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By the time we’d walked halfway to the lake, Linda (who’s put her bikini top back on) and the guys stopped talking and froze, looking at me as if I were a gunfighter striding ominously into a Dodge City saloon. I realized I could ruin everybody’s vacation with a single word, but I had no desire to do that.

As I reached our blanket, Terry began to say something. I put my finger to his mouth to stop him and then backed away a bit and untied my bikini top. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Linda was removing hers as well now, and Kathy was pulling off her t-shirt.

I kissed Terry on the mouth, then pushed him down and lay next to him, kissing him again, my tongue inside his mouth. I rubbed my sensitive nipples against his chest hair, and felt his cock straining against his bathing suit.

I could hear Kathy and Linda moan, and Carl grunting softly, and knew our friends were making out as well.

Terry reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling my wet pussy into his hard cock. I could feel him grinding against my pussy lips.

If my bikini bottom hadn’t been lined, everybody would be able to see how I was soaking it with my juices.

I wished Terry would reach inside my bikini bottoms and grab my bare ass, but I knew he’d be afraid to do that after my reaction earlier. I’d have welcomed it right now, though. I wanted his hands on my skin, and his fingers working their way down and touching my hot pussy. Let everybody hear me cum: at the rate they were all moaning and groaning, they wouldn’t be very far behind.

Linda and Larry were the first to jump to their feet. “We’ll see you guys later,” Larry said as they began walking quickly back to the house. Linda hadn’t taken the time to put her bikini top back on, so I guess they weren’t even thinking about whether the B&B hosts would see her. For that matter, Larry’s erection must have been quite a sight as well.

Terry was dry-humping me pretty seriously right now. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of his bathing suit and began easing it down, wondering how low he’d let it go before he stopped me. I wouldn’t have minded feeling his hard, naked cock pressing against my bikini bottom.

I was just beginning to feel his coarse pubic hair rubbing against my lower belly when he said, “Let’s get back to our room.”

We started to get up, then noticed that Carl and Kathy were gone: they must have returned to the building without saying anything.

So we were alone here.

I pushed Terry down onto his back, and pulled his bathing suit off with a single jerk. His cock was standing straight up like a flagpole.

I pushed my bikini bottoms down my legs and kicked them off, then straddled Terry until the head of his cock was rubbing between my pussy lips. I thought about teasing us both for another few seconds, but we’d both just gone through ten minutes of the most intense foreplay.

I pushed my body down hard, driving Terry’s cock deep into my pussy. We were naked outside, in the warm sun, by a beautiful lake, fucking. I don’t think I’d ever been more aroused.

I began thrusting my body down against Terry’s, as fast as I could and as hard as I could. It felt as if he was going deeper inside me with each stroke. If his cock weren’t so hard, I’d probably be hurting him.

I heard myself grunting as well as groaning. It was loud, and I knew the sound was probably carrying, but I didn’t care. I wouldn’t care if our friends came back, if our parents showed up and began watching us, if the Pope were standing right next to us.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck,” I kept saying.

I’m pretty sure I screamed when I came, and I know I felt dizzy for a moment, but I never stopped fucking Terry as hard as I could. Finally Terry began to cum — I don’t know how he lasted as long as he had — and he seemed to just cum and cum and cum some more. I slowed my fucking motions, because I didn’t want to hurt him as his cock softened.

But when he finished cumming, he was still hard.

He took a few seconds to catch his breath, then said “Get on all fours.”

I moved myself into the doggy position, feeling naked and exposed, my bare ass and pussy in view of anybody who might be coming over from the house, Terry’s cum dripping out of my pussy, my small tits hanging down. I loved it.

Terry moved behind me and slowly, very slowly, eased his hard cock into my pussy, a pussy slick with both my juices and his cum. He fucked me gently for 15 minutes, and I had several small orgasms — I’d already had my big, screaming orgasm for the afternoon — and after Terry came, we kissed, then got dressed and went back to the house.


We took the bus into town the following morning. Kathy and I headed to a small clothing store we’d seen last time She wanted to buy herself a bikini: she wanted a two-piece in case we had another topless-bathing session, and she didn’t want to have to borrow Linda’s bikini bottoms again. Linda was off to a quilting store a few blocks away. The guys wanted to check out a handmade furniture store (Larry was into woodworking) and a fishing supply store.

