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“I might have to go away for a few days babe.” Peter announced matter of factly as he unbuttoned his shirt. “My new boss wants us all to go for some stupid Team building exercise.”

“Oh?” Nicole raised one eyebrow as she put down the book she was reading. “When? And where is it being held?”

“The new hotel, off Chesapeake.” Peter replied. “It’s for two days. We leave on Thursday morning and come back on Friday evening.”

“That’s not so bad.” Nicole replied. “Are you car pooling or you driving on your own? It’s at least two hours to Chesapeake and the way you drive, make it three hours!”

They both laughed. Peter was known to be a very careful driver and never, ever broke the speed limit.

“I think I might go with Lucas.” Peter replied. “He lives less that 15 minutes away and he did offer, so I guess I’ll take him up on it. You sure you’ll be okay?”

“I’ll be fine.” Nicole replied. “It’s not like I haven’t been alone before. And it’s only for one night.”

She picked up her book again and pretended to read as Peter finished undressing and then went into the bathroom for a shower. Her heart started to beat faster as she thought that Thursday was only two days away. She wondered if she would be able to organize something with Steve. She thought about his hot, hard cock that she had sucked just two days ago and she felt a flutter in her abdomen.

Nicole squeezed her thighs together as Peter came out of the bathroom, toweling his wet hair. He had pulled on his pajamas so that meant he wasn’t in the mood. He picked up a folder and slid into bed next to his wife.

“Have to finish reading this stupid file for tomorrow.” Peter said as he started to read through the dossier.

Nicole placed her hand on Peter’s thigh and went back to reading her book. Her thoughts however were still on Steve and her pussy was starting to tingle. Slowly she let her hand lightly caress Peter’s thigh, working up toward his crotch. With feather like touches, she softly strummed her fingers against his meat feeling it grow slightly. Peter’s hand moved to cover hers and he entwined his fingers in hers, pulling her hand away from his crotch.

“I really have to finish this babe.” Peter sighed. “I’ve got a long day tomorrow.”

Nicole pouted and put her book away. She slid lower into the bed and with her hand entwined with her husband’s. Steve would never have dismissed her advances, she thought to herself. With thoughts of Steve coursing through her mind, she fell asleep.

** **** **

Nicole had spent the better half of the day at work wondering if she should text Steve or not. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say. She couldn’t just say that she wanted to get fucked. Could she? It was nearing 4 in the evening when she finally gave in. She gazed at her phone again and finally started to type out a short message.

Hi There. How are you?

She pressed the send button and then waited. The minutes seemed to tick by and she started to curse him in her mind when a reply came in.

Pretty good. What you wearing?

Nicole’s heart started to beat a little faster. It excited her to know that he was always interested in what she was wearing, in how she looked. She glanced down at herself, as if to remind herself what she had on.

Beige blouse and black pants. She texted back. A short while later, a reply came in. The beeps were rather loud and she quickly switched her phone to silent mode to avoid her colleagues noticing that she was texting.

I prefer skirts. Easier access! What’s inside?

Nicole felt a little flushed with the naughty text flirting. She briefly thought about Peter but quickly dismissed that thought and focused on the text messaging.

Nothing special. White cotton panties and a beige bra.

There was a bit of a delay before another message came through. This time a longer message.

Mmmm… white cotton means the black fur will show up nicely. Wish I could pull those panties down and taste that wet slit. Sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted!

Nicole swallowed hard. Her nipples were starting to get erect and her pussy was starting to tingle. She bit her lower lip as she typed the next message. She thought long and hard before she pressed the send button. She was really pushing the boundaries now.

Only lick? What else would you do?

Nicole held her breath, waiting for the reply to come through. She stared at her phone, almost willing it to buzz in her hand, showing that a message had come through. She had to start breathing again as there was no quick reply. A little disappointed, she put the phone down after holding it and staring at it for almost 5 minutes. She sighed deeply and figured she had probably been too forward. Maybe Steve was the kind that wanted to take control and do things his way. She sighed again and stared at her computer screen.

The phone suddenly vibrated on the table and Nicole made a grab for it.

Spend the day with me and I’ll thrill you to pieces. No quick lunch time session. I’ll show you how a real man pleases a woman.

Nicole felt a lump in her throat. Her whole body felt weak and her stomach was fluttering. She felt like a schoolgirl being asked out to the prom. Quickly, she typed out another message.

I’m free tomorrow. I can take the day off.

This time the reply came in very quickly.

All right. It’s a date then. Take the day off. What time do you leave for work in the morning?

730. Nicole’s reply was short and straight to the point.

Steve’s reply came in quickly again.

OK. Text me when you leave. I’ll let you know where to meet. Bye.

Nicole could hardly concentrate the rest of the day. Many times she considered texting Steve but she didn’t know what to say. The date had already been set and there was really no point in idle chatter. She felt excited but at the same time she felt guilty knowing she was going to cheat on her husband. No, she had already cheated on her husband that first night when she had sucked Steve’s cock in the car and given him her wet panties. She had cheated on him again when she had let Steve suck her pussy and then given him a blowjob.

Both times she had swallowed Steve’s cum and she had actually enjoyed it. She rarely gave her husband a blowjob, much less swallowed his cum, but with Steve she had really, really wanted to. She couldn’t quite explain it but Steve somehow made her feel different. There was just something about the man.

Fortunately the time went by fast enough and it was soon time to go home. As she stepped into the car, she realized that her panties were wet and practically sticking to her crotch. She drove home and was kind of relieved that Peter wasn’t home yet.

She removed her blouse, pants and bra and then stepped out of her panties. There was a dark wet patch around the crotch and even from afar, she could smell her scent emanating from the dark patch on the panties. She stepped into the bathroom and then smiled quietly to herself as an idea crossed her mind. Locking the bathroom door, she sat herself down on the toilet and picked up a razor. She applied a generous amount of shaving foam on to her lush bush and slowly and carefully, she shaved every inch of pubic hair off her pussy until it was smooth and hairless. She took a quick shower and patted herself dry before putting on a long t-shirt with nothing on underneath.

She glanced at the clock, noting that it was almost 7pm and Peter should be home soon. She fixed herself a cup of tea and waited for him, reading her book to pass the time. By 8.30 he still hadn’t come home and neither had she called and she was starting to feel a little angry. She made herself a ham and cheese sandwich and gulped that down with her cup of tea. It was only at 9.30 that Peter walked in and Nicole was rather furious. She glanced up at him as he walked in and was about to say something nasty when she noticed how tired and worn out he looked. She let her anger subside a little.

“Sorry I’m late honey.” He apologized as he gave her a peck on the cheek. “This new boss is really something else. Kept us all late as he said we’d be away for two days and needed to make sure everything was finished off. “

Peter undid his tie and threw it on the back of the chair. He glanced over at Nicole who walked over to the kitchen. “You eaten yet?” She asked in a flat voice.

“Yeah, kinda.” He answered, almost sheepishly. “Boss ordered Pizza for everyone.”

“Well thanks for calling and telling me!” Nicole snapped. “Here I was waiting for you and all I had was a ham sandwich. What the hell is your phone for is you don’t use it?”

Peter looked at her in surprise at her outburst. “I’m sorry Honey. It’s just I thought I could finish off but the time just seemed to go bye. I’m sorry. I really am.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Nicole replied and stared at her book. She really didn’t want to fight with Peter but she was irritated with him for not even having the decency to call. One lousy phone call. That’s all it took but he couldn’t even have done that. She sat stewing in her own anger as he made his way to the bedroom. She heard the sound of the shower running and wondered if she should go and help him pack for his trip tomorrow. She was too angry though and she just say there, wallowing in her own anger.

After a while, she calmed down and walked over to the bedroom. Peter had almost finished packing. “Need anything else?” She offered. “You got enough underwear and everything?”

“Yeah.” Peter mumbled back. “I’m fine.” He zipped up his back and stacked it against the wall. He climbed into bed and patted the other side. “Let’s get some rest babe. Lucas is picking me up early tomorrow.”

Nicole climbed under the covers and leaned over to kiss Peter. “I’m sorry I got angry earlier.” She said softly, her lips brushing against his. “I just wish you had called.”

“I’m sorry too honey.” He said, pulling her lip softly with his. Her hand moved to his thigh and she was about to cup his crotch when he pulled her head to his shoulders and lightly kissed her forehead. “Goodnight babe. I’m really tired and its going to be a really long day again tomorrow.”

Nicole briefly considered pulling his hand to her crotch to let him feel her naked cunt but she was angry again. She kept playing his words in her head, “I’m really tired.”

“Fuck him,” she thought to herself. “He’s always tired. And here I am horny as hell and with a shaved pussy. I shaved it for him, the bastard!”

Nicole shut her eyes and with her head filled with unhappy thoughts of her husband, she finally fell asleep.

** **** **

Nicole had a very fitful sleep. Going to bed angry doesn’t help with a good nights sleep. Going to be anticipating the events of the next morning don’t help very much either. By 5.30 am, she was already awake but it was too early for her to start getting ready. Peter awoke at 6am and had a quick shower and shave.

“Shit! I’m running late.” He announced to no one in particular. “Lucas is coming by at 6.30.” Nicole felt a sense of relief that he would be leaving the house earlier than she was and that she could take her time to get ready. She flung on a bathrobe and saw him off at the door, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Take care babe!” he called out as he left the house. “Love you!”

Nicole watched as he stepped into the BWM that Lucas was driving and then stood by the window till the car drove off. She sighed a little both in relief and in anticipation of the day ahead. She bounded up the stairs and proceeded to do her morning routine.

After a fairly luxurious shower, where she shaved her legs and armpits, she patted herself dry and admired herself in the mirror. She looked really good with a shaved cunt. The mound swelled out nicely and her puffy lips stuck out nicely. She had quite a pretty pussy she smiled to herself. She walked out to her wardrobe and rummaged in her panty drawer, selecting a pink, lacy g-string. It didn’t cover much and was basically just a ribbon of cloth that went around and under her. It felt very sexy though and it looked even better.

Next, she chose a similar bra but one that wasn’t lacy. She had decided to wear a dress but something that looked good enough to wear to the office. She didn’t want to risk being seen going out of the house or coming home wearing casual clothes as for all intents and purposes, she was supposed to be at work. No one knew she had taken the day off except Steve. And he was the only one that needed to know that.

She pulled on a dark brown dress that was tighter on top, emphasizing her cleavage and a little loose around the hips and legs. It reached her knees so it was proper enough for office but casual enough for a day out. Most importantly it was comfortable. She paired the dress with a large black belt that gave it a little more of a formal look and then threw on a light jacket that completed the corporate look. She had worn this outfit to office many times, especially on days where she knew she was going out after work.

She looked at her watch and realized it was almost 7.30am. If she was going to keep up with the pretext that she was going to work, she had better leave. It wouldn’t do any good for anyone to notice that she left the house late. Even though Peter wasn’t around, there were enough nosy neigbours who might take notice and then say something in passing to Peter.

She locked up the house and got into her car. She reversed it and then sped off, making her way out to the petrol station before the highway. At the station, she parked her car and pulled out her phone.

Are we still on? She texted. Nicole waited for a reply. She didn’t have to wait long.

Yes. Unless you’re having second thoughts.

Nicole realized that this was her chance to back out. She bit her lip again as she thought about what she was doing. What she was going to do. What she was going to have done to her. She swallowed hard and texted back.

No. I’m in. Where do I meet you? She sat in the car with the engine running, waiting for the reply.

Westin Hotel, off Canterbury. Know where it is?

“Ooh, the Westin.” Nicole said to herself. She knew where the hotel was and as a matter of fact, was not terribly far from where she lived. She was thankful that Steve hadn’t picked some place too far out of the way.

Yes. Know where it is. Nicole texted back. She released the handbrake and started to drive off toward her destination. As she hit the highway, another message came beeping through.

Good. Get your sweet pussy over here. Text me once you’ve arrived. Park in level 2 of the basement, near the lift. Easier to get up to the room.

Nicole felt her excitement growing as she navigated her car toward the Westin hotel. It was only fifteen minutes away but it felt like an hour before she finally turned into the hotel entrance and drove down two floors into the basement car park. The 2nd level was practically empty at this time of the morning and she looked for the signage for the lift lobby. She found it soon enough but decided not to park in front of the lift lobby entrance but rather chose to park around the side. That way, her car wouldn’t be too noticeable.

Her heart was thumping wildly now as she picked up her phone and texted a short message.

I’m here

She checked her hair in the rear view mirror and put on another coat of lipstick. She flicked and teased her hair a little just before her phone beeped again.

Room 2214. The lift comes straight up.

Nicole stepped out of the car and made sure she locked it. She smoothened her dress down over her hips and thighs and walked over to the lift lobby. She pressed the up button and the lift opened almost immediately. Nicole pressed the button for the 22nd floor and was relieved that it made its way up without stopping. It opened, to reveal an empty lobby area as well.

Her eyes quickly scanned the signage signifying which way room 2214 was. It was toward the left. She strode quietly down the hallway, counting off the rooms till she reached 2214. She took a deep breath and rang the bell. She could hear it chime softly inside.

Within moments, the door opened and Steve stood in front of her with a warm smile on his lips. He took her hand and pulled her gently into the room.

“Don’t you look just stunning!” He smiled at her.

Nicole looked around the well appointed room. It was luxurious to say the least and a large king sized bed with thick pillows and soft, shiny sheets lay at the back of the room. Steve pulled her toward him and then planted his lips on hers, kissing her deeply. His tongue snaked into her mouth and teased her own tongue before flicking up against the roof of her mouth. She felt a shudder go through her.

“Mmmmm.” Steve moaned as he pulled away. “I’ve loved kissing you from that first time in the car. Your mouth tastes just great. Now stand back and let me look at you.”

Nicole stepped back as Steve feasted his eyes on her. He moved in a little closer and placed his hands around her hips. He reached for her belt and slowly undid it before flinging it on the sofa.

“Raise your hands up.” He said softly, staring into her eyes. “I want to undress you.”

Nicole raised her hands slowly, high above her head. No one had ever undressed her before. She had always done the undressing herself. With her hands above her head, Steve bent down to pick up the hem of her dress. Slowly and deliberately he raised it up, uncovering her body a little by little until he had slipped the dress completely up and over her body. He whistled appreciatively as he folded her dress over the sofa, next to her belt.

“I love pink.” He said as his hands caressed her hips and then moved up and down her sides. Nicole moaned softly. One hand moved to cup her head as he brought his mouth to hers once again and kissed her hard. His other hand moved behind her back and with snap of his fingers, he undid her bra. He carried on kissing her as he removed the bra from her body. His mouth moved to her neck and his tongue licked along her neck and then down to her breasts. She moaned as his tongue made contact with her nipple. He teased it with his tongue, licking the nipple all over and then taking it into his mout to suck on it.

Nicole arched her back, feeding more of her nipple into his mouth as Steve’s other hand moved to massage her other breast. She could feel the fires of passion starting to heat her loins and she pulled his head onto her breast. Steve pulled his mouth of her breast and moved it to the other. Nicole’s breath was starting to become ragged. Her hands caressed his head, her own head was thrown back, reveling in the feelings of lust from his tongue and mouth attacking her breasts. She could feel her pussy already secreting her love juices.

Still sucking on her breasts, Steve moved her backward until she was standing just in front of the bed. He guided her upper body down so that she was seated on the edge of the bed. He then pushed her back to lie on the bed, with her knees falling off the edge of the bed.

Steve got up and knelt between her legs. He grabbed her panties around her hips and tugged downwards, pulling them off her hips and exposing her pussy. He gasped as he saw her hairless cunt but carried on pulling her panties down over her thighs. He pulled her feet out of each panty leg and then placed the panties neatly on the side of the bed.

“You shaved!” He exclaimed almost in joy. Without wasting any time, he planted his mouth on her shaved gash, sticking his soft pink flesh into her steaming hole.

“I..err… Unnnhhh” Nicole moaned as she felt his tongue make contact with her pussy. She had meant to tell him that she had actually shaved for Peter but his tongue against her pussy had stopped her from answering.

Steve swirled his tongue in her fuck hole and then pulled out. He kissed her pussy lips and then dragged his tongue from just about the anus to her throbbing clit. Nicole gasped and moaned softly. He kept licking her, from the bottom of her slit to the top. Every now and again he would dip his tongue into her pussy, fucking her with it.

Nicole thrust her hips up and down, causing his tongue to slide up along her sopping gash. Steve raised his hands to her breasts and kneaded on them as he continued to lap at the throbbing pussy. He tongued her vulva and then placed his tongue just underneath her throbbing clitoris. With measured strokes he flicked his tongue against the nubbin of flesh, increasing the speed of his lapping slowly.

Nicole arched her back and pressed her pussy harder against the lapping tongue. She could feel the lava of passion building up inside her and she moaned loudly.

“Ohhh Goddd!! That’s it! Right there!” She squealed. “Don’t stop! Don’t Stop! Keep licking me! Ohhh!! I’m gonna cum!”

Her stomach tensed and her body went tight. She lifted her head up as her body shook and trembled as an orgasm washed over her. She squeezed her thighs around Steve’s head.

“Unnnnhh….Yeessssss oh! Oh! Ohhaaaahhhh!” She cried out and then collapsed back on the bed. She looked up between her splayed thighs to see Steve’s face, coated in her juices, smiling at her.

“Good?” He asked almost condescendingly.

“Yesss… oh yesss.” She moaned back softly.

Steve buried his face in her crotch again and stared to lick her pussy once more. Nicole pulled back and using her hand, pushed his face away.

“No, it’s too sensitive.” She complained. “Why don’t you just fuck me.”

Steve grinned up at her and adjusted himself on the bed. “Not yet.” He said softly. “I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Steve parted her vulva and inserted two fingers into her. Nicole gasped as his fingers slipped into her. He fucked her with his fingers slowly causing her to moan softly.

“I don’t want your fingers!” She complained again. “Just give me your cock. Please!”

Steve ignored her and continued to finger fuck her. Her body started to respond and her ass lifted up off the bed in time with the thrust of his fingers. He pressed upward against the ridged fleshy area on the top pussy wall. Nicole gasped loudly as his fingers worked harder and faster inside of her. The pressure against her g-spot caused her pussy to start juicing even more. There was a loud squishing noise as the juices built up inside her pussy. Nicole was fucking against his fingers now and she could feel another orgasm building up inside her.

“Unnnhhh! Yesss… Oh shit! What are you doing! Oh Godd.. Aaahhhhhhh!!” She cried out as Steve finger fucked her to orgasm. This time though she didn’t squirt, unlike the first time Steve had finger fucked her during their first session. Steve pulled his fingers out and they were coated in her thick fuck cream. He brought his cream covered fingers to her mouth and offered it to her.

“Here. Suck on them. Clean my fingers.”

Nicole turned her face away but Steve held on to her chin. “Suck my fingers!” he commanded. Nicole opened her mouth slightly and Steve jammed his fingers in her mouth. She sucked on them slowly and she could taste her tangy fruity taste. It wasn’t at all unpleasant and she actually felt herself tingling as she sucked on her own juices.

“Good girl.” Steve smiled down at her. “I’m gonna fuck you now. I’m gonna fuck you like you should be fucked! I bet your husband doesn’t know how to make you cum like I do.”

Nicole tensed a little at the mention of her husband. She started to feel a little guilty as the thought of what she was doing while her husband was away started to bite into her. She thought back to how he was always too busy for her and her anger at him built up again.

Fuck him, she thought to herself. He doesn’t know how to appreciate my hot body, I may as well let someone else do it.

Steve had undressed and stood at the end of the bed. He reached forward and pulled Nicole’s legs forward until her ass was at the edge of the bed. He raised her legs and parted them, moving forward to nestle his big cock against her wet cunt. He pushed in slowly causing Nicole to grunt. His cock was big and it stretched her tight pussy. Slowly he worked his cock into her until she felt his balls against her ass. Steve flexed his cock inside her, stretching her pussy walls. Nicole gasped again as she felt his length and girth completely filling her.

“Ohhh…You’re big! You’re cock is so big in me.” She moaned.

“Bigger than that husband of yours?” Steve spat out. “Tell me!”

“Y..yes…bigger. Bigger and longer.” Nicole moaned as Steve flexed in her again.

Steve started to fuck her with long, slow strokes. Nicole could feel the thick meat sliding in and out of her and her pussy adjusted itself to accommodate him. Every inch of her pussy was filled with his hard cock. Her eyes rolled upward as Steve fucked every inch of his thick cock into her.

“Does your husband fuck you this good?” Steve teased her again. “Does he fill your pussy like I do?”

“Unnnh… N-no…Unnnh… Please…. Unnh… Please don’t talk about my husband.” Nicole said softly, even as the passion inside her body started to build up. “You.. you don’t even know him.”

“I know enough to know that he doesn’t fuck you good enough!” Steve replied, with a hint of satisfaction in his voice. “That’s why you need another cock to fuck you. Fuck you real good!”

Steve thrust deep into her, causing Nicole to grunt. She raised her head and looked down to where Steve’s cock was plowing into her. As he withdrew his thick meat, she saw it was coated with white cream. Her love juices.

Seeing his cock coated in her cream caused her to moan. She had never seen Dave’s cock coated with her cream before. In fact, she knew that she had never gushed out so much of her love juices before.

Steve grabbed her hips and started to ram hard into her. Deep and hard. Nicole’s eyes rolled upward as her body was battered in pleasure.

“Oh God Yessss!” She cried out. “Fuck me harder! That’s it! Harder!”

Steve continued his pounding into her. His breath was getting faster but still controlled. Nicole’s breasts moved up and down in time with the battering ram in her pussy. The hard sounds of his groin slapping against hers filled the room mixed together with the squelching sound of her juicy pussy.

“Ohhh Yes!” Nicole cried. “Ohhh.. Ohhh.. I’m gonna cum! Oh God Yessssss!”

Her back arched and her body shook with pleasure as her pussy tensed and convulsed in pleasure. The muscles of her thighs clenched and she felt her toes tingling. Steve stopped his movements and let her soak in her pleasure. She felt his cock throbbing hotly inside her dripping gash and she awaited the hot stream of come. It didn’t happen.

As she came down from her orgasm, she caught her breath and looked up at Steve.

“You didn’t come yet?”

“Not yet Baby.” He laughed. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Steve pulled out his cock with a plopping sound and then tapped her on her hips. “Turn over.” He commanded. “Get on your fours.”

Nicole turned her body over and raised herself up on her knees and elbows. She wiggled her ass teasingly in the air. Steve kneaded the fleshy orbs of her ass and then placed his hands on her hips. Slowly he positioned his cock at her dripping pussy and slid it in. Nicole gasped again as her pussy was filled with his thick meat.

With his cock buried to the hilt inside Nicole’s pussy, Steve reached forward to grab hold of her tits. He massaged the fleshy orbs and then pulled on the nipples causing her to moan in pleasure. Steve grabbed hold of her breasts again and squeezed them, using the firm flesh as leverage as he pumped his cock slowly in and out of her. With each inward thrust, his hands teased her nipples.

Nicole mewled with pleasure and slid her face forward, pushing her ass even higher into the air. Steve kept sliding his cock deep into her pussy and her hands gripped the bedsheet as her body started to respond to the stimulation.

“Your pussy is so wet.” Steve groaned. “Wet and tight. I love the squishy sound it makes as I fuck you.”

He was right. Every thrust deep into her pussy caused a loud squelching noise. The room was thick with the scent of her pussy juices. Nicole could feel the fluttering in her belly and her toes beginning to tingle.

“Oh fuck me harder!” She moaned out, her voice a little muffled with her head in the sheets. “Make me come again. Come with me!”

Steve released the hold on her breasts and grabbed her hips instead. With each forward thrust, he pulled her hips back on to his cock. Nicole cried out in ecstacy as his cock banged against her cervix with each deep thrust. Steve sped up his thrusting and the squelching sounds were now mixed with the harsh slapping of his crotch flesh against her ass.

Nicole was gasping with each thrust of his cock and a low guttural moan was coming from her. Steve could feel the jism building in his balls and he tried to control himself. He didn’t want to come yet but he realized he was almost reaching the point of no return. He started to slow his thrusts but Nicole thrust back hard at him.

“Don’t stop!” she pleaded. “Oh keep fucking me! Fuck me hard… I’m gonna cummmm!”

Steve quickened his thrusts, pounding her pussy hard and fast. His hands squeezed her hips, almost hurting her. He felt his spunk boiling up in his balls and he hammered her pussy with his thick, hot, cock.

“Aaarrggh!” He cried out. “Cummming! I’m cumming!”

Nicole felt the first blast of hot cum spray inside her pussy, triggering off her own climax. Her insides churned and her pussy felt like there were firecrackers going off inside her.

“Nyyeaaaagh!” She cried out. “Oh yessss.. Oh godddd… Unnnnhhhh!”

Steve’s cock was buried deep inside her and he was still spurting. The spurts slowly died down and they remained locked like that for a while. Steve’s hands caressed her hips and she could feel his cock shrinking ever so slowly within her. He pulled out of her with a soft plopping sound and his semen dripped down her thighs. With his cock out of her, Nicole lowered her legs, collapsing on to the bed. Her body was still tingling and she mewled softly, basking in the aftermath of a wild orgasm.

Nicole turned over on to her back. She was still breathing heavily and her breasts heaved with each breath she took. She looked up at Steve who stood at the edge of the bed watching her. His cock was impressive even in its flaccid state. It hung down between his legs and glistened with both their juices. Steve sat down on the bed and lightly massaged her pussy. His spunk kept dribbling out of her and he scooped some of it up with his fingers. He leaned forward and rubbed his fingers on her lips, coating them with his cum. Nicole opened her mouth and sucked his fingers, cleaning the cum off them. She then licked her lips.

“Mmmmm.” She cooed. “I love the taste of your cum.”

“Does your husband do that too?” Steve asked. “Does he feed you his cum after he’s cum in you?”

Nicole paused. The question about her husband reminded her that she was a cheating wife.

“Uummm… N…no.” She stammered.

Steve laughed. “He doesn’t treat you quite the way you want to be treated does he?”

“That’s not fair!” Nicole replied, getting a little angry. “He treats me just fine. In fact he treats me really well!”

“I’m sure he does.” Steve replied. “But he doesn’t fuck you quite as good. Nor as often. You want to be treated like a slut but I bet he’s all lovey dovey and sweet. What you really need is to be fucked and fucked like a whore.” Steve laughed again.

Nicole felt her face flush. Steve wasn’t wrong. Peter was a great husband and he treated her really well. It was true that he didn’t fuck her quite as good as Steve did but she had never really found it to be a problem. After all, she didn’t really know any better did she. It was also true that she had really enjoyed being used as a fuck toy. She started to feel all confused again. Together with the confusion, guilt started to set in again. As if to take her mind of the feelings of guilt and confusion, she opened her arms, beckoning Steve to her.

“Come lie with me.”

Steve moved up the bed and slipped in beside her, resting his head on her breasts. She moved her hand along his chest and down to his tummy, feeling his hairy chest. Her hands moved lower down to his crotch, running her fingers lighly along the semi-erect penile shaft.

“So tell me, ” Steve said softly, his own hand lightly stroking her thighs. “How many men have you done this with? How many times have you cheated on your husband.”

Nicole grimaced at the word ‘cheat’.

“Actually, this is the first time.” Nicole said softly. “I’ve never cheated on Peter before.

“Never, ever?” Steve said in surprise. “So… I was the first cock you sucked outside your marriage? Any when I dropped you home the other night, that was the first time?”

“Y….Yes.” Nicole stammered.

“Why?” Steve enquired. “If you’ve never cheated on your husband before, why do it then? And why do it now??

“I don’t know!” Nicole replied, sounding exasperated. “There was just something about you. I really don’t know!”

“Don’t get mad.” Steve laughed. “I was just asking. I know I have a certain charm about me!”

“Yeah, whatever. So what about you? How many women you done this with?”

“Me? Not a helluva lot.” Steve replied. “And anyway, I’m single. I’m allowed to fuck around.”

“Then tell me, how many married women have you lured to your bed?”

“Honestly?” Steve asked, somewhat bemused.

“Yes. Honestly. I want to know how many.”

“You’re the second.” Steve replied, kind of wistfully. “I usually stay away from married women. But like you said about me, there was just something about you.”

“So who was the first?”

“You wouldn’t want me to tell someone else about you now, would you?” Steve countered. “Let’s just say she was a married woman that wasn’t being treated the way she wanted.”

“And you treated her right, I suppose?” Nicole’s tone had taken an edge to it.

Steve laughed. “Look, we were both consenting adults. She needed something that she couldn’t get and I supplied it. There’s really nothing wrong with that. Actually kind of like you, isn’t it?”

Nicole digested what Steve had just said. He was right again. They were both consenting adults and he was actually satisfying a need that she had. The trouble was that she really didn’t know what it was that she needed from him that she couldn’t get from her husband. She couldn’t work out why she needed to be a cheating wife.

“How often does he fuck you?” Steve asked as his fingers moved to her cunt and started to strum against her.

Both the question and Steve’s fingers brought her mind back to focus. She felt the tingling in her body again, starting deep inside her pussy and radiating outward.

“Uhh.. once in two weeks maybe. More if I’m lucky.”

“I’d fuck you everday if you were my wife.” Steve replied, pressing his fingers into her now. “Probably fuck you more than once a day too.”

Nicole moaned softly as his fingers entered her. That combined with the thought of getting fucked every day was turning her on again.

“It’s not easy.” Nicole said defensively. “He works hard and I work too. So it’s not always easy finding the time.”

“We’ve found the time.” Steve replied quickly. “And I’m ready to fuck you again. I bet your husband doesn’t fuck you more than once in a day.”

“He HAS!” Nicole retorted. “On our anniversary’s he takes me somewhere nice and fucks me good. Sometimes even three times in the day.”

“But not within half an hour I’ll bet.” Steve laughed. “You’re a hot slut that needs to be fucked good and your hubby doesn’t know how to satisfy your steaming pussy.” Steve’s fingers were moving in and out of her now, and Nicole was lifting her hips each time his fingers plunged into her.

“You want to get fucked again slut?” Steve teased her, forcing another finger into her. Her cunt was filled tight with three of his fingers now.


“Tell me.” Steve goaded her. “Tell me how you want to get fucked.” He forced another finger into her. Four in all now. Nicole gasped as her pussy was stretched.

“Y-your hurting me.” She gasped but her hips belied her statement as she continued to lift them up and thrust against his fingers, causing them to slip deeper into her.

“You like it.” Steve hissed at her. “You’re fucking back on my fingers and you like it! Now tell me you want to get fucked.”

“I – I want to get fucked.”

“Tell me you want to feel my cock in your cunt!” Steve continued to goad her, his fingers making swishy sounds in her stretched pussy.

“Ohh.. Oh god… fuck me please!” Nicole cried out. “Fill my cunt with your cock! My cunt needs to be fucked! Oh Please!”

Steve grinned and got up from the bed, pulling his fingers out from her. They were coated with her juices and the remnants of his cum and like before, her proffered his fingers to her. She gobbled them hungrily and licked it clean without needing to be asked.

Steve leaned above Nicole and positioned his cock against her gaping cunt hole. With one hard thrust, heburied himself deep inside her.

“Awwww… Oh God! Your cock feels so good inside me! Move it. Move it in me! Fuck me!”

Supporting himself on his hands, Steve fucked his cock deep into Nicole’s pussy. The angle of his body made his cock rub against her throbbing clitoris. He looked down at the face, staring deep into her eyes as he fucked her.

“You like it baby? You like my hard cock fucking into you?” Steve teased her as he ploughed harder into her.

“Oh God Yessss!” She cried out. “Deeper. Fuck me deeper!”

Nicole’s legs wrapped around Steve’s hips. She pulled herself upward to match his thrusts. Steve could feel his cock hitting Nicole’s cervix.

“I’m as deep as your pussy can take baby.” Steve said hotly. “I can feel your cervix sucking on my cock.”

“Ohh yesss.. Ohhh aahhhh.” Nicole moaned. She gritted her teeth as her body spasmed and shook in pleasure. “I’m cumming…ohhh…oohh aaahh.. .Oh Godddd!!”

Steve didn’t slow down but kept pumping into her. Her body kept tensing and spasming and her eyes bugged out. Her head thrashed from side to side and she let out a guttural moan as her legs squeezed Steve. Her pussy clenched on the hard rod inside her. Her body trembled and shook with pleasure for a long while until Steve finally stopped ramming into her.

“Oohhh…Oh Shit!” Nicole moaned softly. “That was so good… ohhh…Mmmmm”

Steve shifted his position and slowly got up from the bed, keeping his cock still inside her. He pulled her toward the edge of the bed and then started to slowly pump into her again.

“I’m getting sore.” Nicole said.

Steve smiled down at her and then pulled out his cock. He knelt between her legs and gave her pussy a few wet licks, allowing some of his saliva to slip into her. He stood up again and slipped his cock into her. It went in far easier with the lubrication. He pumped into her with long and hard measured strokes. Nicole started whimpering again as the pleasure built up inside her.

Steve reached down and put his hands underneath her shoulders. He lifted her up toward him and started to plunge into her hard and fast. The angle of her body caused his cock to rub against her clitoris and at the same time scrape against her g-spot with each inward thrust.

“Oh God! What are you doing?” Nicole cried out in rapturous delight.” Unnh..Unnhh… Oh goddd … that’s so gooood”

Steve kept pumping her furiously. Sweat was breaking out on his brow and he was tiring but he kept on with the hard rhythmic fucking. Nicole’s pussy was juicing again and her thick white cream was coating her thighs.

“Unnnh…Unnhh.. stop! Stop!” She cried out. “I feel like I’m gonna pee! Oh Goddd”

“Shut the fuck up!” Steve commanded. “Just relax and pee if you have too! Just enjoy this!”

Nicole felt an intense pressure building up inside her. It felt like she needed to pee really badly but she didn’t’ feel like her bladder was full. She tried to put her fears about peeing on the bed aside and instead just focused on the sensual pleasure of being fucked hard.

“Hold that pose,” Scottie told the talent. The skinny blonde with big, fake tits sat on the lap of the well built guy with the impossibly huge dick halfway up her pussy. “Come on!” Scottie yelled over his shoulder. “I need some still shots of this!”

“Hurry, Scottie, my legs are getting tired,” the blonde girl whined.

“You’re a pro, sweetie. You look beautiful. This is for the cover,” Scottie told her.

“Wow, really?” she asked. She bounced up and down on the big prick inside her pussy a couple of times. Was she fending off a leg cramp, having a bit of fun, or helping her co-star stay hard? I don’t know. Wasn’t my place to know. My job was aiming the lights and holding a reflector or a diffuser to block the hot spots on bare flesh. I did know Scottie promised the cover to every starlet he directed. After taping four flicks with Scott E. Peters as director, producer, and primary cameraman, I knew the routine. The men were meat, paid half in cash and half in pussy. The women were treated like mega-stars. And Scottie would say anything it took to get the shot he wanted.

“Where the fuck is the photographer?” Scottie growled at me. I shrugged, looking around for my buddy. Greg was the reason I was doing lights for a porno movie. As the economy pulled Greg’s business as a freelance wedding photographer south, he had to pick up work where he could find it. Shooting stills for cover art wasn’t glamorous but it paid a bill or two.

“Right here, boss,” Greg said, darting around the corner from the kitchen and into the living room where the shoot was taking place. Greg was brushing crumbs off his shirt. Figures the fucker would be eating while the rest of us were working.

“Make her beautiful,” Scottie told him. “This is for the cover.” Greg nodded, flashing me a grin. He had pointed out how every picture he took was “for the cover.”

“G-rated first, baby,” Scottie told the talent. The girl was a pro. Knowing what Scottie meant, she eased that big cock all the way inside of her pussy before covering the junction of cock and pussy with her hand. She wrapped her other hand across her chest, hiding her nipples. I’ve seen lots of g-rated movies in my life, but nothing like this. Still, I understood it. A cover without explicit nudity was more flexible. The next shots were more graphic until Greg was on his knees, shooting between their legs and getting a close up of the guy’s hard cock slipping into pussy. These were the kinds of pictures that would be featured on the back of the DVD, promising the potential buyer explicit action.

