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My name is John and I live with my stepmother, Tara, and two sisters, Kelly and Jenna. I had a fairly normal family growing up, but that is the boring part of my life. What I want to tell you about is when it got weird.

Some might say that started when my dad left my mother for a woman only five years older than my eldest sister. That did strike us a little funny at first, but we got used to her. She worked very hard at being a part of our family. She got a little strict at times, but I always figured it was just so she could make up for her age when trying to assert her authority as a mother figure.

A couple of years after dad married Tara, he was killed in an accident at work. We had always been well off, but between his life insurance policies and the resulting lawsuit my stepmother filed, we were all quite rich. Well, we would be anyway. All of the money that was left to us kids was tied up in trust funds that none of us could access until Kelly was 21. This story opens when Kelly was 18. So I, at 21, and Jenna at 24, found ourselves in the same boat. We were completely at Tara’s mercy if we didn’t want to find ourselves out on the street and trying to scrape by for years before our money came in. Which none of us foresaw a problem with before that day.

I came home from hanging out with a few friends to find Tara sitting in the front room with a rare but familiar look on her face. That stern look indicated that someone had made her unhappy. Since that look was aimed at me I guessed who that someone was. As my mind raced to figure out if I had forgotten to do something she held a hand up in front of her. Dangling from one extended finger was a pair of panties.

“Do you recognize these?” Tara asked.

“I…um…” I stammered.

I did recognize them. They belonged to Jenna. The last time I had seen them was when I had stuffed them into my desk drawer a week ago. I hadn’t meant to keep them. Not for long anyway. They had ended up in my clothes basket by mistake when Clara, the maid, had brought the laundry up last week.

“I found them in your desk when I was looking for a pen.” Tara explained. “They are Jenna’s, if I am not mistaken?”

“Look, Tara…” I started.

She smiled. “Call me mommy.” She said. “You know it makes me happy when you call me that. Right now seems a good point to try to make me happy, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, mommy.” I said quickly.

Tara walked over to me. “You are going to explain to me what you are doing with these.” She said. I was shocked as she pulled the waistband of my pants out slightly, shoving the panties inside. “But not yet. I will give you time to figure out what you are going to say. Follow me.”

I don’t know if she intended to pull my underwear forward as well when she did that, but it was an interesting feeling as the soft cotton of the bunched up panties rubbed my cock as I walked. Soon we both stood in the master bathroom.

“Since you seem to have no consideration for the privacy of others, I am going to see how you feel when the tables are turned.” Tara said. “Strip. I am going to watch you shower.”

“What?” I asked, shocked. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I am quite serious.” Tara responded. “I already had Clara pack your bags for you. In case you weren’t going to be allowed to stay. Your choice. In the shower or out the door?”

The look on Tara’s face was very serious. I thought she might actually kick me out. Still, I had to try.

“Look, Tara, it isn’t what it looks like.” I said.

Tara picked a video camera up off the shelf and pointed it at me. “All I want to hear from you is, ‘I am doing this for you, mommy’ and then see you naked in that shower.” She said before pressing record.

The stern look she had given me should have been enough to convince me that she would follow through with her threat. The lustful look I saw now sealed it, though.

Taking a deep breath I decided it was best to just get this over with. “I am doing this for you, mommy.” I said.

I took my shirt off and tossed it on the floor. Then I slipped my shoes and socks off. Looking pleadingly once more to Tara I saw her biting her lip and knew no pardon was coming. Turning my back I unbuttoned my pants.

“Oh, no, little man. You’re going to have to face me for this part.” Tara admonished.

Blushing, I turned to face her. I slid my pants down and kicked them aside. Then with a nod from her it was the no turning back moment. She licked her lips as I hooked my thumbs inside the waistband of my boxers and slid them down. I watched as the waistband cleared my cock and Jenna’s panties bounced out to the floor.

Tara laughed. “Oh what would Jenna think if she saw this video and saw her panties come flying out of your shorts?” She asked.

I felt my face grow warmer as all of the blood in my body seemed to rush to it. I instinctively covered myself with my hands as I imagined my sister seeing me like this.

“Hands on your head, little man.” Tara said. “I want to get all of you in frame.”

Slowly I raised my hands to my head and watched as Tara directed the camera at my crotch.

“Well that is a little disappointing.” Tara pouted, humiliating me more. “I hope he is more impressive when he is standing. Kick your shorts aside and into the shower with you.”

The shower was enormous. It was large enough for several people to stand in, with multiple shower heads. It had glass doors that could be closed for some measure of privacy as they fogged up, but it was large enough that they didn’t have to be closed to keep from getting water all over the bathroom. This appeared to have crossed Tara’s mind too.

“Leave the door open, and face me as much as practical.” Tara said. “I don’t want to miss anything.”

Defiantly I stared into the camera and began lathering up my hands and washing my arms. I attempted to be detached. She had already seen everything anyway, so no sense in giving her the satisfaction of seeing me squirm.

The shower had low shelves in the wall, the purpose of which I am uncertain of but I placed one foot on one of them to steady myself as I washed one leg and then the other.

“So boring and clinical.” Tara complained. “Lather up your hands again and put your left foot back up so I can see your ass.”

I blushed again as the detachment was broken with her speaking. I did precisely what she said, since she held all of the power in this situation.

“Now take your middle finger and work it as far up your ass as you can.” Tara instructed.

“What?” I asked, certain I couldn’t have heard that right.

“Your bags are still packed, buster.” Tara said sternly. “Do you want to rephrase your response?”

“Yes, mommy.” I replied, dejected.

I slowly and gently worked my finger into my ass. It felt weird but not completely unpleasant. Other than the fact that my stepmother was right there with a camera.

“Work it in and out.” Tara instructed. “If I find myself masturbating to this later I may find you fucking your own ass kinda hot.”

I was shocked by this comment. As I worked my finger in and out I found myself imagining her playing with herself. The thought was kind of arousing.

“Well look at that. Who would have thought you would get off on playing with your ass?” Tara said.

I was mortified by the suggestion that this is what had turned me on, but what could I say? That it was her that was turning me on? I would be out on my ass in a heartbeat.

“Okay, stop with the butt stuff.” Tara directed. “Face me, and was your…boy parts. Slowly. Until I tell you to stop.”

I faced her and began washing myself. It was humiliating to be standing a few feet from my stepmother, slowly stroking my erection as she watched me with lips parted.

As I continued stroking myself my body began twitching, all of my muscles seemed to want to force the pace to quicken as the orgasm built. As my breathing got shallower and I thought ejaculating inevitable, Tara interrupted me.

“Yep. I think it is clean. Rinse off and wash your hair.” She said.

All of my muscles seemed to object to me stopping. The muscles in my ass, abdomen and my cock clenched as if trying to finish the job on their own. They couldn’t, however, and the tension slowly subsided as I began to lather up my hair.

As I rinsed my hair off and opened my eyes I saw the camera was pointed at me from the shelf but Tara wasn’t there. I barely had time to wonder where she had gone, though. The door swung open and Tara walked in, saying, “It is quite the show.”

To my horror she was immediately followed by Clara. I quickly covered my flagging erection with my hands. It was bad enough that Tara saw me like this but now Clara?

“Stop that.” Tara snapped. “She wants to see.”

The slightly uncomfortable look on Clara’s face indicated otherwise, but both of our livelihoods depended on not arguing the point.

“His erection is going away.” Tara said, “but we can get it back. Do you know what seems to turn the little man on?”

“I am sure I have no idea.” Clara replied nervously.

“Playing with his own butt.” Tara said in feigned shock. She turned to me. “Right leg up this time. Get that finger in there good.”

I was on the verge of crying. Clara looked at me as if this was scandalous. Slowly I raised my leg and lathered my hands. I slid the finger in as I was told, wondering why Tara had positioned me so it was less visible.

“Use the other hand and was your junk again.” Tara said. “Slowly like before. And wiggle that finger in your ass. I want you feeling it.”

I watched Clara staring at me in awe as I stood before her, stroking myself with one hand and wriggling a finger in my ass with the other. I would never be able to look her in the eye again.

“You know, with how much he seems to like something in his ass, we may want to consider other things up there.” Tara said. “Just to see how far his interests go. Maybe I will have you look into finding things for him to stick up there.”

“As you wish, ma’ame.” Clara replied.

“Would you like that, little man?” Tara asked.

I honestly wasn’t sure that I would, but I knew what answer she wanted. “Yes, mommy.” I said. “That might be nice.”

“Yes it might.” Tara said. “Would you like to know what else I think would be nice?”

“What’s that, mommy?” I asked, a little breathless as my orgasm approached again.

“If I made you stay naked for a while. Made you wander around naked in front of your sisters.” She said. “Do you think they might like to see you like this?”

“Please,” I moaned, horrified by the suggestion.

“Maybe they might want to help Clara test new things in your ass. Can you imagine them sitting there watching Clara fuck you from behind?”

I could imagine it quite well. In humiliating detail I could imagine their disgust, their laughter as I was abused by the maid. I wanted to shrink away inside myself to a place nobody could see.

But Tara and Clara could see all too well as I reached the point of no return. With one finger in my ass and my stepmother and the maid watching, I came. One spurt after another shot out and hit the floor, each one seeming to take more of my energy.

As my orgasm subsided I sank down along the wall until I was sitting.

“I guess he could.” Tara said with a laugh. “Five minutes, little man. Clara will come get you.”

I just hugged my knees and cried. What had I gotten myself into?

I debated whether or not to put this up here but was encouraged… I had done an audio in response to Playful Little One’s audio she posted on the Lit forums and it got me pretty worked up… Of course then I decided to work myself up even more.

So there really no story here – just me being me. :)


*kisses and hugs*


P.S. Thank you for all the amazing feedback on the Boundary piece… it was a departure for me, but also pushed me creatively and that is always a good thing for me.

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I’ve been a wedding videographer for many years. I have videoed every kind of wedding from the traditional to jumping out of an airplane wearing a helmet camera to record the nuptials of a pair of skydivers. Recently, I received the most unusual request to date.

It was during the prenuptial planning meeting with the happy couple that the request was made. His name was Mack and he was an extremely handsome young man, close to thirty years old. He had buttermilk blonde hair with a deep tan. He wore a blue shirt that matched his blue eyes. His jeans were so tight you could tell he was well hung. He was very photogenic, I thought.

She was even better looking than him, her name was Skylar. She was twenty-three years old with a gorgeous body that she didn’t mind showing off. She was dressed in skin tight black yoga pants which worked a sultry magic on her body, hugging her every curve. She wore a crop top that didn’t cover her midriff. Standing at just five-feet tall and with her narrow waist, her breasts looked humongous. She was one of those little bitty gals, that was all boobs and butt that you could tell just loved to fuck.

I popped up my laptop and played them some samples of my work. I explained that I could video their wedding in one of three styles: traditional, documentary and storytelling. I downplayed the traditional style by explaining that the finished product just wasn’t worth the cost. I joked, “If you want a traditional wedding video then give a camera to your Uncle Lou because mine won’t look any better.”

They both laughed, appreciating my honesty. Skylar subtly touched my bare forearm, sending goose-bumps racing to my elbow. She asked, “What’s the difference between the documentary and storytelling styles?”

Looking into her eyes, took my breath away and I had to clear my throat before I answered, “They are pretty similar, but the story-telling style takes more pre-production work, because it uses a lot of voiceovers from your friends and family. The voiceovers are then edited into the recorded wedding day festivities. It’s the most expensive style.”

“And, the documentary style?” asked Mack.

“With documentary style, the raw footage is edited after it is shot to create continuity. The finished product is a polished documentation of the happy day as it unfolds, most of the work is done post-production. It’s the style I recommend, but it’s up to you. It’s your wedding after all,” I said flashing Skylar my best sales smile.

She touched my arm again, sending another wave of goose-bumps up it. Her brilliant white teeth sparkled in a smile as she asked, “What footage do you shoot?”

“Usually, I shoot some pre-ceremony footage, maybe an interview with the bride and groom’s parents and perhaps the best man and bride’s maid. I can include the rehearsal dinner, if you want, but remember, the more footage I shoot the more I have to edit, adding to the cost of the production. Then of course the wedding ceremony itself followed by the reception up until the groom whisks the bride away for the honeymoon.”

“Have you shot any footage of the honeymoon?”

Chuckling, I said, “No, but I did shoot footage of the bachelor party once. The bride ended up using it in divorce court against the groom two years after the wedding. I guess if you want some footage of the honeymoon, you could shoot that yourselves and I could edit it in to your video when you got back from your trip.”

“I’m not talking about the honeymoon trip. I’m talking about the wedding night, the consummation of the marriage.”

My mouth fell open. I narrowed my eyes to look into Skylar’s face. I wanted to ensure she was serious, she was. None-to-subtly, I said, “I don’t shoot porn.”

Skylar’s eyes flared as she glared at me. A flush of red filled her cheeks as she seethed, “When we have sex, it is not pornography. It’s a beautiful physical act of our love.”

“Come on babe, I told you these wedding guys wouldn’t do stuff like that, we’ll get a video camera and shoot it ourselves,” Mack cut-in, taking Skylar’s hand and gave it a squeeze. He looked directly at me and added, “I’m not comfortable with some stranger watching us do it, anyway.”

Skylar shook her head vigorously, sending her ponytail whipping through the air. “No, I don’t want to do it ourselves, because then it would look like amateur porn. I want a professionally shot and edited video of the consummation of our marriage.”

“Why?” I asked, my eyes avoiding hers.

She folded her arms across her ample bosom and asked, “Do you know of the tradition behind the bridal garter?”

I shook my head.

Her eyes fixed on me and with a steady voice she explained, “In olden times, at least two people, usually more, would adjourn from the wedding reception with the newlyweds to the bed chamber and witness the consummation of the marriage. After the fact, each of the bride’s garters were given to the newlyweds families, as proof that marriage was consummated and that their families were indeed united.”

“Wow,” I said then asked, “So you want a video to be your witness for your families?”

“No silly, that’s more than a bit perverse by the way. I simply want a record of the physical love we have for each other. I mean look at Mack, he’s a fine figure of a man, but in thirty years he’s going to be bald and have a potbelly.”

“Hey…” objected Mack.

“Look at my breasts,” Skylar cupped both her breasts with her hands and my breath caught in my throat. She continued, “Their perfect 36Cs and in thirty years after I have nursed a couple of kids, they’re going to be drooping down to my knees. I want to be able to look at that video thirty years from now and remember that when our bodies were young our love held a fiery passion. And, I hope it will still be glowing then.”

Nodding my head, I said, “That is romantic. Maybe, I could edit in the footage you and Mack shoot of your wedding night yourselves. How would that be?”

“Unacceptable. Neither of us knows anything about shooting a video. Sure we could get set a couple of cameras, but it would still look like…what did you say? Oh yeah, it would look like Uncle Lou shot it and would be a waste of money.”

Chuckling, I conceded her point, “I guess I could video your wedding night, if you really want me too. But, please understand, I’m not comfortable with being a voyeur, so I’ll factor that into the price.”

“I’m not at all comfortable, having sex in front of a stranger,” protested Mack, clenching his jaw.

Skylar’s eyes narrowed as she turned to her fiancé. “You already agreed to this…”

“I didn’t think you could find a videographer that would actually agree to do it.”

Their conversation quickly escalated into a full-blown verbal brawl. I excused myself to go to the restroom. In the hallway, I noticed a security camera keeping sentinel. Returning, I interrupted the dueling duo saying, “I have an idea. I can set up remote cameras…”

Skylar shook her head and sniveled, “It will look like cheap porn…”

“No, it won’t. They will be remote cameras, just like security cameras that I can control from another room. I can set up multiple cameras from multiple angles that will give me plenty of footage to edit together. I’m sure I could produce a finished product you will like, if not the whole job will be free.”

Mack perked up, “Free?”

“The whole package free, the ceremony, the editing, all of it free. If Skylar isn’t happy with the way the consummation is presented on the video then it will be free.”

Skylar pulled my face down to hers and kissed my cheek, her warm breath on my skin made my cock grow hard. Her smile was contagious. She sighed, “Deal.”

As I gathered up my laptop and the freshly signed service contract, I watched the pair leave, paying particular attention to Skylar. With a mischievous smile, she glanced over her shoulder and caught me ogling the undulating globes of her ass in the tight yoga pants.

Stopping and turning around, she gave me a full-frontal view of the scrumptious camel-toe the stretchy pants had created. Realizing, I had been busted I swallowed audibly. She giggled out loud, as my lust-filled eyes drank in the contours of her outlined cunt. Teasing, she said, “In a month’s time you’ll get to see it, bare.”

With my heart racing like it might burst from my chest, I watched her snag her fiancé’s arm and lead him out the door, putting a little extra swing into her step as she left. My cock hardened in a natural response to the wanton wiggle of her buttocks. I chuckled and said aloud, “And, I look forward to seeing it bare, too.”

Later, that night as I slept spooning with my wife, Skylar visited me in my dreams. From the recesses of my mind I found myself sitting in a fitting room at a bridal shop. Suddenly, the curtain of changing stall ripped open and Skylar sauntered out saying, “I’m so glad you’re here. I want your opinion concerning what lingerie I should wear for the consummation. What do you think of this nightie?”

Sucking in a quick breath, I stammered, “Very nice.”

“I was hoping for naughty,” she said with a laugh. Slowly she spun around modeling the sheer white baby doll negligée. The transparent garment revealed that her humongous pale breasts contrasted nicely with her dark sun kissed body. In the center of her areolas, her nipples stood rigid and tented the nightie’s translucent material. Her white thong and bare butt cheeks were also clearly visible beneath the flimsy material. Sighing she said, “I guess this one won’t do.”

The sheerness of the nightie allowed me to watch the rise and fall of each of her buttocks and the sideways sway of her hips, as she returned to the changing stall. She looked over her shoulder at me with a flirtatious grin, my cock got rock hard. The curtain made a zipping sound as she closed it.

I caught a glimpse of Skylar smiling at me in the mirror. With a slow disbelieving shake of my head, I realized, she had left the curtain ajar on purpose. Winking at me, she shimmied out her thong. Momentarily, she stood in front of the mirror to give me a full frontal view of her nakedness before she tried on the next bit of lingerie. I squirmed in my chair and crossed my legs over my hard-on.

Skylar slipped her legs into a white teddy and pulled it up her body, I loved the way the lace snuggly hugged her torso. There was a heart shaped hole from her naval to just under her bust which allowed me a peek at her taut tummy. She placed each of her ample breasts into the white lace cups of the teddy. Her nipples seemed to harden that much more with the material’s lacey embrace. She adjusted the G-string rear of the teddy, so the flimsy material rested snuggly in the crevice of her ass. Satisfied, she pulled up a pair of sheer white thigh-high stockings then slipped into a pair of white high-heeled shoes.

Pulling back the curtain of the changing stall, Skylar emerged and gracefully spun in front of me. She enhanced her seductive look, by sliding a strap of her teddy down to her biceps. That side of the garment fell down, to give me a tasteful glimpse of her areola and exposed her hard nipple. She posed her hand on her tummy below her naval in such a way as to call attention to her simmering snatch barely concealed by the lacey material. She asked, “What do you think of this one?”

“It looks real nice on you,” I voiced my approval. I smiled at her like a kid at the circus.

Stepping back into the changing stall, she winked at me and completely closed the curtain this time. Being sexy comes from a confident attitude as much as it does from looks and Skylar definitely had plenty of both.

The curtain ripped back and Skylar’s attire literally took my breath away. She was wearing a white under-bust corset that left her breasts bare. They looked heavy and full. Her hard nipples begged to be sucked. She wore white sheer thigh-high stockings atop white high-heeled pumps. She wore no panties and her vulva glistened with anticipation. Her pussy was perfectly framed between the corset and stockings. Her strip of pubs seemed to point the way to her pleasure pit like a neon sign at a roadside diner. With a silky slutty voice she asked, “Do you like my outfit?”

I couldn’t find my voice and just nodded with wide eyes.

Skylar moved steadily towards me, her hips swayed seductively from side to side. Her breasts bounced with each swing of her hips. She stopped in front of me and handed me a string of white pearls. With a quivering voice, she said, “I want to wear these on my wedding night, but I need you to put them on me.”

I took the string of pearls from her. I found out they were actually a pair of nipple clamps connected to each other by the string of white pearls. Nodding I asked, “Are you sure?”

