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Erin returned from her run just as the garage door was opening. As she walked up the driveway, her mom was backing out. Erin pulled the ear buds out when her mother stopped and rolled down the window.

“Hey, sweetie.”

“Hi, mom.”

“Listen, would you start on dinner tonight so that we can eat pretty quickly after I get home? Cory’s still trying to get caught up on his rest and if the three of us are going to have some time together, we don’t need a late dinner.” She smiled as she asked, a twinkle in her eye.

“Sure,” Erin agreed. “I have to go to the school this afternoon for final registration, but I should be back by around 4. I can start then.”

“Sounds good. God, I’m like a schoolgirl,” her mother giggled, covering her face with her hands. “I’m so nervous and excited at the same time.”

“I know,” Erin laughed. “I am, too! OH! I also want you to try out my new toy, so can I bring it?”

“Of course! Okay, so I have to get to work, but I’ll see you tonight. I love you.”

“Love you, too.” Erin squeezed her mom’s hand, resting on the door frame before backing up and making her way in through the garage as her mother backed out of the driveway.

She took a shower, got dressed and was in the middle of eating breakfast when the front door opened and Cory walked in, his t-shirt and jeans streaked with warehouse dust. His work boots were worn down enough that the steel toe was exposed in a little patch on each boot. He plopped down in a chair at the table, untying his boots as he talked to his sister.

“Hey, gorgeous.”

“Hey, stud.”

“I’m exhausted. I’m so glad school is starting next week and the strike is over. I’m ready for a routine again,” he said, shaking his head. Once he dropped the second boot onto the tile floor, he plopped back in the wood chair with a sigh.

“Yeah, I have to go sign my final registration today.”

“Really? Mind if I tag along? I need to pay up and sign mine, too.”

“Sure. Megan was supposed to go, but she had to bail because she discovered an error and has an appointment tomorrow. My appointment isn’t until 2:30.”

“Good. I can take a shower and get some sleep. This strike kicked my ass. I didn’t realize it until it was over.”

“Let me get you some breakfast before you go upstairs,” she offered as she stood up.

“Thanks.” He swatted at her ass as she walked past, getting a good shot on her running shorts and causing her to squeal, whipping her head around in mock anger before rubbing her ass, her face fading into a smile.

While she warmed him some microwave waffles and some bacon he thought he should get her opinion.

“Erin,” he asked nervously, “Can I ask you a question.”


“Okay, I guess a couple of questions.”

“Go ahead,” she said, not even turning around, focusing on the task of getting a glass and pouring his juice.

“First, I know I’ve spent more time with mom than I have with you. I’m sorry about that. I don’t want to neglect you or make you resent what’s going on here.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, turning around to rest on the counter. “It’s cool. First, I know this is new to all of us, but I also know I can go to Megan any time I want. You’re all mom has. I’m cool sitting back a little so she can get what she needs. Besides, while the strike was on, mom and I spent a lot of nights together without you. And you and I have had some time without her. I don’t think any of us can really expect this to be something where we spend the exact same amount of time together.” She turned back around when the microwave beeped and pulled his plate out, replacing the bacon plate with the waffle plate. “Relationships don’t work that way anyway, right? All three of us will have to give and sacrifice for the others. If we all try to meet each other’s needs, we can all be happy. So, no, I’m not upset about it. I’m glad to see mom so happy. She needs a good man in her life and at least right now, that’s you.”

When the microwave beeped again she placed the waffles and bacon on a different plate together while her brother spoke.

“I guess you’re right. I love you both so much that I don’t want to hurt either one of you.” Cory spoke as his sister walked toward him with the plate before sitting on his lap, his hand resting on her thigh. “This whole thing started with you and me and then we brought mom in together. I don’t want you to think I want her more than you. It’s just different with her, you know?” His sister fed him a piece of bacon.

“I know, Cor. It is different. She wants and needs different things than I do and right now she needs you much more than I do. I’ve had a few good boyfriends, so I know what it’s like to be treated well. Mom has spent more than half her life being treated like trash by a man who promised to love and take of her. I think she’s relearning what it means to be cared for. You’re doing that for her. I can be her girlfriend, her shopping buddy, her confidant. I can even be her lover. But I can’t be her man. I can’t provide her with a loving man’s touch and help her regain that confidence that only a man can help her recover. You can do that for her. And I’ve never seen her so happy as I have in the last few weeks that she’s been with you, Cory. You’re good for her. For both of us.”

His heart melted as she talked about what Cory gave to them both, but especially to their mother. He had never thought of his role that way. Because he’s not a woman, he couldn’t understand, so he was glad that his sister was willing to explain that to him. And he was especially glad that she was so open and understanding.

“Is that all?” she asked, stealing a bite of his bacon.

“Well, I had to ask about that before I got your opinion on this next question.” He took a deep breath, still nervous about asking his sister her opinion. She didn’t say anything, but raised her eyebrows as if waiting for him to finish the story. “Vanessa wants another date.” Erin smiled and nodded. “But I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford to go bigger than I did last time, but I also don’t want to downgrade, know what I mean?”

“Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. But let me let you in on a little secret. Vanessa’s not going out with your wallet. She’s going out with your heart. What you need to do is take what you know about her, and plan something you can afford. She knows what you make and knows she can’t depend on you to provide for her. She just wants to spend time with you. Do something where the two of you can just relax.”

“So it’s not going to be bad if I can’t do something nice for her every time?”

“What did your other girlfriends think?”

Cory laughed at that. “Yeah, well, going out with a high school girl is different from going on a date with an older, sophisticated woman like Vanessa.”

“A woman who knows more about you than anyone you’ve ever been with. Your first impression was made a long time ago. Remember, she’s seen you poop in your pants. That was your first impression. Anything that doesn’t involve you doing that is an upgrade,” she laughed.

Cory laughed and shook his head. “I guess you’re right. I have to remember that even though Vanessa is a stage name, all I’m really doing is going out to spend time with mom.”

“There you go,” she said as she stood up and took the seat next to him. “The lines are blurry, of course, but you don’t have to impress Vanessa. She just wants to know you want to be with her. After that, believe me, she’ll enjoy whatever you do. Just remember what you know about her and go from there. It’ll be fine.”

She smiled at her brother as he thought about what she had said. After a few seconds, he nodded with a smile. “That makes sense. It gives me some things to think about. Thanks, Erin.”

“No problem, stinky.” She took a bite of her own breakfast, which had been interrupted by her brother’s questions. She winked at him and he smiled back, shaking his head at being called “stinky.”

After a shower, Cory fell into bed, confident that his sister would wake him up in time to leave for the school. His mind reeled with thoughts of how to spend next weekend with Vanessa and so far he was coming up short. “Remember what you know about her,” his sister’s voice echoed in his head.

Cory lulled as his bed shifted, jarring him slightly. As he lay on his side he felt a hand on his naked back, then wrap around his ribs, tickling him enough to cause him to shift.

“There it is,” he heard a mumble, still too asleep to really comprehend it. He felt the gentle touch caress his dick and the hand start to glide lightly up and down his shaft. “Cory,” he heard a quiet voice. “I’m going to blow you now, okay?” The voice didn’t wait for a response, but instead the hand adjusted his now full erection before he felt the moist warmth enveloping his head and part of his shaft.

“Mmm,” he moaned, stirring awake and rolling onto his back a little more.

“That’s better,” the voice said, still quietly. Cory felt the mouth and hand working in tandem, becoming more assertive in bringing him pleasure.

“God, Erin.”


Cory’s eyes shot open. OH, SHIT!

“Megan! What the fuck?!” Cory screamed, scrambling back away from his sister’s best friend.

“Me, what the fuck? Why are you calling your sister’s name when I sucked your dick?” she asked, her face in shock.

Erin practically slammed into the door frame from her run down the hall. “Megan! What the hell are you doing in Cory’s room?!” she asked.

“Oh, I can explain my side. That’s easy. Your explanation is going to be much harder. Why is your brother calling your name with his dick in my mouth?”

“Erin, why is Megan in my room when I’m sleeping?” Cory was still pissed, but more than that, he was scared.

“She just showed up a little while ago for a swim and when I went to the bathroom,” she turned to look Megan in the eye, her anger obvious, “I guess she thought she should just come in here and suck you off.”

Megan just shrugged with a crooked smile. “Something like that. Come on, we all know he likes me. But apparently not as much as he likes his sister. Not that I can blame him.”

Erin started, “Megan, I can explain…” before Cory cut her off.

“We talked about it,” he jumped in, “just like we told you. What we didn’t tell you was that the desire is mutual. But we still agreed not to act on it.” He sighed and hung his head. “Erin doesn’t know I still fantasize about her.”

Erin stood there in disbelief at what her brother was doing. The look on her face was obvious.

“I’m sorry, Erin. I know we said we can’t do anything and we need to try to move on, but it’s so hard. You’re so beautiful,” he said, looking at her. “I shouldn’t be using you to fuel my fantasies. I’m sorry.”

Megan appeared to be having a hard time believing the story. Her eyes were squinted and she looked at Cory sideways.

Erin figured she’d better act fast. “Fuck you, Cory! Fuck you! You promised! We had a deal! That day with Megan was a mistake. God,” she said, her eyes welling with tears as she looked to the ceiling, “I should have left when you walked out there, Cory. You never should have been out there in the first place! I can’t fucking believe this!” With that, she stormed out and Cory and Megan sat in silence listening to the door slam and as they heard her Forerunner start up and fade into the distance.

Megan looked uncharacteristically sheepish. She was obviously stunned into silence. Cory plopped over to his side and covered his head with his pillow. His stomach was in knots. God, he thought, I hope I played that right.

“Is that true, Cory?” she asked quietly.

“Is what true?” he was obviously irritated.

“That Erin didn’t know and that you only thought about her in your fantasies?”

“Yeah, Megan. That’s how it was… Shit! I fucked up big time!” He rammed his fist into the mattress.

“No, I fucked up,” she corrected. She took a deep breath. “I’m really sorry, Cory. I just saw you lying here naked and wanted to wake you up for a little fun. I thought you would like it. I didn’t know…that…”

“Yeah, well I didn’t know you would come into my room and try to suck my dick while I slept!” He sat up abruptly. The fire in his eyes burned through her conscience.

Megan didn’t have any answers or any defense. She backed away unconsciously, afraid of the verbal beat down she was about to receive, but bracing herself for it.

Instead, Cory sighed again and looked past her at the wall. “How the hell am I going to clean this up?”

“Let me talk to her,” Megan offered. She started digging her phone out of her pocket. “I can try to explain that…”


“But, Cory…”

“I think you need to leave.”

“Cory,” she begged, her eyes turning red.

“Good bye, Megan.”

Cory watched in silence as his sister’s friend stood up off his bed and walked out his bedroom door. A moment later the front door closed and he listened to her car rumble to life before fading into the distance.

He reached for his phone, hoping he had played this right.

The picture on Erin’s phone told her to answer. She was both nervous and relieved. She had hoped he would call before Megan did or else she wouldn’t know what to say.


“Hey, gorgeous.” He sounded apprehensive.

“Thank you, Cory.”

“Whew,” he laughed. “I was hoping you were playing along. I got scared for a minute there. You deserve an Oscar.”

She laughed. “Best Actor in an Overly Dramatic Scene.”

“I honestly thought you were sucking me off, so I didn’t even open my eyes. It just kind of slipped out.”

“Well, how could you know that she was going to sneak into your room? I didn’t know it, and I was awake when she came over!” Erin was incredulous. “It’s fine, Cory, really. I think you were convincing enough that she won’t dig too deep, at least for a while.”

“I debated on letting her in on it, but you and I hadn’t talked about it. And then I didn’t know what it would mean for mom. I figured if I took the blame for it as fantasy then it would kind of kill it. I hope it worked.”

“I think it did.”

“So now we have to make up with Megan.”

“Let me take care of that. I’ll call her tomorrow and work things out. She needs to simmer through it in order to make it believable. I can’t make up with her too soon or it won’t seem real. She’ll live, though.”

“Okay. So where are you now?”

“At the park waiting for your call. I’ll be home in a few minutes. It’s almost time to leave.”

“I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”


Cory rode shotgun as Erin took the winding back roads to the college, stopping for lunch at a hole-in-the-wall steak sandwich place on the way. One of her ex-boyfriends had introduced her to it and she sometimes likes to stop on the way to or from school.

As she took a bite of her ribeye sandwich, Cory said, “How come I’ve never heard of this place before? I’ve never had a steak sandwich like this.”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged, her cheek full of steak and bread. “If it weren’t for Marty, I wouldn’t know about it either.”

“Marty brought you here?” he laughed.

“Shut up,” she said, throwing a fry at him.

“Arty Marty? ‘I’m Marty and I like to pretend I’m a painter so I can see girls nekkid,’” mocked Cory with a stupid look on his face before they both cracked up laughing.

“Hey,” Erin said through her laughter, “It worked, didn’t it? He got me to pose naked for him.”

“Yeah, but you’re a slut,” he retorted in a matter-of-fact tone. Her jaw dropped in shock, her eyes wide before she threw another fry at him. He picked it up off the table and ate it. “Mmm. More fries.”

Erin asked him about his thoughts for his date with Vanessa and they discussed that for a while as they finished their lunch. He mentioned some ideas and she would give him some things to think about. They asked each other questions and pretty soon it seemed that he had a basic idea for their date. He only hoped she would go along with it.

The ride to the school was pretty lighthearted and they spent the rest of the drive making jokes and telling stories. It had been a while since they had spent any brother-sister time together and Cory had missed it. Once on campus they made their way to the registrar’s office and finished their business there before writing checks at the business office. As Erin had predicted, they were done by about 3:15, giving them enough time to be home at a little after 4.

“So,” Cory said as they drove out the main gate of the campus. “Megan.”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “Megan.” She shook her head.

“How do you think you’re going to handle that?”

“I have to find a way to make it less awkward. I don’t want her to be nervous around me after this, so I have to make it go away. I’ve been thinking about it and I should probably send her a text tonight and see if we can talk tomorrow. On the one hand, it has to be believable, but she knows I don’t hold grudges, so I need to make up with her pretty quickly or it could do some serious damage to our relationship.”

“Did I mess you guys up, Erin?” he asked, concerned.

“No, nothing like that,” she blurted, shaking her head.

“Okay. Good. I didn’t want that. I was just trying to protect our family.”

“I know, Cor,” she smiled. She put her hand on his knee and squeezed it for just a second before returning her hand to the steering wheel. “I think I need to approach it from the standpoint that our initial reaction was simply from shock, you know. We overreacted, got upset, but had time to think about it and talk about it, we made up, came to an understanding, and wanted things to be cool with her, too. I think that would explain the reaction, the accusations, and the quick make-up with her. That should settle it pretty well, I think.”

Cory could see that working, so he slowly nodded as he ran it through in his mind. “Yeah. I could see that. Do I have a part in this?”

“Nah. Just be awkward the first time you see her. In other words, act natural.” She winked at him and he just smiled and shook his head.

The garage door buzzed to life at 5:20 and Erin took that as her cue to get up off the couch and pull the salad out of the fridge and pour the tea. Cory came downstairs at the sound of the garage door and rounded the corner just as his mother walked in from the garage.

“Hey, guys,” she said happily.

“Hey, mom,” replied Cory at the same time his sister blurted out, “Hey.” He met her in the middle of the living room, giving her a quick kiss on the lips and taking her brief case and jacket while she made her way to Erin, who also received a kiss on the lips.

“Oh, wow, guys! This looks great. Thank you so much.” She eyed the table, which hosted honey-roasted pork chops, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls, and red beans.

“Glad you think so. The only thing left is for Cory to toss your salad.”

Cory whipped his head around at his sister, his eyes wide. She burst into a fit of laughter. She handed him the large salad bowl with the wooden salad servers.

“Let me go change and I’ll be ready to eat,” their mother said, apparently missing the reference. As soon as she walked up the stairs, Erin started laughing again.

“Oh, relax, Cory,” she laughed. “When you passed out last night, mom and I stayed up and had some girl talk.”

“What did you talk about?” he asked, trying to be nonchalant while he mixed the salad in the bowl.

“Now, if I told you that, it wouldn’t be girl talk, would it?” She winked at him before taking the bowl and carrying it to the table.

They finished getting the tea poured and made sure all the condiments were on the table as their mother finished getting changed.

“Whew, that’s better,” they heard her say as she turned the corner from the stairs. Their eyes both bugged out as they saw their mother.

“Is there a problem?” she asked, one hand on her hip.

“No, mom. Just…”Erin stuttered.

“Wow,” said Cory.

Erin nodded. “Exactly.”

Michelle smiled. “Glad you like it.” She made her way toward them. “It looks delicious.”

“It sure does,” muttered Erin as she watched her mother approach. What she saw was a mature brunette in excellent shape, who had selected black high heels, black thigh high stockings, and a short black satin nightie, to eat dinner with children. Her arms, shoulders and upper chest were exposed with only two thin straps keeping the nightgown on and as she walked, the erect nipples danced invitingly with each step. The hem barely covered her ass and upper thighs. She sat down at the table, sliding into her seat at the head of it while her son and daughter refused to budge.

Michelle snickered as she said, “Well…sit down and eat.”

Her children snapped out of their daze and took their seats, glancing at each other as they sat. Michelle picked up her plate and put a pork chop and scoop of potatoes and beans on it, and then handed it to Erin, who picked up a roll and placed it beside the potatoes. She handed the plate to Cory, who handed his empty plate to his mother. They repeated the process, with Erin placing a roll on her mother’s plate and trading plates so that she finally placed one on her own. They began to eat in silence until their mother moaned.

They looked up at her, but her eyes were closed as she chewed. “Now this is the sweetest meat I’ve put in my mouth since…” she opened her eyes and looked into Cory’s. “Well, since yesterday at least.” She winked at him before breaking off a small piece of her roll and resting it her tongue.

Cory swallowed hard, turning flush. He took a sip of his tea and his mother looked over at his sister.

“Oh! Here, Erin,” she said, putting her fork down and grabbing the salad tongs. “Would you like me to toss your salad for you?” She smiled inwardly as she heard Cory choke on his tea, but didn’t move her gaze from Erin’s eyes.

“Sure, mom,” she whispered, her throat dry.

“Would you like a creamy dressing dribbled on it before or after I toss it?” Her voice was a little shaky and she had fire in her eyes.

“Either way is fine. I’ll take it either way.” Erin was starting to feel the tingle in her groin. This was not how she thought dinner would go.

“Cory,” his mother’s voice interrupted. He looked up and she was holding out the bottle of ranch dressing.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Would you be a dear and jiz…drizzle something creamy on here before I serve your sister?”

He smiled, finally. “I would love to. Do you want a lot or just a little?”

“Just a taste,” said Michelle, looking into his eyes. “We don’t want to cover the flavor, just add to it.”

Cory lightly poured a small stream around the salad. His mother reached out and grabbed the bottle around the neck, tilting it up to stop the stream before grazing her thumb around the rim to wipe up the excess. She sucked it into her mouth, withdrawing it slowly. “We don’t want to waste any.”

She handed the bowl to Erin and set the bottle on the table. Taking another bite of the pork, she asked, “Would someone please toss my salad while I savor this meat in my mouth?”

“I’ll be happy to, mom,” volunteered Erin. Scooping some into her mother’s bowl, she asked Cory, “Do you have enough left to do mom?”

“I think so,” he said, picking up the bottle of dressing. He began to pour it, but Erin took the bottle from his hand.

“Let me,” she whispered.

He nodded and they all watched as the thick, milky dressing dribbled from the mouth of the bottle. Tilting the bottle up, Erin ran her index finger along the rim before wiping it gingerly across her lips. She set her mother’s salad on the table and leaned in closely to her. Her mother met her halfway and Cory sat in stunned silence as his mother’s tongue came out to clean up the dressing off her daughter’s lips. She finished by nipping at the lips with her own and then leaving her lips there to receive a kiss back from her daughter. “Delicious,” she whispered before sitting straight back up in her chair.

Erin looked weak when her mother withdrew. Her eyes were still closed and she was slumped over a little.

“Erin,” her mother called out. Erin snapped back to the present. “Sit up and eat. You’re dinner’s going to get cold.”

From that point on, with the exception of what their mother was wearing, the dinner seemed mostly normal. As usual, their mom asked them about their days. Erin looked over at Cory, who nodded slightly.

“Well,” began Erin, “we had kind of an incident today. With Megan.”

“Okay?” Mom was waiting for more details. “Incident.”

“Yeah.” Erin went on to explain what had happened and how they had responded to it.

“What made her think she could do that to him in the first place?” she asked, incredulous.

Cory and Erin looked at each other for a second before Cory cleared his throat to speak.

“Oh.” His mother looked down at her plate and pushed at her potatoes with her fork.

“Mom,” he said.

“It’s okay, Cory. You don’t owe me an explanation.” She was trying to be okay with it, but she was also fighting feelings of…what is that? Jealousy? Was she jealous?

“Mom, listen,” he said, leaning in and placing his hand on hers.

“No, Cory, it’s fine.”

“Mom, listen. Please.” Erin interjected so that she would know how important it was to hear him.

Michelle looked back and forth between her children and nodded, focusing on her son’s gentle brown eyes.

“That first night Erin and I got together, dad’s last day in this house, Erin told me about her and Megan. I made some comment about how sexy she was and the two of us hatched a plan to give me an opportunity with her. Erin and I had a threesome with her, but we both focused on Megan and not each other. Megan tried to push us to try each other, but we told her we couldn’t do that because we’re related, but that we would think about it. Later on we talked to her and told her we couldn’t do it. She didn’t know that Erin and I were already sexually involved. This was also before we got involved with you. I swear, mom, that was the only time I’ve touched her. I haven’t been with anyone but you and Erin since then. I swear.”

She looked at Erin, who nodded. “That’s it, mom. Honest.”

“Why did she want to see the two of you together?” she asked.

“Well, Megan told me this in confidence, but she and her brother played around a little bit, but then realized it was too weird and stopped. They never had sex, just touching and kissing and stuff. So she wouldn’t judge us for it; she understood the potential for attraction. It wasn’t so much her trying to push us to do it so much as it was her giving us permission to act on our feelings, I guess.”

“So when we told her we weren’t going to do anything, she was cool with it and understood. Neither she nor I,” continued Cory, “have made a move on each other since that day with Erin. So when I woke up this morning with a hand and mouth on my junk, I naturally thought it was her,” he said, looking at his sister. “When I called her name, that’s when Megan freaked out, and I had to act fast.”

“She seemed a little smug, mom, like she had caught us.”

“She did. I knew if I didn’t do something, or if we let her know, it could eventually come out that we’ve been involved with you, too. I didn’t want your secret to come out until and unless you’re ready for it to.”

“So that’s it, then?”

“That’s it,” said Erin, noting a visible weight removed from her mother’s countenance.

“Now what?” she asked.

“I try to make up with her. Cory and I have already talked about how we’re going to do it. We’ll take care of it mom. Don’t worry.”

“Okay,” she nodded with a gentle smile. “I trust you.”

“Thanks, mom,” says Cory, squeezing her hand, which earned a return squeeze.

“Now, let’s finish our dinner so we can relax,” she said, smiling before taking a small bite of her mashed potatoes.

The rest of dinner was relatively quiet, the three of them shifting internally between excitement at the upcoming rendezvous and their own perspectives of the dinner conversation.

Even so, Michelle could not forget what she was wearing, and why, and continued to maintain a level of sexual arousal. Neither Erin nor Cory could forget what she was wearing, either, and they both continued to look over at her as they ate, examining the beauty of her face, the skin of her upper chest, the outline of her erect nipples, and piecing those views with the memory of her walk through the kitchen. While Cory had to make a few adjustments to his cock, his sister simply squirmed in her seat or pressed her thighs together to stimulate herself.

Michelle dropped her napkin on her plate and said, “Thank you for dinner. That was delicious.”

Cory said, “Erin did everything, and she’s right, Erin. It was great. Thanks.” He stood as his sister accepted their thanks, and he picked up his own plate before reaching for his mom’s.

“Cory, let me do that,” his mother said, standing.

“It’s no problem, mom. You rest. You, too, Erin.” He walked around the table and placed the plates on the counter, turning back to pick up his sister’s. As he scraped the plates into the trash can and placed them in the dishwasher, the two ladies took the initiative to clear the rest of the table and to begin putting leftovers away. His mother turned on the hot water in the sink, pouring dish soap in so it could run while she put the pork chops in a zipper bag.

Turning off the water, she dipped the casserole dish in the soapy water and began sponging it in the sink. Cory watched her ass move as she gently circled the dish with the sponge. He stepped up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders while planting a kiss on the back of her neck. She hummed as he stroked down her arms. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed forward. She could feel his excitement pushing into her ass and pressed back against it.

Erin watched for only a moment before pressing herself against her brother’s back and reaching her hand around to squeeze his chest. Her other hand pushed between he and his mother, grabbing his throbbing erection while feeling her mother’s ass against the back of her hand.

One of Cory’s hands cupped his mother’s breast and the other glided down her hip until he felt bare skin. He pushed the hem of her gown up and moved his hand around front. He was surprised to find that she had not worn any panties. She groaned at his touch while he pushed further down to feel her wet, swollen lips.

“Shame on you, mom,” he whispered. “You’re not wearing any panties.”

“The better to fuck you with,” she retorted casually.

“Erin,” he said over his shoulder.

“Yes,” she said, breathlessly, her hand still stroking him.

“Come here.” He took her hand off his crotch and moved her around to the side, placing her hand on their mother’s pussy.

“Oh, mom,” she breathed. “I didn’t know you weren’t wearing any panties.” Her hand was smoothly, but persistently, stroking up and down over the wet skin at her fingers.

“They would only be in the way.” She reached down to cup her daughter’s pussy through her shorts. “See what I mean?”

Erin only nodded with her eyes closed. Her mother continued to stroke her while Erin matched her stroke for stroke.

“Do we think the kitchen is the best place to do this, or can we move to mom’s room?” Cory asked, grabbing his own erection through his shorts.

Without a word, Erin pulled her hand back and took her mother’s while she also sucked her mother’s juices off her fingers. Leading her upstairs, Erin let go at the door to her own room, telling them to keep going. She rounded the corner of her mother’s room a moment later, completely naked and holding her new purple toy. She walked in on her brother and mother making out, Cory’s hand under the hem of her nightgown and her mother’s hand stroking him through his shorts.

“I’ve missed us,” said Erin, interrupting the kiss, tossing her toy on the bed before joining in the kiss, first kissing her mother and then her brother.

“I have, too,” replied her mother while she watched her children make out. She had one hand on her son’s cock and one hand on her daughter’s pussy, feeling two different expressions of physical arousal on her fingers: the firm heat of her son’s erection and the softer moist warmth of her daughter’s vagina. It thrilled her to no end to be a part of this love triangle.

The trio was a slow flurry of hands on bodies while tongue matched tongue. As Cory and Erin kissed, their mother settled onto her knees, her hands still at work on the arousal of her son and daughter. From this low, it was easier to press her middle finger up into her daughter’s pussy while her thumb circled her clit. Erin gasped and sighed into her brother’s mouth at her mother’s touch.

Michelle had always been able to multi-task, which had made her so good at her job, full of interruptions. She had no problem continuing a persuasive conversation on the phone as her assistant slid a contract in front of her to sign, scrawling her name and making quick notes for editing, or looking at a spreadsheet as she made her case into the mouthpiece. At this very moment, however, she had one hand working rhythmically on her daughter while she wrapped her other hand around the base of her son’s cock and pressed her lips all the way forward until they met the edge of her hand.

Cory dropped his head in pleasure, catching his mother’s gaze as she smiled around his girth. He smiled back and brought his hand from Erin’s smooth, perfect ass, to stroke his mother’s brown curls. Her eyes closed in pleasure and he felt, more than heard, her quiet moan. This caused Cory to moan in response. “God, mom, that’s fantastic.”

“Give me another finger, mom,” Erin whined, looking down to her mother. Without stopping anything she was doing, Michelle simply unfolded her ring finger and pressed it in alongside the middle finger being buried and withdrawn from the young, pink flower, nectar flowing down over her wrist by this point. “MMmmm,” Erin moaned, her hand clasping over her right breast, the familiar feeling of her nipple pressing into her palm.

Confident that Cory’s hot dick was wet enough for her hand to glide freely, his mother stroked him rhythmically while she replaced her other thumb with her tongue. Erin jumped and squealed at the sudden change, but appreciated the touch of the older woman’s tongue on her bean while her two fingers continued to probe steadily at her depths.

Cory watched, enthralled, as his mother ate his sister while her hand stroked and twisted over his shaft and head. He groaned at the vision of eroticism, feeling a burning tension in his groin. He reluctantly peeled his mother’s hand away as he stepped back and took a seat on the bed. His mother initially appeared dejected, but when he smiled and sat on the bed, he indicated that she should focus on Erin. She smiled back and turned to set to work on her young female lover.

He watched as his mother’s face turned away from him, immediately causing his sister to jump with a gasp, pressing her hand on the top of her mother’s head. Erin’s eyes were closed, her head thrown back and his mom’s head was working in small circles. He noticed his sister’s taut form respond. Her nipples poked out from her wrinkled areola, her abs spasmed with no rhythm and even her thighs tensed up.

It wasn’t just the younger woman he paid attention to, however. His mother was a sight to behold. She had her back to him, still wearing her satin nightgown, stockings and heels. She swayed gently as she worked her daughter toward release, the satin gently tracing her form. The bottom flared with her hips, but as she knelt, it had ridden up, exposing most of beautiful ass. Cory was mesmerized. Her feet were turned in, toes almost touching, the scuffed soles of her high heels staring out at him from beneath the soft round orbs of his mother’s delicious ass. He could see her dark pink anus and her flowering pussy, but he also noticed her finger disappearing and reappearing as she masturbated while pleasuring her daughter.

Just then, Erin spoke, “Fu-” she gasped. “Just like that!” Her head was forward now, her brow furrowed, mouth slightly open. Her hand was insistently pressing her mother’s head forward and her hips were arched forward to her mom’s mouth. “I’m cumming, mom! Shit!” With that she let out a guttural wail as her mother moaned, her finger moving faster in her own pussy before releasing a muffled grunt into her daughter’s crotch while her own hips convulsed.

Cory had to have them, both of them. He stood and gently lifted his mother up under her arms, surprising her, but then bringing a giggle as he pushed her back onto the bed, causing her to flop back onto the blanket. Grabbing Erin by the arm, he pushed her to lie beside his mother. Erin wasn’t even settled before Cory pushed his mother’s legs back and buried his face in her now-dripping cunt.

Michelle screamed at the intrusion, her hands clamping onto Cory’s head. She felt him bury his tongue into her with his mouth covering most of her, his nose pressed up against her clit, stimulating her as he moved side to side while working his tongue into her. Cory felt the ridges and lobes and soft skin of his mother’s pussy on his tongue while her lips grazed his cheeks.

Not satisfied with simply eating her, which they both enjoyed, Cory brought his hand up, rolled her hips up even further and concentrated on licking and sucking her clit so he could have room to do what they both wanted.

“Oh, yeah!” she squealed when she felt his finger press against her backdoor. “Put it in me! Finger fuck my ass!” Cory didn’t even change pace on his oral affections as he pressed forward and kept pressing, bringing a long, drawn-out moan from his mom until his middle finger was completely buried. He didn’t pull his finger out, but instead slowly wiggled it around inside, looking for ways to stimulate her, and she obviously enjoyed what he was doing. “Dammit! Oh, God, that feels good!” she screamed.

Cory heard his sister moaning and looked over to catch her stroking her new toy rapidly in and out of herself. She was working on a pattern. Instead of working it straight in and out, she would curl it up slightly as she withdrew it, keeping it just inside before quickly pressing the base down and in again. “Cumming!” she squealed, pulling the toy out just as she ejected a fountain while her hips thrust uncontrollably, her legs taut and spread open.

Cory looked quickly at his mother, whose eyes were closed as she concentrated on her own pleasure. “Erin,” he said, “Let’s show mom your new toy.”

As soon as he said “mom”, Michelle’s eyes opened in recognition. Cory withdrew his finger from her ass and told her to turn over while Erin was settling in on her back, her head propped up on the pillows. Michelle’s face was between Erin’s knees while she was on her knees and elbows. She felt Cory’s tongue in her again and felt his finger pressing into her anus as he had been before.

“Go ahead,” breathed her mother, “Show me what you can do with that thing.” Erin smiled and pressed the curved tip to her clit, fighting to keep her eyes open as she watched her mother’s interest on her recent discovery. Again Erin focused on her own pleasure, working her curved g-spot vibe as she had done before. Her mother was watching intently, occasionally closing her eyes and/or moaning as she was receiving pleasure from Erin’s brother. She began to see her mother flinch from her own impending release and this pushed Erin over the edge, the stimulation from the vibrator forcing her climax out of her.

“Mom!” Erin cried. Michelle’s eyes snapped open just as she watched a stream of fluid burst forth over her shoulder and soaking her back, the warmth and sight of it setting her off. She came on her son’s tongue, her sphincter gripping Cory’s finger as her hips spasmed. Again Erin had started using the toy, this time at a fierce pace and she called out a second time. Michelle’s eyes were pinched closed in her own release, which served to protect her from a blast of hot liquid which hit her flush in the face, soaking her. Almost instinctively she opened her mouth to try and catch what she could, but the stream never hit her square. Instead she licked her lips, tasting the musky and somewhat sweet taste of her daughter’s release.

Erin stared in disbelief at her mother’s depravity. It was one thing not to see it coming, but it was another to chase the stream with her mouth while her son’s finger was buried in her ass, his tongue in her pussy. “Holy shit, mom!” She practically lunged at her mother!

Michelle was stunned and somewhat ashamed at what she had just done. What must her children think of her? Before she could sit up to clean her face, she felt the bed bounce hard and then a hard kiss on her lips, a tongue invading her mouth. Her son’s finger was quickly removed as she rolled to the side when her daughter pinned her to the bed. The tongue in her mouth quickly began taking long sweeps as it flattened against her cheeks. Her daughter moaned and in the background she heard her son mutter, “Holy fuck.” Michelle brought her own hand up to wipe the dripping, and now somewhat burning, fluid from her eyes before opening them to see her daughter with a huge smile on her face hovering above her.

“Oh, my God,” Erin laughed. “Mom, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Really?” Michelle was surprised, but felt a little better, letting a smile escape.

“Oh, yeah,” Erin nodded.

“Oh, HELL yeah!” Cory laughed.

“I didn’t mean to. It just happened,” their mom excused.

“I guess that makes you a natural sex goddess, then, mom. I’ve never seen anything like that.” Erin was still smiling, shaking her head.

Michelle sat up and picked up the toy, still soaked in her daughter’s release. “So, can I try this out?”

“Absolutely!” Erin said.

“Yay me!” Michelle giggled.

“Okay, so this is a g-spot vibe,” Erin explained. “You can play with it however you want, but it’s designed to be most effective only a short way in. If you can bear with the intensity, you might be able to squirt like I did. If you feel like you have to pee, you don’t, so let it go. Okay?”

“Okay,” she questioned, “but what I really do have to pee?”

“That doesn’t matter,” Cory interjected. “If you pee, you pee. So what? Just enjoy yourself.”

“If it will make you feel better, you can go pee first so you know it isn’t,” Erin offered.

“Okay. I think I’ll do that.” Michelle bounced up off the bed and made her way to the bathroom before emptying her bladder and making her way back to the bed. As she came back in she saw Cory with his cock buried in his sister’s mouth, her hand between her legs, working herself over. “Seriously?” she laughed. “I was gone for thirty seconds and you forget about me?” As she knelt on the be to take her place, she swatted Erin’s ass hard, a resounding SMACK echoing through the room. Erin grunted and came again right then, to everyone’s surprise.

“Oh, my God,” Erin said, pulling off of Cory’s swollen rod. “I was right on the edge, but that sent me over. That’s never happened before.”

“Note to self,” Cory laughed.

“Okay,” Michelle said, picking up the vibrator. “Back to work. Cory, let me have that,” she said, reaching out for his erection. Cory knee walked over to her and pressed his dick toward her mouth. She started sucking and licking on him while her hands busied themselves down below, one circling her clit, the other learning to use Erin’s toy. She would flinch and moan occasionally as she discovered the advantages of this toy over her others.

Erin sat at her mother’s feet, stroking herself and watching intently as the older beautiful brunette pleasured herself with the small purple vibrator, flinching in response to its effectiveness. Not content to just watch, Erin lifted her mother’s foot to remove her shoe and repeated the process with the other. Having her feet free, she kissed her mother’s toes through the stockings, bringing moans and shivers from her mom. Cory enjoyed watching her, too, she could tell. Keeping eye contact with her brother, she lifted her mother’s foot and licked along the sole, from the heel of her foot to the ball.

As Michelle began to experience the deep pleasure Erin’s little investment was bringing her, she felt the familiar urge to pee, but forced herself not to stop. She was not going to pee on the bed in front of her children, she told herself. She continued to work that vibrator into herself and pressed the curved tip against her sensitive g-spot. Her daughter had just removed her shoes and a new sensation over took her as a jolt shot from her foot directly to her pussy, kicking her arousal up a notch.

Erin now had her thumb pressed against her mother’s heel and was waiting for her to really approach the edge. Her mom’s leg was tensing against her, her abs were flinching, her eyes were pinched closed and she was moaning almost constantly now. As soon as she heard her mother’s groan catch in her throat, she scraped her thumbnail forcibly and quickly across the arch of her mother’s foot, seeming to force a spray from her mother, her own hand and thighs coated and the blanket darkened with her orgasm. Erin was out of range, but enjoyed watching her mother cum more than she thought she would. Dropping her mother’s foot, she watched as her brother backed away and her mom tried to catch her breath.

“Wow,” Michelle breathed. “That was amazing.” She was greeted by a kiss from first her son, then her daughter. She smiled at them both and stroked the cheek of the one kissing her. When Erin backed away, her mother grabbed Cory’s erection again and drew it to her mouth, pulling him forward. After one long lick along the underside, she pulled her knees up and said, “Erin, baby.”


“Would you toss momma’s salad?” She smiled nervously as she asked.

Erin felt her heart jump for a second, but then smiled and nodded. She had never done this before, but Megan had done it for her on several occasions and she loved the feelings. “It’s still just skin,” she had explained. “All I taste is the juice that ran down from your pussy.” Erin had already eaten her mom repeatedly, so she was willing to try. Her mother watched, cock in hand, as Erin lowered herself onto her stomach and pressed against the backs of the stockings. Her mother’s legs curled back even further toward her shoulders.

Erin loved the look of an aroused woman. Her mother’s dark pink labia were splayed open, coated in the sheen of her excitement. Above the clit was a trimmed patch of dark hair that ended abruptly at the edges. The stockings and hem of the night shirt seemed to frame the work of art that was the brunette’s center at the moment, the object of Erin’s present affection. Below the flared labia was a small circle of pink wrinkles, all pointing to center. As her mother waited with expectation, Erin could see it pulse once, being drawn into itself then released.

Michelle enjoyed that first touch of her daughter’s tongue on her clitoris. She flinched and moaned as a jolt of pleasure fired through her core. She was thankful for her daughter’s tutor(s) and had come to appreciate the pleasure of her children’s sexual freedom mixed with respect and compassion. Erin’s lips pulled first one lip and then the other into her mouth, lapping them with her tongue before releasing them to receive a gasp and moan. It was involuntary. Michelle couldn’t help it. Her daughter was an artist.

Cory watched the show as his mother idly stroked him. As much as he wanted more attention, he didn’t mind. He was enjoying the show. His mother’s grip would occasionally tighten in concert with a groan or yelp or gasp and the grip would again loosen with a sigh.

Her mother had not asked her to eat her pussy, but to lick her ass. As the ball of nerves in her stomach tightened up, she reminded herself, “It’s only skin. It’s only skin…” Never removing her tongue from her mother, the passionate blonde dipped into the pussy before her, sucked on the labia again and licked straight down the perineum, noting the change in texture, but also noting no change in taste. Relieved and excited at her mother’s response, she circled lightly around the rim of wrinkles and flicked lightly at the ridge where the anus and perineum met before randomly experimenting. Her hands squeezed at the thighs they held, expressing her own passion while also preventing the legs from slamming down onto her back.

Michelle had been trying not to grow impatient at the absence of Erin’s tongue on her ass. As much as she enjoyed her pussy eating, she wanted to feel that tongue further back. It didn’t take long for her daughter’s tongue to find its way down to the intended target and her mature lover moaned in appreciation. Oh, god, she couldn’t believe how much she liked having her ass licked. She tried to balance enjoying it with learning how to return the favor. What felt good, what did nothing? It was hard to tell because she was just a bundle of firing nerves in that area. The sensations Erin was giving by licking her were different than the sensations that came from having something pressed into her. The finger was strong and invasive, the tongue soft and delicate. But she loved them both. They both made her feel dirty, but also loved.

She loved the feeling of the tongue, but alone it wasn’t enough. Reaching over, she picked up the vibe again and had to let go of Cory’s dripping erection to turn it on. As soon as she felt it buzz to life, she grabbed her son again and this time pulled him into her mouth. She heard him groan as he pressed forward until he bumped into the inside of her cheek. She turned her head to provide a straighter shot into her mouth, but her lips bumped into her hand so he couldn’t go too far. She didn’t want to lose concentration by gagging or worse. The tip of the buzzing toy found its way to her clitoris, forcing a grunt and flinch due to the jarring pleasure she felt at its touch. Now she began the more rapid ascent to her orgasm. Her clit was pleasured by a vibrator, her ass by her daughter’s tongue, and her mouth was stimulated by her son’s hot erection filling her mouth. The only thing missing was… “OH!” she squealed.

Cory pinched his mother’s taut nipple through the satin nightgown. He couldn’t resist. He was almost overwhelmed with the feelings flowing through him. How had he lasted this long, he wondered. It must have been the slow play, the shift of focus to his mother and sister, almost third person. Now he was back in the thick of it. His mother was coating the head of his cock with her tongue while playing with herself as her daughter licked her ass. He wanted to be in that ass.

He backed away from his mother’s touch. “What’s wrong, baby?” she asked. She looked worried.

“Nothing, mom,” he smiled, stroking her cheek. “Just a little too much stimulation right now. I have somewhere else I want to be when I finish.” He glanced down at his sister when he said it.

Michelle was glad to hear that. It amped up her excitement as she anticipated losing her anal virginity to her son. “Me, too,” she giggled. Her brow quickly furrowed and her hand went to her own breast, squeezing it and pulling on her nipple as she worked the vibrator around and into herself. The tongue on her ass displayed more enthusiasm than had been there a few minutes ago.

Erin was enjoying herself immensely. One of her hands had snaked down to rub her clit as she lay on her own arm, pinning it beneath her. Her other hand was cupped under a cheek of the ass she was eating, and the leaking pussy continued to release flavor over the wrinkled star she explored. It was not enough to hear the buzz of her battery-powered friend, but now it would occasionally bump into her forehead as it was put to good use.

Michelle knew it was time to blow. The thought of being anally penetrated, the tongue at her backdoor, the vibrator on her clit, the pull at her nipple…it was all too much! She pressed the vibrator in against her g-spot and after a moment, a liquid fire burst out of her urethra before the tongue left her ass and the mouth clamped over her pussy. “Shit, she must be drowning,” she thought.

Erin, instead, was savoring the experience and the taste. As soon as her mother spasmed, Erin captured the stream and pussy in her mouth and began to swallow the loving spray as it escaped the imprisoning gland. She moaned into the vagina she was enjoying, trying to keep her mouth attached as the hips beneath her bucked up off the bed before dropping back to the now-soaked blanket.

Michelle was exhausted, but thrilled. She felt Cory move lower on the bed. “Wait!” she called. He stopped and looked at her.

Please don’t change your mind, he thought.

“Lube,” she wheezed, pointing limply at her nightstand.

Cory scrambled to the nightstand and opened it, pulling out a bottle of personal lubricant. She had thought of everything. He looked at it before being interrupted by her impatience.

“Hurry,” she said. “I want you in me.”

In a flash, he was between her legs. Erin had moved to the side and was holding her mother’s left leg up and over, keeping her spread for easy access. She reached down and stroked him a couple of times. Holding her hand out palm up, she didn’t have to wait for her brother to take the hint. He squirted some lube in her hand and she smeared it all over him, being careful to avoid the head any more than necessary. She held her hand out again and he poured some more into it. This time she smeared it around her mother’s anal area, being careful not to penetrate her, even though she knew she really should. She just wanted to see Cory’s cock forcing itself into her.

Cory tossed the bottle on the bed beside his sister and moved forward a little. Pressing her legs back and settling more onto his heels, he looked her in the eye and smiled. She had a look of pure lust on her face. Her eyes burned with fire. She wanted this, he knew. It wasn’t for him; it was for her. Her head was up so she could see the best she could. He rolled her hips up a little more as she pulled on her calves. Erin seemed enraptured, too.

Erin noticed the head of Cory’s cock distort as he tried to press forward against the resistant seal. It flattened out and moved to the side. His cock slid down toward her back briefly before he corrected it and tightened his grip at the base, causing it to swell in his fist. The veins were distended, the head swelled and she watched it begin to press against it again. This time she heard her mother gasp as the head suddenly disappeared.

“Ow! Wait,” Michelle breathed. Her hand flew to Cory’s stomach to push against him. She felt her daughter’s hand come down to caress her clit and for pleasure to return as she got used to the burning stretch of the intruder’s entrance.

He was in. He couldn’t believe it! He was in his mother’s ass. It was a tight fit, just at the head, the ring of muscles like a collar that’s just a little too small. His sister had started playing with his mother’s pussy again and she had ordered him to stop and wait. This was going to feel like a long wait, he figured. He just hoped she didn’t change her mind.

Michelle was starting to feel better and still wanted this. She continued to be aroused even more with her daughter’s hand stroking her. She looked at Cory, bit her bottom lip in preparation and nodded, her eyes fixed on his. He raised his eyebrows in uncertainty and she nodded again, mouthing “slowly.” He nodded his response. Slowly he pressed forward, opening her up even more, gradually filling her. She didn’t ask him to stop. She wanted to feel his balls on her ass, to know he was buried. It burned. It burned like hell, but she wanted this and hoped, no, knew it would feel better soon. He had disconnected his eyes from hers, choosing instead to watch their union form. She could only imagine what he was seeing. And she loved the image. What it must look like to see her son’s perfect cock pressed fully inside her, stretching her anal ring while her pussy was flared open, dripping in arousal. She felt a tingle at the image and shuddered.

Erin could not believe she was a part of this. She could actually see her butt grip his erection, pulling on her pussy as it stretched her open. Erin’s fingers continued to stimulate her mother, but her own pussy was in desperate need of attention. And maybe her ass? She had been thinking about it more since her talk with mom last night while Cory slept. Her mind had been made up: if tonight was the night her mother lost her ass cherry, it would be her night, too. She had used one of her other toys, not her new vibe, to experiment last night. Rubbing the head around her hole and then working it in, had brought some pleasure, a little pain at first, but with a toy it felt impersonal somehow. Would it be different with a real penis?

Cory groaned when he felt his balls resting against the soft skin of his mother’s ass. He couldn’t believe he was all the way in. It was tight at the entrance, but opened up inside, not like her pussy. He was rock hard, though, and it felt amazing. He had to be closer to his mother. He leaned down to kiss her, causing the angle of his cock to change and his head brushed against her inside. She gasped at his movement. He did, too.

He kissed her gently on the lips, bringing her tongue out to lick his lips. He returned her advance and the kiss quickly heated up. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and she rolled her hips, bringing another moan from both of them. “Oh, fuck,” she muttered into his mouth. “God, Cory, this feels so good,” she whined. “Go ahead,” she said, pulling back a little and looking in his eyes with pure lust. Through gritted teeth she demanded, “Fuck my ass.”

Cory propped up on his hands again and withdrew slowly, drawing a moan from Erin, who was now stroking both her mother’s pussy and her mother’s calf, the shin pulled tight against Erin’s body. It felt like she was sucking him back in, but he had to fight to withdraw. It. Was. Incredible. He pulled out smoothly until just the head was still captured and then pressed forward again. Once he was buried he repeated it and as she adjusted to it he began smoothly working himself in and out.

She couldn’t believe how good it felt. The searing pain had begun giving way to less discomfort and more pleasure. The tight grip of her sphincter seemed to beg him not to leave, and her brain felt the same way, but when he would return the muscles seemed to want him out. It was sweet conflict and she loved it. She began to feel flush all over, sweat forming on her face, hell, on her whole body. She wanted this. Loved it. Knew she would crave it. The faster he would go, the better it would feel. And through it all was an underlying discomfort, not quite pain. That’s what made it even better. But she wanted more.

“Get up here, baby,” Michelle called to Erin. “Sit on my face so I can eat you.”

Erin scrambled up, but as she was about to straddle her mother, she said, “Wait. I want to watch.”

“Then turn around and watch,” her mother laughed, jarred by the thrusting cock in her ass.

Erin sat on her mother’s face, looking at her brother concentrating on the pummeling he was giving. She settled onto her mouth and leaned forward to kiss her brother, which he met with equal fervor. She shivered and whined at the first touch of her mother’s tongue. She felt her mom’s arm force its way under Erin’s leg while the other arm embraced her thigh. As Michelle lapped at the pussy above her, she pressed a moistened finger up into her ass. Erin squealed before relaxing against it, enjoying the feeling of her mother’s invading digit.

“Mom has her finger in my ass,” she whispered to Cory. Cory picked up the pace, causing Michelle to both groan in a loud continuous stream and to increase her attack on her daughter’s clit and anus. Erin breathed out, “God, Cory, I want what mom is getting.”

That was it. Cory drove himself forcibly into his mother and blasted shot after shot of scalding cum into her bowels. He growled fiercely, feeling his entire core being forced out through the end of his dick.

His mother screamed, muffled as it was by her daughter’s crotch. It felt like fire flooding her insides, but she wanted it. She wanted more, whatever he had to offer. Her own climax shook her entire being, causing her to clamp around her son’s root and to drive her finger all the way into her daughter.

The knowledge that her brother was cumming in her mother’s ass, and the feeling of her mother’s tongue and finger working her over, and the imagination of her brother’s dick stuffed in her own ass, and the sound and feeling of her mother’s scream, drew Erin’s orgasm out of her. Her voice caught in her throat and she convulsed on her mother’s face, collapsing on top of her, her face mere inches from the connection that started her own imagination stirring.

After a moment, the two ladies lay resting, each facing the other’s cunt. Erin watched, and her mother felt, as Cory slowly rested on his heels again, his softening member pulling slowly from the tight ring of muscle that currently embraced it. She saw him slip free and a stream of his cum dribbled out, flowing from the stretched opening to gather in a pool on the blanket. The pussy above it was still red and wet and inviting. But she had nothing left to give. Not now anyway.

None of them did. Michelle pushed her daughter off of her. “Move, sweetie,” she said. “You’re hot.”

“Thanks,” giggled Erin, drawing a quick swat on her rear end from her mother, who laughed with her.

Cory had just lay down on his back at his mother’s feet, breathing heavily like the others. “Oh my God,” he breathed. “That was fucking incredible.”

“It sure was,” echoed Michelle. “I never knew anal would be like that.”

“So, Erin,” Cory asked, turning to face his sister. “Did you mean what you said?”

“Yeah,” she said, hardly believing he doubted her. “I did. I thought I wanted it before, after mom and I talked. Now that I’ve seen it live and saw mom respond, I know for a fact that I want it!”

“I should probably take a shower then. Cross-contamination and all that.”

“Erin,” Michelle said, “Go get a soapy cloth to clean him up. I don’t think my legs are working right now.” She laughed a little as she said it.

“Okay.” Erin bounced to the bathroom and turned on the faucet, waiting for the water to heat up as she found a washcloth in the closet.

“Cory,” Michelle called.

“Yeah?” He opened his heavy eyes and looked at her.

“Thank you for making my fantasy a reality.” She crawled over and lay down next to him.

“No. Thank you. That was a blast. Are we going to do it some more?” he asked expectantly.

“I hope so,” she laughed. She put her head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around her. “But that’s not what I mean.” She sighed and propped up to look in his eyes, her hand on his chest, idly playing with his chest hair. “Every little girl wants to grow up to marry Prince Charming. When reality hits we know he isn’t real, but there are still things we want. We want a man who loves us, charms us, takes care of us, treats us with dignity, and…well…fucks us silly.” She laughed a little, drawing a smile from him. “You are the man who does those things for me. You’re my fantasy. And you have become a reality for me. So thank you.” She kissed him lightly on the lips.

Cory didn’t know what to say. So he didn’t. He stroked her hair and gave her another kiss. Satisfied, she lay her head back on his chest and rested.

Erin returned with a hot soapy washcloth and cleaned her brother’s cock and balls and groin, gently caressing him, but being very thorough so as not to leave anything on him. She had handed her mother a warm wet cloth to clean herself up and then rinsed all three (she had cleaned herself in the bathroom) before returning to lie down with her family.

After a few minutes, Cory’s stomach growled. All three burst into laughter. “Shut up,” he laughed. “I can’t help it. I’m hungry.”

“I could eat a little something,” Erin agreed.

“Yeah, me, too.”

All three got up and walked to the kitchen, the mother still in her gown and stockings, but brother and sister still completely stripped. Erin pulled out the cheesecake and pulled the lid off the tin, dropping forks on the counter. When their mother turned around from the cabinet with three pie plates, she acted indignant.

“Hey! Where did you learn to do that?”

Erin just shrugged as she pulled the fork from her lips, leaving streaks of cheesecake on the tines.

“Come on, mom. Dig in,” Cory laughed.

“Well, okay, but that’s not very dignified,” she smiled.

“Says the woman who was just begging for a dick in her ass,” mumbled Erin. Cory’s eyes got wide as he looked at her before whipping his head to look at his mother, his fork still wedge between his lips.

“Erin!” cried Michelle. But she couldn’t hold her smile or her laugh. She flung a piece of cheesecake from her fork, hitting Erin squarely on her naked shoulder.

“You bitch!” she cried, laughing. Cory watched as the two women in his life wrestled cheesecake-filled forks from each other, an exchange of squeals, screams, laughing, and name-calling bouncing around the kitchen. He laughed with them, ducking to avoid flying cheesecake and errant silverware. Within a couple of minutes, both women were breathing hard and laughing, wiping cheesecake and graham cracker crumbs off their naked skin, and in his mom’s case, her nightgown.

