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When Dean stepped off the plane he was a happy man. He’d spent most of the twelve hour flight from Australia in the bathroom with the hot redhead he’d met when he’d boarded, and then with one of the shapely air hostesses after that. He decided that he needed to take a break from all the sex. He’d spent the last week having sex every day, and there reached a point when a man just needed a break.

He got home to his cheap one bedroom apartment, and spent the day in, just watching TV. It was a relaxing change from the last week, and allowed him to recuperate a little. The next day, he looked on the internet for the addresses of local law firms, and went door to door with each of them. He made the effort to dress up like a courier, and even had a box wrapped up under his arm. He asked to see the ‘person in charge’ at each one, and most of them were men, which held no interest for Dean. It was late afternoon when he pulled up at one of the last law firms on his list. It was a massive building in the city, all glass windows. He went through the routine of asking to see the person in charge, under the pretense of having a package for them. After some waiting as the secretary talked on the phone for a while, he was directed to the elevator, and she pressed the top floor button for him. He thanked her, and she responded with a wink. He felt a sharp tingle in his dick as she did, but the doors closed before he could respond in any way. As he waited, he gradually felt his erection reach its full size, and he shifted uncomfortably, not able to do anything about it. He thought about talking to the secretary on the way out, maybe make a few ‘suggestions’ and take her back to his place. The ideas were still swirling around in his head when the doors opened, and he saw what looked like another lobby, just like the one downstairs. The secretary here spotted him and picked up the phone, said a few words, and hung up again.

He was asked to wait, so he sat down. He didn’t have to wait very long, however, because the person in charge approached him and reached out to shake his hand. Dean’s heart leapt in his chest as he looked up to see who it was. It was a woman! This is what he’d been looking for. His heart sank a little though when he took a good look at her. She wasn’t as attractive as he’d imagined. In fact she was downright masculine. Oh well, can’t have everything.

“I understand you have a package for me.” she said with a small smile. “I’d like to know why it couldn’t just be left at the front desk with the rest of the mail.”

“I can explain that ma’am, in private.” he replied. She narrowed her eyes at him, but eventually led him to her office, and fortunately there was no one else there. She sat down behind her desk, and motioned for him to sit down in the chair in front of her.

“So, what’s this about?” she asked when he’d sat down. Dean didn’t waste any more time.

“Karmina.” he said, and he saw an immediate change in her demeanor. Her eyes went blank and her face lost all expression. Dean’s heart was racing as he thought about what he was about to do.

“Are there any monitoring or surveillance devices in this offices?” he asked. She said no in a flat, monotone voice. Well, that was a relief.

“What’s you’re name?”


“Diane, how much money do you have in your personal bank account.”

Dean didn’t hear the exact figure, he jumped for joy when he heard the word ‘billion’, and the rest was just noise after that. He gave her instructions to transfer two million dollars to his bank account without question, and that she wouldn’t remember doing it afterwards. He also told her to give him her personal cellphone number, and if he were to call up and say the words ‘it’s raining penguins’, something that no one would ever think to say to her, then she’d make another transfer for the same amount without hesitation, and forget about it afterwards.

Dean checked his bank balance on his phone on the way down on the elevator. His vacation had left him with not a lot left of what he’d saved for it. From memory he figured he only had a hundred dollars left. The number on his phone was considerably bigger than a hundred. Bigger by two million. He skipped out of the building, drove home, and called his boss, telling him to suck it and that he quit.

He decided to celebrate his new-found wealth with some dinner, and headed straight for the supermarket. He was browsing the dairy aisle when he bumped into someone, literally, and both of them dropped their baskets. The woman he’d bumped into was flustered and apologized again and again as she knelt down to pick up her basket.

“I’m sorry about that.” she said for the fifth time. “I’m just all over the place today. I’m trying to get my daughter’s birthday ready on time.”

“That can be tough.” said Dean, making idle small talk with the woman while he stole glances at her chest. It was impressive, probably in the double D range, even though she was slightly shorter than him. She was also a little on the heavy side, but not what he’d call fat. She was more full-figured, and her long curly black hair was draped over her shoulders in a way that framed her chest to him perfectly. His erection returned with a vengeance, and he started to think of how he could satisfy his urges.

“It is tough.” she said, completely oblivious to his staring. “She’s turning 18 today.”

Sinful thoughts started to dance in his mind as she said this.

“Can’t your husband help you out?” he asked innocently. It sounded fake to him, and he knew it, but he hoped that she wouldn’t notice.

“Oh. No, he’s . . . uh. He’s not around to help.”

Dane’s imagination was going crazy, and he couldn’t help himself. He looked around to make sure that no one was watching, and said the magic word.


Her eyes glazed over and she remained completely still.

“What’s your name?” he asked.


“What’s your daughter’s name?”

“Haley and Vanessa.”

Dean blinked in surprise.

“You have two daughters?”


“How old are they?”

“Haley is eighteen today, and Vanessa is twenty two.”

“Where is your husband?”

“I don’t know. He left ten years ago.”

Dean’s heart began to race at the possibility before him.

“Are you in a relationship with anyone?”


“So who lives at your house?”

“Haley, Vanessa and me.”

“No one else?”


This was something that Dean hadn’t even considered when he’d thought about the possibilities of his gift. He’d thought about all of his sexual fantasies coming true, but he hadn’t thought about a mother and her daughters. Now that he was, his erection was straining at his pants, and he took the opportunity that was staring him in the face.

“Julie, when you wake up, you will trust me completely, and you will want me to come with you to your place. You will be attracted to me, and will be sad if I leave.” he said. He was taking this one slow, not making any explicit or extreme suggestions until he knew exactly what he was dealing with.

He told her to wake up, and her face lit up like a christmas tree when she saw him.

“My name’s Julie.” she said, forgetting that she’d already told him while she was under his spell.

“I’m Dean.” he replied. “Listen, it sounds like you need some help with this party. If you don’t mind, I could help.”

“That would be great!” said Julie with a big smile, and she touched his arm affectionately. Together they finished their shopping, and he helped her get it all into her car. He followed her home in his car, and before long he was helping her bring all of her groceries into the house. A young woman was at the door waiting for Julie, and she eyed Dean with surprise and suspicion.

“Who’s this?” she asked as she took some of the shopping bags out of Julie’s hands.

“Oh, this is Dean. He offered to help me with the shopping, and I just couldn’t say no. Dean this is Vanessa.”

Dean said hello, but Vanessa just stared at him. She looked just like her mother, but slimmer and not as endowed in the chest. Her breasts looked more like full C cups compared to Julie’s generous bosom. Another young woman came running into the room, but stopped short at the sight of Dean.

“Hi Haley, sweetie.” said Julie. Dean picked his moment.

“Karmina.” he said, and all three women froze and went blank.

“Haley, who else is in the house?” he said as he closed the front door.

“Mom, Vanessa and me.”

“No one else?”


“Who is coming for the birthday party?”

“No one. It’s a family party.”

This was perfect. He admired the three women in front of him, and his mouth was watering at what he had planned. Haley was the spitting image of Vanessa, only shorter, and not quite as slim, but still not as heavy as her mother. Both of the girls had long black hair, just like their mother, but neither of them were quite as curly as hers. Haley’s hair was in a neat, swishy ponytail, and Vanessa’s was loose over her shoulders.

“Are any of you in a relationship?” he asked. As horny and powerful as he felt, he didn’t want to ruin anyone’s life. All three women said no in unison.

Dean thought about what he had in front of him right now. He decided that he didn’t want to make them his slaves, at least not yet. He decided to have some fun first.

“When you wake up, all three of you will be attracted to me, and will want me to stay with you in your house. You’ll all find me sexually attractive and when you look at me you’ll only be able to think about having sex with me.”

If this was done right, then he wouldn’t be changing their individual behavior or personalities, but just adding sexual attraction to the mix, which meant that they wouldn’t act any different toward each other than normal.

When he woke them up, all three of them smiled and welcomed him to their home. He helped Julie put the groceries away, and the two girls were hanging around while they did. When he looked in their direction, he saw them quickly look away, blushing. He spent a while talking to them all, getting to know about them, and the girls were eager to tell him all about themselves. They were giggling and laughing while they talked, clearly infatuated with him, and at one point he felt Julie’s hand on his ass when she came up behind him to hand him a glass of coke.

“Hey, do you wanna see my room?” Haley asked, and practically dragged Dean out of his chair and up the stairs before he could answer. She took him to her room, and closed the door behind them. She was blushing even more now, and breathing slightly harder.

“This is my room, what do you think?” she asked. Dean looked around, and saw all sorts of things that he half-expected a teenage girl to have in their room. There was a stereo, posters of bands, stuffed animal toys on a shelf and dirty clothes on the floor. Haley kicked some of the clothes out of sight in embarrassment and seemed not sure how to stand as she moved her arms from her hips to her head then crossed across her chest. Dean watched her, amused. He noticed that her hands often wandered to below her waist, and her fingers were fiddling with the drawstring of her sweatpants. Her nipples were very prominent through her shirt.

“It’s a nice room.”

“Thanks.” she said with a nervous smile, and took a step toward him. Finally she was pressed right up against him, and she started to undo his belt as she looked into his eyes. She slowly slid down onto her knees without breaking eye contact, and she bit her lower lip as she unzipped his pants, and reached in to pull out his raging erection. It was as stiff as a steel rod, and oozing pre-cum like crazy. Haley suddenly became breathless as she looked at it, and Dean wondered if maybe she was a virgin.

She took the tip of his cock in her mouth and started to suck. After that she got lost in the moment and took the whole thing in her mouth. Dean instantly knew that she was an amateur, but still enjoyed her efforts as she enthusiastically bobbed her head up and down on his dick. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, and Haley pulled her head up sharply. Dean’s cock popped out of her mouth with a wet ‘pop’.

“Fuck.” she said, softly, and quickly tried to stuff Dean’s hard on back into his pants. He took over and zipped up just as the door opened and Haley stood up, looking flushed and embarrassed. Vanessa was standing out in the hallway, and looked at the two of them standing in the middle of Haley’s room, with Haley trying to appear nonchalant with some saliva around her mouth.

“I need to talk to you Dean.” Vanessa said, and walked away without waiting for him to follow. He quickly caught up to her, leaving a pouting Haley alone in her room, and Vanessa led him to her room.

“I know what you were doing in there.” she said as she closed the door. She looked stern and serious as she said it, and Dean started to get a little worried.

“Look, I know what it looks like, but . . . “

“You don’t need to say anything, Dean. I just want to tell you that you don’t want to get involved with my sister.”

“Why not?” he asked, still slightly worried. She took a step closer to him, and laid a hand on his crotch.

“Because she’s a virgin, and doesn’t know how to please a man.”

She turned around to lean forward and onto her bed, so that she was standing over it, and hiked up her skirt to show that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Don’t you want a girl with a bit more experience?” she asked. Dean was caught by surprise. It looked like he was in the middle of some kind of sibling rivalry. Not that he was complaining, this was turning out to be fun. He stepped closer, and stroked her bare ass before him. She moaned slightly and moved back to pressed her ass against his crotch. Dean undid his pants again, letting them fall to the floor around his feet, and he made no hesitation in slipping his erect cock into Vanessa’s already hot and moist snatch. By now Dean was extremely horny, and he let her know this by grabbing onto her waist with both hands and pulling her hard onto his prick. He didn’t bother to start slowly either, and she didn’t seem to mind as he slammed his hips against her round ass again and again, powering his cock into her pussy. Vanessa bend down further so that she could bury her face in the sheets to stifle her screams of pleasure, but Dean wasn’t having any of that. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her to lean back up. He wasn’t hurting her, that he could tell, just letting her know that he was in control. She seemed to like it, and was furiously rubbing her clit as fast as she could. The sound of their fucking was loud and obscene. The sound of his hips hitting her ass, the grunts and groans from Dean and the mewling moans from Vanessa, as well as the wet sound of her pussy being penetrated over and over.

After a while, Vanessa became more frantic in her rubbing, and she was moving back onto Dean’s cock even more than before. He knew that she was getting close, and he redoubled his efforts, pulling on her hips even more to pull her onto him even harder. When her orgasm struck, it was very loud. She screamed out in raw, primal pleasure, and her whole body was shaking. Her legs gave out and she fell to the floor, draped forward over the bed. Deans dick was still rock hard, and glistening wet with her juices. It was getting painful now, and he was getting desperate for release. He started to stroke his dick, but Vanessa saw and batted his hand away. She took his whole length into her mouth and started to clean her juices off of it. It was clear that compared to her sister, Vanessa was a pro at sucking dick. She wasn’t sucking so much, but letting her lips slide over his cock, and she let a lot of saliva build up to make the whole thing even more slippery. Her tongue was working wonders on the tip too. Every time she bobbed her head up, her tongue would swish around the tip, sending waves of tingling pleasure wash through him. He could feel his orgasm brewing in his balls, and he put his hands on her head, helping her keep the rhythm.

“Stop that right now you two!” said someone at the door, and both of them looked to see Julie standing in the open doorway, hands on her hips and red in the face. She looked furious. Haley was poking her head around the edge of the doorway, her eyes wide and glued to the scene before her, Vanessa on her knees with Dean’s rigid cock in her hand.

“Mom, I . . .”

“Don’t bother! Dean, come with me right now!!”

The moment that Vanessa had stopped sucking Dean’s dick, the pleasure she caused was quickly replaced by discomfort. Dean still hadn’t cum, and it was really getting to him. As he pulled up his pants and walked out of the room to follow Julie, he felt a small feeling of deja-vu. It was just like following Vanessa out of Haley’s room. He hoped that Julie intended for it to be the same as well, otherwise Dean would have to make a few suggestions to make it that way.

Julie led him to her room, and locked the door behind them. She was still red in the face, and her nipples were straining against the material of both her bra and shirt. Dean wondered how long she’d watched him and Vanessa before stopping them. She paced back and forth a few times before she spoke. She didn’t look directly at him.

“I don’t appreciate what you just did.” she said eventually.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I brought you to my home because I . . .” she hesitated, and her eyes were shimmering with held-back tears.

“Because what?” Dean prompted.

“Because I thought you wanted me.” said Julie in a small voice. She sighed and sat down on her bed, burying her head in her hands. Dean tentatively sat down beside her and put a hand on her shoulder. Dean’s suggestion of trusting him was still working, because she leaned over and fell into his arms. He stroked her back as she cried into his chest.

“When my husband left, I thought that was it for me.” she said. “I thought that it was all over, that I’d never find anyone ever again.”

“Do you want to tell me about it?” Dean asked.

“I’ve never told anyone about why he left.” she sobbed. Dean could feel his erection straining through his pants, and it was pressed hard against her as she leaned into him. There was no way she could not know it was there. She didn’t pull away though.

“It might make you feel better to tell someone.” said Dean. For a while she didn’t say anything, and when she finally did, it was in a quiet voice.

“He said I sickened him.” she muttered. “He stormed out of the house and never came back because of me.”

“Why? What happened?”

“I asked him to . . . do things. You know, in bed.”

Dean’s cock twitched, and he tried to shift away from her to make it more comfortable, but she had her arms around him now, and he couldn’t move away.

“What kind of things?” Dean asked. He wondered what kind of things would make a man leave his family in disgust.

“I asked him to . . . say things.”

“What things?” Dean whispered, and stroked her back some more. He let his hands fall a little to her side, and he touched the side of her breasts. She didn’t stop him.

“I wanted him to call me his bitch.” she said. “I wanted him to dominate me, to smack me and pull my hair. I wanted him to make me his, but he didn’t want that. He said I was a freak, and that it sickened him to be with me. So he left.”

“He was an asshole, Julie.” said Dean. “You can’t blame yourself for that.”

Julie sat up and started to pace around the room again.

“You don’t understand. I haven’t been with anyone since him. I haven’t felt the touch of a man in ten years. I’ve been afraid of it because of why he left, afraid that no one would want me. When I met you I thought that I was wrong, that you could want me. But the moment you come to my home, you’re in my daughter’s room, fucking her like a dog and pulling her hair!”

The adult theater had several small theater rooms. I chose the one marked four. I opened the door and walked into the dimly lit room. Instantly my eyes noticed a commotion on one of the couches.

As my eyes began to focus, I stopped dead in my tracks. My mind began racing. Was that a small, white pony on the couch? Did the pony have a golden, flowing mane? A short white tail? WTF?

After a more few seconds, I realized that the ‘white pony’ was a very large, white female on all fours, on a couch. Her head was bobbing up and down on a fat cock, while a man was standing behind her energetically moving his hips back and forth.

As my eyes continued to focus, I could see that the large female was quite attractive, I guessed she was about 30 years old, had shoulder length blonde hair, pert breasts, and a fairly large, round ass. No, she wasn’t a husker, just big. She must have been at least 6′ tall and around 180 pounds.

Curious, I decided had to get a better look. I walked up to the man who was fucking her from behind. As I approached him, I noticed several men sitting on couches and chairs watching the action. Only a couple of men were fisting their cocks.

When the man fucking her noticed me, he smiled, and asked me if wanted to fuck her ass. I looked down and saw his cock moving in and out of her greased, pink asshole. Before I could respond, the man told me: he was her husband, he brought her here once a month, she liked to be gangbanged, and she liked to do it in public.

Then to my surprise he slapped her right buttock smartly (leaving a red mark), withdrew his stiff cock, and strongly encouraged me fuck her ass. Not known for turning down a nice looking, firm, ample ass, I pulled out my semi-erect cock.

There was no time for any foreplay. I simply placed my cock between her greased butt cheeks and slide it up and down. When it was rock hard, I slowly pushed my plump cockhead against her sphincter. It gave way quickly.

When her big, white ass began to swallow my thickening cock, she stopped sucking cock long enough to turn around and look at me for an instant. She had blue eyes and a pleasant looking face. Her (other) cheeks were ruddy in color.

As I began to thrust into her, I heard little moans. Motivated, I held her broad shoulders to keep her from moving and began to fuck her harder. The sound of my groin slapping her buttocks was music to my ears.

(Her husband stood by me the whole time. He also would intermittently slap her bouncing buttocks with his hand and then finger fuck her pussy.)

Occasionally, I would stop, grab the base of my cock, and slowly twist it around in her rectum. I wanted to ‘punish’ her ass – make it grateful to have her hubby’s cock lovingly stuffing it. I fucked her liked this for about 10 minutes before cumming hard in her ass.

After I pulled my wet cock out of her soupy ass, I continued to stand there. I looked around while her gaping asshole slowly closed. I saw the man she was sucking pull his cock out of her mouth. He jacked it for a moment before painting her face with his cum.

The audience of men continued to sit and watch. No one else wanted to have sex with her. That was okay by me because I wanted more of her.

Somewhat awkwardly, I crawled underneath her to get to her pussy. The good wife quickly sensed what I wanted to do and willingly straddled my face.

Perhaps to encourage my oral thoughts even more, she pulled her head down to my cock and began daintily licking any remaining cum and her ass juice off it. I reciprocated by smooching and licking her very wet and sticky clit and pussy.

My sperm had dribbled out of her asshole onto her pussy, clit, and upper thighs. I unhesitatingly swallowed our combined juices.

As her body began to stir, I reached up and pushed two of my fingers into her rectum. Feeling the thin membrane between her rectum and pussy reenergized my cock.

Soon, my finger fucking and enthusiastic licking evoked loud moans out of the big, blonde wife. Within minutes, she gasped and began bucking wildly against my fingers. Her abdomen smashed into my face as her orgasm reached a crescendo.

Almost immediately afterwards, I saw two very large black men walked into the room. I crooked my head and watched upside down, as the two black men extended their hands to the husband. Their hands were twice the size as mine.

Not wanting to be the odd man out, I was thinking of extracting myself from underneath the wife; however, when she went back to working my cock with her mouth, I stayed put.

Soon, one black guy walked to her front. The other walked up behind her and unzipped. His semi-erect cock was at least 1-2 inches larger than mine and it was coke bottle thick.

Black cock in-hand, he guided it to her pink pussy. His large cockhead pushed her pussy lips wide open as he entered her a couple of inches. He paused a moment before slowly forcing his shaft into her pussy, until his balls rested just above my forehead. The wife moaned out loud. Her clit, now in my mouth, became erect, again.

As the black man began to fuck her, I was thinking I would not want to be on the receiving end of a fuck from this man. He through his whole body into fucking her. I was sure she would feel that fuck for several days, but right now, her pussy loved it.

As his pace quickened, his large balls began bouncing off my forehead and my tongue would occasionally contact his thrusting shaft as I licked her clit. He either did not mind or did not notice. Who would with a pussy tightly wrapped around your cock?

It didn’t take long for the big man to start making pre-orgasmic grunts the way he was slamming her pussy. With his hands on her hips, he began deeply pushing into her and pulling her pussy up and down his long, fat shaft. Her pussy was stretched so wide that I could easily see her pussy lips sliding in and out with the motion of his cock.

She came first, though, groaning loudly. Her pussy juices practically waterfalled onto my face. Then I saw his balls begin contracting as his engorged cock began to spew sperm into her pussy. Sperm ran down the base of his shaft as he continued to plunge in and out of her.

After he had completed cumming, he held steady for a moment, probably savoring their convulsing uterus. When he pulled out of her, long, thin strings of cum hung from his cock to her pussy. I caught some of them on my tongue.

My movement caused the black man to look down and at me. When he saw me licking my lips, he pushed his still swollen cock into my mouth. I greedily sucked his cock clean before he walked away. I savored the juices.

Wanting more, I cranked my neck up so I could suck-up the thick globs of his cum that dribbled from her hanging labia lips. I kept eating his sweet salty cum mixed with her sweet pussy juice, until I saw her abdomen tremor, again.

I had completely forgotten about the second black man, until I felt his knee come to rest on the couch. I immediately looked up. He was stroking a massive cock. It was super thick and, although hard, it was pointing towards the carpet. I thought, ‘how can a woman accommodate this monster into her belly!’

The second black man began to rub his bulbous cockhead up and down her slit, just inches away from my face. When he was ready, I saw for the second time a huge cock head spread her pussy lips to gain entry.

Any remaining cum juice form the first black man squeezed out as the second black man pushed his cock inside her. Apparently, this close-up was too much for me. I felt my cock begin to swell. The wife noticed, too, and sucked it into her mouth quickly, swallowing it to the base. I raised my hips to assist as much as possible. I knew I was going to cum. I closed my eyes and saw stars as my sperm jetted out.

After I had shot a couple of loads down her throat, she pulled her mouth back on my cock and jacked me. She made sure my second orgasm was complete.

Meanwhile, the second black man couldn’t keep his cock in her. It kept slipping out and pushing to the side of her inner thigh. I guess the wife and I were being too rowdy. Anyway, she reached around, grabbed my hand, and placed it on his cock, so that l could guide it into her pussy.

I was amazed at how large it felt in my hand. I held five inches of hard cock after I just slid four inches of it into her pussy!

Despite her pussy being stretched to the max, the wife started fucking him like crazy – back and forth and up and down. When her pussy tired, she ground her pelvis into him. Her haunches were very strong.

