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Chapter 1: Gracie’s Fantasy

Gracie McGuire liked it rough.

So you can imagine her disappointment when her current lover continued to plunge in and out of her body with all the enthusiasm and finesse of a lame horse put out to pasture. Her lover’s sweaty, going-to-flab, body was a testament to too many hours behind a desk, and his farmer’s tan was attributed to too many business meetings on the golf course.

John Johnson was a stud in the banking world, but he was a dud in the bedroom.

Gracie watched with detached amusement as he gave a final thrust and groaned out a climax. His face mottled bright red with the exertion of success and the veins in his forehead bulged. She thought briefly of faking her own orgasm, but decided he was already past the point of noticing that she hadn’t been satisfied. At least he was starting to last a little longer. She’d had time to go through her entire grocery-shopping list before his “Big Finish.”

“Oh, Gracie, you are one hot little number. It just keeps getting better and better,” John panted, giving her breast one last squeeze before he pulled out of her and discarded the condom.

“Mmmm,” she moaned and rolled her eyes. It wouldn’t do any good to expound on his false virtues. His ego was already inflated enough. Not to mention she was afraid if she opened her mouth to speak she’d tell him how much she hated being called a hot little number in that condescending Texas drawl. She was a tax attorney for God’s sake, not an exotic dancer.

John flopped down on the bed beside her and was almost asleep before she’d turned onto her side to face him. “Don’t forget we have that dinner tonight,” he mumbled. “There will be a lot of important clients there.”

“I know,” Gracie said, annoyance lacing her voice. “You sent the invitation to my office a month ago. I’ll be representing Decker, Deets and McGuire if I can live up to your expectations. I might even make it through the night without embarrassing you or my firm.”

“Now, honey, don’t take that tone. You know that’s not what I meant. Any man would be lucky to show up with an intelligent, beautiful woman like you on his arm to an event like this. You’ll make me proud. Just make sure you wear something conservative.”

Because I always dress like a slut at business functions, you moron, she thought.

“I have just the thing in mind,” Gracie said in a breathy tone that would have done Marilyn Monroe proud and fluttered her eyelashes. She leaned over John’s still form and bit the lobe of his ear gently.

“Now Gracie, honey, you’re going to have to make due with what you just got. I’ve got to rest up for tonight. I know you’ve been reading those magazines about multiple orgasms and such, but the same just isn’t true for a man. Maybe if you’re real good tonight I’ll be in the mood again when we get home.”

“How about if I don’t wear any panties under my conservative dress and you fuck me in the elevator,” Gracie whispered. She found satisfaction as John’s breath hitched just a little at her suggestion. There might be hope for him after all.

“There are cameras in those elevators.”

“Even better,” she said, taking a firm grip on his flaccid penis.

“You’re not thinking of your career,” John stammered. “Or mine either. What’s come over you, Gracie? This is crazy talk.”

“I heard how excited you got when I suggested you fuck me in the elevator. Everybody has an adventurous side, John. Sometimes it’s just a little suppressed. Does the idea of me having a kinky side turn you on?”

Gracie held down John’s hands next to his body as she rubbed her body against him and kissed him hungrily. She licked her way down to his chest and nipped lightly at his nipples with her teeth before kissing her way down to her ultimate goal.

“Yes,” he whispered.

“What was that, John? I didn’t hear you.”

“I said the idea of you having a kinky side turns me on,” he said louder, with more conviction, as if he were trying to convince himself.

Gracie felt the wetness between her thighs and knew John wouldn’t deny her satisfaction this time. She’d see to it herself.

“Would you like me to tell you about my kinkier side?” she asked, taking his hardening cock between her lips and swirling her tongue around the bulbous tip.

“Y…yesss,” he hissed, gritting his teeth at the onslaught of new pleasure. Gracie worked him in her mouth a little longer before she spoke of something she’d never told anyone.

“You see, John, I have these fantasies,” she said, working him with her hand and cupping his sac gently in the palm of her hand. “In my fantasy, a masked stranger comes out of nowhere, ripping at my clothes and pressing his hard body against me. I scream, but that only makes his cock harder. He likes it when I fight him. He might even have to punish me a little. You see, in my fantasy I like to be dominated. Do you want to be my stranger and make my fantasies come true? Can you imagine what I’d look like tied to your bed? Black satin sheets beneath my pale body, a blindfold covering my eyes and my limbs straining against the handcuffs that hold me captive?”

John gasped aloud, and Gracie smiled as he hardened further in her hand. So much for men needing recuperating time, she smirked.

“Mmmm, I bet you’d like to dominate me, John. Maybe even turn me over and spank me till my ass is red and welted with your handprints.”

John was really panting now, and Gracie figured she could get him to come again just by talking dirty, but her pleasure was the goal this time. She slipped her finger between her lips and wet it while pumping his shaft in a steady rhythm. Drops of moisture gathered on the tip of his cock and she leaned over and lapped them up like a cat licking at a bowl of fresh cream.

“Yum. You taste so good,” she said as she brought her finger down and circled her moist nub, gathering more wetness. “My ass is red from your spanking, John. What will you do to me next?”

Gracie left her own pleasure for a moment, enjoying her roll as temptress. She took her dampened finger and massaged the sensitive spot between John’s balls and anus, reveling in the harsh groan he admitted.

“I’m waiting for an answer, John.”

Gracie blew softly along the damp trail left by her finger and watched as goosebumps covered John’s entire body before moving her finger lower. She circled the puckered hole of his anus with her finger and gently pushed it in up to the first knuckle. “Would you fuck me here?” she asked.

John was panting like a steam engine, and Gracie knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He was harder than she’d ever seen him. She withdrew her finger and moved up his body so she straddled him.

“I’d love to have you ram that nice hard cock right up my ass. I bet it would hurt real good.” With that declaration, Gracie slammed herself down on John’s cock and moaned at how hard he was, how full she felt. Even as wet as she was, the invasion was painful and would be felt for days to come. Her muscles clamped around him like a vise, and she rode him as if he really were the lover of her fantasies. Gracie cupped her full breasts in her hands and pinched her nipples, the effect causing her vaginal muscles to spasm. She was lost to her own pleasure and didn’t protest when John took hold of her hips and slammed her down on his cock in a frenzy of passion and lust.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he yelled.

“Ohmigod,” she screamed.

“I’m coming!” they shouted together in ecstasy.

Gracie collapsed on top of John, her body sated and content. Finally. She should have done this sooner. Nothing bad ever came from liking it rough.

Gracie didn’t notice John’s withdrawal as they made their way to the top floor of the Hyatt Regency, where John’s bank was wining and dining all their biggest clients and a few others they hoped to recruit very soon. Gracie was more occupied by the Dallas skyline, the room full of people that she had no interest in schmoozing and the soreness between her legs—Not necessarily in that order.

She’d dressed in a very sedate cocktail suit that came just below her knees. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a loose chignon and her grandmother’s pearl earrings were at her ears. She looked like a successful attorney, not a woman who less than two hours before had brought her lover to orgasm by telling him about her domination fantasy. And she definitely didn’t look like a woman who wasn’t wearing any underwear.

John seemed nervous, more so than usual for a function like this, so she casually put her arm around his waist as a way to offer support. She hadn’t realized how important this evening was to him, and she probably should have been a little more sensitive earlier. What she wasn’t expecting was John to show revulsion at her touch. The look on his face would have been comical if it hadn’t been directed at her and in front of a group of people.

“I’m sorry, Gracie,” he stammered out. “You took me by surprise.”

The excuse must have even sounded lame to him, because he wouldn’t meet her eyes after he’d told the lie. He took a step away from her and Gracie flushed in embarrassment.

“I’d like to introduce everyone to Gracie McGuire. She’s a partner at Decker, Deets and McGuire and one of SureTrust Bank’s most valued clients.”

Gracie stood rooted to the floor, her stomach in knots and sweat puddling at the base of her spine. Something was wrong. She and John had been dating for three months, and he’d always taken every opportunity to show her off as his own private possession, but now for some reason she was just his client. There was only one thing that could have happened to make John’s feelings change in such a short amount of time. He’d liked the idea of her fantasy in the heat of passion, but now when he had to look at her over canapés he couldn’t stand the sight of her. He was ashamed.

Gracie gave John a look of boredom, as if he were no more than dirt under her shoe, and felt satisfaction at his flinch. She’d just learn to keep her mouth shut from now on. Bedroom secrets were meant to stay secrets. Lesson learned.

Gracie’s pale skin showed polite indifference as she made the round of introductions.

“This is Peter Sterling, the CEO at the Nightingale Corporation,” John droned. “SureTrust is hoping to get his business very soon.”

“We’ll see, John, old buddy,” Peter said with a conspirator’s laugh and a wink at Gracie.

Gracie had to refrain from rolling her eyes. The good old boys’ club never changed. Peter was a middle-aged executive with silver at his temples and capped teeth. He probably cheated on his wife with anything in a skirt and smoked Cuban cigars at his expensive country club. Peter was boring. John could have Peter with her blessing. Gracie was through with men like them.

She was much more interested in the tall, dark man that stood to Peter’s left. His hair was as black as midnight and his eyes as blue as sapphire. He didn’t have the face of a pampered businessman or the body of someone who’d spent too many hours behind a desk. His suit was expensive and his cologne a seduction. He made the other men in the room pale in comparison, and the other women in the room overflow with envy that he wasn’t theirs.

This strange man had witnessed Gracie’s humiliation at John’s words, but he hadn’t looked on in speculation and titillation as the other guests had. He’d looked furious on her behalf.

Gracie looked down at her watch and wondered how much longer she needed to stay at this thing now that she’d decided John was a horse’s ass. She had briefs to read, a pair of comfortable slippers to put on and a nice bottle of wine waiting at her apartment. She didn’t have any personal possessions at John’s, so she wouldn’t have to go through any awkward scenes when she told him she was through.

She sighed in defeat. It wasn’t even nine o’clock. She needed to stay at least another hour for her own business purposes. The least she could do was enjoy the free food and the endless champagne.

The stranger caught Gracie’s sigh of impatience, and his eyes laughed at her predicament. Gracie and the stranger both remained silent as Peter and John postured back and forth, their gazes never leaving each other. There was something very different about this silent man. Something dangerous. Something secretive. And she was drawn to him. She shivered as his eyes seemed to undress her and thoughts of what he could do to her with those sensuously full lips invaded her mind.

John interrupted her thoughts when he remembered that she and the others standing around were still important clients. “I beg you pardon, Gracie, gentlemen. Peter and I go back a ways. I think you know everyone else, Gracie, except for Peter’s friend there. And I hate to admit that I haven’t caught his name yet. Peter didn’t tell me he was bringing a guest,” John said. The admonition was there at Peter’s oversight, but it was skillfully done.

“He’s not my guest, John,” Peter said. “We had just started talking when you and Gracie came up. I haven’t caught his name either.”

John’s smile was saccharine as he extended his hand to the stranger, everyone’s attention focused on the man who had intruded John’s special event. “John Johnson,” he said. “President of SureTrust National Bank.”

The stranger looked at John’s outstretched hand with disinterest but took it in his grip anyway. “Mitchell Caldwell,” the stranger said.

Mitchell Caldwell didn’t have to tell anyone his position of importance. Everyone already knew who Mitchell Caldwell was, including Gracie. The murmurs that surrounded them assured that the word had traveled fast. Gracie thought John might pass out with the glorious news. It was a coup in his corner to be sure. The majority stockholder of the Caldwell Corporation, a billion dollar financial institution, was standing in the midst of peons.

“Mr. Caldwell,” John stuttered. “I had no idea you planned on attending tonight. Your secretary never confirmed your invitation.”

“Let’s just say it was a whim. I didn’t have anything better to do tonight.”

Gracie coughed to cover her laughter. John didn’t know whether to be insulted or kiss the man’s feet, and the uncomfortable silence from the other guests showed they weren’t quite sure what to do with a man like Mitchell Caldwell either.

The laughter lit Gracie’s eyes and she stuck out her hand, determined to see if the spark that had ignited before she’d learned his name was still there.

“Gracie McGuire,” she said.

Mitchell took her hand in his gently and brought it to his lips. The heat from his touch sent a sizzle to Gracie’s most intimate places, and her breath caught in her throat. “The pleasure is all mine, Ms. McGuire. I hope I’m able to do business with your firm very soon,” he said.

Gracie felt the dampness pool between her legs and wished that she’d not been so foolish to go without panties. She’d have to make a trip to the ladies room and wipe away the moisture that was sliding down her inner thighs.

“Stop by my office any time,” Gracie said before excusing herself and heading to the ladies room. She could feel the heat of his gaze follow her down the hallway to the bathroom door, and when she was safely inside she hurriedly checked the stalls for other occupants and then locked the door to keep everyone out.

Gracie unzipped her skirt slowly and lowered it to the floor, watching herself in the large mirror over the sinks. She was naked from the waist down and her buttocks were toned and firm. She laid the skirt carefully over one end of a settee that was positioned against the wall. She didn’t want to cause any more talk tonight by reappearing at the party in rumpled clothes.

Just a seductive glance from the stranger had made her hotter than she’d ever been. She had no choice but to relieve the pressure that was building inside of her.

Gracie unbuttoned her suit jacket and slipped it off her shoulders, placing it on top of her skirt. Her breasts were full and aching with need. Her nipples erect. All because of a man she’d just met. She stared at herself in the mirror, her breasts high and proud and her pussy shaved, the lips glistening with moisture.

She skimmed her hands up her body until they held the weight of her breasts. She moaned at the touch and closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of one of her most sensitive areas. She plucked at her nipples until they were hard and aching and the juice was flowing freely down her legs. She squeezed her nipples until she felt a jolt go through her clitoris and she experienced a small orgasm that brought her to her knees on the settee.

She lie back on the cushioned seat and spread her legs wide. Her reflection shone back in the mirror and her petals glistened with her desire. Her fingers thrummed against her clit with speed and precision, inciting a moan that she was sure could be heard outside.

