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Jackie slowly walked into her trainer’s office. She was 5’7, 23 and had a tight body with long brown hair and 34B tits. She was completely naked swinging her ass how she was taught.

Jackie got on all fours as she walked into Matt’s office, where he was naked. She had just finished her workout with him and had to masturbate twice before she could come in again.

He looked at her and smiled. He was 5’11 had short brown hair and a meaty 10 inch dick. She looked at him with lustful eyes.

“I finished my workout coach” she muttered, “Can I go now coach?”

He loved it when she called him coach. “Yeah go but I have some rules for next time you come for your workout. You are going to go to the store and buy tight short shorts; they will be two sizes too small and will show off your pussy lips and your little ass. Got it slut?” he laughed, “you will not wear a bra or underwear and you will not get wet at all, if I see and pussy juice on your shorts you get punished. Be here at 9 tomorrow. Understand”

“Yes coach,” she moaned as he inserted beads into her ass. “Whatever you say coach.” She felt the beads slowly, one by one, slide into her tight asshole. After a while, Jackie got dressed and left.

She knew she was to keep the beads in and wear them until tomorrow. She remembered the first time she met Matt. It was amazing. She thought back on it:

She called for a personal trainer and was told to go to his house. When she got there she was told to first take off her bra and panties but leave her outer clothes on. While she worked out he would help her and he would give her small touches. He would pinch her tits or spank her ass and she loved it. He even stripped down to his boxers as he helped her work out. She kept feeling pokes in her ass, his dick hitting into her.

Eventually he had her take off her shorts but had her leave her shirt on. He rubbed up against her, for a second spreading her ass cheeks and touching his cock to her ass. She did as she was told and she was told to do a bridge. She lied on her back and pushed herself up into the position, displaying her pussy. She was already wet and on the verge of orgasm from all of the touches and poking.

As she raised her body she felt his meat penetrate her. “Don’t you dare fall down this is your workout now stay up.” Coach told her as he rammed into her. She could barely keep herself up. Alas, soon she fell, rocked by an amazing orgasm, and he smiled.

“Now it gets fun,” He laughed. He then pulled out two jump ropes, and tied each hand to each foot and he brought his dick to her face. “You’re bad at this, we need to practice. So here is your choice, you either suck me off then swallow or you get punished. Which is it?” he asked.

“I…uh,” Jackie stuttered. She wanted to be fucked more than anything. If that meant sucking his dick, she was up to it. “I want to suck your dick Matt.”"

Wrong answer, you will call me coach, not Matt. From now on, I am your coach, and you always obey coach. Now you get punished for not obeying.” Coach grinned.

Still in a daydream, Jackie was still recollecting as she walked down the street of how he had punished her. She was on her way to her next session as people stared at her tiny attire. She was covered, but every curve was visible, especially her now rock-hard nipples. She could feel the men, and even some women, drink in her pussy, ass, and tits. She was also still wearing her beads, rejoicing in the feel but knowing she wasn’t to get wet.

She decided to stop at a small coffee shop; she wanted to make sure that she was awake for Coach. She walked in, and all eyes seemed to turn to her. Especially, however, a 18 year old kid whom she used to babysit for. Jackie decided she wanted to have some fun before practice, and this teen was the perfect thing. She bought her coffee, drank it quickly, and then walked over to the kid. He was sitting by himself, typing on his computer. Jackie walked behind him and began to read. It was an erotic story he was writing. She leaned into is back, pressing her breasts against his back, and whispered into his ear.

“Well then, looks like little Kyle Peters is all grown up. Now, come with me and I wont tell your parents, you pervy little boy.” She crooned.

He slammed his computer shut and turned around. Surprisingly, he was acne free, short blonde hair, and from what Jackie could tell, had a sizeable dick in his pants. He nodded to her proposition, and then stood to follow her. Jackie stood up all the way and began to lead him behind the store.

“M-m-miss Winters, are you su-” he stammered.

” Shhh, call me Jackie, or even better, call me slave. I’m yours to do with Kyle. I know you used to eye me all the time, so here it is. Fuck me right here if you want!” Jackie almost yelled. But, she had forgotten how smart the kid was.

“I have a better idea, slave. How about you come by my place tomorrow near 5 pm, but don’t be so overdressed. Come in a G-string and bra, we’ll go from there. If you’re as slutty and horny as you look, you’ll do it.” He said smiling.

“You’ve got it you pervy teen. But what about your parents?” She asked.

“Out for the summer, went to Alaska, not my thing. But you are. Now, since you caused me to get all hard like this, I want a blowjob. You will swallow or I take away your clothes. Now on your knees slave.”

Jackie did as she was instructed. She was exhilarated, her little boy was all grown up, and ready to fuck. She decided to really give it to him, and she took off her top, and then she pulled off his shorts and boxers. An 8-inch cock burst out into her face. She opened her mouth just enough to fit his meat into her mouth. Kyle grabbed her hair and began to fuck her throat. Jackie closed her eyes and imagined Coach. After five minutes, Kyle blew his load. Jackie swallowed all of his cum, and then kept sucking, milking out every last drop.

She stood up and looked at Kyle, then smiled, “Your house at 5?” she asked coyly.

“Yeah” he moaned, as she walked away.

She kept thinking of what this session would be like, maybe she would have to run a mile with nipple clamps, or maybe have Ma—Coach would actually fuck her like last time. She wasn’t sure whether the fucking or torture was better.

She finally lost it and went into an alley and began to fantasize as she stuck her hand in her tight little shorts. Jackie began to think of how bad she was and rubbed her pussy lips then slowly slid one finger into herself. Then she slowly slid another finger into her pussy, and then played with the beads in her ass. She began to masturbate wildly in the alley. In and out, in and out. When she was done she was sweaty and her crotch was soaked. She knew she would get punished for this.

The first time he punished her, she loved it. Coach first pulled the jump ropes off of her and retied them so she was tied to the wall. She didn’t fight him; she wanted it to happen, hard. He then pulled out a vibrator and put just barely touching her pussy lips and another right up against her ass. He then turned them on. Jackie was horny all over again but if she tried to rub against the vibrators, coach would move them away and turn them off. It went on for almost three hours until Jackie could barely contain herself but Coach never allowed her to cum.

“Please fuck me or let me cum. please matt please!” Jackie begged.

“You little slut, I said call me coach.” He said and he went up to her flipped her around and began to spank her firm little ass.

Over and over he slapped and slapped until Jackie began to love the feel, she stuck he ass out for more. Then Coach stopped again.

“You obviously haven’t had a good exercise routine set up and you seem to be begging for more so I will untie you and you will get dressed and come back in a week.” Coach instructed her. That had been 6 months ago. Now Jackie had an almost daily workout routine. She was a good slave and a good student.

Jackie looked up after fucking herself in the alley and saw another girl there, watching her. Jackie got wet and horny all over again from knowing that she attracted attention from a passerby. The girl looked about 17, with short black hair and small but perky 32A tits. She wore only a sports bra and tight yoga pants.

“You dirty girl, watching me fuck myself, how naughty. How…sexy! What’s your name?” Jackie crooned, her hand still in her shorts, still massaging her clit.

“I-I-I’m Taylor, sorry I didn’t mean to um…intrude on you. I heard moaning and i…um, saw you, But then I just kind of watched. Sorry.” Taylor quickly mumbled. She acted ashamed and embarrassed, but she secretly wanted a taste of that adventurous alley-masturbator’s pussy.

“Well then Taylor, you saw me fucking myself so I need to see something similar. It’s already 9:30 so no on will be out walking this late.” Jackie said through a growing smile. Thinking like Coach she said, “How about you strip down and give me those clothes. You can come with me, there is someone, you little slut, that you have to meet.”

Taylor tried to act unsure, but quickly and willingly stripped. First she took off her tight sports bra, revealing her sexy small tits, and then she peeled away her yoga pants and her shoes followed after. She was completely shaved. The 17-year-old beauty stood completely nude in front of Jackie. Jackie then began to get even more devious. She reached behind herself and slowly pulled out her anal beads.

“Now for part two, while you walk with me, you will have these in your ass, got it Taylor?” Jackie barked.

Taylor actually whimpered at this, she had never done ass play before. In her moment of doubt she tried to cover herself, but Jackie stood up and quickly paced over to Taylor. Jackie bent pushed Taylor over to a wall of the ally and had her bend down. Jackie got onto her knees and began licking Taylor’s young asshole. Taylor, with her virgin asshole, began to moan and scream. When it was lubed enough, Jackie slowly slid to beads into Taylor’s ass.

“FUCK, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yeah that’s fucking good. Shove them in me, oh yes, oh lord YES!” Taylor screamed as she came. Jackie was only halfway with the string of beads when Taylor came, so she kept going to the last one. Jackie managed to get all of the beads into the virgin asshole, but made Taylor cum twice while doing so.

“She is going to be the perfect fuck-toy for Coach and me.” Jackie thought. “Okay Taylor,” She said out loud, “You are going to follow me to my fitness instructor’s house. If you try to go anywhere, remember I have your clothes and you have some very special beads in your ass.” Jackie was getting wet all over again just from thinking about this little teen..

“Now before we go, I don’t think I really finished and you haven’t paid me back for the show; so on your knees, my little bitch.”

Taylor rushed at the opportunity; finally she was getting that sweet pussy. But first, Jackie pulled out a dog leash and collar from her purse, usually reserved for her. She put the collar on Taylor’s hands, binding them together, and she attached the leash. Then, while tightly holding the leash, Jackie lowered her short shorts and walked up to Taylor’s open and waiting mouth. Taylor already had her tongue stretched out, almost begging to be Jackie’s slave just for a taste of her pussy.

Jackie moved forward one last bit, and Taylor went to work. Taylor was slow at first, but she sped up quickly. She traced Jackie’s outer lips, and then slip her tongue in and out of her pussy. Jackie moaned, and began to push Taylor’s head closer to her. Then Taylor couldn’t control herself. She thrust her tongue into Jackie’s pussy and rubbed Jackie’s clit with her nose.

Jackie had never had someone eat her out with such animosity before, and she had cum within a minute. She fell to the ground, thanking Taylor and her tongue. Taylor blushed, getting even wetter, at the fact that the pleasure was all hers. She was, however, sad that it was over for now. But she, Taylor, couldn’t wait to be brought to this mystery place with this delicious mystery girl. She licked her lips, taking in the last of Jackie’s taste. Amazing.

“Wow slut, that was pretty damn good, I might just have to keep you for myself!” Jackie remarked. “Well, it’s almost ten, and I’m and hour late for my lesson because of you. Now stand up, clench your little beaded ass, and get ready for a little trip. Oh, Coach is going to love you.”

Taylor stood up slowly, waving her ass at Jackie. Jackie could only think of the things she wanted to do to her new playmate. She spanked Taylor. “Now, now, if you keep being so naughty I might have to punish you, do you want that?” Jackie remarked. She pulled the leash in between Taylor’s legs, rubbing her already wet pussy. She wanted to just fuck her now. Alas, she had to get to Coach. Within minutes, the two were standing in front of the house. Jackie was ready, knowing how she would be punished for being tardy, but rewarded for Taylor. Maybe she could even keep Taylor as her own slave. She wasn’t sure; all Jackie knew was one thing: she needed a workout.

“Now here’s the thing Taylor, for this man, his name is Coach, I am his slave. You are my slave. You are at our mercy bitch. We will do whatever we want to you if we so please, if you stay. Now you can go jog home, nude with anal beads, or you can come with me. Which is it?” Jackie asked Taylor.

Taylor walked up t o Jackie and pushed her mouth onto her new master’s. Jackie’s taste was still on Taylor’s lips, allowing them to both taste her.

“I am your little bitch. Watching you fuck yourself was my greatest idea. If this Coach is what you say he is, then I’m ready. You already took my anal virginity; maybe he’ll take my pussy. Or, if you don’t mind the few minutes, you can do it now.” Taylor said as she grinded on Jackie’s leg. Jackie got the message; she opened the door to Coach’s house, and pulled Taylor in with her.

They needed a workout.

Stacy couldn’t believe what she was doing, returning to work following a day full of being gang raped and humiliated at the hands of her own coworkers. She did have a lot of loose ends that needed to be covered off on though with all the work that was left undone the day before. She had to go in and finish up her responsibilities, besides, what happened yesterday had to be a one time thing right? I mean they wouldn’t just jump on me and use me for their own pleasure again right?

Stacy was wearing a cute navy blue one-piece short dress with a pair of high-heeled shoes. She walked quickly to the front door of her office building and carried with her, her purse and her briefcase.

Stacy walked in and the first desk that she had to pass by was Janie’s who noticed Stacy walking in and stepped out and stood before Stacy like she was there to collect something. “Give me your panties Stacy. Remember the rules Stacy, or should I say Fuck Slut. When you come in every morning you have to take your panties off at my desk and hand them over to me for the day. If I have to tell you again, you have to strip down and spend the day working naked. Now, give me your panties.” Janie smirked.

“I can’t believe you’re really doing this. Fine.” Stacy drew up her skirt and pulled her lacey red boy-shorts panties down to her feet, stepped out of them and then slapped them in a crumpled ball into Janie’s waiting hand. “There. Now leave me alone!” Stacy started to walk to her desk.

“Where do you think your going!? I had to tell you twice to give me your panties. You’re going to strip down and work naked today, slut. GUYS!” Janie reveled in her control of Stacy.

Randy, Steve, and John came running over.

“What the Hell’s going on here?” Randy yelled jokingly as he cupped and lifted his now bulging male package with his left hand. Steve already had his cock out, semi hard, sticking through the open zipper in his pants.

“I had to tell Stacy to give up her panties twice. She has to strip down and hand me her clothes. She’s working naked today.” Janie chimed in.

Stacy tried running for the door, but Steve and John grabbed her and pinned her face first down to the floor. “You knew the rules Fuck Slut, now WE’RE gonna take your clothes off for you, and fuck you good for being disobedient.” Steve said as he struggled to hold Stacy down.

Stacy couldn’t believe she was about to be raped by her coworkers again. Janie had quickly pounced on Stacy’s legs and began pulling off Stacy’s high-heeled shoes. Randy was already undoing her outfit’s back zipper as Steve and John held her down. She tried to struggle but could do little else but begin sobbing out loud as Randy opened the back of her dress and undid the back of her racy red bra. Within seconds with Steve and John’s help Randy had Stacy’s dress pulled up over her waist exposing her tan bare bottom and pussy to everyone assaulting her. Stacy couldn’t believe it but even though she was scared and mortified, being dominated like this was turning her on. She could feel that her pussy was becoming drenched as Randy pulled her crumpled dress and now bra up past her bare breasts to her armpits. The scent of her wet pussy was beginning to fill the air around her and her attackers. Janie got up off Stacy’s legs and walked over to her desk and began going though one of her drawers.

“Come on you guys! You can’t do this! Please!” Stacy sobbed as Steve and John forcibly moved Stacy’s arms up and over her head allowing Randy to slide Stacy’s clothes completely off her now completely vulnerable and naked tan body.

“This is part of your training. You little fuck slut.” Randy said calmly as Janie came walking back with a ring mouth gag.

“What do you mean, training!? C’mon you guys. Augh! Come on. Don’t do this to me! What do you mean?” Stacy said now in a panic.

“We. Are going to turn you into a full-blown sex slave. For real.” John said as he fought to keep Stacy from breaking free from their collective grasp.

“I’ll never go along with it. You can’t make me!”

“Ryan’s already set things in motion to make sure this happens, slut. You’re going to become a living sexual plaything, and there’s nothing that you can do about it.”

“Bullshit!” Stacy shouted back at John.

“Fuck this. Let’s get that ring in her mouth! Then we can fuck her mouth all we want.” Said John. Randy pinched and twisted Stacy’s right butt cheek making Stacy scream out in pain.

“Ahhhow! Aughh.” Stacy exclaimed and Janie slipped in the ring mouth gag in place pinning Stacy’s mouth open.

Now totally naked and helpless John and Steve picked up and walked Stacy over to Janie’s desk bending her over the desktop and pinning her torso and one side of her head down onto the desk. One of John’s hands held Stacy’s head down so her face stuck out over the side of Janie’s desk. Randy and Janie started to take their clothes off gleefully looking forward to ravaging Stacy again.

With his almost fully erect cock already out, Steve began to fuck Stacy’s open mouth. “Oh yeah. You remember this cock in your mouth from yesterday, don’t you whore? Ahh!” Steve began to pump Stacy’s mouth harder as Randy got in position behind Stacy’s fully exposed pussy and asshole.

Randy grabbed one of Stacy’s round tanned butt cheeks and one side of her pussy’s vulva with one hand, opening her moist tight pussy with his thumb as he guided his fully erect cock in between Stacy’s meaty pink pussy lips with his other hand. “Ahh come on. Get. In. There… There we go! Oh my God Stacy. You must be a total prude at home. Your pussy is waaay too tight. We’re gonna change that for your Hubby too. Ha ha ha ha! It’s going to be great watching you descend into being a sex object. God I love this!” Randy now gripped Stacy on each side just above her curvy hips as he plowed her pussy with abandon.

As Randy and Steve ravaged Stacy’s defenseless pussy and mouth, Janie approached John from behind and reached around him resting her naked breasts on his back and began to undress him. First undoing his belt and pants, letting them fall to the floor and then sliding down his designer briefs helping him step out of them and his pants. John’s erect penis now swinging free, Janie then started to unbutton his shirt to get him as nude as his coworkers so he could help gang rape Stacy.

“Thanks Janie! Way to be a team player!” John smiled as she slid his shirt off one arm at a time to allow him to keep Stacy from slipping free from her double penetration.

