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Sian finally got the weekend off that she had so looked forward to. Beth also took a few days off allowing the new girls, Tara and Alison to take over most of the work. Tara was the youngest of the girls, a quiet, petit student of only 21. Alison was older at 33 and more outgoing, but they got on well, enjoying working together.

Alison would enjoy another first today. Her first threesome with 2 men. She had racked up quite a number of conquests over the years but never had she had 2 at once. She was more than happy to try this.

The lads were Sian’s regulars, the 2 geeky looking lads that she had seen 3 times now. They wanted to see Sian when they came in but were more than happy to try someone new.

“Rose tells me that you boys are regulars?” Alison asked them as she went in to start. “I hope I can be as good as Sian.”

“I’m sure you will be.” One of the lads replied.

“Will you do Double Penetration?” The other asked.

“I’ll see how it goes.” Alison replied. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Is Anal ok though?” The first lad asked. He was the arse worshipper, it was a bit of an obsession to him.

“That’s fine.” Alison replied. She didn’t have much Anal experience, most of her sexual experience had been straight forward, no nonsense fucking. She had only really had one long term lover in her life, he had introduced her to the delights of Anal sex, but it had been a rare treat rather than a matter of course. Alison realised though that this was a must in her work, she would lose to many clients otherwise.

Alison took their cash back to Rose and let the lads get ready. She made sure that she had her essentials, lubricant and condoms, then went for it. She knew she had to make this good, they had paid her £200 for this.

The lads were undressed and ready when she came back in. Alison wasted no time in kneeling in front of them to suck their cocks. She knew what they wanted, the full porn star experience, and she was going to give them it. She gave them each about 10 strokes before she swapped back to the other, keeping on wanking them while she sucked the other.

Alison was really getting into this now. Although they were paying to use her body, she felt like she had control over them. She could do what she wanted, make them come whenever she wanted. It felt good.

They soon moved onto the bed, Alison removing her knickers and bra before she laid down and opened her legs. One of the lads wasted no time getting down to taste her rapidly moistening slit. She tasted divine, he buried his head and lapped up as much of her juice as possible. Alison was finding it hard to concentrate on sucking the other man, and within a couple of minutes was coming. She gasped as the man clamped his lips over her clitoris, shaking and bucking her hips as a powerful orgasm washed over her.

The man licking her then started to nudge a cock inside her. Alison knew she should check that he had a condom on, but felt too weak to even ask him. She had continued to suck the other man, and was now beginning to taste the salty pre-come that was starting to flow. He was close now.

After a few more seconds, he pulled his cock out of Alison’s mouth and began to shoot his load. He semen was raining down on her face, some landing in her mouth, some going in her hair.

She was a complete mess but had no time to compose herself as the other man was fucking her hard now. He seemed to be spurred on by the sight of his mate coming all over her and also pulled out, ripping off the condom and shooting bolt after bolt of his come over her tits, stomach and pussy.

Alison just laid back, she was out of breath and covered on spunk, what a sight she thought!

“Do you mind if I take a picture of you?” One of the lads asked her.

She would have usually said no, but she liked these lads, she had the feeling that they wouldn’t show them around. Anyway, why care even if they did? It might mean more business!

“Go on then!” She replied.

The lad pulled an iPhone out of the pocket of his jeans and snapped off a load of pictures. Alison held her messy slit open for him, showing her moist pink hole, now gooey with white come. He got a few close ups of her face and was done.

The boys sat back and relaxed while Alison cleaned herself up. She took a few moments to wipe up the huge amount of semen they had deposited on her.

“Do you do rimming?” One of the boys asked when she joined them on the bed. This was a little kink that Sian had introduced them to.

“What me rim you?” Alison asked.

“If you don’t mind.” He continued. “Sian really got me into it.”

“I don’t think so.” Alison told him. She didn’t really want to turn him down as she really liked both of them, this was a but much for her though.

“Look I don’t mind either of you doing it to me.” She said said straight after. “I’ve just never done it before, and I can’t say it appeals.”

Both lads nodded, not looking to bothered that Alison wasn’t prepared to do this for them. She began to work their soft cocks back to life, kneeling between them and giving them head alternately.

Alison then knelt up on all fours, getting ready to suck the lad on the rights cock.

“So do you want to lick my arsehole then?” She asked the other.

He was up in a shot, she didn’t need to ask him twice. He started by dipping a finger in her wet pussy, then rubbing it gently around her anus. He then started to lick, flicking his tongue lightly over her bumhole at first, then starting to circle it. She had never tried this before, always thinking that she wouldn’t enjoy it. The man knew what he was doing though and was now starting to enter her tight ring with his tongue.

The man then introduced a finger into her bumhole, taking it easy at first, before easing another finger into her. Alison knew what was coming, his fingers were soon replaced by his sheathed cock. There was a brief shooting pain as he first entered her, although this soon subsided. He started to fuck her slowly now, pushing his cock all the way in, then withdrawing all the way so only the tip was still inside her.

Alison had almost forgotten the cock in front of her. Once she was settled with a cock in her arse, she started to work on the 8″ cock in her mouth. She was soon sucking him again with long, lusty strokes, taking almost his entire length into her mouth.

The lads then changed places, his friend now probing Alison’s arsehole with his tongue. This again was just a prelude for the cock about to be thrust into her. Alison was loving the feeling of the 8″ inside her. His cock wasn’t as thick as the other but the length made it feel delightful.

“Can we try the DP then?” One of the boys asked her.

“Yeah, no problem.” She answered. “Just take it easy on me, I really haven’t ever done this before.

Alison rolled a fresh condom onto the cock she was sucking and got astride him. The man then held her bum cheeks apart, allowing her friend to enter her again. Alison screaming at first, it was quite a shock, feeling so amazingly full.

The boys started to fuck her slowly, one thrusting as the other pulled back. They were now quite well practised in this art after their sessions with Sian. The man in her arse was the first to come again, thrusting deep into her and releasing his load into the condom. The other lad was taking a bit longer, so Alison offered him her arse again, knowing this would tip him over the edge. It only took him another minute once he swapped holes, shooting another load inside her.

The hour was over. It had flown by in the end, although the prolonged anal session had left Alison feeling a little sore down there. She had still enjoyed the experience though, the job was certainly not boring.

Tara had been picking up a steady stream of full personal services while Alison was busy. It had taken her a while to settle in at the house, she hadn’t really opened up much for the first few weeks she was there. Beth though, had managed to get her to open up a bit more on a really quiet day.

She confessed the Beth that she was really hating herself for selling her body, and it was really starting to get to her. She had also confessed that he hadn’t told her boyfriend about her job too and was petrified about being found out.

Beth had told her that she needed to separate her feelings from the job. The only way to carry on was to put all of the thoughts about her boyfriend to the back of her mind. If not, this wasn’t the job for her. Tara had been thinking about these words for the past week, deciding to give it one more weekend or to get out.

The few customers she had seem that morning had been ok, one of them though had really helped her. He was about 40 and was a real gentleman too. The sex they’d had was superb too, he had spent ages going down on her, making her come twice before she did the same for him. This was the first experience she had enjoyed in the house.

Later that day, she had another memorable client. A man in his mid thirties came in and immediately picked Tara, asking for the full service, with absolutely everything included. He paid £200 as he was also wanting watersports. Tara had always balked at this before, but after what Beth had said, she decided that she was going to go for everything. It helped that he was extremely good looking with a fantastic looking body. She really fancied this one.

When Tara went back into the room, she couldn’t believe what she saw. The man’s cock was absolutely huge, by far the largest she had ever seen. His body was a fantastic specimen, not overly muscled, just fantastically fit. Tara’s only worry was now whether she could take his huge length. Still, she was going to enjoy trying.

They settled together on the bed and began kissing, Tara stroking his huge member, feeling him grow in her hand. She couldn’t resist breaking off for a moment and taking a look at it. He was somewhere around 10″ she thought, not massively thick, but huge nonetheless.

Tara was desperate to taste him now, so she knelt between his legs and started to lick his shaft. She was adoring the earthy taste, taking in every inch as she teased him. Tara maintained eye contact with him at all times, she was now taking the tip into her mouth. For the next few minutes, she alternated between taking him in her mouth and licking his balls. The man was loving this, so Tara traced her tongue down his perineum, teasing him closer and closer to his arsehole.

“Pull you legs back.” She told him. “I’ve got a little treat for you.”

He smiled and did as he was told, allowing Tara access to his anus. She flicked her tongue across his hole a few times, before finally starting to settle into eating his hole. She also managed to continue wanking him slowly as she rimmed him, he was getting close to coming now, Tara could tell.

She then went back to his cock, clamping her mouth around his piece, wanking him hard. It took no more than a few more seconds before Tara felt a warm gush hit the back of her throat. She took on another half a dozen huge spurts before he subsided, choosing to swallow rather than spit as usual, she literally sucked him dry.

The man then took no time changing places with Tara, laying her down and spreading her legs. She was already soaking after what had happened so far, the man just dived in, giving her wet slit a real tongue lashing. He buried his head, firstly working on her outer lips, before heading deeper into her hole, then concentrating on her clitoris.

Tara came easily, he knew what he was doing, she shook with the intensity of her orgasm. The man then pushed her legs back and returned the compliment by rimming her. He seemed to love her arsehole, pushing his tongue in, working her up into a frenzy, as she came for a second time.

“I want you to piss over me.” Tara then told him, totally out of the blue.

“You sure you don’t mind?” The man replied, taken aback by how forward she was.

“Course I don’t mind.” Tara told him. “You’ve paid for it after all.”

She led him to the bathroom, and joined him in the bath, kneeling in front of him. He aimed at her tits at first, letting his golden stream out over her ample chest. It was soon a massive flow, as if he hadn’t been for a week. Tara was loving every second of this, and would have let him do just about anything he wanted by now.

Tara then returned the favour for him, pissing all over his chest and cock as he laid in the bath. The man had a huge smile on his face as she squat over him, keeping eye contact all the time.

The man was rock hard again now, they took a shower together, kissing and touching almost like a real couple would. This was the closest thing to real, normal sex Tara had experienced in the house. Once they had dried off, they made their way back to the bed and carried on. Tara sucked his cock again, she just couldn’t leave it alone. She took more and more into her mouth until she had managed all but a couple inches.

“Can I Fuck you in the arse?” The man asked.

“Yeah, course you can.” Tara told him. “Please take it slow though, I’ve never had anything like that up there before! And you don’t have to use a condom if you don’t want to.”

“Seriously?” He asked her. “You sure you don’t mind?”

“No. It’s fine.” Tara said. “Just don’t tell my boss, I’ll get sacked. It’s strictly against the rules.”

Tara laid back and spread her legs for him, he entered her without any resistance, inch by inch until he was fully inside her. He fucked Tara hard, making her scream with pleasure, slipping in and out of her slick pussy with ease. She had to stop him after a few minutes as he only had a a few minutes left.

Tara got on all fours and lubricated her arsehole, handing the tub to the man to apply some to his cock. He again licked her tight hole and inserted a couple of fingers to get her used to it. She cried out in pain as he edged the tip of his cock into her anus, it felt absolutely massive. He slowly pushed until about half of his length was inside her, then started to slowly fuck her, pushing his cock a little further in each time. It didn’t take long before he was buried up to the hilt in her arse, fucking her a bit harder. Tara was screaming still, more with pleasure than pain now.

The man then made a loud, long groan and held her by the hips. She felt the warm gush of his come spurting out into her arsehole, it felt wonderful, just the sort of sex she had needed for so long. She did have one sobering moment of guilt as the man withdrew, feeling the trickle of his semen starting to leak from her bum. She knew she shouldn’t have had unprotected sex, but she couldn’t do anything about that now.

Later that day, Tara made up her mind that she was going to tell her boyfriend about what she was doing. She needed to unburdon herself, feel free to enjoy this work, either with or without him. One way or another, this would be the new start she needed.

The worst thing about being away from home on her own for work, Dee decided, was being away from home, alone and staying in a hotel that was being used for a private function where everyone else seemed to know each other and were obviously enjoying themselves. She sipped her drink and cast a look around the bar.

As she scanned the room, she noticed two men near the bar who were deep in conversation. Every now and then they would look in her direction. Dee pretended not to notice but she felt a thrill run through her each time she felt their eyes upon her.

Their looks became more frequent, more lingering. Every now and then Dee would allow her eye to be caught, and she would give her admirers a quick smile. Having made that initial ‘contact’, their stares became more blatant; they were now clearly and very obviously eyeing her up. Their scrutiny became a statement of intent and Dee felt herself responding; the intensity of their stares fuelled a longing inside her and she knew she wanted both of them. A shiver of anticipation ran through her as she held their gaze.

The silent flirting continued as Dee slowly sipped her wine. By the time she placed her empty glass on the table, she knew she could have either one of them. What she really wanted though was to have them both, together, taking her roughly, using her for their pleasure. The thought of being satisfied by both of them at once made her imagination race. Dee felt a warm flush spread across her cheeks and she realised, almost incidentally, that the anticipation had already made her pussy very wet.

Fixing them with her gaze, Dee slowly stood up and, very deliberately, walked towards them. They were following her with a look of hunger in their eyes that was so obvious Dee felt electric bolts of anticipation surge through her. She smiled coyly then without a word to either of them, she began walking towards the door that led from the bar towards the bedrooms. She stopped at the threshold and winked suggestively at them. They both smiled then made to follow her.

As she walked along the corridor towards her room, Dee felt the anticipation increase with every step. Her mind filled with images of the things she hoped the men would soon be doing to her. Her pussy was uncomfortably wet as she fumbled the key-card in the lock of her door.

She had barely made it into her room when the first of the pair grabbed Dee and pinned her to him. She was kissed roughly on the mouth, his tongue forcing its way into hers. As she responded she felt the fire spread through her as she pressed herself against his firm body. Her hands sought out the bulge in the front of his trousers and she was pleased to discover he was already hard and that what he was going to give her felt reassuringly large.

A second pair of hands reached round from behind her. Dee felt his lips against her neck as his hands began stroking her through the flimsy material of her dress. Her nipples stiffened as his fingers brushed over him. Pushing her hips back, Dee ground her bum against his crotch and was again rewarded with the feeling of a hard cock that was clearly straining to be released

Revelling in the sensations as two pairs of hands explored her body while two pairs of lips kissed her, Dee wondered if she could possibly be more aroused it. “Mmmmmm, that feels so good,” she breathed as the man behind her gently nibbled on her neck.

Hands began to unbutton Dee’s blouse. As she let it be removed, she felt her bra being pushed down, revealing her firm, tanned breasts. “Yessssss!” she gasped as she felt a pair of lips fasten on one nipple. The man sucked it roughly into her mouth and flicked it with his tongue before moving to do the same with the other.

As one of the men feasted on her breasts, Dee sensed rather than felt her skirt being removed. Her knickers were uncomfortably wet, and it was almost with a sense of relief that she felt them being dragged down over her hips to fall to her ankles.

Fingers brushed against Dee’s moist lower lips. She wriggled and squirmed, spreading her feet slightly. She felt a finger slide inside her pussy. “Oh fuck! Shit! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhhh, mmmmmm!” Dee cried as, from nowhere her body responded to the attentions of her two unknown lovers. Spasms gripped her pussy, contracting her womb. Her heart pounded as she came hard.

Shaking, her hand went to the zip of the first man’s trousers. She quickly found the object of her search and, as she released it from its confinement, she dropped to her knees. Her pussy was still being vigorously finger-fucked as she wrapped her lips around the large, meaty cock that stood erect before her and drew it into her mouth. She eagerly took as much of it into her mouth and began to suck, her lips sliding effortlessly up and down its length.

Powerful tremors still shook Dee’s body as she sucked hungrily on the cock in her mouth, applying herself diligently to the task. As she sucked, the man gripped her head and began to thrust, slowly but firmly, driving the head of his cock deep into the back of Dee’s throat, making her eyes water.

Dee was so engrossed in enjoying having her mouth fucked that it was a few moments before she realised that the other man was no longer fucking her pussy with his fingers. She looked round and saw him now standing beside his friend, sporting a cock that looked every bit as satisfying as the one that she currently had in her mouth. Almost reluctantly, Dee disengaged her mouth from the first then turned to devour this second cock that was now being offered to her.

“She’s one hell of a cock-sucker, isn’t she?” she heard one of the men ask as sucked hungrily on the cock in her mouth.

“Oh f… fuck yeah! Sh… she most definitely is!” the other replied. By his strained tones, Dee identified the voice as belonging to the owner of the cock she was currently enjoying.

“Bet she fucks as good as she sucks,” The first said.

“I… I’m sure she does…” the other replied.

Feeling increasingly aroused by the compliments they were paying her, Dee began alternating her attention between the two satisfyingly large cocks that were being enthusiastically offered to her. Sucking one then licking the other, moving back and forth, enjoying their moans of pleasure almost as much as the feeling of their cocks between her lips. As she feasted Dee was surprised by the fact that she could feel her pussy getting wetter as anticipation of what would come next continued to mount.