Gracie closed her eyes as she felt the sensations rioting through her body. She thought of her dark haired stranger and what his cock would feel like as it stretched her body. She pushed two fingers in and out of her pussy, wishing it was her stranger hitting the special spot deep inside. She was writhing in exquisite torture on the settee, the pins fallen from her hair and a light film of sweat covering her body.

“Mmm, oh yeah,” she panted, strumming her clit as she pistoned her fingers faster in and out of her dripping hole. “Fuck me harder, Mitchell. Harder,” she screamed. The sound of her voice reverberated off the tile wall as she came in a gush of liquid heat that soaked the settee beneath her. Her body heaved in exhilaration and she moaned as she cupped her sex, holding in the sensations as long as possible. She wished it really could have been Mitchell that had given her such an exquisite feeling. It had been a long time since she’d come that long and that hard.

She was going to have to do some major damage control before she went back in to the party. Gracie washed off quickly with a damp towel and tried to erase the musty scent of sex from her body. She put her clothes back on quickly, shoved the pins back into her hair and dug through her evening bag for the emergency makeup kit she always carried. She took a final glimpse in the mirror and decided she looked fantastic. Radiant even.

She flipped the lock on the door and slipped out, glancing at her watch to see what time it was as she made her way back to the party. She’d had no idea that she’d spent so long in the bathroom. It was almost ten o’clock. Hopefully, no one would suspect that she’d been giving herself the orgasm of a lifetime for the last forty-five minutes.

Gracie made her way over to the bartender with a bounce in her step, ignoring the crowds of people talking about business and gossip in little groups all over the room. “Champagne, please,” she said with a smile.

“Absolutely,” the bartender said with a wink and a leer that would have been frightening if he hadn’t been so young. He held the glass just out of her reach, and Gracie shot him a look that had been known to make grown men tuck their tails between their legs and run away.

“Is there a problem?” Gracie asked.

“I know all about you, Gracie McGuire. I know how much you’d like me to pour this champagne over your naked body and lick it from your pussy. And I know how much you’d like me to restrain you and fuck you while you scream,” he whispered.

Gracie felt the pleasure from her earlier experience disappear only to be replaced with the long, icy fingers of fear. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said. “How dare you speak to me that way.”

“You can’t deny your desires,” he said. “We all know what your guilty pleasures are. And for the record, I don’t think there’s anything sick about your fantasies. I got so hot thinking about all the things I wanted to do to you that I had to go jack off in the bathroom. There was another guy in there doing the same thing. You’re going to be the object of many men’s dreams tonight. I don’t know what you ever saw in that prick, John.”

“Me neither,” Gracie whispered and turned away, her champagne forgotten.

Has John really told my secrets to a room full of strangers? God, he must have for the bartender to know my most intimate desires.

Gracie stumbled through the room in a daze, ignoring the stares filled with lust and the occasional hand that grabbed her ass or her tits. A gentleman blocked her path, and she felt another close in behind her so she was sandwiched in between the two. Her eyes were filled with anger as she stared down the man in front of her.

“Get out of my way,” she spat.

“Ooh, you’re fiery. I like that,” he said. There was alcohol on his breath and his eyes were glazed. “Why don’t you come along with me and my friend to our room? I bet the two of us can put that feistiness to good use.”

Gracie felt the second man move up closer behind her until he was pressing his erection into the small of her back. The man in front of her slipped his hand inside her jacket and pinched her nipple hard enough to make her gasp.

“Let me make myself very clear, gentleman,” Gracie said, speaking loudly so the other curious onlookers could hear what she had to say. “John Johnson is a liar. This is his feeble attempt at revenge because I told all the people at my office that he’s impotent. Which he really is, by the way. I tried and tried and tried to get that little thing to work, but it didn’t help. What’s a girl to do but to move on to a man that has working parts? Not to mention that you’re all probably going to want to find a different bank, because when I’m through suing John Johnson, I’m going to own SureTrust National Bank. So I am going to ask you one more time to get out of my way before things gets ugly.”

The man behind her moved away quickly and the crowd mumbled their displeasure at the lack of excitement, but the man in front of her wasn’t sure if she was bluffing. He finally decided she was speaking the truth and backed out of her way. “Fuck it,” he said on his way back to the bar. “I can get pussy anywhere.”

“I’m sure you can,” Gracie said to no one in particular. She noticed Mitchell Caldwell standing next to the wall by himself. He gave her a nod of approval and a quick smile, but Gracie was too mortified to keep up eye contact. She’d just been imagining it was him fucking her to a mind-blowing orgasm and somehow she’d turned into the laughing stock of the whole party.

Gracie McGuire had one goal: To find John Johnson and get an explanation. If what the bartender and her other admirers had said was true, than murder was much too good for the man. She found him a few feet in front of Mitchell, drinking whiskey like it was water and holding court over a group of fascinated people. It wasn’t the burning of her ears that notified her that she was the topic of conversation. She could hear her name coming from John’s lips as clearly as if he was holding a microphone to his mouth.

The crowd parted like the Red Sea as Gracie approached him. He was glassy-eyed and red faced from too much alcohol, and the ramifications of what he was doing were slow to take hold. “Gracie, my girl, we were jusss talkin’ bout ya,” he slurred. “You damned near fucked me to death thissss afternoooon.” He laughed at himself and nearly toppled over, catching himself on the arm of one of his cronies.

A few of the people around them snickered into their drinks and a few others gave Gracie pitying looks.

“Gosh, that’s not how I remember it John. You might be careful with the drink, I’ve learned from experience that too much can make your dick go limp. Permanently. I honestly didn’t mean to fuck you to near death this afternoon. I was just trying to get it to do something other than lie there. Honest,” she said with a guileless smile.

This caused a chorus of raucous laughter that would be ringing in John Johnson’s ears for a long time. He wasn’t the type of man who liked to be laughed at. He liked to call the shots, and he liked to be the one to give the insults. His already flushed face turned crimson with anger and his fists bunched at his sides.

“You bitch!” he screamed.

“Careful what you say, John. You’ve done a lot of damage tonight. For someone who’s so worried about his career, you seemed pretty comfortable pissing it away tonight. You’re a drunk, but that’s no excuse for what you did to me tonight. What was done or said in the privacy of our bedroom should have stayed there.”

Gracie had gotten his attention when she’d mentioned him pissing his career away. “What are you going to do?” he asked. “I’ve worked a long time to make my bank one of the best in the state.”

“I’m going to handle this like an adult. I’m sure that’s pretty foreign to you,” she said. “And just for the record, John, a normal man wouldn’t be sickened by my fantasies. A normal man would treat me like a queen and be rewarded with the most amazing sex of his life until we both grew too old to care. No wonder our sex life was so boring.”

Gracie turned to walk away, prepared to make an exit while having the last word, but it didn’t work out that way.

“We had a boring sex life because I’ve been fucking my secretary across my desk every day. I didn’t have a lot left in me when I got home to you. I’ll do anything for the business, even screw every female client I have if it brings in more money.”

Gracie, along with every other person in the room, was speechless. She walked up to John with a determined stride and a don’t mess with me chip on her shoulder, pulled back her fist and punched him in the nose. Her hand hurt like hell, but seeing the spurt of blood across his white shirt was well worth the pain.

I hardly got any sleep during the night, the words of the guard whose dick I had sucked playing on my mind, and when morning came I was still exhausted from the day before.

We went through the same routine as before, only this time I didn’t see Jeff and wondered what had happened to him. Again, straight after breakfast, we were all herded out to the waiting van but, as I was about to board, the guard stopped me.

“Not you today,” he said. “The governor heard about yesterday and wants to see you.”

I swallowed hard, wondering exactly what he had heard, and watched as the transport left for the quarry.

“Come on follow me,” the guard said as he began to walk back through the gates.

Struggling to keep pace with him we went along a few corridors until we reached the governor’s office, where the guard knocked on the door.

“Enter,” came the governor’s voice from inside the room.

The guard opened the door and I came face to face with not only the governor, but also the boss from the quarry.

“Ah Julez just who I wanted to see,” the governor said.

“Have I done something wrong sir?” I asked before glancing at the boss.

“No Julez in fact the reports I am getting from ALL the staff at the quarry are excellent.”

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, why am I here instead of on the van?”

“Because I just wanted to know what you thought about the work.”

“Well apart from the heat it wasn’t too bad,” I replied. “I’m shocked that no-one else had completed the job in a morning before.”

“Well boss here thinks you might have been taking the piss,” the governor said. “But I told him about your past and he finally calmed down.”

“So what happens now then?” I asked.

“Boss will take you back to the quarry and he will keep you a lot busier in future,” The governor said. “Don’t let him, or me, down though.”

“No sir I won’t,” I said.

“Good then you may go.”

The boss stood up and led the way out of the room and outside to his car. Looking at the vehicle wondered just how much money the staff were getting paid. It was a huge, jet black Hummer with chrome bull bars on the front and the image of a naked woman spray painted on to the hood.

“Get in Julez,” the boss said as he walked around to the other side.

Doing as I was told I sat in the passenger seat, next to him, and he started the car up. The engine roared and we were soon hurtling along the roads at almost 100, on the way back to the quarry. As we drove I almost dozed off and it was only the fact that the boss brought his hand crashing down onto my knee that stopped me.

“Tired Julez?” he asked as I sat bolt upright.

“Guess I still am from all that rock shifting,” I replied.

“Are you sure that’s the only reason?”

“Yeah why?”

“Oh nothing,” he replied but I could tell there was something.

We continued the drive when, all of a sudden, the boss pulled the car off the road and headed down a dusty road, causing me to start panicking.

“Where are we going?” I asked nervously.

“Don’t you worry about that,” the boss said. “We’ll be there in five minutes.”

I turned my head and started to look out of the window hoping to see some sort of sign that told me where we were heading, but there was nothing, just miles and miles of open countryside, and the further we went the more uneasy I became.

Eventually though the boss brought the car to a stop outside a small roadside café.

“Let’s get something to eat,” he said. “What they don’t know won’t hurt.”

I stayed where I was as he climbed out of the car, until he stuck his head back in and told me to follow him.

“You didn’t think I was going to leave you out here alone did you?”

“But I had my breakfast back at the lock up,” I replied.

“Trust me for what I have in store you will need as much energy as possible.”

Not liking the tone of his voice I just followed along and sat where he told me to, once we were inside. As I sat there, waiting, I stared towards the door and wondered if I could make it out before he came back. The only problem was that he had picked the furthest table from the door, and I would have to pass him to do so.

Just as I had made up my mind to risk it a large plate was paced down in front of me, covered with a full English breakfast, and the boss sat opposite me.

“I suggest you eat that,” he said picking up his own knife and fork.

I stared at the amount of food on the plate in front of me and was amazed. There were three sausages, three slices of bacon, two fried eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding and a fried slice, as well as a plate of toast on the table.

“Come on Julez get stuck in,” the boss said watching me carefully. “Don’t worry I’ve not poisoned it or anything.”

He burst out laughing at his attempt of humour causing me to smile, and then I picked up my cutlery as well. We didn’t speak as we ate, and all I could think was that he must want me for more than just rock shifting to be treating me this well.

Once we had finished eating we had one more coffee before heading back out to the van, and continued our journey. The boss opened up as we spoke, telling me about The Quarry and how the new government thought it would, at least, half the crime statistics. Listening to him as he spoke I began to relax more, his company wasn’t bad, and he would occasionally come out with a joke as well.

“Not long now Julez,” he said as we turned off the road onto another dusty track. “If we go this way we can save twenty minutes driving time.”

I was looking out of the window as he said it, and didn’t notice him massaging his cock through his worn, dusty jeans, glancing at me as he did so.

As I continued to stare out of the window thoughts of the day before, the two guards I sucked off, images of Jeff through his cell bars all flooded through my mind, and I began to wonder if there was something more than just rehabilitation going on at The Quarry.

Suddenly the boss stopped the car and I felt his hand grip my thigh tightly. Turning to face him I was shocked to see that he had his cock out of his jeans, and was slowly stroking it.

“What the fuck are you doing!!?” I asked.

“Come on Julez surely you didn’t think your antics yesterday would go unheard of,” he replied.

I was listened as he spoke, but couldn’t take my eyes off his huge throbbing member, it must have been at least nine inches long and at least half as thick, and it really was the most gorgeous cock I had ever seen.

As I continued to stare at his hand, moving slowly along the full length of his hard shaft, I felt the hardness of my own cock inside my jeans throbbing.

“What do you mean about yesterday?” I asked feigning innocence.

“Something along the lines of you, two guards and a mouthful of cock that’s what,” the boss replied.

“I never had a choice,” I said. “Once they knew I was there they threatened to tell you I was trying to escape.”

“Why didn’t you just run and come to me?” He asked.

“Who would you believe a con or two trusted guards?”

“I’m sure something could have been worked out,” the boss said. “Unfortunately we now have a problem don’t we?”

“How do you mean a problem?”

“Well I can’t have convicts just going around sucking anyone’s dick can I?” Boss said. “Especially when they aren’t looking after the one person can make their life a living hell.”

Before I could say another word the boss let go of my thigh and placed his large hand on the back of my neck.

“However I also have the power to make life so easy for those that I choose to do so for,” he said smiling at me, his hand still wrapped around his hard, thick cock. “If you get my meaning.”

I knew exactly what he wanted, and normally I wouldn’t hesitate to wrap my lips around the swollen, purple, pre-cum covered head of his cock, but sitting in the truck alone I felt scared, and pressured. For all I knew I could suck him and he could treat me worse than all the others. On the other hand though doing it could get me away from shifting all those fucking rocks, day after day, and get me much easier work.

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea I knew I had no alternative other than sucking his monstrous cock, I just hoped that he didn’t take long to cum, and lowered my head slowly.

“I knew you would see sense,” the boss said as I flicked my tongue over the end of him, tasting his pre-cum. “Mmm that feels so good Julez.”

Opening my mouth as wide as I could, to take his monster cock, I slowly lowered my head, taking inch after inch of his hardness into my mouth, until I couldn’t get any more in.

“That’s it Julez suck my cock,” the boss gasped. “Make your boss a very happy man.”

Struggling not to gag or choke on his size I soon got into a good rhythm, my head bobbing up and down quickly, only occasionally going to low and catching the back of my throat.

