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I have this fantasy. I revisit it a lot. It never fails to arouse me to the point where I am frantic for it.


In my fantasy I and a large group of horny, hard, lecherous men play a board game. And I’m the board. I imagine it a lot like the drinking game Kings Cup. The deck of cards is laid out face down on the table, scrambled about, and each has a task assigned to it. For example, if a man turns over a two, I jack off him and a friend of his choice simultaneously. If a man turns over a five, he gets to fuck my cleavage. If a man picks up an eight, he gets to lick me out. And if a man gets a King, he can fuck me.

The game teases me and it teases them. They’ll all be desperate for it, for me, the twenty-three year old girl who has never done anything beyond what I consider vanilla one-partner sex. Life has always gotten in the way of doing anything drastic like my acting out my fantasies. However, that’s going to change.

There’s this guy, I know, Kevin. He’s a friend of a friend’s guy friend. He’s always wanted me, hasn’t tried to hide it. He’s sent me pictures of his cock and text messages of all the things he wants to do to me. Kevin’s not attractive in the least, he acts really pervy around girls and they tend to steer clear of him.

I’ve gotten sick of fantasizing, of watching clips on the internet. I’ve finally pulled the courage out of god knows where to actually do something about this fantasy of mine. I power up my computer and without letting myself think about it quickly type a reply to one of Kevin’s texs. I explain my fantasy to him and tell him I wish to fulfil it.

Kevin replies with a text message. ‘That’s fucking hot I’m so fucking hard right now’ Kevin texts me.

My pussy grows wet as I type in my reply.

‘Would you be interested in helping my fantasy come true?’

‘Fuck yes!’

‘Do you know of any other guys who would be interested? I don’t care what they look like or how old they are, as long as they’re twenty-one or older.’

‘Hell yeah. How many guys were you thinking?’

‘Between six and eighteen?’

‘I don’t know that many personally. But there’s this website I know where guys talk about wanting to do this kind of stuff. Would you be okay with it if I sent them your email and ask if they were interested?’

The thought that I am actually going to go through with this is completely turning me on.

God I’m so wet now, my face is blushing.


‘God I can’t fucking wait to fuck you,’ he texts.

‘I have three conditions though.’ I add quickly, ‘It’s follow these rules, or get nothing at all. Okay?’


‘Number one is no anal. I know you guys are really into that. But it actually doesn’t feel good from our end.’

After a pause, he replies, ‘Okay.’

‘The second part is an ultimatum. Either there will be no filming and no photos, or, you can film and take photos and even post on the internet if you want. But I will need to wear a mask so I won’t be recognised by anyone I know. I don’t want to lose my job if the wrong person finds them.’

‘What kind of mask?’

‘I’ve got a lace masquerade mask from New Years, it only covers my eyes.’

‘And we can take photos and film everything? Film you?’

‘Yes’ God I’m so fucking turned on.

‘Shit, I’ll ask the guys, but I’m pretty sure we’ll go with option two.’

‘Okay and lastly I want every guy to go through an STD check, because this is a strictly no condom party.’

‘God fuck yes!’

I purposefully arrive twenty minutes late to Kevin’s place. There are cars everywhere, and it sends a thrill through me. I’m really doing this.

I lower down my mirror and put on my mask. As promised, it only covers my eyes with holes cut in so I can see. Just enough to give reasonable doubt in case anyone I knew should ever find online photos or videos of what I was about to do. I had put on eye liner and mascara so that my eyes looked dark and sensual behind my mask.

I get out of my car and check my reflection in the window. I looked sexy. The tight black dress I’m wearing fits my hour glass figure perfectly.

I walk to Kevin’s front door and knock. Kevin answers it and swears when he sees me.

‘You’re fucking hot,’ Kevin’s eyes scanned me up and down. I’m thrilled by his response.

‘I hope you have a deck of cards?’ I ask.

He smiles and leads me inside. The men are seated in the living room. I did a quick count – fourteen. A lot of them are a good five to ten years older than me, and some of them possibly older than that. The older ones are probably from the website. I get turned on at the thought of how most of these guys go online and talk about fantasies like this, and that they have dreamt of just this kind of situation with someone like me. I was going to fulfill their fantasies too.

There’s a small coffee table in front of the men, with cards already faced down and scattered about.

‘Fuck,’ one of them exclaims ‘I didn’t realise she would be this hot.’

‘I can’t believe this is happening,’ another says.

‘We came up with the rules, are these okay?’ Kevin asks, and hands me a piece of paper.

I read through them and feel myself blush. My pussy grows hot with my arousal.

‘Perfect,’ I smile.

‘Okay, one second and we’ll start,’ Kevin hurries over to a camera on a tripod I hadn’t noticed. It faces the group of them around the table. Kevin presses a button and sits down. I assume he has started recording.

I step in front of the camera and remove my dress, revealing my matching black lace bra and panties, and I sit down on the vacant chair that had been left for me.

Kevin picks the first card and reads the rule.

‘Touch whatever part of the Board you like for 10 minutes,’ he reads out loud.

He waves me over. Heart thundering, I walk over to him. He stands up, reaches around me, and unclasps my bra, tossing it aside. Immediately the other men bring out their phone cameras. Kevin cups my breasts and squeezes them. He rubs his finger tips over my nipples and they harden.

Then he stops and turns me around to face the men. He grasps my hips and slowly slides my panties down to the floor. There are an overwhelming amount of clicks from camera phones.

I feel my pussy begin to leak juices. My inner thighs are wet.

‘Sit in your chair,’ Kevin dictates and I obey. ‘Spread your legs wide and show us all what you’re offering up to us on a fucking plate. Show us your cunt.’

I spread my legs wide. The men are staring at my crotch and rubbing their dicks. I’m so turned on. This is really happening. I’m letting a group of men take photos of my exposed pussy. Not only that, but I’m spreading it open for them, exposing my stiff clitoris and my fattened labia and the hint of my vagina, waiting, expecting.. . One man scoots closer to my chair. He places his phone about an inch from my pussy and takes a photo.

‘Now come over here and sit in my lap,’ Kevin instructs ‘I’m going to touch you.’

I sit in his lap. He spreads my legs wide open like before, then slowly slides his fingers down my stomach to my pussy. He rubs the tip of his finger against my clitoris and I gasp. He begins to draw circles on it, over and over and over. I whimper. He slides his fingers down from my clitoris and circles the outside of my entrance. I moan.

‘She’s soaking wet,’ Kevin tells the men who are ferociously snapping photos or filming. A couple of them have moved closer like the first man, taking close up shots.

‘Yes! Blow job from the board.’

A man stands and walks over to me. He unzips his fly and takes out his cock. It stands straight and hard, and it points straight at my face.

I lean forward and lick the tip. I wrap my lips around the head and swirl my tongue around, tasting the salt and musk. Kevin rubs my clitoris with one hand and slowly pushes his finger inside my pussy with the other. I moan around the cock in my mouth.

‘Fucking hot slut sucking my cock,’ the man groans above me.

I run my hands up and down his beer gut. They’re so appreciative, so in awe of me. Yes they’re degrading me and treating me like shit but that is the turn on as well.

‘My turn,’ I hear someone else say.

I suck harder on the cock in my mouth. God I’m fucking loving this. I can see my juices all over Kevin’s fingers.

‘Fuck between the board’s thighs,’ someone reads out.

‘Shit!’ the guy above me growls.

I smile and laugh. I get up off of Kevin and walk around to the new player. He’s older, like mid thirties.

He turns me to face my audience. I pull my legs together and he pushes through my thighs from behind. The top of his cock skims my pussy lips as he thrusts back and forth. Now the men begin to argue about who is next.

‘Such a fucking slut, want to fuck your cunt so bad,’ the man behind me grunts.

The other men are too busy to notice that the man standing behind me and fucking my thighs has started to thrust higher. Instead of just skimming my pussy, now he’s rubbing hard against it. My pussy juices are coating his cock. Oh god I want him inside me so much. I close my eyes and whimper.

‘You fucking want it, don’t you,’ he says. He stops rubbing and takes hold of my shoulders. I can feel him lining his cockhead up against my hole. I gasp.

Suddenly someone is yanking him away.

‘Don’t fuck up the game for the rest of us,’ someone says.

‘Yeah, fucking wanker-,’ someone else interjects.

‘Dude, she’s so gone. Look at her, she was going to let him fuck her.’

‘Fuck she’s completely out of it.’

I smile at them and reach down between my legs to rub myself.

‘Fuck!,’ someone exclaims.

Another voice says, ‘My turn-,’

‘Lap dance from the board,’ says someone else.

