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It’s only taken nearly a decade to get this second chapter added, so please read Ann and The looking glass pt 1.

©Hitchhiker MMIX


Chapter 2


“Wait until I tell Bev.” Ann thought to herself, as she took the cup of steaming freshly brewed coffee from Adam.

Ann smiled up at Adam with a feeling of absolute adoration for her phantom lover, her mind still replaying the sexually adventure of the last 18 hours.

After all was said and done she had only purchased herself a mirror.

As she began to sip the hot aromatic brew her new lover began to fade until he was as transparent as morning mist.

Ann watched aghast as her lover disappeared like vapour on the morning breeze her gaze was drawn back to the large free standing mirror in the corner of her bedroom.

There for a few brief seconds, she saw the face of Adam melt into the silvered glass, until all that Ann could see was Adam’s right eye. She smiled as Adams eye winked and faded too faint to be seen then just as faintly his melting voice filled the room, in breathless whisper.

“I’ll… be… back… when you need me.”

‘I must tell Bev, now right now.’ Ann picked up the phone next to her bed and pressed speed dial for Bev.

“What ya doing? I’ve something quite unbelievable to tell, no show you! Tell you! Oh I don’t know! You must come over you just won’t believe… I know you won’t “Ann hung up the phone to leave a stunned still half awake Bev laying in her bed.

Slowly Bev got her thoughts together and recalled the brief phone call just moments before. Ann was not normally so excitable this early in the day. “What could be up, what could have happened to make her sound so… flustered?”

Bev got up showered and dressed, knowing she was only going across the street, dressed in a summer halter-top dress, no bra and just lace panties.

Bev crossed the suburban street walked around back of Ann’s beautiful shaker style house and entered via the back door into the kitchen.

Bev noticed the kitchen was a little messy not at all in character Ann almost OCD with keeping her house at show home standard.

Bev presumed, Ann in her excited state had prepared breakfast and gone back upstairs.

Bev walked through the lounge and into the hall.

“ANN” she shouted up the stairs “It’s only me, shall I come up or are coming down?”

“Sweetie, yes come on up. You are just not going to believe what I’ve got to show you.” Ann called in reply. Bev climbed the stairs still wondering what was so exciting.

On entering Ann’s room Bev found her friend putting on her dressing gown. Ann beckoned Bev over to the corner of her bedroom where Bev was drawn to the large mirror and stand.

“Wow I see what you mean it’s incredible. I know you said you were going to buy a new mirror, but this must have cost you a fortune, it’s beautiful.

Come on, how much?”

“No really… it was a bargain Bev…., $200 and the guy in the shop delivered it for free too. Seemed pleased to get rid of it.”

Bev stood in front of the mirror admiring her own reflection moving her body from side to side. “Mmmm it makes me look sooo! good too” Bev put out her hand and pivoted the mirror to view herself at different angles.

“Ann you were so lucky to find this. The carved frame and supports are just well…. Sexy, in fact the thing… just oozes… sex. It’s making me feel horny just looking at myself. Mind if I take off my dress and look at myself in the mirror?”

“Be my guest.” Ann replied with a mischievous grin on her face, Ann wondered if Bev’s reaction was just part of Bev the exhibitionist. Or did the mirror really make her, feel horny. Ann was also beginning to feel turned on as her beautiful friend unclasped the halter of her dress and let it slip to the floor.

Bev turned from side to side again admiring her tanned trim reflection, she even pouted at herself in the vainest way.

“Bev you are TOO SEXY for my mirror I’ll begin to feel jealous in a minute.”

“How could you be jealous of my refection in the mirror? Come here and we can look at each other at the same time.”

Ann moved over next to Bev and they stared at one another in the mirror Bev turned toward Ann and untied the belt of her dressing gown which fell open to show Ann’s ample ivory curves hidden beneath. It was then that Bev noticed that her friend now sported a full Hollywood.

“Why Ann! You little minx you’ve shaved your pussy. What ever made you do it? I know I’ve been on at you for ages but… Well, Wow it looks beautiful, almost edible.”

With that Bev turned to her and pushed the robe from her shoulders. The dark green silk slithered to floor. Ann bent forward to kiss her friend. Bev responded and took Ann in a passionate embrace and they kissed each other, their tongues entwining as their hands began to stroke each others naked warm bodies.

Both Ann and Bev’s thoughts were the same “Oh this is so natural and wonderful we should have kissed like this so many times.”

“And you shall for many times to come,” came a light gentle male voice.

“WHO SAID THAT?” Bev exclaimed shocked at the invasion of another person. She turned around looking about the room but could see no one.

Ann held her friend close and looked at Bev’s worried face, with a reassuring expression.

“It’s OK don’t panic it’s what I told you wouldn’t believe what I have to tell you. The mirror is magic!”

“Yeah right!! A fucking magic… mirror…, there’s no such thing as magic.”

Bev was not reassured by her friend’s relaxed manner; even so Ann was very calm and had taken control of the situation.

“Bev I’m not kidding, the mirror is magic. It has a….well a….mm err a Genie I suppose and he came out, yesterday when I started to clean the mirror and it was him, Adam, who shaved my pussy, made love to me and did things to me that made me feel. Well… amazing. Well like I’ve never felt before.”

“No….? Get outa here…you aren’t kidding me are you? It really happened, or you believe it happened. You do. Yes you… believe it happened.” Bev was beginning to believe Ann.

“Bev, I’m not going mad, am I Adam?” She said her eyes looking over Bev’s left shoulder and into the bright grey eyes of Adam, whose face had now appeared in the mirror.

Ann wanted to share her new lover with her friend. She held Bev’s shoulders and gently turned her to face the mirror, as Bev watched in utter disbelief first Adams shoulders then torso grew out of the mirrors surface his body fully revealed first one leg then the other stepped and out, Adam stood. before the two naked women.

As their eyes met, Bev’s heart missed a beat, her tummy grew butterflies, and her pussy began to tingle.

The phantom standing so close and sooo… naked was just beautiful.

Ann put her arms around Bev and pulled their bodies’ close. She could feel the moistness begin to start in her own pussy as she too looked upon Adam again.

Bev’s eyes could not resist the temptation to look down; her gaze came upon his erect circumcised member. It was perfection the head large shining and purple the shaft veined and ridged.

“Oh my, you are….You are? Just too… perfect… and far… too beautiful. Just to fucking… well yes you are. Aren’t you?” Bev was too stunned, to amazed at the maleness she beheld. Her gaze just couldn’t pull away from the beautiful phallus.

Bev felt her knee’s turn to jelly and she slowly sank down to kneel as if to worship the phantom lover. Bev’s right hand reached out nervously, and grasped the throbbing member just inches away from her face.

“He is real Ann, I can feel the warmth, no the heat of him and smell him too.”

Bev bent forward opened her willing mouth and engulfed the purple head.

“Ermm!” Bev sighed with pure lust as she took more of the beautiful phallus into her mouth. She tasted pre-cum and swallowed and savoured it with delight. His scent earthy, like a forest on a hot summers day, inflamed her passion and his taste forced her to pump her head back and forth allowing herself complete submission. Letting Adam’s cock fuck her face and she enjoyed every sweet moment.

Bev’s nostrils expanded to allow her to suck air into her lungs her breathing becoming faster as passion for cock overcame all her reasoning.

She drew one very deep breath and plunged her head forward taking the whole ridged veined shaft, all the way in until her nose touched Adam’ abdomen .

Resisting the urge to gag, Bev moved her tongue to caress the base of his shaft. He was so thick, the glands within her throat. Bev held her breath for as long as she could bear enjoying the feel of rampant flesh in her throat.

“Oh what a good girl you are Bev”, moaned Adam, enjoying his power over a woman he’d met only seconds before. Bev was far more compliant than Ann had been.

Bev pulled her mouth off Adam’s now glistening shaft wet with her saliva; she looked at it with such triumph knowing and feeling it had grown harder and longer from her attention.

Ann was delighted with her friend’s performance of deep throating, Adam, her own passion had been stoked as she to bent to kiss Adam. Her own anticipation of what was yet to come, made her tremble.

She remembered the kiss and embrace of moments before with Bev, and how she felt they should have done it before. They had played with each other years ago, in their teens but then it was just experimenting, with no passion. And any such thoughts, had been banished when they’d both discovered boys.

Bev renewed her attention to the beautiful phallus sucking and licking stroking and pumping its length with her mouth and hands.

Adam continued to kiss Ann and fondle her large breasts.

With Adam and Ann standing hip to hip Bev was able to look at her friends newly shaved quim, as she played with Adams cock.

She even bent his cock to the left and rubbed its tip against Ann’s body leaving a tiny trail of pre cum. Bev licked this off Ann’s tummy and then found herself pushing her tongue into the cleft of Ann’s pussy. Ann opened her thighs to allow Bev access.

Adam then reached down and behind Ann’s right thigh and pulled her leg up level with his waist this gave Bev the opportunity to bend herself lower and suck and lick Ann’s glistening pussy.

Ann Looked down between their bodies amazed at the sensations her friend was giving.

Bev then started to share her attentions and kiss and suck again on Adam’s cock she rubbed it into Ann’s slit and then sucked the combined juices off the head.

Ann standing on only one leg was starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

“Could we please lie down?” she asked.

“Why of course we can.” Adam replied and started to guide both ladies toward Ann’s King-sized bed.

Ann flopped back onto the duvet opening her thighs wide, Bev climbed onto the bed on all fours and kissed her way up Ann’s body until she was able to kiss Ann on the mouth.

Adam just stood and watched the love scene develop.

Ann and Bev revelled in their new found passion kissing fondling and sucking each other until they manoeuvred themselves into the 69 position each with their faces in the others cunney sucking and licking until they simultaneously reached climax moaning with muffled squeals of pure joy and pleasure.

Ann being on top lifted herself up and looked at Adam.

“You can take her now she’s ready for your loving.”

Adam moved around to the side of the bed, leant forward grasped hold of Bev’s thighs and pulled her body by brute force to edge of the mattress as Bev’s wide open pussy came level with his cock he plunged the whole length into her, Bev gasped in shock and delight at being penetrated with such abandon.

Pulling her legs up he placed her ankles level with his head and began to thrust in and out of Bev soaking wet pussy, Bev rocked herself back and forth allowing the deepest cunt stirring motion possible.

Bev could feel her insides being churned as Adam rotated and thrust himself within her all too wanton body. She’d rarely felt so hot in the past, with any lover.

Then Ann placed a hand between their writhing bodies and rubbed Bev’s clit forcing another climax to explode through her.

Ann’s other hand rubbed and massaged her own clit but she was unable to reach climax, she wanted that lovely cock in her pussy.

As Bev began to twitch and jump as little shocks coursed through her, Adam withdrew himself and guided Ann to lie on the edge of mattress next to her friend. He then began to screw Ann as he’s done Bev only moments before. Bev turned toward Ann and began to kiss her saying

“He’s just wonderful isn’t he? The way that cock just stirs inside, ooooohh I want him again please…. can I have him?”

“No.. wait awhile I want some more first.” Ann bucked against Adam’s cock as it pistoned in and out of her.