I was in the market for some cute summer clothing. The last couple of days had made me feel sexier than I had for a while, and I wanted some new clothing to show it off better. I was wearing a flirty sundress today, the same one I’d worn that time when Terry had had his way with me in the movie theatre, and I was looking for more of the same.

I didn’t get a chance to try anything on, though, because every few minutes Kathy was calling me into her dressing room to check out another bikini. She didn’t like how any of the tops fit her — few bikini tops were made for her bustline — and finally I convinced her that since she’d probably only wearing the bikini on occasions when she’d be removing the top, it really didn’t matter all that much. She decided on a suit with a top that fit better than the one she’d borrowed from Linda, but which still covered only the front of her breasts, leaving a lot of the tops, bottoms and sides exposed. The bottom covered her ass and pussy decently enough but it was very high-cut, with little more than a string’s-worth of material around her hips. She could wear this as a two-piece without being cited for indecent exposure, but she’d certainly attract a lot of attention.

She paid for the suit, and then left for the quilting store.

Back in my own dressing room, I pulled off my sundress and put on a pair of cotton shorts I’d picked out. I wasn’t sure about them: they were comfortable, but they might have been a bit too short for a woman my age. I looked at myself in the mirror, naked except for a pair of short-shorts, my socks and my sneakers: not as eye-catching as Kathy, perhaps, but not at all bad for a woman less than two years from her thirtieth birthday.

I heard the door to the shop open. “May I help you, sir?”

“I’m looking for my wife,” I heard Carl tell her.

“Carl,” I called out, “can you come in here for a minute? I want your opinion on something.”

There was a hesitation, then “Go ahead,” the shop girl said.

Carl opened the dressing room door just enough to slip in, then closed it behind himself. Then he noticed me and backed away a bit. “Um… you don’t have a shirt on.”

“Carl,” I said, “you’ve seen me topless yesterday and the day before. I think it’s okay for you to see my tiny titties at this point.”

“I guess so,” he said.

Of course, it was a bit more awkward here just the two of us, enclosed in a small room, but I wasn’t going to let it bother me.

“So what do you think?”

“They’re very nice,” he said, but he seemed to be glancing at my tits. The nipples were getting hard and sensitive. They knew I was standing half-naked in a changing room with a man who wans’t my husband.

“What’s very nice?”

“The shorts,” he said quickly. “They look good on you.”

“Not too small?” I asked, referring to both the breasts and the shorts.

“They’re perfect,” he said.

“Thanks,” I told him, then pushed them down my legs and threw them onto the bench. I knew I was pushing things — but after all, he’d seen me wearing nothing but my bikini bottoms yesterday, and my panties covered a lot more skin than they did.

I pulled on a short skirt, which turned out to be shorter on me than I’d thought. “I don’t know…” I said.

“Turn around,” he said.

I turned.

“No,” he said, “not unless you’re okay with… uh… your panties showing every time you move.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I guess I’m too old for miniskirts anyway.”

I started to pull them off, and stumbled. Carl grabbed at me, caught me at my upper chest just to the sides of my breasts, then almost dropped me as he let go of me as if he’d burned his hands and tried grabbing me again at the waist.

“Sorry,” we both said at once.

I got the skirt off without further incident and said “One more,” changing into the sundress I’d picked out. It had very narrow straps, and was a little shorter than the one I’d been wearing, with a bit of a v-neck that would have shown some cleavage if I’d had any to show. I spun around in front of Carl, and he gave me a thumbs up.

I was just starting to take it off when I heard the salesgirl say “Ma’am, if you’ll send your husband out, I have the other item you asked about. I found it in your size in the back.”

My husband? Well of course, why wouldn’t she think Carl was my husband, after he came in here looking for his wife and ended up in my dressing room?

Carl opened the door slightly, grabbed the bikini she’d found, then closed the door again. As I stood there in my panties, we both looked at the bikini: it was one thing for Carl to watch me changing into the shorts and skirt and sundress, because he’d already seen me wearing this little — but I’d have to get completely naked in front of “my husband” to try on the bikini. No, that wasn’t going to happen.

“I think I’ll wait on the bikini,” I called out to the salesgirl. Damn, and I really liked it. I was tempted, but I also knew it was probably a very bad idea.

I adjusted my sundress and we left the dressing room and I paid for the shorts and the new sundress. I thanked Carl for his help and we were just getting ready to leave the store when Terry walked in and said to the salesgirl, “Hi, I’m looking for my wife,” and then noticed me and said “Oh, there you are.”

