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***This is more of a guide than a sex story. There is some exciting things but it is not focused on fantasy at all. This is about my life and how I work at making things work for me. I am not a doctor or a counselor; nothing I write is meant to treat or diagnosis anything. I am just a girl with a very little bit of life experience. This is “My Guide to Sex in a Relationship,” it works for me and I hope it works for you as well.

Over my five years in university I have learned a lot of things. A lot of things in school of course but even more out of school. I have grown from a timid, skinny, insecure young girl into a sexually confident young woman. I have now found my one true love in a man whom I least expected but am most excited. I fall in love with him over and over each day and am looking forward to our long, happy life together. I had a lot of help along the way to finding him and I learned my lessons well so I am going to share some of those lesson’s with you all in hopes that anyone who is willing may learn a little. (And don’t worry this doesn’t mean my stories are over, I still have some old ones and will be making many new one’s :-) )


These are my personal keys to staying together, staying happy and staying sexually satisfied with one another.

The first thing I would say to anyone male or female is to really get into what you are doing, I mean put yourself mentally into it like it is the one thing you want most. That cum, that orgasm, that sweet sweat dripping off your bodies as you glide, slide and pound into one another. The reason guys like porn so much in my opinion is because the girls are so receptive. They aren’t repressed and hiding under the covers with the lights off. They don’t lay there quietly in one position expecting the man to get all the work done himself. They love what they are doing or at least act like they do and I have to say that even if you are not physically as into sex as you want to be, acting the part goes a long way into forcing your body to get with the program!

Men are creatures of confidence; if you build him up he will be better for you every time you go to bed. If you break him down you will end up resenting each other and your sex life will fail along with your relationship. Make him feel like he is the king of your world sexually, like he is amazing at the things he does. Let him know about the things you love him to do to you. “Oh my god baby, when you flipped me over and grabbed my hips and rammed into me, that felt amazing.” Or “I love the way you eat my pussy, it feels so good when you lightly flick across my clit like that.” Not only are you instructing him to get you off but you make him feel as if it was all his doing. One thing I will add to this is that the more you think about how great he is the more he will actually become great both to you and in fact so you are really doing yourself a favor as much as him.

Be vocal, say you like it, say you want more of it and let each other know exactly what it is you do want. I know that there is a great romance for women to want a man to sweep her off her feet and know exactly what buttons to push at exactly what time but the reality is you have to help him find the right buttons before he can call your number. Teach each other how to make love, how to fuck, how to screw and you will learn so much more about one another.

Give your body to the process. This is something I have learned recently that has taken me to new heights I thought I would never climb. Think about it this way, the first time you go for a run you can’t go 5K. But as you run more and more and build up your abilities you can run 5K or even more. Sex is the same way. The first time probably sucked or hurt or both, but it sure gets better right? The same should be said about our advanced sex lives, it should get better as we work at it.

Practice makes perfect and practicing by yourself can be the best teacher oftentimes. I’ll give a few sexy examples to make this more than just a how to book. I remember the first time I sucked dick. I was no good at it. I couldn’t take it very deep, I couldn’t suck very hard, I felt clumsy and embarrassed by the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing. A few years later I got the bright idea of practicing on one of my dildos. I found one that seemed about the size of my failed attempt and started trying things out.

I parted my lips and slid the toy into my mouth. I rubbed it around to get used to feel of a hard cock touching all over the inside of my mouth. I pushed it to that gag point and pulled back a little, then I pushed it more. My pussy began to involuntarily get wet so I started to rub myself to take my mind off of my gagging. As I slid a finger inside myself I slid the cock deeper into my mouth. Again the gagging so I backed out. I kept doing this in small motions until I felt the toy hit the back of my throat! I started moving it in and out as I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and rubbed my wetness all over my clit. I leaned my head back and pushed the cock down into my throat. Then I pulled it out and then back down again. I was taking it all the way as far as it could go so I grabbed a larger toy and quickly started the process over again. Before I knew it I was sliding a good sized toy dick (about my love’s size) all the way down my throat as far as it could go and I was literally fucking my mouth with it! It didn’t do anything for me physically but the first time I let a guy fuck my mouth like that it did a great deal for him and I was extremely proud of my abilities in the bed room and a confident lover is a good lover. Now I can lay back on my bed and let him slide deep into my throat and back out at feverish speeds without any problem and he loves it!

I had the same experience with my asshole years ago as well. Anal sex was not the best thing in the world. It honestly hurt me some so I had a fear of it. But one day while in the shower I used a finger up my bum. I let it sit inside me while I felt my ass rim flex and squeeze at the intrusion. Quickly though it relaxed and allowed the penetration. I used another finger with the same result, a little shock and squeeze and then entry granted. Eventually I could easily fit three fingers wide into my ass with no pain at all or four fingers grouped together without the least bit of trouble.

I also had many toys at my disposal and I learned to take them all inside of me. I would lie on my side while I slowly inserted them inside my most tight of holes. Then I would flex my ass on the toy as hard as I could and hold the flex for a while to fully grasp how tight I could get myself (and I can get really fucking tight!). After flexing I would release my muscles and let my rosebud open up to the foreign object inside of her. I would start using the toy in and out of myself speeding up and eventually using enough force that I would squirt my cum all over the place. One thing I love to do is get fucked in doggy-style position and while he is fucking my pussy I get a longer silicone dildo (so I can reach) and fuck my own ass with it as he watches me and fucks me! It makes me and him cum every time.

I have spent so much time training my ass that I can now go out in public with a butt plug in and do all of my daily duties and enjoy every step I take! (I do wear underwear just in case for some reason I was to lose control and it popped out in public, that would be embarrassing to say the least.)

Keep yourself clean! I cannot over state the importance of this. Honestly if you meet the best looking person in your life and they smell like b.o. you will back off. If you proceed with them and their breath is rancid you will shy away more and if they have a crotch that smells like week old meat you will most likely puke on them. Keeping yourself clean is both better for you and your lover or potential lovers. Trimming, shaving, waxing, etc. as well as the normal soap, shampoo and toothpaste are as much a sex toy as a dildo and a strap-on. Without the one you are much less likely to get the other.

Enemas are a vital part of my sex life now. I absolutely love anal sex, I can cum from it as easily as I can flick my clit or rub my g-spot but I have had to learn the skill over the years. One thing that helps tremendously for women is to know that there is no “accident” waiting to happen. Getting a good enema is like washing your pussy well to make sure it is fresh and clean. The cleaner you are the dirtier you are likely to get in bed! Make sure to never use the saline solution that comes from the drug store kits because it will dry you out and also make sure you never use your tap water unless it’s filtered. Get distilled water and warm it up in the microwave (but not to hot, you don’t want to burn your insides). They sell enema bags at most all drug or grocery stores but I actually prefer to get the douche bags and use them because they hold more liquid (2-4 quarts is my preference). Make sure you use warm water (helps keep cramping at minimum) and make sure to hold the liquid in as long as you can while lying on your back or in the doggy style position. Some people like to add a little bit of soap and others like to add some olive oil or mineral oil to the bag. Coffee, milk, and even wine are common practices for enemas and all have some medical and scientific backing to benefitting health. I prefer warm water only followed by a 4oz shot of water based lube just before penetration. Just get an enema syringe (I believe in America they are called enema bulbs) the ones that look like a baby nose sucker. (I guess you could actually use a nose sucker to get the lube in, that should work just fine). Doing this both cleans me out and lubes me up inside as much as possible and let’s face it, the better lubed we are the better the sex feels.

Take time to learn you own body. So many times we are in such a rush to get to the next place in life, school, work, the gym, a meeting or whatever. When it comes to masturbating we normally just skip to the end, get a vibrator on our clit and cum fast so we can get going to that next “thing.” (Normally for me it’s sleep.) But think of this, how can you instruct or guide a lover to the things you like most or want most at that time if you don’t know your own body?

I would never have known that I love to be double penetrated if I hadn’t taken the time to use two toys in myself at once. I love my magic wand but I would probably still just turn it on and put it on my clit if I didn’t take time to experiment with it. I like it on my asshole while I fuck myself with my long silicone dildo or vibrator (although sometimes both vibrations are to much.) I also like putting the wand on my clit while I ride my suction cup dildo or just lay on my back and fuck my pussy with a toy while I rub my clit with the wand. Or my pump up dildo, I love the full, full feeling I get from it and I also like to get it real big and flec my pussy muscles on it as hard as I can both sucking it into me and pushing it out as well. It trains the muscles and feels wonderful at the same time!

I would have never learned the anal skills I have today if I didn’t teach myself the proper way to do it for me. How to enema and lube myself. How to relax for entry, how to take larger object’s and flex on them. Vibrators, beads, plugs are all things I use to keep myself ready and able to cum at ease from my ass. Constant use only makes me want it that much more. I can’t even shower without sliding a finger or two inside myself!

And my biggest perhaps, I would have never learned to squirt had I not used that g-spot vibrator until I got that feeling. Once I felt like I had to go, (had to go pee is a pretty accurate description although I can now make a very clear distinction in the two feelings) I took the toy out of myself and allowed my muscle’s to release rather than the normal holding back I was so used to. I soaked my bed and myself and rocked my own world literally screaming out in ecstasy in the privacy of my own apartment. Now I can cum multiple times before my man is even close, I can get myself so wet that I can take more of a hardcore pounding and I owe it all to taking the time to find out about my own body.

For guys you need to realize (and your women do to) that just because your dick likes to be touched, stroked, grabbed, licked, sucked and fucked DOES NOT mean that is the only thing your body has to offer sexually. You have numerous erotic zones on your body just like women do but for some reason culture has programmed men to think dick and dick only when it comes to male satisfaction. Let your women try new things on your body.

The biggest male “Oh hell no” is of course the ass. Most men jump through the roof if you even mention touching their ass, except for the ones who have been man enough to allow their women to do so. Here is the thing boys, women love asses. We obsess over our own asses, we look at other women’s asses, we work out to get a “booty” or to work our booty’s off. We love nice asses and especially a nice man’s ass! So let her grab it, let her rub it, let her take you into the shower and wash it. Let her kiss it, lick it, stoke your lubed up cock while she eats you and maybe even let her go into you. That’s right let her lube her finger, lick your asshole and slide inside of you. Maybe use a vibrator in you? I have a strap-less strap on that inserts in my pussy and goes inside of you and vibrates both of us! The bigger the part that inserts in the women the better to hold onto you’re your pc muscles with and I have to say there is something amazingly powerful about using a strap-on as a women. It is simply an awesome point of view and if you have a man who is strong enough in his sexuality to let you go there by all means go for it, you will have fun being in his shoes for a while!

Men have a wonderful gift called the prostate and I promise you I have made my man cum from nothing but massaging him inside of his ass. So keep yourself clean boys and keep yourself open to new things because you just might fall in love with your own body as much as you love ours!

Be spontaneous. Planning things is great, we often times must plan well if we want to succeed. But over-planning only leads to let downs and false hopes. I prefer to prepare for anything and then let whatever happens happen. I have an entire draw full of toys that I can use for whatever situation. I have plugs, pumps, lubes, butterfly’s, beads, strap-on’s (for her or for him ;) ) wands, blindfold’s and gag’s (new to the collection) candles, music, cuff’s and on and on. You name it I probably got something you want. The point is I never know exactly what direction my man will take me or what path I want to travel from time to time. Maybe we fuck in the day at the school and I don’t need any of those things. Maybe we get into it on the couch while watching a movie and don’t need any toys at all. But maybe we have a couple glasses of wine and want to get lost in a night of fullness and cum. So be prepared but also be up for anything you like because you never know what is right around the corner for you and that can be as exciting as any sex toy.

Have more sex. A lot of people say they have a lot of sex but really don’t. Still more people fit sex in when they have “time for it” (weekends or date nights) and don’t really give it the time it deserves.

Whatever your sex level is right now I personally challenge you to double it for one month. If you are having sex once a day then go for twice daily and make sure you make it count, don’t just go through the motions. Remember to get into it and really let your body go. Not only will your libido increase but you will feel healthier and more excited about life in general (libido is a lot like waking up early or doing cardio, the more you do it the more you want to do it, the more you NEED to do it). Just remember that not only are you going for more sex but you are also making sure it is more “good” sex. If at the end of the month you hated all the great sex you were having then I have no idea what to say to you other than I feel sorry for your partner.

Variety is the spice of life. Once you have done the one month of double the good sex challenge I further challenge you to have another month of equal amounts of sex only never do it the same way two times in a row. Different finishing positions, different locations, different holes, let him cum on you instead of in you, (actually tell him to cum on whatever part of your body you want him on, this is extremely exciting for men to hear and see). Make sure that each sex session you have is both fulfilling for you and your partner but also different every time. Add toys but use a different one (you may need to shop a little for each other ), music, lighting, oils, porno movies, computer clips, stories or whatever else your naughty mind can think of, just make sure you keep things changing and you will thank me for it later. (Or at least your body will!!!)

Adding to the variety rule I further challenge you to make sure you are staying connected at a personal level as well as a sexual one. Many couples drift apart after the “honeymoon phase” simply because things stop being new, they stop being “fun” and therefore you stop having fun with one another. A major component of sex aside from the physical connection is the mental, spiritual and emotional connection. I am not talking one night stand or sex fling “fun” I am talking life changing, “I want to keep doing this forever with just you and me and damn everyone else that looks at us or talks about us” style connection. (Please note that I understand there are a number of people who are not monogamous but live very happy, fulfilling lives together. I, however am not one of those and will never be as I am way to possessive to even dream of such a life style with my life partner but I do not judge or condemn anyone else who is happy with that choice. )

Put as much effort into your life outside of sex together as you put into your sex life together. Often times the men need to work on this more and the women need to work on the sex more but if that doesn’t fit you than that’s awesome but there is always room for change. Also remember that each of you are responsible for both sex and connection. Just because girls like to talk more and go out more doesn’t mean that they get a free pass. Your challenge is to find out the things he really wants to go do and not just the things you want to do and vice versa.

Try setting up dates that are unannounced. Try different restaurants you have never been to or take a longer drive to see a movie at a “new” Cineplex. Go for walks, get partners massages (girls you can book this as well as a guy can). Buy each other inexpensive things just because it makes you think of each other. Stop and kiss each other just because you want to. Hold hands, hug in public, and tell each other I love you out of the blue and mean it! Do not let yourself fall into the “eat, work, tv, sleep” lifestyle that so many couples get comfortable in because sooner or later one of you will start looking for excitement elsewhere. You are each other’s best protection from relationship problems.

One of my favorite night’s so far with my man has been the night he told me he was coming over to watch a movie. I got all clean shaved, hair washed, used a enema, made sure my place was perfect and when he showed up he bragged my coat and said “let’s go.” I protested that I wasn’t dressed well and he told me not to worry that I looked great the way I was. He took me to an informal but amazing restaurant and got a sample of various foods I don’t eat often. He bought wine that we shared. We talked about life, about the future and then out of nowhere he blatantly asked me about my fantasies in a public restaurant!

I awoke the next morning in a panic. What had I done last night? I had molested my little sister, is what I’d done; the fact that she had seduced me into it, made little difference to my guilt. Looking at the clock, I saw that it was just after 6. Good, Lisa hasn’t left for school yet.

It took me a second to get out of bed, my arms being useless in their casts, and I tramped down the stairs to her room. There was light coming from under her door, so I used my knee to knock softly. I heard rustling noises, and the door opened shortly afterwards.

Lisa stood before me, her hair a half rustled mess of auburn tangles, no makeup, and in the same clothing she left my room in, which is to say, next to nothing. I could easily make out her slightly largish nipples through the worn fabric. She caught her breath at the sight of me.

“Listen Lisa, I am so sorry about last night. I didn’t mean for things to happen like that, and I hope that one day you will forgive me.” I said, before she had a chance to speak.

She looked at me for a few moments considering, before finally speaking. “No. I don’t think I will. Last night you gave me the best orgasm of my life, and if you think I am going to forget something like that, you’re wrong. I meant what I said. I expect you to take my virginity. Now if you don’t mind, I am trying to get ready for school.” She spoke so matter-of-factly, and with such determination that I didn’t have a chance to say anything before she turned around and shut the door in my face.

Bemused, but feeling a little better, I plodded upstairs and back to my room. I somehow managed to get myself under the blankets, and was soon back to sleep.

* * *

“Wake up, young man. I need to talk to you.”

My eyes popped open as I heard mom say these words. Somehow she had found out about Lisa and me. Did Lisa tell?

I struggled upright, and waited for her to continue. “I have to go run some errands this afternoon, and I am afraid I can’t take you with me. It will only be for a couple hours, do you think you can manage that long?”

I quickly hid a sigh of relief. What was she doing that she couldn’t take me? Maybe she had a boyfriend or something. Somehow that thought made me jealous, and I quickly had to tamp down the feeling. “Yeah, I should be fine that long.”

“Good. Now, I did the math, and you haven’t bathed since you’ve been home. You haven’t started to stink yet, but why start?” She laughed softly at her own little joke. “Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes, and we’ll get you cleaned up.”

I had to groan. Not only would I have to be naked in front of my mom again, but she was going to have to wash me all over. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep my erection down.

Resigned to my fate (There was no way I was going to stink for the next few months!), I got up and waited for mom in the bathroom. Her auburn hair was tied back, and she wore somewhat tight fitting clothing that showed her figure off to great effect. She was also smiling from ear to ear.

She started the bathtub filling, and then turned to me. “Better go pee first. You don’t want to have to go, halfway through,” she said, the smile never leaving her lips. I waited while she pulled down my shorts, and when I tried to turn around she stopped me. “Don’t men prefer to pee standing up?” She asked.

“Yes, but I can’t hold it myself.” I regretted the words as soon as they were out of my mouth.

“I’ll take care of that. Just face the toilet, and I’ll aim.” Knowing there was no arguing with her, I turned, and did as I was told. She placed her left hand on my hip, and brought her right arm around my body, grasping my penis right below the head, and aimed it for my feet.

“That’s too low, mom. Aim a little higher.”

“Okay, but you better not hit the back of the toilet. I don’t want to have to clean that up.” She lifted a little, and I slowly let my stream flow. Sure enough, it landed just inside the toilet, and Mom readjusted her aim. “No wonder you men always pee all over the place. This is harder than it looks.”

I wished my mom had chosen a different word than ‘harder’, as I could already feel my cock slowly start to grow in her grip. Luckily I was done before I was fully grown. She shook me a couple times, which felt nice, before I remembered who was doing it. Her hand seemed to linger just a moment longer, before she ordered me into the tub.

With her help, I slowly sat down in the almost too hot water. I couldn’t help hide a sigh of relief as the water began to envelop me. I usually shower, and had forgotten what a nice hot bath could feel like.

“Are you going to sit there all day, or are you going to give me your feet, so I can wash them?”

I opened my eyes, remembering my mom, and handed her my right foot. I couldn’t help but notice how her breasts sat on the edge of the tub, as she sat on the floor and leaned in to grab my foot. Her hands were already soapy, and she began to slowly wash my foot. The washing soon turned into a foot massage, which I wasn’t going to complain about. Her fingers and thumbs dug into my feet, and a feeling of relaxation came over me. When she was done with that foot, she did the same with my left foot. She then moved up to my calves, doing the same for them as she had for my feet. My thighs soon followed, and I heard a moan, that I was embarrassed to realize had come from me. Mom’s hands felt like magic as she worked, and I was like putty in her hands.

“Hello. Looks like you really are enjoying this.” I look down, only to realize I had a raging boner, bobbing above the surface of the water.

“I’m so sorry, mom.” I pleaded, and realized I had been doing a lot of apologizing lately. “I didn’t mean to, it was just so relaxing, I didn’t even know it was happening, I swear!”

“Relax, hunny. The same thing used to happen to your dad, before he died. I would give him a good massage after a hard day of work, and afterwards we’d… Well, anyway, it’s alright. Let’s just get the rest of you clean, and then if you need me to, I can take care of that, too.” She winked at me, still wearing that beautiful smile, and I could feel my face turning beet red.

Mom moved behind me, and washed my hair, continuing the pattern of washing, followed by massage. She moved to my ears, and I never knew before how good an ear rub could feel. By the time she was done with my back I was once again lost in the feel of her fingers on my body. She had me lay back a little, and had to lean way in to get around my arms, to reach my chest. Her hands played across my pecks, and seemed to spend a little extra time on my nipples, which felt good, but again, I had never had this happen before. She finished with my abs, and ordered me to stand up, so she could get the final parts.

She had to help me stand, my muscles felt like Jell-O. I was once again forcefully reminded of my erection as it now proudly proclaimed itself in the air.

“Turn around,” Mom ordered, and I did as told, turning my back to her. Her hands began to roam my buttocks, and even slid between the cheeks as she massaged them. Finally her hands moved around to my front, but she didn’t have me turn around. Instead, her arms wrapped around my torso, and I could feel her body pressed against me from behind, as her hands slowly began to wash my most private of areas. She started slowly, softly cupping my balls, somehow rolling them around in her right hand. Her left hand grasped the base of my cock, and began to twist as she slowly moved up my turgid pole. It felt so good there was no way I was going to stop her, even though it WAS my mom. Her left hand finally reached the head of my penis, and she continued her twisting movement on it. I moaned loudly, unwilling and unwanting to hold it in. “That feels gooood!” I crooned. I heard a giggle behind me, and I smiled. Mom removed her left hand, but only for a second, as I felt it slip between my legs for better access. She really began to play with the underside of my crotch, and another loud moan escaped my lips.

I became aware of the feeling of her body sliding up and down my back, and her left hand started to move faster on my cock. I could feel her breasts, squeezed tightly between our bodies, and with the feeling of everything else, it amounted to too much. “I’m cumming, mom. Oh, Gawd, am I cumming!” I started shooting all over the back of the tub, and mom had to support my weight to keep me from collapsing.

As soon as I was recovered enough to support myself, mom let go, and started draining the tub. She turned on the faucet, and pulled the knob to start the sprayer. She used it to rinse off the remaining soap, and the back of the tub.

I turned to look at her, and noticed that I could clearly see her nipples through her wet shirt. They were hard! I had never noticed before, but they stuck out pretty far from the rest of her areola.

“All better, now?” I heard her ask, and looked up to realize I had been busted looking at her tits. The twinkle in her eyes told me I wasn’t in any trouble.

“Uh, yeah. Thanks mom. That was great!” Without thinking, I added. “I wish there were something I could do for you in return.”

“No, hunny. That would be wrong. I only do this to help you out. Besides, you already paid me with that wonderful date, yesterday!” Her smile brightened, and I couldn’t help but catch it at the memory of our ‘date’.

Mom dried me off, and when she was done drying my hair, I surprised her with a quick peck on the lips. She stood frozen for a second, and I feared I had screwed up, as her hand rose to touch where our lips met. Shock was in her eyes for only a moment, before the twinkle returned, and nothing was said as she finished drying me off. I didn’t know why I had kissed her, and I couldn’t pin it on any one thing. All I knew was that I was extremely grateful to have her for a mother.

Mom made brunch, and I was surprised to find how hungry I was. I devoured the food as quickly as she could feed it to me. Afterwards, I went back to my room, and painstakingly checked my email, while mom did chores around the house.

There was another one from Jenny, telling me how sorry she was for what happened, and please not to kick her out of the apartment. She was willing to do whatever it took, to make it up to me. I deleted it without replying.

I spent the next few hours just browsing the internet, mainly going where a mouse click could take me, so I could avoid trying to type, when mom entered to let me know she was getting ready to leave, and if there was anything I needed. I decided I had better go to the bathroom one last time, so I wouldn’t have to hold it while she was gone.

I found that I was no longer embarrassed to do this, and didn’t mind as mom held me and aimed. After she pulled my pants up, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and told me she would be back as soon as possible, but if not, Lisa would be back in a few hours anyway, and she had left our neighbor, John’s, number on the fridge. I bid her adieu, and went back to the computer.

I was only on for a couple minutes, when I heard a knock on the door. As I got to the door, I began to curse. I could see her through the glass on the door, standing there, her curly red hair draped around her shoulder, a miniskirt that was just a couple inches short of decent, and green eyes sparkling as she saw me too.

I had to bend my body at an awkward angle to open the door lever, and I stood glaring at her. I didn’t say a word, as she looked at my naked chest, and arm casts.

She was the one to finally break the silence. “Oh, baby! I am so sorry this happened to you! I tried to see you in the hospital, but they wouldn’t let me, because I wasn’t kin.” I knew she lied by the way she blinked as she spoke. “Can we please talk? I am truly sorry for what I did, and just want you to forgive me.” Without waiting for me to answer, she ducked under my arms, and entered the front room.

Sighing, I closed the door, and turned to face her, still not saying anything. Walking up to me, she placed her hands on my chest, and looked deep into my eyes. I am a bit taller than her, and as I looked down, I could see the massive cleavage of her 38DD tits. The green in her eyes glinted as she whispered, “I will do ANYthing, to make it up to you.”

I arched an eyebrow at this statement, and then nearly jumped as her hands slid from my chest, to my shorts. I just stood there, as she bent over to pull them down, releasing my cock. Despite my anger at seeing her, the forwardness of her actions was having an effect on me, and I knew I was getting hard. That was one of the best things about Jenny; she was always horny, and always willing to please.

I looked down as I felt her lips engulf the head of my cock, and begin to bring it the rest of the way back to life.

She was truly talented when it came to sucking cock, and soon had me at full mast. She stood up, and bent over in front of me, pulling up her skirt. I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. This minx knew all my turn-ons! She backed up to me slowly, until my cock sat between her small butt cheeks. She wiggled her ass, groaning, and I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to reach down and put it in, but that was something I simply wasn’t capable of doing. After a few moments of this, she finally looked back to see what was taking so long, and I almost had to laugh at the look of embarrassment that crossed her face.

She reached between her legs, grasped my cock at the base, and aimed for her glory. She slid back slowly, and I felt every delicious inch of this redhead’s pussy as it sucked and milked my cock deeper into its folds. I moaned, unable to hold back, and started moving my hips. This slut was so wet already, that I sank all 7 inches into her without a problem. Ahh, yes! Good ‘ole Jenny. The thought occurred to me that if she were taking care of me, I wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassments of my sister and mom helping me do everything.

Then the image of Jenny on top of old Jones flashed through my mind, followed quickly by the look my sister had after her orgasm last night, and the pleasure my mom had during our date, and I quickly dismissed going back home with Jenny. In fact, the whole thing made me angry, and I stopped moving.

“What’s wrong, baby? I was just about to cum.” Jenny asked in a whiny voice, that I usually found cute, but this time it annoyed me. I looked down at where I was buried in her pussy, and nearly pulled out and told her to get the hell out, but something else occurred to me instead. Right above my cock was her tiny brown asshole. The one thing she never let me do was go back there.

“I want to fuck you in the ass.” It was the first words I’d spoken to her since she had arrived, and I smiled as she looked at me with defiance.

“What? No! You know I won’t do that! Never.”

I started to slowly pull out. “Oh. Okay then. I just could have sworn I heard you say that you would do ANYthing to make it up to me, but if you’re sure.” I was now about a quarter of the way out.

“Anything but that, baby. You know I think it is disgusting. Please, I will do anything but that!” I could see the pleading in her eyes, and a small part of me (a VERY small part) almost pitied her.

As I talked, I continued to extricate myself. “No. I asked only one thing of you, and you won’t do it. I see what ‘anything’ means to you.” My tone was condescending, and I smiled as I saw the look of disbelief on her face. I have never treated her (much less any woman) like this, but she deserved it. This and so much more. I was now about halfway out of her.

“Baby, I love you! I know I screwed up, but please don’t ask that of me. Anything but THAT.”

“I either fuck you in the ass, or you get out, and I never see you again.” My tone was firm. I wasn’t budging… Well, except for my cock, which only had the head still in her warm wet pussy.

“Fine!” She squealed, and I could see that all resistance had left her. I slammed my cock home, and was greeted by her cumming on my cock. She loved to be rammed like that, and I knew all of HER turn-ons.

“I’ll even be nice about it. I’ll lie on the floor, and you can put it in at your own pace,” I told her, the condescending tone returning.

She just meekly nodded, and waited for me to lie down. I felt almost foolish, lying on my back, my arms stiffly raised in the air, but quickly forgot about that as Jenny removed her shirt and bra, freeing her voluptuous breasts. Her nipples were large and hard as she squatted over me.

“Okay, baby. I will do this for you. Only for you, baby, because I love you so much.” She refused to look at me as she spoke, but I felt her hand grasp me penis, and aim for her ass. She slowly started to lower herself, and I was surprised to find that I went in so easily. It only took me a moment to realize what was happening.

“I said your ass, Jenny.” I was not letting her out of this one.

“I know. I promise I will, but I want to make sure you are lubed up enough, so that it doesn’t hurt too much.” She began to rock her hips, and I could feel myself buried deep inside her. She grabbed her left breast and began pinching her nipple with one hand, while reaching down to her clit with the other hand. Once again I saw through her ruse. She was doing everything she could to get me off, in the hopes that I would change my mind, and who could blame her if I came while she was trying to get me ‘lubed up’ enough?

Knowing her game I could defeat it. Anytime I thought I might start getting close, I just pictured her riding Jones like this, and the feeling went away immediately.

It didn’t take her long before she started cumming herself, shaking and shuddering on top of me. When she finished, she looked down at me, a small apologetic smile on her face.

“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to make you cum too. I promise you can do me back there next time.” I couldn’t believe it. The woman actually thought I had cum!. Granted, I have never lasted through one of her orgasms like this before, but still…

“I’m sorry,” I told her. “I didn’t cum yet. By the feel of things, I am definitely ‘lubed up’ enough. Now either stick it in your ass, or get out. I’m not playing around.” I emphasized this with a thrust of my hips, like I was trying to throw her off me.

Fear entered her eyes, and I could tell that she understood I meant business.

“Okay, baby. I will.” I had never heard anyone so broken before. I reveled in it. She lifted up, and my cock slapped my belly with a wet splosh, as soon as it was free from her pussy. Oh, yes. I was definitely lubed up. She aimed me again, and this time as she lowered herself, there was no doubt which hole I was hitting. The resistance told me the truth.