She looked at the clamps, across her beautiful face a bright flush raced like a fever. Her expression was clouded with unease, but she nodded in the affirmative.

I gently squeezed each of her firm breasts before lowering my mouth to her nipples. I lightly bit and sucked each of her nipples until they were hard enough to cut glass. I knew her pussy was drenched with desire. The scent of her sex permeated the fitting room. I opened the clamps and clipped them to both of Skylar’s nipples at the same time.

She emitted a low groan of pleasure that rose steadily into a scream of agony. “Ouchhhh!”

A stab of pain erupted in my belly. Another shot of pain quickly followed the first, as I woke from sleep. My wife’s elbow made sharp contact with my gut for a third time. I sat up rubbing my mid-section and glared at my wife. I snapped, “What the fuck?”

“What’s wrong with you?” she snapped back. She had sat up too and was vigorously rubbing her breasts. Her brazen expression of pain and outrage trumped mine and I wilted beneath her harsh gaze. She continued to massage the pain from her breasts and huffed, “You were pinching my nipples like a vice. What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m so sorry, dear. You have such beautiful breasts, I guess I just can’t resist them, even in my sleep.”

“More like you were dreaming of some big breasted, bimbo bride,” she scoffed. Then she punched her pillow a couple of times before laying back down. “Keep your hands to yourself, asshole.”

I lie down and quickly fell asleep again. I was able to pick up my dream right where I had left off. Like a desert mirage, Skylar shimmered into view from the depths of my imagination. My eyes lingered on her huge breasts, taking note that her rigid nipples had been ravished by the alligator clamps. The string of pearls connecting the clamps danced through the valley of her cleavage with each hot breath she panted.

With a pouty voice, she said, “I know you want relief, but I can’t be unfaithful to Mack. But, since an ex-president declared that oral sex wasn’t really sex, I guess I can give you a blow-job and still remain faithful to Mack.”

Dropping to her knees in front of me, she unzipped my shorts and my cock sprang out like a horse bolting from a barn. Pre-cum drooled from its tip. I could actually see the big blue vein on top, dancing as blood surged through it.

“Your cock is so hard,” Skylar said and watched it sway for a moment. Her eyes shifted to mine as her hand steadied my cock. She kissed my bulbous head without taking her eyes off mine. Her eyes laughingly glimmered with naughtiness, as she licked the underside of my shaft. Her hand shifted to my balls and she gently squeezed them. She engulfed both of my bloated balls into her mouth. The suction she produced on them would have put a vacuum cleaner to shame.

I curled my toes to keep from cumming. I babbled, “Oh my.”

She spat my balls out and licked back up the length of my cock to its head. Grapping my cock again, she tantalizingly darted her tongue into my piss slit. Now, she had me standing on my tip-toes.

My cock disappeared into her mouth and she began to suckle. My mind was overloaded with gratification as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock, while rolling my balls in her hand. Signaling I was close to climax, my cock twitched.

Suddenly, Skylar jammed her finger up my ass and spunk gushed out of my cock like a fire hose. She didn’t even try to catch my cum in her mouth, she just let it wash over her face and drip down to her tits.

I bellowed like bull and struggled to stay conscious as white light tore through my brain. When I finished spewing, I looked down at Skylar gasping for air.

She rested on her bottom and looked up at me. One of her eyes was completely closed, her eye-lashes glued together by cum. Her face and tits were quite literally covered with my cum. She smiled up at me and said, “Feel better now.”

It was the most erotic thing I had ever envisioned, but my gratification was short-lived. My wife shook me awake.

“What the fuck?” she seethed. Waving her palm in front of me, I saw that it was smeared with a white gooey substance.

I shrugged and asked, “What’s that?”

My wife pointed at my boxers. Somehow during the night my cock had worked its way out of my underwear. My cock was still hard and cum dripped from its mushroomed head. My look of astonishment contrasted with wife’s look of outrage.

“You had a wet dream, what are you thirteen?” she ranted pulling her nightie off. The back of it was smeared with my spent seed. She glared at me and harangued, “You cummed all over me.”

As my wife stomped off to the shower, I lay back on my pillow and recalled my dream. I sighed with a deep satisfaction, “Skylar, I imagine you are a beautiful cocksucker.”

Over the next few weeks, I found myself thinking more and more of Skylar and Mack while, I videoed and edited other people’s weddings. As I planned the consummation shoot, I realized I needed to inspect the bridal suite to figure out the correct lighting scheme and camera placement.

I made arrangements with the hotel to check out the room. I stood before the huge king-size bed reeling in my tape measure and scribbled the measurement down on my pad. I examined the bed. It had a luxurious pillow-top mattress with plush bedding and lines. Closing my eyes, I imagined Mack’s chiseled body lying nude upon it.

His cock was hard and so large it nearly touched his navel, I surmised it would give his new bride a lot of pleasure. Seeing his wife emerge from the bathroom in her bridal lingerie, he hoarsely choked, “You look so beautiful, babe.”

Skylar was wearing an extremely erotic and elegant body-stocking. It was made from a soft white transparent fabric that exquisitely exposed her feminine form. The shear white garment revealed her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were hard and tented the translucent material. The bodysuit was crotchless, divulging that her pussy lips were enflamed with excitement and glistened with anticipation. To accentuate her outfit, she wore a sheer white wedding veil that hung below her very sexy butt.

My cock was so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. I could hear my pulse in my ears and actually feel it pounding in my cock. My mouth was dry and I was panting.

Skylar climbed onto the bed and took her groom’s colossal cock firmly in her hand. Studying it for a moment, she kissed its huge head before twirling her tongue around it, lapping up its seepage. She licked the underside of Mack’s massive manhood like a lollipop while gently squeezing his bloated balls. Her new husband moaned his joy.

My face flushed with envy. I had imagined what a great cocksucker Skylar would be and I blushed with very real jealousy. I clinched my teeth and said, “Lucky fucker.”

The vocalized pleasure of her husband seemed to motivate Skylar. She looked ready to fuck. She spat out his cock and it slapped his belly with an audible smack. Swinging her leg over Mack, she straddled him backwards in the reverse cowboy position. She announced watching my reaction, “I want you to have an unobstructed view.”

This is a work of fiction and all of the characters are 18 years of age or older. The main character is Jim, who has chosen to work at a summer camp as a counselor for the very first time. He arrives at camp to discover that his medical clearance form was never completed. In order to stay at the camp, arrangements are made for his camp physical to be done by the medical staff at the camp. The story is deliberately slow-paced and detailed as I try to explore the conversations, observations and feelings of the characters. It has both male and female characters that interact with each other in very intimate ways.

Whether it is good or bad, I look forward to your feedback. The story is presented in 8 parts.

{ P A R T 1 : I N T R O D U C T I O N }

The bus arrived at Camp Winee-Winee almost 20 minutes ago, but for some reason I was just now reaching the front of the registration line. The bus was full of young adults like me who volunteered to be camp counselors for the summer. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. Sure, I’ve been to camp before — but even that seemed like ages ago back when I was in junior high. But this time it would be different. I figured that since I just turned 18, it might be fun to be a camp counselor rather than just another camper. Who knows, I might be able to help some impressionable young camper work through their life problems. I could share my vast experience with them. Yeah, right. Or, if I was really lucky, I might actually hook up with one of the hot female counselors that I saw on the bus. Maybe even that cute redhead that I saw. She looked like she was maybe a year or two older than me, maybe 20 at the most. I think I would do anything to hook up with her. That would really be awesome.

“Hi, welcome to Camp Winee-Winee,” said the cute brunette girl sitting at the table. “Can I have your name please?”

“Sure,” I answered, “It’s Jim — Jim Johnson.”

“Great, I have you right here on my list, Jim,” she said. “This is your first time with us as a counselor, is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Well, we’re glad you decided to join us this summer. It looks like most of the paperwork that you sent us seems to be in order,” she continued, “but I do see a note next to your name indicating that we don’t have your medical clearance form.”

“Oh, I guess I missed that form. I downloaded and completed all of the forms that I saw on your web site,” I replied. “Is that a problem?”

“Well, yes and no,” she said. “Yes, it’s a problem if you don’t get it completed, since legally we can’t allow you to be a counselor without it. There are insurance and liability issues, I’m sure you understand. And the campers arrive tomorrow morning, so timing is obviously a big problem.”

It was obvious that she could see the disappointment on my face. Was she going to force me to get on the next bus out of here and leave?

“But all is not lost,” she continued, “because, as you might expect, we do have some basic medical facilities here. Our camp clinic is run by a licensed doctor along with a couple of medical assistants. So we should be able to get you squared away yet today.”

“That would be fantastic if you could do that,” I replied.

“Not a problem at all. We prefer that our counselors take care of this before they arrive, but trust me, you won’t be the only one who didn’t get the clearance form signed. We always have a couple of folks who need to get it done here. It’s not really that big of a deal.”

After completing the remainder of my registration, she used her cell phone to call the camp clinic and confirm a time for me to arrive. She then handed me a small slip of paper to remind me of my appointment. It simply said “Confirmed clinic appointment for Jim Johnson at 4pm today. Needs medical clearance form completed.”

It was now just past 10am, so I gathered my belongings, and headed in the direction of my assigned cabin.

{ P A R T 2 : T H E * S E T U P }

I looked at my watch and saw that it was exactly 3:50 when I arrived at the camp clinic. It’s just a small wooden cabin nestled among the trees, just like every other building here at the camp. The only distinguishing feature is the large wooden block sign hanging above the doorway that says “Clinic”. The door to the clinic is propped wide open so I walk right in.

As I enter the cabin, I immediately see her, the cute redheaded girl from the bus. She has her back to me and it looks like she is restocking a storage cabinet with supplies. She’s wearing dark blue shorts and a gold polo shirt — the official camp uniform. She obviously didn’t hear me enter, so I clear my throat to get her attention.

“Oh, hello, I didn’t hear you come in,” she says with a smile as she turns around to greet me.

“Hi,” I say in return, “I didn’t mean to sneak up on you, but the door was open.”

“No, problem, I opened it to air the place out. This cabin certainly needed a little fresh air,” she replies. “Weren’t we on the same bus this morning?”

“Now that you mention it I think we were,” I answer. Of course we were on the same bus, I think to myself. How could I possibly forget someone that looks as cute as you? She probably recognized me since I didn’t change into my camp uniform yet. I’m still wearing the same khaki shorts and off-white T-shirt that I wore this morning.

“I’m Jim by the way — Jim Johnson. I’m a new counselor this year.”

“It’s nice to meet you Jim Johnson, I’m Stacy Reed,” she replies. “What brings you to the clinic? You didn’t hurt yourself already, did you?” As she’s speaking she gives me the once over, obviously looking for signs of an injury.

“No, I’m fine. But at the registration table they said that I didn’t turn in my medical clearance form and that it has to be completed right away. They called the clinic to setup an appointment for me today at 4.” As I’m talking, I hand her the piece of paper with my appointment confirmation.

“Let me check our appointment book,” she says after looking at my paper. “Sure enough, here you are, Jim Johnson medical clearance at 4, just like you said. I guess Jennifer, the other medical student took that call since I didn’t know anything about it.”

“So, you’re a medical student?” I ask.

“Sure am,” she replies, “I’m studying to be a nurse right now, and after that I will probably move into a nurse practitioner program. As I said, we have another medical student working here too, her name is Jennifer. She’s in a meeting with the camp administrators until 6. And then we have one doctor, his name is Doctor Simmons. Or, at least we’re supposed to have a doctor. He called earlier and said that he would be delayed in getting here today. He said it might not be until 9 or 10 tonight before he arrives. But as long as he’s here before the campers arrive tomorrow, we should be OK.”

“Well, if the doctor isn’t here, how am I supposed to get my clearance?” I asked. It seemed like a reasonable question at the time, especially considering that someone made a 4pm appointment for me and the doctor isn’t here.

“I guess it falls on me to take care of that for you,” she answered with a grin.

“You can do that, even though you’re not a doctor?”

“Well, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure if I can. I mean, let me find the right form first and then we’ll see if it’s something that I can just sign or if more is required. You said you’re a counselor, right?”

“That’s right, does it matter?”

“Oh yes, there are different forms depending on what job you’re doing,” she replied. “And of course there are separate male and female forms too, but I obviously know which one of those you need.”

She immediately walked behind the desk and starting rummaging through a file cabinet, looking for the clearance forms. While she was looking for the form, I took the opportunity to look around the cabin. The entirety of the cabin was a fairly large single room. They had a desk and some other office furniture in the area where we were standing, and a couple of small beds along one of the other walls. The remainder of the room was an examination area with a set of weights, a small rolling stool, and a counter top with various medical equipment and supplies on it. And of course, an exam table. There was a small free-standing divider setup right next to the doorway, but other than that, there were really no accommodations for privacy at all.

“Got it,” she shouted, “I found the camp counselor’s medical clearance forms. Now, let me have a quick look at the instructions and get familiar with this form.”

“But aren’t you already familiar with this form?” I ask. “I mean, didn’t you have to get a similar clearance form signed for yourself?”

“Actually, no. For medical personnel like me they just require proof of immunizations from your own doctor. We don’t have to do the same strenuous activities as you counselors, so our form is different. Like I said, there are several different kinds of forms and I’ve never personally seen this one before.”

I moved closer to her as she begins to read the form, allowing me to read it at the same time. I was hoping that it would be a simple form with just a couple of basic questions, like “is the subject alive and breathing?” But it looked like the kind of sports physical form that I might have seen when I played sports in high school, and a fairly in-depth one at that. Scanning the list of systems to check, I saw that the form listed familiar areas like eyes, ears, heart, lungs and abdomen. It also listed musculoskeletal as a category. None of that worried me, it just meant that she would probably do a very cursory exam before signing the form. But what worried me were these words on the form: male genitourinary, hernia, testes, anus, rectum, hemorrhoids and prostate! Those are all very scary words to an 18 year old male. Very scary indeed.

“It does look like they require a basic exam,” she said.

“Yeah, it does look that way,” I replied. Actually, I thought to myself that it looked a little more than just a basic exam to me. “But I’m obviously healthy, so I’m assuming you can skip most of that stuff and just sign the form for me, right?”

“No, I’m pretty sure I can’t do that,” she replied. “This is my first year working at the camp, and I certainly don’t know all of their rules yet, but I’m quite sure I’m not allowed to just sign the form without some kind of exam.”

“But you said you were still a medical student, do you know how to do the exam?”

“Sure, I’ve had my physical assessment classes already, I got an A in them. So I should be able to handle this. And as long as I take care of the exam, the doctor can just rubber stamp his signature on the form. But you will be my very first real patient, I hope you don’t mind that.”

I paused for a brief moment to consider my options. Since I really needed to get this done, I decided to go ahead and have her do the exam. And if someone has to do this exam, I’d rather it be a cutie like her than some old guy. Maybe she’ll just do the basic parts of the exam and skip all of the embarrassing stuff.

“Well, it seems that I really don’t have a choice,” I answered, “so OK, let’s get this done.”

Just then another guy entered the clinic. He looked like he was about my age and was wearing jeans and a red T-shirt.

“Hi, I hope I’m in the right place,” he announced, “I just arrived at camp about an hour ago and was told to come to the clinic at 4 today. They said I need to get some kind of counselor’s clearance form signed by you. They gave me this paper.” As he spoke he handed Stacy the paper with his appointment information. Stacy took a look at it and immediately had a puzzled look on her face.

“Well, this is the clinic, so you’re in the right place. But there must be a mistake,” answered Stacy, “because I just checked the schedule and the only person on it for 4pm is Jim here. We were just about to start his exam. What’s your name? Let me check the list to see if you’re scheduled for a different time.”

“Sure, it’s Chris Duncan, they said my appointment was at 4.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Chris, I’m Stacy Reed, one of the medical students working here at the clinic. Oh, and this is Jim Johnson, he’s another new counselor.”

Chris and I exchanged a friendly handshake while Stacy checked the appointment book one more time.

“No, Chris, I’m sorry, I don’t see you on the list at all. The registration desk must have made a mistake.”

“Well, they made it very clear that I have to get this done right away,” he said, “Otherwise I’m on the next bus out of here tonight.”

“As I said,” said Stacy, “I was just about to complete the same clearance form for Jim here, so could you come back at 5pm?”

“No, I can’t do that,” he replied, “There’s a new counselor’s orientation meeting at 5 which I can’t possibly miss.”

“Yeah, I’m in that same meeting at 5,” I said.

The conversation paused for a brief moment while we all simply starred at each other, wondering what we could possibly do.

“Well then, I suppose the only solution is to try to do both of you boys at the same time,” announced Stacy. “That’s the only way I could possibly get both of you out of here before 5.”

“Yeah, sure, I’m OK with that, as long as Jim doesn’t mind,” said Chris.

I wondered if Chris had any idea what he was agreeing to do. Did he have any idea what was on the clearance form or that he was volunteering to have his physical exam done in front of me? Or did he even know that an exam was required? He was probably like me and didn’t have a clue about this form or what was required to complete it. He probably figured that she would just take a basic look at him and then sign the form. Did he realize that there are some really embarrassing things on that exam form? More importantly, I had to quickly decide whether I wanted my physical done, maybe including those embarrassing parts, in front of this other guy. It was bad enough having it done in the first place, but I wasn’t keen on having an audience.

“Well, Jim,” said Stacy as she turned toward me, “you were here first so I’ll leave it up to you. But keep in mind that although I’ll try to take a few shortcuts and skip a few things, I am required to check all of the major systems listed on the form — for both of you. But it is your decision.” Stacy smiled at me as she spoke.

I looked at Chris and noticed that he had a puzzled look on his face, as if he was wondering what parts of the exam Stacy was referring to. Moreover, he suddenly had a look of fear and dread on his face, as if he just realized that he might have agreed to this exam too quickly. Only now was he beginning to realize that the exam might be more than he expected and that it might include parts that are better done in private. I got the feeling that he was now looking for a way to back out. But he couldn’t back out now without looking like a total pussy! He had already hastily agreed.

As I looked at Stacy smiling at me, and then over at Chris, I realized that it might be fun to embarrass this guy. I don’t know exactly why I felt that way, but it seemed that this was an opportunity to maybe have a little fun at his expense. Maybe I just wanted to see his reaction as the exam progressed, to see just how embarrassed he’d get. Maybe it was the way he jumped at the exam before he really thought it through. Shit, it will be embarrassing for me too, but I don’t feel like I have anything to hide. At least I’ve seen the form. I know there are embarrassing parts. This guy has no clue what he’s in for. It might just be fun to watch. And Stacy is going to do my exam either way. Maybe she likes the strong, confident type of guy. Doing this would certainly prove to her that I’m all that.

“I’m alright with it,” I answer.

“OK, then let’s get started,” says Stacy, “we don’t have any time to waste.”

She retrieved a second copy of the counselor’s medical clearance form from the file cabinet and handed a copy to each of us. After instructing Chris and I to fill out the top portion of the form with our name and address, she walks toward the cabin door. She hangs a sign on the door that says “Busy with patient — do not disturb” and then closes the door without locking it.

{ P A R T 3 : T H E * P R E L I M I N A R I E S }

“Follow me over here gentlemen,” Stacy says as she walks toward the exam table. Chris and I both follow her and stand next to the table.

“I guess we’ll do this alphabetically, so since Duncan comes before Johnson, that make you first, Chris. Go ahead and hop up on the table for me.”

Chris climbs aboard the exam table and takes a seat. We’re both still fully clothed at this point, but knowing what’s on the exam form, I doubt that will last the entire exam. I’m standing just a couple of feet away from the right side of the table.

Without saying a word, Stacy retrieves a blood pressure cuff and her stethoscope and prepares to check Chris’ pressure. She places the stethoscope in her ears, wraps the cuff around his left arm and begins to pump it up. With the bell of the stethoscope pressed firmly into the bare skin of Chris’ arm, she records his pressure reading in no time at all.

“Your pressure is good, Chris,” she says.

While she’s checking his pressure, I begin to slowly back away from the exam table. I’m feeling like I’m almost hovering over the table and standing a little too close.

“Don’t wander off, Jim” Stacy says to me after removing the stethoscope from her ears. “I’m going to have you swap places with Chris in just a couple of minutes. I won’t make you wait through his entire exam. I don’t want either of you boys to get bored.”

As requested, I move back to where I was standing just a few feet away from the exam table.

