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This is the eighth of my 12 Days of Christmas Improv audios. They don’t have anything to do with Christmas but I set a goal of doing an audio a day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Failed miserably but since many really good improvs came out of the attempt I am calling it a win :)

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Click Here to listen. (18 min/mp3)

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I woke the next morning to a kiss on the cheek, “Hey sweetie, I’m heading into work early. I left a little note for you on your dresser. See you tonight at the mall.” Opening my eyes I watched Ashley walk out of the bedroom and leave for work.

I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and realized I was still wearing her panties. Did last night really happen? I rolled out of bed and hopped in the shower. When I got to my dresser, I saw her note,

“Hey sweetie, This pair is a little big on me so I thought it might fit you better. Not the fanciest but should be enough to get you through the day. We’ll get more tonight! See you at the mall after work! Love, Ashley”

I opened my dresser drawer to find that all my boxers were gone and, in its place, was a solitary pair of red cotton panties. I was a little puzzled. I had assumed that the sissy play would stay in the bedroom but Ashley appeared to have a different idea. I shot her a text asking where my boxers were, but, with no other options, I slid on the panties tucking my soft cock down into them. I turned and admired my ass in the mirror…I guess they did hug it well I thought to myself. I finished getting dressed and went off to work. That morning I got a response from Ashley that simply read “You don’t need them anymore, remember! If we’re going to do this we’re going to do it my way and do it right. Let me know when you leave work and I’ll meet you at the mall.”

The workday was long and I was reminded of Ashley every time I went to the bathroom and saw the panties. I avoided using the urinal for fear of someone seeing them. Sliding them up still got me a little turned on but I’d distract the mind to avoid a sexual harassment lawsuit at work. I texted Ashley to let her know I was leaving and she suggested we meet in front of one of the department stores. When I arrived she was waiting there with a smile, “How’s my sweet sissy today? How was your first full day in panties?”

“It was good but I had to sit down when I went to the bathroom. I didn’t want anyone to see. I didn’t think I’d be wearing them all day. I thought we’d just be doing this in the bedroom.”

“I told you that if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do this the right way. It’s all or nothing. I didn’t think I’d come home yesterday to my boyfriend wearing panties. Now c’mon and let’s have some fun with this!”

“Ok, I’m sorry…I agreed to this and you’re right!” I said with a smile, “just try to be a little discreet in the store. I don’t really want them knowing this stuff is for more, ya know.”

“Oh, stop. No one is going to know and who cares if they do!”

We walked into the mall and she directed us to the lingerie section in the department store.

“They have some stuff here if you want. It’s a little cheaper but not quite as sexy as a Victoria’s Secret. Do you have a preference?”

I was uncomfortable having this conversation with other people around us, “Ummm, I don’t care. Let’s just get something and get out of here.”

“Stop being like this,” she reached for my hand “we’re doing this together and no one is paying attention to you. Now…do you want to check Victoria’s Secret? They probably have a bigger selection.”

“Ok…sorry…yes, that sounds good.”

Off we went through the mall, still holding hands and talking about the work day. All I could think about was the awkwardness I would feel inside Victoria’s Secret.

“How many are we buying today?”

“How many what? Panties? Well, I figure you probably need about 10 pair so you’re not constantly washing them, then you’ll also need some bras and maybe some other stuff so you feel extra sexy in the bedroom. I figure I deserve a thing or two since I’m doing this with you too.” she said smiling and looking up at me “it’s not like you don’t have the money.”

Ten? Bras? This was starting to add up but I had to admit that I was a little excited. The thought of doing it a little more often with a willing participant turned me on. We walked into the store and I was a little overwhelmed with all the options. Fortunately, Ashley knew her way around.

She looked at me “I was thinking a few lacy pair, since you seem to like those, and these french cut might look good on that ass of yours.. Maybe a thong or two but I’m not sure how they’ll fit you down there…you might…um…spill out. Have you ever tried one?”

Feeling a little awkward discussing it in the the store, I said softly “Um, ya, it’s harder to wear one but we could try a couple.”

“Ok cool…what colors? I was thinking some nice pastels for you and maybe a hot pink!” she said smiling.

I smiled, blushing a little, “Ya, those sound good.”

“Sizing will be tricky. I’m thinking medium but you might need a large…oh miss, can you help me a second?”

I was horrified. Asking for help?! I stood there hoping she wouldn’t notice my face blushing.

“Yes, what I can I do for you?”

“I need to buy some panties, but they aren’t for me. My…friend…is actually probably about his size. Do you think a medium would work?”

Smiling and looking at both of us “Ya, I think a medium would be good. If it won’t embarrass him too much you can hold them up to him too” she chuckled.

“Oh, thanks! Probably a 36 for a bra, right?”

“For someone his size, probably a 36 or maybe a 38. If you wouldn’t be too uncomfortable I can measure you but you’ll still have to guess on the cups.!”

My face went beet red, “They aren’t for me!” I blurted out.

Ashley laughed, “why don’t you just measure him to be safe”

I lifted up my arms and she measured across my chest, “Looks like a 36 would probably work, but it could be snug. Do you have an idea of what her cup size might be?”

“Hmmm….pretty small…probably an A but could do a B if you don’t have it in stock.” Ashley replied while smiling at my discomfort with the situation.

“Well, let me know if you need any help in picking stuff out” and she walked to help someone else.

My face was clearly red now, but at least it was over. I took a deep breath and looked at Ashley, “I thought you said you’d be discrete.”

