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Tina and Suzy sat on the side porch on a fine summer sunset, wine in hand, conversing easily about the events of the day, the weather and, of course, the two strapping lads inside fastened to their milking stands.

“How long has it been for Kevin?” Tina asked, watching the sunset, crossing her sexy GILF legs as she sat in a coverup over her tiny white bathing suit; she and Suzy had spent the afternoon at the beach while the boys were strapped inside, waiting.

“Two weeks, same as Bobby, your son, honey,” Suzy sighed, crossing her own sexy legs in her tiny lacy coverup over a tiny yellow bikini.

Both women were 60, blonde, possessed of lean, muscular, sinewy bodies that were the envy of the beach, and worthy of being on bodies of women half their age. Their boys, both 22, were their milking slaves, available to the women whenever they felt the urge to milk them. They’d often keep the boys in chastity devices for weeks, building up ample loads. The women, though beautiful and well preserved, had the usual wrinkles and sags of women their age and used their sons’ jism as a youth cream.

“Well, sun’s going down, honey,” Tina sighed, standing to stretch her lithe, tanned body and slipping off her cover up as did Suzy, both standing in their tiny bikinis that did little to cover their strong, sinewy bodies, a patch of pussy hair exploding from the tiny covering between their lusty, tawny thighs. “Long night ahead of milking.”

They walked into the living room where the boys, naked, were strapped upright to boards, straps holding their chests and bellies into place, straps around their hands, feet and legs, rendering them immobile. Their cocks hung free, limp. The women stood before their sons, Tina before Bobby, Suzy before Kevin, eyeing their soft meat as the boys moaned in their straps.

“Have to pee, boys?” Suzy laughed, flicking the end of Kevin’s soft cock.

“Yes, Mom, please!” he begged.

The women picked up containers and fit them around their boys’ dicks, holding the soft meat in their hands and letting them relieve themselves, then going to empty and clean them. They returned to stand before each boy, switching places and getting each other’s sons in clear view.

“We want 10 loads this evening, studs,” Tina growled, bending at the waist, showing Kevin the firm, sinewy planks of the backs of her muscled thighs, and the bulging bubbles of her calves as Suzy did the same before Bobby. “This should get you started, the site of our wrinkled, sexy legs and asses!”

It worked. The boys didn’t want it to, but sure enough in seconds of seeing the 60-year-old legs and exposed asses of the GILFS before them, their cocks stuck straight out, each eight inches long, dripping pre-cum. Not cumming for two weeks wasn’t easy for young men, the women knew, and they smiled as they turned around to walk up to the struggling youths.

“First one should take long,” Tina sighed, wrapping a skinny, bony hand around Kevin’s enormous cock and jerking it slowly, making him moan, and with her other hand, lifting a wrinkled tit from her tiny top to feed him the nipple, his mouth wrapping around it.

“You get neck,” Suzy growled, doing the same to Bobby and turning her head to offer the boy her turkey waddle, rich and deeply tanned, thick folds of sexy flesh which the boy eagerly suckled and lapped.

The boys sucking moans filled the air as did the slowly increasing pace of the jerk off, and soon both groaned as a signal.

“Mrs. B….gonna blow…” Kevin groaned, his mouth popping off her tit.

“Mrs. O…cummmming!” Bobby wailed, his mouth off the soaked flesh of Suzy’s neck flaps.

The women quickly came around front and knelt, using both hands to complete the milking, aiming the jetting loads onto their faces, a thick blanket of cum coating them from forehead to chin, and then aiming it to their necks, jerking madly and moaning loudly. Seconds later, the released the boys’ wet cocks and stood facing each other, kissing madly, sharing the loads. They licked each others’ faces, swapping cum between them and used their fingers to rub the thick cream into each others’ necks and upper chest, working the hot sperm into the deep wrinkles in their sexy old flesh.

“Mmmmm, that’s so hot!” Tina gushed, lifting her neck to let Suzy work the cum into the folds there, doing the same to Suzy. “God, they shot SO much this time!”

“Yeah, and so tasty, guess we’ve been feeding them well,” Suzy giggled, leaning into Tina’s neck to lick the cream and swallow it down with great relish. “God, I never get tired of their cum!”

Moments later, with cum dangling in obscene strings from their pretty old faces, the women knelt, each blowing their own son, using both hands to madly stroke the thick wet dicks into their wrinkled mouths, a gentle pucker of folds around their bulging lips. It took a bit longer this time, but soon, both lads were emptying their balls again, this time into the sucking mouths of their own mothers, who when done, stood, cheeks bulging with seed, a smile on their faces, trickles of cum escaping the corners of their lips.

Again they stood, making out, shooting cum between their moaning mouths and then scooping it up in their hands to work it into each others’ shoulders, biceps and forearms, working the gooey cream in deeply until their aging luscious bodies gleamed with cum. Nearby, the boys watched, their cocks drooping.

“Can’t have that,” Tina sighed, breaking the kiss with Suzy, a bridge of goo hanging between their lips which Suzy eagerly gobbled down and swallowed.

The women stood face to face with their sons now, eye to eye, their faces full of shiny cum, their boys’ faces full of fear and shame. They held onto the milking frames and snuggled closer, scissoring their softening cocks high in their muscular old thighs, the tops of their dicks brushing the brush of their bushy cunts. Suzy and Tina locked on tightly and started humping back and forth, using their thighs to coax their boys’ dicks back to life and then increased the tempo, slamming onto their dicks, which were helplessly trapped in the meaty wrinkled muscles of their mothers’ clutching legs.

“Nothing like a thigh fuck,” Tina cooed, grabbing Bobby’s head and twisting it down, burying his face in her wrinkled neck flesh full of cum. “Suckle that neck, boy, lick cum!”

“Mmmm, my Kevin’s cock feels so hot against my cunt!” Suzy hissed, thigh fucking her boy madly, her wrinkled thighs quivering on the trapped stem. “This is gonna be so hot for our hamstrings, thighs and calves!!”

They thigh fucked them for 30 solid minutes, the pre-cum they oozed coating their mothers’ scissoring thighs, lubing them up and making the sweet crunch of their legs feel like moist velvet. The tips of their dicks barely cleared the thighs squeezing them and when they came, they did so not as hard as before, but instead almost gently, thick gobs of young-man spunk bubbling out of their mammoth cock heads and washing down the backs of their mothers’ strong thighs, in a slimy trail down over their muscular calves.

“Not bad for the third load in about an hour!” Tina laughed. “Let’s work it in…”

They stood, side by side, bending at the waist to reach behind each other and use their strong hands to knead each other’s powerful hamstrings and calves, working their sons’ loads into the deeply tanned, wrinkled flesh, massaging the backs of their meaty thighs, making them shine and bending further to do the same to their bulging calves. When they were finished, the entire length of the backs of their 60-year-old legs shone with boy goo. They straightened up and faced their sons, whose cocks were drooping badly.

“Uh-oh, can’t have this!” Suzy barked.

The milking stands were on pivots, so the women tilted them back, making them into more of a table, the boys heads at crotch level. Tina stepped over Kevin’s face and enmeshed it in her thick, sweaty bush and the boy ate eagerly of her cunt, as Suzy did the same to Bobby, both women standing, squeezing their victims’ heads between their powerful thighs, hands on hips and smiling at one another as they watched their thighs bulge and ripple in the crush they unleashed, thick drips of remaining cum coating the boys’ sucking faces.

“That’s working,” Suzy moaned, cumming on Bobby’s face and squeezing so hard with her thighs as she did, devouring his screaming face into her wrinkled butt cheeks and smothering him in her saggy hamstrings that the boy bellowed in agony.

Sure enough, as the women came, their boys’ cocks bobbed into full erection. The women laughed and slipped down to ride those cocks, taking them into their hairy, hungry cunts, facing away, straddling the boys’ waists and letting them watch the sight of their wrinkled, sagging asses flex madly as their pussies milked their cocks.

It took much longer but soon the boys shot their fourth loads of the long night, the women popping the spurting heads out with their hands and jerking the sperm onto the flexing, twitching orbs of their milky white, saggy asses, coating the creamy smooth flesh, then used both their own hands to massage all that goo into their sweet rump mounds.

By now the boys were largely spent, but unable to do anything about it. Suzy mounted her son’s cock, facing him, straddling him and taking his soft meat into her spongy cunt and using her muscles there to milk him to hardness as Tina did the same to Bobby. They leaned forward, forcing the smothering flesh of their wrinkled tits over their faces, robbing them of sight and breath, making them suckle the warm saggy meat of their boobs and the thick brown nipples on them. They grunted as they fucked their sons, pounding up and down, their cum-stained butts jiggling on each downstroke until many minutes later, they forced the fifth loads from their cocks. They sat up on the squirming boys who looked up in sheer terror.

“Mom, stop, it tickles!!” Bobby cried, twisting against his bonds.

“Then you’ll hate this!” Tina laughed.

Moments later, the women were 69ing their sons again, sitting on their faces, force feeding them their own cummy loads, pushing out with their powerful cuntal muscles and unleashing a flow of their cum and their mothers into their gagging mouths, as they leaned forward and attached their slim hands to the failing peckers, jerking madly. The boys screamed into the cummy, hairy wells of their mothers’ cunts at the horrendous tickling sensation.

“C’mon, stud, gimme more hot cum!” Tina hissed, leaning forward and suckling her son’s sensitive dick tip as she tortured him further by twisting her bony hand around the slimy head and the super-sensitive flesh behind it. “We want load number six!”

“Give it up, boy, give it up,” Suzy growled, fisting Kevin’s nuts purple in one hand and washing the other madly over his sensitive tip, twisting it back and forth, using her palm to brutally rub the head, making him scream into her hairy, cummy cunt that gave up even more of his spunk that he was forced to gobble down.

It took nearly 30 minutes, but the boys came again, a pathetic, weak load each, the tips bubbling out hot white cream which coated their moms’ bony fingers. The women sighed, sat up and dismounted their sons’ cum-streaked faces, taking each others’ arms and hands to work in the sixth load of the night.

For the next extraction, Tina sat on Kevin’s face, taking it deep into her supple, moist flesh, as Suzy did the same to Bobby, both women stretching out their long, tanned legs to capture the boys’ flagging meat in their rock-solid, deeply tanned and commanding calves, scissoring the soft flesh in the meaty muscle and flexing them, milking the cocks hard and then ramming their locked legs up and down on their dicks.

“Little shin cream would be nice, good for the skin,” Tina hissed, pumping Kevin’s aching cock in her bony yet muscular calves, the big tip barely visible in the fierce clamp of calf.

This load took forever, it seemed, but the women never stopped, never tired, but the boys under them were fading badly, barely able to breathe with their noses captured deep in the hairy puckers of the women’s smother asses, their mouths buried in hairy quim as Tina and Suzy rode those faces to endless orgasm as the shin-fucked their sons. Almost an hour later, weak loads bubbled from the calf-trapped cocks of each lad, coating the women’s shiny, freckled shins. They laughed as they looked at the tiny load each boy had given them, running down the sides of their shins.

“Well, it IS seven loads, that’s quite a bit,” Tina sighed, stepping off the stand and Kevin inhaling fresh air madly as Suzy did the same.

“Better put the rings on to keep those peckers up,” Suzy said.

The women snapped leather dick rings into place around the barely stiff cocks of their sons, which forced the meat to stand somewhat erect. They stood and watched the boys moan in their straps, the women’s bodies taut and hard and coated with cum on nearly every GILF inch.

“What are you thinking for the last three loads, Tina?” Suzy asked, walking over and smacking her son’s aching nuts with the tip of one finger, enjoying making him jump.

“Well, we haven’t taken them in the ass, yet,” Tina pondered. “Could get the eighth load up our butts, I’m aching for a good ass fucking.”

“Sounds good to me,” Suzy said, straddling her son’s face and spreading her wrinkled ass hams in her hands, aiming the hairy pucker at Kevin’s mouth. “You heard Mrs. B, get mom’s asshole ready to fuck!”

The women force fed their boys their tight, hairy sphincters, letting them lap deeply and wetly between the white mounds of ass still flecked with gobs of cum until they were ready, then switching places, rode those cocks deep in their gripping assholes. It took a long time, with Tina pounding up and down on Kevin’s dick and Suzy on Bobby’s, as they leaned over and let the boys suckle at their wrinkled tits, eager mouths pulling on thick brown nipples.

“Admit it, stud,” Tina hissed down at Kevin, “you LOVE me and your hot mom milking your cocks, don’t you?”

“Oh, fuck, YES, Mrs. B….so fucking hot up your ass!”

“That’s a boy,” Tina giggled, cupping her strong arms around his head and mashing him deep into the cummy cleavage of her wrinkled tits.

After a long time, the boys groaned they were going to cum, so the women reached down to unsnap the cock rings, freeing the flow of remaining cum from their anguished nuts, each jetting a weak load into the twitching bowels of the madly milking women. They climbed off, snapping the rings back on to keep those cocks hard.

“Not much to work with here,” Tina sighed as she and Suzy stood, making out, fingering each others’ cummy assholes to work out the small loads they used to rub the buttocks in them and also their lower and upper backs, working the cream into their wrinkled flesh as they kissed.

“No, not really, last two will be tough,” Suzy moaned, kissing her friend’s neck and shoulders as she worked cum into her back and butt.

“Non-stop JO?” Tina asked.

“Fuck yes!” Suzy laughed.

They pushed the stands back up vertical and standing to the side, started madly jerking the sore cocks of their sons, each woman taking her own, Tina’s bony hand flying up and down Bobby’s tender shaft while Suzy did the same to Kevin, both women’s long, sinewy forearms rippling, the brown skin dancing as their hands worked their sons’ cocks.

“Get it over with boys, you got two more loads and we are NOT stopping until you give it up!” Tina hissed, twisting her face to Bobby’s and forcing her hot tongue into his mouth.

“Cum, cum for Mommy, cum for Mommy’s hot hand job, baby, cum for Mommy, you know you want to…” Suzy hissed, biting her son’s nipples.

“Yes, Mommy, I want to cum for you!!!” he screamed, writhing in pain and pleasure.

They quickly unsnapped the rings and the boys gave up two very weak, very small loads, the nearly clear fluid coating their gnarled fingers, an obscene squishing sound filling the air as the women never stopped, just kept jerking the flesh in their hands that was trying so hard to go soft. The boys screamed in pain as the women palmed the knobs and sensitive backsides of their dicks, laughing heartily at their sons’ agonized yelps.

“Cum again, bitch, you’re Mommy’s bitch, you know you are, so cum again for Mommy!” Tina teased darkly, madly jerking Bobby’s softening meat, the cum there flying everywhere. “Cum for Mommy’s hand and you get some rest, CUM BABY CUM!!!!”

The women stood in the dimly lit room, their muscular old forearms rippling with sinewy steel as their powerful old bony hands jacked their sons’ dick with renewed force, harder and harder, working them into full stiffness and spitting down on their hands to lube those glistening shafts as the old women jerked them closer to completion. Soon, their young asses knotted as they thrust into their mothers’ pumping fists, sweat pouring off their faces, eyes wide and staring down at the tender red meat being abused in those clutching fingers.

“FUCK!” Kevin screamed. “Gonna blow, mom!”

“ME TOOO!” Bobby yelled.

Tina and Suzy looked at each other and winked. Just as the boys’ nuts twisted and were about to spew, they suddenly stopped, taking their hands off their dicks, watching and laughing as the two cocks dribbled out a single drop of cum each, the boys screaming in frustration, bodies tight and coiled against the straps that had held them from noon this day until midnight at the moment, 12 hours of endless bondage, milking and now tease and denial.

“MOM NO!!!!” Kevin wailed. “Finish me, please!”

“MOMMY JERK ME!!” Bobby cried, thrusting into air. “Please…jerk me off!!!”

“We lied,” Suzy sighed, picking up her clothes and hugging Tina.

“Yeah, nine loads was enough,” Tina giggled. “Tomorrow morning, we’ll get number 10. You boys get some rest, Suzy and I are going to bed.”

The boys begged to the forms of their mothers walking away, hands on each other’s hard asses as they went upstairs for a good night’s sleep, leaving them drooping, frustrated, in their bonds, hoping morning would cum soon..

Let me tell you about something that’s happened several years ago. It’s an incestuous story.

I was a 20 year old college student at the time living at home with my parents. My dad worked long hours as lawyer, and my mother was a math teacher at the same university that I attended. She’s basically the type of mother you would see on a television sitcom with her ‘soccer mom’ attire, stylish personality, and a charming attitude. Sure, she could be a little feisty at times, but that’s also what made her so lovable.

This story begins in the middle of December, just two months before Valentine’s Day. My mother had recently given birth to her third child and was preparing to return to her teaching duties after having taken a semester off. And, well, what’s written below is what transpired…

Getting Mom in Shape

“Can we talk for a second?” my mother asked as I was watching a football game. “I kind of need a favor from you.”

“Sure, but can this wait until later? This game is almost over,” I replied, almost to the point of ignoring her with my eyes glued to the television.

She picked up the remote control and shut the tv off.

“Hey! I was watching that!”

“You can read the results online or catch the replay on the news, I really don’t see what the difference is anyway,” she replied sternly, with her eyebrows raised.

“Fine, what can I do for you mom.”

Her hands reached underneath her t-shirt and she lifted it up to reveal her soft and curvy stomach to me.

“That’s what you can do for me,” she replied. “I’ve gotten my strength and energy back since giving birth, and I desperately want to get back in shape. And at my age, it’s not as easy as it used to be. So what do you say? Do you think you give your old mother a good workout routine? We’ve still got a lot of old gym equipment in the garage that we could use.”

“Mom, you’re being way to hard on yourself. You look great the way you are and those curves of yours look very womanly,” I said with encouragement.

“Thanks, but after having another baby, I desperately feel the need to get in good shape while I still can. So what’s it going to be?”

I gave her a skeptical look. “I don’t know about this. I mean, it would be kind of awkward don’t you think? You know, with me having to watch you do reps with weights and all that. Why don’t you go to the gym instead? They’ve got all the best equipment, not to mention that the personal trainers there are used to dealing with women your age…no offense mom.”

“Gyms today are so crowded,” she replied. “Plus you know how much of a clean freak I am. All of the machines and lockers have got to be covered with germs and bacteria; I read about it on the news.”

“Seriously? I walked past the gym at the mall and it was less than half full. It looked spotless as well. There are a lot of regulations nowadays about cleanliness you know. There’s anti-bacteria stuff all over the place.”

She sighed, “Fine, if you want the real reason why I don’t want to go the gym, it’s because it’s filled with students of mine, and the last thing I need is for them to see me working out. And I ESPCIALLY don’t want any of my future or former female students seeing me naked while I’m in the locker room. So what’s it going to be mister?”

“Well I guess it looks like I’m not in a position to argue with you,” I replied.

“No, you’re certainly not,” she said with her arms crossed and a stern look.

“Okay, we’ll start whenever you’re ready. I’ll try to think of a routine which would be perfect for you.”

A big smile appeared on her face and she bent down to give me a hug. “Thanks! I knew you’d see it my way. We’ll start tomorrow after I buy something proper to wear.”


And so it began; every so often my mother and I would meet in the open area of our garage to work out. It started out simple enough, with her wearing sweat pants and a thin sweater. I had her doing basic workouts to begin with, such as a warm on the stationary bike, followed by light weight-lifting and stretching. Or we would spend the entire session doing strictly cardio.

And as time went on, her fitness quickly progressed and so did the confidence she had in her already beautiful body. She started wearing tight spandex pants along with more tightly fitting sweaters on top. And I had her doing more intermediate exercises to go along with all of that.

She always made a point of thanking me whole-heartedly after every workout because she still had assumed that me being her ‘personal trainer’ was still a real drag on my time. But what she didn’t know, and what I obviously didn’t want to tell her, was that I was starting to enjoy our sessions a lot more than I was letting on. It’s one of those things where you don’t know how it happens, but it just does. Maybe it had to do with the fact that we became even closer with all the new time we spent together. Or maybe it had to do with good and vivacious she looked each time.

Whatever the case, I was becoming attracted to my own mother. Now I’ll admit, when I first hit puberty and began fantasizing about women, my mother was my first real crush (which is common). It eventually faded way, but watching her up close while she worked out brought back those old feelings- even more so than before.


“That’s it, one more rep!” I yelled in encouragement as my mother finished her dumbbell rows.

She dropped the weights when she was done and shook her arms around like I taught her, to relieve the tension.

“Phew! You’ve really been stepping up these workouts lately,” she sighed, breathing heavily. “It’s exhausting, but it feels great. I don’t think I’ve worked out this hard even when I played sports in college.”

“Well, it’s only because you’ve been improving so fast and your endurance keeps getting better. You’re a real natural at this.”

She smiled and lifted her arm to flex her bicep through her clothes. “Thank you. My dad and my brothers have also been drawn to sports and fitness, and they were very good at it. So I guess it’s good genetics when it comes to our family.”

“If that’s the case, we better hurry up and finish up this last part of your circuit while your heart rate is still up,” I said, pointing to the workout bench for her to do her dumbbell presses. “You get better results that way.”

“Hold on a sec, this sweater is killing me right now.”

My mother casually turned around to pull her sweater off and placed it neatly on a nearby table. She stood in her sports bra and took a sip from her water bottle, completely oblivious to the fact that I was in awe over her sculpted body. My eyes quickly rolled around the trickles of sweat glistening on her lower & upper back, shoulders, and her arms. And after she finished her drink, she turned back around to focus on her weight lifting again and I shifted my eyes away as fast as I could.

“Oh, pardon the attire,” my mother said, alluding to the fact that she caught me looking. “It’s gotten a little warm lately. Plus I feel more confident wearing something like this.”

“Well I can see why, you look great! I mean, I didn’t mind those curves you showed me when you first asked me to help you, but your body looks so different now.”

“Thanks!” she smiled, looking down at her more flattened stomach and giving it a pat, flexing her abs. “A healthy diet and a good workout routine will do that to you. And I owe it all to you.”

“You can thank me by hitting these weights.”

