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Jan stood there gawping for a good couple of minutes before she burst out “Mummy! Daddy! What the hell are you up to with Sarah?”

Mrs Mills didn’t seem in the least put out at just being caught with her daughter’s best friend with her tits out and her knickers down spread over her husband’s lap.

“There’s no need for language like that, you lady. Not in this house.” Mrs Mills scolded her.

“But Mummy, my best friend in lying across Daddy’s lap with her knickers down.” Jan protested.

“Well, of course,” reasoned Mrs Mills, “Sarah has been very naughty and we had to spank her. Didn’t we always spank you when you were naughty?”

“Yes, when I was little. Sarah and I are twenty two and why has she got her breasts out?” Continued Jan.

“That’s how she was naughty, Jan. She was teasing your father with her big tits bursting out of her blouse. It gave your father quite a big erection.”

“Mummy! It’s getting worse and worse.” Shrieked Jan.

“And anyway I’m sure you’ve seen Sarah’s tits and bum before, haven’t you?” Mrs Mills said calmly.

I thought, oh no, she’s going to bring up the playing with each other bit.

Jan shot a glance at me. I tried to shrug my shoulders but couldn’t make it work from the position I was in.

“You have looked at her, haven’t you Jan? I’m not surprised if you have, she’s such a pretty girl and has lovely big breasts and a nice big bum. I expect you’ve wanted to touch her too, Jan, haven’t you?”

There was a bit of a pause then Jan very quietly said, “Yes, Mummy.”

Mrs Mills went on, “I expect you have touched her, Jan, up in your room together for all those hours. Daddy and I often wondered what you were up to. Did you touch Sarah’s big tits, squeeze and play with them, Jan?”

Again quietly Jan responded, “Yes, Mummy.”

“And did you make her lift up her skirt so you could look at her knickers?”


“Daddy and I thought you did, Jan. It made Daddy very hard thinking about you playing with Sarah up in your room and making her lift up her skirt to look at her knickers.”

“Mummy, this is getting really bad now. You really ought to stop.” Jan protested, her voice shaking a bit.

“But you didn’t stop, did you, Jan. You liked looking at Sarah showing you her knickers. I bet you could see the shape of her slit. Did it make you feel really nice seeing the shape of Sarah’s slit under her knickers?”

Jan was being brow beaten now and was starting to flush. I could always tell when she was getting worked up as she played with the hem of her skirt or the bottom of her top. She was playing with the hem of her skirt now.

“Well, Jan,” continued Mrs Mills, “did you enjoy looking at Sarah’s slit through her tight knickers?”

“Yes, Mummy. I liked it very much and it made me feel very nice, you know, down there.”

“You’re beginning to feel nice ‘down there’ now aren’t you Jan? Perhaps it would be nice if you showed Sarah your knickers too. Lift up your skirt and show Sarah your knickers, Jan.”

Jan hesitated for a moment still playing with the hem of her skirt. She looked down.

“Don’t be silly, Jan, it’s nothing Daddy and I haven’t seen before and Sarah has her knickers off and is showing her bum.”

Jan slowly twisted up the edge of the hem then I saw her take a deep breath and pulled her skirt up revealing a little pair of white panties with a lacy frill at the waistband. They were small and tight.

“There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Soothed Mrs Mills. “I do think you might want to buy some bigger knickers, Jan. We can all see the shape of your slit.”

It was true; Jan’s pants were so tight that they hugged the contours of her slit perfectly. It gave me a little twinge just looking at her.

Jan went bright red. I know she had worn those panties for me. She knew how much I loved her having a camel toe and when we were out she’d flash me at every opportunity knowing how much it turned me on. She looked down as if to see for herself then up at her mother.

“Come over here so we can sort you out, Jan.” Commanded Mrs Mills.

Jan dutifully approached her mother who was still standing behind me, her skirt still bunched up around her waist. She looked like a naughty little school girl about to be punished.

From my position I could only see up as high as Jan’s waist but it was high enough to watch Mrs Mills hook two fingers inside the leg band of her daughter’s knickers and slide them inside pulling the material away from Jan’s slit. Her fingers must have grazed Jan’s lips because she jumped a bit and I heard her give out a little “Oh”.

“There, that’s better.” Confirmed Mrs Mills. “Mind you it’s a bit silly because you can see all of Sarah’s bum. She has a nice big bum don’t you think, Jan?”

“Mummy, this really isn’t on.” Whined Jan.

“Oh come on Jan, I’ve just felt how wet you are under your knickers. I know just how much you are enjoying seeing Sarah’s naked bottom.” Snapped Mrs Mills.

Jan hesitated again not really believing what was going on. It seemed like a dream to me too, a very naughty one.

“Now, Sarah’s just had a spanking, perhaps you ought to soothe her bum. Go and get the lotion from the bathroom.”

“Yes Mummy.” Said a very cowed Jan.

Jan left the room and I felt Mrs Mills hand on my bottom.

“There, Sarah, Jan can soothe your sore bottom and Mr Mills and I can watch. You don’t mind if we watch while Jan soothes your bottom with some nice lotion, do you?”

I got the distinct impression I didn’t have much choice. Both Mrs Mills and especially Mr Mills whose erection was still pressing into my tummy wanted to watch Jan and me play with each other and there wasn’t going to be much we could do about it, apparently. So I decided to be naughty too.

“No, Mrs Mills, I don’t mind if you want to watch Jan stroke slippery lotion all over my bottom.”

“There’s a good girl. Now stand up and take the rest of your clothes off. It will be much easier if you have all your clothes off.”

I almost giggled when I stood up because Mr Mills bit fat prick bounced up, sticking out of his dinner suit. It was all shiny. I felt something cool on my tummy and looked down to see it was slippery and shiny too where Mr Mills cock had been rubbing against me. I was rubbing my fingers through it when Jan came back in the room.

“Hey, Jan, look. Your Daddy’s already got some lotion on my tummy.” I beamed at her.

She scowled back, clearly embarrassed.

“Hurry up Jan,” I continued regardless, “my bottom’s quite sore I and really need that lotion. You better take your clothes off too in case you get lotion all over them.”

Her glare at me couldn’t be more pronounced but Mrs Mills chipped in that made it even worse.

“Sarah’s right, Jan. You don’t want to get lotion all over your nice clothes. Perhaps Sarah can help you get undressed.”

That last bit was not so much a suggestion as a command. I was getting hornier by the minute and was only too happy to play along. I went over to her and took the lotion out of her hand and placed it on the table.

“It’ll be alright, Jan,” I whispered to her, “it’ll be fun, I promise.”

She didn’t resist as I unbuttoned her blouse. Her large stiff nipples were already visible through the thin material; she never wore a bra when she was going out with me. I gently pushed the silky material off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“See your nipples are rock hard. You’re enjoying this already.” I teased and gave them a little tweak making sure my back was to her parents so they couldn’t see.”

“You’re a bitch, Sarah. I’ll hate you forever.” She whispered back but I knew she didn’t mean it.

“Believe me you’ll thank me for this.” I went on. “She how hard your Dad is. He’s dying to get up your hot cunt.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Called Mrs Mills. “It’s rude to whisper in company.”

“Just having a bit of trouble with the catch on Jan’s skirt.” I answered back just as I let it drop to the floor revealing her tight little pants and hold up black stockings.

“There you’re ready now,” I said handing Jan the bottle of lotion.

I pulled up a chair and put my hands on the seat and leant forward a bit. This had the effect of pushing my bum back and up in the air. I made sure I was angled so that Mr Mills could see everything without being too obvious and parted my feet slightly. I heard a small groan from his direction so I knew I’d got it just right.

“What are you waiting for, Jan?” Called Mrs Mills. “Hurry up and put that lotion on Sarah’s bum.”

Jan placed her left hand on my back to steady herself then I felt the cold lotion squirt over the top portion of my bum. A little trickle started to roll down between my bum cheeks; it was exquisite torture. Then Jan put the bottle down and I felt her hand start to slowly traverse my wide smooth bottom.

She focused on each cheek, rubbing the lotion in and purposely avoided going anywhere near the middle.

“You’re missing the middle bits, Jan.” Warned Mrs Mills. “There’s a dribble of lotion going down the middle bit.”

Jan hesitated for a minute then said, “But Mummy, that’s Sarah’s rude bits. I can’t stroke her rude bits.”

“Jan, you’re not a 10 year old,” scolded Mrs Mills, “its going down over her bumhole and down to her cunt. Daddy and I want to see you put the lotion ALL over.”

“Yes, Mummy.” Was all Jan could manage by way of reply.

I felt her hand stroke over my bum again, deliciously all over it, then her fingers started to slide down between my cheeks. I felt her finger reach my puckered anus and she circled it with the tip of her finger and I groaned with anticipated pleasure. I heard another groan behind me and knew how closely Mr Mills was watching his daughter’s finger as it pleasured my back entrance.

I was squirming as she teased me round and round with her finger tip. Then her fingers moved down and found the bottom of my wet slit. I felt two fingers come into play as she spread my lips.

“Is that what you wanted to see Mummy.” Jan sounded defiant, fighting back now but Mrs Mills was still in charge.

“Yes Jan, that’s very good dear. Daddy can see her cunt hole now. Move your fingers up and down her slit and get her all worked up. Daddy will love that, won’t you Mr Mills.”

I heard a grunt in response and it really make me feel all gooey thinking that Mr Mills was looking right at my open hole with his big thick prick straining. It was even more pleasurable when I felt Jan’s fingers start to slide up and down my greasy slit, and bumping into my engorged clit every so often.

It gave me even more of a jolt when I looked back under my right arm and saw that Mrs Mills had her hand around her husbands stiff pole and was stroking him as they both watched Jan masturbate me.

Jan must have seen too as she upped the ante with “Do you want me to put my fingers up her cunt, Mummy?”

“Oh yes, Jan, that will be very nice to watch you finger fuck Sarah’s hot little cunt.”

I felt Jan’s fingers work around the entrance then she pushed the full length of her fingers deep into my syrupy hole in one smooth movement. I gasped loudly as her fingers slid about inside me.

I savoured the feeling of her fingers plunging in and out of me for a moment before looking back again at Mr and Mrs Mills. Mrs Mills was still stroking her husband cock but she had pulled up her dress and was stroking herself at the same time. The sight was erotic enough but when I looked back at Mr Mills prick it was gleaming in the light and Mrs Mills fingers were running with juices. I’m sure I’d never seen a man exude quite so much precum as Mr Mills. My tongue automatically ran around my lips.

“Mr Mills has a very slippery prick.” I gasped to Mrs Mills.

“Yes, dear. He always did pump out lots of juice and now he’s a bit older it seems to have got even worse.”

“It’s getting on his suit trousers, Mrs Mills,” I warned, “perhaps we ought to do something to clean him up a bit.”

“Perhaps you’re right. I’ll get a napkin.” Smiled Mrs Mills.

“Oh,” I said, “I have another idea.”

“No!” I heard Jan squeak, knowing exactly what I had in mind. “No, Sarah, you can’t. He’s my Dad.”

“Silly.” I said and pushed myself off the chair. I knelt down in front of Mr Mills and looked up at Mrs Mills. “Do you think Mr Mills would mind if I cleaned him up a bit with my tongue?”

Mrs Mills smiled back, “I think that would be very nice of you, Sarah.”

Jan watched in horror as I leant forward and scooped my tongue up from the base of Mr Mills’ prick up towards the tip running over Mrs Mills fingers that were still wrapped around the dripping shaft.

I repeated the process a few time collecting his running juices from the length of his cock.

“I’m not sure this is working very well, Mrs Mills.” I said. “I think I’m going to have to suck it instead.”

Mrs Mills didn’t say anything. Her eyes were bulging watching this young 22 year old lapping at her husband’s stiff prick. She simply pointed his cock at my mouth and I saw her own mouth open slightly as if she was about to suck him by proxy.

I closed my lips around the head and slid my mouth down as far as her fingers, running my tongue around it in the process. I worked back up the shaft followed by her hand and soon we had set up a rhythm with her pumping his leaking cock into my mouth.

I felt Jan’s hand slowly return to my pussy as she herself became used to the idea of me sucking on her father’s rod.

“That’s right, Jan,” I heard Mrs Mills say, “finger her while she sucks Daddy’s big stiffy.”

“Mummy!” Jan exclaimed trying to sound shocked but her passion was beginning to seep through.

I lifted my mouth off Mr Mills’ prick while Mrs Mills continued to stroke him.

“Come off it, Jan. Don’t tell me you’re not getting wet watching me suck it. I bet you wish it was you, really.”

“Sarah how could you.” Jan wailed.

I was unconvinced. “You’re quite happy to turn your father on with two fingers up my cunt. Here taste him.” I dared.

I turned to her and placed my lips against hers. My tongue slipped between her lips as we kissed and I could feel her at first tentatively touch my tongue with hers then slowly she began sucking it, tasting her own father’s juices.

I broke away. “There, now taste him properly.” I said pulling her head down towards her father’s lap.

“It’s all right Jan. Daddy will love it. He’s often fantasised about you and made me call him Daddy in bed.” Mrs Mills said quietly.

I tried not to look shocked as Mrs Mills encouraged her own daughter to suck her father’s cock. Jan just looked blank, glancing from me to her mother and then looked down at the thick, shiny cock in front of her.

Mrs Mills gathered her daughter to her and gave her a little kiss. She then pulled her naked body down over her lap easing her face down towards her father’s prick.

Everything went silent and it seemed like it happened in slow motion. Jan dropped her head some more. I ran my finger up Mr Mills cock and painted Jan’s lips with her father’s seeping juices. Her tongue slipped out and ran around her wet lips. Her head dipped some more and she enclosed her lips around her father’s cock.

Mr Mills let our a deep ecstatic groan and Mrs Mills and I gave a little audible gasp and Jan started to bob her head up and down as I had done.

I reached under Jan and gently played with her small breasts and stiff nipples. I whispered into her ear “You’re sucking your Daddy’s prick.”

Her eyes flashed up at me for a moment and I saw nothing but unadulterated lust. Her head was bobbing up and down on his cock with no encouragement whatsoever and I could see her tongue working on his shaft while Mrs Mills pumped him into his daughter’s mouth.

Jan started moaning around the cock in her mouth and I looked up to see Mrs Mills hand working between Jan’s bottom cheeks, stroking at her daughter’s hot slit. We both knew that Jan was going to cum and Mrs Mills started to pump her fingers into Jan’s hole brining her closer and closer to the edge.

All of a sudden her head snapped back releasing Mr Mills hard prick, her body spasmed and she cried out in passion as she came on her mother’s fingers.

I took the opportunity of taking Mr Mills back in my mouth as he watched his daughter orgasm. I think he was fighting back a cum of his own because I felt extra amounts of his juice oozing onto my tongue.

While Jan was still panting Mrs Mills leaned down to her and quietly said “I think it’s time you sat on your Daddy’s prick, darling. Will you do that for him? Let him put his big thick cock up your lovely tight cunt.”

Jan turned her head up to her mother and looked very serious. She was still breathing heavily when she eventually spoke.

“Yes, Mummy. I want Daddy to put his cock up me and fuck me. I think I always have.”

I was honestly shocked. I thought she’d take much more convincing than that but I didn’t want her changing her mind either. It would turn me on so much watching Jan get fucked by her Daddy so I acted quickly.

“We’d best take Mr Mills’ trousers down, Mrs Mills. We don’t want them getting stained.”

“Yes, what a sensible girl you are Sarah. Give Mr Mills a hand with his fastenings and help him pull them down.”

I had undone his fastener and had managed to get him to lift his bum up so I could pull his trousers and underpants off when Jan started putting her leg across. She was so eager I had to have a little giggle to myself.

She had her arms around his neck and started to kiss him passionately, their tongues entwined as I guided her down. Mrs Mills held his prick steady and I slipped two fingers into her slit to part her sex lips.

“Push down on Daddy’s cock, Jan” Mrs Mills told her.

As Mr Mills’ thick prick pushed her open Jan groaned.

“Oh Daddy, your big hard prick is going up me. Oh, god Daddy, you’re fucking me.”

Jan sunk down until all of her Daddy’s cock was up inside her. She was moaning deliriously as she settled down moving her hips to get as much in as possible.

I bent down and looked at the delicious sight.

“Oh, Jan. Your Daddy’s big prick is stuck right up inside your cunt.”

“Oh, Sarah, Mummy, it’s wonderful.” She gasped.

“Good girl, Jan,” replied Mrs Mills, “now start moving up and down and ride your Daddy’s prick. Give it a good fucking.”

It was so bizarre to hear Mrs Mills encourage her daughter to fuck herself up and down on her father’s prick, but at the same time it was so hot.

Mrs Mills and I contented ourselves to run our hands all over Jan’s plunging body. Sometimes playing with her small firm breasts and hard nipples, licking at her neck or feeling up between her bottom cheeks our fingers sliding around in the combined juices of the humping pair.

Jan’s movements became more pronounced and jerky and I sensed her impending orgasm. Her cries were getting louder and her language was ripe.

“Oh my god, Daddy, I’m going to cum on your fucking cock. Daddy, I’m going to cum all over your beautiful prick.”

Mrs Mills leant over to me and quietly said, “Stick your finger up her bottom, Sarah.”

I smiled a naughty smile and pushed my finger down the crease between Jan’s cheeks. My finger was already slick from feeling up Jan’s slit and as I pressed it against her anus I felt it easily enter.

I watched as Mrs Mills reached around between the two rutting lovers and start to rapidly finger Jan’s clit.

“Oh my god, that’s it.” Shouted Jan. “I’m going to fucking cum.”

I pushed my finger deep into her rectum as her body tensed and a fantastic orgasm wracked her frame. With a hand on each tit Mrs Mills and I teased her mercilessly while her body spasmed and shook and kept her at her peak until at last she collapsed on top of Mr Mills like a big rag doll.

I could tell that Mr Mills was having trouble controlling himself; his hips were still trying to push his thick cock up his daughter.

Eric pulled his car into the driveway and turned it off. The enormous house looked flawless, brightly colored with a perfectly manicured lawn. Penelope’s mother, Victoria, had always been wealthy, but it seemed that in recent years her business had been doing even better than usual. A driven woman, she had worked her way to the top of her pharmaceutical company through hard work, eventually rising from lowly drug representative to CEO of all their operations. While Eric had been away on his first year in college, she had bought this house in the Hamptons as a summer home. Eric had driven down from MIT to spend the first few weeks of summer with his old friend and her mother.

Penelope had been away at school as well, though much closer at NYU. They had been best friends growing up together on Long Island since they were 5 or 6. College was the first time that either of them had been separated for so long. Eric was wondering if she had changed at all, because he was pretty sure he had. They had both been nerdy kids growing up, playing video games together and always being on the internet. Neither was very socially awkward, but nor were they the most popular kids in their high school. They had their friends and made good grades.

Eric snapped back into the present and grabbed his bags from the back seat of his car. As he was walking toward the door, the sight of Penelope’s mom standing in the doorway holding a glass of iced tea stopped him dead in his tracks for a moment. Her brown hair fell past her shoulders onto her breasts, which stood proudly out in front of her at 38DD (he knew, he had snuck into her bra cabinet before). She wore a strapless red dress that hugged her fit, curvy figure until it ended somewhere mid-thigh. It was a dress that most women her age (38) could not pull off, but Eric knew how many heads Mrs. Baker would turn if she walked down Madison Avenue in wearing that. She smiled widely as he approached, seeming very excited to see him.

“Hello, Eric! How are you doing? How was the drive?”

Eric walked inside as she held the door for him, setting his bags in the foyer. “It was good. About five hours. And I’m doing very well! Glad to be done with exams and out for the summer.” Mrs. Baker moved to hug him, and he realized that he had grown taller than her. He stood now at 6’2″ to her 5’8″, but as her breasts pressed against his abs he tried not to get an erection. He remembered fondly the days when a hug from Mrs. Baker ended with his face buried between her massive breasts. It was a young boy’s dream. He had always had a crush on Mrs. Baker, something Penelope, and sometimes Mrs. Baker herself, had teased him about.

“I’m so glad to hear it! Come with me to the kitchen, I’ll show you around. Want anything to drink?”

Eric walked behind her into the enormous house and sat at the bar, facing her. “Some water would be great. Thank you, Mrs. Baker”

She chuckled. “Don’t make me feel old, Eric. Call me Victoria, or Vicki, whichever you prefer. You’re a man now, you get to be my equal. Speaking of, you sure you just want water? I’ve got scotch, bourbon, vodka, and I know how to make just about any cocktail. Lots of business entertaining.”

Eric had to size this up as a possible trap, but he decided he might as well indulge himself. “Bourbon, then. On the rocks.”

She turned around to pour the drink, grabbing the bottle of maker’s mark. Eric couldn’t help but stare at her luscious ass, given the opportunity. “mmm. I love a bourbon man,” she replied, pouring one for herself and sitting across the bar from him. “To the handsome college man, may he enlighten us all.” He smiled and clinked his glass with hers, taking a sip of the fiery liquid. “Heard you did pretty well your first semester? Coming home with a girlfriend? Or three?”

He laughed politely. He had gotten his fair share of pussy at MIT, but not every girl could handle his particular endowment. “No, not really. The girls up there are lots of fun, but I haven’t found anyone just right.”

“Boy, don’t I know that problem. Men my age have one-track minds that they can’t live up to. You know, Penelope is still single if you’re interested.” She looked to either side of her to make sure Penelope wasn’t there, then held her breasts in her hands and whispered “she’s got her own set of these, now!”

He almost spit out the bourbon he was drinking, but eventually his laughter subsided. “I think I’m alright being friends for the moment.”

She smiled. “Well, if you’re not interested in that, I could use a man around the house. I’m single too,” she said, with a devilish grin on her face.

Penelope was strolling in the room just as Eric was trying to formulate a response. “Done hitting on my Eric yet, Mom? You’re even trying to get him drunk first!” she joked, and Eric smiled to be relieved of having to come up with a witty response to her mother’s question. “Come on,” she beckoned him, “I want to have a welcome-home round with you.”

Eric downed the rest of his glass in one burning gulp. “One for the road, Victoria?”

Victoria giggled. “My My, Eric, let’s not go too fast. I don’t want to have to take advantage of you later.”

Penelope rolled her eyes at her mother’s comment, then headed up the stairs. Eric noticed her hips as they swayed from side to side while she ascended the staircase. Dat Ass, he had to keep himself from muttering. He found it hard to resist giving it a good spank as they walked up the stairs. She was wearing short cheeleader shorts which just barely kept her perfect rump covered, and a tight spaghetti strap top which exposed much of her midriff. Her mother was right, he could see; indeed she had fallen into her own set of beautiful tits. D-cup, he guessed, which stood perky on her 5’3″ and slim frame. Hustling behind her, he got to her room and grabbed the xbox controller off of the couch. They had played all sorts of newer games, but the ten-year-old original HALO was their favorite. For one reason or another, it was a classic in their eyes.

“Did you call my mom Victoria?” she asked me, starting up the game.

“What?” Eric replied instantly, just shaking himself from ogling her while she wasn’t looking. “Oh, yeah. She told me to. Said I was a man now and her equal or something.”

“She wants your dick!” she jokingly teased. Just like old times , Eric thought, with some welcome additions . Eric could not get it off his mind that both Penelope and her mom were the hottest beings he’d ever seen.

He started to focus on the game, enjoying blasting each other to shreds on the massive flat screen. They had always been pretty well matched in their video gaming escapades, even if they did have different styles. He was a run and gun master, spraying bullets as long as it got the job done. She was stealthy and clever, taking her time to make that one perfect shot count. After the first two games, the set was tied, one and one.

“Best of three?” Eric asked.

“Sure, but let’s make it interesting,” Penelope replied.

Eric thought for a minute. “Drinking game? We can go get a bottle from your mom.”

Penelope laughed. “Nah, we can all get drunk later. How about… a dare?”

Eric debated it. Truth or dare was one of their favorite games growing up, but it seemed more childish now. Still, he was treasuring the idea of having her run a naked lap around the enormous house. Him getting to watch would just be icing on the cake.

“Deal,” he said. “Prepare to be destroyed.”

“Bring it, scrub!” she replied, sticking her tongue out. The game was set for the first to 25 kills. Eric got off to an early lead and kept being about three kills ahead. It was then that Penelope started to try and mess with his head.

“You know, my mom really was hitting on you.”

She played these sorts of mind-games all the time; Eric wasn’t fooled just yet. “No way, Pen.”

“Seriously,” she said. “She’s been so excited that you were coming down for a few weeks. You think it was an accident that she was wearing that dress? She’s not going anywhere. She just wanted you to see her in it.”

Eric lost focus for a second. The dress was for my benefit? What would that even mean? What could possibly develop? I shook it off; she was catching up now.

“Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it.”

“I haven’t,” Eric replied, a little too quickly. “Thought about what?”

“Her! Her naked, her massive fucking tits, her magnificent ass, sliding your cock in between those huge boobs and cumming on them.”

She had a headshot on him before she even finished the sentence. Goddamn, she was too good at this.

“She can’t stop thinking about your cock. She wants it.”

It was tied, 24-24. Eric had no idea where her character was.

She leaned over and whispered, “I want it too.”

BANG. Game over. Clever girl, Eric thought. She knew how to make him hard, and that was his end. She was laughing at him, but she could see the defeated look in his eyes. She smiled at him, “ready for my dare?”

Visions of her running naked around the house were gone now. “Fine, do your worst.”

“I dare you to let me suck your cock.”

He just sat staring at her, sitting on the couch. She was already getting into position on her knees in front of him. Was this another trick? She couldn’t be serious, but her hands were reaching up to unbutton his jeans. “Fuck off, you’re not serious. What do you want?”

“A dare’s a dare,” she responded. “I’m going to suck your cock until you cum. I’ve seen the bulge you’ve had in your pants since you were 16, I know you’ve got a massive one. Just let me have my turn.” By this point, she was pulling down his pants to my ankles and rubbing his fully-erect dick through my boxers. “Jesus, it is huge. I can’t believe I waited this long for this.”

Eric laid his head back onto the sofa. Trick or no trick, this felt fantastic, and he had been horny for Penelope since he watched her walk up the stairs. Reaching into my boxers, she pulled out his fully at-attention cock.

“Holy shit! I knew you were big, but jesus, how big is this?”

“9 inches,” Eric replied as she stroked his cock with her right hand and worked his balls with her left. “You still up for it?”

She smirked. “You know how I love a challenge.” With that, she engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth, running her tongue quickly across the head. Eric was in exstacy; she was better at this than any girl he had ever known. She worked her head fluidly up and down the shaft, her lips tightly sucking on his cock. She continued to work the lower shaft with her hands while her head bobbed furiously up and down, engulfing more and more of his cock with each pass. She came off it and looked up with him with her perfect, green eyes and asked, “Have you ever been deep-throated before?”

Eric laughed. “Nobody’s ever been brave enough to try.”

With a twinkle in her eye, she went right down and slowly crept until she was swallowing 7 inches of Eric’s fat cock down her throat. Eric could barely resist blowing his load right then and there, but he knew he was close.

“I’m gonna cum,” he whispered, pulling her head off of his cock.

“No shit, sherlock,” she replied. “Let me at it, I wanna swallow it.”

Penelope slipped her mouth around the head and furiously jacked off the shaft of his cock with her hands. Eric felt the orgasm building deep within him, then erupt powerfully from the tip of his dick, sending huge spurts of goo right to the back of her throat. He sat there cumming for a solid thirty seconds while Penelope moaned in satisfaction.

“Mmm,” she said, after swallowing his load, “you’ve got tasty cum.”

“Glad you approve,” he said, reaching for his pants to pull them back on.

“You don’t think you’re done yet, do you?” Penelope asked. “Come on in, mom!”

Eric heard the door open and instinctually grabbed the nearest object to cover himself. Penelope just laughed at him. “Don’t get modest now, big boy. That cock needs to be shown off to the world.”

“Oh good, he’s as big as we thought?” Eric heard Victoria ask, though he was still staring incredulously at Penelope.

“Bigger,” Penelope replied, getting up to join her mother as she walked in the door. Eric looked to see that Victoria was no longer wearing the tight, figure-hugging red dress that she wore when he walked in. Instead, she was wearing the exact same shade of red in lingerie, her massive breasts held perfectly forward. Near instantly his cock was hard again, looking at the perfect display of womanhood that was penelope’s mother. His eyes travelled down her tan body to the red lace thong she wore, covering her clearly shaven pussy.

“Like what you see?” she asked, spinning around to give Eric a view of her sculpted ass. “Now my daughter just seems so over dressed. Come here, Penelope, let me help you out with that.” Then they did something that Eric could not have anticipated. They kissed, frenching each other hard while Penelope reached down to grab a handful of her mother’s ass and spank it. Victoria began to slide off her daughter’s tight shirt, revealing she had worn no bra, and started to suck on her D-cup tits, biting them gently and causing Penelope to throw her head back and moan with pleasure.

Watching their incestuous lust made Eric unbelievably horny, and he quickly found his cock hard once again. Almost without thinking he began to rub his stiff prick through his boxers, watching with immense pleasure as Penelope reached into her mother’s underwear to rub her wet and waiting hole.

“Mmm, you’re definitely ready for him, mom. Looks like he’s ready for you, too,” Penelope said, looking over at the massive cock which she had just sucked off. “That was a quick turnaround time.”

“He already came once and he’s ready again?” Victoria asked, incredulously. “And with a cock like that? This is why I love fucking young men. They’re insatiable and they know how to fuck. He already came for you, so I don’t feel bad calling dibs on being the first one to fuck him. God, I’ve waited for this for so long,” she said, going over to straddle Eric and take his t-shirt off of him. “Such a hot body, too. You’ve been working out, haven’t you?”

Eric couldn’t help but smile. He had been working out some at college, and while he was no bodybuilder, he found he could now lift well over his weight and run for miles without getting tired. If I knew it was going to pay off like this, I would have started working out a long time ago. “Why don’t you hold on and I’ll show you?” he replied, slipping his boxers off completely to let her admire his completely nude body, especially his very impressive piece of manhood.

“Oh my god,” Victoria replied, “I’m dripping just looking at you! I can’t wait any longer.” She straddled him and eased his cock inside her entrance, inch by inch. “Holy shit, you’re big. Oh my god this feels so good. Mmmmm, fuck. Yes. Holy shit there’s still more to go?” She could barely contain her pleasure.

Eric could’t believe how tight she felt on his cock, but he couldn’t help himself and thrust his cock entirely inside her, sliding it all in at once. At first she gasped, but then she just let out a long moan of pleasure before starting to grind back and forth on it.

“Fuck, mom, how’s it feel to have nine inches of young cock inside you? Don’t hog him, I want a turn before too long.”

“It feels amazing, Pen. I’ve never been fucked so deep in my entire life. Holy shit!” Victoria replied, as I suprised her by grabbing her hips and plunging myself as deeply inside her as I could, bouncing her trim body up and down on my cock while I watched her enormous tits bounce up and down with the movement. Penelope must have noticed as well, as she came over and began to suck and bite on her mother’s large nipple while simulateneously rubbing her mom’s clit.

“Right there, Eric. Yes. Oh my god, nothing has ever felt this good. Yes, Yes YES, OH FUCK YES YES I’M COMINGGGGGGG!” she shouted while Eric furiously pounded her from underneath, holding her hips aloft with his strong torso so he could fuck her harder and deeper. Penlope stopped sucking her mother’s tit but kept rapidly stroking her mother’s clit to the point that her mother was screaming wildly in absolute exstacy. Victoria reached around Eric’s head with her hands, pulling his face into her breasts while she came, gushing her warm fluids all over his teenage cock.

“Having fun, mom?” Penelope asked, though her mother was still shaking from her powerful orgasm. “Settle down and let me at that thing. I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.”

Eric wondered what she meant by that. Take care of you? But he was in hardly any state to ask questions when Victoria dismounted him and Penelope appeared, using her nimble tongue to suck her mother’s sweet juices off of Eric’s enormous teenage cock. “You up to take me from behind, cowboy?”

Eric could only muster a nod, and she got on all fours along the couch, arching her back and begging him to enter her. Eric’s cock was harder than ever as he slid his already lubricated cock into her soaking wet pussy. “Fuck me, that’s deep,” she exlaimed. “This is the best cock I’ve ever had in my life. Why would anyone want anything different?”

Victoria laughed at her remark. “Trust me, dear, women spend their whole lives looking for that cock, and right now it belongs to just the two of us.” Victoria got on the far end of the couch by Penelope’s head and spread her legs to show her dripping twat. As soon as Penelope got used to the incredible girth of the man-meat that was currently fucking her teenage pussy, she leaned her head down and began to eat out her own mother’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck that’s good, yeah, eat my cunt you little slut. Eat it like the whore you are,” Victoria yelled at her daughter. Her daughter only smiled back up at her and did as she commanded.

Eric was completely taken aback, but he couldn’t deny that this was the hottest thing he had ever seen, and almost automatically he began grabbing Penelope’s hips and fucking her tight pussy with his massive cock. Did Penelope and her mother do this all the time? Was Penelope into the demeaning thing? She certainly seemed to be; whether from the name calling or the intense fucking Eric was giving her, she was moaning so much that she seemed to have a hard time concentrating on her pussy-licking.

“Go on, call her names,” Victoria said, as if she was reading Eric’s mind. “We’re both into it when we’re in the submissive position. Besides, you’re our master right now.” Victoria smiled widely, grabbing her daughter’s head and forcing her to eat her mother’s pussy.

Though he was still a little unsure, Eric decided that he should at least attempt to take control of the situation. After all, they were the ones fascinated with his spectacular cock, and it should be fitting that he should get to give them that cock exactly how they both wanted it. Almost like a drug, he gave into the fantasy unfolding for him. “You like taking this cock, don’t you? You wanted this cock for so long, and you love feeling it inside you right now.”

“Yes, master, I love your cock,” Penelope replied, pulling her face up from her mother’s cunt to speak. “Please keep fucking me master, I need your cock inside me.”

“Spank her ass,” Victoria exclaimed. “She’s a bad slut to be fucking such a big cock, and she deserves to be punished for it. Eric could only comply, slapping her ass while he fucked her. Victoria let out a yelp the first time, but afterwards could only moan in satisfaction.

Eric, now more confident, let into the fantasy again. “This fat cock was exactly what you needed, you whore. You needed a good hard cum, and I’m going to give it to you.”

Penelope must have decided to turn the tables, as she took her head up from her mother’s pussy and pulled off of Eric’s cock. She flipped herself over and displayed her wet glistening fuck-hole for Eric’s viewing. “Less talk, more fucking, you cock-slave. Shut your fucking mouth and fuck me with that glorious cock.” Penelope looked up at him with a clever smile, as if to say Go with it if you’re still into it. Eric did as he was told, and soon felt Victoria’s hands around him from behind, guiding his cock into her daughter’s tight pussy. Eric began rythmically pounding her pussy again, causing her to moan and scream. Her pussy gripped his cock tightly, and he could almost feel her swelling and tightening as if coming to another orgasm. He picked up the pace, fucking her pussy deep while he felt his own orgasm building as well. “I’m coming!” Penelope shouted, though it wasn’t hard to tell; she was most definitely a squirter. Hot pussy-cum sprayed all over Eric’s huge cock while he continued to fuck Penelope.

Erin returned from her run just as the garage door was opening. As she walked up the driveway, her mom was backing out. Erin pulled the ear buds out when her mother stopped and rolled down the window.

“Hey, sweetie.”

“Hi, mom.”

“Listen, would you start on dinner tonight so that we can eat pretty quickly after I get home? Cory’s still trying to get caught up on his rest and if the three of us are going to have some time together, we don’t need a late dinner.” She smiled as she asked, a twinkle in her eye.

“Sure,” Erin agreed. “I have to go to the school this afternoon for final registration, but I should be back by around 4. I can start then.”

“Sounds good. God, I’m like a schoolgirl,” her mother giggled, covering her face with her hands. “I’m so nervous and excited at the same time.”

“I know,” Erin laughed. “I am, too! OH! I also want you to try out my new toy, so can I bring it?”

“Of course! Okay, so I have to get to work, but I’ll see you tonight. I love you.”

“Love you, too.” Erin squeezed her mom’s hand, resting on the door frame before backing up and making her way in through the garage as her mother backed out of the driveway.

She took a shower, got dressed and was in the middle of eating breakfast when the front door opened and Cory walked in, his t-shirt and jeans streaked with warehouse dust. His work boots were worn down enough that the steel toe was exposed in a little patch on each boot. He plopped down in a chair at the table, untying his boots as he talked to his sister.

“Hey, gorgeous.”

“Hey, stud.”

“I’m exhausted. I’m so glad school is starting next week and the strike is over. I’m ready for a routine again,” he said, shaking his head. Once he dropped the second boot onto the tile floor, he plopped back in the wood chair with a sigh.

“Yeah, I have to go sign my final registration today.”

“Really? Mind if I tag along? I need to pay up and sign mine, too.”

“Sure. Megan was supposed to go, but she had to bail because she discovered an error and has an appointment tomorrow. My appointment isn’t until 2:30.”

“Good. I can take a shower and get some sleep. This strike kicked my ass. I didn’t realize it until it was over.”

“Let me get you some breakfast before you go upstairs,” she offered as she stood up.

“Thanks.” He swatted at her ass as she walked past, getting a good shot on her running shorts and causing her to squeal, whipping her head around in mock anger before rubbing her ass, her face fading into a smile.

While she warmed him some microwave waffles and some bacon he thought he should get her opinion.

“Erin,” he asked nervously, “Can I ask you a question.”


“Okay, I guess a couple of questions.”

“Go ahead,” she said, not even turning around, focusing on the task of getting a glass and pouring his juice.

“First, I know I’ve spent more time with mom than I have with you. I’m sorry about that. I don’t want to neglect you or make you resent what’s going on here.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, turning around to rest on the counter. “It’s cool. First, I know this is new to all of us, but I also know I can go to Megan any time I want. You’re all mom has. I’m cool sitting back a little so she can get what she needs. Besides, while the strike was on, mom and I spent a lot of nights together without you. And you and I have had some time without her. I don’t think any of us can really expect this to be something where we spend the exact same amount of time together.” She turned back around when the microwave beeped and pulled his plate out, replacing the bacon plate with the waffle plate. “Relationships don’t work that way anyway, right? All three of us will have to give and sacrifice for the others. If we all try to meet each other’s needs, we can all be happy. So, no, I’m not upset about it. I’m glad to see mom so happy. She needs a good man in her life and at least right now, that’s you.”