Stacy could hear more of her co-workers entering the office and murmuring things as they walked by her being gang raped. She felt mortified but something in her body was coming to life. Her pussy really responded to her being dominated and used. Even now she could feel herself getting close to cumming as Randy and Steve invaded her pussy and mouth.

Steve began pumping Stacy’s mouth even harder and she could see Steve’s ball sack contract upward, and suddenly… “Ahh! Ahhh! Ahh! Oh Yeah!” Steve exclaimed as he pumped his seed into Stacy’s mouth.

Stacy couldn’t believe how much hot thick cum Steve shot into her mouth. It seemed to her like he came forever. It had to have been almost 10 shots of cum. There was so much cum in her mouth and with the mouth gag in Stacy could do little else but just let the cum pour out onto the floor.

Steve withdrew his cock from Stacy’s open mouth and She could feel John letting up the pressure on her back and head. She propped herself up by her own arms and let Randy continue to fuck her pussy. Her beautiful C cup breasts now hanging free of the desktop in the open air began swinging and swirling wildly with Randy pounding her from behind.

John and Steve weren’t switching positions like she thought they might. Janie suddenly sat herself on her desk top in front of Stacy, reached out and undid the ring mouth gag. “Guess what fuck slut? You’re going to finish what you started for me yesterday. Eat my pussy! Janie grabbed Stacy by the back of her head with both hands and pulled her face down to her eagerly moist well-trimmed pussy.

The scent of Janie’s pussy filled Stacy’s nostrils as her face was pressed into Janie’s vulva. Stacy stuck out her jizz coated tongue and began to part Janie’s engorged pussy lips. She began to lick Janie’s pussy trying to mimic the way she liked having her Husband Chad lick her.

Randy was able to hold off from cumming up until now, but once he started watching Stacy being forced to eat Janie’s trimmed brunette pussy he couldn’t hold out any more and felt his rock hard penis prepare to launch a massive load of cum. He really wanted to stick it to Stacy though so Randy pulled out of Stacy’s violated sloppy pussy, SMACK! Slapped Stacy’s left ass cheek really hard and began to jack off his hard pussy juice coated cock with his right hand.

“Ooowwwll!” Stacy almost lost her footing and fell to the floor, but Janie quickly grabbed her by the base of the head and chin, and John was quick to catch her by the torso and shoved her back up into place, bent over Janie’s desktop before punching Stacy lightly in the side of her rib cage causing her boobs to hypnotically flail left and right.

“Get back where you belong Fuck Slut!”

Just as Stacy’s tan bare ass came back right in front of Randy’s cock he began to shoot his load in big long streaks hitting Stacy from the top of her ass crack all the way up her back to her neck and getting into her hair. “Holy shit! Ahhhh ah ah ah ah ahhhhh! Yeah! Oh my God you guys. I’ve never cum that much.”

Stacy could feel Randy’s huge warm cum load stretching up the full length of her back. She never felt more used and defiled. It’s not like her Husband Chad hadn’t cum on her before but she never cared for it and she only tolerated it because it was early in their relationship and she was trying to rope him in to be her man. She would never be okay with Chad cumming on her like that now that they were married. What was worse is Stacy had no idea how she was going to wipe that cum off her back. She could feel it begin to ooze down toward her ass and she could feel it begin to pour down her ass crack over her anus.

Keep going Slut, I’m near! Janie moaned as Stacy continued to lick Janie’s pretty little pussy. Stacy noticed that Janie’s pussy was not as meaty as hers and she was actually enjoying herself a little exploring with her tongue in the inner sides of Janie’s little vulva cheeks and her cute little labia and clit. She began to concentrate more on Janie’s clitoris now and began to press hard on it with her tongue between bursts of little licks.

John stepped in behind Stacy stroking his hard cock. “Looks like I’m going to plow Randy’s sloppy seconds.” John cupped Stacy’s pussy with the palm of his right hand and plunged his thumb into her warm wet vagina parting her pussy lips. He guided his fully erect cock in with his other had and was delighted to feel how easily he slid right in. “Oh yeah, fuckin’ A! This slut is actually pretty tight. We are going to loosen you up real good for your Hubby. How’s it feel to be dominated and taken? I bet you have guys fawning over you every day of your life up until now. Well guess what? We’re gonna own the power now. Get used to it Slut! Ahh! Yeah! Nice! Talking down to you bought me a few more minutes Stacy. I’m so going to top off your tank and pump your juicy pussy full of cum. Ahha ha ha ha! I love it!

Janie really started to respond to Stacy licking her pussy. “Oh my God! I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhhh! Janie’s back arched and her pussy launched a messy flow of cum out of the base of her pink opening hitting Stacy on and in the mouth with the rest smearing onto Janie’s wet vulva. Janie pushed Stacy up and away from her and got up off of her desk. Thank you Fuck Slut, I will definitely be back for more of that oral attention. Mmmmmhhmmmm. Janie said with a grin as she opened a baby wipe canister and began to wipe off her pussy, ass, and the inside of her legs.

Janie then began collecting Stacy’s clothing articles and effects off the floor and locked them in one of the large drawers in her desk. “You won’t be needing these today, Slut. Ha ha ha ha ha! We so own you now.” Janie was grinning evilly from ear to ear as she looked a Stacy being ravaged.

Stacy, defeated propped herself upon Janie’s desk by her elbows and let John finish inside her. She could feel Randy’s cum running down her back toward her ass now. John colliding with her ass cheeks repeatedly has his rock hard manhood plowed her female mound made the cum on her back run down even more and caused her bountiful C cup boobs to really swirl and bounce through the air. John saw Randy’s cum all running down Stacy’s back too and took the top of his right hand and scooped up a good portion of Randy’s jizz on his index and middle fingers and popped them into Stacy’s unsuspecting mouth. As he withdrew his fingers, Randy’s cool dollop of cum scrapped off on the inside of Stacy’s right inner cheek and poured over her tongue and in between her right cheek and gum. John immediately cupped Stacy’s jaw with his right hand and clasped her mouth shut with his thumb pressing down over the ridge of her nose.

“Swallow the cum bitch! It’s gotta go somewhere and what better place than down your throat.” John said with an evil grin as he continued to plow Stacy’s sloppy violated pussy. John was really going now causing the flesh of Stacy’s ass cheeks to ripple rhythmically with each thrust and her round soft breasts were flailing beautifully with abandon.

John could feel his loins prepare to launch a monster load of cum. “Here it comes Slut!” John stopped thrusting and pushed his rock hard cock as deep into Stacy’s pussy as he could go. “Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Take what I give you Slut! Oh my God Yeah!” John Slowly withdrew and grabbed Stacy by the neck bringing her head up to his with her back still to him. “Tell me you want me whore!” John said and he sucked Stacy’s left ear lobe into his mouth and bit down.

“Oww! I want you!” Stacy cried out.

John grabbed the container of baby wipes from Janie’s desk and slammed it into Stacy’s mid section into her hands. “I thought so. Now go get cleaned up and get to work. Ryan says we have a meeting in the conference room at 10:00 am.” SMACK! John slapped Stacy’s right ass cheek and shoved her forward. “Get over to your desk! Go!”

As Stacy walked across the office to her desk she could feel John’s huge cum load draining out of her meaty pussy lips onto the inside of her legs. As she scurried toward her desk she left a trail of semen dollops on the floor. Her tanned breasts and ass cheeks wiggled and wobbled before everyone’s eyes as she walked. To everyone’s delight she began her humiliating day of working completely naked already looking like a used cum-slut whore.

Stacy was stuck. God only knows how many photos they had of her appearing to enjoy yesterday’s sexual encounter. Not to mention being surrounded by her sexually dominant bully coworkers with no clothes, no shoes, no purse, no car keys, and no cell phone. Only left with her jewelry she was wearing, and the semen and pussy juices some of her coworkers left on her face, back, ass, and in her mouth and pussy. Defeated and humiliated Stacy pulled some baby wipes from the canister John shoved in her hands and began to wipe her vulva, labia, ass crack, and inner thighs clear of semen. She pulled another two sheets out and wiped off her face and chin. She couldn’t wipe out the smell of Janie’s pussy completely as some of Janie’s pussy juices managed to ooze up into Stacy’s nostrils while she had worked her tongue and mouth from Janie’s clit to the base of her vaginal opening while eating her out. Stacy couldn’t believe this was happening to her. All the while she was wiping herself clean, standing there completely naked, Alison, Matt, and Chet worked at their desks only feet away normally as free people. Why was this happening to her? She tossed the used baby wipes into her trash basket at her desk and walked as quickly as she could to the restroom without causing her breasts and tanned ass cheeks from wobbling and jiggling too much for everyone to see. She had to relieve herself before the 10 AM meeting that was less than 10 minutes away from starting. “God! How am I going to sit at the conference room table completely naked with everyone else fully clothed!? How could they do this to me!?” She thought.

Stacy finished using the toilet and washing and freshening up and came back into the office. “Shit! They’re all already in the conference room waiting for me.”

Stacy scampered to her desk, grabbed a large notepad and pen and scurried to the conference room at the back of the office. Her breasts and ass cheeks jiggled fantastically the whole way there. She entered the conference room meekly clutching her pen and notepad to her chest in a poor attempt to cover herself. Both of her nipples were peeking around the sides of the notepad, and she could do nothing to cover her blonde well-trimmed fuzzy womanhood below.

“Nice of you to join us Fuck Slut.” Ryan snapped at her. I heard about what happened this morning, and LOOK AT YA NOW! Working stark naked for the whole day because you wouldn’t give your panties up as you came in. If you’re late to another meeting you’ll be working bare naked for a week.”

“You know, I think we need to add something to our meeting today. We need some entertainment for the team, I mean it is a whole hour. I think we need to have our budding sex slave whore, play with herself for the duration. Stacy, get up from your chair, go to the wall over there. I said get up and get over there, Slut! Matt! Grab her naked ass and get her over there!

Matt quickly stood grabbed Stacy under her left arm and hoisted her up and drug her half stumbling to the far wall in front of the whole team her boobs swinging wildly all the way there.

“Augh! God! Okay.” She stood before them trying to cover herself.

Ryan stood and pointed at her from across the table. “Now, face the wall, put your left hand on the wall, and bend over, stick your bare ass and pussy out toward us and start playing with that blonde pussy of yours, and don’t stop until I tell you.”

Stacy turned and positioned herself as Ryan ordered her, and reached between her legs with her right hand and parted her vulva and labia with her middle finger and began to rub her clit slowly. “Uhhh. Mmmhhhh.” Stacy was shocked that she made noises of pleasure while being humiliated like this.

Alison and Chet, seated closest to where Stacy was standing could already catch the scent of Stacy’s open vagina in the air, smirking gleefully as they watched her.

“Are you a little dry down there now? Here let me help you out whore.” Ryan stood and made his way to the corner of the room and produced a bottle of lube from behind a potted plant in the corner. Ryan then approached Stacy as she pleasured herself and held the bottle of lube about 2 feet above her bare bottom arched out for all to see. He then gave the bottle a generous squeeze unloading what felt like a tidal wave of lube to Stacy pouring down from the top of her ass crack, over her anus, and down into her spread labia and vulva over her hand. Feeling the additional lubrication, her fingers began to really rub and caress her exposed womanhood. “That’s it, now you’re wet again. Now give us a nice hour-long show. Don’t go too fast now.” Ryan sat down and got to business.

“Now, we are going to figure out what we are going to do with the sales commissions for Stacy’s accounts.”

“Hey, that money is from my hard work! It belongs to me!” Stacy yelled out as she stood and turned facing Ryan with her fists clenched at her sides.

“All right.” Ryan stood, and began to get undressed laying his clothing over the back of his chair. “Turn around and keep playing with yourself! Obviously you have forgotten what you are. We, are, making you, our, sexual, plaything.” Ryan slid his boxer shorts off, his cock now exposed and becoming erect pulsing with each of his heartbeats. “Now like I was saying. I think Alison and Matt will take those commission payments, and Stacy here will remain on a comfortable salary, but will be taking on a new role. …Permanent Sex Slave. Since you don’t know your place yet Stacy, I’m going to take that asshole of yours. Oh and ah, keep playing with yourself while I’m using your asshole to get me off.”

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“No, no, no, no, no!” Nina scolded me as I selected a button-up light blue shirt.

“But I like this one!” I whined, sounding like a child in one of my classes.

“But it makes your hips look wide.” Nina said, selecting a standard white shirt with a red under shirt that hooped around the arm holes and the neck hole.

“Try this with this blazer.” She offered, passing me one of the three button blazers. I nodded and changed my shirt and slid the blazer on. Nina, was one of my closest friends and also one of my dearest fashion consultants. If I wanted to have sex, Nina was the person to go to. She had worked in fashion since we left Uni and knew what people wanted.

Satisfied with the look, I buttoned up the blazer and stepped outside. Giving a playful wolf-whistle, Nina nodded her head approvingly.

“That looks hot Noah!” She said, smiling and nodding her head.

“You think so?”

“She’ll be putty in your hands.” Nina said with a grin. My phone beeped to life in my pocket, fishing it out and fumbling with the touch screen.

“It’s from Paul, they’re about ten minutes away.” Clicking the keypad lock button, I slid the phone back into my pocket and felt the slightest tinge of anticipation. Jesus, I wasn’t nervous was I? It had been a while since I’d been on a date.

Putting on music, we got chatting and into a general party atmosphere. Several minutes passed and there was a knock on the door. My apartment wasn’t very large. I only had the one bedroom, to the side of the bedroom there was a large ish bath room and next to that was a ‘laundry room’. What wasn’t the lounge, was the kitchen. It had a large table, a fridge and a counter top in the corner of the kitchen.

Walking past our friends, I opened the door to find Sophie, Paul and Olivia standing there. Excited to see Paul again, I gave him a friendly hug as Sophie introduced her new single friend. She was dressed very smartly with her long brown hair draping over her shoulders. It was then I had a chance to admire her fully.

She had lusciously long brown hair, greenish blue eyes that seemed to shine whenever she stood in light, her lips had been painted with a peach-ey coloured lipstick and had applied a light shade of black eye shadow. Her body was firm and tight, she certainly enjoyed a run. Her legs were being shown off by a black skirt, under it, her legs were bare running down to her black boots. Taking off her coat, her breasts were revealed to me. They were very admirable, the type you could hold in your hands and they’d be a nice handful . Her cleavage was shown off nicely by the top she was wearing. It was a black number with plunging neckline that ran to the middle, neatly showing off some of her best assets.

Smiling, we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

It was close to eleven at night now and the party was starting to die down. Most of the group had gone home, leaving me, Sophie, Paul and Olivia. We were sitting on one of the sofa’s in the main room and were discussing all sorts of things.

“Oh hell!” Olivia cursed out loud, fishing out her cell. Looking at the time, she groaned and looked at Paul pleadingly.

“I’m going to miss my train. I need to get to the station quick!”

“What time’s your train?” Paul asked, sitting up from his slouched position.

“Eleven forty.”

“I can drive you if you’d like? I haven’t had anything to drink.” I said, picking myself up in a similar fashion to Paul.

“Could you? That would be great!”

“Sure. Let’s go.”

“Well, I think we’re going to go too. We’re heading back home to Oklahoma for Christmas. I’ll be driving so I need to sleep this off.” Paul announced as Sophie joined us standing up.

“Alright then, let’s go.” Sophie said with a grin. We all agreed and made our way out of my apartment building and towards the cars. Politely holding the door open for Olivia, she thanked me and sat down.

Walking in front of the car, I opened the driving door and slid in. Twisting the key in the ignition, we set off towards the airport.

“Right, quickest way is down Stewart’s Road.” I said aloud, talking to myself, but breaking the silence.

“Cool, thanks a lot for taking me. Especially as we’ve only just met this evening too!”

“Yeah, no problem! So why are you heading out? Christmas?” I said, looking out onto the darkened road.

“Yeah, I’ve got family in New York. We always meet up a few days before Christmas and spend most of the time together.”

“That’s nice. Very twee.” I said with a smile, quickly checking the time on my dashboard clock.

“Yeah, my mom loves it… You didn’t think it was weird tonight?”

“How do you mean? I suppose it was rather strange that most of the people left quite early, but… Christmas is coming, we’re not exactly students any more.” I said with a laugh at the end.

“Indeed. I was actually talking about me being here.” Olivia was avoiding eye contact with me, almost like she didn’t want to talk about this.

“Well… I suppose it did seem like a set up. Like when I was talking to Sophie, you came over and she left. Almost like she wanted us to talk.”

“That’s what I meant! God, you wouldn’t believe we were adults with the way she was setting us up!”

“Yeah, she likes that sort of stuff though. She always has.”

“How long have you known her? Since college?”

“No far longer than that. We were in kindergarten together and we always got lumped together, it was however, a matter of coincidence when we went to the same college. That was nice to have someone to hang onto with the first week of College.” I said, letting out another laugh as we turned closer to the train station.

“She can hold her ale can’t she?”

“Yep. So how about you? Did you meet at work?”

“Yeah, me and Sophie were on the same set and we’ve worked together ever since.”

I was about to say something else when a set of blue flashing lights appeared in front of us. Raising my eyebrows, we slowed to a stop in front of a police barricade. A police officer is a luminous green coat walked down to me and I rolled down the window.

“Good evening.” He said courteously.

“Evening, officer. What’s going on?”

“There’s been a gas leak in that office block over there.” He said, motioning with his torch. “We can’t let anyone pass until it’s safe.”

“We need to get to the train station. Can we not go around?”

“You should be able to. When’s the train?”