I jump on that man’s lap and begin to gyrate. I dance as sensually and teasingly as possible. He extracts his cock from his trousers and begins to stroke it as he watches me. The temptation is too strong. I move my hips in slow circles and slowly descend lower and lower, closer to his erection. I feel the tip of his cock touch my pussy, and I teasingly arch my back up and away from it. I do this again and again. I want to make him frantic.

‘Lick out the board, fuck yes, come here you young fucking slut.’

It’s another of the older men, mid to late forties. He has a comb over. I sit back down in my chair. The man reaches out and spreads my legs wide open again. He leans forward and takes several long deep breaths, inhaling my scent.

‘You smell so fucking good,’ he leers and licks a long stripe up my pussy.

I gasp.

He runs his tongue over my clitoris again and again and again, lapping at it. I cry out and grab his partially bald head. He sticks his tongue inside me and I buck. He scrapes his teeth along my clitoris, and my entire body tenses, locking up in pleasure.

‘Receive a blow job from the Board.’

‘Fuck you man, fucking eights.’

‘Lie her down sideways across the chair,’ someone instructs.

In this position my arse is lifted up onto the armrest. The bald man spreads open my legs again and dives in.

I cry out once more.

The other man who had won the blow job approaches me. My head is dangling backward off the couch. He slides his cock inside and fucks my mouth.

Oh my god it feels so good.

‘Fuck the Board’s cleavage.’

A man straddles my chest on the couch, brings my tits together and fucks into the little compressed space between.

Oh god three men are taking their pleasure from me at the same time. The smell of sex is overwhelming. They are all around me, all wanting me. I come and come and come, my hips pushed up into the air. The men cheer.

Someone picks up a card and throws it aside. It looks like we aren’t carrying on with the smaller actions now. So much for lap dances and hand jobs. ‘Lick out the Board!’ someone yells.

The bald man sits back. His job is done anyway. When I see who is coming forward, I whimper.

It’s a man who is at least in his sixties. He has a coarse, full thick beard. Some of it stained with tobacco. He presses his face into my pussy and rubs. His tongue flicks over my clitoris again and again and again; His coarse hairs in his beard rubbing against my open vulva — my clitoris, my labia, my opening. His beard gets soaked with my juices.

The old man mumbles something, growling against my pussy and grunting. God that beard rubbing is such a turn on. The man who is fucking my mouth pulls out and spurts his fluid all over my neck and breasts. I love it, being marked and utterly used.

The man thrusting between my breasts takes the opportunity to lift my head up so on every thrust up toward my face his cock brushes my lips. I poke my tongue out and lick the tip of his cock on the up thrusts. He groans and thrusts harder. I feel the old man’s fat tongue push itself inside of me, and I arch my back to encourage his tongue to get even deeper inside me.

‘Come all over the Board’s pussy,’ someone reads.

Another man appears beside the older one between my legs and jacks himself off as he watches. I groan at the thought of cum coating my pussy. The old man is tongue fucking me as deep and fast as he can, and I cry out in absolute pleasure.

Suddenly the old man is yanked away and I feel a cock rest against my pussy and streams of cum hit my pussy lips. He rubs his cock all over my pussy, getting the cum all over my cunt. I want so much fucking more. The man between my breasts releases another load of cum on my breasts and stomach.

The pussy-coater backs away and sits down. I bask in the feeling of being bathed in cum. I’m tainted and this is the proof.

‘Fuck yes! I’ve got a fucking king!’

The men groan at the other’s good luck. The old man stands up and walks away as the king-holder approaches me.

He’s fat. I spread my legs.

‘Kevin, bring the camera over,’ the man urges.

Kevin brings the camera. The man above me takes it and rests it against his eye. He has it gazing at my spread, swollen pussy. The man is naked, his fat almost overwhelming. His cock is in proportion, with some fucking girth and it’s no small thing either. The sight of it both alarms me and excites me. Soon, very soon, this stiff flesh is going to be spreading me open.

‘I’m gonna fuck your pussy,’ he says to me, but yet he doesn’t.

He presses his cock against my pussy and rubs. He’s teasing me. He wants me to beg for it. He rubs his cock in my juices. He stands above me, filming the way my greedy pussy tries to swallow his cock.

‘So god damn hot, such a fine fucking cunt,’ he announces to our audience.

He places the tip of his cock against my entrance and rubs circles around it. I whimper.

‘Please,’ I beg. ‘Do it.’

He dips his finger in my juices and smirks.

He pushes in the head, and I gasp. He begins to fuck me with just the head, in and out, in and out, teasing the hell out of me.

‘Oh god,’ I gasp.

Then in one strong thrust he pushes all of his fucking huge girth inside of me. I moan at the sharp, stretching sensations. I am so wet that he buries his cock with that one stab. He begins to pound me into the couch. It is rough, and it is dirty. His fat slaps against my thighs and my stomach. He grunts and wheezes from his efforts. I wrap my legs around whatever of him I can.

He fucks me, one deep, driving thrust after another, and I grasp at the couch. My pussy stretched around his cock clings tightly to it. He grasps my hips and slams them against his. Forcing his cock as deep as he can on every thrust. I feel his balls against my asshole. I am so full of cock and I love it. Suddenly, quickly, I feel his cum filling me up with its liquid warmth. He stays inside me for a few seconds, then withdraws and slaps my pussy playfully with his cock before walking away.

Just like that the game is over. The cards are forgotten and the men are approaching me hastily.

The bald man is back. He picks me up, presses me against the coffee table, and fucks up into me. Oh god it feels so good. His cock is smaller than the fat man, and his strokes churn through the added liquid of the fat man’s cum. Another man straddles my face and fucks my mouth. I’m being filled from both ends, oh god I’m being filled from both ends. I am a whore. I am a complete and utter slut.

I climax long and hard. I black out, I thought only for a moment or two, but when I open my eyes, my mouth is full of cum and a different man is pounding my cunt with his cock. I think to myself, briefly, that I should make them stop. I was only supposed to actually have sex with four men, just the four kings. But it feels so good, my cunt greedily sucks at one cock after another, and it’s making slurping noises as if to prove it. Oh god the sounds of sex, I could just close my eyes and lose myself. The man climaxes with a growling moan and a pulsing shaft, and another takes his place.

This one is calling me a greedy cunt, calling me his slut, as he bites me, marking me as his possession, and I’m just lying here and meeting his thrusts with my own, using my hips to sink his cock even deeper. My cunt is on fire, oh my god. His cock moves in and out in frantic, hard jabs. It doesn’t matter if he cums quickly or not. There will always be another man with a ready erection to refill me.

‘More! More!’ I cry.

‘Such a dirty whore. Letting me fuck you bare. You love my cock don’t you, you love the way I’m pounding the shit out of you!’

He spits on me. He tells me to open my mouth and spits inside. I swallow. He grunts red faced graps my titties and bends down to suckle as he fucks me. I grasp under my knees and pull my legs as high and as wide as possible. The new angle allows him to slam his cock in much deeper forcing my cunt to spread wider around his fat cock. He groans and picks up the pace so that I am on the verge of coming again. He cums inside me and laughs as he walks away leaving me unsatisfied.

Another man approaches. He picks me up and lies back, positioning me so I’m straddling him.

‘Fuck yourself on my cock you greedy whore!’ he commands.

I line up his cock and slowly push myself onto it until he’s balls deep inside me. I undulate on him, scrubbing my inflamed pussy on his pubic bone as his hardness stretches me open, fills me, takes me. My tits bounce and spit and cum flies off them with the quick movements. I’m in heaven oh my god, I have never felt so full and yet I want more, so much fucking more. I roll my hips trying to push his cock in deeper and deeper.

The man comes inside me and he pushes me off. He has used me. He has left his semen inside me, mixed in the hot soup of all the previous men. He has taken his pleasure in my body.

Another man comes forward. He has a giant cock that makes me groan in anticipation. I want it so bad. He turns me onto my side, grabs my leg and rests it on his shoulder before he rests his cock against my hole and pushes in. I am all liquid inside, and he fucks incredibly fast. I’m wailing, begging for him to go deeper and harder. He nearly bends me over in half, and it feels so fantastic. He’s fucking so deep into me I’m losing it. I’m climaxing again. I’ve lost count.

The man pulls out, turns me around and fucks my cunt from behind. I thrust back eagerly. I love this man’s cock. When he comes, I nearly cry knowing that it’s over. He walks away laughing and high fiving some of the others.

Kevin reappears and pulls me back around so I’m lying on my back. He spreads my legs so impossibly wide that it hurts. He pushes his full hard cock inside me, hard and punishing. My cunt swallows it down with a squelch.

