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Jill leaned against her car, looked at her watch, and then looked over her shoulder at the cigarette and adult novelty store’s “Closed” sign. She had driven halfway across town in an effort to not be recognized. She still couldn’t believe she’d agreed to picking up the party favors for her daughter’s best friend’s bachelorette party.

Other than the finger-sized vibrator Jill acquired in college almost 20 years ago, she had never used or seen an adult phallic toy. But that was exactly what the bride-to-be wanted to hand out as gifts to the 20 or so women invited to the party. Jill reminded her that some of the women were as young as 18, but some were as old as 60. The bride-to-be was firm on what she wanted. She even provided Jill with a list of various vibrators and dildos so there would be an assortment.

Jill looked on the Internet, but couldn’t seem to find exactly what was on the list. She looked through the phone book and only found three adult novelty stores in town. Two of the three were in bad parts of town, but one was not far from the airport, and was more of a tobacco store than a porn shop. Jill decided to start there.

She called first, and read off a few of the toys on the list. The gentleman that answered the phone thought he had a few in the stockroom, so it wouldn’t be a wasted trip.

From the corner of her eye, Jill could see the “Closed” sign being flipped to “Open.”

Time to get on with it.

The storefront appeared clean, bright, and smelled of tobacco. In fact, Jill was a little worried she had gone to the wrong place. The bell clanged as the door closed behind her. A short, small-framed man with horn-rimmed glasses instantly appeared from the back of the store.

He almost tripped when he looked up to see Jill. She wasn’t the usual clientele.

At 38, Jill looked good. Some would say too good. She married right after high school, and had her daughter less than a year afterward. After her pregnancy, Jill worked hard to maintain a healthy physique, and at first glance, she could easily be mistaken for a girl in her 20′s, especially at work. Her daughter became increasingly independent over the last few years, so Jill had more time to do some of the things she had always wanted.

Her husband had been promoted to a position requiring more time abroad than at home, so Jill looked into selling real estate as a way to fill her time. Selling houses was better than watching soap operas in Jill’s book, and it paid better, too. With a little help from some veteran agents, her good looks, and dressing for success, Jill made enough in a year to pay for the new Lexus parked outside.

She had left the office at 4pm, hoping the tobacco store would be open while it was still daylight. Her work clothes were tasteful, but also just a little bit sexy. Her coworkers showed her data on how sex sells, even in real estate, but none of them admitted to having done more than tease in order to make a sale. Jill had gone as far as letting an older gentleman grope her ass while she showed him a $1M home, but she never went any farther. Unlike some of her coworkers, she never had to.

The storeowner seemed to stop dead in his tracks as he took in the sight of her. Her high heels, long legs, short skirt, and open blouse were completely foreign to him outside of the magazines and videos he pandered. Her radiant red hair and deep blue eyes sparkled in the setting sun peering through the shop’s windows.

“Can I help you, missy?” the storeowner asked.

“I don’t know. I think I might be in the wrong place.” Jill answered sheepishly.

“Not if you’re the lady that called an hour ago, asking about some dildos.” He acted as if he talked about them every day.

Jill nodded, her face turning red from embarrassment.

“Follow me.” The storeowner walked toward the back of the store and through a black curtain.

Jill’s heels clicked as she stepped though the opening to the back part of the store. The floor was unfinished cement — much noisier than the carpeted floor in the tobacco part.

Jill had never been in an adult novelty store, bookstore, or video arcade. To say that she was surprised would be an understatement.

She had heard from her husband and his friends about the kind of men that would hang out in such places. For the moment, she was relieved that she was the only customer.

Jill looked at a few magazines, DVDs, and then found a wall full of various phallic shapes. She had never seen anything like them. She was particularly impressed at the size of some of the toys.

“Do women actually use these to masturbate?” Jill asked.

“Sometimes, men too.” The storeowner smirked.

He handed her three boxes. “I pulled these from the back after you called. It’s all we have on your list. You’ll probably have better luck finding the rest at the other places in town, you just have to be careful.”

“What do you mean?” Jill asked, more curious than worried.

“I mean those places are in a little rougher part of town. You might want to rethink your outfit. Tone it down a bit.” He said, looking at her hardened nipples pushing through the fabric of her blouse.

Jill could see him staring at her breasts, but wasn’t offended. She was used to it.

She was a real estate agent. She knew the town.

“Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.” Jill politely smiled as she walked towards an opening on the far wall.

Lights flashed around the doorframe. Through the door was a hallway with several doors on either side.

“What’s in here?” Jill asked.

“Those are preview rooms.” The storeowner almost laughed as he answered. “A few years ago, that was where you could take a video tape and watch it before you bought it. The previous owner upgraded for DVDs, but nowadays, you can watch the same stuff at home, on your computer. Only people that go in there now are just interested in anonymous blowjobs through the glory holes. Cops keep cracking down on it, making me board up the holes, but the low-life’s figure out a way to make new ones. Plus, it’s a real pain in the butt to keep the floor clean.”

Jill walked down the hall and opened one of the doors. Inside the booth, there was a plastic patio furniture chair, an ashtray, and a monitor with coin slots and a channel button. She looked down and found she was standing in a slimy substance, and then carefully stepped out of the hallway and back into the store.

“Surreal” was all Jill could muster.

The storeowner looked into the booth after she stepped out. “Ahh crap. I’m really sorry about that. I thought I cleaned them all out last night.” He quickly stepped into a utility room and started running the water to fill up a mop bucket.

“I guess I can ring you up and get you on your way, missy,” the storeowner paused. “Unless there’s anything else.”

“No. I mean yes. I’ll just pay for these. Thanks for the… tour.” Jill said.

“That’ll be $157.80,” the storeowner said matter-of-factly.

Jill blinked hard.

“Seriously?” Jill asked, her face turning red again. “For three dildos?”

“Yep, you got some good ones, there, I imagine. Whoever made up your list must be pretty particular. Hope she enjoys ‘em.” The storeowner smiled, and waited.

“They’re not all for one person. They’re supposed to be party favors at a bachelorette party.” Jill handed him two hundred dollar bills.

“A party, huh? Dildos and vibrators? How times have changed.” The storeowner handed Jill her change.

Jill quickly walked out, got in her car only after fumbling with the keyless code for what seemed like an eternity, and sped home — to her side of town.

A few days went by before Jill got up the nerve to call one of the two remaining adult novelty stores. They were strictly porn shops — no tobacco sales taking place there legally. She tried calling during the day, but there was no answer, a busy signal, or a recording asking her to leave a message.

When she finally did get through, the voice on the other end of the line scared her enough to hang up.

“Bitch, I ain’t got time for yo’ shit. You wanna fuckin’ dildo, get your ass over here and find you one,” the proprietor yelled into her ear.

Jill hung up a second later. She was shocked and felt just a little humiliated.

With only two weeks before the bachelorette party, she knew she was running out of time. She quickly called the last adult book and video store in the phone book.

“Sure, we have some of those,” a man answering as Sammy said. “We might even have all of those. We don’t close until 4am.”

“I’m more interested in what time you open,” Jill explained.

“Well, we got inventory tomorrow, so I’ll be in early. Maybe around noon. That work?” Sammy asked.

“That’d be great!” Jill said, later realizing she probably sounded too excited.

Remembering what the tobacco storeowner told her, Jill decided to really dress down. She found an old pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and flip-flops. She didn’t realize she had forgotten to wear a bra or panties until she was halfway to the adult bookstore. She never wore a bra or panties when she wore those clothes – because she normally wouldn’t be caught out of the house in those clothes.

After several wrong turns, Jill finally found the seedy-looking adult book and video store. Trash was strewn across the sidewalk, and she strongly considered turning around and going home rather than leave her car parked on that street.

She bit her lip and looked around. The neighborhood looked deserted.

Jill stepped out of the car and quickly walked to the store’s front door. Locked.

She pulled on it several more times until a short, bald, and slightly overweight black man unlocked the door.

“You da’ lady on the phone?” Sammy asked.

“Yes. Sorry, I thought you said you’d be here at noon.” Jill asked, catching a chill.

“Yea, it’s noon and I’m here… and now you are, too.” Sammy smiled as he held the door open for her. “Come on in. I got to lock the door, though, ’cause I’m still doing inventory and shit.”

“Oh. Okay.” Jill said quietly. He had left the key in the door, so she felt she could leave in a hurry if she needed to.

Unlike the tobacco store, this establishment wasted no time in showing off it’s stock. As soon as the door closed behind her, Jill turned to see hundreds of dildos covering an entire wall, from floor to ceiling. Some were in boxes, some in plastic, but all hung from pegs sticking out from the wall. Jill wondered how long it would take to look through them all.

Sammy seemed to have read her mind.

“Over here are the simple ones. Smaller and cheaper. What I call the beginner’s section.

Next, we have more life-like ones. Balls, veins, texture.” Sammy spoke as a museum curator. “And over here, these are the pro models. These are some serious shit.”

Jill couldn’t believe the realism, although they seemed to be scaled much larger than life.

She reached up for one of the boxes and felt her sweatpants start to fall.

Jill quickly reached back down to hold up her pants, and then tied the waist string a little tighter. She could tell that Sammy could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Mmm, hmmm.” Sammy smiled as he tilted his head. “Well, let me know if you need any help with anything. Just give me a holler when you’re ready to check out.”

“Thanks,” Jill said as she caught her breath.

The selection was daunting. She looked at the list, and then looked up at the wall and felt overwhelmed. After twenty minutes, she only found four of the remaining seventeen toys. After an hour, she found three more.

Sammy came back to the front of the store.

“You still here?” Sammy smiled.

“I’m really having a tough time finding any more on the list.” Jill explained.

“Well, give me the list and I’ll go back in the storeroom and see what I can find.” Sammy offered.

Jill wondered why she hadn’t just asked him to do that in the first place.

“You gotta wait up here, though.” Sammy warned. “Look around. See if there’s anything else you need. Read some magazines. Watch a movie — ladies watch for free.”

“Really?” Jill asked, curious.

Sammy walked behind the register counter and unwrapped a role of tokens.

“Here, knock yourself out. You’ve got about $600 worth of latex on that list of yours. If we find everything you need, I might just close up early tonight.” Sammy handed her the tokens and pointed to the back of the store.

Jill walked around the store, up one isle, and down another. It reminded her of vinyl record stores when she was a little girl. Instead of records, though, these were magazines covering every fetish ever imagined.

Jill was no prude, and had allowed her husband to do everything he ever wanted with her — not that any of it was much of a departure from what she wanted. But the magazines portrayed everything at a much higher level of intensity. The women were younger and more beautiful. The men were athletic and unusually well endowed. She had thought her husband was bigger than average, and it still felt that way whenever they had time for sex, but average for the men in the magazines made her husband’s manhood seem almost small in comparison.

She found the video arcade. It looked like a room within a room, and in the center were all the booths. The corridor ran around the outside of the booths, ending in a glass enclosure showcasing the current library of movies the patrons could sample.

Jill was surprised at the number of gay films. The majority of the other movies seemed centered on blacks on blondes. She figured blacks on redheads didn’t sound as catchy. Their loss.

She walked down the corridor, stopping a few doors down. She stepped into the booth to find an old steel folding chair, opaque glass windows on each side, and a video screen opposite the door. Under each window was a hole barely big enough to fit a soda can through.

“Those must be the glory holes.” Jill whispered.

Jill turned to close the door behind her and could barely make out the sign on the back of the door. “No sexual activity of any kind permitted on premises by order of city ordnance.”

“Are you kidding me?” Jill asked, not knowing anyone else was listening.

She slid a hook on the door into an eye-ring. That was about as close to a lock as she would get.

Jill dropped a token into the coin slot next to the video screen. Nothing happened.

She dropped another token into the slot and almost jumped a foot high as the screen came to life and the sounds of a woman moaning filled the booth. Jill felt around the video screen for any kind of knob that would turn down the volume, and instead found an overheard light rheostat. She turned the light all the way up and was finally able to see the volume knob.

Once she had the sound turned down to a reasonable level, she turned the overhead light back down and pressed the button on the monitor. The scene changed from retro porn from the ’70′s to gay porn from the ’90′s. Two men in a sixty-nine, sucking each other to orgasm. Jill was beside herself. She had never seen anything like it. Not knowing how long two tokens would last, she quickly pressed the button again and again, sampling each of the dozen or so movies. Eventually, the screen went blank. She dropped two more tokens into the slot, and was introduced to another video. This one seemed more current, as the hairstyles appeared more modern, and there seemed to be no pubic hair on any of the actors.

Two skinny black men were holding a young white girl, barely eighteen years old. She looked scared at first, but as one of the men dropped to his knees and began licking and fingering her bald pussy, she quickly spread her legs and began to moan.

They pulled her onto a bed where they took turns pushing each of their long members down her throat. She gagged several times, but didn’t resist, even when it looked like one of the men was choking her with his hand around her throat.

They tugged at her nipples which were perched high on small tits. The girl seemed almost relieved when they started fucking her.

The screen went black, again.

“Damn it.” Jill whispered as she pulled her had from her sweatpants. She froze for a moment. “Holy shit. I was getting myself off on that.”

Jill smiled to herself and decided to drop all of the remaining tokens into the coin slot.

The screen went bright, then dim, then bright again, this time showing yet another movie.

“No, no, no.” Jill whined as she pressed the button several times in attempt to find the movie she had just been watching.

When she finally found it, she looked around the booth. It was surprisingly cleaner than the booth at the tobacco store. She couldn’t seem to sit on the chair and pull her sweatpants down enough to rub her clit adequately. She decided to take off her sweatpants and fold them up, making a little cushion for the folding chair. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but that movie had made her so hot, and seeing those long black dicks in that girl’s mouth, hands, and pussy made her wetter than she had been in a long time.

Jill leaned back on the chair and raised her legs. Her perfectly painted toenails glistened as she placed her feet on each of the side window ledges. She rubbed her clit with one hand while squeezing her nipples with the other.

As the black men changed positions, Jill began fingering her pussy in time with their thrusts. When they turned the girl over, exposing her small, firm ass, Jill panted harder.

One of the men started licking the girl’s small, puckered asshole, while the skinny black man underneath her continued to slide his long pole in and out of her pussy.

Jill could barely contain herself.

Jill spit on her hand and rubbed her asshole. She knew what was coming next in the video, and the anticipation was causing her pussy to gush. She continued to rub her clit with one hand while pushing on the bud of her asshole with the other.

As if staying in time with the action on the screen, Jill slid her index finger into her asshole as one of the black men slid his long, slick dick into the young girls ass.

The girl seemed to squirm at first, arching her back, and pushing against his thigh with her hand. But then, the two black men stopped moving altogether.

Jill froze, too. The two black men remained motionless, but the young white girl began to move forward, and then back. Forward, and back. She was fucking herself on their shiny, wet dicks.

Jill had tried anal twice with her husband, and while he came quickly, she didn’t come at all. This was completely different. She fingered her asshole faster while pressing harder on her clit. The wetness from her pussy dripped onto her asshole, prompting Jill to add a second, and eventually a third finger.

Jill watched as the young, white girl continued to impale herself on those two black dicks until the sounds of Jill finger fucking her asshole echoed throughout the booth.

Jill surprised herself when she came. She knew she was on the brink for at least three minutes, and she rode that feeling as long as she could. She wanted to scream at the onset, but held it in, instead making a choking noise as she soaked her sweatpants.

The hidden cameras captured every detail.

Jill looked up to see the two black men depositing their semen onto the girls face, as if on cue. Jill felt a secondary orgasm overcome her and she let out a deep sigh. The girl seemed to suck what was left in each of the black stud’s balls, then scooped some of their come from her face into her mouth. She swallowed, then opened her mouth for the camera and smiled.

Seconds later, the screen went blank and the booth was completely dark.

Jill lowered her legs from the window ledges and felt around the floor with her bare feet. She kicked one flip-flop, but found the other and stood up. She reached around until she found the overhead light rheostat. She turned it slightly, but the booth instantly filled with bright light. She could see her reflection in the glass panes on either side.

Jill’s sweatpants were still wet in several places. She shifted her legs, and then frantically looked in her glove box for her insurance card. Her driver’s license was in her purse… in her bedroom.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Jill said between clenched teeth.

The police officer tapped her window with his pen. Jill lowered the window and presented her best real estate agent smile.

“Is there a problem, officer?” Jill asked.

“You tell me. Are you lost, little lady?” the police officer asked, eyeing the black bags in the back seat.

“No. I mean, yes. I think I took a wrong turn, but I’m okay now.” Jill’s smile holding steady.

“What’s in the bags?” the officer pulled out a flashlight.

“Ummm, party favors. They’re party favors for a bachelorette party for a friend of my daughter’s.” Jill offered.

“Mind if I have a look?” the officer asked.

“Do you have to? It’s a little embarrassing. Besides, I really need to get home.” Jill’s smile began to fade.

“Look, we can do this the hard way, or the easy way. I see something that looks suspicious. You look out of place. Something doesn’t add up, and I want to check it out. If you’re not doing anything illegal, you’re free to go. Clear?” the officer explained, waiting for Jill to unlock the back door.

Jill slid her finger along the unlock switch and the police officer opened the door behind her. When he dumped the contents of the bags onto her back seat, he stepped back and laughed.

“Lady, if you’re not telling the truth, you have issues.” He smiled at her, closing the door.

“Can I go, now?” Jill asked.

“Yeah, you can go. Watch yourself, or someone else will.” He added.

Jill read his nameplate. Friendly.

“Thank you, officer.” Jill’s smile returned, not exactly sure what he meant.

“Friendly, Officer Friendly.” The policeman grinned. His white teeth were a stark contrast to his dark skin. He turned and walked back toward his patrol car. He spoke into his radio on his shoulder before getting inside, and then drove past her.

“He seemed nice,” Jill thought, remembering what Sammy had said, and dismissing it as coincidence.

Jill managed to get home before her husband or daughter and quickly hid the party favors under her bed. She would be able to explain over $700 worth of dildos and vibrators to her husband easily enough, but her 18-year-old daughter might get other ideas. Her daughter had started her freshman year of college only a month ago, but she still came home almost every other weekend to spend time with her high school friends or Jill’s sister with the huge in-ground pool.

It was Friday. Her husband’s flight was scheduled to land in an hour. She had just enough time to take a bath.

As Jill undressed, she looked at herself a little differently in the mirror. She remembered the video in the adult bookstore, and how the young white girl had her hairless pussy fucked hard by two hairless black dicks.

She may have been 38 years old, but her body looked better than most girls half her age.

Jill tugged at the barely noticeable tuft of orange pubic hair. She pressed some of her husband’s shaving cream into her hand, and then lightly tapped it on her pubic mound. She rinsed his razor under hot water, and then, with one swipe, shaved the few remaining strands of hair from above her pussy. Jill wiped her mound clean with a washcloth, and then stepped in front of her full-length mirror to admire the new look.

“Not bad.” Jill thought out loud as she turned side to side.

Naked, she walked back to the bed, and knelt down. She reached under the bed for one of the boxed dildos.

“Not that one,” Jill shoved it back under and reached for another.

“There we go.” Jill beamed.

She opened the cardboard box and let a chocolate-colored 10″ dildo fall onto the bed. The toy was molded after a porn star, and was one of the more expensive models thanks to the featured hand-painted veins and suction-cupped base.

The head of the toy was easily as thick as Jill’s wrist and became wider toward the base.

She walked back in front of the mirror and imagined herself being roughly handled while this black dick pressed against her face, her belly, and her ass.

Within seconds, Jill could feel her clitoris begin to throb. She rinsed the toy under warm water, and then sat in front of her full-length mirror. She turned her body this way and that until her position resembled that of the girl in the movie. The toy in her hand was easily twice as thick as the poles of the skinny black men in the video, but Jill was willing to improvise. Her wet pussy easily lubricated the dildo, but she had to push it in slowly. Only the first three inches would go in, but that was enough.

She eased the dildo in and out for a few minutes before changing positions. She wasn’t strong enough to push it any further inside her, so she decided to squat on top of the toy.

The bedroom was carpeted, so she moved to the tiled floor in the bathroom. The suction cup base held the large dildo in place, but now she couldn’t see what she was doing.

As she walked back into the bedroom to move the full-length mirror, she heard the garage door open.

“Fuck!” Jill said, frustrated.

She quickly took the dildo box off the top of the bed and threw it under. She almost slipped as she tried to unstick the dildo from the floor. The suction cup worked well. She finally dislodged the toy and folded it in a towel, then carefully stepped into the shower.

“Honey, I’m home!” Jill’s husband, Brian called.

“I’m in the shower!” Jill replied.

Brian climbed the stairs to the bedroom, and began to undress. Although he was exhausted, he was finding the energy to take advantage of the situation.

“Our daughter is going to stay with your sister this weekend. I just got off the phone with her.” Brian called out from the bedroom.

The water was finally starting to get warm. Jill’s nipples stuck out stiff from her breasts.

She hadn’t intended to rub her clit while she showered, but she couldn’t help herself. She abruptly stopped when Brian opened the shower door.

“Can I come inside?” He asked.

“Of course. We’re married, right?” Jill smiled.

“I meant inside the shower, Jill.” Brian corrected her before noticing her clean-shaven mound. “Whoa, what made you do that?”

“I don’t know. Just thought I’d try a new look. Do you like it?” Jill turned, giving him a view of her swollen clit.

Brian reached for her pussy as she reached for his thickening cock. They kissed hard while he ran his hand over her smooth mound and slid three fingers inside her. His thumb pressed hard and then rolled around over her clitoris. Jill’s knees went weak.

She squatted down and engulfed his manhood. He wasn’t as thick as the toy, or as long, but his seven inches had given her countless orgasms. She was familiar with every angle; every vein, and every spasm he would create just before climax.

She took his entire length down her throat – something she had never done before. The act surprised both of them and Brian came on Jill’s face as she gagged.

“Holy shit!” Brian exclaimed.

“Yeah, holy shit!” Jill looked up at him, his come instantly being rinsed from her face.

Brian had come on her face before, but this time she actually enjoyed it.

He helped her to her feet, and Jill stepped out of the shower first.

She reached for a towel, and caught the dildo before it hit the floor. Jill quickly wrapped the toy back in the towel and carried it to the bedroom.

Brian stepped out of the shower and searched for another towel, giving Jill just enough time to throw the toy under the bed and lay out her towel. She sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and then laid back. As Brian walked in, Jill pulled her legs back, exposing her smooth pussy and pink asshole. His mouth was on her pussy in seconds.

Brian had always made Jill come with his mouth. This time was no different. He rolled his tongue over her clit and between her labia, nibbling gently at first, and then pressing a little harder. He introduced two fingers inside her, pressing upward, rubbing up and back. Jill could feel the orgasm building, but she had been on the brink twice in the last ten minutes. She wanted him to take her over the edge.

Jill reached down and pulled his hand from her pussy, and guided it to her ass. Brian continued to use his mouth and tongue on her and grabbed at her ass cheeks. He squeezed hard, but Jill guided his middle finger to her asshole. When he paused, she bucked her pussy hard into his face, causing his nose to sting and his eyes to water.

“Finger my asshole.” Jill whispered.

Brian’s cock twitched. He was already hard, but now he was afraid he might come before he even had a chance to make love to her.

Brian licked Jill’s pussy faster as he carefully slid his middle finger into Jill’s rectum.

He had only pushed an inch of his finger inside when Jill let out a loud moan.

“That’s it! Yes!” Jill cried.

Brian pushed his finger in further, and Jill grabbed his wrist. He began to withdraw his finger from her asshole – afraid he’d hurt her – but Jill stopped him. Instead, she pulled his arm so his finger would go in deeper. She wanted him to finger-fuck her ass. He pumped his finger into Jill’s bottom faster and faster as he struggled to keep his mouth on her pussy.

In what would have sounded like a cry of pain to anyone else, Jill came hard. She flooded Brian’s mouth as her anus cut off all circulation to his finger.

Brian knew that Jill could have multiple waves of orgasm, so he continued to lap at her gushing pussy until she finally asked him to stop.

“It’s okay. I’m good. That was fantastic.” Jill panted.

She pushed him back, stood up, and then turned around. She crawled up on the bed on all fours with her ass facing him, then bent down to her elbows.

“If you promise to be quick, you can come in my ass, sweetheart.” Jill said as she looked over her shoulder. “It’s okay. We’ll just take another shower.”

Brian was beside himself. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into her, but he also knew that she hadn’t liked the two previous times he had wanted to fuck her in the ass. The fact that she wasn’t only willing, but asking him…

“My pussy first, please.” Jill startled him. “I don’t want you tearing me apart.”

Brian easily slid his swollen dick inside her wet cunt. She pushed back against him, forcing his entire length inside.

“There, that should do it, don’t you think?” Jill asked. She sounded almost drunk.

She pulled forward until just the head of Brian’s dick remained inside her pussy. Brian waited for a moment, then withdrew his slick member and placed the head at her puckered asshole.

Jill moved back as he held his tool steady. There was resistance at first, but she pushed back harder until the head of Brian’s cock disappeared inside her rectum.

Jill exhaled deeply.

Brian felt her relax and pushed himself in a little deeper.

Jill clenched the bed sheets. This hurt. She wasn’t sure what made her think it would be any different, and right now it hurt.

“Wait a minute.” Jill interrupted. “Come lay down. I want to be on top.”

Brian did as he was told and Jill positioned herself so she could ease herself down on him.

He had a perfect view of her bald pussy. He still couldn’t believe she did that.

She squeezed his dick hard as she guided it into her asshole, this time with less resistance.

As Brian’s come filled her bowels, Jill felt less and less pain. She bounced on his cock three more times before it popped out of her ass, followed by a seemingly endless stream of semen.

Jill leaned forward and kissed Brian all over his face.

“Thank you.” Jill said between kisses. “Thank you for fucking me in the ass, sweetheart.”

“Anytime?” Brian asked. “What’s gotten into you – not that I’m complaining?”

“I don’t know. I just felt like getting a little wild with my husband. Okay?” Jill asked as she stepped off the bed. Come dripped down her legs and she quickly stepped into the shower.

Brian laid there for a moment, staring at the ceiling, while their daughter, Andi, quietly sneaked back into her room. He didn’t realize she needed to come home to grab some clothes for the weekend.

“Way to go, mom and dad.” Andi whispered. She witnessed her parent’s sex act from behind the partially opened bedroom door. Like her mother, Andi would get very wet when aroused, and the crotch of her jeans was soaked.

“That was awesome.”

This is the fourth installment of the Kentucky Woman saga. Kay and Frank met first in Kentucky when Frank was on a business trip. Their attraction was obvious and after one date and numerous phone and email communications, Kay traveled to New York to visit Frank where he opened her world up to new, exciting sexual possibilities. Now the couple are back in their respective homes; Kay in Kentucky, Frank in New York. What follows is an account of their sexual lives apart starting with this called Interlude One.

Kay was back in Kentucky and I was busy working here in New York. Life went on pretty much as it did before we met. We talked on the phone several times a week and communicated daily via email and chat messenger. Kay bemoaned her situation in Kentucky; the close-mindedness of her small town, the lack of excitement, and, most of all, the scarcity of sexual possibilities.

“Frank, it’s like you turned me on to the new world, to this new me, and now I can’t do anything with it. I’m a prisoner again,” she said to me over the phone.

“Maybe you’re not looking or trying hard enough,” I said, half kiddingly. “Maybe you need to dig under the surface to find what you need.”

“Believe me, Frank, there is nothing on or under the surface here. I’ve lived here almost all my life and I would know if there was.”

“Why don’t you move then?” I asked.

“I complain, Frank, but I really love this place. My house. My animals. The job I have is amazing. And my memories of Gregory here. I could never leave Kentucky so you’ll just have to continue to listen to me complain.”

That made us both laugh and then in that throaty, musky slightly Southern drawl I found so sensuous, she said, “But god, Frank, I miss your cock. I miss waking you up with my tongue and mouth. Feeling your cock get thick and hard in my mouth. And then having you fuck me, the way you do. Gawwwd, I miss that.”

And I did too. Just her talk of it aroused me and I think she knew it by the silence on my end when she described our sex.

“I’ve been wearing out my toys, Frank,” she said with a laugh. “While you get to wear out those New York sluts.”

The truth was that I hadn’t been with anyone since she left. It wasn’t that I was being monogamous; it was really that no situation had come up and I wasn’t one to go on the hunt for sex. It usually came to me. I was lucky that way.

“No, baby,” I said. “We are in the same boat right now as far as that goes.”

“Why don’t I believe you, you dog,” she kidded.

I laughed. “You should. I’ll tell you when and if it happens. I promised you that.”

“You did, but somehow I’m not so sure you would.”

“I will….as long as you can take what I tell you.”

“It will be hard, but I want to know, Frank.”

“You will, Kay. But let’s agree not to say anything until after something happens.” I said.

“Um, and why is that? Not that anything is happening on this end,” she asked.

“We don’t want to influence either of us in any way. Let’s let it play out without input from either of us. We’ll talk about it after.”

“Hmmm it sounds as if you’ve already got something brewing, Frank,” she said with suspicion in her voice.

“No, I don’t. But if I did, you wouldn’t know.” I cracked.

“Beast!” she cried playfully. “I want to change the subject now. Did I tell you the pool will be ready by the weekend,” she said. Kay often talked about her pool and how she liked early morning swims for exercise.

“You did, but you can again. And I plan on spending a lot of time in it when I visit.” I had already booked a week around the Fourth of July to visit her in Kentucky.

“Mmmmm, I’m dreaming of that,” she said. “And I plan on doing a little shopping for two piece suits this year.”

“I can just imagine you in them,” I said, thinking of her full, mature voluptuous body in a bikini; how her incredible breasts would be on display and her still high round ass. “And it’s a very pretty sight.”

“Why thank you sir,” she said. “It’s been since my twenties since I wore one. I think its time now. I no longer feel so….modest.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” I said, smiling on my end.

That was the way most of our conversations went; just small talk, incidental stuff—until a few weeks later when I had something else to tell her about. “You sure you’re okay with it,” I asked again. “You don’t really need to know.”