I didn’t need to give her much instructions anymore as she bent down to pick up a heavier set of free weights and laid down on the bench to do her dumbbell presses. As always, I counted her reps for her and made sure that her form was perfect. But for the very first time, I was seeing her do such a strenuous exercise with her wearing only a small top. My eyes were enthralled by the sight of her triceps and shoulders flexing. But more than anything, seeing the muscles in her chest start to flex was making me very aroused. And seeing her large breasts being squeezed in her sports bra- wow.

When she finished, she sat up to place the weights on her thighs, took a quick breathe, and then put the weights down so that she could get more water. My eyes seemingly had a mind of their own as they roamed her defined and sweater body. And once again, I was too slow to look away as my mother glanced at me.

She put her hands on her hips and smiled. “Were you just checking me out?”

“What?! Of course not! I don’t know why you would say something like that.”

“You always were a terrible liar,” she said with a smirk. “Come on, every since I took that sweater off I’ve seen you glancing at my body through the corner of my eye. I even noticed you staring at my chest while I was doing that last set.”

“I’m offended,” I said boldly, but in a half-joking manner. “You asked me to help you workout, and when I monitor your progress, I get accused of being inappropriate. That’s no way to treat your son.”

“Good point there. But what about that look I saw you giving me when I turned around after taking that sip of water, or you staring at my chest while I was doing those presses, or…”

“Fine…you caught me. You look really good in that top,” I replied, feeling a little embarrassed. “There, I said it. Happy now?”

Her eyebrows quickly raised and she was clearly holding back laughter. “You know, that’s exactly what I was afraid of. I didn’t want to make things ‘distracting’ for you. That’s why I always kept that sweater on no matter how hot I was getting. Besides, I just bought this sports bra recently, and before that I only had a t-shirt underneath. My nipples would have been an incredible distraction, since I’m still a lactating woman after all.”

“Oh…hearing you say that makes me wish you were in your t-shirt instead.”

“Men…you’re all so predictable,” she said with a snicker. “I just hope that your little fascination with my boobs won’t distract you from our workouts in the future.”

“I hope not. But if you keep wearing outfit like that, I can’t make any guarantees,” I replied humorously.

She wrapped her fingers around the bottom end of her sports bra and swiftly yanked it upwards to expose her bare breasts to me.

“There, you can stop wondering what they look like now,” she said, as if to prove that I was being totally immature over her body parts. “And I hope you get a good look because you won’t be seeing them again. So get it out of your system.”

I was definitely getting an eye full, looking and examining her breasts while they were out. They were large and round, and hung down quite a bit. She wasn’t kidding when she mentioned the lactating part because her nipples and areolas were dark brown and swollen. And when she felt that I had enough of a look, she yanked her top back down to cover herself once again.

“God…you just made my week,” I told her, almost at a loss for words. “I’ve never seen a woman’s nipples so large before.”

“It’s the very least I could do for your training services. Just don’t bring it up again, and don’t mention it to your father or else I would be very upset. Now if it’s not too awkward, I still need your help for my post-workout stretching,” she said with a smile.


As hard as it was, I never brought up the fact that she briefly showed me her breasts to ‘reward’ me for helping her because of how stern her warning was. I didn’t want to risk making her mad and have our private time together end.

But at the same time, she wasn’t oblivious to the fact that I admired her body. When we had dinner that night, she wore a much smaller shirt than what she normally wears and seemed a little more flirtatious than usual, almost as if to tease me for being attracted to my own mother. So that night, before I went to bed, I did the only thing I could do that point- fantasize about her.


Two days had past and it was time for our next afternoon workout together. It was Tuesday, which meant that she only taught class early in the morning and would usually use her extra time to do household chores or catch up on her favorite tv shows.

But on that day, I came home from school and noticed a new shopping bag sitting on her bed as I walked by her room.

“Oh…I wasn’t expecting you home so early,” my mother said as she stepped out of the bathroom, looking surprised to see me.

“Yeah, well I had a test today and got to leave sooner,” I replied. “So you just went shopping? Buy anything interesting?”

“Well…I’m only telling you this because I’m in such a good mood, but I just purchased a few things for Valentine’s Day tonight- two pairs of lingerie. It’s a surprise for your father later tonight.”

“That sounds really nice mom. I’m sure he’ll love it.”

“I’m sure he will,” my mother said with a smile. “I didn’t want to say anything about this before, but the main reason I wanted to get back in shape was for tonight. With my recent pregnancy and your father’s busy career, our love life has really suffered, and I was hoping to really spice things up between us once again. And that’s as far as I’m going to tell you…”

Hearing my mother say that she planned on doing something sexy tonight immediately struck a cord with me.

“Mom, judging by how you looked yesterday, I’m sure you’ll be a real knockout with whatever you’re planning to wear,” I replied.

“Thank you. And none of this would be possible without your help. I tried on the outfits in the store fitting room and I could hardly recognize myself. Your dad is in for a real Valentine’s Day treat.”

“I’m sure he is. Speaking of which…how about a second opinion? You know, maybe you could model it for me and I’ll give you my thoughts on which one dad might prefer. I mean, I’ve already seen parts of you so it won’t be that weird.”

She put her hands on her hips and gave me a stern mother look which only she could give.

“Didn’t I say to never bring that up again?”

“I know you did. But you were only referring to what you showed me in the garage. This has absolutely nothing to do with that. And as far as I’m concerned, this is a completely different topic all together,” I said with as much charm as I could.

“Oh, you’re such a smart ass. But I can’t really blame you for that since I’m the same way. Turn around, I’ll let you know when I’m ready.”

I did as she said and turned to face the hallway, listening attentively to the sounds of her undressing. My heart started racing and my imagination ran wild listening to each article of her clothing hit the bed as she threw it, and as she pulled her outfit out of the shopping bag and slipped it on.

“Okay, I’m ready,” she said hesitantly.

When I turned to look, I was amazed by what I saw. My classy and respectable mother stood in nothing but a skimpy negligee which mainly served to cover her breasts and crotch. It was the most that I had ever seen of her body, and I took full advantage of it; with my eyes quickly roaming through her bare feet, her athletic thighs, her mid-section that was covered by a see-through fabric, and her bare upper chest and arms.

Her hands went back on her hips, but this time her face had a proud smile. “So what do you think?”

“I think you look absolutely stunning. Dad couldn’t be a luckier guy tonight. Seriously mom, you look fantastic. And as far as I’m concerned, you could compete with any of the lingerie models out there.”

“Thank you,” she replied with a newfound confidence. “Like I said, I owe it all to you.”

She playfully raised her arms to flex her biceps, the same way that a bodybuilder would. And once she was done with that, she lifted the bottom part of her negligee and did the same thing with her thighs; leaning each leg forward, one at a time, and flexing them for me.

“Your body and legs look stunning. Those squats really paid off.”

“They sure did,” she replied proudly. “Speaking of which…the show’s over. Let me switch to my workout clothes and I’ll meet you downstairs for even more of those squats.”

“Sure…but before that, what about the other outfit?” I asked.

“That one isn’t for you to see. It’s see-through.”

The thought of my mother wearing a see-through outfit sent a tingle down my spine.


“Sorry to burst your bubble. And I hope that thing in your shorts isn’t what I think it is,” she said, with her eyes looking down at my growing bulge.

“…Of course not. It’s…”

“Then if it’s not what I think it is, take it out and show me,” she said with an eyebrow raised.

I paused for a moment, with my silence answering her question, admitting that I was actually aroused.

She gave me a sympathetic smirk and looked as though she was debating herself. “I’ll tell you what; You’ve been a tremendous help to me the way you’ve sacrificed your time so that I could have these results. So…if you’re interesting, I would be willing to help you with that.”

“You mean…”

She nodded. “If you want me to take care of that erection for you, I’ll do it. Just promise me that you’ll be respectful about it.”

“I promise.”

She took a few steps forward and got down on her knees in front of me. I froze, and all I could do was watch my respectable and classy mother get to work undoing my pants, while wearing nothing but a skimpy piece of lingerie.

Once my ever-growing cock was freed, she wasted no time taking it inside her mouth to suck. Her lips formed a tight O-ring around my shaft and her head quickly bobbed back and forth as she was easily giving me the best blowjob of my life.

The room became filled with the vulgar sound of my mother sucking and slurping on my cock. I could see her saliva glistening off my erection whenever her head pulled back, only for her head to push back forward to suck it all with up with her vacuum like mother. And with ever bob of her head, her lips would go just a little bit deeper, taking me further inside her mouth.

Before I knew it, my mother had fully deep throated me with her lips nearly touching my crotch, taking in all 6-inches of my cock inside her mouth. She looked up at me and moaned the words, ‘ta da’, as if to show off her exceptional talent in giving a blowjob.

Her mouth started inching its way back after deep throating me. But where her lips once were, she covered with her hand and began jerking me off at the same time; giving me the pleasure of both her mouth and her fingers.

“Mom…I’m about to cum…” I warned.

For better or worse, my mother ignored my warning and kept at it. If anything, it only seemed to embolden her as she began to stroke and suck even harder. The pleasure I was receiving reached its inevitable climax and I shot a huge load of cum inside my mother’s mouth. I continued ejaculating with ever stroke my mother gave me, and all of it was sent straight to her stomach with her tight lips concealing everything combined with her mouth’s powerful suction.

It took every ounce of strength that I had to keep from falling over while I came. And when I finished and became flaccid again, my mother made sure to suck EVERY last drop of my cum before releasing her lips and using the back of her hand to wipe her mouth.

“You taste just like your father,” she said casually, looking up at me while still on her knees.

“God mom…that was fucking incredible,” I gasped.

She stood up and winked at me while we were face-to-face. “I’m glad you liked it. And you can consider us even now. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in the mood for hot bath. We’ll continue our next workout tomorrow.”


My eyes were glued to my mother’s legs throughout our workout the next day. After all, she wore a new pair of spandex shorts for women which hugged her thighs perfectly. And the days workout consisted of a long warm up & cardio routine on the exercise bike, followed by a few sets of weighted squats.

After two visits to help Kitty surprise her husband with her lactating breasts, Mark is becoming very attached to her. The third visit promises to show results soon.


I’d had ‘Friday on my Mind’ but it was no Easybeat melody. Some of the plain Jane’s I was sucking to get them milking were really into the business arrangement. One stood up the whole time until I was done. Just get on the tit and get out. But knowing I was coming back to see Kitty made the other clients worth bearing.

As Friday morning neared I knew that I was going to see you again and your wonderful tits would be puffy and full. We might even get a drip or two today, you were so advanced. I was quite skipping along the path as I went to the front door. I knocked and waited, wondering how you would be dressed today – the skimpy negligee or the housedress? I waited and then I heard footsteps. The door opened and there was a man standing there, tall, well-built and quite a good looking bloke and I instantly recognised him from the photos inside as the husband.

“Hello, can I help you?” he asked.

Quickly my training came to the fore. I knew you had stated this was a secret surprise for your husband so I improvised, “Yeah is Jamie in?”


“Jamie … Jamie Martin. He was supposed to meet me at the shop.”

“I’m sorry mate but I think you’ve got the wrong address .. there’s no-one here by that name.”

By now you were at his side looking shocked, and in a housedress. One answer I guess.

“Is there a Jamie next door perhaps?”

“No sorry. Just an old lady.”

“Oh sorry buddy – must have written his address down wrong or something. Cheers.”

As I turned to go I saw you mouth, ‘two hours’ to me and I got the message to be back then. I left and went back to my car. A close call but I am sure he’s none the wiser. I got on the phone and called Mrs Jenkins, my 11:30 appointment and she was free because her hubby was interstate for a couple of weeks so I went around to her place for the appointment and sorted out an hour on her floppy boobs.

Two hours later I was back and you answered the door in your sexy negligee and quickly ushered me in.

“I am so sorry Mark. He surprised me by taking the day off but he’s gone to golf now so he won’t be back for hours.”

I barely heard the comment as I studied the generous breasts pushing the negligee away from your taut stomach. “Shall we begin?”

“Well yes but you should know that … um .. well, it’s just that having taken the day off we … um sort of. We had sex and he was sucking my tits.” You started to whine like a little girl, “I know you said I shouldn’t let him but, well – we just got carried away. It won’t do any harm will it?”

I spoke soothingly, “Let me see once we are settled but I don’t think it will be a problem. I did notice they look a little puffy. They are growing aren’t they?”

“Yes, I have to use the outer clips on my bra and I think the DD cups are becoming a little too small.”

“Don’t worry. When the time comes I will measure you for a new bra and we can arrange a visit to our shop. It’s all part of the service. Now how about we get comfortable? Is there anything you need from me before we start?”

Remembering how horny you were on Wednesday and the way you had asked me to finger you during the session I guessed that you might want that again although you had already had sex with your hubby. I was somewhat surprised then when you said,

“Well, actually … there is something. I hope it’s not too much but, well … you know how you did what you did the other day … I mean … um… at my back door? Could you do that again … please … if you don’t mind?”

You had the most gorgeous look of embarrassment on your face and you couldn’t see that you were asking a man to finger you while he sucked your tits – I am the luckiest man in the world. I tried not to make it sound that way, “Oh of course Kitty. Please relax. You can ask me anything. Let’s sit.”

You took your usual place and I leaned over and opened your flimsy negligee. You shrugged it from your shoulders and you were naked on the couch. I could smell the aroma of your sex and wondered what I was about to find. I fondled each breast gently at first and then tested the muscle and sinew and the pliability of the nipple. You eased back into the lounge and closed your eyes and sighed gently as I finished the preliminaries. Soon I was up on the lounge and leaning in to start taking the first nipple into my mouth. I immediately allowed my hand to caress along your thigh towards your moist pussy and as my fingers drew near the outer lips you flinched.

“No, just the back … please.”

I was curious that you didn’t want any other stimulation or preparation but your wish was my command. As I reached under you, you shuffled forward and spread your lovely long legs to grant me easy access to your bum. There was obvious moisture there on your perineum – the aftermath of an orgasm I supposed. Using that fluid as a lubricant I was able to start the massage of your tight rear muscle which gripped at the invading finger but relaxed quickly to allow a little penetration. That first tip moving into your sphincter brought a monumental sigh. You really did love this feeling.

I suckled on your breast and quickly the flesh had stretched into my mouth and the nipple was lodged at the back of my throat. I had a good clean suction and your breast was melding to the shape of my mouth. Again you sighed but I recognised this as the result of the tingling arousal of your nipple, and the cupping and massaging of your breast confirmed my thought that this tit was indeed bigger as I stretched my mouth wider to capture the broad areola that was clearly darker and bigger as a result of the stimulation. I wondered if hubby had noticed as he sucked.

My finger was snaking into your arse hole and was now a couple of knuckles deep and rotating, massaging the inner walls where earlier today your husband’s cock had been only millimetres away inside your other cavity. The tight muscle was stretching and steadily relaxing and allowing the invasion to continue. You were moaning at the feeling and the pressure in your tit.

After a continuous session of sucking you, as I started to move to the other breast, you glanced down at me in that glazed, ecstatic way and simply said, “Do two … please?”

As I moved in on your other nipple and commenced to vacuum it into my stretched mouth, I slipped a second finger into you alongside the first and you gasped and then let out a long moan as you pushed your hips down to encourage the deeper penetration. You easily accepted the second finger and they were soon pushing deeply inside your dark pleasure. Your breast continued to swell with the attention I gave it and your hand was again at the back of my head holding me to you, pulling me into your very core. I had no doubt that your arousal at the breast was at least matched by the tingling sensation that burned through your hips as I delved my fingers into you. Your body shook as you quaked and put a strangle hold on my digits that were now pressed as deep as they could go into you and wriggling to stretch your girth.

“Three!” I heard you whisper hoarsely.

There was ample moisture and the third finger slipped in like it had lived there its whole life and I was soon pumping your bum hard and strong and you were quaking and shivering in your excitement. I was wondering if you weren’t about to explode in an anal orgasm. I’d heard of these and it seemed like you were about to demonstrate. Your tit was nestled deeply in my mouth and you were panting hard and then I felt and heard you,

“Ungh … ohhhh … oh my God! Ahhhhhhhh!” and my fingers were clenched in a grip that I thought might break them and then you descended from that pinnacle and I kept a slow stroking in and out of you.

Our session time was up and you were clearly a sexual wreck and I assumed that I would have to think of some way to deal with the rock hard cock in my pants as your tit popped sloppily from my mouth. I realised I too had been a little carried away with the intensity of my suckling when I saw the two reddened peaks as I sat back. You sighed and opened your eyes and looked at me. There was a strange twinkle in your eye and you looked down into my swollen lap and smiled cheekily.

“I guess I did that didn’t I?”

I laughed, “Ahh, yes, I guess so … but that is alright.” I started to move.

“No Mark, that isn’t fair. But there is something I would like you to do for me that might help.”

I wasn’t going to miss a chance with this stunningly hot lady, “Sure what can I do?”

“Well, it seems, many years ago that … um … to keep a girl a virgin for her wedding, the Greeks would only … erm … ‘take advantage’ of her one way as that wasn’t considered to be ‘having sex’ – that’s why they call it Greek. So I guess our contract would still not be broken if you were to … erm … do me that way. Would you mind helping me try it?”

Was she kidding? Here I am getting a history lesson from this hottie who wants it up the bum after I’ve already loosened the back door! We’d done everything except fucking traditional style and she was worried about the contract? “Sure .. of course I’ll help you!”

I tried to sound relaxed and professional and I am sure I failed 100%!

I was out of my pants in a second and Kitty simply rolled around on the lounge so that her butt was in the air and her face towards the armrest. I moved in behind her. “What about lubricant Kitty?”

She spoke over her shoulder, “Don’t worry I am sure I am still pretty wet down there but use some spit if you need to.”

I moved behind her and there were the glorious glistening holes of this woman’s being, her wondrous labia majora inflamed and wet and above those lovely lips her still open hole where my fingers had been working only minutes before.

My cock was straining straight and hard and I thought briefly, she wants me to take her bare back, still we haven’t used any protection so far. I moved closer between her spread thighs and saw that winking hole. I leaned forward and gently kissed her perfect rounded and firm buttock.

“Ummm,” she moaned.

I poked my tongue out and gently traced the rim of her sphincter and tentatively nudged it into her open hole, “Ooh yesss!” leaked from her buried face.

I slid my tongue around her and across her perineum, that tight wrinkled flesh that holds a million nerve ending, “OOOOOhhhh!!!”

And I thought what the hell and I plunged it between those closed fat wet lips of her cunt and into her. Immediately she yelped, “Noooo!” and clamped her cunt shut on my probing tongue but it was too late as I tasted the salt as her clamping expelled her husband’s remnant cum onto my tongue. The hot tangy mixture of her juices and his cum was a nectar I couldn’t believe could taste so good! I held her hips and buried my face into her to suckle the last drops, slurping them from her now gaping womb as she wailed her protest only to immediately change to moaning approval as I cleaned her completely.

“Oh my God that is so hot! Suck me! Get it all!”

My cock was twitching with insane arousal. I sat up, dribbled some of the silken mixture onto my palm and stroked it along my cock before pointing it to the holy grail before me and pushing into Kitty’s anus. “Ohhhh … YESSSS!”

I slipped straight in with little resistance and I was soon pumping into her fast, slamming my thighs against her bum cheeks and she shifted to lift up onto all fours doggy style and I could feel my balls slapping against her wet cunt as she pushed back against my inward thrusts.

“Oh my God – your balls! More!!”

I moved into the doggy position over her back and buried my cock in her bum, repeatedly slipping it out to its full length and slamming it back in to her appreciative murmurs, moans and groans as they built to a crescendo. I reached around and found her pendulous full tits swinging below her with our motion, each inward pump swung the tits out and back from her face making me wonder if she could, or had, been sucking her own tits. I grasped those full melons in my hands as I pumped harder and I felt the moisture from each tit streaming into my palms. The warm fluid lubricated my massaging hands as I spread and coated Kitty’s big tits and tried to tug on her nipples despite the slippery wetness.

“Oh God! You’re milking Kitty!” I howled as I exploded inside her anal chute, spilling my cum to mix with the potion of her and her husband’s juices we’d used as lubricant. She clamped down hard on my invading manhood to the point that I could barely move it and she slumped forward and screamed into the pillow of the armrest as her anal orgasm rocked her world.

Thank God for the pillow or the neighbours would have invaded fearing a murder. Again an hour of arousal and an explosive orgasm left me depleted and my wilting cock soon slipped from Kitty as she fell away beneath me. I fell into the lounge and she rolled over.

“That is the biggest orgasm I have ever had!”

“Well I think it is safe to say you are a natural at anal sex!”

“What made you suck me clean? That was so hot!”

“It just happened and yes it was hot. I think that last bit of extra arousal is why your tits are leaking a little.”

For the first time she looked down and saw the faint smear of the pale milky fluid that coated her nipples and she gently scraped a finger across her boob and brought it to her mouth to taste the life-giving nectar. “Umm!”

“Don’t over do it but, now the milk is starting to come, we should see quick results. You want to still keep this a secret from Hubby?”

She nodded. Internally I was laughing – the milk or my fucking in the arse?

“Then he can’t touch you for the next couple of days. You will only leak a little, but for a lot of the time. Just add a couple of soft cotton pads to the inside of your bra to soak it up and protect your clothes. I think one more session will see you letdown your milk and then he will be able to keep you going from there, okay?”

“You’re the doctor, Mark,” she giggled.

We got up from the lounge and I dressed.

“I think I might need a shower before he gets home.”

I thought about the semen oozing from her backside that I had just deposited and I agreed, “Probably a good idea. Now what time Sunday?

“Oh God! We have people staying all weekend – that’s why he took the day off.”

“Okay then, Monday? But you will have to keep massaging the girls to keep them from drying up. Can you do that without spoiling the surprise?”

“Yes, I will be careful.”

“Fine Kitty, I will see you on Monday at 10. Bye.”

“Bye Mark … and thanks. You have no idea the world you opened for me today. Thank you!”

She kissed me on the cheek and I was gone – and already pondering what else could happen on Monday!

