly and digging his hard cock out of his boxers. Body language told Snake they were about to have a panty drenching disagreement over which of her holes to stick it in.

“Fuck me,” said Snake, tearing into her jeans.

“Suck me.” David gripped his cock like the hilt of a sword.

“Make me.”

Foreplay isn’t always cuddles and kisses. A catch-me-if-you-can thrill pulsed through Snake’s limbs. The magnificent instrument of coital delight targeting her mouth belonged in her pussy, and she did not intend put it anywhere else without a fight.

Yet her tactical situation was hopeless: a confined space with a former Marine intent on a blow job. She could run, but on the nil probability she did get out the door, then what? David would simply lock the door, she’d be alone and half naked in public, and God only knew what depraved bargain she’d make to get the door open. Better to make a stand.

Maybe on her feet she could distract him, wrap him up with her body, get his brain pointed between her legs. Delusional thinking at this stage in the game, to be sure, but she had nothing else. Snake feinted right, then dove left hoping to spring to her feet. Instead the room cartwheeled as she found herself flipped flat on her back, yelping like a whipped pup as David wound her long braid around his fist.

Punches and kicks bounced impotently off tempered male muscle. Coherent resistance drained away as David cinched Snake’s braid drum skin tight. He knew her weaknesses.

Prey in hand, David dragged a cursing Snake off the bed, rotating her to her knees until she was eye-level to his cock. A silvery stalactite spun downward from its tip to kiss her cheek. Checkmate.

Snake glared at a condescending alpha male smirk through a haze of lust. Sometimes the only thing better than winning is losing. Her eyes dropped to his cock and, in spite of herself, she wet her lips.

“Magic word?” said David, his fist wrenched her braid tighter.

You beautiful bastard. “Please.”

Submission earned enough freedom to shuck open David’s jeans. Snake placed delicate kisses on his smooth, taut ball sac, rolled her face in its leathery scent, and initiated a worshipful flirtation with his cock.

Only after generously lubricating his shaft with licks and sloppy kisses did Snake swallow him deep, throwing in bedroom eyes for effect. His length was average, but his girth demanded concentration. Once she had fitted his cock in her mouth, Snake sucked him at a leisurely clip, plotting to bleed off enough tension to get him on the bed and fucking her. But his fist remained tight in her hair, and growing impatient, he asserted control, running Snake up to a rapid pace that churned saliva out of her mouth because she couldn’t snatch a moment to swallow. Drool smeared her breasts and dripped down her belly as she struggled to keep up. Rough play was nothing new, and her reward for torquing David’s spring through the day was the kinky thrill of him extracting selfish pleasure from her body.

OK Marine, but your next hard-on better last all night.

Suddenly Snake was gasping open-mouthed like a fish out of water, glistening threads of spittle swinging between her lips and his angry cock, the interruption punctuated by a deep, precarious exhalation from David, his head thrown back, eyes fixated on the dingy ceiling as he fought for control. The moment passed, and, ejaculation averted, David plunged his cock back into her mouth. This round he opted for slower, deeper penetration, gauging her expression as he sank his cock balls deep in her throat, casually probing for her gag reflex. Snake, giving up nothing, refused to avert her eyes from his as her throat spasmed; salt from her tears seasoned his cock.

The slut in Snake reveled in the face-fuck debauchery, but the bitch in her, with a hungry pussy smoldering like a fissure of molten lava, balked.

Now I’m being fucked with. Enough.

Snake launched her counterattack with a long, submissive whimper, burying her nose in David’s pubic curls and jamming fingers into her panties as if her gratification couldn’t wait. The deception worked. David’s face relaxed into a smile as he abandoned his game of deep throat chicken to synchronize his thrusts to her faux masturbation. Snake played him along, sucking and mewling, until David’s brain was tucked back inside his balls.

Keep me on my knees, will you?

Snake knew her man. A lightening sharp rake of her teeth along the underside of David’s shaft obliterated his concentration and triggered a shower of obscene names. Snake smiled around his surging cock, sheathed her fangs, and pulled up to aim.

“On my breasts, babe.” No way was she giving him her face. Not after this.

David’s hands closed vice-like around Snake’s head as he rammed his cock into her mouth and thrust with abandon.

What the fuck? He’s gonna come in my mouth? Panic gorged in Snake’s throat. A second surge of adrenalin raised hot prickles over her body, but this time her instincts screamed to flee, not fight.

Theirs was a primal, cock-in-pussy sex life in which quarter was neither given nor expected. Fellatio and cunnilingus were a means rather than an end. Notwithstanding Snake’s occasional craving to inflict a porn star blow job, or their random over-and-under oral battles for supremacy, David’s ejaculations predominantly occurred where nature intended. Taking his cum anywhere but her mouth was fine and dandy. Since he’d never deliberately targeted her mouth, Snake had played the artful dodger—to her face, to her breasts, over her shoulder—concealing her squick on those occasions her mouth was in range when David unloaded.

She looked upward seeking mercy, but like Michelangelo’s David, her David’s face too was frozen in an implacably serene frown. His intent unmistakeable, her fate sealed, Snake clenched shut her eyes and dug her fingers into his thighs as he groaned, the head of his raging cock braking to a stop behind her teeth.