“Oh but I do,” she said, resolutely. “I must know. I have to know who you fucked and how you fucked them. So stop procrastinating. Get on with it. I’m here on the other end of the phone line. I’ve showered and I’m in my robe. Maybe hearing you tell me what you did will have me go fetch a toy. And since you’re not here to help me, that’s what I’ll make do with.”

Her frankness made me laugh but I still was wary about telling her about my latest escapade.

“Go on now, Frank. I’m waiting…”

So I told her all of it. How it started. And how it ended. I lead a kickboxing class once a week at a high profile gym downtown. It’s generally for the more advanced but beginners are welcome as well. It’s a tough workout and usually concludes with partners pairing off and sparring. The past couple of weeks a new student had come to the class; a woman in her early to mid-thirties. She had skills that were obvious, going through my workout and drills without really any hardship. Her first session, she refrained from sparring, just watching from sidelines. But the next time she came, I paired her with a woman around her size and skill level. I watched as they sparred and noticed how fierce she was. She attacked relentlessly, just barely staying in the boundaries and guidelines we set for safety. We practice light contact, but she was bordering on full contact. She totally overwhelmed her partner who was not used to being pummeled. So much so, that I had to end the match prematurely.

As soon as I ended the match the woman, who sported a long auburn ponytail, immediately apologized to her partner and then came to me. “I’m so sorry,” she said, still flushed and perspiring from the match. “Sometimes I get carried away when sparring. I need to get it better under control.”

“Yeah, you need to,” I agreed. “You won’t find many sparring partners if you step over the lines here.”

She nodded. “Yes, I know. I need to work on that, but,” she looked at me and grinned slyly. “it wasn’t that bad. she’ll live.” Her reply this time was more arrogant than apologetic. I could see that she had no shortage of self confidence. And the way she looked at me, it was as if she wanted me to make sure I knew it.

She had bright blue eyes, well defined, muscular shoulders and arms and was pretty, but with a harsh edge to her. I pegged her in her early to mid-thirties. “I’m Christina,” she said, holding out her hand to me. “You run a very tough, disciplined class here, Frank. It’s impressive.”

“Thank you, Christina. Wherever you’ve trained has obviously done a good job. You’re very skilled.”

My compliment induced a satisfied smile on her face. “I work out at a small gym in L.A. I’ve kick-boxed for several years. I’ve also competed in Muay Thai and have a black belt in Karate.”

“Muay Thai, huh? I got a good dose of that when I was in Special Forces.”

“Oh?” Her blue eyes gazed over me after I dropped the Special Forces mention. It was then when I knew there was more than just a martial arts interest.

“Are you here in New York for good now?” I asked.

“No, just for a few more weeks. My husband has business here. I asked around and your class was recommended to me as one of the best in the city.”

“Well that was kind of them. Nice to know I’ve got a good rep somewhere.” I said self-deprecatingly

“Yeah, and I’m glad they did. Anyway, I need to run. I’ll see you next time.”

And the next time I paired her with a man. Again she just barely stayed within the boundaries of light contact I practice at the gym. Giving him all he could handle and more. Her outfit was also a little more flashy; an expensive torn top and loose karate pants; her firm, six-pack abs exposed for all to see.

After the class she came over to me again. “Frank, I would love to work a private session with you if that’s possible. I don’t want to seem too cocky, but I really need more of a challenge. I hope you understand.”

Her eyes probed mine when she asked me. “I don’t know, Christina. Any time you train, you make your own challenges.”

“I know that, but, I really like to set my own personal bar as high as possible. You’re a really great teacher and I think I can benefit from some one on one with you. What do you think? Can you find some time?

I knew the gym was free on Thursday nights and we arranged to meet then.

“Of course I’ll pay you for your time,” she said. “I know this is out of the ordinary for you and I appreciate it.”

“I’m a volunteer here,” I said. “No money please.”

Okay, if you say so.”

She was waiting for me when I arrived at the gym that Thursday, already loosening up on the mats. She was wearing baggy sweat pants and this time even less than before not even bothering with anything over her sports bra, her unusually ample, and from a quick glance, surgically enhanced cleavage very much evident. But there was no denying she worked to attain that flat, defined belly and muscles on her arms and shoulders. She greeted me with a bright smile and a hug, her body pressing slightly into mine as she did.

“You may not be hugging me when this is over,” I warned.

“Good, that’s exactly what I want to hear. Push me as hard as you want. Take no pity on me, Frank.”

“You’ll get none, I can assure you that,” I said with a sly smile.

I worked her to her limits; both of us quickly sweating. But she stayed with me. We took a break and then she asked if we could spar.

“That’s part of my regimen,” I said.

I let her start off strong; allowing her to attack but making her work hard to do so. Her kicks and punches were vicious, but I’ve taken much much harder though she didn’t know that. I could tell she was disappointed and even urged me on a bit. I continued my charade awhile longer until I knew she was convinced that she could defeat me. That’s when I started to counter, kicking repeatedly into those abs and following with jabs to her arms and helmet-protected face. She tried to come back at me, but she had used up most of what power she had left. A sweeping reverse kick finally put her on her back.

I helped her up and she took off her helmet, shaking out her long dark red hair. Her face again was flushed and she was sweating profusely. Her eyes were a bit glassy and she was breathing hard. “You’re okay? I didn’t go too far with you did I?”

She smiled curiously. “No…it was exactly what I wanted, Frank. You’re really good. Amazing really. You should compete.”

“No, my competing days are long over. I enjoy doing this; teaching, helping others improve.”

She looked me over and bit her lower lip self-consciously. “That’s noble of you. I know you said no money, but can I buy you a drink. Or dinner.”

“You don’t have to, Christina. Like I said, I enjoy doing this.”

“You said that, but what does that have to do with me inviting you to have a drink or dinner with me.” She took a step closer to me as she said that. Giving me a better look at her almost perfect body. Her intentions were becoming obvious.

“I can’t tonight,” I said.

“I’m leaving on Saturday, we only have a couple of days,” she said, looking me in the eyes. Making it even clearer what she really wanted. When I didn’t respond she raised the stakes: “Have you been to Bastardo?”

“I wish,” I said. “Three stars from the New York Times. No chance I’m getting there any time soon.”

“My husband knows the chef. Lunch or dinner. You name it, as long as it’s before Saturday.”

“Now you’re making me an offer I definitely cannot refuse,” I said. I had eaten at the chef’s previous restaurants. He was one of the best young chef’s in the city. And Bastardo was one of the hardest to get a table to.

“I figured it would take a food offering to get you to the table with me,” she said, again giving me that look, her eyes roaming my body.

“I’m free Friday for lunch,” I said.

“Done,” she said. “12:30 at Bastardo. You know where it is?”

“It’s in that new hotel on Fifth and 36th?”

“Uh huh. I’ll meet you for there,” she said. “And I’m very much looking forward to it,” she added grinning back at me as she headed to the locker room.

I don’t know what I was looking forward to more; dining at Bastardo or the very real possibility of much more with Christina. Yes, food means that much to me. When I arrived at the restaurant and saw her sitting already at our table; a corner booth away from most of the other tables—the best in the restaurant—and the sight of her, out of kick boxing fare, her copper-colored hair flowing and wearing a curve-hugging thigh high dress with thin straps that showed off her defined arms and cut low enough to reveal her tanned cleavage, both my appetites were raging.

She gave me a glowing smile as I arrived. I was dressed in jeans, a white button down shirt, and a blue sport jacket. “Oh my, so very handsome,” she said looking me over.

“And you look even lovelier than you do when you are pounding your sparring opponent,” I said with a grin.

“I’m glad you approve,” she said. She patted the seat next to her as opposed to the one opposite her. I hesitated for a moment, remembering that it was her husband who had the contact at the restaurant. I figured, however, that whoever her husband was, she had been given free reign to do as she wished. So after a very brief deliberation, I squeezed next to her, trying hard not to make physical contact, but she made sure that she did, moving her thigh against mine immediately.

“Your husband must have a pretty high rep to snag a table like this at one of the hottest restaurants in New York,” I said, hoping to learn more about her relationship with him. “Is he in the restaurant business?”

“No, he’s in entertainment. And he’s always happy to make me happy,” she added, confirming my suspicions. She turned her eyes to mine and applied a bit more pressure to my thigh with hers. It was her less than subtle way to further indicate that whatever she wanted her husband would provide for her. Unless I’m denser than I thought, it was clear what she meant.

Before we could talk further, the wait staff was upon us. We ordered a bottle of wine and let the chef prepare a sampling. The meal was a sensual feast and lasted over two hours. Christina’s appetite matched my own; she ate everything with gusto. We talked readily about our passion for martial arts. She told me how she got started; how she was overweight and directionless until she began to exercise. She even admitted her obsession with her training to the point of abandoning some of the philosophies of the arts. All the while, her thigh was next to mine and occasionally her hand would wander there as well, her nails stroking casually, as if it was the most natural thing for a married woman with a big shot hubby to be doing in a three star restaurant.

When the waiter asked about dessert, she shooed him away. She looked at me and said, “Well, Frank, what do you think?”

“I think that was one of the most memorable meals I’ve had in quite some time,” I said.

“I agree,” she said. “But I didn’t mean about the food.”

She continued to stare at me. The wine had made her slightly tipsy, yet her eyes were sparkling. “Shouldn’t we now just cut to the chase?” she said, assuming I knew what she meant.

And, from the way she was looking at me, I did.

“Confident, aren’t you?” I said, really just teasing her.

“Oh yes, I am,” she said. “So confident that I’ve already booked a suite here. Room 2302 to be exact.” And then she moved her hand up my thigh a bit higher and squeezed again keeping her eyes on mine.

“I bet the view is incredible from up there,” I said, smiling at her.

She summoned the waiter for the check. “I hope you have lots of time to admire it,” she said, playing along.

I nodded. “I’m sure it’s one not for rushing but for savoring.”

“Mhmmm,” she purred. “That’s what I like to hear.”

The elevator ride seemed endless. Christina was leaning against me, taking my hand and squeezing it. As soon as we got to the suite, which was enormous and did have an amazing view of both the Empire State Building from one exposure and the Chrysler from another, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hungrily while working off my sport jacket. She then moved her hands to my shirt, pulling, tugging trying to get it unbuttoned and off while licking at my neck. While she was doing that my hands were roaming her hard, muscled body.

“Mmmmm god, those hands. I love them, Frank,” she murmured “I wanted them on me the first time I took your class. And I know you know how to use them.”

I squeezed her ass at that and she cooed. She got my shirt off and quickly raked her nails over my chest before burying her head in it. “I love a man with hair on his chest,” she said as she caressed and kissed at my pecs. One hand moved lower, over my flat belly and then to the girth in my jeans.

She murmured again as she squeezed. “You do have a thick cock, don’t you, Frank. I usually can tell by a man’s body type.”

“Well, let’s see if you’re right,” I said, teasing her.

“Hmmm, lets…,” she said as she worked my belt open and then my jeans. Her hands were working deftly as she slid one under my briefs and quickly found what she was seeking. She stroked down the length and then tried to grip it. “Oooohhh”


“Right again,” she said with a giggle as she sucked at one of my nipples.

“Okay, enough about me,” I said, moving away from her. “How long before I get to admire that view you were bragging about.”

She gave me a coy look and reached behind her back to unzip her dress, sliding the thin straps over her defined shoulders.

I sat back on the big bed, naked, my hand loosely on my cock as I watched her undress for me. She was wearing a half bra, her perfectly surgically enhanced breasts almost totally revealed, her blue eyes continually on me as she unhooked the bra. Her body was bronzed, obviously artificially, with no tan lines evident on her breasts. Her nipples were half dollar-sized and now protruding excitedly. She grazed her nails over her six pack abs to her thong, sliding it down slowly over her muscled thighs. She had a very thin red landing strip above her glistening pussy. Now naked, she posed for me. “How about the view, Frank,” she said, a cocky grin on her face.

“Better than advertised,” I said, “but a closer inspection is needed.”

She smiled and moved toward me. Her eyes were roaming my body hungrily, focusing on my thickening cock. When she was closer, I reached out and grabbed her, pulling her onto the bed. She was reaching for my cock, but I pushed her hands away, turning her around so that her head was on the edge of the bed as I stood over her. “Put those hands under your ass,” I demanded.

“What?” She looked at me curiously, but I had a plan for her. I knew what she really wanted from me.

“Your hands, keep them under you,” I repeated. “I don’t want you touching me…until I tell you.”

“Frank, but…”

“Do it!” I said with more force as I teased my cock over her face and lips, her tongue flicking out to try to catch it. Her hand reached up again to try to grab it and I pulled away.

“Do as I say,” I commanded.

She cursed, but put her hands under her and I brought my cock to her lips. Her tongue snaked out, swirling over it. My hands were under her head, guiding her as she began to take it into her mouth. Standing over her, I began to bury my thick cock into her mouth as she moaned, squirmed, and sucked on it. Using both of my hands, I held her head as I thrust my cock into her mouth. She slurped and sucked, her face turning crimson. I moved my cock back and forth in her mouth as she moaned on it and then I pulled it out again.

Jill slipped into her damp leather skirt, and then her wet bra and blouse. She shivered almost uncontrollably. The sweatshirt, though, was still reasonably dry and clean.

Jill pulled the sweatshirt over her wet clothes. The sweatpants, having acted as a seat cushion and sponge for the last two hours, were completely soaked and reeked of sex. She rolled up the sweatpants and placed them in the bag with the dildos.

Jill’s feet were slick as she put her high-heeled sandals on. Her calves and thighs were on fire as she stepped out the door of the video booth. She worked out regularly, but had never worked out those muscles in quite that way.

When Jill entered the store from the video booth area, the ceiling lights seemed to be at their fullest intensity. Jill bumped into a magazine rack and then a lubricant display stand, sending bottles of Astrolube rolling around the floor.

“Well, well, Red.” Officer Friendly smiled. “Do I get to add Public Intoxication to the list, too?”

“I’m not drunk,” Jill answered.

“Well, we’ll see.” Friendly pulled the bag from Jill’s hand. “What have we here? What’s your fascination with dildos again? Oh, wait… they’re for a bachelorette party, right?”

Jill stood and stared, shivering slightly.

“Red, you look the crack whore if I ever saw one. What else you got in this bag? One form of ID – probably fake – and $1200 cash?” Friendly put the ID and money in his pocket and handed the bag back to Jill. “You been turnin’ tricks, Red?”

Iris came from the back room. Dee followed.

“Here’s the tape. We didn’t mean nothing by it.” Iris said, handing a security tape to the police officer.

“Only copy?” Friendly asked, knowing that T.J. recorded everything digitally these days.

“Mmmm hmmm.” Iris answered in the affirmative.

Friendly turned to Jill. “I don’t want to have to cuff you, but I will.”

Jill’s eyes widened.

“You’re arresting me? For what!” Jill said sternly as a new trail of come formed down her inner thigh.

“Well, let’s see… Public Indecency, Prostitution, Public Intoxication, Falsifying Identification, to name a few,” Friendly smiled, reaching for his handcuffs.

“I’ll take you down to the station, let you make your phone call, and we’ll run your prints to see what other trouble you might be into.”

“No. Please don’t. I’m telling you the truth. This is all a big misunderstanding.” Jill pleaded.

“We’ll see.” Friendly turned Jill around and put her hands behind her back. He held her bag under his arm while he locked the handcuffs in place.

Jill had never been arrested in her life. The cold steel on her wrists was heavy.

Friendly’s grip on her upper arm was firm, but not painful, as he led her into the pouring rain.

“You all have a fine morning,” Friendly nodded back to Iris and Dee. They just looked back at him shaking their heads disapprovingly.

She waited until the door closed, and then Iris looked at her brother. “Was tapping that 38 year-old white woman worth getting mixed up with Friendly?”

“I ain’t had nothin’ like it,” Dee said. “I’m gonna have to get her outa this, though.”

“Awe, shit.” Iris said. “You best play it cool, Romeo.”

“Yeah. No shit.” Dee said.

“As fucked up as T.J. is, he sure called this one, didn’t he?” Iris asked.

“Yeah, he’s a fuckin’ psychic, all right.” Dee almost believed. “He’s just been doin’ this shit so long, he’s gotten good at it. Between him and Friendly, I can’t figure out why they haven’t made enough money off this shit to retire, already.”

“Well, if you gonna do somethin’, you can start by cleaning up those booths.” Iris smiled.

She knew Dee was heading out the door to help Jill. Iris could see it in his eyes. Usually, T.J. was the icebreaker, and Dee didn’t get involved. The fact that Dee was actually fancy on this older redheaded woman worried her.

Iris had helped make at least a dozen movies the same way, and it never ended well for the girl.

They’d come in, usually out of the rain, drunk or high, and lost.

The next thing they knew, they’re sucking dicks in the video booth for taxi fare. Friendly “busts” them, but ends up working something out so he doesn’t have to take them to jail.

Soon, they’re making more movies, or the center of attention at private parties. Their families and friends never hear from them again – not always because they died an early death from drugs or suicide, but because they’re too ashamed to go home after everything they’ve done.

Dee knew there was something different about Jill, though. The most she was doing for money was putting on a show; masturbating, just so she could keep the video going. She invited him in that booth because she really wanted to get fucked. She had no idea that he had come close to orgasm several times simply by the way she kissed him. Only one other girl had ever kissed him like that.

He knew she had a life, a husband, a daughter, and a job. He liked to think his momma raised him better than this.

Yet, for some reason, he would like nothing more than to fuck that redhead again.

But not on Friendly’s terms.

She was older, and probably wouldn’t last more than one or two trains before Friendly broke her for good. He wondered how many thugs Friendly had already called tonight, that were shaving their balls in preparation for another movie.

“Please don’t take me to jail, officer.” Jill pleaded. “This is going to ruin my family.”

“You should have thought about that before you put that big black dick inside you.” Friendly said to the rearview mirror.

“Surely, there’s got to be another way,” Jill asked. “Can’t I just pay a fine or something? I’ve never done anything wrong in my life!”

“Well, now that you mention it, you’ll probably only get community service.” Friendly smiled. “That ain’t too bad. You know, maybe cleaning a park, helping the homeless… or sucking my dick when I tell you.”

Jill’s eyes widened. Friendly looked at her closely in the rearview mirror, and then pulled over.

“You think you can suck my dick when I tell you?” Friendly asked. Jill remained silent.

Friendly threw the gearshift in park, stepped out of the patrol car, and swung open Jill’s door. His hand found her throat and squeezed tightly. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed as the rain blew into the back seat.

“I asked you a fuckin’ question, Red! Can you suck my dick when I tell you?” Friendly screamed into her ear.

“Yes! Yes! I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t hurt me!” Jill cried.

Friendly relaxed his grip on her throat.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Red. We’s just needed to come to an understanding. I think we got’s one now, right?” Friendly slid his hand between her legs. Jill instinctively pressed them together.

“Open your fuckin’ legs, bitch!” Friendly yelled. “You beginin’ to piss me off.”

Jill spread her legs wide. Friendly pushed three fingers into her wet pussy.

“Hmmm. Dee sho’ did on number on you, huh? Boy’s got da biggest dick in town. Wonder he don’t pass out every time he gets a hard-on, huh?”

Without realizing what she was doing, Jill began to slowly gyrate her hips, easing Friendly’s fingers in and out of her.

“Awe, hell yeah. Dat’s better, Red.” Friendly pushed a fourth finger inside and Jill let out a grunt.

He pulled his hand from her pussy and put it up to her mouth. Jill licked his fingers as if he had dangled four cocks in front of her face and was taking turns between them.

She wasn’t surprised to taste Dee’s come mixed with her juices. She wished he were there now.

Officer Friendly drove to a motel that looked like it had been closed for years. Half the rooms had their numbers removed from the doors. There were no lights on outside the building, yet several cars filled the parking lot.

“Red, I’m going to give you a chance to fulfill your community service tonight, if you’d like. You do okay, here, and I’ll take you home before sunrise. What you say to that?” Friendly asked as he helped Jill out of the patrol car.

“It doesn’t seem like I have much of a choice.” Jill said, shaken and on the verge of tears.

“Now don’t be like that, Red.” Friendly guided her up the stairs. The rain soaked her hair and her make-up streaked down her cheeks. “We all have choices. Sometimes, you got to pay for your actions. Sometimes your actions are how you get paid.”

Jill wasn’t sure what he meant, but knew at a minimum, she’d have Friendly’s dick in her mouth, if not everywhere else.

Friendly unlocked one of the motel room doors and held it open for Jill. She stepped inside and was surprised to see it reasonably well kept. The bedding looked clean, the room didn’t smell of smoke, and the furniture didn’t reflect the building’s 1970′s exterior.

Community service may end up being bearable after all, Jill thought.

Jill was about to sit on the bed when Friendly grabbed her by the handcuffs behind her back. The jerking motion threw her off balance and she stumbled to the floor.

“Don’t even think about sitting on that bed until you’ve cleaned up, Red.” Friendly said as he started to undress. Jill glanced at his service pistol as he placed it on the dresser. She had hoped he hadn’t noticed.

When Friendly had taken off all of his clothes, he turned toward Jill, proudly displaying his tight, muscular body. His dick wasn’t nearly the size of Dee’s, but it was respectable – perhaps even attractive. It was only the second black dick Jill had ever seen in person, and she began to wonder how she would ever be able to please her husband if she continued to be fucked by these larger dicks. Would he notice that she wasn’t as tight as she used to be?

Friendly walked up to Jill and held the back of her head as he guided his dick into her mouth. Unlike giving head to Dee, she was able to get Friendly’s cock head and four inches of the shaft into her mouth and down her throat without gagging. Friendly eased his length in and out of Jill’s mouth, pushing a little more down her throat each time until she eventually did gag.

“Oh, that’s good Red. That’s real good.” Friendly smiled as he allowed Jill to catch her breath. “You got eight of my nine down your throat. What do you say you take it all now?”

Jill opened her mouth, waiting. Friendly grabbed a handful or Jill’s wet hair and pumped steadily into her mouth. Each time, he’d let his long dick sink down her throat a little deeper until her tongue was pressed against his balls and her nose was pressed against his sparse, curly pubic hair. He held her tight against him for several seconds, and then slowly pulled back until just the head was in her mouth. Jill maintained a tight seal with her lips around his shaft as he filled her mouth with come. She instinctively swallowed, and then began bobbing her head up and down on Friendly’s shaft.

“That’s the spirit, Red.” Friendly smiled as she coaxed his cock back to erection.

He pulled his tool from her lips and walked over to the dresser. He returned with the handcuff keys and reached behind Jill to remove her bindings.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” Jill asked as she subconsciously rubbed her clit.

“Not yet, Red. Not yet.” Friendly helped Jill to her feet. “Take off those dirty clothes and get in the shower. Clean yourself up, inside and out. When you get out, I’ll have something for you to wear.”

Jill unceremoniously stripped in front of Officer Friendly.

As she bent over to unbuckle her thin high-heeled sandals, Friendly caught a glimpse of her pink asshole.

“You know how to use an enema, right?” He asked.

When Jill finished with her shower, she was as clean inside and out as she could have possibly been. The enema was an unusual experience, but she hadn’t had much to eat, so there wasn’t much to “cleanse” out of her system.

Friendly handed her a soft, white terry cloth robe and opened a toolbox full of make-up supplies. It looked as if someone had stolen a facial kit from a department store.

“We got about twenty minutes before we get started. Make yourself look nice, okay?” Friendly said in a businesslike manner.

Jill wasn’t sure why Friendly wanted to wait to have sex with her. She wasn’t being reluctant. He was attractive in his own way, and although she would never have looked twice at him crossing the street, now that he was naked, he was very easy on the eyes.

She almost felt disappointed when he wrapped a towel around his waist.

Jill found her same shade and brand of nail polish and touched up her fingernails and toenails. Friendly stepped into the bathroom to see her progress and Jill knew she had done well by the dick pushing his towel up.

Jill began to feel as if she had gotten off easy – as far as her unnecessary punishment was concerned.

That feeling ended when the door blew open and T.J. stepped into the room.

“What we got, here?” T.J. blurted loudly. “Oh fuck! You? This is gonna be the shit, here.”

Four college boys stepped into the room behind T.J. Two of them looked just like the young, skinny black men in the first video booth movie she had watched. The other two were white and looked like boys her daughter was friends with in high school. One of them – Mark, she believed – may have dated her daughter at some point.

None of the young men looked a day over nineteen.

A middle-aged white man walked in seconds later, carrying a tripod and camera case. Behind him, two girls, one black and one white, and neither barely over nineteen.

“What’s going on?” Jill asked sheepishly. As soon as she spoke, she could tell one of the white boys recognized her. He looked at her as if to tell her to be quiet.

“We’re going to see how you do with a professional photographer, Red.” Officer Friendly waved his hand at the young men, motioning them to undress. “We got the spy camera footage bullshit, but this is gonna be the good stuff.”

For the moment, Jill was relieved to see T.J. leaving his clothes on.

As the young men undressed, they took turns in the bathroom, shaving, relieving themselves, showering quickly, and then standing before one of the girls. The girls remained clothed, but kneeled in front of two of the young men and used their mouths to bring the young, hairless cocks to erection.

“Red, you ready to pay your debt to society?” Friendly asked.

Jill remained silent. She stood up, walked in front of the bed, faced the cameraman, and let her robe slip off her shoulders.

The white girl deepthroating one of the black boys stopped and turned to look at Jill. Jill suddenly recognized her as April, one of Andi’s friends from freshman year of high school that had to change schools because of rezoning. She had seen April at the mall from time to time, always wearing nice clothes – nicer than her parents could afford – and usually on the arm of a black boyfriend. It made sense to Jill, now.

“All right. What do you want me to do?” Jill asked.

That was the last thing she said for three hours.

The black boys were first to lick, suck, and fuck Jill. Their cocks were long, but not very thick. Their tongues on her pussy made Jill cry out in pleasure more than their tools inside her.

The white boys were even better at going down on her.

T.J. directed Jill through scene after scene, in various combinations with the four young men. They fucked her repeatedly, but never climaxed. Jill, however, came at least a dozen times. She couldn’t help herself. The boys were half her age and full of energy.

Each time one of the young men was about to climax, he was told to pull out or pull back. It appeared that come shots were not the highlight of this movie, at least not the men’s come shots. Jill, however, had soaked half the bed.

The larger white boy, Wayne was underneath her, filling her pussy as Mark knelt behind her, easing the head of his bulbous dick into her asshole.

The black boys had each fucked her anus twice, but their cocks weren’t nearly as wide as Mark’s.

“Fuck, Ms. Jill,” Mark panted, “You’re asshole is tighter than Andi’s!”

Jill’s body shook with waves of orgasm and Mark used the opportunity to push his full length inside her.

Jill bucked hard, her pussy spasming on Wayne’s fat shaft as her sphincter held tight around Mark’s cock. She shuddered again moments later as she felt Mark fill her bowels with semen.

A stream of come oozed from her asshole and down Wayne’s shaft as Mark stepped off the bed.

“Awe man, why’d you have to go and do that?” Wayne complained.

April had a warm washcloth ready and wiped off Mark’s tool before sucking him back to rigidity.

The black girl took another washcloth and wiped off Wayne’s dick and the crack of Jill’s ass. She gave Jill a quick kiss on the ass cheek as she stepped out of frame.

“That’s alright, Mark.” Friendly said. He had been sitting in the background, not saying a word the entire time T.J. was directing Jill. “We’re almost done for tonight. You did good, hoss. You deserved a nut.”

Mark resumed his position and the two continued fucking Jill for another fifteen minutes.

The two black boys were climaxing in the mouths of the two girls as Mark stepped off the bed.

Jill collapsed on Wayne, and he politely rolled her off of him, laying her on her side.

As Wayne stepped off the bed, Friendly stepped on.

“I think that’s a wrap, T.J.” Friendly said without argument.

“Shit, we got enough for a double-feature. If she sells well, we might have to offer her a regular position.” T.J. smiled as he helped pack up the camera equipment.

The young men showered and dressed, and then escorted the girls out of the room, followed by the cameraman and T.J.

“Red, it’s just you and me, now.” Friendly smiled as he lifted one of Jill’s legs.

His cock was every bit as big as Mark’s now, as he rubbed it against Jill’s asshole.

Jill reached back and lifted an ass cheek invitingly.

Friendly may have been a bastard toward Jill since the beginning, but now, he was fucking her with finesse. He sucked on her toes as he rhythmically slid more of his thick tool inside her. He reached down to her sopping wet, and loose pussy and pressed firmly against her swollen clit.

Wetness gushed between his fingers as Jill orgasmed, but Friendly maintained his rhythm.

He turned Jill in several positions, each new one allowing more of his long cock inside her than the previous, until finally all of his full nine inches was inside her.

“That’s a good white girl.” Friendly said as he began to fuck Jill’s ass faster.

The motel room door swung open, and Jill feared T.J. had returned to feed her his unwanted tool.

Instead, Jill’s eyes were both relieved and shocked when she recognized Dee.

“I think that’s enough, Friendly.” Dee said.

“Boy, have you lost your mind?” Friendly said without losing pace. “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out! Besides, your dick-sucking girlfriend has already left.”

Friendly continued to slide in and out of Jill’s ass as he waited for Dee to say or do something. April was actually Dee’s ex-girlfriend, and Friendly knew it.

Dee stood frozen, watching his father expertly fuck Jill’s bottom. Friendly then positioned himself under Jill so she was sitting on his cock with her full weight. He leaned back, and Jill leaned back against him. She raised her knees and placed her beautiful white feet on Friendly’s black upper thighs.

“Put your goddamned meat in her cunt and finish her off, proper like!” Friendly said from behind Jill.

Dee was hesitant, but Jill raised her head enough to let him know it was okay. She was doing all the work on his father’s manhood, allowing several inches of his shaft to be exposed before impaling herself until it disappeared back inside her.

Dee’s cock was full and firm within seconds of taking down his pants.

Jill’s clitoris throbbed as he twisted his cockhead and pushed it inside her.



“And I grant to Bishop Æthelwold the estate at [unidentified] and pray him that he will always intercede for my mother and for me.” Will of Ælfgifu.