“Look what you did,” she whined, still smiling.

“That’s what you get for wearing anything at all,” her daughter retorted.

“Well, you didn’t seem to mind it when you were stroking me after dinner.”

“I didn’t say I don’t like it. I just like you better with nothing.”

“So do I,” agreed Cory, licking some more cheesecake off his fork.

“So do I,” replied their mother. She reached her fork into the remaining cheesecake and took another bite.

“Well?” asked Cory.

“Well, what?” his mother replied, a twinkle in her eye.

“Cory dropped his fork on the counter in exasperation. “What are you still doing dressed?” he asked.

“Oh! You want me to take this off?” Michelle smiled, standing straight up. She couldn’t help but laugh after a moment, bringing more laughter from Cory and Erin.

Cory took a step around the counter and said, “Fine. I’ll just have to do it myself.”

His mother squealed and took off running, calling out, “You’ll have to catch me first!” Cory ran after her, his sister hot on his heels. He couldn’t believe how fast and agile his mom was, taking the stairs two at a time. She ducked into her room and just as Cory and Erin arrived, her door slammed into the frame, blocking them out. Cory wiggled the knob, noting it was locked.

“Knock, knock,” he sang, his face nose buried in the door jamb.

“Somebody in here,” she laughed back.

Erin stuck her hand under the door, palm up, wiggling her fingers and calling out, “We know you’re in there! You can’t hide forev-OW!” She began to whine before laughing, “Mom stepped on my fingers!” She was laughing as she tried to pull her hand out, but her fingers were trapped painlessly beneath the stocking-clad bare foot of her mother, who was cackling through the door.

“Take that!” she called through the hollow door.

“You’re going down now!” called Erin, trying unsuccessfully to withdraw her hand.

“Erin,” Cory said. “I forgot about my paper clip. I can pop this lock.”

“Go get it,” she said, still pulling away.

Cory lunged across the hall to his room, grabbed the paper clip off the top of his door frame and pushed it into the hole in the knob. It clicked, but his mother squealed and pushed the lock back in. Erin was able to pull her hand free, her mother obviously pre-occupied with keeping the door locked. Cory and his mom laughed as they each tried to control the lock for a few more seconds. Finally, he popped the lock and she didn’t press it back in. He turned the knob and pushed the door open, careful not to hit his mom, who may still be right on the other side.

When the door opened he and Erin saw her on standing in the middle of the bed, breathing heavily, just as they were. In her right hand she held Erin’s new toy, wielding it like a knife.

“I’m warning you,” she giggled, trying to sound intimidating, but failing terribly. “I’ve got a vibrator and I’m not afraid to use it.”

Erin shook her head and grabbed her brother’s penis. “Ain’t that just like a woman?” she asked in a gritty southern accent with a scowl. “Bringing a vibrator to a cock fight.” Almost immediately all three dropped into fits of laughter, Erin and Cory slumped over, out of breath, but laughing heartily. Their mother fell over on the bed, dropping the vibrator. She was shaking, but no sound came out except the occasional wheezing inhale. Her kids made their way over to the bed and sat down, laughing and she sat up, her face red and a big smile on her lips. She wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to settle herself down.

“Oh, wow,” she said. “That’s the most I’ve laughed in a long time.”

“That’s great and everything,” Erin said, turning serious, “But you’re still wearing that nightgown.” She couldn’t help but let a wicked smile escape.

“Get her!” Cory yelled, pouncing on his mother as Erin joined him in piling on top of her.

Their mother laughed and squirmed, trying to break free, but her son was too strong as he held her thighs while his sister pulled at the hem of her gown to try and get it off over her head. Michelle was trying to decide if she should hold the gown, cross her arms or try to fight back.

“Turn her over!” Erin commanded and Cory worked with his sister to fight their mom over onto her stomach, her gown up around her upper back. All three were laughing, Cory’s arms wrapped around her lower thighs and knees, Erin pulling at one arm while trying also to pull up on the gown, to get it over that same arm. She was surprised at her mother’s strength. Just then, she remembered the smack her mom had given her on the ass earlier in the evening and seeing her mother’s bare skin exposed, she quickly pulled back and brought her hand down flat against one of her globes.


“SHIT!” screamed Michelle, “THAT HURT!” She was trying not to laugh, but the sting was sharp. She felt it begin to burn and throb. She stopped fighting as she dealt with the pain.

“Oh, my god, Erin! You left a hand print!” Cory belted out. “What the hell? We’re just playing.” He loosened his grip on his mother and sat back, stroking the hand print. He looked pissed. Erin had seen this before when she would take their jokes a step too far. “Mom, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” She sat up on her hip and craned her neck to try and see the pink hand that was on prominent display against the white skin. She ran her hand over it. “It feels hot.” She looked at Erin. “That really hurt, honey.”

“Payback’s a bitch,” she smiled.

“I’m not playing around, Erin. That really hurt,” Michelle fumed.

“Jeez! Sorry!” Erin crossed her arms. “I was just playing around. I didn’t mean to hurt you. God.”

Michelle’s heart broke. “Come here,” she said, extending her arms out. Erin crawled the five feet and sat next to her mom, wrapping her arms around her waist as her mother’s embrace covered her shoulders. Michelle rested her cheek on the top of Erin’s head. “It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to. I was just surprised, is all. I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“It’s okay. I deserved it.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, too, Erin,” Cory echoed. His sister just nodded in acceptance.

They sat there quietly for less than a minute, but it felt longer. “You know, Cory,” his mother said quietly, stroking her daughter’s hair. “I just learned something from your sister.”

“Oh, yeah? What’s that?”

“Once the initial shock wore off, that was kind of nice.” She smiled at him. Erin sat up.

“Really, mom?” Erin had that glint in her eye again. “Because that’s what I was hoping for. I liked it when you popped me and I was hoping you would like it, too. I really didn’t mean to hit you that hard.”

“Well, maybe we should learn together how much is too much.” She winked at the blonde at her hip. Placing her hand on her daughter’s thigh, she asked, “What do you think?”

Erin nodded with a smile. “Sounds like fun.”

Her mom patted her on the thigh as she stood. “Okay, turn around.” She pulled the nightgown over her head as her daughter got on her hands and knees on the bed, her feet hanging over the edge. Michelle took a similar position next to her and winked at her. After a few seconds, she looked over her shoulder at Cory. “Well?” She wiggled her hips a little at him. “How about a hand?”

Cory was on his feet in a flash. “Uh…what do I…uh?”

“Start with something strong, but playful.” He loved when a woman looked over her shoulder at him like that. It was about the sexiest thing. “Do me first, then give Erin the same thing.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“And Cory?”


“Aim a little low, where the butt meets the thigh. It’s more sensitive there.”

“All right.” Cory took a deep breath. He pulled his arm back and slapped his mother’s ass right where she had asked. It was pretty light but he was being cautious.

“Okay, you can start any time now,” she teased. Erin laughed.

Cory drew back and smacked a little harder. “Better,” she breathed.

He repeated the shot on the smaller ass, getting an “OH!” in response, followed by a giggle.

“Harder now,” he heard is mother say.

“Yes, harder,” Erin said, nodding quickly.

Back and forth Cory slapped first his mother’s ass, then his sister’s, each time bringing a harder shot. Their cries increased to groans and then yelps while their breathing quickened and their cheeks reddened. He would notice as his erection grew, that each of them would either stick their hips back to meet his hand or they would arch their backs in spasms.

On one particularly solid smack, Erin yelped and dropped her head to the mattress. Her hips flinched. Either she had had an orgasm or she was about to. Her mother, on the other hand had not, although she was clearly enjoying herself. Seeing her daughter respond the way she was, she rose up onto her knees and turned to face Erin’s hips.

“Keep going, Cory. Let’s focus on Erin now.” She stroked Erin’s back, running her hands from her neck to her haunches. Giving Erin a solid slap on her already pink cheek, she noted Erin’s moaning response and the twist of her hips. She could see and smell her daughter’s arousal.

Cory pulled his hand back and let loose with another solid shot on her left cheek, then before she could recover, one on her right cheek. She was practically whimpering now. Her hips never stopped moving; they were flinching or rolling or pressing back, but never still.

Erin couldn’t believe the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling. Her mom was running her hands lightly over her skin, keeping her nerves firing, and her brother would meet her with open-handed slaps, forcing her body to respond to the stark contrast of her mother’s gentle touches. She could feel her orgasm teetering on the edge, waiting for another strong sensation, but not knowing when or what kind of stimulation it would take. That only added to her excitement. Another stinging hand, but this time it was the combination of a new sensation with it.

Michelle couldn’t resist. She quickly wrapped her arm underneath her daughter’s waist and ran her fingers over her daughter’s clit as her son let his hand fly one more time. Her daughter groaned in response, although to whose touch, she could not say. Michelle’s fingers circled the wet labia and clitoris, smoothly and firmly. Her own arousal increased as she touched her daughter. It was almost like she was touching herself.

The hand on her pussy and the hand on her butt brought Erin right to the edge. Her hips were jumping on their own. Her head was swimming, a numbing tingle raced through her core from her cunt to her brain and back again, a neural superhighway. Her mother’s hand continued to stroke her, one finger beginning to dip into her as she stroked back and forth now, pulling lubrication from her to make the orbit around her clitoris more enjoyable. It was at this point that she felt her mother shift and felt the breasts pressed against her side.

Cory was has hard as a rock now, enthralled at what he was seeing. His mother winked at him with a crooked smile and maintained eye contact with him as she bent over his sister’s back, licked her lips and then extended her tongue while she lowered her head to Erin’s backside.

The spanking had stopped and Erin was just about to ask why when she felt it. Her orgasm ripped through her when her mother’s tongue touched her anus. She let out a wail and it was only her mom’s grip on her waist that kept her from lunging forward onto her stomach. She felt the surge rip through her and her thighs and calves splashed with warmth at her release. The fingers that had been stroking her were now firmly rooted inside her pussy as she clamped around them. Her mother’s palm was pressed against her mound, stimulating her clit as her fingers thrust steadily in and out of her pussy.

Michelle felt her daughter’s contractions on her fingers while feeling the flood of her juices on her palm, running down her wrist. She saw the spray of Erin’s orgasm before she decided to dig her fingers into her so she could ride out the pleasure. Her tongue never stopped working as the lithe blonde bucked against her, trying to fight her way out Michelle’s grasp, but that just wasn’t going to happen, she told herself. As Erin settled down, Michelle backed away and brought her hand up to graze across her daughter’s backdoor, drawing a moan from her lips.

“Erin,” she whispered in her ear, “Do you want to feel your brother’s cock in your pussy?”

Erin didn’t say anything, but nodded frantically. She did. She did want to feel it.

“Cory,” his mother said, never looking at him, but tracing his sister’s body with her eyes. “Why don’t you fuck your sister? She would like that.”

“So would I,” he said, taking a step forward. Michelle took hold of him, sucked him into her mouth and bobbed on his shaft a few times before lining him up against her. He pressed forward and buried himself, his gruff moan blending with the more feminine whine of his sister, bringing a smile to their mother’s face.

Erin was still getting stroked on her clit while being plowed by a cock, when she felt the return of her mother’s tongue on her asshole. She was again on fire. It was all too much for her and she again felt her orgasm quickly rising, begging for release.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “I’m cumming!” She groaned as she splashed against her brother’s cock and balls and thighs. She heard her mother’s encouragement, but could not make out what she was saying. As she came down, her brother continued to move in her, but her mom had stopped and was back at her ear.

“I’m going to get your ass ready for that cock.”

Erin shuddered.

“You want it, don’t you?” Michelle asked.


“Tell me.”

“I want his cock in my ass.” She was out of breath, trying to say the words.

“Tell your brother what you want. Look him in the eye and tell him.”

Erin forced herself back up onto her hands and turned to look over her shoulder, fire burning from her stare into her brother’s deep brown eyes. “Cory, I want you to bury that cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me with it like you fucked mom. Please.”

How could Cory say no to that. He almost came at the request. “I want that, too, Erin. I want to be as far in your ass as I can get.”

Their mother was oddly proud and unsurprisingly aroused. She reached for the lube on the night stand and poured some on Erin’s wrinkles before dropping the tube on the bed next to her and working a finger in. As Erin moaned her mother could feel the tight ring gripping her finger. “Keep fucking her, Cor,” she invited. Cory began to move again, slowly, keeping himself mostly buried to avoid too much stimulation on the head of his dick.

The sexual antics at Kate’s house intensify, but Jeremy grows up, and breaks out on his own.

Author’s note: The Jeremy’s Mom’s House stories were very well received three years ago. My apologies to the fans of those stories for making them wait so long for the conclusion. If you have not read those stories, you can still understand and enjoy the sex in this long conclusion, but to get to know the characters and the situation, reading the first two chapters will help you enjoy this story more.

Kate woke up wet between her legs and with her sheets soaked. She and Jeremy had agreed not to torture themselves over what they had done, but Kate had trouble suppressing that “What have we done?” feeling.

Nevertheless, desire overcame that feeling. Jeremy had gone back to his own bed during the night and Kate wanted so much to go to him and feel that magnificent member inside her again. Making love with Jeremy was as close as she had ever felt – or ever could feel – to having Jack back with her, so many years after his death. She missed him so much.

But mostly she was just plain horny.

Kate had given permission for Jeremy’s friends to come back over that day, and she knew that after what had happened there would be sexual tension in the air. She wanted them to get naked and swim in the pool so she could look at their cocks again. She recalled how she stripped off all her clothes in front of them and the sexual thrill she got from watching them watch her.

She wanted to strip for them again, spread her legs and watch their cocks get hard, then take them, one after another, and after they were spent and had gone home, take Jeremy into her bed once again.

It frightened her. Only a couple of weeks before, Kate had taken no notice of when Jeremy’s friends were over, or of them swimming in the nude and walking in and out of her house undressed. They had been doing it so long, ever since they were young boys, that she learned not to look on the situation as sexual at all.

Sex had not been a big part of her life. She seemed to be doing Ok with the occasional romp with a man who wanted to take her out.

But now she thought about sex constantly. Suddenly seeing her son’s extremely attractive friends as sexual beings and feeling their appreciation for her body awakened passions that carried her away.

She needed to take her mind off what she and Jeremy had done and off the sexually charged situation with his friends, so she jumped out of bed and into the shower.

Kate was dressed in a flash and off to meet her Saturday morning coffee clutch friends, who she had been neglecting for a while.

As a way of taking her mind off things, it didn’t work. As she entered the coffee shop, she was thinking of how wonderful Jeremy’s 12-inch cock felt sliding in and out of her and her thoroughly satisfying orgasm that followed.

“Well, look who’s back, and with a story to tell!” Sarah chimed in as Kate sat down. “It’s so good to see you again and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to!”

“Nothing much,” Kate tried to brush off the question. “No big stories to tell here.”

“Now, don’t give me that ‘Oh, nothing!’ business,” Sarah said, mocking Kate’s response. “You can’t walk in here glowing with a just-fucked look on your face and tell us that nothing has been going on!”

That damned Sarah, Kate thought. She was incredibly perceptive, along with being incredibly seductive. Kate wondered if those two skills the fiery redhead possessed in abundance somehow went together. But Sarah certainly had a way of wrapping people, particularly men, around her little finger.

“Come on, girls, am I right? You could tell something was up with her as soon as you laid eyes on her, couldn’t you.”

“Well, you did have a certain satisfied smile on your face as you came in the door, before you even saw where we were sitting,” said Pam. The gorgeous blond smiled a brilliant white-teeth smile, set off by her bright red lips. Kate always wondered how much time Pam spent doing her makeup in the morning. Pam wasn’t too heavily made up, like a grotesque streetwalker would be, but she left little to chance, from her full lips to her beautiful blue eyes, her long manicured nails and perfect pedicures. In her mid-30s and divorced, Pam got plenty of attention from interested men.

“And I detected a little bit of a blush when Sarah called you on it,” said Joni with a sly smile. A very pretty brunette with a slightly freckled face, Joni seemed shy in the eyes of many people

. But Kate saw how wild she would get in a club after a few drinks, and she remembered her on the basketball court back in high school.

Kate and Joni were the same age, and were friends back then. Extremely tall for a woman at 6’2″, Joni still kept herself in great shape, and had the most beautiful, long, athletic legs anyone had ever seen. She never married.

“So, tell us all about it, especially the dirty parts!” Sarah said. “Who is he, and does it look promising?”

“No, it’s not like that!” Kate said, realizing immediately that her response was not a complete denial and would get her into further trouble. But she could scarcely tell them that her fabulous lover from the night before was her own son, whom she was thrilled had inherited his late father’s magnificent cock.

“So what is it like?” Pam probed. “You’re not going to tell us his name?”

“No, there’s no man,” Kate protested. But before she could get out another word, Sarah interrupted.

“Oh no! Kate, you mean you finally explored your ‘bi’ side? I always knew you would someday.”

The others laughed.

“And I wanted to be your first,” Joni pouted.

“You guys! Stop it! I haven’t been having sex with any women either,” Kate protested. “Look, some really weird things have been happening around my house lately and . . . well . . . they’ve been fun, but it feels really strange.”

“Now you’re really got us intrigued,” Pam said.

“OK, out with it. What kind of weird things? And I dare you to mention anything kinkier than what I’ve already done dozens of times,” said Sarah.

“It’s just that some things that have been going on at my house for years, that were no big deal, suddenly turned. . . erotic.”

“We’re listening,” Sarah said, encouraging her to go on.

Kate had to extract solemn promises not to tell anyone before she went on.

“Well, since they were little, Jeremy’s friends had been coming over and swimming in our pool. And when they were, like, 12, they asked if they could go skinny-dipping, and I said they could. Well, that was all right when they were that young, but over the years they did it a lot, to the point that they just normally swam naked. I just kind of got used to having these naked teenage boys around my house and never paid much attention. Well, they’re 20 now, and they’re all pretty hot.”

“You. Have. Naked. 20-year-old. Men,” Joni said deliberately, pausing after each word. “Hanging around your back yard all summer, and you haven’t invited us over?”

The recriminations came from all sides, as did the accusations that she had nothing to complain about. Of the three, only Sarah was married, and the others said seeing 20-year-old hunks naked all the time was more action than they’d been getting lately.

Kate confided in how she caught them watching porn and in a playful situation ended up giving them all hand jobs, though she lied and denied having done so for Jeremy. She even told them about what happened with Matt, but nothing about sex play with Jeremy.

And she lamented the guilt she felt over having sex with one of Jeremy’s friends and how he might feel if he found out.

“Well, I would love to get my hands on this Matt fellow to teach him a little respect,” Sarah said. “He needs to learn that women are not there for him to control.”

“Well, I’d love to get my hands on any of them!” Pam said.

All of the women were in their 30s, but Kate and Joni were the oldest at 38. The idea of naked 20-year-old men excited them to no end.

Kate finally relented and agreed to propose to the boys a little party, with her friends invited, though she made her friends promise that if the party came down, it would be hands off her son.

Secretly, Kate wanted to keep him for herself.

Kate killed some time after the morning coffee gathering. She got a pedicure and had her hair done. The significance of her spending time making herself more attractive was not lost on her. Far from taking her mind off things, the talk with her friends refocused her mind and energy on sex. The fact that they envied her with those sexy young men in her house so much and wanted to be a part of it emboldened her.

But she was still frightened when she pulled into her driveway.

She shut off the car and sat for a moment. She could tell from the cars that Jeremy’s friends were over, though Matt’s truck wasn’t there. He could have ridden with one of the others, but Kate hoped he really wasn’t there. He frightened her.

No, Kate reflected. She was frightened all right, but not of Matt, despite the rough way he handled her.

Kate knew the fear she felt was fear of herself. The resentment she felt over how Matt had taken her had long passed, and when she thought of that young, powerful, naked body handling her like a rag doll and fucking her hard, her juices flowed and her breathing quickened. She wanted him again.

She wanted to see Cory and Josh naked again, to feel their hard cocks in her hand and revel in bringing them to release. But she was suddenly afraid of what she might do with them, and how that might be a betrayal of something special she had shared with Jeremy.

Kate found Jeremy, Cory and Josh sitting around the kitchen counter sharing a frozen pizza and cans of beer. Matt was not there.

“Hi, Mrs. C. Jeremy said he didn’t know where you went, but said it was OK if we came over,” the polite and handsome Josh said.

“Josh, you know you guys have always been welcome here and haven’t had to ask for permission to come over since you were. . . let’s see. . . since you were still wearing swim suits in the pool,” Kate smiled.

“That was a long time ago – except for when we brought girlfriends over,” Cory said.

“So, how long have you guys been here?” Kate asked.

“About an hour. We had to wake up lazy butt here,” Cory said, nodding toward Jeremy.”He said he had a long night, but wouldn’t tell us what he did.”

“I didn’t really want frozen pizza for breakfast, even at 2 in the afternoon,” Jeremy said. “But they pulled one out when I said I had to get something to eat.”

“You slept until 2?” Kate said.

“One, actually,” Jeremy replied looking away. He looked up and looked his mother in the eye.

“I had a hard time falling asleep last night,” he said.

Kate wanted to smile at him, but feared sending any signals that she had any idea why he would have been sleepless.

Kate went to the refrigerator and grabbed a can of beer for herself. She could feel dampness between her legs as she contemplated what might happen next.

“Where’s Matt?” Kate asked, knowing it was something of an odd question. This group of friends wasn’t always together.

“He had to help his dad with something today,” Josh said.

“Hey, I’m gonna hit the shower, guys. I’ll be right back with you,” Jeremy said, taking one last piece of pizza with him.

“We might be in the pool,” Cory said.

“So, how about it, Mrs. C? You want to go swimming with us,” Cory continued after a brief pause.

He had a devilish little smile on his face that Kate found incredibly sexy. She wondered why he wasn’t more popular with the girls, just because of that carefree attitude and those strong shoulders.

Kate met his gaze and gave an impish, I-know-what-you’re-thinking smile back at him.

She felt a thrill go through her loins and knew she was positively leaking into her panties.. She knew what she wanted to do, but would have to summon the courage to do it.

Her eyes darted over to Josh, who looked a little uncomfortable, while Cory continued to grin at her.

“Well, I don’t know,” Kate said, trying to sound innocent. “I’ll have to look for my suit. . . I think I might have it. . .”

She pulled on the top of her blouse and peered down, as if looking to remind herself of what she was wearing underneath.

“Oh, yes, I think this one will do nicely.”

Kate began unbuttoning her blouse, continuing to look down rather than at the boys. She trusted she had their full attention. She slipped the garment off her shoulders and laid it gently on one of the counter stools in front of her. She was wearing one of her sexy bras, which lifted her nicely and let part of her areolas peek over the top of the beige lace.

“Mmm. . . I really don’t want to get this one wet,” she said, undoing the back snap. She looked up at her audience as she let the straps slide down her shoulders. They were both grinning ear-to-ear, with Josh clearly blushing.

Kate placed the bra with her top, then unsnapped her shorts. They were tight and she had to wriggle them down past her hips. As she slid them down, she saw an obvious dark wet spot on her beige panties, and she noticed her own aroma immediately.

It embarrassed her, but she wanted the boys to see that she was aroused. It aroused her more. So when she stepped out of the shorts, she snagged them with her toe and lifted them up to reach them. It caused her to momentarily spread her legs apart and make more apparent the sign of her arousal.

She put her shorts with the rest, then, with a quick movement pulled her wet panties all the way down to her ankles, bending over and letting her breasts swing freely below her.

“Yes, this is my favorite swim suit,” she said. “It also doubles as my birthday suit – but you guys have seen it before. I hope you brought your suits. I’m going to get some towels,” she said.

The boys were speechless as the completely nude Kate walked around the counter and right past them toward the hall. She stopped at a hall closet and gathered four full-sized towels and some sunscreen, then stopped outside the bathroom door, where Jeremy had not yet stepped into the shower.

“Jeremy, we’ll be in the pool. I’m wearing the same suit you saw me in when you came home the other day. You can just come out and join us when you’re done if you want.”

Kate held the towels in front of her breasts, but could see the boys were focused directly on her bald pussy as she came back down the hall and turned toward the patio door behind the dining room that led to the deck and pool.

The security stick placed in the track to keep the door from sliding open was still in place. Kate bent low at the waist, just a few feet from Josh and Cory, giving them an obscene view of her ass and pussy, to remove it.

She slid open the door and walked out, winking at the boys as she closed the door.

She wanted them hard when they stripped off to join her.

Kate really didn’t have a plan beyond that point. She knew she had teased them unmercifully and was anxious to see if they took the bait and would get naked in the pool with her. She really just wanted to have a naked party with them on the deck, relishing looking at their bodies and letting them look at her, then perhaps do a little fooling around later.

She didn’t want to look back to see what they were doing, but figured they probably hadn’t taken their eyes off of her. Rather that jump in the pool, Kate stopped at the big patio table, put the towels down and picked up the sunscreen.

She squirted a little on her right hand and started to rub down her arm, all the while avoiding looking back at the patio door. She finished and did her other arm the same way, then squirted a generous amount on her left hand. She distributed it evenly between both hands and got to work on her bare and pale breasts, white from a summer spent hidden under swim suit tops.

Kate rubbed down over her breasts several times, then back up again, lifting her “girls” and rubbing underneath the sag that she lamented had just appeared in the last 10 years. Still, she thought she had a nice pair, and she hoped the boys noticed as she rubbed up and down, making her nipples erect in the process.

Kate gate them each a pinch, then rubbed around the sides of her mounds. She wondered what was taking the boys so long. She hoped they would strip naked and run out behind her.

Kate worked lotion down her belly and around her sides, and did not neglect her bald pussy. She lingered there, rubbing up and down her slit until she heard the patio door open.

Jeremy walked out, with a towel from his shower wrapped around him.

Kate smiled a little, then calmly sat down in a poolside reclining chair, trying to act as if nothing unusual were going on. She wondered if she had overplayed her hand. After an intimate night with Jeremy to suddenly come on to his friends so boldly was probably more than a little over-the-top, she thought. But she was so damned horny!

“Mom, what are you doing?” Jeremy protested.

Kate almost gave him and innocent “What???”

But she felt she owed him honesty, and if the night before meant anything at all, she had to be honest.

“I…I’m sorry, Jeremy,” she said. “I wasn’t really trying to start anything with your friends. I was just trying to entice them to come out and swim nude. I woke up so incredibly horny after last night and I just felt like sitting back and watching them run around with their dicks flopping around. I wasn’t going to do anything but watch. . . and it kind of turned me on all the more to let them watch me.”

“Oh, come on, Mom,” Jeremy said. “You know you can’t act this way in front of some guys without them thinking it’s going to lead to something. And you’ve been around long enough to know that stuff like this gets out of hand in a hurry.”

Kate blushed. She knew she had instigated all of this, right from the start. Now she was pushing the envelope further.

She looked away and searched for words.

“So I come out of the bathroom and find Corey and Josh stripped down to their shorts and watching you rub oil all over yourself. Of course, they’re too embarrassed to come out with their hard-ons pointing out. Plus, they have to be wondering with you coming on to them how I feel about this.”

Kate stopped thinking about the dampness between her legs as her eyes welled up with tears.

She grabbed a towel to cover herself.

“I’m sorry, Jeremy,” she said. “You’re right. I’m letting things get too out of control, with them, and you.

“Maybe I should just go back inside,” she said, starting to stand up.

“No, Mom, they’ll think that I’m mad, at you or at them. I just don’t want you fooling around with my friends in front of me. I mean, it really complicates things with my friends.”

“What do you want me to do?” Kate asked, in a tone that begged for a way out of the predicament.

“Just – just sit down and relax and stop being a tease,” Jeremy pleaded.

“Ok – I tell you what, just go inside and get me my book from next the recliner in the living room and bring it out to me. Tell Josh and Corey that I’m just going to get some sun and I’m not going to bother them if they come out to swim. It will be like old times.”

As Jeremy walked back to the patio doors, she thought it would be like old times, except that she would be sitting there nude. She had changed things forever, and she couldn’t put things back the way they were, even if she wanted to.

Rightfully chastised, Kate sat quietly and read her book in the nude. She didn’t know what Jeremy told his friends, but they came out, swam nude, and out of the corner of her eye she would watch their magnificent cocks bouncing around as they ran in and out of the pool.

She saw the boys stealing glances at her – even Jeremy, nude like his friends. Their cocks would grow a bit, then settle down as they swam and took their minds off of her.

Feigning modesty, and heat from the sun, Kate covered her sex with a towel, before they could notice that she was visibly leaking.

After a while, Kate quietly got up and walked inside. She could not resist leaving her towel behind and wondering as she walked away how many eyes were on her 38-year-old ass.

Kate went upstairs to lay down, first stopping at her daughter’s vacant bedroom overlooking the deck below. The boys had settled down and were sitting around having a beer, no longer swimming, but still nude. She couldn’t see their softening tools very well from that vantage point, so she went to her own room to lie down and snooze.

It was late afternoon when she awoke. She went downstairs, still nude, and found Jeremy and his friends gone. She searched the refrigerator for something to eat and, feeling lazy, settled on a cold piece of leftover pizza and a beer. The house seemed so empty to her and she suddenly felt terribly alone. She recalled how she woke up so incredibly horny, how she behaved in front of Jeremy’s friends, and how it all ended with her just taking a long nap.

She started missing Jack again and thought of how nice it would be to have a man around again to seduce – or to have take control of her, as Jack often did. All that had happened lately had awakened that sexual side of hers that had lain dormant for so many years.

Kate got dressed, settled down, made some popcorn, and watched TV, having a few drinks while waiting for Jeremy to come home.

Jeremy sat on the deck overlooking the lake at a cabin owned by Beth Conrad’s parents. Josh and Corey were by the bonfire at the lakeshore, near the tap. He had come with them, following in his own car, though he really felt like being alone.

Things had been moving too fast for him, he thought. What happened with his mother had made him feel closer to her, but how she behaved around his friends, enticing them, bothered him deeply, and made him wonder if what was between him and his mother was special or just as lurid as what she wanted to do with his friends.

How could it not be lurid? It was his own mother. But he wasn’t supposed to torture himself over that, they had agreed.

“So, Jeremy, why so deep in thought?” he was suddenly interrupted.

It was Beth, who flashed her big smile at him. She was about 5’5″ with a terrific build. Her white blouse was tied at her waist, revealing a flat stomach and cute little belly button. She had it unbuttoned enough on top to show an ample amount of cleavage. Her face and hair were as gorgeous as her body, making her one of the most sought-after young women in the small community.

“Oh, Beth,” Jeremy snapped out of it, somewhat taken aback that she talked to him. “Sorry, I’ve just had a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, family stuff. You don’t want to know.”

“Ok, but I’ll tell you what I really want to know,” Beth said. “Is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“The rumors about you.”

“What rumors?” Jeremy asked, horrified.

“You know,” Beth teased. “About. . . you know. . .”


“Don’t get weird. It’s nothing bad. In fact, I heard it’s really, really good,” she continued, smiling broadly.

“Well, I haven’t heard. What are you talking about?”

“Well, I heard that . . . well, you just like to say that you’re ‘gifted.’” Beth said.

Suddenly realizing what she was referring to, Jeremy felt relieved that she wasn’t talking about rumors about him and his mom. But he didn’t know how to respond to what Beth was saying.

“Well, I. . .I. . .I, um. . .”

Beth started to giggle. “Jeremy! I embarrassed you! Don’t stammer. All you have to do is tell me – how ‘gifted’ are you?”

Beth held up her hands and put “quote” marks around the word “gifted,” then moved her hands further apart and did it again.

Jeremy wondered which of his friends had been talking about him. He didn’t appreciate it. But he did appreciate the attention from Beth.

“Well, you did catch me off guard with this,” Jeremy said. “But I’m not one to brag. Notice that other people are talking about me. I’m not going around saying anything.”

“So it is true?” Beth asked.

“What do you expect me to do, stand up and show you?”

“That’d be nice!” she exclaimed with a huge, hopeful smile.

“What would be nice?” asked Stephanie, a friend of Beth, who walked up obviously a little inebriated.

“Uhh.. . . If Jeremy would go get me another beer,” Beth said, handing him her empty plastic cup. “It looks like he needs one too!”

Jeremy smiled, took the cup and headed for the tap, leaving Beth and Stephanie on the deck.

Jeremy got back to the deck with Beth’s beer, and one for himself, but she was nowhere to be found. He walked around the inside of the house a bit and still didn’t find her. Going back to the deck, he settled back into a chair and waited for Beth to return. Could it really be that she was hitting on him? But then where was she?

Jeremy’s cell phone rang with a text message. He pulled it out and didn’t recognize the calling number.

It was a photo – a close shot of a beautiful pussy, the lips clearly visible through sparse light blond hair. The message read, “I showed you mine. . . Upstairs. 2nd room on right. Locked, but knock 3X.”

Jeremy rapped lightly three times and momentarily the door opened just a crack. One of Beth’s blue eyes peered out with enough of her bright red lips with freshened lipstick to reveal a slight, sexy smile. She opened the door enough for him to slip in and she quickly clicked it shut again.

Beth locked her fingers behind Jeremy’s neck and pulled him close into a passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined, but he loved to nibble on her lower lip, then her upper in turn, feeling with his own lips their fullness, their firmness – their youth.

His right hand reached up and cupped her breast, and she did not move away, but instead pulled him closer. He knew what she was up to. His body had already responded to her kiss, and the thought of what might come to pass.

Being shorter, Beth had to raise herself up on her bare tiptoes to try to press her pubic bone against him, but couldn’t quite manage. But putting a hand on his backside, she pulled him tight and felt with her belly the enormous bulge in his pants, pointing straight up toward his beltline.

Jeremy unbuttoned the three buttons on her blouse and she let it fall off her shoulders. He fumbled like the amateur he was looking for the clasp on her bra before she reached back and unhooked it for him.

“Oh my God!” he gasped, taking her two huge mounds in his hands. The one girlfriend he had had small breasts. Beth’s were big, larger than his mom’s, but he was most amazed at how they stood so erect, with no sag. He ran his hands over the smooth, white skin and felt her nipples rise as his palms crossed over the large areolas.

Jeremy kissed her again. “My God, you’re beautiful!” he said.

She smiled at him, then kissed him back, while her hands started to fumble with his belt buckle. He gave no resistance as she opened his pants and plunged a hand in to take out his enormous member.

Jeremy helped her by sliding his pants down past his hips and stepping back enough that his full manhood could point straight back at her and she could take in all its length. It was her turn to marvel.

“Oh my God! Is it ever true!” she said.

She took it in both her hands and rubbed its full length, then ran her soft fingertips over it, tracing the line of a bulging vein with an index finger. She outlined the edge of the head with the same fingertip, holding him steady with the grip of her other hand.

“Oh my!” she said again. “You are absolutely beautiful.”

Jeremy kissed her hair.

“No, you are absolutely beautiful,” he answered. “Probably the best looking girl I know.”

“Do you really think so?” she asked, looking up at him.

“You’re the best looking girl most guys around here know,” Jeremy assured her. He hugged her close while she still held his cock in both hands. Their lips met and their tongues intertwined until she broke the kiss.

“I think it’s time for me to kneel,” she said, beginning to go down.

“No, Beth, you don’t have to.”

“But I really want to,” she smiled at him as she settled on her knees.

“Mmmmmm,” Beth moaned as if getting a dish of her favorite ice cream. She cupped his balls with one hand and started to jerk on his cock back and forth with the other, her fist gripping him tightly.

She planted a kiss on the tip of his cock then looked down as if to see if she had left a mark. She cast her eyes up toward Jeremy, smiled, and with her eyes still locked on his, closed those full red lips around his swelling cock head and began to bathe it with her tongue.

“Oh God!!!” Jeremy exclaimed. She felt Beth take in more and more of it until he felt her tongue licking him about a third of the way down. She backed off and pressed hard with the tip of her tongue on the underside of his cock head, just below tip.


“Are you sensitive there?” Beth asked, taking him out of her mouth and looking up at him again.

“It just feels so good! So intense!”

“I love making you feel intense!” she replied, taking him back in her mouth and resuming.

Jeremy could scarcely believe the lips of this beautiful girl were closed around his cock. He never thought he stood a chance with someone as beautiful as her. No, girls like Beth were for guys like Matt and Josh. He always stayed in the back, hardly noticed by the popular girls.

Beth started to jerk him swiftly with her right hand while her left squeezed his balls tight and her mouth furiously worked the limited part of his full length that she could fit in without gagging.

“Beth, no, you’re going to make me. . .”

“Beth! Beth!” a female voice started to shout from the hall. They heard knocking and doors opening until there was a knock on the room they were in. The intruder found the door locked.

Jeremy struggled to get his pants up and his throbbing member hidden while Beth went looking for her top.

“Beth, are you in there?!! Come on! Your parents just pulled into the driveway!”

“Oh my God!” Beth hollered. “Tell everyone to get out. I’m coming!

Turning to Jeremy she said, hurriedly, “Hurry up, you’ve got to get downstairs before they come in!”

Jeremy was buckling his belt already while Beth, her breasts still visible through an unbuttoned top, unlocked the door to let him out.

“What about your friend out there?” he asked.

“No time, just run!” Beth said.

Jeremy spilled into the hall, with Stephanie out in the hall to see him emerge. She smiled as Jeremy ran by, falling in behind him. Jeremy wondered if Stephanie had noticed the bulge in his jeans going halfway down his leg. He reached the bottom of the stairs just as he saw two middle-aged people come through the door from the garage. He was certain that they did not see that he had come from upstairs.

Jeremy bolted out the back patio door and circled the house among a scrambling bunch of young people, few of them over 21 and a handful not yet 18.

There would be trouble over this, he was sure. He just hoped his interrupted encounter with Beth did not cause her trouble with her parents. But Stephanie, he was sure, would start the rumor mill churning some more.

Kate finished watching her movie and went upstairs to her bedroom. She undressed and reached for her robe, but paused.

Shutting the door to her room, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She was still attractive, “hot” as the boys said. She lifted up each of her full breasts and recalled when they were so firm they stood up on their own. Jack marveled at them the first time he saw them, playing with them with wonder in his eyes. She remembered how he looked in her eyes and she looked in his.

And she remembered how she soon felt his member in her hands, and how it was her turn to marvel.

She reached down and dipped her fingers between her legs. She was still unbelievably horny, ever since that day in the family room.

She went to the bed, lay down and spread her legs wide. It took only a few minutes to bring herself off, but it didn’t satisfy the itch she felt. She dozed off a bit.

Jeremy pulled into his mom’s driveway with a serious case of blue balls. When they were interrupted, he was about to come in Beth’s mouth, and was trying to warn her of it. Then all hell broke loose. His cock had calmed down on the drive home, but not his balls, which seriously needed emptying.

He found his mom up, wearing a bathrobe and snacking on some grapes at the counter. He needed relief, and seeing her at the counter hardly dressed made his cock stir, but he was disappointed to see her, in a way, because he didn’t want to hook up with his mom again right away. He wasn’t sure whether he ever should go there again.

“Hi,” she said. “So what time did you guys pull out of here?” she asked.

“I don’t even remember, mom. What’s the difference?”

“Nothing, just curious. Been to a party or something?

“Yeah, at Beth Conrad’s. I’m sure you’ll hear about it. Her parents came home unexpectedly and everyone ran. Not everyone is as cool as you are about underage drinking.”

“Well, I’m only cool about 19-and-20-year-olds and drinking, because the legal age was 18 back when I was that age,” she said. “Were there high school kids there?”

“Probably a few,” he said, grabbing a couple of grapes for himself.

There was a slight pause, and Jeremy circled around the counter as if to head upstairs or to the bathroom, then Kate began, “Listen, Jeremy, I’m sorry about how I behaved before with your friends. I needed to be reined in. It’s what I was telling you last night. Jeremy, I hardly ever thought of sex for the longest time. When I did, I would put it out of my mind or take care of myself. Then that thing happened with your friends, and . . .”

Kate paused, nervous about bringing up the subject again. Jeremy turned to face her, and she spun around in the tall counter stool. She forced herself to just be honest.

“And I saw how much you reminded me of your father. Since then, it’s been like a floodgate opening and I can’t stop thinking about sex.

“I think you were probably right. If you hadn’t said something, I would have kept teasing your friends until we really got into it and I was jerking them off again – or more. You were 100% right to put a stop to it.”

“Well. I think the guys appreciated you just lying around without your clothes, since you were used to seeing them that way, but I think they left a little frustrated.”

“Well, I went up and took a nap a little frustrated,” Kate said with a smile. She turned in her chair again and went back to snacking.

Jeremy came up behind Kate and put his right hand on her shoulder, his left settling on her hip.

“Well, I wore a towel outside to hide what you were doing to me,” Jeremy explained. “I could hardly walk around showing that my Mom was turning me on.”

Kate took her left hand and took Jeremy’s hand on her shoulder, intertwining their fingers.

“You’re sweet,” she said.

Jeremy moved his hands up and started to pull Kate’s robe off her shoulders. She let it drop from her back and leaned each way to get her arms out of the wide sleeves. Jeremy reached over her shoulders from behind and cupped both her breasts and lifted them. He couldn’t help but think about Beth’s perfect pair and wondered if his mom’s were that way when she was younger. Still, they were very nice breasts and tweaking the nipples and feeling them respond between his thumb and forefinger made him respond as well.

His ache had not gone away. He needed release.

Kate leaned her head against his firm, young chest, closed her eyes and smiled.

She felt his manhood, a living replica of her late husband’s, rise and nudge her in the small of her back and he continued to caress her breasts.

Kate reached her right hand back and searched for his cock. She felt it swell and become fully erect. Her breathing quickened as she massaged him through his jeans.

He put both hands to work massaging her breasts, began to kiss her neck and ears, just the way Jack used to do it, she thought.

Jeremy turned her around on the swiveling stool, grasped her waist and pulled her forward toward the edge of the stool and opened the bottom part of her robe to reveal her full nudity underneath.

Kate knew what he wanted, and did not object. And she thought of how much like Jack he was. So like Jack, taking control, and forcing her to a decision from which she knew there was no turning back.

She allowed him to part her knees, and simply watched as he unbuckled his pants and let them drop. It’s what she would have done with Jack. He didn’t like her to try to undress him. He undressed himself when he wanted her, and when he did so in front of her like that, it was her signal to submit.

Jeremy pulled down his underwear and his erect cock sprung out, precum already dripping from it.

The fingers of his right hand probed her, and the fingers of her right hand felt the tremendous length of what was about to be buried inside her.

Voluntarily, Kate lifted her knees up and held them with her hands far apart, offering her sex to him.

Jeremy rubbed the tip of his cock up and down along the length of Kate’s pussy. He looked up and their eyes met as he slowly entered her.

“Oh!” Kate gasped quietly as she felt his huge member moving ever deeper inside her.

Jeremy did it on purpose, making an incredibly slow entry so he could feel her wetness and warmth enveloping him as he moved forward.

It took him a few seconds to get all the way in, but to both he and his mother it felt like minutes. Kate’s eyes became wider and her jaw dropped as she felt him plunge ever deeper, sliding so slowly past her outer and inner lips. She remembered the first time Jack entered her and how surprised she was she was able to take all of him in.

She gazed into her lover’s eyes, which also had the look of a long-ago memory, as he began to move in and out of her, still slowly yet very deliberately, taking so, so long to pull nearly out before easing back in.

The pace heightened the sensations. Kate could feel her lips swell with arousal, and felt Jeremy’s tool swelling even larger and harder inside her. Jeremy felt the desire build inside of him and his balls rising and tightening. He knew he would not last long. He picked up the tempo.

“Uh. . .uh. … uh. . . .” Kate panted as Jeremy started to pound into her with greater force. She, too, sensed he wouldn’t last long.

She reached her hand down to massage her clit as he made love to her.

“May I?” she asked permission as she began.

When she asked, a sudden feeling of thrill and fear went through her. She knew immediately why she had asked. Jack never liked her to pleasure herself while he made love to her. To bring her off was his job, he always thought.

She had forgotten that detail about her lovemaking with Jack until the old memory made her ask permission before doing it with Jeremy.

Jeremy did not respond, put plunged even harder and faster, while Kate rubbed herself furiously.

Jeremy could not hold the gaze into Kate’s eyes long. He looked down and watched himself moving in and out of her and thought about what might have happened had he and Beth not been interrupted, and wondered if there was still a chance to finish what they started.

Running through Kate’s mind were images of Jack mounting her, of herself mounting Jeremy’s cock the night before, of Josh and Corey’s cocks swinging as they ran around the deck in and out of the pool that afternoon, of Matt taking her so forcefully.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!” Kate screamed as she gushed in orgasm.

Jeremy pushed all the way in and froze as he felt the inevitable build-up of his ejaculation; Kate pulled him closer.

“I want all of you!” she said.

“Uhhh!” Jeremy gasped as he shot his load into her.

Kate held him close, pushing her pelvis into him, letting him fill her with his hot cum.

Jeremy leaned forward and braced himself on the counter behind her.

‘”Oh, God! That was intense!” he said.

“For me too!” Kate whispered in his ear.

Jeremy withdrew and turned to grab a kitchen towel and hand it to his mother. She took it and started to wipe her son’s penis.

He recoiled a bit.

“Oh! Careful! It’s a little sensitive now,” he said. “I meant the towel for you.”

Kate said nothing but continued to gently clean off Jeremy’s massive member. She didn’t want to get so graphic as to tell him that she always loved the feeling of a man’s cum inside of her, and the feeling right after sex of his hot seed leaking out of her.

She stood up and embraced Jeremy, knowing full well that her still-flowing juices would wash out his thick semen.

Kate pressed her breasts into him as she pulled him tight to her. She felt herself dripping, the sexy fluids running down her inner thighs.

“Oh, thank you, Jeremy,” she said. “After last night, I didn’t know what to think. It made me so horny today, but I still felt guilty, and at the same time I was afraid it was just a one-time thing, when I so much wanted to feel you again.”

“I needed some relief, too,” Jeremy said after a pause.

Kate pulled back a bit and looked at Jeremy.

“I don’t know where this will end, but I just know I don’t want it to end yet,” she said.

He kissed her tenderly.

“I love you, Mom,” he said.

“I love you too.”

Jeremy pulled up his pants and excused himself. He really did love her, but felt horrible about having used her. He knew what he did was to relieve himself of the sexual pressure his encounter with Beth brought on. But at the same time, he wasn’t entirely sure of who was using whom.

Something else reminded Kate of Jack – a trace of red lipstick and the precum on Jeremy’s cock as soon as he pulled his pants down, how quickly he erupted in her, and the sheer volume of his fluid, as if he had been building up the load instead of just having a seemingly quick encounter.

She wondered what Jeremy had been up to before he came home – just as she wondered about Jack so many years before.

Going back to his room, happy to have had release without using his own hand, Jeremy’s thoughts went back to Beth. He pulled out his cell phone and texted her:

“I’m sure you’re going to be in big trouble over this. I’m sorry. Let me know if there’s anything I can do. I loved the photo you sent, but deleted it so no one ever gets a hold of it. You really should be careful with that kind of thing. Some guys would send it around and post it on the web and stuff. I won’t. It’s gone.”

Jeremy wanted to preserve the memory, thinking he probably would never get that kind of chance with her again, but saving it didn’t seem worth the risk. She was in enough trouble without a photo of her pussy getting around if anyone got a hold of his phone.

The boys were already nude and jumping in and out of the pool before Kate’s friends arrived. They already had a few beers, and a shot of tequila each, by design. It was Sarah’s idea.

It was also her idea that Kate bounce the idea of the party inviting the “girls” off of all of Jeremy’s friends instead of asking Jeremy to approach them.

When they were all over, Kate behaved herself, remaining fully dressed, served them some burgers and a couple of beers, and asked them if they would like to have a party. She would provide all of the beer and drinks and all the pizza they could eat. They just had to have a good time on her deck and in her pool as they always did.

Only, this time, she would invite a few friends over – three to be exact. She named them. The boys remembered Jeremy’s description of his mom’s hot friends.

“Will they be swimming with us?” Matt asked.

“Well. . . they’ll bring the same kinds of suits you guys always wear. Whether or not they’ll jump in the pool wearing them I can’t say for sure,” Kate said with a wink. “But I have no doubt that watching you guys will give them more than a few ideas.”

Matt, Josh and Corey immediately agreed. Jeremy looked at his mom and said, “Well, OK.”

And so Sarah led the way through the patio door that Kate opened for them.

The pool was above ground, but large and deep as such pools go and installed to have the top level with the deck, possible because of the slope of the yard.

“Oh, my! Well, you weren’t kidding,” Joni said as the three took in the sight of Matt, Josh and Corey in the pool, throwing around a volleyball. They were obviously not wearing swimming trunks.

“This is so cool,” Pam said.

“Well, it’s about time you invited us over for this,” Sarah said. “You obviously need help taking full advantage of the situation.”

The women came out carrying cocktails they made inside, and settled down into chairs around the patio table, all sitting with a good view of the water. A tray of hors d’oeuvres sat in the middle of the table.

Kate sat with a slight smile on her face, knowing how much her friends were enjoying this. The other three women were beaming with huge grins.

“I just can’t believe this,” Joni said. “So this is what you’ve been doing all summer. Sitting on your neck enjoying the view.”

“I do not!” Kate protested. “I just go about my business. Do you really think every time they come over and swim that I sit out here and drool over them?”

“That’s what I would do,” said Pam.

“You’d be staring out at them with your hand in your pants the whole time,” Joni retorted.

“Oh yeah, right,” Pam shot back. “Tell me this isn’t making you wet!”

“It is not making me wet!” Joni protested with a slight blush.

Aware that they had company, the boys glanced over now and then, checking out their audience and wondering what might transpire later.

It was no surprise to Kate that Matt was the first one to be bold. He climbed out of the pool bare naked and stood in front of the women, water dripping from him, his cock not hard, but engorged enough to be impressive. Kate glanced at her friends, whose eyes were clearly locked on Matt’s manhood, watching a bead of water drop off the tip.

“Hey, Mrs. C., get Jeremy out here. We want to get a game of water polo going and we need a fourth,” he said, then after a pause looked at Kate’s friends and added. “Unless one of you wants to come in the pool and play with us.”

That got them laughing at first.

“Maybe later,” Sarah said.

“No, we’d like to see Jeremy play. It’d be a better game that way,” Pam said.

“Yeah, Kate, go get Jeremy,” Joni added.

Kate knew Matt was simply showing off. He had no need to get out of the pool to say that. She started to get up when Jeremy, possibly having overheard, came out the patio door, wearing a bulky pair of swim trunks.

“What’s with the suit?” Matt asked.

As soon as Jeremy got past the women he peeled it off and plunged in the pool, revealing only his youthful butt in the process.

“He’s a little bashful, I guess,” Matt said. “No one can figure out why. I damned sure wouldn’t be if I was him.”

Matt jumped back in, and Joni promptly corrected herself. “Ok, now I’m getting wet!”

The boys started to play, their cocks buoyant under the water. The women started to chat, watching the boys as they did so. After a bit, the boys came out, with the bold Matt leading the way, followed by Corey, Josh and Jeremy.

That stopped the women’s chat cold as all eyes turned toward the dripping wet, naked young men on display before them. Kate heard a couple of barely-audible gasps as Jeremy emerged from the water. Then three sets of eyes stole glances over toward her, though her friends were discreet enough to make no comment. Jeremy was blushing just a bit.

“Beer break!” Josh declared, heading directly for the cooler, which Kate had strategically located next to where the women would be seated.

“So who won?” Pam asked, making conversation.

“Matt and Jeremy are ahead. Matt’s team always wins,” Josh replied.

“But we think they were cheating. I think I saw one of those big polo mallets Jeremy snuck into the pool,” Corey joked.

“Actually, I thought he was riding a horse,” Josh added. “I thought I saw part of one anyway.”

Everyone laughed, even Jeremy, the moment seeming to loosen him up.

“You guys are just jealous! Way jealous!” Sarah declared. “Jeremy, don’t let them give you a hard time. They just wish they were like you!”

“She’s right, Jeremy,” Matt said. “It’s kind of like kicking ass out on the field and some guy from the other team starts giving you shit. You just point at the scoreboard. You’re a fuckin’ walking scoreboard. Just point down at it.”

“Actually, I do let them give me a hard time, but I don’t have to say anything,” Jeremy responded. “Just keeping quiet is the same as pointing to the scoreboard.”

“Actually, all of you boys – or shall I say ‘young men’ are – are absolutely beautiful,” Sarah said. “Thanks for letting us come over and sharing yourselves with us.

“Am I right, girls,” Sarah continued, turning toward her friends. “Aren’t they all just beautiful?”

She started a round of applause for the boys, and Corey started a clowning-around bowing that the others joined in on. Matt motioned with an open palm toward Jeremy’s crotch the way a conductor elicits applause for a soloist. The women roared in laughter and increased their applause, and Jeremy bowed all the deeper, laughing too.

Kate was relieved for the lighthearted moment that broke the ice about what was at that point a bit of a CFNM party.

The boys were guzzling their beers and helping themselves to the food on the table. Kate kept her eyes on Jeremy, who seemed to relax and become more comfortable with the situation. He knew the women were eyeing him appreciatively and had lost his embarrassment about it.

Jeremy pulled up a chair next to Sarah, which blocked the view of his cock from anyone but her. Kate recalled the comment he made about her “hot” redheaded friend back in the downstairs family room when she was listening around the corner.

Sarah smiled at Jeremy and from the movement of her right shoulder, it looked to Kate as if she had just patted him on the knee.

Corey and Josh sat down by the beer; Matt went in to the bathroom. Conversation went on between people like at a regular party, as if everyone was oblivious to the fact that the boys were completely naked.

Sarah was asking Jeremy about college, if he had a girlfriend there, making general small talk, and more than occasionally glancing down at Jeremy’s lap. Most every woman Kate knew would have tried to steal glances, afraid of getting caught, but that wasn’t Sarah. She didn’t care if Jeremy noticed, almost as if she wanted him to.

Jeremy did notice, and at one point, out of the view of his mother, responded by spreading his legs a little wider. He felt his cock stir a bit under her gaze. Sarah smiled at him again.

He really did think Sarah was the most beautiful redhead he’d ever seen. Everything she did seemed sensuous to him.

Matt came back and stood talking with the other guys while they each started on a second beer. Soon, he announced, “Well, I’m getting hot again. Time to get back in the pool. Don’t any of you ladies want to get wet?”