Dee came to a decision. She turned her attention back to the first of the two cocks and began to suck on it in earnest. As her lips travelled up and down the object of her desire she felt a pair of hands slide up her thighs. She sensed, rather than felt the second man take position behind her. Her anticipation climbed still higher, adding to the sensations she was felt as she continued to suck and lick at the cock before her.

With her lips wrapped tightly around the cock in her mouth, Dee braced herself for what was about to come. The seconds ticked by with almost agonising slowness as she waited, a desperate longing to taken hard growing in her with every heartbeat, every breath, every twitch and throb of the cock she was sucking on.

Suddenly she felt the second man’s cock push against the lips of her soaking pussy. The cock slid into her without resistance and she found herself filled at both ends.

“Oh fuck, her pussy is good,” he moaned as he pressed into her, quickly finding his rhythm, “Just wait until you’ve got your cock in here”

He increased his pace and soon Dee could feel his cock slamming into her with all its force. Each thrust of his cock forced her to take the one in her mouth even more deeply into her throat. Savouring the sensations, Dee moved her hips to match his rhythm in such a way as to maximise the sensations at both ends of her body. Back, and her pussy was filled to the brim, stretching to accommodate the cock that was deep inside her. Forward, and the first cock filled her mouth once more

Both men continued to fuck her. Dee could feel her pussy trembling around the thick cock that filled it. She reached back to stroke her clit and it throbbed beneath her fingers.

Once again, she felt her orgasm explode within her. Dee’s pussy gripped the cock inside it tightly; she sucked even harder on the cock that was filling her mouth. She wanted to cry out, to give voice to her pleasure but she couldn’t force any sound out from around the thick cock between her lips.

With some unspoken agreement both men decided to change places. Dee let herself be lifted from the floor, on to her bed as the first man, who had until moments ago been fucking her face lay down next to her. “Climb on top of me,” he commanded. Still trembling from the intensity of her climax, Dee slowly lowered herself onto his lap. Then using one hand to hold his erect member in position, she deftly guided it into her. The feeling of his cock filling her sent her over the edge again.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” her lover asked as she impaled herself on his cock.

“Oh fuck yes!!” Dee moaned, “I’m loving every fucking second!”

He raised his hands to her breasts, squeezing them and teasing her nipples as Dee began to move up and down, clenching the walls of her pussy around him.

As he fucked her from below, he began to suck on her nipples again. The feeling of his lips and tongue against them sent feelings like electric shocks coursing through her body.

The second guy presented his cock and Dee greedily began to suck on it. The taste of her juices coating his thick cock combined with the sensations in her clit and her pussy sent her over the edge and she came again with a giant shudder. So intense were her feelings that she would have screamed were it not, once again for the fat, juicy cock between her lips.

Dee allowed herself to come down and slowly found her rhythm again. She was being lifted and lowered onto the cock below her with such force that her pussy was beginning to feel raw.

Dee’s pussy and mouth were allowed a brief moment of respite as she found herself being positioned on all fours. The men changed position again. The cock which, moments before, she had been impaling herself on was now being thrust between her lips. Dee savoured the taste of her juices on its length as it was forced roughly into her mouth. She felt strong hands gripping her hips, the head of the other cock pressing against her enflamed lower lips. Dee pushed her hips back to receive it, taking it deep inside her. With both her pussy and mouth stuffed full once more, she gave herself over to them, surrendering herself to their wants.

As one cock hammered her increasingly tender pussy, Dee sucked and licked the cock that was in front of her with increasing abandon. Every deep thrust of the cock in her pussy forced more of the other thick cock into her mouth.

The pounding of her pussy continued; her jaw was beginning to ache. Dee didn’t mind; every nerve in her body was on fire as she endured the merciless assault of the two cocks.

Suddenly the man pulled out and for a moment she felt a great sense of emptiness inside her where his cock had been. Moments later she felt the head of his cock being pressed firmly against her other entrance. Dee let the other cock slip from her mouth. “Ohhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhh, mmmmmm…” she moaned as her arsehole yielded to the pressure

Slowly, inch by delicious inch she felt the first cock invade her arse. Dee slid her hips back to meet his thrust and soon he was moving his cock inside her again. After a few stokes he pulled out again. The other man lay on his back on the bed and motioned Dee to climb on to him. She did so, and wasted no time guiding his cock into her pussy. She could hardly suppress the thrill of knowing what was about to happen as she slid down his length and then began to ride his thick cock.

Once again, Dee felt the other cock press against her arsehole. She paused briefly, allowing him to enter her. When it was in Dee delighted at the sensations of having both holes filled at once. As she accustomed herself to the new sensations, her only regret was that there wasn’t a third cock for her to suck as her two lovers thrust deeply inside her.

With their cocks now buried deep in her pussy and back passage, Dee was final free to give voice to her pleasure. “Oh fuck that’s sooooo good,” she moaned, “Fuck my pussy! Fuck my arse! Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Feeling herself sandwiched between them she felt the pressure in her clit rise again. They were both thrusting into her as hard as they could and she was enjoying every second. Savouring the double intrusion, Dee, moaned her encouragement, letting both men know how much she was enjoying their attentions.

From their breathing she knew that soon they wouldn’t last much longer. She ground her hips down and pushed back at the same time, drawing the two cocks as deep into her pussy and her arse as she could. She came again. “Ohhhh, ohhhh, ooooh yesssss! Yessssss! Mmmmmm YESSSSSSSSSS!!” she cried, this time being able to give vent to the screaming release that had been denied her on the previous occasions.

As if her screaming was the signal the men had been waiting for, the delicious abuse of her holes suddenly stopped. The first man slowly pulled his cock from her back passage. Still shaking, Dee felt herself being lifted off the other cock. Still gripped in the throes of her climax, she was allowed to lie back on the bed as the two men took up positions on either side, pointed their cocks at her and began to wank them furiously.

Dee couldn’t tell which of her lovers came first, but she didn’t care. “Mmmmmm, that’s nice,” she purred contentedly as the first cock erupted, sending spurts of hot, sticky cum over her face and neck. It was still spewing its load over her when she, heard a low moan from her left then felt the second load hit her, covering her breasts with its warm stickiness.

Dee lay there for a moment then began to rub the cum into her skin. As her sticky fingers made contact with her nipples the dirtiness of the situation overwhelmed her and she allowed herself a final small climax.

With small but intense tremors gripping her body, she continued to massage her breasts, relishing the feeling as she spread the sticky load all over them. She licked her fingers clean then turned to the two cocks that were now diminishing. She gently licked each one clean, savouring the mixed taste of cum and her own juices. Once that task had been completed, she greedily licked her lips, wiped her face and licked the last traces of cum from her fingers.

Lying there, tired, tender but extremely satisfied on her bed, Dee was scarcely aware of the men as they quickly dressed and left her room. She wondered if she could be bothered with the effort of getting herself cleaned up and going back downstairs to the bar again. Feeling warm and surprisingly comfortable despite her various aches, she decided not to bother.

Later, having finally summoned up the last reserves of energy to shower and get ready for bed, Dee’s last thought as she turned off the light was the realisation that she hadn’t found out her lovers’ names.

Jill leaned against her car, looked at her watch, and then looked over her shoulder at the cigarette and adult novelty store’s “Closed” sign. She had driven halfway across town in an effort to not be recognized. She still couldn’t believe she’d agreed to picking up the party favors for her daughter’s best friend’s bachelorette party.

Other than the finger-sized vibrator Jill acquired in college almost 20 years ago, she had never used or seen an adult phallic toy. But that was exactly what the bride-to-be wanted to hand out as gifts to the 20 or so women invited to the party. Jill reminded her that some of the women were as young as 18, but some were as old as 60. The bride-to-be was firm on what she wanted. She even provided Jill with a list of various vibrators and dildos so there would be an assortment.

Jill looked on the Internet, but couldn’t seem to find exactly what was on the list. She looked through the phone book and only found three adult novelty stores in town. Two of the three were in bad parts of town, but one was not far from the airport, and was more of a tobacco store than a porn shop. Jill decided to start there.

She called first, and read off a few of the toys on the list. The gentleman that answered the phone thought he had a few in the stockroom, so it wouldn’t be a wasted trip.

From the corner of her eye, Jill could see the “Closed” sign being flipped to “Open.”

Time to get on with it.

The storefront appeared clean, bright, and smelled of tobacco. In fact, Jill was a little worried she had gone to the wrong place. The bell clanged as the door closed behind her. A short, small-framed man with horn-rimmed glasses instantly appeared from the back of the store.

He almost tripped when he looked up to see Jill. She wasn’t the usual clientele.

At 38, Jill looked good. Some would say too good. She married right after high school, and had her daughter less than a year afterward. After her pregnancy, Jill worked hard to maintain a healthy physique, and at first glance, she could easily be mistaken for a girl in her 20′s, especially at work. Her daughter became increasingly independent over the last few years, so Jill had more time to do some of the things she had always wanted.

Her husband had been promoted to a position requiring more time abroad than at home, so Jill looked into selling real estate as a way to fill her time. Selling houses was better than watching soap operas in Jill’s book, and it paid better, too. With a little help from some veteran agents, her good looks, and dressing for success, Jill made enough in a year to pay for the new Lexus parked outside.

She had left the office at 4pm, hoping the tobacco store would be open while it was still daylight. Her work clothes were tasteful, but also just a little bit sexy. Her coworkers showed her data on how sex sells, even in real estate, but none of them admitted to having done more than tease in order to make a sale. Jill had gone as far as letting an older gentleman grope her ass while she showed him a $1M home, but she never went any farther. Unlike some of her coworkers, she never had to.

The storeowner seemed to stop dead in his tracks as he took in the sight of her. Her high heels, long legs, short skirt, and open blouse were completely foreign to him outside of the magazines and videos he pandered. Her radiant red hair and deep blue eyes sparkled in the setting sun peering through the shop’s windows.

“Can I help you, missy?” the storeowner asked.

“I don’t know. I think I might be in the wrong place.” Jill answered sheepishly.

“Not if you’re the lady that called an hour ago, asking about some dildos.” He acted as if he talked about them every day.

Jill nodded, her face turning red from embarrassment.

“Follow me.” The storeowner walked toward the back of the store and through a black curtain.

Jill’s heels clicked as she stepped though the opening to the back part of the store. The floor was unfinished cement — much noisier than the carpeted floor in the tobacco part.

Jill had never been in an adult novelty store, bookstore, or video arcade. To say that she was surprised would be an understatement.

She had heard from her husband and his friends about the kind of men that would hang out in such places. For the moment, she was relieved that she was the only customer.

Jill looked at a few magazines, DVDs, and then found a wall full of various phallic shapes. She had never seen anything like them. She was particularly impressed at the size of some of the toys.

“Do women actually use these to masturbate?” Jill asked.

“Sometimes, men too.” The storeowner smirked.

He handed her three boxes. “I pulled these from the back after you called. It’s all we have on your list. You’ll probably have better luck finding the rest at the other places in town, you just have to be careful.”

“What do you mean?” Jill asked, more curious than worried.

“I mean those places are in a little rougher part of town. You might want to rethink your outfit. Tone it down a bit.” He said, looking at her hardened nipples pushing through the fabric of her blouse.

Jill could see him staring at her breasts, but wasn’t offended. She was used to it.

She was a real estate agent. She knew the town.

“Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.” Jill politely smiled as she walked towards an opening on the far wall.

Lights flashed around the doorframe. Through the door was a hallway with several doors on either side.

“What’s in here?” Jill asked.

“Those are preview rooms.” The storeowner almost laughed as he answered. “A few years ago, that was where you could take a video tape and watch it before you bought it. The previous owner upgraded for DVDs, but nowadays, you can watch the same stuff at home, on your computer. Only people that go in there now are just interested in anonymous blowjobs through the glory holes. Cops keep cracking down on it, making me board up the holes, but the low-life’s figure out a way to make new ones. Plus, it’s a real pain in the butt to keep the floor clean.”

Jill walked down the hall and opened one of the doors. Inside the booth, there was a plastic patio furniture chair, an ashtray, and a monitor with coin slots and a channel button. She looked down and found she was standing in a slimy substance, and then carefully stepped out of the hallway and back into the store.

“Surreal” was all Jill could muster.

The storeowner looked into the booth after she stepped out. “Ahh crap. I’m really sorry about that. I thought I cleaned them all out last night.” He quickly stepped into a utility room and started running the water to fill up a mop bucket.

“I guess I can ring you up and get you on your way, missy,” the storeowner paused. “Unless there’s anything else.”

“No. I mean yes. I’ll just pay for these. Thanks for the… tour.” Jill said.

“That’ll be $157.80,” the storeowner said matter-of-factly.

Jill blinked hard.

“Seriously?” Jill asked, her face turning red again. “For three dildos?”

“Yep, you got some good ones, there, I imagine. Whoever made up your list must be pretty particular. Hope she enjoys ‘em.” The storeowner smiled, and waited.

“They’re not all for one person. They’re supposed to be party favors at a bachelorette party.” Jill handed him two hundred dollar bills.

“A party, huh? Dildos and vibrators? How times have changed.” The storeowner handed Jill her change.

Jill quickly walked out, got in her car only after fumbling with the keyless code for what seemed like an eternity, and sped home — to her side of town.

A few days went by before Jill got up the nerve to call one of the two remaining adult novelty stores. They were strictly porn shops — no tobacco sales taking place there legally. She tried calling during the day, but there was no answer, a busy signal, or a recording asking her to leave a message.

When she finally did get through, the voice on the other end of the line scared her enough to hang up.

“Bitch, I ain’t got time for yo’ shit. You wanna fuckin’ dildo, get your ass over here and find you one,” the proprietor yelled into her ear.

Jill hung up a second later. She was shocked and felt just a little humiliated.

With only two weeks before the bachelorette party, she knew she was running out of time. She quickly called the last adult book and video store in the phone book.

“Sure, we have some of those,” a man answering as Sammy said. “We might even have all of those. We don’t close until 4am.”

“I’m more interested in what time you open,” Jill explained.

“Well, we got inventory tomorrow, so I’ll be in early. Maybe around noon. That work?” Sammy asked.

“That’d be great!” Jill said, later realizing she probably sounded too excited.

Remembering what the tobacco storeowner told her, Jill decided to really dress down. She found an old pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and flip-flops. She didn’t realize she had forgotten to wear a bra or panties until she was halfway to the adult bookstore. She never wore a bra or panties when she wore those clothes – because she normally wouldn’t be caught out of the house in those clothes.

After several wrong turns, Jill finally found the seedy-looking adult book and video store. Trash was strewn across the sidewalk, and she strongly considered turning around and going home rather than leave her car parked on that street.

She bit her lip and looked around. The neighborhood looked deserted.

Jill stepped out of the car and quickly walked to the store’s front door. Locked.

She pulled on it several more times until a short, bald, and slightly overweight black man unlocked the door.

“You da’ lady on the phone?” Sammy asked.

“Yes. Sorry, I thought you said you’d be here at noon.” Jill asked, catching a chill.

“Yea, it’s noon and I’m here… and now you are, too.” Sammy smiled as he held the door open for her. “Come on in. I got to lock the door, though, ’cause I’m still doing inventory and shit.”

“Oh. Okay.” Jill said quietly. He had left the key in the door, so she felt she could leave in a hurry if she needed to.

Unlike the tobacco store, this establishment wasted no time in showing off it’s stock. As soon as the door closed behind her, Jill turned to see hundreds of dildos covering an entire wall, from floor to ceiling. Some were in boxes, some in plastic, but all hung from pegs sticking out from the wall. Jill wondered how long it would take to look through them all.

Sammy seemed to have read her mind.

“Over here are the simple ones. Smaller and cheaper. What I call the beginner’s section.

Next, we have more life-like ones. Balls, veins, texture.” Sammy spoke as a museum curator. “And over here, these are the pro models. These are some serious shit.”

Jill couldn’t believe the realism, although they seemed to be scaled much larger than life.

She reached up for one of the boxes and felt her sweatpants start to fall.

Jill quickly reached back down to hold up her pants, and then tied the waist string a little tighter. She could tell that Sammy could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Mmm, hmmm.” Sammy smiled as he tilted his head. “Well, let me know if you need any help with anything. Just give me a holler when you’re ready to check out.”

“Thanks,” Jill said as she caught her breath.

The selection was daunting. She looked at the list, and then looked up at the wall and felt overwhelmed. After twenty minutes, she only found four of the remaining seventeen toys. After an hour, she found three more.

Sammy came back to the front of the store.

“You still here?” Sammy smiled.

“I’m really having a tough time finding any more on the list.” Jill explained.

“Well, give me the list and I’ll go back in the storeroom and see what I can find.” Sammy offered.

Jill wondered why she hadn’t just asked him to do that in the first place.