Risborough, October 959

Æthelgifu stared wide-eyed at the raftered ceiling; often she would wake early and find herself unable to return to sleep, turning over in her mind all that had passed in the last three years and a half. Three and a half years, was that all – to gain and lose so much? And in those small hours she would brood upon what the weft and warp of fate yet held for her and for her children: one daughter abandoned, the other yet to be betrothed, her sons bound by oaths of loyalty to a falling star. But on this morning her heart strained under a heightened foreboding, a premonition of a doom waiting to fall upon them all.

Ælfgifu, the elder daughter, lay snuggled against her mother, the touch of flesh cloying and prickly beneath the covers, stray strands of auburn hair tickling against the matron’s cheek. Careful not to disturb the slumbering girl, Æthelgifu extricated herself, letting the younger woman’s head drop against the sloping headboard. In the chink of light breaking through the thick embroidered bed hangings she watched her daughter’s pert breasts rise and fall with the rhythm of her breath. Tenderly she ran a finger round the aureole of the closest nipple, pink against the pale freckled flesh, raising the small bud. Ælfgifu moaned softly in her sleep, responding to the familiar touch.

Æthelgifu had done all a mother could to comfort the girl: distracting her with occupations suitable for a young lady of rank, the embroidering of church vestments or playing at nine men’s morris and fox and geese; bringing in scops to fill the lengthening evenings with ancient sagas and novel riddles; soothing her daughter’s troubled mind with readings from the Gospels; satisfying the burning desires of the flesh with lips and tongue and fingers that penetrated and probed in all the her daughter’s secret places, using the nubile body in the ways it craved to be used; slaking her own ravening lust on her daughter’s need.

It was not enough. The touch for which Ælfgifu pined was that of her husband, the touch she would never be allowed to feel again, his cock never more to slide between the gratefully parted thighs and fill the welcoming cunt, where, by nature’s law, if not God’s, it belonged. And Æthelgifu? Well,if she did not hear from that bastard dishthegn soon she was going to hump a stablelad; or possibly one of his charges.

Letting her daughter sleep on, Æthelgifu parted the hangings and slid down off of the big wooden bed. Privacy was the preserve of privilege, the church frowning upon the opportunities it provided for the indulgence of sinful appetites. Æthelgifu, whose appetites were stronger than most, had her bed behind a partition of stout Baltic planking. There was a knock upon the door and she undid the mortice lock, to let in a serving wench with an ewer of steaming water. By the dim morning light filtering through the oiled vellum window, she washed her face and private parts, and, having towelled herself dry, dressed, selecting from an iron-banded chest a long blue linen tunic with tightly fitting sleeves. Over this went a broad sleeved scarlet gown in soft wool, embroidered upon the neckline and cuffs, and onto her feet she slipped shoes edged with red leather. Taking up the collection of tiny tools that hung from a ring at her belt, she plucked her eyebrows and nostril hairs, then scooped the wax out of her ears with a tiny spoon, before applying a little colour with a brush. Finally she donned a lace adorned wimple, straightening it in the lead-backed mirror so that the carefully crimped light brown curls artfully peaked out onto the forehead and temple.

She paused to admire herself. The broad brow was marred by a brace of narrow lines, and perpendicular to these stern furrows had formed above the bridge of the chiselled nose, and, yes, the skin hung a little loosely from the high cheekbones, but the beauty that had caused Edric of Washington to choose her yet remained. The once luscious mouth had grown thinner-lipped and downcurled at the corners, but she had kept the full set of even teeth, all tolerably white. The eyes had grown a little heavy lidded, but pearl grey irises continued to gleam brightly under curling lashes. The swanlike neck creased now when it turned, and creases too testified to the weight of the yet full but increasingly veined and pendulous breasts; a belly had gathered above the tapering waist and there was more meat upon the hips that had borne Edric four children. But for all the trials inflicted upon her, all the insults she had had to endure, and all the slanders, she still carried herself like the great lady she was, the widow of an ealdorman, the mother of a queen.

Wrapping herself in a marten-trimmed mantle, held together with an enamelled broach Ælfheah had given her, she passed through the bower, where the palliases of her intimate retainers had been rolled away and the ashes of the fire in the central hearth raked, and stepped out into the passage between the bower and the great hall. The bond servants, who had slept on the benches that lined the walls of the hall, were already up and about their business in brewhouse or dairy, granary or buttery, the wholesome scent of bannocks baking on the griddle wafting from the kitchen.

Æthelgifu walked across the enclosure to the bellhouse and began to climb. From the top of the tower she could look down upon the roofs of the vill clustered around the ditched and pallisaded burh, the solid homes of churls and the humbler cottages of the labourers, the manorial chapel and the mill. Her eyes swept further abroad across the stubbled fields and mown meadows, at first tracing the long western boundary of the strip of land that formed her estate, from the gore to the blackthorn hedge and along the foul brook up past the great ash and down the old dyke west of the herdsman’s shacks; then looking north to the neighbouring manors of Waldridge and Kimble and beyond to the valley of the Wye, before turning her gaze east to the Icknield Way under the wooded slopes of the Chilterns, where the chalk scar of Whiteleaf caught a glimmer of morning sun; at the old heathen burial mound the ancient trackway met the King’s Street which ran on up past Wayland’s stump to thread through the gap in the hills. Two horsemen were galloping headlong down the road; though little more than distant specks as yet, Æthelgifu recognised them with a mother’s eye.

Returning to the bower she was greeted by her younger daughter, Ælfwaru, her hair yet uncovered but the budding breasts obvious beneath the linen shift. Perhaps I should put her in Edgar’s bed, she thought, as I did Ælfgifu in his brother’s. But what was the point? The horny little toad had already bedded half the thegn’s daughters in Mercia and, perhaps with more pleasure, their maidservants too. It was doubtful if there was anything even Æthelgifu could teach him.

“What did you see, mother?” the child asked, surprised to find her coming down from the bellhouse.

“Your brothers are here,” Æthelgifu answered. Ælfwaru’s exclamation of excitement died upon her lips as she registered the hard line of her mother’s mouth. “You had best tell your sister.”

The brothers rode under the great burh gate and swung down off of the shaggy ponies, throwing the reins to a groom. The younger boy, Ælfward, embraced his mother; Æthelgifu ran her finger through his copper hair as she looked questioningly to his brother. Æthelward’s gangling frame had begun to fill out; last year he had taken a wife and he was become one the great men of the household, a royal dishthegn, like Ælfheah. Where, wondered Æthelgifu was Ælfheah? Why did he not come?

Æthelward’s gaze reluctantly turned from his mother to his sister, as he cleared his throat to announce, “Edwig the All-fair is dead.”

All colour drained from Ælfgifu’s cheeks. Of course she had known she had lost him, that there was no way he would be allowed to take her back, but Æthelgifu knew a part of her had still hoped. Ælfgifu shook her head, “He can’t be.”

Of course he is, thought Æthelgifu. How, when they have taken so much else from him, the half of his kingdom, the wife he loved, would they let him keep his life?

Kingston, March 956

King Edred Weak-in-the-Feet had been dying all his life, but three months previously, in his manor of Frome at the age of thirty-two, the sickly genes that the great Ælfred had passed on to his descendants had finally sent him to his rest. He had not failed in his duty. The work begun by his grandfather Ælfred, and continued by his father and aunt, his half-brother and brother, had been completed; the Viking threat had been tamed and all the former petty kingdoms of the English brought under the West Saxon heel.

The line Ælfred had drawn at the Watling Street, annexing to his own realm the heartland of the old Mercian kingdom, had been pushed back, and one by one the leaders of the Danelaw had fallen: the kings of East Anglia; the jarls of nine boroughs; the hold of Amounderness (cutting off the Kings of York from their allies in Dublin); and York, well York had proved a more intractable problem. But after many a surrender followed by many a revolt, Edred had had the scheming Archbishop Wulfstan brought south in chains; and their King, Eric Bloodaxe, for a second time cast out his city, had been slain in a trap laid by Oswulf, High Reeve of the English enclave of Bamburgh. Oswulf now held Northumbria, the land his ancestors had ruled as kings, as the ealdorman of a king who had his capital in Winchester.

A new concept was being born, England. But it was fragile. Edred had left a warchest in his will lest the Danes should rise again, and there remained a faultline in the kingdom, between Wessex and its dependencies south of the Thames, and the lands of the old Mercian hegemony to the north.

Edred’s bony backside had kept the throne warm for the sons of his brother Edmund: the aethelings Edwig and Edgar, the last heirs of Alfred’s male line. When Edmund the Magnificent had bled out on the floor of the feast hall at Pucklechurch, the knife of the outlaw in his chest, the boys had been too young to succeed, so the Witan had elected Edred. There was nothing remarkable in this; among the English kings were chosen from those of the blood who were most throneworthy. Ælfred himself had assumed the crown after his brother, the sainted Æthelred, had succumbed to the wounds he had suffered on the battlefield of Merton; it had been inconceivable that Æthelred’s infant sons should lead the West Saxons in their darkest hour against the Danish onslaught.

Yet an arrangement that was practical in the heat of war could be destabilising in times of peace. When Edward the Elder, the warrior son of Ælfred, had assumed the kingship, one of Æthelred’s sons had staked his own claim, and failing to rally the English had thrown in his lot with the Viking foe.

Edward had united the bloodlines by putting aside the mother of his eldest son to take his uncle’s granddaughter to wife, and upon his death the West Saxon Witan had elected their son Ælfward; but the Witan had reckoned without the people of Mercia, who proclaimed a king of their own, Æthelstan, the son of the woman Edward had discarded. Æthelstan had been raised at the court of his aunt, Æthelflaed, the Lady of the Mercians. Æthelflaed, handed in marriage to the Mercian aetheling her father had appointed ealdorman of the English part of Mercia, had ruled the former kingdom as a semi-independent fief, first on behalf of her ailing husband, and then in her own right. On the death of his sister Edward had annexed her lands, locking her young daughter up in a nunnery, and imposing West Saxon law. The Mercians, with their proud history of independence, had neither forgotten nor forgiven, and in Æthelstan the Glorious they had found themselves a formidable leader, a man in the mould of his grandfather, scholarly, pious and warlike. Ælfward’s support crumbled, and sixteen days after the death of his father he had succumbed to one of those mysterious ends that befall unsuccessful claimants to the throne.

Having cowed the Danes of York and the Welsh princes, Æthelstan had bloodily defeated the Dublin Vikings, Scots and Strathclyde Britons at the Battle of Brunanburh. With him in the Brunanburh had been his eighteen year old half-brother Edmund, the son of yet another of his father’s marriages, to the remarkable lady Edgifu. To secure the succession, the ascetic young King had adopted Edmund as his heir.

Edmund had peacefully succeeded Æthelstan, as Edred had Edmund, and once again there was to be no succession crisis: Edmund’s elder son Edwig, whom Edred had raised at his court, had this day stood upon the scaffold in the market square to accept the acclaim of the people, his long blonde hair glistening yet more brightly than the golden regalia in the spring sunshine.

Kingston was a liminal a place: here the tide reached its furthest point and turned, and here was the highest place in its length that the Thames could be forded, bringing together peoples of south and north. And here, in the famous minster on the gravel island formed by the meeting of the Thames and the Hogsmill, Edwig, had ceased to be simply a man and had become God’s anointed; Odo the Severe, Canterbury’s archbishop had fastened on the bracelet, and had placed the sceptre in his hand and the crown upon his head.

Tonight at the great feast Edwig would show his worthiness to be the people’s lord, the breadgiver, showering his largesse upon the great and the good, the aldermen and king’s thegns, bishops and abbots. In the the burh of the royal manor the household officials were bustling back and forth, ensuring all ran smoothly, the dishthegns, who saw to the King’s vittles, the byrles who served him his drink, and the bowerthegns who put him to bed; three men to each office who would each spend four months at court.

For Æthelgifu, a noble widow with a daughter of ripe age and two fine sons with careers to build, no finer opportunity could present itself than the accession of a virile young ruler. But how to find time alone with him?

The young King was talking to, or perhaps more accurately, being talked at, by his grandmother, Queen Edgifu, in her fifties now, but slim and straight, her manner as imperious as ever; at her shoulder stood the burly tonsured figure of Abbot Dunstan of Glastonbury, glowering grimly at his squirming royal master.

While her brothers mingled with the young cnihts of the King’s household, thegn’s son’s like themselves looking for advancement, Ælfgifu clung wide-eyed to her mother’s side as Æthelgifu pointed out who was whom among the great ones of the court. The tall beautiful woman with her hand on the arm of the jovial man with the bushy red beard, that was the King’s stepmother, Queen Æthelflaed with her second husband Æthelstan the Red; the woman who closely resembled her was her sister, and the hulking figure towering over everyone, the sister’s husband, the East Saxon thegn Byrhtnoth, a mighty spear-wielder in the shieldwall. A scarred, hatchet faced man had been identified as the ealdorman Oswulf, lured down from his eyrie in Bamburgh for the coronation, while the wiry, white haired figure buttonholing him was the disgraced archbishop Wulfstan, now installed in the see of far off Dorchester, where he could stir no further trouble in the north.

Æthelgifu was wondering whether to rescue the Northumbrian ealdorman, or perhaps ingratiate herself with the younger of the dowager queens, when she was hailed by a robust, white-bearded man, his greying locks balding on the crown. She dropped a curtsey, Ælfgifu anxiously imitating her, as, retinue in tow, the tall figure of ealdorman Æthelstan of East Anglia strode across to greet her. The brother of her late husband, ealdorman Edric of Hampshire, Æthelstan had held his office for a quarter of a century, his jurisdiction having come to encompass all those lands of the former Danelaw south of the Humber, and his reach having grown further still. They called him the Half-King.

Æthelstan introduced a small, stocky boy as his foster-son, the younger aetheling, Edgar. His head barely level with Æthelgifu’s matronly breasts, he leered at them openly. It was true then that the boy was a graceless ill-formed runt. Hopefully his handsome brother would marry soon and have issue to secure the succession. She glanced across at Ælfgifu, now blushing crimson as the aetheling’s salivating gaze switched to the daughter. And why not Ælfgifu? With her noble lineage and classical education, her pale skin and high cheeked beauty, her succulent breasts and child-bearing hips, she would make a perfect wife for the young King. Was it too much to dream that her daughter might grace the royal bed? That she might one day be the grandmother of a king?

As the Half-King strode off to speak with Cynesige, the red-faced bishop of Lichfield, Æthelgifu found herself in conversation with the aetheling’s tutor, Æthelwold. A former monk of Glastonbury, at the intercession of Queen Edgifu he had been granted the ruins of the old abbey at Abingdon, one of many that had long lain abandoned after being sacked by the Danes. He was building a new abbey which would be run on the rule of St. Benedict, without any interfering lay patron, and peopled with devout monks instead of the lazy, ignorant secular canons who scrounged livings off the remaining houses; not even Dunstan had succeeded in dislodging them at Glastonbury. Æthelwold had been immersing himself in old charters and hoped to make legal arguments for the restoration of all Abingdon’s former lands that had fallen into the hands of the laity. Æthelgifu was impressed by the young man’s gentle fervour, but she couldn’t help wondering which of her own estates had once belonged to religious houses.

Out of the corner of her eye Æthelgifu witnessed the barrel-chested dishthegn Ælfheah extricate the King from the earnest attentions of his grandmother and Abbott Dunstan. She did not know the dishthegn well, but he and his brother Ælfhere, sons of the late ealdorman of Outer Mercia, had lately become important ministers at Edred’s court. From the confident and confiding way Ælfheah took the young King’s arm it seemed they intended to make themselves similarly indispensable to his successor.

Æthelgifu’s heart fluttered as she realised that Ælfheah was leading the King towards her and her daughter. She curtsied low, her daughter following her example. The King smiled radiantly, displaying dazzling white teeth. “Nay kinswoman,” he said, signalling that they should rise. “It is I who should bow in the presence of such beauty.” His expansive gaze plainly indicated that both mother and daughter were included in the compliment; the two women blushed delightedly. Edwig, the older woman noted, though not dwarfish like his brother, was below average height, yet slim and well proportioned, his features fine and even. His moustache and beard were yet straggly, but full golden locks cascaded in waves onto his shoulders, glistening in the sun.

“This must be my cousin Ælfgifu,” he said taking the girl’s small hand in his. “When last I saw her, Ælfheah, she stamped on the toy ship my uncle’s steersman carved for me; I could never rig it right again after.”

“As I remember, sire, I dismasted your ship only because you would not return to me my dolly,” Ælfgifu replied pertly.

“That was ill done my lord, to wrest a noble lady from her chaperone,” admonished the dishthegn, chuckling under his thick, sandy moustaches. He was a short man, no taller than his master, but broad-shouldered and powerfully built. Æthelgifu was struck most by piercing pale blue eyes that missed nothing.

“Ah, but now I am King, should the lady Ælfgifu’s playthings take my fancy, she mayst not refuse me,” teased Edgar.

“And nor would she wish to,” said Æthelgifu hurriedly, observing that the King still held her daughter’s hand. The golden haired youth regarded her enquiringly. “And nor would her chaperone,” she added, smiling coyly but holding his gaze.

While the young King continued chatting easily with the mother and daughter, Ælfheah was drawn aside by his brother, Ælfhere, a taller, slimmer version of the dishthegn. Returning Ælfheah whispered in the Kings ear.

“It seems that my grandmother believes I am neglecting my duties,” sighed Edwig. Over his shoulder Æthelgifu saw the dowager Edgifu glaring across at her, Abbot Dunstan by her side as always, purse-lipped and folded-armed.

“Of course the King has no time on his coronation day for the prattle of foolish women,” agreed Æthelgifu, being sure to thrust out her ample chest and flash him her most winning smile. “But when shall our noble lord grace us with his company again? It would be our delight to entertain him as he should choose, is that not so Ælfgifu?”

“Oh yes! We are entirely at the King’s disposal, ” agreed Ælfgifu, taking her cue, and giving Edwig a freckle-faced smile that for all its open innocence would have twitched the cock of the most ascetic of Abbot Æthelwold’s monks.

“Come to my bower once the feast has begun, I will slip away and join you,” said Edwig “It can be arranged?” he asked eagerly, turning to Ælfheah.

The dishthegn appeared doubtful, but recognising the petulant turn of the King’s mouth, agreed. “It can be arranged.”

Pulling the hoods of their mantles over their heads the two women slipped past the pool of yellow light spilling from the doors of the great hall, the roar of feasting loud within, and made their way to the King’s bower. Ælfhere was waiting for them; thinner-faced than his brother, he looked positively gaunt in the moonlight. He lead them up the outer stairs to an upper chamber and told them to wait.

“Ælfheah shall cover for the King’s absence as long as he is able,” Ælfhere explained urgently, “but do not allow him to tarry too long.” With that he left, returning hurriedly to the hall.

Æthelgifu and her daughter found themselves in a chamber lit by the flickering light of torches. Rich tapestries hung from walls lined with strongboxes containing the King’s chattels, many of the finest pieces having been put on display. At the far end the King’s great bed had been assembled.

As Ælfgifu marvelled at the fineness of the hangings, Æthelgifu covetously handled a gilt-inlaid drinking horn. This was the world in which she belonged. She was not going to let it slip out of her grasp.

“If we do not have much time then we must be ready for the King when he comes,” she said. “Undress child and get in the bed.”

Ælfgifu looked at her mother open-mouthed. Æthelgifu cursed herself for not preparing the girl better. What did the little fool think they had come here for?

But then seeing her daughter before her, so innocent in her pretty frock, for a moment Æthelgifu melted. After this night Ælfgifu would no longer be the child she had taught to sew and read, who had come running to her when she had grazed a knee or to bring her posies of flowers from the wood. She would be a grown woman inducted into all the mysteries of her sex. But, Æthelgifu told herself, her daughter’s maidenhead was a price worth the paying for what they all stood to gain.

“Here,” she said, “let me.” Taking hold of the trusting face, she gently traced her finger tips along the line of the long neck, the bow of the lips, the slightly dimpled chin, the freckled cheeks; sliding her fingers up past the temples and under the wimple she removed the covering cloth, freeing the profusion of russet curls. Ælfgifu stood obediently still as Æthelgifu undressed her, feeling her mother’ s hot breath on her neck and the slow purposeful touch of her hands as they ran smoothly over the garbed flesh.

Only when Æthelgifu knelt at her feet and began lifting the linen undergarment, sensuously pushing the bunched cloth up her calves, past the knees, did Ælfgifu object. “Mother would you have the King see me quite naked?”

Infuriated at the child’s ill-timed modesty, Æthelgifu by way of answer whipped the tunic over her daughter’s head, baring the young body in one swift decisive movement. Instinctively the girl hunched her shoulders, covering her breasts with her upper arms and shielding her crotch with her hands. Æthelgifu pulled them away, Ælfgifu flinching before her mother’s apparent anger.

“Listen to me,” said Æthelgifu trying to rein in her sense of urgency and be patient with the girl. “Do you not think that every thegn in Wessex and beyond will be serving up their daughters as a dish for the King? And where will you be then, the daughter of a poor widow? But if you should please the King tonight…”

“He will marry me?” asked Ælfgifu, seeing some hope in her desperate situation.

“Perhaps,” replied Æthelgifu, not wishing to raise her daughter’s hopes so high just yet. It would not help if she were to say something foolish to the King. “But whatever else he will be grateful. There are your brothers to think of. If you can keep him interested he might even reward you with an estate or two. How should you like that?”

“But mother I have never been with a man!” exclaimed Ælfgifu, close to tears.

“I should think not my girl, do you think I would shame myself by bringing my daughter to the King’s bed if she were not a virgin? You should be honoured.”

“But I don’t know what to do with a man. How am I to please him?” sniffed Ælfgifu.

“Oh child,” said Æthelgifu, cupping her daughters face in her hands and kissing her upon the lips. “Do you think I would let such an opportunity rest on an ignorant girl and the fumblings of a boy? I shall be here to help you, both of you. Now help me undress.”

As Ælfgifu helped her mother out of her clothes Æthelgifu subtly encouraged her to linger, to familiarise herself with the matronly flesh: the firm shapely calves and fleshy thighs, the well-rounded buttocks, the spreading mat of pubes, the soft mound of her belly, the heavy, drooping breasts and the long, delicately creased neck. In the hesitant touches and unnecessary pauses the widow could sense her daughter’s fascination, and found herself enjoying it. She knew this night she would be making demands upon her daughter that no mother should make; she did not doubt that she could command her obedience, but it would be so much easier if the girl could be made to respond. The boy’s touch could not be trusted, she would need to take charge of her daughter’s body herself, to ensure that when the King came to take her she was ready and eager to be taken.

Standing naked before her naked daughter, Æthelgifu placed her hands on the younger woman’s buttocks and drew her towards her, so that their bodies met, thigh against thigh, pubic mound against pubic mound, breast against breast, lip against lip; gently at first, allowing Ælfgifu time to relax, then gradually increasing the pressure, demanding more the more her daughter responded. As their lips mashed in earnest, and their breasts squashed between them, Æthelgifu ground her crotch against her daughter’s. Slipping her tongue into her daughter’s mouth, she felt Ælfgifu respond eagerly. It was almost too much; she had not thought to awaken such passion in her daughter, had not thought that she herself could feel such desire for the child of her loins. What sort of mother am I? she thought, as her hand explored the cleft in Ælfgifu’s buttocks, sliding down to test if she were moist; what sort of daughter have I raised? as Ælfgifu urgently pushed back onto her exploring hand.

Æthelgifu broke off the clinch, amused to see her daughter’s petulant frustration as she did so, as if a toy had been taken from her. “We should be ready in the bed when the King comes,” she said.

They sat themselves side by side against the sloping head board, the covers drawn down to expose their breasts. And they waited.

“Mother,” asked Ælfgifu after a while. “Why did you kiss me?”

“I wanted to prepare you for the King,” Æthelgifu responded seriously. “He is only a boy and may be over-eager. I would not want him entering you without first having made you moist.”

“I am certainly moist now,” said Ælfgifu blowing out her cheeks. “Did you enjoy kissing me?”

“You are a very good kisser,” Æthelgifu reassured her.

Ælfgifu looked shyly across at her mother. “Would you kiss me some more? Only I think I might not be moist enough.”

Perhaps I should make sure, thought Æthelgifu. “The King could arrive at any moment. But I will check to see if you are prepared.” Giving her daughter’s nipple a playful tweak, she pulled back the covers, and parting Ælfgifu’s legs, knelt down between them. She ran her finger round the inner lips. Perhaps further moistening was called for, and since she was already down here… Tentatively she ran the tip of her tongue along the folds of the inner lips.

“Oh mother that is lovely,” said Ælfgifu. “Don’t stop.” Æthelgifu had not been with another woman since she had been sent to the convent to finish her education, had not felt the need. The nuns had been cruel, using her for their own pleasures; she had delighted in defying them, but oh in their rough treatment of her they had taken her young woman’s body to places no man had ever reached. She had wished to spare her daughter the harsh regime of the nunnery; only now could she concede how much her daughter had missed out on from being schooled at home by her mother. Why had she not done this before?

Ælfgifu’s cunt was beautiful, perfect, she thought, feeling a warm upsurge of motherly pride. And the holy sisters had taught her so much she could pass onto her daughter. Eagerly she went to work with fingers and tongue on the labia and the clitoris, denying herself only the opening, for that belonged to the King. Ælfgifu lay back in a state of a bliss: did any girl have a more devoted mother?

And that was how King Edwig found them, Æthelgifu kneeling with her arse in the air and her face buried in the Y of Ælfgifu’s legs as the girl came to a shuddering climax.

“Did I keep you waiting so long?” he asked, amused and and a little embarrassed. “It was quite difficult to slip away.”

“Our desire for you overwhelmed us, sire,” explained Æthelgifu, scrambling to the edge of her bed.

“My mother was showing me what I might expect, sire. She did not want me to be unprepared for you,” elaborated Ælfgifu.

“My daughter is a virgin I am afraid, sire. She is a complete innocent,” confirmed Æthelgifu, her lips gleaming with her daughter’s secretions.

“Very thoughtful I am sure,” murmured the bewildered youth. “Only I am not sure I know how to do what you were doing to your daughter.”

“My mother is a wonderful teacher, sire,” beamed Ælfgifu, all guileless enthusiasm. “I am sure she would show you.”

“I insist sire,” said Æthelgifu, taking charge of the situation. “Ælfgifu, what are you waiting for? Undress the King.”

Ælfgifu set to with a will, stripping Edwig of his clothes, and in doing so unleashing her first erect cock. Slim, straight and surprisingly long, it did not seem to perturb Ælfgifu at all, if anything the King seemed disconcerted to have a young woman kneeling between his legs taking such an undisguised interest in what he had there.

To Edwig’s consternation, Æthelgifu burst out laughing. “I am sorry, sire, only you seem rather overdressed.”

Looking up Ælfgifu also collapsed in giggles. “So he is.”

“I was not aware I was dressed at all,” Edwig said puzzled, then felt his head with his hands. “Oh.” He was, he realised, stark bollock naked except in that he was still wearing his golden crown.

Ælfgifu stood up and, kissing him upon the lip, lifted off the crown and tossed it across the room, not caring where it landed. “But what am I to do about your sceptre?” she asked, fondling his cock.

Æthelgifu raised herself from the bed, her broad hips swaying. “Do you mind if I demonstrate to my daughter?”

“Please do,” gulped her young liege lord.

With that the matron knelt on her haunches before the King, her daughter doing likewise that she might study her mother at work. Young girls learn from their mothers, thought Æthelgifu. I must be such a good mother.

As Æthelgifu purposefully pleasured the royal cock, teasing the bedewed glans with her tongue, while her hand manipulated the solid shaft, teaching her daughter how to bring him agonisingly to the brink of ecstasy and then hold him back. Ælfgifu learnt eagerly, imitating all her mother’s moves; but she had not yet quite her mother’s skill. Without warning Edwig’s load flew into her face.

Æthelgifu was annoyed with her daughter, she had not intended for him to come until his cock was safely buried between the girl’s legs. Then annoyance turned to concern as she saw her daughter clawing her face in distress: some of Edwig’s semen had hit her in the eye.

As Æthelgifu bathed her daughter’s eye from a pitcher by the bed, Edwig hovered around them, a picture of apologetic concern. “I am so sorry, please what can I do to make it up to you? Name anything.”

Æthelgifu’s ears pricked up at that, but before she could say anything, Ælfgifu, her eye still red and weeping, put her hand on the young King’s breast. “You did not mean to, sire; it is my fault for being clumsy and making you come when you were not prepared. Please forgive me.”

“You are so sweet!” exclaimed Edwig placing his hands on her shoulders; then earnestly looking her in the eye, he added, “I promise I shall never hurt you again. Ever.”

Ælfgifu smiled and kissed him tenderly on the lips, letting his arms engulf her. “Is she not an angel?” Edwig asked turning to her mother.

Yes thought Æthelgifu, she is. Now fuck her. “Sire,” she said, “I see you are quite recovered.” With the vigour of youth his cock was already hardening, no doubt encouraged by the rubbing of Ælfgifu’s thigh as he held her in his arms.

“Oh good, you must take me properly, in the cunt,” said Ælfgifu with a candour that alarmed even her mother.

“Of course I shall, my darling,” replied Edwig, leading her by the hand over to the bed. “Madam,” he said, turning to Æthelgifu, “Will you come to our assistance? We are both innocents. I am sure I should benefit from your instruction as much as your daughter.”

He is a virgin, realised Æthelgifu, that old bat of a grandmother has never let him near a woman. She almost laughed in triumph. There is so much I could teach them, she thought, if only there were more time. “Sire on this occasion as my daughter is already most moist, you may proceed directly to mounting her.”

“Oh yes, do so,” agreed her daughter. “I am ready.”

“Ælfgifu, lie down and clutch your knees, holding them as far apart as they will go,” instructed Æthelgifu. Ælfgifu obeyed, fully exposing her sex to the fascinated King, who had questions. Briefly Æthelgifu explained to him all the working parts, encouraging him to touch and taste,. She was conscious of the passing of time, but thought it good for her daughter’s sake that the boy should have some knowledge beyond mere thrusting.