When the microwave beeped again she placed the waffles and bacon on a different plate together while her brother spoke.

“I guess you’re right. I love you both so much that I don’t want to hurt either one of you.” Cory spoke as his sister walked toward him with the plate before sitting on his lap, his hand resting on her thigh. “This whole thing started with you and me and then we brought mom in together. I don’t want you to think I want her more than you. It’s just different with her, you know?” His sister fed him a piece of bacon.

“I know, Cor. It is different. She wants and needs different things than I do and right now she needs you much more than I do. I’ve had a few good boyfriends, so I know what it’s like to be treated well. Mom has spent more than half her life being treated like trash by a man who promised to love and take of her. I think she’s relearning what it means to be cared for. You’re doing that for her. I can be her girlfriend, her shopping buddy, her confidant. I can even be her lover. But I can’t be her man. I can’t provide her with a loving man’s touch and help her regain that confidence that only a man can help her recover. You can do that for her. And I’ve never seen her so happy as I have in the last few weeks that she’s been with you, Cory. You’re good for her. For both of us.”

His heart melted as she talked about what Cory gave to them both, but especially to their mother. He had never thought of his role that way. Because he’s not a woman, he couldn’t understand, so he was glad that his sister was willing to explain that to him. And he was especially glad that she was so open and understanding.

“Is that all?” she asked, stealing a bite of his bacon.

“Well, I had to ask about that before I got your opinion on this next question.” He took a deep breath, still nervous about asking his sister her opinion. She didn’t say anything, but raised her eyebrows as if waiting for him to finish the story. “Vanessa wants another date.” Erin smiled and nodded. “But I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford to go bigger than I did last time, but I also don’t want to downgrade, know what I mean?”

“Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. But let me let you in on a little secret. Vanessa’s not going out with your wallet. She’s going out with your heart. What you need to do is take what you know about her, and plan something you can afford. She knows what you make and knows she can’t depend on you to provide for her. She just wants to spend time with you. Do something where the two of you can just relax.”

“So it’s not going to be bad if I can’t do something nice for her every time?”

“What did your other girlfriends think?”

Cory laughed at that. “Yeah, well, going out with a high school girl is different from going on a date with an older, sophisticated woman like Vanessa.”

“A woman who knows more about you than anyone you’ve ever been with. Your first impression was made a long time ago. Remember, she’s seen you poop in your pants. That was your first impression. Anything that doesn’t involve you doing that is an upgrade,” she laughed.

Cory laughed and shook his head. “I guess you’re right. I have to remember that even though Vanessa is a stage name, all I’m really doing is going out to spend time with mom.”

“There you go,” she said as she stood up and took the seat next to him. “The lines are blurry, of course, but you don’t have to impress Vanessa. She just wants to know you want to be with her. After that, believe me, she’ll enjoy whatever you do. Just remember what you know about her and go from there. It’ll be fine.”

She smiled at her brother as he thought about what she had said. After a few seconds, he nodded with a smile. “That makes sense. It gives me some things to think about. Thanks, Erin.”

“No problem, stinky.” She took a bite of her own breakfast, which had been interrupted by her brother’s questions. She winked at him and he smiled back, shaking his head at being called “stinky.”

After a shower, Cory fell into bed, confident that his sister would wake him up in time to leave for the school. His mind reeled with thoughts of how to spend next weekend with Vanessa and so far he was coming up short. “Remember what you know about her,” his sister’s voice echoed in his head.

Cory lulled as his bed shifted, jarring him slightly. As he lay on his side he felt a hand on his naked back, then wrap around his ribs, tickling him enough to cause him to shift.

“There it is,” he heard a mumble, still too asleep to really comprehend it. He felt the gentle touch caress his dick and the hand start to glide lightly up and down his shaft. “Cory,” he heard a quiet voice. “I’m going to blow you now, okay?” The voice didn’t wait for a response, but instead the hand adjusted his now full erection before he felt the moist warmth enveloping his head and part of his shaft.

“Mmm,” he moaned, stirring awake and rolling onto his back a little more.

“That’s better,” the voice said, still quietly. Cory felt the mouth and hand working in tandem, becoming more assertive in bringing him pleasure.

“God, Erin.”


Cory’s eyes shot open. OH, SHIT!

“Megan! What the fuck?!” Cory screamed, scrambling back away from his sister’s best friend.

“Me, what the fuck? Why are you calling your sister’s name when I sucked your dick?” she asked, her face in shock.

Erin practically slammed into the door frame from her run down the hall. “Megan! What the hell are you doing in Cory’s room?!” she asked.

“Oh, I can explain my side. That’s easy. Your explanation is going to be much harder. Why is your brother calling your name with his dick in my mouth?”

“Erin, why is Megan in my room when I’m sleeping?” Cory was still pissed, but more than that, he was scared.

“She just showed up a little while ago for a swim and when I went to the bathroom,” she turned to look Megan in the eye, her anger obvious, “I guess she thought she should just come in here and suck you off.”

Megan just shrugged with a crooked smile. “Something like that. Come on, we all know he likes me. But apparently not as much as he likes his sister. Not that I can blame him.”

Erin started, “Megan, I can explain…” before Cory cut her off.

“We talked about it,” he jumped in, “just like we told you. What we didn’t tell you was that the desire is mutual. But we still agreed not to act on it.” He sighed and hung his head. “Erin doesn’t know I still fantasize about her.”

Erin stood there in disbelief at what her brother was doing. The look on her face was obvious.

“I’m sorry, Erin. I know we said we can’t do anything and we need to try to move on, but it’s so hard. You’re so beautiful,” he said, looking at her. “I shouldn’t be using you to fuel my fantasies. I’m sorry.”

Megan appeared to be having a hard time believing the story. Her eyes were squinted and she looked at Cory sideways.

Erin figured she’d better act fast. “Fuck you, Cory! Fuck you! You promised! We had a deal! That day with Megan was a mistake. God,” she said, her eyes welling with tears as she looked to the ceiling, “I should have left when you walked out there, Cory. You never should have been out there in the first place! I can’t fucking believe this!” With that, she stormed out and Cory and Megan sat in silence listening to the door slam and as they heard her Forerunner start up and fade into the distance.

Megan looked uncharacteristically sheepish. She was obviously stunned into silence. Cory plopped over to his side and covered his head with his pillow. His stomach was in knots. God, he thought, I hope I played that right.

“Is that true, Cory?” she asked quietly.

“Is what true?” he was obviously irritated.

“That Erin didn’t know and that you only thought about her in your fantasies?”

“Yeah, Megan. That’s how it was… Shit! I fucked up big time!” He rammed his fist into the mattress.

“No, I fucked up,” she corrected. She took a deep breath. “I’m really sorry, Cory. I just saw you lying here naked and wanted to wake you up for a little fun. I thought you would like it. I didn’t know…that…”

“Yeah, well I didn’t know you would come into my room and try to suck my dick while I slept!” He sat up abruptly. The fire in his eyes burned through her conscience.

Megan didn’t have any answers or any defense. She backed away unconsciously, afraid of the verbal beat down she was about to receive, but bracing herself for it.

Instead, Cory sighed again and looked past her at the wall. “How the hell am I going to clean this up?”

“Let me talk to her,” Megan offered. She started digging her phone out of her pocket. “I can try to explain that…”


“But, Cory…”

“I think you need to leave.”

“Cory,” she begged, her eyes turning red.

“Good bye, Megan.”

Cory watched in silence as his sister’s friend stood up off his bed and walked out his bedroom door. A moment later the front door closed and he listened to her car rumble to life before fading into the distance.

He reached for his phone, hoping he had played this right.

The picture on Erin’s phone told her to answer. She was both nervous and relieved. She had hoped he would call before Megan did or else she wouldn’t know what to say.


“Hey, gorgeous.” He sounded apprehensive.

“Thank you, Cory.”

“Whew,” he laughed. “I was hoping you were playing along. I got scared for a minute there. You deserve an Oscar.”

She laughed. “Best Actor in an Overly Dramatic Scene.”

“I honestly thought you were sucking me off, so I didn’t even open my eyes. It just kind of slipped out.”

“Well, how could you know that she was going to sneak into your room? I didn’t know it, and I was awake when she came over!” Erin was incredulous. “It’s fine, Cory, really. I think you were convincing enough that she won’t dig too deep, at least for a while.”

“I debated on letting her in on it, but you and I hadn’t talked about it. And then I didn’t know what it would mean for mom. I figured if I took the blame for it as fantasy then it would kind of kill it. I hope it worked.”

“I think it did.”

“So now we have to make up with Megan.”

“Let me take care of that. I’ll call her tomorrow and work things out. She needs to simmer through it in order to make it believable. I can’t make up with her too soon or it won’t seem real. She’ll live, though.”

“Okay. So where are you now?”

“At the park waiting for your call. I’ll be home in a few minutes. It’s almost time to leave.”

“I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”


Cory rode shotgun as Erin took the winding back roads to the college, stopping for lunch at a hole-in-the-wall steak sandwich place on the way. One of her ex-boyfriends had introduced her to it and she sometimes likes to stop on the way to or from school.

As she took a bite of her ribeye sandwich, Cory said, “How come I’ve never heard of this place before? I’ve never had a steak sandwich like this.”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged, her cheek full of steak and bread. “If it weren’t for Marty, I wouldn’t know about it either.”

“Marty brought you here?” he laughed.

“Shut up,” she said, throwing a fry at him.

“Arty Marty? ‘I’m Marty and I like to pretend I’m a painter so I can see girls nekkid,’” mocked Cory with a stupid look on his face before they both cracked up laughing.

“Hey,” Erin said through her laughter, “It worked, didn’t it? He got me to pose naked for him.”

“Yeah, but you’re a slut,” he retorted in a matter-of-fact tone. Her jaw dropped in shock, her eyes wide before she threw another fry at him. He picked it up off the table and ate it. “Mmm. More fries.”

Erin asked him about his thoughts for his date with Vanessa and they discussed that for a while as they finished their lunch. He mentioned some ideas and she would give him some things to think about. They asked each other questions and pretty soon it seemed that he had a basic idea for their date. He only hoped she would go along with it.

The ride to the school was pretty lighthearted and they spent the rest of the drive making jokes and telling stories. It had been a while since they had spent any brother-sister time together and Cory had missed it. Once on campus they made their way to the registrar’s office and finished their business there before writing checks at the business office. As Erin had predicted, they were done by about 3:15, giving them enough time to be home at a little after 4.

“So,” Cory said as they drove out the main gate of the campus. “Megan.”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “Megan.” She shook her head.

“How do you think you’re going to handle that?”

“I have to find a way to make it less awkward. I don’t want her to be nervous around me after this, so I have to make it go away. I’ve been thinking about it and I should probably send her a text tonight and see if we can talk tomorrow. On the one hand, it has to be believable, but she knows I don’t hold grudges, so I need to make up with her pretty quickly or it could do some serious damage to our relationship.”

“Did I mess you guys up, Erin?” he asked, concerned.

“No, nothing like that,” she blurted, shaking her head.

“Okay. Good. I didn’t want that. I was just trying to protect our family.”

“I know, Cor,” she smiled. She put her hand on his knee and squeezed it for just a second before returning her hand to the steering wheel. “I think I need to approach it from the standpoint that our initial reaction was simply from shock, you know. We overreacted, got upset, but had time to think about it and talk about it, we made up, came to an understanding, and wanted things to be cool with her, too. I think that would explain the reaction, the accusations, and the quick make-up with her. That should settle it pretty well, I think.”

Cory could see that working, so he slowly nodded as he ran it through in his mind. “Yeah. I could see that. Do I have a part in this?”

“Nah. Just be awkward the first time you see her. In other words, act natural.” She winked at him and he just smiled and shook his head.

The garage door buzzed to life at 5:20 and Erin took that as her cue to get up off the couch and pull the salad out of the fridge and pour the tea. Cory came downstairs at the sound of the garage door and rounded the corner just as his mother walked in from the garage.

“Hey, guys,” she said happily.

“Hey, mom,” replied Cory at the same time his sister blurted out, “Hey.” He met her in the middle of the living room, giving her a quick kiss on the lips and taking her brief case and jacket while she made her way to Erin, who also received a kiss on the lips.

“Oh, wow, guys! This looks great. Thank you so much.” She eyed the table, which hosted honey-roasted pork chops, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls, and red beans.

“Glad you think so. The only thing left is for Cory to toss your salad.”

Cory whipped his head around at his sister, his eyes wide. She burst into a fit of laughter. She handed him the large salad bowl with the wooden salad servers.

“Let me go change and I’ll be ready to eat,” their mother said, apparently missing the reference. As soon as she walked up the stairs, Erin started laughing again.

“Oh, relax, Cory,” she laughed. “When you passed out last night, mom and I stayed up and had some girl talk.”

“What did you talk about?” he asked, trying to be nonchalant while he mixed the salad in the bowl.

“Now, if I told you that, it wouldn’t be girl talk, would it?” She winked at him before taking the bowl and carrying it to the table.

They finished getting the tea poured and made sure all the condiments were on the table as their mother finished getting changed.

“Whew, that’s better,” they heard her say as she turned the corner from the stairs. Their eyes both bugged out as they saw their mother.

“Is there a problem?” she asked, one hand on her hip.

“No, mom. Just…”Erin stuttered.

“Wow,” said Cory.

Erin nodded. “Exactly.”

Michelle smiled. “Glad you like it.” She made her way toward them. “It looks delicious.”

“It sure does,” muttered Erin as she watched her mother approach. What she saw was a mature brunette in excellent shape, who had selected black high heels, black thigh high stockings, and a short black satin nightie, to eat dinner with children. Her arms, shoulders and upper chest were exposed with only two thin straps keeping the nightgown on and as she walked, the erect nipples danced invitingly with each step. The hem barely covered her ass and upper thighs. She sat down at the table, sliding into her seat at the head of it while her son and daughter refused to budge.

Michelle snickered as she said, “Well…sit down and eat.”

Her children snapped out of their daze and took their seats, glancing at each other as they sat. Michelle picked up her plate and put a pork chop and scoop of potatoes and beans on it, and then handed it to Erin, who picked up a roll and placed it beside the potatoes. She handed the plate to Cory, who handed his empty plate to his mother. They repeated the process, with Erin placing a roll on her mother’s plate and trading plates so that she finally placed one on her own. They began to eat in silence until their mother moaned.

They looked up at her, but her eyes were closed as she chewed. “Now this is the sweetest meat I’ve put in my mouth since…” she opened her eyes and looked into Cory’s. “Well, since yesterday at least.” She winked at him before breaking off a small piece of her roll and resting it her tongue.

Cory swallowed hard, turning flush. He took a sip of his tea and his mother looked over at his sister.

“Oh! Here, Erin,” she said, putting her fork down and grabbing the salad tongs. “Would you like me to toss your salad for you?” She smiled inwardly as she heard Cory choke on his tea, but didn’t move her gaze from Erin’s eyes.

“Sure, mom,” she whispered, her throat dry.

“Would you like a creamy dressing dribbled on it before or after I toss it?” Her voice was a little shaky and she had fire in her eyes.

“Either way is fine. I’ll take it either way.” Erin was starting to feel the tingle in her groin. This was not how she thought dinner would go.

“Cory,” his mother’s voice interrupted. He looked up and she was holding out the bottle of ranch dressing.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Would you be a dear and jiz…drizzle something creamy on here before I serve your sister?”

He smiled, finally. “I would love to. Do you want a lot or just a little?”

“Just a taste,” said Michelle, looking into his eyes. “We don’t want to cover the flavor, just add to it.”

Cory lightly poured a small stream around the salad. His mother reached out and grabbed the bottle around the neck, tilting it up to stop the stream before grazing her thumb around the rim to wipe up the excess. She sucked it into her mouth, withdrawing it slowly. “We don’t want to waste any.”

She handed the bowl to Erin and set the bottle on the table. Taking another bite of the pork, she asked, “Would someone please toss my salad while I savor this meat in my mouth?”

“I’ll be happy to, mom,” volunteered Erin. Scooping some into her mother’s bowl, she asked Cory, “Do you have enough left to do mom?”

“I think so,” he said, picking up the bottle of dressing. He began to pour it, but Erin took the bottle from his hand.

“Let me,” she whispered.

He nodded and they all watched as the thick, milky dressing dribbled from the mouth of the bottle. Tilting the bottle up, Erin ran her index finger along the rim before wiping it gingerly across her lips. She set her mother’s salad on the table and leaned in closely to her. Her mother met her halfway and Cory sat in stunned silence as his mother’s tongue came out to clean up the dressing off her daughter’s lips. She finished by nipping at the lips with her own and then leaving her lips there to receive a kiss back from her daughter. “Delicious,” she whispered before sitting straight back up in her chair.

Erin looked weak when her mother withdrew. Her eyes were still closed and she was slumped over a little.

“Erin,” her mother called out. Erin snapped back to the present. “Sit up and eat. You’re dinner’s going to get cold.”

From that point on, with the exception of what their mother was wearing, the dinner seemed mostly normal. As usual, their mom asked them about their days. Erin looked over at Cory, who nodded slightly.

“Well,” began Erin, “we had kind of an incident today. With Megan.”

“Okay?” Mom was waiting for more details. “Incident.”

“Yeah.” Erin went on to explain what had happened and how they had responded to it.

“What made her think she could do that to him in the first place?” she asked, incredulous.

Cory and Erin looked at each other for a second before Cory cleared his throat to speak.

“Oh.” His mother looked down at her plate and pushed at her potatoes with her fork.

“Mom,” he said.

“It’s okay, Cory. You don’t owe me an explanation.” She was trying to be okay with it, but she was also fighting feelings of…what is that? Jealousy? Was she jealous?

“Mom, listen,” he said, leaning in and placing his hand on hers.

“No, Cory, it’s fine.”

“Mom, listen. Please.” Erin interjected so that she would know how important it was to hear him.

Michelle looked back and forth between her children and nodded, focusing on her son’s gentle brown eyes.

“That first night Erin and I got together, dad’s last day in this house, Erin told me about her and Megan. I made some comment about how sexy she was and the two of us hatched a plan to give me an opportunity with her. Erin and I had a threesome with her, but we both focused on Megan and not each other. Megan tried to push us to try each other, but we told her we couldn’t do that because we’re related, but that we would think about it. Later on we talked to her and told her we couldn’t do it. She didn’t know that Erin and I were already sexually involved. This was also before we got involved with you. I swear, mom, that was the only time I’ve touched her. I haven’t been with anyone but you and Erin since then. I swear.”

She looked at Erin, who nodded. “That’s it, mom. Honest.”

“Why did she want to see the two of you together?” she asked.

“Well, Megan told me this in confidence, but she and her brother played around a little bit, but then realized it was too weird and stopped. They never had sex, just touching and kissing and stuff. So she wouldn’t judge us for it; she understood the potential for attraction. It wasn’t so much her trying to push us to do it so much as it was her giving us permission to act on our feelings, I guess.”

“So when we told her we weren’t going to do anything, she was cool with it and understood. Neither she nor I,” continued Cory, “have made a move on each other since that day with Erin. So when I woke up this morning with a hand and mouth on my junk, I naturally thought it was her,” he said, looking at his sister. “When I called her name, that’s when Megan freaked out, and I had to act fast.”

“She seemed a little smug, mom, like she had caught us.”

“She did. I knew if I didn’t do something, or if we let her know, it could eventually come out that we’ve been involved with you, too. I didn’t want your secret to come out until and unless you’re ready for it to.”

“So that’s it, then?”

“That’s it,” said Erin, noting a visible weight removed from her mother’s countenance.

“Now what?” she asked.

“I try to make up with her. Cory and I have already talked about how we’re going to do it. We’ll take care of it mom. Don’t worry.”

“Okay,” she nodded with a gentle smile. “I trust you.”

“Thanks, mom,” says Cory, squeezing her hand, which earned a return squeeze.

“Now, let’s finish our dinner so we can relax,” she said, smiling before taking a small bite of her mashed potatoes.

The rest of dinner was relatively quiet, the three of them shifting internally between excitement at the upcoming rendezvous and their own perspectives of the dinner conversation.

Even so, Michelle could not forget what she was wearing, and why, and continued to maintain a level of sexual arousal. Neither Erin nor Cory could forget what she was wearing, either, and they both continued to look over at her as they ate, examining the beauty of her face, the skin of her upper chest, the outline of her erect nipples, and piecing those views with the memory of her walk through the kitchen. While Cory had to make a few adjustments to his cock, his sister simply squirmed in her seat or pressed her thighs together to stimulate herself.

Michelle dropped her napkin on her plate and said, “Thank you for dinner. That was delicious.”

Cory said, “Erin did everything, and she’s right, Erin. It was great. Thanks.” He stood as his sister accepted their thanks, and he picked up his own plate before reaching for his mom’s.

“Cory, let me do that,” his mother said, standing.

“It’s no problem, mom. You rest. You, too, Erin.” He walked around the table and placed the plates on the counter, turning back to pick up his sister’s. As he scraped the plates into the trash can and placed them in the dishwasher, the two ladies took the initiative to clear the rest of the table and to begin putting leftovers away. His mother turned on the hot water in the sink, pouring dish soap in so it could run while she put the pork chops in a zipper bag.

Turning off the water, she dipped the casserole dish in the soapy water and began sponging it in the sink. Cory watched her ass move as she gently circled the dish with the sponge. He stepped up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders while planting a kiss on the back of her neck. She hummed as he stroked down her arms. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed forward. She could feel his excitement pushing into her ass and pressed back against it.

Erin watched for only a moment before pressing herself against her brother’s back and reaching her hand around to squeeze his chest. Her other hand pushed between he and his mother, grabbing his throbbing erection while feeling her mother’s ass against the back of her hand.

One of Cory’s hands cupped his mother’s breast and the other glided down her hip until he felt bare skin. He pushed the hem of her gown up and moved his hand around front. He was surprised to find that she had not worn any panties. She groaned at his touch while he pushed further down to feel her wet, swollen lips.

“Shame on you, mom,” he whispered. “You’re not wearing any panties.”

“The better to fuck you with,” she retorted casually.

“Erin,” he said over his shoulder.

“Yes,” she said, breathlessly, her hand still stroking him.

“Come here.” He took her hand off his crotch and moved her around to the side, placing her hand on their mother’s pussy.

“Oh, mom,” she breathed. “I didn’t know you weren’t wearing any panties.” Her hand was smoothly, but persistently, stroking up and down over the wet skin at her fingers.

“They would only be in the way.” She reached down to cup her daughter’s pussy through her shorts. “See what I mean?”

Erin only nodded with her eyes closed. Her mother continued to stroke her while Erin matched her stroke for stroke.

“Do we think the kitchen is the best place to do this, or can we move to mom’s room?” Cory asked, grabbing his own erection through his shorts.

Without a word, Erin pulled her hand back and took her mother’s while she also sucked her mother’s juices off her fingers. Leading her upstairs, Erin let go at the door to her own room, telling them to keep going. She rounded the corner of her mother’s room a moment later, completely naked and holding her new purple toy. She walked in on her brother and mother making out, Cory’s hand under the hem of her nightgown and her mother’s hand stroking him through his shorts.

“I’ve missed us,” said Erin, interrupting the kiss, tossing her toy on the bed before joining in the kiss, first kissing her mother and then her brother.

“I have, too,” replied her mother while she watched her children make out. She had one hand on her son’s cock and one hand on her daughter’s pussy, feeling two different expressions of physical arousal on her fingers: the firm heat of her son’s erection and the softer moist warmth of her daughter’s vagina. It thrilled her to no end to be a part of this love triangle.

The trio was a slow flurry of hands on bodies while tongue matched tongue. As Cory and Erin kissed, their mother settled onto her knees, her hands still at work on the arousal of her son and daughter. From this low, it was easier to press her middle finger up into her daughter’s pussy while her thumb circled her clit. Erin gasped and sighed into her brother’s mouth at her mother’s touch.

Michelle had always been able to multi-task, which had made her so good at her job, full of interruptions. She had no problem continuing a persuasive conversation on the phone as her assistant slid a contract in front of her to sign, scrawling her name and making quick notes for editing, or looking at a spreadsheet as she made her case into the mouthpiece. At this very moment, however, she had one hand working rhythmically on her daughter while she wrapped her other hand around the base of her son’s cock and pressed her lips all the way forward until they met the edge of her hand.

Cory dropped his head in pleasure, catching his mother’s gaze as she smiled around his girth. He smiled back and brought his hand from Erin’s smooth, perfect ass, to stroke his mother’s brown curls. Her eyes closed in pleasure and he felt, more than heard, her quiet moan. This caused Cory to moan in response. “God, mom, that’s fantastic.”

“Give me another finger, mom,” Erin whined, looking down to her mother. Without stopping anything she was doing, Michelle simply unfolded her ring finger and pressed it in alongside the middle finger being buried and withdrawn from the young, pink flower, nectar flowing down over her wrist by this point. “MMmmm,” Erin moaned, her hand clasping over her right breast, the familiar feeling of her nipple pressing into her palm.

Confident that Cory’s hot dick was wet enough for her hand to glide freely, his mother stroked him rhythmically while she replaced her other thumb with her tongue. Erin jumped and squealed at the sudden change, but appreciated the touch of the older woman’s tongue on her bean while her two fingers continued to probe steadily at her depths.

Cory watched, enthralled, as his mother ate his sister while her hand stroked and twisted over his shaft and head. He groaned at the vision of eroticism, feeling a burning tension in his groin. He reluctantly peeled his mother’s hand away as he stepped back and took a seat on the bed. His mother initially appeared dejected, but when he smiled and sat on the bed, he indicated that she should focus on Erin. She smiled back and turned to set to work on her young female lover.

He watched as his mother’s face turned away from him, immediately causing his sister to jump with a gasp, pressing her hand on the top of her mother’s head. Erin’s eyes were closed, her head thrown back and his mom’s head was working in small circles. He noticed his sister’s taut form respond. Her nipples poked out from her wrinkled areola, her abs spasmed with no rhythm and even her thighs tensed up.

It wasn’t just the younger woman he paid attention to, however. His mother was a sight to behold. She had her back to him, still wearing her satin nightgown, stockings and heels. She swayed gently as she worked her daughter toward release, the satin gently tracing her form. The bottom flared with her hips, but as she knelt, it had ridden up, exposing most of beautiful ass. Cory was mesmerized. Her feet were turned in, toes almost touching, the scuffed soles of her high heels staring out at him from beneath the soft round orbs of his mother’s delicious ass. He could see her dark pink anus and her flowering pussy, but he also noticed her finger disappearing and reappearing as she masturbated while pleasuring her daughter.

Just then, Erin spoke, “Fu-” she gasped. “Just like that!” Her head was forward now, her brow furrowed, mouth slightly open. Her hand was insistently pressing her mother’s head forward and her hips were arched forward to her mom’s mouth. “I’m cumming, mom! Shit!” With that she let out a guttural wail as her mother moaned, her finger moving faster in her own pussy before releasing a muffled grunt into her daughter’s crotch while her own hips convulsed.

Cory had to have them, both of them. He stood and gently lifted his mother up under her arms, surprising her, but then bringing a giggle as he pushed her back onto the bed, causing her to flop back onto the blanket. Grabbing Erin by the arm, he pushed her to lie beside his mother. Erin wasn’t even settled before Cory pushed his mother’s legs back and buried his face in her now-dripping cunt.

Michelle screamed at the intrusion, her hands clamping onto Cory’s head. She felt him bury his tongue into her with his mouth covering most of her, his nose pressed up against her clit, stimulating her as he moved side to side while working his tongue into her. Cory felt the ridges and lobes and soft skin of his mother’s pussy on his tongue while her lips grazed his cheeks.

Not satisfied with simply eating her, which they both enjoyed, Cory brought his hand up, rolled her hips up even further and concentrated on licking and sucking her clit so he could have room to do what they both wanted.

“Oh, yeah!” she squealed when she felt his finger press against her backdoor. “Put it in me! Finger fuck my ass!” Cory didn’t even change pace on his oral affections as he pressed forward and kept pressing, bringing a long, drawn-out moan from his mom until his middle finger was completely buried. He didn’t pull his finger out, but instead slowly wiggled it around inside, looking for ways to stimulate her, and she obviously enjoyed what he was doing. “Dammit! Oh, God, that feels good!” she screamed.

Cory heard his sister moaning and looked over to catch her stroking her new toy rapidly in and out of herself. She was working on a pattern. Instead of working it straight in and out, she would curl it up slightly as she withdrew it, keeping it just inside before quickly pressing the base down and in again. “Cumming!” she squealed, pulling the toy out just as she ejected a fountain while her hips thrust uncontrollably, her legs taut and spread open.

Cory looked quickly at his mother, whose eyes were closed as she concentrated on her own pleasure. “Erin,” he said, “Let’s show mom your new toy.”

As soon as he said “mom”, Michelle’s eyes opened in recognition. Cory withdrew his finger from her ass and told her to turn over while Erin was settling in on her back, her head propped up on the pillows. Michelle’s face was between Erin’s knees while she was on her knees and elbows. She felt Cory’s tongue in her again and felt his finger pressing into her anus as he had been before.

“Go ahead,” breathed her mother, “Show me what you can do with that thing.” Erin smiled and pressed the curved tip to her clit, fighting to keep her eyes open as she watched her mother’s interest on her recent discovery. Again Erin focused on her own pleasure, working her curved g-spot vibe as she had done before. Her mother was watching intently, occasionally closing her eyes and/or moaning as she was receiving pleasure from Erin’s brother. She began to see her mother flinch from her own impending release and this pushed Erin over the edge, the stimulation from the vibrator forcing her climax out of her.

“Mom!” Erin cried. Michelle’s eyes snapped open just as she watched a stream of fluid burst forth over her shoulder and soaking her back, the warmth and sight of it setting her off. She came on her son’s tongue, her sphincter gripping Cory’s finger as her hips spasmed. Again Erin had started using the toy, this time at a fierce pace and she called out a second time. Michelle’s eyes were pinched closed in her own release, which served to protect her from a blast of hot liquid which hit her flush in the face, soaking her. Almost instinctively she opened her mouth to try and catch what she could, but the stream never hit her square. Instead she licked her lips, tasting the musky and somewhat sweet taste of her daughter’s release.

Erin stared in disbelief at her mother’s depravity. It was one thing not to see it coming, but it was another to chase the stream with her mouth while her son’s finger was buried in her ass, his tongue in her pussy. “Holy shit, mom!” She practically lunged at her mother!

Michelle was stunned and somewhat ashamed at what she had just done. What must her children think of her? Before she could sit up to clean her face, she felt the bed bounce hard and then a hard kiss on her lips, a tongue invading her mouth. Her son’s finger was quickly removed as she rolled to the side when her daughter pinned her to the bed. The tongue in her mouth quickly began taking long sweeps as it flattened against her cheeks. Her daughter moaned and in the background she heard her son mutter, “Holy fuck.” Michelle brought her own hand up to wipe the dripping, and now somewhat burning, fluid from her eyes before opening them to see her daughter with a huge smile on her face hovering above her.

“Oh, my God,” Erin laughed. “Mom, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Really?” Michelle was surprised, but felt a little better, letting a smile escape.

“Oh, yeah,” Erin nodded.

“Oh, HELL yeah!” Cory laughed.

“I didn’t mean to. It just happened,” their mom excused.

“I guess that makes you a natural sex goddess, then, mom. I’ve never seen anything like that.” Erin was still smiling, shaking her head.

Michelle sat up and picked up the toy, still soaked in her daughter’s release. “So, can I try this out?”

“Absolutely!” Erin said.

“Yay me!” Michelle giggled.

“Okay, so this is a g-spot vibe,” Erin explained. “You can play with it however you want, but it’s designed to be most effective only a short way in. If you can bear with the intensity, you might be able to squirt like I did. If you feel like you have to pee, you don’t, so let it go. Okay?”

“Okay,” she questioned, “but what I really do have to pee?”

“That doesn’t matter,” Cory interjected. “If you pee, you pee. So what? Just enjoy yourself.”

“If it will make you feel better, you can go pee first so you know it isn’t,” Erin offered.

“Okay. I think I’ll do that.” Michelle bounced up off the bed and made her way to the bathroom before emptying her bladder and making her way back to the bed. As she came back in she saw Cory with his cock buried in his sister’s mouth, her hand between her legs, working herself over. “Seriously?” she laughed. “I was gone for thirty seconds and you forget about me?” As she knelt on the be to take her place, she swatted Erin’s ass hard, a resounding SMACK echoing through the room. Erin grunted and came again right then, to everyone’s surprise.

“Oh, my God,” Erin said, pulling off of Cory’s swollen rod. “I was right on the edge, but that sent me over. That’s never happened before.”

“Note to self,” Cory laughed.

“Okay,” Michelle said, picking up the vibrator. “Back to work. Cory, let me have that,” she said, reaching out for his erection. Cory knee walked over to her and pressed his dick toward her mouth. She started sucking and licking on him while her hands busied themselves down below, one circling her clit, the other learning to use Erin’s toy. She would flinch and moan occasionally as she discovered the advantages of this toy over her others.

Erin sat at her mother’s feet, stroking herself and watching intently as the older beautiful brunette pleasured herself with the small purple vibrator, flinching in response to its effectiveness. Not content to just watch, Erin lifted her mother’s foot to remove her shoe and repeated the process with the other. Having her feet free, she kissed her mother’s toes through the stockings, bringing moans and shivers from her mom. Cory enjoyed watching her, too, she could tell. Keeping eye contact with her brother, she lifted her mother’s foot and licked along the sole, from the heel of her foot to the ball.

As Michelle began to experience the deep pleasure Erin’s little investment was bringing her, she felt the familiar urge to pee, but forced herself not to stop. She was not going to pee on the bed in front of her children, she told herself. She continued to work that vibrator into herself and pressed the curved tip against her sensitive g-spot. Her daughter had just removed her shoes and a new sensation over took her as a jolt shot from her foot directly to her pussy, kicking her arousal up a notch.

Erin now had her thumb pressed against her mother’s heel and was waiting for her to really approach the edge. Her mom’s leg was tensing against her, her abs were flinching, her eyes were pinched closed and she was moaning almost constantly now. As soon as she heard her mother’s groan catch in her throat, she scraped her thumbnail forcibly and quickly across the arch of her mother’s foot, seeming to force a spray from her mother, her own hand and thighs coated and the blanket darkened with her orgasm. Erin was out of range, but enjoyed watching her mother cum more than she thought she would. Dropping her mother’s foot, she watched as her brother backed away and her mom tried to catch her breath.

“Wow,” Michelle breathed. “That was amazing.” She was greeted by a kiss from first her son, then her daughter. She smiled at them both and stroked the cheek of the one kissing her. When Erin backed away, her mother grabbed Cory’s erection again and drew it to her mouth, pulling him forward. After one long lick along the underside, she pulled her knees up and said, “Erin, baby.”


“Would you toss momma’s salad?” She smiled nervously as she asked.

Erin felt her heart jump for a second, but then smiled and nodded. She had never done this before, but Megan had done it for her on several occasions and she loved the feelings. “It’s still just skin,” she had explained. “All I taste is the juice that ran down from your pussy.” Erin had already eaten her mom repeatedly, so she was willing to try. Her mother watched, cock in hand, as Erin lowered herself onto her stomach and pressed against the backs of the stockings. Her mother’s legs curled back even further toward her shoulders.

Erin loved the look of an aroused woman. Her mother’s dark pink labia were splayed open, coated in the sheen of her excitement. Above the clit was a trimmed patch of dark hair that ended abruptly at the edges. The stockings and hem of the night shirt seemed to frame the work of art that was the brunette’s center at the moment, the object of Erin’s present affection. Below the flared labia was a small circle of pink wrinkles, all pointing to center. As her mother waited with expectation, Erin could see it pulse once, being drawn into itself then released.

Michelle enjoyed that first touch of her daughter’s tongue on her clitoris. She flinched and moaned as a jolt of pleasure fired through her core. She was thankful for her daughter’s tutor(s) and had come to appreciate the pleasure of her children’s sexual freedom mixed with respect and compassion. Erin’s lips pulled first one lip and then the other into her mouth, lapping them with her tongue before releasing them to receive a gasp and moan. It was involuntary. Michelle couldn’t help it. Her daughter was an artist.

Cory watched the show as his mother idly stroked him. As much as he wanted more attention, he didn’t mind. He was enjoying the show. His mother’s grip would occasionally tighten in concert with a groan or yelp or gasp and the grip would again loosen with a sigh.

Her mother had not asked her to eat her pussy, but to lick her ass. As the ball of nerves in her stomach tightened up, she reminded herself, “It’s only skin. It’s only skin…” Never removing her tongue from her mother, the passionate blonde dipped into the pussy before her, sucked on the labia again and licked straight down the perineum, noting the change in texture, but also noting no change in taste. Relieved and excited at her mother’s response, she circled lightly around the rim of wrinkles and flicked lightly at the ridge where the anus and perineum met before randomly experimenting. Her hands squeezed at the thighs they held, expressing her own passion while also preventing the legs from slamming down onto her back.

Michelle had been trying not to grow impatient at the absence of Erin’s tongue on her ass. As much as she enjoyed her pussy eating, she wanted to feel that tongue further back. It didn’t take long for her daughter’s tongue to find its way down to the intended target and her mature lover moaned in appreciation. Oh, god, she couldn’t believe how much she liked having her ass licked. She tried to balance enjoying it with learning how to return the favor. What felt good, what did nothing? It was hard to tell because she was just a bundle of firing nerves in that area. The sensations Erin was giving by licking her were different than the sensations that came from having something pressed into her. The finger was strong and invasive, the tongue soft and delicate. But she loved them both. They both made her feel dirty, but also loved.

She loved the feeling of the tongue, but alone it wasn’t enough. Reaching over, she picked up the vibe again and had to let go of Cory’s dripping erection to turn it on. As soon as she felt it buzz to life, she grabbed her son again and this time pulled him into her mouth. She heard him groan as he pressed forward until he bumped into the inside of her cheek. She turned her head to provide a straighter shot into her mouth, but her lips bumped into her hand so he couldn’t go too far. She didn’t want to lose concentration by gagging or worse. The tip of the buzzing toy found its way to her clitoris, forcing a grunt and flinch due to the jarring pleasure she felt at its touch. Now she began the more rapid ascent to her orgasm. Her clit was pleasured by a vibrator, her ass by her daughter’s tongue, and her mouth was stimulated by her son’s hot erection filling her mouth. The only thing missing was… “OH!” she squealed.

