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From the last story

Even in the darkness I could feel Cindy’s smile. She got close to me so that we were face to face. “It was actually pretty thrilling and quite a turn on. It hurt a little to get spanked, but I liked it. That doesn’t mean that I want a painful flogging or anything, but a little spanking now and then might work for me.”

I smiled back. “Be careful what you wish for!”

We went to sleep and I was hoping Thanksgiving was going to be better than ever.

Recurring Cast

Dennis, 41 years old, 5′ 11″, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy’s husband.

Cindy, 41 years old, 5′ 4″, 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis’ wife.

Diane, 41 years old, 5′ 7″, 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy’s.

Becky, 38 years old, 5′ 9″, 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy’s friend, widow.

Jack, 42 years old, 6′, 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise’s husband.

Louise, 38 years old, 5′ 4″, 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack’s wife.

Jackie, 19 years old, 5’6″, 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.

Thanksgiving – Day Four

The next morning, I made the ladies stay naked while I wore just a robe, but I didn’t play with them too much. I did some stroking and teasing every once in a while, but not too much. Working around the oven, stove, and hot food made that a little dangerous. Finally, about 1pm we sat down and had an absolutely scrumptious meal. Cindy had definitely created another culinary feast and Louise had helped keep things on a strict timeline. We had just finished and were going to take a break and watch some TV before partaking of dessert and ‘other’ games that I had in mind when the doorbell rang. I looked at the ladies and them at me. Who the hell would be ringing the doorbell on Thanksgiving Day?

I told the ladies to stay put, thinking that maybe some nosy neighbors might have seen some nudity and called the police. When I answered the door, there stood the neighbor’s 19-year-old daughter, Jackie. She was holding what looked like a plate of cookies.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Jackie. What do you have there?”

She smiled at me. “Just some homemade cookies that I made yesterday. I was making some with my mother and I told her how nice you guys were when I delivered pizzas yesterday, so I told her I was going to bring some down.”

I was hoping that she meant the big tip, not the nude women’s show. “Well, come in. Cindy and Louise will be thrilled with these.” She stepped into the foyer and handed me the cookies. “Let’s go give these to them.” I led her back to the den where the two ladies were cuddled under blankets to stay warm. I checked her out closely. She was about 5’6″, 125 pounds, in pretty good shape. She was wearing those ridiculously low cut jeans, which showed off skin around the middle since the shirts never seemed to reach the waistband of the jeans, and her ass looked delectable and her tits were bouncy.

When we got go the den, I could see Jackie looking at Cindy closely, probably remembering her naked from her last visit. “Ladies, Jackie was nice enough to make us some cookies. Please come over here and give her a hug and thank her.”

They stood up and I could see Jackie’s eyes go wide for a moment before she got a dirty grin on her face. “I was hoping to come back for this. They both lost a bet to have to do this, right?”

As they approached her I told her a little. “Cindy lost a bet and has to be my slave for the week and Louise is a friend who is also playing along.” I didn’t want to go into Louise’s situation too much. “Why, what do you know about making bets?”

She smiled. “My friends and I do this all the time. Last week, my friend Katy lost and had to run naked from a gas station ladies’ room to the car, in the middle of the day! It was so cool! So is this!”

By now they were in front of her and Louise gave her a quick hug and it was one of those ‘we don’t want to touch bodies’ hugs. She stepped back and Cindy moved forward to hug Jackie. However, when Cindy gave her a hug, Jackie hugged her close. She wrapped her arms around Cindy and squeezed her ass. I was shocked by this woman’s brashness at 19 and evidently so was Cindy. She gave a little ‘oh’ and backed away quickly. I think we were all a little shocked by this 19-year-old’s behavior.

Jackie turned to me. “Your wife has a nice ass.”

I chuckled. “I’ve always thought so.” I turned to her as the ladies sat back down. “What about you? Lost any bets that you care to tell us about?”

She smiled and looked down briefly, but she didn’t hesitate long. “Yeah, I did. When I lost I had to wait until three of my other girlfriends and their boyfriends were in Katy’s house sitting in the den. I had to strip naked in the next room and then stroll slowly thru the middle of the room where they were all facing. I couldn’t even breathe for a while, but after it was over, I was fucking psyched about having done it!”

She was looking me right in the eye and I stared back. “Wanna make a bet with us?”

She grinned. “Oh, yeah! That would be way cool! How do you guys make bets?”

I grinned and turned the question back to her. “What kinds of things do you girls do for betting?”

“Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em!”

I tried not to smile at that. “Are you going to bet with all of us together and play just you against us all, or do you want us to all play individually?”

She grinned. Maybe she had been thinking about this. “All four of us play. The way we do it in my group is that we each get together in groups and decide the punishment for the other person. We write it down and hand it to them. Then, before we start playing, everyone reads their deed out loud so that we all know what they are playing for. Then we play with four chips each. Each time you lose a hand you lose a chip until you are done. Do you want to do that?”

“That sounds good to me. This is pretty involved. How long have you guys been doing this?”

She grinned. “For a couple of years. Ever since we stared senior year we’ve been playing like this, so that’s almost a year and a half. It’s been pretty interesting for some folks.”

I turned to Cindy and Louise. “Okay, my slaves, let’s play poker!”

I went and got the cards, some chips, and some paper and a pen. When I got back, they were all sitting together and giggling. “What?”

Jackie stood and walked over to hand me a folded piece of paper. “We already made up your deed if you lose.”

We then huddled as separate groups and made up the deeds for the other folks. We all sat down at the kitchen table and cut for high card. Jackie won the deal. She then announced that everyone, starting with her as the dealer, had to read their deed out loud.

Jackie picked up and unfolded her paper. She looked at it and actually grinned. I was a little surprised. “You will join the other slaves for one day of your choosing this weekend as Master Dennis’ slave.”

Cindy was to her left and read her paper next. “You will describe how you masturbate and show the CD of you doing it to Jackie and her friends.” Cindy blanched and turned to Jackie, who was smiling evilly. “Are you all over 18?”


“Are you talking about male and female friends?”

“Of course. We have a standard group who all participate in these little dares and bets.”

“Oh, god. I’d better not lose.”

I was sitting across from Jackie and read mine next. “You will fuck Jackie in any location she desires in front of her girlfriends.” I looked up and she had another evil smile. “With an audience, huh? What makes you think I wouldn’t lose this on purpose? It doesn’t sound that bad to me.”

She kept grinning. “Then go ahead and lose. You will notice that it says wherever I want to have it done. It would be interesting to say the least.”

I stared at her, trying to think what that meant.

We all looked at Louise who was waiting for us to finish discussing mine before she read hers. She picked it up, looked at it and grinned. “You will fuck Jackie in any location she desires in front of her girlfriends. Hmmm; sounds familiar.”

We then got down to playing cards. Since there was no betting, everyone stayed in and you just hoped for the best. Everyone lost one hand in the first four. Then, Jackie lost her second and third back-to-back. The banter was picking up, each of us teasing the other. Cindy lost her second and then Louise her second. Jackie’s competitiveness was coming out. She didn’t want to lose just because she didn’t want to lose at anything. Cindy lost her third and she groaned and looked at Jackie with a nasty look. Jackie smiled and stuck her tongue out at her. Then I lost my second. We were now down to Jackie and Cindy with one and me and Louise with two chips each. The next hand was going to be important and Jackie was dealing. Somebody was going to lose or a third person was going to join the other two with one chip. The hand was a strange one and I had a 9 and Queen of hearts. There was nothing on the board matching up and I didn’t want to get to one chip, even though I wanted to fuck Jackie in the worst way now. I would rather her be a slave to me than me have to fuck her in front of her girlfriends.

We all watched closely as the flop contained a 7 of hearts, a 10 of clubs and an ace of spades. Things were looking poorly for me. I needed to get something going. The turn yielded an 8 of hearts. Now I was one card from nothing, or one card from a straight, needing a 6 or a Jack. We all were staring at each other and Jackie was dragging it out. Finally she flipped a Jack of diamonds and I at least had a straight to the Queen. I was not going to be the loser. Cindy flipped first and had 7 and a 9, giving her straight to the Jack. Jackie and Louise were both staring at their cards and each other. Finally, Louise flipped over and she had a 2 and a 9. Shit! Another straight! We had three straights and it came down to Louise. She was looking around in shock. We had her! She flipped over and she had two 10s. Three 10s and she lost! She looked dejected and tossed her last chip into the pile.

For a second nobody said anything. We were all in shock at the outcome. Finally, I looked up at Jackie and she looked at me. I smiled. I didn’t want to be too hard on the young lady, so I waited for her to say something. Finally she did.

“Damn! I so wanted my girlfriends to see us together.” She gave a grim smile.

“Why did you want that so bad?”

“Because we see you out bike-riding in those spandex bike pants and we wanted to… you know… see you using that ass for fucking. Plus some of us have that ‘older man’ thing. Young guys just don’t know enough about a woman’s body, you know?”

This woman was very, very forthright for 19. No way would I have said something like this to somebody old enough to be my parents when I was that age. But she seemed to think nothing of it except for a little stammering there near the end.

I grinned. “Yes, I know. That can be arranged, you know. Now tell me what day you will be my slave this weekend, my cute little fuck toy.”

I think the realization of what just happened was starting to sink in and she stared at me as I said that.

“Uh… Let me call Katy, my friend. I’ll use her as an excuse. Is Saturday okay?”

“Saturday is fine, but I get you starting at 12:01am Friday night. That’s officially Saturday.” I smiled.

Jackie groaned at that and left the room with her cell phone, but we could hear her a little. Suddenly, we heard her voice go up. “No way! I can’t do it… you can’t ask me to do that… this was my bet and I’ll pay it off, but no way am I going to do that… no, I’m not going to ask him… you’d better not call him… don’t do it, Kate….” The conversation finally lowered enough to be too low for use again. I looked at Cindy and Louise.

“Now what do you suppose that was all about?”

Cindy shrugged. “Not sure, but it sounded like Katy was pushing her about something to do with her and you.”

Just then Jackie came back in. She smiled a little sheepishly and hung her head. “Okay, I’m good for Saturday. What time do I have to be here?”

I smiled. “Like I said, it starts at 12:01 am. I want you for 24 hours.”

She shuffled her feet a little. “Okay, a bet’s a bet.”

“So do you want to tell us what you and Suzy were discussing on the phone?”

She looked up quickly and stared at us. “Uh… no. It was nothing.”

“It didn’t sound like nothing.”

She then seemed to assume that air of indifference that is particular to teenagers. “Oh, she was just going on about having to cover for me and that she was going to make me do her a favor later. Nothing in particular.”

“Okay.” I gave it to her with the attitude of ‘whatever you say, smartass’. “I guess you’d better go before your family wonders if we kept you. We’ll see you on Saturday… all of you.”

She blushed at that, but grinned. “Yeah, I guess you will.” She turned and headed for the front door as I followed.

When we got to the front door, I leaned around and put my hand on the doorknob before she could open it. I was leaning in close to her as she had expected to open it and leave. I took my other hand and pulled her to me, turning her to me and kissing her. She immediately opened her mouth and we battled with our tongues. Just before I was going to back off, I felt her reach into my robe and grab my quickly hardening dick. I groaned and we broke the kiss. She looked down to where my robe was now hanging open and my dick was poking out, almost completely erect in her hand.

“Yum! I think I’m going to like being here on Saturday.”

I smiled and reached up and squeezed a boob. “Me, too. But Saturday, you will be mine!”

She giggled and left. I turned to Cindy and Louise. “What the fuck is the deal with 19 year old women today? Are they forward or what?”

They both laughed. Cindy walked over and hugged me. “Well, Master, I believe that you will have your hands full with that one.”

I smiled at Cindy. “It looked to me like she wanted to get her hands full of your ass!”

Cindy blushed a little. “Yeah, it surprised me when she grabbed my ass.”

I reached over and grabbed her ass. “I wasn’t surprised. I’m only surprised that not everyone wants to grab this gorgeous hunk of flesh, still so tight and firm.”

Cindy smiled and hugged me. “Mmmmm. Thank you. I’m sure there are plenty who do, but just manage to restrain themselves.” She punched me in the arm. “Unlike somebody else I know!”

I turned her so I could see Louise, too. “It’s still early ladies and your next task is going to be interesting. Let’s go back into the den.” We all back into the den and I told them to sit down. They sat and covered up; probably feeling chilled again from being naked. I then went and got the laptop and put it on the coffee table. I opened it, logged in, pointed it towards the ladies, and put the small webcam on the table next to it. I went and got the video camera and set it up also pointing at the couch. I also retrieved my work laptop and set it on the coffee table facing me. I started it up as well. I finally went and got a bag from my closet and brought it back out. I pulled out a couple of masks that would cover all but the mouth of their face and handed them to the ladies, the red mask to Louise and the blue one to Cindy. I think they were starting to get a clue about what was happening, but I explained it to them.

“Okay, here’s the deal. I have opened an account for us on a webcam site and you two are going to put on the masks and do what I say while the webcam broadcasts it to whoever wants to see it. I am also going to film it. Oh, and by the way Louise. Jack knows about this and will be watching on the other end. Any questions?”

They looked at each other and then Cindy turned to me. “What do you want us to do?”

“Don’t worry, my little webcam sluts. I’ll direct your action for the camera. Our time period starts in about 20 minutes so you’d better go to the bathroom now or anything else you want to do before then. Once the show starts, we have one hour and I’m going to keep you busy for that hour.”

They both hurried into the bathroom and then came back and crawled under the covers. I had everything logged in now. My work laptop was logged in to the web site as well. That way I could see and read the viewers comments to them. Finally, I set the video camera to take in the entire couch.

They both looked a little scared when they came back. “How many people will see this?”

“I have no idea. It’s a free webcam broadcast on one of these sites that host lots of them. Most of the women give free shows, but make their money if a viewer or viewers want to go into a private chat where they can direct the woman to do what they want. We are not going to do that. We are going to give a completely free show. It just depends on how many people out there are looking for this on a Thanksgiving evening.”

They looked at each other. “What if we are recognized?”

I had thought about this. “I don’t think there is any way to recognize your bodies on the webcam from something they’ve seen at a pool in a bikini or anything. Neither of you have definitive scars and both of you are tattoo free. I think you are safe. And remember that it would have to be someone close to us or from around here that would know what you look like.”

When the allotted time came, I had Cindy lean over and log into the site. I logged in on my computer and the show started. At first, the number was low. I had them lower the blanket and display their tits. I finally saw Jack log in as ‘MasterJack’, our agreed upon surname for him. I told them that Jack was on and Louise smiled.

I was logged in on my laptop as well and sent an email to Jack to tell him to take control as he typed what he wanted them to do.

“Okay, girls, MasterJack is in charge and will direct the action for a while. I’ll read out his commands.”

MasterJack: Red – Stand up and show us your body, turn around and bend over to show us your ass and pussy.

Louise complied and the number of users kept climbing. We were at 78 already.

MasterJack: Blue – your turn.

Cindy did it. The users were at 120.

MasterJack: Blue – sit, spread legs, show pussy. Red – stand in front, bend over from waist, and show us how you eat pussy while you spread your legs and display yours.

The ladies giggled and Cindy sat back and spread her legs wide. On screen I could see how beautiful and sexy she looked. Louise then stood in front of the laptop, spread her legs in front of the camera, and bent over from the waist to lick Cindy’s pussy. The webcam on the coffee table was low enough that it provided a view of Louise’s ass and pussy in the upper portion of the window and a view of her tongue appearing and licking Cindy’s pussy in the lower. She kept this up for a while and I read the hot comments from some of the other users to them. This spurred them on and Louise reached back and spread her cheeks more to accommodate one user’s request to see her little brown eye. Then she decided to push a finger into her ass and that prompted more comments. We were approaching 10 minutes into the show and the number of users was at 368! Wow!

Cindy was now approaching orgasm, so Louise pulled her finger out of her ass and concentrated on Cindy. She licked and sucked and then shoved two fingers into Cindy’s cunt. The users were ecstatic and said so. I continued to narrate their comments and Cindy came hard, bucking all over Louise’s hand and face. When she calmed down, Louise stood up and moved to the side. Cindy relaxed and then Louise sat next to her, crossing her right leg over Cindy’s left. You could just see her pussy in the frame with Cindy. She leaned over and put her face into the screen and you could see how wet it was. She slowly raised the fingers that had been buried in Cindy’s pussy and made a show of licking them clean. The user number went over 400.

MasterJack: Red – get on all fours showing ass to camera. Blue – fuck her ass with a dildo.

I smiled and read the words to the ladies. While Louise got into position I handed a small white vibrator to Cindy and some lube. She took it and made a show of preparing the vibrator. She first licked it sensually and then slowly put some lube on it and jacked it off. She looked at the screen and winked, although it wasn’t easy to see thru the mask. She turned Louise’s ass a little more toward the screen and ran the vibrator slowly up and around her asshole. The users loved it and the comments were really wild now. Cindy then slowly placed the vibrator at Louise’s hole and started pushing. It entered easily and Cindy picked up a rhythm with it. She was fucking Louise with it and then turned on the vibration. That caused Louise, who was unaware that it also vibrated, to moan and twitch. She started moving her hips in time with the fucking and as she approached orgasm, Cindy teased her. She suddenly yanked it from Louise’s ass and held it there. Louise looked back over her shoulder and made a show of pointing to her ass and wiggling it, asking for the vibrator to be put back into her ass. Cindy turned and smiled for the camera, before finally turning to Louise and running the vibrator over her ass again. She finally reinserted it and then reached up with her other hand and started rubbing Louise’s clit. It only took a minute of this for Louise to reach orgasm. She put her head down and thrust her hips at Cindy’s actions and came hard. Her jerking spasms were impossible to miss and everyone knew she was coming. I looked at the clock – 25 minutes gone and up to 520 users. They were definitely getting an audience.

It was then that Jack provided his planned finale.

MasterJack: Okay, time for some ass-fucking. Blue lay on back on couch, head off the cushions and legs over the back. Red – kneel over her. MasterD – feed your cock to Blue to get it ready and then fuck Red’s ass… hard!

The forum went wild with comments and Cindy lay down, putting her legs over the back of the couch, her head hanging off the front of the cushions. Louise smiled at me, knowing that with what had gone on so far, not much “preparation” was needed for my dick. It was standing at attention, awaiting this final command.

Louise crawled over Cindy and kneeled on the cushions. She bent over and put her head on the top of the couch. The camera now had a view of the two of them and the number of users was holding steady at around 550. I repositioned the video camera and then approached the gorgeous site before me. Cindy was smiling up at me from under her mask as she ran her hands over the very voluptuous thighs and ass of Louise. Louise was looking over her shoulder at me. I swung my right leg over the coffee table, laptop, camera and the ladies and got into position. I lowered my cock to Cindy’s mouth and she sucked on it greedily. I looked over my shoulder at the computer and could see that everything was being captured. I pulled out of Cindy’s mouth and moved up to Louise. I was using her as a support because of my position, so she reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. Cindy guided my dick into her already lubricated ass. I knew that she had just recently starting having anal sex, but she was easy to penetrate. As soon as I pushed, my cock slipped in past the head. It popped in and I was able to easily start ass-fucking her. Louise groaned, arched her back, and buried her head against the back of the couch. I could also see that she reached down and put a hand into Cindy’s cunt. Cindy, meanwhile, was feeling my balls and running her hands over me and Louise’s pussy. I was slowly pumping in and out and I could tell whenever Cindy found Louise’s clit because she would moan and jerk slightly at the contact. I looked back over my shoulder again and the view was great on the camera set on the table. It was looking up at the action, just catching some of Cindy’s face and had Louise and I on screen up to my lower back. I put my left foot up on the couch, spreading my legs further apart and allowing more of a view of me fucking her. I smiled down at Cindy and she blew me a kiss. This was wonderful and I was not going to last as long as I thought. I could tell that this was going to be a big orgasm. My body was starting to react by pulling my balls up tight, my breathing increasing, and my sensitivity becoming acute. Cindy kept running her hands over the copulating genitalia over her head and suddenly I felt Louise seize up, cumming strongly, her body jerking while Cindy finished her off by burying two fingers in her cunt and rubbing her clit. She moaned and groaned throughout. I looked down at Cindy and she smiled at me again and pulled her fingers to her mouth that had just been in Louise and licked them. I knew she was prodding me mentally… and then she did it physically. I was getting close and she knew it, so she took one of those fingers and starting running it around my asshole. All my nerve endings were firing and I could feel every movement of her fingertip. She then took that finger and started pushing against my anus as I continued to fuck Louise in the ass. I was starting to shake and the orgasm was coming. I picked up my pace and Louise groaned loudly. Cindy waited and waited until she knew I was going to cum. She pushed on her finger and shoved it in to the first knuckle just as I was getting there and it felt like I came buckets. I grabbed tightly onto Louise to keep from falling over as I thrust and spurted several times in her. I thought I was putting a gallon of cum in her, but with all the fucking I had been doing I’m sure that was just an illusion. Cindy pulled her finger out and I relaxed against Louise’s ass. My dick was shrinking up rapidly and I was in a taxing position with one leg on the floor and another on the couch, so I pulled out and backed away. I looked down at the computer and the comments were confirming that that was an extremely hot scene. I then watched as some of my cum started running out of Louise’s ass. Cindy stared at it and then looked at the camera. She pointed up at it and smiled. She then lifted her head and started licking and slurping on Louise’s ass. Once again Louise groaned and submitted to Cindy’s ministrations.

Finally, all three of us spent, Cindy put her head back down and Louise clambered off and sat down on the couch. Cindy crawled out of her position and sat up straight again. They both waved to the camera and even though there were 5 minutes left, I typed a good-bye message and we closed down our broadcast. As soon as we did, the phone rang.

“Hello?” I thought I might know who it was and I was correct. It was Jack.

“Out-fucking-standing show, Dennis! I can’t believe how fucking hot that was! Put Louise on the phone.”

“Here, Louise, it’s Jack.” I handed her the handset.

“Hello, honey… uh, Master.” Pause. “Yes, I did really enjoy it.” Pause. “Thank you, Master. I am at your command.” Pause. “Yes, sir, I loved being fucked in the ass.” Pause. “Yes, sir, I loved that you commanded me to have Dennis fuck me in the ass. I will always do as you say.” Pause. “I love you, too, Master Jack.” She handed the phone back to me. “He wants to talk to you.”

“Yes, Jack.”

“I want you to make sure to get her some strange dick tomorrow. Make her suck somebody off, take a pic with your phone, and then send it to me.”

“You sure, Jack?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m pushing the limits with Louise and finding that she has none as long as I have commanded it. She is so into being my slave that I am shocked that it took so long to come out.”

“Okay, Jack. We’ll do that.” I looked Louise in the eyes. “I really loved butt-fucking your little whore.”

Jack chuckled. “I loved it, too. Never thought I’d say that, but then, here we are. Listen, I gotta run. I’m meeting some new sales dweebs and offering my guidance on how to be good at it. Talk more later.”

“Okay, Jack. Bye.” I turned to my slaves. “Okay, ladies. We’ll keep it nice on Thanksgiving. We have some work to do tomorrow, so let’s get some rest.”

We all traipsed upstairs, prepared for bed, and were asleep in no time. Large Thanksgiving dinners and unbridled sex are great for inducing sleep.

Black Friday – Day Five

Friday morning I was awakened by the sounds of slurping and sucking. I rolled over and the two ladies were in a 69, making as much noise as possible, purposefully waking me up. I stared at them for a second, Louise was on top. I waited until they knew I was awake before taking action. When Louise raised her face from Cindy’s pussy and smiled at me, I let them have it.

“Stop!” The both looked up at me. “You slaves are not allowed to play without my permission. Now stop immediately and both of you lay face down on the bed.” I crawled out and let them do so. I had the beginnings of an erection, but tried to ignore it. They both lay down and stared at each other. I had the feeling the way they looked at each other that this was what they wanted and expected. It was a little strange to me, but Cindy had voiced her desire for more spankings and I knew Louise liked them, too, so I decided to give them what they wanted. Of course, I didn’t mind one little bit, either! I had never had a chance to explore this side of myself and I was beginning to enjoy it!

I walked over to my closet and pulled out a belt. I knew that this would get their attention. I waved it around and felt its flexibility – all a show for them, of course. It worked, too. They stared at it, looking unsure now that they saw what implement I was going to use on them.

I smiled. “Not what you had in mind, eh, my little sluts?” They just stared at me. “I think five swats each should do it for this minor transgression.” They continued to stare and when I got into position to spank them with it I could feel the tension in the air. “Now listen up, you horny cunts. I am going to take turns swatting each of you and when you are hit, you will respond with the count of your swat and thank me for disciplining you, understand?”

“Yes, Master.” They both murmured it very tentatively.

Smack! I hit Louise first with a decent swat, but not real hard. It was still enough to leave a nice red mark and the surprise was probably as shocking as the hit.

“One, Master, thank you!”

Smack! Cindy’s ass was next.

“One, Master, thank you!” Cindy’s voice wavered a little.

I gave the second and third strokes to each and they were holding up well. When I gave the fourth, I used a little more force and their reaction to it was noticeable. They both jerked and moaned and then thanked me for it. I could see the red marks from each smack on their asses. It was glorious and I found that I liked it more than I expected. I was now sporting an extremely hard dick and I knew that this was not the last time I was going to want to do this. I looked closely at them and they both had tears forming in their eyes, but they held on. I gave them each their final blow and they thanked me. They both seemed to visibly relax after the last one and they both released a smothered sob. I looked at the beautiful red-striped asses in front of me and wanted to fuck them both. Instead, I went into the bathroom and retrieved some hand lotion and sat next to them. They looked up when they felt the bed depress and I showed them the lotion.

“Just lay still and let Master take care of those red asses.” They both put their heads back down. I squirted some on Louise’s ass and she jerked at the coolness of the lotion on the sore welts, but as I rubbed it around she almost purred. I ran my hand down onto her pussy to find that she was soaked. I guess she liked it.

I then did the same to Cindy and her ass felt wonderful. I love the tight athletic ass of my wife, it was beautiful with the red stripes on it, and I loved rubbing the lotion in. I then ran my fingers down onto her pussy and she was soaked, too.

“I think that spanking turned on my little sluts.” There was recognition in their eyes, but they didn’t respond. “Since you were bad little girls, I want the two of you to go stand in the far corners of the room, facing the walls, and think about what you did.”

They stood up and went to the two corners. They both faced the walls and I stared at the nice bodies with the reddened asses. I ran downstairs and retrieved the camera. I came back up and they had not moved. I took some pictures of them, making sure to get full bodied shots and some close-ups of their asses. I ran downstairs and fired up my computer. I pulled the SD card out, copied the pictures over and sent a couple of the good ones to Jack. I told him that they required disciplining and I had seen to it. I couldn’t wait to see what he had to say about it.

I went back upstairs and they were still there. I told them to stay put and took a shower. When I came out, they were still standing there, but I could see that they were getting tired of the standing and were shifting from foot to foot to try to relax. I left them there a little longer and then told them to sit side by side on the bed.

I stood in front of them, my dick not quite hard. “Did you ladies learn your lesson?” They both just nodded and looked at the floor. “You are not allowed to play with my pussies unless I tell you to, got it?” I got murmured responses indicating that they did. “Today, we are going to have nothing to do with sex until much later. You slaves cannot touch yourselves or me until I say so, except to take a shower and get dressed. I want you two to dress like ladies, nothing slutty, but it should show off your best assets. Cindy, for you that’s your ass, and for Louise, that’s your tits.” I stepped over and ran my hands over Louise’s big tits, pinching the nipples and watching them stand up. “Yes, they are definitely a great asset.” I looked over at the clock. It was approaching 10am. “Now you two get dressed and then we’ll have some brunch.”

When they came down dressed, I took them to the nearby mall and we went to a small café. Cindy was wearing a very tight pair of low cut jeans, lower than I even knew she had, and a loose blouse that only came to her waist. This left a couple of inches of skin showing and let her strut along, wiggling that hot fucking ass. Louise was wearing a knee length dress that was low cut in front. It showed just enough cleavage to be acceptable for a lady, but let everyone know that she had some nice tits.

We ate and enjoyed the meal and nothing was said of the week so far or the activities during that time. When we left we went home and I told them to relax for a while. They watched TV while I called an acquaintance, Roger, that I knew had been to a couple of the local adult bookstores and shops. I found out what I wanted to know and looked up the location. I then checked my email and Jack was ecstatic about the shots of the two red-striped asses that I had sent. Finally, I returned to the den and found that they were watching an old movie. It was approaching 2pm, so I told them we were leaving and to stay in their current dress.

It was about 30 miles to the adult store that I wanted to go to and it took a while to get there. The Black Friday traffic was definitely in full swing at this point. The really, really early risers who went to the stores that were selling items in the latest craze were probably just going home and the other shoppers just starting. In any case, it took us almost an hour to get there. When I pulled up in front, they both looked at me and tried not to smile. I could tell that all the activity of the last few weeks was turning all three of us into perpetually horny and very open individuals.