After the shoot, I collapsed light stands and curled up electrical cords. The set was an empty McMansion in a nice part of town. Scottie had a deal with a realtor to film inside the empty homes. He’d rent the house for the weekend, rent some furniture for the rooms he planned on using, and hired a cleaning service to erase any signs of our presence on Monday. “Hey light-boy,” Scottie said, pulling me off to one side of the big living room. “You know anyone else who can work a digital still camera?”

“Um, I guess. I don’t know,” I hedged. My wife knew her way around a camera. She wasn’t a professional photographer like Greg, but I always thought she did a good job.

Scottie laughed. “It’s not rocket science. I just want something better than frame captures for the cover art. Good art sells DVDs.”

“What’s wrong with Greg?”

“Who?” he asked before realizing who I meant. “That fat fucker? I just fired him. He spends more time eating the catering than shooting pictures. Find me a photographer for next week or you’re fired too. It pays five hundred a shoot.”

I swallowed hard, made a promise I didn’t think I could keep, and went home to convince my wife to get into a porno business.

Jill read my face as soon as I walked inside our tiny home. “Hey baby,” she said, giving me a worried look before wrapping her arms around me. “What’s wrong?”

It felt good pressing her body against mine. I like how we fit together. I could smell the sweetness of shampoo in her hair. Jill was more than my wife, she was my best friend. Sweethearts since high school, my every sexual first was with this fine woman and vice versa. My friends made fun of me for that, but I didn’t care. I got it right the first time, why look farther? I sighed against her, “Greg got fired today.”

“Oh no! You too?” she asked. I shook my head, reassuring her I still had a job, but leaving out the part about finding a new photographer. I told her why Greg got fired and she giggled. “Only Greg could be more attracted to a deli platter than watching naked people have sex.” She rubbed the front of my pants. “So, anyone famous on-set today?” I grew hard beneath her touch.

“No one I recognized. You know Scottie, he likes to work with new girls. Cheaper.”

“But they’re cute, right?”

“Not as cute as you,” I said, kissing her.

“Aw, you’re just saying that.”

“No, really,” I insisted. “I don’t even get hard on-set.”

She unzipped my pants, fishing her small hand inside to cradle my hard cock. “Mm, but you’re hard now.”

“Because I’m with you,” I said as she slipped to her knees in front of me, pulling open my pants and pushing them down as she moved.

“Tell me what happened,” she said, licking my hard cock.

I moaned first before finding my voice. “Okay, so the first scene we shot was this dark haired girl with really short hair.”

“Was she pretty?” Jill asked between head bobs on my cock.

“She was okay. Not my type of girl, but pretty enough.”

“Did you get hard watching her?”

“No, baby. Like I said, I don’t ever get hard on set.”

“Mm, too bad,” she purred, sucking on me again as I worked through the way the dark haired girl was told to suck cock and tried to remember every which way she was fucked. Telling it to Jill was as thrilling as always. “Do we have a movie of hers?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Can we watch one anyway?” she asked. I nodded. We moved to the bedroom and put in one of the free DVDs Scottie passed out on the set. Jill became my personal porn star as we followed along with the first scene of the movie.

After I came in her mouth, she had to scoop a missed droplet of cum off her chin. “You know, on set, the girls never really swallow,” I pointed out, grinning. How did I ever score a woman this hot?

“What a waste!” she said. “Do they have real orgasms?”

“I don’t know,” I said, crawling into bed next to her. I ran my hand over her firm tits, down her stomach, and stroked between her legs. She was still wet from her orgasms and I knew she had more to give. I caressed her clit, teasing as we talked. She squirmed against my fingers. “I think the next scene is an anal scene.”

“Mm, and you’re still hard.”

“For you, baby, I’m always hard,” I said. She pulled out a tube of lube from the nightstand drawer. On set, the guys used Viagra to get hard, stay hard, and fuck more than once a day. For me, all I needed was my Jill. She was my Viagra. We acted out the next scene, including the part where the actress took it up her ass in a reverse cowgirl position. I came in Jill’s ass, unable to hold back.

We cuddled afterwards, staying naked. “I love you,” I told her, meaning it as much as I did the first time I said it to her.

“I love you, too,” she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. “So you really don’t get hard on set?”

I laughed. After three weekends of working lights on set, Jill still asked. “It’s not really sexy on set,” I explained. “There’s just too much going on.” I caressed her naked body again. “Besides, I know you’re waiting for me.”

“But those girls are all so pretty and I’m so plain.”

“Bullshit,” I said, kissing her. “You’re twice a beautiful as them.” Without a sense of better timing, I dropped the bombshell on her that I had been holding back. “I sort of promised Scottie that you could fill in for Greg next week.”

Jill went stiff. “Me?”

I nodded. “Why not? You’re good with a camera.”

“But I’m not a professional photographer like Greg!”

I laughed. “If Greg was more of a professional, he might have kept his job. Besides, baby, we could use the money.” She nodded. She knew times were tough. My hours had been cut back at work and she wasn’t picking up as many substitute teaching jobs as before. Worse, the freeze on hiring at the school system kept her application in limbo. I tried to sweeten the idea for her. “There are lots of naked guys on set, too.”

She giggled. “Naked and hard?”

“Usually. Want me to see if Scottie will let you work as a fluffer?”

“Stop it!” she said, playfully slapping my chest. “Okay, so IF I do this, what will I have to do?”

I explained how Scottie would call for her still shots when he saw something he liked and how every shot was going to be “for the cover.” I could tell she wasn’t sold on the idea until I mentioned the two deal-sealers. “It pays $500 a shoot” and “If I don’t find a replacement, I’m fired, too.” I don’t know which idea sold her, but she agreed to do it.

We rode together to the shoot next weekend. I could tell Jill was nervous. She was helping me set up light stands when Scottie waved her over. “Hey darling,” he said in the flattering tone he reserved for actresses. “What are you doing helping the light-boy?”

She shot me a worried look before turning to him. “Just helping out, sir,” she said.

“Sir? Oh no, that will never do. Just Scottie works for me, darling.”

“Um, okay, Scottie, sir,” Jill said. I chuckled. She always gets nervous talking to her superiors.

Scottie gave her a big smile. “You’re sweet, but shouldn’t you be in make-up?”

“Um, yes sir,” she said, shooting me a confused look. “Can I have just a second to talk to my husband?”

“Light-boy is your husband?” Scottie asked, laughing. “Well steal my clothes and fuck me running. How did he score a hottie like you?”

Jill blushed. “We started dating in high school, sir.”

“It’s Scottie, sweetie,” he reminded her. “I don’t remember seeing your stills. Do we have paperwork on you yet?”

“N-no, Scottie, sir,” she mumbled.

Scottie frowned as he eyed her. “You brought ID though, right?” Jill nodded. “Okay, turn around, let me see.” Jill did a quick little spin and I saw the worried look still on her face. “Nice,” Scottie said, looking at my wife’s ass. She turned back to face him. “Pull up the shirt. Let me see those titties.” I knocked over the light stand I was setting up. Picking it up before Scottie yelled, I looked back to see Jill holding her t-shirt up over her breasts like she was flashing for beads at Mardi Gras. What the hell was she doing? “Nice,” Scottie said, reaching out and squeezing her left breast. “All natural, too. Very nice!”

“Hey!” I said, making sure the light stand was stable. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Inspecting the talent,” Scottie said, glaring at me. “What’s it to you, light-boy?” He pulled her shirt down, said something I didn’t catch, and Jill walked down the hallway of the rented house. Scottie waved me over. “Are we going to have a problem?”

“We will if you keep feeling up my wife,” I told him, tired of him being a bully.

“What’s the problem? She’s going to look good on camera.”

That’s when I realized what was going on. “She’s not here to be on camera. She’s here to be your still photographer.”

Scottie did something I had never heard him do. He laughed. “Well fuck me twice,” he howled. “Really?” He looked around the room checking to see if he was being punked.

“Yeah, really,” I assured him.

Giving me a big smile, he slapped me on the back. “Okay, light-boy, have it your way. Talent gets paid two grand a day. You sure she doesn’t want to do a scene? I’ll toss in an extra grand if I can feature her.”

I shook my head. I know Jill, I’ve known her since we first met in a sandbox, and there was no way she would ever want to do a porno scene. “Not happening,” I told him.

“Okay, just asking,” he said, backing off. He went to find his real talent for the day.

I was done setting lights for the first scene by the time Jill found me again. She looked confused. I pulled her to side away from everyone else. “Why the fuck did you show him your tits?” I demanded.

“I-I… he asked. He doesn’t do that to everyone?”

“Fuck no,” I growled. I mean, really? “Where did you go?”

“To fill out paperwork. Why did I have to sign a modeling release form?”

I shook my head. “He thought you were talent.”

“He really thought I was pretty enough for that?”

I smiled. I can never stay mad at her. “He offered three thousand dollars to feature you.”

“No way!” she said, a huge smile on her face. “The actors make that much money?”

“The girls do. Guys don’t.”

“Do I get to fuck you?”

I laughed, nodding over my shoulder at the two guys standing naked and rubbing oversized hard-ons to life as they received instructions from Scottie. “Do I look like that?” I asked.

“To me you do,” Jill said, stealing a kiss from me and that kiss had to last me through the rest of the day.

Scottie worked fast and hard and never took a break. That meant I never got one, either. Not knowing better, Jill stayed in the room with us, watching every part of the action. I’ll give Scottie credit, at least he was nice to her. I watched as Jill was called over to snap stills, seeing her grinning every time Scottie promised the actress, “This is for the cover, darling.” More than once, I noticed how hard her nipples were. Maybe a porn set is more fun if you’re not working the entire time?

It was dark when we got in the car to drive home. Jill rubbed my crotch as soon as I had the car in drive. “You’re really not hard, are you?” she asked, though that was changing rapidly.

“I almost got hard a couple of times today,” I said. “Because of you.”

“Me? Why me?”

I reached across and grabbed her tit, rolling a stiff nipple between my finger and thumb. “Your high beams were on all day.”

Jill blushed. “I’m really wet. That was hot as hell. Did you see how well hung those guys were?”

“I try not to notice the guys too much.”

“Okay, but the girls were really hot, too. They are so pretty. I can’t believe you don’t get hard for them.”

I shrugged. “Too busy working, I guess.”

She undid her pants, pushing them open and slipping a hand inside her panties. “Does it bother you that I got wet?”

“I don’t know. Should it?” I asked, unsure how I felt about it. I liked Jill being wet. I loved how sexual she was. Together, we invented sex. Well, we discovered it together. My first hand job was from her. The first and only pussy I ever tasted was hers and my cock was the only one that had ever passed her lips. She had always been my dream girl and I felt like her porn star, but I knew I didn’t measure up against those other guys. Watching porn with her was one thing. It was easy to accept it as pretend. But now she had seen behind the curtain and saw those other guys really did have cocks that were superhuman. How could I compete.

“Drive faster, baby,” she purred, rubbing herself to an orgasm. “I need you inside me.”

That felt better and any fears I had of not measuring up vanished in a blur of hot sex in our bedroom. Jill was a wild woman, wanting to re-enact every scene we could manage with just the two of us. I came three times that night. It was useless trying to count the number of times Jill came, but the thrill of that night carried into Sunday, too. We fucked again, moving to the living room to take advantage of the furniture. I fucked her ass, pile driving her as we had seen the one girl do the day before. “Cum on my face,” she told me when I got close and I did just that.

The heat of that weekend lasted into the week, too. On Monday evening, Jill handed me our digital camera, something she had never done before. “Take some pictures while we do it,” she told me. Thrilled at the idea, I took P.O.V. style pictures of her sucking my cock and taking it up the ass until we ran out the batteries on the camera. Tuesday night, she surprised me with a movie she put together of those pictures and we did it all again while watching it. It felt like our honeymoon all over again. It took her car breaking down on Wednesday to put a damper on our fun.

“It’s the transmission,” she explained when I got home that night. “$1800 to fix it.”

What else was there to say about it? It might as well have been twice that for as much as we had in the bank. Even the $500 we had earned over the weekend was gone as we played catch-up on other bills. Being down to one car meant if Jill got a call for a substitute job, she wouldn’t be able to take it. Eating macaroni and cheese for dinner, we did the best we could to console each other. “We’ll get through this,” I promised without a plan. “We always do.” It didn’t help when she missed a substitute job both Thursday and Friday. “Scottie still needs a photographer this weekend,” I said, knowing that money would help.

“Great, that means a month of missed jobs for me,” she pointed out and with the pending school break, those four missed weeks would end up being longer.

We didn’t make love that night in bed, but we did cuddle. But being madly in love against all odds doesn’t pay a bill.

Saturday’s shoot turned into a mixed bag. Feeling a need to round out the offerings of his video line, Scottie was shooting an all-girl feature. He offered Jill a part again, but she begged off. I wasn’t surprised. Jill’s never expressed a lot of interest in being with another woman. She’ll tease me about it, but that’s it.

During the shoot, Scottie was his usual demanding self, treating the talent like movie stars and crew like slaves. Though Jill was only there to take pictures, because she stayed on set, he treated her like a gopher. “Grab that lube,” he’d snap at her when a starlet wasn’t wet enough for him. Between taking pictures, Jill hopped around the set like the rest of us. The nice part was the extra $100 Scottie tossed our way at the end of the day. The bad part was when he grabbed Jill’s chest again as he handed her the money. “I’m telling you, you could have a future in this business,” he said.

We rode home in silence. “I don’t like the way he grabs you,” I said, breaking the silence as we neared our house.

“It’s a porno set,” she said, sounding as if she had been doing this for years. “It’s no big deal.”

“Did you have any fun today?” I asked.

“Yeah, it was okay,” she said quietly as I pulled into our drive. “Those girls are so pretty.”

“You’re just as pretty,” I told her.

“Maybe to you,” she said, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek before we got out of the car. We did make love that night, but it wasn’t with the same zeal as before. That week, she missed three more sub jobs as teachers tried to squeeze in time off before the break.

Jill was helping me set up lights on set as the talent laughed, chatted, and visited with Scottie. “Why so many guys?” she asked me.

“Probably gang-bang scenes today,” I explained, remembering how my first shoot had gone.

“She’s going to do all those guys?” she asked, her eyes wide. I noticed her nipples were beginning to show, too.

“Depends on how many scenes we’re shooting today. Last time, we did three scenes and each girl did five guys.”

“Damn,” she said and I wasn’t sure how she meant it.

Scottie shot in the gonzo style, just wall to wall sex without the concerns of a plot. With the lights in place and set struck, he called for the talent. A pretty blonde, again with fake tits, came out of make-up looking as if she was going to Prom instead of shooting a porno movie. Her hair, nails, and make-up were perfect looking. Slipping out of her robe, she moved in front of the camera. I adjust a few lights, adding diffusers as needed, and the shoot was on. Five naked guys, each sporting massive hard-ons, joined her on set. They surrounded her as she dropped to her knees and began sucking them.

Like before, Jill stayed in the room, watching the action and holding her camera ready for the next time Scottie called her. Like the first day on set, Jill’s nipples were hard. If we had a break in the action, I would have teased her about it, but that wasn’t how Scottie worked. He put the actors through their paces, got the extra cut shots he needed as he went along, and was ready to keep going after the last guy had finished shooting his load. Looked used, sweaty, but happy, the starlet mugged a few extra shots of her cumcoated face and chest for Jill before she left the set to shower.

Unlike most shoots, we didn’t strike the set between scenes. “Fuck it,” Scottie said. “No one is watching these movies for the furniture.” He waved the next actress on set. called for silence, and we were off again. Group scenes took twice as long to put on video and were more difficult to light, too. That many bodies on set at once created shadows requiring me to adjust and re-adjust through-out the shoot. Scottie had to deal with angles, too, pushing around the male actors to compose the scenes he knew would sell. “Come on, I need you right there jerking off,” he’d tell one guy while the other three filled the girl’s holes like she was a human pincushion. He’d shot for a bit, rearrange bodies like they were mannequins, and shoot a bit more. I thought group shots were the least sexiest to video, but that wasn’t how Jill looked. Her face was flushed, her nipples hard, and she looked on the edge of an orgasm for most of the shoot.

Scottie noticed how she was looking too. “That’s hot, right?” he asked her as she zoomed in to get a good shot of a double penetration.

“Yes sir,” she’d answer, giving him a shy smile.

“Mm, all that cock,” he told her as she struggled to get just the right still of a group blowjob scene.

“Yes sir,” she said again, blushing.

Was he flirting with my wife while they were shooting? That’s the way it felt to me and I didn’t like it. I gave her a dirty look. She gave me a “what can I do?” look in return. There was a rare break in the shoot when the actress needed to use the bathroom. While we waited for her to return, I pulled Jill aside. “What are you doing?” I demanded.

“Nothing,” she said, giving me an innocent look. “Just my job.”

“It looks like more than your job,” I said, looking at her chest and her hard nipples.

“Stop it,” she told me. “He’s just flirting a bit. He’s the boss. He’s allowed to.”

“Well, you don’t have to like it.”

She gave me a quick kiss. “We need the money,” she said. “And I promise you’ll like it later.” The talent returned to the set after her quick pee break and our conversation was over. It didn’t get better, either. Scottie kept teasing her through-out the shoot and she was flirting back.

The scene ended the same as the first one, with the actress sweaty, exhausted looking, and coated in cum. She mugged for Jill’s camera and left for the shower. Scottie looked around the set and asked, “Where’s my new star?” Standing against the far wall was a row of five more guys, naked and hard for the next scene. I noticed a couple of the guys were repeats from the first shoot, but they looked just as ready to do it again. All five of the guys looked around and shrugged.

“Come on,” Scottie groaned, handing his camera to me as he stormed towards the kitchen in search of his missing starlet. I saw him heading down the hallway where make-up was set-up in the big house’s den. “Fuck!” we heard out in the living room before he came storming back into the living room where the set was struck. “Why didn’t anyone tell me we were short an actress?” he snapped. The house was as silent as it was when the camera was turned-on.

He stood in the living room, looking at the guys lined up and ready for the next scene. He looked around the room as if he might find the missing actress standing behind a light tree. Finally, his eyes landed on my wife. He smiled. “Jill? Can I visit with you a moment?”

“Yes sir,” she said, following him out of the room and back down the hallway. Before they left, he took the camera away from her and handed it to me. I waited a minute, not sure what I was supposed to do. Why did he need her? Setting the two cameras on the couch, I went down the hallway to find my wife.

Scottie, Jill, and the make-up girl were standing the room talking. Jill had her top off and was standing topless in front of them. “What the fuck is going on?” I demanded.

“Get her ready,” Scottie snapped at the fat girl who did make-up. Turning to me, he gave my back the same chummy wallop he had on Jill’s first day on the set. “Light-boy,” he said to me, leading me into the hallway. “I believe your life is about to improve.”

“How?” I asked, suspicious and trying to see what was going on behind him.

“You’re about to be married to a bona fide porno star!” he said as if I had just won lottery.

“No fucking way!” I said, pushing the big man out of the way and storming back into the make-up room. Jill was taking off her pants. “What the fuck are you doing?” I demanded.

“Saving our bacon,” she said, finishing the job of getting naked.

“How? By fucking those five freaks out there?”

“If that’s what it takes,” she said, her jaw set in the way it gets when she’s determined to have her way. I could remember seeing her jaw set like that back in the sandbox when she wanted the toy I was using and in all the years since, it was a sign that I was about to lose an argument. Not that it ever stopped me.

“No,” I said. “It’s not happening. You’re my wife, not some slut, and you’re not going to fuck five guys.”

“Whose gonna stop me?” she asked, standing naked in front of me, her arms out to her side.

Speechless, I returned her stare. “Why were we even arguing about this?”

“Scottie needs me,” she said, her jaw softening. “He’s stuck and everyone has to get paid even if he doesn’t finish the shoot.”

“Fuck Scottie,” I said and her eyes went wide as she looked past my shoulder. I knew he was standing right behind me and I didn’t care.

“She won’t be fucking me,” he said. “And if you’re not careful, she might be fucking you anymore. Let’s talk.”

“Don’t do this,” I told Jill. “Get dress and let’s go home. We’ll figure something out.” I would had said more, but Scottie was pulling me away.

“Look, this isn’t a bad thing,” he tried to tell me. “She’s willing to do it and trust me, you’d rather have her doing it with you around than have her do it behind your back.”

“B-but…” I stammered, angry, frustrated, and confused. How could tell him I was her only man? That we were exclusive.

“But nothing, champ. Let it happen. She loves you. She said you need to the money and she wants to do it.”

“We don’t need the money this bad.”

He laughed. “Really? Five thousand dollars won’t make a difference to you?”


He nodded. “Come on, give her a chance. If she’s uncomfortable, we’ll stop.”

“Does she have to fuck all these guys?” I asked, realizing he had just steered back to the set.

“If she wants to. Are you going to stop her? She’s a little hellcat, isn’t she?” I looked at the guys lined up along the wall, all of them still sporting Viagra enhanced hard-ons that made me feel inadequate. “Look,” he offered. “If it makes you feel better, why don’t you wait in the kitchen? We’ve got some nice catering.” I shook my head. If this was something Jill wanted to do, then I was going to watch ever second of it, even if it killed me.

No one talked to me as I tried to focus on re-aiming lights and getting ready for the next scene. I tried to push away what was about to happen. It was just another shoot, right? I didn’t believe it, but maybe if I said it enough times inside my head, I would start believing it. I don’t know how long it took for Jill to finish in make-up, days? Weeks? That’s how it felt. Finally, I heard Scottie say, “There’s my star!”

I looked at the doorway and wrapped in a robe stood my wife, but was she really my wife? Her long brown hair was fluffed, styled, and curled in a way I’ve never seen. The make-up girl had applied fake eyelashes that made her eyes look bigger and more innocent than ever before and the way her face was painted, she looked as glamorous as any porn star I had ever witnessed walking on to the set. I stared at her, unsure if I believed my eyes. With a shy smile, she moved closer to me. “I love you,” she whispered.

“You’ve got a funny way of showing it,” I growled.

Her smile faltered as her jaw moved back into that set position. “Deal with it,” she said, turning to Scottie for her instructions.

“You’re beautiful,” Scottie said, giving her a huge, friendly smile. “Ready to become a star?”

“I guess,” she said, shooting me a nervous glance, swallowing hard, and nodding at Scottie. “Let’s do this.” She dropped her robe, exposing her naked body to everyone in the room. She avoided my gaze and stepped in front of the lights as I saw the final bit of make-up work: shaving her pussy smooth.

Angry, confused, and disbelieving, I stared at her and felt a new sensation happening, one I had never felt during a film shoot. I was getting hard. No, “getting hard,” doesn’t accurately describe what happened to me. I got hard in an instant and it hurt. My cock wasn’t pointing the right way and it hung up on my boxer shorts, wanting to be all the way hard. Hiding behind a light reflector, I grabbed at my pants and made a quick adjustment. Dammit! Why was my body betraying me like this? I glanced around the room. Had anyone noticed my need for adjustment? Not as far as I could tell. I saw the men lining up to join the set. The big girl who did the make-up had wandered out to the set, too. Behind her, the couple of extra people who always seemed to be on set came into the room, too. I held back a groan realizing everyone was here to watch Jill’s porn debut.

Standing in front of the bright lights she had helped set-up, she looked lost. “You’re beautiful,” Scottie told her. “Cover material.” I bit back a rueful snicker as he fed her the same line he gave every starlet. Worse, Jill smiled when he said it as if she believed it. “Ready for your co-stars?” he asked. She nodded, looking past him and giving the row of guys a brave smile as they filed past to stand in a row of hard, eager cocks behind her. “Okay, sweetheart, let’s starting, okay?”

Jill nodded, turned, and knelt in front of the guy on the far left. Scottie moved with her, kneeling to shoot down the row while I held the reflector to eliminate the shadows between their bodies. “That’s it, baby,” Scottie to her. “Suck that big cock. Take as much of it as you can.” I watched Jill opening her mouth wide, her red painted lips stretching around its girth as she bent her head to swallow as much of it as she could. When I dropped my reflector, it bounced off Scottie’s back. “Dude!” he scowled at me.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, scrambling to pick it the reflector. Unlike real actresses who paused during any break in the action, Jill didn’t. She was sucking the guy, stayed focused on the big cock in her small hand, and ignored the interruption I accidentally created.

“Yeah baby, suck it like a star,” Scottie said, working his camera. “Now move on to the next one.”

Jill shifted to her right, opening her mouth, and drawing the second man’s hard cock between her lips. He was as big as the first man and she gave him the same treatment. My anger began to fade with every throb of my hard cock. This wasn’t a stranger touching those hard cocks, sucking on them, holding in her hands and nuzzling against them, this was my wife, my Jill, the only woman I’ve ever know. Beneath the puffed up, styled hair and behind the make-up and false eyelashes was a woman I knew how to read. I saw the lust in her eyes, the fire burning there as she gave herself over to the moment. I saw how hard her nipples were, they were swollen stiff and if I was allowed to touch them, I knew they would feel like stiff pebbles.

The third cock in line was uncut. If it mattered to her, it didn’t show. She worked that monster with the same zeal as the first two, without a moment’s hesitation at how it looked or how it might have felt differently against her tongue, in her hand, or in her mouth. There were still two more men to go as I watched the number of men my wife had touched intimately multiply, doubling, tripling. It’s easy math when her base number was one before she dropped to her knees.

A moan wanton moaned escaped her lips as she moved from that third cock to the fourth one in the row. She used both her hands, stroking the man she just left as she stroked the man her mouth had yet to meet. “That’s it, baby,” Scottie told her from behind his camera. “Moan all you want. Let’s hear it. Tell us about it.”

“I’m so wet,” she mumbled, barely loud enough for us to hear.

“You’ve got say it louder, sweetie,” Scottie said, keeping his praise poured on as thick as he had with any starlet. “Tell us about it. Tell me about it. How’s that cock feel.”

“So good,” she said, louder.

“Yeah it does. Now say it to the camera.”

Jill pulled her mouth away from the big cock in her mouth, looked right in the camera and said, “I love cock.” The moan that followed her words came from me.

Scottie ignored my interruption, but to her to say it again. She did. “Now make it pop when you pull your mouth off of it,” he told her and just like any other shoot, she took his instructions. I had seen it before, the way Scottie would get a starlet to repeat a line, performing it again with a different emphasis or a different bit of wording.

It took Jill a couple tries to make the “pop” sound she knew Scottie wanted. “I love cock,” Jill said, giving the camera a proud smile. Scottie kept the camera going as she returned to sucking lucky Mr. Fourth in Line. A few head bobs later, he directed her to finish the line.

“Good,” Scottie said, pulling away and rearranging the men. “Circle around boys, you know what to do.” No one was inventing the idea of a gangbang. The guys moved around her, forming a circle that left room for Scottie and his camera. They began groping my wife, clutching at her hard nipples, grabbing at her ass, and trying to finger her pussy. “Just keep sucking,” he told Jill as he moved from spot to spot to get the shot he wanted. I’m couldn’t keep track of who she was sucking and I’m sure she couldn’t do it either. I heard her moan again and felt my hard cock straining inside my jeans. My head spun as I moved between feeling a jealous rage at the men touching her, betrayed by her willingness to let it happen, and dealing with the throbbing hard-on inside my pants.

I stood behind Scottie as he knelt low to get the shot he needed. He was inches from Jill’s face as she bobbed up and down on that big, uncut prick. “Get closer,” he told the guys on either side of her. They leaned in, poking their hard-ons close enough to touch her cheek. “That’s good, baby. Now see if you can fit two in your mouth at once.” Jill looked at Scottie while he talked, but she also looked past him to where I was standing. She looked at my crotch and smiled.

“Enjoying the show, baby?” she asked.

Scottie turned his head, confused, and was staring right at my crotch. He never flinched. In his line of work, being inches away from another man’s hard-on meant nothing to him. He turned back to his camera. “That’s perfect,” he told her. “Say that again, for the camera. Pretend the camera is light-boy’s hard dick.”

“Enjoying the show?” she repeated right before she found a way to work two cockheads inside her mouth at the same time. “Fuck, these hard cocks taste so fucking good,” she told the camera, but then her eyes flickered back to me. She might have said it to the camera, but she meant that for me.

“Good!” Scottie said. “I need some chatter guys.” We worked around the circle of guys surrounding Jill. All seasoned pros, the guys parted and closed the gaps depending on where Scottie wanted to be. And per his request, they added the extra chatter he wanted, too.

“That’s it, bitch, suck that cock,” one guy said and I felt myself bristle at him calling my wife a bitch.

“Here slut, suck on this one,” another guy said, pulling her head to his oversized log. “Yeah baby, tell me how you like it.”

“It’s so hard,” she purred between mouthful. “More!”

“I got more for you, cunt,” another guy said, shoving his cock into her mouth.

Again and again it happened as they teased her and used her mouth. They said horrible things to her, the same horrible things I had heard other guys say to the other two women earlier in the day. Jill ate it up along with their cocks, talking nasty back to them. My heart raced as I watched. I could barely breath, but I couldn’t look away any more than I could stop my cock from throbbing. I had never seen my wife look sexier than she did at that moment, on her knees, naked, and surrounded by cock.

Scottie stopped for a battery change. A gopher ran one to him. Other girls would have stopped when the camera was off. Why waste a good shot if it wasn’t being filmed? Jill either didn’t know that or didn’t care. She kept sucking. “You can stop while he changes batteries,” I whispered.

“What if I don’t want to stop?” she asked, moving to another cock.

Scottie rebooted his big digital video camera, but before he started filming again, he picked up the smaller, still camera. He handed it to me. “Take some pictures for the family photo album,” he told him. I heard a couple of the guys laugh. Fuckers.

“Do it, baby,” Jill told me. “Get a good picture of me with this big cock in my mouth.”

Holding up the camera, I watched her sucking cock on the tiny preview screen. Why did that make it worse? I snapped the shutter and it rapid-fired three shots in a row.

“What do you say, baby? Ready to get laid?” Scottie asked her.

Jill nodded. “How do you want me?”

“We’ll start simple first,” he said, nodding for one of the guys to sit on the couch. “Straddle that for us, okay?” She nodded again and stood with her legs spread over the man’s long, hard cock. When she grabbed it in her small hand, she could barely wrap her hand around it. Holding upright, she lowered herself on it, impaling that tiny, tight pussy that only I had known around it.

“Oh fuck she’s tight,” the actor reported as she moved.

“Not for long,” one of the other guys said, laughing.

I saw Jill wince as she worked the big fuck stick inside of her. She pulled away. I thought she was going to give up, but I was wrong. Bending over, she spat on the head, put her pussy back over it, and worked her way down again. “Ah, much better,” she said, her long eyelashes waving up and down as a wave of pleasure surged through her.

“Oh yeah,” Scottie said, filming away. “Remember, this is a gang-bang, fellows. She had to touch at least two cocks at all times. Let’s get some dick in the shot.” A couple of the guys moved forward, offering her hard cocks. Without being told, Jill sucked the guy on her right while jerking off the guy on her left. “Fucking perfect! That’s cover material!” Scottie pulled away to make room for me and the still camera. “Get some shots of that, it’s hot as hell!”

He was right, of course, it was hot as hell. I could see my wife’s freshly shaved pussy stretched tight around the cock inside of her. I saw the look of desperate pleasure in her eyes. Scottie reminded her to look at the camera while she sucked, eyes open and wide. She did and was looking right at me. Her gaze bore a hole in my heart that was filled with lust to be with her. I suddenly realized, I wanted this woman more than ever before in my life.

The guys formed a rotation with her, passing her from one man to the next. It was important to get good footage of every man fucking her. Scottie had made that clear doing the first two shoots. “All of you are her favorite,” he told the guys. “Let’s show that to the folks at home.” They bent and twisted my Jill as they passed her back and forth. She did them in a reverse cowgirl for the camera. She did them bent over. She even did one guy while clinging to him like a koala bear. As each position or man changed, I was there to take more still pictures. I had to take pictures of her fucking and sucking. Close-ups, far shots, and medium shots.

This is a story about my first bisexual experience, but before I get into the details of what happened, let me explain myself a little bit first:

I am a 26 year old married man that has been married to a beautiful wife for 3 years. Our sex life has been incredible! I have always wondered what it feels like sexually from the woman’s perspective since I first started having sex myself. My wife has slowly been opening up sexually a little at a time. Although we haven’t gone too crazy yet she has opened up to anal sex. That was a bit of a process and I would love to write about that story sometime but that is when my curiosity all began.

My wife enjoys anal sex and anal play a ton! She has had some of her strongest orgasms during anal sex or with some type of anal play of some sort. That whole idea of wondering what sex feels like from the perspective of the female started making me wonder what anal sex would feel like for me? My wife more recently has been really slow at opening up to new things so the idea of having her fuck me with a strapon kind of went out the window. I was starting to go that route but it was just taking too long. I turned to chatting with women online about the idea of a strapon and also with men.

It was hard to find a woman that was really into the idea of a strapon so I ended up chatting with guys more! Through talking with them, a strapon would not feel the same so it was a good idea I was open to the idea of a guy fucking me instead. After a while guys started asking me to get on cam for them and it didn’t take too much asking for me to just go for it. I started getting on cam for guys and stripping down for them. The first time I cam on cam for a guy I knew that I was really turned on by the idea of a guy fucking me. One guy that I was on cam with told me about a cam site where you go on there and your cam is open to anyone that wants to view you. I made an account and started viewing things that I never have seen before. And then I got on cam myself!

I turned my cam on and it took a little bit until I had a viewer that was actually typing to me but eventually he came. An older man in his 50′s! He told me I would be a dream if I were physically there in front of him with our age difference. And that is where it started, me not knowing what this man looked like or who else would be viewing me, and him along with everyone else being able to see all of me. He asked me to stand my 5’10″ frame up and I listened, and listened to every command that he had. As he told me to start stripping the clothes off my 155lb athletically built body more viewers started to come. The more that came, the more aroused I became.

The last piece of clothing to come off was my boxer briefs. As the waist band slid past the tip of my cock it sprang to life. All 7 inches of my cock was pumped full of blood and in full view of the 20 people now viewing. Knowing that my profile said I was married, the man asked me to get some of my wife’s things. I slid her whole drawer of panties, bras, and lingerie out from the dresser and laid it on the floor in view of the cam along with some of her pictures. Showing the viewers some pictures of my wife brought the excitement level even higher. Then the man asked me to start showing off some of her things.

One by one I showed different combinations and then he asked me to stop at one particular one. It was a long see through mesh lingerie top that had a built in bra and went down to the ass with garter snaps at the bottom. The man, knowing my wife had a similar build to me, asked me to put that on for all to see. There was close to 100 people viewing as I slid the top on, slid on the matching panties, pulled on some thigh high nylons, and fastened the garters.

There I was, wearing a set of lingerie my wife had worn in front of me to arousal many times seeing her in it, but now it’s me wearing it arousing some 100 guys. Everyone was making comments as I moved about in different positions in front of the cam. Seeing my ass bent over in my wife’s lingerie heightened the arousal even further. My ass actually looked pretty hot in this outfit. Then the man thought it was time to take it a step further.

The man asked me to find something cock shaped to pretend it was his cock. After searching and thinking I found it! I was going to use the handle of a tool and put the tool in a vice. I brought it back to the room, put the vice on the floor and tightened the tool into the vice with the handle facing upwards. There it was, this man’s ‘cock’ in the middle of my bedroom. There was about 150 people viewing as the man asked me to get on my hands and knees and suck ‘his’ cock. The comments were flying as I tried to take the tool deeper and deeper pretending it was this man’s cock. Just when I thought I couldn’t go any further, the man asked me to go get some lube.