“You gotta wait up here, though.” Sammy warned. “Look around. See if there’s anything else you need. Read some magazines. Watch a movie — ladies watch for free.”

“Really?” Jill asked, curious.

Sammy walked behind the register counter and unwrapped a role of tokens.

“Here, knock yourself out. You’ve got about $600 worth of latex on that list of yours. If we find everything you need, I might just close up early tonight.” Sammy handed her the tokens and pointed to the back of the store.

Jill walked around the store, up one isle, and down another. It reminded her of vinyl record stores when she was a little girl. Instead of records, though, these were magazines covering every fetish ever imagined.

Jill was no prude, and had allowed her husband to do everything he ever wanted with her — not that any of it was much of a departure from what she wanted. But the magazines portrayed everything at a much higher level of intensity. The women were younger and more beautiful. The men were athletic and unusually well endowed. She had thought her husband was bigger than average, and it still felt that way whenever they had time for sex, but average for the men in the magazines made her husband’s manhood seem almost small in comparison.

She found the video arcade. It looked like a room within a room, and in the center were all the booths. The corridor ran around the outside of the booths, ending in a glass enclosure showcasing the current library of movies the patrons could sample.

Jill was surprised at the number of gay films. The majority of the other movies seemed centered on blacks on blondes. She figured blacks on redheads didn’t sound as catchy. Their loss.

She walked down the corridor, stopping a few doors down. She stepped into the booth to find an old steel folding chair, opaque glass windows on each side, and a video screen opposite the door. Under each window was a hole barely big enough to fit a soda can through.

“Those must be the glory holes.” Jill whispered.

Jill turned to close the door behind her and could barely make out the sign on the back of the door. “No sexual activity of any kind permitted on premises by order of city ordnance.”

“Are you kidding me?” Jill asked, not knowing anyone else was listening.

She slid a hook on the door into an eye-ring. That was about as close to a lock as she would get.

Jill dropped a token into the coin slot next to the video screen. Nothing happened.

She dropped another token into the slot and almost jumped a foot high as the screen came to life and the sounds of a woman moaning filled the booth. Jill felt around the video screen for any kind of knob that would turn down the volume, and instead found an overheard light rheostat. She turned the light all the way up and was finally able to see the volume knob.

Once she had the sound turned down to a reasonable level, she turned the overhead light back down and pressed the button on the monitor. The scene changed from retro porn from the ’70′s to gay porn from the ’90′s. Two men in a sixty-nine, sucking each other to orgasm. Jill was beside herself. She had never seen anything like it. Not knowing how long two tokens would last, she quickly pressed the button again and again, sampling each of the dozen or so movies. Eventually, the screen went blank. She dropped two more tokens into the slot, and was introduced to another video. This one seemed more current, as the hairstyles appeared more modern, and there seemed to be no pubic hair on any of the actors.

Two skinny black men were holding a young white girl, barely eighteen years old. She looked scared at first, but as one of the men dropped to his knees and began licking and fingering her bald pussy, she quickly spread her legs and began to moan.

They pulled her onto a bed where they took turns pushing each of their long members down her throat. She gagged several times, but didn’t resist, even when it looked like one of the men was choking her with his hand around her throat.

They tugged at her nipples which were perched high on small tits. The girl seemed almost relieved when they started fucking her.

The screen went black, again.

“Damn it.” Jill whispered as she pulled her had from her sweatpants. She froze for a moment. “Holy shit. I was getting myself off on that.”

Jill smiled to herself and decided to drop all of the remaining tokens into the coin slot.

The screen went bright, then dim, then bright again, this time showing yet another movie.

“No, no, no.” Jill whined as she pressed the button several times in attempt to find the movie she had just been watching.

When she finally found it, she looked around the booth. It was surprisingly cleaner than the booth at the tobacco store. She couldn’t seem to sit on the chair and pull her sweatpants down enough to rub her clit adequately. She decided to take off her sweatpants and fold them up, making a little cushion for the folding chair. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but that movie had made her so hot, and seeing those long black dicks in that girl’s mouth, hands, and pussy made her wetter than she had been in a long time.

Jill leaned back on the chair and raised her legs. Her perfectly painted toenails glistened as she placed her feet on each of the side window ledges. She rubbed her clit with one hand while squeezing her nipples with the other.

As the black men changed positions, Jill began fingering her pussy in time with their thrusts. When they turned the girl over, exposing her small, firm ass, Jill panted harder.

One of the men started licking the girl’s small, puckered asshole, while the skinny black man underneath her continued to slide his long pole in and out of her pussy.

Jill could barely contain herself.

Jill spit on her hand and rubbed her asshole. She knew what was coming next in the video, and the anticipation was causing her pussy to gush. She continued to rub her clit with one hand while pushing on the bud of her asshole with the other.

As if staying in time with the action on the screen, Jill slid her index finger into her asshole as one of the black men slid his long, slick dick into the young girls ass.

The girl seemed to squirm at first, arching her back, and pushing against his thigh with her hand. But then, the two black men stopped moving altogether.

Jill froze, too. The two black men remained motionless, but the young white girl began to move forward, and then back. Forward, and back. She was fucking herself on their shiny, wet dicks.

Jill had tried anal twice with her husband, and while he came quickly, she didn’t come at all. This was completely different. She fingered her asshole faster while pressing harder on her clit. The wetness from her pussy dripped onto her asshole, prompting Jill to add a second, and eventually a third finger.

Jill watched as the young, white girl continued to impale herself on those two black dicks until the sounds of Jill finger fucking her asshole echoed throughout the booth.

Jill surprised herself when she came. She knew she was on the brink for at least three minutes, and she rode that feeling as long as she could. She wanted to scream at the onset, but held it in, instead making a choking noise as she soaked her sweatpants.

The hidden cameras captured every detail.

Jill looked up to see the two black men depositing their semen onto the girls face, as if on cue. Jill felt a secondary orgasm overcome her and she let out a deep sigh. The girl seemed to suck what was left in each of the black stud’s balls, then scooped some of their come from her face into her mouth. She swallowed, then opened her mouth for the camera and smiled.

Seconds later, the screen went blank and the booth was completely dark.

Jill lowered her legs from the window ledges and felt around the floor with her bare feet. She kicked one flip-flop, but found the other and stood up. She reached around until she found the overhead light rheostat. She turned it slightly, but the booth instantly filled with bright light. She could see her reflection in the glass panes on either side.

All through my life, I have always been told, how do you know unless you try? Until I began writing this story, I never thought about much about this say. However, this is an accurate description of our, Yvette’s and Brad’s sex life, and our sex life has always been exciting with a youthful willingness to explore our sexual boundaries. If you were to look at us now you would probably never guess that we have a healthy appetite for exploration. The experience I am about to retell involves a threesome that happened during the summer of ’96.

My wife, Yvette is eight years my junior. She is short around 5’1 with naturally curly shoulder length light auburn hair, green eyes and a curvaceous figure. Her breasts are 36B with a small nipple lie almost flat when not aroused but grows several time their size when aroused. While her skin is light similar to people of Irish, English, or Nordic descent. If you were to look at Yvette, your first guess would probably be mid-20 but the reality is she is closer to 40. She is almost eight years my junior and we met shortly after her graduating high school.

In contrast to her simple features, Yvette’s personality is quite complex. Probably the most interesting aspect of her personality is when you talk to her she comes across very progressive in her ideology but beyond her progressive mask her values regarding relationships are quite conservative. This comes about, I feel, because of her mother divorcing then remarrying in a short period when Yvette was young. For Yvette, I feel, this created a home with competing values. Also, I feel she was never was able to resolve the competing values and instead incorporated them into her overall personality.

An area where this dichotomy of competing values shows up is in her way of relating to people. Yvette is an outgoing individual who is quite confident. She is a patient and understanding individual who demonstrates a lot of tolerance for differing opinions. In contrast, in her personal life, she will listen to differing opinions but believes there are certain rules, regardless of how illogical or out of date they maybe, that must be followed. The conflict between adherence to rules and being tolerant of differing in opinion comes through when it comes to sex.

Yvette feels as though she must strictly adhere to society’s concept of femininity, being a wife, and being in a heterosexual relationship. While, there is another side of Yvette, a side that wants to push the limits of sexual exploration and become a sexually empowered woman. An example of this conflict, between pushing sexual boundaries and adhering to rules, continues to play today as she tries to find a balance between the two of them. For example, when we met, she already had a bisexual experience with another woman and she even participated in a two female threesome where she was the other woman who did not interact with the male. Oddly enough, I was the first guy she was ever with even though when it came to men she was quite flirtatious and remained flirtatious even after being married. However as time went on, she began shedding the need to push the boundaries in favor of adhering to standards society define but there are still times when the desire to push the boundaries comes through in her behavior. These internal struggles and opposing views makes Yvette a dynamic individual.

In comparison, I am quite taller than Yvette with darker hair, blue eyes, and my skin tone tends to be darker in complexion similar to Eastern European or Mediterranean in descent my experience included some two male threesomes, an open relationship, and being in a friend with benefit relationship before meeting Yvette. Unlike Yvette’s experiences, I have only had straight experiences. Also unlike Yvette who has competing views on life, I have always kept an even keel being open-minded while maintaining a consistent liberal outlook. However, as I get older I find when it comes to financial issues I am becoming more conservative but I still maintain a very liberal outlook on social issues. For me, I believe this comes about from my education and having a more stable family life as I grew up.

In our relationship, I tend to be the voice of reason while wanting to do more exploration that is sexual but not go into areas where I feel there is too much risk. Whereas, Yvette early in our relationship started out being sexually adventurous that resulted in us having a few two male threesomes. However, as the years passed she became more of the traditional American wife, developing issues with body image, not wanting sex as much, wanting a career, and preferring to spend time together instead of sex. Even with her becoming more traditional in her views, sex has always remained exciting and she still flirts with the idea of having another threesome.

So how did we get to the point of having a few threesomes in our relationship? As I reflect on them, I feel they were, for us as a couple, a bridge between married life and putting aside our youthful wild side. As individuals, I feel for Yvette, it was a confirmation that she was desirable and being able to put aside her past. For me, it was a chance to have a few more threesomes and allow Yvette the ability to explore this side of her sexuality.

At the time when most of our threesomes occurred we were like many couples just starting out, affording a mortgage was not possible so we chose to live in an apartment complex. The complex had several buildings, with a courtyard that had a pedestrian path, which led to a nearby park, and an outdoor community area. As a multi-unit housing complex, it nicely landscaped with large trees lining the border of the complex in order to give some privacy. Adding to its beauty it was located outside of the city that we work, which meant we had a long commute. However, its location and layout was perfect for helping us to unwind after work. Moreover, living in an apartment complex gave Yvette the opportunity for going on walks and in the summer occasionally lying out in the sun getting that perfect bronze tan.

The warm weather, that year, started earlier than usual, in mid-April, typically it did not start getting warm until lat May or early June. The early start to the warm weather gave Yvette an early start on her outdoor activities. On one of her walks, she met Jim, an older individual about 10 years older than Yvette and took an immediate interest in her. If my memory serves me correctly, Jim lived in a different building in a basement apartment. Jim is average height, with average build though he had some muscle definition especially in the upper-arms and chest and has short brown hair. Appearance wise he was a smoker whose face aged faster and usually has a days worth of beard growth. His clothes shows a bit of age and his jeans appear to be baggy on him giving him a bit more rough appearance. Normally this type of man could not get Yvette’s attention but there was something different about Jim. In contrast to Yvette and me, Jim was a bit cruder in his behavior than us. For Yvette, it provided a bit of a risk due to neighbors finding out, the attention from flirting is something she enjoyed, and made it a bit of an adventure for her.

Anyhow getting back to how Yvette’s meeting Jim led to a memorable sexual adventure, as spring became warmer the time she spent taking walks became longer. After noticing this, one day casually I asked her what was the reason and she began to tell me about Jim flirting with her. Probing a bit deeper I asker her, “Would you like to fuck him?”

To which she replied, ” no.” She said, “I enjoyed the attention and it makes me horny. But, nothing would come from it. I am a good girl and would not anything like that” After saying that she grabbed my wrist, without saying a word, she pulled my wrist towards her and then sliding it down her pants so that it touched her pussy. Normally her pussy does get moist when mildly aroused and it takes a bit of foreplay to get her really wet. This time it was so wet, when thinking about the experience, it reminds me of how wet she would get when should would talk about fucking other guys before she met me. She then smiled at me, blushing a bit, and said to me, “see.”

At this point, using my knowledge about our relationship, I knew this was a situation with potential but at the same time, it was fragile. This meant pushing the idea too much of her fucking Jim would destroy any possibility, regardless of how remote the possibility was but to increase the possibility, the idea needed nurturing. Nurturing meant, being supportive and encouraging it where possible while not appearing too eager. Also, this meant knowing when to ask about the flirting and when asking becomes too much. Essentially nurturing amounted to an art whereby instinct, listening, and it became vital by trying to put together the pieces of information to know how to proceed. For Yvette, it meant needing time to become comfortable with the idea and feeling secure with the idea before going through with it. Therefore, for the next few weeks, I kept quiet and letting her go about her daily walks.

About three weeks passed without me not saying anything. It was just after the Memorial Day weekend, at the end of May; Yvette started regularly tanning outside in the community area of the apartment wearing her size pink size 10 bikini with spaghetti straps that showed off her breasts. One day, I was outside on our deck grilling a 24 oz t-bone steak for me and grilling an 8 oz sirloin steak for Yvette. In the distance I could see Yvette lying face down on her beach towel but unlike the previous year, this time Yvette was tanning near Jim’s basement apartment window with the tie on her bikini top undone. Seeing her lying like with her string undone and lying in a different area intrigued me. The change in her behavior indicated to me this was a time to push the idea of her fucking Jim a bit further but stopping the conversation at the moment I hit resistance. When she finally came in, I mentioned what I had noticed. Oddly, mentioning what I had observed did not surprise her, as I thought it would, and her reply was a bit unexpected. She tells me, “Jim was still flirting with me through his window and he teasingly said I looked like a good fuck. I did not make much out of it.”

Again, I ask, “Would you like to fuck Jim?” I was expecting that she would give me her typical reply.

Instead, she said it, “It is tempting, quite tempting and I would love to feel another cock in me. But, I cannot go through with it. I mean it would be cheating and I could not deal with myself after it happened.” She continued, “How would we do it? I mean, everyone in the complex knows I am married and seeing me with him would look bad.” These statements told me that she was considering the idea at some level. However, the barrier seems to people finding out and she may have some issues about cheating. For me, to move it forward means supporting her is working and I need to give her some more time.

In order to help move it forward and attempting to address the relationship barrier I told her, “You know, it is not cheating if we agree to it, I am told beforehand, and provide you stick the boundaries we agree to then it is not cheating.”

“When you get married, you are not supposed to have sex with other people,” she said.

“I understand what you are saying and I love you no matter what you decide. However, I can tell the idea tempts you and I find it arousing. Maybe, we can find a compromise?”

She did not respond to the last statement and that told me she had hit, what I call information overload. By not responding to the last statement, it told me time to end that part of the conversation. The attention Jim was paying her was wearing her down and by not making a fuss over it seem to provide her with some more reassurance. During the next few weeks, our conversations revolved if she should go through with fucking Jim what would it mean for her. One conversation I recall her saying, “When I was out I was really tempted to say to Jim fuck me now but I held back because I did not how you would feel.”

“If you fucked him, I would not hold it against you because I know that is what you want and I would find it a turn on.”

She thought about it for a moment by not saying anything and she looked as though she was considering what I had made sense. “I know it would turn you on, me too but I could not go through with it. I wish that I could.” With the more recent conversations, Yvette went from telling me it was not going to happened to wanting to go to his apartment to fuck him but at the last moment deciding not to act on her impulses. A few moments later, she says to me, “You know, the attention Jim is giving me is quite a turn on. I love you but I enjoy the attention and want to know what is like to fuck him. If you know what I mean?”

“I know what you mean and it is something you want. Loving you and being married to you is different from just sex. Why is it wrong if you want to have one fling?” What Yvette was saying it was not our marriage was the issue but she feels she needs to fit in the role of wife thereby not giving in to her urge to have sex with someone else. After a few weeks of talking about it and having a few incidents where she was preparing to go through with it only at the last moment changing her decision, she finally decides that will approach Jim about her idea.

After approaching Jim about her idea, she talks about the conversation she had with him and if I remember correctly, the conversation went something like,

“You know Jim, I find you physically attractive and I am curious about what it would be like to be with you once,” she says.

“You are?”

“Yes, once. No one is to know about it and it is one time with no begging for more afterward.” Then she went on, “One more thing, before anything happens I need to be sure my husband is alright with it and nothing happens until he gives me the green light.”

“Okay, I can agree to it.”

To which Yvette said, “In the mean time, if I hear this becoming a part of the gossip around here or you push me for a decision from my husband then all bets are off.”