“I think the better question is, which of them are already wet,” Kate quipped.

“Speaking for yourself?” Pam said.

“Come on, you mean none of you are brave enough to go swimming with four naked guys? We went first,” Matt said.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind a little dip,” Sarah said. “Kate, would you mind if I used the pool, too?”

“Uhhh. . . Go right ahead,” Kate replied.

Sarah stood up. “Excuse me, Jeremy,” she said, sliding out of her chair toward him.

Jeremy slid back, then just stood up out of the way.

Sarah was wearing a yellow floral mid-length sleeveless summer dress that buttoned down the front. It was cut tight across the chest, squeezing her ample breasts together and emphasizing them.

She started to unbutton the tiny buttons from the top down, and conversation stopped as all eyes turned toward her. Kate knew Sarah well and had no doubt she was in the process of stripping naked and her next moves would liven up the party in probably some dangerous ways.

When Sarah unbuttoned to her midsection, she was able to slip her arms out and let the garment drop, stepping out of it with feet left bare when she first sat down and slipped off her sandals. A light pink lacy bra designed to give good lift to her large breasts and a matching thong were all she wore underneath.

She slipped the bra off her shoulders with some difficulty, spun it around and unclasped it from the front. She immediately bent over, letting her breasts dangle down in front of her as she picked up the dress and laid it gently across the back of her chair, placing the bra on top of it.

Her breasts sagged down a bit once free from the bra. Sarah’s breasts were the kind that a man could lift and feel their weight, and squeeze together with his cock in between. Yet her nipples pointed straight forward, not down as they do for women whose breasts sag more.

Her areolas were the size of silver dollars and a pale pink, topped by bright pink nipples that stood out and erect.

Like many redheads, her skin was a pale white. Her hips were no doubt broader than she would like them. Sarah clearly carried a few extra pounds, but she carried them well. The word “voluptuous” seemed made for her.

Kate tried to view the whole scene from an objective viewpoint. The boys were mesmerized by Sarah’s strip, and their cocks rose quickly – men of that age had as difficult a time keeping them down as older men do getting them up. Meanwhile, the women, more embarrassed by their friend disrobing than they were over the nude boys, turned their eyes away from Sarah, and quickly noticed what was happening to the boys.

It became even more evident when Sarah lowered her thong, stepped out of it, and placed it with the rest of her clothes.

She displayed a completely bald pussy, as smooth as if she had never had hair there at all. In fact, there was no trace of hair on her body from the red curls around her shoulders to her feet.

“Have I embarrassed you boys?” she asked. “Come on, I have a birthday suit, too!” She motioned with her hands to emphasize her nudity. “You showed us yours. Why does it embarrass you if I show you mine?”

Of course, she knew it really didn’t embarrass them, just excited them. Matt’s seven cut inches stood out, and he didn’t care who noticed. Corey’s average-length uncut cock with impressive thickness came fully erect, with the head poking out through the foreskin. He tried to hide it with his hands without being too obvious about it, which is the same thing Josh did. His cut member was not as big as Matt’s, but longer though less thick than Corey’s.

But their cocks got little notice from Pam and Joni, who could not take their eyes off Jeremy.

His 12 inches stood out in all its glory. He didn’t notice the women staring at his cock, even his mother, because he could not take his eyes of Sarah, who clearly captivated him. Sarah, ever the seductress, knew this, and strategically ignored him when he wanted most for her to look at what he had to offer.

“Well, I hope the water’s cold, because you guys could use some cooling off,” Sarah said, walking toward the water, making her hips swing and drawing attention to a beautiful, plump ass. She dove in and swam underwater to the opposite side. Four young men, their cocks at full mast, followed her.

Joni and Pam looked at Kate.

“Why did none of that surprise me?” Joni said. “That’s Sarah.”

“Get out of here, Joni. You weren’t even looking at Sarah, no more than I was. You were staring at Jeremy the whole time, weren’t you?” Pam said, then she looked at Kate. “Kate, he is something else!”

“I know. Takes after his father,” Kate said with a wink.

Sarah swam to the other side of the pool and back, with the boys just watching her, as if they weren’t sure what they were supposed to do with a naked woman in their pool with them.

When Sarah reached the side by the deck again, she called out, “Come on, now, girls. You’re not going to let me have all these naked boys all to myself, are you?”

Kate and Pam said nothing. Joni gave a deep sigh, stood up and peeled off her t-shirt.

“I am probably going to regret this, but I know if I don’t do it, I’ll be laying in bed tonight masturbating and asking myself why in the world I didn’t take advantage of this when I had the chance.

Joni pulled her tight sports bra over her head and let it fall on the deck floor with her shirt. Her breasts were on the small side and widely separated, with small, manly nipples. The light freckles on her pretty face extended down just above her breasts. She yanked down her shorts and panties with one move, stepped out of them and headed for the water. The tan lines showed that she ran a lot in sports bra and gym shorts. Her long, athletic legs were probably her most attractive feature, along with her flat, toned stomach. Joni didn’t shave the hair between her legs, but it looked like she trimmed it shorter to keep it from getting too bushy and sticking out from a bathing suit bottom.

“All right!” Corey shouted as he watched another naked woman dive into the pool.

“”Hey we’re even again. We can get back to our game,” Josh said. “We’ll take Joni and you guys can have Sarah.”

“Does that mean I can have Sarah?” Jeremy asked, feigning excitement in his voice.

“Oh, wouldn’t you love to,” Sarah said. “Maybe later.”

“She will eat him alive, Kate,” Pam said, hearing the banter from the pool.

“That’s what I said,” Kate answered, recalling those exact words going through her mind when she first heard Jeremy refer to Sarah as “hot.”

“So are you brave enough to join them?” Pam asked.

“I would feel kind of weird being naked in the pool with Jeremy, his friends and my friends,” Kate said, though she knew she was lying. She wanted to get in there in the worst way, but thought it would look bad. “I think Jeremy and I would be Ok with it if it were just the two of us, but in front of everyone – I don’t want to embarrass him.”

“I know what you mean,” Pam said. “I’ll keep you company here and we’ll just enjoy the view.”

While they were talking, Sarah was plotting.

“Ok, if we’re going to play a game, we have to make it for something,” she said quietly. “I say the winning team gets to throw Pam in the pool and take her clothes.”

Everyone loved that idea.

The game wasn’t much of a contest, because Sarah had other things on her mind. She managed to back into her teammates Jeremy and Matt fairly often, letting their cocks rest or poke between the cheeks of her full buttocks. Her buoyant breasts got in the way a lot too. Meanwhile, Joni was more than a match for the distracted Matt. She took command of her team, got them to be aggressive, and showed off her own athletic talents, not to mention her lovely breasts, which were above water a lot due to her long legs.

When they decided to give up the game, Corey and Josh climbed out of the water and Joni stayed behind.

“Beer break!” Corey called out as he and Josh headed for the cooler.

“So who’s winning?” Pam asked.

“We won.” Josh said. “Want to know what we won?”



The beer was a diversion. They jumped her, with Corey grabbing her arms and Josh her legs.

Pam screamed as they picked her up.

“You guys no!!! Kate! Make them stop!!! Ahhhh!”

She went in with a sudden toss and Joni was there to greet her, keeping her off balance while Corey and Josh got back in the water and grabbed her by her hands and feet again, keeping her floating on her back. To Pam’s screaming protests, Joni grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head and off, with Corey temporarily using it to keep her hands tied together.

Joni dove under the water to unhook the bra, then grabbed the waistband of her shorts and swam south with them. The boys finished pulling off the shirt and shorts – and thong with them.

Just for good measure, when they had her bottomless, Matt came over and grabbed one of Pam’s ankles and, understanding what he had in mind right away, Josh pulled in one direction and Matt the other.

“Noooo!!!” Pam protested, realizing she was being spread open for all to see. She tried to thrash around, but found herself helpless.

“Come on, Pam, don’t be shy,” Joni teased her. “It’s a naked pool party, and you were practically the only one left with clothes. See, the boys want to see.”

Pam was spread wide, revealing a pussy that was so clean shaven it gave no clue as to how close her bright blonde hair was to her natural hair color. They spread her wide enough apart that the noticeable color was pink. Noticing, Joni teased her some more.

“Shall we see if we can make the boys hard?” Joni said, reaching down and spreading Pam’s pussy apart

“Joniiii! I’ll get you for this!”

Joni let her go but grabbed the bra, still partially on Pam, and pulled it free as the boys released her.

The naked Pam stood up in the pool, taking the classic pose, one hand between her legs and the other arm across her breasts.

“That was mean! And nasty!” she complained.

“Well, you know what they say, a party where everyone is naked is nasty only if it’s done right,” a giggling Kate said from the sidelines.

“I’m the mean one, Pam,” Sarah confessed. “It was my idea that we play the game, with the winner getting your clothes.”

The clothes were handed off to Jeremy, who ran them into the house.

Kate followed him.

Everyone piled out of the pool and headed for the beer cooler, and by then everyone was comfortable with the mixed-sex and mixed-generation nudity. Everyone except the pitiful Pam, of course. She stood in the pool trying to cover herself and looking up at the deck at three half-erect cocks, excited by the display she was forced to put on, and the overall sexually-charged situation.

Sarah was being naughty, reaching back and tickling Matt’s balls when no one was looking. He jumped back, startled, but then reached around to do the same on her crotch. Instead of jumping back, she grabbed him hand and held it to her. He inserted a finger as she looked up at him with the slightest of smiles. She pulled his hand away after a couple of seconds and he promptly licked his finger as he looked down at her.

Joni witnessed the exchange, and blushed slightly.

“Come on, Pam,” Sarah called out. “We’re sorry. We’re also all naked. After what Joni did you don’t have any secrets left, so come on up and join the party.”

“”Hey, you’re as hot as anyone here. Don’t be shy,” Josh encouraged.

Still holding her arm across her breast, Pam came out. “I need a drink,” she said.

Josh handed her a beer.

“Really, we didn’t mean to bum you out. It was all in good fun – under the circumstances, I guess. If we’d known you take it hard, we wouldn’t have done it,” he said.

“Speak for yourself, Josh,” Joni retorted. “I owed her one, and got back at her. Now she has to get back at me. We’ve been doing this back-and-forth for years.”

Pam released her breasts to take the beer. “And I WILL get back at you,” Pam said. “You seem to forget, I do your taxes. I suggest you start investing in something you can barter. And YOU, Sarah. This was your idea? I’ll get you, too.”

“Well, why don’t you just do the same to me?” Sarah said. She spread her legs apart and held up her arms, making sure her nudity was apparent. “Come, take my clothes away. I’m still waiting to meet the person who can embarrass me.”

“Wow,” Josh said at Sarah’s bold display. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Well,” said Sarah, going up to him and putting an arm around his waist. “What do I have to do to make a believer out of you?”

Corey grabbed his beer bottle and held it like a microphone and started to sing loudly, “Then I saw her tits! Now I’m a believer! Not a trace! Of doubt in my mind!”

“I’m in lust!” Matt joined in with the same line Corey sang, as if they had done this before. “Ohhhhhhh I’m a believer! I wanna fuck her! I’m gonna try!”

There were some chuckles all around, but hardly peals of laughter.

“That sounds kind if high school to me,” Joni groaned.

“That’s exactly where it came from,” Matt said. “Did you make that up, Corey, or did someone else? We all knew it.”

“I don’t even remember,” Corey said. “But I don’t want to take the blame for it.”

That got more people laughing.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s hand wandered down to grab a feel of Josh’s butt. He glanced up at her smiling face, and she gave him a sexy wink.

Inside the house Jeremy had thrown Pam’s wet clothes in the drier, then went looking for his mom, first in the family room where it all began, then around the first floor and upstairs.

“Mom?? Mom??”

“Here, Jeremy,” she replied, from Wendy’s seldom-used room.

Still naked, he went in to join her.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Just watching. I got the feeling things were about to get out of hand. I seemed to have my choice between stripping down and getting in the pool with the rest of you and coming inside.”

The window from Wendy’s room overlooked the deck. Jeremy came up behind and looked over her shoulder at the scene below.

Three naked 30-something women were mingling with three naked young men barely 20. One could tell from looking that the atmosphere was sexually-charged, though no obvious sex was going on at the time. They were naked, singing, and drinking beer.

“So why did you choose coming inside? You hadn’t been that bashful lately?” Jeremy asked.

“Well, you and I are obviously comfortable being naked with each other, but my friends don’t know that, and I was afraid to get them started wondering by getting in the pool naked with you and all your friends.

“Didn’t you think of that before you invited them over?” Jeremy asked.

Kate didn’t answer, as then she was transfixed by the scene unfolding below her.

Sarah had subtly moved over toward Matt and took his erect cock in hand. She led him by it toward the corner of the edge of the deck. She didn’t lead him all the way that way, but released his cock and put her arm around him and seemed to be saying something to him as she led him away.

“What’s she up to?” Kate asked.

Jeremy said nothing, but wished it was his cock Sarah was leading away.

Matt stood on the edge of the deck, placed there by Sarah, who walked down the few steps on the side of the deck, then down the sloped lawn and around the corner of the deck until she stood on the grass in front of Matt, the outside edge of the above-ground pool to her right. Matt stood above her, his erect cock on the same level with her face. Kate, watching above, saw that that was the idea.

“Oh, my God, she’s going to do it right in front of everyone!” Kate said.

Sarah took Matt’s cock and looked up at him with her seductive green eyes, smiled, then took him in her mouth. She got his cock nice and wet and squeezed his balls uncomfortably tight until Matt winced and Sarah smiled up at him with a look in her eyes as if to suggest she had him just where she wanted him.

“She’s got him in the palm of her hand,” Kate said. “It’s amazing how Sarah can do that to men!”

“I’ve noticed,” Jeremy said.

Sarah, still holding Matt’s cock, said something to the group watching them and motioned with a finger to invite others over. The boys came running immediately and stood next to Matt in a line, all cocks pointing straight forward.

Sarah put Matt’s cock back in her mouth, then moved on to Corey, saying something to the women before taking him in her mouth. Joni and Pam moved down to join her.

“Oh, it’s getting hot down there!” Kate said, standing up and reaching back to find Jeremy’s huge cock. She backed up a bit and pulled him by his cock closer to her, pressing her butt against him before bending over again.

Down below, the scene was set. Pam was on the end, taking Matt into her mouth, followed by Sarah servicing Corey, and Joni, bending over slightly because of her height, taking Josh.

Upstairs, Kate pulled down her shorts and stepped out of them. She stood and pushed back so Jeremy’s cock, pointing up, could rest between her ass cheeks while she pulled off her top and bra.

Down on the deck the women switched, each getting a new cock to suck. Upstairs, Jeremy entered Kate from behind.

Sarah directed the scene, winking at Corey as she gave him a playful gentle kiss on the tip of his cock.

“OK, girls, time to switch!”

She moved on to Josh.

“You are one lovely young man!” she said, licking around his head then closing her lips around him. Josh tried to thrust, his excitement level reaching the bursting point. Sarah gently placed her hand on his flat stomach to signal him to stop. Men always seemed to obey her.

Her tongue danced circles around Josh’s member. “Oh God!” he exclaimed. He reached for the back of her head to pull her in, but she grabbed her hands and stopped that too. She would be in control of this sexual escapade.

Next to her, Pam was trying to deep throat Corey, letting him pull her head in to drive deeper into her mouth. Joni alternated between sucking Matt and folding him, admiring the look and feel of his manhood.

For the boys, college students who would love any kind of blow job, it was a feast of different styles of how a woman could adore their cocks. For the women, it was a feast of a different flavor.

Above it all, Jeremy’s enormous cock repeatedly slammed into his mother, who pushed back at each of his thrusts, incredibly turned on by the feel of what felt to her like her late husband’s cock and the view of her friends enjoying Jeremy’s friends.

Jeremy was turned on to, more by the sight of what was going on below and his wish to be part of that rather than inside his mom once again. He was too charged up to do anything but continue his thrusts.

“Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!” Kate could not tone down her excitement.

“Slow down!” Kate said suddenly. “I don’t want you to finish too soon.”

Jeremy stopped his pounding and slid in and out of Kate slowly, which actually did little to slow his approaching climax.

Outside, the timing of orgasms was on someone else’s mind.

“My you are absolutely throbbing,” Sarah said as the women switched again, putting her back at Matt.

She took his member in her hand and gazed up at him as she closed her lips just around the head. She licked circles around it and felt it pulse.

“I think I’d better give it a rest for a couple of minutes,” Sarah said with a false lament in her voice. “I have something else in mind for your friend here and I want him to be awake for it. Wait right there a minute,” she said with a wink.

Sarah walked back around and to the steps up to the deck, approaching Matt, who turned to face her, his cock bobbing up and down and as stiff as Sarah had ever seen one. She grabbed him by it and started to lead him toward the house.

“Oh, maybe I shouldn’t touch it yet! It might go off!” Sarah said. She instead wrapped her arm around him, placing her hand firmly on his ass, squeezing it, and continuing to walk toward the house.

Matt put his arm around her shoulders and down toward her naked breasts. She took his hand gently and simply controlled it.

“She’s going to take him inside and fuck his brains out!” Kate exclaimed.

Her declaration led Jeremy to start slamming into her fast once again. He felt a build-up of anger, and wanted this latest session with his mom to be over.

He felt angry because it seemed to him that he was being used by his mom for her own pleasure, and his friends were being used for her friends’ pleasure, all set up by Kate. He felt angry because he always had a fascination with Sarah, but it was Matt – always Matt – who would get her in the end. How many times had he been at a party and saw Matt run off with the girl he was talking to?

Jeremy needed release, but he was tired of all of this, as sexually exciting as it was.

Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!” Kate shouted again. “Jer-e-meeee, stop! They’ll hear!”

“Then shut up,” Jeremy responded.

He heard the patio door open downstairs, and at that moment, bent over his mom, grabbed her ample breasts and suppressed his own vocalizations as he erupted into her.

“Ahhh…..” Kate started to scream before Jeremy covered her mouth. He bent over her, panting and sweating, and almost crying. He released her breasts and stood up, then withdrew and wiped his huge, sticky cock on her backside.

“Well, I’m sure Matt’ll enjoy whatever she has in store for him,” Jeremy said in a matter-of-fact fashion.

He went to the nearby bathroom to finish cleaning himself off, then to his room, where he sat on the bed and buried his head into his arms, folded across his bent knees. He heard his phone beep and went to check the message.

“Thanks for deleting the pic and offering to help. I feel awful about how I treated you. I’m really not like that. Can I see you sometime? Beth.”

Jeremy sat back on the bed and responded immediately. “I’d love to see you. What are you doing now? I really have to get out of here. It’s getting crazy.”

“I am in big trouble at home, but they are gone now if your want to come over,” came the quick reply.

“I’ll be right there.”

Jeremy quickly got dressed, grabbed his keys and headed out. Kate was in the bathroom washig his cum out of her pussy so she wasn’t leaking in front of company.

Jeremy walked softly down the stairs and heard the moans of two different women coming from the living room. He figured Josh and Corey were getting laid right in front of each other in there. On a hunch, he eased his way down the stairs and listened to what might be happening in the family room.

He heard a woman panting, but not loudly. “I hear you like to get rough,” Sarah said. “I hear you got rough with Kate, just fucked her and took off.”

A wave of nausea overcame Jeremy. So Matt had done his mother, and did it to her rough. But why did that make him sick thinking about it, when he was doing his mother, too? Wasn’t that sickening? Still, he felt betrayed by both of them.

“Well, I don’t let men get rough with me,” Sarah said. “But I like to get rough with them sometimes.”

“Uuuumph!” Jeremy heard Matt grunt.

“Hold still! You’re young, but you’re old enough to know that when someone has you by the balls it’s best not to fight back,” Sarah said.

Jeremy wondered just what was going on. Figuring they were too engrossed in each other to notice, he decided to risk a peak. Luckily, Sarah’s back was to him, her body blocking matt’s view of the door. Matt was flat on the floor, with Sarah raising and lowering herself over his cock, with her right hand twisting behind her and squeezing Matt’s balls tight.

Hasn’t a woman ever done this too you? Oh, that’s right, you’ve probably only been with young girls who don’t know their way around a man’s body – that and Kate, I guess,” Sarah went on. “Don’t you know men have very powerful orgasms when their balls are being squeezed? But maybe later.”

Sarah released his balls but continued to ride him. She leaned forward, swinging those beautiful pale breasts in Matt’s face. From his vantage point, Jeremy got a good look at Sarah’s asshole and her pink pussy lips sliding up and down on Matt’s rod.

Jeremy had seen enough. He started to ease his way quietly back up the stairs when his phone beeped. He rushed the rest of the way up and practically ran out the door. He took the nearest exit, the patio door out onto the deck, where women’s clothes were strewn all around. He ran around the house and to his car.

The message was from his mom: “Where are you?” He didn’t answer.

What Sarah said about Matt and his mom haunted Jeremy as he drove toward Beth’s home. It had all come so far since his mom gave everyone hand jobs in the family room. He remembered the first time he made love with his mom – and at that time it felt like making love. He felt like he was sharing something with her, giving her the feel once again of what it was like to make love to his late father, since she was so awed by how his big cock looked just like his dad’s. It seemed special, even though he knew it was wrong. Now it seemed as if they were just fucking, whenever he or his mom wanted a good fuck, they turned to each other.

And now it was naked parties on the deck and sex in the living room and family room between his friends and hers – sex that he didn’t get to take part in. No, he got his mom like the teenage boy who had to sit at the kids’ table at Thanksgiving.

He tried to put it out of his mind, because he was heading to see Beth, and he was thrilled she wanted to see him again. He thought it was a one-shot deal that night and he had the bad luck to get interrupted.

But his heart sank as he thought about it. She probably doesn’t really want to see me. She wants to see my cock, he thought. Well, I guess that’s something. She was the hottest chick around and if she wanted him, it was better than having to get his rocks off with his own mother.

Beth greeted Jeremy outside as soon as he got out of the car. She was stunning in the daylight, wearing a swimsuit top that showed a lot of cleavage, a pair of gym trunks that Jeremy guessed covered the swimsuit bottom, and a pair of flip-flop sandals. Her long blond hair was tied up on top of her head.

Beth put her arms around Jeremy and hugged him close, her lovely breasts pressing against his chest. She gave him a tender kiss on the lips.

“Thanks for coming over, and thanks for being so nice. When all hell broke loose at that party and I had to deal with angry parents I didn’t even think about it until the next morning, and I worried so much that it was going to be going viral – at least around this town. I was so relieved when I checked my messages and found you’d deleted it.”

“It seemed like the thing to do,” Jeremy said. “I figured you were in enough trouble already without having to deal with someone finding that. So what happened? How much trouble did you get in with your parents?”

“Well, they sure were mad, and still are, but I’m 20 now, so they really couldn’t ground me like they used to. They took my car keys, though, since the car is in their name and they paid for it. I had to do a lot of housecleaning. I can’t believe they came back a day early.”

Beth put her arm around Jeremy and led him into the house. He couldn’t believe she was that affectionate with him. It wasn’t as if they had ever been close. They just got interrupted in a sexual interlude.

“Let’s go sit on the back deck,” Beth said as they made their way through the house. “I can’t offer you a beer. That’s another side effect of getting busted. There’s no alcohol in the house. I have some sodas in a cooler out there. I was getting some sun so my tan is still strong when I head back to school.”

“So where do you go?” Jeremy asked.

“Well, I was at state, but I didn’t really like it. I’ve transferred to Western for the new term.”

“Really! That’s where I go!” Jeremy said. “Where are you going to be staying?”

“I’m going to do my second year in the dorms. I’ll be in Chancellor’s Hall.”

“That’s where I am!” Hey, that’s great!”

“Yeah! I’m so happy to hear you’re going to be close! Will you take me under your wing and show me around?”

“I’d love to!” Jeremy said, then quickly added, “Beth, any guy in that college would love to be seen with you.”

“You’re sweet,” Beth said, taking his hand. She suddenly turned somber, with a serious look on her face.

“Jeremy, I’m so sorry about how I acted at that party. I’m so embarrassed. I feel terrible about treating you that way.”

“What?” Jeremy looked puzzled. “Beth, you don’t have to apologize. I wondered what you meant by that in your text. What do you mean you feel bad about how you treated me?”

“Coming on so strong to you.” Beth said. “Jeremy, I never knew you very well back in high school, but I always liked you. I always wondered why you weren’t hitting on me like all your friends were. But then to bring up that rumor about. . . about your. . . penis. . .” she said blushing a bit. “That was pretty rude. I was really drunk, and horny, and felt like doing something wild.”

“I didn’t know there was a rumor going around about my ‘gift’ so I actually appreciated the tip,” Jeremy said. “I was just surprised you were talking to me. I always thought you were out of my league.”

“Jeremy!” Beth said, interrupting. “I’m not like that! You know, a lot of guys ask me out, so I end up turning a lot of guys down, and then they go around talking like I’m ‘stuck up.’ I would have loved it if you had shown an interest in me.”

“Really? You wondered why I didn’t hit on you like me friends did? Well, it’s because if Matt was hitting on you I figured I didn’t stand a chance.”

“Matt is a jackass,” Beth declared. “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so full of himself. I’m surprised you’re that close of friends with him.”

“Well, he sort of took me under his wing back in elementary school after my dad died.”

“But he’s the type that would hit on me because he wants to get a look at my boobs. He doesn’t care about me, or about any women, except for what they can give him in a little action,” Beth continued.

She was still holding his hand, and brought it to her lips and kissed it.

“And that’s why I wanted to apologize for how I acted,” Beth explained. “I know what it’s like when a guy hits on you because he wants sex, or is fascinated with a couple of body parts. It’s really insulting, not flattering at all. And that’s what I did to you. But I’m not like that, really. Will you forgive me?”

“Beth, I was never offended. Guys just don’t get hung up on stuff like that. I guess if it leads to sex, we don’t care what the reason was, for the most part. But if it makes you feel better, yes, I do forgive you. And. . .” Jeremy felt himself getting a little choked up.

“What’s wrong?” Beth asked, sensing his emotions getting the better of him. “You can tell me.”

Jeremy knew that wasn’t true. He dare not tell anyone what was going on with his mom, and his friends and her friends. But he started to realize that despite his declaration to Beth that ‘guys don’t get hung up on stuff like that,’ her words were ringing true to him. With all that had happened lately, he was in need of someone showing interest in him for a reason other than his generous endowment.

“I’m just so happy that you want to be with me, and it’s not just because of what you saw the other night. I guess I kind of need that.”

Beth bent over and kissed him. “I’d love to spend time with you,” she whispered.

Jeremy put his hand on the side of her face and petted her gently. Then he bent over and kissed her. This time their kiss was more passionate.

“So would you like to go out tonight?” Jeremy asked. “We can go grab a bite to eat and maybe catch a movie.

“That’d be fun! I’d like that! Come on! I’ll get ready.”

She stood up and they headed back into the house holding hands. Jeremy stopped at the bottom of the stairs and was going to sit down on the couch to wait.

“Jeremy. You don’t have to wait down here,” Beth admonished gently. “After the other night, I don’t have anything left to show you. Come on up and we’ll talk some more while I get changed.”

Upstairs, she did have him wait in her room while she went to the bathroom to let her hair down and put some makeup on. Jeremy paused to think about what a day it had been – from a naked pool party and more sex with his mother, to a date with the most beautiful girl in town, who, he now knows, likes him and has no time for the all-powerful Matt.

Maybe he didn’t need or want to be under Matt’s wing anymore. Or between his mom’s legs. And Beth was going to college with him. Perhaps this is a signal that it’s time to move on, he thought.

Beth came back in the room, and as if to complete his thought, said, “That’s great that we’re going to be in the same dorm! We can even make plans to move back to college together. Let’s go early, a week before classes start, so we can hang out and you can show me around.”

“Sounds great!” Jeremy said.

Beth crossed in front of Jeremy, who was sitting on her bed, and went straight to her closet. She pulled off her swimsuit top and in a couple of very quick motions dropped her gym shots and bikini bottoms, kicking both into the laundry pile inside the closet.

Jeremy was captivated by her casual nudity and marveled again at that beautiful body as she walked over to her dresser and started fumbling inside a drawer.

“I really liked college life – I mean the social scene and all that – but at State there would be like 300 students in a class in a huge room, being taught by some graduate assistant or something. It all seemed so impersonal after going to such a small high school. I decided to go to Western just to get a more personal setting. It’s more my style.”

She turned toward him and bent over to pull on a thong, her breasts hanging down. She smiled at him.

“You should see the look on your face!” Beth teased.

“I’m sorry,” Jeremy said, looking away. “I was leering. But you are gorgeous.”

“Thanks. And you don’t have to look away,” she said. “I didn’t mind. I just thought that look on your face was cute.”

She continued to get dressed, pulling out a bra and putting it on as she spoke, really not minding him watching her undress and dress. But she did notice the bulge in his pants.

“I guess I got your attention,” she said. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t mind you watching. I wasn’t trying to come on to you again. I guess that can come later.”

“Will you stop apologizing to me for things that don’t offend me? But another thing about guys is our friend down there seems to have a mind of his own.”

“Do you want me to help you with it before we go?” Beth said, pulling on a pair of tight blue denim shorts.

“How about later? I’m good.” Jeremy said, knowing he had just blown a huge load into his mom and wanted to have plenty left for possibilities later.

Beth finished dressing and off they went to a restaurant then a movie theater. They talked like old friends. They held hands and snuggled close like a couple. Like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Later that evening, they drove around a bit. Beth’s parents were due back and she wasn’t allowed to bring friends over since the big bust. Jeremy wanted no part of taking her back to his mom’s house, where he didn’t know what kind of situation he’d find.

It seemed so high school, but they went ‘parking,’ making out in the car and feeling each other up a bit. They ended up at Chapman Park, by the lake, sitting on an isolated park bench with the full moon rising over the water. Beth marveled at the romantic scene.

Jeremy marveled at her breasts when she let him unbutton her top and slip it off, then take off her bra. He caressed her mounds gently, rubbing his fingertips along the smooth skin and contours, touching each of her nipples and watching them respond. He tasted each one in turn. Beth reached down and felt of his enormous cock through his jeans, then coaxed him out of them, starting by unbuckling his belt for him.

As Jeremy was pulling off his jeans, Beth stood up and stripped off hers, taking her thong with them.

“This place is deserted,” she said. “Let’s do something fun!”

She got Jeremy out of his shirt so they were both nude, then started walking down the trail , taking up his hand in hers.

“Let’s see how far we are brave enough to walk away from our clothes,” she said.

Jeremy’s cock was sticking straight out as they made their way. It had been hard since he got her out of her bra, and he found this nude walk quite titillating. Still, he was scared.

“Relax. We won’t get caught,” Beth said. “Besides, it’s so sexy to go walking through the park nude in the moonlight, it would be almost worth it!”

At one point, Beth began to laugh at how his 12 inches sticking straight out made a shadow on the trail in the bright moonlight.

They got about 100 yards before Beth decided they should turn around, about 50 yards past where Jeremy would have turned.

When they got back to the bench and their clothes, Beth led him to a grassy area by the lakeshore and turned toward him.

“Thanks for indulging my exhibitionist fantasy,” she said. “I think you’ve been suffering long enough. It’s time for me to kneel again.”

Beth dropped to her knees and took Jeremy into her mouth, as deeply as she could without gagging. She felt its great length, stroked it, licked it, and adored it.

“This really is beautiful, Jeremy,” she said, looking up at him. But please don’t think this is why I like to be with you.”

“And I love to be with you,” he said. “And not just because you’re the most beautiful woman I know.”

Beth stroked him hard and fast, sucking on the head of his cock, until he erupted. She took his whole load, lessened by the experience with his mom earlier, into her mouth, and down her throat. Beth stood and they kissed, and Jeremy wasn’t afraid to stick his tongue in her mouth.

Jeremy got home about 2 a.m., and was happy to see that his mom didn’t wait up. He was up early, despite it being a Sunday, hoping to get out of the house before his mom was up. It didn’t work.

“My, you’re up early,” Kate said, coming into the dining room in her robe while Jeremy was trying to wolf down a bowl of cereal.

“Places to go, people to see,” Jeremy said. He was feeling a bit upset about his mom and how far she had taken things, while still keeping the reins on him. But he was overjoyed and excited just thinking about Beth and the realization she could actually become his girlfriend. They were going to get together for lunch.

“What happened to you yesterday? You disappeared in a hurry.”

Jeremy said nothing at first. Kate sensed he was upset about something.

Jeremy thought about Beth, who was all and everything he wanted then. Why should he care if his mom didn’t like it if he spoke his mind?

“My friends were fucking your friends in a living room orgy and Matt was fucking Sarah – excuse me, Sarah was fucking Matt’s brains out in the family room, and you seemed to keep me away from it all so you could keep me to yourself,” Jeremy said sharply, looking straight at her. Having finished his cereal, he stood up and picked up his bowl.

“Even though it seemed like all your friends were more interested in something about me,” he continued, grabbing his crotch. “But, no, that’s mom’s big playtoy. I felt like the boy who had to sit at this little kids’ table.”

Jeremy rinsed his bowl in the sink, put it in the dishwater, and walked out, leaving Kate behind too stunned to know how to respond.

Jeremy realized he hadn’t timed his plans very well. He really didn’t want to see his mom, which is why he got up early. Now he was out early, just after 8, with no plans until close to noon. He drove to Chapman Park and sat on the bench where he and Beth left their clothes the night before, and reflected.

Jeremy thought he had enough of the wild sexual escapades at his mom’s house that summer. What he really wanted was Beth. But should he be so sure so soon that Beth really wanted to be his girlfriend back at college? It would break his heart at this point if she didn’t, but, even so, he started to realize that there was no need for him to live in the shadow of Matt and his other friends. If it didn’t work out with Beth, it could work out with someone else. It was time to grow beyond them, and especially beyond his mom’s fantasies of bringing a part of his late father back into her life.

He really wanted to make it work with Beth.

Jeremy jumped up and headed into town. The supermarket had a case for flowers, and he thought a dozen roses were a bit of overkill at this point. He picked out a bouquet of a few roses and other mixed flowers, then went shopping in the deli area.

Beth was overwhelmed by the flowers. She looked up at him with her gorgeous blue eyes, which were tearing up, and insisted no boy had ever bought her a bouquet of flowers before, except for the usual corsage at high school prom. She took them inside to put them in a vase, avoiding the awkward first-meeting-with-the-parents that gave Jeremy some pause.

He took her back to the park, to the bench where they disrobed the night before. He had a blanket in the trunk of his car for winter emergencies and spread it on the ground. He unpacked a picnic lunch of cold shrimp and dip, a French bread, fruit, sandwiches, a fancy cheese and a little bit of sushi, which they both despised, but Beth said the thought was nice.

“I can’t believe you did this! No one ever brought me flowers like that and put so much thought into taking me out for lunch! And at our special, sexy place! You’re a special guy, Jeremy,” Beth kissed him.

“You’re too special a girl not to try to please,” he said. “I only regret my effort to get a bottle of wine failed. They checked my ID. I never had the courage to try to buy alcohol myself because I would just be too embarrassed.”

“You tried to buy me wine? Now I’m REALLY impressed. So what did you do, pretend you forgot it?”

“No, I flashed it, hoping the clerk would figure if I was showing it, I’d be old enough and not really pay attention to the birth date. It didn’t work.”

Beth laughed. “Well, nice try. Just a couple more months and you can impress me with your wine selection. But I think I’ll already be impressed.”

“So am I,” Jeremy said, bending forward to kiss her.

Jeremy felt so much more confident in himself because he was able to relax around this beautiful young woman, who relaxed around him. He thought of an idea, and was bold enough to present it.

“So would you like to go swimming this afternoon?” he asked.

“Uhh… sure, where?”

“My place.”

“You have a pool?”

“Yeah, haven’t you heard about it?”

“No, I guess I was never invited over for to swim at your house.”

“Well, my friends and I and a lot of others have been partying there since mom had the house built after dad died. We all spend a lot of time there in the summer. Have for years.”

“OK, but we’ll have to go back to my place so I can get my suit.”

“You won’t need one. I can’t remember the last time someone wore a suit in our pool.”

“What? Everyone swims naked? Or do they jump in with their shorts on?”

“When I was, like, in grade school, my friends made me go ask my mom if we could skinny dip in the pool. She said we could, but she would be going about her business in the house and we had to be OK if she saw us. Well, the guys went for it and people have been swimming naked ever since.”

“And your mom sees them?”

“Well, it was no big deal back in those days, but, yes, she’s seen us grow up swimming naked in the pool, and it’s no big deal.”

“Have there been girls over to do that”

Jeremy wasn’t sure how to answer. Some grown women had done it recently.

“Usually not, but it has happened when mom was away.”

“Is she home now?”

“I don’t care,” Jeremy said, being honest. “We’re 20 years old and in college. I know she’s not going to try to kick us out. The worst that could happen is that she’ll go hide in the house and try to ball me out later, but since people swimming naked in the pool is normal and we’re old enough, she should mind her own business.”

Beth winced. Brushing off her parents’ feelings so easily was not something that came naturally to her. Still, she had an exhibitionist streak, and agreed to go see if his mom was home and figure it out from there.

At Beth’s urging, Jeremy called his house and his mom’s cell phone, but got no answer at either. He explained that wasn’t unusual. She could be out on the deck, and she is notorious for not having her cell phone handy to answer.

Kate wasn’t at home. Jeremy put away the leftovers in the refrigerator, grabbed a couple of towels and a couple of beers and an ice bucket, and went out on the deck. He had texted Matt, Josh and Jeremy that Jeremy’s mom’s house was closed for the day, and they were not to come over.

Beth was sitting in the beach chair his mom used for working on her tan. She smiled at Jeremy as he approached.

Deciding to be bold, Jeremy placed the beers and the towels on the patio table and, cheerfully said, “Well, you ready to take a swim? Let’s go!”

He pulled his shirt over his head and bent down to untie and kick off his shoes. Beth looked at him with a look on her face with a mix of thrill and apprehension as Jeremy started to unbuckle his belt. He dropped his pant and his underwear while standing right in front of Beth and she took a good look at his cock when it was still soft. It hung down beautifully far below his big balls, its head a soft pink, much lighter than it looked when fully erect. She smiled at it, then up at him.

“Well, come on, let’s go for a swim,” he said, turning toward the pool, allowing Beth a look at his firm, young ass as he walked toward the water.

“Are you sure your mom isn’t going to come home?” she asked.

“No, I’m not sure,” he said. “But I don’t care much if she does. Come on, join me.”

Jeremy jumped in the water and beckoned to Beth.

Beth was a bit nervous about being caught by Kate, but she got a thrill showing herself to boys she liked. She stood up, and stripped down, smiling and looking at Jeremy the whole time.

She didn’t run or trot toward Jeremy, but, completely nude and showing a new fully shaved look, walked slowly toward him, consciously emphasizing a little swing to her hips.

Jeremy was at eye level with her newly balded pussy as she eased herself into the pool.

“You shaved,” he said.

“Yes, I did it for you. Girls hear that guys like us shaved, so I thought I would give you a treat. But maybe I should have asked first,” she said with some uncertainty. “Do you like it?”

“I love it,” Jeremy said, reaching below the water and feeling the smoothness. “I mean, I like it either way, but I think I like this better. It’s so pretty when I can see all of it.”

Beth reached under the water too, and felt Jeremy’s now hard member.

“Oh, it got big again,” she said with a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

“You don’t like it big?”

“No- I mean, I love it big, but it looked so cute just before you jumped in, I wanted to feel of it while it was soft.”

“That’s going to be hard – I mean, uh, no pun intended, but uh…”

“Beth started to laugh, even as she continued to fondle him.

“I mean, it will be hard for you to feel it when it’s not hard, because you touching it. . .”

“Makes it hard,” Beth finished. She let go of it. “I understand. Maybe if we just swim for a bit I can think of a way to make it soft later.”

She winked at him then dove underwater for a swim.

They frolicked in the pool, splashing each other, and even getting a two-person game of dodgeball going, though neither of them kept score. Jeremy was more interested in keeping an eye on those perfect breasts bouncing around water level. After a bit, they toweled off and sat down to enjoy their beers. Jeremy sat in a deck chair facing Beth and they chatted like old friends, talking about the upcoming term at Western, and Jeremy telling her about campus life and certain professors. Jeremy went back into the house for a couple of more beers, still with no sign of his mom, and sat down again.

It seemed they had almost forgotten that they were nude, until Beth watched Jeremy’s now-soft cock swing back and forth as he walked back on the deck with the fresh beers. She continued to look at it when he sat down. He noticed, and it started to stir.

When it became clear he was becoming fully erect, Beth looked away, hid her eyes in her hand and said, “I’m sorry! My God, just looking at it makes it hard?”

“It’s OK, Beth. It’s not you looking at it, it’s just that I wasn’t thinking about sex until I saw you looking at it, which made me look at you and remember how naked we are, and that makes me think of sex and—here you go!” he said, waving toward his straightening member. “And besides, you know us 20-year-olds and our raging hormones.”

Beth didn’t reply, but continued to gaze at Jeremy’s cock, and, as if to be fair, hiked both of her feet up onto the edge of the chair and spread her knees far apart to give him all the look he wanted. They sat there in silence for a minute or two, looking at each other’s genitals.

“My God, Beth you have the most perfect body!’ Jeremy finally said.

“Thank you. I love your body, too, and not just the obvious part. But I’m totally fascinated by it, sitting here and watching it grow and wondering what that feels like for you. It doesn’t hurt?”

“Not at all – unless it stays big and doesn’t get any attention. But that makes my balls ache.”

“I’ll be happy to give it plenty of attention,” Beth said with a laugh. She ran her right hand over her breast and down her side. “I couldn’t be a stripper, or go flashing guys in a crowd, but I kind of like to show my body to guys I like. It makes me feel sexy.”

She ran her fingers down and across her pussy before returning it to its perch on top of her knee.

“Would you like to. . .”

“Yes,” she said, interrupting him. “I’d love to see your room.”

Leaving their beers almost untouched, they walked hand-in-hand toward the house. Beth leaned her head over to rest on his shoulder as they walked. They left their clothes outside, and Beth allowed Jeremy to lead her by the hand up the stairs. They both thought that this was about to be the moment for them.

They embraced as soon as Jeremy shut the door behind him. The kiss was long and passionate, and followed by a gaze into each other’s eyes. Jeremy then gave her a tender kiss and led her to the bed and laid her down. They hugged and kissed more, with Jeremy slowly moving down to her neck, then her lovely breasts.

He kissed each nipple, circling and flicking them with his tongue, and delighted on how each came erect under his caress. He loved how goosebumps appeared and Beth cooed when he gently blew on each one, drying off the moisture and creating a chilling effect. He got to know her cute belly button and the tiny pearl-like jewelry that adorned it.

He loved the smoothness of her mound, so smooth it was hard to believe there had been light blond hair there just the night before. He petted and licked the mound, then gently kissed the wonderfully bare lips below it. She spread her legs for him, and he got between them.

He kissed her lips the way he would kiss the lips on her face, from a gentle peck to a tender kiss, then lightly parted them with the tip of his tongue, getting his first taste of her dampness. She cooed again. He spread her lips apart and saw in the daylight streaming through the window the glistening of her generous moisture. Her aroma filled his nostrils and he breathed it in deeply.

Her inner lips were quite small, and had remained hidden behind her puffy outer lips. He remembered his mom trying to teach him about a woman’s vagina when she was naked out on the deck with him so soon after all of this began. He didn’t want to think of his mom right then, but he recalled that she told him when he licked a woman, he should think of licking honey off a butterfly’s wings. He licked the very edges of the lips inside, as if being careful that he might injure them.

“Ohhhhh!” Beth moaned.

When he licked around her opening she moaned even louder and the thick liquid came running out of her pussy. He plunged his tongue inside and her juices flowed across it. He lapped it up, wanting to devour every drop she could give him.

When he circled her clit with his tongue, she grabbed his head as if to pull him inside her.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh!” she cried out.

And when he finally flicked her clit with his tongue she erupted, her hips thrusting up while a stream of cum came flowing opening onto Jeremy’s lips. Startled, he pulled his head back. He didn’t know girls could cum with that much of a flow. His hesitation was only temporary. He dove in with his face and drank what she generously offered.

“Jeremy, no, stop,” Beth panted. She leaned forward enough to take him by the hands and guide him up to her. “Make love to me,” she whispered in his ear.

He kissed her, letting her taste her own cum on his lips.

Jeremy slid up onto his knees and held his cock at her opening, which was overflowing with her juices. Beth was panting as if she had been running a race.

“Go slow,” she said.

Jeremy poked the head of his enormous cock into her opening and she let out a little gasp. In addition to being very long at 12 inches, his cock was of an impressive girth, and Jeremy could tell immediately that she was much tighter than his mom, or the one teenage girl he had had sex with before. He entered her very slowly. Her eyes widened as she looked into his eyes and felt the sensation of being entered by something far larger than anything she had ever experimented with.

For Jeremy, the sensation was like none other he had ever felt. Her small pussy gripped him tightly, yet she had supplied so much natural lubrication that he was going in easily, if at a slow pace. What struck him most was her temperature. She was hot inside and the feeling was exquisite on his member. He felt her heat penetrating his cock.

Beth’s mouth widened into a broad, silent “O” until a soft sound came from deep in her throat. “Ohhhh!” she suddenly cried, but not the way she had cried before. She recoiled slightly, then held him back with her hands at his waist.

“Ohhh! I…I can’t take all of you in,” she said. “Just this far.”

She held him at the desired depth and he started to withdraw, then slowly entered her again. After a few thrusts, he picked up the pace, and she responded by meeting his thrusts with upward thrusts of her hips. They established a rhythm. Still, it was not a fast and furious rhythm. He liked this slower pace. It felt like they were making love, whereas slamming into a woman felt more like fucking her. Still sexually inexperienced, he started to understand the difference.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” Beth cried with each thrust. Jeremy could feel both of them building at the same time. But Beth stayed aware enough of the situation to gasp out, “Not inside of me, Jeremy, please!”

Beth started to cum first, wrapping her legs around him in her ecstasy and making it hard for Jeremy to do his duty and pull out. When Beth sensed that he was trying to get out, she relaxed her legs and he pulled free, shooting his load all over her belly and breasts, even reaching her face.

“Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!” he gasped with each spasm.

“Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!” Beth’s gasps matched his own, and he could feel her pussy pulsating and soaking the sheets below as they came together.

Jeremy collapsed on top of her, and when he went to kiss her in the aftermath and found his sperm on her face, he stopped. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said and started to get up to find something to wipe her off.

“No, no, it’s ok,” she said, wiping it with her fingers, then licking it off. “Just hold me.”

He held her tight, looked in her eyes and wanted to tell her that he loved her, but felt it was probably too soon for that, and right after passionate sex might not be the right time.

“That was fabulous . . . and very special,” he said, petting her hair.

“It was the best ever!” she replied. “You felt so good inside me. I was afraid you were going to be too big for me, but it felt great.”

“I’m so glad to hear that. Most of all, I wanted you to enjoy this.”

“That’s how I felt about you,” Beth said.

The bedsheets were soaked with sweat and Beth’s cum. Jeremy’s cum was a slippery mess between them in their embrace. The room was filled with the aroma of sex. They snuggled for a long time, and even drifted off to sleep a bit.

They got up about an hour after they lay down together and started to clean up. They took a sensual shower together. Jeremy washed his sheets and made up his bed, with he and Beth just hanging around the house naked together and making it seem comfortable and natural. After the bed was made, they went back to the deck to gather their clothes, dressed and left without ever seeing Kate.

They talked, and were officially not only lovers, but boyfriend and girlfriend, and Jeremy was as happy as he had ever been. He spent so much time with Beth over the next few days he didn’t see his mom at all. He ignored his friends’ texts, but eventually replied:

“Have a new girlfriend. Going out with Beth Conrad. Better call before coming over. We might be busy.”

“Beth Conrad! No way!” was the typical response.

He got texts from his mom, too. She said she was sorry about how she kept him away from her friends while his friends were enjoying them. She asked what he was up to and he replied “Spending time with Beth Conrad.”

On Friday she texted him, “Sarah and Joni want to come over tomorrow if that’s OK.”

Beth was going to be away at a cousin’s wedding. Jeremy didn’t know what he was going to do.

“I don’t care,” he responded. He assumed they were coming over to see his mom, having no thoughts of any kind of repeat of what happened the previous weekend.

He didn’t think about it when he finally rolled out of bed at noon on Saturday and found Pam over, picking up his mom.

“We’re going shopping in the city. Back tonight sometime,” Kate said.

“Have fun!” Pam waved and winked as she walked out the door with Kate.

Jeremy saw the rain falling outside and considered his options. Beth was out of town. No day for bringing the guys over to the pool, beside the fact he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to talk to them about what happened between them and his mom’s friends last Saturday. But they were his friends. He had to get together with them sometime, even if all he really wanted to do was hang out with Beth. He wished for the start of the college term, where he had a different set of friends and his new girlfriend would be close. It seemed his life was starting to take shape the way he wanted to see it, though he felt a tinge of regret over the idea that he was outgrowing his hometown friends, and his mom’s house.

None of that settled the issue of what to do that day. He started with a shower, but skipped the shave, threw on some jeans and had a beer for breakfast, sitting at the kitchen counter, looking out at the rain-soaked deck. On the patio table he saw a beer bottle someone neglected to pick up. He had noticed the empty bottle in front of him.

The brew was called “Totally Naked.” It was his mom’s favorite, made by a craft brewery in New Glarus, Wisconsin (look it up!).

“Totally Naked on the deck,” Jeremy said to no one there. It was really how all this got started. But the bottle on the deck was empty.

He needed a refill, and one beer was hardly enough breakfast.

He had another, still trying to figure out what to do with his rainy day. He heard a knock on the side door just as he was about the grab a third. He figured it was probably one of the guys, but when he opened the door he found Sarah standing there with a big smile on her face and the tall, lovely Joni right behind her.

“Hi Jeremy!” Sarah chirped. “Can we come in out of the rain?”

“Uhh. . . sure,” he said, standing out of the way and letting them in. “But Mom’s not home right now.”

“We know, she went shopping with Pam, but she said we could come over and use the pool. Unfortunately, it’s not much of a day for swimming. We’ll have to think of something else to do,” Sarah smiled, with a twinkle in her eyes. “Here, we brought you some beer.”

Sarah handed him a 12-pack of Michelob, a favorite of the local youth.

“Uhh… thanks,” he said, taking it. He immediately saw what this was all about. His mom knew he was upset about being kept away from her friends while his friends got to have some hot sex with them. He remembered getting the text from her saying they wanted to come over and asked if it was alright. She had apparently relented, and was letting him have some alone time with these women.

But he also figured out immediately that this probably worked both ways. In fact, he was sure of it. His mom’s friends no doubt complained that he and his “gift” had been kept from them.

“Well, come on in and sit down and have a beer,” Jeremy said, breaking open the cold 12-pack. He handed each of them a beer and took one for himself, storing the rest in the refrigerator.

“Thank you,” Joni said. “Too bad about having a pool party ruined.”

“Yes, we even brought our suits,” Sarah said, with a tease in her voice.

They sat on the stools around the counter. Jeremy stood at the corner and took a big swig of what was his third beer.

“Let me guess. The same suits you brought last weekend,” he said, matter-of-factly.

“Your mom always says you’re smart,” Joni said with a smile.

Jeremy found he really did not appreciate this new opportunity to see Sarah and Joni naked and fool around with them all by himself. What was this? Had his mom really gone so far as to set him up with a threesome with her hot friends? They were hot, and a week ago he was disappointed at being left out of the fun, but now he only missed Beth. As attractive as these women were, they had nothing on Beth, who was his own age and interested in more than sex with him. To him, this whole thing with his mom, her friends and his friends was all sounding pretty disgusting, particularly since Sarah let slip that she knew Matt had come over and had some rough sex with his mom. He wished he were with Beth at that moment and could forget about all of this.

Then again, he didn’t have anything to do, and they were there – for some reason.

“Yeah, I’m even smart enough to know that the real reason you came over last weekend was to watch me and my friends model our swimsuits,” he said.

“And what lovely suits they were,” interrupted Sarah. “Especially yours.”

She reached out and tapped him on the thigh.

“Thanks. I liked yours, too. And Joni, yours is really great too,” Jeremy went on. “So, what, Pam didn’t want any of this today?”

“Maybe she knew what the weather was going to be like,” Joni said.

“She can be a little timid sometimes,” Sarah said.

“Well, what should we do?” Jeremy said, as if daring them to come out and say it.

“Well, we could put on our ‘swimsuits’ and go outside and splash around in the rain and the puddles like we did when we were little kids,” Sarah offered.

“That sounds kind of fun. . . but a little silly,” Joni replied.

Jeremy took another big swig of his beer, and not being much of a drinker, was starting to feel the effects of putting down his third in such a short period of time, on an empty stomach. He was feeling bold, and the security of having a great girlfriend in his life made him confident. He really didn’t care if he said the wrong things and these women ran away mad, but he didn’t have any problem fucking them if that’s what they came over for.

“Well, before we strip off our clothes, why don’t we strip away all the pretense and get to the bottom of what brings you here today,” he said. “Now, can either of you be honest enough to tell me whether my mom mentioned anything to you about me not liking how I was kept away from all the fun while you two and Pam were hanging around the house fucking the brains out of my friends?”

Joni fell dead silent and looked down. Sarah glanced over at Joni, but didn’t let Jeremy’s question wipe the slight smile she had on her face since the moment she walked in.

“Jeremy,” she said, reaching for his hand, holding it and tapping it gently with her other hand, “it certainly wasn’t our idea to keep you away. I think your mom was uncomfortable with it.”

Jeremy pulled his hand back. Sarah didn’t know the real story.

“But she changed her mind and said it was OK for you to come over today to sort of make it up to me, didn’t she?”

“She didn’t say that,” Sarah said. “But I’d be glad to make it up to you if you’d like.” She rubbed the side of his leg gently while looking in his eyes.

Jeremy looked at Joni, who was looking uncomfortable. “So, Joni, do you want to make it up to me, too? Or maybe you’re just here to watch?”

Joni fidgeted. “We’re sorry, Jeremy – or I’m sorry, anyway. I guess the plan was to come over to use the pool, get naked in it and see if it led to anything. We decided to come over anyway, even if the weather ruined that plan.”