“Eleven forty.” Olivia piped up, looking up at the officer as well.

“It’ll be tight, but you can try. Head down Young Avenue and take a right on Blair Road. That’ll take you around and put you on the main road towards the station.”

“Right, cheers pal!”

“Take it easy now. Goodnight.” The officer said politely and made his way back to the barricade.

“Shit.” Olivia said aloud, looking at the time.


“We can make it.” I said confidently. I was a more than capable driver and reversed onto the road. Making our way down to the street, I drove at the legal limit, jumping over it on occasions.

“Are you ready to just hop out and go?” I asked as we made the turn onto the main street. It was 11:38 now and the train station wasn’t even in sight yet.

“Yeah, can you stay behind just in case it doesn’t get here?” Olivia asked, fishing out her ticket.

“Yeah, I’ll give it ten minutes. It shouldn’t be too busy tonight.”

11:40 flashed up on the clock just as we made it to the station.

“Go!” I shouted as she jumped out and ran towards the large doors.

Right, with a bit of luck she’s made it. I relaxed and rested in the seat, twisting the radio dial I settled into listening to the music on the radio.

My eyes flashed open, I must’ve fallen asleep. Glancing at the clock it was close to half past twelve so I was ready to go. Looking outside I saw Olivia running towards me waving her arms. Taking my hands off the wheel, she climbed back into the car.

“It went just as I got there and there’s no helpful staff awake.”

“Right, so a train first thing in the morning then?”

“It looks like it. Are there any decent hotels around here?” She asked, fishing out her cell phone.

“Not really. All the other places are going to be tourist traps and they’ll be shut by this time.” I said grimly.

“Great. I don’t suppose you’ve got a spare couch do you?” She said with a laugh.

“Actually I do, if you want to stay?” I said, looking over at her. Biting on her bottom lip she thought about it briefly.

“Ok then, sure.” She answered.

“Cool. Let’s head back then.” I said with a smile. We drove back and discussed various things as the rain started to come down.

I pulled up outside my block of apartments and we hopped out. Locking the car, we quickly made our way upstairs into the building. Fishing my keys out of my pocket, I opened the door and waved Olivia through. I grinned at finding myself not able to stop myself from eyeing her tight ass as she passed.

I stepped in and closed the door, locking it for the night. Walking in, she sort of stood aimlessly unsure of what to do.

“Please, have a seat” I said. She sat down and looked at me.

“Well, since you’re here for the night, should we finish off that last bottle of wine?”

“That sounds great!”

Nodding with a smile, I walked into the kitchen and fetched the wine with some glasses.

“So how did she rope you into this whole thing?” I asked, topping up my glass with the last of the wine.

“Ha! Well, I’m sitting down for make up and she sits down next to me and starts talking. Then she goes… ‘Right, I’ve got this single friend who I’d bet you’d just love.’ Next thing I know, her and Paul are picking me up for tonight!” She said as we shared a laugh about Sophie.

“So do you miss it? Life with a partner?” I asked, as she sipped at the wine.

“Well, there’s certainly an emptiness to my life at home now… But, it wasn’t really working in the relationship so we had to cut it loose.”

There was a silence that lingered in the air. I was fairly certain I’d dropped the ball and was about to apologize when I saw Olivia smile. Bringing the back of her hand up to her mouth, she stifled a yawn briefly.

“Goodness, I’m sorry but I think I’m going to call it a night.”

Matching her yawn, I agreed.

“Alright just gimme a sec” I said. She nodded and smiled as I walked out of the room.

Walking into the bedroom, I grabbed a blanket and walked back to the living room.

“My bedroom’s just through there, I’ll have this old thing out here.” I said, throwing the blanket down by the couch.

“Noah, No! I can’t intrude on you like that.” She said, standing up to take the blanket from me.

“No, no, no. I insist! You’re the guest, you have the bed. I’ll be fine here.”

“If you’re sure?” She said, standing up. I nodded and showed her to the bedroom.

“There you go, hope you find it comfy.” I said with a smile as I walked back into the front room.

“Thanks very much for putting me up like this.” She said from my shoulder. Looking to face her, I nodded and gave a smile. I stripped down to my boxers and my vest, straightening out the blanket I lay down on the sofa. Closing my eyes, I realised I couldn’t sleep. Fumbling on the desk, I found my iPod and put on a podcast. I typically use these to lull me to sleep as some of the voices are quite soothing. Turning on my back, facing the inside of my couch, I shut my eyes and let sleep take me.

My eyes flickered open and the same podcast had still been going on. I listened for another half an hour before I realised that I wasn’t getting any sleep. Mulling over my options, I decided to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Walking over, still listening to my iPod, I cast a glance to my bedroom, I saw that there was no light on, so Olivia must’ve been asleep. Wearily, I pushed the bathroom door open and searched for my toothbrush. It was orange so next exactly subtle, why wasn’t it standing out? Snapping my fingers in a ‘Noah! You idiot!’ motion I remembered that it was still in my bedroom from my travel bag.

Walking out, back into the front room I flipped the light off to make sure I didn’t wake Olivia up. I walked across to my bedroom and lightly opened the door. There I saw her.

She had her panties next to her on the bed and had two fingers deep insider her, her right hand was pawing at her breasts as she moaned at her own touch. She was moaning very quietly, presumably not to wake me up. Her fingers were working double time on her crotch as she bit her lip and gasped at her touch. Her hips were bouncing off of the bed as she rode herself to an orgasm. She let out a tiny squeak and came over her fingers. Grinning madly, she sighed content in her actions. Opening her eyes slowly, she then cast a look over at me, her eyes wide.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry!” I said in a fast paced voice, and backed out of the room into the hall. I leaned back against the wall and took a deep breath. I put my iPod away and collapsed on the couch, wondering what I would exactly say when I was inevitably going to face her.

A few minutes later she walked in with the bed sheets wrapped around her, that only just covered her nice ass. I started to apologize to her again but she cut me off.

“I’m sorry…” She started, that was pretty new. The one being caught apologizing?

“Don’t be. We’ve all got urges right?” I said with a smile, looking up at her before darting my eyes back down to the floor.

“Yeah… Yeah! It’s really great that you understand. And honestly? I’d rather it was you walk in on me that somebody else.” She said, making a joke out of the potentially awful situation.

“I saw the light was off in the bedroom and I thought you were asleep.” I said, still feeling exceptionally guilty.

“Really, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. I’m fine with it.”

“Right… Right, why wouldn’t you?”

Well, this is awkward. After a few seconds of silence, I spoke up.

“Uh… I’m gonna…” I started, gesturing with my thumb towards the make-shift bed.

“Yeah… Yeah. Me too. I’ll see you tomorrow Noah. Good night.”

“Good night Olivia.” I replied with a smile, she tugged at the sheets and moved towards the bedroom door.

Sighing heavily, I closed my eyes and let sleep take me.

Halfway through a non-descript dream I felt a weight press against my chest. Then, a soft pressure was applied to my lips and woke me from my slumber. My eyes opened slowly and I saw the now naked Olivia Wilde straddling my chest and kissing my once sleeping body. Closing my eyes again, my mouth pressed back against hers as my arms wrapped around her body, hugging her tightly. The kiss was broken, and our eyes met each others.

“My, my. What do we have here?” She said with a smile. Her hands ran up and down my body as she smiled as she reached my lap. Almost on instinct, my hips lifted off of the couch and she tugged at my boxer shorts. She grinned and slid down my body towards my now rock hard dick. I kicked my boxer shorts off of my leg, sending them towards the corner of the room.

She eyed up my stiff dick hungrily as I slid off my shirt and tossed it to one side as her hands made their way back down to my groin. Cupping the member with her right hand, she lightly jerked it up and down watching with great admiration as the skin folded and straightened with each pump. She would occasionally swap and twist the skin when she hit the bottom of my shaft. Pushing the member up towards my chest, she put her tongue on the bottom of the dick, just above my balls and traced it up along the bottom. Running it along my thin vein, when she reached the head she simply followed it up over. Flicking her tongue against the shaft’s head she held the base of it steady as she did so.

She slowly moved her hands down to my balls and cupped the hairy testes in her hand as she started to suck on my cock. Her mouth had formed a tight seal around my member and she was steadily sucking on it. Covering about half of my eight inch member, she would moan whenever I put my hands on her head taking a hold of her hair.

She would look up at me and smile, her big green eyes lit up with lust with each drop she made. Moving her hands from my balls, she placed one on my backside and the other on my waist to steady herself. Increasing the bobbing rate, she started to produce more and more saliva making a glugging sound with each bob.

She pulled herself off of my shaft and made dives for it, letting the spit hit her on the cheek leaving a thin saliva trail. She smiled as my jaw dropped at her actions.

She continued to paint her face with her own spit while looking up at me with a sweet expression on her face.

“You like that don’t you Noah?” She asked with a grin as I simply nodded, dumbfounded.

“You’re such a dirty boy.” She said, smiling again. Spitting on my dick, she then started to suck it again. Covering nearly all of it, she was taking it like a champ and then she managed to deep throat it. Taking all of my shaft in her mouth, Olivia simply smiled up at me as she carried on sucking my dick. She continued with deep throating and then letting up for about five more minutes before I felt my nuts stirring.

“Olivia, if you keep this up I’m going to cum.” I warned her, as I ran my hands through her hair. She looked up at me and nodded her head. Lifting her head off of my shaft, she smiled and kissed the tip of it.

“Well, we’d better get to work then.” And with that she stood up and pounced on me. Holding her by her thighs I lifted her up as she jumped into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed her legs around my waist. Stumbling on the spot for a while, we eventually fell forward and landed against a wall.

I had managed to pin her against it, and the way she was holding onto me, meant her massive breasts were pushed up against my chest. I removed one hand from her and took hold of my dick. Aiming it at her cunt, she groaned in a satisfactory manner and rolled her hips towards me.

Knowing better than to keep a lady waiting, I slid my dick inside her. She threw her head back and let out a loud moan as she was filled up by my meat. Starting out with a slow, steady rhythm I started to fuck her. Knowing where to hit her g-spot I let my dick grind against her clit making her moan almost cutely. Her warm breath was on my neck as we fucked. I had tired of the slow and steady rate and was ready to fuck her harder.

“Can I fuck you now?” I asked, looking at her. She had her eyes closed but she simply nodded. I then started to fuck her with short and swift strokes. With little care, I started to simply ram my rod deep inside her as her ass shook with each stroke banging against the wall.

I thought about my neighbors, but quickly realized I didn’t care. With each thrust inside her, Olivia’s back was arching more and more to meet each of my thrusts.

Her breathing soon got shorter and shorter before she threw her head back and let out a sharp, shrill scream. I felt a warm liquid start to gush all over my leg, she can’t have came all ready? Shrugging, I started to feel ready too. The brief break in between the oral and the fucking must have only just cooled me down.

“Olivia, I’m going to cum now!” I let out, sighing heavily as I did so. She looked up at me, her eyelids flickering in the post glow of the orgasm. Quickly coming back to her senses, she nodded and pushed me off of her. Letting her get to her knees, she took me in her mouth and started to suck lightly.

A couple of weeks on and I still hadn’t been allowed to watch Derek, our fat forty something landlord, fucking my eighteen year old girlfriend Sally. I was told to sit outside our bedroom door and listen as he fucked her every day and every night on our squeaky old bed.

She’d lost interest in me sexually as well. We still cuddled and talked although I was a little awkward at first but I soon got used to the situation – mostly because I enjoyed it so much.

Gone were the initial bad feelings I might have had, to be replaced with constant erections and an overwhelming horniness. I was looking forward to their sex sessions almost as much as Sally was, and she knew it.

They did kiss in front of me though and Derek made sure I saw his hand up my girlfriends skirt as much and as often as possible. When this happened I was always spellbound, my cock threatening to burst out of my pants.

One afternoon we were all sat in the lounge, me on the armchair, Sally and Derek on the sofa kissing passionately. I was watching his hand as it crept down her back slowly, lifted up her skirt and pulled her knickers to one side. Then he stopped kissing her and looked at me, my girlfriend nuzzling his neck and moaning.

Reaching round with his other hand he pulled her buttocks apart, dipped his middle finger in my girlfriend’s very obviously wet cunt and then pressed it firmly against her arsehole. Sally gasped and writhed, pushing her arse back onto his hand and forcing his finger up inside her.

She was like a bitch on heat licking and sucking at our landlords neck and face, gasping and moaning and pressing her arse back onto his hand while he slowly but forcefully fingered her anus.

All the while Derek looked at me, “I’m going to have some of this today and you’re going to watch, understand?”

I just nodded, watching his finger roughly loosening my girlfriend’s backside.

Derek turned his attention back to Sally and whispered something in her ear she gasped again then nodded still writhing on his thick finger.

“Tell him,” Derek ordered Sally.

Amidst moans and groans Sally said, “Derek’s going to invite his mate over and they’re going to fuck me up the arse while you watch.”

Derek laughed and pulled his finger out of Sally’s arse telling her, “I’ll be back in a minute babe, just need to knock my mate up. Don’t you fucking move sexy!”

My girlfriend giggled and they kissed one more time before he left, then she lit up a cigarette and smiled slyly at me.

“Make sure you’ve got plenty of tissues, you don’t want to spunk on Derek’s carpet or he might not let you watch again.”

I dutifully got up to get some toilet roll from the bathroom, while my girlfriend sat half naked smoking and giggling at me, but I soon found that there wasn’t much left.

“Why don’t you pop downstairs and get some from his wife?” Sally suggested.

I hadn’t faced Derek’s wife since he’d started fucking my girlfriend and I knew that she knew all about it. When I went downstairs into the shop she said nothing as I picked up a box of tissues from the shelf and put them on the counter.

“Take them, they’re free,” she said barely looking at me.

“Derek said he’d need some Vaseline as well so take a pot…here!”

She plonked it on the counter in front of me. I mumbled my thanks and scuttled back upstairs just as Derek and his mate came in through the back door laughing.

His mate Barry was about the same age as him but quite a bit bigger and a lot uglier, he had an enormous belly but looked like he could uproot trees with one hand so I was instantly wary of him.

“Is that him?” I heard him ask Derek, who told him yeah and they both burst out laughing.

They followed me up the stairs.

My girlfriend Sally was standing waiting looking very flustered when I walked into our lounge, she ignored me and actually leaned to look past me to see who was coming up the stairs with Derek. I saw her sharp intake of breath when she saw Barry and could tell she liked the look of him, she later told me that she thought he looked dangerous and that really turned her on.

“And this is our little slut,” said Derek pulling Sally over towards Barry.

“Hello love,” Barry leered at her wrapping his arms around her, his hands heading straight for her arse.

“Hiya,” Sally breathed before her mouth was engulfed by Barry’s.

I watched as he snogged her forcefully and pulled her knickers down, kneading her buttocks roughly. My girlfriend just melted into his big burly arms as Derek reached across and grabbed the Vaseline out of my hand. He opened the pot and held it out for Barry who dipped his thick middle finger in with a squelch and taking a huge gob of it, rubbed it with a circular motion in to Sally’s arsehole before pushing his digit right up her backside.

“Oh God!” my girlfriend moaned between sloppy kisses.

She wrapped her legs around Barry as he picked her up with one arm forcing her to sit back on his invading finger. He carried her like this into our bedroom with Derek close behind, but this time the door stayed open. I grabbed the tissues and tentatively followed then in.

Barry was sat on our bed when I walked in, his finger still buried in my girlfriend’s arse, Sally was facing him sat on his knee moaning as he sucked and licked at her neck and now naked tits. He’d already given her one love bite that I could see, it glowed red and angry on her soft white neck. Derek was watching and undressing casually, he pulled down his Y-fronts and his already hard cock sprang out and I could have sworn I heard it slap on his big hairy belly.

He looked at me briefly and sneered, “Sit down in the corner, shut up and watch how real men do it.”

I did as I was told sitting in the corner as Derek walked around the bed to stand behind my girlfriend.

I heard a zip being undone and saw Barry struggling out of his jeans, all the while still sucking on Sally’s neck, then he fell back onto the bed with her on top of him and she cried out. I craned my neck to see and could just make out his cock driving into her wet cunt from beneath. Barry held open Sally’s buttocks with both hands as Derek climbed onto our bed on his knees his throbbing cock in his hand. He picked up the open Vaseline tub, took a great glob of it out and proceeded to coat his shaft before lining it up with Sally’s arsehole and leaning forward into her from behind.

“Oh fuck ow, shit!” She cried out as Derek’s considerable bodyweight carried his cock before it deep into my girlfriend’s back passage, his big hairy belly resting on her back.

They both began fucking her hard and fast, tossing her around like a rag doll between them, all the while Sally shouted and cried one moment begging them to stop the next pleading with them to go harder and faster. I pulled my iron hard cock from my pants and wanked myself off to the unbelievable scene in front of me. Not five feet away, two middle aged fat men were fucking my eighteen year old girlfriend, one in her cunt and one in her arse on our bed.

I shot my load into a tissue just as Barry grunted and then bellowed, “Fuck you dirty little cunt!”

I could see his body tense up as he drove his cock deep into Sally’s cunt emptying his huge hairy balls into her. She gasped and moaned incoherently now her face buried in Barry’s chest as Derek mercilessly pumped her arse from behind. Then it was Derek’s turn, his head tipped back and he let out a long shuddering moan. I saw his buttocks clench as he ground his cock deep into my girlfriend’s arse pumping huge loads of hot spunk deep inside her.

After a few moments he pulled out of her arse with a pop, his cum covered cock trailing down her sweet teenage thigh. Sally lay whimpering and shaking as Derek beckoned me over to see the damage. Both her holes were dripping spunk, her arsehole wide open and an angry red.