She now places the probe of an electronic thermometer in Chris’ mouth. As she waits for it to record his temperature, she holds his left wrist and records his pulse rate. After a few seconds, the thermometer beeps and she records the results.

“Normal temperature,” she says, “that’s good. Now, I’m going to do some basic neurological tests. Follow my finger with your eyes — don’t move your head.” She holds her index finger in front of Chris and moves it from side to side, up and down — watching as Chris’ eyes follow it without hesitation.

“Now, squeeze my fingers,” she says as she holds out both hands in front of him. “Good, no problem there.” She briefly pauses to look at the instructions on Chris’ form. “I’m going to skip the ears, nose and throat since you boys don’t have any symptoms of an illness right now. I want to make sure we have time to check more important things.”

“Can you take off your shirt please, Chris?” she orders.

Chris pulls off his red T-shirt to reveal an almost hairless chest. He does have a small patch of light brown hair near the top of his chest, and also the hint of a treasure trail leading from his naval downward. He hands the shirt to Stacy who tosses it on a chair that is against the wall.

“Jim, you might as well take off your shirt too,” she orders, “that will save some time.”

It doesn’t seem fair that Chris got to keep his shirt on all this time and now I’m being told to take it off before my exam even begins. But she’s right, it probably will save time, so I pull it off and toss it on another chair.

Stacy puts her stethoscope in her ears again and approaches Chris.

“I’m going to listen to your heart now, just breath normally.”

She presses the bell against his chest, listening for a few seconds before moving to another position and listening again. She repeats these movements several times. Satisfied that is heart is OK, she now moves on to his lungs.

“Breathe deeply and hold it for me,” she orders as she presses the bell of the instrument against the bare skin of his chest.

Chris’ chest rises and expands as he fills it with air and holds it. Stacy listens for a brief moment before allowing Chris to release the air. She moves the bell to a different position and repeats the request. Without saying a word, she now moves behind Chris and listens to his back as he continues to take deep breaths.

“Good, now just breathe normally,” she says. After listening to his back for a few more moments, Stacy declares that she is done with this part of Chris’ exam.

“Your turn, Jim,” she says to me, “hop on up here and take Chris’ place. I told you I wouldn’t keep you waiting very long.”

Chris dismounts the exam table and I quickly take his place. He stands in roughly the same spot where I was standing just a few feet from the table.

After swapping exam forms, Stacy prepares to conduct the same examination on me. However, before she begins, she cleans the bell of her stethoscope with a small sanitizing wipe. I guess that’s something she was taught to do in nursing school. She begins by placing the blood pressure cuff on my left arm and securely fastening it with the Velcro. I can feel the coldness of the stethoscope as she presses it firmly against the skin of my arm. I now feel the pressure of the cuff as she manually pumps it up.

Once she records my pressure, she releases the cuff and moves on to my temperature and pulse. Just as I saw her do with Chris, she inserts the probe of the thermometer into my mouth and then proceeds to check my pulse. After a few seconds, the thermometer beeps and she records the results.

“So far, so good, Jim,” she says to me, “everything is normal so far.”

She now does the same neurological tests on me that she did on Chris, having me follow her finger with my eyes and then squeezing her fingers with mine.

Since I’m already shirtless, she starts to listen to my heart with her stethoscope without any hesitation or noticeable break in her routine. I feel the coldness of the bell on my chest as she presses it against my skin and silently listens. She then orders me to begin the deep breathing part of the exam so she can listen to my lungs. After a few minutes of that she moves behind me and I feel her press the stethoscope on my back. She asks me to breathe normally as she listens. I look over at Chris and notice that he’s smiling at me. I’m not sure why — maybe he’s just trying to be friendly. Or maybe he’s actually enjoying this. He may feel relieved because he thinks that the exam is almost over. Little does he know that if Stacy follows the exam form, there is much more to this exam.

“OK, Jim, you can get down, it’s Chris’ turn again,” she says.

As I’m getting down from the exam table, I look at Chris’s face and detect his disappointment that the exam isn’t over. Since it’s his turn again, he just realized that there is at least one more round to this exam. I think he honestly thought that it was already done. But it seems that Stacy is about to make the next part of his exam a bit more interesting.

{ P A R T 4 : D O W N * T O * Y O U R * S K I V V I E S }

“Chris, I need your jeans off for this next part,” she declares. “You can slip your shoes off too.”

“I don’t understand,” Chris replied in protest, “I thought we were almost done. I mean, you’ve already checked the most important stuff, right?”

“I’m sorry, Chris,” she replied, “but I guess you didn’t pay attention to what I said earlier. I thought I was being very clear about this exam. As I said earlier, I’m required to check all of the major systems that are listed on the form. There are some parts that I’m just not allowed to skip. And right now, for the next part of this exam, I need you to remove your jeans. But don’t worry, you can leave your underwear on — I’m not asking you to take that off yet.”

I noticed that Stacy included that little word “yet”. I don’t think Chris noticed what she said since he’s having such a fit about something simple like removing his jeans. But whether Chris noticed or not, it was looking like Stacy planned to include some of the more interesting and embarrassing parts of the exam. And Chris is turning out to be just as embarrassed about this exam as I predicted.

Once I got down from the exam table, I took my spot right next to where Chris was standing. I looked up to see that Stacy was standing on the other side of the table and looking in our direction. I watched as Chris untied and then removed his shoes. He went ahead and slipped his socks off too, even though she didn’t ask for that. He now reluctantly began to remove his jeans, first undoing the top button and then unzipping his fly. He wasn’t wearing a belt. The jeans slid down his body in one quick motion, landing in a puddle of material around his ankles. He was now standing there wearing only a pair of light blue, loose fitting boxer shorts. After stepping out of his jeans, he threw them on the chair on top of his T-shirt and once again mounted the exam table.

“See, that wasn’t so bad,” Stacy said as she approached him. “You see, right now I need to check your reflexes and that’s more difficult when you’re wearing your bulky jeans. And, of course, I’ll need your jeans off later in the exam for a few other things. So sooner or later, they would need to come off.”

Chris didn’t say anything in response to her. I think he was still shocked at the direction this exam was taking. From his body language, it was obvious that he felt uncomfortable sitting on the table in just his boxers. His legs were held tightly together and his hands were both resting in his lap. It was as if he was trying to cover up.

She now produced a small rubber hammer and proceeded to tap on various points on Chris’ body. She tapped on his ankles, his knees, his wrists and his elbows. She then pressed on the top of his left knee and asked him to try and lift up his leg. She repeated the test on his right leg. She then knelt down in front of the exam table and tried to pull his legs forward while he resisted her movement.

“Well, your reflexes and muscle control all seem to be good so far. Lay back on the table for me, Chris,” she ordered. “I need to check your knees and hips.”

As Chris laid back, Stacy pulled out the metal shelf that was tucked away in the end of the table to support his feet. Chris’ boxers were very loose fitting and the material around his legs gapped open, providing a brief glimpse underneath.

“Now raise both of your knees for me,” she ordered.

Chris obeyed by raising his knees, parting his legs and planting both feet flat on the exam table. This provided an even better view under his boxers as the leg openings were stretched apart even wider. This was a view that was obviously not lost on Stacy. It seemed that she was becoming slower and more deliberate during this part of the exam. Perhaps she was slowing down in the hopes of catching a glimpse under Chris’ boxers.

She now lifted and twisted his left leg — first lifting it off the table a few inches, then grabbing his ankle and pulling it to the left — then the right. As she lifted and twisted his leg, his legs parted even further, providing an unobstructed view between his legs. I noticed that the loose material of his boxers was now being pulled tightly against his crotch. For the first time, I saw a not-so-subtle outline of his genitals. I caught Stacy looking down between his parted legs as well.

“Any pain there?” she asked.

Chris shook his head, no. She now repeated the same exam on his right leg — lifting and twisting it at the knee. Satisfied with her test of his knees, she now turned her attention to his hips. She asked him to keep his knees together while she pushed them to his left side, then his right, using a rocking motion.

“You’re joints all seem to be fine,” she announced. “You can go ahead and lower your knees.”

As Chris began to lower his knees, she went to the counter to retrieve her stethoscope. But before returning to Chris, she first turned her attention to me.

“Jim, I’ll be ready for you in just a minute or two, so please get yourself ready by removing those khaki shorts.”

“Sure, no problem at all, Stacy,” I replied in my most mature and confident voice.

I knew this moment would arrive, and I guess I was trying to mentally prepare myself for it. But now it was finally here. No more preparation — it was time to undress beyond just taking off my shirt. I looked over at Chris and saw that he had turned his head in my direction and was about to watch the show. I looked at Stacy and saw that she too was looking at me. I guess watching me undress was more important than continuing with Chris’ exam. So much for saving time.

I reached down and untied my shoes and removed them, placing them under the chair where my T-shirt was thrown. I unbuckled my belt, undid the top button of my shorts and unzipped my fly. I slowly slid down my khaki shorts, revealing the tight white briefs I chose to wear today as underwear. I carefully stepped out of the shorts and placed them on the chair with my other clothes. Once there, I bent over with my back to the others and removed my white socks.

Now covered in just my white briefs, I walked back toward the exam table and took my position just to the right of the table. But this time I decided to stand much closer than before. I stood with my arms at my sides and my feet comfortably spread apart. I didn’t cross my arms, or hold my hands in front of myself. I wanted to make sure they both had a chance to take a good look at me. I didn’t want to appear embarrassed at all, even though deep down I was shaking in fear. I looked at Chris who was still looking in my direction. When our eyes met, we both simply smiled. I then looked over at Stacy and gave her my best confident smile. And she smiled back.

Stacy moved back into position above Chris to begin his abdominal exam. Chris was laying on the table with both of his hands resting on his lower abdomen. She began by lifting both of his hands out of the way and placing them to either side of his body, resting them on the table. She then began to use her stethoscope to carefully listen to Chris’ abdomen. She silently moved the bell of the instrument from one location to another, pressing it firmly into his bare skin and briefly pausing to listen for any abnormal sounds. She started near the top of his abdomen and slowly worked her way lower until she reached the waistband of his boxers.

Stacy now took her stethoscope out of her ears and began palpating his abdomen. She firmly tapped on different parts of his abdomen, asking him if he was experiencing any pain. Then, rather than tapping, she firmly pushed into the left side of his lower abdomen — once again asking if he had any pain. She repeated the deep pushing on his right side.

Once she completed the examination of his abdomen, she turned her attention even lower, to his femoral arteries. To gain access to them, she ever so slightly pulled down the waistband of his boxers, just enough to move the bell of her stethoscope into position. Since I was standing so close to the exam table, I was able to notice just a hint of pubic hair around the uncovered area. After positioning her stethoscope, she listened to the artery on his right side, before switching to his left. During this exam, I looked up at Chris’ face and quickly realized that, due to her contact in this area, he appeared to be much more apprehensive than before. And that’s understandable. After all, even though you wouldn’t consider it an intimate area, it is so very close to your genitals. Right now Stacy’s fingers and her stethoscope are about as close as she could get to his genitals without actually touching them. Stacy completed this part of her exam by gently palpating the area around each femoral artery.

“Alright, I’m ready for you boys to switch again,” declared Stacy.

Stacy pushed in the metal shelf at the end of the exam table as Chris began to get up. He walked the few short feet to where I was standing as I mounted the exam table, clad only in my white briefs. I immediately sat down, parted my legs and rested my arms comfortably at my sides. I wanted Stacy to know, along with Chris, that I wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed sitting there in my tight briefs. I didn’t care if they looked at me — shit, for some reason I really wanted them to see me. I was proud of my body and I wanted to prove that to Stacy. Since Chris was standing more or less in the same spot where I was, he was about to have a good view of my exam.

Stacy retrieved the rubber hammer and proceeded to check my reflexes, just as she checked Chris. She methodically checked my ankles, knees, wrists and elbows. And just as she did with Chris, she then performed some resistance tests on my legs.

“Lay back for me, Jim,” she ordered, “and raise your knees.”

I laid back on the exam table while she pulled out the metal shelf for my feet. I immediately raised both of my knees and planted my feet flat on the table, positioning them at the left and right edges of the table. I wanted to give Stacy an unobstructed view of the clean white cotton that was tightly caressing the mound between my legs. Unlike Chris’ boxers, my briefs didn’t have any gaping leg openings, so she wouldn’t be able to sneak a peek beneath them. But they also didn’t leave much to the imagination. With my knees in the air and my briefs stretched tightly, you could clearly see the outline of my penis and testicles. They were still covered with material, but there was no doubt that they were there.

She began to lift and twist my left leg, asking me if I had any pain while she was doing so. As my leg was lifted off of the table, I felt more exposed than ever. It was as if my briefs were being pulled even tighter against my body, making the white bulge between my legs much more prominent. Just before she lowered my left leg back to the table, I noticed her looking down between my legs, directly at the front of my briefs. As she lowered my leg, she looked up at me with a big grin on her face, as if she was congratulating herself on having the best job in the world. She then completed the same exam on my right leg.

To finish this part of the exam, she checked my hips by rocking my knees back and forth to my left and right. Having finished the orthopedic exam, she instructed me to lower my knees, which I immediately did. I kept my feet spread comfortably apart and continued to rest my hands at my sides. Once I was in position, I raised my head and looked down toward my feet. I observed that the white cotton mound between my feet was even more prominent and noticeable now that I was lying flat on the table.

After retrieving her stethoscope, she began my abdominal exam. I felt her press the bell of the stethoscope to my upper abdomen and just hold it there for a few seconds while she listened. She then moved it to another location and listened again. She repeated this movement several times. Each time I could feel the firm and deliberate pressure she was applying to the instrument.

When she reached my lower abdomen, she stopped listening and began palpation instead. I felt her tap in several locations of my abdomen using both of her hands. She now pushed deeply into my left side and asked me if there was any pain. After I answered in the negative, she moved to my right side and pushed again.

After putting her stethoscope back in her ears, she pulled down the very top of my briefs and placed the bell of the instrument at my right femoral artery. I must admit that the feeling of her contact in that area was exhilarating and, in a word, arousing. She was so close to my genitals, but she wasn’t ready to go there — not yet. At that point I wanted her to do it all — to pull down my briefs and give me the genital exam that I knew was coming. But that would have to wait. While she was listening, I looked over to see Chris intently watching my exam. He wasn’t looking at my face — his gaze was affixed at my midsection, closely watching her hands as they examined me.

After a few seconds of listening, she moved to my left side and listened again. Finally, just as she did with Chris, she completed this part of the exam by palpating the area where she had just finished listening.

“OK, I’m done with this part of your exam,” she announced, “You can get up now, Jim. Go stand next to Chris, please.”

As she spoke, she pushed in the shelf, allowing me to lower my legs and get up from the exam table. I turned to look at Chris as I took the last few steps to his location. He had a hopeful, yet anxious look on his face. Was she done? She hadn’t said it was time for him again, so maybe, just maybe, the exam was over. Perhaps she decided to skip the most embarrassing parts of the exam that I knew were listed on the form. I think Chris was hoping that this might be true. I took my position standing right next to Chris and we both faced Stacy — waiting to see what would happen next. We watched as she silently reviewed our exam forms, occasionally making check marks and writing a few notes on them. She was obviously recording the results of the exam to this point, but it also looked as if she was trying to figure out what to do next.

{ P A R T 5 : T H E * F U L L * M O N T Y }

“Can we get dressed now?” asked Chris. “We’re all done, right?” Since Stacy was taking her time reviewing our exam forms, it seemed like a perfectly valid question. Perhaps we really were done.

“Hang on just a minute, boys,” she answered, “I need to get caught up on these forms.”

Chris and I just stood there facing Stacy, waiting. At one point we looked at each other and Chris rolled his eyes to express his impatience and displeasure with this exam. After a brief minute, our wait was over as Stacy turned to address both of us.

“Sorry for the wait, boys,” she said, “but no, you’re not done, there are a couple of things that are still on the list.”

I immediately noticed that Stacy was smiling widely as she addressed us. I responded with a knowing smile of my own, since I had seen the form and knew what some of those things might be. I looked at Chris and saw that he was clearly not happy with the news. It was obvious that the last thing he wanted to hear was that there was more to this exam.

“Chris, it’s your turn again,” she continued, “so come over here and stand in front of the table, facing me.”

Chris reluctantly walked the few steps to the exam table and stood in front of it with his back to the table. At the same time, Stacy rolled the small stool directly in front of him, preparing her seat for the next part of the exam. Standing in front of the table as he was, I’m sure Chris already had a good idea what was next on the agenda. But as soon as he saw her move the stool into position, there was no room for doubt. He was about to have his genitals uncovered and examined by this cute redheaded girl. And I was there to watch every bit of it.

“Go ahead and lower your boxers, Chris,” ordered Stacy. Ah, the moment we were all waiting for, I thought to myself. Now we’ll see how embarrassed Chris really is by how he reacts to this order.

“But, I really don’t have any problems in that area,” Chris protested, “so I don’t really think you need to do that part of the exam. You can just skip it, right?” Chris was clearly not interested in baring everything right now. I wondered if he was embarrassed just because I was there, or whether he wasn’t comfortable with a female doing this part of the exam.

“I don’t think I can get away with skipping these parts,” she answered. “We were taught that they’re pretty much a standard part of any sports physical, at least for males. I’ve already skipped as much as I can.” As she was talking, she walked to the counter to retrieve a pair of exam gloves, but she didn’t put them on yet. She then sat down on the stool and looked up at Chris.

“I don’t know,” continued Chris, “I mean, this exam is already more than I bargained for. And you’re not even a doctor. Are you sure you’re allowed to do this?”

“Oh, don’t worry so much Chris,” she answered with a big smile, “I’ve had plenty of classes on this part of the exam. I’m sure I can handle it. Here, let me help you, we really need to move this exam along.”

As she was talking she rolled the stool even closer to Chris. Without any warning, she grabbed the loose material of his boxers with both of her hands and pulled them down in one swift motion. They were now laying on the floor in a pile of light blue material that was wrapped around his ankles.

“Step out, please,” she ordered.

Chris appeared to be in total shock at the swift removal of his last remaining clothing, but he managed to obey Stacy’s command. As he freed his feet from the confines of his boxers, Stacy reached down and picked them up. She then walked a few feet to the chair with his other clothes and added his boxers to the stack. She now returned to her position on the stool directly in front of Chris — who was now completely nude. Chris was standing with his feet tightly together and his hands held in front of his genitals. This was a half-hearted attempt by him to maintain some modesty, since deep down I’m sure he knew that he would have to uncover himself.

“Now, Chris, you know I can’t do this with your hands in the way,” she said. “Can you please move them to your sides? You’re going to have to uncover yourself, or I can’t complete your physical.”

Chris obeyed by moving his hands to his sides, and in the process, he uncovered himself. As a reward for his obedience, Stacy looked up at him, made eye contact and gave him a warm smile. Chris just stared down at her with a look of total disbelief in his face. Was he really nude right now, standing just a few feet in front of this cute girl? But Chris didn’t have much time to contemplate his situation, for she was about to return to the job at hand. Since she was sitting in front of him, she was eye level with his genitals. She seemed to just sit there for a brief moment, taking it all in. She was about to give a male patient, her first real one, a genital exam.

Chris was circumcised and had what I would call an average size penis. It wasn’t unusually thick or long, just average — similar to mine. The light brown hair that I previously saw on his lower abdomen led directly into a good crop of pubic hair. His pubic hair was darker, but I would still call it light brown. His hair was fairly long, but it did look like he kept it trimmed, although it wasn’t as short as I keep mine. The skin of his scrotum was loose and it was obvious that his balls were large, relaxed and low-hanging. But looking at him, I felt that I would measure up well when I got undressed. I didn’t feel that I was inferior to him in any way. And I hoped that Stacy would feel the same way.

“What about him?” Chris asked. “If I have to stand here like this, shouldn’t he get undressed too?”

Chris did have a point, but I’m not really sure why it was such a big deal to him. Unless this was an attempt by him to try to embarrass me. Maybe he just didn’t want to be in the only person in the room who was nude right now. Little did he know that at this point, I didn’t really care who saw me. And this was another opportunity for me to demonstrate my confidence to Stacy — to show her that I wasn’t afraid or embarrassed at all.

“Jim is fine for now,” she answered, “he can wait until it’s his turn before removing his shorts.”

“No, that’s OK,” I announced, “I don’t mind getting ready now, just to save time, of course.”