“Rub my clit and make me cum. Yes like that….harder… quicker oh yes like that don’t stop, oh Bev please don’t stop…. Faster, faster…oh …oh…oh yes.. yes..yeeeeeeeees……..”

Ann’s climax raged through her but Ann wanted more as her orgasm kept going and going, she screamed for deeper harder thrusts from Adam and faster massaging of her clit from Bev. Ann couldn’t believe how deep and hard her pleasure was.

Adam withdrew and flipped Bev over so she was on the bed on all fours. He stood on the mattress his legs either side of her hips bent his cock down and forced it into Bev’s cunney pile driving down into her each stroke deep and hard.

“Oh yes, fuck me that’s just oh so… wonderful.” Bev crooned her face buried into the folds of the duvet.

Ann watched and wanted the same treatment herself so she placed herself in the position with her bottom thrust into the air.

“My turn, my turn.” She pleaded

Adam pulled out of Bev and moved over to Ann and began to pile drive his shaft into Ann’s willing body. Bev protested at being left feeling bereft of Adam’s wonderful member in her, body.

“So you don’t want to share well, then I’ll have to divide myself won’t I?”

With that Adam withdrew from Ann, which made Ann whimper and beg for more too.

Then to both women’s amazement Adam became transparent then the transparent figure started to divide as if he were reflection in a mirror but 3D within seconds Adam had become two.

Each Adam moved as one but separate reflections of the one, the Adam’s placed themselves over Bev and Ann and plunged their cock hard and deep. Both women moaned in unison and watched each other being fucked by the same man at the same time the visual stimulus was stunning, as they were screwed with perfect symmetry.

Each Adam placed a thumb on their tight little rose buds and began to massage the resistant holes into submission, as the tight rings began to relax and allow the invading thumb to become engulfed by their willing puckered holes.

Both women knew what the Adam’s had in mind and became excited by the shear anticipation of the moment.

The Adam’s withdrew from their slack cunts still twitching and wanting more. Kneeling on the bed behind each woman the Adam’s placed their member with the thick and soft purple heads on their pouting rings then pushing gently yet firmly the two cock heads slipped into their tight holes.

Ann groaned “Oh fuck… that’s good, wait let me relax just a little. Oh fuck but that feels, so fucking great give me… more.”

“Oh yes more please” Moaned Bev

Slowly oh so slowly the two women felt the Adam’s hard cocks slide deeper and deeper allowing them both to relax. Finally embedded to the limit the Adam’s began to thrust in and out. The speed increasing till both women screamed in orgasmic overload.

“Enough I can’t take anymore.”

The Adam’s withdrew and melted back into one being, Adam sat back on his haunches his cock still rampant. His body running and glistening with sweat, his chest heaving from his duplicated exertions.

“Yes let us suck you off. You’ve just been amazing and deserve your reward.”

“No, not yet. I want to swim in clear deep waters.” With that Adam jumped off the bed held out his hands beckoning for Ann and Bev to come and join him. Slowly he backed toward the mirror stepping backward he climbed into the crystal clear glass, each a little hesitant both women



With a satyrs grin he said “So they’ve had enough, have they?”

“Yes enough it’s your turn.” Said Ann

“Oh dear what am I to do with you both. If you can’t handle, just me what are you going to do, when I take you through the looking glass and give you too the fair folk for their pleasure?”

“Who are the fair folk?” asked Ann a tone of fear and trepidation in her voice.

Stanley Montrieth III rushed into my office, “Oh my God, I did it. I actually did it. I shagged all these beauties in a pool on my own desert island!”

His curly, ginger hair was more unruly than usual and his face was flushed with excitement and exhilaration.

I knew, he’d been working on something exciting and it looked like he was ready to tell me at long last.

We’d been friends forever. Stanley was … well Stanley, an eccentric, mad scientist type. He had more money than was wise, and, was able to indulge some of his outlandish but brilliant ideas.

I couldn’t help but grin at his enthusiasm, even though, I had no idea what he was spouting on about.

“Ok. Explain.” I put my pen down, grinning back at him. Sex always grabbed my attention!

Stanley began his excited chatter and told me about his special wrist watch, “…and it has amazing dials, and, it transports you in time to other worlds, other dimensions, and, to places where your own erotic fantasies can come to life, to indulge and be indulged.”

He showed me this watch and fiddled with a few dials and slapped it on my wrist and suddenly, he was gone, his voice a distant echo!

I seemed to be floating and rushing somewhere fast. I heard whisperings of what sounded like, “Tick Tock; Tick Tock; Tick Tock” whooshing in my ears.

I could breathe and feel but things were rushing passed my eyes too quickly to make any sense and there were amazing colours of blue and white and red and yellow and pink and green and, then there was blackness …

I felt as if I had been in a deep sleep for a while. I opened my eyes and found I was kneeling on a wooden floor against a large, luxurious four poster bed.

My wrists were bound tight in front of me, anchored to a post by the headrest. I tested the bindings but was unable to undo them. The rope was fairly long and I sat on the bed taking in my surroundings, trying to make sense of it all.

It seemed to be a luxurious cabin, oak paneled with small leaded arch windows, an oak desk with a lamp, a log book of some kind, open, with an ink pot and quill. There was a wooden carved chair by the desk & another matching one that has a long black felt coat thrown on to it. It had shiny gold buttons and striped gold and black epaulettes on the shoulders.

I looked down at myself, my dress had changed too. I was now in a black short lacy negligee of sheer, light material with spaghetti straps on the shoulder, the front dipped down in a slight v, covering the matching little panties I was wearing. It certainly didn’t seem to leave much to the imagination!

I stood and tested the rope and was able to stretch its length a little. I moved out from the bed and peaked out of one of the nearby arch windows. The view was beautiful and hinted of a different world, a different time.

The sky was orange and yellow as the sun was setting, with the biggest moon reflecting over still calm waters and a smaller baby moon in front of it.

In the distance I saw lands and islands but they were just too far away to make out what they were.

It appeared the ship, if indeed a ship I was on, was anchored and stationary, possibly in a harbour or basin of some sort.

“Where is this place?” I wondered and looked at my bound wrists, “and what had I gotten myself into?”

A thought suddenly sprung to mind, “Had I quantum leaped here through time and space somehow?”

I moved back and lay on the bed trying to make sense of it all and eventually my eyes started to droop.

I must have fallen asleep again, for next, I was suddenly aware of being lifted and my arms being stretched out before me.

I opened my eyes to find I was knelt in the middle of the bed. The rope that bound both my wrists together had stretched my arms up at a 45 degree angle in front of a large mirror. Behind me was the most stunning and handsome man I had ever seen.

He was dark haired and tanned with an air of authority. His chest was naked and toned, with trained, hard muscles and a sprinkling of hair. He was wearing black tight trousers with a silver buckle and boots. “A handsome pirate, maybe,” were my first thoughts.

He gripped my hair and pulled my head back, meeting my eyes in the mirror. I saw fire and lust and a rawness that caught my breath before he tied a gag to my mouth, preventing me from voicing my burning questions.

My heart was racing and I watched him like a hawk trying to gauge what he had in mind and the mood he was in.

He spoke into my ear, his voice deep and soft. He nuzzled me, teased my senses, playing on the unknown quantity of my situation. His gentle breath was purposefully sensuous. It worked. My body responded and he knew it.

My breasts became swollen and my nipples pebbled into points. A warm flush invaded my sex causing my panties to dampen as my juices seeped into the material. My breath quickened and my heart raced.

“You seem to be an unexpected guest on my ship. Luckily my crew saw your potential for their Captain and bought you here for me. I have work to do first but, I can admire you from my desk”

He stared at me in the mirror locking on to my eyes and then he moved his hands to my breasts, cupping and kneading them.

“I can see you like that,” he whispered, and moved one hand between my kneeling legs spreading my thighs apart. He brushed at my panties before sliding a finger inside, testing my excitement and finger fucked gently. I groaned as my body ignited and gushed with appreciation.

He removed his finger, took it to his nostrils, breathed in deeply of my scent before licking and tasting his finger, smiling.

He looked at me bound there and looked pleased at how I displayed on the bed.

Then, he looked again, taking a moment to ponder and moved his hands to my neckline at the front and tugged down hard, ripping my negligee so it hung in tatters by my shoulder and waist. My breasts spilled out to his gaze.

“Better,” he murmured as he moved to his desk to work.

I pulled on the wrist rope but I was bound fast.

I thought of the Captain’s words, “…his crew found me…”

It must have been in my blackness after all those colours, and they must have bought me here and bound my wrists.

I looked at the Captain, through the mirror, working at his desk, busily writing in his log book. He had a stubborn curl in the middle of his forehead that seemed to refuse to be trained back. He was very handsome, with his rugged, chiselled features and green knowledgeable eyes.

Every now and then, he looked at me, lifting his finger with my scent on, to his nose, breathed in deeply, and tasted a little with his tongue. The flicking, licking action mesmerised me, teased my mind to erotic thoughts.

He finished what he was doing and leaned back in his chair eyeing me slowly, drinking in my slim, toned frame, my rounded breasts, free and loose to his gaze, my slim waist and womanly hips. My secrets barely covered by my sheer, see through attire, torn to my waist.

I blushed a little at his intense inspection and for the obvious excitement that built in the pit of my stomach. I wanted this man, I found him attractive and he knew it.

He smiled and moved to the bed, kneeling behind me. He forced my knees and feet further apart so his groin was against my bottom. My senses were on high alert. His hands began to explore my body. He kneaded my waist, my stomach, and he kissed my neck to my ear.

“Watch me,” he demanded, “Watch me enjoy you in the mirror”

His breath and tongue teased me, igniting my needs as a woman. He stroked my arms suggestively in front of me. He trailed his fingers from my bound, uplifted wrists, down to my shoulders, then down my sides to my outer thighs.

He slowly inched upwards, teasing and assessing my reaction. My body was on fire, a warm glow of sexual attraction flushed my skin. His actions caused the negligee to tease and graze sexily against my skin.

He cupped my breasts and a groan escaped my lips behind the gag. He pulled me into him tight, my back against his chest. His chest hairs brushed my soft skin and he kneaded and fondled more, slightly harder, slightly more urgent.

He enjoyed the reaction he was causing. Then his body bent forward a little and he placed his hands at my knees on the bed and began to drag them up my inner thighs, until he fanned either side my pussy, causing my negligee to rise with him. The material teased my sensitive skin again and revealed more of my body to his gaze.

His outer thumbs reached the crease of my thighs and he rested there a moment before massaging a little. The movements caused my panties to move tantalizingly over my inflamed womanhood. I ached and throbbed now for his attention.

I groaned in need and want. My eyes begged him for more in the mirror. He continued to kiss, nibble and lick my neck, my shoulders and my ears. He was driving me wild and feeding that need, a strong powerful need that intensified with each and every kiss and with each, and every fondle.

My panties were wet, soaked with feminine desire.

He produced some scissors and cut one side of the thin lacy string of the panties on my hip, causing it to fall and hang on the opposite leg. My red trimmed tuft revealed, my intimate lips were wet and oozed my interest in him. I was swollen, aching and throbbing with want.

He cut the remaining string and used the panties to wipe the juices from my pussy. I moaned and gyrated my hips at his touch. He indulged me for a moment and let me grind into his hand and my panties. My juices flowed freely, generously covering all of his hand and wetting my panties.