“Oh stop…we needed sizing anyway. You didn’t want to have to come back and return stuff. I said it was for a friend. If anything you made it worse with your red face and tone. Now come on…let’s find something sexy little sissy.” she said with a smile.

Ashley was pretty good at finding stuff and would just ask my opinion. I generally just agreed with whatever she found but was growing more comfortable and would occasionally suggest colors. Each item she would hand to me to hold on to…I lost count of what we had. When we were wrapping up she approached a mannequin with stockings, garters and bustier.

“We should get two of these…one for me and one for you!”

She looked for sizes and selected hers in black and turned “something lighter colored for you…pink?”

“Sure, that works. We have a lot of stuff…surely we don’t need much more.”

“Hmmm…well, might need a few more bras because I worry those will show through your shirt at work.” she whispered at the end.

“Show through my shirt?”

“Well, ya, I wear one all day…so are you. When are you going to understand this isn’t a one time or every now and then thing. If I’m going to have a sissy for a boyfriend I want you to immerse yourself as much as possible. Now let’s look for something over here that won’t stick out as much.”

“Why don’t we leave this at the counter and they can start ringing it up. They have some cute PINK loungewear I want for around the house and you could use a few things too.”

“Loungewear too? How much are we going to spend? I already have gym shorts to wear around the house.”

“Stop whining. I told you this wasn’t going to be cheap so open your wallet and appreciate that I’m doing this with you and obviously those gym shorts aren’t going to cut it anymore. We’ll just get you a couple pair of shorts and tank tops. They might be snug but we’ll get you on a diet and working on your figure.”

Diet? I thought. I started to question if this was going too far. I thought I would hold on to at least some of my manliness.

Ashley grabbed two pair of pink shorts and a couple for herself. “These will be cute for you!!” she whispered then grabbed a couple tank tops. “Perfect…let’s check out.”

The total came to a mind boggling $450. I couldn’t get over how expensive it was, but Ashley had a smile as we walked out. Shopping with her had made me both turned on and little apprehensive. I didn’t realize how far she wanted to take it

“I can’t wait to get home so you can try some of this stuff on! Maybe I’ll put on something sexy for you too” she said.

“Me too,” I smiled “it’s a real turn on that you’re so into this.”

She gave me a peck and we got in our cars to head home. My heart was racing as I drove home. As painful as the shopping was, I excited to try on my new stuff. My cock was already starting to get hard thinking about it.

Ashley beat me home and I found her in our bedroom unloading stuff into my dresser. “Here,” she said “Start by trying this on.”

She handed me a satiny pair of hot pink panties with lace trim and a matching bra. I disrobed and slid on the panties while she helped me with the bra in back “you’re going to have to learn to put this on yourself. Now…you’re not that hard right now. Can you tuck yourself in between your legs? It would be nice if there wasn’t a bulge.” I did as I was told though I knew I’d be popping up again once I got hard.

“Mmmmm,” she said, “there’s my sissy” she said as she stood behind me, rubbing my ass in the panties. “You get comfortable on the bed while I put on something we got today.” She disappeared into the bathroom.

She emerged wearing a sexy black lacy bra and thong set complete with stockings and garters.

“Wow” I said “you look so hot right now.”

“Mmmm…good” she said smiling “that’s the point. Now let’s put a little of this on your lips to take things a further little sissy.”

She reached out with some pink lipstick and put it on my lips. “Good, now come here”

She leaned forward and we began making out, my hands on her body and her hands cupping my bra and reaching in to pinch my nipples.

“I think you need more practice with your tongue” she said as she gently pushed me on my back and began straddling my face. She moved her panties to the side and I buried my face between her legs. Her thighs against my cheeks as she moved her hands through my hair, moaning, “Mmmmm, nice and slow.” I could taste her getting wet as she moved her hips against my face a bit, moaning louder as I watched her begin to squeeze her breasts over her bra, “Let me turn around and give you a little attention.”

She turned around and leaned forward on her knees, lowering her pussy to my face, “Keep going” she said as she began rubbing my cock through my panties, noting some precum “Hmmm…looks like you’re getting wet too.” I continued going to work on her pussy when she asked me to pull my legs up a bit as she slid her hand into my panties.

“I think you’ll like this,” she said with a smile, “and don’t act like you haven’t done it before,” she said as I felt her finger rub the outside of my asshole.

She was right and I couldn’t deny it, “How’d you know? I just tried it once…”

“You’re wearing panties, so of course you’ve fingered your ass and I doubt it was just once. Now just relax and don’t stop paying attention to my needs.” She moistened her finger and slid it back into my panties and against my hole, gently working it in. I moaned a bit as her slender finger went in. “We’ll get some lube for next time but I thought you’d like a little tease,” she said as she rubbed my balls with her other hand, sliding it in a bit deeper.

With my cock in her face I kept wondering if she would take it out and go down on me. I was so turned on and aching. I finally asked, “You’ve got me so hard and turned on. You could slide me out of the panties if you want to play with my cock a little while you’re down there.”

She took her hand off my balls and pushed her pussy in my face, “I told you that was staying in your panties where it belongs. You need to understand that while you’re wearing panties that your little dick gets less attention. You need to learn how to please and learn new ways to receive pleasure.” She slid her finger out of my ass, sitting up and moving to the night stand. “You’ve got me pretty worked up,” she said as she got her dildo out and handed it to me. She got on her hands and knees, “Take me from behind with it. It’s a position we never got to do much since you slip out but I know it feels so good.” Another reminder of my lack of size, but I took it in stride getting behind her perfect little ass and rubbing the head against her pussy. She looked back at me, arching her back and pointing her ass in the air, “Mmmmm…fuck me hard.”