As I stood facing them, I grabbed the waistband of my briefs with both hands and slowly pulled them down my body. I didn’t want to hurry. I wanted to give them plenty of time to watch me strip for them. When my hands reached the floor, I stepped out of my briefs and then deposited them with my other clothes. Then I calmly walked back to my previous position and stood before them. They were both watching every move I made, so I was especially conscious of my body language. I kept my arms at my sides and casually spread my legs apart, giving them an opportunity to take a good look at me. As a final step, I looked them right in the eye, first Stacy and then Chris, and gave each of them a proud, confident smile.

Just like Chris, I was circumcised and had what I consider an average size penis. At least, it was average size when I was flaccid, as I was right now. My balls didn’t hang as low as Chris’, nor did they look like they were as large. My public hair was also lighter than his, and I liked to keep mine trimmed much shorter. I didn’t want to look bald like a little boy, but I also didn’t like a thick forest of hair.

While still looking at me, Stacy pulled the exam gloves onto her hands, ending with a loud snapping sound for each hand. She then turned back toward Chris to begin his exam. Without saying a word, she grabbed his penis with her left hand and lifted it up and away from his body. She did a thorough visual inspection of it, seeming to look at every bit of skin. At one point, she even lifted it straight up in order to look at the underside. Her right hand now joined the party, as she used it to help stretch the skin in order to thoroughly examine his male member. After spending a short time visually inspecting his penis, she began to gently palpate it up and down the entire length of his shaft. She then gently squeezed the head which caused his pee hole to open, allowing for her visual inspection.

All of this attention to his penis was taking its toll. It looked like he was now, ever so slowly, becoming aroused. His penis was now noticeably longer and thicker. He wasn’t fully erect by any means, but he was on his way there. When Stacy released her grip on his member, it now stood up and away from his body on its own rather than hanging straight down over his balls. Stacy must have noticed the change because she briefly looked up at Chris and smiled knowingly.

“I need to check your testicles now,” she said to Chris. Chris didn’t respond in any way.

Stacy now lightly patted the inside of Chris’ thigh, signaling to him that she wanted his legs parted. Chris immediately responded by shuffling his legs further apart. As he did, she turned her attention to his testicles. She grabbed his left one with her right hand and gently lifted it away from his body. As she held it between the fingers of her right hand, she used the fingers of her left hand to gently feel the entire surface. Her fingers stretched the skin of his scrotum tightly across the testicle to make the examination easier. She then began to palpate the testicle, gently tapping it with her fingers. One she completed her examination of his left testicle, she repeated the exam on his right side. As a final step, she grabbed both of his testicles in her hands at the same time and compared them. It looked as if she was weighing them in her hands, gently bouncing them up and down.

It was now time for Chris’ hernia exam. Stacy found the location of the inguinal ring on his left side and plunged her index finger deep into it.

“Cough, please,” she commanded.

Chris turned his head to the right, away from me, and let out his best cough.

“Again, please,” she commanded.

Apparently, his first cough didn’t satisfy her. Chris coughed again, even louder than the first time. Stacy now switched sides and plunged her finger into his right side, once again commanding Chris to cough for her. Satisfied that she had successfully completed her first male genital and hernia exam, she was finished.

“Alright, I’m ready for you, Jim,” Stacy said to me. “Chris, you can trade places with him.” As she spoke, she pulled off the exam gloves she used on Chris and retrieved a fresh pair to use on me.

As Chris walked toward me, I could see that he was still aroused, perhaps even slightly more than before. As his body moved, his penis swayed back and forth, indicating that it now had some extra weight due to being engorged with blood.

I took my position in front of the exam table, facing Stacy who was now sitting in front of me on the rolling stool. I positioned my hands at my sides and spread my legs widely apart, planting my feet about shoulder-width apart. I noticed that with my feet spread apart, I could no longer feel the warmth of my testicles and the skin of my scrotum as it made contact with my upper thighs. The lack of contact made it feel as if my testicles were hanging freely between my legs, dangling precariously beneath me and very vulnerable. As Stacy pulled on the fresh pair of exam gloves, I looked down at myself. It looked like I wasn’t totally flaccid anymore either. Being nude for the last few minutes, and watching Chris’ exam was certainly arousing and there was visible evidence that it was increasing the blood flow to my penis.

“I can get dressed now, right?” asked Chris. “I mean, you’re done with me, right?”

“No, not quite, Chris,” Stacy answered, “I wanted to get Jim caught up with you before I move on to a couple of additional things. Just relax for a minute and wait until I’m done with him.”

I looked at Chris to see the disappointment in his face. Clearly, he was assuming that he was now finally done with all parts of the exam. But that was apparently not the case. Worse yet, he was now wondering what else might be included in the exam. He had already had a genital and hernia exam, which is usually as bad as it gets. What more could there be? Since he was completely nude, he probably realized that he was about to endure something even more embarrassing than what took place during the last few minutes. But for the time being, he now had the same opportunity that I just had — to watch another guy receive a genital and hernia exam. But this time, he was the audience member and I was the subject on display.

“Well, Jim, let’s begin,” said Stacy as she rolled the stool closer to me and began her examination of my genitals.

As she just did with Chris, she began by grabbing my penis with her left hand and lifting it away from my body. The feeling of her gloved fingers on my male member was exquisite. She used the fingers of her right hand to tightly stretch my skin. This allowed for a better examination along the entire length of my shaft. As she did, I could almost feel the blood rushing to my penis, helping to make it increase in length and girth while she was still holding me. Next she gently palpated my penis before squeezing the head with her fingers and observing my pee hole.

Without saying a word, she released my penis from her grip and proceeded to examine my testicles. My penis had grown in length and now seemed to be in her way, so she simply pushed it to my right side to provide better access to my left testicle. After gently feeling and palpating the entire surface of my left testicle, she turned her attention to my right side. Once again, my ever-lengthening penis seemed to be in her way again, but she solved the problem by simply pushing it to my left side. I absolutely loved the feeling of her gloved fingers as they held, squeezed and generally fondled my balls. It was wonderful and I didn’t want her to stop.

I briefly looked down and saw that my penis was now much longer and thicker than before. It was almost at the point where it was beginning to lift up from my body on its own. Whether I liked it or not, it was on its way to a full erection. Not just yet, but sooner or later it was inevitable. I looked over at Chris and saw that he was looking down and intently watching my genital exam. And he was smiling. I guess he was enjoying the show. I looked down at him and saw that his arousal had continued. His penis was now erect and pointing straight out from his body. He was trying to hide it with one of his hands, but it was pretty obvious.

I now felt Stacy’s gloved hands grab both of my testicles at the same time. I felt her gently lift and bounce them in her hands as if she was weighing and comparing them. After a few seconds of that, she released her grip to prepare for my hernia exam.

“Alright, just the hernia check now,” she said.

I shuffled my feet a little further apart and made sure they were planted firmly on the ground. I’ve had hernia exams in the past that almost knocked me off balance, so I wanted to make sure I was prepared for this one. I wasn’t expecting her to be especially rough, but I wanted to be prepared either way. After placing her finger into position on my left side, she commanded me to cough. I deliberately let out a timid cough, knowing that this would then require a second cough on that side. I wanted to extend the amount of time that Stacy had her fingers on this area of my body. After providing a second cough, she switched to my right side. This time she was satisfied that my first cough was good enough to complete the exam.

“OK, Jim, go stand next to Chris while I update your forms,” she said as she removed her exam gloves.

I walked over and stood next to Chris, moving my hands casually behind my back. I looked down at myself to see that my penis was still long and thick, but not fully erect yet. It was still laying against my body, unlike his which was sticking straight out. I caught him looking down at me, but then he quickly looked up and our eyes briefly met. We both just smiled at each other, knowing that we were both very aroused. Still totally nude, we both stood there and watched as Stacy made notes on our exam forms. After just a few passing seconds, she turned and addressed us.

{ P A R T 6 : P E N E T R A T I O N }

“OK, boys,” she said, “For males, the form requires a quick rectal and prostate exam. Originally, I was thinking I would skip that part to save time, but since both of you are already undressed, I think I’ll go ahead and include it.”

I looked at Chris and saw what I can only describe as a mix of sheer terror and embarrassment in his face. I quickly looked back at Stacy and smiled at her, just to let her know that I was OK with this part of the exam. But I really wasn’t. The reality was that I was terrified of the exam that she just described, but I certainly didn’t want her to know that.

“But I’m sure they’ll accept the form even if you skip those parts,” Chris protested in an obviously nervous, cracking voice.

“Oh, don’t worry, Chris,” she replied, “It won’t be so bad. You’ll see.”

I looked at Chris again. He didn’t seem convinced. Stacy now continued with her instructions.

“Let me have both of you boys stand over here at the side of the exam table,” she ordered.

We both walked a few steps to the side of the table where Stacy was now standing.

“That’s right, face the table and just stand right next to each other, a little closer to the table.”

We both moved closer to the table, and were now about a foot away from it. We were standing very close to each other, with Chris only a foot or two to my left. As we moved into position, Stacy went to the other side of the table to retrieve some supplies. She retrieved the entire box of exam gloves, a box of tissues, and a blue and white tube of KY jelly and placed all of them on the exam table between Chris and I. She now pulled out a pair of gloves and proceeded to pull them onto her hands. As she was doing so, she walked back to our side of the table and stood behind us. I had a pretty good idea what her next instructions were going to be.

“Now I need you to bend over and rest the upper part of your body on the table.”

I assumed that she would examine Chris first, just as she had done throughout this exam. So I didn’t move into position. I figured that it would be my turn after she finished with Chris. Instead, I turned to watch Chris as he bent at the waist and laid his chest on the table.

“You too, Jim,” she said, “I want both of you to get into position before I start the exam.”

I wasn’t sure why she decided to have us both get into position right away. But nevertheless, I obeyed her order by turning back to face the table, bending over and resting my upper body on the table.

“Now, if I can get both of you to reach forward with your hands and grab the other side of the table, that would be better,” she added. “I need you boys to keep your hands occupied and out of the way, otherwise I can’t give you a proper examination.”

At the time, I had my arms at my sides. But I obeyed her order and lifted them up above me. Once there, I reached for the opposite side of the table, holding on to it with both hands.

“That’s better. The only problem now is that you’re both standing too close to the exam table. So without getting out of this position, I need both of you to take one step back away from the exam table. Oh, and also spread your legs a little further apart.”

I took a step back and shuffled my feet further apart. As I did so, my sockless left foot made contact with Chris’ right foot as he was repositioning his feet. Still keeping our heads on the table, we both turned toward each other and silently whispered “sorry”. It was an awkward moment, since it emphasized just how closely we were standing next to each other. And to recap, we were both completely nude, bent over an exam table, our legs were spread apart and we were about to be penetrated by Stacy’s finger. Throughout the earlier parts of the exam, we could watch each other from a distance. And for some parts, we got a little bit closer. But we were never this close to the other guy when he was being examined.

We stayed like that in position and just waited for Stacy to begin. I’m sure it was merely seconds that we waited, but it seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t see behind me, but I could imagine the view that Stacy had right now. We were two healthy and fit young men, stripped of all clothing and bent over in front of her. We were objects on display before her, waiting to be used in any way that she desired. It was as if we were loyal subjects, bent over in a show of respect as we presented our gift offering to the queen. In my case, I was offering her my anal virginity, allowing her to be the very first person to anally penetrate me. Sure, I have vague memories of having my temperature taken rectally when I was a small child. And I remember receiving one or two enemas from my mother when I was probably the same young age. But this was somehow different. I was now an adult. And no adult, not a doctor, nurse, friend or lover has ever penetrated me as she was about to do.

“OK, Chris you’re first,” Stacy said, “I’m just going to check you externally first.”

I couldn’t see what was happening, but from the uncomfortable look on Chris’ face, she was making some kind of contact with him. Since she said she would check him externally first, I assumed that she was simply looking at his ass, and maybe spreading his cheeks apart.

She now reached between us and retrieved the tube of KY. Neither of us could see what she was doing, but I assumed she was applying it to her fingers. I then saw her put the tube back in its original position between us.

“This will feel a little cold,” she said to Chris.

I then saw Chris’ body involuntarily jerk forward, as if it just received some kind of shock.

“Just breathe normally,” she said.

I saw Chris’ body jerk forward again, this time his face cringed in discomfort. And once again, his body moved, and Chris let out a loud gasp for air. Was he in pain? Or was it pure pleasure? I couldn’t really tell by looking at his face.

“Almost done,” Stacy said.

After a couple more grunts and gasps for air, Stacy withdrew her finger and announced that she was finished with Chris. Chris immediately stood up next to me.

“You see, that wasn’t so bad,” Stacy said to him as she handed him a few tissues from the box. “Here, you can clean yourself up with these.”

My head and chest were still down on the exam table, but I now heard the sound of exam gloves being removed. I saw Stacy retrieve two fresh ones from the box that was next to me, so I knew that it was now my turn to be anally examined. I also knew that Chris was no longer bent over the table beside me. Instead, he was now standing to my left, right next to Stacy. For this part of the exam, he would have the opportunity that I didn’t. He would be able to watch the business end of my rectal exam. He could watch as Stacy penetrated me with her lubricated finger, shoving it deep into my rectum. And there wasn’t anything that I could do about it. And for some unknown reason, the thought of being on display like this, and having an audience, excited me.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a crush on my dad. My parents divorced when I was young, and I grew up with my dad so it was just the two of us living together. I often found myself fantasizing about him when masturbating. It never really bothered me that I clearly desired my dad’s body, though I kept my desires secret for obvious reasons.

He’s really good-looking for his age, he always kept in shape. I was more lean from playing soccer since I was in high school, but my dad was built like a truck. What I loved most about his body was his bulging pecs, and his thick nipples that always poked through his shirts. Especially when he’d come home from the office, and sprawl out on the couch with his dress shirt still tucked into his trousers, and unbuttoned down to his stomach exposing his hairy torso, and his tie undone and hanging over both sides of his neck.

I’ve never seen him go on any dates with anyone though, despite how handsome he is. He’s more into his work than anything else. Might be the reason why my parents divorced. I can’t help but wonder if he feels loney, or if he even feels a desire to be with someone sexually…

When summer came, I decided to drive home from college to spend time with him. While I drove, I thought more and more about my dad and how much I desired him. It felt so wrong, and that’s what really turned me on. I rubbed the bulge in my jeans as I drove, pretending that it was my father’s hand rubbing it. I was going commando, and my precum made a wet spot in my jeans. I flexed my cock and let out a groan at the sensation of my cock rub against the slippery wet spot on my thigh under my jeans. There’s nothing I loved more than the feeling of my hard cock being strained beneath a pair of tight jeans. I couldn’t take it anymore, I need to jack off.

I pulled over on the shoulder of the highway and unzipped my jeans and pulled my thick uncut 9 inch cock out. I flexed it and admired the head half covered with my forsekin gleamed in the sunlight from all the precum. I was so hard it hurt. I began to stroke it slowly as I adjusted the driver seat down, as I closed my eyes and fantasized about my dad sitting in the passenger seat watching me as he touched himself.

“How’s this, dad?” I said to myself

“That’s it boy, show me how you work that cock.”

I began stroking it with twisting motions, letting my tight wet foreskin tickle the head of my cock.

My dad finally slid his trousers off, only wearing his tight black tank top and climbed on top of me, and lowered himself on my cock.

“Dad, people driving buy could see you if you do that…”

“Let them look, I don’t care.”

Now stroking faster with both hands, I moan loudly knowing no one can hear me anyway.

He groaned as he slid my cock inside him carefully. “Argh! You cock feels so good inside me.” he said as he begins grinding his ass on my cock. I grope his thick bubble butt with both hands and begin pumping my cock in and out of him slowly.

I thrust my cock into my fists pretending it’s my dad’s ass, and using my precum to lube up my entire shaft. My thick cock strained through the zipper hole providing me with more pleasure.

“Come on, boy, is that your best?! Fuck your dad harder!”

I grope his ass tightly as I begin thrusting in and out of him hard.

“Yeah, that’s it son!”

He holds his hands behind his head, balancing himself on my cock plowing his tight ass as he moans and shoots his load hands-fee all over me.

“Dad, I’m about to cum…”

He quickly pulls my cock out of his ass, and opens his mouth as I jerk it into his mouth.

I thrust my hips up, not caring is passing cars can see me, as I stroke my cock fast with both hands and shoot my load all over my shirt and face. I moan loudly shouting “dad” in ecstacy. Oh, how I longed for the real thing, to share a special moment like that with my dad.

When I arrived home, my dad wasn’t there to greet me sadly. I checked the time and it was almost 7pm. He should have been home by now. I wasn’t bothered by it though. This gave me more time to think. When I was driving home I made up my mind. I’d try to seduce my father. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long now.

I waited up for my dad to arrive home. He arrived late in the night. Good, he’ll be exhausted and want to unwind after working so late.

“Max?” He called out as he entered the foyer.

I went to greet him with a tight hug. “Hi, dad. What kept you?”

“I got held up at work. I wanted to get some extra work finished so I could spend more time with you.”

He took off his blazer, undid his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt just as he always did when he came home from work. He looks bigger than from what I remembered. Like his biceps were going to tear through his sleeves, and his thighs would rip the seams of his trousers apart.

He poured himself a glass of brandy and dropped himself on the couch with his legs and arms apart. Fuck, he’s so hot. I tried not to stare too much. Watching his hard bulging pecs lift up and down as he breathed. I poured myself a drink and sat beside him the same way.

“So how’s college?”

“It’s great, I’m doing well in all my classes.”

“Good, good… You have a girlfriend?”

“No… What about you? Are you seeing anyone?”

He sighed at my question.

“I haven’t got enough time for dating.”

“Don’t you ever, y’know, get horny?”

“What?!” He exclaimed, shocked to hear me ask him something so private.

“C’mon dad, we’re both adults.”

He laughed and sipped his drink. “I do, but nothing I can’t fix myself. What about you, boy? You ever plowed some lucky girl while you were away?”

Talking to my dad like this really started to turn me on.

“Oh, yeah. Blowjobs too.” I said. Though, they were guys, not girls.

He laughed again and rustled my hair. “You stud.”

“How about you dad? You never at least had your cock sucked?”

“Watch your mouth.” He said jokingly. “Not in a long time. Could really use a good cock sucking right about now whenever I come home from a long day.”

I noticed the bulge in my dad’s trousers. I finally gathered up thr courage and got up and stood in front of him.


I got on my knees between his legs and rubbed my face against his bulge.

“MAX!” He shouted as he tried to push me by my shoulders, but I held on to his thighs and held my ground. I felt his cock throb under his tight dress pants against my face. He gasped as I groped it and rubbed it vigorously through the fabric.

He resistance ebbed and finally gave into my touch. Who was he kidding? He needed this, and he didn’t care if he was going to get it from his own son. He kept his eyes down on me as I pulled his cock out through the zipper hole of his trousers. One of my fantasies was doing it with him while he wore one of his expensive business suits.

His cock was even bigger than I imagined. I marveled at it’s size and caressed it against my tongue.

“You cock is massive, dad.” I complimented.

“Max…” He began then gasped as the sensation of his shaft sliding against my tongue. “You’re my son…”

“Have you ever measured it?” I asked, ignoring his protests.

His face turned red and hesitated before answering me. “About 11 inches…”

I licked under the head at the fenulum withe the tip of my tongue, and watched him as he closed his eyes and quivered at the sensation of my tongue teasing him. Finally I took his entire shaft into my mouth and sucked slowly, as he did his best to contain his moans of pleasure.

Finally he responded back to me and started to rub my cock with his foot. The sensation of his black silk knee-high socks felt amazing. I can’t believe I never had someone do this to me before. I looked up at his as I kept sucking his cock and saw that his expression changed from resistance, to devious. I finally have him.

I stopped sucking for a moment and moaned out loud. “Oh, fuck, dad! That feels so good!”

“Oh yeah? How about this?” He said as he started to jerk my cock between his toes. My cock leaking precum like a faucet and soaked his expensive silk socks.

“Oh god, yes! Faster dad!”

“Mmm, I love it when you call me dad like that.”

I continue sucking his massive uncut cock as he puts his hands on my head, and begins to fuck my mouth.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” He shouts and he shoots his hot creamy load down my throat. “Be a good boy and swallow every drop.”