We entered the store and there were very few people in there. There was one couple browsing the adult films and a guy in one corner looking at something I couldn’t see. The person behind the desk was a younger woman, probably in her early twenties, who had more than enough tattoos and piercings for any other three people. I started toward the back right where my buddy Roger had told me the viewing booths were. He had told me that there was a glory hole back there, but that it was well covered. It was not used much, but could sometimes be found to be open. I didn’t wonder how he found out. He was single, 35, and completely immersed in porn.

There were four booths back there and I told the ladies to wait. I went up to the front desk and looked again at the cashier. She was kind of hot, but all those piercings were not really my style. In any case, I asked her if the booths were in operation and she said they were. I looked around and leaned a little closer. “Is there a glory hole in there?”

She looked at me for a second and then over at Cindy and Louise. She smiled. “Of course. It’s in the last booth on the right and the hole is under a poster on the left hand side. Just lift it off its hanger and the hole will be there. Are you going to put one of your sluts in there?” She said it like she was talking about the latest entertainment news.


She smiled. “Do you want me to make it known to the customers?”

I looked around. “How many are there?

“There’s the couple over in the movie section, that one gentleman over by the bondage toys and there’s a guy in the first booth. That enough?”

I smiled at her. “Yes, it’s our first time.”

She smiled again. “Okay. Good luck. I’ll pass the word.” She stood up as she finished that and I returned to Cindy and Louise. I led them into the last booth and we removed the poster. They immediately knew that it was a glory hole. I’m not sure how Cindy knew since we had never discussed this between us, but she knew. We waited for a couple of minutes. I told them the rules.

“Okay, there is one glory hole. Louise, you will be first. I want you to suck the first dick that comes thru that hole. No cum swallowing. When they get ready to shoot, back off and let them cum all over your tits. Make sure you pull your top down before you start.”

I stuck my head out of the booth and saw the cashier telling the guy who had been in the first booth about the glory hole. He looked down at me and I gave him the thumbs up. He immediately came to the booth next to ours and entered. He already had a hard on and was probably jacking off to a movie. Icky, but we couldn’t be choosy.

I pulled back into the booth in time to see a hard dick come thru the hole. Louise and Cindy both looked at it and smiled. They were both topless already, Cindy having removed her blouse and bra and Louise having dropped the straps on her dress where she had been braless. Louise reached up and jacked it a few times and then leaned forward. As soon as her tongue met the crown the guy groaned and I snapped a pic with my phone. She put her mouth over it and started sucking. I could see her tongue working it over and the guy started thrusting. I took another pic. I could tell that he had worked himself up so much that Louise’s cock-sucking ability was going to make him finish quickly. It was only about two minutes into sucking that we could hear him say that he was going to cum. Louise quickly pulled it out of her mouth and jacked it up against her tits. He came in about three good spurts, but there was not much distance on them and it just dribbled down Louise’s tits. I took one last pic of her covered with his cum.

Louise looked up at me as he pulled his dick back and murmured a thank-you. “That was pretty fast!”

I nodded and opened the door to see what was going on. That guy was just leaving and the next single guy, the one who had been reviewing the movies, was entering. The couple was standing behind him waiting and the woman looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and she walked over to me confidently.

“You have two women in there ready to suck cock?”


A reminder that this is a Non-Consent/Reluctance story. If you don’t want to read about sex where someone is put into that position, then stop now and move on.

From the last story

“No, I wouldn’t have either. In any case, do you feel like a little pussy right now?”

I smiled at her. “Why, do you know someone who has a little pussy?”

She smiled and punched me on the arm. “Asshole. You know better than anyone that mine is pretty small. It has tightened up rather nicely after having two kids, I think.”

I laughed. “Yes, Suzanne, you have a very nice tight cunt. Why don’t you suck me hard and then sit on my lap and I’ll fuck you to heaven. Then you can take your messy cunt home to Bill.”

“Exactly what I had in mind.” She came over and we did exactly that.

Recurring Cast

Dennis, 41 years old, 5′ 11″, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy’s husband.

Cindy, 41 years old, 5′ 4″, 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis’ wife.

Diane, 41 years old, 5′ 7″, 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy’s.

Becky, 38 years old, 5′ 9″, 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy’s friend, widow.

Jack, 42 years old, 6′, 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise’s husband.

Louise, 38 years old, 5′ 4″, 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack’s wife.

Jackie, 19 years old, 5’6″, 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.

Katy, 19 years old, 5’6″, 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, Jackie’s friend, now Dennis’ sub.

Suzanne, 36 years old, 5’5″, 125 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, neighborhood acquaintance.

Bill, 38 years old, 5’9″, 170 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, Suzanne’s husband.

I was in my office the next week, having taken a break from the wild times we were having. Katy was still our slave and living with us, but other than that, we were taking it easy. On Friday, it was almost 11:45 and getting close to lunch when I got a call from the front desk that I had a visitor named Suzanne. Since she had never come to my office, I wondered what she could want. I went to the front desk and she got a visitor’s badge and we went back to my office. We exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes and once we were in my office she smiled.

“Can you lock your door?”

“Yes, it locks. Let me get the key. It locks by key from both sides.” I retrieved it from my desk and locked the door, hoping that she was looking for sex.

Suzanne smiled at me. “I want you to drop your pants and sit down. You are going to get the blowjob of your life.”

I laughed. “Not that I would ever to say no to this, but might I ask why you show up in the middle of the day to make such an offer?”

She smiled as I dropped my pants and boxers and sat down, my dick already fattening at the sight of this beautiful woman who had promised to blow me. “Do you remember that job opportunity that you found for Bill?”

“Sure, how did it turn out?”

She started pulling her skirt up a little to allow herself more room to move her legs and kneel. “Well, he went over there and found it was some older machinery that he could easily fix by just making a few critical parts by hand. He has the machine tools in his workshop out back, so he did that. He got all of this working in very short order. The guy who hired him offered him a bonus of 10% of the sale of the equipment if he got it all working by today so that he could empty the warehouse and not pay for more lease time. Well, Bill was able to do that and helped the guy sell it for $270,000. That means we get a $27,000 bonus, which will definitely help with our expenses and college.” She kneeled down in front of me. “Then, on top of that, the guy who bought all the equipment was impressed with Bill’s knowledge of everything and offered him the job of managing his maintenance team since his last senior individual had retired about 3 months ago. So Bill is getting a good bonus and a new job that pays well because of you. I figured that this was worth a little compensation for you.” She leaned over and licked my cock.

“Suzanne, this is more than a little compensation. With your skills, your blowjobs are worth that much in cash!”

She looked up at me and smiled. “Thank you. Now if you would quit interrupting me, I have some work to do.”

She leaned over and buried my dick in her mouth. She sucked and bobbed for a couple of minutes. Then she came off it and licked down and around my balls. The woman was so good. When I watched her, I got the feeling that she was worshiping my cock. It was so amazing to watch and feel a woman with that kind of dedication that I couldn’t last long. It was just so sensual and stimulating.

She looked up at me and smiled with my dick still in her mouth. She pulled back. “Do you have a nice load for me today? It’s lunch time after all and I’m hungry.”

I laughed as she returned to her sucking. “Yes, I think I do have a big load. I haven’t had sex for three nights, so I’ve been building it up, hoping that some gorgeous woman would come to my office and offer to suck my cock.”

Suzanne had to pull off my dick and laugh at that. “You joke too much when I’m trying to suck you.”

“Sorry. Please don’t let me interrupt your concentration when it’s on my dick.”

She shook her head and shoved her mouth down over my dick. She started swallowing and working the back of her mouth and throat on my head. She kept licking and then pulled back enough to lick and slurp around the head. Finally, I had had enough.

“I’m cumming!” I announced it although I’m sure she was very much aware of it based on my physical responses to her blowjob.

I started cumming and she stared up at me as she kept her lips sealed around the head and jerked it with her right hand. I kept pumping and pumping spunk into her mouth and she just kept swallowing it until I was done. She slowly pulled off and made sure she kept a seal around the head so that she got as much of my cum as possible.

She sat back on her heels. “Mmmm. You did have a lot of cum for me. Thanks.” She stood up. “I hope you enjoyed that.”

I stared at her. “Fuck! Enjoyed it? It was amazing!”

She giggled as she stood up. “Good, because Bill told me I owe you one every day next week to make up for what you did for us.”

“Every day? I think I’m going to be out of the office on Wednesday, so we’ll have to miss that day.” I stood and started rearranging my pants.

“Where are you going?”

“Into the city to meet with some clients.”

“Hmmm. If I don’t have any houses to show that day, maybe I could come along and I could make your trip more relaxing.”

“I would love that! I could never say no to a trip with you Suzanne.”

She grinned. “Thanks. I hope you mean that because I am great company, too, and not just because I give outstanding blowjobs.”

“Welllllll….” I let it drag out.

She smacked me on the arm. “That’s what I thought. You were only thinking with the other head or at least on its behalf.”

“After that blowjob you expect me to be able to think about anything else?”

“True. I did literally blow your mind, eh?”

“That’s for sure, you little minx.” I gave her a hug.

She hugged me back and then looked at her watch. “Okay, I have to run. I have a few houses to show this afternoon to a family from out of town. They are both nice looking so if they are without their kids, maybe I’ll get lucky.”

“I’m thinking they are the lucky ones.”

“Thanks, again. You are so complementary this afternoon.”

“Yeah, blowjobs do that to me.”

She laughed again. “I’ve got to run.”

I unlocked the door and escorted her back to the security station. “Okay, Suzanne, see you later.”

She said good-bye, smiled, and waved as she departed. I was one lucky bastard, I’ll tell you that.

The weekend went well and I had plenty of things to do with the summer now in full swing. The yard required a lot of attention and having a wife with allergies means it’s all on me. I did a lot of mulch and grass work and managed to watch some sports on Sunday afternoon and the weekend was over before I knew it.

On Monday, I got a call about 10:30am from Suzanne. She had someone come into town looking at houses in a hurry and wouldn’t be able to make our lunchtime meeting (blowjob). Damn! I had been on the edge of my seat in anticipation all morning. I managed to get thru the day without my daily blowjob, but I knew I was going to attack Cindy or Katy or both when I got home. As it turned out, my evening was going to get even better.

I got home about 5:45pm and I was hungry. I was hoping that somebody had some ideas about dinner, but if not, maybe we could burn some meat on the grill. However, as soon as I entered the house I was immediately distracted. As soon as I opened the door, a naked Katy met me and took my laptop and set it down.

“Master, you need to get naked. The ladies have been waiting for you, and not very patiently.”

I smiled and looked at Katy. Her face was wet and she smelled like pussy. “Have they been using your face?” I leaned over and squeezed her ass as I said this.

Katy smiled. “Yes, sir. They have been making me eat them since about 5.”

I laughed as I finished undressing. “Well, let’s see who we have in here.”

I walked into the den and the only way to describe the scene was debauchery. Suzanne was laying on the floor on a yoga mat. The only way I could tell it was her was because I was familiar with her birthmark on the outside of her right thigh, which I could see. I couldn’t see much else because my wife, Cindy, was kneeling between her legs and licking and sucking on her pussy, while Becky, who I hadn’t seen in a while, was sitting on Suzanne’s face, facing away so that I could see that Suzanne was licking and kissing her ass. My dick was instantly hard.

“Fuck! What a way to be welcomed home!”

Cindy and Becky turned toward my voice, but Suzanne could only continue to work on Becky.

Cindy smiled and wiped some of Suzanne’s juices off her face. “We’re horny and have been waiting for a dick for an hour. Get over here.”

I laughed. “What? I’m surprised that this group didn’t invite some stunt cock over.”

Cindy smiled and Becky groaned as Suzanne continued to assault her ass. “No way lover. We all want a piece of you.”

This was going to give me a big head… well, big heads. “Where shall I start?” It was a rhetorical question that I was asking myself, but apparently the ladies had planned this out.

Becky turned. “I got first dibs. I haven’t been ass-fucked in a while and you know I have always loved it. Please, get over here and fuck my ass.”

It was true. We had found out that Becky and her deceased husband had loved to have anal sex. I was not as long a practitioner of it as she, but I loved fucking her nice, big, round, pale ass. She had introduced me to it and we had been training Cindy for it, but hadn’t taken the plunge – so to speak.

I walked over and squatted over Suzanne’s body. I reached down and squeezed her tits and then sat astride her chest. Becky bent over further and arched her back. She put her ass up in the air and I could finally see Suzanne’s face.

Suzanne smiled. “Hello.”

“Well, hello, it’s my favorite little slut under there.”

She grinned and just reached up and grabbed my balls. I leaned forward and lined my dick up with Becky’s pussy. I slowly buried it in and she groaned. I could feel Suzanne licking my dick, balls, and Becky’s pussy under me. I fucked Becky for about 10 strokes and then pulled out. I lined up my now soaking dick with her pretty little pink star and pushed. Becky helped immediately by pushing back and pushing out with her ass. Since she was a regular at anal sex, she easily opened up and my dick popped in. I started fucking her slowly. She groaned and I could tell that Suzanne was still licking and sucking her pussy. That combination and the lack of anal sex must have gotten to her because it wasn’t two minutes before she thrashed and came and spasmed under me. I was just starting to get really worked up, but with four naked women in the house, I was sure I wasn’t going to suffer.

As I pulled out Becky collapsed forward off Suzanne’s face. “Oh! My! God! That was so good. I really miss that.”

I grinned. “Anal sex, or having a woman lick your pussy, or my dick in particular?”

She laughed and rolled over on her back. “All of the above.”

Suzanne was licking and sucking my dick and working toward a good blowjob, but I had something else in mind.

I stood up and Suzanne groaned as I took my dick away. Cindy had also sat back and Suzanne seemed really primed. But I had other ideas. I turned to Katy who had been just sitting there watching and slowly fingering herself. “Katy, get the good lube.”

Katy scrambled upstairs to get it and I turned to my wife. “Cindy, honey, you have been a very bad girl!” She looked at me quizzically at first, but then she smiled. She was getting the hint.

“Yes, sir.”

“You need to bend over that ottoman and take your punishment now.” I pointed to the small round footstool that we had that was very low and padded. It was only about 15 inches off the ground and made a great place for someone to kneel and bend over to receive a spanking.

Cindy bent over it and I kneeled next to her. Suzanne and Becky and gotten up and now sat on the couch where they could see Cindy from behind. Katy came back in with the lube and I held out my hand to take it. Then I put my hands up and motioned like I was taking a picture, indicating that I wanted Katy to get the camera. She smiled and went to get it. I turned my attention back to my wife and ran my right hand over Cindy’s ass and between her crack. She groaned. “Are you ready for your punishment, slut?”

“Yes, sir.”

I smacked her on her right cheek fairly hard and it made a nice smacking sound. Cindy jerked at the contact, but didn’t rise up. I saw Katy take her first picture. I did it to the left, then right, and then left again. I spanked her fairly hard on both cheeks for 5 strokes each until her ass was a nice bright pink. Katy continued to take photos of me turning Cindy’s ass red. Cindy was moaning and I ran my hand down thru her crack and she was still wet from the earlier activities and the spanking seemed to have kept her that way. I turned to the other ladies and smiled. “Becky and Katy, I will need your assistance.” I turned and leaned over toward Cindy’s ear. “Honey, we started down this road a long time ago, but with everything else that’s going on, we have not completed our journey. Prepare to lose your cherry.” As I said that last part I ran my hand over her asshole, letting her know that she was about to have anal sex for the first time. We, Katy, Becky, and I, had used plugs on her regularly, but I had never completed the act of fucking my beautiful wife in her cute little ass. It was time to remedy that omission.

I moved back behind Cindy, my dick bobbing and pointing at the target. “Becky, please talk Cindy thru this. Katy, prepare her ass to be assaulted.” Becky moved over alongside Cindy to talk to her about what was to happen and be there as it did. Katy handed the camera to Suzanne, took the lube, and squirted some liberally onto the cute little pink star that was my wife’s asshole. She rubbed it in, all around it, and then slowly worked her index finger into it. Cindy moaned. She pulled it out, put some more lube on her index and middle fingers and worked both of those into Cindy’s ass. Cindy was much more comfortable with anal penetration now after using the plugs, but she had still not been fucked there. Katy sawed her two fingers in and out and Cindy was moaning as Becky held one of her hands and whispered encouragement to her. I moved forward and Katy immediately took her lubed fingers and applied some of the lube to me. I was definitely hard as a rock now. I looked over at Suzanne and she was taking a few shots of Katy and me as we prepared Cindy’s ass.

I slowly inched forward until I was between her legs and my dick was resting along her ass crack. I slowly moved back and forth and then pulled back enough to press the head against her sphincter. Becky continued to calm Cindy and I leaned forward and pushed against her resistance. My dick was slowly going in, slowly, slowly, until finally the head popped past the muscle. Suzanne was leaning over, getting shots of the initial entry.

Cindy moaned. “Oh, fuck, that’s big!”

I stayed still for a minute.

Becky was telling her about it. “Okay, Cindy, the head is in. That’s the widest part for most men and definitely for your husband, so the worst is over. Now he’s going to slowly push forward, then back, then forward and then he’s going to be fucking your cute little ass until he fills it with cum.”

I smiled and did just as she said. I pushed forward. Cindy groaned. “Oh, fuck, that feels so strange. The plugs never go in that far.”

“You’re doing very well, you little ass slut.” Becky grinned at her and Suzanne took more photos.

“Thanks.” Cindy managed. “Oh, fuck, that feels so deep.” She exclaimed as my hips met her ass cheeks.

I smiled. “I’m in all the way, baby. You’re doing fine. Now your master is going to fuck your cute little ass and fill it up with cum.”

“Just do it!” Cindy put her head down and I could see her tighten her grip on Becky’s hand as I started fucking her.

I started slow, but soon was pumping her at a pretty good pace. I knew it wouldn’t last long. It was so tight around my dick and it was going to make me blow quickly. After no more than four minutes I was ready. “I’m going to bust a nut in that slutty little ass!”

“Cum, baby, just cum!” Cindy was groaning and I felt Katy reach under to rub her clit. That set Cindy off. “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! Ugh… ugh… oh… oh… ugh… fuck!”

When Cindy came the spasms of the muscles in her ass were too much for me. “Cumming!” That was the only thing I could say as I groaned and started pumping her ass full of cum. It seemed like it went on forever, but was probably only 5 or 6 good squirts. I slumped forward over her back and grinned at Becky. I whispered to Cindy. “You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I love you.”

She turned her head and I could see her smile. “I love you, too, but you probably say that to every woman that’s let you fuck her in the ass.”

I laughed. “That’s true.” I turned towards Becky and smiled. “Both of you.”

Becky blushed at me indicating that I loved her knowing that she and Cindy were the only asses I had fucked. I had not even fucked Katy in the ass yet, but we had done plenty of other things with her.

My dick was shrinking fast so I pulled out of her ass and for a recent ass-fucking it closed back up pretty quickly. Only a little spunk escaped and Katy immediately leaned in to lick it up.

Cindy jerked at the contact. “Please, no. I’m too sensitive right now.” She rolled off the ottoman and onto her back on the floor. She lay there completely limp.

Katy grinned at us. “Sorry, I couldn’t let that go to waste.”

We all laughed and Suzanne got up to get dressed. I looked at her. “Leaving already?”

“Yeah, I need to get home to Bill and the kids.”

“Did you get some satisfaction, or do you want to cum before you leave?”

She smiled. “No, I didn’t get off and I need to cum. But my husband will be hard as a rock as soon as I tell him what I saw here. I’ll let him get lucky tonight and he knows all the right buttons to push.”

I grinned at her and stared at her tits. “With you the buttons are pretty obvious.”

“Oh, shut up!” She laughed and hit me on the arm.

Suzanne left and the rest of us had dinner and relaxed. As we watched TV I thought about how I was going to enjoy my blowjob the next day.

Tuesday was another glorious day. The spring days had been very nice lately. I was wrapping up some things for one of our customers when my phone rang. I looked at the clock as I picked it up. It was 10:45. I answered it and Suzanne responded.

A reminder that this is a Non-Consent/Reluctance story. If you don’t want to read about sex where someone is put into that position, then stop now and move on.

From the last story

“This is an amateur porn film. It’s not supposed to be the staged items that you see in most porn. This is for those who want to see people really having sex and not making staged arrangements to display what they are doing. What you guys are doing is fantastic.” She looked at her watch. “It’s been a long afternoon and Michelle and I are getting tired from holding those cameras, so let’s take a break and we’ll discuss the next scene, okay?”

We nodded and Katy and Cindy put on their robes. I got dressed and we went into the kitchen for some drinks. We were all a little dehydrated and needed a break.

I couldn’t wait for the next scene.

Recurring Cast

Dennis, 41 years old, 5′ 11″, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy’s husband.

Cindy, 41 years old, 5′ 4″, 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis’ wife.

Diane, 41 years old, 5′ 7″, 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy’s.

Becky, 38 years old, 5′ 9″, 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy’s friend, widow.

Jack, 42 years old, 6′, 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise’s husband.

Louise, 38 years old, 5′ 4″, 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack’s wife.

Jackie, 19 years old, 5’6″, 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.

Katy, 19 years old, 5’6″, 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, Jackie’s friend, now Dennis’ sub.

Suzanne, 36 years old, 5’5″, 125 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, neighborhood acquaintance.

Bill, 38 years old, 5’9″, 170 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, Suzanne’s husband.

Brittany, 27 years old, 5’8″, 120 pounds, red hair, blue eyes, Jimmy’s wife.

Jimmy, 29 years old, 5’10″, 160 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, Brittany’s husband.

We talked thru the next scene and discussed the best way to make it look a little believable. We wanted to make it somewhat reasonable. We all went over the general lines of the script and the setup.

It was now almost 4pm and I wondered how long they wanted to go before dinner. I was so happy with this turn of events, however, that I would forego eating for the next week to shoot this movie.

Michelle and Francesca set up the next scene immediately. “Before you three get dressed, we need to get some groundwork for the final scene. I want you to discuss the situation with Katy as was written.”

We all agreed and after some refreshments went back into the living room. They yelled action and we started. We were sitting naked, holding water bottles and looking slightly recovered from our sex romp. I started.

“So, Cindy, how long has this been going on behind my back?”

Cindy looked down at her feet. “About two weeks.”

“And how did it come about?”

“Well, I was working in the flowerbed in the front and Katy was out walking. She stopped to discuss the flowers and said that she and her mother had just moved in. We talked, then I invited her in for a drink, then she noticed some bruising where my shorts didn’t cover my thighs high enough to hide your last spanking, and she asked about it. I played it off, but I could see her considering it. We talked for a while longer and then she blurted out that she had seen her mother get spanked and it turned her on to no end. She asked if I could get you to spank her, too, but I knew that I wanted to experience being the top. I started playing up to her and got her a little turned on and suddenly just ordered her to do it. She did. I made her strip and masturbate for me. She loved it. I told her she was a slut and she admitted that she played with herself and masturbated several times a day and missed spying on her parents. I then spanked her for the first time and she was putty in my hands. I loved the feeling as much as I loved you ordering me around. It was different, but she was a cute young girl and it felt amazing to me. It only took me about 3 hours from when I invited her in to having seduced her into my slave. We have done it every day since then.”

I smiled. “That’s good, because now I’m going to get to have her, too. You can have her when I’m not here and when I’m here, we’ll both have her. How’s that sound to you, Katy?”

She lifted her eyes from the floor and looked at me. “Whatever you say, Master.”

“Good answer. Stand up and bend over in front of me.” She obeyed and I turned to Cindy while running my hands over her pert ass. “Honey, why don’t you take her upstairs and tie her down for a good ass-fucking. I have some business to attend to. I want you to get her ready and put on your strap on. Just tease her until I tell you to start. I’ll call your cell and then you start fucking this tight little butt, okay?”

Cindy grinned at me and then leaned over and kissed me. “Yes, sir.”

Francesca yelled cut and she smiled. “Not bad. A little fuzzy on the details, but we don’t have to provide all the details. Let’s have a quick bite for some energy and set up the final scene.”

We grabbed something to eat and drink in the kitchen and I thought about all that had happened in the last few months. I was in la-la land, reminiscing about it when Francesca broke me out of my reverie.

“Okay, here’s the scene. First, we will shoot you calling Becky and telling her to meet you outside of her home and that you have something important to tell her. Becky, we will get your voice over later for your responses. We will only film showing him. We will do the same with you calling your secretary. Next we will move to John, Suzy, and Becky coming up the stairs toward the bedroom for the big orgy scene. Everyone ready?” There were nods all around. “Okay, Dennis, get into position and get into your John character. You can actually call Becky if you want and she can provide her responses so that the timing is easier. Becky, go upstairs out of microphone range.”

I picked up my cell and nodded to her.


I dialed Becky’s cell number and she answered. “Becky Jackson?”


“This is John Johnson and I have some news for you.”

“Really? What have you found out?”

“I’ll come to your house with my secretary, Suzanne, and meet you outside. I need to show you something concerning your daughter.”

“What is it? Can’t you tell me over the phone?”

“No, it’s much better if I show you.”

There was a little hesitation. “Okay.”

“I’ll be in front of your house in just a couple of minutes.”

“Okay, I’ll be ready.”

“Bye.” I hung up the phone.

“Cut!” Francesca came up to me. “Okay, we’ll get everything set up upstairs at the bedroom and when I yell action, you call Cindy’s cell phone. Wait about 2 minutes and then come upstairs.”

“Okay. Got it.”

Becky, Suzy, and I waited in the kitchen until we heard Francesca yell action. I called Cindy’s phone and after it rang a couple of times, I hung up. We waited for a couple of minutes and then slowly crept upstairs. I motioned for them to be quiet. When we got close to the bedroom door, Francesca came around the corner, filming us approaching the door. I could see Michelle filming the action inside. I put Becky in front of me and then turned and whispered to Suzanne. Francesca filmed as Suzanne fell behind us and dropped her one piece dress to the floor. She was wearing only heels. We could hear moaning in the room and as it came into view, I held onto Becky by her shoulders, wanting her to see, but not flee. I could see Francesca zooming in on her face. Inside Cindy was fucking Katy in the ass with the strap on. Katy was tied down to the four corners of the bed, with her hips supported by pillows.

Cindy was snarling at her sub. “How do you like that, cunt?”

“I love having my ass fucked, Mistress. Please fuck me harder.”

Cindy was fucking her pretty hard and then started slapping her on the ass hard, too. “How does that feel my little slave bitch!”

I could feel Becky looking surprised and stopping, pretending to be frozen to the spot. I took that as my clue and turned to Suzanne. She smiled. I then put my arms around Becky and grabbed her tits as I whispered in her ear. “Just like you, your daughter loves being dominated, spanked, and fucked in the ass. Doesn’t that look amazing? How long has it been since you were treated so wonderfully?”

Becky moaned and licked her lips. I could just see over her shoulder as I massaged her tits and rubbed her nipples.

Suzanne was kneeling in front of her and started undoing her pants. Becky looked down and I could feel her tense.

“Don’t look down, watch as your beautiful young daughter’s tight little ass is ravaged. Watch as her Mistress fucks her!”

Becky stared at what was in front of her. She let Suzanne pull her pants and underwear to her ankles. Suzanne ran her fingers thru Becky’s gash and then showed me the wetness there.

“You’re excited, wet, and ready to be fucked, aren’t you Becky?”

“P… Please… let me go… please, don’t… I can’t….”

I continued to tease her nipples and Suzanne worked on her clit as we listened to the sex in front of us.

Katy was getting close. “Please, Mistress, may I cum?”

Cindy picked that moment to turn and give those of us in the doorway a very wicked grin. Becky almost gasped. “Yes, you little slut… you ‘Ass Queen’, you may cum!”

Becky flinched noticeably at the term ‘Ass Queen’ and I knew then that Cindy must have found out from Katy that Becky was called that by her husband when they played liked this. I continued to massage her tits and started rubbing my now very hard cock along her ass crack. She pushed back against me and moaned as Suzanne continued to play with her pussy. Katy came strongly and let out grunts each time a wave of her orgasm washed over her.

“Strip.” As soon as I whispered it in Becky’s ears, she obeyed robotically. She was now completely mesmerized by the scene in front of her. As soon as she was naked, I led her into the room, pushing her until she was at the foot of the bed, staring right up between the legs of the two women fucking on the bed. She didn’t move until I pushed on her back and ordered her to bend over. She did and I made sure she was bent over the foot of the bed with her legs right up against the mattress. This put her head only about two feet from the ass-fucking in front of her.

“Spread your legs and hold your cheeks apart.” I said this loudly and I could see that Katy was trying to see what was going on over her shoulder, but was completely blocked by her raised hips and Cindy’s body. Becky obeyed and just lay there with her torso on the bed, staring at the butt-fucking while Suzanne retrieved and rubbed the lube on Becky’s ass. I undressed and as I stepped up to Becky, Suzanne took my cock in her mouth and sucked it a little. I pushed her away and she just grinned and blew me a kiss.

I leaned over Becky as I positioned my dick at her ass and whispered to her. “Now be a good ‘Ass Queen’ and open up for me. I want you to remember what it was like for you all those years, being spanked and fucked like a good little slut wife.”