When she finally stopped grinding, the black man really started to fuck her. His fat cock became a blur in and out of her pussy. He was not going to last long, either.

In no time, his balls began to flex repeatedly as they emptied into the wife’s pussy. It seemed to take him a couple of minutes before he finally stopped thrusting.

Her pussy must have awash with sperm. When he pulled his huge black cock out, I heard a loud, wet suction sound. I looked up to see his fresh cum bubbling and trickling out of her pussy. Lustfully, I drove my tongue into her pussy, licking and sucking the sperm out of it.

My face was now completely wet with black sperm and white pussy juice as I untangled myself from underneath her. I walked up to her and we kissed. We tasted each other’s smeared faces.

The husband wanted to fuck her ass, but she declined his advances and got dressed. The show was over. I left before the couple did. The white pony was something else.

Preface to our story.

Thank you to all who have given such great feed back to my newest series New Beginnings. Your emails were especially nice. I have a backlog of stories in my docs and submitted my afternoon with Sara, Part 3, before really finishing Part 2. Call it a sixties burnout that tried to drag then through the nineties, adult ADD, sexual nirvana whatever, I am back to finish my first experience with Steve and Sara set up by Ben. I hadn’t even though where they story was going to go, but wanted to get this to my nice supporters, so I stripped naked, got some lube, watched some porn and well, here it is. I hope it is as well received as the others.

I encourage you to read all in order with this as 2.1, but as they are really only my sexual fantasies/porn they probably stand alone.


Back in Ben’s loft we left our friends about to return the pleasure I had given to Ben, Sara and Steve. They were in a huddle deciding who was going to do what. The great part was all three were going to give it to me.

Sara turned to me and asked me: “Favorite part, cock, mouth or ass?” Without thinking I quickly replied: “All three!”

“Enough of this planning and rules lets just return to Johnny some of the pleasure he gave us.” Says Sara.

“John, get comfortable on the bed on your stomach.” Directs Ben.

Excited to get going I reach the bed in a few steps. During the time lapse after pleasuring my new friends my cock had lost most of its tumescence.

It was early evening now and the only light was coming through Ben’s wall of windows so he went around the loft lighting some of the many candles located around the bed, shortly the place was filled with the subtle scent of the candles and their glow.

As I lay on the corner of the bed I saw Steve at my head, Sara at my side and Ben between my legs. They all started touching, stroking or caressing me, each in their own way. The varying intensity, length of caress and general difference between the three was very stimulating. Their touches while extremely arousing were more sensual that sexual.

At my head I could feel Steve very close, so close I felt him lift his soft cock to rest on the top of my head, that fucking beautiful cock was huge soft. Previously in my cock fantasies, the cock was always of average size, nothing extreme. Almost always uncut but about my size. I understood women or maybe even men being “size queens” but didn’t think that would interest me.

Well my first cock was an uncut beauty of larger than average and within days had sucked a huge cut one and loved both. Still a little hung up on having the smallest cock in the room, I felt reassured knowing I had given quality pleasure to three people within minutes of each other. And now they were about to return that pleasure.

Back to their attention. Ben was working my legs up to my butt and Sara was doing my back down to my butt. Steve was concentrating on my shoulders and arms. I have had a few massages, most with some form of happy ending but this was well beyond that.

I was thinking that it would be nice if all of us were covered in oil and able to roll around together. I would have to suggest that to the group later.

As I was on the corner of the bed their movement was a little limited but it hardly mattered. Sara was kneeling on the bed itself and Steve at one end and Ben on the side. Being a wanton slut I had to have more and started exploring with my hands. I was touching anyone within reach. Noticing this they all made it easier for me.

Sara sat on my hand and I loved feeling her hot, wet pussy running my fingers through her hair down to her clit, lips and slick opening. Ben placed his semi hard cock in my other hand so I could explore it and his balls.

Ben and Sara were now concentrating on my ass. Squeezing and spreading my cheeks, caressing my balls and running fingers through my ass crack and teasing my anus. This is a new erogenous area for me, long overlooked by previous lovers and knowing this Ben had extra incentive and Sara joining in really heightened my pleasure. Somehow Steve sensed my oral fixation and turning my head presented his cock to me. Still only semi hard I welcomed it into my mouth, sucking and licking the crown.

For years I have felt that my primary sex organ was my mouth, preferring to eat a pussy that fuck one. Now that I have sucked cock and can freely lick an anus I firmly believe this.

I was now moaning with some frequency and grinding my crotch into the bed. Seeing this Sara suggest it is time to roll me over. Eagerly doing this I roll right over. Before I am settled, Steve cradling my head guides me farther up the bed so I am at the edge making it easier for him to present his cock to my mouth.

Someone, Sara I think, takes my cock into their mouth down to the base and a hand continues to caress my balls, pulling them down stretching my sack.

Ben takes my ankles in his hands and lifts them to his shoulders and shifts from my balls to my anus. Wetting his fingers Ben starts pleasuring my anus. First circling it then gently penetrating bit with a finger tip. Then I feel his hot breath on my anus and finally his hot tongue. He is slathering spit all over my anus and relaxing I can feel him pushing it into me.

Sara now sees my balls unattended and adds them to her work. Sensing her pussy is out of reach she shifts so it once again falls onto my hand.

Steve’s’ cock is very hard now making it awkward for me to get a mouthful. Knowing I can’t get half of it into my mouth at best, I still want as much as I can get. Steve shifts to the side of the bed so I can turn my head and suck more of him in and he guides his big nut sack to my hand. Slowly but firmly Steve fucks my mouth ever aware of my depth limitations.

At the other end Ben lowers my leg nearest Sara to the bed, but holding the other up high rolls me to my side enough to drop down to rim me. This is some new level of heaven. A cock in my mouth, a mouth on my cock and a tongue in my ass. Working separately they sense my heightened level of pleasure and working together start bringing me to climax.

Speeding up his face fucking Steve asks: “How close are you and where do you want my cum?”

Moving just enough to speak I tell everyone I am very close and want Steve to cum right where he is.

Ben now has his lips surround and press hard to my anus and makes love to it with his tongue. Steve is giving me all I can handle and Sara is sucking me madly and I have spit running down my balls so copiously that Ben must be sucking it in.

Powerfully I feel it start in my anus, it is like a bolt of lightening and moves through my balls and up my cock into Sara’s’ mouth. Seeing this Steve with his great control lets loose shot after shot of hot cum into my mouth and down my throat. I can’t match Steve’s’ explosive gift but know I am giving Sara all I have. It seems to last forever and time appears to stop. I am overwhelmed, my cock is shooting, I am sucking, my hands are full of juicy pussy and hot pulsing balls and ass is being treated as an equal part of the beast that is my newly and fully explored sexuality.

Sensing that I am completely fucked my lovers pull back. A cock slides from my mouth, mine from another hot mouth and my ass is given one last long wet lick.

Smiling Ben says: “Welcome to our group.”

Gemma waited nervously in the London hotel room. It had been her idea to meet up with Tia, her husband’s ex, but now she was having second thoughts. What if he regretted leaving Tia? What if he preferred fucking Tia to her? What if… But then her thoughts her interrupted by a knock on the door. Her husband wasn’t due back for a while, it must be Tia!

Gemma waited nervously in the London hotel room. It had been her idea to meet up with Tia, her husband’s ex, but now she was having second thoughts. What if he regretted leaving Tia? What if he preferred fucking Tia to her? What if… But then her thoughts her interrupted by a knock on the door. Her husband wasn’t due back for a while, it must be Tia!

Gemma looked at herself in the mirror briefly, wondering how she’d measure up. She hoped she looked young for her age, perhaps could pass for forty, with a clear complexion and not too many lines in her face. She liked her boobs, full without being too big, and still firm, but frowned when her gaze dropped to her tummy, which she thought too prominent, and she thought her bum was too big, however many times her husband had told her it was just right, and very spankable… She hoped her blouse and skirt looked right, stylish but still suiting her age, she didn’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.

She opened the door, and in walked Tia.

“You must be Gemma! I’ve heard so much about you!” she said, and opened her arms to hug her. Gemma hesitated but then responded, and Tia kissed her, first on the cheek and then full on the mouth.

Then Tia released her hold and stood back, the two women looked each other up and down, comparing themselves to their rival.

Tia’s auburn hair looked expensively styled, and high-lighted. She was well-tanned, presumably from frequent foreign holidays rather than a tanning salon, but Gemma thought her skin looked sun-damaged and a bit wrinkled, compared to her own pale ‘English rose’ complexion, but that may have been jealousy. Tia was slender, with no bust to speak of, and her legs looked good, Gemma had to admit, although she thought she could see too much of them between Tia’s short leather skirt and high-heeled shoes, both of which would have looked better on a girl half Tia’s age.

“My husband will be here later” said Gemma, consciously emphasising the ‘My’.

“Why don’t we get to know each other a bit better now then?” replied Tia, and to show what she meant she bent forward and started unbuttoning Gemma’s blouse.

This took Gemma by surprise; although she’d been expecting to be naked with Tia, she thought it would only be for her husband’s benefit. Tia was keen though, and Gemma was open to a new experience, so she allowed Tia to continue, and take off the blouse, revealing Gemma’s bosom, clad in a white lacy bra.

The skirt came off next, quickly unzipped by Tia, and Gemma stood in front of her, in just her underwear.

“well, what are you waiting for?” asked Tia. “do I have to undress myself?”

Gemma shook her head and gingerly unbuttoned Tia’s blouse and soon Tia was reduced to her underwear too. Then Tia cupped Gemma’s heavy breasts in her hands, gave a sound of appreciation, reached behind to unhook Gemma’s bra and then gently removed it. She kissed each nipple softly and then stood straight, arms by her side, and allowed Gemma to return the favour.

Tia stood in front of her, both of them naked except for their knickers.

“Wow!” Tia purred, “your boobs are magnificent. No wonder he’s happy with you, he always was a tit man. My little bee-stings could never satisfy him.”

“You don’t think they’re too saggy?’ Gemma asked. “They’re not pert like yours, and your nipples are so firm and perky.”

“Oh no”, said Tia, “you can suck nipples, but you can do so much more with tits like yours, squeeze them, knead them… Here, like this!”

And with that Tia’s mouth fell hungrily on Gemma’s right breast, taking a big mouthful around the nipple, while Tia’s hands grabbed eagerly at her breasts, each hand firmly grasping a handful of Gemma’s soft tit-flesh.

Briefly taken aback by the attention of another woman, Gemma quickly realised how enjoyable it was and put her hands behind Tia’s head, pulling Tia towards her. Together they slid to the bed, Gemma on her back and Tia on top of her, each hand firmly squashing, kneading and massaging a breast.

Tia put her head between Gemma’s breasts and licked, exciting Gemma even more, and then gradually moved down Gemma’s body, licking as she went, her tongue circling Gemma’s navel on the way. Next her tongue found first Gemma’s thick pubic bush, and then Tia started teasing out Gemma’s clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Once she’d explored it she started lapping forcefully, responding to Gemma’s excitement. Soon Gemma’s whole body was shaking and she grabbed Tia’s hair hard, pushing her head down on her cunt as she orgasmed, as quickly and as vigorously as she ever had with her husband – and he was no mean pussy-licker. Then Gemma released her grip on Tia’s hair and collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

Tia gave her a moment to get her breath back and then asked hesitantly “Since I’ve been so nice to you, would you mind licking my pussy?”

Gemma wanted to return the favour but she couldn’t bring herself to lick a cunt for the first time so she shook her head but said “I could finger you though”, thinking that it must be as easy as masturbating herself.

Tia gave a resigned sigh and laid down alongside Gemma, who ran her hand up Tia’s thigh, gliding over her waxed skin and quickly found her neatly-trimmed bush. She began slowly exploring Tia’s cunt with her middle finger, curling her finger to probe inside and gently rubbing her palm against Tia’s clitoral hood. Tia was getting slowly aroused but too slowly for her liking so she put her hand on Gemma’s and pushed it down hard and quick, forcing Gemma to respond and as Tia got the stimulation she needed and Gemma quickened her pace, their bodies moved in harmony and Tia trembled as she came. Not as big as Gemma’s orgasm but then that was the first time Gemma had made a woman cum, while Tia was much more experience. Tia leant towards Gemma and gave a long French kiss, tongue (still sticky with Gemma’s own juices) pushing into Gemma’s mouth and then murmured ‘Thank you’ as they both fell back on the bed and awaited Gemma’s husband.

* * *

Gemma’s husband opened the door with his key-card and entered the room.

“Hi darling!” said Tia and Gemma, simultaneously. They both rushed to greet him. Tia got there first and kissed him deeply. He responded but then pulled away to kiss his wife. Tia then unbuckled his belt and started pulling down his trousers so Gemma sank to her knees to join in, and then took his cock in her mouth, keeping Tia away from it. Thwarted in her first goal, Tia then kissed him deeply and removed his shirt, rubbing her small breasts and erect nipples against his bare chest, ‘accidentally’ kicking Gemma as she did so.

“you must be tired after a long day.” said Tia. ” why don’t you lie down on the bed and let us look after you?”

This seemed like a good idea to him so he did so, and once he was laying on his back, then Gemma and Tia straddled him, facing each other, Gemma over his cock and Tia over his face.

Gemma started rubbing herself against him, distracted by the attention of Tia who was kissing her and fondling her breasts. He was licking Tia’s cunt, to her obvious satisfaction, and Gemma put her hands on Tia’s buttocks, trying to lift her away from him. This only made Tia squeeze Gemma’s breasts in return.

Gemma was relieved when Tia got up And moved away from her husband’s tongue. She concentrated on rubbing her cunt against her husband’s cock and forgot about her rival.

“Am I being naughty enough for you, darling? Rubbing my pussy against your cock, using you?” she asked.

“She is being naughty!” Replied Tia, who was now behind Gemma’s bottom, which she spanked a couple of times on each cheek.

Gemma could feel Tia’s fingers caress her bum, then move between her cheeks and start circling her asshole.

“She’s being very naughty, I think you should punish her ass”, Tia said, and with that she pushed her middle finger into Gemma’s anus. She thrust it in and out a couple of times before adding her index finger, all the while Gemma’s husband was spanking her, and Gemma was getting very aroused.

“I think you should… Fuck her ass!” continued Tia. Gemma didn’t know what to think, she’d never had anal sex, but wanted to please her husband, and was open to the new experience.

Tia pushed Gemma off her husband, so she was laying on her back, her legs open wide. Then Tia pushed Gemma’s legs back so that her ass was exposed, ready for her husband’s cock. He knelt between her legs and pushed his cock slowly into her ass, guided by Tia. Gemma found this painful at first but soon her arousal more than made up for this, as her husband fucked her ass, while Tia’s fingers explored her cunt. Then Tia started playing with her clitoris and Gemma could feel an orgasm building inside her, and she climaxed as Tia roughly rubbed her pubic mound.

Her husband hadn’t come yet and he withdrew from her ass. He was going to start fucking Gemma’s cunt when Tia stopped him, and encouraged Gemma to turn over, and get on her knees. Then Tia guided his cock into Gemma’s cunt, and he started fucking her, doggy-style.

Tia knelt over Gemma, her cunt over the back of Gemma’s head and her breasts against Gemma’s back, as she watched his cock going in and out of Gemma’s cunt. She pushed Gemma’s head down against the bed and put her hands on Gemma’s pendulous tits, and squeezed hard, asserting her power over her. When Tia could see that he was getting close to coming she moved off of Gemma and laid back on the bed, her legs open wide and her cunt in front of Gemma’s face.

“She wouldn’t lick my cunt earlier” complained Tia. “make her do it now, please!”.

Gemma’s husband grabbed her hair and pushed her head down towards Tia’s cunt. With her husband’s encouragement she lost her earlier reluctance and started lapping at Tia’s wet and welcoming pussy. She tried to do the things she liked her husband doing to her, first exploring inside and then concentrating on arousing Tia’s clitoris. Tia grabbed Gemma by the hair and pushed her head down, as she started to come. At the same time Gemma felt her husband come inside her, and she felt in control, making them both come, at the same time as being dominated by them.

All utterly exhausted by their exertions, they collapsed together in bed, Gemma’s husband in-between the two women.

* * *

Gemma’s husband had had to return home the next day – work had called – but he suggested that Gemma stay up there – perhaps Tia could show her around, help her with research for her novel, as Gemma was writing about crime in South London. Tia had readily agreed, as she had contacts from her work as a journalist. She just had to pop into the office first and arranged to meet Gemma at Canary Wharf.

“I know just the man you need to see!” said Tia when Gemma had explained what she was writing about.

“You want to talk to my friend Dave, they call him ‘the yellow pages of the underworld’. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him. I happen to know he’s around today, so let’s go and see him’.

They get the Docklands Light Railway to Woolwich, and then take a brisk walk to Dave’s house. Gemma is glad that Tia knows the way as she thought she’d never find her way back again on her own.

Gemma barely has time to take in the exterior of the house as Tia buzzes the intercom and the door swings open. Tia ushers her through and closes it quickly behind them. It was obviously the morning after a big party, with a marquee, or maybe more accurately a beer-tent, set up, and a lot of rubbish left behind.

“He said for us to meet him at the bottom of the garden”, Tia said, and although this sounded strange, Gemma followed her down the garden path, past the giant inflatable paddling pools, through the discarded beer cans, clothes, condoms and other post-party debris, to the building at the bottom of Dave’s garden. Gemma wondered what was in the building – it was too far from the road to be a garage and too substantial to be a shed.

Tia got a key out of her purse and unlocked the door to the building, pushed the door open and ushered Gemma indoors, saying with a smirk ‘Welcome to the dungeon’.

Gemma thought this was another of Tia’s silly jokes and wondered what it really was as she went on ahead of Tia into the darkened room – Tia hadn’t yet switched the light on.

When she did, Gemma realised it wasn’t a joke and, after blinking in the light, her eyes opened wide as she took in what she could see.

The walls were dark red, two were decorated with erotic murals.

A third wall was mirrored, as was the ceiling, and on the remaining wall was a variety of ‘torture’ equipment, the like of which Gemma hadn’t seen before. The Centrepiece was an X-shaped cross, with padded red leather manacles at each tip clearly designed for restraining wrists and ankles. There were racks with various whips, paddles, bats, pairs of handcuffs and god-knows-what on them. Elsewhere in the room there was a double bed, with elaborate wrought-iron bedstead, a stock, again padded with red leather, a padded bench, about 6′ long, and a much shorter bench with manacles on the legs.

There was also a big wooden box, full of clothes and other items, all seemingly made from black leather and shiny metal rings.

Tia walked up to the box, saying “there’s something in here that will be just right for you! Get your clothes off now and I’ll help you into it.”

Not quite knowing why she was being so submissive, Gemma took off her clothes without a murmur, piling them neatly on the long bench as she took them off. She stood, naked and a little self-conscious, as Tia found what she was looking for. She stood up, turned round and offered a garment to Gemma, not that Gemma thought she had any choice about accepting it.

Gemma looked at the leather corset that Tia had given her – a zip at the front, and laced-up at the back. Cut-away under the breasts, and with two straps each side that circled the breast, joined above it with a metal ring and went over the shoulder and clipped to the back. Cut-away at the bottom of the back, fully exposing the buttocks.

Gemma slipped the corset around her and tried the zip, the fit was tight but bearable and Gemma zipped the corset up. Once it was on, she liked the way it thrust her boobs out in front of her.

While she was putting the corset on, Tia had continued rummaging in the box and she found a couple of things for Gemma.

Firstly a leather collar with a metal ring at the front and a strap at the back, which Tia fitted for Gemma, standing behind her.

“Open your mouth” ordered Tia and Gemma complied, not knowing what to expect next. She certainly didn’t expect Tia to push a rubber ball gag into her mouth and pull back the straps attached to it, buckling it securely behind Gemma’s head.

“There, why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror?” asked Tia, pulling Gemma by the arm to a convenient spot by the mirrored wall.

“You look just like a proper slave now!”

Gemma could only nod in agreement as she gazed at her reflection: the corset revealing and enhancing her boobs, the nakedness of her cunt and buttocks, the collar making her easy to restrain, the ball gag keeping her mutely submissive, and all the black leather contrasting with her pale skin.

While Gemma was admiring herself in the mirror, Tia slipped off her jacket and skirt, revealing red, lacy lingerie. She kept on her boots and looked every inch a slave-mistress.

“Now, why don’t we try out some of the equipment?” asked Tia. “Perhaps you should try out that cross for size” she added, her tone not suggesting that Gemma had any choice in the matter.

Gemma stood against the cross, spreading her legs wide and raising her arms up to meet the corners of the cross. It was uncomfortable but strangely thrilling, and Gemma wished her husband was there to strap her in.

“You look great! We should try that later, but first I’d rather see you bent over this bench here” said Tia, pointing at the shorter of the benches.

So Gemma got down from the cross and went and laid on her stomach on the short bench. She put her arms down so that her wrists were in the manacles below, which pushed her breasts out in front of her, invitingly. Quick as a flash, Tia clicked the manacles onto Gemma’s wrists and then took one of the bars from the rack on the wall. She then fastened Gemma’s ankles to each end of the bar, spreading her legs wide and leaving her ass and cunt vulnerable and exposed.

Tia spanked Gemma hard twice, once on each buttock, and then, softer but more painful and humiliating, between her cheeks, leaving her fingers pressed against Gemma’s labia. Tia rubbed hard, letting her finger-tips brush Gemma’s clitoris as her thumb pushed against Gemma’s asshole.

Then Tia started exploring Gemma’s cunt with her fingers, rubbing to and fro across her labia before thrusting her fore and middle fingers deep into Gemma’s cunt. Tia thrust her fingers in and out, twisting and opening them, spreading Gemma’s cunt wide open.

While Gemma was getting used to this invasion, she felt Tia’s thumb against her anus again. Without warning it thrust into her ass at the same time as Tia’s fingers were deep inside her! Tia squeezed her thumb and fingers together, and a sharp, exquisite pain pulsed through Gemma’s most sensitive areas.

“There! You just love things in your ass, don’t you, you slut? Why don’t we stick a butt-plug in there now, just in case your husband wants to fuck your ass again. Or anyone else does for that matter.”

Gemma shook her head at the last sentence but if Tia noticed she didn’t say anything, as she briefly removed her hand from Gemma’s body. Shortly Gemma felt a hard cold presence against her anus and before age could get used to the idea, Tia pushed the butt-plug hard into Gemma’s ass.

Gemma shuddered in pain with the stimulation of all those sensitive nerve endings but soon wanted more, which she got when Tia waggled the protruding end of the plug.

Satisfied that it was secure, Tia then continued her serious task of punishing Gemma and started spanking her hard, leaving an angry red handprint after each smack. More pain jolted through Gemma’s ass with each smack, but excitement and pleasure too, as she wished her husband spanked her this hard.

The rhythm of Tia’s spanks slowed and she complained “this is hurting my hand more than it’s hurting you, you cunt. I need some help!”