Jeremy downed the rest of his beer and went to the refrigerator to get another one.

“How about we strip away the rest of the bullshit,” Jeremy said. He stopped short of the counter, out of Sarah’s seductive reach. “I may be only 20 years old, and to guys my age, even hot women like you are considered ‘older’ women because you’re over 30. You’ve been around more than I have. But instinct tells me that you two hot ‘older’ women didn’t hear what my mom had to say and decided to come over and comfort the sad boy and ‘make it up to him’ after he was so unfairly left out of the fun last weekend. You might have thought that was cute in some kind of patronizing way, but it wouldn’t have brought you over here.

“No, I think it’s much more likely that you were a lot more disappointed than I was. You two couldn’t get enough of looking at my ‘swimsuit’ last weekend. ‘Wow, that Jeremy sure is impressive,’ ‘Yeah, takes after his dad,’ I’ll bet my mom said. And I’ll bet someone said something about not getting to play with the big toy when it was all fun and games.”

Even Sarah looked a little stunned.

“In the business world, I think they call this ‘leverage’ – when you’ve got something someone else wants and they want it more than you want anything from them. Well, I got your ‘leverage’ right here,” Jeremy said, grabbing his crotch. “And I think I’ll go down to the family room right now. Anyone’s who’s interested in being moved by Jeremy’s big lever, come on down.”

Jeremy walked by them and down the stairs, not knowing whether they would follow, and being OK with it either way.

“Sarah, I think he’s on to us,” he heard Joni say as he headed down.

Jeremy moved the coffee table from in front of the couch and put it next to the recliner, which he turned to face the opened area of the room with the couch against the wall. He had set up a nice little area to play if they took him up on his offer.

He sat in the chair and waited. In less than five minutes, Sarah and Joni came down the stairs.

“Nice of you to join me,” Jeremy said as they entered the room.

“My, you have become quite feisty all of a sudden. You always seemed a little timid before,” Sarah said. “But that’s good. Confidence is such an attractive quality in a man.”

“Well, thanks, Sarah. It seems word has spread about me, and all of a sudden I’m getting a lot more attention. I don’t seem to have as much of a problem anymore getting girls to pay attention to me. That does a lot for a guy’s confidence. I’m just saying I could go off and find some girls my own age. But you are both beautiful women, and I don’t have anything to do today anyway, so I’ll be glad to play if you want to. I just wanted to be honest about it.”

“OK, so I’ll be brutally honest like you,” Sarah said, sitting on the arm of Jeremy’s chair and running her soft fingers through his hair. She leaned over as if to whisper in his ear, but said, loud enough for Joni to hear, “I’ve been plotting to get my hands – and my lips – on that magnificent cock of yours since the first time I saw it in all its glory. I would have found a way to have it, even if we had to sneak behind your mother’s back.”

She slid off the arm of the chair and onto the floor, and reached for Jeremy’s belt. He grabbed her hands.

“Well, I appreciate your honesty,” he said. “But, I really feel like using my leverage right now. I can tell you like to be in charge, but Jeremy wants to do this his way.”

“And what way is that?” Sarah asked with a seductive smile.

“I want to see your ‘swim’ suits first,” Jeremy said. “I want to sit here and watch both of you strip naked for me.”

“Sarah. . .” Joni said, as if she had heard enough of this.

“You can wait upstairs if you want,” Sarah said.

“No deal,” Jeremy replied, betting on Sarah’s dominant personality. “I want both of you naked as the day you were born, or nobody plays.”

“It’s what we came for,” Sarah said, looking at Joni. “I’ll go first.”

Sarah stood up while Joni shrugged her shoulders and sat down on the couch.

Sarah stood in front of Jeremy, looking down and smiling seductively. “I’d love to get naked for you,” she said, reaching for the top button on her peach colored summer blouse. She slowly unbuttoned it, then looked down to grab the next button. Keeping her chin down as if watching what she was doing, Sarah raised her eyes to look straight in Jeremy’s eyes.

Jeremy felt his cock start to rise. He really did think Sarah one of the sexiest women he knew. He couldn’t believe he had pulled this off to this point. They didn’t leave, but were starting to do what he said.

Sarah worked her buttons down with her eyes still on Jeremy. She stopped when she got to her belt, then looked down, playing as if confused. Instead of pulling her shirt out, she unbuckled the belt on her tan slack, then undid the snap, and opened the front. That allowed her to unbutton the last button and pull her shirt all the way open. It also revealed a very low thong just covering her pubic mound.

Sarah slipped the blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a white lacy bra that lifted her breasts and pulled them together, emphasizing her greatest assets. When she reached behind her to unclasp the bra, she gently twisted her hips a bit and her loose pants dropped to the floor.

Sarah feigned surprise, as if she did not expect that. It didn’t fool Jeremy, but he enjoyed the show. He loved her pale skin and broad hips, even the extra pounds that made her look voluptuous. Sarah smiled broadly when she saw his eyes move from top to bottom to check out her frame.

Sarah found the clasp and released it. She let the bra slip off her shoulders and join her blouse on the floor. She stepped out of her pants, with feet left bare when she took her wet sandals off at the door. Sarah lifted her breasts and bent forward slightly, as if to offer them to him. They were easily large enough for her to lick each pink nipple, which she did.

Jeremy was hard by then. Sarah, of course, noticed.

“I can see your leverage already,” she said in a husky voice. “But I still have to finish.”

She turned and showed her bare ass, bending over and running her hands over it. She turned around, and slowly pulled down the thong until her hands were at her ankles and her breasts hanging low in front of her. She stood up holding the thin thong panties, sniffed them, then tossed them toward Jeremy’s face. He smiled at her and sniffed them too, and could feel and smell the dampness she left behind.

Sarah stepped forward and quickly thrust her knees up onto the arms of the chair. She ran her hands from her breasts down to her thighs, then lifted her breasts and thrust them into Jeremy’s face. He kissed and licked at them, and with his right hand he reached up to find her pussy. He thrust a finger into her.

Sarah gasped. Using Jeremy’s shoulders to stead herself, she straightened her back. Jeremy probed her with his finger and petted her smooth mound with his other hand. He pulled his finger out and stuck it into his mouth.

“You’re wet, but not wet enough,” Jeremy teased. “Why don’t you go sit on the couch and work on making yourself wetter? It’s Joni’s turn.”

“Mmmmmm. A little more warm up time?” Sarah said. She stood directly in front of Jeremy with her legs well apart, reached down and spread herself open, giving Jeremy a full look at her pinkness contrasting with her pale redhead’s skin. She looked down and said, “Oh, no! Not dripping yet! I guess I do have work to do. Not to worry. Watching Joni strip for you will make me hotter!”

Sarah went to sit on the couch and Joni stood up.

“I am NOT as big a slut as Sarah and won’t put on that kind of show,” she said. “But you saw me naked last weekend, so I guess this isn’t that big of a deal. So, not to disappoint you or Sarah. . .”

Joni was true to her word, making no show of it. She pulled her pull-over blue top off, showing a black sports bra underneath, and unsnapped her beltless jeans.

“No lacy, sexy bra, no pants than fall off by themselves. No lap dance. Hope you aren’t disappointed.”

It took her a bit to get the tight jeans off those long legs. She struggled to get them off while standing, but managed and threw the jeans behind her. Joni pulled off her bra as fast as she pulled off her shirt, then dropped the plain pink panties and stood nude before Jeremy.

“You’re lovely, Joni,” Jeremy said seriously.

“Oh, was I supposed to do something lewd too?”

Joni spread her legs like Sarah did, then spread her lips too. “Am I wet enough for you?”

“No, Joni,” Sarah said. “You have to come sit down with me and work on it some more.”

Joni turned to sit down on the couch, looked over her shoulder at Jeremy and said, “Isn’t it your turn?”

“Yes, Jeremy, it’s your turn,” Sarah agreed. She had her feet up on the couch and her knees spread wide. She had two fingers of her right hand deep in her pussy, making a squishy sound. The room was filling with her aroma.

Joni sat down with her feet on the floor. “Come on, Joni,” Sarah said, using her left hand to try to part Joni’s legs.

Jeremy stood up and pulled off his sweatshirt. He didn’t know how to do any kind of stupid male strip routines, but after the show Sarah put on, he felt like doing more than just taking off his clothes like he was in a locker room.

He had to bend down to untie his shoes, then kicked them off. His loose jeans fell down quickly once he unbuckled his belt. Jeremy always wore boxer shorts because briefs were too tight for him. Beneath them, his huge cock made a tent in them on the left side.

“Oh! It’s trapped! Let it out!” Sarah pleaded.

Jeremy stood at a profile to the women and pulled down the shorts and kicked them aside.

His cock stood not straight out from his body, but at an upward angle, the girth as impressive as the 12-inch length. He looked first at the resistant Joni, whose gaze was firmly fixed on his member.

“So is this what you came to see?” he asked, and began to stroke it slowly.

“I want to do more than see it, but show it to us first, Jeremy,” Sarah said, continuing to finger herself with her legs spread wide.

Jeremy turned to face them. He grabbed his whole package at the base in a ring formed by his thumbs and middle fingers, lifting his balls and his cock away from his body to hold them out for display.

“God, that is beautiful,” Joni said. Her hand drifted between her legs. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so hard.”

“Stroke it for us some more,” Sarah said.

Cupping his balls with his left hand, he stroked with his right, arching his back backward a bit to thrust out his hips.

“Come on, Joni,” Sarah said. “Everyone else is looking and masturbating. You have to show us how you do it too.”

But Joni had already taken herself in hand. She didn’t respond to Sarah, but did spread her legs wider, showing herself to Jeremy.

“You’re really hot,” Jeremy said to Joni, encouraging her.

They watched each other for another minute or so before Jeremy dropped to his knees in front of Sarah. She slid herself up to the edge of the couch immediately and leaned back. Jeremy tossed aside all he had learned about “licking honey off a butterfly’s wings” and dove in. Sarah was dripping by then, and he shoved his tongue as deep as he could into her vagina and started to lick it all up while Sarah held her lips wide open with her fingers.

“Oh God!” she gasped. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!”

Jeremy replaced Sarah’s hands with his own hands in holding her open. She grabbed both sides of his head and pulled him in, digging her fingertips into his scalp.

“Sarah had her first full orgasm of the day the instant Jeremy attacked her clit.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” Sarah gasped for air. Jeremy lapped up some of her cum holding it on his tongue, then moved over to Joni. He stood up and leaned over. Joni seemed confused at first, but then accepted his soft kiss on the lips. Jeremy kissed her harder, and when his tongue entered her mouth she realized his ulterior motive. He gave her a taste of Sarah’s cum he saved on his tongue.

“Oh, well”, she thought. “It’s not as if I haven’t tasted it before.”

Jeremy flicked each of her nipples with his tongue on the way down.

Joni’s pussy was much smaller than Sarah’s. He did not think of it before when she stripped, but noticed now that she had shaved. A week before around the pool she showed a light, trimmed, bush – perhaps one that was growing back from a previous shaving. He liked them bare.

Joni had been in a different mood than Sarah, so Jeremy went at her slowly. He kissed her outer lips, then parted them. He licked tenderly along the inside, and on the very edges of her inner lips, just as he had done with Beth before.

Joni was plenty wet, though not as wet as Sarah. He was out to change that, and got a good start. By the time he dug his tongue into her opening and circled her clit with is tongue, she was flowing and panting, and a bit frustrated when he moved back to Sarah.

“Mmmmmm,” she mewed as he went back to work on her, giving her a post-orgasmic treatment much like what he had just given Joni.

“Oh my!” Sarah cried. Jeremy was gently licking her swollen inner lips. “Oh, Jeremy! You’re so sensuous!”

He rimmed her pussy then sucked her clit, and brought her off again.

Joni had been playing with herself the whole time, and when Jeremy got back to her he attacked her as aggressively as he first did Sarah.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” Joni cried out as Jeremy spread her open and made her engorged clit dance with his tongue. She came in his mouth, too.

When he moved back to Sarah, he looked in her eyes as he positioned his now-throbbing cock at her cunt hole.

“Yes! Please!” Sarah begged.

Jeremy’s 12 inches entered her slowly, almost excruciatingly for Sarah. His cock crawled into her, inch by inch.

“Oh my! Oh! Oh!” Sarah panted. She was arching her shoulders forward with her head looking down, watching as that beautiful organ disappeared inside her body. Joni watched in fascination too.

“All the way in!” Sarah pleaded.

Jeremy continued to plow forward until all of him was buried in Sarah’s vagina and his balls were bumping against her ass. Joni couldn’t believe Sarah could take all of that in. She was quite sure that she couldn’t.

Sarah grabbed Joni’s hand and squeezed it. “Oh, God, I’ve never been so filled!”

Jeremy started to withdraw, then plunged back in and picked up the pace, seeking a rhythm.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Sarah begged, squeezing Joni’s hand tighter.

Jeremy complied, pulling about halfway out before pushing back in, all the way. Sarah leaned back on the couch again and tilted her head back. Her body convulsed into another orgasm.

Jeremy left her to come down from that high and moved over to Joni.

“My turn,” Joni said. She positioned herself similar to what Sarah had, but with her long body and athleticism, she could arch her back forward more and look down to watch what was happening to her. She grabbed Jeremy’s cock, glistening with Sarah’s cream.

“Please, let me,” she said. “I’m a lot smaller than Sarah there.”

Jeremy smiled and let Joni take his cock and rub it against her opening. She pulled it toward her and into her. “Oh! I’ve never had one this big around either!” she said. She drew in some more of him, then released his cock and said, “Ok, go slow like you did with Sarah.”

Jeremy noticed the extra tightness right away. Joni’s petite pussy gripped him, even more than Beth’s had, and much more than Sarah’s or Kate’s. He loved the tight feeling.

“Oh God! You just fill me!” Joni said then Jeremy got just past halfway. “Oh, that feels so good!”

Jeremy’s cock crawled into her and was in about three-quarters of the way when she jumped back and gasped.

“Ow! Stop! I can’t take all of you!

That’s it! Now a little faster!” Joni said as Jeremy found the right depths for entrance and exit and met the pace that worked for Joni. Jeremy found it strange that Joni, who seemed so disdainful of his aggressive approach in getting them naked and making them do things his way was now giving instructions on how best to fuck her. But he liked how she told him what she liked so he could give it to her.

And he gave it to her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Joni cried out. Jeremy plunged in and out while Joni reached down and worked her clit. Her spasm came quickly, too.

Jeremy had them stand up and bend over with their hands on the back of the couch. He loved how he made Sarah’s tits swing by slamming into her repeatedly from behind. Joni was too small up top to get a real swing going, but the grip of her cunt from that angle felt fantastic for Jeremy. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

He had them get down on the floor, forearms and faces to the carpet, with asses his in the air.

He took Sarah first once again, slamming balls-deep into her. She reached back and played with her clit and erupted in another orgasm. Jeremy respected Joni’s depth, but also fucked her furiously, but he was back at Sarah before she came.

Joni came again when Jeremy came back to her, then it was back to Sarah. The cries and the aroma of girlcum filled the room.

Jeremy started to wonder which one would get his load. He figured it was his choice if he timed it right. He took Joni again rather briefly, then back at Sarah for a short time, and when he felt it welling up inside, he plunged into Joni again. Joni was pushing her backside back at him to meet his thrusts.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” Joni screamed. She let loose with another orgasm as soon as Jeremy bent over her back, grabbed her nipples, and squeezed and twisted them.

“Uhhhhh!’ Jeremy grunted when his body seized up. He was inside Joni as deeply as he dared when his huge cock exploded. He held still, about halfway in, and filled her. Exhausted from his thrusting, Jeremy leaned over her back and reached under to tweak her perky nipples. He kissed the back of her neck.

“You’re fabulous, Joni,” he whispered before he withdrew and collapsed on the carpet.

“Is it halftime already?” Sarah moaned, as she got up from her position where she was waiting for her turn. “Well, I get the next load!”

Jeremy and Joni laughed hard. The trio sat on the carpet sweating, smiling, and still totally naked.

“Halftime?” Jeremy asked. “You mean I have to go back out there?”

“No, you have to go back IN there,” Sarah corrected. They all laughed again.

Jeremy grabbed his now-warm beer and took a swig.

“Seriously, Jeremy, you are incredible, and I’m not just talking about size. I can’t believe how good you are at this for someone so young,” Sarah said.

“Thanks. I guess it’s because you’re both so hot,” Jeremy said.

“I can cross that one off my bucket list,” Joni sighed. She was laying flat on her back and panting, with her left hand cupped over her pussy, which deep inside contained Jeremy’s sperm.

“Exactly what item on that list?” Sarah teased.

“Well, let’s just say it was a BIG item,” Joni said. “Jeremy, I’m really not this big of a slut like Sarah, but what you’ve got is an offer I couldn’t refuse at my age.”

“Oh! You are, too!” Sarah challenged. “I’m a little more aggressive, but you want it as much as I do!”

“I’ll leave you ladies to argue about who is the biggest slut. I’m going to the bathroom and to get another beer,” Jeremy said.

He went upstairs and straight to the refrigerator. He had to come down a bit before attempting a beer-filled piss. He caught his breath, cooled down with some beer, then went to the bathroom. Holding his cock over the toilet, he noticed how the public hairs around his cock were wet, with plenty of white cream from the women matting the hairs together. Jeremy emptied his bladder, then lifted his hand for a sniff of their combined aroma. Beth’s smelled better, he thought. But he loved their taste and smell.

Jeremy was stunned at what he saw when he went back downstairs. He had heard about this, seen it in porn, and fantasized about it. He never thought he would actually see it.

Joni was still laying on her back with her knees up and spread as before. But both her hands were on her own breasts, kneading them furiously. Sarah’s head was between her legs, licking at her cum-filled cunt while Joni writhed in a mounting arousal.

Jeremy’s young cock started to stir again immediately. He sat down in a recliner facing the scene and wasn’t even sure if they were aware of his presence since Joni was facing away from him and Sarah was busy. When he reached about half staff, he couldn’t resist stroking it a bit to get it the rest of the way up. It was tender from all the recent friction.

“Oh God! I’m cumming again!” Joni panted. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!”

Sarah relented as Joni’s orgasm subsided, then planted a little kiss on her pulsing pussy and looked up, smiling with a wet chin, at Jeremy.

“That was incredible to watch,” Jeremy said. “So, what , are you guys gay?”

Sarah and Joni both laughed.

“No, we like men – a lot,” Sarah said. “But sometimes girls aren’t as afraid to fool around with each other as guys are.”

“Sarah would seduce anything that moves. She seduces me once in a while,” Joni confessed. “But she doesn’t compare to you.”

Joni turned and looked at Jeremy.

“Oh, look! Our friend is back already,” she added, looking at his erect cock. “Sarah, we turned him on!”

“That was the idea,” Sarah said.

Joni turned back toward Sarah. “You mean that was to turn him on and not me?”

“Hey, you got off. Don’t complain,” Sarah said as she crawled on her hands and knees over to Jeremy.

Sarah took his cock, and, casting her eyes up toward him, kissed the head, licked around the rim, then put his thick cock tip in her mouth. She slid her head down, taking in more of him, but still wasn’t able to take much before her gag reflex started to protest. She sucked on as much as she could take in, but after a few strokes, she pulled her lips free and started to lick the entire length of the shaft.

Sarah squeezed his huge, heavy balls, then with an evil look in her eyes, moved lower and started to lick them. Jeremy tensed as she tried to force one in her mouth.

Joni joined in and took over the licking of the shaft while Sarah licked and sucked on his balls.

Sarah suddenly stopped. “Keep him hard, Joni, but don’t you dare bring him off. I’ll be right back.”

Sarah stood and headed upstairs naked.

“I finally have you all to myself,” Joni said, continuing to lick and fondle Jeremy’s package.

“I wouldn’t mind getting you all to myself,” Jeremy responded.

“Mmmmm. . . I’d like to say that could be arranged,” Joni said between cock kisses. “But we promised your mom this would be a one-time thing. I think that’s why we’re trying to get the most out of it. . . At least that’s what I’m thinking. I’m really not this big of a slut.”

“You keep saying that,” Jeremy said, stroking her hair. “I don’t think of you that way. I think of you as sensuous.”

“Thanks,” Joni said. “But Sarah is a slut.”

“I like to think of her as seductive.”

“Well, she’s a seductive slut, and a dominating one, too.”

Jeremy relaxed and enjoyed Joni’s gentle ministering of his cock and balls, none of it intense enough to get him close to popping again. He sipped on his beer, petted her hair, and waited for the next stage of this erotic adventure.

“So if you’re afraid of me thinking of you as a slut, why are you here?” he asked.

“For the same reason as Sarah,” Joni said, stopping with her mouth but still holding his cock. “Jeremy, we’re both in our late 30s and never had a cock as big as yours. This really is a sexual ‘bucket list’ thing for us. Thanks for doing your part.”

“No problem” Jeremy chuckled.

“Nice job, Joni,” Sarah said, bouncing back in the room. “Look what I found in the medicine cabinet.”

She held up a small jar of Vaseline.

“You think we need lube?” Joni asked. “You don’t seem that dry to me.”

“No, but I have a special request,” Sarah said, approaching the side of Jeremy’s chair. She put an arm around him. “Have you ever done a woman in the ass?”

“Sarah!! You can’t be serious! You know how much that would hurt with a cock that big?” Joni was aghast.

“It will hurt deliciously,” Sarah said, kissing Jeremy on the cheek.

“It will hurt tremendously!”

“Joni, I’m just bolder than you are. Fucking a guy with a big cock was on your bucket list. I’m just taking it a step further. I may never get a chance again to know what it feels like to take someone so big back there.”

“You may never get a chance to fuck a horse either! That doesn’t mean you do it just because Secretariat’s great-grandson just walked in the room.”

“Well, ask me about that when he gets here,” Sarah said. “C’mon Jeremy.”

Jeremy had started to laugh at the exchange.

“Have it your way,” Joni said. “But I’m not done yet either.”

Joni turned to Jeremy. She happened to be still casually holding his cock while this conversation went on. “Jeremy, you had your fun and we let you fuck us the way you wanted. I’m not trying to be bossy about it like Miss-Stick-It-Up-My-Ass over here, but there’s a part of this still on my bucket list. Would you let me ‘ride’ you around the room a little?”

“What, you want a piggy-back ride? You’re too tall to ride on my back when I’m crawling around , and I don’t think I’m strong enough.”

The women started rolling around the floor laughing. Jeremy started to laugh too when he thought about it and realized what Joni meant.

“No, Jeremy, don’t worry. I’ll be doing all the work. All you have to do is lie there.”

“But what about me?” Sarah pleaded.

“You don’t think I’m going to ride his cock after her pulls it out of your ass, do you?” Joni said.

“Good point. Well, go ahead, but if you make him cum, I’m going to fuck you in the ass,” Sarah replied.

“Whoaa!” Jeremy tossed his head back. “I’d like to see how that works.”

“Well, go over to Sarah’s sometime and she’ll demonstrate with her husband!” Joni exclaimed.

“Man, this is getting too weird for me!”

“Joni!!” Sarah scolded. “Maybe a little too much information?”

“I guess so,” Joni said. “C’mon Jeremy. Let me introduce you to your first cowgirl.”

It would be too much information to tell them that she wouldn’t be his first. His mom had that honor. Jeremy got up and allowed Joni to lead him to an open area of the floor and had him lie flat on his back.

With her feet flat on the floor, Joni straddled Jeremy. She took his huge cock in hand and guided it to her entrance. She panted as she rubbed his cock head along her lips.

“Oh, God! Here we go again!” Joni said. “You feel so good!”

She pushed the head inside and when her muscles gripped it, she slowly started to lower herself down.

“Ohh! I loved being filled like this!”

She got almost 10 inches of it in before gasping again and backing off.

“Can’t take it all?” Sarah teased.

“He bumps against my cervix,” Joni said. Jeremy had no idea what that meant.

As Joni raised and lowered herself, riding him as she said she would, Jeremy was impressed at how athletic she was. The muscles in those long legs tensed, showing the definition of her well-toned body. She was doing this the hard way, with her legs and back muscles supporting her weight and movement instead of resting on her knees for the ride. But this way, the only part of Jeremy that touched her was his cock.

That is, his cock and his hands. Jeremy rested her hands on her feet, and noticed how pretty they were. He wasn’t at all one of those foot guys, but liked holding her feet and rubbing them while she rode him.

Jeremy’s eyes took in her whole body and he appreciated the beauty and power of an athletic woman. When his eyes focused on her face, she was looking into his eyes with a look of intense pleasure on her face.

“You’re really beautiful,” Jeremy said.

Joni continued to ride him and said softly, “Thanks.”

“Joni, don’t go too far. I still get my turn,” Sarah said.

“OK,” Joni said.

She started to work her clit with her right hand.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” Joni cried out, picking up the pace.

“Uhhhhh!” Jeremy grunted and tensed as her faster rhythm brought him close to the edge.

“Joni stop!” Sarah shouted.

Joni pulled herself off and rolled over on the floor in a fetal positing, with both hands buried between her legs. She continued to cry out a few more seconds until she brought herself off.

“Jeremy, that was fantastic!” Joni panted.

“I can’t believe you could do that. Wasn’t it hard on your legs?” Sarah asked.

“It hurt deliciously,” Joni said. “Jeremy, can you come to my gym sometimes? When I need to do my squat exercises, I’d like to do them that way.”

Sarah and Jeremy both laughed.

“That would be an interesting career,” Jeremy said. “A piece of exercise equipment at a women’s gym. I could do worse. I wonder what the pay would be?”

“I bid $100 an inch,” Sarah offered.

Jeremy and Joni laughed again. “He’s not a whore like you,” Joni said.

“Speak for yourself, ‘cowgirl,’” Sarah shot back.

“Will you girls behave?” Jeremy said. “Or am I going to have to spank you both?”

“Ahhhh. . . Sarah will do all the spanking around here,” Joni said. “She’s good at it, and quite experienced.”

“Joni, too much information again!”

“Man, I touched a nerve again,” Jeremy said.

“You get spanked if you’re naughty,” Sarah said.

“And we’ve all been naughty,” Jeremy finished. “But maybe the naughtiest one should get spanked first.”

“Well, I’ve got one more naughty thing to do,” Sarah said, crawling over to Jeremy and taking his cock in hand.

In the interim, Jeremy’s shaft had dropped a bit from its near-orgasm level. Sarah rectified that with her mouth.

When Jeremy was ready, she stopped and declared, “It’s time, Jeremy. This will be a first for both of us. Or have you done a woman back there before?

“A FIRST for YOU,” Joni shouted. “Don’t make me laugh! Jeremy, she’s had more cocks back there than you’ve had girlfriends.”

“I mean a first time for me with someone this big,” Sarah said, waving Jeremy’s cock like a wand.

Jeremy didn’t answer the question about whether it was going to be his first, but it was. He was a little worried about how messy this would be. It didn’t want anything nasty on his dick.

“Don’t worry, Jeremy, Sarah said, as if reading his mind and answering him. “I take extra steps to make sure I’m clean back here.”

She had grabbed the Vaseline and was working a generous scoop of it back between her ass cheeks. Jeremy knew she was serious. He was even more sure when she took a gob and started working it into his cock.

“Ok, Jeremy, you have to take this slow and follow my direction. This is really a big deal for me – no pun intended. It’s going to hurt, and you have to let me control that.”

Sarah turned and put her head on the carpet, sticking her ass high in the air. Jeremy positioned himself behind her and Sarah reached back and spread her cheeks far apart.

“Joni, will you help me here? I’m going to need some support,” Sarah said.

Joni positioned herself in front of Sarah, going face to face with her.

Jeremy placed his lubricated cock on her asshole and started to push.

“Slow. Slow,” Sarah said. She released her cheeks and reached her arms forward and took Joni’s hands in hers.

Jeremy had to push fairly hard against the resistance of her sphincter muscle.

“Ahhhh!” Sarah cried out as her as started to give way and open to the invasion. “Keep going, but slow!”

Jeremy felt the resistance, then the grip.

“Owww, owww, back off!” Sarah said. “Now go again!”

They went through that procedure one more time, and on Jeremy’s third thrust, he managed to get past her resistance and penetrate the head of his cock inside.

“Owwww! God, you’re stretching me! No! Don’t pull out! Go slow!” Sarah clutched Joni’s hands, squeezing hard. “God, that hurts!”

“It’s what you wanted. You can do it,” Joni said. “Jeremy, give it to her. She wants it to hurt.”

Jeremy kept pushing deeper and deeper. Her asshole gripped his cock tighter than he expected. And she was hot inside. It felt good, and he plunged deeper.

“Oh, that’s right! I was right; it hurts deliciously,” Sarah said. “Ohh, it’s crawling into me!”

“You’re insane,” Joni said. She kissed Sarah on the lips.

Jeremy was almost home now. He thrust forward a little harder at the end.

“Ahhhhhh!” Sarah screamed when she felt him fully in with his balls banging against her upturned pussy. “Stop! Don’t pull out yet! Oh my God, Joni, I did it! He’s all the way up my ass! Oh, it hurts so good! Ok, start to pull out.”

Jeremy backed off as slowly as he went forward.

“Ohh, that feels good going out!”

When Jeremy felt the grip of her ass right behind his cock head again, he reversed course and plunged in again. Sarah moaned.

“Ohh! Fill me! Fill me!”

Jeremy went all the way in, then back out again, then moved faster.

“That’s right! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!” Sarah thrust back at him as he moved forward. Jeremy made his strokes shorter, and they got into a rhythm. “Oh, that feels good now! Oh, Joni, this is the best ass-fucking ever!”

Jeremy thrust all the way in once more, bringing a cry of sudden pain from Sarah, then established a new rhythm, slapping his body against her ass cheeks, pulling about a third of his great length out, then slamming in again. Sarah got up on her elbows, but she stopped her backwards thrusts and just knelt and took it. Jeremy’s balls were slapping against her cunt, and for the second time that afternoon, Sarah’ breasts were swinging


Jeremy noticed how her asshole didn’t grip him quite so tightly as it loosened up. Still, it was tighter than a woman’s pussy, and felt good.

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!” Jeremy grunted, feeling his orgasm building inside. His balls tightened.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum in my ass!” Sarah cried.

With a final thrust, Jeremy buried himself all the way in and emptied his balls 12 inches up Sarah’s ass.

“Ohhhh!” Sarah cried, dropping down.

Jeremy slid himself out, noticing how Sarah’s asshole did not close all the way, but remained open as if waiting for him to go back in.

Sarah turned on her side and put a hand between her butt cheeks.

“Oh, that was fabulous. My ass is going to be sore for a month!”

“Serves you right,” Joni said. “Don’t expect me to kiss it and make it better.”

“You ought to try this, Joni. It hurts a lot, but, God, it’s fun!”

“No thanks,” Joni said.

“I think I’m all in for the day anyway,” Jeremy said. “But that was fun. Thanks for letting me know what that feels like. I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad.”

“I love how you hurt me,” Sarah cooed.

Jeremy picked up a hand towel Sarah had brought down with the Vaseline and cleaned himself off before tossing it to Sarah. Joni did the honors of cleaning up her friend.

“Well, thanks for coming over,” Jeremy said. “You women are hot. I’ll count this as my first three-way, if not my first outright orgy.”

“Your second starts in an hour,” Sarah said.

“No, I think I’m done. I’m going to go clean up.”

“Thanks, Jeremy. You made two 30-something women very happy,” Joni smiled.

Jeremy walked upstairs nude and went right to the shower, paying a lot of attention to his dick. As much fun as it was learning how to take a woman in the ass, he was still a little disgusted thinking of where his dick had been. When he finished, he jumped on his bed, grabbing his phone on the way down. He had a text message and a photo from Beth.

She was wearing her bridesmaid’s dress and looked absolutely stunning.

“Miss you. It’s a fun wedding, but I’d rather be with you. What have you been doing today? See you tomorrow?”

Jeremy’s heart sank. He had been feeling a little proud of himself. He had surprised himself with the confidence he showed in demanding Sarah and Joni strip and have sex his way. That was really unlike him. He lost all his inhibitions and took part in a sex party with two beautiful women that was probably unlike anything any of his friends had ever done. That all made him feel very good about himself, and he had a great time having great sex, in ways he had never even imagined having.

But seeing that picture of the gorgeous Beth and her tender message made him realize he had just cheated on her. It didn’t feel like that at the time, but if she knew about this, she would certainly look on it as cheating, and she’d be right.

Jeremy started to cry. It was Beth who had given him the confidence in himself, making this wild day possible. He wanted nothing more than to be with her that day; instead, he betrayed her.

When he composed himself a bit, he texted back.

“You’re beautiful in that dress – and beautiful out of it! I miss you too and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Love you.”

There. He said it for the first time in a text message, though regretted he didn’t wait until they were face-to face.

He drifted off to sleep for a short time. When he got up, he got dressed in his room rather than go back downstairs to retrieve what he had been wearing. He didn’t want to see Sarah and Joni again. He wanted to sneak down and find out where they were. He still had a good portion of the day to kill, but didn’t know if he should leave them in the house alone.

From the top of the stairs, he thought he heard something coming from outside. Looking down from Wendy’s room, he saw Sarah and Joni, outside on the deck in the rain. Sarah was dancing naked and squealing on the patio table, her red hair soaked with rainwater. Joni, equally naked, stood on the side looking up at her.

Jeremy’s phone beeped. Message from Matt.

“What’s up J?”

“Nothing much,” Jeremy started to type. Looking down again he saw Sarah standing on the table with her legs spread and Joni kneeling on a chair facing her and eating her.

“Couple of leftover naked women playing on the deck in the rain if you’re interested. I’m going to split.”

“No shit?” Matt shot back as Jeremy was headed downstairs to get his car keys from his other pants.

“Sarah and Joni. Mom’s gone. So am I.”

“We’re coming over,” Matt responded.

“I don’t care,” Jeremy wrote from his car.

Jeremy didn’t know where he was going. He just knew he had to get away from there, and he didn’t want to know what might happen if his friends came over and found Sarah and Joni.

Jeremy ended up at his father’s grave. Feeling depressed over his betrayal of Beth, he stood at the grave in the rain and choked back tears. He wasn’t going to let his dad see him cry. Certainly none of this would have happened had dad not been killed in that industrial accident, but then mom wouldn’t have had the money to live the way they did. How would his life have been different? Would he have grown up more confident under a father’s guidance?

How much was he like his father? He heard enough comments over the years his mom made in conversations with friends and relatives to suspect his dad cheated on her, and was sometimes rough with her. Was he taking after his father by cheating on Beth? All he knew for sure was he inherited his particular “gift” from his father, and it had been the cause of this thing with his mom – and what led Beth to approach him.

He felt a growing anger at his mom. It wasn’t right luring him to take his dad’s place in her bedroom. If wasn’t right for her to fuck Matt, or to set up a sex party between her friends and his. He had fooled himself into thinking what he and his mom shared together was somehow tender. It was really lurid and obscene. When he thought of tenderness, he thought of Beth.

Jeremy walked away from his dad’s grave without any answers. He brought some beer with him from the house and drank it in the car at the cemetery. He and Beth texted back and forth. All he told her all he did that day was “miss you.” She sent pictures of herself having a good time at the wedding dance. He wandered at the mall, grabbed a bite to eat and stared at his phone hoping to hear from her again.

In one of her last messages of the night, she texted.

“I caught the bouquet!” with a picture of herself holding it by her pretty face.

“What a great omen. Still miss you. Can’t wait till you’re back.”

Jeremy went home late, hoping his mom would be in bed. Instead, she wasn’t even home. He found the house straightened up. His clothes, left in the family room, were in his room folded on his bed. A note was on the dining room counter.

“Kate: Thanks! Come see us at Joni’s and we’ll tell you about it. Sarah.”

Jeremy went to bed.

Although he got up at 11 in the morning, Jeremy found his mom at the counter, wearing her bathrobe. He knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. It was her first step at another seduction, he thought. Jeremy resolved that this affair with his mother and her friends was over.

“Well, I’m glad to see you got plenty of rest. I think you probably needed it,” Kate chirped as cheerfully as she could. In her mind, she was sure Jeremy would be walking on air, happy and appreciative of the gift of her friends, making up for her keeping Jeremy away from them before. She was ready to use his good mood to her advantage.

Jeremy grunted on his way to the refrigerator, scratching his balls through the thin boxer shorts he came downstairs wearing.

“Sarah and Joni didn’t tell me everything. They just said you were fantastic and they both had these beautiful glows on their faces. They said Matt and Corey showed up just as they were leaving, but they were too sore from you. I’m sorry I missed this party.”

“No you’re not,” Jeremy said, his head inside the refrigerator. He picked out a beer for breakfast. He stood up and looked at her. “You missed this ‘party’ on purpose. You invited them over so I could have sex with them, and took off so you weren’t in the way, and Pam gave you the excuse you needed by being too timid to join in the orgy herself. Does that pretty much sum it up?”

In her mind, Kate dismissed Jeremy’s slightly angry tone. Closer to the front of her mind was his choice for breakfast. It was his dad’s choice when he got up in a dark mood. She knew what settled such a mood.

“Ok, you’re right, Kate smiled, walking up to him. But my friends complained about me pulling you away and you complained about me pulling you away. I thought I would make it up to all of you.”

Jeremy took a big gulp of the beer. He thought she probably meant well, but was missing the big picture of how this was all so out of control, and not what he really needed – or wanted – in his life.

“I know I complained, mom – but that’s not the point.” He felt conflicted, part of him boiling up in anger, part of him wanting to flee, part of him wanting to. . . but he wasn’t his father, as much as his mom wanted him to be.

Mre fantasy role playing in this chapter. Again if incest, gay, lesbian,BDSM, kink, taboo or any other topic that’s out of the norm bothers you, then don’t read on. This is only the beginning to my story and things will be more depraved as we go on. If you have negative feedback, that’s fine, but no emails saying I’m gay (I’m actually bi)or emails saying your a horrible writer because I typo-ed replacing “Your” with “You’re”. I never said I was an English major. This is just my fantasies put to paper, or screen actually.

Chapter 2 — The Talk

We laid there for a few minutes catching our breath. As for me, I was spent and honestly if Shelly didn’t pipe up, I would have probably fallen asleep.

“How was that baby?”

“Amazing honey, I didn’t know you had that in you.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“I loved it.”

“What did you like most?” She asked while turning to get a good look at my face to see if my answer rang true.

“I don’t know babe, all of it, I guess.”

She sat up and leaned against the head board. “I think now is a good time for us to talk about what’s been going on.” I knew we had finished playing at that point and the seriousness of what I had brought up was back on the table. I didn’t want to move, all I wanted to do was go to sleep. But after being married for as long as we’ve been, I knew what she meant and I knew I had to give this conversation all my attention. So I sat up next to her, slightly turned in her direction. Both of us completely naked, her with makeup all over her face like she was crying and me with my flaccid cock just laying there drying from the workout it just got.

“Did I go too far with the roll playing?” She asked quietly.

“What do you mean?” I retorted.

“Well… I mean… the whole daddy daughter thing.” She said it out loud but it was barely a whisper. Her shy side showing clearly; she clearly wanted to make a point but wasn’t certain enough about it when she said it.

“No honey, you didn’t go too far. It’s just a fantasy thing.” I answered her in hopes of reassuring her of what she started but had to add; “It’s only a fantasy, nothing would ever happen for real.”

My wife almost looked sad when I said that like it wasn’t the answer she was hoping for and my stomach turned a little. Something weird was going on for her to have that reaction.

“What did I say that was wrong honey?” I asked prodding a little and was praying I got her reaction right.

She took a deep breath and steadied herself, clearly trying to get it straight in her mind what she wanted to say without offending me.

“I need to tell you some things and I need you to be patient and understanding and not fly off the handle. Okay?” My mind tried to comprehend what she just said and I immediately felt like I was about to be in a car wreck. She had to tell me something huge and it was my turn to think she was having an affair.

I calmed myself with a deep breath this time. “Okay honey, you can tell me anything and I’ll do my best to handle it without going crazy.” I didn’t want to do to her what she did to me by asking who she was sleeping with, I know how it made me feel, but I so wanted too.

“Here it is.” She said to start telling me what she wanted to get off her chest. “I know you have struggled with your thoughts of Tina (my daughter). It’s pretty clear that when she prances around in her panties or a bikini that you get physically excited and I can see that it bothers you enough that you leave the room most of the time because it must frighten you to think those dirty thoughts about your own daughter.” She paused; “Am I right?”

I eked out my answer; “Yes”

“That’s okay honey, I understand.” She patted my knee. “I’m having some of those issues too with both of our kids.” She let that sink in.

“What do you mean?”

“Okay, I have a secret that I’ve never told you and please, please, please don’t freak out.”

It was my turn to pat her leg and put her at ease because I needed to hear what she had to say. “I won’t freak out, I promise.”

“When I was 18, I had sex with my brother and my sister.” She blurted out.

My head spun with this information. “What?” was all I could say.

“I’m sorry honey, but it’s true, I caught my brother and sister together and, well, umm, one thing, you know, kind of led to another, and… uh” She was trying to get it out but she was struggling to say it.

“Wait, what?” I was putting things together now; “We were already dating at that point.” I added.

“Yeah, I know” she was clearly worried; “It was the only time ever that I cheated on you and it freaked me out.” My wife was close to crying now and that was a big soft spot for me, so I leaned in and hugged her. “You remember the time I told you I needed space and we split up for almost a month?”

I broke the hug; “Yeah I remember, it just about killed me that we were going to break up.”

“Well that’s when it happened and it took a while for me to get myself back together and get over what happened. It was a great experience sexually but it … made me feel like… I still don’t know how to describe it, like, I wanted it to happen over and over again but I just knew how wrong it was and that it shouldn’t happen and well, I freaked out.”

“It’s okay honey, I’m sure incest is more common than we think.” I tried to think of something to make her feel better.

“Well you know I haven’t talked to my brother or sister in decades right?”

“Yes, is that why?”

“Well, yes kind of. Mom and dad tell me they are married and living in California and have 2 kids together.”

“Wow.” Was all I could manage.

“Yeah right!”

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were brother and sister, living as a married couple and had 2 kids together. It explains why we haven’t had contact with them in 20 years. I guess the secrets that families keep run very deep.

“So what does this all mean?” I asked my wife to get to the point gently.

“Well now that you know my biggest secrets and that incest runs in my family. I need to tell you that I’ve been struggling too looking and Nick and Tina.” She sighed; “I’ve had my own troubles fighting my feelings the same way you have. So you see why?”

I thought for a moment about what to say and what not to say and honestly almost came up blank until I blurted out; “Has anything happened? You know … between you and the kids?”

“No… well kind of…but nothing physical.”

She peaked my interest. “Kind of?”

“Well… I, … well” She wanted to tell me but she didn’t have the words.

“It’s okay honey, just say it, whatever it is, no matter what it is, we’ll get through it.” I tried to give her my most reassuring tone.

“Okay…Well I’ve found myself flirting a lot with Nick, I mean a lot and even dressing sexier around him after I caught him, masturbating.” She stopped awaiting my reaction of which I tried hard not to show any. So she continued; “I’ve had sexual feelings for him since and I have to admit fantasizing about him when I play with myself.” She shivered a little like she had a mini orgasm.

I couldn’t help myself either; my cock started to stiffen again listening to my wife confess her sexual feelings towards our son. “I have to admit that I find that very exciting.”

“You do?” she asked and I glanced down at cock to redirect her attention to it. “I guess you do.”

“Have you done anything about it?”

“No, god No. I feel so guilty about even thinking about it. But…”

“But what?”

“Oh my god I get so turned on thinking about his big cock and sucking it and feeling it inside me.”

My cock was full on hard again thinking about my wife blowing our son or being bent over the kitchen counter while he pounds her from behind. My god I’m a pervert I thought for this exciting me so much.

My hand found my hard cock and began to slowly stroke. My wife watched with an amused expression of her face as she could clearly see that naughty thoughts were flashing in my mind.

“Is that all you fantasize about?”

“No, I fantasize about Tina too.” She admitted.

“Oh fuck that’s hot” ran through my mind. “Tell me?” I croaked out.

“I’ve seen how you look at her. I’ve seen the hard on in your pants when you try to leave the room and I can’t help picturing you fucking her tight little pink pussy as I sit on her face and make her lick my pussy until I scream in a fabulous orgasm.” My wife’s hand made it to her own pussy now, the dirty talk taking us both over as we’re masturbating ourselves in front of each other talking sexual fantasies about our own flesh and blood.

I couldn’t hold back anymore, I took my wife and pulled her on top of me, getting as flat on back as much as I could. I positioned her over my hard cock and pushed forward until I was in her as deep as I could get.

“Fuck me like you want to fuck our son, fuck me like I’m Nick. Fuck me mommy!” I said to her out loud, reversing our roll play from earlier when she played our daughter Tina for my sexual gratification.

Shelly’s eyes rolled back in her head while she adjusted to my thick long cock impaling her. Her mouth hung open slightly and now that I knew her fantasy, I wanted her to enjoy it the way she allowed me mine. “Fuck mom, your pussy is so tight and wet. I’ve dreamt of fucking you so many times, fuck me mommy!”

“Oh baby, your cock feels so good in mommy’s pussy. I’ve thought about fucking you so many times baby. Go slow baby and fuck me good, mommy wants to cum on your big thick juicy cock. I want you to cum inside me baby, I want to feel my baby boy shoot his load in his slut mother. Fuck me baby.”

I started pushing up into her and pulling back against the bed slowly, the look on my wife’s face was nothing less than ecstasy.

“That’s it baby, fuck mommy.” I obliged.

“Oh mom.” Shelly started to rock front to back, grinding her pubic bone onto me.

“Oh baby, I’m so close to cumming all over you big cock, baby, that’s it fuck me, fuck your slutty mother, make me cum all over you. Oh fuck Oh god”

Her rocking got faster, so I sped up my pushing, to help matters more I held her hips, pulling her into me as much as I could while pushing. “Cum for me mommy.” I whispered.

She went into a frenzy, her hips flying back and forth, her mouth was wide open, her eyes shut completely inside her fantasy. “Oh fuck mommy’s cumming all over you baby, mommy’s cumming on her own sons big cock, oh my god I’m cumming for you Nick!” Her voice was getting a little loud now and I started to worry about the kids hearing us through the walls.

Shelly came to a complete stop and sat bolt upright, her wet tight pussy was clamping down on me and her whole body started shaking. She was cumming hard and it didn’t look like she was about to stop.

Her hands grasped her own tits and she pulled her nipples straight out and twisted, she was adding to her orgasm in another way I’d never seen her do before. If I hadn’t cum too long ago, I’m damn sure I’d be shooting hot white cum in my wife’s tight cunt right now.

Finally her shivering came to an end and she collapsed down on my chest. “Oh baby, you gave mommy an incredible orgasm.” Her breath was heavy and forced. “You didn’t cum yet did you baby?”

“No mommy, I was waiting for you to tell me when it’s ok to.”

Her head was next to mine so she couldn’t see my face, I tried to keep the fantasy image in her head that she had just fucked her own son alive in her mind. “Good baby, good. I want you to cum all over mommy’s face, will you do that for me baby? Will you cum all over mommy’s face?” she asked.

“I’ll do anything you want mommy.”

“That’s a good son. Giving his slut mother what she wants.”

Her breath finally settling, “Baby, I want to lay on my back with my head off the side of the bed, will you please fuck mommy’s mouth and pull out and cum all over my face like a good slut deserves?”

“Yes mommy, anything you want. I’ll do anything for you mom.”

She pulled herself off me and got settled on her back, her head hung off the side of the bed awaiting her son’s cock to be inserted into her mouth and throat. Awaiting the cock that she would never have, could never have; the cock she wanted so badly, the cum she wanted so badly.

I hurried off the bed and positioned myself in front of her, the bed was a little too low, so I had to spread my legs a little more than was comfortable but it was worth the discomfort.

I pushed forward and my prick entered her mouth at an angle we have never tried before, it looked difficult for her but it’s want she wanted. The angle seemed to shorten the distance from the entrance to her mouth to the entrance of her throat. I didn’t get that far in before she started to gag so I started pulling out.

That’s when I felt her hands on my ass pulling me forward as hard as she could. She wanted her son’s cock as deep in her throat as possible. She wanted to feel like a slut gagging on her own son’s cock. She got my cock as deep as it would go and then she pinched my ass. There’s that sign again.

I pulled back and she gagged and coughed but that didn’t stop her. “Fuck mommy’s face baby and cum all over me.” Her words as nasty as I’ve ever heard from my prim and proper wife.

I leaned in again, her words turning me on, but I didn’t insert my cock this time, I landed my balls on her face for her to suck on. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for her to lick and suck me where she’d only done it once before and she didn’t pass it up either. Her tongue traveled all over my balls and taint, licking, kissing and sucking everything and anything she could reach. I felt her hands on my ass cheeks again and she pulled me forward enough to get her tongue in my ass.

“Oh god that feels so good.” My wife was tongue fucking my asshole while her hands spread my cheeks as far as she could get them, only the second time in my life have I had a tongue in my ass and it has me on the edge of cumming. I reached around with my right hand and pulled her head up into my ass to get her tongue as far in as she could, my left hand took one of her tits, found her nipple and pinched, pulled and twisted.

I felt her moan into my asshole, I felt the vibration and heat of what little breath she could exhale and she pinched me again.

So I lifted my ass off her face and placed my cockhead on her cheek. “You like that baby? You like mommy tongue fucking your ass baby? Your mommy’s a slut! You know that.”

She maneuvered my cock into her mouth and I pushed, and then pulled, while bending down a little to play with her fabulous tits and hard nipples.

With my cock buried as deep as I could get it the urge to cum overtook me, my body clenched and Shelly knew I was about to cum. She tried to push me back but my body didn’t react fast enough, my first shot of cum entered her throat, I started pulling back and the second rope of cum coated her tongue. My cock exited her mouth and a third shot rocketed onto her chest.

I was locked in orgasm and a fourth and fifth shot covered her face in thick white goo. She was gasping for breath and cum got in her eyes and nose like she was being water boarded with cum. But that didn’t stop her from grabbing my cock any rubbing the remaining cum all over her face and lips, licking up every morsel her mouth and tongue could reach.

It was a torrent of sexual frenzy, a debauchery of our morels as my wife feasted on cum that she imagined was her son’s.

If you had told me yesterday that I’d be having the best sex of my life today with my wife, I would have thought you were crazy and laughed it off. Yet here I was, doing things that I’d never done before with a woman that I’ve fucked thousands of times before. It just wasn’t the same as any of those other times. It was better, it was kinky, it was taboo and it was fucking hot.

I don’t know what came over me, but I pulled back, bent over and licked a glob of my own cum of my wife’s face. Tasting it, I decided it wasn’t too bad and I could certainly see me tasting more of my cum in the future. I swallowed my own cum and got down on my knees to French kiss my wife in a way that we’ve never done before.

What a crazy night.

TRAINING DAY: Leah and Brandon

I left the farm that night, less than eager to return home and solidify my alibi. The understanding that I had with the Head Detective only went so far, and I wasn’t sure if I had crossed the border on this one. Detective Jameson enjoyed visiting my little farm every now and again to visit Molly; Molly was a trouble maker who’d run away from home, got stuck on drugs, and had turned to prostitution. I had received a phone call from Clyde, one of my guards, telling me about this gorgeous run down woman looking for an easy meal, and so we told her what we had to offer. She jumped at the opportunity. Three square meals, a warm bed, and all she had to do was sleep with some people? Even better, people who were guaranteed to be clean and disease free; Molly couldn’t believe her luck when I brought her here. Molly was the first girl I’d allowed to choose her niche. She told me something I hadn’t expected; she was a hermaphrodite. At first I was a little taken back, I didn’t have a man/woman of the type yet, and it was definitely a rare niche; I had girls for Pony Play, and rooms set up for Bondage and Abuse, I specialized in the taboo, but I’d never met anyone with both sets of genitalia, I was intrigued.

The detective came around looking one night, having followed Clyde here about two days after we’d gotten Molly. He told me that we’d stolen his favorite girl, and that he was going to arrest us all and book us for prostitution. I was scared that day that I would lose everything, but I’d offered him a deal he couldn’t pass up. The detective had strange appetites too, much like Molly, which explains why he favored her; he enjoyed the play almost as much as she did.

The deal was, he could have Molly as often as he liked, and I would supply a variety of toys and costumes for his and her pleasure, he just had to turn a blind eye to my operations. The detective pretended to be disgusted at first, at least until I brought him to Molly’s stall. As soon as the man in the badge saw his girl sucking off another man while being pounded by a gorgeous woman wearing a strap-on, the whole time she was fondling her own cock, he agreed, and we made a bargain. He could have Molly here, whenever he chose to, and I wouldn’t tell the town his little secret. He never bothered to ask where I got my girls and I never really told him. I’m hoping he doesn’t figure this one out. Though, considering I’ve never taken girls from our small little town before, I don’t think I’d be his first suspect.

I sighed, except that I’d been the last one to see her, and everyone knew about the photos. As I drove the long way home, so as to appear to be arriving from a different compass point in case the law did see me, I thought of who I could use as my alibi. I wish I knew who had come to the door that night, and what was said, I could frame them, or at least create a red herring until the trail went cold.

Leah could help with the alibi, but it would be a weak story, “Yeah, I spent the night watching movies with my sister.” I doubted that would hold for long. Leah might have some ideas, she might have see who had visited if she’d been waiting nearby, but then again, she was the cautious one who never liked to be seen when things went down. People trusted her almost immediately upon meeting her and she was careful to keep her reputation clean so it stayed that way, definitely a bonus. I finally made it home and after the long drive was fairly tired. I didn’t have school until tomorrow, and needed to keep up appearances, so I couldn’t just start skipping class to be with my new favorite girl. I felt my cock twitch and harden a little when I thought of Rebekah, how hot her mouth was, how she writhed and moaned while Joe, Morgan, and I sated ourselves with her amazing body, how she moaned when we electrocuted her, or whipped her.

I adjusted myself as I stood from the car and closed the garage behind me. When I stepped into the kitchen I saw my mother wearing nothing but an apron, cooking dinner. I kissed her cheek, grabbing her tight ass as I did, then dropped a quick kiss on her long neck, “Evening mom.”

“Hey honey, dinner will be ready soon, Leah’s with dad. How was your weekend so far?” She grinned, purring as she rubbed her shapely form against me.