Everyone knows that even the very best dreams eventually come to an end. It was with this thought in mind that I approached Kitty’s house on the Monday morning. Having been with her three times last week and seeing how quickly she had started to lactate as a special surprise for her husband, I knew that it was likely that after today my services would no longer be needed. She was quite the most effervescent and excitable lady I had ever known in my not too extensive experience. I guess it was as much that she had been my first ever client with Milkers R Us that gave her a special place in my mind and heart. And the fact that we had been fucking like rabbits after every session … in one way or another.

Still the job was ahead of me and I fully expected that she would have let down her milk almost completely over the weekend just with her own stimulation, having leaked heavily on Friday. She would no longer need me as hubby would pick up the reins so to speak. After today I would be concentrating on the other rather thankless clients I had and probably filling the gap in the schedule vacated by Kitty with some new client. The world moves on I guess and we weren’t short of requests for our services at MRU. I’d never have thought it was such a lucrative business.

Driving to her house I knew I had to put aside my misery to make the session as successful as all the others. I pulled up outside and wandered to the door with my bag. Today I would almost certainly need my supplies. As I approached the small raised verandah the door opened. Oh my God! There she was in plain view, her boobs bursting from her too small bra and a pair of lace panties that barely hid the outline of her finely sculpted thighs and loins. Having scanned her form, I looked up into her eyes and saw the pain in her expression.

“Oh Mark! Thank God you’ve arrived!” she blurted out.

I quickly entered the hallway and she closed the door behind me as I enquired, “What’s wrong Kitty?” hearing the concern I my own voice.

“It’s the pain Mark! They hurt so much!” she sobbed. “It’s got steadily worse since yesterday.”

“Come on Kitty, let me see what’s wrong,” I responded what I hoped was tenderly.

She rushed into the bedroom, her now huge tits bouncing with every step despite being gathered loosely in the bra that was ill suited to the task anymore. As she walked she whimpered in pain. I followed her into the familiar room and dropped my bag on the floor as I watched her climb onto the bed. Once ensconced she reached behind her to unfetter the girls and, in this light, I could now see that her bra was soaked through. As the cups fell from her breasts they sagged forward with their added size and weight and, immediately that they were exposed to the air, they started to leak steadily.

“My goodness Kitty, they are full,” I exclaimed, a little relief in my voice as I realised the situation.

She was in no danger, she just didn’t know what to expect in the three days since I was here last. Perhaps the fact that we were too busy having wonderful sex meant that I hadn’t done my job quite well enough in explaining to her what would happen if she kept massaging all weekend without expressing as well. I felt the pangs of guilt but I knew I could redeem the situation quite quickly.

“”Ohhh it hurts! Do something!” her voice dragged me back to the moment.

“Sorry Kitty but it’s alright. It’s good news and bad news. Your milk is producing quickly but your breasts are still developing the shape and strength in their sinews to hold the added weight. You will get used to it quickly but you will also have to regularly get rid of the extra milk by getting hubby involved or by expressing it yourself. You can get a pump to help, but for today I am here. Okay?”

She nodded with a wan smile and her tits jiggled before my eyes. I was fucking her from behind the other day when I felt her leaking. Today I would get my first, and probably last, taste judging by the dilemma I found her in. Easing my way onto the bed beside her I did a cursory visual check. Her distended nipples and enlarged areolae told me her milk was well on its way. The tell-tale veins running across under the surface of her translucent skin said her tits were growing. That was painfully obvious to us both when I considered the DD bra she was trying to use had barely kept the pair in and certainly offered no real support. My quick guess was she was now close to an F cup but we would check that later.

I reached out to gently check for the tenderness I knew would be present. I wasn’t surprised when she jumped at the contact and a little spray of thin fluid leapt from her nipple across my hand.

“Sorry Kitty,” I apologised for the pain I’d caused.

“Oh please just hurry and do something!” she both pleaded and demanded.

I leaned over and as gently as I could I covered her nipple with my mouth and sucked slowly. I was immediately rewarded with a thin flow of the sweet and strong tasting first fluid ever taken from this woman. She gasped a little in the initial contact but it was a mix of pain and release. I sucked a little harder and the stream developed into a steady flow that filled my mouth and my senses, the warm tit flesh at my face and the long fat nipple partly filling my mouth. I gently caressed the side of the breast and fell into a reverie as I joined with her in this intimate connection. In my mind I knew that there was a hormone at work here that made Kitty want this connection – the mothering instinct – while all her other hormones cried out for sexual fulfilment. But first the pain needed to be removed so I slowed down once I could feel the tight flesh ease to a pliable warmth in my hand. I knew she needed the other breast relieved before we could take the feeding further.

Switching to the other side and lying across her lap, she cradled me to her nipple and instantly that I latched on she cooed her release of tension. Barely a minute had gone by on each breast and it was a different woman now holding me as I could hear her sighs and feel her breathing deepen as she cradled me to her. I pulled away momentarily.

“Does that feel better?”

“You have no idea Mark!”

“Good but you mustn’t let them get that full again,” I said looking up into her serene face, “For a while you will find it painful as your breasts accommodate the changes but you will soon find the pain is almost gone. Okay?”

“Sure, I understand,” she smiled, all the anguish now gone from her glowing smile, “but you aren’t finished are you?” she added eagerly.

“No Kitty, I just wanted to ease your pain first. I will empty each one this morning but you must understand that we have tricked your body into believing you have a baby to take care of, so you will keep producing at least as much as it would need and it would feed every few hours normally. You will have to plan your day a bit around this if hubby isn’t here to help you. That’s why I mentioned the pump.

“Fine, I understand but … we can talk about that later can’t we?” her eyes and voice begged.

I smiled and returned to my most pleasurable duty. I leant back down to the mountainous peak before me and sucked in the nipple and proceeded to add pressure to my suction so that the nipple would distend further into my mouth and the flow would increase. It was quickly a steady stream and I could feel her flesh wilting as her ducts emptied their treasure into my stomach. Obviously so early in letting down she wasn’t yet producing her maximum but if this was any indication, she would be making plenty of milk soon, certainly more than her husband would be able to help with once at night.

As her left breast gave its last dregs I could sense rather than see a distinct change in Kitty’s body language. My face was pulled in close to her breast and held firmly to her tit while her legs had splayed across the bed opening access once again to her nether regions. As I pulled away to change sides and see the reddened and swollen nipple and its puffed and dimpled brown surrounding skin slip from my mouth, Kitty sighed deeply, “Finger me … please?” she begged dreamily.

Her wish … my command; what else could a man do? As I latched on to her right nipple, I slid my hand along her thigh and again a sigh as she dragged me into her full bosom, smothering my face with her fleshy boob. My hand quickly found the heat of her thigh increasing until, like a stray straw in a camp fire, I followed its heat into the inferno. She was a molten mess beneath her skimpy panties that I pushed aside to find her open wet pussy coated in her juices. My own enjoyment of this sensation translated to an increase in my sucking and her vocalising her joy, “Oh yessss!”

Her rapture showed as her nipple flooded my mouth which was when I felt her squeezing her breast to increase the flow. My fingers slipped easily into her fleshy folds and I found her swollen clit with my thumb. First contact brought a yelp of joy as she clamped hard on my fingers which only served to increase their effect as her well-lubricated lips didn’t hold them out. My internal massage was making her breathing ragged and her breast was coming to an end of its supply. I could now feel the looseness in the skin that told me the mammary glands were temporarily empty. She knew as she slowly eased the pressure to hold me to her.

“That felt so good! Will you help me again Mark?” she said softly as she looked distractedly down into my eyes. Right now I was hers; there was nothing I wouldn’t do. I think she knew that was the case as she didn’t wait for an answer but simply said, “Lie flat on the bed beside me please?”

She shuffled away slightly as I rolled from her breasts and lay flat, facing the ceiling. She moved quickly and decisively, throwing her leg across my chest and turning to sit up. Within seconds her open smooth cunt lips were in my view as she straddled my head and began to lower herself to my face. She was upright holding the headboard and facing the wall. Kitty’s wetness dripped a trail on my neck and chin as she got closer to my reaching tongue and then we were one as she pushed down and I plunged in, my probing appendage spearing into her open hole, roaming around and sampling the delectable flavours of womanhood.

“Oh yes please!! More … deeper!” she growled above me as she increased the pressure sitting on my face by rotating her hips. The bed squeaked and, with her rhythmic movements and her gyrations, she pushed me into the mattress in an ecstatic prison between her thighs.

“I love these huge tits! Tongue me more Mark!”

I could only imagine the view of those gorgeous rounded globes bouncing in time to her movements above me while all I could do, pinned beneath her, was reach up behind her and try to steer her hips so that the occasional gap allowed me to suck in some air. The flood of her juices continued as she now focused her movement to grinding her clit against my nose while I probed her inner walls. It was hard to breathe but I couldn’t care less if this was how I was to die, wrapped entirely in this woman. Everything about her being told me her orgasm was imminent – her flow of juice, her voice and breathing and the way she ground hard into my face. And then she froze! I couldn’t see anything but I could paint this picture. My mind’s eye told me from experience all I needed to know.

Her long slim body was frozen in pleasure, her tits still bouncing and rising with her short sharp breaths as her face was aglow in a dream with her mouth agape screaming a silent prayer of thanks to the universe. I continued to probe and lap at her inner folds only now she winced as I came near her button of pleasure, so sensitive immediately after her orgasm. And then she released all the tension in her body and a guttural sigh of joy emanated from her telling me she was in heaven.

Shortly she lifted from me to release me from my trap. I kissed her thigh as it swung away and she fell to the bed beside me.

“I don’t believe how hot that sucking makes me! I’ve done it to you again haven’t I?” she giggled a little nervously. She was again referring to the tent in my pants that told her this whole thing was sexy as Hell.

“Do all your clients react like me? You must be exhausted!”

I had to laugh and muttered, “Client confidentiality Kitty. I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Hmm I think I knew that when I first saw you.”

She leaned over and kissed me gently, quickly breaking off, “Gee I taste sweet! She exclaimed with a chuckle.

“Yes you do, at both ends. Your body chemistry is definitely changing,” I remarked.

“So how can I help you now?” she asked, looking knowingly at my erection.

“I believe a gentleman allows the lady to …”

“Oh I’m no lady – you know that. Let’s face it I’m a bitch in heat when you suck my tits and you have had me in every hole. Do my arse for me again … please kind sir?” she mocked and she was upon my pants zip in a second.

Quickly we were both naked and Kitty was stroking my chest, feeling my nipples. They stood up to her attention.

“Wow they’re sensitive aren’t they? Jim’s just sit there but yours are begging to be sucked,” and she leaned over to draw one into her mouth and soon she was returning the favour I had done her a short while before. My nips have always been tender and that’s probably why I had such an affinity for the job. They ached as she played with one, rolling and tweaking it, and suckled the other. Running her tongue around and feeling the tightness of my areola on her lips, she got carried away and I arched up off the bed to meet the heavy suction she provided, my cock straining and leaking seminal fluid.

“Oh my!” she gasped as she released my nipple. I looked into her glazed eyes again and could tell she was aroused. She was flustered but turned and reached into the bedside table and brought out a tube of lube. Soon she was stroking my hardness with the cool greasy fluid, her petite hand sliding up and down with her fingers encircling my girth and dragging the meaty foreskin back to expose the mushroomed, sensitive head. She watched her actions intently for a while feeling the tension growing in my tool until she looked into my eyes and simply said, “Please?”

She released me and turned to arrange herself on all fours on the bed. I sat up and moved into position behind her. I started to caress her hips as I moved closer and then took some of her juices to insert in her backdoor to make access easier. I started to massage and coat the tiny bud in the centre of her firm bum cheeks.

“No!” she said, “Just do me. I don’t mind if it hurts.”

I took her at her word and I took her.

Pushing my firm swollen knob to her cheeks I found the tight puckered opening; lifting up I was able to aim my shaft at her centre and pushed in past the resisting muscle.

“Ahhh!” she winced at the burning pain of my insertion but she simultaneously pushed back into me to get my whole cock as deep as she could on that first thrust. That action in itself was so incredibly erotic that I just leaned my body weight into her, the hard girth penetrating her, stretching her tight grip on me until I had bottomed out. Sliding in like that she had been clamping and releasing me with her over-worked muscles the whole time, the searing pain wracking her body as she cried, “Aaah! Ungh! Ugh!”

I nestled deep inside Kitty’s rear sheath until I was ready to move and then I withdrew and plunged back in again. Pounding her sphincter that clutched at my cock, it took only a few strokes to find her brown eye wide open and watching me invade her. Normally one to take time and care, I had never experienced this primal instinct to just take her. It was invigorating; I tingled from the contact and I was quickly losing control.

Soon I was pumping hard and fast into Kitty and she was again burying her face in the pillows as she screamed her arousal, shoving back in response to every powerful shafting I delivered. The heat of the moment and her internal flame threw me into her with abandon, our thighs slapping together in animal lust. As I maintained the long strokes in and out of her shit chute, I leaned in to capture her swinging melons and squeezed and pulled those wonderful nipples that flooded my hands with the renewing nectar … and quickly I flooded her. It was the most intense orgasm she had given me, every nerve ending of my being wrenched me into ecstasy as I grunted and roared my release into her backside as each paroxysm of pleasure fired my load of cum into her hot, tight hole. My stomach muscles clenched and cramped in the spasming exhaustion. The taboo of anal sex … with a client … when I was her first, and not her husband, just endeared her to me more. I wanted her – I’d just had her and I would soon be leaving. That thought more than anything made me wilt quickly after coming. I slipped from her behind and fell to the bed, spent. She was quickly nestled beside me.

“I love that so much! You have no idea what you have done for me in this last week or so. Thank you,” and she kissed me softly and sensuously. This was not a passionate, out of control kiss; was she feeling the same way? It was a line I could not cross no matter what my feelings, not if I wanted to keep this job.

We lay there comfortably in each other’s arms casually and naturally stroking and caressing each other. I realised that time was escaping me as I had another client in about an hour. I started to move to get up and Kitty moaned dreamily in that pleasant after sex atmosphere. I had a job to do so it was me who had to take the initiative.

“Kitty,” I whispered, “I need to go soon but there are some things I’d like to show you. Can you sit up please?

She moaned her assent and shifted to sit upright. I quickly got up and jumped back into my clothes constantly conscious of the close attention she paid my every movement. As I looked back I saw that she sat leaning on one hand, the full expanse of her bust proudly on display to me. God I wish I could take that photo!! She read my mind, “Got a camera on your phone Mark? Seems only fitting that you take a trophy for your … our suck-cess!” she giggled, deliberately emphasizing the separate syllables of her last word.

“Are you sure Kitty? You don’t mind?”

“I trust you Mark. I’m sure it won’t appear on the net until I put it there when you send me a copy. In fact, after I have told Jim, I might even let you use it in your advertising as a success story!” she laughed.

I found my bag and quickly rummaged around until I found my cell phone. I snapped a few shots and showed them to her for approval and she arranged herself in a couple of poses until she found a shot she liked. “There, done!” she said matter-of-factly, “Now what is it you wanted to show me?” she queried.

Sitting on the side of the bed I opened the bag and pulled out a few items. “Here you go Kitty, a couple of little gifts to help you out. These are nursing pads to stop the milk ruining your clothes. Slip them inside your bra. This is a sample pack of six but we sell bulk packs at cheaper than retail rates from our office.”

“Thanks!” she exclaimed with a chuckle, “I can throw away that stupid paper towel I was using!”

I had to laugh with her. “These are catching-cups that you can use during the day while at home. Here’s how they work.” I leaned forward to demonstrate, not really expecting success. “You wear these inside your bra while you are home; see how the cap has a little drainage hole in the side? Always keep that pointed up.”

I placed the domed cup over her nipple and its hole almost covered her expanding areola, “Ooh!” she murmured at the contact. Instantly she released a small spray of that sweet nectar which, under pressure, I could hear hiss as it splashed against the inside of the cup before it dribbled down the clear plastic to be captured in the round reservoir at the bottom.

I wandered in to work on Tuesday morning pondering what surprises the day might hold in store for me. I was still disappointed at the thought that I would probably no longer see Kitty after last night, my first and favourite client and greatest success when it came to getting her to produce milk. After only four sessions she was producing a steady stream that I knew would only increase with more stimulation, but her husband walking in on us just as I’d finished measuring her for a new bra to accommodate the dramatically bigger boobs she’d developed, certainly seemed to be the end of a beautiful friendship. Well not so much friendship but definitely a relationship. Kitty got extremely horny every time I visited and one thing had always led to another. But that was gone and I would have to take solace in looking after my three other clients and seeing to their needs.

“Hi Sue, any messages?” I asked our receptionist as I entered the offices of Milkers R Us.

“Hi Mark,” she replied brightly, “a couple for you.” Sue, a pretty, rather busty 25 year old was a good advert for our business as the front line to meet customers. She busied herself sifting through the notes to find my messages, “Here you go, have a nice day!” she smiled.

“Thanks Sue. You too.”

I read the messages – great a cancelation from Mrs Monotony … oops, Nowotny. She was the boring vinegar tits who made me stand up while I performed my services. God knows why she wants to milk as she doesn’t seem to enjoy getting her tits sucked. The other brightened my whole day! Kitty was coming in at 10 o’clock to have the bra fitting I’d recommended. Out with Monotony and in with Mammaries! I was excited just at the thought of seeing her again – at least I’d find out what her husband’s reaction had been. I had an hour to fill before she arrived so I went into the fitting room and started to browse the collection to decide what I thought she would like – some for daily wear and some for a bit of sexy fun and perhaps a couple of maternity ones just in case she needs the easy access to express her spare milk. Her husband, Jim, wouldn’t be there during the day and I still wasn’t sure if Kitty realised how much milk she was likely to produce.

It wasn’t long before a call came through to say that she was in the reception. I went to meet her and the butterflies were back in my stomach just like the first day I met her. Silly I know after all we had done together in the last week and a half but there it was! I suppose I was really nervous about what had come in the aftermath of my lucky escape yesterday after her husband had walked in on us – fortunately ‘relatively innocent’ just having finished a session. I entered reception and there she sat in a rather figure hugging dress that only further accentuated the huge bust line she now had. Seated side on to me, I could clearly see she was in desperate need of support and, it also appeared, emptying, as her tits strained within their confines. She turned and looked at me and again that pained expression I saw in her face yesterday was back. She got up as I approached and she walked and bounced towards me.

“Hi Mark. Is there somewhere we can talk please?”

“Sure, of course. Come this way,” and I turned and led her through to the office area where no doubt she would have had her initial meeting with one of the sales people to arrange her contract with us. I found an empty consultation room and we went in. Once seated I asked, “What’s the problem?”

“I think you know the answer Mark. I’m too full again and … well .. you see, Jim tried but he …uhm … he just couldn’t get it the way you do. He got a little and he thought it was fantastic so the surprise worked great but he just didn’t take enough.”

She winced in pain as she explained, that little embarrassed lilt in her voice.

“When was that Kitty?”

“Yesterday, after you left … and again last night … ha ha, and again this morning,” the nervous giggle betrayed her pain in favour of how much fun she was having with her surprise for Jim.

“Did you try to express the excess yourself?”

“Yes but it doesn’t seem to flow; just a couple of sprays and then a dribble, so not much came out and then it was just too tender to try any more.”

“I see. You will find that by the end of the week you will have completely letdown and it will flow harder. Lots of mums find they start feeding slowly but it builds up and I can promise you, you will have plenty of milk to give.”

“Can you help me today Mark please?” the soulful puppy eyes did their job but weren’t really necessary; I’d jump at any chance to suck these lovely melons of their nectar.

“Of course I can. Come down the hall with me to the Lactation Room and I will show you the pumps I was telling you about and I will arrange a demonstration for you straight away. How’s that?”

“Oh that would be fabulous,” she said as she rose and came around the desk to the door. I opened it and led the way. Just as I entered the hallway I heard Penny, one of the technicians ask, “Oh Mark, if you are going into The Dairy could you count the number of spare bottles for me please?”

Sternly I glared at her as I continued walking and Kitty appeared behind me, “Sure Penny, I’m just going to the Lactation Room now,” I emphasised, “I will let you know.”

Penny looked embarrassed as she looked at Kitty and then back to me, “Thanks,” she muttered and then mouthed ‘sorry!’ when Kitty wasn’t looking, and then she was gone.

“Hmmm ‘The Dairy’ … is that what you call it here?” Kitty asked with laughter in her voice.

It was my turn to be embarrassed, “Well … yes, it is the casual term we use but normally we try to avoid any clients hearing it. Not very professional of her was it?”

“I suppose not but at least it is honest. No use trying to hide what you do is there? I suppose if this is The Dairy, that makes me … umm … one of the cows???” She laughed out loud. “I think you know me well enough to know I don’t have too sensitive a set of sensibilities Mark! But I do need your help right now!”

“Sure. Come this way,” and we proceeded down the hall a few yards until we got to the door marked ‘Lactation’ and I opened the door and we walked in. No-one was there so we had the room to ourselves for a while at least. “Here, take a seat,” I said as I led Kitty to one of the armchairs at the side of the room and then I wheeled a milk pumping trolley over beside her. She was scanning the room, seeing its hospital style décor – all white and sterile – and she was clearly full of questions.

“Why four chairs?”

“We often have a few ladies at a time who come in for a session on the pump as they donate their excess milk.”

“What do you do with the excess, throw it out?”

“Goodness no. We donate it to the local maternity hospital. There are quite a few mothers who can’t produce enough milk for their babies, particularly when there are twins, triplets, etc. but also, sadly some mums just don’t produce milk at all and the baby needs milk. We freeze it and deliver it to the hospital – that’s why there were all those health questions on the initial interview.”

“Wow, I didn’t think of this as a community service,” she giggled again, “but it makes good sense really. Okay, so what do I do now?”

“If you open your dress I will get this ready.”

Kitty started to undo the string of buttons on the front of her dress and her bust proceeded to explode from the garment. I set up the pump and put clean bottles into the flow capture and plugged it in to the power. Looking back at Kitty, her breasts were bulging over her bra cups as she leaned forward to shrug off her dress so she could undo the bra. Soon she was topless and her enormous mammaries were leaking before my eyes. I spotted the pads in her bra and thought it was nice to see she had appreciated the little gift. I offered her a small sheet to cover herself up in case someone came in.