Gemma wondered what Tia meant but it soon became clear as the next stroke was heavier, more solid and more painful. Tia had obviously picked up one of the leather paddles that had been hanging on the wall. After several strokes of this Gemma found it more painful than pleasurable and it came as a relief when Tia was interrupted by the noise of the door being pushed wide open.

* * *

A big, bald man strode powerfully into the room. He wore a white suit and waistcoat, that Gemma thought had been well-tailored to flatter his figure. His cowboy boots looked expensive and immaculate too. While not a handsome man, he exuded charisma and Gemma thought this must be Dave, owner of the house, dungeon and in his own way, the whole ‘manor’.

“‘Ello darling!” says the man, walking towards Tia. He puts his hands on her shoulders and holds her in front of him, looking her up and down and leering. “you look gorgeous as ever, babe!”

Then he puts his arms round her in a big hug and kisses her. Gemma can’t take her eyes off them, drawn to the animal magnetism of the big man and she can tell Tia feels the same as she watches her thrust her tongue into his mouth.

When they run out of breath their lips part and Tia says “have you missed me, Dave? let me show you how much I’ve missed you and your big thick cock!”

with that she put her hand in his groin and expertly unzipped him and let his cock flop out.

From her close-up vantage point Gemma could see that Tia hadn’t exaggerated the size of his cock, swelling as Tia slowly wanked him.

Despite this distraction, Dave paid attention to Gemma for the first time, his eyes drawn to her milky-white tits.

“‘Oo’s your friend?” he asked. “good pair of knockers on her, whoever she is.”

“This is the bitch that stole my boyfriend! I’ve just been teaching her lesson she won’t forget.”

“So I see.” said Dave, noticing how red Gemma’s buttocks were. “looks like you’ve given her a damn good spanking.”

“She deserved it too! Want to have a closer look at my handiwork?”

Not waiting for an answer, Tia leads Dave behind Gemma. Holding his cock in her right she brushes the tip of it up and down against Gemma’s exposed cunt. Before Dave can get too excited she says “No, I want to make you cum myself, don’t waste it on this dirty cow!” Practically leading Dave by the cock she walks in front of Gemma. She uses Dave’s by now massive erection to slap Gemma across the eyes, sneering “take a good look at this, it’s more cock than you deserve!”. Meanwhile Dave reaches down and fondles Gemma’s tit, surprising her with the tenderness of his touch.

Then Tia kneels in front of Dave, first wanking him then taking his cock fully into her mouth and sucking him off, playing with his balls with one hand, all this happening no more than a foot or two from Gemma’s eyes. Gemma had never watched a blow-job before and couldn’t take her eyes off this one, and she could tell from her own experience that Tia was a skilful cock-sucker. Soon she could tell that Dave was ready to cum, as he grabbed Tia’s hair and pulled her head towards him, while her fingers moved back from his scrotum and started circling his anus.

Then the climax: As Dave released his grip on Tia’s hair and grunted loudly, signifying that he was about to cum, Tia pulled her head back and as Dave’s cock popped out of her mouth and started spraying his cum, she pointed it at Gemma’s face with her hand! Gemma barely had time to blink as the hot, sticky semen blasted over her face (she was impressed with the quantity and force of his ejaculation). She did close her eyes just in time but her eyelids were gummed-up with cum when she opened them again, so well had she been coated.

The torrent of Dave’s semen had practically stopped, he gave a long, contented sigh and Tia grabbed a handful of Gemma’s long blonde hair and used it to dry off Dave’s cock.

“There, bitch, that’s more than you deserve, you cum-bag!” Tia spat out at her.

“Now Dave, let’s go back to your bedroom and watch back the video of that, while you get your strength back and I’ll make better use of your next load of cum. We’ll leave this cow here and maybe let her out later, if no one else gets to her first.”.

With that, Tia zipped up Dave and they were off, leaving the door swinging behind them, so anyone could walk into the dungeon.

As the cum slowly dripped down Gemma’s face she pondered the thought of it all having been caught on tape…

* * *

“Dave? Are you in here?”

A tall, slender black woman walks through the doorway. She is wearing a black leather coat, leather trousers and calf length boots. Her hair is cropped short. She moves with a feline grace, but a hardness in her eyes puts Gemma more in mind of a hungry lioness than a friendly pussy cat. She looks round the room and her gaze alights on Gemma.

“Ooh, who are you? A present from my husband?” she purred. “he knows how much I love big white tits and a big white ass.”

“Here, let me take a good look at you”, she added as she strode powerfully towards Gemma.

“Hey!” she shouted as soon as she saw Gemma’s cum-splattered face.

“Dave wouldn’t leave me a soiled present like you. You must have been leading him astray, you dirty cow!” and with that she slapped Gemma across the face.

“Husband-stealers like you deserve serious punishment. Let me get comfortable while I give you what you deserve” she said, taking off her coat and revealing just another leather garment, a bra or a bikini, beneath it.

“You have got lovely tits though’, she added, ‘let me see them swing!”

She reached down and started slapping Gemma’s tits from side-to-side, gently at first then increasing in intensity which Gemma found stimulating rather than painful, so much so that she didn’t want the woman to stop as soon as she did.

“Now let’s have a look at these” the woman said, taking a firm grip on each of Gemma’s nipples and pulling them towards her, stretching Gemma’s tits away from her.

“Mmm, they’re good”, she purred, rolling each nipple between her thumbs and forefingers, squeezing them hard, sending sharp bursts of sensation through Gemma’s tits.

“I bet they’re really sensitive, and you’re loving this, however hard I squeeze?”

Gemma nodded mutely. She thought even if she hadn’t been gagged she couldn’t have brought herself to say that she loved it, but she couldn’t deny it.

“Submissive slut, ain’t you? You’re enjoying this as much as me, and you need to be properly punished!”

Having said that, the woman released Gemma’s nipples and as they bounced-back, she gave each one a sharp slap and walked around behind Gemma.

“Ooh, a butt plug!” she exclaimed when she saw what was protruding from Gemma’s asshole.

“Were you expecting Dave to fuck your ass later? Too bad! Your ass belongs to me now and I won’t let him. Who knows what else will happen while you’re tied up here though…”

A shiver went through Gemma as she contemplated what this meant, and the woman continued

“Now though, all you have to look forward to is getting fucked by me! Now, where’s my favourite strap-on?”

There was a pause and some rustling while the woman presumably looked through the same ‘toy box’ as Tia and Gemma had explored earlier, then:

“Ah, here it is! Maybe you should have a good look before I fuck you” and the woman walked in front of Gemma again, who could see that she had dispensed with her trousers and was sporting a large and incongruously-white strap-on cock.

“Big, isn’t it? I’m going to enjoy sticking this up your cunt, you white bitch!” and with that she disappeared again.

Gemma tried to crane her neck round to get some warning of what was going to happen next, but before she could, the woman grabbed a big handful of her hair and pulled her head back, and she felt the cold fake cock rubbing against her cunt lips and then suddenly it thrust hard into her cunt and setting off explosions in all the sensitive nerve endings as the plastic invader filled her cunt.

“Felt that, didn’t you? You fucking slut!” sneered the black woman as she felt Gemma’s body shudder underneath her. Then she began fucking Gemma hard, pushing as far as she could each time. Gemma felt like her cunt was on fire. With her free hand the woman slapped Gemma’s buttocks or occasionally the butt-plug – when she did this Gemma felt like every nerve in her body was tingling between her ass and her cunt.

After a while the thrusting became more ragged and Gemma could feel the woman’s body trembling against her as she came. Gemma was on the brink of orgasming too and just needed some clitoral stimulation to climax, but there was none, however much she wriggled trying to find something to rub her clitoris on. Eventually Gemma ran out of energy and slumped down onto the bench.

“Oh, poor cow, haven’t you come yet? Too bad! Here, let me help you get up.” said the woman as she clicked open the spreader bar and then released Gemma’s wrists from the manacles.

Gemma could barely move her arms, so long had she been kept constrained, and the black woman pulled her up so she was sitting on the bench. She looked at Gemma and said “you must be boiling in that corset. Why don’t you slip into something cooler?” as she pulled down the zip at the front and the corset fell off from Gemma’s ample curves.

“I’ve got just the thing for a fat slag like you!” and reaching into the box of toys she produced what looked like a collection of leather straps and metal rings. “Stand up and I’ll get it on you!”

Gemma stood, unable to resist the command of her powerful black mistress, and the woman started pulling the garment up her body. Two straps went between her legs, two more either side of her waist. More straps went up the body until four straps circled each breast, joining between her breasts in a big metal ring. The outfit was completed by more straps going over the shoulder.

“There, much better! now everyone will be able to see you properly!”

Gemma wondered who the ‘everyone’ was as the woman fished in the toy box again and produced another gag, much like the one Gemma already wore but with two chains, with clips on the end, attached each side of the mouth-piece. The woman went behind Gemma and undid the strap of the ball-gag. No sooner had she removed it, and Gemma had taken a deep breath, than she forced the new gag into Gemma’s mouth and did it up again. Then she came back in front of Gemma and showed what the chains were for as she clipped them to Gemma’s nipples.

Gemma shuddered with the sharp pain from her already over-stimulated nipples and the black woman laughed in her face.

“Don’t worry love, you’ll get used to it, you’ll be there a while! Don’t worry about getting too lonely though, I’ll send some friends down here to look after you later.”

With that, she spat in Gemma’s face and turned on her heel and left the dungeon, leaving Gemma tied-up and anxiously contemplating who the black woman’s friends would be.

* * *

Gemma could hear people coming down the garden path; one sounded like Tia, and a couple of deep, male voices. She couldn’t make out any words but it didn’t sound entirely amicable.

The voices got louder and then the party crashed into the room. Gemma could see that it was Tia, wearing just her lingerie, and flanked by two men, one a coloured guy with dreadlocks, about 6 foot tall and averagely built, the other a white guy of much the same height but much stockier build, which Gemma thought was more fat than muscle, no discernible neck, and as bald as Dave without any of his charm or presence.

The party was completed by a muscular black man, at least 6’6″ tall, wearing sunglasses and exuding an air of authority. All three men were wearing the cheap black suits and white shirts, the bouncers’ uniform.

The two other men stood each side of Tia, restraining her, while the black man addressed her.

“You stupid bitch! You’ve made my friend Jet very angry, that makes me angry too. How far you fuck her old man without her permission? Well, now you’ve got her permission to fuck us. Now, are you going to strip for us or do we have to tear the rest of your clothes off?”

“Since you asked so nicely…” replied Tia as she reached behind to unclip her bra and then pulled off her knickers, her two new companions releasing her arms to allow this.

“Must have been cold walking through the garden.” the black man remarked, noticing her erect nipples.

“No, just pleased to see you” countered Tia.

“Why don’t you show me how pleased?” he replied, taking off his jacket and unzipping his trousers.

Tia sank to her knees in front of him and put her mouth round the tip of his cock. It was so big that she knew she’d never fit it all in her mouth.

Her mouth round his knob, she moved her tongue slowly over the end, exciting him. She wanked the base of his shaft with one hand while feeling his balls with the other. She could feel him swelling in her mouth and thought she was doing a good job distracting him when suddenly he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

“Now, bitch! Don’t try to get round me! Are you sorry you stole Dave from Jet?”

“I’m sorry… Sorry I sucked Dave off before I got to you, big boy”

“Not good enough! Come on lads, let’s do as we’ve been told”

With that the other two men, who had got undressed while watching Tia suck off their leader, picked up Tia and manhandled her till she was laying face-down on the long bench.

The black man stood in front of her and pulled her head back sharply.

“Sorry yet?” he asked rhetorically, going on to say “let her have it, lads!”

At this the two other men started alternating hard slaps on her buttocks. Tia wiggled her bottom, which just made them spank her even harder. Then as the fat white man kept spanking her, a job he seemed to relish, the other one started feeling her cunt, rubbing around it, then slipping two fingers inside her.

Obviously satisfied with how she felt, he nodded to the boss and then, helped by the fat man, lifted Tia off the bench and put her down, on the gym mat that was nearby, cushioning her slightly when they dropped her.

The black man was in front of her again, and again her grabbed her hair, pulling her up so she was kneeling in the doggy position.

“You can suck my cock now!” he ordered, and she willingly complied, taking as much of his cock as possible into her mouth and working her tongue hungrily.

The black man winked at the dreadlocked guy, who knelt behind Tia and, steadying himself with a hand on her back, thrust his cock forward into her cunt.

“Time for a spit-roast, bitch!” and one fucked her hard from behind as the other fucked her mouth, pulling her head back and forth.

The fat man stood watching this for a few moments, then walked up to where Gemma was tied up, slowly wanking himself.

“Enjoying the show, darling? Don’t worry about missing out, it will be your turn later!”

Then, still masturbating with his left hand, he reached up with the other and cupped her left boob in the palm of his hand. Tenderly at first, and Gemma found herself turned on, against her will, by the welcome attention of a male. Then he squeezed her tit harder, Gemma would have gasped in pain if she hadn’t been gagged. He looked pleased at the result and Gemma began to think he was more than a little sadistic.

Then he stopped wanking himself and, placing both hands on her tits, released the nipple clamps. The relief was temporary as he then pinched each nipple hard, but then he grabbed a breast in each hand and pushed his body against her, squeezing her breasts beneath his grasp.

Gemma could feel his erection rubbing against her pubic mound and she wished it was someone else doing it, anyone other than this ugly fat sadist. she started wishing it was Dave before feeling guilty at the unfaithful thought.

Fortunately, before the fat man could get too excited there was a cry from behind of “Come on, mate, there’s room for you now!” and she looked across to the gym mat.

The black man was now laying on his back and Tia was astride him, her cunt full of his cock. She leant forward, sucking the other man’s cock, and her backside was raised invitingly.

The fat man went over and knelt behind Tia, spanking her hard on each buttock before licking his fingers and plunging his middle finger into Tia’s asshole. He left it there as Tia bounced up and down a couple of times before inserting his index finger as well. Then, satisfied that she was ready, he withdrew his hand and used it to guide his cock in, so its head was against her anus. He waited until Tia was pushing down onto the black man’s cock and pushed forward too and penetrated her ass. Even with a mouthful of cock Tia cried out with surprise.

Soon the two men found a rhythm as Tia’s cunt and asshole were alternately filled, and as Gemma watched she half wanted them to treat Tia more roughly, punishing her, but half wished it was she herself who was on the mat, full of cock and being used, needing to do nothing as the men wrought their sexual gratification from her.

Before too long the men’s thrusting became more urgent and Gemma could tell they were all ready to come. The fat man came first, withdrawing his cock and cumming over Tia’s ass, then the black man came too, first inside her then he too withdrew. Gemma was impressed to see his spunk fly upwards, spraying Tia’s ass and even her lower back, and pleased to see that some caught the fat man, who didn’t get out of the way in time. Finally the last man came, first holding Tia’s mouth closed around his cock and then releasing her, letting the rest spatter her face and hair.

Tia rolled off from on top of the black man and collapsed on her back on the gym mat, exhausted, literally shagged-out.

The three men got to their feet and stood over Tia.

“What a mess!” said the black man, looking down at the cum-splattered Tia. “We better hose her down!”

Gemma was confused, not having seen a hose, or even a tap, in the dungeon, but all was revealed when all three men pointed their cocks at Tia and started urinating over her, directing their piss over her cunt and tits, the fat man even spraying his towards her face.

Gemma wondered what the torrents of warm piss felt like on Tia’s body, and although she wouldn’t want a mouthful of piss she was excited by the thought of the warm fluid hitting her body.

Eventually the peeing dried up, Gemma thought they must have just been drinking quantities of beer judging by the volume produced, and the men turned their back on Tia and towards Gemma.

Gemma’s stomach churned with a mixture of excitement and fear. It was one think fantasising about being used by this gang of strong men, but the reality could be quite different, particularly when one was as nasty as the fat man seemed to be.

They walked up to her, the black man in the middle, practically blocking the light as he towered over her.

“Well, well” he said. “here’s Jet’s little present for us. She knew a skinny cow like her”, gesturing over his shoulder, “wouldn’t keep us satisfied.”

With that he bent down to give Gemma a long, lingering French kiss, his tongue pushing deep into her mouth, and she found hers responding.

His hands found her breasts and he cupped and caressed them.

Gemma was really turned on by this, and disappointed when he pulled away, saying “Jet said you were an unfaithful slut too! Time you got a good spanking!”

With that he reached up and released Gemma’s wrists, his hands were so big that he could grip both her wrists in one hand, which he did, while the other two men released her ankles and between them they carried her over to the long bench recently vacated by Tia and pushed her face-down on it. Gemma’s boobs hurt from being squashed but she suspected she’d soon be distracted from the pain.

Just as she was waiting to feel the first blow on her ass she heard Jet enter the room.

* * *

“Lads! I got here just in time. Dave’s told me everything, that poor cow was set-up by her friend.”

With that the three men released their grip on Gemma and the big black man gently helped her get up off the bench. The fat man looked particularly aggrieved, as if he’d been looking forward to having more fun with Gemma than he’d had with Tia.

Jet walked up to Gemma and said “Sorry my dear, it seems I owe you an apology. Let me take your gag off, and let’s see if I can make it up to you.”

She reached behind Gemma’s head and unbuckled the strap on the gag, then gently pulled it from Gemma’s mouth. Then she gave Gemma a long, slow kiss on the mouth, pushing her tongue in deeply, Gemma could feel the stud in Jet’s tongue, and couldn’t help responding.

After the kiss, Jet lead Gemma to the bed, saying “lie back on here, and I’ll try to make it up to you”

Gemma complied, and as she laid back against the pillow she opened her legs and found Jet lying between them, spreading Gemma’s cunt lips with her fingers while she started licking her cunt. Jet’s tongue flicked all round Gemma’s cunt before penetrating deep inside her, finding Gemma sopping wet and betraying how turned-on she was. Then Jet started teasing at Gemma’s clitoris, her tongue flicking it as it became proud, then running the tip of her tongue across and around it. This would have been enough to make Gemma cum anyway, but the added stimulation of feeling Jet’s stud excite her clitoris found her building up to what felt like the best and biggest orgasm she’d ever had, her hands On the back of Jet’s neck forcing her down, her whole body shaking.

Chrissie finally made the appointment, but after months of research she had decided she really wanted it more than anything. Just the thought made her tingle and make her panties moist. She had three more days to wait, the appointment was at 10pm. Chrissie closed her eyes and started masturbating under the covers, her fingers lightly touching her clit, she had a small orgasm enough to curb her appetite and she then fell asleep fingers still in her panties.

Keys, bag, phone….. She thought to herself and she stopped in front of the mirror giving herself a once over before she was out the door to catch the train to the city. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she started to wonder whether it was too late to back out, but then she thought about it again, she needed to do this she wanted to do this.

Chrissie entered the club it was dark and had that smoky musty smell about it. There were a few girls dancing around on the stripper poles as well as a few guys dancing on stage, then she noticed a couple on the main stage having sex. She was tied up and he was whipping her lightly taking orders from a few guys in the crowd. They were shouting to “fist her”, “make her suck my cock” and then the man put some nipple clamps on her, she couldn’t say anything Chrissie noticed they had her mouth gagged and her hands were tied down.

Chrissie headed to the bar and she mentioned her appointment and the bartender told her she needed to head upstairs. As she did he complimented her on having a get rack. Chrissie smiled her thanks at him and proceeded upstairs.

She saw a small desk and said to the woman sitting there “Hi I umm have an appointment for 10:00, my name is Misty” Chrissie didn’t want anyone knowing she was there so she used a fake name as most likely everyone else that came through the doors.

“Ok yes here you are, now when you booked it was 2-3 right?” the plump lady at the desk asked her

Chrissie nodded her head yes.

The woman pointed to the form Chrissie had to sign “the change rooms are over there, somebody will come to get you in a few minutes.” she told her.

Chrissie went to the room, she was shaking now because she knew it was too late to turn back. She took off her coat, underneath she was wearing a black leather corset that made her DD bust look even bigger. She also had crotch less panties on with fishnet stockings and what she called her come fuck me boots. They were thigh high stilettos that had a lace up the back. Not only were they very sexy they made her feel sexy. She was lost staring at herself in the mirror when the came the knock on her door and her heart sank “Misty?”

“Yes” she answered as she opened the door. Towering in front of her was this beast of a man. He was at least 6ft, super fit with a six pack and his arms were just as buff. He was a very nice hunk of man. He came in close to her; she could smell his thick musty and sweaty aroma.

“I’m Steve” he began and grabbed Chrissie’s hands putting handcuffs on her “I will be the one you listen to tonight, and we have understood what it is you wanted. Don’t worry you will be safe, if at any time you feel uncomfortable tell me you have had enough”

Chrissie nodded her head yes. Steve looked at her “pardon me, I didn’t hear you. When I speak to you, you answer me Yes Steve, or No Steve nothing more.” And he pushed her up against the wall.

“Yes Steve” Chrissie said looking in his eyes. He then grabbed her by the handcuffs and dragged her out of the room. Steve led her down a hallway that reminded her of a grubby hotel. That drab carpeting and out of date wallpaper with the one exception, there were people hanging around. Some were just milling around talking and drinking, others were kissing and fondling each other, there was a guy on his knees blowing another man. Steve even stopped her and had a little chat with others, showing her off like a piece of meat.

“Look what I get to play with tonight!” he said, and as he twirled Chrissie around a few hands started to swarm over her grabbing at her ass and tits.

“Have fun with that one” she heard somebody shout out as Steve started them down the hall again.

They stop at a room and Steve pushes her in and closes the door. He then leads her to the centre of the room. She was trying to look around but there was too much going on to take in. Steve had taken the handcuff and hooked Chrissie’s hands above her head.

Steve walked around her and pulled her breasts out of the corset freeing them, her nipples pointing out hard and erect. He grabbed one of them squeezing hard.

“You liked all those hands all over you didn’t you Misty? The feeling of somebody on your tits and another squeezing that ass of yours” and he came down and smacked Chrissie’s ass hard. She rocked back and forth a little hanging there and made a little noise.

“I said make no noise till I say you can” he held her face close to hers.

“Yes Steve” Chrissie replied biting her lip

Steve then started rubbing her warmth, Chrissie was already wet and was a little embarrassed by how wet she really was.

“Oh my” he whispers in her ear “you are soaked Misty, you little slut!” and that made Chrissie even more wet.

Steve was rubbing Chrissie making her even hotter and when Chrissie felt somebody from behind reach around and grab her tits giving her nipples a pinch.

“Misty this is my friend Will, he is going to be joining us tonight, I think you need two of us to take care of you.” he said sticking his finger deep in her.

“You have a great ass Misty” Will grunts as he smacks it. “Steve I think we ought to get her down and over there, I want to see how good she can suck.”