Becky moaned and held open her ass as I slowly eased my dick into her ass. It wasn’t real tight so she must have been continuing her ass play in some way. I slid in easily and she moaned.

Cindy pulled out of Katy and started whispering into her ear. I couldn’t make it out, but I could suddenly see Katy straining to see behind her. Cindy started releasing her, untying her feet first and then finally her wrists as I continued to slowly fuck her mother.

Once she was released, Katy turned over and stared at her mother. “M… Mom?”

Becky managed a weak smile, but could only groan as I took that moment to slam into her.

I pulled out and Becky moaned. “Crawl up on the bed, Becky. Katy, don’t move. I want you to hold your mother while I fuck her ass.”

Katy’s eyes went big, but Becky just groaned. Becky crawled up directly to her daughter and almost laid her torso on top of her. She kept her ass up in the air, being on her knees now, but she leaned over and cuddled her face into her daughter’s chest. Katy just sat there, frozen.

I crawled up behind Becky and reinserted my dick into her beautiful, hot ass. Cindy crawled up on the right side of Katy and Suzanne on the left. They both just watched and talked to Katy. I could see Michelle and Francesca moving around with the cameras, but I wasn’t paying them much attention.

“Your mother is one hot slut!” Cindy whispered this to Katy as she reached under Becky and pinched a nipple. Becky and Katy both moaned.

Then, while I was slowly fucking Becky, while Cindy was tweaking her nipples, and Suzanne was laying there playing with herself, I saw Becky tentatively reach out with her tongue and lick one of Katy’s nipples. Katy gasped, but didn’t move. Becky then started sucking on it and Katy just threw her head back and moaned.

“Oh, Mom.”

Becky raised her head. “Call me Mommy.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

Becky went back to sucking Katy’s nipples. I started getting close to cumming and Becky knew it by the increased thrusting I was doing. I looked at the smorgasbord of woman flesh in front of me and knew it was going to be a big blow. I started fucking hard and Becky pulled her mouth from Katy’s tit. “Don’t cum in me, cum on Katy.” The other women all went wide-eyed.

I smiled and within a couple more strokes announced it. “Fuck… I’m cumming!”

I pulled out of Becky and she moved to her right enough for me to move forward on my knees, holding my dick tight, knowing that as soon as I released it, I was going to shoot. When I got close, I pulled back on my dick and started jacking it. I shot three, four, five good ropes of cum over Katy’s front. The first two reached her tits and the rest shot over her stomach and down across her pussy.

Becky looked up at Katy. “Baby, I need you to clean off his dick. I want you to suck John’s dick that was in Mommy’s ass.”

Katy stared at her and then without a word she leaned forward and closed her lips around my dick. She was tentative at first, but then sucked strongly as she cleaned up my dick. I was trying to look shocked, but I was having trouble not collapsing on her as the feeling on my sensitive dick was so strong.

“Does mommy’s ass taste good, baby?”

Katy nodded her head and stared at Becky as she cleaned off my dick.

Katy leaned back when done and stared at her mother as Becky slowly leaned over, staring into her daughter’s eyes and started licking my cum off her tits. She cleaned Katy’s tits, then worked her way down to her stomach. Katy moaned. Then Becky moved to her pussy and hesitated, staring at her daughter.

“Go ahead, Mommy, lick your little girl’s pussy.” Katy was acting like she was getting into the action now and enjoying her mother’s attention.

Becky smiled and attacked Katy’s pussy with relish. Katy started moaning immediately, but Becky was not going to give her an orgasm, just clean up my spunk. When she finished cleaning, she leaned up toward Katy and offered her a kiss. Katy took it.

Finally, Becky sat up and looked around the room. She looked back at Katy. “Honey, your Mommy is such a slut. I’m sorry you had to find out this way.”

Katy grinned at her mother. “Mommy, I’m sorry you had to find out about me by seeing me get butt-fucked.” She giggled.

Becky then laughed. “We’re a couple of sluts, huh?”

Katy’s smile went away and she looked seriously at her mother. “Mommy, I watched you and daddy for several years.”

Becky stared for a second and then smiled. “So that’s where you learned to like this. You saw how your father treated me like a little slut.”

Katy giggled. “Yes, Mommy, I saw daddy spank you and fuck your ass and make you suck his dick. I have wanted that for a long time, but I didn’t know how until I met Cindy.” She indicated Cindy and Cindy put out her hand.

“Hello, Becky. I’m Cindy, Katy’s Mistress.”

Katy blushed and looked down. “Oh, yeah. Mommy, I like being dominated and Mistress Cindy is taking care of me.”

Becky smiled. “Well, I only liked it with your father, but I can see you follow in the family footsteps. I was introduced to anal sex by my mother, who was shown how by her mother. I thought I would try to break the mold, but I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far, eh?”

Katy stared at her. “Grandma? And great-grandma?”

“Yes, honey, all the DeWitt girls were ass sluts. In fact, if you are ready again, I’d like to show you my mother’s favorite position and how we were trained to love this.”


Becky turned to Cindy. “I need the strap on.” Cindy handed it to her and she climbed into it and adjusted the fake dick. She turned back to Katy. “Honey, here’s how I was introduced to this by my mother. As soon as I turned 18, she told me that all 18 year old women in the family were introduced to anal sex by their mother and father. I was flabbergasted, but she managed to calm me down enough to convince me that it was okay. I think she knew I was already sexually active and that all the DeWitt girls were sluts at heart. She positioned me face down on the bed, licked and sucked my ass, then lubed it up and slowly worked a strap on into my ass. I don’t know how they did it before her generation, because I don’t think they had these contraptions, but in any case, she had one. She climbed on me and slowly started fucking me. Then she lay on top of me and I felt the bed depress some more. I looked over my shoulder and my father was slowly entering and ass-fucking mother. She just lay there and let him fuck into her and bounce her dick into me. It was amazing and after she had an orgasm, she pulled out and then he fucked my ass until he came in me. That was how I was initiated into the anal sex family. Your father was told of this tradition after you were born and I had convinced him that it was okay. He said you had a great ass and he was looking forward to taking your ass. I was looking forward to it as well. Unfortunately, he was killed just before your 18th birthday. Now, if you would like to complete the initiation, Mr. Johnson will join us to take part. Is that okay?”

Katy leaned over and hugged Becky. “Yes, Mommy, that is wonderful. I would love for you to fuck my ass.”

Becky smiled and growled in mock seriousness. “Then turn over on your stomach, slut, Mommy’s gonna fuck you.”

Katy turned over on her stomach and arched her back, putting her ass in the air. Since she had already been fucked in the ass, she was pretty loose and lubricated. Becky added a little more from the tube that Cindy handed her and then leaned forward. She aimed at Katy’s little hole and slowly slid in. Katy moaned at that and it made Becky moan.

“Oh, honey, I’m gonna love fucking your ass.”

“Oh, yes, Mommy. Please fuck my ass whenever you want.”

I looked over at Francesca and she gave me the thumbs up. They loved the way we were acting this out.

I watched the scene in front of me unfold. I was getting a little chubby, but not hard yet. Suzanne leaned over and started sucking on my dick. Cindy came from the other side and reached down to grab my dick. She acted like she didn’t like Suzanne sucking me. “Hey, slut, that’s my husband. I’ll suck his dick to get it hard.”

Suzanne rose up and stared at Cindy from about 2 feet. She suddenly leaned forward and kissed her hard on the mouth. Cindy returned the kiss and when they parted she smiled. “Well, maybe I could share just a little.” She grinned and pointed my dick back at Suzanne, who smiled and took me into her mouth to finish getting me hard. I watched Becky fucking Katy, while Cindy fed my dick to Suzanne. It worked to get me hard.

Suzanne leaned back. “I think he’s ready, Mrs. Johnson.”

Cindy smiled. “Yes, I think he is, you little slut. You will also need to come by our house and receive some training, you little cunt.”

(c) 2012 by Cactus Juggler

It was a week before my husband George’s fortieth birthday when Dr. Ward first hypnotized me. I have to wonder if the therapist had ever heard a request like mine, or if any therapist anywhere had, for that matter.

The house was covered in white wood siding, and there was a sign on the front lawn, complete with two small spotlights, proclaiming the house to be the office of Dr. Charles Ward. Under his name, happy looking script advertised his services as therapy, couples therapy and hypnosis.

Driving by the house no less than twice a day on average, I’d never thought much about the therapist’s office. With George’s birthday fast approaching, I was getting desperate though. I’d only gone into the office on a spur of the moment whim, only meaning to inquire about the possibility of finding a solution to my problem.

I loved George; he was a fantastic husband and my best friend. Over time, the fact that I just couldn’t manage to give him the one “special” sexual experience I knew he truly desired ate away at me. He’d never had anal sex, and while he’d never pressured me, he did ask me to indulge his desire.

The problem was that I had no interest in that, and when we did finally try it things went wrong from the start. I was tense and uncomfortable and it just got worse from there.

It was so bad that he only managed to push the tip inside me before I cried out so loud that he stopped the whole disaster himself out of shame for what he was putting me through.

After that I felt even guiltier, so I bought some toys and lube and tried to practice on my own, meaning to surprise him with the gift of my new more inviting butt–that is, until I couldn’t manage to relax myself enough to even pretend to enjoy the smallest toy.

Two years later, I’d got it into my head that I was going to finally give him what he wanted for his fortieth birthday. I knew the problem was psychological, it had to be, and instead of driving by the white house with the sign advertising hypnotherapy, that day I pulled into the driveway and went inside.

After a small outer area the size of a big closet, where there were only a chair and a coat rack, I passed through the open inner door to an office that was really more like a converted sun room added on to the front of the house. The windows on three sides were covered with blinds that were closed for privacy.

“Hi there. I’m Dr. Ward,” he said as he came around the desk and offered me his hand.

It was mortifying just to meet him. He was both younger and better looking than I’d assumed. He was probably in his middle thirties at most. He had a great smile though, and a warm manner that somehow had me opening up to him when he offered to do a session with me right then.

“Relax, anything you tell me will stay in this room. As your therapist I’m bound from repeating anything you tell me, with few exceptions.”

He turned a sign on the outside of the inner door and closed it, and I settled down on the couch opposite the chair he sat in.

“I’m not sure I can talk about this. It’s too, well it’s embarrassing.”

He smiled at me again. “This is a safe place, Denise. You can tell me anything and feel no fear of being judged. This is what I do,” he assured me.

Admitting such a personal problem to a stranger was hard, but somehow I found myself telling this charming, attractive man every detail of my failed quest to give my husband the anal sex he deserved.

By the time I was done, I was past the point of no return. After sharing what I had, there was nothing left to be lost. When he suggested that perhaps hypnosis might allow me to get finally get over my hang-ups, I agreed after only a moment’s thought to give it a go.

He warned me that it would likely take more than one session, and explained his fees, and I repeated my agreement before he continued.

“Don’t worry; this will just be like taking a relaxing, soothing little power nap. All you have to do is want this, and I should be able to help you. So before we begin, let me make sure I understand what you want. The goal here today, the goal that we’re both going to try to achieve, is to help you relax and enjoy anal sex.”

Hearing him say it, even after what I’d told him, made me blush anew.

“Your desired outcome is to take pleasure from anal sex, and be rid of the anxiety you experienced in the past. Only you can make this work, so you have to want this, to want me to help you.”

It was humiliating to talk about it, but it was a bit of a relief as well. He didn’t seem fazed by my admission, and I felt somewhat soothed by his calm, professional demeanor.

“Do you want me to help you, Denise? Will you trust me to help you learn to enjoy, and even desire anal sex?”

I nodded, and he had me lie back on the couch and close my eyes. He told me to imagine myself in a white room with a series of objects. He described them, and described how warm and comfortable I felt in the soft, fluffy white couch in the soft fluffy white room.

“Look at the clock on the table in the white room. Let the clock fade away, and let your perception of time fade with it. Feel yourself sinking deeper into the soft white couch, so soft and comfortable now that you can barely feel your feet and arms at all, they’re floating and relaxed to the point that you’re not even aware they’re there.”

He continued like this, until the last of the items in the white room disappeared, and I drifted away into the foggy state of complete relaxation.


It took me a moment to remember where I was when he awoke me. I sat up on the couch, and looked at him with uncertainty.

“Is that it?”

“What do you mean, Denise?”

“Surely it must take longer than that,” I said.

He smiled, and then looked to his right. I followed his gaze, and stared at the clock. Almost an hour had passed, passed as if it was an instant.

“Oh wow. I . . . I mean, did it work?”

“We won’t know for certain until you try, and I’d like to do some more sessions to reinforce the work we did today in any case. That said, I think you’ll see the difference soon enough. You’re a very good subject.”

He looked pleased with his work, and I found myself feeling better already about my birthday surprise. George was going to be so happy, I couldn’t wait to tell him.

“How will I know if it’s working?”

He chuckled. “Don’t worry about that. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble telling. In fact, I think you’ll start to see the effects quicker than you might think.”

We discussed payment, and my next session. I shook his hand again and thanked him before I turned and walked to the door. He spoke just before I reached it, “You know, you really do have a lovely ass on you, Denise.”

It was a shocking thing for him to say. I felt my face flush hot as first embarrassment, and then anger filled me. I turned to look at him, and he just smiled. My whole body tingled with heat, and it took me a moment to realize that I wasn’t just upset with him, there was something else. I was . . . aroused.

“It’s so lovely that I can’t help thinking how much I’d like to be inside it,” he continued.

“Excuse me?”

“An ass like that just makes me think about how tight it would feel when I slowly push my fat cock deeper and deeper inside. I’m getting turned on just thinking about it right now. How about you? Does the thought of it turn you on, Denise?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was outrageous. But I couldn’t concentrate on my anger with my body responding the way it was. My pussy throbbed with arousal, and for some reason all I could think about was the way it would feel to have his cock inside me. Not just inside me–up my *ass*.

Then I realized what he was doing.

“This is some kind of test, right? I-I think it’s working.”

He stood up and approached me. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants. “Test? What do you mean? I’m just saying that your ass is so gorgeous that it has an effect on me. Look,” he said, and then his hands dropped to his waist and he started to undo his pants.

“I-I have to go now.”

It was already clear that his hypnotic suggestions were working in me, and as hot as I felt it was horrifying to feel that arousal directed at someone other than George. What did he think he was doing? Did he really think he could get away with this?

He had his pants open, and when he pushed down his boxers and his erection sprang free. He was pretty big, and despite myself I stared at it.

“I’m showing you what I’m talking about. Your ass makes me horny, Denise. Look at my cock. Look at how hard I am from thinking about fucking your hot ass.”

“I-I have to go. This isn’t what I wanted. I love my husband,” I told him, but still I gawked at his impressive manhood.

“Don’t fight it Denise. Can you really look at this big dick and tell me that you don’t want to feel it inside you? That you don’t want me to bend you over my desk take you from behind? I don’t believe that for a minute,” he said, and then he stepped closer to me.

My body yearned for him in a way that was beyond resistance. I hadn’t ever been this turned on before. My traitorous pussy wanted him so much that I could feel my wetness soaking the crotch of my white cotton panties. Why hadn’t I worn sexier underwear? Sexier underwear–oh God, what was wrong with me?

Staring at the thick length of his manhood pushed away my confusion and shame. The sight of that big dick left only one thought in my head. The only thing I could think of was hot it would be to do it, to lean over his desk and let him ram me right there. He moved behind me and then his hands were on my hips. I shuddered at his touch, and a moan escaped me.

“This is wrong,” I said, but I didn’t try to stop him as he guided me towards his desk.

“Then why does it feel so right?” he asked in my ear.

I was dripping wet. I needed that big dick, needed to feel it filling my ass. It wasn’t a matter of right and wrong any more, the all that mattered was my ass and how much it hungered for his cock. His big, thick, hard cock.

I had to have it. A needful moan escaped my lips. It was humiliating to have my desire so openly visible, but that just made it hotter. My wanton need to be fucked like a dirty whore overrode any embarrassment.

“It does feel right, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” I admitted with another moan. I could feel his erection pressing against me. A few steps more and we were there, my legs pressed up against the desk. His lips brushed my neck while his hands fumbled at my slacks. It felt so good that he had my pants and panties down around my knees before I realized it.

“Bend over.”

His hands pushed me down, gentle but firm all the same, and I let him do it until I was laying with my breasts and head mashed down on its surface, my rear obscenely exposed to him.

I felt his cock press against my exposed slit for a moment, and then he pushed forward and buried himself inside me. The sensation of him filling my cunt felt wonderful but I wanted more. I wanted him to take me the way George had always so desired, but that I had always refused. I wanted to feel him in my ass.

“Somebody’s a horny little slut, isn’t she? That’s good, the lubrication will help.”

He withdrew himself and I wiggled my rear back towards him in invitation. He was right–at that moment I was a horny slut. I wanted him like I’d never wanted anything. When he pressed the head of his manhood against my rear opening, I groaned with anticipation.

“Beg for it, you dirty little tramp. Beg me to fuck your ass,” he demanded.

Somehow his nasty words only made me hotter. I was dripping wet, exposed and bent over his desk and all I could think about was that hard cock of his and how it wasn’t inside me. Yet.

“Fuck my ass. Do it, fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass,” I pleaded.

His cock pushed against my back entrance and I tried to relax myself there to receive him, but he felt so big, too big. He grunted and pushed harder still, until I felt my ass being was forced to relent, swallowing the tip of him in one rushed bite.

“God, you do have a tight little asshole, don’t you?”

It hurt, but at the same time it felt so good that I gave a sound that was a mixed squeal of pain and arousal. He paused there with just the swollen head inside me and I bit my lip and groaned at the sensation of my ass being forced to stretch to accept him.

He pushed deeper and deeper, filling me. I groaned and shuddered as he invaded my rear, it was an extreme feeling–he wasn’t just fucking me, he was pushing my limits, delving a territory unexplored as he forced himself all the way inside me. I felt like I was his; somehow I knew that he was making me his as I grunted and moaned there, speared on his cock.

I struggled to admit him so deeply, but as much as it hurt, this was a good pain. A pain that I didn’t want to stop, because it was just proof that I was being fucked in the ass and loving it, fucked like some kind of slutty whore. Fucked like I needed to be fucked. My pussy drooled and I didn’t resist, I just closed my eyes and moaned as he screwed me, at first slow, but then with increasing speed and strength.

The sound of my moans was joined with that of his body slapping against my rear cheeks, every meaty whack timed perfectly with our moans.

I was shaking and heaving with pleasure and pain, reaching and grabbing at the desk as he fucked me. Rational thought was gone, there was only helpless need. Just pleasure and pain. Mindless, but unable to shut up, I muttered helplessly as he pushed forward with relentless force.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” someone muttered as we both came.

Sometime after I regained my breath, he withdrew from me and did up his pants. My shame returned as I pulled my own clothing back into place, but the pleasurable glow of being fucked like the dirty little butt slut I was hadn’t faded yet.

Despite my growing horror at the fact that I’d just cheated on my husband, I couldn’t help but feel something like gratitude toward him. He’d fulfilled me so deeply that I couldn’t find it in myself to hate him. I left in a rush, his cum oozing from my sore ass as I drove home.


By the time George returned home from work, I had showered twice and still didn’t feel clean. I was so ashamed at what had happened with Dr. Ward, at how hot it made me feel to think about what a dirty slut I was. About how much I was his dirty slut.

I made the best dinner I could, and I don’t think I was ever nicer to George than I was that night. I waited on him, I was affectionate, and I had every intention of being his whore in bed when I had the chance.

My sore ass was on my mind all night, though, a throbbing reminder of where Dr. Ward had planted his flag. I tried to concentrate on please George, but the arousal that lingered in me wasn’t for him, it was for the damned hypnotist.

It didn’t take any more seduction than it ever had to get George naked, but even though I wanted to enjoy it, sex just didn’t feel right. Far from giving him my sore ass, I had to fake an orgasm while riding him during normal sex to give him the green light to finish. It wasn’t hot, it felt wrong, like a chore.

He fell asleep hard afterwards, like he always did, and I went downstairs to hide my tears. Sobbing in my dark kitchen, I hated myself for how much I wanted something else. Something wrong. Something other than my husband. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I realized that all I wanted was Dr. Ward to bend me over his desk again.

The more I thought about it, the more turned on I became, until my hand slid into my panties and caressed my sex. I had only to imagine I was in Dr. Ward’s office again, presenting my rear to him like an animal in heat, and I was near the edge of release with startling speed.

My fingers moved faster as I remembered how his hands felt on my hips, pushing me down, positioning me where he wanted. I thought of the pressure, and then that sudden, glorious moment when he pushed his way inside, and I groaned aloud.

Tears still drying on my face, I had to stifle my cries of pleasure as I came there in the dark. I climaxed thinking about the vile hypnotist while my husband slept, unaware that his wife was a traitorous whore.


The next day, while George was at work, I found myself back at Dr. Ward’s office. As much as I wanted to never see the man again, I couldn’t stop myself.

Part of it was me rationalizing that he was the only one who could fix the problem; after all, he had created it. The other reason I was there was humiliating though. I couldn’t stop thinking about the therapist and his big cock. I couldn’t stop imaging him ramming my ass until my mind shut off and I came so hard that the universe exploded inside of me.

Oh god, what the fuck was wrong with me?

Somehow when I got there, I kept my clothing on and his cock out of my ass long enough to tell him how mad I was.

“You, you fucked me and now I can’t stop thinking about it.”

He smiled. “I just gave you what you asked for. Don’t you enjoy anal sex now?”

The shame welled up inside me at how strongly my body reacted to being in the same room with him.

“I was supposed to enjoy anal with my husband, not you.”

“Well, you should have been more specific then, shouldn’t you?”

He laughed at me, but even then I wanted to throw myself on him. I’d beg him to fuck me.

“You bastard.”

“Relax, let me hypnotize you again and I can fix this. Your husband never has to know what a dirty little slut you are.”

When he said it, I swear to you my pussy went squishy in an instant. I was a dirty little slut, wasn’t I? I had to get out of there.

“Are you crazy? I’m not letting you do that again. I shouldn’t even be here. I’m going,” I said.

“Oh, don’t be dramatic. You know you can’t help being such a filthy little whore. You know you want my big, fat cock.”

I stopped at the door again, seized by deja vu and his vile words. My pussy throbbed with need.

“Your ass still looks good. It will look better on my dick though, won’t it?”

His voice got closer. My hand trembled on the door knob, my heart pounding in my chest. How could I be so turned on?

“Get over there and assume the position, Denise. Do it,” he said, and I twitched as his hands touched my hips.

There was no resisting my need. I let him guide me to the desk. Let him bend me over. He lifted my skirt up and slid my silky black panties down. I hadn’t even remembered picking from the sexy side of the drawer, and I was filled with shame again, at the realization that this was why I’d returned. Not to yell at him, not to have him fix what he had done, I was there for this.

My face lay flat on the cold desktop my breathing ragged as I waited for it. My whole world narrowed down to just his cock and my needy ass.

He again used my wetness to lubricate himself with a deep thrust into my pussy, and I almost came just from that. When he pressed himself against my rear, then surged forward, forcing himself inside, I did cum.

The rest of it was a blur, as I lost all ability to speak or think or move, I just lay there hanging on as he pounded my ass with savage intensity.

So. Many. Orgasms. Oh my god, I was his. His filthy slut. I was a dirty whore for him. I was his toy. It was all I could do to remember to breathe every now and again, everything else was submission and pleasure, pure and delicious.

After he finished, he told me that he would hypnotize me again. He was going to make sure this time that George got the anal he’d always wanted. I had orders to follow. I was to convince George to come with me the next day. I was to tell him that we were going to fix my inability to give him what he needed, fix it with hypnosis. He told me to go home and reveal it as my birthday gift to him.

This is the next step in Jen’s development and is a follow-on story to “The Awakening” series. If you want to follow Jen from first discovering this to now, you need to start with those stories.

The following Wednesday morning, Matt’s alarm went off at 0640. He usually took about 5 minutes to wake up and get moving and then got into the shower. He slept naked and peeled back the covers to get out of bed. He noticed that Jen was already up, which was a surprise. As soon as his feet hit the floor and his eyes were more open, he could see in the little bit of light coming into the room that there was someone there, next to the bed and kneeling on the floor. As he stared into the gloom, the bathroom door opened and Jen came out. Now there was enough light for him to see and he looked from Jen back to see Christine kneeling there, naked. She didn’t look up.

“Master, I am here to shave you and Mistress has asked me to wait here for your permission.”

I looked at Jen. She nodded toward Christine telling me to get on with it. “Christine, I want you to go start the shower and tell me when it is warm. There is a seat in the shower stall and you may shave me there.” Christine bustled into the bathroom and I stood up and went to Jen. “You are more and more surprising.”

She smiled. “You don’t know the half of it.”


“Well… Christine and I have been talking since Sunday. She is a very submissive girl and has the desire to serve us fully. What happened at the party just confirmed it for her. She had tried to get her boyfriend to participate, but he couldn’t do it. They broke up last week just before the party and he moved out. She can’t afford the apartment by herself, so I have ordered her to move in with us. She will have her own room, but sleep most of her nights on the floor at the base of our bed on a small mattress I have found for her. She will be our slave and there are many ground rules that I will have to go over with you. For instance, she is my slave primarily, but you may command her. She is to be naked at all times in the house, no matter who is here. The others I’ll go over later, but for now, go get shaved and she’ll give you a blowjob. She doesn’t get to have sex or an orgasm until she proves herself to me.” She smiled. “So go get blown!”

“Wow! You are something! I love you, Jen.”

She smiled and hugged me. “Just let me know if you are up for this, because I’m not sure I can change the course I’m headed in.”

Matt hesitated for a moment. “I’m in. I love you and I’m in.”

Jen smiled. “I hope so. I love you, but I have to do this.”

Matt kissed her and went into the bathroom where Christine had the shower ready, the room already getting a little steamy. Matt climbed in and Christine got right behind him. She proceeded to first wash his hair, the rest of his body, and finally, his crotch. He sat down on the small seat in one corner and she went to work on his crotch. She rubbed shaving cream around his dick and balls and proceeded to shave him quickly. She kept him hard by sucking on him every so often. When she was done rinsing him off, she leaned back. “Mistress said I can only suck you off this morning.”

“Very well. Suck me off!”

Christine immediately bent over and started sucking Matt’s dick. She gave it a few quick bobs, and then pulled off. She lifted it and licked from under his balls up over them and all the way to the top of his dick. She started sucking in earnest, bobbing up and down. She seemed to know that it wouldn’t take long for Matt to cum. And it didn’t. After only three or four minutes of sucking, Matt filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed it all. Then she turned off the shower and got out. Matt followed her out of the tub and she was waiting with a towel to dry him. Matt wondered if bathing and drying him was to be a morning ritual.

Jen came in just as he was dry. “Oh, good. You’re out. Go ahead and shave and get dressed while Christine bathes me.” She turned to Christine. “Christine, you must not play with yourself at any time until I tell you. Now start the shower again. I want you to bath me and shave my legs and pussy.”

Christine started the shower again and the two of them climbed in. Matt stared for a second and then got on with his day, realizing if he didn’t get moving he’d be late for work.

Matt found that since he usually got home before Jen, that he had time to take stock of Christine’s development. Jen was working her over pretty hard right now. She had not been allowed to cum on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. When Saturday rolled around, Matt slept in and when he got up, he was alone. He looked at the mattress at the end of the bed. Christine was sleeping there most nights, but some nights Jen let her return to her room. Of course, she was naked all the time. When he got home from work, he could get a blowjob immediately if he wanted. He had not fucked Christine since that first toy party and was dying to do so, but Jen had given Christine her orders and she was reveling in following them as much as Jen was reveling in giving them. Matt searched the internet and learned that there were indeed people who were happy to serve in this manner, but he was still shocked at her complete capitulation. She was naked every night and he got a blowjob as soon as he got home. She cooked dinner a couple of nights, but was not required to do so every day.

Matt rose, put on his robe, and walked downstairs. He found Jen on the couch; legs spread wide, Christine between them on her knees bringing Jen to an orgasm. He watched silently, his dick hardening. His view was from the side, but he wanted to walk up and plunge his dick in to Christine’s red-haired pussy really badly. As soon as Jen was done he walked in. Christine was sitting back on her haunches and Jen was lying there with her legs splayed wide. She made no attempt to close them. She just smiled at Matt.

Christine was asking Jen. “Mistress, may I please cum?”

Jen looked at Christine. “No, sweetie, you can’t. Maybe later.” She turned to Matt. “Hey, baby. Just had my first morning orgasm. Wanna give me another?” She winked.

Matt smiled. His morning wood was at full staff and he just let his robe drop, leaving him naked. “You look so delicious with your legs spread like that, your juices all over Christine’s face, your pussy so wet and on display.”

He walked over to his beautiful wife and knelt in front of her. He looked down at her pussy and lined up his dick. He pushed it in. Jen moaned.

“Yes, baby. Give me that dick and your baby juice. Fuck me and fill me with cum so that our little slut can clean me out.”