However, after telling me about the conversation she admitted, “I am quite nervous and I want it to happen naturally. I do not want to plan it out and I want to create a situation where it can happen without a lot of discussion. The more I discuss it the less like I am to do it.” So, we came up with a plan that she would start flirting with him but this time let the flirting go further by letting the flirting to become quite sexual. The twist this time she would suggest they go to Jim’s apartment to see if he is man enough to go through with what he says or if he is all talk.

“The two things that I ask. One, before anything I happens I want some notification so I do not worry if you do not come back right way. Second is I want you to tell me what happened.”

“Do not worry, you will know when it is going to happen and I will tell you everything.”

After saying that, unless she changed her mind or Jim started talking about their plans to other people in the complex, I realized that it was going to happen. I can remember the day. It was early July just after July 4th and it was in the low 100s. The air conditioning was on, and it was one of those days if you exerted yourself outside you put yourself at risk. Before leaving she spent, allot of time preparing.

Normally she does not shave her pussy but this time she did. Told me, laughingly, “If I did not shave down there he would be gagging on a hair and it would be embarrassing to dial 911 if he started coughing uncontrollably.”

As I saw her getting ready I asked, “Are you enjoying all of this preparation?”

“In some ways I am and I finding it arousing. In other ways I find it a pain and I am glad I do not need to do this all of the time.”

Seeing her spending a lot of time getting ready for someone other than me made me feel conflicted. A part of me found it arousing whereby I become rock hard with my heart racing, breathing faster, my palms definitely sweaty and being unable to sit still. Also there was a part of me that was a bit uncomfortable worrying about her safety and what it would mean afterwards for us.

It was not much longer before she was ready. That day she wore left wearing her pink bikini, taking her beach towel, and sunscreen. She must have tied that bikini tighter then normal because the tracing of her erect nipples shows under her bikini top. To this day I remember her saying, “I am going out to lay in the sun and with any luck Jim will be doing his best to keep out of the sun.”

A few hours passed and I knew what it meant. My heart began racing, palms sweaty, and I began pacing. A part of me was very horny and I wanted to save it for when she cam back. Another part of me, was worrying like a mother with a lost child. I remained in this conflicted state for a few hours until I heard in the distant the sound of the car door closing in the parking lot and followed by a few seconds later of Yvette trying to quietly walk down the hall as she approached the apartment. Once I heard that all worry subsided and I started to become excited to hear what happened. When she finally came through the door, I sitting in a chair with the lights off and the television on , I remember Yvette’s asking very quietly, “Are you up?” before trying to sneak into the bedroom.

Responding to that question, I tell her, “Where you actually expecting that I would be asleep while you were out fucking Jim?”

Yvette’s tone in her reply tells me that she is joking when she said, “no.”

The next thing I remember is her standing there. The light in the apartment accented her 36B breasts to the point where they appeared perkier than usual. To this day, I do not remember her breasts being perkier than normal that night. Finally, I remember the light showing a few love marks on her neck and her face flushed from embarrassment. I suspect her embarrassment was due to the fact I was still up hearing her get in and I believe she wanted to crawl into bed thereby me not seeing the marks on her neck nor smelling a musky fishy smell that I sometimes associate with sex.

Since I was up, she decided she would tell me about what happen. “After leaving the apartment, I wanted to be as causal as possible in order not to attract attention and I lay outside. A few minutes later Jim comes over and begins flirting.”

“So was he surprised that you were more flirtatious than usual?” I asked.

“Wait, I am getting to it,” she said.

“He begins by telling me how hot I look and that gets me horny. Then he says he would love to fuck both my pussy and ass. It becomes too much for and I told him that he would not last no more than one time.”

“Did that get him interested or did he loose interest?”

“Yes, he became quite interested and I could see he got hard. He did not want to become a part of the gossip grapevine of the apartment complex. Therefore, he told her that decided to take her to a nearby hotel and arranged for a cab to pick us up.”

“Was it a nice hotel?” I asked.

“No, cheap bastard” she said. She continued by describing the hotel as, ” One of those cheap hotels that you get for $29.99 a night that comes with a bed that looks as though someone died in which takes up most of the room, an old television that barely gets in 3 channels, and carpet from the 60s.” I could tell by her description she was not happy about his choice and it reassured me that this was a one-time thing.

Yvette went to some length talking about during the first hour they were both nervous, how they just talked while sitting on the edge of the bed and having a glass of wine. She went on talking about how he lacked confidence and beginning to doubt if this was a good idea. She tells me, ” I contemplated if this was a good idea since both of us were nervous. However, every time I began thinking about ending the evening, I would starting thinking about him fucking me and how badly I wanted his cock inside of me” She continued, “As I thought about what it would feel like if he fucked me it made me horny, which was enough to keep my interest.”

The key slides into the ignition of the purple Ford Ranger as the young man behind the wheel starts the engine. In the driver seat, twenty-four year old TJ revs the engine, feathering the accelerator pedal at his feet. The young man stands six feet tall with reddish blonde hair and deep blue eyes, tattoos cover his arms and his ears are gauged up to an inch. Dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt, he waits patiently for his young eighteen year old girlfriend to get in the vehicle so they can make their way to their local mall on the other side of town. Closing the car door behind her, Kylene buckles her seat belt and looks over at her lover. “I’m ready to be your little slut now.” The young girl says with a lustful tone on her voice.

The young dark haired woman sits in the passenger seat wearing a black skirt, black see through thigh high tights, and a tight white button up shirt. The top hugs her perky breasts tightly, the top three buttons are left undone showing off her cleavage. Her dark eyes gaze over at her boyfriend as she wait for his reply. “Wow babe, you look..,”

“Is your tongue tied baby?” Kylene says biting her lip and twirling her curly shoulder length hair.

“You look so sexy in this outfit” The mesmerized young man replies, struggling to find the right words.

“Good, now lets go show off your slut girlfriend” Kylene orders. The pickup pulls out of the drive way and turns onto the street as the young couple heads to the mall.

Pulling into the parking lot, the two step out of the car and head for the main entrance doors of the building. TJ allows his beautiful girlfriend to walk in front of him allowing him a chance to look upon her gorgeous perky ass covered by the thin black cloth that makes up her skirt. With each step she takes, her hips rock from side to side and the breeze causes the small skirt to float, exposing a glimpse of her cheeks as she walks. Looking back, Kylene gives her boyfriend a playful grin as she knows exactly why he is walking a few steps behind her. As she looks back, she places her right hand on her lower back slightly pulling up the dark fabric, giving him an even better glimpse of her soft tanned ass.

Reaching forward TJ grabs the handle of the glass door in front of them. Opening the door the two step into the food court and make their way to the benches on the other side. Walking by a group of boys, Kylene drops her phone on the ground by their table. “Opps!” She says as she bends over at the hip with her rear end facing the young men. As she reaches down her skirt slides up her ass higher and higher, before they realize it the young woman’s naked ass is in their view. Looking closer they notice that she has no panties on and they can see the puffy pink lips of her vagina between her legs directly under her ass. Grabbing her cell phone, she stands back up and continues to walk next to her boyfriend, grabbing his hand as they walk away.

“You think they liked seeing my ass daddy?!” Kylene asks TJ with and innocent tone.

“They loved it honey! Their jaws hit the floor!” He replies, grabbing her ass quickly before grabbing her hand again.

“I hope their dicks got hard looking at your little slut’s ass and pussy!”

Sitting on the bench, the couple hold hands and people watch as Kylene sits with her legs spread just enough to let anyone paying attention enough a clear view of her tight vag. TJ sits next to his girlfriend as she rests her right hand in his lap, causing a bulge to become visible in his crotch.

“Well I’m glad I make your dick hard daddy!” The young girl points out as she giggles innocently.

“I love how much of a tease you are! Not only to me but everyone here!”

The scent of wet pussy fills the air around the horny couple, as Kylene becomes more and more aroused her nipples begin to expose themselves through the tight white fabric. TJ moves his left hand towards his girlfriends inner tight and he starts to massage her leg slowly moving higher and higher, causing her pussy to become more wet and the scent of her arousal to become more powerful. The dark haired girl moans softly as a shiver runs down her spine and settles in her crotch.

“Fuck TJ!! You’re making me so wet and I don’t care who can see this!”

“Lets go tease some more guys while you’re this horny.” As the young girl stands up a stream of pussy juice trickles down her thigh and runs down to her foot.

Across the way, sitting in the food court a middle aged man watches as the two young exhibitionists make their way from the bench. Quickly finishing his food, he stands up and jogs to catch up and keep them in his sight. He watches as the young girls rear end bubbles back in forth as she walks through the mall. His dick slowly swells in his pants as he becomes aroused by the beautiful rear end ahead. Completely oblivious to the noticeable erection in his pants he continues to follow them. Kylene turns her head to see if anyone is paying attention to her slutty outfit, as she looks back she notices the middle age man and his bulge following twenty feet behind her and TJ.

“Daddy I’ve gotta pee.” Kylene says winking and motioning her head for TJ to look back. Looking back he also notices the man pursuing them.

“Okay babe!” He replies grinning to himself.

In step behind them, the man follows them as the couple disappears around the corner of the hall to the restrooms. Peeking around the corner he watches as TJ squeezes Kylene’s ass, pulling up the cloth and exposing her naked skin underneath. Testosterone pumps through his veins as he gazes upon the sight of her rear. Without hesitation he enters the hall and continues to follow them to the restrooms. Disappearing around the final corner he loses sight of the young adults, quickening his pace he runs down to peek around the corner only to be grabbed by his jacket and pushed through the Mens bathroom door. Realizing that Kylene had grabbed him, he watches as TJ locks the door behind them. Before he can say a word his back hits the wall forcefully and he feels his erection grabbed by the young woman. “lets see this big dick of yours!” His dick swells even harder as the soft hands play with the bulge in his pants, making him light headed. Looking down he watches as Kylene gets down on her knees and her hands unbutton his tan dress pants.

TJ walks towards his lover and the new stranger as Kylene unzips his pants and jerks them down to his knees followed by his briefs. His 8in cock snaps up right and bounces in front of her face, Kylene gasps and instantly her mouth engulfs his member and a wave of pleasure flows through his body. Kylene bobs her head vigorously as she sucks the stranger’s dick, her saliva coats his shaft making his dick shine. “Oh fuck” The man moans. Reaching over to her right her hand finds the leg of her boyfriend and she ferociously grabs the waist of his pants and pulls him over. Without breaking her rhythm she removes her mouth from the stranger’s cock and replaces it with her left hand and begins to jerk him off, while her right hand unbuttons and removes TJ’s pants. TJ’s 9in cock throbs in front of her face as her mouth moves in and begins sucking on it just as passionately as she sucked the stranger’s dick. Her right hand then closes around the base as she pulls her mouth from her lover’s prick and begins to give him a hand job and she looks up at the faces of the two men she is jerking off.

Moaning fills the restroom as Kylene takes turns sucking and deep throating the two large cocks in front of her. She stands up and starts kissing the stranger while both her hands continue to masturbate the men, after a few seconds she moves to start kissing her boyfriend. TJ reaches over and grabs the hand of the stranger and moves it towards his girlfriend’s crotch. The stranger’s hand feels the heat radiating from the young slut’s pussy as it moves closer and without any resistance he feels his index and middle finger slide deep inside her tight cunt. Kylene moans loudly as she feels the fingers slide deep inside her, suddenly she feels her man’s hand slip passed her ass cheeks and the pressure as his index finger enters her asshole.

Kylene begins to cry out in pleasure as both her asshole and pussy are invaded with penetrating fingers. The stranger squats down and moves his face in between the girl’s legs, and begins to suck on her clit causing her to scream with excitement. TJ then steps around behind Kylene and places the swollen head of his cock in between his girlfriend’s ass cheeks. Kylene struggles to catch her breath as she feels the member press against her anus, then she feels TJ push her forward slightly causing her to bend over allowing for a better alignment. Her asshole begins to tingle as the excitement send electricity to her anus and the pressure becomes greater as TJ’s prick enters her ass and stretches her to the brink.

“FUCK!!” Kylene cries out at the top of her lungs.

“Oh daddy fuck your little girl’s ass while this man eats her pussy!” Kylene moans out. Kylene’s ass ripples as she is fucked by her boyfriend and her legs quiver as the stranger sucks her clit. TJ’s balls smack against Kylene’s pussy lips as he plows into her ass. As quickly as the fucking began, TJ stops and pulls his engorged cock out of her ass and grabs Kylene’s shoulders and turns her around placing her ass in front of the stranger. Without even thinking she engulfs TJ’s member, deep throating her lover only to feel the pressure as the stranger enters her rear. A muffled moan tries to escape her mouth as TJ thrusts himself deeper in her mouth. A smacking sound echoes trough the room as the stranger’s ball sack slaps against Kylene’s dripping wet slit. The scent of sex and the sound of moaning fills the air as the three fuck each other in the public restroom.

TJ then steps away and picks up his girlfriend’s bag from off the floor, while the stranger continues to pump his throbbing cock into his girl. He pulls out a small blanket and spreads it out on the bathroom floor and lays down on his back and watches as Kylene’s tits bounce as the man fucks her senseless. Her hair sways with the motion and rhythm of the man’s thrusts. Her hand reaches back and begins to rub her own clit, her fingers circling around the small bulb apove her cunt opening. Soon a violent wave crashes through her body as Kylene erupts in an orgasm, her legs become week and her asshole clenches even tighter around the man’s big cock.

Kylene steps forward, pulling away from the penetrating hardon and places her feet on either side of TJ. Squatting down she feels his dick head be swallowed by her pussy sending a euphoric sensation through her body. She leans into kiss her loving boyfriend as he begins to slam his big dick into her tight wet hole. The stranger watches as the couple fuck on the floor, noticing the pussy juice as it runs down TJ’s ball sack from Kylene’s soaking snatch. Looking up slightly he notices her asshole is in the perfect position.

The man grabs Kylene’s hips and crams his cock back into her ass again and begins to fuck like a rabbit. While inside her pussy, TJ can feel the stranger’s dick through the wall separating her vagina from her rectum rubbing against each other sending a new and incredible feeling through the bodies of both men. Kylene’s body is completely full and she screams out in ecstasy as both men pump their cocks vigorously in and out of her two holes.

“Fuck my tight ass! Fuck my wet pussy!!” Kylene yells between breaths at the two men.

The stranger feels his balls begin to tighten and his cock swell even more as his orgasm barrels through his body and he begins to quiver as his cum erupts into the waiting asshole of the young girl. She can feel the hot fluid shoot inside her as it hit’s the walls of her anus and her moaning becomes more intense as her body milks his jizz out of his prick. The stranger grunts and twitches violently as he grasps Kylene’s hips making her yelp in pleasure. As the stranger erupts inside, TJ fucks his girl harder and faster intensifying the man’s orgasm. So much cum pumps into Kylene that it begins to ooze out around the strangers dick, dribbling down on the TJ’s pumping member. The added lubrication from the man’s cum allows TJ to fuck Kylene faster.

Within a few seconds after the man cums he feels TJ’s cock engorge as he erupts a fountain of jizz into the slut’s hungry pussy. His cock throbs as spurt after spurt of cum flows from his dick head. Kylene feels the hot sticky fluid flowing inside her twat. His body convulses as his seed floods her pussy, oozing out and dribbling down his balls, mixing with the stranger’s cum. Both men pull their pricks from the girls cum drenched holes and stand along the wall where it all started. Before they know it Kylene is at it, switching of sucking their cocks, licking up every drop of cum and pussy/ass juices from their members.

The two men then pull up their pants and the stranger makes his way to the door and unlatches the lock. The unknown middle aged man disappears down the hall leaving the couple alone in the bathroom.

“I love you TJ!” Kylene says as she kisses him on the cheek.

To Be Continued…

The door wasn’t locked, so I walked into the private room. (It is one of several rooms you can rent by the hour in this combination ABS/adult theater.)

An older man was sitting on a sofa. He appeared to be nude. His chest and legs were bare. A young, petite woman, with long black hair and a light brown complexion, was lying ever so composed on the couch. Her shoulders rested on his lap.

When I entered, they both looked at me as if I was the 100th guy to audition that night. I quickly smiled at them and said something like hello, trying not to stare at her bald pussy.

Since they did not respond, I went right to it. I pulled down my shorts and stepped out of them. My hairless, semi-erect cock was immediately exposed, since I was not wearing any underwear. I noticed that the woman was now staring at my bald crotch.

Speaking for the couple, the man said, “You don’t waste any time.” We snickered as I removed my t-shirt and approached them.

I knelt down on the floor in front of them; knees spread, and began caressing her body. She had soft, smooth, creamy skin. Her belly was trim and concave. Her breasts were small, but firm.

After a few minutes, the man told her to spread her legs because he wanted me to “eat her pussy.” He also told me to go slow and I did.