“Are all women’s cunts so beautiful,” asked Edwig, awed as he surveyed Ælfgifu’s copper-wire crowned treasure with the puffed outer lips and the small pink inner lips splayed for his inspection.

“Women’s cunts vary as much men’s cocks, sire,” explained Æthelgifu placing one foot on the bed and the other on the floor, so the King might see better. “My lips are darker and longer than my daughter’s.”

“But just as enchanting,” answered Edwig, breathing in the rich aroma.

She winced as he tried a tentative taste. “Remember what I told you? More softly sire. Oh yes, that is much better.” The boy was a fast learner, a natural in fact.

“Sire I am sure my mother’s cunt taste’s delightful,” said Ælfgifu displaying a little impatience, “and I should like to taste it myself…”

“Of course my dear you must,” interjected the King.

“…but I should very much like to be fucked now.”

Red-faced the King desisted from pleasuring Æthelgifu, and bent to work a little uncertainly over her daughter. “Sire, allow me,” said Æthelgifu, guiding his cock to her daughter’s slot, and holding it in place, helping to ease it through the virginal lips. Once he had the head safely in she allowed him to thrust his full length. Her daughter grimaced but as far as she could see there was no blood. She made him go slowly at first, but as her daughter visibly relaxed, she encouraged him to vary the pace. Having come so recently he had the staying power for a little experimentation.

Æthelgifu felt like a little experimentation herself. Standing behind Edwig she placed her arms under his shoulders, and nibbling his ear, playfully lifted him off her daughter, so that his cock popped out. Ignoring Ælfgifu’s outraged cry of, “Mother!” she had Edwig kneel, and placing her daughter’s feet on his shoulders, bade him draw her up onto his lap; this time his cock found her cunt without assistance. The young couple easily slipped into a comfortable rhythm, not questioning why Æthelgifu had had them change.

So Edwig’s angel wanted to taste her mother’s cunt, did she? Confident that Edwig could manage without further instruction, Æthelgifu decided the time had come to satisfy her own needs. Clutching the headboard behind her back for balance, she lowered herself onto her haunches and squatted over her daughter’s face, being careful not to smother the girl. It took a little squirming, but she soon found her daughter’s willing tongue.

Edwig’s eyes were almost popping out of his face as the mature woman, her pendulous breasts swaying freely, ground her furry cunt into his sweet darling’s face. “Don’t stop thrusting boy,” scalded Æthelgifu. “It is all part of your education.”

From her vantage point at the head of the bed Æthelgifu was the first to see the door swing open as Cynesige, Bishop of Lichfield, spilled into the room. Behind him she heard Abbot Dunstan say, “Is he up there?”

As Cynesige speechlessly crossed himself, Dunstan appeared behind him. “Fornicator!” he bellowed, striding across the room. Roughly he dragged the naked boy off the bed, as the women sought to cover themselves, Æthelgifu clutching her daughter to her breast. “What means this boy, that you steal away from your coronation to consort with Jezebels?”

Momentarily Edwig stuck up for himself. “All day I have down what you asked of me. I wasn’t gone long.”

Dunstan shook the boy, his spittle spraying him as he shouted in his face. “Long enough to defile yourself with harlots!” Then catching sight of the still stiffly erect penis: “Cover your shame!” Gathering up the King’s clothes he threw them at him, and then stood over him as the boy sulkily dressed himself.

“We were not doing anything wrong, not really,” Edwig whined.

Dunstan goggled. “I saw what you were doing and I am scarce able to believe such depravity exists in the world.” He turned to the cowering women on the bed. “Wantons, with what guiles of Satan have you ensnared the boy?”

Æthelgifu held her helplessly sobbing daughter in her arms, her anger rising, but not daring to defy the onslaught of the churchman’s fury.

Straightening the King’s clothes, Dunstan asked, “Now where is your crown?” Edwig’s eyes danced around the room. “God in Heaven, boy, you must know what you have done with the crown!”

Despite her predicament, Æthelgifu found herself suppressing a smile as the Abbot and Bishop Cynesige began scouring the room. Then her daughter piped up, “I think I threw it over there.” She pointed to a dimly lit corner.

Dunstan retrieved the crown from where it had fallen behind a chest and plunked it down on the dishevelled blonde head. “There, at least you look like a king, even if you are incapable of acting like one.”

“What about these?” asked Cynesige, leering at the women in the bed.

“Bring them,” barked Dunstan, dragging the king to the door.

Cynesige roughly seized Æthelgifu’s arm. “Take your hands off me!” she protested, and using all his strength the bishop struck her with the back of his hand across the face.

Grabbing Æthelgifu by her unbound hair, the bishop pulled her face close to his, so she could see the broken veins on his nose, the malice in the yellow eyes and the spittle hanging from broken rotten teeth as he breathed out the fumes of mead. “You’ll come with me, bawds.” Still holding Æthelgifu by the hair, he dragged her upright, and seizing a nipple with his free hand, twisted it as far as it would go, causing the widow to squeal with pain. Letting go, the bishop pushed her away, and then swung his boot, planting it squarely on her bottom, laughing gleefully as he sent her sprawling face down on the floor, the wind knocked out of her.

Ælfgifu sprung to her mother’s defence, pummelling him impotently with tiny fists. Wrapping his hand in her auburn locks the bishop pulled back her head and clasped her neck in his thick-fingers. “Defy me, would you strumpet?” he snarled, spitting in the girl’s tear-stained face, and with that he thumped her in the stomach.

Taking both women by the hair, Cynesige dragged them behind him down the stair, Ælfgifu sobbing and squealing, the streaming tears reddening her girlish freckled face, whilst her mother spat and resisted all the way, earning brutal kicks to her legs from the infuriated bishop Ahead of them the doors of the hall swung open on Dunstan’s orders.

The roar of revelry from the mead benches was stilled as, his hand resting firmly on the boy’s shoulder, Dunstan marched the King to stand before the podium at the hall’s end. Then the uneasy silence collapsed into astonished giggles as Cynesige paraded the naked mother and daughter in the abbot’s wake. Wide eyed with horror Ælfgifu hunched her shoulders seeking to use hands and arms to shield her budding breasts and copper-trimmed snatch from the leers of the drunken revellers on the mead benches, her lip quivering as hot tears of shame poured down her violently blushing cheeks. But Æthelgifu made the long walk down the hall’s length with head held high, her breasts thrust out defiantly, taking each step as deliberately as the churchman’s tugging at her hair would allow, daring the thegns and cnihts gathered on the benches to want her, and returning the desire that twitched their cocks with cold disdain. Before the podium Bishop Cynesige hurled the women to the rush-strewn floor, their unbound hair and cruelly exposed flesh gleaming in the flickering glow of the hearth fire and the torches guttering in the gusts from the open doors.

As Ælfgifu strove to hide her shame, prostrating herself as she buried her face in the straw, Æthelgifu defiantly attempted to struggle up, only for the bishop to plant his foot in her back, grinding her down with his heel. Behind the tables on the raised dais to either side of the empty throne, sat the members of the royal house with the aldermen and prelates, all gazing down upon the furiously blushing King and the two sprawled women, the slim sobbing girl, pert-breasted and freckled skinned, her glinting russet hair veiling her face, and the full-bodied brunette matron, the weight of the priest’s sandal upon her back flattening the large breasts against the hall-floor while the wide buttocks arced and splayed as she tried desperately to raise herself, revealing thick hairy pussy lips.

Archbishop Odo, stern and white-haired, looked as though the shock of having two naked Jezebels hurled at his feet might send him early to his grave. Æthelstan Half-King, for once in his long life, seemed at a loss, feeling perhaps that he should avert his eyes from the shame of his brother’s wife and daughter, but unable to tear his rheumy eyes from the squirming pulchitrude cast before his feet. Ealdorman Oswulf was trying hard not to laugh while taken the most unabashed interest in the naked forms of the humiliated noblewomen. The aetheling Edgar was craning over the table for a better view. Only the beautiful Queen Æthelflaed showed any compassion, clutching the arm of her husband Æthelstan the Red, who seemed torn between concern at his wife’s discomfiture and joining the lummox Byrhtnoth in his ribald laughter as he pummelled him on the other shoulder. They were all, Æthelgifu realised, very drunk.

The King’s grandmother, Queen Edgifu, rose unsteadily to her feet; stepping down from the platform tottered forward to where the King stood, and slapped him across the face.

“How dare you bring this disgrace upon our house,” she railed. “Is this how you propose to behave as king? Shirking your royal duties so you might rut with whores?”

“I didn’t mean to,” muttered Edwig.

“What?” snarled his grandmother.

“They tricked me.” he added lamely.

“Renounce these strumpets,” commanded Dunstan.

“Yes, yes, take them away,” the King cried, plaintively. “I never want to see them again.”

“Edwig, no,” the horrified Ælfgifu cried out jumping to her feet, her devastation complete as the King was the one man in the hall who refused to gaze upon the slim full-breasted figure standing helpless in her nakedness, her perfect, until-today virgin, body revealed in all its bounty. In tears she hopelessly beseeched her lover to acknowledge her before these awful men as they ravished her with their eyes – callow cnihts, brutal thegns, pious bishops, all with bulging cocks hidden in their breaches, longing to violate her girlish form.

Pushing aside the fat leg of the distracted bishop, Æthelgifu struggled to her feet. Looking from rapt, twisted face to rapt, twisted face, Æthelgifu sensed the imminence of violence, a drunken, lust-fuelled passion which would outrage her daughter’s every orifice and rend her limb from limb. The brutes shall not have her, thought Æthelgifu, with a mother’s fierce determined love. Standing side side with her daughter, Æthelgifu placed a protective arm around Ælfgifu’s naked shoulders, and stared defiantly around the hall.

In the sea of slavering faces Æthelgifu gaze settled upon the king’s stepmother, Queen Æthelflaed, the long honeyed tresses framing an angelic beauty that belied her womanly nature. This long-legged lovely with her high shapely breasts had not become the bedfellow of the lusty Edmund without knowing the tricks to satisfy a man’s appetites or understanding the fine line that those who catch a king’s eye tread between high honour and utter ruin; in the almond eyes Æthelgifu saw sympathy for her plight.

Very deliberately the Queen rose to her feet; her long limbs were trembling, but she stood very straight and spoke very clear. “I think you should leave now,” she said, her eyes entreating the widow and her daughter to go, as she dismissed them with an imperious gesture of her hand.

The spell broken, Æthelgifu ‘s sons came leaping off of the cnihts’ benches, Æthelward wrapping his sister in his cloak, as, averting his gaze, Ælfward shyly held his out for his mother.

As the boys led the women past the hooting benches, Æthelward turned on Æthelgifu, “You have ruined us all, mother.”

Clutching her younger son’s arm for strength, Æthelgifu dissolved into sobs.

Behind them Edwig was humbly promising to be a better king to his people.

Having lain awake most of the night half mad with worry, Æthelgifu slept in late. She awoke to a sense of cold dread. She had disgraced her late husband’s memory, ruined her daughter and blighted her sons prospects, been cast out by the church and forbidden the court. All men’s hands would be turned against her and her children. What had she done?

She heard her sons protesting outside, and then the flap opened as the dishthegn Ælfheah barged his way into the tent.

“My lady, the King would see you,” he announced. Æthelgifu blanched. What now?

The dishthegn did not seem inclined to leave, so Æthelgifu, past modesty, dressed in front of him, Ælfheah smirking and twiddling his moustache as he unashamedly surveyed her ample matronly charms. She did not hurry, taking the time to ensure her wimple was straight and powdering the bruise where Cynesige had slapped her. Whatever happened she would face it like a noblewoman.

When she was finished, Ælfheah came and looked her over. “The King will find you pleasing,” he said, satisfied. “That is to the good.” Æthelgifu’s heart skipped.

“Edwig has recollected to himself what it means to be a king,” the dishthegn continued, taking her arm. “Those who laid rough hands upon the King and upon his friends shall feel his wrath.”

As he led her through the village of tents that had grown up outside the town to accommodate the overspill of thegns and their retinues gathered in Kingston for the coronation, Ælfheah told her more of what had passed. Once Dunstan had sobered up, it had begun to dawn on him that he might have gone too far, and, being warned of the King’s wrath, he had taken to his heels. Bishop Cynesige too had fled the court; and when Queen Edgifu had demanded to see her grandson, she had been refused. Now that the Edwig had seized the initiative, Æthelstan Half-King and the other ealdorman, each of them nursing a hangover, were uncertain how to act.

Æthelgifu tried to imagine the petulant young King acting so decisively, and found herself instead contemplating the bold confident manner of his dishthegn. This is your doing, she thought, seeing the stocky Ælfheah through fresh eyes.

In the royal bower, Edwig, surrounded by a press of cnihts and young thegns, was in deep conversation with Ælfhere and the bishop of London, Byrhthelm; however Queen Æthelflaed greeted Æthelgifu with a kiss on the cheek, calling her sister, as Æthelstan the Red beamed on uxorially.

“Are you quite recovered from your ordeal?” the young Queen asked solicitously, resting a hand upon Æthelgifu’s arm.

“Thank you, my lady,” Æthelgifu replied. “I am a little shaken; it is not everyday one finds oneself dragged from one’s bed and paraded naked before the greatest in the land.”

“These churchmen who do not allow themselves women can be such brutes; what they can’t bring themselves to fuck they turn their hand against. My late husband despised Abbot Dunstan,” she confided, vehemently. “He would have banished him, but my poor Edmund was a superstitious man and when his horse bolted almost sending him over a cliff, he became convinced it was God’s wrath for having planned to exile the wretched bully.”

“He will not be allowed back this time? Or Cynesige?” Æthelgifu asked hopefully.

“We shall have to see that they are not, you and I.” Æthelflaed, then whispered in her ear. “My Edmund told me once that Edric’s widow was among the comeliest of the women of the West Saxons; after what I saw of you in the hall last night I know he spoke no less than truth. I do hope you and I shall be the best of friends,” she added holding Æthelgifu eyes with hers, and discreetly patting her upon the bottom.

Æthelgifu smiled at her gratefully. Some good had come from the humiliation of the night before if some ember of desire had be stirred in this influential lady. Surveying the pale complexion, long chiselled nose, full lips and high, firm breasts of the tall, golden-haired Queen, Æthelgifu felt that it would be no hardship to fan those embers. She wondered if Æthelflaed would want her red-headed buffoon of a husband to watch, if she did then Æthelgifu would at least insist that he refrain from his apparent need to fill any silence with a joke.

“My Lady Æthelgifu,” the King exclaimed, Ælfheah having discreetly brought her to the royal notice. “I humbly beg your pardon for the outrage of last night.” Approaching her he added confidingly, “You have my assurance that the traitors responsible shall be punished.”

“I hope it shall be so, sire,” murmured Æthelgifu.

The King looked at her shyly. “The insult to my lady Ælfgifu…” he began tentatively, “I hope she may find it in her heart to forgive me that I did not spring to her defence?”

“Her hurt runs deep, sire,” replied, not untruthfully; the girl had sobbed half the night for her poor Edwig.

Edwig looked earnest. “If you should allow it, and if your daughter should consent, I would hope to erase the smear upon her name, and yours.”

“How so, sire?” Æthelgifu asked, her heart skipping a beat.

“By making my darling Ælfgifu my queen.”

Slipping out of the honeymoon chamber, where the young king and queen sprawled exhausted, Æthelgifu returned to the private room that had been set aside for her use. Ælfheah was waiting on the bed. “I thought you would never be done with them,” he grumbled.

“They are young and in love and eager to learn,” explained Æthelgifu snuggling up against the man ten years younger.

“I hoped they have not tired you out,” he said hopefully, squeezing her breast in his hard hand.

“Not quite,” she replied, stroking the short thick cock. “There is still work for you to do.”

Ælfheah was a married man, but while he was at court his wife was at home running their estates, whereas Æthelgifu’s place was at her daughter’s side; certainly she had no intention of taking a husband. The arrangement with the dishthegn would suit them both. Now her daughter was Queen Æthelgifu had though better of encouraging the attentions of the flirtatious Æthelflaed, indeed she did not want the royal beauty at court any more than could be helped. Edwig would not be the first young king to have his roving eye fall upon a comely stepmother.

Æthelgifu was forceful in encouraging her son-in-law to assert his new found independence. At her insistence, the King’s grandmother Queen Edgifu was not only banished from court, but stripped of her estates. Æthelgifu also added her voice to Ælfheah’s on the need to secure the royal treasury at Glastonbury, but went further in urging the confiscation of the immense personal wealth accumulated by Abbot Dunstan. The biddable king’s thegn sent to ransack the monastery had other orders from Æthelgifu: Dunstan was to be struck down while resisting. The abbot, scurrying from hiding place to place, one step ahead of his would-be assassins, had been obliged to flee abroad to Flanders. To justify the abbot’s banishment Æthelgifu had word put about that he had been helping himself from the royal coffers.

With this new wealth, and with the seizure of lands from those who had prospered under his uncle, the King was able to reward his followers, young men like himself, often with some royal blood in their veins, such as Bishop Byrhthelm, the brothers Ælfheah and Ælfhere, or Æthelgifu’s own sons, Æthelward and Ælfward.

The deaths of incumbents meant that Edwig was also free to begin appointing his own ealdormen. Mercia south of the Trent became the portion of Æthelstan the Red, the genial husband of the King’s stepmother; while Byrhtnoth, the husband of Queen Æthelflaed’s sister, succeeded to Essex where his and his wife’s families had both held office in the recent past. Since the death of the father of Ælfheah and Ælfhere, those lands of the Middle Angles and Middle Saxons where the English law still held had come under the jurisdiction of Æthelstan of East Anglia, who also held the Danish law boroughs north of the Watling Street, and whose writ ran as far north as Lindsey. Edgar now-filled the vacant ealdormanry, at Æthelgifu’s prompting appointing Ælfhere, so the elder brother might remain at the King’s side to counsel him, and to service his Queen’s mother.

Æthelstan Half-King’s powers were failing, his eldest son assuming many of his duties as ealdorman; in due course the young man would be allowed to succeed fully, but without his father’s influence. With the formidable Oswulf in Northumbria and the old warhorse Æthelmund holding North Mercia, the new appointments ensured that Æthelstan and his family were hemmed upon all sides with potential rivals. Edwig was determined that no one ealdorman would again wield the power of a Half-King.

And then the wily old ealdorman dealt Edwig the most damaging blow imaginable: he retired. For a quarter of a century he had kept the peace in the southern Danelaw, allowing the Danish jarls a degree of self-governance while upholding the rights of the old Mercian nobility and commanding loyalty to the West Saxon crown. His ostentatious withdrawal to a cell in Glastonbury ushered in an uncertainty, a space within which old fears could be reawakened and old grievances freshly aired.

It was Byrhthelm, the young bishop of London, who brought the news of what had happened next.

“A meeting of the Mercian Witan?” Edwig could hardly believe what he was hearing. “There is no Mercian Witan! They have not met since….”

Since they had chosen Æthelstan as King ahead of his half-brother Ælfward; Ælfward who had been dead within the fortnight.

“They have elected Edgar,” Byrhthelm confirmed. “He has promised not just to respect the customs of the Danes but to restore to Mercia all those freedoms it had before King Edward’s time.”

Ælfgifu clutched her husband’s hand as he sunk back in his chair, the colour draining from his cheek.

“He has also made a vow to reform the monasteries,” the bishop added ruefully. “He’d have folk believe he is on some sort of holy mission. It’s that blasted holier-than-thou abbot, Æthelwold. Really, what do laymen care if a priest keeps a woman or cannot read and write, so long as the fellow sobers up sufficiently to say the prayers he has been paid for?”

“What of my ealdormen?” asked Edwig. He had no hopes of Æthelmund, but the others were men of his own making, surely they owed him loyalty?

“The ox Byrhtnoth has been the prime mover in all this, together with Æthelstan’s pack of wolfcubs,” Byrhthelm explained. “Though if you ask me it is the old man pulling the strings, along with that bat Edgifu. Æthelstan the Red was on board from the outset as well. Never trust a man who tries too hard to be liked.”

“He is married to my stepmother,” the dazed Edwig threw in needlessly.

“Edgar’s stepmother too don’t forget. She can’t make fuss enough over the boy, even if he does barely come up to her tits.”

Damn the bitch, thought Æthelgifu. I keep her at arms length from Edwig so she holds her nose and parts those long legs for the brat Edgar.

“And Ælfhere?” she asked, exchanging alarmed glances with Ælfheah.

“If he did not have a hand in it from the start he saw which way the wind was blowing,” the bishop replied. “Edgar makes a great deal of him, always asking his opinion before that of his other ealdormen, and in all his proclamations ensuring Ælfhere’s name is linked with his. He’s binding him to his cause; Ælfhere’ll not desert him now.”

As the bishop rattled on Edwig crumpled into Ælfgifu’s arms, sobbing tears of frustration and self-pity as he buried his golden head in her bosom. Feeling sick to her stomach Æthelgifu wondered what was to become of them all.

Edgar did not press home his advantage, being content to be proclaimed King of the Mercians and Northumbrians, Oswulf and the York Danes having fallen into line. Edwig continued to style himself King of the English, but though he retained control of the coinage, his writ no longer ran north of the Thames. Nor could he stop Edgar recalling his old enemy Dunstan and installing him in the see of London, replacing poor Byrhthelm who for his loyalty had been obliged to remove to Wells, where the canons, sympathetic to Glastonbury and to Dunstan, flatly rejected his authority.

In return for continuing to support Edwig the West Saxon Witan exacted a price: Edwig was put aside his wife. Archbishop Odo decreed that the marriage was be dissolved on grounds of consanguinity.

Alone in her chamber with Ælfheah, Æthelgifu railed at the injustice. “They are barely cousins at all! Ælfgifu’s grandfather’s grandfather was the brother of Edwig’s grandfather’s father. How can it be wrong for them to marry?”

My wife Emma and I have been avid swingers for the past dozen years. We are both in our late thirties and we both have our own businesses. We are successful and happy I believe in that we have some money saved, few bills, a mortgage free home as well as a vacation/ retirement condo in St Marteens and best of all, love each other deeply.

We are also very involved with our community and its needs as it comes to helping others. We have done everything from working and donating to the food bank to bowling for hospitalized children. We find this fulfilling but sometimes depressing as the needs far out last the donations and volunteerism.

Emma has been a constant organizer for many of the charity organizations we belong to and is always looking for new and improved ways to raise funds and expand the pool of donors. This story is about how she really expanded her efforts.

I was working in my home office one bright morning, enjoying a bagel and egg with some Hawaiian coffee. Emma had left earlier to go to a planning meeting at the home of Wanda Proctor. Now every planning committee has a Wanda on it. The matronly, white haired know it all who dominates the meetings while putting others ideas down. They are the take charge people, not that they do a better job, but that they believe they are the only ones capable of getting it right. Emma and Proctor often clashed at these meetings, but in the long run they did do the events and raised funds. Many of the ladies involved disagreed with Wanda, but few would buck her, so Emma usually caved that an event could go forward.

I was taking a long sip from some still steaming coffee, when I was startled by the front door slamming. From my office I heard the distinct sound of high heels on the tile floor and the clang of keys dumped on the granite countertop. I assumed that Emma had returned and was not in a good mood. Boy was I right on target.

Walking into the kitchen, I found Emma red faced and breathing heavy, her 36D tits rising sharply in her white blouse while wringing her hands. Usually she keeps a lid on it when she’s really mad, but something or someone had set her off big time today. I was almost frightened to ask what it was.

“Em, what’s the problem, why are shaking so much?”

“That fucking cunt whore bitch.”

“Wow, tell me how you feel honey. That came out with so much acid, I feel like I need a tums shower. Who are you talking about?” I asked knowing full well the answer.

“Wanda fucking Proctor pissed me off so much today that I quit the organizing committee.”

Now this was news, Emma loved that group (save Wanda) and would normally walk over coals for those ladies. She has spent more time and treasure with this group than anything else lately, including her business. Based on her emotions, I thought it best to try and settle her down by pouring her a cup of coffee and getting her to at least sit down.

My dad, that old sage of married life came to mind. After 45 years married to mom; son he said, the best thing when the spouse is upset is listen and listen some more. Do not interject or try to be impartial, just keep your trap shut and let her get it all out. That was my plan for Emma at this juncture.

“Em, it must have been some meeting for you to quit, please tell me about it.” Smooth operator, that’s me.

Emma sat, kicked off her high heels and took a large gulp of coffee. Her breathing had settled some but was still erratic from her anger. She took a second gathering her thoughts before she began.

“Glenn, do you remember a couple months ago when I floated the idea of the volunteers banding together to make just one committee?”

I nodded to that.

“Well the idea was that instead of us assigning a person or two to organize and do a fundraiser we would only do large events together and then disperse the funds to the causes that needed help the most. We did not want to say do a cookie sale to benefit just the cancer society, but do something bigger so many organizations would benefit. You also remember that the only person against that was Wanda.”

I again nodded. I recall the angst of that time, Emma was wound up tight over that fight but still not like she was now.

Emma continued on. “So today we were planning new events and Jenny Spenser suggested since we had some new businesses in town with young single people we should have a people auction. That is auction off the people’s time for dates, chores whatever. Since we had never done anything close to that, most of us gave the concept thumbs up.”

I was a little distracted when Emma brought up Jenny Spenser. I had met her several times before and once she was in our house shortly after her marriage. Jenny was a newlywed, early 20′s, tall brunette with the most phenomenal ass I’ve ever seen, up there with J Lo. I just had a short fantasy break thinking of that ass in my hands while Em was talking. Reality returned quickly as Emma resumed her tale.

“No, Wanda would have none of it, considering it far beneath us. She literally brought Jenny to tears knocking her idea. Instead the old hussy said we should do a walkathon. God knows we’ve had walkathons to death. They always involve the same people and we also raise the same amount of money, so absolutely boring and mundane. So I got into it with Wanda about being stagnant and not wanting to try new things, she called for a vote and it was 10-2 with only Jenny supporting me. As usual the others were afraid even though I know most supported us. After the vote she did a high and mighty about agreeing with her and I basically said I quit.”

Ever the statesman I responded with “you did the right thing, honey.”

Now that Emma had gotten all this out I noticed her body and voice calming down and relaxing a little. I thought that after she totally chills, she’ll find a way to get together with the girls and continue on with the charity work. I was about to ask if she wanted more coffee when the phone rang.

Being the closest, I answered it.

“Good morning to you Sam” I remarked. Emma looked at me with a wide eyed expression and nervousness. It was our town Mayor, Sam Proctor. Yes that Proctor, the husband of the old battleaxe herself, Wanda. After about a minute of listening, I said, “fine we’ll be here” with a perplexed Emma looking on.

As soon as the phone hit the cradle I got that urgent “What did he want?”

“He’s on the road and will be here in about 10 minutes, wants to discuss something with the both of us.”

That was not good enough for Emma.

“For heavens sake Glenn, what does he want?”

“Just said he wanted to talk to us babe, that’s all.”

Sam Proctor is a great guy, elected as mayor for the past three terms. He was nothing at all like his wife in personality. He was the richest guy around, the largest employer in town, running three businesses and really did not have the time to be mayor, but his skill as an executive was fantastic and he was by far the best mayor we could have. He got along with everyone and was never confrontational. It didn’t hurt that he was also the town’s largest donor, a point his wife Wanda exploited to the max.

I started to brew another pot of coffee, not really knowing what to expect but figured it couldn’t hurt. Emma was antsy to say the least, running around more or less in circles while trying to appear she was actually doing something. It wasn’t long before the door bell rang.

“Hi Sam, come on in” as I gave our mayor a hearty handshake. We were friends since we moved to town some 10 years ago, even though he knew some of the issues we had with Wanda. Sam was one of those striking guys, the type women adore and men respect. He looked a lot like that late actor, Peter Graves of Mission Impossible fame, though shorter in stature. He was by far the most important man in town, even if he wasn’t just the mayor, but he made you feel that you were when he engaged you.

Emma came up behind me and when Sam spotted her she got a big hug and kiss on the cheek. We led him in to the den and we sat down to the coffee that Emma had poured earlier. Sam looked relaxed but also like a man with a mission so we let him just come out with it.

“I had just gotten to the meeting this morning when I was told of the fallout you had with Wanda. I first of all want to apologize for her and would hope that the fence can be mended because we need everyone to pull together.”

Emma cleared her throat, but her posture said more about her discomfort as she sat on the edge of her chair.

“Thanks Sam, but you should not have to apologize for anything. You were not there and one thing led to another. I perhaps acted a bit hasty, but I feel we need to go in a different direction in terms of our fund raising drives.”

Sam was at ease and appeared hopeful that a resolution was near.

“Does that mean you will come back if Wanda apologizes?”

“It’s not a question of that Sam. I know we can get along again and we were both at fault. I just don’t think the disagreements are going to end because we are just on different pages when it comes to our work. It would be best if we split and did our own thing.”

Sam pushed back all the way in his chair and finally took a sip of coffee. He had an expression on his face of a man with something else on his mind though.

“I expected that might be the case. Actually I went to the meeting with the plan of offering a job in my administration for a liaison with the state. Part of that work would entail all our charitable efforts throughout the community as well as organizing and running all our city’s events, such as the tomato festival etc. We would harness matching funds from both the state and feds, so I need exceptional organizational skills.”

Emma was very intently looking at Sam. What he was saying was making her eyes and ears stay riveted to his every word. I knew that Emma had a longing to enter politics in some fashion and this may be the way in.

Sam swallowed some more coffee and continued.

“I had hoped to have all the committee members give me their choices today so that I can make a selection. I just wanted you to know I have not informed Wanda that I was coming over here today, nor does she have any inside track for the job. I do realize what I know from the members, they would have voted for you Emma or Wanda.”

I was interested in his thought process now myself. “So Sam what are your plans now since it would appear the committee voting would be out.”