The salesgirl looked confused, and I led Terry and Carl quickly out of the store before she could say anything.


We’d all planned to meet back at the lake after lunch; but when Kathy, Carl, Terry and I arrived, Linda and Larry were already there. Larry had his camera out — photography was his hobby, and he had some expensive equipment — and he was shooting portraits of Linda standing topless by the lake. “Hey there,” he said, barely looking at us. “Why don’t you girls keep your tops on, which is a sentence I never thought I’d say, and I’ll get some nice photos of you alone, then some with your guys, and I can e-mail them to you when we all get home?”

“Aw, why do we have to keep our tops on?” Kathy asked.

“So you can share your vacation photos with your parents,” Larry said.

“Have you seen Kathy’s new bikini?” Carl asked. “I don’t think we could show pictures of that to anybody’s parents. Ouch,” he said as Kathy smacked his arm. “That bruise is going to show up in the photo, you know. Everybody’s going to know how mean you are to me.”

I have to admit I felt a bit jealous: I’d planned on wearing a hot new bikini this afternoon too, but of course I couldn’t tell anybody why I’d had to leave it behind.

Larry took dozens of photos in all — thank God digital has replaced film — of Kathy, me, Carl and Kathy, and Terry and me. When we were done, Terry said to Larry “What about some of you and Linda together? I know my way around an SLR.”

“Sure, thanks,” Larry said, as Linda put her top back on.

After Terry had taken a bunch, I took off my top and said to him “Now some of me that we CAN’T send to our parents.”

“Are you sure?” Larry asked. “It wasn’t just the parent thing. I figured you’d feel funny about me having half-naked photos of you. I mean, I’d send you copies and then delete them from my disk, of course…”

“I trust you,” I said. “You’re not planning to post there all over the Internet, are you?”

“Of course not,” Larry said.

“Just kidding. Are you okay with this?” I asked Terry.

“Sure. I’d love to have some dirty pictures of you for my private collection. I think we’re better off with Larry taking them, though: it’s his camera and he knows what he’s doing the best.”

I posed for maybe a dozen photos, from silly, to attempts to be sultry ( I don’t really do “sultry”) to outright sexual — or at least a sexual as I can get when a friend is taking the photos and other friends and my husband are watching.

Larry took a dozen of Kathy, and then said, “I have an idea for a shot: Carl, get in the photo. Kathy, get in front of him, facing him, and give him a hug. This way the camera sees you’re only wearing bikini bottoms, but your breasts aren’t showing at all, so we get sexual but not R-rated.”

He took a few of these, and then had Terry and me copy the pose.

“Any other ideas?” Larry asked. Linda called Kathy and me over and told us what she had in mind. Kathy and I put our tops back on, and Linda took the camera from Larry and said, “Now it’s your turn. Just stand over there.” He stood by the lake, Kathy and me at his sides. “We’re going for the James Bond look, with the two girls in bikinis draped over you.” We each hung onto one of Larry’s arms. “Now Larry,” Linda said, “look suave. You’re 007.”

“I’m Bond,” he said seriously as we pressed our bodies against him. “Larry Bond.”

“Perfect,” Linda said,” snapping a couple of shots.

“Good morning, Miss Moneypenny,” he said as Linda snapped two more shots.

“Last one.” Linda said. “You girls are ready?”

“Ready,” we both said.

“Three… two…” Just as Linda said “two,” Kathy and I each grabbed a side of Larry’s bathing suit and pulled it down to his ankles. “One,” Linda said, taking the shot.

‘Hey,” Larry said.

“Why should only you have souvenir photos?” Linda asked, giggling. She zoomed in on Larry’s erect penis. Kathy and I were getting an eyeful as well (figuratively speaking).

“Linda,” Kathy said, “you might need a much wider lens for this.”

“3D lens, more likely,” I said. Actually, neither Kathy nor I knew anything about camera lenses, but we were amusing ourselves. Also, neither one of us wanted to blurt out what was really on our minds: “Holy shit, that is a huge cock.”

Fortunately, Carl and Terry both thought it was hysterical that their wives had exposed Larry’s cock. We hadn’t thought about it, but they might not have been to happy about our plan.

“I’m sorry dear,” Linda lied, walking over to us and handing me the camera. “Let me help you.” She knelt down, grabbed Larry’s bathing suit and eased it back up his legs. His cock was almost in her face as the bathing suit was almost all the way up, and she gave the tip a quick little kiss before she tucked it into the suit.