Lord, for what I am about to receive …

Bitch Seat Rider Rule Number Three would be tested for the first time.

Bitch Seat Rider Rule Number Three? Snake swallows.

The Bitch Seat Rider Rules existed only in Claudia’s/Snake’s head. No one else, not even David, knew or would ever know they existed. The rules governed Claudia’s transformation into Snake whenever the big Harley came prowling under her window. The rules were a détente, a truce between Claudia’s real world sexual decorum and Snake’s proclivity for sexual hedonism. Some were moral limits demanded by Claudia; some were pornographic liberties demanded by Snake; and a few, like number three, belonged in the what-the-fuck-was-I-thinking category.

The third rule was stolen from kinky fantasies lurking deep in Claudia’s mind about being made to do very bad things she didn’t want to do, and being coerced to swallow her lover’s semen was a snooze button favorite. Claudia couldn’t fathom the actual feat, and inside her fantasy locker it would have stayed. But where Claudia drew a bright line between fantasy and reality, Snake trotted along behind with an eraser, and, as Claudia’s ever impulsive doppelgänger, had snatched the dirty secret and christened it a Bitch Seat Rider Rule.

Why oh why oh why? Because of days like today.

The Rules disallowed any accommodation for circumstance. Snake would swallow David’s cum, and there was nothing she could do about it, because once a rule was born, it could never be amended.

Bitch Seat Rider Rules are forever.

And forever seemed to be the persistence of David’s orgasm. Snake knew his pattern: first a tentative splat, then two cervix-battering blasts (maybe three if she’d been exceptionally naughty) trailing off into diminishing shots as his magazine emptied. But having her mouth wrapped around David’s spewing cock distorted Snake’s sense of time, because his cum squirts raced across her tongue with all the speed of winter molasses.

So keenly was Snake fixated on the flood besieging her mouth that she didn’t notice David’s cock had ceased fire. With each breath his cum seemingly expanded until every nook and cranny in her skull bulged as if she were holding a brimming cup of loose warm yogurt, vaguely acrid and salty, in her mouth. The taste was bearable; the texture fucked with her brain. Rationalizations for spitting danced like sugar plums through her thoughts only to shatter against the Bitch Seat Rider Rule. So Snake held on, not daring to release David’s softening cock lest she spill his cum—a private, unthinkable humiliation.

She tried to coax down his load but nothing happened. Enslaved to her rebellious stomach, Snake’s throat adamantly refused to cooperate. Sweat leaked from her armpits and temples in tickling rivulets; the back of her neck felt syrupy hot. Every inhalation was like a fresh shot of semen straight up her nose. Advice once given by a college girlfriend came to mind: “Don’t hold it. Don’t think about it. Just swallow fast as you can.”

Too late for that pearl of wisdom.

Snake became very still, filling her lungs from patient expansions of her diaphragm, calming herself and seeking those bejeweled memories that decorated her heart: the knowing ache between her legs the first time David had kissed her; the small fortune he’d paid for her beautiful hand-tooled riding leathers; his sleepy smile on seeing her face as he woke from surgeries on his wounded shoulder; the mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he burned to ashes some guarded inhibition; the hurting he’d pounded into a drunken asshole who’d laid hands on her; the way his arms imprisoned her for pleasure and shielded her from harm …

It was only semen. No, it was her David’s semen.

I love you, baby.

Snake swallowed in a single, shuddering gulp. Her stomach roiled threateningly, then lay quiescent. David’s cock popped out of her mouth. She mashed her face in David’s thigh, sucking air like a drowning man, but trembling with the thrill of her deviant victory.

“Damn, girl,” David said with a broad smile. “I needed that. All I’ve been thinking about.”

Snake fondled his scrotum, now hanging loose, tender, and helpless.

Maybe just one vicious bite? Instead she nipped David’s cock.


“Next time,” Snake slobbered a kissed on his cock to make up, “next time you come in my mouth, be a gentleman and warn me, will you? I nearly choked.” Snake plastered a winsome smile over her fake nonchalance: one does not gift a pyromaniac with gasoline and matches. Eventually the rascal would divine her secret, but not with her help.

“Anything my girl wants,” said David, hoisting Snake onto the bed to skim off her boots and jeans.

“What your girl wants is to be fucked into a coma.”

Snake watched David strip, then lifted her butt so he could take her panties. His cock drooped with half-erect satisfaction—no joy there until his batteries recharged—as he flopped heavily beside Snake to the bed’s squeaky protest. His palm cupped her mound, then his middle finger curled inside her to tickle her magic spot before settling into a lazy molestation of her clitoris.

“Oh fuck yeah,” said Snake, grabbing the headboard as if bound to it.

Occasionally dipping into her slick opening to lube his finger, David rationed out sufficient friction for a good feeling but not enough to come. Snake, oblivious to everything, surrendered undulating to his expert teasing.

An indeterminate time later the beautiful torture stopped, to be replaced with the comforting press of David’s weight as he aligned his hips to hers, one hand reaching beneath to glide down her spine until his fingers splayed across the small of her back, his little finger nestled into the cleft of her ass. His erection nuzzled her slit, then his lips covered hers as his tongue foreshadowed what was to come.