As I spread the lube that I use to fuck my wife’s ass, and would now be using it to fuck mine, the now 200 people watching were commenting like crazy about the outfit, me sucking the tool and now that I was going to put it in my ass. I loosened the vice and tipped the handle so it was pointing away from the cam. The man asked me to take ‘his’ cock deep into my ass. I unsnapped the garters and slide the panties down. I got down on my hands and knees with my open ass facing the cam and positioned the lubed handle at the opening of my ass. As I felt the end of the handle touch my asshole it sent shivers down my spine.

The tip of the handle popped into my virgin asshole. As I let out a moan the men typed their cheers telling me to take it further and further. As I plunged my ass deeper and deeper the moans became louder and more full of pleasure. They were watching this handle fuck my ass like it was them fucking me doggy style. When I was at the height of my pace and taking it deeper than I thought I ever could, the man asked me to stop to reposition.

I loosened the vice and tipped the handle to the air. Now I squatted down on the handle as I faced the cam with my hard cock facing them as well. I squatted down on the handle as the men watched the handle disappear into my ass. I was stroking my cock as I rode up and down on this older man’s ‘cock’. I was moaning louder and louder and then it happened. My cock exploded and I shot my load all over the bedroom floor with over 300 men watching me on cam and with a tool handle deep inside my ass. As my orgasm settled and I slide off the tool, the man asked me to lick up my cum. I squatted down and stuck my tongue out, and licked my cum from our wood floor. The men all thanked me and slowly left as I cleaned up.

As I shutdown my computer and started putting my wife’s clothing away, I knew that this would not be the end of it. I knew that I needed to take it further. Please let me know if you want to hear part 2 and my first time with a man!

This is part 2 into my exploration into my bisexuality. The first part was an opening of the door and then I ended up just jumping right in…

After my experiences with camming for guys, I started to want the experience for real. I started searching craigslist for someone that would match my desires. After chatting with different men, I finally chose one. I met him at his house and we took it from there.

We awkwardly talked for a little and then we made it to his bedroom. I brought some lingerie of my wife’s along so he asked me to put one on. I was nervous at first because I had never done this in front of a real person yet but once I got it on I felt sexy dressed like that. It turned me on to be exposed to a man like this. He started to caress me and was really touchy and light. What I needed was a man like the guy I cammed with the first time. I needed someone to be dominating over me. I told the guy that this wasn’t going to work out so I put my clothes back on and left. The search was back on!

I was back on craigslist digging through ads looking for the perfect match. One particular ad really caught my attention! The ad was for a gay clothing optional party that is held twice a month held at a private home. I thought this could work because it could be like my camming experience where someone there would fit the person that I wanted. I would have different guys to choose from. An email was sent and the man gave me the address for the parties as well as a description for what they are like:

“The parties are held at a private home with the entry being open to anyone over the age of 21 unless they had been previously banned. The biggest rule to follow is that no means no. That is the biggest reason someone would be banned. The set up is welcoming. The living room on the main floor is set up to play a non porn gay film, so that should be comforting to newcomers. On the main level there is a hot tub that fits about 6 men that would have a gay porn film being projected where clothing is usually not worn. In the basement the same porn is being projected onto the wall but the room is dividing in half by a curtain. On one side a set of couches and chairs for viewing are laid out, and on the other side a large werstling mat with pads strung about along with condoms and lubes. Come over and see what fits you! Around 40 to 50 guys show up on any given night so there should be at least one for you!”

With that setting I thought it would be kind of easy and with that many men there, there had to be at least one that would fit what I was looking for. I chatted for a bit with the guy that runs it and asked as many questions as I could. Now I just needed a free night to actually let it happen. A night came by where my wife would be spending a weekend with her sister (a story which I wish I could tell about, she is hot!) So I had a weekend to myself! It was perfect that it was on the same weekend that these movie parties happen. Friday night and Saturday went by so slow but finally Saturday evening was here! The party started at 8pm so I came a little later to make sure there would be enough guys there to choose from. I put on the same set of lingerie on that I had before in the past for the guys on cam and the guy that I met. I put my street clothes over top and headed to the party!

I pulled my car up a few blocks from the house. As I walked toward the house I could feel the tension in my body. Was I really going to go through with this? I finally came to the house and I could tell there was a lot of people there. A lot of cars were on the street. I walked to the door and knocked and the guy that runs the party opened the door and let me in. “Make yourself at home” he said. I made my way to the living room and sat down next to the men that were there. I instantly noticed that I was going to be the youngest guy in the building. A few of the men looked like they were in their 30s but most of them were in their 40′s or older. Most of the men were either naked or in their briefs so I was a bit embarrassed knowing that I had women’s lingerie on underneath. I eventually made my way downstairs and then it happened.

An older man, in his early 50′s, approached “your first time here?”

“yes, how did you know?”

“I am here almost every weekend and you are not quite the typical guy that shows up!” he said as he smiled, referring to my age.

“Well I am Bill, I would love to show you around”

“Thanks Bill, I am Trevor.”

“Why don’t we start with getting you on the other side of this here curtain” he said as he pulled down his boxers and he’s semi rigid cock was exposed to me! And he slid the curtain slightly open!

“I am not exactly naked under my clothes here” I said embarrassingly knowing I was wearing women’s lingerie!

With a smile he answered, “Whatever you are wearing underneath there will eventually come off so why don’t you show me what you have on.”I took off my shoes and he could see my feet wrapped in nylons. As I slide my t-shirt off the top of the mesh lingerie top was exposed. He reached for my jeans and unsnapped and unzipped them and slide them down to my ankles as I stepped out of them.

“MMMMMMM, what a sexy slut we have here, step in!” as he held the curtain to the side.

As I stepped onto the mat I noticed that there was about 20 guys in there. This was the most popular room of the party. Many of them men looked up and were eyeing me up. I could tell that a lot of them were aroused at me wearing my wife’s lingerie! Bill walked behind me and we found an empty spot with a cushion. We both sat down and were watching the porn that was being projected onto the wall. The scene at the time was a guy on his knees sucking off two guys. Stroking one and sucking the other switching back and forth.

“What do you think of that scene there Trevor?” Bill asked. I could see that his cock was getting harder and harder and it was growing into a fairly decent sized cock. With how nervous I was, my cock wasn’t starting to grow…yet!

Whispering, “To be honest, I really haven’t done any of this before.”

“I know, I could tell when you walked downstairs that this whole thing was new to you. Why don’t we make your fantasies become reality” Bill said as he stood up with his cock facing toward me. His cock was now fully hard and was even bigger than my 7″. He stepped closer and whispered, “come on, just go for it Trevor, they’re watching you.” As I looked around the room, most of the action had stopped and there were many guys watching me. I slowly moved to my knees positioning myself in front of his rigid cock. I reached up and grabbed the base of his cock, the first cock I have touched!

Not forceful but more coaching firm hands, Bill grabbed the back of my head and lightly started pushing my face toward his cock. “Trevor, they want to watch you take your first cock!” He whispered as my mouth was moving closer and closer to his cock. My mouth parted as the tip of his cock slide past my lips and he let out a moan.

He was just what I needed, someone firm, dominant and knowing what he wanted. It was perfect! He grabbed the back of my head a little harder as he slide his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. Most of the men started going back to what they were doing as I tried to give the best blowjob I could. From watching many porn movies and knowing what feels good to me, I started to suck this man’s cock as best I could while he moaned louder and louder.

Bill let go of the back of my head and to my surprise I continued to devour his cock! Without hesitation I grabbed the base of his cock and worked it deeper and deeper into my mouth. My fantasy was slowly being fulfilled.

“What a good slut you are” Bill said. My cock started to get hard inside my wife’s panties as he became more dominant. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth, making me gag on his cock! “Wow, you suck cock like a champ.” He let go with one hand and singled to a friend to come over. As the man came closer I slowly started to recognize him. It was the older guy I first met up with that ended up doing nothing with. “I thought that lingerie looked familiar” the man said with his cock fully in view in front of my face. “Hey slut, why don’t you suck his cock for a while” Bill commanded.

I slipped his cock from my mouth and took the next guys cock in my mouth. I kept one hand stroking Bill’s hard cock and I was getting hard knowing that I was sucking 2 cocks now! The man was moaning and after a little bit Bill grabbed my head and guided back to his cock. While I was sucking Bill’s cock, the other guy laid down on the floor next to me. I grabbed his cock and started stroking it while I continued to suck Bill’s cock. Bill released the back of my head and I bent down to suck on the other man’s cock again.

I felt fairly exposed as I was bent over sucking this man’s cock. Bill stepped away and I had a feeling I knew what was coming next. As I was sucking this other man’s cock, I never found out his name, I felt Bill grab unsnap my garter and slide the panties I was wearing down to my mid thighs. Then the most amazing thing happened, Bill started to lick my asshole. I had never been rimmed before and that started to get my cock some attention.

With the feeling of my ass being tongued, coupled with being used like a slut by these 2 older men in front of all the other men in the basement, my cock was completely hard now. Then Bill stopped licking my asshole but I couldn’t look around to see what was going on because the this other man grabbed the back of my head and started to slide his whole cock into my throat. What I didn’t know was that, while I was gagging on this cock, Bill was gathering an audience.

I found out later that most of the time when I younger guy shows up to one of these events, they don’t really play along to well with the older men. They seem to scare them off, but for me it was a huge turn on. Here I was letting this older man do what he wants with me. He told me to suck this man’s cock, so I was. He wanted more guys to watch him use me, so I let him. The basement already had around 20 men there and Bill brought 5 others. He wanted them to watch as he took my anal virginity! I was still sucking off this other guy when Bill slapped my ass upon his return.

“I’m back you little slut!” he said as he knelt down behind me, “And I brought with me a little audience for this” as I felt lube being spread onto my asshole.

“I’m not sure I want it to go this far Bill” I said nervously.

“Well you do know the rules here about no meaning no and I can’t do this unless you want it,” he said in his husky voice as I felt his finger spreading the lube over my tight little asshole. The lube and pressure from his finger sent shivers down my spine and my cock was reacting to that as well.

I was stilling sucking this other man’s cock while Bill was spreading the lube on his cock. “I need to hear that you want this” he said, as he rubbed my asshole with his finger again. The feeling was so intense! “I need to hear my slut say, ‘Bill, please fuck my ass.’”

This was what I was looking for and I didn’t want to waste this opportunity. I grabbed the cock I was sucking, squeezed it while licking the head and peered over my shoulder straight at Bill’s face, “Bill, please fuck my ass!” I turned back and continued to suck this man’s cock.

Bill slapped my ass and said, “That’s it my little slut wearing his wife’s lingerie in front of all these men. Tell me that your Bill’s little slut, tell me that I’m all yours.”

“Bill, you’re pushing it, just fuck my ass!” I told him.

The feeling of the head of Bill’s cock touching my asshole was insane. I was pretty sure he didn’t have a condom on and at that point I didn’t care. I was really glad I had practiced toying on cam and all because he didn’t even use his fingers first, he went straight with his cock. I felt the head of his cock slowly enter into my ass! As I let out a moan, I think it was too much for the other guy because he exploded into my mouth as Bill was just starting to fuck me. The other guy started to moan and Bill pushed the back of my head down on his cock to make sure I didn’t let up as he came in my mouth!

“Swallow it!” Bill commanded and I did as he told me. I swallowed as much of that cum that was in my mouth. It was partly because I was commanded and partly because I didn’t enjoy the texture all that much. Bill let go of my head and I released the man’s cock. He got up and thanked me as I walked away.

“This slut needs another cock!” Bill said, and it wasn’t too hard for one of the 5 guys Bill brought down to lay down in front of me. He was another man that was much older and his cock was already hard. I wasted no time and took his cock just like I did with the other guy, the only difference was that I currently had the head of Bill’s cock inside my asshole.

As I started to suck this cock, Bill was sliding his cock further into my ass, stretching me out! In all honesty it was hurting. The toys I had used before were nowhere near as thick as his cock was. I was groaning while trying to suck this cock as good as the one I had before. I think Bill was halfway in and I had to stop sucking to take some deep breaths. He was taking his time but it was still hard for me to take it. I was stroking the guys cock and he was smiling as he watched my face taking my first cock.

Bill started to fuck me slowly even though I hadn’t taken the full length of his cock. I started to moan more as I picked back the cock that I was currently sucking on. It started to feel slightly better but I had a feeling I was going to feel funny afterwards. He started to use slow full length thrusts and he slide out at one point. I reached between my legs to grab his cock and guide it back in and that is when I found out for sure that he didn’t have a condom on. I couldn’t blame him. I started out with a condom on the first time I fucked my wife’s ass and half way through I ripped it off and it felt way better. Haven’t gone back since!

Bill’s cock went in much easier the second time and I was giving the cock I was sucking on much more attention. Everything started to feel much better. Bill was able to start picking up his pace as well as me picking up my pace with the cock in my mouth. These guys must have been watching porn for too long because in no time he was cumming in my mouth as well. The feeling of a cock throbbing in your mouth is pretty wild and it was only intensified more with the cock in my ass!

After the man moved away Bill slipped his cock out of my ass and brought it to my mouth. I had seen women in porn’s do the ass-to-mouth thing before and it always turned me on but never thought I would be doing it myself. I shook my head no but Bill grabbed the back of my head and said, “suck my cock you little slut, you’re doing such a good job so don’t stop now!”

Before opening my mouth I noticed that there was a small bit of blood from me on his cock and then I opened up wide and took his cock deep into my mouth. He fucked my mouth and made me gag for a little bit before returning to my ass!

“I wanna hear you moan little slut, while I fuck your ass” Bill said as he returned to fucking my ass. Almost everyone in the room was watching at this point! As I started to moan, he started to moan also. His pace was picking up but no where near as fast as he could go because I don’t think I could take a full on pounding. As his pace picked up I could tell he was going to cum. The greatest feeling was when I felt his thighs hit the back of my ass, knowing he was all the way in me! With a few more hard thrusts, Bill was cumming deep inside my ass! I was moaning and groaning as he seeded me!

After he slide out of my ass he made one of the other guys lick my tender asshole. It felt really good to finally have someone lick my asshole and not have a cock inside of me. After a little bit Bill said to the guy, “It’s your turn!”

“Bill, I think one is enough for tonight. That was enough for me!” I suggested.

“Don’t worry, he is a little smaller than me so I think it will be fine. Flip over on your back for us you little slut.”

I flipped over onto my back and the guy lifted my legs up off the ground a little. He positioned his cock at my asshole and luckily Bill was telling the truth. The guy was a bit smaller than Bill so he started to slide in much, much easier. He started to fuck me a lot sooner than Bill could have done. Bill also made one of his friends bend down and start sucking my cock! That was an intense feeling! Having my ass fucked while getting my cock sucked.

Now this guy started to fuck my ass hard and some of the guys were meandering over and were stroking their cocks above me. I couldn’t help it, but I was moaning like a slut! After a little but, a few guys were cumming on my chest and face. And then sure enough I could feel it cumming myself!

I was starting to moan louder and the guys could tell I was going to cum soon so the one started to suck my cock harder and the other started to fuck me harder! Soon enough I was exploding in this guys mouth while getting fucked and it was insane! I had never cummed so hard in my entire life! Then the guy slide his mouth off my cock and brought his mouth to mine. He made me open my mouth and he spit my own cum into my mouth! Before I could even swallow my own cum, the guy fucking my ass pulled out and brought his cock to my face and told me to open up. I opened my mouth as the guy came all over my face and in my mouth. After that I was spent! I slide my wife’s panties back on and whipped some of the cum off of me. I put my clothes on and in my pockets were phone numbers from many of the guys that were there.

There was cum all over my wife’s lingerie so I knew I would be taking it home and cleaning it right away. When I got home and was cleaning them off, the only question in my mind was, how can I get my wife into this?

*** As the writer of this story, I personally decided to write this as something to write for fun and it occurred to me that I haven’t seem many other stories on here that had this sort of stuff in it, so I decided to post it. I’m sorry if this offends some of you, because its different.***

Ever so slowly, he turned the knob to our bedroom door. He knew I was sleeping and didn’t want to wake me, but I was already awake, unable to sleep in his absence. I decided to feign rest and waited for him to undress and brush his teeth in the bathroom. I took this time to think about the night I’ve had so far. My mind drifted from my morning yoga class to my lunch date with my best friend. Eventually I thought about the moment I remember the most vividly of all, my husband coming home from work.

The bathroom door opened and I pretended to be asleep, waiting on him to get into bed and pull the covers over us both, but as the seconds ticked by, I heard his footsteps cease, but noticed that he wasn’t anywhere near his side of the bed. I squinted my eyes and to my amazement, in the little bit of light flooding from the bathroom, I saw that he was standing not far away from my bedside table, about to open the front drawer.

My eyes widened in shock and awe as I saw him pull out my smallest pink vibrator that I haven’t ever used before. I got it as a souvenir from a friend’s bachelorette party and found it too small for my tastes. As I continued to observe my husband, he turned the device on, testing the batteries, I guess. He closed his eyes, starting to run the vibrator across his wrist, then moving it to his chest, stopping right before he touched his right nipple.

He turned and walked back towards the bathroom, turning the vibrator off, but taking it with him. He closed the bathroom door behind him. The wonder and mystery started to creep into my mind, making me curious of what he was doing in there. I slowly began to get out of bed, tiptoed across the floor and stopped in front of the bathroom door. I noticed that he didn’t leave the door locked and a plan began to formulate in my mind.

I heard the sound of the vibrator being turned on again from my listening point behind the door. Since I couldn’t tell what was going on, I decided to slowly crack open the door, hoping he wouldn’t notice it or me behind it. The door thankfully didn’t make a sound as it opened just a few inches, revealing to me the most interesting sight I’ve seen in a long time.

My husband was standing in front of the full length mirror beside the shower, completely naked except for the pair of boxer briefs he had been wearing. The vibrator was in his hands and he was running it across various portions of his body slowly and sensually. I never knew my husband could take such care with something so sexual, yet he wasn’t doing anything sexual at all, from what I’ve seen.

My husband soon made a liar of me as he slowly began running the vibrator over his small erect nipples. I could see the pleasure on his face as he carefully began circling one and then moving over and lightly touching the tip of the other. Then, things started getting more interesting. I glanced down at my husband’s boxer briefs and noticed an erection beginning to form.

My excited eyes went from his boxers to his face again and noticed that his handsome eyes were open again, staring at his own reflection move the vibrator across his own body. Leaving his nipples, he trailed the vibrator down his sternum, stopping on his abdomen a second, to enjoy it, but then trailing even further down to the elastic band of his boxer briefs.

I was so ecstatic to see him enjoying himself that I looked down at my own body, getting a little aroused myself. I gracefully placed my finger inside the elastic of my panties, exploring the insides, trailing further down to the edge of my pussy lips. I slightly parted them, feeling the rush of cool air on my wetness, enjoying it as my other hand found its way into my panties, touching my throbbing clit. I had to stifle a slight moan as my finger did its magic.

As my hands were moving around in my panties, my husband began to open the elastic of his boxer briefs and began to free his rock hard cock from his pants. I secretly wondered what made him so hard so suddenly. My eyes widened as I saw him run the vibrator up and down his long shaft, moving the tip of the vibrator side to side as he went.

I let go of my pussy lips with my right hand and began to play with the opening of my vagina, teasing my body into really wanting what my hands were willing to give. As I slowly dipped my finger inside my vagina, my jaw dropped. My husband was beginning to put the vibrator on the underside of his cock and also began stroking his shaft with his other hand, slowly and purposely.

I decided that I had enough watching him and wanted to take action. So I started opening the door carefully, as to not arouse his attention. His eyes were closed, so I slowly took one careful step at a time until I was right behind him. My arms wrapped around his stomach and I felt him tense under my touch, but he continued what he was doing.

My hands trailed across his chest, running my fingernails across his abdominal muscles, upwards towards his upper chest. I pressed my fingers into his nipples, moving them from side to side. I felt a small moan rumble in his chest. He pulled the vibrator away from his erection and turned to me, facing me for the first time that night. I gave him my sexiest “come hither” face. He took a step towards me, but I took a step backwards, quickly grabbing the vibrator from his hands, dashing towards the bedroom.

He slowly walked out of the bathroom and peered at me through the doorway, soaking up my body with his eyes as I ran and leaped onto the bed. I playfully twiddled the vibrator between my fingers, teasing him with it. Walking out the bathroom door, my beautifully naked husband stood at the edge of the bed, erect cock sticking out towards me. At this point, I had another idea.

I crawled across the bed, vibrator in my mouth, and stopped about ten inches from the head of his dick. I placed my butt on the top of the bed and sat straight in front of him, towards the edge of the bed. Turning the vibrator back on, I slowly run it across his chest, like he did earlier, but this time, I applied more pressure. He moaned louder than before and told me to press the vibrator even harder on his skin.

I placed my lips inches from the head of his cock again, sticking my tongue out teasingly. He placed his hand on the back of my head lightly, urging me to move further with my tongue. I obliged after a few more teasing movements of my tongue, savoring the taste of the precum emerging from the tip. As my mouth licks around the head of his dripping cock, I place the vibrator against his balls, running it across them, around the bottom, and then putting pressure on the skin between his balls and butt hole. He moaned loudly and put more pressure on his hand behind my head. I placed the whole tip of his now-throbbing cock in my mouth. As another moan escaped his lips when I put more pressure on the vibrator, another idea surfaced.

I pulled my mouth away from his dick and the vibrator from the back of his balls. He gave me a questioning look, but I smiled reassuringly. My hand began creeping towards my already wet panties and began pulling them off. Once I was naked, I placed the vibrator at the opening of my vagina and my pointer finger of my other hand on my clit. As the vibrator went in, I pressed as hard as I could on my clit, causing my vaginal muscles to spasm a moment, and stop. I continued touching myself and working the vibrator in and out of my vagina, my breathing starting to get heavier and heavier. Suddenly I felt the beginnings of an orgasm begin to surface. I arch my back, picking it up off the bed as I felt the vibrator getting more and more slick as it dug into my pussy.

Once the orgasm subsided, I sat back up and started pushing the vibrator in and out of my very wet pussy, making sure the vibrator got nice and wet. My husband gave me another questioning look, and I placed my face inches from his dripping wet cockhead again. This time, I placed my wet vibrator at the entrance of his butt cheeks and looked up at him, silently asking him to go further. Surprisingly, he nodded his approval.

I carefully placed one hand on one buttcheek and pulled it gently to the side. The vibrator buzzed softly as I placed the very wet tip at the entrance to my husband’s anus. I looked up at him one more time for approval and he nodded again. I pushed the vibrator gently inside him, an inch at a time. Thankfully, he moaned in ecstasy more than pain, and I turned the vibrator up a notch, to heighten the intensity for him.

I placed my mouth on the head of his penis again as I pushed and pulled the vibrator in and out. His moans were becoming louder and louder and his breath was getting shorter as I moved my tongue across the head and along the shaft. Once his moans started turning into small screams, I placed his whole cock in my mouth, taking as much as possible. He knew to grab the back of my head and start pushing his hips slightly into my mouth, causing the vibrator to go in and out of him when I held it still.

Finally, I felt his cock beginning to swell in my mouth, causing me to gag a little, but I knew that this meant he’s about to cum. I began moving the vibrator in and out faster and faster, digging into the spot he was responding more to. Then, I felt the cum beginning to squirt out of him, into my mouth and down my throat. What didn’t go down, I caught with my mouth, licking the head and shaft, making sure I got all of it.

Pulling out the vibrator, I turned it off and kissed my husband hard on the lips. Once we pulled away, he thanked me and told me that tomorrow will be my special night. I have all day to think about it and the though alone turned me on, but I’ll have to wait and see. I laid myself down on my side of the bed and drifted into a deep sleep with a smile on my face.

Thank you to everyone who helped me to put this together, who waited patiently for me to get up off my duff and do it, and were nice enough to say nice things about it (and criticise what they thought was wrong, or dull, or just not right!.

This finishes Dylan and Louise’s story, and I won’t be visiting their world again. Dylan is an amalgam of both my big brothers, who both went off to war when I was younger and never came back, so Dylan got the happy ever after they should have, now I can leave it. For your interest, ‘Men of Harlech’ is possibly the most stirring call to battle I’ve ever heard, it brings me out in goosebumps every time I hear it; at the battle of Rorkes Drift in South Africa in 1879, B Company, the 24th Regiment of Foot, 150 men, sang this song while successfully holding off 4,000 zulu warriors in multiple attacks over 2 days before being relieved. Every Welshman worth his salt knows this song…

As before, I caution you, this is not the real world, it’s my world, so only bits here and there will match reality, or maybe in lots of places, but it’s still just storyland, not 9 to 5, Monday to Friday land. If you like it, please rate it, if you didn’t, please tell me why.



Louise sat down in the cafeteria with a sigh of relief; her rotation was over, she could look forward to a whole 7 days of sleeping late, slobbing around, and ambushing Dylan as soon as he got back later today or tomorrow; definitely her favourite pastime!

She was currently seconded from the company medical facility to the Cardio-vascular unit in the hospital in Jeddah at the request of the client, who needed a competent cardio surgeon, and the company, ever mindful of their need to keep the client sweet, had promptly loaned her out to the hospital so they could advertise their competence in bypass surgery. She drank her coffee appreciatively; whatever else was wrong with this place, they made the best coffee in the world, that was for sure.

She stretched and groaned, her beautiful face drawn and tired, her glorious bronze hair lank and tired-looking; four CABG’s in a row, she felt like her legs were going to fall off after eleven hours straight in the OR. If only these people would eat healthily, she mused, instead of wolfing down salt-laden processed food, burgers, grease-soaked stodgy pizza’s, lamb apparently basted in its own cholesterol, and sugar in crippling amounts, every single one of them eating themselves into an early grave. Two of the grafts she’d done had been bypassing Coronary Arteries she could barely manoeuvre out of the way, they were so stiffly congested and distended. Every one of the cases she had come to so far had done this to themselves, she should have specialised in Ortho, at least she wouldn’t spend all day grubbing around inside rich fat slobs who’d opted for the ‘death by burger’ route to end their lives early. Doing this day after day had given her a definite interest in the vegetarian option…

Two hands slipped over her eyes, and a voice whispered hoarsely in her ear “Hello little girl, anyone ever tell you, you’ve got really nice tits?”

She reached behind her and slapped Dylan’s leg, before pulling him down to kiss him soundly.

“I golli chi! Pan wnaethoch chi ddod yn ôl? (I missed you! When did you get back?) she whispered, enjoying the feel of his arms around her again after almost three months on deployment in Warri, in Nigeria, beefing-up the security arrangements for oil operations in the Niger Delta region.

“I got in several hours ago, you were in the OR, so I caught-up on paperwork, did some drugs, picked up some pretty boys…!”

She slapped him again, and pulled him in again for another kiss, uncaring that the other doctors and nurses looked on disapprovingly; she was fed up with this place, and its ridiculous taboos, and restrictions on women, and the smug, ‘thank you Allah for making me a man’ attitude of every single local male doctor, nurse, orderly, market trader and donkey-drover. She was fed up with being marginalised and talked-down to by male nurses and orderlies; she was the cardio-thoracic surgeon, the one actually doing the life-saving here, but she still had to ask permission of the male nurse in the OR to remove her hijab to put on a scrub-hat, and that had finally driven her to think “What the fuck, I don’t need this medieval shit, I want to go home; I’m done!” hence her indifference to the stares and glares of the locals when she kissed her husband in public.

“Drugs? I don’t believe you for one second. Pretty boys, now…!” she grinned, and Dylan grinned back, gently pinching her leg as he nibbled her neck.

“Come on Lou, I’ve been gone three months, even the riggers were starting to look cute, I want to play!” he whispered in her ear, making her flush and smile happily; he may have been a seasoned anti-terrorism ‘consultant’, and an ex-combat soldier, one of the SAS elite, but she was so glad he was also, at heart, a horny teenager with an endlessly inventive mind and absolutely no inhibitions…

Taking her hand, he led her away, dismissing the frowns and disapproving looks with a challenging, “fuck you” grin as he openly adjusted his crotch a la Michael Jackson, making the women gasp in outrage and hurriedly look away. They took the lift down to the lower parking garage, where Dylan had parked his company-issue armoured Toyota Land-Cruiser, and opened the door to let her climb in.

As he handed her in, he changed his mind and pulled her back out and held her up, kissing her as hard as he dared, his arms tightly locked around her waist. Louise hung there kissing him for a second or two, alternating between need for the taste of her man, and laughing and giggling at her predicament, suspended in mid-air while he kissed her crazily.

While they were thus engaged, there was a sudden shout in Arabic, and a security guard appeared, obviously offended and angry at this public display of affection in a deserted parking garage. Dylan winked at Louise and put her down, and turned to face the skinny man weighed down with the enormous pistol strapped to his leg, amusedly assessing the angry look and wondering how best to brush him off.

The guard started shouting about ‘Western sluts’ in Arabic, clearly furious that Dylan and Louise had indulged in public affection, a heinous crime in local eyes, while Dylan stood with his arms folded, a small, sardonic smile playing around his lips.

The little man stopped to take a breath, and Dylan smiled as insultingly as he could and said softly “Have you finished? Good, now piss off!” in Arabic.

The man goggled, his face darkening as started to tug his pistol out of the holster. It was a Browning Hi-Power, and judging by the state of it, it was from the 1940′s or 50′s, which was probably the last time it had been given a thorough clean. It looked huge in his small hand, and he struggled to tug the 2lb pistol out. Dylan grinned and stepped closer, grabbing his hand and yanking the pistol away from him, slapping him across the face and sending him sprawling on the ground as he lifted the pistol.

Dylan grinned mirthlessly, and leaned down to speak to him.

“You were going to shoot me for telling you to go away? That was foolish, and now I have your gun. You should pray to Allah and unburden yourself of your sins now before I send you to join him!” he told him in Arabic, watching his expression as the rage and shame at being slapped in front of a woman changed to terror as he realised his predicament.

Dylan slipped the magazine out of the butt, and worked the slide to eject any live rounds that may have been in the breech. One round sprang out and tinkled on the concrete. Dylan looked at him in astonishment.

“You walk around with a live round in the breech and the safety off? Perhaps if it had gone off and blown your balls off it would have taught you a valuable lesson! How will you explain to your prophet that you mutilated yourself through your own stupidity, and how will you pleasure your 72 houri’s in Paradise when you arrive there with no dick?”

The guard stared at the floor, trembling in abject terror; he’d tried to frighten a man who didn’t frighten, and he was going to pay with his life.

“Stand up, you!” ordered Dylan as he threw the pistol over the guard rail into the shrubbery four floors below, pumped all the rounds out of the magazine and threw them over as well, and kicked the magazine as far along the floor as he could, out of sight under one of the other cars parked there.

“You slapped me!” whined the guard, and Dylan glanced at him, shutting him up again.

“I slapped you because you are not enough of a man for me to kill you like one. You insulted my wife, and you attempted to kill me. That gives me the right to kill you, in any way I choose, you foolish man. Now you will beg her forgiveness properly, or I will take you into the desert, and I will come back alone. Do you understand?”

The man nodded rapidly, and turned to Louise, his eyes averted.

“Ana asefa, hal ta’gh’fireeni!” (I am sorry, please forgive me!) he whined, trembling, his eyes downcast.

Louise looked away from him and said “Rooh, rooh!” (Go away!), contemptuously flicking her hand at him in a gesture of dismissal, and watched as he scuttled away, trying to find where his weapon had gone.

Dylan climbed in the Landcruiser and backed out of the space, giving the hapless guard a beep as they drove past him. He looked at Louise and murmured “I’ve had enough of this fucking place, God, it’s a shit-hole…!”

“Dyl, what happens if he tells someone what happened just now?” asked Louise, and Dylan grinned.

“He won’t; he got slapped in front of a woman and had to beg her for his life; plus, he’s never going to find all those rounds; when he came on duty they would have made him sign for the rounds in the magazine, and they’ll count them when he goes off-duty. When they find there’s a shortage they’re going to assume he gave it to an accomplice to commit a crime, and this time tomorrow he’s gonna be face down on a mattress in a police cell while a big sergeant “questions” him thoroughly!”

“How do you know he’ll come up short?” asked Louise, trying not to grin, her laughter pealing out when he grinned and showed her one of the rounds concealed in his hand.

“But supposing he does report us?” she persisted, and Dylan grinned hugely.

“Baby-Girl, our friend has bigger problems than reporting me for giving him a bitch-slap; I think I can state with no fear of contradiction that becoming anal-retentive is something he’ll never have to worry about!”

Louise had been turning over what he’d said earlier, and decided to ask him outright.

“Dyl, if I said I was done with this place too, that I wanted to go home, what would you say?”

Dylan smiled and reached over the gear stick to pull her a little closer.

“Funny you should say that…”


When they got back to the compound, Mike Bruce was waiting for them, a big grin on his face.

“Louise, I see our man of the moment has his priorities in order, come and see me when you’ve relaxed a little, both of you, and, uh…take your time, it’s been three months!”

Louise blushed scarlet as she realised he was talking about…her and Dylan…!”

“Oh God, Dyl, does everyone know what we’re going to do?” she whispered, and Dylan grinned back.

“Darling wife of mine, I’ve been away three months, in the hottest, sweatiest, grimmest shit-hole this planet has to offer, fending off Islamist loonies, local thieves, government crooks, wannabe pirates, hijackers, slavers, drug-dealers, gun-runners, and various assorted local scumbags, trash and ‘freedom fighters’, setting up guard positions, pipeline inspection and protection teams, long hours and no you, so yeah, everyone here’s got a pretty good idea; you’re the only company wife who works here, on the Cute Wife scale of one to ten you’re about 47, and they’re all big, butch, horny, hairy guys, so no, they’re not going to believe for one instant we’re spending our first night together in three months playing Yahtzee!”

Louise laughed, feeling relieved that his sense of humour was still as fresh and cheerfully vulgar as when he was a schoolboy. Seven years out here hadn’t changed him in the slightest, and she was profoundly grateful for that; this place had a habit of chewing up fresh-meat, the new blokes who came in positive they could do the job, and she’d seen them crumble as the reality relentlessly wore them down; long hours, no family, none of the amenities they were used to in their home countries, just about everything they took for granted at home either not available or strictly illegal. The turnover rate was astronomical, fully 85% of new intake were gone within the year, unable to stand the constant heat and ever-present dust, the lack of social life, the 24/7 lifestyle, lack of amenities, and lack of women, just work, work, and more work.

Dylan thrived under these conditions; it was like his whole life had been optimizing him for just this role, and he’d been here seven years now, longer than almost anyone; only the core team had been here longer, and he was now a de-facto member of that core team, one of the elite amongst the cadre of specialists the company employed to keep the oil flowing at all costs. Dylan and his team worked long, hard hours, earned spectacular amounts of money, and came home to salt it away for the day when the fun had to stop.

Today was the first time she’d ever heard him express a negative emotion about the job or this place, but she guessed he’d started picking up that vibe from her, that she didn’t want to remain shut-away here forever in this sweltering isolated corner of the world.

As they walked in the door of their apartment, Dylan kicked the door shut and slid his hands up inside her scrubs top, making her shriek and giggle as he cupped her firm, tea-cup breasts, her nipples hardening instantly into two stiff points.

“Hello girls, I missed you!” he murmured into her neck as Louise reached behind to hold his neck, pushing her bum back against the prominent bulge she could feel in his CS95 trousers and grinding him into the cleft between her cheeks.

Dylan responded by pulling her hard against him, rubbing his bulging cock against her; she in turn sighed and murmured into his ear as he bit and nibbled her neck.

“Oh yes, Dyl, oh yes, do that, oh, that’s nice, do it again!” she whispered as he rubbed and rolled and squeezed her nipples, making waves of pleasure ripple through her, finally beaching in her pussy, her labia becoming tender and moist as they began to swell from the manipulation of her sensitive nipples.

Now he slid his hand down into the waistband of the blue scrubs pants, running his finger momentarily over the smooth cotton of her taut panties, before sliding his hand inside them, and giving a short, “Ooh!” as his fingers encountered only smooth bare skin where he’d expected to find her silky pubic hair.

“You shaved, that’s nice, was it for me?” he murmured, nibbling her ear and making her giggle.