‘Fucking snubbed me for months, now you’re going to take my fucking cock, you’re going to take every cock here,’ Kevin exclaims as he thrusts frantically.

Kevin seems to love it rough. It hurts, and yet I love every second of it. I want so much more, I want him to mark me, leave hickies and bruises so everyone who sees them knows what a fucking dirty whore I am, that I let him use me like this.

Here is part three of Jon’s chronicle of lust, pleasure and the hardships of a loving family.

I hope you enjoy this installment. Please vote and comment and tell me what ya think.

Evil Bitch Chapter 3

Delivery Boy:

I drove up to the gated community and was greeted by an armed guard with a cheery disposition.

“Can I help you young man,” he asked.

“I have a delivery for Linda Makato.”

“Ah okay she mentioned you’d be coming today. Hold on a sec and I’ll open the gate.”

He walked to the small outbuilding and soon the heavy wrought iron gate was swinging open. I waved as I drove through and found her home easily enough. I knocked on the door and expecting to see Linda was pleasantly surprised when a young Japanese girl answered and smiled and said something in Japanese and motioned for me to enter.

“Hello Jon,” Linda greeted me from her living room wearing only a bathrope.

“Hi Linda I have your delivery,” I said with a smile.

“I see you’ve met my niece Kiko,” she purred. “Doesn’t speak a word of English poor thing can I get you something?”

“I could sure go for a soda,” I told her.

Linda barked out something in Japanese and poor Kiko went scurrying and brought me a cold bottle of soda.

“Thanks Kiko,” I said and her eyes went wide and she bowed low before leaving.

“You really are a gentleman under that masterful exterior of yours Jon.” Linda remarked probably remembering my fingers in her hair and my cock down her throat at the party.

“I try.”

“I have a confession Jon,” she began. “I am haunted by what happened at the party. Every time I think of your strong fingers in my hair and you pulling my head down… well I get fucking soaked.”

“Like now,” I say coolly.


“Should we send poor Kiko upstairs or is she going to watch from the doorway?”

“Fuck her she is my sister’s kid, let her watch for all I care.” Linda said licking her lips.

I smile and set the box with the toys in it on a nearby chair. I look over at Kiko and motion for her to join me. She looks at her aunt who nods and only then does she move. Once she is near me I bend over and open the box revealing the assorted sex toys and Kiko’s eyes widen and she blushes profusely. I reach in and take out the toy that Linda had slipped into her at the party.

“This thing runs off a remote control,” I say and she licks her lips.

“Yes it does,” Linda nodded seeing the bulged in my jeans grow.

I slowly slid my fingers into Kiko’s hair while I maintained eye contact with her aunt and bent her over the arm of the chair. I hiked up her skirt and tugged down her damp underwear.

“It looks like you’re not the only one who is soaked Linda,” I tell her.

I take the toy and slowly insert both probes into Kiko’s pussy and ass. I then let her stand up straight and adjust her skirt even as she kicks off her underwear. I lift up the second toy and motion for Linda to assume the position over the chair. She drops the towel as she walks over letting me see her well maintained body with her flat stomach and trimmed pussy.

“Nice tits Linda I thought Japanese gals all had small boobs,” I tell her as she bends over the arm of the chair.

“Not all,” she moans as I ease the toy inside of her.

“How is that are we comfy?” I ask as I pick up the remote.

“Nice and snug,” Linda says.

I make sure there are batteries in the remote before I power it up. I give Linda a little swat on the ass before I activate the dual vibrator seated in her holes.

“Let’s see,” I mutter as I turn on both toys with the remote. “We have strength,” I say as I dial it up twenty percent and hear both of them moan. “Hmm we also have pulse,” I tell them as I kick that up and the girls gasp loudly. “Ooh that sounds like a winner and lastly we have rhythm.” I turn that up a few notches and see their eyes close as they move with the sensations coursing through their bodies.

I move and sit on the couch and begin playing with the remote slowly increasing the settings and watching them try and stand but failing miserably. Kiko drops down onto her hands and knees and is rocking her body forward and back now as if she has a lover behind her. Linda is still bent over the arm of the chair and holding onto it for all she’s worth. Bit by bit I increase the strength and pulse watching the pair dance like puppets on invisible strings. I could definitely enjoy the twins wearing these out in public for me.

I unzipped my jeans and freed my cock and began stroking off watching them and it was Kiko whose eyes lit up and managed to crawl over and get her head in my lap. She licked her lips before lowering her mouth to my erection and began licking and sucking slowly and in time with the toys pulses inside of her. It appeared to me that poor Linda was in the midst of a mind blowing orgasm as Kiko’s lips touched the base of my cock. I dialed down the strength put upped the pulse and rhythm and like magic Kiko’s head moved up and down faster now matching motion for motion. Linda was know kneeling on the floor and taking one of the bottles of lube she had ordered and was oiling up her big ‘ol titties with it. Soon her breasts had a nice slick sheen to them and she was crawling over her tits swaying as she came. Kiko on the other hand had her eyes closed and was deep throating me with complete and utter abandon lost in the vibrations that were pushing her and me towards one hell of a climax. Her head popped up and away as she howled her hand stroking the shaft fast and furious now. Linda was next to her by now and was rattling something off in Japanese I only caught one word, paizuri.

“What’s paizuri,” I asked as Kiko moved away and Linda knelt between my legs.

“This,” she said as she wrapped her large tits around my cock and began to tit fuck me.

“Damn,” I moaned as she rocked her body up and down while she pushed her breasts against me.

Kiko not wanting to be left out began undressing slowly unbuttoning her school girl blouse and revealing a healthy pair of tits trapped in a while lacy bra.

“Tell her to keep the shirt on,” I told Linda who barked my demand to Kiko.

The younger gal smiled and nodded and did the magic bra trick and removed it without taking off her shirt. Then she shed the skirt slowly and kicked off the black Patten shoes but left on the knee socks… what a good little girl! Kiko said something in Japanese and I looked at Linda who smiled and translated.

“She asked if you like her tits,” Linda said as she flickers her tongue over the head of my cock.

I nodded and Kiko grinned as she moved to sit next to me and tugged my face down and pressed her tits against my lips. I licked and sucked on one nipple before she offered me the other and we played that game while Aunt Linda pleasured me with her titties. I was panting now and Linda stopped the paizuri and started sucking me off now.

“You’re getting close Jon,” Linda moaned. “Where do you want to cum?”

“Why don’t you swallow for me Linda so we don’t mess up your fine carpet here,” I moaned.

I felt her fist wrap around the shaft and her lips form a tight seal around the head as she prepared to finish me off. Her hand move up and down slowly but soon was stroking me faster and faster. I sat back and was moaning and panting louder and louder now and Kiko watched intently as I was second away from coming. Then when I couldn’t fight it off any longer my hips thrust up and Linda was gobbling down ropes of thick cum as they shot down her throat. Kiko clapped and raced over and grabbed the box and set it down next to me as she kneeled on the floor. Apparently Kiko was ready for round two and when I looked down and saw Linda’s expression so was she. I reach in and held up the double headed dildo.

“An excellent purchase Makato-san,” I say and then pick up the bottle of lube and prepare one end. “Assume the position,” I tell her and she gets onto her hands in knees for me.

I move to a sitting position on the floor right by her ass and take out one toy and insert the other into her dripping slit. I am rewarded with a deep guttural groan and look over at Kiko who has already set her toy back in the box and is mirroring her aunt’s position behind her. The young girl moves backward until the head of the dildo parts her pussy lips and she moves slowly now savoring the feeling. Soon both ends of the toy are properly inserted and with a dual swat on asses they begin to move their hips.

“UNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Yeah…” Linda moans.

“Excellent,” I whisper.

“UNNN UNNN UNNNN,” Kiko pants as the toy moves in and out of her.

“Okay you two let’s see some teamwork.” I bark and Linda and Kiko start pushing their asses towards one another working the toy in and out nicely. “How does that feel?”

“MMMMMMMMM wonderful,” Linda croons.

“UNNNNNNNNN UNNNNNNNNN UNNNNNNNNN,” Kiko simply moans her eyes shut and pleasuring herself.

I kick off my shoes and loose my jeans and kneel in front of Linda my iron hard cock pointing at her mouth. She opens her mouth and I begin thrusting my hips forward slowly as she licks and sucks me. I grab either side of Linda’s head and thrust a little deeper now watching Kiko fuck herself so eagerly and my grows harder in Linda’s mouth thinking of fucking both women. I watch Kiko’s firm round bottom and the toy sliding in and out of her soaked pussy and want that to be so bad I can taste it. I grab Linda’s hair tighter and feel her moan around my cock as I thrust harder now feeling my cock slide in and out of her throat. When I can’t take it any longer I ease my cock from Linda’s mouth and bark my next order.