Cory pinched his mother’s taut nipple through the satin nightgown. He couldn’t resist. He was almost overwhelmed with the feelings flowing through him. How had he lasted this long, he wondered. It must have been the slow play, the shift of focus to his mother and sister, almost third person. Now he was back in the thick of it. His mother was coating the head of his cock with her tongue while playing with herself as her daughter licked her ass. He wanted to be in that ass.

He backed away from his mother’s touch. “What’s wrong, baby?” she asked. She looked worried.

“Nothing, mom,” he smiled, stroking her cheek. “Just a little too much stimulation right now. I have somewhere else I want to be when I finish.” He glanced down at his sister when he said it.

Michelle was glad to hear that. It amped up her excitement as she anticipated losing her anal virginity to her son. “Me, too,” she giggled. Her brow quickly furrowed and her hand went to her own breast, squeezing it and pulling on her nipple as she worked the vibrator around and into herself. The tongue on her ass displayed more enthusiasm than had been there a few minutes ago.

Erin was enjoying herself immensely. One of her hands had snaked down to rub her clit as she lay on her own arm, pinning it beneath her. Her other hand was cupped under a cheek of the ass she was eating, and the leaking pussy continued to release flavor over the wrinkled star she explored. It was not enough to hear the buzz of her battery-powered friend, but now it would occasionally bump into her forehead as it was put to good use.

Michelle knew it was time to blow. The thought of being anally penetrated, the tongue at her backdoor, the vibrator on her clit, the pull at her nipple…it was all too much! She pressed the vibrator in against her g-spot and after a moment, a liquid fire burst out of her urethra before the tongue left her ass and the mouth clamped over her pussy. “Shit, she must be drowning,” she thought.

Erin, instead, was savoring the experience and the taste. As soon as her mother spasmed, Erin captured the stream and pussy in her mouth and began to swallow the loving spray as it escaped the imprisoning gland. She moaned into the vagina she was enjoying, trying to keep her mouth attached as the hips beneath her bucked up off the bed before dropping back to the now-soaked blanket.

Michelle was exhausted, but thrilled. She felt Cory move lower on the bed. “Wait!” she called. He stopped and looked at her.

Please don’t change your mind, he thought.

“Lube,” she wheezed, pointing limply at her nightstand.

Cory scrambled to the nightstand and opened it, pulling out a bottle of personal lubricant. She had thought of everything. He looked at it before being interrupted by her impatience.

“Hurry,” she said. “I want you in me.”

In a flash, he was between her legs. Erin had moved to the side and was holding her mother’s left leg up and over, keeping her spread for easy access. She reached down and stroked him a couple of times. Holding her hand out palm up, she didn’t have to wait for her brother to take the hint. He squirted some lube in her hand and she smeared it all over him, being careful to avoid the head any more than necessary. She held her hand out again and he poured some more into it. This time she smeared it around her mother’s anal area, being careful not to penetrate her, even though she knew she really should. She just wanted to see Cory’s cock forcing itself into her.

Cory tossed the bottle on the bed beside his sister and moved forward a little. Pressing her legs back and settling more onto his heels, he looked her in the eye and smiled. She had a look of pure lust on her face. Her eyes burned with fire. She wanted this, he knew. It wasn’t for him; it was for her. Her head was up so she could see the best she could. He rolled her hips up a little more as she pulled on her calves. Erin seemed enraptured, too.

Erin noticed the head of Cory’s cock distort as he tried to press forward against the resistant seal. It flattened out and moved to the side. His cock slid down toward her back briefly before he corrected it and tightened his grip at the base, causing it to swell in his fist. The veins were distended, the head swelled and she watched it begin to press against it again. This time she heard her mother gasp as the head suddenly disappeared.

“Ow! Wait,” Michelle breathed. Her hand flew to Cory’s stomach to push against him. She felt her daughter’s hand come down to caress her clit and for pleasure to return as she got used to the burning stretch of the intruder’s entrance.

He was in. He couldn’t believe it! He was in his mother’s ass. It was a tight fit, just at the head, the ring of muscles like a collar that’s just a little too small. His sister had started playing with his mother’s pussy again and she had ordered him to stop and wait. This was going to feel like a long wait, he figured. He just hoped she didn’t change her mind.

Michelle was starting to feel better and still wanted this. She continued to be aroused even more with her daughter’s hand stroking her. She looked at Cory, bit her bottom lip in preparation and nodded, her eyes fixed on his. He raised his eyebrows in uncertainty and she nodded again, mouthing “slowly.” He nodded his response. Slowly he pressed forward, opening her up even more, gradually filling her. She didn’t ask him to stop. She wanted to feel his balls on her ass, to know he was buried. It burned. It burned like hell, but she wanted this and hoped, no, knew it would feel better soon. He had disconnected his eyes from hers, choosing instead to watch their union form. She could only imagine what he was seeing. And she loved the image. What it must look like to see her son’s perfect cock pressed fully inside her, stretching her anal ring while her pussy was flared open, dripping in arousal. She felt a tingle at the image and shuddered.

Erin could not believe she was a part of this. She could actually see her butt grip his erection, pulling on her pussy as it stretched her open. Erin’s fingers continued to stimulate her mother, but her own pussy was in desperate need of attention. And maybe her ass? She had been thinking about it more since her talk with mom last night while Cory slept. Her mind had been made up: if tonight was the night her mother lost her ass cherry, it would be her night, too. She had used one of her other toys, not her new vibe, to experiment last night. Rubbing the head around her hole and then working it in, had brought some pleasure, a little pain at first, but with a toy it felt impersonal somehow. Would it be different with a real penis?

Cory groaned when he felt his balls resting against the soft skin of his mother’s ass. He couldn’t believe he was all the way in. It was tight at the entrance, but opened up inside, not like her pussy. He was rock hard, though, and it felt amazing. He had to be closer to his mother. He leaned down to kiss her, causing the angle of his cock to change and his head brushed against her inside. She gasped at his movement. He did, too.

He kissed her gently on the lips, bringing her tongue out to lick his lips. He returned her advance and the kiss quickly heated up. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and she rolled her hips, bringing another moan from both of them. “Oh, fuck,” she muttered into his mouth. “God, Cory, this feels so good,” she whined. “Go ahead,” she said, pulling back a little and looking in his eyes with pure lust. Through gritted teeth she demanded, “Fuck my ass.”

Cory propped up on his hands again and withdrew slowly, drawing a moan from Erin, who was now stroking both her mother’s pussy and her mother’s calf, the shin pulled tight against Erin’s body. It felt like she was sucking him back in, but he had to fight to withdraw. It. Was. Incredible. He pulled out smoothly until just the head was still captured and then pressed forward again. Once he was buried he repeated it and as she adjusted to it he began smoothly working himself in and out.

She couldn’t believe how good it felt. The searing pain had begun giving way to less discomfort and more pleasure. The tight grip of her sphincter seemed to beg him not to leave, and her brain felt the same way, but when he would return the muscles seemed to want him out. It was sweet conflict and she loved it. She began to feel flush all over, sweat forming on her face, hell, on her whole body. She wanted this. Loved it. Knew she would crave it. The faster he would go, the better it would feel. And through it all was an underlying discomfort, not quite pain. That’s what made it even better. But she wanted more.

“Get up here, baby,” Michelle called to Erin. “Sit on my face so I can eat you.”

Erin scrambled up, but as she was about to straddle her mother, she said, “Wait. I want to watch.”

“Then turn around and watch,” her mother laughed, jarred by the thrusting cock in her ass.

Erin sat on her mother’s face, looking at her brother concentrating on the pummeling he was giving. She settled onto her mouth and leaned forward to kiss her brother, which he met with equal fervor. She shivered and whined at the first touch of her mother’s tongue. She felt her mom’s arm force its way under Erin’s leg while the other arm embraced her thigh. As Michelle lapped at the pussy above her, she pressed a moistened finger up into her ass. Erin squealed before relaxing against it, enjoying the feeling of her mother’s invading digit.

“Mom has her finger in my ass,” she whispered to Cory. Cory picked up the pace, causing Michelle to both groan in a loud continuous stream and to increase her attack on her daughter’s clit and anus. Erin breathed out, “God, Cory, I want what mom is getting.”

That was it. Cory drove himself forcibly into his mother and blasted shot after shot of scalding cum into her bowels. He growled fiercely, feeling his entire core being forced out through the end of his dick.

His mother screamed, muffled as it was by her daughter’s crotch. It felt like fire flooding her insides, but she wanted it. She wanted more, whatever he had to offer. Her own climax shook her entire being, causing her to clamp around her son’s root and to drive her finger all the way into her daughter.

The knowledge that her brother was cumming in her mother’s ass, and the feeling of her mother’s tongue and finger working her over, and the imagination of her brother’s dick stuffed in her own ass, and the sound and feeling of her mother’s scream, drew Erin’s orgasm out of her. Her voice caught in her throat and she convulsed on her mother’s face, collapsing on top of her, her face mere inches from the connection that started her own imagination stirring.

After a moment, the two ladies lay resting, each facing the other’s cunt. Erin watched, and her mother felt, as Cory slowly rested on his heels again, his softening member pulling slowly from the tight ring of muscle that currently embraced it. She saw him slip free and a stream of his cum dribbled out, flowing from the stretched opening to gather in a pool on the blanket. The pussy above it was still red and wet and inviting. But she had nothing left to give. Not now anyway.

None of them did. Michelle pushed her daughter off of her. “Move, sweetie,” she said. “You’re hot.”

“Thanks,” giggled Erin, drawing a quick swat on her rear end from her mother, who laughed with her.

Cory had just lay down on his back at his mother’s feet, breathing heavily like the others. “Oh my God,” he breathed. “That was fucking incredible.”

“It sure was,” echoed Michelle. “I never knew anal would be like that.”

“So, Erin,” Cory asked, turning to face his sister. “Did you mean what you said?”

“Yeah,” she said, hardly believing he doubted her. “I did. I thought I wanted it before, after mom and I talked. Now that I’ve seen it live and saw mom respond, I know for a fact that I want it!”

“I should probably take a shower then. Cross-contamination and all that.”

“Erin,” Michelle said, “Go get a soapy cloth to clean him up. I don’t think my legs are working right now.” She laughed a little as she said it.

“Okay.” Erin bounced to the bathroom and turned on the faucet, waiting for the water to heat up as she found a washcloth in the closet.

“Cory,” Michelle called.

“Yeah?” He opened his heavy eyes and looked at her.

“Thank you for making my fantasy a reality.” She crawled over and lay down next to him.

“No. Thank you. That was a blast. Are we going to do it some more?” he asked expectantly.

“I hope so,” she laughed. She put her head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around her. “But that’s not what I mean.” She sighed and propped up to look in his eyes, her hand on his chest, idly playing with his chest hair. “Every little girl wants to grow up to marry Prince Charming. When reality hits we know he isn’t real, but there are still things we want. We want a man who loves us, charms us, takes care of us, treats us with dignity, and…well…fucks us silly.” She laughed a little, drawing a smile from him. “You are the man who does those things for me. You’re my fantasy. And you have become a reality for me. So thank you.” She kissed him lightly on the lips.

Cory didn’t know what to say. So he didn’t. He stroked her hair and gave her another kiss. Satisfied, she lay her head back on his chest and rested.

Erin returned with a hot soapy washcloth and cleaned her brother’s cock and balls and groin, gently caressing him, but being very thorough so as not to leave anything on him. She had handed her mother a warm wet cloth to clean herself up and then rinsed all three (she had cleaned herself in the bathroom) before returning to lie down with her family.

After a few minutes, Cory’s stomach growled. All three burst into laughter. “Shut up,” he laughed. “I can’t help it. I’m hungry.”

“I could eat a little something,” Erin agreed.

“Yeah, me, too.”

All three got up and walked to the kitchen, the mother still in her gown and stockings, but brother and sister still completely stripped. Erin pulled out the cheesecake and pulled the lid off the tin, dropping forks on the counter. When their mother turned around from the cabinet with three pie plates, she acted indignant.

“Hey! Where did you learn to do that?”

Erin just shrugged as she pulled the fork from her lips, leaving streaks of cheesecake on the tines.

“Come on, mom. Dig in,” Cory laughed.

“Well, okay, but that’s not very dignified,” she smiled.

“Says the woman who was just begging for a dick in her ass,” mumbled Erin. Cory’s eyes got wide as he looked at her before whipping his head to look at his mother, his fork still wedge between his lips.

“Erin!” cried Michelle. But she couldn’t hold her smile or her laugh. She flung a piece of cheesecake from her fork, hitting Erin squarely on her naked shoulder.

“You bitch!” she cried, laughing. Cory watched as the two women in his life wrestled cheesecake-filled forks from each other, an exchange of squeals, screams, laughing, and name-calling bouncing around the kitchen. He laughed with them, ducking to avoid flying cheesecake and errant silverware. Within a couple of minutes, both women were breathing hard and laughing, wiping cheesecake and graham cracker crumbs off their naked skin, and in his mom’s case, her nightgown.

“Look what you did,” she whined, still smiling.

“That’s what you get for wearing anything at all,” her daughter retorted.

“Well, you didn’t seem to mind it when you were stroking me after dinner.”

“I didn’t say I don’t like it. I just like you better with nothing.”

“So do I,” agreed Cory, licking some more cheesecake off his fork.

“So do I,” replied their mother. She reached her fork into the remaining cheesecake and took another bite.

“Well?” asked Cory.

“Well, what?” his mother replied, a twinkle in her eye.

“Cory dropped his fork on the counter in exasperation. “What are you still doing dressed?” he asked.

“Oh! You want me to take this off?” Michelle smiled, standing straight up. She couldn’t help but laugh after a moment, bringing more laughter from Cory and Erin.

Cory took a step around the counter and said, “Fine. I’ll just have to do it myself.”

His mother squealed and took off running, calling out, “You’ll have to catch me first!” Cory ran after her, his sister hot on his heels. He couldn’t believe how fast and agile his mom was, taking the stairs two at a time. She ducked into her room and just as Cory and Erin arrived, her door slammed into the frame, blocking them out. Cory wiggled the knob, noting it was locked.

“Knock, knock,” he sang, his face nose buried in the door jamb.

“Somebody in here,” she laughed back.

Erin stuck her hand under the door, palm up, wiggling her fingers and calling out, “We know you’re in there! You can’t hide forev-OW!” She began to whine before laughing, “Mom stepped on my fingers!” She was laughing as she tried to pull her hand out, but her fingers were trapped painlessly beneath the stocking-clad bare foot of her mother, who was cackling through the door.

“Take that!” she called through the hollow door.

“You’re going down now!” called Erin, trying unsuccessfully to withdraw her hand.

“Erin,” Cory said. “I forgot about my paper clip. I can pop this lock.”

“Go get it,” she said, still pulling away.

Cory lunged across the hall to his room, grabbed the paper clip off the top of his door frame and pushed it into the hole in the knob. It clicked, but his mother squealed and pushed the lock back in. Erin was able to pull her hand free, her mother obviously pre-occupied with keeping the door locked. Cory and his mom laughed as they each tried to control the lock for a few more seconds. Finally, he popped the lock and she didn’t press it back in. He turned the knob and pushed the door open, careful not to hit his mom, who may still be right on the other side.

When the door opened he and Erin saw her on standing in the middle of the bed, breathing heavily, just as they were. In her right hand she held Erin’s new toy, wielding it like a knife.

“I’m warning you,” she giggled, trying to sound intimidating, but failing terribly. “I’ve got a vibrator and I’m not afraid to use it.”

Erin shook her head and grabbed her brother’s penis. “Ain’t that just like a woman?” she asked in a gritty southern accent with a scowl. “Bringing a vibrator to a cock fight.” Almost immediately all three dropped into fits of laughter, Erin and Cory slumped over, out of breath, but laughing heartily. Their mother fell over on the bed, dropping the vibrator. She was shaking, but no sound came out except the occasional wheezing inhale. Her kids made their way over to the bed and sat down, laughing and she sat up, her face red and a big smile on her lips. She wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to settle herself down.

“Oh, wow,” she said. “That’s the most I’ve laughed in a long time.”

“That’s great and everything,” Erin said, turning serious, “But you’re still wearing that nightgown.” She couldn’t help but let a wicked smile escape.

“Get her!” Cory yelled, pouncing on his mother as Erin joined him in piling on top of her.

Their mother laughed and squirmed, trying to break free, but her son was too strong as he held her thighs while his sister pulled at the hem of her gown to try and get it off over her head. Michelle was trying to decide if she should hold the gown, cross her arms or try to fight back.

“Turn her over!” Erin commanded and Cory worked with his sister to fight their mom over onto her stomach, her gown up around her upper back. All three were laughing, Cory’s arms wrapped around her lower thighs and knees, Erin pulling at one arm while trying also to pull up on the gown, to get it over that same arm. She was surprised at her mother’s strength. Just then, she remembered the smack her mom had given her on the ass earlier in the evening and seeing her mother’s bare skin exposed, she quickly pulled back and brought her hand down flat against one of her globes.


“SHIT!” screamed Michelle, “THAT HURT!” She was trying not to laugh, but the sting was sharp. She felt it begin to burn and throb. She stopped fighting as she dealt with the pain.

“Oh, my god, Erin! You left a hand print!” Cory belted out. “What the hell? We’re just playing.” He loosened his grip on his mother and sat back, stroking the hand print. He looked pissed. Erin had seen this before when she would take their jokes a step too far. “Mom, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” She sat up on her hip and craned her neck to try and see the pink hand that was on prominent display against the white skin. She ran her hand over it. “It feels hot.” She looked at Erin. “That really hurt, honey.”

“Payback’s a bitch,” she smiled.

“I’m not playing around, Erin. That really hurt,” Michelle fumed.

“Jeez! Sorry!” Erin crossed her arms. “I was just playing around. I didn’t mean to hurt you. God.”

Michelle’s heart broke. “Come here,” she said, extending her arms out. Erin crawled the five feet and sat next to her mom, wrapping her arms around her waist as her mother’s embrace covered her shoulders. Michelle rested her cheek on the top of Erin’s head. “It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to. I was just surprised, is all. I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“It’s okay. I deserved it.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, too, Erin,” Cory echoed. His sister just nodded in acceptance.

They sat there quietly for less than a minute, but it felt longer. “You know, Cory,” his mother said quietly, stroking her daughter’s hair. “I just learned something from your sister.”

“Oh, yeah? What’s that?”

“Once the initial shock wore off, that was kind of nice.” She smiled at him. Erin sat up.

“Really, mom?” Erin had that glint in her eye again. “Because that’s what I was hoping for. I liked it when you popped me and I was hoping you would like it, too. I really didn’t mean to hit you that hard.”

“Well, maybe we should learn together how much is too much.” She winked at the blonde at her hip. Placing her hand on her daughter’s thigh, she asked, “What do you think?”

Erin nodded with a smile. “Sounds like fun.”

Her mom patted her on the thigh as she stood. “Okay, turn around.” She pulled the nightgown over her head as her daughter got on her hands and knees on the bed, her feet hanging over the edge. Michelle took a similar position next to her and winked at her. After a few seconds, she looked over her shoulder at Cory. “Well?” She wiggled her hips a little at him. “How about a hand?”

Cory was on his feet in a flash. “Uh…what do I…uh?”

“Start with something strong, but playful.” He loved when a woman looked over her shoulder at him like that. It was about the sexiest thing. “Do me first, then give Erin the same thing.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“And Cory?”


“Aim a little low, where the butt meets the thigh. It’s more sensitive there.”

“All right.” Cory took a deep breath. He pulled his arm back and slapped his mother’s ass right where she had asked. It was pretty light but he was being cautious.

“Okay, you can start any time now,” she teased. Erin laughed.

Cory drew back and smacked a little harder. “Better,” she breathed.

He repeated the shot on the smaller ass, getting an “OH!” in response, followed by a giggle.

“Harder now,” he heard is mother say.

“Yes, harder,” Erin said, nodding quickly.

Back and forth Cory slapped first his mother’s ass, then his sister’s, each time bringing a harder shot. Their cries increased to groans and then yelps while their breathing quickened and their cheeks reddened. He would notice as his erection grew, that each of them would either stick their hips back to meet his hand or they would arch their backs in spasms.

On one particularly solid smack, Erin yelped and dropped her head to the mattress. Her hips flinched. Either she had had an orgasm or she was about to. Her mother, on the other hand had not, although she was clearly enjoying herself. Seeing her daughter respond the way she was, she rose up onto her knees and turned to face Erin’s hips.

“Keep going, Cory. Let’s focus on Erin now.” She stroked Erin’s back, running her hands from her neck to her haunches. Giving Erin a solid slap on her already pink cheek, she noted Erin’s moaning response and the twist of her hips. She could see and smell her daughter’s arousal.

Cory pulled his hand back and let loose with another solid shot on her left cheek, then before she could recover, one on her right cheek. She was practically whimpering now. Her hips never stopped moving; they were flinching or rolling or pressing back, but never still.

Erin couldn’t believe the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling. Her mom was running her hands lightly over her skin, keeping her nerves firing, and her brother would meet her with open-handed slaps, forcing her body to respond to the stark contrast of her mother’s gentle touches. She could feel her orgasm teetering on the edge, waiting for another strong sensation, but not knowing when or what kind of stimulation it would take. That only added to her excitement. Another stinging hand, but this time it was the combination of a new sensation with it.

Michelle couldn’t resist. She quickly wrapped her arm underneath her daughter’s waist and ran her fingers over her daughter’s clit as her son let his hand fly one more time. Her daughter groaned in response, although to whose touch, she could not say. Michelle’s fingers circled the wet labia and clitoris, smoothly and firmly. Her own arousal increased as she touched her daughter. It was almost like she was touching herself.

The hand on her pussy and the hand on her butt brought Erin right to the edge. Her hips were jumping on their own. Her head was swimming, a numbing tingle raced through her core from her cunt to her brain and back again, a neural superhighway. Her mother’s hand continued to stroke her, one finger beginning to dip into her as she stroked back and forth now, pulling lubrication from her to make the orbit around her clitoris more enjoyable. It was at this point that she felt her mother shift and felt the breasts pressed against her side.

Cory was has hard as a rock now, enthralled at what he was seeing. His mother winked at him with a crooked smile and maintained eye contact with him as she bent over his sister’s back, licked her lips and then extended her tongue while she lowered her head to Erin’s backside.

The spanking had stopped and Erin was just about to ask why when she felt it. Her orgasm ripped through her when her mother’s tongue touched her anus. She let out a wail and it was only her mom’s grip on her waist that kept her from lunging forward onto her stomach. She felt the surge rip through her and her thighs and calves splashed with warmth at her release. The fingers that had been stroking her were now firmly rooted inside her pussy as she clamped around them. Her mother’s palm was pressed against her mound, stimulating her clit as her fingers thrust steadily in and out of her pussy.

Michelle felt her daughter’s contractions on her fingers while feeling the flood of her juices on her palm, running down her wrist. She saw the spray of Erin’s orgasm before she decided to dig her fingers into her so she could ride out the pleasure. Her tongue never stopped working as the lithe blonde bucked against her, trying to fight her way out Michelle’s grasp, but that just wasn’t going to happen, she told herself. As Erin settled down, Michelle backed away and brought her hand up to graze across her daughter’s backdoor, drawing a moan from her lips.

“Erin,” she whispered in her ear, “Do you want to feel your brother’s cock in your pussy?”

Erin didn’t say anything, but nodded frantically. She did. She did want to feel it.

“Cory,” his mother said, never looking at him, but tracing his sister’s body with her eyes. “Why don’t you fuck your sister? She would like that.”

“So would I,” he said, taking a step forward. Michelle took hold of him, sucked him into her mouth and bobbed on his shaft a few times before lining him up against her. He pressed forward and buried himself, his gruff moan blending with the more feminine whine of his sister, bringing a smile to their mother’s face.

Erin was still getting stroked on her clit while being plowed by a cock, when she felt the return of her mother’s tongue on her asshole. She was again on fire. It was all too much for her and she again felt her orgasm quickly rising, begging for release.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “I’m cumming!” She groaned as she splashed against her brother’s cock and balls and thighs. She heard her mother’s encouragement, but could not make out what she was saying. As she came down, her brother continued to move in her, but her mom had stopped and was back at her ear.

“I’m going to get your ass ready for that cock.”

Erin shuddered.

“You want it, don’t you?” Michelle asked.


“Tell me.”

“I want his cock in my ass.” She was out of breath, trying to say the words.

“Tell your brother what you want. Look him in the eye and tell him.”

Erin forced herself back up onto her hands and turned to look over her shoulder, fire burning from her stare into her brother’s deep brown eyes. “Cory, I want you to bury that cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me with it like you fucked mom. Please.”

How could Cory say no to that. He almost came at the request. “I want that, too, Erin. I want to be as far in your ass as I can get.”

Their mother was oddly proud and unsurprisingly aroused. She reached for the lube on the night stand and poured some on Erin’s wrinkles before dropping the tube on the bed next to her and working a finger in. As Erin moaned her mother could feel the tight ring gripping her finger. “Keep fucking her, Cor,” she invited. Cory began to move again, slowly, keeping himself mostly buried to avoid too much stimulation on the head of his dick.

This the second part of the “It began on a Christmas” Saga. I appreciate the comments and critique I received for my last story. I have tried my level best to learn from my mistakes. Your comments and criticism is welcome as ever. I plan to wrap up this story in the two more chapters. Please let me know what do you think.




I was surprised at daddy’s statement. Though it was not the most surprising thing that had happened that night, yet I had a feeling that I was in for more surprises. Daddy said, “I think we need to join the others. I’ll be selfish to keep you all by myself”. He got up and began to leave the room. He didn’t even bother to put something on. He gestured me to do the same. I quietly began to follow him.

I was expecting a lot of things, but what I saw in the main living room was beyond my wildest imaginations. In the center of the living-room, a mattress had been placed and on that mattress, mom and my two brothers where having a highly desolate threesome. Joe was lying down on his back. Mom was on his top and his dick was in mom’s ass, while Sam was fucking mom’s pussy. All three of them were going at it at an incredible pace I could see mom’s huge tits bouncing up and down fanatically. My pussy was already leaking again and to add to that, dad had hugged me from behind, grabbing my tits. His dick was getting harder with every passing second.

At that moment, Sam realized that we were in the room. He stopped fucking mom and greeted me, “Hi, Sis. Jesus, look at that rack! Joe look didn’t I tell you that she is really hotter than she looks in clothes.”

I appreciated his complement by a nervous smile but I was not looking in him in the eyes. That was because my eyes were busy looking at his gorgeous dick. I was already comparing it to daddy’s prick but I could not decide by merely looking that which one was better. Joe and mom greeted me too.

Mom’s eyes lit up at the sight of me naked and daddy playing with my tits.

“Look boys, my baby girl has grown up so nicely. I bet she’ll make me proud. Come here sweetie. Let me have a closer look at you.”

Daddy let go of me and I went ahead. Before I could reach mom and lean down to get closer, mom jumped up and locked my lips with hers. Her hands got busy too. One hand was on my tits, while the other was checking my cunt out. Though I had never made love to a woman before, I did not have any trouble adapting to it. In fact I found myself opening my legs to give her hands better access to my pussy.

When she felt daddy’s semen in my pussy, she was ecstatic. She said, “It seems daddy has already fucked you? Is that right sweetie?”

“Yes mom, It is right. He put his big fucking dick in my pussy. And he came inside too.”

I loved the use of dirty language in front of mom and I could see that she liked my dirty talk too.

She asked, “Did you fucking like it baby?”

“Oh yes, mama. I loved every fucking second of it. I had the most glorious orgasm of my life. I thought I will never stop cumming.”

My hand had found its way to mom’s pussy too and now I was rubbing her clit furiously. Mom resumed the kiss while the speed of her hand increased steadily. It went for a few minutes, and then I felt my orgasm building up. I increased my pace at mom’s pussy but I had my orgasm first. I don’t know it was because I was more tired this time or was it actually my most intense orgasm that night. I was cumming but I knew that mom hadn’t cum yet, so I kept rubbing her clit as my cunt showered her hand with a fountain of love juice. After a few seconds mom hit her climax too. We both collapsed in each other’s arms.

At that moment, I realized that any of the boys hadn’t joined us in action. I turned around to receive yet another shock. Dad was lying on a couch with Joe furiously fucking his ass. Sam had his dick in daddy’s mouth.

It was one of the most erotic sights ever. However I was not going to let daddy have all the fun. I got up and joined the boys. Joe promptly pulled his dick out of daddy’s ass and held it out for me.

“Go ahead sis. Taste daddy’s love tunnel. It’s fucking delicious. “

I seriously doubted that. But I was not passing up the opportunity to suck Joe’s awesome cock. I engulfed it in a single attempt. It was huge but I did not have any trouble to swallow it completely. Sam had deserted daddy too. He came behind me. I was on my knees. He lifted my ass higher and gave it a smack and remarked, “Hmmm. . . I guess our baby sister hasn’t enjoyed her ass tonight. Well, that’s about to change.”

Saying this, he spat on my asshole and let it smear with his finger. Then he pushed his finger in my asshole. I let out a yelp but Joe muffled that yelp by pushing is cock back in my mouth again. Sam started moving his finger in and out of my ass. The sensation was totally different from what I felt when my pussy was being fucked. But I was enjoying it none the less. After a few minutes, Sam pulled out his finger. He spat on my asshole again and I could feel that this time something bigger was approaching my asshole. I was a bit nervous but I decided to coupe up with it my focusing my attention on the dick in my mouth. I began to suck it more eagerly. Sam’s dick entered my asshole. The pain was harsh but tolerable. I kept on sucking harder and harder on Joe’s dick as Sam slowly began the drill of putting his dick in and out of my ass. In a matter of seconds my body had adjusted to the pain and I was responding his thrusts by moving my hips back. This encouraged him to increase the pace. I could feel him speeding up and the sensation was getting better and better.

Suddenly I felt Joe’s balls getting tense. He let go of his seed and I did not think twice before swallowing it all. Joe withdrew his dick and sat on the couch. Dad was waiting there for him. As soon as he sat down, dad lifted his legs and shoved his dick up his ass. Sam was fucking me with a steady pace and was yelling like crazy. Mom came in front of me and opened her cunt-lips for me. I immediately began to lick her clitoris. I began to lick and suck on mom’s pussy. It was my first cunt lick but it was a strangely familiar feeling.

After a couple of minutes, Sam finally came inside my ass. He emptied his balls in my ass and withdrew his dick with a plop. Mom hurried to my behind and placed her mouth on my asshole. She sucked out the cum out of my ass. Then she came up to me and kissed my mouth. She pushed Sam’s ass flavored cum in my mouth and said, “Swallow it baby doll sperm from your ass is good for your health.” But I had already swallowed it before she could finish her sentence.

On the other side, dad had also emptied his nuts in Joe’s ass. Mom repeated the drill at his ass and brought another mouthful for me and I swallowed another load of gooey jizz. Now everybody had reached their climaxes and the atmosphere of the room suddenly went very quiet. I found my mind floating in the space somewhere. It was feeling of total peace. Everything felt perfect. No regrets, no remorse no guilt; just pure, solid satisfaction. Every pore of my body was exuding content. I wanted to stay like that forever.

Then Sam announced that he had to take a leak. He got up and stood near mom. But she smiled at him and said, “Why don’t you use your sister now. I’m sure she won’t mind.”

So he casually walked up to me and held his limp dick in front of my face. I have no idea why but I instinctively opened my mouth. He let go of his golden fluid directly aiming my mouth. It was very strong and pungent in smell, yet my brain was telling my body that it must not be spilled. So I moved closer to the source and began to swallow it. I was sure that it would taste very bad and I’d never be able to get it down. I don’t even remember anyone saying anything about swallowing it. But I knew somehow that everybody was expecting me to swallow it. I did a very good job of swallowing it. I was not repulsed by the taste at all. The warm liquid was filling me up with more content and happiness. He finished after a few seconds, said thanks and went to sit at a nearby couch. Before that, I never thought that urine was anything but waste that body needed to get rid of. Yet apparently, my family was in the habit of drinking it back. And now I felt proud to be a part of my family.

Now that my heat had cooled of, my mind was again swarming with questions. Though I was content and happy to be a part of it, I had to know what had started all this.

I looked at my parents who were smiling at me. Mom said, “So sweetie, I guess we owe you an explanation?. . . . .”

To be continued. . .

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What A Good Neighbor … Or A Whole New Meaning To S&M

Chapter 01

Introductions and How I Got Myself In To All This

Perhaps the best way to begin is to provide a bit of background. After my wife passed away unexpectedly in 2003, life seemed to just get in the way of being able to move forward. Three moves across country, a devastating financial upheaval when a business partner turned out to be a crook, more death in the immediate extended family, having to support those in the extended family that could not do otherwise for themselves – all in all, it just seemed that the cosmos was misaligned when it came to my life — especially my sex life!

At one point, it seemed to have turned around — I had met a woman; we were extremely compatible; planned a life together; but, life just got in the way AGAIN and nothing ever became of the opportunity. And as to a sex life, I had all but given up on that all together. Rosie Palm and her five sisters had even lost their attraction.

For the past few years, I devoted my life to work and minding my own business. Although I knew my neighbors on a first name basis, there was no common ground to become overly friendly with them — they were just neighbors. When one needed help, I would offer assistance, knowing most likely if the shoe were on the other foot I would not receive a similar courtesy. In short, I had become cynical of not just my life, but of everything in my life. Little did I know, that was about to change — AND HOW!

There was an odd family just three doors down. They seemed to keep to themselves even more than I did. Bill and I were on neighborly speaking terms. I had loaned him tools which he promptly returned. As well, I had helped him on various projects outside his home and helped him with his computer anytime it was “messed up” as he put it. But I say odd, as he kept his wife and two daughters sequestered away in the house.

I had only seen his wife early on Sunday mornings when the family would parade out to their car and then later in the afternoon when they returned. Always it was the same procession, Bill in the lead, followed by his wife, then his two daughters. Odd again was the dress of the women. Mother and daughters all wore long sleeved dresses that had high button collars and hems down around the ankles — rain or shine, be it 100 degrees or 40 degrees outside. As well, I could tell all three women had long hair, but it was pinned up atop and towards the back of their heads — always the same with each successive Sunday ritual procession.

I had bumped into Bill’s wife in the grocery store on several occasions, but she was always dressed similarly as on Sunday mornings, albeit more casual attire. She would not speak to me and held her head down avoiding eye contact. As I stated, this was an odd family, to say the least.

Now the daughters were a bit different, but not by much. They had been homeschooled all their lives, as Bill had informed me. I would see the two girls out for precisely two hours every Saturday afternoon. They would bicycle or roller blade down the street — back and forth — but no more than two blocks down the street past my house before they would return. However, if I were outside, they would at least smile and wave. On occasion, if I were in the driveway washing my car or out near the street mowing my lawn, they would stop and chat for a while. This is how I learned more about their family that helped fill in the blanks.

It turned out Bill was a fundamentalist preacher. As I recall, his church was something along the lines of a Pentecostal or Jehovah’s Witness type congregation. As such, he was a very strict disciplinarian and had strict rules around the house. Sandra, or Sandy as she preferred, was the most talkative. Her sister, Amanda, or Mandy, was friendly, but a bit on the shy side. I just chalked her shyness up to her sequestered upbringing. Sandy and Mandy were identical twins, and had just recently turned 19. They had finished all their homeschooling, had taken the state’s homeschool high school equivalency exam, had passed with flying colors, and were now attending the local community college for two years before transferring to one of the near by universities — that is, if their father would let them attend a school away from home.

Over the past few years, I had also witnessed the blossoming of two very beautiful young women. They each had gone from rather straight, tomboyish figures to knockout, dead gorgeous young women. Each girl had waist length strawberry blonde hair. Their breasts seemed to have exploded over night — transforming from mosquito bite sized pebbles to what appeared to be rather large handfuls. Whether a large C-cup or D-cup, makes no difference, their breasts were now in a word — AWESOME. As well, they each possessed a Scarlet O’Hara type tiny waist that flared out to dynamite muscular bubble butts. All that bicycling, roller blading and now flex skate boarding had paid off on their leg development as well — muscularly toned and well tapered — not a sign of baby fat anywhere to be seen.

Oh, back to their bubble butts. One can not exclaim enough accolades of such beautiful, young, tight and well tones butts. These two had the type of butts of which an ass man dreams each and every night — the type an ass man would have to flip a coin to decide if he wanted to sink his teeth into each marvelous globe or sink his throbbing cock in their puckered stars. Either way, to an ass man, it would be a win-win scenario no matter how the coin flip went.

And to confess, these two young women had caused me moments to pause each and every time we spoke. Even though those times were few and far between, I would have to concentrate on keeping my cock from bounding to full attention whenever we did speak. And yes, there had even been several occasions when I would awaken from a very vivid dream of these two beauties.

More recently, things had changed. I hadn’t seen Bill’s car for over two months. As well, the girls were outside more and more often. And praise the Lord above; the girls were wearing more contemporary clothes. Gone were the long sleeved, high neck blouses and baggy jeans. Here to stay were more and more revealing shirts and tops and, OH MY GOD, short denim shorts that barely contained their butts, and also gave the very definitive “camel toe” outlines of their pronounced clefts. Unfortunately, it was now time to concentrate even more to prevent a full raging hard-on while speaking to either girl.

Sandy had also made a change in her hair — now cut to shoulder length; while Mandy had only trimmed hers to mid back. To further add to the mystery, their mother, I learned her name was Miranda, had also taken a new turn. She was now venturing out into the yard and wearing shorts, along with cool cotton blouses or an occasional halter top (an event that did not go un-noticed as prior to this she was NEVER seen outside). However, upon close inspection, I was able to see exactly where the girls had attained their beauty. The two girls were the spitting image of their mother — long strawberry blonde hair, the same large breasts, a tiny waist, long well toned legs, and a simply irresistible ass. DAMN!