“Glenn, on my way over here I did think of something. How about a contest if you will. I know that members will line up behind Emma here and some behind Wanda. So we would have two teams matching up. Since it will soon be September, how about a battle, featuring one event between the two teams. Whoever raises the most money and has the most enthusiastic support, would win and those team members will select one of their own to be my new liaison. We’ll tally everything up on Dec 31 at my house party, and declare a winner. How does that sound?”

Before I could muster up an answer, Emma gave a resounding “I’ll do it!” Emma never could refuse a challenge. I remember one time at a swinger party out of state when the hostess said she could take on 6 guys in a gangbang; Emma topped her by offering herself to the whole house. After 18 guys worked her over, her pussy was a wreck for two weeks. No sir, never place a challenge or contest in front of my wife and expect a feeble response.

Sam’s face reflected a man that was delighted to have made an offer and have it accepted. As he stood up to leave he made a few more comments.

“Emma, what exactly were you proposing this morning while Wanda wanted a walkathon?”

“Well the idea was really Jennifer Spenser’s. It was that we would hold an auction for both single and married couples who could offer services. Maybe the singles could have dates, some others could do chores or projects that the current wives or husbands did not want to do. It just sounded like a lot of fun and we set up parameters of involvement. It certainly seemed more appealing than walking up and down the street.”

Sam was rubbing his chin and calmly said that it did sound like more fun. Sam said he would get back with Emma to finalize the “contest” and left. He no sooner had the door closed behind him than Emma was on the phone telling Jenny to hurry over.

I had to get to a meeting so I left the house before my fantasy girl Jenny showed up but I insisted to Emma that she fill me in on everything when I got back.

I walked in later that day to what looked like a whirlwind of activity. Notes and papers were laying or tossed everywhere in the den and I couldn’t help but notice the three empty bottles of wine on the coffee table with two lipstick stained glasses. Emma came around the corner to greet me with a deep kiss and a groping hug while I inhaled her alcohol laced breath. I also knew that wine heightened her horniness to the next level, so I decided in an instant to take full advantage.

Lifting my laughing wife up and slinging her over my shoulder, I race walked to the master bedroom and tossed her roughly on the bed. In one quick motion my pants and underwear were discarded and the dress shirt flung to the floor. On the bed, Emma also removed what little she had on all the while panting like a mare in heat. After a short bout of kissing and groping, I buried my stiff rod into a steamy, wet and incredibly tight pussy. Emma’s muscle control was outstanding as usual and she milked my cock with utter abandon. At this stage I don’t know who was hornier. I made sure to have some contact with her clit as that usually put us in sync together on our orgasms. This was a fuck for fucks sake, our libidos were off the charts and we just needed release. The frantic pace we pounded into each other was unsustainable and we both cascaded into our own releases. Emma moaned out her “I’m coming” while I grunted my eruption into her pussy by stiffening my entire body. Emma encouraged my cumming by flexing those love muscles of hers to drain me completely. Spent, we pulled apart and lay side by side returning to a relaxed state of breathing.

“So honey, you’ve had a good day?” I joked.

Emma punched my arm while laughing.” You can say we had a great day with that last kicker.”

“I can see by all the notes out in the den, that it was certainly busy. What all did you get accomplished today?” I quizzed.

“Shortly after you left, Jen got here and we have been brainstorming ever since. We have potentially 20 people to auction. I hope you don’t mind but I placed you and me on the list to.”

“No I don’t mind at all. Is there any chance I could get some pussy out of the deal?” I joked.

“Oh stop already, while getting another arm punch. You’ll have all you can do here with me” as she raked her nails over my balls.

“Do I know any of the other potential auction items?”

“Sure, besides us there’s Jen and Ben and…”

I did not hear any other names after Jen. Ben was her husband, a nice hunky kind of guy, which I know made Emma happy. But the chance to have a date with Jen was certainly an opportunity for me.

“So besides finishing those three bottles of Kendall-Jackson what else did you get done?”

“Once we identified the folks we thought would give us the biggest bang for the buck, we sent e-mails, cute and sassy ones, to see if they would commit. We already have several responding, all with the thumbs up.”

“It does sound like you are well on your way to being a mayor’s aide” I gleefully told Emma.

“Oh Glenn, this is going to be so much fun to kick the ass of Wanda Proctor and rub it in her face. Some of the girls have told me that once Sam told her of the contest, she was livid. Not so that he didn’t just give her the job; but that someone would actually oppose her for it. Plus it looks like she will still do the walkathon. Knowing how they have been in the past, she’ll be lucky to raise more than the best we have ever done which was $12,000.”

And so things were looking good……

Three weeks later

Wow has things taken a 360 degree turn. What looked so promising several weeks back had turned sour. The early commitments did not pan out. Instead of the 20 people we planned on, it was just down to the 4 of us. We heard back about conflicts, spouses were not ok with it, they were moving, on and on. We finally got a real glimpse of the truth when Eileen, another committee member that stayed with Wanda but was a mole for us, said that many of the people we wanted were “subtly” pushed out. Most were either employed by the Proctors or were vendors and feared some kind of blowback. It never led to Sam, always Wanda. Meanwhile Wanda had commandeered other organizations and her walkathon was going to be used. Rumor had it that she had 500 people lined up with an average of $50 donations. That would more than double the previous amount raised.

Needless to say the mood around our house was more akin to a funeral home. Even with the beautiful Jenny stopping by and me drooling over her body and Ben making Emma swoon, made no difference. Emma was close to tossing in the towel and just handing the win to Wanda. Ben, who did not work for the Proctors, being the town vet and volunteer firefighter, said we should bring our information directly to Sam. I nixed that as he was our friend and to throw his marriage up to possible turmoil was more than I could or would do.

So it was decided one afternoon among the 4 of us, unless we had another approach we would call Wanda and Sam in the morning and bow out of the charity contest.

Jenny and Ben went home and Emma went to have a pedicure, so I was home making a sandwich when the phone rang.

“Hello, this is Glenn”

“Glenn you hunk, how are you?”

Good lord, that sultry voice could only belong to one beautiful blonde bombshell named Vicki Cumberland. Vicki and her husband Norman lived a state over from us and have been regular swing partners for almost 6 years. We met them at a party and have been pals ever since, but it has been maybe 6 months since we have seen or talked to them. I think the only contact may have been an anniversary card that Emma had sent a while back.

“I am fine Vicki, my tasty little morsel, how are you sweet cheeks?”

“I am so horny Glenn darling, we haven’t seen you guys in ages and I’m just checking to see how you and Emma are.”

We continued with the small talk and catching up on news and events. The big news was that her husband Norman had struck out on his own and created a new firm. Norman is a web site design specialist and has pioneered many things on the web. I was very happy for him, he is a great guy. We talked about getting together soon and I brought up the troubles we were having on the charity side and I didn’t know if we could break away. Vicki asked that Emma call her later and she may have a solution for our issue. Even though I pushed for more information, Vicki said it was just an idea and she would float it by Emma. Shortly afterward we ended the call.

When Emma returned several hours later, still down in the dumps I might add, I let her know of Vicki’s call. This gave her a small boost; she was close to Vicki and now felt bad about the little contact over the past months.

It was a few minutes after 4pm when they connected. At 5, 6 and 7pm they were still on the phone with each other, occasionally placing it on speaker. I could hear Norman also on the line and I gave a shout out “hello buddy.” By 7:30 I was looking to have dinner; Emma was still heavy on the phone while taking notes. I pantomimed picking up dinner at a drive thru which Emma nodded yes to. I was back by 8pm from the BBQ place; sure enough Emma was still on the phone.

After dinner I watched some TV, and then the news and I dozed off. Around 11pm I awoke, looked around and did not see Emma but I could hear her in the house. Stumbling some, I found her in the office, on the computer and still to my amazement, on the phone. In a weird sign language way I asked how long she would be while she waved me off. With that I headed to the bathroom and finally to bed.

I was in a semi sleep, just feeling the urge to piss, when the bed sagged a little beside me. Emma was finally coming to bed. Slitting my eyes to look at the alarm clock showed 3am. I stumbled up to go take a leak and asked Emma if she was just coming to bed and she responded with a yes. By the time I got back, she was out like a light.

I got up my usual time, very nosy on what Emma had been doing all night long. With her still asleep I wandered into our joint office room and scoured around her notes from last night. My curiosity was very high because I think she came up with something to keep the contest alive. Many of the notes I found listed names of people we knew, most from out of our area. It finally cracked my noggin that the people posted were all swingers we knew over the years and folks we had stayed in contact with and partied.

I was really interested at this point and almost wanted to wake Emma to find out more. To appease my appetite, I logged on to her computer and saw a new icon, which when I clicked on came to a website called It was password protected so I couldn’t get much information but I determined this is what she must have been up to last night with Norman and Vicki. Only Norman could have put this together so fast and professional. I decided to make a little breakfast and wait for my sleeping beauty to wake and fill me in.

Hours later, a yawning and sleepy looking Emma shuffled into the kitchen. Her hair was disheveled as she had gone to sleep with her makeup on which now was smeared somewhat on her face. All in all she looked hot and I felt like fucking her over a barstool that moment but I was more interested to know about last night. Emma wouldn’t begin to talk till she had some coffee and juice which I quickly poured for her.

“My God Emma, what all did you do last night and did you keep the Cumberland’s up all night to?”

“I can’t believe we got done what we did Glenn. Without Norman I would still be twiddling my thumbs. The guy is an absolute genius and Vicki had the idea.”

“Well, what is it?” I was begging literally.

“The concept remained, that is an auction for people’s services. Except now it is for sexual services and involves a number of our swinger friends around the country. The site is password protected and will just involve people we know or have been with.”

I was interested in hearing more.

“How does it work, you know we like to keep the swinger angle away from here. We just don’t need the drama. How is money raised and what rules apply?”

“Glenn it really is ingenious. First Norman is the administrator and only he can access passwords and the entire site. First you log on with a code that you will get from Norm. Then you create your profile; download a picture, no nude, but certainly a bathing suit or such. Then you give yourself a username and your set to go. I think there are 20 people or so already set up or close to it. Do you want to see how simple it is?”

“What you already have something on?”

“Of course you and I are already set.”

Emma went on line and right to the site. She popped in a password and the screen went live. Listed on the left side were odd names which she described as usernames. She clicked on GLASSMAN. Lo and behold there was a picture of me out by the pool taken about a year ago. My face was blocked out but it was me.

“What the hell is Glassman?”

“Gee honey you are dense sometimes. If you don’t like it we can change it before we go live. But it stands for GL – Glenn, and you sure are an ass man.”

Emma knew me well. Ass man was perfect. I asked to see the profile on me. She hit that target as well. Emma explained further how things worked.

Every week half of the profiled people would be the “items” up for bid. The “items” were equally divided between men and women. Bids would start Monday and end at midnight Thursday at which point the “item” could be delivered over the weekend. If that was not possible, payment would still have to made, and you could take possession later. The following week the bidder’s would become the items. Emma planned it this way since we had 12+ weeks, everyone would have multiple times to play.

I was excited about the possibilities and asked Emma how the money raising part would go. First she said everyone would have a minimum bid of $50. New bids had to be in increments of $10. There was no cap. Another rule was that you could only win an “item” once, but then again that person could select you another time. We continued for the rest of the morning looking at the site and me asking some more questions.

By early afternoon needless to say I was stoked. The idea of some swinging action and helping charities seemed a perfect fit. It was then I realized we may have a problem based on yesterday.

“Em this is all great, but didn’t we discuss yesterday when things were not looking good, that we would call Sam and toss in the towel?”

Emma was unfazed. “Yeah but we don’t have to do that now.”

“But we have another problem, or don’t you remember?”

“What is it Glenn?”

“We had Jenny and Ben here when it was decided to quit. How are you planning to tell them we are going forward and in this new direction? This could jeopardize our under the radar living about our lifestyle.”

Emma face revealed a furrowed brow and a look of worry. I guess in the scheme of working this event out she did not think how to handle this aspect of it. I did not envy her position.

Emma decided not to wait and fret about it, looking around she spotted the cordless across the room and went for it. After what seemed like an eternity, her call was answered.

“Hi Jenny, its Emma. Something has come up today and we will not be bowing out of the contest. If there is anyway you could come over today we can discuss it with you. Hope to hear from you soon. Bye.”

Although I was curious as a cat to hear how Emma would do this, my insides could not handle it. I made an announcement that I would be running some errands shortly and I did not know when I would be back.

Emma gave me a well deserved “you’re a chicken shit” response.

I returned hours later not knowing if Jenny had come by or not. I was prepared for the worst, but rather hoping for the best. What that was I didn’t know. Emma was busy on the computer and did not look up when I came into the room. Based on her intensity she was involved only with the screen.

I stood there like a lamb waiting for his fleecing, still no acknowledgement from Emma. I had a thought that the contest had cratered due to our desire for some secrecy. Finally Emma looked up and a slight smile started on the left side of her mouth.

“Well?” I asked with a knot in my gut.

“Everything is just fine. It went better than I could have hoped. Jenny called back just after you left and then came right over, just left about 30 minutes ago.”

“How did you handle it, babe?” I yearned to know.

“I told her the truth, clear and simple.”

“What! Did you tell the truth about the auction or about us?”


My throat fell into my ass. I held our privacy concerning our lifestyle very high, now it looks like that is blown out of the water. I had to sit and do it quickly, so I took the seat next to Emma who was still logged on to the computer.

It took another second to compose myself, but I felt my teeth grate while spitting some dialog out.

“Have you lost your mind Emma? Couldn’t you have just told her we were trying to generate funds from friends out of town?”

“I did Glenn, but Jenny probed me for more and finally I slipped and she picked up on it immediately and I got cornered.”

Resigning myself to the fact the cat was out of the bag if you will, I hoped that something was still salvageable.

‘So how bad was it?”

“See for yourself” as she slid the computer screen over for a better view on my part. She hit on the username JS1NEWBIE. It popped open two photos of a yellow bikini holding onto a young, tan and outstanding body. Even with the face blocked, it was very much Jenny Spenser. The first photo was a frontal and showed a gorgeous set of tits, nice cleavage and flaring hips; the second photo locked my stare in. It was a rear shot with Jenny looking over her shoulder with a smile. My eyes riveted to that posterior. It wasn’t a string bikini but nonetheless left far more ass on display than fabric.

With my eyes never leaving the screen, I asked Emma if this means what I think it does.

“Yes it does, she and Ben are in.”

My balls started to tap dance together. Emma saw the glee on my face and knew exactly what I had to be thinking.

“I just finished entering it. Do you want to see her profile?” With that she clicked on it. I felt like I had won a prize. I was glued to the screen reading the following.

Newlywed newbie, mold me shape me. Looking to experience everything and I mean everything. Am 24, brunette, recently married (spouse will play to) 5’6″ 130, 36-24-36. Always had fantasies, never felt like they could be fulfilled till now. Shy at first, couple of wines will open me up and I mean open. Told that oral skills are excellent and I do enjoy all aspects of it (means I swallow). Looking for girl/girl; threesomes and more (yes gangbang intrigues me) anal (virgin) and ultimately being what they call airtight. Please bid me up and I will make every dollar of your donation well worth it!

Anal virgin had me clawing at my checkbook to get it out, when Emma pointed to the bottom of the profile which stated this:

Item not activated at this time.

“What does that mean?” with the vision of Jenny’s ass on my face disappearing.

“I gave Jen and Ben a week to decide if they want to go live. So for right now, people can look but not touch.”

I knew my wife was right. The first time we ventured out onto the swing scene we were too nervous and frightened to think straight. I could relate to how those two may feel.

“So when does the program go live?” I wanted to know

“Today is Friday, so we are running a pilot or test; it will all go live this coming Monday if there are no glitches.”

“What does the test mean and who’s doing it?”

With that Emma clicked on some other things and up popped Vicki’s profile. On the bottom was my code next to $50. Emma then flipped to Norman and her code was on his.

While she was doing that, she gave me the following explanation.

“It’s the least we could do since they supplied the expertise and the idea. We are going to see them tomorrow evening so be prepared.”

I could not object to that. Vicki was an exceptional lady, certainly one of my favorite friends with benefits. I loved anal with her, she was one of my firsts on that score plus she was one of the few women I knew that could orgasm while being plowed in the rear.

It was going to be a great weekend.

Emma continued to test the system with Norman’s input and everything looked good to go. We ran up more and more bids against fictitious bidders to see how it would handle. We both had bids up to $500 now on both Vicki and Norman. When I started to make a face, Emma calmed me down by saying this was a test and we would not be contributing that money. But in reality, our friends were worth that and more.

Our weekend with the Cumberland’s was fantastic as usual. There place in the countryside is beautiful and private allowing freedom for the lifestyle. A lot of time was used by Norman and Emma tweaking the web site, but fun was still the top priority. Every day was awesome but the crowning moment for me was one afternoon where I watched Emma and Norman fuck and tussle on a swinging hammock out by the pool. It was comical how they tried for certain positions all in the wake of a moving network of fabric. At one point Emma was on her back, legs spread waiting for the rigid cock of Norman. As he made a stab downward, he missed his mark and his cock emerged thru the webbing between Emma outstretched legs. Laughing so hard I almost missed myself as I was inserting an engorged prick into the backside of sweet Vicki. We were in the den, she straddling the couch armrest while I had lined up her ass for my assault. A few valiant stabs into the air as well as her cheek, but I did finally get that ass fuck I had been craving. Vicki made the highlight reel as her orgasm was hard and long from my pummeling as she left me exhausted but oh so satisfied.

And so upon our return to town and work, the contest began. Eileen our insider mole in the other camp said that Wanda had pulled all her tricks together and was planning walkathons every weekend till the 31st and she was insisting that all their suppliers, vendors and workers chip in with walkers and donations. So we knew that we had to have a lot of action on our side to generate more funds to win.

Emma and I sat out the first week; I had made it a point that till Jenny came up as an item I would remain on the sidelines. I was prepared to make a sizeable donation to have dibs on her and Emma knew it. I think Emma’s plan was the same for stud Ben.

For the first week we only had 6 “items” and bidding was low. At the end of the week we had only generated $560. Eileen could not get the exact number on Wanda’s first walk, but knew based on the amount of walkers and minimums, the haul was in excess of $4,000. We were deeply in the hole and only 12 weeks left. I began to be concerned as was Emma that we did not have a large pool of participants but it would not be a good thing to try and enlarge it at this stage.

Monday rolled around when finally Jenny became active. Neither she nor Ben pulled out during their one week review, so I was itching to go. I had a heavy workload so I didn’t get to access a computer till I got home in the early evening. I was not really prepared to see what I did when I logged on and punched Jenny’s bid sheet up. She was already at $750. with almost 4 days left. It showed that she was being hit hard and often after the opening bid of $50 which lasted all of three minutes.

I decided to wait till later in the week to see how high this was going to get rather than place a bid now. At swinger parties we’ve attended in the past it was always are big push to be with the “newbie’s” so I anticipated this to be the same thing here.

I checked again late Wednesday night and found that Jenny’s value had gone to $1,220, which in a way was a relief since she had started so strong. Just to keep myself abreast of Emma’s antics, I checked her profile. Sure enough she was still after Ben but now another bid was ahead of her and that stood at $430. I did not look through anyone else’s listing so I did not know where we stood potential donation wise.

Thursday was the deadline for that’s week’s bidding and I was not going to look till 11:55pm, then if practical, I would make my final bid. Now I really wanted Jenny badly, but in my head I never had a stop price figured. I really did not know what I would do if the price was in outer space, so I was nervous.

When I logged on at 11:30 I was downing a beer trying to keep myself calm. I hit the line and got Ben’s profile and saw that Emma was top gun. Checking a little closer I saw a bid of $520 an hour ago, and then fifteen minutes later Emma shot back with $700. Considering the increments could be as small as $10, that leap was Emma’s way of nailing it. With a heavy hand I found Jenny’s page and took a deep breath.

Jenny had climbed to $1770, a huge sum based on all the other players and a testament to her desirability. I didn’t recognize the name with the high bid, probably someone’s friend of a friend. With the clock ticking down I looked at the pattern of bids. The last bid was considerably higher than the previous one, so I surmised that was a last shot to win. I quickly punched in $1800, within seconds $1850 overrode me and it was the same username. Someone else was playing my game. What to do?

With the clock ticking down to under a minute, knowing that someone is on line with me waiting to pounce at my latest move, I typed in $2000. The clock hit midnight, the page said close and Jenny was mine. I thrust my fist in the air similar I guess if I had just won big in Vegas, but reality hit quick, how Emma would handle me with placing such a high bid on her friend. Looking quickly to Ben’s page, Emma had made it a family double by having the winning bid also.

I guzzled the rest of my beer and hoped for the best. Just because I had the highest bid did not automatically mean that Jenny would have sex with me. She still held all the cards based on the rules and could reject me while I would still have to pay. Now the regular swingers we knew would not have done that but with Jenny being a “newbie” she was under no obligation.

I left for my office very early the next morning and did not talk to Emma before I left. About 9 she called to inform me that Jenny had called and she had given her my office line and I should expect her call. I felt like a love struck puppy awaiting that call, I didn’t know how it would pan out.

The phone rang just as an associate was leaving my office; I hurriedly asked them to close my door and tell my secretary to hold my calls. The caller id said Jenny and I swallowed hard. I don’t know why I felt and acted like a love struck kid.

“Good morning Glenn” Jenny purred into the phone.

“Hi Jenny, how are you today?”

“Well I am blown away mister. I was stunned this morning to find you on my bid list and with such a huge number. I never knew you liked me so much.”

“Of course I like you Jenny, but this is for charity and I do want us to win” I wanted to at least show her that I wasn’t infatuated with her, which of course I was.

“Oh yeah, charity,” her voice reflected a hurt tone. I knew that I was to blunt with my previous comment so I tried to dampen it a little.

“I really do like you Jenny very much; the charity part is just a little icing on the cake. If it’s ok with you I would like to take possession and use my “item” as soon as possible.”

Jenny’s tone changed to one of being upbeat again and she also was looking forward to fulfilling her bidder’s wishes. In fact she said Ben and her were available this coming Sunday and that Emma had already confirmed that was ok. Who was I to change an excellent plan?

They showed up Sunday afternoon, swimwear in tow, ready to spend the day and some of the night with us. Emma immediately took Ben for a tour of the house; I suspected there would be some stops along the way. Jenny looked dazzling in a pair of white shorts and a halter top, teal color. We sat on the couch sipping some wine which I had remembered from her profile as a relaxer. It was not lost on her, as she tossed the first glass down and filled another herself. I was curious on why she wanted to participate in this contest so while she was relaxing, I began asking.

“Hey Jen, what made you decide to be an active participate in this auction thing?”

She took an extra big swallow of the merlot. “Emma was so secret about not quitting and she kept telling me she could not give me any more information. Well I got so upset; I told her I would still call Wanda to quit. That was to much for Emma and she slowly let on what you guys were going to do. First I was taken aback a little, but then it sounded exciting and dirty. You know Ben was my first and only before and after marriage and he also had some fantasies when we talked about it.”

While she explained I viewed her body, so young and toned. I didn’t notice any tan lines; the tan looked natural so I hoped she was also a nudist. As she talked her chest would heave out and her tits looked exceptional with quite pointy nipples showing through. I began hoping I had the energy today for several bouts with her.

As we sat on the couch, chilling, it was evident that Emma and Ben had not come back through the den. Now our house was large, but not that large and most of it was on the opposite side we were on, a side that Emma had not been in yet. The side they did go to was where the master bedroom is.

I asked Jenny if she was curious; she looked at me with a confused look. I took her hand and helped her up from the couch and walked with her toward our master bedroom. As we peeked through the doorway, we spotted Emma and Ben, partially unclothed, writhing on the bed lip locked and in a full body embrace. Emma’s tits were out, being handled and squeezed by the large hands of Ben. Both their throats were emitting moans of pleasure while they continued with their foreplay.

Peeking at Jenny, her eyes, primarily her pupils were enlarged and her upper torso moving dramatically as her breaths became deeper and longer. This was turning her on, which of course was precisely my motive. Although Emma and I didn’t have any qualms about playing with or without each other in sight, I did not know what Jenny’s reaction would be since she was a novice to all this. While what was happening on the bed was ingrained in our memories, I still had a hold of Jenny’s hand and I guided her back into our den.

Before sitting, I embraced her and started with a soft kiss. Initially she sat there with hands and arms at her side and her lips pursed together. I held her closer and kissed harder and slowly the meltdown began. Her hands came up and held the back of my neck and head; her lips opened and a darting tongue emerged and sought out and found mine. Jenny pressed her body hard into mine and my hands stroked her back and then slid to her fleshy ass. I kneaded my fingers into her ass flesh finally realizing one of my fantasies with her.

The harder we embraced each other, the harder my cock became and hurt due to its confines. I don’t know if Jenny sensed that or not, but she released a hand from my neck and went for my zipper and with urgency. My hands left her ass and slid under her halter top to discover a lacy thin bra that barely contained her overflowing breasts. The softness of her tit flesh was fantastic and my hands were glued to those orbs, exploring every delicate inch as well as her nipples.

By this time she had fished out my steely cock and began fisting it with vigor. Just to be out of the restricted confines of my drawers felt wonderful, but her hand working on it made it priceless. Our kiss lingered on and on as we groped and explored each others body. Even though my donation had been high, I was feeling that if was worth it and more.

We had removed a considerable amount of clothes in our embrace as I stood there now in just my drawers and Jenny in her lace set of bra and panties. The bra was flipped below her tits and I was delighted that no tan lines were on her tits. The thought that she sunbathed nude shot another bolt of excitement to my bobbing cock. I finally broke our lip lock; while Jenny frantically took on air, I descended on those luscious mounds and devoured her grapefruit size tits and stiff nipples. Her fragrance was exquisite and the softness of her tit flesh felt fabulous to my fingers. Believe me; I could have feasted for days on those tits.

One hand however was drawn like a magnet to her pussy where it just had to stroke and probe with its fingers. The heat emanating from Jenny’s love hole was warmer than the sun as well as moist like the sea. As my finger was aided by another and another, Jenny, bent her legs outward allowing me deeper and deeper access. Her body position reminded me of someone sitting astride a horse, upper legs extended out lower legs in. I had the overwhelming desire at this stage for my lips and tongue to experience the thrill that my fingers found.

Pushing Jenny down, we fell onto the couch, still with hands busy on each other’s bodies. Sliding my head downward; my mission to taste the nectar of her juices, my tongue dragged along the middle of her stomach. Jenny sensed what I was doing and helped guide my head down with a free hand. Before engorging myself on her womanhood, I lustily gazed on my prize, the incredible labia lips the perfect shape of her pussy itself and the tempting asshole slightly hidden from view, but obviously there between those stunning cheeks.

With her flower unfolded before me, my lips and tongue entered the opening of my latest fantasy girl. The smell and taste were as I had hoped, fresh and sweet. My tongue probed deep into the pink fleshy confines, searching for that little hard nub, her clit. Finding it, I lavished my full attention on it; receiving full recognition of my success by the gyrations and vocalizations from my beauty. Jenny squeezed my ears hard as she ground her luscious mound harder into my mouth. Jenny’s lower body was lurching upward, leaving the sofa at ever higher elevations. The heat was more intense between her thighs as well, as her legs clamped themselves together, squeezing my face and head.

In the distance of the other room, you could hear high pitched screams, lustful orgasmic screams as Emma was without a doubt enjoying her portion of the double event. Emma was never quiet, but she was outdoing herself in the volume department. Being multi orgasmic, she will wear Ben out, of that I was sure. I should have talked to him on his arrival and forewarned him to pace himself or he may miss the best part of his coupling. Oh well, that’s their business, for now I had to focus on Jenny and our pleasure.

Although I relished all aspects of my oral loving, my lust was dictating that I penetrate this babe with another part of my anatomy. Reluctantly separating, I repositioned Jenny on the sofa so that she was on her back with her legs splayed open. She did this quickly and telling by her facial expressions, she wanted it. With her open to me, I took my rigid cock and stroked the outside of her pussy for additional lubrication and also to tease her. This was not in her game plan as she thrust upward and inhaled my throbbing cock into her cunt. Her hands clutching my ass cheeks and her ass rotating in circles on the sofa cushion, it was abundantly clear that she wanted to fuck and do it now.

Like a good man, I complied with her physical actions by pounding her hole and deep rooting her pussy. She was very wet and the sloshing sounds were echoing between my ears which only made me want to do it more. Wet as her pussy was, she remained very tight and occasionally I would be expelled with the force of her muscles. Attesting to her lust was her urgency to get me back in by keeping one hand always near our joining.

For her first time straying from her marriage, Jenny was very into it; while in between her moans of lust, she spat out “fuck me” and “fuck” over and over again. Even though I had enough of my own passion, her cries elevated mine for sure. I not only wanted my pleasure, but made it a goal for Jenny’s as well. Placing my hands under her glorious ass, I squeezed her cheeks hard and drove my cock in deep and upward, making contact with the magic button. Jenny became higher pitched so I knew I hit pay dirt. Her cunt was going ballistic on my cock and the wetness and friction of our joined organs was causing the temperature of our bodies to skyrocket. I so much wanted to blast a load in her ass, but since we had gone this far, I knew I couldn’t make it.

I also did not clear it with her about unloading in her open hole. My condom less missile was so close to firing, I had to warn Jenny of that. So between my grunts and sucking for air on my overworked lungs, I whispered out “I’m coming Jenny, I need to pull out.”

Instead of an answer or pushback, I got a pull in from her hands on my ass as well as a leg lock over my back. It was clear to me to fire in the hole. With the dam bursting, that is exactly what I did, over and over again. Not within recent memory had I had an ejaculation that was so powerful and long lasting. Jenny’s pussy was more than receiving my deposits; in fact her cunt was milking me for more.

I lay on top of her till my cock shrank down which fortunately for me took a while. Jenny was breathing heavily and her eyes were rolled back in her head as she to calmed down from her sexual zenith. In the distance, the wails of Emma were still bouncing off the walls as Ben was still providing her deep orgasms. Since they had started before us and were still going strong was evidence of Ben’s stud status as well as my Em’s insatiable appetite.