“You wish! It’s for the Pool Boy, it’s his favourite look…!” she teased, and Dylan nibbled harder and slid a finger between her lips, making her gasp as he rubbed lightly against her clitoris, sudden pleasurable sensation shooting through her and making her sag against him as her knees buckled.

Dylan spun her round and slid his hands down the back of her scrubs and into her panties, to cup and squeeze her taut cheeks as he pulled her close, kissing her properly for the first time as his fingers lightly rubbed and massaged her tight little rosebud. Her hands clasped his head tightly as she kissed him back with three months pent-up need.

He began sliding her scrubs down, but she wriggled out of his grasp.

“No Dyl, I need a shower, really, I’ve been knee-deep in chest cavities all day, I reek of Hibiscrub, antiseptic, and innards, and my hair is starting to move by itself, I feel all yuk, give me 10 minutes, OK?”

Dylan grinned and nodded and kissed her again, noticing for the first time a certain…medical…component to her usual scent of shower soap and shampoo.

“You’re right Lou, you do seem a little aromatic! 10 minutes, then I’m dragging you out, finished or not! I have needs, wench!”

Louise grabbed and squeezed his balls lightly, making him gasp as she grinned minxily.

“You’re all talk; in ten minutes you better have a big present for me or I’m hauling the Pool-Boy in here!”

Well before the 10 minutes was up, Louise was out, towelled-off and sitting on the bed drying her hair, while Dylan lay back under the covers, watching her closely.

Suddenly he reached over, took the dryer from her and grinned.

“Okay, that’ll do, you’re dry enough for me!”

So saying, he slid her back to him, Louise rolling over so she was facing him, looking searchingly into his eyes and examining his face carefully. So far, there were no stress indicators, no tightening of the facial muscles that indicated long-term stress or exhaustion; he really seemed to be the same Dylan, and she felt a wave of relief roll over her. He wasn’t suffering from the kind of shell-shock she’d seen so many of the newbie’s succumb to, the job hadn’t gotten to him yet, and there was no sign of the mythical ’1,000 yard stare’ she’d heard so much about but had never seen.

Dylan was still just Dylan, happy, cheerful, horny, devil-may-care, and still hers. His eye looked relatively normal now, his habitual squint gone now that the ocular implant was doing so much to correct his blurred and dimmed vision, so much so that he didn’t need or wear the eye-patch anymore.

However, Dylan now suffered from Nyactalopia, Night Blindness, an unavoidable side-effect of the ocular implant surgery to increase the refractive capability of his damaged retina in normal light. Louise dosed him regularly with Vitamin A to boost his Rhodopsin levels, but it was no cure, just a stop-gap. Dylan was just happy he didn’t have to wear that ridiculous, sinister-looking eye-patch any more, even though Louise thought that, with the eye patch and the network of thread-like white scars on his left cheek that stood out clearly against his tanned face, he looked buccaneering, battle-scarred and romantic. Still, the red line across the white of his left eye, and the tendency for his ocular implant to reflect light like a cat’s eyes at night was sufficiently intimidating for would be troublemakers to back down when he looked directly at them.

His hands slid down her back, to clasp her bottom tightly and pull the cheeks apart, making her gasp and giggle, while the same devilment she’d always seen danced happily in his eyes; she knew that of old, it meant he was up to something, usually something that made her sweaty, breathless, and hot!

Dylan rolled onto his back, pulling her with him so she was now lying on him, her knees on either side of his torso, and his solid erection trapped between the two of them. Louise grinned and gently rolled from side to side, massaging his cock, making him gasp and groan softly. Dylan lifted his head, and Louise dipped down, their lips meeting as his hands roamed over her taut bum, squeezing and pulling the cheeks apart, sliding his fingers along her swelling labia, and rubbing her tender rosebud with the side of his thumb.

Grinning happily, Louise lifted up to take hold of his cock, rubbing it along the dampness seeping from her slit, before slowly sliding herself down on him.

Dylan gasped as her damp heat enveloped him, her pussy tight and delightful, and he had to seriously damp himself down to not come immediately as the sensations in his cock threatened to overwhelm him. Louise also gasped as he stretched her open again, three months of need finally being satisfied as his solid seven inches of thick cock invaded her hot tightness.

Dylan arched his back as he drove slowly into her, finally bottoming-out, listening to her gasp in pleasure as he bored into her depths. She reared up, her hands on his midriff, and began to slide herself up and down on him, grinding her clitoris into him as she pumped, bringing herself on.

Almost immediately those old feelings began to race and shudder through her; three months was a long time, and she’d been thinking about this moment for a long time now. As she thought of how he was pleasuring her, the first feather touches of orgasm began to make themselves felt, her nerve endings beginning to thrill and sing, and as she pumped, they built into an unstoppable wave crashing through her.

Louise threw her head back as the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced ripped through her, electricity blasting out of every nerve ending, her eyesight blurring and her ears popping with the force of it. She shuddered and quaked on top of Dylan, her hands clenched tightly in his as she screamed in release, her vagina clamping down on him like a vice as she rode the waves of intense, shuddering pleasure as they surged through her again and again.

At last the searing pleasure gave way to aftershocks quivering in her, and she slumped forward, her hair a sweet-smelling net over Dylan’s face as she leaned over him, only willpower holding her upright as her chest heaved from the force and speed of her orgasm. Dylan leaned up and nipped her nipples between his teeth, making her gasp, then pulled her down to lie on top of him, her heart thudding against his chest.

Eventually her breathing slowed, as did her heartbeat, and she raised herself up on her elbows to smile down on him.

“Fy duw a oedd yn dda!” (God, that was good!) she grinned, dipping down to catch his bottom lip between her teeth. Dylan responded by sliding his hands down to cup her taut, silky backside, his finger brushing her rosebud and making her start and quiver.

“I bet i yn gwybod beth rydych ei eisiau nawr!” I bet I know what you want now!) she grinned, nibbling his lip some more as his fingers continued to circle and gently prod her tight pucker. Dylan rolled over again, now Louise was under him, and he rested with his weight on his elbows, sliding his forearms under her back to push her nipples up invitingly. Dylan took one nipple in his mouth, gently scraping the erect nub with his teeth, drawing a gasp and a wriggle from Louise as the sensation rocketed round her system. She involuntarily clamped her pussy around his still bone-hard cock, making him gasp as well, and they continued for a while, Dylan nibbling, sucking and chewing gently on her solidly erect nipples, maintaining her state of arousal as evidenced by the rippling of her pussy as she clasped him tightly.

At last she pushed him away, to sit up and take a tube of gel lubricant from the night stand and hand it to him with a sly grin.

“Gwneud hyn i mi, neu a fydd i gael y Bachgen Pwll? (Do this for me, or shall I get the Pool Boy?)

Dylan grinned, and pressed a good smear of the cold stuff on his fingertip, then slowly and gently rubbed it around her tight hole, then taking some more and pushing it up inside her, Louise gasping at the sensation. Dylan slid one finger into her, followed by another, loosening her up for what was coming. At last, she decided that enough was enough.

“Come on, big boy, do things to me, make me howl!” she grinned, lying back and pulling her knees up to her chest. Dylan looked down at her anus, gaping open for him, and hurriedly smeared a last finger of lubricant over the head of his cock, before shuffling forward to push against the tight ring of her anus.

Slowly he slid in, Louise gasping with the feeling of his thick cock sliding into her tight little anus, then suddenly the head popped past the ring, which clamped down on his shaft. Louise gave a yelp and lay back, gasping.

“Yn araf, gariad, mewn gwirionedd yn araf, os gwelwch yn dda!” (Slowly, sweetheart, really slowly, please!) she muttered, Dylan easing back and waiting for her signal when she was ready for more.

Louise nodded, and he began sliding in slowly, watching her closely, until he was buried to the hilt in her tightly clasping rectum, his cock twitching as he fought the urge to just plunge in and out of her like a wild man. As he began to slide back out, her eyes slammed open.

“Oh God, yes, like that Dyl, oh yesss, Christ I missed this, oh that’s so good!” she groaned, pushing herself back against him, raising up to meet his thrusts as he plunged back into her. Back and forth they went, Dylan speeding up as his need to orgasm began to grow, Louise pumping back against him, lost in the feel of this raw, primitive sex she’d missed so much for so long, enjoying the feel of her man inside her where he belonged, her husband, her brother, her only lover.

Dylan came explosively, his cock swelling to wedge inside the suddenly too-tight confines of her rectum, filling her completely as the hot spunk blasted out of him, painting her bowels with his thick, creamy sperm. Three months of pent-up need exploded inside the woman he loved, his younger sister, now his wife, and the one woman in the world who meant everything to him. He seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of sperm, pulse after pulse bulleting out of him, as though he was somehow filling her with himself, giving her his seed as his symbol of his overwhelming love for her.

His orgasm triggered her own, and Louise screamed in release as another powerful, mind-shattering orgasm pulsed and crashed through her, the nearness of her man and the feel of his seed in her body exciting her like nothing else ever could, and pulling pleasure out of her like she could never imagine.

At last Dylan finished ejaculating, his muscles strained and trembling from the exertion and sheer physical, mental, and emotional overload he was experiencing from being once again united with his sister-bride, their two years of marriage feeling like two weeks. Coming home to her always felt like the start of the honeymoon. Dylan adored his wife, and loved her with a depth and passion he would find impossible to explain or understand; all he knew was that Louise felt the same about him, and that knowledge excited and inspired him like nothing else could, igniting sexual fires that leaped hot and all-consuming in both of them.

With a groan, he slumped down, his shrinking penis slowly sliding from her, Louise gasping as even that made mini-orgasms chase through her, making her heart hammer and her chest heave anew as she fought for breath.

When she finally caught her breath, she turned to see Dylan smiling gently at her. She reached out to touch his face as he did the same to her, making them both smile; they were still so in tune with each other that they both felt the same things at the same time. Dylan grinned as he traced the line of her jaw, touching her chin and gently touching her lips before sweeping her hair out of her eyes and pulling her closer.

“Dylan, if I ask you something, will you promise to think about it, and not think me selfish?” she asked him apprehensively, her bottom lip quivering slightly.

“Whatever you want to ask, you know I’ll always listen to you, gariad!” he smiled.

She took a deep breath.

“Dyl, I want us to go home; not a holiday, permanently. I want to walk barefoot on freshly-cut grass and smell it as I walk, I want to get lost with you in the corn maze at Llangollen, and attend Eisteddfod and listen to the harpists and bards. I want to travel in a narrow-boat over the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, I want to see the lake at Bala, and I want to picnic at Virnwy and watch the windsurfers on the lake. I want to buy dressed crab straight off the fishing boats in Barmouth, and see the snow on Caer Caradoc, and eat Lava Bread and Bara Brith on Christmas morning. I want to watch Cardiff Met play Bangor at Cardiff Arms Park on New Year’s Day and sing ‘Men of Harlech’ and ‘Land Of Our Fathers’ with everyone else before the match starts, I want to make babies with you, in Wales, like we talked about, and stay there and watch them grow up in their own country, and listen to them speak Cymraeg with their friends. Take me home, gariad, please…”

Dylan saw the tears in her eyes, heard the longing in her voice, and knew that it wasn’t just homesickness; Louise had had enough; she needed the rolling hills, blue seas and ancient white beaches of Ceredigion and Cardigan Bay, the upland meadows of Bala dotted with white sheep, the steep, lonely, green hills and soughing woodlands of Merioneth, the fairyland grottoes of the frozen cascades of Betwys-Y-Coed in the dead of winter, the stark black and white peaks of Yr Wyddfa, Mount Snowdon, on a crisp winter morning, potent, haunting symbols and memories of her homeland. As he thought of these things, a powerful wave of homesickness washed through him as well, and he knew he needed these things too. It was time to go home.

“No, baby, you’re not being selfish. I want to go home too. I think I’ve done enough here, and today was pretty much the last straw; when I told that little dick I’d take him into the desert and kill him, right then I meant it; that’s a bad state of mind for a place like this, so I think it’s time to go. I’ve got nearly $700,000 saved up from seven years of not actually spending any of my salary, plus there’s what you’ve got stashed away from your job, so I think we’ve got enough to tide us over until we find jobs in Britain. I think we need to go, and soon.”

Louise looked at him, her eyes wide, brimming with unshed tears as she thought of the home of her childhood, shopping in Newtown and Aberystwyth, summer holidays in Abersoch, and Pwllheli, and Traeth Morfa Bychan, Black Rock Sands, on the Llŷn Peninsula when dad had still been alive, walking the ancient tracks of Offa’s Dyke, exploring the hidden glens and passes of the Brecon Beacons, and looking in awe and wonder at the great castles of Harlech, Criccieth, Conwy, Builth Wells and Beaumaris, and the magnificent Caernarfon on its hilltop, guarding the Menai Straits.

Dylan held her close, his own emotional state suddenly almost as fragile as hers, the ache for home almost overpowering him. The wave of homesickness caught him off-guard. He’d never felt strongly about any place they’d lived, but now Wales and the Llŷn Peninsula was calling to him; it was home, and it was calling him back.

“Let’s do it, Lou, let’s go home now!” he grinned, barely able to hold back tears himself.

Louise reared up over him to look deep into his eyes, seeing the truth there, and then the tears spilled from her as she gave in to her emotions, the wave of homesickness overwhelming her, stripping the aloof professional surgeon away and leaving just a homesick girl behind. Dylan pulled her close as she cried, soothing her with soft words about their childhood in Rhayader in the Elan valley, on the banks of the River Wye. He reminded her of their school days, the friends they’d shared, and then moving to Capel Bangor in Ceredigion, West Wales, after the news about their father. Louise listened in wonder, amazed that he’d remembered so much, he’d seemed so disinterested as a boy, but now she knew just how much of his home he remembered, and how clearly, and now how much he missed it too.

When her tears abated, Dylan sat up in the bed, urging Louise up to join him.

“I suppose I’d better tell Mike and get this over with, and you need to hand in your notice, too!”

Louise grinned up at him.

“We’re really going to do this, then?”

Dylan grinned his familiar devil-may-care grin.

“Fuck yes, I’m done with this place, with these people, fuck ‘em all!”

As Louise stretched and smiled, her small, high breasts danced in front of him, and without thinking, Dylan leaned forward to suck a nipple into his mouth, making her giggle and gasp.

“Don’t start anything you can’t finish, Soldier-Boy!” she smiled, thrusting out her breasts even further, tempting and teasing him. Dylan took the bait, his hands sliding around her waist to pull her closer and onto his lap, where she straddled him.

“So what’s next, Action Hero, are you going to show me some of the good stuff?” she taunted him, her eyes challenging and her smile inviting.

Dylan pulled her closer still, her bare pussy lips sliding over his rapidly hardening cock, making her jump and quiver as his hands slid down to cup and squeeze her tight, firm cheeks. His lips and teeth played with her nipples, making her gasp and sigh as he licked, sucked and nibbled them into hard little bullets of flesh.

Louise smiled as she sighed, knowing how horny and ready he was to indulge in a little contact-sport, and she encouraged him a little by sliding her damp labia over his solidifying cock.

Now she leaned forward to lightly nip his bottom lip as she rose up, allowing his cock to spring upright. She took hold of him, and with a satisfied grin, slid down onto his straining member, her eyes glazing as she slid him into her moist anus, feeling him stretch her as she slowly took him into herself again.

Dylan pulled her cheeks apart, stretching her tightness open to ease his entry into her, the thrill of fucking her like this always new and exciting. Louise was gasping and hissing now, muttering to herself as she accommodated his girth again in her tightest hole.

“Oh yes, Dyl, yesss, like that, God I’ve missed this, yesss Dylan, all of it, oh yess…!” she murmured, until he was completely seated in her, his cock feeling like it was being squeezed tightly by a firm hand in a hot velvet glove. The sensation intensified as Louise began to slide up and down on him, pleasuring herself by rubbing her swollen clit against his lower belly as her anus pulsed and squeezed around his firmly embedded cock. Neither one of them could hold it for long in this position, which is why it was their favourite; the release was always shattering, the feel of her tight rectum milking his cock absolutely out of this world. So it proved now; Louise began to breathe faster, her neck and throat flushing as her climax built, and that feeling of tightness and fullness in the root of his cock telling Dylan that it would be soon now.

Louise pumped faster and harder against him now, her clit dragging against his lower belly, slicking him with her juices. The friction sent waves of pleasure radiating through her body, making her nipples tingle as her juices poured from her over-stimulated pussy.

She came with a guttural moaning cry, pleasure washing over her as she climaxed again and again. Dylan clenched his teeth against his own moan of pleasure, his head thrown back as his cock swelled and pumped stream after stream of hot spunk endlessly into her tight hot rectum. His swollen cock jammed tight in her as he sprayed his sperm into her bowels, the feeling intensifying her own orgasm, and Louise screamed as her orgasm peaked into a lightning bolt of pure pleasure spiking through her and driving all thought or rationality from her; all that remained was sensation; heat, wet, slippery friction, and the feel of Dylan pouring himself into her.

Louise slumped down as her orgasm peaked and then died away, senses gradually reeling back into her as ‘the little death’ receded and her man and their love for each other came back into focus.

“God, that was amazing!” she panted, her grin all Dylan needed to know she was back in the land of the living.

“Every time with you is amazing, gariad!” he smiled, holding her close against him as their hearts drummed together.

Louise finally stirred, pushing herself upright to look searchingly into his eyes.

“Are you sure about going home, Soldier Boy?” she asked, “Is this really what you want, or are you just agreeing because of me? I know how you love this job; I don’t want you to ditch it just because of me, I’d never forgive myself!”

Dylan pulled her close to him, his fingers caressing her hair as he collected his thoughts.

“What I said earlier was true, baby-girl; I wanted to kill that little prick, for something so trivial, so fucking pointless; he was no threat, and I was all ramped-up to beat him to death. More than anything, that tells me we should go, now, before I turn into one of those kill-crazy loonies Mike despises so much. We have to go home, before you go mad and I go fucking berserk!”

Louise slipped her arms around his waist, pulling herself closer to him, enjoying the feel of his voice rumbling in his chest, the slow, steady beat of his heart, strong and powerful, and the warmth of his body as he held her close. Dylan kissed the top of her head, making her look up enquiringly at him.

“What say we go and tell Mike, eh? Let’s get this over with and get ready to shove off from this God-forsaken shit-hole!” he grinned, and Louise grinned happily, her thoughts already beginning to focus on where they’d live and what jobs they could find. There was really no big rush; Dylan had almost $700,000 saved up, and she had nearly as much from her job here, so money wasn’t going to be a problem for a while, it really all just boiled down to where they wanted to live. As she thought of home, the need to see the Llŷn Peninsula once again swelled through her, and she realised that was where she wanted to live; in sight and easy reach of the sea.

Louise settled back against him, nestling against the soft black hair of his chest, enjoying the feel of the warm silky thatch with just a hint of brittle wiriness covering his chest and trailing down his stomach. As she’d done so often in the past, and never ceased to enjoy, she started twirling her fingers through the mat of jet-black hair beginning to cloak his upper chest, a dead giveaway of his Welsh heritage, savouring the feel of the long slightly stiff hairs against her sensitive fingertips. The sensation awakened memory after memory of him, the past segueing into the present as she stroked and caressed the man who meant more than the whole world to her, her big brother no more, her husband now and forever. Thinking thoughts like these, and revelling in her love for and memories of him, Louise fell fast asleep, nestled securely in her husband’s arms.

Dylan let her doze, enjoying the feel of her, her warmth, and her fresh clean smell, that scent that always drove him crazy. He began to slip away too, and his head gradually nodded forward, to join her in dreams of home, of each other, and their life together.

The sound of his mobile phone beeping finally woke Dylan, blurrily dragging him back to reality. He picked up the handset and saw Mike Bruce’s name as he pressed the ‘Answer’ button.

“Dylan, are you in a fit state to talk now? “

Dylan grinned at the hint of innuendo in Mike’s voice.

“I am now; give me twenty minutes. Louise and I need to talk to you as well!”

Mike rang off, and Louise stirred, the sound of Dylan’s voice piercing her sleep.

“Come on, little girl, time to put your boots and socks on, and buckle-on your big-girl panties; Mike wants to see us, and we have something to tell him!”

A little under twenty minutes later, freshly showered and refreshed, Dylan and Louise were sitting with Mike in the comfortable sitting room that doubled as his office and unofficial social centre for the core team members. After the amenities were over, Mike got down to the reason he’d asked them to come and see him.

“Dylan, I know this is short notice, but I really need you to go to Brunei and review their whole operational security strategy out there; there have been incursions from across the border, mostly tribesmen from some of the more superstitious PNG tribes, but they’re causing more trouble than they’re worth, and the client wants a robust strategy in place to mitigate the effect these head-hunters and cannibals are having on the local drilling and pipeline teams; they need you to go out there and show them how it’s done. Two gas platforms are already out of action because the teams there are too scared of having their heads cut off in the middle of the night. The client won’t tolerate their loss much longer, or any further platforms out of commission, so we need to decide what kind of operation to mount to scare off these primitives permanently, with the main priority being a plan showing us what we need to do to get those two downed platforms back into production.”

Dylan looked pained.

“Mike, the reason we came…!”

But Mike cut him short.

“I know why you’re here, and Louise, and it should be no problem, I just need your brain for another three weeks, that’s all I’m asking. And speaking of three weeks, I need to ask you a favour too, Louise.”

Louise and Dylan looked at each other, then back at Mike, who grinned apologetically.

“Louise, I need to ask you a very big favour; a very good friend of mine has asked for the loan of a good surgeon; he has a replacement on the way, but he has a three-week gap that he needs to fill, so I said I’d ask you. You don’t have to say yes, it’s a huge ask, I know, and I can’t force you, but I will ask you to help out another doctor in urgent need.”

Louise looked sideways at him.

“Just where exactly is this friend of yours located?” she asked suspiciously.

Mike gave a wry grin, appreciating her caution.

“He’s based at Camp Bastion…in Afghanistan…!”

“NO!” No fucking way, I am not letting my wife…!” burst out Dylan, looking hard at Mike, who kept on watching Louise throughout Dylan’s outburst.

Louise looked thoughtful.

“If I say yes, you’ll guarantee three weeks then out, right?” and Mike nodded emphatically.

“Three weeks then out, replacements or not; you’re helping to plug a gap, not signing-on for the duration, I guarantee it. As a little added insurance, I’m sending a couple of the boys along to act as unofficial bodyguards; they’ll see you come to no harm.”

“Who are you sending?” interrupted Dylan.

Mike grinned.

“I was thinking Tibor Kovacs and Pip Collins, a Spetznatz and an SAS sergeant; no-one is going to mess with Louise with those two hulking specimens shadowing her every step!”

Dylan was slightly mollified.

“They’re good guys, and Louise likes them; OK, but I still don’t like it; three weeks only, and if I come back from Brunei and she’s not here to meet me, there’ll be hell to pay, and I mean that most sincerely!”

Mike looked him in the eyes, all too aware of just what kind of ‘hell’ Dylan Lewis was capable of unleashing.

“I promise you, Dylan, if they try any funny stuff or pull any strokes to keep her there even one minute longer than twenty-one days, I’ll personally go and get her myself, if I have to take all the boys with me to do it! Tibor and Pip will watch her like hawks, if anyone tries anything with her, they’re going to discover what happens when you rile up a Spetznatz and a Welshman with a short fuse!”

Dylan leaned back in his seat, his arm going around Louise.

“When does this happen, Mike?”

“Tomorrow morning!” he said, to gasps from both Dylan and Louise. Dylan leaned forward, his eyes fixed on Mike’s face.

“No, impossible, no way, I just got back after three months, I’ve earned more than just a 24-hour furlough before being shunted out again. It’s not gonna happen!”

Mike grinned wryly.

“I knew you’d say that! Really, though, I wouldn’t ask except you’re the best at this kind of operation, you have a feel for it that none of the other guys seem to possess, and I trust you to do it right. No-one else here is up to it, otherwise I’d be asking them, not breaking up your reunion. The best I can do is offer you double your usual in-country rate, and give you an additional one week double rate on top as a bonus on completion. That’s nearly $50,000 for three weeks work. I’m sorry Dylan, but I really need your boots on the ground out there, if anyone else would do, I’d send them, but you’re the only one I trust for something like this…”

Dylan squirmed uncomfortably; he didn’t like making Mike beg; he owed him too much, but still…

Louise nudged him, and pulled his head down so she could whisper in his ear.

“Go ahead, gariad; I can wait another three weeks! I’m needed out in Helmand, it’s for the mob, your mob, they need doctors, perhaps I can make a difference, and God knows, at least I’ll be away from constantly doing bypass surgery on fat bastards! Besides, I’ll have Tibor and Pip with me; if they ever want to taste any of my Spiced Bread Pudding again, they’ll look out for me!”

Dylan looked her steadily in the eyes.

“If you’re sure…” he whispered back, and nodded back at her affirmative nod.

“Okay Mike, it’s a deal. Three weeks, then I’m hopping a flight, and Lou’s here to meet me. Which brings me to the reason we wanted to see you…?”

Mike held up his hand.

“Way ahead of you, Dylan. Both of your contracts have been terminated as complete, I inked-in a date three weeks tomorrow, and you both get end-of-contract bonuses, as agreed, based on your current pay status, not the original pay rate you came in at. It’s already been processed, all you have to do is be here on the day to sign-off and collect your tickets home, as per your contract. Your pay and bonuses will be deposited in your off-shore accounts, have fun spending it!”

As they strolled back to their bungalow they mulled-over what they’d agreed to; Dylan was deeply worried about letting Louise go to a war-zone, but conversely he was also relieved that the two most capable fighting men he knew of were going to be her personal guardian angels while she was out there. Tibor Kovacs was renowned for his devastating close quarter in-fighting abilities; Spetznatz training involved a large amount of Savate, Tae-Kwondo and Jiu-Jitsu, distilled by the Spetznatz cadre into a close-combat fighting style that was fluid, athletic and a joy to watch; he was built like a brick outhouse, a square, emotionless Slavonic face hiding a shy, helpful personality. Louise was one of his favourite people, he was always telling her she reminded him of his little sister, Mariska, and he had a weakness for her mother’s recipe tea-laced spicy bread pudding bordering on addiction.

Pip Collins was a fellow Welshman, big, dark, and taciturn, born and raised in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales, a descendant of generations of coal-miners, and an ex-SAS sergeant. He was a master of stealthy movement and explosively lethal directed violence when necessary, and a true expert in the use of that K-Bar knife always protruding from his right boot-top; he constantly radiated a feeling of extreme violence barely held in check, a lingering sense that when he did go off, it would be like a claymore mine…

The combination of the two of them gave Dylan reassurance in large measure; with them along, Lou would be as safe as possible in that miserable place.

Once they got back indoors, Louise asked Dylan what he wanted for dinner, always a dangerously leading question!

Dylan pulled her close, popping the button on her jeans and sliding his hands down the backs to cup her peach buttocks.

“I want bum-burger and hot split clam surprise, are you up for it?” he grinned lecherously, squeezing her perfect cheeks as he pulled her close.

Louise grinned back.

“You’re a very dirty man, my daddy warned me about boys like you!” she breathed, nipping his neck as she squeezed his rapidly erecting cock and ground her pussy against him, feeling her clitoris throb as she began to heat up.

“Three months, Lou, three fucking months, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and, as you’re leaving tomorrow…!”

Dylan slid her jeans down as she yanked his tee over his head and fumbled with the buttons on his service-issue trousers, making sure she squeezed him properly as she tugged the camouflage trousers down.

Dylan groaned and kicked his clothes away, tugging down his briefs as Louise slid off her panties and turned away from him to drop them on the chair. Dylan was momentarily dazzled by the sight of her trim, rounded rear before moving in for the kill. His hands slid around her waist and up her ribcage, to cup and squeeze her small, firm breasts, the nipples already hard and prominent against his cupping palms. He pulled her close against him, his cock nestling in the crack of her bum, his lips grazing on her soft, smooth neck and shoulder, and she responded by wriggling as she sighed, seating the solid bar of ridged flesh more comfortably between her plush buttocks.

“Oo-er, Soldier-Boy, what’s that you’re poking me with?” she sighed, rubbing her bottom up and down on his throbbing cock.

Dylan mumbled into her neck as he groped her breasts more diligently, squeezing, lightly pinching and rubbing the solid nipples, making her sigh and rub herself harder on him.

“Bedroom…now…!” she gasped, breaking away to tug him toward the door. As soon as they were in sight of the bed, she threw herself on him, bearing him backward and landing astride him on the bed as he fell. Louise leaned forward and rubbed her swelling clitoris on the mat of hair at the base of his cock, sighing happily at the sensations this brought, while Dylan grinned and took a double handful of her delectable rear, squeezing and kneading the cheeks as she pleasured herself on him. Louise leaned forward to kiss him, and Dylan took the opportunity to raise his midsection and prod at her damp pussy with his surging erection, letting her know he was ready. Louise grinned and took hold of him, guiding him into herself and sliding back down a little to take him fully into her wet slit, hissing in satisfaction as he filled her up, stretching her so pleasurably.

Dylan lay back as she rode him, her eyes closed as she danced above him, her hips gyrating as she pumped and slid on his cock, her fingers rubbing and playing with her small hard nipples as she went to her own special place, lost in a haze of pleasurable sensation, her hips circling as she pumped and rode him. Dylan responded by pumping back against her, raising up as she ground herself against him, their breath hissing in the silent room as they ground and pounded at each other, straining to reach that plateau, that place where all pleasure was one.

Louise slumped forward, gasping as her orgasm overtook her, her body shaking as the tremors rolled and battered through her, her cunt squeezing him mercilessly as she clamped down. Dylan responded with a groan as he too climaxed, the pressure on his cock almost too much to bear as jet after jet of creamy spunk pulsed from him and into her depths, the sensation rolling her orgasm on and on.

At last the shuddering waves of pleasure died away, leaving her weak, winded, blurry-eyed with tiredness. Louise slumped down on Dylan, her body still twitching in adrenaline-shock, the legacy of her high level of arousal and climax. Dylan was in no better shape, barely able to move as he too twitched and thrilled in the aftermath of his explosive climax, his cock slowly shrinking inside her, to eventually slide out, bathed in the rush of semen from the enormous quantity he’d pumped inside her.

Louise rolled off him, almost too tired to move, but still reaching for him, for her Soldier-Boy, something closely akin to post-coital tristesse flooding over her as she contemplated the next three weeks of meatball surgery, almost tempted to tell Mike the deal was off, she was going home; but she’d promised, and boys like Dylan had been, young soldiers on their first active deployment, they were going to need her. Dylan was unhappy about her going, but understood why she’d agreed. Even after all these years, so long away from the spit and polish and routine of Army life, he still ‘bled green’ as his former squad-mates would have put it; in his heart, Dylan knew he was a born soldier, had been one, one of the elite even, until that fire-fight had cost him his dream; even today, a civilian contractor thousands of miles from the war-zone, she knew his heart was there still, on-ops with his regiment, the only thing he’d ever wanted. Louise traced his jawline with a lazy finger, smiling as he turned to look sleepily at her, her smile partly for herself as she acknowledged that Dylan, seven years away from the war, a civilian now, still followed the drum; he still thought of himself as one of them, one of those soldier-boys out there, and she was being asked to help them; for Dylan, she’d do it, because those boys were his family too.

Louise woke with a start, huddled against Dylan to keep warm against the chill from the air-conditioning unit; she looked at her watch, almost 10 o’clock, long past dinner-time, but she was starving, and if she knew Dylan, he’d be up soon and looking for something to eat. She slid off the bed and pulled a robe on, slipping soundlessly out of the room to pad into the kitchen and rummage through the freezer, from which she took a pair of frozen steak pies and a pack of French Fries.

“Pie and chips, not much of a ‘Welcome Back’ dinner!” she mused, grinning ruefully as she slid the pies onto a tray and put them in the oven, set the timer and decided she had time for a shower before dinner.

She was miles away in a world of her own, revelling in the hot water and steam when a pair of hands slipped around her waist and slid up to cup and catch her breasts.

“Hello little girl, can I help you wash your pee-pee?” husked Dylan in his best ‘Dirty Old Man’ voice, licking her ear as he flicked and squeezed her nipples, making her gasp and giggle as she ground her bum into his crotch.

“I can do that quite well without your help, you dirty, dirty little boy!” she giggled, then gasped as his solid cock slid between her thighs and rubbed along her labia. As he continued to lick and nibble her ear, and squeeze and pull at her stiff nipples, he began to thrust more seriously between her legs, the feel of his thick, ridged cock dragging in the furrow between her lips driving her crazy with need for him. Louise leaned against the shower cubicle wall, pushing out her bum to show Dylan what she wanted him to do. Dylan, as always, enthralled by the sight of her perfect, sculpted rear, wasn’t slow to take the hint. Holding tightly to her thrusting tits, he slid his cock into her hot recess, both of them hissing as he slid all the way into her, until he was in her to the hilt, his thighs resting against the backs of hers. He remained perfectly still, savouring the feel of his stiff cock embedded in her hot, glove-tight pussy, the warmth of her lovely peach bottom pressed against him, the feel of her firm breasts clasped firmly in his hands. Louise waited for a while, then squeezed him impatiently, anxious for him to continue.

“If you don’t do something soon I’m calling the Pool-Boy!” she whispered, causing Dylan to grin as he slowly backed out of her, to slam himself back in as hard as he could.

“Ooof! Careful, Soldier Boy, you’re not pushing a jeep out of a pot-hole!” she giggled, the laugh turning to a sighing gasp as his hand slipped down to rub and caress her hooded clitoris, the sensation making her whole body thrill and shudder pleasurably.

“Yes, Dyl, like that…ooohhh…yes, ooohhh God, yeeesss!” she moaned as he thrust and pumped into her, his hand rubbing her in time with his thrusts into her. Combined with his other hand playing with her nipples, it was only a few minutes before it was all too much for her. She came with a strangled moan, her pussy clamping around his cock and almost tipping him over the edge as she shuddered and moaned, orgasm slamming through her body with the force of a tidal wave, her ears popping with the force of it.

Dylan gasped as her pussy clamped down on him, the velvety soft tightness too much for him to bear, and he too orgasmed, groaning out loud as a powerful jet of spunk hosed out of him and into her, then again and again, long satisfying pulses of hot semen filling her as he held her tight to himself, until he was empty, his cock dry heaving as the last of his sperm trickled into her, the last remnants of the flood of spunk he’d jetted into her. He slumped against her, his lips finding her neck as his heart hammered a tattoo against her back, Dylan kissing her hands as she reached up to cup and caress his face.

“Thank you Dyl, that was amazing…as always! That should hold us for the next couple of weeks; just remember, three weeks from tomorrow and we’re on a plane away from here and all this forever, okay?”

His hands gripped her waist as he gently kissed the back of her neck, then blew softly into her ear, making her cringe and giggle.

“Of course, baby-girl, I meant it when I said I was done. Three weeks and we’re back in Wales, and OPEC, The Arab League, The Gulf States, the global petro-chemical complex, all of them, they can all go fuck themselves, I’m done, forever! Now, is that pie and chips I can smell? It better be, because I’m bloody starving!”


Louise watched Dylan’s flight take off from King Khalid International in Riyadh, loss and need already churning inside her, and the hostile looks from the other travellers in their traditional Berber costume as she stood in desert boots, DPM uniform covers and Tee-shirt and with her head uncovered doing nothing to put her at ease; no-one said anything, though; even the lunatic Religious Police recognised just how much grief they’d cop from the scary-looking bunch of men surrounding her if they made a move, and none of them relished the thought of spending the next few days in hospital while the doctors tried to figure out how to get their head out of their own arse; sometimes discretion really was the better part of valour…

Pip Collins put his hand on her arm and squeezed gently.

“You’ll see him again in three weeks, Louise, don’t worry, Mike promised you, and he never goes back on his word. And now we have to go; our flight’s waiting for us and Tibor’s looking impatient, so let’s get a move on, eh?”