I loved the dirty talk but couldn’t help but wish it was directed at me and not the dildo. That said, I loved watching her and helping her get off. I truly enjoyed giving her pleasure. I slid the dildo in slowly, “I said hard sissy!” she barked, “Make it hurt.” Words I had never heard, or thought I would hear, from her only turned me on more as I began aggressively fucking her with the dildo, deep, long strokes. “Oh goooooddd, so good,” she moaned, “Get your face in my ass and lick it.”

I hesitated. This was something I hadn’t heard her ask for before “Oooohhh, just do it now!” Her orders turned me on so much, I buried my face between her cheeks, rolling my tongue around her hole. “Oh, god, don’t stop…fuck me harder.” My arm was getting tired as I worked harder on her hole, getting it wet. “Slide your finger in,” she beckoned “I want your finger in my ass too” she whined, moaning louder as I slid my moist finger in her ass. I couldn’t believe this girl was such a freak in bed as we typically only did missionary in the past. “Oh god, don’t stop, I’m going to cum” as she moaned and screamed, her body tensing and trembling before relaxing. I slowly pulled my finger and the dildo out, rubbing her ass a bit before moving up towards her.

“Oh my god. That was so good. I haven’t been fucked like that in a while!” she said as she leaned in to kiss me hard. “It was so good. You’re the best. You want to clean my dildo off again like last time?”

I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed. I was a little taken aback, “I’ve never seen you in the bedroom like this before. It’s really hot.”

“I guess there is a side of me you haven’t seen before and maybe I’m learning about myself a little too.”

“I wish we could have done some of this stuff before without the panties. I’d love to try anal.”

“It’s a little late for that now…you’re already in panties. Also, you’ve never really been, like, a manly man, for me to think you’d be able to make me cum like that or be able to fuck me hard in my ass.” I was a little perplexed and let down. I think she could tell. “Oh sweetie…it’s not your fault. We’re doing it together now and that’s what counts! Now show me how you clean off the dildo, just like last time.” I opened my mouth and she took the dildo, sliding it in as I wrapped my lips around it, “There you go…good sissy.”

She removed the dildo from my mouth and went on, “Now I know you didn’t get to cum today, but you need to learn a little discipline. Girls don’t always cum when they have sex and I’m willing to bet you haven’t made many girls cum with your cock in the past. Therefore you need to learn you’re not going to cum very often. I promise you that you’ll get to cum at some point, but, in the meantime, I don’t want you playing with yourself. Hands off. I’ll decide when you’re ready.”

I wasn’t sure how long I could make it especially considering how turned on I still was. My balls were aching. Would she really know even if I did?

“Ok, I’ll do my best.”

“No, not your best. Tell me you won’t do it. That’s for me to decide now, not you. It stays in your panties, remember.”

“Yes, sorry, I won’t.”

“Ok good! Throw on your new pink shorts and top and let’s cuddle on the couch. You wore me out!”

This is completely inspired by an excellent picture from the incredibly talented InCase, who is almost single-handedly responsible for getting me into this particular kink.

“Well” I thought idly as I felt the smoke finally start to reach my lungs, “That’s that then” I’d been lying on the floor of my apartment for about 10 minutes now, the heat slowly increasing. In hindsight sleeping till 2 in the afternoon probably isn’t that good an idea, but I never thought it would actually kill me. The fire alarm in the corridor had long since given up and I could tell that the inferno was still intense over there- the door handle was roasting hot. Unfortunately the window didn’t offer a better choice- it was double glazed and wouldn’t open more than a foot, and even if I did manage to smash through I probably didn’t stand a great chance on surviving a ten story fall.

That thought actually revitalized me to action. Fuck it, I’d rather spend my life being fed through a tube than die now- at least I could still watch TV right? I looked around for something sufficiently heavy to start trying to bust out, and settled on my speakers. Struggling to my feet I cracked open the window to let some air in and maybe give me enough breath to attempt survival. But the sound that greeted my ears as I did so was enough to make me collapse again. Those sadistic bastards out there were cheering. Cheering! Defeated I slumped down and waited for the smoke to take me. Maybe this wasn’t so bad- at least I wouldn’t burn to death.

No sooner had I thought that than the door to my crappy apartment was burst off its hinges and a fireball came racing across the room towards me. I flinched and tried to shield my face with my hands, but no flaming death came. I opened my eyes, and standing in the doorway having inhaled my certain doom was Power Girl! She casually spat a much reduced fireball into the corridor and strode into the room, smiling and extending a hand.

“Sorry sir, you’re the last one in the building. I don’t know how much lead there is in this room, but I couldn’t see or hear you till you opened that window. Wanna get out of here?” I nodded dumbly and took her hand, and she lifted me effortlessly, supporting me with one arm. With the other she casually slid a hand into my wall, pulling a huge chunk of it into the room and making an improvised doorway. Without any ceremony she stepped out onto the air, and flew us across the block and deposited me on a roof facing the blaze. “The firefighters should be able to handle everything from here, and there’s no risk of anyone dying now. How’re you doing?”

“I’m…” I started, trying to gather my thoughts. Without meaning to I felt tears rising up, not from the smoke but real tears. “I’m awful! Every shitty thing I own is in that shitty apartment, and I know I should be grateful and happy to be here but that crap was my life!” I covered my eyes, embarrassed at my outburst and lack of gratitude.