The two men grabbed her and carried her over to a table where they again had her hands above her head, but this time each one grabbed her leg and spread her wide open. They put her ankles in restraints, and then each one slowly worked their way up her legs till they were at her pussy. Chrissie was spread open, her pink folds exposed wanting to be touched and pleased. Both men started licking at her, one fingering her and both trying to lick her clit, Chrissie threw her head back closing her eyes as orgasmic waves rolled over her. She tried moving but couldn’t.

“Misty, suck Will’s cock” Steve boomed out, and Will went over to Chrissie grabbing her head and shoved himself in her mouth.

Chrissie hungrily accepted Wills member in her mouth, she loved sucking cock. Will held her head in place and was going at a nice pace while Steve continued to lick her snatch, making her squirt a little. Every time he sent her cumming she would suck on Will’s manhood even harder. The two men then switched. Steve got Chrissie sucking his balls and licking his throbbing rod, Will was at her pussy enjoying how easy it was to make her cum. Will then started licking her asshole; he then slowly pushed his finger in, with two fingers in her pussy and still sucking her clit. Steve was holding her head and fucking her mouth wildly, making her deep throat him and he got off on the sound of her gagging.

Chrissie wasn’t sure what was happening at all but she knew she loved it. She loved having these men pleasure her and use her like this. Steve then pulled his big, thick cock out of her mouth.

“I think she needs to be fucked now Will, I want at this sluts pussy” Steve orders, “Will get her sucking your cock again”

It seemed no sooner was it said , Chrissie had Steve’s rod diving deep in her and Will’s cock in her mouth at the same time. They continued pumping Chrissie making her cum again and making her deep throat them. They decided to let her up from the table, but the handcuffs stayed on.

Steve made her get on Will and ride him, while Steve watched stroking himself; every now and then he whipped her ass and ordered her to ride faster. He even got a toy and slowly slid it up her ass, while she bucked wildly on Will’s cock. Steve leaned in close to her ear pulling her hair “Misty you little slut, you want another cock? You want me to fuck your ass” as he wiggled the toy that was already in there “and Will’s cock in your pussy, I can get Mike to fill your mouth” Steve called Mike over who had stood to the side all this time and was already hard. His cock was thin and long, with a perfectly pink little mushroom head.

Chrissie blindly said “Yes Steve, I want Mike’s cock in my mouth” and with that she didn’t hesitate she started sucking Mike.

Steve stood back and watched Chrissie; she was a sight right now sucking cock, getting her pussy fucked with a toy in her ass. He then walked over took the toy out and poured some lube on her ass, working a finger in there before he spread her ass open and slowly pushed his tip in. She was so tight Steve thought. He slowly worked her open, and the three men started working Chrissie over. Will and Steve were thrusting together as Mike was holding fistfuls of her hair and Will was biting her nipples.

Chrissie couldn’t believe her dream was coming true; she wanted these three men filling all her holes at once. All three took turns with her, each one of them fucking her ass in turn. They had her in so many new positions; Chrissie had never come so much.

She was in a state of euphoria when Steve made her kneel before the three of them. They were all stroking themselves in a circle around her.

“Misty I want you to suck Will and swallow his cum” Steve ordered her

She did as she was told, and sucked Will’s dick as the other two would still pinch at her nipples or smack her ass, they even pushed her head onto Will’s cock more until he had released in her mouth, Steve made her do the same to Mike.

Steve saved his load for last, but told the other guys they could go, and they left without saying a word to Chrissie.

“You are quiet the little squirter Misty” Steve started “I wanted to try something with you” and he pulled her over to the corner.

Chrissie looked at the machine; it was a dildo on this mechanical “thing”. Steve turned it on and Chrissie saw what was about to happen, after the screw she just had she was unsure if she could handle this. But Steve never gave her an option, he put her on the table and tied her legs down and started the contraption on slow.

“Before we go on though Misty, is this ok?” Steve asked “This is not what you…..”

“Steve” she interrupted “Go ahead”

Steve started the machine going a little faster now, Chrissie lifted her head up and saw her pussy getting fucked by this thing, it felt good. Steve made it go slightly faster and he was rubbing her clit now, while stroking his still hard cock. Chrissie threw her head back as she started to feel that tingle start building, it didn’t take long till she had exploded and both the machine and Steve kept Chrissie squirting. The whole table was covered with Chrissies juices which were now dripping on to the floor. Steve couldn’t hold back any longer and shot stream after thick stream of hot cum all over Chrissie’s big tits. Chrissie was shaking as the machine slowed to a stop.

When Steve undid her from the table and she was free to move around, she just lay there. He then gave her a bottle of water and released her hands from the handcuffs and he helped her sit up.

“You ok?” Steve asked handing her a towel now.

Chrissie took it “Fuck yea, that was, great” was what she heard come out of her own mouth as she smiled and put on the robe Steve was holding out for her, she felt very spent.

They headed back to the change rooms, but another way this time. It was more discreet and quiet. They stopped and Steve showed her to a room.

“We put your bags here for you, and there is a shower if you want to clean up before you go.” Steve points to the door.

“Thank you Steve” Chrissie looked at him “You were great and so was Mike and Will.” all she could do was smile.

“Misty I have to say something,” Steve started “Your squirting is hot, and I know a few guys who pay the girls here a lot to do that kind of stuff.” He paused a second “I was just wondering have you thought about working in a place like this? You know we are clean and we have high safety standards you know that.”

Chrissie stood there in shock, she hadn’t thought about doing this kind of thing for money, could she though? Getting paid to have great orgasms?

“Sorry” Steve started “I didn’t mean to offend or anything like that it’s just”

“Steve its ok, I just never thought about something like that before. But I will have to decline at this time.” she winked at him. “I will keep it mind however if that is ok?”

“That is great Misty.” and he kissed her hand “I will leave you now, and it was a pleasure to service you tonight.” he winked.

Steve closed the door and Chrissie fell into the chair. She was exhausted, but she mustered up enough strength to take a quick shower, pay for her night and get her cab home. When she arrived home she went straight to bed thinking of the unique job offer that had presented itself which only made her pussy tingle again wanting more.

I was sitting at home alone, as usual. The kids are in bed, the husband is away at a ‘friends’ house, watching the football game, yeah right, what football games are on at 11 o’clock on a Friday night. Anyways, I don’t mind being by myself, see I have a little addiction. I love to surf the web late at night, reading erotic stories, entering discussion and blog forums, anonymously of course, but the excitement is very palpable for me.

Let me tell you a little about myself before I continue, see I think of myself as decent looking, I mean I work out, not obsessively but enough that my stomach is flat, thank god, no rolls here. I have measured myself for bras and such and I run at a 36 D, not overly large, and even though I breast fed two kids, my titties still look pretty good, my nipples are the pretty part of them, bright pink, and the areolas are the size of a coke cans bottom, and the nipples stand up when erect about an inch long. I love the way I catch guys looking at them on a cold day.

My waist measures in at 25 inches around, but my hips, they drive me crazy, I measured them at 48 inches around, and they are huge! I can never find pants that fit me properly; instead it forces me to wear skirts all the time. But men are always complimenting me on my ass, one time at the grocery store this big black guy followed me around for the entire time I was there, he kept whistling and smacking me on the butt. I was so turned on, but the hubby was at home with the kids so I had to rush. For the next week I played with myself non stop thinking about him, wondering if he had a big dick, if he would do all the dirty things my husband couldn’t accept. I mean hey, can a girl help if it she wants it in the ass all the time, my husband is always complaining like “come on honey, just let me cum in your pussy and go to sleep, I have to wake up in the morning.” It’s boring.

So back to that evening, I was home alone as usual, surfing the web, looking at pictures of thongs wondering if I should do my usual Friday night, and play with myself then go to sleep, when I heard a knock on the door. I had just gotten out of a nice long hot shower, that’s one benefit of waiting to shower until after the kids go to sleep, I can really enjoy my time, getting to do all the things that are hard for me during the week, like washing my hair and shaving my legs. I was fairly decently dressed, I had on a pair of cute orange boy shorts, a white muscle shirt, but still I threw on a robe before I answered the door, for decencies sake. Didn’t want to give the neighbors too much of a show.

I cracked open the door, peering into the darkness, it was 3 of my husbands best friends, the same ones he was supposed to be hanging with at that very moment. Instantly worried something had happened I pulled open the door wide.

“Derrick, guys what happened, please tell me John didn’t get arrested again?” My husband had already had two arrests that year; one was for a DUI the other for a drunk in public.

Derrick stepped forward, grabbing me by the bicep. “No Missy, nothing like that, we just stopped by, and well we have to talk to you.”

“Okay, come on in, do you want a drink, the kids are down for the night already.”

I lead them into the kitchen, pouring iced tea into my nicer cups, waiting for them to start talking. Everyone glanced at each other, trying to decide who would go first. That’s when Bruce stepped up.

“Look Missy, we all love you, you are great, a good wife, and damn, sexy as hell…” I felt myself blush, Bruce was very attractive, tall, and lean, and he boxed so his nose always looked slightly off centre from being broken so many times. “Missy, John is cheating on you, he has been for the past year, maybe longer, at first we didn’t want to say anything guy code and all, but…”

Tears started to form, “But what?”

Frankie stepped up, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, “But he is using us, and we don’t like it, we love you, all of us guys do, more then we even like John. We don’t want him hurting you any longer.”

I sniffled, leaning into Frankie, he wasn’t as big as Derrick and Bruce, only a couple of inches taller then me, but he was heavily muscled, my husband owned a gym, we all had free memberships. I had seen the guys there almost everyday since I married my husband five years ago.

I walked around the counter sitting on one of my barstools ungracefully, the robe split up the middle, but I didn’t even notice, I was deep in thought, thanking of my future, the kids, the house, I couldn’t loose everything just because my husband couldn’t keep his dick in his pants, but I couldn’t sit idly by while he ran around on me. Suddenly Derrick was in front of me kneeling, parting my legs. Bruce was behind me rubbing my shoulders. I gasped looking at both of them wildly.

“Guys what are you doing?”

“We are trying to make you feel better, Missy we can’t stand to see you hurting.”

I looked into Derricks eyes, heat was spreading through me, I loved these guys too, more then I did my husband, each one of them had been apart of my fantasies for a very long time. I slid my legs open further, sighing at the heat of Derricks hands on my thighs. I suddenly knew what I wanted more then anything.

“Alright, lets get a few things settled guys, 1. We don’t tell John, 2. This doesn’t go any further then the four of us, and 3.remember my kids are upstairs, be quiet respect my house.”

Each man agreed in unison, I off the barstool, stripping the robe off, loving the way their greedy eyes ate at me. I tried to be sexy as I strolled into the living room. Frankie was there first, he kissed me deeply, pulling at my shirt; I pulled back long enough to get the t over my head. Bruce’s hands snaked in between us, weighing my breasts, rubbing my nipples. I gasped when from behind Derrick stripped me of my panties, suddenly I was standing stark naked in front of three men.

“Alright boys, now it’s your turn.”

The men began stripping I was starting to feel drunk from the power I held over them, and the sensuality I was holding. I had never felt sexier. They all finally stripped down and I gasped in delighted surprise. Frankie’s cock was long, probably ten inches, and curved sharply to the left. Derricks cock was shorter, but had to be as fat as an eggplant, and almost as dark. But Bruce’s was by far the greatest, had to be a foot long, as thick as his fist, I started to drool thinking about how it would feel in my mouth, pussy, and ass.

I sank down to my knees holding my hands out, they all approached me, cocks already straining, I took two in my hands, and one in my mouth instantly loving the feeling. A hand roughly pulled my head down, making me choke, drool spilling over my chin.

“Yeah bitch take that dick, damn boys she sucks dick like a pro.”

“Give us a turn then boy, move.”

They switched, and I laughed in delight as another dick entered my mouth, this one tasted sweet, smelled like sweat and man. I sucked hard, and then suddenly I was pushed down on all fours. Someone sank down in front of me and I immediately gobbled his dick deep down my throat, I felt someone else slowly sink deep into my pussy. I groaned, the feeling of being seesawed between two dicks is indescribable, I was so wet cum was streaming down my legs.

“Bruce you just going to stand there and watch or you going to come get a piece of this luscious ass.”

I saw Bruce smile wickedly, “That’s exactly what I want, who’s going to get bottom?”

“I will!”

The cock disappeared from my mouth, and I was lifted up like I weighed nothing. I found myself looking down at Derrick as I impaled myself on his thick cock, Frankie pulled my head up sharply, dipping his cock deep into my throat, then I felt a massive head at my most tender entrance. I pulled back with a gasp.

“Bruce go easy, you are so big, and I’m not real experienced at this.”

“Shh girl, I got this, keep sucking that dick like a good girl.”

I did as he asked, sucking Frankie greedily. Bruce pushed himself in slowly the burn of my asshole spreading was intense, I cried out on Frankie’s dick and he laughed.

“Bruce man do that again, she’s humming on my dick.”

Bruce laughed, as he shoved himself deep inside my ass. I screamed, feeling like I was being ripped in half, everyone was still for a moment, then without another thought, all three men began pounding me hard, Frankie grabbed my hair, shoving his cock down my throat making me choke, Bruce held me up while he rammed my ass, allowing Derrick to swing his hips us and fuck my pussy hard. I screamed as I orgasm again and again.

Still reeling from the feeling of being stuffed so tight, I barely noticed as the three switched, this time Frankie was digging his skinny dick in my ass hole, Bruce was under me, shoving his super fat cock deep in my pussy, and Derrick was holding me by the jaw, fucking my mouth with fast deep strokes. Every couple of minutes the guys would switch, when suddenly and idea came to me. I had always wanted to try a DP but never had the guts to ask John, he would have said no anyways. I pulled away from the current dick in my mouth, looking up at Bruce.

“I want to try something, want to be naughty with me?”

“More naughty then this, hell yeah, damn girl you are something else.”

“Good, now I want 2 dicks in my ass at the same time.”

Bruce leaned back looking at me curiously, I felt my cheeks heating with embarrassment, then he grinned, “Boys you heard the woman, got to give the lady what she wants, but we are going to need to do some rearranging here.” Bruce laid down, motioning for me to come over to him, I crawled over to him, quickly impaling myself down on to his thick cock, then I felt a dick pushing into my entrance, I was stretched but I knew I could get more in me.

Frankie come up to my face, grinning widely, “Put some spit on it baby, get it real wet.”

I did as he asked, swallowing him deep, making sure I drooled all over him, till he was dripping wet, he pulled out of my mouth and approached me from the back, for a moment I could only feel the cock in my ass shifting a little then I began to feel another entering. My eyes went wide with the sensation, it hurt but also felt so good, I couldn’t think as another orgasm quickly came upon me. Bruce held my head down to his shoulder as I spasm, crying out at the fullness of the three dicks inside me at once. I knew I was changed forever at that point my husbands boring six inches would never satisfy me again.

Finally the guys announced they were going to cum, I begged to taste them all, each taking a turn at pumping my mouth full of their cum. Bruce was the most brutal forcing my head way back, and practically stabbing me deep in the esophagus with his overly large dick, I drank what felt like gallons of his cum.

Everyone stood around for a moment, breathing hard, all the guys were looking at me, I realized for direction. I began to slowly pull my robe around my sore and sweaty body.

“Okay, so that was fun.”

We all giggled nervously.

“Just remember guys, I am your best friends wife, and the mother of his two children, please let this stay between us.”

Bruce stepped forward hugging me to him, “Of course, but….could we do it again sometime.”

I threw my head back laughing hard, “How about next weekend?”

I was charmed by their quick yeses. It was close to 2 in the morning by the time everyone left, I was sore, but also felt a little devious; I knew my husband would be home soon. I didn’t drink or eat anything even though I was famished from the workout the guys had given me. I sat in the kitchen waiting for John to return home. Finally he stumbled in the door, drunk as usual, but I didn’t care. I rushed to him, pulling him into a deep embrace, kissing him hard on the mouth. He pulled away licking his lips, grimacing at the taste.

I grinned slyly, “So how where the boys tonight?”

He drunkenly mumbled something about Bruce picking up a chick at the bar, and all I could do was giggle and lead my very intoxicated husband to bed.

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Part 09

Cat and Mouse

I felt the metal of her claws dig into my chest as she used her ‘paws’ for leverage as she rode me in slow movement of her hips and legs. I looked down and saw the silhouette of her body and could see her drop down over and over again as she impaled her pussy on my iron hard flesh. Droplets of her sweat fell from her forehead as the heat of the suit and the exertion of her being on top combined to tax her.

“MMMMMMMMM feels so good,” she purred.

The mixture of her tight wet pussy and the vibrations coming from the toy in her ass were driving me crazy.

“Can’t hold on much longer,” I said through gritted teeth. “That toy of yours is almost too much,” I told her.

“Tell me about it, you should be on the receiving end of an anal vibrator,” she growled.

“You want me to take you from behind lover,” I asked and saw her eyes light up. “Good, get on your hands and knees and let me do all the work.”

She smiled and slowly rose up and moved to the foot of the bed. Her head was near the edge pressed down into the mattress while that lovely ass of hers was high in the air. I accepted her invitation and knelt behind her. I caressed her right ass cheek softly and felt her tremble beneath my touch.

“Do you like that,” I asked and she wiggled her ass at me. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I took cock in hand and slapped her ass cheek with the head and again she trembled but when I slid the tip up and down along her sex Cyan let out a long drawn out moan.

“You want this…” I growled and her only answer a whimper of need.

I slid just the tip between her pussy lips and heard her sudden intake of breath and I paused for a long minute before feeding her a single inch of length, pause then another inch and so on until I was completely inside of her. Her whimper now turned to a deep purr in her ample chest.

“Fuck me lover, take your pleasure from me please!” she begged.

I laid a hand on an ass cheek and began to rub and caress and I’m not sure if it was me, the vibrator or perhaps both that was the nudge she needed. Cyan cried out her voice echoing off the walls there were no words just a sound giving voice to the pleasure her body could no longer contain. I could feel her pussy spasm around me so I chose that moment to start slamming my hips into her and with a gasp and strangled groan one orgasm followed the other. As I thrust my hips and felt her tightness around me and the rhythmic vibrations from the toy I knew it wouldn’t be long before I followed suit and came and with that same intensity she had experienced. As she knelt there recovering I increased my pace and rammed my hips into her as hard as I could and once she had caught her breath she began to grunt each time I pierced her to her core.

“UNNN UNNNN UNNNNNN,” she moaned louder and louder now.

I loved the view that fucking her from behind provided but now I wanted to see her eyes, her hunger as I pounded her pussy. I stopped and pulled out of her. I walked to the foot of the bed with one of her ankles in my grip. I rolled her onto her back and yanked her so that her ass was right on the edge of the bed. She slipped a leg over each of my shoulders and I saw her half lidded eyes smoldering with lust.

“MMMMMMMMMMM fuck me lover… drive that fat cock into me…” she said dreamily.

I took my hard flesh in hand and eased the tip into her watching her sex open to me again. Then I rammed it into her as deep as it would go and saw her eyes roll up in her skull.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” she whimpered.

I began to move my hips slowly as I reached up and unzipped her suit and freed her tits. I leaned forward and cupped them both and began to tease and play with them and felt her body shiver as the simple caresses drew out profound pleasure from her. Cyan bit her lower lip and clenched her fists and I slowly made love to her now.

“Oh god baby…” she whispered, “…feels so damn good!”

I lightly pinched her nipples and as I felt the first inklings of my climax building I thrust just a little faster now. However when I pinched her nipples a little harder I felt Cyan’s ass lift off the bed just a bit. ‘HMMM’ I thought and the closer my climax got the harder I pinched and the harder I pinched the higher her ass lifted up. Soon I was slamming my cock into her pussy and her butt had cleared the bed and her back was arching now as my cock swelled and with a few last powerful thrusts of my hips my orgasm hit me with such force my knees nearly buckled. I didn’t realize I had screamed until my brain had moved through that wonderful fog of pleasure and the echoes of my cry finally registered. Panting and wheezing I fell atop the equally over stimulated Cyan Michaels who wrapped her legs around me and not so subtly removed the toy from between her ass cheeks. When we could talk again she rolled me onto my back and kissed me nearly starting another round of love making but her phone went off and she had to take an important business call.

“Saved by the cell,” I moaned and lay there listening to my heart pound in my chest.

Was the sex in my life getting better or was my choice in partners improving? I didn’t really care at the moment. I closed my eyes and basked in that freshly fucked after glow. I felt the weight of a curvaceous body settle on top of me and smiling I opened my eyes. But it wasn’t Cyan who was straddling me it was Lilith. In this current incarnation she was the succubus personified with her ruddy skin and eyes the color of molten gold. I looked down as she pressed her tits against my chest with their nipples and aureoles like polished brass. Purring in my ear she stretched out her bat-like wings until they nearly touched the bedroom’s walls. I felt her long snake-like tongue as it licked and teased my neck and earlobe.

“Master… that was fucking intense!” she whispered in my ear.

“As glad as I am to see you Lilith why are you here?”

“It has taken me a few days to compile that information for you and since I was finished I thought you might reward your loyal servant with an orgasm or two,” she purred.

“Wait, you can have orgasms?”

“Master,” she blinked a few times in surprise before smiling. “Of course I can. With all the data you provided in your home movies…”

“…you watched them all?”

“Some more than once, one like ten times it was so fucking hot!”

“Okay, so I still don’t get the orgasm thing.”

“When a man and woman really like each other the man sticks his…”


“Sheesh, I thought I could get a smile at least with that one.”

“Okay that was funny now would you please explain how YOU can have an orgasm?”

I felt her cool hand wrap around the shaft of my cock and slowly begin to jack me off.

“I could show you,” she growled but saw my look and stopped what she was doing. “Another time perhaps, when you recorded your little trysts with sis and dear old mom and others… you also recorded their blood pressure, heart rate and so on. My programming allows me to emulate all those bodily responses which as you know culminate in a mind blowing body shaking conclusion.”

“Wow,” I said.

“Wow indeed, I masturbated like a gazillion times waiting for you and her to finally finish.”

“You can masturbate? Oh yeah… Petra… the park… MMMMM,” I shivered at the end of that memory.

I looked up and Cyan was still on the phone and I saw her expression. She was going to have to leave on business. I guess I should have guessed. The more I thought about it I was amazed that she was able to stay as long as she had.

“Off you demon wench you,” I whispered to Lilith who smiled brilliantly revealing her curvaceous canines and flapping her wings rose into the air allowing me to rise and move towards the bathroom and the shower.

The hot water felt amazing after the afternoon I spent with Cyan and once I had cleaned off the funk and fluids from my body and my hair was washed I noticed Lilith watching intently. But to my surprise she just stood there her wings folded down over her back to form a cape-like structure. I could see her spiked tail swishing behind her but her distance and aloofness made me wonder.

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

“Nothing… okay daddy scolded me for being too familiar with you,” she pouted.

“When did this happen?”

“Just a little while ago while you were walking into the bathroom.”

“If you behave you can scritch my back,” I said smiling.

“I’ll behave… I promise,” she purred and I noticed her left hand was behind her back, fingers crossed no doubt.

“Alright come here you little minx you,” I said as she walked over emulating Petra’s sensuous walk perfectly.