Rather boldly she stated, “No, don’t worry about that, I want to see what happens.”

Switching on the pumping machine, it hummed into life as I took the two funnel-like cups and made sure the hoses weren’t tangled before I gently massaged her left nipple to increase the moisture and then I spread that milk around her nipple so that, when I placed a sucking cap over the engorged point, a good connection would result.

“Ohh My God!!” Kitty exclaimed as the suction swallowed her nipple into the neck of the funnel and latched onto her firm, full breast covering her browned and dimpled flesh. It was firmly latched on and already the thin milky fluid was flowing down the tube in the rhythm to the soft popping sound of the pump. Her other nipple was spontaneously spraying in reaction to the ‘feeding’ until I had the chance to repeat the procedure with her right nipple and again she reacted.

“OOHH Sweet Jesus!!! That feels wonderful,” she gasped.

Quickly the machine was taking her milk as she sat back in a dream. “Mark this feels amazing having both sucked at the same time. OHHHH!!” she quivered.

“You might notice that the two connections are actually sucking alternately so that each breast is sucked separately. It isn’t really good to have them both sucked at the same time, at least not early on.”

“You speak for yourself sweetie!” Then, gasping, “I think I will need some of those nursing pads for my panties!” and then she laughed a wicked laugh.

“Can you adjust the suction Mark?” She looked down to see through the translucent plastic that her engorged and stretched nipple was being sucked into the spout of the funnel and, with every flip of the little diaphragm, another stream of milk was pulled from her hot body into the funnel, down the tube and into the catching bottle.

“Yes Kitty but, being your first time, I think it is best that we keep it on a lower setting to begin with. We don’t want to do damage to your nipple or flow by straining anything. A bit later you will be able to adjust to pressure, okay?”

She nodded dreamily. “What’s through there?” she asked conversationally, more I think to distract her from the rising feelings she was experiencing – and I knew where they usually led.

She had indicated the adjacent room. “Just another milking room only with a massage table instead of chairs.”


“Well some ladies prefer to sit upright as you are now while others prefer to lie down as they are milked.”

“How does that work?” she asked quizzically.

“I will show you later when we finish. We can arrange pretty much anything that you want. We have a couple of our ladies who come in and use the massage table next door as they have special needs.”

“Really? I’m intrigued,” she glowed back at me. The tell-tale signs of her horniness clearly showed but there was little chance of doing anything about it here at work. The bottles were getting up to about a quarter full and the flow from Kitty’s breasts was slowing. Soon it was down to a bare dribble and time to disconnect. As I busied myself removing the cups and placing them in the steriliser and labelling the bottle before placing it in the freezer, Kitty started, “I’ve got to tell you something Mark.”

I stopped as I was disconnecting the pump, knowing a tech would come in to sterilise and clean it and turned to her, noticing she had made no attempt to put her dress or bra back on, “What is it Kitty?”

She looked at me with that same glazed look and dreamy eyes that told me at least some parts of her weren’t really here on Earth. “I think you can guess … at least some of it Mark. That machine’s sucking isn’t as nice as yours but it still has the same effect on me. My tits are so tingly, I’m soaking my panties! But there is something else … you!”

I was standing rooted to the spot as these words pierced my brain. What was she saying?

“On that first day you came to my place, I had promised myself that I would be faithful to Jim and that I would stick by the contract. But you were so lovely and patient and polite that, when I saw the lump in yours pants, I almost came then and there. I could tell you had a lovely thick cock and it looked like a nice size too and I couldn’t wait to see it – that’s why I sucked you that first day. I just loved your big fat cock!”

I was amused but aroused and clearly she had the advantage of me as she looked down to see him stirring in my pants. Her description I thought was rather generous. I’d been in enough football, basketball and school change rooms to know that my thickish six inches is pretty average and guys I’d seen like one mate nicknamed ‘Drainpipe’ clearly had more to brag about. Either she was not that experienced or she was spinning me a line. Either way I was hard and worried someone would walk in any second.

“After sucking you I knew you had a lot more than Jim has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, he is a dedicated lover but he’s just not as … um … fulfilling shall we say?”

Her talk was having her desired effect but this was my workplace! Could I risk it? Should I?

“Let me show you the other room Kitty,” I interrupted as I started toward the other door, my decision made. She seemed put off but I think she would like what I was going to show her.

“Oh, okay …” and she followed. I opened the door and she entered and stopped just inside. I closed the door behind us and quietly flicked the lock. She stood there looking at the table in the middle of the small room, she then quickly turned and moved into my arms and reached up and kissed me deeply. She mashed her bosom into my chest while her thighs did a rumba on my projecting dick. She broke away and said, “Show me how it works.”

We moved next to the cushioned table. I showed her how it was basically a normal massage table except for a few features including one that had a section we could remove so that her breasts would hang down below the table and the pump was mounted beneath on a shelf.

“Let me see!” she cooed.

I lifted out the large figure-eight shaped insert and there was the pair-of-mammaries sized hole near one end of the table. “Oh my! I have to try it!” she said. She pushed past me to walk to the end of the table and shrugged her dress off. It fell in a pool at her feet and she then simply leaned over the end of the table and allowed her sagging empty tits to slip through the hole until she was lying with her torso flat.

“Oh my God … Mark, this is why you call it The Dairy! You can milk my udders like a cow in the dairy! That is so hot. Please … you have to fuck me! Right now!!”

I was mesmerised as I saw her hanging tits sway gently below the table and my cock was pulsing in my pants. I stepped behind her and undid my pants zip. What was I doing? All of the technicians had a key; any one could walk in at any time? Stuff them! Let them enjoy the show! From behind Kitty I could smell her juices as her own special aroma filled my senses and the room. Unleashing my throbbing member I looked at her hips and saw her wet panties, soaked at the crotch. Suddenly it dawned on me – where did she want it? I’d fucked her arse but never her obviously wanting pussy. She again read my mind and answered my thought.

“Forget the contract; fuck my pussy now … please!” she begged.

Her need was in her voice and my need was in my hand and very soon it steered to her waiting moisture as I slipped aside her flimsy material to see her open wet lips pouting at me. My ‘big dick’ as she said was sliding its gently curved shaft into her wanting hole and she clamped down on it to increase the feel. Its rigid girth stretched her tight walls against her minimal resistance as she let out a guttural moan, “Oh my God that is so thick! I can feel your veins sliding against my insides. Please pump me!”

I was already building a steady stroking rhythm as I pushed deeply into her and withdrew so that her outer lips were clawing at my foreskin to chew it back into her. Just for once in our encounters I was not in any urgent need to rush or finish except for the chance of getting caught. I had already dismissed that thought as I stroked into her hot wet walls on my first stroke. Kitty reached back and spread her cheeks gasping, “Harder! Deeper! Oh God Jim’s dick never feels that big inside me!”

As she said that I felt her whole body shimmy on my impaled meat as she had her first orgasm and her juices sluiced from her womb to flow down our legs as they slapped together on each forceful drive I threw into her. I was grateful the table was bolted to the floor given the way we made it rock back and forth. The scintillating sensations as she clamped on me again in her spasm of joy was exquisite as I drove into her continually making her tits sway beneath the table and she shuddered immediately to a second cum.

“My God I am so full! Flood me Mark please! Cum in me and fill me more. I want to feel you throb harder as you cum in me … Oh! …. Ohhh! … AAhhhhhhh!!!” and I joined her crescendo with a gut wrenching spasm that had me bent over her backside and having to hold the table as my own spasms pulsed and my cum spewed inside her waiting cunt. She clamped down again on me and we could feel each other’s pulse through our interlocked connection. My knees were wobbly as I held on to the table and I stayed hard inside her for some while as we just lay in that vertical joining until I started to wilt. As I started to slip from her, she also started to move but I decided in for a penny in for a pound as they say.

I dropped to my knees behind her, holding her thighs, and moved in closely to her still gaping hole and I could plainly see our mixed juices starting to flow out of her. I’d had Jim’s cream pie last week, why not my own hot, fresh pie! I leaned in and engulfed her whole outer lips with my mouth and my tongue took immediate action to probe the open folds of her lips to lap up any escaping warm fluids. It was intense as she gasped and then grunted and spread her legs wide to give me deeper probing room. I sucked her inner walls to my tongue and probed her thickened clit while I swirled the juice and cream mix in my mouth. I kept as much as I could safely stored in my cheek so that I could then stand and deliver it to her. She stood and I saw the fire in her eyes that told me she was mine for the taking. I leaned down and closed over her mouth to share the evidence of our encounter and she probed her tongue deeply into my mouth to gather every last drop. Finally we parted from the passion of our embrace.

“There you go Ma’am, some fresh cream from the Dairy!” She broke into fits of giggles. “Kitty, we really need to get out of here. I am sure there are clients due to come in soon.”

Redressing herself she paused and laughed, “I hope they have as good a time as I did!”

Soon we were clothed and heading back out into the main hallway and I directed her toward the store we use for purchasing where I had earlier set aside the bras she would need. She kept grabbing at my butt as I led the way. No amount of discouragement would sway her from her playfulness until I stopped and reminded her I would be sacked if they thought the contract had been broken. She behaved, at least until we were alone again in the store.

I showed her into the changing room where I had left a few samples and suggested she could try these first. I turned to leave and she laughed, “You’re not going to leave me to try these on and adjust them myself are you? I might have to complain to the manager about the service you’re giving me … but not about the servicing you just gave me!” Her dirty laugh announced that she was in a fun mood.

“Here show me how good a tit fitter your are!” and she handed me one of the bras.

Okay, I thought, I will play your game. I slung the enormous cups over my shoulder as I faced her and proceeded to undo the buttons of her dress. I concentrated on what I was doing but Kitty stood still with a delighted smirk as my hands moved over her crests to reveal the not so hidden treasure. Undoing it to the waist, I ran my hands up across her hills to her shoulders and removed the dress so again it hung at her waist. “There Ma’am. Now your bra…” and she turned around to show me the expanse of soft skin of her back while I caressed her until I reached the back clasps. The bra was under serious strain and digging into her flesh with the additional weight it was supporting and her straps had creased her shoulders. Undoing the clasps allowed the whole lot drop forward and I reached around under her arms to caress the two sizeable mounds that were now released as I took off her bra. She sighed deeply at the contact but also the relief.

“Now Ma’am, to put the new bra on correctly I’d like you to …”

“You are not going to teach me how to wear a bra? I’ve had these big girls since I was sixteen. I think I …”

It was my turn to interrupt, and in a mock serious tone I added, “Thank you Ma’am, but you should know that as a trained fitter I learned that over 80% of women don’t wear the right sized bra or have it adjusted badly. Simply put even with growing breasts you shouldn’t be getting these big red marks around your ribs and I now see that this is a size 30″ you are wearing when I measured you as a 32″ yesterday.”

She was stunned into silence. “So if you would just lean forward for me as I slip this on…” She complied, “See how the cups fill first before you do the back up? Now we do the clasps to the outside clips so as it stretches you move inward. And lastly now that you can stand upright, the straps are adjusted so you can firmly but comfortably fit two fingers under the strap. These are all nice wide straps that won’t dig in. So how does that feel?”

“Oh my! You are right,” she whispered in an embarrassed tone, “that’s so comfortable. Thank you.”

In a short while she had tried on five or six of those I’d suggested and sent me for a couple of other colours and styles. The highlight was a spectacular black lace number that scooped her full bosom into its see-through confines and allowed her nipples to really stand out against the dainty thin material. Whatever Jim does for a crust, he was clearly cleaning up because she didn’t hesitate about buying half a dozen of the nicest, best-fitting and most expensive bras for what we had decided finally were her size F tits. She playfully stood there looking in the mirror as she undid the clips on the maternity bra she was wearing to allow the material to slip down and expose her firm, now well supported, boobs. “What do you think, a good look? What do you think Jim will say?”

Staring at her beautiful breasts peeking out of the two holes yet fully supported by the elasticated material so they stood firm and straight in front of her, I was half desperate to dive in again. “I think he’d be crazy not to say you are the most beautiful woman in the world and you have the best tits.”

She laughed at my directness and then went a little quiet as she started to cover up again. “I’m going to need to come in here to use the pumps, aren’t I? I mean Jim won’t be able to get all my milk every day.”

“That’s true,” I pointed out, “but you could hire or even buy a pump for home if you wanted. We could arrange that.” I’d already made a sizable commission from the half dozen bras she’d decided to buy but that was not really my main interest. “Or we could book you in.”

“Yes, I think I would like to come in to your Dairy … and help out that hospital,” she said but the guile in her smile said she had ulterior motives. “But there is something that I think you could still help me with – if you are prepared to do it. I will fully understand if you say no. It will be okay.”

“Look Kitty, after all we have been through in the last little while, I think you know you can ask me anything. If I can help you I will.”

I smiled down at her as she seemed to hesitate a little and then she whispered, “Jim just doesn’t suck right. I tried showing him how you do it but he just doesn’t get it. Would you mind coming around to show him?”

I was stunned! The shock must have clearly shown in my face, probably the open jaw was a give away. “It’s okay Mark, I understand. I shouldn’t have asked,” she said pitifully, a little tear in her eye.

Oh my God! She was doing it to me now! She was a minx and could get what she wanted. Look up the dictionary for ‘womanly wiles’ and it would have her picture! Unfortunately I could also picture the image of Jim in the doorway of their bedroom with bone-crunching fists ready to knock me into next week!

“Kitty,” I started, and she immediately looked up hopefully! “Are you sure that Jim would be okay with this … I mean, yesterday he was ready to kill me.”

“Oh no Mark, he’s really a pussy cat. He wouldn’t have hurt you!”

My mind had a picture of a lion ripping me limb from limb rather than a cute kitten rubbing against my leg. “Well … are you sure he won’t mind?”

Eagerly she spilled the beans, “Yes, I’m certain. He and I had a long chat while he tried the first time after you left the other day. I told him all about finding Milkers R Us and you coming around and being so professional and that … erm …”

The long pause had me worried!!!

“… well that I had got so horny … annnnd, you had … um … helped me out.”

“You’ve got to be kidding Kitty! He will kill me on sight and I wouldn’t blame him!”

“No you don’t understand. He knows what I get like when I’m horny and he lets me have a little bit of freedom but I promised him we hadn’t fucked.”

“You mean like we did half an hour ago?”

Coyly she tilted her head to one side, “Well, yes … but that was after I’d promised him so I was telling the truth at the time.”

“So what does he think we did?”

“I told him you had licked me out and that I had sucked your cock.”

“No mention of the anal play we’d had.”

“No but that won’t matter because I’ve tried to get him interested for ages and he just isn’t into that.”

This had to be the most bizarre conversation I had ever had in my life. I was about to consider walking directly into the Lion’s den and saying, ‘Lunch is served!’ But there was still something so enticing about this woman that I was actually contemplating it. What’s the worst that could happen? I suppose I could get the beating that I escaped the other day – easy to argue got one and got away with one – one all draw! Besides it meant seeing Kitty again. Um … that was the real selling point.

“Okay Kitty,” I responded hesitantly, “if you are really sure this is okay?”

“Absolutely! I told him this morning I would try to get some help.”

Oh great – he will have had all day to build up to the moment.

“Can you come around tonight say about 7:30?”

“Sure … okay .. if you are really sure about this?” I displayed my nervousness.

“It will be fine, I promise!”

“Okay, 7:30 it is then.” I gathered her purchases and the tags of the one she was wearing and allowed her to dress while I went through to the store to ring up the items. She was soon there and passed me Jim’s credit card and I handed it back with the MRU shopping bag. She leaned forward to give me a peck on the cheek but my alarmed look was enough to stop her.

“Oops, sorry – see you later,” she whispered and she left.

“She really has the hots for you Mark!” came Sue’s voice from behind me. I’d sensed she was hanging around before but hadn’t seen her.

“What makes you think that?” I remarked innocently.

“Oh call it women’s intuition if you like … or good hearing as I was checking the bottles in The Dairy for Penny and you were in the back room.”

“I don’t know what you mean!” I responded but could feel myself turning red.

“Don’t worry Mark. It’s a stupid part of the contract. I couldn’t imagine getting a guy to suck my tits and not getting very hot and bothered. And watching her, she’s a cat on a hot tin roof! If you haven’t done something yet, I bet it won’t be long!” She tossed her red hair back, laughing wickedly as she left to return to reception.

She had no idea how true her words were and I was sure that tonight I was going to find out what was in store for me in the slightly longer term. I also pondered momentarily about the nice plump C cups that Sue has as she talked about getting her tits sucked. Hmmm, I wonder?

It was still quite early and I had my other appointments to got to. Funnily enough the other two ladies I was assisting seemed to be coming along nicely too and were more responsive than they had ever been before. Perhaps it was my manner or the fact that I was a little pre-occupied; I guess I hadn’t really given them the same attention I’d given Kitty and ‘a tit is a tit is a tit’ is the company’s unofficial motto. Nothing would change Vinegar Tits Monotony but the other two were nice ladies who were starting to leak a little; they too would soon be graduating like Kitty. As days of work go, most of the males on the planet would swap places in a heartbeat.

It seemed quite soon that I was back at the office and packing to go home. It was a naughty smile on Sue’s face as she said, “Had a good day?” looking down at my milk stained shirt.

I chuckled, “Yep. Getting results all over the place and ran out of clean shirts after the last appointment.”

“Occupational hazard! Better get home and do your laundry. Milk stains you know!” She was being sassy and pushing her boobs out at me. Another time I thought; I already have an evening appointment to take care of but perhaps Susie, I might help you with that ‘hot and bothered’ problem you mentioned.

“See you tomorrow Sue!” and I was out the door and heading for home. Got to shower and change. Must eat something although the breast milk diet was very filling but it wasn’t the same as a good steak. I was soon home and in the door and my mind’s eye kept flashing back to Kitty’s wonderful backside over the end of the table as I pumped into her hot wetness. I had to keep reminding myself, I was going there to help Jim learn how to suckle properly. I was in effect doing myself out of a job! What an idiot!!

As I left my flat and headed for the car I felt those nervous butterflies back again. Crazy – what could possibly go wrong? HAAA!!!! As I approached the house I could see lights in what I now knew was the bedroom. I got out and slowly walked down the path – was this Death Row? I approached the door, nerves spiking and noticing every slight noise or movement around me.

I had a pretty good idea what I was going to find but I suppose the expectation of actually tasting Kitty’s milk while her husband watched was an even bigger conscious and subconscious factor than I cared to admit. I couldn’t afford to show that I had fallen for her as a client. I know she is devoted to her hubby and this is all for him. I just have to be happy to have facilitated that, get him doing what she wants and move on once my role for Milkers R Us is fulfilled. It was easy to say that in my head as I approached the front door but I kept envisioning those beautiful, now pendulous breasts with their red engorged nipples and that taut body, that gorgeous perfect bald pussy and, by no means least, her incredibly sensitive backdoor that we had explored. How can a man be expected to ‘cum and go’ so to speak without some emotional attachment? Even if it isn’t reciprocated? Still I have a job to do and I don’t want to spoil it.

The door opened and she purred, “Evening Mark, come in.”

I was rooted to the spot looking at her naked body standing in the doorway, those breasts clearly displaying their fullness with the signs of her veins showing through the translucent skin, that deserved to be in a Reubenesque portrait, telling me they were full again since this morning’s session at the office. Her nipples already puffed up and her areolae hard and dimpled in the cool air. In my mind I was yelling, ‘My God you are gorgeous!’

“I’m glad you like what you see Mark but the neighbours might notice … and it is a bit chilly,” she chuckled.

I awoke to her words, “Sorry Kitty but you surprised me a bit there,” I commented as I stepped inside and she pushed the door closed behind me. Suddenly her arms were wrapped around my waist and her firm full boobs were pushing into my back and immediately I felt the warm flow of milk through my shirt against both sides of my ribs. Standing erect in the hallway, frozen to the spot, I said, “It seems things have been going well since this morning?”

“Oh you have no idea Mark!” she responded excitedly, releasing me from the embrace and steering me forwards. We were heading into the bedroom. “I’ve been pouring everywhere! And,” with another little giggle, “at both ends!”

We headed to the right, her hands pushing me while massaging the two wet patches on my shirt. She turned me through a doorway – it was the master bedroom. Stylishly furnished, with a large mirrored dressing table and a big old wooden bed dominating the quite familiar room except as we entered, there sat Jim on the edge of the bed where I had left him the day before.

Only this time… he was naked.

He looked up at me and there was doubt in his eyes and some malevolence but no real anger that I could perceive. This was strange. He just sat there as I stood in front of him. Clearly taller than me and physically fitter yet it seemed that there was no will to fight. What was going on?

“Now Jim! You’re not still sulking are you? Mark didn’t know you hadn’t cum yet!”

WHAT??? Looking down I now saw that his crossed legs partly hid what looked to be the remnants of his erection. These two had been at it as I came up the path. No wonder he was pissed! “Look I can come back …”

“Don’t be silly Mark.” She sounded like a chastising mother, “You are here now and you have given up your time to help Jim. He should be being more grateful. Jim!! You apologise to Mark this instant!”

Knock me over with a feather if he didn’t do just that!

“Sorry Mark,” he said as he stood up and offered a hand, “thanks for coming.”

What alternative universe had I just slipped into? I politely shook his rather wet huge paw and immediately wondered how it got wet like that – I think I knew.

“Now that’s better Jim – good.” He seemed cowed and beaten. “Now Mark, it’s obvious we started without you but I’d feel much better if you joined us by being naked. Is that okay with you?”

Again the maternal matter-of-fact manner – how could you argue? She was a prize manipulator. I couldn’t refuse, yet I knew that what she really wanted was to show my cock off to Jim. Thank God old Drainpipe wasn’t here!!

“Uhm … sure,” I replied.

It was a request but not really a request. Kitty pecked me softly on the cheek, “Good let me help you,” and proceeded to undo the buttons of my shirt. I stood as her mannequin while she disrobed me. Jim stood there beside us as she removed my shirt and gave it to him, “Here Jim, put that on the chair neatly please?”