“Fuck yeah that’s it,” boss moaned breathlessly as I continued to suck his cock.

I sucked for all I was worth but it looked like the boss was never going to cum, and eventually he placed his hand on my head and told me to stop.

“What’s wrong?” I asked letting his cock fall from my mouth, my jaw aching.

“Get out of the car,” the boss said opening his door.

Wondering what was wrong with him I did as he said.

“My cock should be wet enough now,” he said as he looked at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“What I mean is drop your jeans, turn around and bend over the hood.”

“You’re kidding right?” I said shocked.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

His face had changed from one of pleasure to one that said ‘do it or you will suffer’

Realizing that this had been his plan all along I slowly undid my jeans and slid them, and my boxer shorts, down to my ankles before turning around and doing as he had asked.

“What a gorgeous white ass,” the boss said and I heard him take a couple of steps towards me.

I braced myself, and tried to relax my sphincter muscle as much as possible, as I felt his hands grip my hips. As the thick head of his cock came into contact with my tight hole I closed my eyes, and gritted my teeth.

Slowly the boss pushed against me, more pre-cum covering my hole, and after a few attempts the head of his cock broke through my defenses, causing me to yelp loudly.

“Good job no one can hear you yelping like a girl,” the boss said as he brought one of his hands crashing down against my ass cheeks.

“FUCK!!!” I called out. “That fucking hurt.”

“Stop whining like a bitch or I’ll really hurt you,” the boss said the tone of his voice scaring me.

Without warning he slapped my ass again as he drove forward, burying the whole of his cock deep inside me. Pain tore through my body and I thought he had ripped me open, yet the boss just proceeded to continue thrusting hard and fast into me. Gritting my teeth the pain gradually subsided and I soon found myself enjoying the feeling of the boss’s thick, cock driving in and out of me, and reached down for my own hard cock, and began to masturbate.

“Good to see you enjoying it,” the boss said as I wanked in time with his powerful thrusts.

“Oh yes fuck me,” I gasped the feeling of my orgasm beginning to grow in my body. “Cum with me boss.”

“Oh I will Julez believe me,” he said thrusting hard into me. “And I’m not going to be long.”

Gripping my cock and stroking faster than ever as the boss pounded, and slapped my ass, my balls tightening. Try as I did I couldn’t hold back any longer and letting out a loud moan, I started to cum Jet after jet of my white, milky liquid erupted from the end of my cock, and onto the front of the car as I felt the boss’s cock twitch deep inside me.

“Oh fuck Julez yes!!” He called out as he drove his cock, hard into me once again, before beginning to unload his own seed into me.

Each twitch from his cock caused me to cum more and soon we were both totally drained, the boss inside me and my cum coating the front grill of the car.

Finally he withdrew his, still hard, cock from my ass and turned me to face him.

“I think you and I are going to get on just perfectly Julez,” he said with a wink. “Come on get tidied up and let’s go the governor’s coming to The Quarry this afternoon.”

Once dressed we jumped back into the car, my ass sore from both the pounding and slaps that he had given me, and we continued on our journey, arriving fifteen minutes later.

I climbed out of the car to be greeted by one of the guards from the day before.

“Glad you could make it boy,” he said sarcastically. “We didn’t think you were going to come.”

“Believe me he will always come,” the boss said and the two of them burst out laughing.

“Right let’s get you to work boy,” the guard said and led me to join the others and yet another pile of rocks.

This pile didn’t seem as big as the previous days and I began to move them quickly, and efficiently, soon catching up with the rest o the cons that were busy doing the same.

Looking around there was no sign of Jeff, and I began to wonder what had happened to him, as he wasn’t at breakfast either. I assumed that he was needed back behind the prison walls, probably to keep the guards entertained, and wondered if that was what would end up to me now that I was the boss’s favourite cock sucking fuck slut.

‘What was I thinking?’ Louise thought holding up the red baby doll before her. The idea was a month old, a way of re-kindling her husband’s passions for her, of showing her husband that Louise Chester was still a woman at fifty and a sexy one at that. Boudoir photographs, erotic yes, dirty surely not. They had been her best friend Carols idea. Louise had spent the afternoon bitching and moaning about her husband Mike with Carol throwing in her own thoughts before she finally gave her the idea.

Carol leaned in over her coffee and said, “Ever thought of some photographs for Mike?” Louise asked her what she meant by ‘Photographs’. “Last year for Steve’s fiftieth I went to a photographer and got him to do some Saucy photographs of me to give to Steve as his birthday present.” The two women leaned and whispered over their Latte’s as if they were conspirators in some great scheme.

“I don’t know Carol, a man taking nude pictures of me. I think that would make Mike a little angry.” Louise had never been one for nudity in any real form, once on a holiday in Spain they had ended up on a beach surrounded by topless women with no one caring but Carol the stoic British female she was, kept her breasts hidden beneath her bikini top.

Carol shook her head, “Not nude you dunce, erotic. You put on a little outfit and the guy shoots you in all these sexy poses. No nudity or if you like some nudity,” Carol smirked when she said the last bit. Louise looked at her questioningly. “Look it was heat of the moment stuff, this guy was snapping away and one thing led to another and,” she shrugged her shoulders.

“How much did you show?” Louise asked, shocked at this sudden confession.

“Just my tits Louise. Calm down the man was a professional and to be honest it was kind of hot you know, showing off to a stranger. Steve certainly enjoyed the photos.” A smile creased her face as Carol remembered the afternoon she handed over the little leather bound portfolio to her husband a red gift bow stuck on the top corner.

“I don’t know Carol it all seems a bit dirty.” Louise’s doubts kept piling up.

“Exactly my point. You want to get that spark back you are going to have to play dirty. Or at least show Mike you still know how to play dirty.” Carol sat back. “If you want I can come along for moral support.”

“I’ll think about it, okay?” Louise said and moved the subject quickly on to the soap opera on the Television the other night.

Which was a month ago, give or take and here she now was in a little back room. Her short blonde hair teased to within an inch of its life and her face done up better than Louise could do it herself. The photographer had promised a professional shoot and so far he had been spot on with his small team of stylists. Now she had to dress. ‘How can you dress in this, there is barely any material.’ Her mind still fought against the whole idea, the red baby doll had seemed a good idea and hand picked by Carol no less.

Louise slipped it on the top barely covered her ample breasts. She was once a curvy 34D but pregnancy had changed those and the rest of her. Louise was now a 36D and with a little pot belly that her husband once adored. Curvy was what she was meant to call it, fat is what she really felt and unattractive. The front of the baby doll opened along the centre but was held in place by three red bows that she securely fastened before she slipped on the matching panties her dark blonde bush just visible. Lastly the red stockings slipped on over her legs. She felt silly and more naked than she had ever done in her life. “You ready in there?” Carol asked excitedly.

Carol beamed from ear to ear seeing her friend when she stepped out. The transformation was remarkable. Louise was dowdy and frumpy at the best of times more so next to the glamorous Carol but for the first time ever Carol felt a pang of jealousy towards her friend. Here was a woman of sexy curves a pity she didn’t know how to use them. “You look fucking amazing Lou,” Seeing the doubt on her friends face she continued, “seriously I have never seen you look so…” she hunted for the word, “so fucking sexy.” Louise let out a laugh and Carol joined in helping her friend relax a bit more. Louise lowered her arms that she held across her body in a very defensive pose. Carol could not help but eye up her friends breasts. Louise was known for her heavy jumpers and seeing her almost naked was one thing but now seeing her breasts. Carol wondered why Mike was ever off those things.

“Are you ready?” The photographer asked as he approached fiddling with his camera, he stopped and looked up. Carol noticed it and wondered if Louise had too, he had stopped cold a sentence on his tongue lost when he saw Louise in her get up. He licked his lips gave a cough and diverted his eyes rapidly away from Louise’s breasts. “Okay Louise you look stunning, this is going to be easy to shoot.” He held out a hand that Louise took cautiously and let the photographer walk her over to the small set.

“So tell us Andy, shoot many yummy mummies?” Carol asked.

The photographer Andy laughed, “A few in my time,” he was aware that Carol was trying her best to relax her friend and was willing to help as much as he could. A Cold model made for very cold shots. “But none anywhere near the class and look of Louise here.”

Louise blushed at the words. Getting from the changing room to the set was one thing now Andy was preparing to shoot. She took deep breaths as he told her to just relax. She lay down across the white fur rug and stretched out awkwardly arms going up then down, legs doing the same. She looked like she was having a fit and felt like a right prat. The flash bulbs on either side of her went off suddenly. Andy smiled lowering his camera from his face. “Test shot Louise, see how painless it was.” She smiled back still very unsure. “Think about it Louise I now have one image of you dressed in a seriously sexy outfit looking all shades of gorgeous. Why stop there?”

And with that she had no answer. He was right, one shot of her dressed like this was already on the camera and it had taken less than a second to do. He had not laughed at seeing her in fact she was pretty certain he had been surprised at how good she looked when he had approached her at the changing room. So what did she have to loose. Carol was here and the Photographer was not an idiot. She smiled and stretched out her legs placing one hand under her chin and the other behind her head.

!POP! The flash bulbs lit up the scene once, twice, three times. Andy pointed this way and that, first lying down then sitting her up. That feeling of apprehension started to fade in fact she started to have fun. Louise sat up legs spread and leaned forward arms dropping between her splayed legs and her cleavage heaving out as she starred into the lens. Andy snapped away then stood up from his crouched position a big smile on his face.

“Wonderful Louise, you are a born natural.” When he looked up from the small digital viewer on the back of the camera he noticed that Louise was sitting upright unaware that the last position had knocked the strap of her baby doll off her shoulders and dropped enough to take the flimsy material away from her right breast exposing it. Andy lifted his camera and grabbed a shot. He walked over to Louise, “Here take a look.” He said and offered the camera to Louise.

It took her a second to realise what she was seeing. The next instinct kicked in and she hurriedly pulled the strap back up and covered her breast. “Did you see that Carol?” Louise asked all embarrassed.

“So what Lou, it’s a boob, I’m sure Andy here has seen many in his life time.” Carol looked at Andy.

Andy nodded looking at Carol. “Just the odd hundred or so,” he turned to look at Louise “But none compare to what you have Louise if you don’t mind me saying.” Louise went to say ‘how dare you’ or something of equal displeasure but she found the words stuck in her throat. She looked back down at the image. In it she could see how relaxed she looked a slight smile on her mouth one breast exposed. She did look kind of sexy, but this guy. She did not know him that well and he obviously wanted more of Louise topless.

“Please could we stick with the other shots?” She asked Andy. He nodded a little sadly at her reply he had hoped to see more of the wonderful woman who had walked through his door this morning but it seemed that was not to be. As he walked away, she kept seeing that one image over and other and what did Andy say earlier, how painless it was and why stop there? So why should she? What was holding her back Andy was clearly happy to take more photographs and Carol, well Carol was just Carol.

Andy turned and caught his breath. Louise had lowered both sides of the baby doll exposing both breasts. He stared for longer than he knew he should have and caught the eye of Carol looking at him and a little cock of her head. He lifted the Camera and fired away. After a few shots he moved in closer, he knelt down filling the lens with Louise’s face and her ample breasts. ‘My god she is hot for a fifty year old.’ Andy thought followed quickly with ‘She’s old enough to be your mom’ but that only seemed to fuel his passion for this woman, he remained kneeling aware that if he stood up his erection was more than likely going to be visible in his black drain pipe jeans.

“Louise you are magnificent, I just hope we don’t give your husband a heart attack with this pictures.” Andy joked. “Are these photographs for a special occasion?” He asked trying to keep professional while wondering how good her nipples would feel on the end of his tongue.

Louise hesitated with an answer, “Birthday present.” She finally blurted out.

Carol laughed, “Pull the other one Lou. Her Mike doesn’t think she’s sexy enough, Lou is in the sex starved category of middle life.” Louise took major offence at that and stood up covering her chest with her arms.

“How dare you say that Carol, Mike is…” What was Mike exactly nowadays? Husband yes, lover not in a very long time and oh how she missed it.

“Mike is a fool if you ask me,” Andy offered the thought had come out of his mouth instead of remaining fixed in his head. Both women looked at him, “Sorry but to have a woman like you in his life and not want to, you know?” He let the women fill in the gap.

Carol pointed at Andy, “See, he’s eighteen and he knows a sexy woman when he sees one.”

“I’m twenty four actually.” Andy offered though he doubted either woman had heard him.

Both women starred in silence at one another, finally Carol spoke. “Lou, you look amazing even Andy thinks so, the whole world knows so except Mike. You have a body that screams for attention and you now have photographs that will tell Mike that. If you don’t think so just look at his erection.” And she pointed directly at Andy.

The jeans were unforgiving and Louise could easily see the outline and bulge of a very hard cock pressed up against the tight fitting denim. Her mouth dropped open the penny dropping that another man found her attractive, physically attractive. Not only that a younger man. Louise was fifty one and Andy, twenty four? That made him twenty seven years younger! How was that possible? How could this young man possibly see her as attractive but the evidence spoke for it self or at least showed it self. “If I was younger, would I be your type?” She asked Andy.

He looked bemused, “why younger, you’re hot, well that’s to say attractive. Seriously if you weren’t married I’d have tried my luck by now.” The words were coming from his mouth but he was unaware of how they were getting there. “I’d bed you every single night if I were your husband.”

Louise looked at him, her bullshit detector remained silent. Andy was not a bad looker, not really her type but then again Louise had no type. Louise felt as if she were in a bad porn movie, ‘young stud fucks MILF’ or something equally as literate as the title of the movie suggested what you were going to see in a not too subtle manner like the ones she watched now and then online when Mike was off in one of his moods. But this was real life and she was married. ‘Get over yourself Lou this guy is just saying what he wants you to hear so you’ll get your tits out for him again.’ Somehow she had walked over to Andy. Louise felt out of control as if someone else was now controlling her actions. Her lips met Andy’s in a long lingering kiss before parting.

“Lou! Bloody hell what was that?” Carol squealed a look that was half shock and half amazement on her face. “You don’t have to prove anything to me okay.”