Louise grinned as she looked up at the hulking Tibor Kovacs, his face expressionless, as usual, and wondered how Pip could tell he was impatient; to her, Tibor always looked exactly the same; impassive, no expression ever showing on his face, whether sitting down to dinner with her and Dylan, or stretched out on a gurney while she sutured a sucking leg wound.

Pip hefted her flight bag and Tibor offered her his arm as they made for their departure gate, again the Religious Police deliberately not seeing the western woman arm in arm with two dangerous-looking westerners, with another four or five as an impromptu retinue, choosing instead to hassle and harass incoming tourists and migrant workers.


The three of them disembarked at Kabul, Louise stopping momentarily to look around at the heavily barricaded and defended perimeter. Sighing, she squared her shoulders and clambered gingerly down the swaying steps, weighed-down by the Osprey body armour and too-large Mk. VII helmet. Pip followed her and pointed at the heavy Mastiff transport halted about 100 metres away. The commander in the cab waved and spoke into his Bowman, and the 6-wheeled Mastiff lurched as it turned ponderously, heading for their party. As it stopped, the main hull door unlocked, and Tibor swung it open, motioning her inside while he and Pip scanned the perimeter continuously. Louise was struck by their elevated vigilance, driving home just how bloody dangerous this place really was; that and the anti-RPG cages clothing both sides and the rear of the vehicle, and of course the mine-deflection hull itself. Tibor and Pip automatically shielded her at all times while she climbed into the vehicle, using their bodies to protect her should a random sniper decide to fire on the vehicle while it was stopped. Once they were all seated, with the door closed and locked, the vehicle lurched as it started off for the trek back to Camp Bastion, the British Armed Forces operating base in Helmand over 400 miles away.

“Glad to have you aboard, Doctor Lewis, welcome to Afghanistan!” called the commander, “Sorry about the transport, no Chinooks to spare, and besides, the bloody Taliban think we put them up so they’ve got something to shoot at, so this is the safest way, I’m afraid! There’s not much room, but you may be able to stretch out on the floor; it’s a long way to the bastion, about 400 miles, so you should probably try and get some sleep.”

As luck would have it, there was an emergency stretcher clamped to the roof of the passenger compartment, so Pip and Tibor unhooked it and laid it more or less level on the compartment floor, giving Louise their jackets to cover with and act as a pillow while she stretched out on it. She fell asleep almost immediately, lulled by the swaying of the vehicle as it crawled through the scarred city, the 6-wheel suspension smoothing out the worst of the potholes and ruts in the bomb-heaved roads of North-East Kabul as they threaded their way south-west to the A1, the Kandahar-Bamiyan Highway.

She awoke several hours later from a dream about her and Dylan swaying in a rowboat when they were little, disorientated and momentarily panicked before remembering where she was. Pip and Tibor looked like they hadn’t moved the whole time she’d slept. She checked her watch, noting she’d been asleep almost five hours. She started to get up, but Pip motioned her back.

“Stay comfortable, Louise; still six hours to go, and these seats ain’t exactly armchairs!”

Louise was immediately stricken with guilt that she was able to at least stretch out, while the boys had been perched on uncomfortable jump-seats for five hours, and had another six hours more of it.

“Please, Pip, fair’s fair; you take the stretcher, or Tibor, and I’ll have the seat; I’m rested now, honest!”

Pip skinned his teeth at her, the closest he ever got to a smile.

“Thanks kindly, but we’re okay; one time in Venezuela we laid-up in a tree for 20 hours, at least here we can snooze without falling off!”

After a journey of 400 miles and 11 hours, the Mastiff finally rumbled into Camp Bastion, the British Armed Forces sector in Helmand Province and drew up close to the entrance to the medical block, the vehicle parking in such a way as to shield Louise from view from the Stand-Off perimeter.

The Colonel who greeted her made a big show of taking her around and introducing her to the other doctors on-station, all military; Louise was the only civilian, and his constant hand in the small of her back, his constant touching was making her uneasy. Pip didn’t like it either, she could tell, and even Tibor made a point of standing closer to her and staring at the colonel, who eventually got the message and removed his hand.

As Louise chatted with the other specialists there, she could feel his eyes on her, boring into her, making her squirm with the knowledge that he was mentally undressing her. After the meet and greet, an orderly was detailed to show her to her quarters, an unprepossessing concrete bunker, but with reassuringly thick walls and small windows set high-up in the walls. On the way across the compound there was much good-natured wolf-whistling from the various squaddies relaxing after their duty for the day, and she was quite pink and flustered by the time she arrived at her quarters.

Pip and Tibor were assigned their own quarters, but on the other side of the enclave, several hundred yards away, something they didn’t like at all. Louise promised she’d have a word with the colonel and get them changed as soon as possible.

Just as she was getting settled-in there was the sound of running feet. A nurse stuck her head around Louise’s door.

“Casualties, Doctor Lewis, ambushed patrol, at least three traumatic amputations, they’re airlifting them in now, scrub up!”

Louise headed for the Medical Centre at a dead run, where she was hustled into the changing area and fielded a set of scrubs. The senior MO nodded to her as he finished scrubbing-up.

“Doctor Lewis, welcome aboard, your assistance is appreciated. Mike Bruce gave me a quick run-down on your background, thank you for joining us at such short notice. You’ll be with the Triage team, remember, most urgent cases first, and let’s get this mess sorted; they’ll be on top of us in ten minutes or less, places, people!”

As the nurse finished sliding the surgical gloves on her she heard the clatter of rotors as a pair of Chinook helicopters grounded, disgorging a stream of men carrying their fallen comrades. Louise was appalled at the blood and carnage as she quickly assessed the injured, following the example of her peers as she decided on the survival chances of the injured soldiers, a sniper suppression patrol caught in a double roadside IED trap.

After Triage came surgery, as the wounded were funnelled through into the Trauma unit and stabilised enough to hopefully get them to the UK for surgery at a proper surgical unit, or Jeddah in Saudi Arabia for the more urgent trauma cases. Louise worked her way through the stream of bodies, holding her shock and horror in check and letting her skills come to the fore as she worked on saving the lives of the boys caught in the ambush.

After 15 hours in Trauma 1, Louise dragged herself back to her quarters, shell-shocked and numb from the work, and the heartbreaking decisions she’d had to make. Tibor was waiting for her, and half carried her to her room, where she rolled into her bunk, dog-tired, but not too tired to cry herself to sleep.

And so it went; very occasionally days would drag by where she did nothing except patrol Trauma 1 and try and ease the pain of the boys who’d been so badly injured, quickly learning that telling an injured soldier that he was no longer needed for service was one of the hardest things to do; men with missing limbs, sometimes multiple amputations, trying to gain assurance that they were still going to have some kind of life, and Louise quickly fell into the lie, trying to convince these men that they could still lead relatively normal and useful lives out of the service. Now she understood how Dylan had felt when he was told his service days were over, as she watched these broken soldiers recover enough to realise they were finished with the service, and that the service was finished with them.

Interspersed with days where her heart broke a little more each day would be the full horror of life in a war-zone where no-one was showed mercy or restraint; civilians, mainly children, who’d picked up the wrong thing, or been in the wrong place, and the resultant traumatic injuries; operating in body armour as Bomb Disposal teams tried to defuse and make safe live munitions still embedded in the bodies of ambush victims; waiting on tenterhooks for the one local brought in who’d detonate a bomb-vest or a hand-grenade once inside the hated westerner’s medical unit; then there were the days Louise swore she would ask God to sponge from her memory, the days when she had to rely on God and guesswork to figure out how to reassemble the shattered meat-puzzle in front of her that used to be a person, or how to stabilise and save the life of a child who’d been blown up by a car bomb, or a roadside bomb, or been too close to a patrol when someone decided to fire an RPG at them, or had just been standing in a crowded bazaar, or a bus queue, or on a school bus when someone decided to lob in a handful of grenades. Pip and Tibor watched her slowly retreat into a shell of isolation as she tried to escape the horror of the place.

As if that were not enough to deal with, there were the increasingly unwelcome attentions of Colonel Winton, the man who’d welcomed her when she first arrived; he was getting more and more bold with her, refusing to let the wedding ring she wore keep him from forcing his company on her every chance he got, finding excuses to intercept her and engage her in trivial conversation while touching her, holding her arm, his eyes crawling all over her, haunting her footsteps, and generally giving her a major case of the creeps.

The only reason she tolerated it was that if she mentioned it to Pip or Tibor, they’d do something painfully final to him, and she didn’t want them shouldering that kind of trouble. Pip and Tibor knew what was going on, though, and after less than two weeks, they decided she’d had enough, and, after a quick conversation with Mike Bruce, made preparations to spirit her away and back to the company compound.

Louise was well aware of her precarious position here; as she was a civilian outside the military hierarchy, not even an employee of the military, and officially not even there, just filling-in at the request of a friend, she had no authority she could report him to; he was effectively the highest military entity she had access to. She was at his mercy, something he was fully prepared to use to his advantage. However, he had forgotten about, or discounted Pip and Tibor.

One night, as Louise dragged herself into her quarters, the colonel was waiting for her, with two Redcaps, Military Policemen. He smirked as he sat at ease on her bunk.

“Doctor Lewis, I have here several surgical and post-op care reports, and they make interesting reading. In my estimation, and from careful examination of these reports, you’ve been neglecting care of our troops and those of our ISAF allies in favour of locals and what we have assumed to be injured Taliban fighters. This does not look good; this appears to show you are favouring those enemies who are dedicated to undermining and destroying what we stand for; I am saddened that you’ve chosen to use your skills to offer aid and assistance to our enemies, and can really only report you to the civilian authorities; that will mean you will be struck-off and will no longer be able to practice as a doctor, and may well involve detention for a suitable length of time on charges of treason in a time of war.”

Louise gaped at him in disbelief; he was accusing her of being a Taliban sympathiser! Winton smirked at her as he ordered the MP’s to wait outside.

“There is a way to make this whole mess go away, however,” he oiled, smirking even wider. “Why don’t we stroll over to my quarters and discuss this…unfortunate turn of affairs there, it’s much more comfortable, and so much more private? I’m sure you’re dying to get out of those scrubs, and I do have a private shower, you could be so much more…comfortable there!” he leered.”I’m sure, given the proper incentive, I could be persuaded to let this matter drop; it’s all up to you…Louise. The possible alternatives, including extending the period of your secondment here indefinitely, should be sufficient incentive for you to consider my proposal; after all, I only have your best interests at heart, and I think you should consider cooperating with me to make sure this unfortunate situation is resolved in an…adult manner!”

Louise stared at him, real fear slowly percolating through her; this creep was going to destroy her unless she…she…slept with him. Her skin crawled at the thought, while Winton leered at her victoriously, confident he was finally getting what he wanted. Just as she opened her mouth to reject him utterly, the lights went off. Louise froze as various loud snapping and groaning noises emanated from the corridor outside the room, plus several other unpleasantly organic noises. A light-stick flared green, revealing Tibor, with one of the Redcaps curled-up and gasping in agony at his feet, the other lying some distance away, out cold, with his right arm seriously dislocated and the elbow pointing entirely the wrong way. As Louise gasped, Pip stepped back into the room and picked up her bag with all her possessions in it.

“Pip, what have you done? Look at him, is he…?

Pip Collins, ex-SAS Sergeant and ferociously efficient killing machine looked at the maimed Redcap dismissively.

“I think he fell over, Louise, I didn’t do that, did you, Tibor?” he asked, sincerity ringing in his voice.

The huge Czech shook his head, his face, as always, impassive as he lied through his teeth to her.

“It pitch dark in here, I not see anything, come in after two men run out of here, maybe Taliban insurgents, they probably long gone by now…!”

“Where’s Colonel Winton, Pip? He was here just a minute ago.” asked Louise, staring in horror at the man with the maimed arm.

Pip Collins looked her in the eye without a flicker of an eyelash.

“He must have run away when it kicked off. I’m sure he’s fine, don’t worry about him! And now we have to go. I’ve got us a Snatch Land Rover, don’t ask how, and hopefully a rendezvous at Kabul airport, best we make tracks before these square-headed morons come round and start asking questions.”

Pip and Tibor trussed the two Redcaps and pulled their boots off, yanked off their socks and wadded them up, shoving one in each man’s mouth and tying the other around his head as a crude but effective gag. The two men were then slung unceremoniously in the back of the Land Rover.

“We’ll drop sleeping beauty and his boyfriend off in Kabul, that way they don’t get to raise any alarms until we’re well away!” stated Pip, again that quick skinning of his teeth he used as a grin.

They climbed into the desert-camo Land Rover parked outside the medical block, Pip talking urgently into what looked like an oversized cell phone. He saw her questioning look and clicked off.

“Satellite phone; we’ve got transport out of here waiting at Kabul, time to go!”

Once in the vehicle, Louise started shuddering in reaction, and Tibor immediately folded his arms around her, holding her close as she had her first ever bout of hysterics, stroking her hair and crooning softly to her in a strange mix of Czech, Russian, German and English until she calmed down, eventually dropping off in the shelter of his arm on the long drive back to Kabul.

The vehicle slowing to a halt roused her, and she watched as Pip clambered out and went around to the rear door. He yanked it open and launched a kick at something in there, snarling “Out, you, we’re going to have a talk, now!”

Louise gasped as Col. Winton half climbed, half fell out of the back of the Land Rover. Pip dragged him upright.

“Right you, now we’re miles from anywhere, this is where you fucking die! You tried to force my friend to have sex with you; sounds like attempted rape to me, and I can’t fucking abide rapists, so I’m going to cut your balls off and bone you like a fucking fish; say your prayers, you gutless prick! I hate desk-jockeys like you, you’re no soldier, so I’m not gonna treat you like one; when I’ve finished with you you’re gonna be begging me to slit your throat and put you out of your fucking misery, and you better fucking believe it, boyo!”

Winton watched in terror-struck silence, his eyes wide and his mouth opening and closing like a beached fish as Pip pulled his favourite K-Bar knife out of his boot-top and yanked him close, to prod him in the genitals with the point of the knife. Winton gave a strangled shriek, obviously believing the big man was going to carry out his threat, and the front of his DPM trousers darkened as his bladder let go in his terror.

Pip looked at him with contempt as he pushed him back a little, his nose wrinkling in disgust.

“Strip, you fucking pansy!”he barked, sticking the point of the knife up one of Winton’s nostrils just far enough for him to feel the razor-edge of the lethal-looking American knife. Winton rose up to stand on tiptoe as he sought to get away from the viciously sharp blade, his eyes darting around as he hurriedly unbuckled his pants. Once he was done stripping, Pip picked up all his clothes and threw them into the Land Rover, then wrapped his hand around Winton’s neck, hauling him up until they were nose to nose.

“Right you fuckwit, Camp Bastion’s 200 miles that way, start walking; and just in case you get any idea’s, the Waziri’s get really offended at seeing naked white men, so I’d keep out of sight if I were you, otherwise you’re going to be first course at a buggery banquet. Just remember this, though, after they’ve finished gang-raping you, they’ll cut off your fucking head and send it back to the lines, so you better keep out of sight for your own good! I don’t care what story you make up to explain how you got out here naked, make yourself out to be a hero for all I care, but I swear to God, one mention of Doctor Lewis or this conversation, even a hint, ever, and I’ll come back and cut your balls off and knot them around your neck, understand, you worthless cunt? Just be grateful it’s me; if Dr. Lewis’ husband was here, what he’d do to you makes even me feel sick to think about! Now fucking walk or die, I don’t care which, just get out of my fucking sight before I kill you anyway!”

Winton nodded, then staggered at the contemptuous, open-handed slap Pip gave him. Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he stumbled in the direction Pip indicated, never once looking back.

Louise watched in horrified silence as Pip gave Winton his marching orders, then turned to him.

“Pip, don’t…he didn’t touch me, please, he’ll die out here, the Waziri’s…!”

Pip grinned wolfishly at her.

“No he won’t; the Waziri’s are 200 miles away, but he doesn’t know that! in about four hours, once we’re on the plane, the Bastion will get an anonymous call telling them where that prick is; until then we’ll just let the bastard sweat while he shits himself out here in the wilds; he’d better watch out, though; I meant what I said about the Waziri’s, or just about any of the tribes out here; way I see it, he needs to suffer a little out here, ‘cos the alternative is me and Pip in a locked room somewhere a long, long way away, and he really wouldn’t want that!”

Louise smiled in spite of herself. Winton was getting a lesson he’d likely never forget, and he was getting off lightly; she was in no doubt that if she were not there Winton would have just quietly disappeared, never to be heard from again. She was silent the rest of the journey to Kabul, feeling safer and more protected out here in the wastes of Afghanistan than in the security of Camp Bastion, thanks to the two men with her right now, Dylan’s friends, her friends.

Once they arrived at the airport, Tibor cautiously led them by a roundabout route to a Gulfstream G650 parked in one of the hangars while Pip made sure the two Redcaps remained uninterested in the proceedings. As they approached it, the door swung open and Mike popped his head out to grin at her.

“I told you we’d come and get you, Louise! Hop in, we’re getting ready to take off, find a seat, there’s a washroom aft, and there’ll be some food as soon as we’re at height. I’m sorry about what happened, as soon as I heard what was going on, I told Pip and Tibor to pull you out of there no matter what, so let’s get you back home before Dylan comes down here and does a number on that bloke!”

Pip called in the location of the two MP’s and the probable location of Winton, then switched off the sat-phone and pulled the chip out of it, crushing it underfoot to make sure they were untraceable.

Louise sighed in relief as she sank gratefully into the deeply padded seat, unutterably grateful to be leaving the horror of this place and going back to a place of safety. She found the washroom once the aircraft levelled-off and was pleasantly surprised to find a small but serviceable shower unit, so she was able to luxuriate in the hot water while the jet arrowed back to Jeddah and safety. Mike had brought a selection of clothes for her, so, in jeans and a sweatshirt instead of fatigues or scrubs for the first time in days, she was able to sit down, relax, and break bread with her boss and her two guardians. Mike also had a surprise for her.

“Louise, you’ll be happy to hear Dylan will be back with us shortly; I knew sending him was a good idea! He’s wrapped up the security issues in Brunei almost a week early, so he’ll be flying back tonight and he’ll be here tomorrow. I’ve got you off the books now anyway, so your final salary payments, plus your bonuses, and an ex-gratia payment to make up for what you had to endure with that little cock have all been passed and paid. You’re a free woman, Louise Lewis!”

Louise hugged him, surprising herself at how much she was going to miss this man who’d been so much a part of their lives for the last seven years, but also trembling with excitement at the thought of going home for good this time, not just for a holiday. Mike poured some champagne, and toasted her and Dylan, and Louise toasted Pip Collins and Tibor Kovacs for rescuing her and getting her away so neatly.

When the Gulfstream landed at Jeddah an MPV was waiting to whisk them back to the compound, where Louise spent several hours packing their stuff for transport to the UK, excited to be going home but also, surprisingly, saddened to be leaving as well; people like Mike, Scotty Moore, ‘Mitch’ Miller, Pip and Tibor had made the life bearable, and she knew she was going to miss them all desperately; but home was calling, and the call was louder than the sense of loss she was feeling. She sighed and cleared out the dresser, picking up and admiring the bracelet Dylan had given her all those years ago. The emeralds encrusting the bracelet threw glittering green points of light around the room as they sparkled in the sunlight, her eyes distant as she smiled happily at the memory of what had transpired after Dylan had given her the bracelet.

At last she roused herself and finished clearing out their dressers and packing away any items she wanted to take with them now in their luggage. That done, she began working on a personal ‘thank you’ for the two men who’d pulled her out of such an unpleasant situation; she knew exactly what she was going to give them, and set to with a will. Two hours later she was done, and, as darkness had fallen, and after the rigours of the last day or so, she gratefully climbed into bed, secure in the knowledge that Dylan was on his way back and would be with her in the morning.

The sound of the door opening startled her awake, that and the bright sunshine baking through the window, and she scrambled out of bed as Dylan poked his head around the door.

“Morning, sleeping beauty, fancy a shag?” he grinned, Louise giving an inarticulate cry as she dashed across the room and into his arms.

“Oh God, Dyl, I missed you so much!” she gabbled, “that place was just awful, horrible, all I could think of was leaving, it was like Hell, those poor boys, having to live there for months on end, Christ I’m glad to be back, I’m never leaving your side again!”

Dylan stroked her hair as he hugged her.

“It’s over now, baby-girl; Mike told me what happened, I knew I could trust Pip and Tibor to find a way to get you out of there. That idiot was lucky Pip didn’t decide to get all creative on him!”

Louise buried her face in his chest as she spoke.

“I was scared, though, for about 30 seconds, then the lights went out, and when they came back on there was destruction and mayhem everywhere, and Pip and Tibor in the middle of it all, looking for all the world like innocent choirboys! Those two should be in politics, the way they could lie with perfectly straight faces…!”

Dylan grinned as she hugged him closer, wrapping her legs around him. The close contact had an immediate effect, something Louise was quick to notice.

“Soldier Boy feeling horny, yes? Soldier Boy want Jig-a-jig? I love you long time, G.I. Joe, do sucky-sucky, do fucky-fucky too, ten dollar extra!” she pidgin’d at him, making him grin even as he rubbed himself against her. Louise groaned as his erection rubbed against her suddenly tender slit, making her rub herself even harder against the bulging front of his jeans. Dylan slid his hands under her to hold her by her firm cheeks, allowing her to rub herself ever more seriously against him.

“No, Lou, not…not like this!” he managed to gasp out, Louise grinning as the catch in his voice told her all she needed to know. She uncoiled her legs and sagged down, pulling his head down to her level, where her lips were waiting for him. Dylan kissed her long and hard, his cock stiffening even further as his need for her grew, something she noticed almost immediately, her hands going to his belt buckle as his hands squeezed and fondled her tight, panty-clad bum. His hands slid into her panties, exploring her bottom and the tight spongy crease of her rosebud, her hips, the soft flesh of her lower belly, before sliding a finger between her puffy labia, drawing a hissing groan from her.

“Oh God, Dyl, I need this, I need you now!” she murmured even as her own busy hands slid inside the waistband of his jeans to squeeze and clasp his solid erection tightly. Dylan stepped back slightly as he took hold of the hem of her oversized Tee and pulled it off over her head, to stare in frank appreciation at her small, firm breasts with their delicate rose-pink nipples. Louise in turn wasted no time in pulling his habitual olive-drab tee-shirt off as he kicked off his jeans and toed his shoes off to stand before her in just his briefs.

“Missed you, wife!” he whispered at her, Louise smiling as she slid her hands into the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down until his throbbing erection sprang up, swollen and inviting.

“I missed you too, husband!” she whispered, smiling. Louise sank to her knees as she fondled him, Dylan’s eyes closing in ecstasy as her hot mouth took him in, one hand pumping his stone-hard cock while the other gently squeezed and massaged his swollen balls. Dylan stood stock-still as she pleasured him, her tongue gently rasping him as she teased and licked him as she sucked, and when he opened his eyes to look down at her, it was to meet her big green-hazel eyes looking back into his, a sight that nearly tipped him over as she grinned at him around her mouthful of man-meat. Dylan suddenly backed away from her, his cock pulling out of her mouth with an almost audible pop. Louise looked up at him in puzzlement; he loved it when she sucked him off, but when Dylan extended his hand and helped her up she grinned, knowing what he wanted to do.

Once more his head dipped down, and as she reached up to kiss him again his hands slid around her naked waist and slipped down to cup and squeeze her buttocks, then slowly, rhythmically, pull them apart and squeeze them together again, stretching her tightest hole open, making her feel naughty, hot, and ready for whatever his inventively dirty mind could come up with! As they kissed his finger stroked and lightly rubbed against her anus, then slowly slid into her, while his other hand explored her labia, his expert fingers rubbing lightly at her erect, stiff clitoris. Louise gasped as sharp, staccato bursts of intense pleasure shot through her entire body, making her nerve-endings crackle and spark with need for him, readying her for a long-awaited session with her lovely man, her brother-husband.

“I want to taste you!” he whispered hoarsely as his hands slid around her and cupped her breasts, his palms rubbing over her almost painfully hard nipples, the sensation sending more of those electric burst of pleasure rocketing around her body. Louise was propelled towards the bed by Dylan even as he nibbled and bit lightly at her neck and shoulders, all the while keeping up that circling motion of his hands against her nipples, almost making her cry out with the pleasure he was giving her. Louise reached behind her to pull him closer by his rigid erection, seating it firmly in the cleft between her tight buttocks, making him groan in return as she rose up and down against him, sliding her bum firmly against the rigid cock ensconced between her cheeks.

Dylan released her momentarily to spin her around and once more kiss her, his hands once more grabbing hold of her cheeks and squeezing them playfully as he pulled her against him. Louise pushed against him, forcing him onto his back so she could sit astride him, toying with his cock as her eyes taunted him.

“Come on, Soldier-Boy, show me some of the good stuff!” she grinned, grinding her wet pussy on his rigid cock as it lay along his stomach, watching his eyes momentarily glaze as the sensation of wet heat made itself felt. Dylan grinned and cupped her buttocks again, dragging her along him until she was astride his chest, grinning down at him as she wondered what he was going to do next. She soon found out.

With a sudden heave, he rolled over so he was now on top of her, his mouth level with her nipples, so he took the opportunity to suck and gently bite them, making her gasp and shudder with pleasure. Dylan continued to move further down until his face was above her damp pussy, the scent of her arousal sharp and tantalising, touching off a torrent of memories of her, images of her and all the other times they’d made love, memories and fantasies of her blending into one lasting and firmly held image that to him said everything about her; her glorious eyes and parted lips as they made love, her auburn hair spread out on the pillow like a net, soft, silky, and fine.

Louise groaned deeply as she once again felt his mouth on her, pushing herself against him as he explored her tangy-sweet cleft with his expert tongue, drawing little gasps and sighs and sobbing groans as he found a place she especially liked him touching, until his questing lips found her stiff clitoris. As he licked her there she stiffened, her anus tightening involuntarily as the electric sensation swept through her. Again and again he licked and sucked at the hard little nub of flesh, Louise threshing helplessly as he drove her higher and higher, until she could take it no more.

“OOHHH GODD! OOOHH! Yesss, yess, oh God, yes, Dylan! Oh baby, like that , OOOH MY GOD!” she screamed, her orgasm lashing through her like a white-hot thunderbolt, a burst of her own fragrant ejaculate spraying across his face as she squirted helplessly. Louise shuddered and twitched as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure crashed through her, and when Dylan pulled her closer and pushed his tongue hard into her anus she screamed as she came again, once more helplessly squirting a pulse of her own juices across his mouth and face as orgasm wracked her body all over again.

Holding her legs open, Dylan slid up along her body until she could feel his rod prodding at her swollen and sensitive crotch. He looked down at her and she smiled back up at him and nodded, telling him this was what she wanted. Needing no further reassurance, Dylan slid forward, his cock sliding into her, filling her with himself, Louise gasping as her man joined with her once again. Her hands clasped across the small of his back as she held him to her, her body already moving in sync with his as he pumped himself into her. Louise looked up again to see Dylan smiling down at her, and she pulled his face down so she could kiss him as he made love to her, his sister, his wife.

His movements began to speed up; he was nearing his climax, and she wasn’t far behind. Making her come with his mouth was something she adored, but making love to each other, Dylan’s cock filling her with his rich sperm, was always going to be the purest expression they had of their love for each other, and one she treasured above all others; making her come with his mouth, or fucking her in her arse was sex, fabulous, mind-blowing, hot, sweaty sex, but making love to each other was always about their love, not just their physical need for each other, and for her, and him, was the best, the most meaningful, and the most fulfilling sex they could have.

Dylan was pounding into her now, his strokes sharp and stabbing as he pistoned his cock into her, and Louise was gasping as she felt the breakers of orgasm billowing into shore. Suddenly Dylan stiffened, his cock seeming to thicken and grow even more rigid inside her as he groaned out loud, and she felt the hot rush as he pulsed inside her, filling her with his fertile seed. The thought, and the sensation, tipped her over, and she orgasmed with a heartfelt, high-pitched groan as waves of orgasm crashed and surged inside her, her pussy rhythmically squeezing and releasing the cock embedded in her, massaging and milking Dylan as he pumped what felt like gallons of sperm endlessly into her.

At last Dylan rolled off her, pulling her to him as he slid beside her. Louise in turn pulled herself as close to him as she could, her head pressed against his chest as she listened to his trip-hammering heart, her fingers swirling through the soft mat of hair clothing even more of his chest and upper body; she grinned to herself as she realised she liked that he was becoming a true bear of a man; musclemen with their waxed and hairless chests and bodies looked too much like anatomical models for her to ever find them attractive; to her, Dylan looked like exactly what he was; a Celtic warrior in his prime, and the thought filled her with pride in his achievements and overt masculinity, and thrilled her once again that he was hers forever.

At last Dylan’s racing heart slowed to a more normal tempo, and his lips gently caressed her hair as he squeezed her to him.

“God that was amazing!” he grinned, and Louise gently scratched his solid abdomen in unspoken agreement as she kissed his chest.

“Make babies in me like that, Gariad!” she whispered, Dylan turning to her to lift her chin so he could kiss her lips, her eyes, and the tip of her nose.

“Dyna beth fi angen, hefyd, baban-merch!” (That’s all I want to do, baby-girl!) he whispered back, “A ydych yn barod i fynd adref nawr?” (Are you ready to go home now?) he asked, and leaned down to kiss her again as she saw the mute appeal in her eyes.

“Little surprise, Baby-Girl!” he grinned, and leaned over the side of the bed to pick up his backpack and rummage inside. He pulled out an envelope and handed it to her. Louise took it with trembling fingers and pulled the flap open, her eyes opening wide as she saw what the envelope contained; two first-class single tickets to Birmingham International. Two tears ran down her cheeks as she looked up at him.

“Oh Dylan we’re really going home?” she quavered, to smile tremulously when he nodded and grinned back at her.

“Tomorrow afternoon, Gwraig i mi (wife of mine)! I called Harry and Jane earlier and let them know, they’re picking us up at BIA, and then day after tomorrow, you and Jane are going shopping in Cheshire Oaks.”

Louise looked puzzled, so Dylan gently poked her on the tip of her nose.

“How do you expect her to help you pick out a wedding dress if you don’t go with her?” he grinned, his grin threatening to stretch all the way round his head as her eyes widened.

“Oh Dyl, you remembered, thank you, baby!” she smiled, her eyes brimming again; the one thing Louise had always wanted, and had missed out on completely, was a proper white wedding, and now, at last, she was going to get her wish.

“I have one last surprise!” he grinned, rummaging in his pack again, finally bringing out a tissue-wrapped package.

“I picked it out for you in Riyadh for you to wear on our wedding day, I hope you like it!”

Louise opened the layers of paper gingerly, then gasped. Inside was an exquisite white gold tiara encrusted with sparkling, cornflower-blue sapphires. Louise stared at it in awe, until Dylan carefully took it from her and put it on her head.

“There you are, perfect! That’s new and blue, all you need now is something old, and something borrowed to make your wedding day complete!”

Louise looked at him blankly, until Dylan explained.

“Jane told me ages ago, last time we went home, on her wedding day a bride needs something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, so we’re nearly there!”

While Dylan showered, Louise made a couple of calls, and when she came out dressed after her shower, it was to find Pip Collins and Tibor Kovacs sitting with Dylan.

“The boys said you called them, Gariad, care to enlighten me?” grinned Dylan.

Louise smiled at the two big men.

“Pip, Tibor, I can’t think of any way to thank you except to say ‘Thank you, you saved me from a lot of grief, you really are my friends. This is a token for each of you, something to say ‘Thank You’ in a small way!”

So saying, she handed each one of them a box she’d kept out on the counter. Pip opened his and grinned at the two loaves of Bara Brith inside. Tibor opened his and gasped as the scent of tea-laced spiced bread pudding hit him.

“You take care where you go, Nemnogo Marishka (Little Mariska)” he murmured as she hugged him, “anytime you need, you call, I come!”

Louise wiped her eyes on his shirt front, and turned to Pip, who hugged her in turn.

“Anytime you need us, any of us, just call, you know we’ll come running chwaer fach (Little Sister), we like looking out for you, it’s always such fun!”

He turned to Dylan and clapped him on the shoulder.

“See you at one day at Cardiff Arms Park, bach! We’ll have a beer and watch Cardiff teach those bloody Saracens how to play a man’s game! Gadw eich gard i fyny, milwr!” (Keep your guard up, soldier)

Louise hugged them both again, trying not to cry as she said goodbye to these hard, tough men who’d become over the years as much a part of her family as Dylan, Harry or Jane. Now she had to find a way to say goodbye to Mike Bruce, the man who more than anybody had given them so much. Dylan reminded her that Mike had an office in a secluded, unremarkable family home in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, so there was a good chance she’d see him reasonably often , the thought perking her up immediately; she wouldn’t lose touch completely with these men after all.


The Emirates flight from Jeddah touched down exactly on time and Louise and Dylan cleared customs rapidly, as they only had cabin baggage with them; the rest of their stuff was being shipped to a storage facility in Wrexham until they got a place of their own; in the meantime they would stay with Jane and Harry. As they came through the Arrivals gate Louise scanned around anxiously for their only living relatives. A waving hand caught her eye, and there was Jane, looking the same, handkerchief in her hand as she waved and dabbed at her eyes, with Harry standing and beaming behind her. Dylan grinned and took her bag so Louise could run ahead and hug them both, finally home for good at last.

Dylan and Louise settled back in almost immediately; it almost felt like they’d never left, but now, for the first time, this place, this house, actually felt like home. The feeling was slightly unsettling for Dylan, and he discussed it with Louise.

“It’s quite easy Dyl,” she’d explained, “You had to go away before you could come home, before you could accept that this was home. There’s an old saying that home is the place where, when you go there, they have to take you back; I think for us, we had to find out for ourselves that this was always our home, our first real home. We went away, we had our adventures, we’ll have stories to tell our kids about midnight escapes, and wars, high-jinks in exotic places, and battles and fire-fights with insurgents, saboteurs and what-not, and it’ll all just be exciting yarns for them, but right now, the most exciting thing for me is that I’ve come back, here, to this house, and it finally feels like home. And when we have our babies, they’re going to be surrounded by family; you, me, Uncle Harry and Aunt Jane, the only grandparents they’ll ever know, in their own land. That’s what home is, and we had to go full circle to come back there to discover that for ourselves.”

Dylan listened, enthralled, as she explained it to him in a way he could understand; somehow, she’d gotten right to the heart of it and put his mind at ease in just a few sentences.

Job-hunting began in earnest a couple of weeks later, once the luxury of not having to think about work wore off. Dylan struck gold almost immediately; Mike had put in a good word for him with a Ministry of Defence agency dealing with security and anti-terrorism issues at government estate sites across the country, and with his background and experience the interview was a mere formality . Louise applied for and was offered a position on the Cardio-Vascular team with a hospital in Aberystwyth, in West Wales, in Cardigan Bay, a short drive from her beloved Llŷn Peninsula.

Author’s Note:

This was my first attempt at writing a longer, more detailed story. If you folks like this then let me know, and I’ll keep them coming :)

Most secretaries would be fired for wearing a low-cut blouse like hers. Most secretaries wouldn’t get away with a tight pencil-skirt and the almost-visible suspenders around her thighs either. Most secretaries, however, aren’t married to their bosses – and today is their anniversary.

There are flowers on Lana’s desk when she comes in, high heels clicking on the oak floor. That gets a smile from her, which isn’t always easy this early in the morning; it’s still dark outside.

She savours the scent as she sits behind her desk, stowing her handbag. When she looks up and opens her eyes, her husband is leaning out of his office.

“Like them?” he asks her, smiling.

“How did you get lillies in winter?”

“Trade secret.”

“Colour me impressed.” She gives him a coy smile as his eyes run down her body, savouring the effect she knows she’s having on him. “Can I help you with something?”

“Just enjoying the view.”

“You,” she lifts her head like a queen and turns to her computer screen, “have lots of work to do. Don’t get too distracted.”