Matt loved it when she talked dirty and it always translated to ‘Fuck me hard!’ So he did. He started pounding his wife, sliding his dick in and out, watching it as it pushed in until his bare pubis banged against hers. Then he watched the way her lips clung to the sides of his dick as he pulled it back out. He loved watching that. He looked up and her eyes were closed. Her tits were bouncing around, the nipples hard and wet, probably from Christine sucking them. He buried his dick in her and started rotating his hips. Keeping contact against her clit and making Jen writhe.

“Oh, yes, baby. That’s it. Make me cum.”

Matt complied and knew he would cum soon with his dick buried in Jen and the overall mood of pure sex in the room. He rose up, lifting Jen’s legs with him to give himself a chance to get his legs under himself with his feet on the floor. He wanted to pile drive her at the end. He was then a little startled when he felt movement between his legs, but looked back over his shoulder to see Christine crawl under him. He had forgotten about her, but she had not forgotten about them. She started licking his balls and up to asshole. Then he felt her head and nose as she tried to bury it down under them to get to Jen’s ass. He knew it wouldn’t be long now. He really started pounding now, Christine moving her head out of the way for fear of being smacked around, but still feeling around where they were joined. Jen went first, moaning and groaning and screaming his name. He loved that and it finished him off.

“Oh, fuck, here it cums!”

Matt buried his dick in Jen and erupted. He shot several times in her and then fucked her lightly some more to finish off his orgasm and milk all the cum out of his cock.

When Matt finished, He lowered the two of them back to the couch and withdrew his dick. Christine immediately leaned over and sucked him. Jen was laying there in the afterglow of two orgasms in 15 minutes, but told him about more of Christine’s duties.

“Matt, any time you cum, she has to clean you off; no matter what, when, or where. That’s one of the rules.”

Matt just moaned as she slurped on his sensitive dick.

When Christine finished she looked up at Matt. “Thank you, Master. ” She then turned to Jen. “Mistress, may I clean you, too?”

“Yes, my pretty little cum slut, you may suck Matt’s cum from my dirty cunt.”

She smiled up at Matt and winked. She loved using dirty language now and Matt thought he might even get another erection hearing that, but it didn’t happen while he watched Christine slurp and suck and clean up his wife’s pussy.

“Thank you, Mistress. May I cum now?” Christine was pleading now. She sounded almost like she was in pain.

“No, not yet. Please go into the kitchen and get out some bagels from the freezer. Make a couple for all of us.” Jen watched her go and turned to Matt. “She is amazing. I have had to use no real force yet. I have lightly spanked her a couple of times, but by and large, she really wants to serve us. She said from the moment I ordered her around that she wanted me as her Mistress. And I love it! I want to do it with more people on a more permanent basis. Does that sound bad?”

Matt considered it for a moment. “Well, I suppose not. I’m a little concerned about what we are doing and what we have time for. I still want to go out and have vacations with just us, I think. Don’t you think so?”

“Well. I hadn’t thought that far ahead. I know that we will want to have weekends with just us. I just don’t think I can let his go. I think I am finding that this is who I really am.”

“Okay. But we have more distant future things that we can discuss later, like having a family. Other than that, I want to you to continue to do what you are doing if it makes you happy.”

“Thanks, hon. Now don’t you have a golf game this afternoon?”

“Fuck! Yeah, I better get ready. I slept so late I forgot about it.” Matt ran upstairs to prepare.

Jen got up and went into the kitchen. The bagels were being buttered by the naked Christine and Jen loved the view. She went over and smacked Christine on the ass. “You were excellent this morning, baby. I think you get a treat. Later today, when I tell you, you may cum.” She then ran her fingers under Christine’s ass and onto her soaking wet pussy. “I can see that you are raring to go, too. Don’t worry, you’ll get some later.”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress!” Christine sounded relieved. She had given five blowjobs and had sex with her Mistress four times since her last orgasm. She was getting desperate, but afraid to beg too much for them for fear that she would get punished. She figured that was why she was sleeping in Mistress’ bedroom; Mistress was keeping an eye on her.

“Christine, it’s such a nice day. Why don’t you go sunbathe on the deck for awhile? I want you to get some sun, just don’t burn.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Christine was a little scared about being outside naked, but her Mistress demanded it. She just hoped that she could cum soon.

Jen took Matt’s bagel up to him while Christine got out some sunscreen and went out on the deck. Matt left about 20 minutes later and Jen took a leisurely shower. She came out and looked out from her bedroom window and down onto the deck. There was the beautiful slut she was commanding, laying there, her tits and pussy on display. Jen was about to turn away from the window when she noticed movement in the bushes along their fence. There were tall evergreens along the inside of the fence between Matt and Jen’s yard and that of the new neighbors. They were a couple in their late 30′s who and a teenage daughter. Jen didn’t know them very well, but thought that maybe the husband, who seemed a bit of a wimpy accountant, might be spying on the lovely Christine. She quickly slipped on her shorts and tank top, grabbed the video camera, and ran downstairs. She went out the front door and around the other side of the neighbors’ house to the far gate. She slowly opened it and was thankful that it didn’t make noise. Jen thought that maybe she could catch the fucker jacking off to Christine and fuck with him a little. She started the camera and slowly edged her way around the house. She was looking at the back of the peeper who was parting the bushes lightly with one hand and had the other in their crotch. But the real surprise for Jen was that it was Dana, the mother, who was peeping and rubbing her clit. She had pulled her shorts down just under her butt and it was cupping what appeared to be a very nice firm ass. Jen giggled to herself. She was going to enjoy this.

She crept closer and zoomed in so that Dana filled the entire frame. Then, suddenly, Dana let go of the bushes, put her hand over her mouth, and shuddered as she had a pretty good orgasm. Jen kept filming and slowly moved around to the right of Dana. Finally, Dana saw her and almost screamed. She squeaked and then scrambled to try to pull up her shorts and pull down her blouse, which had been pulled up over her tits. Jen captured it all live and in color. It was priceless. Finally, she got straightened up and she was as red as a beet. She looked at Jen and tried to take a hard stand.

“What the fuck are you doing in my back yard?”

Jen took a harder one. “I’m filming somebody who is peeping into my back yard at my friend, of the same sex, while she frigs herself off, that’s what!”

Dana’s eyes went wide and she stood stock still.

“Well, Dana, I think you only have one choice here. Unless you want this video to show up on the internet, at work, and on display for the family, I suggest you come over my house right now!”

“Wait! Don’t do this! It will ruin my marriage, my life, and destroy my daughter. Please, just let me have the video.”

Jen could hear in her pleading that she was ripe for the picking. A stronger woman would have probably come after her physically, but Dana just stood there, pleading. “No, come over to my house immediately and I’ll think about it. You need to apologize to Christine.”

“No, I can’t! Please don’t make me do this. It’s so embarrassing! I can’t do it!”

“Okay. See you later… and on the internet!”

Jen turned and used the near gate to leave Dana’s yard and her near gate to enter hers. Christine looked up quickly at the sound, but then relaxed and lay back. “You startled me Mistress!”

“I was next door getting to know Dana better. We’ve only met them a couple of times since they moved in, but she’s a pretty good looking older woman. She had black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and has very nice nipples!”

Christine stared at her. “Mistress?”

“Just a second and you’ll see.” Jen sat down and waited.

Two minutes later, Dana came into the back yard. She came over, blushing a bright crimson and stopped just off the deck on the ground. “Jen, can we please discuss this some more?”

“Not yet. Apologize to Christine about the fact that you were peeping into the back yard at her and masturbating.”

Christine stared wide-eyed, looking from one to the other.

“No, I don’t think I can do that.”

Jen was out of her chair and off the deck in an instant. She grabbed Dana from behind, wrapping one arm around her and riding her to the ground. She had her trapped on her stomach before she could protest and started smacking her on the ass… hard.

“What the fuck are you doing? Stop it! Quit!” Dana was writhing and trying to get Jen off while she yelled.

Jen stopped and just sat on her ass and leaned over her. She said into her ear. “Listen, bitch. I own you. I have you on tape peeping at another woman and rubbing your fucking clit. You are a closet slut whore, and I will do whatever I want with you from now on. If you don’t want that video to hit the airwaves, then you will do as I say, starting right now!”

Dana was whimpering and starting to cry. She finally broke down completely and started sobbing, Jen still on top of her.

Jen then got off Dana, rolled her into a sitting position and held her. She started comforting her like a child, putting Dana’s head on her chest while she stroked her hair and rocked her. “There, there. There’s no reason for this. You just need to admit that this is what you want and everything will be wonderful. I will be your Mistress and you will join Christine as one of my slaves. I will never show that video to anyone without just cause. You can trust me.”

Finally, Dana’s crying stopped. She looked up at Jen and then down again. “Okay. What do you want?” She sounded completely defeated, like a small child.

Jen lifted Dana’s face up by the chin and looked at her. “Now that wasn’t so bad was it? Just one more thing. You must call me Mistress when addressing me unless I give you permission not to. Understand?”

“Yes… Mistress.”

“Now that young lady up there that you were staring at is already my full time live-in slave. She does whatever I tell her. She has had to blow my husband and eat my pussy all week without having permission to have an orgasm.” Dana looked over at Christine and Jen gave her her orders. “I want you to crawl over there on all fours and eat her pretty little pussy until she cums all over your pretty little face.”

Dana looked at Jen. “I can’t. I can’t have sex with a woman!”

The sound of the quick slap Jen gave her even startled Christine. Dana was shocked and stared at Jen. Jen just looked at her calmly. “Listen up, my little slut. You will never question anything I order you to do and you must never raise your voice to your Mistress. Also, you forgot to say Mistress.”

Dana stared at Jen, then back and Christine. Christine could see the handprint on her cheek. After about a minute where Jen just stared at her, Dana slowly pivoted on her knees and crawled up the three steps to the base of the wooden deck and over to Christine. She stopped at the foot of the chaise lounge and Christine put her feet on the floor either side of it. Her legs opened wide and her pussy parted, showing the extreme wetness that was there. Dana hesitated.

Jen was right behind her. She pushed Dana’s head slightly. “C’mon sweetie. I saw how you were peeping at her. You want to eat that pussy. You know you can’t wait to taste those succulent juices from this gorgeous red-headed slut.”

Finally, Dana slowly leaned forward and gave a tentative touch to the middle of Christine’s pussy. She leaned back and looked up at Jen. Jen motioned for her to continue and Dana finally leaned in and took a good lick. Christine moaned. She was going to cum quickly.

Jen moved over next to Christine and took her hands and put them on Dana’s head. “Use her, baby. You know you want her to eat your pussy and make you cum. You’ve wanted to cum for days now. Do it!”

Christine took hold of Dana and did just that. She pulled her face into her pussy and Dana started lapping away. Dana licked her way up Christine’s pussy and lapped up over the clit. Christine moaned and was going to cum very quickly. She held Dana’s head and started thrusting. Dana held still and just licked Christine’s clit. That was all it took. Christine came… and came… and came. She thrust her hips up, her toes curled, and she tensed up several times as the waves crashed over her. When she was finally done, she let go of Dana’s head and Dana sat up.

“You’ll be paid five dollars a week, with room and board.” The Lord of the House led him down a maze of dirty corridors. They passed doors lying off their hinges, and some barely affixed. The plaster was falling from the walls in places, oil lamps left carbon stains on the low ceiling. In short, the place was a dump. But that wasn’t to say it was beyond repair. The foundation was good. He’d noted that the moment he set foot inside. The floors were surprisingly solid, and it was a start. As they rounded a corner an unshaven man lay across the floor, a sprawling obstacle. His trousers were down, hugging his knees and based on the profound odor hanging over him, he had to be drunk, and must have been for some time. A young woman was trying fruitlessly to get him pulled up against the wall and out of the way. His inebriation proved daunting to the task.

“Take it to a room!” ordered the Lord of the House. She delivered a swift kick to the man’s exposed rump. It was enough to wake him, and with the girl’s coaxing he managed to drag himself into an adjacent room. The Lord of the House growled. She was a stout woman, albeit small, standing at a height of no more than five feet. Her hair was pinned up so tightly it pulled all her features up toward her forehead. As a result her eyebrows were perched high and menacing.

“The former proprietor lost his mind, so to speak. Consequently, when he left the establishment suffered the dilapidation you see now. I intend to resurrect it.” The man took it all in. His broad shoulders bespoke of a man of means, and his large blue eyes, a man of diligence. The Lord of the House had hired him on the spot and he was thankful. The war had been hard on his hometown and many of the tradesman had taken to the roads in the years following to get work. A whorehouse wasn’t orchard pickings, but it meant survival. It was all he could hope for.

“Here is your room.” She reached into her sleeve. “This is the key.” He glanced over his shoulder. The door was nowhere to be seen. In fact, the hinges must have themselves taken flight with it. The frame looked as if someone had taken a battering ram to the timber that had formerly stood in its embrace. The Lord of the House followed his gaze.

“Yes, well. You shall have to ratify that. There is a mill one mile from here. You are to purchase whatever you shall need, and bring me legible copies of all invoices. I shall advance you this week’s pay, provided you start as early as tomorrow morning.” He nodded. “Will you require one of the ladies to do your laundry?” Another nod. “That amounts to a dollar a month. Fresh linens, a dollar a month. The well is out back. And from the looks of your stove, you may desire using the one down the hall to heat your water. At least, until you’ve made repairs.

“For all other needs,” she began, inclining her head toward his crotch, “whilst you reside under this roof, you are not to engage the ladies. You may eat in the dining parlor. The matron, a woman named Lua usually cooks, but if you eat with the ladies you may be expected to cook occasionally.” She clasped her hands behind her back and inclined her head slightly. “I thank you for joining us. Will there be anything else at the moment?” The young man’s blue eyes glowed briefly then faded. He shook his head.

“Very well,” said the Lord of the House. She turned and began to walk out the room. “If you should require my attention, send for me through the house matron. Oh, and Mr. Thompson?” At this, she turned swiftly and peered into his face. “Do smile occasionally, yes?” Without waiting for a reply, she turned on her heels and darted down the corridor.

He stood there a while, looking on in her wake. Then he turned and set the burlap bag carrying his life’s possessions, near the rusted cot. The very next thing he did was to sit down. The old cot stretched and creaked, but didn’t live up to its threat of collapse. He exhaled. It was the exhale of a man who had seen more than his share of hardships at such a young age. War and starvation had borrowed his precious memories without permission, and returned them battered, broken, when at all. He ran his fingers through the two months whiskers that had accumulated on his face. Had it been that long since he’d had a shave? He stared at his hands, studying the lines, the veins, the creases. All the while, he took in the sounds, the smells. The mold and the perfume romanced lazily through the whole of the House. There were ratty groans, despairing shrieks, the occasional nervous laugh. Yet, none of it entered him. The emotions a place like this might typically draw from a person, were all externalized, dead to him. If not dead, very much asleep.

He noticed a fractured mirror hanging on the wall close to the room’s only window. He stood with some difficulty and walked to it. As he gazed in upon his reflection his mind asked, Who Is This Man Where Once Stood A Boy? The question bespoke of a painful truth. Hair matted, lips split, face sunburnt, dirty. The eighteen year old was nowhere to be seen. He thought back to his mother, and what she might have said gazing on him now. Probably cry with arms outstretched, he thought. He took one last look. Let the boy die with those memories, his mind said. Only men survive.

Despite the near constant soundtrack of the whorehouse, he sleep solidly awaking refreshed. It was still dark. He stretched and forced himself up from the cot. Being a man didn’t mean rising was any easier. The urge to roll over and wait for the sun was still with him, however subdued. He’d slept fully clothed so there wasn’t much in preparation for the morning. He grabbed his overcoat and started toward the corridor. Something at the edge of his vision caught his attention. Upon the chair by the stove was an object that couldn’t have been there the night before. He drew near to discover it to be a half loaf of bread. He thumbed his chin and shrugged, then leaned down to pick it up. He broke off a chunk of the bread and ate it, grateful to whomever he owed his breakfast.

The sky had turned from dark black to a faded gray hue as morning made its approach, and by the time he reached the mill the newest dawn was creeping over the horizon. He gathered all the supplies he could carry and waited for the foreman. When the foreman showed, he explained to the man that he was working for the Lord of the House at Downey Street and the foreman was all too eager to draw up an invoice. Business had been pretty slow, he explained, what with the depression and all. The foreman, seeing his customer didn’t have a cart, offered to expedite the journey by offering one of his own.

“Free of charge,” he said. He even helped load up the cart and readied it to go. There was something about the mill’s foreman that didn’t sit right.

“Name’s Evers. Casper Evers.” He stuck his hand out.

“Guy Thompson.” The two men shook hands. Evers had a nervous air about him.

“S-so…you working at the whorehouse, is that right?” Guy nodded. The last thing he desired was small talk.

“Yeah. Yeah. So, you living there, too?” Guy exhaled deliberately.

“Oh, hey. No harm meant. I just, well you know, gotta girl lives in there. M-my girl, you know what I mean.” Guy didn’t know, didn’t care to know and found himself becoming annoyed.

“Look,” he said. “I didn’t come around here for the scenery, if you gather my meaning. I came to find work. That’s all.” Evers tempo came full-circle. His shoulders relaxed and he patted the lumber resting on the cart.

“Oh, yeah, no, no, no. See, I’s just saying maybe I’ll be seeing you when I come around s’all. T-to look after my girl and all. Might give you a hand with the repairs, that sort of thing.” Guy lifted the yoke and started to pull the cart.

“Won’t be necessary,” came his reply. “Got it taken care of. Besides, I’m not doing it for free.” Casper Evers laughed. Too loud, Guy thought. Evers walked along a ways. When Guy didn’t speak, the man went on.

“But, that’s the thing, ya know. I got this girl in there, and damned if they won’t let me see her.” Guy lowered his eyes, his muscles burning under the strain of the load. Despite the foreman’s chatter buzzing in his ears, the work felt good.

“Shame,” he replied. Less said the better, came his father’s voice in his mind. It was the only thing his father ever said, in fact. Unfortunately, Evers didn’t need much to go on.

“Damn shame, yah right! See, how’s about you talking to the Lord of the House? See about him letting me back in there. Well, ya know. I gotta see my girl, and all.”

“The Lord’s a woman, and I am not involving myself.” Then he added, “I’m sorry.” Evers wasn’t listening. His mind raced a mile a minute.

“Ah-a-a woman, you say. Nah, ain’t right. That ain’t right. I’s throwed-er let go by the Lord of the House. Name of Mewton. Yeah, that’s right, Casey Mewton. Real hard ass.”

“Nobody goes by that name. New Lord is a lady by the name of Charlotte Powers.” The consequent silence and dumbstruck look on Casper’s face was too much.

“That right?” The gears of Casper’s mind few as they were, were almost audible. Guy could but hear the thoughts slam into place.

“Maybe your banishment left with him,” Guy offered. CLICK! He heard the thought hit home. Evers whooped.

“Boy, I’ll tell you what. You may just be right about that! Say, well I gotta get back to the mill. Goddamn sakes alive!” He spun around and began trotting back in the direction he came. At the mill’s gates he called down the path to Guy. “Be seeing you fella! Be seeing you!”

Guy pulled the cart up to the front steps of the House and let down the yoke. His chest was heaving and his shirt stuck to his back. The first order of business was to rebuild all the door frames. It occurred to Guy that if he were running a whorehouse, God help him, he would want his customers to have their privacy. He strode up the steps, pushed open the double doors and set to taking them off their hinges. There was activity in the parlor but he didn’t pay it any mind. He used a crowbar and a hammer from his own set of tools and within twenty minutes he had the old frame down and the new stuff cut, and put into place. The nails from the old frame were salvageable so he used them to tack the new one into place. He replaced the hinges and hung the doors. He gave them a try and they swung without complaint. A call from the parlor startled him.

“Well, that’s a handy man if I ever seen one.” Sun in his eyes, Guy made out the silhouettes of a cluster of women sitting at a long table. They fell to a fit of laughter seeing him squint into the dark parlor.

“What’s your name?” called one of the women. His eyes focused. The woman who spoke was draped in a light tattered gown. The House was only a few degrees warmer than outside, but the cool April morning didn’t seem to bother her. Her hair was piled atop her head and fixed in place with a long pin. If not for her attire, she might have appeared somewhat dignified.

“Guy,” he replied, turning back to his work. The other women repeated his name, elongating the end.

“Guy, what?” It was the voice of another woman, but Guy didn’t look back. He started to answer when he heard a third voice, its tone commanding.

“Leave him be. You start in and he never get any work done.” Guy glanced over his shoulder. The woman was a spitting image of the Lord, Charlotte. Must be the House matron. The women immediately quieted and returned to their eating. Guy stepped out onto the font steps and looked out over the town. The sun was shining directly in and for the first time in too long it felt wondrous.

By nightfall of the first day, Guy had completely replaced every doorframe and door in the House, with the exception of one. Guy stood at one end of the U-shaped corridor. Before him stood a door that appeared to be very thick. It looked as if it had been painted not too long ago. Guy leaned in close. He could barely make out some lettering that was barely visible beyond the latest coat of paint. It read: Senior Officer. Guy shook his head curiously. Maybe not, he thought.

Lua had been the one to supply Guy with new hinges. She’d picked them up at the hardware store that afternoon. He could immediately tell they were of better quality. Lua turned out to be quite the opposite of Charlotte. She was a joker by nature.

“With your hammer and my hinges,” she joked, “maybe they will have a tougher time breaking down our doors, eh!” She was prone to slapping Guy on the back when she passed. When she came around to light the lamps that evening, she found him removing a shudder that had been nailed over a window on the inside. She slapped his shoulder.

“You let anymore light in here, and people are going to go renting rooms like it’s a hotel!” Guy chuckled in spite of himself.

“THAT won’t be so terrible, will it?” he asked. Lua roared and grabbed her gut as if she were in danger of bursting.

“Thompson a funny, funny character! But shoooo, he stink!” Guy felt his cheeks redden.

“Lua made you a very nice bath outside.” Guy looked at the tiny woman, surprised.

“You did?”

“Go see for yourself!” She led the way through the corridor, down the staircase and out the font door. She lifted her dress slightly as she descended the stone steps. Guy had trouble keeping up as she rounded the House.

“Come, come,” she urged. They came to a stone building, no bigger than his own room. Lua turned and waved her arm.

“Like Turkish bath. Though I never have seen one.” She laughed at her own joke. Guy approached and pulled open the heavy wooden door. Steam billowed out and struck them both.

“Nice and hot!” proclaimed Lua. “While you fix House, I fix bath. For hard worker.” Guy couldn’t believe it. Just inside sat a huge porcelain tub next to a smaller tub. Both were filled with water. One was steaming. Aside from the two tubs there was only enough space in the room near the entrance for a small bench. A box of soap powder lay on the stone floor.

“So,” began Lua. “You get inside now. Undress. Then hand me clothes. I no peeky. I know you nervous types. Give me clothes. I bring back clean when you clean!” Guy could feel his skin come alive. All the dirt that had imbedded itself in his hair, his ears, under his fingers, everywhere, began itch. He could hardly stand still, let alone refuse. He stepped into the steaming room, and Lua pushed the heavy door closed behind him. It was pitch black inside, and Guy felt for his boots, then unfastened his pants. When he was completely naked, he cracked the door, making sure to stand at the side, embarrassed at his nakedness. He handed Lua his clothing.

“Boots, too!” Lua demanded. “Worst stink of all. My NOSE knows.” He complied. She pushed the door closed quickly and yelled at him from outside.

“You know how to use soap?” Before he could reply, she cackled and raced off.

It had taken Guy a full ten minutes to fully submerge. The water was unbelievably hot. He felt as if the steam alone were boiling him to the bone. He soaped and scrubbed and lay back in the darkness, head just above the water. He had just started to doze when there came a knock at the door. It was Lua.

“OK, Thomp-SON! Time for you get into other tub.” Guy leaned forward in the dark and reached the lip of the tub next to the one he occupied. His fingertips dipped into the water. It was cool. He pulled himself over the lips between the two tubs and slipped in. The water was much cooler and it woke him up. When his head broke the surface he called out.

“Uh, now what?”

“What? I don’t hear through thick wall!” Guy raised his voice.

“Now what?” Lua’s cheery voice came back.

“Now, you done! Open door. I no peeky. Get you clothes. I bring you slippers. Your boots not quite dry. Come, come!” Guy slipped from the water and stood on the stone floor near the bench and entrance. He gave the door a heave and then leaned back out of the light. The cool night air made him shiver almost immediately. A hand shot in, and he grabbed his clothing. The door was pushed shut again. He dressed in the dark and then pushed the door open and fell into the brisk April night. It was nearly dark.

“How you feel?” Lua looked up at him.

“Years washed away,” came his reply through chattering teeth. Lua looked at Guy curiously and then grinned. Her teeth seemed to glow in the pale light.

“OK. How about a shave and then you go night-night?” Guy’s eyes widened. Wonders had not ceased. He nodded without a word, and let himself be led back to the House.

Lua brought Guy into a parlor beneath the stairs. It was just off the dining parlor and a few women milled around finishing their dinner. The sight of Guy, clean and smelling fresh awakened their lazy senses.

“Hello Mister,” said one.

“Look what Lua the cat dragged in,” said another. Guy felt his cheeks redden. Lua hissed at them and pulled Guy into the parlor and shut the door. She beckoned him to sit in a chair. Lua rummaged through a cabinet.

“You know, you have good head for your shoulders.” Guy wasn’t sure how the compliment was meant. Or for that matter, to where it was directed.

“Those girls very, very good making men nervous. You must have lots of girls when little boy. Seem so calm around them.” She found what she was looking for, a straight-edge razor. She then walked to where a small pale of water was heating on the stove. She used a towel to move the pale and then placed it on a stool near Guy. She handed him the towel.

“Put under you neck. Your clothes are clean now. Wanna keep that way?” She pulled a box of soap powder from a cabinet and scooped out a small handful. Lua dipped her hand into the water and the soap foamed. She then rubbed her hands together spreading the foam over her palms. She dabbed Guy’s face until it was covered in a thin layer.

“So, I was a-thinking,” she said as she crossed around and stood in front of Guy. “How about I leave you a nice trimmed beard. Shave neck, shave moustache, but leave beard.” Guy shrugged. Lua continued.

“See, this way you don’t look, mmm…eighteen.” Lua grinned as Guy’s eyes grew wide.

Lua put a finger to her lips.

“Sshhh. Pretty good, huh?” She grunted and lowered her finger. “You can’t have three chid’ren and not know the age of another one. Not when you see him in the face.” She drew close with the blade. “No matter how much hair covering he cheeks, or how deep he voice!” Guy leaned away as she reached out.

“But, wait. I thought…” Lua grinned mischievously.

“It true. Charlotte think you much older. So smart, she think she is. That why I say nothing, makes me laugh. But she realize she hire you so young, she not be so happy. Fire you, right quick!” She snapped her fingers, then sighed. “But you good boy. You need job, right?” Guy nodded slowly.

“Well, that’s that. Charlotte don’t know. She never have chid’ren. You keep secret. I keep secret. Don’t let girls know, neither! Some young girls here, but not so young. They eat you for break’fis. Spit you out at dinner. Better be good boy!” She thought a minute then brought the blade down on his neck.

“Maybe we leave the moustache, too.” She cackled and slowly drew the blade through the thick brown whiskers.

Guy woke up to the sound of steady thumping against the wall at his head. It was late, how late he couldn’t say, but his heavy eyelids told him it must be sometime after midnight. He lay there listening to the thumping. The day before the Lord of the House, Charlotte, had told him how they would stay open through renovation but on an appointment-only basis. Once they were ready for regular business things would get hectic and if Guy had to make different living arrangements that was fine. For his part, Guy didn’t think it would be a problem. For one, he didn’t require much sleep. For another, the noises were nothing too troubling. He’d lived his youngest years next to an asylum. During the fallout with the government, enemies of state found their final residence a horror not unlike a terrible nightmare. All hours of the night, trucks came and went. And Guy heard it all. A few lusty cries and a bed frame smacking the wall was nothing by comparison.

As he lay there, Guy’s mind drifted back toward sleep. As sometimes happens specifically at times like those, the thoughts hardest to suppress float innocently to the surface.

She had been working at the labor office when Guy picked that particular day to visit. He still couldn’t understand why it was that day. Maybe because school had let out early. The teachers hadn’t explained, just turned them loose. Maybe because he just wanted to see her. Or maybe, a thought nudged him, maybe he knew. Deep down, maybe he knew it would be the last time he would see her.

The labor office was housed in the enormous government building. Its marble facade made it the most intimidating fixture in town. She had spoken of many visits by high ranking state officials as of late, her voice nearly always edged with a certain anxiety. Guy found her in the staff office. She was furiously pounding away at a typewriter. When she saw him, it was as if she didn’t recognize him. She didn’t say hello, she only lowered her eyes and continued typing. Guy was used to her manner. She was intense by nature, but he wasn’t prepared for what had happened next.

‘Mother. Are you well?’ he had asked.