Louise turned and shrugged at Carol. For the first time in a long time here was a man, an actual man that found Louise desirable and clearly wanted her if he could have her. So why shouldn’t she? She kissed him again her hands finding his waist as his own hands found hers. Andy kissed her back as firmly as she kissed him. There was no hesitation by him he wanted this as much if not more than Louise right now.

Andy’s hand worked up her right side his hand rubbing across the red material of the baby doll, feeling the warm skin beneath. His thumb slipped beneath one heavy breast before he turned his hand and cupped the breast taking the weight and squeezing it ever so gently. Louise’s tongue explored Andy’s mouth the alarm and the nervousness were both quickly evaporating being replaced by lust at the taste and touch of this young man. Andy’s other hand slipped round and squeezed Louise’s ample backside pulling her in closer as he did so and pushing his erection against her making sure she knew of his intentions.

“You feel so good,” He said hoarsely as they broke their kiss momentarily. One hand squeezed her backside the other held her breasts and did the same. Andy lowered his head lifting the breast as he did so. Louise took a shuddering breath as his tongue flicked across her semi erect nipple. Her nipple firmed up after the first pass. The sensation was something she missed. Little electrodes of joy that warmed her breast with each lick and when he took the nipple in her mouth and gave it a gentle nibble she felt herself moisten and knew she wanted to feel him in her.

Louise broke their embrace and lowered herself to her knees. Her hands shook with adrenaline and she fought to undo the jeans. Andy finally reached down and unbuckled his belt. The button fly easily popped open as Louise pulled at one side. Her excitement was overwhelming it was not like she had not seen a cock before. She had seen Mike’s and she had seen enough lately online but this was better. This was real and it was going to be in her hand. She pulled the white briefs down and watched Andy’s rock solid cock bounce free and stand erect in front of her face.

One shaky hand reached out and touched the cock. It felt so hot and alive as she took hold of it. Bigger than Mike and thicker she had not felt anything like it, had only imagined what something like this could be like. She stroked it slowly listening to the gasps and short breaths of Andy as she worked his young cock in her old hand. ‘How did it taste?’ she wondered and opened her mouth guiding him in.

“Oh you dirty bitch!” Carol exclaimed. Andy jumped with surprise as did Louise at the sound of her friends voice Andy’s cock slipping free of her mouth and slapped against his belly.

Carol had taken a seat on metal chair, her jeans and yellow thong around her ankles. Her legs were spread as wide as they could and one hand worked slowly across a shaved pussy, finger tips already wet. “Who are you calling a dirty bitch?” Louise mocked and returned to Andy taking his cock and feeding it back into her mouth.

Andy held Louise’s head his fingers dug into her short blonde hair letting her dictate the pace and the amount she sucked. He could not believe his luck so many times in his life he had wanted an older woman. Ever since he learnt the fine art of masturbation he had discovered the joys of older women through the pornographic magazines he had found in his brothers room. Finally all those fantasies were coming true.

Louise sucked what she could, Andy’s cock was bigger than her Mike’s and even that she barely took more than the tip and an inch or two. But she found herself trying to get as much of this young cock in her mouth as possible. Her own moans seemed louder than those of Andy, but then again she was sucking his cock and playing with herself. Andy pulled back with his hips pulling his cock with it and out of Louise’s mouth. He took hold of it “I want to feel it between your tits.” He said through heavy breaths.

Louise straightened up and held her breasts slightly apart allowing Andy to fit his cock between them then she pushed them together encasing it. His cock head poked out from the top of her cleavage, shimmering with spit and pre cum. He started to buck his hips moving his slick cock between her heavy warm mounds his cock head dipping almost out of sight then rising up with each thrust. “Oh fuck they feel so good.” He said voice quivering with excitement. Louise stuck her tongue out ‘just like the movies’ she thought to herself. Her tongue met Andy’s cock head on his next up thrust and tasted a good layer of pre cum, she kept her tongue out catching tastes with each thrust. “I have to stop or I’ll cum.” Andy said pulling his cock, reluctantly from the warm embrace.

“I bet you want to taste her don’t you?” Carol called out as she watched her friend and the young man. One hand moving across her pussy, one finger buried deep inside her.

Louise lay back on the fur rug her legs spread wide. Andy knelt between them and could already see the mess that Louise’s fingers had made. The gusset of the red panties had been pulled aside and her meaty lips were puffed and spread eager for more. He leaned forward smelling her sex as he got closer. His tongue ran in one long slow motion starting from the bottom and working its way up between the lips to her clitoris where he lingered with a gentle rotation.

Her hairy mound tickled his nose and cheeks, he had had enough trimmed and shaved in his lifetime and to finally have a real woman before him was so much more of a turn on. He ran his tongue back down, poking it further in tasting her juices, feeling her warmth and the satisfying motion of Louise pushing her hips up to meet him. His tongue returned to her clitoris as his right hand index finger slipped with ease into her waiting warmth. Louise let out a long moan as she felt the finger slide in and the electric snap as his tongue played across her clitoris. She moaned even louder as his free hand worked up her body and found one breast, pinching the nipple between finger and thumb.

Louise detected movement next to her when she opened her eyes she saw Carol had come in close and was kneeling next to them and was still playing with herself, her eyes alight with lust at the sight. “Enjoying the show?” Louise managed to ask.

“Not as much as you.” Carol replied. Andy lifted his head, eyes admiring the other mature woman in his studio, “eyes down stud, I’m off the market.” She chided.

With renewed passion Andy returned. Louise could not believe how good it felt to have someone work so diligently to make you orgasm. Louise gasped as she felt a second hand on her breast. Carol smiled down as she used her free hand to rub and pull at Louise’s free nipple. It was all too much, both breasts were alight with their touches and her clitoris was sending shockwaves across her whole body. “I’m cumming!” Louise cried out her hands grabbing Andy’s head forcing him down as her hips began to buck with the force of the orgasm.

Andy felt her release, a gush of warm liquid across his fingers and hand he lowered his head trying to lap up the mess that he had helped create even as Louise kept on cumming. She held his head firm and he licked and poked his finger, well actually fingers. He now had three inside her feeling her walls spasm as the after shocks rippled through her.

DISCLAIMER:// My boyfriend and I started writing these stories for each other a while ago. He challenged me in the beginning to write the most kinky story I could think of. You’ll see what came of it. He’s also posting his stories on his account. I’ll update this with what it is soon enough.

No, none of these events have actually happened. They are pure fantasy concocted by my loverboy and myself.

Story 2: Fellatio

Another time, another place. You can feel that it’s cool in this room, but you cannot see a thing. All you can do is use your other senses to figure out your current location. You can smell the heady scent of vanilla and lavender close by, but you can’t tell from what. You’re tied up naturally. Though this time I’ve been more thoughtful and wrapped the cuffs with rags so they don’t chaff so bad. You feel a soft breeze caressing your skin. It’s warmer than the room is and causes goosebumps to rise over your skin. The scent of vanilla and lavender grows stronger. You can hear the soft padding of footsteps across the soft-ish floor. If you shift enough, you’ll notice that they’re tatami (rice mats). They’re perfect for cushioning your kitty knees. Your ears twitch, trying to find the sound again, but it doesn’t sound again.

The scent is extremely strong though. You keep looking around, sightless, your ears twitching. “Rachel?” you mewl. “Are you there?” Something touches your ear. Something warm and soft. A finger? Yes, a finger. My finger? Perhaps. “Rachel?” you implore again. Both of your ears were tweaked now, perhaps as an answer. You strain against you restraints. “Please! Tell me if that’s you.”

Something shifts in front of you and you can feel the air move downward. You feel fingertips on your nose, trailing down to your lips and over your chin. Soft lips touch your cheek as the fingers continue to trail even farther downward. You notice then that you are naked once more. Your cock twitches. “Rachel,” you mewl again, straining against your bonds. You want to make sure it’s me. You want to remove the blindfold so bad. Too bad you can’t. Lips keep kissing, nipping softly on your skin, moving toward your lips. Ten digits slide over your fuzzy chest, tracing patterns through the black fur. The lips skip yours and move up the other side of your face. You can feel your cock rising as the fingertips get closer and closer to it. You groan at a particularly sharp nip to your cheek. You shift in jerking motions, trying to get away or get the person teasing you to pull the blindfold off. You whine, pulling away, but each time finding that you can’t escape. Resistance is futile. You have yet to realize this, of course. “Let me see you,” you whisper when the lips find your earlobe and suckle on it gently. “Please, let me see you. I have to know…”

You feel a smile against your where your cheek and ear meet. The being still says nothing. You don’t know if it’s male or female, just that it smells of sweet vanilla and lavender. You can tell now that they’re so close to you. The fingers feel rather feminine though. They are slim and tiny, obviously feminine or perhaps Fae. You doubt you have a fairy in the room with you. Something about the touch is familiar. You think you know who it is, but you’d have to feel with your hands, taste with your tongue or see with your eyes to be sure. She isn’t going to let you do that quite yet though. She finally pulls away with a tiny giggle, leaving you aching for more. You let out a whimper, ashamed to be wanting to be touched so much and even more ashamed that you are sent into a spell of whimpering and desiring to beg and plead for more. You grit your teeth instead, growing angry with yourself and the woman who is so insistent on teasing you. You let out a growl, glaring into the thick blanket of black that the blindfold provides you. “Who the hell do you think you are?!” you shout, really rattling the chains as you strain and pull against them. “Who do you think you are that you can string me up like a prisoner and blindfold me then tease me like that?!”

You feel the female’s presence close up again. The scent fills your nostrils again as she leans close. Her hair brushes softly against the juncture between your neck and shoulder. You shiver. Your sense of touch is amplified since one of the other ones is blocked. You feel her breath against your ear, hot and sweet. It’s like she’s tempted to say something, but decides not to, instead touching your shoulders gently and pressing her lips to your jaw. She kisses downward this time, licking the muscles of your neck with a thick, hot tongue. She finds your collar bone and you can’t really remember why you were mad now. Everything in your mind goes hazy except for one feeling: lust. You want this woman, even if you don’t know who she is. She’s driving you insane. Your insanity is of course making this even harder to go through. You fight your bonds more. It’s obvious that you want out. She just giggles softly. Her maddening fingers slip lower, teasing the line of your hip bones. Your cock starts to strain and twitch. Why won’t she touch you? Why won’t she kiss you!? You’re beyond frustrated and keep letting out noises that indicate this. A grunt, a hiss followed by a pleading whimper. “Woman, please…” you say softly. Your collar is starting to really kick in now. You’re beginning to turn more uke.

The woman doesn’t like this. She stops what she’s doing and reaches up to take your collar off. You let out a loud hiss as the change happens and you’re returned to your human form. The lips find your chin, nipping and sucking for a moment as the hands, soft and silky against your skin, return to your hips. The bell jingled softly as it fell to the floor. You gasp softly as she kisses down your chest. She rubs her hands down your thighs. You suddenly realize the size of her hands match mine. Rage boils inside of you. “It is you! You little –” You cut yourself off with a loud gasp. The woman’s mouth has closed around your cock. She didn’t even try to play with it first, she just went for the goal. You hiss in a breath and pull on the chains. You can hear the sucking of her mouth as she moves up and down. Her fists closes around the remaining part of you and strokes in rhythm. You definitely recognize the mouth and the hand now. It is me. “Rachel…” you moan, flopping against the chains. Your cock is aching from its engorgement of blood and I’m the only thing that can ease it.

I apparently get bored of sucking on you and move away for a moment. “Don’t!” You fight the chains again in an attempt to grab at me. Unfortunately, that is a fruitless and futile effort. Well, that’s only natural since you’re chained up in iron cuffs. “Rachel…” you say softly. You sound sad and needy.

You hear rustling on the mat in front of you. “So you figured out it was me for real?” you hear my voice ask. “I figured you would after I sucked your cock a little bit.” I reach up and touch the blindfold, as if tempted to take it off, but I leave it where it is. Instead, my hands run down your body. I touch your shoulders and sides before slipping around and groping your taught ass. “I’m tempted to try other things…” My hands slide lower and into your crack. You shiver as they get lower and lower. Finally, I touch the tight bud of your asshole. Your breathing hitches, but otherwise you don’t react. “Would you like me to play with your asshole?” I ask softly. You don’t answer me. I kiss the corner of your lips as I continue to touch and gently prod at it. “No answer means yes,” I murmur, taking your lips with mine in passion and heat as my finger pushes against your hole. It doesn’t give though. So, I finish my kiss, licking your lips when I’m thoroughly done with you. I pull completely away from you and you hear something squish. You don’t know what it is, but you feel my hand, slick with something, rubbing your hole again. I’m kneeling in between your legs, you can feel mine brush yours softly as I shimmy closer. With one hand, I rub your thigh. The other, has found its way back behind your balls from underneath this time. This lubrication makes it easier to push inside.

You groan. “What are you using?” you ask, your voice thick with lust. “To make it easier?”

You can almost hear the grin in my voice. “How sexy would it be if I said it was my own juices?”

Your sphincter clenches tightly around my finger as your hips buck. “Very sexy,” you gasp. You let your head loll back on your shoulders as I continue to push my finger inside. I pump it slowly a few times before easing it back to the opening. A second finger joins it, pushing slowly inside. I ease my fingers up inside of you until they reach their hilt. They wiggle around a little bit, as if looking for something. They find your prostate and your hips buck. A soft whimpering moan escapes your lips.

“Perfect,” I purr, leaning down to kiss your cock. You moan again as I slide you into my mouth. My free hand moves to encircle the base of your cock. I can already feel you thickening up as I suck, stroke and massage. I’ve apparently found one of the ultimate guy-pleasers. You buck against the chains, grunting and thrusting into my mouth. I let you, for now at least.

All you can do is feel pure sensation. You can’t see anything, but you can hear and feel every little thing that I’m doing to you. Slowly, in little wafts, my scent joins the smell of vanilla and lavender. “Engh! God! Rachel, let me fuck you,” you gasp, struggling even more now. “Please let me fuck you!”