Like a good little boy he meekly completed his task. By the time he returned from across the room, my shoes were off and my pants were loose. When she was kneeling to pull my pants and boxers down, my semi-hardened penis sprang from its confines. Kitty gently stroked it against her cheek, across the warm soft flesh, caressing the engorged head and I felt a wet smear of my instant arousal paint her.

Fairly quickly I was naked and Jim had ferried my clothes to a tidy folded pile on the chair and Kitty had risen from the floor to be standing closely between the two men in the room. The trio of us standing naked resulted in more stirrings of inner desires overcoming my outer terror and nerves.

“Thanks again for helping Mark. We really appreciate you going out of your way like this.” It sounded like I was dropping off and extra delivery of a newspaper, not standing naked about to show this guy how to suck tits – something quite frankly I thought was a natural skill built in at childhood and then practised for fun afterwards!

Where do you want us?” Standing close I could smell her essence and her manner was clearly wanting action.

“I think we’d best use the bed so if you, Kitty, can sit up in the middle, I can show Jim how to approach you, if you don’t mind?”

“Of course Mark.” She turned and hopped up on the bed flashing me her puffy wet nether regions as she crawled away, telling me they had been busy for a while before I got there. She was soon ensconced in the middle of the bed with her back against the bed head, the queen of all she surveyed, Queen Kitty! I certainly felt that was her intention as she manipulated the two men currently in her presence to follow her majesty’s expectations. I wasn’t in the mood for any treason so if the queen wanted it, tonight I’d do my best to give it to her!

“Your comfort is the only thing that matters here; are you comfy?”

“Yes Mark, you may begin,” came the royal decree as she sat back, her arms spread across the head board to keep them out of our way.

“Jim would you mind sitting on Kitty’s other side please?”

He didn’t speak but simply turned and moved and I noticed how his rather small appendage waved in the air as he moved. As I’d said, I’d been in locker rooms and rule one is ‘Don’t stare and compare’. As he walked, even in my own mind I thought it must be hard … and then corrected, it must be difficult to write a love letter if you’ve only got barely four inches worth of pencil.

He sat beside her and I followed suit on the near side of the bed – closest to the door although the feelings of any real threat had almost entirely disappeared.

I suddenly found myself sounding like one of my high school Phys Ed teachers, “Okay Jim, tonight I am going to demonstrate the best method of … ” sounded like a basketball free-throw lesson!

In my mind it was, ‘First get the grip right, a gentle hand on the side and lift it up to your face…’ – concentrate Mark!

“Okay Jim, start by just gently feeling the breast flesh, feel how firm it is – that will tell you how full Kitty’s breast is. See the skin, how it is tight and you can see those lovely blue veins straining and you can clearly see her pulse there on her upper breast. That tells you how much she is enjoying your attention. Now follow my steps as I show you. Cup the lower half of her boob and bring it up a little. Feel the milk-filled weight it has. I can tell you that Kitty is very full and wants you to enjoy drinking the milk she has created for you.”

For the first time there was a reaction as Jim smiled briefly at this thought. “See how just lifting her breast has made a little milk leak out – she wants this for you. Now use your other hand to slowly feel around her nipple and watch as it grows and the areola becomes dimpled like gooseflesh.”

I could feel my own arousal developing and I could smell Kitty’s. I couldn’t see Jim’s but the faraway look in his eyes suggested he was on the same un-Earthly plane with us.

“Now use a little milk to smear her breast so that all around the nipple and areola is wet, this makes it easier to latch on.” I’d nonchalantly done each step as I said it. “Now, when you are ready, bring your mouth down and cover the whole nipple and areola so that you can get your lips nice and wide around her teat and then, when you have contact with your whole mouth, no gaps!, you can suck her into your mouth. Watch and then you try.”

I leaned in and gently raised the prepared teat to my hungry mouth and immediately latched on and drew the nipple into my mouth which was instantly rewarded with a spray of warm motherly nectar. I couldn’t help matching wanton moans with Kitty. I was in rapture but tried to remember the supposed purpose of the visit and looked across to see Jim staring at me as his wife’s nipple disappeared into my inner being. I pulled away. The deeply reddened button had expanded already to a cone shape to fit my mouth.

I coaxed him with, “You try Jim.”

He stared at the swollen tit I’d so briefly sucked, before he hesitantly followed the steps I’d advised and finally reached in to Kitty’s other nipple but pursed his lips like he was kissing his aunt, barely covering the nipple.

“Jim,” I interrupted him as Kitty’s eyes rolled back in frustration, “you know the old saying ‘more than a mouthful is a waste’?” He nodded.

“I’m here to tell you that it just ain’t so pal! More than a mouthful is a challenge! You want to suck that tit so hard it reaches back into your throat. Like Kitty said, think about the baby your sister feeds…” I’d said enough as the twinkle in his eyes showed me a penny had just dropped. He launched himself back into Kitty and half her huge boob disappeared into his mouth and he drank deeply.

“My God Jim it was your sister’s tits you were watching!” came the accusation from Kitty’s mouth as she realised the connection between my comment and his steep learning curve. The accusation was soon replaced by her own deep seated groan of pleasure as he searched her soul for more milk. She glanced over at me and smiled and nodded toward her other teat that gently sprayed milk over us. Soon she was being syphoned even more efficiently than the pumps at work this morning. As the tension in her wondrous globes was released her hand started to patrol my body and soon found my nipple and played. My stiffening organ stretched up for attention but was beaten into second place by my hard nipple and firm brown puckered surrounds. The last of her milk was dripping away as I released her and found Jim beside me, his head in her lap as she played with his nipples too.

“My you boys do like titty play don’t you. But a girl needs more than that to fulfil her needs. Now Jim I think it’s fair that you had a turn before and it should be guests first so I want you to watch for a little while, alright?”

Jim went pale but sat up on the bed and simply didn’t move. “Mark, Jim was sticking my pussy with his dick when you arrived. Would you mind finishing the job please? Just lie down and I will climb on you okay?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening but silently, mindlessly I rolled over onto my back. “Oh my Jim, look at his big thick cock. Isn’t it so much longer and thicker than yours?”

Jim was turning various colours of the rainbow but wasn’t moving except to stare down at my loins. It was good for the ego and that had an impact on my manhood emotionally and physically as I tightened muscles to make him jump. Kitty’s ‘ooh!’ of joy told me the action had been noticed. I had pumped into her long and hard this morning but she was driving the bus this time and I was along for a glorious ride!

“I was thinking that you have been here, what four times and on each occasion we have ended up … well .. um .. doing ‘something’ and you have been the perfect gentleman despite being as horny as some teenager watching a porn movie. I’d like tonight to be different. Do you trust me?” was your rather puzzling comment.

Thinking, ‘Seems an odd question seeing as I am about to be fucked by you while your husband sits and watches us,’ but, okay. “Yes, of course I do.”

“Good, but you let me know if there is something you don’t want to do, okay?”

Again I was puzzled but nodded agreement.

As I nodded she started to climb up and crawl across the big bed. Kitty crawled around toward my feet with her ample boobs swaying beneath her, cat-like, as she surveyed her prey until she turned and paused beside me. Then she knelt up and, with, “I thought this might be more comfortable for both of us,” she threw her long slender leg across my stomach and straddled me. It was almost too much for me as her breasts presented perfectly to my eye level while her hot nether regions had my hard cock nudging at her back door. Briefly I thought I knew what she had in mind – I was wrong! She rocked backward so my shaft could graze up between her cheeks in her crack and then she nestled down and pushed back, bending him against his will so that I could feel the scorching heat and wetness of Kitty’s pussy along the top of my shaft. She grazed back and forth until my length and thickness was engulfed in her slit, her open lips spread across my shaft so that she could ride the ribbed muscle and stroke her clit against my man meat; there was no chance of entry at this angle with this downward pressure making my cock ache against its desire to point upwards or, in fact, to spring up hard against my stomach in its fully aroused state. Kitty took obvious pleasure in controlling this action and was savouring the feel of my wide cock getting the juices from her molten centre spread all over it. She slipped forward along the top of my cock forcing its length back between her cheeks and then back again. Her slightest movement had her hot pussy lips wrapped around the top half of my length, stroking along my cock. No entry was offered as I was pushed down by the slight body with minimal weight but right now I didn’t care.

She leaned forward dragging her full firm boobs across my chest, swaying in circles and managing to maintain contact the whole time, leaving a faint trail of her milk on my body. My now hard cock nestled against her hot and obviously wet loins as she smiled into my eyes. “Now isn’t that better?” I just nodded my agreement.

“I have to tell you Mark, this thing has had me horny as Hell. I’ve had milk going everywhere all day – dribble, dribble, dribble! Thank God you got Jim to suck me so well even if he was thinking about sucking on his sister’s tits when he did it.”

Jim cringed at the accusation but didn’t deny it or, in fact, move or say a word. “But if tonight goes as planned, I may forgive him.”

I was in a trance as she nestled onto me, gyrating her full hips that I could feel were on fire again. Staring at Kitty from below, I could see the fine features of her neck and shoulders that I just wanted to caress and massage as I focused on her bosom swaying across me, her nipples tickling against mine. I was an automaton just following her commands mutely.

“Is your big fat stiff cock stretching against my hot wet cunt lips? How does that feel Mark? “

“Amazing!” was the only word that came to mind and she giggled. All of this was for Jim’s benefit more than mine.

Again the slight gyration of her hips, “Shall we?”

She hefted her mountainous left breast up to my mouth and offered me the empty nipple. I went into my reverie as I took it and was surprised immediately as the succulent flavour of her milk invaded my senses, “Hmmm!” as I realised that for all his effort, Jim still hadn’t emptied her.

“Oh God that feels good Mark! Almost as good as it tastes!” She had been trying it then – not surprising knowing how aroused the whole idea made her.

I sucked gently at first and a slow flow started to fill my mouth and I drank it down. I nestled in to suckle fully and to draw this nectar from her body and into mine. Kitty’s nipple expanded and extended into my mouth and soon I had a suctioning rhythm working at her tit. The molten wetness in my mouth was easily matched by the wetness in my groin as her juices flowed over my cock and down around my tight balls. She was meeting the rhythm with her cunt lips stroking the length of my cock riding along its length as it nestled against her bum cheeks. My hands had initially been resting by my sides until I used one to assist in getting her tit into the right position to suck it in deeply and then allowed it to maintain a contact lightly caressing and massaging her breast as I sucked. But I soon realised that my other hand had moved to her hip and it was steering her movement slightly, subconsciously so that the pressure on my hardened dick was rotated over the length and breadth of my shaft. I was wanking with her body and didn’t even know it.

Kitty’s milk flowed in little streams from the various pores of her nipple, each of those little ducts opening to release her heavenly fluid. My tongue was engulfed in the sweet taste of the thin liquid. I was in a different world. Her consistent cooing mixed with moans of pleasure had me mesmerised. I awoke to the fact that I had emptied her breast. I became cognisant of the warm wetness on my chest that had been dribbling over me during the first part of this encounter – she really was producing quickly. I eased back and the fat red teat slipped from my mouth as she groaned in disappointment at the breaking of contact but she was already steering the other to me and I quickly understood that I was so wet because she hadn’t stopped massaging that firm breast all the while I was sucking her. The knowledge made my cock twitch and a brief, “Ooh” escaped her lips.

I leaned in and immediately had a full and growing nipple in my mouth. My hand on its side told me that she had expressed what little was in her tit but I was soon sucking anyway. I was soon back in my reverie and my hand was full of the warm flesh at the side of her empty boob. Although the flesh had softened, it was her arousal that kept a firm and womanly peak available to be enjoyed, its faint veins straining in the exercise of replenishing the wonderful milk supply.

My hand had now found a parking spot on her hip but was absent-mindedly starting to explore its surroundings. The soft smooth skin of her buttock and over the hip bone to the gently moving torso that massaged my manhood, and across the sensual texture of her back barely feeling the ribs as they swelled with her breathing. It was a deep, contented breathing, not the frenetic panting of our lust this morning. Reminding myself of being buried deep inside her pussy and the amazing orgasm she achieved from that contact only served to arouse me even more, if that were possible, as I again became aware of her moist shaven cunt lips straddling the girth of my cock.

She reached behind my neck to pull my head into her to increase the pressure. Suckling firmly her nipple had elongated to meet my passionate suction and the increased gyration of her hips told me her arousal was also peaking. She was moving faster and becoming louder. I had become almost oblivious to her moans of joy as I realised I was almost drowning them out with my own mewling groans of ecstasy into her breast.

She was resisting my suction, pulling back on her breast but I wasn’t prepared to let it go just yet, leaning forward to prevent losing the hot flesh in my mouth. Suddenly the world changed and I realised that she wasn’t pulling back but up and she plummeted into my groin only now my cock had risen in her movement caressing along her crack and across the rough skin and into the soaking folds of Kitty’s core and then she dropped herself onto the length of my shaft impaling herself on my hardness and sending lightning bolts through my brain. The heat was intense but the silken tight smoothness of those inner walls caressing my cock was pure heaven.

She commenced a much faster rhythm of lifting and dropping into my lap, “Move down the bed,” I heard Kitty rasp, the intensity in her voice making obedience essential. I slumped down from near the headboard and pillows as she steered me without losing our contact on her nipple and she pushed down further with her cunt grasping my meat between her thighs, hungrily eating it into her depths. Now slightly angled across and flat on the bed, this position allowed Kitty to draw up and down the full length of my shaft and also meant her other breast was hanging free beside my face as she held herself up above me. Drawing up and down, she had clearly found a better contact for her clit as she ground her pubic bone into me with the added benefit of the strong contact with the G spot in the hidden upper part of her vulva which gave her maximum pleasure.

I raised my hands to her breasts and, gathering them together I sucked both nipples into my mouth. “Oh My God!!! Harder! Bite them!!”

She allowed me to savage her tits but her thighs became still. She pulled up on me as I drew in her tits. She shifted her weight and drew her legs up on either side of me allowing her thighs to open more and spread her cunt open wide. Instantly the warmth of her fluids drained over my shaft and down through my crack. Suddenly I felt an invasion as her finger joined my cock in her wet and stretched vagina. It slipped in with the ample lubrication and caressed along the underside of my shaft. I halted and she froze as the digit impaled and withdrew. On its third of fourth invasion it occurred to me that Kitty was holding her body weight up allowing me to tear at her teats with an arm stretched either side of my shoulders. On the next inward thrust I felt the warmth of a hairy rough skin caress my balls.

Dawning of realisation! That ‘finger’ was Jim’s cock that he had slipped into Kitty with me. We were both fucking his wife and, as hard as he must be, it felt like something no bigger than an index finger. No wonder she wanted my cock. His balls were firmly slapping against mine and the heat of her cunt was building as she started to rise and fall in time to his thrusts as I remained the stationary centre of this threesome. The extra pitiful cock still increased the tension in Kitty’s cunt and the crowding made the rippling velvet inner folds caress my mushroom head deep inside her. My orgasm was building and Kitty was yelping as I bit into her tits, knowing I would be leaving some bruises as souvenirs of the evening. And then she clamped hard on me as the warmth infused us. Jim had come inside her, and on me, and I could feel his warm sample flooding the already filled space as his pulse pounded against my cock. Kitty clearly had been waiting for this as she yelped, “Cum with me Mark … AHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Her spasms wracked her body and, as Jim slipped away, he left my cock gripped in her velvet glove that played up and down my shaft like a pianist and then her flooding warmth was joined by a hot wet tongue probing our juncture as I exploded knowing that it was Jim’s turn to suck my cum from her soaked folds. He lapped away as Kitty rose up and down a number of times more to ensure that she had managed to mix the two doses of cum with her own juices. I was empty but the warm tongue cleaning my scrotum and gently sucking on my balls kept my shaft at attention as Kitty lazily rode it a little longer.

Gradually I subsided and slipped from her insides as she stretched her legs down along my body to lie atop me. Her gentle gyrations kept me warm and sensuously alive. Jim had disappeared it seemed. I didn’t really care anymore now that the lay of the land was a lot clearer to me. Kitty had whomever she wanted and he just did as he was told. I can’t imagine the telling off he got after I left the other night!

“That was wonderful Mark!” she cooed as she slipped to lie beside me. “I’ve never been so full … and so filled!” she laughed.

“I must say it was a bit of a surprise, but not an unpleasant one,” I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

“Oh good! I am glad you feel that way. There are a few things I’d like to try if you are willing … and you are such a good teacher!!”

“What sort of things have you got in mind?” I queried.

“Well … in a little while, when you are – erm – up to it, I’d like you to show Jim how you fuck my backdoor so hard,” she explained in so matter-of-fact a manner I hardly noticed her hand gently caressing my thigh and heading towards my soon to be interested cock. Her gently gripping fingers slowly slipped along my oily length, our combined fluids still remnant from our recent fuck. It took a while before I was revitalised into a tumescent tool ready to finish a long delayed job.

Kitty sat up, “Come here Jim. I’ve been trying to get your to spike me with your pitiful little cock in my arsehole but you’ve always known it couldn’t do the job properly. Well Mark has kindly offered to show you how his big fat cock that you just stroked off against fits so tightly inside my other hole. Now find a good spot to watch; stand by the bed. Mark teach him how to do it to me … please.”

I got the pretence of manners to place me ahead of Jim in the pecking order but I was obviously just a tool in his humiliation. Strangely, as I’d never experienced it before, it worked for me feeling that I was sexually superior to a guy who physically could probably break me like a twig if he wanted to except he’d rather be told what to do.

My six inches were hard and straining. I knelt up on the bed, “Kitty, on your knees please and spread wide.” She followed my instruction and was soon arranged in much the same way she was on the first time we did this on the lounge. I felt like I could play the teacher role that Kitty wanted and a quick glance saw she was watching Jim’s face intently.

“Well Jim,” I began firmly, kneeling behind Kitty with my cock swaying gently as its curved length strained to plug her anus, “last time we did this, I just fucked her hard and fast.”

He winced at the words ‘last time’ realising that his wife had lied to him. I felt my power and courage grow with the straining veins on my cock. “But before that, I used a lube so get it out of the bedside drawer and spread a little on my knob and her ring.”

Again it was like a slap to the face, knowing I knew where the lube was kept told him more about his wife’s deception and infidelity, but he complied and opened the tube and squeezed a liberal amount along the top of my shaft and another glob above Kitty’s ring so it dribbled into her crack. I was loving this! “Stroke it around my cock unless you want me to hurt her as I split her in half with this fat shaft!”

I could see her cunt drooling – she was quaking with this scene happening before her. Jim stepped over and tentatively reached forward and, mesmerised as he touched the much bigger example of manhood, slipped his hand around my much broader shaft and wanked it a couple of times slowly to massage the lube across my length. I could see his pitiful pencil was poking at the air, waving desperately for some attention. “That will do. Now watch.”

Using my two hands I spread her cheeks wide to expand the view of her sphincter muscle and using my thumbs I massaged the lube in ever-shrinking circles until I was focused on the lens of her bum. Her tiny muscles clenching at every sensation as I blew gently across the cool lube to make her quake and then, knowing she liked the pleasure/pain I thrust my thumb deep through her backdoor and roughly shoved it to its full depth inside her. “OH MY GOD!!” she yelled as she instantly pushed back.

“See how she pushed back Jim. You can’t be rough enough in this hole – she loves it.” I proceeded to pump into her with that digit and Kitty just oohed and aahed and pushed back, getting louder and louder as Jim watched on.

“Now Jim I am going to stick my fat shaft into her until my balls that you licked clean slap into her wet cunt lips.”

I withdrew my thumb and briefly her muscle showed a little tunnel into her centre. I aimed my cock at her backdoor and plunged in. Again the slippery lube made access easy and yet the burning tightness made her scream into the pillows but once buried in her butt, she started to thrust back and forth to create the friction she desperately wanted.

“See Jim. I could just kneel here and let her wank her back door on my cock until she comes. (Another slap to his ego) And she does come Jim. Screamed the house down last week (Slap again!) Kitty is anally orgasmic if she can feel the cock pumping into her (Slap one more time!).”

I built up a rapid rhythm until I could feel my balls slapping against her open cunt lips and feeling the warmth as they were soaked in her oozing juices. “Oh my God – your balls!!! I love feeling them slap my cunt! Harder please Mark! HARDER!”

I was happy to keep shafting her hard and fast to hear her pleasure as I was enjoying his humiliation but how to make it worse?

“Want to see her cum Jim?”

He meekly nodded – the barest movement of his head. Kitty was pushing hard back into me as I hammered her tight ring. A sharp slap to her arse cheek stopped her movement and it glowed red under the imprint of my hand on her pale bum flesh. “Turn around Kitty but don’t release me. On your back!”

I felt her internal muscles squeeze, clamping my cock deeply inside her as she slowly rotated her hips and slipped one leg across under us and then swinging the other in a wide arc as I leaned down into her. She was now on her back and her legs were raised and spread to open her bum cheeks wider so that I could burrow my shaft deeply into her. I slowly rocked back and forth allowing most of my shaft to escape her insides until the rim of my cock head barely felt the open air just so I could slam it back in and could feel that delightful grip as the helmet’s ridge was grabbed by the elastic band of her ring on re-entry, each time I thrust firmly back into her. Each time as I bottomed out she groaned loudly as I watched her open womanhood seeking stimulation while her jiggling tits roamed across her chest. I started to pump faster avoiding any contact with her clit even though it was stretching out of her vulva begging for attention. I knew she didn’t need it as the burning tightness of her anus was enough to drive her over the top.

Yesterday was unbelievable. I did feel guilty about breastfeeding my nephew, but I didn’t really feel guilty about breastfeeding Monty. I am obsessed with my breasts and I will let anyone that is willing to look at them, play with them and feel them up! I masturbated three times that night and milked my breasts every regularly.

When I woke this morning, there was a fullness to them I hadn’t experienced since breastfeeding my own child years ago. I didn’t have time for a milking and decided it was for the best, I could get Monty to empty them when I got to his place.

I rang the bell and went in. I was surprised to find Monty coming to greet me instead of Kim. Not so surprising was the gape in his bathrobe.

“I don’t know why he bothers closing it all,” I thought to myself.

“She had to leave early so I said I’d watch him until you got here.” Monty explained.