She grabbed my hand as she spoke to me and placed it in the hot spot between her legs. “Weekend’s been good so far, my new girl loves her new job. Anyone been by or called for me?” I drove two fingers into her already wet canal and stroked her slowly. She leaned away from me and bent back over the sink and I increased the rhythm of my fingers, using my thumb to flick at her clit. The moan I received for my work made me cock harden fast. To most, this would seem a strange family, but I was raised young in the world of eroticism and sex. It was normal for me to wake up and come downstairs for breakfast to find dad pounding away at Uncle Jimmie while Jimmie got a blowjob from mom. The first time I’d seen it all happening I’d been six. I hadn’t been allowed to join in until I was thirteen. Leah was brought into the fold when she was ten, having been one of the rare girls to get her period early; my family felt that she was a woman the day her bleeding happened, so she began her training at ten.

I knelt down and pulled one of mom’s legs over my shoulder and started licking at the juices running down her leg. She was sweet and sticky, like oranges maybe, and so very willing. I replaced my fingers with my tongue and licked up from her dripping hole to the sweet nub that made her cry out. Tracing the path over and over, sometimes nipping slightly at her pleasure bud, until her knees grew weak and she moaned deep as he body shuddered against my mouth. I suckled on her lower lips while the sticky wetness flowed from her swollen pussy.

As the quivering let up she turned around and leaned her forearms against the counter, curved her lower back, and wiggled her perfect ass at me. I slapped the smooth skin hard before I dropped my pants and teased her wet crack with the head of my dick. She moaned again and wiggled back against me. I slapped her ass cheeks and pinched her thighs as a delightful punishment for rushing me before I slowly pushed my length into her tight, wet, warm, welcoming pussy. I rode her soft for a while, enjoying the feel of her well trained muscles gripping my staff. I enjoyed the slow ride for a few minutes, driving her crazy, making her want it more and more. Mom was used to hard, fast rides, with brutal orgasms that left her breathless. This gentle teasing was not something she was used to. With that in mind I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard as I slammed into her, pressing her chest against the counter and holding her head back at an awkward angle I continued a punishing rhythm that had her hips pressed against the counter edge with a bruising pressure.

Using my free hand I grabbed the small vibrator that she kept in the kitchen cabinet next to the silverware and flicked on the little battery powered machine. Grabbing her hips to lift her ass I pushed my hand around her waist and held the instrument between them, against her clit, and slammed my length hard into her body.

She began to tremble, gripping the counter top to hold her up as I held the vibrator against her tender flesh and beat into her. I felt her cum hard, the muscles in her canal gripping me tight as she tried to milk me into her. I continued to hold the little toy against her as I pulled out, extending her climax, while I used her own fluid to lubricate her ass.

I pressed my cock against the pucker of her rear and received immediate entrance. The muscle barely fought my entrance, and I could still feel her body trying to clench around mine. The little vibrator still held tightly against her very sensitive nub kept the tremors rippling through her and caused her to cum again, squirting a small puddle down her thighs and onto the floor. I pushed against her ass and rode her hard, as she liked it, until I too was ready to come, and let my hot seed spill into her tight ass. The pulsing of my cock, the mixing of my seed and her juices as they flowed down her legs, made me twitch again and I felt more sperm shoot from my shaft.

Chest heaving my mother glanced over her shoulder and winked at me, “I haven’t been ridden that hard since your Aunt Tonya brought her big blue toy over. Thanks baby boy, I so needed that.” I stepped out of my pants and stripped off my shirt and headed for the bathroom after patting mom’s ass gently. I wanted a shower and I wanted to go to bed. I hadn’t slept much, preparing Rebekah for her client, making the farm house ready for her stay, finding her a couple of clients to break her in. All of that work, so little time to sleep.

I turned the corner to head up the stairs and glanced into pop’s office, he was laying across his desk, knees dangling over the edge with my sister riding his hips like a young bronco that doesn’t want to be broken in. She was a beauty. All hips and breasts, great thighs and an ass that just begged for attention; even after the work out with my mom I felt my cock hop back to life, how could I say no.

I stepped into the room quietly, working my hand on my shaft as I approached, still lubricated from moms cum and my own. As Leah leaned over dad to start her fast ride I grabbed her hips and received a pleasant moan as she felt me press against her ass, “Not there today brother, I want to try something new.”

I was a little intrigued, and waited while she rearranged herself into a rear-cowgirl position and sank hard onto my dad’s thick cock, he scooted down so his ass was at the edge of the desk and my sister’s pussy was at waist level to me. “Put it in, I want to ride both of you.”

This was something I’d never done, I’ve had Leah before, many times, I can’t get enough of her, but I’ve never shared her pussy with another cock before. I grabbed the lube bottle and spread some over the head of my cock before angling to press into her. It was tight, and I thought I was going to tear her, but she was so ready for the invasion. After a slow insertion I was nearly up to my balls inside her, my staff rubbing against my father’s inside of her hot vagina. The pressure was intense, almost painful when she started to move, but her muscles stretched to accommodate the huge invasion and she went crazy. I leaned over her and started to pump against her, short even strokes that had the three of us moaning together.

I felt my sister cum, shortly after we started moving; this was a treat for her. My father and I began a rhythm that soon brought all of us to climax, our cocks pressed tightly against each other encased in the silk of her female core, the pleasure-pain of this experience was beyond what I’d imagined and I couldn’t wait to try it with my newest pet.

As my father and I came hard almost together in timing, my sister collapsed, worn out from her multiple orgasm experience, her body tired and spent.

I carefully pulled free of the pleasure trap and lifted my sister from my dad. Cradling her in my arms I nodded at my father and carried her upstairs and laid her in the bath. I tested the water, careful not to burn her, before stepping in and turning on the spray. I slowly moved out of the way so a few spurts trailed from her hair, down her next and over her breasts. She woke up with a sensual stretch and smiled up at me, “That was amazing, I’m going to be sore for a week I swear it!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, she was so innocent in appearance, but she was such a little whore. She loved sex, all kinds of sex, except for extreme bondage, she couldn’t handle the whips and shocks and needles. It was alright though; I had plenty of fun with her in so many other ways. I turned and cleaned off with soap that smelled like cinnamon and clove, making sure to clean my genitals with great care. When I turned back to rinse my back and shampoo my hair Leah was waiting, mouth open and tongue ready to capture my soft member.

With her expert touch I was ready in no time, super sensitive from the two sessions, and from the pressure on the second I experienced a nearly instant orgasm as she scraped her teeth over the head and squeezed my balls in her hand.

I grabbed the back of her head and forced my way into her tight hot mouth and down her throat, shooting my seed for her to swallow. She suckled hard until I thought I was empty. She stood, turned against me, and let me wash her. After rinsing away the soap I lie back in the tub and let the water crash over us as she sat on my face. The sweet perfume of her arousal had my tired cock jumping, but it couldn’t manage to stand again. I was okay with that, I had her locked on my mouth, licking her sweet folds, fondling her pleasure button, fingers rocking in and out of her ass. Mmm, she was tasty. All sweet nectar and heat. I slapped her ass hard and bit down on her clit as I plunged two fingers deep into her ass, and teased her other entrance with my finger tips. Leah started rocking against the onslaught of my hands and mouth, her pleasure building slowly, her body over stimulated already making my job so much easier.

She came hard when I reached up to pinch her hard nipple and slammed my fingers into her ass. She rode the wave, pressing against my mouth and nose, her ass gripping my fingers as her body shuddered again.

When she was done she slid down my body, and we just lay together with the water running over us. After about fifteen minutes I helped her up, turned off the water and we went to bed. We shared a room, though we had separate beds, but she crawled into mine with me. Her fingers traced tangled lines over my stomach and chest as I began to doze off. I’d handle Det. Jameson later. Right now my body was exhausted, and I needed to recuperate.

Lap Moms 6: Two Moms, Two Laps: Old Wounds


Reopening Old Wounds between the Sisters

Alex’s efforts to bring his Mom and Aunt back together come to a head. Serious repercussions follow.

Apologies for the long delay between chapters. Things got ugly, and I had problems finding the right ending. Ended up changing things, doing some rewriting, and now have finished three more chapters. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. It looks like there’s only one more to go. Hope you enjoy this installment.


I woke up alone with a smile on my face, and a severe case of morning wood. Seemed a shame to waste it.

I got up, stretched, stroked my shaft, and headed for the bathroom. After a few seconds I was able to relax enough to relieve myself. I shook myself dry, patted the end with some TP as a courtesy, and stroked myself back to full-hardness as I walked down the hall.

Mom’s door was open, and she was lying in bed, a single sheet partially covering her. She looked so beautiful and serene it made my heart ache.

I climbed on the bed, and pressed my cock against her lips.

“Suck your son, Mom,” I told her firmly.

She didn’t move, and I rubbed my cock up and down against her lips, shaking her shoulder softly.

“Suck your son, Mom,” I repeated.

I saw a hint of a smile, and her mouth opened. I eased my cock inside, and started stroking between those sexy lips.

She turned a little, toward me, and sucked softly. No special moves, no attempt to take me down her throat, just a simple, willing sucking.

I brushed her hair back, and watched her pretty face. Her eyes were still closed, her mouth a comfortable ‘O’ letting me use her. I reached down and caressed her breast, and after only a couple of minutes felt the early end approaching.

“Soon Mom,” I told her.

Her lips tightened, and her tongue starting moving. I pumped faster, fucking her mouth, and groaned. I delivered a full load, taking my time finishing, leaving my cock in her mouth as she swallowed and sucked me clean.

I pulled my cock out a few seconds later. “Good Mommy.”

“Thank you baby,” she whispered, her sweet smile fluttering across her lips.

I kissed her forehead, and straightened out the sheet. “Sleep now, you’ve earned it.”

She sighed, rolling onto her belly, and I tucked her in, taking a moment to caress the swell of her ass, lifting the sheet so enticingly.

Mom came downstairs a couple of hours later, hair still slightly damp from her morning bath. She was wrapped in a plain cotton robe. I gave her a hug, and escorted her to the kitchen table.

I set her coffee in front of her, and heated up the pan. “Dad’s egg white veggie omelet Ok?” I asked, whisking three egg whites, one whole egg and adding a splash of milk.

I turned on the broiler, and looked over where Mom was watching me. I blew her a kiss, added the butter to the pan, and poured the egg in.

Dad made omelets different than anyone else I know. He cooks the eggs over low heat without stirring it, then when it’s mostly firmed up, he adds the extra ingredients, then puts the whole pan under the broiler for a couple of minutes to fully cook.

With the omelets on the top rack of the oven, I popped the English muffin in the toaster.

“You didn’t pay me a visit last night,” she teased.

“No Mom. The door was closed. Looked like you guys wanted some privacy.”

She took a sip of her coffee. “Thanks for cleaning up last night.”

I took the pan out of the oven, and slid the egg onto the plate, folding it in half and adding a little salsa on top. I put the omelet in front of Mom, and kissed her cheek.

“You’re welcome, beautiful. I love you.”

I buttered the English muffin, putting it on the edge of her plate and placing the jar of strawberry preserves next to her.

“Are you trying to fatten me up, Jeremy?” she laughed.

“Don’t think that’s going to be a problem. You’ve been getting quite a bit of exercise lately.”

“But I already had my breakfast. Best breakfast I could ever ask for.” She glanced down at my crotch, teasingly.

“I’m glad you like it, but I want to keep your strength up. Purely selfish reasons, you understand.”

She sipped from her grapefruit juice, and wiped her mouth. “Pretty special night, wasn’t it? Are you alright this morning?”

I washed the dishes, while she ate. “Yeah. I had a rough time there for a bit, but I think it was good for me to feel a little of what Dad was going through.”

“He understands. We both do. He was having a difficult time as well. Not the sharing as much, but rehashing our early days. That Penny is a hell of a girl. Too bad the summer’s ending.”

“I think we’re going to try to keep it going. Spend our weekends and holidays together. I’m crazy about her.”

Mom stood and put her plate in the sink, then came over and hugged me. “Of course you are. She’s a special girl. I’m not sure how easy it will be, once you’re away, but I think it’s great that you’re giving it a try. There are a lot of girls out there, and you’ll be able to have your choice, but I don’t think you’re going to do much better than her.”

I stood and gave Mom a hug. I escorted her back to the family room, where I sat her down and kissed her gently. “I want you to watch something for me. Please try to keep an open mind.” I hit play.

I went to the kitchen and finished cleaning up, letting her watch it alone. I grabbed the phone and called Aunt Marie.

“It’s time, Aunt Marie.”

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“It’s time. Give us about an hour.”

“You still want me to bring Colin along?”

“Definitely. He’s part of this, and we can’t keep him in the dark forever. I’ll see you soon.”

I returned to the living room, and sat down next to Mom, putting my arm around her.

Mom seemed upset, and I kept quiet as Aunt Marie plead her case on screen. At least Mom was sitting through all of it. I wasn’t sure it would even get this far on the first try.

She was stiff, sitting upright, her shoulders back. As the screen went blank, she didn’t say anything, eyes still locked on the solid blue screen.

“How could you do this to me, Jeremy? Betray me like this,” she said coldly.

“Mom! How can you say that? You know how much I love you. Are you so bitter about 20 years ago that you’d accuse me of betraying you? Me? Ever?”

“What do you expect, choosing her over me? You couldn’t love me and do that!” she snapped.

“Stop it. You know better. I’d never choose her over you. This isn’t even about her, it’s about you.”

“You expect me to believe that! You just want to fuck her.” I could feel her anger brewing.

“I’ll never touch her again if you don’t want me to. I love her, I always have, she’s the best aunt a boy could have. That said, she means nothing to me compared to you.”

“Then why would you do this to me? Side with her like this,” she whined.

“Because I love you. I want you to be happy. Our life is so wonderful, except for this feud between you and Aunt Marie. I think it’s time to bury the hatchet. She’s been good for twenty years. Yes, she was horrible to you in high school. She admits it. We all know it. Can’t you let it go?”

“Twenty years? After trying to steal you from me barely a week ago?”

“She didn’t. Didn’t steal me, didn’t try. You know we’ve always been close. She just wants to be a part of us. She’s lonely, and she wants to make things right with you. Can’t you give her a chance?”

“Give her a chance? What do you think I’ve been doing for the last two decades? I never cut her off from the family. I never locked her out. I let her be the fun one in your life, while I had to be the tough one. I’ve treated her son like my own. She repays me, how?” Mom was practically frothing at this point.

Not going so well. “She loves Dad. She has from the day she first met him. Has she ever made a move on him since you were married? Done anything that was inappropriate? Over the top?” I asked.

“She knows I’d kill her if she did!”

“Never stopped her in high school,” I reminded her. “Admit it Mom, you know she’s been good. Her only recent mistake was letting me go too far with her in the backseat after Dad and you practically threw us together.”

“We did no such thing!”

“Yes you did. Both of you. At least Dad is willing to admit it. What did you do with her son? Were you such an angel?”

She turned crimson. “I allowed him a few liberties. Not like you two.”

“C’mon Mom! The boy has the biggest crush on you, and you let him play with your tits and rub between your legs. You kissed him. Were you trying to steal him away from his mother?”

“Don’t make this about him,” Mom snapped. “He took the liberties, not me.”

“I did the same with Aunt Marie, with Dad’s secret encouragement, throwing us together and making sure he hit every damn pothole between our cabin the main road. What about those outfits you two wore? That wasn’t just her.”

“I was wearing it for you, Jeremy!”

“No you weren’t. Be honest, Mom. You and I had never done anything remotely sexual until that moment. That same morning I got to see Aunt Marie’s tits, and motor-boated them. You were teasing Colin. Kind of cruel when you know how he feels about you.”

“But that’s all it was! Teasing, being a little playful. She’s the one who crossed the line.”

“Did you two discuss that line? Where to cut it off?” I insisted.

“She should have known!”

I felt like I was going in circles with her. I lifted her off the couch, while she tried to maintain her stiff manner. I pulled her onto my lap, hugging her.

“Mom, who do I love more than anyone else in the world? Honestly.”

She slowly sank into my shoulder, leaning against me. I stroked her hair softly, turning her head to look at me. “Who, Mom? Who do I love?”

She lowered her head ’til our foreheads touched. “Me.”

I kissed her lips gently. “Who do you think I love second most?”

She had to think about that.

“It’s an easy question Mom. Don’t think about it. Answer. Who do I love almost as much as you?”

“Your father,” she said softly.

“Third? Don’t think about it. Say it.”

She couldn’t just blurt it out. She gave it a few seconds, then wrapped her arms around my neck. “A week ago I would have said Marie. Now I’d have to guess Penny.”

I brought her head down to mine, and kissed her a little more firmly, insistently, until her tongue caressed mine. “Correct on all three. Aunt Marie comes in fourth. Knowing that, why would I try to get you to accept Marie’s confession and apology?”

She stiffened a bit, but I held her tight.

“Maybe you think it’s the right thing. I could see how you might. But you don’t know her like I do, baby.”

“I’ve known her all of my life. Hell, I fed from her breast when I was an infant. I’ve lain beside her, holding her in my arms, and talked. Heart-to-heart. Talked about her past, her mistakes, her dreams, and her failures. I’ve let her cry on my shoulder until she had no tears left. She’s sad and lonely, and afraid of you. In her eyes, you have everything. The perfect life. She’s just a sad three time loser, who compares every man she ever meets to yours, and always falls short.”

“That’s her fault, not mine,” Mom argued.

“You’re right. She made her bed. She had to sleep in it. You got Dad. The best man you and I have ever known. She was jealous, went out and got married to the first man she could sink her claws into. For twenty years she sat on the sidelines, waiting for you to accept her back, watching you have what she never could. A man who loved her so completely, so devotedly.”

“What do you want from me, Jeremy? I’ve let her in. As much as I can.”

“I want you to sit down with her and talk about the things that you’ve avoided. Without hate or rancor. Sit, listen, and try to accept. Let’s try to move on. The only time I ever see you angry, upset or unhappy is in relation to your sister. I hate that. I hate to see you upset.”

She wiped her eyes. “You might try avoiding things like that damned tape and this whole conversation.”

I smiled. “Maybe. I’m thinking more along the lines of building bridges. A little hurt today, to forgo future heartache.”

She dropped her head to my shoulder. “I don’t think I can do it, Jeremy. It’s too much. She hurt me. You can never understand how much.”

“I know. She hurt herself worse. Your sister is hurting badly. Please, Mom? Try? For me?”

“That’s not fair,” she whispered.

“You’re right. It’s not fair. I’m willing to beg. I’ll do anything to make you happy, and I honestly believe we all need this. Whatever you want, Mom. I’ll do anything. I’ll never touch her again. I won’t be with anyone but you. I’d even defy Dad. What will it take, Mom? What will it take to get you to at least make the effort?”

“Why, Jeremy? Why would you do this to me?” she whined sadly.

“You know why Mom. I wouldn’t do this for anyone else in the world.”

She’d had too much. I felt her body shaking as she cried into my shoulder, quietly at first, then louder. All I could do was hold her, caress her, and let her work it out for herself.

Eventually she calmed down, and I used the belt from her robe to dry her tears. She couldn’t help but giggle a little when I gave it a tug, opening the front a bit. Then she kissed me so softly, I wasn’t even sure our lips touched.

“What if I can’t, Jeremy? What if I try and I still can’t?”

“Then I’m wrong. I’ll love you exactly the same, and will do my best to hide the pain when I see you two go at it. Only you can know if it’s possible. All I’m asking is you give it a chance.”

“And if I can’t, you’ll leave her alone? No more going to her?”

“If that’s what you want. I’d hope she could still be my favorite aunt, just without any benefits.”

“Of course. I’d never try to break you two apart.”

“Just like she’d never do that to you. Never again.”

I had my hand inside her robe, cupping her breast, feeling her nipple harden against my palm. She pressed her chest forward, pushing into my hand. “Mine aren’t as good as hers,” she said.

I gave her tits a squeeze, making her twitch. “Yours aren’t as big as hers,” I told her. “But they’re better. They’re yours.” I kissed her neck. “They’re not as big as Colleen’s either. Do you think I prefer hers?”


“All of yours are bigger than Penny’s. You think I love hers any less?”

“Of course not,” Mom said.

I leaned her back, opening her robe wide. I took her nipple between my lips and sucked hard. She moaned for me.

“My tits, Mom. You said these were mine. You gave me life, fed me with your body. Whose tits could ever mean as much to me?”

“Nobody, baby. They are yours. Your father may own the rest of me, but my breasts are always for you.”

I was taking turns suckling on each, when the doorbell rang. I sat up, and pulled her robe closed. “Listen, Ok? All I ask is that you try.”

She sat up, calling out to me. “Jeremy! You didn’t!”

I went to the door, and welcomed a nervous Aunt Marie into my arms. “She’s seen the video. She’s still a little upset.”

“Is now the right time?” she asked.

Colin stood in the doorway, obviously confused.

“I don’t know,” I answered my aunt. “I hope so. Be honest with her. Honest and patient. Don’t argue with her, try to listen.”

I let her go, and gave her an encouraging pat on her rear, in Mom’s direction. I dragged Colin in and closed the door behind him. “C’mon, Colin, let’s get a beer and you can catch me up on the latest,” I told him.

We walked through the living room, and I saw Aunt Marie on her knees in front of Mom, head in her lap, crying. “I’m sorry, Alice,” she whined. “I can’t help it, I’m so sorry.”

Mom was stroking her hair, and looked up at me. She gave a nod of her head toward the patio. I took Colin out to the garage, grabbed a beer for each of us, and took him out the back. We ambled over to the patio, and I saw him looking inside where his Mom and mine were.

“Let’s give them some private time, Ok? They’ve got some things to work out. How’s your Mom doing?”

He opened his beer once he saw me open mine. “Nervous as crap. What’s going on?”

“Sister stuff. Best we keep out of it for now. I want to hear what’s been going on at your house since the jeep ride. Any repercussions? Problems?”

I saw him blush. “I’m not supposed to say.”

“Jesus, Colin! You’re not supposed to talk about it to anyone but me. You know that right? You can tell me and Dad anything, nobody else. We’re family.”

“Your Dad too?”

“Sure. He knows everything that went down. You haven’t seen him blowup or anything, have you?”

He looked unsure. “No, I guess.” He stared at his beer. “Uncle Harold really knows?”

I figured I’d grease the rails and get this train rolling. “Tell you what. Let me get you caught up. Penny and I did it.”

He almost spit out his beer. “No shit? Did it? The whole thing?”

“Popped her tight little cherry. Blowjobs too. Sweet as can be, I gotta tell you. I was an idiot for waiting so long.”

“Wow! Man, you are so damn lucky. First playing with our Moms and now going all the way with Penny. You’re not shitting me, are you?”

“No way. Mom and Dad know too. They’re cool with it. So’s her Mom. I don’t think her father knows yet, but it won’t be long.”

Raised voices from inside the house let me know things weren’t going completely smooth. “Dude, grab a chair, let’s give them some space.” I picked up mine, and carried it further out into the yard, near the back fence, with Colin following.

Seated again, I grinned at him. “Spill. You couldn’t keep your hands off her, could you? I know I wouldn’t be able to.”

He looked back at the house, and took a big swig of his beer. He shook his head.

“Tit? Or more?”

I saw a small smile creep across his lips. “Tit, then some more.” He sounded proud.

“Damn it, tell me! I told you about Penny.”

His smile grew bigger. “You didn’t tell me much.”

I gave in and told him a little more. About my father encouraging me, getting experience before college, Mom saying I could take her to my room, and spending a day naked in bed with her. More the next day, before she decided it was time. I told him the Mom’s helped stage the room, but not about their presence. That was still their secret, especially Colleen’s.

“You’re kidding, right? They were there in the house, getting everything setup?”

“Candles, music, lube, they wanted it to be nice for her.”

“How was it?”

“Fucking incredible! I had no idea. Man, we’re going to have to get you laid. There’s no way to describe it.”

“When was it?”

“Two days ago. We didn’t do it again yesterday ’cause she was too sore.”

“Holy crap! Too sore?”

“Hell, she was a virgin. I’m pretty sure we’re going to spend a good part of this weekend doing it some more. We’re going to try to still see each other while we’re at school. Weekends and breaks,” I told him.

“Fuck. I’m so jealous. She’s gorgeous.”

“Everything I told you has to remain a secret. It’s just between us. I haven’t told anybody else,” I warned him. “You gonna tell me now?” I teased.

He drank some more of his beer. He was already two thirds done. I’d never seen him drink a beer so fast.

“Nothing happened that first day. I was still kind of embarrassed, and Mom seemed out of it. Really tired and a little upset. The next morning though, when I woke up she was sitting on the edge of my bed. She brushed my hair back and looked down at me.

“‘My boy’s becoming a man,’ she said to me.”

“I told her good morning, kind of nervous still, and she scared the hell out of me when she took off her robe and climbed into the bed, wearing just a t-shirt and panties.”

“No shit!” I told him.

He nodded. “I couldn’t believe it. She said, ‘Colin, I still can’t believe what you did to me in that back seat. My shirt was up around my neck and my panties were off. I never thought you’d do that to me.’ Man, I felt bad about it. I told her I couldn’t help it. She asked why.”

“Why, Mom? Wearing nothing but that thin shirt, and those tiny panties, sitting in my lap for hours?”

“I’ve sat in your lap before,” she said.

“Not dressed like that.”

“Was it my boobs? Did my baby want his boobies back?”

“God, Mom! Your nipples were so hard, poking through that shirt, pressed against me. I couldn’t help it.”

“You like Momma’s boobies?” she teased.

“Mom, please don’t tease me. You’re killing me. You have the best tits ever. How could I not like them!”

He took another sip of his beer, all but finishing it.

“Hold that thought.” I told him. “This looks like thirsty work. I’ll be right back.” I headed back to the garage, grabbing two more cold ones, then took a peek in the house. They were sitting on the couch and talking. That was good. Better than the alternative.

I passed him a beer. “Go on. You told your Mom she had the best tits ever. I gotta agree.”

He nodded. “She surprised the hell out of me, sitting up and taking her shirt off. Hell, she was in my bed, wearing only her panties! Can you believe that?”

I nodded.

“Well, she lay back down after that, looking at me kind of funny. ‘Don’t you like my tits, Colin?’ she asked me. I figured I wasn’t in trouble, so I reached out and squeezed the near one. She smiled at me, then told me she didn’t mind if I touched her there. After that I couldn’t help myself, you know? She let me play with her tits for like an hour. She let me suck them and everything.”

“She does have great tits, doesn’t she?” I said.

“Man. Better than any magazine. Big and soft. That’s all we did that morning, and we didn’t talk about it later. But the next morning she came to my room wearing only her panties and got in the bed again. I got to play with them for a long time, but I was going crazy, you know. I was so hard for her.” He blushed, taking another drink.

“I don’t blame you. When she was sitting in my lap, I was hard the whole time.”

“Yeah, but I couldn’t help myself. I was pressed against her leg, and I started rubbing myself against her. She didn’t stop me, and after a few minutes I couldn’t hold back and I came all over her leg. You know, I thought she’d be mad, but she giggled. ‘Take a break, baby,’ she told me.”

He looked back toward the house, where things seemed quiet. “She wasn’t mad. She got up and went to my bathroom, coming back with a washcloth. She’d already cleaned up her leg, but she pulled the covers back, and started cleaning me up with that washcloth.”

I laughed. “I’d have gotten hard in a second, if she did that.”

He nodded quickly. “Exactly! Me too! I wasn’t even completely clean, and she was holding my hard dick in her hand. She didn’t even say anything, she just pulled my head back down to her tits, and kept her hand on my shaft, pulling and squeezing.”

“And you said I was the lucky one? Jesus, Colin, that’s pretty incredible.”

“I know! I mean, I got to play with her tits and everything, while she was stroking me down there. When I got close again, a little later, she whispered ‘It’s Ok, baby, you can come on Momma if you want.’”

“No way!”

“Yeah! Shit as soon as she said that, no way I could hold back any longer. I squirted all over her leg again, biting on her nipple, and you know what? I’m pretty sure she came too!”

“And that was a few days ago?” I asked.

“Yeah. Since then she’s been coming into my bedroom every night. I get to play with her tits, and she jerks me off before I go to sleep.”

“So have you tried to do anymore?”

“Are you kidding? She’d kill me!” he whined.

I had to laugh. “I don’t think so. Damn, Colin, she has her hand on your dick and all. You didn’t try touching her anywhere else, rubbing between her legs or nothin’?”

He shook his head.

I took a sip of my beer. “I don’t know everything, but I think she’s offering more. You’ve got to take a chance, bud. And not just when she comes to you at night. Push things a little. If she stops you or says no, oh well. At least you tried. You should try walking up to her during the day. Hug her from behind, push up against her ass, cup her tits. See what she does. Seriously, she’s been jacking you off for close to a week. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?”

“But what if she stops everything? What if she stops coming to my room?”

“Then you go to hers. Be a man, Colin! Dad would kick your butt for being a weenie.”

“Would you do that to your Mom?” he asked.

“Hell yeah, that and more. I already do, but I have Penny too, so I don’t have to get carried away, and she gets plenty of attention from Dad.” No way was I going to tell him the full extent of my relationship with Mom. Not yet. “Your Mom doesn’t have a man in her life. She needs the attention. You should try to give it to her.”

“You really think so?” he whined.

I wanted to shake him. “Grow some balls, Colin! You were brave enough to touch Mom. You were only three feet from Dad, and your own mother was in the back seat a few feet away, but you went after her. Touched her between the legs.”

“Mom was so mad the next day, after what I did in the backseat,” he said.

“That was worse. She was unconscious. Of course she’d be pissed. She had no idea what you had done. This is different. She’s in your bed, already touching you. You should touch her back. Ask her to help you. Teach you what to do. Play on the whole ‘Mom’ thing. Tell her you want to start dating but you’re not sure what to do. Get her to show you. I bet she would. Hell, it’s even possible that my Mom would. But I’d start with yours first.”

He looked nervous. “You really think so? She wouldn’t get mad?”

“I bet just the opposite. It’s worth at least a try, isn’t it?”

He shrugged. “I don’t want to mess things up.”

I was frustrated with him. “Whatever. If you don’t do it, I will. Your Mom is hot. If my Mom wouldn’t kill me for it, I’d do her in a second.”

“Do her? All the way?”

“Oh yeah. Absolutely. She doesn’t have a man in her life now. If you don’t want to play the part, I sure as hell wouldn’t mind doing it.”

“You really think she wouldn’t mind?”

“I already said so. Give her a big wet kiss. Tell her she’s the greatest and how much you love her. Feel her up and see how it goes. Keep pushing the limits until she stops you. Climb in her bed with her, instead of waiting for her to come to yours. Go for it, cuz!”

“Maybe I will. She’s really sweet when she gets in my bed.”

“She’s sweet all the time.” I finished my beer, and decided it was time to check on the Moms. “I’ll be right back, Ok? I’m going to see how they’re doing.”

He nodded, and took another sip of his beer. It was still half-full.

I walked back to the house, and looked in. They seemed to be talking, without any screaming or violence. I opened the door and peeked in, announcing my presence.

“One nervous son and nephew entering the battlefield. Is it safe?”

Mom looked back at me, a little exasperated. “It’s not a battlefield, Jeremy.”

“Nobody bleeding? I don’t need to call 911?” I teased.

Aunt Marie smiled a little, which was a good sign. “We’re sisters. We’re not going to kill each other, although I imagine there’s been a few times when Sissy probably wanted to.”

Mom grinned. “I never wanted to kill you. Shave your head maybe, and leave you naked on the front step, bound and helpless.”

“I’d pay to see that,” I laughed.

Aunt Marie squirmed forward and took Mom’s hand in hers. “If that’s what it takes, Alice. I’d let you. Whatever you need from me, to show you how sorry I am.”

Mom didn’t reply, and I could tell she was still resisting. I walked over to her. “Upsy-daisy, Mom,” I said, taking her hands and pulling her off the couch. When she stood, I sat down and pulled her into my lap. She was a little stiff at first, then she settled against me. If I’d learned one thing about Mom in the last week, it was that sitting on Dad’s or my lap relaxed her.

“What’s the problem, Mom? Tell me. Tell us. What are you really worried about? It’s not anything from 20 years ago, is it?”

She leaned her head against my shoulder. “I don’t know. I guess I’m scared. She took those guys away from me so easily back then. What’s to say she won’t do it again? Steal you and your father.”

“Alice! I would never…”

“Shh, Aunt Marie. It’s the way she feels. It’s not wrong, even if you wouldn’t, couldn’t. It’s still the way she feels, deep down. That’s what matters.”

Mom squirmed in my lap. “I know I shouldn’t feel that way. I know your father would never leave me. I know you love me, Jeremy. More than anything. I guess that’s part of what’s so scary. The thought of losing either of you. I just can’t handle that.”

I decided to take a desperate chance. I hoped it wouldn’t backfire on me. “I guess that’s it. You’re not ready for this, and I understand. I told you I’d back you.” I tilted Mom’s head up and kissed her softly.

“Sorry, Aunt Marie. I wish it was different. I tried to fix things. You know I love you, and I always will, but I think you’re going to have to go now. We won’t be doing anything in the future, you and me. I can’t. I really am sorry.”

She crossed her legs Indian style, lowered her head, and put her face in her hands. “Please, Jeremy. Don’t take everything away. I’ll follow her rules. I swear I will, just like we’ve been doing. Don’t shut me out.”

“I have to. I know she gets upset when I see you. I can’t do that to Mom anymore. I can’t. Please understand.”

Aunt Marie was crying softly. “I…I’m sorry, Alice. Please don’t do this. Don’t take him completely away. He’s my Jeremy. Please.”

Mom seemed anxious. “Jeremy…”

“No. It’s Ok. It’ll hurt for a while, but Aunt Marie can always get another man. It’s not like they aren’t chasing her all the time.”

Aunt Marie raised her head, her eyes red and tearing. “We can be the way we were, can’t we Jeremy? Best friends. You can still tell me anything. It can be the way it was, before. Right?”

“Maybe, in time. I think we need a break.”

Mom twisted in my arms, looking up at me. “No Jeremy. She’s your Aunt. She loves you like her own son. You can’t just throw that away.”

Aunt Marie squirmed even closer, sliding her leg under Mom’s. “Listen to your Mom, Jeremy. It doesn’t have to be like that. Please. Don’t abandon me. I…I couldn’t take that. I couldn’t. You guys are all I have. You and Colin.”

“You don’t understand, Aunt Marie. She hates you. What you did eats at her every day. If we even mention you, she goes crazy. We were watching a video together, and I said we’d been practicing kissing, you and me, and Mom went nuts. When I told her I wanted you guys to try to work things out, she practically disowned me she was so mad. I can’t hurt her anymore.”

Mom had lowered her head, and wasn’t even looking at her sister anymore. “Jeremy, it wasn’t like that.”

“Yes Mom, it was. It was terrible. You said I betrayed you and that I didn’t love you. You screamed at Dad. It’s too much. Maybe you’re right.”

“You hate me Alice? You hate me that much?” Aunt Marie sobbed.

Mom shook her head. “I don’t hate you. I love you, you’re my sister. I…I just get so angry. You hurt me so badly.”

Aunt Marie looked devastated. “God, I’ve destroyed my life. I was so jealous of you, and look what I’ve done. I’m sorry, Alice. I never wanted to hurt you. You’re my big sister. My idol. I…I won’t bother you anymore.”

Colin had some serious timing issues. He decided to make an appearance about then. “What’s up? You never came back out.”

Aunt Marie stood wiping her eyes. “We need to leave, Colin. Say goodbye to Alice and your cousin.”

Mom reached out, “Marie…”

I grabbed her hands. “No. Let her go. It’s better this way.”

She looked at me in shock. “Stop it, Jeremy! This isn’t right.”

“Mom? Why are you crying? What’s wrong?” Colin asked nervously. He walked over to her, and took her in his arms. “What happened, Mom?”

“I…I’ve done some terrible things, Colin. Awful things and I’m just going to have to live with that. We really need to go now.”

He looked over at me angrily. “What’s going on? What did you guys do?”

I felt bad about what I was doing, and I hoped it would work out, and not blow up in my face. “We didn’t do anything. Ask your Mom sometime. Ask her how one sister should treat another. What she did. How she tried to take my father. How she stole Mom’s boyfriends growing up. Ask her.”

Mom seemed angry. “Enough, Jeremy! That was a long time ago. Don’t tell him things like that.”

“It’s the truth,” I snapped.

“It’s the past. You can’t do this. You can’t send her away. She’s been your favorite for 18 years. What she did has nothing to do with you.”

“She tried to get between us. Remember what she said to you on the way back from the cabin? She knew exactly what she was doing.”

Aunt Marie was crying again. “No, Jeremy, I swear. I wasn’t trying to hurt her, or take you from her. I swear, I wouldn’t do that.”

“You don’t know, Aunt Marie. The way she looked at me afterward, like I was scum, lower than dirt. I won’t have that. Not from Mom.”

“Jeremy, stop this now! You’re overreacting. She’s family,” Mom said angrily.

I moved her off my lap, and stood up. “She’s not. Family doesn’t do what she did to you. I’m done. We’re done.”

“Don’t tell me what I am or am not,” Mom snapped.

“Whatever. You can kiss and make up, but not me. I’m not going to let her or anybody else get between you and me. Never.”

Colin had been standing, his arm around his mother. He stepped toward me. “You’re being a jerk,” he said angrily.

“Don’t be stupid, Colin.” I pushed him to the side. “Take your Mom home. She’s not welcome here. And leave my Mom alone, she doesn’t want you around.”

I was goading him. Purposely. So easy to push his buttons.

He turned red, and took a swing at me. I went with it, letting him hit me, then stepped into him, driving my fist into his stomach hard. He dropped to his knees, gasping.

“Fuck off. Don’t you ever touch my mother again, or I swear I’ll kill you. I was going to do it that first night, but Dad talked me out of it. I should have.”

I ran up the stairs, and slammed my door. I laid on my bed, trembling, my stomach in knots. I hated it, all of it.

It was more than an hour later, and I was lying there regretting everything I’d done. It looked like I’d screwed up. It was a stupid, desperate stunt. If it was going to work, I’d expected her to show up in my room within minutes. Fuck.

I was feeling sorry for myself. I decided to give Penny a call. Maybe it would make me feel better.

I was right. Hearing her voice picked up my spirits. I told her a little about what was going on, and that I wasn’t sure we’d be able to get together later. I’d been hoping for a little more practice, but she was good about it, telling me she was going over to her friend’s house.

“Your ears should be burning in a little while. I might even have her come over and help her work on my shrine. It’s really coming along nicely.”

I laughed, and it felt good. “Have you been practicing your swirly-go-round?”

She giggled. “Right. And who would I practice with?”

“One of your myriad fans. I’m sure the boys would line up for a chance.”

“I’m sure they would. But I’m done with boys. I’m quite happy with my amazing man. I think I’ll save all my practicing for him.”

“I’ll call you later, if anything changes.”

I hung up the phone after saying my goodbyes, and was about to get up and face the music, when the door cracked open.

Mom poked her head in. “Jeremy?” She had gotten dressed, exchanging the robe for shorts and a t-shirt. No bra, I saw.

I sat up. She opened the door and came over to the bed, sitting beside me. “Are you calm now?”

I nodded.

She put her arms around me. “You were too harsh with your Aunt. She didn’t deserve that.”

“I’m sorry Mom. It just drives me crazy to see you so upset.”

She nodded. “I know. But she’s still my sister. She’s your family. You hurt her badly.”

“Not like she hurt you.”

“That was a long time ago. She was just a kid.”

“My age?”

Mom was quiet. “I don’t want this. I don’t want you to be angry with her over something that happened so long ago.”

“Long ago? What about the Jeep ride, Mom?”

“We both know that wasn’t the same. She loves you, we’d all been drinking, and your father made sure you two were in a special situation. She might have pushed things a little too far, but it wasn’t out of cruelty, it was out of love.” She leaned into me, easing me back on the bed, her hand caressing my chest. “You can’t understand. For Marie and me, you’re so much like your father back then, it’s disconcerting. So easy to forget. You’re like catnip to us.”

“I don’t want to be angry with her Mom. I love her. I just don’t want you to be unhappy.”

“I’d be a lot sadder with her out of our lives. I love her.”

“So what do you want to do?” I asked.

“I want you to make up with her. I want things back the way they were. You were very mean to Colin. You hurt his feelings badly. He looks up to you.”

“I didn’t mean to. He started it. He hit me first.”

Mom looked irritated. “He couldn’t hurt you. You know that. You’re almost twice his size! Hitting him was cruel, you could have walked away. I’m disappointed in you. He’s your cousin.”

“I’m sorry, Mom. I was just so angry. When he took that shot at me, I wasn’t thinking. I reacted poorly.”

She brought her lips to mine. “I know. You did it for me, and I understand. I need you to make things right, though. Can you do that for me?”

I pulled her closer, kissing her. “Of course. Whatever you want.”

She got up and opened the door, and Aunt Marie walked in, wearing one of Mom’s nightgowns. She looked nervous, and Mom took her by the hand and led her to my bed. She stood behind her sister. “No more stupid rules, Jeremy. Show my sister you still love her.”

Aunt Marie was always so confident, so in control. Now she appeared distraught, shaken. I held my hands out to her, and she hesitantly placed hers in mine, and let me draw her down onto my bed. I looked over at Mom.

She smiled shyly. “Colin’s very upset. I’m going to calm him down.”

I lifted an eyebrow, just the right, a talent I’d been working on diligently.

She blushed. “No more than in the car, Ok? I won’t break your rules.”

“Dad’s rules,” I reminded her.

“Yes, your father’s rules. I understand. He…he needs me now.”

Aunt Marie’s head was whipping back and forth between us like she was at a tennis match.

“Tell him I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I was angry, but he’s still my bud.”

Mom grinned. “I will. Now convince your favorite girl you’re sorry,” she said, giving me a wink. She turned and walked out of my room, closing the door behind her.

I had been sitting up, and I took Marie in my arms and guided her down to lay beside me.

She was still looking anxious. “You’re not still mad at me, are you Jeremy?”

“No, Aunt Marie. I love you.”

She leaned into me, pressing her head against my chest. “You hurt me, baby. You were supposed to take care of me. Supposed to be on my side.”

I kissed her head softly. “I am.”

She looked up at me. “You have a strange way of showing it.”

I smiled. “How are things with you and Mom now?”

“Better. She’s still very cross with you.”

I gave her a squeeze. “Better she be angry with me than you, don’t you think?”

She stared into my eyes thoughtfully. “That…was that on purpose?”

I tilted her chin up. “It didn’t seem like things were getting anywhere between you and Mom. I thought I might try something desperate. A little crazy, even. A way to get her on your side, defending you.” I kissed her softly. “You can never say anything to Mom about it. Promise me.”

“You didn’t mean it?” she whispered.

“Who’s been trying to bring you two together? I want you here with us. If that means I have to take a little heat for a while, that’s fine. I’d do anything to heal the breach between you two. I didn’t mean to upset you, but it had to seem real. Forgive me?”

She relaxed, her arms hugging me tightly. “Oh, Jeremy. You’re too good to me.”

I laughed, running my hand down her side. “Impossible. Nothing’s too good for my special girl. My first fantasy woman. My confidante and teacher.”

She grinned. “Now what? Do you think she meant it? No rules?”

“I think she did, but she may not feel that way later. I think it would be best if we tried to stick to our rules just a little bit longer. I’ll tell her I couldn’t do it, I was too upset. Dollars to donuts she’ll be pushing us together.”

“God, you are a devious little son-of-a-bitch, aren’t you?”

I rolled her on top of me, squealing delightfully. I kissed her hard. “Is that anyway to talk about your favorite nephew? Haven’t we learned anything, naughty Marie?” I swatted her butt playfully.

She rolled off of me, then was fighting to get my clothing off. I didn’t resist, letting her pull off my shirt and pants. As she was pulling down my boxers, I decided to tease her. “Colin tells me you two have been naughty.”

She hesitated, then finished stripping me. “That damn boy should learn how to keep his mouth shut,” she mumbled.

I hopped onto my knees, and grabbed the bottom of her nightgown, pulling it off of her, over her head. “From me? Where’s the trust, Auntie?”

She tackled me, dressed only in her panties, her buxom breast crushed against my chest. “What did he tell you?”

I laughed. “Uh-uh. What did you do, you naughty wench?”

“Not what I do with you,” she teased.

“How far? More than the handjob?”

“Not much. He needs to learn how to be with a girl, doesn’t he? How to bring her pleasure.”


She nodded, giving me one of her delightful kisses.


She grinned. “Not his first time there, is it? They’ve always been for Colin and you.”

I rolled her over, giggling, while I sucked a nipple into my mouth, playfully. “You do have the greatest tits. It would be awfully cruel to take them away.” I gave the sister nipple a suck. “Keeping him out of your panties?”

She blushed. “You’re not going to let this go, are you?”

I slid down her body, kissing her belly, until I got to her waist. I grabbed her panties and started easing them down her legs. “You don’t have to tell me. It’s not like I’m anyone important to you.”

She gave me a push with her foot, “You are so rotten!”

I leaped between her legs, spreading them, and dove face first between her legs. She fought me playfully, giggling, until she sighed and pulled my face tight against her crotch. I took my time, reviewing the lessons she’d taught me, until she was thrusting up against my mouth, moaning and coming for me. I held onto her firmly, and started fingering her roughly, her pussy soaking wet, making dirty, nasty splashing noises as I drove two fingers into her, my other hand rubbing her little love button.

Aunt Marie was twisting on the bed, her legs shaking, struggling while I forced her to come for me again. “Please, Jeremy,” she gasped.

“Please, what?” I teased.

“Enough…too sensitive.”

I laughed, and brought my mouth down and back into action, sucking on her like my life depended on it. I even tickled her backdoor, though I knew she didn’t go there. Just nudging it, pressing softly, getting most of my first knuckle in. Her moaning had become desperate grunts, her legs kicking out, twisting, trying to push me away. I was having none of it. I was determined to drive my aunt crazy with lust.

She cried out when I switched back to fingering her hard, three fingers working her over. I moved from between her legs, sliding up alongside her body. I trapped one of her legs with mine, brought an arm across her shoulders pinning her down, and did what my father had taught me. Two fingers, yanking up hard against her pussy, merciless, while she gasped and pleaded.

Her head tilted back and she moaned “Oh, God!” It was harder to get her off than Mom, and my arm was tiring, but I kept it up. “God, oh God, oh God,” she groaned, her body shaking.

I picked up the pace, my fingers almost pulling her off the bed. She screamed, and I felt the pulse within her, and pulled my hand free, as the clear liquid shot from her pussy. She was out of control, and I kept her leg pinned down with mine and slapped down on her clit, setting her off again. When she seemed to come off the worst of it, I rubbed her softly, leaning over and kissing her. “That was beautiful,” I told her.

“Jesus,” she gasped, looking up at me, and I slid my fingers back inside her, going to work again.

“No!” she moaned, “No more.”

“Come for me, Marie. Squirt for me.”

It took only a couple more minutes and she was coming hard again. Her body reacted stronger the second time, trembling, her stomach muscles spasming out of control. Every few seconds I’d see them harden, and she’d grunt. I spanked her naughty little pussy, making her scream, flooding my bed.

I didn’t want to leave her like Dad and I had left Mom, so I eased back after that, holding her, cuddling her, caressing her crotch gently. She was half out of it, in a daze, giggling a little. “Jeremy,” she whispered lovingly.

“Who loves you, Marie?” I teased, kissing her chin.

“My Jeremy. My Jeremy loves me.”

“Always, Aunt Marie. You should have known that. You should have had faith in me.”

Her eyes teared up, and she rolled onto her side, her arms enveloping me. “I do Jeremy. I love you. I love you so much.”

I held her, my hands gliding over her soft skin, telling her how important she was to me, how much I loved her. She relaxed and cuddled in closer. I was kissing the top of her head, when I realized she was asleep. I figured it must have been a pretty exhausting and emotional day for her.

I took a couple of minutes to gorge myself on her amazing tits, which I could never get enough of. Her nipples were hard, but other than that she was barely reacting. A last gentle kiss on her lips, and I slid her sideways, out of the puddle she was lying in, and pulled the covers up to her chin.

I put on my boxers and a t-shirt, and went to see if Mom was being good.

After a quick look around, I determined she wasn’t upstairs. I didn’t hear them anywhere, and headed downstairs. The two of them were lying on the couch, holding each other. Colin was still dressed the same, but Mom had lost her shirt. They were kissing, and their lips never separated while I watched. I went to the kitchen and got a glass of water, then walked into the living room.

I know, I was being rotten. I hate to admit it, but I was jealous. I wanted Mom for myself. Completely unfair, but I couldn’t help it.

Mom opened her eyes and saw me watching. She pulled back abruptly, her arm covering her chest. “Jeremy! I…I thought you were upstairs.”

I grinned. “So it looks. Aunt Marie is asleep. I guess it’s been too stressful a day for her.”

Colin sat up, blushing, trying to hide his erection. After a little scooting around they were sitting side by side, almost touching. I sat next to my mother, pulling her against me. “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

Mom’s turn to blush. “We were…we’re just talking, mostly,” she said finally.

I chuckled. “Quietest talking I ever heard.” She still had her arm over her breasts, and I pulled them down slowly exposing her. “Looks like he talked your shirt off, Mom.”

She jabbed me with her elbow. “Don’t be mean, Jeremy.”

I kissed her neck. “Isn’t she the most beautiful thing in the world, Colin?”

He nodded, his eyes on her chest. “I can’t believe it sometimes.”

I nibbled her ear, and she leaned back against me. “I know. I can barely stand it. Every time I see her, I want to go crazy on her. I almost can’t help myself.” I reached around and squeezed her tits, tugging on her hard nipples.

“Please, Jeremy,” she whispered softly.

“Colin, I’m going to borrow Mom for a second. We won’t be long, she’ll be down in a couple of minutes, Ok?”

“Uh…sure,” he said.

“Have a beer and relax. We’ll be back in a bit.” I got up and faced him. “I’m sorry about earlier. Still friends, right?”

He nodded. “Sorry I swung on you. I couldn’t stand seeing Mom like that.”

“Understood. We gotta protect our moms. I would have done the same thing.” I took Mom by the hand, and at the last minute she grabbed her shirt as I pulled her toward the stairs.

“What are you doing,” she asked.

“Taking you to your room for a second.”

She followed quietly, until I got her in her bedroom. I closed the door behind us.

“That was mean, teasing him like that,” Mom whispered.

“I’m sorry. I was jealous.”

She looked at me, then came into my arms, kissing me. “Baby, you never need to be jealous. You’re my man. I was only trying to help your cousin a little. What happened to Marie? I thought you guys would be busy for hours.”

“I couldn’t do it, Mom. I’m sorry. We talked, kissed and played a little, but I couldn’t go all the way. I’m still afraid it will mess things up.”

“You fixed things though, didn’t you? You can’t stay mad at her. You two love each other.”

I pulled Mom to the bed, and pulled off my boxers. I was achingly hard. I’d been expecting a little quid-pro-quo from Aunt Marie after getting her off, but no such luck. Then seeing Mom like that, I was ready to burst a blood vessel.

“We’re better. I think it might be a while before it’s like it was. When I think of how she hurt you, I…I guess I go a little nuts.”

Mom moved down the bed, her hand reaching out and stroking me. “Give her a chance, baby. I believe she’s trying? Don’t you?”

“Yes. She’s always been great to me. I know she’d never do anything to hurt us. Still, it’s hard.”

Mom laughed, her wicked tongue lashing out at my cock. “It is, isn’t it? You played around, but she didn’t get you off?”

I lied. “I couldn’t. I can’t get hard for her like I do for you, right now.”

She looked up at me in surprise, then she crawled up my body, hugging me. “Poor baby, I have made a mess of this, haven’t I?”

“No way Mom. It’s not your fault.”

She was rubbing her thigh against my erection. “I notice you have no problem getting hard for your ol’ Mom,” she teased.

“No. I doubt that will ever be a problem. I want you every time I see you.”

Her lips grazed mine. “I know baby. I can feel it.”

“I hate Dad’s rules. I want you. I want to take you right now. Over and over again.”

“Soon. I know you’ll work it out. Then we’ll do it all.”

“Suck me, Mom?”

“Whenever you want, Jeremy. You only have to ask.”

“I’m asking.”

She smiled and shimmied down the bed. Her mouth slid over my cock, and she bobbed her head up and down a couple of times. She looked up at me, grinning. “You’re asking, and I’m sucking.”

I got off pretty quickly, after only a couple of minutes. She didn’t let up for a second, getting me stiff again, and then going through her paces. I recognized each move for what it was, groaning, begging and moaning when appropriate.

“Jesus, Mom! You are so amazing. Why would I ever want Aunt Marie to do that, when I have you? She’s not even as good as Penny before you started working with her.”

Mom pulled off me, and stroked my stiff shaft. “You should be happy she sucks you at all. She doesn’t hardly do that for anybody else. That’s how much she loves you.”

“You should train her,” I said.

She laughed, and went back to sucking me.

“I wasn’t joking.”

She gave me her swirly-go-round, then lifted off. “First, she’s got too much pride to let me do that. Second, why would I give her any more ammo in the competition against me?”

“Competition? Please. Besides, she could practice for years and she’d never even be in the same league as Penny, never mind you. She’ll never enjoy it like you two do, and that makes all the difference.”

Mom giggled, licking and kissing my cock all over. “You really think I enjoy this? Debasing myself for you and your father? Shedding the disguise so you can see me for what I am? A cock-hungry cum-slut?” She was smiling as she said it.

“You love it, crazy woman. It shows in everything you do. And we love you for it.”

She pouted cutely. “Is that why you love me? Just because I’ll give you a blowjob?”

I leaned over, grabbed her under the armpits, and lifted her bodily, laying her on top of me. I hugged her tight, then smacked her bottom. “How long have I loved you, Mom?”

She cuddled into me, kissing my neck. “Always.” She giggled, “You always were a Momma’s boy.”

“I am. I love you more than anything. How long have I been getting blowjobs?”

“Uh…about a week?”

“Five days. Now, do you really think that’s what I love about you?”

She laughed, squeezing me. “It’s something you love about me.”

“Absolutely. I love everything about you. Now finish what you started, evil Mommy. It’s not nice to leave your son with a case of blue balls.”

“I’d never do that,” she said, then was quiet as she went back to work on me with a passion. She was wicked when she wanted to be, and had me unloading for her after only another five or so minutes.