I eagerly swallow my dad’s creamy semen, and lick off the excess on his lap and thighs. His cock remained stiff like an iron pole.

“I haven’t cum in a few days now, son. I can keep going.”

He pulled me on his lap and kissed me passionately. Was this really happening? Were all my fantasies coming true? He kissed me down my neck and further down, and flicked is tongue over my erect nipple.

“Tell me, son. How long have you wanted to do this? Tell me everything. I want to hear every detail from that perverted mind of yours.”

I held him tight and moaned as he played with my nipples, and grind our stiff cocks together. “Years now… Every since I first started masturbating. Rubbing my cock pretending you were nonchalantly watching me. Humping my pillow pretending I was humping you. Pulling over on the highway this morning to jack off, thinking about you riding me and not caring about the passing cars seeing you…”

“Is that how much you love me, son?” He asked as he kept playing with my nipples with his tongue and the other with his hand.

“I just want to show my dad the proper respect he deserves from his son.”

My laid me down on the couch and tore my shirt in half, admiring my lean body and my thick cock. He held the shaft in his hands and stroked it. “Almost as big as you’re old man’s.” He said lewdly as he leaned down and started suck the first 5 inches of my cock while jerking it at the same time. He’d clearly never been with another guy before.

“This your first time sucking cock, dad?” I joked.

“Watch your manners, boy.”

He quickly got the hang of it and began to deep throat me slowly. I moaned ‘dad’ loudly, and he looked at me with that same devious face again. He slid his tongue under my foreskin and swirled it around the head, taking up as much precum as he can.

“God dammit, you taste good!” He exclaimed. He pulled my foreskin back and began to suck on the head of my cock. I couldn’t take it. The sensation was so overwhelming, I fought back my approaching orgasm. At that moment, he stopped and smirked at me.

“I want you to fuck me.” He ordered.

Like a good son, I obeyed my father. I turned him over on all fours and used my precum to lube up his tight virgin hole. Just as I pushed the head of my cock against his hole, he shouted out in agony.

“You need to relax. If you tense up your hole like that it’s gonna hurt even more.”

He took a deep breath and relaxed himself. “All right, go ahead now.” He said.

I pushed the head of my cock against his hole again, and he bit down on the couch cushion and muffled his moans. Inch by inch, I entered him slowly until finally my entire cock was buried inside him. I slowly pumped in and out of him carefully. Once he finally got used to the sensation, I began to go in and out of him faster.

“Oh, man. I’ve never had a hole this tight before!”

My cock continued to leak precum inside my dad’s hole, lubing up his innards. The sensation of my wet foreskin sliding back and forth seamlessly made me moan like a porn star.

“Come one, son! Pound that ass like one of your frat boys!”

I turned my dad over on his back, and fucked him in the missionary position. Wanting to see his face as I fucked him. Wanting him to see my face as he got rammed by the cock that he made.

He reached behind me and slapped my ass as I entered him again. Immediately I began thrusting in and out of him fast and hard. He jerked himself off in sync with my thrusts and let out an animalistic growl. I leaned down and locked lips with him as he muffled his groans in my mouth as I sucked on his tongue.

I begin fucking him faster as I feel my climax approaching. “Dad… I’m going to cum…” I said as I burried my face in his shoulder.

“Cum inside me, boy.”

I did as I was told and pumped my cock hard and shot my hot load inside him, as he came all over himself at the same time. I shuddered at each thrust in him. As I pulled out, all my cum began to leak out of his hole.

“I’m so lucky to have a loving son like you.”

Hello Again! It has been a while since I’ve submitted anything, but I have a new story.

This is another installation in my taboo series of, primarily, incest stories. I hope you enjoy how Marcus discovers that his pretty little sister is so willing to please, and just what he does with her. I have many ideas for these two, and I hope to visit them again soon!

All characters in this story are over 18! All sexual acts are consensual!!



Lora leaned against her brother as her heavy eyes began to close, her interest in the movie they were watching quickly waning. He mostly ignored her, an arm around her as her head lolled against his shoulder. His attention was still held rapt by the suspense flick they had found flipping through channels.

Marcus was home to visit for Christmas break. He’d been gone since the beginning of his senior year of college. It had been months since he had seen his little sister and she had been so excited that it had been hard to shake her the first week. Marcus and Lora had always been close. His raven-haired sister was only three years younger than him and she should have started her own first year of college this year. She hadn’t, but only because she was helping their parents with the start-up of a small bakery. Her nineteenth birthday was coming up fast and all of those changes her body hadn’t made when most girls did, had finally set in while he was gone.

By the time Marcus’s movie was over, Lora was fast asleep. Marcus looked down at her and smiled fondly. He wanted to get up, but he didn’t want to disturb her. Instead of making her wake up, he gave in and picked the remote up, channel surfing.

There wasn’t anything on. It had gotten late and most of the lower channels were switching to infomercials and failed sitcom re-runs. He might have put in a movie or a video game, had his sister not been sleeping so soundly. He stroked her hair a little with his fingers, feeling its silken strands. Lora and Marcus had always curled up on the couch when it was cold. Even when they were children, though back then the entire family had crowded the oversized piece of furniture. Mom and Dad weren’t home at the cuddle this time though, sharing a big warm blanket. They were catering a holiday party out of town and wouldn’t be back until late in the morning.

Marcus just kept flipping channels until a sound caught his attention. He had passed the channel and then back-pedaled, surprised at what he heard. It had sounded like a moan, hot and loud. His cock had twitched when he heard the sound. He’d left his girlfriend behind at college and, since they were sort of on the outs, he hadn’t had any action in a week or two.

As the screen lit up again, the sound of a girl crying out with pleasure made Marcus’s cock jump again. The scene was cliché, just another little blonde schoolgirl bent over the bleachers. She was topless and her huge fake breasts bounced with every thrust the massive black football player threw her way. Her little skirt was flipped up over her back and the guy’s large hands gripped her ass, spreading it open so he could look down at her tight little asshole while he plowed her dripping cunt.

Marcus’s cock was hard before he knew it. He turned the television down a little, afraid to wake his sister up as his cock began to strain against his pajama pants. The camera moved in for a close up of the big dark cock pumping the little slut’s twat and Marcus nearly groaned. She was creaming so heavy that it was visible. He loved a wet, messy fuck. He liked smearing girl cum up over her tight little asshole and licking it off… or better yet, using it to lube his cock up as he took his pleasure out in her ass.

He shuddered as he watched the guy’s thick dark thumb press against the pale girl’s asshole, pushing inside as she threw her head back and gave frantic cries of pleasure. He let go of the remote, his hand moving down to slide beneath the blanket. His eyes darted to his sister for a moment. He felt guilty even as he began to rub his cock through his pants. What if she woke up? It would be worse than awkward.

Still, as his eyes moved back to the television his cock ached and he couldn’t help but rub himself through his pants. He made another quiet sound of pleasure, watching the cheerleader get her dripping twat pounded and her tight ass fingered. He nearly lost it as the guy pushed his other thumb into the girl’s ass, using them to stretch her open for the camera.

“Fuck-” he muttered. He gripped his cock through his pants, his hands moving a little faster, focusing on the inch or two leading up to the head of his cock. The girl was still frothing around the massive black cock and he could swear she came as he spit on her tight asshole.

Without even thinking about it, Marcus pushed the elastic waist of his pants down, letting his cock jump free. Under the blanket, he wrapped his hand around his hard meat and began to stroke more pointedly. The guy on the screen pulled his cock from the girl’s cunt and slowly teasing, he began to push into her little pucker as she moaned and begged him to plow her ass until she screamed.

Marcus didn’t even realize when his sister shifted in his other arm, her lips parting slightly. He just watched as the large black cock began to take its time impaling the tight little ass, working deeper into it before pulling back and shoving forward again. His hand began to move faster up and down his cock and he knew he was close to cumming. Another soft groan escaped him and his sister’s eyes opened, drowsily looking down at the blanket.

In her half-asleep state, she didn’t quite understand why the blanket was moving so furiously and she shifted again.

“Mm… What are you doing Marcus?” Her voice was heavy with drowsiness, but just the sound of it against his chest made Marcus release his load. His back arched and he shot his hot seed all over the inside of the blanket, grunting. It wasn’t until his orgasm had nearly finished that he realized who had spoken.

Wide eyes darted to his innocent sister, looking up at him, and he felt the heat rise in his face. He was ashamed. She reached out and grabbed the blanket, pulling it back and gasping as she looked on in surprise. Though not as much surprise as he felt when she touched his cum on the blanket and pulled it up to her lips.

“I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have- I didn’t mean to-” He stuttered, but his sweet little sister looked up at him, her cum covered fingers in her mouth a moment longer.

“It’s cum…” she flushed, her mind slowly putting the pieces together. “You were… jacking off?” He turned redder at her words, trying to cover himself again. To his shock and embarrassment, he was still rock hard and throbbing. His sister didn’t seem the least bit concerned that she had just swallowed his seed. As a matter of fact, she looked down at the rest of it on the blanket and almost in a daze she leaned forward, “You made a mess…”

Marcus’s eyes widened and he watched, taken aback by his sister as she began licking the blanket, cleaning up his cum. When she was done, she moved to his cock. Some of it still remained there, where the last shot or two had done barely more than pour out of his cock instead of shooting.

Marcus jerked as Lora’s tongue made contact with his cock and his cock jumped. He knew he should stop her, but as she bathed his cock with her hot mouth, he just couldn’t make himself. She even closed her pretty little lips around the head and began sucking out the remnants of his load, making his back arch.

“Lora…” Her name started out as a plea to stop and turned into a plea to continue. He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair, intending to stroke it or pull her back, but before he knew it he was pushing her down, his hips rocking up to feed her more of his cock. His head went back and he groaned as she suckled him, his throbbing cock aching in her hot mouth. “Fuck…”

Lora, for her part, moaned softly before he pulled her back. He shook his head, fighting his own need for more of her. He knew it was wrong. He knew she would do anything to make him happy… He knew he shouldn’t take advantage of her love.

“That’s— You have to stop,” he shuddered and he didn’t sound like he meant the words at all. Lora frowned a little, her hand on his thigh.

“I- I just didn’t want you to be a mess,” she flushed and Marcus felt his cock throb. She sounded so innocent, so pure. “And you’re still so hard. Do you need to cum again? Does it hurt? I read that it can hurt sometimes… I don’t want you to hurt Marcus.”

She sounded so sweet. It was his utter undoing. He gripped her hair tightly and pulled her to him, kissing her hard. He grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his cock, encouraging her to stroke him as he gave in. When he pulled back from the kiss, he was breathy and her lips were wet with his saliva, “Yes… Yes I need to cum again.” He shuddered as he said the words.

Lora flushed and stroked his cock, her small hand so soft around him. She kissed his lips gently, pressing close, “I’ll make you cum. I do it for Daddy sometimes, when mom isn’t around.” Marcus nearly shot his load right then. Lora had been making their dad cum.

Marcus reached out and grasped his sister’s breast. She was only wearing a thin camisole to cover her tits. They had grown on the last few months and they filled his hand perfectly. She moaned softly and he could feel her hard nipple pressing into his palm.

“Dad does this to you?” He moved his hand, pinching her nipple through her top, pulling on it lightly. She moaned and nodded. He groaned. Her hand felt amazing on his cock. She was getting a lot of practice, he thought. “And this?” His hand slid down and he gently teased her crotch through her pajamas. She shifted and spread her legs a little more, flushing and moaning.

She nodded.

“Fuck.” It was a statement. He couldn’t believe what he was learning. His hand came back up and he grabbed the hem of his sister’s shirt, pulling it up. She moved to give him what he wanted. Her hand came off of his cock, but in return he was greeted by a pair of delicious, perky breasts with hard pink nipples. He grabbed her around the ribs and pulled her into his lap, settling her so that she straddled him. His hands slid down to her ass and he pulled her against him. His eyes didn’t lift from her breasts as he spoke, “Rub against me. Grind.”

She obeyed without a word of complaint, rocking her hips so that she rubbed her barely clothed crotch, up and down the length of his cock. His hands moved up and he grasped both of her breasts, groaning more loudly. Leaning forward, he pulled a nipple into his mouth and began to suckle it. She blushed and moaned, her fingers in his hair, encouraging.

“Marcus!” she gasped as he moved from one breast to the other, then back. He took his time, squeezing and caressing her tits as she slowly dry humped him. He could feel her pajama pants getting wet. The fabric was thin and she was very, very damp. He wondered (he actually hoped) if she had a messy, leaky, creamy cunt waiting for him. He suddenly wanted to make her cum so hard that it hurt to think about it.

In a single, sharp movement he had thrown his little sister off of him, down onto her back on the couch, and he was on top of her. He kissed her hard and ground his cock into her cunt. Her legs wrapped around him and she cried out, her back arching, her soft, dark locks webbing over the couch. Her cries were so soft, so sweet, so needy. He had to have her- all of her.

Marcus grabbed the waist of his sister’s pants and began to slide down her body. By the time his face was level with the juncture of her parted legs, all she was wearing was her panties. They were pink and they were soaked. A dark stain marked the crotch. He leaned forward and sniffed her, his hands on her thighs. Moaning softly, he rubbed his nose against her panties, then his tongue, tasting her through the cotton. She arched her back and gasped, as he began to tongue the fabric more firmly, more quickly.

He could taste her juices through the fabric and he could tell she was creaming more as he licked her. With a groan, and the first of many growls, he put his full attention into licking her cunt through her panties, even sucking on the fabric. When he captured her clit inside the fabric, gently holding it in his teeth and sucking on the little nub, she screamed and began to cum. His eyes widened and he groaned as she gushed. Her panties were not the only thing that were soaked when she was done. A wet spot was soaking into the couch, a testament to how hard she had cum.

Marcus was on top of her again in a flash, his cock pressed against her juicy pink panties. He kicked off his own pants and kissed her hard, yanking off her panties. He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to be inside of his sister. In a single, well aimed thrust, he got what he wanted. Lora cried out and arched her back as he buried his throbbing rod, balls deep, into her cunt. His eyes rolled back into his head and he pulled away from the kiss, his own back arching.

He began to fuck her slowly at first. Each thrust was deliberate, punctuated. He would pull back fully, savoring every inch that slipped out of her until nothing but the tip remained. Then he would slam into her, burying himself entirely, making her cry out as his cock butted against her cervix.

“Fuuuck,” he groaned again, looking down at his sweet sister, flushed as she pushed up to meet him. “Does Dad do this too?”

He reached out and stroked her cheek as he waited for her answer, pulling his cock back ever so slowly. She nodded as she met his eyes, her lips parted. Every thrust forward brought a sharp cry of pleasure, and maybe a little pain, from her. He shuddered, holding back the urge to just grab her hips and rut into her like an animal. Lora was his sister, he loved her. It should be special, not the rabid coupling that generally occurred between teenagers and college students when they had no control over their desires. He wanted her to remember how good he had made her feel. He wanted to remember how hard she made him.

“Say it. Tell me what Daddy does to you. Tell me what I’m doing.” He ached to spurt inside of her, but he held back. There would be time for that. This was their first mating, he thought it should last.

Lora looked up at him with wide eyes, licking her lips a little, her breasts bouncing as he thrust forward, her nipples dancing for him as her sharp little cry cut through the room. “He fucks me. You- You’re fucking me, Marcus.”

Marcus tensed and barely held back an orgasm, shuddering. He leaned down and kissed his sister softly, affectionately. This was a million times better than fucking his girlfriend. He could feel the energy he and his sister shared, even though he knew it was wrong he wanted it. He wanted to fill her with his cum and then flip her over and slide his cock into her ass.

“And do you like it?” He was beginning to move a little more quickly, unable to help himself as his breath grew shorter. His hand slid down to her breast and grabbed it, squeezing the fleshy globe.

“Yes! Yes, I like it.” He knew she wasn’t lying. She was creaming his cock right now. He leaned forward and let his lips brush her ear. He could feel her shudder as he nipped at the lobe, flicking his tongue over it as he groaned.

“I’m going to fuck you hard and cum in your pussy. I’m going to fill you up until it leaks out. Is that okay?” He didn’t think he could stop even if it wasn’t, not anymore, but it would make it better if she wanted his cum too.

“Yes!” Her soft voice was a little shrill and she wrapped her arms around him, “Yes, please cum in me Marcus!” Her tits pressed hard against his chest as she bucked beneath him, trying to fuck him herself.

“Fuuck!” he growled the word and began to thrust in her hard and fast, no longer playing games. He ground his hands into the couch, pulling back a little to watch her body move as he pounded her. He looked down to see his cock plunging in and out of her and realized that his rod was coated in her cream. She wasn’t just a little messy, she was downright nasty. She was flooding his cock with cream and she wasn’t even cumming. He watched as she threw her head back, screaming, and he felt the pleasure bunching up in his stomach. It was like a lead ball, growing and growing, until suddenly it exploded.

With a bellow, he began filling his sister’s cunt with his cum. He pounded her harder than ever, planting his seed into her womb, without ever thinking to ask her if she was on the pill or not. He bellowed again as another intense wave of pleasure rushed through him, a second shot, then a third, fourth, and fifth emptying in her. He had never cum so hard in his life and he still wasn’t done.

And then he realized that she was cumming too. She was gushing around his cock and he could feel it washing over his sensitive balls.

“Fuck!! FUCK!!” He pounded into her for a few more minutes, until finally his explosive orgasm, and hers, began to fade. Even as he collapsed over her, her cunt throbbed around him, milking him for more. He breathed heavily atop her, kissing her neck and shoulders. She lay beneath him, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She wiggled a little beneath him, rocking her hips.

A soft moan escaped her and he realized that his cock was not softening like it should. Closing his eyes, he let himself enjoy the way she squirmed under him, trying to make him fuck her more. He could imagine how wet her little ass was, how much juice had crept down and soaked into the couch. He shuddered, remembering the way the black man on the screen had spread the little cheerleader’s ass open with his thumbs.

Sitting up slowly, he kissed his sister, pulling her into his lap. She kissed him back, settling with her curvy little ass against his cock. He stroked her breast, softly running his thumb over her nipple as she curled against him.

“Lora?” His voice was gentle as he ran his hand down her body, between her legs again, “Are you still aching?” His fingers slid between her legs and rubbed against her clit lightly. She moaned and rubbed against him. He could feel his cum leaking out of her onto his thigh and he slowly plugged her with two fingers, pumping them in and out of her leaking twat.

She nodded, whimpering as she moaned, “Yes… Yes, please make me cum again.” She blushed at the words and he had the feeling that their father didn’t worry too much about whether she was sated or not. He kissed her again. He continued to finger her as she moaned and wiggled in his lap, but he never worked her fast enough, or hard enough, to make her cum. He just kept her on the edge. He needed her to ache for release until it hurt. He needed her to be desperate when he asked her for what he really wanted.

Only when his thigh was thoroughly covered in her juices did he top kissing her. He pulled his fingers out and pushed them a little further down, pressing them lightly against her asshole. He ran them in a circle around her little pucker, his cock throbbing at the sound of her soft, surprised moan.

“Has Daddy ever been back here?” He pushed his fingers a little more firmly against her rosebud, just to be clear, and she gasped. She shook her head quickly. He licked his lips, seeing a little flash of uncertainty in her eyes. “Does it feel good when I do this?” He began to push just the tips of two fingers into her ass. He knew he was pushing his chances, trying to get two in at once on the first try, but he was excited and she was so wet back there that he thought he could get away with it.

She gasped, then nodded, her face flushed with pleasure and possibly embarrassment. He stroked her hair with his other hand, giving her a comforting kiss.

Ella had been in a stern mood before her latest function, and Gray had known the strength of her arm prior to the guests arrival; she had taken pleasure in thrashing him whilst he lay naked on her bed, watched eagerly by Rosie and the new housemaid Kate, who would take over from Rosie shortly; the present maid having earned her right to dominate as a mistress under Ella’s wing. Gray howled in a delirious mixture of pleasure and pain as Ella delivered her final strokes and then passed the cane to Rosie. Ella smiled as she slipped her hand under Gray’s body and felt his erect cock and expectant balls.