Suddenly there was a pop, and her eyes were scrunched closed as she mouthed the word “owe”, over and over again. She had stopped as soon as the head had passed her sphincter, but I gave a slight lift to my hips to tell her to continue. She opened her eyes, and finally looked at me. I could see anger and maybe even hatred in their green depths, but I no longer cared. She was way too manipulative for me to ever stay with her. I wondered why I had never seen it before.

She started to lower herself, and I could see that there was still pain. I remained motionless as she moved, relishing the feel of her extremely tight asshole as it slid down my cum soaked cock. Finally, her ass rested on my crotch, and she stopped, trying to adjust to the feeling of me deep within her bowels.

I counted to ten, before ordering her to move. The look of anger in her eyes flashed again, but she did as she was told.

“Do you forgive me, baby? Now that you are finally fucking my ass?” Her meek tone jarred with the look in her eyes. Instead of answering, I just close my eyes, enjoying the feel of her.

I lay there for a few moments, eyes closed, as she rocked back and forth on me, until I started to notice a change. I opened my eyes, and saw that she had started to gyrate her hips, and was even biting her lower lip, eyes closed. An expression that told me she was starting to enjoy this. I started to rotate my hips in counterpoint to her, and her eyes flew open and locked on mine.

I walk into the massage parlor. The smell of fresh cut flowers hug in the air. That was one reason I had come back over and over again. More like a hundred times. Karen walked out. She had on a light color blue blouse on, Open a little on the top. Tight across the boobs. You could see a nice cleavage. She stood 5’7″ and about 125.

“Hello Andy. Did you miss me? I know that I missed you.” Karen knew the right things to say. She would never ask right out about why I came but she knew. We walked into the back room. A place that you could only go after you have been to her parlor a few times. Once inside the side room I could see the pictures of all the girls she had working at that time. I was looking at each picture thinking of what one I would like to try, or have again. Each girl was no younger then 18. Each one was checked and then had to show Karen what she could do. Each girl and guy had to be Bi. Each one went to see a doctor every other week. That was a must. I also had to bring proof once a month that I was clean. That was why I kept coming back. We both walked to the last room on the left. As I went in Karen looked at me and said. “Would you like a shower and a massage tonight my dear?”

“A shower sounds great and a massage sounds better. How about you starting and someone new comes in?” Karen walked to the wall of new pictures. She always had three new girls a week and a guy or two. They would last about three weeks and some moved on. The good ones stayed. I could see pictures of the 6 new girls I have not been with. I also saw one guy that looked great. No face shots. Just from the neck down. Some nude some topless. I could see one that made me hard but she looked a little to young for me.

“Tell you what my dear you pick. You know what I like!” Yes Karen knew what I liked. Soon we both got out of the shower and I went to the table. I lay face down and Karen started her massage. Her hands worked on my back. Karen never gives the same massage twice. Each one was different. Her soft hands worked down my back and then down my legs. Back up the other one and then back down. Soon I felt her hand on my ass. A finger moved slowly down my crack till I felt it slide down between my cheeks. Then I felt her finger going around and around my ass hole. Soon I felt it touch my hole and push some. Not to hard but just right. Then warm oil felt great. Then down and under more. I felt her touch on my balls and then the tight grip on them. She pulled down and turn some. What a feeling. Karen knew I was into pain. She was great at giving it and taking it.

“I have asked Rose to stop by. She is a small girl 5’5″ 103 brown hair and brown eyes. Her tits are a great, 34b. She is shaved with a small rose on her shaved pussy. She loves anal, both ways giving and getting. I have been told she has great hands and she enjoys putting her fingers in a guys ass. I also have been told that she has a great mouth. I have watched her take a cock of 7.5″ all the way down. She did gag some but she got it in. She will be in, in a few minutes.”

Karen knew that this is what I enjoyed. Soon I felt her finger working into my ass. Then another finger. I felt her finger work in and out my ass as her other hand rubbed my ass. Then I felt two more hands working on my back. I didn’t move. Soon I felt the new girls hands on my back and could smell her standing in front of me. I opened my eyes and could see a shave pussy looking back at me. It had a small rose on the top of it. It even smelled like a rose. I could not see her tits.

“Rose this is Andy. I have told him all about you, now I shall tell you about him. He enjoys anal like you. Both giving and getting. I have fucked him a few times with my strap-on and he has fucked me a few times. I have fingered his ass more then I can count.” When she said that she started to finger my ass faster. I starting to get into this more and more.

“Andy has only one thing wrong with him. His cock!” This was the time I enjoyed the most. The first time a new girl or guy got to see my cock. I started to roll over. I felt Karen’s hand grab my cock. Then I could hear her voice.

“What the fuck?” Rose was looking down at it and I looked up at her face to see the look. Rose was looking down at my almost 10″ of hard cock as I looked up into my granddaughters face. All I could do was look.

“So what do you think of his cock? And by the way he is not all the way hard.” I felt her hand starting to jack me off.

With that Rose looked up towards my face and then with a blank look said.

“Holy fuck!” Her eyes never left my face. What could I do? What could I say? Should I get up and leave or should Mary no Rose leave? What could I do?

“So Rose what do you think? Karen has told me that you enjoy, shall I say cocks, large ones! Do you think you could get this in you?” I watched as her eyes went from my face to my cock once more. Then I could see her smile. Just a little smile.

“I think I would like to try and then try once more. Think you could force it in my ass if I asked you to?” Now that was something that I would love to try to do. Just thinking of it made me hard. “Andy I do enjoy a nice hard cock going in me. And I think that your cock could do a great job on me.” With a smile she looked me right in the eye. “And I do think I could please a man like you, in many ways.”

With that she put her hand on my cock and started to jack me off. I never took my eyes off her face and Mary no Rose kept looking right into my eyes. It was like she knew the taboo feeling I was having and I knew what she must be feeling as well. She was bent so her small hand could grab my cock and that made her pussy close to my face. I knew the rules. I had to ask before I did anything that was not what was in the safe sex rules.

1 No oral sex without a condom or dental dam without asking first.

2 No fucking without a condom. Unless you ask, and have the doctors letter.

3 If a girl or guy says the safe word the other person had to stop. If not you hit the door.

I could see my granddaughters shaved pussy just an inch from my face. I could smell her rose. I could see that she was wet. I looked back up at her sweet face and I could tell that she was telling me to lick her.

“Andy if you would like to lick my pussy please do. I have just given Karen a clean bill of health and she has told me that your clean as well. Would you like me to try to take that cock into my mouth? Without a condom!” Karen looked at Rose. Then back at me.

“Rose is good but I don’t think that she can take it all the way in. I have watched her suck a few cocks but nothing as big as you. Please say yes Andy. It would be nice to see her meet her match!”

“As long as I can lick you without a dental dam. I would love to taste your sweet juices right from you pussy. You do like the word pussy? Or would you like me to use a different word? Cunt, hole, honey pot, cunny, eat at the “Y”. Tell me what you would like.”

“Bo,” Rose almost called me by my real name of Bob. “Andy I would love to feel you tongue on my cunt. Would love to feel you lick my pussy clean. The idea of a man like you sucking my lips into your mouth turns me on. Please lick, suck, tongue or eat my pussy.” With that Rose put a knee along side of my face. Then the other one came up I watched as her pussy got closer and closer. I looked down and watched as her lips got to about an inch from my cock.

“Go for it Rose. Show your.” Now I almost said it, grand dad, but I stopped. “Or should I say show this old man that you can take it. Suck it in. Take my meat and make me beg you to keep going. Make an old man happy. Let me watch you take as much as you can into your mouth. Lick my balls if you can.”

I felt her lips on me. Not just on my cock but on my lips. I felt my granddaughter’s lips kiss the tip of my cock and then lick it. Then I watched as best I could as she opened her mouth and take the head in. Then pull off. I could feel her take about 2 inches in and then back out. I felt her mouth push down and take in 3 then 4. Back up and then back down. 4 and then 5 inches. Rose took 5 inches in and she never backed off. Soon her head was bouncing up and down on my cock. The same cock that fucked her grandmother to make her mother. All I could do was think of how it felt. The taboo feeling of it. Knowing that she was doing this to me. Not just to me but in front of another female. Then I felt her pull off. She pulled back and looked at me. Watching her do that turned me on like never before.

“Now my sweet man I’m going to try to take it all in. Take your cock into my mouth and deep throat you. Has anyone ever taken you all the way into your mouth?”

I looked at her, licked my lips. “Rose only three females, one guy and one TS has ever got this cock all the way in. I would love for you to be number 4.” A wicked look came to her face. A look like I had just put a red flag in front of her.

“My dear sweet man. I would love to be number 4. I shall try my best. But the truth be told I have never had a cock this size before. I shall try to take it. But if I fail I still would like you to try to get it in my ass.” The thought of fucking her ass was now worth anything that I had to do. I watched as she kissed it once more and took in about 5 inches. I do not have it marked off in inches. But I can tell by what is left when someone takes it in. Rose had about 6 inches in and she started to gag. Then 7. I watched as she pushed down on it. Then pull back up. I could see tears on her face as she tried to take more. Then about 8. That was when most girls had to stop. At 7 or 7.5 is it for most girls. A few TS’s got that much in and then I watched as she worked in another half inch. I would say at about 8.5 is when she gagged . I thought she was going to puke. She gagged that much, but she was trying to get it in. I felt her pull back some and try once more. Then I felt her gag once more. I felt it hit the back of her throat and then I could feel it close up on her. Once more back up and then back down some, back up and then down once again. Each time she hit that 8.5 or what ever it was and she would gag. Then I could see Karen reach over and push her head down. But Rose would gag and pull up.

I felt it come out her mouth and her face was all wet. Tears coming out her eyes. She was mad that she could not take it all.

“I’m sorry that I can not please you Sir. I guess I’m not as good as I put on. But I shall try each time harder and harder if you will let me.”

“My dear Rose you can try anytime you like. Night or day. Anytime. Now please my dear I have been dreaming for years of licking your pussy. Sucking you and licking you clean. Bring that pussy to my old lips. Make an old man happy.”

With that Rose pushed her cunt to my mouth. I felt the warm skin push my mouth closed. It was like I was kissing a mouth. But it had no teeth. I felt it open some so I could French kiss it. My tongue went in but found no tongue to dance with. I licked around and pushed in and out like it was a small wet cock. I felt her pussy open some as I kept licking it. I found her clit and licked and sucked that and soon I felt her fucking my face. I could hear her saying things to me.

“Suck it old man, lick it like you have never licked a pussy before. Please me and I shall be yours forever. OH yes do that. Yes suck your little girls clit. Pull it into your mouth like I had a small cock. I’m getting close. So close that I’m going to cum in your mouth.” I felt her fucking my face and my nose was pushing into her ass as she did it. Then I felt a mouth on my cock. It was Karen. Karen was sucking me as I sucked on my granddaughters pussy. I felt the taboo of it but I could not stop.

“I’m going to move some and I want you to lick and tongue my ass. Lick it like a slave. Lick it like the ass sucker you are. Think of all the years you thought of doing that to me. Think of when I sit on your lap and you got a little hard and I would stand up and go to my room. Think of how many times you went to your room and jacked off thinking of this. Think of me pushing my dildo in and out my pussy , thinking of you doing it. Watching me as I fucked my cunt and then my ass with it. Come on I’m close. When I cum your going to fuck me, fuck my ass like you have wanted to for the last few years.”

Soon I was licking and sucking her ass. My face pushed up and my tongue going in and out. I have always loved eating ass. But to do it to your granddaughter. What was I doing. I held her cheeks open and pushed her ass tight to my face. I felt Karen pull off my cock and then I could feel her licking my grand daughters pussy.

“Make it wet old man. Make it wet for your cock to go in. Your going to fuck my ass and make me scream. Make me beg you to fuck me harder. Your tongue feels great in my ass, Karen’s tongue feels great in my pussy. Make me beg for it. Make me call your name. What name would you like? Old man, Daddy, Uncle Bob, Granddad or Father? Now fuck me, fuck me like no other man has fucked me!”

I could feel that she was close. I pushed her off and then told her to lie face down on the table I was going to fuck her.

“Lie down, face down at first and I’m going to start to fuck you. Then your going to scream. Your going to call me what ever you like. First I’m going to stick it in your pussy get it wet and then fuck your ass. Then I’m going to turn you over so you can look me in the face as I fuck your ass. I know that is what you want baby girl!”

I pushed her down hard. This was not going to be a love fuck. I was going to fuck her hard and fast. I wanted her to know that I was the person in charge. I pushed her legs open and put the head of my cock on her pussy lips. I smiled to myself. I placed my cock on her pussy lips. I could feel the wetness of them on my head. I could feel it dripping out onto my cock. I knew what I was going to do. But no one else did!

“Slow and easy or?” By the time I got the word “or” out I had push in about 7 inches. It was hard to get it in but I did get it in. I could hear her scream and try to pull off but I held her in place. I pulled back and in once more. Then after about 5 strokes I pulled it almost all the way out. Then down hard and fast. I push it all the way in and Rose let out a scream.

“Holy Fuck granddad I never thought I would get it from you like that. OH does it feel good but it does hurt some. I have never had a cock that size in my cunt.” I started to fuck her slow and then when I felt her open, just a little I started to fuck her faster and harder. I had all 10 inches in my granddaughters pussy. I could hear he grunt each time I pushed in and felt her tight young pussy grab my cock. I held her in place . If not I might have pushed her off the bed. Karen had gotten up and was standing behind me. Her right hand holding my balls as I fuck this ‘new’ girl. I was thinking if she knew that this young 20 year old was my granddaughter. Or was this just another roll play game. I now felt her finger rubbing my ass hole once more. Karen and I have done this a few times with others.

I pulled out and then placed my cock head by her ass. I could feel her tighten up. Karen new this was going to happen and she had placed a tube of anal lube by the bed. I put on about 6 drops and started to push in. At first it was to tight to get my head in. My cock is not that wide. I would say it was about as wide as an empty toilet paper roll. But it is not that hard it can not bend some. I could hear Rose breathing and she would breath out each time I pushed in. This girl knew how to ass fuck.. Soon I had about half in her. I have fucked a few girls and a few TS’s asses. But none of them felt this tight. I was just pushing in and pulling out and then I heard her say.

“Granddad don’t push it in all the way. Let me turn over so I can watch you as it goes all the way in. See the look on your face and also let you see the look on my face. Please granddad?” I was still going in and out. I felt Karen’s hand on my balls and she pull them back each time I pushed in.

I now rolled her over. Pushed her legs up and bent her legs so her knees were now on her tits. MY cock once more on the edge of her ass hole. I could see her eyes and they told me “YES”. Once more I started to push. I just got the tip on when I heard Karen say.

“I love this roll playing game you two have going on about granddaughter and granddad. Wish I would have thought of it.”

Rose looked at Karen and just let it out. “Who said it was a game! Karen. This is my grand father and I have thought of doing him years back. Never knew he had a cock like this. If I did I would have fucked him when I was 18.”

I just couldn’t take anymore. I pushed in and it went in. Deeper then I thought. It was tight and hot. Words can not tell the way her ass felt around my cock. I went in and bent so it could keep going. Soon I had about 7 inches in and I pulled out. Then right back in. I looked down and could only see about 2 to 3 inches left. I dropped a few drops of anal lube on the rest and pulled it out. Then I watched her face as I pushed back in. Taking 7 inches she smiled and then I pushed in 8. Her eyes open wide and I could see a tear. I pulled back about 2 and then pushed in three. I now had 9 inches in her. Her mouth was closed . And I could feel her tighten up once more. I watched her bite her lower lip and her face looked like she was in pain.

“Please granddad do it, do it fast. Don’t make me wait. Give it all to me. Make me yours. Please!” The look on her face told me all I wanted to know. I pushed down hard and I felt it go in. My balls now touching the bed and her cheeks. I was now balls deep in my granddaughters ass. I did not move for about 5 seconds. Her mouth was open I could hear her breathing and see her tongue touching the inside of her upper teeth. Then I watched as she bite her lip once more.

“Oh my god. I have never felt this full. I have never had anything in my ass that long. Not ever my dildo. Karen has my grandfather fucked you this deep?” Mary open her eyes and looked at Karen. She then swallowed. It looked like she just swallowed a load of cum.

“No I have never had him that deep. Are you guys joking me? This is your real grandfather? Did I hear this right?” Karen looked at me and back at Rose or Mary what ever.

‘Yes he is. But he never knew I was doing this. But I’m glad he comes in.” Mary looked back at me. “Granddad will you now make love to my ass. I do not think I could take a hard fucking. So please go slow at first. Let me open some and get use to that thing. Please?”

I knew from all the others if I pull all the way out it will hurt each time I push all the way in. So what I do is pull out about a littler less then hallf and then back in. A tip from your uncle Bob. Try it that way. It works better. I pull out about 4 inches and then back in about 3, out5 in 4, then out 4 then all the way in. Pull out about 5 and go in about 4 do that for about 5 times and then all the way back in. I have had it done to me like that and it will drive you nuts. It feels better then pulling out most of it and then going in all the way back in. It does hurt that way. And it makes no difference how big you are. An ass will close up if you pull it all the way out and try to go back in. Half way out, for me that is 5 then just over half of that in 2 ½ then out some and in a littler more.

I started to make love to my granddaughters ass. This is something that I never thought of doing. Yes I have thought of her but never thought I would be doing it. In and out I went. It was like a church bell ringing. IN out, in out, in out. With each in and out I watched her get higher and higher. I knew the feeling from being fucked just like this. After the first time I knew why girls like to be fucked. Soon I was getting close to shooting. I started to move faster. I watched her face to see if it was the right time. Soon her legs open and she put them around me. I started to move faster. Soon I was going in and out almost as fast as I could. I could hear Karen talking to us.

While we were staying at a hotel in Sydney, my wife Michelle booked a massage to relax. She works in a busy office and wears heels all day so lower back pain and aching legs are fairly common for her.

I love seeing her in the mornings as she gets ready for work. Her small slender 5’3″ body with long light sandy blonde hair and always wearing skirt suits. She always makes sure her underwear is a matching 12A Bra & size 8 panty set. Because we live in Melbourne, one of the coldest cites in winter, most days she has to wear stockings.

Anyway, I told her I would go upstairs to the pool while she had her massage and then we would go out for dinner & theatre to see the show we were in Sydney for. As I was leaving, the masseur was at the door with her folded table and bag. A hot little Asian woman in her mid twenties about the same build as Michelle and dressed in a white polo shirt and black bike shorts. She introduced herself as Sandy and I left.

After about 20 minutes at the pool, I had had enough of this small group of annoying kids who were running and jumping around. Not very relaxing for me so I decided to go back, have a shower and start to get ready.

When I entered the room, Michelle and the Sandy were facing away from me & didn’t know I had returned, but I could see from where I was the back left hand side of the table. Michelle was laying face down on the massage table and completely naked, while Sandy was standing in front of me working on her lower back, but blocking my view of my beautiful wife. I wanted to catch a sneaky glimpse of Michelle’s bare ass so I just stood quietly in the hall where they wouldn’t see me.

The massage was focused around her lower back and butt for a while and she seemed to be using alot of oil, then Sandy moved to the other side of the table. Her left hand was resting between my wife’s ass cheeks while her other hand was drizzling more oil to the area. Michelle was clearly enjoying her work because her breathing was pretty loud & she was humming quietly to herself. That’s when I noticed Sandy’s thumb pressing on Michelle’s tight pink assbud.

With a slight gasp from my wife, slowly Sandy’s thumb disappeared and it seemed like all the air escaped from the room. Here I was, hard as a rock, watching my blonde wife having her ass and pussy fingered by little Asian bombshell. I’d like to say I walked over and took control of the situation, but all I could do was stand and watch as this little Asian slut began to finger fuck my wife.

Then Sandy caught a glimpse of me, she didn’t let on that she had seen me, but I could tell because she started to smile when she realized I had been watching for a while and had no intention of announcing my return. Michelle started to hum louder now & her breathing had increased in intensity.

Just at that moment, the little Asian masseur Sandy lent down and started to softly kiss Michelle’s ass. Still with the middle & index finger of her left hand working my wife’s pussy, she slowly slid the thumb out of her ass and began to lick around her tight puckered pink hole. As her tongue extended, teased and then slid into my wife’s secret passage, she looked up.

Staring directly into my eyes, this little Asian slut was now spreading my wife’s ass cheeks with her free hand and tonguing like a machine as my wife raised her hips to encourage her to push deeper. Un-fucking-believable! It was all I could do not to shoot a load in my pants right there.

All of a sudden my wife let out a loud but restrained moan, then lay limp gasping for air through the face hole of the massage table with her left foot slightly quivering. Sandy slowly removed her hand & laid a towel over Michelle’s glistening naked butt as she looked at me & winked.

I walked back to the door, waited for about 30 seconds, opened and closed it louder than I normally would to make it appear I had just arrived. I walked into the main room and said “Hi honey, I’m back.”

My wife was just putting a bathrobe on and Sandy was folding up her table. “How was it?” I asked.

Flushed with messy hair & looking like she had just seen heaven, Michelle said “Wonderful… Just great! I feel much more relaxed now.” Barley able to focus on her words she continued “I’m going to have a shower and wash this oil off. Can you please tip Sandy?” With that she walked into the bathroom.

I pulled out a $100 note for Sandy, which she graciously accepted. Sandy then handed me a piece of paper with an address and said “Cancel your plans and be there tonight at 8pm, my husband & a few friends are having a small party.”

To be continued…

Before I met and married Ray, every man I had ever been with, boyfriends or husband, were all very jealous; they would get upset if I talked to a guy much less flirted! So you can imagine what a shock it was when the first time Ray and I were together he was trying to show me off!

He had flown down from Oklahoma to Austin to spend the weekend (after many weeks of long distance courting); I was living in a two bedroom apartment complex with my 18 year old son which did not allow for much privacy. After meeting Ray at the airport and smothering him with kisses, we went for a bite to eat, then back to my apartment for him to unpack and shower.

I think he wanted to impress me because he insisted we go out to a fine restaurant/club where we could get a good meal, drinks and enjoy some quiet conversation. I wore a pair of black slacks, heels and a not too low-cut blouse that was not very revealing though with the brassiere I was wearing it was easy to see my perpetually hard nipples through the material.

I knew of a nice quiet restaurant a few blocks off of Sixth and Congress that had a perfect ambiance. So we talked and we flirted, we dropped double entendres and sexual innuendos and we drank and we drank some more. Leaving, it was all we could do to get to my car in the parking lot before we were wrapped in each others arms. Holding each other tightly in a passionate embrace, pressed against my car, we made out like teenagers.

When I was married to Skip he would never allow me to dress in sexy clothes (though I did), much less have any public displays of affection! Now that was difficult because I have AWAYS been an exhibitionists and I have never had a boyfriend or husband that would allow me to flash or show myself. Indeed it was quite a surprise to have Ray publicly groping me and an even bigger shock when he unbuttoned my blouse and unfastened my front clip brassiere, exposing my titties right there in the lighted parking lot.

Oh My Gawd, I was in heaven!! We kissed, we fondled, we groped, he even sucked on my titties and unzipped my slacks, pushing his hand down to my crotch so he could touch my wet pussy. I reciprocated and unzipped his fly, reaching under the waist band of his briefs and pulling his hard cock out into the warm night air; I was hoping he would at least let me jack him off. It was extraordinary, here we were in a parking lot, on a Friday night, at nine in the evening and there were people walking by. I was sure at least one couple saw us, my blouse was pulled openly displaying my bare chest, and I was tightly gripping his exposed, hard penis.

I squatted down, my back leaning against my car as I tried to pull his cock to my lips. I was almost expecting to be rebuffed but instead he grabbed my head and pulled me forward to his dick and let me suck him, IN PUBLIC! I tugged down his pants, his underwear and pulled his cock and balls out of his shorts and then pulled his slacks down past his ass, baring him.

I sucked him. I let him stroke his stiff dick in and out of my mouth, I held his shaft, I examined it, I admired it, I licked and sucked his hairy balls, even taking one in my mouth, I reached between his legs and encouraged him to widen his stance as I tried to work my finger in his sweaty ass. He moved his legs apart as I buried my finger to the knuckle, fucking him. I could feel his cock head throbbing in my mouth as I worked my finger in and out of his asshole.

It was right about then, as Ray was punishing my lips, slamming into my face, that a couple approached. Chirp! Chirp! The sound of a car alarm. It seems the black Camry parked next to us belonged to them; the dude had let his date in on her side of the car and had been standing patiently, watching, waiting for us to finish. How polite is that? I cut my eyes to the guy as he stood just a few feet from us, staring.

Believe me, it is hard to flirt with another man when there is a big dick pummeling your mouth but I did attempt to wink at the young dude. He smiled as Ray grabbed the top of my head, and grasping a big handful of my beautifully fixed hair, pulled me back off of his cock and jerking his meat with his other hand, he let his CUM violently spurt across my face, into my open mouth. Big thick clumps, landing in ribbons, as he smeared his jizz with the swollen head of his dick, then back inside my mouth, grunting, groaning as he continued to spasm out his cum, oblivious to any watching.

Pulling me to my feet, while simultaneously pulling up his slacks, he kissed me; my bruised lips smarted as he pressed his own lips hard against mine. Unlocking the car and opening the door, he helped me inside the car as he walked around to the other side. I opened the glove box, found a couple of napkins as I flipped down the visor to use the mirror to attempt to clean Ray’s nasty spunk off my face and chest. Yes, my blouse was still open and my titties also had Ray’s thick residue smeared across them. I looked to my right and and of course the couple in the Camry was watching me, sitting there smiling as I cleaned up, reapplying my make-up, picking clumps of semen out of my hair.

Good Gawd! I needed a cigarette! I asked Ray if he minded if I stepped back out of the car and had a smoke. He shook his head no as he turned on the radio and rolled down both windows. Buttoning my blouse as I started to get out, Ray stopped me and asked to me to leave it open. Sure, I would love to. I was still raging HORNY and loved it that he wanted to look at my breast and show me off.

I stepped out onto the pavement and lit my Marlboro, sucking in a deep drag as the nicotine helped to curb some of my anxieties. I love to smoke and I have no desire to quit, thinking to myself how good it felt as I walked around the front of the car, of course I was trying to look my sexiest as I pulled my shirt back away from my breast, thrusting my chest out as I glanced down at my nipples. WOW! They looked huge, hard and erect as I reached down to tweak them and cup my breast for Ray.

I walked to his side and stood about a foot from his door as he seemed to take me in, his eyes running slowly up and down my body, a sly smile hinting at his lips as he said it. “Show me your cunt.”

Excuse me I thought as he said it again, “Show me your cunt.”

Again, “Show me your CUNT.”

Not demanding, but softly, almost like there was a question mark at the end. Such a nasty word, CUNT. I wanted him to see my CUNT. I wanted him to touch my CUNT, finger my CUNT, lick my CUNT. I wanted him to FUCK MY CUNT.

My slacks were still unzipped as I pushed them down, past my hips. His blue eyes were staring deeply at my eyes, unblinking as I continued to push my pants down past my thighs. I slipped out of my shoes and let my slacks fall to my ankles as I slipped one shoe off and stepped out of one leg of my pants; then slipping the other shoe off, I stepped out of the other leg and neatly folded my slacks and reached in Ray’s window and placed them on the back seat.

I slipped my heels back on and stood back with my feet a little past shoulder width apart, pulling my blouse back, letting him see me, my breast, my belly , my hips, my thighs, my legs, my CUNT. I reached down with both hands and pinching my labia between the thumb and forefinger of each hand I pulled my pussy lips open, subtly thrusting my hips forward as I offered my CUNT to Ray.

He continued to look me directly in the eye as I slid one hand to my wet hole and used two fingers to collect some of my wetness to smear over my clitoris. I put my finger inside my pussy. I put two fingers inside and finger-fucked my CUNT. Slowly at first, then picking up the pace, I knew I would CUM.

There was a pick-up truck parked next to us so I could not bend over very far, but I turned my back to Ray and stood a bit sideways between the vehicles as I leaned forward and let him see my ass as I reached between my legs and used my index moisten finger to play with my asshole, spreading my pussy juice on my anus as I pushed my finger up inside my shithole. I dug deeply into my ass, fucking my bung hole.

Of course it was while I was bent over, masturbating my cunt and asshole that the owner of the pick-up truck walked up, well actually it was a couple of young guys that must have worked at the restaurant. I was looking over my shoulder at Ray when I saw him look away, then I again heard the familiar Chirp! Chirp! of a car alarm. I did not stop but continued with the Slap! Slap! Slap! of my pussy as I fucked myself, spanking my swollen clitoris as I felt my cunt spraying my pussy juice and piss as I started to shiver and quiver from the orgasm coursing through me.

I knew there were strangers watching me, I did not care and apparently neither did Ray as he watched me trembling from my GIANT CUM. Bent over like I was, my ass and pussy were totally exposed and vulnerable and ACCESSIBLE, I was fantasizing that someone would slide a big thick cock in my fuck hole and finish off my orgasm with some nasty doggie-style fucking.

I am not sure if it was a sense of protection or a touch of nervousness from being in an unknown area, but whatever it was, Ray got out of the car and assisted me to my side of the car, my legs were so wobbly from the overwhelming climax that I could barely walk as he helped me in the car. Walking back to the driver’s side I saw him talking to my two spectators, laughing, then shaking hands with them as he got in the car and started the engine.

He said they were going on about how HOT I am and they even asked him if they could come home with us and fuck me! Hmmmmm. I did not want to appear to be a slut and smile real big or act excited at the prospect of a gang bang with two young HOT dudes plus my new lover, so I acted a little shocked when I asked what he told them.

He said he gave them my address and they were going to stop and get some beer then come over to my apartment. I was doing mental back flips inside my head!! I had NEVER had a foursome and as HORNY as I was right then I could probably fuck the entire Texas Longhorn football team and still want more! So to say I was a little anxious would be an understatement. Then I remembered my son, James was at home, CRAP. I was trying to think of all of his friends that he could spend the night with when I blurted out that maybe we could get a motel room for a few hours.