Hunger arched Snake’s body against her lover. Her eyes fluttered then closed, the moment too perfect for anything but touch and scent. And then the bliss of sweet, blunt penetration enveloped her like a narcotic shroud. Not tentative, not forceful, just inexorable pressure that parted her labia in search of her depth. David’s hand rolled her pelvis into the thrust until he filled her. He held motionless, kissing Snake’s ear until her little gasps waned, then began to pump steadily. Snake’s fingernails embedded in his back as her vagina reflexively gripped his cock.

Oh sweet Jesus, all his sins forgiven …

Snake climaxed quickly, too primed for anything except a meteoric release of pent-up lust. David fucked through her thrashes and cries until this first orgasm, harsh but superficial, played out and her next, stronger and much deeper, began to stir. Then he repositioned so that her shoulders, with her arms pinned to her body, were cradled tightly in his arms. Grabbing David’s ass, Snake levered her knees up and squirmed lower to increase his angle of penetration trying to grind her clitoris into his shaft.

A special thank you goes to Volunteer Editor, Pete_L, for helping me with this piece. XOX

I’ve been thinking about you.

My days are lately spent reveling in a fantasy of you grabbing my ample hips and thrusting me into ecstasy.

Oh I don’t know why, exactly, it’s not like I really know you. I only met you once or twice while you were helping around the house, but you were so hot with your dark hair and bedroom eyes. Damn it. Why can’t I get you off my mind? I have this insatiable need to feel your mouth on my nipples. I want to feel your teeth and tongue graze over them playfully, then hungrily suck at them as though your very life depended on what they could provide.

It has to be hormones. Something happens to a woman when she reaches a certain age. Something undeniably wicked takes over. It’s like a switch gets flipped, and nothing short of round-the-clock, wild monkey sex satisfies the ache that resides where previously there was none.

It’s maddening, if you ask me. It’s not as if I don’t have other things to do. For whatever reason though, I just want you to fuck me. Not make love mind you, I said “fuck” and all the dirty things you think of when you say that word. I just want to spread my legs wide and have you explore all that my lusciousness offers, to show you how wet and ready this cougar is.

Cougar? Did I just call myself a cougar? Ha ha! More like a mother bear (minus the hair, of course!) Cougar implies lithe, skinny and perhaps a bit artificial. There is nothing artificial about this big, beautiful woman who just wants to be bent over and fucked.

If I close my eyes I can feel that beautiful, hard mouth of yours, sucking and licking until you find that sweet, swollen nub. My breathing becomes quick and irregular as I’m taken over the edge just as you slip a finger inside me. The feeling is so intense I can’t stop coming.

I want to stop this roller-coaster ride I have created in my head, but I can’t. I am utterly disturbed by how much my body reacts to the very thought of having a cock slip inside my wet cunt and I have to touch myself. As I can’t seem to think of anything else lately, I find my hands drifting downward several times a day to feel how incredibly slick and hot I am.

Holy fuck! I could be outside hanging laundry and then from out of nowhere creeps in the iniquitous notion that you would come over unbidden. My heart races, I flush, and I nearly collapse at the possibilities.

I think about gently taking your cock in my hands and then having you lay back. I want to take you in my mouth and run my tongue underneath and along your ridge. When I get the chance, I’m going to graze my teeth lightly on your hardening shaft. I’m sure the younger, less-experienced girls you’re used to wouldn’t eagerly take your balls into their mouths and suck them for all they’re worth like I would. The fullness of a cock in my mouth is delightful and I’d take you all the way down my throat, suck, swallow, and playfully lick.

You’d groan for me and tell me how good it feels. You’d start rocking your hips as you fuck my mouth and the sounds you make would send me falling into an abyss of pure pleasure! It is such a turn on to think how loud and guttural your moans would be. I am mentally undone and at your disposal. I can’t think clearly when I hear a man growling for me to make him come. I suck harder and I’m lost in the sensations of your cock throbbing in my mouth. I’m so hot it feels like molten lava is coursing through my body. You grab the back of my head, forcing it down even further on your rock hard shaft. My eyes are watering as I shiver and convulse in a total mind-fuck.

I’m so slippery now and the scent of my arousal is intoxicating.

I want you to grab me, force me face down onto the bed, my naked body yours for the taking. Your cock is glistening from my saliva and the pre-cum oozing down the shaft. I need to feel you massage the engorged head along my swollen pussy lips, teasing me as you rub it up and down, mixing our juices, making it so slick. I feel you part those sensitive petals as just the tip of you slips inside. You tease me by stopping. I groan and almost involuntarily push my hips back wanting to feel you entering fully. You stop me from sheathing you completely, but instead continue your tortuous advance by slowly and achingly taking me inch by inch. It seems the further you penetrate me the longer and harder you become. I almost can’t take how deep you’re going. Oh God you are so big! You are stretching and filling my body more than I thought possible. I want to feel your balls against my cunt and know that you are fully there.