“Now off you go,” panted Derek after I’d taken in what they’d just done to my girlfriend.

“We’re going to have some real fun with her now, and we don’t want you interfering so you can fuck off out for a bit.”

I walked slowly out of the room in a state of erotic and nervous shock, looking back only when I heard Sally gasp to see Barry mauling her tits and biting them roughly.

“Go on get the fuck out!” Derek barked, slamming the door shut after me.

I heard a loud slap and Sally cry out and then moan, Derek and Barry were both laughing.

That evening I got very, very drunk on my own in the pub not daring to go back until around midnight. The flat was dark when I eventually did get back and Sally was asleep in our bed. The room stank of sweat, sex and spunk. Resigning myself to another night on the sofa, I reached for my box of tissues.

When we had first got together our sex lives had been fairly plain and vanilla. I hadn’t been about to tell her right off the bat about all my kinky fantasies that I’d like to get her involved in. She would probably have run a mile. Claire was a willing partner but had been fairly unadventurous in bed sticking with the missionary and occasionally climbing on top.

She was a good looking brunette, 5′ 6″‘ slim with good legs and small tits. Looked good in a suit, tight and sexy. But she was quite shy about her body.

I wanted to warm her up and bring in some of the stuff I had seen on the Internet and fantasised about doing.

Now you don’t just say to your wife “Hey, I’d like you to spank me, whip me, dress me in your underwear and shag me up the arse. Hard. Please. While calling me your bitch and dressed as a schoolgirl, or leather mistress. Then let me shag your arse, cum over your face and have you deep throat me like a hooker.”

If you do she won’t stay your wife for long. Especially if all she has ever done, at the age of 26, is give unsatisfactory blow jobs, lie on her back and occasionally tried to ride you. It’s not really her fault that none of her previous boyfriends ever managed to make her cum. Partly her own obstinacy and partly their lack of skill perhaps. Probably also the need to give her a gentle slap, tell her to spread her legs and get on with it too. Sometimes too much respect can ruin a relationship as much as too little.

If she’s never let her fingers do the walking and brought herself off you don’t tell her she is crap in bed, especially if you are not the biggest stud around. But you can recognise that you’d like a better sex life and that if you both learn together then you can both screw together,rather than sit and vegetate in front of the tv screen.

What you can do is start teaching her what you like and at the same time teaching her about what she could like, if she just let herself.

It’s going to involve a long term plan, a lot of alcohol and quite a bit of patience. But the end results should be worth it. If you persevere. This is what I told myself.

I didn’t really plan our sexual experiments but I did realise we needed to spice it all up and I wasn’t planning on spending the next ten years wanking off in the shower while she kept her legs closed out of the belief that she wasn’t interested and that there was nothing more to it.

Slowly I started to get her to come out of herself. At first it was a little wine and a little flashing in public. A bit of a drunken grope in a nightclub or a quick flash in the street on the way for a taxi. The risk of getting caught baring her tits was just enough to loosen her up so that our sex got a bit more energetic. Soon just the mention of a quick flash would get her horny and her juices flowing. The naughtiness of it, possibly being caught excited her like some teenager. At first she’d play coy, not want to do it and need to be talked into it like a reluctant girl. Then she loved getting her top off, the fresh air on her tits and the thought some one might walk round a corner and see her.

Not heavy, but enough to get her going, it did the trick of showing her there could be a bit more to things. So I convinced her to let me shave her pussy. Almost scared to look at her own clitoris, Claire had never really trimmed it and it was covered in a dense bush that might have been sexy in the Seventies but now provided me with too much of a mouthful. And a turn off from going down on her.

After some judicious reading and a couple of videos on the Internet I got enough wine into her that she’d let me near it with a razor. After a while it looked a lot better trimmed and neat with her lips showing proud and clear.

I convinced her that it looked hot and sexy by going down on her for longer than ever before. She came so hard with me sucking on her clit that her juices flowed all over me. At first I thought she had peed on me but she had really come.

After she got over the shock of it, I convinced her to start waxing it and she never looked back. She keeps a little landing strip down to her pussy for me to play with. Now she could find her clit I had to teach her how to play with it herself.

So I had to teach her how to masturbate herself and me. Starting from basics. Fingers, grip, stroke, hold, slap, pull. All the things you learn as a teenager but that she never had. She must have been a shy teenager, unwilling to play with herself down there, still thinking it was dirty and secretive and not able to bring herself off.

I started off playing with her clit, letting her lie there in bed naked, her breasts heaving, looking a bit embarrassed to have me touching her intimate bits. After a couple of times though she would let me stroke her quickly to orgasm, playing with her clit until she could come multiple times finishing off with a big crescendo that left her glowing, sweaty, horny and satisfied.

It got her over the embarrassment of her own body and got her into touching herself, but she preferred me stroking her clit for her. So we agreed to reciprocate and I started showing her how to play with my cock.

It’s a bit strange at first showing your wife how to wank you off and having her reciprocate by telling you where to touch here but it leads to such shared intimacy. Mutual masturbation is great as so many women apparently don’t come from penetration, my wife especially. You could pound in and out all day and while she’d get horny, she would never come.

I started off getting her to stroke me gently up and down, lots of lube. Just getting her to use the number of fingers I wanted was great. Teaching her to squeeze in the right direction, to “milk” me as I started to come was a great improvement. It felt odd being a bit clinical but it was worth it.

I taught her how to stroke her fingernails up and down the shaft or between my cock and hole. How to lick the tip and suck just the end while rolling my heavy balls around in her hand. I showed her how much harder she could use my cock and balls when I was really horny than when I was only slightly interested. How she could suck one of my balls into her mouth and “teabag” me.

Eventually she could give me a good handjob bringing me off almost as quickly and firmly as I could myself. In return I could play with her clit and pussy making her climax multiple times, sliding my fingers in and out of her and getting to her g-spot to bring her to a shuddering climax.

Then I moved us on to blow jobs. She really had lousy technique, not really knowing what to do and never having had a guy tell her how to please him. I don’t know why women think they automatically know how to do this, so many of them do it badly and don’t like any pointers, as if it’s a given right that they should all be talented.

By the time I had finished with Claire though, she would happily suck, swallow and could even deep throat all the way down to my balls. I showed her by sticking one of her dildos in my mouth how to slide my cock into her mouth without choking, unless she wanted to. I loved the sound of her gagging as I could feel my cock forcing its way into her throat. That way she’d look up at me and force it just that little way further to please me without me having to hold her head, she’d make herself choke and gag. It was always enough to make me cum watching my wife use herself for my pleasure like this.

Often I’d pull out, trailing long gobs of spit which made my cock nice and slick for me to quickly jerk it off over her tits or face. This was one thing I couldn’t break her of though. She hated it on her face and it was really a special treat for me to lose my load there. She would happily swallow without complaint and looked hot with it dripping off her tits so I certainly didn’t press the point. After all I wouldn’t really want someone unloading their cum in my face.


All comments appreciated. This is dedicated to my sexy, loving, kinky wife Claire who will love to see your thoughts and comments.

For some reason, the three of us didn’t get together for a couple of days after that “incident” in in the bathroom. It wasn’t that we were avoiding each other, by any means. In fact, my relationship with my sisters seemed to be better than ever. Marie had usually ignored me mostly, and Bree and I weren’t the type to be chatting with each other very much. But now, Bree was constantly around me, hanging out in my room or in the living room, and she seemed to want to talk endlessly with me about anything.

Marie seemed to perk up as well around me. We weren’t just eyeing each others’ bodies either, it was a warm and friendly type of demeanor. It was like the three of us were really good friends now. And we owed it all to something as silly as masturbating together.

Bree’s leg healed up nicely, but she didn’t go running with Marie for a few days. The day after she hurt herself, Marie didn’t do her usual morning run because she had to do some errands with Mom. Bree had gone off to the lake with her friends, and of course Dad was at work, so I had the house to myself. I ended up sitting on my bed with my laptop, surfing porn and jerking off a nice big load into my stomach. I thought about Bree and Marie the entire time, though.

That night, no one came into my room and I didn’t venture theirs either. It was kind of strange but it felt like there was this lull to our excitement of watching each other masturbate. I fell asleep before I could make sense of it. The next morning I slept in, and to my pleasant surprise I was awoken by Bree pouncing on top of me.

“Hey!” I said, pushing her off of me playfully.

“Wake up, lazy,” Bree said, a very chipper tone to her voice this morning. “Everyone else is gone.”

For some reason that clued me in to what she could possibly be wanting from me. Sure enough, when I finally rolled over and saw her, she was completely naked. That got my morning wood sprouting quite nicely. She just sat on the end of my bed, absolutely no shame or embarrassment at being naked with me.

“Where’s Marie?” I asked, blatantly staring at her tits.

She shook them for my benefit and smiled. “She had to go do something for Mom cuz she was running late to work. She’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

I yawned and stretched, making my erection stand prominently underneath the covers. Bree pulled them aside, and when my penis came into view she licked her lips.

“You wanna go a round just the two of us?” I asked, knowing what the answer would be.

She nodded. “Yeah, I am really fucking horny.”

This was old hat by now, so it was totally no big deal to be reaching for my cock to stroke it while Bree spread her legs and starting rubbing her pussy. Our legs were touching, which was even more exciting for me. I really liked this view because I could see everything about her. I could see that she was already very wet, and I could even see her cute little butthole every once in a while as she starting humping into her hand.

“What did you think about Marie touching her ass?” I asked, referring to our previous session in the basement.

Bree was huffing already, but spoke as if this was a casual thing to be talking and masturbating with her brother.

“It was pretty hot,” she admitted, and then looked up at me instead of at my dick for a moment. “You want me to touch my ass for you?”

I could only nod, and my strokes got faster after hearing her say that. I watched as she opened her thighs even wider and gently separated her butt cheeks with each hand, first letting me see both her holes clearly. Then she licked her fingertip and touched it softly against her anal opening. She groaned quietly, and I wasn’t sure if she was putting on a show for me or she was actually enjoying it.

“You like that?” she cooed, her voice raspy and sensual. “You want to cum on my little butthole?”

Oh my god, she was being so slutty I was going to lose it already. “Oh yeah!”

She scooted closer, raising her legs over mine and resting her calves on my hips. She positioned her cunt only inches from my cock, and if I really tried I could have probably touched the tip against her clit. But I wasn’t sure she was ready for that. She was only trying to make it so I could aim and explode across her sexy body.

“Just keep stroking,” she said, her eyes glued to my dick. “When you’re ready, let it go all over me.”

I stroked even faster, eager to watch my cum paint her cunt and her belly. But she had invited my to cum on her asshole, and in this position that seemed almost impossible.

“Can I…cum on your…I mean, your butthole…I can’t…” I wasn’t sure how to word it.

She nodded. “You’re right, we want your cum on my ass, right? Ok, well see if you can get the tip right up against my hole when you cum.”

That nearly sent me over the edge, but I held off by sheer desire to actually touch my cock against her sweet little asshole.

“So…I’m cumming…in your ass or on it?” I asked, genuinely confused in this state of arousal.

Bree’s face lit up, and she got that devilish smile. “Ooh, you wanna cum in there? I’ll let you. You can put the tip inside and let it squirt up in my ass. Oh god, that would be so hot!”

I spat on my fingers and rubbed it on the tip of my cock. I got it nice and wet, knowing I wouldn’t need to stroke it very much longer before I blew. I leaned forward just a bit, and Bree lifted her ass off the bed just enough to get my pillow under her hips. She pulled her legs back and spread her ass for me nice and wide. It was obscene the way she was displaying herself for me, her own brother. And her tight little sphincter looked so delicious, I couldn’t wait to do what she was asking of me.

“Do it, Kevin,” she begged, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

“I don’t even think I need to jerk off,” I admitted. “I’ll probably cum as soon as I get it in there.”

She was excited by that thought, I could tell. She started playing with her clit again, and it only made the obscene display even more arousing. I aimed my cock down at her tight little hole, which would be stretching impossibly to fit my thick cock in mere seconds. I gently touched the tip against her hole, and she purred.

“This is so naughty,” Bree said, raggedly. “Don’t tell Marie we did this. It’ll be our secret.”

I smiled. That would actually be kind of fun. And maybe Marie and I would have our own secrets that Bree didn’t know about.

I pushed softly, and her anus fought me for a moment. It didn’t want to let my invading meat enter her tight passage. I was just going to put the tip in, it wasn’t like I was going to actually fuck her ass or anything. I got more saliva on my dick, and my precum was also helping lube her up. This time when I pushed, her ass gave a little and I slipped in about an inch.

I just stared down at my cock head almost completely disappearing into my little sister’s ass. Bree was going wild on her clit, making her ass clench. She pushed me right back out of her ass, but I was quick to get back inside. I slipped in about two inches this time. She groaned.

“Is that ok?” I asked, concerned that maybe I had hurt her.

She nodded. “Yeah, keep going. It feels really sexy. Oh god, Kevin, I think I like it in the butt…”

That did it, and I couldn’t help but weakly thrust my hips forward as I came hard in Bree’s butt. I slid in another inch and was not quite halfway inside of her when I exploded. I felt the sharp bursts of semen squirt into her butt, and I was lost in the pleasure of her tight ring clenching onto me as I came. I moaned as I emptied myself into Bree, and soon she joined me in climax. She cried out and her hand was a blur on her clit. We shared a wonderful orgasm together, for the first time actually joining our bodies. It felt so good, I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep from repeating this in the near future.

I was still inside of her when it was over, and we were both panting. Bree was absently playing with herself still, and I really didn’t want to leave her tight warm ass. We looked at each other finally, and I could tell Bree was still aroused.

“You want to…?” she asked.

I just nodded, knowing exactly what she was asking.

I pushed my cock further into her, and felt her ass split apart around me. Her hole was nice and slimy now, painted with my copious load of sperm. She gasped as I stretched her tiny little hole with my thick shaft. When I was all the way in finally, I just stayed there and tensed my dick as hard as I could. It felt really good to be inside of her, and it was the first ass I had ever fucked. Bree moaned and continued masturbating.

“It’s really nice,” she said with her eyes closed. “I think I can cum again.”

“Do it,” I said. “Want me to hold it here, or fuck you?”

She glanced at me only long enough to say, “Fuck me.” Then she closed her eyes again and focused on her pussy.

I moved in and out of her slowly, gently even. Her ass was so tight I was afraid it might hurt her. I pulled my dick out of her ass just long enough to take in the sight of her abused little butthole leaking some of my cum, and then I pressed back into her. It felt so good, so right, to be fucking her, I almost forgot that this was my own sister and what we were doing was totally wrong.

She came, as promised, and a trickle of clear fluid seeped down from her cunt to my cock. She squirted! That really spurred me on, and I started fucking her harder. She looked up at me with a look of pure pleasure, a helpless and hungry look that told me she would take anything I could give her. I thrust into her ass like an animal whose only instinct was to fuck and claim what was mine.

I loved watching my dick disappear into her hole, and the way her pussy was clenching every time I slid back into her bowels. The forbidden nature of this act, aside from the incest, was really getting to me. I had cum only minutes earlier, but I was ready to go again.

“Inside?” I asked, barely able to get the words out through my pleasure.

She was huffing right along with me. “Yeah,” she managed to say.

Finally, with an intense growl and a sharp thrust into her butt, I came hard again. My dick was so sensitive that it almost hurt when torrents of cum escaped my penis and filled her insides for the second time. I kept thrusting into her, pounding her ass and making it submit to me. Bree was whimpering now, maybe a bit from pain but ultimately she was simply submitting her body to me, letting me do whatever I wanted and getting off on the results.

When I finished firing off into her, I fell backward and slipped out of her ass. When I glanced down at her, still holding her legs spread apart in that position, her asshole was gaping wonderfully. My cum hadn’t escaped her yet, she was holding it all inside of her like that.

“Oh, Kevin,” she breathed. “I can’t believe we did that.”

Shit, was she regretting it?

“It was really nice,” I said, and prepared to try to calm her and assure her everything would be ok between us.

“That was way better than masturbating,” Bree said before I could. “Will you keep doing that to me?”

I could only smile and nod.


That night, since I was very satisfied already from the anal extravaganza that Bree and I had enjoyed, I didn’t bother to try to sneak into her room to play. I figured I would give her a break, and truthfully I wasn’t sure I could perform.

But there was a soft tap on my door after everyone had gone to bed. The door opened and closed quickly, and I could only see the outline of a person approaching in the dark. When it got closer, I could barely make out Marie in her camisole and pajama pants.

“Marie?” I sat up in bed, squinting until my eyes adjusted.

“Hey,” she said, and tiptoed right up to my bed. “Are you sleeping?”

“Obviously not,” I answered. I was naked under the covers, but I wasn’t exactly worried about her seeing me like this. “What’s up?”

“Well…” She came and sat on the end of my bed, and I had a flashback of Bree sitting right there this morning. “It’s just been a few days is all, and…”

I couldn’t help but smile to myself, and to my surprise I started to get an erection.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied. “You haven’t gotten off by yourself?”

She shook her head. “I’ve been…saving it up, kinda.”


She shrugged. “I dunno, I don’t really enjoy it by myself as much as with you and Bree.”

I didn’t bother to ask why she didn’t go to Bree first. I knew she liked cock better than pussy, after all. I pulled aside the covers to expose myself to her, and she smiled when my dick came into view.

“I already played with her earlier today,” I said, holding back the details. “So I’m kinda spent, but I can try to keep up.”