‘Guy! You must go.’ Her eyes had darted up for only a moment. She typed a few more lines, then grabbed the sheet of paper and tore it from the machine. As she crossed around to the front of her desk, she grabbed Guy by the shirt. He had turned ten the day before.

‘Guy! Now! I want you to go home. Grab one change of clothing. Then go to Nana’s. Get Nana to bring Seraph. Then I want you three to meet me back here.’ Nana was his aunt. She had been looking after Guy and his sister while their mother worked her recently extended hours.

‘Why?’ Guy had asked. His mother was nearly out the door. She wheeled about, holding the paper in her hands.

‘East has declared war!’ she screamed. Guy hadn’t understood what that meant entirely, but her fury, her anxiety, her fear, had propelled him to stand. He ran passed her, descending the steps and had just set foot on the pavement when there came a loud whine he had never heard before. As he looked up to locate the source, there was a sharp buzzing of a straining airplane engine. A second later he saw the plane soaring almost straight up into the heavens, the cry of its engine fierce.

Then the air caught fire.

Guy was thrown across the street into a column of bushes encircling a fountain. Bits of brick and marble rained from the heavens and struck his head and back. He covered his head with his hands, shielding himself from the debris. An awkward sensation in his stomach caused him to heave. As if an invisible string he only recognized the moment when it was being severed. His head was throbbing. He felt an urge to look over his shoulder. When he did, he understood. The entire government headquarters lay in a smoldering ruin.

A climactic whack issued against the wall, and then there was silence. Guy rolled over and fell asleep, damning all nightmares past, present and future.

When Guy awoke, his eyes were fixed on the chair in the corner. There was another half loaf of bread there. This time with a purple ribbon around it. He rubbed his eyes and looked at his locked door. Someone had come in during the night. Someone with their own key.

He dressed and went downstairs. The House was already bustling. He was surprised. It was barely seven. The sun had scarcely peeped over the horizon, and yet as he descended to the landing, ladies were racing about willy nilly. Just then, Charlotte appeared from the proprietor’s office.

“Mr. Thompson, so nice of you to grace us with your…groggy presence.” She hardly acknowledged him at first, but then did a double take. “And my, don’t you clean up nice.” The hint of a smile crossed her lips. As if that were an unacceptable sign of some weakness, she made certain to squash it.

“Ladies! Back to work.” She pointed at the woman who had yesterday asked Guy his name. “Eyes on the dirt!” As she exited toward the dining parlor she called out,

“We shall be ready to entertain guests in one week!” Guy had to admit, aside from the work he had yet to do, the place was looking pretty good. There was hardly any dust to speak of, the floors were clean and even the carbon stains had all but disappeared from the walls above the oil lamps. His eye fell on the caking plaster. That would be his chore for the day.

At noon, Lua came through, slapped Guy on the shoulder and made him come in for lunch. When he had seated himself at the long table, the women filtered in around him. He was surrounded by nine of them, each in what he thought were probably the most ratty clothes he had ever laid eyes on. Lua served eggs and bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today was no different. The women groaned and began prodding their food. For his part, Guy had not yet had a chance to tire of the lack of choice and hungrily dug in, content enough to be eating at all. Lua noted it, addressing the ladies.

“Should be like Thomp-SON. Now, he know good protein-rich meal when he eat it!” This brought a few moans from the women, but they otherwise ate quietly. A woman on the end finished and rose hastily. She addressed Lua.

“I will take The Jewel her food now.” The women looked up and waited for Lua’s response. Lua nodded. Guy glanced about himself. The Jewel? Was that another name for the Lord of the House? He went back to eating.

As Guy ate he couldn’t help but steal occasional looks at the women around him. If not simply because there was nothing else to look at. He noticed that although their dresses were horrendously sloppy and ragged, the women who occupied them all appeared quite cleanly. Their hair had begun to shine, no longer appeared rat chewed, falling straight or sitting in tight, neat buns atop their heads. He looked down to spoon up the last of his eggs, and noticed the two women’s hands on either side of him. Their fingers were spotless, and aside from the day’s doings, even their fingernails appeared manicured, albeit closely trimmed.

“Deception is an important business piece before one opens her doors to the public, Mr. Thompson.” Guy looked up to see Charlotte standing in the entry way between the parlor and the lobby.

“I see you have noticed some subtle changes in our ladies’ appearance.” It was plain to Guy this woman missed nothing. “Lua had the bathhouse operating much sooner than I anticipated, as I see you yourself have discovered.” Lua looked at Guy and grinned. “You are not the only one who benefits from its renovation.” At this a few of the women giggled.

“Quiet!” ordered Charlotte.

“As I was saying, you will do well to say nothing of what goes on in here. I will be ready to open the doors soon enough. Until that time, it is long-standing customer appointment only. The girls will wear their uglies until then. We do not wish to have the hordes tearing down our doors prematurely, do we now?” Guy had to hand it to her cleverness. Just then the young woman who had left earlier, returned. She was empty-handed. She was examined closely. When the Lord spoke, her voice was low.

“Has she taken lunch, or thrown it out again? Do not lie to me.” The young woman blushed fiercely, obviously intimidated.

“She ate it, madam.” The young woman’s eyes shot quickly at Guy, as if a strong notion had beckoned them. His eyes shone. The woman suppressed a gasp. Charlotte reached out and took the girl’s chin, holding her face close.

“Since she has chosen to refuse me admittance to her room, the responsibility for her preparedness rests squarely on you. Do you understand?” The young woman nodded, turning quickly a deeper shade of crimson. Guy watched through the top of his eyes, becoming more intrigued by this ‘Jewel’, by the minute. He was careful to look like he was eating, not eavesdropping. “That means if she is not healthy, prepared and vastly rested, you will suffer. And my dear, I assure you my wrath is not kind. Understand?” A timid nod answered.

“See that the water you bring for her bath is hot.” Another nod, the young woman’s eye downcast now.

If Charlotte were speaking to anyone else she might have grinned, knowing how much fear this woman held for her, but because of the gravity of the situation, her manner was quite serious. In fact, beneath the facade it was the Lord of the House who appeared terrified. She must have some investment holed up in that mysterious room at the end of the hall. For his part, Guy had an inherent quality he didn’t even fully recognize in himself. He could see in people, the true emotions hidden behind their deceptive veils. He saw with ease Charlotte’s trepidation. Her anxiety. His head lifted involuntarily toward the ceiling, as if he might see through the floor to that forbidden room. A feeling he had not had in many years surfaced. It was wonder. And the wonder was burgeoning.

Soon after, Charlotte left. Guy was beginning to stand when the woman next to him dumped her eggs onto his plate. He looked at her and she grinned sheepishly, biting her newly manicured index nail.

“I can’t,” he began, but she interrupted him.

“Miss Lua, I think Mr. Thompson is going to get up without finishing his eggs.” Lua’s head shot up from her food. She pointed at Guy with her spoon.

“I made for you. You eat!”

“But, I…”

“Tut-tut! You need be big, strong for work all day. One week. You hear Charlotte. Eat!” Guy sighed and gave a sharp look at the grinning woman beside him. He spooned up some more eggs. Truth of the matter, he was still hungry, so he ate. Ironically, just as he finished the girl to his left immediately dumped her eggs onto his plate. The plate had hardly been touched. So once again his plate was brimming with scrambled yellows and whites. Guy looked up quickly, sure Lua had noticed. But, she had her chin fastened to her neck, pecking at her own food like a chicken pecks at the dirt. Guy looked between the two women. They were grinning with teeth bared. He tried to smile, but didn’t understand their game. He started to stand, but Lua looked up.

“You try to insult me? Sit down!” She shook her head and went back to pecking. Guy’s jaw dropped. He didn’t want to upset Lua, but didn’t she see what they were doing? He sighed once more and slowly scooped up an egg. It was beginning to look less like the delicacy it started as. The woman to his right leaned over slightly.

“Now, you know what it’s like to eat eggs all the time,” she whispered. Guy smiled. Now it made sense. He looked at the woman. She grinned at him, her face young. Almost, beautiful. He looked around himself more freely. He suddenly began to see them all in a new light. They were all looking at him, some smiling shyly, others grinning openly, waiting for him to eat another plate of their amply dreaded feast. He chuckled in spite of himself. Lua looked up.

“Good.” She looked down. Guy returned their gaze, one by one. Beyond the rags, they each held a subtle charm. Yes, that was the word. Charm. Some were plainly beautiful, but Charlotte had done such a job of covering it up, Guy had not noticed until that moment. He finished his food and this time jumped up plate in hand, so abruptly the entire table broke into laughter, Lua guffawing the loudest. Guy gaped at her.

“You were in on it!” Lua rocked back and forth, her white teeth gleaming as she grinned.

“Time for work, Mr. Thomp-SON!”

The plastering was easy work, but it was tedious. The compound had to be kept wet but not so wet that it slid down the walls. There was a fine line between the two. It took Guy a while to get the hang of it, winging it, but soon he was in a steady rhythm. He finished patching three hours later. Charlotte was behind him as he stood, admiring his work.

“Good. This shall do nicely.” Guy took pride in her compliments, as hard a woman as she. In that way, she reminded him of his mother. He decided to see if she would converse.

“Say, I noticed some strange patterns on the walls, in the places where the plaster had fallen away. And over there,” he pointed, “there were some interesting designs where the papering had peeled off. Was this always a…whorehouse?” Charlotte shot him a quick look.

“Don’t mind that!” Guy sensed something in her manner. He quickly changed the subject.

“I think I’ll head into town and get some papering to cover the plaster,” he said. “Trouble is going to be finding something to match the paper that’s already on the walls.” Charlotte waved him off.

“That will not be necessary. Leave things of the decorative nature to me. What I would like you to do is install the new beds I had delivered.” He nodded, still curious as he descended the staircase.

The beds were a big step up from the rusted metal cots. For one, they were aluminum framed, and the boxes were of lacquered pine. Guy picked up a frame and started up the steps. A familiar voice stopped him.

“Hey you, fella,” came the voice, followed by an awful snort. Guy turned to see Casper Evers standing at the edge of the lot. He seemed hesitant about coming any closer. Guy frowned inwardly, then nodded.

“Afternoon, Mr. Evers,” he said, kindly enough. Casper seemed disarmed by Guy’s amiable greeting. After a moment though, the gears clicked and he recovered.

“Yeah. Uh, so you believe I can get in there see my girl?” Guy sighed to himself. He set the frame down, and not wanting to make an enemy, turned to face Evers.

“I don’t know, Mr. Evers. You gotta ask the Lord.” At this point, Charlotte appeared high on the steps. She called out to Guy.

“Mr. Thompson. I haven’t all day.” Guy noted a distinct change in Casper’s posture. As if a large, winged creature were descending on him.

“And if it ain’t the bitch who says so,” he cried. Guy glanced over his shoulder at the Lord of the House. She had her hands on her hips. Guy reached down and picked up the frame and started toward the House.

“Well, fuck it,” Casper groaned as he turned and stomped away. As he climbed the steps, Guy found Charlotte glaring distantly.

“You’d do well to ignore that beast,” she stated flatly. She looked out past Guy, over the town. “When this establishment re-opens, it will no longer cater to the underbelly of this town. It will maintain a certain class.” She looked back at Guy, her eyes piercing. “Both, of its staff as well as its clientele.” With that, she stepped inside and disappeared into the proprietor’s office.

It was nearly done and Guy was exhausted. The beds had been a chore; lugging the frames and boxes up the steps, up the staircase and into each room to assemble, then removing the corroded cots, each twice as heavy as the replacements. It was well into the evening that he was laboring away on the last frame, when a young woman entered the room. Guy glanced up at she entered. She sat down on the stool near him and watched. She was silent a while before finally speaking.

“How old are you?” Guy heard Lua’s words echo around in his head. He continued working, acting as if he hadn’t heard the question. The young woman fidgeted and from the corner of his eye Guy could see her dress had bunched under her upon the stool. He could see a good deal of her thigh. His mind went to a place where thoughts of this nature were meant to be harbored, to cultivate. But in Guy’s mind, those thoughts quickly discovered the place abandoned. The notion slipped from him just as quickly. He worked.

“We got to try on our new dresses today!” Her voice was merry. “They’re so lovely. Mine is pink with ribbons and butterscotch lace.” Her voice trailed as she rose. She trounced about the room.

“I’m Ani, by the way.” Guy smiled quickly, but didn’t speak.

“Oh! It’s been so long since we got to be beautiful! It shall be such a joy to receive the men like that.” It occurred to Guy she was in her own world, parading around in the rags, as if she had fallen out of a fairy tale and didn’t realize she where she was. The image of Guy’s young sister tore into his mind and for a moment he couldn’t see the frame, his tools, the room, anything. Only her. He had shared a birthday with her the day before chaos descended on their world. Had shared his birthdays with her for each of ten years he had been alive. And that was where she was fixed in his mind. She had been eleven. It was the last time he had seen her.

Guy overcame his reverie and stood. Misery was yet another emotion that slipped furtively through his mind, unable latch hold. He slid the box onto the frame and left the room. The young woman looked after him curiously.

The week passed, the doors to be thrown open the following day. The mood of the House was feverish. There seemed to be a never-ending line of women leading from the bathhouse, and Guy had had to repair the stove in his room just to get a bath. Charlotte had made good on her decorative promises. The walls were now doused in cascading volumes of billowing fabrics, laces and ribbons. It was a striking change. One that Guy felt completed the effect of a House of Pleasure. Someone else’s pleasure, of course.

Guy sealed himself in his room for the evening and took a quick bath. Standing in the tiny wash basin, he found himself missing the bathhouse greatly. When he had finished he shivered into his freshly laundered johns. He drew a breath. The air smelled richly of perfume, all traces of mold either masked or displaced. He walked to the oil lamp to extinguish the flame bathing the room in darkness, but for the window. He walked to it and peered out. It was difficult to discern much through the thick layer of dirt that clung to the glass, but a room across from his in the U-shaped House had its curtains pulled aside. What drew his attention was the intensity of the light cast off from inside the room. While he gazed down, he saw familiar figures pass the window. They seemed to be dancing, tossing face powder into the air.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the window. Guy felt the air being sucked from his lungs. His knees began shaking violently, nearly buckling. His cheeks flushed hotly, a tingling sweat coursed down his chin to his neck then consumed his body. His mind was at a loss to keep up. His eyes could not comprehend the vision. A face seemingly so unhindered by time…by anything. The chin lifted and the eyes sought contact with his. The piercing emerald orbs stared into him and possessed him. Guy felt a vibration, the trembling of lips on his soul. The vibration transformed into a whisper. We Must. We Shall. Guy fell back from the window onto his bed as if shoved by an unseen force. His arms, fingers, legs shook but not from the cold. It was something else. Something infinitely more mysterious and powerful. He could sleep a thousand years, but never be so awake. The face had breathed life into his dusty, forgotten spirit. Guy struggled to his feet and gazed once more out the window. The room across from his was dark.

He woke. Had he slept? The night was a myriad of bent, inverted images all facing one another, reflecting themselves back, in an endless game of confused tag. Like a diamond surrounded by other diamonds. Dreams, fractures of memories. His mother. His sister. His home. Suddenly, a fountain of emotion welled from within. Tears leapt into his eyes and danced off his cheeks. He had not cried in so long, the man had nearly forgotten the very sensation and it surprised him. The pain of loss came in all its glaring perfection. Pristine, intrusive, and strangely welcome. Like a diamond. A jewel. Out of the glittering darkness his vision slowly cleared. His skin drank the moisture of pain and tears. In their wake wandered in a craving. A desperate hunger that demanded new satisfaction.

When Guy came to, the daylight shone through his window. Out of reflex he looked there first, not surprised at the late hour but at what he might see. What he saw was a typical day going through its motions of dawning. His eyes fell upon the chair. It was unoccupied.

He sat down at the long table, barely able to fit himself at the end, the ladies’ billowing dresses increasing their girths considerably. Lua entered with the giant wok of eggs and set them in the middle. She wedged herself in at the end across from Guy. It was clear by the look in her eyes, he was in for trouble.

“Wakey, wakey! Mr. Thomp-SON, you sleep so soundly, you not hear Charlotte calling for you.” Guy’s eyes shot up from his plate.

“Oh no. Really?” The table was suddenly racked with guffaws. Lua choked on her eggs, not expecting her victim to take so easily.

“Nope,” she replied simply, then broke down in another fit of giggles. Guy slumped in his seat. He was drained. The alarm, however false, swept his appetite away. Then again, had he been hungry? He pushed his plate forward a few inches and stared down.

“Not gonna eat?” Lua had flecks of yellow at the corners of her mouth. Guy shook his head. It ached.

We Shall.

The whisper seemed to rise from the table. Guy looked at the young woman sitting beside him.

“What?” She looked at him curiously, her mouth working. She cocked her head.


“Did you say something?” A mischievous grin formed itself on her lips.

“Me? No.” She went back to eating, the grin never dissipating. Guy’s eyes darted about himself, around the table. They all wore the same grin, all except Lua. Guy started to rise, but suddenly felt a hand on his leg pressing downward, staying him. He looked at the woman. She immediately looked away. Guy followed her gaze to a youngish girl across the table. She said something with her eyes, was trying to, but Guy shook his head. He had no idea what she wanted. The hand that gripped his leg moved. It curled over his thigh, in between his legs near his crotch. Guy caught his breath and stared hard with surprise. The pounding in Guy’s head gained tension momentarily, then suddenly it was gone. The creases at the edges of his eyes softened. He felt strange. Reborn. The woman ventured farther with her hand. Her eyes she kept on her plate. She resumed eating but it was clear where her focus was as she slowly worked her hand down into and through Guy’s pants. He stiffened instantly at her touch. The hand made a further push, now firmly grasping his cock. Strangely, the embarrassment, the nervousness, the apprehension were without. Guy drew a long breath and exhaled slowly. A mysterious heat emanated from the woman’s hand and seemed to seep into his glans. Guy felt his stomach tighten and his testicles shift and tingle.

A sudden shiver took Guy by surprise and he bit his lip. The hand quickly enveloped the head of his swelling penis, and just like that, he came. Guy grabbed the side of the table and clenched it until the throes of orgasm faded. He thought he could hear a crackling noise inside his head, like the sound of soap bubbles popping. And then his mind was clear. All reservation returned and Guy looked down just as the young woman was removing her hand from within his trousers. His eyes were wide with shock and embarrassment as he gazed upon a large pool of semen resting in her palm.

Guy stared in confusion as the woman passed her hand until the table and poured the contents of her palm into the waiting hand of the woman next to her! The ritual continued all the way around the table, ceasing when all of the women save Lua had wet their hand with his ejaculate.

Their eyes were aglow. Each of the women looked serenely at Guy, expressions betraying a curious look of self-satisfaction. Of triumph.

Suddenly, The Lord, Charlotte entered the room and all faces were promptly cast down. Even Guy, afraid for the mask of embarrassment he wore, dropped his eyes to the untouched plate before him. Charlotte was dressed in a stunning, tight red blouse with ornate orange and yellow flowers woven into the fabric. Her dress pants matched, the light material swaying as she moved. Aside from her hard features, she appeared solemn.

“Ladies. It is time. Finish eating, and be ready to receive the men. Mr. Thompson, if you are finished, please accompany me to the landing.” Guy rose to his feet and numbly followed. She opened the door slightly. Already a dozen men were lined up, some with hats in-hand and fists full of hard-earned cash, eagerly awaiting the grand opening. Guy then noticed two rather large men standing at the door.

“These gentlemen are to see that procedure is followed. This is Charles and this is…I’m sorry, your name?”

“Sligh,” came the brusque baritone.

“There you have it,” said Charlotte. Guy shook hands with the two men.

“I have already explained to them your duties so as to allow you unimpeded comings and goings, Mr. Thompson.” She paused a moment gazing out over the crowd before continuing.

“It is possible, Mr. Thompson, that I have taken a liking to you. You seem to me a moral man. A man who prides himself on resisting the foolish temptations of immoral men.” Guy swallowed hard.

“Someone worthy of my trust. With the start of regular business, Lua will be busy with the ladies full-time. I will need someone to keep an eye on,” a sweeping gesture, “everything else. I would like to offer you the position of House Manager. You will still be responsible for maintenance and upkeep, of course.” Guy must have been silent too long for Charlotte’s liking.

“The pay increase is the incentive, you realize?” Guy took a deep breath. He couldn’t focus on the importance of this offer. Point of fact, he could not focus at all. His mind swirled amid a cloudy daze. The word survival kept bobbing at the surface, but its meaning could not be found. He shrugged.

“OK.” Charlotte was taken aback by his indifference, but she recovered.

“Have I been mistaken in offering you my trust?” Guy’s reply was crisp.

“I shan’t think so,” he said flatly. Charlotte decided the sun must be getting to one or the other of them. She concluded the meeting with a clap of her hands.

“Now, your first order of business is to observe.” With that she raised her hands and addressed the sizable gathering at the foot of the steps.

“Gentlemen! Is that what we shall call you?” There was an excited chorus of laughter from her audience below.

“Good. For those of you new to The Diamond Mine, welcome.” Guy woke from his reverie. He slid from the passenger side of the stagecoach in his mind to the driver’s. At last, he regained control of the reins.

The Diamond Mine.

Had he heard that name before…hadn’t he dreamt of a jewel of some sort? Charlotte went on. “For those of you who were guests of the Jade Palace, you shall find our new establishment far more welcoming. I am Charlotte Powers, Lord of the House. Before we open I will quickly tell you how this operation will be conducted.” A man in overalls spat on the first step and interrupted Charlotte.

“Just let us in for ‘em girls!” His bellow was met with a few grunts of agreement. Guy watched as Charlotte leaned over and spoke quietly to the doormen.

“See that he does not get in until he has learned some manners.” The two men nodded, fixing their gaze on the man, who now stood anxiously.

“As I was saying, there are a few ground rules. First of all, and most importantly, to gain entry all guests must first visit the bathhouse located at the edge of the lot.” Several groans issued from the crowd. A few cursed in protest. The mood was becoming slightly tense. Guy was amazed by the Lord’s audacity. She continued. “The bath is free gentlemen.

“When you are clean, and that goes for all cracks and crevices, my men will admit you. And do not try to fake your cleanliness. I can smell many of you from here.” A few chuckles arose and the tension was eased, though it was far from dissipated. Guy saw Casper step nervously from the crowd, scratching his jaw uneasily.

“What about The Jewel?” His voice was hoarse. Charlotte thought a moment, then decided to address his query.

“Certainly, I need not explain procedure as relates to possession of The Jewel. Her reputation precedes her. But I shall, so we may avoid confusion.

“The Jewel will be presented at 4 o’clock pm, at which time men may make silent bids to the House Manager, Mr. Thompson.” She touched Guy’s arm. “The highest bidder will have the pleasure of accompanying The Jewel to her private parlor.” A series of whoops lit from the crowd along with a mew guttural expressions.

“And you, sir,” Charlotte said, addressing Casper directly, “are not permitted, now or ever.” Casper’s eyes seemed on the point of leaping from his skull. He flew into a fury, kicking the dirt and shoving men aside. Quite directly, he began stomping up the steps. Guy saw him reach into his pants where a bow knife was tucked.

“Why you bitch, I’ll cut your throat!” He had climbed less than a third of the way when a pair of shotguns leveled at his approach. Guy took a nervous step sideways. He had not noticed the guns resting behind the doormen when they first stepped out onto the porch. Casper raised his hands gingerly and stopped dead in his tracks. Charlotte, in a challenge to her sanity, took five steps down, coming close enough to Casper to have her guts spilled. She spoke slowly to the crowd, though her piercing glare was on Casper.

“Be there no mistake, I am well within my right to have you killed where you stand. You are on my property, and are unwelcome.” She raised her address to the crowd at-large. “If at any time, any one of you overstays his welcome, my men will ask that you expedite your own removal. If you should find difficulty in doing so, they will assist you. If you refuse further, you will removed and consequently barred for a month.

“Further, if any one of my ladies is harmed while in your company, you will be removed and barred for a month. If there are repeated complaints on your person, you will be barred, period. As in the case of Mr. Evers, who has made a rather disgusting reputation for himself. Shall I elaborate, Mr. Evers?” Casper’s eyes turned a bitter gray as his cheeks flushed. “Please remove yourself from this property and do not set foot on it, henceforth.” He was slow to animate, then finally he turned, his body seemingly sunken in upon itself. Casper Evers stumbled down the steps and disappeared into the crowd.

“That is that. “Bathe gentlemen! Then the House is yours!” Men clamored over one another in an all-out scramble for the bathhouse. Charlotte turned and looked at Guy. His eyes were wide, a mix of anxiety and awe shining beyond their pale blue. It must have been a look Charlotte recognized as his return to self.

“Good to have you back with us, Mr. Thompson.” She grinned and led the way back in doors. Guy could not help but ask.

“Pardon my saying so, but won’t you be running yourself out of business, making so many demands of those fellows?” Charlotte laughed. Without turning around she said,

“For pussy, Mr. Thompson, man would climb to the moon if there were a ladder.” Guy could not help but shiver to hear Charlotte utilize that part of a woman’s anatomy is such a turn.

“Make yourself a fly on the wall, Mr. Thompson. I want you to see how things work. Observe Lua. She will show you. Oh, and perhaps if you are around at 4 o’clock, you will have the pleasure of a real show.” On this, she turned back. “But, do not look too close. If the bidders don’t gut you, your emotions may.” With that, she disappeared into the proprietor’s office. A tremor rumbled through Guy’s abdomen. Lua was standing behind the manager’s screen. She beckoned him.

“Come, come. Don’t be nervous. She love the power. Never have the beauty, but she have the next best thing. Maybe the best thing, really. She drunk with the stuff.” Guy slipped behind the screen and latched the door. He looked down at Lua. She was sifting money into the register.

“What power is that?” asked Guy. Lua grinned.

“You too young to understand it. But someday soon you gonna.” She seemed to think a moment. “Hmm. You can call it Pussy Power.” Lua laughed so hard tears leapt to her eyes. Guy did not feel like laughing. He was quite certain he had bitten off more than he could chew. What’s more, something was happening inside him. Something he felt, should it continue unabated, he might not be able to control.

The first day progressed easily enough. Charlotte had been right about the men. They complied with her requests at bathing and passed obediently by the gun-wielding doormen. There were a few attempts to circumvent the bathhouse altogether, but Charlotte’s men were efficient at executing her desires. The ‘Dirties’ as Charlotte called them, were turned away with word or with force, which ever was required. Guy stood behind the screen and watched.

A man made his pick and the woman led him to Lua behind the screen. When he paid, the woman led her guest up to a room to have his desires fulfilled. Guy admired Lua more all the time. She was as clever as they came, and the lessons she taught him were subtle, yet invaluable.

“Always remember your guests. You must recognize every man who walk through door.”

“Why is that?”

“I show you.” Her eyes passed quickly over the room. “OK, OK. See that man talking to Liana? Lua pointed. The man was a redhead with a ghostly complexion. “He look sick. Some kinda man you no want ladies to be doing nothing with, yes?” Guy nodded. He had to admit, the man looked like he was standing at death’s door, his color so pale.

“Truth be,” said Lua, “he work in mine.”

“A lot of the men work the mines, though,” amended Guy.

“Yes. But he certain type of skin that go whiter than others with no sun to tan it. I see him now long time, and he always that color. Talk to man at market, he say he that way years ago, too. So, now I know. I see he just ghost. I no go kicking white ass out of House.” Lua gnashed her teeth and chuckled.

“Must be hard to remember them all,” said Guy.

“Not so hard. Small things, keep note in you head.” Lua tapped her temple with her index and middle fingers. “If you be one of these men, I say to self: ‘Remember young man with deepest blue eyes. Eyes like ocean’.” Guy smiled, his strong white teeth showing.

“OK, I understand.”

Lua also taught him to keep track of how men spent, how often they came in, their personalities. All these were important things the doormen could miss, and could mean danger for the ladies. If a man spent a lot, and showed up often, then all the sudden the money went dry for one reason or another, it did not mean he would stop wanting to quench certain needs. Usually, that sort of man became a problem.

“They think you going to treat them special because they spend much be-FORE. So when the money go bye-bye, they come in trying to get handout. They pay for hand job, when used to buy whole package. Then, take lady upstairs and try to do rest for free. Pretend, they don’t know better! They know better. So you watch out for those things.” Lua was a fountain of knowledge when it came to behavioral patterns. Her observations made her even more comical, too.

“My ladies no need to tell me when man they with into kinks. I know when he walk in door.” She scanned the room as Guy listened, enthralled. “Oh, yes, yes,” she said pointing excitedly. “Purfick, purfick example. See man with Lila?” Guy looked up. He was not sure who Lila was, but then spotted the tiny young woman at the end of Lua’s pointing finger. He nodded.

“Many men pay for her so they can touch virgin woman. She never been with the penis, but today in for crazy time, yes, yes. Watch!” The man had his hand clenched into a fist. He kept touching different places on his fist and telling Lila kiss him there. Then he would take his handkerchief and wipe his lips and do it all over again. Lila wore the same obedient smile, and kissed his fist each time he chose a place. Just then, the man grabbed her by the hand. He suddenly seemed terribly eager. He led her across the room and up the stairs. Lua pulled a timepiece from her sleeve.