“It’s fucking time,” I say. “Take the toy out and lay on your back Linda.”

When she was in position I grabbed Kiko and pulled her until she was lying on top of her aunt. Then I slid my cock into the older woman and starting slamming into her hard and fast.

“Oh oh oh…” she moaned over and over as Kiko lowered her lips to her aunt’s hard nipples and began suckling. “UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN KIKO!”

And so it started I alternated fucking them for a few minutes at a time and damn but Asian women have some seriously tight pussies! I made sure that they each came at least once before I even considered one of my own. I may be a selfish dick but taking care of the ladies is just good business. When I knew I was close to coming I asked Linda who wanted to swallow my load and Kiko volunteered. So I had Kiko flip her position and place her head between her aunt’s legs and instead of fucking two pussies when I pulled out of Linda I slid my cock between Kiko lips and she licked and sucked me for a bit. Then when I rammed my dick back into Linda Kiko would lap and suckle her aunt’s sensitive clit. Ah family!

“I am so fucking close,” I moaned.

“Fuck her throat Jon,” Linda cried out to me.

I nodded and grabbed Kiko by the hair now and fucked her throat in nice long thrusts of my hips and she just closed her eyes and waited eagerly for my load. When my dick swelled in her throat her eyes snapped open and she licked and sucked eagerly now. Her small fist wrapped around the shaft and stroked me for all she was worth.

‘UNNNN UNNNN UNNNN,” I was grunting now louder and louder until… “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I hollered as I came.

“Swallow KIKO…” Linda cried out.

When I could breathe again I pulled my cock from the young girl’s mouth and sat back.

“Fuck me… that was intense…” I said to Linda.

“Tell me about it,” Kiko said and my shock was evident.

“You can speak English?”

“Fluently… my Aunt likes to play this game with guys I meet for the first time. Usually it’s just at the supermarket or something like that. But today… damn Jon you know how to show a girl a good time.”

“Well I’ll be damned. So Linda did I disappoint?” I asked her eyes still glassy from being ass fucked.

“No lover you did not,” she purred. “When I can walk again I’ll write your mom a check for the toys. Do I owe you a delivery charge?” she asked with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“Well there are other toys to try out,” I said. “We should make sure they all work don’t you think?”

“I love the way you think Jon,” Kiko said wrapping her hand around my cock. “Linda can you lend me a hand or lips…?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM my pleasure,” she said crawling over to kneel in front of me.

I took out my cell phone and called mom and told her it was going to take a little longer before I got home.

I walk around the hardware store and go from department to department asking the helpful experts about my pet project and they walk me through what I need and share more than a few hints and techniques. My dad has more than enough tools for the job he has just never gotten around to finishing what he started. The next few days progress slowly as I build an actual shower with walls and a nice compliment of multiple shower heads that spray from the roof, the sides and the front. When I am done it’ll be nicer than the one upstairs. It will also be wired for video and sound so that the twins and I or if mom feels like it can share a nice hot shower with me. After three long days my little addition is done and I examine it carefully and find it is perfect for all my needs.

Thursday night and a few of my friends from high school are over and we are catching up having a few beers and killing aliens when Colleen and Carol arrive. They seem a little surprised to see the three other guys in my room but I wave them over and whisper in their ears.

“Why don’t you two go take a shower together I have a surprise for you.”

“MMMMMMMMMM okay Jon whatever you say.” They purr.

The girls slink off to the shower but close the bedroom door behind them.

“Dude your sisters are smoking hot,” Dave says a little tipsy.

“If I had twin sisters I’d be tapping that,” Brian says slapping me on the back.

“Yeah no shit… sisters or not definitely tapping that ass.” Greg agreed.

“You guys want to?” I ask.

“What?!” Brian says.

“I said do you guys want to fuck my sisters?”

“Oh hell yeah,” Greg is all smiles.

“Count me in.” Dave says.

“Me too,” Brian adds.

“I built that shower out there with my own two hands. It’s got a couple of surprises in it.” I tell them.

“Like,” Dave asks.

“Let me show you.”

I stand and they eagerly follow me out into the next room. We can barely hear the twins giggling in the shower. I move to a panel in the wall of the shower and slide it to the side revealing a round opening right at waist level.

“Dude is that what I think it is?” Greg asks.

“Yep there are four of them.” I say.

“Glory holes… brilliant!” Dave says unzipping his fly and sliding his cock into the hole.

The giggling stops and suddenly Dave starts moaning. I open the other three and soon they are all filled with hard cocks. In the shower Colleen is sucking on one cock and stroking another and Carol is following suit deep throating one luck guy and jacking off another. They alternate sucking and stroking and before long the twins are swallowing one load after another. The guys stripped and entered the shower while I watched from outside as the girls dropped to their knees and pleasured the guys face to face. It wasn’t long before Dave had Carol bent over and was fucking her from behind while she sucked off Greg. Meanwhile Brian had Colleen up against the wall of the shower and was pounding her fiercely. Dave and Greg swapped places and the twins never looked happier. I was tempted to join in but feared what the guys might say. As I watched Carol had Greg on the floor of the shower and was lowering her ass onto his cock and once he was buried in her twat Dave eased back into her pussy and the awkward rhythm began but soon smoothed out once they developed an understanding.

Colleen was looking at her sister with obvious envy and it was that hungry gaze that broke my conviction. I stripped and stepped into the shower. Colleen motioned for me and I moved to stand in front of her. She bent over offering her ass to Brian by reaching back and pulling her ass cheeks apart while she wrapped her lips around my aching erection. Brian eased into her slowly as I fucked my sister’s throat with nice long strokes of my hips. Colleen wanted to be filled in both her holes and deserved it as far as I was concerned. Once Brian had his dick all the way in her he gave me the thumbs up and I told him just what to do. He grabbed Colleen by the waist and lifted her up as I slid deep inside of her pussy and we began fucking her standing up. By the expression both their faces I knew that they were having a good time. Carol heard Colleen’s loud moans and turned to see what was happening and her eyes widened and she pointed to her twin and the boys knew just what to do. Soon both girls were impaled and getting fucked hard and deep and I was thankful for the sound proofing I had worked into the shower. It wasn’t long before the twins holes were oozing cum after multiple climaxes from the guys and their eagerness to swap partners over and over again.

As I lay in my bed quite content on how my test run of the shower had gone I was thinking about the house I was going to build with my money from the lawsuit. It was going to be epic. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep wondering what new project I would work on tomorrow.

I woke up and heard the sound of running water and knew that someone was using my new shower but who? Half asleep I slipped into the next room and peered through the frosted glass door and saw the singular silhouette of my mother. I smiled and moved to one of the sliding panels and opened it and eased my cock inside.

“What the… oh my!” I heard her moan. “Looks tasty…”

Then I felt her lips around me as she began licking and sucking. Soon her head was moving forward and back as my cock slid down her eager throat. It wasn’t long before mom felt me swell inside of her mouth and she wrapped her fist around the shaft and was stroking for all she was worth as her lips wrapped around the tip. I bit back a cry not knowing if dad was upstairs or not. Hot cum pulsed down her greedy throat as she swallowed every drop and continued to stroke and lick until I was empty. I pulled my cock free and closed the panel and walked around to find the door open and mom yanked me into the shower half dressed and was kissing me fiercely as she tugged my soaked t-shirt off of me.

“You are a naughty boy,” she said as she molded her body to mine her tits pressing hard against my chest.

“Yeah but you sucked me off anyhow.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM true that was delicious. How sturdy are the walls baby?”

“Very,” I said and smiling she moved away and turned to face the wall.

Then she stuck her ass out and wiggled it for me.

“Be a dear and slide you cock into this hole.” She purred.

I knelt behind her and began licking and teasing her pussy and she bit back a cry until I told her about the sound proofing. Then she was all moans and cries of bliss. When her pussy was absolutely soaked I stood up and slid my cock all the way into her with one smooth motion.

“How’s that mom?” I asked grinding against her.

“Perfect, now be a dear and fuck me nice and hard.”

I grabbed her by the hips and began hammering away fucking her as hard as I could. It was just this side of brutal and she loved every pussy pounding moment of it. The wet slapping sound was obscene and just added to the moment. I felt her body stiffen and then she was shaking as her climax snuck up on her. With an especially strong thrust of my hips mom came and screamed like the devil herself. When she had barely recovered we heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Hey Jon,” it was my dad.

Mom hid in the corner as I opened the shower door enough to stick my head out.

“Yeah dad?”

“Have you seen your mom?”

“UMMMM not since I got up.”

“Okay well if you see her tell her I have to go into work early but we are still on for that movie tonight.”