She moved in front of me and pressed her body to mine and I felt her arms go around me and her wickedly sharp nails moved lightly down my back.

“MMMMMMMM how does that feel Master?” she said as she nibbled an ear lobe.


“I have a surprise for you later,” Lilith promised as her nails continued to work their evil magic upon me.

Despite my time with Cyan and more than one body shaking mind blowing orgasms I was hard… again! And I could feel Lilith’s hot wetness above my cock as she rubbed her slit along its length.

“Damn it,” Lilith cursed and was gone.

Cyan stepped into the bathroom 30 seconds later and smiled at my current situation but then frowned.

“I am so sorry Nikolas,” she licked her lips. “But I must leave at once for Antwerp for a business meeting.” She said as she shed the cat suit peeling it from her sweaty body. “MMMMMM perhaps a quickie before I go,” she said smiling her fangs gleaming in the bright illumination the bathroom provided.

“Well, you talked me into it.”

After a rather long quickie in the shower and road head in the back of the limo to the airport; I said my goodbyes to Cyan Michaels and watched her private jet taxi from the small airport and fly away into a scintillating sunset. By the time true night had fallen I was back aboard the Numenor and having dinner with mom, Kat and the ethereal Lilith.

“It’s kind of nice just the three of us again,” I said munching on an amazingly prepared steak.

“How did things go with Cyan,” Mom asked raising an eyebrow and just the hint of a smile curling her lip.

“Very well indeed, but she had to head off to Antwerp for business. Speaking of business about that position with the company I offered you?”

Petra graced me with one of her brilliant smiles.

“I have to apologize for not telling you in person that I had accepted it. I have been busy with damage control and now that the pest problem is under control we can proceed unhindered.”

“Are you two talking about sex or actual business?” Kat chimed in.

“Business sweetie,” Mom replied.

“Speaking of, we are going to Stockholm in a week or two,” I said and Kat lit up. “I got a strange email for a business opportunity there and if everyone is okay with that?”

“Shopping!” Kat squealed.

“It would be nice to visit Europe again,” Mom said in a kind of melancholy voice.

“Good it’s settled,” I said and returned my attention to my meal.

“Are you going to be training again tonight Nick?” Kat asked.

“You know I am,” I replied.

“I just wondered if it would be okay if I watched,” she asked.

“I would have to ask Akira if she would be comfortable about that but if she is cool with it

I don’t mind. Just no laughing or commentary from the sideline; it is a great honor and opportunity I have been given.”

“I would never disrespect you or her Nick,” Kat said her feelings hurt.

“I am sorry Kat, I over reacted.”

“It’s okay I know how important this is to you,” she said with a brave smile.

“I have an idea,” I said looking at mom. “I don’t need a secretary what with Surfer and all. But what I really do need is a personal liaison between Terry, William and me. Someone who could travel from site to site and get a hands on feel for how the plants are shaping up and get me reports on a regular basis. Of course as the business expands it will mean travel to Europe, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia. What do you say?”

“Nick,” Mom began to argue for the safety of her daughter but I shut her down with a look.

“I will be sending Sora with you as a personal bodyguard to keep you safe and sound.”

“Can I mom,” Kat asked looking intently at her mother.

“You are a grown adult Kat and I can’t protect you forever,” she said smiling. “The decision is yours; I don’t want to hold you back.”

“When do I start?” Kat asked.

I was walking down the hall to my room when I felt Petra’s hand on my shoulder and when I turned to look into her eyes the anger and fear there were overwhelming. But I turned and faced her wrath unflinching.

“Have you lost your fucking mind!” Petra nearly screamed. “That’s my daughter you are talking about!”

“And my sister,” I replied. “I care about her too.”

“Apparently not enough,” she spat followed by the open handed smack to the side of my face.

My composure flew out the window at that point and when I turned to look at her Petra knew that she had crossed a line.

“Give me your ring,” I said low and full of menace.

Petra pulled her hand to her bosom and shook her head.

“I said give me your ring woman,” there would be no argument and with head hung low she tugged it free and handed it over. “You need to learn a lesson in discipline, gentlemen.”

The three crew members I had recruited a few days earlier now appeared one holding either arm the third following.

“You have been a naughty girl Petra and you need to be punished. They are going to hand out that punishment.” I said never looking back at her.

I led the way to an unused cabin that had been prepared for this event it was just going to happen under different circumstances. When this was all over with I don’t know if she was going to check this off her bucket list or not. The foursome stood in the center of the room while I sat on a nearby chair and watched.

“Strip her,” I said handing Corwin an antique straight razor.

He unfolded the gleaming blade and with precise cuts her blouse and slacks fell to the floor in pieces. Then he tugged on the piece of material on her bra that connected the two cups and neatly sliced it. Her large firm tits fell out and exposed for all to see. Next her panties followed the bra to the floor and she stood in only her shoes.

“Loose the heels,” I said and Ulrich bent down and removed and tossed them into the corner. “Now slut on your fucking knees,” I ordered. Petra never looked up she just bent her knees and dropped to the floor. I nodded and the three men undressed and stood around her sporting erections of varying lengths and girth.

“Corwin you have the honors,” I said and he moved to stand in front of her and without the need to be told Petra opened her mouth and he slid his cock in and she began to lick and suck him off.

Meanwhile she reached out and began to stroke off the other two while I watched. Not surprisingly Lilith chose this moment to reappear and sit on the floor next to me watching intently.

“MMMMMM Master,” Lilith cooed, “remind me to piss you off sometime.”

“I have a task for you and it won’t take long. I want you to…”

“Master has an evil streak in him, MMMMMM I like I will be back momentarily,” Lilith said with a wicked grin and did her Cheshire cat disappearing act.

“Switch,” I called out and Ulrich took Corwin’s spot in front and Corwin moved behind Petra and eased his saliva slick cock into her pussy.

“UNNNNNNNNNNN,” she moaned as he slowly slid into her and began fucking her.

“Looks like you are enjoying yourself sweetie, a cock in your pussy, one down your throat and one in your hand,” I said grimly. I saw the look of confusion on her face and it was moments later that there came a knock on the door.

“Come in the doors unlocked,” I called out.

In walked Kat and Akira and the energy in the room changed instantly. Petra suddenly realized that this was a punishment as Kat was going to watch her fuck three men at once. Kat’s jaw dropped and she nearly let go of the small suitcase she was carrying. Akira smiled and closed the door behind her as she moved to stand by my side. Moments later Lilith reappeared kneeling on the floor on the other side of me.

“Kat be a good girl and set the suit case on the bed.” She did so still in mild shock at seeing her mother in so compromising a position. “Now have a seat on my lap.” Kat moved over and settled her firm ass right over my growing erection.

“You see Kat, Akira that woman over there slapped me in the hallway and that is something I can’t let slide. Switch!”

Corwin pulled out of her pussy and Ulrich moved behind Petra and RAMMED his cock into her and her yelp of surprise and pleasure filled the room just before the third man slid his dick into her open mouth. Corwin went to the suit case and opened it and perused its contents and held up handcuffs and a butt plug. I nodded my approval and with a nice metallic click Petra’s hands were handcuffed behind her back. Then lube was applied to the plug and handed to Ulrich who slowly worked it up and into her tight ass.

“So Kat what do you think of your mom now,” I asked.

“She shouldn’t have slapped you,” Kat said in a sensual voice.

“HMMMMM, are you envious of your mother Kat? Getting all that male attention? Are you thinking I wish that was me?”

“MMMMMMMMM yessss,” Kat purred in my ear.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM,” I nibbled her ear and looked at the helpless gaze that Petra was giving me. “Do you want a cock in your pussy Kat?”

“Oh yes please!”

“Do you want a cock down your throat?”

“OH Yes Please!”

“Do you want a cock buried deep in your tight… little… asshole?”


“MMMMMMMMM,” I moaned. “I don’t know Kat… can you show me how bad you want it?”

“Yes I can,” she growled. “Tell me what I can do to prove it to you.”

“Wow, so obedient and eager to serve arent’ you Kat,” I asked.

“MMMMMMMMM you better believe it.”

“Well, first off while your mom has her pussy and throat fucked why don’t you start by cleaning off your mom’s pussy juice from Corwin there.”

“Gladly,” she said dropping to her knees and motioning for Corwin to come to her.

Eager to feel the girl’s lips and tongue on him Corwin walked over and presented her with his ten inch erection which Kat began to lick and suck with complete abandon. I gestured for Akira to lean down and I whispered in her ear.

“What do you think Akira, could you or Sora teach her the ways of sexcraft?”

“MMMMMMM Master, you know I could but I believe Sora would want it more. She has grown quite fond of Kat.”

“I am sending Sora with Kat as her bodyguard; I am thinking while she is working for the company she could be learning some valuable ‘skills’ on her downtime. What is your thought on the matter?”

“Assigning bodyguards is not my purview Master that is the privilege of the Majestrix.

But for my opinion only, Sora is very skilled and a good teacher.”

“Excellent, give me your hand Akira.” I said making sure that Petra didn’t miss this action as I slid the Majestrix ring on Akira’s finger. “You are acting Majestrix, if Petra manages to find my good graces I ‘may’ ask for the ring back. But until then you have the full might and authority of that office. Your first task is to choose your finest soldier to protect my sister.”

“I believe Sora Kobayashi would make a fine choice Master for both her skills and her fondness for Kat,” Akira said.

“Make it so.”

Akira lowered her lips to my ring and then left without a glance back. Tears streamed down Petra’s face and I shook my head that I had been forced to this course of action.

“Is that cock clean yet Corwin,” I asked.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM goddamn but she can suck a dick and uh yeah it’s clean as a whistle.”

“Excellent,” I said standing and moving behind Kat. “Up,” I motioned for her to get to her feet.

Kat rose and she stood between Corwin and me. I reached around and grabbed her blouse from behind and yanked hard. Material tore and buttons flew and Corwin taking my hint unbuttoned Kat’s jean shorts and yanked them down and tossed them over in the corner with Petra’s shoes. I cupped Kat’s tits and teased her nipples while Corwin placed one of Kat’s legs over his shoulder as he began to eat her out.

“OH GOD,” Kat cried out as the strange man’s lips and tongue began to pleasure her already soaked sex. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeah baby lick me… yeah… yeah… yeah… that’s my clitty!”

I rubbed and lightly pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger and heard her growl of approval.

“Hey Corwin, hand me those nipple clamps from the suit case.”

I felt Kat stiffen as Corwin twisted and reached inside of found the length of chair with a small metallic clamp on either end. He handed it up to me and I opened the first clamp and carefully and slowly settled it into place.

“How’s that,” I asked and Kat growled her approval and so the second clamp was soon in place and Corwin noticed with a smile how much wetter Kat had become.

“She’s fucking soaked man,” Corwin said.

I reached down and between her legs and true to his words Kat’s pussy was literally dripping now. I slid two fingers into her pussy and began fingering her slit while Corwin returned to licking her clit.

“UNNNNNNN UNNNNNNN UNNNNNNNNN,” Kat moaned louder and louder.

When my fingers were slick enough I applied her pussy juices to her asshole and began working it in. Kat reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM how’s that,” she moaned.

“Better… you know what comes next,” I asked and she nodded vigorously. “Tell me.”

“You are going to ease those fingers into my ASS so that you can get it ready for your COCK!”

“Hehe,” Corwin grinned. “She got it one.” I eased my fingers into her ass and Kat threw back her head and came right then and there.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS… MMMMMMMMMMMMM I love it when you finger my ass!”

“Wait until my cock is buried in it,” I said grinning as I began thrusting my fingers into her tight nether region.

“UNNNN UNNNN UNNNNN oh god yes finger my pussy please!”

Corwin did as he was asked and Kat’s knees almost buckled under the pleasure.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck…” Kat panted now in anticipation of what was to come.

“She’s definitely ready on my end,” Corwin said smiling. “I am eager to get my dick wet with this one.”

“I think her ass is stretched out enough,” I said easing the fingers free and Corwin eager to start the fucking portion of the night did likewise.

I stood up and walked over to the chair and sat down. I patted my lap and Kat walked over and stood in front of me.

“Turn around, grab those ass cheeks again and slowly lower that tight young ass onto my cock.”

Without another word Kat did just that she turned around, bent over a bit and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart so I could easily see her ass and then began to lower it down onto my waiting erection. When the head of my cock touched her asshole she stopped and then slowly let gravity do the work. I watched as the puckered brown sphincter slowly opened for me and then with a ‘pop’ I slid inside. Kat was panting but was pleased at how easy it had entered this time. Now she bent her knees and with a long drawn out moan I was balls deep in her ass.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM it’s in…” she said softly.

“Now lean back and put your feet on my legs,” I told her and she did so easily. “Corwin it’s your turn… slide it on in.”

He walked up and slowly fed Kat all ten inches of his cock until she was filled from both ends now.

“Oh god it feels so fucking good,” Kat purred. “Fuck me Corwin… slowly but let me feel that monster.”

He moved his hips and as Kat was moved up and down my cock moved a bit inside of her as well. I reached for her hips and did a little lifting and dropping in time with Corwin’s thrusts enhancing my own pleasure. Kat was reveling in the sensations filling her body now. All the while Ulrich and his friend took turns with the forgotten Petra. Who looked enviously on as her daughter was being double teamed. I hadn’t given them the signal to take the plug out of her ass yet and this made her want it all the more. When Ulrich and his friend were changing places I motioned for Ulrich to come over and soon Kat’s moans of pleasure were muffled by his cock slick with her mom’s juices. We made a pretty amazing team. When Corwin blew his load onto Kat’s stomach Ulrich slid in right behind him and began fucking her with complete abandon. Kat’s orgasms seemed one to flow into the next and so on. When Ulrich shot his load he moved to stand on the opposite side as Corwin and Kat began taking turns sucking them both off as the third guy left Petra for a younger tighter pussy. I had to ask him his name when this was all over and done with I thought to myself. As I felt my climax getting close I reached up and around and found the chain to the nipple clamps. I gave it a gentle but regular amount of pull and I felt her body stiffen in response and did the guy in her pussy.

“Do that again, she squeezed me like crazy,” he said.

I gave the chain another pull and that was all for him he yanked out of her and after two or so strokes send a thick load of cum onto her tits and belly. Corwin never hesitated and took his place now that Kat had sucked him back into shape. This nice little cycle of cocks in her ass and pussy lasted a few hours until Kat and them wore out and begged off. The three men Corwin, Ulrich and Stan (I later learned) left weak in the knees and very satisfied. I poured Kat into the shower and washed all the sperm from her hair, face, tits, stomach and ass. Then I carried her to her down to her cabin and tucked her in with a kiss. Petra was still kneeling on the floor of the cabin when I returned. Her face was stained with tears and I saw in her eyes defeat and sorrow.

“If this were just about a slap between mother and son none of this would have happened.

But we are not just mother and son are we? No, we are more than that. You were supposed to be my confidant and anchor Petra. I was supposed to be able to trust you with critical life changing decisions. But you didn’t trust me to keep Kat safe and sound knowing how close we all are. You are still a part of that sisterhood and you will do what is required of you. But just not as Majestrix and what happens next I hate to do but I have discovered from my avatar that those three men were selected to serve on this ship by members of the Order who wish me harm. They want to lull us into a false sense of security but sadly they won’t live out the night.”

I turned to Lilith and nodded.

“Give the order,” I said and felt a part of me die.

Even as I removed the handcuffs Akira and Sora were doing their duty to defend their Master from harm both from without and within.

“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry,” I said. “Now get out of my sight and when I have calmed down we can speak again.”

The Untempered Truth

September slipped into October and as that month began to wane and Halloween approached I decided it was time to return to Arkham and take a break from the Numenor for a little while. So much had happened in the six weeks since the ‘incident’ and our little family was more or less back to normal. Kat had left the ship with a new friend, a new attitude and a new pair of Jesse’s patented contact lenses. It wasn’t until the pair meant for me was cleaned and inserted did I realize why he wanted me to be the only one wearing them. First of all they could ‘bond’ as well as ‘split’ in case of future software or hardware issues. Second, the extent of their abilities far outstripped my original pair. As far as optics were concerned these lenses allowed a much fuller visual range from the ultraviolet to the infrared and even was sensitive to gamma and x-ray radiation.

And as always Jesse was thinking outside the box and created an optical option for seeing sound from the ultra to infrasonic. The first time I tried it, it was like looking into a pool and seeing ripples spreading out from a dropped stone. Akira’s heartbeat was like watching a slow eddy moving through the air in a windmill sort of fashion. Each chamber of her heart sending out a little distortion that faded like a smoke ring from a wizard’s pipe. It was by sheer accident that during one of my nightly excursions exploring the Numenor and playing around with the contacts that I discovered a surprising benefit of seeing sound. It was a rainy night and so I was on the observation deck of the 500 foot long yacht and watching the sound of the falling rain when an especially cool pattern formed on the roof of the deck and I let out a whistle of appreciation. I was pleasantly surprised when my whistle for lack of a better term painted the interior roof illuminating its complex construction. Suddenly I was all over whistling and watching as the subtle geometry of the Numenor was revealed. There is so much the human eye misses or takes for granted. That night I learned a new appreciation for the beauty of the engineer’s art.

Petra and I had mended our fences and we had a long talk about Kat, safety and trust issues. We still hooked up from time to time but that level of intimacy seemed marred and fragile. A broken piece of pottery glued together but one good gust and it would crumble again into its myriad shards once more. That saddened me and she knew the cost of that single bitter moment when all she had to do was pull me into her embrace and ask me if everything would be okay and I would have told her unwaveringly and without hesitation yes.

Six hours or more of each and every night was spent either in the cabin that had been converted into a full sized gym or atop the helipad training with Akira Kusanagi. She was my teacher, my confidant and my friend. We both decided no matter how strong the attraction that while she was my instructor and I her student we could not have a physical relationship. I longed for the day when I could pass my final test! My martial training was progressing at a very acceptable pace as far as she was concerned. Some aspects of the training I excelled at and was well ahead of and others that I struggled with. My Ki training was well above the learning curve but the mirror training was going slower than she liked. So I decided to try something different while she was busy one day on business for the sisterhood. I called up Lilith and having her upload the training footage I had been gathering I let her play the part of Akira while I married the two lessons together. I would bring up my Ki and attempt to maintain it while Lilith guided me through one of the mirror exercises. Perhaps I could use my Ki to sense Lilith’s intentions and kill two birds with one stone.

“Are you ready Master,” Lilith said using Akira’s form, well if Akira was born without a single physical flaw. Damn that Morrigan template!

“Yes,” I said and closed my eyes.

I began channeling the Dragon Ki figuring it would work best with the slow build up it would progress as I moved through the exercise. With a nod I laid my hands on top of hers and wasn’t sure this would even work with an avatar but if it did I could show Akira and maybe earn some points for resourcefulness. I felt her hands begin to move but I wasn’t receiving any visions or whatever it was I was supposed to be sensing. Our hands lost contact and with a groan we started again and again. But after the fifth time I was growing weary by the effort required to maintain the Dragon for so long a period of time.

‘Don’t try and summon the Dragon Nick become the Dragon,’ came a voice neither male or female, nor young or old. ‘Let go Nick… let me in… trust me Nick just… this… once…’

There was a wall of fear, the fear of losing control of trusting something outside myself. But if I held onto the fear I would never know.

“Okay,” I muttered to no one and nothing. “I am letting go.”

It was like being picked up by a tornado and swung around, disorientated but then the voice came again.

‘Center yourself Nick, breath, find your center…’

I remembered the Dantian Point and brought it to mind and the sensation of movement ceased as if I had reached the eye of the storm.

“Lilith, try again,” I said. “Try to tell me what you are going to do.”

I could feel her hands beneath mine and then there came the faintest tug and when I followed it her hands were still there. It was like tracing a cobweb with a tree branch but I could finally feel something! We were crawling through the exercise but it was the farthest I had ever gone so far. I don’t know how long we moved like that but in the end the Dragon faded and the whirlwind and all of it were simply gone.

I awoke in my bed and there sitting on the edge was Akira and she was looking very cross at me.

“Do you have any idea the long term damage for maintaining the Dragon for so long?”

“I wanted to try something different,” I tried to explain.

“Tell me what this entailed,” she said patiently.

“Since my Ki work was progressing and the mirroring was not, I wanted to merge the two and try to sense intent thru the flow of Ki.”

She sat there silent and her face was unreadable and then she cracked a smile.

“I must say that is a very inventive solution, but instead of using your avatar I suggest we try it once you’ve recovered your strength. Thankfully there is no permanent damage Kouryou.”

“I will work hard to recover Sensei.” She shook her head and grinned.

“You will rest, not work on recovering. Meditate and relax and when you are ready we will continue your training,” she said as she rose and left.

I heard her soft footfalls as she walked into the room and then the scent of her perfume removed all doubt.

“Petra, I know how this looks,” I said as I opened my eyes.

“This is becoming a habit with you isn’t it? Pushing your limits playing all alpha male to impress the ladies; you can stop now I am impressed.” She said smiling.

I was still weak as a kitten but it was good to see her despite everything that had passed between us.

“How goes the business,” I asked and she shrugged.

“Kat is bopping back and forth between Dunwich and Arkham and from the emails she has sent me things should be ready a couple of weeks early. Never underestimate the desire of people who want to make a good first impression on the boss.”

“I never doubted her ability to do her job… I just didn’t want to see her become a prisoner on board this ship,” I said.

“I know Nick and I was dead wrong I just hope that someday you’ll forgive me. I am a mother and I over reacted.”

“Yes you are a mother and no you were protecting your daughter. I forgave you that day but I haven’t forgiven myself yet.”

“I don’t understand; what are you blaming yourself for?”

“Petra, I can’t restore your position as Majestrix… ever.”

“Oh thank god!”

I blinked a few times and realized what she had sacrificed for me.

“I am an idiot,” I said sitting up slowly. “You are the most wonderful woman I know.”

“I know, and if you offered me that position again today I would turn it down flat. I think your choice of Akira is a great fit. I only did it because at the time there was no one else who could. I wish her the best and I know she’ll shine and never falter in her commitment to you.”

“I plan on meeting dad in Europe for Christmas what do you think?

“That would be lovely Nick, so what should we get him to show him how much we miss him?”

“A waterbed, you and a case of champagne,” I suggested.

“You left out the chocolate, strawberries and whip cream…”

“So what do you want for Christmas,” I asked and she just smiled.

“You in one piece, Kat home safe and your father in one place for more than a few days,” she smiled with a distant look in her eyes.

“Then you shall have it,” I said not sure I could deliver all of it but I would give it my best.

Breakfast arrived just then delivered by an unfamiliar female face and I looked quizzically at Petra and she just grinned.

“My last official act as the big M was to juggle the crew roster around as you wanted. It just took a little while to pick out the best candidates. They are all loyal and not bad on the eyes to boot.”

“You make me out as a shallow, immature male,” I said.

“When it comes to women,” she left the rest unsaid as she turned and left me to my meal.