“Humm. I say three minute.” Lua pointed out a few more men who she supposed were fetishists, but because they were not making any overt, unusual requests of the ladies who sat with them, Guy was not so sure. Three minutes later a door slammed upstairs and floating down the stairs in great haste, came Lila. Clamoring after her, trying to get his shirt buttoned, was the man who had paid for her. Lila came straight to Lua, who was suppressing her patented grin.

“He tried to shove his whole fist inside me!” Lila shot a glance over her shoulder, and then dashed around the side of the screen trying to avoid her guest. For his part, the man strode directly to Lua.

“I demand a refund. I paid for a woman’s company, and hardly received it. I shall have my money back, immediately.” Guy recognized him as a bank teller from the First Local Bank. The man glanced at Guy. They both quickly averted eyes. Lua was gentle.

“Oh, that is so terrible, sir. But, one big nice fist for such little lady? I’m afraid not too possible. You agree? No refund, but…” She looked beyond him. “Ag-NES!” A large woman lifted herself from a chair and approached. “Here, Mister. Agnes fit one, even two fist if you like.” The man turned and gawked at the hefty Agnes. He seemed to consider the proposal as he looked her up and down. He then turned to Lua and gave a sharp nod. He immediately grabbed the surprised Agnes by the wrist and led her upstairs. Lua sighed.

“Another satisfy customer.” Guy shook his head. Lua turned her attention to the young woman. “It’s OK, now. Go mingle. Find you a smaller man, smaller hand.” She laughed at her joke. The young Lila moved away, but not without making the mistake of retort.

“I ain’t ready to be a damn popsicle.” For all Lua’s gentleness, she was the matron. And that was the point where her pleasant nature had its limits.

“Lila! Get fuck back here!” Guy was startled at the venom in her speech. Lila’s posture sank and turned back obediently, a look of regret firmly planted in the furrow between her brows. Lua’s voice was low, but lacked no power.

“You do what you told, or so help me, tomorrow morning, I put you on mule and sell you to whorehouse on north coast. You know about north coast House? No rule in those Houses. Many sailor, many disease, dying..but ohhh, lot of popsicle sticks! In one month you be with child, while one those virus start eating your ovaries, then gobble up baby, then you! You like sound of that, then act up again! Understand me?!” Lila was as white as the ghostly man from the mine. She nodded, trembling.

“Good,” said Lua.

“Now go receive Mr. uh, Lyles. He wait for nice young woman to talk to.” Lila turned thankfully and rushed away, here eyes all but brimming with tears.

Lua turned to Guy, all semblance of anger vanished.

“You must be tough, Thomp-SON.” She giggled sweetly and turned her attention to a new guest. “Pussy special! All you can eat! Two dolla!”

4 o’clock came and the air was laden with anxiety. Guy sat on a stool, his feet up on a block. Lua had just opened bidding for The Jewel. The entire town’s men, married or not, must have made their way to the House and were now crowded in the lobby. Guy looked on in utter amazement at the vastness of the crowd. The doormen were earning their keep. The mood of the room was calm, all bodies more or less clean, apart from their clothing. As each man stepped up to the screen, Lua pushed forward a slip of paper and a piece of lead to write with. The man scrawled his bid and Lua committed the number and corresponding name to her list. Soon all the men had bid and were eagerly awaiting the announcement. Guy glanced over Lua’s shoulder, as she ran a finger down the list scanning for the highest number.

She announced the names of seven men. These seven had all bid highest, writing the same number, and were now to take part in a bid-off. The remaining men, grumbling and/or quiet, stuck around to catch a glimpse of The Jewel, which was rumored to be an event in itself, and of course, to see the lucky fool who’d be claiming the rights to her.

After the next bid, there were two men left. They bid again, and actually had to bid yet again, before finally, the winner was announced. The man, a tall, gaunt bespectacled fellow, grinned foolishly and stepped to the screen to pay the undisclosed sum. The loser was encouraged to keep his number a secret, as it alluded closely to the winning bid, but word got out. The rumor was The Jewel had been purchased for somewhere around 78 dollars. A sum of money that could feed a single person for almost a year.

At this time, Charlotte appeared at the top of the staircase. She announced the winning bidder, and asked him to come to the foot of the staircase to receive his prize. He sauntered over from the screen near Lua and Guy, a full head taller than any other man. When he stood at the staircase, looking up, mouth hanging open with anticipation, Charlotte made a signal. There was a sound of a door opening to the utter silence below. Soft footsteps. Guy’s heart pounded so loudly, he thought Lua might hear it. A moment later The Jewel appeared at the top of the stairs.

A solitary release of held breath like the wind through an open window, issued from the gallery. It was the face Guy had seen in the window.

Her skin a milky white, hair coiled in a majestically atop the scalp, with one thin strand falling straight down her right cheek, a slight curl at the end. Her eyes, large, brilliantly inquisitive, of a jewel green, deep and nearly translucent. They sparkled against the long, dark lashes, marked in a youthful innocence beneath the sharp, almost mischievous points of her eyebrows. Lips, a deep pink hue, expressing nearly the same ideal shape across a horizontal plane, as the smooth mystique of her face.

Many of her onlookers had trouble enough pulling his eyes from her face, yet to witness her tallish, slender body, like a sculpture of the imagination silhouetted inside see-through, white satin that took to her curves like the sea over the ocean floor. Hardly a dress, the fabric conformed to her delicate curves only insomuch as concept. Her body, visible as though through a blurry dream, ran sinuously, beginning at her delicately pronounced collarbone. Gazing down, the material drew outward where her breasts lifted from her body. Not small, not large, rounding beneath like precious pearls, almost completely visible, yet veiled much like a mirage. The nipples themselves pronounced the draw against the fabric more so, laying as proud beacons of her sexuality. One might gaze upon their shape and suddenly envisage the result of a rain drop that falls on a pool of water. The instantaneous up-spurt, reacting to the raindrop, creating a natural nipple. Such was the perfection of nature, poised atop the Jewel’s breast.

Her stomach fell smooth beneath her breasts, down past her button. The gentle sloping of the navel, her pure, white skin grading serenely down into a thin slash of hair just visible between the two thighs, that pressed together demurely. The V, the triangle, the subtle hint of pouting labia, and then a shadow dipping beneath. Legs curving modestly, slender and long beneath her youthful, very feminine hips, where at last, the satin ended…yet, leaving its observer to wonder, Did It Ever Begin?

“Your prize,” announced Charlotte. Guy struggled to swallow. The many eyes that gazed up upon the Jewel were glazed and lost to dream. But was it a dream? The Jewel felt them. She let them enter her, first her mind then her body, all from where they stood in the House lobby. The room took on a sudden softness as if enveloped in a fog. From the theater in their minds they ravaged her body, filled her, twisted and turned and drove themselves to be satiated by the Jewels’ interminable prowess. She exhaled slowly and a shudder echoed through the House. Guy looked around himself curiously. Far from appearing embarrassed for what could only have been a tremendous united orgasm, the men in the room seemed only partially conscious. It was only Guy who had not come.

“She will now receive you,” came Charlotte’s voice, cutting the stillness. The man climbed the stairs awkwardly. He seemed to be adjusting his pants as he went. It looked to Guy that a wet spot had asserted itself at his crotch. The man met the Jewel, standing head and shoulders over her. She lay her hand in his, sweetly, delicately, smiled shyly, and then led him across the landing and into her parlor. When the door shut, Charlotte turned back to address the crowd.

“Well, gentlemen. Same time, next week. Aside from that lucky fellow, the show is officially over.” There came no disappointed sigh or curse from the gallery. All was silent. The two guards stepped in from the entryway and took a tight grip on their rifles. But the fog had not loosened its grip over the men who had witnessed the Jewel, and they calmly, quietly filed out of the House, down the stairs and like wraiths, disappeared into the village. Guy sat down on the front steps and stared out over the town. He couldn’t get over it.

Like the other men, he had taken that journey in his mind, along the Jewel’s primrose path. And like the other men, he imagined he had ventured alone. A simply fantasy, generated by the vision of such an alluring creature. How could it be helped? Guy’s fantasy had differed slightly from those of the other men. He had seen the Jewel. Saw himself touch her, her touch him. His hands slid over her skin, caressed her, gently held her breasts. He kissed her neck, her chin. His tongue played over her nipples and between her breasts. She smiled at him, so warmly, genuinely, looking inconceivably deep into his eyes. Her fingers slowly wrapped around his cock, her leg curled over his. They were enmeshed. But he could not join himself with her. Something, his mind, something would not allow it. Each time he looked down, she seemed to take his swollen head, place him between her legs, and then the fantasy reset.

Guy was rubbing his eyes just as someone stepped through the door and stumbled passed him. It was the tall man who had won the bid. He’d been the one to take the Jewel upstairs. An urge in Guy’s gut wiggled to the surface and he asked.

“What was it like?” he called to the man who was hurrying away, almost feverish. The man stopped in his tracks. He turned back slowly. His face was gleaming with sweat. His voice quivered as he spoke.

“I jus..I couldn’t…” He looked around to see if anybody was near, then he approached. Guy slipped down a few steps, his curiosity getting the better of him. The man knelt and was on verge of whispering.

“I’m only gonna say this…cause, cause come tomorrow I’m leaving here, moving away.” He shuddered. Guy wondered if the man might begin to cry. “I sold…” now he did whisper. “I sold my hardware store. Everything I have.” Guy looked at him without speaking. The man must have taken it as an accusation.

“OK!” The man rang his hands in desperation.

“I sold it to bid on her, on…on the Jewel.” He peered about, eyes darting suspiciously. “That’s how I won. I wanted her. I heard about her, you know. I even saw her once. From far off. Never…” he paused. “Never seen anything like that in my life. I had to win that bid.

“Thing is…” His voice turned ragged. “Wh-when, I was standing there at the foot of them steps, waiting t-t-to receive her…and then I seen her I…somethin’ happened. I lost it.” You, you know what I mean? Never lost it so hard, never.” His eyes darted about once more and he leaned even closer, his breath reeking with stagnant desperation. “And then, I get in there with her and…an-and, I can’t get it going again. I just looked at her…she’s so…but…well, damn thing was dead to the world.”

He regained his posture standing tall, appearing more broken than before. His gaze fell on the House. “I know she done it to me. Just don’t know how. And all I wanted was to be in there. I mean, really…” He trailed off, standing there a moment longer, before finally stalking away. Guy would never seen him again.

Life for Guy became a routine. The next week he took over the duties as manager and continued his renovation work. After dinner one night, he slowly climbed the stairs and padded down the corridor to his room. Charlotte had gone to the city of Atieca in the south to purchase more ladies, and would not be back until late in the week. When Guy finished his bath, he extinguished the oil lamp and walked to the window. It had become ritual for him, before slipping into bed to gaze down upon the mysterious room where he had first glimpsed her aura. The window he sought was dark. He laid down and tried to fall asleep. Nearly two hours later he was still awake, when there came a soft knock at the door. He rose and pulled on his pants, then answered. It was Lila, the petite young woman who was not a popsicle.

“She wants you to come.” Lila was smiling politely. Her small face and impish features were lit up in the corridor light. For the first time, Guy realized she couldn’t be much older than eighteen. Her dress was tight at the chest, meant to collect her smallish breasts and urge them into a more provocative position. He noted its success.

“Who?” asked Guy.

“Please,” pressed Lila. “She says you are invited.” Guy assumed she meant Lua, but invited to what?

“Alright, just a minute while I get a shirt.” Lila frowned.

“You are wearing a shirt.” Guy shook his head and tugged at the loose material.

“I am not going anywhere in cotton johns.” Lila shrugged. She pushed the door open, letting the light spill in, and took a seat on the chair. Guy hadn’t intended for her to watch him change into a shirt, so instead of taking his johns off, he slipped a shirt on over top. Lila sat in the chair and giggled.

“Two shirts now. Nervous?” Guy shot her a frown that had an unintended effect. Lila must have still been reeling from the verbal assault she received from Lua the week before. And of course, Guy had been there. Authority by association. Not to mention his new title. Lila’s shoulders sank and she looked down.

“Now, here,” said Guy as he stepped close to her. “I’m not mad at you, OK?” He paused, then added, “Don’t let me upset you, Miss Popsicle.” He chuckled as she looked up and grinned. Suddenly, she remembered her purpose.

“We have to go now.” She led him to the top of the stairs, then put a finger to her lips. She crept forward and gazed over the balcony. When she was satisfied she beckoned to him.

“Who are we trying to avoid?” asked Guy. Lila spun suddenly and shook her arms wildly.

“Please, ssshh.” Guy rolled his eyes. Lila slipped down the stairs, Guy trailing behind, confused as he could be.

When they reached the landing, Lila shot a quick look toward the parlors, and then she pulled open one of the main doors. Guy was beyond questioning, so when she beckoned he only complied. When the two of them were outside, she pulled the door shut gently.

“OK,” said Lila. “Follow me.” Guy shrugged and followed. She led him around the property to the bathhouse. Lila had trouble getting the door open herself, but finally did.

“Inside, c’mon.” She started in, but Guy interrupted her progress.

“Alright. This is cute, Lila. But I’m not going into the bathhouse with you.” He turned around and took a step in the direction from whence they’d come. Lila zipped around him and put her hands on his chest.

“No, no! Not that. She wants me to show you.” Guy was growing tired of the game.

“Show me what?”

“If you come into the bathhouse, I will.” Guy raised an eyebrow. “Please. I am not trying to lead you astray. I promise. I am only doing what she asked of me.” Guy felt curiosity creep up inside him. In the first place, Lila was sneaking about like she was trying to avoid being seen by someone. That someone, the only authority, meant Lua. So, if Lua was out of the story, it meant the chances of her being the mysterious she, were null. It had to be someone else. It certainly wasn’t Charlotte. Perhaps …

“Alright. Show me,” said Guy with a sigh, only feigning boredom now. Lila squeaked her approval and grabbed him by the arm. She led him into the bathhouse. There was just enough room for the both of them between the door and the tubs, and it was pitch black. Lila still insisted on closing the door and squeezing them in. Guy had to help her this time.

“Now what,” he asked in the darkness, his voice echoing a great deal. Odd, he thought. Why should my voice echo so much, in this tiny room?

“We have to climb over the tubs to the back place.”

“The back place?”

“In that corner over there.” Lila sought Guy’s arm and lifted it, pointing it in the darkness, in the direction she knew by heart. And with that, she began climbing over the lip of the larger tub toward her destination. When she was on the other side of the room, Guy heard the sound of a metal grate and Lila’s labored breathing.

“C’mon,” she whispered. Guy clamored over the lip of the tub, feeling his way around it. Twice he almost slipped and fell in. His booted shoe actually dipped in once, and now his toe was wet. He muttered to himself.

“This is ridiculous.”

“Hurry,” urged Lila, who now sounded farther away. As Guy made his way toward her voice, he noticed a soft light coming up from beyond the tubs. Guy’s eyes immediately adjusted and he made out a blueish glow coming from the corner of the room under the edge of the smaller tub. He crawled over the lip of the tub toward the light. When he got to the edge, he looked down. Lila peered up at him from a square hole in the floor. She clung to the metal rungs of a ladder.

“What in the..”

“Hurry, Guy.” Guy turned himself around and started to climb down. Lila moved down the ladder, and then he heard her drop onto a gravel surface some way below. A moment later Guy stood beside her.

They stood together in an enormous cavern, lit by soft blue light that emanated from the cracks in the rock. Lila looked at Guy.

“The light comes from the rock. It’s phos…phos..” Guy helped her.

“Phosphorous.” Lila snapped her fingers.

“Yeah,” Guy nodded.

“It’s all over the hills where I come from.” He paused. “But I’ve never seen anything like this.” He turned around and gazed down a long straight tunnel. “Where does it lead?” Lila grinned. It was a wicked grin.

“I can show you.” She raced forward and Guy hesitantly followed.

The tunnel seemed to go on interminably, and Guy had a hard time keeping up with the pixie-like girl. Occasionally, she would cast a glance over her shoulder and slow down so he could catch up. Suddenly, the tunnel emptied into a room of sorts. The phosphorous light was brighter here and when Guy set foot inside he exhaled slowly. The rock walls were bathed in red flowing silk, draped ceiling to floor. There were large plush benches of crushed velvet along the walls, and an enormous rectangular slab of marble in the center. Like everything else, it was draped in billowing fabric. It resembled a nest.

“What is this place?” Guy’s voice echoed around the room, causing his ears to ring.

“Not so loud,” whispered Lila. “You have to talk quiet here.” Guy nodded in absolute awe. He repeated his question, softer this time.

“The House wasn’t always the House,” started Lila. “Before Madam Charlotte had it, well, before she was even born, the House was a cathedral.” Guy gaped at her.

“They say it was the most beautiful thing in the world. People came here to worship, but it wasn’t a normal type of church. It was different.” Guy was intrigued.

“Different how?”

“I guess, well…” Lila’s voice trailed off. She gathered her thoughts and went on. “They sort of worshiped women.” Guy stared at Lila. He had never heard anything about this. She had to be making it up. But there was such conviction in the girl’s voice. As if she either believed a great lie, or was actually reciting an incredible true story. Lila continued.

“Many people came. Women, but men too. And they worshiped woman as the creator. They blessed her as the true giver of life, the fountain from where life runs.” Guy noted a turn of sadness in her voice. “Then the war came. A man’s war. It came slowly, I guess, because they built this down here.” She paused a moment, then walked forward. In a lithe movement of grace, she hopped up and sat on the great marble slab amid the nest of fabric. She faced Guy, her feet dangling. When she continued, her demeanor was very somber.

“It is a sanctuary. A place where the most devoted could worship safely underground, while the world above came apart. But the bad people came, the people who brought the war. They condemned the cathedral. They condemned the practice of female worship, and threatened to burn it to the ground. Luckily, some officials decided it would be a good place to house their troops, so they let it stand. They sent their engineers inside to turn it into a boarding house.

But before they could put it to use, the allies struck at the heart of their cities and…well, you know the rest.” Lila’s eyes were downcast, as though she were part of some great tragedy. Considering her youth, Guy did not understand why.

“What’s the matter?” asked Guy moving closer. Lila kicked her feet a little, letting them swing.

“The Jewel protects us. She came right after the war began. They say she crawled here from some far away place. They said her hands and knees were bleeding, and her hair was matted with blood. She survived a terrible fire that swept through her town, and took her entire family.

“Some say it was she who kept the bad people from burning the cathedral. They say the head official went in to inspect his new boarding house. The Jewel was the only one inside. She was standing there at the top of the stairs, just the way you say her. When he saw her, something happened to him. Inside him. She can just look at men and it happens.

“The man stepped outside, his mind suddenly changed. Just like that. He said the building would not do. It was her, you know. She gave him her body within his very own mind. In his imagination. He suddenly felt he had conquered everything that was worth possessing. Right after that, the army collapsed. And the allies came…” The sound of Lila’s voice suddenly struck Guy like a hammer. He staggered back and looked about himself awkwardly. Her voice hung on a whisper. Guy focused his eyes on Lila once more. She smiled sweetly.

“Do you know, she has never been touched? Not physically.” Guy stared bewildered.

“What do you mean?” asked Guy.

“Well. You saw for yourself, didn’t you?” Guy remembered the tall man.

“No man? I just assumed he couldn’t…” He trailed off. Lila shook her head.

“It’s the same every time. The former Lord had to figure that out very fast. He was losing business. He began allotting the men a maximum of fifteen minutes to be with her when they won the bid. He was sort of saving their pride. How could they tell their friends why they left so quickly, after paying so, so much?”

“No man has been strong enough to resist long enough to bed her. To enter her.” Lila shivered.

“She is beautiful,” Guy breathed.

“Her physical beauty is so little of it,” amended Lila.

“On this rock is where they performed the rites for the women they worshiped.” Lila swung her feet again, clicking her heels on the stone slab beneath her. Guy inched closer. He felt a magnetic draw.

“What rites?” Lila went on.

“They fertilized a virgin. A special virgin chosen by the townspeople. She with the greatest prowess. The one they deemed would bring the most favor upon them. To their crops, their families.” Lila smiled shyly. “It is a great honor to be chosen. The special girl might very well save her village from ruin. It must have been thrilling to be part of such an important thing.” She paused and sucked on her lip, lowering her eyes upon Guy.

Author’s note: I could never finish this or go any further with this then I did. Don’t expect a sequel and don’t be offended. It’s my first. Everyone remembers their first.

“Be back soon, bitch.” He said huskily before shutting and locking the door, like she would escape.

“I’m awaiting for you hungrily, Master.” She said without hesitation.

Farrah caught her breath, for the first time in two days she had a moment to rest. Her arms and legs were tied to the bed with rope and she wasn’t wearing anything. A window was open, and there was a brisk chill. She had been screaming for hours and by now she knew that no one would hear her cries of despair. Farrah gave up and just lied there. My fault, she thought sadly, and for the millionth time, she went into a cycle of things she could’ve done to avoid this sexually slavery.

If she hadn’t been desperate to pick up some deodorant that night instead of waiting till morning she wouldn’t be here. If she had taken Lana, her germen shepherd who’d been begging to go along, she would’ve protected her. If she, in haste, had taken her purse with her mace and phone in it instead of ten dollars in her pocket, Farrah might’ve fought him off. Lastly, if she hadn’t worn the new pair of six-inch pumps to the convenient store to break them in, she could’ve run away in time.

It was a bracing night for Farrah that day. She was in a night gown when she decided late that night that she needed more deodorant. She knew if she didn’t get to the pharmacy soon it would close on her. Farrah was hurriedly buttoning her pea-coat and strapping on those heels when she heard Lana whining. She turned back and petted her pup. She was three, but to Farrah Lana was her puppy still. “I’ll be back soon, Lana, be good.” Looking back on it, Farrah decided that her sweet dog was trying to warn her of the impending danger.

She stepped out of her condo on the quiet street in the small town. Her black hair was in its natural, curly state. Farrah noticed the red van parked down on her side the street, her neighbor was a contractor, she didn’t think anything of it. She turned right and walked calmly down the dimly lit street. Her hair was whipping around her face. Farrah put her hands in her pocket, it was a late summer night, and it was already dark. There wasn’t a star in the sky when she looked up.

Farrah heard the distant van’s engine start up and slowly careen down the street. Her heart raced. “You’re being paranoid.” She told herself as she found herself quickening pace. She was almost in the shop when she fell flat on her face.

He got out of the van and already had his giant hands around waist and was picking her up off the ground; she kicked and screamed out the words everyone uses, “Help! Somebody help!” But the streets were empty and the pharmacy clerk was in the back room.

The man threw her in the back of the van and then pounced on her and put a chloroformed rag to her face. Farrah was out cold, her world spiraling into long nightmares of what he might do to her.

Axel was constantly looking back at her while he drove to his secluded home in the forest. He knew that if she woke when he was driving she could easily attack him or escape, and he wasn’t going back to prison. Axel glanced in his rearview mirror and fixed a stray hair. Fool, it won’t matter what you look like to her; he thought and suppressed a laugh. He was handsome no matter what he did. It was too easy to take Farrah. Axel already disconnected all security cameras in her town, using that computer of his. But it was still a gamble to kidnap her.

He pulled up to his log cabin, five miles out into the woods. Mommy and Daddy happily gave him the large lot of land to hide his skeletons from their precious political careers. Axel put another chloroformed rag to her face and let her breath it in, just to be safe. He flung her over his shoulder, and Axel thought of her like a rag doll. Her breast lay against his back as he opened the door to the house and made way to the left to the room he prepared for her. In it there was a king-sized bed facing a fireplace along with a bathroom attached to the room. On the headboards of the bed around were strings of rope. Axel was hard at the thoughts of her in such state.

He laid her down on the bed and began to tie her hands and feet with rope to the bed posts. It was a simple knot, one of the first ones he learned as a boy, but he knew that his pet wouldn’t be able to move an inch. He took out his switch blade and cut open her pea coat. Axel smiled at the nightgown underneath. It was fleece and had little white sheep on a blue background, but he was pleased that it barely covered her moon-shaped ass. He almost regretted cutting that off her too. Axel looked at the underwear, plain; she wasn’t going on any dates. Axel tore those away from her body, bundled all the clothes together and tossed them into the fire, she wouldn’t need them.

It was getting stuffy from the increased flames in the fire, Axel walked over to the window and un-latched it and opened it. He closed the light, translucent cotton curtains. The wall faced away from the driveway but he didn’t want her to be too entertained while he was away. He walked out of the room, leaving the door open, she would only see the wall facing the door, but Axel wanted to hear her when she awakened. Axel was half-tempted to go inside her unconscious pussy while she was asleep on the bed, but deciding against it, chuckling. First impressions, Axel.

An hour later he heard Farrah’s worried voice, “Help! Somebody! Is anyone there? Help!”

He laughed quietly as he stood up to walk to her room, they always scream for help.

When the man walked into the room, Farrah regretted shouting for help. “Take my money and let me go.” She pleaded, “I won’t tell anyone, just let me go.” Farrah struggled with the ropes that bound her to the bed, but it was no use. She was naked on the bed and couldn’t move except to thrust her body upward and slightly to the sides. She was uncomfortable with her nakedness. Farrah had a suspicious fear that she would be used to it soon.

He was handsome. A rugged man in a black t shirt and jeans, his hair was a deep brown and his jaw was sharp and defined. His nose was round and pointed and he had a slight beard. Farrah noticed his eyes, a grey-blue that looked violet in the light from the window. She also made a mental note of his tattoo on his wrist, a tiger. She watched as she eyed her like a piece of meat.

“Scream all you want,” he said darkly, a growl in his voice, “No one will ever hear.”

“Please, I have money, I’ll give it all to you, just let me go, I swear I’ll be quiet.” Farrah appealed. “Just don’t hurt me.”

“You whore.” He called her, “I’ll make you scream.” He began to take off his shirt in front her, his muscles pulsing with desire. “You like that, slut?”

Farrah didn’t, she tried to press her legs together to resist as he was on top of her erect with his giant cock. She yelped as he slapped her hard across the face. Tears streamed across her face. His hands were on her breast squeezing them tightly as he thrust inside of her. It was painful and Farrah looked up and tried to not see his face. He rammed her pussy and she was screaming in pain, no, please, she wanted to say, be merciful, but it hurt even more to yell out. Farrah didn’t want him to see how wet she already was.

He began to pull apart her folds as far as they would go so he could go in deeper and harder, he took his cock out and drove into her like a speeding bullet again and again, until Farrah blacked out in tortured pain.

She was awakened from bliss-less sleep when he whispered into her ear, “Say ‘yes master.’”

Farrah knew there was no point in fighting him. “Yes, master.” She answered through choked tears.

Axel turned on the hose and sprayed her down with cold water. She squirmed and yelled in surprise. He aimed it at her cunt and she yelled even louder. He was already hard again.

“Did you like that, Bitch?” He asked her slowly, hoping she wouldn’t reply correctly.

“No.” She said through her tears.

He pulled the handle again and washed her down on the highest water pressure, this time at her face. She shut her mouth and eyes. He had to show dominance, “Now, I’ll ask again. Did you like that bitch?”

He waited while she contemplated that one, “Yes, master.” But Axel could see the rebellious spirit in her eyes, it’ll be fun breaking this filly.

“Bitch, what shall you address me as from now on?” Axel asked after he hosed her down once more.


“Good. ” He replied, satisfied that she was cold and shivering, he through the hose out of the window and jumped out, turning off the water.

He walked back in on her silently waiting for him, dripping wet. “Did you miss me?”

Farrah replied through gritted teeth, “Yes, Master.”

Axel slapped her for that. “Do you want another?”

“If it pleases you, Master,” Farrah replied, trying to sound sincere.

He slapped the girl on the other cheek. Axel found himself even harder. He took the chloroformed rag out of his pocket and held it over her face. She didn’t even struggle.

Farrah woke up to find she was bent-over, taped to the wall, her hands were taped to her ankles and her hair was tied back in a tight bun. She was amazed at how deeply she slept; she was half hoping that she would sleep through this round of anal penetration.

She looked over her legs to find him taking in the scent of her ass hole and cunt. She felt his hot breath on her ass. Farrah was thankful that she was flexible. She felt him spank her, “Wake up, you whore!” He yelled at her as he yanked her hair.

Farrah whimpered, “Yes, master.”

He stuck his finger up her ass and she cringed in from pleasure. He then blew lightly into her. “That’s all the lube you get, my cunt.”

Farrah bit her lip to avoid from screaming out as he thrust into her again like a freight train. Just keep still, she thought, trying not to focus on the pain. Farrah figured that he must’ve been eight inches long and an inch wide. He spanked her again and she knew that her cheeks must be red. Blood ran down her legs as he came all down her back. It burned like crazy.

Farrah did scream when he ripped the duct tape off her. She collapsed to the floor. “Please, Master.”