It would feel so, very, very hot to have you moving inside me. I’m screaming for you to take me! I’m begging for you to push harder, faster, stronger, until you finally relent and start thrusting deeply. Holding my hips you plunge swiftly and fully until I scream out your name over, and over again. You laugh at the stream of juices running out of me and down my thighs. Reaching down with your fingers, you scoop some the fragrant river up from where we are joined and rub it on the hot entrance to my ass.

Oh, yes! Stick your finger in there! Hell, stick two fingers in, and spread me wide. I don’t care, just use me. Spread my cum all over my ass, push some inside my tight, puckered hole. Make sure I’m good and ready, baby. Work your fingers in and out. Push them inside me and stroke your cock for me as you make me ready to take it deep.

And I’m ready, so unbelievably ready for you. Please, don’t make me beg! Push the head of your cock against my tight rosebud, and slowly send it home! Oh my god! That feels so incredibly good, and I can’t help but gasp at the feeling as you pull back out and then in again creating a warm, tight rhythm. I think I might lose consciousness from all the sensations. I hear you moaning that you want to fuck me until I beg you to stop, but you know I never will. I can feel how tight and hot it is around your cock. I’m so overcome I can barely whimper from all the pleasure.

You pick up the pace, it’s hot, and it hurts, but I know you are close, so I hang on while you work your magic. I want you to feel your orgasm all the way down to your tightening ball sack. You’re slowing down now and your deep growls give you away; you explode inside me, and I’m shivering again, eyes rolled back in my head when I feel the wet warm flow inside me and I hear you come.

Covered in sweat and cum, you roll off me. I lazily crawl over to you, and take your tongue in my mouth. I’ve come so many times I can’t even count, and I kiss you deeply, thanking you for the wonderful ride.

I lay back, wanting to be exhausted, but feel another urge to take you into my mouth. You groan as I wink up at you and ask if you take your vitamins. This is going to be a long day.

Damn these hormones!

Thus far. I am a plump forty six year old woman, at this moment impossibly randy, who has recently seduced a sexual god, just in his mid twenties, my toy-boy. Just now I’m supposed to be a school girl and he, the lecherous old headmaster who, in between driving me the verge of madness with lust, has compelled me to piss through my knickers, strip, be hosed down in the bath with cold water and then, instead of screwing me stupid – which is what I needed – he took his pleasure in my mouth. Now I am stood in his front room, ‘the study’ in our fantasy, waiting to find out what he is going to do to me next.

What did he tell me, ‘We stand up straight with our hands placed upon our the back of our head, looking at the floor. Our legs are kept apart, well apart’. I adopt the pose prescribed, with my back to the mirror, facing one of the two chairs. He left me on my own, standing like that, for quite some time. The position is cunning, it’s dull so you begin to think; at first randomly, shopping-lists, kids’ teas, does your bum look too big: but gradually these introspections focus upon your immediate situation, gosh my nipples are stiff, I wish my slit was not quite so wet, that sort of thing. Eventually, I began to review my evening. ‘Why does this man want me? I’m not that young, nor that pretty, OK I’ve big boobs and a lovely round bum, with good broad hips, and I’m not ugly either, in fact I know I look good for my age. I seduced him first, no doubt about that. Why does a twenty odd year old demi-god take his pleasure in a dumpy, middle aged woman? Why am I dressed as a school girl anyway? If he is a demi-god why, in defiance of his instructions, did I wear knickers, big knickers?

But then, he responded so quickly. At first simple role play prompted by my costume; I do adore adopting a different persona, and his rapid response turned me on so very effectively. Then he teases me, building my expectations and then dashing them cruelly, over and over again: alternating pleasures with humiliation or pain to keep me reigned me in. Plucking my bum hair, that was mean, in fact that hurt. Making me run up and down stairs was worse. But then I have to count myself lucky, he’s not simply thrashed me; if he did would I have continued with him? And after every punishment, every humiliation, he makes me desperate for him once more. Then my dark desires, or rather their obviousness, becomes my greatest humiliation; far greater than I felt when I pissed in my pants before the camera. Worse, these reflections have, yet again, made my sex flow freely and caused little farting sounds to keep escaping from my pussy. He is so good at teasing me; but I’ll get even, he cannot make me wait like this, I need to come, I wanted to stamp my foot.

My reverie was finally broken, “let’s take your record.” He has entered the room completely silently and sat in the chair opposite to me. “We need the truth so go and fetch the old cane.”

I thought that we had avoided that, I thought that I would not have to face a thrashing. I returned to my flat to fetch it, so many questions now welling in my heavy heart. I returned with the horrible object and handed it to him; I know now that if he beats me I’ll accept it, possibly welcome it.

“Bend over facing the mirror. Grasp your ankles.” He raises my skirt and separates the cheeks of my bottom. He slips the cane between them and lets go. I’m gripping the cane in the crack of my bum. “Hesitate and you get the cane. Lie and you get the cane. Drop the cane and you get the cane. You’re one mistake away from that cane. Clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“Have you ever kissed a man, or a boy, deeply using your tongue?”

“Yes sir.”

“Have you ever allowed a man, or a boy, to fondle your breasts?”

“Yes sir.”

“Have you ever allowed a man, or a boy, to see your breasts?”

“Yes sir.”