Then he slowly eased out from under her and gracefully dropped to the floor along side of me. I could not help but notice is flaccid, thick cock.

Using both of my hands, I gently spread her pussy lips and with little licks traversed the entire length of her pussy – several times. As her body began to react to my stimulation, the man reached over and began fisting my cock.

Enjoying my own stimulation, I sank my tongue deeper into her wet, sweet tasting pussy, only to pull back a moment later, flicking my tongue back and forth across her clit. She moaned and rolled her shoulders each time my tongue touched her clit. Taking my cue, I began gently lapping her clit.

With his free hand, the man reached the area between my balls and anus and oh-so-lightly stroked back and forth with his fingertips. I instinctively rose up a bit to give him better access.

Taking advantage of my encouragement, he slipped a lubed fingertip into my rectum. Although my body slightly quivered at the invasion, my sphincter locked his fingertip like a vice.

I took a deep breath and exhaled a sound that was half sigh, half moan, and relaxed my sphincter. Encouraged again, the man wiggled his finger all the way in. I squirmed as I adjusted to the finger in my rectum.

Soon my head was bobbing up and down as if I was sucking an erect cock, not a woman’s erect clit. I sucked to the rhythm of the in and out as he fucked my ass – now with two fingers. This drove her wild – and me, too. Her clit and my prostate were getting a great, simultaneous workout.

She began to perspire and shudder more frequently as I began to suck her clit even more intensely. As she arched her back and pressed her pussy into my face, I arched my back and pushed my ass down on his fingers, wanting them to go deeper.

She came several times over the next few minutes. Finally, she could take no more and pulled my head so hard against her pubic mound that I couldn’t move.

The man proudly informed me, as he withdrew his hands, that this was the most he had seen her cum and in record time. I was pleased at being able to make her cum like that…her clit had swelled enormously in my mouth.

As she told us that her orgasms were so intense that she thought she was going to pass out, the man smeared a generous amount of lube onto the head of his throbbing cock and walked behind me on his knees. In a moment, he was against my back, rubbing his lubed cockhead over my heavy balls and puckered anus.

She quieted and watched as he eased me up onto all fours, spread my soft cheeks, and slowly, but determinedly pushed his cockhead into my ass. I grunted and looked up into her eyes. They were expressionless. I looked back down at her bald pussy and tried to relax.

When the man felt my sphincter loosen, he began to push his hard, thick shaft in further. I continued to grunt and grabbed hold of her slim thighs for support. This time she warmly smiled at me, reached down, and held my hands.

It only took a few rhythmic motions before he was ass fucking me in earnest. My moans and groans combined with the squeaking couch and the sound of sweaty skin slapping against sweaty skin must have created quite a sensation outside the door. I heard many voices. I heard the man tell her how tight my ass was…that he wasn’t going to last too long.

I remember thinking that my ass wasn’t that ‘tight’. His cock was just very thick. I had tried to squeeze my sphincter around his hard, swollen cock, but it was hopeless. His cock was too thick. His cock owned my ass. It entered and exited my ass at will.

When the man announced he was going to cum, she quickly jumped up and stood behind him. I glanced back at them.

She was intently watching his big hands push my shoulders to the floor and then firmly grasp my cheeks. I turned around and closed my eyes as he spread my cheeks open and began frantically slamming his pride and joy in and out of my stretched out asshole.

He cried out a minute or two later. A few times, before I felt his warm sperm begin flowing into my battered rectum.

I quickly glanced back, again. She had her hands on his shoulders, as if steadying him, and I swear she was licking her lips. I turned back around when he collapsed on my back, gasping, his cock lodged deep in me.

We rocked back and forth for a minute or two as his orgasm subsided before he eased his still hard cock out. What a sight my asshole must have been – dilated (I felt the AC all the way up my colon!) and dribbling sperm.

When my wet asshole closed back to normal, she eased back onto the couch and motioned for me to join her. As I got up, she patted her lap, indicating I should lay down with my head on her lap.

I did and the man sat on the floor. She then began to tell me her fantasy.

She told me she had never seen two men ‘do it’, except in xxx movies. She said she had always wanted to see her husband to ‘do it’ with another guy. (Over the years, many women would tell me this very same fantasy. Some of them made it come true and some did not.)

After a brief intermission, she gently began to stroke her hubby’s cock with her fingertips. Being seated, he spread his legs, allowing her more access. I began to stroke my cock hard.

When she bent over to suck him, I gripped her by the boobs in the classic doggy position, and inserted my hard cock into her wet pussy. (My cockhead was also sticky wet. In fact, I had oozed so much precum with his cock up my ass, that I had created a small puddle on the floor.)

I had started fucking her slowly, but in no time, she began pushing back – hard. Encouraged, I fucked her harder. The harder I fucked her, the wilder she got. Her poor hubby, not wanting to let his cock slip from her mouth, nearly had it bitten off as she climaxed and thrashed about.

All too soon, I felt the uncontrollable urge to cum in this sexy woman. However, before I did, I grabbed her hubby’s hand, his fingers to be specific, and literally jammed two of them into my swollen asshole.

Almost immediately, I began shooting torrents of sperm into her warm pussy. The look on her hubby’s face was priceless.

That was not the end of it. We had more sex that encounter. Her hubby and I sucked each other’s cock. He fucked her. I ate her out, again. Suffice to say, we were exhausted when we went our separate ways.

Jill slipped into her damp leather skirt, and then her wet bra and blouse. She shivered almost uncontrollably. The sweatshirt, though, was still reasonably dry and clean.

Jill pulled the sweatshirt over her wet clothes. The sweatpants, having acted as a seat cushion and sponge for the last two hours, were completely soaked and reeked of sex. She rolled up the sweatpants and placed them in the bag with the dildos.

Jill’s feet were slick as she put her high-heeled sandals on. Her calves and thighs were on fire as she stepped out the door of the video booth. She worked out regularly, but had never worked out those muscles in quite that way.

When Jill entered the store from the video booth area, the ceiling lights seemed to be at their fullest intensity. Jill bumped into a magazine rack and then a lubricant display stand, sending bottles of Astrolube rolling around the floor.

“Well, well, Red.” Officer Friendly smiled. “Do I get to add Public Intoxication to the list, too?”

“I’m not drunk,” Jill answered.

“Well, we’ll see.” Friendly pulled the bag from Jill’s hand. “What have we here? What’s your fascination with dildos again? Oh, wait… they’re for a bachelorette party, right?”

Jill stood and stared, shivering slightly.

“Red, you look the crack whore if I ever saw one. What else you got in this bag? One form of ID – probably fake – and $1200 cash?” Friendly put the ID and money in his pocket and handed the bag back to Jill. “You been turnin’ tricks, Red?”

Iris came from the back room. Dee followed.

“Here’s the tape. We didn’t mean nothing by it.” Iris said, handing a security tape to the police officer.

“Only copy?” Friendly asked, knowing that T.J. recorded everything digitally these days.

“Mmmm hmmm.” Iris answered in the affirmative.

Friendly turned to Jill. “I don’t want to have to cuff you, but I will.”

Jill’s eyes widened.

“You’re arresting me? For what!” Jill said sternly as a new trail of come formed down her inner thigh.

“Well, let’s see… Public Indecency, Prostitution, Public Intoxication, Falsifying Identification, to name a few,” Friendly smiled, reaching for his handcuffs.

“I’ll take you down to the station, let you make your phone call, and we’ll run your prints to see what other trouble you might be into.”

“No. Please don’t. I’m telling you the truth. This is all a big misunderstanding.” Jill pleaded.

“We’ll see.” Friendly turned Jill around and put her hands behind her back. He held her bag under his arm while he locked the handcuffs in place.

Jill had never been arrested in her life. The cold steel on her wrists was heavy.

Friendly’s grip on her upper arm was firm, but not painful, as he led her into the pouring rain.

“You all have a fine morning,” Friendly nodded back to Iris and Dee. They just looked back at him shaking their heads disapprovingly.

She waited until the door closed, and then Iris looked at her brother. “Was tapping that 38 year-old white woman worth getting mixed up with Friendly?”

“I ain’t had nothin’ like it,” Dee said. “I’m gonna have to get her outa this, though.”

“Awe, shit.” Iris said. “You best play it cool, Romeo.”

“Yeah. No shit.” Dee said.

“As fucked up as T.J. is, he sure called this one, didn’t he?” Iris asked.

“Yeah, he’s a fuckin’ psychic, all right.” Dee almost believed. “He’s just been doin’ this shit so long, he’s gotten good at it. Between him and Friendly, I can’t figure out why they haven’t made enough money off this shit to retire, already.”

“Well, if you gonna do somethin’, you can start by cleaning up those booths.” Iris smiled.

She knew Dee was heading out the door to help Jill. Iris could see it in his eyes. Usually, T.J. was the icebreaker, and Dee didn’t get involved. The fact that Dee was actually fancy on this older redheaded woman worried her.

Iris had helped make at least a dozen movies the same way, and it never ended well for the girl.

They’d come in, usually out of the rain, drunk or high, and lost.

The next thing they knew, they’re sucking dicks in the video booth for taxi fare. Friendly “busts” them, but ends up working something out so he doesn’t have to take them to jail.

Soon, they’re making more movies, or the center of attention at private parties. Their families and friends never hear from them again – not always because they died an early death from drugs or suicide, but because they’re too ashamed to go home after everything they’ve done.

Dee knew there was something different about Jill, though. The most she was doing for money was putting on a show; masturbating, just so she could keep the video going. She invited him in that booth because she really wanted to get fucked. She had no idea that he had come close to orgasm several times simply by the way she kissed him. Only one other girl had ever kissed him like that.

He knew she had a life, a husband, a daughter, and a job. He liked to think his momma raised him better than this.

Yet, for some reason, he would like nothing more than to fuck that redhead again.

But not on Friendly’s terms.

She was older, and probably wouldn’t last more than one or two trains before Friendly broke her for good. He wondered how many thugs Friendly had already called tonight, that were shaving their balls in preparation for another movie.

“Please don’t take me to jail, officer.” Jill pleaded. “This is going to ruin my family.”

“You should have thought about that before you put that big black dick inside you.” Friendly said to the rearview mirror.

“Surely, there’s got to be another way,” Jill asked. “Can’t I just pay a fine or something? I’ve never done anything wrong in my life!”

“Well, now that you mention it, you’ll probably only get community service.” Friendly smiled. “That ain’t too bad. You know, maybe cleaning a park, helping the homeless… or sucking my dick when I tell you.”

Jill’s eyes widened. Friendly looked at her closely in the rearview mirror, and then pulled over.

“You think you can suck my dick when I tell you?” Friendly asked. Jill remained silent.

Friendly threw the gearshift in park, stepped out of the patrol car, and swung open Jill’s door. His hand found her throat and squeezed tightly. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed as the rain blew into the back seat.

“I asked you a fuckin’ question, Red! Can you suck my dick when I tell you?” Friendly screamed into her ear.

“Yes! Yes! I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t hurt me!” Jill cried.

Friendly relaxed his grip on her throat.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Red. We’s just needed to come to an understanding. I think we got’s one now, right?” Friendly slid his hand between her legs. Jill instinctively pressed them together.

“Open your fuckin’ legs, bitch!” Friendly yelled. “You beginin’ to piss me off.”

Jill spread her legs wide. Friendly pushed three fingers into her wet pussy.

“Hmmm. Dee sho’ did on number on you, huh? Boy’s got da biggest dick in town. Wonder he don’t pass out every time he gets a hard-on, huh?”

Without realizing what she was doing, Jill began to slowly gyrate her hips, easing Friendly’s fingers in and out of her.

“Awe, hell yeah. Dat’s better, Red.” Friendly pushed a fourth finger inside and Jill let out a grunt.

He pulled his hand from her pussy and put it up to her mouth. Jill licked his fingers as if he had dangled four cocks in front of her face and was taking turns between them.

She wasn’t surprised to taste Dee’s come mixed with her juices. She wished he were there now.

Officer Friendly drove to a motel that looked like it had been closed for years. Half the rooms had their numbers removed from the doors. There were no lights on outside the building, yet several cars filled the parking lot.

“Red, I’m going to give you a chance to fulfill your community service tonight, if you’d like. You do okay, here, and I’ll take you home before sunrise. What you say to that?” Friendly asked as he helped Jill out of the patrol car.

“It doesn’t seem like I have much of a choice.” Jill said, shaken and on the verge of tears.

“Now don’t be like that, Red.” Friendly guided her up the stairs. The rain soaked her hair and her make-up streaked down her cheeks. “We all have choices. Sometimes, you got to pay for your actions. Sometimes your actions are how you get paid.”

Jill wasn’t sure what he meant, but knew at a minimum, she’d have Friendly’s dick in her mouth, if not everywhere else.

Friendly unlocked one of the motel room doors and held it open for Jill. She stepped inside and was surprised to see it reasonably well kept. The bedding looked clean, the room didn’t smell of smoke, and the furniture didn’t reflect the building’s 1970′s exterior.

Community service may end up being bearable after all, Jill thought.

Jill was about to sit on the bed when Friendly grabbed her by the handcuffs behind her back. The jerking motion threw her off balance and she stumbled to the floor.

“Don’t even think about sitting on that bed until you’ve cleaned up, Red.” Friendly said as he started to undress. Jill glanced at his service pistol as he placed it on the dresser. She had hoped he hadn’t noticed.

When Friendly had taken off all of his clothes, he turned toward Jill, proudly displaying his tight, muscular body. His dick wasn’t nearly the size of Dee’s, but it was respectable – perhaps even attractive. It was only the second black dick Jill had ever seen in person, and she began to wonder how she would ever be able to please her husband if she continued to be fucked by these larger dicks. Would he notice that she wasn’t as tight as she used to be?

Friendly walked up to Jill and held the back of her head as he guided his dick into her mouth. Unlike giving head to Dee, she was able to get Friendly’s cock head and four inches of the shaft into her mouth and down her throat without gagging. Friendly eased his length in and out of Jill’s mouth, pushing a little more down her throat each time until she eventually did gag.

“Oh, that’s good Red. That’s real good.” Friendly smiled as he allowed Jill to catch her breath. “You got eight of my nine down your throat. What do you say you take it all now?”

Jill opened her mouth, waiting. Friendly grabbed a handful or Jill’s wet hair and pumped steadily into her mouth. Each time, he’d let his long dick sink down her throat a little deeper until her tongue was pressed against his balls and her nose was pressed against his sparse, curly pubic hair. He held her tight against him for several seconds, and then slowly pulled back until just the head was in her mouth. Jill maintained a tight seal with her lips around his shaft as he filled her mouth with come. She instinctively swallowed, and then began bobbing her head up and down on Friendly’s shaft.

“That’s the spirit, Red.” Friendly smiled as she coaxed his cock back to erection.

He pulled his tool from her lips and walked over to the dresser. He returned with the handcuff keys and reached behind Jill to remove her bindings.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” Jill asked as she subconsciously rubbed her clit.

“Not yet, Red. Not yet.” Friendly helped Jill to her feet. “Take off those dirty clothes and get in the shower. Clean yourself up, inside and out. When you get out, I’ll have something for you to wear.”

Jill unceremoniously stripped in front of Officer Friendly.

As she bent over to unbuckle her thin high-heeled sandals, Friendly caught a glimpse of her pink asshole.

“You know how to use an enema, right?” He asked.

When Jill finished with her shower, she was as clean inside and out as she could have possibly been. The enema was an unusual experience, but she hadn’t had much to eat, so there wasn’t much to “cleanse” out of her system.

Friendly handed her a soft, white terry cloth robe and opened a toolbox full of make-up supplies. It looked as if someone had stolen a facial kit from a department store.

“We got about twenty minutes before we get started. Make yourself look nice, okay?” Friendly said in a businesslike manner.

Jill wasn’t sure why Friendly wanted to wait to have sex with her. She wasn’t being reluctant. He was attractive in his own way, and although she would never have looked twice at him crossing the street, now that he was naked, he was very easy on the eyes.

She almost felt disappointed when he wrapped a towel around his waist.

Jill found her same shade and brand of nail polish and touched up her fingernails and toenails. Friendly stepped into the bathroom to see her progress and Jill knew she had done well by the dick pushing his towel up.

Jill began to feel as if she had gotten off easy – as far as her unnecessary punishment was concerned.

That feeling ended when the door blew open and T.J. stepped into the room.

“What we got, here?” T.J. blurted loudly. “Oh fuck! You? This is gonna be the shit, here.”

Four college boys stepped into the room behind T.J. Two of them looked just like the young, skinny black men in the first video booth movie she had watched. The other two were white and looked like boys her daughter was friends with in high school. One of them – Mark, she believed – may have dated her daughter at some point.

None of the young men looked a day over nineteen.

A middle-aged white man walked in seconds later, carrying a tripod and camera case. Behind him, two girls, one black and one white, and neither barely over nineteen.