Now I really did not know Ray that well, even though we had gone to school together since we were five years old, it had been twenty years since we had been together and this was actually the first time we had ever been sexual with each other. I did not know his quirks and kinks, nor what a tease he could be, so I did not realize he was pulling my leg. Luckily I did not clap my hands and scream, “Goody, Goody” at the prospect of a HOT night of satisfying three men, so maybe he was still a bit in the dark as to what a cum whore I am.

We drove down Congress, to the Capitol building then back down to Sixth street, where Ray slowly cruised the street, windows still down and me pant less and blouse open. Ray was intent on showing me off, he was too obvious as he drove through the busiest parts of downtown Austin making sure to stop at every light and driving side by side to any truck he could find. Of course I accommodated him by spreading my legs and playing with myself while he drove. It was pretty HOT. The most outrageous was when he pulled up right outside the entrance to Stubbs and there was a steady stream of people going in and coming out. He double-parked under the street light, (he even turned on the dome light) while I finger-fucked my wet pussy, arching my back so much that my pelvis was almost as high as the window. I was going to CUM again as I spanked my clitoris, stopping to pinch it then back to slapping, then two fingers in and out, then grinding three in and out of my CUNT.

A small crowd had gathered around my car as I tried to put on the nastiest show I could. It was perfect, I was so turned on having so many people watching me, and to have Ray sitting there proudly indulging me in one of my many perverted fantasies, it was too much as a thick stream shot out of my pussy up in the air. OMG! I was squirting a MAJOR stream as I pissed and CUM all over my upholstered seats. I did not stop, I leaned back to the console and put my feet up, one on the dash the other on the door, as I opened my legs wide for an unobstructed view of my nasty gash.

Ray drove off just as one of the onlookers reached in and started to finger fuck me. The dude actually stuck his fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking me!

We drove to my apartment and as Ray gathered up my purse, slacks and shoes, I got out of the car, naked, well almost naked as I did have on my open blouse! Ray came around to help me. He was too much, he did not ‘make’ me get dressed, he did not try to hide me in the darkness of the trees or bushes, but instead walked me, arm in arm, to my apartment.

Fumbling with the keys he found the front door key and unlocked the door. I guess Ray had not even thought about my son James being at home and I am sure he did not expect James to have a couple of friends over while his Mom was out on a date. Guess what? James was home, as well as two friends who also live in the apartment complex, playing video games in the living room when I walked in. At least I did attempt to pull my blouse closed as I walked past James and his open-mouthed, gawking friends, slacks in hand, but with my swollen pussy lips, matted pubic hair and my red bare-ass I was sure James would be a hit with his friends.

Now let us jump ahead about three months, Ray and I had a whirlwind courtship and got married in June of ’89, only a couple of months after his trip to Austin.


We had only been married a couple of weeks when a classmate of ours (Ray and I had gone to public school together) spent the weekend with us. Mark lived out of town and had come to help organize a high school reunion. He and I were both on the planning committee and Ray offered to let him stay at our house rather than spend money on a hotel. That evening, after dinner, as we sat in the living room talking and watching television, drinking Margaritas, Mark pulled out a joint and asked if we wanted to get high. Of course I did but Ray did not smoke and so Mark and I went out on the back porch to indulge.

After we came back inside my ‘new’ husband Ray ‘suggested’ I put on something comfortable since I was still wearing my ‘good’ clothes from our earlier alumni meeting. By this time I was feeling pretty good, pretty loose, and the Xanax I had taken had really leveled me out, so I went to the bedroom to change. I had this thin white linen dress that I just loved to wear around the house so I had planned to slip it on, when Ray walked in as I was pulling it over my head and chided me, called me a prude because I still had on my brassiere and panties. This little thin white linen dress is soooo sheer you can easily see right through it, but what the hell if my husband likes to expose his wife who am I to argue?

Mark was more like an acquaintance rather than a friend, someone we had attended school with but we never hung out together. I thought I knew Ray well enough to know he was just going to tease Mark, torture him, knowing full well how HOT it makes me when I get to let people to look at me. Keep in mind, Ray and I had only been married about two weeks and up till then all we had done was flash some strangers, showing a lot of titties and some pussy.

Mark was a nerd, a really smart and nice guy, but not a stud or someone that woman would fantasize about, so when I came back in the living room I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, especially when I sat down on the couch and pulled my feet under me and sat with my legs crossed. My dress was hiked up on my thighs and from where he was sitting not only could he clearly see my nipples through the thin material of the dress but my bare pussy was openly exposed! Then my dear, helpful husband Ray acted like he was looking for the remote control and turned on the track lights lights which was like turning a spot light on me.

The look on Mark’s face was hilarious and it was all I could do to stifle a giggle as Mark stared, wide-eyed, first at my breast then at my pussy, back and forth, up and down!! It was so funny that I wanted to torture him even more as I casually opened my legs wider as I talked to Ray, I was even sensually hunching my cunt very slowly, trying not to be too obvious, but enough that I could feel my pussy lips pull apart as my clitoris swelled out from between my wet lips.

I maneuvered my dress even higher by scooting my ass to the edge of the sofa. I could not believe Ray was letting me be this extreme in front of a schoolmate, a home town boy. The scene was so HOT, and the really funny thing was how the three of us were carrying on a normal conversation like nothing out of the ordinary was happening, talking about school, politics, nervous small talk.

Finally Mark excused himself to use the bathroom and when he stood up I could see he had a VERY distinct bulge, the ‘package’ in his pants was really sticking out! Now I was the one staring as I got to enjoy his reaction to my indecent exposure! As he walked past me on his way to the rest room, he stopped to talk to me as I almost nervously put one hand on my lap.

Holy Crap! Instead of my hand resting on the material of my dress I felt my naked and wet pussy! I had NEVER flashed like this, well at least not someone I knew, someone that knew me, I mean sure when I was much younger, but as I got older I always made sure it was a stranger, not someone that knew everyone in my family!

I tried to not let him know how freaked out I was so I kind of casually began to gently touch my naked cunt, circling my index finger softly around my clitoris, sliding between the fat puffy folds of my labia, rubbing my wetness over me. The hilarious part about this whole surreal scene was that he was still making small talk, telling me about when his dead uncle Claude was a Guthrie postmaster! We were having a ‘normal’ coffee shop type conversation while the whole room ‘dripped’ with SEX.

The whole time Ray was sitting across from me watching, smiling, adding very little to our conversation, but amused at both Mark and me and our stilted, nervous attempt at ignoring the obvious. It was his very subtle nod and equally subtle raising of his hand to his lips and a quick lick of two fingers that I took as a signal. Then to make sure I was clear on what I was ‘supposed’ to do he made a circle with his thumb and index finger and with the other hand slowly inserted his two middle fingers, in and out.

Mark was still standing next to the arm of the sofa, and had not yet made it to the bathroom, no doubt because his eyes were riveted to my crotch as I absent mindedly used my fingers to massage my genitalia. But now Ray wanted more, so still making small talk and not taking my eyes off Mark, I used two fingers to spread my sex open and pinch my throbbing purple love knob while my geeky schoolmate stood next to me, with his own tool throbbing hard in his pants.

I hunched my pelvis forward, arching my back as I moved my hands, my fingers to my wet, wet hole as I slowly worked two fingers inside and began to slowly finger-fuck myself. The small talk ceased and Mark was now speechless, no more trivial BS as I am sure the look on my face, the heavy-lidded, half closed eyes, my lips partially open as I ran the tip of my tongue across them, even my breathing became deeper, heavier as I was now seducing my nervous friend. I knew the look I was giving him was one of pure SEX and desire as I leaned slightly towards him, licking the pussy juice off my fingers.

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”


It was Friday night. After a very hard day’s work, it was time for some real relaxation. During the long working hours of the day, Di and Olli had massaged seven gentlemen each and all, to their desired satisfaction. Both Di and Olli, although nearly exhausted, they ended the day very satisfied with the work they had done, knowing that all their clients had left their premises more than pleased.

After their official working day which they believed they had accomplished to perfection and standards they had aimed for; in return, all their clients showed their satisfaction not only with compliments but also with the generous tips they had left on top of their payments. There were hugs and more praise for a massage well done by most of the clients; some even promised that the next time they are in town they will surely call again. Then there were those who fortunately of unfortunately, and which they were in the majority that they asked for something extra.

As the last clients left, they rested for a few minutes before they soaked themselves in a hot bath. It gave them new strength and inspiration for what they had prepared themselves; a night of pleasure and relaxation. They were waiting for that moment when the time was right to go out for the night, with two specially chosen clients. After the hard work of a non stop working day, they were looking forward for their evening adventures, the second night in their first very profitable week.

Massaging so many naked guys during their long working day; watching so many hard cocks ready to explode while others exploding, had made their appetite for some quick sex or a hand job, or a touch to their hot leaking pusses. At times both the masseur and the recipient were feeling the heat of sex, even becoming uncontrollable; but both ladies kept their professionalism. One way or the other, all clients had exploded during those moments when the ladies were massaging them, especially during the body against body massage, with the exception of one, who even shot his load during the first hand massage, followed by a second time later.

Watching some of their clients loosing their hardness as they had blown their load earlier during the body to body massage, made the ladies feelings for some sexual satisfaction rather more urgent; but they knew what their priorities were.

Di and Olli after they prepared themselves to perfection from head to foot, left early to arrive at the separate hotels, where their clients were staying. They made it a point that they will not leave them waiting, not after they were promised that they were going to be there on time. The arrangements were made the previous day as both Di and Olli had chosen these guys for special reasons, when they asked for special extras back at their hotels. As a matter of fact, both ladies thought that those two clients they chose; had the right credentials.

At last they were out on the street and on their way to the two different hotels where they agreed where their meeting venues were. It was a great night, the sky was full of stars and they were wondering how many starts they were going to see during a night of hot sex. They knew that their chosen clients had some good control on their intimate parts, which meant great hot sex. That was what gave them the edge when they asked for something extra and why the ladies accepted to entertain them.

After their first night adventures earlier in the week, where they had enjoyed some very hot sex, the preparations for the second night were much relaxed, including their own selves. As soon as they arrived at the consecutive hotels they were both welcomed by their waiting friends who invited them for a drink before they went to their hotel rooms. With their clothes shed the foreplay soon started, going from a blowjob to sixty nine, getting themselves primed up for the actual act of hot sex while their bodies were already primed up. Both Di and Olli were well educated in the art of making love and the control of the male orgasm. The real sex really started in earnest. Their clients already knew the ladies rather intimately, so it was relatively easy to participate fully and enjoy the pleasures the ladies themselves offered. In the end they were more than satisfied.

Half way through the evening, they dined with their clients separately before they went back to their hotel rooms. There they had participated in some very aggressive hot sex, which really satisfied both the clients and the ladies themselves. There were no restrictions except for the use of condoms.

After their sessions ended, they left the hotels and their tired clients and made their way to meet each other at an agreed rendezvous, from where they picked a taxi back home. They arrived rather late from their last encounters of their day. They were dead tired, so much so as soon as they arrived they closed the door took off all their clothes and jumped on the same bed hugging and kissing each other. But so tired they were that they were asleep within minutes.

They didn’t even care to know how much money they earned, together with the extras. Their second sexual evening of hot sex was a great success. They enjoyed that wonderful evening where they were in luck for the second time. The sex was fabulous; terrific. It was as good as their first a couple of days earlier with instances better than what they had enjoyed on their previous experience. This was their second successful evening, were they had satisfied their sexual hunger.

Most of their clients had asked about extras, some specified perfectly what they expected; maybe even meeting them later in the evening. Both Di and Olli were looking forward to such meetings, but with the array of clients coming from different European countries and even from other continents, the choice was difficult. They were looking for those who really wanted to enjoy making love while entangle themselves in the pleasures of the flesh; not to forget getting healthy clients. They were not after a quick relieve; or from some ladies point of view, take the money and run.

There were males whom the ladies felt they were too rich, but looked rather too macho; others looked calm, handsome and easy to communicate with. Therefore both ladies searched for clients whom they knew they would have a great time with, both sexually and friendly feelings. They wanted to return back home with their sexual tension and inner feelings under control.

They chose those one night dates from Thursday’s clients. They booked them after they were sure that they match to the already set credentials, like being educated, calm, the way they acted during the massage, especially when they were enjoying the body to body massage. The ladies wanted to enjoy as also, to please.

They felt right when they were having their body to body massage with the female totally naked using her body to massage the male. During that period all males becomes extra active with their hardons wanting to explode, especially when they tease them, as they massage their pussies against their manhoods. If they survive and they will not blow their loads quickly they will be eligible and on the list.

The control they had on their prostate was fantastic and they managed to control their ejaculations perfectly; that was their guarantee to an opportunity of spending a long night pleasurable sex with either Di or Olli.

Olli never sent a client back without making sure that he had blown his load. If not, she will give him a free blowjob. Di’s client also controlled himself well and so when the massage was about to end she lowered her pussy against his hardon; then she start moving back and forth with his cock embedded between her usual swollen lips, until she hear him moaning as he gets ready to explode; to Di’s personal satisfaction.

The excitement grew stronger when both Di and Olli were about to leave home. They were dreaming about what they were expecting to take place inside that hotel room. Will it be as good as what had taken place during their first time?

When they got to their respective hotels and entered within the confines of the hotel bedroom they were welcomed in both instances with a bottle of champagne. Before they had even tasted the slightly yellowish bubbly Olli was already naked down to her panties, while Diane was enjoying the taste of the bubbly while her client had started to massage her shoulders going slowly down to her breasts. From the position he was in, Di was pressing the crack of her ass against his already hard member.

The clients they chose were those whom the two ladies thought they were well disciplined with an incredibly shaped body. Naturally, the ladies also loved the organs the males possessed. After all, that’s what they dreamt about as much as the very hot sex they were hoping, they were going to indulge in to satisfy their sexual hunger.

But both Di and Olli were ending their working days very sexually excited especially after every day’s hard work, massaging those well off clients with their hard cock mostly hard all the time during the actual hard cocks pussy massage.

From those who had called to make an appointment, there were those who were lucky enough to be accepted for a massage. Probably there were many who called and politely they heard a recorded message that the day’s spots were already booked; please try tomorrow morning after 08:00hrs. The money, although it was important were not the only issue. The main issue was the satisfaction of their clients.

Both Di and Olli wanted something more than the hard work of the day even though every day had a happy ending. They also wanted that something more, or better that something extra. After a hard days work there became the need to satisfy their sex hungry bodies, preferably away from their place of work.

When the ladies made their individual calls before they left their quarters, their clients confirmed and they were waiting at the bar. The unfortunate situation that time was; that their clients were staying at different hotels, so they could not swap clients half way through the evening, like what they did on their first night out.

Everything went well. The fucking and the love making was something they both enjoyed, from the very moment the doors were closed. The dinner was excellent and the extras at the end, were also generous; not to mention the compliments they received for both for the massage and the hot fucking. “This is best fuck I ever had.’ Olli’s client whispered during dinner.

Both Olli and Di had agreed that there will be no work the following day, Saturday. They had enough after nearly a week of hard work and had made enough money as a matter of fact much more than they ever expected; so their decision was, to have a free day, which meant no work; just relax and no fucking. After last night they both ended with slightly sore pussies.

It was close to ten Saturday morning when the doorbell chimed. Both Di and Olli were still half asleep and wondered who the hell was outside ringing the fucking door bell. Di was preparing breakfast and Olli had closed herself in the bathroom doing her morning obligations.

‘Who the fucking hell come this so early in the morning?’ Olli shouted from within the confines of the small room.

There was no answer as Di was already on the way downstairs to see who the hell was there. As she opened, she came face to face with a beautiful elegant lady.

‘May I come in, please? I know that you won’t work on a Saturday, so please excuse me. It’s not possible for me to come during the week.’ She nearly begged.

As Di invited her in and the lady explained the reason of her visit, she asked her to take a chair and wait a few minutes until they get themselves together, have breakfast and become decently dressed as they were not expecting to receive any clients. Satisfied, their first female client sat down; picked a magazine and started to turn the pages, Di ran back upstairs. She found Olli fixing their breakfast, continuing where Di had left off, earlier.

As they finished breakfast thy prepared themselves for the massage which both hoped it will be the first and the last for the day. Fedora, as her name was, was in her late forties. She was an elegant woman, well dressed and well kept. In a nutshell, she looked after her health in every possible way; including that she frequently attends some sports centre.

Fedora had explained to the ladies what she was expecting and that she was hoping for something more than what she had already sampled and enjoyed during previous visits to other massage parlours. She wanted to ask prolifically but decided to be reluctant, not to say too much; even though her hopes were high.

With relish, she took off her clothes until she was totally naked, usually rare for a woman to expose herself fully infront of strangers. While she was undressing, the ladies appreciated not only her forwardness, but also her beautiful shaped body.

‘Are you ready to lie down madam?’ Olli asked.

‘With delight my dear.’ She politely confirmed as she stepped on a stool with her back to the massage table. She rested her bums firmly before she lifted herself on the padded cushion. As she got in the sitting position, she lifted one leg not bothering that her vaginal lips were on show with a precise trimmed pubic area.

Then she turned slowly and lay down on her stomach while lifting the second leg. In the meantime both ladies had her favoured oil ready and while Olli started from her feet, Di laid her hands on her shoulders. They worked professionally together, until it was time for the body to body massage. As regards the first part the satisfied lady complimented them on the way they conducted the massage.

As their client lay on the floor levelled cushion, both ladies covered the back; all the way down to her feet with oil, including the area between her legs. Then they oiled themselves in the same manner. The massage with the ladies alternating was another success and she promised that she would be back when she feels that her body is ready for another relaxing contribution.

The lady’s satisfaction with what they had offered, she thanked then and both ladies thanked her back for her forwardness, even though she arrived at their door unexpectedly. They felt very proud that she had enjoyed their handy work and they will be proud to have her back again, ready to please her.

‘There is also something really special; which we like to perform on a certain part of your body; we are hoping that you will enjoy it too.’ Di explained.

‘Am I not ready yet?’ She asked surprisingly.

‘You asked for that something extra, about which you said you had indulged yourself in some research.’ Olli made the lady remember.

‘Yes that’s right. But I was expecting that you automatically will try that.’

‘Sure we were going to do; but naturally we want your authorization as this will involve your intimate areas. We have to say that we experienced those moments as few times and we are sure that you will enjoy them more than what you are expecting.’ Di answered. ‘Let’s relax and then we start.’

So after a few minutes of relaxation and while they enjoyed a drink together, they were ready to go to the most awaited session which both Di and Olli had never performed before on any other clients, since that moment from the time they left the island.

‘So please settle yourself on your back, then relax, close your eyes and we will be ready to start again; how about that?’ Olli instructed.

‘You are the bosses and I’m just your victim. I will better make my comments when all, it will be finished.’ The ladies never asked her name but when they realized that they did not even ask, they asked and then they knew that her name was Fedora.

‘Good. So Fedora; this part of the massage is very intimate and the first time could be, a little bit, maybe shocking, or embarrassing. It may induce some type of feelings; you probably know what we mean.’ Di tried to be sort of careful, how to explain such a delicate performance.

‘Well that body to body massage had already caused and erupted many; you know what. There was no problem! I have enough information and I’m looking forward to what I think and hoping is coming. Don’t keep anything back, as maybe that is what in the end, was my goal. If my expectations will be fully satisfied… no more comments. I commit myself to anything.’ The ladies were ready and with a look at each other’s faces, they precisely understood what that lady of culture was after.

As Fedora was lying down on her back, the ladies produced a couple of rather thick cushions; one of them ended under the lady’s ass, while the other was to be used by the masseur.

As she set herself on the cushion, the lady opened her legs as wide as they could while she pulled them back towards her body. When she was ready to enjoy what many times she thought and read so much about; and which most of the times it happened after she laid down to sleep, alone in her own bed. She many times visualized such a situation while she touched and satisfied herself and her sexual emotions with her own fingers. She was not a loner, and along the years she had a variety of selected males with whom she satisfied her egos, not to mention a few women from within her own circle, especially in her student years.

Olli settled on the other cushion while she helped the lady position her legs, resting the feet flat on the surface of the massage bed. Her legs were wide open and her swollen vaginal lips were entirely exposed, even with that short tuff of pubic hair; which was proof of how much she cared about her body, especially her own intimate areas.

With the recipient comfortably settled; Olli settled herself with her legs wide open and resting against the lady’s inner side of her knees, precisely as a precaution. From then on Olli was in control and she was going to stop the lady from being able to close her legs at ant time from then on and especially when her blood would start to really boil.

A good look from Olli’s side was enough to know that the lady was ready. It was at that particular moment and not before she was about to start, that she covered her hands with oil, making sure she was ready for the first touches of the tantric massage.

Fedora, while waiting for the first touch to happen felt very comfortable with her legs wide open, her pouty lips separated and juices were already flowing. She was already hot enough, even though she was anxiously waiting for that first rub. Her eyes were closed, while she wondered what was coming next. She was lost in a sea of dreams, hoping that at last she was going to let her most intimate part of her body in the hands of two unknown ladies. She was anxious to explore and find out, if what she had learned was real or not.

The first touch took place and where the least she was expecting it. Olli’s flat hand touched her pelvis, just over the area where her clitoris was. Slowly and lightly the palm of Olli’s hand started to move over her skin in a circulated movement. With not too much pressure her hand continued to move and massage the area while building more pressure within her red chakra. Her hand continued to flow on the skin, just a little away, from not touching her clitories. It took Olli a few rather short minutes before she moved her fingers downwards, where with two fingers she started to massage Fedora’s perineum.

Slowly and conscientiously she used her fingers meticulously as it massaged that little space between her pouty lips and her ass hole. She used more oil to increase the feeling and to easily control the right tension on the very sensitive parts, around her pubic area. As Olli felt the tension building within Fedora’s red hot chakra she increased the pressure on her clitoris. That was Fedora’s first explosion. There were moans and her body trembled on the massage bed with a push against Olli’s knees, but the pressure from Olli’s side, Fedora’s knees did not close.

‘How was that? Did you enjoy it?’ Di who was close by asked Fedora while she was following the way Olli was massaging her. It was then that the door bell rang the second time.

‘I could never believe how this first orgasm could be so strong. We are still at the beginning of the process; I’m wondering what will happen later?’ Fedora asked surprisingly.

There was no answer except that Olli moved two fingers between her swollen lips; from her clit down over the perineum when even one finger went further downwards. It was an excused false move that hit her rosebud. But the lady made no move or comment for the unexpected interference. She knew what happened, but she did not leave any evidence that she felt it happening. As a matter of fact it was expected, but Fedora knew; that it was done deliberately.

The perineum massage was making Fedora rather too excited as her love juices increased in their flow. It became more abundant which wetted the anal area or better there was a continuous stream flowing down over her rosebud, the extra ending on the cushion.

Slowly, Olli with the palms of two fingers, one on the inside and the other on the outside, very lightly she grabbed one of Fedora’s pouty lips. With a very light pressure she started to move the palm of the fingers up and down along its’ length, slowly increasing the pressure. The feelings within the lady’s body had started to multiply rather too quickly, while she was wondering if she was already in the heavens. The activity within her red hot chakra was getting stronger and stronger and that volcano between her legs was actually erupting.

The more Olli increased the pressure of her fingers moving along the short length of her client’s vaginal lips, the stronger the excitement building inside Fedora’s body was soon leading her to nowhere else; except to an expected huge orgasm, far stronger than the previous one. Olli realized what was happening so she moved her fingers to the right lip which she continued to massage during which time the lady’s body was overtaken by another orgasm which probably was the third or the fourth of that morning.

Olli did not stop what she was doing, but she lifted her knees and put some pressure on the lady’s inner legs to increase the pressure and keep her from closing them. Fedora enjoyed for the first time a real tantric massage. She was feeling very relaxed with her hands behind the back of her head while still trembling and moaning. She could not believe how delighted she was with the professional way Olli was conducting that so much dreamed about, massage.

The heat continued to increase as the lady’s body started to tremble soon again. Olli kept her fingers busy, getting closer to take her clitoris between her thumb and her index finger. The lady became hotter and stronger, tremors were flowing from her red chakra through the whole her body. She resisted and tried to relax, while she held on and continued to enjoy the pleasures of that very intensive massage; she so many times had dreamed about as she masturbated herself.

Olli also felt her inside feelings increasing and her vagina getting wetter and wetter. She concentrated on her two fingers working on the lady’s engorged clit, as the middle finger of her other hand was pressed against the ladies rosebud. There was a shock at the touch of Olli’s finger against the lady’s anal entrance; but she considered it and accepted as part of the actual exercise. Fedora just relaxed and continued to enjoy what she was receiving.

Olli’s fingers were moving away from her clit. The middle finger entered the lady’s vagina searching for her G-Spot. As soon as she hit her G-Spot there was another strange shock and the fire within her sex hot chakra increased. Olli, very slowly and lightly started to massage Fedora’s most sensitive spot. The final part of the massage had commenced with the lady’s sexual activity became fully activated. An immediate orgasm flushed through her body and Olli pressed the thumb against the lady’s clitoris while the pointing finger inside her vagina was massaging the other end of her clitoris which is the G-spot. With the two main spots being massaged from the inside and the outside; the lady’s body really exploded.

Her anal opening started to pulsate as her sphincter started to open and close with the activity, sucking slowly Olli other finger into Fedora’s ass hole. As she felt the tension growing Fedora started to lift her ass of the cushion whereas she continued to moan with one orgasm fading into another, as more of Olli finger ended inside her anal tube.

She cried and shouted as she tried to close her legs. Olli held her legs wide open as her finger went deeper into the lady’s ass. ‘Ohhhhh fuck… I never been so hot. Wowwwww… aaaaahhhhh… aaaahhhhh don’t stop… don’t stoppp… fuck me with your fingers… fuck me… fuck mee. I need a man… I need a man with a big cock now.’ Fedora continued to shout while her body was totally engulfed in one the most intense orgasms she ever experienced.

Olli wished she could have had a male waiting for that special moment. It could have been not only an interesting show but the orgasms that could have followed would have led to share in a nirvana. But Olli did not stop. She even intensified the vaginal/clitoral massage. The pressure on the lady’s body intensified. Her body trembled and rolled on the cushion but she did not give up. She resisted the temptation to stop Olli from keeping her fingers working.

Fedora with her eyes closed she was still lost in a continuous orgasm while she was being watched by Diana who was massaging, or better masturbating her own pussy, while watching Fedora wriggling her body as Olli continued to push her finger deeper into her ass.

At that moment the doorbell sprang to life again and Diana walked away to check who the next intruder was.

Fedora did not stop enjoying those intimate pleasures which until that day were unknown to her, except in the books she read. She continued to enjoy the most beautiful massage she always wondered and dreamed about. The orgasms never stopped. Liquid was flowing constantly out of her vagina. She continued to shout and cry while Olli continued. Many times she asked for a hard cock; but there were none available, not even an artificial one.

The intensive orgasm which continued blocked her senses and it was then that she relaxed in her own dreams. Slowly, Olli pulled her fingers away from her clitoris; her G-Spot followed by and slowly taking off the finger from her ass.

Very slowly she pulled herself away from between the lady’s legs and left her to relax until she was ready to wake up. At last; after some very long minutes later, she started to return back to her real world. They looked at each other for a little time until the lady took a deep breath and gave Olli another look.

‘Wowww… I never had so many orgasms at one go. At times I felt like being in heaven. Maybe next time I will bring one of the male friends. Hey, I never thought I’ll go so crazy and wild.’

‘So, you it seems that you have enjoyed it beyond any of your expectations?’ Olli asked.

‘The way you performed what you have done to me, it was beyond what I ever expected. I never believed that it was going to be so intensive. At times I was so lost in the heavens that I couldn’t believe such pleasures could ever be enjoyed. Thanks sweetheart. Can I have a shower? I’m totally covered in oil and sweat.’

‘Do you think you need some help; I mean we can shower together if you have no objections?’ Olli offered.

‘Yes, I would love that; thanks.’ The lady accepted Olli’s proposal and they just enjoyed helping each other in the shower, where even a few touches took place which set the fire on again.

Before the lady was about to leave she gave Olli some three hundred Euros; without even asking any questions. It was a hundred more than what she had been asked.

‘You will see me soon; maybe I will even recommend you to a couple of my friends.’ A few kisses on the cheeks and off she went as happy as if she had won a million Euros.

Their next client was another lady rather younger with an incredibly looked after shaped body; about 5ft 6 and an hour glass profile. A pony tail of her wine colour painted hair, endowed the upper part of her body.

She was welcomed by Di, while Olli was still massaging Fedora’s vagina. Her name was Corrine, very strange for Greece but she was born in the States. Di guided Corrine towards her own massage parlour and as she entered she started to hear a lot of cries and moans from the other room.

‘What is happening; what are all these noises… Is there somebody getting fucked?’ Corrine asked.

‘Not exactly.’ Answered Di. ‘It’s just part of a massage; rather a female massage.’

‘What do you mean? It seems that who is there, she is more than enjoying herself. Is it something like some real hot fucking?’

‘Corrine, you have already asked about our different types of massage. That is the third part, even though I did not elaborate about it. I emphasized about the hands massage and the body to body massage. What is happening in the other room is the tantric massage; it’s about… massaging the hotty zones.’

‘Must be very interesting and erotic, with all that moaning; I’m wondering what the actual feelings are. Do I have to pay extra … as I like to have a try.’

‘Well until now it wasn’t on our program. We only started this week and with respect we were not expecting any females to call. So, for today if you want to try it, you can have it for free.’

‘Woww… thanks. So where shall we start.’

‘Take your clothes off and we start.’ Corrine did not take long to get naked. Her one piece dress fell to the floor as the zipper at the back went down. Her shapely breasts were just naked underneath the dress. No supports were needed and her nipples were already as hard as they could get, pointing outwards.

‘No bra.’ Di asked.

‘With the summer heat, I prefer the cool feelings and the movement of the loose dress or tops against my hard nipples. I feel very sexy and as you see my tits look great; especially from a male’s point of view. You know I like the male attention; I had always been a cock teaser, but mind you I like to have an aggressive male in my bed too; somebody who really knows what a woman really needs… I don’t fancy quick shooters; you know what I mean and I don’t like disappointments.’