Jenny and I stared at one another while laying parallel to each other. She was rubbing my chest and I reciprocated by tweaking her nipples while stretching them out with my fingers. Jenny caught me a little off guard when she spoke and said “Glenn, are you still going to break in my ass tonight?”

Even though my cock was still in the position of a flag in a still wind, my heart pumped an extra load of blood to my friend below. Do I want to take another breath, I thought to myself, hell yes I want to tap that ass.

So in response to Jenny’s question, without words my fingers located her anus and began to play with it by rimming it first with my middle finger and then slowly inserting it. This caused Jenny’s body to jump as a whole but she made no effort to move away from my probing digits. This was only taking seconds but I noticed that my cock had not only risen but was now stiff enough to bob about. Jenny meanwhile was whistling out little coo like sounds and inhaling deeply. This was building into more passion and lust than are just completed coupling, which was already over the top.

With my fantasy quickly becoming a mind blowing reality, I reached for some lube I had conveniently placed earlier on the table. This was to both slick up my dick and get moisture to that wonderful hole. My fingers had created a slightly larger opening, but it still was clear that I was about to take the cherry from Jenny’s rear. Suddenly there was a lot of commotion as half running into the den was Emma, tits giggling all over the place, followed by a buff looking Ben, with his erect cock swinging back and forth. They were both laughing as Emma said, “It sounded too quiet in here, we need to get the blood flowing and the women fucked!”

“What do you think we were doing, reading the paper?” I laughingly said.

Ben was focused on what I was doing, smearing his wife’s ass with gel and showing the same residue on my cock. He stared and began jacking his prick with slow strokes. Emma, seeing him do that took over and said let me do that for you. Having witnesses did not disrupt me from my mission of popping Jenny’s anal cherry and I positioned her for me to best access her hole. I applied some pressure and found a lot of resistance even with the lube. I told Jenny to relax hoping that would ease the sphincter but still we had trouble.

Emma and Ben at this point were not interested in our action as Ben had gotten on the floor and Emma had mounted him and began impaling herself with force and speed. It wasn’t long before her vocals began and her voice register went higher and higher.

I don’t know if that relaxed or made Jenny hornier, but I finally got the head of my cock into her ass and left it there for her to get used to. I could feel the powerful efforts of her ass to expel me, but I left myself firmly in place if not pushing in slightly. The resistance of her ring was impressive but it finally succumbed to my steely rod and boom, I was in.

Jenny body language told me that this was new and for now, uncomfortable. I stayed motionless but lodged more than halfway into her cavity where the feeling for me was absolute heaven. I admired the roundness of her glorious ass and the perfect shape and bubble effect. Thinking of my profile, yes I snickered internally, I am Glen the assman.

While Jenny and my state of ecstasy was mellow at this point, you could not avoid the pounding a few feet from us where Ben’s balls were being ground into the ass of my slutty wife Emma. In all our years of swinging no man has matched the level or stamina of my wonderful wife and when she was on a roll, like now, the man or men would pass out from exhaustion. However in Ben I saw some worry but also tremendous determination to fulfill his role in this carnal circus. They have been playing now for quite some time and Ben was certainly holding his own.

Jenny was beginning to relax, I could tell by her squirming and rotating her backside, telling me that a little pounding could begin. Once I did, with several fully deep strokes, she let loose with some fancy howling. She started to shout “fuck, fuck” and countless “Oh Gods” as I really hit her ass. My balls were slapping her ass with a timely rhythm as she lunged back into me. Jenny was in such a frantic state that even Emma stopped her fucking to take in the whole deflowering of her friends asshole.

Whether it was to quiet Jenny or not, Emma and Ben quit fucking and disengaged to come up and stand near us. With Ben fondling Emma’s stout breasts, he shoved his cock into his wife’s mouth where she eagerly sucked it. This made the room quieter, so that the slapping sounds of my cock and the slurping moans from Jenny took center stage.

After a few moments, Ben athletically slipped under his wife and asked Emma to help him.

I made way for Ben’s legs as they interacted with mine while still keeping my cock deeply lodged in Jenny’s rear. It dawned on me that Ben wanted to fuck his wife and thus give her a double penetration. I maneuvered myself so he could insert his cock and then we both started to drive our cock’s home. Paying attention to all this, I did not realize it was still fairly quiet till I looked up and Emma had placed her pussy to Jenny’s lips. It seems most if not all of Jenny’s fantasies would be fulfilled this day. I gave it a 95 score of being airtight.

With both Ben and I blasting his wife’s holes with our loads, the day and evening progressed from there. Our guests stayed through Sunday and we enjoyed them over and over again. Jenny took to anal like riding a bike, once she mastered it that was all she wanted to do. Both Emma and our new friend were doubled a lot appearing to outdo each other in being consummate hot wives. The fantasy profiled by Jenny got a boost when she and Emma hooked up when Ben and I were resting.

After that weekend, I pretty much gave up on the fuckathon, business picked up dramatically and I had work coast to coast and travelled a lot. Even late at night in a hotel room, the computer stayed off as I was generally too tired to go looking to see who was doing what. Emma kept me somewhat in the loop when we talked briefly at night, sometimes I even dozed when she was still talking. I know that Emma continued to be an active participant in the game, both buying and selling.

The weeks and months rolled along and before long the contest would be officially over and the party at the Proctors would be the highlight. We had attended Sam and Wanda’s New Year’s bash for years and it was always fun and a great social event, however this year could exceed that with this contest.

Vicki and Norman came down for the event. With a month or so to go with the contest, Emma got nervous and turned all the administration and collections over to Norman. She did not know the total amount collected or even some of the players that were added on later. I remember her telling me that Norman had gotten several requests for new players in the last few weeks and they agreed to add them in hopes of pulling in more donations.

There were about 100 guests for the black tie affair and right after dinner Sam was planning to make the announcement of the contest winner and his newest staff member. I have to admit that Wanda was very nice to us all; in fact she looked quite yummy in a shear black cocktail dress that she filled out nicely with her large tits and cleavage. We really did like her on a personal level and she is a great friend beside her issue with Emma. So even though I wanted to win I knew whoever got the job, the town would be in good hands.

Tapping his champagne glass, Sam stood and thanked everyone for attending and to please allow him to make some comments.

“As you know ladies and gentlemen, he began; we have had a contest to see who could raise the most money during the last quarter of this year. We have had a grand battle with two distinct camps involving Emma and her associates and my wife Wanda and her crew.

Wanda’s group did a number of walkathons and clearly had large participation within the community. Emma and her team did an internet auction where folks were in essence donated with their time and talents. Grading will be not only on funds raised but on a satisfaction survey. Let me now flip a coin on who will announce their numbers first.”

The coin was heads, which is what Wanda called, thus her team was first. As the envelope was pasted to Sam, the room was exceedingly quiet and gave an aura of tension among the guests.

“Ladies and gentleman, the walkathon teamed scored a satisfaction score of 86%.”

That was quite high. Norman had read me the survey on the way over and the questions involved both the participants and the donor’s level of feeling about their event. So obviously people were pleased to have been in this charity with Wanda.

Sam continued, “And the funds raised are $64,369.44″

People rose to their feet and applause was from everywhere. Emma and I were stunned in that amount factoring in all the previous efforts with such an event. Wanda had indeed raised the bar and was obviously worthy of being the town’s primary fundraiser.

Emma looked nervously at Norman who exhibited no emotion on his face. We did not know what was in our envelope and had concerns for sure. I remembered the early sizable lead they had and I wondered if we did enough to overcome it. I regretted playing only once now. The applause and kudos’ began to wind down so Norman handed his envelope to Sam.

‘Everyone, please take your seats so we can conclude the winner. I hope that after this we can move to the other rooms and ring in the New Year. And now, we have the results of team Emma.”

There was a buzz in the room but for the most part was quiet. My stomach growled and I watched Emma fidget around with her necklace, her nerves on display. I knew she really wanted this job, more than just one upping Wanda. I took a quick look at Jenny Spenser wearing a teal blue long gown with a plunging neckline and a large opening down the back which accentuated that fabulous ass. My stomach problem went away to be replaced by an aching boner.

With the envelope open, Sam spoke.

“Ok for the satisfaction level, we have a score of 96%!”

Again a lot of applause, but I was surprised since what we did was swap partners for sex, who would not rate that 100%? But at least we had a better score than Wanda.

Opening the next paper Sam looked at it and then pulled it in closer. His forehead moved upward toward his hairline and he reached for his water glass but grabbed the wine instead. Placing the glass to his lips he poured the entire contents down his throat and sat down while handing the paper back to Norman and asked him to read it.

Norman stood and cleared his throat, not revealing much in his manner or look.

“Team Emma’s funds raised were…. The pause was deafening, $131,220.”

Total silence dominated the room for seconds. Then slowly, as it finally sank in, a smattering of applause started; followed by an extended cadence of chants, “Emma, Emma, Emma.”

The number hit me squarely in the nose, we had not only won but our donations doubled Wanda. This was not just a win but a total defeat. Looking for Emma, she was speechless, sitting down, holding her face with her mouth completely open, in shock. Norman was grinning from ear to ear, hugging on Vicki who was also ecstatic. I was motionless until a figure tossed itself into my arms and I suddenly had the wonderful Jenny squeezing the life out of me. She kept shrieking, “We did it, we did it.”

People began hugging and embracing each other, even Sam and Wanda, especially Wanda gave heartfelt congratulations. In a hasty exchange, Sam announced that Emma would be his charitable coordinator in his office.

Three scenes from the weeks following the beginning of my sexual relationship with my mother:


On the morning of my graduation, I still wasn’t sharing a bed with mom. We were still a little skittish about things—well, mom was, and she wanted to set some boundaries. But that morning I woke up to the warm, buzzy feeling of her sucking my cock. She gently massaged my tight, full balls with her right hand, while her left hand alternated between stroking my cock and rubbing my leg as she worked to get as much of me in her mouth as she could.

I wanted to pretend I was asleep until I came, but after about five minutes of her sucking my cock, slicking me up with her wet mouth, she could feel me firm my hips and thrust forward slightly to better fill her mouth. She removed her lips from the head of my cock with a wet, sexy pop, and we smiled at each other.

Wordlessly, she pulled herself up slightly so I could see the thin tank top she was wearing, her nipples obscenely visible through the sheer fabric. When she pulled the top off her tits jiggled. Watching them move, my whole lower body tightened. A drop of precum emerged from the tip of my cock, a sticky wetness to cap off my cock that was still wet from mom’s expert sucking.

Mom stroked me slowly, angling my cock against her full tits.

“Cum for mommy, baby,” she said. “I’m gonna keep this cum all over my tits all day today, so I know how good my boy makes me feel.”

It wasn’t long before I came, thick cummy tendrils slapping my mom’s chest and lower neck—ropes of cum, one after the other, reckless and beautiful as a splatter painting.

Purring, she rubbed the thick mess around and around her tits, massaging it into her skin. We kissed and held each other, my softening cock nestled in her thick pubic hair. She was as good as her word that day. Later she would tell me how proud she was of me sitting in the stands watching me get my diploma, and how close she felt to me because my cum was on her skin.


At a graduation party I wound up fooling around with a girl I knew from one of my classes. Her name was Katie and she was fat in what I thought a very sexy way—wide, round hips and a curvy ass that ratched up and down nicely when she walked, full tits that she liked to emphasize with low-cut v-neck tops, and a cherubic face highlighted with hornrimmed glasses and her preferred fuck-me red lipstick. Mom was my ideal as far as body types went, but I loved curves in general, and Katie projected a lot more confidence and sexiness than a lot of the skinny girls I knew.

She must have noticed me looking at her and thinking about this as I stood in the corner of a busy apartment living room, working on my third red plastic cup of Jack and coke. Holding a beer bottle, she came over to me, only a little slightly stumbly, and said hello. She placed a hand on my shoulder and stood close to me, her tits nearly touching my chest. She was wearing a flowing green dress cut above the knee and displaying plenty of cleavage. I put a hand on her lower back as we said hello, getting into each other’s personal space more than we would if we were sober.

She cut off the small talk quickly. “So you were the one who was always checking out my ass in sociology,” she said, smiling.

“I don’t think I was the only one,” I said.

She leaned me a little more. My hand slipped lower, practically cupping her ass. Nobody was watching.

“Well,” she said, taking a pull from her beer, “you were the one I noticed.”

Pretty soon we were kissing. A drunk frat boy passed us on his way to the kitchen and gave me a judgmental look that seemed to say, “Way to lower your standards with the fat chick.” I shot him a look that tried to say, Fuck you. This girl with unbelievable curves is all over me.

Katie and I found a closet, where we began going at each other more intensely. I groaned something about how sexy I thought her ass was, and she turned to let me grind against it. My hands pawed at her tits roughly while she circled her hips, expertly enough to make me wonder if she was giving lap dances for money on the side. My hands drifted down over her belly and down between her legs. I could feel how soaked her panties were, and she didn’t pause as I let my fingers slide under her panties and started fingering her clit.

She ground her ass even harder against me, to the point where I felt like I could nearly have cum in my jeans. I stroked faster, my fingers slick with her pussy juice, as she bucked harder, muttering nonsensically. Soon, though, as her orgasm overtook her, her words became a little louder and clearer. “Oh, fuck, yes, daddy,” she groaned. “Do me, daddy.” Her body tensed and she came, releasing a small squeal. She turned around and held me, and I ran my slick-fingered hand through her long black hair. “Fuck yes, daddy,” she groaned.

Everybody’s got a thing.


A few days later, mom had to leave town. Once a year she had to head out west to deal with legal issues relating to both her divorce from dad and her family estate. It was usually pro forma stuff—signing the paperwork that made sure she was free to receive the money that kept the roof over our heads and made sure she didn’t have to work—but this trip was more frustrating than usual, for obvious reasons. We’d just started getting comfortable with each other sexually, and now she had to disappear for a week.

We handled it in a way a married couple might. The night before we went out to dinner at one of the fancier restaurants in the city. I put a blazer over my white button-down shirt, open at the collar, and mom dressed in what half-jokingly called “business fuckable”: four-inch black heels, a pencil skirt molded to her hips, a tightly tailored robin’s egg blue blouse that hugged her tits. Lest she look too provocative bouncing down the street showing off her spectacular chest, she threw on a scarf. It didn’t exactly hide her stellar rack, but it signaled a passing respect for modesty in public.

We talked casually as we had dinner—about some sightseeing she wanted to do in San Francisco while she was there, about some job interviews I had planned over the next couple of months. Rubbing my leg with her foot under the table, she asked what sort of trouble I’d be getting into while she was away.

“Oh, you know, mom,” I said. “Smoke weed and jack off all day.”

She smirked. “Well, lucky you, mister graduate. But you know I gave the rest of that pot back to Lynn, right?”

“No. Why?”

Her foot disappeared. She sat up a little straighter. “Sugar, I don’t need it, not with you. It was fun to smoke with you, but now that we’re comfortable with each other….”

“You don’t need weed to get your pussy wet with me,” I said, softly.

“I don’t need weed to know I want your cock,” she said, softer.

Mom idly stroked my cock with her right hand as she drove us home after dinner. “You should do more than just hang around at home while I’m away,” she said. “Hang out with friends, see a movie, go on a date.”

“Would you be OK with me going on a date?” I asked. I thought about Katie, but she was spending the month in Europe with her family.

Stoplight. She looked at me, stroked me a little more slowly. “I don’t own you, sweetheart. I love you. I love you like a son, and I love you like a lover. But you’re young and you should enjoy a lot of things in life. I hope that I’m a woman that you can always come home to, and I hope I can be that woman for you. But you shouldn’t feel shy about living a little.”

My cock thickened at her words and her touch. As we moved again, I asked, “What about you, mom? Are you going to find somebody while you’re in San Francisco?”

“I’m not sure,” she said, a little dreamily. We pulled into the garage and mom unlatched her seatbelt and began hungrily sucking my cock.

“Would you mind if mommy sucked somebody else’s dick, baby boy?”

“No, mom.”

“If your mom let a big dick, almost as big as yours, in her pussy?”

“Only if you told me all about it later,” I groaned.

“What if I let another woman eat mommy’s pussy?” she asked. I could feel her adjust herself as she kept sucking my cock. She had moved a hand between her legs.

“Do you like having you a woman eat your pussy, mommy?”

“Mmmmmmmm, yes, yes, yes,” she said, and sucked me until I helplessly blasted my load in my mother’s mouth.


We shared the bed that night, mom letting me fuck her pussy, coming twice before I filled her with another load of cum. The next morning we hugged and made out a little before she left for the airport, promising to check in on each other. And then I was by myself.

I flipped channels, texted with a friend (“dude what wz w/u and teh fat chick?” “dont knock it til u tried it…”), looked at the websites of a couple of the companies I was going to interview with next month. (I studied business, and my father was in the chemical industry; he’d arranged some meetings with sales VPs at a few places, as a favor to my mom.) I checked my email and a new message appeared:

From: Lynn Smith

Subject: Coming Over?

Hi there! Congratulations, graduate! I’m so sorry I missed the festivities, but I’m sure you’re having a good time before the real world shows up at your door. :) We haven’t met, but your mom speaks so well of you. I know she’s out of town, but there’s something she left me that I need to pick up. Is it OK if I come by this afternoon?



I wrote her a quick note saying that’d be fine.

I couldn’t help but be nervous as I waited for her to arrive, though I really had no idea what to expect—or, really, if I should expect anything. She was a friend and former coworker of mom’s who liked to smoke weed, that’s all. Still, my past few weeks had been so hypersexed that I couldn’t help but wonder if she was attractive, especially with mom giving me the go-ahead to meet other women. Would she feel the same way if it was with a friend?

She was punctual in a manner unbefitting a pot-smoker: At exactly 2 p.m. the doorbell rang and I went downstairs to greet her. I’d dressed up, a little—a red polo shirt, khakis, and topsiders instead of my usually shorts, T-shirt, and flip-flops.

“Hi there!” Lynn said, cheerily, giving me a hug as she stepped into the house. Stepping back, she put her hands on my hips and openly looked me over. “My goodness, your mother wasn’t joking about how handsome you are!”

I put my hands on her hips and smiled back. “Thank you. Clearly my mother only consorts with gorgeous women.”

Too forward, you think? I had a good excuse. Her top was the same T-shirt with the word “Flirt” on it that mom had, clinging tightly over her very full tits—bigger than mom’s, clearly. She was wearing trainers and workout shorts—the kind that clung tight against her thighs, ass, and pussy mound. She had a great athletic figure, though more rounded than your average female athlete—and a little older, since she appeared to be my mother’s age. In any event, she was a walking turn-on, and her top suggested she didn’t mind flaunting it.

“You’re sweet,” she said. “Of course, I confess I paid a little more for my figure then your sexy mom did.” She took her hands off my hips and coquettishly hefted her tits. Fake.

“You look great. My mom has that same shirt.”

“I know! We each bought one last time we were out. I love shopping with your mom. We wind up getting a lot of the same things.”

Eager to play the good host, I offered her a seat on the couch and a glass of water. I asked her how she got to know my mom and she gave me a quick history lesson. They went to college together and became friends, running in the same circles and going to the same parties. They grew distant after graduating, but Lynn moved back to town about five years ago and began working in the same real-estate office. Like my mom, Lynn didn’t need the money, but it was a nice way to get out of the house and feel productive. She’d never married.

“I never wanted to feel too settled down, you know?” she said, as I handed her a glass and sat next to her on the couch.

“Are you dating anybody?”

“Well, why ever do you ask, sir?” she asked in a fake Southern belle accent. She dipped two fingers in the ice water and ran them along her neck, cooling herself. “Seriously, there’s a guy I see. But I think he’s only in it for the sex.”

“What are you in it for?”

She laughed. “The sex, I guess. He’s great at that, I admit. But I get bored easy if it’s just that. I wish there was somebody I was on the same wavelength with, do the same stuff and just have fun…”

“Sounds like you should be dating my mom.”

She gave me a look I couldn’t quite make sense of. The temperature seemed to change. “Yeesh, I almost forgot I came here to pick up something! That’s what I get for getting distracted by my best friend’s handsome son. She said to ask you to get it—it’s in a box by her nightstand.”

I told her to make herself at home while I got it and she theatrically flopped back on the couch, smiling as her tits jiggled.

Mom kept her bedroom—our bedroom—clean and the box was easy to spot. I couldn’t help but open the lid and look inside. It was a butt plug, the same kind my mom had, with a vibrator insert. Electric-blue silicone with a thick head. A small bottle of lube was nestled in the box as well. Clearly she and Lynn were talking about sex pretty intimately.

As I came back in the living room she sat up and straightened her shirt—a gesture of modesty, though in this case it only accentuated the size and shape of her massive, flirty, porn-star tits.

“Did you peek?” she asked.

“Of course.”

She actually blushed, a little. “What do you think? Do you and your mom talk about this stuff?”

“We talk about sex, yes. We talk about how if you’re not hurting anybody, you have every right to make yourself feel good.” I sat back on the couch and handed her the box.

“Do you want to know a secret?” she said.


“Promise not to tell your mom I told you this?”


“Pinky swear,” she said, holding up her left pinky. I hooked It with my right one, but we were quickly holding hands—the sexual tension in the room had just elevated.

“What’s the secret, Lynn?”

She looked at me holding her hand, then into my eyes. “I have such a huge crush on your mom.” She grabbed my hand tighter, almost pleadingly. “You’re OK with me telling you this, right?”

I nodded.

“I don’t know if I’m a lesbian or whatever. Don’t care if I am. When she told me that she likes butt plugs, I wanted to find out for myself. When she told me that she wanted to get high like I do sometimes I was so happy to do something for her. Though I was bummed when she decided to give it back to me, like she never even smoked it.”

“She did. We smoked it together.”

“Really? That’s so great. I’m so happy to hear that.” I wondered if she was going to ask for more details, but she didn’t. Instead she hugged me—not that there was any reason to, but I loved the feel of her against me. I rubbed her back, felt the back of her bra. As we broke our embrace on the couch, I decided to be more forward.

“And these?” I said, lightly cupping her tits. “Did you get these to be more like my mom?”

She looked at me, lust burning in her eyes, and nodded.

We kissed, deeply, my hands mauling her tits, then her hips and ass. I leaned back and let her climb on top of me on the couch. She thrust her crotch against mine as we made out for a long ecstatic minute. She sat up and pulled off her “Flirt” top while I yanked off my polo. Her bra wasn’t particularly sexy—no lace—but I loved the wide shoulder straps and their tacit assertion that a lot of titweight needed carrying on Lynn’s sexy body. As I unhooked her, her crotch ground deeper against mine.

Her bra slipped off and I hungrily sucked on her massive tits, running my hot tongue over her hard nipples. Lynn unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants, so eagerly she almost tore the button off.

“I want it in me,” she gasped.

“My cock, Lynn?”

“Fuck, yes, baby, your fucking cock. I want you to fuck me with your fucking cock. Deep fucking dick me, you fucking man. But I mean the butt plug. I need my ass filled good.”

We made our way to my mother’s bedroom—I knew Lynn would only be more excited at the prospect of fucking in the same room of the woman she was crushed out on. I pulled off my pants, then gently guided my mom’s big-titted best friend to lie down on the bed while I pulled off her workout shorts and panties. The shorts already had a wet spot that made it clear how turned on she was, and I could tell from the sight of her glistening shaved pussy, and the sweet humid smell of it, that she was more than ready.

I spread her legs and, kneeling at the foot of the bed, began eating her pussy, splitting the wet lips of her cunt with my tongue and working my way up to the swollen nub of her clit. Her hips circled while I ate her, smearing her juices around my face. I grabbed her firm ass cheeks and spread them.

I stopped and looked up at her. “Do you want to get that big toy in your tight ass now?” Her face was flushed. She nodded fervently. I kissed her—I couldn’t resist it, she was so turned on, so ready for whatever was coming next. I took out the butt plug and squeezed out a very healthy amount of lube on the tip, smearing it around.

She watched me do this as if in awe, deeply eager for the toy to go in her ass, where it belonged.

Without saying anything, she got on all fours, presenting her ass to me. Her asshole was beautifully pink and puckered. I slowly began pressing the toy into Lynn’s ass, feeling her resist at first as the head pushed more fully in her. But eventually her sphincter muscles relaxed and it was in. She let out a sigh of relief, even wiggled her ass a little.

I lay down on the bed, my prick sticking out obscenely, precum stickily oozing out. She straddled my chest, her pussy tantalizingly close to my mouth again.


“Yes, Lynn?”

“You eat my pussy so good. Can you eat it some more?”

“As much as you want.”

She moved up closer, grabbing the headboard of my mom’s bed, her fake rounded tits pressing against the wood. I gave her pussy a couple of teasing licks before sucking her pussy again in earnest.

“Baby, when I tell you, I need you to push that little button on the vibrator,” she groaned. “Will you do that?”

I moaned an assent, my mouth too busy sucking her cunt to say yes, and then she began rocking her hips in wide circles on my face. “Oh, fuck, yes, baby, I can’t believe I’m fucking you. So fucking good. Make my pussy feel good, baby boy.”

I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, grabbed her ass harder.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she groaned. “Do it. Push the fucking button.”

I did, and she began bouncing on my face with such fervor I was worried she’d bust my nose. In fierce wide thrusts she pumped her hips, not even caring anymore about my tongue doing anything to her pussy, just riding the feeling of the vibrating plug, radiating pleasure throughout her body. She tightened for a long moment, cumming.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH. FUUUUUUUUCK,” she cried. “Still cummmmmmmmmmmmming,” she said. Then, quickly, crazily, she impaled herself on my cock, my dick slurped up quickly in her gushing pussy.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck,” she chanted. “Cummingcummingcummingcummingcumming.”

Her tits bouncing crazily, her tight pussy like a vacuum, I came inside the cunt of my mom’s best friend. It felt like a gallon of cum was shooting out of me—I was as out of control as she was. She didn’t protest my sudden eruption inside her. If anything she pressed herself even more firmly inside of her, eager to take in every drop of me, even though I could tell that a thick hot mess of cum and pussy juice was already leaking out of her, coating my pubic hair.

Hard Passion: The Chronicles of Erica Bradson

Chapter 5

The False Smile

Morning came faster than before. My eyes soared at the sight of the sun peeking through the window in our room, and my body felt weak and used up. It did not help that my alarm clock kept ringing that god awful sound, like a nagging two year old wanting something.

I kept missing the off button with my hand, but after a couple of retries I finally hit it. Suddenly I felt this warm feeling of comfort inside of me, as I tugged myself closer to my sheets, like a burden was gone. It felt good, it felt even better when I pressed my soft pillow to my cheeks and just wandered back to my dream.

I woke only after I felt I had slept enough. The sun was invading my room, and birds were flying passed my window as I tried to open my eyes to that bright light. A small smile carved itself into my face as I kept starring at my window emitting that beautiful bright morning sunlight. There was something about it, like a new beginning was coming, and for a second there was no sadness in my heart.

I stretched my arm out while yawning, but as I stretched I realized that something was missing. Only when I looked toward where my husband was supposed to be did I realise he was missing. Where did he go? I asked myself.

Fear crawled up towards my spine, as I began wondering if the worst had happened, whether he had found out about my affair. Only when I looked at my alarm clock did I realise that I had overslept and that he probably just had to leave to work.

Yet somehow I did not feel relief. What would happen if he found out one day? What would happen with us? He would surely leave me I know that, no one would forgive me for what I had done to him. And what would happen to the kids? They’d be heartbroken, especially Peter he is too young to understand it all. And-and what would happen between me and Malik? I shook my head from these thoughts since I was starting to go into a territory I did not want to think about.

I went toward the bathroom to rinse myself from my sleep and these awful thoughts of mine.

The hot water of the shower hit my body as hard as small rocks falling from the sky, somehow I felt embarrassed, and the more I felt this way the harder the water became. I was thinking of yesterday, the things I did and the things I said made me tense up. Although I felt ashamed for what I had done again I felt more ashamed of the thing I had said while we were making love. Did I really say it? Did he really make me say it? I wanted to think that Malik had made me say those things and that I did not mean it, but deep down I knew that I really did mean it. Somehow I just did not want to accept any of it, I tensed up even more, and almost began to cry but stopped before I even started and stepped out of the shower wet and dripping.

I took a towel and dried myself up, but as I turned around to clean my back I noticed my underwear was on the floor. I realised then that the stress of not getting caught yesterday combined with the little time I had to shower and getting rid of my cum soaked clothes into the washing machine had made me forget that my underwear was still on the floor.

I almost shrieked when I realised the mistake I had done, anyone who had been in the bathroom could have noticed it. I instantly leaped at it like it was my biggest secret and realised it was reeking of a combined smell of Malik’s semen and my own passion fluid. I could not open the washing machine and put it inside with my other clothes since it was still washing them, so I just stood there like a thief holding something stolen.

I looked around hoping I could hide it away, somewhere, until the washing machine had finished its wash, but the more I looked around the more I realised there was nowhere for me to hide it. So I started to tense up again, pressing the underwear tighter to my chest as if I was holding my own life in my hands. Then I noticed the bin full of dirty clothes.

I pulled all the clothes out of the washing bin until there was nothing there, placed my own underwear at the very bottom of the bin and then filled it up again with the dirty clothes. This way I was sure it would be hidden from eyes for now.

I slowly went back to dry myself while I was still eyeing the washing bin. I then began to wonder what would happen had my husband seen it, what would he think if he found my underwear with another man’s semen on it? It just made me feel worse than before, those thoughts I did not want to think of just suddenly came back. It was like my underwear proved to me that it was all real that there was just no excuse anymore.

I again tried to suppress my thoughts away and began putting on some clothes, ready to be the wife and mom I was supposed to be. I caught one last glimpse toward the bin. It was then that I realised that everything that happens from here on out would define what kind of a woman I truly am, I closed the door wondering about my future.


My sons had already gone to school, and my husband’s cell phone kept going to voice mail the way it always did whenever he was too busy. I myself just stayed at home with my thoughts wondering about my future. I was seated in the same room where everything had started, the living room, where Malik and I had made love for the first time.