He gives a heavy sigh, and almost walks back in. She coughs, getting his attention, and he swings right back out.


She pretends to give him a serious look, pulling down her spectacles and pouting. “Are you going to be able to concentrate, honey?”

“Lana,” he groans, “I actually do have work to do, you aren’t making this easy.”

“Poor soul,” she winks, and runs a manicured hand down her neck whilst holding his gaze. Her fingers curl at the inside of her blouse, pulling it open ever so slightly and showing the faintest hint of cleavage. “Try not to think about me too much?”

“Too late,” he huffs, and returns to his office.

She bites her lip as he closes the door, letting out an excited shiver.

She has plans for him today – plans that require him being wound up to the nines. The first part of her plan is working perfectly. With a satisfied smile, she flicks open the diaries and planners and starts work for the day.

Anniversary or not, they still have a large company to run.

An hour later, an alarm on her phone goes off. Flicking it off, she turns away on her swivel-chair and sets the phone to the camera. If it’s been an hour, she reasons, then he’s had plenty of time to forget all about her little display and calm down.

Time to change that.

She crosses her legs at the ankle, unbuttons her blouse a little to show the lace red brassiere beneath, and hikes her skirt up just enough to show the suspender belt holding her thigh-highs in place. With her arms, she pushes her cleavage together and looks up at the camera, biting her lip and giving it the fiery look that she knows he loves.


Fixing herself – though she’s arranged for no client visits today as a precaution – she checks the picture. Vain she is not, but if she ignores the little flaws she’ll always find then she’s got a lot to be confident about.

Her soft, pale skin goes well with the dark office-wear, and whilst she’s no glamour model she has enough under her blouse to turn an eye. Auburn hair the colour of autumn would usually spill over her shoulders in large curls, but it’s tied up for work.

Besides, she thinks, if it’s not tied up then she can’t unfurl it later for dramatic effect when she tears his trousers open and mounts him on the desk.

Smiling, she adds the caption:

Don’t work too hard handsome

She sends it to him, and sits the phone down, waiting.

A few seconds later, she hears a discontented sigh and laughs to herself. Her phone buzzes to a short, grumpy text with no kisses:

Don’t make me come through there.

Not if I come to you first, she thinks, and suppresses another grin as she returns to her work. She can practically hear his boxers straining from here, and relishes the thought.

Crossing her legs again, she squeezes her thighs together, quivering at the tingling warmth between them.

Another hour passes, and another alarm goes off on her phone.

She gets up, adjusting herself and making sure that everything is just visible enough to catch his attention. Her high heels clop across the floor, and she eases the door open and closes it behind herself.

Her husband looks up from his work, a little red faced and flustered, and raises his eyebrows. She gives him a knowing grin, and locks the door.

Pressing her back against the door with her palms flat on her thighs, she gives him a wide eyed look and feigns innocence.

“Tom, honey,” she croons, “are you having a good day?”

“Oh, it’s been ok so far,” he winks.

She bites her lip and brings one hand up to her blouse, easing it open at the top and leaning forward just a little. “Enjoying your anniversary?”

He pushes his chair out from his curved, modern-looking desk and leans back, taking in the view. Tom nods, his dark eyes running over the curve of her hips.

“Well,” she continues, glancing at the bulge in his suit-trousers. “I know we’ve got those rules about office romances and everything, but -”

“Shut up and get over here.”

She curls her lips upward at the edges, fighting a smile.

“Make me.”

“I will,” he says, and almost gets out of his chair.

She stops him with a finger and starts walking forward. “You stay right there.”


“It’s a special day,” she says as she stands above him, hands laced behind her back. “And we’ve got as long as we want.”

“Benefits of being your own boss,” he smiles, that firm and reassuring smile that she’s come to love.

She leans forward and whispers in his ear, giving him a glance down her blouse. “I’ve got plans for you, mister. So sit back and stop fighting it.”

With one delicate finger on his tie, she pushes him back into the chair. His hands run around her stocking-clad thigh, running up towards the cusp of her ass. With a playful smile, she bats his hands away and leans in as though to kiss him.

He comes forward, and she puts a soft hand on his stubbled jaw and opens her mouth, drawing back as he moves in for the kiss. She lets his searching tongue find the tip of hers and no more, closing her mouth with a smile.

“I hate you sometimes,” he whispers.

She leans in again. “Will you still hate me when this all pays off?”

“Probably not,” he admits.

Shivering with anticipation, she runs one hand down his shirt, feeling the hard ridges of his tensed muscles beneath.

“You’re awful tense,” she says, running a hand down to his belt and unbuckling it with a snap. “We’re going to have to do something about that.”

Slinking to her knees, she eases his belt off and undoes the button and zip on his trousers. He lets out a sigh and leans back, one hand gripping her shoulder. Through his dark boxers she can see the small, wet spot at the tip of his bulge where he’s leaking pre-cum.

Lana leans forward and kisses the tip through his boxers. He shudders, his cock twitching behind the fabric. Leaning back, she savours the moment and peels his boxers away, letting his throbbing cock free. With a contented sigh, he opens his eyes and looks down at her.

Those dark eyes stare into hers as she runs a tongue around her lips, moistening them, and wraps a delicate hand around the base of his cock.

“Have I got you wound up, yet?” she asks. He nods, barely able to talk. “Have I got you right on the edge?”

He grunts a response, one hand gripping the back of her head.

“Good,” she whispers.

Without any warning, she surges forward and wraps her wet lips around his helmet, swirling her tongue and plunging her mouth down on him.

He groans and tenses, lifting his hips from the chair and forcing his cock further down her throat. With one hand she works his shaft, running her fingers up and down, tightening and rippling them. Her lips, meanwhile, suck him in and keep him there, running over the bottom of his helmet faster, and faster.

She feels him tense, his breath held, and stops for a moment. Lifting her, mouth from him, she revels in watching him twitch.

“Don’t stop,” he whispers. “Don’t stop.”

“It’d be a shame if I did,” she says, and kisses his still-trembling cock. “That would just be horrible.”

“Lana, please,” he groans, his hands grabbing at her shoulders and head, trying to pull her in towards him.

“Oh,” she whispers, letting go of him and standing up, “I could do much worse than stop.”

She puts her knees on either side of him, straddling him in his office chair. It takes their weight as she leans him back in it, his wet cock sitting against his stomach.

He looks at her with burning, lust-filled eyes and grabs her ass in both hands, trying to pull her pussy in closer to him. Scooting a little closer, she lets the silk of her red panties brush against him, and he shivers again.

“Wow,” she whispers, “I must have you really worked up.”

He nods, and tries to pull her down by the neck, his jaw slack. Reaching down, she pulls her panties aside, batting his hands away as he tries to undo her blouse. She feels his hard cock brushing against her moistness, and trembles as she grabs him in one hand and guides him towards her pussy.

His cock sits at her opening, and her thighs keep him from thrusting up into her like he wants to.

“Ah-ah,” she says, pressing her forehead against his. “This is my treat, handsome. Don’t move.”

She hears his heavy breathing in her ear as she lowers herself onto his erection, suppressing a gasp as she feels him stretching her and filling her. He tenses and grasps at her as she pushes further down, till the cheeks of her ass brush against his legs and he’s entirely inside her.

“Oh god,” she whispers, and bucks her hips against him, feeling the tingling surge of pleasure running through her bones like a shock. She tries to stay still, feeling his cock twitch inside her.

Working her thighs, she lifts herself off of him, until her pussy lips are tightening around the tip of his helmet. Then she bears down again, driving his cock all the way inside of her. He throws his head back, groaning, pushing her down further with his hands on her hips, driving his cock up into her.

“Stop, stop,” she says, and lifts herself off of him. “This wasn’t the plan.”

“What?” he breathes, staring into her eyes.

She gets off of him, her legs trembling. “You’ve got another hour to wait, stud,” she grins and takes a step back.

“No way,” he says, and stands up, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her in close. “Absolutely no way.”

“Ah-ah,” she says, turning a cheek as he tries to kiss her. “I’m in charge today.”

He pulls her skirt up, running his hands down over her ass and pulling her in against his hard cock.

“What if I say otherwise?”

“Then,” she pulls back and looks him in the eye, “I’ll fight you all the way. Meaning you’re probably,” she leans in and whispers in his ear, “going to have to tie me up to make sure I can’t stop you from fucking me hard, aren’t you? Is that what you’ve been thinking about doing all day?”

Without a word, he rips off his tie and grabs her wrists. She finally kisses him without holding back, their tongues swirling in one another’s mouth, biting each other’s lips with unquenched passion. His strong hands pin her wrists together behind her back, and with his tie he binds them tight together.

He doesn’t need to say anything as their lips part. Guiding her towards the desk, he grabs her bound hands and holds her steady as he lowers her onto the desk. Bent over and helpless, her perfect, round ass is bared to him. Running a hand over it, he squeezes the soft skin and teases his fingers around the lips of her dripping wet pussy.

“Winding me up like that,” he says, running a single finger down over her trembling clit. “That was very, very bad of you.”


With his open palm, he slaps her bared ass. The clapping sound echoes around the office, and she tenses and squeals.

“I think you need to be punished,” he says, and spanks her again. Her legs are shaking, still in high heels. Tom grabs her bound hands and pulls on them, arching her back. With his other hand, he guides his cock into her aching pussy.

She opens her mouth, moaning in silence as he pushes into her wetness. His cock fills her from within, and with his hand free he runs it around her hips to her clit, brushing his fingers over it with a gentleness unexpected from a man like Tom.

“Oh god,” she murmurs, pushing back against him as his abdomen meets her ass. “Oh god, I’ve been so bad. Fuck me like a bad girl.”

He obliges. Keeping her arms pulled back and her back arched, Tom plunges into her again and again. His pelvis slams against her, and she rocks her hips in tandem with his. Every thrust burns dots into her vision, her mind reeling.

Over and over again, Tom plows into her from behind, his fingers dancing over her clit. With her legs trembling, Tom pushes her forward onto the desk and slaps her ass hard with his free hand.

The mixture of pleasure and pain is too much for her, and Lana feels her pussy tightening with the surges of her orgasm. Her legs begin to buckle, and Tom grabs her hips and holds her steady.

She’s helpless in his strong arms, being fucked hard over his desk.

“Oh god Tom,” she murmurs, “oh god. I’m going to – you’re going to make me -”

She climaxes with a long, loud moan, and he only fucks her faster. Her moan turns to a scream, his cock pounding her faster and harder, faster and harder, until -

Trembling, she feels him slip out of her pussy. A second later, with a grunt and his hand grasping her hips, she feels his warm cum spurting over her back and her ass.

He collapses forward on top of her, and sleepily undoes her bindings. Breathless and light headed, they finally get to their feet and she sits on the edge the desk. Leaning into one another, they hold each other in the afterglow.

She laughs after a while, still trying to breathe.

“Happy anniversary,” she smiles, and he kisses her with a sudden tenderness.

“Here’s to another five years,” he says as they passionately lock lips.

“So was that, y’know,” she bites her lip, “ok for you?”

“Oh it was passable,” he laughs.

“Good, because I don’t think our anniversary day is actually over yet.”


“Oh yeah, there’s more where that came from.”

“Good,” he says. “I can deal with that.”

She stops as though remembering something important.

“What is it?” he asks, seeing the urgency in her eyes.

Lana checks her watch. “You’ve got lunch with someone in an hour, I can’t remember who.”

“Oh yeah,” he says. “That’s the spokesperson for Carson Group.”

“What’s Carson Group?”

“They’re an international conglomerate. Rumour is they’re thinking of making an offer.”

“What, to buy us?”


There they stand, discussing business with their clothes half off and their faces still red.

“Why would an international conglomerate want to buy a little technology start-up like ours?”

“We’ve grown darling,” says Tom. “You’ve seen the figures. We’ve got millions of users.”

“What’s their offer?”

“Well they haven’t made one, yet.”

“Would you sell?”

“If the price is right. It would be nice to retire at thirty and just travel the world, wouldn’t it?”

Her eyes light up. “Yeah,” she kisses him. “It would. I mean, I’d miss getting to be your secretary, but…”

“No, no,” he says. “You could stop being my secretary, but I think I like the uniform.”

“I can keep the uniform?” she bites her lip again.

“Oh I suppose.”

She kisses his stubbled cheek. “Selling the company. That’s a lot to think about.”

“I know. I’m a little nervous to be honest. I should really prepare.”

“Ok,” she says, and slides off the desk. Standing, she’s at least a foot smaller than him, even in heels. She leans up and kisses him. “Don’t worry, you’ll do fine.”

“I know,” he says. “And it’s still our anniversary, so don’t get too comfortable.”

“Oh?” She pulls her skirt down and fixes her blouse as he does his trousers up. “Do you have plans or something?”

“Maybe. Now let me get ready for this.”

“Yes sir,” she winks, and leaves him one last kiss and a lasting image of her hips rocking as she walks out of his office.

Not an hour later, Lana hears the door open across the office, and Tom comes rushing out with a briefcase in one hand and a phone in the other. He’s red-faced and out of breath, and storms past her with barely a glance.

“Tom -” she begins, looking up from her computer.

He holds up his hand: not now.

Lana raises an offended eyebrow and looks down at her half-open blouse, checking that her breasts are in fact still there.

Still on the phone, Tom stares into space as he listens. Lana strains her hears but can’t make out a word. After a pause, he sighs.

“Ok,” he says. “I understand.”

Tom hangs up the phone and stands there, staring at Lana with his shoulders sagging.

“Who was that?”

“The guy from Carson group. Meeting’s been postponed for two hours.”

“Well that’s nothing to stress about -”

“So that he can meet with our competitor.”


“Yeah, oh.” Tom folds his arms and looks down at the floor.

“Do you think they might buy them instead?”

“From a business standpoint? It makes more sense. Our competitor has a smaller user-base than us, but they’re more appealing to advertisers: they filter opinions and profanity and such.”

“But that’s censorship.”

“I don’t think Carson Group really care. They’re more interested in how much they can make off their new purchase. We’re bigger, and we get a lot of support from free-speech groups, but that comes at a price.”

He walks forward and sits on the edge of her desk, letting out a frustrated breath. In response, she gets up and joins him, shuffling her curved hips beside him and leaning into his strong frame.

“You’ll nail it.”

“What if I don’t? Ah, I shouldn’t have told you I was going to sell the business, now it might all fall through -”

“Hey,” she stops him with a finger to his lips, and they look into each other’s eyes. “I am quite happy where I am. It would be nice to have all that money and freedom, but the important stuff,” she pats him on the chest,” is right here.”

Smiling, he leans in and kisses her. Her soft lips part for him, and she snakes a hand around his neck and lets a long, contented sigh into his mouth.

“You,” he says as they part, “are the best. I should really prepare for the meeting, I need to work out a strategy to convince Carson Group to buy us instead of those idiots in the south-side.”

“Well, for one: their CEO doesn’t look as good as you in a three-piece, and doesn’t have a stupidly hot secretary.”

“Very true,” he says, and stands up.

She takes his hand and gives him a warm, reassuring look. “You’ll be fine, handsome.”

“I know. Y’know, Lana, you could probably take the rest of the day off.”

“While you work hard in here? Sit bored and alone at home while you go and do interesting stuff? No thanks.”

“If you insist.” he leans in and kisses her again, then starts to walk away.

“And Tom?”

He turns back. “Hm?”

“You’re all tense. Take a big breath like I taught you. Clear that head-space.”

“I’m a businessman, not a hippie.”

“It’s not being a hippie, it works. Trust me, you can’t go in all tense and jittery.”

“Ok,” he says, and takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. When he opens them again, his eyes seem a little brighter. “Ok, I’m good. I’ll see you in an hour or two. I need to prepare for this now that I know we have competition.”

“Have fun,” she winks.

He turns and walks back into his office, and her eyes trace down his suit to the bulge forming in the leg of his trousers. She can’t let him go to an important meeting all tense and – well – hard.

Thirty minutes later, Lana chaps his door and leans her head in, giving him that coy smile that he loves. He looks up, still flustered and looking lost.

“How are you getting on?” she asks him.

“Ok. Harder than I thought.”

“I’ll bet,” she smiles to herself. “Listen, I hate to be a pain but my computer’s playing up.”

“Lana, you’re already the resident IT expert in here.”

“Yeah but it’s doing that thing that you fixed last time and I can’t remember what you did.”

He sighs, looking at his notes and his computer screen, and then takes a breath and stands up, coming to join her. She checks and sees that her low cut blouse is still doing its work; the outline of his cock is visible through the soft material of his trousers.

“Ok, show me,” he follows her through.

She closes the door behind him as soon as he’s through, and stands with him at the desk.

He looks at her computer. “What’s wrong? It looks ok?”

When he turns around with a questioning look, she grabs the back of his neck and pulls him into a long kiss, her other hand running down over his belt.

“Lana,” he mumbles, “I really have to work -”

“You work way too hard,” she whispers, grinning, “and I think you need to unwind; the solution will come to you. Now just let me…”

Through his trousers, her manicured nails tighten around his growing bulge. She feels it twitch in her hand, begging to be stroked and sucked. Tom opens his mouth to protest and she kisses him again.

As her deft fingers undo his belt and zip, she feels his resistance begin to melt away. With a tug, she pulls the waistband of his boxers down and his cock twitches free, firm in her hand.

His breath comes short as her small hand, with her soft skin, wraps around the tip of his cock and squeezes, rippling her fingers over him.

He whispers something in ecstasy and she leans in to hear him better, softly biting his ear.

“What was that?” she whispers.

“I said,” he runs a hand behind her ear and pulls her in, “I fucking love you.”

She starts to stroke faster, grinning into his kiss. “I love you too. That’s why,” she can feel him tensing up and pushing against her quickening strokes, “I do things like this for you.”

Dropping to her knees, Lana pushes Tom back against the desk and takes his throbbing cock in her mouth. He groans and spasms as she works her lips over his helmet, down his shaft, sucking and swirling her tongue.

His hands link behind her head, keeping her there, and with her other hand she begins to stroke his shaft, faster and faster.

“Oh god,” he whispers, and pulls her deeper onto his cock. She takes him deep into her throat, letting her tongue caress the underside of his erection.

Feeling him shiver, she kisses his manhood and stands up. His legs are trembling a little, begging her to finish.

“Please,” he whispers as she comes in for a kiss, “I’m about to cum.”

“Oh, I know,” she says, and kisses him passionately. Her soft hand continues to work his cock, just enough to keep him on edge. “But we can’t have you messing up your nice suit before a meeting. So,” she tears her blouse open, showing him the laced red bra and her soft, perky breasts, “how about you just cum all over these?”

He barely manages a nod, and as she strokes him closer and closer to the edge, he brings his hands up and massages her chest. She groans into his mouth as electric shivers run through her. His strong hands squeeze and pinch her breasts just softly enough, and she arches her back and strokes faster still. He pulls her bra down, her breasts held up by the folded cups, pushing them together.

“I’m going to -” he gasps.

“Good,” she grins, and drops to her knees.

Tilting her head back, she strokes faster and harder, until with a low moan and a twitch, he releases torrents of thick white cum over her. It runs down her cleavage and she smiles up at him, rubbing it in with her hands, using it as lubricant to fondle her own chest.

Breathless, he lets her stand up and lean across the desk, tearing a few tissues out of a box and cleaning her chest up. Tucking herself away and doing her blouse back up, she leans in and kisses him.

“Feeling better?”

“Could say that,” he mutters.

She laughs as he cleans himself up. Pulling her in close, he holds her in an embrace. She takes in the smell of his aftershave, relishing the memories and the warmth of his chest.

“I think you needed that,” she whispers, pressed against him. “There was an awful lot.”

“I’m definitely feeling clearer headed,” he says.

“See? And you said it was all hippie shit.”

“I was talking about your meditation thing. If we’re doing stuff like this instead I could get on board.”

She gives his chest a playful slap and kisses his neck. “Maybe that could be arranged. I mean it is our anniversary, I still owe you your big present.”

“I’ve still got one to get?”

“I’d say you’ve got a few left to cash in, yeah.”

His hand comes up to the back of her head, holding her close against him, running his fingers through her tussled hair. She mews at the tingling feeling, smiling.

“Like what?” he asks. “Do I get a clue as to my present?”


“Oh go on.”

“Ok,” she says. With one hand she takes his wrist and places his hand on her hip like a ballroom dancer.

“Dancing?” he asks, laughing.

“Lower,” she whispers, running his hand down over her skirt, over her perky ass cheek, to where it meets her thigh. His hand finds its way under her skirt, to her lace-clad ass. Biting her lip, she grinds down on it, letting his fingers slide into the curve where he isn’t usually allowed.

“Oh,” he says. “Really?”

“If you’re good,” she grins.

“What if I’m bad?”

“If you’re bad, then I don’t make you dinner; we go straight to the incredible sex.”

“You are a great cook.”

“I know.”

“I’ll try to be good, then.”

“That’s my man,” she kisses him again, and pats his chest. “Now, you’ve got work to do.”

“I do,” he says. “You know, I feel a lot better about it suddenly.”

“Just don’t start pretending to be stressed to get blowjobs.”

“It’s not like we deprive each other of sex, Lana.”

“True,” she says. “And we are awfully good at it. Now go and work.”

“Speaking of work, what are you doing? We’ve no clients today, there’s nothing really to do.”

“I’m making our list up.”

“Our list?”

“The to-do list. The one we agreed we’d start working through if you did sell the company.”

“What if I don’t?”

“At least half of it is related to sex, so I’d say we’ve got it covered.”

“Have I told you you’re the best?”

“About three times, honey.”

“Make it four.”

He gives her another kiss, and then heads for the office, leaving her smiling at her desk. Pulling a notebook over, she pops the cap off a pen and begins writing the rest of the list, biting her lip in anticipation.

The sun sets, leaving Lana in the warm glow of a dozen candles and a soft yellow mood light. Her secretarial uniform – as much as she loves the attention it gets from Tom – is gone for now, leaving her in silk shorts and a shirt that’s far too large for her.

Scents and sensations warm her entire body as she curls in the corner of a couch. The shirt is covered in Tom’s aftershave, the silk shorts whisper on her thighs every time she shuffles, and she’s naked under the shirt. Knowing that Tom will be home soon, flustered and stressed after a trying day, has made her overly aware of her body.

She can feel the fabric rub against her hardening nipples, the heat in her face, the shivers that run through her body when she thinks of him. Trying to keep her hands off herself until he gets home, Lana turns her attention to the list that she has made.

The To-Do list, a bucket-list of sorts for her and Tom. On it are some of her life’s biggest dreams, and some of his too. Interspersed between the travelling and the achievements are some of her fantasies, things that she wants Tom to do to her; things that she wants to do to him.

Reading down the list, her breathing gets heavier. She’s arranged it alphabetically, and in the first five is one that she intends to tick off tonight.


Her hand creeps inside her shirt without her noticing, rubbing the tingling tip of her breast. Closing her eyes and biting her lip, Lana lets her head fall back and gets comfortable. Just thinking about taking Tom inside of her, deep and hard, has set a fire between her thighs.

Running a hand down her stomach, her fingers curl between her legs, rubbing the silk against her moistening pussy. A soft moan barely escapes her lips, her back arching as her other hand tightens on her breast. Her fingers find that magical spot through her short and she stretches her legs, letting out a long, pained breath as she starts to rub, faster, harder -

“Not disturbing you, I hope.”

She stops, her hand hovering between her thighs. Looking up over the couch, she sees Tom in his three-piece, head tilted back and giving her a look of passionate hunger.

“Honey,” he says, raising an eyebrow and taking in the sight, “I am very much home.”

She laughs at his cheesy line and curls a finger, beckoning him over. Undoing his tie as he walks, he tosses it on the table beside her single glass of red wine and sits down beside her.

She steals a kiss, delicately biting his lip, and gets the important stuff out of the way before her feelings overtake her. One hand on his leg and the other on his chest, she pulls away long enough to ask:

“How did it go at the meeting?”

“We’re selling,” he grins. “We’re rich, Lana.”

She shivers and plants another kiss on him, softer this time.

“How much?”

“Let me handle the details. I’m not sure what it’ll be after tax and fees and such, but we should have more than enough to do everything on our list.”


“Oh yeah. You know what? Let’s never work again. Just throwing that idea out there.”

“Well,” she whispers, running her hand up his thigh, “if we’re going to do that list, we should probably get started.”

“Absolutely,” he laughs. “What’s first?”

“Well, I arranged it alphabetically.”

“Classic Lana.”

“Mhm,” she grins, and rubs her hand over the solid bulge in his trousers. “Which means that tonight, you’re going to fuck me…” she takes his hand and gets to her knees, kneeling forward into him, “…here.” She plants his hand on her supple ass cheek and he squeezes it, growling with anticipation.

“We probably shouldn’t delay,” he says, his voice far lower as she starts to undo his waistcoat and shirt. His hands work her ass cheeks, pulling her close to him, his touch soft over the silk.

“One thing,” she says, kissing him. “Be gentle.”

“Not often you say that.”

“Not often you fuck me in the ass, handsome, now stop stalling.”

She lunges forward, pulling his shirt open to reveal his chest; the body of a sprinter or a swimmer, athletic and firm. Her fingers dance over patches of chest hair, tracing it down between his abdominal muscles to his belt.

Ripping the belt out, she pushes him back onto the couch and straddles him, letting the silk of her shorts rub between them as she grinds on his twitching cock. A deep moan nearly escapes his lips, but she kisses him before it can. Their tongues swirl around each other’s, and his hands explore her familiar body.

Her soft, small breasts tingle with the heat of his touch, his strong hands rubbing them under her shirt. With one move – whilst she grinds back and forth on him – he rips open the oversized shirt and lets her lithe body catch the low candelight.

Her head falls backwards in ecstasy, bearing her chest to his mouth. His lips and tongue find her nipples, and she grinds her pussy against his erection harder, faster, feeling the building tension in her core; that longing to be filled, to take him inside her.

“I’m so turned on,” she gasps, and kisses him again.

His hands move from her chest to her curved hips, where they slide down to her silk-clad rear, squeezing and pulling her onto his hard cock. She fumbles at his trousers, almost ripping them open in her eagerness.

A second later, she holds his throbbing cock in her hand, stroking up and down, feeling him buck his hips against her.

“You’re incredible,” he groans, and she feels his stubble against the soft skin of her neck as he kisses from her ear down to her collarbone.

One of his hands traces round the front of her thighs as she squirms with pleasure. Pulling her silk shorts aside, she feels his fingers push apart her dripping wet pussy lips, pushing inside her -

“No,” she gasps, and grabs his wrist. He almost argues, but he sees her intention in the breathless passion painted across her face. “Tonight, it’s all about this…”

With his wrist in her hand, she scoots forward and pushes his hand past her pussy, where her other hole waits, tight and quivering with the twitching of her pussy.

“Well,” he says, bringing his hand out of her shorts and round to her rear to cup her cheeks, “if you absolutely insist, madam.”

“Oh I insist,” she says.

“Well, lubrication won’t be a problem,” he says as he pulls her silky shorts down around her milky pale thighs. Her flawless ass gives under his strong grip, and he pulls her cheeks apart as he stares into her eyes. “You’re stupidly wet.”

Holding her gaze, she feels his hand work down past her ass, between her legs, to her dripping wet lips. He teases his fingers up and down her, lingering over her tingling clit and drawing a gasp from her.

Each time he runs a finger between those lips, she twitches and moans. A part of her wants to just grab him and stuff his cock inside her, to fuck him senseless until they’re both a total mess; but she knows that the payoff is going to be worth it, and so she resists.

When his finger is soaked from her juices, he rubs it in circles around her delicate ass hole. She puckers and tenses up as he gently pushes his finger in.

Lana feels him working his finger in, her mind spinning at the thought of her own juices easing him into her one forbidden place.

“Gentle enough?” he asks, and kisses her.

Her breathing has gotten heavy, her head is light, and with her free hand she’s stroking his cock.

“Mhm,” she whispers. “I’m really turned on, do you think you could -”


“I want your mouth on me.”


He lifts her up, sliding his finger out of her ass, and lays her down on the couch. The shirt spills open, and he admires the curves of her body as he kisses her way down between her thighs.

Pulling her silk shorts completely off, he grins and sinks to his knees, kissing everywhere but where she wants him to. She groans and struggles, trying to move her clit closer to his delicate kisses. Her thigh, her navel, everywhere except there. He’s deliberately teasing her.

“Tom,” she groans, “please.”

“Since you asked nicely,” he says.

It hits her like a truck. He simultaneously runs the flat of his tongue over her clit, sucking it between his lips and massaging it with his mouth, and slides two heavily-lubricated fingers in her ass.

She nearly screams with the sudden burst of pleasure; her back arches and she twitches and writhes as his tongue works over her burning clit, sending shockwaves through her body.

His fingers are a deep rightness in her, sliding in and out, massaging parts of her she barely knows. Together, the sensation is too much to bare. Lana clutches at his head and keeps him there, her thighs clamping around him.

He starts to go faster.

“Oh holy fuck,” she whispers, “I’m going to cum so hard, don’t stop -”

Her words falter and she stops breathing as the pleasure reaches its peak. His fingers are stretching her apart as he devours her pussy, she can feel her heart pounding in her ears. Her own hands pinch and knead her breasts, and then -

With a long, loud moan she finds her release.

Shivers and waves of pleasure pound through her body like a pulse, as though lightning had hit her. It takes almost a minute for it to pass, filling every inch of her body with a blinding flash of heaven.

When she starts to get her breath back, she opens her eyes to see Tom holding his cock in one hand, guiding the thick, pulsing rod towards her tight ass hole.

“That was amazing,” she says, craving the sensation of him inside her. “Good lord.”

“Was?” asks Tom, running his cock over her trembling pussy. She quivers and squirms away, the sensations too strong at the moment. “We’re far from done.”

“I want you to fuck me hard.”

He runs his cock over her pussy again and she twitches. “What happened to gentle?”

She looks down, past her breasts, to his glistening cock, precum oozing from the tip.

“Fuck gentle,” she says, and wraps her legs around him, pulling him close.

Her ass hole is soaked with a mixture of her own juices, saliva, and precum. Tom works his cock over her tight hole, giving her a few experimental pushes to get used to it. She shakes with the pain, still high from her orgasm. Working it in, Tom stretches her open with his manhood. First the tip, then back out. The tip again, and back out.

After a few testers, Tom starts to slowly push his way into her.

She moans and pulls him in with her legs, then leans forward and places a hand on his stomach, stopping him.

“Ok, ok,” she gasps. “Gentle to start, then hard.”

He says nothing – he knows. Tom gives her a minute to catch her breath, rubbing his fingers over pussy, his thumb working over her opening.

The waves of pleasure in her pussy as he pushes two fingers inside let her forget the pain, and Tom pushes further inside her ass. She feels it as a good pain, like when he spanks her.

Then he’s in – all the way in, and she can feel him deep inside her whilst his fingers work her pussy. She feels so full, and as if seeing the hunger in her eyes he leans forward and puts two fingers on her lips. She sucks them in, wanting him in every hole at once, wanting to do everything to him.

His first thrust gets a pained gasp from her, and then the pleasure flows back in. He’s still going slowly, stretching her open with every push. Again, harder this time, slamming a wave of pleasure from the depths of her body through her spine.

Harder. Harder still, till the juices from her trembling pussy are lubricating it more and more. Two fingers in her pussy, rubbing upwards against her spot, and his hard cock pounding her in that tight, forbidden hole; her eyes roll into the back of her head, and she’s lost in the moment.

Lana isn’t sure when she lets go, but before she knows what’s going on she’s screaming for him to fuck her ass, to fuck her harder. Looking up at him, she sees his taut swimmer’s body rippling with the force of his thrusts.

Again and again he plunges into her, her pussy aching with pleasure, the release building up again behind her chest.

“I’m going to -” she gasps, and reaches for his hands. He holds her wrists, pinning her down as he slams into her ass again and again. Her pussy is trembling, aching for him, and this strange new pleasure is about to explode inside of her. “Oh god – harder, baby, harder.”

The rocking of her hips and his relentless pounding fade into one constant, amazing movement, their bodies becoming one. She breaks one hand free from his hold and finds her pussy; her fingers are a blur, rubbing her clit until the tension builds, builds, and then -

He sees the look on her face, and stops holding back. As the first scream leaves her mouth, he leans down and kisses her. Moaning and breathing into one another’s mouth, she climaxes with the sensation of him emptying himself into her ass.

A hot, warm feeling fills her, and he buries himself in her with one last, powerful thrust. Her fingers slow, and then stop, as the flood of pleasure ebbs away and leaves her lying in a cloud.

This is a true story.

Before I describe how Sam took my virginity you should know that I was married and totally straight. To this day I wonder if Sam seduced me or was I always bisexual. I was 23 and Sam was a few years older than me. Sam was married and seemed as straight as me. We met while we were in the military. We were both from Kansas. Sam was married at the time and I was single. We became close friends while we were in the military but got assignments that slit us up and we lost touch with each other.

After I finished my military service, I got married and moved to Long Island, New York. Sam must have done some research because he looked me up in Kansas but I was no longer living there. My mother, who still lives in Kansas, told him I had moved to Long Island and gave him my telephone number. This must have been a pleasant surprise for Sam because he too was now living in New York.

Sam called me up and we talked for over an hour. He asked if I was interested in getting together. I said okay and we set a date to come over to their house for diner. The four of us had a nice diner and then started to drink and drink and drink. Since neither I nor my wife could safely drive home, we accepted their invitation to stay overnight.

The wives went to bed early and Sam and I stayed up and continued to drink and watch some porn. We talked about the usual crap then the conversation turned to sex.

Out of the blue, Sam asked, “Joe, have you ever had sex with a man.”

I quickly responded, “No way man, I’m not gay.”

We continued to watch the movie. This is when Sam made a bold move. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his pants between his legs. Being high from drinking must have lowered my inhibitions because I did not remove my hand from Sam’s cock. Even through his pants I could tell his cock was huge. Sam unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. He started to stroke it. I took this as a hint that I should be doing the same to him. So I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock as well. I have an average size cock but Sam’s cock was very thick and long with a large deep purple mushroom head. We stroked each others cock for a while but I was too freaked out to continue. So I suggested we call it a night and we retreated to our bedrooms and wives.

I was thinking to myself all night that maybe he was too drunk to know what he was doing and left it as that. Again, I believed we were both straight and just drunk. We left the next morning for home with neither of us mentioning the late night activities.

A few weeks later Sam called asking to get together again. I suggested that this time it should be at our house. We set a date and I told them to plan on staying overnight. Much to our surprise, Sam arrived alone. He made some lame excuse for his wife not being able to get away. Being the good friends that we were we didn’t let this spoil our evening. My wife made a nice meal and afterwards we had drinks. As the night went along, the wife got tired and decided to go to bed. Sam and I continued to drink. Then Sam suggested we take a walk so we could talk.

As we were walking around the neighborhood, Sam told me that he was actually gay. Naturally I asked him how he could be gay and be married. He explained that he tried to be straight but it wasn’t working for him. He was getting a divorce. He told me he had been to the adult book stores where he met guys looking to meet other guys. He told me that he really enjoyed making love to men. Sam was very explicit in his description of his sexual activities. As he was telling me his stories, I was getting turned on not only from his stories but remembering how huge his cock was from our jerk off session just weeks ago.

As we approached a wooded area in the neighborhood, Sam suggested we hang out there for awhile. I remember the night like it was yesterday. The sky was clear and there was a full moon and the weather was warm. We found a bare patch of ground and took a seat on the grass. Sam asked me if I ever thought of making love with a man. I had to admit that I had never given it much thought so I answered, “No.”

But with that, Sam started to rub my crotch and I was getting hornier by the second. I did not resist Sam’s advances. Sam must have taken this as a sign to proceed because before I could say anything, he had my cock out of my pants and into his mouth. The feel of his warm mouth sucking on my cock under the stars of night was breath taking. Sam really knew how to give a blow job. It was the best blow job I had ever had. I was as hard as a rock and getting close to climaxing. Sam must have sensed I was close to cumming because he suddenly stopped sucking my dick.