Marie pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. She stood up on my bed and pulled her pants down, and when they got past her knees she started to get wobbly on the mattress and fell forward. She landed right on me, her hands bracing her against my chest but her stomach landing right on my boner. It didn’t hurt, but the sudden connection was a bit awkward.

“Sorry,” she said, fumbling to get off of me so she could finish undressing.

“Admit it, you enjoyed that,” I joked.

She seemed to wink at me, or at least that’s what it looked like in the dark. “Maybe.”

“Hey, remember how you said you liked it in the butt?” I asked boldly. I honestly wasn’t sure where I was going with this, but it seemed logical to try to proceed that way with her like I had with Bree.

“Yeah, so?”

“Do you wanna do some butt stuff with me?”

There was a short silence as she considered what I might be asking of her. Maybe she wondered if I meant for her to touch herself, or rather for us to touch each other. By the slim chance that she would actually agree to the latter, I didn’t say anything else.

“What did you have in mind?” she finally asked.

“I dunno. But if it’s something you like, we should do it.”

“Kevin…” She raised up onto her knees, and I could make out her small tits quite clearly. “You know we can’t…have sex, right?”

I shrugged. “Hey, that wasn’t what I was suggesting.”

“I mean,” she corrected herself, “we can’t do anything that involves you cumming inside of me. Inside my pussy, that is.”

I tried to hide my excitement as her words revealed to me that she may be up for something more than just touching ourselves. But I played it cool.

“I don’t intend to do that,” I assured her. “But…Bree and I…we’ve kinda taken it a bit farther already.”

I hadn’t meant to share that much with Marie, but it seemed like it would be in my favor to get a bit of a rivalry going between my two sisters. I knew Marie was competitive like that, always trying to best her little sister in anything they both tried.

Marie leaned forward a bit, and I felt her inner thighs on the top of my leg. She practically hovered over me, getting closer in some sort of sensual gesture like she was having a hard time keeping herself from pouncing on me. That had to be a good sign.

“What did you two do, exactly?” she asked, and her voice was already raspy.

I grabbed my dick and started stroking. “She let me put the tip in her ass and I came there. Twice, actually.”

Suddenly I felt Marie’s fingers on the hand that was stroking my cock. She moved them further down and pushed my own fingers out of the way so she could grab my erection and gently touch it. I groaned as I felt her feminine grasp on my penis.

“You two are fucking perverse,” she said, in a sexual whisper that dripped with desire. “I can’t let you two get away with that, without getting a piece myself.”

My dick lurched in her hand. “You really want me to put it in your ass too?”

Her face was right in front of mine, and she was jerking my cock right up against her cunt. I could feel the tip brush against her slick bare vagina as she pulled on it.

She whispered in my ear, “I love getting fucked in the ass.”

I could not have wanted her any more than I did at that moment. I thought she was going to kiss me, the way her cheek dragged along mine as she moved back to a sitting position. To my surprise, Marie crouched down and lowered her face to my crotch. I was in heaven as I felt the warmth of her breath and the lovely wetness of her mouth on my penis. Her tongue snaked out and licked at it first before she sucked the shaft down into her throat. In only a few movements, she had buried me in her face. Her nose touched my stomach just below my belly button.

I groaned heavily, and for the next few minutes I was amazed at how good a person could feel. It wasn’t just the pleasure of her mouth and tongue working against my cock, licking and sucking at it and coating it with saliva. It was the reality that this was my older sister doing this to me, and wanting to do it more than any girl has ever wanted to before.

“Do you like that I’m sucking your cock,” she said, “after it’s been in Bree’s ass?”

My god, I hadn’t even thought of that! She was right, she was sucking the same penis that had invaded Bree’s naughty little anus and filled it to the brim with hot cum. I grunted as she throated me again, and I felt her fingers graze under my balls to stroke me there in that wonderful place.

“Now you want me ass, right?” she asked, though she didn’t need to.

She sat up and hovered herself over me, not letting me move even an inch. She positioned her hips over mine, and aimed my dick straight up. I watched, and felt, as Marie sank her ass onto my cock, letting it slide up into her tight butthole and go deep into her bowels. She moaned as she did this, rubbing her pussy as well but focusing on getting me inside of her ass.

“Oh, Marie…” I couldn’t even say anything as she did this, it felt so good. I was now fucking the second ass I had ever fucked, and in the same day that I had my first.

After I was deep inside of her, and I could feel her body resting on mine, Marie started to masturbate. She rubbed her clit softly at first, gently grinding her hips on me and letting her ass undulate on my cock. She sped up her movements until she was panting and rubbing her cunt hard, pawing at it hungrily. This was the best sex I had ever had, and fortunately I wasn’t about to cum too soon. I could thoroughly enjoy it for as long as I could endure.

She cried out as she climaxed on me, and her ass clenching on me as her pussy convulsed made me almost lose it. Just like Bree, to my delight, Marie squirted a small stream of clear liquid onto my stomach. God, that was so sexy, feeling the warmth of it spread across my belly. My bed would be a mess, but I couldn’t care less right now.

“God, Kevin!” she exclaimed. “I can’t stop cumming!”

I grabbed her hips and held her down onto me. She mashed her ass onto my cock, as if she was trying to stuff more and more of it inside herself. I felt like I was reaching up into her gut with my cock. The inside of her ass was rubbing me so wonderfully, just slightly different than a pussy would. It reminded me how naughty and forbidden this was, and how good it was going to feel to let my cum paint her insides. I remembered how Bree’s ass had looked after I plowed it, all stretched out and gaping. Seeing my cum run out of her abused little hole was the hottest thing I had ever seen, and picturing Marie’s ass doing the same finally sent me over the edge.

I threw my head back and let out a loud groan as I spewed up into Marie’s butt. She smiled as she felt my tense up and lurch inside of her, and I came with enough force that she probably felt it squirting around in her bowels. She clenched her ass as hard as she could around my dick, and just held onto me as I enjoyed her body.

I collapsed back onto my bed, and Marie stayed on top of me. She wasn’t going to let my dick escape her tight ass. She gently stroked my chest as I caught my breath. I pawed at her tits in return. It felt like we had crossed a barrier that even Bree and I hadn’t crossed yet.

This is my first story to get a chapter 4, hope you enjoy!

Despite the fact that I had fucked both my sisters in the ass, we didn’t just skip out on the fun behind the shed. The next morning, Marie went out for a run and Bree and I were excited to be waiting for her in our usual spot. Bree’s leg was still a bit sore from her injury, so she couldn’t run with her sister. But she could walk just fine, and thus would be able to service herself this morning without needing Marie and I to do it for her.

“Did you really fuck Marie in the ass too?” Bree asked me as we both waited for Marie to get back.

I nodded. “You’re not mad, are you?”

I honestly thought she might be, since she seemed to want to keep the anal sex a secret between just the two of us. Our relationship was different now, for sure. But it wasn’t like we were dating or in love. We were just sex partners now, as were Marie and I.

“No, I’m not mad,” Bree replied. “I thought it would just be more fun to keep it between us. But it’s kind of hot to think that you’ve had your dick in both of us. And in our butts.”

Bree giggled after hearing herself say that last part. I just smiled. Marie probably had another few minutes before she was finished with her run, and I was feeling especially bold now that I had been so intimate with both of them. I reached for Bree’s breasts and grabbed one of her tits through her shirt. She looked flushed but didn’t object.

“Oh I see,” she smiled. “You think feels are free now?”

She responded by grabbing my dick through my shorts, which was starting to get very hard now. She squeezed it while I squeezed her full tit. I got ever braver and stuck my hand down her shorts where I felt her neatly trimmed pussy starting to get wet. Bree gasped this time, since I had never touched her down there before. But she wasn’t stopping me, so I didn’t withdraw my hand from her shorts.

“You’re being bad,” she whispered, as if anyone was around to hear us.

“I can’t help it,” I said, groaning as she reacted by reaching into my shorts and jerking on my cock. “I’m so fucking horny right now.”

“I have an idea,” Bree said, still jerking me off. “When you blow your load, try to squirt it on Marie. Try to hit her cunt.”

I liked that mental image, and I’m sure Marie would find it sexy even though it might be shocking at first. Now that we had crossed so many barriers, I wasn’t sure anything I tried to do with them would be met with rejection. I felt like I could just bend Bree over right now and plow her pussy. I couldn’t cum in her though, that was definitely the one barrier that still existed. But as long as I pulled out…

My thought process was interrupted by the rustling of Marie running through the backyard and over to where we were waiting for her. She was panting and sweating, looking especially drained from her run.

“Sorry,” she said, seeing our hands all over each other but not batting an eye. “I really pushed myself today, just wanted to get my adrenalin going.”

“Ready?” I asked, pulled my shorts down.

My two sisters did the same, and we were once again facing each other in a circle behind the shed. My dried cum stain was still visible on the face of the wood, which was sexy in my mind. It was evidence of what we were doing, and if anyone saw it they wouldn’t think twice that it wasn’t just a typical weather stain.

The three of us started to masturbate. Bree was being careful with her pussy, apparently so aroused that she was ready to burst at any moment. She was purposely going slow to avoid climaxing too soon. Marie was harder on her cunt, rubbing it fiercely and trying to force the pleasure out of it. She must be trying to get there while her heart was still pumping to take advantage of the adrenalin that made her orgasms so nice. I stroked rather absently, at a nice medium pace so I could enjoy watching both of them.

Marie was suddenly climaxing, after only a few minutes. Bree shot a look at me, at the same time speeding up her own pace to match her sister’s. I stroked faster as well, remembering that Bree wanted me to shoot off onto Marie’s bare cunt. It would be tough to get it on her pussy and not her hand that was in the way busily rubbing at her mound. Marie closed her eyes and savored the feeling of her orgasm, while Bree started whimpering as her own started.

I watched my two sisters in various stages of climax, and felt the stirrings in my balls as my own orgasm was now available whenever I needed it to happen. I nodded to Bree, and she peaked s she realized I was about to cum. Marie was distracted by her sister’s noises, and I could have sworn she looked turned on by them, so it was the perfect opportunity to step even closer to her and aim my cock at her stomach. I grunted and fired off a nice thick shot that sailed through the air and splashed right at her belly button.

It was a bit too high, and Marie’s shocked look was a bit distracting, but I managed to get the rest of my load to land right on her mound. The first shot in her belly button oozed down and joined with the rest of it at her pussy lips. Bree lost it again and came a second time when she saw the mess I had made of Marie. Marie seemed truly surprised, but she thrust her hips forward a bit to allow me better access once she realized what I was trying to accomplish. She let me finish cumming on her, and when I was finished squeezing the last drops out she held herself like that for everyone to see.

“You pervert,” she smiled at me. “You were both planning that, weren’t you?”

I nodded, still holding my dick. Bree was panting now after two quick orgasms.

“I thought it would be sexy,” I replied. “Thanks for letting me do it.”

Marie gently touched my semen painting her skin, and rubbed it around a bit. “I suppose you told Bree about us?”

I glanced to Bree, who only smiled. “Yeah, I did.”

Marie scooped some of my cum into her hand and playfully rubbed it on Bree’s cheek, making her squeal. WIth their shorts still down around their knees, they chased each other in the small space behind the shed, trying to smear my cum on each other.

“I think we should just forget any pretense of privacy,” Marie said when they were finished, “and start fucking together.”

We were all pulling our shorts up, and I froze in place. “What?”

Bree clapped her hands together excitedly. “Oh, Marie, that sounds wonderful. I would even try eating your pussy if you wanted me to.”

“Well, I didn’t mean that exactly,” Marie said, taken aback by her sister’s lesbianistic offer. “But we’ll just have to see how it goes. I think it would be more exciting to do it together, just like when we masturbate together.”

I couldn’t believe my luck, and my dick was still rock hard. It tented obscenely through my shorts. Marie and Bree both laughed at it.

“Didn’t you get enough?” Bree asked, playfully swatting at it.

“Sorry, thinking of having a threesome is kind of hot,” I replied.

Marie winked at me. “I guess I had a good idea, then?”

“How are we going to pull that off?” Bree asked. “After everyone goes to bed? In the basement?”

Marie straightened her running shorts, and wiped at the semen on her stomach like it was no big deal. “Yeah, we’ll have to do it down there just in case they hear something in our bedrooms. It would be really hard to explain why all three of us are naked together.”

“I can’t wait!” Bree said excitedly.

We all went back into the house to clean up.


So there we sat, in the basement after Mom and Dad had gone to bed. We told them we were going to play a game and then go to bed, which wasn’t completely uncommon. And not completely a lie, either…

We were all in our pajamas, both Marie and Bree in their camisoles and me in a pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt. We absently talked and joked for a little while, listening to the sounds of our parents walking around upstairs. Once it was silent and we were sure they were in bed, the tension in the air rose to an almost uncomfortable level.

We kept talking, maybe all a little nervous about what was about to happen. We shouldn’t have been, because it was going to feel great and wasn’t exactly foreign to us. I hadn’t been in either of their pussies yet, but I had cum in their butts already. We had seen each other naked and at our most vulnerable many times already. I was rock hard the whole time, and Bree was fidgeting anxiously. Marie was on the couch, just like that first time she had confronted us about watching her behind the shed. Bree and I each took one of the bean bag cushions just like before too.

Finally, when there was a break in the conversation, we just kinda glanced at each other, waiting for someone to take the lead. Marie was usually the one to do it, but even she was reticent it seemed. Bree couldn’t take the silence for very long though.

“So,” she blurted, “what should we do first? Blowjob?”

Marie looked at me and blushed, probably imaging how she had already sucked my dick once. I just smiled at her, hoping she would agree to that.

“Ok, but we should try doing everything together,” Marie replied. “That includes giving Kevin a blowjob.”

Bree was beaming wide, eager to suck my dick it seemed. I was glad, but getting a double blowjob from my hot sisters was a little too surreal. I almost felt dizzy at the prospect.

“Come on,” Marie said, getting off the couch and crawling toward me. “It ain’t gonna suck itself.”

Bree laughed and also crawled over to me. Without saying a word, I watched my sisters peel my sweatpants off and toss them aside, then situate themselves comfortably so they could both reach my sprouting cock. I groaned as I felt one of them start licking the underside of my shaft while the other one grazed my balls with her tongue. My head fell back and my eyes closed, even though I really wanted to watch this happen. But as long as no one freaked out, this would be happening many, many times more in the future. I would get my chance. Right now, I just had to fight back my orgasm and try to enjoy it at the same time.

“We’re not stupid,” Marie said, taking her mouth off my cock to speak. “We can tell you’re close. You’re pulsing, for god’s sake.”

“We’ll keep sucking you even if you cum, ok?” Bree said, her mouth muffled a bit by my balls.

Fuck, that was almost too much to hear! I gritted my teeth and finally looked down at my beautiful sisters sucking on me. Marie and Bree alternated between stuffing my cock as far into their throat as it would go while the other one sucked on my nuts and licked my taint. This was going to be over embarrassingly soon, but at least it would feel awesome. When they happened to touch their lips together while trying to alternate their oral skills, I finally lost it.

I groaned and my eyes squinted as the semen rushed forth from deep inside of me. In a powerful explosion of released tension, my cum erupted from the tip of my cock and spewed all over. All over me, Marie and Bree. Marie was licking my taint hungrily when it happened, so she mostly avoided the mess. But Bree was rubbing her lips and tongue up and down my shaft, she her mouth and cheeks and forehead took a lot of the load. She was positively a mess when it was all over.

And they were true to their word. They kept it up, sucking and licking all over my groin, ignoring the cum that soiled me and them. They were like starving animals, and I was enjoying the results of their hunger immensely. I finally came down from the pleasure of my orgasm and just enjoyed the relaxing feel of them blowing me. It was the nicest thing I had ever felt thus far, even better than fucking their assholes and cumming deep inside of them.

“Ok,” Marie said, withdrawing her face while Bree kept sucking on me. “Enough for him now. We need to get some.”

Bree nodded, giving my balls a last kiss. Her face was a mess but no one cared. She didn’t try to wipe a single drop away. We were all in a haze of sexual lust right now.

“Can we 69?” Bree said to her big sister. “I’ve always wanted to try that.”

Marie raised an eyebrow. “Are you…”

Bree wasn’t shy about admitting anything right now. “I like girls too, ok? At least, I wanna try eating a pussy. I might not get a chance unless you let me eat yours.”

“You’re assuming I want to eat your pussy,” Marie countered.

Bree’s pleading eyes were begging Marie to try it out. “Please? Please, Marie?”

“Come on,” I said, trying to encourage Marie to do it. Of course, it was for my own selfish and voyeuristic desires. “I need to get hard again to fuck you both, and watching will get me there for sure.”

She looked down at my dick, which was still completely hard, but didn’t object. She finally gave in and nodded.

“Ok, I’ll do it.” She sighed. “I’ve never done anything with a girl before, but it doesn’t seem the same if it’s with my own sister.”

“Exactly!” Bree said, stripping naked and sprawling back with her legs spread. “You can be on top if you want.”

Marie got naked too, and carefully got on top of Bree. It was comical to watch them negotiate the positioning of their bodies, but once they were in place, it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Bree was ready to dive into Marie’s smooth pussy, but Marie seemed hesitant to make physical contact with the neatly trimmed cunt only inches from her mouth. They both stared at the other’s pussy for a moment.

“Come on, Marie,” I said. “You said you would.”

“I will,” she said. “I’m just admiring how pretty your pussy is, Bree.”

Bree took that as the sign, and immediately she latched her tongue onto Marie’s clit.