I stop what I’m doing for a moment and look up at you. I let my hand fall away from your penis, leaving my fingers plunged deep into your asshole. They keep wiggling as I reach up and remove the blindfold. “No, you can’t fuck me. But I will let you watch.” Your eyes blink open and I slip your glasses onto your face, adjusting them so they sit right.

You can see my bare back since I’m leaning down so far. I’m naked, of course. You aren’t really paying much attention to my back though as I lean back down to suck your cock. You watch with rapt attention, I notice as I look up every so often. Eventually, I’m staring up at you, waiting to see you orgasm. Your face starts to scrunch up as your breathing gets more choppy. Your breath hitches in your throat as your mouth opens up. You struggle to keep looking at me, but you find you can’t. I feel your cock bulge and I pull my face away quickly. My fingers wiggle wildly against your prostate as the first jet of cum erupts from your member. I let out a gasp as the first jet hits my face. Another string comes and lands on my chest. I open my mouth as you look down again and aim your cock toward my mouth as it bursts again. All of this seems to be occurring in slow motion. I moan for you, not relenting on my milking of your cock and your prostate. By the time you’re completely empty, I’m covered in your hot seed. I fall back on my ass, withdrawing from you completely. I feel naughty and bad for what I did to you. My hand touches my face, touches your cum. I bite my lip and look up ate you. I’ve already swallowed what managed to make it into my mouth. I lay back on the rice mats below us.

You’re watching me, knowing exactly what I’m going to do. I scoot back a little bit so you can see me better. I love that look of complete attention you’re giving me. My fingertips move from my face down my body, drawing patterns in the cum covering me. My nipples are standing up proudly and I tweak them a few times before groping myself. I let out a sighing moan, continuing to watch you as you lick your lips.

I continue on in silence, sliding my hands down until they reach the parting of my thighs. I draw my knees up and lay my legs open so you can see everything and just how glistening wet my shaved pussy is. I watch you groan and lick your lips a few times. My fingers find my clit. I start to rub slowly, loving your eyes on me. I’ve always enjoyed masturbating for you, this time is no different. It always feels more intense when you can see me or hear me. I love teasing you like this. I’d love to feel your hands on me now, but that would be too risky at this point. You’d begin to wonder more about how you ended up here and what was going on. You’d begin to question if these were not dreams after all. This would not do. I enjoyed making you my sex slave far too much.

After a while of teasing myself, I’m rubbing furiously at my clit as my other hand finds itself finger deep inside my pussy. I’ve squeezed two inside, imaging it’s really your cock, which is beginning to stand at attention in front of me again. I bite my lip, refusing to let a moan escape, but it does anyway. My breathing is uneven and shallow. You can see the expression that I usually get just before I orgasm. Frustration, desperation… I stare up at you, continuing to rub and fuck myself. “Eric,” I breathe, my breath hitching in my throat on the last syllable. “I love you.” Then my orgasm crashes over me.

Covered in cum, still twitching from my own orgasm, I stand up and stand in front of you. Leaning down to your level. I kiss you softly. “Thank you lover. Time to wake up.”

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Jill leaned against her car, looked at her watch, and then looked over her shoulder at the cigarette and adult novelty store’s “Closed” sign. She had driven halfway across town in an effort to not be recognized. She still couldn’t believe she’d agreed to picking up the party favors for her daughter’s best friend’s bachelorette party.

Other than the finger-sized vibrator Jill acquired in college almost 20 years ago, she had never used or seen an adult phallic toy. But that was exactly what the bride-to-be wanted to hand out as gifts to the 20 or so women invited to the party. Jill reminded her that some of the women were as young as 18, but some were as old as 60. The bride-to-be was firm on what she wanted. She even provided Jill with a list of various vibrators and dildos so there would be an assortment.

Jill looked on the Internet, but couldn’t seem to find exactly what was on the list. She looked through the phone book and only found three adult novelty stores in town. Two of the three were in bad parts of town, but one was not far from the airport, and was more of a tobacco store than a porn shop. Jill decided to start there.

She called first, and read off a few of the toys on the list. The gentleman that answered the phone thought he had a few in the stockroom, so it wouldn’t be a wasted trip.

From the corner of her eye, Jill could see the “Closed” sign being flipped to “Open.”

Time to get on with it.

The storefront appeared clean, bright, and smelled of tobacco. In fact, Jill was a little worried she had gone to the wrong place. The bell clanged as the door closed behind her. A short, small-framed man with horn-rimmed glasses instantly appeared from the back of the store.

He almost tripped when he looked up to see Jill. She wasn’t the usual clientele.

At 38, Jill looked good. Some would say too good. She married right after high school, and had her daughter less than a year afterward. After her pregnancy, Jill worked hard to maintain a healthy physique, and at first glance, she could easily be mistaken for a girl in her 20′s, especially at work. Her daughter became increasingly independent over the last few years, so Jill had more time to do some of the things she had always wanted.

Her husband had been promoted to a position requiring more time abroad than at home, so Jill looked into selling real estate as a way to fill her time. Selling houses was better than watching soap operas in Jill’s book, and it paid better, too. With a little help from some veteran agents, her good looks, and dressing for success, Jill made enough in a year to pay for the new Lexus parked outside.

She had left the office at 4pm, hoping the tobacco store would be open while it was still daylight. Her work clothes were tasteful, but also just a little bit sexy. Her coworkers showed her data on how sex sells, even in real estate, but none of them admitted to having done more than tease in order to make a sale. Jill had gone as far as letting an older gentleman grope her ass while she showed him a $1M home, but she never went any farther. Unlike some of her coworkers, she never had to.

The storeowner seemed to stop dead in his tracks as he took in the sight of her. Her high heels, long legs, short skirt, and open blouse were completely foreign to him outside of the magazines and videos he pandered. Her radiant red hair and deep blue eyes sparkled in the setting sun peering through the shop’s windows.

“Can I help you, missy?” the storeowner asked.

“I don’t know. I think I might be in the wrong place.” Jill answered sheepishly.

“Not if you’re the lady that called an hour ago, asking about some dildos.” He acted as if he talked about them every day.

Jill nodded, her face turning red from embarrassment.

“Follow me.” The storeowner walked toward the back of the store and through a black curtain.

Jill’s heels clicked as she stepped though the opening to the back part of the store. The floor was unfinished cement — much noisier than the carpeted floor in the tobacco part.

Jill had never been in an adult novelty store, bookstore, or video arcade. To say that she was surprised would be an understatement.

She had heard from her husband and his friends about the kind of men that would hang out in such places. For the moment, she was relieved that she was the only customer.

Jill looked at a few magazines, DVDs, and then found a wall full of various phallic shapes. She had never seen anything like them. She was particularly impressed at the size of some of the toys.

“Do women actually use these to masturbate?” Jill asked.

“Sometimes, men too.” The storeowner smirked.

He handed her three boxes. “I pulled these from the back after you called. It’s all we have on your list. You’ll probably have better luck finding the rest at the other places in town, you just have to be careful.”

“What do you mean?” Jill asked, more curious than worried.

“I mean those places are in a little rougher part of town. You might want to rethink your outfit. Tone it down a bit.” He said, looking at her hardened nipples pushing through the fabric of her blouse.

Jill could see him staring at her breasts, but wasn’t offended. She was used to it.

She was a real estate agent. She knew the town.

“Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.” Jill politely smiled as she walked towards an opening on the far wall.

Lights flashed around the doorframe. Through the door was a hallway with several doors on either side.

“What’s in here?” Jill asked.

“Those are preview rooms.” The storeowner almost laughed as he answered. “A few years ago, that was where you could take a video tape and watch it before you bought it. The previous owner upgraded for DVDs, but nowadays, you can watch the same stuff at home, on your computer. Only people that go in there now are just interested in anonymous blowjobs through the glory holes. Cops keep cracking down on it, making me board up the holes, but the low-life’s figure out a way to make new ones. Plus, it’s a real pain in the butt to keep the floor clean.”

Jill walked down the hall and opened one of the doors. Inside the booth, there was a plastic patio furniture chair, an ashtray, and a monitor with coin slots and a channel button. She looked down and found she was standing in a slimy substance, and then carefully stepped out of the hallway and back into the store.

“Surreal” was all Jill could muster.

The storeowner looked into the booth after she stepped out. “Ahh crap. I’m really sorry about that. I thought I cleaned them all out last night.” He quickly stepped into a utility room and started running the water to fill up a mop bucket.

“I guess I can ring you up and get you on your way, missy,” the storeowner paused. “Unless there’s anything else.”

“No. I mean yes. I’ll just pay for these. Thanks for the… tour.” Jill said.

“That’ll be $157.80,” the storeowner said matter-of-factly.

Jill blinked hard.

“Seriously?” Jill asked, her face turning red again. “For three dildos?”

“Yep, you got some good ones, there, I imagine. Whoever made up your list must be pretty particular. Hope she enjoys ‘em.” The storeowner smiled, and waited.

“They’re not all for one person. They’re supposed to be party favors at a bachelorette party.” Jill handed him two hundred dollar bills.

“A party, huh? Dildos and vibrators? How times have changed.” The storeowner handed Jill her change.

Jill quickly walked out, got in her car only after fumbling with the keyless code for what seemed like an eternity, and sped home — to her side of town.

A few days went by before Jill got up the nerve to call one of the two remaining adult novelty stores. They were strictly porn shops — no tobacco sales taking place there legally. She tried calling during the day, but there was no answer, a busy signal, or a recording asking her to leave a message.

When she finally did get through, the voice on the other end of the line scared her enough to hang up.

“Bitch, I ain’t got time for yo’ shit. You wanna fuckin’ dildo, get your ass over here and find you one,” the proprietor yelled into her ear.

Jill hung up a second later. She was shocked and felt just a little humiliated.

With only two weeks before the bachelorette party, she knew she was running out of time. She quickly called the last adult book and video store in the phone book.

“Sure, we have some of those,” a man answering as Sammy said. “We might even have all of those. We don’t close until 4am.”

“I’m more interested in what time you open,” Jill explained.

“Well, we got inventory tomorrow, so I’ll be in early. Maybe around noon. That work?” Sammy asked.

“That’d be great!” Jill said, later realizing she probably sounded too excited.

Remembering what the tobacco storeowner told her, Jill decided to really dress down. She found an old pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and flip-flops. She didn’t realize she had forgotten to wear a bra or panties until she was halfway to the adult bookstore. She never wore a bra or panties when she wore those clothes – because she normally wouldn’t be caught out of the house in those clothes.

After several wrong turns, Jill finally found the seedy-looking adult book and video store. Trash was strewn across the sidewalk, and she strongly considered turning around and going home rather than leave her car parked on that street.

She bit her lip and looked around. The neighborhood looked deserted.

Jill stepped out of the car and quickly walked to the store’s front door. Locked.

She pulled on it several more times until a short, bald, and slightly overweight black man unlocked the door.

“You da’ lady on the phone?” Sammy asked.

“Yes. Sorry, I thought you said you’d be here at noon.” Jill asked, catching a chill.

“Yea, it’s noon and I’m here… and now you are, too.” Sammy smiled as he held the door open for her. “Come on in. I got to lock the door, though, ’cause I’m still doing inventory and shit.”

“Oh. Okay.” Jill said quietly. He had left the key in the door, so she felt she could leave in a hurry if she needed to.

Unlike the tobacco store, this establishment wasted no time in showing off it’s stock. As soon as the door closed behind her, Jill turned to see hundreds of dildos covering an entire wall, from floor to ceiling. Some were in boxes, some in plastic, but all hung from pegs sticking out from the wall. Jill wondered how long it would take to look through them all.

Sammy seemed to have read her mind.

“Over here are the simple ones. Smaller and cheaper. What I call the beginner’s section.

Next, we have more life-like ones. Balls, veins, texture.” Sammy spoke as a museum curator. “And over here, these are the pro models. These are some serious shit.”

Jill couldn’t believe the realism, although they seemed to be scaled much larger than life.

She reached up for one of the boxes and felt her sweatpants start to fall.

Jill quickly reached back down to hold up her pants, and then tied the waist string a little tighter. She could tell that Sammy could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Mmm, hmmm.” Sammy smiled as he tilted his head. “Well, let me know if you need any help with anything. Just give me a holler when you’re ready to check out.”

“Thanks,” Jill said as she caught her breath.

The selection was daunting. She looked at the list, and then looked up at the wall and felt overwhelmed. After twenty minutes, she only found four of the remaining seventeen toys. After an hour, she found three more.

Sammy came back to the front of the store.

“You still here?” Sammy smiled.

“I’m really having a tough time finding any more on the list.” Jill explained.

“Well, give me the list and I’ll go back in the storeroom and see what I can find.” Sammy offered.

Jill wondered why she hadn’t just asked him to do that in the first place.

“You gotta wait up here, though.” Sammy warned. “Look around. See if there’s anything else you need. Read some magazines. Watch a movie — ladies watch for free.”

“Really?” Jill asked, curious.

Sammy walked behind the register counter and unwrapped a role of tokens.

“Here, knock yourself out. You’ve got about $600 worth of latex on that list of yours. If we find everything you need, I might just close up early tonight.” Sammy handed her the tokens and pointed to the back of the store.

Jill walked around the store, up one isle, and down another. It reminded her of vinyl record stores when she was a little girl. Instead of records, though, these were magazines covering every fetish ever imagined.

Jill was no prude, and had allowed her husband to do everything he ever wanted with her — not that any of it was much of a departure from what she wanted. But the magazines portrayed everything at a much higher level of intensity. The women were younger and more beautiful. The men were athletic and unusually well endowed. She had thought her husband was bigger than average, and it still felt that way whenever they had time for sex, but average for the men in the magazines made her husband’s manhood seem almost small in comparison.

She found the video arcade. It looked like a room within a room, and in the center were all the booths. The corridor ran around the outside of the booths, ending in a glass enclosure showcasing the current library of movies the patrons could sample.

Jill was surprised at the number of gay films. The majority of the other movies seemed centered on blacks on blondes. She figured blacks on redheads didn’t sound as catchy. Their loss.

She walked down the corridor, stopping a few doors down. She stepped into the booth to find an old steel folding chair, opaque glass windows on each side, and a video screen opposite the door. Under each window was a hole barely big enough to fit a soda can through.