“What’s going on?” Jill asked sheepishly. As soon as she spoke, she could tell one of the white boys recognized her. He looked at her as if to tell her to be quiet.

“We’re going to see how you do with a professional photographer, Red.” Officer Friendly waved his hand at the young men, motioning them to undress. “We got the spy camera footage bullshit, but this is gonna be the good stuff.”

For the moment, Jill was relieved to see T.J. leaving his clothes on.

As the young men undressed, they took turns in the bathroom, shaving, relieving themselves, showering quickly, and then standing before one of the girls. The girls remained clothed, but kneeled in front of two of the young men and used their mouths to bring the young, hairless cocks to erection.

“Red, you ready to pay your debt to society?” Friendly asked.

Jill remained silent. She stood up, walked in front of the bed, faced the cameraman, and let her robe slip off her shoulders.

The white girl deepthroating one of the black boys stopped and turned to look at Jill. Jill suddenly recognized her as April, one of Andi’s friends from freshman year of high school that had to change schools because of rezoning. She had seen April at the mall from time to time, always wearing nice clothes – nicer than her parents could afford – and usually on the arm of a black boyfriend. It made sense to Jill, now.

“All right. What do you want me to do?” Jill asked.

That was the last thing she said for three hours.

The black boys were first to lick, suck, and fuck Jill. Their cocks were long, but not very thick. Their tongues on her pussy made Jill cry out in pleasure more than their tools inside her.

The white boys were even better at going down on her.

T.J. directed Jill through scene after scene, in various combinations with the four young men. They fucked her repeatedly, but never climaxed. Jill, however, came at least a dozen times. She couldn’t help herself. The boys were half her age and full of energy.

Each time one of the young men was about to climax, he was told to pull out or pull back. It appeared that come shots were not the highlight of this movie, at least not the men’s come shots. Jill, however, had soaked half the bed.

The larger white boy, Wayne was underneath her, filling her pussy as Mark knelt behind her, easing the head of his bulbous dick into her asshole.

The black boys had each fucked her anus twice, but their cocks weren’t nearly as wide as Mark’s.

“Fuck, Ms. Jill,” Mark panted, “You’re asshole is tighter than Andi’s!”

Jill’s body shook with waves of orgasm and Mark used the opportunity to push his full length inside her.

Jill bucked hard, her pussy spasming on Wayne’s fat shaft as her sphincter held tight around Mark’s cock. She shuddered again moments later as she felt Mark fill her bowels with semen.

A stream of come oozed from her asshole and down Wayne’s shaft as Mark stepped off the bed.

“Awe man, why’d you have to go and do that?” Wayne complained.

April had a warm washcloth ready and wiped off Mark’s tool before sucking him back to rigidity.

The black girl took another washcloth and wiped off Wayne’s dick and the crack of Jill’s ass. She gave Jill a quick kiss on the ass cheek as she stepped out of frame.

“That’s alright, Mark.” Friendly said. He had been sitting in the background, not saying a word the entire time T.J. was directing Jill. “We’re almost done for tonight. You did good, hoss. You deserved a nut.”

Mark resumed his position and the two continued fucking Jill for another fifteen minutes.

The two black boys were climaxing in the mouths of the two girls as Mark stepped off the bed.

Jill collapsed on Wayne, and he politely rolled her off of him, laying her on her side.

As Wayne stepped off the bed, Friendly stepped on.

“I think that’s a wrap, T.J.” Friendly said without argument.

“Shit, we got enough for a double-feature. If she sells well, we might have to offer her a regular position.” T.J. smiled as he helped pack up the camera equipment.

The young men showered and dressed, and then escorted the girls out of the room, followed by the cameraman and T.J.

“Red, it’s just you and me, now.” Friendly smiled as he lifted one of Jill’s legs.

His cock was every bit as big as Mark’s now, as he rubbed it against Jill’s asshole.

Jill reached back and lifted an ass cheek invitingly.

Friendly may have been a bastard toward Jill since the beginning, but now, he was fucking her with finesse. He sucked on her toes as he rhythmically slid more of his thick tool inside her. He reached down to her sopping wet, and loose pussy and pressed firmly against her swollen clit.

Wetness gushed between his fingers as Jill orgasmed, but Friendly maintained his rhythm.

He turned Jill in several positions, each new one allowing more of his long cock inside her than the previous, until finally all of his full nine inches was inside her.

“That’s a good white girl.” Friendly said as he began to fuck Jill’s ass faster.

The motel room door swung open, and Jill feared T.J. had returned to feed her his unwanted tool.

Instead, Jill’s eyes were both relieved and shocked when she recognized Dee.

“I think that’s enough, Friendly.” Dee said.

“Boy, have you lost your mind?” Friendly said without losing pace. “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out! Besides, your dick-sucking girlfriend has already left.”

Friendly continued to slide in and out of Jill’s ass as he waited for Dee to say or do something. April was actually Dee’s ex-girlfriend, and Friendly knew it.

Dee stood frozen, watching his father expertly fuck Jill’s bottom. Friendly then positioned himself under Jill so she was sitting on his cock with her full weight. He leaned back, and Jill leaned back against him. She raised her knees and placed her beautiful white feet on Friendly’s black upper thighs.

“Put your goddamned meat in her cunt and finish her off, proper like!” Friendly said from behind Jill.

Dee was hesitant, but Jill raised her head enough to let him know it was okay. She was doing all the work on his father’s manhood, allowing several inches of his shaft to be exposed before impaling herself until it disappeared back inside her.

Dee’s cock was full and firm within seconds of taking down his pants.

Jill’s clitoris throbbed as he twisted his cockhead and pushed it inside her.

This story contains bisexual sex between 2 guys and a girl. If this isn’t your thing, don’t read it!

It all started the summer after I turned 18. I was a little bi-curious to say the least (actually I was more than curious, I wanted a dick in my ass!) but was always too scared to do anything about it. See I LOVED anal. I mean LOVED it. Honestly, I liked fingering my ass more than “rubbing one out.” I got to the point where I could nearly fist my own ass! I felt like a pornstar.

A bit about me before I tell you any more. I’m about 6’2 with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I work out a lot, so I’m in pretty good shape. I’m really lean, not huge and muscular at all.

One of my favorite things to do was go to craigslist and look at the different “mw4m” postings because yea I wanted a dick but I really liked girls. Then one day I found the perfect listing:

MW4 BI guy

Looking for a truly bi guy to be fucked by my gf and I. She wants someone to eat her pussy and I want a shaved ass to fuck. Must be HIV- and DDF.

Me-6’4 195 lbs 8.5″ 26 years old

Her-5’5 120 lbs medium tits, nice tight ass

You- 18-22 hwp, enjoy anal, submissive

“This is it!!” I thought to myself. I quickly sent the couple an email saying that I was their man. While I nervously waited for their reply I started to get really hard and began playing with myself. Then I realized that I hadn’t shaved in almost a week, so I ran upstairs and jumped in the shower.

I soaped up and shaved everything from my legs up. I was smooth and sexy and I knew it!Since I figured I had the time I began soaping up my ass again. I could feel my cheeks sliding against each other and my little asshole begging to be fingered. With an invitation like that, who was I to deny it? I began sucking on two of my fingers imagining they were the cock I would be sucking later that day then brought them down and slowly slid them into my asshole. I was so turned on at the time that I literally moaned!

After going to town on my ass for a few minutes I rinsed off and got out of the shower. I walked downstairs (naked cause who doesn’t love walking around naked!?) and checked my email. To my surprise the couple had emailed me back already! My cock instantly sprang back to full hardness as I opened the email. I was so nervous I could barely breathe! I could feel my heart thumping in my throat and I felt as though I was going to throw up.

Dear Allen,

We would love to fuck you tonight. Please be at our place no later than 8 o clock. Come loose and ready;)


Tom and Cindy

I was so excited I could barely concentrate for the rest of the day. Finally around 630 I started getting ready. First I grabbed my dildo (a nice, thick, veiny 6″ deal) and started lubing it up. Then I got into bed and began fingering my ass while stroking my cock (7.5″ not too thick). After I loosened my ass up a bit I started teasing myself with the dildo.

I began to slowly push it into my ass, just the tip at first, but gradually pushing more and more in until it was balls deep in my ass. I moaned out load and began stroking my cock again. I sat up and began riding the dildo hard moaning louder and louder till I was about to cum. I laid back and stroked my cock till I came HARD. Thick, ropy streams of cum shot out getting the whole way up to my face! I licked off what cum I could reach with my tongue then got up and got in the shower.

After showering again I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 7:20! If I didn’t hurry up I was going to be late!! I put on shorts, long sleeve shirt, and sandals and hurried out to my car. If I was nervous before, I was near panic now.

Soon I arrived at Tom and Cindy’s house. It was a decent sized hrick house with white pillars in front. I walked up to the front door and reached to ring the door bell. Before my hand even touched the bell, the door open and a man (Tom I assumed). “Hi, you must be Allen, come in!” He said to me.

“That’s me!” I replied as I walked in. As soon as I was inside, I noticed that Tom was already naked! He was about 6’3 and seemed to be in good shape. He had black hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. I noticed all of this after I saw his cock. It was erect and covered in what I guessed to be Cindy’s juices. It was at least 8.5″ long and THICK. I started to get a little worried just looking at it.

“You like what you see?” Tom asked me

“I’m not going to lie, that’s almost a little scary! I’ve never had a cock in my ass before and you are way bigger than my dildo!”

“Not to worry, we’ll take it slow,” Tom said as he winked at me, “However lets get some ground rules down before we go up to Cindy. So basically you are going to suck my cock and get fucked in the ass by me. Cindy is probably just going to watch at first, but you’re pretty hot so she might join in pretty quick. When she does you’ll be eating her out, then you can fuck her ass or her pussy. You can cum as much as you want, in either hole, but whenever you cum you need to eat your cum out of her. I’m going to cum in your ass at least 3 times before the end of the night, and I expect to keep my cock in after I’ve cum, so you’re going to be pretty full. Sound good?”

“Of course!” I replied.

“Ok, take your clothes off.”

“Right here?”

“Yes! Take them off!”

“Okay,” I replied as I began removing my clothes. After I was naked Tom motioned for me to start going up the stairs.

“I’ll be up right behind you, I want to see that ass.” When I’d gone up a few steps I decided to tease Tom a bit, so I stopped and spread my ass cheeks showing my hairless ass and my nice pink hole.

“You mean this ass?” I said as I spanked myself.

“Mmmm yea, that’s the one, now hurry up and go upstairs! I want to fuck that tight little hole,” Tom replied as he smacked my other cheek.

I continued the rest of the way up the stairs and went into the only open door I saw. When I walked in, I saw what was easily the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my entire life. She was tall, at least 5’10, with long blonde hair and amazing tits. They weren’t small, but they weren’t huge either and her nipples were nice and small and erect. From there her stomach curved in in a perfect hourglass shape down to her ass which seemed to be amazing from what I could see.

“Hi…you must be Cindy” I stammered, still taken in by her beauty.

“Mhm, and you’re Allen I presume?” She purred back, her voice oozing sexuality.

“That’d be me. Wow…I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you are amazing!” I told her.

“That she does,” Tom said with a wink in her direction, “Shall we begin?”

“Sounds good to me, I can’t wait to get at that cock.” Cindy replied (and I really hoped she was talking about mine).

Tom went and sat down on a chair next to the bed and motioned for me. I walked partway there then got down on my knees and crawled the rest of the way, doing my best to look sexy. Once I got there, I began stroking his cock with one hand while I cradled his balls in the other. It felt even bigger than it looked! “Tom,” I said, “I have a confession…I’ve never even sucked a cock before. I’ll do my best, but keep in mind it’s my first time!”

“Would you look at that Cindy,” Tom said, “He’s a virgin to sucking cock and he said he’s never had one in his ass before either! Lucky us.” This was true, I was a virgin when it came to cock. Obviously I’d nailed plenty of girls before, I’d even had sex with a shemale or two. But I’d never even had sex with a guy before. I wanted to be the fuckee not the fucker. If I wanted ass, I’d screw a girl.

In response to Tom’s comment about being a cocksucking virgin, I decided to dive right in. I moved my hand further down his shaft and put the head of his cock into my mouth. It was far bigger than I expected, and I was almost wishing I’d found someone with a smaller cock for my first time. But now was not the time for regrets so I continued.

While the head was in my mouth I began stroking the shaft and playing with his balls. I started flicking my tongue around the head, trying to do to him what I liked girls to do to me. Then I took his cock out of my mouth and started licking up and down the entire shaft. I could taste Cindy’s pussy on the cock so I’m guessing they were fucking before I got there. I decided to go deeper and put his cock back in my mouth.

I started going deeper on the cock, taking more and more of it into my mouth. I got about 2/3 of the way down before I gagged…hard. I honestly thought I was going to throw up. I quickly pulled back but kept his cock in my mouth. I really actually enjoyed the taste of it. I wasn’t sure if it was his pre cum, or Cindy’s juices that I liked, but whatever it was, I liked it!

As I took his cock further in my mouth again (but not to the point of gagging, not yet at least) I felt something at my asshole. I quickly realized that it was Cindy’s tongue. She started rimming me, then full on eating my asshole. It was amazing! She was able to get her tongue surprisingly deep inside of my ass. I could have stayed like that forever, with her tongue in my ass and Tom’s cock in my mouth. Soon though, she stopped and backed away. Then I felt something else at my ass. This time it was her hand. She began to finger me, just one finger at first, but quickly adding a second then a third.

Her hand was small enough that I really think she could have fisted me, but she didn’t put any more than three in. She just took them out, added more lube, then put them back in. After repeating the lube, finger, lube cycle a few more times, she began to finger fuck me hard and fast. I started moaning around Tom’s cock.

Cindy continued to finger fuck my while Tom grabbed the back of my head and forced me further down onto his cock. I started gagging again but was able to control it a little this time and thankfully didn’t throw up (something tells me that would have ruined the evening). He kept my head down low on his cock, ALMOST to the bottom, then moaned loud and then let me up for some air. As I gasped he looked at me and said, “I want to fuck you’re ass sooo bad. I’m going to make you scream into Cindy’s pussy while you eat it I’m going to be fucking you so hard.”

At that point he pulled me up and Cindy took her fingers out of my ass. Tom picked me up (he was surprisingly strong for his size) and threw me onto the bed. He pulled me up onto my hands and knees and started rubbing his cock against my asshole. I looked back and saw him rub lube up and down his cock, then smear the rest of it into my ass crack.

I looked forward again and was surprised to see Cindy in front of me already. I hadn’t even heard her get on the bed!! She smiled at me and slid down a little so her pussy was right in front of my face. I could feel Tom teasing my ass with the tip of his cock as I began to lick Cindy’s pussy. I started by slowly sliding my tongue into her pussy since it was gaping a little from Tom pounding it earlier.

As I slid my tongue into her pussy, Tom began to slide his cock into my ass. It was as if I could feel every single inch slowly pushing in, stretching my asshole in ways it had never been stretched before. True to his word, I moaned loud into Cindy’s pussy as she moaned from the attention I was giving her. I began to lick all around right inside of her pussy, then I pulled back a little.

Tom was still slowly feeding his cock into my ass, at this point I’d guess he was about 4″ in. He stopped for a moment to allow my ass to get used to his girth, which I was very thankful for. I began to suck on Cindy’s “lower lips.” After doing this for a few seconds I moved up and began to lick around her clit. As she moaned, Tom suddenly thrust the rest of the way into my ass causing me to moan as well. I felt his balls slap against my ass and he kept his cock there for a minute as I went back to licking Cindy’s clit.

After he allowed my ass to get used to his cock, Tom began to fuck me, very slowly at first, with long deep strokes. He would pull his cock out until just the tip was still inside of my ass, then push it the whole way back in until his balls slapped against me. At one point he pulled his cock the whole way out and shouted almost triumphantly, “Look at that virgin ass gape!!”

“mmmhhhmmghhm!” was my reply as I was a little preoccupied with Cindy’s pussy. It wasn’t that I couldn’t feel my ass gaping, or his cock pounding me, but I really wanted to get Cindy off. It’s always my goal to make the girl I’m with cum. At this point I was literally sucking on her clit as if it was a little cock and fingering her pussy which was driving her wild. She was moaning even louder than I was!!

As if angry that I was giving Cindy a better time than he was giving me, Tom began to pound my ass harder and faster. He was still fucking me with deep long strokes, but the were much faster and his balls were slapping against me much harder. I felt like if anyone even touched my cock I would cum a gallon.

Soon, Cindy pushed my head away from her pussy as she came in my face. She didn’t squirt, but she definitely gushed! She looked at Tom and said, “I want his cock in me RIGHT now!!” In response, Tom forced his cock all the way in and pulled me back onto him so that I was riding him. Cindy positioned her well lubricated pussy over my cock and slid down onto me.