Suck your breasts? Stroke your privates? See your privates? Finger your privates? Slip one finger, or more, inside of you? Lick your privates? Lick your privates and finger your hole?

To each and every query I had to reply, “Yes sir.” I had done every single one of these with James and enjoyed them: that cane clenched between my buttocks acted as a constant reminder that I dared not lie to him. Then he started to go through my activities with other women.

“Have you ever kissed a girl, or a woman, deeply using your tongue?”

I consider, remember his reaction to the photographs of Lesbian love and answer, “Yes sir.” The fact that it was the truth was, to me, irrelevant.

“Have you ever allowed a girl, or woman, to fondle your breasts?”

“Yes sir.”

“Have you ever allowed a girl, or woman, to see your breasts?”

“Yes sir.” He questions me ever more intently, establishing that I enjoy the pleasures of my own sex every bit as much as the delights that men can offer me. I watched James in the mirror as he quizzed me and as we explored my Sapphic inclinations his already turgid member inflated, progressively, with every positive answer. Now I know what my revenge is going to be, I can make him endure agonies of unbearable lust.

“Do you masturbate?”

” Very occasionally sir.”

“That’s against school rules; isn’t it girl? You’re supposed to ask a master to relive full blown hysteria, or if you just require simple comfort you should share your cot with a chum.”

“Yes sir, but sometimes -”

“Don’t answer me back girl; does a girl clutching a cane between her buttocks like a sword in its scabbard give cheek? Shall I unsheathe that sword and wield its fearsome blade?”

“Please sir, no sir; please don’t beat me sir, please don’t pound my soft bottom with your fearsome rod.”

“Perhaps you’d prefer the tawse?”

“No sir, not that sir, if you must thrash me please use the cane sir.” We can both hear the very genuine fear in my voice.

“Well then, just how often is ‘very occasionally’? And don’t you dare to lie to me.”

“If I’m by myself, rarely more than once in a day, sir.”

“Once a day!” Outrage in his tone, “once a day!” Voice rising. “You little wanton whore; slut, strumpet, tramp, prostitute, harlot, Jezebel, he spits the words out. Have you ever fucked a man, let him sink his hard prick in you soft cunt and then rutted until you dribbled his seed?”

I think of James, doing me doggy in front of the mirror, “yes sir,” I reply, somewhat vacantly

“I suppose you were really wet at the time, making it easy for you, enjoyed it, did you?”

“Yes sir, I was sir and I did sir.” I wish he wouldn’t do this to me, my pussy is pouting and pouring juice again; these games of pretend, I love them yet hate them, I feel so helpless, so manipulated and so, well so sexually charged. Wouldn’t? I wish he couldn’t do these to me; James, I realise, is addictive, I know that I could not give him up if I wanted to, the sexual highs he delivers me are so euphoric, he is the crack cocaine of sex.

“I suppose you’ve allowed yourself to be buggered too.”

“Yes sir.”

“Was that nice?” spoken with withering sarcasm.

“Quite pleasant sir and men seem to really enjoy it, sir.”

“You have committed this depraved act on a regular basis?”

“Not exactly regularly sir, but – well sir, some men don’t like to couple with a woman in the usual way when it’s her period so then, when they get all hard, they avail themselves of her bum instead.”

“I am disgusted. With you yes but more, with them. That men should obtain pleasure from shafting a woman’s arse; naturally I have to do that but it is only to ensure that their rectum is free of contraband. If they wriggle too much I do sometimes lose control but I can reassure you that I do not enjoy climaxes gained in that manner in the slightest. For one the tightness of the bottom makes them so intense and, for two, they last for so long, you feel like you’re going to spasm and squirt for ever.”

‘Oh, so he is beginning to enjoy anal,’ methinks.

“That reminds me, my special tool seems quite functional once more and I still need to carry out your second deep search.” He rises.

“Come here, kneel in front of the chair and bend over it.”

‘No, no, no,’ shrieks a voice inside my skull. ‘For pities sake don’t do this, not now,’ of course he’s going to bugger me and I need a good, long satisfying screw.

“Some girls find this a little uncomfortable, if you do, you can bite on this.” He places the cane in my mouth, I taste my own sexual exudate; Oh my God, my juices have flowed so copiously that I’ve been dribbling down the cane. Why, oh why, do I blush every time James reminds me just how wet I get? And every time he sees my hot shame he grins; he’s grinning now.

He lubricates my anus and then slides in gently, pushing slowly until his whole length fills me up. Then, equally slowly, he withdraws completely. When he spears me for the second time that delicious, dirty feeling I get form anal sex floods my prostrate form. He repeats these long slow sequences of penetration and withdrawal, over and over: and every time he opens me up my body is raked with desire. I’m in heaven, awash with sweet sensations: I’m in hell, consumed by an all pervasive want for an orgasm. Eventually he begins to use faster, shorter strokes until he grunts with satisfaction. ‘He’s come again. He’s come again,’ the repetition thought through clenched teeth. I could weep. I could weep with rage, I could weep with disappointment but above all I could weep with sheer bloody frustration, I have to come, and soon at that.