I attacked my stack of pancakes, sausage and eggs with gusto and emptied two carafe of orange juice. After a failed attempt to stand I decided I at least had the strength to check up on emails and act like I was running a company.

“Surfer, to me my herald,” I called out and there he was my gleaming mirror bright avatar.

‘Milord, it is good to see you conscious again,’ he said with a wry grin.

“So how far backed up are my emails?”

‘Not terribly Milord, ‘she’ has been handling your affairs while you slept.’

“She, who the hell is she?” I asked as Lilith made her presence known.

“Oh don’t be cross sweetie, I just answered a few emails and kept things humming. And speaking of humming,” she licked her lips.

“I thought I was the horny teenager here,” I said and was rewarded with two smiles. “Okay Lilith please be a good girl and display the emails you responded to and tell me what you’ve been doing.”

Lilith produced what appeared to be a remote control and pointed it at the empty air and pressed a button. Instantly there appeared the first email and I skimmed through it and once I had the gist I asked her to display the email she sent as a reply. The next hour was Surfer and Lilith vying for my attention and it was like two kids in desperate need of some parental one on one time.

“Now that the old business is caught up with is there anything that needs my undivided attention?”

“Actually yes,” the two said in perfect unison.

“Surfer, fill me in, Lilith I need you to do some digging for me on a project. I want a complete and thorough examination of the group called the Iron Rain. Mom wants a quiet Christmas and I intend on giving it to her. Dig up everything you can, every connection, every affiliation… I want it all.”

“Yes Master,” she said and did her disappearing act.

‘Show off,’ Surfer muttered.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say you were jealous.”

‘Sir is most observant; I have become an inadequate avatar for Milord.’

“Where the hell did that come from?”

‘Lilith possesses traits I cannot possibly match. She is more acquainted with you than I can ever be. She can scan vast quantities of documents with ease. She can touch you Milord and I am just a hollow ghost.’

“Surfer she may have some bells and whistles you do not have but I still rely heavily on you.”

‘Truly Milord,’ he asked smiling.

“Besides I need some male bonding from time to time and you are it.”

‘Sir is too kind, are you ready for the aberrations I have been monitoring Milord?’

“Oh I don’t like the sound of that,” I said grimacing.

‘I am not saying that these are bad things Sir just unexpected.’ He said gesturing and summoning a satellite view of Africa. ‘As Sir may be aware of, the continent shown here has had some severe droughts over the last decades.’ Twenty metallic dots appeared all around the coastal regions of the map. ‘These denote building sites for Numenor desalinization plants. Most are well on their way towards completion. Pipelines are also being built to take the processed water inland to much needed locations hardest hit by the droughts.’

“That’s great news Surfer,” I said smiling. “What’s so strange?”

‘The plants were paid for by known bank accounts belonging to the Silver Twilight lodge.’

“So the presentation that was conducted here was seen by at least one high standing member of the lodge?”

‘That would be my assessment. But there are other plants elsewhere being built.’ Dozens of dots appeared all over the globe and according to Surfer they were all in equal stages of construction. ‘This does not include the large scale power plants also under construction in many major population centers.’ Gold dots sprung up all over the map as well.

“How much money are we talking about Surfer?”

‘Tens of billions Sir and all being sent to Numenor Technology’s bank accounts,’ he said puzzled. ‘The level of organization and the amount of capital being spent is staggering.’

“The only person with that kind of clout is the Eternal Master. But why is he doing this? What kind of profit can he hope to make?”

‘He stands to make a considerable amount if you look at the restructuring of the power grids and the undercutting of existing power providers. People will flock to purchase their electricity from a plant that can provide it for easily a third of the cost.’

“Wow, it looks like our company is a huge success and when those desalinization plants come online think of the suffering they’ll relieve.”

‘That and the military security we are providing for them.’

“Say that again? What military security?”

‘The countries involved want to make sure the pipelines remain secure and only agreed to their construction if ‘we’ Numenor Technology provided adequate security measures.’

“But we don’t provide military grade security or hell any kind of security.”

‘Apparently we do,’ Surfer said and displayed over one hundred patents filed under Numenor Technology’s name that appeared to be military vehicles and weapons ranging from pistols to tanks.

“What the FUCK!” I tried to get to my feet and the floor rushed up and I was thankful for the thick plush carpeting.

Surfer alerted two of the new crew who helped me back into bed and then called for Akira. She arrived within minutes and saw the grim look on my face and stared at the hologram not understanding its significance.

“Master,” she asked eyes downcast.

“My friends and I created Numenor to be a peaceful benefit for the world. We saw that the silicon computer was going to become obsolete so we created the next generation to maintain the global economy. We solved the cost effectiveness of desalinization plants so that people everywhere could have clean fresh drinking water. And we found a cheap and clean way of providing power to millions of people. What we did not do was create a fucking war machine!” “Master I understand you are upset but…”

“No I am way passed upset at this point. Surfer I want you to take over the project I gave to Lilith okay?” I tried and failed to calm my breathing or heart rate but once I ranted and cursed for a while I would feel better. “LILITH!”

She appeared instantly and her look of concern was clearly evident.

“Master, your blood pressure and heart rate are dangerously high you need to calm down now!” Lilith said afraid for me.

“Lilith,” I said pointing to the image of the weapon patents. “I want to know who did this. I want to know today. I want your full stealth mode on this. No one but me sees the information, not daddy, not Terry and not William. My eyes only on it, do you understand?”

“Yes Master, your eyes only,” and she was simply gone no Cheshire cat fade, poof ninja vanish.

“Now Kouryou you need to rest and calm yourself,” Akira said softly. “In your weakened state I fear something might happen.”

I nodded but I wanted to do something, anything but she was absolutely right. I needed to attack this thing from a clear mind and not while angry. Angry made you stupid and that meant mistakes. I closed my eyes and willed my body to calm and after a minute or so I felt better. I dove into that silent darkness and drove away the thoughts, the pain and the anger. There was nothing, I became nothing and in that place that was no place I found solace and healing.

I opened my eyes and saw that it was dark out and a deep fog was all about us. I tried to sit up and found the dizziness gone. Carefully I got to my feet and discovered my full strength restored. I dressed and stepped out onto the observation deck. I might as well have been in London the mist was so deep and complete. Then out of the darkness and obscuring cloud came another ship, she was at least as large as the Numenor. I moved to the edge of the deck to see it better. It was a freighter of some sort and as we got closer I caught her name as she silently slipped past us, it was the U.S.S. Cyclops. They had no running lights on and there was no sign of movement either on the deck or the wheel house. Strange. I started to call out to them but the fog rolled in again and she simply faded silently away. I carefully made my way up to the larger of the two helipads and stared out into the fog. I never heard him or sensed his presence until he spoke.

“Am I a man dreaming I am a dragon, or a dragon dreaming I am a man?”

“Oswald Sebastian Kane,” I said turning to face him. “I thought the crew roster had changed, didn’t expect you’d still be on the ship.”

“As you can see I shed the garb of the ship’s livery for a more mundane costume.”

“This fog must make you feel at home,” I said and he nodded and smiled.

“Yeah actually it does, I miss London I haven’t been there in years,” he said and it was the heavy emphasis on the word years that rang wrong in my ear.

He looked about the same age as me but then I saw his eyes and that haunted ancientness that dwelt there. Oswald had been through a lot in his short life and only a fool disparages wisdom no matter the source.

“So Jesse tells me you opened his eyes to a much larger world, is that so?”

“Yes,” he said nodding sadly. “I hated to do it really. He was so innocent but he was my only chance to speak with you.”

“Why me Kane, what is so special about me?”

“This could be a bit of a shocker so we will take this journey together and slowly. First of all Jesse told me you haven’t activated the special feature on your lenses yet. There is a drop down selection called Securitas.” More curious than wary at this point I brought the drop down menu up and lo and behold there was a darkened option called Securitas. I selected it and bright red letters on a darkened background filled my vision.

‘Securitas Protocol Initiated… Your Identity Will Be Confirmed…’ there was a bright light and when I had finished blinking and could see again there was more. ‘Identity Confirmed Retinal Pattern Match… Welcome Nicholas Shaw would you like to activate Securitas Protocal?’ “What is it,” I asked.

‘Securitas allows you and your avatars the ability to detect and tap into any and all Numenor Technology property within line of sight or remote access certain key systems as designated by the user.’

“The user being me,” I asked.

‘That is correct.’

“Can I keep my avatars from being accessed?”

‘That is possible yes; do you wish to activate Securitas?’

“Absolutely,” I said feeling a sense of control again after this heinous military security issue.

‘One final notification for the user, with great power comes great responsibility. Securitas Protocol initiated.’

With that the Securitas option on the drop down disappeared. This was a one way door and there was no going back now. I looked at Oswald and saw that his eyes had a faint violet glow about them; he was wearing a pair of Jesse’s contact lenses! Jesse must trust him a lot indeed!

“Whoa,” I muttered.

“Yeah, he trusts you utterly Nick and he knows what you need to survive what is coming.”

“How can Jesse know what’s coming? Hell even I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Jesse knows because I told him,” Oswald said sadly.

“What exactly did you tell him?”

“The truth, the clear untainted and untempered truth,” he said.

“I can’t see how the truth can be a bad thing,” I told him and then I saw the weight of an enormous burden in his eyes.

“I wish that were true,” he began. “I am going to do a little rant but listen carefully and maybe you’ll get a glimpse of what I have to offer you. If after my erratic path around emotional pitfalls you still want more I will tell you my story in full.”

“Agreed,” I said. “Just not here, how about a cup of coffee and a nice comfy seat?”

“I will take you up on your kind offer,” he said and we headed back to my cabin and there one of the new crew arrived with a pot of coffee and all the amenities.

I couldn’t help but notice how cute she was and remembered Petra’s words. I was an immature teenage man whore and that was a truth I could live with! I looked over at Oswald and gave him the nod, I was ready.

“I have put much thought into what to say and what to leave out, well here we go,” he said as he began his rant. “History is a document meant to give comfort to those who write it and allow it to be read. Do you ever wonder why humanity in its bulk lives in cities? When we lived in small settlements for thousands of years or wandered the land then we suddenly not only built cities but fashioned them so very similarly by cultures that ‘apparently’ had no contact with one another? What purpose did they serve and do they serve today? Are we really happier with these great concrete and steel edifices? How is it that these great stone structures that lay in the deserts and high up in the mountains Stone Age people constructed but we cannot duplicate to this day? Life, its sole purpose is to survive, reproduce and evolve. There have been multiple extinction level events on this planet and life as we know it was wiped out or so we thought. But there are microbes that can be traced back billions of years; the very first life didn’t perish. Makes you wonder what else might have survived. Something clever, something evolved… something sentient? This amazing crystal technology ‘you’ have developed is cutting edge and new and will no doubt alter the very nature of our society. Is it and will it? And the last, what is the role of the child with the triple helix DNA?”

His voice faded into silence and I sat there and let the images his words had painted take form in my mind. Like walking through a museum I saw each question or subject he had brought up as an exhibition piece. There were scrolls and stone tablets and bound books that represented history. Then there was a mock up of Arkham in all its simple complexity as a small city. Beyond stand the pyramids of Egypt, South America and South East Asia in all their simple and complex glory. Then there was a hologram showing the evolutionary path of man from microbe to Homo Sapiens. At the very last a gleaming image of my DNA strand composed of multi-hued crystals representing the most basic components of my cells. This strange young man with the London accent posed some interesting questions. Now I had to ask myself did I want to know the answers.

Since Lilith and I had gone over William Bell’s library and I had learned the long and winding history of the Order and its viral nature in the young civilization of humanity. There wasn’t a corner of the world they didn’t touch or know about. I knew the hidden ties between Egypt and Central and South America. I was aware of the magician priests who crossed the ocean and sought out their brothers who followed the Jaguar God and how they were swayed and lulled with the promise of power and wealth. There were the slave ships that had carried the captured enemies of Egypt to be harvested on the blood altars of Tezcatlipoca and the ships that carried gold back to help swell the power and might of the Eternal Master. All the hidden treaties with expanding nations in secret and openly for those eager to join something that offered power and station and wealth. How the Eternal Master managed through might of arms to unite a divided China. But not all lands welcomed him; some chose to remain as they were and thrived anyway. Then there were the blank spots that glared out of the pages where entire cities vanished literally overnight. Thriving communities that for reasons no historian, even the Hidden Master could put down for posterity, or would not? Were there reasons he chose not to record what had happened? Was there a secret so terrible that even the Order feared to pass it on? Life grows, evolves and survives.

“I will admit that my curiosity is peaked Oswald,” I said breaking the silence. “I know things that perhaps you do not, things about the history of the Order that answer some of those questions but raise some other more disturbing ones.”

“I imagine you do Nick, before I tell you anything else I will give you a teaser truth as it were and after you verify or in your case rediscover this thing if you still want to know more you know how to contact me.” He said tapping the side of his head indicating the contact lenses.

“Okay, what is your teaser?” I asked.

“Find out what you can about the Bloodstone Ring,” he said smiling.

“That’s it?” I said.

“Yep, but trust me it’s more than enough. If you actually manage to find out something I will pay you for the information.”

“I’d like to think we are friends Oswald, and friends don’t charge for information.”

“I would like that too, but you may not feel the same when all is said and done. Goodbye Nick Shaw we will see each other again.”

He rose to his feet turned, opened the door and stepped out into the fog. I followed and when I looked for him he could not be found no matter what spectrum I sought him in. What the fuck? I returned to my pot of coffee and poured another cup before summoning Surfer and Lilith.

‘Milord,’ Surfer said.

“Master,” Lilith greeted me.

“Hold still this might tingle a bit,” I said and activated Securitas and indicated my two avatars and like that they were free from access save by me.

‘That was strange Sir,’ Surfer commented.

“MMMMMM daddy is not going to like that,” Lilith purred.

‘Like what,’ Surfer asked.

“Master has severed our access with daddy, only Master Nick may command us from now on.” Lilith explained.

‘Why would you do that Milord? Do you not trust father anymore?’

“I trust Jesse with my life and he trusted me with this new protocol. I have to believe it was for a very good reason. You must trust me that I know what I am doing.”

“MMMMMMMMM Master I trust you completely,” Lilith purred.

‘And I Sir, you will always have my unwavering loyalty.’

“So, tell me about the military security files Lilith.”

“Not much to say, they were filed physically and there is no electronic trail to follow.”

“Someone just walked in to file these documents,” I asked.

“Yep, someone who knew we could track any electronic transfer of data.”

‘Have you recovered any security footage, it is a government building after all,’ Surfer asked.

“Already ahead of you Surfer dude,” Lilith said with a smile. “You are not going to be pleased on two fronts Master.”

She projected the stolen video of the person who filed the patents and it was none other than Morrigan. Then Lilith displayed a copy of the signature on the paperwork.

“That’s my signature, mother fucker!” I cursed and as I left the room and headed for the wheel house to speak with the captain or whoever was piloting this thing, another long string of harsh syllables fell from my lips echoing all the way down the hallway.

Akira and I sparred and as expected I was getting my ass handed to me but on the plus side I was getting a little better each night. After our warm up sparring match and my chance to vent some steam we worked on my mirror technique. Unlike my last attempt with Lilith I drew on the weaker form of Ki to help me attempt and sense Akira’s intent. This form could be maintained longer with much less chance of injury. The energy flowed to my hands with barely a thought and I listened as Akira projected her next move and much to my surprise I felt that little tug but it was a bit stronger this time. I managed to get half way through the form before my Ki began to fail and I faltered. So I sat down on the floor of the helipad and caught my breath as Akira pondered my success and how to progress from here. Since the founding of the Black Lotus School there had never been a male student and she was beginning to think there was a reason for that. But the fact that I was having any success at all was changing her opinion on my chance for eventual mastery of the ‘many forms that are one’. So as I sipped from my water bottle and caught my breath I decided to broach the subject of the Bloodstone Ring with Akira.

“Since your family has a long standing with the Sisterhood and therefore the Order I have a question for you.”

“If I can be of help I will tell you whatever I know,” she said smiling down at me.

“Have you ever heard of an artifact or relic of the Order called the Bloodstone Ring?” Her face darkened and her body language changed immediately to a cautious stance.

“Where did you hear about that?” she said looking around like the night might explode with enemies any second.

“From someone who knows things and feels if I learn about the ring I will have a better understanding of the world at large.” I told her honestly.

“Master,” she kneeled next to me and I could see the fear in her eyes. “It is dangerous to speak of such things. But I see that if you do not hear it from me you will continue your search and that way lies folly and death.”

“Really, I mean it’s just a ring isn’t it?”

She shook her head and took my hand that had the signet ring on it.

“That is like saying that ‘this’ is just a ring,” she patted the back of my hand and continued. “When the Order was young there were four masters not just three that maintained the status quo. The Lost Master as he is known now was known then as the Master of Blood and was tied to the deeper and darker rituals the Order performed in those bygone days. To maintain control and order among the tribes who carried out ritual sacrifices the Eternal Master added the fourth master to appease them. It is said that the material for that ring was brought over from Central America and forged in the Black Pyramid. The Bloodstone Ring is also called the Star Fall Ring because both the metal and the stone set into it fell from the sky. It was rumored to give the bearer supernatural powers but that is only legend. What is fact is that the last Master of the Blood tried and failed to challenge the Eternal Master for his title and fell during the battle. Neither the body nor the ring were ever recovered.”

“How did you learn about it,” I asked.

“I am a direct descendant of the man who forged the Star Fall Ring.”

“If the ring survived, what would happen if it were recovered?”

“I don’t know you would have to bring it up before the Eternal Master. But I doubt he would want to return to the days where people were sacrificed to heathen gods.”

“Do you know where this Black Pyramid can be located?”

She shook her head and took her feet.

“Q&A is over its time to try something unusual,” she said seriously. “I think we need to try a different tack on your mirror training. We are going to attempt a synergetic cleansing.” Akira said as I took my feet.

“Never heard of it, what does it involve?”

“As you know when the meridians that carry your Ki are blocked you get ill and after all that you have been through I never thought about it but it may be hindering your ability to sense my intentions,” Akira said.

“So I may still be able to project it but the flow may still be hampered in the traditional sense… hmm makes sense to me. How do we do this thing?”

“We clasp hands so,” Akira said taking my left hand in her right and my right hand in her left. “Now relax and listen to my voice Kouryou. Close your eyes and don’t fight me. When you feel my Ki enter through your left hand let it flow through you and back into me from your right hand. Once the circuit is established we can send more energy until we are certain your meridians are completely open and flowing normally.”

A young happily married couple find they are increasingly jealous of the obvious sex life of their older, good looking neighbour and are soon being tempted to join him in his fun.


“There’s something odd about that guy!”

“What’s odd about him?” I enquired of my inquisitive wife who was peeping out from behind the Venetian blinds in our rented house and looking across the street at our neighbour.

“That’s another young woman going into the house with him. He thinks he’s God’s gift and these innocent young girls seem to agree,” she said, still speaking with contempt.

I looked across and there was our neighbour, Larry, a six feet tall, well built, good looking guy ushering a young girl into his house. We’re not talking kids here. She looked about 18 or 19 and extremely sweet, her blonde hair blowing in the breeze and her laugh just managing to carry across the street to us. She certainly didn’t look like a girl being enticed into his “den” against her will.

“He must me at least…….,” Terri hesitated and then pondered and said, “What age do you think he is?”

“Mmm, 31, 32 or thereabouts,” I replied. “He is a good looking guy Terri and he is also a consenting adult.”

“But he takes at least two or three girls in there a week and goodness know what…filth… he gets up to with them.”

My cock had already started to rise as I tried to imagine what filth he might get up to with them and the thought of joining him on one of his escapades was definitely enticing to me though I doubted my sweet little Terri would see it that way.

His name was Larry and he had moved into the house across the street some 6 months previously after breaking up with his wife. He did some kind of electrical maintenance for the various colleges and government offices around town and obviously his well built physique appealed to the woman he met. I was in year four of a relationship with Terri, year two of our marriage and both of us were younger than Larry by some six years having rented a little semi detached bungalow to make our nest. Sex was good, and that’s the reason we had decided to hitch up together but as the years had passed I realised that a relationship either needs to develop beyond sex or the sex needed to expand beyond the relationship.

In my quiet “wanking” moments I fantasised about everything. When I had time to myself, I found myself chatting online and becoming ever more experimental in mind if not in practice. My current thoughts were of Terri being screwed by another guy or guys while I watched and wanked and then entered her once they had finished, of myself and another guy doing the same to a complete stranger and then having sex with each other when she had gone. The thought of another man doing something to me had started to excite me. I had always looked at other men and found the male form attractive and as well as a special friend at school a guy at college had actually fucked me. I put it behind me shortly before I met Terri Why this was surfacing now, I had no idea but though I entertained the thought of being penetrated again, I would probably hit the roof if someone tried.

Larry attracted me. Larry looked “dirty-minded” and up for anything and when we spoke, he stripped Terri and I felt he also stripped me with his eyes.

“He’s probably doing her right now,” she said. “Tony Davidson are you listening to me!”

I jumped back into real time and adjusted my stiff cock.

“Yes dear, he’ll be doing her right now!”

“Disgusting,” she said. “Fancy a cup of tea?”

With that, Terri marched off to the kitchen and clattered about as I enviously looked over at the closed curtains on his bedroom window and wished I was there!

In my chatting moments, I had joined a swingers site with little chance of every swinging. I am young so had plenty of invitations but didn’t really have the courage to two-time Terri. I tried to interest her in anything extra curricular and though she didn’t refuse, she didn’t show enthusiasm either. One really good looking guy had said he would love to come and “give us both one,” but I couldn’t even show her the e-mail.

One night, when Terri was asleep I clicked on the “Who’s online nearby” button and was shocked to find someone “within half a mile.” I clicked on “sexmachine_xxx” and read the description.

“33 year old athletic single bi-man. 6 feet 1 inch tall, well endowed looking for women/couples for energetic sex. Into most things and prepared to try anything – and I mean anything. Try me and you won’t be disappointed!”

There was no picture but I sent an instant message requesting a chat. There was an immediate response and we started to and fro-ing. Once he realised I was married he started to ask for pics of her, preferably explicit. I hadn’t any but asked if he had any. A picture of an enormous uncut cock came through.

“Imagine this sunk in her cunt,” he said.

I explained she wasn’t for playing but he just kept saying that every woman was “for playing” given the right circumstances. I wasn’t sure that was right but played him along anyway. I sent a pic of me naked, taken in the bathroom mirror with my head not showing.

“Think you could take my cock then?” he asked.

“I’d need some practice,” I said.

“Sure you’ve none of the wife?”

I debated before sending two pics. One of Terri’s tits and another I took on my phone of her on the bed her lags apart, fingering her cunt. Her face wasn’t visible as she was lying back.

“Tasty, I think I could get in there with no problem, leave my juicy load and you could lick it out after I left. Does that appeal?”

“Oh yes,” said I.