“Those must be the glory holes.” Jill whispered.

Jill turned to close the door behind her and could barely make out the sign on the back of the door. “No sexual activity of any kind permitted on premises by order of city ordnance.”

“Are you kidding me?” Jill asked, not knowing anyone else was listening.

She slid a hook on the door into an eye-ring. That was about as close to a lock as she would get.

Jill dropped a token into the coin slot next to the video screen. Nothing happened.

She dropped another token into the slot and almost jumped a foot high as the screen came to life and the sounds of a woman moaning filled the booth. Jill felt around the video screen for any kind of knob that would turn down the volume, and instead found an overheard light rheostat. She turned the light all the way up and was finally able to see the volume knob.

Once she had the sound turned down to a reasonable level, she turned the overhead light back down and pressed the button on the monitor. The scene changed from retro porn from the ’70′s to gay porn from the ’90′s. Two men in a sixty-nine, sucking each other to orgasm. Jill was beside herself. She had never seen anything like it. Not knowing how long two tokens would last, she quickly pressed the button again and again, sampling each of the dozen or so movies. Eventually, the screen went blank. She dropped two more tokens into the slot, and was introduced to another video. This one seemed more current, as the hairstyles appeared more modern, and there seemed to be no pubic hair on any of the actors.

Two skinny black men were holding a young white girl, barely eighteen years old. She looked scared at first, but as one of the men dropped to his knees and began licking and fingering her bald pussy, she quickly spread her legs and began to moan.

They pulled her onto a bed where they took turns pushing each of their long members down her throat. She gagged several times, but didn’t resist, even when it looked like one of the men was choking her with his hand around her throat.

They tugged at her nipples which were perched high on small tits. The girl seemed almost relieved when they started fucking her.

The screen went black, again.

“Damn it.” Jill whispered as she pulled her had from her sweatpants. She froze for a moment. “Holy shit. I was getting myself off on that.”

Jill smiled to herself and decided to drop all of the remaining tokens into the coin slot.

The screen went bright, then dim, then bright again, this time showing yet another movie.

“No, no, no.” Jill whined as she pressed the button several times in attempt to find the movie she had just been watching.

When she finally found it, she looked around the booth. It was surprisingly cleaner than the booth at the tobacco store. She couldn’t seem to sit on the chair and pull her sweatpants down enough to rub her clit adequately. She decided to take off her sweatpants and fold them up, making a little cushion for the folding chair. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but that movie had made her so hot, and seeing those long black dicks in that girl’s mouth, hands, and pussy made her wetter than she had been in a long time.

Jill leaned back on the chair and raised her legs. Her perfectly painted toenails glistened as she placed her feet on each of the side window ledges. She rubbed her clit with one hand while squeezing her nipples with the other.

As the black men changed positions, Jill began fingering her pussy in time with their thrusts. When they turned the girl over, exposing her small, firm ass, Jill panted harder.

One of the men started licking the girl’s small, puckered asshole, while the skinny black man underneath her continued to slide his long pole in and out of her pussy.

Jill could barely contain herself.

Jill spit on her hand and rubbed her asshole. She knew what was coming next in the video, and the anticipation was causing her pussy to gush. She continued to rub her clit with one hand while pushing on the bud of her asshole with the other.

As if staying in time with the action on the screen, Jill slid her index finger into her asshole as one of the black men slid his long, slick dick into the young girls ass.

The girl seemed to squirm at first, arching her back, and pushing against his thigh with her hand. But then, the two black men stopped moving altogether.

Jill froze, too. The two black men remained motionless, but the young white girl began to move forward, and then back. Forward, and back. She was fucking herself on their shiny, wet dicks.

Jill had tried anal twice with her husband, and while he came quickly, she didn’t come at all. This was completely different. She fingered her asshole faster while pressing harder on her clit. The wetness from her pussy dripped onto her asshole, prompting Jill to add a second, and eventually a third finger.

Jill watched as the young, white girl continued to impale herself on those two black dicks until the sounds of Jill finger fucking her asshole echoed throughout the booth.

Jill surprised herself when she came. She knew she was on the brink for at least three minutes, and she rode that feeling as long as she could. She wanted to scream at the onset, but held it in, instead making a choking noise as she soaked her sweatpants.

The hidden cameras captured every detail.

Jill looked up to see the two black men depositing their semen onto the girls face, as if on cue. Jill felt a secondary orgasm overcome her and she let out a deep sigh. The girl seemed to suck what was left in each of the black stud’s balls, then scooped some of their come from her face into her mouth. She swallowed, then opened her mouth for the camera and smiled.

Seconds later, the screen went blank and the booth was completely dark.

Jill lowered her legs from the window ledges and felt around the floor with her bare feet. She kicked one flip-flop, but found the other and stood up. She reached around until she found the overhead light rheostat. She turned it slightly, but the booth instantly filled with bright light. She could see her reflection in the glass panes on either side.

**this is fiction, and fantasy. none of it has happened. and its the first time writing a story like this, so sorry if its not that good**

Little info about me I’m 18, and still live at home with my dad, my mom isn’t in the picture so its just me and him. I’m still in school, and my dad leaves about the same time I do.

After my dad left I decided to stay home, was not feeling too well, well that is kind of an understatement I was horny as hell and was not feeling too well to go to school cause of it. I already have to change my panties because they are so wet. Now the reason they are wet is a bad reason, horrible thoughts I should not be thinking.

This morning I caught my dad coming out of the shower, just a towel wrapped around his waist. Now my dad is hot for someone his age, he is 37years old and he stands about 5’9 and weighs around 190lbs. so he is in good shape. The towel just barely fits around his waist and so there is a little spot where there is a space at the bottom and where it was at it I could see the tip of my dad’s cock. I know a lot of girls my age (I am only 18) would find it gross to think about their dad’s or anyone his age like this. However, I get so wet and horny thinking about sucking his cock and feeling it going in and out of my body. Think about becoming his little slut or fuck toy. Gets me so turned on and makes me cum so hard thinking about it.

Well I decided to go back up to my room and grab my vibrator and just lay on the couch just wearing a long shirt. As I start to move my vibrator in and out, I started moaning. Calling out daddy please, fuck me daddy. About an hour later, when I was about to cum and moaning daddy yes make me cum for the second time the front door open.

“Ashlei, What are you doing home? You are supposed to be at school!” my dad yelled as he saw me on the couch. Thankfully, I had enough time to hide my vibrator.

“I wasn’t feeling well daddy, I didn’t think it would hurt to miss one day of school.” I said sitting up looking innocently, Wishing I had more clothes on then this long shirt, and praying he didn’t hear me moaning and saying daddy..

“Ashlei, stand up!” I stood up quickly. “Do you really think I believe that lie? I heard you. You were playing with that cunt of yours. I can still smell the sex in the air. You really want to be daddy to fuck you. Well you are going to get it. You going to become daddy’s new slut, you understand slut?”

I nodded slowly, not knowing what to say.

“Bend over the couch and lift that shirt, better yet take it off, I need to see my new fuck toy naked.” My dad said looking at me with a twinkle in his eye and what to look like an evil grin on his face.

I just stood there, frozen in place,”bitch, when I tell you to do something do it!” my dad said in an angry voice and he grabs my arm and moved me over to the side of the couch. “Take the shirt off now!” I slowly took it off wrapping my arms around my body, feeling a little scared; I have never seen my dad like this. However, I also knew he was angry with me skipping school. “Bend over the couch now. You are going to be getting 15swats with my belt. If you move, five more will come. You understand?”

I nodded, and bent over the side of the couch, having my head right against the seat cover. I knew better to waste time. I would just get more. I hear my dad move to left side of me. hear him undo his belt seconds later I hear the belt swish through the air and land with a hard and loud smack against my bare ass.. I screamed out as I felt the belt hit my ass and the pain and heat spread on my ass. Swish I hear again only seconds later and another smack lands across my ass. I howl in pain. Swish, smack, swish, smack, is the only thing I hear for the next few minutes. As tears roll down my face, knowing only a few more left. After the last few smacks of the belt, my 15 swats are over.

I feel my dad’s hand over my ass rubbing the tender skin that is bright red all over. “Look at that ass, all nice and round. You know this ass was made for spankings. Now I want you to go up those stairs and into my bedroom get on your knees and wait there for me.”

I start to pick up my shirt, but he snatches away from me. “No, leave it here, now move,” he says as he smacks my tender red ass. I hurried up the stairs and opened the door to his bedroom and as I was told I got on my knees and waiting. I wanted to rest my bottom again my heels but every time I did, pain rushed through my body. Few minutes later I hear his feet climb the stairs. As he opens the door, he unbuttons his pants and pushes them down along with his boxers. As his cock sprang free, I saw he was already semi hard. Steps out of his pants and walks over to me. “Open your mouth, going to suck my cock” as I open my mouth, he rams his cock into my mouth making me gag, and choke on it. “Yes that’s a good slut, gag on it,” he says as he grabs the back of my head and starts fucking my mouth. It hurts so much, gagging on his cock, I thought being with daddy would be gentle nothing like this. I hope that he is not like this when or if he fucks my pussy.

After a few minutes of him fucking my mouth, he pulls out and tells me to get on the bed on my hands and knees. He goes to the closets and grabs some rope. He walks back to the bed, pushes my head down, tells me to put my arms straight out, he ties my hands together, and then ties them to the headboard. Walking back to the end of the bed, he tells me to spread my legs. My arms are hurting being stretched out like this. Suddenly he rams his huge cock into my pussy, I scream out. Thankfully, my pussy was still little wet from earlier.

“Oh gawd your pussy feels so great, Ashlei.” He says as he pulls out and then rams back in. thankfully I am not a virgin, but it still hurts so much, but it also feels so good. Knowing it is my daddy’s cock is the one whose fucking my pus ssy just makes me wetter. Building me up to an orgasm. Slamming his hard cock in and out of me, suddenly I start to cum all over his cock.

“That’s a good slut, cum all over daddy’s cock, because you’ll need It.” he pulls out and starts to slap my ass again. Squirming around I feel a hand pull my ass cheek apart and hear him spit on my anus. He starts to push a finger into me.

“Daddy please don’t, please not my ass,” I plead.

“If you going to be daddy’s slut, then you better get used to it, and be lucky I’m giving you some sort of lube for it.” He pulls out and I start to feel the head of his cock push inside my ass. I start to strain against the ropes that hold me and pleading and crying for daddy not to fuck my ass. As the head of his cock pushes in, I cry out in pain.

“Daddy it hurts too much, daddy please takes it out”

“get ready baby, it’s all going in now” in one big thrust all of his cock is deep in my ass, I start to scream and cry, it feels like he’s tearing me in two. He starts to pump into my ass hard and fast. It hurts so much; I think I am going to die from this. He starts slapping my ass, as he pumps into it. Finally, he shoots all his hot cum into my ass. He pulls out, and walks to the headboard and unties the rope that is attached to the headboard. He pulls me around so my head is hanging off the side of the bed and he tells me to open my mouth. As I open, he slides his cock into my mouth and starts fucking my mouth again, but gently this time. I look up at him and I see so much love in his eyes. After I sucked him clean, he went left the room and I heard the bath running. He came back, picked me up, and carried me into the bathroom. He gave me a bath, just like he use to do when I was younger. After the bath he dried me off and then again carried me back into his bedroom and laid me down on his bed, and laying down next to me with his arms around me. It did not take long before I fell asleep. Later that night, after dinner, he took me back to his bedroom and had sex with me soft and slow.

and from that day, I’ve been daddy’s new slut, and he loved using my holes, roughly or soft. but whenever he wants, i must be ready.

Cathy must have looked in on me earlier because there was a message on my bedside table when I awoke, telling me that she had to go out but would be back shortly to check up on me. Easing around the bed, found that moving my legs still brought on unpleasant aches and pains around my bottom region, so I just laid back and tried to find a position that was comfortable.

I had remembered going to the toilet earlier on and felt a lot of pain in my anal region then. Although I could urinate OK, the moment I tried sitting down onto the toilet seat and trying to relieve my bowels, brought on a severe burning inside of me like I was chafed and red raw.

Even trying to wipe his semen that had been inside of me and must have oozed out while I slept, leaving me slippery and messy caused me intense pain. So I simply tried my best to just dab the paper onto the gaping opening to try and clean up the mess.

I recalled how Cathy had helped me into bed last night and bless her, must have put a pair of panties on me back then, so that when I’d woken up earlier and felt them damp and sticky I’d tried to change them and I remembered then that I’d had to take my time then as moving my legs around the crotch area brought on pain.

I’d gingerly taken those ones off and carefully put on a fresh pair, tipping some talcum powder in the gusset to try and help ease the rawness down there.

By around 10ish, I simply needed to try and rid myself of the dirty, unclean feeling I felt about myself after last night’s episode and although still feeling very sore, I felt that a shower might help me in that respect. Shuffling into the bathroom and turning on the shower, I let it run and adjusted the water till it was warm, then slipping off my nightie and easing my panties down to around my knees (before gravity did it’s work and they fell to the floor) stepped into the shower.

The warm water hitting my back seemed to soothe me and it was only when I moved my legs slightly apart and that water started to run into the crack of my bottom that I gasped and flinched, realizing that that was a big mistake. I felt the burning sensation of the hot water running down onto my tender and raw anal area.

I worked the hot and cold water taps till the water was only slightly warm and slid back under the water stream. The stinging effect on my anus was still there, but it was now at least bearable. I reached my arms around to soap my back and wash myself but screamed out in pain and quickly stopped as I felt the burning sensation of the soap suds trickling down onto my bottom opening.

Dropping the soap, I moved the shower head around me to get the shower stream to wash away the suds to try and stop the burning pain. I’m not sure how long I stood there, showerhead on hand, all the while, tears seeming to stream from my eyes. As hard as I tried, I simply couldn’t clean away the feeling of dirtiness and of being cheap. But then again though, how could a shower do that for me anyway?

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a bath sheet around myself and with the tears still flowing down my face, gingerly and with very short steps walked back into the bedroom and sat back down carefully on the bed.