He withdraws, collects the bowl and returns with warm soapy water. He cleans us both up: I’m still face down, draped over the chair, shaking with emotion, no emotions; conflicting emotions which writhe around one another like snakes in a pit. In my state of urgent, unrequited lust I could have killed him for what he had just done to me, except that suddenly my bladder peppered my brain with signals, urgent dispatches.

“Please sir may I urinate?”

“If you must,” he replied languidly.

I grabbed the bowl, squatted over it and peed before both him and the mirror with absolute inhibition. In one short evening he had debased me to a level where I simply did not care; that realisation was the thought that made me blush, yet again. James clearly revelled in my discomfiture and understood that its nature was shifting from shame at what I was doing at his behest, to shame of my own motives. ‘Just wait,’ I thought, ‘you wait you weak little man, wait for my revenge.’ I knew that he had obsessions and frailties that I could exploit and I was now frantic to bind him to me just as tightly as he had bound myself to himself. I finished, cleaned up and even licked my hands, before he could give any direction or make any comment.

“One more orifice to probe, but you were gyrating your hips constantly whilst I was examining you and your jigging about has rendered my special tool totally useless. I doubt that its function can be restored tonight, we’ll have to finish off in the morning.”

“Sir. Please sir. Please complete my assessment tonight.” The written word is fickle, in no way can it portray the wheedling tone I that I had adopted.

“Are you sure? That might take some time.”

“Sir, absolutely sure sir. Please sir, if you left my fate hanging over me like this I would not sleep a wink.”

“Golly, I suppose we ought not to deprive our pupils of their rest; I don’t suppose that we are allowed to do that anymore. And we do need to go through why, and exactly how, you masturbate. Sit in the chair. Splay your legs over the arms. Look at yourself in the mirror. So, tell me, exactly how do you abuse your intimate parts so frequently?”

“Sir, I rub my little button over and over until I am satisfied.”

“Show me your little button.” I splay my labia and point. “Explain exactly how you rub it.”

“Sir I use several different ways, how should I begin?”

“Go through them, one by one.”

“Sir my favourite is to simply rub one finger round and round.”

“Demonstrate.” I start to rub my finger round my clit. I close my eyes, I relax, the warm glow inside builds really quickly, I’m – and he snatches my hand away. “That’s enough of that, there’s no need to get carried away. Were you going to have an orgasm just then girl?”

“Yes sir,” I confess and I blush again: I’ve let dozens of men watch me play with myself before and when I come it really turns me on, watching their helpless, lecherous, pathetic, little faces as I achieve orgasm again and again. I feel so powerful, so in control of those sad, lust driven, voyeuristic, tiny men. But tonight James has, for the first time, made me feel self-conscious about it, I’m the pathetic, lust driven, inferior. My embarrassment subsides when I think, ‘when it’s my turn, you’ll ogle and goggle helplessly, beg with your eyes, as you watch my lust being satisfied whilst yours just builds and builds. James is going to pay for this night in hard currency, yes he’ll find it very hard indeed.

“What else do you do?”

I snap out of my reflections, “I stroke my first finger up and down my clitoris from tip to knuckle and back,” and I demonstrate. My nipples go rigid, blood pounds through my pussy, my breathing becomes ragged and, once again, he pulls my hand away. This time I squeal out loud with frustration.

“You need to calm down girl and I know just the thing. Stand up, remove your clothes and then resume your seat and demonstrate your next technique.”

The third method I think of as the ‘windscreen wiper’. Sure enough, just as I approach climax, he pulls my hand away and now pincers a nipple between finger and thumb and twists it sharply. That brings me to earth with a bump. I slap my pussy gently demonstrating just the right level of force to use to elicit pleasure rather than pain. James practices this until I’m back at the very brink and then he applies a single, much firmer blow. I wince and sink to a lower plateau of pleasure. Pleasure, discomfort; pleasure, discomfort: my head is in a daze as we repeat this cycle, time and time again, whilst I disclose to him just how to locate all my most sensitive spots and exactly what to do to them to exploit their various proclivities and sensitivities to the maximum. I’m a fool, during my stupor of alternating ecstasy and frustration I have just taught James how to tease me using an, effectively, endlessly variety of stimulations. I am the one who will pay for that and eventually I do, many, many times over.

At last! James’s ‘special tool’ has regained its functionality. It’s not so engorged as before, true: but it will do me. Believe me, if you are good at foreplay and also take your time – and, as you will have gathered by now, James was and did – it’s not what you got, it’s the way that you use it. My muff oozed, I felt like I was melting, my very substance felt as if it were dribbling away through my softly pulsing feminine passage.

“Let’s get your last deep search over and done with,” he intoned, resignedly, “and then to bed,” the latter proclaimed with apparent relish. He pushed my knees against my chest and, leaning over me, sank his manhood deep inside me; when his pelvic bone hit my pudenda I simply exploded, blinding flashes in my eyes, fireworks in my head, my nipples contracted down into red, engorged rocks, my pussy was slick with juice. I came, explosively, in response to that single thrust of his hips. He pulled back and, to my absolute despair, withdrew completely: in my head it was simple, second penetration, second orgasm: and it would remain so, one for one, for a very satisfyingly long time. He dragged me by the hair across the room to the other chair, he threw me over it, face down, and resumed his invasion of my womanhood. Three thrusts and I reached orgasm for a second time. One more and I would have been satisfied for a third time, but after three he stopped and spanked my bottom with his bare hand.