“Hey, don’t cry” Power Girl said, sitting beside me. “You don’t need any of that stuff, and I’m sure you’ll get somewhere to stay while you get back on your feet.” I sniffed and looked over at her. In person she was much more stunning than in news clips, and the soot and sweat on her made her look even better. There were scorch marks all over her normally perfectly white costume, and she smiled at me as I wiped my eyes. Without meaning to, without any conscious thought at all except about how intense it felt to be sitting next to her, our heads close together, I leaned across to kiss her. To my shock she didn’t resist, and I pulled back almost immediately, ashamed of my pathetic outburst and now being a creep to the woman I owed my life to.

“I am so sorry” I said, rising. “I’m truly grateful for you saving my life, and I’ll never forget it, but I’m sorry for that”. I turned to head towards the door to the stairwell, and she was standing there, smiling.

“Don’t be” She said breathily and stepped towards me, kissing me deeply again. Her tongue gently parted my lips and then teeth, flicking into my mouth for a brief second before she broke the kiss again. “I think I can find somewhere we can get you washed up and stay for the night” Her smile had lost the beatific quality it had earlier, and there was a hunger to her voice. I was honestly in such shock that all that did was make me even more turned on, and I reached to her to kiss her. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her, kissing her deeply and I felt a rush of wind on my face. When I opened my eyes we were still in the same pose, but now instead of it being the middle of the afternoon it was closer to sunset. I panicked and broke the kiss, and looked around. We were floating a few feet in the air above a balcony, open glass doors leading to a gorgeous studio apartment. “I prefer this coast” was all she said in explanation of what I’m sure was a look of panic from me.

She dropped me on the balcony without any ceremony, her eyes glowing red with lust. I’ve got to admit that my dick was harder than it had ever been and straining against my jeans. Even as I turned she stepped in close to my and kissed me deeply, sucking all the breath out of my body. Sure, she had basically no breasts, but apart from that her body was truly perfect. I’d never been with anyone close to as hot as her in my entire life, and not only did she clearly want me but she was barely able to control herself. Still taking the lead she put one hand over my crotch and squeezed- I’m sure she was being gentle but she was in complete control. Without lifting me again or even pushing me she manoeuvred us through the glass door and into her house, not so much directing me as moving while holding me and giving me no real option. Once inside she withdrew slightly, giving me a chance to breathe again, and grinned at me. Her eyes were still flashing red, and there was a slight increase in the glow from them and her head blurred for an instant. Almost immediately, my clothes fell off my body, having been cut by her vision perfectly.

“Getting undressed takes too long when you’re awareness is as increased as mine” she said hurriedly and stepped in to kiss me again, and there was a blur and I found myself in a pleasant, sizeable bathroom with her turning taps. Immediately a huge amount of water started spraying from the entire ceiling, and she disappeared again into a blur around me. I felt every inch of my body being scrubbed vigorously, the sensation making my already straining cock even harder. Almost as soon as she started she stopped, and ended the water flow. A tower appeared from nowhere, and just as energetically as earlier I was scrubbed to cleanliness. I felt strange- every inch of my had been cleaned thoroughly- looking down my nails and body hair had been trimmed, my teeth brushed, even my ass felt slightly tender at the cleaning. Now at normal pace we kissed again, and she led me through the door and back into the main living room.

The brief cleaning hadn’t done anything to restrain her lust, and she quickly got things started, grasping my cock with both hands and squeezing gently. I realised now that she was flying a few inches off the floor rather than standing on tip toes, so we were at nearly the same height. She I was barely able to keep myself upright as she firmly worked my shaft, and I moaned with lust into her mouth as she kissed me again. Forgetting who I was with, I reached both arms around her and tried to lift her to carry her over to the sofa. She giggled and let me, putting her arms around my neck and managing to not make it look condescending. Once we got to the sofa however she slipped easily out of my grasp and pushed me down, so I was sitting with her standing over me. The hole in her costume had slid down slightly, and her nipples were just visible peeking out of the bottom.

“Now, there’s something that nearly no one knows about me that could be kind of a dealbreaker here, but I’m sure a confident, secure guy like you won’t have any issue” she said as she started undressing, slipping her outfit off her shoulders and revealing her tiny breasts. Even for someone that could have done it with superspeed she was taking her time, teasing me as she rolled the costume down her body. Once it reached her waste she bent over and kissed me, then removed the last of her suit. I reached a hand out to cup her perfectly shaped ass and pull her down, but she didn’t yield. Confused, I opened my eyes and got the second biggest surprise of my life. Sitting between Powergirl’s legs, where perhaps the most sought after piece of pussy in the whole world should have been, was a dick! It was tiny and soft, with no hair and a pair of marble sized balls, but it was definitely there. Looking up she hadn’t lost any of her confidence or lust. “I hope this won’t be an issue for you then?” she said, already leaning in to kiss me again. I moved my lips up to meet hers instinctively, and she broke the kiss after 30 seconds.

I bit back a hundred rejections, excuses or polite refusals and thought about this logically. She hadn’t gotten any less hot or horny in the last minute, she was physically the most perfect specimen of womanhood in the world aside from this, and I really wasn’t thinking with my head at this point anyway. “Only problem is that I thought you liked me, this doesn’t exactly seem as excited as you were claiming to be” As soon as I said it she squealed with delight and pushed me back down onto the sofa, lying atop me. Our penises touched, and mine jumped at the contact; the heat being given off by her little clit was intense and it was almost like an electric shock. It was the first cock other than my own I’d ever touched, and I redoubled the intensity of the kiss in response. She seemed to be just as aroused by it as I was, and I felt a stirring in her penis as we explored each other’s bodies with our hands and mouths. With my left hand I cupped one perfect cheek and, made bold by the fact that I was clearly just as desired here as desiring, slipped my middle finger down her cleft and gently rubbed around her rosebud. She moaned and ground into me causing me to gasp as our dicks were pushed into each other. Now I had clear approval I decided to go for it, and started to push my finger inside her. Her hole yielded to the pressure and she gasped, then nibbled my ear lobe as I continued my exploration.