It must have been about half an hour later that, still sitting with the damp towel wrapped around me, I heard a knock on my door that startled me back to awareness. Still weeping, I shuffled slowly out to see who was there. The knocking started again before I got there, but more forcefully insistent and I heard Cathy call out, “Nikki, are you there? Are you alright honey?”

I opened the door and my face must have told the story, because Cathy stepped through the door with someone I didn’t recognize and quickly closing the door behind her and proceeded to hug me protectively whispering soothing things words.

“It’s alright Nicole, I won’t hurt you honey. Relax Nikki, it’s alright to cry, come on honey, and let it out sweetie.” I simply just broke down entirely, my body trembling and shaking, whimpering, tears streaming down my face, sniffling and sobbing, melting further into the warm comfort and safety of her arms. She kept holding me and guided me back towards the bedroom soothing me with soft words of endearment and eased me back down onto the bed.

I recall her turning round to this strange woman and venomously muttering that if she ever got her hands on the mongrel bastard who did this she’d cut his prick off and stuff it up ‘HIS’ arse. A short time later Cathy went outside with this stranger and after a short time they both came back into the bedroom and Cathy introduced the stranger to me.

“Nikki, this is my friend Anne and she’s a doctor. I asked her around because I was scared that that mongrel you went out with last night might have hurt you.” Anne came over and reassuringly taking my hand told me that when I was ready, she’d like to examine me to make sure that I wasn’t hurt anywhere.

Cathy was still holding onto me for support and started rubbing my back through the towel with a slow circular motion. It was starting to relax me and I tried to hold back the tears, as I blubberingly thanked both of them.

Anne and Cathy went outside to the kitchen and came back a few minutes later carrying a tray with 3 cups of tea, a towel. Sipping the tea seemed to help me regain some of my composure because the tears and sniffling stopped.

Taking a deep breath seemed to help me steady me down and bring me back to reality. Dr Anne asked Cathy to let her have some privacy while she examined me. I quickly told Dr Anne that I wanted to have Cathy nearby and could she remain, to which Dr Anne reluctantly agree to, with a reply along the lines that Cathy could stay as long as she didn’t, interfere or say a word.

“Nicole,” asked Dr Anne. “Can you please take your towel off and lie down on your back on the bed honey?” While I did this, Dr Anne put on some rubber gloves and then carefully and lightly placed the towel they’d brought in with them over my genitals in such a way to allow me the feeling of modesty for the examination. “That’s it honey, try to relax while I examine you more closely” she cooed. “Tell me if it hurts, when I press down on anywhere” she reassured me.

With that, she gently eased her hands over my chest and using her fingers started to gently press down over the front of my body and slowly worked her hands all the way over the front of me to down just past me knees.

The shaking of my head, brought gentle steady “that’s good” remarks from Dr Anne and she quietly told me and Cathy, that at least HE hadn’t appeared to have hit or punched me, because she couldn’t see any signs of bruising or the like.

“Nicole, I know you’ve been through an ordeal honey, but I need you to roll over now onto your tummy and part your legs a little for me,” As I rolled over, shyly trying to keep the towel covering my modesty, Dr Anne said in a soothing gentle voice. “That’s it darling, just relax. Just like before, let me know if you feel any pain when I press down anywhere.” And with that, she started at the back of my neck and worked her way down my shoulder blades, around my kidneys then down to my legs and knees, all the while staying well away from my bottom.

“Nikki, I’m now going to touch you down around your bottom honey. But if you say stop, I’ll stop right away, until you say that it’s alright for me to continue. But I really do need to examine you thoroughly, so just try to relax yourself and let me know if I’m hurting you, alright.”

With that she gently slid her hands down my back and eased my bottom cheeks further apart to look very closely and at the same time very lightly brushing her finger over and around my opening, while gently working a finger inside of my anal rim. I started involuntarily tensing up and she immediately stopped and removed her hand saying, “I’m sorry honey. It must be very sensitive down there for you, but apart from a few small fissure tears, some chafing and bruising around your anus you won’t need any stitches, thank god. Nicole, I’m just going outside to get my medical bag and find some ointment to rub onto your bottom.” With that, she nipped outside for a moment.

Cathy bent over and asked me with urgent intensity, if the pig had raped me or hit me. I shook my head and told her that he didn’t really hit me, except he kept slapping me hard on the bottom. I went on saying that it was just that he got very horny and wouldn’t stop or slow down but it had been so nice the first time he did it, I told her, but then later on when he tried to do it again and started to make me feel sore he simply wouldn’t stop, even when I started crying. Cathy quietly cursed as she listened to the words rushing out of me in anguish.

“Cathy? How could someone that seemed to be so nice to me, suddenly need to hurt me?” I asked her. “When we use to do it, did I ever hurt you when I fucked you in the arse?” Dr Anne had just walked back into the room and must have overheard the end of my question.

“No Nikki” Cathy said. “You never hurt me, but then again you were always gentle, and even when you were desperately frantic, you always made sure that I was nice and slippery down there. You weren’t big, but boy oh boy you sure made up for it with vigor” she smilingly told me. “I felt that you always left my ‘back door’ well and truly open and I ALWAYS walked around funny afterwards,” she told me with a friendly smile, hoping that this might make me feel better, instead of feeling that I had been made to feel cheap, used and violated.

Dr Anne, then spoke in a more friendly tone and told me that she wanted to ease the pain and needed to rub some cream around the anal area so it wouldn’t hurt any more. And with that, she squeezed some ointment onto her fingers and started to rub the cheeks of my bottom.

“This is an anesthetic ointment and will numb the area. You’ll need to do this every 4 hours or so for the next few days,” She told me. She then applied the ointment rubbing the outside of my cheeks to start with and in a few moments the cream seemed to be working as I was beginning to feel an easing of the pain. Then she told me that she was now going to start to rub the cream closer to my opening, but she’d do it slowly and let the cream take effect before getting too close to my anus.

It took her about 5 or so, and she was very careful. Dr Anne then asked Cathy to reach into her medical bag a get her a tampon. Cathy rummaged in the bag and handed her one. Anne then coated it with the ointment and proceeded to slowly ease it up inside of me.

Apart from the embarrassment I felt at having had the doctor have to do this to me, it didn’t appear to hurt.

Dr Anne smiled at me and said “I’m finished down there now, Nicole.” The ointment must have been working because I was visibly starting to relax my body and start to become less rigid.

“Right” Dr Anne said in a more business like tone. “Now we still need to clean you up down there and make sure it’s sterilized and clean. This antiseptic, might sting for a moment she warned.” But when she dabbed on the cotton wool wipes, I didn’t feel anything.

“I’m also going to have to give you a penicillin injection and we’ll need to take some blood as well and get the sample analyzed for any possible diseases,” Dr Anne stated.

“I know he didn’t use a condom” remarked Dr Anne, “because there’s dried semen traces still inside of you. You know, you really were foolish for not making him a condom, don’t you,” Dr Anne told me firmly.

I started to tear up and blubberingly tried to explain that Greg had gone and got tested 3 months earlier and had been abstaining since then.

“Rubbish” Dr Anne growled. “When can you believe what a man tells you, hmm? Anyway”…She resignedly sighed. “The damage may have already been done. You’re going to suffer a terribly emotional time now waiting for the results to come back, don’t you?”

She then looked me in the eyes and asked sincerely if Greg had raped me or not. I told her that NO, he hadn’t initially raped me and that I had been more than a compliant participant, which made Cathy sharply retort that, maybe I ‘had’ been willing the first time, but certainly ‘not’ the second, she hissed.

Dr Anne seemed to change her attitude to one of a gentle and kindly person who was simply trying to help me when she stated that, what I needed now…was a good bubble bath soak. Then she asked me if I felt well enough to get up and take a bath. I slowly started to raise myself from the bed, and gingerly put one foot on the floor. The pain didn’t seem to be down there anymore, and I started to visibly relax my body.

“That’s the cream taking effect. Feels better down there now, doesn’t it?” Dr Cathy asked me. I smilingly nodded and started heading towards the bathroom to run the bath.

“It’s not a nudist colony around here you know! Cathy called back to me. “Don’t you think you’d better put a nightie or something first?” Se handed me one from out of the drawers and I popped it over me while still gingerly walking to the bathroom to start the spa-bath, before then returning to the lounge room and rejoining the pair of them sitting down. As I sat, admittedly with a little bit more restraint, feeling the tampon inside of me we all drank some fresh tea and chatted about how things would go from here.

Dr Anne advised me that, by law, she had to report the incident, but that she would tell the authorities that the victim did not wish to name her offender or to pursue the incident any further. She was however, concerned about the fact that he was not wearing a condom, but I told her that Greg had shown me the health clearance certificate about a week ago, and I believed him when he’d told me that he had been abstaining since he took the tests. Dr Anne sighed and said that for my sake she hoped he’d been telling me the truth, because she told me in a chilling voice “STD’s, especially HIV or herpes, weren’t fairytales… they were nightmares.”

“Anyway, let’s keep a positive line of thought going. So which name do you prefer to be called, Nicole or Nikki?” Dr Anne gently asked me.

“I prefer Nikki, Dr Anne” I told her.

“Well then Nikki it is” Dr Anne said. Her tone of voice changed and she spoke to me kindly but with firmness hidden behind her tone. “Now then” she started. “You’re to abstain from anal sex for the next 3 months to let your bottom heal up and NO other types of sex for the same period. I’ll also need you to visit a special clinic later on today or at the latest by tomorrow for a check up. Here’s the phone number and address of a clinic which is nearby your place” she said handing over a business card. Tell the doctor who examines you that I’ll fax over the results of the blood tests to their offices as soon as I receive them.”

Continuing on she said …”I’m not quite finished with you yet either, because I’m possibly going to have to give you another injection before I leave, but you’ll need to do an anal douche to clean out any semen left inside of you first, OK.”


After I’d finished the “2″ douches, Dr Anne had ordered me to do another one, just to make sure I was ‘sparkling’ clean ‘back there.’ She then told me she also debating in her mind as to whether I might need that second injection before she left.

When I asked her what it was for. She paused thoughtfully for a moment and then smilingly told me, I might need an extra ‘booster’ shot, but she wanted to see if I suffered any adverse reactions to the penicillin shot first.

Afterwards the 3 of us sat around talking for awhile. Dr Anne told me that I should consider her a confidential friend and call her Anne from now on. Apparently, so I learned later on, it was part of a recognized rehabilitation process to get the victim of a rape to try to discuss with someone they trusted, what had occurred. With that she asked me to try and tell her what had happened to me last night.

Just as I was about to start, Anne turned to Cathy and sternly warned her not to interrupt or say anything at all, because she’d known Cathy long enough to know all about her too, so she could never be one to criticize anyone.

“Remember David, Cathy…hmm.” Anne threateningly remarked.

I didn’t for the life of me know who David was, but Anne knew and Cathy’s face went pale and she seemed to become far more docile and demur as she sat back quietly to listen too.

With that out of the way, Anne asked me to begin and so I retold her all about the previous night, starting from when Greg had called over for me, to my getting into the car, to the restaurant, to the dinner itself, then the ride back to his place, the sex, and finally, how I felt about what had occurred last night.

She was a good listener and knew how to gently draw out the facts by occasionally interrupting the flow with pertinent questions and did it in such a way that as ashamed as I felt at what happened, it was almost like a weight being lifted from my shoulders, finally telling someone else.

When I’d finished retelling everything and answering Anne’s probing questions, I sat back, head in hands and broke down weeping unashamedly. As quick as a flash, Anne was beside me firmly holding me in her arms, quietly telling me, again and again, that it was over now and finished. No one else would ever need to know.

In tears, I hugged her and suddenly felt cleansed as if a burden had been taken off me. I liked and trusted this woman and I’d now look upon her as a friend indeed. Cathy came over and joined in a group hug that finally made me start to smile and laugh softly while quietly thinking, that these 2 people didn’t look down on the life that I led, or on me or what had been done to me for that matter.

All the time she’d been here, Dr Anne had called me Nicole, regardless of my obvious male body. She’d treated me like I was an innocent ‘female’ rape victim even though ‘I’ thought that I’d encouraged Greg into doing this to me.

Anne eventually let go of me and said that she had to leave now and could Cathy drive her back home, but asked Cathy if she would come back to keep me company after dropping Anne off and to stay with me for a while.

Anne then asked me in a friendly and sincere tone of voice, if I enjoyed dressing like a woman and would I seriously consider wanting to live like one. I nodded my head vigorously and gushingly told her that I was far more happy being a woman then I was being a guy always wished I’d been born a woman.

At which point Cathy piped up and said, “Anne, if you’d seen how she was dressed yesterday, you wouldn’t need to have asked that. Believe me when I tell you that Nikki was dressed like she was going out hunting for bear and looking forward to it…crotchless panties and all! And to think, that all those years ago, we might have actually married one other?”

Anne looked confused, until Cathy told her it was a long story, best left for the drive back home to her place. “Anne, you’ll simply never believe it” Cathy remarked.

Anne winked to me, smiled and then told me, that as I didn’t apparently seem to be suffering any adverse reactions to the penicillin injection and that she thought it mightn’t be a ad idea to be safe more then sorry and that she was going to give me another, booster injection. She picked up her case and led me back into the bedroom, where upon she closed the door and instructed me bend over lift my nightie and ‘smile.’

While I was doing this, she opened the case and extracted a needle and filled it from a vial, and proceeded to inject me in the fleshy part of my butt. This injection, she told me, may feel a little bit warm at first, but not uncomfortably so. She was right; I did feel a warm rush sensation in my bottom but not unpleasantly so.

I stood up, gently rubbing where she’d stuck the needle and followed her back outside. Anne then told me, she’d give Cathy some prescriptions to hand over to me and to make an appointment to see her at her surgery sometime in the next two days, without fail.