We had done this before, him making me come once, returning me to the brink of ultimate pleasure and then moderating my ardour with either mild pain or similar chastisement: I had requested this of him previously, but surely he was not going to tease me further tonight. He’d permit me one bite of the cherry, but as I went for that second succulent morsel he’d snatch it away, leaving my pulse racing and my sweet, sticky, juices dribbling. This time, however, I lost all count of my orgasms, all track of time. I came over both chairs, I orgasmed over his work box, I exploded on his carpets, I climaxed over, in and across his bath, in his shower was bliss, across his kitchen worktops, heaven, we copulated upon every surface in every room: me; splayed, twisted, turned, bent over, sitting up, even dangling down. In between he pulled my hair, tugged my labia, tweaked and twisted my nipples, probed my anus, bit my bum, bit my breasts, pinched the insides of my thighs, even slapped my face once or twice. Finally, he threw me on his large double bed, pushed my knees against my chest and just kept sliding his member in and out of my soaking pussy.

Despite my many previous single orgasms I climaxed over and over again, or perhaps I experienced one never-ending multiple-orgasm, the difference was academic. By this time I was so deep in elation that I was only half conscious, all I could register was the bliss, all I can recall was the warm satisfaction. I remember my moaning, sighing and panting was making it difficult for me to breathe regularly. After that James was bringing me a cup of tea: it was two in the morning. Six hours we had been at it, although I had passed out or slept a little, I didn’t even know which. I did need to pee. So I carried the bowl into the bedroom, squatted over it and pissed in his full view with not a blush in sight. James laughed at me and my loss of this inhibition, I had no humility, I did not care, but I had resolved that I was going to bind him to me as tightly as I was bound to him; I was determined to transform my addiction into a mutual dependency.

Bing’s voice crooned across the room from the radio in the corner — but just like I knew we wouldn’t have a white Christmas here in Alabama, I knew Bobby wouldn’t be home to celebrate it with me. It had been almost two years since I had felt his rough hands glide up my thighs, and I missed their touch more and more each day.

Sitting at the dressing table, I slowly took out my pin curls and watched my auburn ringlets fall around my face. The light glowing behind me created a copper-gold halo with my hair. I ran my fingers through the curls wishing I could run them through Bobby’s silky black hair instead. He always looked so striking with his midnight mane and eyes like sapphire ice. I sighed, dreaming of the last time we were together. His naked body stretched out on my little bed. His legs wrapped around mine. We shared a cigarette, and my eyes fell to his duffle bag sitting in the bedside chair. “Are you leaving so soon?” I asked, my eyes indicated the pack.

“Not too long.” he answered, his expression apologetic. “I won’t be in the Pacific too long. I promise.”

Two years is much too long to be without a man, and my pussy ached to have his dick inside me again; I bit my lip to fight the arousal. I longed to feel him penetrate me; it was the only Christmas present I wanted this year. I leaned over to reach for the hair brush, and my nipples pressed against my camisole, growing hard as they rubbed against the rough cotton. I thought of those big hands cupping my breasts, pinching my nipples red and hard as they protested with delight.

Warmth spread through me at the thought, and I shifted uncomfortably in the seat, my pussy rubbing against my panties and the firm chair. With a sigh, I put down the brush and walked to the window. I know I should have stayed away from the window–with my room’s light glowing against the inking darkness, I was a beacon of desire. Anyone at Fort McCellan could easily see the silhouette of my curves, and I welcomed their eyes and begged for their sex. I opened the window, inviting in the cold bite of the December. The cold only increased my arousal. I felt my juices trickle into my panties and down my thigh. I tried to catch my breath. My thoughts raced. I felt such desire penetrating every inch of my body. My clit swollen and throbbing, echoing my longing for Bobby’s cock — or any cock, at this point.

With a sense of daring, I crept through the window onto the roof of the porch below. I pulled off my camisole and set my large, firm breasts free from the cotton shell. My nipples became hardened into peaks when the night breeze brushed against the liberated flesh. I sat down carefully on the rough shingled roof; I splayed my legs, wantonly reveling in the scratch and tease of the texture against my bare skin. I slid my hand into my panties, and dipping my fingers between the wet lips of my pussy, I closed my eyes and thought of Bobby.

My mind flooded with images of his naked body, so strong and hard, the head of his thick cock, glistening and engorged. I found myself lightly stroking my clit with the image. Within moments, a shudder rippled through me like an electrical pulse shooting through my body; then it sparked through me again and again. I closed my lips tight to hold in the moan of delight building inside me. The waves of pleasure were so intense, I could hardly control myself. When they finally subsided, I lay in the cold darkness, my ragged breath clouding the air around me like an after-sex smoked cigarette. My heart beat rapidly, rejoicing in my self-satisfaction.

As I lay there spent, but alone, I listened to the sounds of the crisp holiday night. The distant carolers, the families celebrating, and here I sat wanting the only present of ’43, I’d never get.. I pulled my legs up to my chest, pressing my breasts firmly as I wrapped my arms around my knees. I sat there with my chin resting on my goose-fleshed arms for what seemed an eternity.