“I need you to be at your most submissive this evening, which is why you shall be put firmly in your place before the guests arrive, some of whom are very special. Rosie shall give you another ten strokes, and then Kate will introduce herself to you in the same manner. You will be allowed to masturbate at her feet after punishment has been served.” Gray squirmed on the bed, longing for relief after having his cock nursed by the soft hand of his mistress, knowing the spiteful Rosie would make the most of her ten strokes; he would then know the sweet humiliation of being thrashed by the new housemaid, who had already spoken curtly to Gray, asserting her natural dominance. Kate was shapely and ginger haired; a recipe for spite and self-esteem. She had been taken in by Ella after living by her wits on the streets, a victim of abuse from males in the past, she had developed a natural bent for vengeance against anything in possession of a penis. She had found her way to Arachne House last winter in a poor condition and though no facility for females exists there, the women would always take in certain females in need and house them within the staffing quarters. After being restored to health and hygiene by Hope and the others, her sense of natural superiority was also quickly restored by the stern women and their treatment of the males there. Showing the necessary spite so naturally when allowed to chastise males under the smiles of Hope’s watching supervision, Ella was quickly alerted to her talents, as a replacement for the fast maturing Rosie. The ginger harpie sneered at the cowering Gray and watched Rosie impatiently as her mentor flexed the cane.

“You must show Gray here regular chastisement with the cane, and be sure to apply it thoroughly; he thinks being mistress’s special pet earns him leniency in the household, so you must be sure to make him recognise his place below you at every opportunity.” Gray squirmed as Rosie brought the cane down hard for the first of her ten strokes making him yelp with pain; his cock stiffened in recognition of the giggles which came from young Kate, her pleasure at his pain so apparent; he would enjoy being punished by her and hoped she would show Rosie’s penchant for being pleasured by his tongue. After he squirmed in stinging pain on Rosie having delivered her ten strokes with vitality, he was not to be disappointed in any way by the ginger girls deft application of the rattan; his cock pulsing on the bed below him, eager to shoot as Rosie laughed with contempt, accentuating his glorious humiliation at being thrashed by a girl less than half his age.

Kate savoured her moment of domination by discarding her back dress, allowing Gray to see her nubile young shape In bloomers and petticoats; a generous damp patch outlined the lips of her youthful but experienced cunt, bearing testimony to the depth of pleasure she gained from seeing his torment. She had been the object of male abuse before, and now she would show this one who was in charge; her spite magnified by prior experience.

Rosie grinned with a pleasure of her own as the door opened and Ella ushered in three middle-aged ladies, who were all a little flushed with this fresh excitement; new to the society having recently found the courage to expose their feelings of dominance in company. Gray’s cock was fit to explode as he viewed the smiling women who would witness his humiliation, and the collar and leash that Ella displayed; waiting for him. The ladies sneered and chuckled as Kate flexed the cane in preparation, one of them was excited beyond all expectation.

“So you allow the maids to discipline your male as well? What a delicious prospect.”. Ella smiled down at Gray as he quiverered, ready for the caning from the girl.

“Why of course, it is only natural; he must recognise his place below all females, especially those within the household. He is ‘master’ in title alone; all females are ‘mistress’ to him, and he is made to remember this at every opportunity. You will see how he has learned to worship all females when Kate has administered his punishment.” Gray’s balls tingled as he relished being shown his place by the ginger girl before an audience of mature women; they gasped as the nubile maid set about her task with a vigour which they found refreshing to see; the broad smile she wore displaying her acute pleasure in applying each cutting stroke, making their cunts tingle with jealousy and admiration. Gray’s yelps as his bare flesh accepted the striping rattan were equally pleasing to the women, each witnessing corporal punishment of an adult male for the first time. They applauded wildly as the prim maid applied her final stroke and lifted Gray’s head by his hair to witness and enjoy the tears he shed like a child; her cunt juiced and tingling as she revelled in her domination of him. Ella smiled with satisfaction as she witnessed the pleasure on the faces of both her new maid, and the women new to her society. Rosie just sneered with haughty contempt; she would soon have her own male pet to dominate. Ella jangled the collar and leash which awaited Gray’s neck.

“You’ll kneel at your better’s feet now Gray, and show our new members how a lowly male appreciates just punishment.” Kate assisted by keeping hold of his hair, asserting her control over him as he meekly obeyed and climbed from the bed to kneel before her and Rosie; the women tittered and gasped as they saw his erect cock, his bell-end glistening as wet as his eyes, betraying his submissive pleasure at being thrashed by a young girl, despite the stinging pain. As if their witnessing a naked adult male kneeling before a smiling housemaid, with manhood stiff and erect was not enough, the women watched open mouthed as Gray’s humiliation was set by the next command; Ella was warming up nicely for a special evening.

“You will now disgrace yourself before your superiors; you will then help our new maid prepare for the evening, and she shall have the pleasure of leading you collared before our guests downstairs. All will see the evidence of her dominance over you; she has marked your flesh delightfully.” The new ladies who had already been treated to sights they had previously only dreamed of in their most carnal moods, such was the staid Victorian society they frequented, looked on open mouthed with their cunts in full arousal as Gray eagerly stroked his cock; masturbation was a sin, and seeing a mature male debase himself at the feet of a maid who had caned him. Kate grinned at the women as they put their hands over their mouths, still a little shy at showing their full enjoyment of his domination. The ginger maid winked at them and pulled Gray’s nose into the warm damp cleft of her cunt; Gray’s back stiffened to match his cock as he took in the spicy scent of her youthful cunt, the ladies would be treated to the sight of semen erupting from his cock in no time at all. Gray moaned in ecstasy as he duly shot his creamy white tribute over the maid’s feet and ankles; the flushed women gawping with wide smiles at first, then applauding as Gray spent generously, his orgasm and delivery accentuated sweetly in the humiliation of their approval. Ella smiled with satisfaction and applauded to, more than pleased with her pet’s performance, and turned to her new members.

“My vision is that all males shall be reduced thus; Gray will enjoy being paraded by my maid tonight, he has learned the true position of males in life. You will see other examples of males who have learned to recognise their correct role this evening; we hope to accommodate you with pets in the same way as you progress in our society. Gray has one more task to perform for you before we don our masks for tonight’s pleasures.” Ella simply smiled at Kate, who deftly slapped Gray and pointed to her feet with a contemptuous grin. With his semi-flaccid cock still dribbling, Gray bent and began the task of licking his warm semen from the girls feet and legs, his balls tingling as he listened to the laughs of the women as he devoured his own salty mess; he knew his place alright, and his humiliation was complete.

As Rosie led the women out to prepare for the evening, Ella turned to Gray.

“You will visit your old habitat with Kate and I tomorrow, as your expertise is required with the choosing of some materials I require; this will also give you the opportunity to thank the new management team there, which you will find most exhilarating.” Gray knew that his ‘exhilaration’ would be further humiliation; as Ella departed and Kate began to undress, his cock began to stiffen again as he imagined being dominated by women unknown at the shop where he was once master. Kate had him kneel as she sat on the bed and removed her soiled bloomers, his cock made a full revival as she spread her legs and displayed a very inviting ginger haired cunt, glistening with arousal; a delicious brown asshole flexed in and out as she lifted her soft white thighs.

“Mistress says I may have my pleasure of you whenever I desire it; you shall quell my excitement before washing me and helping me to dress, you’ll lick my asshole clean and then pleasure my cunt. You will perform both tasks to my satisfaction or receive the cane once more.” Gray did not hesitate when she pointed to her asshole; he sniffed at her tangy anus and lovingly licked at the sweet pucker before probing deep into its warmth; Kate rubbed her clitoris as she enjoyed his obedience and the lush feel of his tongue, her control of him giving her haughty ego as much pleasure as the exquisite physical stimulation awarded; she owned him now, as much as her mistress, and she would show him a firm hand incessantly. She pulled him up to her cunt and leaned back on her elbows as Gray willingly licked at the delicious pinky folds of her cunt before worshipping her prominent clitoris, his cock now rigid once more. Kate moaned and pointed her elegant legs skyward as Gray rasped vigorously at her juicy cunt, ensuring his punisher induldged in a satisfying orgasm. Sated for the moment she led him to the basin and sat naked in a wicker chair while he filled it with warm soapy water; she remained seated and pointed to mat on which he would kneel to wash her feet and lower legs first, before she too stood on the mat, and smiled contentedly as he sponged her torso and thighs. She spread her legs and allowed him to wash her intimate parts, smiling as viewed his erect cock; just the routine of being made to wash her soft white body excited him. After washing her upper body and padding her down with a soft towel she allowed him to wash while she sprayed her body with an atomiser, filling the room with feminine scent.

His cock bobbed as he rolled her black stockings up her soft white legs, then she passed him a pair of black lace knickers, smiling as she had him sniff the crotch to ensure they were fresh before Letting him ease them up her silky legs to tightly cover her cunt and ass cheeks. After slipping on her black shoes and tying her black Basque, she put on her small black mask and led him to a large mirror, having him kneel in front of it.

“I want you to see yourself being collared, leashed, and hooded by your new house-mistress, you’ll then be led downstairs like a dog; I am so excited at having all our guests know I have dominated you, your humiliation will be so enjoyable, I’ll carry the cane that’s marked you; the women will make me feel oh so proud.” She took the cane and sneered at their reflection in the mirror as she stroked Gray’s ass cheeks with it, drawing his attention to the still fresh pink stripes and blossoming purple bruising which adorned it. Gray’s own excitement was also reflected by his renewed erection; being disciplined by a young lady of low status within the household had been very pleasurable; he knew that the evidence of her work would bring Ella’s hierarchy of friends much satisfaction, and he longed to be displayed as the masked ginger maid grinned with pleasure as she buckled the black collar of ownership about his neck, before slipping a black leather hood over his head.

Kate strutted amidst the applause of the society women, keeping a studied look of nonchalance as she led the naked and punished Gray on all fours amongst them; the key members all knew of her former life of abuse at the hands of males, and relished her elevation to her true status, and the evidence of her spite shown by the obedient Gray’s punished flesh. Many of the ladies newer to the society inquired upon acquiring her services as ‘maid for the day’; they would delight in seeing their husbands justly brought down to complete submission on being thrashed vigorously to ejaculation by a nubile yet spiteful maid. Kate would soon be in a heaven of her own, witnessing a diversity of semen, spent in submission to her dominance. Ella, Constance and Faith smiled down on Gray with smug satisfaction, as the other ladies crowded them to inquire upon the maid’s availability; his cock poking stiff as the scantily clad mature women sneered with contempt as he was paraded on all fours. His humiliation was heightened by their costumes, each woman wearing a small black mask which did little to hide identity, yet somehow made them all the more erotic in a sinister way; fashion for the evening seemed to be black lace, each woman’s full and rounded breasts clearly displaying nipples and areola through the thin lace, expressing their womanhood unashamedly. Gray’s cock perked as he recognised the three women who had witnessed his caning; though dressed demurely before when they had increased his submissive enjoyment as he was punished, all three now looked the perfect dominatrix, their legs exposed in black silk stockings with canes and whips as per all the other women there. Gray felt his leash being tugged and Kate led him over to them.

“You will do the honour of introducing yourself by sniffing each lady in turn, and then kissing their feet, to apologise for the fuss you made when receiving your punishment.” A large circle of women gathered round to witness Gray’s humbling; each of the three eagerly pressed their plump torso’s forward as Gray kneeled and sniffed at their cunts which were expressed excitedly in their black silk knickers, his cock oozing lubrication as he took in their mature womanly scent before kissing the black ankle boots each wore. Gray was then made to kneel in silence as other guests continued to arrive.

There was much excitement as Madam Sarah Morton strutted pompously into the vast drawing room, having masked and discarded her cloak in the hall; her nipples poked excitedly through the black lace as women openly applauded her having her husband on a leash. He followed obediently behind her, his erect cock poking in its own excitement, lifting the fabric of his loose black leggings as he enjoyed the public humiliation; he was made to kneel before his host and kiss her feet, before his Mistress expressed her undisputed authority over him; pointing to a chair by the wall which had been reserved by him.

“You’ll drop your leggings about your ankles to allow the ladies to see your pathetic excuse for a penis, and don’t you dare let me catch you playing with yourself.” The women applauded once more as Morton did as he was told, bowing under the sneers and scorn of the women, he dropped hid leggings about his ankles and sat with his erect cock displayed for their benefit and his humiliation; he remained obediently stationed at the command of his wife, one of only two males granted permission of a chair, one other sat opposite, masked with cock rudely on show also. All the other males were as per Gray, naked and leashed like the pets they were; many knelt on the floor close to those with the privilege of a chair, though all equally under firm control and no communication between them, either verbal or by the deftest gesticulation, was tolerated. There was to be a male present in a further guise; one which both Sarah Morton and her subservient husband would both appreciate, arriving shortly with the dominant Hope from Arachne House. Morton’s exposed cock grew stiffer as his dominant wife and the senior ladies of the circle turned and faced him with curt smiles from their position in the centre of the room; he could not hear their conversation but he knew he was the subject of their discussion, and the array of full breasts and plump buttocks made him yearn to be disciplined en masse, his balls tingled as a passing woman stroked his stiff cock with her cane. He knew some form of humiliation was to come his way. Sarah Morton sneered at her husband; though her pointing nipples were the only sign from her controlled external posture that she was aroused sexually, her cunt was wet with excitement as she discussed a promised acquisition with Ella and the others.

“I shall so enjoy humiliating him in the extreme; I know he is not remotely homosexual, but I sensed his excitement at a function where some very feminine ladyboys were present, and he confessed his perversion under the cane later. I shall have them couple before one and all, both will be shamed, and though I shall have more pity for the effeminate one, ‘her’ coming out will be a sweetly enjoyable humiliation; to lose her virginity whilst her sire is also publicly shamed will be exquisite.” Constance was particularly thrilled by the prospect of the debasement of two males for the pleasure of the women present, even if one of the males was as effeminate in mind, and for the most part in body, as the female onlookers.

“And what do you have planned for her when she is installed in your household?” Sarah’s full breasts heaved in the black lace as her tight corset lifted them when she breathed excitedly, grinning wickedly at the schemes she had in mind.

“I shall flaunt her before my husband, denying him relief by her unless in the company of other women, or at a function; all will know of his indiscretions, and it will give me license to enjoy the company of males of my choice, who will service me while he watches, denied further, and humiliated completely. She will accompany everywhere in daily life, enslaved as a female, as only a male could appreciate. She will be used as a tool to bring the husbands of other dominant women into line; their humiliation witnessed and recorded to ensure their obedience perpetually.” Their conversation was brought to an end by a welcomed interruption; the excitement was felt by males and females alike as the superior Hope made her entrance, with two naked males, naked and leashed ready for new ownership and a pretty girl dressed in virginal white; she was also leashed which startled a few of the women there, unaware of the speciality which lay beneath her outer feminine form. She teetered on high heeled boots, tears staining her soft cheeks from the caning she had received from the stern Hope en route to the destination at which she would realise her fate. Ella and the others who knew her secret smiled smugly as they viewed the astounded faces of other female guests, appalled at swing another female in bondage; Elsa’s newfound femininity, enhanced by make-up and the restrictions of a tight bodice were entirely convincing. Beneath her tightly elasticated bloomers, Elsa’s little cock stiffened with an excitement of her own as she felt all eyes on her, as the stern Hope shepherded her with the cane she had recently had the pleasure of. She was brought away from the two crouching and totally submissive males, to be examined by her host and Sarah Morton, who almost shed tears of her own as she viewed her new purchase with complete satisfaction.

Beth was the only child of a middle aged catholic couple. Brought up in the proper way Beth was raised strong in the faith, and schooled at the convent grammar in the nearby town. As bright and pretty as she was she did not have a lot of friends. Having to catch the bus to school meant that in the evening she would be isolated from her friends and an outsider to the few local children her age. After spending so many evenings alone reading, one thing she did have was a good imagination.

As a late teenager Beth had discovered the secret pleasures of self abuse. Even at a girls catholic school in the 60′s, naked pictures of men were often passed around. Girls would publicly giggle at the long hanging cocks but at night those images would return in their dreams and fantasies. Having been brought up in the knowledge that all sex was in some way wrong, dirty and wicked, Beth had had a horror of being found indulging her own pussy in the darkness. One picture in particular had a significant effect. It had shown a man and a woman together. The woman being naked on her hands and knees was letting this man put his stiff penis into her from behind. What puzzled her was how could she let him see her naked, never mind how he came to be putting that long thing into her. It all seem too weird and to rude to be true. The only thing that thinking about it did though was to get her panties all wet from her very aroused pussy.

The girls at school had speculated about how it could come about that man could enter a woman. Some thought that maybe the priest made you do things like that after you got married. Some girls suggested that kissing made you both drunk then you didn’t feel shy undressing in front of each other.

So the rude thoughts had made her inquisitive about her own pussy. Why did it get so wet? Why if she touched it pleasure shot through her body? Given time she had advanced her technique and had begun to rub her pussy more and more often, and with more and more vigour. But as she had started to masturbating she knew that if had to be done as quietly as possible in the middle of the night, or in strange isolated places where there was no chance of being caught.

At first she had only used her fingers to tease her sensitive nub but as her confidence grew she went on to slip more and more fingers up inside her tight hole. When this got routine Beth found it exciting to find random objects that could be substituted for the large, thick cock of an imaginary lover. In the cellar of her Grans house she had spent quite a few sessions on an old chair with her feet wide apart up on the wall, using a glass rolling pin as the shaft of a slave boy. Sweating and muscular, he was fucking her mercilessly with his black veined monster. These times would leave her exhausted, sat in a puddle of her own making.

All this was years ago though, she had married at 21. Then the 2 children came along and having time and opportunity seemed to evaporate, she hadn’t played with herself since she was 20. Now at 56 and her husband 2 months in the grave these thoughts had started to rear their heads once again.

Her husband hadn’t been the most adventurous lover but what he lacked in imagination he made up for with the size of his bulbous member. Not that long at 7 inches but he had a huge purple end. And as a slim small woman it was proportionally massive. When in full vigour, it had felt like he would reach her stomach as he thrust up her love hole. She always came.

Now laid on the bed, she casually turned the pages of some of his porn mags she had found when clearing the shed. She wondered if her husband had beaten his cock in his secret place while reading them like she had to do in her youth. After her shower Beth had gone to her bedroom with a distinct plan. She had taken care to shut the curtains without leaving gaps and placed the phone off the hook. Now naked on her bed she was free to turn the pages and let the fingers of the right hand drift across her pubis. Pictures of young women with their taught pussies being stretched by gorgeous hunks was doing something for her. Porn had come a long way from the 60′s. The one picture with the spent cock and dripping pussy definitely made her test just how slippery her pussy was. Yes her labia was wet, 2 fingers went easily in and she hardly noticed. She realised if she was going to fuck herself she would have to find something thick and long to do it. Looking around she spotted her hairbrush. The handle was smooth wide and long. Sliding it up and down her pussy gave her that thrill from her Gran’s cellar. As she worked it up she fell back and closed her eyes. That black lover was doing his magic. She spread her legs wider to make room for her phantom youth. But it wasn’t enough, Beth wanted more. On her dresser was a tall scent bottle 2 inches across, yes that was what she needed. She got it and lay down again. God she needed this! With abandon she drove it urgently home again and again. She wanted a fix now, this wasn’t the time for a slow build up. Beth wanted release. Drawing her knees together she went into convulsions as her first orgasm in months ripped through her body.

Slowly relaxing she lowered her knees and brought the offending bottle out of her sloppy cunt with a pop. This was good but she wanted to repeat it. Beth thought about finding someone but it was too soon after the funeral. Plus she really wasn’t that unhappy about being single. What she needed was a clean casual lover who would do everything she asked of them. It came to her as clear as 150 watt bulb in a cupboard.

There and then she dressed, choosing a top that made the most of her 38C bust. She hopped into the car and drove into town. Well prepared and with a plan, the only thing she had not done was put any panties on under her knee length skirt. It was late in the afternoon but she was targeting a particular shoe shop. She had been there the previous week just looking, and had being served by a very timid young man. As she entered she was delighted to see the same ungamely youth selecting items for an elderly woman. Pretending to be browsing their stock Beth waited until he became available.

“Could you help me please young man?”

“Yes madam of course.” answered the shy attendant. ‘Garth’ was on his name tag.

“Could you show me a selection of your black stiletto shoes size 4.” Beth sat in an upholstered chair. and took in the scene. Just Garth serving and another female assistant sorting out the days till receipts with her back to the shop.