Using the same coated hand, he untied my gag, only to rub his thumb along my lips. I could smell and taste my arousal on him. He caressed and fondled the outside of my mouth with his thumb. He watched intently. He used his glazed thumb to slowly spread the juices , like lipstick, across my lips. He slid it inside my mouth, then out again and back in and on my tongue. It was the most sensual thing and I found myself holding my breath.

Then he kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth and tasting me there, and I remembered to breathe again in little pants.

As he pulled away from the kiss, he slowly pushed my panties into my mouth so half were inside, resting on my tongue, the other half hanging on my lower lip and chin.

He moved away to put the scissors on his desk, and then inspected his work, walking around the bed.

He saw a sexually aroused female tied kneeling to his bed; arms out stretched in her binding; her breasts and hardened nipples hanging free; slightly reddened by his kneading and squeezing; her negligee hanging torn from her trim waist; nude from the waist down; her naked pussy, wet and hot from his expert teasing and her sodden panties hanging from her mouth. He smiled, pleased with the image before him.

He moved to the bed and took some pillows. He positioned them, just in front of my knees. Then he tunneled between them, his head, face up. His hair teased my inner thighs as he passed through, slowly, purposefully building my sexual tension. His journey ended next to my pussy.

His head rested on the pillows to ensure his comfort. He lay on his back looking up at me intimately and his breath teased my heated core.

He grabbed and kneaded my butt cheeks and then pulled my ass and my pussy towards his lips and tongue. He nuzzled and breathed in deeply, taking in my womanly scent of arousal.

He stilled and blew a little, to heighten my anticipation of what he was about to do. His breath rippled across my sex, ruffling and parting my short pubic curls.

I groaned and flooded with raw desire, lusting after him, as surely was, his very intention.

Then he licked me, and fed off me. He sucked in my labia, exploring my furrows with his tongue, kissing me in the most intimate of ways.

I gave myself to him, groaning, losing my control, and greedily wanting him.

I watched him in the mirror as he lapped me, turning me on even more, hardly recognizing the wanton creature that reflected back. The erotic sight of him between my legs was a powerful aphrodisiac.

He explored every crevice and every crease. He tasted, licked, sucked and softly nibbled at my sex. I circled my hips and ground into his face. He growled in satisfaction as my body openly responded to him.

I pushed harder as I felt his tongue on me, tasting my pleasure. His hands moved to open my lips to look inside me and he licked at the pink inner flesh. Then, he pressed his face into my vagina and began to tongue fuck. The feel of his hot tongue inside drove me to distraction and I began to whimper and grind my teeth on the panties in my mouth.

His thumb teased and circled my clitoris and I felt my orgasm building. His lips moved to my swollen bud and he flicked and circled it with his tongue.

He inserted two fingers into my pussy and fucked me slowly at first, then faster.

His other hand, fingers coated in my juices, teased my bottom and he probed, then penetrated into that special place.

He finger fucked my pussy, my bottom and sucked and licked my clitoris as I continued to watch him in the mirror, mesmerised. The sight of him there, between my legs was breath taking and exciting. The sensations on my body drove me crazy, building that primitive lust.

It was all too much to resist. My breath quickened, my body tensed and my release was sudden and powerful.

I shuddered throughout my body, groaned loudly, muffled by my panties still in my mouth.

I shook and trembled as wave after wave of ultimate pleasure enveloped me. My juices flooded and he drank the essence from my heated and sensitive core. He demanded, wanted, every last drop of my excitement.

My body jerked and spasmed over him, lost in the moment of ultimate pleasure. It drained me of strength, filled me with the wonder and glow of it all. And then eventually it subsided and I was left trembling and breathing deeply.

He kissed me there one last time, still feeling my tremors, and he moved from underneath me.

He lowered my arms, still bound and out stretched, on to the bed. My face lay sideways on the soft sheet, my bottom was in the air, presented to him.

He walked round behind me and massaged my bottom cheeks. He spread them to view my secrets. I felt him drizzle a little oil as he played with my inner valley and pussy. He pushed his fingers into both channels, filling me, feeling my walls, preparing me for his needs.

He moved to my head, and unbuckled his belt as I watched. He pushed his trousers down, releasing his impressive erection. It was big, hard and as beautiful as him.

He lifted my head by the hair. I rose up, eager to taste him and he pulled the panties out of my mouth slowly.

He placed my panties in to his own mouth and prodded them in place with his finger. He tasted me on them and my scent wafted up to his nostrils.

Then, he pushed his cock in my mouth and began fucking my head slowly.

We both groaned in pleasure as my tongue licked and tasted his hardness and the seeping precum on his crown.

He stilled my head and then ground and rolled round my mouth, exploring me with his shaft.

My tongue traced the ridges of his crown and I caved in my cheeks as I sucked on him. He fucked a little more, his fingers still gripping my hair, before pulling my head away, and lowering me back to the bed as before.

He moved behind me and I felt, his ardour as he pushed into my pussy in one thrust. He gripped my hips and guided the rhythm to his liking. This was his turn now, for his pleasure and not mine. He drove hard, fast and furious.

My tight walls spread along his shaft as he pushed to my cervix, making me gasp and moan in ecstasy at his possession.

He pushed in. He pulled out, and faster he fucked, growling and animalistic in his actions.

My panties still hung from his mouth, and then, just as suddenly, he stopped, breathing hard as he fought for control.

He reveled in the feel of my pussy on him, tightly fitting him, like a glove.

He withdrew, and then began again, this time claiming my bottom.

He pushed in and stretched me till his full length was buried in my body. He enjoyed the moment and then, let the raw need take him.

He fucked hard and fast again, his fingers gripped my hips, biting in to my flesh as his rhythm became more frantic.

He reached over me, gripped my hair with one hand, pulling me up to gain a deeper depth. The other gripped my shoulder and pulled me back. He fucked harder. Primal lust filled his mind and body.

My body rejoiced and was wanton at his claiming of me. Then as he started to reach his peak, he bent over me and palmed my breasts, groping and squeezing me.

My panties fell from his mouth and rested on my shoulder.

His teeth found my neck and clamped down, biting and marking me in his animal rawness.

My panties shifted and fell from my shoulder to the bed. In my excited state, the pain of the bite was dulled at my neck. I felt him stiffen in his release.

His seed rushed my anal channel. The breath from his nostrils was exhilarating and empowering on my neck. He growled and shuddered and trembled as his powerful orgasm rocked his body.

He eventually released my neck still growling, his marking and claiming complete.

We stilled in the moment and enjoyed the wild raw moments that had passed between us. We enjoyed the satisfied afterglow that surrounded and clouded us.

Our harsh breathing and racing hearts started to slow down and return to normal. Our bodies hummed and calmed after such fulfillment.

He withdrew from me and moved to his desk, picking something up before returning to me.

He untied my wrists and placed the dialed watch on me.

He turned some dials and whispered in my ear, “Come back to me soon”

And then I was in the tunnel of colours and the whooshing “Tick Tock; Tick Tock; Tick Tock”… sound.

In next to no time, or so it seemed, Stanley was stood in front of me grinning. My clothes were back to normal and I was sat at my desk as before..

“Well,” He asked, “Did you meet him? He came to find me you know, at the pool, he told me to get you for him.”

I look at him confused, “What?” I leaned forward, placing my arms on the desk top.

My eyes were suddenly diverted by the red bind marks on my wrists and then as my gaze returned to Stanley, they passed over a mirrored photo frame on my desk, and I saw the bite mark on my neck.

“The Captain, He’s been looking for you!”…


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Note: If you haven’t already, read the previous chapters of That New Guy, which are prequels to this story.


Once Jake had led Meg off, Tony had headed back outside where he found Chuck still lounging by the pool. Since they were both currently feeling sexually gratified, they grabbed a couple of beers and enjoyed the approaching evening, not even bothering to get dressed again. Both assumed that they’d be communing with the two ladies again and, eventually, they decided to head inside to pursue that. Coincidentally, they were entering the kitchen, because Chuck had seen Byron lead Deb in that way, at nearly the same moment that Meg was entering from within the house and just shortly after Deb had finished blowing Byron. Jake ended up being the only one missing the big rendezvous in the kitchen.

“Yeah, I’m still a little sticky,” Deb said as Tony was eyeballing the chocolate syrup and whipped cream, “In fact, I could use a shower.”

“I know just the place for that,” Tony replied and took her by the hand before leading her from the kitchen. She’d been wide-eyed at the size of the kitchen and the rest of the house proved to be no less impressive. His destination was the master suite, where they would find the best shower in the house.

“I think that shower may be bigger than my entire bathroom,” she suggested once they were inside the master bathroom.

“Believe me,” Tony replied, “I’ve known people with studio apartments that didn’t seem that big.”

Rather than continue to gawk, they both stepped inside and closed the glass door behind them. Tony got the water going as Meg examined all of the fancy and expensive toiletries available around them. She picked one out and, once the water was ready, squirted a generous amount of it into Tony’s hands before slipping under the shower stream. As she was wetting herself down, Tony started to lather up her tits, his cock quickly growing as he did. Once she’d soaked herself down, she took some of the same shower gel and, after lathering it up between her own hands, applied it to Tony’s cock and balls. They started making out passionately as they soaped each other up, only stopping when one or the other was focused on a particular body area that didn’t allow for it. By the time Deb was no longer sticky from the chocolate sauce and whipped cream, she was ready to get sticky with another kind of cream.

They rinsed themselves down then toweled each other off with Deb dropping to her knees as she dried Tony’s legs, then wrapping her lips around his cock as long as she was down there. He moaned as she engulfed his tool in her hot mouth but she only sucked him off long enough to confirm that he was fully rigid and ready to fuck her again. Once they were both dry, she hopped up on the bathroom counter and spread her legs. Tony surprised her by first lowering his head toward her smooth pussy and starting to lap up her flowing juices. She leaned back and moaned herself as she relished the pleasurable feeling.

Almost immediately after Tony had led Deb from the kitchen, Meg indicated that she could use a shower as well to clean off the sunscreen that Chuck and Jake had applied to her entire body earlier that afternoon. Since Byron was still feeling spent, he had no problem when Chuck volunteered. Chuck knew that Tony would have taken Deb to the nicest shower in the house but none of the other bathrooms were anything to be ashamed of, either. He took her to the guest bedroom and led her to the shower in the attached bathroom. She was as impressed by this as Deb had been by the master bathroom shower and was excited about sharing it with Chuck.

“Have you ever showered with anyone in here before?” Meg asked.

“No,” Chuck replied, “the master bath shower is the most impressive, so we all try to use that one if we’re going to be…uh…entertaining guests.”

“Anyone in particular you’ve ‘entertained’ in there?” she asked.

“Jake’s sister,” Chuck replied with a sheepish shrug, “but he doesn’t know that.”

“Naughty boy,” she said, getting even more turned on by the thought of it.

“And I don’t know for sure,” Chuck continued, “but I’m fairly certain that Byron fucked Jake’s mom in there at some point.”