I must have drifted off, because I didn’t hear the door to my room open or the footsteps across the floorboards. All I knew was that suddenly felt the rough graze of a hand on the small of my back gently stroke me and then pull me up against a woolen uniform. He went to speak, his lips brushing against my ear, but he hesitated. Chin on my shoulder, he silently cupped a breast and held me tight.

He turned me around and smiled. He brushed my soft auburn hair away from my face, his touch felt so tender and warm. Where he stroked me, my skin tingled.

“I have so missed your beautiful face.”

“Are you really here, or am I dreaming?”

Bobby kissed my forehead. I felt the warm, hard lump protruding through his uniform. I felt my pussy engorge with blood.

He smiled and stroked my breast with his weathered fingers. His touch filled me with desire.

“Thank you, Bobby!” I stood on my toes and kissed his lips. As we embraced, I started stroking his crotch, but he grabbed my hand.

“Shouldn’t we go inside? I have missed your body in that soft bed over there.” He lifted me up and held me firmly against him, wrapping me in his arms. He released me only long enough for us to slide back into the warm bedroom.

Once inside we crushed into each other’s arms. We kissed, and our mouths passionately drank in the desire we both felt. I fumbled with his buttons. Our lips parted only long enough for me to gasp, “Too many buttons.” He smiled wickedly as he quickly undressed and then pulled me back into his arms.

“Oh how I have missed my beautiful little girl.”

Bobby’s strong fingers explored my body, running over my breasts and down to my quivering belly. My skin buzzed and tingled with pleasure. His lips urgently kissed my neck, sending shivers down my spine. His large hands stroked my swelling clit, and I could feel his cock growing harder in my hands.

I felt him breathing heavily against my neck and it made me tingle with delight. It had been so long since either of us had been that close to anyone. It was electric, and I buried myself in his warm, musky chest, giving myself fully to him.

“Take me now,” my voice begged, ragged with desire. Bobby leaned over me and kissed my naked breasts. My nipples were rock hard between his lips.

“I have thought about you every moment for the last two years,” he mumbled as he pressed his cheek against my large, soft breasts. He groaned with pleasure and bit my nipple.

I writhed with delight. The look of lust and passion in his eyes swallowed me with desire. I caressed his throbbing dick. I loved the feeling of his wide, veiny cock in my hand. He held me tight, thrusting slightly into my hand.

“How much have you missed the rest of me?” I looked up innocently at his face. Oh how I loved seeing his beautiful face looking back down at me. He smiled and nodded.

“Please take me…I want you so much,” I whispered, kissing his ear lobe and caressing his cock with my free hand.

I stroked his erection between my eager fingers, and felt pre-cum leak out the head of his cock. I ran my fingers through it and wiped it on my lips. It was a beautiful lightly salted flavor; the silky texture was even more wonderful. I had missed it so much. I licked my lips and savored the taste.

It seemed to drive him wild. He pulled me onto the bed and forced my legs apart roughly and brought his hips close to mine. I felt his big, hard cock pressing against the moist lips of my cunt. Bobby ran the swollen head of his cock over my clit. I moaned loudly as pleasure pulsed through my body.

He pushed the head of his cock against my aching pussy. It had been so long, my hips thrust up, forcing the head inside. Even just having the engorged head of his cock inside me sent waves of electricity from my pussy through by body. His breathing was deep and intense. He pushed harder, forcing his cock deeper inside me. I moaned like a wild animal in response.

“Don’t stop! Never stop!” I begged, and tears filled my eyes. I pushed my hips harder against his, wrapping my legs around him.

“It’s all right, baby, I’ll fill up your tight little pussy.” His voice was drenched in lust as he slid further inside me, stretching me. The ache I had felt for so long washed away in waves of ecstasy. Bobby began thrusting slowly in and out of my moist pussy. My clit was tingling, and I knew I was going to cum. His thrusts grew faster and more powerful, pushing me quickly toward an orgasm.

“Oh, Bobby… I’m going to cum,” I moaned breathlessly.

“Oh, yes — cum for me, baby.” His voice was a low growl, and his groaning told me he was close to exploding, too. I wanted to wait, but my orgasm was already bursting through me. I dug my fingers into his back as the waves of pleasure crested. He lowered his body closer to mine and fucked me deeper.

“Oohhhh, Bobby!” I cried uncontrollably.

“Tell me you’ve missed me!” He growled in my ear, thrusting harder.

“I’ve missed you!” I screamed with pleasure. My body shook in his arms as I writhed beneath him in intense ecstasy. “Oh, God, how I’ve missed you!” I wailed. Just then, his body wracked above me, shaking with his own orgasm, filling me with two years of cum and pleasure. He leaned over me, resting his cheek against mine.

I smiled — I’d never felt so good, so warm or satisfied. Bobby kissed my lips and smiled lovingly.

“Merry Christmas,” he whispered. Then wrapping his arms around me, he kissed me again. I felt warm and safe in his arms.

“Merry Christmas, indeed, my love. I certainly got my Christmas wish.”

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