‘Sure I know… I may recommend the right one; if he is still in town.’ Di felt embarrassed with her final comment. ‘Sorry… about that last comment; I shouldn’t have mentioned persons. It was unethical, sorry but I was carried away.’

‘Don’t be; I would like a strong man who knows how to please a woman; but although I tried a few contenders, those who really made an impact were not too many. Many times it’s not the actual act but even the good talk; the caress; the respect to my body; it’s not just to be fucked… it’s everything combined. Now what about this guy; what is special about him?’

‘You have to be in his bed to really… .’ Di stopped half way. She wanted Corrine to dream about this Sam.

‘How can I find him? Does he have to like me?’ Corrine cut in.

‘Do you really like to meet him?’ Di asked, somewhat excitedly.

‘Only, if he is available?’

‘Does he live close by?’ Corrine very excitedly asked while she started to take off her very tiny G-String, which barely covered her slit. Her ass was also perfectly shaped as much as was the rest of her trimmed body, a proof of her work outs, both at home and at the Gym.

Di got on line on the first press of the button. Sam made some small talk with Di and was pleased that everything went better than expected. Quickly Di asked about his whereabouts and was elated when he confirmed that he was still in town.

‘Sam, are you free this afternoon/evening?’ Di asked.

‘I’m still free; really after the heavy week, you know, going to Thessaloniki and not to mention all the other commitments; I thought I would have the rest of the day for myself.’

‘So, was the panty collection, still there?’ Di asked.

‘Are you alone?’ Sam asked.

‘For your information, dear Sam; I have a very exquisite lady, who after I will massage her body in three stages… you precisely know what I mean; and after I explained and she heard what was going on in the other massage parlour; she thought that she needs a very exquisite fucker to satisfy her ego and cool the heat I am going to produce within her body. Her exact words were “she doesn’t want a quick shooter”.’

‘She seems very, very interesting. Did you advise her that she will end up with three sore holes?’

‘Fuck Sam; I think she got some experience; hopefully she wasn’t one of your victims.’ Di answered.

‘What time she will be available?’ Sam asked cutting of, the small talk.

‘Within a couple of hours she will be on the way; hot and ready.’

‘Thanks sweetie and keep the good work. I’m proud of you both.’ Sam did not wait for an answer. He just broke the line.

The first part of the massage went without a hitch. The body to body went perfect except it made Corrine so hot, especially when massaging each other’s pussies against each other. Corrine became wild and she seemed to want something more. The third had not yet started, therefore Di settled Corrine on her back in a position as if she was alone with her legs wide open waiting to have a baby. Diane with her hand covered in oil started the tantric massage very slowly.

Corrine’s blood was already heated up, not only with the workout but also dreaming about the pleasures she was anticipating she was going to enjoy. Between her legs, love cream was flowing. The body to body massage had increased the carnal hunger to get fucked, touched, massaged and masturbated. The heat was incredible and while she was very anxious to find out what was next she relaxed and started to understand what was special about this third part.

The two women kept looking into each other’s eyes while they were both massaging their pussies against each other’s legs. The heat was building up. Their eyes watching each other were full of desires; even for each other. Corrine moaned as she felt her first orgasm flowing through her body. She pressed her pussy harder against Di’s leg, dreaming of what it would feel like if she can have her pussy sucked by this woman she never knew before, even before two hours earlier.

She got a liking for her, and was wondering what she, Di was thinking. Di’s pussy was also hot. This Corrine was hot. Does she like pussy; but she asked for a real hot dick? Questions could be asked, but the answer came quicker than she was expecting.

‘Are you into women, if I may ask?’ Corrine asked.

‘I prefer a good fuck, but as you may know when you live with females, especially when you are studying, sometimes you get carried away.’ Di answered.

‘It means; that you had a taste?’ Corrine indulgingly asked.

‘Yes; one can say so; even more than a taste.’ Di answered.

Corrine couldn’t restrain her ego and so she pressed her pussy harder against Di’s pussy while she started to massage it until the heat started really boiling. Di, did not want in any way to jeopardize that sort of human bond which just grew between them; even though that before two hours earlier, they did not even knew each other. Therefore Di collaborated with Corrine, while she was totally lost enjoying her own orgasms.

Di was waiting and perfectly knew that Corrine was waiting for the next part. At that same moment she was also wondering through her dreams what Sam would look like. Can he satisfy the sexual hunger which was building within her body; Corrine thought. Therefore Di settled her on her back, opened her legs as wide as she could; bent them at the knees with the feet settled on the sides of the flat cushion. Her ass was elevated on a cushion, for Di to have a better access to her vaginal area.

With a stick of KY Di sat on a cushion between Di’s legs. Greasing the palm of her fingers with her right hand, she started getting the signals as her hand touched the pelvic area. Di’s hand moved in circles increasing the pressure against Corrine’s freshly shaved skin, the feelings of pleasure started to increase. She stayed tight, watching Di’s face while enjoying the little itches which were growing within her sexual organs.

As the massage progressed to Corrine’s pouty lips, Di’s fingers, one at a time moved slowly to the bottom of the inner valley and around the opening of her vagina. By then Corrine body was already on fire. Her clitoris was next, and between the thumb and the index finger she executed the clitoral massage while looking forward to massage her G-Spot; while with her other hand she was playing with the hard nipples; rolling them and squeezing them.

Corrine was already in heaven. After the next set of tremors, Di moved her hand away from Corrine’s breasts after she gave them a very hard squeeze which sent Corrine’s body into a multiple orgasm. Di did not stop, but her index finger was pressed against Corrine’s rosebud. Her ass lifted off the cushion as she felt the intruder, but was disappointed that it did not intrude further in.

Di was not ready to push. She just circled the palm of her finger; lightly massaging the love juices which flowed out of her pussy cascading down over her rosebud which automatically lubricated it. The finger circled while the other fingers of the other hand continued to move slowly downwards over her chest towards Corrine’s vaginal area. The pointing finger started to intrude through the little opening until it was fully embedded, moving around searching for the erogenous zones. Slowly, slowly she found her G-spot and immediately Corrine reacted. Her ass lifted and her vaginal muscles contracted. A high note of a moan escaped from between her lips. Her eyes were closed as she was finding it difficult keeping her legs wide open.

Di pressed the sides of her knees against Corrine’s, pushing them and holding them as wide open as she could. The tension was increasing as also the intensity of her orgasms.

Di activated her thumb as she started to massage Corrine’s clitoris in combination with the G-spot inner massage. Corrine’s hands grabbed Di’s hand and tried to push it away as the last fresh orgasm felt too strong. At that moment Di pushed the other finger up to the first knuckle into Corrine’s asshole. She swore with the shock. ‘Fuck you Di; I wasn’t expecting you to put your finger in there so quickly. That’s too private. For fuck’s sake take it out.’ She cried.

But Di never took no for an answer. ‘You haven’t met Sam yet. Just wait.’

‘What the hell do you mean?’ Corrine asked totally mystified.

‘In an hour’s time you will find out. He’s the most handsome guy you could ever meet and the best fuck you can ever get. One more point. No woman could resist him. Be careful, a look into your eyes and your panties becomes not totally wet but drenched.’

‘Fuck; what this myth about this panty collection, then?’

‘You better ask him.’

‘Fuck Di, please finish me. Now I really want to meet this guy more than I ever dreamed.’

‘First put your hands under your head and don’t interrupt. Within these walls I decide where and when I touch. You came here to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and nothing more.’ Di nearly shouted.

With Corrine’s legs back in position, wide open, Di continued what she had already started. Her right hand’s fingers working simultaneously on her clit and G-spot while the middle finger of her left hand, was more than half way inside her ass. It did not take long before Corrine was crying and shouting, as the fire flowing out of her activated red chakra was flowing from one into another. It was flowing upwards along her body, like wild fire through her veins.

‘Fuck Di; I don’t know if I can I take more… I don’t know. Aaaaaahhhhh fuck Di…yessss more… more… harder… harder.’ Corrine cried and shouted for more as she tried to close her legs. Her body, trembling, lifted itself off the mattress a few times, probably with every strong jolt from her chakra. But Di was ready to make a stop to any of Corrine’s interferences. Her legs stayed wide open while Di continued to massage the area within her asshole as her finger was kept active. It was moving in and out of her anus. The orgasmic explosions did not stop, but Di’s other fingers kept her clit and G-spot properly activated.

At last Corrine grabbed Di’s hands and pressed them harder against her crotch. Her body was totally taken over by those last multiple explosions. Her hand gave away, her legs stretched forward as she laid herself. Her body still trembling; lost in nirvana.

Di pulled herself away and walked towards the nearest bathroom, at least to clean her hands. On her return Corrine was still lost in a big dream within fantasy land. She was there stretched on her back, her legs slightly open and her tremors started to wane and vanish slowly; but she was still enjoying those special moments she had never experienced before, in her life.

Di cleared most of the extra things which were lying around. She liked to keep the place as clean as possible with used towels etc sent to the washing machine and the clean ones kept in place for the next occurrence.

At last Corrine started to stir slowly; her eyes slightly opened and closed again. She was wondering, trying to remember where she was; what happened; where she had been. In which heaven she had been ascended to. She tried to remember those short moments when she felt so far away from her EARTH; the place was heavenly; indescribable.

‘Where…have… I … I… bee… beeeennn?’ Corrine tried to try to find out where she had been.

Di waited until Corrine could come back to normality. She just kept moving around the place until Corrine lifter her head of the mattress.

‘Welcome back. Don’t ask where you been. You will never find out, but you can go there as many times if you like and feel; or maybe even experience different pleasures. If you enjoyed them so much, try again, maybe next time you will have a different experience. Maybe Sam can send you there too. He’s quite an expert!’

Corrine did not comment. ‘Can I have a shower?’

‘Sure… I’m waiting for you to do it together.’ No more questions were asked. They washed each other not to mention that they washed each other’s intimate parts too. Feelings started to awake again as their fingers searched around for each other’s arousals.

After they dried each other with more touches, Di took her back to the massage mattress. After changing the cover Di laid her down on her back and immediately got on top of her body in a sixty-nine position. Corrine was slightly shocked but she was hot enough to be the first to push her tongue into Di’s pussy. Both of them started sucking on each other’s pussies, licking and sucking on their flowing juices. In a few minutes their bodies erupted into a huge orgasm which they both enjoyed.

After that they put their clothes on and were ready to go their separate ways. But before, with a big smile Corrine asked again about the panties collection which according to the myth Sam has collected from his virgin devotees.

‘The panty collection was the talk of the campus during Sam’s years at Thessaloniki. I believe; that there were approximately around 300, but not all came from the virgin ladies Sam had fucked on campus. There were others that were collected during the summer holidays, when Sam worked in the tourist trade… mostly in top class hotels on different islands. Naturally they all had blood stuck to them as evidence of the lady’s virginity, which naturally was broken by Sam’s masterpiece itself.’ Di explained from the information she had collected.

‘Wowww. Is he the same Sam… it must be him.’ Corrine answered.

‘Do you know him?’ Di asked.

‘When I was at the university in Athens one of the subjects I studied was geology and the lectures were delivered by a female lecturer known as Madam. From the rumours circulating around, this Sam was compelled to spend most of his weekends studying at her place, when she was lecturing in Thessaloniki. According to certain information or according to the legend, he used to service her, as “how they used to interpret the story”.’

‘He may give you the fine details.’ Di answered.

‘So he is the one. I heard he was living on an island… an island I will be visiting in about two weeks, accompanied by two French beauty experts, ladies of course.’

‘I did not say so; so please don’t implicate me.’ Di stated.

‘Don’t worry. I know how to tackle such a situation. Thanks for everything.’ And with that last comment, Corrine left three by one hundred Euro notes and before she made her exit she gave Diana a kiss on her lips. ‘Until the next time; I couldn’t wait.

Relaxed after Corrine had left, Olympia and Diana got together in the dinning room to have some lunch. They both were hungry, and both wanted some real time to relax after those ladies had taken most of their mornings and their real energy.

‘Di what the devil did you do? Was she so hot?’ Olli asked.

‘Don’t ask. She was so hot and wild that after we showered together we ended up eating each other.’ Di answered.

‘So it’s true what I heard. Did you send her to Sam?’ Olli asked.

‘She’s in need of a very good fuck. I’m sure Sam will set her up.’ Di answered.

‘Did she leave any payment?’ Olli asked.

‘Yes; she left three hundred Euros.’

‘She must have the money?’

‘We may get some free toiletries and cosmetics next time. She represents a couple of French companies.’

‘So she makes a few Euros, does she? What about us, how much did we make?’ Olli asked curiously.

‘Well calculating what we have done this week I think we have quite a few thousands.’ Diana said.

‘Sure. Approximately we massaged twenty four different guys each; not including today’s, and not to forget those extra nights. That should total, including tips at two hundred and fifty each about 12000 Euros. We have also made 2000 from those two evenings and another 550 Euros today.’ Concluded Olympia.

‘That’s impressive compared to what we had last year, plus the hardship on our families.’

‘That’s true; so what do you think we will do when we are back at university?’ Olympia asked.

‘In my opinion our studies should get priority. Well, we have five weeks plus to go before the university open its doors. I think we will work another three weeks as we are and then stop. We also stop all the advertising. Therefore during the next three weeks we choose maybe twenty five to thirty good clients; give them the details so when they like have a massage or other services they can contact us by an SMS. I am sure that they will keep us happy with a few massages every week; I calculate about six to eight each; a couple of nights on the town and nothing more. What do you think?’ Diana tried to set a decent scenario.

‘If we can do it, it will be more than enough.’ Olli responded.

‘So you agree?’

‘Sure. We can save a good deal of money and have enough to pay for all of our expenses; remember money is everything; we only have to be careful that we control them. First things first; in the end we don’t like to end up as whores.’

After they agreed they started preparing some food and some small talk about how hot both Fedora and Corrine had made them.

‘No man has ever made me so hot. But this Corrine; she was wild and crazy.’

‘So that’s why you went down on her, sucking each other?’ Olli asked.

‘How do you know what I have done?’

‘You told me, but I had already watched you on the viewer.’ Olli answered.

‘Fucking shit! Were you also feeling and massaging your pussy?’ Di asked.

‘I was fingering myself, not just touching my clit; not to mention that like you, I tasted my own juices. Maybe it could be a good idea if we continue were you were we had stopped.’ Olli described how hot she became not to forget that her pussy still leaking just like Di’s.

‘You better get a hard cock and get fucked.’ Di suggested.

‘Not a bad idea. I am sure I am in need of a hard cock. How did she taste?’ Olli asked teasingly.

‘She tasted sooo gooood, I could have spent more time eating her pussy.’ Di teased back.

‘What about this evening? Shall we go clubbing?’ Olli asked.

At that time the door bell rang; for the third time. ‘Who the fucking hell is here at this time of day?’ Diana asked. ‘Better go and have a look.’

Olympia went down and as she opened the door, she was shocked. There was this tall Adonis ready to walk in, even without an invitation. He nearly pushed Olympia out of his way and went through the door slightly lowering his head, like if it was his own property.

‘Good afternoon.’ He gave Olympia a good look, sort of like examining her body. ‘I think this must be the right place. Shall we start?’ He sort of concluded, while examining her body from head to toes.

He was about six feet four; perfect weight for his body and well trimmed.

‘Emm… It’s Saturday afternoon.’ Olympia tried to send him away.

‘Relax… I knew what day and even what time it is. Where is your mate… what is her name … Olli.’

‘I am Olli.’

‘So the other must be Di or Diana? Why don’t you call her? I need both of you here. Well sorry… I haven’t introduced myself. My name is George and two of my best friends this week came here for a massage. One of them had even enjoyed something extra. I became very intrigued after I heard the nitty gritty details. Call your friend and we start.’

At that moment Diana walked in and so after a very quick introduction he started to strip naked. Both ladies got stunned and stayed there standing just watching him peeling his clothes.

‘Well; maybe you want to ask about payment. Let’s say that, that’s not so important at this very early moment; but; it will become very important later; which means, that if my expectations will be accomplished; you will be, well rewarded. May I also make one other situation clear? I know your rules… but today they will be all broken. No more questions asked. Can we start?’ George asked very politely.

Both Diana and Olympia were shocked with the intrusion of this Greek gentleman who intruded himself on their privacy, unexpectedly. Olli showed the way and Di followed behind to the first room where within seconds all the rest of his clothes were off. The two masseurs shockingly noticed that his member was as hard as steel, pushing his briefs outwards. Di presented herself to pull down his briefs and as it popped out it flowed backwards against his pelvis, with a bang.

Olli was all eyes looking and measuring his manhood inside her brains. She could not contain herself. Juice was flowing between her legs, seeping down along her inner thighs. George lay down on his stomach with both ladies getting ready with the oil. Within seconds they started applying a film of oil before they started to massage his well trimmed body. They both realized that George was crazy about the look of his body, so he must be a member some fitness centre.

Both Di and Olli had removed their overalls underneath which they were only wearing just a g-string with no bras. Watching such beautiful naked bodies George became more relaxed especially as the ladies turned their backs, letting him enjoy a great view as they discarded their G-strings.

Di started working from the neck while Olli from the opposite, working on his feet, ankles and toes. The time was passing and George although very excited, was rather uncomfortable with his manhood which was still hard as it was mashed against his pelvis and the cushioned massage table, while lying on his stomach.

Time never stops and it continued to roll while they were wondering where this charade was getting them in. Olli started from the head and Di from his feet after they asked him to turn over on his back. Looking at that huge looking hard monster, it was making both ladies more than wet, but also scary. They had never come across suck a long and thick cock before, although Sam’s is not that small either. Di was wondering what they should do next, so she took the bull by the horns.

She moved fast along the right foot until she was massaging his inner thigh. Her hands were flowing sweetly on his skin until she got his sack into one hand and with the other she straightened his hard cock upwards.

It looked just massive. Holding it with a small hand, it felt gigantic. George was not shocked with what Di had done. In George circumstances it was a normal situation to ask to be sucked on demand. He may have even expected it to happen. Moving her hand up and down a little without messing the foreskin with any oil, Diana lowered her mouth and with her lips she pushed the foreskin backwards until she had the mushroom head totally hidden inside her mouth.

George was both shocked and elated. He was not expecting that these two gorgeous ladies were going for it from the very beginning, especially feeding on his cock with such a small looking mouth. Feeling Di’s mouth moving up and down while with her hand she was playing and rolling his nuts, it was sending George in the heavens. ‘She was some very good fucking cock sucker,’ he thought.

But Di pulled her mouth away and continued with her work. Olli noticing her mate’s sudden activity, she took over the sucking while she continued with the massage as if nothing else was happening, except what her hands were doing.

By the time the ladies ended their work for the first part of the job, they took a few minutes break, where they offered George something to drink. He opted for a coffee. Therefore while they enjoyed the coffee there was some small talk with a few jokes that livened the atmosphere in the room.

The second part went perfect with the ladies alternating. A couple of times they shared his body with their bodies until they made him turn on his back. Di took the first go and soon she started with a show of her pussy as she pushed her ass backwards and forwards giving George a close shot of her wet hot pussy. With her tits, she massaged his cock; something which the two ladies had never done to any of their previous clients. They had serviced dozens during their first week and all of them felt satisfied. George was different and both of them smelled the money.

George was elated watching those pair of hot lips getting so close to his eyes. He wanted to lick them, touch them, feel them; but they were totally covered in oil, not to mention the natural juices which were flowing outwards, from between her vaginal lips.

Olli was waiting to take over but Di had other ideas. She turned around and as she slid on his body her face came too close to his. She looked into his eyes while she stopped. ‘Hi George! Are you still down on earth; or somewhere else?’

‘What did you say?’ George answered.

‘Forget it George.’ Her body moved as she was sliding, her chest all covered in oil, against his chest. With her pussy, she was trying to tease George’s hard cock, which every time it slides between her pouty lips, her body trembled as much as George’s did.

At last she made it. The head of his dick got caught between Di’s swollen pouty lips and with some quick movements of her body, she stuck a direct link. The head of his cock got caught directly within the entrance of her vagina. She pushed her body slowly backwards, until the head was all the way in, filling her vaginal tube to the maximum.

George was shocked. He wasn’t either expecting that she was going to ride him during the actual massage as non of his friends ever mentioned that such an activity had taken place. Only he was confident that he was going to fucked them both later, even though that the rules for their clients were different.

But once Di managed to get his penis all inside her hot volcano, George did not complain. It was what she decided even though he was not yet ready for an early fuck. The sudden connection increased the tension within his groin and he started to control it, something he always thought he was good at. But Di quickly knew what was happening, and as quickly as she could, pushed her body backwards, filled herself with his massive cock and as quick, she emptied back her pussy.

The ladies gave George a few moments to relax until Olli took over and played the same part. But at that time he was ready and he could not believe how good the ladies were. They made him fuck them as they got his hard fucking tool inside their hot and welcome pussies. They moaned and cried one after the other as with the heat they had flowing through their bodies, the orgasms followed.

Their body to body massage continued with the ladies alternating with one another. One was massaging the upper part of George’s body and the other massaging his legs with her pussy as she was sliding forward and backward along the length of his legs. The movements of their bodies made George’s cock harder and as much as they wanted him to fuck them, so much he wanted them to enjoy the pleasures of his manhood.

While Di continued working on his body, moving her pussy against his hardness; Olli had to visit the bathroom.

‘Hi George… wowww, I never had such a hard big dick up my little hole. Emmm do you like to fuck me?’ Di asked as she blocked his mouth with hers. She continued to manoeuvre her body in a way that she got his big cock aiming at the entrance to her vagina. On her first attempt she managed to get a direct hit as it slipped itself all the way until it was totally buried inside her vagina.

‘How do you like that George? Emmm it feels so goooood inside my tight pussy. Emmm … George, don’t cum yet; I like you to control yourself, please. Aaaaahhhhhh George…uuuuooooo feels sooo good and sooo big. Just relax and enjoy George.’

Her mouth stuck back against his, while her vaginal muscles grabbed George’s hard cock as tight as she could shrink them.

‘Does it feel so good George? If you be a good boy and don’t cum too quickly I will let you fuck me again.’ George cock was fighting. It was on the verge of exploding, but Di was not helping either, by squeezing his cock as hard as she could, inside her vagina.

A couple of more squeezes, a few strokes in and out and she pulled her pussy away and left his sex juice covered cock waiting on his pelvis. Olli returned from the bathroom were she went on a nature’s call.

Di was around and watched Olli getting on the bed ready to straddle George as she opened her legs; one on each side of his head. She descended her freshly washed pussy slowly against his mouth, expecting his tongue to start licking the tasty sex juices which were still freshly leaking out and going straight down in his mouth.


The feeling of George’s tongue moving around her vaginal lips immediately sent her wild in a delirium of carnal pleasures. The moment Olli was waiting for had arrived. As she felt the tip of George’s tongue against her vaginal entrance; it was enough to blow her fuse. She started to moan and shout while she pressed her vaginal entrance harder against his mouth, with his tongue jammed inside her vaginal entrance.

South East England

August 25th 1996

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Mrs Parsons, or Sarah as she now insisted on being called, held up a folded piece of paper and waved it at James. They had met for drinks several times since the infamous sexual escapade at the end of term, always during one of James’ visits home from University, and he couldn’t remember her ever being as excited as she was tonight. Every time they had met it had been a fantastic night: full of laughs, saucy conversation and an ungodly amount of flirting, but much to James’ frustration no evening had ever ended in any kind of physical interaction. She always dressed fairly modestly for their ‘dates’, but James knew what kind of body was unjustly hidden underneath her layers of clothing and desperately wanted to familiarise himself with it again – but Sarah would never entertain his suggestions of after-drinks intimacy. She had spelled out exactly why during their very first date after the shower incident.

“It will never be as good,” she lamented. “We both know that. It was wish fulfilment. I got to seduce a naive and inexperienced student and you got to fuck the teacher you had fantasised about for 5-odd years. We’re never going to top that. And I want to remember it for what it was. And I do remember it James; an awful lot.”

So did James. He had enjoyed a couple of sexual encounters during his first year at university, but nothing as amazing as that first time, and with no one as stunning as Sarah – certainly no one as well-endowed. He was still a shy young man, not the cocksure kind of bloke that could easily flirt with his fellow students and get glamorous stunners into his bed. He had managed to charm a couple of bookish girls into several bouts of sexual exploration, and he had enjoyed them very much, but the image of Sarah’s cum-soaked breasts sitting below the filthy look on her face was a hard one to shift, and every sexual tryst paled in comparison. James had shared these frustrations with Sarah at their meetings, and she had even admitted that her sex life had felt a little tame since their erotic coupling, but she was adamant that casual sex would tarnish the memory of their realised fantasies. James just had to settle for the incredibly intimate chats they had instead. But it was at their most recent get-together that Sarah had hit upon an idea that she thought could recapture the magic of James’ incentive list.

“I was thinking about what you did – you know with your list,” she said enigmatically.

“What about it?”

“It was nothing to do with the grades, was it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I feel a bit stupid for not thinking of it like this before, but you didn’t use the incentive to see my tits to get a good grade, did you? You used the excuse of needing a good grade to talk me into showing you my tits. You basically thought up a very clever plan that offered the slim possibility of making a fantasy come true.”

“Well I thought if I had just asked for a titty fuck after school one day, you might have refused,” James intoned with mock seriousness. Sarah guffawed in response.

“But that’s the thing, of course I would have. Refused, I mean. In that scenario I would have thought you were a total creep, I probably would have felt I had to tell someone, I would have been panicking about my career… I mean I wouldn’t have just been able to let that stand.”

“Fuck. Well I’m glad I didn’t do that then.” James felt a little sobered by the assertion. Sarah seemed to notice his unease and held out a warm hand for his own to clasp.

“But in your absolute genius,” she continued, “You created a scenario that kind of made sense. That felt safe. That was actually kind of sweet and adorable. The whole thing could be denied or refuted or ignored… well right up until the point I tit fucked you in the shower room, anyway.”

“What are you getting at?” James wondered out loud.

“You made your fantasy come true. With a lot of thought and a bit of ingenuity, you came up with a plan that actually made it come true. And I’m thinking maybe we could engineer a few more.”

James pondered what she was saying for a short moment.

“Well the fact that it was your fantasy too probably helped,” he offered.

“Sure, I met you halfway. But you came up with that plan all on your own. If there’s two of us – two horny geniuses; one boy, one girl – we could come up with some of our own, couldn’t we?”

“Why do we need to come up with clever plans to do stuff with each other?”

“We don’t, you idiot.” She slapped him upside the head with a beer mat. “Like I said, it would be easy to go back to mine and fuck each other, but that’s not the fun part…”

“I think it would be pretty fun.”

“It would be pretty fun, but it wouldn’t be amazing. You know what made our session in the shower so amazing?”

“The anticipation.”

“Exactly! The anticipation! I was thinking about ‘results day’ from the moment you gave me that list. I fantasised about holding up my end of the bargain a hundred times over. And the feeling of your plan coming to fruition, of us reaping the rewards of all your twisted little machinations…”

“Alright, steady on. So what specifically are you suggesting?”

“Let’s write another list. Of fantasies. Of things we’ve always wanted to do that maybe we can’t do with a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Things like… you know, getting a tit fuck from your teacher. You write one, I’ll write one; we’ll compare notes, try to work out ways of… you know… making them come true.”

As they continued to chat James slowly started to acknowledge the potential rewards of having a filthy partner-in-crime that he could collaborate with to fuel their respective fantasies. They went their separate ways with James’ head full of new sexual possibilities

Over the course of the next seven days, James became almost obsessive in concocting the contents of his list. His fantasies before his encounter with Sarah had been almost entirely dominated by situations involving his beloved teacher, but in the following year he had imagined and masturbated to a much greater variety of mental scenarios. He found that his solo activities were far more satisfying and enjoyable when he imagined situations that were grounded and within the realms of possibility. Picturing him seducing Phoebe Cates into an indecent act on a tropical beach was stimulating, sure, but not all that plausible. Catching a busty flat mate undressing in their shared accommodation was much more feasible – and therefore more of a turn on. Sarah’s proposed evolution of the incentive list was perfect for him, because it demanded feasible scenarios that could be engineered with a little guile and planning. James’ dirty mind went into overdrive as he imagined all the sordid things he could accomplish with the help of a willing and like-minded female accomplice. The ideas came thick and fast. And so did he, on an almost nightly basis.


“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Sarah could hardly contain her excitement when they met a week later. James was embarrassed to see that he had several pages of A4 paper covered in ink compared with the one neatly-typed page in Sarah’s hand, but was nonetheless eager to swap notes.

Sipping on her large glass of wine, which James had managed to secure at the bar before an erection had taken hold, Sarah carefully studied the list, occasionally smirking, occasionally letting out sounds of approval. Sarah’s list made for equally stimulating reading. A dozen different scenarios were simultaneously bouncing around in James’ head and three times as many possible ways to help bring them to fruition for his filthy companion. James wasn’t stupid; he knew that the more instrumental he was in making these fantasies a reality for Sarah, the harder she would work to do the same for him. He figured it was his turn to do her a favour considering the treat that had started all this, but Sarah refuted the logic.

“You came up with the first plan. My turn to come up with one for you,” she insisted. James wasn’t about to persuade her otherwise.

“Anything catch your eye?” he asked.

“Explain this one to me a bit more”.

Sarah lifted the second page towards James and held a perfectly painted nail against James’ fifth entry on the list titled ‘fake masseuse’.

“I went on holiday last year with my parents,” began James. “Just after the exam results actually. A very nice resort in Spain. And they had this hotel spa where I booked a massage. And it was really full on and intimate – I was completely naked under the towel and this woman was rubbing almost every inch of me with oil.”

“Mmmmm, was she hot?”

“No, she was about 50 and had a moustache.”


“But the point is, after I had finished I saw another woman in a towel go into another room for a massage and she really was hot. And a male masseuse followed her in! I remember thinking, ‘wow, if only I could get in with the spa staff and get them to let me pretend to be a masseuse’. I’d have waited until a foxy client came in and spent 60 minutes with my hands all over her. And she’s on vacation – she’s not going to know that I’m not staff!”