“Getting a bit ahead of ourselves aren’t we?” she whispered into my ear, and I could hear a smile in her voice. She pulled away from me, sitting up on my thighs, and that’s when I saw the effect our making out had had on her. Her previously tiny and cute cock had grown, such that it was unrecognizable. I didn’t have a tape measure to hand, but like most guys I’ve measured myself before- more than once to tell the truth, as one of life’s eternal optimists. I’m just over 5 and a half inches long, and maybe 5 around. While soft she had been less than 2 inches long and maybe 3 or 4 around? Now there wasn’t a cute little dicklet, or clit staring at me. No, there was a monster cock, long and threatening bobbing proudly in the air before her. “I mean, it certainly doesn’t look like you’re the man in the relationship from where I’m sitting”

“Wait, I’m not really sure if” I started to no avail, as she had already pinned both my arms above my head with one of hers, while she casually parted my legs with her own. There was of course no noticeable effort from this, but it was still terrifying to realise how vulnerable I was before her.

“Can’t be very good for your sense of masculinity” she said as she spat onto her cock, which was already slick with pre-cum. “I mean you’ve been overpowered by a tiny girl, and to add insult to injury her cock dwarfs yours” she rubbed herself against my worryingly still hard dick to emphasize her point. Hers had looked thin earlier but I realised now that was an illusion from its length- it was about half as long again as mine and noticeably thicker “If it makes you feel better my spit is superspit and perfect lube, this won’t hurt a bit.”

“Really?” I asked, incredulously. Everyone’s seen superheroes flying around these days, but that’s one power I struggled to believe in.

“No” She replied, grinning. “Try to relax” With that she took one hand and rubbed her head down the length of my shaft, before lining up against my hole. It felt slick and hot, and she pushed forward. Unsurprisingly, my flesh parted easily before her, and I gasped in agony at the intrusion. It felt hot and itchy, and there was clearly no room for it. Still she persisted, steadily feeding my defenceless ass her cock. I cried out in pain and she leaned in and kissed me, silencing me. In a panic and not realising how futile it was I struggled against the twin invasions of my ass and mouth, and I felt a tightening in my chest as she sucked the air out of my body. Then there was only blackness.

I regained consciousness rapidly, but without a full sense of what was happening to me. I was lying down with a weight on me and a significant pain coming up from my ass. Whatever was on top of me was slowly rubbing the length of my dick, and combined with what felt like a massage directly onto my prostate I was pretty close to cumming. Without realising it my breathing had gone from deep gasping breaths to rapid, shallow pants, until I opened my eyes. Gazing down at me was a manic face, two burning eyes staring at me in lust, with sweat dripping down her forehead as she groaned. She grinned at me and kissed me once on the cheek without slowing her pace.

“Welcome back sleeping beauty” she said. “Looks like you’re the perfect girl- prudish and proper in public but a whore once I’ve got you alone. Pity it took you passing out to rea- ahhh!” She cried out in pleasure as I tried to take control of the situation, wrapping my legs around her and pulling her in deeply. Truth be told it wasn’t an entirely selfless action, and I had to suppress my own vocalization at the sensation of her full length rubbing against my prostate. I’d already realised that my fastest way out of this was to get her off as fast as possible, and pray that she’d be less of a rapist while post coital. “Now that just isn’t fair at all, I think you’re forgetting who holds the cards here.” With that she pulled out entirely, a less pleasant sensation than going in. I looked up at her meekly as she eyed me, and a grin formed on her face again. It’s funny, every image of her she has this serene, stern look like a statue of a Greek goddess- that kind of Athena vibe. But since she’s gotten me alone all I’ve seen is looks that are better suited to a villain- like that Harley Quinn in Gotham, or her weird little sidekick the Joker.

“Time to re-establish the status quo I think” she said, and lifted my hips just off the sofa, before spinning me round, my hips still elevated but my head pushed into the sofa. As I raised my head I felt her rubbing her cock down my crack and against my hole again, making her attentions abundantly clear. There was a rush of air and suddenly we were surrounded by half a dozen mirrors of various sizes, apparently acquired from various rooms in the apartment and propped at various angles for a panoramic view. From here her girldick looked even bigger than earlier, and it was getting harder and harder to fully view the person preparing to cornhole me as female. “Thought you’d want to know exactly how this would look to a theoretical outside observer if I, say, made you do this in the middle of the street with a hundred people watching it and filming it on their phones” she said matter-of-factly. “There’s absolutely nothing they’d be able to do but watch- does that make your little dick harder? It’s only out of a sense of affection and chivalry that I’m not making your deflowering a public spectacle darling.” Again she pulled back, lined up and surged forward, and again I yelped. This time was easier and less painful, and it took all the presence of mind I had left to deepen my cry into something purely caused by pain, rather than the sound of someone that is starting to enjoy the feeling of flesh rubbing a certain spot inside them.