It took Garth some 5 minutes to assemble half a dozen pairs. Garth returned and assumed his normal waiting on position kneeling down in front of Beth’s legs. As he went through his usual patter on comfort, style etc he became aware that this lady had parted her legs a little more than he would have expected. In the corner of his eye he thought he could glimpse stocking tops under the skirt. A little flustered he tried to avoid looking that way obviously but was constantly unconsciously being drawn to look again.

“These shoe with the thin straps would suits your narrow ankles madam.”

“Yes try them on me please.”

As he fumbled with the buckle Beth opened her thighs more. There was enough light that Garth had a clear view of a shaved 56 year old pussy. What’s more it appeared wet. In shock he instinctively looked up and was caught by Beth’s constant stare, he knew he been caught peeking.

“I like the look of these Garth, did you like your look?”

Garth blushed.

“Take a good long look Garth.” Beth encouraged. Garth froze as she leant forward and whispered “You can have a closer look if you have an hour after work to come home with me and help a lonely lady out?”

Garth hadn’t had much experience with women but he wasn’t gay, just not confident. He had done a lot of whacking off, and his bed sheets were often such a mess but real women, no. He had felt some girls tits at a party, and then only because she was drunk. Was he brave enough, what had he to lose. None of his friends would ever find out. Garth thought about it. She was smaller than he was so he probably wouldn’t be in danger, plus he could always run off. He was likely to be quicker than she was. In his mind he worked out that he couldn’t refuse this polite lady.

“Yes madam I finish in 10 minutes, I would like to help out.” Garth manage to say in a very sheepish fashion. With that Beth closed her thighs and the sweet scent of quim juice reached Garths nostrils for the first time ever.

Beth decided to buy a particularly tall pair of heels and told Garth that she would wait opposite the shop in her red Suzuki.

25 minutes later at the end of a very formal drive home Beth drew into her driveway just as darkness was decending. She unlocked the front door and went directly up stairs.

“The down stairs bathroom is there Garth if you’ll be so good as to wash, I’ll be down in a few minutes. Make yourself at home.”

“Thanks mam.”

“Beth Garth, Beth, you can’t be calling me madam or mam Garth.” She corrected him.

“Sorry mam, Beth.”

He went to the bathroom and washed his cock, it was so hard, It had been since the display in the shop. In the living room he sat in the light of the hallway.

“Oh you silly boy Garth.” said Beth returning and putting on some mood lights. Closing the curtains she returned and sat in an armchair opposite Garth. Her skirt was shorter with the same stockings only now she had on the tall heels.

“Did you like my little show in the shop Garth? Come and kneel in front of me. I hope I didn’t shock you too much Garth?”

“Oh no Beth, no it was, err nice.”

“Only nice Garth, really your eyes were so large and you got such a large bulge in the front of your trousers. Do you want me to do that for you again Garth, this time we can talk too?”

“Yes I think I would like that.” With that she pulled her skirt up and parted her thighs. She watched as Garths eyes followed her every move. Using just a single finger she stroked up and down her lips until they too were parted. Then she leant backwards for him to inspect.

“Can you see how you are making the juice run out of my pussy Garth. It’s you watching that is doing that. Shall I carry on?”

“Please Beth.”

“When I’m alone Garth I sometimes feel that I need a man inside me so I make do by touching myself.”

With that Beth found her love hole and pushed a finger up. Repeating the motion for a little while she withdrew it and then circles her clit before placing the finger in her mouth and sucking it off.

“What do you do Garth when you need a woman?”

Garth was in awe. The question took longer than usual to sink in.

“At night Beth I get terribly randy and have to rub my cock.”

“Does it shoot white cum out when you do Garth? Asked Beth while she tried 2 fingers for size.

“Yes lots, it can be 4 or 5 times each night. I catch it in tissues or else my bed would be soaking.”

“Why don’t you get him out now while you are watching me, I can see him try to escape now!”

With that Garth started to undo his pants and as he did Beth speeded up her rhythmic fingers a little. Soon his member was upright before him. He clutched it in his right hand while cradling his balls with his left. Garth was uncircumcised and about 6 inches. Beth wasn’t bothered by this. It was his presence and compliance she wanted, not length.

“Pull down on him hard Garth, I want to see how you abuse him at night. Have you had your cock in a girl Garth?”

“No Beth, never.” Garth was beating his cock now without any qualms.

Beth reached under a cushion and pulled out the glass perfume bottle. Slowly working it in she prised open her pussy and start to fuck herself with it. While it was being guided in and out her left hand was kneading her clit.

This was too much for poor Garth.

“I’m going to cum Beth, ohrrr.”

“On this Garth, shoot it over my bottle.”

Garth clambered forward between Beth’s legs just in time for the first stream of semen to shoot over the bottle held out in front of him. Other jets went over Beth’s skirt and thighs as he continued to pump it out. The white globules caught the light on her dark skirt and sickly smell of sperm invaded the air. His viscous seed covered the bottle and Beth returned it at once up her dripping opening.

Beth motioned for him to come and stand next to her in the armchair. Leaving the bottle nested deep inside her Beth took his balls in one hand whilst pulling his foreskin back for her to lick the drops off his swollen end. Carefully she lifted the salty drops off one by one as she milked them out of him. Then she suddenly took the whole cock to the back of her throat. and started to fuck him with her mouth. With this she returned to pounding her own pussy with her toy, finally tensing and spasming like Garth had never witnessed before. She stopped sucking him and seemed to melt in front of him. Garth was left standing there his eject cock ready to go again. Beth push the bottle into his face and told him to lick it. Garth was happy to do as he was told. Covered in her sweet juices it only hardened him to lick them off.

Putting the bottle down Beth was still on fire.

“Garth would you like to put your fingers in me? Come between my legs.”

“Of course. Anything for you.” Garth knelt down and for the first time got so close to her pussy that he could smell both her cum juices and his. She had shaved, not totally, just her lips, leaving them exposed for his viewing. He had never seen a real pussy so he wasn’t sure just what he should touch. Beth guessed this and got hold of his hand.

“Here, this is my clitoris, you only ever stroke this gently, and now use your fingers between my lips, see, slip them right inside, wet and hot isn’t it?”

Beth took control of his hand and used it like her bottle, finger fucking herself. He look into her face and saw such ecstasy as she rode his 2 fingers. Without talking she slid the straps of her bra down and brought her large round breasts out of their hiding. Each nipple was hard and aroused.

“Suck these Garth and use another finger.”

Garth took over the pussy duties and finding 3 fingers tighter had to work harder at fucking her. Sucking a woman tits was a dream, at 56 they were still firm and sensitive. Each time he changes teats Beth would gave another low moan. After a few minutes Beth took his head.

“It’s time Garth, it’s time that you put your big cock in me.”

Beth pulled his hand slowly out of her quim and got onto all fours on the armchair. With her perky ass in the air she looked at Garth.

“Not too fast Garth, lick me first.”

Beth had reached behind her and was pulling her ass cheeks apart. Both her pussy and anus where there for his choosing.

“You want me to lick you Beth?”

“Yes lick eat probe. Do as you please.”

Garth positioned himself with his mouth open on her pussy. His tongue found her hard bud and from her moans he knew he was doing something right. Round and round he worked his tongue while she pushed back forcing his nose in her love hole. All his senses were being taken to the max. For the first time he noticed how erotic a woman anus could be. Beth’s was pulsating as his tongue lapped her clit.

“Can I kiss your bottom Beth?”

“Yes Garth, you can kiss it, tongue it, even put your fingers in.”

Garth pushed his fingers inside her wetness and started to tongue her anus. He felt her cunt oozing juice as he fucked her with his hand. The deeper he got his tongue the more she squirmed.

“Now Garth, take me, fuck me. I need to cum so badly.”

Garth stood up and took hold of her hips before sinking his cock up. Beth took control of the pace bouncing back onto his cock, all the while franticly rubbing her own clit. God she was close but it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t as big as her husband. Quickly she changed her mind.

“No Garth put him in my ass, funk me in my ass.”

With this she reached over and got the perfume bottle quickly pushed it all the way in, then proceeded to fuck herself. Garth put his cock at the entrance to her colon and pushed. This was by no means the first time she had taken a cock up her ass, and a much bigger cock at that. But Garth’s was good. His fucking her ass took her over the edge and she slipped into an abyss. The orgasm took over and she gave in to it, as it subsided she became more aware of Garth, still in his final throws of thrusting into her anus. He gave a grunt and tensioned. She felt the pulsing of his cock as it delivered load after load into her rectum. After the last effort he slumped on the floor behind her.

Experienced at anal sex Beth waited with her ass upwards. What Garth missed was the sight of Beth’s open sphincter slowly closing on the trail of white semen leaking out from her anus. Well what a plan, How well had she executed it. She turned over and sat watching his creamed cock twitch. That had been fantastic and maybe there was another one or two left in him.

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The sound of my phone made me wake up, letting me know I had a new text message made me wake up. The inside of my room was still pitch black so I was obliged to think it was either early Saturday morning or I had slept all the way through to Saturday evening. Blindly groping behind me, I found it and lifted it up to my face, the side of my mouth was numb and my teeth felt a little too big for my mouth as I sat up in bed. Replying to the text, I put it back on my bedside table and was about to go back to sleep when I saw that someone else was in my bed. And it wasn’t just anyone. Anna Kendrick, star of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Twilight, 50/50 and various other movies, was stark naked in my bed and had a soft smile on her face as she slept.

So, naturally the first thing I did was get an erection. I threw the covers back and slipped out of bed, ignoring the biting chill of the laminated floor in my bedroom. I pushed myself to my feet and moved over to the large windows that were open ever so slightly as the small lace curtain that was blowing gently in the wind. Shutting them, I turned around and found my boxer shorts hanging off the doorknob to my balcony. Lifting them off the knob, I looked at them and wondered how they had there. Looking down at the front of the window, I found a small bottle of hand gel that was turned upside down and leaking from the tip, just by it was a couple of crumpled up tissues that had been discarded as well. I picked up the bottle of gel and looked at it and then part of last night came back to me.

With Anna bent over at the waist, her hands digging into the sheets of my bed as I drizzled the hand gel over her ass crack and then squirted a puddle into the palm of my hand. Massaging the gel into my length, I took Anna’s ass in my hands and spread her cheeks apart, I then pressed my cock’s head against her puckered ring. Watching her shiver, I hesitated but was quickly encouraged by Anna who looked over her shoulder and nodded her head. Shrugging my shoulders, I held onto her hips and slowly pressed my cock into her ass hole.

Anna let out a long, extended groan for as long as my cock slid inside her. Her tone was low and her head was hanging forward as I entered her. My balls pressed against her still soaking wet cunt and Anna let out a soft giggle. She looked over her shoulder at me and nodded her head.

“Fuck my ass!”

I nodded my head and pulled out just a little bit, three quarters of my length were still buried inside her as I pushed myself back inside her. My hips pressed against her ass and soon I was pulling back and pushing myself forward again. Anna let out a long, low groan as I started to pull back and push forward, building up into a quick and steady penetration rate. Anna’s ass was taking more and more of my cock as I slipped in and out of her, the hand gel on both her ass hole and my cock greatly assisted me in sliding inside her.

Anna looked over her shoulder and reached for me and pulled me down into a passionate kiss. My lips collided with hers roughly the same time as my hips hit her cheeks, her mouth opened to moan and our tongues tangled together as I started to hammer in and out of her ass. Her left hand found itself planted firmly on the sheets as her right hand came up to grab and feel at the generous handful of breasts as she was rocked backwards and forwards with each plunge into her ass. My cock jerked suddenly and my orgasm was coming up, my lips fell from her mouth and she simply nodded her head. Pulling her ass off of my cock, she dropped to her knees in front of me and wrapped her hands around my cock. Her hands sliding up and down my cock, she tilted her head back and opened her mouth encouraging me to shoot my load over her face.

Grunting, I shot several ropes that exploded from my cock’s head, ripped through the air and splattered against her waiting face. Anna waited for a brief moment before she opened her eyes and let out a soft moan of pleasure before she stood up and looked around for something to wipe her face. Reaching over to the other side of the bed, on the table where my bedside clock and a small box of tissues lived, she grabbed the box and pulled out a couple of them to clean the sperm off of her face. Falling on her back, Anna idly tossed them aside and as they hit the large windows and fell to the floor, Anna fell asleep.

The bottle of gel fell from my hands and hit the floor with a soft thud, and I was somewhat taken aback. I had fucked a celebrity, and not only a celebrity but one of the hottest celebrities of the moment in the ass and she had been into it! I could barely believe it as I opened the door to my bedroom and walked into my front room. Looking around, it looked like someone had been through the place looking for something, but the throbbing piece of meat between my legs seemed to suggest it could have been mine and Anna’s handiwork.

Inside of my front room, there were a selection of things that were astray from their usual position. But, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that the kitchen table was out of position and one of the chairs had been knocked over. Walking over, I put my hand against the pine of the table and my feet brushed against something. Just under the table there was a pair of denim shorts, reaching down and picking them up, they certainly didn’t belong to me but the smell of perfume made me think they were Anna’s and almost instantly I was taken back to the night before.

Anna had kicked her shorts off of her feet and spread her legs, her wet panties joining them as she reached over and gripped at the far side of the table. She looked over her shoulder at me and cast a wink at me.

“You thought my pussy felt hot… Why don’t you come and get it?”

And with that, I had moved forward my hands had gripped the side of her waist and I was pushing my cock forward, slipping into her warm, hot love tunnel. Anna’s head fell back and her long brown hair was thrown back as she let out a long, low, unadulterated, throaty moan. My cock slid all the way inside her with relative ease, her pussy was still leaking her arousal and had greatly assisted me in entering her. I could see the side of her face and her eyes were screwed shut tightly and her mouth was hanging open, a soft smile on her face.

Her pretty pink lips parted and her soft voice filled my kitchen.

“Oh fuck yeah… Give me that cock.”

I nodded my head and started to slip in and out of her, her moans encouraging me as I picked up the pace. While every part of Anna was worth worshipping, one particular part that was so hot was her voice. She was very, very vocal when it came to sex and while I thought I was a pretty good lover, Anna only boosted my esteem.

“Fuck yes! Fuck that hot little cunt!” Anna almost screamed, her fingers curling around the ridge of the table. Thrusting harder and faster inside her, my nails dug into her skin and left some marks on her thighs as Anna let out another hot scream of pleasure. Her ass started to brush against my waist as she rocked herself back against my invading length.

A slap on her ass arrived from my left hand as she cried out in pleasure. Her ass slamming back against me, she looked over her shoulder at me with passion burning in her eyes.

“Smack that ass harder!” She almost screamed out as we both slammed in and out of each other, the table rocking with each drive inside her. I could hear the four legs of the table scraping against the tiled floor of my kitchen and I knew it would leave a mark but I didn’t care as Anna cried out for me.

“Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a real cock slut! I need your cock!” She cried out, and started to push herself harder, her hips rolling around as I entered her. Her back reached a curling point and she let out an ear shattering scream, her pussy leaking more of her cum over my cock. Gripping her shoulders, I started to hammer inside her faster and faster, driving straight through Anna’s orgasm to build up to my own.


“Ngh! God yes fuck me!”

“Anna!” I repeated, a little more urgent this time making the petite woman look over her right shoulder at me.

“Inside!” She moaned, as my balls slapped against her. The sound of my balls hitting her skin started to fill the room as both of our moaning started to join the hot mess happening on my kitchen table. As soon as my own orgasm exploded, the hot, sticky ropes of cum shooting from my length and splattering against her insides. The feel of my orgasm inside her seemed to do something to Anna who threw her head back, her back arching as if she was possessed by some sort of wicked demon of desire. Her body shook and another orgasm exploded from her, the table jolting forward and kicking one of the chairs over. The chair didn’t break as it hit the floor but I knew if I woke up with no memory of this, I would almost instantly assume it was because of a break-in.

Back in the room with what was a previously fuzzy memory coming back to me, I lifted the previously toppled chair and tucked it under the table as I adjusted the kitchen back to making it look normal. So, I actually had had sex with Anna Kendrick and she had really, REALLY had been into it. My still rock hard erection throbbed at the memories as I found myself searching for more clues as to what we had done last night.

Walking into the front room, I found my couch hadn’t been affected by our erotic adventures last night. However, just in front of the couch there was a discarded bra and a cushion simply lying on the floor. Strutting over to the cushion, I bent at the knees and looked at the cushion. I gripped the side of one of the cushions and as if by magic, I was taken back to the night before.

Anna was on her knees between my legs, her teeth catching the zipper and tugging it down, her grey eyes locking onto mine as she unzipped me. Her left and right hand came up and tugged my flies open, so she could reach in and feel my length as it hardened to her proximity. Her left hand dipped in and tugged my boxer shorts down, pulling my hard cock out. What had been a soft smile turned into an eager smirk as she looked over my length.

“WelI, can’t want to get this nice big cock into my mouth! I’ll suck on it all night if I have to before you fuck me all around your big apartment!” Anna cooed, her hand pumping up and down my shaft as she moved in closer, her breath was hot against my shaft as she opened her mouth ever so slightly and stuck her tongue out. The pink flesh stroking against my cock’s head eliciting a groan from me. My hands dug into the arms of the couch and almost turned white as my head fell back and my breathing became shallow.

Anna giggled and licked her tongue around my cock’s head as if it were a lolly pop and she was a child eager to get to the centre of the sweet treat. Her hand curled around the base of my shaft and held it steady as her mouth opened and she pushed the first couple of inches into her warm, willing and waiting mouth. Her soft lips closed around my cock and she started to slowly push her head down, her tongue pressing against the underside of my shaft as she sucked more of my cock.

Anna’s hand left the base and dipped into my shorts, fishing out my balls, her hand instantly found them to roll around in her hands as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. Her pretty brown hair bobbed with her as she closed her eyes and moaned around my cock. With her moaning, I did the same and looked down at her. Only this time, her grey eyes had locked on with mine and she shot me a sexy wink before her tongue started to bathe my cock in her spit.

She pulled her mouth off of my cock and leaned in, planting soft kisses along the side of my piece before landing at the tip and kissing the soft hole. Her hands continued to massage my balls as she opened her mouth and pushed out a small bead of her saliva that landed on my dick’s head and rolled down towards the base before she moved in to lick it up. Her lips came off from my cock and moved down to my balls, her mouth opening and then closing around my testicles. Sucking on them softly, her tongue pushed and licked against them as beads of pre-cum started to bubble out from my cock’s head.

“Oh fuck… Anna…” I groaned, my hands coming down to thread through her brown hair as she looked up at me. Her mouth came off and away from my groin before she cast a grin at me.

“You want to fuck me?” She then removed herself completely from my lap before she put her hands under her shirt and unclasped her bra, sliding it down her arms and tossing it aside and next to the cushion she had taken to kneeling on. “Why didn’t you say so?”

With that last question, I was brought back into the room and the sight of her bra on the floor made me recall lots more of the night before. Things were still jumbled up but I was remembering more and more. There was still a part of my mind that was fuzzy, was I missing a piece of what we did? I couldn’t be certain, I dropped the bra to the floor and looked around.

There was one of the few pieces of art that I had in my apartment hanging askew, I walked over to it and looked at it. My head turned around as I tried to see something that would jog my memory and set my eyes to look around when I spotted one of my favourite work shirts laying in a crumpled puddle on the ground. Picking it up, the feel of soft lips pressing against my neck flushed my senses. I dropped the shirt to the floor and touched the side of my neck where several love bites and lipstick remained smeared against my neck.

It was then that I was moved back into the night before, Anna’s shorts had been tugged down around her ankles and I was between her legs, caught between the denim of her shorts and her panties covered pussy. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my shoulders and she had tugged me into a passionate embrace as I slid forward and penetrated her lower lips.

My cock slid inside her with relative ease, I could feel how wet she was and while I wanted nothing more than to plough into her and fuck her through the walls. I took my time by slowly sliding into her and listening to her moaning for my interaction with her. Her head fell forward and her lips collided with my neck, kissing and sucking the bare skin as her hands found the front of my shirt and pulled at it frantically.

Buttons sailed across the room as she ripped the shirt open and started to push it down my body. Briefly taking one of my hands off of the wall to shrug one sleeve of the shirt off, I quickly replaced it and swapped with the other one. Me now as naked as Anna was, meant I was able to enter her as quickly as I wanted to. The head of my cock nudged against her pussy’s lips and she let out a soft cry as I slowly slipped inside her.