He gave her a sharp kick and she lurched with pain. “On your knees, slut,” He growled at her

Farrah stayed on the ground her eyes were shut. For the first time in a long time she prayed silently. Please let someone find me, please give me mercy, God, let me go, give me a chance.

She was yanked up by the hair and her mouth was held around his erect cock, “Suck it, you bitch!”

Her eyes stung with tears as she began to suck lightly on the tip, caressing the whole with her tongue. Farrah’s head was pushed further up is cock and she was so started she almost choked on his massive cock. She licked it further and sucked it harder when the semen came into her mouth. Farrah knew she was expected to swallow it like it was soda pop. She gulped eagerly.

He knocked her aside and she fell to the floor, “Take a bath you dirty whore.”

She sniffled, “Yes, Master.” Farrah stood up and made her way around him, she jumped as he spanked her. Farrah continued to the bathroom and looked around her when she saw him locking the door behind her. There was no windows and no way out for Farrah. On her right was a claw foot tub and to her left were the sink and the toilet. On a shower rod hanging over the toilet she saw the skimpiest lingerie. It was a set, a black bra and thong, a corset and garters.

Farrah turned on the water and was pleased to find hot water. She was still dripping from the hose. She looked into the tub and realized that there was bubble bath dripped into the bottom of the tub along with red rose petals. Farrah was stricken with fear that he would invade the bath and take her there too. There was a jab of pain when she lifted her leg into the tub and got in. She was aching everywhere. All of her cheeks were red and sore, it was tender where he yanked the duct tape off her, her head was sore from him yanking her by the hair, her breasts were aching from his hands and her legs and pussy were sore to walk on. Sitting in the tub was a challenge, but then again, so was everything those days.

She laid there in the tub after scrubbing all the dirt off her and shampooing her hair, wondering how long she could stay before he got impatient. Farrah looked at the lingerie he left her. Why would you expect him to give you real clothes? She asked herself, feeling like a fool.

Axel wore blue boxers and had his computer on his lap, watching her from the cameras located in front of, above and next to the bathtub. Axel watched her as she lathered and washed herself. Now she was just lying there. He hid the cameras there so she wouldn’t try and kill herself or try and escape out the air ducts, but the cameras did have perks. He contemplated how long he would let her stay in there doing nothing. He set a timer for twenty minutes and arranged about making her breakfast.

It wasn’t anything special, just a couple eggs and some toast. He heard the timer ding and went stormed into her bathroom, “What the hell are you doing?” he raged at her.

She jumped in fear and cringed from what punishment he might give her. He found her breast jumping along. “Nothing, Master.” She responded shakily. Axel was pleased at her fear.

“I want you in that lingerie and out of the bathroom in ten minutes, you filthy skank!” He slammed the door shut, not bothering to lock it this time. Axel frowned and leaned his head against the door, making sure she was actually listening. Yes, the water is draining and she is shuffling about, he thought satisfactorily.

He set an ornate pillow on the ground and the plate in front of the fire. Axel turned as she walked out of the bathroom in the lingerie. She was more beautiful without clothes, but Axel knew she would be more comfortable in them. “Sit down and eat, you ugly slut.”

She didn’t say a word as she walked over to sit on the pillow, Axel saw that she was uncomfortable wearing the lingerie and found he pleased. Let her be weak. She sat down and picked up the fork and slowly began to eat the eggs. He took out the chloroformed rag and moved to get the chloroform out of the drawer, she looked up, hearing the rustling of clothing, but didn’t turn around to see what her captor was doing. Axel smiled darkly, let her wonder, he opened the bottle and dipped the rag into its large top and let it soak for a few seconds before taking it out and wringing it.

Axel saw that she was done with her food and ordered her, “Strip for me, my dove.”

She glanced to the door warily, but Axel wasn’t worried. She pulled the corset over her head boringly, and undid her hair. He watched her hungrily as she slipped off her entire outfit, leaving the bra and thong on. “Leave the thong on, whore.” She nodded and unclipped the bra and threw that off. He saw her tremble from what, fear, disgust or the chill in the air? He didn’t particularly care. He walked over to her and she shirked away.

“Please, give me rest.” She whimpered, “I’m so tired.”

Axel slapped her across the face, and a tear rolled down her cheek. “You’ll do as I say.”

“No.” That one word was all it took for Axel to flip on her.

Axel rushed her and twisted her left nipple hard while pinching her tender ass, knowing she was in pain. “What was that whore?”

Her lips quivered in fear, “N-n-nothing, m-m-master.”

“That’s what I thought, you’ll receive punishment for that later.” Axel growled and put the rag to her face. She slumped and Axel picked her up and threw her over his shoulder like a piece of game. He tied her to the bed again. And inspected the few lit candles on the night stand. Plenty of wax for all the night.

Farrah was never good at defying anyone, she recollected at she awakened to find him facing away for her, looking out the window. She shut her eyes-keep calm, stay asleep, still as a rock, Farrah thought to herself. She then overheard him talking. She felt herself tied to the bed again, but found her wrists more used to the ropes, as well as her legs left free to rest on the bed.

“She’s not working out, Axel.” She heard him tell himself.

“It’s only the second day; she’ll learn soon enough who is god in this house.” He replied to him.

Axel continued on, “She should know by now, you can’t let her defy you.”

“She needs more time, more dominance. Besides, I think she’s a challenge.”

“You don’t need a challenge, you need a sex slave. Murder her and find someone else.”

“No, no, that won’t do. I’ll give her one more chance to for her to prove submissive, if she fails, I’ll murder her and move on.”

“Well, better act quickly, we don’t have much time.”

She thought sadly, Axel, his name is Axel, and if I don’t submit he’ll kill me. Farrah thought quickly. He had been quiet for some time, “Master?”

He turned and her eyes fluttered open. “Yes?”

“I’m awake, master.” Farrah replied, yes, test me, you bastard.

Axel paused, “And?”

Farrah found herself caught off guard, but recovered quickly enough. “I’m feeling much better.” She tried to sound sexy.

“That’s nice, anything else you’d like to share?”

“You’re cock is so huge, Master.” Farrah went on to lie, “I’m wet just thinking about it.”

He nodded, and Farrah knew he didn’t believe her. She was always a bad liar. “You should punish me, for being so bad to you, master.” She added, trying to use her last chance wisely. She tried to sound sincere.

Axel grinned and she suppressed a shudder. “You shouldn’t try to top from the bottom, and for that, I will punish you, you, my pussy.”

“Anyway you want it, master.” Farrah tried to sound seductive, and couldn’t tell if he noticed her mistakes or not.

Axel picked up the candle. “And if I want to pour warm wax all over your chest?”

“Yes! Make me scream, Master!” She replied hotly.

“And if I want to spank you with a riding crop?” He challenged.

“Make me bleed, Master!” She answered again.

He grinned widely and picked up the candle, Farrah felt her heart race, pretend to like it, just pretend. He dipped it onto her chest. “Oh yes, Master, that feels so good. More!” She squealed in feigned happiness.

“You dirty girl.” He cooed, letting the wax run down her breasts and onto the bed. “You like that, don’t you?”

Farrah forgot the rest of the night.

“Be back soon, bitch.”

“I’m waiting for you hungrily, Master.” Farrah finally replied for the second time. Axel didn’t even bother to tie her back up to the bed. He closed the door and locked it. She looked at the window and wondered quietly if he was testing her, Farrah wasn’t sure. If I continue to stay, he’ll trust me and I’ll get an even bigger chance to escape, she wondered, but if I stay I’ll be raped more. Farrah resolved to stay on the bed and take a cat nap.

She dreamt she was back in her apartment. Farrah almost believed it when she awakened, her eyes were still closed, but then she remembered. I’m a sex slave, and he’ll kill me if I resist him, Farrah thought sadly as she turned towards the door, no way was she going to let him take her from behind ever again.

Farrah watched as he returned, freshly showered and shaved himself. He met her gaze and commanded to her, “Spread your legs, whore.”

She complied easily and gasped in surprise and shameful pleasure he began to lick and nibble on the folds of her vagina. Farrah felt him flick his tongue in and out of her moist pussy. She’d never received oral before and it felt amazing. It was exactly what she needed from him. Farrah was relieved to find out that after her giving and giving to him he’d give back in the biggest way. When suddenly just at the brink of climax, and on the edge, he stopped!

Farrah whimpered as he got up, “Please, master, don’t leave me like this.”

He grabbed her chin and made her look into his purple eyes and growled, “I will choose when I will let you orgasm, if my pet orgasms without my permission, I will see that she is punished severely, am I understood?”

She was so aroused, and answered dejectedly, “Yes, master.”

Farrah looked up at his smile and wondered what he would do next, “This is where the true domination begins, my pet.”

She nodded. Eager to please him, but she watched in disappointment as he walked to the dresser, fumbling through the drawers for something, what was it? Farrah asked herself in fury that she couldn’t see for herself what Axel was doing without letting Axel know of her curiosity. She guessed that she would be punished if he knew.

“Which color do you prefer? Black or purple?” He called around to her, bent over looking for something.

Farrah thought to herself, and, sure that he was going to give her the opposite of what she picked, would pick black. But then again, she reconsidered, he wants to dominate, let him choose, yes, that would please him. “Whichever you prefer, master.” Farrah finally replied.

He held a jewel-encrusted, black leather collar in his hand, whispered to her sweetly, “Swear your complete obedience and submission to me, and I promise I won’t withhold all of your future orgasms.”

She looked at him and back to the collar in his hands. Farrah didn’t want to live like this, she was captured, not taken by will, raped continuously. I won’t obey him, let him kill me. But, Farrah thought, she didn’t want to not orgasm, she felt so denied and helpless. In the end, she answered back, “No.”

He smiled viciously and placed the collar on the nightstand, “You’ll swear and wear that collar of mine by the end of the fourth day, my pet. I’ll show you what it’s like to be denied pleasures that I give you.”

Farrah wondered, as he put the chloroform to her lips, if that would be true.

Axel untied her and cradled her in his arms, as she was unconsciously snuggling up against his chest. He carried her out of the room and down the hall to the spare room full of his sex toys. He brought her to the punishing bench and began to fasten her into the doggie-style position on the contraption. He began to kiss her neck to awake his pet.

She jerked around in surprise wondering where she was and tried to struggle against her current restraints. It was as though she remembered where she was and what she had done to deserve his punishment, her head slumped down in shame of it. He knelt down to look at her eyes to eye, but she wouldn’t meet his gaze. He cupped her chin in his hands, but her eyes were on the floor under them.

“Look at me, my pet.” Axel said, trying to sound soft, he wanted her to work out, to swear herself to him. She stared at him, her eyes pleading, and Axel continued, “You disobeyed me, even when I offered you pleasure in return for your submission. I admit, it will be more fun forcing you to beg for that collar on your neck than having you accept it, but, all the same, I must punish you.”

“Please…” Farrah whispered to him, but whatever words she said after that didn’t matter to him now.

He put a finger to her lips and crooned, “No, my pet, you have made your choice, perhaps after this punishment I will ask you to swear to me again, or perhaps I will not and turn you onto a different form of punishment, and ask you after that. Either way, eventually I will ask you to wear my collar again, soon.” Axel walked over to the shelf and pulled a remote-controlled, vibrating-dildo off the wall and walked around his pet, savoring her eyes following the sex toy in his hands. He deliberately left the remote where it lied on the chair across from where his slave was trussed up. “This is a dildo, it’s relatively equivalent to my size, just for your imagination my pet, can you imagine me doing this to you from now on, I wonder?”

Axel looked at her vagina, glad that it was recently waxed, he’d have to call in one of his friends to re-wax it sometime, if their rendezvous lasted that long. He prodded the dildo into her wet pussy, pleased that his slave was so aroused with her current bondage. He pulled it in and out of her, inching deeper each thrust until it was all the way in.

His pretty pet huffed in befuddlement as Axel sat in the red velvety, claw-foot chair across from her. She finally commented to him submissively, “It’s not doing anything, master.”

“Oh?” Axel feigned surprise to her, “Are you sure, my pet?”

Farrah nodded to him, looking eager and horny.

He pulled out the remote and showed it to her, “Did I mention my toy has a remote that senses when you are about to orgasm to I can adjust the vibration accordingly?” Without waiting for a response from his slave, he turned on the vibrator to its highest setting and watched her happily convulse.

She gasped in surprise, trying to arch her back in pleasure, but couldn’t move at all in response to her miraculous toy.

Axel was satisfied that she would wear his collar. Soon.

He was reading a book and halfway through the first page when his remote beeps thrice. Axel lowered the setting by two and went on, ignoring her pleas as best as he could. Luckily, her punishment has many vibration settings.

Tears of pleasure ran down Farrah’s face as she begged him by the end of the long day of that dildo, she swore to herself that she wouldn’t beg him in the beginning, only whimper. “Please master! Let me come! Please!”

He shook his head and lowered the setting and went about reading that book of his after telling, “There is no point begging me, my pet, I will end your punishment when I finish my favorite book, and mind you, I am a fast reader. Besides, eventually, you should experience a ruined orgasm.”

Just when she was at peak, again and again, the damned remote began to beep thrice and he would lower the setting. Farrah slowly began to anticipate the beep, hoping that it wouldn’t beep, but trigger an orgasm. With that, the remote beat twice. “Are you defying my punishment, my pet?” He looked up from his book asked demandingly, his voice stern yet soft.

She nodded through choked sobs, not wanting to speak out of her shame. Almost immediately she felt a light electrifying shock running from her clitoris up to the very edges of her body and back. She screamed in pleasure pain, begging him to stop in a tortured whine, “Please Master! I promise to obey! I swear my complete obedience and submission to you! I swear! I swear! Make it stop, just make it stop!”

Farrah watched him close the book and remarked to her, “You are lucky I am done with my book, my pet.” He shut off the dildo and she slumped in exhaustion against it, knowing she’d swear the second he asked.

He walked around her smacking her once on the ass and pulling out the dildo simultaneously. Her master brought it up to her mouth and commanded her, “Tell me what you taste like.” Farrah looked at him and shamefully looked at the dildo, yes it was his size, but it was slick with the moistness of her pussy. She kissed it lightly when he corrected, “Ah-ah, my pet, take my gift to you in your mouth and tell me what you taste like.”

She nodded and began to take the phallus in her mouth suppressing her gag reflex, and trying to pinpoint a taste as he pulled the clean dildo out of her mouth. “It tastes like cum, Master, thank you.” It tasted warm and sweet.

Her master beamed at her and began to grab something from the shelf, she whirled her head and craned her neck to see what he was getting. Please let him ask me, please ask, please ask, she pleaded with her eyes as she liked her lips in anticipation. She watched him turn and squirmed in fear at the shackles in his hands.

“Did my pet think that her punishment would be over?” her master asked here as he placed the new shackles, connected by a piece of silk connected to shackles that would go around her wrists.

“Please Master, no more, I promise to obey, I do!” Farrah beseeched him as he put the other to shackles around her wrists, also connected to each other, with a long silk rope in the middle of the connecting silk of both shackles. They were gripping, not enough to cut off circulation but not loose enough for her to shimmy out of.

He ignored her comment and told her while kneading her ass cheeks, “It’ll be easier to crawl then walk hunched, and less painful, my pet.” Her master let go of her left ass cheek and dug through his pocket as Farrah thrashed her head to see what he was doing, hoping he would take her in the ass.

She sighed in surprise when she heard the squirting of lube and he laughed, “Don’t you wish that I would ram my cock up your sweet ass?”

“Yes Master, please take my ass.” Farrah asked him.

Axel was awfully tempted to go ape-shit on his pet’s ass, but knew he would need to condition his little slave to be the ultimate sub, and she needed to be corrected. There was no way he was going to get rid of her now. This was paradise to Axel! He had the lube in his hand and ran it over and around her ass, telling her that she would receive a severe punishment if she came without his permission. Lastly, he lubed up his favorite butt-plug, a medium sized black one that had a fake dog tail attached to it. Axel prodded it into her tight ass and smiled at Farrah’s tortured whimper.

He undid the straps on the punishment bench and picked her up by the waist to place her on the ground, “When dogs disobey, they are sent outside. Follow me, my pretty doggy.”

Axel left the door open for her and turned left, heading for the back porch, it would be cool tonight, but very chilling for his naked pet. He stood at the back porch door, examining the screened room with pleasure as his doggy moved to catch up with him. He could tell that the plug hindered her movements further and contemplating pulling it out, but decided against it as he watched her tail sway back in forth as she struggled to move swiftly through the door. She looked to the left and stopped, a whimper escaping her lips.

“On your back, my little doggy let me see your breasts.” Axel ordered her softly, his stern voice underlining the command.

“I-I can’t, I’m sorry, Master, the chains…” His doggy spoke softly, her ass clenching in anticipation of a spanking.

He flipped her over in a fluid motion, holding her neck to the floor, “You are my dog, and you will only sound as a dog in these fetters. Move your knees and hands down below your nipples, my doggy.” She knew that he wasn’t doing this for pleasure, but only to dominate her, his slave.

Farrah was whimpering as her neck constricted when she breathed inward. Slowly, she lowered her shack almost to the point where her knees were straight and looked up, and whimpered more, begging him to have mercy on her body.

He pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, watching her reaction as she arched her back in pain, he’d have to correct that. Her nipple became hard and perky and he took out a half-pound nipple clamp and stuck it on her, and she yelped in pain as the nipple clamp and her breast spilled to her side from the weight. Axel did the same for her right breast and kissed the tears on her cheeks and told her, “If you take out the clamps or somehow manage to be free of your restraints, I will further this current punishment. Get back on all fours, Pet.”

Axel watched as she struggled to get on her feet, but whether it was from her pain or her defiance, she couldn’t get up and whimpered to Axel. He pet her on the back, her hand lingering at her ass and pointed to the dog wire dog crate for a small Labrador retriever and opened the door and gestured her inside the crate, and told her as she turned around to face her master from within the crate, “Bad doggies stay in their crate for the night.”

She whimpered and whined to him, begging and shaking her tail. But Axel shut the crate and told her that she would be fed soon, and that he won’t tolerate his doggie crying and whimpering after him.

Farrah didn’t complain much about the plug, other than the fact that she felt it every time she moved. Her breast ached and her knees were sore from walking around them. She tried to move the blanket under her so that was shielded from the creeping cool night that would be autumn in this forest, but those awfully-restricting shackles didn’t help her in that quest. She tried lie down or sit on her ass but every movement hurt. Her master was an awful sadistic man. She was shivering as she lost feeling in her toes. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she saw her master in the kitchen, preparing a sandwich.

She looked at the bread and meat and cheese hungrily as it was heated in the microwave. The slave felt her stomach stormed inside of her. Farrah knew that the heated sandwich was hers when he put it in a metal dog dish. She whimpered and whined as her grinning master brought it out to her and shook her tail furiously as he stood over the cage.

“Does my doggy want a treat?” Axel teased her as she stared at the food hungrily.

She bobbed her head and whined at him enthusiastically. Farrah found herself starving insanely as he opened the crate door and set the dog dish down on the floor at her feet, her master warned her, “Use your hands to eat this treat, and you will eat dog food.”

Farrah did her best to eat the sandwich as she ripped it and chewed furiously, afraid that he would take it away from her and deny her food. The sandwich was easier to eat when she ate one thing at a time. First the top slice of bread, than the mayo-coated turkey, third the cheese, lastly the slice of bread. She looked at him and butted her head against the cage and whined for him to let her out.

Axel shook his head and closed the screen door behind him as he left his slave in the dead of night. Farrah leaned against the side of the cage and drifted off into a restless sleep. It was okay, but every time she moved that plug would wiggle inside her every time she woke in shock. The longest she did sleep was two hours, and when she awoke then she found marks on her side from the cage.

She gave up on sleep an hour ago and was watching the sun rise through the forest. When the sun was barely over the tall trees Axel came in and opened the dog crate and said to her gently, “Your punishment is over, don’t say a word, just come out of the crate and let me attend to you.” He looked relatively gentle, almost human today, if not for Farrah being on her hands and knees crawling towards her.

Farrah crawled slowly out of the cage and watched her master warily as he knelt down to under the fetters and slide them off her. She felt as her master’s hand fall naturally to her ass, she cringed for a spanking but only found a flush of relief as he slowly pulled the plug out of her stretched asshole. She still felt it inside her, though. Farrah flopped to the floor in defeat and utter exhaustion from the night.

Axel didn’t order his slave or command her to get up like he normally did, which bothered the hell out of him. He picked her up and cradled the girl in his arms as he carried her to the bed. Axel felt her squirm (or was it struggle?) when she believed that he was going to mount her on the covers. He whispered, “No, my sweet, today you will not lift a finger for me, nor receive punishment.” The bath water was already drawn as he placed her gingerly in the water.

His slave breathed in heavily as he began to massage her shoulders with massage-oil. Axel told her, “You’re very beautiful, and I want nothing more than to make you feel beautiful. I just ask for complete control over and obedience from you.” He felt her as she breathed deeply and knew she must be thinking deeply, contemplating what she should do. Axel didn’t prefer all of her contemplating whether or not obeying him. It made him hard just to see the rebellious spirit in her eyes. “I do care about you, I certainly don’t want you to feel as though I enjoy hurting you this way.”

His slave spoke out to him. “If you cared, and didn’t take enjoyment in my pain, why let me suffer?”

Axel was stumped and he had to suppress punishing her once more. “If I wasn’t trying to win your affection, you’d be in the dog crate. And as I said before, I want your obedience and control, your punishment was only the conditioning of such.”

After five minutes of silence, “I hate you.” Farrah finally told him.

“I never asked for you to love me,” Axel replied blandly, “I asked for your submission. It makes no difference whether or not you care about me.” Axel kneaded her swollen breasts. “You’ll suffer my heavy embraces no matter what.”

Axel leaned around her to kiss the rolling tears down her cheeks, before kissing her eyelids. He noted how her lip was trembling with fear. How am I frightening her now? “And if I resist you?”

She clutched her knees to her chest, and Axel wanted to fuck her. “I suppose I’ll have more fun punishing you.” His slave lapsed into silence. “I suppose it would be easier for you if you submitted.” He added finally.

Axel rinsed his slave’s hair and picked her out of the water and stood her up on the floor mat. He reached for a towel as he heard her shift her weight between feet. Axel turned and saw her looking away from him. He began to dry her shoulders, moving the towel sensually down her arms. Axel felt her chest rising in surprise and was satisfied that at least his slave responded to his caresses. He massaged her breasts with the towel for a while until moving down her hips and legs. His slave moaned in desire when he didn’t dry her pussy.

“Perhaps if you spread your legs, my sweet dove.” Axel murmured to her. He was pleased when she complied. Axel rubbed the soft towel in between her thighs. He took both hands under the towel and massaged both of the lips, while suckling her neck. She moaned until she was trembling in orgasm. “Follow me.”

Axel opened the door of the bathroom for her and told her to sit on the bed and wait for him. He was in ecstasy when she obeyed him. She’s listening! “What do you want for dinner?” Provided you don’t get fat. He wanted to add quietly.


He had to resist a growl, “What do you want for dinner?”

She rolled over and grumbled back, “Pizza Hut.”

Axel sat on the bed and stroked her hair and crooned. “Even my dove knows that I know better than to leave you here by yourself and trust that you’ll not run off into the woods. I’ll make whatever I have in the house for you.”

His slave moaned in response.

He pursed his lips and told her how he rummaged through her trash and found all of her favorite foods. “What does my little dove want?”

“I’m not hungry.” She finally said dejectedly.

Axel growled, genuinely annoyed now, “I could tie you to a chair and force feed you.”

His naughty slave told him coldly, “Then I hope you cook something delicious.”

“You’re not making it easy on yourself.”

“Maybe I don’t want it to be easy.”

That caused Axel to do a double-take, “Are you sure?”

Farrah was wet and getting wetter at the thought of being dominated, “Yes, master.” She had lost most hope that she would escape. She couldn’t see her Master, nor would she turn for a glimpse of what he was doing. He heard him rolling off the bed and fumbling through the drawers for something. Her heart was beating crazily in curiosity as to what it was. When suddenly a black silk slid over her eyes like a creeping cat, she didn’t hear him come to her. Her cunt was trembling with the blindfold over her eyes, aware of her new senses.

Her eyesight gone, the slave felt herself being lifted and slung over Axel’s shoulder, “Watch your head, dove.”

She felt herself being sat down on a chair and her hands placed firmly on the armchairs and smelt a lunch of mashed potatoes and meat and some green vegetables. It smelt delicious. Knowing better than to feed herself, Farrah sat waiting her eyes fleeting to every corner of the blindfold in hopes to see her captor. She did hear the cutting up of food with metal utensils on a ceramic plate. Chewing followed and then she felt the bits of a sausage eased into her mouth. She chewed at the food, so ambrosial.

Part 2 of 3. Part 1 is from John’s point of view and this is from Cheryl’s.

Main Cast

John, 35 years old, 5′ 11″, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cheryl’s husband.

Cheryl, 34 years old, 5′ 4″, 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, John’s wife.

Meryl, 34 years old, 5’4″, 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Cheryl’s identical twin.

Ed, 40 years old, 5’11″, 180 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, Dennis’ boss.

Bob, 45 years old, Ed’s boss.

Fred, 55 years old, COO of John’s company.

Tony, 30 years old, 6’3″, 220 pounds.

Ted, 7 years old and Natalie,9 years old, John and Cheryl’s kids.

Chapter 3 – Cheryl

It was a Thursday and I decided to stop by and see John at work. I didn’t do it very often, but sometimes I liked to surprise him. He was in some meeting and I ran into Ed, John’s boss. He told me he had something to tell me about John and invited me into his office. I thought it might be because John had been working so hard that they had decided to promote him. John had said that there was a possibility of him getting one to move up into a recently vacated position.

Once in his office Ed gave me a bottle of water and started talking — about nothing. He kept beating around the bush and it was very strange. I started feeling a little light-headed and then he told me that he had a video that he wanted me to see, but he had been afraid to show me. I was puzzled, but asked him why. He said it was because John and Monica, a fellow worker, were having an affair. I was shocked and confused. John? Mister straight arrow? Ed asked me to come over to his desk and he played the video on his computer. When I stood up, I felt a little woozy, but I thought it was just because all my blood had settled while sitting. I looked at the video. It showed John knocking on the door of a hotel room. Monica answered and John went inside. Then it cut to showing a man fucking Monica. You could see part of her face, but not his. It certainly looked a lot like John, but something was making it hard for me to figure everything out. Then it showed Monica riding the guy. She had great tits. They were large and not saggy. She was the voluptuous type and I was the lithe, athletic type. Sometimes I was a little envious of big tits, but John loved me the way I was and I had no intention of having any surgery. Wait! Why was I thinking of that? I felt dizzy and suddenly had trouble seeing the screen. I sat down. Ed was talking to me and I was getting angry as he described scenes of John and Monica on several trips. I was talking loud and telling him I was pissed off and going to give John a piece of my mind when I got home, but what I said exactly, I have no idea. Suddenly, there was a dick in my face. I looked up and I think it was Ed, but things were very blurry.

“Why not get even and give him something to really think about?”

“Ummm.” I felt groggy and unfocused. I wanted to say no, but….

The next thing I can remember, John was shaking me. It woke me up and he helped me stand up. He walked me around a little and the fog started to clear. Then I tasted it. The unmistakable taste of a man’s spunk. Ugh! I had sucked off Ed? Did I imagine that or did it really happen?

Ed helped me out of his office and I meandered back to my car, having not seen John. I was still a little unfocused, so I sat in my car and thought about it. I thought I was going to be sick. I drove home not thinking about anything except driving because I was having trouble concentrating. I had just arrived and was fixing myself an orange juice, thinking I was a little dehydrated, when I got a video. It was from Ed. It showed me sucking a cock, and it was definitely not John’s. Shit! Had I really sucked Ed off in his office 100 feet from where John was? I suddenly realized I was about to be sick and rushed into the bathroom. I had no aversion to sucking dick and swallowing, but this was worse than that. I was already squeamish from something and thinking about what I had done with Ed pushed me over the top. I threw up several times until I had nothing left. Now what do I do? I was angry at John, but was this the way to show that anger? Suck off his boss who he has to work for and see every day? And then what? Throw it in his face? No, that was not the way to handle this. I was going to have to go back to Ed and talk about this fiasco. I was also going to have to think of a way to confront John. The asshole was fucking Monica. That bastard thought he could do that and still come home to the little wifey, eh? Well fuck that! Wait a minute. Why couldn’t I remember any of what just happened with Ed? Oh, shit! The son of a bitch must have drugged me! That was probably why I was feeling physically ill, too.

I thought about all of this over the next couple of hours before picking up the kids. I decided I was going to have to go back and discuss this with Ed before I confronted John with his infidelity. I called Jenny and told her I wanted to see Ed at 10am. I gave her no reason or idea why, just demanded a meeting. She relented rather quickly. I turned my thoughts back to John. How could he do this? I thought we had what everyone wanted; a good relationship, mentally and physically, and excellent communications. Then he fucks it up by fucking that tramp Monica. Well, fuck that! He was definitely going to get the fucking cold shoulder until I figured out how to nail the bastard. I was going to get him that was for sure.