It was a Saturday — that glorious, unforgettable Saturday, when my life began to change for the better. It was not quite noon when the door bell startled me as I seldom had visitors. When I opened the door, I’m not sure if my eyes or my cock recognized Sandy first. There before me, Sandy was wearing a pair of those skin tight denim short shorts (shorter and tighter than any pair of Daisy Dukes I had ever seen), a sleeveless blouse that had the top three buttons either missing or unbuttoned, the shirt tails tied around her waist, and obviously no bra (nor any need for one as her breasts were definitely “pointers”, not “sitters”). It was tough to keep my jaw from hitting the floor — as well to prevent the sudden urge to drool all over myself. I managed to finally speak.

“Well hello Sandy. To what do I owe the honor of your presence on a Saturday afternoon?”

“Mr. J, you had helped Dad with that used computer he bought some time ago. Dad said you seemed to know a lot about computers. Could you take a look at it again? Mandy and I are taking a computer literacy course at the community college and our computer at home seems to have just died,” the blonde beauty requested.

“Not a problem Sandy. I’ll be glad to look at it if it’s OK with your Dad and Mom.”

Sandy’s smile turned to a rather sullen expression. After an elongated pause, she just opened up. It was as if somehow, the opportunity presented itself and she seized it to unload what had apparently been pent up inside her for some time. Maybe, as I was about to learn, it was her need for a male figure in her life.

“Our Dad doesn’t live here any more. He just up and moved out one day a few of months ago. Mom won’t say anything, but I know he left with another woman — his office manager at his church. It is all the gossip at church, which is why we don’t go any more.”

“Sandy, I am so sorry to hear that. If there is anything I can do to help you, your sister or your Mom, just let me know. I know it has to be tough on all three of you,” I offered innocently.

“We’ll be OK Mr. J. My Mom has her old teaching job at the high school. She was a teacher when she and our Dad met some 20 years ago. She’s back at the same high school where she taught before. As well, she is also cleaning homes evenings and weekends to bring in extra money. Mandy and I are working part time with Mom’s cleaning service and going to school full time. Mandy and I work jobs during the day around our class schedules and Mom does the evening and weekend jobs. So we are doing OK on our own. But there are just some things Mom, Mandy and I don’t know how to do. Like our damn computer.”

Sandy’s eyes grew wide as soon as she realized she had sworn. She looked up at me and I just smiled at her, which seemed to cause her anguish to subside and to be replaced with a wide smile.

“Mom is the one who sent me down to ask you. So I know it’s OK for you to come down and take a look at our computer. That is, if you’re agreeable. Mandy and I would be most appreciative.”

“OK, give me a minute to grab my shirt and my electronics tool bag. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll take a look and give it my best try to get you up and running again.”

“Thanks a lot Mr. J. Want me to wait?”

“Come on in. It will only take me a minute or two.”

‘Thanks Mr. J. It feels good in here — nice and cool. Mom has the thermostat turned up several degrees to cut down on our AC bill. We keep the windows open and use some fans to create a breeze. But it is still warm in the house. Hope you don’t mind being around half-dressed women.”

Sandy was smiling broadly — akin to the cat that ate the canary. She was also glancing at the crotch of my gym shorts. As much as I had concentrated, it was no use. I had a raging hard-on that was quite evident in my shorts. You just can’t hide 10 inches of hard cock very well in a skimpy pair of gym shorts. Turning, I went down the hall to grab a shirt and my sandals … and try to get my cock to subside a bit.

“Should I change shorts, Sandy, or will these be OK? Maybe your Mom won’t think these very appropriate.”

“Oh no, Mr. J. Those will be fine. No telling how warm it will get in the house today. You should be comfortable. And Mom will most likely be dressed just as cool, if not more so. Since Dad left, it’s like she is an entirely different person. Mandy and I aren’t sure who buys the more revealing clothes now, us or Mom.” Sandy openly giggled after her last remark.

In my bedroom, I just shook my head as I heard her giggling after her last remark. I kept telling myself, ‘Damn it man. She’s only 19 and you’re in your early 50s. Don’t let your imagination get the best of you. Stay cool, calm and collected.’ Yeah right! I felt like throwing Sandy over the arm of my sofa and fucking her senseless. I fetched my shirt and sandals only to duck into the master bath to try and get my cock to cooperate. As well, I splashed some cool tap water on my face. Looking up, I saw an idiot with a shit-eating grin staring back at me in the mirror. Good grief! What am I getting myself into?

When I returned to the den, Sandy was half sitting on my loveseat, almost spread eagle with one leg nonchalantly draped over the arm of the loveseat, bouncing her dangling foot up and down as if in rhythm to some unheard music. Her shorts had ridden up and I could swear that short wisps of her strawberry blonde pubic hair were creeping out of the edge of her camel toe cleft. I couldn’t keep from staring openly at the V between her legs. As she looked up, she grinned widely again, causing me to almost be embarrassed at being caught — ALMOST.

“Um … OK Sandy. Ready when you are. Lead the way.”

“Let’s go then, as long as you’re sure you’re UP to it.”

Sandy made no pretense in either the way she emphasized the word “up” or in the way she looked directly at my crotch and then giggled before opening my front door and leading me down the three houses to hers. As she opened her front door, my jaw again almost dropped. There before me with an outstretched hand was her drop dead gorgeous Mom. And just as Sandy had intimated, her Mom was dressed in equally short, tight shorts and a similar blouse as Sandy was wearing, tied at the waist with all the other buttons undone. It was easy to see from her cleavage that she was not wearing a bra, and like her daughters, did not need one.

“Thank you for coming to our rescue. The girls have a mid-term project due for their computer lit class, and I have no idea of what to do. Oh my gosh, please excuse me. I’m Miranda. Even though we’ve bumped into one another, we’ve never been introduced. I know the girls and their father call you Mr. J. But that’s all I know,” she smiled, her hand reaching out to greet mine.

Shaking her soft hand, I replied casually, “Please, call me Doc. That goes for you and your daughters as well. I’ll take a look and see what I can do for the ailing computer. But just as I told Sandy, I can’t make any promises. Uh, aren’t you one short? Where’s Mandy?”

“Oh, I almost forgot. Mandy is in the shower trying to cool off a bit. The computer is in the girls’ bedroom. Unfortunately, that is also where Mandy is showering, so you will need to wait a few more minutes. Why don’t you sit here in the den, if that’s OK with you? The fan will keep us cool. Well, sort of. Would you like something to drink? We have iced tea, soda or water.”

“Anything will be fine; which ever is easiest for you.”

Sandy and Miranda both went into the kitchen. Damn! Two of the finest asses were swaying before me — both well defined, muscular, and so damn inviting. Damn it — have to realign my cock again! No use — the two returned before I could do anything. And both noticed! Their glances were not too obvious at first, but their smiles were. Miranda also had a bit of a blush creeping up her chest and along her neck when she realized I had caught her staring. The more she took notice of my situation, the broader the blush grew. Sandy soon began take notice to the point she was almost staring. I could swear she licked her lips, but that had to be my imagination playing tricks on me. Right? Miranda’s hand shook a bit as she finally handed me a glass of iced tea.

Just as Miranda and Sandy seated themselves across from me trying not to overtly stare at “my condition”, Mandy comes bounding into the room with a towel wrapped around her wet head — and that was all. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me sitting in the den, which caused her breasts to jiggle just right — at least just right for me. As well, when she came to a dead stop, her legs were spread wide enough to give me a complete view of her trimmed strawberry blonde bush and pouty outer labial lips. She had one of those deer in the headlights expressions. And I now had a raging hard-on from hell. I’m not sure of the four of us, who was more surprised – Mandy at me being seated in front of her, Miranda and Sandy at the size and girth of my now throbbing hard-on, or me at the lovely sight before me.

I immediately moved the cold glass of iced tea atop my hard cock and I swear I could hear steam coming from the glass!

Mandy finally snapped to her senses and bolted back to her bedroom. As if on cue, the three of us burst into awkward laughter at the situation.

‘Well, Doc. Welcome to the family. As you know, that was Mandy. I apologize for the abrupt introduction.”

“Not a problem. Things happen.”

“They sure do.” Miranda and Sandy laughed as they both were staring at the glass of iced tea atop my raging hard-on. The sweating glass of iced tea had just made my shorts wet and caused the outline of my hard cock to be even more pronounced.

I just shook my head in disbelief. What am I doing here? And what am I getting myself into?

Mandy finally reappeared, dressed, just barely; wearing rather translucent cotton sleeveless top and matching short shorts. She plopped down next to her Mom.

“What’s so funny? Were you guys laughing at me? How embarrassing! Someone could have said we had a house guest,” Mandy said with a pout, clearly embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

“No, honey; we weren’t laughing at you. We were laughing at, how shall I say it, how you never know who or WHAT is going to pop up around here.”

Miranda and Sandy both smiled at that comment and once again, mother and daughter took a quick gaze at my “predicament”. Sandy nudged Mandy and nodded toward my direction. Mandy immediately took notice of the outline of my large, hard cock that was most visible through my now wet gym shorts. I grabbed my electronics tool bag and while holding it in front of me, I stood up. My legs felt like rubber and were beginning to quiver slightly.

“OK, show me where this sick computer resides. And then give me some time to analyze the situation,” I asked, attempting a way out of my awkward, yet stimulating, situation.

“Is he going to fix our computer, Sis?”

“That’s the idea, Mandy. Mom had me go ask Doc if he would help us out. So he brought his tools. And from the looks of it, I think he has all the right equipment.”

I did my best to conceal my slight gasp at the obvious innuendo, my cock twitching yet again against my will.

Mandy had a puzzled look on her face, but Sandy and their Mom were doing all they could to keep from bursting out laughing at the last comment. Mandy then started to giggle as she caught the play on words. Sandy took me by the arm and led me down the hall to their bedroom and pointed at the PC.

“OK, I can take it from here, Sandy. Oh, can you tell me, how do you turn this thing on?” I asked looking as confused as possible.

“Huh, I thought you said you knew all about computers!”

“Gotcha, I was just kidding; paybacks and all that.” I smiled.

Sandy returned to the den and I went to the computer and turned it on. After some quick trouble shooting, it was quite apparent the hard drive had met a cruel, untimely death.

All the while I was working on the computer, I could hear rather loud whispers and giggling coming from the den — three distinct voices indicating Miranda was just as involved as were her daughters.

I took a little extra time to compose myself — and to adjust my cock. Sandy was right, it did heat up here. After taking care of my immediate problem, I returned to reassemble the computer and pack away my tools — my other tools. After all was in order, or at least as much as possible when it came to my now only semi-hard cock, I returned to the den.

“Good news and not so good news ladies. The computer can be fixed. But not today, as I will have to get a new hard drive and install it. Then format the drive and re-install your Windows operating system and all your applications. All this will take some time. When is your project due for class, ladies?”

“OH NO! Our first draft is due Wednesday. We have more research to do online before then. We don’t have any time to spare,” a suddenly frantic Mandy openly fretted.

“Not a problem. If it’s OK with you Miranda, Sandy and Mandy are welcome to use my computer at home. I have pretty fast Internet access so they can get online easily. They are more than welcome to use it,” I offered with the double purpose of being helpful and being able to watch this eye candy live in my own home.

“Mom, can we please? This is an emergency!”

“Doc, if you really don’t mind. Your offer is most generous and it will save their hides for waiting until the last minute to start on their project. But, I insist on paying you in some way for the use of your computer,” she emphasized the latter with a smile that could have so many meanings.

“That’s not necessary, really. But, if it will make you feel better, I’ll make you a deal. I won’t take any money for the use of a computer that just sits there most of the time anyway. But, Sandy told me you three have a cleaning service. Is that correct?”

“Yes, I do. And the girls help me during the days when I’m teaching and they don’t have classes. What do you have in mind?”

“OK, for each hour they need to use the computer, they can spend an equal amount of time keeping my home clean. I’m a neat person, but things tend to get messy at times. Work tends to keep me from doing as much around the house as I would like or need. I would be most appreciative for the help. And their occasional company might help me not be the hermit that I regret I may have become.”

Miranda looked at her daughters who in turn were pleading with their mother with their expressions. As they had this nonverbal debate going on, I took my key chain and removed my spare key.

“Well, Doc, it seems you have a deal,” the beautiful mother agreed.

“Good. Here you go Miranda. You can decide who will be the keeper of the key. You and the girls are welcome at anytime. Just let yourself in. The computer is set up in the first bedroom on the right, as I use that room as an office. Hey, one of you can come back with me and I’ll show you where I keep my cleaning supplies and how to power up my computer. Look, I know you’re on a tight budget, so if you decide you want to just come down and relax in the A/C, that’s fine by me too. As well, I do have a hot tub and a pool in the back yard. You three are welcome to use it any time you wish. Just one rule though.”

“What’s that Doc?”

“No wild parties — unless I’m invited,” I joked, with just a hint of a devious smile.

We all laughed. Sandy and Mandy jumped up and hugged me in appreciation. Wrong thing to do!

Firm, braless breasts, pressed tightly against me. There was a sweet essence wafting from their hair. My semi-erect cock was no longer semi — it was full blown – AGAIN! I swear Sandy was intentionally rubbing against it as she hugged me. And her nipples felt like bullets pressing into my chest the longer she hugged me.

“I’ll go back with Doc if that’s OK, Mom. Is that OK with you, Mandy?”

Miranda cocked an eyebrow as she could see Sandy’s visibly erect nipples through her thin top. And she could see my now rock hard cock straining against my shorts. Then Miranda surprised me and began to smile.

“Guess you two better scoot. Sandy, make sure to take a complete inventory to make sure he has everything WE’LL need.”

Had to be my imagination again right? Did she just emphasize “WE”? Miranda had to be talking about the cleaning supplies they’ll need, right?

“Yeah Sis, make sure you check EVERYTHING. WE need to make sure WE don’t miss ANYTHING and that HE has EVERYTHING we’ll need,” Mandy said, confirming my suspicions and making my cock flinch again.

Oh – my – God! What am I getting myself into?

Chapter 2

The Proposition and Then Some

I was standing there not realizing I must have that “lost in a fog” expression on my face as I pondered the sexual undercurrent of all that had happened thus far. Before I could contemplate that train of thought any further, Sandy took the key from her Mom, grabbed my arm and we were out the door heading back to my house.

I allowed Sandy to walk in front of me so I could admire her ass. DAMN! She had a fine ass — just like her sister and her mom! The guy that ends up getting into her pussy and ass is going to be one of the luckiest guys on earth. Hell, the same can be said for Mandy or Miranda! DAMN! If I were only younger!

We no sooner entered my home than Sandy started walking around the house, checking out each room and closet.

“Hmm, this must be your bedroom? Nice big bed with lots of play room,” Sandy coyly announced, dripping with innuendo.

Did she just say “PLAY”? I nodded an affirmative and took my time watching Sandy’s ass as she paraded round the house. She then passed the back door and made note of the pool and hot tub, “Nice, very nice. Oooooooo, and it’s all fenced in for complete privacy! Sis and I could work on getting rid of our tan lines,” Sandy smiled as she looked directly into my eyes as she made the last comment.

When we were in the kitchen, I pointed out the adjacent laundry room and where I kept the cleaning supplies in the cabinets there. I decided in a moment of lust-filled weakness to press forward with some tit-for-tat teasing — just to see how far it might go. If I were going to end my days as a recluse, I might as well start today and see where things might go.

“Well, Sandy, do I have EVEYTHING you ladies will need?”

Immediately, Sandy spun around and pressed against me. Her left hand gently grasped my arm while her right hand slid down to my shorts and gripped my rock hard cock.

“I could see you had EVERYTHING I needed the first time you got a hard-on while we chatted on the street. Mandy’s kind of shy, but I know when she and I play with one another in our bedroom, your hard cock is all she talks about. So, YES, I think you have everything she needs as well. And today, my mom took notice while you were sitting in our den. And I could tell by the way she talked and giggled with Mandy and me while you worked on our computer, I know you have everything SHE needs. There’s just one question I have for you.”

My head was spinning as I tried to comprehend what this 19-year-old girl had just said to me. Was this the little tomboy roller blader of just 2-3 years ago? Looking at her body and now looking at how her eyes were locked on mine, not to mention feeling the tight grip she had on my cock, this was an entirely different person before me.

“What’s the question, Sandy? You have my COMPLETE and UNDIVIDED attention.”

“Will you make Mandy and me women? YOUR women?”

“HUH? What do you mean?”

Sandy looked up at me, took a deep breath and began to unload non-stop,

“Mandy and I want you to be the one to take our virginities. We’re tired of being treated like little girls. And these guys just out of high school at the community college seem to have no clue as to how to treat a girl — just grab and grope and then shoot all over themselves the first time they see a boob. And to tell the truth, Mandy and I are totally inexperienced — all we know has come from the Internet. So, we want you to TEACH us how to be women, how to become accomplished lovers. How did they say it in your day, a woman in the parlor and a whore in the bedroom? That’s EXACTLY what we want to learn from you. As Mandy put it to me the other night, we want you to make us your personal “whores in training”. Can you handle that? Trust me; you won’t regret a minute of it. Mandy and I are anxious to learn. Oh, and just so you’ll know, Mom put us both on the pill when we started community college, just in case, you know, that the day would come.”

“Wow, that’s a mouthful to comprehend. You know, there’s quite a bit of difference in our ages, Sandy. Wouldn’t you be better suited by someone younger?” I pointed out, even as my cock argued for me to shut the hell up.

“Doc, it’s not the difference in our ages that matter to Mandy and me. It’s your … how can I say it? It’s your sexiness, your experience, and the way you make Mandy and me feel when you just look at us.”

“You two think I’m sexy, huh? That’s quite a compliment from you or your sister. You two are absolutely gorgeous. And you two are also the two of the sexiest women I have seen, not to mention your mom. Are you sure you want this?”

“Oh I’m sure! Mandy and I have been discussing this and YOU for some time now. We want you to be the ONE! And we want THIS!” she stressed the last word by squeezing my cock even harder.

Before I could answer, Sandy slid her hand into my shorts and began to stroke my cock. As I gazed down and watched her hand action, her other hand started to slide down the waist band of my shorts. Soon she had my cock fully exposed. When she glanced down at her “handy work,” her eyes widened. Her fingers of one hand could not go around the girth. She then started to inch worm one joint of one finger up the length — starting at the base and slowly worked up the length to the tip of the crown. She then gazed up at me — a glassy, dream like expression in her eyes, her mouth slightly agape.

“Sandy, I am flattered that you and Mandy have asked this of me. You looked puzzled, so let me tell you what you’re in for should we agree to go further. That is at least 9-1/2 to 10 inches of hard cock, and as excited as you have me right now, it might be well over 10 inches. As well, it is at least 5-1/2 inches in girth at the base,” I began before continuing.

“IF we go forward with your proposal, you have to realize that you both will experience this cock in every way imaginable — EVERY way without exception – no if’s ands or buts — EVERY inch of it. As well, you will have my cum in every way imaginable. You and Mandy will learn to savor my cock and my cum. You both will end up craving my cock and my cum. Every orifice you have will be taken by my cock — every one of them — your mouths, your virgin pussies and your virgin asses. I will choose what, when, where and how often. Not only will you be my “whores in training” as you put it, you and your sister will evolve into MY cum-sluts. IF we proceed, there will be no turning back. Not now, not ever! You two WILL be MINE! Is that understood? You best think this over clearly for your sake and for the sake of your sister.”

Sandy’s jaw dropped slightly at how my demeanor had changed. No longer was I the nice older man down the street. Now I was a lust-filled dominant male that wants every virgin hole she and her sister have. The older man that would end up completely dominating them and turning them into my personal sex toys — his cum sluts. Perhaps more than she bargained for.

Tentatively Sandy looked up at me, her hand never releasing its hold on my cock, took another deep breath before she launched into a pleading litany.

“Y-y-y-yes sir. I want that and more. Mandy wants it too. We BOTH want that more than you can ever imagine. You have no idea how badly we both want it. Mandy and I have made one another orgasm while we played with one another and discussed all sorts of wild sex filled scenarios and fantasies — just so you’ll know, they were scenarios and fantasies all revolving around you. And from the way Mom almost drooled over seeing just the outline of your cock, I know in time she’ll probably want the same things, if she doesn’t already. We want you to teach us, to make us accomplished lovers, to make us your whores, to make us want to be nasty with you, to make us your cum-sluts, to make us your — well, sex slaves. PLEASE Doc, make us your whores and cum-sluts. Take all our virginities. I’ll have to help you with Mandy because I don’t think she ever thought about having her ass taken. She likes me to play with her ass, but something as big as your cock in there … well, she’ll need my help. But she’ll do it, I promise. We’ll both do it, whatever you choose, whenever you choose, wherever you choose and how ever often. But I want it all, and she will too. I know she will, she’s my twin.”

My head was spinning from the turn of events in my life. Two nubile virgins literally begging me to take their virginities, albeit one is begging via her sister. And, as an added plus, their mom might want the same things. DAMN! Wait, she stated she and Mandy played with one another. That shed a whole new light to be explored. As an evil grin began to spread across my face, I looked deeply into Sandy’s eyes and began my sexual inquisition.

“Hmmm, you said you and Mandy discussed all sorts of scenarios as you played with one another? Tell me, dear, just how do you and Mandy play? Be detailed and precise for me.”

Sandy was a little un-nerved as she realized she may have said too much, but she couldn’t stop now. She would not allow herself to stop now. I could see that her mind was racing, so I took the opportunity to spur her on just a tad more.

“Sandy, do you and Mandy touch one another? Perhaps here?” I allowed my finger tips to stroke across her hardened nipples and took notice of the goose bumps racing up and down her arms.

“Y-y-y-yes sir,” Sandy was finally able to meek out her haste reply.

“And how about here, do you touch one another here?” I allowed the backs of my fingers to slowly slide along her obvious camel-toe and just as slowly rotated them atop her clitoral bud.

“Ummmmm, yes sir,” Sandy barely quaked out her answer as her eyes began to slowly roll back under her lids.

Leaning forward so my lips were just a fraction of an inch from her ear, I began to whisper in her ear.

“Do you kiss one another? I mean really kiss one another in a sexual manner. Do you kiss one another’s nipples?”

Sandy could only nod as my finger tips continued encircling her hardening clitoral bud.

“Do you kiss one another here?” I pressed my finger tips more firmly against her clitoral bud.

“Yes-s-s-s-s-s-s, s-s-s-s-ometimes,” was all Sandy could manage.

“And what about when you play with one another’s ass, Sandy? Hmmmm? You said your sister likes you to play with her ass. How about you? Does Mandy play with your ass too? Tell me, Sandy, what do the two of you do when you play with one another’s ass?” Tell me and be detailed about it.”

Sandy’s body was trembling in arousal. The combination of just my fingertips, her hand wrapped firmly around my cock and the verbal teasing I was giving her was causing her to begin that climb up the orgasm mountain, waiting for the perfect moment to roll down the other side at full speed.

“We, we, we use our fingers, and, and, and other stuff.”

“What other STUFF, Sandy?”

“At first, we used our hair brush handles but we found a vibrator in mom’s dresser that she thought was hidden.”

“Did you use the vibrator in your pussies? Do you still have your hymens?”

“N –n-n-no. Just where your fingers are and, and, and, in, in, in …..”

“In what, Sandy, tell me,” I questioned sternly as I tweaked her clit between my thumb and forefinger.

“Oh God! In our butts. We used the vibrator in our butts,” Sandy exclaimed as I could tell she was so very close to cumming for me.

“Very good Sandy, very good.” As I leaned back away from her ear I could see Sandy’s chest rising and falling in an erratic manner. I knew it was time to push her to the limit — to the point of no return.

“Sandy, before I say yes, there will be rules — MY rules of the house. You need to know and COMPLETELY understand the rules before we both agree and before you commit your sister to the same rules.”

“Y-y-yes Doc. I never thought there would be rules. But we’ll do and agree to anything you ask of us. We REALLY want this! Please Doc say yes.”

“Sandy — rules first. Look up at me Sandy so I know you’re listening!”

“Yes Sir — I’m listening, just please don’t stop touching me — touching me there,” Sandy said almost pleading as she wantonly pressed her clit forward against my fingertips.

“Rule number one — later tonight you and Mandy are to shave off all your pubic hair — all of it — from your navel all the way back around your little puckered anal openings. Later on, I might allow some of it to grow back in a design I so choose. But for now, it all comes off and stays off.”

“Rule number two — tomorrow, you will both come here to do your computer class work first. Then AFTER you have completed your class work, you will then be expected to complete the “special homework” I will leave for you. You will need to call me on my cell phone after you finish your computer class work so I can give you the password to unlock the folder that will contain your other “special homework”. BUT, as soon as I get home from work, you are to both show me that you did as instructed and what you learned.”

“Rule number three — any time you or your sister come to my house, you will remove all your clothes as soon as you enter — you won’t need them again until you are ready to leave for home. And that goes, whether you are inside or going outside to use the pool or hot tub.”

“Rule number four — whatever I teach either one of you individually, you will teach the other when you get home. Practice together — remember practice makes perfect!”

“Rule number five — as my whores and cum-sluts, you will soon be taught NOT ONLY how to make love to a man as a totally uninhibited woman, BUT ALSO how to make love to other women as well — you said you and your sister play with one another already, so we will be taking that to the next level as well; and, I’ll teach you both.”

“Rule number six — you’re to only discuss what we do here with your sister and she with you.”

“Rule number seven — any time I offer either of you my cock or my cum, you will take it immediately without question. When I cum in your mouth, if you’re alone, you will swallow it all; if your sister is present, you will share it with her and you both will swallow what is given to you. When I cum on your tits or body, should you be here by yourself, you will wear it home to show to and share with your sister; if she is here, you will share it with her immediately. When I cum in your no longer virgin pussy or ass, you will again share it with your sister, whether you have to keep it inside you until you get home, or share it with her immediately if she is with us.”

“I will add some addenda to these rules as we progress. For now, these are the basic seven rules; but, they are set in stone, Sandy. So before we proceed, think carefully as you will be committing not only yourself to these rules, but also your sister. What say you? Do we proceed — all three of us?”

“I know for sure I want this and accept all your rules and any addendum you might feel necessary to add. Can — can — can I call Mandy to let her know what the rules are?” she stammered both nervous and excited.

“I have a better idea. What did I say Rule Number Three is?”

“That anytime we come to your house, we are to take off all our clothes.”

“So, what’s keeping you? You stated you accept the rules. Once you finish, then you may call Mandy. Explain to Mandy we are ready to begin AFTER she accepts all the same rules. She needs to be here to do so as I want complete assurance from her that she completely understands the rules and all the implications of those rules. You will tell her to prove her desire to move forward by following Rule Number Three as soon as she gets here — without question. BUT, after telling her that, ask to speak to your mom. Tell your mom I think it wise for Mandy to come down to take a quick course on my computer. It might take up to two hours or so to go over everything. Now, Rule Number Three — NOW, Sandy!”

I stood with my throbbing cock hanging over the top of my gym shorts that Sandy had pulled down. Sandy slowly released her grip on my cock. As she stared into my eyes, her hands gripped the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. MY GOD! What beautiful breasts she had — at least as large as her mom’s appeared to be. Sandy’s nipples were hard as bullets, almost an inch long. Her hands then slid to the waist band of her shorts. She nervously bit her lower lip and began to lower her shorts. Just as I thought, she hadn’t bothered to wear panties – My kind of girl! Sandy finally had them all the way down, stepped out of them, kicked them to the side and stood once again before me. I could see the wetness seeping from her virgin pussy. Without me saying a word, her hands returned to my cock and began to slowly slide along its length. I took the phone from my hip pocket and handed it to her.

“Call your sister. Get her here. Tell her of Rule Number Three and that she MUST comply as soon as she arrives without question — or it is off for both of you. Then talk to your mom to buy us at least a couple of hours, maybe three.”

After she dialed, I heard the phone begin to ring. I then leaned to her free ear and whispered.

“While you talk on the phone, I’m going to take my own inventory — an inventory of your body!”

Mandy answered, and as Sandy began to speak, my hands started to caress her body. Sandy inhaled sharply at my first touch. I moved behind her and allowed my cock to rest in the cleft of her ass cheeks as my arms wrapped around her and began to lightly caress her breasts.

‘Sis, is that you? Sandy, are you there?”

“Ummmmm yes it’s me. I’m here and so is Doc. He’s uhhhhh listening.”

“So, tell me, what did he say? Will he do it for us? I’ve been on pins and needles since you two left. And my pussy is soaking wet!”

“Oh sis, yes, he’ll do it for us. In fact he’s doing things to me right now.”

“OH MY GOD! What things? What’s he doing? Tell me, tell me.”

“He’s, he’s standing behind me. I’m completely naked. He’s not, but his HUGE cock is out of his shorts and is pressed against me between my ass cheeks. He’s caressing my breasts. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he’s tweaking my nipples like we do to each other sometimes. Oh sis, I think I’m in heaven.”

‘Damn you! Did you just call to rub it in?”

“Uhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh no, sis. This is an all or nothing kind of deal. We, and I emphasize, WE, have seven rules that we have to follow without question. If either of us decides no, then it’s no go for both of us. OH MY GOD he’s kissing and nibbling my neck and shoulders while he’s sliding his cock up and down the cleft of my ass cheeks. Ummmmmmm. Nice!”

“Damn, wish I were there.”

“That’s just it. He wants you here to go over the rules with you. He wants to make sure we both agree before we go any further. OH OH OH he’s playing with my clit. I’m going to cum. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’

“Damn that was quick. You did that quicker than any time we played. He wants me there? How soon?”

“Ugh ugh ugh wait wait wait just a minute. Oh, oh, oh his fingers have my clit. He’s driving me insane. OH MY GOD here it comes again. Aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii! Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. I’m still cummmmmiiiinnnng!”

Sandy had to catch her breath before continuing any further. Her body all but totally collapsed against me while my fingers gently toyed around her throbbing clit.

“Whew! That was intense! DAMN! Now, sis, now — he wants you here NOW. But, but you have to follow Rule Number Three as soon as you get here. Oh damn, he’s fingering the cleft of my pussy and rolling his thumb on my clit. He’s going to make me cum again.”

“Quick, what’s rule number three?”

“As soon as you enter, you have to remove all your clothes. That’s number three — every time we come here we have to take off our clothes as soon as we get here. OH GOD! OH GOD! This feels soooooo gooood.”

“Damn it, sis. You’re making me so wet. OK, Rule Number Three is OK, I’ll be there in a flash. How many more rules?”

“Oh damn, Mandy, I’m almost there again. His cock is all slick and sliding up and down. And it’s even bigger than we imagined — WAY bigger!”

“What about mom, won’t she be suspicious?


“Sandy, you OK?”

“Oh God yes, Mandy! I’m more than OK. Now put mom on the phone. Hurry, I can’t hold out again much longer.”

As Sandy waited for her Mom, I shucked my gym shorts and my shirt. When Sandy began to speak, I knelt in front of her and slowly ran my tongue along her slit. As my tongue parted those sweet petals, it was if a dam burst. Her sweet nectar started flowing like a river. Her juices were divine – nectar of the Gods. Sandy immediately inhaled sharply.

“Is anything wrong dear? What’s going on?”

“Nothing’s wrong Mom. I almost stepped on a bug in the garage. Doc asked if it was OK for Mandy to come down so he can show her how to log on and use his computer and Internet, and instruct us on how his house is to be arranged and how he wants it cleaned. Probably a couple of hours or so is all — maybe three.”

Sandy covered the mouthpiece of the phone as she began to tremble and openly gasp. I had her clit between my lips and was sucking the hard nubbin for all it’s worth. The damn thing had grown to the size of a large pencil eraser — almost looking like a miniature penis.

“Let me speak to Doc to make sure it’s OK with him AND that it’s his idea and that you two aren’t imposing on his kind nature. I won’t have you two girls taking advantage of his hospitality.”

Sandy was close. As she handed me the phone, she began to cum for me yet again. Using my free hand, I tried to capture all her sweet pussy nectar that I could while I tried to have a modicum of dignity as I spoke to Miranda.

“Hello, Miranda. Yeah, it was my idea and not the girls. I think it best for Mandy to be shown how to use things properly so she can do what’s necessary when I’m not here during the week. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours or so — or maybe up to three as Sandy said. Just want to be sure she can log on, get access to the Internet and not erase any of my files on the computer; and, make sure they know what is expected when they are in my house. That way the girls can get started tomorrow, or even later this afternoon or evening so they can make their deadline.”

“That’s probably a good idea. Mandy can be the klutz of the two at times. Or, she does things without thinking, as you witnessed this afternoon. I’ll send her right down.”

“Great Miranda. I’ll make sure Sandy doesn’t get too much of a head start before Mandy gets here.”

I ended the call. Sandy was still in the afterglow of having cum so many times in short succession. No better time than the present I thought. I took my pussy nectar coated hand and fed the first two sweet sticky fingers to Sandy one at a time. Sandy’s eyes were glassy, lust filled pools. I leaned forward and took the other two into my mouth and suckled every sweet droplet available. Then we kissed for the first time.

Sandy wrapped her legs around my waist, almost impaling her pussy on my cock. She felt the head slide along her labia and cooed into my mouth as we kissed. I cupped her ass cheeks and began playing with her nectar that was still flowing from her pussy. I slid my nectar coated fingers back to her puckered little star as we continued to kiss. Back and forth my fingers drew more and more nectar to lubricate her ass. As my tongue searched out hers, my finger began to tap at her puckered opening. With each tap, her little rosebud began to relax little by little; and, with each tap, Sandy cooed in unison.

The wet tip of my finger finally worked into Sandy’s ass. Her eyes grew large and she inhaled sharply. Then she began to gyrate her ass onto my finger. Soon I had the entire length of one finger in her ass. As we kissed, I rocked her pussy slit along my cock making sure the head stroked her clit. As Sandy began a low moan and her pussy began to flood yet again, I began slowly finger fucking her ass. Sandy was letting out little yelps with each stroke of my finger. She was now in her own little world of lust and pleasure, as she was oblivious to the light knock at the front door. Sandy was rocking harder and harder onto my finger, and moaning louder and louder. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Quickly, I turned my head toward the door.

“The door’s open Mandy. Come on in; and remember, Rule Number Three – NOW! Don’t think about it, just do it. Now, Mandy, NOW!”

Mandy came through the door and just froze. She was staring at Sandy’s and my naked bodies; and, at her sister slamming her ass down onto my finger. As Mandy slammed the door, her clothes came flying off. Mandy then rushed over for a close up view of what was happening. Mandy’s hand slammed down to her own pussy and I could tell she was still wet from the phone conversation. She was mesmerized by her sister’s ass bouncing up and down on my finger. Then she saw my cock gliding along the length of Sandy’s pussy slit.

“Oh — My — God, Sis, his cock IS huge. Are you going to take our virginities tonight? I don’t know if I can take all that cock right now. Damn, he has his finger buried in your ass! I’m jealous. You know how much I like it when you play with my ass. And here I thought you didn’t want anyone to even come near your ass. At least you never let me play with it the way you do mine. Damn, when he takes your ass with that cock of his, he’ll split you in two.”

“You’re babbling Mandy. Slow down and concentrate on what’s happening. Help me here, Mandy. Suck my fingers, get them really wet. WE have to get her ass ready if she’s going to lose her anal virginity this afternoon.”

Sandy was coherent enough to hear that one, as her eyes shot open wide. I pulled my finger out and Mandy didn’t blink an eye. She began to suck that finger plus two more, getting them really wet. Mandy’s eyes shot wider as she finally began to comprehend that I was going to take her sister’s anal virginity in the not too distant future. And, she was going to witness the deflowering.

“Yes my dear, one of you is going to lose at least ONE of your virginities this afternoon. Your first step to becoming MY whores — MY cum-sluts. And yes my dear sweet Sandy, it’s your ass first. And maybe your sister’s mouth as well. We’ll see. I’ll decide as I see fit; but, definitely your ass — and now!”

I pulled my fingers from Mandy’s mouth and inserted the same finger back into Sandy’s ass. Immediately, Sandy began to buck on the entire length. OK so far, now let’s try two. I began to work a second finger along side the first. At first there was a little resistance, so I stopped the invasion to allow Sandy’s ass to become accustomed to the size. Soon, the second finger slid all the way in. Sandy redoubled her efforts, thrusting even harder up and down on my fingers.

“Mandy, I’m going to need your help. I’ve been holding her like this for some time now. I need to change positions, and then you can help me take her anal virginity. Don’t look at me all stupid like. Yes, you’re going to help me. The same way Sandy will help me when I rip your ass in two the first time tomorrow –orrrrr maybe later today. That’s what you both want isn’t it, to be my whores, my cum-sluts. Sandy’s ass will be first. Your ass will be MINE no later than tomorrow, Mandy — maybe sooner. Now, go down to the last bedroom on the left and step inside. The first nightstand nearest the door, look in top drawer. There is a bottle of flavored lube. Bring it here NOW!”

Mandy scampered down the hall, glancing back to see the vision of her sister now taking three fingers up her ass. Mandy gasped, then giggled. Soon she was back with the lube. Mandy’s hand immediately went down to her pussy again to roll her clit between her thumb and fore finger.

“OK ladies, we’re moving to the sofa. Mandy, help me balance your sister as I carry my soon to be cum-loving, ass-whore to the sofa. See how her ass grinds down on all three of my fingers, Mandy. Soon enough your ass will be doing the same thing. You want that don’t you Sandy — and how about you Mandy?

“Oh God Yess — fuck meeeeee. Your fingers feel so hot. Spread me open. I want your huge cock to rip me in two. I want to feel you cum inside me. Take it. Take my ass. It’s yours. Make me your ass-whore. Take my anal virginity. My ass is yours. All of me is yours, just don’t stop, please don’t stop,” the intensely horny virgin begged.

Mandy’s jaw dropped hearing her sister scream out like that. She was becoming an ass-whore just like I said she would. Mandy also realized, soon she too would be my ass-whore as well. Her hand reached back between her legs and started to play with her ass, sliding a copious amount of her pussy nectar all around the puckered opening. I glanced over and smiled as Mandy slid her finger into her ass and started to mimic my thrusts into Sandy’s ass.

“OK Sandy, I’m going to remove my fingers and place you on the sofa. There we go. Now get up on your hands and knees for me and show Mandy and me your gaped open ass. Mandy, get over here and look at this. Your ass will soon look exactly like this before it takes my cock all the way to my balls. That’s it, play with your ass while you look. Get it ready because I changed my mind. You’re next! Today — not tomorrow!”