A nice scent of flowers roamed the living room, ever since that day I had tried to hide my shame by cleaning the room still it did not hide everything. It could not hide my memories of that day nor could it hide the passion Malik and I had felt that day. It was almost bewildering, somehow it all just made me feel happy and ashamed at the same time.

My heart started to beat faster as I kept remembering, but it was stronger than just remembering, it was like I wanted to relive it. I started to bite my lip the more I remembered and my hands started to gently move down toward my waist, but I wanted to stop I did not want this now. I tried to stop myself by biting my nails, but then a strong scent that I remembered from somewhere fused into my nostrils.

Soon after, a strong manly taste pierced my tongue, and suddenly I realised that I had forgotten to wash my hands after I had hid my underwear, the scent and taste of Malik’s sperm and my own fluid had left its mark on my hand. I detached my hand from my mouth, but the taste already started to invade me. It was piercing through my body like a snake looking for its prey, its prey being nothing less than my own shame.

I began to sink down into the sofa spreading my legs apart just waiting for someone to touch me, to touch me where Malik had been, the way he had and in the way he still kept doing me in my mind. I slid my hand into my pants, passed the buttons and between my legs. The warmth I was emitting from my vagina was thought provoking, giving me live images in my head of me and Malik together at his place doing all sorts of things, things we haven’t even done.

It made me feel insane, almost as if I wanted to just be ravaged again and again. The more I started to think like this the more my hand caressed my warmth, while my other hand began pitching my hard tit knob. I squeezed it harder and harder, and the more I kept squeezing the more I became wet.

I was so intensely masturbating a button from my pants popped off. I wasn’t even caressing anymore, I was just penetrating my fingers through my underwear and into my hole, moaning at the intense pleasure and saying Malik’s name over and over again.

All of this was almost stopped by the sudden ringing of my cell phone, but it did not matter to me for I was in a lustful state. It kept ringing and vibrating in my pocket. It was then that I decided to pull it out and toss it away and leave me to my pleasure, but as I held it in my hand I did something I never thought I would have done.

I slipped it into my pants and on top of my wet underwear, and then began to carefully circle my phone around in my pants feeling the vibration from the call hitting my sensitive spots. It almost sent me to heaven, and I wished that the caller kept on ringing forever.

I did not care who it was, it could have been a seller for all I care. It did not change the fact that the vibration from my cell phone sent me into that realm of lust again, and soon I came like a blowing star.

The orgasm spread through my body like a virus, and engulfed me into a long ten second high pitched orgasm. I moaned and bit my teeth together bashing my head back against the softness of the sofa as I let myself get drowned in my own desires.

It felt like forever, yet it was merely ten seconds, I felt as exhausted as if I had been having sex with Malik. Slowly enough the river that was blowing inside of me dissipated away like it always did, and with a big gasp I was finished.

Just a couple of seconds later did I realise that the phone was still ringing. Between my legs it kept on vibrating tickling me. Until I finally dragged it out from my wet place. The phone was wet and reeked of me, I did not even care until I had pressed the accept call button and placed it to my ear, that was when I smelled my essence. I answered with a vibrating tired voice, “Hello?”

“Hey mom it’s Peter.”

“P-peter, is everything a-alright?” I asked suddenly all tensed up again.

“Yes mom I just wanted to call and ask if I could sleep over at my friend’s house today?” his voice almost made me cry, as the realisation started to spread through me of what I had been doing.

“Of course, you can do whatever you like,” my guilt spread through me like a hungry cancer, all was feeling so lost now, it was like I had been cheating on my own son. I felt so ashamed.

“Thanks mom, love you,” he hung up before I was even able to say it back to him, so I just sat there with my one hand still between my legs crying inside of me wondering what I had done to myself.


Some time passed and I was ready to prepare dinner when another phone call rang.

“Hello?” I said.

“Mom don’t wait up for me I’ll be back tomorrow, bye.”

‘Brian wait!” before he was able to hear me he had hung up. Brian had recently started to stay out more and kept giving me less and less information on what he was doing. I felt a bit concerned for him, but he had always come home in one piece, neither drunk nor messed up, yet I still felt some concern since he kept things so secret.

I sighed and prepared one plate instead of two, since I knew that my husband was coming home late. Then my cell phone began to ring again.

“Hello?” said I while I cleaned a plate in the sink.

“Hey Mrs Bradson, did you sleep well?” I recognized the voice immediately, it was Malik.

“M-Malik, why are you calling?” I asked as a strange feeling crept up my spine.

“I wanted you to know that I need you tonight, just like we agreed,” the feeling was now spreading through my body, I did not know whether it was fear or lust but it made my heart beat faster.

“T-tonight? But we just did it yesterday, why tonight?” my voice was trembling, he had this way of making me feel powerless and submissive.

“Cause I want to do something new today, so come over to my house let’s say seven?” I did not know what to say, I knew that I’d see him again but not so early.

“My husband is coming home soon, I-I can’t just leave now,” I wanted him but I could not just leave, my husband would start to suspect.

“Fuck your husband!” the words surprised me a bit, “He means nothing to you anyway, you said it yourself!” I did not want to remember what I had said but somehow I could not forget it either, “Now get your ass over here!” Malik was being so persisted that I could not say no, yet I did not want my husband to suspect either, so I said the only thing I could.

“If-if I come over at seven then I won’t have time to come back, b-but if you come here we may have time,” my heart was beating harder and faster now, the simple fact that I was willingly inviting him over to have sex made everything feel so strange and so wrong at the same time.

“That’s a good girl hehe, I’ll be there in a sec, hope you’re alone cause I don’t give a fuck if one of your kids is there. I’ll fuck you right in front of them if I have to!” I almost could not feel my legs when he said that.

“P-Please d-don’t say such things,” the only response I could give him was a whimpering one that sounded like a dog begging his master not to hurt him.

“Yeah whatever, I’ll be there soon,” he then hung up and somehow I wanted to faint afterwards.

My legs kept trembling and my heart kept pounding, Why did I let him say such a thing, I thought. A real mother would have yelled at him for saying such a despicable thing, but I somehow could not. It felt so surreal, the way I just kept accepting his taunts was just terrible. I knew I could never be a good wife anymore, but I wanted to think that I was still a good mother.


I was in the bathroom preparing another wash to get my mind off of things when the door bell rang. My heart pounded and for the first time ever I hoped it was not my husband. I walked out of the bathroom and down to the first floor. I began fearing that it may not be Malik.

I stood in front of the main door, trembling. I reached out to the doorknob slowly and opened the door, hoping it was Malik.

Unfortunately for me when I opened my eyes to the opened door my son Peter stood by the entrance.

“Peter!” I gasped, like a train had run over me, “W-what are you doing here?”

“Hey Mom, sorry I forgot my keys at home and I just wanted to get my toothbrush and pyjama, since I am sleeping over at Harry’s,” he went passed me and up the stairs, and suddenly my heart began to beat even faster, for what would he say if he saw Malik come over before he had left.

I followed him upstairs. I wanted to speed my son’s departure so I helped him collect what he needed.

“I’ll get you your toothbrush sweetie,” I said to him.

“Thanks mom,” he said, which made me feel guilty.

I jogged over to the bathroom and began to frantically look for his toothbrush Where the fuck is his toothbrush! I said to myself as I kept on looking, until I had to ask him.

“H-Honey which one is yours!” I shouted across the room loud enough for him to hear me.

“The dinosaur one mom!” he shouted back.

I scanned the cups containing the toothbrushes, until my eye caught what looked like a pink toothbrush with a tyrannosaur’s head at the end of it. I took it and jogged over to my son’s room, he was still packing his bag up, which made me a bit frustrated.

“Ready?” said I while I handed him over his toothbrush.

“Yeah, but I can’t find my handheld console,” it was then that I started to insist that he leave, for now the time was coming awfully close to Malik’s arrival.

“Well you won’t be needing it since you’re going to have fun with your friend right?” said I as I basically started to push my son out of his room and down to the first floor.

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” I followed him to the main door as if making sure that he was going straight out, when we came to the door he turned around and somehow I felt afraid that he may not leave.

“Will you call me to say good night, mom?” said he looking at me with his blue eyes. Some sadness engulfed me, but I just could not let myself to cry now.

“Of course I will, now don’t let your friend wait,” said I as I kissed my son on the cheek, he nodded, smiled and went through the door. As the door closed a feeling of great fear disappeared within me, like I had been relieved of a great burden.

I walked toward the kitchen sink, thanking god in my own head as I passed the cupboards for not having brought Malik to my house when my son was still at home. It was in that moment that the door bell rang again.

I opened the door without trembling, and just as I thought there stood Malik by the entrance in his typical clothes, holding a plastic bag in his right hand.

“Hey Mrs Bradson, I just saw your son walk out of here, did he know I was coming?” Fear crawled up my spine again, as I started to wonder whether my son had seen him.

“Ehm, please he does not know,” said I, hoping he would not mention my son again.

“Doesn’t matter,” he entered my house holding his plastic bag in his hand and turned towards me, “So where is your bedroom?”

“W-What! But I thought we would…” I did not expect him to ask me such a thing, did he really want us to do it in the bedchamber.

“Hey you invited me, beside with what I have in mind today you will need a comfortable bed,” I had no idea what he wanted to do, and I knew there was no point in arguing. So I nodded to him and escorted him to the bedroom.

It wasn’t until we reached the hall on the second floor that I started to feel pressure. The closer I came to my room, our room, the room where I and my husband slept in, was when I began to wonder whether I really wanted to do this. I knew that if I did this I would only get closer to the eventual end of my marriage, yet I had known now for some time that there was no going back anymore. So why did I feel this pressure?

“Here,” said I as I opened the door.

He walked into it, like he owned it. He looked around for a while, scanning the room as if he was looking for loot, “Nice digs, Mrs B,” said he.

“Thank you,” I walked into the room and closed the door behind me, as I did not want anyone to see us. I wanted to rush it and finish off quickly today, but I knew that there was no point in rushing him, he would use his own time as he always did.

“Malik, you said you wanted to do something n-new, what exactly is it?” I asked like a frightened child.

He turned around and looked at me with his big black eyes and smiled, “Today your ass is mine.”

I was a bit confused as I did not understand what he meant by that, it was only when I saw him pull out two tubes of lube from his plastic bag that I understood.

“A-are you, are you going to put it i-in my,” I couldn’t even finish the sentence when Malik blurted it out for me and confirmed my suspicions.

“Ass! Yeah, I’m gonna fuck that nice backdoor of yours,” I could still not believe it, I had never had anal sex before, my husband only mentioned it once and I strongly said no. It just sounded so disgusting the thought of it, and now I was going to do it anyway.

I wanted to protest against it, I thought it was unnatural, but somehow something inside of me began to warm up to the idea. It wasn’t like a thought as it was a feeling, my hands trembled at the idea, and my head screamed no, but something inside of me wanted to try it. My behind began to sweat and my midsection started to get warmer, suddenly I realised that I was getting horny at the idea.

Then it hit me like a thunder, his size! I could barely take his size normally, how could he possibly think of doing that with my anus.

“I-I don’t think it’s going to work Malik, your size it’s just a bit much,” said I knowing it wouldn’t change a thing.

“Don’t worry,” said he as he caressed my cheek, ‘I’ll be gentle.”

I whimpered at the sound of his voice and felt a sudden feeling of fear passing through me as he kept on caressing me. He pulled me towards him with his strong hands, like I was fragile vase, and kissed me on the lips. In that moment my fear started to dissipate and was filled with the feeling of passion that he kept giving me whenever we made love.

Our tongues connected as I started caressing his big arms, while he held me tight and began to feel me up with his rough hands. Until he grabbed my behind with both hands and squeezed tightly.

He kept squeezing my butt cheeks as we continued kissing. I began to moan, he noticed it and started smiling.

Disconnecting from my mouth he looked over my shoulder and down unto my behind, “I think you’re starting to warm up to the idea,” he said as he spanked me with his left hand.

I yelped when he did so and I started to feel even hornier then before, “Ah yes, but you said you’d be gentle.”

“I’ll be gentle,” said he reassuring me, “Now get on top of the bed on all fours and show me that ass of yours.”

I did as he told me to without hesitation, like I was possessed. I went on all fours on top of the bed and started pushing my ass up so to let him admire me better as he stood behind me. I only snapped out from my trance, for a brief second, when I smelled the body odour of my husband on our sheets.

In that single second I felt a tear hit my cheek, but as Malik started grabbing hold of my ass the tear vanished, and I felt nothing but pleasure again.

“I’ve been dreaming of doing your big ass since I first noticed it,” said he as he squeezed my butt cheeks.

I could but moan as a response. His hand swayed over my behind and up towards my back where he grabbed hold on the edge of my skirt and began to slowly peel it backwards. He was gentle, and his hands kept feeling me up as he continued to pull it down. Only when I felt that my skirt was tightening up did I start to help him.

I put my hand between my legs and reached the buttons that were keeping my skirt on, and unbuttoned them one by one until there were none left to open. The skirt slid off me, it reached my knees and Malik tapped me with his hand as a sign that I had to let my skirt slid pass under my knees.

Finally it reached my feet, he grabbed hold of my shoes and pulled them off and let my skirt pass by my feet easier tickling me a bit. He tossed the skirt onto the floor, and then he just stood there watching me.

I could feel his eyes admiring my ass. I felt so vulnerable, even if he had already seen me naked he still made me feel vulnerable every time he stripped me. But somehow it just made me hornier, as I started dripping from my vagina and soaking my underwear.

“Looky here,” he started touching and pressing my vulnerable wet spot.

He instantly began licking the side of my vagina. I moaned and tightened the grip of my sheets. Then he buried his face into my wet underwear and pierced his tongue so that the cloth of my underwear went into my hole.

I exclaimed a sound of passion as I tilted my head forward trying to bury my moans into the sheets. He kept burying his face into me, and moving his tongue like a rattling snake.

Soon my second orgasm for the day expanded inside of me and gave me that electrifying feeling I so much enjoyed, it was inevitable.

Malik then stopped pleasuring me and dried his mouth with his arm. His hands then took over again, but this time it was not my vagina they touched. I could feel his hands crawling over my wet hole of passion and onto another even more delicate hole.

He pressed his thumb gently on top of my underwear and pressed my anus in. It was a completely different feeling, though rougher it felt like he was triggering a button that would make my entire body curl up.

I started trembling. My head tilted back the moment I felt Malik press his thumb deeper and my body began to move a bit away from his hand, like it wasn’t used to this.

“Please, oh God, don’t, it feels so-so weird,” I couldn’t stop biting my teeth as he kept on tilting his thump back and forth.

“It’ll be better, you just need some lubrication.”

He stopped caressing me and I felt somehow a huge relief, like if a burden had been removed. Then I felt his hands again on me, but this time he was taking off my underwear. They slid passed my knees faster than the skirt he had taken off earlier.

I started caressing my own tit with my hand as I became hornier, which he noticed.

“Yeah, you starting to act like a real whore now.”

“P-please don’t say such a thing,” it just made me feel hornier the way he spoke to me.

He leapt over me and pulled me back, grabbing around me and whispered in my ear, “Oh yeah, well let us see what your body tells us,” he lifted my sweater over and flashed my tits forth, “Look at how tight your nipples are,” he said while he pinched my left one with his fingers to prove it, “You telling me this is a tit of a devoted wife?

He spoke the truth, a truth I did not wish to accept, but he kept on proving me wrong. He took my sweater and bra off and began to kiss my neck while at the same time he toyed with my boobs.

I wanted to kiss him but he would not allow me for he wished to hear my moans invade the bedroom, like if it was another proof to show what kind of woman I was.

After a while he pushed me back on all fours and went back to my ass, but not before taking off his own sweater. He started spreading my butt cheeks apart to get a better look at my anus, for a moment I expected that he would put some lube on with his hand. But just then a warm twitching thing pressed itself over my anus.

I turned around at the surprising feeling and realised that Malik was licking my asshole. The sensation and shock of it made it all feel so surreal and wonderful at the same time, for a second I protested.

“What are you doing, it’s dirty!” but the striking shock and feeling of his tongue touching my most delicate of spot just sent me moaning even louder than before.

My legs started twitching and my mind went crazy, I curled myself up and put my hands between my legs and started masturbating my other hole. The sensation of his tongue caressing my spot and my fingers penetrating my vagina was nothing more than wonderful.

I was flooding like a waterfall, and my hands were being drowned by my essence as I kept on pleasing myself. Malik kept changing between his tongue and his thumb, sending me deeper and deeper into a state of lust.

I never believed that such pleasure existed within such spot, a spot that I had never in my life thought to explore. But now this young man that was tonguing my ass taught me an entirely new kind of pleasure, a pleasure I loved.

It was only when he pressed his middle finger into my butt hole that a shock spread through my body like a wave. Though it was a bit painful at first, it instantly took on a whole new meaning of pleasure afterwards.

My toes curled up and I began to bite my own sheet, and I could feel my anus wrap around his finger that was exploring my otherwise unexplored part. Just his finger was enough for me to orgasm, though this was not a typical orgasm. It was more tense and rougher, like a tightening of something fierce and strong that just snapped.

It felt great, and the orgasm never ended until Malik pulled his finger out.

“Wow, I knew you were going to love it, bet you haven’t made such a sound with your husband.” He was right, in all my years I had never moaned this way with my husband, not even once, “Have you ever let your husband into this hole?” he asked me.

Breathing heavily like I had been running for miles I said, “No, my husband has never done me there.”

“Good, then this is going to be just for me,” his words kept ringing in my ear as he stood up and began to zip his pants open.

I turned around slowly towards him and said, “Please Malik your finger was already too much, I’ll die if you use your dick,” it wasn’t the pain that really scared me, but the pleasure of it. The thought that his finger had sent me to a place I had never felt before scared me, but I knew I would go crazy if he used his dick.

I knew that if I let him do this I’d be scarred for life. I knew that if he sent me to that place again there would be no salvation for me in the future. I knew that if he kept on giving me such pleasure I’d be a shell of nothing, and there would be nothing I’d say no to him.

“You ain’t gonna die, beside,” he slipped his pants down and revealed to me his ever so magnificent huge black cock, “I need to get rid of this boner,” his large pumping dick was already half way erected, and the smell of his pre cum was as strong as ever, “Now lube my dick with your mouth.” There was no arguing, he persuaded me the way he had always done, by showing me what I always wanted.

I held his dick with both my hands and peeled his skin as far down as I could. His smell just augmented the more his foreskin was peeled back, it only helped me get hornier as his strong odour invaded my nostrils.

I began licking his shaft once his entire foreskin was all back. A loud moan came from Malik as I passed my tongue downwards, I only stopped when I reached his balls and even then I just started sucking them.

I kept sucking and licking his balls until I started to move upwards all the way to his penis slit. I then opened my mouth and took his entire head, I tried to force as much of his dick as I could down, but my mouth was full. I sucked him off and went up and down, making sure that I drooled as much spit as I could.

His pre-cum kept oozing down my throat and his familiar taste, that kept hitting my tongue, just made me wetter. I gurgled and blew as much as I could, it was then that he grabbed my head and pushed me against him.

More than half of his dick was now in my mouth, and I felt my lips stretching in such a way it almost hurt. His penis head had passed my swallowing point, and I could feel part of his dick hitting my throat walls, which made me constantly swallow out of reflex.

My eyes were wide open from the sudden forced deep-throat, which was when I realised that his crotch was not far away and that I only had a few cm left. I was so filled with lust that I wanted him deeper down my throat, so I grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands and forced myself to get him all the way down.

Malik could not believe his eyes when I started to move forward rather than backwards, and the sensation of it all just made him moan even more. He held my head firmly ensuring that I would keep going forward, and the more I kept going the more he started to moan. It came to a point where I felt his cock pulsating in my throat, I knew then that he was close to coming.

Unfortunately Malik was completely taken by the sensation that he just held me there instead of letting me go. So I had no choice but to keep moving forward so his cock would be closer to my stomach, otherwise I’d be drowning in his sperm.

With one last push my head reached his crotch, I now had his entire cock down my throat and well passed my oesophagus, I had literally swallowed his cock.

I felt his hands tremble on top of my head, and my throat expanded as it was pushed by the growing dick, that was I realised he was about to explode.

“Ahh shit! I’m about to blow!”

With a long exclaim he emptied his balls deep down me, I could feel his dick tingle a bit before a warm sensation started to fuel my stomach. I did not need to swallow until I started to feel his sperm rise like lava, that was when I started to feel some fear.

I swallowed and swallowed as much of his semen as I could, but as much as I swallowed it still kept going up. The closer it reached my mouth the faster it came, and soon it passed my oesophagus.

When it reached my mouth I started to convulse, and it didn’t help me that I could not breathe either. His sperm blew out of my mouth like I was a champagne bottle, but it did not exit fast enough.

I hit the side of his leg with my hand as a way to tell him to let me go, luckily for me Malik understood and let go of my head. I pulled back fast, throwing up his dick and sperm as I went, when his penis head was out it shot a load directly at my face and blinded me.

I fell backwards onto the bed, hearing Malik moaning as he continued to shoot his load all over the bed. I had a mouth full of semen but felt that more was coming, so I turned around and threw up beside the bed a huge load of sperm until I finally was able to catch my breath.

I finally leapt backwards onto the bed and started breathing again, my eyes were still blinded by Malik’s sperm. I used my sheets to clean it off. Malik was still pumping his dick, moaning manically and masturbating himself senseless.

He stopped only when he felt that his dick was done shooting. It amazed me how he could still stand after such a load out, but not as much as what happened next.

As I looked towards him still breathing heavily and with cum falling down my mouth, I realised he still had a boner. I gasped at the sight of his monster dick still being erected, though it had shrunk a bit his cock still had enough energy to go on.

“I did not expect you to deep throat me, damn,” he panted and sweated as he kept on breathing, “Now it’s my turn to make you feel great.”

I couldn’t believe his resilience, it always shocked me but this time more than ever, “Are you sure?” said I as he turned me around so that my ass was facing him. I was after all hoping that if he came hard enough he might not have the energy left to do me from behind, but again I seemed to have underestimated his energy.

“Of course I am sure, I said I’d fuck you in the ass today, now get on all fours,” I whimpered and obeyed like a dog, and stood up on all fours knowing that it was futile to protest.

He began to spread my ass cheeks apart and aimed his dick directly above my anus. I looked back for just a moment, knowing that this was going to hurt, “Please use the lube,” said I whimpering.

“Don’t need it, you lubed me up pretty good,” he was right, his dick basically dripped of my spit and his pre-cum, there was no real reason for any lubricant.

“Just p-please be gentle,” he just smirked.

The tip of his penis head was now touching my butt hole, I could feel the warmth of it and just the touch of it frightened me a bit. It then started to press itself against my hole, harder and harder. Until my anus started to expand open from the constant pressing of his penis head, that was when the pain started.

“Gentle, gentle, please!” I started to feel some pain as his penis head began to further expand my anus.

“Oh god please it hurts!” his entire head was still not in, but it already was too much for me.

“Don’t tighten up so much,” said he.

“I-I don’t know how, Hnng!” I bit my teeth together when I felt that his whole penis head was almost inside.

“Nggh! I-it’s like shitting, just pretend you are shitting then your hole will open,” I couldn’t take the pain so I did as he said and pretended that I was shitting.

My hole did expand the moment I relaxed myself, but just when it became bearable to have his penis head inside a whole chunk of his dick entered me. My head tilted backwards and I started moaning like never before. My toes curled up, and my body became all tensed up, and so did my rectum.

“Shit! You’re tightening a lot! Ngh,” I could feel part of his penis pumping violently inside of me, as I unknowingly squeezed him with my rectum, “I-If you continue to squeeze, I-I am going to move forward.”

“N-no p-please I will die i-if you do!” I was now feeling the extent of a new higher more potent orgasm, it was constant and it never ended.

“S-Sorry Bitch, b-but I am not coming early again, ngh,” he pushed his entire dick inside of me as I gasped and screamed a moan throughout the entire house. His dick was now pulsating deep inside my rectum, the more I felt it the more I squeezed. I was now completely gone, my eyes rolled back and my tongue was tangling from my mouth like a piñata.

I kept yelling and moaning so loud that the entire house could hear me, and for the first time I did not care. When Malik started to move back and forth the orgasm I was experiencing tripled, when he thrust his dick deeper inside of my unexplored hole.

Malik kept grunting and huffing, grinding his teeth as he explored me. My mind was in bliss, and all I could think of was how I could have denied myself such great pleasure.

As he kept hitting my back with his crotch, sliding his dick in and out of my expanding rectum, my thoughts were going on how silly I ha been. All my life I though the act of anal sex was unnatural and disgusting, going so far to deny it even to my husband. But today I experienced a sensation that was better than any other experience I had ever felt, and I would not change it for the world.

I could feel Malik’s dick sliding into me like a drill looking for diamonds, it explored where no man had ever gone before. The sound of our bodies clashing together was music to my ears, and his huffs and grunts finished it all off as a solo. My hole kept opening and closing up, squeezing him whenever he was inside and accepting him whenever he penetrated deeper.

“Fuck I am about to shot again!” he held my back tight and started moaning, “Whose asshole is this!?!” he started pounding me harder as he asked, “Huh? Whose asshole does this belongs to!?!”

“Y-you,” said I while I was trying not to go completely crazy.

“Who!?! I ngh, can’t hear you!”

“You, i-it belongs to you,” I was nothing more than an empty shell, begging to be fucked by Malik.

“Say it the way I want to hear it! Ngh!”

“You! This asshole belongs to you!!” I was completely filled with lust now.

“And only me!!”

“And only you!!” I repeated after him.

“What about your husband!?!” he started to pound me faster, as if he wanted to make sure that no part of me could protest back at him, but there was no part of me wanting to protest anymore.

“I don’t care about my husband! He means nothing to me!!” I yelled as I came a third and fourth time.

“That’s right! You didn’t even let him fuck you in this pleasure hole of yours because you thought he was nothing!”

“Yes! Yes! I did, he is nothing!” my mind was so much gone that I didn’t even care what I was saying anymore.

“You were waiting for a real man to take you here, you were waiting, you did not want him!”

“Yes! Yes! I was waiting!” my asshole was making such a noise whenever he banged me faster, it was now just getting out of control how much I loved every minute of it.

He pulled my hair and whispered into my hear “You were waiting for me!”

“I was, I was waiting for you! I only want you!” my heart and mind was crying out the deepest secrets I was holding back.

“You care only about me, you don’t need anyone else! Ngh!” he was getting rougher, and started to hold me tighter.

“Yes I care only of you! I don’t need my husband! I don’t care about him!!”

“You! Ngh! Are! Ngh! A bad, bad WIFE!!” he could not hold it any longer, and was starting to shoot his load up my ass.

“Yes! YES! I AM!! I AM!! I AM A BAD WIFEE!!! AHHH!!!”

“A-and you a-are a bad m…AHH!!!” before he was able to finish his sentence he started to unload his sperm into my rectum, which sent both him and me into ecstasy.

He tried to hold me tight but even he could not but fall down from exhaustion as he unloaded inside my virgin asshole. My legs curled up together and I fell face down onto my bed, exhausted but still being fuelled with Malik’s sperm and my own orgasm.

Seconds later I felt him fall over me, he as well being exhausted. It was only his dick and my orgasm that went on, and ended only when his cock popped out of my chute hole. His dick still shot a couple of lesser loads when it had left my hole.

My anus started to pump cum out, I could feel I was overfilled, and it just kept falling down onto the sheets. My hole was still gaping for a while until it closed up pressing more of Malik’s sperm out and on to the bed.

I was tired, but I knew I had no time to sleep. I had to get Malik out of the house before my husband came home. But there was just nothing I could do, my eyes just blackened and sleep caught me.


I do not know how long I had slept, but when I awoke up Malik was gone from the bed. I was still soaked in cum and my bed still reeked of it, it wasn’t until I stood up that I realised the mess we had created.

The sheets were soaked in a combination of sperm sweat and essence, a huge load of Malik’s sperm had hit both cushions, and there was not a single place in the room where there didn’t smell. I heard the door of the bathroom open and footsteps coming towards the bedroom, for a second I thought that my husband had come home.

I spent the next week moving the girls and myself to the new house during the day, and implementing some changes at the club at night. The house was even bigger than I had thought, and even after getting everything inside, the place still looked pretty barren.

“Well, John. I truly hope you are happy here. I’d almost say this place was built just for you.” Betty says as she walks through the place. The way she says it seems a little odd to me, but I soon forget it as I watch her ass move in her business skirt. The girls are all in school for the fall semester, and Betty wanted to come by the house to make sure everything was in order.

“It’s perfect,” I tell her, and look up in time not to be caught looking at her ass. By the way she smiles at me, I’m not sure I got away with it: half mischievous, half surprised.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” She asks, her brown eyes sparkling.

YES! My brain yells, but my mouth forms different words. “Not unless you know a really good decorator. We’ve got a lot more room to fill.” Was that a look of disappointment in her eyes? “We are having a housewarming party tonight, and would love for you to come. And bring anyone you’d like.” I tack on as an afterthought. If she didn’t always seem so proper, I’d try to make a move on her. Sometimes it surprises me how far I’ve come from that shy boy that found my sister stripping so many months ago.

“Oh, I’m not attached, if that is what you’re asking.” Okay, this time there is no doubt about the smile in her eyes.

I decide to take a gamble, and step a little closer to her. She is almost as tall as me with her heels on, and her dark ebony skin is smooth in the early afternoon light filtering in through the windows. “No boyfriend, then? Hmm…”

Before I know quite what is happening, Betty has me pressed back against the counter, her large lips mashed to mine. This was NOT the prim and proper woman I had been dealing with for the last week, but I wasn’t about to complain. My arms wound around her frame, and pulled her tighter into me. Our kiss deepened as our bodies pressed hard against each other.

Betty took an unexpected step back, and placed her hand over her not inconsiderable chest. I was left flailing for balance. What happened? Did my breath stink? Did I make some false move?

“I’m sorry John. I’m not usually like this. I don’t just…” she looked up at me, and I saw her eyes dart to the undeniable bulge in my pants, before forcefully being taken back up to my face. “Just… I don’t… Awe, fuck it!” She said in a rush, and threw herself at me, kissing me like a woman starved.