As I removed my sandals and went up to get a coffee,I could feel his eyes watching my ass as I ascended the stairs. Monty sat down at the table and began to flip through the pages of his magazine as he sipped his coffee.

I wondered how to open the morning conversation as I stirred my coffee. I wanted to be casual about everything, but my breasts were aching with fullness and wanted attention, and I was horny, which made things worse.

Monty was Monty. His robe didn’t leave much to the imagination this morning. As I sat down, he leaned back and stretched his arms out wide, which pulled the robe open even further. His little brown nipples poked through the chest hairs surrounding them and gave them a gentle tweaking in my mind. Following the chest hairs down his torso, I noticed the one eyed giant waking up. I tried to figure out how long it was mentally and figured it was a good seven to eight inches. Monty’s manhood was thicker than most men’s, my petite hand wouldn’t be able to fully wrap around it. The brownish pink shaft was riddled with veins; I wondered how the veins bulged when his fat rod became erect. Right now, it was slowly revealing Monty’s somewhat excited state of mind. I reveled at the sight of the big bulbous helmet atop the slightly bent upper rod, it looked like a two big puffy pink mushrooms pushed together. This cock was pleasure perfect.

“Are you mad about yesterday? You haven’t said much” Monty asked.

“No, I’m good. I’m a little distracted, that’s all” I admitted to him.

“I see. If you don’t mind my asking, but what’s distracting you?” He ran his hand across his chest and scratched an itch.

“I was wondering what you were doing before I got here, I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?” My eyes slowly wandered down his chest to the trimmed patch of hair from which his manhood was erected.

Monty noticed where my gaze had wandered to and shifted slightly in his chair, causing his dick to bob a little.

“Not much, just waiting for you to arrive…and hoping you were going to wear that sexy halter again.”

“Oh, well that explains your robe being half open.” I chuckled softly.

Monty’s hand went between his legs and wrapped it around the shaft. His hand slowly slid up and down the semi-hard tube,

“I always do this in the morning. You want to watch?” His free hand loosened his robe completely and spread his legs while stroking his cock.

“I love watching men jerk-off and cum.” I opened my blouse and cupped one breast in each hand, “How’s that? You like that?”

Monty couldn’t keep his eyes off my hands massaging my big plump boobs. “God, yes I love watching you play with your tits!” he exclaimed.

I squeezed the juicy jugs together and felt a trickle of milk seep from each nipple.

“Spray some milk on my dick, Donna.”

He pushed his chair back and I kneeled in front of him, still massaging my breasts. Leaning forward, I brushed my nipples against the head of his cock, covering it with milk.

My hand guided his wet cock to between my breasts, “Fuck my tits Monty.”

His hands grabbed my slick milk covered mounds and squeezed them around his throbbing cock. My tongue lashed out at his cock with each thrust he made, which made Monty moan loudly and thrust harder.

“God! Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum soon Donna!” Monty panted between strokes.

“Mmmm that’s it, cum on my tits. Cum hard Monty!” My mouth encouraged him vocally and physically.

Monty dropped my tits and grabbed his cock, “Gonna jizz on your tits Donna!”

I watched as my milk streamed from my nipples and sprayed his rock hard cock. Monty’s engorged head spewed gobs of cum all over my milky tits, “Lick it up Donna! Taste my cum on your tits.” I lifted my breasts to my mouth and slowly licked the warm sticky goo from them. My hand reached for his cock and guided it to my mouth. My lips parted and my tongue swirled the still throbbing head of his cock. I could taste his jizz mixed with my milk and savored every drop until I had licked it clean. I stood up to leave, but Monty grabbed me by the waist and pulled my chest to his mouth. His mouth quickly found a dripping nipple and greedily sucked at it. Monty exchanged teats as I straddled his lap and sat down, careful not to injure his exhausted cock. My pussy was wet and I needed to cum, but the baby made sure I wasn’t going to orgasm….at least not right now. I reluctantly removed myself from Monty’s lap and fixed my blouse before retreating downstairs to take care of Mikey. I left Monty sitting on his chair stroking his cock gently.

A couple of hours later, Mikey was changed, fed and back asleep in his crib. I quietly slipped outside to have a much needed cigarette. I leaned back in the lounge chair and teased my right nipple through my shirt. Instantly, it got hard and required more attention. I could feel my sexual tension spread from my breasts down through my pussy. I thought about Monty’s big hard cock between my tits earlier as my hand slid into my shorts. I was hot. I was damn wet. I was horny! My finger slowly circled my swollen clit as I exhaled a stream of smoke. I could feel my juices covering my fingers as I slid two of them inside me and pumped them slowly in and out of my pussy. Pulling my fingers out, I slid them inside my shirt and circled the taut nipples, spreading my cum over them.

Finishing my smoke, I went inside to lay upon the couch with my legs spread wide. I unbuttoned my shorts and slid my hand inside. My clit was still swollen and the juices soaked my panties. I closed my eyes and let my fingers explore my pussy. Next thing I knew, there was another finger finding its way inside my panties. I opened my eyes to Monty kneeling beside me with just his boxers on. Neither of us said anything as he removed my shorts and panties and his fingers brushed the lips of my pussy. My hips slowly writhed with pleasure as he carefully avoided touching my clit, which was begging for action.

I re-positioned myself on the couch so my pussy was facing Monty and almost brushing against his body. I put my hand on the back of his head and gently pulled it towards my pussy. He didn’t need to be told. He lowered his head and I felt the tip of his hot moist tongue teasing my clit. His hands spread my lips and his tongue slowly glided up and down each pussy fold while his finger teased my vagina.

“Yes! That feels sooo good, don’t stop!” I exclaimed as his finger went deeper inside me.

His mouth gently sucked at my mound of pleasure and I thrust my hips against his mouth hard as he slipped a second finger inside my pussy. My hips gyrated harder and faster against his mouth and fingers as I felt the first wave of my orgasm ripple through me.

“Yes Yes! I’m cumming!” I moaned loudly and pulled his face hard against my pussy.

My pussy writhed and pulsated wildly as the waves of my climax got stronger. I could feel my pussy squirting all over Monty’s face and running down my between my ass cheeks. I slid my hand between my legs and gently pushed his face away.

He wiped his face with his hand and asked, “What the hell was that? Did you just pee on me?” I laughed and told him no, I was a squirter and explained to him what that meant as I rubbed my pussy.

Monty’s cock was standing at guard, waiting for my attention as he pondered the squirting issue. I sat up removed his boxers and started stroking it for him. Monty stood up and slightly spread his legs so my hand could cup his balls and massage them while the other hand stroked his needy dick. My mouth went between his legs and gently sucked at his swaying sac while my hands reached behind him and started kneading his plump ass. My index finger found the crack between his cheeks and slid between them as my tongue licked his balls. I rubbed the pad of my finger around his puckered tight hole and my other hand pushed a cheek aside. Slowly my finger circled small opening several times before pressing the tip of it just slightly inside.

“Oh my god!” Monty gasped. “I love having my ass played with.”

He leaned forward somewhat and spread his legs wider as my finger wiggled inside his ass. My mouth was still working his balls, sucking on them while I probed Monty’s gaping hole with a second finger.

I removed my fingers from his ass and leaned back, “Get on all four,” I demanded of him.

Monty lowered himself to the floor and got on his hands and knees. I moved in behind him and used both hands to knead the big fleshy cheeks and watched his big meaty cock bounce between his legs. Taking his cock in one hand and stroking it, my mouth found its way to his rigid shaft and ran my hot tongue around it from top to bottom until it found its way to the tight pink hole in his ass and covered it with my saliva. Monty groaned loudly as my middle finger teased the puckered skin before slowly sliding inside. Monty rocked his hips slowly as I introduced a second finger and my tongue licked around them. Deep inside my fingers massaged his prostate while my hand roughly jerked his stiff rod. Drops of pre-cum covered the bulging mushroom head as Monty moved harder and faster against my hand. Sweat covered his body as I brought him closer to climax.

“Fuck yes! I’m gonna blow soon!” Monty panted between thrusts of my fingers in hungry ass.

“Get up and face me,” I ordered him, “Cum on my tits and face!”

One hand cupped his balls and played with them while my mouth took the bulging helmet inside and teased his cum hole with its tongue. I felt his balls tighten beneath my fingers and his cock twitched. Monty fucked my mouth with his rock hard cock.

“Gonna blow all over your face Donna!”

I felt the hot salty liquid fill my mouth as he grabbed his cock and pulled it out. His hand thrust hard on the erupting volcano and covered my face with the creamy goo. My tongue licked the jizz from my lips as he softly rubbed the empty tube against my breasts.

“Oh, fuck Donna!” he gasped as he tried to catch his breath. “I gotta go shower! I’m a mess.” He grabbed his boxers and ascended the stairs slowly. “I can’t wait to fuck you Donna!” I heard him yell from the top of the staircase as I went to the bathroom to clean up.

My nephew woke up shortly after and the rest of the afternoon went very slowly. I couldn’t keep my mind off riding Monty’s cock. It was going to be a long, long weekend! By the time I left, my breasts were so engorged with milk that they started to leak as I got into my car.

I get the call mid-week from Rachael — both of us test negative for the panel of STD’s her clinic runs. And she lets us know Nancy isn’t pregnant so any concern of our having to deal with Mark’s bastard child is gone. Rachael goes on to say that Mark was also negative, and that Marge is expecting us for his initiation. I tell her we were both looking forward to the party, and would definitely be there.

I decide a celebration is in order so we take the following day off of work and use the address Marge gave and visit her associate. Nancy becomes the proud owner of two gold rings, one in each nipple. We rush back to the apartment to play with our new toys like a couple of excited kids.

We get in and I’m busy removing Nancy’s shirt when her cell rings — with the ringtone reserved for her sister. She rolls her eyes but takes the call — meanwhile I’ve peeled her yoga pants off and begin playing with her round and gorgeous ass while admiring her breasts and pierced nipples.

Nancy is starting to look upset so I begin to pay attention to her side of the conversation, “…yes we are both home — now? Sue, we had plans! Oh all right but give us a couple of min… — what do you mean you’re at the door!” At which point the doorbell rings.

Nancy marches to the door — I’m standing in the middle of the room with a raging hard on, she’s dressed solely in some lacy sexy panties — I’m trying to get her to stop but she throws it open. Oops, too late. Her sister is standing in the doorway — she had the screen door open and it looks like she was going to follow ringing the bell with knocking. Nancy grabs her hand and pulls her into the foyer. Her sister stands there mouth wide opened, arm still upraised while Nancy goes around slamming the door shut.

Nancy’s sister Sue is an identical twin with the same auburn hair and luscious build. Sue’s also married and they have a kid so her breasts are larger, her hips and ass just a bit fuller than Nancy’s. I think she’s scrumptious which is not helping me right this minute in reducing my obvious excitement.

Sue’s head is swiveling back and forth taking in Nancy’s standing behind her wearing only panties, her new nipple rings and my tent poled trousers which are really getting very uncomfortable. She at least has the decency to blush — deep red from forehead to neck. “OMG I’m so sorry guys — I should have thought but things — NANCY YOU PIECRED YOUR NIPPLES!!” That last one was a shocked shriek — thanks for letting the neighbors know I thought to myself.

Nancy does her eye rolling thing again, pushes Sue into the room and sets her down onto the couch. “Yeah, and I was going to fuck my husband all afternoon too but then I get this cell phone call — why are you here? What is going on? When are you going to leave so I can get back to having Ron play with my tits? Speaking of which — Ron dear? Get us two big rum and Cokes please. I know it’s early but what the heck.”

I nod my head and head to the kitchen, pour out two lots of rum and half a glass of Coke for the ladies. I’m figuring Sue is going to be here awhile since she didn’t’ bring the kid with her, and Nancy clearly wants some fortification to deal with the drama queen. I get myself a beer and bring the drinks to the living room.

“…so Daddy was giving me a load of crap and Mom said she’d watch little Suzie. She suggested I talk with you guys and I just showed up, not thinking.” I’ve clearly arrived in the middle of the conversation, and I hand out the drinks.

Nancy looks at me and tries to keep a straight face. “Sue’s divorcing David, she found a bunch of emails and some pictures of him with this other girl. David and this girl knew each other in high school — she’s also married — and based on the emails they’ve been having an affair since before Suzie was born.” Runs in the family I think to myself, making sure not to crack a smile. Nancy turns to her sister saying “Sue, drink up and let me finish filling Ron in okay?”

Sue looks sullenly at her drink, then starts to sip it. Nancy turns back to me, “Okay, so Sue had been afraid David was up to something as he’d been avoiding her since Suzie was born.” Geez I think to myself, that’s been what now, about two years?

Sue starts to blubber but Nancy gently cuts her off, “Shhh. Sue gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy, but then worked hard and got almost all of it off – but slowly as she wanted to keep nursing Suzie.” Okay, now I’m interested. Yeah I’m being a total horn dog right now but I’m thinking squirters and I’m loving it. Nancy must have noticed my attention as she’s grinning at me — hmm.

“So last week she found the emails plus photos and some videos of her husband and this other girl. Got herself to a clinic to make sure David didn’t give her a STD — since she’s nursing Suzie she’s been very careful about her health. Grabbed everything, packed her things up and left taking Suzie. After meeting with an attorney she left for Mom and Dad’s. Dad’s being an asshole so she left to cool off and talk to me about it.” Which gets me another eye roll from Nancy while Sue is quietly crying and sipping her drink.

To be honest neither of us figured Sue and David to stay together long since they had to get married. She was a party gal from what Nancy had told me, but David wasn’t in that lifestyle. They met through some group the two of them belonged to, and he fell head over heels in lust.

Soon enough Sue’s pregnant and he’s doing ‘the right thing’. But David being the one to have an affair was the twist no one foresaw — we all figured it would be Sue putting the horns on David’s head. Nancy pats Sue on the arm and tells her she needs to talk with me privately. Uh oh!!

We head to our bedroom and Nancy gives me a quick shush and closes the door. “She wants to move in here with us.”

What! “Nancy, you have got to be kidding! Where are we going to put them?” I’m thinking good bye to all the great sex that just started up.

Nancy grins at me saying “Now come on and think about this. Mom will end up babysitting Suzie a lot, she dotes on her as her first granddaughter. Both folks knew Sue was a slut and was going to be sleeping around once Suzie was in school, so they had resigned themselves to raising the kid soon after we all heard David knocked Sue up. Mom probably put the bug in Sue’s ear to come here so her ‘good girl’ daughter — me — would be a virtuous influence on her ‘bad girl’ daughter.”

I’m chuckling on that one. Nancy’s mom really messed up there! Well, changes did just happen very recently as demonstrated by Nancy proudly displaying her brand new pair of nipple rings.

Nancy continues “I think this could really work out for us. I know Sue has partied with girls before — she boasted about it to me trying to gross me out — she’d tease me about how the two of us could make a lot of money in the porn business as twin sisters.” That image shoots straight through to my dick — I’m picturing both sisters in a hot 69 — oh yeah I most definitely want to see that.

“And I’ve caught her more than a few times eyeing me up; and she thinks you’re cute — she is definitely interested in taking on some brother-in-law cock.” Of course I instantly like the idea, it’s not as if I’ve never had any fantasies about fucking the hell out of my wife and twin sister — oh no!

Nancy must be reading my mind because she’s nodding at me as she continues, “I know both of us would love to have a pair of creamy milky tits to play with.” She’s reached out and has begun to stroke my cock through my pants.

“And my pussy is dripping thinking about eating her ass and pussy — both before and after your cock has filled them with your cum. Please say yes — and let me do the talking on this one. And we can get her paperwork over to Rachael — I’ll bet that both Marge and Rachael would just cream all over if we brought her Saturday.”

I have to admit I’ve been thinking about milking her tits since Nancy pulled her in the door. Getting to fuck twin sisters — I’m not stupid. “Okay, I’m in. Let’s head back and you talk to her. Hey, do you want your robe?” I’m hoping Nancy says no, she sure looks yummy.

“Nope. Hmm, I think before we go back out there…” Nancy unzips my jeans, releasing my cock. She wraps a hand around it, gently stroking while bringing her lips to mine. I reach around for her ass, slide my hand under the waistband of her panties and pull her towards me. Our lips meet and she thrusts her tongue into my mouth. She unbuttons my jeans giving my cock more freedom then goes back to her stroking, in the meantime I’ve brought a hand up and have been playing with her breasts and the rings on her nipples.

Nancy pulls her face back, a naughty smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eyes. “Now I think we’re ready to talk to Sue, don’t you? She can either run out the door or stay for the fun.” And with that Nancy heads back to the living room, leading me by my cock.

We walk in and Sue looks up at us kind of goggle eyed. Oh boy, she not only finished her rum and Coke but she knocked back Nancy’s too. Nancy’s grinning wolfishly at her as she leads me to the couch and has me sit on one side of Sue. Nancy sits on the other side of her and Sue’s head is again swiveling back and forth between my now very erect cock proudly displayed from my unzipped jeans and her practically naked sister. I’m not catching fear or disgust from her, a very good sign.

“Uh, guys — I, uh — “. Those were stiff drinks I made and Sue’s speech is a little slurred. Nancy reaches out and puts a hand to Sue’s face.

“Sue, we talked and yes you can stay here. But there are some things you need to be aware of, and a few conditions. You’re free to say no of course but then you’ll have to find other accommodations.”

Nancy gave her an abbreviated story about how she had been repressing all her needs desires etc. That things came to a head very recently and we’ve become far more open about sex, and are doing a lot of experimenting.

But the apartment only has one bedroom and there just isn’t enough room to ‘keep things behind closed doors’. So the only way any of this is going to work is if Sue joins us as a third partner.

We both can see Sue is intrigued and curious – plus her being a little drunk has removed any embarrassment or inhibitions to the proposal. Or of having two semi-naked people sitting next to her. “So like what kind of things are you guys doing?” she asks.

Nancy has been lightly rubbing Sue’s arm with her fingers, now moves her hand to her sister’s thigh. Sue is wearing a light cotton sundress that’s buttoned in the front, and I’m peeking down her neckline whenever I get a chance to – too bad she’s wearing a bra. She’s not paying attention to me — but Nancy is, and she’s grinning mischievously. “Well for starters as you can see Ron likes to watch me walk around in sexy clothes. Usually I’m just wearing stockings and a garter belt when we are at home. And I love to watch his nice beautiful cock jerk and sway so he tends to have it out more than in his pants. I find it very handy — it’s always available for a squeeze or a nibble. Would you like to try it?”

At this point my cock is screaming “YES! YES! YES!” at me over and over again. I lean back just a little bit more as I open my legs — I want Sue to have the proper view. She’s looking at my erect and bobbing cock and the naughty smile on her face matches the one on Nancy’s.

“He does have a nice looking cock, and it’s been so long — you sure it’s okay?” Nancy gets up and walks over to stand right in front of me. She leans over and tugs the waistband of my jeans down — she pulls them off of me. Oh much better now, my balls were getting a little scrunched up. We finish removing my jeans and I sit there in just my shirt.

Nancy wraps a hand around my shaft and gives it a couple of slow strokes. “Of course it’s okay silly — look at him. He’s dying for you to touch him. ” Nancy winks at me as she lets go and stands up. She walks back to the other side of Sue and sits back down on the couch — but this time a lot closer to her sister than she was before. Her breasts are brushing against Sue’s bare arm and they are thigh to thigh. The room is certainly getting steamy — and my cock is yammering “MORE! OH YEAH BABY!” over and over.

Sue wraps her hand around my cock and starts a slow stroking. “I miss this. And Ron’s cock is so much nicer that David’s.” Nancy is smiling at me, and is lightly stroking Sue’s thigh. I give a satisfied sigh, then catch that Sue is getting sexually excited. I decide to heat things up by amping her level just a teensy bit more. “You didn’t tell me what it is you guys are doing Nancy — what are you guys getting into?”

Nancy leans against Sue, kisses her earlobe while tracing her fingers further up her thigh. Nancy lifts the hem of her sundress up, exposing Sue’s panties. Sue responds with a shudder and I’m catching she’s really getting into what’s going on. Nancy keeps her lips near Sue’s ear and brings her voice down low and husky. “Well, sis — I think I’d rather show you than try to explain it all. Needless to say, remember all that teasing you used to do to me about the two of us getting it on, and how much you dug doing other girls? Well girl I’m ready, and the first ass and pussy I want to eat is my twin sisters.”

Wow! I catch that Nancy struck the mother lode. She must sensing it too as she nibbles Sue’s ear — who gives a convulsive clutch to my cock. And Nancy is staying with the low and sultry voice. “Ron’s cock is so-oh very velvety and tasty, and it feels so wonderful in my mouth. I think your brother-in-law could use those soft full lips of yours wrapped around his hard smooth hot cock — don’t you think so to?”

Nancy’s hand is resting on Sue’s upper thigh, her fingers tracing where panty material ends and Sue’s soft skin begins. “And sister, his pre-cum is sweet and yummy – look, there’s some now. It’s all over your hand, he must really be enjoying your stroking. The best is when he cums in my mouth — his lovely cock swells up, that beautiful cock head fills up and starts to twitch, and then the most marvelous juice shoots out and coats my mouth.”

Nancy’s right, I’ve been oozing pre-cum listening to her talking to Sue. And I’m catching the two of them are getting hotter. Nancy is starting to unbutton her sister’s sundress and continues in that low sultry voice “So you should take advantage of that hard throbbing cock sitting next to you. And I really want to play with those soft engorged milk filled breasts of yours, I’m betting you really need those attended to.”

Nancy leans in and softly kisses Sue on the lips — and I’m catching an emotional volcano erupting next to me. Oh my god the woman is white hot. She’s left my cock alone and is caressing Nancy’s not quite as large but still lovely breasts; while Nancy has her hand inside Sue’s sundress and is doing the same over her bra. I figure I might as well get into the action and bring my hand up her thigh and lightly brush against Sue’s panty covered pussy — I just bring my fingers against her pussy lips when she convulses and comes, moaning into Nancy’s mouth.

After Sue comes down from her orgasm she starts to sob, and nestles into Nancy’s neck. “That fucking David and his old girlfriend. She looks like a boy, no tits or ass. Nancy, it’s been so long since anyone touched me, are you sure this is going to be okay?”