“Never put off taking a virginity until tomorrow if you can take it today. So today, I’ll have both you and your sister’s sweet asses. Grab the lube Mandy, but keep playing with yourself. Look back here Sandy, your sister has two fingers now pumping in and out of her ass. She wants to be my ass-whore just like you do. Isn’t that right, ass-whore?”

“OH GOD YES, DOC. Take my ass. I want your cock really bad.”

“Not yet my dear Sandy, your gape isn’t big enough just yet. I want you to enjoy this as much as I will. Need you really open to take my ALL of my cock all the way. You never answered Mandy, how about you?”

“Y_y-y-esss, I want it too. Today. The sooner the better. I want to be your ass-whore as much as sis does.”

Mandy watched as I spread lube all over my three fingers and then dribbled it around her sister’s gapped ass. Mandy smiled when Sandy jumped at the feel of the cool lube. I carefully coated the area around Sandy’s ass, and proceeded to lube her gapped hole as deep as my fingers could go. Once I knew Sandy was ready, I began to work my slick fingers back into her ass. At first there was resistance, so I stopped and allowed Sandy to catch her breath and once again become accustomed to being filled.

‘That’s it my little anal-whore. Relax. Push back like you’re trying to take a dump. That’s it; see how easily my two fingers slid back in. See that Mandy, see how your sister is rocking back against my fingers. Now watch, I’m adding a third finger. See how she is slowly opening back up for me as I slide and spread my fingers wider. And she likes it too from the wanton look on her face. You like it don’t you my little ass-whore? You like feeling my three fingers in your ass getting you ready for my cock, don’t you?”

“OH Yesssssssssss, I feel so full, so hot and so damn turned on. Fuck me with your fingers. Please, fuck me, get me ready for your cock.”

“No my dear, Mandy’s going to fuck your ass first. You never let her play with your ass as much as she has wanted, so now she’s going to get you really ready for my cock. And while she’s doing that, I’m going to explain the rules to Mandy. If she doesn’t agree to all the rules, then we stop right here and now.”

“OH GOD! Don’t you dare say no, Mandy. I’m too far gone to stop now. Don’t you dare say no,” the dominant sister demanded.

“Now, do as instructed Mandy. Lube up your fingers. That’s it, good girl. Now lay your fingers across the length of my cock. That’s it. See it takes four of your fingers to equal the width of my cock at its thickest point. So you need to eventually work all four fingers into your sister’s ass. Start with two, then three, then four and then really finger fuck her ass. As you do, keep spreading your fingers wider and wider to open her up for my cock. Make my-ass whore ready for my cock. Make her want my cock in her virgin ass — all the way in her virgin ass.”

Sandy jumped when she felt her sister’s fingers. She slowly rocked back and forth as Mandy worked two, then three and finally four fingers into her sister’s ass. Soon, the twins started to establish a rhythm of deeper and deeper penetrations. Sandy’s head began to roll back and forth in the same tempo. Guttural mews began to escape her lips.

As I leaned forward, my right hand began to gently stroke Sandy’s ass cheeks. I nibbled Mandy’s ear to get her attentions before I began to speak to her.

“Mandy, now listen to me while you get your sister ready. These are the rules — YOUR rules. You followed Rule 3 perfectly when you arrived. As to the rest, pay attention as I will only say them once, and once only.”

Mandy’s eyes were lust-filled pools as her gaze alternated from watching her sister’s ass open for her and watching me as I relayed each of the seven rules to her. With each rule, Mandy’s eyes grew bigger and the thrusting rhythm of her fingers began to increase. Both Sandy and Mandy were panting heavily by the time I finished.

“These rules are set in stone. I will at times feel it necessary to add addenda to these rules. But these are your cardinal seven rules. So think carefully before you answer, Mandy. Do you accept each and every rule without hesitation? You will be tested my dear before the day is over, as will your sister. What say you, Mandy? Do you accept these rules and wish to become my whore in training and MY cum-slut just like your sister?”

Mandy’s eyes once again had that deer in the headlights look. She had intently listened to each and every rule as she finger fucked her sister’s ass. As I stated each rule, her fingers had driven even deeper into Sandy’s ass and with more gusto. The words and physical excitement were really getting to Mandy as I could easily see her pussy was like a river – there was so much nectar flowing from it, rivulets ran down her thighs. And just like her twin, her clit had swollen to the size of a small eraser and was prominently poking out from under its protective hood.

“Y-y-y-yes, I agree, I accept, I’ll do it all, just as you say. Now can I watch you fuck my sister’s virgin ass?”

“That’s a good girl, MY good girl. Mandy look at how she’s really taking your finger fucking. You’ve done very well; she’s almost ready for the real thing. Come here, I have something for you.”

Mandy immediately turned to me, where I grabbed her and thrust my tongue deep into her mouth. As I did, I reached back and placed a finger between her ass cheeks, sliding down to her quivering puckered star and slipped it into her ass. Mandy hissed into my mouth but also pushed back on my finger only to feel a second finger joining in, then a third. Mandy was moaning and was losing control. Mandy panted and pouted as our kiss parted and even more so as my fingers left her quivering ass.

“OK Mandy, here’s the deal for now. Your virgin ass is next. So while I deflower Sandy’s ass, you should get your own ass ready. Hold out your fingers so I can lube them up for you. That’s it. Now you’re ready. Don’t you think your ass would enjoy these slick fingers while I take your sister’s ass? There you go my little ass-whore to be. Now mimic your sister’s thrusts as best you can. That’s it; work those fingers in just like you did Sandy — my twin ass-whores.”

I watched as Mandy began to slowly work her ass as she brazenly stared at her sister’s gaping ass. Inch by inch she had first two, then three and was now trying to work the fourth finger into her ass. I couldn’t help but smile as Mandy began to mimic her twin sister’s thrust. Mandy was squirming against her own invading fingers and apparently enjoying every inch of them.

“OK Sandy, your turn. Are you ready to become an ass-whore — MY ass-whore? Ready to lose that anal cherry to me?”

“OH DAMN YES. I’m so hot I feel like I’m going to explode. Fill my ass with your huge cock. Take my anal cherry. Make me your ass-whore. Anything you want, just fuck my ass. Fuck me hard and deep. Fill me with you hot cum. I’m yours Doc. Please take me now. Take my ass.”

Slowly, I positioned myself behind Sandy’s glorious ass. After applying another coat of lube to my cock, I placed the head of my cock between Sandy’s ass cheeks just below the gapped opening of her ass.

“See this Mandy? See how your sister’s ass is really gaped open for me? Your ass will soon be just as open and just as ready. I guess there’s no need in asking Sandy if she’s ready. OK Mandy, watch this, your sister is about to lose her anal cherry. Mandy, take your free hand, grab my cell phone off the end table and give it to me. We need to save this for later as well.”

Slowly, I inched forward until the head of my cock was resting on the gaped opening of Sandy’s ass. Holding the cell phone camera in one hand, at first I just teased my cock around the edges of Sandy’s gaped ass as I took a picture or two. Then I began a slow tease by just barely slipping the tip in, only to pull it out — again taking a few photos. Sandy was becoming extremely anxious. She wanted this in a big way. She reached back, grabbed my slick cock and positioned it at her gaped open ass. Then Sandy truly surprised me – in one deep backward thrust she took half my length into her ass with a very audible gasp.

Just as she began the backward thrust, I took several pictures of Sandy’s ass swallowing my cock. Her body froze all movement as Sandy realized her lust had caused her to take my cock in that deep. With deep breaths, Sandy slowly began to accept the length and width of my cock. Her inner muscles were rippling around my cock. With another gasp and one final push backward, Sandy had my entire cock in her ass.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I’ve got all his huge cock in my ass. I can feel his balls against my pussy and clit! OH MY GOD! I’ve never felt so full. Oh please, go slow, let me get used to this. I never knew I would feel so full. You were right, your cock is much bigger than Mandy’s fingers. But damn, it feels so wonderful. I’ve never experienced sensations like this. OH yeah, that’s it. Rock into me. OH Damn — I’m going to cum. OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES FUCK ME! TAKE MY ASS DAMN YOU! FUCK MY ASS! Oh God, Mandy, he did it, he took my anal cherry. Oh damn I’m cuming again! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I set the cell phone camera down, grabbed Sandy’s hips and slowly pulled all the way out only to slam back into her in one thrust. Over and over, I did the same thing. Each time, it just pushed Sandy to a new high. Each time I withdrew my cock, I could only marvel at the widening gape. Slowly I switched to a different tempo of hard half strokes so I could feel my swollen balls slapping against Sandy’s wet pussy and clit.

“OH Damn yes, Doc. Fuck my ass. Pound your new ass-whore. Hear that sis, I’m Doc’s new ass-whore and he’s fucking my ass hard and deep. Are you watching sis. My ass is no longer virgin territory. Now I want your cum, Doc. Fill me. Make me yours. Claim my ass. Take my ass DADDY! DO ME DADDY! FUCK ME DADDY!”

“Damn Sis, this is so damn HOT! His cock is pounding your ass. I can see his swollen balls slapping against your wet pussy. Oh damn, I’m going to cum too, Sis. Why did you get to go first? Oh oh oh. I’m cuuuuummmming toooooooo! YESSSSS FUCK HER ASS DADDDDDDYYYYYYY!”

Sandy and Mandy calling me Daddy mentally pushed me over the edge. I started slamming harder. I wanted to fill her up and I had very special plans for that cum. I could tell Sandy was close again. So with one hand grasping her hip, I slid the other around to seek out her clit. Damn it was almost the size of a peanut now. My fingers started to manipulate Sandy’s clit in tempo to my anal thrusts. All Sandy could do was yelp out in a semi coherent state.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, Daddy. Do me Daddy. uhh huh uhh huh, take it take it take it – take my ass Daddy uhh huh uhh huh right there ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

As Sandy came, I moved into overdrive. Her ass was all mine now. Harder and harder I pummeled her ass, feeling my balls slap against Sandy’s frothy pussy. I turned my head momentarily to see Mandy grunting and groaning as she was driving her fingers deeper and deeper into her own ass, matching my thrusts into Sandy. As if on queue, the twins erupted in simultaneous mind blowing orgasms. Their mutual screams seemed to drive the other on to a new plateau. I was determined that Sandy would not be able to sit for a long time. As my thrusts became more animalistic, I could feel that all too familiar knot in the small of my back begin to build. Then like a bottle rocket, those electric sparks began to shoot up my spine. As my balls tensed, I began to shoot volley after volley of hot creamy cum into Sandy’s ass.

“YESSSSSS FILL ME DADDY! Mandy, he’s filing my ass with cum. Damn he’s filling me up. I can feel it — it’s so hot splashing into me. Oh yes YESSSSS FILL ME DADDY!”

With each volley of cum I drove deeper and deeper into Sandy’s ass. I wanted it deep for a reason. A reason both Sandy, and in particular Mandy, were soon to find out. As my orgasm began to subside, I pushed forward one last time and left my cock deep in Sandy’s ass. She reached back to cup my pussy juice covered balls and to feel where my cock was imbedded in her ass. As she traced the length to where it was buried in her ass, she gave another shudder and had a mini-orgasm. I remained in to the hilt and began to feel my cock slowly lose its hardness. As my cock softened, I stroked Sandy’s back and her ass cheeks. Knowing it was almost time, I nudged Mandy to drag her back down to earth.

“Mandy, get over here. Do you remember your rules? Didn’t you swear you accepted them and would abide by them at all times, just as your sister did?”

“Yes, I did and I will. I promise.”

“Such a good cum-slut to be. Now what are you supposed to do if I offer you my cock or my cum?

“I’m to accept it without hesitation.”

“That’s right. Now get over here next to me as I have something for you.”

Mandy scooted over to me, slowing the fingers she was driving into her ass. As soon as she was in position, with one hand I grabbed her by the neck and hair and held her head firmly. By twisting her head slightly, I angled her gaze to watch my cock slowly leave her sister’s just fucked ass. As soon as my cock was free, it was if a damn burst. I grabbed the camera phone again and began snapping photos. Cum began oozing in heavy amounts out of Sandy’s ass. It was running all over her pussy lips and over her clit. Once Sandy’s pussy and clit were coated enough to suit me, I gently pushed Mandy’s head to the sweet spot. Pausing there, I took another couple of photos.

“OK Mandy, I am offering you my cum, now lick it all up like a good cum-slut. You still want to be my ass-whore and cum-slut don’t you. Sandy, reach your hands back and spread your cheeks for your sister. Mandy’s also going to tongue my cum from your ass until you are completely clean.”

Mandy leaned forward tentatively at first, and then hesitated. So I leaned over and whispered into her ear.

“Come on Mandy, show your sister that you’re going to be a better cum-slut than she is. I know you can do it and I’ll be really proud of you. See if you can make her cum for you by licking my cum off her clit and pussy lips. I bet you can. Just lick her pussy and clit like you want her to lick you when it’s your turn. Now do it for me, take my cum, lick it all off and make Sandy cum again for me, for US!”

That was all the extra encouragement Mandy needed. Her tongue snaked out and began to lathe over Sandy’s cum covered pussy lips. As her tongue worked up and down her sister, I took a few more close-up photos of her tongue licking up my cum from her sister’s pussy and clit. Sandy began to moan at the onslaught. Just as I had hoped, when Mandy zeroed in her tongue on Sandy’s cum covered clit, Sandy had another major orgasm. And just as I had hoped, in doing so, it caused her inner muscles to contract and there was a fountain of cum flowing from Sandy’s ass.

“Good girl Mandy. I knew you could do it. Now look at all that cum. It’s like her ass is a cum water fountain just for you — and your sister. Remember, you are to share what is given to you. Lap my cum from her, but don’t swallow — at least not yet. That’s it, run your tongue deep into her gaped no longer virgin ass. Get it all. Use your fingers on her clit and make her cum again. Let’s make sure you get it all out. That’s it, Sandy likes her sister licking my cum from her ass and her sister playing with her clit. Just like Sandy will do to you later today. That’s it, she’s cumming again. Get your mouth over her ass and catch that cum. Good girl. I think you’ve got it all. Now, share it with your sister and BOTH of you swallow it all my little cum-sluts.”

As they kissed, I guided Sandy’s hands back to join the fingers buried deep in Mandy’s ass. Then I whispered to Sandy, then to Mandy.

“That’s it baby, start getting her ready to loose her anal cherry. Now both of you, swallow all you have because you have some cock sucking to learn. You two are going to suck my cock until I’m hard, so I can take Mandy’s anal cherry. You’re both going to be my ass-whores and cum-sluts before you head home later.”

I watched with pride as the twins swapped my cum. Their kisses were hot and passionate. As they kissed, I slowly placed my hand atop Sandy’s hand as she worked her fingers into Mandy’s ass. Sandy needed no encouragement at all as she immediately started to work her fingers in and out of Mandy’s ass with more enthusiasm. Watching the two caused my cock start to rise slightly. Yes, I wanted Mandy’s ass, but I was going to need the girls’ help getting my cock ready for round two.

Basic math told me “52 into 19 times two” doesn’t work too well without some help. At that thought I smiled and gazed at the two 19-year-old twins before me. They were lost in a sea of lust.

“Wait a minute here! Did Sandy and Mandy really call me Daddy while I was taking Sandy’s ass?”

Chapter 3

It’s A “Two Fer” Afternoon

I slowly sat back contemplating the events of the afternoon thus far. Not only am I now out of my hermit like doldrums and celibate life, but I have two naked 19-year-old vixens writhing in front of me swapping my cum. DAMN! I couldn’t believe the abrupt change in my life. Now it was time for round two — after a little help from my new found friends.

“Goodness girls, you two seem to enjoy my cum. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more for the two of you — LOTS MORE! But, we need to talk a bit before we continue. When you two are quite through, come over here and sit on the floor in front of me.”

Mandy and Sandy slowly loosened their arms from around one another. Breaking their lingering kiss, they both licked their lips as they turned to me. Like proper little cum-sluts, they obeyed my wishes and sat in front of me. However, as Mandy sat back on her heels, her eyes bugged out and a smile crept across her face. I then noticed Sandy had sat similarly beside her and Sandy’s hand had slipped behind Mandy. Upon closer inspection I could see Sandy’s fingers sliding in and out of Mandy’s ass.

“It seems Sandy has overcome her previous reluctance to play with your ass, Mandy.”

Mandy smiled and nodded as Sandy blushed. But, Sandy continued with a renewed vigor. I sat back on the loveseat and allowed my legs to spread apart. The two girls began to stare at my semi erect cock. It still had a sheen from the ass fucking I had just given Sandy. In addition, there was a rather large dollop of cum still weeping from the tip.

“You two missed some of my cum. I see you both looking, but now is the time the two of you should be licking. Both of you, NOW! Lick, kiss and suck my cock. It’s your cock now, so worship it like good cum-sluts.”

Both girls looked at one another as if mentally asking what to do next.

“But your cock was just in my …..”

Sandy never completed her sentence. Mandy leaned forward sliding out her tongue and began to lap at the head of my cock. Once she retrieved the last dollop of cum, her eyes cut up to mine. I just nodded to her sister. Mandy leaned in and kissed Sandy to share the last of my cum. In short order, they were swapping the last of my cum between their tongues. Mandy was finally the one to break their kiss and turn toward me.

“That was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I never once thought my sis would be able to take all your cock in her ass. And when Sandy came all over my mouth when I was licking your cum from her, I could almost feel her orgasm inside me. But, when you had me share your cum with her, it just sent me over the top. My pussy is so wet and Sandy has my ass begging to be taken.”

“Sandy, why did you hesitate to take the cum from my cock that was offered to you? Yes, my cock had been in your ass, but you had just moments before readily accepted my cum that came out of your ass when your sister kissed you. That’s a bit hypocritical on your part don’t you think?”

“Yes, Sir, Dad … I mean Doc. Now that you put it that way, I just didn’t know what to think.”

“Well, you and I will work on that for sure. Remember your rules — any time I offer you my cock or my cum — you are to accept it WITHOUT hesitation. Which brings me to my next observation … you both called me Daddy there toward the end. What was that all about? Enlighten me.”

Both girls blushed and their heads hung for a minute. Mandy nudged Sandy as if imploring her to tell me. Sandy just looked at her sister then looked at me. She started to speak, but her mouth just moved, no words coming forth. I couldn’t help but grin and try to keep from laughing aloud. Sandy finally smiled and looked up at me.

“We both have fantasized about you being our sexy Daddy and teaching us how to be naughty daughters for you. We’ve played with one another at night in our bedroom making up fantasies about you being our sexy Daddy and would cum like crazy. We both kind of let that part slip as we were both so turned on. If it bothers you, we’ll try not to do that again.”

“Ladies, it is completely OK with me. In fact, I kind of like the idea of being your sexy, NASTY Daddy and teaching his nasty daughters to be his little cum-sluts. Do you want me to be your NASTY sexy Daddy?”

Sandy and Mandy looked at each other as their smiles grew wider and wider. Almost in unison they both screamed out.

“Oh Yes, Daddy!”

“OK, that’s settled then. Both of you lean over here, kiss and suck your nasty Daddy’s cock. You first Sandy. NOW!”

Sandy’s eyes looked up at me and grew wider. As she leaned forward her lips pursed. At first she just stared at the cock that had just taken her ass. It was her first true up close look. Sandy licked her lips and leaned in closer still. She wrapped her tiny hand as best she could around the still glistening semi-erect shaft and then kissed the tip. Her tongue then slid forward and she began to lick the head, sliding her tongue all around the corona. Then as if some sort of spell came over her, her lips parted, formed an “O” and she engulfed as much of my cock as she could.

“That’s a good girl Sandy. Be Daddy’s nasty little cum-slut. Suck Daddy’s cock. Suck the cock that just took your virgin ass. Make it hard so it can take your sister’s ass. Now Mandy, you need to be Daddy’s nasty cum-slut too. Lean over here and take turns. Sandy, let your sister have some of her Daddy’s cock. Make sure you two get it all. Lick from my balls all the way to the tip. Get every inch that was in Sandy’s virgin ass. And if you want to be really nasty girls for Daddy, you can take turns sucking Daddy’s balls and then licking around Daddy’s ass. Daddy likes his ass played with just as much as you two do.”

I just sat back and watched. Sandy and Mandy were taking turns licking up and down my shaft. Then they would take turns sucking the head of my cock into their hot little mouths. As one sucked the head, the other would lick down the shaft and suck my balls. With their eager mouths and tongues working in unison, my cock began to grow. As it did, their eyes grew bigger as well.

“Such nasty little girls I have. Look how you’re making Daddy’s cock get bigger. If you keep this up, Daddy will be ready to take Mandy’s ass in no time at all. Such good little girls you are … MY good little cum-sluts.”

The praise seemed to give them more inspiration, or perhaps it was a bit of sibling rivalry. In either case, the two girls worked at seeing who could take more and more of their “Daddy’s” cock. I watched and marveled at how well each was doing. Before long both girls could get about half of my cock in the mouths before they began to gag. Not bad for starters.

Then it was Mandy that surprised me. As Sandy was working more of my cock into her mouth, Mandy was licking down my shaft, then over my balls. Then WHAM — her tongue zeroed in on my ass. At first it was just a few tentative licks. But by the third pass, she began to press her tongue into my ass. She was definitely going to be my natural anal-slut. Needless to say, between their double efforts my cock was once again at its full 10 inches, possibly more.

“Such wanton and hungry girls, you’re both so hungry for Daddy’s cock. Look how hard you made it. It looks hard enough and big enough to take your sweet ass doesn’t it, Mandy?”

Both girls stared at how large my cock had grown. It was all nice and slick now from their saliva, not from the fuck juices and lube from Sandy’s ass. The two girls had cleaned all that off and replaced it with their own juices. Sandy looked at my cock, then at Mandy, then back to my cock, then back to Mandy, then back to my cock.

“Did he have ALL THAT up my ass? WOW! I’ve got to see it take your ass, sis. I mean, WOW! The thought of all that cock going into either of our asses is amazing. It makes me hot all over just thinking about it. And I’m going to get to see it. Go on Daddy; take Mandy’s ass like you did mine.”

“Yes indeed, Sandy. You did have all my cock in your virgin ass. Now that I’ve claimed it, your ass belongs to me. And now, my sweet nasty Mandy, I’m going to take your anal virginity and claim your ass as well. Sandy, you’ll need to help a little. As an added bonus Sandy, I also have an additional lesson for you based on your hesitation earlier. But that will come in due time. Now fetch that lube Mandy had earlier. Mandy, climb up on the sofa and get comfy on your hands and knees. That’s it; now turn a bit more so your ass points more toward me. Spread your legs a bit more. That’s a good girl. My, my, your pussy is soaking wet. And your little virgin ass is winking at me.”

I just couldn’t help myself. Such a sweet, delectable pussy and ass right there in front of me deserved a treat. I leaned forward and began to lick Mandy’s coated pussy lips. In doing so, Mandy began to moan and whimper. My tongue worked a magical path up and down her sweet lips until I finally landed on her clit. Mandy whelped out an elongated cooing sound as my tongue encircled her clit. Again my tongue traveled along her swollen lips and this time landed on her slightly gaped ass. As my tongue began to rim her ass, Mandy’s coo sounds became louder and louder. Her hips began to rock back against me as if begging for my tongue. Grabbing a cheek in both hands, I spread her wide and thrust my tongue into her ass. Mandy rocked her head up and unleashed an animalistic growl of pleasure. It was almost time to deflower the sweet ass in front of me, so I needed to get Sandy to work on her sister.

“Sandy, get over here with that lube. That’s it. Now just as your sister did, I want you to lay your fingers across the width of Daddy’s cock. See, it takes four of your fingers and just a little more to equal the width of Daddy’s cock. So, lube your fingers again and then your sweet sister’s ass. You need to do just like Mandy did to you and slowly work your fingers into her ass. That’s it, one at a time. Keep going till you can get all four into her virgin ass so Daddy can claim that ass as his. That’s it; you’re being such a good girl, Sandy. As you work each additional finger in, be sure to start spreading them apart to stretch your sister open. She has to be really open for Daddy’s hard cock.”

Whether it was my words that excited her, or Sandy’s actions, Mandy began to buck on Sandy’s fingers. Soon Sandy had three and now finally four fingers in her sister’s ass. Sandy reached her arm around Mandy’s waist to help hold her in position as she really began to finger fuck Mandy’s ass. And just as she had been instructed, Sandy was spreading her fingers as wide as possible to get Mandy’s ass ready. Now it appeared to have that nice, wide gape. So it was time for the real thing.

“That’s it Sandy, now slide your fingers out and lube Daddy’s cock. That’s a sweet strawberry flavored lube which I’m sure you’re going to learn to appreciate very shortly. Now, lay your head on your sister’s hip and watch closely. I want you to see what happened to your ass. Let me grab my cell phone camera and get this recorded for later.”

“OK, now grab hold of my cock and guide it to just the rim of your sister’s gaped ass so I can get the first picture. That’s it, now lean your head a bit closer so I can get you in the picture as well. Such a good girl.”

“Mandy, are you ready? Are you ready to give me your virgin ass and become Daddy’s anal-whore? Daddy’s little anal-slut?”

‘Yessssssssssss, Daddy. No more teasing please. Take it. Take my ass. Make my ass yours, Daddy.”

“You heard your sister, Sandy. Now guide Daddy’s cock in — slowly, very slowly, so I can get several pictures along the way. Did you feel that sort of POP when the head of Daddy’s cock finally stretched your muscular ring and slipped in? That’s it. Half way now Mandy, let me rest so you can get used to it. You’re being such a good girl, Mandy. Here we go, take more of Daddy’s cock. Oh my, Sandy, look she’s got almost all of it in her ass now”

Sandy had been staring in a trance like manner as she watched inch by inch of my cock slip into her sister’s ass. Her eyes bugged slightly at the site, and her mouth was agape. This was good, as it was time for her lesson regarding hesitation. I slowly began to slide my cock from Mandy’s ass till it was almost completely out. Then just as slowly I began the inward stroke until I felt my balls nuzzled tightly against Mandy’s pussy lips. Mandy bucked slightly back onto my cock and began to emit incoherent verbalizations.

“That’s it Mandy, you have ALL of Daddy’s big cock in your no longer virgin ass. Your ass belongs to Daddy now. But before I really fuck this sweet ass, your sister here is going to learn a new lesson about hesitation.”

Sandy still had her head resting on her sister’s hip watching every movement of my cock in Mandy’s ass. Grabbing my cell phone camera and holding in on one hand, I very gently grabbed Sandy’s hair with the other hand so I could pin her head to her sister’s hip. As my cock slid back, it slowly came more and more into view. Again, Sandy was mesmerized at how much length of my cock had penetrated her sister’s ass. And as before, when more cock came into view, her eyes bugged and her mouth opened slack jawed. However, this time, I allowed the head to pop free. When it did, I pushed the head of my cock to Sandy’s parted lips. Holding her hair, I began to feed my cock into her mouth. Her eyes bugged even more and her gaze went from the cock sliding into her mouth up to lock onto my eyes watching her. Instead of repulsion, this time she tried to smile around the cock sliding into her mouth. I took picture after picture of her taking my cock into her now wanton mouth. When I pulled my cock from her mouth, she smiled as if she had just won a special prize.

“Mandy, Daddy’s sorry for the delay. Your sister had to suck Daddy’s cock when it popped out of your ass. Now Sandy, guide it back in again. That’s it; you’re being such a good girl for Daddy. Keep your head right there, Sandy. You’ll repeat your lesson a few more times until I feel you’ve learned your lesson — no more hesitation, EVER. OK, Mandy, you ready for Daddy’s cock again? Tell me, Mandy, what does my little cum-slut want.”

“Yes, Dadddddyyyyyy. No more teasing. I want you. I want your cock to take my ass. Fuck my ass, Daddy, Fuck me, please.”

How could I resist such a sweet request? In one strong thrust, I slammed my cock all the way into Mandy’s ass. Her back arched and her head shot upward. But to my surprise, her hips bucked back into me. So, I took a long pull outward to only slam back into her wanton ass. Two more times, and with each deep thrust Mandy bucked back into me.

“Oh yessssss, Daddy. Take my ass. I’ve never felt so full. I’m full of Daddy’s huge cock. Sandy, I’m taking all of Daddy’s cock! Yessss, fuck me Daddy. Make me your anal-slut. My ass is yours, Daddy.”

Four more strong, deep thrusts this time and Mandy was mewing unrecognizable verbalizations. This time when I was deep within her ass, I ground my hips into her and flexed my cock, allowing it to pulse deep within her ass. Looking down, I saw the foamy ring that had collected around my shaft. Grinning, I pulled completely out of Mandy’s ass, and held my cock in front of Sandy’s lips. Without hesitation she took my cock as deep into her mouth as possible, further than she had at any time today. I felt her tongue swirling around the entire shaft. When I pulled it from her mouth, she beamed a bright smile toward me before taking hold of my shaft and guiding it to Mandy’s ass. I slammed into Mandy with all I had.

“Oh Damn, Daddy. That’s it, fuck me. Take my ass. Make me yours forever. Let me feel you spray your cum deep in my ass, Daddy. I want it. I want it oh so bad!”

“Then that’s what you’ll get my little anal-slut; the ass fucking of your life. Sandy, play with your sister’s pussy and clit. Make her cum for Daddy while he fucks her ass; just like Daddy fucked your ass, Sandy.”

Sandy kept her head on Mandy’s hip and watched as my cock slammed in and out of Mandy’s ass. She also snaked her hand down to play with her own clit and pussy while her other hand busied itself on Mandy’s clit and pussy. Both girls began to coo and mew as I fucked harder into Mandy’s ass. I could feel my balls slapping against Mandy’s soaked pussy lips and against Sandy’s wet, busy fingers. Sandy then brought her hand from her pussy lips and clit and placed the fingers up to my mouth. I eagerly sucked the nectar from each finger while still slamming Mandy’s ass. Then Sandy wet her fingers again and slid them into her own mouth to suckle the sweet nectar from them.

She alternated back and forth for a few more times. Then she surprised me again. After getting her fingers wet in her own pussy nectar, she wrapped them around my balls and began to work the juice into my ball sack, and then back around my ass. After she had my ass wet, she looked up at me with a wicked smile and slipped a finger into my ass. I smiled back at her and redoubled my efforts by slamming harder into Mandy’s ass.

“Oh, oh, oh , oh — Daddddddyyyyyy. That’s it, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum all over your big cock Daddy. I’m, I’m, I’m cummmmmmmmiiiinnnnggggggg!”

“That’s a good little cum-slut, Mandy. Cum for Daddy, Mandy. Cum all over Daddy’s cock and your sister’s fingers. Cum for Daddy!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngg Daddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyy!”

Mandy’s ass gripped my cock as she came. Contraction followed contraction as if her ass was trying to milk my cock. Finally, Mandy slumped forward slightly after her orgasm began to subside, but I wasn’t through. I quickly pulled my cock from Mandy’s ass and slammed it into Sandy’s waiting mouth. Back and forth I stroked one deep stroke into Mandy’s ass, one into Sandy’s mouth. At the same time, Sandy was still fingering my ass, deeper and deeper as she grew bolder. The double sensation was beginning to get to me and I felt my balls begin to tighten. Sandy could sense it as well as she felt my ass tighten around her finger. Sandy looked up at me and smiled.

“I can feel it Mandy, Daddy’s about to fill your ass with cum. I have my finger up his ass while he’s fucking yours and I can feel him about to explode. Do it Daddy. Do it. Fill her ass with your cum. I’ll make you proud Daddy. I’ll lick it all out and share it with her. Do it Daddy. Cum for us Daddy.”

With encouragement like that, I wasn’t about to last much longer. I felt my cock start to swell and throb. As I slammed into Mandy one last time, I grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto my cock driving it as deep as possible. Rope after rope of hot cum erupted from my cock, filling her ass until it started to ooze around my shaft. Looking down I saw Sandy staring at my cock completely embedded in Mandy’s ass. She was also licking her lips as she saw my cum oozing around my cock. I pulled out completely allowing the last two jets of cum shoot all over Mandy’s swollen pussy lips and clit.

I didn’t have to tell Sandy what to do. She immediately went down on her sister’s pussy and clit licking my cum from them. Even after Mandy’s pussy lips and clit were clean, she continued to lick her sister. Mandy rose up slightly and began to quiver as another orgasm began to rip through her. As her orgasm hit her hard, the muscles in her ass contracted strongly, squeezing out the huge deposit of cum I had just left inside her. Like a pro, Sandy clamped her mouth around Mandy’s quivering ass and lapped the cum flowing from it. When Sandy was satisfied she had retrieved all my cum from Mandy’s ass, she rose up, turned to smile at me, then went around to kiss Mandy. The two girls wantonly shared my cum between them. Each girl had their hands running all over the other girl’s body; nipples, breasts, ass cheeks, pussy lips, clits, and even fingering one another’s ass. I just sat back and admired the lust filled display before me.

As the girls began to slow down, their kiss finally broke. Each girl smiled at me, then opened their mouths to show me the cum was all gone. Then as if they had been in training all their lives, the twins licked and smacked their lips. They could see my smile of appreciation and then they looked down at my semi-erect cock. It was still all shiny and foamy from fucking Mandy’s ass. With no encouragement or instruction from me, Sandy leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth as deep as she could. She then slowly pulled free and offered it to her sister. In turn, Mandy engulfed my cock and tried to take it into her throat to get all of it in her mouth. She choked at the attempt, but the effort was appreciated. Back and forth the girls went, sharing their “clean up” duties. They didn’t see me dial the phone. Looking down at the girls, I waited for the phone to be answered.

“Hello, Miranda. Yes, this is Doc. I just wanted to let you know the girls would be coming home soon. They are just about finished with their first lesson. You should be proud of your daughters. Not only are they beautiful but they are so truly eager to learn. I can see they take after their mother. I would be lucky and very proud to have daughters such as these.”

“Why thank you Doc. They can be a handful at times, I must admit. But they are really good girls. When they put their minds to it, there is nothing they can’t do or accomplish.”

“Say Miranda, I meant what I offered earlier. Anytime you or the girls need a break, come on down. Now that you have the key, you can relax over here in the A/C or use the pool or hot tub. The girls know they have to clean up any mess they make before they leave for home, and I’m sure I can expect the same from their mother.”

“Again, thank you Doc. I might just take you up on that offer. However, I don’t think I even own a swim suit. My husband, I mean EX-husband, would never allow us to wear a swim suit.”

“That’s OK Miranda. I don’t think I own one either. There is a complete privacy fence around my pool and hot tub, so clothing has always been optional at my house — in the pool or out.”

“Oh my, you’re making me blush, Doc. I don’t know about that. I have never done anything like that.”

“Well, Miranda, maybe it’s time you and the girls did do things like that. Just remember, the offer is always there, and you have the key.

“Tell the girls to finish up what they’re doing and to clean up after themselves. And I’ll expect them home in a bit.”

“Miranda, you have nothing to worry about. Sandy and Mandy are just now finishing cleaning up what little mess they made. Good talking with you and they should be home soon. Bye for now.”

Hanging up the phone, I couldn’t help but laugh at all the double entendres the conversation had. The girls never skipped a beat (or a lick in this instance). All the time I was on the phone with their mother, they continued to clean and worship my cock and balls. Both of the little minxes also took a couple of licks around my ass for good measure. Mandy was sitting back on her heels, her legs spread wide so I could easily view her swollen pussy lips and still distended clit. She then turned to her sister grinning and began to chastise me in a playful tone.

“LITTLE? Did you say LITTLE? I think you cum by the quart. And there is nothing LITTLE about your cock, Daddy. Isn’t that right Sandy?”

“No joke, sis. And, ‘WE’ didn’t make the mess, Daddy. You did when you filled our asses with your cum. Our NO LONGER VIRGIN asses, I might add. But we sure cleaned up the mess, didn’t we sis. Even all the sticky mess left on your cock and balls, Daddy.”

“OK, OK, you win. Yes, you cleaned up the mess I made. And you did it so well — helping me make the messes and cleaning up after them. Now you two need to freshen up a bit, get dressed and get home as I promised your mother you would be home shortly.”

“Damn, do we have to go? It’s still early. How about you Sandy, you feel like going home?”

“Mandy, Sandy, I know you would like to stay and continue your “education”, but I promised your mother. Besides, I need some time to plan your “education” for tomorrow. For you see, by tomorrow night, you neither one will be virgins in any manner of speaking. That is, if you still want to continue. Do you? Do you want to continue your “education” and become Daddy’s little cum-sluts? Daddy’s little whores? You want to belong to Daddy?”

“YESSS we do. Don’t ever think we don’t. Isn’t that right, Mandy? Oh wait, you were teasing us. Not fair teasing us like that Daddy. That isn’t nice.”

“I want it too girls. I want you to be Daddy’s little cum-sluts; Daddy’s little anal-whores. Now, remember what you’re supposed to do tonight; shower together and shave one another completely. And if you want, I think you should try to tease and play with one another again tonight, especially one another’s asses — your NO LONGER VIRGIN asses. You both need to keep your asses ready for Daddy’s cock as he might just want it when you least expect it. Now, time to get ready. When you’re ready, I’ll walk you home.”

“You don’t need to walk us home. It’s only three houses away and we’re big girls now; almost women. At least we will be after tomorrow. Isn’t that right, Mandy?”

“Ladies, a gentleman always walks his date to the door. In this case, Daddy will walk his two cum-sluts to the door. Now get a move on so we don’t keep your mom waiting.”

As the girls went to freshen up a bit and hopefully wash the smell of sex and cum away. I went to the other bathroom and did the same. Well, at first I intended to, but thought a moment. I seemed to remember that a woman’s sense of smell of certain things was more astute than a man’s. So instead of washing up, I merely threw on a fresh pair of shorts and a clean t-shirt. Why not see if I could just push it a bit?

Just thinking that Miranda might smell the sex and cum on my body caused my cock to begin to grow again. However, instead of fighting it, this time I even encouraged it. If I played my cards right, I could eventually have three horny women as my cum-sluts — mother and two daughters. Hmmm, in time, I bet I could get all three in the same compromising positions at the same time. Thoughts such as these did indeed have an effect on my cock as it was now almost three quarters fully erect.

As I stepped back into the family room, Sandy and Mandy were waiting for me. However, they soon saw the growing bulge in my running shorts. I merely smiled and they both shot back a knowing look. I think they knew I wanted their mother to notice. So I opened the door and allowed them to take the lead.