“Stamina, Jeremy. We’re going to have to work on that,” she teased, licking her sexy lips.

“Unfair. You did that on purpose. You could have made it last.”

She smiled. “Alright. You caught me. Go back to Marie, and do what you can to make her feel better. I’m going to go tease your cousin a little more. Don’t interrupt me again for at least an hour. I’m going to make him mess his pants for me.”

“Just remember the rules, Mom.”

She stood up, and put her t-shirt back on. I watched her, thinking how much I wanted to take it off of her again. That and her shorts. Drag her into bed and have my way with her. Repeatedly. With vigor.

“Don’t look at me like that, Jeremy. You’re going to get me all worked up. Go to your Aunt. Make up with her for me.”

“I’ll try, Mom.”

She blew me a kiss, and hurried back down the stairs. I headed for the bedroom, where my aunt was still napping. I pulled the covers off of her naked voluptuous body, and eased her legs open. I was gentle, kissing and licking, no finger poking at all.

“Mmmm, Jeremy,” she sighed, her hand reaching down and brushing my hair.

I relaxed, playing, adoring the sweet, naughty opening. She was purring for me, sighing beautifully. “God, honey, that’s so nice,” she murmured.

My tongue was almost numb, I’d been working on her so long, but I wasn’t reaching out that far, just past my lips, teasing her, sucking on her clit, licking the edges. I planted my mouth over her clit, sucking gently, rubbing my tongue around her firm little pearl. Softly, barely touching it.

I was surprised at her adorable little whimper, and I felt her throbbing in my mouth. I eased back, kissing it carefully, then climbed up beside her, pulling her into my arms.

“That was perfect, honey. So sweet. I felt so loved.”

I kissed her nose. “Good, because you are, you know. Loved.”

“Make love to me, Jeremy,” she asked softly.

“God, I want to so badly. But not yet.”

She pouted. “Why? Now that she’ll let us.”

“I’m going to make her force us together. I’m not going to let up until she’s the one actually putting my cock inside of you.”

Aunt Marie laughed. “Really? You think you can push her that far?”

“I think if Colin wasn’t here today, she’d be in here now, working on me to fully forgive you.”

“What do you want to do now?” she teased, rubbing her hands on my chest.

“Honestly? I just want to hang out with my best friend, and doing it naked is about as good as it gets.”

“Really? I’m naked in your bed, and that’s all you can think of?” she pouted.

“I’m thinking of a lot more. Tons more. You know what I really want to do. But with the long view in mind, I’d much rather have my way with you for the rest of my life, than screw things up because Mom’s in la-la land at the moment.” I pulled her close, my arm around her, hugging her, leaving little kisses all over her face.

I slid my lips down to hers, kissing her softly, tenderly. “I’m so lucky to be here with you,” I whispered.

She grinned. “Ditto.”

Another heart-warming kiss, and a thought occurred to me. “Want to hear about my first time with Penny?”

Her eyes shot open. “You did it with your girlfriend?”

“Oh yeah. Big time. Even shot a movie. If we can get Mom and Penny to Ok it, I’d love to show it to you.”

We pulled up the covers, cuddled in the near dark, and I told her. “Some of this is very private, you’ll understand, but I’ve always been able to tell you anything, right?”

“Of course! I’ve never broken a single one of your secrets.”

“These aren’t necessarily mine. You promise?”

“Always.” She smiled, and gave me a quick little kiss, the pouted. “I was starting to think you didn’t want to share with me anymore. So much going on in your life, and I feel left out.”

“It’s been a hectic week. But you’ll always be my best friend, and I’ll never leave you out. You know how I feel about you.”

I earned another pout. “I thought so, but it feels like your Mom is taking my place, and your girlfriend is your big new romance,” she said.

“Mom is mom. I love her to death. But we’ve never really shared our private thoughts and stuff until the last week or so. Not like you. So it’s new, and cool, and different, but you’ve always been my number one go-to friend. That will never change. As for Penny, it’s wonderful, it is. Learning about love and sex together. Getting closer. But you know how it is. Young love. Who knows where we’ll be in a year? You and me, we’re forever you know.”

Her eyes got misty, and she hugged me. “You mean that, don’t you?”

“Forever and ever. Nobody will ever have that part of me that you do. I can easily picture you and me lying together like this 30 years from now, cuddling and kissing, and telling each other everything.”

She rested her head on my shoulder, sighing. “I’d like that. I can see it too.” She giggled. “Now about that Penny…”

Half an hour later I was still answering her questions, and she had her hand on my erection, stroking it lazily, just playing around. Mom walked in on us. “Looks like you two are getting along again, getting ready for another go?” she asked, but I could tell that no matter how cool she tried to act, it was bothering her a little. Bursting in the door like that, I had no doubt she was trying to surprise us.

Aunt Marie was on the opposite side of me from the door, and Mom had a great view of her hand, moving up and down my shaft. “Another go? It’s taken me all afternoon to get this much out of him,” Aunt Marie pouted.

The idea of Mom helping Aunt Marie tend to me had the blood surging down below. I was rock hard in a few seconds. Which might not have been the best thing. Aunt Marie let go of my cock. “You see Alice? I spend hours with him, naked and teasing, and I get nowhere. Five seconds after you walk in the door, fully clothed, and he’s hard as stone.” Aunt Marie sat up, and the next thing I knew she had her face in her hands sobbing.

“You had to do it, didn’t you? You couldn’t leave me anything? Twenty years later and you’re still punishing me. You’ve taken him completely away from me and left me nothing. Nothing!” Aunt Marie cried.

“I didn’t Marie, I swear,” Mom started, sitting on the bed opposite her.

“LIAR! Sure, he says he wants more. That he’s on my side, wants to help me, but there’s the truth!” she said, taking a swipe at my shaft. “He doesn’t want me anymore. You’ve got it all now. Harold, Jeremy, and even Colin, I bet. What have you done to steal him away from me? Why, Alice? Do you still hate me that much? I was a 16 year old confused kid. Are you going to hold it against me forever?” Aunt Marie stood and picked up her panties, stepping into them. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it on, angrily, heading out of my bedroom.

“Don’t go Marie,” Mom pleaded.

Aunt Marie glared at us. “I don’t know what kind of cruel game you’re playing. I opened my heart to you both. Told you everything, begged forgiveness. Then you pull this shit. He keeps me busy, while you seduce my son? When were you going to tell me about Penny, Alice? His first time, and I never heard a word from you?”

I was stunned. I’d really thought things were going well. Damn it.

She stomped off without an answer, practically running down the stairs. I heard her bellowing for Colin and I was almost back on the first floor when she started interrogating him.

“Everything you did!” she snapped at him. “So help me, if you lie, you’ll regret it.”

Colin was pulling up his pants, and he had a tired dazed look. From his appearance he’d been napping. Maybe Mom wore him out. I started to get nervous. How did she wear him out?

Colin had his pants on, and was seated on the couch, turning his socks right-side out. “You know, Mom. Just some kissing and touching. Like we do,” he whined.

“Why were your pants off!” Aunt Marie growled, standing not two feet in front of him.

“Marie…” Mom started, but my Aunt cut her off.

“Not a word, Alice. This is MY son. Mine!” She turned to Colin. “Well?”

“They were uncomfortable,” he said.

“Did she touch you there?” Marie asked, her voice turning scary.

He blushed, and fumbled with his shoe laces.

“DAMN IT! DID SHE TOUCH YOU!” Aunt Marie screamed.

He nodded, eyes turned downward, his hands clutching his sneaker.

Mom tried to calm her. “Don’t Marie. You’re upsetting him. We can talk about this.”

Aunt Marie glared at Mom. “Sure. Like we talk about everything else. You promised no more than in the car.” She turned to Colin, grabbed his chin and pulled his head up. “Look at me when I’m talking to you,” she snapped. “How did she touch you?”

“W…with her hand,” he whined.


He was practically shaking. “With her mouth.”

I wasn’t ready for it when Aunt Marie turned and slapped Mom across the face, hard. “You disgust me, Alice. All these lies. These tricks.” She looked over at me, while Mom stood in shock, holding her cheek. “You too, Jeremy. What’s happened to you? You were always such a good, open honest boy. Now it’s nothing but lies, tricks and deceit. Both of you!”

Mom was looking angry. “I didn’t do anything you didn’t do, Marie.”

“No? You lied to me! Yes, I blew Jeremy, but I wasn’t planning on it. Hell, you know I don’t even like to do that. I teased him too far, and let him finish in my mouth, so we wouldn’t make a mess and get caught. Right afterwards I told you. I confessed because I’d never keep something like that from you. I knew it was over the line, and I told you.”

She turned to Colin who was just sitting there watching. “Finish getting dressed, Colin. We’re going home.”

I went to her, reaching out, but she pushed me away. “Don’t Jeremy. I’m tired of this bullshit. I tried, Lord knows I tried. But all these games you two are playing, all these lies upon lies. It’s not worth it.”

“Lies? All I want is for everyone to be happy?” I said.

“Bullshit! What, you get a little pussy off your mother, and then nobody else matters? You lie to me, lie to your father, to your mother, to Colin? I’m sure you’re lying to your little slut girlfriend. What happened to you?”

I was shocked by her words.

“What lies, Marie? We’re not lying to you or anybody,” Mom argued.

“Still lying, you mean, don’t you? Let’s start with our trip, and our discussion afterward. We were only going to do what we did in the car, right?”

Mom nodded.

“So how come I can’t fuck him if you can? Answer me that, Alice!”

“We…we didn’t…”

“GOD DAMN IT! Stop the fucking lies, Alice. You don’t think I know when my sister gets fucked by only the second man in her life? How long were we out the door before you were upstairs doing it again? Ten minutes?”

“It…it wasn’t like that. It was an accident. I told him it couldn’t happen again,” Mom said.

“You lied to me. I know you didn’t tell Harold, did you? So you’re lying to him. You kept doing it, so you’re still lying to all of us. When are the lies going to stop?”

“We’re not doing it,” I told my Aunt. “Dad and I talked it out, and he set the rules, and I swear we’re following them.” I looked over at Mom, still unable to believe she’d blown Colin. “Or we were. At least I was.”

“You talked it out? You told him what you did with your mother? Everything?”

I shook my head. I was still ashamed of that.

“This game of yours, playing your mother and me against each other. How could you?” Aunt Marie asked.

“It was for us! I swear, all I want is for everyone to be happier. No more of this anger and competition between you two.”

“Did you ever think of just trying honesty for once? When the hell did you become such a manipulative lying bastard. The both of you.” She turned back to Mom. “And you! It was only a few hours ago you swore you were only going to tease him. Play a little. No more. You promised me!”

“I didn’t mean to, it just happened,” Mom said softly. “You were up there doing God knows what with my boy.”

“I never lied to you. Not once. If I pushed a limit, I told you. I followed your damn rules, even though I was so tempted to break them. I did it for us, for the family.” Aunt Marie, sighed, then reached out her hand to Colin. “Let’s go. I don’t want you around these people.”

“Marie! Please, we need to work this out,” Mom said.

“I’m done working it out. I don’t like what you two have become. I don’t like it at all.”

I figured it wasn’t the time to try to discuss things calmly, she needed space. Besides, she’d given me a lot to think about. She was right about a lot of things. We weren’t being as honest as we should be, and even though I did believe that the little tricks I’d been playing were in everyone’s best interest, it was still deceitful. All I had to do was think about how my father would feel about it, and I knew that I was in the wrong.

“Marie…” Mom pleaded, walking after them.

I put my arm around her. “Not now, Mom. She’s right about a lot of it. Let’s give her some time, and we need to talk.”

* * *

We did talk. She cried, and I was damn near close to it several times. Things were getting worse, not better. I was furious with her for breaking Dad’s rules with Colin. She was angry with me for pressing the whole Marie issue, until it blew up. We both decided no more lies.

Dinner was an awkward affair. Mom made Dad’s favorite, New York Strip. I grilled the beef, while she prepared homemade mashed potatoes, fresh green beans with chunks of thick cut bacon, and scratch made biscuits.

Dad didn’t seem to notice how we were trying too hard to keep things light. He was actually grinning when I told him to come sit in the living room, maneuvering him to the couch. I got him an after dinner drink.

“Don’t tell me you have another video? I’m not sure my heart could take it,” he laughed.

“No Dad. We need to talk.”

A saw a dark look pass over his face. “You didn’t bend the rules today, did you? I can trust you two alone, can’t I?”

“It’s bigger than that. We haven’t been truthful about everything, and while I was trying to get things worked out with Aunt Marie, I did some things wrong, and it’s all blown up,” I confessed.

“How bad is it?” he asked.


He looked at Mom, and she lowered her head, nodding slowly. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m waiting,” he said, the steel in his voice a clear warning.

“To start with, we weren’t completely honest about the Jeep ride. We did more than we told you. Please don’t blame, Mom. It was me. I…I couldn’t help myself. I got carried away. I’m ashamed and I’m sorry.”

He got up, from where he’d been sitting between us. He turned and faced Mom. “Anything to say, Alice?”

“I…I had sex with him, Harold. I don’t even know how it happened, but I did. I’m sorry.”

He turned away from us and started toward the stairs. “Harold…” Mom called out.

“Stay there. Don’t say a word, Alice,” he growled.

He returned in less than a minute. “You two had sex in the Jeep? Not three feet from me?”

We both nodded. He pulled a bag from behind his back, and threw it at Mom. She practically jumped off the couch, gasping.

“No shit,” he snapped.

I looked at the bag, and realized it was a large storage baggie, with her shorts from the trip inside.

“Oh, God, Harold. I’m so sorry,” she whispered.

“You stink of sex, you can’t wait to get in the shower when we get home, and you don’t even do a decent job of cleaning yourself. You don’t think I can tell when you’ve been fucking, Alice? Twenty years, and you think I’m not going to notice?”

“You…why didn’t you say something?”

“I did. I asked you to tell me what you did. With both of them. At first I wondered if that was why you made me move Colin to the back. Maybe it was him. Then the way you behaved, what you told me about you and Jeremy, I knew. I knew and I waited for you to tell me. I waited, and waited.”

“It was a mistake,” she said softly. “We didn’t want to hurt you.”

“So that was it? One time in the car? Or have you kept hanging the horns on me, with my own son, no less?”

Mom was holding that bag, tears rolling down her face. She shook her head.

“Twice more,” I said. “Once the next afternoon, and once more almost by accident when we were lying in bed together talking.”

Dad looked more disappointed than angry. “Why would you two do that to me? Haven’t I been a good husband, a good father? Did I do something wrong?”

Mom spoke up first, tossing the shorts to the side as if they were on fire. “No, Harold. You’re the best. The best husband a woman could ask for. A terrific father. It’s…it’s complicated.”

He turned to me. “I can almost understand you. A virgin, hormones raging, and we put you in that position, first with your aunt, and then with your mother. Half naked beautiful women on your lap. But afterward? Couldn’t you have just come out and told me? You give me half the story, but won’t come clean? I knew you were trying to make it up to me, I understood, but with those lies between us, how could you?”

“I was afraid. Not for me, but for Mom. I wanted to. I even came close a couple of times. I felt so guilty, and so ashamed. It was the worst thing I ever did in my life.”

“I need to hear it. All of it. What’s been going on this last week? How many other lies have there been? Where do we stand now?” Dad asked. His matter of fact quietness was scarier than if he’d started yelling.

He wouldn’t sit, and I tried to tell him everything, holding nothing back, with Mom interjecting and taking over on occasion. I told him about in the Jeep. The next day, waking Mom, after she’d said no more. Doing it again. The blowjob. More sex. The following day, taking care of her in bed, massaging her. Everything I did with Aunt Marie. The afternoon with Penny, and Mom’s getting involved. I explained that Mom had behaved, mostly encouraging Penny, during that first time with Penny, when we were learning about each other.

I reminded him of us watching the Penny blowjob video. Watching them. Listening to them in bed that night. His calling out, “That one was for you, Jeremy.” Dad actually blushed a little at that. At least I think the red face was blushing. I could have been wrong.

Mom interrupted now and then, to tell what she was thinking. What was going on in her mind. She confessed to the wild excitement of being with us. Fantasizing about being available to both of us.

“Nobody else, ever, Harold. There was no one else, and there never will be. It’s…different. God, he’s so much like you, don’t you understand? Like when we were starting, all over again. Your mannerisms, the way you walk, God help me, even the way he holds me. It’s you all over again. I’m helpless against it. Then you started making me blow you in front of him. You saw what that did to me. He only had to touch me once, and I was coming for both of you.”

He nodded. “Go on.”

I told him about the following morning. The last time we had sex. How it wasn’t supposed to happen, but we started rehashing what he and Mom had done the night before. The Penny role-playing, but with me in his role, and Mom acting like Penny again, until we were acting out the same scenario.

“I swear, Dad, we didn’t mean to that time, we got caught up in it. So damn hot, listening to Mom tell me about you fantasizing about playing the part of me with her, and then pretending she was Penny, and you were taking her for the first time. I didn’t even think about what we were doing, until we were almost done. I’m really sorry about that. The first times, were bad, behind your back, but that one, you trusted us to behave, and it got out of hand. I wanted to tell you, but there were too many lies already.”

“Lies are like that. It only takes one to get the ball rolling, then it picks up momentum, taking on a life of its own. One lie begets the next, and the next. You get to the point where you can’t remember what’s true and what isn’t. What lies you’ve told. I thought I taught you better than that,” he said, his voice filled with disappointment.

“You did. This isn’t your fault. You were honest with me every step of the way. I screwed up. I won’t do it again. I couldn’t take it anymore, that’s why we had to have this talk,” I said.

“Is that all of it?” he asked.

I shook my head. “Aunt Marie. I wanted to make things right with the family, but I went about it all wrong. You saw the movie she made for you. She made another one for Mom, begging forgiveness for her past, and asking to be a closer part of the family.”

“Closer? How much closer?” he asked.

“You know. You saw her video. Intimately close. She’d like to be freely available to you. To both of us. I wanted it to happen. She came over today to start the healing, but it went poorly. Mom wasn’t as forgiving as I hoped, and I…” It was hard to face what I had done. I took a deep breath, looking at both of them.

“I pretended to be really mad at Aunt Marie, and to want to cut her out of our lives, for Mom’s sake. To stop the constant bickering and jealousness. I think I went too far.”

Mom looked at me in surprise. “That was all pretend? Getting angry with her? Hitting Colin?”

I nodded. “I wanted you to take her side, Mom. Better the two of you against me than at each other’s throats. I purposely didn’t do anything with Aunt Marie, to keep you pushing us together, working with her, instead of against her. Marie didn’t believe that’s what I was trying to do. That’s why she blew up. At least partially. You want to tell Dad about Colin?”

Mom turned red. Her knees were pressed together tightly, hands clutching at each other. “I gave him a blowjob, Harold.”

That seemed to surprise and upset him. “Christ, Alice! Are you going to tell me he’s just like me too? Or are you just becoming a big slut? Who else are you having sex with?”

“Nobody, Harold! I swear. It was only a blowjob for Colin. I…Marie was upstairs with Jeremy, and I was getting upset I guess, at what they were doing together. I did it because of her.”

“This thing between you and your sister has to stop!” Dad snapped. “Giving the kid blowjobs because you’re mad at Marie? So what next? You girls fight and you fuck him?”

“No, Harold! Of course not! I’d never do that. It wasn’t supposed to go that far. I don’t even know why I did it, other than I wanted to get back at her, and that silly crush he has on me. I’m so sorry.”

“What’s the boy supposed to think now, Alice? He’s going to expect blowjobs from his aunt whenever you guys are together. Damn it! You know how he feels about you! How could you? Isn’t our son enough? You going to go after Jenny’s boy when he’s of age? Or will you even wait?”

He was getting to her. Mom was really upset. “Please, Harold. It was a mistake. Of course I’m not going to do anything with Andrew. There’re just so many things happening. I’m confused. Help me, Harold. Don’t get mad. I need you now. I…I don’t want any of this. I only need you.”

“Twenty years, Alice. Twenty. Now this? First Jeremy, then that business with Penny, and now Colin? Colin of all people? What the hell is happening to you?”

Mom was crying. “I don’t know, baby. I don’t. I can’t seem to help myself. My emotions are all over the place. Things between you and me have never been better, everything just seemed so wonderful. I don’t know how I got here.”

Dad stood over her, glaring. “It has to stop now, Alice. All of it. This has gotten out of control. No more, you understand? I won’t take any more of this crap from you.” I could see him getting upset. “Twenty years, you were the best wife a man could have. I was so proud to be with you. So damn proud. I don’t understand what’s happened to us, that you would think this was acceptable.”

She leaned forward her arms clutching him around his thighs, clinging desperately. “I know it’s not. I’m praying you’ll forgive me, and help me through this all. You know how much I love you. You have to.”

His hand reached down and caressed her head. “I know. That’s what makes it so difficult.” He grabbed her chin and tilted her head up until she was looking up at him, sorrowfully. “It stops now. All of it.”

She nodded, then looked over at me. “Everything?” she asked softly.

“For now. Until we get everything under control. Nothing with Colin or Jeremy that you wouldn’t be willing to do out in public. You understand me? No slip ups, no ‘accidents’.”

She nodded.

Dad looked at me. “Same goes for you. No more. Not with your mother, not with your aunt. Your relationship with Penny is your own business, but leave her mother out of it. That’s inappropriate, unless her husband is on board. I doubt he is.”

I agreed to his terms.

“You need to be the strong one, Jeremy. Don’t let your mother slip-up. I hope I can count on you better than I have in the last week. Please don’t disappoint me again.”

“I won’t Dad. I am sorry.” I did have some concerns. “What about Aunt Marie? She’s kind of in limbo now, and pretty pissed off at Mom and me.”

“Leave her alone for now. I need to talk with her anyway.”

Mom was still hanging onto him, like she was scared to death to let go. He peeled her arms away. “It’s been a rough day. I’m going to go to bed now.” He stepped back and looked down at Mom, his anger still visible, just under the surface. “Alice, I’d prefer if you slept in the guest bedroom tonight.”

“No, Harold! I need to be with you. Show you how sorry I am. We need to be together,” she pleaded.

“For now. I…I need to get my feelings under control. It wouldn’t be pleasant if you were around me tonight. I don’t want to say things I’ll later regret. I need some time to deal with this. Don’t push it.”

The tears were running again. “Alright,” she told him. “I’ll hate it.”

Dad nodded. “Me too. I hate all of it. I’m disgusted.” He turned away, and walked upstairs. I moved over on the couch and put my arm around Mom. She tensed up for a second then settled in against me.

“It’ll be Ok, Mom. It was a shock to him, I’m sure. But we needed to get it out in the open. We’ll give Dad and Aunt Marie some time. They both love you. We’ll be better for it, in the end.”

“I don’t know, Jeremy. This is pretty bad. I feel like we betrayed him.”

“We did. Not out of spite, or meanness, but we did nonetheless. I’m sorry I pushed you so hard.”

She shook her head. “I let you. I wanted it. I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it.”

I was pretty sure Dad would get over it. Let’s face it. He had no problem with letting Mom give me blowjobs, even when he knew we’d already had sex at least once. He sure as hell seemed to enjoy the attention that Penny had given him. I knew for a fact that he wouldn’t mind enjoying some intimate time with Aunt Marie.

Things were messed up, but at least it was all out in the open now. No more hiding. Even the business with Aunt Marie and Mom I felt was better now. At least they’d talked long and hard about their issues. I may have manipulated Mom, but that was out there as well.

I knew I should have felt better getting all that secret shit off my chest, but I didn’t. I felt like crap. I’d always hated disappointing my father, no more so than I did now. On top of that, Mom was off-limits. Even Aunt Marie. I wasn’t sure if I was going to let that last one stand. If Dad took Mom away for good, there was nothing holding me back from being with Aunt Marie. I wasn’t going to rush that, but the idea percolated in the back of my mind.

When we arrived home, SIS and MIL was pacing anxiously in the living room. I was the one to open the door. Both of them rushed to me and bombarded me with questions. I decided to yank their chains a bit and said nothing. BIL understood my intentions and he just carried MOM on his shoulder and sat her on the couch. He went back to get daddy. Meanwhile, I just sat beside MOM saying nothing. Both women were now looking at us with puzzled expressions and their eyes demanded answers. When BIL brought in dad and sat him on the other couch, Mona tried to question him but he also said nothing and sat beside dad. It was a rather funny situation and I knew inside they were worried sick. On the way, I had told MOM much details of how I got intimate with first BIL, then Mona and SIS too. She was playing along too. Just when I could see that SIS was about to burst into tears, I said: Hey MOM, why don’t you give me another blowjob?

MOM just said okay and immediately began to unzip my fly and before you could say BJ, she had my cock in her mouth. Both SIS and Mona gave a yell of surprise which was soon replaced by cheering. MOM was busy sucking my dick when. Mona and SIS both ran and hugged me. I told MOM to stop and said: I think these poor ladies need some explaining, why you don’t go ahead and tell them what they need to know. I’m tiered and would like to sleep now.

I got up to leave. My cock was semi erect now and was dangling out of my fly but I did not bother to put it back in. I went to my room and BIL followed me there. He said that it would be such a waste to lose such a lovely erection and began to undress me. But I remembered one more thing and I told BIL to stop and bring daddy in.

When he came back with daddy, I was naked and rubbing my cock. Dad averted his eyes on this sight but I ordered him on his knees and BIL pushed him down. He was kneeling in front of me with my cock aimed straight at his face. I was beginning to enjoy being the master ordering around his slave.

Me: okay dad, here goes: since you have been briefed about the kind of lifestyle we have here. I know you did not want this upon yourself and I somewhat feel sorry for you, but I cannot simply put this family into jeopardy. I love you dad, but in the past year my definition of love has only been reduced to sexual love. I have fucked almost everyone in our family and today I even consummated my mother’s carnal love.

Dad: I know son. I must admit that it is hard for me to accept, but I know no life without your mother. She is the reason for me being alive. As long as you let me be with her, I’ll never speak ill for you. Neither shall I divulge the secret of this family to anyone outside. I promise by my life.

Me: Dad, I want to trust you, but I simply cannot take a risk that big. Otherwise I would’ve set you free but now that you are trapped in here, you have to prove your worth here.

Dad: I’ll do anything as long as you don’t take my love from me. What do I have to do?

Me: Well, I have thought of a plan to test your faithfulness. If you pass, I promise that MOM will never say no to make love to you. Otherwise, I’ll go out of my way to make sure that you keep your mouth shut.

Dad: Anything son, anything.

Me: As you already know that BIL is gay and let me tell you that I myself am a bisexual. So all you have to do is to make yourself comfortable with being gay. And you’ll have to have sex with me and BIL. If you manage to make yourself a proper satisfactory gay, in a few days, I’ll put your luggage in MOM’s room. Meanwhile you can stay in the servant quarters. They are deserted anyway.

BIL was nodding his approval for my plan immediately and dad was contemplating the idea with closed eyes. He took a couple of minutes and then said: Okay, I will try my best. But please can we start in a couple of days. My ass already hurts like hell.

Me: Okay, we’ll chill with the anal stuff, but you can never be sore for a blowjob. So please suck the sperm out of your beautiful son in law’s dick.

BIL was jumping with excitement as he removed his pants and sat on the edge of the bed. Dad slowly approached him and with trembling hand held his dick in front of his face then with a gasp, he dove on it and devoured it completely into his mouth. He left it there for some time and then began to slowly move up his head over it. I could see that he was already giving BIL a proper blowjob and I could’ve sworn that it was not his first time. But then I remember what BIL once told me: Guys give the best blowjobs because they know how a dick feels good. BIL was in ecstasy. He reached out and dragged me by my cock and began to suck me. BIL came first in daddy’s mouth and ordered dad not to spill any. He obliged, BIL increased his mouth’s pace on my dick and I too shot a couple of table spoons in his hungry mouth. But he did not swallow. Instead he spat my goo in daddy’s mouth and told him to swallow that too.

I was pleased with daddy’s performance and I congratulated him.

Me: Dad, you’ll do fine. You’ll be hooked to our dicks in one month.

Dad gave me a faint but tired smile and I told BIL to escort daddy to his accommodation. I myself took a long bath and after that slept like a baby.

When I woke up, the household was not its usual quiet self. I could hear restlessness and rumbling outside. I dressed up and went out. Everybody was already up and about to have breakfast. Mona was practically dancing around the kitchen and it was evident how happy she was. SIS was feeding the baby without any shirt on and one of her milk-full tits was totally open to the sunshine. BIL was reading the newspaper and was dressed for office. MOM was helping Mona with the kitchen and dad was sitting quietly in the corner. They greeted me and Mona served a dish in front of me. I said that I wanted some fresh milk and everybody laughed.

BIL and I left for office in his car. BIL was in good mood I was feeling lighter too. But I was thinking that now that all family members are involved in the sex, I expected to see a huge orgy soon. I must say that the thought was pleasing me.

I spent a boring day in office and kept thinking all the pussies and assholes waiting for me to fuck back at home. When I and BIL left the office I could already see an erection in BIL’s pants. He was driving so I gently placed my hand on his crotch. I rubbed it gently just to make things interesting and when he was fully hard, I replaced my hand. He said that it was not fair as he was expecting more, but I kissed him on the check and said: wait a little honey we are due for a treat back home.

But I could understand BIL’s worries. He knew that now I was the only guy in the house who had to satisfy all these people. I knew that already. And I had a plan too. It was: Sexual Performance Enhancing Drugs. I found a couple of good products to my liking. What I was looking for was a thing that may or may not prolong my timing but could reduce the recharge time. I found what I wanted and had called in an order from office. I told BIL to stop at the pharmacy to pick it up. It was a bottle of very large, light blue colored pills with instructions that one pill equals to one orgasm. Please don’t take more than 4 in 24 hours. I smiled at the instructions, knowing that 5 orgasms a day were going to be enough. I took one pill in the car and when we reached home, I was feeling a little sensation in my balls.

In the drive way, I finally decided to end BIL’s misery and a soon as the automated door of the garage closed, I took out his cock and began to suck it. I sucked him for a couple of minutes then I told him to go inside and wait for his turn in his room. He practically ran away inside. I composed myself and entered the house. There in the living room, all the ladies were sitting. They greeted me in unison and then Mona threw herself in my arms. I was expecting that so I managed to keep my balance. She was kissing me and undressing me at the same time. I was out of my shirt and pants in no time and now she was removing her top. As I took a step back to give her room to undress, I saw a pleasing scene. MOM and SIS were making out on the couch.

They were indeed dueling tongues and MOM was fondling SIS’s boobs through her shirt. SIS was rubbing MOM’s crotch though her dress. As I was admiring the beauty of the scene, I realized that Mona was already naked and now freeing my cock from my underwear. She began to suck it very fast and soon she was keeling before me in doggy-style position offering me her holes. I kissed and licked each of the holes and then I started to lick her pussy. I was now a pro at cunnilingus and in a few licks I had already brought us to her first orgasm. I then put my cock in her pussy and began to fuck her steadily. I looked to my side and saw that on the couch the other girls were naked too and now MOM and SIS were licking each other’s twats in 69 position.

That sight was enough to send me to the edge however I did not want to cum in Mona’s pussy. I withdrew and spilled my spunk all over her ass and back. Sis saw that I was done. She got up from MOM and began to lick Mona clean of my spunk. MOM joined her too and both the ladies cleaned her up. After that Mona got up MOM assumed her position. I began to lick her twat while SIS sucked on my cock. It took me a mere 5 minutes to get hard again. The drug was working well. I began to fuck MOM who already had two orgasms. Soon I was pulling out of her pussy too but this time SIS did not let me cum over her back as she took it in her mouth and swallowed it all. I took a pill out of my pocket and took it. The girls let me sit on the couch and spread my legs. MOM and Mona got on their knees and stated to suck my cock and balls in turns. While SIS got on my chest and ordered me to suck her pussy. I did not waste time and began the ritual. I loved the pair of mouths that was working simultaneously on my cock and balls. Occasionally they would lick my asshole too. Soon I was hard but before that SIS had already came a couple of times.

I brought her down on my lap and slammed my cock up her pussy. As she began to ride me with passion, I could see her milk jugs bouncing in front of me. I lowered my face to take a nipple in my mouth and began to drink her milk.

Mona was now in 69 with MOM and from lower down she was also fingering my asshole. I did not withdraw from SIS’s vagina as I left torrents of my semen in her tunnel. After that I was totally spent.

The women thanked me and kissed me as I left for BIL’s room. I had taken another tablet on my way to BIL’s room. He was in the bed but I could see that he was not very excited. He must’ve heard the racket we were causing outside for a couple of hours and was thinking that now I did not have enough stamina for him. He did know what the pills were for. I knew what I had to do. I removed my underwear and let my cock free. It was already erect. I roughly turned him over on his belly and he automatically lifted his ass up. I spat on the asshole and then on my dick and in one thrust, I shoved it in completely. He was taken by surprise by this assault but as I began to fuck him he replied with shoving his hips back. I fucked him roughly and very fast. I yelled at him, “So you thought your dear Sahil will not be able to satisfy you after he is done with those three pussies.”

He was yelling with painful pleasure. He could only reply: Oh Sahil! You are god!

I knew my techniques of prolonging the climax and I gave his ass a pounding of 20 straight minutes before I unloaded my balls. After that I collapsed on top without withdrawing my cock from his ass. He turned over and hugged me from under. He began to kiss my lips. I rolled over and let him on the top. He began to kiss all over my body and when he reached my crotch he opened my legs and made me hold them over my head. He then began to worship my asshole.

After sucking and licking my ass for ten minutes or so, he spat on his dick and slowly entered my asshole. I encouraged him by keeping my hips apart using my hands. He steadied the pace and soon his body was like a blur. I was enjoying the sensation so much that after he had shot his sperm into my ass, my dick was hard yet again. He collapsed at my side and I kissed him. I looked at the clock. It was already 9 o’clock.

We decided to take a bath and freshen up.

Half an hour later, MOM came into the room to call us for dinner. BIL was romantically stroking my hair at that time. MOM smiled and told us that dinner was ready. At dinner I announced: My dear family. It is decided now. I will try to satisfy all the woman of the family sexually but my BIL is my priority.

All the ladies encouraged the idea and assured me of their support.

Me: MOM and Mona will share a room and dad will stay outside in the servant quarters.

Nobody raised any objections. So, I began: Now, we have, as you know, a big problem. We have to keep the secret from Pamela. Silence fell on the table on hearing that. It appeared that in their excitement, they had completely forgotten her.

Mona: Oh my! I don’t think now we will be able to keep it down. How will we do that Sahil?

Me: Well, I have an idea but I am hesitant in saying it out loud.

BIL: Come On Sahil! Please let us know. I don’t have any idea what to do about my baby sister.

Me: BIL, I was thinking that . . . she may be let in on the secret.

Mona: But Sahil dear, I don’t think that it is such a good idea. Everyone in this room has some very dysfunctional reason to be involved in a relationship like ours. But she is a young beautiful girl. She is normal to say the least. She will surely be freaked out and then everything will be undone. Or wait a minute. Are you suggesting your rape idea again? Like with your mother? Sahil beta I think. . .

Me: I’m not suggesting that. She does not need to be raped. She can be seduced and eased into it.

BIL: Here is an idea Sahil. Why don’t you marry her? And after the marriage, you can tell our secrets to her. I bet once she is with you, she will not want to let you go.

Me: Actually that is what I had in my mind. I would love to marry your sister. That is if you want to wed your sister into a family of perverts.

Mona: I know of that family actually. It’s my favorite family in the world.

Everyone laughed at that.

Chapter 22 — Magic is in the Air

Cindy quietly opened the door and peeked into the dark room. She stared at the large shape under the blankets on the bed as it slowly stirred.

She quickly backed up and started to shut the door when she heard Matt’s soft voice call her name questioningly.

She stepped back into the room pulling the door closed behind her. “I’m sorry if I woke you.”

“Nah, I was awake and thinking,” Matt spoke as he shifted over closer to the wall leaving more room as Cindy climbed into the bed next to him.

Cindy turned to face her smiling boyfriend which caused her face to light up, “Good morning, my love.”

The two kissed deeply.

Cindy’s hand snaked through the sheets and found Matt’s stiffening flesh.

Matt laid back and enjoyed the feeling of Cindy’s hand sliding up and down his cock. He smiled as he remembered the sight of Cindy as she and his mother stripped in front of him and his friends and their mothers the night before.

“So did you enjoy yourself last night?” Matt asked with the smile still on his face.

Cindy’s face split into a huge grin as she stroked harder and leaned her breasts into him and kissed him again.

“I loved it,” she purred deeply into his mouth. “When I was watching Mrs. Lynn and Hamilton suck off Craig and Chip I wanted to lean over and join them.”

“Why didn’t you? You’ve sucked me plenty of times.”

Cindy paused and then her hand started up again lightly as she leaned up and looked into Matt’s face and eyes.

“I absolutely love you and your mom, but I don’t feel that way about the others.”

Matt returned Cindy’s stare, “I know that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun if you want to, I certainly don’t mind.”

“Would you have sex with either Mrs. Lynn or Hamilton?”

Matt thought for a moment, “Absolutely, I would do certain things with them, but, honestly, I like how mom could be so crazy and wild and yet only have intercourse with dad and now with only me. I like that idea a lot. That kind of separates it from just being sex, and makes it much more special.”

Cindy nodded her head, “Me too. I loved last night and want to do a lot more like that. It felt so amazing and incredible. Truly, though I want only this cock to fuck me.” She said the last while giving Matt’s cock a squeeze.

Matt smiled and grabbed Cindy and pressed her into his blanketed body. Cindy could feel his hard cock press against her stomach as she fell into Matt’s embrace. She automatically rubbed herself against the hard flesh causing him to groan.

Matt smiled into the face right above his, “I love that thought. But Cindy, I’m in no hurry at all.”

Cindy returned the smile, “I know, and that makes me feel wonderful. Honestly, I don’t think I want to wait much longer. It’s so weird being a virgin yet doing what I’m already doing and wanting to do so much more beyond making love with you.”

Matt chuckled and hugged her tight, “Would my girlfriend enjoy sucking on my two best friends?”

Cindy groaned and smushed her lips into Matt’s. Her pelvis pressed harder into him. Her lips came off his with a loud smack before staring at him as she gave a throaty chuckle, “Would my boyfriend enjoy sticking his hard cock into the asses of the mothers of his two best friends?”

Matt’s eyes lit up at the thought and he groaned again, “Oh fuck.” Cindy laughed again as her hand reached back under and grabbed his throbbing cock. “Mmmmmmmm, I guess you would.”

She kissed him hard again as she stroked him harder.

After a moment she leaned up and looked at his face as she continued to stroke him. Matt pushed up on his elbows, the sheet falling from his body, “Would you enjoy Craig or Chip fucking you in the ass?”

Cindy laughed, “Your mom is right; you are such an ass man.”

Matt grinned, “Hey you started it.”

Cindy smirked, “Yeah I guess I did. Honestly, I don’t know until I find out how much I like it after you stick this cock into my ass first.”

Again their lips locked as Cindy’s hand sped up and Matt groaned.

She could feel him starting to shake, so she quickly shifted over and locked her lips over the head of his penis as he came. She drank deeply while rubbing her hand over his chest as he held her head.

After he finished, she lovingly licked him clean before sliding up and rested her head on his stomach looking up at him with a smile.

Matt lightly stroked the hair framing her smiling face, “Cindy, we know how much we love each other. I trust you completely; you can do whatever makes you feel good with any of the others. I want you to have as much fun as you want.”

Cindy’s smile grew bigger, “I know, and the same is true for you too, you know.”

For awhile the couple just laid together cuddling. Unconsciously, Matt started to caress Cindy’s breasts. Cindy purred and again her hand found Matt’s cock to stroke it up and down.

Cindy suddenly shifted and looked Matt in the eyes again, “You know what fun I would like right now?”

Matt laughed, “What? My eager looking beauty.”

“I would love breakfast in bed,” Cindy said as she swung out of Matt’s bed and pulled him up with her. She led Matt down the brightening hall to the last door which she quietly pushed open. The two peeked in to see Diana’s head on the pillow, the rest of her body buried deep under her quilt and blankets.

Quietly, the two entered the room and approached opposite sides of the bed and carefully lifted the sheets and climbed under and slid over to the sleeping form in the middle.

Cindy softly kissed the back of Diana’s neck while Matt slowly slid his hand down and gently rubbed his mother’s sex.

Slowly the older woman stirred and moaned, With a slight head shake Diana opened her eyes to Matt’s smiling face.

She ground her pelvis into her son’s hand and reached back to caress Cindy’s hair.

“Oohhh, good morning my loves,” Di said before leaning forward to kiss Matt and then twist to kiss Cindy.

As she was kissing Cindy Matt arched two fingers and pushed them into Diana. Di groaned into Cindy’s mouth.

As Cindy shifted to get more comfortable her hand struck something hard under one of the pillows.

With a smirk, Cindy pulled the flesh colored dildo from under the pillow, “Gee mom, what’s this?”

Diana laughed and grabbed the sex toy from Cindy’s waving hand. She used her other hand to press the giggling girl flat onto her back.

As Diana pressed into Cindy, Matt reached over and yanked the covers off of them completely exposing the two naked women.

Free from the blankets, Diana slid down and got on her hands and knees, head right next to Cindy’s open legs.

Diana looked up at the flushed girl, “Let me show you what this is for.” With that she leaned down and bathed Cindy’s folds with her tongue.

Matt moved and knelt behind his mother. Just as Diana pushed the flesh colored dildo into Cindy, Matt thrust his real flesh into Di’s sex from behind. Both Cindy and Diana groaned.

Matt grabbed the sides of Diana’s hips and sawed back and forth. Diana lowered her head and ground her pelvis into Matt and matched the tempo Matt set with the dildo plunging into Cindy.

Cindy groaned, “Oh fuck that feels great.”

Diana purred and licked across the hood of Cindy’s open sex bringing a louder groan from the writhing girl.

Soon Cindy chanted, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, oohhhhhhh fuck,” as she came. Diana left the dildo inside Cindy and focused on slamming her hips back into Matt. At the same time, both came groaning. Diana fell into Cindy and softly kissed her pelvis. Matt collapsed behind his mother and gently stroked her bare, sweaty back.

After one more soft kiss, Diana slid up to lay between the other two. Both Matt and Cindy leaned forward and kissed her.

“Mmmmmmmm, I like waking up like that,” Diana said as she returned the kisses.

Di settled in on her back and swung her arms over both Matt and Cindy’s shoulders. Pulling them into her she asked them, “So any plans for today after that wonderful start?”

“I’m working today.” Cindy replied.

“Craig, Chip and I are going to hit the mall for some new cards and then have our match at Chip’s house with our naked serving girls.” Matt answered with a smile.

Cindy and Diana laughed before Di spoke, “That’s right; that was part of your deal last night for the tape. I can’t believe you were able to get Cindy and me a pampered massage session from the four of them.”

Matt gave a big Chesire Cat grin, “Are you kidding? With this lifestyle, I’m getting plenty of practice at negotiating, not that any of you really seem to mind making the concessions. In fact you all kind of enjoy it.”

Diana stretched her arms over her head pulling her breasts up with the motion, “yeah, it really is quite the win-win situation. Well, I guess that leaves little ole me to clean this place.”

Cindy reached over and put her hand on Diana’s collarbone, “Mom, the restaurant’s closed tomorrow, I have the whole day off; I can do some of the cleaning for you.”

Diana beamed, “Thanks sweetheart. We’ll see. With the place to myself I might get a cleaning fit going and get everything done. Now, how about a shower and then some breakfast?”

The three took an extra long time getting clean in Diana’s shower before having a breakfast that they had all worked up quite the appetite for.

While a nude Diana was figuring which room to attack first and Cindy was inspecting the dining room of Tony’s to make sure everything was ready for the Sunday crowd, Matt, Craig and Chip walked into the hobby shop in the mall.

Chip was looking at Craig, “The problem with your deck is you don’t have enough land to support both your spells and creatures; you have too much high cost stuff.”

Craig shook his head, “I’ve been thinking about switching to a blue or green deck anyways.”

Matt stopped and stared at the man leaning over one of the glass cases by the counter.

“Mr. Deforest? I didn’t know you played Magic?”

The boys’ old Biology teacher looked up from the counter and grinned. “Hey, boys. Yeah, some of my college students got me hooked; I’m just looking for a better deck as they keep kicking my butt.”

The boys laughed.

Craig looked at their former teacher, “College?”

Mr. Deforest smiled, “Yeah, I teach a night course after my high school classes. I’ve got the extra time and sure enjoy the extra income. Look, guys. I’m really sorry about my misunderstanding in Jamaica. I really blew it, and I do apologize.”

Matt, Craig and Chip shook their heads before Craig spoke, “Hey, you know what they say — what happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica.”

The four laughed.

“Matt, I have to ask you. The woman you boys were with; I’ve seen you around town with her and a young girl. Is that your mother?”

Matt blushed red remembering his mother blowing up, stripping and throwing her suit at the man asking the question now. “Yeah, that’s my mom.”

Mr. Deforest shook his head, “Matt, I’ve met your mother several times when you were my student. She didn’t look anything like she does now. I’m sorry, but she’s gorgeous now.”

The boys all laughed as Matt squirmed.

“I guess my dad’s death hit her a lot harder and longer than others. She’s certainly happy now.”

“I’d really like to apologize to her in person as well for what happened.”

Matt chuckled, “I’m sorry, but she still gets all spluttery when she’s reminded of it. She really blew her top.”

Mr. Deforest chuckled, “I know, I ended up wearing it.”

All three boys howled with laughter.

“Oh well, I would appreciate it if you could relay my apologies if you ever get the chance. See you boys later; happy card shopping, too rich for my blood today.” Mr. Deforest added before walking out of the store.

The three boys stood in the entranceway watching their former teacher walk towards the food court.

Chip piped in, “Well that was certainly weird. Come on, let’s get our cards; I’m close to having the perfect deck.”

“Yeah right!” chimed in the other two before heading over to the glass counter to look at the available Magic cards.

After making their purchases and getting a bite to eat, the three headed over to Chip’s house.

“Hey mom, we’re home.” Chip called as he came into the house.

“I’m in the kitchen sweetie; Sue’s here as well” called his mother.

The boys smiled at each other and trooped into the kitchen.

A robed Kim Hamilton turned from the stove to beam at the three boys. “Did you get a chance to get some lunch already?”

Chip went over and kissed his mother on the cheek, “Yep, we ate at the mall. But what smell’s so good?”

Kim waved the pot holder in her hand, “I have nachos baking in the oven for all of us.”

The boys trooped into Chip’s room passing Craig’s robed mom coming from Kim’s bedroom. “Hey boys,” Sue beamed as she gave her son a quick peck on his cheek. The boys eyed her smooth bare legs as she walked into the kitchen carrying a blanket.

The boys spent a few minutes getting their cards together and then headed back into the kitchen just as Kim Hamilton pulled a tray full of steaming nachos from the oven.

The boys sat around the kitchen table setting up their decks. Chip pointed to a blanket laid out on the floor in the corner of the room. “Uh, mom, what’s with the blanket?”

“All in good time Chip.”

Kim went over and stood by her son as Sue stood by Craig.

“Now, as masterfully negotiated by Matt last night, we are both available for your pleasure this afternoon during your game. You want a drink, we’ll get it; more food, it’s yours; a blow job, gladly. You can even take one or both of us over to the blanket and fuck our brains out. This is your party. Enjoy boys.” And with that, the two women removed their robes revealing their naked bodies to the three grinning boys.

Kim leaned over her son letting her breasts rub against his neck, “Now Chip, remember our deal. You get your grades up, and you can have this, at least with me, all the time. Not just for one afternoon.”

Chip sheepishly smiled, “Yeah, after the game is over, Craig and Matt were going to help me with my math.”

Sue grinned at Kim, “Your own deal? My, the Hughes have rubbed off on you. Adam gets the benefits as well?”

Kim smirked back, “He gets his naked serving girl after he takes me on a nice vacation somewhere exotic.”

Sue’s eyes lit up, “Oh, I like that deal, I might have to try that one on Jeff myself.”

Craig looked at his mother, “The nachos look real good can you get me some?”

Sue laughed, “As you wish, sir. Anyone else?”

All three nodded then Chip looked up at his mother. “Your breasts rubbing against me got me all worked up. Can you play with me?

Kim smiled as she knelt before her son, “With pleasure, sir.”

While Sue Lynn dished up some plates of nachos, Kim Hamilton unzipped the pants on her son and pulled his cock out. She rubbed both hands over the stiffening flesh.

After Sue delivered the food, she stood back close to Matt and watched Kim fondle her son.

After Matt finished shuffling his cards and setting up the stack, he found himself staring at Sue’s breasts which were right next to his face.

“Come here please, Mrs. Lynn,” Matt called. Sue stepped into his embrace and cradled his head as he sucked on her nipple.

Craig looked at the two as he finished setting his deck up, “I don’t know how much card playing we’re going to get finished here.”

Matt took his mouth off Sue’s breast as both he and Chip answered, “Who cares?”

Craig laughed, “All right, I got a better one then. How about you two get under the table and randomly suck us while we play?” Kim and Sue grinned at each other as Sue dropped down to her hands and knees and both women crawled under the table. Sue went for her own son first as Kim went over to Matt. Chip heard two zippers and then a bit of rustling of clothing before both of his friends had a very satisfied expression on their faces.

Chip smirked, “Great. Maybe I can beat you while you’re distracted.”

The three boys laughed as well as the two women with their mouths full.

For several games the boys did have to react to bad moves made while they were distracted, but nobody was complaining.

After a particularly long duel Chip called a bathroom break. Craig leaned back in his chair as the two women climbed out from under the table.

“A bathroom break sounds good to me,” said Kim as she scampered off to her bedroom.

“Up for a fuck on the blanket mom?” Craig looked at his smiling mother.

“About time somebody asked me for a fuck!” Sue took her son’s hand and pulled him up and over toward the blanket.

Craig looked at Matt, “So, Matt? Care to join us?”

Matt remembered Cindy’s words form the morning: “Would my boyfriend enjoy sticking his hard cock into the asses of the mothers of his two best friends?”

Matt smiled as he pushed himself up from his chair. “Sounds like fun to me.”

Sue pushed her son down on the blanket and straddled his waist plunging his cock into her depths. “Ohhhh that feels good.” Matt watched them for a moment. Just as he stepped forward he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Kim. “Wait a second, okay?” and she ran back to her bedroom again.

In a moment, she returned with a grin on her face and a bottle of lube in her hand. “Here, this makes things easier, and don’t forget — I want my turn as well.”

Matt squirted the slick lotion on his penis and rubbed it around before handing the bottle back to Kim who was sitting at the table watching.

Matt again looked at the swaying couple before pushing down on Sue’s shoulders. She leaned down into her son and brought her hands back to spread her ass apart. Matt kneeled over Craig’s knees and guided his slick cock into Sue’s ass. Craig paused for a moment until Matt was fully in and then both pushed and pulled as Sue started to scream in pleasure.

Chip walked in to stand before his mother who stroked his cock. She looked up at her son, “Geez, her screams are going to drive the neighbors nuts.”

Chip grinned at her, “I have an idea.” Chip walked over to the trio on the blanket and brought his hand under Sue’s chin lifting her head. Sue looked right at Chip’s erect cock before her. “Mmmmmm, come here,” she growled before pulling his flesh into her mouth.

As Kim watched the triple penetration of one of her best friends she grinned, “I definitely want my turn as well.” She spread her legs and brought her hands down to stroke her clit and saw two fingers into herself.

Chip groaned as he saw his mother masturbate before he grabbed both sides of Sue’s head and pushed his cock into her harder. The three kept a steady rhythm until finally Matt shuddered and came in Sue’s backside. The throbbing flesh that Craig could feel separated by his mom’s thin wall caused him to come next triggering Sue’s orgasm leaving Chip to flood into her mouth and down her chin as she gulped.

Matt sat back on his haunches as Chip dropped down on the floor and Sue collapsed on her son shaking.

She looked over to Kim as she was coming as well, “Oh fuck, that was amazing.”

Once Kim settled down, she looked at the beaming woman, “I definitely am getting my turn before this afternoon is over.”

A couple more duels were played with plenty of drink and food serving as well as sucking and hand tugging.

Finally Chip got up from the table. “I’d love to play all day, but I really need time to study.” He grabbed his mother’s hand and led her over to the blanket. “Come on guys, it’s my mom’s turn.”

Kim beamed at her son, “Mmmmmm, you bet it is.” She sat on her son’s thighs and grabbed his cock wiggling herself onto it. She rolled her hips back and forth before looking back at the two other boys at the table. “Well?”

Craig and Matt smiled at each other. “Heads or tails, Matt?”

Matt pushed Craig towards Kim’s head as he grabbed the lube where it had been left on the table, “Definitely tails if you don’t mind.”

Tami and I arrived at the gym Tuesday afternoon after I picked her up from school. Brittany met me at the school and got my address so she could come over this evening to meet Thomas. Her parents think she’s staying with Tami at the house, but she’s really staying at my apartment, where Thomas is supposed to join us. Before Tami got into the car, I saw Brittany kiss her briefly on the lips.

When we arrived at the gym, Tami got out of the car and went into the locker room to change. I got her a personal locker so she wouldn’t have to check in every time she arrived, and she could keep some things in there all the time, which would be helpful. She was my next client, so I had some time to spend with her.

Thomas saw me at the front desk talking with Kathy, and he came over and joined the conversation.

I noticed on the schedule that I had Tami for a training session and massage, then I had one more client before I was finished for the day, other than coming back later on to lock up.

Tomorrow’s schedule was already filling up. I had a sixty minute massage for a Melissa at 9. She’s new. Mom made an appointment at 11:00 for an eval, measurements, workout, and massage; that would take most of the morning and early afternoon. Lisa signed up for a ninety minute massage at 1:30. I had Tami scheduled for a workout at 3:30 and a platinum member signed up for new member orientation at 6:00; his name was Will. Somehow I was going to have to find time for some paperwork, probably coming back in tomorrow evening for that. It was going to be a long day.

“Did you find out anything about Brittany?” Thomas asked after I finished looking over the schedule.

“Yeah, I saw her at the school. She’s coming over to the house around six, and is planning to spend the night. You still coming over?”

“Oh yes, I’m looking forward to it.”