This time she bottomed out immediately, then started grinding slowly rather than giving deep thrusts. At first I expected this to pretty much nullify the pleasant sensation earlier, but if anything it intensified it- slowly at first, but I could feel that the peak of this was going to be much more intense than earlier. Then, to add insult to injury, she reached underneath with one hand around the base of my own cock and gripped it, firmly. Unconsciously I bucked, trying to fuck her hand to get off, but her reflexes and grip meant that all that happened was the pressure was maintained and I was left with a rapidly approaching, extremely emasculating orgasm that owed more to what was behind me than in front. Somehow she sensed (x-ray vision? Super hearing?) my imminent climax and applied just slightly more pressure with her hand, cutting off the crest but not the sensation. I gritted my teeth and struggled, but finally gave in, and moaned, loudly at the sensation. “Does my bitch want to cum?” she asked, apparently oblivious to my display.

“Please, just let me cum!”. I made no attempt to conceal my desperation

“What will you do if I let you have this bitch?” she replied, unmoved.


“You’ll do anything? Believe me, I may have only been around for 18 years but in that time I’ve gone through thousands of lifetimes of awareness, and I’ve developed some pretty strange tastes. You want to be subjected to that for one measly orgasm?” To emphasise her point she put her other hand on my shoulder and pulled me up, snaking her hand down so it was barely tickling the head of my cock. Her voice had lost its flatness, and there was an eager quality to it.

“Please, anything. I’ll be your bitch, just let me have this”

Her hand reached up to my chest and pulled me in tight, and her fingers idly played with my nipple. “You’re going to be a more depraved whore than this planet has seen. My people had millennia to perfect their desires and the only thing left of that species to act on them is me- you just volunteered to sate every one of them. Worst of all, everyone everywhere is going to congratulate you on this. You’re going to be the luckiest guy in the world as far as anyone knows- guys will line up to shake your hand and stare in envy while my cum is churning in your guts. All because you couldn’t say no to getting your rocks off here” With that she did three very, very unfair things. She reached down with her free hand and slid an additional slender finger into me, she kissed deeply into my neck hard enough for me to already feel the bruise, and she released just enough pressure on my cock to let me finish. Then, as a final act of sadism, stroked firmly with both her hands- 1 in my ass, one on my cock. Of course she wasn’t content to do this normally, and take it from me- superspeed is a hell of a power but open to some serious abuse.

I think my scream was audible by people without super hearing on the other side of the planet as I came explosively over the sofa. My orgasm lasted for a good 5 seconds, but it felt like an eternity of sensation, the feeling on my cock so good it was almost painful. She didn’t seem to be having a bad time either, and I felt her shaft swell slightly inside me, and she held it there for about a minute before pulling out and letting her leak onto the sofa. I collapsed in our shared cum, unable to move or think, and shivered. I turned around to see her staring at me, and though she was smiling it looked more like genuine affection than the crazed lust of earlier. There also seemed to be just theslightest hint of something almost unrecognizable in her eyes- either guilt, or maybe even nervousness. Looking down her body her dick had shrunk rapidly to its previous apparently harmless state, and there was a sheen of sweat over her body. Both our bodies in fact.

“Save some punch for me…Mr. Policeman,” came the throaty sexy growl from behind me.

I turned quickly and bumped into the woman who had bent over me as I ladled out a cup of the orange jet fuel punch my friend Maxine doctored up for her annual Halloween party. After I stepped back to regain my balance, my eyes quickly took in the stunning woman before me. Late 20′s, 5’7″, white blouse tied in a way that accentuated her large breasts and nut brown tanned and taut stomach, complete with a gold ring piercing her navel. There was a black lace bra peeking out underneath the blouse that lifted her cleavage and brought her breasts together until they were just touching. Her tartan plaid miniskirt barely covered any of her long tan thighs, draping a mere few inches below her crotch.

The effect was completed by black mesh stockings that just came above her knees, visible from the tops of her patent leather spiked heel boots that clung to her calves. I realized my eyes were lingering too long on her beautiful body and looked up. Her almond eyes framed by violet eye shadow, geek chic glasses, long black hair with some dyed brown streaks cascading off her head in two silky pigtails. She looked at me with dark red lips slightly parted, tongue touching her front teeth, knowing full well her devastating look. She was a scorchingly hot blend of naughty and nice. My cock stirred to half-mast.

“Jo-Sei,” she introduced herself, extending her slim hand towards me.

“Josey?” I asked.

“Jo-Sei,” she gently corrected me as our hands met. Electric. I realized that this was Maxine’s good friend she had told me about and wondered just how far out of my league this girl was.


“So, Cameron, you a cop?” She smiled, letting me have it. I was, after all, dressed as a California Highway Patrolman, complete with utility belt and boots.

“CHP, ma’am.”

“I love men in uniform. And keep calling me ma’am.”

“I get that a lot,” came my attempt at witty repartee. I rarely get hit on and never by a woman who looked anything remotely like this girl.

“Cops are the biggest sluts,” she added, “And I like to make them do things.”

Whoa, I thought, girl’s going to be a little kinky. My arousal went up.

“So, Mr. Highway Patrolman, you going to give me that punch or what”, Jo-Sei demanded.

I handed her the punch and we chatted for a long while, laughing and flirting and talking about who we knew at the party and commenting about other costumes. She was an old friend of Maxine’s from New York, in San Francisco staying with Maxine for a week. Three to four drinks of super strong punch later, the flirting got a little hotter as she gripped then stroked the billyclub in my utility belt looking right into my eyes, one of her shaped eyebrows arching slyly. She smiled and flicked the handcuffs dangling from the back of my waist, now laughing openly at my clear arousal/discomfort.