For some reason, the idea of sort of disrespecting Jake by secretly fucking his sister and mother was an incredible turn-on to Meg so she was ready to cease the small talk and get back to pleasuring each other. She led him into the shower and quickly had the water flowing over them. They made out briefly under the stream before, like Deb, she grabbed some shower gel and started lathering up Chuck’s tool. Like Tony, Chuck was soaping up Meg’s succulent tits but, before he could spread the lather further, she dropped down to her knees and squeezed his soapy cock between her soapy tits. Naturally, Chuck moaned at the pleasurable feeling, which was absolutely incredible. He was savoring not only the feeling but the visual of Meg holding her tits together against his cock and sliding them up and down it. And while the idea of fucking her soaped-up tits until he spewed all over them was very appealing, there were a number of things he wanted to do with Meg before he got to the point of cumming again.

Meg didn’t want Chuck spewing on her tits right away either so, after a few minutes, she released her tits and he helped her to her feet again. They made out again while she pumped his cock and her fondled her tits but he ended up moving his hands, full of soapy lather, around to caress her ass. He started with slathering the foam over her smooth cheeks but gradually ended up getting the crack of her ass well soaped-up as well. She offered no resistance when he started to massage her asshole with one of his fingertips so, when he was certain that there was enough lather to lubricate it sufficiently, he slipped his finger into her ass. Meg let out a gasp, not of surprise but of pleasure, then her body immediately began to shake as she suddenly came. Chuck continued sliding his finger in and out of her ass, pleased that she’d found the anal penetration to be pleasurable.

“My God, that felt good,” Meg finally blurted out when she’d stopped cumming, “I’ll bet it will feel even better when you slip your cock in there.”

Tony was devouring Deb’s pussy and had slipped a finger into her while licking and sucking her clit. She was on the verge of cumming again already and knew it wouldn’t be the last time but she was still savoring each and every orgasm. As if his talented tongue wasn’t enough, when she thought about how he would be slipping his throbbing cock into her hot, wet pussy, she found herself instantly even closer to cumming. Her cries were echoing through the vast bathroom and Tony was well aware that she was on the verge of another orgasm. He didn’t try to draw out her pleasure, knowing that she was already experiencing high levels, because he was anxious to slip his cock into her again. He could feel her pussy becoming wetter and more engorged around his finger as he pumped it in and out of her and knew that fucking her was going to feel outstanding. When she gasped and her body started shaking, he was happy, not to be finished with eating her pussy, but in part because she was clearly experiencing a great deal of pleasure and in part because his cock was aching to be slipped into her hot pussy.

Her orgasm was long and intense and he continued to eat her until she settled down and let out a sigh, indicating that she’d finished cumming. He straightened up, his eyes going right to her tits as he took his cock in hand and guided it toward her pussy. She reached her arms around his neck and started to kiss him as he slipped his cock easily into her. They made out as he started to slowly slide his cock in and out of her and brought his hands up to caress her tits. As good as his cock felt sliding in and out of her pussy and his hands felt on her tits, it was still a bit of an awkward position sitting up on the counter. She didn’t know what to do with her legs since her feet didn’t reach the floor and it wasn’t easy to caress her clit while he fucked her, so she eventually came up with a better idea.

She had him pull out of her and hopped off the counter, then turned around and presented her ass to him. He was quickly guiding his tool back into her as she reached down between her legs to stroke her clit. Once he had a nice rhythm going, he reached up and cupped her swinging tits. They both felt that this was a position more conducive to the mutual pursuit of pleasure. It was also kind of nice that they had the big mirror over the counter and sinks where they could still make eye contact or just watch as they were fucking.

Chuck was surprised by Meg’s suggestion that he’d be penetrating her ass with his throbbing cock but he didn’t waste a moment once she brought it up. He grabbed the shower gel again and, as he poured some into his hand to lather up his cock, she turned away from him, presenting her full, round ass to him. He drizzled some shower gel down the crack of her ass then set the bottle aside and spread it around while also applying the handful he’d poured to his cock. She was moaning and writhing as he massaged her asshole so, as soon as he was ready, he guided his cockhead to her anus and eased it inside her. Her cries of pleasure were unmistakable as he filled her and she pushed back against him. Her ass was so tight that he couldn’t help but moan as well as he started to slowly slide his cock in and out of it.

He started slowly, concerned he might cause her some discomfort if he went too hard or too fast but, when her body started to shake again as another orgasm overtook her, he suspected that she was probably feeling pretty good. He was holding her by her curvy hips and started to get a good rhythm going as she reached down to finger her pussy while he was fucking her. Once they were in synch, he reached up for her luscious, swinging titties and caressed them as her relished the pleasure of fucking her ass.

With her fingers working on her clit and Tony’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy, Deb was well on her way to another of her countless orgasms. She knew for a fact that there had never been another day when she’d cum so many times but, of course, there had also never been another day when she’d been with four partners in such a short period of time. Whatever these guys ended up thinking of her by the end of the night, she was quite certain that it would all have been worth it. She was also pretty sure that at least three of the four guys were not likely to make an issue of what they had all engaged in. In fact, she was pretty sure that they were experiencing as much pleasure as she was and that there was a very good chance that she’d be seeing at least a couple of them again.

Tony continued fucking her and fondling her tits as she let out a cry and her body started to shake. He was glad that she was experiencing so much pleasure because he was certainly appreciating the opportunity to fuck her. In the back of his mind, he’d been wondering if there would be a way to see both Deb and Meg again after this night was over, not necessarily together but he wasn’t sure he’d be able to choose one over the other. In the forefront of his mind, however, was how good her pussy felt as his cock slid in and out of it and how much he enjoyed having her big titties in his hands. He had no intention of stopping fucking her once she’d finished cumming but Deb had cum twice since they’d been in the bathroom and wanted to make him cum finally. Once she’d recovered from yet another long and intense orgasm, she straightened up so that Tony’s cock slipped out of her and turned to face him. She pressed her lips against his briefly, her tongue slipping into his mouth as she reached for his stiff cock, then she dropped to her knees.

Chuck could feel his orgasm building quickly as he fucked Meg’s ass and he had no intention of trying to hold out any longer. When he felt her body trembling as yet another orgasm coursed through her, he was certain that she wasn’t going to mind if he finally had an orgasm himself. He was savoring the feeling since it wasn’t often that a woman he’d just met would offer her ass to him and hers felt outstanding. He also like how it jiggled a little as his hips tapped against it. As far as he was concerned, forget about the scrawny chicks, athletic or anorexic or otherwise; he preferred a woman with some real curves. As he found himself right on the verge of cumming, her released her succulent tits and took her by the hips again. He slowed down his pace a little to savor the building pleasure but finally exploded into her ass with a grunt. He continued to thrust for as long as he could, only pulling out when he was completely spent and starting to soften.

“Oh, baby, that was awesome,” Meg said, turning to kiss him. They made out briefly then went back to soaping each other up and rinsing each other down.

In the master bathroom, Deb was sliding her mouth up and down Tony’s thick shaft, focused on making him cum as he had so successfully done for her. Tony was enjoying her oral talents again and was happy with the pace she was setting as well as his building orgasm. She wasn’t trying to draw out the pleasure he was feeling but she did want him to experience a significant amount. She needn’t have worried about it because, despite all of the pleasure he’d already experienced that evening, he was loving everything about having her hot mouth sliding up and down his tool. He would have been okay with experiencing it for a bit longer but she was so good that he felt his orgasm building pretty quickly and he certainly had no problem with it. She could feel his cock beginning to swell even more and knew he was right on the verge so she just remained focused on making him cum. When he exploded into her mouth, they were both happy and she hungrily swallowed down his load.

I grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the wall above her head. The scent of shampoo that was still present in her wet hair was alluring, and I took a long moment to inhale deeply and revel in it’s effect. She was visibly aggravated and was trying to wiggle her way out of my hold, but even as her towel loosened and began to fall off her wet body, she realized that she was powerless to save herself from the impending loss of cover that it provided. Her chest rose and fell with each of her apprehensive breaths, causing the towel to slide ever-so-slightly with each one. As it finally fell to the floor, she was almost embarrassed despite her anger, and fear of what I was doing to her. I had caught her red-handed, and now I was going to make her pay.

I buried my face in the corner of her neck and shoulder, and began to suck on her soft skin. She realized this was going to leave a mark that would be physical proof of our encounter, and her resistance became more desperate. Holding both of her wrists with one hand, I reached my other hand around behind her and traced down the length of her backbone. Her entire body was covered with goosebumps, as I ran my fingers further and further down, between the cheeks of her ass, and finally around to her bare pussy, into which I pressed my finger as far as it would go….

The sound of keys in the door caused me to sit up with a start, and with great disappointment I discovered that I has dozed off and let my fantasy run autonomously.

“Damn!” I hissed. “Just when it was getting good! So much for being alone.”

My name is David, and I’m a senior in high school. I’ve been coming home from school as early as I can so that I can spend some quality time with my magazines before anyone else gets home. The computer usage was a little too closely monitored, and I found that it was easier to look at my collection of glossy prints in the privacy of my room in the basement and make up my own fantasies, which I could then play out in my mind at my leisure. The mental images of beautiful breasts, and shaved pussies framed by long legs in stockings and heels would tease me all day long at school. No wonder my grades are slipping.

Finding time alone at home used to be pretty easy, but my older sister, Lynn, is a sophomore at the state college, and has now started her summer break a full two weeks before me. We normally get along pretty well, despite her holier-than-thou attitude, and my having to endure four years of being the ‘little brother’ in school. I’d love to show her how not little I am!

So, now I was awake and groggy, and wondering who had come home. Dad wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours, so I figured it was Mom. She comes and goes throughout the day, except on Fridays when she makes the overnight trip south to visit her sister.

I was about to leave my room and head up the stairs to say hello to Mom, when I heard the footsteps on the floor above walking into Lynn’s room.

“Hmm, that’s odd.” I said out loud to myself. “Mom would hardly dare to go into her room.” It seemed Lynn had everyone under her control, including our parents. There had been some rather heated discussions over the privacy issue, where Lynn was concerned. I, of course, got hardly any, save the fact that my room is in the basement, so I can always tell who is where in the house. There was always plenty of warning when someone was getting ready to come down the stairs.

I supposed it could be Lynn, but it’s kind of early to be home, even for her. The footsteps meandered a while, back and forth on the hardwood floor, and then a pause. I heard the stereo come on, and the hip-hop music that came blaring out of it proved it was indeed Lynn. She loved that stuff.

There wasn’t a lot of time to wonder about her early arrival because as soon as the music started, she left her room and headed into the kitchen. I would have assumed she was going to fix a snack, but she continued right through towards the stairs.

“Oh shit! She’s coming down here!” I said almost out loud. I quickly jumped into my closet and closed the door. Lynn had no way of knowing that I was home already, and I wanted to leave it that way for now. Maybe she’s going to start some laundry or something like that. Nope! I was wrong again! Good thing i was in the closet because she walked straight into my room!

‘What th….?!’ That takes a lot of nerve, I thought, but I chose to remain hidden rather than confront her about the intrusion. I couldn’t possibly imagine what the hell she’d be doing in my room. Normally, I’d get a ration of shit from her about the condition of my room, and the fact that she’d never be caught dead in there, but here she was, and though I couldn’t see her, I could hear her rifling around under my bed.