“I must confess girls; I truly enjoy walking behind you. Both of you have the most desirable asses. I could easily drop behind you, pull your shorts down and bury my tongue into both your asses right here in the middle of the street.”

“And we would let you, Daddy. But you’d have to fuck us again before it was all said and done.”

“Yes, I would Sandy. Is that so very bad of your Daddy? What do you think about that, Mandy?”

“Damn, I can barely walk now. It feels like someone shoved a baseball bat up my ass. I don’t think I could handle another ass fucking tonight. However, the ass tonguing might make it feel better. Do you want me to stop and drop my shorts?”

We all three laughed and I slid my arms through theirs as we walked side by side for the remaining distance to their front door. As we approached, Miranda must have been expecting us as she swung open the door. She was only wearing a very thin man’s t-shirt that barely covered her ass cheeks and stopped just below her pussy lips. As she stood in the doorway, the light from the room behind her made the t-shirt all but disappear completely. It was easy to see she had nothing on beneath the t-shirt.

“Well, isn’t this a sight; a true gentleman escorting his ladies home.”

My name is Mo. I’m twenty three, a virgin and I live in a land of hideous prudes. I try so hard to be good, however, I have my own needs. That’s where the story I am about to tell begins.

Earlier this year, I was on vacation in America. I had never been before and the beaches in the Carolinas are beautiful in August. I had two weeks to explore the area, tan and hopefully get laid.

I rented a small cabin on the beach. It was secluded and had only one other house within three miles. I loved the privacy, it was a welcome quiet.

The first night I arrived, I went out on the town at night. It was beautiful: the lights were bright, the liquor flowed and the women were loose.

The first place I went to was over crowded. There was one woman to every three men. I knew I didn’t stand a chance with those statistics, so I had a drink and left. Each bar or dance hall after that was the same. Looked like I picked a bad night to look for pussy.

I found a smaller bar near the beach a few miles from my cabin and decided that I should stop in. If I could get drunk and stagger back at least then the night wouldn’t be a complete waste.

I pushed open the door and scanned the room. There were all of five people in the room. Two men playing pool in the back, a older woman of around forty or so behind the counter, a elderly man perched on a stool head in his lap drunk and a beautiful young girl of about eighteen or nineteen wiping off tables and handing out fresh beers.

I found a small table by itself, away from everyone else. Plopped myself down and ordered a tequila on the rocks from the girl. She wore a tight top, barely covering her ample chest. It was tied in the front, covering even less. She had on jean shorts, cut off so short her ass cheeks hung out. She even wore sneakers, no laces. That made her look even sexier to me.

When she brought my drink, I asked her to have one. She went back to the bar, returning with two more glasses. They toasted to a beautiful night and he downed both shots.

He learned her name was April and her mother owned the place. She had finished high school in June and was leaving for college in two weeks. She sat with him, just talking and drinking. She eventually brought the bottle and a small ice bucket to their table.

Her mother, Miss May was behind the bar, passing out fresh beers to the pool players. She would glance in their direction every so often, but she didn’t scowl or order April back to work.

He noticed Miss May too, she had ample bosom and was thin and looked younger than her age. April had informed him her mother was only thirty six. She’d been a teen mother and had taken over the bar from her father when he’d passed away. However, all that didn’t do anything to her figure. She was thin and beautiful. She could have worn April’s outfit and gotten many whistles and pinches.

As the night wore on, I slowed down my drinks. April didn’t however, she was soon drunk and very flirty. She ran her hand along my thigh, her fingertips touching the outline of my solid cock. I blushed, but she just giggled and said, “That’s real nice. Feels like the grow them big where you’re from.”

Her laughter was sweet and sexy at the same time. I could imagine spreading her legs and eating her pussy. I could see her under me while I pressed into her.

Soon her mother was flicking the lights, announcing that they were closing in fifteen minutes. I wasn’t read for the night to end, so I asked April where she lived.

She told me she lived down the beach, in a cabin down from the old Nathers place. I didn’t have a clue where that was, so I asked how far it was from the cabin I was staying in. When I told her the address, she giggled. “That’s the Nathers place!! We’re neighbors while you’re here.”

I couldn’t have been happier. I offered to walk her home, she agreed. Her mother walked with us. I could admire both women from my position between them. They each held onto an arm as we walked. The beach was dark and the road was darker. Unless a car drove by, we walked in dim light. I could see their breasts bounce as they walked though. I could even randomly rub a hand across their breast if I wanted.

As we neared the part of the beach we crossed to get to the cabins, April took my hand. She led me along the water, splashing and giggling. Her mother whispered into my ear, “She’s very drunk, you could get lucky tonight young man.”

When she finished her thought, she let go of my arm and rest her hand on my ass. I could feel her sliding her hand into my pocket and massaging my ass. I couldn’t believe it was happening. These beautiful women were both coming on to me.

I continued to walk them to their cabin, we passed mine quickly but stopped halfway to theirs. Miss May let go of my ass and plopped on the beach. She lit a cigarette and passed me the pack. Never having smoked before, I chocked on a few hits before putting it out.

April danced around us, giggling and spinning. She began to strip her clothing off, first her top was untied and tossed at me. Then she pushed her tits together, shaking them at me. Her way of teasing me.

Then she kicked her shoes off and dropped her shorts to her ankles. April sauntered over to me in all her nakedness. She was gorgeous without the clothes and my cock was going nuts in my pants. She stood just an inch from my face, I could almost taste her.

Miss May sat next to me, puffing on her cigarette, oblivious to her daughter’s naked body next to her. April spread her pussy lips, scooting closer. Her need for me to taste her was enormous. I buried my face in her sweet, tender skin. Lapping at her, drinking all the juices that flowed from her box.

As I sat their, tasting this girl’s cunt, I felt a tug. My zipper was being unfastened and my cock being released. I sprang to life, licking and lapping at her clint faster and sucking her clit between my lips harder and nibbling.

Miss May’s hand gripped my cock in her hand and jerked on it. Rubbing and pumping, wanting me to explode while I ate her daughter’s pussy. I felt her lean over and take me into her mouth.

I sat on the beach, in America, eating a woman’s pussy while her mother sucked my dick. I was in heaven. To me, America was heaven.

Before long, April was cumming on my face and her mother had wet my cock immensely. When Miss May released me and April moved away, I gripped my cock in my hand. I was ready to jack myself off on their faces. Miss May and April wouldn’t have that though.

They wanted me, they wanted my virginity. Miss May pushed me back, squatting over my face. I lifted my head up and nibbled on her clit. Just at that time, April flickered her tongue across the head of my dick.

She teased me for a few moments before squatting above me and taking my entire cock inside her. I had always thought I was big in my country, almost ten inches. She took all of me.

She bounced on my dick, clenching it with her pussy and she went up then down. I was engorged, thick and filling her. She rubbed her clit as she rode me, her tits bouncing.

I could barely see all of this though, her mother’s twat was in my face. I had licked and teased her, she was a squirter and sprayed me in the face. When she fully recovered, she moved to her daughter.

April was still bouncing on me, I was so close to exploding I could feel the pre cum dripping from inside me.

Suddenly April stood, exposing my cock to the breeze. Both women begged me to spray their faces with my cum. I couldn’t do anything but what they wanted. I stood in front of them, they both knelt before me. Their legs spread, rubbing each other’s clits.

Miss May had one hand between her daughter’s legs, fingers buried deep inside. April rubbed at her mother’s clit, it was swollen and throbbing. Suddenly, both women cried out in passion. I couldn’t contain myself and sprayed my cum across both their faces.

Both women covered in my cum, both women begging me to come home with them. They wanted more of this foreign cock master. I couldn’t resist, I would spend most of my vacation fucking one or the other of these beautiful women. Sometimes I fucked them both, it didn’t matter to me.

I was having the time of my life in a place called America.

I’m not sure the category, but it is not interracial so relax. It has a LW and sex, but this is not exactly a happy story but it does have a little sex, but mostly it is about injured people who find other injured people and together they find happiness and just a little payback.

I think that LW is the best category because that is what starts it all.


She was working in the checkout lane of a local market. I would see her when I bought food for the night or next two nights. I worked construction and would come in after the work day ended. My name is Johnston Williams; and yes I do know I have two last names. I am thirty four, five foot ten, one hundred and eighty pounds. I have the typical construction tan. I don’t work out, and I don’t go to a gym or any of that. I do run, always liked to run, especially now that I have the space for it and do it right. But for seven years I did not get much ability to do it. Now I do it as often as I can.

There was always a big smile for me and I decided to ask her out. We did the normal local bar stuff, but I did not drink alcohol. I was a construction worker and she was going out with a man who worked with his hands. We did hit a place and have some dinner before hand.

I wanted to take her line dancing but instead the date prematurely ended at her place when she screamed for me to fuck her ass and every other hole she had. Lucky for me I put a bag on the big guy. She told me I did not have to but I asked her if she knew how many women I fucked in the past year and she said no. I asked her how many she had and she said about ten, but it was probably more like twenty, she was a slut. Then I asked if she knew everyone they had been fucking and so on. She got the idea and helped me bag the boy.

It was a pretty hot time from an over the hill babe. When she was young she was probably the hottest piece around but time and too much booze took that away. She was not all that bad, but that did not make her good. But hell it was pussy and I needed some.

I was still horny so I asked for the next night and she said yes. About noon of the next day she called and said something had come up and how about moving the date to Monday. Hell no problem, Monday pussy is just as good as Saturday or Sunday pussy.

I was looking for a good mean Rib Eye so Black Angus was on the agenda, I needed some red meat. Eating that Rib Eye took me back and I was staring into space and then I noticed her. Little miss grocery checker was two booths down swapping spit with two other dudes and living on the fat. Not my problem.

The place was getting a little boring anyway so I packed up, called the boss and told him I was out of there and away I went. He did not have much work for the next month anyway so he did not worry about it. He told me I could have anyone call him about my work; and to call him if I needed any work next time I was in the area. I spent a lot of time working this way and burning bridges not the best of ideas when you like freedom and the open road. I hated being indoors, had way more than I needed of that already.

I have this huge Tahoe with a trailer that I made for it. It has a hitch but also two bars on each side that tie into my Tahoe suspension so there is no rolling back and forth at eighty.

I had been around for more than half a year so it was time to leave anyway. Let’s face it when a grocery store checker stands you up you have to figure out that you are pretty damn far down the list.

So now I loaded up the Tahoe and the enclosed trailer with everything I had, which was damn little. I put my Harley into it, and no it isn’t some chopper or a hog but just a nice bike to do some riding. It came with a butterfly net and a crescent wrench. The net to catch all they damn parts that keep falling off and the wrench to put them back on. Hey, made in America means something special to me.

So here I am and on the road, always driving the speed limit and being nice to everyone. I am a walking rolling search for some fool with a badge, so I have learned to play it cool around them, but they can spot me from a hundred miles. I have the look and they have all seen it before.

I am listening to some tunes, having just filled up the Tahoe and both belly tanks, and it is getting pretty dark. I like the side roads so I don’t see any cops and I see this fire way up ahead. I pull off before I get close and take out my binoculars with the laser sighting and it looks like a few bikers are fucking the shit out of this skinny skank. She does not appear to mind but does not look like she is enjoying it, but what whore does. But there was something wrong and I did not like it. She was drugged, I could see it, and if she is drugged she can’t consent and if she can’t consent then it is rape. Damn I hate rapists. Fuck, I could have gone all day without seeing this shit!

So I take out the bike and do some changing. I know the routine well by now. I roll up to them and get off. I say nothing but they do?

“Who the fuck are you?” and “Get the fuck out!” or “You’re dead meat asshole!

They talked too much. I have hardly quit rolling and I have already pulled out two Smith and Wesson Semi Automatic five shot Chief’s Special and start banging away with both 45′s. That give’s me twelve shots, if I have put one in each chamber and I did. The first guy’s head exploded as he was banging into the drugged girl. Been there done that. The other two were moving around to get something, anything, to fight back with. I let them both have it and kept it up.

She hardly looked at me when the guy in her blew up from the head down. His head just fucking exploded. She just looked at me with dead drug addict eyes. This was her life, she did little with it other than be here, and one asshole or another, it did not matter to her. As long as she got her fix she was happy; well happy is not the word for it.

I did not kill the other two right off and they were wiggling around so I went and emptied the 45′s in their heads. Someone who I looked up to once told me when you decide what to do just fucking do it and don’t over think it. Get it done and get the fuck out.

I grabbed the girl, “You’re mine now!” I told her. “Say it, say it now!”

She came out of her stupor long enough to say it. “I’m yours now!”

She ran to each of them and took something from their pockets. I looked, it was heroin. I let her keep it and her kit too.

I made her repeat it as we walked back to my bike. I put her on the back and pulled into the road, no tracks on asphalt unless you burn out. I told her to keep the bike up and she did. I took a few branches and wiped out any foot prints in the area and put dirt on the fire until it was out. Made sure to lay the bikes down in the underbrush, put the bodies there too, you would have to know they were there to see them. No prints of the tires or our feet were left.

We headed back to my Tahoe. I put her into the passenger seat. I changed clothes and put the Harley away. She was dark skinned, had short hair, skinny as a rail, no ass, no tits, and tats. Everything I hated in a woman and that was her. Well it would not be rape, but she still had what I was looking for, a hole between her legs.

As we drove I handed the guns to her and told her to strip them. There was no ammo so I was not worried. She did it like she grew up doing it. I had her strip the magazines too. Then I handed her a small wrench with a screw driver on the other end and she took the grips off and pulled out everything else. Everything went into the bag I gave her. About ten miles up there was a bridge and she tossed one of the frames out. We dumped the other one off a different bridge into the waters. Except for the two slides, the rest of the little parts went along the side of the road miles apart. As we drove it would be a spring or a screw and after about two hundred miles it was all gone. Damn they were two of my favorite guns too.

I knew where we had to go and I headed right for it, in a round about way. I had a full set of tanks and that would get me six or seven hundred miles. I made a few stops to let her fix and get gas. If she was high she was no problem.

We stopped once at a rest stop and I got a little sleep. I handcuffed her to me. She did not seem to give a shit one way or another. She was getting stoned and got water and food and it was warm and dry, that was all she cared about. Damn she stunk.

She was a hard core bitch too. She was sporting five tear drop tats; one for each six months in the slam. Some put them there for each six months their man does, she did it for the two and a half she did in prison. I gave her some food but she was not all that hungry, she was heroin chic, because she was a heroin addict. With her it was not a fashion statement, it was a life choice, she chose to kill herself with drugs and sell her pussy to get them. No one would ever miss her; she was part of that faceless and uncared for underbelly of society. She was already dead, she just did not know it yet, but everyone who saw her did.

And did she have tats and I hated tats. Tats from prison; tats from being a whore, tats from being owned. She had sleeves, hard core tats, and no fucking butterfly’s or flowers. This bitch would kill you for a high. They don’t get any better than that.

When we got to where we were going I pulled her drugged ass out of the Tahoe and carried her into the cabin. I left the doors open to air the thing out, she made everything stink. I had been here many times, and it was the only thing I owned that I could not take with me.

I put her in a chair and tied her down. She was so fucking high she had no idea what I was doing, but she would. I cut her clothes off and she started to come awake. I had a covered outside porch and that is where I kept her. There was an old pot bellied stove there and I kept it fired up just after I got there.

She woke up and cussed me; she was going to do a lot more than that. She screamed but there was no one for miles but I gagged her anyway. The light in her eyes never came on, and it was like she was really dead. There was nothing left inside. Not fear, not anger, nothing, she was dead, she just wanted to get high and that was not going to happen ever again; it was time for her to die.

She told me she was going to need a fix but I just shook my head no. She offered me pussy, I told her it was already mine; I did not need her to offer what I already owned. I made her repeat that she was mine and she did. That unemotional resignation was still there; she tried to pretend she was still alive by pretending to have emotions, but we both knew it was a failure. Soon that would all be gone; that would all be dead.

I took off my shirt, I was skinny too, but I had a lot of muscle from good old fashioned fucking hard work. She looked at my body, and it looked a lot like hers, especially my arms. I had the same tracks she had. “You are dead” I told her “time to be reborn.”

“It’s going to hurt a lot,” she said. “It’s going to kill me.”

“Yes and yes,” I replied, “but you will have help.”

“I don’t want to. But I don’t have any choice do I? I’m yours but I really don’t want this.” She was trying to talk me out of it but was resigned to it. She did not even cry she knew she was already dead.

“No choice at all. You have a new name too. You will forget if I tell you now.”

“No tell me now, I need something to look forward too.” she told me.

“Your name is Calbrit Heath, Cali for short,” I told her.

She looked at me and laughed. It was good to hear her laugh, especially when she was going to die. “You fucking named me after Wuthering Heights? Heathcliff; you named me after Heathcliff!”

I was glad to see she knew what was going to happen; but I did not intend to letting her free. She would have 48 hours after her last fix before it really hit. Then death would be upon her. The next day it would be diarrhea and then she would be tired, would have the urge to take nap, and then beginning to feel unwell.

Those pleasant experiences would be followed by extreme sweating, along with, fatigue, and wanting to lie down. And smelling, more like stinking, if she could stink anymore than she already does. I actually washed her down a few times and hosed off the rear deck.

Then she would curl up in fetal position, suffer even more fatigue, hot and cold sweats, no appetite, vomiting, and her stomach cramps would begin. That was how she ended the first of many pleasant days and following her 48 hours without a fix.

Then it would be snotty runny nose, watery eyes, fatigue, anxiety, and the aches begin, and the stomach cramping would get worse. And it did not get better. There would be a complete loss of appetite, accompanied by hot and cold sweats. Going cold turkey is never easy but you have to do it.

I gave her massages to help her cramps but it would not really help but I tried. I wanted to make her death as easy as possible.

By the third day her diarrhea gone because there was no food passing through her gut, and she started shaking violently back in that fetal position. Irritability is a nice way of saying she would be a yelling and screaming bitch, and she would get to have that feelings of hopelessness, and her thoughts would run to, “This will never end. Can I die from this? I’m dying, someone help.” She knew she was dying, and soon she would be resigned to death. I held her when I could, remembering that she was dangerous when she was not high.

After that she got to have 4 or more days of insomnia and going in and out of consciousness from pain, and trying to sleep to make it go away. Her vision would be so bad that she would not be able to see.

During this time I moved her from the chair to a bed and back again. She was restrained each time. But I had to move her for her own health.

I would pour warm water over her to clean her off and then cover her with a towel and blanket, and then just watch, knowing nothing would really help.

She finally got through it and after about a week she was dead and it would be time to be reborn; the physical part anyway. I made her keep repeating that she was mine and when she did I told her my things, my property, were not junkies. I kept repeating that, NOT JUNKIES.

We talked a lot about drugs and how fucked up she was. I had been through the entire thing and I had quit cold turkey like she did. No more drugs.

Two weeks later, now clean and sober and drug free for three weeks we left the cabin and went into the world. Her old life was gone, now it was her new life. I am sure she wondered why I had not fucked her, she was a hole and I was a man and that is what men did to a hole, especially one tied up. I wondered the same thing too but I was not into rape.

The first thing I did was buy her some clothes. She had a shit load of tats but I did not try to cover them. As a matter of fact I knew someone who was very good in the business and we gave her a few more. I wanted the ones on her neck covered so he came up with this lace shit that went up high and down to the base of her neck. It covered a tattoo I did not want anyone to see, that person was dead, Calbrit Heath, Cali for short, was born.

She was one hard cold bitch too. I knew she would never feel save without a weapon so I bought her a couple of blades, she smiled when I gave them to her. Real nasty blades and sharper than a razor they were. She carried them everywhere. I know she could shiv me at any time but I did not think she would do it. Hope I am right about that one. She never batted an eye when I killed those three guys who were raping her for the price of a fix. She had a sort of sexy scary way about her; even with all the tats, or maybe because of them.

I took her into a woman’s clinic and they did a drug and STD’s scan. Had one done on me too, just for drill. She was rotten with tons of shit, I was clean. I got her all the needed medication and made sure she took it. I had to hang in the area to get her fixed but it worked. Three months later she tested OK.

I had been working on a few jobs and she went with me. She did not want to be alone so I took the Tahoe and she stayed there during the day or walked abound where I was working. When she walked around no one worked very much. She was tall and skinny, titless and assless, and had tats everywhere, but she just made you feel you were going to die if she did not fuck you. Especially those damn tits, more like nipples on a chest without the tit. Shit they were on high beam all the time. With a tank top and short shorts she was begging to be bent over and fucked.

One of the guys at the site made an attempt. He went up and put his hand on her ass and said something to her. She turned and smiled at him. I knew this was going to be trouble. She was not the kind of woman who wanted to “talk about it.” The next thing this fool knew she had a blade to his neck and a second one pointed and pressed into his cock, or at least where it would be if he had not pissed himself and probably drawn it up inside his body. He probably looked like a woman with a pussy instead of a man with a cock if he had been naked.

I walked over to her and smiled shaking my head. I was amused by her decisive way of letting him know exactly how she felt about it. I was to find out just how decisive she could be when she wanted or did not want something. She pulled the blades away, put her arms around my neck, kissed me deep and hard, and with a mile and a half of tongue, pulled back and said, “I belong to you.” The funny thing is I never ever touched her, not even a kiss. We had only gotten the cleared up results a day or so earlier and I was waiting for a weekend. And her eyes, there was a light on in them too; bright lights.

Then Cali turned and looked at the guy who had grabbed her ass and the light was gone and it was deadly black in those eyes. He actually pissed himself again. No one touched Cali or even looked at her funny on that site, but the still all wanted to fuck her.

She was a wild woman in bed. She fucked me everyway I could think of and some I did not even know about. She did it all with me and she did it because she wanted to do it. Funny that for a man who did not like any of the things she physically was, I was crazy about her body, every inch of it. And that little thing between her ears, I liked that too. I did not realize it but after months of being together with no sex and only being able to talk, I had fallen for her. But she was still silent about her past, we all have secrets.

But Cali beamed when children came around. She loved children and they seemed to love her. Some of the women would be hostile at first but appeared to back off after they talked to her. It was a woman thing, I stayed out of it.

Cali and I spent some time looking at the country. I worked some and we traveled a lot. She liked the bike and so did I but the Grand Canyon beckoned and we were off and not on a bike, but we did take it.

We hit all the national monuments, and headed east. By now she had a few more tats with some color in them, black and grey gets old. We also covered some up with better looking ones. Prison tats are not all they are made out to be. She liked her new tats and I made sure it was quality work she got. She was covering her old life with a new one. I think we were in love.

We were staying in Atlanta when she got quiet and the lights went out again, her eyes became dark and vacant. I was pretty worried and then I looked at what she was looking at. I knew immediately. We drove on and we did not talk.

Night was falling, I told Cali that we were going to be leaving tonight and to pack everything up and go and fill up the truck and she watched me as I pulled the Harley out of the trailer. I was putting on some leathers and she just came up and kissed me; not a hot, “fuck me now” kiss, just a real loving kiss. She said “thank you” and left to fill the Tahoe and the belly tanks with fuel and check out everything.

When Cali got back he was gone, but it took no time at all to pack everything up. She even got the map out and planned the route, and she knew where the trip would end. She did notice her blades were gone. The bill was paid and she was just sitting, waiting. She was afraid to leave the room but as time passed she went out and bought some fast food for the trip. She knew exactly what was needed, she had been there before.

At 11:00 pm John came in carrying a girl. He and Cali undressed her and gave her a quick bath, and John took a shower to wash all the blood off. He poured bleach in the shower and tub. They put sweats on her and she was put into the Tahoe but this time Cali got in back with her and held her as he drove. John had put the Harley away and had changed clothes. There was blood on everything. It all went into plastic trash bags and went with them.

The drive started pretty fast. No stopping at all unless it was to take a piss. Cali had filled the car with fast food, junk food, coffee water, and even nuts, fruits and anything else they could eat and not have to stop. It was a long trip but they should make it in three days.

The cargo was a young girl, eighteen, and having the same heroin chic look that Cali and so many young girls have who have been riding the dragon. Again it was not a fashion choice because it was a life choice, or a choice that life had made for her.

That night the police would respond to a business dispute. The business was prostitution and the dispute was between a cheap low grade pimp with a reputation for violence and turning his whores into junkies to control them and a customer, a biker that no one had seen before and could not identify. Even the bike was not described, just black with no plates. The pimp had his throat cut so he could not yell and then was gutted. It was reported that one of the girls was missing but there was no real description of her other than white, young, tats, and heroin skinny. They figured she probably ran away when the pimp was killed. She was new to the area and no one knew much about her except she was hard and cold.

The girl barely woke up and then she would fix and go back to see if the dragon was still there; it was. After her third fix she woke up to find herself strapped into a chair in a secluded cabin. During her ride over she started to come down and began see what was happening around her.

The first thing she saw was John. She looked at him with the same black lifeless eyes he had seen on so many heroin addicts before, on Cali too. He raised his shirt sleeve and showed her the tracks. “You have had your last ride, from here on you walk on your own two feet. I am here to help you but I am not alone and neither are you.”

She yelled and cussed just like Cali had done a year earlier; there is never any difference, no addict is unique when it comes to this time in their life. She accused him of killing her pimp and of wanting to rape her. He admitted the first and denied the second. This gave her pause. She remembered back. What did he say “This one is mine? Is that what he said? But what one, what was he talking about? Me, he was holding me when he said it!”

The pimp wanted a debate so John reverted to what he had been taught. The first swipe cut the pimp’s throat and vocal cords and with him spurting blood John went up and ran the blade from the crotch to his breast bone. The pimp could not even scream. John wanted him to suffer, if only for a few moments. With his guts spilling out John spun him around and put the point of the blade at the base of his neck and pushed. The pimp started shaking and fell to the ground and the shaking stopped as John and the girl stood emotionless looking watching him die.

“You’re mine, say it!” John said to her.

She said it like Cali had before. He made her repeat it on the ride back to the motel. Like Cali had done she took all the dope and her kit before she left her dead pimp and rode off with her new owner. She was used to being owned. She was stoned and out of it by the time they got to wherever they got to and now she was here.

Now she sat tied to a chair, with a killer standing before her and no way for her to escape. Then she heard movement behind her. The hair on the back of her neck stood up. She felt a hand on her shoulder and the body moved around into her line of vision. “It’s OK baby, it will be ok, it will only hurt for a little while, and then you will be fine. I will be with you all the time and so will John. It won’t be easy but it never is.”

She looked up into the eyes of her female captor. “MOM?” she yelled out and started to cry, this time the tears were real and wet. Cali reached out and held her and cried too. There was light in both their eyes.

There would be time for a family reunion later but for now Cali would do what she could to keep her safe. “I have done it baby” she said showing her the tracks on her own arms, “and you will too.”

With that statement Cali’s daughter began her descent, from the back of the dragon, to mother earth. This time it would be easier; a mother would be there caring for her; cleaning her, giving her water and helping with taking away the knotting that would follow as a result of her withdrawal from heroin.

John would do most of it and Cali trusted John with everything, now “everything” included her only child.

Like her mother before her she got a new name; Grange, Grange Heath. Cali laughs, and calls John an idiot and asks if he has ever read anything other than Wuthering Heights. John laughs and tells her he wants to be consistent.

Grange would come out and be born in a week and be able to travel in a month. The first week is the hardest when it comes to physical pain, but the mental anguish does not end. John and Cali tell her it will never ever end, it hasn’t ended for them and it will never end for her.

Grange is taken to the doctor and yes she too has a body full of disease but like her mother there is no AIDS and she is not HIV positive. The medication starts to fix her abused body, but drugs or even the lack thereof, cannot fix her abused mind, that will take longer, probably forever. She will have company, Cali and I will be there with her.

During this time all of John’s leathers and the clothes that Grange wore that night are burned. John is broken hearted but the Harley has to go too. He takes it into the woods and over the small damn that borders his property. His beloved Harley, now in pieces, becomes a place for fish to play, like an ornament in a fish bowl. It can never be seen again.

Grange, like Cali, bears the marks of her life. She has three tears, but hers are for hard Juvenile time. Sure they say it is not prison but the place has guards and bars and you do what you are told when you are told. You can get killed there as easy as anyplace else; she earned her tears. She never says what she did to get a year and a half in jail; but it must have been something pretty bad.

She is every bit the cold hearted bitch her mother is. There are the empty cold eyes that lack fire and light, the light was there for a minute when she first saw her mother, and maybe it will come back. She has learned her mantra well, she is John’s and he does not want a drug addict for property.

She is loaded with tats, like mother like daughter. Well maybe a little better, some of hers already have color in them, if you count red from the bleeding skulls. The neck tats have to go, to easy to identify, so she gets the neck lace treatment just like Cali. Actually this should make things a lot easier, they are a family, almost, and any description for people being wanted will not include a family, not for the first time nor this second. There are too many dead people in our shared past, even if they deserved to die. Having mother and daughter with the same neck tattoo will fit what some people think is part of a family thing. Cali and Grange look like mother and daughter or even sisters and you can’t miss they are family. John fits right in with them because he looks hard and dangerous because that it what he is. All three of them have secrets and those secrets made them what they are.

They resume their travels. Grange is now aware of her mother’s relationship with John and also knows that there will be no more whoring, she is free from that life as long as she wants to be. In New Mexico, John gets them both ID with their new names on them.

The Tahoe is too small so John gets a damn bus; a real bus. They work on it and build out a bedroom, shower and bathroom, and a small bedroom for Grange. They even put in a kitchen with gas. So they can get into other places they get a small four seat car to tow.

They cook on the road, use the portable internet satellite John has installed and stay in touch with the outside world as they move. They even track police stories about people found dead, including pimps and bikers. John has them reading on line and even manages to get them to study for their GED; college can come later; it took him seven years to get his degree, they have all the time in the world for theirs. But the most important thing is to expand them beyond what they did in their prior lives.

Like her mother she was tall, heroin chic skinny, and even though titless and assless she is so fucking sexy that she oozed sex appeal just like her mom. “But what the hell could I do with her” thinks John to himself. She could travel with us but sooner or later she would need her own life and that means the streets and heroin again. Her mother and I talked a lot about it and did not have an answer. We would need to do something. She was now healthy and she would need to meet some people her own age.

We had family meetings; yes we call them a family meeting. We talked about school or something like a trade school, even school on the net. She had self esteem problems, duh. She was a whore before the age of eighteen; and molested in foster care. Molested, what a stupid word, she was raped. Heroin was her escape; all three of us have been there. Alcohol, pot, maybe some meth or coke, but eventually it was Heroin that dulled the pain the best.

She did not want to leave us, she was afraid of what would happen. She knew she might not be strong enough to fight on her own and we three were stronger together than apart. So that is what we agreed, we agreed to stay together until it was agreed not to stay together. We would be a family, supporting each other. We would be free of outside pain but able to fight the pain inside with the help of this new family.

Cali and I made love every day and I have to say she was energetic and wonderful. I had done some world class fucking in my day but this put all that went before it to shame and add in the love we felt for each other, and you got “Wow.”

I awoke with a pleasant sensation on my cock, and I was getting a very expert blow job. I could also hear crying but from a different direction. I looked to the crying and there was Cali sitting there in tears. I looked at my cock and there was Grange sucking me off and doing a bang up job too. But this was off just a bit.

I pulled Grange slowly off my cock, no since in damaging it and she might bite down to stay there. “That belongs to your mother” I told her.

Cali came over and kissed me. “I love you and I love my daughter and she needs this too.” With that she pushed Grange’s head back over my cock. “Thank you for caring about me,” Cali said.

Her crying had stopped and as we kissed I felt Grange stop sucking and then I felt the weight move and soon my cock was in a very wet warm place. I could feel it being enveloped by Grange, feel her taking me into her body. Then Grange was riding me. Cali and I kissed and I pulled her breast to me and sucked as I ran my hand over her pussy. “I love you” I said to Cali.”

She stopped me and looked into my eyes. “She needs this” and then Cali moved so that her face was near my cock and Grange’s pussy. It was the pussy she was after.

I felt Grange tighten up as Cali started licking her clit and Grange went all spastic when Cali started sucking on it. Then I heard Grange yell, “Mommy daddy is fucking my little pussy” followed by “Suck me there mommy” and “Oh God, Daddy, Mommy” until her words mixed together in a incomprehensible train of thought, and her pussy clenched like a vice and I swelled up and started shooting ropes of cum into her pussy. Cali started licking and sucking even harder.

I had never experienced anything like this in my life. Cali was the sexiest woman I have ever fucked and the only one I had ever made love to who actually loved me back, but this was something new. How could I have known that being called Daddy while I was being fucked by Cali’s daughter would affect me like this.

Well this was just a little bullshit here; my woman was eating her daughter’s pussy, Grange just called me daddy, and I was shooting cum and I wanted a pussy to eat, and I was sure that there were enough of them to go around. I pulled Cali over my face and started my snack; sex is hard work and I had to eat to keep my energy up. Cali has always loved my pussy eating and she was hot as hell anyway and she took her flight within a few minutes.

When Grange finally got up she started leaking cum like crazy and Cali did not know whether to clean my cock or Grange’s pussy. When Grange said “Mommy see what daddy did to my little pussy” Cali chose the pussy and Grange, bless her little heart, decided that cleaning her new daddy’s cock was the right thing for her to do.

“I’m cleaning my daddy’s cock mommy” she said as she took it into her mouth. With an experienced cock sucker at work I got hard fast and next thing I knew Cali was on her back, I was inside her pussy and Grange was sitting over her face dripping my cum into her mouth and licking her mothers pussy as I pumped into her.

“Fuck mommy daddy, fuck mommy” Grange said. “Fuck her real good daddy.”

I’m not sure where all this came from but it was kinky as hell and I loved it.

That is when I pulled out of her pussy, lifted her legs higher and slid a very slimy cock into Cali’s ass. That put her pussy even higher and Grange put her entire mouth over that now gaping hole and sucked and licked like a hungry dog. I always loved fucking Cali’s ass, she kept it clean for me. During one of the strokes I came out, Grange grabbed it to put it back in and then looked at it and her mom’s ass. Not a brown spot anywhere. Then Grange took it into her mouth for a few sucks and put it back into her mom’s asshole.

It turned into an orgy of three. Because I had cum just a few minutes before I was able to hold off but it was difficult with Grange calling me daddy and doing a 69 with her mother. This had not been the plan, in fact there was no plan, but it was working out for me. I moved around and took Grange’s ass and let Cali lick her pussy with my cock just inches away. We changed places all night long. I had my cock in every hole they had and my tongue was having a good time too. These two really loved each other and me too.

I wanted my own pussy and now I had two, and all it cost me was a couple of 45′s some blades and four dead bodies. Hell that was cheap pussy if you ask me. But somehow my desire for pussy changed, it became more than that. These were my friends, my best friends, my confidants, my lovers, my family. Other than one other person they were closer to me than anyone else in my life. Sure it was sick, but we were sick anyway and we were sick together and we were not hurting anyone, at least not then.

You can’t actually beat addiction but you can replace it with something else, and Grange and Cali replaced theirs with me. Now I had two hot sexy women, mother and daughter, who fucked me to a standstill and themselves too. It was sure better than drinking every night in some bar or doing drugs and losing your mind and self respect. I also was a father figure to Grange and a husband to Cali. I know it was a fucked up family but it was us and we liked it.

Sometime during the night we went from orgy mode into love mode. We made love with each other. It was soft, tender, and caring, with orgasms that rolled over each of my girls like warm Hawaiian waves. I would like to say I was a human volcano of endless hot male lava, but that would be bull shit. I held out as long as I could and hoped to stay heavy when I could not stay rock hard. They helped me out, made me the best I could be for them and for me too; they probably had more sexual experience than I ever had and I did not consider that as a minus. It was just something that happened in our before life that we could use in the life we had together now. It did not make those experiences good ones, just useful to us now and now is all that mattered. They had done what they did before because they were told to do it, forced to do it, and paid to do it. They did it to survive, just barely, but survive was the goal, even if the survival was to allow them to find more heroin. Then they were meat, holes to be used. Now they were doing it because they wanted to be with me and each other, they were not meat, they were loved and sexual intimacy was part of love. They were sharing themselves with me because they wanted to. We were joining together because we could not stand to be apart. They were not being used; because they already knew that I was theirs forever, just as much as they were mine.

In the morning we woke up and I had a girl on each side of me, wrapping me in a cocoon of love. I kissed each of them on the forehead and on their eyes. They both awoke with a smile. This was not a first for Cali and I but for Grange, she said it was the first time she did not wake up after sex feeling like a dirty whore and with a man she knew actually loved her. She felt clean and satisfied. Well emotionally clean, we were all covered in cum, male and female cum. I kept my girls in bed and made them breakfast and we ate in bed.

After breakfast we had desert. I had wet pussy and they had tube steak with protein. There is nothing like watching your woman leaking your cum as her mother or daughter drank it from that leaking hole. Yes I helped too. I love a dripping pussy, as long as I made it drip.

I would like to say we did the normal family things but that would be a lie. They looked like everything they owned came from a Frederick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret Catalog, and it did.

They had both been whores and were hard cold bitches to everyone but me. They were like pit bulls, if they were your pit bull you felt safe, if not, then you moved with caution. Everyone around them moved with caution once they realized how dangerous they could be. When they walked down the street jaws dropped and dicks stood up. Sex appeal was their old business but they could not turn it off, it was second nature and I had no problem with it.

I did not make them stay, that was their choice. I loved their choice in clothes. They would wear net tops with no bras so that those “A” cup tits poked out through the holes and then they would tell me it was so people could see their beautiful tattoos. By now it was full body with bright colors with birds and flowers. I took that to mean they were happy again. The only place they did not have any were in their stomachs and hips. They said they would tell me why later. They were now wearing happy beautiful tattoos.

I never had a tat, and before my girls I did not like them at all but damn I loved to trace the designs with my tongue and kiss the vibrant colors.

They both had pussy tattoos too. First they used lasers to keep them bald except for around the slit itself, then it was tat time, and they had a vision. That was a real trip getting those. They had flowers that opened up at the slit. They did not want their slits covered but the flower was all around it. The little hair they left around the slit would represent pollen on the inside of the flower. We went to an artist who was good with flowers. When he saw my girls he was panting to get to their pussies. He had a reputation for playing stinky finger with pussy tats but he was the best.