“Of course I’m not trained. I’d probably be found out after 10 minutes of rubbing the wrong muscles.”

“Not to mention the disproportionately large amount of time you’d spend on the tits.”

“Well yeah, there’s that too,” James acknowledged with a chuckle. “I guess I’d have to pace myself.”

Sarah pondered and was silent for a minute or so as James nursed his beer. Finally she looked up and fixed him with one of her trademark dirty smiles.

“A plan is forming,” she declared cryptically.

The conversation then moved on to other entries in the list and eventually onto the intriguing fantasies typed by Sarah. They chatted and drank and flirted well past closing time, the landlord seemingly rewarding them for their custom by leaving them be and letting them order from the bar long after the pub had closed – what the British lovingly call a ‘lock-in’. The seeds they planted in each other’s minds that evening would bear sensual fruit for many years to come.


A little under two weeks later, James received a call at his parents’ house where he was staying for the summer while they cruised around the Mediterranean. He desperately hoped it was Sarah – he hadn’t heard a peep from her since the lock-in and was desperate to share his thoughts about her list. But the youthful, slightly posh voice on the other end of the line was wasn’t hers.

“Oh, hi there. Is that James?” said the young woman in an upbeat, genial tone that immediately sat well him.

“Er, yes it is. Who’s that?”

“My name’s Emma. I was given your number by Sarah Parsons. I’d like to book you in for a massage if I can?”

James froze. Usually so good thinking on his feet, he had a minor panic attack at being so woefully underprepared for this opportunity.

“Oh I’m sorry, I’ve got the wrong number haven’t I?” she offered.

Faced with the fear of letting this chance slip through his fingers, James’ brain finally kicked into gear.

“No no. You’ve got the right number. Sorry, the receiver was playing up. Did you say Sarah Parsons?”

“Yes, she was eulogising about her sessions with you so I thought I’d book one too.”

“I’d be happy to. Emma, I don’t have my diary with me right now, would you mind if I called you back later today to arrange a time?”

“No of course not. Sorry, it is a bit early isn’t it? Have you got a pen?”

James jotted down her number and promised to call back as soon as he could. She gushed with thanks and put the phone down. James replaced the receiver and stood in shock for a while before being startled back into lucidity by the phone ringing yet again.

“Hi James, it’s Sarah. Thought I’d better give you some warning that you might be getting a phone call from a lovely young lady in the next few days.”

“You’re a bit late. I’ve just got off the phone with her now.”

“Oh Shit, have we blown it?”

“No, I blagged it. Told her I’d call her back when I found my diary. Who is she? What did you tell her?”

“God she’s keen. I only gave her your number this morning. Call her back and tell her 7.00 Wednesday evening at the nurse’s office at our school. I’ll fill you in on the rest later. Meet me at Gino’s for lunch.”

James returned Emma’s call and confirmed the appointment, careful to avoid engaging her in conversation in case he contradicted whatever Sarah had told her. In the brief exchange she sounded bubbly and sweet and James started imagining what she might look like.


At a local Italian cafe later that day, Sarah went through the details and revealed the extent of her planning.

“You know this running club I do with some of the sixth formers at Percy Forks?” she began.

Sir Percival Faulkner’s school for girls was located just a short way down the road from James’ old school. Another private establishment for well-to-do brain boxes, the two academic establishments were separate entities but they often collaborated in subjects such as music, drama and in some sports.

“Oh God, how old is she?” James queried.

“Don’t worry, she’s 18. Just finished her exams. Bit worried about university I think… interacting with all those young men after 7 years at a girls school.”

Sarah gave James a trademark fruity look. He was intrigued.

“Go on,” he said.

“Well, we all meet to go running about twice a week, and I’ve got to know some of them quite well. We even go out for drinks after the evening run sometimes. The ones who are old enough anyway. And I’ve been mentioning this wonderful guy who gives me a full body massage every once in a while. That he’s young and sweet and training to be a physiotherapist and is offering cut price massage sessions to help him practice and train. That he’s not yet qualified or experienced enough to do deep tissue techniques, but that it’s such a relaxing and sensual hour that it really doesn’t matter.”

“That is absolutely genius,” James marvelled.

“And you got a whole-hearted recommendation from me. I mentioned you to all the girls I thought you might be interested in getting your hands on, but this girl Emma was the only one I gave your number to.”

“Why her?”

“Well, first off she’s got a body I really think you’ll appreciate rubbing oil into. I’ve checked her out in the changing room showers, and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re into. But mainly it’s because of the way she reacted when I subtly suggested the more ‘sensual’ aspects of the massage. I think she’ll be, shall we say, a little more receptive to your touch?”

James was developing a crushing erection just hearing about this.

“We need to set up the first aid room to be more like a spa. I can do that. Candles and a tape player and stuff. We’ll wheel the recovery bed into the centre of the room. It’s like a massage table anyway, the mattress is so hard. It’s height adjustable too.”

“Outstanding. You’ve really thought of everything.”

“One more thing. I told her that you would ask her if she would rather you avoided massaging her buttocks and breasts. Figured it would make you sound more professional and also give you an opportunity to read the situation; see if it would be appropriate for your wandering hands to do their thing. But I wholeheartedly recommended that she let you. Said it was the best part.”

“Paint a bit of a picture for me. What’s she like?”

“I don’t want to say too much in case I build her up. Let’s just say tall, lovely long brown hair and tits bigger than mine.”

That final bit of info elicited an audible moan from James’ throat. Sarah giggled, pleased that her machinations were yielding the desired results.


On the evening of the massage, Sarah met James at his old school. Despite it being the summer holidays, the main building and a select few sports facilities were kept open and maintained by a skeleton crew of administrators and cleaners. The main building, which housed the nurse’s office, was essentially deserted and would be locked up at 10.00 – plenty of time for James to indulge his fantasy with his unwitting, if not unwilling, customer.

Sarah showed him to the first aid room and was knocked out by the effort she had put in to decorate it appropriately: dozens of tea lights gave the room a soft, dimly-lit glow; relaxing classical music played at a low volume via a cassette player; and a burning incense stick filled the space with a flowery perfume. The adjustable bed, usually something terrifying-looking with a plasticky mattress topping a multitude of folding legs and wheels, was now an invitingly cosy table of white cotton and linen in the centre of the room.

“Right,” said Sarah, clapping her hands together. “You brought the oil?”

“About 10 different varieties,” responded James, holding up a heavy plastic bag as proof.

“You’ve done your homework about towel positions and stuff? What to ask and how to start?”

“I think so.”

“Great. Well have fun.” She indicated his black track suit bottoms and tight-fitting black T-shirt with a waft of her hand. “You certainly look the part. I’ve got some work to be getting on with. I’ll pop by after your ‘appointment’ and take you to the pub. You can tell me all about it.”


It was 7:05, twenty minutes after Sarah had left him, and James was worried he was going to be stood up. He was considering leaving to find his old teacher in the building when a bundle of hair and energy come exploding through the door of the nurse’s office.

“I am sooo sorry,” the young lady gasped, before catching her breath and addressing James with a much more assured if slightly too loud voice. “I don’t know why I thought the medical room would be in exactly the same place as in our school, but I went there anyway. Got lost. I’m Emma, pleased to meet you.”

James shook an outstretched hand and quickly examined the young woman it was attached to. Certainly tall, she stood a good few inches over him even in just her trainers. Her face was open and beaming and James couldn’t decide what was smiling more; her full lipped mouth or her large brown eyes. She was fixing him with such an intense yet happy gaze that he couldn’t avert his eyes from her face to examine her other attributes. She had golden brown skin and not much make up except for a huge amount of eye shadow, which only served to make her eyes look bigger. She was incredibly pretty, like a fashion model but with a rounder, friendlier face.

“Hi, I’m James. Don’t worry this place is like a maze. I’m amazed you found it at all.”

“Well Mrs Parsons did tell me but I’ve got a rubbish sense of direction. Where shall I put these?”

Emma held up the two bags in her hands and hyperactively looked around giving James a brief opportunity to look at her body. Sarah hadn’t been lying about her breasts; even buried under several layers of thin material and a hefty bra (judging by the thick blue shoulder strap on show), their ample nature couldn’t be disguised. She was not as slim as, say, Sarah Parsons, but she certainly was not overweight in any way. James imagined that her frequent running had given her a decently toned physique. He was about to find out first hand.

“Just pop them on that corner chair over there.”

As she turned away from him to deposit her belongings, he could see how long her straight brown hair was, the ends almost obscuring her behind. Her ass was not small but was incredibly round and pert. Some women, James noticed, simply had a place where their thighs met their back in a rather nondescript fashion. This was not the case with Emma – she had an ass! And a fucking good one. She turned around and swept her long straight-cut fringe away from her dark fluttering eyelashes.

“Right,” she puffed, before slapping her hands against the sides of her thighs and fixing James with an expectant stare. “Where do you want me?”

James gave her a warm smile and checked out her clothed body for the final time. He could feel his cock stiffening in his pants.

“We’re all ready to go in that room there. You can go in now and I’ll give you a few minutes to undress – you can just hang your clothes over the back of the chair. Lie face down on the table with a towel covering you, and I’ll join you in a moment.”

“Do I keep my knickers on, or should I be completely naked?”

James was slightly taken aback by the utter lack of coyness displayed.

“It’s entirely up to you. Some clients prefer to keep both their bra and knickers on, others like to be completely nude. So whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“OK great,” she said, and headed into the first aid room, gently closing the door behind her.

James was glad she entered as swiftly as she did, aware that his growing erection would soon be visible through his jogging bottoms. As he waited outside he wondered if he should have been more prescriptive, insisting she was totally naked. No, it was best that he gave her every opportunity to signal any discomfort. If he went back in and she was wearing her underwear underneath the towel, he would know that this would be a more subtle titillation for him and that he should avoid any direct sexual contact. That would be fine, he thought. It would be enough to stare at that semi nude body and rub his hands near and around her assets. He might even be able to persuade her to remove more clothing. His erection reached full capacity thinking about it. To disguise his arousal he reached into his joggers and pulled his erection up and slightly out of his briefs, using the waist band to hold it flat against his pelvis. He then secured his joggers further up his torso to cover the top of his erect cock sticking up out of his underwear. He took a deep breath, and approached the door of the first aid room, rapping on it gently three times.

“I’m ready,” came the distinctly calmer-sounding voice on the other side.

James entered to reverential silence as the music had reached the end of the tape. All that could be heard was the crackling flames of the candles and tea lights. He closed the entrance behind him and locked the old fashioned door with the brass key sticking out the keyhole, before placing it on its hook on the wall nearby. On the table in the middle of the room Emma was lying face down as instructed. A towel covered the area extending between her lower back and her knees, and James was ecstatic to note that her back was completely bare. She had tied up her long trusses in a messy bun revealing her broad shoulders and tanned athletic body. And underneath her honed torso he could see the sides of her massive breasts squashed between the surface of the table and her ribcage.

James attended to the cassette player and found himself standing right next to the chair where Emma had draped her clothes. Two items particularly caught his eye: the generously cupped blue bra and the non-matching pair of white cotton knickers. She was completely naked under the towel! James felt some precum ooze out of the tip of his cock; the pressure of the elasticated waistband was doing little to abate its sensitivity.

“It’s so peaceful in here,” Emma offered, her voice now hushed and calm.

“That’s the idea. We want you to be as relaxed as possible and just enjoy the next hour.”

James saw that Emma’s head was turned in the opposite direction and quickly succumbed to the temptation to pick up her bra and examine the label. She was a 36DD. James knew that it was inevitable that at some point in the next half hour he was going to ask Emma to turn over and catch a glimpse of the biggest tits he had ever seen in the flesh. More precum escaped.

As the music restarted Emma sighed with approval and lifted her dangling arms do that she could rest her chin on her hands. James quickly replaced the bra and approached the table, picking up a bottle of massage oil and another large cotton towel on his way. He stood over his ‘customer’ and took a deep breath, examining her smooth freckled back. Raising her head to rest her chin on her hands had caused her body to lift ever so slightly off of the table, and the sides of her breasts could now be seen more clearly. The flesh peeking out from the edges of her torso was more ample than he could have imagined, and it required a mental check to stop him reaching out and touching there straight away. Instead, he tried to act out his role as professionally as possible so as not to arouse suspicion (if nothing else).

He gently pulled the towel Emma had already covered herself with down slightly, so that it covered the majority of her legs and stopped just above the roundness of her buttocks. He then placed the second towel he had gathered over her back, covering from the neckline to the small of her back.

“Did Sarah explain that I don’t do deep tissue massage or sports massage at the moment?” he offered.

“Yes, she said you were still training. That you just did relaxation massages. Sounds perfect. I just want to unwind and enjoy being pampered.”

Perfect answer. James felt he might be able to push this innocent massage further when the time came. But not yet.

“I’ll start on your back. Let me know if I’m using too much pressure or not enough. The more we communicate the more enjoyable it will be for you.”

James folded the top towel away from him, revealing the left side of Emma’s back and the generous excess of breast flesh underneath. Keeping her hands at the top of the table, she turned her head to the side away from his gaze, allowing him to ogle the modestly presented yet still – underneath all that white cotton – butt naked young woman lying below him. He poured some oil into his warm hands and began firmly stroking her back with his lubricated palms. He explored every inch of her exposed form with strong strokes, the slippery oil allowing him to really engage with and manipulate her body.

“Mmmmm, that’s lovely,” croaked Emma.

James decided to be more bold. He began rubbing oil in purposeful circles into the skin on her sides, just below where her left breast was squashed and partially on display. He then started taking long passes down the entire side of her body with his fingers, ensuring that his finger tips brushed against her side boob with every alternate stroke. As a means of testing the waters, it was a success. All Emma did was sigh pleasurably. After several minutes he replaced the towel and folded it the other way so that he could administer to the other side of her back, and the edge of her right breast. They were small, subtle touches, but the way the flesh yielded under his slippery fingers was joyous. 15 minutes had passed and he was now getting unbearably horny with an overwhelming desire to see and feel more of her body. James knew that a professional masseuse would probably now cover the back and spend a good portion of time on the backs of the legs, but he was impatient. He wanted to be stimulated further and was keen to find out how far he could push things with Emma. He moved to the other side of the table, where the towel was double folded over her back, and lifted it up high enough so that it appeared he was trying to block his view, but low enough that he could actually see the right side of her body.

“OK, if you’d just like to lie on your back for me”, he tried to calmly ask, although the dryness in his throat may have betrayed him.

“Sure,” came the hushed response.

Emma propped her body up with her elbows and began to twist around. However, for the entire manoeuvre she fixed James with an intense yet friendly stare. He couldn’t catch a glimpse of anything without her seeing exactly where he was looking. In his peripheral vision he got the impression that a magnificent pair of tits were just an ogle away, but he couldn’t break eye contact. James was trying to read the look in her eyes. It seemed playful; almost as if she was thinking ‘I know exactly what you’re up to’. Well if she did, she didn’t seem too upset about it. Her back now resting fully in the table, James replaced the towel so that it sat just below her neck. He positioned himself at the top of the table, looking down at her face. She was just as pretty upside down. Now was the moment of truth.

“Some female clients prefer that I avoid touching their breasts. It’s entirely up to you. If you don’t feel comfortable about it I can avoid massaging that area altogether.”

Emma looked into his eyes with an ambiguous expression for what seemed like an eternity, before smiling.

“No, I don’t mind. If it’s a full body massage I might as well get my money’s worth. “

“Great,” came James’ unfortunate reply, as he let a fraction of the erotic anticipation that was welling inside of him escape into his words. He mentally admonished himself for such an unprofessional response, but Emma simply smiled knowingly and closed her eyes.

James took a silent deep breath, and ignoring all the modesty techniques that he knew a proper masseuse would incorporate in this scenario, peeled the top towel down to reveal Emma’s naked chest.

It was a sight of utter sensual beauty. For starters, the usually unflattering effects of gravity were seemingly absent. While her breasts were undeniably large, her 18 year old body had bestowed upon them an almost supernatural firmness that caused them to maintain a semblance of shape and pertness even though she was lying flat on her back – there weren’t even distinct lines of cleavage. Then there was their shape – perfect circular domes of smooth golden brown flesh, centred with two generous dark pink areolas. And to top it all off, two large, puffy nipples; bullet hard and pointing to the ceiling.

James wanted to grab them immediately, but managed to restrain himself and instead worked on Emma’s shoulders. With frequent glances downwards to make sure her eyes were still closed, he took in the sight of those majestic tits. As he manipulated the skin around her décolletage, he could see them move in response, and this only fuelled his already insane levels of arousal. The precum was softly pumping out of his cock on an almost constant basis, and he could feel the area around his pelvis getting cool with the resultant stickiness.

Another look down and his heart skipped a beat as he saw Emma staring directly at him.

“Can I ask you a bit of a personal question?” she sweetly enquired.

“Er, sure,” came the weak voiced response.

“Do you ever get turned on massaging a woman?”

James wasn’t sure how to play this. The instinctive response would be ‘Yeah, I’m aroused right now’ but James couldn’t predict how that would go down. He decided to remain coy.

“No, I’m just focussing on the techniques and the muscle groups and the job I’m doing. It’s like a medical appointment. You couldn’t do it if you thought of it in that way.”

“I suppose,” she pondered, her eyes again closing. “So looking at me topless doesn’t turn you on?”

“You have to maintain a professional boundary. But talking about it doesn’t exactly help.”

“Sorry,” she said apologetically.

James’ reach began to extend further down her chest, his fingers beginning to explore the very tops of her breasts. Emma giggled to herself.

“What’s funny?” asked James, terrified he was the butt of some embarrassing joke.

“Nothing. It’s just I’ve been fighting boys away from my tits since I was 14. I’ve never let a guy touch them even once and now I’m paying one to do it. I just think that’s funny.”

James took her relaxed tone and candid language as a sign that he could be more adventurous. He took another bottle of oil and trickled some of its contents over Emma’s breasts, aiming the sweet smelling lubricant so it landed on and around her nipples. The coolness made her take a sharp intake of air. James distracted her by furthering the conversation.

“Surely you’ve had a boyfriend or two that were allowed?”

“Never really had time for all that. Always working. Always studying. And daddy was always a bit strict when it came to going out. Never really got to socialise with boys much. Not nice ones, anyway. “

“Well I’m sure University will change that.”

And with that casual remark came the culmination of Sarah’s planning and James’ fantasy. He leaned over as far as he was comfortably able and put both his hands directly on top of her amazing tits. She sighed as he firmly circled his palms over the entire surface of her 36DDs, spreading the oil all over. He had been too generous with the lubricant and the cups of his hands were making slurping noises as the oil was distributed, the excess dripping down her sides and onto the cotton underneath her.

The breasts were incredibly firm and despite being bigger, didn’t even yield as much as Sarah’s. He started wondering if they were perhaps implants, as he had heard that fake tits maintained their shape more than natural breasts, but considering Emma’s description of her upbringing, discounted this theory immediately.

James explored every curve and square inch of the tits he was groping. The tips of his fingers investigated underneath the sides and he even lifted them slightly from her chest to apply some oil where her midriff gave way to her magnificent bosom. All the while the palms of his hands were being stimulated by her ever-hard nipples. Even the eventual warmness of his oily hands wasn’t causing them to relax, and he delighted in feeling the turgid tips slide across his sensitive palms. The mixture of textures – the soft yet heavy flesh; the rough hard nipples and the silky lubricant – was making it hard for James to resist going further. He took the thumbs and forefingers of both hands and lightly pinched each nipple, tweaking them to an even more erect state whilst coating them in oil. Emma gasped.

“Is that really a massage technique?” she whispered. James evaded a direct answer.

“Do you want me to stop?” he countered.

“God no,” came the enthusiastic response. James was ecstatic. He literally had her in the palm of his hand.

Emboldened by her attitude James moved around to the side of the table to examine her tits from a different angle. He then reached out with his right hand and forcefully squeezed her oil soaked right breast. Emma moaned approvingly. The facade of a professional massage was fading fast, especially when James started flicking her nipple with his thumb before running delicate circles around the areola.

Emma then raised a hand, ostensibly to adjust her hair, but with such an exaggerated motion that she was clearly trying to achieve something else. And indeed, on the way up, her hand brushed against James hidden erection, knocking it free from the grip of his waist band. She fired a cheeky grin at him that reminded him of Sarah.

“You ARE turned on,” she challenged, but in an adorably sweet way. James looked down at the protrusion of fabric over his groin and sighed.

“With certain clients it’s sometimes hard…”

“It certainly is!” she interrupted with a giggle. James offered one more ‘get out’ for her.

“Should I stop?” he feebly offered.

“I think you probably should,” came the disappointing reply together with a hearty laugh. She then continued with a softer, hushed tone. “But I don’t want you to.”

She gave him a nervous look finished with a shy half smile. James still had her lubed-up tit in his grasp. He gave it another squeeze, causing her to grin and close her eyes.

“Why don’t you work on my legs for a while?” she suggested. “It’ll give you a chance to calm down.”

James dutifully complied, but not with the intention of calming down. The professional nature of the session now a distant memory, James left her glistening tits exposed as he moved down to the foot of the table and peeled the lower towel upwards, revealing first her ankles, then her calves, her knees and most of her thighs. He stopped short of revealing her crotch, but had a feeling she would be happy for him to expose it in due course.

With a fresh squirt of oil he began covering her right leg with a layer of lubricant, sensuously caressing underneath her knees and along the inside if her thighs as he did so.

Emma’s breathing rate was increasing, noticeable both through her breathy sounds and the rise and fall of her chest that James was keeping constant tabs on. He concentrated his attention on her thigh, spreading his fingers firmly around the muscle and up into the area near her crotch where the towel was barely covering. Indeed, the more he pushed his fingers northwards, the further the towel was displaced. Emma was keeping her legs very close together, and James started to worry he was pushing this girl too far in a direction she might not want to go. If she hadn’t even let a guy touch her breasts, she was clearly a virgin. Maybe this exploration towards her pussy was a step too far. Then James noticed something that might have explained her reticence – the inside of her thigh was lubricated at the very top, but it wasn’t with James’ oil.

“You’re turned on too,” James whispered.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice,” said Emma, who, much to James’ delight, began to part her legs to show the extent of her horniness.

The cotton towel she was lying on was absolutely soaked with her juices. James took the implied invitation to push his hands further up the inside of her leg towards the source of her wetness. He could now see where her round buttocks met the table, and the engorged lips of her labia. They glistened with sticky appreciation. James removed the last vestiges of her modesty by pulling at the towels and letting them slide off of her body. Emma didn’t flinch. She had a subtle round belly that complemented the curves of her hips and, of course, her breasts. Just below was a generous but well trimmed patch of dark brown pubic hair. James gently parted her labia with two of his fingers. This did elicit a reaction; a squeak of excitement and perhaps trepidation. James paused in case there was an objection, but none was forthcoming. And so he slowly and deliberately sunk a finger into her tight, wet pussy. A loud cry of pleasure escaped from Emma’s mouth – it was the kind of cry that almost sounded like a wince of pain and the contortion of her face did little to convince otherwise. But the broad smile that followed let James know she was far from hurting. He plunged his finger in further, as far as his hand would allow. His digit displaced more silky liquid from her cunt and it erupted with a satisfying squelch onto his hand.

“Oooooh fuck, yes… “Emma moaned, writhing her pelvis and pushing down onto the digital intrusion.

James withdrew and then slowly entered her again, this time with two fingers. Emma gripped the towel she was lying on as if it were a lifeline and her body stiffened. She threw her head back and opened her mouth to give a silent scream. James kept his fingers inside her moist cunt and started massaging her engorged clit with his thumb. Emma was whimpering now, and as she involuntarily jerked her body, her tits finally moved in a way that befit their massive size, flailing around on top of her chest like two jellies on a shaking tray. The sight of her animated breasts meant James could no longer abstain from pleasuring his own body, and put his free hand down his pants, greeting his precum-soaked erection with an enthusiastic grip.

“Play with your tits,” he gently ordered. Emma looked down at him and then at her own oily breasts with a look that suggested she had forgotten they were even there. She released her grip on the table and moved her hands to her chest, taking advantage of the lubrication still present to apply a series of tight-looking squeezes to her oily tits. With each enthusiastic grip, the slippery flesh of her breasts spilled out of her fingers, ready to be retrieved by the next stroke of her hand. The sensation must have enhanced her pleasure because she was now producing high pitched grunts in time with James’ manipulations. Not since his encounter with Mrs Parsons in the shower had he managed to get a woman so close to orgasm so quickly. He decided to go for it.

This story is a continuation of an earlier story. You are encouraged to go back to the first installment, “Taking Advantage of My Secretary.”


I awoke in the middle of the night the night after Hayley had agreed to stay with me, out of fear of what her parents would think about her “job.” I was having dreams about her, spread eagle in front of me, scared but still wanting me inside her. I had a huge boner.

Normally, I would have taken care of it and gone back to sleep. But wasn’t this exactly the reason I had Hayley in the first place?

I put on a robe, opened my door, and crept down the hall quietly. No one was around. All the staff had gone home for the night. I found Hayley’s bedroom door and quietly turned the knob, letting myself in.

Her room was moonlit. I could see very well. But it was also hot – this was summer, and apparently no one had taught Hayley how to use the climate control.

Next to her bed, I saw a pile of clothes. On closer inspection, they appeared to be pajamas. Her bed covers were all in a pile on a corner of the bed. I tiptoed around to where Hayley was.

She was on her stomach, nude. Her body was incredible. The butt formed a perfect duo of hills coming up from her trim and tiny waist, a waist I knew I could almost put both hands completely around. Her breasts were hidden, but this view was enough to get my boner back to attention.

Quietly and gingerly, I sat at the foot of the bed, below her feet – she was short, and didn’t even come close to the bottom of the bed. She didn’t stir.

I leaned over and stroked her right thigh, closest to the window. Her breathing became a little heavier, but she didn’t move.

Carefully, I pushed her thigh over, opening her legs to reveal a perfect, puckering asshole. Still, she didn’t move. I pushed her left thigh over, opening her legs even more and revealing her pussy.

I lightly, very lightly, slid my finger up and down her slit. She got wet, and sighed. But this wasn’t for her pleasure. I wasn’t interested in waking her up. This was all for me. I didn’t touch her clit, and I didn’t try to make her come. I just wanted her lubed up for myself.

I got to my knees, stroking my member, which was begging to be pushed inside her tight hole. First, I rubbed it against her slit again, moistening myself on her juices. She sighed in her sleep, but didn’t wake up. I pushed my dick up against her hole – still, she was motionless. Finally, I pushed myself in slowly up to the hilt.

I slowly worked myself in and out, watching her sleep. It was a total turn on to know she had no idea I was even in the room, let alone using her for my own pleasure. She was warm and tight, and felt so good on my cock. When I felt the urge to go faster, I pulled myself out. I wanted to try something else, and this was something I didn’t know how to explain away to Hayley yet – so I would do it when she didn’t need an explanation.

I rubbed my cock head around her beautifully tight and puckered asshole. I tried to push myself in, but the hole wouldn’t budge – still too tight. I licked my finger and pushed it inside.

At this, she squirmed a little, but she didn’t wake up. I moved my finger in and out, getting her asshole used to the idea of having something going in. Finally, when it seemed to loosen up, I took my finger out.

Again, I placed my dick at the entrance and pushed in. This time, it took. Slowly, I pushed myself in about half way. Her eyes fluttered open, and her eyebrows scrunched up, but apparently this was still in a dreamlike state. Her eyes closed again. I started to move in and out of this new, delectably tight anus.

It didn’t take much for the tightness to get to me, and though I didn’t get worked up to a high rate of speed, before long, with the slow, long strokes, I felt myself cumming into her. I pushed my dick all the way up into her as I shot my semen in, allowing myself the luxury of her warmth as I orgasmed.

After this, I was exhausted, but I didn’t want to collapse on top of her and wake her up. Carefully, I pulled myself up to kneeling, pulling myself out of her ass. I sat down on the bed beneath her, panting a little and sweating. This was so much better than masturbating to get back to sleep.

I decided to write her a note. She had agreed to wear anything I wanted now. I had already purchased a stash of lingerie for her. I went quietly to her closet and pulled out an outfit, placing it on the bed. Then I wrote her a note and put it on her nightstand to find in the morning:

“Dear Hayley, When you come to the office today, please wear the outfit on the bed. Take your time getting ready. –Mr. Sanchez”

I got myself a shower and went back to bed.

In the morning, I awoke, got dressed, and got to work. I was expecting Hayley to sleep a little longer than usual, given her exertion the night before. Also, her outfit was likely to take a little while to figure out.

It was about 11:00 when she finally opened the door to my office. She came in quickly and closed the door behind her, but hesitated to come in any further. I turned toward her.

“Come stand in front of me,” I commanded.

She walked slowly up toward me. When she was about five feet from me, she stopped, blushing, and stood before me. She was in something of a dominatrix outfit. The top was a confusing amalgam of belt straps, and her breasts were forced apart and exposed. The panties were simple, black, shiny panties, resting on her hips.

“You look great, Hayley,” I told her. She blushed deeper. “I think you can take off the panties now.”

Her eyes got bigger. I nodded at her. Slowly, she pulled the panties down, revealing her mound. Then she pulled them down her legs and off.

“Go over to your desk and stand behind it.”

She crossed the room to her small, bare desk and stood behind it, in front of her chair. I stood and walked around behind her, pushing her chair out of the way. I put my hands on her hips, then slowly moved the right one down to her mound, stroking her lips, but not putting my fingers into her slit just yet. With my left hand, I moved up her body, then found her left breast and cupped it, pinched her nipple lightly, and massaged her. Her breathing got a little heavier. I took my hands off her and moved back.

“Lean over the desk,” I commanded again.

She leaned over, putting her arms above her head. Her ass was in perfect, full view now.

“Spread your legs.”

She did so, and I could now see her beautiful pussy from behind. She had cleaned up from last night.