Tami came out of the locker room looking as sexy as ever, and she looked like she was beginning to fill out her workout clothes better after all the work she had been through. God, she looked great.

“Hi Thomas,” she said as she greeted us. “I’m sorry about all that happened last night. I feel really embarrassed about all of it, especially, you know, well, everything.”

Thomas looked a bit embarrassed as well.

“Don’t worry about it, Tami. I mean, I enjoyed seeing you.”

Tami hesitated and then replied, “Well, I have no secrets from you from what I hear.”

“Yeah, that’s the truth. I mean, I’ve sorta seen and heard everything about you and all. By the way, you do have a beautiful body.”

“Well, that’s a nice compliment, knowing that you’ve seen it all!” Tami replied, laughing. It was good to break the tension and all.

Thomas stared at her, I’m sure remembering how hot she looked without her clothes on.

“So, I hear Brittany’s coming over this evening. I’m looking forward to meeting her,” he said.

“Yeah, she’s looking forward to meeting you too. I asked Jace if we could come over with you two when you lock up. I promise to behave myself when we get in the sauna and all.”

“Well, you don’t have to behave yourself because of me,” he replied, laughing.

“We’ll see what happens. It could be a good time if you and Brittany hit it off, and I think you will.”

I broke up the conversation to take Tami to the machines to get her started on her work out. Thomas walked along with us.

I set her up doing three sets of fifteen reps on five of the machines, waiting until tomorrow to introduce her to a couple more. After that she’d be ready for her massage.

Kathy called me to the front desk, so Thomas offered to stay with Tami to get her through her workout until I returned, so I left the two of them together.

Thomas helped Tami set the appropriate weights, increasing a couple of them slightly to give her a better work out. Between machines they had a little time to talk, as Tami took her required rest periods.

“So, what all do you have today?” Thomas asked her.

“I have to work through these machines, and then I have a massage scheduled, and that’s about it,” she replied.

“Jason got me enrolled in the massage therapy class starting next week. He said he wanted to add a masseur; so many people are signing up and all. He even let me assist with a massage earlier today.”

“Well, you can assist with mine if you want to, that is.”

“Sure, but I’m not sure Jason would like that,” he replied.

“He wont mind; anyway, I don’t have anything you haven’t already seen,” she said with a smile.

She was right about that. I got to see everything she has last night.

They continued through Tami’s workout while I had to answer a few phone calls. I finished and went back out to the floor and saw that Thomas was still working with Tami, so I walked the floor for a few minutes helping other clients.

I noticed it was time for Tami’s massage, so I walked over to her as she was finishing her final machine.

“Is it time for my massage?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s about that time. After we finish we can head over to the apartment. We want to be there when Brittany arrives.

“I told Thomas he could assist with my massage if he wants to. He said that he assisted you today with one.”

“Yeah, he did,” I replied, while looking at Thomas.

“I mean, I really don’t mind if he does,” Tami replied.

“Well, I guess it wont hurt anything.”

With that, the three of us headed to the massage room, with Tami going into the dressing room to change.

“This isn’t going to be like Stephanie’s massage,” I told him.

“Look, if you don’t want me in here, I can leave. She offered after I mentioned that I assisted you with a massage earlier today, that’s all.”

“Ok, since she offered, but it will be a standard massage and that’s all. I guess you should see how they’re supposed to be done,” I replied with a smile, slapping him on the back.

Tami came out wrapped in a towel like she was supposed to. I was afraid that she’d come out bare like the last time, but she was decently covered.

Thomas and I helped her onto the table. She was face down with her arms by her sides. I pulled the towel down and folded it just above her buttocks, like I’m supposed to, but that rarely seems to happen. I folded the bottom up so her legs and thighs were exposed, but nothing else.

I got the heated massage oil and spread it over her back and handed it to Thomas so he could spread it over her legs, and the two of us started massaging my sister.

I started on her shoulders and arms, and he started at her feet, giving her a good foot massage, picking up the technique quickly.

“You two make a good team. You should offer this and charge double or something. God, this feels good having both of you working on me,” Tami replied.

“I’ll talk to Mike about that. I don’t think it’s standard practice, but we’re a little unorthodox here anyway. He might just go for it.”

“Well, from my perspective, I think its a good idea,” Tami replied as we both continued working on her.

I finished massaging Tami’s arms and shoulders and started on her back, dribbling plenty of oil across her shoulders and down the middle of her back. I have her a thorough shoulder and neck massage, applying my best techniques as a model for Thomas. I slowly made my way down her back to the top of the towel covering her buttocks.

Thomas continued massaging her feet, and then started moving up her legs and thighs to her upper thighs, staying an appropriate distance from her, well you know what I mean.

After I massaged down to the towel, I suggested that he and I switch places so I could continue on her legs and he could work on her back, so we did.

“I let Thomas work a part of the body while I work another and then we switch,” I told Tami. “That way the client gets the professional massage from me and the additional rub down from Thomas. When he gets his certification, the client will get a double massage.”

“That sounds like something women would pay top dollar for, especially getting a look at the two of you,” Tami replied. “I mean, what girl wouldn’t want the two of you running your hands all over their bodies. I mean, think about it!”

“You really think so?” Thomas asked.

“Oh fuck yes. God, this feels fantastic. I mean, it’s a real turn on to have two great looking guys giving me this much attention. I’d pay good money for this treatment; but don’t get any ideas about charging me for this! I still get the family discount and all, don’t I?”

“Tami, you get a free massage from me anytime you want it,” Thomas said laughing. We all laughed at this.

I massaged Tami’s legs up to her thighs and inner thighs, moving the towel up bit with my hands as I did so, noticing that Tami was wearing a thong; she must have left it on because Thomas was in here. Nice, I thought.

Thomas was doing a thorough job on Tami’s back, moving his hands down to her lower back, slipping the tips of his fingers just under the top of the towel, massaging her upper buttocks, but just barely.

Tami reached behind her and pulled the towel down, exposing her round ass to both of us.

“One of you better massage my ass, and I really don’t care at this point which one of you does it,” Tami said with a sigh, indicating that she was really getting into the massage and our hands running all over her body, getting both of us at once.

“Well, in that case, we’ll both do your ass,” I replied nodding at Thomas, who took the massage oil and dribbled it over her cheeks.

We both moved our hands to Tami’s ass, with me coming from her legs and Thomas coming down from here back. I rubbed the lower half of both cheeks while Thomas rubbed the top half. I let my fingers slide over her crack, letting my thumbs slide down between her cheeks, running them along the string of her thong which was buried deep, with Thomas watching my every move closely. Tami looked so sexy on the table with both of us running our hands over her.

“Oh god, you’re both doing a fantastic job,” Tami sighed.

After a few more minutes, I noticed that thirty minutes were up, and it was time for Tami to turn over.

I told Tami to roll over and we’d do the front, and as she did so, I kept the towel over her breast.

“Really?” she asked. “Do we really need the towel? I mean, Thomas has already seen my little puppies, and there really isn’t much to look at. From what I hear, he already dried them off after I got out of the shower.”

Thomas looked a little embarrassed at that comment, but Tami was right; Thomas had already seen them and did dry them off when she got out of the shower, and it’s common for a client to remain uncovered, especially the breasts, while they have a massage, so I tossed the towel on the table. Tami was now on her back on the table, wearing nothing but a very small thong covering her bare pussy. God, she looked terrific, and Thomas must have thought so as well, as he reached down and straightened his cock in his shorts.

“How do you want to do this? He asked, with a bit of nervousness in his voice.

“I’ll continue working her legs, and you can do her arms for a few minutes and then I’ll give you some instruction on breast massage, if that’s all right with you, Tami.”

“O god yes, that’s fine with me; god, it feels so good with both of you working on me.

I stood at the bottom of the massage table and oiled Tami’s legs, both of them, from her ankles to her upper thighs, while Thomas dribbled oil over her arms and started with a finger massage, while continuing to look her over.

With Thomas working her arms, I continued working Tami’s legs, working from her feet to her lower legs to her thighs, spreading her legs slightly to allow room for my hands between them. I gave her a thorough thigh massage, letting my fingers slide over her covered pussy, causing her to moan, indicating how much she was enjoying the two of us working her over.

Thomas had finished working her arms and shoulders, so I decided it was time to instruct him on the proper technique for a breast massage.

“Are you sure you’re all right with this?” I asked Tami before I continued, sure that she would comply.

“Yeah, go ahead,” she said.

I moved to the top of the table next to Thomas and dribbled heated oil over my sister’s breasts, covering both of them.

With a client, you can keep their breasts covered, unless they tell you to go without the towel, which many of them do,” I instructed.

“So, you’re in here giving girls a breast massage with them uncovered?” Tami asked, getting interested in what goes on in the massage room when I’m with a client.

“Yeah, if that’s their preference, that is. Some ask to remain covered, but most of them want me to remove the towel so it doesn’t get in the way,” I replied.

I took Thomas’ hand in mine and placed it underneath Tami’s back, showing him how to support her scapula and spine during the massage.

“I can only do one breast at a time, but after I show you how to do it, I’ll work on her left breast while you do the same on her right breast. Just follow my lead.”

After I got Thomas’ hand in the right place, I moved to the other side of the table and did the same, placing one hand under her back against her scapula.

I moved my free hand to the underside of Tami’s breast and started massaging her, as Thomas did the same.

I massaged the upper part of her rib cage, just beneath her breast thoroughly, and then moved my hand to her side, massaging her side just below her breast to the side of her breast for several minutes. Thomas was careful to do just as I was doing, paying close attention to my technique. At this point we weren’t touching Tami’s breasts, other than the sides.

We continued this for about three minutes, as Tami continued moaning softly, enjoying our touch.

“After massaging the sides of her breasts, still supporting her with your other hand, you press your fingers firmly against her sternum and massage between the breasts, across the top, down the sides, and then back up,” I instructed, demonstrating the technique on my sister.

I did this a coupe of times, and then had Thomas try it, noticing that he was a natural at this. He massaged below Tami’s right breast, and pressing his fingers firmly on her skin, massaged between her breasts slowly, and then across her chest just above her breast, down the sides, underneath, and then back up. I watched him as he continued this for two or three minutes, getting the technique perfectly.

“God, that feels so good,” Tami moaned.

“Good, then he must be doing it correctly,” I commented. Thomas looked at me with a pleased expression on his face. He was really trying to do it correctly, and was.

I moved to the top of the table to instruct him on the next step.

“Apply a little more oil to keep the breasts well lubricated,” I said as I dribbled warm oil over booth of her breasts. “With this step you can massage both breasts at once, and I’ll demonstrate that, and then you can do both.”

Standing at the top of the table, I started massaging Tami’s breasts, running my hands across her shoulders, down between her breasts, and then cupping my hands, I moved them up over her breasts all the way up to her neck and her chin, and then moved them back, repeating the process three times or more, with Thomas watching closely.

I then took his hands in mine, placing the palms of his hands flat against Tami’s chest, above her breasts, and slowly moved them down between her breasts, and then up over them, around the sides and back over them, and them sliding them up to her chest to her neck and back down.

“You want to try it on your own?” I asked him, knowing how he’d respond.

“Yeah, I think so,” he replied a little nervously.

“Go ahead then,” I told him.

Thomas placed his hands at the top of her breasts, moved them down between them, across the bottom, around the sides, and back down between them. When he brought his hands back up, he massaged her upper chest to her neck and then back down. His technique was perfect.

“How much pressure do I apply?” he asked.

“You want to apply a firm pressure without pressing too hard. Here, like this,” I said, covering his hands with mine and repeating the process a couple of times, and then allowing him to do it on his own for a few more minutes.

“Oh yes, that feels great,” Tami moaned.

After he finished, I showed him how to do a full breast massage. I covered his hands with mine again, and then moved them down the sides of both breasts, up over the top, massaging her firmly, and then down over the side again, back over them to the top, and back down.

I released my hands from his and allowed him to massage her on his own, and watched as Thomas gave Tami a through breast massage, demonstrating that he was learning the proper technique.

After a couple of minutes, I took over and demonstrated an additional technique, while talking Thomas through it.

“You do the same process, and then run your hands down the top of the breast, letting the nipple slide between your fingers, applying a little pressure. After doing this a few times, you can use your fingers to circle the nipples, rubbing the aerola with your fingertips, and then rubbing the nipples, which are usually erect by this time, just as Tami’s are.”

I continued the demonstration for a few minutes, and then let Thomas try it, with my hands covering his. I moved his hands down the top of Tami’s breasts, trapping her hard nipples between our fingers and tweaking them gently and then circled her aerola with our finger tips and rubbed her nipples again.

I then removed my hands from his and let him try it on his own, noticing that he was getting the hang of it well. I noticed how closely he was paying attention to the technique, and while this could have rapidly turned into a sexual thing for the three of us, Thomas remained quite professional.

I let him continue the breast massage while I moved to the side of the table and dribbled oil on Tami’s abdomen and started massaging her from her breasts down to her thong, massaging her all over, as she continued moaning her pleasure.

I looked at the clock, noticing that we’ve already gone a few minutes longer than her appointment, and said that time was up.

“Oh god, do you have to stop? This feels fantastic,” Tami commented, almost breathlessly, “I mean, I don’t mind if you want to show Thomas some other techniques.”

“We have other techniques, but I’m not sure I want to use you to demonstrate them,” I said to Tami.

“Please?” she pleaded.

I knew that Tami was my last client, and we did have a little time before we had to leave to meet Brittany, so I decided we could have one final demonstration.

“I have one other thing I think you’d enjoy, but I don’t think you should take your thong off, you know, with both of us in here and all.”

“Well, leave it on, that’s fine with me,” she replied.

“We have leg stirrups that we use for, ah, vaginal massage, although I’ve never given one except on a medical manikin, which wasn’t much fun. Are you sure you want to do this, Tami?” I asked, giving her an out after telling them what I had to show them.

“Sure, like I wont be exposed or anything; anyway, Thomas and you have both seen me, you know, down there and all.”

“Ok,” I replied as I walked over to the equipment closet and got the two stirrups. They were more like leg braces than stirrups. I placed them in the holders at the bottom of the massage table.

“I’ll show you how we use the equipment, but wont do the actual massage, at least not now, anyway.”

“They’re something like they use at the GYN office,” Tami commented as I placed them in the brackets and told her to slide down on the table.

I slid Tami down a little further on the table, and placed both legs in the braces, which supported her legs just below the knees. I adjusted them, spreading her legs as far apart as would be comfortable, just as I had been instructed in class. Thomas was still standing at the head of the massage table, and I asked him to join me at the business end.

“With the client like this,” I said, “you have access to her thighs, vagina, and, well, just about everything else down here.” With Tami’s legs spread out, I slowly ran my fingers along her skin from her thighs, over her ass, across her covered pussy, and across her abdomen.

“Your client has to be really comfortable with you to allow you to do this,” I commented.

“You mean that you’d, like, really put a girl in this, you know, totally nude and all?” Tami asked, getting a better idea of what all I do with clients in the massage room.

“Yeah, if they asked for it, I would. I mean, it wouldn’t happen on their first visit, but some girls do like a vaginal massage,” thinking of Stephanie and Lisa, who both got a vaginal massage on their first visit. I looked at Thomas, certain that he was thinking of Stephanie and how he’d like to get her in these.

“Have you ever, you know, given anyone a vaginal massage?” Tami asked.

“Yeah, I have, but I’ve never used these, before now,” I replied.

“I want one,” Tami said, looking at me and Thomas.

“We really don’t have time for one now, Tami,” I replied.

“Can you two, like, give me one tomorrow?” she asked.

“We’ll see,” I replied as I got her legs out of the stirrups and put them back in the equipment closet.

“When we come in here tomorrow, I want you to have the stirrups ready,” Tami said, looking at the two of us. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that with her and Thomas, but it would be an opportunity to show him the technique.

“Sure, we can do that,” I replied, looking at Thomas, who had a huge grin on his face just thinking about it.

Tami sat up on the side of the table and grabbed my hand and Thomas’ hand, pulling us over next to her.

“I’m only doing this so you can, you know, show Thomas the proper technique and all,” she said as she leaned up and gave Thomas a quick kiss on the lips. She turned to me and pulled my face to hers and gave me a passionate kiss, slipping me the tongue.

“I need to get dressed so we can get over to the apartment before Brittany arrives,” she said as she got off the table and walked into the dressing room.

Thomas looked at me and asked, “Are we, you know, really going to give Tami a vaginal massage?”

“She seems to want us to,” I replied, looking at him. “Are you up to it?” I asked.

“Hell yes, I’m up to it, that is if you are.”

“It’s purely professional, Thomas. You’re going to be doing this a lot in the future. You might as well learn on Tami.”

“How about the others you have tomorrow?” he asked.

I thought about my schedule, and told him that I’d ask Lisa if she’d like two of us, commenting that I was sure we could use the stirrups on her.

“What time does she come in?” he asked.

“I have her scheduled for a ninety minute massage at one thirty tomorrow. I think you’ll like Lisa, and I’m sure she’ll agree to let you assist.”

“This job gets better every day,” he replied, slapping me on the back, just as Tami came out of the dressing room.

“What are you two talking about?” she asked.

“I have a client at one thirty tomorrow, and was thinking about asking her if Thomas could assist.”

“Well, you better practice up on her, because I want a thorough massage when I get here. I might even skip my workout for that.”

“No workout, no massage,” I said, joking with her.

“Yeah, I’ll do the workout first, but I want both of you to give me another massage. I’m sure there are many girls who would pay well for that.”

We walked out of the massage room and started for the front door, when I heard Mike call out my name.

I walked over to him and he told me that we were starting the Champagne massage tomorrow to see how they go. The Champagne will be free for the rest of the week, and then we can charge top dollar for it next week. This would be a way to introduce it to our clients. He said that he was having a wine chiller installed in the massage room this evening, and that all massage customers beginning tomorrow would be given a coupon for a glass of Champagne when they checked in. We both thought that was a good idea. I told him that I was having Thomas assist me with some of the massages, and that the clients were really going for it.

“I bet they are,” he replied, looking over at Thomas and Tami standing at the counter.

“Once he gets his certification, we can add a double massage to the list,” he said with a smile. I think he was on to what we were doing, but he didn’t say anything.

I left Mike and started back to the front door so we could leave for the apartment.

“Jason, your client is waiting for you at the machines,” Kathy yelled at me.

“Oh shit,” I said to Thomas and Tami. “I forgot that I had another client. Can you take Tami to the apartment while I finish up? I’ll be there when I finish. I should be there by six.”

“Sure, I’d be glad to,” Thomas replied. I took my apartment key off my key ring and handed it to Tami as the two of them walked out the door and I went to the floor to find my client.

“Congratulations on your promotion,” he said to me as I walked up to him.

“Yeah, thanks, Marc. I got promoted to gym manager,” I replied.

“Yeah, Kathy told me, and I noticed your new name tag. Way to go! Are you still going to keep me as a client?” he asked.

“Yeah, I can keep all of my current clients, but I can’t take any additional ones unless they’re platinum level.”

“Well, that leaves me out. Too rich for my blood.”

I took his chart and refreshed myself on where we were the last time.

“It looks like you get to start on a couple more machines tonight,” I said. “Why don’t you get started on the ones you already know, and I’ll observe to make sure you have them down correctly.”

“Great,” he said as he sat down on the first machine and started his workout. I always liked working with newbies; they’re so full of energy and are always ready to get started on their workout.

I walked him through his first few machines, pointing out some corrections to his methodology and adjusting the weights up on a couple of them, before instructing him on the new ones.

I started with Marc three weeks ago, but he only gets in three nights a week so it’s hard to keep up with his routine without looking over his chart. He’s a nice guy in his mid thirties if I remember correctly. He had a good build before he started working out at the gym, and wants to firm up some. He always comes in with another guy, and I suspect that they’re together, you know, as a couple and all, but that doesn’t bother me. It does bother some of the other staff, but I plan to have some inservice sensitivity training soon because I don’t appreciate some of the comments I hear around here. Mike puts up with it, but I plan to put a stop to it. I mean, we cater to all kinds of people, most of them high end members, and I think that we should show respect for everyone. If some of them don’t like it, well, they’ll have to find work at another gym so far as I’m concerned.

I showed Marc how to use two additional machines and had him go through a complete workout on them without any weight, so he could get the routine right. I pointed out a few minor corrections to his routine and had him repeat the process while adjusting the weights to make sure that he had them where they should be. I marked the information on his chart.

I spent about an hour and ten minutes with him, trying to make up for running behind and all, before he quit for the day. He walked to the locker room after getting his friend, who was using the free weights. The two of them went to the locker room together and I headed for the front door.

“See you tomorrow, Kathy,” I said as I walked past the front desk and headed to my car.

When Tami and Thomas got into his car, Tami had a discussion with Thomas about last night and all that happened.

“I really am sorry about last night and all,” she said. “I mean, I’m sure you know that I was just trying to get Jace, you know, jealous and all, and I was upset that he said that he wanted you to come over so we could meet.”

“Yeah, I thought that’s what he meant, but now I think he just wanted me to come over to talk about the new position. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.”

“Ah, that’s a sweet thing for you to say; but I think you’ll really like Brittany and all.”

“Yeah, I hope so. I don’t really have many friends here, and don’t have a girlfriend or anything, so it would be good to meet her. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, I think the two of you will get along well; but I did want to apologize for all that happened last night. It wasn’t nice of me to, you know, lead you on and all.”

“Yeah, you were coming on to me strong last night, especially in the sauna and at the apartment.”

“Did you, like, did you really think that I wanted to, you know, suck you off like Jace said?”

“Yeah, at first I did. I mean, you were rubbing me and all and wanted me to get into bed with you. When I said that I needed to leave, you asked me to take my cock out so you could, like, suck me off. I told you again that I had to leave, and your confusion sorta gave it all away.”

“Yeah. I thought you were Jace, and I was trying to get him to come to bed and couldn’t understand why he had to leave. I at least wanted to suck him off before he left. God, I’m so sorry about that.”

“Yeah, that’s all right. It was really tempting for me last night though. I mean, I was ready to whip it out and let you, you know, suck me and all, but I figured out that you must have thought I was Jason. God, that was disappointing.”

“So, you mean that you like, almost did?”

“Yeah, you were rubbing me and begging me to let you suck me; hell, you had me hard and everything. I was just about to let you, too.”

“Well, I’m sorry I left you with blue balls and all,” Tami replied.

“Yeah, you sure did. I was already worked up from the way you were acting at the apartment before we left, then when you slid your hand up my leg in the sauna, I thought I was going to blow then.”

“Really? I don’t even remember that, but Jace told me about it. Did I, you know, touch you or anything?”

“Yeah, I felt your hand on my cock for a second or two, then Jason started to get up and go to the Jacuzzi. You let loose of my cock and stood up and your towel dropped down below, you know, your breasts and all. Then you walked out to the Jacuzzi and dropped your towel and slid into the water. You really do have a great body, Tami.”

“Thank you. I guess you’ve seen it all.”

“Yeah, I have. I mean, the three of us were, you know, nude in the shower and all. I figured out what was going on when I noticed that Jason had a hard on like me, and then when you grabbed his cock in the shower, that sorta told me what was going on.”

“Yeah, Jason told me about that too. He figured that’s what gave away our relationship. He said that you dried me off, and that it was you who undressed me in the bedroom.”

“Yeah, that’s all true. I mean, when we got you out of the shower I went to the locker room and got your clothes, and when I brought them back, the two of you were just standing there, and he suggested that I dry you off. I guess he didn’t want to do that in front of me or anything, so I gladly complied.”

“Did you, you know, dry me, like, everywhere?”

“Yeah, I felt a little guilty about that at first. I mean, I took advantage of the situation and dried you everywhere, and I mean everywhere.”

“Then you undressed me when you took me to the bedroom?”

“Yeah, I sure did. You spilled my beer all over yourself in the living room, and we both knew that we couldn’t put you to bed all soaked in beer. Jason suggested that I undress you. I guess he felt awkward doing that, especially with the relationship you two have and all; I guess he didn’t want to appear over eager to take your clothes off, so he asked me to, and I didn’t hesitate.”

“Ok, I want you to be honest with me. Did you, like, do anything when you undressed me? I have a vague memory of you undressing me and all.”

“Well, yeah, I did feel you a little when I undressed you. I mean, your tits and all were right there in front of me and all, hell, I couldn’t pass up on that. When I pulled your top off, I kind a felt your breasts, but hell, I did that when I dried you off too. Then, well, when I took your skirt off, I did feel your, ah, between your legs a little. I’m sorry about that, Tami. I really am.”

“No problem,” Tami replied, placing her hand on Thomas’ thigh. “I can’t blame you for feeling me the way I led you on and all. I’m surprised you didn’t let me suck you off the way I was acting with you.”

“That was tempting. I mean, you had me all hard and all. God, I wanted to let you, I really did.”

“Why didn’t you?” she asked.

“Well, by that time I realized that you thought I was Jason, and it wouldn’t have been right, I guess.”

“Yeah it would have been awkward between us if we’d gone that far. Maybe you’ll get lucky with Brittany tonight.”

“So, you and Jason are really a, you know, a couple and all? You’re not going to, like, mess around with anyone else?” Thomas asked, hopeful that this was leading somewhere between the two of them.

“Yeah, we’ve decided to try it as a couple. I think I’m going to try to talk my mother into letting me stay with him at his apartment, but I haven’t said anything to him about that yet.”

“Do you think she will?”

“I think so. She works nights quite often and she doesn’t like me staying home alone and all.”

“Yeah, I can understand that.”

“Can I ask you something else, Thomas?” Tami asked.

“Yeah, go ahead, we’ve talked about everything else. What do you want to know?”

“Well, I know I left you with blue balls and all, did you, like, have to take care of it when you got home?”

Thomas laughed, nervously when Tami asked him that. Then he replied, “Yeah, I did. When I got home I went into the bathroom and took care of it. Christ, I was so fucking hard when I left the apartment, I didn’t think I could make it all the way home. I mean, I almost came with I was undressing you and you started rubbing me.”

“So, what image did you have in your mind, like, when you beat off in the bathroom and all?”

“Honestly?” he asked.

“Yeah, I want to know what you were thinking about when you, you know, beat off.”

“Ok, I’ll tell you. I went into the bathroom and dropped my pants and closed my eyes. I was thinking of you rubbing my cock and wanting to suck me off. I imagined that I pulled it out and, you know, you started sucking me off and all. God, I didn’t last five minutes before I came, and I came a lot.”

“God, you really wanted that blow job, didn’t you?”

“Christ yes, I wanted it. God, I was harder than I’ve ever been. Kinda like now, just talking about it.”

Tami looked down at his crotch noticing his erection and said, “You need to keep that for Brittany. Maybe I’ll fill her in and make sure you get one tonight.”

“You really think that she’s, you know, going to sleep with me tonight?”

“Well, I told her all about you and she really is excited to meet you. I told her how good looking you are and how well built you are, so I would say that there’s a good chance for the two of you to, you know, hit it off well.”

They arrived at the apartment and went inside, continuing their conversation.

“So, what should we do for dinner? We haven’t really talked about that,” Tami asked Thomas.

“We could go out somewhere,” Thomas replied.

“There’s a good Mexican restaurant nearby, would you like to go there?” she asked.

“Sure, fine with me.”

“I’ll call and make a reservation for six thirty,” Tami replied, taking out her iPhone. She looked up the number and made a reservation for four at six thirty.

“They usually fill up fast, but they had a table. Mexican it is. I think I’ll change out of these clothes,” she said as she left Thomas in the living room and walked into the bedroom that she and Jason were sharing.

“Help yourself to a beer, they’re in the refrigerator,” Tami yelled at him from the bedroom.

Thomas walked over to the refrigerator and got two beers, one for him and one for Tami, and opened them both. He went back into the living room and sat down on the couch, waiting for Tami to come back out.

Tami returned wearing a short pair of shorts and a tank top. He noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“God, you look great,” Thomas said, complimenting her and handing her a beer.

“Thank you,” she replied, taking the beer and sitting across from him in the chair.

They sat there and talked for a few minutes, when the door bell rang.

“That must be Brittany,” Tami said as she got up and walked to the door, opening it and letting Brittany in. Brittany kissed Tami on the cheek and then the walked into the living room.

“Brittany, this is Thomas. He’s the one I told you about.”

Thomas immediately noticed how beautiful she was. She was wearing a pink top that was low cut in the front, displaying her cleavage. She had larger breasts than Tami, and the top showed them off well, as she wasn’t wearing a bra either. She had on khaki shorts that showed off her beautiful and fit legs. She also had on a pair of light brown sandals. Her hair was long and blonde, coming down below her shoulders. He also noticed her beautiful eyes and smile. She was even more beautiful than Jason had told him.

“Do you want a beer?” Tami asked her.

“Sure, let’s get this party started,” she replied.

Tami brought her a beer from the kitchen and she took it and sat down beside Thomas on the couch.

“We thought we’d go out for Mexican for dinner, if that’s all right with you,” Tami said to Brittany.

“That’s fine with me. Where’s Jason?” she asked.

“He had another client after we left. I got us a reservation for six thirty. He said he’d be here around six, so he should be coming along soon.”

“Well, Thomas, Tami tells me that you give quite a massage.”

“She already told you that?”

“Yeah, I sent her a text while we were waiting for Jace at the gym.”

“Well, I can’t give one by myself until I finish the course. Now, I’m just assisting Jason with some of his clients, including Tami.”

“She said that you did a good job on her. Maybe I’ll sign up for one and have both of you work me over. That might be kinda fun,” she said, looking at Thomas and then over at Tami.

“They’re a good team, believe me,” Tami replied.

“Do you think you two could, you know, work me in to your schedule?” she asked.

“I’m sure we can if you want one. We can talk with Jason about it when he gets here.”

They sat and talked for about fifteen minutes before Jason arrived. He greeted everyone, apologizing for being late, and got a beer from the kitchen.

“So, I take it you two have been introduced,” Jason said to Brittany and Thomas.

“Yeah, Tami took care of that,” Brittany replied.

“We were just talking about the massage the two of you gave Tami today. Do you think you might be able to work me into your schedule?” she asked.

“I’m sure we can. You are a member of the gym aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I haven’t been there in weeks. I need to get back, and now I have a good reason to,” she replied, looking over at Thomas.

“Being a member, you can call over and see what’s available, and Thomas and I will give you one.”

“I’ll do that,” she said, taking out her phone and dialing the gym. She scheduled a massage for tomorrow at five.

“That’s right after mine,” Tami noted.

“Maybe I’ll come early and watch yours so I’ll know what to expect, if that’s all right.”

“Sure,” Tami replied. “They’re going to do a new technique on me tomorrow.”

Thomas and I looked at each other, remembering that Tami wanted us to have the stirrups in place for her.

“You sure you want her in there for that?” Thomas asked, unsure if she wanted Brittany to see her getting a vaginal massage from the two of them.

“Sure, we don’t have any secrets. It’ll be fun. Then you can do her. I’m sure she’ll want one too.”

“What kind of massage are we talking about?” she asked.

“Well, today they gave me a full body massage, and it was awesome. Tomorrow they’re planning to give me a vaginal massage, with stirrups, kinda like what they have at the GYN office. I think it’ll be fun.”

“Sounds good to me,” she replied.

Thomas and I looked at each other, wondering what we’ve gotten ourselves into for tomorrow, but neither of us regretting it. Not at all.

It was time to leave for the restaurant, so the four of us got in my car and drove away. We were there in no time, and were seated promptly.

I tried my luck and ordered a round of margaritas. The waitress checked my ID, but didn’t bother with the other three, I guess thinking we were all the same age.

She brought the margaritas and set them in front of each of us and then took our orders.

We sat and talked while drinking our margaritas, which were very good. From the beer and then the drink, the four of us were getting a little tipsy.

The waitress came out with our appetizers, and noticing our glasses were nearly empty, asked if we wanted another round.

“Yeah, and make them jumbos this time,” Brittany replied.

“Make that three, I’m driving,” I told her, knowing that I needed to drive over to the gym later to lock up.

The waitress returned with three jumbo margaritas and they started drinking them while waiting on our food and continuing to eat away at the appetizers.

“What do we have planned for later on?” Brittany asked.

“Well, the guys have to close up the gym around nine thirty. I thought we could go with them and maybe try out the sauna and the Jacuzzi, if you want to,” Tami shared.

“Yeah, that would be fun,” Brittany replied. Thomas looked at me and raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Our food finally came, and we ate it while continuing our conversation.

“So, tell me more about this massage you got today, Tami,” Brittany said.

“Well, it was awesome. I had both of these guys working on me at the same time. One did my legs while the other, ah, did other parts, and then they switched.”

“Did they do both, you know, front and back?” Brittany asked.


“What do you wear when you get a massage?”

“I usually don’t wear anything, but today I wore a black thong. I wasn’t sure if I should go completely nude with Thomas in there. I wanted to leave a little to the, ah, imagination and all.”

“So, you didn’t wear anything on, you know, your top?”

“Nope, nothing,” Tami replied, slurring her words a little.

“So, usually, you’re like, naked and all?”

“Yeah, but usually its just me and Jace. This is the first time anyone else was in there.”

“You can wear anything you want, or nothing at all. Most of our clients are nude, but we keep them covered with a towel, if they want that,” I shared.

“Do most of them, like, want you to keep them covered during the massage?”

“Most of the older women do, and all the men, or most of them at least, like to be covered. The rest usually ask me to remove the towel. Some wear underwear, but that usually comes off so they don’t get massage oil all over them and all.”

“I never thought about what to wear for a massage. I’ve never had one. What do you think I should wear, Thomas, if you two give me one tomorrow?”

“I think nude is best, it allows more freedom for the masseur and all.”

“So, will you keep me covered with a towel?”

“Only if you insist,” Thomas replied.

“But, not if I don’t want you to?” she asked.

“It’s strictly up to you, but it allows more freedom, you know, if you’re not covered, but that’s your call, not ours.”

“I’ll have to think about that one,” Brittany replied.

“You really need to have a breast massage, Brittany, it’s awesome. God, I thought I was going to have an orgasm on the massage table today it was so good,” Tami commented. “I mean, it feels so fucking good to have four hands massaging your breasts. God, it feels good.”

Tami was getting a little loud, and I tried to quiet her down before everyone around us could hear her talking about the massage we gave her.

“They’ll massage your ass too, both of them will,” Tami said, getting giggly. “I mean, can you imagine both of these cute guys running their hands all over your tits and ass . . . and other places. I mean, it was the most awesome experience of my life.”

Both Tami and Brittany were getting more tipsy by the minute as they drank their margaritas. Thomas was about as bad.

“I think I’m gonna try it, and I want to be nude, just like Tami was.”

That comment also got a wide grin out of Thomas.

We finished our dinner and left for the apartment. Everyone seemed to be able to walk all right, but they were getting wasted.

Tami sat in front with me, while Brittany and Thomas sat in the back seat. Looking in the mirror I saw that they were already making out. It looked like they were getting along fine.

We got to the apartment around eight thirty, so we turned a movie on and watched that. Tami and I sat together in the large chair while Brittany and Thomas sat together on the couch. Both the girls were getting frisky, which didn’t bother either of us. I was hoping that Thomas, at least, would sober up before we left for the gym. We didn’t have any more to drink after returning home. Brittany wanted a beer, but I told her that it might make her sick mixing beer and the margaritas, and that’s the last think we wanted, someone throwing up all over the place.

Thomas and Brittany were making out quite heavily, but their clothes remained on at least, and there didn’t seem to be much touching, you know, below the waist. I was glad they were saving that for later, when we all went to bed.

“Where’s everyone sleeping tonight?” Brittany asked.

“Well, we have the bedroom, which Jace and I usually share, and the couch folds out. We can figure that out later.

“I could sleep on the floor, that is, if Brittany wants the couch,” Thomas replied, giving Brittany an out.

“I don’t think you’ll have to sleep on the floor, Thomas,” Brittany replied, giving him another deep kiss. I didn’t think Thomas would be sleeping on the floor, either.

Soon it was going on nine thirty, and I mentioned that I needed to go to the gym to close up, noting that Thomas had to go with me. I wasn’t sure if the girls still wanted to go to the gym with us or not.

“We’re going with you, aren’t we?” Tami asked.

“Yeah, we want to go too,” Brittany replied.

“That’s fine with us. We can all go over and after we close up the gym, we can check out the sauna and all,” I said.

“Sounds good to me,” Brittany replied, placing her hand on Thomas’ thigh, very near his crotch.

We all got up to leave, with Brittany asking, “Do I need to take anything with me?”

“Nope,” Tami replied. “We will be the only ones at the gym, and I was planning to go au natural.”

“You mean, like no towel or anything?” Brittany asked.

“You can wear one if you want. I will too, if you want me to.”

“We’ll see,” Brittany replied.

We got in the car and drove the short distance to the gym, with Thomas and Brittany making out in the back seat the whole trip.

We got there and the four of us went inside. The girls sat in the lounge as Thomas and I walked through the gym talking with people until it was time to close. At 9:45 the receptionist announced that the gym was closing in fifteen minutes, so people began to clear out, as usual. They’re all good about leaving on time, except for a few stragglers who take their time in the shower. There’s always s couple of them.

At ten Thomas and I checked the doors in the back of the gym and turned off the lights in all the offices and locked them up. I made a check list for him to go through when he started locking up by himself next week.

We got all the lights off in the main gym and the aerobics rooms, and then checked the massage rooms to make sure they were set up for the morning, especially mine as I had a massage first thing in the morning. I noticed the new wine chiller that Mike had installed in my room. I checked it and it was already filled with eight bottles of Champagne.

“This could make things interesting,” I said to Thomas as I pointed out the new chiller filled with Champagne.

“Are we starting that tomorrow? He asked.

“Yeah, that’s what Mike said.”

We went back out and checked the doors again We finished all of this around ten fifteen, and then walked through the locker rooms, noting that they were all clear.

“We can leave the lights on in here,” I said as we were leaving the men’s locker room. I checked the sauna and turned it on as someone had already shut it down. I also turned the heat back on in the Jacuzzi as we were planning to use it later on.

We walked over to the women’s locker room and shut off one shower that was left on, picked up a few towels that were on the floor and the benches, and shut off the lights.

“I don’t think the girls are planning to use this one,” I said, smiling at Thomas.

We made our way back to the reception area and I looked over the schedule for tomorrow, noticing the sign announcing the Champagne massages.

“There’s a couple massages here that I might ask you to assist with,” I told Thomas, who smiled at me again. He was still light headed from the margaritas we had at dinner, but he wasn’t as bad as the girls.

“I have Lisa at one thirty, and that’s a ninety minute massage, and I’m sure she’ll agree for you to assist. She’s hot; I think you’ll like working on her. We may even try out the stirrups on her. From her last massage, I think she’ll go for that. I’ll asker her, anyway.”

“I am really liking this job! I never thought it would be like this.”

“Yeah, the massages have added a whole new dimension to working at the gym. God, it was never anything like this when I was just a personal trainer. Being the gym manager also opened up some new things, like coming over after hours and having private use of the sauna and Jacuzzi. That makes the job worth it!”

“Yeah, and I start my massage therapy classes Monday; it will be good when I get my certification and all. God, I love this job. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.”

“Well, as Mike said, you have the body and the looks that our clients like. You fit right in, and I enjoy having you around here,” I replied.

“I guess all the working out finally paid off,” Thomas said.

“Yeah, you really look good and all.”

We walked over to the girls, and Brittany asked, “Whats a Champagne Massage?” noting the sign at the bar.

“That’s something new we’re trying. They’re free this week, but starting next week they come with a ninety minute massage. You get a coupon for a free glass of Champagne when you check in. You can enjoy that while you’re waiting for the massage. I have a new wine chiller in my massage room, so I can give free refills if anyone wants one.” I replied.

“Can I have some Champagne with mine?” Tami asked.

“Yeah, I want some too,” Brittany added.

“You have to be twenty-one, but I can give you some once you get into the massage room, but you can’t say anything about that. We could get in real trouble if anyone found out that we were giving Champagne to anyone under the legal age.”

I walked over to the bar and grabbed a few champagne glasses and took them to my room, wanting to make sure I had them on hand, not wanting to get them in the morning.

When I returned, we all went into the men’s locker room for the sauna.

Brittany and Tami walked to the other side of the row of lockers, where they stripped down and wrapped a towel around their beautiful bodies. I had a suspicion that they wouldn’t keep them on very long, though. Just for modesty at the beginning, Thomas and I also wrapped towels around our waists.

We walked into the sauna, which was hot. I poured some water on the coals to get some steam going, and it soon filled the room.

Thomas and Brittany sat on a bench across from me and Tami. I noticed that Thomas was already pitching a tent in his towel. Brittany noticed it as well, and put her hand on his upper thigh, just below his towel.

Brittany’s towel had risen up to the top of her thighs, giving me a great view of her crotch. I noticed that she had a well groomed pussy, which was visible from where I sat.

Brittany and Thomas started making out, and I noticed her hand creep up his leg and was now wrapped around his hard cock, stroking him.

Tami was getting turned on by the sight before us, and slid her hand under my towel and started kissing me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her and slipped my tongue inside her mouth, reached down and slipped my hand under her towel to her wet pussy lips. I started rubbing them gently. She spread her legs, and I caught Thomas staring at her crotch, which was as visible as Brittany’s now.

The four of us continued making out and rubbing each other, when Brittany reached up and undid her towel, letting it fall back so that her front was now entirely exposed. Yes, she was a sexy lady.

Thomas leaned over and kissed Brittany again, and slowly moved his mouth from her mouth to her neck, and finally to her breasts, as he started sucking them as they continued rubbing each other.

Tami let her towel fall open like Brittany, and was sitting on the bench with her front wide open. I caught Thomas looking at her a couple of times, which was fair, because I was catching a good look at Brittany as well.

It was obvious that the three of them were still intoxicated, as Brittany reached down and pulled off the towel that was around Thomas, and he didn’t even seem to care that he was sporting a huge erection that was visible to all of us.

Tami did the same to me, and then we were all sitting nude in the sauna, with both Thomas and I showing our erections to everyone.

Brittany looked over at me and said, “Nice one there, Jason.”

Tami looked at Thomas and then at Brittany and asked her, “Don’t you think Thomas has a huge cock?” slurring her words as she spoke.

“Yes, I do, and if you two don’t mind, I’m gonna take care of it right now,” she replied as she lowered her mouth over his erection, taking the whole thing down her throat.

Thomas looked over at us with a wide grin on his face as he rubbed the back of Brittany’s head softly, spreading his legs wide, giving us a view of the whole thing. Tami followed Brittany’s lead and leaned down and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me.

I reached down and started feeling Tami’s ass, as Thomas did the same thing to Brittany, rubbing her ass, and then fingering her pussy as she continued sucking him.

I leaned back and enjoyed both Tami sucking me and the show on the bench in front of us.

We stayed like that for ten minutes or longer, when Brittany removed her face from Thomas’ cock, pushed him down on the bench on his back, crawled up onto him and slid his cock into her pussy and started riding him. They were having sex in the sauna right in front of us. God it was an erotic sight, watching her ride his huge cock.

Tami, without looking at them, spread her towel over the bench and reclined on it, spreading her legs. I immediately went down on her and started licking her pussy lips, as she spread her legs further apart.

Tami started thrusting her hips against my mouth as I drove my tongue deeper into her. She started moaning, and soon both she and Brittany were moaning loudly.

“Oh god, Jace, that feels so fucking good. Keep doing that, Brittany said. I looked up and saw that he had his hands on her ass with a finger in her anus.

I continued eating my sister, and she tasted so fucking good. I couldn’t get enough of her as I continued licking her pussy and tasting her sweetness.

Brittany kept moaning, and then cried out, “Oh fuck yes, fuck me with that hard cock of yours. Fuck me, Thomas, fuck me!”

I looked over and noticed that they had changed positions. Brittany was on her back and Thomas was fucking her missionary style on the bench. God, he was driving into her hard.

Hearing that, Tami pleaded with me, “God, Jace, I want your cock in me. Fuck me, Jace, fuck me.”

I got up off my knees and pressed my crotch to her pussy lips and rubbed the head against her several times, noticing that I was leaking pre cum all over her. I continued this for a couple minutes and then slowly entered her.

“I love the feeling of your hard cock in me, Jace. Fuck me slow.”

I took my time making sweet love to my sister in the sauna.

Brittany continued yelling at Thomas to fuck her harder, and I watched as he started doing so, slamming his cock into her.

I continued making love to my sister as I leaned over her and started kissing her while feeling her soft breasts and hard nipples. God, she felt so fucking good.

“Yes, yes, yes, Oh god, I’m going to cum,” I heard Brittany cry out.

That caused me to start fucking my sister harder and faster. Looking down, I could see her breasts bouncing each time I thrust into her. Tami then brought her hands to her breasts and started pinching her nipples as she continued to cry out shouts of ecstasy. “Oh, god, I’m gonna cum,” Tami exclaimed.

I continued thrusting into my sister, and finally felt the walls of her vagina contracting as they surrounded my hard cock, which was just about to erupt inside of her.

Tami continued pinching her nipples as she raised her legs and wrapped them around me, pulling me tight against he as I started my ejaculation, filling her with my sperm.

I continued fucking her even after I ejaculated. God it felt good with the lubrication our mutual orgasm created inside of her.

I lowered my face to hers and kissed her passionately, with my cock still buried deep inside of her.

I finally pulled out of my sister, and watched my cum as it leaked out of her pussy and ran down to her pink pucker, which was quite visible as she bent her knees and pulled her legs up, exposing everything to me and to Brittany and Thomas, who were now lying on the bench watching us, with their arms around each other, and Thomas’ cock still inside of her.

I ran my fingers over her pussy, gathering up the sperm that was leaking out of her. I moved my hand down to her pucker and started rubbing my cum all over her ass and hole, slipping a finger inside of her ass and moving it around.

I rammed my cock back into her one more time, and god it felt good to be inside of my sister.

I pulled out and Tami lowered her legs, still flat on her back on the bench. She then threw her legs over the side of the bench to the floor and sat up, while still rubbing her nipples between her fingers.

I looked over and saw Thomas and Brittany sitting on the bench watching us with Thomas slowly stroking his cock with one hand, with his other around Brittany’s waist.

“Sounded like you two were enjoying yourselves,” I commented to them.

“Yeah, we were,” Thomas answered, never taking his eyes off of Tami’s cum soaked pussy, which was quite visible the way she had her legs spread.

I looked over at Brittany, who also had her legs spread wide, with cum dripping out of her.

Tami, still playing with her nipples, said, “God that was awesome. I’ve never had sex in front of anyone, but that was totally awesome.”

“Yes, it was,” Brittany said as she leaned over and kissed Thomas hard, while moving her hand to his cock, stroking it a few times.

“I think its time for the Jacuzzi,” Tami said as she stood and took my hand leading me out of the sauna. Thomas and Brittany stayed in there for a couple minutes before they came out. Tami and I were standing next to the Jacuzzi. 

The four of us were standing there in the nude in front of each other for a few moments. I noticed how hot Brittany was, as she stood there with her blonde hair hanging down over her shoulders. She had a perfect build; firm breasts, just the right size for her frame, tight abs from her hours of aerobics, and beautiful legs. I had seen her in a swimsuit, but she looked much better to me in the raw.

The four of us went over to the Jacuzzi and I started the jets as we slid into the water.

“Oh god, this feels great,” Tami commented after a couple of minutes.

“Yeah, it does,” Brittany added, “especially after that workout in the sauna.”

“We ALL got a good workout in the sauna,” Tami said, causing all of us to laugh.

We sat in silence for a few minutes. Brittany was across from me, sitting there with her breasts above the water line. Looking beneath the surface, I saw Thomas’ cock was still rock hard.

“Does that thing ever get soft?” I asked him, pointing down to his cock. All of us looked at him and noticed his erection.

“Well, to be honest, its been hard ever since we gave Tami that breast massage this afternoon. I got hard then, and have stayed hard all fucking day long,” he said, laughing.

“Yeah, I know what you mean, shit, I just about had an orgasm on the massage table with you two running your hands all over me!” Tami replied, laughing again.

“I can’t wait for those stirrups and that vaginal massage tomorrow,” Tami said.

“Are we really going to do that?” Thomas asked.

“I don’t know why the fuck not,” Tami said, “Christ, we just had sex in front of one another. You saw Jace’s cock in me and I saw yours in Brittany. Then the two of us sat there with cum dripping out of us. Hell, you even saw Jace stick his finger up my ass. A little vaginal massage is nothing compared to what we’ve all been through tonight.”

We all laughed at Tami’s comments.

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s so bad, and I want you two to do me after you do her. I don’t want to be left out of this!” Brittany added.

We sat there talking for a few minutes. Then Tami leaned against me and moved her hand to my cock and slowly started rubbing me beneath the surface. I noticed Thomas looking at her breasts, which were also barely above the surface. Both girls looked sexy.

After about ten minutes of the Jacuzzi, Tami suggested that we get out and take a shower. I thought it would just be me and Tami, but when we got out of the water, so did Brittany and Thomas, and they followed us into the shower.

We turned on two showers, each couple standing under their own, which were side by side. I pumped a hand full of soap and started lathering up Tami’s breasts as I washed them completely, taking my time to do so. I got more soap and slid my hands down to her pussy and started washing her there, running my hands all over her front and around to her bubble butt and ran my hands all over her ass.

Tami put her arms around me and pulled me in close and started kissing me hard. I moved my hands to the back of her head and kissed her, sipping my tongue inside her mouth. She dropped her hands to my ass and pulled me tight against her, with my erect cock pressed between us, against our abdomens.

Tami whispered in my ear, “I want to suck you, Jace.”

She started licking my face and neck, and then moved her mouth to my nipples and sucked them for a minute or so before moving lower. Soon she was on her knees in front of me, and took my hard cock into her mouth.

I looked over at Brittany and Thomas, who were embraced, holding each other tight as they kissed. Thomas moved his hands to her ass as he watched Tami swallow my cock. Brittany looked over at her, and then back at Thomas, and started sliding her mouth along his fit frame, until she was also on her knees sucking his cock.

Thomas looked at me and smiled. He placed his hands on the back of Brittany’s head, moving her head up and down on his erect shaft while she continued sucking his cock.

Tami picked up the pace and was soon moving her mouth rapidly up and down my shaft as Brittany did the same to Thomas.

I never thought I’d enjoy having sex in front of another couple, but this night was an erotic experience. I mean, Brittany was beautiful, and to watch this friend of ours sucking off Thomas in front of us was awesome. I had fantasied about her many times, but that was before Tami and I started our relationship. I would have done anything to get her to do that to me before, but now, I was happy to watch her sucking Thomas, as it was quite a sight. She lowered her mouth on his cock, taking his entire length, and then slowly moved her mouth to the head of his cock, licked him a couple of times, and then lowered her mouth back down on him all the way. It was enjoyable to watch, especially with Tami’s mouth surrounding my hardness, as I was feeling the same thing Thomas was feeling. God, it was awesome.

Both Thomas and I started thrusting our hips into our partners’ mouths, and I knew that neither of us was going to last very long.

Tami started rubbing my balls, grabbing them hard, as though she was trying to squeeze the cum out of them.

“Oh god, Tami, I’m going to cum,” I shouted as I started to release my cum into her mouth, shooting several streams of cum.

“Oh Christ, so am I,” Thomas shouted as he soon filled Brittany’s mouth with his sperm.

Tami and Brittany finished us both off, and then pulled off of us. Both of them were holding the cum in their mouths.

Brittany looked up at Thomas and opened her mouth, showing him his cum, and Tami did the same to me.

Then Brittany and Tami looked at each other. It was an erotic moment of silence, and then Brittany leaned over to Tami, and the two of them kissed, swapping cum with each other. God, it was an erotic sight as our mixed cum started running down their chins as they continued kissing each other.

They both looked up at us, showed us the mixture of cum in their mouths, and then together they swallowed their loads, got up, and kissed us; Tami kissed me, slipping me her tongue, and I could taste the remnants of our combined cum in her mouth. Brittany did the same with Thomas.

Thomas looked over at me and said, “I guess that makes us cum brothers!” We both got a laugh out of that.

I had never in my life tasted another man’s cum, and never thought I would, either; but this was somehow different. We continued making out in the shower for several minutes before we got out.

We walked into the locker room and sat down on the benches, across from each other. Tami sat beside me, totally nude, with her legs spread, but not that far. Brittany did the same. The girls both looked awesome to me. God, they were beautiful. After a few minutes we decided to get dressed and left for the apartment.

“I think I’ve figured out the sleeping arrangements,” Brittany said, with a slight laugh, “there’s no way Thomas is sleeping on the floor tonight.”

We got back to the apartment, and I unfolded the sleeper sofa for them and pointed out the pile of sheets and pillows on the floor before Tami and I went to the bedroom.

“I hope that wasn’t too much, you know, the cum swapping,” Tami said as we got into the bedroom.

“God, Tami, that was awesome watching the two of you kiss. I wasn’t expecting to taste Thomas’ cum tonight, but that part wasn’t as bad as I would have expected it to be. I’ve never tasted anyone’s cum before.”

“We just got caught up in the moment, I think. We hadn’t planned that or anything; it just sorta happened.”

“Yeah, it was an erotic sight, watching you two kiss and all. It looked like the two of you have done that before.”

“We’ve never done THAT before, with the cum and all, but we’ve kissed each other a few times.”

“So, you and Brittany have, you know, messed around with each other and all?”

“Yeah, a few times, but we’re not lesbians or anything if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“So, what all have you done with each other?”

“Well, it started in the eighth grade. We were both in gymnastics together, you know, and one time we went to a competition out of state and the girls had to share a bedroom. I shared a room with Brittany since we were best friends and all. We got to the room and each took a shower and put our night shirts on. We sat on the bed together just messing around, when Brittany kissed me.”

“God, she kissed you? What did you do?”

“Well, I’d never kissed anyone and wanted to know what it was like, so I kissed her back, and we started making out.”

“Is that all that happened?” I asked.

“No, not quite. We kissed for a couple of minutes, you know, just to see what it was like, and then I felt her hand on my leg, and she moved it up to my tits, which were REALLY small then, and she started rubbing them. I slipped my hand up her nightshirt and started feeling her. If you remember, she had big breasts even then.”

“Oh yeah, I remember. She was really cute then, too.”

“She kept kissing me, and then she pulled my night shirt off and started kissing my tits, and licking them and all. God, it felt good to be licked like that. I was enjoying it so much that I took her nightshirt off and started sucking her tits, which I thought were so huge compared with mine.”