Something about her pussy, I’m not sure what it was, drove me wild. She wasn’t too tight, but it definitely wasn’t loose. When she got to the bottom of my cock I said, “Cindy, I’m really about to cum, you should ride me quick if you want my cock before I blow!”

She responded by riding up and down which forced me up and down a little on Tom’s cock. The sensation of having his large cock inside of me and Cindy’s amazing pussy wrapped around my cock was too much. I began squirting stream after stream of cum deep into her pussy. I could feel my ass contracting around Tom’s cock as I came, which in turn became to much for him and he began to cum in my ass!

Cindy slowly got off of my cock, careful not to spill any of my cum, and walked back around to the head of the bed where she was earlier. Tom, true to his word, didn’t remove his cock from my ass after cumming and continued pounding me hard. I couldn’t believe his stamina!

He forced me back into doggystyle which put my face right back into Cindy’s recently creampied pussy. There was already a little of my cum leaking out which I hurriedly licked up. I started tonguing her pussy again, trying to get as much of my cum as possible. I could feel Tom’s cum squelching around in my ass as he fucked me and the idea of it turned me on more than I would have ever imagined.

I continued slurping my cum out of Cindy’s pussy until she said, “I think you’ve gotten most of it. Remember what I did to you earlier? It’s time for you to return the favor.”

I didn’t even have time to respond before she’d rolled over onto her stomach and thrust her ass into my face. I’d never eaten a girl’s ass out before, so I was a little tentative…until Tom thrust his cock in extra hard which forced my tongue into her ass. “In for a penny in for a pound,” I thought to myself and began licking around her asshole. Surprisingly (or maybe I was just ignorant), it didn’t taste horrible, it was just like licking anywhere else on her body. I began to enthusiastically rim her, again determined to get her off.

Tom started pounding my ass hard, and I realized that I was hard again. I wanted to get Cindy’s ass nice and lubed so I could pound it. Tom kept fucking me harder and faster until all the sudden he came in my ass HARD. I could feel his cock spasming deep in my ass and I swear I could feel the cum leaking out into me. He moaned and slowly pulled his cock out, but not before reaching over the side of the bed and grabbing something. Once he’d pulled the whole way out he pushed something back in and I realized that what he’d grabbed was a butt plug.

“I’m just gonna take a little break…this has taken more out of me than it normally does,” Tom said exasperatedly while he sat back in the chair that he had been in while I sucked on his cock. I turned back and continued eating out Cindy’s asshole until it was soaked with my saliva. I then backed away and lined my cock up with her asshole.

I started teasing her ass while I reached around and began rubbing her nipples. I slowly began inserting my cock into her ass until I was balls deep. Then I began fucking her hard. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to las long with the butt plug pressing on my prostate like it was and I wanted to make the most of the time I had in her tight ass.

Given the way she was reacting, I’m fairly sure Tom didn’t spend much time with Cindy’s ass. She was extremely tight and was definitely fairly new to the whole anal thing. I decided to make the most of it and began pounding in and out, hard and deep. I began playing with her clit with one hand while I spanked her with the other, then began pinching her nipples. Soon, she began to cum. I could feel her ass begin contracting around my cock and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I began to spray cum deep into her ass in what was easily one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life.

After I’d finished cumming I pulled out of Cindy’s ass and collapsed backwards as she fell forwards. We were all exhausted to say the least. Despite Tom’s boast of cumming at least 3 times in my ass, he couldn’t move to fuck me and I was too tired to get up. Without realizing it, all three of us fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning spooning with Cindy, my cock nestled between her ass cheeks. Tom was still asleep on the chair as my cock began to stir. Cindy woke up as it poked her right in the ass. She looked back at me and said, “Again?” with a wink.

… be continued….?

This was my first story so any constructive (read positive AND negative) would be greatly appreciated! Also I’m considering continuing along this story line, but I also have a few other ideas I’d like to hash out, so if anyone would like to read more like this or something a little different (probably something strictly straight, maybe with Cindy) let me know!

I follow behind Katie as she leads the way to the elevator.

“You okay?” she asks as we made our way to her condo.

“I’m okay. It’s just… Tisha and I got into some thing a little while ago and she’s been super quiet ever since.” I don’t want to tell her we were made into her husband’s friend’s sluts. “But, anyway, enough about that. How about you? I’m surprised you and Trent aren’t going out for his birthday.”

She just smiles.

When we got upstairs Trent and Kyle were sitting on the couch watching a porno. They each gave me a hug—Trent then Kyle.

“Where’s Kevin?” I asked Kyle, a bit nervous and excited.

“I don’t know. He’s been talking to some mystery girl on the phone the past week.”

I run my hand down Kyle’s chest. I can feel his abs through his shirt. “Football did you well.”

He smacks my butt and grins.

“What about me?” Trent asks with a fake whine.

“You know the dark, mysterious, artist is a turn on,” I say with a smile.

“How much of a turn on?” he asks, stepping into me, placing one hand around my waist.

I turn and look at Katie who is sitting on the couch now with her legs crossed seductively, sipping a Martini in a red lingerie nightie, the hints of which can bee seen beneath her black silk robe.

I turn my attention back to Trent and smile. “A huge turn on,” I reply, grabbing his cock through his pants; he leans in and kisses me.

I feel Kyle press up against me from behind. His cock stiffening in his pants as it pokes against the thin fabric of my strapless, mini dress. He grips my waist and moans in my ear before nibbling on it.

“Not going to join?” I ask Katie when her husband removes his tongue from down my throat.

“I will later. For now, I just want to watch. Trent wants this. Make sure you please and service my husband well.”

“You want this?” I ask Trent, stroking his cock beneath his pants.

“I wanted a threesome and since Katie’s my wife, I’m not about to let another man to do her what me and Kyle are going to do to you. But you, you’re just a slut.”

Kyle unzips my dress from the back. He pushes the bottom of the dress up and exposes my lace panties that cover only half my ass. Trent pushes the top of the dress down so that it’s bunched around my waist. The strapless lace bra is too tight and pushes my tits up and together. Trent runs his hands over the top of my smushed breasts. He glides his tongue over my chocolate tits.

I feel Kyle kissing and biting my ass cheeks as I hear him unzipping his zipper. I undo Trent’s pants and begin to stroke his cock with my hand.

“Fuck yes, stroke my dick. Make my cock grow,” Trent groans.

“Look at this big black booty,” Kyle palms and rubs my ass. SMACK!

“Oooh,” I whine.


“Oh, Kyle,” I whimper.

“Yes.” He makes them shake. “Bounce your ass on my face. Jiggle those ass cheeks. Bounce it. Make it shake.” He moves my panties to the side and flicks his tongue against my pussy. He squeezes and bites my thighs before standing again.

I push Trent’s pants and underwear down. I come to my knees and take his cock in my mouth.

“On your back,” he commands.

I lay on my back. Kyle pulls my legs apart and attacks my clit with his tongue. Trent steps out of his pants and then kneels in front of my face. He pulls my head up by my hair. “Here, suck it!”

“Make her suck it,” says Katie, who’s gently playing with her pussy beneath the nightie on the couch.

I wrap my lips around Trent’s cock, supporting myself with my forearm I start to suck his dick.

“Yes, that’s it,” Katie moans. “Suck him off! Fuck!”

Kyle puts my leg on shoulder, his cock pressing against my pussy with Trent’s cock in my mouth and his hands mauling my tits. Kyle grabs my thigh with one hand and then grips it with both as he slides his cock in my pussy.

“Give it to me slut,” Kyle demands as he rocks his cock back and forth in my tight, wet pussy, palming and squeezing my ass. “Give it to me!”

I moan over Trent’s cock as it’s lodged down my throat.

“Yeah, bitch. Blow me you whore. Suck that shit.”

“Suck the cum out of his cock!” Katie groans. “Do her, Kyle. Fuck her. You like that pussy?”


“Work it! Take it!” she tells me.

His cock feels great stretching my pussy. I start to fuck his cock, grinding my hips against it, squeezing his dick with my pussy as it oozes juice all over his thick, rock hard cock.

Trent grabs the back of my head. “Take it long and deep. Take it in your throat! Choke on it! Gag bitch! Gag! Take it deep in your throat. Deep throat that dick. Suck it! Suck it! SUCK!”

“Don’t you like it?” Katie moans out to me. “Don’t you like that cock buried in both your holes?”

“Yes! Fuck my pussy! I can’t stop. I need it. I love sucking this cock.”

“I want that ass,” Trent says and pulls his cock out of my mouth.

“Come suck your pussy off my cock,” Kyle tells me. He sits back and I quickly crawl around and take him in my mouth. “Bring me that pussy. I wanna taste that wet cunt again. 69 with me bitch. Yes, put it on my face.”

Trent gets behind me, his cock wet with my slob.

“Do her!” Katie demands her husband. “Fuck her Trent. Fuck her up the ass.”

“Tell me you want it.” Trent demands of me.

“Please put it inside of me. Yes, do it! Take this ass! Yes! That’s it! It feels so fucking good. Yes!”

“Fuck her up!” Katie screams as they ram into me.

“Give up that big black ass!” Trent hollers as he smacks my ass. SMACK! “All of it! All of it, bitch!” SMACK. “I want it. Give me that hot ass. Tell me you need it! Work that ass.” SMACK.

Kyle pries my ass cheeks apart as Trent grips my waist and plows deeper and harder into my tight black asshole. “This pussy is so fucking wet. You like it don’t you bitch?”

“Work my fucking prick. Make me bust this nut. Do me you whore. Your ass feels so fucking good.” Trent pushes my head down into Kyle’s cock as he blasts away deep in my ass.

“Balls deep you cum bucket!” Kyle taunts. “BALLS DEEP! Swallow my dick! Oh god yes! Your mouth feels amazing.

“I can’t get enough,” I shout in my mind as Trent bangs into my ass like a mad man. Pile driving deep into my big black butt while Kyle’s cock is shoved deep in my throat. “More. Give me more! Deeper. Fuck me deeper. Give it to me harder! Fuck yeah, smack my ass. Smack that fat ass. More, dammit! I need those big fucking dicks.”

“Suck him off!” Katie instructs as I’m forced to choke and gag on Kyle’s thick dick. “I wish your mother could see this. I wish she could see her daughter being a whore. I wish she could watch you taking that cock, that big black ass in the air getting drilled by white dick. I wish she could see you sucking white meat. You’ve got my pussy so wet servicing those pricks. So fucking sexy! Fuck my husband!”

“I’m about to cum,” Trent tells me as he rocks into my ass harder and harder. “Where do you want my cum? Tell me where you want it, slut.”

“My ass… cover my ass,” I manage to say before Kyle’s dick is once again buried in my mouth.

“That ass?”

“MMMMMM,” I moan.

“Tell me!” he demands, smacking my ass again.

“Cover my ass with your cum,” I tell Trent as I wrap my big black tits around Kyle’s thick, long, hard white dick. “Cum all over my black ass. Paint that ass with your cum.”

“You want it?”

“Yes! I need your cum.”

“Fuck bitch! I’m gonna blast on your tits. Take it all over those tits and that pretty black face.”

“Yes! Cover me with cum! Spray your nut all over me. Give it to me! I need it,” I beg. “I want it. I want that sperm. Give me your juice.”

“FUCK!” they scream as they both cum all over my ass, mouth, face, and tits at the same time.

Trent collapses over my back. “God, I wanna fuck that wet pussy,” he whispers in my ear. He pulls out of my ass and I roll off of Kyle.

“Don’t move,” Katie tells me. She slides off the couch and makes her way to me in the middle of the floor. I sit on my heels and she pushes my tits together and licks Kyle’s cum off my tits.

Kyle and Trent watch as she meticulously cleans Kyle’s cum from my tits. I look at Trent and Kyle biting my lips as Katie’s tongue dances around my tits. She sucks my nipple into her mouth and I moan. She has me bend over once my tits are clean. With my ass in the air she licks her husbands cum from my ass. Trent stands to the side of us, in front of the TV, across from Kyle, stroking his cock. I look over to the couch to see Kyle with his cock in his hand as well.

When my tits and ass are clean Katie pulls me to my knees.

“Get naked,” Trent says flatly to Katie, and within seconds she and I are both naked.

“Look who’s a fuckin slut,” I say to Katie, pushing her on her back.

She slaps my tits as I fall on top of her. “Don’t speak to me like that you fucking black whore.”

“C’mon bitch,” I squeeze her tits. I push them together, suck her nipples, and bite on them.

“Mmmmmm, you fucking whore.”

“Turn around, get under her ass,” Trent says to me.

“Wait,” Kyle says and lies on the floor. “Come bring me that pussy.”

I straddle Kyle’s cock, slowly easing the head of his cock into my wet, eager pussy. I fall forward, my tits pressing against his chest. Before I can ease myself onto his cock, Trent throws Katie on top of me, forcing all of Kyle’s dick in my pussy. Katie is straddling my ass. Her weight pins me down, while my size under her makes it so her knees barely touch the floor.

Trent pushes his stiff dick into my ass.

“Spread those asses,” Trent commands.

Katie spreads her ass cheeks.

“Spread your ass so my best friend can pump his dick in it,” Kyle says in my ear.

I reach beneath Katie’s thighs and spread my ass.

Katie slides forward so my asshole is available to her husband.

“Beg me for my cock. Beg sluts!”

“Please fuck me, Trent,” says Katie.

“I want it to hear it nasty. Slutty. Both of you. NOW!”

“Fuck my tight, slutty ass baby.”

“Fuck my nasty black ass,” I groan as Kyle starts to pump his dick into me.

“You want me to fuck that black ass with this white cock?”

“Yes, fuck my black ass with your white cock.”

“Fuck it good.” He shoves his cock in Katie’s ass.

“Keep that ass open,” Kyle tells me. “Let him see that stretched hole.”

Trent grabs Katie’s hair as he slams into her ass. The sound of him slapping against her is loud.

“Yes, Trent,” she whimpers and chokes out. “Fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

“C’mon Katie fuck his cock!”

“Shut up bitch,” he pushes his stiff dick into my ass.

“Fuck his cock slut,” she says to me. “Take it up your black ass.”

He works up a rhythm and then pushes his cock into Katie’s ass.

“Yes, Trent, yes!” she backs her ass into him as he fucks her.

“Fuck him. Fuck his cock,” I tell Katie.

“Fuck,” Kyle moans in my ear.”

“This feels so fucking good,” Trent groans. “Spread those asses. I’m gonna cum down your asses, nasty fuck toys.”

“Oh, baby, I can feel her ass against my clit,” Katie whines.

“You like it?”

“Yes! Yes! It feels so fucking good.”

“Fuck her ass. Fuck that big black ass with your clit. Grind on it.”

“You feel her wet pussy on your ass?” Kyle asks me.

“Yes!” I scream.

“You like that wet white cunt on your black ass?”

“Fuck yes! Keep fucking my ass Katie.”

“How about I fuck your ass. Yeah, that’s it. Right up that black butt. Fuck my dick in front on my wife.”

“Oh fuck, Shay, be our black whore again. Let them DP that ass.”

“OH FUCK! YES! Two cocks in me. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Give it to her! UNH! Yes Trent, slam into my ass baby. Take turns fucking those big round asses. Yes! Grip my tits. Squeeze my fucking tits. You know that turns me on. Oh Trent! Fuck me! Give it to me! I want your cock. Yes! I need it.”

“Fuck this black pussy feels so good! Fuck me slut!”

“Yes. Pinch those nipples! Fuck my tight wet pussy. I’m your ghetto whore. Fuck yes, turn me out. Use me. Give me that dick deep in my pussy.”

“Who’s is it?” Kyle demands as he squeezes my tits.

“It’s yours!” I scream.

“Then give it to me! Give it to Daddy!”

“Katie, make Daddy cum!” Trent says as he starts to fuck her harder.

“Fuck! Trent! Daddy!”

“Oh shit, Daddy yes!”

“Yes. Fuck, you want this cum, baby?”

“You want this cum bitch? You want it?”




I feel Trent’s cum trickle down my ass as Kyle’s shoots deep in my pussy, filling me up. Katie and I pant like dogs as they blast their cum into us.

When I feel Katie roll off of me I peel myself off of Kyle, standing up and then collapse onto the couch. I laugh. “Happy birthday, Trent.”

Everyone smiles and chuckles. Katie and Trent kiss each other passionately. Kyle and I look at each other and shrug and then laugh a bit.

“How’d you get here?” he asks as I pass him his clothes and he passes me mine.

“My sister dropped me off. I let her use my car for the night,” I tell him as we quickly dress—Trent and Katie are lost in their own lover’s world.

“Want a ride?”


Laura didn’t work; I don’t think it was in her nature. While I frittered away my life as a drone at a mid-size financial planning and investment firm she whiled away her days smoking pot, hanging out with her deadbeat mates or just sitting at home having cyber sex with whoever happened to be online. To tease me she’d sometimes send me webcam shots of whatever raunch she was engaged in at the time, usually bent over, her big ass high in the air with some black rubber dong halfway into her hungry pussy. Sometimes she’d just send me a picture of her latest bowel movement, some enormous turd floating in the bowl, “shots from the log book” would be the title. It wasn’t because I had a thing for shit or anything; she was just like that. She loved to make me squirm, loved to shock me.