For the next few minutes, I was in absolute heaven. It was like every teenager’s masturbatory fantasy, watching two girls, much less my own sisters, lezzing out on each other in horny abandon. Bree was especially wild, slurping on Marie’s perfect cunt and wrenching the orgasm from it. She barely made a sound, but Marie was whimpering and moaning the entire time. The first time Bree made her cum, her energy seemed to spike and suddenly she was trying to be just as eager on Bree’s pussy. Bree finally thrashed a bit and came quite intensely as well.

They kept going on each other, licking and sucking and slurping and tasting. I just watched and jerked my cock. I could have cum to this, but I held off because I knew something better was only moments away. Still, it was majestic to watch two sexy girls who knew how to please their own bodies use those same techniques and skills on each other.

Each girl came twice, and then they were finally ready to fuck. I approached with my rock hard erection in hand, and waited for them to decide who went first.

“Can you last for a little while?” Marie asked me.

I nodded. “Yeah, at least for a few minutes each.”

“You should fuck Bree first,” she said.

Bree was excited, but also curious. “Why?”

Marie smiled at her. “You’re not on the pill yet, are you? I am.”

I realized that she was saying I was going to get to cum in her pussy. My dick lurched in my fist, and my balls rose up into me a bit. Shit, maybe I wouldn’t last…

“That’s not fair,” Bree said with a frown, even though she was spreading her pussy lips erotically for me. “I want his cum in my pussy too.”

“Tell Mom,” Marie said. “Well, not that. Just that you want to get on the pill.”

Bree sighed. “I guess my ass will have to do if I want it inside me.”

“I’ll cum wherever you want me to,” I told Bree as I knelt over her. I aimed my cock right at her cunt. “Right now, just let me fuck that sweet little hole.”

Bree cooed as I touched the tip at her entrance, and slowly invaded her wet pussy. I stretched her a lot, almost as much as I had stretched her asshole, as I worked my way up into her. She groaned as I bottomed out and held me tight against her. Marie was right beside us, encouraging us and gently touching both of us.

It was strangely erotic to have someone else present during sex. I had always thought it might be embarrassing, or even boring for the person who wasn’t getting dicked. The hardest part was keeping my orgasm at bay, especially as Marie gently stroked my balls from behind when I was deep inside of Bree, or when I watched them kiss passionately. If Marie hadn’t been into girls before, she was definitely open to it now. When she was kissing Bree and her hand snaked down to touch her sister’s pussy as it was getting fucked, I felt the impending explosion.

“Shit!” I exclaimed, and pulled out of Bree.

“All over her,” Marie said without hesitation, as if she was waiting for me to burst.

I grunted and came hard. I fired thick bursts of semen across Bree’s naked body, splashing it onto her stomach, chest, neck, face, everywhere. I couldn’t believe how much I was producing, considering how soon it had been since my last orgasm. But it was all there, waiting to be released onto my sexy little sister. After I finished, Marie was licking at Bree’s tits where I had painted them.

“I’m sorry, Marie,” I apologized. “I tried to hold out, I really did.”

She broke her kiss with Bree and leaned forward to kiss me instead. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and intertwined with mine, to my surprise. I hadn’t expected to be kissing either one of them during this sexual adventure, but it felt good to be doing it.

“It’s ok,” she reassured me. “We’re not going anywhere. As long as it takes, you’re going to keep fucking both of us until you’re ready to cum. And it’s going to be inside my pussy.”

I pawed at Marie’s cute little tits while Bree masturbated below us. She was rubbing my cum into her skin with her other hand. Marie reached for my dick and started to jerk it, oblivious to the slimy mess of combined fluids that was soiling it. It felt good when she did that, even though I was a bit sensitive right now. She kissed me again, and kept jerking me off like that just above our sister.

“How about if he fucks our asses?” Bree offered, watching us kiss and touch each other. “That should get him ready.”

Marie smiled, and winked at me. “Sounds like a plan.”

I nearly fainted from the mental image of what we were about to do. I couldn’t believe my own sisters wanted me to fuck the life out of them like this. But here we were, doing just that, with no end in sight.

Marie bent over and spread her ass for me, exposing her tight little sphincter. She turned her head to looked back at me while she did that.

“Do you think you can manage that?” she asked.

I looked down at my cock, still hard for some strange reason, and nodded.

“I can certainly try.”

Laura’s heart was still beating fast and her mind was a blur of emotions. She felt hesitant, almost scared but at the same time she felt excited and curious. But the feeling that now came to the fore was sadness. She looked over at Kelly who was in the bed on the other side of the small cabin from her. Laura felt bad that she had withdrawn from Kelly’s advances. She had allowed things to get steamy, allowed her lips to touch Kelly’s as the two were about to kiss but she immediately reeled away, unsure if she really wanted it and what Kelly’s intentions were. She hoped that Kelly wasn’t too upset or disappointed.

The two young women were on a university field trip for biology and had signed up to stay together in the cabin while many of the others on the research trip had elected to stay in tents closer to the beach they were investigating. The cabin itself was basically just a wooden hut with two beds on either side of the room and a large window on one wall, which allowed the glow from an external light to illuminate the room quite brightly. A cupboard in one corner near the door was the only other structure in the room. This meant that privacy wasn’t an option but neither Laura nor Kelly minded as they had been friends for a long time and had made use of public showers together at their local gym on numerous occasions in the past so getting changed in front of each other wasn’t a big deal.

But now that Kelly had taken a step beyond their regular friendship, Laura wasn’t sure what to think. She had been laying there still for some time thinking about it and now rolled over to look at Kelly who was lying on her back with just the sheet pulled up to her shoulders. As she looked over, she noticed Kelly’s hands under the sheet seemed to be moving around near her waist. As Laura watched on, she suddenly realised what Kelly was doing, she was obviously masturbating! At first Laura thought about turning away embarrassed, but her curiosity was taking over and her heart fluttered with excitement. At that point, Laura realised that Kelly had obviously been serious when she made advances toward her and she must have been still turned-on by what had almost happened.

Laura could feel herself getting aroused as she watched so she gave into the feeling of curiosity and allowed her apprehension to drop. She slid one of her hands down to her crotch and inside her shorts. She was amazed at how sensitive she was and felt a jolt of pleasure run through her as she gave her clit a few soft, gentle rubs. All the while she never took her gaze off of Kelly who now was biting her bottom lip as her hands moved quicker.

“I can’t believe how turned on I am!” Laura thought. “I can’t just lay here and watch Kelly after I had rejected her. It doesn’t feel right.”

A final feel of her now moist pussy was enough to make up Laura’s mind. She wanted to join Kelly. She wanted to experiment with her, having never been with another girl before, curiosity took over. Silently, she slipped out of her bed and crept closer to Kelly’s. She stood looking down on Kelly trying to think of how she could interrupt her without startling her. Laura was fully illuminated by the light outside and it accentuated her lovely soft curves and the flowing locks of rich brown hair which hung over her shoulders. She was only wearing a white singlet top, her small nipples clearly visible through the thin material, and soft, pink cotton boxer shorts which were slightly crumpled but, combined with the top, she could be unquestionably described as cute and rather girly despite being in her early twenties.

Kelly still hadn’t noticed Laura standing there and was still pleasuring herself when Laura finally made a quite noise, almost a moan. Kelly’s opened her eyes and looked up at Laura who stood there smiling at her with a sheepish, awkward look on her face. Instinctually she stopped touching herself and pretended she wasn’t doing anything when Laura had interrupted her.

“Oh Laura, I was um, do you want something?” Kelly stammered as she tried to gather her thoughts and her breath. She was somewhat annoyed that she had been interrupted at that point as she had been drawing closer to orgasm, the first in weeks for her and one that she felt she desperately needed after the wait since last time.

“Sorry to disturb you Kelly but I wanted to ask you something.” Laura asked shyly.

“What is it?” Kelly replied.

“I feel a bit bad about what happened earlier and had been thinking about it some more. Actually, I was wondering if I could join in your, um, fun?”

“Fun?” Kelly asked with a slightly embarrassed tone.

“Well I had been watching you for a few minutes sorry and it looked like you were, you know, touching yourself. At least that’s what it looked like to me.”

Kelly was about to deny it out of sudden embarrassment, but she stopped herself and thought for a second. Laura hadn’t asked her to stop masturbating but had just asked if she could join her. She had been so horny, so overcome with emotion when she had made advances to Laura earlier in the night and the feeling of disappointment had been strong when Laura didn’t respond as Kelly wanted her to. But now, she was taking the first step towards her and Kelly knew she wanted this more than anything in the world right now.

Kelly had only had one experience with a girl before and while she enjoyed being with guys, she always found herself fantasising about other women when she masturbated. Kelly had always fancied Laura, though she knew Laura was straight. She had such a gorgeous body and always had an innocent playfulness about her which Kelly found intoxicating. As she lay there, one hand still inside her panties, she looked up at Laura and felt her heart begin to race with excitement.

“Um, yeah you caught me. I was have a bit of fun before I went to sleep.” Kelly finally replied to Laura. “And I’d love it if you joined me.”

Laura smiled and nervously got into bed with Kelly, the sheet covering them both as Laura laid on her back looking at Kelly while Kelly rolled over onto her side to face her.

“So do you do it much?” Laura asked, trying to think of what to say.

“Only when I don’t have someone else to take care of me.” Kelly responded cheekily.

Both of them giggled at the comment and lay staring into each other’s eyes for a few moments. Kelly couldn’t hold back any longer, she moved closer and kissed Laura who didn’t hesitate or withdraw this time, she instead kissed Kelly back passionately, their tongues now probing into each other’s mouth. Kelly slipped one hand back down inside her pants and gently rubbed herself while she hugged Laura with her other.

“Oh my god, that was the best kiss ever!” Laura smiled as they broke off their kiss. She laid back and looked down Kelly’s body, noticing that her hand was back at her crotch again.

“Can I watch you do it?” Laura asked.

Kelly simply smiled and threw the sheets off so the two could see their whole bodies. She was wearing a pink singlet top and no bra with light blue, lacy panties. She had a slightly more shapely build than Laura and her bust was much larger but being someone who enjoyed the beach and hence bikinis, she kept her figure well. The light filtering into the room reflected off the pale yellow sheets to accentuate Kelly’s bronzed tan.

She moved her hand slowly over her still highly aroused clit, rubbing it through the fabric of her panties. Her other hand now was under her top and sliding over her breast, each time she brushed her nipple she felt a slight surge of pleasure. She closed her eyes and slipped her hand inside her panties and pushed a finger deep inside her wet pussy, followed by a second finger which slid in easily.

Opening her eyes again, she looked over at Laura who was watching her intently, gently biting her lip in excitement as she watch. One of her hands seemed to idly tease her nipples through her top while the other pressed into her crotch, barely moving aside from a slight circular movement.

“I usually masturbate naked. You don’t mind if I take my pyjamas off do you?” Kelly asked Laura who managed to break her gaze away from Kelly’s hands.

“Yes please! I mean, if you want to that’s ok by me.” Laura stammered in reply, betraying her desperate desire to see Kelly naked and to watch her slip her slender fingers into her pussy.

Kelly smiled and sat upright and looked at Laura as she slowly pulled her top over her head, her tits gave a slight bounce as they popped out from the confines of the fabric. Laura’s mouth opened slightly in awe as she stared at the large breasts now only inches from her. Kelly gave her nipples a quick pinch and smiled at Laura as she laid back once more and lifted her legs towards the ceiling before pulling her panties off.

“Mmm, that feels a lot better.” She moaned as she spread her legs wide apart, resting one on Laura’s legs.

She licked the tip of one of her fingers and used it to rub and tease her nipples which responded immediately by hardening slightly. Her other hand began rubbing her clit rapidly in quick circles as her breathing quickened and soft moans escaped her throat.

“If you want, you can play with yourself also. It would make me super turned-on to see you touching yourself also.” Kelly said.

“Ok, but I also do it naked if you are ok with that.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way!” Kelly answered, still amused by how timid Laura was even though she was now watching her masturbate right in front of her. Her innocent manner only made Kelly more aroused.

Kelly sat up and spun around so she was facing Laura from the other end of the bed and she easily shoved two fingers deep into her soaked pussy, a small gasp escaping her mouth as she now fingered herself deep and fast.

Laura hesitate for a second as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt, not quite sure if she was ready to go the next step, but the sight of Kelly’s fingers sinking straight into her pussy was enough to make the decision for her. She quickly pulled the white singlet up and off leaving her small, round breasts exposed for Kelly’s gaze and her puffy pink nipples hard with arousal.

“Oh wow, you have the cutest boobs Laura!” Kelly remarked while continuing to thrust her fingers into her snatch.

Laura smiled and replied, “Thank you, but your boobs are even more amazing Kelly”. She felt her inhibitions dropping after Kelly’s compliment and she now quickly slipped her panties off, wanting to be fully naked and on display for Kelly as she was already.

Laying back, Laura closed her eyes and spread her legs wide apart for Kelly to see her neatly trimmed pussy, while using one hand to spread her pussy lips and the other to begin circling her clit rapidly. While she considered herself very conservative in her sexuality with others, Laura had always enjoyed masturbation and had been constantly experimenting with different techniques ever since she had first tried it in her late teens. She knew what made her feel good and could get herself off very quickly when she wanted or she could take her time and enjoy the experience. But right now, her heart was racing and she had never been this aroused in her life so she wasn’t going to hold back. She rubbed her clit as fast as she could and slipped two fingers between her wet pussy lips, teasing her sensitive opening with small, quick movements.

Laura opened her eyes and saw that Kelly now had three fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy and her other hand was a blur as she rubbed herself. Both were moaning, their breathing shallow and their body motions spasmodic as the pleasure shot through them. The two young women came at the same time, Kelly gave a small scream of delight while Laura released a deep groan as she felt a stream of moisture leave her pussy and saturate her hands. When Kelly caught her breath and looked over at Laura, there was a rather sizable wet patch in front of Laura testifying to how hard she had orgasmed.

“Oh my god, that was amazing!” Kelly sighed as she licked her fingers, tasting herself while watching Laura regain her composure.

“I’ve never had an orgasm like that before! I can’t believe how horny I was watching you!” Laura replied.

“You look so wet down there. Do you mind if I touch you?” Kelly asked.

Laura smiled, lent towards Kelly and kissed her and whispered in her ear, “I want you to do more than just touch it.”

Kelly kissed her once more then gently pushed her back and spread her legs apart. Pausing at her tits, Kelly licked and sucked on her nipples, the attention causing them to harden at her touch and each gentle bite she gave resulted in a soft gasp and moan from Laura. She continued to alternate between each nipple as she ran her hand over Laura’s thighs, occasionally brushing her clit teasingly. After a few minutes of teasing, she was satisfied that her efforts had got Laura well and truly aroused again so she began to kiss her way slowly down her stomach to her warm, wet pussy.

Using just one finger, Kelly ever so slowly rubbed Laura’s clit in tiny circles causing Laura to thrust her hips forward in an attempt to get more pleasure. Keeping it up for a few more minutes, Kelly had wanted the response she was getting, she wanted to see Laura desperate for more, to have her almost beg for her touch to be more purposeful. But she wasn’t going to make her wait any longer.

In a quick motion that caused Laura to gasp and jump slightly, Kelly drove two fingers deep into her warm hole before withdrawing them and slipping in a third. She now placed her mouth over Laura’s clit and began sucking and licking it as fast as she could.

Laura was moaning loudly as Kelly fingered her pussy with long, fast thrusts, exactly as she liked it and after being teased for so long, her pussy ached to be filled and pleasure surged from her crotch to all parts of her body as Kelly continued to lick her clit. She was almost writhing in pleasure now but wanted one more source of stimulation. Normally she would not have said anything about it, but she was too aroused to control her thoughts.

Laura cried out, “Oh yes, please keep fucking my pussy! Please Kelly, can you shove a finger in my arse? I love it when my arse is fingered.”

Kelly was amazed, the timid young woman, who at the start of the night had rejected her advance, now had three fingers buried in her cunt and she was now begging her to finger her arse. She could hear in Laura’s voice how much she wanted it and Kelly wasn’t going to disappoint. She herself didn’t mind some anal stimulation but usually that was only if she could convince the person she was with to give her a quick rimming. So the chance to give rather than receive excited her.

Rolling Laura onto her stomach, Kelly again slid the index finger of her left hand into Laura’s sopping wet pussy to lubricate it before moving it up to rub her arse hole. She then slip two fingers of her right hand deep into Laura’s pussy, before slowly pressing her finger into the tight hole of her arse. She expected to feel resistance but Kelly was amazed when, with just a little firm pressure, her finger sank all the way in. Obviously Laura enjoyed this type of stimulation regularly. She decided to see if she could push it a bit further so she pulled her finger out and instead positioned two fingers at the entrance. She carefully spat some saliva onto her fingers to add extra lube before gently slipping them back into Laura. While a bit slower this time, her fingers once more disappeared deep into Laura’s anus.

“Oh fuck yes, that feels amazing!” Laura groaned as Kelly slowly began to thrust her fingers in and out of both of Laura’s holes.

Increasing the speed, Kelly fingered both holes as fast as she could to which Laura gave out a stifled cry of pleasure. After a few minutes of the double penetration, Laura could feel her orgasm building and began bucking her hips backwards to meet Kelly’s thrusts. She couldn’t stand the feeling any more, she was overwhelmed by how much ecstasy she felt as her friend fingered her in a way no one had done before. Her orgasm hit like a wave through her body and she gave in completely to the sensation, abandoning all other thoughts and emotions crying out loudly in sheer pleasure.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, don’t stop!” Laura called out.