A slow song came on and she grabbed my hand, pulling me out to the middle of the living room where a few other couples were dancing. Her left hand wrapped gently around my neck, fingers caressing the skin while her right hand circled my waist, pulling me close then dropping until it was just at the top of my butt. I wrapped my arms around her carefully, not knowing where to hold this bombshell and all of her exposed skin. She leaned into me, giving me a whiff of her jasmine perfume while my hands dropped to her ass. She nuzzled her lips into my neck and nipped at my ear, whispering, “I’m going to tear you up.”

Her left hand brushed my thigh and gently cupped my balls, then squeezed them just a little too tightly until I whimpered. A long throaty giggle at my reaction, followed by her right hand now cupping my ass, pulling me closer. Jo-Sei suddenly pushed me away, her eyes trailing to my crotch, where my cock was clearly starting to bulge in my tight khaki uniform pants. Her hand grabbed mine and she led me downstairs to the guestroom.

She pushed me against the door, closing it. The room was pitch black. Her hands held me in place, caressing my chest, touching my cock through my pants quickly, then releasing me. I could hear her move to the side table, where she lit a candle. I was panting slightly, she smiling at me with a predatory look in her eyes. Her hand dropped to her skirt and pulled a joint out of her waistband and asked, “Does Mr. CHP-man want to party? A word of warning- I do bite but I won’t hurt you…too much.”

I took the joint, picked up the candle and lit it. Took a long toke and handed it to her. Felt the full steam effect of very strong weed and exhaled, “I’m ready.”

Her long pigtails waved gently as her head shook ‘no, you aint’ back and forth while she took a hit. I knew she was right. She dropped onto to the sofa bed and I flopped down beside her. She turned on some music on the side table speakers and we sat there, sharing the joint while her hands kept caressing my dick through my pants. She wouldn’t let me reciprocate and it was driving me a bit crazy. When the joint got down to nub, she stubbed it out in a beer can that was on the table.

She looked right at me as her hands moved to my belt, expertly undoing the buckle then quickly pulling my pants down. She dropped my handcuffs onto the couch seat cushion. My cock throbbed out, bulging through my underwear, the head creating a damp spot from precum. Her fingers stroked the head, all the while she was looking right at me, seeing the change in my eyes and my breathing. She unbuttoned my shirt, running her hands over my chest and tweaking my nipples. My back arched a bit until she tightly gripped my cock, pushing me back down.

“Shh, shh, just take it,” Jo-Sei whispered.

I was in another world- aroused and high ready to do anything with this girl.

She slipped my underwear and trousers down until they were tangled with my boots and knelt down in front of me, a faux innocent look in her eyes as she stroked my granite hard dick in one hand. Her look changed from innocence to hunger in the blink of an eye as she bent over and took my full dick into her mouth, sucking hard. My ass came off the sofa and her hand went between my legs, finger gently pressing against my asshole. I moaned. She giggled a bit on my dick and the vibrations heightened my arousal. She came up for air, kneeling in front of me. One hand twirled a pig tail while she pushed the index finger on her other hand into her mouth, sucking her cheeks in exaggeratedly. She pulled the wet finger out and pulled my legs apart, wide.

“I know something about cops. They all dig the assplay, don’t they?” she asked while she pushed her finger against my tight sphincter. I’ve never had a girl do that and I was lost to her.

“Don’t they?” she demanded as the finger started to slip in. I let out a deep moan and she smiled her innocent smile at me. “Uh oh,” she whispered, “Someone likes it.” Her finger plunged deeper and my cock pulsed.

The finger slipped out with a pop and an involuntary “Oh!” of disappointment escaped my lips.

“Don’t worry,” she growled, “You’ll get what’s coming to you.”

She pulled my hips forward and flipped me to face away from her, my knees on the couch cushions elbows on the back of the sofa, hands now braced on the wall behind. Her hands gripped my wrists for a second until I felt cold metal wrap around them and the telltale click click click as the handcuffs cinched tight. Her hands separated my ass cheeks and I felt her lips along my crack, kissing their way in. I gasped as her tongue flicked my hole, never having had so intimate an experience. Her tongue stabbed again, penetrating me slightly as I felt her left hand grasp my dick and pull downwards sharply. She worked her tongue deep into my ass while fiercely working my dick, stroking it hard, pulling my balls and sending me into a frenzy. My senses were in overload when she stopped, pulling her head back, asking, “What do you want?” while her right hand spanked my ass, hard. I jumped but she held me place and spanked me again. The words stuck in my mouth, embarrassed to express so secret a desire. Her palm hit my ass cheek a third time, harder still. I gasped.

“Come on, slut, what do you want?” Jo-Sei’s voice raised up.

“My ass…” I started, trailing off. A fourth smack, harder still.

“I know ‘your ass’- but what do you want?” Another smack. My mind swirled in a combination of weed, lust, submission- everything.

“Play with my ass,” I tried again, her hand not even pausing to smack me again.

“Say please!” Jo-Sei commanded.

“Please,” I started, her hand falling nonstop now on both ass cheeks, my ears ringing with the sound of me being spanked for the first time in my adult life.

“Please what, slut?” came her sharp exhortation.

“Please play with my ass,” I begged, breaking to admit my true desire.

“Is that all, ass slut?” her hand came down again and again. I had moved from surprise to pleasure and pain was welling up, strong as her hand rained down blows on my ass.

“Please play with my ass, ma’am,” I choked, half begging half crying. The spanking immediately ceased, replaced by her softly caressing my hot glowing red cheeks.