I had this really good friend named Kendall who also had a friend named Rashan. Well, Rashan had this really fine ass girlfriend named Denisee. Kendall is a real bullshitter and I didn’t believe half of the wild stories he told, so I just ignored his comments about how wild Denisee got when she got drunk. He told me how Rashan was the type of guy that only wanted it about once or twice a week and Denisee wanted it once or twice an hour. Rashan was a soft brother that got picked on a lot. How he eneded up with this girl no one will ever know. Since she was a “good little girl” she couldn’t really cheat on Rashan, but if you got her drunk, she would do anything and not feel guilty about it.

One day Kendall told me he was going to prove to me how wild Denisee really was. He had arranged for us to meet her at the local Chinese restaurant for pizza and beer (which we would sneak in of course). When she met us I noticed that the dress she was wearing was really unusual in that it was made almost exactly like a raincoat, buttons down the front with a belt around the middle. I also noticed a lot of cleavage and her shapely calves.

We sat down in the back and ordered our food. When I took out the beer Denisee said that she didn’t want to drink any because she didn’t like the taste. Well, after our food arrived Denisee gave in and poured herself a glass of beer. When we were done with the food, we were also done with the beer and Denisee had only had one glass. Kendall pulled out three more Coronas from his knapsack and convinced Denisee that the only way for her to drink with us was to “chug” each glass so she wouldn’t taste it so much. After “chugging” about six or seven glasses of beer, Denisee was being as sweet as can be. She had unbuttoned two of the lower buttons on her dress so that she could move her legs enough to play footsie under the table with me. As we were leaving, Denisee called out to me. She was standing by the bathrooms, which were hidden from view of the customers, and when I turned she opened up her dress and showed me a braless cutout corset with garters and stockings. Her nipples were about the size of a quarter and looked like Hershey’s Kisses in the cool evening air. Her bush was a dark brown that looked like the hair was very thin or recently trimmed. About then I realized that we were in the middle of a city with about 100,000 people in it and it was still daylight at 8 P.M.

Nothing else happened that night, but Denisee and I became drinking buddies for several weeks. One evening about 4 months later Denisee called me and invited me and my bottle of rum over to her apartment for margaritas. She said her parents had gone to the Poconos for a wedding and wouldn’t be back for three days. I quickly showered, dressed, hit the liquor store and was at her apartment in about 30 minutes. When I got there I thought something was up because Rashan was working night shift and Denisee’s older sister was out for the rest of the night with her new beau. Denisee made the mistake of letting me make the margaritas and I loaded about a cup of rum into each one of the drinks. After our third round Denisee was feeling real loose.

Our casual conversation suddenly turned sexy when Denisee asked if I had liked her lingerie that night at Ting Juo’s. I said that I loved lingerie but had trouble finding women who were into it as much as I was. When Denisee heard that I loved lingerie she offered to give me a fashion show of her lingerie collection. I quickly agreed and she disappeared into the bedroom to change.

The first outfit she came out in really knocked my socks off. It was a basic white bra with frilly lace across the top edge of the cups. The lace was cut just low enough to expose the top half of each perky brown nipple. She was wearing white garters that rode perfectly across her slender, full hips with four long, lacy straps leading down to her white stockings. The stockings were the sheer white kind that sparkle in the light and she was moving around a lot to produce the best possible effect with the little light available. She was wearing white lace panties that were no more that two triangles of cloth held together by lace straps. The front panel was transparent enough that I could see her dark bush and a hint of pussy lips. She really knew what she was doing because she had put her panties on over the garters so she could take off her panties without removing the garters.

The fashion show didn’t get any further then because Denisee sat down next to me and started kissing me. Being fully clothed and in the arms of this brown-eyed beauty while she was only clad in her underwear was more than I could stand. I got up and started to undress when Denisee said “Let me do that for you.”

Denisee undresses me but made it a point not to touch me. She laid back on the couch and handed me a vibrator that had magically appeared in her hand.

“Do me with this,” she said. I took the vibrator from her and turned it on, adjusting the speed to a very slow, humming speed. I started out on her nipples and when they got good and hard I pushed the cups of her bra down to expose them to my tongue. With one nipple in my mouth and my left hand on the other, my right hand moved the vibrator around her crotch and upper legs.

After about five minutes of playing this way I started to move the vibrator into her cunt. I slowly tickled the outer lips of her pussy with the tip of the vibrator and watched as her pussy unfolded like a lovely flower. The vibrator was already slick with her pussy juices that were leaking out of her like a lake draining so I pushed it slowly up into her pussy. I kept pushing until all eight vibrating inches were buried in her cunt. We moved into a sixty-nine position so she could suck my cock and I could lick on her clit while I diddled her with the vibrator.

I finally removed the vibrator from her pussy and decided to get down to some serious cunt lapping. I shoved two fingers of my left hand up into her pussy and started to dig around until I found the magic spot. Once I had done this I sucked her clit into my mouth and pushed up on the spot. Denisee started squealing and bucking like she was being electrocuted and pussy juice coated my face and my arm down to the elbow. Suddenly Denisee stopped thrashing about and just lay there breathing rapidly and deeply. Without any warning at all Denisee pissed all over the couch but didn’t seem to notice or to wake up. After about five minutes Denisee woke up and was really embarrassed about peeing on the couch. Apparently she was totally knocked out by the series of multiple orgasms. When she got her composure back she said, “You can do anything you like.”

When I heard this I was ecstatic. I first shoved my hard dick (I still hadn’t come yet) up her juicy cunt and then shoved a finger up her asshole. After ten minutes of slow fucking and several orgasms by Denisee I lifted her legs over my shoulders. From this position I withdrew my cock in a long slow stroke that made a popping sound when it finally came out. Denisee whimpered for me to put it back in her when I pulled out but I had other ideas. I put my cunt juice-slickened dick right up to her anus and began to push. Denisee was obviously no stranger to anal sex because she relaxed and shoved right back until my balls hit her ass. Then she started bucking and I started pushing. This time the strokes were long, hard, and fast. Denisee grabbed the vibrator off the floor and pushed it into her cunt with such savage force that I thought that she might hurt herself. The vibrations were too much for Denisee and she came twice real close together then I was ready to come. Denisee stopped me and told me to come in her mouth so I withdrew my dick and, with her legs around my thighs, shoved it into her mouth. With Denisee sucking on the head of my dick, one hand playing with my balls and one finger of her other hand up my asshole I came what seemed like gallons. Denisee drank it all down like a pro and then complimented me on my lovemaking.

I saw Denisee regularly and more kinkily for several more months and then she finally made a commitment to be true to Rashan and as far as I know she hasn’t broken it. She always knows that if she wants anything in the way of sex she can call me.

Later that morning Celeste was once more dressed in her male garb as Terence addressed her. “We still have funds for a week or two, perhaps we need not look to our trade for a while.”

Celeste retorted hotly “We need money for our own purposes also. Remember that I at least don’t intend to remain in this profession all my life!” His relaxed, to her eyes lazy, attitude provoked her to her old independence. She would not be told how to conduct their affairs if it was so clearly ill-considered. Her mood was not helped by the frustration she was still feeling after the morning’s denial of release.

They argued back and forth, but Terence had to admit their ultimate aim was to build up funds for their different purposes, and they should not use up all the proceeds of each interception. So Celeste had her way in that, and also in their choice of destination. “We must get far away from Norwich” she had argued cogently. They would head through Thetford to Cambridge next, and then eventually on to Bristol where she had some acquaintances down by the docks.

Finally Celeste contrived to slip away, claiming she was going to see to the horses, whilst Terence was settling the bill. She slipped quietly into the stable, checked that none was around, and sneaked into a corner of a stall. There she quickly brought herself off, her fingers working deftly under her skirts. But although she came, it really didn’t satisfy her. As she was rearranging her skirts she caught the stable-boy peering at her from the next stall and wondered how much he had seen. It was of no concern to her, she was quite brazen enough to like the idea of a secret audience. She paused as she was passing the stall where he pretended to work, looking at his breeches to see if she could see any sign of arousal. She could see none, but nevertheless smiled wickedly as she said “I hope you’re having an entertaining day, boy.” She stifled a laugh as he blushed.

So they settled their bill and departed. Celeste glimpsed the young stable-lad again as they rode out and gave him the most outrageous wink, being rewarded once again with his scarlet face. Perhaps when we pass here again, she thought … he clearly is ripe for some education in certain arts.

On the road each of them dwelt quietly in their own thoughts for a while. Terence was pondering his new-found mastery, glancing frequently towards his slave. Unfortunately for him, in her own cogitations his slave was plotting to become distinctly un-slavish once again. She was determined to reassert some independence. It was not, she told herself, that she would renege on her surrender. After all, that surrender was wonderful in itself, she remembered, and the memories stirred her yet again. But Terence, older though he was, still had so much to learn. Surely it was her duty to teach him in between her times of surrender? Thus she arrived at a rationale which satisfied her.

The day was dull and dreary as they rode towards Cambridge. They came across one coach too suddenly to make “arrangements”, and to their chagrin had to let it pass. In the forests around Thetford they made camp for the night. They were both tired and sore from the day’s riding, and after eating a cold supper they huddled together for warmth, falling quickly asleep.

The morn dawned bright and warmer. Celeste, awaking first and seeing Terence still sound asleep, decided here was a perfect opportunity. She sneaked away to fetch a length of rope. When she returned, she made a noose and slipped it over one of his wrists surreptitiously, then snuggled against him, managing to get him to roll over a little so that she could tie both wrists together, crossed in the small of his back. As she tugged the knot tighter he awoke, not immediately aware of his predicament. Celeste stood and moved to look down on him. “Did Master sleep well?” He blinked up at her, still heavy with sleep. “Uh, yes.”

“MISTRESS has a little surprise in store”. She kicked him lightly on the thigh, and trying to move he realised he was tied. His face immediately reddened with anger, and to her discomfort she saw that there was also a sadness and disappointment. She couldn’t bear that. It was far from her intention to make him sad. But she would soon have him happy again! Her confidence in her own power to pleasure him was supreme. “What in God’s name are you doing Celeste?”

She tried to explain a little. “Terence. I AM your slave. I will serve you. But …” She faltered in her attempt to explain as he listened in intense concentration. “I cannot, not yet anyway, not for a long time, perhaps not ever … I cannot be only your slave. I also have to command and be obeyed. I know you felt that need these last two days, your need to be Master. Can you not understand my need?”

He shook his head. No, he could not understand her.

She almost relented then, but she knew if she submitted to him now, devoted her whole life to him as slave and only slave, she would always feel a part of her deprived. And although she would be a happy slave there would be a void, a need unfulfilled. Their relationship must not have such imperfections, it must be complete. She loved him with all her heart, now finally she could acknowledge to herself that she would always love him. And it was necessary that they be complete. It was no longer arrogance that drove her, but a certainty that their strange love must find its wholeness in all ways. How could she tell him this? She tried to explain it, stumbling over her words, sometimes tears in her eyes when he could not comprehend what she was saying. At least he could see that she loved him in earnest.

Terence, trying to grasp what she meant, began to gain some measure of understanding of her feelings. But he had not had her long experience of a life of such strange drives, and switches, and complex interactions. He took comfort from the final, evident depth of her love, but he was still superficially angry with what she was doing. He ground out “So what is it you intend to do with me Celeste?”

“MISTRESS!” she flung back. “I intend to be your Mistress … for a little while. And if … if at the end you do not willingly submit to sometimes serve me, I promise I will be your slave uninterrupted forever, or for as long as you want me!” Now she felt cold fear. She had to succeed in this one opportunity to show him that he could serve her as happily as she could serve him.

She knelt down and pulled his face to hers, kissing him fiercely, and to her relief his mouth opened in response. She pushed in her tongue before he could have her mouth, stridently taking possession. He fought her tongue but she would not yield until she pulled away, leaving them both panting from the fury of the kiss. She smiled into his eyes. “Terence love. You can be my slave.” Damn, it was too soon, why had she said that now!

Celeste rolled him over onto his back and dragged his breeches off, began kissing his legs, his thighs, toying around but not touching cock or balls until he was straining his erection. “That’s not what Mistress wants yet, not what slave needs yet.” she cooed at his ear, rolling him now onto his belly, which he was helpless to prevent. Pushing down inside her breeches she moistened her fingers in her dripping cunt and pushed at his asshole. He tightened and grunted out a protest “Get off me woman. Not that!” But her forefinger slid slowly, inexorably into him until her knuckles pushed up against his ass. She crooked the finger and rotated it gently left and right, cooing behind his back “Terence, be my good slave. Mistress loves you.” Her tone, not her words, made it easier for him to accept her ministrations, despite his embarrassment. Her left hand dipped to gather more lubrication from herself and spread it into him, so that she could slide two fingers in, then three. She worked patiently, gently, opening him up and pleasuring, feeling then for the spot she knew would tip him over, make him hers. There! She had it, felt him push back against the probing finger, heard his groans of pure pleasure now.

Terence finally gave himself up to the pleasure of it. He had no room left for disappointment, for anger, for embarrassment. Pleasure was engulfing him. He rode back wantonly against her fingers.

Celeste moved her left hand between his thighs, caressing his balls as she continued to thrust her fingers into him. She felt the final tightening of cock and balls, then grasped the base of his shaft and pulled back sharply. His cock pulsed in her hand as he came, groaning loud pleasure. “Good boy, slave. Mistress is so happy.”

She lapped and sucked his cum from her fingers, then knelt to clean his cock thoroughly with tongue and lips. Then she untied his wrists and rubbed the circulation back as he lay there. Pulling off her breeches she lay against him, holding tight. After a while he turned half over to face her, his expression dreamy, almost awed.

Now this was the acid test! Could he admit he had surrendered for at least this occasion? She asked him, quietly, “Terence, will you say ‘Thank you Mistress’?”

He answered “Thank you …” then added a mumbled “Mistress”. After all, he thought, it’s just a word, and she wants to hear it. Yet at the back of his mind he was aware it meant more than that to him as well as her.

Her smile, so incredibly radiant, rewarded him. She realised and accepted that she could not remain Mistress long. He would feel the need to reassert his Mastery in very short shrift. But it was done. Their relationship was set. She to serve him … but sometimes, just sometimes, he would serve her in his turn. Still tasting him, she stroked his shoulder and chest idly. Her voice vibrated with emotion as she replied with a quiet “Thank you slave!”

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