Sam looked me in the eyes and said, “Joe, I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

I was so turned on by his blow job that there was no way I wasn’t going to proceed with fucking his ass. My inexperienced became very obvious when I attempted to penetrate his ass without lubrication. Sam chuckled and gave me instructions.

“Joe, spit on your hand and coat your cock with lots of spit.”

I spit on my hand and started stroking my cock until it had a nice glaze of spit on it. Sam was on all fours with me behind him. I slowly inserted my cock into his spit lubricated ass. It didn’t dawn on me until later that he must have had a few cocks up his ass because he took my average size cock with no problem.

As I was pumping my cock into Sam’s ass, I was in sexual heaven. I had never fucked an ass before as my wife thinks that it is gross. So this new found sex act had me going crazy. I plowed Sam so hard that he collapsed onto the ground and I collapsed on top of him. I continued pounding away into his ass until I came. I had an intense orgasm. I filled Sam’s ass with a massive load.

After we calmed down and got our composure we headed back to the house. We cleaned up and went to bed. I lay in bed next to my wife that night thinking about the great sex I had just had with Sam and wondering what it would be like to be on the receiving end the next time.

As luck would have it, my wife had to go to work the next day leaving Sam and I alone all day long. My wife left for work and Sam came out of the bedroom with just his robe on. We discussed last night events. We both agreed it was outstanding but we both knew there was some unfinished business on my part. I knew it was my turn to be the bottom boy. I got the nerve up to ask Sam.

“Sam, can you please fuck my virgin ass?”

Sam teasingly responded, “Only if you beg for it.”

“Sam, please fuck me in the ass with your big dick.”

“Really Joe, you sure you want me to be the guy to take your virginity?”

“Yes Sam, I want you to fuck my virgin ass and I want it bad!”

Sam said, “Go to the bathroom, take all yours cloths off and return with the Vaseline.”

When I returned, Sam had already removed his robe. He was completely naked standing in from of me. Even semi-soft, the size of his cock was impressive.

“Get on your knees,” Sam commanded.

“Open your mouth and cover your teeth with your lips and suck on the head of my cock. I want you to experience the taste and feel of cock in your mouth first.”

The feeling of having a cock in my mouth was wonderful. It was something that I would know to love from this day forward. I knew right then that I was going to become a cocksucker for life.

“I want you to slowly fuck your face on my cock,” Sam ordered.

“I want you to take me as deep as you can into your mouth.”

I did as he instructed. His cock slowly passed deeper into my mouth. It filled my mouth almost immediately. Sam grabbed the back of my head and slowly started to fuck my face. The taste of the fluid leaking from his cock and the feeling of his manhood filling my mouth had my head spinning.

His cock continued to grow in my mouth. I tried to take him deeper and deeper. However, the deeper I went, the more I gagged. When I gagged, Sam pulled out a little and allowed me to try again. As much as I wanted to take his big dick all the way to the base, I was unable to being it was my first time giving a blow job. I later learned how to take his whole cock down my throat but that is a story for another time.

When he was completely hard, he took his cock out of my mouth and said, “Lay on your stomach on the living room rug.”

I heard him opening the Vaseline jar and scooping up the Vaseline with his hand. I figured he was coating his cock. But then I felt his greasy hand spreading my butt cheeks. Sam proceeded to stick a finger into my ass. I felt my ass start to burn a little but eventually the sensation subsided. That was until I felt a second, then a third finger being stuffed up my butt. Sam continued to work his three fingers in and out of my ass until he thought I was ready for the real thing.

He positioned his big cock at my virgin ass and asked, “Are you ready to be fucked?”

“Yes Sam, please fuck my ass, I want to feel your cock in my ass now!”

Sam got into position behind and on top of me and slowly pushed his cock forward at the entrance of my ass. Holy shit did it hurt. I screamed in pain and Sam withdrew his cock. I took some deep breaths and waited for the pain to subside before speaking.

“Fuck Sam, you’re too big, I don’t think I can do this.”

But I could see in Sam’s eyes that there was no way he was going to pass this opportunity to fuck a virgin to completion. Sam spooned my body as he massaged my neck and shoulders with his hands and gently pressed his body back and forth against my back in a humping motion.

He gently kissed the back of my neck telling me how much he loved me and that he would never hurt me and that he knew I could do it if I would only relax. His words of encouragement and his kissing of my neck were having a soothing effect on my body. I was starting to relax.

I could feel that Sam’s cock was still hard as a rock as it nestled between butt cheeks.

Sam asked, “Are you ready to try again?”

With tears running down my eyes, I said, “Yes, yes, I want your cock to fuck my virgin ass. I want to please you more than anything in the world. Take my virgin ass Sam, take it now!”

Once again he positioned his cock at the entrance of my ass and proceeded to push it in. I was determined to take his cock inside me this time. Sam was very compassionate and was taking his time. I was moaning as his cock started to penetrate my ass deeper. My entire body spasm as his cock popped passed my sphincter muscle. Sam had taken my anal virginity. He must have felt me shutter and heard me moan loudly when he broke my cherry. Sam asked me if he should continue.

“Yes Sam, don’t stop, please, please fuck me deeper.”

With that he proceeded to penetrate my ass even deeper. His big cock hurt like hell going in. My ass burned like it was on fire. I bit down on my lips as tears starting running down my face. I told Sam not to stop no matter what I said or did. Sam did not need to be told twice as he continued to insert more and more of his massive cock into my tight ass.

It took a long time but I finally got use to him being in my ass. I really got into the pleasure of having my ass stretched and filled with his cock. I eventually took his cock balls deep into my ass. Sam continued to fuck me slowly and deeply. He would insert the entire length of his cock into my ass and slowly withdraw it until he had just the head of his cock was at the entrance of my ass; then he would slowly plunge into my ass again all the way to the base of his cock.

Sam started to pick up the pace and was pumping his cock in and out of my ass with more speed and his thrusts were getting deeper and harder. He started to grunt and grow even bigger and was now really pounding my butt at a furious pace. I knew what was going to happen next. My ass was going to become a sperm receptacle for my best friend.

I heard Sam shout, “I’m gonna cum, I gonna cum, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

“Yes Sam, cum, cum in my ass, fill my ass with your cum,” I begged.

I felt him cum in buckets in my ass. I’ll never forget the feeling of his cock exploding a load of cum in my ass and later it dripping out of my ass and down my leg after he withdrew his cock. That was my first time having gay sex and it was the best sex I had ever experienced.

I had met up with Sam several times since our first time and every time we met, I was always the bottom boy. Our affair continued for over 10 years until Sam move out of town. I didn’t know it then but I know it now. I had become addicted to cock. My wife never found out about us and doesn’t know what a cock worshipper I have become. I am always looking for a cock to service. I truly believe Sam let me fuck him the first time we had sex so that he could then take my virginity and have me as his bottom bitch from that point on. Sam had turned me from straight to bisexual and I could not be happier.

As always:

Thanks to rf-fast for the editing work. Your insights are what takes this story from mindless drivel to something more.

Author’s note: This is the second in a series. It is not necessary to read one before the other as they are each stand alone stories.


What makes a happy ending? It’s an important question to have an answer to when you are entertaining yourself with that movie, book, or television show. Is it when the guy gets the girl? How about when the protagonist defeats the evil that is plaguing the world? I suppose you could say ‘yes’ to both of those and live out your life saying ‘damn that was a good book or movie.’

But what about the guy that didn’t get the girl? He wanted love just the same and fell short. What about the evil wannabe dictator who wanted to rule the world whose life ended when some person with a hero complex kills or puts them in some impossible prison with no chance of escaping until the top studio executives that be demand a sequel? Was it a happy ending for them? The difference is strictly point of view.

Why do I mention this you ask? Because life is the same way. Your happy ending didn’t come because you didn’t get that promotion at work, but for the person who did get the job, they couldn’t be happier. For people who were conned out of substantial wealth, it was a nightmare, not a day of happiness. The fortune I accumulated by manipulating those people from their precious securities, well I’m happy. The difference between me and the so called villains in entertainment is that I know I’m the antagonist and this is my life. Part of it anyway.

My life is a string of adventures. You may call them swindles but once again, that’s point of view. I have several plush bank accounts, including one in Switzerland, but I didn’t have a personal residence or a place of business. I had everything I needed in a duffle bag and I live in worn down motels or homeless shelters as a vagabond. I just roamed the earth in search of my next victim. It is how I made all my money.

See, I told you I’m the bad guy as I’m already lying to you. I also made some of my money, $200,000 to be exact, when my parents died. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not one of those stories either. I wasn’t the good kid and then lashed out because I lost the stability my parents gave me. I was twenty-three when that miracle happened. Nope. I was a wretch for as long as I can remember, and I have eidetic memory. And yes, I remember that humid 97-degree day in second grade before they had air conditioning. I stole your lunchbox. Someone needs to tell your parent how to make a tuna fish sandwich because it had too much mayonnaise on it. But I did like the chocolate pudding.

My condition has helped me in so many ways. First, without any effort, it got me through elementary and junior high. But it was too easy and I quit caring when I landed in high school. I purposely wrote answers incorrectly because I thought they were funny. Did you know Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart founded the Red Cross? I also tested myself. I answered questions to the prior period’s exam on the current one. ‘Describe Pasteurization.’ Instead of ‘Pasteurization is a process of heating a food, which is usually a liquid, to a specific temperature for a predefined length of time and then immediately cooling it after it is removed from the heat. This process slows spoilage caused by microbial growth in the food,’ I wrote ‘The goal of the North Africa offensive was to force Mussolini to remain in Africa where his troops could not aid Hitler’s armies.’ If the teachers would have matched up the tests, they were flawlessly answered. Good times. Later, I used my talent for more mischievous means. I’d hang around the bank counter, and watch people fill out their account numbers on their deposit slips. It’s all about the challenge. I do what I want, when I want, until boredom takes me to another place.

I was in Montana and in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere. As long as I trekked through this state, it gave me the same introspection: if you want to get away from it all, and I mean all of it, come to Montana. It hasn’t got there yet and it wasn’t heading in that direction. I was getting bored with my surroundings when I arrived in the small town of Middleton, population: three. Okay, I was exaggerating, but I doubt by much.

It was still early, the sun just beginning to make its ascent in the sky as I entered the small, quaint little Middleton Diner. In fact, it was the only diner in town. It was just me and an elder farmer as customers. I sat at a booth and skimmed the menu as I listened to the seemingly harmless conversation between the waitress and the other patron.

“Did you get your money yet?” The waitress asked as she refilled the man’s coffee.

The farmer shook his head, “Damn Green Meadows. Just because I’m not a big producer for them, I get pinched. That company is the worst thing that happened to me.”

“It’s been the same for everyone.”

“I know.”

“Well, at least Father Hargrove is looking into the matter. Don’t know where this town would be without him. Wonder what his sermon is going to be about today?”

“I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be great.”

“He’s a wonderful preacher.”

“Yup, this town sure is lucky to have that man as a leader.”

“Did you hear what Mayor Graves said?” The old man shook his head. “Mayor Graves said Father Hargrove should be the mayor. Said he’d step down if the Father wanted it.”

I shook my head. How can one man have that much influence in a community? It was as if he was the linchpin to the entire town.

“I’m sorry, stranger,” the waitress called over to me. “I’ll be with you in a minute; can I get you a coffee?”

“Regular, with two creams please, and no rush.” I smiled. I found my new adventure. I wonder if I can take down a preacher? I suddenly had an urge to attend mass.

The church was small and rundown, and if it weren’t a church, this would be my kind of place. I wore what I call my ‘guy next door attire’ which consisted of a navy blue polo shirt and black slacks. The goal was to look as nonthreatening as possible; I wasn’t well off as what a suit would have made me appear nor did I want to look desolate. Despite being a church, if I wore my bum clothes, people would look down on me. In my own experiences, I found church parishioners like to say they help the homeless, working at soup kitchens and such but they frown when a bum shows up to actually participate in their place of worship. Hypocrites.

I walked in, with a bible in hand, and the place was almost at capacity. I suspect nearly all the community was here. I took a quick glance and found my target seat. Every church has a core group of gossipers, usually consisting of the silver haired, short, and decrepit elderly women. The ones that have nothing else to do except butt into other people’s lives because their husbands committed suicide to get away from their incessant babbles. I took my seat, to the stares of everybody.

I simply smiled and gave a slight head nod to my spectators.

A moment later, a four-person choir began their opening chorus and everyone rose. The Father stepped out from behind the curtain and up to the podium as the song was coming to a close. In appearance, he was your typical preacher. And by typical I don’t mean those guys on television. He was slightly balding, slightly overweight, and he looked like he could have been around since the days of the crucifixion.

Father Hargrove’s sermon was good, focusing on having a positive attitude during rough times. As he continued, I concluded in fact that I did want to take him down. Finally, the whole reason I came here arrived and the collection plates came around. I made it look like I was trying to be discreet, but I knew all too well my gossipers were watching. I carefully pulled out all the cash in my wallet and briefly thumbed through the five hundred dollars before putting all of it in the plate.

When mass ended, I wanted to leave with the highest possible profile. I was the first to stand and I walked down the center of the aisle, my head up, a bible under my arm, and a smile on my face. I made eye contact with as many people as possible. I wanted to be noticed, as if my tall, broad frame would have allowed differently, but I knew my actions would ensure the rumor mill would immediately start as soon as the exit doors shut.

I went to my motel room because I had to kill a half hour or so. It was just one of those towns that shut down for their religious practices. I turned on the news for a little bit while I changed into a pair of jeans. I took a glance in the mirror and smiled, “Yup, I’d trust that face too.”

It was a wonderful spring day for a walk. I wanted to familiarize myself with the town and its people. I entered every store, shop, and gas station just to introduce myself. As always, I lied about everything to keep myself anonymous, “Hi, I’m Carl Brinson. I’m a travelling minister sent on a pilgrimage from God to show people all around the country how to live in the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ.” The hardest part was saying that with a straight face. Luckily, I have had quite a bit of practice in the art of deception. With people I passed on the street, I was less formal but just as cordial, smiling and giving a polite, “Hello.” They always responded in kind but as I passed, I immediately heard the whispers, “He was the one that filled the collection plate,” or a more simpler, “That was him.”

I came up on the diner where I ate breakfast and it was a stark contrast to earlier. The place was packed. Apparently, this was where the after church crowd gathered. As I entered the establishment, I feigned tripping and held fast to the door to prevent my faux fumble. Once again, I wanted all eyes on me. Once again, it worked. When I looked up, silence filled the air and I had garnered the stare of everyone.

I smiled a befuddling smile, “I apologize. I didn’t mean to disturb everyone’s meal.” I then let my eyes go wide and took a meager step back out the door, “Wow, you’re pretty busy. I’ll just go somewhere…”

“There’s plenty of room, Sugar.” The same waitress that referred to me as a mere stranger earlier had now called me Sugar with a smile.

“Luanne, bring him over to my table.”

It was the voice of Father Hargrove, though I was unsure where it came from. It didn’t matter. Luanne led me on a march through the sea of people toward a long table in the back. The elder preacher was seated dead center and the scene gave me the impression of Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper.’ A gruff, middle aged, peppered haired man stood along with someone I recognized from the choir, a raven haired, conservatively dressed beauty who appeared to be in her late teens.

It was odd. Was the Father demanding his evacuation or was this man leaving on his own accord. Was the preacher just being nice or was he in charge? Not as if that knowledge would change my overall plan, but it would change my plan of attack.

“I can’t circumvent someone from their seat. Certainly there’s an available chair somewhere?”

“You can’t circle what?” Luanne raised an eyebrow.

I held my laugh, “I don’t want to kick anyone out of their seat just for me.”

“Nonsense,” Father Hargrove answered. “Jerry and Clarissa are finished already.” He then looked at the aforementioned two. “Don’t worry Jerry. You just take care of your daughter and I promise I’ll contact Green Meadows first thing tomorrow to get an update for everyone’s sake.”

Jerry gave a nod, “Thanks Father.”

When he turned, I smiled as I offered my hand, “Thanks for the chair, Sir.”

Jerry clasped it and I easily felt his hardened palm. He was like most everyone else in this town, a man who works hard in the fields and by the sound of it, raises a teenage daughter by himself too.

“Now Mr. Brinson,” Father Hargrove gestured to the empty chairs. “Please, have a seat. We have a lot to discuss.”

As anticipated, news travels fast. As I sat down against my foe, I still allowed my body to act surprised that he knew my name. I eyed him carefully, trying to judge whether he was a good man or a corrupt power monger.

“I’m Father Peter Hargrove,” he extended his hand across the table with a smile. “I understand I owe you a debt of gratitude. That was very generous of you.”

The place was still silent and all eyes were still on me. “No Sir,” I shook my head with a grin. “I am on this earth to do God’s work and I had heard whispers this morning that this town is in need. I believe in giving your entire being, heart, body, and soul to a cause so I feel it was my honor to help. I just assumed you were the right man to ensure those funds went to where they were most needed.” I could almost feel the collective display of heart felt emotion in the room.

“God’s work, huh,” the preacher nodded. “Well Carl, it’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow man of the cloth. Tell me, how long are you planning to be in town?”

“As long as God wills it to be.” I chuckled, “I should also tell you that I used to be a lawyer in my former life. I couldn’t handle all the scum I got off with light or no punishment so I fled and God found me. Now I do His work.”

“A former lawyer, huh?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Well all be, God certainly does works in mysterious ways,” Father Hargrove laughed. “Listen, this small town has been having a problem with a big company. Would you be interested taking a look to see what might be done?”

“Of course. I’m certain that He,” and I looked up to the ceiling as I said that, “would want me to help in this matter.”

“Well then, stay as long as you’d like. I can use all the help I can get with them. Why don’t you drop by the church tomorrow and we can go over the details?”

“Sounds good.”

I was introduced to pretty much the whole town that afternoon. Most were farmers and their families and wished me luck. I was their hope. But I knew I’d be their downfall. With each face that passed in front of me, I took a specific interest in titles.

The mayor, Clyde Graves and his wife, Loretta were the first in line. There was the young couple of Clark and Deanna Hawthorne who now owned the Hawthorne Savings and Loan. It was in Clark’s family for generations. The main two gossipers were a pair of sisters, Agnes and Ethel Crane. The city council only consisted of three members; the mayor, the clerk, Winston Porter, and the treasurer, Kristen Barkley, who had a teenage son, an altar boy named Ricky. I felt so honored at the procession of people; I almost had a twinge of guilt over what I was planning. Almost.

Research and supplies are the keys to any con. When you take the facts and manipulate them for your own purposes, you always want to make sure you have the tools you need. For instance, when I foreclosed on an orphanage because it was in a prime location for development, I needed a fake deed. I then sold the land for twice of what it was worth. So after lunch, I went to the nearest city I could find on the map that looked big enough to have all that I needed. I visited a public library to use the internet. I dug up all the information that I could on Green Meadows. Apparently, they were a company that was dedicated to using only organic products in their food. They were under investigation by the government and were being sued by a competitor. Losing either battle meant the company would fold. Any chance of the town getting their money did not look promising.

Next, I went to stock up on provisions; snacks, drinks, drugs, you know, the usual. I met Dwayne the Dealer, a man of many occupations. He was the drug dealer, local pimp, loan shark, gang lord, and a few other titles as well. I got everything I needed, from prescription medications to illegal drugs. If I ever needed him again, I was to go to Jackson Pharmacy, as he was also the pharmacist. A man of many occupations indeed.

The meeting with Father Hargrove went better than I expected. We talked for hours. Each of us took turns talking about ourselves and how we got into doing the Lord’s work. We spoke about his wartime past and I made up some stories about people I defended. We even had a scripture battle in which we would quote our favorite passages and the other would name the book and verse. The preacher was a genuinely good man, wanting nothing more than to help and include everyone. Easy prey.

“You know, Carl, I like you. Since you’re a fellow man of the cloth, would you be interested in helping out on Sundays? I’d set aside some time and you can discuss whatever you want. A new voice for the congregation would only solidify God’s word.”

“That would be delightful,” I smiled. “But I must warn you, I preach what I practice and what I practice is giving yourself, mind, body, and soul to God’s way of life. Charity work, helping others, thinking about your fellow man before yourself; those aren’t just ideals, but a way of life. If I do this, my goal will be to have the congregation gain a feeling of pride in doing the Lord’s work.”

“Pride,” Father Hargrove’s face was beaming, “that’s just what this town needs. You have my blessing, Carl. Helping others and doing charity is exactly the way to go about spreading a positive attitude.” His face then took on a serious expression. “Well, I suppose we should attend to business,” the Father pulled out a manila envelope from his desk. “This is everything you need to know about what is rightfully owed to this town by Green Meadows.”

I opened the folder and my eyes went wide, “This is a substantial amount of money.” That was an understatement. The price tag of crops sold to this company was over two million dollars. Granted, this total represented what was owed to the combined community but it still surprised me.

Father Hargrove pulled out two more sheets of paper. “You will need to fill this out. The top page is a legal document allowing you to speak on everyone’s behalf. The second one is a page of signatures everyone had to sign to authorize the first sheet.” He pulled out a pen and scribbled near the bottom. “It is now signed by me as well.”

I read the document and it was more than the simple explanation he had given. The town signed their rights in this matter over to the man and I don’t think he realized how much that entailed. Any settlement would now go directly to him. That probably wouldn’t have mattered as he was so kind hearted he would have distributed the wealth but now he signed that privilege over to me. Of course, none of this mattered because Green Meadows was about to go bankrupt anyway. I filled out the form and handed it back to him.

“Okay, now all we have to do is send a fax and make a phone call.” The Father turned his chair and placed the documents in a fax machine that appeared to be from the 1980′s. Once they transmitted, he picked up the phone and dialed. “Yes, this is Father Hargrove from Middleton, Montana.” I heard the sigh come through the phone. He didn’t care. “I just wanted to see if you got the fax I just sent over. You won’t have to deal with me anymore because this town just hired a pit bull of an attorney.” The person on the phone must have responded she had received the document because Father Hargrove hung up the phone with a contented little smile, “Good luck Carl.”

The week went by fast but not nearly as fast at how quick I became Mr. Popular. Everybody wanted to talk to me. Everyone wanted to be seen with me. Everyone loved me. I was trying to find little adventures to keep me busy while I took down Father Hargrove.

The twin gossipers and I were seated at one of the two sidewalk tables the diner had and while we were perusing over the menu, Deanna Hawthorne came up to us. She was an attractive young woman with honey blonde hair, long legs, and a smile that could melt the polar ice caps.

“May I join you?”

“Of course, Sweetie,” The sisters spoke in unison.

Deanna smoothed out her long, beige dress as she sat. “Thanks, I was hoping I wasn’t going to eat alone today.”

“Why would you eat alone?” I wanted to pry without it appearing I was doing so. Even the littlest of details can topple someone. “I assumed you and your husband shared a lunch break at the bank.”

“Oh no, the bank is all him. It’s been in his family for generations.”

“Sounds like you can use a hobby,” Ethel declared. “And Father Carl might be just the man to help you.”

“Yes,” Agnes added. “He was just telling us his plan to try to encourage everyone to be helpful to one another as well as some of his possible charity plans.”

“But with being new to the community,” Ethel continued and it amazed me how the sisters could complete each other statements without missing a beat. “He could use a few volunteers.”

Deanna glanced at me, her face told me she wanted to know why. I smiled, “Father Hargrove and I want to bring pride back to this town.” Mentioning the Father’s name was like gold in this town.

Her face lightened, a smile pursing her lips, “I’d be honored to help. What can I do?” See, like gold.

“Great. I want to meet up once a week on Monday’s and see what kind of good we can do.”

This is the very reason why I was having lunch with the two sisters. Tell a gossiper what you want to spread to the world and voila, it’s done it minutes. Instead of my ideas being broached with skepticism because I’m the new guy in town, the concepts are accepted with vigor because the trusted old women who lived in the community all their lives mentioned it. Its manipulation at its best, and easiest. By Sunday, I had three people willing to help with my charities, an elder man named Frank, a middle aged, heavy set woman, Janice, and Deanna.

I arrived at mass an hour early. It was time to start fucking with the Father. Every preacher had his routine before a sermon and Father Hargrove was no exception. He was at his desk, making the final tweaks to what he wanted to say.

“Good morning Father Hargrove,” I intentionally gave an upbeat tone to my voice.

“Morning, Carl,” he glanced up. “You seem in positive spirits today. Are you ready for today?”

“Without question. I see your coffee is low, care for a refill.” I moved over and grabbed his mug without waiting for his response. As I filled the mug, I dropped some valium into it. I placed it back on his desk, “Did you need help with anything?”

“Thanks and yeah. What do you think of this?”

Father Hargrove went over a couple points in his sermon while sipping his coffee. I smoothed out the phrasing and he was grateful. When he was satisfied, he hit print. We soon heard the choir start their first number and I went to take my seat.

The Father was battling through his opening and made it to the second song of the choir. He was barely following along with the lyrics.

“I’d like to introduce,” Father Hargrove yawned. “Excuse me… Father Carl Brinson. Come on up and say a few words.” As I stood, he sat, and I smiled. The valium was kicking his ass.

I took the podium and began, “Friends, neighbors, family, I am calling out to you because we are all God’s children. We are all going through some trying times. And during these times we feel we have to look to save ourselves. But that is not true. It is not enough for a select few of us to make it through these hard times. No. It is necessary that the entire community is blessed with good fortune when all is said and done. I know it’s tough. I know it’s rough. God knows this as well. But it is a test to our faith. We are Moses being asked to repeatedly try and free the Israelites from the Egyptian Pharaoh. And just like Moses, we will conquer this financial depravity brought on by the greed of big business.” I started pacing across the stage. “I know what you’re thinking. How Father Brinson? How can I do this? Well I’m going to tell you how. You don’t do this. We do this. We, as a community, need to come together. We need to commit our minds, bodies, and souls to the cause. Our entire being needs to be dedicated to our faith and to each other. And we start right now. Give the person next to you a hug. Go on.”

Like sheep, they did.

“Good, now tell them you’ve got their back in this turbulent time and know they have yours. Mind, body, and soul people. That is what it’s going to take to have faith in your fellow brothers and sisters sitting beside you. We shall conquer! We shall overcome!”

The congregation erupted in applause and cheers.

“Now tomorrow, I have a few volunteers that will be coming around for donations. No money is required. But anything you are not using, please donate. Ladies, do you really need all that jewelry? gentleman, do you really need all those tools? Everything will be accepted. Please, help your fellow man. Donate and feel better that you are bettering the community. We all must do our part — mind, body, and soul, even me. For ourselves, for us, and for God… Now this is where I hand the podium back to Father Hargrove.” I turned to where the elderly preacher was, ensuring all eyes were on his sleeping form. “Father Hargrove?” A snore was his response. “Wow,” I smiled as I faced the crowd, “I never saw a Father fall asleep on his congregation before.” I said it jokingly, which elicited a laugh from everyone. “Well, if everyone doesn’t mind, we’ll let the old man get his nap and I’ll finish today’s service. Any objections?”

Most nodded and there were a few that called out, “Go ahead” and “Please continue.”

My words were perfect. The crowd knew I said it tongue in cheek but the words were like seeds — old, nap, fell asleep on you — they were growing in their minds. And I kept going. I flooded the air with biblical quotes revolving around togetherness, not needing material goods, and of course, proper leadership. At the end of the service, I was repeatedly congratulated on my sermon and was asked more times than not if I was heading over to the diner.

As the congregation left, I glanced over my shoulder to see Father Hargrove was still sleeping.

“Hey, Ricky.” I gestured for the teen to come over as I continued, “Can you help me for a minute?”

He dutifully complied, setting down the candles he was putting back and instantaneously rushing over to me. “Yes, Father Brinson.”

“Help me get Father Hargrove to his office,” I lifted the elder man, wrapping his left arm over my shoulder. “Get the other side.”

We easily laid him down on the couch he had in his rectory and then stared at him for a couple moments. “I’ve never seen that before.”

Ricky chuckled, “It was pretty funny.”

“Yeah, I suppose it was.” I then ruffled the teen’s hair, “I hear you have a birthday coming up.”

“Yes Sir.”

“You can stop calling me sir.” This was one overly polite kid. “How old will you be?”

“Sixteen, Sir.”

I shook my head with a smile, “Well, here,” I reached into my pocket and handed him a bag. “I got a present for you.”

“What is this?”

“Seriously?” I don’t know why this surprised me. This kid was every parent’s dream of a child. “That would be a bag of weed.” Ricky looked at me as if I just told him the devil was coming and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Relax kid. It’s not the be all, end all people proclaim. I wouldn’t have given it to you if that were the case. Trust me. Just do it where you won’t get caught and enjoy.”

Ricky’s posture visibly calmed, “Yes Sir.”

I arrived at the diner, and my seat was waiting. It was where Father Hargrove had sat last week. I insisted that Jerry and Clarissa Hatfield sit across from me. It was a chivalrous act based on the fact I removed them from their seats last week.

I ordered a burger and fries, and then had to do my best to appear humble as everyone kept reiterating how wonderful mass was to me. It was irritating. I decided to change the subject.

“You have a wonderful singing voice Clarissa, how long have you been in the choir?”

Clarissa’s head shied down at my comment, “I started when I was five, so thirteen years now.”

I smiled, “Well you are turning into a fine young woman.”

Clarissa’s cheeks burned crimson.

“No need to tease her,” Jerry’s eyebrows furrowed. The statement caught me off guard and I tilted my head to the gruff man. “My wife passed while giving birth to her. For eighteen years, I did my best to raise her proper, but her momma I ain’t. No one can replace a girl’s momma.”

Jerry may have been a hard worker, but he was definitely uneducated.

I found that understanding people is essential. The fastest way to a con is to abuse trust. The fastest way to gain trust is to be agreeable. “Isn’t that the truth.” I raised my glass of lemonade, “To all the mothers of the world.” All in the diner immediately echoed my sentiment. I held in a laugh as I saw Jerry give a little smile in remembrance of his late wife. This was too easy.

The next day found me in my motel room, surrounded by donated objects and more were filtering in as my three volunteers hauled all sorts of items from clothes to older electronics to some jewelry in from Frank’s car.

“That’s the last of it,” Janice said with a smile.

“Great. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.”

“Why do you stay in a motel?” Frank asked. “Any number of people in this town would love to have you as a boarder.”

“I practice what I preach, Brother Frank. Material possessions get in the way of doing the Lord’s work. I am fully attuned to God, mind, body, and soul.

“You’re a good man, Father Carl,” Deanna commented with a nod.

As soon as they left, I began posting everything on EBay at bargain prices. I had my work cut out for me indeed.

Come Friday, I was bored. Sure, it was fun listening to the whispers of the parishioners on what transpired on Sunday with Father Hargrove. But since I wanted my attacks on the preacher to be on Sundays and very much public, it did nothing for me during the week. What other responsibilities does a Father have?

I decided to head to the Hatfield home and see what I could stir up in a house with an uneducated farmer and his daughter. I arrived in the early evening, if I wanted to talk to Jerry, or any of the farmers in this town, it had to be when they were done in the fields less I wanted to help. Fuck that. The door opened, and there stood Clarissa.

She looked spectacular in a light blue dress that fell down to her knees as she brushed her hair away from her face. She gave me a warm smile, “Father Brinson, what brings you here?”

“I just couldn’t stay away from that lovely voice of yours.” Clarissa blushed. “Actually, I have some good news. Is your father home?”

“He just got in the shower but I’ll let him know that you’re here. Please come in.”

I glanced around the room as Clarissa disappeared down the hall. The place was sparsely furnished; an old television set, two chairs, and a small table in the middle. That was it, no pictures, no family mementos; nothing else except the spider weaving a web in the ceiling corner.

“Dad said he’d be right out and asked if you wanted to join us for dinner. We’re having a vegetable soup.”

“Sounds delightful.”

I followed Clarissa into the kitchen, sat at the table, and tried to take in everything. Once again, there were no personal affects in this room. The home seemed very drab and lonely. But then there was Clarissa. As she cooked, she was also cleaning. She was very domesticated. I then realized I was staring. Not good from a Father — Always play your role when you are pulling off a swindle. The slightest misstep can dissolve even the most simplest con. I straightened up and put my eyes forward, focusing on the peeling white paint on the wall.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Father Brinson.” Jerry came in and sat at the head of the table.

“No, I’m the one who came over unannounced,” I reached over and shook his hand. “But the news I have was too good to wait.”


“Yes sir, Jerry.” I reached in my pocket and pulled out an envelope. “It’s not much but I have received a small payment from Green Meadows.” In the envelope was forty dollars. I had decided to take all my earnings from the donations and put into two piles, half for me and half for the town. Filtering some money back into the town would solidify the community’s dependence on me and away from Father Hargrove.

Jerry opened the envelope and gave a snicker, “It’s something.”

“The goal is to have small disbursements like this until they can come up with the rest of the settlement in one payment.”

Clarissa arrived with the soup for the three of us and sat across from me, next to her father. “That’s great dad. All good things start with a single step.”

Jerry just looked at her and shook his head. “Thank you Father Brinson.” He folded the envelope and put it in his pocket. He then grabbed a spoon and dipped it into the soup.

Jerry was turning into quite the conversationalist as the three of us ate in silence for the entirety of our meal, a meal fit for a pauper, homemade vegetables and chicken broth. When we were done, Clarissa cleaned up and went to her room. This place was depressing. Time to change that.

“Before I leave, I would like to ask why you feel Clarissa isn’t ready for adulthood?”

“Because I ain’t her momma.”

“I’m not asking about you, Jerry. I’m asking about Clarissa. Tell me based on her actions why she is not a woman.”

Jerry went into thorough detail about his daughter, citing specific situations starting the day she was born. It was a long, drawn out conversation, but when it was over, it became clear that the problem was that he never got over his wife’s death and never thought he was capable of raising a daughter. He never made it easy on Clarissa, virtually blaming her for the outcome of her mother.

“Brother Jerry, did you ever wonder if it wasn’t your fault that Clarissa isn’t turning out to be a woman?”

Jerry narrowed his eyes, “What are you getting at Father?”

“Perhaps Clarissa is possessed. You did say your wife died during childbirth. If she didn’t like that she died during the birthing process or felt she didn’t want you to be alone, her soul might have attached to Clarissa, sharing her body, causing a distortion in personality.”

“You mean Pippa’s been inside Clarissa this whole time?”


Jerry’s eyes watered. “Please Father… Can you do something? Can you free my wife? Can you save my daughter?”

“Of course, it will just take an exorcism,” I chuckled. “And I can do it right now.”

“You can?”


“Let’s go.” I followed Jerry as he walked with clear motivation down the hall and stopped in front of a door. “She’s in there.”

“Before I do this, I must warn you, don’t interrupt. If she screams, it’s just the spirit fighting to remain in this realm. No matter what, don’t enter this room, understand?”

“Whatever you say, Father. Just… save them.”

I opened the door and Clarissa was already changed for bed in a faded yellow nightgown. She was doing homework on her bed and when the door creaked, her head shot up, very surprised to see me. “Were you looking for the bathroom Father Brinson?”

I gave a friendly smile as I shut the door. “No Clarissa, I am here to do an exorcism.”


“I was talking to your father and based on our conversation, I feel you may be possessed by the spirit of your mother.”

The news was shocking, to say the least. “Uh… gee, um.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. But if you would stand so we can get started, it would be great.”

Clarissa was tentative to say the least but did stand. “Um, Father, how do you know if I’m possessed?”

“Based on actions of yours that your father told me about.”

“But I don’t feel anything.”

“You wouldn’t feel any different if your mother has been with you since day one of your life.”

“Makes sense,” Clarissa’s face scrunched and then gave a small smile. “So what do I need to do?”

I took the two steps separating us and placed my hands on her shoulders, my thumbs lightly painting small circles on the available skin around her neck. I moved my head to the side of her head, my lips brushing her earlobes and whispered, “We are overdressed.” I pulled up on the nightgown and Clarissa bit her lip. She didn’t try to stop me. I then unbuckled my belt.