“I’ll tell her.”

“By the way nice work you did down here.”

“Thanks dad… I appreciate the compliment.”

“See you later.”

I closed the door and looked in the corner and there was mom sitting on the floor laughing her ass off.

“Very fucking funny we almost got caught,” I told her.

“Almost,” she purred and I could see the rekindled lust in her eyes.

“Get over here you dirty tramp you,” I tell her and she crawls over on her hands and knees. “You’ve been a naughty girl.”

“Punish me then… with your cock.”

“Stand up and face the wall you son fucking cock sucking slut.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM I love it when you talk dirty.”

She assumes the position and I take my cock and slide it back into her pussy while I finger her asshole.

“Are you going to punish my ass mister?” mom asks coyly.

“Yes I am,” I growl in her ear as I thrust into her pussy.

“MMMMMMMMMM good I have been awful naughty,” she says in her girlie voice. “Naughty something bad…”

“Grab your ass cheeks and pull them apart for me whore.”

“Yes sir… like this?” she says as she pulls them as far apart as she can.

“Perfect… now here comes the big old mean cock…” I say as I push my cock into her as in one long slow motion.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN oh fuck baby…” she whimpers. “…filling my ass so much!”

“Just like the guys did last night with the twins.”

“WHAT?” she says her eyes wider now.

“My friends came over and the four of us fucked the twins simply rotten.”

“Jon…” she whimpered.

“They are coming back over Friday night… we are going to see if YOU can really handle that many cocks.”

“OH baby I love you…” she says thrusting her ass back and impaling herself. “Let me fuck you with my ass lover.”

Mom shoves her hips into me as hard and fast as she can driving my cock deep and hard into her puckered asshole.

“Oh god that feels so fucking good,” I moan in her ear.

“MMMMMMMMM that’s the point baby to make you love my ass or pussy wrapped around you,” she groans.

She sets a sensational rhythm as she fucks me. I cup her tits and tease her nipples as she pleasures me with her ass. It doesn’t take terribly long for her tighter hole to push me to the edge.

“I can feel your cock swelling, stretching my ass lover… I want you to cum on my face.”

I pull back and she drops to her knees and wraps her tits around me and starts making love to my cock with them now.

“MMMMMMMMMMM so soft I love your tits mom.”

“I’m glad, now be a good boy and spray your cum all over mommies tits and face.”

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN okay…” I say through gritted teeth and I nod when I am seconds away so she can jack me off and point my cock at her face. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.” I scream as I cum.

When I open my eyes there is my mom sitting on the shower floor covered from tits to the top of her head in cum. She licks her lips and then massages it into her skin.

I woke up Wendsday and performed the morning ritual and finally dressed I ate a light breakfast and waited for my mom to return from dropping the twins off at school. Mom got back halfway through an episode of Mech Dawn a new Japanese anime that was debuting on cable.

“Giant robots,” she said from behind the chair I was sitting in.

“Mechs not robots,” I corrected her.

“What’s the difference,” she asked as she plopped down in my lap across the arms of the chair.

“You can’t ride inside of a robot,” I said as I lifted up her skirt and saw her freshly shaved sex. “What no underwear how slutty of you.”

“Thanks, so what are your plans for the day?” she asked placing my hand on her left breast.

“I was thinking about car shopping,” I told her giving her tit a firm but gentle squeeze.

“MMMMMMMMM something practical or impractical?” she moaned as she slid a finger between her pussy lips.

“Perhaps a bit of both,” I said as she slid a finger with her juices between my lips.

“When do you want to go,” she asked raising an eyebrow in her provocative way.

“The sooner I pick one out the sooner you get to suck me off in it,” I say grinning.

“OOH I do love the way your mind works,” she purred.

“Well then grab your purse woman and let’s go shopping!”

We hit the stretch of road and I reminded myself I wouldn’t be stupid about my spending habits. Test drive after test drive and still the ‘one’ eluded me. That was until we stopped for a bite to eat and when I sat across from mom I looked passed her and it. My eyes lit up and I actually raced out of the fast food restaurant and across the street. The for sale sign sat on the hood of a 1967 Pontiac GTO and yes it had seen better days but this was the ‘one’.

“Geez kid you almost got yourself killed coming over here,” said the old gnarly voice behind me.

“Yeah but it would have been worth it,” I told him.

“I like your attitude kid,” he said as he leaned in and popped the hood of the car. “Take a look, I won’t lie she’s been through hell and back. She still runs but needs a lot of work to restore her.”

I lifted up the hood and peered beneath and he wasn’t lying she had seen a lot. The body was in decent shape and all in all she was intact and that was saying quite a bit.

“How much are you asking for her,” I ask.

My mom had arrived with a bag lunch now and sodas in hand and nodded her approval.

“I was wanting six for her,” he said meeting my gaze.

“Cash or check,” I replied.

“Cash kiddo,” he said with a smile.

Mom tossed her keys and winked.

“I’ll stay here while you go to the ATM,” she said shaking her head. “Boys and their toys… you just made my son a very happy young man.”

“Son,” the old man said eyeing my mom up and down. “No way he’s your kid you’re too damn fine for that.”

“MMMMMMMMM you think so?” she purred and I was wondering how much she could ‘talk’ him down by the time I got back.

Six grand later and he was signing the title over to me and I was driving it home. The guys were coming over Friday night and I was eager for Brian to take a look at her before I sprung the big surprise on them.

Thursday I took my car out for the time and knew it was time for a little secret shopping for mom for tomorrow night. I had managed to sneak into her room and get all her measurements while she was fixing dinner. Though she and the twins were disappointed when I put off christening the car; I wanted to wait until she was fully restored for that. Of course I might not make it that long. Plus waiting makes the pussy all the wetter in the long run.

I walked into the boutique on a mission. I was quite eager to see mom stuffed with cocks but the guys couldn’t know who was getting the benefit of their lust; it would destroy friendships and the family. The cute young gal behind the counter gave me a smile as I began to look around.

“If you need any help,” she said with a wink.

I was looking at the leather corsets when she walked up.

“Lucky girl,” she purred in my ear. “Do you have her measurements?”

“38D,” I whispered in her ear.

“MMMMMMMM that is a nice size,” she moaned back.

“I want something comfortable for her but still,” I left the rest unsaid.

“Oh I understand what’s your price range,” she asked.

“It’s more about look and comfort,” I said.

“This one is six hundred but fits like a glove,” she told me and saw I didn’t bat an eyelash at the price. “Or we have some more pricey things in the back.”

“Let’s go to the back,” I said.

“Stacy cover the counter I’m taking him to the back,” she winked.

“Try not to break that one like you did the last guy,” Stacy told her with a smile.

“How did you manage to break the last guy,” I asked.

“I modeled some merchandise for him and his heart gave out,” she purred.

Once beyond the heavy black curtains it was an entirely different store. There was clothing, toys and accessories of a whole different caliber back here. Erika was showing me leather clothing that started at close to a grand and went up from there. She was more than a little eager to show it off for me. I pointed to one that had studs on it and asked if it had a matching collar. Before I knew it Erika was sporting the corset and collar and sitting in my lap asking how it felt beneath my fingers. The mix of scents was intoxicating, leather, perfume and her musk were driving me crazy.

“I like that look so far but what about the bottom… any suggestions?” I asked as she stripped out of her jeans and underwear and slipped on some stockings, garter belt and held up silk panties.

“Panties… yes or no?”

“Turn around,” I said and Erika grinned and turned to face away from me and bent over mooning me and showing her wet slit all in one glorious move. “I think without.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM good choice sir,” she moaned.

“I need one more thing,” I told her as she once more sat in my lap rubbing her naked ass against my crotch.

“What’s that sir,” she asked dreamily.

“We are going to a party and I need a mask perhaps even a ball gag?”

“I know just the thing,” she said getting up and moving to the far wall and slipped on a leather half mask and took a ball gag from the toy aisle. “How’s this?”

“Perfect,” I told her as she turned to ring up my purchase.

I walked up behind her and slid my arms around her waist.

“MMMMMMM will that be…” she began as I slid my cock slowly into her from behind. “UNNNNNNNNNN cash or…” my hips began to move slowly. “…or charge… oh my god…”

I unwrapped the ball gag and slid it into her mouth and secured it. Then I grabbed her by the hips and began thrusting into her harder now.

“MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM,” came her muffled cries.

I pulled back and slammed hard into her and her head came up and her body shook as she came. Then I bent her over the counter and thrust hard and fast into her watching the curtain for any sign of movement.

“I hope your coworker doesn’t come in and find us fucking,” I whispered in her ear as I hammered her tight little pussy. “I just want to say I thought customer service was dead but you’ve have definitely changed my mind on that point.”