When John got home he acted very nonchalant. “Hey, hon.” He walked up to give me his dutiful husband kiss. I didn’t turn to him. I took it on the cheek. Let him stew for awhile. “Everything okay?”

What an ass! “Yeah, everything’s fine.”

I just concentrated on dinner while he checked on the kids and went about his life like everything was fine and he wasn’t fucking Monica. Asshole!

As soon as the kids asked to be excused from dinner John tried to talk to me again. I figured I had to give him something until I figured this all out.

I responded the only way I knew how. Men are clueless when it comes to women so as long as you answer their question vaguely, you can get by. “I don’t know. I can’t pinpoint it. I just got mad today and for some reason I find myself taking it out on you.” I gave him a condescending hug. “Sorry.”

I left him with the dishes and sat in front of the TV. There was nothing on so after John came in and sat down I threw the remote down onto the coffee table, muttered some nasty words, and went to bed.

I woke early the next morning, having gone to bed so early, and showered. I came out, gave him a quick kiss, and tried to keep John in the dark, but then, once I was in front of my dresser wearing just a towel and ready to pick out my panties and bra, I realized he was watching me. I wasn’t about to give him a free show. “Are you just going to stand there and watch?”

John grinned. “I was planning on it.”

“Well, don’t. I don’t like to be ogled.” I didn’t drop the towel and start getting dressed until he went into the bathroom. I probably went too far. He liked to watch me and I usually liked it when he did. He always complemented me on being in such good shape after two kids and I liked hearing it, but I didn’t want to get into anything right now.

As soon as I dropped the kids off I headed back in to John’s office to see Ed. I was going to fuck that asshole up! Maybe even call the police. I just wasn’t sure how to handle the video.

When I arrived, Jenny, Ed’s secretary, said he had three people in his office and offered me some coffee. I was starting to feel tired after getting up so early, so I accepted. I waited for about 20 minutes when all three came out of the office. It was Ed, an older guy carrying a small black bag like doctors in a small town carry and wearing a wrinkled suit, and a large Mediterranean looking individual wearing a pair of Dockers and a polo shirt with Italia embroidered on it. He couldn’t stop grinning. I stared at them as they looked me over like lions studying dinner.

I tried to stand up, but my legs wouldn’t work. I slowly swiveled my head to look at Jenny, but she was grinning, too. Fuck! They had given me something again and Jenny was in on it. I was not as confused mentally, but my legs refused to lift me up. I could move all of my limbs a little, but not enough to do anything. They saw my problem and all smiled.

Ed finally spoke to Italia. “Tony, bring her in.”

My eyes had to be as big as saucers. My heart was pounding in my chest. I could feel myself breaking out into a sweat and still all I could do was watch as Tony came over and picked me up like he was carrying a small child up to bed. It was creepy being picked up like that and having your limbs and head barely respond enough to keep from lolling around. He took me into Ed’s office and put me on the couch, laying down. He turned to Ed. “Man, Ed, you sure can pick ‘em. This one’s hot!” He reached down and ran his hands over my tits. Fuck! All I could do was stare daggers at the bastard.

Then Ed looked at the old man. “Okay, Doc, get to work.” My eyes moved back and forth between all of them. Ed was smiling, Tony was leering, Jenny was grinning and licking her lips, and the doctor came toward me with a small smile and look of concentration.

“Okay, Cheryl, let me tell you how this works. You will recover your ability to move around in a few minutes. During that time, I’m going to give you a sedative. Do you understand?” I nodded the best that I could. “Good. Then we’ll drug you up with the good stuff and have a little fun, whadda ya say?” He grinned and it was as evil as I had ever seen. I started freaking out inside. I was just starting to get some movement back in my arms and legs and wanted to fight them, but he stuck the needle in my arm and the sedative was in there. I started struggling to stand up before it hit me, but they all laughed and Jenny came over and sat down next to me and held me still.

“Just be still, sweetie. You are going to love this action.”

“Fuck you!” I could speak again and I let that out and she slapped me.

“Shut up, you snobby bitch. Soon you’ll be eating spunk out of my pussy.”

I was trying to process that as the sedative took me under. I was not completely unconscious and could feel my body being moved around. I was vaguely aware of my position and noises around me. I could also feel a little of my body. Suddenly, I could feel that I was being fucked. I tried to struggle, but I couldn’t do much and couldn’t ascertain what was going on around me. I finally went completely unconscious.

When I started regaining consciousness I was on my back and my eyes were starting to focus. I was looking up and all I could see was a nasty, wet, cum-filled pussy. It was soaking. I started moving around and then Jenny turned and looked down at me. “No, no, honey. You have to clean all that yummy cummy out of my cunt.” Yech! I had never had any desire to be with a woman, much less suck some other guy’s cum out of a used pussy. She had my arms trapped against my body and was kneeling on the outside of them, holding them against me. I still didn’t have much strength and she knew it as she slowly lowered that mess onto my face. I tried to turn my face to the side, but she just kept rubbing it all over me. I then felt my legs being picked up and pushed back. Jenny grabbed them and held them back as I felt a cock entering me. Oh, shit, it was a big one, and they were not being nice about it as they rammed into me, pushing me back and forth. The first big slam caused me to groan out loud and that meant that I opened my mouth for a second. I was greeted with the taste of pussy and cum. It was not awful, but I was not bisexual and it made me angry and disgusted. I was getting more movement back, but the big dick just kept pounding me. Finally, Jenny stood up, handing the job of holding my legs back to whoever was fucking me.

“She’s fucking worthless as a cunt licker.” She glared down at me and I looked down to where my legs were being held up. Tony was kneeling, holding my legs, my ass a few inches off the ground as he pounded me.

“Hello there. How do you like Tony’s big cock?” Great, he was forcing me to have sex and was also one of those guys who spoke about himself in the third person.

“Fuck you!”

“You are! You are a dirty fucking slutty tramp and I’m going to fuck you and add my cum to Ed’s. Then Jenny here is going to clean your dirty fucking cunt out. Right, Jenny?”

“Yes, Tony.” She seemed very demure when talking to Tony.

I tried to start squirming and pushing him off of me, but then he did something that shocked me still for a second. He slapped my tits… hard! He slapped the right one back and forth and I reacted to cover them. He grinned. “Just take it, bitch. We own you now.”

I started squirming again and then he pulled out. “On second thought, I’m going to cum all over your face.” I tried to crawl away, but Jenny and Ed grabbed me and held me down while Tony stood over me and finished off his orgasm. His dick was pretty big and he had a good load of cum. He blasted me several times and I kept turning my head, but he still covered my face with his cum. I was panting and squirming and they held me down until he finished. Ed took some pictures and I was appalled at what I must look like.

I sat up and started to stand up to get the hell out of there. Tony grabbed me from behind and held me in a bear hug. “Hold on, sweet cheeks. Don’t struggle and don’t scream. We have something for you.” I continued to struggle, but Tony had to be about 6’3″ and 220 pounds. He was strong as an ox.

Ed went over to his desk and pulled out an envelope. He held it up. “Cheryl, what we have here are some things that you need to consider.” He pulled out a picture of Natalie and held it up. She was in the bathroom taking a bath, her little nine-year-old body naked and visible. “You see, Cheryl, Tony here is an expert at breaking and entering, inserting remote cameras, and, just so you know, he really loves young girls. Now I know that you want to run out of here and tell someone what just happened, but if you do, ” and he pulled out a picture of my husband and Ted with crosshairs on them, “then your little hubby and son Ted will have a terrible accident and Tony will get to have real fun with beautiful, little Natalie.”

I sat there, trying to get my arms around what he just said. I looked over my shoulder at Tony and he smirked. “Yes, I do love the young ones.”

I gulped and he put my feet on the floor. I stood there, trying to cover my naked body and they all laughed. Tears were brimming in my eyes thinking about my family and the innocent little Natalie. Ed spoke. “Honey, we’ve seen you naked for 45 minutes and we have all fucked your pretty little pussy. Relax. From now on we won’t use the drugs — well, not too much.” He chuckled at that. “We’ll just use the video we took of you being fucked, sucking cock, and eating Jenny’s pussy and then there’s the threat against your family. You will do whatever we say, whenever we say, got it?” He glared at me when he finished. “Oh, and one more thing; that video of Monica getting fucked? That was just her and her husband having fun and Tony captured it for us. Your faithful little hubby has not so much as touched that bitch. I’m sure he would not react very well to any of these videos.”

I looked around the room. Everyone was watching closely and then Tony reached over to his jacket and pulled out a gun. He as just showing it to me, but I stared at it. What the fuck was I going to do? For now, I had to at least play along. I’d have to come up with something later, but I couldn’t really think too deeply right now with the drugs running through me. “Okay.” I hung my head and let the tears flow. Fuck, John was still the faithful, innocent man I had married and loved. I had believed for a few moments that he could cheat on me and then Ed had taken advantage of me.

“Good. Now, my bathroom is available for you to clean up your face and then you are to get dressed and get that pretty, but slutty body out of here. It’s almost time to pick up the kids!” They all had a good laugh at that.

I got cleaned up, dressed, and left. They had all gone to lunch when I came out, so there was nobody there. I walked in a daze to my car. I had to think of something to do. I had to come up with some way to tell John, or the police, or both. This was the worst sort of blackmail. Would John believe me? How could he not when all of this came out. Maybe I should run to the hospital and have my blood tested for the drugs that they used on me. I sat in my car and thought about everything. Then my body started shaking and I began to cry. I felt nauseous again and my thoughts were all over the place. What the fuck was happening to me? It had to be the drugs. I was a mess. My hands shook, my stomach seized up, and I jumped out of the car to throw up. I felt better after that, but I was going to have to decide on a course of action. John always said I was good at logic puzzles and thinking through problems, so I had to do that.

I managed to pick up the kids and stay calm, but then I called Meryl. Maybe she could help. I called John and lied to him about Meryl and I going out shopping. Instead, we went to her place where I paced and yelled and cried and told her all about the problem. She kept feeding me margaritas until I was numb, but came up with nothing better about how to save my family from these cretins, save my marriage, and get away from these assholes. The more we discussed it the more it seemed impossible to do all three. Finally, she took me home and I crashed. It was late.

John woke me up the next morning and I was miserable and angry. I was angry at being awakened with a hangover, but I was angrier at life in general. How the fuck could this happen to me? I didn’t deserve anything like this. I had never done anything to deserve being the target of these assholes. I had to think of something to do.

Unfortunately, I slept walked through the rest of the week, burying myself in the little things that small kids and a family kept you busy with, I just couldn’t come up with a plan of attack that didn’t result in my family being hurt physically as well as believing that I was Ed’s fucking whore. Shit!

Friday was there before I knew it and everything was fine until about 2pm. I was on my way to pick up the kids when Ed called.

“Hey, gorgeous, it’s your owner calling.”

Fucking asshole. “What do you want, Ed?!”

“7pm, my house. I’ll text the address. Be ready to have some fun, baby.”

“Fuck you, Ed.”

“Listen, bitch. You need to get past your anger and realize that we’ve got you by your cunt hairs. I wasn’t kidding when I told you about Tony. He’ll do it. Now be here at 7pm and be dressed sexy. That means no underwear. Any questions, you fucking cunt?”

I pulled my car over to the side on one of the side streets leading to the school. My hands were trembling. I knew that this was it. If I did this, would I ever be able to get out of it? I didn’t think so. If I played along and was bad at sex would they tire of it? I couldn’t think straight again. “Okay.” I whispered it, regretting it, but not knowing how to get out of this mess. I had to think of something to do. Unfortunately, Ed just laughed and hung up and I thought of nothing. I hung my head and cried again. I was hurting and I knew I was damaging the best thing I had in my life, my family. John would be devastated, but he could get over it in time, and move on. The kids were another matter. Even if they were spared from harm, they would forever think of me as a slut, a whore, a fucking tramp; their own mother. No matter how it was described, the video and pictures would make it look like I was doing it of my own volition.

Friday I managed to make an excuse to John without sounding too much like a liar. I wondered what he thought. We had been so close and it was killing me to feel this way. I had lost control of my life, my family was in jeopardy, and I hated what I was doing and becoming. I got dressed up in a nice, slinky, black dress. I went to Mary’s house and borrowed it from her. I couldn’t stand the thought of soiling anything that John had given me or that I had worn for him. Meryl had this dress that she didn’t want and it was perfect. It was a little too low cut and a little too short for me to normally consider. It was perfect to wear to Ed’s place for these fuckers. I knew what was going to happen and left off the underwear as ordered and added only some 3″ pumps. I looked in the mirror and a cheap tramp was staring back at me. As I looked down I saw my wedding rings flash. I took them off and put them in my purse. The reminder was too painful.

I arrived and the door opened as I approached. Ed stood there, grinning from ear to ear. “Hello, gorgeous. Ready for some fun?” I just stared at him. “C’mon, lighten up. You’re going to have fun tonight. You’ll get fucked like I bet you never get from your hubby.”

“For your edification, my husband is a very good lover — better than all of you. So fuck off. You may be getting this body, but I will forever loath and despise every one of you.”

He grinned. “Who gives a fuck?” He motioned toward the right and held up a condom. “Now get your ass in the den and take care of that guy in there. He’s a big client and I promised him a little nookie if he stays with our company. If you don’t play along, Tony will take it out on you first, and then I’ll have him rough up Ted.”

I glared at him and hesitated. I didn’t want to do it with another stranger, basically whoring for the company. Then Tony came around the corner and smiled at me. Ed turned toward Tony and then back to me.”C’mon, honey. You don’t want to give Tony any reason to hurt you. He loves doing that.” Tony’s evil grin widened and he nodded.

I went into the den. Sitting there was a fairly young man for what I was expecting. He was probably my age, decent looking, and nervous; almost as nervous as I was, which actually relaxed me. I took stock of what was happening and decided to get this over with so I sauntered over giving him my best imitation of a model’s hip wiggle. He stared at me hungrily. “Hi, I’m Cherry.” I went with a fake name. It just popped into my head. I didn’t want him to know my real one.

“Uh, hi, Cherry. I’m Matt.” He shifted uncomfortably on the sofa.

I went to the small bar I saw there. “You need a drink?”

He raised up a glass of ice. “I need my scotch on the rocks refreshed.”

I went to him and retrieved the glass. I walked to the bar and as I faced away from him I looked up, said a prayer, crossed myself, asked for the forgiveness of my family, and fixed him a new scotch on the rocks.

When I took it back to him I handed it over and then sat down next to him. “How are you tonight, Matt.” As I crossed my legs I could see his eyes checking them out. They were one of my best assets.

“Uh, fine. I knew what Ed meant when he said he was bringing me here, but it’s still a little surprising to be here with such a beautiful woman.” He looked me over briefing. “You are very beautiful.”

“Thank you.” I felt better about this. He was not part of the group out to abuse me. However, he was taking advantage of the situation and that still pissed me off. I leaned over towards him. “It’s the first time I’ve done this.”

His eyes went wide and the surprise was obvious. “Mine, too. I’ve never done anything like this.”

I stared into his eyes. No matter what happened, my blackmailers were going to make sure I fucked this guy, so I just moved right to it. “Shall we get right to it?” I pulled my dress straps off my shoulders and let them fall down my arms. My tits were almost on display, the dress barely being held up by them. Matt stared.


I stood and shrugged my shoulders and then my hips and my dress pooled around my feet. I was naked. Matt stared. “You are fucking gorgeous.”

“Thank you.” At least he was appreciative. He stood and took me into his arms. I knew it was coming, but I had not kissed anyone but my husband since we were married so I turned my head when he tried and he pulled back.

“Sorry, not allowed?”

I shook my head. “Boundaries, you know?” He nodded. “But there are other parts of me you can kiss.” I lifted my tits up and he smiled and stared at them. The nipples were hard. He immediately leaned over and sucked first the left and then the right. It felt good, but I was trying to keep a distance, so I pulled him off them. “Take off your clothes and sit on the couch.”

Matt stripped quickly and displayed an average, but nice cock. I waited for him to sit and then unwrapped the condom and put it on him. I crawled up over him get this over with quick. He put his hands around me and grabbed my ass as he went back to sucking on my tits. I reached down and grabbed his cock. I centered it on my pussy and rubbed the head back and forth, hoping to pick up some moisture. As I did that and he slurped on my tits, I managed to get wet enough to feel like I could take him. I started lowering myself down on him and he groaned. I was wet enough now so I dropped down on him and started fucking him. He just held my hips and helped me move up and down. He stared at my body, taking in all the parts as I bounced on him.

“God, you are so fucking good.”

I took the complement, but he probably would have said that no matter what I did. I wasn’t doing much but I was a new woman to him and men seem to love what they call ‘getting some strange’. In any case, I concentrated on making him cum quickly. He did. After only about three minutes he started bucking and I knew he was going to cum. He pulled me in and buried his face in my neck as he pumped hard up against me. He came inside the condom and I waited for him to be finished. When he was done, I sat on him for a few more seconds, letting him recover. Then I leaned back and he looked up.

“That was fast, but good.”

I smiled. “Yes, it was. Now, I need to go get cleaned up.” I lifted myself up and removed the condom. I grabbed a Kleenex from a box on the side table and wiped myself off, then wrapped it around the condom. I stood up, deposited the trash into the trash bin, and pulled my dress up over my hips and then my tits. Matt still sat there, watching. Men were such voyeurs. Even my John loved to watch me. Shit! Thinking that brought tears to my eyes, but I fought them back and walked out. When I got the hallway, Ed and Tony were there.

“Good job, baby.” Ed chuckled as he said that. “Now Tony will take you out to the garage while I get rid of Matt.”

Fuck! Not Tony! That guy was such an ass and I hated him. He took my arm and, holding it tightly, pulled me through the kitchen and out the door to the garage. I entered a scene I had not expected. The garage had no windows that were uncovered. There was a couch, a very odd chair, a pommel horse, that had Jenny tied over it, her bare ass and sex visible from my angle, and there were other implements hung on the wall that I didn’t recognize, but were obviously for rough sex play. When we got there I jerked my arm away from him.

Tony chuckled when I stopped short. “Not your normal garage implements, eh?”

I saw Jenny’s head raise up as she tried to see us. “Tony? Please, Tony, I need some relief. Please, baby, fuck me.”

Tony turned toward me and grinned. “She’s very demanding for a slut, isn’t she?” I had no idea how to answer that question. Then Ed came up behind us and pushed us the rest of the way into the garage. He closed the garage door.

“Okay, Matt’s gone.” He patted me on the ass and it gave me the willies. “I think we made a good sale there, Cheryl. You were quite the little whore for us. Do you want to see the video?” I stared at him. I should have known they would film it. “You look very convincing in that video. There’s no doubt from viewing it that you really wanted to fuck him and enjoyed it. No backing out now, eh?” I didn’t say a word. “Just one more lesson now. You will get behind Jenny and eat her pussy and ass until she cums. Once you’ve learned that lesson, Tony and I will fuck you and fill you with cum, and then you can go home to hubby and the kids.” He grinned again, patted me on the ass, and I wanted to rip his balls off. “Well, show me what you can do with Jenny.”

I stared. I was able to get through the thing with Matt, but this was different. He wanted me to appear to be willing to have sex with another woman, something I had never wanted to do or desired. The last time she tried to sit on my face, I was so disgusted I almost lost lunch. I walked over toward her.

“Dress off, first.”

I dropped my dress and walked up behind Jenny. As I studied her ass and pussy, wondering how I was going to get through this, I saw a naked Tony move in front of her and offer her his dick. She immediately started slurping on it. Fuck! I leaned over and took a second to steel myself for this. She smelled excited, but different from me. I leaned over, closed my eyes, and tentatively kissed her on her left ass cheek. She moaned and I opened my eyes again. I looked at her crinkled little star and her slit. Her pussy was wet and blood engorged. I knew that look. I was checking it out when suddenly Ed grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face into her ass crack. “Get to work, slut!”

I resisted Ed pushing me into Jenny’s ass and he held me there for a few seconds before letting me back up. I took a breath and then, swallowing my pride and my disgust, leaned over and licked at her slit. She groaned around Tony’s dick. I knew the equipment and where everything was, so I gulped back the bile I felt in my throat and licked down where I knew her clit would be. I could feel her tremble at my touch and I knew I could make her cum quick. Then Ed took that moment to search out the entrance to my pussy with his dick. I tried to maintain concentration and was licking on Jenny’s clit when Ed started pounding into me, pushing my entire face into her crotch. I just kept working on Jenny. It only took another minute and she had a major orgasm. She must have been waiting for awhile. I made sure she was through most of it and pulled my face away. I wiped my face with my hand, trying to get all remnants of her wetness off my face. I was now holding myself up over her ass while Ed fucked me. He came rather quickly.

As soon as he was done, Ed pulled out and I could feel his cum running down my leg. I started to stand up, but he held me bent over. “Your turn, Tony.”

“Outstanding.” Tony pulled his dick out of Jenny’s mouth and came around behind me. I waited for him to fuck me. He lined his dick up and fucked me hard, grabbing my hips and jerking them back onto his dick. He really was more about the violent action than the actual sex. He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. Finally, after about 10 minutes, he pulled out and I could feel the spurts of cum hitting my ass and pussy as he tried to cover it with his spunk. I finally stood up and my back and legs were hurting.

“Now put your hands on the couch and bend over it.” Ed commanded me from alongside Jenny. He was untying her. Jenny stood up and stretched. She looked very uncomfortable. Ed looked at her and pointed to me. “Now clean up this slut so she can put her dress on.”

Jenny smiled. “She wasn’t great, but she’s getting better at eating pussy.” I flinched at that, and again when I felt her tongue licking the combined spunk off my ass and pussy. She was good at it and swiped over my clit several times, but Ed stopped her.

“Don’t’ give her an orgasm. I think she’s been holding back all night, trying to deny herself a good time. Let her go home frustrated and see if hubby is up to snuff.”

I glared at him as I stood up. “He’s better than you fuckers!”

Tony grabbed me by the throat. “Listen up, bitch. You’d better stow that attitude or I’ll have to demonstrate my powers on one of your family. Got it?”

I gulped when he eased up on my throat enough to let me speak and I croaked my answer. “Yeah, I got it.”

They let me go and I dressed and drove to Meryl’s. I told her what had happened in general terms and then she and I got drunk again. By the time I got home it was 2:30 and I hadn’t showered after sex with three men and a woman. I needed to shower. I smelled like — well, a whore. I had to face the fact that after what I did tonight with that customer that I was playing the role of a whore. I went to our one guest bedroom with a shower and stripped. I got into the shower when it hit me. I sat in the shower for 15 minutes crying, trying to reconcile what was happening to me with the person I was just two weeks ago. My life had been idyllic at that point. Then I had thought that my husband was cheating on me and had started treating him badly. The next day I found out that he had not and now I was the one not only cheating, but whoring as well. I had to find a way out. I still had hope for that, but there was no idea that came to mind on how to do so.

I got out of the shower and walked into the guest bedroom. I was shocked to see that John was sitting there. I wondered if he had checked my panties. There may be nothing incriminating there, but I couldn’t be sure. I hadn’t put them on until I got to Meryl’s. “Oh! John! What are doing up? Did I wake you?” I tried to sound normal, but it was difficult since I was a little drunk.

“I heard you get in the shower and I couldn’t sleep tonight. Come to bed, honey. You don’t have to sleep in here.”

I hesitated. “Okay, sure.”

I picked up my clothes and we walked into our bedroom. I put my clothes in the hamper making sure my panties were on the bottom of the pile and crawled into bed. John snuggled up against me. I tensed up in a reaction to the rest of my night and he moved away. Shit! I could use some comfort right now and I pushed him away. Sleep came slowly.

The next morning after sleeping pretty soundly, I tried get up without waking John, but failed.

“I’m awake.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Not a problem. So, did you have a good time last night?”

“It was okay.” I was quickly thinking of how to deflect this conversation.

“For just being okay, you were out pretty late.”

“I just couldn’t get away from those ladies. They can really drink.”

“Yeah? Where did you guys go?”

“Just a couple of bars downtown.”

“When I heard the shower, I thought maybe something was wrong.”

“No, I was just around too many smokers last night. There was a patio and smoking area outside one of the bars and a couple of the ladies smoke so we spent a lot of time out there. My hair smelled like smoke and I couldn’t take it.” I hope that would put him off.

“Okay. Well, I’m going to take a shower and get ready for another day. Natalie has a soccer game at 11.”

“Okay.” I got the hell out of there before he asked more questions.

The next week my whoring alter-ego had the week off as everyone was out of town. I used it to try to act normal with my family, but it wasn’t easy. That Friday, John and I went out. I could tell he was horny and so was I. I hadn’t had really normal sex in quite a while, and I was not having orgasms with the assholes. But I also hadn’t been tested and had been fucked bareback by four guys. I was terribly afraid I had been given something. I realized that I should definitely see a doctor. In the meantime, John was being his normal attentive and damnably seductive self. I could see he was so in love with me that I wondered how I could ever suspect him of an affair. Shit, he didn’t even look when a beautiful woman dressed in a sexy black dress walked by. All he had eyes for were me. I had to throw him a bone. Like most men, he loved blowjobs, but we didn’t have sex where I usually blew him to completion. Normally, we worked each other up orally, but had regular sex before he came. I decided that I would give him this and hope for the best. It would keep him from fucking me and I could satiate his desires for a while.

So after we got home and he put on some slow dance music, I put my plan in action. He knew I loved the slow dance and slow warm up to sex, but I figured I could say I was getting my period and blow him. So I did. He was amazed and I even talked dirty to him. He loved it and I almost cried at how trusting he was. He and I had always had such a solid marriage and now it was in shambles. What the hell was I going to do?

Over the next week, John started to question our lack of sex. I was almost frantic wracking my brain for some way to get out of what was going on without damaging my marriage, my family, embarrassing my family and friends, and being able to live a normal life. I loved John more than ever. He was a good husband, a terrific father, and loved me more than I deserved. I had to find a way out. The one good thing I did was that I made sure I was tested and after a couple of days the doctor said I was clean. I was going to fuck John at least one last time.

When he came in the door, I called his cell and told him I was lying naked on the bed with the whipped cream. We had tried this once before and except for it melting so fast and running, it was fun.

When he showed up, I knew by his eyes and the bulge in his pants that he was ready.

“Hungry?” I teased him, opening and closing my legs, the whipped cream melting and running down over my well heated pussy. I wanted him so bad.


“Mmmm, good.”

He licked it off my pussy, cleaned my tits, and then went back down on me. He was gentle and loving, but still demanding. He was amazing. He licked and sucked on my pussy until I screamed his name. I had to scream his name. He was the one man in my life who was good and pure. He was the love and rock of my life. Unfortunately, it was all going to go away, so I had to enjoy this. I had to make this a really good session. After he finished eating me he rose up and started to wipe his face off with the back of his hand. I stopped him. I kissed him hard, savoring probably the last good sex we would have together. I licked around his mouth, cleaning off the remnants of the whipped cream and my juices. When I leaned back he stared at me for a second, noting that I had never done that before. I grinned. “I love the way I taste on your face.”

He grinned back. “Me, too.”

I lay back told him to fuck me. He did. We hadn’t had sex in four weeks and there was no way he was not going to do that given the chance.

After he filled me up, cumming long and hard, I lay back and groaned. “Oh, god, I really needed that.”

“Me, too. All you had to do was ask.”

I tried not to look sad, but he was watching me carefully. I was ashamed at what was going on, but only saw one way out. I just had to wait for the right moment.

Chapter 4

Over the next two weeks, I tried to maintain my normal regimen and tried to stay with my family, but I found myself staring at them. It was as if I was taking mental pictures of them, trying to remember them as they were; as they had been before the truth came out. The future looked dark and bleak for me, so these days were becoming bittersweet for me. The kids looked at me strangely as I kept tearing up at the slightest nicety they performed. I kissed them more and Ted started to complain about getting to class at school with a ‘mommy mark’ (the remains of some lipstick after kissing him). I almost cried when he told me that, just loving the way he said it with mock seriousness, but never denying me the chance to kiss him goodbye. It was as if he could tell that something serious was going on.

The one new thing that occurred was that now I was up to 5 regular men. Ed had taken me out to Fred Williamson’s house. He was the COO of John’s company! The last time we were there it was Fred, Ed, Bob, Tony, and the man they called Doc. They took turns restraining me in different apparatus in Fred’s basement ‘playroom’, also known as a dungeon. They fucked my mouth, my pussy, and played with my ass. Tony slapped me around and bruised my tits enough that I couldn’t show them to John. I was now hiding my actions AND my body from my family.

My time was coming finally. Things would come to a head soon and it was sooner than I thought. One day Ed called and told me that I was going to entertain them on Saturday afternoon. Then, I would have to do it again on Monday. He said that everyone would be there on Monday, so I was to be on my best behavior. That meant that I could put my plan in action. Of the three things that I wanted to do, protect my family, save my marriage, and get away from these assholes, I knew that I could do only two. I would be able to do that on Monday, if I could just get there, and things would work out for me. My family may not believe that it was necessary, but this was going to be the only way.

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