“You too?”

I put my hand to her cheek, “Yes Clarissa. The purification process of an exorcism must be done in mankind’s purest form. It is how God intended us to be.” Without another word spoken, I undressed.

Clarissa turned her head, not wanting to see my naked body. “What’s next?”

I turned her head toward me and my lips were right next to hers. “We need to combine bodily fluids. The mixture of my holy fluids will expel any spirits that have infected your body.” I put my lips to hers, and forced my tongue in her mouth.”

While engaged in this kiss, I laid her down on the bed. Clarissa began to squirm as I positioned my body on top of her.

“Father, I don’t think this is right?”

I gave her a brief, tender kiss, “This is going to hurt.”

“Father, why must we do it like this?”

I didn’t answer as I lined myself up with Clarissa’s entrance.

Clarissa’s eyes tightened in anticipation, “I’m scared. Please don’t do this.”

I held in a laugh as I plunged my hard cock deep in her virgin cunt. She screamed. I held my position, and didn’t move until her eyelids creaked open. “That was the worst of it, Clarissa. Now this is critical. There is a small possibility we can fail and the spirit take over your body fully.” Her eyes went wide. “If you enjoy this encounter, your mother will be here forever, which would finally make your father happy. Do you want him to be happy? He told me she was a very sexual person. So we’ll see how relaxed your body gets and who is left after this exorcism.”

This was pure manipulation. Life is all about reactions and I was now curious as to Clarissa’s response. Would she fight her body and want to be herself or would she wish to enjoy sex and have her mother inside her always. Or at least think she is.

I could see the gears in her head turning as I moved my blood covered cock slowly out and then forward again. Damn was she ever tight. After just a few movements, I got my answer. Clarissa relaxed under me and started to moan. I kissed her.

“Feel the presence inside you. Let yourself go, Clarissa.”

On my next thrust, she pushed back into me. It was slight but it was noticeable. I immediately put a hand to her tits, pinching and prodding her nipples. On each subsequent drive into her quim, her bucking became more apparent until she was using her hands to press into the mattress to raise herself to meet me.

“Oh God… Father! Ugh!” Clarissa’s body started to shake underneath me.

I slowed my movements, to let her catch her breath. With deep gasps, she slowly opened her eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back, “Are you ready to fuck, Pippa? We need to mix our fluids.”

It took Clarissa a moment, but only a moment to realize what I meant. “Fuck me.”

I flipped her onto her stomach and slammed into her. I used her hips for leverage as I kept a hard pounding into her body. Now this is more like it. I can’t stand having to pace myself and being gentle. Just to make up for it, one of my hands went to her hair and the other went around her body and to her clit.

“Yes, please, yes!”

This time her spasm was forceful and gripped my shaft for dear life. It was a wonderful and overpowering sensation. I rammed one final time and filled her abyss with my essence. It was never ending on both of our accounts, and I was unsure who had cum the most. We fell to the bed and I moved us into a spooning position.

“Pippa, you are an exceptional woman and your husband needs you. Clarissa is still in your subconscious, so now she is blessed with both her parents. You have taken over for the best interest of your family. I encourage you to take your position by Jerry’s side in the privacy of your home. Dress in your clothes, sleep in your marital bed, and such. In public, let everyone believe you are your daughter.”

I stood and got dressed. Clarissa let out a sigh with my departure. “Now go cleanup so you can reunite with your husband properly.”

She quickly stood and walked across the hall to the bathroom.

“Clarissa?” Jerry reached out but she had just shut the door on him. He looked into the bedroom and to me. “What happened?”

I went over and put my hand around his shoulder, “Jerry, the connection between mother and daughter was too strong.” He looked at me wide eyed as I continued. “I can positively say, Pippa has returned for good.”

“Pippa?” Jerry was in a happy shock as he looked to the closed bathroom door.

“Yes, but the rest of the town won’t understand so she will pretend to be Clarissa in public for appearances sake but she is most definitely Pippa.”

Jerry started crying as he fell to his knees, “The Lord has blessed me! Thank you Father Brinson.”

I nodded and started to walk down the hall when I heard Clarissa open the door. I glanced over my shoulder and saw her holding Jerry in her arms as if she were coddling a child, “There, there now. I’m back. I’ll take care of you.”

Jerry gripped her into a firm hug. “Don’t ever leave me again.” It was his first show of affection to his daughter, ever. And it was all she ever wanted.

Tears began flowing down Clarissa’s cheeks, “I won’t.” She gave me a light smile as I disappeared around the corner.

Maybe I should become a real preacher; I just saved a family. It’s a twisted dynamic, but Jerry gets his wife back and Clarissa gets the love she’s never had. I wonder what wonderful fatherly duties I can fulfill next to keep me from being bored?

I arrived at the church even earlier for mass. Father Hargrove, as usual, was pouring over his sermon.

“How’s it going, Father? Rested for today?”

“Much better than last week and I’m pretty sure my speech is all set as well,” Father Hargrove smiled. “Just got to go hit the head.”

“Great. Glad to hear it.” I watched him leave and then took a seat at his desk. “Let’s see. Search God. Replace all with Lucifer. Search heaven. Replace all with hell. Search salvation. Replace all with damnation. Should make for an interesting service.”

I went to take my seat when Ricky intercepted me. “Father Brinson?”

“Ricky, how are you doing?”

“Fine. Hey, you know that stuff you gave me?” His eyebrows raised.


“Well, I was wondering if by chance you had some more?”

I laughed. “I take it that you liked it.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, but you understand that this stuff isn’t free.” I raised my eyebrows back at him.


“I’ll tell you what, here’s another bag and we can work something out later.”

Ricky greedily accepted the offer. “Thanks Father Brinson.”

“You’re welcome but we need to get a move on, it’s time for service to start.”

Father Hargrove’s sermon was interesting. He didn’t even notice his first two mistakes. Just kept plugging along. He caught the third one and he became flustered. From then on out, he was on edge. He tried his best but was unable to sound like the good orator he was. The congregation certainly heard the difference and comparisons to last week were abound. Whispers of “What’s wrong?” and “Is he okay?” began to flow.

As I walked to the podium to take my turn, I shook the Father’s hand and just loud enough offered my own thoughts on the subject, “You all right, old man?” I said it in a tone of consoling and he just gave a slight nod, not giving my words a second thought. But what I said was for the congregation. I wanted the seed that I planted last week about age to get some water and sunlight. And I was sure it was growing.

I started my speech off with a bang. I announced the offer Green Meadows gave me, which they really didn’t, and the crowd was ecstatic. “All it took was one phone call.” I wanted to insinuate that Father Hargrove didn’t even attempt contact. The rest of my lecture was about how God gives back to those who give. I directly implied that their donating actions allowed for the good fortune of Green Meadows. It was an oration that belonged in the Smithsonian.

At lunch, everyone in town made it a point to thank and praise me for what I was able to accomplish against the big bad greed of big business. My response was always the same, “I am God’s tool, and I give myself heart, body, and soul to his cause.” Father Hargrove sat in near silence.

“C’mon old man,” I wrapped my arm around his shoulders. “It wasn’t that bad. God has given us this day. Enjoy it.”

“You’re right. I’ll try,” Father Hargrove gave a small smile. “I’m not sure where we’d be without you.”

“You’re too kind.”

The next day, I found myself in my motel room filled with even more donations than last week. Higher quality as well. The town was coming through better than I could have imagined. My three acolytes — really, what else would you call them? – had just finished depositing their collections when I thought of something to keep me from being bored. “Deanna, do mind helping me sort through this for a short while?”

She glanced at her watch and smiled, “I can stay. I have two hours before Clark gets home from the bank.”

I knew that. Deanna was sifting through some of the donations as the other two left. I thanked them and then shut the door. I looked at my prey with a sinister smile. It was something about the way she dressed, the conservative nature she felt a married woman should dress. Today it was a light blue sundress that fell to mid shin. Of course, her smile had something to with it too. Just looking at her forced me to adjust my cock.

“God spoke to me and I need to leave.”

Deanna took in a sharp inhalation of air as her face turned toward me. “Seriously?”

I just nodded.

She stood and then the couple of steps that were between us disappeared. “Don’t go yet. This town still needs you. You can’t leave.”

The new closeness allowed me to put both of my hands on her shoulders. “I don’t want to, but what God told me to do, I can only accomplish in this town with you. I can’t ask that of you and I am committed heart, body, and soul to doing his work. I must leave.” During my little speech, my fingers began to caress the bare skin around her neck.

“I can help. What is it that you need me to do?”

“God requested that I find someone as dedicated as I am and procreate with them.”

Deanna’s eyes went wide, “But I’m married.”

“Mary was married to Joseph but God still gave her a child that was not her husbands.” My hands slid across her shoulder blades, sliding the straps of her sundress with them. “I am willing to give my body to God.” I let her dress fall to the floor as I moved in for a kiss. I paused, a mere inch away. My hands were slowly moving down her arms, “Are you?”

“Are you sure there is nobody else?”

I put one hand one hand on her stomach and lightly caressed it. I whispered in her ear, “You are the perfect candidate. You are the perfect woman. No one can offer what you offer,” my hand slipped lower and began to pet her slit through her panties. My other hand raised up and softly massaged her tit. “Give your body up to the Lord. Are you prepared to do God’s work?”

Deanna looked lost in my words as she breathed out a “yes.”

I smiled as I closed the last little bit of distance between our lips. She was tentative but compliant with her reciprocation. I immediately went to work in removing her bra.

“Don’t kiss me like you kiss your husband. Kiss me like a lover.”

Deanna wrapped her arms around my neck and moved her lips to me. On contact, her tongue snaked out. She kissed me slowly, passionately and soon it went from sensual to hunger. Her hands slipped from my neck and pulled at my clothes. Our kiss didn’t break until she successfully had me in the nude.

I smiled as I sat on the bed, pulling her last garment, her underwear, down to the floor as I did. I looked into her eyes, and now that we weren’t mouth to mouth, she was timid again. I guided her hand to my cock. “Do God’s work and put it inside you.”

It was such a wonderful experience to watch Deanna straddle my lap, cock in hand, and guided it to her entrance. Our eyes locked and I put a hand to her cheek.

“It’s what God wants. Enjoy it.”

Deanna moaned as she slid down my shaft. She enveloped me in her arms, our bodies mashed together as she just sat still on my member buried into her quim. I was growing impatient. I thrust upward, a simple reminder that we had just begun. She slowly lifted up and I pushed higher, harder. She got the hint and started to move quicker on my cock. We weren’t there to make love. We were there to fuck. Plain and simple.

My hands moved to her tits and mauled them. I pinched and extended her nipples in rhythm to our fast and furious pace. I gave hard grunts with every insertion and she fiercely moaned in echo. A sheen of sweat coated our bodies as we continued our insane copulating.

“Yes! Oh God, yes!”

I smiled. I love doing God’s work with this happy homemaker.

Deanna’s hips were on autopilot, moving at an unnatural fury. I was not outdone, sending piercing thrust after never ending piercing thrust into her cunt. Her pussy, sleek and tight, clenched on my cock. I held onto her hips and barreled into her depths one last time. She shrieked as if she saw a ghost while I flooded her womb.

“Yes Father Brinson, impregnate your willing servant!”

Deanna’s body convulsed and her pleasure juices mingled with mine. I remained buried inside as she rode out her wave. She gave a faint smile, “I had no idea God’s work would be so much fun.”

I leaned into her ear, “And we get to do this until His work is done.” I finished by nibbling on her earlobe.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Deanna gave a soft giggle, “I never knew sex could be like that.”

This Sunday, I had a special treat in store for the good preacher. I wanted to play on his Vietnam past and the horrors he saw. All it took was a phone call to my favorite dealer, Dwayne.

After visiting Father Hargrove in his office, I was heading to my seat, curious to how my plans would play out, when Ricky stopped me again.

“Father, do you have any more of that,” his head went from side to side to verify no one was near, “that stuff.”

“You owe me money and you want more?”

“I’ll pay you next week, I promise.” Ricky gave me a pleading look, “Please?”

As if I needed the money. I shook my head as I gave him a little plastic bag. “You really owe me kid.”

“I know, I know,” Ricky’s smile was ear to ear. “Thanks. I’ll pay you next week, for sure.”

“All right,” I gave a head nod to where he was supposed to be. “Go get ready for mass.”

I took my seat and waited patiently. Father Hargrove took the podium and began. For the first time since my arrival, his sermon was impeccable. At least it was for ten minutes. He shrieked. It was blood curdling as he dropped to the floor and covered his head with his hands. I had to refrain my smile as I ran up to him.

“Father Hargrove? Are you all right?” He was shaky as I helped him to his feet, his eyes fixed to a window in the back of the church.

Father Hargrove began stammering, “I, uh, I… I thought I saw…” He took a deep breath and patted my shoulder. “I’m fine.” He then gazed at his confused congregation. “Sorry for the outburst everyone. Let’s continue, shall we?”

There was a murmuring in the crowd as I retook my seat, but it died down as Father Hargrove got into his groove again. It lasted only five minutes before he screamed, “Everyone down! Charlie is all around us!” before ducking down behind the podium again.

I must admit, the Vietnamese hooker I paid Dwayne to have peek inside the back windows was worth every penny. I once again went to Father Hargrove’s side. “It’s all right, Father.” I put my arm around his side and helped him to stand. “Why don’t you take a break? Get a drink of water, relax a little; I’ll finish up today.”

“Thanks Father Brinson.” Father Hargrove shook his head, “I don’t know what I’d do without you here.” With his head held low, he slowly headed down the hallway to his office.

I finished mass, spewing more bullshit and reiterating that everyone needs to give unto God, heart, body and soul. At the end, I handed out the money from the donations sold, minus my cut, of course, and then headed to the rectory. When I opened the door, Father Hargrove had his belongings in a small box. He was a defeated man.

“Going somewhere?”

“I lost them Father Brinson.” Father Hargrove shook his head. “My age has finally caught up with me, so I’m retiring. Figure I’d go be with my family, see the grandkids down in Phoenix.”

“That’s nonsense. I’ve seen many a congregation have an elderly leader.”

“A shepherd can’t tend his flock if they feel he is not worthy.” Father Hargrove gave me a slight smile, “You’re a good man, Father Brinson. Better than I as it seems as you were able to do something I couldn’t. This came for you yesterday. Forgive me for opening it.” Father Hargrove handed me an envelope from Green Meadows. Inside was a check for the amount due. Seems the company’s lawsuits were dismissed and the government was now backing them.

“Don’t know how you did it, but I’m glad you did. Take care of my town for me.”

Father Hargrove extended his hand and I shook it. “You take care Father and may God smile over your journey.”

I smiled as he left. Not only did I accomplish what I set out to do, but I just received a hefty bonus for my work. Now all I have to do is square things with Ricky. He needs to learn it’s not good to be in debt. I know just the thing.

At the afternoon lunch, I made it a point to speak with Ricky. I pulled him aside as everyone was leaving.

“Listen kid, you owe me money. Now I thought about it and have decided I want to collect. Today.” I pushed my finger into his chest for emphasis.

“But Father Brinson, I don’t have it. You said I could pay next week.” It came out in a childish whine.

I put my hand to my chin, “Hmm. Yes I did, but I changed my mind.”


“Let me finish,” I stated sternly. “Damn.”

“Uh, um, okay.”

“Anyways, there is more than one way to repay my generosity.”

“There is?”

“Yes there is, and what I want you to do is simply bake some brownies with this,” I handed him another bag. According to Dwayne, it was the strongest weed there is. “Do it today and then go to a friend’s house until tomorrow morning. If you do that, we’re even.”

“Really?” Ricky was beyond exuberant as he grabbed the plastic bag.

“Of course,” I laughed. “Would a priest lie?”

I waited until late in the evening before I made my way over to the Barkley residence. I went with a button down dress shirt with the top two buttons undone and matched it with a pair of slacks. Suave, debonair, that’s the image I wanted to project. I took one last deep breath to gather myself, put on a smile, and rang the doorbell.

The oak slab opened to reveal Kristen, wearing a white night gown. “Father Brinson, what a surprise. What brings you here at such a late hour?”

“Sorry for coming over so late, but something has been gnawing at me about Ricky.”

“Ricky?” Ever the worried parent, Kristen’s face immediately showed a deep concern. “Please, please, do come in Father.” We walked into the kitchen and she offered me a chair at the table. “I apologize, I don’t have anything to offer, but my son made some brownies. Would you like one?”

“How about we knock out the whole plate with some milk while we discuss Ricky. I think we’ll need it.”

“That bad?” Kristen cringed as I just looked at her. “Okay, I’ll get the milk.”

I was patient. I waited for Kristen to return and encouraged her to start eating. I grabbed a brownie myself, but it was an action just for show. Instead, I began a long drawn out explanation on why I was there. Simply put, I told her in great detail how I thought Ricky got into the wrong crowd and how I now believe he was using drugs. I also told her not to worry. I had a plan of attack and would work with her to ensure her son gets back on the right track. I kept talking until I saw the effects of the hash in the brownies to take hold.

“Why don’t we check the computer to see if we can’t find what he’s been looking at?”

“Okay,” Kristen giggled. “It’s in the living room.”

She led me to the desktop and moved the mouse to activate the screen. “You can take the chair, I don’t mind standing.”

“That’s not fair,” I countered as I sat. “You can sit here.” I reached around her body and pulled her into my lap. She laughed as I held her in my arms.

I immediately saw what I was looking for; an icon that was labeled ‘Town Budget’ in the upper left hand corner of the screen. “What’s this?” I asked as I clicked it.

“Oh, that’s just the listings for all of Middleton’s accounts. Where the money comes in, where it’s held, and where it then gets distributed. I can manage it all right here, because I am that good!” Kristen had begun laughing hysterically.

Jackpot. “I bet you are!” I started tickling at her right side as I minimized the window and brought up the internet. I was then quick to bring up a porn site. “Oops.”

“Oh my,” Kristen put her hand to her mouth.

The couple on the screen were rutting like animals, the woman just being pounded from behind by the overly endowed man. Kristen purred as her surprise turned to lust as she leaned back against my chest, not even asking for me to click to a different site. I wrapped my arms around her body, my hands easily landed on her luscious orbs. She squirmed in my lap as I manipulated and molded before I tweaked her nipples. She moaned in response and her desire was becoming evident as her light hip movements were becoming a constant, firm rub against my girth. She was ready. I was ready.

I easily pulled off her nightgown. She turned to face me, and after a momentary pause, her head dove toward mine. Our lips quickly connected, her tongue easily slipping inside my mouth. Her hands clutched at my shirt, gripping it tightly before relaxing and moving to the top button. One by one, her fingers removed each one, descending until they were no more. But she kept going south, quickly dispatching with the latch of my belt.

I moved my own hands to her ass and surprised her as I stood. I took a couple steps and tossed Kristen to the couch, eliciting a giggle from my chemically imbalanced partner. As I removed my lower garments, her lust filled eyes never left my crotch, her lower lip caught in her teeth as she smiled.

At that moment, her mouth looked so adorable, so inviting. I stalked over and entangled my hand in her hair. What I wanted was obvious and Kristen simply opened her mouth. I forced a complete impalement, ramming everything I had into her mouth and down her throat. Kristen’s eyes went wide and her head went to retreat, but I wasn’t having any of that. My hand seemingly engulfed her head, my fingers gripping her brown colored locks. I didn’t give her any time to adjust and started to fuck her mouth mercilessly. With every withdrawal, she gasped for precious oxygen around my cock and with every thrust, tears jettisoned from her eyes and panic was strewn across her face.

Looking down, a strange feeling filled my being: empathy. I actually felt sorry for the poor woman. I was having fun but decided to give her a break. Besides, I still wanted to fuck her.

I released my grip and Kristen immediately pulled away, and began breathing heavily. As she stared up at me, I could tell she wasn’t scared, but she was intimidated by me. I kneeled down, cupped her face, and kissed her. She trembled briefly at the contact before she kissed back. More so even. Her being used caused her lust to build. Her arms grappled around my neck and her tongue delved into my mouth. I relinquished the kiss and noted her lascivious smile.

As I stood, I offered her my hand and she greedily accepted. She knew I was going to take her where she has never gone before. As soon she made it to her feet, I turned her around and bent her over. I wasn’t subtle with my actions and her arms had to brace the couch to keep from falling onto it.

Home Alone

There was nothing worth watching on TV and every song in his iPod had been played re-played and shuffled a hundred times. Even surfing the web was boring tonight. Just then a spam ad popped up on the screen of his laptop that promised;

Thousands of horny housewives performing live on their private web cams! Free!

“Free? Really? aw,what the hell!” CLICK!

The computer screen blinked, and he was whisked away to one of a thousand so called horny milf websites. He was told to sign in as a “guest” and he dutifully followed the instructions. It only took a minute, and shit, it was free after all. Clicking on page after page trying to find a nice looking lady who he could stand “performing on her private web cam” for more than thirty seconds was a real challenge, but finally he found one and clicked on the profile of a fine looking lady named “Stormy”.

“Dear lord,” he thought, snickering under his breath, how long must it take for a stripper to come up with a stage name?”

“What the fuck.” he thought. Tonight I’m with Stormy!” He clicked on her little pretend bedroom window and the pretend curtains opened. There she was, in shear red panties and bra, rubbing her obviously enhanced, way too perfect breasts. A text window popped up on his screen with a pre-written;

“Hello!” blinking on it. “What can I do for you tonight?” The text window prompted.

She was really cute too. A very tall thin brunette, ironing board flat stomach, long shapely legs . . . a real beauty. He figured her to be maybe around thirty-something. A real MILF!

“Free? Well, there’s nothing else to do tonight. Here goes!” he said to himself.

“Take off your bra!” was about all that sprang to mind, and though not very original, he figured it would be as good a place as any to start.

“Love to!” she leaned over and tapped into the laptop keyboard lying on the night stand next to her bed. “That’s easy!”

Her breasts were obviously bought and paid for, but he had to admit, they were fucking perfect.

He started wondering what else she’d do for free.

“By the way, what’s you name?” She asked.

“Bud” he typed back laughing at the ridiculous name he’d just invented for himself. What the hell. As long as the wife didn’t get any “Welcome to our Website” emails from this place, he’d be fine. He could always say that he didn’t know how they got this IP address and besides, he’d just tell her “There ain’t no Bud here, so get off my back woman!”

He was really cocky when he wasn’t really talking to her.

“Anything else Bud?” or are you done for the night?” More text suddenly appeared on his screen.

“Shit, I don’t know. Take your panties off and finger yourself!” he speed typed, feeling the excitement starting to grow inside him.

“Wow! This is incredible, this hottie is my sex slave for the night. This is great!”

“I’ll need your credit card number to do that Bud,” she typed back. She got up from the bed and slowly walked closer to the web cam and started pulling down her panties.

“I’ll do any dirty little thing you ask honey. It’s only Fifty Six ninety-five for each hour and I can go a long time with you Bud. Now what’s that Credit card number baby?”

A sickening vision roared into his head. “Hey honey, what’s this new charge on our card? And what’s a milf?”

“Shit!” CLICK! and off went Stormy into the great unknown.

“Fuck!” he shouted out loud, “Another sure thing gone bad. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. Now what?”

She was pretty fucking hot though. The image of that hot body was etched in his brain now as his mind wandered. What would it be like to really have a girl that looked like that? he wondered.

The years had not been kind to him or his wife as far as looks go, but he tried his best to stay in shape, and could still get it up when he had to. His cock was a healthy and thick seven inches that didn’t know it’s actual age.

His pretty wife had taken very good care of herself over the past sixteen years. She taught yoga for the over forty set, and still had a pretty firm little body. But after that many years. . .

“Hey it’s the same old meal on a different night ya know? A man needs variety!” as his buddies would say.

And what a set of tits that Stormy had. Holy shit!

“Man, I’d love to put my throbbing dick between those beauties and have her blow me.”

He could easily imagine her slender fingers grabbing and pulling at his big dick, staring at it with her warm, wet mouth, open and panting, licking her lips, hungry to swallow every drop of cum he could shoot at her pretty face.

His dick instantly reacted to the fantasy. One hand made it’s way down to his crotch and slipped inside his pajamas. He started squeezing his half soft dick and stroking his balls until it started to swell. “Fuck it. I’ll just get off right here, thinking about that little whore, and be done with it. Then I can grab a cold beer and watch the end of the game.”

A perfect night at home alone. Just him, a beautiful stripper, a can of beer, football, and a tissue full of cum.

The wife was out for the evening, and he always used this quiet time in the house alone to jack off. It wasn’t often, but whenever the opportunity presented itself, he would head straight to the bedroom where he’d lay back with a handful of lotion and treat himself to a raging orgasm usually fueled by mental images of a hot neighbor or two, or one of the sexy blond newscasters he ogled every night.

Their sex life together had gradually gone to shit, like so many long-time couples, but he still loved jacking off whenever possible. It was pretty much all he had left for a sex life.

But right now, he couldn’t get the sight of those outrageously perfect breasts out of his mind.

“My god. . . what would sucking on something like those beauties feel like? Taste like? I’ll bet she smells like fresh cut flowers.”

His hand was full of thick, hard cock by now, which he pulled out of the opening in the front of his PJs. Next, he undid the two well worn buttons, which never actually stayed closed by themselves anyway. “Oh yeah, that’s it baby!” His fantasy girl was virtually stroking his big cock between her amazing tits, and he felt it get harder with every dirty word he said to her. His balls started to ache, and he considered going to the bedroom to shoot his load, but right now, right here, this felt really good. He couldn’t move. His legs started to tighten. His polka dot jammies dropped completely to the floor as he reached down to hold his balls.

His mind drifted away. “I’ll bet she’s an amazing blow job.” Pulling down hard on the shaft of his now steel hard rod, he could feel that rush from deep inside his balls signaling that shooting his cum all over the face of his fantasy sex slave was just around the corner. His breathing got faster and louder, his hand working his cock like a jackhammer breaking up concrete. Stroking it faster and . . .


The old hardwood floor just outside of the TV room suddenly made the unmistakable sound of someone stepping on the one squeaky board that he’d been meaning to fix for years.

“Honey I’m home. We left early because. . .” his wife said, turning the corner slowly. Her voice sounded soft and almost apologetic for coming home earlier than expected, and she was about to continue her story. . . when she abruptly stopped and froze in place. Any other time, she might have turned and quietly slipped back into the kitchen, and the situation would never again be mentioned. But instead, this time, she just stood, mouth agape, and stared. She let her purse fall to the floor with a thud.

“Holy shit” he said, shocked out of his dream state, trying to hide what he’d been doing, but not hiding it very well. He hadn’t even heard the screen door open, he was so lost in his fantasy.The silly look on his face clearly gave him away. He feared she may have heard all the dirty words he was muttering to Little Miss Sugar Tits. It was totally obvious what he’d been doing, since his hard dick was previously standing straight up in his hand, like the main mast on a schooner.

“What are you doing honey? She whispered with mock naiveté. “It looks like you’ve been having fun here without me!” She’d had a few glasses of wine at dinner with the girls from the office and staggering, just a little, was clearly feeling no pain.

“Oh! Hi! I’m sorry hun, I was um. . . you know. . .surfing the web and I um. . . sorta got turned on by some naked pictures, and ya know, I just got really horny and one thing kinda led to another and. . .” His voice trailed off.

“Oh don’t apologize hon.” she said, kicking off her heels, and slowly walking closer to where he was sitting. He quickly slammed his legs back together.

His pajamas however were still at his ankles and the huge hard cock laying against his stomach completely gave him away.

“My my,” She smiled coyly, “What do we have here?”

She came closer still, and he knew he was busted. It was over.

She lightly touched his pulsing cock and whispered “May I help you with that?” Those were words he hadn’t heard in a very long time.

“No, that’s OK hon, I just got a little carried away, I’m sorry.” His voice became a childish whimper.

She leaned over, just inches from his face, and supporting herself by gripping the arms of his chair, she whispered:

“Then may I watch?” A wicked smile crept across her face.

Those words were exactly the ones he wished he’d heard so many times from her. Many times over the years, he would quietly masturbate in their king size bed when he knew she was sound asleep. And he always fantasied that she’d suddenly wake up and want to watch him while he made himself cum. But the years past and it never once happened. So instead, he would just clean himself up, roll over and go to sleep.

He liked showing off his massive cock at any opportunity through the years. In men’s locker rooms where fat men with tiny dicks were in everyone’s face, the nude beaches where naked bodies pranced about on sunny days with swinging dicks much smaller than his. Even getting out of the shower at home, he always hoped that she’d be watching and waiting in bed to see his prized possession. He’d step out into the bedroom still drying himself off very slowly and spending more time than actually necessary at his cock and balls.

But she was always sound asleep by then.

He knew he was blessed with something special between his legs and he loved the chance to show it off. But SHE always had to have the lights off and the sheets pulled up to her neck!

Therefore, he was truly shocked by her question, but figured that the wine had lowered her inhibitions tonight to the point where he might actually take advantage of this moment. “What a save!” he thought.

“Oh babe, I’d love it! He said. I mean if you’d really like to watch. Sit down here on the ottoman in front of me. Are you sure you don’t mind? Because I’m getting really turned on at the thought of you watching me get myself off.”

“Actually darling, I’ve wanted to watch you do that for years,” she said. But I always fall asleep too quickly, or you take too long to come up to bed, so I think I probably always miss it. And I’m just too embarrassed to ask you.”

“Wow. If I’d only known,” he thought. I’m gonna have to keep the wine flowing around here!”

She sat down, a little tipsy, right in front of him on the black leather ottoman and watched him lean his head back into the big chair and close his eyes. The thought of her being right there, that close, watching his big strong construction worker’s hand squeeze his cock, made his erection come back to life. He worked it slowly at first, lightly stroking the shaft from the base to the area just below the head. He’d do a few fast strokes then slowly pull it downwards to make it grow even bigger. He loved feeling it throb in his hand.

“Wow, he’s so slow, he’s actually teasing himself!” she thought. He would occasionally open his eyes to see her watching him intently as if she was sitting in the front row at a Sex Ed class. She loved the way he held it in his hand. Differently then the way she had done it for him during so many nights of routine married-people sex. He never once stroked it with a full-on death grip, like she had, but rather caressed and squeezed it with a lighter touch.

She’d pushed and pulled on it for years in their bed, as if she was yanking carrots out of the ground. Not at all the way he was doing it now, to himself. He’d pulled her hand away more than once to make her stop, so she naturally thought she would never learn how to please him correctly. Tonight, she was the student.

Having lived the sheltered life of a good Catholic girl, she’d never been so close to a man pleasuring himself before, and it was starting to turn her on like crazy. She could feel her blood pressure climbing, her breathing quicken. Her limits were being pushed and falling like a house of cards. She started to sweat, and she felt a forgotten warmth stirring once again between her legs. She so wanted to turn around and sit on that beautiful hard cock as she had done a number of times before in bed (in the dark of course) but this time was very different. And she was loving it.

His hand was pulling down on his cock making the skin so tight she thought it would split open. The lights were on and the fire was crackling in the enormous fireplace he’d built using field stones from around their little cabin here in the woods. No neighbors. No traffic. No lights. Just peace and quiet out here. Their vacation getaway. The curtains she’d made herself, were open just enough to hear the rustling trees outside. The kids had moved on and now It was just the two of them up here. Together. She secretly longed to get up and turn off the lights, but the heady buzz from the wine dulled that thought tonight. “Screw it.” She thought. Besides, she wasn’t sure she’d make it over to the light switch without falling over. Her head was spinning from a combination of red wine, and raw passion.

He reached down between his legs and rubbed his balls briefly and let out a quiet, satisfied groan. She watched closely as he sat way back and reached lower still, down to his ass, and stuck the tip of his finger inside himself.

That was all she could stand. Her hand reached down and pulled up on the hem of her skirt. Yanking her soaking wet panties to one side, she found her steaming hot clit and started rubbing it in little circles. She felt wilder than ever. In full view of her man, nothing to hide, she wanted to just scream out with pleasure. She too leaned back and spread her legs open wide. Her free hand grabbed at her breast, squeezing it, pinching her nipple. Hard. Her mouth hung open, panting like a bitch in heat.

Hearing her heavy breathing, he opened his eyes ever so slightly to glance over at her, and couldn’t believe the sight. He’d never seen her like this in all their years together. This was a night to remember. Her finger slid deep inside her wet cunt, drawing out her slippery juice and vigorously started playing with herself right in front of him. Her mouth was wide open. Furiously rubbing her clit with her other hand, she was even shocked at herself, but she couldn’t stop. She stared at his bulging cock and her mouth watered. They watched each other intently, breathlessly panting directly into each others faces.

“Oh yes! Fuck! Don’t stop now! Oh fuck yes!” She screamed.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum” she whispered, barely able to breath out the words.

“I want to watch you cum! Right now! Cum for me baby! Show it to me! Give me that hot cum!” Her voice was slightly louder now, moaning every obscenity she’d ever learned, and he knew it would be soon for both of them. This new version of his loving wife was driving him out of his mind. He focused only on giving her exactly what she was begging him for.

His balls really started to ache inside and he could feel the cum rising up, reaching that point, ready to explode out of that massive throbbing cock like a volcano spewing hot lava. He jerked off his swollen dripping cock faster than ever before. Harder. Faster.

“Oh MY GOD!” He yelled out.

This was so much better than having cyber sex with Stormy! He thought. And besides, he wondered, how the fuck could he ever keep typing?

His orgasm kept getting closer, closer, and closer still. Sweat was beading up on his forehead. She noticed another glistening drop of, what she later found out, was called pre cum, dribble from his huge throbbing dick that he used as a lube to stroke it even faster. She saw that his massive cock was wet and shiny now from his own slippery fluid. He was right on the edge, at the point of no return.

She too, rubbed herself faster and faster, following his lead. She jerked her head back and her hair flipped back over her head and down her back. Her fiery dark eyes were wide open and staring at his cock as never before, as if her gaze alone would make it shoot. Her legs started to shake uncontrollably. Her orgasm exploded as a loud scream came from the bottom of her soul. She grunted and bucked against her hand, fucking herself with two soaked fingers. Her entire body was shaking. He opened his eyes to see her sitting spread eagle, vaginal walls clamped tightly around her soaking wet fingers, eyes blazing at his throbbing, glistening cock.

“Put it in your mouth! Now!” he shouted at her, and she immediately dropped to her knees in front of him. Spreading his knees out even farther, she buried his pulsing, cum-squirting cock as far back into her mouth as far as possible, and felt the warm, salty fluid she’d been waiting for, shoot down the back of her throat. She licked his dick up and down the slippery wet shaft while his cum continued to flow out from his big full balls, leaking out of her mouth, down his shaft, between her fingers and over her lips. He had to pull her away after being completely drained of every last drop, and fell back into the chair in a heap of man juice, saliva and sweat. She licked off every drop of the warm cum she’d let fall from her mouth onto his balls and pubic hairs, and swallowed the little bit that was left in her mouth.

“He tastes so good.” She thought. He’d often said that about her, but this was a first for her. She promised him, and herself, it would not be the last.

He reached out and pulled her close to him and laid her head on his chest, damp with sweat.

Still on her knees, her hands held his sticky, wet cock and balls between her two bare breasts. “Where the hell did my bra go anyway?” she wondered.

She softly kissed his stomach, licking up whatever drops of his cum she found along the way. He stroked her hair, hoping they might fall asleep like this. It was Heaven on earth.

“That was incredible, she said. I’d love to watch you do that again, whenever you want. Just wake me up if I’m sleeping. OK? Please?”

She looked up at him glassy eyed, and smiled.

“You’re amazing baby,” he said, wiping a small drop of his cum from her chin. I’ve never seen you do that before.

We’ve both learned a lot tonight huh? I guess you CAN teach old dogs new tricks!”

“We need to do this again. . . soon.” She whispered.

Slowly drifting off to sleep, he whispered back: “Absolutely baby, whatever you want.”

You know. . .life is good. He thought to himself.

And even better. . . when it’s free!

The End

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