Our bodies met with a rhythmic slapping sound and her grunts and moans blended nicely to it. I thrust harder into her now and she came once more before my cock was swelling inside of her.

“I am gonna cum Erika,” I told her. “Where do you want it?”

She tore off the ball gag and told me.

“Let me swallow it lover,” she begged.

“On your knees then,” I said as I pulled out of her.

Down she went and there I stood as her coworker Stacey stepped in and looked around.

“Oh she’s gift wrapping right now,” I said and Stacey just nodded and left. “…with her lips.”

I looked down and Erika’s eyes were wide with lust as she stroked my cock and licked and sucked like a starving woman.

“Almost there…” I moaned softly. “Almost… UNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!” I cried out as I came shooting down her throat and I could see her throat muscles work as she swallowed greedily.

She stroked me until she had milked every last drop before she let go and tucked me in and zipped me up.

“How was that sir,” she asked as she wiped the sides of her mouth.

“Amazing,” I said as she got to her feet.

“If you pick out a matching outfit I’ll buy it for you,” I told her.

“Ooh can I cum to your party,” she asked.

“I was thinking of something a bit more intimate Erika,” I moaned in her ear.

“MMMMMM I like intimate,” she said molding her body to mine.

“Good, I’ll leave you my number and we can see how Saturday night works for you.”

“Perfect,” she said and we finished our little transaction.

A quick stop off at the shoe store for some stiletto heels and the pet store for a leash and my task was done. I realized that the twins were going to need some wardrobe additions as well but that was another day.

Friday began as any other day with dad going off to work and the twins to school and after a rather nice breakfast I headed off to the main branch of the library leaving mom at home alone to stew in her own juices, literally. When I left her nipples were so damn hard I could see them through a bra and her top, you get the point.

At the library I wanted to do research of home building because I decided I want to have a place to call my own with certain personal touches. Soon I had a stack of books regarding building codes and architectural manuals on the basic how to just to familiarize myself. I was alone in the room I was reading in when my stomach rumbled loud enough for it to be heard in the silent environment of the library when I heard a giggle. I looked up and there on the far side of the room was a young lady who epitomized the glasses wearing, demure natured librarian. She looked at me as she returned the book she had in her hand to the shelf. Another rumble from my stomach and she giggled again as she pushed the cart stacked with books along the aisle.

“I think you need to get something to eat you’ve been here for hours,” she said as she went along her way.

“You’ve been watching me,” I asked.

Suddenly her cart crashed into a table and her color went straight to scarlet.

“What I meant was…” she fumbled with her words.

“How about some lunch,” I asked her.

“What,” she said looking up and pushing her glasses up onto her nose.

“How about I buy you some lunch that is before I pass out from hunger,” I said with a smile.

“I’d like that,” she smiled back.

As we headed out a stern looking elderly lady saw us and motioned for the young lady to come over and she sheepishly walked over shoulders slumped and stood before her obvious superior. Suddenly she stood up hugged the lady and literally bounced her way over to me.

“She gave me the rest of the day off with pay,” the girl said.

“Well that was nice of her,” I said. “Mind me asking why?”

“She said and I quote, Elizabeth, that’s my name by the way Elizabeth, Elizabeth Colton, she said Elizabeth that is a very handsome young man you should get out from these four walls and spend some time with him. Now get out of here and I will see you on Monday.”

“A pleasure to meet you Elizabeth Colton,” I said. “My name is Jon.”

“Nice to meet you Jon,” she said taking my hand and blushing furiously again.

“So what are you hungry for,” I asked.

“I have no idea; I usually bring my lunch…”

“When is the last time you ate out?”

“Um…” she said.

“That long eh,” I said and she laughed again, I liked her laugh a lot. “Think about the basic food groups and tell me what you have a hankering for. Steak. Sea Food. Pasta. Or Pizza?”

“Pizza… I haven’t had pizza in like forever!” her face lit up and it was settled.

“I know just the place,” I told her. “Well your chariot awaits,” I said pointing to the GTO.

“OH MY GOD… that’s a 1967 Pontiac GTO…” then she proceeded to quote chapter and verse on every statistic known to man and woman.

I opened the passenger door for her and then stopped.

“You wanna drive her,” I asked.

“WHAT! REALLY! That would be amazing!” she said her eyes lighting up.

I handed her the keys and slid into the passenger seat. Elizabeth got behind the wheel and the moment she fired up and gunned the engine I saw beneath the coy exterior to the woman beneath. She never took it over sixty miles per hour but hell we were still on the street for Christ’s sake. Thankfully law enforcement was busy elsewhere and we arrived at Ambigetti’s Pizza Parlor in one piece and unmolested. The cook working tonight just happened to be one Charlie ‘Shadow’ Diamante and needless to say we never dropped a dime the entire afternoon.

Beth however never quite let her hair down and I was running out of time and she could sense it.

“Something wrong,” she asked at one point.

“Yeah, I sort of made plans with my mom tonight and…” I never had to finish.

“That is so sweet,” Beth said with a genuine smile. “Here’s my number and give me a call sometime.”

“Can I at least give you a lift home,” I asked.

“No, cause if you did you’d never make it home to mom,” she said with a wicked gleam in her eye. “Besides I live like two blocks from here. Night Shadow… Night Jon.”

“Wait,” I spun on my friend. “You know her?”

“Intimately,” he said and just turned and left without another word.

I arrived home just as the twins were dragging dad out the door for the movies.

“But you promised,” Carol said tugging at his right arm.

“You need to get out of the house dad,” Colleen ordered dragging him out by his left.

“Night guys,” I say as I slip by them.

“Night Jon,” the trio says as dad surrenders and under his own power walks to the car.

“Jon you’re home…” Mom says a little breathless.

“Hit the shower and I will lay out your clothes for the evening.” I order her and she nods.

I retrieve the box with her costume in it as I thought of it and laid it out precisely on her bed. Then I stripped down and joined her in the shower and helped her get ready. I lathered up her body with my hands and some body wash and felt her shiver and shudder as I teased her.

“There are rules for tonight,” I whispered in her ear as I slid my hard cock beneath her soaked sex. “No talking, you can moan all you want but not a single word. If you want something you must whisper it in my ear and my ear alone. There will be four young eager horny men meeting us at the club. You said you could take on five guys let’s see if you can. Also the mask never comes off no one gets to know who you are it would be complicated and bad for everyone in general. It’s a half mask so you can suck cock all night long. Any questions?”

“No baby,” she purred. “You are so hard can I suck you off before we go?”

“Yeah but oral only… for now,” I tell her as she drops to her knees looks up as I slide my iron hard cock between her lips. “Now be a good slut and make me cum we don’t have all night.”

The combination of her talented mouth, lips and tongue and my eagerness to shoot down her throat it didn’t take her long to get me off. I love watching a woman swallow my cum. I had her dried off and I dressed her as she blow dried her hair. The crotchless panties went on first, followed by the stockings and garter. Once her hair was dry we laced her up into the corset and then I let her do her makeup. The collar and mask were next followed at last by the six inch stiletto heels. The ball gag could wait until we reached the club’s parking lot. When all was said and done if I didn’t know it was her I would have never known.

“How do I look,” she moaned.

“Amazing,” I told her honestly.

“Good I want to impress you tonight.”

“Oh you will, you will,” I told her.

We got into the car from the garage so the neighbor’s wouldn’t see and soon we were off to Nick’s Cabaret, a high end gentleman’s club downtown. Mask and gag in place I pulled up to the valet parking and they opened the door for her and every eye was on her. I walked around and attached the leash to her collar and led her inside. What a fucking entrance! The place was pretty crowded when we arrived and the manager himself Nick kissed my mom’s hand and directed us to the VIP seats where my friends were already waiting. Jaws dropped and eyes widened when they saw who I was leading around and Kevin almost fell getting up and offering mom his seat. I sat down next to her and ordered a round of beers for everyone. I reached up and removed her gag and she pursed her painted lips and let out a long low moan.

“Gentlemen our entertainment for the night, Monika,” I said introducing her.

The guys were all eager to meet her but she just smiled and nodded to each of them in turn.

“Monika doesn’t talk but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to use her mouth,” I told them. “She wants to see if she can take on all five of us tonight and survive.”

“Yeah…” the guys cheered.

“There are rules gentlemen,” I continued. “Her mask doesn’t come off for any reason, she doesn’t speak so don’t try and get her to do anything but moan or scream. Besides that it’s a no holes barred tonight.”

“Sweet,” Kevin said drooling over her.

“I’ve never fucked a lady up the ass before,” Brian admitted.