The conversation went on in this fantastical vein for about an hour before he signed off with, “I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

I had a quick wank to get over the chat and went to bed.

The Sunday after all this, Terri and I were working in our little garden at the front on a rare British sunny, warm day. I saw Larry working in his garden and he looked up and waved across. We had spoken in the past so I waved back.

“Shit,” said Terri, “He’s coming across.”

Larry approached with a warm friendly smile, his piercing blue eyes looking through both of us. He was wearing a pale blue Abercrombie and Fitch polo shirt and tight fitting Levis and looked completely relaxed and at ease.

“Hiya neighbours,” he said with a joking tone.

He chatted easily and in a relaxed manner and the usually icy Terri was soon chatting back as though he was her best friend. After the usual talk about the rare sunshine and the local neighbourhood he turned to me.

“Do you like the house?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“I looked at it before I took mine but I didn’t like the tiles in the bathroom. That big black band of tiles around the bathroom was a bit too much even though it’s very individual. I would say there are few bathrooms in this area which look like that don’t you think? I’m sure I’ve seen some pictures of these tiles somewhere recently though.”

As he said that he winked and a cold realisation of what he was saying crept over me. Surely he wasn’t “sexmachine_xxx?” If he was he knew my innermost fantasies and had seen my cock and Terri’s cunt and tits. My eyes strayed to the front of his jeans and the package looked as though it housed the monster I had looked at in the picture hidden deep in my computer.

“I’d love the pair of you to come across for drinks some night as I’m sure we have a lot in common.”

“That would be so nice,” purred Terri.

“We’ll I’m off but it’s nice to chat isn’t it? I’m a great chatter,” he said, winking at me as he left.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I thought, my face reddening as he walked away.

“I thought he was a pervert?” I asked Terri as he walked away.

I was ignored as she said, “He looks so manly and handsome close up doesn’t he?”

“How would I know?” I replied.

“Come on Tony, with your history don’t tell me a man’s cock doesn’t hold some interest?”

That was below the belt. I had “confessed” my youthful thoughts to Terri some time before on a drunken evening and she had been fine, even explaining a crush she had had on a school friend and later, a teacher.

“Miaow,” I said.

She gripped my arm and kissed me. “Might be interesting anyway,” she said. “There’s something about that man I can’t put my finger on.”

I thought, “Perhaps he’s thinking the same about her.”

We hadn’t arranged anything and I assumed it had all been forgotten. I didn’t visit the website much though I had checked in a couple of times briefly and had clicked out when I saw “sexmachine_xxx” was online.

When I next checked in there was a personal message from him saying “Have you any more pictures of your sexy wife and your lovely bathroom?”

That confirmed it, the guy was Larry!

“Tony, come here and look at this?”

Terri was calling and I went through to the front bedroom where she was behind the curtains in the dark looking over the road at Larry’s house. It was around 10.30pm and the late summer sun had almost fully set. I looked in the direction she was pointing and could see Larry, stripped to the waist and a young woman, also stripped, kissing near the window of his house with the lights on in the background. His house was at an angle to ours so the window was to the side of the house rather than the street so I assumed they thought they had some privacy. They reckoned without Terri.

“For Christ’s sake Terri, how long have you been spying on him?”

She ignored me as she said, “That girl went in with him over an hour ago and they’re obviously going to…..”

“Fuck?” I said bluntly.

“Don’t be so dirty Tony Davidson,” she retorted.

“He’s going to stick his big cock inside her and fuck her brains out,” I said, half jokingly.

“How do you know he has a big cock?” she asked, half joking.

I flushed before recovering to say,” Even you commented on the lump in his jeans!”

“True,” she said, still staring across the street.

I could just see him lift the woman in his arms. She was completely naked as he carried her out of sight and, I assumed to the bedroom.

“I can’t see anything now,” said Terri in a disappointed tone.

We went to bed and she was restless, eventually cuddling up to me and taking the initiative for sex. We ended up shagging like animals and she certainly was in heat. I assumed Larry was getting her wet and that interested me.

The next message read, “Had a great shag off a little tart yesterday and came on her tits. Bet your wife goes like a rocket when she’s horny.”

I answered simply, “She does and she did last night!”

He came back with, “I hope she liked my little show.”

I realised the bugger had seen her at the window and had been performing for us.

It was two days later when I found a note behind the door inviting us for a few drinks and snacks the following Friday. Terri was jumping with glee. I assume she was flattered that this handsome hunk was coming on to her. I wasn’t sure about the whole thing as I had no idea what his agenda was and I felt a little out of control.

On the Friday, Terri took a great deal of time not dressing up. She ended with the “just something I threw on” look. She wore tight jeans, showing her pert bum and a white t-shirt with a “v” neck which plunged just far enough to make her a little tartish. When we knocked at Larry’s door, a pretty little thing answered. Close up she looked like she should still be at school but on closer examination mainly of her breasts, I managed to work out that she was 18 or 19.

“Larry’s just getting some wine opened,” she purred, “Come on through.”

Larry was pouring some Sauvignon Blanc.

“White OK or would you rather have red?”

We both said we liked white and he handed two glasses. The young girl held out her hand.

“Tamsin,” she said holding our her hand.

I introduced us and we stood around chatting.

“We’ve had a rather hectic afternoon, haven’t we Tamsin?” said Larry with that grin again.

“Larry, quiet,” said a blushing Tamsin.

“That’s the trouble with the young, they have more energy than us older guys. She’s knackered me!”

“Stop it Larry,” said the blushing girl.

Oblivious, he carried on.

“Now the older women have a better pace and know all the extra things an old guy like me enjoys whereas the younger ones just want missionary position and nothing else. Maybe you could train her Terri?”

Terri blushed and said, “Most of us do what comes naturally and the rest comes with experience.”

“Well said,” remarked Larry, “But it’s a lot harder to relax and do it naturally with a nine inch cock in you.”

“Nine?” spluttered Terri.

“Yes nine,” said Larry with a big grin. “Isn’t it Tamsin?”

She quietly nodded.

“I’ve told Tamsin here if she’s very good, I’ll introduce her to my old school mate Don who has a thick ten inches and loves using it wherever he can. Don will do anything or anyone.”

His emphasis, as he looked me in the eye was on the “anyone.”

Terri was giggly by now. I couldn’t believe how this woman who, only a few weeks ago had been commenting on Larry’s disgusting sex life was now actively encouraging him to speak about it in detail. Tamsin, on the other hand, looked very embarrassed at having her secret fantasies discussed in front of strangers. Larry was oblivious.

“You have no trouble with my dick do you darling? I can bring her to orgasm at will,” He commented.

“I need to get going soon,” said Tamsin, trying to find way out.

Larry helped get her jacket and called a taxi.

When she had gone he said, “Why are the young things all coy about sex? She does the business in private but when it comes to talking about it she becomes a blushing virgin. You wouldn’t think that just a couple of hours ago I was screwing her on this very sofa, would you?”

Terri laughed with him while I squirmed. I was still reeling from the fact that he and his mate had nineteen inches between them and I was sitting here with 6.5 inches on a good day!

“What’s the biggest cock you’ve had Terri?” said Larry carrying on with his theme.

“I don’t know,” said Terri, “Possibly about seven inches.”

“There’s nothing better that a graded fuck. Little hubby here leads the way to get you going, then you take nine inches to stretch you and then ten inches to take you to heaven,” he said.

“Oh I don’t know that I would be keen on being in the middle of something like that,” said Terri. “I love and respect Tony too much.”

“And if Tony got his rocks off seeing this, would that change your mind?”

Terri smiled at me and quietly said, “I don’t know.”

The subject was quietly dropped and my thoughts were, “If this guy talks like this after having sex and cumming, I wouldn’t like to see how pushy he would be when horny.”

That night after we had gone to bed and I surmised Terri was asleep, her voice came out of the blue.

“Would you like to see me being manhandled by two older guys Tony?”

I knew the answer but replied with, “How would you feel since you would be the one being manhandled.”

“I don’t know either but when he said it today I got goosebumps and I have a funny feeling it would turn you on being in the room with two naked guys and me.”

“You fancy sex with Larry don’t you?” I asked.

“There’s something really dirty about him,” she said, emphasising the word ‘dirty.’ “What would you do if I said I wanted a hard shagging from him and his mate?”

“I don’t know.” I said, quite honestly.

I fancied seeing her being fucked by two older men, I fancied seeing two naked men, I even fancied the thought that I might be molested by two older men but I worried how I would feel about Terri once she was stretched and fucked by two near strangers. I had always been excited by men finding her attractive and even then, lying in bed in the dark, my heart was pounding with excitement in a way it hadn’t done for years.

“My heart’s pounding,” said Terri, as though reading my mind.

“So’s mine,” I said. “Let’s talk in the morning.”

My cock didn’t go down much during the night and Terri knew it as I felt her grip it a number of times as I drifted in and out of sleep.

In the morning Terri took the car and went shopping and I went out to tend to the garden, something I did and hated doing but I suppose Terri hated shopping so we were equal.

“Hi buddy!”

I jumped, not having heard Larry come up behind me.

“How’s that sexy wife of yours?”

“Oh she’s off shopping.”

“I really got her attention with mentioned of two big cocks didn’t I? I have a feeling I got your attention too, but then you’ve seen mine before haven’t you?”

I spluttered and started on an excuse but he wasn’t having it.

“Look mate, I was in the Merchant Navy and trust me a hole is a hole. Many of the guy’s couldn’t get enough of my cock and, to be honest, I miss a bit of male to male action. My old buddy Don and I would fool around on the boat but we both were well blessed so we needed an extra hand if we wanted any fucking as neither of us took it. You ever had a cock up you?”

I tried to quieten his loud voice with a “SSH.”

“You have, haven’t you? How big was it?”

“Quite big,” I confessed. “It was a gay guy at college and he was a bit effeminate but he surprised me by having nearly eight inches and wanting to fuck me. We did it quite a few times.”

“Any more?”

“Once or twice when I was away from home.”

“What made you marry?”

“I fell in love!”

“Trouble is,” said Larry, “The longing never goes away does it?”

“No,” I replied honestly.

“Does she know?”

“Yes I told her, even about what I did and she was really fine about, even asking all the gory details. She told me about a crush she had on a teacher though she did nothing.”

“She wants us to fuck her doesn’t she? I know that look.”

“I think she does,” I replied.

“How about you, would you like to see her getting it and more to the point, what about you getting it in front of your wife?”

He looked me up and down.

“Don’t answer,” he said, “Your cock’s brick hard in your shorts!”

He wandered off and shouted behind him, “Just tell me when!”

When Terri returned we packed away the groceries and took a chicken salad into the back garden to wash down with some beer. After we had eaten I told her about Larry’s visit and a little about what he had said to me.

“They want to fuck you too?” she said with incredulity.

“So it seems,” I said.

“This is sounding very dirty,” she replied, popping open a second beer. “I told you he was dirty didn’t I?”

I looked at her and she looked at me.

“Do you love me Tony?”

“Yes Terri.”

“Do you want me fucked by two big guys with massive cocks?”

“I think I do.”

“Do you want fucked by two guys with massive cocks?”

“I think I do.”

“Then that’s it ‘cos so do I.”

I said nothing to Larry at all but on the following Wednesday bumped into him as I walked back from the newsagents. He chatted about the warm weather.

“We’ll do it!” I said quickly.

He looked at me almost surprised.

“I thought you might chicken out but can I tell you, I fancy the fuck out of the pair of you and you can guarantee a night to remember. Did I tell you that Don used to be a male model and has been in a number of fashion mags. He is one heck of a hunk so you’re both in for a treat.”

By the time I had reached his gate we had decided on Sunday, late afternoon at his place. He talked to me about hygiene.

“If I’m sticking this baby in your arse, you had better be clean so get douching boy.”

He lacked a certain “je ne sais quoi.”

Terri and I talked about little else for the rest of the week. My heart kept pounding every time I thought if her naked in front of two guys and also of a massive male member sliding into me. I started bathing and used a dildo we had to stretch my hole. OK I had used it a little bit before but Terri didn’t know. Terri and I fucked like rabbits on Wednesday and Thursday nights and then decided to abstain so we would be extra horny.

Scene 1 – The Invitation

Louise hadn’t been sure about coming to this school reunion, not sure at all. She hadn’t been anywhere near her old school for over 20 years, didn’t really know anybody there anymore – and to be honest, she didn’t have much desire to meet any of her old friends anyway.

Life had changed for Louise in the 20 or so years since she had left school. She had become successful in business, and was now quite the prim and proper conservatively dressed business woman. Just over 5 foot tall, she had one style and it worked for her, simple black dresses which complemented her shoulder length hair, her deep brown eyes, her smiling face and her figure which was always discreetly hidden under her too high necklines and her knee length hems. She had gloriously full breasts and a pair of shapely legs which just gave a hint of what else was under that dress, not that anybody would know.

At school things had been different, Louise had enjoyed the attentions of many men, but that was all history now, she didn’t even remember any of it.

Louise had bumped into Andy by chance in a railway train travelling home from London after a business trip. She had no clue about who the good looking man was across the carriage, who kept glancing at her, she was quite carried away working on her laptop, listening to rap on her headphones. As the train pulled out of Basingstoke, he switched seats to be opposite her.

“Excuse me” said Andy, “aren’t you Louise, who used to go to school in Leeds? I’m Andy, I was Head Boy there, we were never in the same class, but I’m sure I recognise you.”

“Pardon” said Louise, ” what are you talking about?”

“Yes, it is you” laughed Andy, “how could anybody forget your smiling face and voice. How are you? It must have been years since any of us have seen you.”

“Do I know you?” replied Louise, ” I’m dreadfully sorry, but I don’t have the best memory in the world”

They got chatting, Louise didn’t really remember who Andy was, but he was good company, dressed like her in business attire, handsome and was clearly successful and dare she admit it, he was quite charming. Nevertheless, she played along for around 30 minutes and pretended that she knew him as they chatted until he got off at Southampton.

“Oh” said Andy as the train pulled into his station, “are you coming to the school reunion in 5 weeks time?”

“I wouldn’t think so” replied Louise, “I haven’t been back for years”

“It’ll be fun, give me your mobile number and I’ll text you the details, quite a few of our year group will be there. You’ll never believe it but 4 of our old teachers are still there too, they’re a good bunch, you’ll like them” said Andy.

Louise was a bit flustered by the whole conversation and scribbled her mobile on a scrap of paper and gave it to Andy as he got off.

“Bye” he said, “hope to see you in a few weeks then” he said as he opened the door and got off the train.

Louise kicked herself, “Why did I do that” she asked herself as the train pulled out of the station, “I don’t know him, I don’t think I remember him, why on earth did I give my mobile?” Still she reasoned that she would be unlikely to hear from him again and even if she did, she could ignore any texts. Reassured, she dozed off for the rest of the journey.

Scene 2 – The Pub

“Any of you remember Louise?” asked Andy at the pub.

He was with a group of his mates back in Leeds, Dave, Trevor, Keith and Dan were all teachers still at the school for over 25 years, all married, but not happily ever after. Chris was there too, he had been Andy’s friend at Uni. They made an unlikely group of 6, 4 in there 50s, 2 much younger, but they used to go out once or twice a month.

“I don’t either really”, said Andy when he got no reply, “I think she may have been a bit of a goer at school, but I never got a go – so to speak. Nowadays, she looks great, but there’s not much chance even of a flirting look let alone anything else, definitely little Miss Proper now.”

“I’m always up for the challenge” said Dave, “there’s nothing quite like taking a good sensible looking woman, and transforming her into a crazed slut desperate for cum and a good fucking, you know that! What does she look like?”

“5 foot, smiling face, brown eyes, shoulder length hair………” said Andy

“Cut the poetry” said Keith, ” you know what we want to know”

“Ok, ok. I didn’t even get a glance at her breasts, but under that dress, I suspect they are a good 36+, certainly large enough for us to share” he laughed. ” Legs were shapely, slightly tanned, her knees were slightly apart, but I didn’t get a view of her panties”

“She wouldn’t be wearing them for long if she ever met us!!” said Dan chuckling.

“Nice red lips, mouth the right size and shape” continued Andy

“Yes, yes and her bum??” said Chris, “you know what I like”.

“Didn’t get a chance to see” said Andy, “but hey, you lot might, I invited her to the reunion. If we play our cards carefully, we could find out what is hidden beneath that dress. If we are really smart we might even get to party with her”.

“Nice dream Andy”, said Trevor, “she won’t come just on the basis of seeing you, she needed a real man, like one of us to invite her. Shame though, I could do with some girl licking my dick, it’s been a while, never mind.”

Scene 3 – Getting changed

Why had she done this, Louise kept thinking to herself. This really wasn’t her scene at all. But when she got the text from Andy, whom she’d met on the train, she found herself agreeing to go.

She was in the North anyway for a few days, everybody thought she’d be at a business dinner, but tonight she’d be back at school. To be honest, she was a bit intrigued by Andy, he had been rather a distant Head Boy, the sporty sort really who hung around with the boys. She’d never had a long conversation with him until the train the other week.

She chose her clothes carefully. It was roasting hot, the hottest night of the year so far. The reunion was at a local hotel and she thought that all of her ex-friends would dress up. She decided to go for simple. As she put on her underwear she looked at herself in the hotel room mirror. She wouldn’t normally wear plain white underwear, but tonight she had bought some, a simple lowish cut bra and small panties, both made from a silky and smooth material. She looked great, she thought. Louise always got turned on by the sight and thought of being naked anyway, but the white set off her skin just right. Her breasts showed a touch more than she was used to and her small white pants looked full. She pulled the pants aside and looked in the mirror, “wow” she thought, the white of the pants contrasted against the pink of her skin, the dark hair of her pussy and the hint of red lips within, glistening with her juices. She looked hot, and felt hot.

“This won’t do”, she thought, “late again”. She slipped on a red blouse, a new black skirt which was loose and flowing, just above the knee and a pair of black heels. “Not bad”, she thought and noticed that as she walked across the room, the skirt was a little more flowing and higher then she would normally wear, you could glimpse her thighs as she walked – she saw this in the mirror and smiled inwardly.

“Must go” she thought and left for the party.

Scene 4 – Arrival

They were chatting at the bar, as usual, but hadn’t started drinking yet, there was time for that later.

Dan saw her first. “Who or earth is that?” he asked the group, “this place is full of middle aged women, and look at her, what a stunner, she must be in the wrong place”.

“That’s Louise, I told you about her the other week” said Andy, “I wasn’t really expecting her to show, but there she is”.

Keith looked over at her and greedily looked at her tits. “Ok gang, we need a plan, Andy you go and talk to her, keep her company, nice and friendly. She doesn’t seem to know anybody else yet. Don’t try anything though, we’ll play this nice and slow. I think we’ll have a little entertainment with Louise by the end of this evening, what do you lot think?”

“I’m in” said Trevor.

“Me too” and Chris and Dave at the same time.

Dan just looked at her across the room, imagining his cock was already being encased by those lips and pumping in and out of Louise’s mouth.

“He’s in too”, smiled Keith. “Right Andy off you go, we’ll soon be seeing what this little girl is made of”

Scene 5 – Introductions

“Hi Louise, you made it! What a great surprise” said Andy as he walked to her.

She turned, looked up at him and smiled “Andy I think you might be the only person I know, how can that be?”.

He bent down, and kissed her on the cheek, and as he did so, took a swift glance down her blouse. She only had two buttons undone, so the view was restricted, but he could see the start of what promised to be a nice pair of tits. Full, pink and ready to be sucked.

“You look great” Andy said, “I wouldn’t have recognised you from 20 years ago”.

“You look great yourself”, said Louise, and she meant it. She felt a little flustered again, she felt surprised and a little ashamed that this man whom he hardly knew was having an affect on her. She felt a little guilty about her husband, who thought that she was at a business dinner, but here she was, back in her past, on her own – and feeling a more than a little horny.

She had no time to reflect though, Andy took her by the shoulder and pulled her to where the rest of the gang were.

“Do you remember any of these?” he asked, as he introduced Dave, Trevor, Keith and Dan. “They were teachers at the school, and sadly still are!!!”

“Hi guys”, said Louise, “sorry but I’ve a dreadful memory, I don’t remember any of you!!!!! Did you teach me?”

Dan laughed, “We’re all too old to remember anything nowadays, so don’t worry we won’t be offended”

Trevor whispered to Dave, “we may not have taught her then, but we’ll teach her a few things tonight…..”

Keith said “would you like a drink?”

“No thanks” said Louise, “I don’t drink”

Again Trevor muttered to Dan “you might be drinking my cum by the end of the evening, young lady”.

Dan smiled, “yep, I think so”.

Keith decided to speed things along a bit. Chris came over and Andy introduced him to Louise. As her turned to say hello, she bumped into Keith who quickly and expertly undid another button on her blouse. Now you could see the top of her bra and her gorgeous breasts peeping out of the top. Dave stared down at her and inwardly licked his lips, he imagined sucking on one tit, whilst someone sucked on the other.

Louise was surrounded by the six men, Andy was young and fit, as was Chris. The others were clearly older, but they were still good looking. She was enjoying herself as she chatted in the middle of the circle.

The room was getting busy and there wasn’t much space. People were having to jostle in the noise as the disco stared, way too loud. The men, took the advantage of a quick touch here and there, a hand on her arm, a brush past her bum, nothing obvious, nothing she noticed. Neither did she notice another button get undone, so the her bra and the top of her soft creamy tits were now on display.

Keith said “have you ever been back to the school?, it’s changed a bit, but somethings are the same. Its loud here, why don’t we go to the school and show you around. Have you ever been inside the staffroom?”

“OK, that sounds fun, I don’t know anybody here anyway” said Louise who was flustered again. It had been ages since a group of men had paid any attention to her.

“Come with us then”, said Dan, “we’ll go in my people carrier”. He led the way out of the room.

A number of people turned to look as they left. They saw what Louise had missed. They saw a woman, blouse half undone, bra on display, leaving with 2 men and 4 teachers, all proudly displaying enormous erections in their trousers. “I hope she likes sex” said one girl to another, “because like it or not, she is going to get quite a bit tonight”

Scene 6 – The staffroom

“Is this it?” asked Louise “it’s a bit small”.

“Well us teachers have a hard life”, said Trevor. “Sit down here, you’ll be more comfortable”.

There was a sofa, room enough for three, in front of a coffee table where Louise guessed that during the day there would be lots of books stacked ready for marking. She sat in the middle of the sofa, Chris and Andy sat either side of her, Keith sat on the other side of the table. Trevor, Dan and Dave sat on seats at the back of the room out of the way, but with a good view of what what about to happen.

Andy and Chris had chatted to her in the car, about her life, what she liked, she felt comfortable with them and enjoyed chatting with them. It was no surprise when Andy put his arm around her shoulder and drew her towards him. The others pretended not to notice and talked amongst themselves, all the while stealing glances.

Andy kissed her on the lips, he tasted good, she thought and let him.