“God,” I said, “I wish I could have seen that!”

“Yeah, it was awesome. Neither of us had been with a guy or anything, but this was awesome. It felt so good with her doing that and all.”

All of this talk was making me hard, as I pictured Tami and Brittany doing all this so many years ago.

“Then she moved her hand down between my legs and started rubbing me there, and it was driving me crazy. God, it felt so good. I had masturbated a few times, but it didn’t feel that good. It’s different when someone else is, you know, doing that to you.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it is.”

“She pushed me back on the bed and then went down on me. She started licking my pussy, pushing her tongue deep inside. God, Jace, it was the first time anyone had given me an orgasm. I came so fucking hard, I thought I was going to die.”

“Did you, you know, do her?”

“Not then. After I came, she started rubbing her pussy and got herself off. She came so loud I thought someone was going to come into the room to see what was the matter,” she said, laughing, “we slept in the same bed that night. We messed her’s up in the morning so people wouldn’t know that we slept together. Nobody ever knew, and you’re the first person I’ve ever told about it.”

“Did you ever do it again?”

“Yeah, a few times. When we spent the night with each other for the next year or so, we messed around. Then, we discovered guys, and didn’t spend as much time, you know, together and all.”

“When did you, you know, finally eat her?”

‘Well, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. She always ate me and all, but I was hesitant to do that, but finally did. Two years ago, do you remember that slumber party I had?”

“Yeah, you had about five girls sleep over. God, I had an erection all fucking night!”

“Yeah, we noticed that. All the girls wanted you, you know.”

“No, but I wish I knew it then. So what happened?”

“We stayed up half the night before everyone fell asleep. Brittany was sleeping next to me, and during the night I felt her hand between my legs, and she started rubbing me. God, it felt so good, but I had to stay quiet because we didn’t want to wake anyone up. She leaned over and kissed me and asked if we could go to my bedroom, so we got up and went upstairs. Once we got in the bedroom she removed my pajamas and hers, and crawled on top of me. She kissed me a few minutes and all. We’d been drinking some of Dad’s Vodka, so we were both drunk. She then moved around and started eating me, and then moved on top of me, pressing her pussy against my mouth, so I started licking her. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, so I continued eating her until we both came. God, it felt good. We stayed in the bedroom for a few minutes, and then went back downstairs.”

“Did anyone ever find out?”

“No, they never knew we left. She kissed me one more time when we got on the floor. That’s the last time we really did anything. I guess we never had the opportunity. I guess thats why we were so comfortable being nude together with you and Thomas tonight.”

“I saw her kiss you yesterday when I picked you up after school.”

“Yeah, we still do that, but there’s noting sexual about it.”

I was totally hard after hearing her stories. Tami started rubbing my cock and playing with my balls, getting me all excited again.

She started kissing me, sliding her tongue inside my mouth, and running her hands all over my body as I started rubbing her breasts, feeling one and then the other. I moved my head down and started sucking her breasts as she continued rubbing my hard cock.

“I want you inside me, Jace.”

I rolled over on top of my sister and slowly entered her. All this talk had me extremely aroused, and I started fucking my sister hard, driving my cock into her. She brought her legs up over my shoulders as I held her legs wide apart and continued fucking her, as I watched my cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy.

“Oh god, yes, yes, yes, fuck me Jace, fuck me.”

There was no doubt that Brittany and Thomas could hear what was going on in our bedroom as I continued making love to my sister for a good fifteen minutes, with her shouting obscenities as we made love.

I leaned forward and started kissing my sister as I fucked her hard. She started moving her crotch to mine as I fucked into her. I reached under her and grabbed her ass with both hands, pulling her up tight, feeling the softness of her flesh, sliding a finger over her pucker and pushing it inside of her all the way. I could feel the movement of my cock against my finger, with only the thin wall of her flesh between them. I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“God, that feels good with your finger in me. Keep doing that,” Tami cried out, still thrusting against me as I drove into her.

I slipped another finger into her ass as she continued to squirm.

“I want your cock in my ass,” she cried out.

Tami and I had never done that; hell, I’ve never had my cock in someone’s ass, but I was willing to try it.

I turned Tami over and she got on all fours. I spread her ass cheeks apart looking at her pucker, wondering if I was going to fit inside of her.

I spit in my hand and rubbed it around the entrance to her ass. I leaned down and spit on it directly, and then licked it for a couple of minutes, getting it as wet as I could before I entered her.

I spread her cheeks apart and brought the head of my cock to her hole and slowly applied pressure until the head was in her.

“Oh god, take it slow, Jace. God, that feels good.”

I left the head of my cock in her ass for a couple minutes as I let her get used to it, and then slowly entered her, an inch at a time, until I was buried balls deep inside my sister’s sweet ass.

“That feels good now, fuck me, Jace, fuck me in the ass, brother. Fuck me in the ass.”

I started fucking her ass, slowly at first. God it felt tight. I thought her pussy was tight, but nothing compared with this. Nothing.

I continued fucking Tami’s ass as she continued shouting for me to continue.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” she cried out, causing me to fuck her harder. I kept plowing into her for several minutes, feeling the tight pressure of her ass as she clamped down on me. If I had known it felt this good, I would have fucked her ass long ago. God it was tight.

I was fucking her hard, and could hear the sound of my balls slapping against her. I spread her cheeks so I could see my cock enter her. God, it was an awesome sight.

I fucked her in the ass for about five more minutes when I started to cum, filling her ass with my sperm. Eventually I pulled out of her. She squeezed her anal muscles, causing my sperm to ooze out of her. I watched it as it slowly dripped down her thigh.

I rolled Tami over and fell on top of her, pressing my lips to hers, kissing her passionately.

“God, that was awesome. I’ve never done that before. God, your ass it tight, Tami.”

“I’ve never done that before either, but always wanted to try it. Several of my fiends let their boyfriends fuck them in the ass instead of their pussy so they wont get pregnant. They don’t consider that having sex.”

“Yeah, I guess thats a good substitute. I can’t believe how tight you are there. God that felt good.”

“Better than regular sex?” she asked.

“No, not better, but it is a different feeling and all.”

“Yeah, it is,” she replied. “You can do it again when you want. I liked it too,” she replied.

“I need to clean up,” she said as she got up and walked out of the room. She returned a few minutes later.

“Brittany and Thomas are asleep,” she said.

“You went out there?”

“Yeah, I walked out into the living room to see if they were still up, but they’re asleep. Brittany’s laying against him with her leg over him and her hand on his cock. They don’t have anything covering them. They must have tossed the sheet off the bed.”

Tami got back in the bed and snuggled against me, kissing me one final time before we both fell asleep.

We both woke up early. Tami kissed me and slowly move her way down to my morning erection and started licking my cock. I watched her as she ran her mouth all over my shaft, licking it and biting it gently. God, she was good at this.

Tami then moved around and threw her leg over my head and brought her pussy down to my face as she continued sucking me. I started licking her pussy, up and down the slit and around it. I spread her ass cheeks apart and looked at her pink pucker, amazed that my cock fit in there last night. I wet my finger from her juices and slowly inserted it into her ass as I continued licking her pussy. She tasted good.

Tami started sucking me harder as I continued running my fingers around her hole and inside of it, while continuing to eat her.

Tami started moving her mouth faster over my cock while pressing her pussy down hard on my mouth, with my tongue buried deep within her. Sex with my sister was getting better every day. I moved my mouth off her pussy and pulled her ass to my face and started rimming her, sliding my tongue as deep as I could get it. I brought a hand to her pussy and inserted three fingers into her as I continued eating her ass. I Knew I wasn’t going to last very long, but wanted to get her off, so I slid my tongue across her skin back to her pussy and started flicking my tongue against her slit, causing her to moan louder as she continued sucking me.

After a couple of minutes, she came. I could feel her cum as it shot out of her pussy, and I lapped away at it, swallowing every drop.

A few seconds later I started to ejaculate into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking the cum out of me. I shot several times, giving her a huge load of cum, which she also swallowed.

Tami moved off of me and climbed on top of me, pressing her breasts against my chest as she leaned in and kissed me passionately. We made out for several minutes.

Finally, Tami broke the kiss and said that she and Brittany needed to shower and get ready for school. I said that I’d get breakfast started while they got their shower.

Tami and I went out to the kitchen, passing through the living room, where Brittany and Thomas were still asleep. We didn’t want to wake them, but knew we had to. Tami shook Brooke and told her that they needed to get a shower and that I was going to fix their breakfast.

Thomas and Brittany both woke up. She leaned over and kissed him and he returned the kiss. Both of them were still uncovered.

Thomas was sporting a morning erection, which Brittany kissed before getting out of the bed. Both Brittany and Tami walked down the hall and into the bathroom.

“Are they, like, going to shower together?” Thomas asked, in disbelief.

“Yeah, I guess so. I learned last night that they’ve done just about everything together.”

We heard the shower start and both assumed they were showering together. I think we were both trying to picture that in our minds.

“Aren’t you even going to get dressed?” Thomas asked me, noticing that I was still nude.

“Yeah, I guess I should put something on. Tami and I don’t usually wear anything in the morning.”

I walked back to the bedroom and put on a pair of boxers and went back to the kitchen, noticing that Thomas had found the sheet and had it draped across his lower body with the top of his pubes still exposed.

“From what we were able to hear from the bedroom, it sounded like you and Brittany had a good time last night.”

“Oh fuck yeah, we did. God, she’s awesome.”

“Yeah, and she’s pleasant on the eyes, too,” I replied.

“I’ll say. Both of them are if you ask me.”

“Yeah, they are,” I agreed.

“Are you two going to go out or anything?” I asked as I started to fix breakfast.

“Yeah, we’re going out for dinner this evening after her massage. God, that’s going to be awesome. You still want to do that, you know, like, together and all?

“From the way they were talking last night, they’re expecting us both to do them. Are you all right with that?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I think so. Did it bother you when I was in there with you and we gave Tami her breast massage?”

“Not really. I mean, I wouldn’t want you in there alone with her or anything, but with me showing you the technique, I guess it was all right. Hell, I do that all the time to other clients, so I guess it was just fair that I let her have you massage her too. No, it didn’t bother me.”

“So, you’re, like, really going to show me how to do a vaginal massage on her? I mean, that’s different, you know, massaging her down there and all.”

“Thomas, you’re going to be massaging every part of a girls body in the massage room. I guess its just something you get used to. It isn’t really sexual or anything.”

“It was with Stephanie,” he replied.

“Yeah, we did get a little carried away in there with her. She was messing with my cock when I gave her the first massage, and I didn’t want a repeat of that. I’m not going to, you know, have sex with anyone in there, other than Tami, that is. As long as it doesn’t get sexual, I don’t mind you being in there with me and Tami. I mean, its just a massage.”

“How do you control yourself, you know, when you’re giving a massage and feeling their, your know, breasts and everything?”

“We’re taught to try to remove our emotion from the massage. It does get a little tense though.”

“Yeah, I know. God, I was about to bust a nut when I was massaging Tami’s breasts yesterday.”

“Yeah, I guess it’s just something you have to get used to.”

“So, if Tami wants me to be in there when you give her a vaginal massage, you’ll like, let me?”

“Not if you’re going to fuck her!”

“I’m not going to fuck her. I know you two are a couple, Tami made that clear earlier.”

“She did?”

“Yeah, when we were riding home we got talking about the night before and all that happened. I mean, with all the talk and all I was sporting a huge erection in my shorts. Tami saw it and said that I’d have to keep that for Brittany, adding that you two were in a relationship and she wasn’t fooling around on you or anything.”

“So, were you hitting on her on the ride back to the apartment?”

“No, I wasn’t hitting on her. We just started talking about the night before, you know, when I undressed her and all. She asked me if I touched her, and I admitted that I felt her a little when I undressed her, and how I was tempted to let her suck me off. That’s when she noticed my erection. She looked at it, hell it was obvious. She told me that I would have to keep it for Bethany. We didn’t do anything. She made it clear that she was with you and wasn’t going to mess around with anyone.”

“So, you were hitting on her?”

“Yeah, I guess if you put it that way I was. I mean. We didn’t do anything if that’s what you’r worried about.”

“What else did you talk about?”

“She apologized for leaving me with blue balls and asked if I had to take care if it when I got home. I told her the first thing I did when I got home was to run into the bathroom and beat off.”

“I bet you did,” I replied with a laugh.

“Then she asked me what I was thinking about when I beat off.”

“What did you tell her?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Sure,” I replied.

“Well, Ok. I told her that I closed my eyes and was imagining her mouth on my cock, sucking me off. I beat off for about five minutes or less, and then came in her mouth.”

“God, you told her that?”

“Well, that’s what I did, so I told her.”

“What did she say to that?” I asked.

“I told her that I was really hard all the way home, just like I was then, in the car. She looked down and saw my erection, and that’s when she said that I needed to save it for Brittany. She also asked me why I didn’t let her suck me off in the bedroom that night.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I told her that I had figured out that she thought I was you, and didn’t want to do it like that.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that was hard to resist. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have let her do it if it were me.”

“So, like what would you have done if you walked into the bedroom and found Tami sucking my cock that night?”

“I don’t know for sure, but it didn’t happen, so we don’t need to go there. I’m glad you thought enough about me not to let her though.”

“Yeah, you’ve been a good friend and all, and you gave me this fantastic job. I couldn’t do anything to betray your trust in me. I guess that’s what I was thinking.”

“Thanks. If that’s the way you feel, and you can keep it professional, you can help me when we give her the massage, but if it gets sexual, you’ll need to leave or something. You have to learn to keep that under control.”

“Yeah, I’ll think about that. I don’t want anything to come between us. I mean, Tami’s hot and all, but I have Brittany now, I’m not going to mess around on her or anything either.”

“So, what do you think about the two of us giving Brittany a vaginal massage after we do Tami?”

“Well, fair is fair I guess. I don’t mind if you don’t mind me working on Tami. Hell, it sounds like all four of us will be in there the whole time. It will be just like the sauna, without the sex.”

The girls came out of the bathroom, both clean and nude.

“Is breakfast ready?” Tami asked as she walked over and sat in a chair.

“It will be in just a few minutes,” I replied. “Did the two of you have a good shower?”

“Yeah, we did,” Tami replied, looking over at Brittany who was sitting on the edge of the bed next to Thomas.

I finished breakfast and the three of them came over to the table. Tami and Brittany were still naked, and Thomas stood up, leaving the sheet on the bed. We ate together and talked about tonight, with Brittany asking if we wanted to join them for dinner. Tami declined, wanting to give them some space after all the time we’d spent together. I’m sure they needed it as well.

We finished breakfast and Thomas took a shower, and then I did, after cleaning up the dishes.

We all got dressed for the day and then Brittany rode with Thomas and Tami rode with me as we drove them to the high school. I noticed Brittany kiss Thomas before she got out of the car, as Tami kissed me.

Thomas and I drove on over to the gym to begin our day, arriving around seven forty-five. I had over an hour before my first massage. I’ve never met the client. It’s always something to look forward to, not knowing what to expect.

Thomas and I walked the floor for a while, helping people with their workouts and adjusting weights on the machines and showing people the proper techniques. It’s amazing how some people just jump on a machine and do it entirely wrong. That’s how people get hurt. I try pointing out the correct procedure, but some insist that they’re doing it correctly; men, mostly. Older men who think I’m a kid and don’t know anything. The women are usually more open to instruction.

I watched Thomas as he interacted with several people, noticing that he was relating well with everyone. Yeah, he fit right in. He was a good hire.

I went to my office and did some paperwork and made a few phone calls before Kathy called me and told me that Melissa was here for her massage. I went out to the lobby to greet her.

Melissa was an African-American woman who looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. She was tall and slender, yet well built. Her hair was short, and she had a beautiful smile. Yeah, she was beautiful woman, as most of the women were here. If you want to give massages, this is the place.

“Are you Melissa?” I asked as I approached her.

“Yes, I am, and you must be Jason. I’ve herd a lot about you, Jason. I teach at the community college, and I’ve heard some of the girls talking about how well you do on the massage table, and thought I’d try one myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one. Are you as good as they say you are?”

“Well, we’ll soon find out, wont we?” I replied. I noticed she had a coupon for a glass of Champaign, so I took it and got the drink for her. She sipped it slowly as we walked to the massage room.

“What kind of massage would you like?” I asked her.

“I think they call it a Swedish massage, is that correct? It’s a gentle touch, full body massage, I think that’s what it’s called; its been so long since I’ve had one. I find them to be quite relaxing.”

“If you haven’t had a massage in a while, that’s what I’d suggest. A Swedish massage is very relaxing and not too rough. A deep tissue massage can get a little rough.”

“Yes, I don’t want that. Just the gentle touch full body massage. Can you do that?”

“Absolutely,” I replied as she continued drinking her Champagne.

When she finished I asked if she wanted a refill, and she said to fill the glass half way, and she’d finish it after she changed. I offered her a towel, and pointed out the dressing room, and she walked away. I opened a bottle of Champagne and filled her glass part way, and sat it on the table next to the chair.

She came back out in just a few minutes with the towel wrapped around her lithe frame. It was pulled down half way on her breasts, which were ample, and I noticed her nipples were erect, pressing against the towel. She sat down on the chair and took another drink of her Champagne, while crossing her long, slender legs, giving me a glimpse of her cleanly shaven pussy.

I had to go over the words I shared with Thomas earlier, trying not to think of her in a sexual way, but it was difficult not to do so. Damn difficult.

She drank her second glass of Champagne and said, “Well, I guess we should get started, we only have an hour to do this.” She grinned at me and slowly climbed onto the table, face down, and pulled the towel out from under her.

“You can remove the towel if that will be easier, the girls say it just gets in the way if you don’t. It’s all right with me.”

I removed the towel and got a good look at this beautiful woman lying face down with her head to the side, and her arms relaxed by her sides.

I lit a sandalwood candle and turned the lights down a bit to set the mood for her relaxing massage as I looked her body over.

I poured the heated oil over her back, ass, thighs and legs, and standing at the bottom of the table, reached up to her shoulders and started massaging them with a gently touch. I rubbed both shoulders and arms, and then put both hands at the base of her neck and slid my fingers down her back, over her firm ass, and down her thighs and legs, before moving back up. I repeated this process several times, feeling her soft flesh with my fingers.

I then stood beside the table, and reaching over, began running my hands down both arms, rubbing them gently for a few minutes, and then focused my attention to her lower back, rubbing her gently from the top of her ass up to her shoulders, repeating the process several times. I moved her arms out away from her sides so I could run my fingers over her sides, feeling the softness of the sides of her breasts. I ran my fingers along her side for several minutes, before turning my attention to her back and legs.

I poured more oil over her nakedness, getting her as wet as I could. With a Swedish massage, you have to keep the person oiled up. Besides, it looked good on her.

I rubbed her back for several minutes, taking my time to do a thorough job on her. Several times I heard her sigh as a soft moan escape her lips, indicating that she was pleased with the job I was doing,

I continued rubbing her back and down her arms, and then moved on to her ass and her legs.

I rubbed the oil gently over both cheeks, and then over her ass and down her right leg, rubbing down the outside of her leg and back up on the inside, brushing my hand against her pussy.

I stood at the bottom of the massage table and took one leg in my hand and bent it up, and massaged both sides, and then did the same with the other. When I bent her legs up, I spread them slightly, giving me a great view of her beautiful pussy and ass. I rubbed both legs from her ass to her feet, and then bent her legs up again and massaged from her ankles to her knees, while starting at her beautiful pussy and anus, both covered in oil. God, she looked hot.

I then poured more oil on her back and ass and massaged from her upper thigh over her ass to her back, massaging all the way up to her shoulders before moving back down, repeating the process several times. I then rubbed her legs again from her feet to her upper inner thigh, all the way up to her protruding lips, and then back down.

I poured oil over both of my hands, and then started working her ass and upper thighs, paying more attention to her beautiful ass as I gently massaged both cheeks at once. When I let my hands slide down the back of her thighs, I ran them over her pussy and did the same when I came back up.

I then started massaging her ass, moving my hands lightly along her flesh from the bottom, touching her pussy, up over them, gliding my thumbs over her anus, spreading her cheeks wide apart. I rubbed both cheeks all the way down, letting my thumbs slide over her anus.

I asked her to spread her legs for me, and she did. I rubbed the sided of her thighs and up over her slit and continued up through the crack of her ass, feeling her anus.

“Oh god, that feels good, Jason,” she moaned.

I slipped my hand between her ass cheeks and started circling her anus with my fingers, wanting to slide one into her, but I didn’t. I continued rubbing her ass, with my hands going all the way down and over her protruding lips, and then back up, causing her to moan out in pleasure.

I poured more oil over her pussy and then, standing over her, began running my fingers over her slit, going down the outside and rubbing them over the middle of her slit on the way back. With my fingers spread, I started massaging her pussy, rubbing my fingers lightly over her sensitive skin.

I slowly moved my fingers over her pussy, circling it and rubbing them back and forth over her flaps, which were wide open now, so I ran my finger between them and rubbed her lightly all around this area, moving to her anus, and rubbing it externally in small circles.

“Oh yes, that feels fine, Jason, You’re doing a fantastic job. Best massage I’ve ever had.”

That encouraged me to continue as I pressed my fingers on her pussy and softly massaged it, rubbing down the middle and around the sides, continuing to rub her anus when I passed over it.

As I was standing over her massaging her pussy, as I went down, I pressed a little harder against her, and when I came back up, I let two fingers gently slide inside of her and pressed on them, moving them around inside of her for a few minutes.

“God, that feels good,” she said.

I applied more pressure to my fingers and entered her deeper while moving my fingers in and out of her, causing her to squirm on the table. God, I thought she was going to cum.

I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and softly massaged the outer area, while letting my fingers glide along her slit.

I slid my hand back down on her pussy and entered her with two, then three fingers as she sighed, telling me to keep doing that. I soon had four fingers buried inside of her while moving my hand more rapidly within her. She pressed up with her pelvis, causing my hand to go further into her as she continued moaning. I had all four fingers in her, with my thumb resting on her anus, rubbing both of them. She pressed up again as my thumb slid into her anus.

I continued rubbing her like this for several more minutes, while she continued to moan. God, I was falling in love with her ass and pussy, and she was enjoying every minute of it. I mean I was fist fucking this woman and she was loving it.

Finally, noticing that we had only fifteen minutes remaining, I asked her to roll over.

“God, do I have to? That feels so fucking good,” she sighed as she turned over on the table, spread out before me, offering her whole body to the touch of my hands. God, I loved this job.

I spread her legs wide and she lifted her left knee and then placed it back flat on the table as I poured oil over her front side, covering her breasts, which I intended to rub. Her arms were out from her sides, and her legs were spread far apart as I started massaging her breasts, from the sided to her protruding nipples. Her breasts were so soft as I continued rubbing them and letting her hard nipples slide between my fingers. I rubbed her breasts for several minutes before moving down to her stomach and abdomen.

I ran my hands from her lower abdomen up over her breasts and hard nipples, and back again, several times, and then started massaging her breasts again, brushing them lightly with my fingers. I then started flicking her nipples, getting them even more erect.

I moved to the foot of the massage table, oiled my hands, and placed them over her pussy, which was quite visible as she had moved her knees to the outside, opening herself up to me.

I ran my fingers over her pussy several times, while allowing my fingers to enter her, giving her an internal massage. I ran my fingers all over the outside of her pussy, feeling the softness of her skin, while she continued moaning.

She raised her legs, bending them at the knee as I continued rubbing her pussy and inner thighs. With two fingers, I spread her lips apart, and then let my fingers enter her as I started masturbating her with my left hand. She was moaning loudly now, as I continued to pleasure her.

I put my right hand into her pussy, three fingers, all the way in, and then started rubbing the top of her pussy with my left hand, moving it from the top, around the sides, and over her anus, and then back up again, repeating this process several times. She spread her legs further apart, and I slid the fourth finger into her and continued moving them around inside of her.

I ran my hands over her thighs, down her legs, back over her thighs and her pussy several more times before her time was up. Before I finished, I brought my hand back to her pussy and slowly slid all four fingers inside of her and started rubbing in small circles as she spread her legs even further apart.

I started rubbing her faster as she started moaning louder. I continued this for three of rour more minutes, until she had an orgasm. She started breathing heavier, and brought her hand to mine and pressed hard on my hand, driving it further into her as I continued moving my hand around inside of her and she continued moaning.

I moved my free hand back to her breasts and started rubbing them while I was doing her pussy. I think I was enjoying her as much as she was enjoying me.

After a couple more minutes, she fell back on the table and dropped her legs, in a state of complete relaxation. I slowly ran my fingers over her thighs, across her pussy, over her abdomen and stomach, and around both of her breasts before telling her that her time was up.

She remained there for a couple of minutes, not moving at all, completely nude, as I looked at her from her feet to her head. God, she was a beautiful woman.

“I don’t know if I can get up,” she said softly.

“You can stay there for a couple minutes,” I replied, not wanting her to leave.

Finally she sat up on the table and thanked me for a wonderful massage. I helped her off the table and handed her a towel. She took it and walked nude into the dressing room, closing the door.

Melissa came back out of the dressing room looking quite professional. She walked over to the tip jar and dropped in two hundred dollars. She walked over to me, thanked me for the massage, and said that she’d be back, and would also tell all her friends about me.

“I think we’ll keep you plenty busy, Jason, if you keep performing like that. Thanks, it was wonderful.”

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, I remembered that my mom was waiting for me at the front desk.

I hurriedly cleaned up the room and went out to greet my mother, who was patiently waiting for me.

“Hey mom, you ready for your work out?” I asked as I walked up and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I guess so. I got here a little early so I could change my clothes. I hope this is all right,” she said, displaying her new work out gear. She looked stunning, too.

“Yeah, you look great. Let’s get started.”

I took my other over to a side area where we would have a little privacy as I took her measurements.

I started at her lower legs, measuring and writing them down on her chart. As I moved my hands up her bare legs to her thighs, I started to get an erection. God, she reminded me of my sister. They were about the same height and build, both of them very sexy women.

I managed to take her thigh measurements and then stood up to take the rest of them, moving behind her so she wouldn’t see the bulge in the front of my shorts, of which I was quite ashamed. I mean, a guy isn’t supposed to get a hard on over his mother, is he? Christ.

I took the tape measure and reached around my mother to measure her hips, and when I did so, she pressed back, pushing her ass against my erection. Christ, I know she had to have felt that.

I managed to measure her hips and waist, and moved on to her biceps before doing her chest. I sorta rushed through the measurements, not wanting to linger too long, afraid that I was going to cum taking my mother’s measurements.

After finishing, I wrote everything down and talked with her about her goals.

“I really want to firm everything up, Jason. From my thighs to my abs, chest, and arms. I’ve let myself get so far out of shape, it’ll probably take a long time to get back like I used to be.

“I don’t think it’ll take that long, you’re in good shape already, I mean, you look fantastic to me,” I said.

“Thank you, but I think you might just be saying that; you’re not being as objective as you ought to be.”

“No, I mean it, you look great. We’ll get you firmed up some, but it wont take as long as you think. You’ve, ah, really taken good care of yourself. You’re a beautiful woman.”

Mom blushed when I said that, and I did too, I think; but it was the truth, she was a beautiful woman. Tami looked just like her. God, I think I was in love with both of them.

I took mom over to the machines and instructed her on four of them, writing down her starting weight on each, and showing her how to use them properly. I had her go through three sets of fifteen reps on each with minimum weight so she could get used to the machine. I watched her as she did them by herself, to make sure she understood how to use them. She did fine.

We had enough time remaining so I showed her two more machines and let her do a workout on them too. After that, she was worn out, and was complaining about soreness in her back and legs, probably from the machines or the game of tennis she had early this morning just after she got off work.

“Jason, I need to ask you something before the massage,” she said. “Can we talk a minute?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Did you want your free Champagne while we talk?”

“Free Champagne?” she asked.

“Yeah, we are introducing a ninety minute Champagne Massage, and we’re giving it away with every massage for the remainder of the week.”

“Sure, that sounds good.”

“You find a seat in the lounge, and I’ll bring the Champagne out,” I said as I walked toward the bar and mom walked over to the lounge and sat down on a small couch. I decided I needed a glass of Champagne as well, so I got two of them, and walked back over to my mother.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

“Well, first, how’s it been working out, you know, having Tami stay with you? Are you getting along all right?”

“Sure, we’re doing fine,” I replied, not telling her what I meant by ‘fine.’”

“I was hoping that it was working out, because it looks like I’ll be working nights for a couple of months, and you know I don’t like leaving her at home at night, all alone. Do you think she can stay with you for a while longer? I really would feel better about it if she was with you.”

I wanted to say, “FUCK YES,” but I didn’t. I tried not to let my excitement show too much, because there’s nothing I wanted more than for Tami to stay at my apartment, forever, if she wanted to. God I loved my sister.

“Sure, mom, that’ll be fine. I spend all my time over here at the gym anyway, with my promotion and all, I’m hardly there, but I am there at night.”

“You don’t mind taking her to school and picking her up?”

“No, its on my way to work, and it gives me a break to run after her at three. That gets her here in time for her workout. She usually gets a massage too, and then I take her home. If I have a client, she just hangs out here until I’m finished. Sometimes I have to come back, but she’s been coming with me when I do,” I replied, not telling her what we do when I bring her back over here at night.

“Can I give you some money for your food and all?” she asked.

“That’s all right, mom, I got a good raise with the promotion, so we’re good.” I knew my mother was on a limited income, and it was the truth, we were doing all right.

“Well, I’ll just have to put the money in the tip jar, then. How about that massage?”

“Coming right up. Let me get us another glass of Champagne and I’ll be right in.”

“I’ll go ahead and get changed,” she said as she walked to the massage room. I looked at her thinking how lucky I was to have such a beautiful, sexy mother. Yeah, that’s where Tami gets her looks . . . and her body.

I got refills on our Champagne, and talked with the bar tender a minute or two before I headed back to the massage room. By the time I got there, mom had already changed and had a towel wrapped around her, sitting on the edge of the massage table. I handed her the glass of Champagne and the two of us talked and drank our second glass before we got started on the massage.

It may have been all the alcohol or something, but the next hour passed by quickly, and things happened that I can’t explain or rationalize. I mean things between a mother and son that just shouldn’t happen, but they did. I can’t say that I regret it, because I don’t. No, I don’t have any regrets at all; but I can’t figure out how it all happened so quickly; and I didn’t know if I should tell Tami.

Mom finished her glass of Champagne and asked for another. I mean, she looked like she was nervous about something, but I had no idea what it was, so I gave her another glass, and refilled mine as well. With three glasses of Champagne in my system in the past fifteen minutes, I mean, my head was starting to spin. That might be part of the explanation.

Mom crawled onto the massage table, lying on her front side, asking if I could do her back first, which was all right with me.

I pulled the towel down over her back, noticing that she had on a tiny pair of bikini underwear. Seeing that, I just tossed the towel over on the table, deciding not to bother with it. I poured warm oil over her back and started working her arms down to her spine and back, doing each arm several times.

I stretched her arm out as I rubbed it, and I noticed that I had her hand pressed against my crotch. I didn’t move it but left it there. As I massaged her arm and back, I felt her fingers wrapping around my erection, causing me to get more aroused.

I continued rubbing my mother’s arms, and them placed them by her sides as I rubbed her lower back and legs. I didn’t rub her ass, as she had it covered, and I didn’t think she wanted me to do that. I massaged her thighs, even her upper and inner thighs, all the way to her bikini, and even moved my hand inside her bikini a couple of times, feeling the soft flesh of her ass. Mom was beginning to moan as I rubbed her. I continued working her legs and thighs, getting more brave as I moved my hands under her bikini and ran them all over her firm ass, taking my time to feel every part of her. I moved my hands down her ass and across her pussy, touching it slightly, causing her to cry out louder. I didn’t care if anyone heard her, I continued rubbing her everywhere. I moved from her ass to her legs, and gave them a very sensual massage, running my hands all over them, feeling every inch.

I continued this for several minutes, and then massaged back up her legs and massaged her ass, under her panties, for several more minutes, before telling her to roll over.

When she did, she lay back and let her hands rest at her sides as I poured oil over her breasts, and standing at the head of the massage table, reached over her and started rubbing her firm breasts, letting her hard nipples slide through my fingers. I kept rubbing her breasts while my cock continued to grow and she continued to moan.

“God, that feels so good, Jason. It’s been a while since a man has touched me so tenderly.”

I felt good about that. I mean I loved my mother, and wanted her to feel the pleasure of a man, especially a man who loved her. I wanted her to feel good, so I continued rubbing her breasts as delicately as I could, rubbing my hands over them, feeling their softness and the hardness of her nipples.

I moved to the side of the table and continued rubbing her breasts, pouring more oil over them.

She raised her knees up and I started massaging her thighs, feeling from her knee to her crotch, moving my hands back and forth over her flesh.

I raised up her left leg and slowly massaged her thighs, moving my hand dangerously close to her pussy. On the next pass, I let my hand slip under her panties and started rubbing her pussy lightly.

I pressed both legs back, bending then at the knee, and rubbed both thighs down to her panties, and underneath them.

I moved my hand over her abdomen and back to her inner thighs and rubbed her more forcefully. I pulled her panties to the side, exposing her trimmed pussy, and started massaging it, rubbing the inside and the outside.

I continued this for a few minutes, and then spread her legs further apart and brought my face to her pussy and started licking it as she started to squirm beneath me.

“Oh god, Jason, Oh god,” she cried out.

I don’t know if all women taste the same down there, but she tasted just like my sister, and it was driving me crazy with lust. Lust for my mother.

With her knees on either side of my head, I continued lapping away at her pussy, driving my tongue in as far as I possibly could, as she continued to squirm and moan. I couldn’t get enough of her. I spread her legs even further apart and started licking her pussy and licking her thighs, savoring the taste of her. God, this was good.

I was eating out my mother, and enjoying it! God, I couldn’t get enough of her. I started eating her harder, and them ran my hands to her panties and slowly moved them off of her, and went back down on her. I lifted her left leg over my shoulder and started licking her from her crotch up her thigh, and back down, taking my time on her crotch, feeling my mother’s nude body with my fingers, running them lightly over all of her.

I honestly don’t remember taking my clothes off, but I must have, because the next thing I remember, I was leaning over her running my middle finger into her, finger fucking her, and she was sucking my cock, I mean, she was sucking me like a pro. I kept fingering her for several minutes, and then I was standing next to her head with my cock in her mouth as she sucked me hard. I started rubbing her beautiful tits as she sucked me. I started ramming my cock in and out of her mouth as she continued to suck.

We continued this for several minutes, and then I moved my hands back to her pussy and started fucking her with my middle finger as I rubbed my other hand over her pussy lips and her ass. I leaned forward and started eating her again, while she still had her mouth surrounding my hard cock.

I can’t believe what I did next, but I withdrew my cock from my mother’s mouth and moved to the foot of the bed. I spread her legs wide apart, lifted them over my shoulders, and slowly entered her. God, she felt good. I mean, it was just like fucking my sister, they are so much alike. I started thrusting my cock into her hard.

“Oh god, Jason, fuck me, fuck me, son. It’s been so fucking long since I’ve done this. Oh god, son,fuck me.”

I did, too. I started fucking my mother faster and faster, while reaching up and rubbing her breasts. She let her legs lower to the table, keeping them spread wide apart as I continued fucking her.

I mean, I was in a state of erotic bliss, like I had lost my mind or something. I leaned into her and kissed her just like I kissed my sister, slipping her the tongue and kissing her with all the passion I could muster. God, I wanted her.

I licked my way down to her nipples and started biting them, driving her over the edge as she came violently.

I felt the walls of her vagina clamp down hard on my cock as I started to cum, filling her with my sperm. I didn’t want to stop, either. I kept fucking her hard, until we both came a second time. I’d never done that, and later learned that she had never had two orgasms that close together either. God, it was intense. I no longer cared that this was my mother, to me she was a hot woman and I wanted her. God, I wanted her. I continued fucking her even after the second orgasm, but finally, after about five more minutes, we were both worn out. I withdrew from my mother’s pussy, and fell back in the chair with my legs spread and my red cock rabidly wilting.

I sat there for a few minutes taking in what had just happened. Neither of us spoke. Neither of us moved. Neither of us knew what to do. God, I had just fucked my mother, and she had just fucked her son. Her twenty-one year old son; and we both enjoyed it. God, we enjoyed it.

I reached over to the table and grabbed the bottle of Champagne and the two glasses and filled them. I got up and walked over to my mother and pulled her up so that she was sitting on the edge of the table. I looked at her nude body for a minute as she looked at me and then I leaned into her and kissed her. It wasn’t a peck, either. I mean, I kissed her passionately, and she kissed me.

I handed her a glass of Champagne, and she took it, barely able to look at me.

I reached down and placed my hand under her chin and tilted her face up so that she was looking at me.

“I wasn’t planning for that to happen, and I don’t think you were either; but I want you to know that was the best sex I’ve ever had. I don’t know if that will ever happen again, but I hope it does. God, I hope it does.”

She looked at me for a few seconds and then took a drink of her Champaign. I saw a tear running down her cheek, so I leaned into her and licked it off her cheek and kissed her again.

She looked at me like she was sorry it happened, but I knew she enjoyed it as much as I did.

“Jason, I’m sorry . . .”

I interrupted her and said, “You have nothing to be sorry about. Like I said, that was the best sex I’ve ever had. You’re a beautiful woman, and I’m proud that you’re my mother. I’m proud of what just happened.

I kissed her again softly on her mouth while reaching over and feeling her soft breasts one more time. My cock got hard again, and I wanted to do it all over.

Another tear started to roll down her face, and I gently wiped it with my finger, moving my finger down to her mouth and running it softly along her lip. She reached down and gently started stroking my hard cock.

“Why don’t you and I go to dinner one night soon and we can talk, but I don’t want you feeling sorry about what just happened. That was an expression of love between two adults. To be honest, I wanted to do that during your first massage but didn’t; but I’m glad I did this time.”

She leaned into me and put her arms around my neck and held my head next to hers. “You’re a good son, Jason, a good son,” she whispered.

“I love you, mom,” I replied as she got off the table and walked into the dressing room. I sat down and finished my glass of Champagne.

Mom came out of the dressing room a few minutes later and walked over and dropped some cash in the tip jar.

“That’s for you and Tami. Be good to her, Jason.You know how much she cares for you, just like I do. Be good to her,” she said as she walked to the door.

“Mom,” I said to her.

“Yes,” she relied as she turned around slowly.

“I’m making an appointment for you for Friday at eleven. You need another workout, and another massage. Don’t be late.”

“I wont be late, son. See you Friday,” she replied as she walked out the door, closing it behind her.

I sat there for several minutes thinking about what had just happened, and wondering if it would ever happen again.

I looked at the clock and noticed that it was already one fifteen, and I had Lisa signed up for a massage at one thirty. I wasn’t sure I had the strength to do it.

I walked out on the floor and found Thomas and asked him if he still wanted to assist with Lisa’s massage, and he said that he did. I told him that I wasn’t feeling good and that I wasn’t able to do it by myself, so I’d tell her that you could assist or we would have to reschedule, which was fine with him. I mean, I really didn’t have the strength for a ninety minute massage after what I’d just been through.

Thomas and I walked into the massage room and got out the stirrups and placed them in the brackets at the foot of the table.

“Are you sure she’s gonna go for this?”

“Oh, yes, I’m sure. After her last massage, she’s expecting something special out of this one, that’s why she signed up for ninety minutes.”

“Are both of us still doing Tami after this one?” he asked.

“Oh yes, we’re both still going to do Tami . . . and Brittany.”

I walked over to the receptionist area and greeted Lisa.

“Are you ready for your ninety minute massage?” I asked her.

“I sure am, I’ve been looking forward to this.” “I see you have your coupon for your glass of Champagne. Lets walk over to the bar and I’ll get it for you. I need to talk with you about something.”

I got her glass and got one for myself as well, and the two of us sat down on the couch.

“Lisa, since you’re a repeat customer, you have unlimited Champagne during your massage, and I have a couple other threats for you.”

“I’m listening,” she said as she crossed her beautiful legs and sipped her Champagne.

“I would like to have my assistant with me during your massage. He’s taking classes to be one of our masseurs, and I’m letting him assist with some of our special clients, and I want him to learn a new technique with you, if you don’t mind.”

“What’s the technique?” she asked. “Is it, you know, something you think I’ll like?”

“Oh, yes its something you’ll especially like. It’s a full body massage, including a vaginal massage. We use a special apparatus for it. They’re called stirrups, but they’re more like leg braces. They fit under your knee and, sorta, support your legs and lift them up so we can, ah, do a good job on you,” I explained.

This the second part of the “It began on a Christmas” Saga. I appreciate the comments and critique I received for my last story. I have tried my level best to learn from my mistakes. Your comments and criticism is welcome as ever. I plan to wrap up this story in the two more chapters. Please let me know what do you think.




I was surprised at daddy’s statement. Though it was not the most surprising thing that had happened that night, yet I had a feeling that I was in for more surprises. Daddy said, “I think we need to join the others. I’ll be selfish to keep you all by myself”. He got up and began to leave the room. He didn’t even bother to put something on. He gestured me to do the same. I quietly began to follow him.

I was expecting a lot of things, but what I saw in the main living room was beyond my wildest imaginations. In the center of the living-room, a mattress had been placed and on that mattress, mom and my two brothers where having a highly desolate threesome. Joe was lying down on his back. Mom was on his top and his dick was in mom’s ass, while Sam was fucking mom’s pussy. All three of them were going at it at an incredible pace I could see mom’s huge tits bouncing up and down fanatically. My pussy was already leaking again and to add to that, dad had hugged me from behind, grabbing my tits. His dick was getting harder with every passing second.

At that moment, Sam realized that we were in the room. He stopped fucking mom and greeted me, “Hi, Sis. Jesus, look at that rack! Joe look didn’t I tell you that she is really hotter than she looks in clothes.”

I appreciated his complement by a nervous smile but I was not looking in him in the eyes. That was because my eyes were busy looking at his gorgeous dick. I was already comparing it to daddy’s prick but I could not decide by merely looking that which one was better. Joe and mom greeted me too.

Mom’s eyes lit up at the sight of me naked and daddy playing with my tits.

“Look boys, my baby girl has grown up so nicely. I bet she’ll make me proud. Come here sweetie. Let me have a closer look at you.”

Daddy let go of me and I went ahead. Before I could reach mom and lean down to get closer, mom jumped up and locked my lips with hers. Her hands got busy too. One hand was on my tits, while the other was checking my cunt out. Though I had never made love to a woman before, I did not have any trouble adapting to it. In fact I found myself opening my legs to give her hands better access to my pussy.

When she felt daddy’s semen in my pussy, she was ecstatic. She said, “It seems daddy has already fucked you? Is that right sweetie?”

“Yes mom, It is right. He put his big fucking dick in my pussy. And he came inside too.”

I loved the use of dirty language in front of mom and I could see that she liked my dirty talk too.

She asked, “Did you fucking like it baby?”

“Oh yes, mama. I loved every fucking second of it. I had the most glorious orgasm of my life. I thought I will never stop cumming.”

My hand had found its way to mom’s pussy too and now I was rubbing her clit furiously. Mom resumed the kiss while the speed of her hand increased steadily. It went for a few minutes, and then I felt my orgasm building up. I increased my pace at mom’s pussy but I had my orgasm first. I don’t know it was because I was more tired this time or was it actually my most intense orgasm that night. I was cumming but I knew that mom hadn’t cum yet, so I kept rubbing her clit as my cunt showered her hand with a fountain of love juice. After a few seconds mom hit her climax too. We both collapsed in each other’s arms.

At that moment, I realized that any of the boys hadn’t joined us in action. I turned around to receive yet another shock. Dad was lying on a couch with Joe furiously fucking his ass. Sam had his dick in daddy’s mouth.

It was one of the most erotic sights ever. However I was not going to let daddy have all the fun. I got up and joined the boys. Joe promptly pulled his dick out of daddy’s ass and held it out for me.

“Go ahead sis. Taste daddy’s love tunnel. It’s fucking delicious. “

I seriously doubted that. But I was not passing up the opportunity to suck Joe’s awesome cock. I engulfed it in a single attempt. It was huge but I did not have any trouble to swallow it completely. Sam had deserted daddy too. He came behind me. I was on my knees. He lifted my ass higher and gave it a smack and remarked, “Hmmm. . . I guess our baby sister hasn’t enjoyed her ass tonight. Well, that’s about to change.”

Saying this, he spat on my asshole and let it smear with his finger. Then he pushed his finger in my asshole. I let out a yelp but Joe muffled that yelp by pushing is cock back in my mouth again. Sam started moving his finger in and out of my ass. The sensation was totally different from what I felt when my pussy was being fucked. But I was enjoying it none the less. After a few minutes, Sam pulled out his finger. He spat on my asshole again and I could feel that this time something bigger was approaching my asshole. I was a bit nervous but I decided to coupe up with it my focusing my attention on the dick in my mouth. I began to suck it more eagerly. Sam’s dick entered my asshole. The pain was harsh but tolerable. I kept on sucking harder and harder on Joe’s dick as Sam slowly began the drill of putting his dick in and out of my ass. In a matter of seconds my body had adjusted to the pain and I was responding his thrusts by moving my hips back. This encouraged him to increase the pace. I could feel him speeding up and the sensation was getting better and better.

Suddenly I felt Joe’s balls getting tense. He let go of his seed and I did not think twice before swallowing it all. Joe withdrew his dick and sat on the couch. Dad was waiting there for him. As soon as he sat down, dad lifted his legs and shoved his dick up his ass. Sam was fucking me with a steady pace and was yelling like crazy. Mom came in front of me and opened her cunt-lips for me. I immediately began to lick her clitoris. I began to lick and suck on mom’s pussy. It was my first cunt lick but it was a strangely familiar feeling.

After a couple of minutes, Sam finally came inside my ass. He emptied his balls in my ass and withdrew his dick with a plop. Mom hurried to my behind and placed her mouth on my asshole. She sucked out the cum out of my ass. Then she came up to me and kissed my mouth. She pushed Sam’s ass flavored cum in my mouth and said, “Swallow it baby doll sperm from your ass is good for your health.” But I had already swallowed it before she could finish her sentence.

On the other side, dad had also emptied his nuts in Joe’s ass. Mom repeated the drill at his ass and brought another mouthful for me and I swallowed another load of gooey jizz. Now everybody had reached their climaxes and the atmosphere of the room suddenly went very quiet. I found my mind floating in the space somewhere. It was feeling of total peace. Everything felt perfect. No regrets, no remorse no guilt; just pure, solid satisfaction. Every pore of my body was exuding content. I wanted to stay like that forever.

Then Sam announced that he had to take a leak. He got up and stood near mom. But she smiled at him and said, “Why don’t you use your sister now. I’m sure she won’t mind.”

So he casually walked up to me and held his limp dick in front of my face. I have no idea why but I instinctively opened my mouth. He let go of his golden fluid directly aiming my mouth. It was very strong and pungent in smell, yet my brain was telling my body that it must not be spilled. So I moved closer to the source and began to swallow it. I was sure that it would taste very bad and I’d never be able to get it down. I don’t even remember anyone saying anything about swallowing it. But I knew somehow that everybody was expecting me to swallow it. I did a very good job of swallowing it. I was not repulsed by the taste at all. The warm liquid was filling me up with more content and happiness. He finished after a few seconds, said thanks and went to sit at a nearby couch. Before that, I never thought that urine was anything but waste that body needed to get rid of. Yet apparently, my family was in the habit of drinking it back. And now I felt proud to be a part of my family.

Now that my heat had cooled of, my mind was again swarming with questions. Though I was content and happy to be a part of it, I had to know what had started all this.

I looked at my parents who were smiling at me. Mom said, “So sweetie, I guess we owe you an explanation?. . . . .”

To be continued. . .

Dear Readers,

I am so sorry for leaving you hanging for the next part of this series. I hope you can still enjoy it. I’m trying my level best to wrap it up. But it’s not going to be easy. I need your suggestions in the comments. What do you think? How should it end? Please let me know. . .




I was stunned by what mother had just confessed to me. She was raped by her father and she enjoyed it too. I was in disbelief yet I told her to continue.

MOM: Well then, I was happy that I was going to be a mother. But my dad knew that it was an inconvenience. Yet he did not dare to ask for an abortion. He started to refrain from me and as my pregnancy advanced, I was getting hornier. One night at dinner I decided to confront him head on. I said: look dad, I know that it all began with a mistake from your part and I know that you feel guilty for forcing me; yet, I have come to terms with it. I have accepted you as my husband for my body and soul and I don’t think that I’ll be able to bear your ignoring any longer. Look at this child that you’ve put in me. I want to be his mother and I want you to be his father.

MOM: He gave me a look of a very troubled man and then began to sob. I held him in my arms and he began to weep like a child. After some time he got up and lifted me in his arms. He took me to his bed room and there on my mother’s bed, I made love to him. It is perhaps the happiest memory of my life. I gave birth to a baby boy that fall, that was you my Son Sahil. For the first year of your life I lived happily with my dad as my husband. Then your father came along.

MOM: He was the eldest son of the family that had moved in the house next to ours. He saw me and fell in love with me. He wanted to marry me. Both I and my father were shocked of this proposal because the people around us knew of the baby and they believed that you were a child of some boyfriend of mine who made me pregnant and ran away. He said that he did not care and he accepts the child.

MOM: My father and I readily accepted the proposal as I would get a chance at real life and you would have an identity. Plus, since I was only moving to the next door, I could still be with daddy whenever we wanted.

MOM: We got married at your first birthday. Life got on great and then your sister was born next year. I still don’t know who her father really is because I got into bed with both men regularly.

MOM: One day, your dad was out of town and I felt horny. So, I sneaked into my dad’s room and began to suck his cock, but he yanked me away and told me to go back to my husband. I was really pissed and cried all night in my bed. Over the next few days I tried to confront dad but he refused to talk. I was really worried and thinking about what could’ve gone wrong when it all suddenly ended.

MOM: I came home from the market one day and found that dad was waiting for me. He gave a letter and said: please open it when I leave I cannot say it to your face. He left without saying anything else. I ran to my room and hurriedly opened the letter. It said: Dear daughter! I know I’ve hurt you with my behavior lately. I cannot ask for forgiveness for what I did to you. I deprived you from your innocence and the love of a father when you were already suffering the loss of your mother. I hope Lord Shiva Shankar forgives me. I have found friends at the local Hindu party. I believe that they are doing gods’ work. They have taken it upon themselves to free our mother land from sinners. They make people to follow the word from the gods. They punish them who are diverted from the right path. I believe that they are the righteous and true Hindus. But living with them, I have realized that how much wrong I’ve done. I must seek a way to free myself from the wrath of Shiva. If they knew, what I have done, they would stone me and you to death. But I’ve learnt a ritual that will free me from my sins. But after it’s done, you will never see me again. By the time you have finished reading this letter, I would have taken my life in a ritual to salvage my soul. Perhaps I will meet you in another life. . . .

MOM: The last words of the letter were daggers into my heart. I ran with all my might to my home. But I was too late. As soon as I opened the main hallway door, I saw his body. He was lying in the puddle of his own blood. His penis was chopped and lying in the feet of the Statue of Lord Shiva. I fainted at the sight. I was woken up by passerby people who had seen me fall in the door.

MOM: After his cremation, I was approached by a woman. She was of the local Hindu Party. She congratulated me that my father was a martyr who had given himself into the arm of the gods and goddesses to salvage his soul from the devil. She told me that I should join them and be a part of their party. I said I would be happy to oblige. I said that because I wanted to understand the reason behind the demise of my father. I wanted to join their ranks in the hope that I’ll get some closure. But as I got deeper in their company, I forgot why was there and soon became a part of them. I don’t know if they use magic or it was some of my own psychological disorder that I had completely forgotten what I suffered because of them.

MOM: Sahil beta! Today your fucking has broken a trance off me and I feel free again. I’m proud of the fact that you stood up to your sister’s family troubles and provided her with a child. I also wish you’d let me be a part of your family.

I was happy and immensely relieved by the revelations. Beside me BIL was standing grinning from ear to ear. He had also been listening to MOM’s story and I could sense that how happy he was. I kissed MOM and told her that everything would be alright and apologized for my behavior. But she put her lips on mine and cut me during my apology. She then asked that if I would make love to her like a good lover. I gently picked her up and make her lie on the bed. I immediately got down on her and in a few minutes, licked her hairy twat to her first orgasm of the night. When I was down there, I felt BIL’s breath on my asshole. I immediately positioned myself higher for his benefit. He licked and lubed my asshole for a minute then he shoved his cock into my asshole. MOM was a little surprised by this but when I resumed the cunnilingus, she was also drifted to the island of lust. By the time BIL shot in me, I had already made MOM to climax three more times. Her knees were shaking and she was moaning like crazy.

BIL had realized that I had a hard on too so he got down and opened my legs and brought my cock back out thought them. He began sucking me and I began to lick MOM’s asshole. I took my cock out of BIL’s mouth and then placed my lips on my mothers’. I entered her in the missionary position and fucked her for a good fifteen minutes before I was done with her.

Meanwhile BIL was trying to wake up dad who was still passed out. I lied down besides MOM and asked her what she would like to be done to daddy.

MOM: Well, I never loved him since our marriage was more of a commitment than of love. If he co-operates, all is good. Otherwise your decision is mine. Yet don’t kill the bastard, he is rather good in bed.

All three of us laughed at this and then it was decided that we would imprison dad here unless he co-operated, he would be tied here. Dad was now beginning to gain consciousness. We thought that it would be best if MOM talked to him. Because he still thought that MOM was a victim too. So I and BIL left the room and went outside.

BIL and I discussed the turn of events and planned a happy life together. I was really beginning to enjoy BIL’s company. It was not only about the obligatory sex anymore. We connected at a deeper level and I was happy to be in a relationship with him.

Soon MOM came out, she was still naked and still walking a little lopsided due to the effect of the drug. It was a sexy sight to see her like that. I held her steady and she told us that she had told everything to dad; she thought he would be okay.

MOM: The poor bastard is still very much in love with me. He says he is okay if I was okay. I think he is not lying.

BIL: That is great news mata ji (mother).

Me: Sure as hell it is. I think we should get back home and not keep the other ladies worried any longer.

Mother’s clothes were torn so she wrapped herself in a bed sheet and we got dad dressed and left for the house.