I warned him before we started on Grange not to try it. Well he got the design down and started the outline. Then he made a little mistake. I could see his hand reaching over to put it on her pussy; even I could see that there was no need for that. He was going to put his hand on her and stick his thumb into her. As I grabbed my .45 caliber Derringer but Cali beat me to the punch.

I heard her voice about the same time I heard him take a sudden breath. “Mine is bigger than yours” she told him. He held in his working hand an ink gun with a small needle. She held in her hand a straight razor and it was right at his throat and not just holding it, it was across it so that all she had to do was pull and any movement would cut deep into it and hit sever an artery as well as everything else until it reached the bone of the spinal column.

He was one of those guys that used a lot of mirrors as he did his tats, he wanted to make sure they were perfect from every angle, and more than one mirror picked up the razor and by now my Derringer. He smiled weakly and moved his hand back to where it should have been. He sort of smiled and raised his shoulders up and down in a slow shrug, he did not make any sudden moved, and sat back as the razor was removed. I put the .45 away and sat back. It was then that he saw that Grange had a similar Derringer, only a .38, pointed at his balls. My girls were bad news for anyone but me and at times I was scared by how fast they reacted to perceived threats.

The parameters or our business relationship now having been firmly established he went to work as the artist he could be and was. It took more than a month to complete Grange’s and another to do Cali. I loved the way they looked. I was always smelling the flower and trying my best to lick up the honey.

We stayed there for almost a year. We moved the bus to a job site and I worked it and Grange and Cali helped although I made them wear long sleeve shirts and pants, lightweight cloth. The sun was hard on their tats and I did not want they hurt by skin cancer. They ended up being good workers and learned the trade fast. The bus allowed us to remain at the sites and the girls made a lot of friends. The wives did not like them at first, they knew whores when they saw them, but after a week or so they came around. Their husbands sensed danger and stayed away from them. They both loved kids and played with them every chance they got.

Cali hated that Grange was taken from her. The first reason they gave was Cali was too young to have a baby; they forgot she got pregnant in foster care, THEIR foster care. The second reason they gave was Cali was a whore. Finally when Grange was twelve the state in its infinite wisdom prevented Cali from seeing Grange at all and refused to say where she was. Had Cali knows the danger Grange was in she would have killed to protect her but she did not know. They had the same life, suffered the same indignities, lived in the same hell and had the same results. Now they were mine and I intended to keep them safe.

They both said that one day they wanted children and we talked about babies and I loved the idea. We started talking and I told them I never thought I would end up with them as lovers and mates. My ideal was long blond hair, a voluptuous body, big breasts, that was my ideal. But since I met Cali all that has changed. She is my idea of perfection. Tall, thin, pixy hair cut, dark hair and dark eyes, and that is perfection and since Grange is just like her mother, she too is perfect in my eyes.

I told them that while I could see men without a problem it was females that I could not see. They were faceless moving shapes and nothing else. Cali asked me how I saw Grange then. I told her that it was easy, and I did not even have to see that Cali was upset. Grange came across just like Cali, every detail was perfectly clear, it was obvious she was Cali or part Cali and when I saw that I knew that I had to come and get you; I had to save you for Cali and ultimately for me. They were my perfect women even with tattoos and I loved every line and color of those too.

I let them know that I could not envision a life without them. Waking up with them, hearing them laugh, the sound of their voices, these are essential to my very life. Sharing thoughts during the day, feeling their hands in mine as we walked, I dreamed of this for the rest of our lives.

And the sex Cali said, you forgot to mention the sex. I had to smile, yes the best sex in the world and the only real loving I have ever had. They both smiled when I told them that.

The only time I ever saw another woman clearly was when I was angry or perceived danger. Otherwise the only women on the planet I could really see are Cali and Grange.

The looked at me like I was crazy but they saw I was serious, love does that to you and I was in love with both of them.

We stayed at one job and then another. I told them it was time for a major trip and if they wanted to get passports we could take a cruise. The I.D.’s I got them were perfect and the Passports came in 90 days. I had a passport so there was no problem.

Up until this time they had seen me protect them and I had seen them move to protect each. We were at a small local establishment, more for dinner than drinking, but there was a bar. A few of the men wanted to dance but neither of my girls wanted to, at least not with them. They had enough strange men touching them to last a lifetime. We did dance together, one at a time though. And yes they were sexy as hell so I did not get to angry at anyone, yet.

We walked outside and some fool walked up and pointed a gun at my head and said first he was going to take my money and my life and then he was going to take my women. Why do these idiots talk instead of acting? His gun was to my head and a fast movement to the side caused his bullet to just graze the side of my head and the second missed me completely. The noise really made it hard to hear but there was nothing wrong with my eyes, other than the muzzle flash and a little powder residue.

They struck without making a sound and without warning. I never even saw her move but Grange just reached up and cut his throat and it was so deep I though he was going to lose his head. At the exact same time Cali had hit right under the sternum on his left side and made sure to move the blade back and forth shredding his heart. He fell over backwards with Cali’s blade still sticking out of his chest. We just stood there and watched him bleed out. There was no emotion until they looked at the blood on my head where the bullet grazed me. I just told them it was ok but they were worried. Funny they were worried about a scratch and they had not the slightest feeling for the man they had so expeditiously sent into the afterlife.

About that time there were cops everywhere. The first bullet hit a muscle bound drug seller, his thing was steroids, the second hit the undercover cop who was buying the drugs, but he would be ok. All three were in the place we just came from. Everything was now on disk, and after some interviews we were allowed to leave. It felt good to have the police there watching during a drug sting and then you had police as friendly witnesses. Don’t get me wrong, they took their time with us, but eventually we were allowed to go.

It was time for a trip that is for sure. With two more dead bodies and this time cops for witnesses in our favor it was time to get out of dodge. We headed for the ship and the safety of the seas and a foreign port.

It was not the best cabins on the ship but they were nice and only five thousand per person for what they call an ocean view. What we really wanted was to do nothing but lay around and love each other.

When we got on board the bags were put into our cabin and Cali and Grange were anxious to explore the ship. So they and I went for a first walk, two lovers and their man. They turned the corner and ran into her.

“Hello Johnnie, how have you been doing?” she asked him. He did not reply, and his anger was evident. She was five foot two, with long blond hair, blue eyes, and she was buxom and curvy. She had a cruel little smile on her face and some ape on her arm. She took at look at Cali and Grange and said “Still fucking skanks I see.”

“Not since I quit fucking you.” I told her.

“Oh Johnnie, there is no need to be angry after all this time” and she reached over to stroke my face.

It was almost like she heard growling and she pulled her hand back quickly. John had felt both his girls go into attack mode but he held them back by holding their hands tight and at his side. They were protective and now the blond knew it too. John already knew how protective they could be.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us Johnnie?” she asked.

“Fuck no you slut. You’re not good enough for them to piss on you if you were on fire.” He was obviously not pleased with her.

Her boyfriend started to move but John looked at her and said, “You better let him know what happened to the last one of your fuck buddies that I met.”

“Since Johnnie does not appear to have picked up any manners I will have to do it myself, I’m Jesse, his wife.”

“Still haven’t divorced me you lying bitch?” John asked.

“Johnnie, I can’t do that, until death us do part, that was what we swore, not to mention that terms of the trust. No divorce.” Jesse replied.

“You seem to have forgotten that part about forsaking all others and what was the commandment about lying? Now go fuck yourself, and your boy toy here and every Chinaman in the crew and stay the fuck out of our way,” was his last statement.

For a second he remembered back, but even though only a second, it was years to him. Every day passed through his mind, every stinking God Damn day. He was only 18 and newly married to Jesse, the hottest girl in his school. They had just graduated and gotten married. Everyone was surprised because he was such a nice sweet guy, and he never raised his voice and never had a fight. He was the typical “nice guy.”

Jesse was the hottest action in school. She had more sex by the time she got married than many men had their entire life. One day John came home and Jesse, not even married to him for a year, was fucking some guy in the den. Neither one of them saw him enter. He was in shock and went over to the fireplace and picked up a brass poker. When the man said he was going to cum he had his back to John and Jesse had her eyes closed. She told him to “Knock me up” and John swung in a downward motion, hitting the man on the top of his head and literally splitting it in two, like a ripe melon. The man fell back and his cock pulled out of her as he fell backwards and it was still spitting cum all over Jesse even though he was dead. She opened her eyes and saw John there and the man dead. John remembered thinking, “Wow, I guess brass weapons, even before the Iron Age, could do some real damage, I just cut his head in two.”

John went for a life on the run, he had killed the man. Jesse called 911 she was freaked but her action probably saved John’s life. She did not clean anything up and the police documented the cum and the fact they had been having sex when he was killed. The blood spatter proved that. John was on the run for two years and was finally arrested when they found him in an alley, hiding from reality, riding the dragon.

They detoxified him cold turkey and two weeks later he was ready to enter a plea to first degree murder. Jesse testified that John appeared to be clear headed and thinking about what he was doing and she told him “no” and “not to do it.” It was a lie of course. If he got the death penalty the money was hers.

The jury looked at the evidence and hated Jesse but convicted John of voluntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to ten years but only did seven and three on parole. Only seven, yea right. He remembers his father there when he was sentenced. The fucking asshole actually smiled at him getting ten years.

His cell mate became a surrogate father to him. How you wonder? He had him beat up every day for the first year. John had no option other than learn how to fight. If John did not leave the cell, Mason, his cell mate, would just have people come in and beat him. It took two years before he could walk any were in the yard and not fear anyone. He did not start fights, but he would never walk away from one. He minded his own business, but once or twice did kick some ass to save some kid from more than just an ass kicking. For some inmates a new young punk and his virgin asshole are as close as he was ever going to get to a woman. No one ever tried to fuck John but they did beat the shit out of him.

By the time he got out of jail he was a hard man and protected himself by hurting other men, men who were just as hard as him. Mason was a lifer and told him how to live. “Don’t try to talk your way out of anything, talking gives the other guy time to think and plan. Decide what you want and just do it. If it is important enough to do it, then do everything and anything to get it done. If you can’t commit to doing it that way, it is not worth the bother, walk away.” John lived that way.

He had done that with Cali and Grange. He had killed and did not even think about it once he made up his mind. He had done the right thing for them. The only thinking was in the heat of killing, who to kill first and how.

Once his parole was up he was on his way into the dark underground world that swirled around him and others like him. The vortex was drawing him in, he was comfortable there. They make up an entire society, one that no one ever sees; people that are not on any census unless it is as prisoners. Just before he left he got a “Certificate of Rehabilitation” from the office of the Governor. A year later he got a “Pardon” and “Restoration of Civil Rights” notice. The really strange thing is no one knew where he was, but they arrived at his door by messenger.

Mason was the father he never had. The man who told him how to live in a world were there were bad people who did bad things. John was as bad as they were and capable of being cruel if he had to be. But deep down John never wanted to hurt people, and every time he had hurt someone, they deserved it. Three bikers raping a girl in the country; a pimp keeping a young girl working the streets; those were evil people and he did not even think twice about killing them.

Her voice broke through his thoughts. “Been teaching your, – - friends – - what you learned in prison?” Jesse asked. When she said it, murder came to his mind and to the minds of Cali and Grange too. He had learned to kill without remorse in prison and he had killed for them; to protect them. He had killed in uncontrolled anger when he found the man fucking Jesse, but for them, for Cali and Grange he killed with purpose.

“Yes he has” Cali and Grange said almost in unison. Jesse did not know what to make of that, but they did.

“Oh Johnnie, that thing you call your mother is here too” she said as she walked away and said to boy toy, “Bitch never did let me call her mother.”

We walked away without saying anything more to Jesse. I had a lot of explaining to do and the girls listened to my story. It gave them a lot of insight about me, especially my seven years in prison.

“I thought I recognized the tears” Cali said.

Reaching up to my face I said “I never had any tear tats” and ran my hand over my left cheek.

“Not there baby, here” Grange said as she touched my chest, “inside here.”

They had gotten inside of me, inside my soul and saw my private tattoos the ones no one could ever see, the ones that were black and grey with no hint of color. They opened the wound and let the light in.

It was not long before we met “mother.” Actually it was more like we were summoned to her presence by her maid. We went together into her royal presence in her private suite, not even the captain entered without an invitation.

Mother was about sixty, no one ever knew for sure, five foot four and curvy with big tits and a good shape ass.

“So these are your new friends” she said extending her hand first to Cali and then to Grange. “I am so pleased to meet you, please call me Ruth or better yet, Mother. I think I would like that best. Have a seat would you like something to drink?”

Funny that she did not approach me for even a hug and not even a hello.

“I saw you at your father’s funeral, you did not sit with the family and you did not stay” she said to John.

“I didn’t have a family there, I just wanted to make sure he was dead” John said with more than a little anger.

Ruth smiled, “Well you finally learned how to hate, good for you Johnston.”

“The bastard laughed at me when I got ten fucking years for killing that whore’s fuck buddy; he laughed at me!” I said almost yelling.

“No baby, he smiled at you, not laughed. He was upset that you got all that time, but he was so proud of you, but you would never talk to him. He was proud you became a man and stood up to that bitch you married. He was proud the way you took your sentence, without a tear or fear. He was even proud the way you wanted to do it alone. He hoped Mason would help you some, and it looks like he did.” His mother finished and just looked at Johnston. She was the only person to call him that.

Cali and Grange just sat and watched this display, it gave them even further insight to the man they both loved.

Then Ruth started to talk with Cali and Grange. “Still using Wuthering Heights for things I see. He almost had the damn book memorized, I just hope he would not end up like Heathcliff did and looking at you two, there is not a chance in hell of that.” She said to Cali and Grange. Ruth could tell they had a hard time understanding how she knew about them. “I have been watching him for years, and when his father was alive he did too. That also means I have been watching you too.”

“Johnston, Mason helped you because when he was first in prison he had someone who looked out for him, your father was that person. You didn’t know that did you? That you father went to prison. Your father did ten years for murder, he killed his wife’s lover” she said with a smile. “I am his second wife, your father was my only lover and my only husband, but I would have been satisfied even if it was only as his lover.”

“Now you take a walk around the ship and try not to kill Jesses’ new fuck buddy, while I talk to your friends here.” Ruth said.

With that I was escorted to the door; I had been dismissed. Women, shit, I hope when I come back there are still three alive in there; someone could get eaten. I knew what my girls could and would do to protect me and I was hoping that Mother did not make any sudden moves. I was standing at the fantail when I felt a presence; it was Cali and Grange. The both hugged and kissed me. It had been four hours and I missed them both. They both said that they just loved my mother. No one ever loved my mother except my father and me, so that was pretty strange. Others respected her and feared her but love?

We finished our walk around the ship and found all the decks and places where we could go. Mother had given us special passes which would allow us to be anywhere on the ship and just sign for it. What the hell if it made Cali and Grange happy then I was all for it. It was during this time that I told them about my trust fund and explained that was how I could buy everything we wanted, even though we did not go nuts with it. I also told them about the divorce provision, no divorce ever. Whoever filed for divorce lost the money and the non filing spouse got it all.

A few days passed and Jesse went nuts wherever the girls were around. She would walk out by the pool and the men would stop and look at her, she loved it, she lived for it. But the minute Cali, and Grange showed up she was forgotten and the men had to straighten their bathing suits. They wore thongs and a few patches of cloth and not much else. They wanted those bright tattoos to show off. I put lots of sun screen on them first.

Okay, I’ll admit, my mother didn’t cause the situation but she certainly took full advantage once it presented itself. Our family had always been very open and free. We never locked doors and often did not even close them. Glimpses of nudity were everywhere. We never thought much about it; we were family.

My parents were very loving and were not shy about showing affection in public or at home. Oftentimes when we were out as a family or getting something to eat my sister and I had to ask them if they needed a room. They would just laugh and call us jealous. At home, when they would make love, we could hear the sounds of their passion throughout the house. They were not always loud, but when they were, they were really loud.

At 21, I was still living at home while finishing college at a local school. My sister, Aria, was 19 at the time and going to cosmetology school. She wanted to be a makeup artist for movies. I always thought she should be the star or a model. She looked like a younger version of my mom. They both had long, think hair, round but not fat asses, narrow waists, and legs that went on forever.

The day that this all started began like any normal day. I had just finished my shower and was drying off when my sister barged in. The door was closed but not locked. When she came in I was startled by the commotion and frozen in place.

“Oh, SHIT!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t know you were… I’ll just go and use…” Her voice trailed off.

She was about to say that she would use another bathroom, but she didn’t move; she just stood there and stared at me and I stared at her. It was as though time had stopped. Now this is not the first time my sister had seen me naked but in the past it was no more than a fleeting glance. She had never taken an interest in my nudity, nor I hers. But for some reason today was different.

There I was, still frozen in place, holding the towel behind my back. My arms fully extended as I was drying my back when she entered. Now I was standing there in a classic flasher pose while Aria slowly took in my whole body. I am nothing like my father. He lives in the gym and has a body like that wrestler “The Rock”. Me, I am fit but I am very skinny. 6 foot 2 inches, 180 lbs.

I am not sure how long my sister stared at me but I felt as though I was unable to move my arms. Aria made the first move as she covered her mouth with her hand. All the while her eyes were fixed on my crotch. She tightened her lips and I saw her chest quake. She looked as though she was stifling a laugh. Then when she could not hold it any longer she let out a laugh and began to leave.

Before leaving the room she stopped and turned. I was still in the same position. “Pardon my … LITTLE… intrusion,” she blurted out with emphasis on ‘little’ as she held her thumb and index finger a quarter inch apart. I looked down to see what she was looking at, and while I am no John Holmes, I have never been accused of being small before. But as I looked down I saw that I was giving a poor example of myself as my cock was shriveled up and hanging shorter than my balls even.

“Hey, that’s not fair, IT’S COLD in here!” I shouted in my defense.

“Oh, not the ‘it’s cold’ defense. You guys always want to claim cold. You could be in a sauna and that thing would not be any bigger,” she teased, still holding her thumb and index finger to signal how small I was.

Laughing, my sister turned to leave.

“Wait! I’ll show you!” I was not sure what I had in mind but I did not want her to leave thinking that I was no larger than a peanut. It was already tough growing up in a house where your dad was a stud and you were as thin as a toothpick. All of my girlfriends would go on and on about how hot my dad was. This felt like the last straw. My cock was 7 ½, sometimes 8 inches long, and it was so wide that I could barely get my fingers around it. I was proud of my cock and I was not going to let her run off and tell her little friends that I had a small cock.

“Peter, it’s ok,” she said in a condescending tone. “Hamsters need love too.” She laughed out loud as she continued to tease, “Somebody has to be able to fuck the hamsters.”

“Hamsters, huh? I’ll show you hamsters! What kind of hamster can deal with this!?!” I was so mad I could not contain myself. I wanted to prove to her that she was wrong. I wanted to SHOW her that I was so much more than a hamster fucker. I don’t know why it got to me so much but I dropped my towel and began to stroke my cock with vigor right there in front of my sister.

In our house we knew that everyone masturbated. Our parents had spoken to us about it since we hit puberty. We have had frank and honest family discussions about sex, but we had never seen each other doing it. We had always respected each other’s privacy.

So here I was standing in front of my shocked sister as I violently pulled on my cock, trying to prove to her how large I was. It was as though I was trying to stretch it to full length instead of stroke it there.

“Peter, no, really, it’s ok, I don’t care to see you prove your point. Fine, you have a huge cock, just stop, ok? STOP.” She tried to backtrack, realizing that she had pushed me farther than she had intended. All the while she continued her gaze on my cock.

To my horror my cock was not responding to my assault; it stayed soft and looked as though I was pulling taffy and not stroking a cock. But I could not stop. The more I stroked, the madder I got, and the madder I got, the less my cock responded, which made me stroke even harder and faster. Caught in a vicious cycle I was trapped and did not know what to do. Aria started to get nervous and continued to ask me to stop. But I insisted that I would show her what a real cock looked like. That’s when I heard my mother’s voice.

“WHAT THE FU—” the words got caught in her throat.

“It was my fault, Mother,” Aria replied. “I walked in on him and was making a joke and started teasing him about his little thing and then he got mad and wants to show me his size but nothing is happening.” Aria began to snicker as the ridiculous nature of this situation hit her.

“But why is he abusing himself like that? What’s that supposed to do?”

“I don’t know, Mom, he just started pulling on it, saying that he would show me. I didn’t mean to make him mad but it was so small and looked so cute that I thought it was funny.”

“How many times have I told you about teasing your brother? You know how sensitive he is.”

As this ridiculous scene played out before me, I continued to stroke my cock, trying to get it hard before they left. I needed to show them that I was not being sensitive, that I really did have a nice cock.

“Boy, will you stop that? You look insane,” my mother stated, with eyes glued to the blur of motion as my hand flew up and down my cock.

“But, Mom, she was calling me hamster dick.”

“And why do you care what your sister says about your…” She laughed. “…dick? What difference could it make to you? Do you have a hamster dick?

“NO!” I screamed.

“Then what she thinks could not matter.”

“But she is always teasing me, calling me skinny or dumb or something. I just wanted to show her that—”

Mom cut me off. “Show her what, your hard cock? Is that what you wanted? You wanted to get your cock hard for your sister, then what?”

“I don’t know. I just wanted to prove to her that I don’t have a hamster dick.” The whole time we were talking, I was still pulling on my cock, although with much less intensity now than before.

“Is it working?” my mother asked.


“Is it working? Are you proving your point to your sister?

“Well, not yet, but soon it will be ready.”

Now this was the point when my mother took things in an entirely new direction. Left to our own devices, this would have been a simple and innocent game of show and tell, but not for my mom. She seized the opportunity to take this to another level.

“It’s not going to work like that.”


“Your cock, you won’t be able to get it hard like that. You are too upset and you are being far too rough with it.” Looking at Aria, she said, “Do you want to see your brother get his cock hard?” There was no response. “He is doing this all for you. Do you want to see it?

Aria shook her head as if coming out of a trance. She had been staring at my cock and was not aware that Mother was talking to her.

“Girl, I’m talking to you. Would you like to see this?”

“Ahh, ah, yeah, I guess, sure,” Aria stuttered a response, not sure where this was going.

“Then come, let’s go to Aria’s room where you can be more comfortable.” With that, Mother turned and walked toward Aria’s bedroom. My sister then I followed. When I entered the room Mom was already sitting in a chair. Aria just stood up in the middle of the room and I stopped at the door, still nude.

“Come in, Son, and lie down.” Mom pointed to my sister’s bed.

I followed her instructions and laid down on my back, my limp cock still looking lifeless between my legs.

“Well, I am sure you have done this a thousand or more times, so go ahead, take your time and slowly and lovingly bring that tool to life.”

My hands shook as I began to touch myself. This was surreal as I was trying to get hard in front of my sister and mother. It was still taking too long and the longer it took the more anxiety I felt about being in such a compromising position. After about five minutes or so Mother spoke.

“Peter, do you think it would help if you hand some visual stimulation? I know men are so driven by the visual.”

I just looked at her and did not speak.

“Aria,” Mother spoke again. “Why don’t you show your brother your tits? I bet that would help him get there.”

Aria snapped her head around and looked at Mom in shock.

“It’s ok, sweetheart, it will help him get hard. You have such lovely tits. Show them to your brother.”

Mom stood and approached Aria. Standing behind Aria, Mom reached down and pulled Aria’s tank top over her head. Aria did not move to assist her but she passively raised her arms to allow Mother to remove the top with ease. I stared up at my sister’s tits, enjoying the unrestricted view for the first time. Standing behind Aria, my mother reached around and felt my sister’s tits as if checking their weight. Mother then guided Aria to sit on the bed next to me before returning to the chair across the room.

The sight of my sister’s tits was driving me crazy yet the pressure of the moment was keeping me from rising to the occasion as I continued to stroke my cock. Desperately, I was trying to prove my manhood.

Another five minutes or so passed before Mother suggested, “Aria? Maybe you should try giving your brother a HAND.”

The emphasis on the word hand left no doubt what my mother was alluding to. She meant for my sister to take over the duties of stroking my cock. She meant for the physical barriers that were keeping us from crossing the line to fall and crumble. She meant for brother and sister to have physical, sexual contact while she watched. I looked into my sister’s eyes, trying to gauge her reaction. Would she actually go for this? Would she be willing to cross that line with her own brother, in front of our mother?

Aria turned her head to look at Mom. She wanted to be sure that she understood the instructions. Mom responded by looking Aria in the eyes and giving one solemn nod. That’s all it took and soon Aria’s hand had replaced my own and she was manipulating my soft cock. The intense expression on her face was difficult to pinpoint. Was it confusion? Was it lust? Was it need? Was it fear? I was not sure but the whole experience was like a dream to me. My mother, my sister, both had their eyes locked onto my cock while my sister lovingly stroked it to no avail. I still was as soft as overcooked noodles.

Then suddenly, without warning or prompting from our mother, my sister bowed her head and took my cock into her mouth. The sight made Mother moan out loud and made my cock instantly start to respond. Whatever hesitations I had before about what was happening disappeared as my sister expertly began to suck life into my cock.

“Oh, shit! Oh, Sis! Shit, Sis, that, that fucking feels AMAZING!” I cried out, unable to believe the sensations pouring through my cock.

I had received many blowjobs before but there was something about this one that just drove me crazy. It wasn’t long before my cock was fully hard and stretching the corners of my sister’s mouth. She kept bobbing up and down like a champ, taking almost all of it into her young mouth. I could not believe how incredible my sister’s tongue felt on my cock. She kept sucking for a while and I was close to coming when my sister took my cock out of her mouth and said, “Mom. Look, it’s big just like he said. I can barely get it into my mouth.”

Now I had forgotten that my mother was in the room. Really! Now I looked over at her for the first time in a while and realized that she had pulled her pants down to her knees and had her fingers stuffed into her panties, stroking madly at her clit. “Keep sucking him, Baby. Make him cum. Let Mamma see her baby cum in your mouth. Cum for Mamma. Shit, cum for meeeee!” Her voice was strained and full of passion.

I had heard her speak like this on occasion when she and Dad were at it hot and heavy but now she was talking to Aria and me. She was begging me to cum, in my sister’s mouth no less. All of the naughty nature of this was taking me over the top. As my sister continued to suck my cock I knew that it would not be long. I screamed that I was about to cum, giving Aria enough time to pull off if she wanted, but she kept going and seconds later my body tensed up and I erupted into the hardest orgasm that I had ever shot. It slammed against the back of my sister’s throat, causing her to gag just a bit, but Aria kept it together like a pro. She caught it all in her mouth until it began to fill her and run out the corners.

When I finally finished shooting my seed into her mouth I heard my mother screaming in orgasm as we watched her body shake and convulse into her own Earth shattering experience. My sister looked at me with a sinister grin and opened her mouth, showing me that it was full of my cum. Our mother came over for a closer view. She looked at my sister then me and kissed me full on the lips. It was a quick kiss but by no means was it a motherly kiss. Then Mother turned to Aria and she kissed Aria full on the lips. This was no quick kiss. Aria had not yet swallowed my cum and Mother’s kiss was deep and seeking. They shared my seed as they sucked each other’s tongues in a long, searching, lesbian, incestuous affair. The sight of my mother and sister making out while sharing my cum brought my cock to immediate attention.

“WHEW!” my mother exclaimed, as she rose from the bed, breaking her kiss with Aria. “I’ m calling your father to come home. I need to fuck!” And with that Mother left the room. She could hardly walk as she held on to her pants at her knees, her panties just below her ass, and I giggled slightly at how disheveled she looked leaving the room.

After Mom left Aria and I continued to lie in bed. My cock was now pointing to the ceiling as Aria slowly stroked it. We kissed passionately like lovers for quite awhile. There were still traces of my cum lingering on Aria’s lips and face but I did not care. All I thought about was how wonderful she had made me feel and what I could do for her to return the favor.

“So, BIG Brother, what would you like to do with this magnificent cock of yours now?”

“You mean my hamster dick?”

“I will never make jokes like that again. But, really, what does a girl have to do around here to get fucked?

We spent the rest of the day fucking and sleeping and waking up and fucking again. At some point we became aware that Dad had come home and they must have left the door open because we could hear their lovemaking very well; but that’s another story.

Lisa was home from college for the summer. Home was an apartment in Chicago in which she lived with her mother, stepfather, an older sister and a younger stepbrother. Although she’d managed to find a part-time job, there was still lots of time with nothing to do besides surf the Internet, watch television, read or go for walks. Her favorite of the four was to surf the ‘net, but unfortunately, she had to share her laptop with others in the family.

One morning she awoke about an hour before everyone else and made use of the time to get on the Internet and look for porn. She hadn’t had a lot of sexual experiences with men and the few she’d had were one-on-one with a guy about her age. For some reason, watching videos of threesomes was one of her favorite categories. She especially liked seeing two older men penetrating a younger woman, but two bi-women and one man also made her get extremely wet.

On this particular morning she stumbled upon an erotica web site that also had a personals section. She had a new boyfriend in town but was curious to see who might be available for some extra fun. If nothing else, she thought she might be able to start an online roleplay and let her inhibitions run wild. After registering for the site she immediately went to the personals section to post her ad. She decided to make the ad somewhat vague in hopes that she’d get a lot of responses and then she could choose a few to whom she’d reply. Her ad read, “Petite blonde college girl, 20, toned body with 32b breasts, seeks attention from older men and/or women. Please send PM for more information.” Even though the text was brief and non-specific, she felt the growing dampness in the crotch of her thong panties as she thought about the kinds of responses she might receive.

From the personals she browsed through several photo threads. It took a while but she finally found one that featured photos of threesomes and even larger groups. After only a few minutes of viewing she slipped her hand inside her thong to rub her clit. Thinking she’d smear a little of her wetness over her clit, she dipped her middle finger in between her pussy lips. She was surprised to discover how wet she’d become. Taking her eyes away from the laptop she looked down at her crotch and saw that it had become nearly transparent from her wetness.

From down the hall she heard her mother call out. “Lisa? Lisa! If you want to be first in the shower, you’d better get moving!”

“Okay, Mom! Be there in a minute!”

She signed out of the web site, cleared the browser history and then emptied the browser cache and emptied the recycle bin to cover her tracks. Upon getting up from her bed she stopped and looked at herself in the full length mirror on the back of her door. Her long, hard nipples were clearly visible through the sheer camisole and the crotch of her thong was completely soaked. After removing the cami she cupped her breasts and gave them a squeeze as she slowly turned to admire her toned body. As she viewed her butt cheeks protruding from the thong she started wondering if she’d ever enjoy the pleasure of anal sex or if she’d find two men who’d want to share her for a double penetration. She pulled the waistband of her thong up high, drawing the crotch material up snugly between her ass cheeks and pussy lips. Even though it was her own body she was viewing, she grew hornier by the second.

“Lisa? Lisa! Better hurry!” her mother called out.

She pulled her robe out of the closet and slipped it on. She decided to leave on her thong and enjoy its pressure against her pussy and ass hole as she walked to the bathroom for her shower. Looking towards the bathroom door she saw her older, bustier sister approaching and quickened her stride. Lisa envied her sister’s bigger breasts. She always thought they were the reason she’d had so many boyfriends. Reaching for the door at the same time as her sister, Lisa elbowed her sister’s breasts and shouted, “I was here first!”

Pushing back, her sister Laura shouted, “So what? I have to be at work before you do, so I’m taking my shower first!”

“No way! I’m getting in first today!”

The two sisters pushed and pulled at each other until their robes both fell open. Laura was completely naked under the robe and her shaved pussy appeared to have been played with roughly just moments ago.

From their parents’ bedroom they heard the deep voice of their stepfather. “You two settle it quietly or I’ll come out there and settle it for you!”

Laura pushed Lisa into the bathroom and followed behind her, quickly closing the door. Lisa turned around to confront her sister and asked, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Laura placed her hand over Lisa’s mouth to keep her quiet. “Listen up, sis. I could hear Mom and Dad going at it earlier and I think Dad is still fired up. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to waste finding out how he intends to settle this. Let’s just take our showers together and be done with it. Okay?”

After Laura removed her hand from over her mouth, Lisa replied, “Okay, okay, but only if you’ll shave my pussy. I have a hard time getting to some of the awkward places… and I’ll touch up yours if you want.”

Laura smiled and answered, “You can touch mine all you want, little sister.”

“Not ’til you’ve shaved mine! I mean it – not like last time when you made me eat you ’til there wasn’t any hot water left.”

Laura slipped off her robe, hung it on the back of the door and reached to the knobs to turn on the water. She made sure Lisa got an eyeful of all her curves and intimate places. As Lisa removed her robe to hang it up, Laura tilted her hips forward and spread open her pussy lips. “I’ve already cum twice this morning, sis. You sure you don’t want to get in a few licks before we get into the shower?”

Lisa loved the taste of her sister’s pussy, especially after she’d had an orgasm. She looked into her sister’s eyes and said, “You know I can’t refuse that offer, but I mean it – just long enough for me to get a good taste and then you’re shaving me.” Lisa removed her soaked thong, tossed it to the floor and then knelt at Laura’s feet. Using both hands, she spread her sister’s pussy open wide and quickly buried her tongue inside. After darting her tongue in and out several times, she flicked it over Laura’s clit before sucking the little nub into her mouth.

“Dammit, Lisa! If you had a cock I swear I’d never have sex with anybody else! Oh, fuck – you know what to do with that mouth of yours!”

Lisa sucked hard on Laura’s clit while she pulled her head back until it popped out of her mouth. She pushed two fingers up into Laura’s dripping pussy and told her, “No more ’til you shave me.” She withdrew her fingers, licked them clean and then stood up and stepped into the shower. “Come on in, sis. The water’s just right.”

Somewhat frustrated because of the very brief play, Laura got into the shower with her sister and slapped her hand sharply across Lisa’s butt. “Tease! Get me hot and then quit. That’s just mean!”

Lisa laughed and reminded her that after she got her pussy shaved, they could continue if there was time. “Do a good job or no more licking for you!”

Laura grabbed the razor off the shelf in the corner, knelt in front of her sister and started to work. She actually enjoyed doing this because it gave her more time to touch and pull on her sister’s lips. Unlike her own very small, very plain lips, Lisa’s folds resembled the delicate petals of a rose. She may have been blessed with a bigger bust, but she was jealous of Lisa’s prettier pussy. It was for this reason that she spent extra time and extra care making sure she removed every hair from just above her mound, all the way down and around her ass hole. When she was finished, she gave Lisa’s clit a delicate kiss and then stood up and kissed Lisa on the mouth. With the steady shower of warm water cascading over their naked bodies, they hugged each other tightly and kissed passionately.

From the hallway they heard their stepbrother’s voice. “Hey! Let’s go, will ya? I need a shower, too!” Jack called out.

Lisa and Laura smiled at each other briefly before Laura said, “We’d better hurry up. You wash me and I’ll wash you, and then I have to get ready for work. Dammit, I wish we had more time!”

Lisa agreed as she lathered up her sister’s body. “If you didn’t go out every night, there would be plenty of time.”

“Yeah, well, there’s that cock thing. You really ought to get a good boyfriend or two and try it for yourself.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve had a cock or two. Maybe the guy I’m seeing now will know what to do with his.”

After they’d washed each other’s bodies, they rinsed quickly and got out. Quickly toweling themselves dry, Laura opened the door slightly and peeked down the hall. “Okay, I’ll go first. You wait a bit and then come out. Maybe nobody will know.”

Lisa waited while Laura hurried quietly to her room. After she saw Laura’s bedroom door close, she stepped out of the bathroom and headed to her own bedroom. A couple of minutes after she’d entered her room, she heard a knock on her door. “Yes?” she asked.

“Hey, sis! I think you left something in the bathroom!” The door opened and Jack tossed her thong into the room. He opened the door a little more, peered around it and said, “Since it wasn’t wet all over, I guess that means you’ve been playing with yourself again. I keep offering, you know.” He laughed and left quickly.

Lisa had thought about taking him up on those offers many times. She’d caught glimpses of his cock and wondered how it’d feel inside her, but had never gotten up enough nerve to let him fuck her. Still, the thought of a cock that was practically always available was tempting. If nothing else, she could practice for the future.

Lisa picked her thong off the floor, held it up just above her head and took a whiff of the crotch. She liked the scent of herself. It made her pussy wet and she enjoyed playing with it when it was wet. She checked the clock beside her bed and decided she had enough time to take advantage of her wetness. She opened the bottom drawer of the bedside table and pulled out one of her favorite dildos. It was made to look like a real cock with balls and it also had a suction cup on the bottom. If she’s been alone in the apartment she would’ve stuck it to the bed frame and fucked herself doggy-style, but knew she’d be heard with her family there. Instead, she plopped back on the bed, spread her legs open wide and pushed it into her pussy. Closing her eyes, she fantasized about being fucked by James Deen, her favorite porn star. She fucked herself hard and deep while rubbing her clit furiously. It didn’t take her long to reach her orgasm because, as she imagined, James had been rough with her. She kept the dildo inside her even after she’d cum, rubbing her clit and shifting the dildo in different directions, applying pressure to various places including her G-spot. She liked teasing herself like that. She often did it to the point of almost cumming before pausing and then starting again, repeating it until she couldn’t stand it any longer. Some of her best orgasms occurred when she did that. The thought of being double penetrated flashed through her mind. She dipped her middle finger in next to the dildo and then moved it down to her ass hole. As her fingertip touched the rim she immediately felt a new charge run through her body. She pushed the tip inside, thinking about the day when she’d actually be fucked by two men at the same time. She felt her already hard nipples become even more taut as if they were urging her to go in deeper.

Just as her second knuckle touched the outer rim she heard her mother’s voice call out, “Lisa! If you want any breakfast you’d better get out here now!”

“Dammit!” she muttered to herself. She didn’t want to miss out on breakfast again, so she withdrew her finger and the dildo, licked both clean and hid the toy cock in the drawer. When she got up off the bed she discovered an obvious wet spot where she’d cum. “Dammit! I hope Mom doesn’t plan to straighten up in here before she leaves for work. I’d better make the bed so she won’t have to,” she said to herself. She quickly smoothed the sheets, fluffed the pillows and pulled up the bedspread. When she was done with the bed, she turned and admired her still naked body in the mirror. Talking to herself again she said, “Dammit! I’ve got to find somebody who wants to fuck this fine body!” She then quickly slipped into a pair of dark blue lounge shorts and pulled on an oversized T-shirt, and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

When she arrived at the kitchen table, everyone else in the family was already seated and finishing their meal. Laura pushed her plate towards Lisa and offered her some eggs. “Take it, sis, you earned it.” Jack grinned and winked as if he knew exactly what was meant.