Kelly could feel Laura’s pussy begin to pulse around her fingers and her arse hole clenched tight onto the fingers of her other hand. A sudden gush of moisture flowed over her hand that was fingering Laura’s pussy and as she looked down, Kelly could see the juice dripping off her hand as Laura came so hard that she had practically squirted.

“Oh wow, Laura! You are so fucking amazing! I’ve never seen a girl come like that before.” Kelly remarked to Laura who didn’t really hear it. She was trying to control her breathing as her body continued to spasm involuntarily as a series of smaller orgasms followed her first, each one triggered as Kelly slipped one finger at a time out from each of her holes.

“That was incredible, I haven’t felt anything like that before! Thank you so much Kelly.” Laura stammered.

“I think we’ll need to go get washed up and I also think I’ll be sleeping in your bed for the rest of the night.” Kelly laughed as she looked down at the bed. Her hands were slick with Laura’s juices, both of the girls’ were glisten with moisture and the bed sheet had a large wet spot in the middle of it.

“I think so, and sorry about your bed.” Laura chuckled in reply.

“And I think it is my turn tomorrow” Kelly added with a playful smile and a wink.

Laura moved closer and kissed Kelly before replying, “Absolutely”

A gorgeous friend, whom I dearly love and who I know is hotter in every way than Sarah ever thought of being, but who keeps me at arm’s length, had the original idea for this story and for much of the humor. She didn’t want her name revealed, however, so I’ll just say thank you. She knows who she is.




Sarah banked her old Bell47 to the right and began slipping sideways barely a hundred feet above the ice covered ground. For her money, there was nothing like flying a helicopter. It was fun and exciting, similar to her ride on the Rock-O-Plane during her visit to the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, plus there was a freedom to flying a helicopter. She could take off and land almost anywhere; fly slow, fast, high, low, forwards, backwards, sideways, even hover. She had only recently gotten her license, had worked hard getting it in near record time, and was proud of her accomplishment. She had rewarded herself with the old Bell47 and to give herself even more freedom, had outfitted it with extra fuel tanks for extended range and safety.

From above, sunlight dancing off the ice ripples covering the flat tundra created a glistening sea of sparkles for as far as the eye could see, dazzling flashes of brightness with occasional bits of color mixed in—bright rainbow flashes. It reminded Sarah of how the ocean sometimes appeared when she and Todd hunted seals or how the lake looked on that sunny day last summer when she and Levi stole away to picnic on a deserted island overlooking Russia. Beautiful memories she would cherish forever.

Sarah loved to hunt and hunting in Alaska was the best—hunting in Alaska from a chopper was the ultimate. She could swoop down on her game and chase it until it was too tired to run any longer, then hover and take her shot. Wolves were the most fun. They were smart and presented more of a challenge than bears, moose, or reindeer. She had gotten good at chopper hunting, too—she rarely missed. She loved having an animal in her sights—she thought of it as the moment of truth, that exact moment she wielded life or death power over another life, validating her superiority. It was exhilarating. After all these years, the kill shot still gave her a rush, a near orgasmic rush that made her ass tingle.

Imagining the loud clap of her rifle’s report and the solid feel of its recoil ramming hard into her shoulder, sending shock waves rippling across her chest, vibrating her breasts, then seeing her target, a strong swift wolf, crumple and slide face first plowing the snow and ice, leaving a bright red stain before expiring in a cloud of rising steam, gave her a visceral thrill. She clamped her thighs together and tightened her buttocks at the thought, then became acutely aware of the vibrations running up through the seat. She started clenching and relaxing her thighs, flexing her buttocks, squirming in her seat—she couldn’t help it.

She reached down to touch herself through the fabric of her jump suit—it was like pouring seal oil on a crackling campfire. Her thoughts immediately went to Levi and that fat cock of his that she so loved to ride, whooping and yelling as he smacked and bounced her ass. She turned the auto-pilot on, slid her hand inside her pants, closed her eyes and lost herself in fantasy for almost a half hour, nearly passing out when her body spasmodically jerked and shivered as she brought herself to multiple orgasms.

Regaining her composure, she suddenly realized that she had plunged into a blinding fog. Able to see only a few feet, she turned south, hoping to find clear weather, but the fog didn’t let up. She began to distrust her instruments—as beginner pilots in zero visibility often do—and flew in circles before heading north, believing it to be south. The fog ended, but she continued flying north for hours until she ran out of fuel.

The engine coughed and sputtered, forcing her to set down. Just before landing, she spotted smoke off in the distance—most likely an Eskimo hunting party. Thankful that there were other people nearby, she issued a Mayday call on her radio, hoping the signal could be triangulated, then began the trek over ice toward the smoke.

As she drew closer, she realized that it was not smoke at all, but steam—apparently from a hot spring. And there was a herd of animals standing beside it, probably drinking the melting ice. Relieved, Sarah said a little prayer. She had food, water and warmth—she could survive almost indefinitely until help arrived.

Her scope revealed a herd of reindeer, nine of them, and one was standing with its side to her in perfect silhouette. As she set up to take the shot, dialing the scope in further, she noticed that the animals were wearing harnesses, then one doe moved revealing a sleigh. They were hitched to a sleigh! People had to be close by.

Sweeping the spring, she discovered a rotund man with rosy cheeks, long white hair and a full face white beard soaking in the steaming water. Sarah first thought he was asleep, then saw his arm moving and it hit her that he was pleasuring himself—jerking off! And good googly moogly, he was using two hands! Even counting Levi, Sarah had never seen such a gorgeous bologna pony. She decided right then that she was going to get into that hot spring and ride that monster. Besides, she needed to get her panties off—they were soaking wet, an unpleasant, even dangerous condition in sub-zero weather. As the freezing cold cut right through her clothing, she quickened her pace and made a beeline for the spring.

The rosy cheeked man gave a big wave as she approached and roared, “Hello, young lady. What good fortune brings you my way? Ho! Ho! Ho!”

“Hello there mister. I’m afraid I’m lost,” Sarah said, shivering as she approached the spring. “Ya wouldn’t happen to know where I am, would ya?”

“You’re in northern Alaska, miss. Just exactly where, I’m afraid I don’t know. Ho! Ho! Ho!” the rotund man laughed again, furtively checking her out. “But we’ll get you back home safely. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. What’s your name, may I ask?”

“Sarah. Sarah Palin. What’s yours?” She couldn’t help stealing peeks at that huge beaver pleaser he was holding down under the water.

“Ah yes, Sarah Palin. Hmm, Sarah Palin. Just call me Nick, Sarah.”

“Okey dokey, Nick. Say, you wouldn’t happen to have a radio on ya would ya, Nick?”

“No, honey, not here I don’t, but there’s one back at my place. Warm yourself up here in the spring, Sarah, and then we’ll go to my place—get on that radio.”

“It looks mighty good in there, but I don’t want to get my clothes wet—there’s no way to dry them out here in the cold.”

“Oh, my goodness, Sarah, take your clothes off and get in here where it’s warm. There’s nobody around but me and I won’t pay any attention—no attention at all. Now you get out of those bulky old clothes and hop in here where it’s nice and warm.”

“Well, okey dokey, I guess you’re right. I won’t refudiate you,” she said and commenced to quickly disrobe.

Nick nodded in appreciation as her clothes came off. She had great tits, her cold nipples standing out like number nine thimbles, and the shapely lower half wasn’t bad either. “My, my, aren’t you a pretty. Ho! Ho! Ho!” he said.

“Why, thank you, Nick. I do my best—don’t want to look like no pig with lipstick,” she said shivering as she lowered herself into the steaming water.

“No danger of that. No danger of that at all. My you’re shaking all over. Come here and sit on ol’ Nick’s lap, Sarah, and let’s get you all warmed up while you tell me about yourself.”

Sarah didn’t know when she had met anyone nicer than Nick and she really was cold from the walk and disrobing in the freezing air, plus she wanted to get a closer look at that big pocket rocket of his. “Okey, dokey,” she said, then waded over and plopped down on his lap, immediately feeling the size and strength of his big taliwhacker. “Golly, gee!” she exclaimed, “This really is warmer.”

“Now just put your arm around me like this,” he said, draping her arm around his neck, bringing her breast into contact with his beard, “and let’s see if my body heat doesn’t warm you up real quickly.”

“Yeah, I’m warming up already,” she gushed as his beard tickled her nipple and that swollen cherry smasher of his was beginning to throb, pressing up against her bottom.

“Your lovely breasts must be freezing sticking out here in the cold air. Why your nipples are hard as ice. Here let me warm them up,” he said taking the nearest one into his mouth, as he tweaked and kneaded the other.

“Oh, my! You really know how to warm a girl up, doncha Nick. Gee whiz, I think I just better turn right around here and face you, so you don’t strain your neck,” she said, then turned to face him, wiggling her ass as she straddled his lap. When his big cunny creamer rose up between her legs, rubbing against her sex, she squeezed it between her legs and yelped, “Good golly!”

“Ho! Ho! Ho! That won’t just get you warmed up, honey, that’ll get you fucked,” he said and ran his big donkey dick up and down through her squirming slit a couple of times then slid it into her gaping pussy.

“Holy yikes!,” she said as his giant Kong dong impaled her. It felt as if it was going to split her in half, like her bones were being pressed apart. She felt pressure from her chest to her ass as her pussy stretched to take him. It was the most glorious kitty pleaser she had ever encountered and it immediately set her ablaze. She began to move on it, carefully at first then with more and more abandon. Wrapping her arms around him his neck, she bounced up and down, squealing, screaming, and moaning with each bump, then clutched him like she was dying and came, wailing like a wounded coyote, frightening the reindeer, as she spasmodically jerked and clenched.

“That a girl, Sarah. That a girl,” Nick said and stood up, holding her tightly around the waist. He leaned her back and began to pound her, driving his massive puddin’ pounder into her sopping pussy as she wrapped her legs around his waist and clung onto his neck.

“Lordy, lordy,” she cried, then began yelping loudly, like a wolverine in heat, as that massive moisture missile brought her to orgasm over and over.

Nick shuddered and came, shouting, “Fuck, shit, damn, hell,” as the spasms racked his formidable frame while she quivered and moaned.

Not quite done, he bent her over a rock shelf in the middle of the spring, entered her from behind and fucked her doggie style, his large belly slapping loudly against her tight round ass as he squeezed her tits with his chubby hands and filled her pussy full with his big muffin stuffer. Sarah moaned loudly and yipped like a virgin puppy, then began to come over and over again as Nick pounded her like a bull rabbit on a doe in heat. His big yogurt cannon had her rattling all the way from her tits to her ass.

Nick was unable to hold out any longer and came himself, grunting loudly as he pumped ropes of cum into her clinching cunny. She collapsed, shaking and jerking, exhausted and completely satisfied for the time being. “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Nick exclaimed and smacked her on the ass.

“Did you like that, Sarah?”

“Holy rollers! You betcha, Nick. That was wonderful! I just might get lost up this way again.”

“Any time, Sarah. Any time. Now get dressed sugar britches, and I’ll take you to my place where we can radio your folks while I get you some fuel.”

Nick hitched the reindeer to the sleigh and buckled Sarah in next to him. She couldn’t help giving his big ol’ love muscle a squeeze as the reindeer broke into a trot over the flat snow covered ground, their harness bells jingling merrily, but when they rose into the air she let go of that yogurt Flinger, hung onto the sleigh’s handles with all her might and screamed, “Holey moley! You’re Santa Claus!”

It was dark when they landed at Santa’s place and all Sarah could make out was a rather large compound like a farm or something. Nick got her settled into a cabin suite and excused himself, telling her that elves would take care of her needs and that he would get her helicopter refueled and ready to fly tomorrow.

A chubby little know-it-all white haired elf named Newt came to her suite with a radio phone and waited while she called Todd. She told Todd that she was okay, visiting a friend, and for him to go on to his snowmobile race up in Nome, that she would be home in a few days or so.

“A few days, huh,” Newt said with a smart assed attitude. “I thought we were gonna have you ready to roll tomorrow, Sarah.”

“Well, ya know, I wanted to be sure Todd didn’t worry about me just in case the weather turned bad or something and I didn’t get out for a day or two.”

“Nick gave you a ride on his big ol’ lap rocket, didn’t he. And you want to go again, don’t you?” Newt said with a knowing grin.

“Well, it was a darn good ride, I’ll say that,” Sarah smiled and gave Newt a big wink.

“You’re gonna like it here, Sarah, I see that right now, and we’re sure gonna like you. Ever been with an elf?”

“Well, no, not unless you count Michele Bachmann. But I think of her more as a midget than an elf.”

Newt laughed loudly. “You’re gonna like us elves, Sarah. You just wait and see. For now, let’s get you some clean clothes and a bath and some food. What do you say?”

“Sounds good to me, Newt. These clothes are a little damp.”

“Well, if you’ll just give me what you have on, I’ll get them laundered and while you’re in the bath, I’ll have you some nice clean pajamas sent over. So if you’ll get out of those wet things, I’ll get started.”

“What? Undress right now? In front of you?”

Well, just the jump suit. Leave your bra and panties on. Actually, we don’t pay much attention to nudity up here, so don’t be a prude.”

“Well, that was sorta what Nick said. I ain’t all that modest and I don’t want to go rogue or nothing,” she said and stripped down to her panties and bra.

“My, my, Sarah, you are a beauty,” Newt said, then frowned and took on a deadly serious tone, “Pardon me for noticing, but you have a very odd discoloration of your breasts—I can see it running above your bra.”

“Oh, it’s probably just bruises from the seat belt in the chopper.”

“Maybe, but I think it could be more than that. I’m a certified PA, Sarah, and I’d really like to get a closer look to be on the safe side. Here, get in the bed and cover up, then take your bra off, you can stay covered up while I do the exam,” Newt said in his authoritative command voice.

“Well, if you’re a doctor and you think I should,” she said and got under the covers, then slipped her bra off and handed it to him.

“Yeah, you need an exam, Sarah. You need a really thorough exam.”

Newt reached under the covers and squeezed her breasts, first one, then the other, with an expert touch, tracing along the underside of each, barely touching the skin, then giving them a soft squeeze, circling the nipples, giving them a tweak and a tough, sometimes feeling of both breasts at the same time, other times using both his hands on one. Sarah, knew that it was a medical exam, but it was almost like he was teasing her nipples and she found herself becoming more than a little aroused.

“Hmm,” Newt pondered. “I don’t know, Sarah, they seem okay, but I’d like to see how they respond to a temperature change.”

“Uh, okey dokey. You’re the doc.” He really was good with his hands and Sarah wasn’t ready for the exam to end just yet. She was even beginning to wonder if he might need to examine between her legs, just to be on the safe side.

Newt pulled the covers back, revealing her ample tits and blew on her left nipple causing Sarah to shiver, “Hmm, I think it needs to be wetter,” Newt said and took it into his mouth as Sarah uttered a moan. He ran his tongue around the nipple a time or two, then with both hands squeezed her breast up into a cone and blew on the now firm wet nipple, chilling it, before taking it back into his mouth.

Sarah moaned loudly and said, “Holy rollers, doc. Holy rollers.”

“I haven’t found anything yet, Sarah, but I think I should continue looking, don’t you?”

“Good golly, yes, doc. Maybe check down lower, too. I want to be sure.”

Newt reached down inside her wet panties and immediately found her clit with his small hand. He then circled it a few times as Sarah squeezed her own breasts and moaned, squirming under his touch. Next, he tossed the covers completely off and pulled her panties down. He massaged her clit for a moment, then worked his small hand into her pussy, expertly searching for her G-spot, found its spongy tissue and went to work on it with three fingers.

It drove Sarah out of her mind. She came unglued, kicking, squealing, tossing her head, pulling and squeezing her own tits, as she neared orgasm, then screamed and jerked as a bright white light exploded in her brain and her body was overcome with spasms. She began to have one orgasm after another and thought she was going to die.

“Oh, lordy! Oh lordy, lordy, help me. Help me,” she cried jerking from head to toe.

Newt, fearing she was going to have a stroke or something, withdrew his hand and held her until the spasms passed and she became coherent again. He had never seen a woman get so hot. Sarah Palin was one hot piece of ass. He wanted to fuck her, but figured it would be awhile before she would be ready again.

“Holy moley, ” she said, however, “I never. More. Do me some more.”

“Damn, baby! Turn over. I’ll do your pretty hot ass some more,” he said and flipped her over onto her stomach with surprising strength, then raised her up onto her knees, her ass nearly waist high to his short body, and gave her ass a stinging smack to let her know who was in charge.

“Ow! Holy cow,” she said, you’re strong.

“That ain’t all, baby,” he said as he stood behind her, holding her by the hips and rammed his surprisingly large cock into her sopping pussy.

She made a sound like the wind had been knocked out of her as his cock slammed into her, feeling like it was reaching up into her chest. She quickly adjusted to its size and began to moan loudly, moving in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Oh, golly. Oh, golly,” she gasped as his cock began to rub over her clit and G-spot at the same time, getting her hotter with each stroke.

Newt, had never had such a good piece of ass, not even Michele Malkin or Ann Coulter, hot numbers in their own right, who Nick flew in occasionally and who loved to fuck the elves. Sarah was something else and her wiggling, jiggling ass slapping against his stomach was about to make him come. He wanted that wiggling ass, wanted to fuck it badly. He slipped a couple of fingers into her tight hole, spreading it and giving her pussy a full feeling that immediately made her come again, squealing and jerking as her arms became too weak to support her upper body and her face dropped to the bed, scrunching into the pillow. Unable to hold out any longer, he grabbed her around the waist and began fucking her as hard and fast as he could—ramming his cock deep inside her while she yelped and squealed, unable to move—then pulled her tightly against his abdomen, drove his cock into her as deep as it would go and shot hard ropes of cum deep inside her pussy.