“You did not just do that,” Kathy said.

“Did what?” Linda asked.

“You kissed his cock,” I said. “I saw it too.”

“No I didn’t.”

I don’t think she even realized she’d done it. I handed the camera to Terry. “It’s okay, that was totally hot kissing his cock in front of all of us. Give us a replay, then. Let’s see what it is you thought you did. Maybe we’re wrong.”

“Uh… sure,” Linda said, taking Larry’s bathing suit back down to his knees. Clearly he thought he should have a say in all this, but he also knew he’d just had his cock kissed and was willing to have it happen again.

Linda began pulling the bathing suit back up again, as Terry snapped photos. Just before she tucked Larry’s cock inside again, she gave it a kiss; then she froze. “Shit, you’re right, I must have done it without thinking about it.”

“Hold that pose,” Terry said, and Linda brought her mouth back to the tip of Larry’s cock. We could see it beginning to throb.

I could see a glint in Linda’s eye. “Would this make a better photo?” she asked Terry, wrapping her lips around the head of Larry’s cock and giving it a slight suck along with the kiss.

“Yes, definitely,” Larry said.

“Want to see something impressive?” Linda asked Kathy and me.

“Sure,” we both said.

Linda knelt directly in front of Larry and slowly took the entire length of his cock into her mouth.

Terry was filming the entire blowjob.

Yes, it was sexy as all hell, but I wanted him to pay attention to me and give me some attention. I took my top off, then slid my bottoms down my legs and off, very aware that I was the first of us girls to get naked in front of the whole group. Hard to believe a couple of days ago I was afraid to take off my shirt.

I stepped between Terry and the blowjob he was filming, which was the first he noticed I’d taken everything off. Not only wasn’t he angry, but he adjusted the camera’s focus and began photos of me nude and outdoors. Nobody had ever taken photos of my pussy before, and somehow knowing that these photos would be in Larry’s camera made it even hotter.

I turned, letting Terry take some pictures of my ass, and then told him to put the fucking camera down and fuck me. He replaced the lens cap and placed the camera carefully onto Larry and Linda’s blanket, while I laid down on my back on our blanket. He stripped off his bathing suit on his way back to me, and slid his cock into me, no foreplay necessary for either of us.

I had the sudden crazy thought that if I’d known a few hours ago that Carl was going to see seeing me naked, I’d have been able to try on that damn bikini all.

It was hard, noisy sex, and the fact that our friends could hear us made it even hotter. somebody at some point must have picked up the camera again because when Larry showed us the photos, there was a perfect shot of me cumming.

I never got to see Larry’s huge cock shoot its semen down Linda’s throat; when I glanced over at them again, Linda was lying on the blanket, completely naked, her legs spread, Larry’s face buried in her shaven pussy, working his tongue over her clit. It was so hot watching this: I felt as I were being fucked and eaten at the same time.

I’d never cum like this before. My orgasms were coming so close together, it was like one long orgasm that never ended.

Terry was still hard; but we’d had sex so many time over the last couple of days, it was taking too long for him to cum — and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I pushed him off of me. He didn’t understand at first, but then I got on all fours and told him to do something we’d been discussing for months: “Fuck me in the ass,” I told him.

I hoped it worked, since Terry really needed to cum. His cock was dripping with my pussy juices and his precum, though, so I knew he should be able to get inside my virgin asshole.

His cock slid in with no problem. He went slowly. It hurt a little at first but it was also hot, very different from having a cock in my pussy, but sexy in a different way. As it began to stop hurting, I told him to fuck my ass harder. I could feel it: I was going to cum again from Terry’s cock in my ass.

In this position, we could both watch Carl fucking Kathy just a few feet away.

Finally, making a noise that sounded like he was being strangled, Terry came, shooting his cum into my bowels. And feeling this for the first time, I did cum again — differently than before, but still intensely.

He pulled out of me slowly and we both lay back on the blanket, exhausted. Larry and Linda were also done, and Larry was holding the camera, recording Carl and Kathy’s lovemaking for posterity. Then Carl closed his eyes and, sighing, came into Kathy’s pussy.

When it was all over, we all lay on our backs, on our respective to towels, exhausted and feeling more than a little bit awkward. It was difficult to make eye contact with one another with the distraction of all those cocks, breasts and pussies.

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