After a few minutes, Chris began stroking her leg, Andy the same. Louise didn’t seem to notice, or if she did, she didn’t object. They stroked her legs and then pulled them apart slightly, to give Keith a view of her legs and pants, white, small and maybe a little bit damp he thought. The others watched silently, beginning to stroke their cocks through their trousers.

Andy took Louise’s hand and guided it to his cock. He was hard, he was desperate, she was losing control of her actions and began a slight rubbing up and down, stroking his cock, pulsing in her hand, as they kissed. Chris began kissing her neck and ear, she moaned slightly. He undid the rest of the buttons of her blouse. Her tits looked great in her silky white bra. Trevor motioned to Chris and Andy to pull her legs wider apart, they both gently guided her knees apart as far as they would go, Louise’s response was moan again and to begin rubbing Andy’s cock harder.

“Would you like to lick my cock” whispered Andy into Louise’s ear. It was more a statement than a question.

She looked into the eyes of the former Head Boy and nodded. “Will you do what I tell you?”, asked Andy. Again she nodded, oblivious to the others in the room.

“Get on your hands and knees on this coffee table and face me”, he said. She complied, her skirt riding up her things, not quite exposing her panties.

Andy stood in front and dropped his trousers and pants, his cock stood out and pointed right at he face. She looked, it looked gorgeous, a shiny head with a bead of pre-cum forming at the end. “Lick it” Andy commanded. She stuck out her tongue and licked the head all over before taking his helmet into her mouth and sucking.

The others all looked on with desire and then Keith acted. He stood up, unfastened her skirt at the waist and pulled it up her body to bunch around her midriff. He pulled her legs apart and then pulled her pants aside. Her pussy was on full show to all the men, but she hadn’t noticed, or didn’t care. He had a pair of scissors and cut her pants off, then pulled her hairy cunt lips apart to show the boys what was on offer. She looked gorgeous, pre-occupied in sucking Andy’s cock, but with her cunt pulled apart to show her inner flaps, pink and inviting, her arse also looking a tasty treat.

Andy said to her “do you want my cock inside you?”. “Yes” she longingly replied. “Well, here’s the deal” he said, “I will, but not til my friends have had some fun first…..”

She realised in shock that her pants had gone and she was on full display to all of them. She froze to the spot, too scared to speak, and only just made out Keith say “let’s fuck her boys, fuck her hard and make her drink our cum”, she heard the cheer though as her cunt lips got pulled wide apart and someone started licking her clit.

Scene 7 — Demarcation

“Stop, stop”, said Andy, “let’s sort ourselves out here and see what we’ve got. Hold her in place whilst I have a look”.

Dan, Dave and Trevor held Louise’s arms and legs spread on the coffee table, she was still on all fours, with her blouse undone, skirt up at her waist, and black heels on. Her pants were on the floor, cut into two pieces.

Andy came and looked closely at her cunt and her puckered asshole. He licked gently, tasting both holes — and smiling.

“Right you lot”, he said, ” get your clothes off and stand in a line over there”.

They obeyed him, took all of their clothes off and stood in a line together, leaving a space for him in the middle. He did the same and joined them.

“Louise”, he instructed, “look at what you are about to get”.

She looked at them. Chris and Andy were in the middle, both were slim, 5ft 11 ish, fair hair, not very hairy bodies, pink skin, but most importantly, both had cocks, average length, but standing up proudly. They had both rolled their foreskins back and both had red helmets, glistening in the light. Their cocks looked gorgeous, and despite her predicament, Louise was desperate to touch, hold and taste them.

The others were a slightly different prospect….4 older teachers, shorter in height, a bit paunchy around the middle and very hairy, even with their cocks standing to attention they were a rather less appealing prospect.

“Stand up and take all your clothes off in front of us”, commanded Andy. What could she do? She could run, she could fight, she could scream, but….. those two gorgeous cocks, she really wanted them.

Louise stood up, removed her blouse and just stood there in bra and shoes. “Hurry up and take your fucking bra off, we want to see your tits” said Dan. She reached back and undid the strap and let her bra fall to the floor.

Her tits were large, full and made to be sucked. Her nipples were a dark pink and stood out slightly. All the men drooled at the prospect of grabbing a handful of her breast. Her legs were apart, pert bum sticking out at the back, her pussy was hairy at the front, but from where they were, they couldn’t see her the entrance to her holes.

“Find me something to write with”, Andy said to Dan. He found a stick of red chalk. Andy walked over to Louise and drew on her. A band around her left leg, just above the knee. Then he repeated by drawing a band in red chalk around her right leg at the same height. “What are you doing?” asked Trevor.

Andy didn’t reply, but then drew a band around Louise’s waist, just below her belly button.

She stood there, marked up with chalk, just wearing her heels.

“Here are the rules”, Andy said to the others, “if you don’t like it, fuck off now and leave.

“Trevor, Dan, Dave and Keith. Louise is ours, Chris’s and mine. You can have the parts of her body above the waist and the legs below the knee. The bits in-between the chalk lines, her groin, her bum, her pussy, her thighs, these bits are for Chris and I only”

“You must be joking” said Trevor.

“Nope” said Andy, ” that’s all that’s on offer tonight. Take it or leave it.”

“Why are the knees and calves ours?” asked Dan

“Easy” said Chris, ” can’t you guess? So that two of you can hold her legs spread apart whilst I fuck her up the arse”.

Louise heard this and shuddered, she had never been taken anally before, she had no idea what this would feel like.

Keith shrugged his shoulders “beggars can’t be choosers, come on Dave, you grab her left tit and I’ll have her right tit. Let’s get on with it……..”

Scene 8 — And so it starts

They pulled me over to the sofa, two of them held me down and started sucking on my tits. They sucked my nipples into their mouths and teased them with their tongues. Then they tried to suck more and more of my breasts into their hungry mouths until they each had a mouth full of titmeat.

I was on the sofa, two either side of me devouring my breasts and then I felt my legs being spread again. A tongue began lapping my cunt with a wild fury. Up and down on my clit, the rasp of its surface stimulating me. Faster and faster it went, and I began to lose it. I shut my eyes.

“Somebody fuck my pussy.” The drunk/drugged plumper had said to the seven college guys standing around her as she lay on naked on a blanket on the beach.

“Oh hell yes!” Bobby said as he dropped to his knees between Cathy’s wide spread legs and aimed his solid 8 inch cock at her pussy.

Bobby leaned down and slid the head of his dick into her vagina and flexed his hips, driving in until he bottomed out. His hips made a loud “SLAP” as he did so and Cathy moaned with pleasure.

“OOOHHHHH! Oh more. Fuck me now, please.” She whimpered as the 24 year old pistoned in and out of her soaking wet pussy, urging him on as he did.

“Let me put my legs up.” She said in a lust crazed voice as she moved her feet up and rested them on his broad shoulders, giving him complete access to her cunt.

“Cum in my pussy. Fill me up with your cum.” Cathy said to him as he continued to drive into her.

Her head was flopping from side to side and both hands were wrapped in her own hair as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her drug and alcohol inflamed brain.

“Fuck, this bitch’s pussy is great. She’s better than Karen or Leslie.” Bobby said as he flexed his ass and drove into her cervix, causing her to moan even louder.

“More please, please, more.” The fifty-something redhead begged as sweat began to run off her body in rivulets, soaking the blanket she lay on.

For thirty minutes the young college stud hammered her pussy, battering and bruising it as he did.

“Oh shit, I am going to dump my load.” Bobby groaned as he felt his own orgasm build to its crescendo and then break as he leaned down and kissed her passionately.

“Oh yes, baby. Fill my cunt up with your cum.” Cathy moaned through the kiss, as he flooded her pussy with hot sperm-loaded semen.

He pulled out of her as the last jet shot out of his cock, splattering all over her mound causing the hair to mat together.

“My turn.” Dwayne, the last of the seven young men, said as he dropped down and prepared to shove his cock into Cathy’s sperm filled pussy.

“I want to fuck her again.” Joe said as he moved to join Dwayne on the blanket with the plump woman they were gang-banging.

“Dwayne, lay down on your back and let the bitch straddle your cock.” James said, acting as a kind of director while waiting for his cock to recover so he could fuck her.

Dwayne did as he was told, lying on his back with his seven inch cock sticking straight up into the air.

“Sit on my dick, slut.” Dwayne said to Cathy, who was still lying on the blanket recovering from the pounding Bobby had just given her.

“Yes, I want to feel you inside me.” She said as she struggled to get to her knees.

Two of the other guys grabbed her by the shoulders with one hand and their free hand wrapped around her tits as they pulled on her on the clothes pins on her nipples and guided her onto Dwayne’s waiting cock. She straddled his hips and slid down his cock.

“YES! Hurt my titties. OH MY GOD!” She groaned as her nipples and plump, hanging breasts were pulled and pinched while the seven inch cock slid into her dripping pussy.

Her hips immediately began to pump up and down on Dwayne’s dick. The walls of her vagina were grabbing and clasping it as her hips rose and fell, trying to milk Dwayne dry.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Dwayne said as he reached down and grabbed her hips.

“She’s trying to milk the cum right out of me. Bend down here…Cathy.” Dwayne said as he tried to remember her name.

Cathy immediately did as she was told, causing her tits to hang down, directly into Dwayne’s face.

“Suck my titties.” Cathy said as she looked down at the twenty-seven year old senior.

“Suck my nipples and bite my titties.” She said again as her hips began to move faster.

“I can do that.” Dwayne said as he released her hips and grabbed hold of her swinging tits.

He yanked the clothes pins off, inhaled her left nipple and sucked on it as hard as he could.

“Oh fuck yes, that feels so good.” Cathy said as the young man sucked and munched on her tits.

“I am joining the party.” James said as he knelt down behind Cathy and aimed his cock at her, still leaking, anus.

Cathy felt the pressure of James’ cock against her ass and wiggled her hips to help him slide in.

“She’s really digging this.” James said over his shoulder.

“The “X” has really got her going good.” He continued as he took a firm as he flexed his hips forward causing his cock to slide into her ass with an obscene “pop”.

“Aaahhhhh” She wailed as James drove into her ass as quickly as he could.

“This feels so fucking good.” James said, as he felt the walls of her ass ripple ahead of his thick cock.

“Yes, it does feel good.” Cathy said softly as her hips worked to milk the two cocks she was riding.

James and Dwayne settled into a synchronized stroking of the plumper’s ass and pussy, creating a rhythmic sound:

The “Smack, smack, smack, smack” could be heard for quite a distance from the spectacle taking place on the moonlit beach, but there was no one left to hear it other than the people involved.

“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God!” The plump women said repeatedly as her body was buffeted between the two twenty-somethings.

The other five young men stood around the threesome and stroked their cocks, waiting for their turn to use her again for nearly twenty minutes.

“Look at her ass jiggle,” James said as he stared at the plump ass he had his cock buried in.

Cathy’s body was covered in sweat as she moaned and whimpered between the two men and she mumbled incoherently between gasps and groans as they used her for their pleasure.

“Damn she’s tight and loving every stroke of my cock.” James continued as he repeatedly slapped her ass cheeks, turning them red in the cool night air.

“Oooo, more master. More.” Cathy whimpered each time the strong hand came down across her ass.

Meanwhile, Dwayne continued to use her tits as hand holds, sucking, biting and pinching every inch of her twin globes as they hung down in his face.

“Here, suck on this.” Grant said as he grabbed Cathy by the hair and stuck his cock, that he had been stroking as he watched the redhead getting fucked, in her mouth.

“Mmmmmm.” She moaned as she sucked greedily on the cock in her mouth.

“I am going to cum in her mouth.” Grant groaned as he shot his second load of the night.

Cathy never stopped bobbing her head until the limp cock fell out of her mouth and she could feel her own orgasm building as she licked and sucked on the now, deflated cock. She had swallowed every squirt that he fired into her mouth and never missed a beat as she rode the two cocks using her.

“Oh, I am going to cum. Bite my tits. Bite them hard.” She mewed as her head flopped down and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Dwayne sank his teeth into her right breast and shook his head like a dog with a squeaky toy. As he attacked Cathy’s right tit with his teeth, he took her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinched down as hard as he could.

“OWWWWWWW!” She moaned as the pain burned into her, but it was enough to put her over the edge again.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she wailed as her head flopped from side to side while waves of orgasmic bliss swept over her.

“OH SHIT!” Both men said at the same time, as both shot gobs of cum into her ass and pussy.

As they finished using Cathy’s plump body, they just let her fall off of Dwayne, landing on the blanket covered sand. A loud “Pop” was heard as James cock left her ass as she fell over and Dwayne’s cock made a slurping sound as it fell out of her pussy.

The plump redhead was lying on her back with her legs splayed open and cum running out of her pussy and ass when Seth knelt down and used her tits as a wrapper for his cock. He had been stroking himself the whole time James and Dwayne had been fucking her and the site of Dwayne’s teeth marks on her tits was enough to set him off. He came all over her chest, squirting some of his sperm up into her slightly open mouth.

“You all taste so good.” Cathy said as she licked her lips while a dreamy look settled on her face.

The seven young men were taking a breather from their gang-bang of the plump woman who seemed to be passed out on the blanket and were enjoying their beer and a joint when they heard a female voice calling for Seth. It was his sometimes girlfriend, Vivian.

“Seth. Are you out here? I can smell our pot, dumb ass.”

“Over here.” Seth called to her as the group saw her shape in appear out of the darkness.

“What are you guys doing out here and why are you all naked?” Vivian asked before she spotted the naked woman passed out on the blanket.

“Who is that? She asked as she pointed at Cathy.

“Oh, that’s Cathy. We met her here and invited her to party with us.

She’s been a lot of fun so far, but she’s resting right now.” James said with a smirk.

“My ass hurts.” Cathy murmured as she began to stir.

“We should give her some more wine, or something.” Seth said to James.

“Yeah, where’s wine?” James asked as he looked around the piles of discarded clothing.

“Here it is.” Grant said as he tossed it to James.

“Give her some more wine. We still got some partying to do and we can’t do it without our guest of honor.” James said

George opened the wine and he and Bobby coaxed Cathy into opening her mouth and swallowing quite a bit of it.

Her breasts, which had been spilling over her ribcage, swung down to their normal position on her chest and Bobby couldn’t help but cup one and pinch and pull on the nipple.

“Ummmm, that feels good.” Cathy murmured as she leaned back against Bobby and let him play with her tits.

“You can touch my pussy, if you want.” She said with a giggle as she felt his cock rise up against her back.

“You’re kind of messy. So I’ll just play with your tits.” Bobby said, almost embarrassed by his refusal to play with the drugged women’s sperm-filled pussy.

“Then I’ll do it myself.” She said as she stuck two fingers into her pussy and scooped some of the dripping semen out of her vagina.

She raised her hand to her lips and licked and sucked the messy white goo off her fingers, saying;

“That tastes so good. I love the taste of cum.”

“How many of you have fucked her?” Vivian asked as she looked at the scene before her.

“Just three of us have fucked her cunt so far.” James said. “Why?”

“Oh, I would kind of like to lick the cum out of her pussy when you’re done.” The coed said as she blushed a little and shifted nervously from foot to foot.

“You can do that, if you want. But, you have to be naked like the rest of us and we get to watch.” Seth said to her as he put his arm around her and fondled her right breast through her sweatshirt, causing her nipples to harden and poke through her top.

“Okay, I just want to taste all that cum, without having to do all the work to get it.” Vivian said as she took a hit off the joint that James passed her.

“I think it’s time to get back to the party, we’ve been ignoring our guest.” James said.

“Her Cathy, take a hit off of this.” Vivian said to the redheaded plumper as she placed the joint between the woman’s lips.

“I’ve never done pot before,” She said as she took it from the coed and inhaled heavily on the wet paper.

“Take a couple more hits.” James said to her. “It will help you relax more.”

“I like the smell.” Cathy said as she took two more long hits before handing it to Joe.

“Hey Greg, you ever done a DP on a woman before? Joe asked.

“You mean one in her ass and one in her pussy?” Greg responded.

“No man. I mean two in her ass or two in her pussy.” Joe replied.

“Oh damn! That would hurt!” Vivian said with a cringe. “But it would be fun to watch.”

“Let’s DP this bitch and see how it is.” Joe said as he positioned himself on his back on the blanket.

Cathy, who was still leaning against Bobby watched as Joe positioned himself and then motioned for her to mount his cock. She shifted to her hands and knees as Bobby helped her to stand up.

“Sit down on my cock with your back to me.” Joe said to Cathy, who did as she was told.

Joe’s cock easily slid into her pussy as Joe reached around and pulled her back against his chest.

“That feels so good.” Cathy whispered as her eyes closed.

She started to pump her hips, sliding up and down on Joe’s cock as the pot hit her system.

“Come on Greg, crawl on in her.” Joe said to Greg as the later positioned himself between the spread legs of the other two.

“What are you doing?” Cathy asked Greg as she opened her eyes and looked down just in time to see the head of his cock pop into her pussy with Joe’s.

Greg moved closer to Cathy, forcing his cock further into the stretching pussy of the plump woman.

“OH MY GOD, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” She cried as she felt her pussy being forced open more than it ever had been. She tried to wiggle her hips, but had nowhere to go.

“Oh please don’t stop. It hurts a little, but feels good too.” She said as she put her hands on Greg’s chest to help support his weight.

Greg was fucking her with long, hard strokes, while Vivian watched with a fascinated look on her face, having never seen a woman take two cocks in her pussy before.

“Look at her sweat.” The coed said to no one in particular as she moved closer and watched the rivers of perspiration running down the plump, older woman’s body.

“AAAAAHHH. AAAAAHHH.” Cathy moaned as her head dropped back against Joe’s shoulder and her eyes closed to slits.

“Suck her tits.” James hollered at Greg, who immediately leaned forward and sucked and bit her tits in a frenzy of movement that matched the pounding her pussy was taking.

Greg’s cock was being forced up against her clit and Cathy, who was completely bombed, was enjoying the feeling of the two cocks in her pussy.

“Un huh, un huh. Fuck me. I want all of your baby juice. I want all your sperm.” She moaned as she surrendered to the feelings in her pussy and the thrusting cock shuddered and exploded in her gaping pussy.

While Greg was fucking her from the front, Joe had been mauling whichever breast Greg didn’t have in his mouth. He was nearly ready to orgasm when Greg shot his cum into the plump redhead, sending him over the edge as well.

“Fuck.” He said as he dug his fingers into Cathy’s tits and twisted them as hard as he could. As Greg pulled out Joe pushed Cathy off his lap and she collapsed on the blanket at his side.

“I didn’t get to cum.” She said as her voice trailed off.

“We’ll have to take care of that.” Seth said. As he went to where she lay and rolled her over onto her back.

“Shit. I think she’s passed out!” He said as he looked at her laying there. “

“Who cares?” James said as he moved to where she lay and rolled her over on her face.

“She thought her ass hurt before, wait until I get done.” He continued as he positioned her how he wanted her, and then moved behind her slightly raised ass.

“Watch this!” James said as he put the head of his dick into Cathy’s slightly gaping asshole and shoved his hips forward as hard as he could.

A loud “smack” told everyone that he had bottomed out in her ass. Then, he pulled his cock completely out of her ass and then dove in again.

He positioned his hands on either side of her shoulders and took his upper body weight on his well muscled arms as he moved his knees up so they were on making contact with the outside of her hips. Once he was positioned the way he wanted, he pulled his cock out of her then drove in again.

The sound of “Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack” resounded across the beach as James fucked her ass as fast and hard as he could.

“Go for it, man.” Seth urged as he and the others stood watching the couple on the blanket.

“Yeah, dude.” George said. “Ride that ass. Fuck it good.”

“Ohhhhhh.” Cathy moaned softly as the hammering her ass was taking began to reach her drug and alcohol dulled brain.

As it became apparent that the redheaded plumper was reacting to the fucking her ass was taking, James picked up the pace.

“Oh, baby. Fuck my ass good. Hurt my ass, make my ass hurt.” Cathy said as she emerged from her stupor and tried to rise up on her elbows.

“Wrap your hands around my tits and use them as hand holds. Come on baby, root on me. Pound my ass.” Cathy begged as the college student reached under her and grabbed her swinging jugs.

“You want me to root on you? You want me to use your tits?” James asked her lustily.

“Yes, yeah, I want you to do all that. Do anything you want to me. I want to be used.” Cathy said as she surrendered completely to the wine, “X” and drugs that she had been injected with. She had become a wanton slut.

“I can do anything to you I want?” James asked as a smile spread across his face.

“Anything, anything you want. All of you.” She said as she lay her head down on the blanket.

“Bobby, hand me my pack.” James said to Bobby.

Bobby grabbed the bag and handed it to James, who took a package of straight pins out. His cock was still buried in her plump ass and he had several pins in his right hand as he said;

“I have always wanted to do this. I saw it on a bondage webpage and it looked like fun.”

With that, he placed one of the pins against Cathy’s ass, causing her to jump at the sharp touch.

“Ready, Cathy?” He asked.

“Yes,” She replied somewhat hesitantly.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.” She cried out as the pin sunk into her ass cheek to the ‘t’ handle.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH.” She cried again as another pin was buried into her other ass cheek.

James was staring at his handy work and couldn’t wait any longer.

“Raise up, bitch.” He snarled at her as he reached under her and grabbed hold of her tits again.

“Here goes.” He continued as he pulled his cock out of her ass so that just the head was in her and then he shoved back into her with a savagery that Cathy had never felt from a lover.

“OH FUCK!” He said as the pleasure washed over him as he gave in to the sadistic urges that he felt.

“Give me your nipples, cunt.” James said as he took her sensitive buds between his thumbs and forefingers and latched down on them.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed into the blanket as her nipples were pinched, twisted and pulled while her ass was being hammered.

“FFUUUUCCCCKKKK!” James said as he felt his orgasm build and then explode from his cock as he slammed his hips against Cathy’s plump, jiggling ass, driving the straight pins even deeper into her.

He had never had an orgasm so intense as he shot at least eight jets of cum deep into bowels while she whimpered and cried, begging him to stop pinching her tits and to take the pins out of her ass.

“Please don’t stop. Hurt my ass more, please!” She whimpered as James cock rapidly deflated and fell out of her ass.

“I will be glad to hurt your ass more.” James said as he stuck two additional pins into her ass cheeks and then slapped her ass as hard as he could.

“Damn, I wanted pictures.” Vivian said with a pout.

“No prob.” James said as he moved out of the way of the coed, cell phone.

“Roll her over, so I can get pics of her tits too.” The young coed said to the men standing there watching.

“Sure we can do that, I want to fuck her cunt anyway.” One of the college boys said.

“Roll over on your back, Cathy.” James said to her.

“Okay.” She mumbled as the drugs and alcohol caused her to drift towards unconsciousness.

“She’s out again.” James said as he reached down, grabbed her shoulder and rolled her onto her back.

“I wish she had cum on her tits. I love pictures of tits covered in cum.” Vivian said.

“Okay.” Two of the guys said as they knelt next to her and stroked their hard cocks.

“I have never cum on a girl’s tits before.” One of the young men said as he furiously stroked his cock.

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