Her attitude had me hornier than I had been in quite some time, as I broke off the kiss to start kissing down her dark neck. She moaned as my lips brushed down her sensitive neck, and one of her hands gripped the hair at the back of my neck. I felt her other hand drop and begin to squeeze my ass. I let my own hands drop to her skirt covered behind, and gave a squeeze of my own. Her ass filled both my hands and then some and I loved the way it felt as I pinched and groped.

“That’s it, baby. Grab my ass. I really shouldn’t be doing this. Oh, I like that! Oh yeah, nibble on my neck! Oh baby, you are gonna have me creaming before I get this skirt off me.” I found the zipper to her skirt, and moments later it was on the floor, soon followed by my own pants. I stepped back as Betty started to undo the buttons on her blouse, admiring how her white garter belt and panties contrasted with her dark chocolate skin. She shrugged her top off, and I stood there admiring her massive tits being held in by thin white lacy fabric that simply didn’t seem up to the task. It, too, soon joined the rest of the clothing on the floor.

Her tits were even bigger than I had thought. They must have been seriously compressed in her bra. I judged them to easily be double D’s if not triple D’s. They sagged on her chest under their immense weight, but they were still firm and round. Her nipples were a deep dark shade of brown, and poking straight out.

My body took over from my stunned mind, and I grabbed her, spinning us and pinning her to the counter. I kissed her madly as I mauled her breasts, pinching her nipples between my fingers. I had to get my lips on these monsters. Breaking the kiss, I pecked my way down her jaw line, licked along her neck, nibbled for a second on her collar bone, and finally reached the top of her firm mounds. I lifted her right nipple up to my mouth, and sucked in as much as would fit between my lips. Her moans echoed through the large kitchen.

My right hand dips down under her white frilly panties and I easily find her swollen clit. I am quite surprised at how wet she already is. Her panties are soaked, and it occurs to me that she must have been leaking from nearly the time she walked through the door.

She shoves me away, and I look up to her in disappointment. What did I do this time? I see her fighting inwardly with herself, and I wonder just what this sexy woman is thinking. Her eyes once again drop to my enraged cock, and I see all doubt fly from her mind. “Come with me,” she moans, and grabs my hand as she runs by, nearly pulling me from my feet. She leads me to my room, and sits me on my futon.

Dropping to her knees, I figure she is about to give me head, but instead she places her voluptuous breasts on both sides of my cock, and then spits on the head. She squeezes her tits around me and begins to bob her chest up and down, spitting occasionally to increase the lubrication. I can’t stop from moaning as her glorious mounds caress my dick, in a brand new sensation. I begin to move my hips, and can occasionally see my head pop out from her tight cleavage.

Betty notices this too, and drops her mouth down to suck in my head each time it pops out. This is starting to get to me. “Betty, I’m coming close…” I warn, and then feel her hand grip the base of my cock as she releases her tits. Her thumb digs into my urethra, blocking off any chance of cumming.

“Not yet, you’re not, Baby. I’m getting this beast inside of me first!” She releases my cock, and quickly hits the levers turning my futon into a bed. I collapse backwards as it falls, and Betty climbs on top of me, still wearing her white panties. Pulling the fabric at her crotch to the side, she grabs my penis and starts to rub my head against her protruding lips. I can’t stop myself from thrusting my hips up as she does this, but each time I only manage to hit her clit, or slide back between her luscious cheeks. “I still can’t believe I’m doing this,” I think I hear her mumble, then without warning, she stops rubbing, and drops onto my lap, sinking my whole length into her in one fell swoop. I groan as I feel her pussy muscles tightly around my shaft, and she screams at the feeling of being filled so fully, so suddenly.

For a couple seconds, she just sits there, not moving except for the occasional shudder. I can’t stop myself from tightening my muscles down there, making my cock twitch inside her. A low moan escapes her lips each time I do, and when she finally looks down at me, I can see the animalistic hunger in her dark brown eyes. “Fuck me.” she demands, and I am all too happy to comply. I start to move my pelvis, grasping her hips while I do. I watch in amazement as she grabs first one tit, then the other, and pulls them into her own mouth, sucking her own nipples, and moaning as she rides atop my deeply penetrating tool.

Soon her actions are frenzied, spurred on when I place my left hand at our juncture and start to press in on her clit… “Oh, baby, that feels good. I can feel you so deep. Mmm, oh, I love it. Yeah, pinch it! Pinch my clit!” She releases both of her nipples, and drops her face to mine, kissing me as I feel her pussy tighten around my cock, and her cream seeps out around it.

I decide that it is about time I finally get to have mine, and I grab her ass, and start slamming into her from underneath. I can tell this is extending her orgasm, and it only takes a couple seconds, before my own is finally upon me. I slip out of her, and keep pumping against her ass cheeks, spraying my sperm onto her rump, back, and my legs. I moan into her mouth, our tongues still entwined as I empty the last of my seed on us.

Betty lifts her head, and looks down at me, then down between us. As if realizing what she has just done, she jumps up and covers herself. Her breasts are too large to cover, however, and end up just spilling over and around her arms. “I am so sorry,” She tells me, her back turned, and shoulders humped. “I would understand if you called my agency to complain, but please don’t. I can’t afford to lose my job. I don’t know what came over me.” The rest of her words are lost, as she buries her face in her hands, and I realize she is crying.

Uncertain how we went from some great sex, to her crying, I am at a loss for words. I try to put my arms around her to comfort her, but she jerks away from me. “Don’t touch me,” she demands. “I practically raped you! I have NEVER been like that before. I just… I just…”

The rest was lost in sobs, and this time she lets me pull her into my arms. Thinking back, she had kinda of raped me, but then again; ‘You can’t rape the willing,’ so the old saying went.

“You didn’t rape me,” I tell her when her sobs lighten enough that I am sure she can hear me. “Believe me, I WANTED to do it. I don’t regret it at all!”

She finally turns to look at me, and I can see hope in her tear stained eyes. “You…” She swallows, trying to work moisture back into her mouth. “You won’t tell?”

I laughed, not in derision, but in joy. “I won’t if you won’t!” I say, giving her my best wink. Her arms flung around me, and hugged me tight, as she kept murmuring into my chest, “Thank you, thank you, thank, you.”

Betty got herself cleaned up with a little help, and soon had her clothes back in order. “Thank you for pulling out,” she says while we are at the door, and I can see that she is back in her prim and proper mode, “I’m not on any contraceptives.”

“Yeah, I don’t need to get another girl pregnant right now,” I say, thinking of Amber. I don’t regret getting one of my girlfriends pregnant, and am actually looking forward to meeting my daughter, but would rather try to plan the next one. “So… You ARE planning on coming to the housewarming party tonight, right?”

I can see her armor crack for just a moment as uncertainty creeps in. “You still want me to?” When I nod the affirmative, the uncertainty turns to relief and joy. I can’t help but smile as I watch her walk to her car. She gave a little shake of her ass as she walks, then turns and smiles as she catches me grinning.

I jump in the shower, deciding that I probably reek of sex. As soon as I get soap on my face, the water suddenly turns off. “What the…?” I say, trying to keep the suds out of my mouth. The curtain rips back, and I realize I am not alone. One of the girls must have come home early from their college courses.

I feel a hand start to play with my cock, and despite only cumming a short while ago, the expert fingers soon have me rigid, as she slides her fingers up and down my rod.

“Guess who I am without looking, and you will get a special treat,” I hear a whisper, and it is just too quiet to make out the voice.

I immediately discount Dixie, as this isn’t something she would normally do. Or is it her, and she is expecting me to discount her?

Whoever it is steps into the tub with me, and I soon feel her warm mouth kissing the head of my tool. The lips part around the tip and with my eyes tightly closed to keep out the soap, the sensation seems to be increased. I can feel every breath, and every light touch as my cock sinks deeper into her mouth, her hand still lightly rubbing up and down my shaft. I moan as I feel her tongue swirl around the sensitive (And even more sensitive now!) rim of the head.

I figure it is not Amber, as she is usually wilder, and this is more teasing. Dixie and Geo are the teasers, liking to lengthen the fun.

Her free hand starts to slide up my chest, and her fingers twirl around my pecks and nipples. None of the girls have ever done this before, and I find it strangely erotic. I hear a muffled moan as my penis slides deeper into her throat. Amber likes to moan when giving me head.

I am completely confused on who it might be. She pulls back, and in that same insufferably quiet whisper asks, “Who am I?”

Thinking hard and fast, I give an answer. “Geo,” I say, hoping and praying I am right, not only for the treat, but not wanting to upset whoever it might be. I figure it has to be her, though. Dixie is too diligent in her classes to come home early, and the touches were just too soft and gentle to be Amber.

“Awe, what gave me away?” I hear the sweet sounds of my sister’s voice. The water turns back on, and I am finally able to rinse the soap from my face.

I open my eyes to see my beautiful, strawberry blonde, green eyed sister, naked in the shower with me.

“I even tried to trick you by moaning the way Amber does when she gives you head.” I can see that she is pouting a little at not winning the game, and I can only smile as I lean forward, and cupping face in my hands, pull her into a kiss. I gently suck her bottom lip into my mouth, and feel her melt as my tongue flicks her upper lips.

I pull away, smiling as I see her discomfort at the kiss ending abruptly. “There is no mistaking my sexy sister,” I lie, and brace myself against the back of the shower as she mauls me, kissing me passionately.

Our tongues wrap around each others as Geo presses her delightful body against mine. Bracing my feet, I place one hand on the back of her head, fingers laced in her hair, and the other slides down to her ass. I note that it is smaller than Betty’s, and can’t help but smile at the comparison. I wouldn’t trade my sister for the world.

Geo moans into our kiss, as I squeeze her rear, and my fingers play with her hair. Her hand slips between us, and she grips my cock, rubbing it as our kiss deepens. The hand on her ass slides around her hip, and towards her front. My fingers soon find her slit, and moments later start to apply pressure to her clit. “Umpf,” she grunts, breaking the kiss. She smiles at me with those dazzling green eyes of hers, and asks, “Are you ready for your treat, little brother?”

Instead of answering, I quickly slide my fingers back, and slip two into her cunny. She moans as I begin to move my fingers faster and faster. “Oh, fuck! I’m supposed to give you the treat, not… Oh, fuck, that feels good!” She says, and I know I am getting her close.

I lean in close to her ear and whisper, “Sis, everything about you is a treat for me.” Then I nibble on her earlobe, and as expected this sends her over the edge, and she cums in my hand. I have to use my spare hand to hold her up as her body convulses, squeezing the two fingers still inside her.

When she finally starts to come down, she looks up at me, and I can see a familiar fire burning behind that look. “You are gonna get your treat, damnit, if I have to force your cock into my ass!”

Now this WAS a treat! She hadn’t let me back there, since the Viagra incident. And while she claimed she had enjoyed it, she also resolutely denied me access again.

Geo quickly squirted some conditioner into her hands, then reaching behind her, shoved first one, then two fingers onto her own anus. I marveled at the show I was getting. A real treat indeed! Geo used her other hand, and started rubbing her clit while she slipped a third finger into her rear.

“Oh, damn, that feels good. Having my brother watch me, while I play with both my holes. Oh, this is turning me on more than I realized. I think I am gonna make myself cum!” My sister’s words send me over the edge of reason, and like a wild animal, I step up to her, and shove my cock as far into her pussy as it would go. She clamps down on me, and I could still see her three fingers frigging her asshole, and could tell that she was still rubbing her clit while I fucked into her from behind, hard and fast. If it hadn’t been for the sex with Betty earlier, I know I would have cum already, so lost in lust was I.

Geo’s pussy relaxed and she pulled forward off of me. “Now, little brother, that wasn’t the hole I had in mind.” She admonished.

With my mind still in its lust filled haze, I only nodded, and stepped forward again, this time aiming for the proffered hole. Geo spread her cheeks for me as I gripped the base of my penis. Between the conditioner she had used, and her own cum on my cock, my head slid right in. Her hands immediately stopped me from going any further though, and I heard a whimper of disappointment that I realized came from me. The haze lifted enough for me to realize that my sister was offering me something special, and that I shouldn’t mistreat it this time.

“Okay,” she told me, after an interminable amount of time had passed, “Just go slow. You’re bigger than I remember back there.”

I grabbed the conditioner bottle, and applied some as I slowly pressed into her. I took my time, though it took almost all of my willpower to do so. The feeling of her sphincter, tightly wound around my prick, and the fact that my sister was willingly giving this to me, was nearly overwhelming.

“I love you, Geo,” I said, unable to hold back the emotion.

“I love you too, John. Now are you going to fuck me with that prick, or stand there all day?”

I looked down to see that I had slid fully into her colon. Smiling, I slowly slid out, till only my head remained in her. Setting down the conditioner bottle, I grabbed onto her hips, and pulled her back towards me. “Mmm, fuck, sis. Your ass is so tight! Thank you for this treat,” I told her as I slowly pulled back out.

“Enough talk. I said fuck me!”

Not wanting to upset Geo, I did as commanded, and slammed my full length back into her. She grunted as my pelvis slapped her ass, but I didn’t let up. Pulling out, and slamming back into her again. I used my hands on her hips to facilitate the movements, slamming into her harder and harder each time. Soon her grunts turned into screams of pleasure.

“Yeah, that’s it little brother! Fuck your sister’s tight ass. Make me cum while you’re sliding that massive dick of yours in me. Oh, Gawd, that feels… Ugh… I’m gonna…” She trailed off, and I gripped her sides, making sure she stayed on her feet, and instead of sliding into her, I began to move her up and down, matching the movements with opposite gyrations of my own.

Her tight hole clamped down on me as we moved, and her upper body shook as she came. When she had recovered, Geo wiggled her ass against me, and almost seemed disappointed. “You haven’t cum yet, little bro? Hmm…” She stands up, but does so in a way that I never leave her. Her ass is pressed to me, and her back arched, as she reaches back and pulls my head to hers. Our lips meet, and I feel her tongue tracing around my lips, as she starts to gyrate her ass against me.

I release her hips, and place one hand on her breast, pinching her nipple, and the other goes to her pussy, rubbing her clit. This new position adds a whole new realm of pleasure, as I feel her colon compressing my member. I stick two fingers into her, and can feel my cock separated by a thin wall.

“Damn, John. Holy, shit that feels good. Keep that up, and you’re gonna have your big sister cumming all over you again.” Her lips press hard to mine, and she moans as our tongues intertwine. My hand is covered in her juices, and this time it is too much for me, as I empty my balls into her sexy rear.

Geo continues the kiss as she pulls away from me, and I can tell this kiss is less passionate, but more loving from its tenderness.

“Thank you John,” she murmurs, when the kiss ends.


PERSONAL NOTE: Damnit! My meeting with the CEO has been postponed till next week. Oh well, the excess baggage will be gone soon enough.



Carol hung up the phone, and heaved a large sigh in relief. Mrs. Julander had agreed to hold off the meeting with Harold for a week, but it had required some fast talking. She was just glad she had been able to break into Harold’s files and see what he’d been planning.

Reading over his notes, she began to see just what a monster the man truly was. She had known that he was using the substance on himself to seduce women, but had had no idea he was doing other human testing outside the company. Where had he gotten the resources to pull off any of this? Digging a little deeper it was easy to find. He had seduced enough rich women with the substance, that he had virtually unlimited funds at his disposal. The man was corrupt beyond measure, and Carol knew she had to stop him.

The big question, however, was ‘how’?

She needed to synthesize her antidote first. If she could get that to Mrs. Julander before her meeting with Harold, then Carol might just be able to keep her job. At first she had thought to present his notes to Mrs. Julander as evidence to what Harold was doing, but there was no way to prove that Carol hadn’t planted the notes after she had hacked his files.

Her phone rang, and she answered it before checking the caller ID, assuming it was Mrs. Julander calling her back.

“Mom?” Carol cursed inwardly, as the sound of her daughter’s voice filled the phone. She knew she had neglected her daughter worse than she had her son over the last while, but didn’t know how she was going to face her daughter. She knew that April and Adam had been sleeping together, had even caught them in the act, but had been so overcome with her own lusts, that she had been unable to stop them. Had, in fact, barely been able to stop herself from joining in on the debauchery. The fact that she had now slept with her son twice didn’t help matters. “Are you there?”

Carol snapped out of her thoughts. “Sorry, April, I’m a little busy now. What did you need?” She knew her voice was a little hard, but she needed to concentrate on her work.

The phone was silent for a moment, and Carol started to get frustrated. Why wouldn’t her daughter just talk, so that she could get back to work?

“I need my mother,” the words finally came, and Carol could tell that they were soaked in tears. She began to berate herself for another reason. Her daughter needed her, and she had been too caught up in her own concerns, to worry about April. Her motherly instincts kicked in, and Carol knew that, while she had a lot of work ahead of her, family still had to come first.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” Carol promised, and then erased all her tracks on the computer. She then uploaded her files to her own personal server. Harold wouldn’t get his hands on more of her research; much less know that she had been spying on him.

Luckily traffic was minimal, and Carol soon found herself outside her daughter’s apartment. The door opened before she had the chance to knock, and she was accosted by the younger woman throwing her arms around Carol. She could feel hot tears through her shirt, as April cried against her chest. What had happened? Had Adam been ignoring her since he had slept with his mother?

She was both angered and pleased at that thought. Angered that her son would treat any woman this way, but pleased that she’d had that kind of effect on her son, then angered at herself for her selfish feelings.

Carol guided her daughter into her apartment, and soon found the couch. She sat them down, and let the younger woman cry for awhile, April’s arms never leaving her.

When the tears had finally stopped, Carol just continued to hold her daughter against her breast for awhile, relishing in this ‘normal’ family behavior.

“What was that about,” she finally asked, almost afraid her daughter had fallen asleep on her.

April’s arms tightened for a moment before she responded. “I just really needed my mother,” she said and looked up. Carol noted how bloodshot her eyes were, and could still see where her tears had left tracks going down her face, but she had to admit she had raised a very beautiful young woman. April smiled up at her, and Carol leaned down to kiss her forehead.

“If you are feeling better, then I really need to get back to work,” she said, trying to stand, but April’s arms only tightened, refusing to let go.

“Stay just a little longer?” Carol sighed at the pleading quality of her daughter’s tone, and resigned herself to staying longer. When April finally released her, and stood, Carol was in for another shock. April was pregnant. She had known that it was likely to happen, but the shock of seeing the small bump on her little girl’s belly still surprised her.

“How far along are you?” Carol asked amazed at how steady her voice sounded.

April blushed, and Carol again thought how cute she was. “A few months, I think. Minnie and I are due about the same time. My emotions have been so crazy lately.”

“Minnie?” Carol had forgotten about April’s roommate. She had assumed that the pretense of Adam dating the other woman had been just that, but now she realized just how naive that was. With Adam’s pheromones, there was no way another woman would be able to resist while he and his sister were around each other. Carol knew immediately that Minnie’s child was his too. She just marveled that April seemed to be okay with sharing her brother. “Is she carrying Adam’s child too?” She asked only to let her daughter know that she knew who the father of her child really was.

April’s eyes grew large at the question, and she tried to stammer a denial, before finally asking, “You know?”

Carol smiled, and nodded her head. “For some time now.”

“And you’re okay with it?” Carol could see the trepidation in her child’s eyes, and hear the quiver in her voice.

She pulled her daughter back into a hug, remembering the day she had caught them at home, making love in her son’s room, while she masturbated outside the door. She could feel herself getting wet at the thought, but tried to push it aside.

She didn’t trust herself to speak, and so contented herself to holding April. She started to rub her daughter’s back lightly, consolingly, wanting April to know that everything would be okay. April began to return the favor, and Carol enjoyed the feeling of the gentle touch. A feeling of loving and contentment washed over her, as she buried her face in April’s hair.

Carol’s hands roamed to further and further places, until she unexpectedly found them caressing April’s ass. April moaned into Carol’s neck, and even felt lips brush the sensitive skin at her collar bone. Carol let out a moan of her own at the touch, and felt fire take hold in its aftermath. “Wha– What are we doing?” She asked in a haze, trying to make sense of the situation. Carol tried to bring her hands around to April’s front in order to push her away, and found she was squeezing April’s ample bosom instead.

“I don’t know,” April replied breathlessly, “but don’t stop. That feels good.”

Carol then realized that her daughter wasn’t wearing a bra, and that she was thumbing her nipples through the thin cloth of her shirt. She looked down, not wanting to believe this was actually happening, and found herself staring into April’s big beautiful eyes. Without knowing why she did it, Carol leaned over, and pressed their lips together. April’s tongue immediately sought entrance into her mouth, and Carol was happy to let it in.

A small voice tried to warn Carol about pheromones, and she even tried to summon up enough anger to fight them off, but April’s hands found her slightly smaller breasts, and she gave in to the seduction.

Carol pulled April back down on the couch, their lips never parting. As she lay back, April followed, and was soon on top, as they kissed frantically.

April lifted her head, and stared into Carol’s eyes. “I can’t believe I am about to do this with my own mom!”

April’s words struck Carol, and she froze. What was she about to do? And with her daughter! A hand pressed firmly against her crotch, and the thoughts changed. I’m about to get off by my own daughter, and am doing nothing for her in return!


PERSONAL NOTE: Perhaps the delay in the meeting with the CEO was a blessing in disguise. Either women are starting to become immune to the effects of the substance, or my current batch is faulty. Will try a different batch tomorrow.



Carol reached down, and began applying her own pressure to April’s groin, eliciting a low moan of pleasure. With her free hand, she reached up behind April’s head, and pulled her back down into a kiss. April’s hands moved to the hem of her mother’s shirt, and started tugging it up. Carol broke the kiss long enough to help, and then removed her bra.

“Damn!” April announced on seeing her mother’s chest. She had always wondered what her mother’s tits looked like. While April’s were bigger, Carol’s were soft, and had a wonderful curve to them as they sat on her chest. Unwilling to resist the temptation, she leaned forward, and sucked one of her nipples between her lips. Carol groaned in delight, and then put her hands back against her daughter’s covered pussy.

Carol’s tit hardened nicely in her mouth, as April worked it with her tongue, occasionally nibbling it to the sound of squeals from her horny mother. Why hadn’t they done this years before? April had always thought her mother was a beautiful woman, and often thought that it might be her attraction for her mother that had perhaps been at the root of her bi-sexuality.

April started to work on Carol’s pants, pulling them down as far as she could without releasing the nipple, then using her feet to push them the rest of the way off. She slipped her hand under her mother’s panties, and for the first time felt Carol’s soaked pussy. Knowing that it was her mother’s sex she had a hold of sent a shiver down her spine, and increased her own arousal tenfold.

April finally released the turgid nipple, and began kissing her way down Carol’s stomach. She tried to take it slow and teasing, but she wanted to taste this older woman something fierce. When she finally reached the sodden panties, she gave them one light kiss, before pulling them aside, and shoving her tongue in.

“Oh, April!” Carol exclaimed, and using her hands on the back of her daughter’s head, tried to pull her in more. April was more than content to let her, and began to suck hard. She was rewarded with a face full of her mother’s cum, as her legs locked around April’s head, muffling her squeals of bliss.

When the older woman had finally calmed down a little, April pulled back, and took off her shirt. Carol’s arms shot out to April’s sides, and pulled her breasts to her mother’s waiting mouth. Carol was obviously new to sucking on a woman’s nipples, but she knew enough to make April’s pussy gush a little more. While her mother feasted on her chest, April pulled her pants down and off. She then placed her hands on the sides of Carol’s beautiful face, and pulled her away. Her nipple suddenly felt naked, but she had other plans.

“I want you,” she told her mother simply, and Carol merely nodded in submission.

Taking her mother by the hand, April led her back to her own room, and rummaged around in one of her drawers. She had a few toys from before Minnie and her started screwing Adam, and knew just the one she wanted. When she finally found it, she pulled it out, and grinned wickedly at the older woman. It was a strap-on, with a smaller insert for her.

“I’ve never…” Carol said nervously, and April found it endearing.

April gave her a soft peck on the lips. “Don’t worry, mom. Just lay down, and I’ll take care of everything. Carol nodded, and did as she was told, while April strapped the tool on. She slipped the small phallus into her as she did so, and noted that it couldn’t even compare to her brother, but was at least something inside her. There was a small part that pressed against her clit, and it moved while she applied a bit of lube to the rubber dong.

April bent over her mother, and suckled her left nipple into her mouth, as she rubbed the head of the toy against her mother’s labia. Carol hunched her hips against it, demanding its entrance without using words.

April looked up at her mother and smiled. Carol’s eyes were scrunched tightly closed, and pleasure was written all over her face, in the way she sucked in her breath, and how she bit her bottom lip. April was doing this for her mother, and was receiving her own pleasure in that knowledge. “I love you, mom,” she said while releasing the tit and moving her hips forward.

The phallus slid in easily, and April enjoyed watching Carol’s eyes roll back in her head as she mewled in pleasure. April kept moving forward, until their hips met, then stopped.

Carol’s eyes flew open as she looked up at her daughter. April felt hands grab each of her butt cheeks, and try to pull her in further. April pulled back however, only to be forced back by Carol’s demanding hands. Their hips met with a slap, and both women moaned as their respective phalluses moved inside them.

April moved back again, only to once again be brought down into her mother. They started up a rhythm of this, both building up a sweat, until April heard something she didn’t expect.

“Gawd, why can’t this be as big as Adam’s cock?”

April understood immediately what she meant. Adam’s penis was bigger than this toy, which is why Minnie and her hadn’t been using it. Carol must have realized what she’d said, as her eyes grew large, and filled with fear.

“That’s not what I meant,” she tried to protest. “I– I–” April cut her off with a kiss, and began to thrust her hips as hard as she could into her mother. So she was fucking him too, huh? April wondered how many other women her brother was fucking.

April reached down, and filled each of her hands with her mother’s ass, as she kept up her onslaught. She was getting close, more from the friction on her own clit, than the pinky sized rubber inside her, and knew that Carol was too.

Carol came first, and not for the first time April wondered what it would be like to have a real cock and feel a woman cum on it. She followed soon after, as she bent over and kissed her beautiful mother.


PERSONAL NOTE: Same results with new batch. I was actually downright rejected! I couldn’t believe it. As if any woman wouldn’t give her right foot to be with a man of my caliber. I must get to the bottom of this!



Miss Shelly had been frantic all day. She had failed to catch Adam at home yesterday to tell him the good news, and hadn’t yet seen him in the hallways either. She hoped that he was alright, and nothing bad had happened to him. If any of her students had noticed her behavior, they had been wise enough to keep it to themselves.

Her final class couldn’t come quick enough. She had found herself snapping at some students for no reason, only to completely lose track of what another was saying, because she was lost in thoughts and worries over her beloved Adam.

When sixth period had finally ended, Shelly had to seat herself at her desk, in order to wait for him. She wanted to wait out in the hallway, and run to him when she saw him. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, and kiss him fervently. She knew that none of this could happen till after he graduated next week. She needed to keep her job.

She couldn’t stop a small sigh of relief from escaping her when he finally walked in. All her fears were suddenly calmed, as he looked at her and gave her that special smile that she knew was just for her.

A new worry popped into her head though. How would he take her news? He was young, and still had so much of his life ahead of him. Would he welcome their unborn child, or curse her for it? She had thought she had been careful, always taking her birth control pills, but somehow his sperm had still reached her egg.

The bell rang, and the class immediately went silent. Shelly had hoped that Adam would give her some excuse to keep him after class today, but he behaved exceptionally well. She wasn’t even able to create anything as an excuse to keep him after.

Class went by all too fast for her, and before she knew it, the final bell rang, dismissing her students, and her Adam, for the day.

Feeling rejected because he hadn’t even tried to give her an excuse to keep him after school, Shelly slumped behind her desk, and laid her head on the smooth surface.

Why did he treat her this way? Some small part of her knew that her emotions were slightly askew because of the pregnancy and the hormones, but she didn’t much care right now.

“Miss Shelly?” She looked up, unable to hide the hope that suddenly blossomed inside her. Some students were still filing out, and she fought hard to regain control of her facial features. “I was hoping you could help me with today’s lesson. I seem to have a hard time wrapping myself around the body of these paragraphs.” The way he said some of those words sent a bolt of electricity straight through to her aching crotch.

She sat there looking at him for a few seconds, admiring her young lover, before she remembered that she was supposed to speak. “Oh– Of course. Why don’t you show me your… um… Work?” He grinned at her, and it dazzled her heart to see it. He would understand. He was young yes, but he was intelligent, and would love her and their child.

Adam placed his book before her, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away from his face. He started to make up something about what she had tried to teach them about today, but she didn’t hear a word of it.

When the last student finally left, he walked to the door and locked it.

He started to remove his shirt as he walked back, and even though she was sitting, she could already feel herself getting weak in the knees as he did so.

She had to remind herself that there was something she wanted to tell him. Now what was it…? Oh yeah! It was–

His shirt hit the floor.

He wasn’t overly well built, but he was perfect for her. He was strong enough to pick her up, and hold her in his arms.

He was back to her now, a curious look on his face. “Is something wrong? Are you not in the mood?” His questions stung her. How could he think she wasn’t in the mood? She was ravenous; she wanted to feel him in her. She wanted to hold him in her arms, as he filled her full of his seed. His seed!

“I’m pregnant,” the words left her mouth, and for a second she wasn’t sure if she had been the one to say them. Suddenly everything seemed to slow down, as she watched the realization of what she had just said, cross his masculine face.


PERSONAL NOTE: Some personal testing shows that it is actually ME that has become immune to the substance. It no longer bonds with my body chemistry to make the women want me. Somehow my body now rejects it.



“I’m pregnant,” the words seemed to reverberate through his skull. He stood stock still, stunned by the words. Even though his sister and Minnie had delivered the same news to him not so long ago, hearing it again, and from a different source, struck him anew. He still wasn’t sure how he was going to take care of two other babies, and now he had to worry about a third.

For a split second he worried about his mother, but then dismissed it. She had told him she was taking something the morning after that would make sure she didn’t get knocked up. But hadn’t Shelly told him that she was on the pill too? Just like April and Minnie…

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