I kneeled behind her, and licked her pussy a couple of times. Then I placed my hands on each of her thighs, and started rubbing her clit with my thumbs.

“Do you like it when I rub you here?” I asked her.

“Yes. It feels nice.” She was trembling a little.

“This is called your sweet spot,” I told her. I wasn’t going to give her real names for things – I wanted complete control over her, and I didn’t want her to be able to tell people anything damning.

“Is that because it tastes sweet?” she asked, innocently.

“Yes, it does,” I answered, smiling.

“I wish I could taste it.”

I laughed. “I wish you could, too.”

I stopped rubbing her clit, and unzipped my pants. My dick once again came out completely ready at the sight and feel of Hayley. I stood, and without warning her, slowly pushed my dick into her pussy.

Her body tightened. As I moved in and out, she held her body in place stiffly.

Suddenly, the phone on her desk rang.

This was unusual.

She looked at me a little panicked.

“Answer it,” I said.

It rang again. She hesitated for a moment, then reached up and took the receiver up to her ear.

“Mr. Sanchez’s office,” she said into the receiver. I continued moving my dick slowly in and out of her.

She whispered to me, “It’s your boss.” But she knew I never took calls. I pushed my cock into her hard, giving her a warning look. She spoke into the receiver again. “He’s not available right now. Can I take a message?”

As she listened to the instructions, I leaned over and wrapped my arms around her, my left arm holding her in place as I fucked her slowly, my right hand rubbing her clit.

“Oh! . . . Okay, I’ll give him . . . the message . . . right away. Thank you!” She placed the receiver back on the hook.

I had been waiting for her to finish on the phone, but now I really let loose on her, pounding her hard and fast. Hayley had to hold on to the desk to keep from flopping everywhere. I held on to her hips to steady them as I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy. Finally, I exploded into her, my load coming in several waves.

When I was finished, I pulled out of her and allowed her to stand. As my cum dripped down her thighs, she gave me the message.

“Mr. Jansen says that you need to meet with a client here in Colombia. He’d like you to call him back right away for the details.”

I pulled up my pants and walked over to my desk to complete my work for the day. “Thank you, Hayley. Go clean yourself up and put on your regular uniform. You can get yourself a book from the library downstairs as well.” She nodded, picked up her panties, and left.

I was supposed to meet a man about a sale. Most of our sales were made in America, so this was unusual, but not unheard of. I was stationed in Colombia for our buying end, not our selling end, but I could easily do sales.

The next day, I arranged to meet our client at a restaurant in town. He was a hard sale, and spoke only Spanish. Finally, he got down to business.

“Look, I’m not really seeing a difference between you and your competitors.”

“Well, what can I do to get you to buy from us?” I asked.

“You’re a wealthy man, Mr. Sanchez. Do you keep any . . . women?”

I thought for a moment. It wasn’t illegal in this part of Colombia to have a prostitute, but I didn’t really want to share Hayley. On the other hand, I knew I wouldn’t have many sales to do in Colombia, so it was exactly setting a horrible precedent to let someone in on her just this once. “Yes, I do. One.”

“I would like to meet her. I would give you my business.”

I decided to allow it. “All right. You may come meet her. But you will have to allow me to watch after her for your entire visit.”

He thought for a moment, then held out his hand. We shook on it.

I called Hayley at the office. She answered her desk phone, “Mr. Sanchez’s office.”

“Hayley, it’s Mr. Sanchez. I want you to undress and get into my bed, and blindfold yourself. I have surprise for you.”

“Ok, Mr. Sanchez.” She hung up. It was still amazing to me how pliable she was.

I drove my client back to my mansion and took him up to my office/bedroom. There was Hayley, wrapped up in the covers like a present, and blindfolded. He smiled. I motioned for him to help himself, and I sat at my desk.

He undressed. He was a big man, very tall with a beer gut, overweight but not obese. He approached the bed and carefully lifted the covers off of Hayley. He smiled again when he saw her pristine, naked, teenage body, and his cock started to swell. He looked at me and nodded in approval. I smiled back.

He pushed her legs open and climbed up in between them. He let his big paws roam all over her body, squeezing her pert breasts, wrapping them all the way around her tiny waist. Then he put them under her butt and lifted it to his cock. Her feet naturally moved under her to support herself. Without ceremony, he pushed his cock into her open pussy, moving quickly in and out.

The movement started to jiggle the blindfold from her face. Before I knew what was happening, Hayley saw that I was not the person pumping his member into her.

“Who are you?” she asked, panicked. She started to struggle, but he had too good of a grip on her ass, and she was too tiny to move herself away. He kept fucking her, laughing. He didn’t understand her speaking English, but he did understand her surprise.

I jogged over quickly, to explain and keep her from offending my client. “Hayley, his is Mr. Jimenez. He’s a client. First and foremost, my job is always to make the client happy, and as my secretary, it’s your job to help me do that.”

At this point, Mr. Jimenez spoke. “I want her in doggie position,” he said in Spanish. He pulled out of her, his cock wet and hard, and let her drop to the bed.

Hayley looked relieved, until I said, “Get on your hands and knees.”

Frowning, she turned over and got into doggie style. Again without ceremony, he pushed his cock into her engorged pussy and pumped wildly for a few minutes. Hayley could barely hold herself up with all the pounding, and finally, in the throws of orgasm, he pushed her down flat on the bed as he put all his weight on her in an effort to get as much of his dick into her as possible. Then he pulled out and stood up on the floor, pulling on his clothes. As she flipped herself over, he tweaked her right breast again. We shook hands, and I walked him out.

Hayley was unhappy when I came back. “I didn’t know you would let other people touch me in my secret place.” Again, her home schooled innocence was almost overwhelming. She didn’t even realize she’d become a complete slut.

“I didn’t expect that I would need to, Hayley. But I also didn’t think you’d agree, and unfortunately, it’s part of your job to do what the client wants. That’s why I blindfolded you. But now that you know you have to do this, you’ll be a good employee, right?”

She frowned. “Will I have to do it again?”

“You may have to. Probably not often. But this is part of your job as a secretary.”

Still frowning, she said, “All right.”

“So you agree to stay here and be a good employee?” I confirmed.


“Good. I want to teach you a few other things tomorrow about being a good secretary. I have another outfit for you that I’ll set out for you tonight that you can wear to the office in the morning.” I motioned that she could leave. She got up and went out of the room.

Happily, I was able to report to my boss that I got the sale.

The next morning, Hayley came in fresh and early. I was still nude in bed, but by this time, she was used to that. I had set up a massage table in the middle of the room.

Hayley was wearing a lacey silk robe, in a light pink color, that I could see through perfectly. Again, her perfect, bouncy breasts and her round butt immediately got me hard. She came over to the bed.

I lightly lifted the robe and stroked her slit with my thumb while she stood by me. “Today, you’re going to learn how to help me relax after I’ve had a long day at work,” I told her. “Have you heard about massage?”

“Yes. I’ve seen something about it in the movies,” she answered.

“It’s basically just kneading your fingers and hands into a person’s body, kind of like with bread dough, to make them feel good. Except for a man’s instrument.” Again, I wasn’t giving her real terms, and she knew what I meant by “instrument.” “You do something different with that.”

“I think I can do that,” she said.

“All right, let’s get started.” I got up and walked nude over to the massage table, laying face down. She started to massage my back. She really did a fantastic job for having no real training. She massaged my butt and legs, until finally, my dick was throbbing and waiting for release.

I turned over so that I was laying on my back. My cock stood up on my stomach. “For the instrument, you stroke up and down with your hands, like this.” I showed her how to handle my cock. She took it in her hands, stroking up and down. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of Hayley pleasuring me.

“Now, you use your mouth to finish.” She looked confused. “Just start by licking the instrument,” I said. She took her tongue and licked from base to head a couple of times, like an ice cream cone. “Then, put the whole instrument in your mouth and move your lips up and down, the same way you did with your hands.”

She put her mouth over my dick and naturally started sucking on it, moving up and down on my shaft. I could feel her tongue flicking against my cock. Without needing to be told, she avoided touching me with her teeth. Before long, I felt myself cumming into her. She began to gag, but I put my hand on the back of her head to keep her in place while I finished. Just as the last load splashed against the back of her throat, before I let her go, I said, “Swallow it. It’s good for you.”

She swallowed, and I let go of her head. She stood. Seeing her body through the lace excited me once more, despite the recent orgasm. I stood up on the floor, wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her. Then I picked her up and pushed her onto the bed, maneuvering so that I was hovering above her, between her legs.

Violently, I ripped the lace from her body so that I could see her perfection in all its glory. I drew my hands over her breasts, then kissed them and licked them. I could not possibly get enough of Hayley. Though I was excited, I needed her to tell me more about her innocence to get my truly hard.

“Hayley, have you ever kissed a boy before?”

“No,” she answered.

“Did your parents ever tell you about sex?”

“No,” she responded. “They said I would learn about it from my husband.”

“So you’ve never had sex?”


I couldn’t believe it. She still believed in her purity to some degree. She knew that I had been touching her in her “naughty spots,” but had no idea the extent of it. Her ignorance made me want to fuck her more.

So I did. I plunged my engorged cock into her waiting pussy. Because of the earlier orgasm, I was able to go longer. I fucked her until she was screaming, and I could feel her pussy squeeze as she came.

I pulled her to me and rolled over, my dick still inside her while she was coming, so that she was on top. When she finished coming, she sat straight up, giving me an amazing view of her breasts and her pussy lips, spread open over my shaft. She moved up and down on my cock while my left hand held on to her tiny waist. My right hand rubbed her clit, hard. She came again as she fucked me, moaning, her hands in her hair while she felt the waves come over her, pushing her breasts out toward me and arching her back. Watching her in ecstasy was like watching a goddess, and as I observed her in the throws of orgasm, my dick disappearing into her over and over, I came once again.

She slid off me, spent, laying next to me. I rolled onto my side, watching her still more. Her torn robe was still on her, rippling out over the bed. I stroked her breasts as she relaxed her breathing down to normal.

“You’re doing a great job, Hayley,” I told her kindly. “You’re making a great secretary.”

This is the third episode in a multi-part story. Although I hope you would enjoy it by itself, it would be better to start with Chapter 01 first so you can understand the context of the situation and get introduced to the characters. This is a story of a journey and is meant to be read in sequence.

I was awakened by a rumbling and a lurch of the ship to find myself alone in the bed. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 8 AM. I walked toward the bathroom and met Kealani coming back. “Oh you’re up. I was hoping to get back before you woke up so I could give you your special wake up treat.”

She had promised to wake me every morning by caressing my cock and balls with her mouth and hands. What would normally be considered a blowjob but when done by her it became an erotic art form that bore little resemblance to that crude label. “I only need to pee. You get back in the bed and I’ll come back in a minute and pretend to be asleep.” When I returned she was sitting on the side of the bed. “Since I’m already awake would you mind if we went out on the balcony to do this?”

“Wherever you prefer Mista Eddy san.”

We walked out to the balcony and I put a cushion on the deck in front of one of the chairs and sat down. “Come here and kneel on the cushion and do me sitting down.” She walked over and kneeled down and sat back on her haunches then scooted forward until her head was just above my groin.

The lurch I had felt earlier that woke me up was the ship docking at the cruise line’s private island that was set up as a beach playground with every water activity you could think of. I had a great view of the long stretch of beachfront from where I was sitting. Kealani took one of my testicles in each of her hands and started to gently massage them. My cock slowly started to stir.

After a couple of minutes she had me about half hard and moved one of her hands from by balls to encircle my shaft. She gently squeezed it and then started kissing the head with little pecking kisses. Her other hand continued to caress my balls. When she had me fully erect she moved her hand off my shaft and returned it to my balls with the other one. She then took the head of my cock into her mouth and started to suck and lick it.

She removed her mouth from my cock and looked up at me and said in an affected Japanese accent, “So mista Eddy, you want missy Kealani give you Japanese blowjob or American?”

“What’s the difference?”

“A Japanese blowjob is what I’m doing now, it’s gently massaging your balls while I suck and lick the head of your cock. An American blowjob is more of a hand job with as much of your cock sliding in and out of my mouth as I can get in there. You can have some of both if you prefer.”

“I think the Japanese style will do nicely.”

“Good choice, the Japanese blowjob usually takes longer for a man to cum but produces a more intense orgasm.”

She returned her mouth to my cock head and resumed her sucking and licking. The way she did it was like a little toothless kitten sucking on its mother’s teat. Barely moving her mouth up and down but licking all around the head in gentle little flicks of her tongue. As her mouth filled with saliva she would open it just enough to allow the spit to escape over her lower lip and slide down my shaft until eventually it reached the base where she gathered it with her fingers and used it to rub my balls. I was beginning to see what she meant by it taking longer to cum this way, the stimulation was not so intense but it was very enjoyable. I leaned back in the chair and watched her perform. Her patience and perseverance were truly admirable. I doubted that most American women would go to this much effort to please a man orally.

After about ten minutes of this extremely pleasurable attention she changed the way she was massaging my balls and started to pull on them and increase the pressure slightly. Not enough to be uncomfortable but this did produce a noticeable effect. She slid her mouth down my shaft a little and increased the suction and the licking. Almost without my being aware of it, I started to cum. Not a powerful spurting kind of ejaculation but more of a constant stream of hot pearly liquid flowing into her mouth as if my body knew it didn’t need to do anything except let her suck my cum like she had inserted a straw into my prostate. She made audible gulping sounds when she swallowed each time her mouth filled with my jizz. She accompanied each swallow with a tug and a squeeze of my balls until she was satisfied that she had drained them completely.

She removed her mouth and looked up at me. “Mista Eddy like?” she asked in the same high-pitched Japanese accent.

“Oh Kealani, my dear precious child is there no end to your talent? Why didn’t I meet you when I was sixteen?”

“Because Missy Kealani not born yet Mista Eddy.”

“Good point but I will thank the universe every day for the rest of my life for allowing me to have you in it even for this brief time. You are remarkable.”

She got up and walked back into the suite and returned shortly with a warm wet washcloth and used it to wipe my cock and balls. “We need to decide on today’s activities now that we’ve reached our first port. Basically where we are now is just a day at the beach, which is something I can do any day in Miami. So I’ll leave it to you to decide if you want to go play in the sand or do something a little more exciting here on the ship.”

“More exciting like what?” I asked teasingly.

“Like finding new ways to make each other cum and maybe new places to do it.”

“You make it a very easy choice.” I replied. “Do you want to get dressed and go someplace to eat breakfast or stay naked and order room service?”

“You ought to know by now that I prefer to be naked as often as possible. I’ll go order us something.” She ran back in to the suite as I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes.

“Breakfast is on its way.” She said as she returned to the balcony. “They said it would take 10 minutes so I brought some of my almond massage oil back with me.”

“And what do you plan to do with that?”

“I’m going to pull up this other chair and sit beside you and pour some of this oil in my hand. Then I’m going to leisurely stroke your cock while you relax and look at the beautiful view. You can play with my pussy if you want.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you. Let’s get started before one of us has to get up and answer the door.” She sat down and poured some of the oil into the palm of her hand. I held out my hand and she poured some in mine. Then we sat there and she started slowly stroking me while I reached between her spread legs and rubbed the oil all over her mound and bald beaver.

We played with each other like a couple of kids in the back seat of a car. The point wasn’t to have an orgasm but to just play with each other. I had already learned that having sex is not synonymous with cumming. Sometimes just taking your time and fooling around is all the sex you need. Her hand sliding up and down my cock in long easy strokes was a pleasure to enjoy just because you could. She was just as pleased with my fingers slipping and sliding in the folds of her pussy as I was to do it. I couldn’t help but wonder why Linda and I never did this. Something so simple that feels this good should be a daily occurrence with somebody you love.

Our revelry was interrupted by the knocking on the door announcing the arrival of breakfast. Kealani volunteered to put on her robe and answer it due to the fact that my cock was sticking straight up in the air. In a couple of minutes she stuck her head out the door and told me that breakfast was on the table. We sat at the little table in the sitting room and looked over the carefully arranged items. Croissant, butter, jam, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, papaya, mango and yogurt were displayed enticingly for our consumption. “Let’s take this out on the balcony and eat. We got up and folded the table top down on the cart that room service brought and rolled it out onto the balcony.

Kealani started to pull the table top back up but I stopped her and said, “We won’t need the table.” I pushed the cart over to one of the reclining lounge chairs and folded the back down to make a level surface and told Kealani to lie down on it on her back. She quickly assumed the position as I told her “Eating off of plates with spoons and forks is not what I have an appetite for this morning.” She looked a little puzzled until I picked up the dish of yogurt and scooped some out with my finger and rubbed it on her right breast. I did the same to the other one and then to her navel and all over her smooth, hairless pussy. I then decorated each spot with pieces of the fruit. I knelt beside her and began to suck the pieces of fruit into my mouth and then lick the yogurt off. She told me it tickled when I did it and she squirmed because I kept licking even when the yogurt was gone.

I purposely saved the mango and the papaya for last. I told her to raise her knees and spread her legs. I took a piece of mango and slid it along her slit. When I reached her vagina I pushed it inside her. I bent over and licked the folds of her protruberant labia and then put my mouth over her opening and sucked the fruit out of her. I rose up and moved to her head and bent down and placed my lips on hers and stuck the piece of mango into her mouth. She savored it and when she had chewed it, swallowed it down.

“You can serve my meals to me like this anytime you want. Did you know there are restaurants in Japan where they serve sushi on the bodies of naked women?”

“That’s what I’ll have for lunch.”

I continued with another round and then told her it was her turn and pulled her up and got on the lounge. She had quite a good time arranging her meal on me and an even better time getting it into her mouth. Most of the remaining yogurt she licked off the tip of my cock. “It’s good but not as sweet as your cum.” She mashed the mango and papaya up with a fork then spread it on my balls and proceeded to suck them into her mouth where she did a perfect imitation of a golf ball washer on them.

When the food was gone we had a cup of coffee and then headed off to the bathroom where she gave me one of her all over body baths which included about five minutes of rubbing my hard cock between her fabulous breasts.

We decided that since most people had gone ashore, we would head for a secluded little place reserved for passengers with suites that had a small pool and a hot tub and was for adults only so women were allowed to go topless. Kealani put on what had to be the tiniest thong bikini in the world. There was just enough sheer material to cover her areolas and her pussy lips. Almost invisible strings held the ‘patches’ in place…sort of, as long as she didn’t move.

She did have a floral cover-up skirt and a very realistic Hawaiian lei whose blossoms covered her breasts enough so she could walk to the pool area without causing a panic, or getting arrested. When she finished filling up a large beach bag with sunscreen and other supplies for lying around the pool we left the room and walked to the next deck up and found the area we were looking for. You had to punch in a code that was on the card key to our room to get in.

We walked through a narrow hallway that had dressing rooms and tiled showers on either side and emerged into a walled area about fifty feet long and forty feet wide. There were lounge chairs and tables with umbrellas on the sides that all faced toward a nice size pool. A hot tub big enough for about 8 people sat next to a corner of the pool at the end. At first the area appeared deserted but as we headed toward a place to sit we caught sight of our unfriendly neighbor sitting in the corner under an umbrella reading a book. She had a one piece swim suit on and dark sunglasses. A tropical hat was perched on her head. I’m sure she noticed us but she didn’t acknowledge our presence in any way. Kealani started arranging things on the table between two lounge chairs. After covering the chairs with large beach towels, we sat down.

“I think I’d like something cool to drink Eddy, what about you?”

“Yes I would, but I don’t see a bar anywhere around here.”

“Not a problem Eddy. You can call the concierge desk on a cell phone and they’ll take care of it right away.”

“What a great idea, I’ll have a Pina Colada.” She punched a couple of numbers into her phone and ordered our drinks. “While we’re waiting for the drinks to arrive why don’t we check out the hot tub?” I was already down to my swim trunks so I stood up to walk to the tub and waited for Kealani to remove her cover-up and lei. As soon as she took it off, our sourpuss neighbor slammed her book shut and made a big fuss to pack up her things to leave.

“Eddy you go on to the tub and wait there. I’m going to try to find out why that woman seems to dislike us so much.”

She began to walk across the area to where the woman was now standing gathering up her belongings. I stopped walking toward the tub to watch her. From behind it looked like she was completely naked, since you couldn’t see the tiny strings of her thong. I wished I had the camera in my hands so I could record the sight of her gorgeous backside as she sauntered across the deck. Her light bronze skin and her fabulous ass almost took my breath away.

When she got to the spot where the woman was standing she said, “Have we done something to offend you? If we have, I would really like to know what it is so we don’t keep doing it.”

“I don’t mean to be rude, but I just can’t bear to see the two of you. It reminds me too much of something I’ve been going through for the past year.”

Most people would have been offended by her remark but Kealani reached out and picked up the woman’s hand and looked right into her eyes and said, “You need to tell me about this. Where is all this pain coming from? If you’ll let me, I can help you.”

The woman was quiet for a few seconds as she stared back at Kealani then said, “I don’t think anybody can help me, especially you. I just need to be by myself right now.”

“That’s not true.” Kealani replied in a soft caring tone. “You’re putting a lot of energy into making yourself miserable and you’ve even let it spread to us. You didn’t come on this cruise ship to be by yourself. What you really want is to stop the hurting and you don’t know how. Please, sit down and at least tell me your name so you can see that we don’t mean you any harm.”

The woman sat down on a lounge chair and Kealani sat on the one next to it and faced her. “You’re right,” the woman said “I’ve been unfair to both of you but it’s because you remind me of my husband and the young whore he left me for.”

“OK, that explains a lot, now tell me your name.”

“My name is Lauren.”

“So Lauren what makes you think Eddy and I are in a similar situation to the one you’ve been in?”

“Well for one thing, he’s obviously older than you and for another he’s wearing a wedding band and you’re not.”

“That’s because he is older than I am and he is married to someone else but it’s a completely different arrangement than what you think.”

“How can that be? It looks to me like you two are off on a tryst and he’s cheating on his wife.”

“You got the first part right but he’s not cheating on her. In fact, she’s somewhere out there on this same ocean on another ship with a young stud doing the same thing we are.”

Lauren looked incredulous and said, “What are you talking about? Is this some form of wife swapping or swingers group?”

“No it’s nothing like that.” Kealani then proceeded to tell her the whole story.

“That’s either the biggest bunch of bullshit or the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

“Well it’s not bullshit but I admit it might sound a little bit crazy at first. Ask yourself this: would you rather do something like our fantasy trip where you knew what was happening and where you could do it too or would you rather get blindsided by your spouse sneaking around and doing something that’s virtually guaranteed to break up your marriage?”

“Well when you put it that way it does seem a little more reasonable. But what happens if one of them decides they don’t want to stay married? What if they get a taste of this newfound freedom and want to make it permanent?”

“That’s the risk they’re willing to take. If that does happen, at least they’ll be a little more prepared for it and they’ll know that they can have a life without the other one if it comes to that. Could that be any worse than what you’re going through?”

Lauren was silent for a moment then said, “No it couldn’t. My life has been a living hell for the last year.”

Kealani held her hand and told her, “That needs to stop right now. Whatever your husband did is in the past and you need to stop blaming him for it. And you need to stop blaming her too. But most of all you need to stop blaming yourself. You are the only one who can hurt you now and you are the only one that can change that.”

Kealani reached over and took a bottle of water from the table and told Lauren to hold out her hands in front of her and make them into fists. She then poured some of the water over them. “How much water did you get in those fists?” she asked. “Now open your hands and put them together in a little cup.” She poured a little water into them. “Do you see? Water is like life. You can’t hold onto it if your not open and receptive to it. It’s time for you to open up and let yourself live again. You’re dying of thirst and you’re making every effort to avoid the rain.” Tears began to roll down Lauren’s cheeks and she began to cry. Kealani moved closer and held her. “That’s it Lauren, let it go.”

“I want to, I really do but I don’t know how.” She sobbed.

Kealani turned her head and said to me, “Eddy come over here please.” When I got there she told me to sit next to her. “Eddy I know this is your trip and I don’t want to do anything to spoil it for you in any way but we have a lost child here who needs somebody to help her find her way again. Do you think we could spare some time for Lauren without disrupting our adventure?”

“Kealani everything you’ve done so far has been as wonderful as I could possibly hope for. If you think Lauren could benefit from whatever we could do for her then I have every confidence that it is the right thing to do.”

“Thank you Eddy for being so understanding. I’ve seen this kind of thing many times before and I can’t stand by and let somebody do this to themselves when it’s so unnecessary.” Once again Kealani was blowing my mind. Now she was Dr. Phil in a thong. Was there any limit to what she was capable of?

“Lauren, are you ready to change your life? Will you trust me to help you feel better?”

Lauren raised her head and looked at Kealani and said, “You would do that for me? After I’ve acted like such a bitch to you and Eddy.”

“I know you didn’t mean to do that. You were just transferring the hurt because it was too painful. Now stand up and let’s all go over and get in the hot tub so we can get to know each other better.”

We all walked over to the tub and got in. As if Kealani’s thong wasn’t transparent enough it virtually disappeared when it got wet. Lauren asked her, “How do you seem so comfortable being practically naked in front of people like that?”

“I grew up in Hawaii. I lived naked most of the time. So did most of my family. It was no big deal to me. Then I became a model and most of the assignments I had were for lingerie and swimsuits so it’s really my natural state. That’s one of the things I want you to do. It will help you rediscover how pretty and desirable you are. In fact you can start right now. Roll down the top of that suit so we can see your tits.” She looked hesitantly at me and then at Kealani. “Go ahead, Eddy has seen breasts before.” Lauren slowly raised her hands up and began to slide the top of her suit down until it uncovered her breasts. They were surprisingly nice. Bigger than Kealani’s with large areolas and the kind of nipples that lay flat against the skin until aroused but would then transform into good size nubs that begged to be sucked.

“Now Lauren, move over and straddle Eddy’s legs and sit on his lap so he can get a good look at those beautiful knockers.” Lauren sheepishly complied and her face flushed a little when she got into position on my lap. She was only in the water up to her waist and I had an up close view of her breasts just inches away form my face. Kealani moved over and knelt behind Lauren. She reached up and rolled her suit down until it was just above her butt then reached up and started caressing Lauren’s breasts with handfuls of the warm water. “When was the last time a man saw these Lauren?”

Lauren told us how she had been on a date that a friend had set up for her about 3 months ago. She said she drank too much and ended up going home with the man and had sex but she was too scared to enjoy it and she didn’t think he had either. “That’s what you get when you do the right thing for the wrong reason.” Kealani told her. “And just what were you so scared of?”

“I didn’t think he would find me attractive and I hadn’t been with anybody except my husband in 19 years. I was worried he would think I was a lousy lover.”

Kealani said, “it sounds to me like you were. My father is a wonderful man and he was always quoting famous people to make a point. One of his favorite quotes was from Henry Ford: there are two kinds of people. Those who think they can and those who think they can’t. They are both right. Do you see how your fear and too much alcohol made you into the very thing you were afraid of? You are a very pretty woman Lauren. You’re at the peak of your sexuality and you should be a confident and accomplished lover who enjoys sharing her body with others.”

The door at the entrance to the pool area opened and a young black man walked through carrying our drinks. He looked at us and said, “Would you like these put on your table or do you want me to bring them to you in the tub?”

Kealani answered him “Put them on the table there where our towels are.” She then slid back and stood up and very slowly raised her leg up and over the edge of the tub exposing her crotch from the back to deliberately give the waiter a flash and then began to walk slowly toward the table. I thought the waiter was going to drop the tray as he tried to navigate to the table and ogle Kealani’s all but nude body at the same time. Kealani read the name on the badge on the waiter’s shirt and said, “Thank you Jeremy. You be sure and put yourself a 5 dollar tip on the bill when you get back to the bar.” He thanked her and turned to leave.

The drinks were served in two very tall plastic glasses. There were also two smaller plastic cups on the tray with water in them. Kealani poured out the water and poured my Pina Colada into each of the plastic cups filling them both to the brim then brought the tray over to the tub. She handed each of the cups to Lauren and me and said, “These drinks are huge so you and Lauren are going to share. Lauren needs a little something to help her relax and you don’t need any more than half either. The rum in that drink packs quite a punch.”

She climbed back into the tub and sat across from where I was sitting with Lauren still on my lap. We drank our drinks and let the jets of the tub wash over us. “Look up Lauren. See that beautiful Caribbean sky. Feel the warm sun on your body. You will never get to live this day again. You will never be as young as you are now or as healthy. You have nothing else to do except to enjoy this wonderful gift that you have been given. Don’t think about anything else but having fun on this glorious day.”

Kealani sat her half empty glass on the rim of the tub and slid back behind Lauren, pushing her closer to me. “Eddy’s going to suck on those soft pink nipples now and I want you to tilt your head back, close your eyes and just enjoy how good it feels.”

We both did as directed. I began to lick her left breast and run my tongue back and forth across the nipple. Kealani moved her hand under the breast I was licking and gently squeezed it. I opened my mouth wide and took in as much of her nipple and breast as I could and used my tongue to play with it and felt it swell up.

Kealani then moved around Lauren’s right side to get more in front of her and placed her mouth on Lauren’s right breast and began licking and sucking it. “Oooooh that feels fabulous. I’ve never had both my breasts sucked at the same time before. And I never even thought about letting a woman do it.”

“If you want me to stop just tell me so.”

“Don’t you dare stop. It feels heavenly.”

After a few minutes of our attention to her boobs Lauren said, “Eddy is that a gun in your swim trunks or are you just happy to see me?”

“Both actually, I am very happy to see you and I do have a gun in my trunks and it’s fully loaded. I have a license to thrill and I’ve got it pointed straight at your cunt.” She giggled as she squirmed on my lap and felt my erection rub against her crotch.

“Before you two get too carried away we need to get out of this hot tub.” Kealani said. “Let’s gather up our stuff and take this party back to the room.”

When we got back to the door of the suite Lauren asked, “Your place or mine?” It was obvious that the rum in the drink had relaxed her somewhat as she seemed much less tense and uptight.