Her stepdad wiped his mouth and got up from the table. As he walked briskly towards the door he reached up under the bottom of his wife’s short kimono style robe and grabbed her ass, kissed her on the cheek and said, “Sorry, I gotta go. I have an off-site meeting today so I may be late getting home. You guys be good!” And out the door he went.

Mom stood at the door and blushed. She liked the way her husband showed his affection but wished he’d do it in private. All too often he groped her in front of others, and not just the family. As she started walking back towards the table she paused for a moment. She felt cum oozing out of her pussy and trailing down her thighs. She glanced down at her short robe to make sure it concealed what was happening and was shocked to see that it didn’t. She turned around and walked back towards the door, reaching in between her thighs to wipe the cum back up her thigh and also into her fingers so she could lick them. Her husband always shot a huge load and this morning’s was no exception.

Almost in unison, Jack, Lisa and Laura called out, “Mom” Are you okay?”

As she licked her fingers she told them she was. Laura looked at Lisa, grinned and said softly, “I’ll bet she had to clean off some cum again.”

Lisa looked at her sister and replied, “Lucky!”

Jack leaned across the table towards Lisa and said, “I keep offering, ya know!”

Laura glared at him and said, “You’d probably cum before you got it in her.”

Jack answered, “Wanna make a bet?”

By then their mom had returned to clear the table. Looking at their faces and knowing something had been going on, she said, “Laura, Jack… you two need to get moving. Even part-timers need to be at work on time. Lisa, I’ll be gone shortly after they leave, so you’ll be on your own a while. Behave yourself!”

In just a little while, Laura and Jack left the apartment to go to their jobs and their mom left shortly thereafter. Lisa had another hour or so before she had to get ready for her job and decided to get the laptop to see if she’d received any responses to her personals ad. Just the thought of getting a few replies was getting her excited. She sat down on her bed with the laptop placed between her legs and got onto the Internet. She typed in the URL of the site and then logged in. To her surprise and delight, the number “47″ appeared beside the word “Messages.” With great anticipation, she clicked there and opened her Inbox. “Wow!” she thought. “47 replies in about an hour! Not bad.”

She clicked to open the first one and started reading. “Loser,” she thought as she deleted it. She clicked to open the next one and read what it had to say. “Don’t these people read? I said older men. Dammit!” She deleted that one, and the next, and the next several messages. Upon opening the next message, she paused to read a rather lengthy message from a much older man. “Finally!” she thought. “Somebody who understands what I meant.” She continued reading, feeling her nipples harden and her pussy getting damp. “I think this one’s a keeper!” She closed it and opened the next one, then closed that and went back to the previous message. She read it again and got even wetter. “This guy knows what he wants and it happens to be what I want, too. I’d better reply right now.” She typed her response and sent it back. Before opening any more of the messages, she slipped off the T-shirt and played with her nipples, squeezing and tugging them and imagining the older man was doing that to her. Just as she was about to slip off her shorts she noticed there was another new message. She refreshed her Inbox and there was the reply from the older man. She quickly opened it and started reading. She sighed as she read. “I’ve got to find out where this guy lives. I hope it’s nearby.” She typed her question and sent it to him, then slipped out of her shorts and toyed with her clit as she waited for the response. In a minute, she received his response, opened it and read it. “Dammit! He’s too far away! I guess that’s it for him. Guess I’ll tell him I want somebody close to me.” She typed the bad news and sent it. She continued playing with her pussy and her nipples, wishing he’d been a lot closer to her. About the time she decided she’d better log off and get ready for her job, she noticed there was a new message from him. She opened it and read. “Hmmm… an offer to direct me via PMs to do slutty things. That could work.” She typed out her new response, asking what he had in mind, sent it and then logged out of the site. After clearing all her tracks she turned off the laptop and carried it back to the den, forgetting for the moment that she was nude. When she walked past the glass door to the balcony, she suddenly realized it and jumped to the side. She looked out the glass door to see if it was possible to see into the other apartments and was relieved that she couldn’t.

She went back to her room to get dressed, still thinking about the things she read in the PMs from the older man, imagining what he might have in mind for her. “I wonder what he meant by anal training… how is he going to direct me to do slutty things?” Many thoughts ran through her head as she dressed for her job.

That evening when she returned home from work, she asked if she could use the computer for a while. Nobody else wanted it so she got it and carried it to her room. Even before she’d taken off her work clothes, she got online and logged into the web site. She went directly to her Inbox, found his message, opened it and read what he had to say. Talking quietly to herself, she said, “He wants me to start stretching my ass for him… oh, gawd – he wants to use all of my holes… Oh, I could be a total slut for this guy.” She read on a little further. “He wants me to sit at the window and masturbate in the nude with the lights on? I don’t know about that!” She typed out a quick response and sent it back to him. Within a few minutes his reply appeared in her Inbox. She opened it right away and started reading it. “Well, I could do that… a thin tank top and my panties… a table lamp, uh-huh, and the sheers pulled… I can do that.” Lisa wrote back telling him she’d try that before she went to bed that night. Aroused as she was, she went through the remaining messages she received, deleting most without responding. The few she thought were possibilities were still fairly far away, but she didn’t want to pass up any opportunities, so she kept them.

Before she logged out of the site she decided to look at the group sex thread. She quickly became engrossed in the photos, especially the ones of several men fucking one woman all at the same time. She was shocked when she saw photos of two cocks in one pussy, two cocks in one ass, two cocks in one ass with one cock in the girl’s pussy and another one in her mouth! She may have been shocked, but she was getting more and more turned-on. “Look at all those huge cocks! And cum everywhere. Maybe someday,” she thought.

Just as she was about to logout, she noticed she had a new message. She went back to her Inbox and saw it was from the man who wanted her to put on a show at her window. She clicked to open the PM and read, “Don’t disappoint your audience – pretend you’re a high paid porn star. Be sure you cum at least once. And send me a detailed report on what you did and how you felt.” Lisa liked that she was told what to do even if it was by an unknown person. She thought about her assignment for a moment and then logged out. As she was getting up from the bed she felt the tell-tale wetness between her thighs, slipped her hand down her pants, into her thong and pressed her fingers between her pussy lips. “I can’t believe how horny this gets me,” she thought. “I don’t think I’ll have to worry about cumming just once when I put on my show tonight.”

From the kitchen she heard her mom call out. “Lisa? Time for dinner!”

“Be there in a minute, Mom!” She pulled her hand out of her pants and licked the wetness from her fingers. “Yummy! I taste so good!” She giggled softly and then looked to see if she’d soaked through. She was relieved that she was okay and wouldn’t have to change quickly. She carried the laptop with her and set it down on the sofa as she walked to the kitchen table.

Jack and Laura were already seated when she got there. Her mom was still putting the food on the table when she told them, “Your father won’t be home until later so we’ll eat without him. So, Laura, will you be going out again tonight?”

“Yes, Mom,” she replied. “Dick is taking me to a club.”

Jack laughed out loud. “Dick? Dick is taking you?” He laughed some more. “Dick with all the hair? You get more Dick than -”

His stepmother interrupted, “Hush, Jack! Don’t talk like that about your stepsister!”

“It’s just that he’s jealous, Mom,” Laura said.

Her mom snapped back, “You, too, Laura. Just because Jack doesn’t get out as often as you do doesn’t mean anything. Now, let’s just eat in peace.”

The room remained silent for the remainder of the meal, although Jack and Laura gave each other stern stares. When everyone was finished, Lisa helped her mom clear the table. She thought that might prevent her mom from snooping on her later. Getting caught masturbating was one thing, but doing it with the lights on in front of the window would surely be frowned upon.

After the kitchen was cleaned, Laura changed for her night out and left to meet her date. Jack and Lisa agreed to watch the same program on the television and their mom said she wanted to read a book she’d just bought. Jack asked what book she’d bought and commented that any book about so many shades of gray sounded dull. Lisa knew differently and just smiled at her mom as she headed for her bedroom.

Jack hurried to get the best seat for watching the TV and grabbed the remote controller. Lisa changed into her shorts and T-shirt to tease him a little and sat right next to him on the sofa. She even brushed her thigh against his. She attempted to steal the remote from him and “accidentally” dropped it on the floor. She got up and bent over directly in front of him so her toned, round ass was between him and the remote. She knew he’d get a good view of her asscheeks. “Damn, Lisa!”

Lisa looked behind her and asked, “You like what you see, Jack?” She picked up the remote and placed it into his lap, making sure her hand brushed over the bulge in his crotch.

Her stepbrother blushed as the bulge grew bigger, but remained silent.

“What’s the matter, kitty got your tongue? Or maybe you wish my kitty had your tongue!” Lisa giggled and then sat down again. “You’re always offering. Let’s she what you’ve got, big boy.”

Jack was obviously uncomfortable as he stammered, “Um, uh, what, what if Dad comes home and c-c-catches us?”

“Well,” she replied, “that probably wouldn’t be a good thing. I guess we need to make plans for another time.”

Jack was very obviously aroused and got up to go to his room, presumably to jack off. Lisa couldn’t believe what she’d just done and said, but was a little relieved that she had. She’d opened the door to future possibilities and had gotten rid of the one person who might interrupt her later.

She glanced out the glass door and saw that the sky was turning dark. “Time for me to prepare for my show,” she said to herself. She turned off the TV and went to her room. Once inside her bedroom, she quietly turned the latch to lock the door, just in case. She looked to her window and saw that the sheers weren’t pulled together, so she turned off the overhead light, went to the window and arranged the sheers and curtains properly. She pulled her desk chair over to the window and then turned on the lamp on her desk. Without a care for any privacy, she went to her closet, pulled off her T-shirt and pulled on a tight fitting, white tank top. Next she slipped off her shorts and adjusted her thong while examining herself in the mirror on the door. Lisa’s nipples were long to begin with, so they already stood out through the top, but she wanted to make sure they’d be noticeable. She squeezed them and gave them a firm pull, and then rolled them between her fingertips. She looked at her reflection in the mirror again, satisfied with their appearance. Between the nipple play and the thought of what she was about to do, she’d already gotten very wet. She was ready, she thought.

She took a deep breath and sat in the chair at the window. Although she couldn’t make out anything outside her window in any detail, she was confident that anybody who looked at her window would know what she was doing. She closed her eyes, parted her thighs and started rubbing her hand on the outside of her thong over her pussy. That always felt good to her, but the thought that someone might be watching her made it more exciting. She continued rubbing over her pussy with one hand and moved the other up over her top to play with her breasts… squeezing the fullness and then the nipples… one and then the other. When she read the instructions in the messages, she’d thought she might have a difficult time doing anything more than just rubbing through her clothes, but now it seemed inevitable that she’d at least reach under them to touch herself. She became more and more aroused and within a few minutes she slid her hand underneath the waistband of her thong. When her fingertips found her pussy she was amazed at how wet she was. She wasn’t quite ready to pull off her thong, but she wanted more to happen. She pulled her hand out and then with both hands, pulled the waistband up firmly. The material pulled up in between her lips and fully exposed them. She wanted to stimulate her clit but she couldn’t quite get that to happen, so she slipped one hand back inside and pressed against the nub. Her buttcheeks clenched involuntarily as she rubbed her clit from side to side. Lisa knew she was about to orgasm so she stopped abruptly, releasing her grip on the thong and taking her hand away from her clit.

She had no way of knowing how many people, if any, were watching her. The curiosity finally got to her so she stood up, pushed open the sheers enough to see the apartment balconies across from her building, and started checking each one. To her amazement and satisfaction, there were several people on balconies on different levels quietly looking toward her. On some balconies there were single men. On others there were men and women. And on the balcony directly across from her window there was a group of three men. She waved her hand slowly and watched as several of them, including the three men directly across from her, waved back.

She then took her seat again. This time she raised her feet and rested them on the corners of the window sill. Before going to work on her clit again she spent a few minutes toying with her breasts with both hands. Her thong had gotten soaked from the previous playing and now was completely saturated with her juices. If she’d been in bed she would’ve pulled out a dildo to fuck herself, but she wasn’t able to bring herself to do that in front of the window. Instead, she moved one hand back under her thong and pushed two fingers inside her pussy. Next she moved her other hand down to her clit and circled it as she started to finger fuck herself.

Before, it was the thought that someone might be watching. Now, she knew that people were watching her. She felt naughty, even slutty. It felt incredible to be doing this. In almost no time, she felt her impending orgasm. This time she didn’t stop. Instead, she kept stroking her fingers in and out as she pressed harder against her clit. In seconds her hips jerked forward and her legs flopped apart. She felt a sudden rush of fluid soaking her hand and her thong as her orgasm hit hard. She’d never cum that hard and she’d never squirted. She loved the sensation! She wanted to continue but heard the front door closing as her stepfather entered the apartment. She quickly got up from the chair, waved into the darkness and then turned off the lamp and got into her bed. Still panting, she lay in her bed and thought about what she’d just done. She thought about how she planned to do it again the next night and the next many nights of the summer. She thought about the stranger who’d told her to do this and how she had to thank him. She thought how sad it was that he lived so far away because she wanted to do slutty things for him while he watched.

She glanced at her clock and realized how late it had gotten. Although not really sleepy, she knew she needed to get to sleep soon. Typically she’d sleep in a cami and her thong, but she felt bold tonight. Instead of changing into a dry thong, she pulled off the soaked ones she was wearing and hung them on the chair to dry. She pulled the tank top up over her head and placed it in the closet, and then walked back to the window completely nude. Her room was dark so nobody could see her, though. She carefully opened the sheers and peered out. All but one of the balconies were now empty, and on the one that was still occupied, she saw what she imagined was a man fucking a woman from behind. She wished it was her getting fucked like that. She tip-toed over to her bedside table and opened her toy drawer. She pulled out one of her favorite dildos and went back to the window. The couple was still there and they still appeared to be fucking. She couldn’t tell for sure because they were poorly lit and they were wearing clothes, but it looked like the woman’s dress was raised in back. She pushed the dildo into her pussy and started fucking herself. Lisa wanted to be watched, but then again, she wasn’t ready to show that much for her neighbors, even if she didn’t know them. After another, much less intense orgasm, she went back to her bed, licked her dildo clean and put it back into the drawer. She lay on her bed completely naked and reviewed all that she’d seen and experienced that day, and then fell asleep.

When the morning arrived, she heard her mom calling to her sister. “Laura? Laura! Your turn to get the first shower!” Lisa lay in bed thinking about the events of the previous night. She was proud of herself. She’d tempted her stepbrother and put on one heck of a show for her neighbors in the building across from hers. She’d squirted for the first time. She’d even fucked herself in front of the window, although she felt like she’d cheated since the room was dark. She had to correct that sometime soon, although she wasn’t sure how soon. She knew she ought to get a shower, but since she didn’t have to go in to her job today, she decided not to. After all, she was now a dirty girl and wanted to revel in it. She got out of bed and stood before the mirror on the door, admiring her nakedness… squeezing her breasts… pinching and pulling her nipples… pulling her pussy lips down and to the side… exposing her clit and rubbing it lightly with her fingernail. Shivers coursed through her body. She wanted to play more, but knew she should get to the kitchen and have some breakfast to avoid any suspicions of what she might be doing. She remembered placing her wet thong on the back of the chair and knew that had to be removed. After she tossed it into the hamper, she looked through the closet for something comfortable to put on. She decided just to put on the dark blue shorts from the previous evening and found a knit top with a built-in shelf bra. After all the squeezing and pinching moments before plus last night, her breasts were tender and she didn’t feel like putting on a bra. Once she was dressed, she headed to the kitchen.

As usual, Lisa was the last to the table for breakfast. She didn’t care. Today was a day off from her job and she’d be alone for most of the time. She looked forward to being able to write her report on her night’s activities and browsing through the erotica site’s forums.

Everybody else finished breakfast before she did. She told her mom she’d clear the table and wash all the dishes for her, knowing it wouldn’t hurt to earn some good will points. Her mom thanked her and then got up from the table to finish getting ready for her job. Laura and Jack also hurried away. Only her stepfather remained at the table. That worried her a little because he was usually the first to get up and go.

“So, Dad,” she said, “How come you’re not in your usual rush today?”

He looked over the top of the newspaper he was reading and replied, “I have another off-site meeting today, but it doesn’t start for a while. I thought I’d take my time this morning since I may be late getting home again tonight.”

“You’re going to be late again?” asked Lisa.

“I’m afraid I might. Why? Do you need me to do something for you?”

Lisa allowed herself to think about having sex with her stepdad, but she dare not say it. “No, Dad. Just wish you didn’t have to put in such long hours. That’s all.”

“Thanks, sweetie, but I want to do everything I can for my family, and right now that means working a little extra to make sure sure we keep a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs, and for another few years, put you, Laura and Jack through college.”

Lisa stood up and wrapped her arms around him, and gave him an innocent kiss on the cheek while pressing her breasts tight against him. She half-hoped he’d squeeze her butt or something else inappropriate. “Thanks, Dad – you’re the best!”

Her stepdad hugged her back and then said, “Oh! Would you look at the time? I need to get moving!” He excused himself from the table and hurried back to his bedroom.

As Lisa cleared the table she thought she heard her mom moaning. She paused and listened more closely to the sounds coming from her parents’ bedroom. She could hear what she thought were the sounds of her parents fucking. She walked very quietly down the hall to listen through the door. When she was almost there, Laura came out of her bedroom. Lisa held her index finger to her lips, gesturing for Laura to be silent. “I think they’re doing it,” she whispered.

Laura pressed her ear to the door and listened. “Yeah, mom’s getting it good,” Laura whispered back. “It sounds like he’s getting reading to shoot his load. Oh, yeah! He’s cumming in her now! We’d better get out of here.”

The two sisters hurried back to the kitchen so as not to get caught snooping. Looking at her sister, Laura asked, “Did that make you wet? It did me. And I have to go to work now. At least you can play when everybody leaves.”

Moments later, Jack left the apartment and Laura followed him. Lisa started washing the dishes just before her mom and stepdad came out of their bedroom. As he got near the front door to leave, he turned around to face his wife, squeezed her breasts over her dress and said, “Lily, I’ll probably be a little late again tonight, but when I get back I want to pickup where we left off a few minutes ago.”

“Oh, John! You’re such a horndog!” she replied.

Lisa cleared her throat loudly to let them know she could hear them. Her parents kissed and then said their good-byes to her as they went out.

Lisa quickly finished the dishes and then grabbed the laptop to get online. She took it into her bedroom, sat on the bed with her legs spread apart and sat it down between them. Once she got online she immediately went to the erotica site to check for messages. There were several new ones, but none from the man who told her to put on the show at the window. After reading through the new messages and sending a few brief replies, she started on her detailed report of what she’d done last night. As soon as she started composing the message, she felt her nipples harden and her pussy got damp. She thought back over everything from start to finish, including watching the couple fucking on the balcony. The more she typed the hornier she got. Before sending it, she asked if there was anything she was supposed to do tonight.

After her report was sent, she browsed through the group sex thread she’d found. There were many photos of multiple men fucking one girl and two girls sucking one man. There were photos of girls licking each other and using toys with each other. “How wonderful,” she thought, as she rubbed her clit.

Finally, a new message appeared in her Inbox. She switched from the photos to her Inbox and saw it was what she’d been waiting for. She opened it and read intently. “Oh, he’s bad! Use a dildo during my show tonight? I don’t think so,” she said to herself. “What!?! Leave notes under the doors of the people in the other building telling them when to look? Well, I suppose I could do that. I’ll just have to figure out which apartments they are. Not a problem.”

She typed her response and said she’d do everything but use the dildo. She also said she’d have to logout so she could make the announcement notes and place them under the doors while everyone was gone.

Since her pussy was dripping, Lisa decided to masturbate to orgasm before she started making her notes. It didn’t take long at all. Once she’d rested, she set about making her sex show announcement cards. In addition to sliding the cards under doors, she decided she’d leave a few under the windshield wipers of cars she knew belonged to certain people. After making a few dozen of the cards, she put them into a bag, put on a fresh thong and got dressed, and started on her way. Just thinking about what she was about to do made her wet. Thinking about all the people who’d be watching her got her even hornier. She felt her wetness between her thighs, and that got her more aroused. By the time she’d distributed all the cards, she was so horny that she went into the public restroom in the lobby of her building, peeled off her shorts and thong, and finger fucked herself to a very loud, intense orgasm. As she was cumming, she heard the toilet flush in the stall next to her, but she didn’t really care. She waited for the person to leave and then redressed and went up to her apartment.

Lisa spent the rest of the day watching old movies on TV. Her reasoning was that she wanted to save up her horniness for the show later that evening. As her family returned from their jobs, she greeted each one and returned to watching the TV. When dinner time was approaching, the phone rang. Her mom answered it. “Yes, okay. Okay, John. Thanks for letting me know.” Lisa surmised that her stepdad would miss having dinner with them again.

Probably from putting in a lot of hard work at their jobs, nobody was talkative at the dinner table. Laura mentioned that she’d canceled her date with Dick and Jack said he’d probably try to get to bed early. Lisa told everyone that even though she hadn’t done much all day, she, too, wanted to get to bed early. So, after everyone finished their meals, Lisa helped her mom clear the table and clean the kitchen. “Thanks, Lisa,” her mom told her. “I think I’ll go to my bedroom and read some more of that book before your stepdad gets home. Hope you rest well.”

“What the fuck!” Sandra exclaimed as she walked into the living room and saw her mother lying on top of Silvio.

The shock of finding her mother fucking another man was bad enough. But when the pretty 18-year old blond recognized her classmate, Silvio, beneath her mother she was even more appalled. She could not fathom the thought of her mother cheating on her father with this boy who she detested, no matter how handsome he looked.

Marina jumped to her feet. She could feel a mixture of Silvio’s cum and her own juices dripping down her inner thighs and began blushing.

“He blackmailed me, Sandra. I didn’t have a choice.”

Sandra stood there with her mouth agape as Silvio stood beside her mother. She could not help but notice the large size of his cock as it hung in a semi rigid state still glistening with her mother’s fluids.

“He has pictures of both of us having sex with other students,” Marina continued. “They’re fake, but they could still cause us both a lot of trouble. I had no choice but to submit to him in order to get him to destroy them.”

Sandra was incensed. She had heard about how Silvio had manipulated girls into having sex, even though many went willingly. And how he then cast them aside after getting what he wanted. She had always vowed never to give him the opportunity to add her to his growing list of conquest.

“What pictures?” She asked.

“There, on the desk by the computer.” Marina said, ignoring her nakedness as she pointed to the folder.

Sandra stomped to the desk and opened the folder. She looked at the pictures that were supposed to be her mother having sex with a student she remembered from last year. Then she was stunned to see pictures of her having sex with a boy and girl that she recognized. There she was going down on this boy, then going down on the girl while the boy was fucking her from behind.

Even in her anger Sandra was impressed by the quality of the forgeries. She knew that it was not her in the pictures. But they were very realistic. Silvio did indeed have a talent for adding faces to other bodies and not making them look obviously fake.

“I’m calling the police.” Sandra said.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Silvio replied. “I just fucked your mother. And she just changed my grades on the school computer. If you call the police I’m just going to tell them that your mother has been fucking me and rewarding me with grades. And even if they can prove those pictures are fake I’ll say she asked me to make them. No matter what, her career is ruined. I may be 18, but I am still her student.”

“And if the pictures aren’t proven fakes they could cost you your scholarship as well.” He added.

“Please don’t call anyone, Sandra.” Marina requested. “We can’t let anyone know that this happened. It will kill your father and ruin me too.”

Silvio liked the way this was going. His cock began to throb with desire as another idea came to mind. Not only had he fucked his teacher. But now he wanted to fuck Sandra as well. It would serve her right for being such an uptight bitch.

“You got what you wanted, Silvio. Just destroy the files with those pictures and leave. We’ll never say anything to anyone.” Marina said.

Silvio walked to the desk. But instead of taking the pictures he grabbed Sandra from behind, pulling her arms behind her back.

“I think I want to feel your tight pussy next.” He said.

Sandra tried to wrestle free, but she short girl was no match for the taller, stronger man.

“Please don’t hurt her.” Marina pleaded.

Silvio pushed Sandra face down on the floor. He grabbed Marina’s bra and used it to tie Sandra’s hands behind her back. Once her hands were secure he rolled her over and began tearing her t-shirt open.

“No, stop!” Sandra screamed.

Once her shirt was torn open Silvio pulled her bra up over her firm tits and began mauling them with his hands.

“Stop it!” Marina yelled.

Silvio jumped to his feet and grabbed Marina. Forcing her to sit in the chair. Then he grabbed the torn remnants of Sandra’s shirt and used them to tie Marina’s hands behind the chair.

He returned to Sandra, who was still yelling at him, demanding to be let go. He saw Marina’s cotton panties lying nearby and grabbed them.

“Maybe having your mouth stuffed with your mother’s panties will keep you quiet.”

He grabbed Sandra’s head and forced her mother’s panties into her mouth. Then used the last remaining shred of her t-shirt to tie it around her head, effectively gagging the pretty blond.

“Don’t hurt her.” Marina pleaded.

“Oh I have no intention of hurting her,” Silvio assured Marina. “I intend to pleasure her like I did you.”

Silvio pulled Sandra’s sneakers off then began to undo her jeans. The blond girl struggled relentlessly but was unable to prevent him from pulling them off. Then he pulled her panties down her shapely tanned legs.

Silvio grabbed her legs, pinning them to the floor and admired her shaved pussy.

“Let’s see if that tastes as sweet as it looks.”

Sandra screamed against her gag as her classmate began licking her exposed pussy. She was angry that Silvio was doing this too her. And humiliated beyond imagine at having it done in front of her mother. Her muffled protest were ignored thanks to her mother’s panties being wadded up and stuffed into her mouth.

Silvio reached up and began playing with each of Sandra’s now hard nipples as he continued to lick her clit.

Marina could not turn her eyes away from the sight of Silvio lapping away at her daughter’s pussy. She hated that this boy was raping her daughter. But there was a part of her that was more than a little jealous that he had turned his attention to Sandra instead of her.

In fact, as bad as it may be, Marina was somehow beginning to enjoy her daughter’s plight.

Sandra had a reputation for being bitchy at school. But she was also disruptive at home. Marina had found it difficult to deal with her daughter lately. She thought that maybe it would serve her right to be manhandled by this way. Especially in front of her mother.

She couldn’t believe she was thinking such thoughts. Perhaps it was the lingering lust after fucking Silvio only minutes ago. But whatever the reason, Marina could not deny that she was beginning to enjoy Sandra’s situation more than she should.

Sandra was unable to break free of the bonds that secured her wrist. Her pussy was wet, not only from Silvio’s spit from his tongue, but also from her own fluids as her body began to respond unwillingly to the stimulation he provided. Sandra fought to resist the carnal urges that were building up between her legs. But no matter how hard she fought them the sensations being inflicted upon her by his tongue between her legs and his fingers on her nipples were gradually winning out.

“I’m going to make you cum for me, just like your mother did.” Silvio said between licks.

Sandra could not let this boy make her cum. She had to hold out against him. He may enjoy forcing her to have sex. But she could not allow him to make her enjoy it.

Silvio knew that Sandra could not resist much longer. Like it or not this snobby girl was going to have an orgasm for him. He could feel her juices flowing as he continued to lick her snatch like a thirsty dog at a water bowl.

Marina could see that her daughter was beginning to lose the battle. Her own legs opened and closed as she tried to relieve the growing desire mounting once more in her own pussy.

Sandra’s eyes rolled back. She cursed herself for not being able to hold out longer. But Silvio was just too damn good at what he was doing. The sensations were shooting throughout her body. She was on the verge of climax and there was nothing she could do to stop it now.

Her juices spilled freely against Silvio’s chin as she began rocking back and forth. Her orgasm was strong and shook her to the core. Her face blushed and her legs spasmed as Silvio continued pleasuring her clit with his tongue.

Sandra wanted to cry. She had just orgasmed for this boy and he had yet to let up. It was obvious that he was going to force her to cum again. And she didn’t have the ability to resist.

Her pussy ached with desire to be filled. The stimulation being inflicted upon her right after cumming, without any break, was driving her mad. Then she began to orgasm again. This time she could not contain the moans even with her mother’s panties in her mouth.

Finally Silvio stopped licking her pussy.

He got up on his knees. Sandra could see his now fully erect cock and gasped at its size. She realized that her gag had worked free and she spat her mother’s panties out of her mouth.

Seeing Silvio begin to climb atop her she protested, “You’re not going to fuck me!”

“Oh yes I am.” Silvio replied.

“Please don’t. I’ll suck your dick.” She offered.

Oral sex was nothing new to Sandra. She loved giving blowjobs. She had given many over the years and found it a great way to satisfy her dates without having to give up her pussy. Sandra was no virgin, but she reserved her pussy for only special lovers.

“I’ve heard all about your cocksucking,” Silvio returned. “They say you’re pretty good at it. But I want that pussy that you don’t like to give away.”

Silvio rubbed the head of his long, thick cock against her wet pussy lips.

“For god’s sake, use a rubber!” Sandra insisted. “I never fuck someone without one.” The one thing she always insisted on was making sure her partners practiced safe sex.

“Then I’ll be the first to cum in that tight pussy of yours.”

Silvio began pushing his cock into Sandra’s pussy.

“No, stop.” She pleaded as his cock began to slowly fill her insides.

“Jesus what a tight little pussy you have.” Silvio said as he pushed his cock deeper inside her.

Marina watched as Silvio began fucking her daughter. Wishing that it was her beneath the big dicked young man, but enjoying Sandra’s look of frustration as the blond girl realized that for once she was totally out of control of a situation.

Sandra could not believe that she was being fucked by Silvio on the floor of her living room and in front of her mother, who had already been fucked by this same boy.

She gasped as his cock slammed into her cervix. Never before had Sandra’s pussy been so stuffed by a cock as it was now. She had seen big dicks in porn films, and often wondered how it would feel to be fucked by one. And now she was finding out first hand.

Had it not been Silvio, or the fact that he was forcing her, she would have enjoyed the opportunity. But Sandra always needed to be the one in control. Being fucked by Silvio was nothing compared to the humiliation she felt at being controlled by him.

Silvio slammed his cock into Sandra’s pussy over and over again. Having already cum twice he knew that his third orgasm would take a while, which was fine by him as it would give him that much longer to enjoy Sandra’s tight hole.

Sandra realized that she was bringing her hips up to meet Silvios thrust. The thought that her body was willingly fucking back wasn’t lost on her. She wanted him off of her but his well timed strokes combined with the size of his cock had her insides fluttering with desire. She lost all control and accepted that she was going to climax as he fucked her.

“Ohhhhh.” She moaned as she came beneath him.

Marina’s pussy was on fire as she watched her daughter cum while being fucked by the handsome young man. She wanted nothing more than to have him pull out of her daughter and fuck her. Having her hands bound only frustrated her more as she had no way to relieve her tingling cunt.

Sandra’s orgasm subsided and she lay still, catching her breath as Silvio continued to pound his cock into her. She could already feel her body responding again to his strokes.

“Oh shit, not again.” She said softly as her fourth orgasm raged through her. This one was stronger than the first three combined. Try as she might, Sandra could not deny how good this orgasm felt. She moaned loudly, rocking back and forth as a series of multiple orgasms took her over the edge.

Silvio was fucking her harder and faster. He could feel his orgasm approaching. Silvio’s pussy clenched his cock as her juices spilled out over his shaft soaking his balls.

“My turn!” He proclaimed as his orgasm began.

“No, don’t cum in me!” Sandra begged.

But Silvio was not going to be denied the pleasure of cumming inside Sandra’s cunt.

His hips thrust forward as his cum shot out into Sandra. Spurt after spurt of his hot seed spewed into Sandra’s waiting pussy as he pounded her over and over again.

“Goddamn that was so fucking good.” He told her as he pulled his cock out. Sandra’s pussy was gaping open. The carpet below her ass was soaked from her own orgasms.

Silvio looked at Marina. The teacher’s legs were still moving back and forth as she attempted to provide any stimulation possible to her burning cunt.

“I think you need to cum again, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

Marina didn’t say a word. But her eyes lingered on Silvio’s limp cock.

“You want this?” He asked, stroking his cock softly.

Marina couldn’t help bud nod softly.

Silvio smiled. “Well I think we can get you off. But not with this.” He said, dropping his cock.

He bent over and grabbed Sandra by the shoulders and lifted her up. “I think you need one final lesson in humility.” He told the blond girl.

Sandra was beaten. She had been raped by Silvio and had enjoyed several orgasms. There was no fight left in her.

Silvio pushed her down between her mother’s legs. “Lick your mom’s pussy until she cums.”

“No, not that.” Marina said.

Sandra objected as well. “I’m not a fucking lesbian.”

“You are now.” Silvio told her, pushing her face into Marina’s wet pussy. “I said lick her.”

Sandra slid her tongue out between her lips and slowly began licking her mother’s pussy.

Silvio spotted a digital camera on the shelf. He quickly retrieved it. Seeing that the batteries were good he powered it on and began taking pictures of the blond girl eating her mother’s cunt.

“No, don’t take pictures.” Marina pleaded.

“God don’t!” Sandra agreed.

Silvio continued snapping them. “Keep eating her pussy or I’ll make sure the whole town sees these.”

Sandra’s tongue found Marina’s clit.

The older woman jumped as her swollen clit responded to her daughter’s licking. This was feeling too fucking good to deny.

Sandra watched her daughter eating her pussy. She tried to hide her feelings but secretly was enjoying the fact that Sandra was being made to pleasure her in this way.

Silvio approached the side of her chair. He took her head and guided it in his direction. She saw his cock before her and opened her mouth to begin sucking it.

She sucked greedily on his thick pole as she enjoyed every moment of her pussy being licked.

Silvio took a picture of Marina sucking his cock, then another of Sandra with her tongue buried in her mother’s hairy pussy. His cock was hard again in the older woman’s mouth.

Sandra could not understand how her mother could be enjoying this. But it was obvious from the way she was responding that enjoyment was definitely what was going on now.

Marina was about to cum. She pulled her head away from Silvio’s cock. “Oh yes, make me cum, darling.”

“Ohhhhhh, goddddd!”

Sandra felt her mother’s juices flooding her face as she continued to lick, bringing Marina to a much needed orgasm.

Marina knew she should feel guilty cumming on her daughter’s face like this. But she couldn’t. It felt too good and she was enjoying it too much. Besides, Sandra would never be able to act like she was in charge after this.

When Marina finished climaxing Silvio pulled Sandra away and untied her mother.

“It looks like I’m hard again. I guess I need another fuck.”

Marina smiled.

“No, I have something else in mind.” The boy said, disappointing his teacher. “But you’re going to help me.”

He motioned for Marina to stand, and then pushed Sandra over the chair.

“I’m going to teach Sandra one final lesson. I’m going to fuck her ass and you’re going to stick my cock in her ass for me.”

“No, for god’s sake you can’t fuck my ass,” Sandra exclaimed. “I’ve never been fucked there, and you’re too goddamned big!”

Silvio held her down on the chair. “Take my cock and shove it in her ass.” He told Marina.

“No, Mom. Don’t do it!” Sandra begged.

Marina got on her knees and took Silvio’s cock in her hand. He nudged forward so she could touch it against Sandra’s butt. She guided it between her cheeks and up against her tight balloon knot opening.

Sandra was still begging to be spared this fate. But Silvio pressed forward as Marina held his cock in place against her daughter’s asshole.

Sandra’s own juices that had spilled out while being fucked provided the lubrication to help Silvio break through her tight virgin anal opening.

Sandra cried out in pain as Silvio’s cock entered her. Marina leaned back, watching as her daughter was assfucked for the first time.

Silvio began pumping Marina’s tight asshole, trying his best to get every inch of his cock inside her.

The blond girl writhed about on the chair, her hands still bound behind her back, as his cock impaled her.

At first it was sheer agony as he brutally fucked her ass. But as time passed and her body got used to it most of the pain died down. Sandra soon even found that her body was responding to the anal stimulation. She had heard of women having anal orgasms but never really believed it. But now she realized that she may very well have one.

Silvio’s cock pounded her ass. His balls slapped at her upturned bare cunt. The combination of the two sent waves of pleasure and pain throughout her body that made her lose all sense of anything but lust.

“Oh my god.” She thought aloud as her body began to climax.

She cried out loud as she had yet another orgasm. Silvio was fucking her ass like a man possessed. He felt his fifth orgasm approaching. And before Sandra’s had stopped he was shooting his cum deep into her asshole.

Silvio pulled his cock out of Sandra’s ass. She gasped as the vacuum the sudden withdraw made threatened to cause her to crap. At least that is what it felt like to her.

In the same motion as his cock pulling out of her Silvio grabbed it with his hand, lowered it and stabbed it into Sandra’s pussy, continuing to fuck her cunt.

Sandra cried out in surprise ecstasy. As soon as his cock was buried into her cunt she began to have yet another orgasm. This one stronger and more continuous than any other she had ever experienced.

Sandra was yelling, not in anger or frustration. But in sheer delight as she kept cumming on Silvio’s cock. She slammed her hips back against him as he fucked her.

Sandra thought her orgasm would never end. Silvio kept fucking her. Finally Sandra’s orgasm subsided. All the emotions and intensity of the orgasms and everything else was too much for Sandra and she passed out.

Seeing her daughter fall into a blissful sleep Marina grabbed Silvio. “For gods sake stop fucking her. She’s out cold. Give me that fucking cock.”

Silvio pulled free and grabbed Marina. He pulled her back on the floor on top of him. The older teacher mounted her student and shoved his cock inside her. She wanted, no needed, his cock inside her.

Marina fucked Silvio. He sucked her nipples and played with her tits as she fucked him.

“Oh yes!” Marina bellowed as she began to climax on his cock.

Long after that orgasm Marina was still fucking him. She came again and again on his fat cock.

“Cum in me damn it!” She told him. Not willing to stop fucking him until she felt his seed shooting inside her one more time.

Silvio marveled at the change in his teacher. She had gone from a reluctant participant to a willing slut who not only was enjoying fucking her student, but had enjoyed being part of her daughter’s rape.

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