Nancy is lightly kissing the side of Sue’s face and holds her. “Poor Sue, that asshole doesn’t deserve you. And of course things are going to be okay, we have all afternoon to play and you are going to feel so good by this evening you’ll be glowing. We both want you and it’s going to be fun. Just sit and relax and we’ll be right by you.” I snuggle up to her other side and Sue gives out a big sigh, relaxing. Being a guy of course my cock is rubbing against her bare thigh — hot, smooth and sexy sister-in-law thigh. Soon enough the sniffles stop and Sue turns towards me, looking at my cock gently throbbing a tattoo against her thigh.

Nancy strokes her hair and staying with the low sultry voice tells her “Go ahead, take Ron’s lovely cock into your mouth. I’m going to do the same to his balls. Let’s make him spurt, his cum is so heavenly. When he comes don’t swallow it, instead feed it to me. Then I have a very naughty thing to show you.”

Nancy kisses Sue along the side of her face, down her neck to her shoulders. She gets off the couch and walks over to me then kneels between my outstretched legs. She holds my cock and smiles invitingly to Sue, who leans down and gently takes my cock head between her soft lips. Sue starts to use her tongue on my glans, trying to insert the tip of it into my piss-hole. Meanwhile Nancy is nibbling and licking my ball sack.

I have one hand entwined in Sue’s hair, my other in Nancy’s. I’m not going to last long and Nancy knows it. “Sue, get ready because Ron is going to shoot his load very soon now. He likes it when you run your tongue along the underside of his cock head — that’s it. Like I said don’t swallow right away, I’ve been hungry for his cream all morning.” Nancy smiles a sweet innocent smile up at me and my cock explodes into Sue’s mouth. Oh god are the two of them good — and Sue has real cock sucking skills. She applies mild suction as I’m shooting into her mouth, curling the tip of her tongue along the underside of my cock — I’m grunting and groaning and riding an awesome wave of pleasure. I finally stop, spent.

Nancy rises up while simultaneously pulling Sue towards her. Their lips meet and I can see their tongues moving — Sue’s transferring her mouthful of my cream into Nancy’s mouth. Both swallow then Nancy pulls away — licking what’s left from Sue’s lips. “Sis, I told you he’s tasty. Now I have something very dirty to show you, come with us.” Nancy stands up and gestures for me to follow. I get up and she takes me by my now softening cock, leading me to the bathroom. Sue follows, mystified.

Nancy pulls me to the toilet by my cock, and Sue stays in the doorway. Nancy starts to giggle as she looks at her sister. “I knew Ron needed to pee a while ago, and he can piss when he has a hard on but it’s hard for him to hit the bowl, so I waited until his cock got soft. I like holding his cock when he pees — you can feel the piss shooting through his cock. It gives me a feeling of power and believe me it makes me very horny. Come on in and try it too — we’ll both hold his cock.” Nancy stands behind me, her left hand holding my cock between thumb and forefinger, pointing it into the toilet bowel.

Sue joins her behind me and I feel her cool soft hand wrap around my cock — I smile blissfully as I release my bladder and piss into the toilet. Nancy demanded to watch me piss a couple of days back, and almost immediately decided she wanted to hold my cock as I pee. This has become something we do whenever we’re home. Now I’ve got twin sisters to hold my cock as I piss — life is fucking great!

Sue squeals and giggles as she exclaims “Oh my god this is hot — and you’re right girl, I can feel the piss going through his cock. I wonder…” She starts to move my cock around, directing the stream around the bowel and chuckles while she’s doing it.

And she’s right, it does feel hot especially with Nancy stroking my ass with her other hand. Sue has her other arm wrapped around my shoulders and I feel my cock start to swell and get hard – with the two sisters hands wrapped around and holding it while I’m pissing into the toilet.

I finish and Nancy directs Sue to shake my cock — which she does and the two sisters get into another bout of the giggles. Sue takes her hand off my cock and I turn around towards Nancy. She’s dropped to her knees and is licking the tip of my cock clean.

Sue’s at the sink and is staring at Nancy lick the last drops of urine from my cock. “Eww sis, what are you doing?” I’m not catching disgust — quite the opposite. So I give Sue another teensy jolt to amp up her sexual excitement. If I know Nancy there will be a lot more of this later.

“Amen.” Maya said completing her prayers before she stood back up and climbed into her neatly made bed.

She tucked herself under the warm blankets and plumped the pillow under her head. Reaching to the bedside table she turned off the table lamp. The room was plunged into darkness with the only light source being the over sized glowing numbers on her digital alarm clock. It was ten thirty at night. She always went to bed on time. Her alarm was set for six in the morning. She got up early to work out before showering and dressing for work.

Maya signed to herself in the darkness as she rolled over several times. She had had dinner with her younger sister, her brother in-law and their two kids tonight. She had had a lovely time, but it left her feeling a tad jealous. Jealousy was disgusting and a deadly sin, but Maya couldn’t deny that was exactly how she felt. Her sister, at just twenty five years old, had everything Maya wanted. A loving husband, two beautiful children, and a cozy home to enjoy them in.

Maya at thirty had the cozy house, but none of the rest. In fact, having been raised by extremely religious and strict parents she was even still a virgin. Maya felt her face flush with embarrassment even though no one could possibly know that particular truth. She never told anyone! Of course her family assumed she was, since she had never married, but the rest of the world she let believe she was normal.

Normal was not something she felt. Maya had urges she didn’t understand. Every so often there would be an itch between her legs that needed soothing. She didn’t allow herself the sin of masturbation. The very thought repulsed her. Only weak people did such depraved things. She was strong and would remain chaste until her wedding night.

Tonight was one of those nights though. She felt hot, flustered and filled with needs she couldn’t even put words to. She tossed and turned until the clock read midnight, and then thankfully suck into a fitful sleep filled with dreams that made her feel ashamed.

She wasn’t sure if it was the dream or a sound that woke her in the middle of the night, but suddenly her eyes flew open. Maya sat up in the dark and clutched her blanket to her chest. Her nipples were hard and she could feel a wetness in her panties. Her dreams still clung to the recesses of her mind making her feel hot and shameful. The room seemed still and calm. She listened for anything else that might have woke her. She felt as if something had. There was no dog barking. No noisy cars outside. No sounds at all.

Maya forced herself to take deep measured breathes. Licking her lips she glanced at the bedside clock and noted it was two thirty in the morning. If she was going to get up on time, she needed to get some sleep now. She was about to lay back down when she heard a sound that sent chills up her spine.

It was soft but it was there. Breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Bile rose in Maya’s throat as her heart slammed hard against her rib cage. Whoever it was they were in her pitch dark room with her. She squinted into the shadowy corners of her bedroom. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. He didn’t care if she heard him. She didn’t even know how she knew it was a “him” but she knew all the same.

Clutching the blanket tighter she drew her legs up to her body and pressed herself into the headboard. She cursed herself for not keeping a knife or something in her bedside table. She very slowly and silently reached for the phone on her bedside table.

“Don’t bother.” Came a deep voice just above a whisper.

Maya cried out in fear but snatched her hand back to her body. “P-p-please just leave! I won’t tell anyone!”

It was stupid. Maya had watched enough TV to know that never worked, and furthermore if he did leave she would tell everyone!

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. “The phone won’t work, and I am not leaving until I get what I want.”

Cold hard dread slid through Maya’s body. She knew instinctively what he wanted, but she had to try. “Take anything you want. I will tell you where I keep my valuables. Please just take whatever and leave.”

Two heavy footsteps and she could see the shadows move. He was big that much was evident. Her mind went into overdrive. Could she make it to the door before he stopped her? She doubted it. In fact he was between her and the door anyway. It was still had to discern exactly where he was, or even exactly how large he was.

“I know what I want already, Maya.”

Her head snapped up. “How do you know my name?”

He laughed a soft, deep laugh. Maya felt indignation slide up her spine. “Don’t you laugh at me! How do you know my name?”

“I want you, Maya. I am going to have you.”

He wasn’t laughing now, and Maya’s indignation turned to sickening fear again. “Please don’t do this!” She pleaded into the darkness.

“This is going to be an experience like nothing you could ever imagine. It won’t hurt. It will forever change your life.”

“Don’t rape me.” The word “rape” came out on a squeak. Her entire body trembled.

He moved again. He was closer to the end of the bed. She could make out that he was well over seven feet tall and had linebacker shoulders. He was a monster of a man. Maya knew she couldn’t fight this man. He was going to be able to defile her and she could literally do nothing to stop him. She was far too petite and ill equipped. She also knew he was wrong, this was going to hurt.

She didn’t see him move but felt her bedclothes being tugged steadily away from her. She held on tight, but it did nothing to stop him. Soon, she sat in her dressing gown and panties pressed against the headboard.

“Why me?” She asked.

“I need to have you.” He answered simply. His breathing sounded heavier with excitement.

“You’re sick!” Maya shrieked. He didn’t try to silence her. There was little chance of anyone hearing her. Her neighbor’s home just wasn’t that close. “Don’t do this to me!”

There was a movement and it was so sudden but her ankles were snagged and tugged hard toward the end of the bed. Maya’s eyes rounded like saucers, as her jaw dropped open to scream but she couldn’t force more than a pathetic squeal. It was not hands that grabbed her ankles, but something slithery and smooth. Her mind scrambled for the right word. Like an squid! Like an octopus!


The slid effortlessly around her slender ankles and wrapped firmly. They held her legs straight out in front of her. Maya tried harder to see in the darkness. She was squinting when the light on her bedside table lit to its most dim setting.

IT was a man. Well, it was mostly a man. She was speechless in both fear and awe. She had been right, he was enormous, but what she hadn’t expected was he was stunning in the most unearthly way. His hard was jet black and thick. A little too long to be conventional, but not so much so that he would be unconventional. His skin was smooth and pale. It was his eyes that were most amazing. They were an icy blue that was somehow made you feel cold and hot all at the same time. Maya noted he was shirtless, and his chest and stomach was beautifully defined with strong muscles.

The tentacles were black and coming from his back. They looked smooth and soft. Maya knew she should be horrified, but somehow she found herself feeling oddly calm and completely intrigued. She studied him and he seemed to remain still so she could. The lighting wasn’t good, but she could see him. He was watching her as well, but she could see he had already known what she looked like even before he had turned on the light (without even moving closer).

Maya counted the tentacles that swayed and moved around him. Including the two wrapped around her ankles she noted that there was eight of them. The ones touching her were warm, dry, soft, and most certainly powerful. Maya shuddered a little as she brought her eyes back to his.

“Maya…” he said deeply. His voice rumbled with need.

“Don’t do this.” She whispered, halfheartedly.

“I have fought this since the day I first met you. I can’t fight it anymore. I am just not strong enough.”

There should have been tears and screaming. She should be attempting to escape, and instead she found herself just sitting there like a waiting duck. Her mind felt clear, but maybe too clear. She felt a sense of calm that shouldn’t be there. It dawned on her that somehow this man, this creature, was controlling her emotions.

“Are you controlling my mind?” She asked.

He shook his head side to side. “Not exactly. I can’t control your mind, but I can use my mind to put you at ease. I am calming you so you are not scared of me, or what is going to happen. Logically you will understand you should feel scared, but you won’t actually feel scared.”

Maya blinked. If this was a nightmare, it was a dozy.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Maya. I won’t hurt you. I am going to give you great pleasure.”

His tentacles moved and Maya watched as two came closer to her. They wrapped around her wrists and drew her arms up above her head. On tentacle wrapped snugly around both wrists and held them firmly over her head, and the other moved to wrap around her waist. Maya felt her body being pulled back down the bed so she lay on her back, with her wrists and ankles secured.

Maya cried out in surprise, but it still didn’t register as fear. Her body was being moved effortlessly as if she weighed nothing at all. He never moved and just remained at the foot of the bed. All at once his tentacles were everywhere and tugging at her nightgown. The flimsy gown didn’t make for much resistance and soon she wore only her panties.

The beast gasped at the sight of her breasts, sounding more man than beast. Much to Maya’s horror her nipples tightened into hard peaks when his tentacles wrapped around her breasts and flicked over her sensitive nipples. Her eyes could barely comprehend as she watched the tips of the tentacles change shape and then suction cup themselves onto her nipples. She felt a steady sucking sensation. It actually felt quite amazing and Maya couldn’t bring herself to protest.

“You’re every bit as beautiful as I knew you would be.” He whispered reverently.

Maya protested when she felt her panties being tugged down her legs. His tentacles moved her with absolutely no effort and the panties were pulled away from her body. She was completely naked now and sprawled on her own bed. His strong tentacles held her, and the ones on her nipples still sucked without mercy. Maya’s breasts somehow felt as if they were getting larger and heavier, but she knew that was impossible. He grunted as he used the tentacles around her ankles to spread her legs nice and wife. His eyes burned with desire as he looked at her most intimate place.

She blushed from her head to her toes. No one, other than her doctor, had seen her so exposed her parents still bathed and dressed her. She felt vulnerable and shy. “I am a virgin. Please don’t do this.” She made one last plea, but realized immediately that confessing to being a virgin was likely a huge mistake.

His head snapped up as his eyes met hers. He was gauging if she was telling the truth. “You’re far too beautiful to have never shared this with anyone.” He said quizzically.

“Proper ladies don’t do such things before marriage.” Maya explained. She attempted to raise her chin in indignation, but that was hard to do in her current position.

“I am going to do things to you that no virgin would even imagine trying, but I promise you that none of it will hurt and you will feel amazing during and after.”

The tentacles on her lips kept up their sucking and it was making it hard for Maya to think. When she opened her mouth to speak all that came out was a long whimper full of desires she didn’t even understand, and could scarcely comprehend.

The beast maneuvered her into more of a sitting position, and this time Maya was certain it wasn’t her imagination. Her breasts really did feel heavier. She looked from her breasts to the beast in confusion. He nodded at her and lowered his gaze to her chest. She followed his gaze and watched as the tentacles pulled off her nipples. The nipples were a deep shade of pink almost even purple. They were distended from the prolonged sucking. A shocked sound bubbled from Maya’s chest as she noticed what looked like milk leaking steadily from her nipples.

“What?! What is this?” She cried out. She still didn’t feel fear, but she did feel confusion. Her eyes shot to the beast’s face. He was looking at her almost lovingly.

“Don’t worry. It’s breast milk and it is natural. The female body is built to create milk.” He explained with ease, as if it was normal that her breasts would suddenly be so full of milk they were leaking non-stop.

“I have never been pregnant, nothing about this is normal! Make it stop!” Maya demanded.

The beast man had the good sense to look at least somewhat contrite, but still shook his head no. “It will have to stop naturally over time.”

He manipulated her body again so now she was laying on her back again, her hands above her head and her legs spread good and wide. Maya noticed a coolness between her legs and realized she was a bit moist there. Shame washed over her and she closed her eyes. This had to all just be a bad dream and at anytime she would surely wake up. The two tentacles that had been suckling on her nipples were now massaging and squeezing her breasts making streams of milk squirt from her. The sensation was not unpleasant.

This almost distracted her from the tentacle that was now sliding up her leg and caressing her skin the entire way. It was moving toward her most private spot, and there was literally nothing she could do to stop it. She tried to look at the beast’s face but he had her so that her bottom half was elevated higher than her top half. She supposed this was to give him a better view and access to her virginal opening. When the tip of the tentacle finally reached her there it caressed her gently and intimately. There was not denying that it felt deliciously good.

Maya moaned and writhed in the beast’s grip. He grunted hungrily in response. “You are so responsive. You need this Maya.”

“No… ” she barely managed to grit the one word out between long moans and whimpers.

The tip of the tentacle searched her between her legs and found a most magical bundle of nerves. It began to do the most amazing thing. If Maya had to describe the sensation she would liken it to a tongue licking her there. She was disgusted and enthralled. Repulsed and yet drawn. She wanted to all stop, but she knew secretly she craved much more. Her heart was racing in her chest and she could hear the blood pounding in her ears. Maya’s body was betraying her.

It licked and licked her at that perfect spot. She wanted to understand. “What…what are you doing to me?” She asked.

The beast almost chucked. She could hear it in his voice. “That’s your clit. I am enjoying it.”

“My clit?” She said the word like it was forbidden. “It feels like you are licking me there.”

“That is sort of what I am doing. I take it from your breathlessness that you enjoy this?”

Maya refused to answer, but she didn’t need to. Her virginal hole was leaking wetness. Her nipples were engorged, hard and squirting milk constantly. The tentacle at her clit picked up its pace and it’s ministrations became a fever pitch. Soon enough, Maya was gasping and moaning tumbling headlong toward what she could only assume was an orgasm. She had never had one before, and knew little of what they entailed, but surely this had to be what the beast was doing to her.

Just on the brink Maya could scarcely breathe. She couldn’t form proper thoughts. She wanted to hurtle herself head first into all the sensations he was building inside her, but that wouldn’t be. He stopped.

“Nooooooooooooooo!” Maya cried out at the injustice. She had felt so close to something incredible.

“Shhhh sweet one.” He said gently. Once again the beast used his strong tentacles to move her body into a new position. Once he was done moving her, she was upright above her bed. Floating suspended in his strong grip. She was fully supported and felt completely safe and comfortable. Her legs were held spread and she could feel she was dripping with wetness there.

Two tentacles returned to her nipples and began feeding from her milk. Maya closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of the milk being drawn from her swollen breasts. It felt so incredible that she didn’t even remotely think to fight or protest when one of his tentacles began to probe at the opening to her vagina. It wiggled at the opening as if waiting for an invitation. One wouldn’t come, but nor would an demand for it to stop. Maya was giving herself over to the beast’s needs, but also, secretly her own needs.

“This won’t hurt. A human man would hurt you, but I won’t hurt you.”

Maya wanted to ask how that was to be, but it was too late. The tentacle at her opening was pushing inside her. The tip made its way past her tight entrance but the tentacle kept pushing. He was right in that it didn’t hurt at all. In fact it felt amazing beyond anything Maya could have ever expected. She felt so full, but the fullness felt right. It was as if an ache she never knew she had was finally being completely and irrevocably soothed.

He pulled her closer so he could really see her and see his tentacle disappear up inside of her. Maya noted he smelled like a man, fresh soap and musk. She cried out so loudly when another tentacle returned to her clit and once again began its maddening licking sensation. He moved her any which way he wished so he could see all the things he was doing to her.

He tipped her bum up toward him as he pressed a tentacle to that opening. Maya’s eyes flew open and she looked at the beast who was now her lover. She knew he had said it wouldn’t hurt, and somehow she believed him, but still this seemed wildly naughty. She was about to try to ask for mercy, but then realized he wasn’t going to heed her pleas.

She could feel the tentacle at her back entrance spread some slippery wetness over her there. Soon after it pressed against the puckered opening until it spread and he now had access to her anal canal. It possession there was immediate and he filled her there deeply. It didn’t hurt in the least even though the tentacle was wide and was holding her very much open there. Stretching her anus and filling her beyond what she ever believed possible.

The real pounding began. The beast was grunting as his tentacles thrust in and out of her vagina and anus. They were taking turns so that one whole was always filled. Then both tentacles would plunge so deeply leaving her feeling filled to the brim.

The tentacles at her nipples sucked and massaged. Milk leaked down her body. Maya felt wanton. Her bones felt soft and she just let him use her body. She opened her mouth to scream in pleasure, but found a tentacle with a head much like a penis sliding between her lips. Without thought she began to suck. It tasted good and she liked the feel of it in her mouth. She felt built to take all of this. As if her body had been created to take this beast’s tentacles. It was ridiculous and incredible.

An orgasm came crashing down on Maya so fast and so hard she was left almost unconscious. She moaned, wiggled, writhed and screamed her way through it. Her pussy flooded and squirted around the tentacle. Her nipples squirted jets of milk all over the place. It was the most intense experience Maya had ever had, and one she would sell her soul to have again.

The tentacles slowed but didn’t stop their maddening toying. She struggled to catch her breath. As she finally came back to her senses the merciless sex picked back up. Maya found herself being taken hard again by the tentacle in her vagina, the one in her ass, and the one that returned to her mouth. Her nipples were being sucked hard. This was an onslaught and there was going to be no compassion . The beast had needs too, and he was racing toward satiating them.

A year later, in a two bedroom apartment close to a child care center, Millie woke up as two pairs of tiny feet clambered onto the bed and full of eagerness greeted her. She kissed Carrie and Graham.

“Mommy, happy birthday!” Graham lisped, as he gave her a hug and a kiss.

“Mommy, mommy, we made breakfast for you!” exclaimed Carrie, hugging her mother.

“You did? Thank you, darlings,” said Millie, hugging her kids and then tickling them as they giggled away.

“Daddy said to go see if you were awake. Are you awake now?” asked Graham.

“Yes, baby, I am awake,” replied Millie, smiling.

Carrie slipped down the bed and ran out the door, crying out, “Daddy, mommy’s awake.”

Graham also slipped down the bed and ran behind her, excited to inform their father.

Millie looked at the two and smiled. She looked at the cot in their bedroom and walked over to check on baby Stuart. Stuart had woken up, with the noise that his siblings had made and smiled at his mother. Millie picked up Stuart and took him back to the bed and kissing him, brought his mouth to her nipple, to give his morning milk. Stuart sucked hungrily.

In a few minutes, her husband came in carrying a breakfast tray with the two kids in tow. They sang her a birthday song and kissed her again.

“I made that pancake, mommy, and Graham made that one,” said Carrie.

“No, you ate the one that you made,” responded Graham, “Daddy made that one. He made us chocolate pancakes, mommy.”

“They look beautiful, kids. I sure am going to enjoy my breakfast,” said Millie, still feeding Stuart who paused at the disturbance.

Carrie and Graham stood next to her and looked at their baby brother, sucking on their mother’s nipple. Feeling left out and remembering the breast that used to be theirs, they looked at their mother and asked, “Mommy, can I have some milk too?”

Millie smiled and nodded, “Yes, darlings, once your baby brother finishes drinking, I will feed both of you.”

When she finished feeding Stuart, her husband took the baby and kissed her.

Carrie and Graham clambered back onto the bed and snuggling on either side of her arm, happily suckled on Millie’s breasts. Millie kissed the tops of their tiny heads as she tandem fed them.