“Oh please be our guest.” Kealani answered her as she put the card key into the slot on the door. “I’ve got a lot of party favors for us to play with.” Once inside the room Kealani announced, “OK, the first thing to do is take a shower and then Eddy and I are going to give you a very nice full body massage.”

“Oh that sounds delightful, I was thinking of going to the spa to get one later.”

“No need to pay those prices for something we can do better. I guarantee you couldn’t get anything at the spa like what we’re going to give you.”

Kealani went first in the shower. While she was gone, Lauren and I talked. “Wherever did you find her? She’s…. incredible. I’ve only been around her for less than an hour and I feel so different, so much more at ease.”

“She has that effect on everybody Lauren. I’ve been with her two days and my whole life has changed. She is truly amazing.”

“I can tell that from the way you look at her. You have the appearance of a 16-year-old boy in the depths of puppy love. Aren’t you afraid you won’t want to go back to your wife?”

“No I’m not. I may be in love with Kealani, I’m definitely infatuated with her but I’m not naïve enough to think I could make a new life with her. This is fantasyland. We can’t live here. I love my wife and I have a family that I do not want to tear apart. Kealani is barely 3 years older than my oldest daughter Charlotte. Besides, Linda and I might want to make these trips a regular part of our life every so often and who knows who I might be with next time and what new wonders I might discover.”

“It sounds like you do have a realistic perspective on this. I’m glad and a little envious that this seems to be having a very positive effect on you and your marriage.”

“You keep listening to what Kealani tells you and she’ll change your life too and it will definitely be for the better. That much I’m sure of.”

Kealani came walking out of the bathroom naked and told Lauren to go get in the shower. “We’ll go out on the balcony when you’re done and let the wind and the sun dry our hair while Eddy takes his shower.” Lauren went into the bathroom and Kealani asked me, “Are you sure you’re OK with having Lauren around? If you’re not, we can play with her for a while and then send her on her way but she really needs somebody to help her start living again and I hate to see anybody be so miserable.”

“I really don’t mind at all. I’m beginning to like her and I can’t wait to get my hands back on her sexy body. Let’s just see where this goes and as long as we’re all having fun that’s all that matters.”

Lauren emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Kealani walked up to her and said, “Lauren you’re not paying attention here” as she pulled the towel from around her and let it drop to the floor. “You need to be naked as much as you can. How do you expect us to give you a proper massage if you’re all wrapped up in a towel?”

“I’m still shy about being naked in front of somebody I hardly know.”

“You’re soon going to get to know us very well and there is nothing to be shy about. You have a beautiful body and you need to show it off more.”

“Do you really think so?”

“I don’t say things I don’t mean Lauren. Now let’s go out on the balcony while Eddy takes his shower.”

“You mean go outside naked?”

“Nobody can see us out there and even if they could what difference would it make? Do you know anybody else on this ship? Now come on and quit being such a baby.” Lauren stepped tentatively out on the balcony then sat in a chair and crossed her legs and folded her arms over her breasts. “Lauren that’s not quite what I had in mind. Get up and come over here to the railing so the sun can shine on you and the wind can blow your hair dry.” She got up and walked to the railing. “That’s better, what are you so uptight about?”

“It’s just that I’ve never been naked like this with another woman and it makes me nervous.”


“It just doesn’t seem natural to me to let another woman look at my body.”

“That’s one of the things you need to work on. There are a lot of women in the world and many of them enjoy being with other women occasionally. You don’t have to change your life to do that. Having sex with a woman doesn’t automatically make you a lesbian. I enjoy sex with men and women and I don’t give a damn what anybody else thinks. Women have special qualities that make sex different than men.”

“Like what?”

“For one thing they’re usually cleaner and they smell nicer. They’re much more tender and they know what turns a woman on without having to be told. You’ll never know until you try it and if you don’t like it then don’t do it again.”

“You make it sound so easy and uncomplicated.”

“It is Lauren. Quit worrying about it. It’s really all a matter of your attitude.”

I walked out on the balcony and stood there looking at Kealani and Lauren. They had their backs to me and were looking out over the railing. “Did somebody out here order a massage?” I said. They turned around and I got to see Lauren’s nude body for the first time. She was much prettier than I had first thought. She had kept her body in shape. Her stomach was flat and her breasts were really nice. She had honey colored hair and it matched her pubic hair although that was rather thick and unruly so I couldn’t see her pussy in any detail because of the hair covering it.

Kealani took Lauren’s hand and said to her, “Come on, lets go get you loosened up.” They walked toward me and I turned around and headed for the bedroom.

Kealani told me and Lauren to pull the covers off the bed and leave only the bottom sheet while she went to the bathroom to get one of her cases with the oils in it. “Lauren you lie here face down at the edge of the bed so Eddy can reach you.” When Lauren was in position Kealani placed a pillow under her head and asked if she was comfortable. She said she was and thanked us for being so nice to her. Kealani got on the bed on her knees next to her and I knelt on a pillow on the floor on her other side. “You just relax and let us show you a whole new meaning of nice. Let’s start on her shoulders.” She poured some of the oil on Lauren’s back and began rubbing it into Lauren’s right shoulder. I used my hands to spread some of the oil onto her left one.

We spent about 15 minutes on her back working our way down toward her ass. I tried to mirror Kealani’s moves since she obviously knew a lot more about doing this than I did. She poured out some more oil and began to work it down and over Lauren’s right butt cheek. I did the same to her left one. She used both her hands to work her ass like she was kneading bread dough.

Lauren’s breathing was more relaxed, deeper and regular now. When she felt us working on her ass she said, “That feels wonderful. Nobody’s ever done that to me before. Whenever I’ve had a massage at a salon they never rub my butt.”

“Eddy you go down and work on her lower legs and I’ll keep working on her butt and thighs.” I moved down and began the kneading on the back of her left calf. Kealani put her leg over Lauren and straddled her back facing me and began to use her hands on Lauren’s ass. She would press the cheeks together and then put her hands together and run them along her crack. Her fingers would slide between Lauren’s legs and rub against her pussy as she slowly pulled them back up. She paused when she reached her asshole and rubbed it with the tip of her finger.

Lauren began to softly moan and breathe deeper. After a few minutes of this Kealani moved to straddle Lauren’s calves and told me to work on her feet. She began to rub up from Lauren’s knees with both hands first on one leg and then the other. When she reached her butt she would pull her cheeks apart and rub her thumbs along the large outer lips of Lauren’s pussy. Lauren would make little whimpering sounds when she did this. She continued for about ten more minutes and then said, “Lauren I want you to roll over now.” Looking like she was half asleep she turned over and lay on her back.

“Lauren before we continue working on your front side, you really need to let me do something about that jungle of hair between your legs.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we need to get rid of it.”

“All of it? Like yours?”

“Yes, all of it. I have a waxing kit in my other case. It will only take about 20 minutes and you’ll feel like a new woman when you’re all bare down there. I promise you it will feel really sexy.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It will sting a little as the strips are pulled off but it goes away pretty quick and I have some astringent and cream that will make it feel all cool and smooth.”

“Well, OK if you really think I should, go ahead.”

“While I’m getting ready if you need to pee now’s a good time to do it and you need to drink some water while you’re up.”

When Lauren got back to the bedroom Kealani had all of her waxing paraphernalia laid out on the bed and told her to lie back and put her feet on the end of the bed like she was at the gynecologist.

Lauren hesitantly complied and said, “I’m not sure about this Kealani I’m very self conscious about how I’m built down there.”

“What do you mean ‘how you’re built’?”

“I think my clitoris is huge and I have inner lips, piss flaps I think they’re called, that are quite large too. I can practically stretch them out and tie them in a knot. They stick way out even when I have my legs closed. My ex is a cosmetic surgeon and I begged him to do surgery on me but he kept saying he only did boobs not pussies. I guess he meant that professionally since he did plenty of them outside the office.”

“Lauren, Haven’t you noticed that I’m ‘built that way down there’ too. I’m sure more men have seen my twat than have seen yours and never has one of them complained about the way it looked. Most men couldn’t pick their own wife’s pussy out of a line-up if all they could see was a picture of their crotch. Why don’t we get a man’s opinion? Eddy, tell Lauren what you said when you first saw my bare pussy.”

“I told her it should be in the book ’1000 places to see before you die’. It is a true work of art.”

Lauren gasped and put her hand over her mouth.

“Well Lauren what do you think about that?”

“I think you should go ahead and get started.”

“Eddy why don’t you get on the bed next to Lauren and lean her back on some pillows and see what you can do with her breasts. It will keep her distracted while I’m cleaning her up.” I made a little pile of pillows behind her and tilted her back about 45 degrees and lay down beside her with my legs stretched out behind her and started caressing her right breast with my hands. I felt her sharp intake of breath and heard her say OWWW! as Kealani quickly pulled the first strip off of her pubes. Kealani told us how she had become adept at this activity by having to do it to many of the other models she worked with on her assignments. They did it to each other as a favor and to keep from having to pay somebody from a salon when they were on location.

I continued to massage Lauren’s breast and began licking the nipple and gently squeezing her tit to make it stand up. She seemed to enjoy this because she quit wincing when the wax strips were pulled off and started softly humming as I licked and sucked on her nipple. Before I could even get to the other breast Kealani told Lauren she was almost finished and that she needed to turn over, get on her hands and knees and stick her butt up. The last 3 strips would be between her ass cheeks. Lauren seemed hesitant but she did as she was told and Kealani finished the treatment.

“OK Lauren sit up. Now take a good look at what you’ve been hiding. ” She held a hand mirror between Lauren’s open legs so she could see herself.

“You know I’ve never really studied what I look like down there before, it just seemed gross to me.”

“Why does that not surprise me?” Kealani asked.

“Let me see yours.”

Kealani stood up, spread her legs apart and put the mirror between them. “Take a good look Lauren. You’ll get an even better view in a little while.”

Then Lauren said something I didn’t expect. “Kealani, if you’re bare down there and I’m bare down there, why isn’t Eddy bare down there?”

Kealani grinned at me and said, “Care to answer the lady Eddy?”

“I guess because nobody has suggested it until now.”

“Well lay down and I’ll go get some more towels and make you a member of the club.”

When she returned she told Lauren, “I’ll need your help with this because it’s easier to do a man if he has an erection. In addition I’ll need to be very careful when I’m working on his testicles since they’re such delicate little things and the skin is pretty thin there.”

“What would you like me to do?”

“After I remove the hair above his cock, I’ll need you to make sure he stays nice and hard so I can work on the base of his shaft and his balls. Do you think you could figure out how to accomplish that?”

“Would a blowjob work?”

“Lauren, you do know a little something about sex after all. What would be even better though would be if you could straddle his chest while you do it so he can get an up-close view of your naked snatch. He probably wouldn’t mind licking it if you want him to.”

“Ooooh Kealani, could I? You wouldn’t mind?”

“You’d be doing all three of us a big favor Lauren.”

Lauren watched Kealani as she removed the hair from half way between my navel to the base of my cock. Then Kealani told her to go get on top of me. When she was in place Kealani instructed her, “Hold his cock up with just your finger and thumb and put the head in your mouth. Good. Now lick all around the head with your tongue and when you think he’s hard enough take your hand away and just use your mouth. The object here is not to make him cum, just to keep him hard while I’m working on his nut sack.” In less than a minute my cock was rigid and standing straight up with the head in Lauren’s warm wet mouth.

During this time I had been intently studying Lauren’s newly revealed cunt. I thought it was beautiful. Everything she had said about it was true but far from being flaws, all of the features she mentioned were huge turn ons as far as I was concerned. Now that I could see it clearly it was similar to Kealani’s but differed in two respects. One was the color. Lauren’s white skin on her inner thighs contrasted a little more with her outer lips, which were a dusty rose color. And the lips themselves were somehow thicker, more padded. I guess puffy would be a good way to describe them. This gave better definition to the slit between them and kept her inner lips from protruding as much as they would have otherwise but they stuck out enough to be unusual and extremely enticing.

The inner lips were pink, wrinkled and spongy; they begged to be sucked into your mouth and pulled on with your lips and licked. Her entire pussy seemed to be larger as well. The distance from her prominent clitoris to her taint seemed to be longer than Kealani’s which only made for more pink folds between them. Her clitoris was the crowning glory. Large with a well-defined hood the soft pink nub stuck out even without having to pull the hood back. I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. I could spend the rest of the day eating and playing with her pussy. “Lauren I want to personally thank your ex for not doing surgery on your pussy. It’s gorgeous honey, really magnificent.”

I told Lauren to slide back a little and when she did I was close enough to reach her with my mouth. “Lauren would it be OK if I gave your beautiful pussy a little lick to see if it tastes as good as it looks?” Without taking her mouth off my cock I heard her moan and felt her nod her head slightly which caused her mouth to slide down and back up my cock, which made it involuntarily twitch and that made Lauren do it again.

I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them even farther apart than they already were. The large outer lips parted slightly and the soft inner lips seemed to move out a little more. They were still touching each other but I could see more of them now. I let my fingers slowly crawl toward her outer lips from both sides and when they reached their goal I used my middle fingers to pull the lips back ever so slowly. The inner lips parted slightly and I moved my mouth forward and placed my lips on hers and gently kissed them. I felt her tongue increase its licking on my cock head. I stuck my tongue out and licked her lips, then stuck it between them and let it slide from just below her clit upwards toward her asshole. Lauren let out an audible moan around my cock.

“Hey you guys I told you to take it easy. I’ll be finished here in a couple of minutes and we can all get back to the fun.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“You need to get your head out from between her legs and turn over. I’m ready to do your ass.” I did as directed as soon as Lauren reluctantly relinquished my cock from her mouth.

“Eddy, Kealani is right, you have the sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted. I never liked the taste before but I really like yours. And that was only your precum. You will let me taste the real thing won’t you?”

“As much as you want.” Kealani finished removing my hair and told me to go wash myself off with the shower spray and have a good look at myself in the mirror and see what I thought of my new look. She also said to bring back a hand towel wet with hot water and wrung out.

When I got back to the bed Lauren was laying on her back with her legs spread about half way apart. I handed the towel to Kealani and she folded it and placed it on Lauren’s crotch. “Oooooh that feels nice.”

“This will open up your pores so when I put the astringent on you it will help soothe the tenderness.” She removed the towel after a minute and poured a lime green liquid from a plastic bottle into her hand then rubbed it into Lauren’s mound and down over her pussy.

“That tingles.”

Kealani blew on her crotch and wiped her with the towel. “This green liquid is also an exfoliant which should help keep the irritation down.” She then poured a white lotion into her hand and began to spread it all over Lauren’s crotch wherever there used to be hair. “This has aloe, lanolin, tea tree oil and menthol in it. The coolness will take the rest of the sting away.”

“Thank you Kealani. It does feel nice and really sexy. She got up and started to walk around stopping to see herself in a mirror. “I can feel my lips and my upper thighs and my ass cheeks rubbing together. God it feels fabulous. I think if I walk around like this enough I might just get turned on all by myself.”

“I told you you’d like it. Now get back over here and let us finish your massage.”

Lauren walked back to the bed and looked at me. “Wow Eddy your cock looks bigger without all that hair around it.” She then resumed lying on the bed on her back. Kealani told me to get on my knees above Lauren’s head and reach forward and massage her breasts while she parted her legs and got between them. She put a pillow under each of her knees, which raised her thighs a little. Kealani handed me the bottle of oil after she poured a generous amount onto Lauren’s stomach. I poured some in my hand and rubbed it on her left breast then poured a little more and rubbed it on her right breast.

As I leaned forward to reach her chest and upper stomach area I noticed that if I slid my legs apart my balls would hang down enough to touch Lauren’s mouth. I purposely let them stay on her lips until she realized I wanted her to lick them while I massaged her tits. As soon as she started, my cock began to harden. Not having any hair on them made them feel a lot more sensitive and I made another mental note that keeping them and Linda’s pussy bare was to be the new natural state back home.

Meanwhile I watched Kealani use her extraordinary massage talents to seduce Lauren into allowing a woman to caress and fondle her pussy for the first time. She rubbed the tops of her thighs with her hands and slid them forward until they met in the hollow where they joined her hips. She used her thumbs to rub her outer lips strongly up toward her mound then pressed them together to force her clit out of its hood so she could move them down and rub them across the pink nub. Her index fingers joined in the compression of her lips as both her hands slid slowly down with her thumbs pressing into the exposed inner lips. I almost wished I had a pussy so she could do that to me. The effect was to arouse Lauren without satisfying her. Building a sexual hunger that would have her begging for release later. My admiration for Kealani increased yet again. Where had she learned these things?

After several repetitions of these actions her fingers found their way into Lauren’s wet vagina as her thumb pressed against her anus. She gently used her index fingers to stretch the opening to Lauren’s pink passage as her thumb began to gently insinuate its tip into her asshole. Lauren was breathing deeply and still kept up her gentle licking of my balls as I continued to massage her ample breasts. The sexual tension was steadily increasing in all of us.

Finally Lauren released my balls long enough to almost cry out, “Kealani what are you doing to me? I’ve never felt anything so wonderful in my life. Are you going to make me cum Kealani?”

“No Lauren I’m not. I’m going to make you want to cum. Then I’m going to make you do it yourself.”

“Oh God Kealani yes. I feel like I’m melting inside and like I’m on fire at the same time.”

“Tell me what you want to do Lauren.”

“I want to cum Kealani. It’s been so long. I really, really want to.”

“Then get up and tell Eddy to fuck you. Tell him to lie down so you can get on top of him and then you fuck him. Make him give you your orgasm. Demand it. Talk to him and tell him what you’re feeling. Don’t hold back and don’t think about it just do it.”

Lauren came up off her back and turned to me and said, “You heard her. Get on your back so I can put that hard naked prick inside me.”

I was almost afraid to even contemplate refusing her. I lay down with my cock sticking straight up.

“Now Lauren you take command. Straddle him and grab his cock. Rub the head along your slit and all over your clit and when you’re ready stick the head inside you.” Lauren obeyed Kealani’s instructions like an obedient dog. When her vagina engulfed the head of my cock I felt like it had been stuck into a furnace. “Lauren, take your time. Slowly lower yourself onto his cock. Feel everything that is happening and tell him about it. Savor this moment; it will never come again. Nothing else exists except this moment and your energy. Turn it all into passion. Let lust consume you and surrender to pure sexual joy.”

I think Lauren went into some sort of trance. Years of neglect and repressed sexuality combined inside her to form a magma chamber of superheated lust and passion then began its inexorable march toward eruption. She used my cock like a dildo as if I wasn’t even attached to it. She slowly rubbed it back and forth along her slit from her clit to her asshole dipping it into her vagina with each pass. After several repetitions she began to lower herself down on it pausing briefly to gasp for breath and to squeeze my cock with her cunt.

“Oh Eddy I’m going to fuck you now. I’m going to let your cock into me as far as it will go and then I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. My cunt is on fire and I’ve never wanted anything in my life as much as I want your cock inside of me. Feel me. Feel my juices running down your cock.” She continued to slide me into her slippery passage as she cried out, “Oh God you feel so good inside me. Feel it Eddy. Feel it with me.”

She slipped further down until the last inch of me was buried inside her seething pussy. “Oh yes….yessss….yesssss. Eddy you’re so deep inside of me I don’t know where I end and you begin. The head of your cock is pushing into my very womb.”

“Lauren, start fucking him now. Raise up and slam back down and keep doing it.” Kealani told her. She began to raise and lower herself in a steady rhythm, rising until just the head of my cock was in her and then falling back on it to completely engulf it.

After a few minutes of this Kealani told her, “Now bend forward and lower yourself down to kiss him and raise and lower your hips to keep fucking him. Move your ass and pick up the tempo. I want to see your cunt spread open and pumping that hairless cock. Let’s see some serious fucking girl!” Lauren started fucking me by moving her hips like a Brazilian dancer in a Carnival parade sliding her dripping wet twat up and down me as fast as she could go. I knew I couldn’t stand much more of this but I really wanted Lauren to play this out the way she wanted to.

“OK Lauren now straighten back up and tell Eddy it’s time to cum. Keep fucking him and use your hand to rub your clit. Tell him he better keep up and to get ready because you want him to cum with you and fill you up with his sweet cream.”

Lauren was possessed by her own lust and Kealani’s urging. Her fingers maniacally rubbed her clit as her orgasm hurtled toward her like a freight train. Finally she stopped with my cock buried in her cunt and began to wail with an indescribable mixture of sounds. Her vagina was literally vibrating around my cock as the magma chamber exploded into an orgasm that spread through her like molten lava.

“NOW EDDY, CUM WITH ME NOW.” I didn’t need to be told twice. The cum erupted from me like Mount St. Helens spurting a pyroclastic flow of semen into her deepest recesses.

Kealani quickly moved between my legs and pressed her body against Lauren’s back and wrapped her arms around her. “That’s it Lauren, take it baby. Feel each blast of Eddy’s hot goo as it fills that empty twat of yours. Squeeze it out of him.” She reached down and started rubbing Lauren’s clit. “Keep going Lauren. Stay in this orgasm. Reach for more, keep cumming baby, cum, cum, cum. You’ve needed this for so long. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

I don’t know how Lauren could have even heard Kealani. She was so lost in her orgasm that I thought she might actually pass out. I shouldn’t have been concerned. Kealani had everything under control. She held Lauren in her arms and started kissing her neck and squeezing her tits as Lauren rode her climax like a surfer on a fifty-foot wave. “Oh yes Lauren yes baby that’s what you’re capable of. That’s what you can do anytime you want it.” She put her hand on her stomach and rubbed it gently. “Feel that cock inside you. Doesn’t it feel great? Isn’t that what you want more of? Don’t ever let anybody take that away from you again.”

“Oh Kealani you’re wonderful. Oh God how can I ever thank you for what you just did for me. You’ve given my life back to me. You’ve pulled me out of a nightmare and into the light. I will never forget this day as long as I live.”

Kealani released her from her embrace and turned around and lay on her back with her head between my legs pressing against Lauren’s ass. “There is something you can do for me but only if you feel comfortable doing it.”

“Anything, just name it.”

“Slowly lift yourself off of Eddy’s cock and then quickly slide back until your cunt is just above my mouth.” Lauren rose up until the tip of my still rigid cock slipped from the confines of her vagina and slid back until she was directly over Kealani’s wide-open mouth. “Now flex those pussy muscles and push that hot cum out of you.”

“Oh God Kealani you want me to squirt his come in your mouth?”

“I sure do Lauren. Now let it go and tell me how it feels.”

“Oh yes here it comes. I could feel it spurting into me and I can feel it oozing out of me. I’ve never done anything so erotic in my life.” I watched as my copious ejaculation slowly formed long strings of white that made their way from Lauren’s cunt into Kealani’s mouth just an inch or so below it. I saw Lauren’s stomach flex as she forced more of the hot cum from her. Un-fucking-believable!

“Now Lauren lower yourself down so I can suck out what’s left.” Lauren moved the remaining inch lower until her cunt pressed against Kealani’s mouth. Kealani stuck her tongue into Lauren’s vagina and sucked so hard I could see her cheeks form deep dimples in the side of her face.

“Oh yes Kealani eat me, suck all of Eddy’s sweet cream out of me. Suck my pussy, suck it. Take it all.”

When Kealani had done just that she rose up and came around in front of Lauren and kissed her full on the lips and squirted my cum into Lauren’s mouth. “Now swallow that Lauren. Taste Eddy’s cum mixed with your juices and make it part of you forever.” Kealani wrapped her arms around Lauren and held her tight and began to rock gently back and forth. “Oh baby you did so well. I am so proud of you.”

I was speechless. If anybody had told me that I would be witness to anything remotely like what just happened much less participate in it, I would have told them they were crazy. It was emotionally equivalent to watching somebody give birth. I was in awe of both of them. We lay down on the bed and held each other with Lauren in the middle. It would take some time to absorb the full impact of that experience. I thought about how necessary it was to be a part of something to really understand the true meaning of it.

If anybody had been told about what we did or read about it or even seen a movie of it they would probably think it obscene, prurient, pornographic, indecent and unnatural. But having experienced it first hand it was really caring, sharing, life affirmative, celebratory, expansive, intrinsically human and most of all loving. And yet not one of us ever said the word love.

It reminded me of a story about a Zen monk that was sitting under a tree meditating when suddenly all the flowers on the tree began to fall on him. As he watched the blossoms drifting down some angels appeared and told him that the flowers were in appreciation for his discourse on silence. He told the angels that he had not spoken of silence. They answered that they had not heard him speak of silence and that was true silence.

Perhaps the truest love is the love that is unspoken.

We lay there drifting in a state that was somewhere between sleep and utter bliss. I felt Lauren tremble occasionally as though she were having aftershocks from the powerful orgasm she had. I got up to pee and get some water and when I returned Lauren and Kealani were awake but still in each other’s arms. They took turns gently kissing each other on various parts of their faces. I couldn’t begin to tell you which one was happier. Lauren for making such a tremendous breakthrough in her life and discovering she did not have to be a victim of her circumstances or Kealani for making it possible and guiding her through some unique form of sexual psychotherapy to achieve it.

“Do either of you feel like getting something to eat or going someplace?”

“Not particularly.” Kealani answered.

“No me neither.” Lauren added.

I figured they would get around to discovering they were hungry so I called room service and ordered some salads and iced tea. When I returned to the bedroom they had managed to get out of each other’s arms and were sitting up leaning against the headboard of the bed.

“Eddy you were so right. You told me she would change my life if I would just listen to her and she has. And you did too. When you told me my pussy was beautiful you really made me believe it. And no man has ever let me fuck him and helped me to have an orgasm like you did. I can’t thank you enough for restoring my confidence and freeing me from all of this doubt and guilt.”

I lay on the bed next to her and took her in my arms and kissed her. “It’s not just your pussy that’s beautiful Lauren. All of you is beautiful.”

“What am I going to do with you two? I’ve never met anybody like either of you and I’m completely captivated with both of you.”

“Well for one thing you’re not going to spend the rest of this trip hiding in your cabin. You can join our little escapade as a full partner if you’d like and spend as much time as you want with us. As long as you don’t mind being naked a lot and having sex three or four times a day.”

“Really Eddy? You wouldn’t mind? What about you Kealani? Are you OK with that?”

“I’m more than OK with it Lauren. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve only begun to show you things you’ve never imagined before.”

“Eddy thank you so much for wanting to include me in your fantasy trip. I promise not to get in the way. So if you and Kealani want to be alone or go somewhere without me just tell me and I won’t be offended.”

I heard a knock at the door and said, “That would be our lunch. I ordered us some salads and iced tea. If your hungry yet come along, if not I’ll put them in the fridge.” I grabbed my robe and headed to the door to let the room service attendant in.

When the steward left Kealani and Lauren came out and said they had decided they needed to eat something in order to keep their strength up since now that there were three of us we would all probably need it. I had the room service cart put on the balcony and we ate there while we looked at the beautiful view.

“You know, I think I’m starting to get used to being naked. I like seeing your bodies and I really feel comfortable with you seeing mine.” Lauren said.

“I’m glad to hear that.” Kealani told her. “It makes things so much more friendly and sexy when you don’t have clothes to get in the way.”

“After we eat can I ask you a favor Kealani?”

“You can ask me right now. What is it you would like me to do for you?”

“I’ve never enjoyed anything as much as the massage you and Eddy gave me and I would really like it if you could give me another one.”

“It would be our pleasure to massage your beautiful body again Lauren. But we need to wait a little while because the room steward will be wanting to get in here and clean things up so we probably need to get out of here for about an hour and let her do it.”

“Well since we started our friendship at the little pool why don’t we all go back up there and have a swim?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.” I said.

Kealani put on another thong bottom not much larger than the one she had on before. This time she didn’t even bother with a top. She wrapped a towel around her waist and put her lei back around her neck. A hat, sunglasses and sandals were the only other things she wore.

Lauren asked her, “Do you have another of those thongs that might fit me? I only brought that one-piece and I want to wear something more sexy since I’ve gotten rid of my bush.”

“Thongs and bikinis are the one item of apparel I have an almost unlimited supply of since I’ve modeled so many of them. They let me keep them after the shoot. I just grabbed a big handful when I packed for the trip so look through this case and see if one of them appeals to you.”

Lauren picked out a metallic gold thong with thin black strings and tried it on. She looked in the mirror and thought it looked good on her. We did too. “I really like how you can see the edge of my pussy lips on the side of the little crotch piece. I’m so glad I let you wax me so I can wear things like this.” She squealed with delight when she turned around and looked over her shoulder to see what she looked like from behind. “Ooooh. You can’t even tell that I have anything on. My whole ass is bare. I can’t believe I’m actually going to wear something like this. I wouldn’t have dared do this before today.” She decided to skip wearing the top since it wasn’t necessary anyway. She put her cover-up on and we were ready to go.

Just as before, we had the pool to ourselves. I set the video camera on the tripod and turned it on. It was warmer now, almost hot so we decided to skip going in the hot tub and just jumped into the pool. Since nobody else was around Kealani and I stood in the shallow end of the pool with water up to our chests and had Lauren float on her back between us. I supported her shoulders and Kealani told her to wrap her legs around her to keep her stomach out of the water. Her breasts seemed to bob around, as the water washed over her chest. I held her head up with one hand and used my other one to caress her breasts. They didn’t seem as large when she was on her back like this. They spread out more, which made her areolas and nipples seem larger. They were remarkably soft and pliant. I liked rubbing them and softly squeezing them. I pinched her nipples and pulled them to make them harden and stand up. She seemed to like the attention I was giving them.

Since Lauren’s legs were wrapped around Kealani’s waist, Kealani had use of both her arms. Her hands were underneath Lauren’s ass and appeared to be rubbing and massaging it. The thong allowed her complete access to it. She moved one of her arms out of the water and brought it down to lie on Lauren’s pussy. Her fingers traced the lips that were outlined by the thin material that clung to her like skin. She slipped them under the thong and I could see her rubbing Lauren’s clit with her fingertips.

“You both can find such marvelous things to do to my body. This feels so good to float while you play with me. I feel truly happy for the first time in over a year.”

“Don’t ever forget how to be happy again.” I told her as I bent my head over and kissed her. We continued to play with her for about 45 minutes.