The early stages of our relationship, consisted of an almost continuous sex act that really only stopped to resupply (food, pot, or beer). The first time she asked me to lick her asshole she waited until my tongue was firmly planted in her hole and then squeezed out a long deliberate and pretty pungent fart, she laughed as she did it, not an embarrassed titter, but a sadistic cruel chuckle that I would come to know well. Another time, after riding me to orgasm she collapsed on my chest, her large breasts crushed against me and her head resting beneath my chin, I was basking in the post-coital bliss, my cock still thrust firmly into her quim slowly growing flaccid, when I felt warmth spread over my thighs and liquid running over my balls, she was pissing over me, over our bed, and she laughed that laugh, that dirty laugh.

So yes that’s Laura, 25 years old, long sandy brown hair, she stands around 5 and bit feet tall, a little tubby I guess but not fat, with fantastic firm round breasts and a glorious ass that oozes (often literally) sex. She likes Hip Hop and black guys, booze and drugs, big cock and dirty sex. Me I’m early 30′s tall and slim, broad shouldered I guess but not particularly muscular, average endowment I guess, Laura says she loves it but none of our extensive dildo collection is less than 2 inches longer than me and much fatter. I can’t stand hip hop, I’m intimidated by black guys, but I guess we agree on pretty much everything else on the list, yes even big cock.

The toilet had broken Tuesday, I don’t know what was wrong with it, the tank just wouldn’t fill with water and so in order to flush the toilet you had to fill it with a bucket from the bath, I organised a plumber myself after Laura “forgot” to get around to it for three days in row. For three days I would come home and lift the bowl to find Laura had left another of her “gifts” to dispose of, for her it seemed a tireless source of amusement. I’d found a local plumber online and asked if he would mind coming over Friday to take a look. His name was Tony, and over the phone he sounded like a fairly typical Aussie tradesman, coarse alpha male type bloke.

When I arrived home Friday evening Laura was asleep on the couch in front of the TV, wearing only a long pyjama top (which she probably hadn’t changed out of all day, she had no underwear on, and with her knees tucked into her chest her pink pussy protruded lewdly from the twin ivory orbs of her fleshy succulent ass. Since Laura masturbated pretty much constantly while at home (and did little else) I didn’t find it unusual that her pussy was pink and swollen and the fur matted with drying fluid.

I changed out of my suit into my lounging about clothes and went to the bathroom to take a piss, as I stood over the bowl (thankfully empty today) waiting for the flow to begin, Laura came in stumbling sleepily, she wrapped her arms around my waist and lent her head against my back and sighed contentedly. Of course this made it harder to pee, and so we stood there for a while as I tried to focus, picturing waterfalls and sprinklers etc. Finally after I finished I pushed the flush, and nothing happened….

“Did Tony come?” I asked, annoyed.

“Yeah but he needs some bit he didn’t have, he’s coming back tomorrow morning”.

“It’s Saturday tomorrow, does he realise that?”

“Is it? Yeah I guess he did”.

I shook my head, wondering at the incompetence of tradesmen, and we left the bathroom. That night we ordered Pizza, drank a couple of beers and smoked some pot.

We started watching a movie, some never ending Terrence Malick epic, but Laura grew bored, she lay her head on my lap, and fondled my balls while languidly mouthing my cock, in no particular hurry just a long luxurious blowjob you’d only dream about, it must have lasted most of an hour and ended with me spurting a prodigious amount of cum into her warm mouth. We dozed for a while on the couch, her holding my shrivelled but well loved member as she did most nights and snoring softly, in the early hours of the morning we made it the rest of the way to bed.

I awoke to the sound of voices in the house and mid morning sun streaming through the window. Laura was already up and about which was unheard of, she normally didn’t surface until midday and only then under duress. I heard a man’s voice, and Laura’s dirty laugh. I got up, pulled on some shorts and a tee-shirt and went to investigate.

I entered the bathroom to see Laura perched on the bathroom sink, still in that night shirt, her legs together but still clearly naked underneath, her nipples clearly visible through the thin light blue material.

“Morning honey”, Laura looked up and smiled at me, “the man is here to fix our toilet”, the way she emphasised “man” was troubling and the smile had a distinctly mischievous bent to it that put me on edge.

So this was Tony, bent over the toilet with his arm down in the tank a wrench or shifting spanner or some such chrome tool in the other hand. He turned, to me, wiping his wet hand on his shorts before thrusting it out to shake. “Morning champ”, he said with a sardonic smirk on his tanned and stubbly face. Of course he was one of those assholes who love to show how much of a man he is by crushing your hand, that it was still damp added to the unpleasantness of the whole experience. He was wearing a black polo shirt with his company logo on it, the obligatory football shorts, and steel cap boots. He was shorter than me, but not by much and he made up for it in bulk, he was stocky, solid but with very little fat, his black hair was curly, probably Italian back a generation or so.

“Make us coffee please baby?” asked Laura in that cutise childlike voice she used to arouse or piss me off.

I was annoyed, Tony had already exerted his alpha-maleness on me, and now Laura was making me get him coffee. “Black” said Tony, “no sugar” before I’d even agreed. I stalked out, a dark, impotent little storm cloud. I heard Laura giggle behind me.

I put the kettle on and dug around in the back of the pantry for the nastiest old instant coffee I could find, fucked if “Tony” was getting the good stuff, and fuck Laura too. I took my time, making myself a cup of tea and finishing some toast before bothering to return to the bathroom with the now lukewarm mugs.

When I entered the bathroom, Laura was on her knees beside the toilet rifling around in the tool box; Tony was standing over the tank again, one knee on the closed toilet lid the other down the side for balance. It was then I noticed what seemed impossible, protruding slightly from the bottom of his footy shorts was the circumcised head of his cock… his shorts were short, but still…

“I’m helping Tony find his tool”.

I rolled my eyes at the ridiculous innuendo. Humiliated I snapped something back about how if she was so good at it maybe she could get a job.

It was a clumsy retort that reeked of pique and frustration and I knew it had instantly made things worse,

“Oh baby, don’t be like that, don’t be jealous. You’re still my little man.”

Laura stood up and walked over to my side, her hands brushed against my crotch as she reached for the cooling mug of shitty coffee, and looked back at Tony, who watched us, that same superior know it all smirk. I was out of my depth here, this guy was twice the man I was, we all knew it.

I reluctantly offered out the mug, while he sat on the closed lid of the toilet, legs straddling either side, making no effort to hide the ludicrous bulge in his shorts. The mouth of the pant leg hung loosely around his muscled legs displaying glimpses of his enormous junk.

“You’ve got smooth hands” he said, as I passed him the mug, “they’d love you in prison”.

Laura tittered and moved back towards Tony, she stood over the collection of tools and parts beside the toilet again, “Tony says the problem is that we needed a new ballcock”. She bent over, causing the shirt to ride up revealing the bottom of her ass cheeks.

“I’m sure he does” I said, rolling my eyes, “Is that even a real thing?”

“Sure is, I don’t think the old one was up to the job” said Tony. At this he placed his hand on Laura’s night shirt lifting it to reveal her pale round ass. He drained the mug in one draft and placed it on the tiles. Then he stood up, his free hand cupping the bulge in his shorts, and lifting, the long thick slug behind the fabric shifted up, the head nearly reaching all the way across his thigh. “Luckily I have one that should do the trick”.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I asked, through gritted teeth, white with rage.

“Your Missus needs a real man, and from what she tells me, so do you, Don’t be shy big fella, Laura tells me you love the cock. She reckons you can’t get enough of those big rubber dongs you’ve got under the bed”.

Laura feigned shock, slapping his hand. “I told you that was a secret” she said to Tony.

Despite my humiliation I felt my own cock stirring in my underpants, it was true I had a thing for anal fucking, receiving more than giving, and I love to fuck ass as much as the next perve. Laura teased me about it, called me a faggot, but it was our secret she was happy to play that way, as long as she was getting her fair share too. Her favourite pastime was fucking herself with her favourite 9 inch dong while I fucked her in the ass.

And now our very private sex life was the a source of amusement for this arrogant prickly, drinking my coffee, fondling my girlfriend, and probably charging me for the time. How could I compete with Tony and his rough manly hands, and his huge trunk like legs and arms, and that cock, that magnificent cock, He’d pulled aside his shorts now and exposed it flapping it idly as it slowly swelled. The fat purple head of his dick was smacking softly against the flesh of his hairy thigh. The skin of the shaft far darker than the skin of his legs anchored in a the coarse black bush of his pubic hair. A single tear of pre-cum oozed from the slit.

“Isn’t it beautiful honey?” asked Laura, “Don’t you just want to eat it all up?”

Despite myself I was transfixed, unable to tear my eyes away as he hypnotically beat it against his leg.

Tony pulled the night shirt over Laura’s head exposing her large fleshy orbs. He cupped one tit and began licking and sucking at the nipple roughly. Laura groaned and her eyes rolled up to the ceiling as her hands embraced Tony’s head. Tony slapped his meat against his thigh again, and before I’d thought about what I was doing I’d stepped close to him and dropped to my knees.

Inches from my face his cock and balls were the whole world, unlike my dick the head of Tony’s was the same thickness as the shaft but that was thick, really thick, it was shaped like loaf, he was hairy and smelt of sweat, and sex, the strong smells of semen and pussy. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his heavy cock, my fingers not actually reaching the whole way around the shaft. He’d let go by then, taking a fistful of my hair and pushing my head into his crotch.

My mouth struggled to envelope the enormous head of his member, luckily I still gripped half of it in my hand otherwise I would have choked almost immediately. Pulling my head back and forward he fucked my face, incredibly I realised that his cock was only partially erect and has he thrust in and out of my mouth it swelled and stiffened even more, filling my mouth as I struggled to breath through my nose. I had to keep my mouth open so wide to avoid scraping the shaft with my teeth that within minutes my jaw ached.

“You’re a good match you two, a right little pair of sluts.” Tony muttered between mouthfuls of tit. “I want it” moaned Laura and I felt her move in beside me, Tony’s legs widening to accommodate the pair or us, he slid his ass forward, trying to get to his balls.

“Get out of the way faggot”, urged Laura, and after several more hard thrusts deep into my mouth Tony pushed me away so roughly I fell back on my ass. Laura greedily moved in swooping onto Tony’s massive thick veined rod, and wasting no time began gobbling it like the cock sucking pro she was.

I looked up, short of breath and gasping, Laura was on her knees her face buried in Tony’s crotch her ass high in the air, her pussy and asshole exposed and inviting.

I moved in behind on all fours, horny now, beyond all reason. Between Laura’s thighs was a glistening matted mess, flushed pink, engorged with blood and on inspection I could now see the dried knotted hair was stiff with dried cum. The hair around her puckered crinkly asshole thick with a mix of fluids.

I feasted on her, bathing her cunt and asshole, softening the dried cum and whatever else was smeared over her dripping snatch and slimy brown hole.

Laura’s juices ran down my chin, and down her legs, as I worked my way over her bum hole I felt her tense and knew she was pushing out… A wet fart escaped her anus and grey semen, Tony’s cum from yesterday apparently, oozed out of her asshole onto my lips and tongue. I was beyond caring and wild with lust. I sucked on her anus, clearly still recovering from what must have been an almighty buggering the day before it opened easily and I plundered her asshole like a lunatic.

“Mmmph mmmph” she began to squirm writhing, but unable to speak with Tony’s enormous rod jammed down her throat, she rocked back and gasped as the rigid pole slid from her mouth. Tony slapped it across her face as she composed herself and then said, “I really need to shit”.

Tony, with that smirk that seemed permanently plastered on his arrogant face stood up slowly teasingly slowly. Laura had closed her legs and wriggled uncomfortably. As soon as the toilet seat was free she flipped the lid back and sat down. A series of sloppy farts preceded a loud plop and Laura released an audible sigh or relief.

“Thanks honey” she said gazing up at Tony who stood over her watching amused. At some point whiled I’d been gorging on Laura’s nether regions I’d shed my pants and was jacking my painfully swollen cock, kneeling there on all fours, ignored, my face smeared in cunt juice and muck. Pre cum flowed freely from my cock, I was a pathetic sight, and I had never been this aroused.

“Look at the little bitch” said Laura cruelly, seemingly remembering I was there again. “Come here faggot, Mama has a little present for you”. I padded forward a few feet so my face was close to her pussy again, I could smell the nasty stink rising out of the bowl from between her legs, overpowering the copious fluid that covered her thighs and pussy. She slid forward thrusting her pussy out and pulled my head into her snatch; I attacked her pussy again as she ground herself against me roughly.

I felt something wet and warm splash into the cleft of my ass cheeks and then a rough finger smear up and down my crack. Without warning Tony pushed his fat sausage finger into my asshole, he spat again directly onto my ass and I realised Tony was kneeling behind me now. He wiggled it around and fucked it a little before forcing another finger inside.

Laura stood up and turned around before sitting down again, straddling the toilet seat her ass was directly in my face.

I heard Laura laugh that cruel chuckle and felt his thick rod slap against my ass cheek. I was nervous now, I’d been fucked before by Laura and her toys, but that had been with a lot of lube and preparation and patience… Tony didn’t have lube, he certainly didn’t seem to have patience and it looked like a rough fingering and a slap of his meaty loaf against my cheeks was as close to preparation as I could expect,

He pushed me forwards my face wedged into Laura’s cheeks,

“Lick me clean you shit eating fag”, Laura cupped her cheeks, spreading them wide. The newly laid greasy smears around her cheeks now adding to the smell rising from the bowl.

My mind was soon distracted from the thankless and gut churning task of cleaning Laura’s ass, as Terry began forcing the massive tool into my willing but under prepared ass. Thankfully my anus was no stranger to oversized albeit simulated dick and as he slowly pushed in I opened willingly needing to be fucked. I moaned as I was pushed further into Laura’s sweaty greasy crack.

Tony’s pace was quickening, he was close, and he grunted and slammed forward hard, so deep I felt him stab up into my colon. I felt his cock pulse through my abused sphincter, and knew he was dumping thick loads of cum deep into my bowel. He kept it in me for a minute or so, buried to the hilt, I felt so incredibly full, I remained there wedged mewling and whimpering between Laura cheeks and Tony, my cock rock hard weeping pre-cum. When he slid out, my knees gave out and I collapsed on my side.

But Laura wasn’t done yet and as Tony stood up, his softening but still impressive member wet with slime clutched in his hand she slid forward on the edge of the toilet seat, I rolled onto my back, face up, I saw Laura reaching for Tony’s dick, licking her lips and preparing to suck some life back into his might tool, with one hand she reached between her labia parting them with two fingers, she released a stream of piss over me, frigging her wanton clit as she emptied her bladder over me and the bathroom tiles.

Laura kept sucking on Tony’s cock for ages while I lay beneath them jacking my cock in a puddle of Laura’s piss, once she was in the zone she could spend hours on a blowjob. Eventually though she had enough, “Fuck me” she demanded of Tony.

They changed position, Laura turned around, and lowered herself onto my dick, her cunt was cavernous and more wet than I had ever known it, her eyes met mine, her face was messy covered in streaks of saliva and fluids from the head job she’d just given then. She gave me a little wink, and spat a thick gob of whatever accumulated smegma she’d gathered off Tony’s dick onto my face. We kissed and licked at each others faces like maniacs. Tony moved in behind Laura and I felt him playing with her bottom, the strange sensation on my dick of fingers moving about in her anus through the thin membrane between her pussy and ass. She was groaning as he finger fucked her working 2 and then three fingers into her hungry anus.

Then he was up and pushing into her with his dick, Laura sighed and whimpered and I felt the crush of his cock sliding pushing up against mine through the walls of her colon, threatening to squeeze me out. I thrust up, knowing if I came out now it would be nigh impossible to re-enter her once Tony got going. He slammed down in answer and Laura bit back a scream, spurred on by a chance to get some of my own back on Laura I began answering Tony’s thrusts with my own and we worked up a steady rhythm of fucking that soon had Laura sobbing in ecstasy, she came repeatedly, actually squirting cum over me adding to the puddle of filth I was lying in. I couldn’t last though and within a few minutes I felt my balls tense as they emptied into her gaping quim.

Tony kept slamming into Laura, far from done; she was biting my bottom lip, I could taste blood in my mouth, tears rolling down her face, sobbing in ecstasy. Finally after long minutes of brutal fucking he grunted and slammed into her for a final time. Tony remained pushed up against her buttocks’ breathing deeply, recovering. Laura nestled on my chest now; eyes closed, shuddering as waves of orgasm receded. She was full of cock and covered in the products of our fucking.

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