Her husband sat by her side and massaged her shoulders gently.

After a few minutes, he whispered to the kids that he would serve them pancakes in the kitchen, if they came now. He put Stuart gently in the cot and walked back to the kitchen. Reluctantly, the two kids released their mother’s nipple and ran after their father to have their breakfast.

Millie smiled at the trio and then looked at her breakfast tray. They had put smiley faces on the pancakes. She smiled as she drank some orange juice and knowing that her husband would join her soon, she waited to have breakfast with him.

He came in and closed the door and walked over to her and leaned to kiss her on her lips.

“Happy birthday, my darling wife,” he whispered as he lovingly kissed her. He picked a piece of fruit and offered it to her. She ate the fruit. Then, she cut the pancake and offered him a piece. Laughing, they enjoyed feeding each other and it wasn’t long before they started kissing each other passionately.

“I have a present for you,” her husband whispered, and pausing in his kiss, reached over to the bedside table and brought up a packaged gift and handed it to her.

Millie opened it and saw that it was sheer baby doll lingerie that was as skimpy as it was completely see-through. It had a knot under the bust that held the flimsy garment together and could easily flicked open to access what was underneath.

“With my after birth belly, lingerie is something that I turn away from,” laughed Millie.

Her husband said, “I know and it is a shame because you have the most beautiful body that a woman could have.”

He leaned over and kissed her. Then, he turned to put her breakfast tray on the floor. Continuing to kiss her, he slowly pulled up her satin nightgown and removed it over her arms. He kissed her neck as his fingers gently touched her breasts and played with them, before his lips soon followed. Flicking one of her nipple with his tongue, his fingers squeezed the other nipple until her milk sprayed onto his fingers. His tongue moved over to this nipple and licked the spray and kissed her breast.

He slowly made his way down her stomach, kissing her belly lovingly. Then, he slowly slid off her panty as his mouth kissed the spaces that the panty exposed. Reaching her clitoris, his tongue flicked it before starting to lick and suck it.

Millie moaned as she felt her pussy is responding to his mouth. His hands rubbed her thighs as his tongue moved to her vagina and he started licking her juices. Millie grabbed the corners of her pillow and arched her back as her orgasm sent waves of pleasure through her. Kissing her pussy lips and clit, her husband moved up her body, licking the milk that had sprayed over her chest and stomach. He reached her breasts and sucked on her nipples.

He finally reached up and kissed his wife on her lips and whispered, “I love you.”

Millie kissed back and whispered, “I love you, Richard.”

Hearing their kids knocking at the door, they quickly dressed and opened the door.

“Daddy, are we going to Uncle Dan’s house now?” asked Graham.

“No, baby, we are going there for lunch,” replied Richard.

“Can I bring my guitar, Daddy?” asked Carrie, “I want to play Uncle Dan my new song.”

“Yes, baby, you may,” smiled Richard.

Millie looked at him, lovingly and leaned over to kiss him on the back of his neck, before she asked, “Who wants to go to the pool now?”

“Me, me,” cried out the little voices.

She looked over at Richard and smiled, “let’s go for a swim, darling.”

The family went over to the pool and enjoyed their swim before going over for lunch to Dan’s house. Dan hugged Millie and wished her for her birthday and said he had invited Paul and her former housemate over for lunch as well.

As her friends toasted to her health and happiness, Millie looked around the room and was happy to see all whom she loved being there to celebrate her birthday.

Her former housemate got up and toasted to her, “Here’s to Millie, the bravest woman I know for having the courage to come through her terrible experiences and seek out the happiness that she deserved. Here’s to many more years of happiness and love, Millie!”

Paul got up and said, “Here’s to a beautiful woman whom I regret letting go of but Millie, I wish you happiness with the one you chose. You gave me the greatest gift a man could ever have, my child, my baby girl Carrie!” He kissed his daughter, whom he was carrying in his arms.

“Dad and Uncle Dan, I want to sing my new song to you. I brought my guitar,” exclaimed Carrie, remembering her song.

Richard gave Carrie her guitar and she strummed on it, as a pre-recorded tune played and sang her own concocted song.

Millie hugged Graham, who was seated on her lap. Richard came and sat on the armrest of Millie’s chair, putting his arm around her.

After Carrie had sung her song, Dan got up to make his toast, “Here’s to the amazing woman who changed the lives of many of us. She has nurtured me and given me more than I could have ever hoped for and taken away my loneliness. Here’s to the awesome mother and her happiness with her husband and kids!”

Millie smiled at Dan, as Richard squeezed her shoulders warmly.

Richard kissed his wife before he got up to toast her, “Here’s to the love of my life and the mother of my three kids. I am truly lucky to have the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world love me. I have caused her enough heartache in the past and I only want to bring her the happiness she deserves. I love you, my beautiful Millie!”

Millie reached over as he sat back on the armrest.

Millie spoke up, “I am truly blessed to experience such love around me from my darling husband and three wonderful kids to my closest friends. Thank you for making me feel special and celebrating this birthday with me.”

As they were getting ready to leave the house in the evening, Millie kissed Dan, “I will be coming over tomorrow afternoon for our nurturing time.”

Dan hugged her as he responded, “Oh, yes, I definitely need our time. It’s been a week since I suckled on your delightful breasts and drank my sweet life-saving nectar.”

Richard smiled and said, “I will be taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow afternoon so you should have plenty of time with my wife’s breasts.”

Paul, overhearing their conversation, turned to Richard and said, “I admire you for being so open about sharing your wife with another man.”

Richard smiled, “I have learnt my lesson in life regarding relationships. I love Millie, she loves me and we are loyal to each other. It has taken time to rebuild our relationship and to come to this point of trust and love but we are stronger for it. I don’t think either of us would want petty jealousy to spoil our beautiful relationship. I also love the fact that she is able to share her breasts and breast milk with her closest friend.”

Paul smiled and picking up Carrie, he said, “Well, baby girl, let’s go play some music.” Carrie was going to spend the night over at her father’s place and Millie kissed her, handing over her overnight bag to Paul.

Millie turned to Richard and putting her arm around his waist, whispered, “Let’s go home, baby, and have some fun. I’d like to try on your birthday present.”

His eyes sparkling, Richard enthusiastically agreed and gathering Graham and Stuart, they left for their home.

*This particular installment of the series In Love with Daddy has little to do with Taylor and his father. Instead, it focuses on Lauren, and her relationships with her mother, and her sister, Christine.*

*At the time of sexual activity, all characters are 18 years of age or older*

I had woken up early that day—at 6:30am instead of 7:00—and needed Mom to sign a permission slip for my class’s field trip that day. I was 12 or 13, don’t quite remember. I do remember going up to my parent’s door and knocking on it, softly. Daddy was gone on a business trip, so I knew to only expect Mom. But no one came to open the door. She must be in there, I thought, because no one was downstairs yet—my sister Christine and my brother Taylor were still asleep in their rooms.

Carefully, I tried the knob on the door, and found it unlocked. I pushed myself in and found Dad and Mom’s queen-sized bed empty, covers thrown aside. Their bathroom door was partly closed, and a mix of yellow light and puffs of steam were streaming from beneath it and from the part that was open. I heard the shower water, and could tell she was moving around a little under it since the sound the water made changed every few seconds.

I don’t know what propelled me then, but I made my way to the door and slowly pushed it in so that I would have enough room to stick my head in. I did so and, through puffs of steam and a blanket of heat, I saw my mother’s peach-colored outline through the see-through glass door to the shower. She was slim, had a nice round butt and long legs, and—what really got me excited that morning—a beautiful, perky set of full and heavy breasts. I watched, fascinated, as she turned in a little circle, going from a profile view to backside and around to the front again. I didn’t know it then, of course, but I was aroused—maybe the first time in my life. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Now I was just about to back away and pull the door back to where it was a moment ago, when suddenly the shower door swung wide open and I found Mom facing me full on, looking at me with those doe eyes of hers. She was dripping—and the shower was still on. Her nipples were straight and hard, her big areolas surrounding them looked like two great eyes. Below, her trimmed brown pussy hair glistened at her crotch.

“Lauren!” she had said then, bringing her arms up to fold them across her chest—her breasts. “What are you doing?”

I fumbled my way through an explanation of the needed permission slip.

“Oh, okay,” Mom had said. “Just wait a minute and I’ll be right out.” Her eyes had lingered upon mine, a puzzled expression upon her face. Then she had just closed the door and was in the middle of another one of those circles of hers as I shut the door behind me.

Somehow that little event changed me, I realize now. Incest, of all stripes, had always held a very special place for me since then. I had never acted out on my desires, but they remained strong anyway. Especially those feelings for Mom. I never looked at her the same since then. In fact, it might have been even somewhat of a crush. I found myself stammering around her, anxious to say the right things. I had fantasies about everyone in the family—in all sorts of combinations—but my deepest, and most affectionate, secret feelings were always for Mom. When she died almost 10 years ago, when I was 22, my sister 20, and Taylor 19, I was absolutely devastated. I had spent weeks grieving over her. It was then that the incest fantasies had started to fade, and I had started to date around for the first time—with a few flings but no big successes, leaving me single though I am now 32 years old. The fantasies had, I thought, become a thing of the past—until now.

When I caught Daddy masturbating to pictures of his own son, I was secretly thrilled but years of conditioning had made me feel an obligation to pretend to be disgusted. It was only later, at home touching myself over the idea, that I really remembered my old dead fantasies.

I masturbated to the video I’d shot of Daddy and Taylor six or seven times, in the few days that passed afterwards. My favorite part was when Taylor begins to cry, telling his father how much he has appreciated him his whole life. I was disappointed when he and I had lunch and he informed me of his brief affair with this nurse, Jason, from his work at the ER. I had told him to be honest about his feelings, to just tell Daddy about it no matter what happened. I went home second-guessing myself. What if Daddy can’t take the news?

After masturbating to the video again that night, I was about to call Taylor to find out how everything had went when my phone vibrated and, looking on the caller I.D., I saw that Christine was calling.

“Hello?” I answered. “What’s up?”

“Hey sis,” Christine said. “How have you been?”

“Fine, thanks,” I said. I was sitting there naked in front of the T.V., where I had just paused the Daddy/Taylor video on an image of Daddy sucking one of Taylor’s nipples. “How’s Andrew? The kids?”

“They’re fine . . .” Christine said. I could hear a tinge of worry in her voice, though. She was married to Andrew, and had had two little boys with him. “Well, no. We are not fine . . . I caught Andrew cheating.” She said the last part very quietly.

“Oh no,” I said, honestly concerned. I got up from the couch and made my way to the kitchen, where I pulled a bottle of orange juice from the fridge.

“Yeah . . . Andrew has been sleeping with this woman from his firm. Her name is Sarah. She’s a real bitch.”

“I am so, so sorry,” I said, pouring the orange juice into a clean glass. “What are you guys going to do? I mean, with the kids too and—”

“I am done with him,” she replied quickly. “I have already kicked him out of the house. I am a wreck right now though, sis . . . I was freaking out this afternoon so one of my neighbors here said they’d take the kids for a couple days for me.”

I had known my sister’s relationship had been on the rocks for a while, but this was altogether surprising, and sad. I felt complete sadness for her then . . . it sounded like she needed me somehow. “Do you want me to come over tonight?” I asked. “We can talk about everything.”

“Umm . . .” she started, sounding legitimately unsure. “I wouldn’t want to cause too much trouble for you. And don’t you have work or something in the morning?”

“No, I don’t work the rest of this week. I can come over. I’ll bring my things—I can even spend a couple of days with you, if you want.”

“Okay . . . if you don’t mind. It is a pretty far drive though, and it’s already almost—”

“Sis!” I said, laughing lightly. “It takes me 40 minutes to get over there. That is not far! I’ll be right over!”

“Thanks . . . You are the best.”

She hung up. I finished my orange juice and went upstairs to take a quick shower and get dressed and packed. I decided on jeans and a spaghetti string top since it wasn’t too cold out. As I got ready, I noticed that my heart was beating a little faster, my palms were a little sweatier, and I felt dizzy. I looked at myself in the mirror—average sized breasts with a little cleavage, thin but with a few extra pounds here and there, brown eyes, dirty blonde hair—and found that yes, I was completely flushed. I was even a bit horny again—must have been. But it was not the intense Daddy/Taylor video this time; it had come on from thoughts of my sister! It is true that she had played a part—a minor one—in a few of my incestuous fantasies, it was never really at her that any of my most erotic feelings had found a home. I was, I thought, a lot more interested in Daddy, Taylor, and of course Mom. But she was always very attractive, even now at 30 years old. It’s just that she had kind of done her own thing while I’d always done mine. We had never been too close.

I drove the 40 minutes to her suburban home and, grabbing my things up in my arms, I rang her doorbell. A moment later and there she was, wearing a dark skirt and a green blouse. She was a brunette, gracefully slender, full breasts (bigger than mine), had a nice butt. Growing up, people had sometimes said she was the prettier sister. That used to really hurt me but I had gotten over it.

“Come on in,” she said, with a gesture. “I set up the guest bedroom for you. Gosh, sis, it’s been so long since we’ve spent a lot of time together! This should be fun!”

I followed her upstairs to the room, where I put my bag into the closet. “Well, tell me about Andrew,” I said when we were back downstairs, in the living room.

“Do you want something to drink? I have a few things I can mix up,” Christine said. “Or some wine? I have a good red.”

Before I could reply she was up, retrieving the wine. I wasn’t going to decline her offer anyway, though. She came back with the glasses and put the bottle on the table in front of us. We sipped as we spoke. She told me all about the steamy affair between her husband and this redhead Sarah, who was ten years younger than Andrew. Christine told me how she had been suspecting something for a while and had decided to hire a private investigator to check things out. He had come with the news yesterday morning, and the proof.

“I cried, sis,” Christine said after she was through with the story. “I cried again today. I just . . . Well, and now we have to do this to the kids—the divorce and all that, I mean. I am not excited.” We had finished the wine and had started on a new bottle. I was buzzed and I could tell she was too.

“You are such a beautiful woman, too,” I said. “Why would he even think about cheating on you? I can’t believe him.”

“Thanks,” Christine said. “I appreciate that . . . Oh, I heard from Becca today, about her and Taylor.”

“Oh? You mean, about the divorce and all that?” I asked. The sex scene on the tape flashed into my mind just then—Daddy bent over Taylor, his tongue slipping in and out of his son’s anus—and my heart started thumping again in my chest.

“I already knew about that part of it,” Christine continued. “I didn’t know why she wanted to leave him though. Taylor never talks to me. But Becca told me that it was because she had found out about him and another man. He had been cheating on her with a guy! Also, I heard he started wearing womens clothing. Did you hear about this? Have you seen Taylor recently?”

“Yeah, saw him earlier today, in fact . . . and yes, he is gay and a crossdresser.”

“I am so surprised,” Christine said. She put her wine glass down and stretched herself across the couch, looking up at the ceiling. I looked at her moist lips, those protruding big mother’s breasts—and found myself suddenly yearning for her as I had never quite done before. And she did kind of look like Mom, in a way . . . I could see it now.

“I have talked with Taylor about it,” I said. “I understand him . . . and he does actually look pretty good dressed as a woman, Christine. It is tasteful. I always thought he had nice skin tone, and yours and mother’s hair. And about him being gay, he told me that he thinks he was always gay and that—”

“Didn’t he move in with Dad?” Christine asked, interrupting me. She had this distanced, glazed-over look just then.

“Yes,” I said. It was nothing secret.

“Sis,” Christine said. Then, slowly, “I know that Dad and Taylor are having sex. Becca told me about it. She said that you . . . knew also.”

I think I went pale then. I put down my wine glass and hugged myself, trying to figure out what to say next. I didn’t get the chance since Christine just continued.

“I know you’re okay with it,” she said. “I also know that . . . Well, how you felt about Mom when we were teenagers. I found your files, on the computer in our room. The ones that contained those stories of yours, the ones about Dad and Taylor, and especially Mom. You wrote poems about her.”

I swallowed, and reached for my wine glass again. “Christine,” I began, searching for words. “I might have to tell you—”

“I read the stories about me too, Lauren. You didn’t seem to like me much though—I was kind of just there in your big orgy fantasies or whatever they were.” Christine flicked her hair back and smiled at me, her tongue sticking out very slightly. “What, don’t you find me attractive, sis?”

“Well, growing up you and I were just never close,” I said, honest, and sipped my wine. “You see, the fantasies are about more than just sex. It’s hard to explain. I think that Taylor and Daddy see the same thing now, though. It’s all about being very, very close to someone you love in an altogether more profound and affectionate way than a simple family relationship is alone. Does this make sense?”

Christine reached out and touched me on my thigh, that smile still on her lips. “Well,” she said, sitting up and scooting over next to me. “I need that kind of intimacy, sis . . . right now, in my time of need.” She rubbed my thigh and put her arm around my back.

“You are drunk, Christine,” I said, my heart going wild in my chest. I was already getting wet down there. “You might . . . Well, are you sure you want this?”

“I want you,” she replied. With that she leaned towards me and kissed me lightly on the lips. “You’re my big sister, and I need you right now.” Her hand slid up my jeans from my thigh to my pussy, which she began rubbing gently. She kissed me again.

“Oh, Christine,” I exclaimed softly. “That feels so good, but . . . I mean, our relationship will never be the same again. We will always remember this when we’re around each other.”

She seemed to not even be listening anymore. Her lips had come down upon my exposed neck now, as she continued to rub me between my legs. I put my arm around her, on her butt, and pulled her closer to me. With my other hand I touched one of her breasts through her shirt. It was soft, giving way beneath the light pressure of my fingers. I ran my thumb around her hard nipple there, feeling it there behind her bra. In another moment, I found myself unbuttoning her blouse, starting at the top.

“You have great breasts,” I said to her, looking down. “You have Mom’s—Mommy’s—breasts.”

Christine chuckled. “Yeah, you would know! I wouldn’t! I wasn’t the weird sister with a crush on her own mother!” I could tell she was joking . . . even being flirtatious. I kissed her again on the lips as she continued to vigorously touch my moist pussy. I felt her tongue slide in and then out of my mouth, flipping up against my top teeth every so often.

Meanwhile, I continued to fumble, awkwardly, at her blouse. I finally managed to have all buttons undone. Christine could tell and so she drew back a little from me and helped me slip the shirt from her. She leaned back, her bra in view. I put my hands on her bare shoulders, kissed her, and turned her around a little just so I could reach her bra strap. I did, and carefully unclipped it. Turning back to face me, she smiled and let the bra drop. Her breasts really were just like Mom’s—dark hard nipples, big areolas.

“Do you want to suck them?” Christine asked. She shook a little so as to make her breasts bounce in a cute way.

“Of course,” I said, smiling. Christine had let go of my pussy.

“I meant that you could drink from me,” she said. “In those stories with Mom you’d always drink her milk, like a baby.”

“Umm . . .” I bit my lip, looking into her eyes now. “But . . . you’re not Mom, Christine.”

“I know,” she said. “But I am a mother. And I have the mother’s instincts. I want to feed you . . . daughter.” She winked at me, and smiled. “Go ahead, Lauren.”

“Can I put my head in your lap?” I asked, finally deciding to do it.

Christine nodded. “First . . . let’s get all naked,” I said.

After stripping off all of our clothes—my own breasts so small compared to hers—I arranged myself so that I was lying on the couch with my head in her lap. I looked up and her breasts swelled above my face. “I’m ready, Mommy,” I said, my voice breaking.

“Okay sweetie pie,” Christine said. She bent slightly so that her right nipple was next to my lips. I took it into my mouth and sucked, and sucked, and sucked. And, what’s more—I drank. I loved the taste of the warm milk upon my tongue, and the slurping noises I had to make while drinking from her. “There, there, cutie,” Christine said now, her left hand on my side near by butt. She slid it down and again pressed it against my pussy, rubbing. I felt alive with pleasure.

Soon I felt an orgasm coming on—as her fingers explored the inside of my slick pussy, and played with my clit—and as I continued to drink her mother’s milk. I wanted to moan but couldn’t because I was too busy with the milk and those wonderful breasts in front of my face.

“Do you have to burp?” Christine asked.

I laughed so hard then that I had to let go of her nipple, and felt milk dribble from my lips. “God, Christine,” I said. “You’re going to make me laugh so hard milk will come from my nose. But anyway, Mommy. I’m full.”

I instantly turned my body around so that I was facing her lap, with her shaved pink vagina exposed to me. She repositioned herself so that her legs were spread out past the width of my shoulders. She had, of course, stopped touching my pussy in order to do this. It was okay; I would be a good big sister to her now.

I ate her out until she shook with orgasm. As I did, she ran her fingers through my hair, calling out my name. Afterwards we lay there on the couch in each others arms, kissing every so often.

“That was so good,” Christine said. “Do you have experience with lesbian sex, sis? Maybe another secret of yours?”

“No, first time with a girl,” I said. “I’ve thought about it a lot, and have seen a lot of porn over the years.”

“I am impressed,” Christine replied, chuckling. She became somber and just looked into my eyes. “This is nice . . . Now I feel like there is nothing between us, at all. I think I understand what you meant when you said it’s more than just sex—incest, I mean. It’s a breaking down of these, well, barriers I guess, right?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah, Christine. You are seeing me for who and what I really am, and I you. That’s what Daddy and Taylor have too, even if they aren’t quite aware of how to describe it, in this way . . . I still feel like a sister to you. We’ve just added on to it now.”

I stared at her breasts again, and was about to shower them with kisses when I heard my phone vibrating from my jeans pocket—where it was on the floor somewhere. Christine let go of me and I fell to the floor to answer it. It was Taylor.

“Lauren,” he said.

“Hey,” I responded. As I spoke I looked at my beautiful sister on the couch, her arms folded beneath her breasts. “Bro, I have something to tell you . . . I am over here at Christine’s right now. Well, you know how—Taylor? Are you okay?” I heard sniffles, and a cough.

“Lauren, I told Dad . . . about me and Jason . . . he is really, really hurt . . . I don’t know what to say to him right now,” Taylor went on. “I don’t know. He started crying. He’s upstairs right now.”


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