My breathing stopped when I realized that she was going to find my collection of magazines – God, I’d never hear the end of THAT! The whole scenario at the dinner table was playing through my mind: that shit-eating grin as her face as she brought up what she’d discovered in my room. Of course I’d have to argue about privacy and such, but I don’t think that would hold much water at that point. I didn’t know whether to be mad or scared – or both!

My fear was realized when I heard her thumbing through the pages. I was sweating big time, but I noticed that she didn’t seem to be having any obvious objections to what she was looking at. Shouldn’t she be surprised, or shocked, or something??

“Aha! There you are! This is just was I was in the mood for today.” she exclaimed, as she remover her selection from the stack, and scampered back up the stairs to her room.

I couldn’t believe it! she’d been in here before and knew what she was looking for! Anger was setting in, but what leg did i have to stand on? It’s not like I could go and tell on her. That would be self-incriminating.

Curiosity was getting the best of me. I had to know which magazine she had picked (and why). When I was sure she was back in her room, I let myself out of the closet and ran over to the bed and took a peak underneath. She had been careful to leave everything as it had been – except for the fact that one of my favorite mags was missing. It was a full-color XXX magazine called ‘The Typing Pool’, and it showed full penetration. Featured inside were stories about what goes on behind closed doors in the work place after hours. What Lynn had found in there that was interesting to her was beyond me. I couldn’t even believe she’d ‘lower’ herself to view that stuff, let alone enjoy it! Most of the stories end with the Boss man taking his colleague almost by force, after a day of supposedly innocent teasing and unintentional seductive body language. Maybe she had been fantasizing about entering the work force, and all the different ways she could manipulate her boss into getting whatever it was she might want. Lynn was pretty hot, if I may say so myself, so I don’t think that would ever be a problem for her.

The music she had playing provided the perfect cover for me to make it up the stairs, across the living room, and down the hall to her room without ever being heard. Apparently, she was so confident in her thinking that no one was home, she didn’t even bother to close her door all the way. “What a bonus!” i thought, grinning to myself. I made it all the way to the doorway, and slowly peeked my head in around the frame. what I saw almost made me give myself away! Lynn was leaning over her desk reading the magazine. One hand propped herself up while she used the other to finger herself. This was incredible! I really shouldn’t have been watching this, but I couldn’t help it. I was stunned. She was wearing only a set of silver stockings and a pair of black platform heels that made her slender legs even longer and more delicious looking. Lynn had a body that most porn stars would envy. She was moaning a little, and gyrating herself onto her own fingers. I wish I could have seen which pictures she was looking at, but guess it didn’t really matter at this point.

What should I do? I couldn’t remain unnoticed for very long. Sooner or later, I’d have to duck out or risk being caught, but I think I was trying to convince myself otherwise. So, there i was, spying on my sister as she finger-fucked herself. Who knew my day would end up like this?

Lynn stood up a bit and opened one of her desk drawers. That was when I figured my luck would run out, since her desk had a huge mirror in front of it, and all she had to do was look up, and this little voyeuristic venture of mine would end in what would no doubt be the loudest verbal explosion I’d ever heard come out of her mouth. Holding my breath and trying not to move a muscle, I watched as she removed a huge rubber cock from the drawer and put it in her mouth while she resumed her previous position. She moved it in and out of her mouth, making sure that it was well lubricated, and the she slid the flesh-colored monster down between her legs and guided it straight up into her pussy. I was shocked! My mind was spinning, trying absorb the image before me.

It took a few moments before she was able to fully accommodate her instrument of pleasure, but what a gorgeous site it was. I think I was actually jealous of that thing!

A couple of times her legs began to tremble and then there was a quick jolt, followed by a deep sigh and an almost musical moan. She was really enjoying this! I stood there and admired her actions until I finally figured out which scenario she was acting out. She was talking out loud to an invisible person, and I could tell by what she was saying that she was fantasizing about being a young secretary working her way up the corporate ladder. It as after quitting time, and she had gone into the boss’ office and offered her services to him, which he gladly accepted and took advantage of. He said he was under a lot of deadline stress, and he needed someone to help him out, and relieve some of the pressure. Without saying a word, she obliged by leaning over his desk and slowly lifting up her skirt to reveal her intentions. There was no need for a verbal response from her boss, who proceeded to move in behind her.

This is where I walked in…

“Oh, David, I want you to relieve your stress inside me!” she said aloud. Again I was shocked! I knew the name of the man in the story was Richard (the Big Dick in the office), and the name of the guy she has been seeing is George, so… Was she actually referring to me?? I decided to assume the affirmative, and go for broke. I slowly made my way towards her.

“That’s it David. Push me down on the desk and fuck me!” she said next, still unaware of my presence. My advance had been timed perfectly, and i arrived directly behind her just as she finished her statement. She glanced up in the mirror and time stopped as our eyes met. The gravity of the situation was realized by both of us in that eternal instant; Lynn was about to have a fantasy realized in the flesh – only it would be the flesh of her brother, instead of her boss.

There was a quick attempt to change her position and escape the situation, but it was too late. I didn’t want to allow her time to consider her options, or dwell on what was about to happen. I put my arms around each side of her and held on the to desk, trapping her between it and myself. She could feel my cock pressing against her butt cheeks, and I could feel the heat that had built up between her thighs.

I snarled in her ear, “your wish is my command, sis”. Her resistance was noted, but I had made up my mind. She started this, and I was going to finish it. Her wet pussy proved all too easy to penetrate, and I forced my hard cock inside her while I held her toy in front of her mouth. As if on cue, she let out a scream to protest, and I shoved it into her mouth. Her muffle cries got me even more excited. She was pretty tight, and I could feel the fleshy muscles inside her wrapping themselves around me as I moved. The rubber toy and myself were in rhythm. She was being taken from both ends. I guess her senses were too overloaded to continue her attempts to get away. Actually, if I didn’t know better, I’d have to say that she was getting into it. I kept up my invasion of her body, and she started pushing herself onto me at the same rate.

“I feel better already.” I said, looking at the two of us in the mirror and admiring how good she looked in her stockings and heels, and watching her beautiful breasts bounce in time with my thrusts. For the first time ever, I was afforded the chance to cradle the soft mounds in my hand. They were amazing. I stood up and she laid her head back on my shoulder and took over control of the dildo in her mouth. In and out it went, almost disappearing each time she pushed it in. It must be going into her throat, I thought. That thing was huge!

She pulled it out just long enough to mention in a breathy tone “You’re actually pretty good, little brother….” and then she inserted the toy again, and returned to her previous pace.

“I wish you’d STOP calling me that!” I pleaded, and I started fucking her harder. Despite being glad to hear her positive reaction, this is the kind of shit that always made me furious with her. “I… am… NOT… LITTLE!”

“I’ve had bigger.” she replied.

I was stunned. If she was trying to get the fucking of her life, this was certainly one way to go about getting it. I couldn’t believe her brashness.

“Maybe if i rammed it up your ass you’d notice how big it was”

“Perhaps.” was her only reply.

Well, she asked for it, and if there had been any witnesses, I’m pretty sure they’d all be in agreement.

I pulled out of her, took a handful of her long hair, and led her over to the bed. I fully expected that she’d use this opportunity to break away and run, but she allowed me to lay her down on her back. She had all the right moves. Her legs went up in the air, crossed, uncrossed, spread wide in the air, came back together, and then curled up so that her high heels were up against her butt – as if to point the way for me. I stood back for a second and watched her put on her little show. She was a sight, for sure, and I couldn’t wait to be back inside her before something woke me up from this dream too! Her bare pussy was so well lubricated, that the juices had now run down and moistened her tiny asshole. I grabbed her ankles and opened her up. Placing the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass, I kept in constant eye contact with her. I wanted to see her reaction to the impending assault. Her eyes closed slightly, and she let out a soft moan as I pushed into her. God, did it feel hot in there! Her ass was incredibly tight, but I didn’t stop until I was totally buried inside her. I noticed that i could still see her in the mirror, even from the bed. I imagined her laying there alone in her room playing with herself, and watching it all in the mirror. Now, she could turn her head and watch her brother fucking her in the ass. Her legs were wrapped around my back so that the spikes of her heels could pierce into my skin if she so desired. Maybe see was actually the one in control? Either way, I was in heaven, and I was definitely going to relieve some stress!

My pace quickened, and i watched her expression change from the ‘I’m all that’ look, to one of discomfort and uncertainty. She tightened her grip on my with her legs as if to reduce my range of motion, but I was oddly excited about the fact that I could be causing her some pain. Her eyes were closed now, and I pushed into her harder and harder. She was starting to cry a little, but never made an attempt to stop me, which was good because there was literally no stopping me now. I leaned down, close to her face and waited for her eyes to open. This time when our eyes met, there was a passion and a lust between us that needed no words. She knew that I had lasted as long as I could, and she raised her head a bit to give me a deep, teary-eyed kiss. I pushed her head back down with my lips, as I sank my tongue into her waiting mouth. The added stimulation tossed me over the edge. She could feel me tense up and she was ready for the conclusion to the story. With our mouths still together, she hummed a deep moan as my body went rigid and I blew a huge load of cum into her ass. I was surprised by the intensity of it all, and i collapsed on top of her, continuing to slide myself in and out of her until i was completely spent.

“That was a very ‘big’ moment for us, David.” Lynn said. “I hope that made up for all the shit I’ve been putting you through.”

I was surprised that she even noticed that, let alone cared about it, but i didn’t want to let it show. “And what if it doesn’t?” I asked. “I’ve endured four years of grief at your hand. I’m not sure that i feel totally vindicated.”

“Well,” she said with a sly grin, “we’ve got all summer.”

After my experience on the cross I feel relief. I truly needed to be punished. Søren is right, I enjoyed being violated by Mikkel, Nicolaj and Henrik. Søren releases me from my bonds and lets me curl up on his soft leather couch under a cashmere blanket.

He disappears, leaving me with my thoughts. My pussy is plump and warm, idly I play with my wetness. Closing my eyes, I think about how fast Søren made me orgasm. “Why do I like my body being slapped and abused?”

“Ginger, put this on. I will allow you to sleep in my bed tonight. I am pleased with your..” Søren grins and holds out a short black nightie. I put it on and follow him to bed.

During the night I toss and turn, my nightie rides up my hips. I feel strange with my ass exposed, he’s lying next to me and I know that at any moment he might decide he wants me. It turns me on, and I roll onto my stomach and spread my legs just in case. I thrust my ass up slowly, grinding, as if he were between my legs. I prop myself up on my elbows and reach under to pinch my nipples.

I pinch harder than usual, I seem to need this now. I gasp softly and hang my head. Then I feel his hands roughly grab my ass cheeks.

“What are you thinking about Ginger?” Søren demands.

“Nothing,” I whisper and release my nipples. I am embarrassed he has caught me.

Søren runs his hands up my back and down my sides. My huge tits are bulging out the sides and he cups them in his large hands. He squeezes and plays with them, while running his hard cock between my ass cheeks.

“I know what you need, you insatiable slut. Now pull up your knees and spread your legs right now. It’s time for another inspection.”

I start to shake, “Please Søren, I can’t take anymore tonight.”

“Ginger, that is not for you to decide. Now get into position!”