“Oh fuck yesssss…” Anna purred, her head falling forward and pressing against my shoulder as I slid inside of her. Her wetness greatly accelerated the process and her warm, wet walls accepted me inside of her. Her legs curled around my waist, her ankles crossing and resting together just above my ass crack as my hands firmly planted themselves on the wall. My palms went flat as Anna moaned against my neck while I started to push in and out of her.

Her nails dug into my back and left several scratch marks that dragged from the bottom of my back all the way up to my shoulders, I reached behind me and groped at my back blindly before finding the indentations from Anna’s nails. It truly was remarkable that I could remember all of this.

Looking up at the askew painting, the sound of Anna panting filled my ears as I started to stroke my cock at the thoughts of fucking Anna Kendrick in my own apartment.

My hands came off from the wall and gripped a hold of her by her thighs, pushing her back against the wall I watched Anna throw her head back, narrowly missing the wall, and let out a loud, horny moan as I bottomed out inside her. Thrusting deep inside her, I rocked up off of the base of my feet and slammed harder inside of her. Anna squealed out in pleasure as I started to build up a rapid rate of penetration.

The sound of Anna’s back slapping against the wall filled my psyche and the sound of her moaning only made it hotter. Her teeth pressed down against my neck and she lightly nipped at the skin, sucking on it as I slammed inside of her. Her mouth left my neck and kissed her way up to my face, her hands pressing against my cheeks and pulling me into a hot, passionate embrace. Her lips pressed against mine and her mouth opened, her tongue slipping into my mouth to find mine.

Both me and Anna moaned into the others mouth as we fucked hard and fast against the wall, her arms falling from around my neck and reaching up behind her to try and find something to stabilise her from being pounded in so hard. Her hands blindly groped up and found the top of the painting, her fingers curling around the top and almost shaking as she was fucked harder by me. The painting was shaking as I fucked Anna, and soon enough it had fallen from one of the hooks it was hanging from and swung down bumping against Anna’s back. When the painting fell down, I lifted Anna up off of the wall and briefly let go of her as the small brunette fell down and impaled herself completely . Her grey eyes flashed open and her head fell back as she let out a loud, piercing scream as her pussy swallowed absolutely all of my cock.

“Oh my fuck! Fucking fuck!” Anna screamed, her voice becoming more and more filthy as I bounced her up and down on my cock. My fingers dug into her round ass cheeks and assisted me in bouncing her as she took all of my cock.

“Fuck! Fuck yes! I’m going to cum!” Anna screamed, her breath getting more and more ragged as I hammered inside her. I gritted my teeth and nodded my head, watching Anna almost scream the house down as she exploded over my cock. Her pussy leaking all over my cock as I continued to fuck through her orgasm.

Back in the room, some beads of pre-cum formed at the tip of my cock as I started to stroke it harder and faster as how I remember Anna’s leaking pussy started to slip from my mind. I opened my eyes and cursed under my breath as it slipped from my memory. I was almost recalling every part of last night but something still escaped me. Why was my memory gone and how did I get home?

Walking back into the kitchen, I found a cab receipt and a post-it note reminding me of a dentists appointment. Then, the missing piece of last night’s events fell into place. I had a late night dentist’s appointment and must have booked a cab to take me home. Touching the receipt, I was transported back to last night.

=== Yesterday afternoon… ===

Tossing literally everything but my cell phone and my wallet onto my kitchen table, I heard a horn honk outside of my apartment. Walking to the front of the kitchen, I looked outside and down at the street to see the yellow taxi cab I had booked was here to take me to my dentists appointment. Stepping out of my apartment, I locked the front door and jogged down the few flight of stairs to reach the lobby.

“Will you drive again? I like the idea of being squired by a handsome gentleman.” Rene inquired as they walked across the parking lot.

“You mean tall, dark and handsome don’t you?” Reggie asked jokingly.

“Yes.” She chuckled. “But in a different way than you’re probably thinking.”


“You probably are thinking that I’m referring to the script my partners and I were following but I am just sharing my honest feelings.”

“That’s nice to hear from a lady I find really, really attractive!”

After helping her into the car and noticing that she made no attempt to pull her skirt down from almost crotch level, Reggie took the wheel. Following her hand gesture, he made a right turn up a steep hill. Holding the wheel with his left hand, he began caressing the skin of her thighs just above the elastic band of her hose.

“You like my thigh highs, don’t you?”

“Yes, I enjoy the access they give me and the contrast of colors – your pale skin, the mauve hose, my dark hands.”

“I’m beginning to like them more for those same reasons. Until today I felt they left me too exposed and vulnerable to buyers with wandering hands. I suppose that’s why my partners insisted …” She hesitated.

“Insisted on what?” Reggie asked.

“Er … ahhh……., well it’s more of the script. This is embarrassing.”


“I might as well get it all out and hope I don’t scare you off.”

“I need you to cum on my hose – as further proof that we ‘Did the deed’! I know that sounds like we’re three sickos wanting to be debased.”

“I’m not scared off but have to say you three made an unusual pact.”

“It’s less a pact than you might think – more the byproduct of too much wine. Helen is the loose cannon of the group and the more she drinks, the looser her tongue. One night she was prattling about things she’d like to have done to her and before I knew it we’d agreed that we’d live out her vision when we made our first sale.”

“As I said – unusual, most unusual! You could probably fake it. Besides you already have ample proof.”

“No, I want to look them in the eye and honestly say ‘Mission Accomplished!’ and see the envy in their eyes! Unless …”

“Unless what?”

“Errrr … unless you’d rather not. I don’t want you to feel like a pawn in our silly game.”

Reggie didn’t answer immediately but instead started drawing circles on the tender flesh of her inner thighs. As his hands arched higher, he felt the moist warmth emanating from her loins. As the back of his hand brushed against her mound, Rene gasped and spread her legs wider.

“I really didn’t like the idea of wearing these hose at first but DAMN, you’re quickly changing my mind.”

“Maybe knowing that they enhance your sensuality and my appreciation of you helps?”

“I’m sure that has a lot to do with it.” She gasped in reply. ” Turn here, this is my driveway.”

Reggie slowed, made the turn and inched forward towards the closed garage door. Rene reached across and pressed the button of the opener on the visor. As she did, Reggie grasped her slender wrist and guided her hand to his lips.

Rene trembled as she felt his warm lips, then the tip of his tongue on her sensitive inner wrist.

“You’re making me wet again!” She whispered.

“I intend to keep making you wet nonstop.”

“Somehow I’m not prepared for the way you’re making me feel. Our script didn’t take feelings into account. And …” She hesitated again.

“And?” He asked.

“I’ve not had a man in my condo, in my sacred space, for over two years.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I don’t want a visit as part of a damned script or to be taken advantage of!” She said sounding almost angry. “I want a man to share the real, unscripted and uninhibited feelings I’ve been suppressing!”

Reggie released her wrist and reached up to press the button closing the door behind them. She sat unmoving except for her chest heaving as she gulped air in nervous anticipation. The dim glow of the overhead light was sufficient for him to make his way around the back of the car to her door. He opened it, extended his hand to draw her out to stand before him. He pulled her to him, kissed her softly and began slipping her jacket off her shoulders.

“Can’t you wait until we get inside?” She protested sounding somewhat irritated.

“I could but I want to finish your script so we can just be ourselves when the door closes behind us.” He replied and began slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

“Oh!” She exclaimed and shrugged off her jacket letting it fall into the passenger seat. She watched his dark fingers deftly unbutton her blouse and tug the hem from her skirt. The silky fabric soon nestled atop her jacket on the seat. Reggie’s tongue fluttered across her collarbones and shoulders as his strong hands cupped her full breasts. She gasped as his ebony fingers found her hard nipples beneath the translucent fabric of her bra and pinched them lightly. She gazed down as his fingers found the snap that rested between her now heaving orbs and released them into the cool air. She cupped her hands behind his neck guiding his lips to first one plump ruby nipple, then the other.

She shrugged the straps from her shoulders and allowed her bra to drape on the headrest. “Wait!” She protested. “This is unfair! I’ve been wanting to see you without your fancy businessman’s clothes.”

With that she pushed his jacket off his broad shoulders, tossed it onto the growing pile of clothes and proceeded to loosen his tie. As she pulled it free from his neck, the garage timer shut off the overhead light leaving only the dome light of her car to illuminate their movements.

She chuckled as she noticed the silhouette cast on the wall as she quickly unbuttoned his shirt. “I already knew you were big but that shadow makes you look absolutely HUGE!” She said before enveloping his chocolate nipples with her thin pink lips. She looked at their shadows again as he pulled her back into a standing position as she saw her full breasts flatten against his muscular chest.

A greater sense of urgency was evident as she unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his waistband and slid his slacks down. Bending to help him remove his shoes, she quickly tossed his collected clothing aside and began rubbing her palms and cheeks against his groin. Feeling himself grow rock hard, Reggie unsnapped her skirt and watched as she wriggled her hips to slide it off. Clad only in his now bulging silk briefs, Reggie pressed down on her shoulders. Succumbing to his strength, she found herself seated with her legs splayed wide wearing only her soaked thong and the mauve thigh highs she first dreaded.

“Oooooh! Oh my!” She exclaimed as Reggie slid his briefs down and she quickly grasped his manhood with both her hands and began kissing from its dark mushroom head, down to his balls and back. “I want it in me again!” She pleaded.

“You’ll have it soon but first things first.” He said and pushed her onto her back on top of the clothes they’d shorn. Intent on completing her commitments to her partners, he began to slowly pump his cock as he looked down on her. With eyes widening in anticipation, her hands slid up her thighs and nestled on her silk covered pubes. Her fingers pushed the thin material aside and he watched them disappear into her wetness.

“Cum all over my hose! Cum all over my hands … my pussy … my EEEEEOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!! I’m … I’m … cumming already!!! She screamed. Feeling a sense of urgency of his own, Reggie began pumping his meat in earnest and soon felt the telltale throb of his impending explosion.

He grunted, pointed his pulsing cock towards her legs and began spurting. One thick rope after another erupted from his loins and covered her hose, her hands, her dainty panties and the furry blonde mass that covered her pussy. She struggled to sit upright and managed to catch a few last drops of his spend on the tip of her tongue before collapsing back onto the seat and began wantonly licking his cream from her hands.

She wriggled out of her hose and pumped his cock directing the remainder of her needed evidence onto the nylons. Tossing them onto the floor board, she asked “Would you like to take me inside and take me all night?”

“With pleasure after I get you out of these!” Reggie replied and reached for the waistband of her thong. “I want our time in your sacred space to be for us only.” He tossed her well-marked panties on top of her evidence soaked hose. He drew her to him and they admired the silhouette of two lovers clinging together before closing the car door leaving them to make their way into the condo in darkness.

Rene opened the door and flipped the light switch but was surprised to feel Reggie pulling her back into the garage. Before she could react, she felt herself being lifted into his strong arms and heard his baritone voice rumble. “I want to carry you across the threshold into your sacred space!”

She gasped in appreciation of his gesture, nestled against him. “You are so very sweet!”

“Which way to your shower?” He asked.

“Take a left at the top of the stairs!”

She marveled at his strength as he easily carried her up the long flight. As they entered the bathroom, a motion sensor triggered the fluorescent ceiling lamps. Reggie lowered Rene to her feet and saw her, all of her, for the first time as he took in their reflections in the floor to ceiling mirror. Standing behind her with his massive arms encircling her wispy frame as he looked into the mirror, he kissed her neck and whispered. “BEAUTIFUL!” His eyes took in her reflection from head to toe.

Her hair was understandably tussled from their earlier trysts, her blue eyes danced with the merriment of naughty expectation. Her gently sloping shoulders led his gaze to her still flushed chest above her proudly erect breasts. Their fullness caused only the slightest hint of sag but the softness he felt as he cupped them assured him they were nature’s own. She wriggled her ass against his again hardening cock as he rolled her thick nipples between his fingertips. Her quick movement caused a flash of reflected light drawing his eyes to her still flat stomach and the mauve colored stone of her navel jewelry.

He caressed the stone as his dark hands slid downward over the long and unruly hair covering her mound. She shuddered as she first felt, then saw the reflection of his ebony hands covering her blonde muff. “I promised myself I wouldn’t shave it until the right moment (and gentleman) presented itself. Feeling the way you’ve made me feel today, that moment might have just arrived.”

“Maybe we can shape it together soon? But now I want to run my fingertips … my lips … my tongue through it.”

“Okay!” She whispered. “I want to be attractive to .. OOOOOH!”

Her comment was interrupted as her eyes grew wide and were fixed on the junction between her thighs. She was reacting to Reggie’s having squatted slightly and poked his thick cock between her legs. She gasped as its mushroom head protruded between her shapely thighs. As he rocked by and forth slightly, she felt her nether lips swell and wetness begin to coat his black rod. “How did I ever take all of THAT inside of me?” She mused. “I don’t know but I do KNOW that I want it again – just for myself, not my partners! Her eyes squinted in determination. “And I intend to have it my way! It’s my sacred space and I’m going to fulfill MY needs – MY WAY!”

Her breathing became shallow having decided on her course of action, she felt slightly faint at the thought and her legs felt wobbly. As her knees buckled, Reggie grasped her waist securely and looked down at her noticeably trembling stems. As he looked down he also saw her dainty feet and long feminine toes. The second toe on each foot bore a toe ring with a tiny jewel that matched her navel accoutrement.

Still supporting her, he guided them towards the shower.

Seeming to recover her bearings as the first spray from the rainfall showerhead washed over them Rene renewed her vow to do things her way this time. “He’s such a strong personality, I don’t know if he’ll let me take the lead.” She thought. “What if …” She overcame her emerging doubts with a decisive move. She spun to face him just as he started to lather her back, took the sponge from his hands and took control. “Turn around!” She commanded. Reggie obliged and soon felt her lavishing attention on his broad shoulders.

“Damn, he’s built!” She thought as she lathered his broad back down to his slender waist. “And that ass of his – its even got definition! Best of all, it’s mine for tonight!”

She lathered the sponge heavily and began soaping his butt. She enjoyed the contrast of the frothy white suds and his rear. “Move forward under the water so I can rinse you!” Reggie obliged and without him seeing her, she knelt and moved her face close as the water cleared away the suds. She grabbed each of his black cheeks with her long slender white fingers and spread them. She began salivating as she contemplated her next move. “Hold your cheeks open while I soap your tight little asshole!”

Again Reggie complied but thought to himself “This girl’s got a little kinky in her!” His thought was interrupted by her soapy fingers as they began to invade his rear end.

“You like it when I play with your ass baby? Guys always want to play with mine but don’t know a damned thing about what I like or what I want so I’m gonna show you!” The words were hardly out of her mouth when Reggie heard and felt a resounding THWACK on his cheeks. Before he could react, he felt her fingernails raking up and down his derrière.

“This is how I like it baby – just a little discomfort then a lot of tenderness!”

The tenderness part easily registered for Reggie as he felt her flickering tongue beginning to rim his asshole. He simultaneously heard and felt another slap on the rear with first one hand, then both in unison. The blows stung but didn’t hurt. The residual discomfort was offset by the feeling of her palms gently caressing his ass cheeks.

“A little pain followed by a lot of gentle loving is what I want! Do you understand me?” Rene hissed.

Before he could utter a response he felt her lips join her palms in gently covering his cheeks. He glanced over his shoulder, saw her kneeling behind him and lavishing attention on his ebony butt with her pale white hands, thin pink lips and her flickering crimson tongue.

“I want to be rimmed, feel your fingers and your tongue on my tiny puckered asshole. No man has ever done it so none has ever been permitted to ram his cock in there!”

She then slid her hands between his legs and began caressing his low hanging ball sac. “I like – I need full balls that can cum over and over. I need hot … thick … creamy cum everywhere – in my pussy, all over my breasts, my face, my ass …! Can you do that for me big boy? You’re the first man who has been in my space and I need to be satisfied – with lots of cum!”

“I think you’ll be more than pleased with my staying power.” Reggie said while thinking to himself “She’s letting loose a lot of pent-up emotion. I’ll just roll with it.”

“Turn around!” She ordered while remaining on her knees. His movement brought his hard cock level with her lips. She grasped his meat with both hands and began slowly pumping it. “I want you to cum a lot but only when and where I let you! Do you understand me?”

Reggie thought to himself. “She’s really getting off on this ‘I’m in control’ business!” But he replied in the affirmative. “Whatever you want, baby!”

“OK then stand up!” Reggie complied.

“Now squeeze my breasts!” Again he complied, or so he thought.

“No squeeze them like a real man! Make me feel a little pain!”

Reggie complied, this time exerting force until she winced and tried to pull away.

“Now bite them – HARD!”

Reggie complied and added his own twist by clamping his teeth on one rubbery nipple after the other until she tried to push him away. “I didn’t tell you to bite my nipples yet! But keep biting them and wash my pussy – use lots of soap!” He again complied.

“Slide your finger in me!”

By now Reggie was in tune with her pain/pleasure routine and thrust first one, then two and then three of his thick fingers into her humping pussy. He looked up at her face to determine her level of discomfort. Her face was contorted but since she made no attempt to pull away he shoved a fourth finger into her warmth and began stroking her clit with his thumb.

She began moaning, humping against his hand and pinching her free nipple hard as her head thrashed from side to side.

“No! Stop! I don’t want to cum yet!” She pleaded.

Reggie abruptly stopped his frenzied frigging, released her tit from his mouth and turned her forcefully and pressed her against the wall.

He drew back his hand and firmly smacked her ass. “Ouch! That hurt!” Rene objected.

“Yes, just like you want it before feeling a bit of pleasure!”

Without waiting for a response, he bent her over at the waist and began soothing her now bright red ass with gentle caresses. She sighed deeply and wriggled her ass when his soapy fingers slipped into her rosebud. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …” This was her only reaction to the flickering tip of his tongue as he began rimming her.

“Yessssssssss! I always wanted to feel someone’s tongue on me there! Don’t stop ….. ummmm … keep going!”

Sensing that she was about to cum, Reggie slowed his pace. He then stood, pulled her upright and began filling the sponge with rich lather and squeezing it over their melded bodies. “You know how to make taking a shower exciting sweetheart!”

“That was a first for me!” She said and moved forward to let the cascading water rinse them. Reggie turned off the water and grabbed a lush towel and began patting her dry. “Is it OK if I dry you?”

“You’ve got me going now so only part of me will get dry. My pussy is flooding.”

Rene took her turn in toweling off her new ebony lover and stepped into the bedroom. “I want you to lie down on your back, and don’t move!”

As Reggie lay back, Rene was a blur of motion. She retrieved several candles from a drawer and lit each of them as she placed them around the room. She then turned her attention to two massive floor standing candles adjacent to each side of the headboard and lit them as well.

She looked down on her ebony Adonis, knelt on the bed and crawled towards him. As she reached his side, she straddled his waist and began sliding her hands on his abdomen and began moving upwards towards his chest. Almost imperceptibly she crawled forward, inch by lust fueled inch. Visions of her long suppressed desires flooded her head.

“Usually it’s me on the bottom, lying there helplessly waiting to be taken at some man’s whim! But not tonight!” She thought as she crept towards the headboard. Lowering her hips onto his torso she began leaving a wet trail of pussy nectar. As her hips reached his chin, she slid her pussy onto his mouth and slammed it into his face, covering his nose and mouth. Seizing the back of his neck, she pulled him into her wetness.

“Eat me … lick me … make me cum!” She demanded and began riding his face hard making it difficult for him to breathe.

Reggie turned his head slightly, took a deep breath and began to give as good as he got. He thrust his tongue into her sopping hole, felt for her swollen lips and homed in on her protruding clit and bit down on it.

“Ouch you sonofab …” Rene began to protest but was interrupted by her ass cheeks being pinched hard by his strong hands. But before she could object fully, the pinching had stopped and she felt her ass being soothingly caressed and the tip of his tongue fluttering lightly on her clit.

Her mind was reeling as she felt the electricity of an impending orgasm ricocheting from her loins, to the tips of her toes and arcing back to her brain. “He’s a fast learner or he’s playing my own game better than me!” She mused just as two of his thick fingers invaded her pussy and two others slid into her ass. His sudden movements sent her over the top! She felt the first flush of orgasm flex her loins, a flash of passion heat invaded her upper body leaving her arms all but useless and her hips lost the power to thrust as his lips, tongue and fingers took control of her being.

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