Kealani finally said, “I think it’s time to move this party back to the room where we can give Lauren an extra special massage and get out of this tropical sun.” We got out of the pool and picked up our things and headed back to the suite.

“Eddy you can get in the shower first and be sure to shampoo your hair. That was a salt water pool we were in.” I headed for the bathroom while Kealani and Lauren went out on the balcony.

“Lauren have you been to the bathroom to shit today?”

Lauren looked a little surprised but answered, “Yes I went this morning before I went up to the pool. Why do you ask?”

“Because this next massage will include your asshole and I want you to be as clean as possible. There are many nerve endings in your lower rectum that can be very pleasurably stimulated if you know how.”

“I’ve never had anybody touch me there in a sexual way before.”

“Don’t worry, I would never ask you to do something that would not feel really good.”

“Now I’m getting excited Kealani. You’ll be gentle won’t you?”

“I’ll have you wishing somebody had introduced you to the pleasures of your ass a long time ago.”

When I finished showering I went out on the balcony and told the girls the bathroom was all theirs. “Lauren and I will shower together. I want to make sure she’s extra clean for her next treatment. Come along Lauren.”

“Kealani this is the first time since I can remember that I’ve taken a bath with another woman. I may have done it in school but it wasn’t anything like this.”

“Stand where the water can get your hair wet and I’ll wash it for you. You have nice hair Lauren. You must take good care of it.”

“That feels really nice to have you wash it for me. I’ll do it for you if you’d like.”

“Now I’m going to wash the rest of you.”

Kealani took a bottle of body wash and poured some in her hand and began to rub it all over Lauren’s shoulders and back. Then used some more to wash her chest and breasts before moving down to her stomach. “Spread your legs a little so I can wash that naked twat of yours. Oooooh you feel so smooth and silky. I really like running my fingers along your slit and touching your lips. Eddy’s right, your pussy is fabulous. Does this feel good to you Lauren?”

“Oh yes Kealani it feels wonderful. You can do it as much as you want.”

“I intend to when I get you back on the bed but right now I want you to turn around so I can wash that cute little puckered asshole.”

Lauren turned around and Kealani poured a little of the body wash on her fingers and slid one of them into Lauren’s anus and moved it in and out and around to get it clean. She reached for the hand shower spray and brought it down and directed the stream on her asshole as she inserted a second slippery finger in and slightly stretched the little aperture apart to get some of the water in to rinse the body wash away. Lauren told her she was sure nobody had ever done that to her before. “I would usually give you an enema for a thorough cleansing but this will do for what we’ll be doing today. Now, do you remember everything I’ve done to you?”


“Good because I want you to do it to me.”

Lauren repeated Kealani’s actions and gave her the same bath she had just received. When they got out of the shower and dried off Kealani put a moisturizing cream all over Lauren and then handed the bottle to her and told her to rub it all over her. Lauren was becoming quite comfortable touching Kealani and being touched by her. That was not by accident.

Kealani was continually seducing Lauren into stretching her limits and trying new things. At first that may seem a little scheming on Kealani’s part but it was not for her benefit it was for Lauren’s. God knows Kealani didn’t need to put effort into finding willing, beautiful women to have sex with. They practically lined up for her. When they returned to the bedroom they walked in holding hands. What a magnificent sight: the goddess Aphrodite and her acolyte. Lauren was completely under Kealani’s spell.

“Strip the bed Eddy while I get the massage oils. Lauren I want to see you face up on the bed when I return. In a couple of minutes Kealani walked back in carrying two of her cases and put them on the floor next to the bed.

“Are you going to work on my shoulders? They still feel a little tight.”

“I’m not concerned with the tightness in your shoulders Lauren, I’m concerned with the tightness in your vagina and your asshole and that’s what I’m going to concentrate on. This will not be a massage to relax you it will be one to arouse you. I’m not getting you ready to go to sleep, I’m getting you ready to be fucked.”

“Oh Kealani that sounds perfect. Please hurry.”

“Hurrying is not the way to arouse a woman Lauren. But don’t worry, I’ll get you there soon enough.”

Oooooh, just the way you say that sends shivers through my whole body.”

“Well get ready because there’s going to be a lot more where they came from.”

“Eddy why don’t you get up behind her head like you did before and do something stimulating to those luscious titties. Lauren if Eddy’s balls get too close to your lips see if you can get both of them into your mouth.” I was more than happy to begin my assignment and I suspected Lauren was up to the challenge of enclosing my scrotum in her mouth. Leaning over her this way also afforded me a great view of what Kealani was doing in Lauren’s crotch. By involving us in the action it would make both of us participants rather than just spectators in getting Lauren ready for the main event.

I spread oil generously over her entire chest then leaned forward and spread my legs to position my testicles in just the right spot so they rested on Lauren’s mouth. Her tongue began to lick them as she had done previously but this time she used her lips to gently suck on each one in between the licks. I massaged her breasts like Kealani had shown me when I was working on her butt. I kneaded them like bread dough and shifted them sideways keeping my palms over her hardening nipples. They felt like warm bags of whipped cream.

“Lauren I want you to concentrate on what you are doing with Eddy. Just feel what is happening. Don’t think about anything.” Kealani began spreading oil on her stomach and used her thumbs to rub in little circles on either side just below her navel. I guessed this was approximately where her ovaries were. She rubbed the oil lower until her hands were rubbing her mound and sliding downward into the hollow her legs made with her hip. Her thumbs pressed into her outer lips and moved slowly upward but with enough lateral pressure to pry them slightly apart revealing more of the inner lips and the bright pink flesh of her opening and the lower part of her clitoris.

She spent about ten minutes doing this and then said, “Now when I spread your lips open I’m going to use my tongue to lick from the bottom all the way up to your clitoris and when I get there I’m going to pull the hood back and suck it into my mouth.” The first time her thumbs pressed firmly against the bottom of her lips and spread them open and her tongue made contact with her slit Lauren moaned and I felt her chest expand as her breathing deepened. When Kealani’s mouth engulfed her clit she gasped and her stomach muscles clenched. After a few minutes of this Lauren was breathing more rapidly and was clearly becoming aroused.

Kealani stopped and raised her head up from Lauren’s pussy and began to rummage around in one of her cases. She held something up and told Lauren to look at it. It was a glass tube similar to the one I had used to examine her vagina but this one was not hollow. It was cone shaped and about as big around as a finger at the tip but widened to about the diameter of a silver dollar at the base where a larger glass ring was joined to it by a smaller stem.

“I want you to look at this Lauren because I’m going to very slowly insert it into your ass. I’ll start with about a half inch, which you should be able to accommodate easily, and once you get used to it I’ll slip it in a little more. I’ll put plenty of oil on it so it will slide in very smoothly. It’s only five inches long so you should be able to get the whole thing inside you without any discomfort although you’ll feel a little pressure at first but the important thing is just to relax and don’t tense up or fight it.” She placed the tip of the glass butt plug against Lauren’s anus and poured some of the oil on it. “Ready?” she said as she gently pushed it forward and the end of the plug slid imperceptibly into her.

After an inch of the plug was inside her ass Kealani placed the base on the bed so it would stay in the same spot and returned her fingers to Lauren’s pussy. She spread her lips apart and inserted one of her index fingers into her vagina and began to move it in and out. “You’re getting nice and wet Lauren. How does this feel?”

“Wonderful Kealani, it feels wonderful. Nobody’s ever taken the time to play with me the way you do. I tingle everywhere you touch me.”

“I’m going to put another finger in your vagina now and see if I can find your g-spot. You tell me when I find it.”

“How will I know when you find it?”

“Oh you’ll know baby, you’ll know.” Kealani’s middle finger joined her index finger inside Lauren’s opening and curled upward as she moved them along the top wall of her vagina.

“Ohhhh, Ohhhh, I think you found something.” Lauren gasped.

“Good. Now I’m going to massage this spot for a while so just lay back and enjoy it.” She used her other hand to push the plug another inch deeper into Lauren’s ass. I don’t think Lauren even noticed; she was too busy slowly raising and lowering her hips in response to what Kealani was doing in her cunt.

“You’re doing just fine Lauren. I’m going to keep stroking you like this but while I do it I’m going to put my mouth back on you clit and suck it.” As she bent forward to place her lips on the swollen nub, she eased the plug another inch into her ass. Again Lauren was oblivious to the increased intrusion in her rectum. She stopped massaging her g-spot and removed her middle finger then inserted the index finger of her other hand so she could use both of them to stretch the opening to her vagina horizontally and vertically. Each time she did this she stretched her open a little more in each direction.

After a few minutes of this she would pull her fingers out quickly and Lauren’s hole would close up. She continued stretching and pulling her fingers out until eventually Lauren’s opening began to stay open a little when Kealani’s fingers exited the slippery opening. Kealani placed her mouth close to the opening and this time when she withdrew her fingers she stuck her tongue into the hole. Lauren moaned loudly and clinched her hands. The butt plug slid another inch into her ass. There was only an inch left to the widest part now. I got up and went to the foot of the bed so I could get a better look at the action and saw Kealani using both of her index fingers to push straight into Lauren’s hole and press down against the plug in her ass. She then rubbed them against it for as far as she could reach with her fingers.

“Lauren, are you doing OK?”

“Ooohhhh yes, I feel like I’m floating in the pool again.”

“That’s good baby. Do you think you might like to cum soon?”

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop it Kealani. I feel like I’m falling into a big whirlpool and any minute I’m going to explode.”

“OK baby you just keep falling.” Kealani removed one of her fingers and put the middle finger in with the one remaining and started massaging her g-spot again. She moved her mouth over her clit and sucked it inside and started licking it. Lauren’s hips rose up off the bed and her legs tightened as her head began to rock from side to side. Kealani pushed the plug all the way into her and Lauren began to shudder. Kealani removed her mouth from her clit and said, “That’s right baby cum for me now. Squeeze my fingers inside your cunt and feel the fullness in your ass.” I could see Lauren’s stomach muscles flexing and relaxing as the orgasm reached its peak.

Lauren continued to tremble and kept moaning and yelping while Kealani buried her tongue inside her wet pussy and lapped up the juices that were still flowing. She began to rub Lauren’s stomach and the top of her legs as Lauren slowly returned from the whirlpool. “You’re unbelievable Kealani. What did you do to me?”

“I’ve just helped you have your first anal orgasm. It looks like you enjoyed it.”

“That’s a huge understatement. In eighteen years of marriage I never even came close to feeling anything like that. I didn’t even think it was possible. It felt like my entire intestine was in a spasm that radiated my orgasm throughout my whole body.”

“And you know what Lauren? Anal orgasms get better with each one you have until you can cum without even touching your pussy. So do you want to try for another one? It’s only four o’clock. Dinner’s not til 8.”

“Oh Jesus, you’re serious. If I have another orgasm like that one I may not live til 8.”

“Don’t be silly. The real action isn’t going to start until after dinner. Now you sit up and scoot down here to the foot of the bed and help me get Eddy nice and hard for you.” Lauren slowly moved forward and finally realized that the entire glass plug was still inside her.

“I did it Kealani. I took the whole thing and I didn’t even feel you do it. I really didn’t believe I could.”

“You’d be surprised what you can get up your butt Lauren. Now, you sit on the end of the bed and I’ll sit beside you and we’ll take turns sucking Eddy’s cock until he’s ready to put it inside that sweet hot pussy of yours.” I stood up and walked in front of them and Kealani reached for my cock and closed her mouth over it. She licked and sucked on it for about a minute and then pulled her mouth off and said, “Your turn Lauren. I don’t think this is going to take long at all.” “Lauren placed her mouth over my cock and slid about half of it into her mouth. Her head began to move back and forth as she fucked her mouth with my shaft. Kealani reached out and began to massage my balls. A few seconds later, I was hard as a rock.

“OK Lauren get on your hands and knees close to the end of the bed. Put your shoulders down, spread your legs and stick out your ass. Eddy’s going to stand behind you and put his nice hard cock in your pussy and I’m going to kneel beside you so I can slide this butt plug in and out of you while he’s fucking you.”

I lined myself up with Lauren’s cunt and eased the tip inside. She was still very wet so I pushed forward until I was about half way in. It felt different from the first time. I guess because I was the one doing the fucking now.

“Eddy I want you to take your time and do it the way you want to. This morning I practically made you cum but now you make it feel good for you.”

I was willing to take her advice. I stroked into her with a steady rhythm, going a little deeper with each thrust. Kealani held the end of the butt plug in her hand and was matching my thrusting with her own as the glass plug slid in and out of Lauren’s ass. “You may not have to wait too long Lauren. I’m really getting off watching your cute little asshole expand and contract as Kealani slides the plug in and out of you. It’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.”

“Then it must look as good as it feels because between you and the plug every part of my insides are just rippling and tingling. I would like you to do it so one of you goes in when the other one slides out.” Kealani quickly changed her stroking to alternate our penetrations. “Oooooohhh yessss, that’s just awesome you guys.”

I put my hand on Lauren’s ass so I could get my index and middle fingers on her stretched anus with the plug between them in order to feel the movement of it as the plug slid in and out. I was fascinated by the little wrinkles appearing and smoothing out with each stroke. Kealani would pause as the fattest part of the plug slid into place to stretch her to the maximum and I would push my cock in as far as I could go at the same time to fill her cunt up completely.

“Ohhh Eddy…. Eddy…. Eddy YES, GOD YES you’re filling me up and touching parts of me I didn’t even know I had. I can’t wait for you to cum in me when you’re that deep!”.

“Lauren I’m going to stop stroking you with this plug and leave it in you. I need both hands to give a little attention to Eddy so he can give you about a quarter cup of that hot creamy cum you want.”

“Oh Yes do it. I want it so bad. Please do it now.”

Kealani reached between Lauren and me and started to caress my balls. “That’s my hand you feel on your clit Lauren. I’m rubbing those swollen hairless balls of his to get all that cum stirred up for you.”

“Please hurry Kealani I don’t think I can wait much longer.”

Kealani reached behind me with her other hand and inserted her finger in my ass and began to rub my prostate. In less than 10 seconds my cock was spurting deep inside of Lauren.

“There it is Lauren. Do you feel that baby? Is he filling you up like you wanted?”

It was the usual North Indian winter morning with fog being a culprit to air, road and rail traffic. However, this year, fog turned out to be lucky for me as I enjoyed full day with 2 chics; my old school batch mates – Aanchal and Shivani.

We had planned a school get together after 25 years of matriculation and out of a class of 40, we could find 32 who could attend and co-incidentally 25 guys and gals attended. Since the party was in my town, I made all the arrangements; travel, stay, party et al. Many of us were from nearby places and left in the evening but these two gals stayed back as they had a next day flight back home. My wife was off to her parents place with my daughter during her winter vacations as we had planned the party without families due to hassles of travel and stay.

Next morning I picked up both these gals from their hotel to drop them to the airport and hand over some local delicacies they had ordered the previous day. There was light fog in the morning but visibility was a bit OK. We were apprehensive about the flight take off but left after a prayer to God. The hotel was booked for a marriage and in the event of return; an alternate arrangement was to be made. As we were going to the airport suddenly the fog thickened and the possibility of take-off was bleak.

The worst fears came true as we reached the airport with a board – “All outgoing flights cancelled. For on-line tickets, refunds released, others please contact airline counters. Please try tomorrow, inconvenience regretted.” With the fog thickening by the minute, we had no place to go, so the nearest place we went was my house to plan for the rest of the day. Since, the gals had planned to go that day, they called up their families to intimate change of plans and their bosses for an extra day leave.

I prepared coffee with some hot snacks and we set out talking the old school days from where the conversation ended the previous day. Just by the way, the discussion shifted to crushes we had in school days and many skeletons came out of the closet. I do not what happened to them, but they bluntly asked on whom I had my crush. Before I answered, I asked them the same question. We were all avoiding the answer and so thought to give it a go, but Shivani insisted on knowing the facts.

We decided to postpone the matter and talk about something else as it was getting controversial. The topics shifted to old teachers, other fellow students, school trips, movies, novels, ……….. and finally un-fulfilled desires like visiting certain places, doing certain adventures, missing certain cuisines and so on and so forth and culminating into unfulfilled fantasies. With great courage, Aanchal responded first, she was blushing, we were spellbound with what she said; threesome and golden showers. Shivani then gathered some courage and responded; threesome and erotic massages. Now the focus shifted on me and my response was only threesome. I clarified that I have indulged in golden showers as well as erotic massages and both the gals wanted the details.

Since the topic was now bold and erotic, surprisingly both the gals admitted that they had a school time crush on me as well as on other guy as were optimal guys; good looks along with helpful and frank behaviour. I admitted of having crush on three gals; two of these and one more (Vaishali). These two were hot gals while the third one was studious. As the beans had been spilled and the opportunity was there; no one else at home and nowhere to go, we decided to make the unfulfilled fantasies realistic.

We chalked out a rough plan for the day; we’ll have an erotic massage session and a threesome before lunch with Shivani as the leader, order and enjoy lunch, another threesome and golden showers after lunch with Aanchal as the lead partner, then off to market for evening snacks and dinner and finally a threesome with me calling the shots. Being winter, the room was cold and so I put on the heat convector so as to have the right temperature before we start the adventure.

Before I describe the adventure, let me describe both the gals. Aanchal is 38 yrs., 5’5″ with possible figure of 38-26-36, fair complexion and sharp features whereas Shivani is 39, 5’6″ with possible figure of 36-26-36, a shade darker than Aanchal, sharp features and sweet voice. Even with two grown up kids each, both had well maintained figures with yoga and exercise and were true definition of MILF. Both of them were wearing jeans and sweaters along with jackets to beat the cold.

The room was cosy in about half an hour and we felt it as the right time to strip. Now as Shivani was the leader of the session, she ordered that we play strip poker for strip. We were spell bound as we did not know what that was in India. She said that to understand formal poker, it will take a lot of time so it was a new version of the same. We will deal single card and the person with the highest card will order the one with the lowest card to remove a garment. This was a new idea and we agreed. I brought the playing cards. Shivani dealt; she had an eight, I had a jack and Aanchal had a six. So I ordered Aanchal to remove her jacket. Next round was won by Shivani and lost by me, so I was asked to remove my pullover. Slowly and steadily, a garment was removed in each round, Shivani became fully nude first, followed by Aanchal and the last garment on me was my brief. When both the gals were in their designer lacy undies; red by Aanchal and purple by Shivani, I wished that they remain as such for long, but was also excited to see them nude.

Watching the two babes naked was a feast to the eyes. Both were much more beautiful nude than I had imagined. Now it was Shivani’s turn to get the massage. She lied on the bed face down and her curvaceous back invited me for massage. I started with soft touch from her neck and moved down to her back, hips and finally up to the feet. My soft touch made her shiver a bit. Thereafter, I started off with an oil massage and gave her complete body a gentle massage. After rubbing her back, she changed position and now her boobs were inviting me. She was sporting a little of pubic hair only on the upper portion, the area near to the glory hole was intelligently shaved off as it did not interfere in licking it.

I resumed the massage with her shoulders, and then moved on to the boobs, stomach, legs and finally the pussy area. While I “kneaded” the boobs, occasionally twitching the nipples, she would moan a bit and the “fragrance” of her love juice would become a bit more intense. She was becoming wild by the minute which was evident by her moans and she was begging for more. After satisfying her boobs and nipples, I moved on to the glory hole and massaged the pussy making her grunt. She became so wild that Aanchal had to stuff her boob in her mouth to keep her quiet.

I rubbed a finger around her ass hole, two in her pussy and massaged her clit with my thumb. Within a few seconds, Aanchal had a bite on her boob that she had offered for sucking. My fingers were bathing in the love juice and started moving fast. Meanwhile, Aanchal had offered her pussy for the lick by sitting on her face, watching Shivani become wild which was reflecting on Shivani licking the pussy, Aanchal’s pussy too started dripping with love juice. It was in around 10 minutes that Shivani was too tired after having multiple orgasms.

Now, she rested on the bed and I gave a similar massage to Aanchal. Since, she had already experienced such massages, she enjoyed it to the full, but did not become as wild as Shivani for whom it was the first time. After finishing off with both chics individually, the three of us came together and they oiled my body with the oil on their body along with some additional quantity giving me the body to body massage. Shivani removed my brief and took hold of the cock struggling to come out of the brief and repenting why he won the strip poker!! Both of them massaged it well taking turns. They could sense it bursting and planned to carefully collect the cum in a wet tissue (Indian ladies generally do not swallow cum). I yelled, “Please let me cum in the mouth as this is my un-fulfilled fantasy….”

Just in the nick of the moment, Aanchal obliged and soon my precious love juice was in her food pipe. She did find it a bit nauseating, but she respected my un-fulfilled fantasy and did not spit it. Watching Aanchal drink the cum, Shivani too was prompted to try it. I promised that the next shot will be in her mouth. Now, all three of us were oily and before indulging in sex, we decided to take a bath together.

The geyser was ON since morning (I forgot to switch OFF after my bath) and so there were no issues regarding hot water in winter. We took a bath together soaping each other without much of sexual activity as bathroom was a bit slippery when oil was on floor with water and no one wanted to risk a slippage and fall. After the massage and bath, both the chics were looking more gorgeous than before and we headed straight to the bed with only the towels on the body. Now, Shivani being the lead partner began her role. She lay on the bed, opened her legs and ordered me to lick her pussy and “summoned” the pussy of Aanchal for licking. She herself opened the lips of pussy so that my hands were free to fondle her boobs and play with her nipples.

Aanchal was playing with her boobs herself and both babes were moaning. Along with licking, my fingers were also exploring the warmth and the lubrication of her pussy. After a few minutes, we changed position and now Shivani was sucking my cock, Aanchal was licking her pussy and I was licking Aanchal’s pussy. We were in a triangle position and the education provided by porn movies was coming handy. With enough of foreplay for around 10 minutes, the real action started. Shivani rode on my dick taking the full length inside and Aanchal came on my face to enable licking her pussy. The moans resumed as my cock was rock hard and Shivani’s pussy swollen after foreplay.

Then the position shifted and both gals were in 69 position with Shivani on top. After making her pussy wet, she asked me to enter her keeping her mouth near my tool. Shivani’s pussy was being eaten by Aanchal and Aanchal’s pussy was being fucked by me. A few minutes of fucking resulted in me approaching orgasm wherein I kept my promise and just in the nick of moment inserted my tool in Shivani’s mouth. Within seconds, my tool burst the second instalment of the cum in her mouth and the three of us were relieved and lay down gasping our breath. I was in middle with both gals on each of my sides in an embracing position. Even though we wanted to caress, but there was no energy left.

After the activity was over, cold started catching us. We cleaned our privates with wet tissues and had a quilt over us which made us a bit warm and we had a short nap. By the time, I woke up it was about mid-day and I ordered lunch from a nearby joint. Apart from the veggies, breads and desserts, I ordered 3 litres of lemonade. Both the gals were surprised with the idea; 3 litres of lemonade in such cold weather!! They asked me about it and I reminded them of the programme after lunch about golden showers. Shivani had some reservations about the idea but since we had decided so she agreed soon.

We dressed up and had our lunch and a litre each of lemonade. Now the question was – what to have first; a session of threesome sex or golden showers. Since we were to have a bath again after golden showers, it was decided to have them first, a bath and then threesome session. Since, there was a time before we were expected to have an urge of urination, we decided another round of strip poker type of a thing with the difference being that this time it was roll of a dice and the lowest scorer was to order the highest scorer to remove a garment and the middle scorer will do the honours. This time I was naked first, Shivani next and Aanchal was left with her undies.

I had the first urge to urinate and all three of us went to the bathroom. Aanchal too stripped off as she was to enjoy the first stream. Both the gals sat down to welcome the stream. I started off with the first drops on Aanchal’s face and she became wild as the piss started going down her body to her boobs and finally the pussy. Now I changed my direction a bit and drenched Shivani with the golden stream. Unexpectedly she too enjoyed the warm piss on the cold body although she found it a bit messy. When the piss touched their pussies, the gals too had an urge to pee. First it was Aanchal who drenched us both and then Shivani. I had experienced the thing a couple of times before but it was an out-of-the-world type of experience for the chics.

We had a quick bath and returned to the bedroom for the second session with Aanchal in control and directing both of us. She lay on the bed asking Shivani to lick her pussy and asked me to mouth fuck her. After a few minutes, she wanted a fuck in doggie position and at the same time eating Shivani’s pussy. Since, I already had two ejaculations a couple of hours ago, erection was not a problem but ejaculation was taking time. The cock was rock hard and was fucking hard with Aanchal enjoying every moment. As she was enjoying more, she licked the pussy wildly driving Shivani wild as she fondled her boobs with great vigour. I could sense that she had two orgasms while I was still continuing. She then asked Shivani to come down and I started to fuck her in missionary position and Aanchal offered her boobs for sucking. As my strokes became hard and fast, Shivani became wilder and Aanchal enjoyed hard sucking of her boobs. Aanchal ordered me to fuck Shivani harder and harder. When I was about to come, both gals wanted to have a share of cum and I obliged both.

All three of us had our energy drained out and wanted some rest. There were second thoughts of going for an outing but I insisted on going as it would give some rest to my cock. I knew that if we stayed back, these chics will force me into another session as they were asking me about my porn collection. I lured them with the idea of a drink for them along with their favourite cuisine and they agreed. We had a nice evening; some shopping, coffee, games at a parlour, drinks and dinner. On the way back we narrated our first sex experiences with minute details. I had my first with my aunt at 19, Shivani had it with a college mate at 20 while Aanchal had it with her hubby on their first night at 22.

When we reached home, Shivani wanted to pee and so did Aanchal and I suggested another golden shower session to which both of them agreed. We quickly stripped off and went to the bathroom. First of all, I drenched them with my warm piss followed by Aanchal and then Shivani. They were of the view that they will convince their hubbies to try the adventure. After a quick shower, we were back on bed with towels – thanks to the heat convector that was running since morning and was a witness to our sessions, made us warm and helped the towels to dry down in time.

Now with me in command, I asked the gals to have a lesbian session for a few minutes and I would just watch them. They had never done such a thing, but readily agreed. The towels were gone in a flash and the lips locked soon. They were kissing passionately and soon the action was on the boobs. They fondled each other’s boobs pinching the nipples in between. Instead of licking pussies one by one, they straight away started off with a 69 and the satisfaction of day’s sessions and the excitement of the next one was well visible in their passion.

After having a couple of orgasms with each other, they wanted the next with my tool and so the action shifted on to me. The two MILF chics started sucking my tool taking turns at sucking the head, licking the shaft and taking the balls in the mouth. They were mad on sucking the tool and it had become hard as a rock. Since the pussies were also dying to be eaten, I obliged them one by one. While I was licking Shivani’s pussy, Aanchal’s pussy was being eaten by Shivani and Aanchal was sucking my tool. Spending a few minutes in this fashion, we reversed the roles in similar triangle.

Now the pussies were burning with a desire to have something inside and fingers could not satisfy them, my tool was to do the honours. Before that, I played a small trick, I took a wet tissue and cleaned the lubrication from Aanchal’s pussy making it somewhat dry. Now when I inserted the rock hard cock into a virtually dry pussy in doggie position, the expression on the face was a mixture of pain and excitement. She did feel pain for the first few strokes and moaned, but the excitement overpowered. She was pacified by Shivani offering her boobs for sucking.

Similar process of making the pussy dry was followed with Shivani and with her’s being tighter, even I felt pain while inserting and during the first few strokes but the excitement won. Shivani was being fucked in missionary position and Aanchal was sitting on her face for pussy lick and she was enjoying the pussy juice. The fucking lasted about half an hour and I took turns taking care to satisfy both of them. Finally when I had to burst, both chics were ready with mouth open and got adequate share of my cum. Fully exhausted at around 11PM, we wore our clothes, cuddled and slept together.

My sleep was disturbed with some activity near my lips and found that Aanchal was kissing me. Before I could utter a word, she put her hand on my mouth and asked me to keep quiet and gestured me to go to another room. We tip toed to the adjoining room and I saw it was quarter past mid-night. She thanked me for the satisfying day with all the sex we had, but wanted to have a one-to-one session; maybe a quickie as she felt it to be a more pleasurable experience. We started off with locking our lips and a deep kiss, slowly my hands freed her boobs from the clutches of her bra and hers freed my tool from the prison of my pyjamas. Within minutes we were again naked and she wanted to ride me. I lay on my back and she came over me, my tool fully inside her love hole and her nipple in my mouth. She cleverly varied the pace as she wanted a long session. Meanwhile we were kissing and fondling the boobs. Near her orgasm, she pinched my nipples so hard that my moans could wake up Shivani in the next room. After having the cum defy the laws of gravity in her pussy, she embraced me with a sigh of satisfaction. It was only when the tool lost its hardness that it came out of its own and she came off. After washing her pussy and my tool, we again went to bed and slept off.

Barely had I slept for an hour with an aching tool, that again I felt some activity near my lips and thought that Aanchal may have become horny once again, but to my utter surprise, it was Shivani this time. I was having mixed feelings; an urge to fuck her in a one-to-one session, but at the same time it would be taxing on my tool. It would become rock hard with her touch and kiss and then take a long time for orgasm with my balls working overtime for production of cum! She commanded me to go to the next room and I had no option (or intention) to say no. She confessed that one of her un-fulfilled desires was to lose her virginity to me, but since that was not possible, she would lose her anal cherry to me. I was spellbound and my cock was beginning to become erect with her words and the prospect of having an anal shot with “Venus” of our class.

We stripped off, kissed, fondled and I fingered her pussy to generate some lubrication for the anal fuck. I applied her love juice mixed with my pre-cum ooze to my tool and prepared for entry in doggie style. She opened her bum cheeks and the opening was visible inviting me even in dim light. Since, it was also my first time with anal fuck, I too was a bit cautious. The tool was also dying to try an adventure and co-operated fully with me. I added to the lubrication of the tool and the hole with a bit of spit and pushed it inside. Initially, it was a bit difficult and I entered slowly, but once it was in, the feeling was ecstatic. There was a mirror in the room and Shivani was facing it. Her face was well visible having a blend of pain and satisfaction of having made a fantasy realistic on its silver jubilee.

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