He places a pillow under my hips so I am even more exposed for him. Pushing my thighs even wider, he commands, “Move your ass left to right, then up and down.”

With a whimper I slightly move my hips, but that’s not enough. He swings his huge hand up and slaps me squarely on my entire wet pussy.

“Owwwww, Søren, stop it!” I wail.

“Then do as I say, Ginger.”

His voice is cold and brooks no argument. I undulate my hips in earnest, eager to avoid another slap.

“That’s it, you are my little bitch in heat.”

He pushes three fingers into me at once, and finger-fucks me hard. I cry out at the harsh intrusion, but he is merciless. My body responds, I am more than wet enough to accomodate him. He spanks my quivering ass while he fingers me, and I push my ass up towards him. That familiar feeling is here, I am desperate to please him.

I hear Søren breathing hard, suddenly he grabs my hips and plunges his cock in my waiting cunt.

“Do you know how hard you make me? This angers me that you affect my control. I have to fuck your little pussy now, and I don’t like how I find it difficult to resist the temptation.”

Søren fucks me hard, his hands dig into my flesh as he impales me, fucking up and into me, penetrating as deeply as possible. My face is pressed into the bed and I reach around, hook my hands behind my knees and pull them up higher. I am impossibly open to him.

Søren groans, “Oh, god, that’s it, you are mine, open up my sexy slave. I am fucking your brains out, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

He wraps one hand in my tangled tresses and pulls my head back, getting into a rhythm of thrusting and spanking my ass. I feel his anger, he hates losing control. I know better than to protest at his brutality, there is no stopping him. I am frightened, I have never been fucked with such vehemence and violence.

Søren slows his pace, rummaging around in the bedstand drawer. He pulls out a shiny silver dildo. It is a few inches in diameter. I hear him spit on it once, then the cold metal is probing my asshole.

“Plea..please don’t, Søren, too dry, no it will hurt, too big,” I sputter like child.

“Shut up, Ginger,” his voice intones. He pulls out a soft rubber ball and shoves it in my mouth. “Keep sucking that, or this will not go well for you.”

I bite down and brace myself as he shoves the cold metal rod up my ass. He shoves it in fast, it burns my skin inside and is icy at the same time. He picks up the pace again, fucking my hot dripping pussy and ramming my ass with the metal cock. It hurts like hell and I twist my hips, trying to dislodge it.

I scream behind the rubber ball, but keep my teeth clamped on it for dear life.

“This is what happens when you are too sexy. You and your hot fuckable body need to be tamed.”

Søren tenses up and shoves the dildo in me deep. He makes no sound at all, but I feel him spurting hot inside me. Exhausted, I just lay there and push the ball out past my lips. He pulls out and smacks my ass once, then stomps off to the shower. I watch the rubber ball as it rolls across the carpet.

Carefully I pull out the metal dildo and sigh with relief. Curling up, I cry myself to sleep.


As I shower, I feel my anger waning. I needed to violate Ginger. I know I was too rough. “That is regretful, but I need to regain control. I have never let a woman affect me this way.”

I towel off and look in the bed, she is in a fetal position, her cheeks wet with tears.

“Wake up, Ginger, I have something to say.”

She opens one eye and looks at me balefully.

“Tomorrow night we are dining at the home of the school Provost. Mikkel has lodged a formal complaint against you. I persuaded the Provost to hear your side of the story. You may relax during the day, I have made an appointment for you at a day spa. Your outfit is hanging in the closet. I expect you to follow ALL of my instructions. Do you understand?”

Ginger raises her eyebrows at my speech and wrinkles her cute little nose. “What if I don’t feel like going?”

I take a step towards her and she squirms away. “Yes, I understand.”


I spend the day at the expensive spa Søren has chosen. I expected a massage and manicure, but these Danes are nothing if not thorough. This large matronly woman used a laser on me and removed all of my body hair. She informed me it was permanent. I stroke between my legs, my pussy will be bare like this forever.

“Now what the hell kind of outfit has he chosen for me?” I think to myself. I open the closet with trepidation. Søren has impeccable taste. In deep burgundy silk, my dress has a loose halter top, and a long sweeping skirt. I slip it on, it’s impossible to wear a bra with this. The fabric plunges between my breasts, but the material isn’t tight. If I don’t move too fast my breasts will stay hidden.

I twirl around, I look pretty damned good. I slip on the pretty matching heels. “Interesting, the long straps wind up around my slim ankles and calves.” There is a string of diamonds on the hanger, but the clasp is foreign to me. I look up in the mirror and Søren is standing in the doorway, arms crossed. He strides over.

“I will show you,” he says.

Søren reaches in my top and clamps one end to my nipple. I hiss through my teeth. He strings it through the back and around my side and clamps the other. I turn around, the string of sparkling diamonds hangs across the middle of my bare back. The thin silk in front reveals the hard metal clasps on my now burning nipples.

I stem the tears that threaten to overflow. He drapes a short black fur on my shoulders and ushers me to the waiting car.

We arrive at the home of the Provost, Andris Knudsen. His wife, Ajatsa, greets me icily. Apparently she has already heard Mikkel’s story. “Damn, but she’s ugly.” She stares at me with myopic eyes. The years have not been kind to Fru Knudsen. I am transfixed by the stubbly gray hairs poking out from underneath her chin. “She needs to get to that spa for some laser removal.” I giggle a bit out loud.

“Is there something amusing about me, Miss Ginger?” Ajatsa glares at me.

“Oh, nothing, sorry. My mind was wandering.”

Søren’s hand grips my upper arm and he steers me into the dining room. We sit at a long, polished walnut table. The food is served efficiently, everything is delicious. Two other academic couples are with us, two of them board members. I feel all eyes upon me.

Andris starts off. “Miss Ginger, serious allegations have been brought to light. Mikkel claims you physically assaulted him without provocation. Would you care to explain?”

Choking on my wine I squeak out, “Without provocation?”

Under the table Søren squeezes my upper thigh. “I am sure this is all a misunderstanding. Mikkel startled me, and I mistook him for an attacker. I merely lashed out quickly without realizing it was him. I deeply apologize. I have trained for many years in self-defense, and it was a reflex.”

Andris is staring at my chest, I am sure he is wondering if I have nipple piercings. I look down, the clamps are jutting out through the silk. I feel my skin turn hot, these conservative Danes must think I am a world-class stupid slut.

“Please excuse me a moment.” Fighting back tears I run upstairs to the bathroom. I don’t want them to hear me crying. I fix my makeup as best as I can and smooth down my dress. I turn on the taps to rinse my hands and the nozzle is old and sprays cold water all over my front.

This is just perfect. The silk clings to my body from my tits down to mid-thigh. “So much for my elegant outfit.” The door opens, I don’t even look up. I am sure it is Søren, here to criticize my behavior.

I am surprised to see Andris. He leers at my body hungrily. He locks the door behind him and pulls open my top.

“I have been dying to see what you’re hiding in here. What magnificient tits, my dick has been hard since the moment you came in.”

Andris is not bad-looking for an older man. He keeps in shape and has a strong jaw and penetrating dark eyes. He tugs on my clamps and is rewarded with me squealing.

“Søren is busy with my guests, so he can’t save you now,” Andris threatens me.

“Andris, what do you think you’re doing? Get out of here, now! Søren will find out and make us both sorry.”

He steps behind me, making me face the mirror. My tits are completely out of the silk sheath, and he is squeezing my big round breasts. They are warm and soft, it turns me on to see him groping me, his hard cock pushed up against my round ass. Andris pulls on the clamps and swings my tits around with them.

“Now listen here, little girl. I have the power to send you back home in disgrace. I can have you arrested and thrown in jail if I like. No one here will believe your little story.” Andris is leaning down, nibbling on my ear while he talks. Of course, being the slut I am, I am getting wet, but I don’t want him to know that.

He unbuckles his belt and drops his pants, peeling my wet skirt up over my hips. I truly regret not wearing panties.

“Oh my god, you hot little slut. I am going to own that cunt.”

Andris stabs at my hot pussy with his stiff cock. “My wife is a dried-up old prune. I just love young hot pussy. Now don’t make too much noise, dear.”

I put my hands up on the mirror and lift one leg onto the vanity top. He pushes into me lustily and rubs my hot clit while he fucks me. I am still horny from Søren leaving me high and dry last night, and soon I start moaning against my will.

My huge tits with their elongated nipples are jiggling everywhere, it is so erotic to watch myself getting fucked in the mirror. Andris is sucking on my neck and grunting while he pounds my dripping tight cunt.

“Andris! Where are you? We need more ice!” His wife Ajatsa’s shrill voice floats up the stairs.

Andris growls, “Fuck, that stupid bitch is always complaining about something!” but he does not stop fucking me.

“There is no way I am missing out on this sweet piece of ass. By the way, Miss Ginger, I have big plans for you. You will have a new role at the school.”

Andris demands, “Get up on the counter and on your knees. Now spread your legs so we can see that pretty pink pussy in the mirror.”

I scramble up there quickly. Andris pulls me down so my legs are folded up and I am sitting on my ankles. He reaches around and rubs my wet, swollen clit. I can see his cock poking between my lips, sliding back and forth.

“Andris, stop this, Søren is going to go ballistic when he finds out!” I pant and groan as I watch him rub my clit.

“Miss Ginger, I know he’s been fucking you, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that. Who could resist your hot little body?”

He spears my pussy with his stiff cock again and rubs my clit hard.

“Cum for me, cum for Daddy, all over my dick. Do it now!”

The sight is just too much for me, my skin is flushed hot. I look down, then up at the mirror. To hell with Søren, and I let go, my juice squirting all over Andris and dripping on the sink countertop.

Andris pumps me a few more times, then unloads his cum all over my back and my sodden silk dress.

“Mmm, babe that was hot.” Andris smacks my ass.

He fingers my pussy and proclaims, “It’s so hot in here, Miss Ginger. From now on you will be my personal secretary at the school. I am firing the young girl I have now, she is nothing compared to a woman like you.”

All I can do is pant and moan softly. I realize I am fucked, I have no choice. But how is this going to go over with Søren?

1. The Queen’s Boudoir

The King of Verdanland sat quietly chewing viciously on an unlit cigar. Thoughts of recent setbacks in the war with Sardinia plagued his peace. The frontline retreated with each encounter as the enemy army slowly approached pressing toward his capitol. His armaments and soldiers were vastly superior to that of Sardinia, but their numbers were unmanageable. Even his introduction of a new weapon, the gun, only delayed the approaching swarm. His blacksmiths, working day and night could not make enough of them to turn the tide. It was clear he could not defeat Sardinia’s army alone.

He waited impatiently as his Queen readied for the royal reception just beginning downstairs. Protocol honored them to be the last to arrive, even for this one, honoring someone else.

The King had appealed to the neighboring kingdom of San Bonito to form an alliance against Sardinia. High in the mountains, San Bonito considered itself invincible. The King’s emissaries had tried to convince the King of San Bonito of the self-evident truth that once Verdanland was overrun, Sardinia would set its sights on San Bonito. The King of San Bonito scoffed at the possibility of invasion, but offered a condition by which San Bonito would enter the war on Verdanland’s side: a distasteful condition.