“Trust me Brian she’s no lady,” I added.

“Looks like one to me,” Mike moaned.

The first of our drinks arrived and that is how we started our evening. The strippers came out and teased and pleased the audience with their erotic goings on. The guys took turns sitting next to my mom and fingering her pussy, kissing her or letting her rub on them through their pants. A few hours later Nick came up to me and nodded and smiling I addressed the group.

“Gentlemen and whore our room is ready,” I said standing up and attaching the leash once more.

Mom rose to her feet and strode behind me like the well fed sacrificial lamb. The guys followed and Nick opened the door and inside was a spacious play room with booze, plasma screen with all the porn we could want and nice comfortable furniture to fuck on. I poured a round of tequila shots and after two or three each we were very ready for the show to begin. Monika moved to the center of the room and began dancing to the music drifting in from the main part of the club. The guys watched intently as I sat off to one side and enjoyed the show. She tugged her panties down over her round bottom and rotated showing them her wet slit and the toy she had slipped up into her ass. She was ready for all of her holes to be fucked. Then she bent over and grabbed her ankles while she tugged her panties ever downward until they were around her feet. Then she stood up and looked over at me and I nodded. I moved behind her and unlaced her corset so she could show the guys her large firm titties. Once it was loose enough I stepped back and she teased them a bit more before lowering the leather down and away from her breasts.



She licked her lips and gestured for the guys to free their cocks.

“Whip ‘em out guys she’s ready to blow,” I said.

Four eager hard cocks awaited my mom as she got onto her hands and knees and crawled over to the couch where the guys sat. She lowered her mouth to Brian’s and deep throated him as she jacked off Kevin and Mike. Terry the fourth guy and the most shy of the group watched and waited. I walked over to him and whispered in his ear.

“Really,” he asked and I nodded. “Okay Jon if you say so.”

Terry stood up and moved to kneel behind my mom and eased his cock into her pussy.

“UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” she grunted around Brian’s cock.

“Go Terry… fuck ‘er good!” Mike encouraged him.

“Yeah give it to her hard and fast,” Brian moaned as she moved her mouth to Kevin and her hand wrapped around him and began stroking.

Terry grabbed her by the hips and hammered her hard, deep and fast. I watched and knew mom was loving every second of this.

“Just don’t come inside of her Terry,” I told him. “She’s got lots of attention to receive tonight.”

“Ok Jon,” he said through gritted teeth. “She’s squeezing me man… her pussy is squeezing me… UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!”

I could see Terry turning bright red but he managed to yank his cock free before shooting inside of her and sprayed the floor beneath her. Clean up on aisle five. Terry plopped down on the couch and Brian stood up and took Terry’s place. Brian knew what the hell he was doing and was slamming into her like a fucking freight train. Monika lifted her head up and screamed as she came for the first time. Wait until you have two cocks in you mom then you’ll be screaming. As if reading my mind Mike looked over at me and I gave him the nod.

“Time for Monika to take some cock up the ass,” I said. “Mike have a seat and Monika take that toy out of your butt and wrap that tight little hole around Mike facing away from him. Yeah that’s right just like that. Okay Brian get back in there. Kevil why don’t you stand on the couch so she can suck you off and Terry sit down next to her and she can jack you off. Perfect everybody comfy… good. Remember no coming inside of her… yet.”

The door opened and one of the dancers walked in and saw the show and stopped in her tracks and smiled sheepishly.

“Damn…” she moaned.

“Can I help you,” I asked the girl.

“I think she’s got it for now,” I said and the girl smiled and nodded.

“Sure looks like it,” she moaned a little louder.

“You ever…” I asked but she just shook her head. “Want to?”

“MMMMMMMMaybe later…” she offered.

“Excellent,” I said as she turned to leave. “How’s that pussy Brian?”

“She’s squeezing me too Jon… damn that’s hot.”

“Mike how’s that asshole feel wrapped around you,” I ask.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fucking tight man!” he groans.


“The dirty little whore is taking every inch I got,” he grunts as he fucks my mom’s throat.

“Terry… oh she’s got you hard already… damn.”

“When are you joining in Jon,” Terry asked.

“Oh once we move to the floor I’ll find a hole I like.”

Brian yanks his cock out and shoots all over the tiled floor and sits down hard on the couch. Kevin moves from her mouth to her pussy and starts fucking away. Soon Monika is moaning and shaking as her second orgasm hits her.

“That’s two for you Monika,” I say with an evil smile.

“Gonna… cum…” Terry moans softly.

Mike and Monika move up and off of him as she catches his cock in her mouth just in time to swallow. Good for you mom!

“Okay let’s move to the floor, Mike you want her ass?”

“SURE,” he says eagerly.

I find a clean spot and lay down as she unzips me and lowers her soaked pussy around me. Then Mike slides into her ass from behind and Terry moves to her mouth and the rhythm begins. Mike’s thrusting drives her up and down which allows her pussy to massage me and her mouth to move up and down on Terry. Kevin and Brian move close enough for her to grab their cocks and there it is mom’s dream come true, five guys at once! I will never be little multitasking ever. She is able to squeeze her pussy around me, lick and suck on Terry and stroke two cocks at once… now that’s talent. Mike pulls out and Terry takes his place and the once shy guy is now a fucking machine. He is slamming into her ass like a fiend and her moans get louder and louder as I feel him with only the thin membrane between us and damn but he is hungry to feel an ass wrapped around him.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNN so fucking tight,” Terry moans.

“Next load goes on her ass or back Terry,” I say through gritted teeth.

“Okay Jon,” he says through pants.

“Bukkake,” Kevin asks.

“You got it in one,” I reply. “Just not her head or face.”

I feel his cock swell and so does mom as she moans louder still as he yanks it free and covers her ass with cum.

“You know what to do Monika,” I tell her and she nods.

Monika moves up and straddles my cock with her ass reverse cowgirl style and lays down so I can fuck her while the guys paint her skin with load after load of cum. Some take turns fucking her throat while others simple take their cocks in hand and aim at her tits or belly. Soon the volleys begin and one after the other more and more of her skin is caked with thick layers of white.

“Drop down,” I moan in her ear and she lifts all the way up and rams her body down onto me as I shoot deep inside her ass.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” she screams wordlessly as her final orgasm hits her.

Nick steps in to check on us and sees her and smiles. The guys are pouring shots and we lay together both panting and she whispers in my ear.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too mom.”

“UM Jon I believe your toy needs to clean up she can use the dancer’s shower that way,” he says pointing to a rear door.

“Thank the man nicely Monika,” I tell her.

“Yes Sir,” she says lifting off of me and cum drips from her ass.

“Can you ‘show’ her the way Nick,” I wink.

“I’d be happy to,” he said leading the way.

The rear door barely closed when Brian chimed in.

“She’s gonna fuck Nick isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” I tell him accepting a shot of tequila. “So…?”

“Jon you fucking RULE,” Terry shouted.

“That was the most intense thing I have ever done,” Kevin added. “Next to doing your sisters; twins trump this but only just.”

“UNNNNNNNNN UNNNNNNNNNNNN UNNNNNNNNNNNN,” came the soft echo from the showers.

“Go Nick,” I said softly.

“I heard he’s hung like a silverback gorilla,” Terry said.

“Sounds like he’s hung like a freaking elephant,” Mike added.

Half an hour later wrapped in a towel and definitely walking funny Monika reappeared. Amazingly her mask was still in place. I helped her get dressed and she was still quivering.

“That good,” I whispered.

“UH HUH,” she moaned in my ear.

“Awesome,” I said tightening up her corset. “Can you drive home I’ve had a few?”

“Sure thing,” she whispered.

At precisely midnight I decided it was time to head on home. The guys were all smiles and I left a healthy tip for Nick and his crew. I wouldn’t want to clean up after our mess. Halfway home I directed mom to an abandoned parking lot where she changed into the jeans and clingy shirt I had placed in the trunk along with her favorite tennis shoes.

“You think of everything don’t you,” she moaned.

“I try, so did I do good,” I asked as she molded her body against mine and kissed me with a passion that was on a whole new level for us.

“Baby that was a dream cum true,” she growled in my ear.

“I’m glad I wanted you to be happy,” I said.

“You’re moving out aren’t you,” she said suddenly.

“Yeah, but there will be plenty of room for you and the twins whenever you want to visit.”

“When,” she said a sparkle of a tear in her eye.

“Six months or so I am rehabbing a building on the edge of town,” I told her.

“Not the Old Miller Place,” she whispered.

“Yeah why,” I asked.

“No one has lived in that place for over thirty years now since… well since the murders.”

“Beth never mentioned any murders,” I said.

“Beth, not Elizabeth Colton?”