“Fuck! Take it, take it, take it. Oh shit!” he said, jerking with each hard spasm as he came trying to get every last bit of his big thick dick into her.

When a hot load hit her cervix, she stiffened and came again, clawing the sheets as she yelped loudly with each contraction.

“Damn, baby,” he panted, rubbing his still hard dick through her slit as he took a few deep breaths to get his wind back. “I was gonna get the other elves in here for an orgy, but not now. Baby, I ain’t sharing you with nobody.”

Ronnie leaned back in her task chair and watched the poor tattooed girl struggle against her repeated violation. She would scream and moan, struggling against her bondage even as she felt her hips begin to betray her to the rhythmic purring of the sybian. Ronnie’s head snapped back – she was exhausted. None of them had slept in almost 48 hours – since before the recruiting event. She set the alarm on her phone for 2 hours and leaned back again, drifting away to the black and white image of the girl jerking around on the screen in front of her.

Maribel Garza was in her third week of working at the drive thru at McDonalds, and well, it sucked. She was cute, average height and thin with a pleasant round face and large brown eyes. Her pants tightly hugged her round ass. Needless to say, Maribel got a lot of attention. Most of the other women who worked at the restaurant were pushing three bills. “I swear I’m going to throw coffee on the next guy who asks ‘Can I get some fries with that shake?’” after rejecting another unwanted suitor at the window.

“Um, sir, you might think that your 1987 Mustang with a different color door is sexy, but you’d be the only one, ” she snapped back. Maribel hated the late shift because it was slow; not the kind of slow where she could finish her English homework, but the kind of slow that was just busy enough to keep you from doing anything to relieve the monotony of the modern fast food restaurant. They didn’t really make anything there, not that she did anyway; all she had to do was repeat the order, and ask if they’d like a larger drink or fries.

Her best friend’s father owned the restaurant, and got her the job, but she swore the manager hated her for the imposition. “That bitch hates me because she’s so fat.” So Maribel had spent her first three weeks working the late night shift. It wasn’t all bad, though. Sometimes a hot guy would show up.

Ronnie drifted further away into sleep – -she was fully dreaming now. That night Lance, the quarterback of the football team had walked in; 6’2″, legs built like a tree trunk, he had wavy, sandy blond hair with bangs that just covered his deep blue eyes. He was a dream but she was sure he didn’t even know who she was, even though she sat right behind him in English.

“I’d like a #2, with a coke,” Lanced drawled out. “Hey, do I know you?”

“My name’s Maribel,” she choked out, shyly looking away. “I sit behind you in Mr. Johnson’s English class.”

He touched the bottom of her chin with his index finger; it was hot and rough and felt good against the smooth skin of her face. He pulled her face around to meet his eyes. “You’re kind of cute. I wish you hadn’t been hiding this whole time – we graduate in a few weeks.”

She backed away slowly, almost tripping over the fryer. Maribel was flustered, in part because she was running the drive thru and the counter by herself, but mostly from the attention of this hulking mountain of manhood in front of her.

“Uh, here’s your burger,” she quivered.

“See ya in class, Maribel,” he clucked, rolling out the “R.” Lance and his buddies chuckled as they walked out the door. Maribel shook her head in disgust; she was still a virgin, not really out of principle but more because she was just too inexperienced to notice most chances to get with a guy, and too shy to act when she did.

“Hey, M. I’onna run across the street for a pack of camels. You ok here for a few minutes?” Tyrone yelled out to her as he was walking out the door.

“I guess,” she droned, knowing that he was already out of earshot. Tyrone did most of the food prep on the late shifts when she worked. He did smoke, but he was really probably headed over to the Chevron to fuck his girlfriend Keisha who should be closing up right now.

Most nights it didn’t piss her off to be left alone, but tonight she was glad for the break. It was slow so she sat down on her stool at the drive through. She looked around furtively to make sure she was alone. All she could think about was Lance, running her fingers through his sandy blond hair and over his bulging chest and biceps. She leaned back and closed her eyes and imagined his rough, warm hands rubbing her shoulders and arms, and gently cupping her breasts. She slid her right hand up her shirt and popped the cups of her bra off her breasts. Her 34Ds plopped out and hung freely. She started to gently twist and pull at her light brown nipples and they became firm. She pulled her hand out and licked the tip of her index finger and after pulling her shirt up to her neck rubbed the moistened tip in slow, gentle circles over her nipples.

She arched her back and neck and slipped her other hand down to her waist; unbuttoning her black dickies, she gently slid her hand between her soft cotton panties and her pubic hair, gently massaging her mound. She licked her finger again before going to back to her sex, not realizing the saliva was totally unnecessary as she imagined it was Lance’s massive hand instead of hers. Her juices started to flow as she gently rubbed the small button that was her clit. Her hips gently rocked back and forth as she slid first another and then another finger inside. As her pace picked up, her breathing and heart rate quickened and she began grabbing and tugging at her exposed breasts. She started with a faint, gentle moan and then as the wet stain began to grow in the crotch of her pants and her moans became loud cries. “Ohh! Yayayayay Uhh!”

Maribel was reaching climax when she began to feel she was no longer alone. At the instant she felt a hot breath on her chest, she flashed her eyes open. A tit one hand and the other three fingers deep inside her slit, he was staring at a bald middle aged man leaning out of a van window. Before she could say a word he had grabbed both of her shoulders, yelled out “I think this one has some potential!” to someone in the back of the van and pulled her through the drivers side window. The force of the pull knocked her hat and radio off her head, the headphones dangling on the window sill, and had pulled her pants down around her ankles. Maribel was effectively naked on her back in the man’s lap, her feet with her pants still hanging out the window.

“Sweetheart, my name’s Dirk. I’d love to help you finish up, but we’ve got other plans. Damn fine lagniappe for Mickey D’s though.” With that, Maribel saw a white handkerchief close in on her face. She smelled a faintly sweet, alcohol aroma before she blacked out. Dirk through her in the back of the van and they pulled away.

A woman’s voice echoed out of the back, “I’m still hungry. Let’s go somewhere else and get something to eat.”

“That’s fine,” Dirk grunted. “Just tie that bitch up and gag her this time. I don’t want her waking up before we get back to the warehouse.

“Ohh! Yayayayay Uhh! No No No Stop! No – Ohh! Yayayayay Uhh!”

Ronnie jerked awake. The moaning was only in her remembered dream. She looked down, and pulled her bra and shirt down and slid her fingers out of her sex. She wiped them off with a tissue that was on the desk.

Kirsten was screaming again; Ronnie had been asleep for about 90 minutes. Dirk had come in. He moved Kirsten’s hands from her side to locked in place above her head. He had also taken two small alligator clips to each of the girl’s swollen nipples and then tied them to rings on the ground, Already sore from piercing, the pain was excruciating.

“Sweetheart, this will help you with learning not to move so much,” he grunted as he kicked up the sybian to top speed. Kirsten’s eyes rolled back in her head and she started to pass out until she was kicked back up by the sharp pain in her nipples.

“Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh. NOOOOOOO! NOOOO! Oh, my god, stop!” She screamed, panting and crying. Dirk took another bottle of lube and squirted it between her legs.

“Just work that in. We’ll have you broken in no time. Believe me, you’re better off than what your friend is gonna get next door.” Kirsten’s eyes darted to his and they met intensely.

“Fuuuuhck Youuuuu.” She drug out. “I’m . …not going … to let you fuuuucck …. Either one Ah Ah Ah ah. Of us.” She could barely form the words.

“You shouldn’t have any fear of that slut, as much as I can see that you’d enjoy it.” Dirk dropped his pants; his dick hung freely but his nuts were gone. “I made that mistake a long time ago. Been on testosterone pills ever since. I’m compensated in … other ways.”

A solitary tear rolled down her cheek as the gravity of her situation began to sink in.

Ronnie was glued to the monitor from the other room; she was conflicted. Still, after more than a year and half with Lambda, she remained a virgin. Once a week she was examined by the sheihk’s physician, and would be win she got back to her suite on the 133rd floor of the Burj Dubai. Ironically, as a sex slave, she guarded her virginity more fiercely than she ever did as a high school student because now that was her ticket to protection. They could have her ass all they wanted but the minute she lost her virginity she would be “impure” and sent down to service the Indian and Filipino workers building Dubai’s office buildings. She hadn’t known anyone sent to that fate, but other girls in the Burj told her it was a one way trip.

Still, she longed to know what it felt like to be full inside her sex; now Kirsten was getting a crash course. But she also felt some guilt; Ronnie didn’t know Kirsten’s intended purpose but she had an idea of what lay ahead of the girl, and she herself had helped consign her to that fate.

She thought back to her own first days in that very room. Dirk’s gruff voiced barked out “Cut that bitch’s clothes off. What’s left of them, anyway.” A tall, athletic woman with short brown hair jumped into action and cut her shirt and pants off. “Then cut her loose and strap her face down, gag in the mouth with her ass up.”

“Yes, sir,” the woman snapped.

Maribel was constrained in what she would come to know as “the position,” face down with her pussy and ass exposed to the open air.

“Look at me.” She tried to look away. He roughly grabbed her chin and pulled her face toward hers. It was oddly similar to the same gesture Lance had given her, but his was soft, sweet and innocent; this was rough, brutal and full of malice.

“I don’t know what your name is and I don’t really give a shit. Your name is now Veronica and we own you. Now, you have nothing to fear. We’ve confirmed that you’re a virgin. Surprising given how much you enjoyed pleasing yourself at the window. I thought for sure you were a grade A slut. Maybe you are but just haven’t gotten there yet.

“But nevertheless, you’re intact and as long as you stay that way, you’ll have a special place in our organization. No one hear is going to try and fuck you as long as you behave. You’ve been selected by our leader to service his family as an ‘ass slut.’ Ever been fucked in the ass?”

Her eyes widened as they met his. She struggled to scream no, but her mouth was too full. She could barely even turn her head from side to side.

“Let me be clear. You belong to us now and there are two ways to do this. The easy way and the hard way. Most of you girls choose the hard way. I’d prefer if you would chose the easy way. So what do you choose?”

He stopped and bent down to her face. Sweat was starting to bead up around her forehead and mix with her tears as it ran down her cheeks. So many things rushed through her head. Sheikh? Ass slut? Where I am? What’s happening? Most girls? Are there others?”

“OK. Sorry you chose the hard way.”

“Mummmph! Mummph!” She screamed. He took the bright red ball out her mouth.

“Huh Huh Huh.” She panted. “Please don’t hurt me. I’ll do whatever you want. Please just let me mmph.” He shoved the gag back in.

“Well, I can’t do that sweetheart, but we can try easy if you want. Just don’t fight me on this. Alright, now this is going to hurt a little bit, but we’ll give you some time to get used to it.”

Veronica felt her legs spread slightly as her asshole was filled with a warm gel. She struggled slightly as she heard a latex glove snap onto the man’s wrist. He had hands almost as large as Lance’s but she never thought they could be used for what they were about to do. She felt his gloved finger poking at her rear hole, which clinched at the touch.

Slap! He gave her ass a hard slap. “Open up bitch. I thought you said you wanted the easy way.” She nodded, chocking back tears. Saliva was now starting to pour out of her mouth around the gag. She tried to release the sphincter in her ass, but she feared that she was going to poop.

“Shit’s not gonna come out.” Dirk growled. “They’re always afraid of shittin themselves; that’s why we put ‘em in ‘the position’ until they’re able to control it.” The tall brunette nodded.

It was some small manner of comfort that she was unlikely to embarrass herself further, if that was possible. She relaxed a little and his finger slipped in. She felt a fullness there as her ass kept trying to close around his finger.

“Damn, bitch. You keep trying to suck it in. If we can train you to use this muscle, the sheikh – and his sons—will be pleased.”

Sons? She thought. How many? He slipped another finger in and slowly worked it around, stretching out her hole. It was slightly more comfortable now, but she didn’t feel anything sexual – it felt more clinical. Dirk continued to roll his fingers around her asshole, pressing down on the wall of flesh between her ass and a pussy.

“Mmrrgh.Mmrgh.” The girl squealed.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!” Dirk popped his fingers out. “Didja like that sweetheart? Cause you’re about to get a bunch. Get me the plug with the vibrating clip.” He snapped. He rolled his fingers back in her ass as her hole puckered around his gloved fingers again. He slid in and out of her vulnerable hole, rubbing up against the spot he had just found.

“Mmrgh. Mrmrhg.” Again that was all she could mumble. Inside her head was a rush of emotions; who was this strange man, she hadn’t even gotten a look at his face and yet with two fingers in her ass was sending shocks through her spine. Her face started to slide around the table from the wetness of her cheeks. She wanted him to stop, but she also wanted him to keep going. “Mmmrgh!” Again, he hit that spot.

The brunette walked back over with an egg shaped device and a bottle of lube. “Now,” Dirk’s voice took the demeanor of a self-improvement TV show host as pulled his fingers out again. “Lube the plug, then twist it slowly to pop in. This one has an inflator so we’ll blow it up slowly through the night. Her sweet little hole will close around the stem and hold it in place. Then, clip this end onto her clit and turn it on.”

The brunette put one hand palm down on Veronica’s ass and gently rubbed. “Let her know it’s going to be OK. Be gentle,” Dirk admonished. The women pumped most of the bottle into Veronica’s asshole. Unlike the first, this lube was cold and sent shivers up and down her spine. “Now twist it in and out. Get her used to flexing the muscles.” She worked the plug in and out of her asshole slowly.

Veronica’s moans shifted to a slow hum. She felt an incredible fullness and then empty; each time the emptiness was filled with a powerful thrust of the plug. “Pop.” Dirk and the woman jumped back.

“Arrmgh.” Veronica lunged forward before her restraints yanked her back to the table.

“Shit. That scared me,” the woman said, clamly placing her hand on her chest.

“It’s alright Madison. That girl’s ass wants it bad. Put on the clip and let her sit. She’s more advanced than I thought. We’ll come back tomorrow to teach her some sphincter control.”

Madison clip the cord onto Vernoica’s clit and it immediately began buzzing. Her hips bucked up again as she felt a shock go through her entire body. As they came down and her knees hit the table again, she felt the fullness of the plug inside her ass. She couldn’t tell for sure, but she thought it, too, was vibrating, sending low pulses through her ass and into her sex; her body shuddered and she resumed leaking fluids out of both ends. She had only a little fight left and it was being vibrated out of her moment by moment.

Madison bent down and licked her face. “Good night, Ronnie. We’ll see you in the morning.”

Ronnie phased back in – the room had fallen quiet. Dirk had turned off the sybian and unclamped Kirsten’s nipples, giving the girl her first rest of the evening. Based on the noise from the other room, he had gone back to work on Mandy. She still had a couple of hours before it was time to wake Madison so she drifted back out.

In her mind she flashed back to a plane; she was in a 747 circling Dubai. She was smartly dressed; anyone else on the flight would have thought she was traveling here for business. Only she knew that the man sitting next to her, Dirk, held the key to her new apartment, and new life, on the 133rd floor of the Burj Dubai. He thought it was risky to travel commercial, but they had no problems with documentation. Nobody made much of an effort to look for young Mexican girls that disappeared from McDonald’s parking lots at night in the hood, and Maribel Garza was the furthest thing from anyone’s mind when the caramel-skinned woman showed Veronica Hasan’s Emirate of Dubai passport which bore the special imprint of the Minister of Alternative Energy.

The couple walked across the tarmac and got into a waiting limo. It had been a long flight; neither had said a word. A few weeks ago she had been taking orders for Big Macs; now she was taking orders for giving up her ass, and was apparently a quick learner. The limo pulled into the underground garage for the tower. Dirk got out and escorted Veronica to the elevator. The ride up 133 floors took an eternity. Her suite occupied the entire floor.

“This is where you will stay. Your every need – nearly every need – will be attended to. But first, the inspection.” He pointed to an exam table in the corner of the room. She hadn’t noticed the woman standing there in a hajib and white coat. “This is Dr. Khan. She’ll be your OB gyn.”

“Hello, I am Dr. Khan. Please undress and lie down on the table. Are you taking contraceptives?”

The woman quickly complied. Her large, round breasts perked slightly in the room’s cold air; other than her head and eyebrows, she was hairless across her entire body.


“Have you ever been?”

“No. No reason.” She lied down on the table, but her arms behind her head and slowly spread her legs. Dr. Khan slid two fingers inside and performed a quick exam. Veronica tossed her head to the side; she was so sensitive inside even a clinical exam would turn her on.

“Still a virgin. You’re very sensitive and tender. I can see why you were selected for this mission. I’ll have the pills sent up later today.” Dr. Khan went to the restroom, washed her hands and quickly left.

“Before the sheikh comes, I’ll need to explain a few things to you.” Dirk said. Veronica sat up to get dressed. “You should leave the clothes off. Part of the rules for you is that your ass must be constantly exposed whenever you are in this suite. You can never refuse a man who wants to take your ass. And, most importantly, you MUST remain a virgin.”

“And if I don’t?” She stared at him quizzically.

“You have to understand, Ronnie, you are here to satisfy the urges they feel are beneath their wives, that would defile them. That makes it not ‘cheating,’ for lack of a better word.”

“You mean, like Clinton and oral sex?”

“Yes. Exactly. Doesn’t make sense to me exactly, but I just work here.”

“And they need me to remain pure for the set up to work?”


“And if I don’t?”

“They have a large transient population of foreign nationals here from Indian, Pakistan, and the Philipines. A large population of men, I should say. You’ve heard about the way women are treated in India?”

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