Many nobles and princes had come from lands near and far to woo the King of Verdanland’s daughter. Known for her long thick red hair, soft, smooth, delicate skin and lovely form, every man, marriageable and not, was interested in her. As the sole heir to the King and Queen of Verdanland, she stood to inherit the throne. Great wealth and power would be added to the man she married. Repeatedly, she shunned each suitor. All were interested only in power, money or the chance to mine the treasures that lied beneath her skirts.

The King, never satisfied with the quality of any suitors, consistently backed his daughter’s wishes. He wanted her husband to be worthy of all he would gain, most importantly, her reciprocated love and devotion, an unalterable prerequisite, until now.

His Kingdom, and the lives of his Queen and family, was mortally threatened. The offer of San Bonito seemed to be one he could not refuse. Already rejected by the King and Princess of Verdanland, the Crown Prince of San Bonito saw opportunity when the King’s emissaries arrived in his father’s court bearing his appeal. It was not difficult for the Prince to persuade his father to accept alliance upon the marriage of his son to the Princess of Verdanland. No kingdom would be as powerful as San Bonito when the power and wealth of Verdanland was added to the realm.

Though mortified, the King of Verdanland agreed to allow Prince Bonito to meet with his daughter again. Which was better, he wondered, joining his daughter to a man she did not love and ceding the kingdom to San Bonito, or defeat by the cruel and brutal armies of Sardinia who would crush the kingdom and slaughter its people?

When the King explained the situation to his noble daughter, her spirits sank. She remembered Prince Bonito with a grimace.

“Don’t throw away your hope of happiness, daughter,” the King Consoled. “Merely consider the offer. I’ll not cast my pearl before the swine without your consent.”

But he knew what she would do.

The King lit his cigar and leaned back in his chair. With violent puffs, he closed his eyes and tried to remember Prince Bonito. He could not. All of them were alike in their unworthiness.

“The Queen awaits you, Your Majesty.”

Daniel, his personal steward had slipped into the room quietly.

The King sighed, and smashed out his half burned cigar. He swished a shot of brandy in his mouth before swallowing. His wife did not approve of his smelly habit.

His eyes sparkled and his long thick red hair flowed in the breeze of his brisk pace as he strode powerfully toward the Queen’s boudoir. Thinking of her caused him to push his worries of the war and unholy alliance to the back of his mind. He adored her and she him. He never failed to be enchanted with her presence. They strengthened each other when they were together.

He was dressed in clothes reserved for royalty in Verdanland. His loose fitting blouse was dyed a hue of scarlet unique to the King and his immediate family. It was tucked into a rich purple kilt, its flowing pleats hanging to his knees. Men of the immediate royal family were the only ones who could wear such a garment, and the King alone could wear a purple one. A golden sash crossed his chest. At his hip he wore a brilliantly polished gold ceremonial sword. Richly sheathed in a scabbard heavily jeweled, its complex metalwork was thickly encrusted with every precious stone. He wore no crown. These clothes were the mark of his sovereignty.

He rarely entered the Queen’s boudoir. She stored her finer garments and jewels there. So there she prepared for official functions, such as this reception.

Rarely, she retreated there for an occasional nap when the King was busy. Usually, she slept in the King’s chamber where her arms would be available to his slightest want of tenderness, or her flesh ready to be consumed in his most urgent, passionate lusts.

The King raised his hand to knock on the door, but was interrupted by another steward.

“Your Majesty, beg your pardon,” he said bowing.

“What is it?”

“Your personal guard is unavailable and your arrival at the reception will be delayed if your wish to wait for a substitute. The guard has a severe illness in his family and begs your mercy.”

“Mercy?” The King laughed. “I’d consider a medal! How long are we delayed? Days? Weeks, I hope?”

“About half an hour, your majesty.”

“Too bad. Not long enough for a medal, I’m afraid. Darling?” he called now pounding on the door to his wife’s boudoir.

“Come in, my lord.”

He heard her gentle call and whisked in, smiling broadly as the stewards waited discreetly outside.

“Good news, my love!” His booming voice filled the chamber. “We are delayed a half an hour!” He looked about the room.

Wall sconces with thick candles cast a warm light mixed with the light of the setting sun pouring in from the open balcony doors, causing the textured stones, painted rich dark rose, to glow. A cool breeze tossed long gauzy curtains in its gentle, surging gusts.

The back wall was covered with drawers and cabinets filled with the Queen’s best clothing, accessories and jewelry. The walls were covered in paintings; still lifes of bright sensuous flowers. Vivid colors invoked the sweet fragrance of each blossom. The flower’s stamens and pistils, its capacity to pollinate, produce seed and multiply, lusciously depicted to starkly parallel the visual similarity to human organs designed for the same purpose. Interspersed were romantic nudes, beautiful women in various poses and venues waiting for or embraced in the arms of a lover. Each one pulsed with tender but urgent desire.

One corner, beside the balcony doors, was mirrored. A tub sat on the other side of the doors in front of a low window with filmy curtains flowing in the gentle breeze, looking over their private, walled garden.

The room was furnished with a richly upholstered, armless chair, a tall wide full length mirror on a stand and a soft cozy double bed with a tall canopy and satiny curtains, open and fluttering.

Vast expanses of the rich golden wood floor lie exposed in the large room, with the exception of a large thick fur rug at the foot of the bed.

When the King laid eyes on the Queen, he froze. The sight of her took her breath away.

The Queen’s long dark hair cascaded in thick waves over her bare shoulders and down her back into wisps reaching to her waist. Her bright blue eyes sparkled, and glowing pink cheeks highlighted her delicate face.

On her head was a delicate crown encrusted with scores of tiny diamonds. On front was a large ruby the same shade as the King’s blouse, marking her as his bride. Tiny white and blue wild flowers with tender green leaves were entwined in her hair.

The Queen wore a very light sheer gown, pale blue with a matching thin soft under layer of silk. The neckline plunged deeply into her cleavage revealing the smooth soft roundness of her tender breasts as her areole coyly hid just under the edge of the fabric. The tailored bodice was overlaid with white lace dotted with jeweled sequins, hugging the curve of her waist over her hips, fitting smoothly and tightly over her firm bottom, where each buttock formed a distracting outline.

The silk under layer stopped above mid-thigh to cover her womanly charms, her long toned legs showing through the flowing skirt, billowing below her knees. The skirt was split on one side, extending all the way up her leg, barely below the juncture of her thighs. She stood on one leg so the other emerged bare and smooth, exposed through the slit all the way up its smooth length. Well above the middle of her bare thigh was a white lacy garter with long thin strips of dark purple ribbon dangling to the bottom of the skirt. It was the same fabric used on the King’s kilt and only the Queen could wear it. A treasured insignia of her office, it was to be clearly displayed.

Her legs were perched on extravagantly high heels with silver straps. Silver cords wrapped up her legs to mid calf.

With a playful smirk, the Queen spoke. “Are we really delayed? A half hour?” she asked as she began to move slowly and seductively toward her breathless husband.

“Whatever…” she whispered, brushing her body into his, “…shall…” she breathed, softly embracing his neck in her arms, “…we do?” She blew the words from her soft moist lips and gazed into his eyes submissively.

She felt the King stiffening under his kilt. She rubbed her hips into it and bit her lip.

“Do you suppose we have time to…?” The King left his sentence unfinished.

She giggled.

“I have two more bits of good news for His Majesty,” she said as he smiled hopefully. “First, my seamstress installed a new item on my gown called a ‘zipper.’ It makes dressing… and undressing… much more convenient.”

The King embraced her and reached down to kiss her. She tilted her head back. Tenderly, they brushed lips and she kissed him deeply. She turned her cheek to his longing lips. One of his hands wandered over her hip to her butt. He grabbed her and kneaded her.

“Secondly,” she continued, “I am wearing absolutely nothing under this gown.”

She felt the King’s hardness suddenly surge. His erect penis lifted the pleats of his kilt, to the Queen’s delight. She reached down under the garment and gently grasped his rigid erection.

“In short,” she concluded, “one half hour is plenty of time.”

“Good news to be sure, my love,” he answered. “Where is this ‘zipper’ you speak of?”

She looked up at him. Smiling, she turned slowly around, gathering her long hair in front of her.

“It’s the metal trail up the back of my gown,” she said.

His hands were occupied groping and fondling her body with special attention to her breasts.

“I see,” he said as one hand dropped to fondle her vulva through the thin fabric.

“There’s a handle at the top. Pull it gently down.”

He suddenly grabbed her mound of Venus causing her to leap and gasp in surprise. “Gently!” she laughed.

“Ah, yes! I see,” exclaimed the King as he traced the curve of her back up to the handle.

Then the Queen, facing forward, saw they were in front of the mirrored wall, exactly where she wanted to be. Dramatically, she raised her arms, striking a glamorous pose as the King tugged her zipper down.

The King noticed her sexy reflection and smiled at her over her shoulder. More and more of her bare back became exposed in front of him as the gown opened. The Queen was pleased with the delighted look in the King’s face. His attention was happily divided between the alluring front view she held for him and the emerging expanse of her bare skin. He slid the zipper down her spine over the small of her back just to her hips where it reached the end of its trail.

The Queen dropped her arms to her sides as the King kissed her on the cheek from behind. One of his big rough hands searched in front of her chest, dove under her gown and cupped a breast while he reached with the other down into the back of the gown to her bare buttock.

“I am pleased to note,” the King teased, “that I find you are indeed wearing nothing under this gown.”

He released the Queen’s breast and plunged his hand under the neckline of the gown. He dragged his hand down her ribs and over her tummy; down, down into the Queen’s soft pubic hair and toyed with the hot swelling flesh of her vaginal lips.

“If the King wishes,” she said, “he can see with his eyes what his hand has found.”

He bent and kissed the base of her neck hard with lots of tongue.

She giggled and flinched, dipping from under his lips as she took a half step forward.

He reached to her shoulders and gently rubbed her soft skin, feeling the tiny microscopic hairs with his fingers and firmly deeply kneading her shoulder muscles in his firm grip.

She closed her eyes and sighed as he carefully examined the texture of her skin, the shine of her hair, the shape of the contours of her neck, shoulders and jaw, gently, lightly stroking each feature with wonder uncommon for the years of their marriage.

He pleasured the Queen like this for several minutes until she opened her eyes, looking into his in the mirror.

“Isn’t the gown in your way?” she asked.

He glanced back, meeting her reflected smile. Gently placing his fingers on her neck, he slowly stroked down over her shoulders, pushing the straps of her gown before his hands, stroking her shoulders as he removed the gown’s thin supporting cords from her arms. The gown slipped down over her flesh, falling to the floor in a rumpled circle of silk and frothy fabric.

Her legs were straight with her ankles crossed, her arms to her sides. Naked, she wore only her shoes and the emblems of her royalty; the Queen’s purple-ribboned garter with its long strips dangling lightly over her leg, and the diamond encrusted crown with the ruby marking her as the King’s.

Her long dark hair poured over one shoulder drowning a breast, but its twin stood smooth, round, firm, its dark nipple stiff and straight and proud to be revealed. The muscles of her back formed a sharp “V” shape spreading from her shoulders, across her upper torso, converging around her waist to its point under the dark fur between her legs. Her whole body, more than the sum of her parts, was a magnificent instrument for the provocative art of seduction. She panted with breathless desire, her bosom rising and falling enticingly as she felt her heart beating wildly in her breast.