“Yeah I met her at the library where she works, why is something wrong with her?”

“No, she is the only surviving heir to the Miller fortune Jon. She wasn’t even born when it all happened.”

“She told me she was the only child of Thomas Colton who was the last man to be born in the Miller Place.”

“That is true, but what she failed to say is that he was the only survivor when Old Man Miller murdered his entire family. Thomas was hidden and wasn’t discovered until three days later when the cops arrived.”

“Poor guy,” I said.

“Yeah, he committed suicide the night that Elizabeth was born.”

“Wow that’s fucked up,” I said thinking of growing up without a dad and to lose him that way. Jeez.

“Things aren’t serious between you two is it?”

“Nah, we just me today,” I told my mom as she moved back behind the wheel.

“Get in we’re going home,” she said grimly.

“I don’t have to do this I can find another place to fix up.” I said as we finished the drive home.

“No I bet it’s a great deal for that amount of property and land.” Mom said.

“As a matter of fact it’s scary cheap but then thirty years of weather damage and abandonment.”

It was close to two in the morning by the time we got home, I showered and lie down. Naked I pulled up the sheets and closed my eyes. It had been a good night and I was sure mom would dream very pleasantly tonight as would I.

“Jon,” whispered a voice near my ear.

“Master Jon,” purred a voice in my other ear.

“MMMMMMMMM his cock is hard,” the first voice moaned.

“I need a cock sister dearest,” the second voice said.

“My pussy is so wet,” the first voice said.

“MMMM mine too,” the second voice growled.

“Can I straddle his hard cock sister dearest,” the first voice begged.

“But I get to swallow his cum,” the second voice demanded.


I was barely awake when I felt the tight wetness envelope me.



“So fucking tight,” I moaned.

Then I felt a tongue licking the underside of my cock as that pussy rode me.

“Fuck him with that tight pussy,” a soft voice murmured.

“Lick my pussy,” another voice purred.

The tongue moved from my cock to her clit and alternated.

“Damn that tongue feels good,” I moaned. “So does that cock slot baby!”

“You hear that he likes my cock slot.”

“I heard…”

The tongue returned to my cock and stayed there then the little minx slid her index finger into my ass.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNN,” I grunted as I felt my cock start to swell inside my sister.

“Give it to me…” the one between my legs moaned.

“MMMMMMMMM I did promise,” she said as she lifted up and off of me and the other’s mouth descended.

“OH fuck yeah suck me…” I moaned.

The other twin’s head was bobbing up and down on me now and with a muffled scream I sent a torrent of cum down her throat.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM,” she moaned as she swallowed. “Delicious.”

Her fist moved until the very last drop of cum was hers.

“I guess I deserved that,” I moaned.

“You have been ignoring us…”

“…your dutiful cock loving slaves.”

The one finishing the others thoughts without flaw.

“Are you really moving out,” Colleen asked.

“Eventually,” I admitted.

“What are your plans lover,” Carol asked.

“I am going to buy and renovate the Old Miller Place; there will be plenty of room for both of you.”

“What can we do to help?”

“Yes what can we do?”

“I’ll let you know I haven’t even seen the place yet.”

“Can you go again Jon,” Colleen asked.

“Why don’t you and Carol find out,” I say with a smile.

I had to scoot the twins out a few hours later so that dad didn’t catch them out of bed. Then I was able to finally close my eyes and get some much needed sleep.

I awoke Saturday afternoon and found a note from my mom saying that a girl named Erika had called and I smiled remembering the girl from the lingerie store. I got out of bed and threw on some clothes and found mom and the twins waiting for me with all the fixings for a great big lunch. As they cooked a volley of questions and answers went back and forth between us.

“So who is this Erika girl Jon,” my mom asked.

“I met her when I did some shopping,” I told her.

“Shopping for what,” Colleen asked.

“Something for mom,” I said.

The twins looked at mom and then at me. I fixed some coffee and waited for it to brew.

“So when do you go look at the Old Miller Place,” Mom asked me.

“A couple of days at most,” I said pouring cups of coffee for me and mom.

“Can I go with you,” Mom asked.

“Me too…”

“…me too.”

“Okay we can all go see the property together,” I said.

“Can we pick out our rooms…”

“…help decorate them.”

“We are getting a little ahead of ourselves don’t you think?” I said.

“Sorry Jon,” the twins said in one voice. “We just got excited.”

“I understand.”

I looked at the note with Erika’s number on it and realized I needed to do a little shopping before we hooked up, I didn’t have a cell phone. So I determined another trip to the mall was necessary because I could look at multiple providers and see which one I liked.

“After breakfast I am going to the mall for a quick shopping trip who wants to go?”

“Ooh me…”

“…and me!”

“Mom,” I asked and she shook her head. “Do you need anything while I’m out?”

“No I think we are good.”

The drive to the mall was exciting as the twins managed to squeeze into the front seat with me and I knew that there were going to have to be rules before we got there.

“Okay you two I am shopping for a cell phone, if and I do mean if we have time we might do some clothes shopping alright?”

“Yes Jon,” they agreed.

So we started at one end of the mall and made our way one electronics and cell phone store at a time. I never realized how many stores and shops carried cell phones. In the middle of the mall was one of those stand alone shops that people rent for short periods of time. This one was selling high end phones, tablets and laptops. The redhead running it was absolutely stunning and so we stopped for a chat.

“I’ve never heard of your company before,” I told her.

“Well we just got off the ground,” she said with a stunning smile.

“What’s different about your company than the others,” I asked.

“Well we guarantee one terabyte speed worldwide for starters,” she said with a wink.

“You mean one gig,” I corrected her.

“No I mean one terabyte,” she repeated before continuing. “The phone runs one thousand dollars and the monthly service fee is one hundred dollars. The tablet goes for ten grand and also has the one hundred dollar service fee. The laptop runs fifteen grand and comes with the one hundred dollar service fee.”

“What about the watch there,” I asked.

“Oh that’s a display model,” she said with a smile.

“What’s that expected to cost,” I asked checking her out.

“I think my brother said around twenty five to thirty thousand,” she said not batting an eyelash.

“Thirty thousand for a fucking watch!”

“You haven’t seen what it can do,” she replied looking around. “Here give me your wrist.”

I let her take my arm and she pressed the watch onto my wrist and metallic bands slid over my flesh and form fitted to me like a glove. The diamond scale pattern of the metal was very chic!

“One size fits all,” she said. “Now let’s turn this puppy on.”

She hit a triangular shaped button on the outer circle of the watch’s face and a soft thrum ran through the device. The face lit up and it flashed for a moment until it displayed the current time accurate to the millisecond.

“Okay what’s your home phone number,” she asked and I smiled as I rattled it off.

“Dial 1-774-256-203X,” she said and a heard a ringing sound and then my mom’s voice.


“Hey mom it’s Jon just testing a phone at the mall.”

“Okay sweetie, sounds crystal clear see you soon bye.” Click.

“I hope it does more than that for the price,” I said.

“Well Jon,” she said. “Display web browser home page Google.”

Then suddenly hovering over the watch in thin air was the Google home page.

“Go ahead do a search,” she said.

“Um… search for images 1967 Pontiac GTO.” I said.

Instantly the image changed and showed hundreds of small boxes holding the desired image.

“If you see one you like touch it,” she said.

I picked one at random and touched it. Not only did the image appear but it was rendered instantly into a high res three dimensional image.

“Holy shit,” I cursed.

“How many texts and emails do I get for that one hundred dollars,” I asked.

“Oh it’s an unlimited data and messaging plan,” she said.

“Okay it looks like I found my carrier,” I said.

Suddenly a guy about my age strolled up and stepped into the little shop next to her.

“How’s it going?” he asked.

“Eh, I think it’s a bust. This young man is interested but most people hear the price and it’s a no go.”

“Well that sucks, I am glad the first presentation went so well or we’d be totally screwed,” he said frowning.

“So are you the owner,” I asked and he nodded.

“Nick Shaw a pleasure to meet you,” he said offering his hand.

“Jon Masters,” I replied shaking his hand.

“Oh and this is my sister Kat unless you’ve already introduced yourself?”

“Not yet Nick,” she said.

“Oh these are my twin sisters Carol and Colleen,” I said and Nick’s eyes lit up.

“A pleasure to meet you ladies,” he said and they giggled like schoolgirls.

“They’re shy,” I said.

“Not for long,” Kat murmured and Nick gave her a sharp look.

“So how much for the watch,” I asked Nick who was sporting one very similar.

“Well… technically they are a preorder sort of thing but,” he looked at the twins and smiled brighter now. “Tell you what. You and your sisters join us for dinner tonight…”

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