She watched the King in the mirror as his eyes slowly took in the vision of her nudity. He gazed carefully upon each part of her flesh in the mirror, watching her body, flushed and trembling, respond to his look and his touch. He diverted his eyes from the mirror, looking directly at the swells and curves of her back muscles, her naked spine, her round bottom. Hungrily, he reached out and stroked a smooth firm buttock.

“Is the king pleased?” she asked.

“With you? Always, my love.”

She turned slowly around in his arms as his hands traced her waist. From her hips, he raised both hands to her ribcage and held her.

The Queen reached for the belt holding the King’s kilt and unbuckled it. She unfastened the kilt at the waist with nimble fingers and dropped the garment to the floor.

The King’s hard-on stood stiffly before her, rigid and red with his hot arousal.

Slowly the Queen lowered herself in front of him. Balanced on her toes, leaning on her heels, she looked up into his eyes. She brought her face near his thick erection and gently brushed her cheek along his shaft, her lips slightly parted. She allowed the tip of his penis to trace her face, the side of her nose, forehead, eyebrows and eyelids leaving strands of thick clear fluid on her skin. His musky scent thrilled her as she felt her own desire sparking inside her. As his sensitive skin crossed her lips, she blew the gentle soft breeze of her warm breath over his shaft, his testicles.

She reached with one hand and clenched his hard shaft, squeezing it, gently at first, then harder and harder until she had clamped down on it with all her might, even raising herself by his extended member. She held the end of his shaft to her cheek. As she spoke, her lips mouthed the side of his hard-on.

“I’m hungry, darling.”

“Eat, My lady,” he answered.

The Queen kissed the end of his hardness, lips puckered and barely parted. Back and forth she rocked, allowing his glans to enter her mouth in small increments. She tasted the salty flavor of his pre-cum, feeling its sticky texture on her tongue. She began circling his glans with her tongue as she brought his erection further into her mouth, deeper inside her oral cavity. Halfway inside her, she licked the underside of his shaft as she slowly stroked its full length with her wet lips and the moist membranes inside her mouth. In and out, she took him, bobbing her face smoothly over his vibrant sex.

She glanced up at him as she continued going down. His eyes were focused on the image in the mirror. Her face was full of his powerful erection, jaw dropped, cheeks hollowed, lips stretched about the full diameter of his rod as she sucked him in, drew him out, in, out, in, out.

Again, she felt an electrifying shock emanate from the depths of her womanhood. Her own desire demanded attention. She reached down and touched its source. She found herself warm, moist, engorged with greater desire than she realized. She brushed her clitoris. It was stiff and immediately exploded with a brief, intense trembling spasm. She slipped a finger into her vagina, swirling it inside, coating it with her slick juices before drawing it out over her clitoris. Keeping a finger on it, she sucked her husband’s erection, allowing the rocking of her own body to stroke her clitoris against her finger.

She moaned, her husband’s penis sealed tightly in her lips. Slowly, she pulled her lips off his shaft and stroked him with her free hand.

“Bring the chair,” she ordered.

She released his erection as he spun to obey, swinging the chair back, facing the mirror.

The Queen had dropped a knee to the floor, the other still raised, allowing open visible access to her exposed private pleasure. She continued stroking her clitoris while she inserted the fingers of her other hand inside her moist cavern. She took heaving breaths as she masturbated, shuddering as more tiny spasms of pleasure blasted through her body.

“Does Her Highness wish to sit?” he asked.

The Queen gasped. “No. You.”

“Yes, my lady.”

The King sat obediently on the chair still wearing his royal scarlet blouse and gold sash, the golden ceremonial sword still dangling at his side. He was naked from the waist down, except for his boots. His long erection extended upward from his lap.

The Queen stood, still rubbing her ravenous sex vigorously and gasping.

She turned and stepped beside the King, facing the mirror. She placed a foot nearly under the side of the chair and her nearest leg over his lap, facing the mirror, her back to him.

Watching their image in the mirror, she abandoned her clitoris and reached for his rigid shaft, pointing it between her legs. The King leaned to the side so he could see their image in the mirror, too. She held his shaft firmly up as she positioned her vaginal opening right over his pulsing member.

Slowly, she lowered herself. His hard penis pressed into her secret lips. She firmly pressed herself gently down through the initial resistance until he pierced her flesh. Inside, he found a moist, soft, smooth, warm welcome. She put her hands on his thighs in front of her and sat on his hardness, impaling herself on his cock, filling her cavity with his thick rigidness, pressing him in to the back of her deepest recess, stretching the flesh inside her body as much as she was able.

Its a quiet summer night, a little humid, but cool enough that we can finally have the windows open in our duplex. My roommate working late again, who knows when she will be home. Its been a relaxing night, sat out on the patio and read til dark, had a salad, watched about ten minutes of tv before realizing nothing good was on. Shut off the tv, and went upstairs for a shower. Felt good to have that lukewarm water running all over me, then stepping into just a nip of cool air. Makes my skin tighten a little feeling a little cool.

After drying off, I slip into my pink satin robe, and go to sit on the bed. Pop in my Rachmaninov and settle in on the bed to put lotion on, especially over my silky, freshly shaved legs. As I am settling in spreading the lotion in, I hear the door rattle.

“Jamie, you home? That you?” I call out. Hearing no answer, I dismiss it as the wind rattling something outside, nothing more. After I few minutes I hear what sounds like a loud bang down stairs.

“Jamie? That you?” Becoming restless I proceed down the carpeted stairs to investigate. Upon entering the living room I see the cause of my concern. I didn’t close the inside patio door when I came in, so the breeze was rattling the vertical blinds against the wall and door.

I slide the door shut and lock it, feeling a lot more relieved. I go to the kitchen and get a drink out of the fridge.

Walking back to the stairs I pass the mirror in the hall. I stop to admire myself, brushing back my wet hair off my shoulders, and turning left then right, admiring how I look. I decide that the Tae Kwon Do AND the Yoga are paying off. My ass is really taking shape, and my legs and calves are toning up nicely too.

I think to myself, “What the Hell, nobody is home.” I untie my robe and push it back off my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Checking out the rest of my body, I realize that the breeze cooled the room off significantly and my nipples are hardening; but damn, does my core look great. I run my hands all over my body, my spine shivers all the way down to between my legs, my eyes close as my hands dip between my legs rubbing my dampening pussy. My clit is so swollen, touching it sends electricity through me. My left hand pinching my nipples, and my right hand pleasuring myself.

It feels so good. I open my eyes and watch myself, its like an out of body experience watching myself. I step closer to the mirror, look deep into my own eyes. My hot breath fogging the mirror a little and bouncing back into my face. I lean in to the sexy woman staring back at me, slowly passionitely I kiss her smooth, glass like lips. Making out with her, kissing her passionitely, suddenly the pleasure overwhelms me and my body quivers and convulses in orgasm.

Once calmed down I bring a soaked finger to the lips of my lover staring back at me, and rub them on her lips, and kiss my taste off her lips.

“Thank you baby”. I pick my robe up off the floor and head back up the stairs and to my room for a full night’s rest.

As I enter my room and turn to shut the door, suddenly a hand comes behind me covering my mouth. I try to scream, but am unable to. A hoarse voice whispers into my mouth,

“Just be quiet, bitch and nobody gets hurt.” I whimper and struggle and try to get my foot free to use my trained self-defense tactics, but as I work free, a knife blade is pressed to my throat.

“I told you to behave and nothing will happen. Do you understand me?” I nod quickly, not wanting to be hurt, but afraid of what will happen.

“You should know better than to leave your door open at this time of night. You are just asking for something like this to happen.” I nod looking down at the knife being held by a hand wearing a silver watch, looking for any identifiable items for later.

“Now you don’t want to get hurt do you?” I shake my head.

“Good Girl”. I feel myself being spun towards my attacker… what do you know? He’s dressed in black and wearing a ski mask.

“Now Kneel Bitch!” Quickly I drop to my knees. As He holds the knife toward my throat, he unzips his fly and releases his raging hard on and steps out of his jeans.

“Suck it bitch!” Slowly I part my lips and suck it gently.

“Do better than that!” He tries to force into my mouth roughly but I pull back some, soon I feel the knife tip poking the side of my neck hard, the sudden action makes my jump, and I feel the searing pain, and see a trickle of blood run down the blade on to my assailant’s index finger, right along his clinched second knuckle. Thankfully, nothing bad, but bad enough. He grabs my head and starts roughly fucking my mouth.

“I gave you a chance, bitch, and you didn’t play nice.” He is ramming my throat so much I scream but its muffled and it can escape my mouth. Soon he relinquishes his assault on my mouth, and orders me to the bed on my hands and knees.

“Oh my you are a wet little slut aren’t you?”.. I nod knowing that I am still damp from my escapade down in the hall. Roughly I feel his pole stuffed into my body. He rams hard and quickly.

“Don’t worry, you little slut. If you are a good this won’t take long.” Sadly my body betrays my fear and my pussy gets soaked, and my hips thrust back involuntarily towards him.

“That’s a good bitch, my cock is soaked.” Suddenly he withdraws, and stuffs himself into my ass… I yelp, and he holds that knife to my throat again.

“I told you be quiet bitch!” I hold still, as he assails my ass. I hear him panting and moaning, thankful it will be over soon, I feel him clinching up and I know he is close. Suddenly he stuffs back into my pussy and erupts jet after jet into me. Wishing I wouldn’t, but unable to control it, I spasm on him as well, sucking him deeper into me. And as quickly as it started, I hear him gather his things and run out. A slamming door and squealing tires tell me it over.

Crying and sobbing, I call you and tell you the general story of what happened, and that I need you over here as soon as possible, and that I am so frightened and I need you spend the night. I go back into the shower and clean myself up, noticing the cut on my neck is nothing serious.

Not long after I am clean again, I hear you at my door. I take my bat with me to let you in. I lead you right up to my room and collapse and begin sobbing. You comfort me, and tell me it will be ok. You cuddle with me in my bed and tell me that you will protect me. I kiss you passionitely, and lead your hand into my robe.

“Are you Sure? You have been through hell.”

I smile. “Baby, I have been through worse, and am no worse for wear. I need to show you how much I appreciate you dropping everything and coming to my aid.”

You smile and say “no problem.”. I reach into your pants and start to play with your cock.

“Baby, it feels a little wet?”

You look at me, “Well I didn’t think I was coming over tongiht, so I was relieving myself with that pair of panties you had on over this weekend. I didn’t get a chance to finish.”

I am stroking as I chuckle, not noticing that its taking a little bit longer than normal to get you up. “It’s ok baby, not all of us have gotten fucked already tonight.”

You laugh and kiss me deeply. I moan in pleasure, then suddenly scream in pain.

“Ouch, baby my Hair!” You apologize that you are caught. I reach up and help you free yourself.

“What’s that?”, I ask.

“It’s my new watch I bought yesterday, I thought it looked really good, and you said silver looks really good on me.” Suddenly my mind is clear, and everything falls into place as I notice the dry blood stain on your right index finger, second knuckle……

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