“That’s all you had to ask for, sweetie,” her voice now pure innocence, “I know how horny you cops get.” A finger pushed up against my hole, pushing insistently. “And this little girl is going to take your ass, just like you want,” the finger slipping in. She leaned closer, spitting on her finger and plunging it back in, pulling it out spitting again, now two fingers, deep in my ass. My cock is dripping, hard as she swirls her fingers around the head, playing with my arousal. I’m in a different world- hers to do with what she pleased and being taken.

Her cock stroking and finger fucking my ass start to increase pace, coordinating the downstroke on my dick with her fingers pushing me wider. She accelerated her efforts in my ass and occasionally grabbed or spanked my balls and then resumed her stroking. I opened my legs to better her access. “Slut,” she laughed, digging deeper and pressing more insistently on my prostate, rubbing it sharply. I’m now panting and trying to move my hips in time with her efforts, earning a release of my cock and a sharp smack across my ass. I hold myself still and the hand returns to my dick, milking it downward excruciatingly slowly, then quickening the motion, pulling backward on my cock while plunging her digits in and out of my ass in a blur. I’m getting close- cock soaked with precum, ass tightening up. Her hands moved even faster.

“You sluts are all the same,” Jo-Sei giggled then her voice turned stern, “You may not cum without permission,” knowing full well her quickening motions were pushing me past the limit. I felt my expertly handled cock full to bursting, pressure deepening in my ass.

“I can’t…hold on,” I gasped, rising to the peak. Just as I was about to crest, her hand on my dick turned to a vise, squeezing down hard, squelching any possibility of cumming. Her fingers popped out of my ass as she pulled me around using my cock as a lever. She stood up over me kneeling at her feet.

Jo-Sei wagged a finger at me, scolding me, “You ass slut- you were going to cum.” She grabbed my chin, forcing me to look into her eyes, “You were going to shoot your filthy cum with my fingers deep in ass pussy, weren’t you?” Face to face with my tormentress, I blushed deeply. “What are we to do with disobedient whores?” she asked. She pointed at the base of her boots and commanded, “Lick.” Without pause I bent down, ready to do anything to please this demanding princess. “Lick my boots, whore.” My tongue touched the leather and I almost lost it- this was beyond my dreams. I started licking and kissing one boot, then the other and began to work my way up the boots to her thighs. Her breathing changed as my tongue hit her inner thigh. “Good slut,” she whispered. She pushed my head back a bit, breaking contact between my lips and her soft flesh. She turned and flipped up her miniskirt, showing me her taut tanned ass beneath silky white translucent panties. She pulled them halfway down her cheeks. “Slut,” she cooed, “Lick my ass.” I made my tongue a point and just started stabbing it into her ass crack, licking furiously. She wasn’t making it easier for me by spreading her legs or lowering her panties all the way but I licked hard feeling her sphincter rough against my tongue. “Good little ass licker,” she breathed. I enthusiastically continued to lick, suck and kiss her ass with everything I had while she wiggled her little butt back and forth to make it harder for me, all the while alternating between giggling and moaning. Suddenly she pulled away and turned to face me, her face covered with a sheen of sweat and a demanding look in her eye.

“Do you deserve a surprise?” she asked. Confused, I nodded. “Do you deserve a surprise, slut?” came her demand.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered vigorously.

“Are you sure?” Jo-Sei insisted, stroking my cheek with the back of her hand and fingers trailing off.

“Yes, please ma’am, I’d love a surprise,” I replied.

She moved back for a second, reaching her hands under her skirt, lifting it to reveal a thick outline bulging in her panties. I knew what it was and couldn’t believe what was happening. I was past sensory overload. She smiled at me and pulled the panties slightly forward and down and out sprang her huge cock, head glistening with precum.

“It’s what you want”, she breathed, “It’s what you’ve always wanted.”

I gasped- it had to be 8 inches and it was thick and almost fully hard. She stroked it a few times, freeing it and her shaved balls from her panties. She squeezed the shaft, pushing a drop of precum out of the tip.

“Surprise!” she giggled, wagging her now throbbing dick in my face. “Lick it,” she demanded, leaning forward. I was on full edge, contradictory senses screaming, but knowing this moment of pure unadulterated sex couldn’t be rushed. I stuck my tongue out and she brushed the tip of her dick against it, moaning. She moved her hips so I licked the shaft up, then down. She then pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Her miniskirt lifted in the front as she stood in front of me. Her hands grasped my head, bringing it forward to inevitability, “Open up, slut- you know what to do.” I didn’t resist as her phallus touched my lips. Her cock forced them open, pushing past my lips- warm, pulsing, filling my mouth.

“Oh,” Jo-Sei gasped, “It’s been too long since I’ve had a good blowjob.” She turned slightly and I moved with her. Her hand lifted my under the armpits, gesturing me to sit on the couch, never breaking contact with my mouth. She was now standing in front of me, back arched and Her knees collapsed onto the sofa, forcing her cock deeply in as she wrapped her hands around my head. She started thrusting, holding my head in place as she worked my mouth. “Good stuff, cop,” she moaned, “This isn’t your first time sucking dick, is it?”

I couldn’t tell her that it was with a mouthful of cock but I knew she knew she was taking me for the first time and she laughed and pushed deeper. I was now starting to panic, breathing more quickly through my nose but unable to breathe around her huge cock. She reached down and pinched my nose shut and thrust hard, then stopped. My lips were touching the bottom of her belly and her entire cock was in my throat. I almost gagged but Jo-Sei said, “Relax,” and I tried to. “You’re a natural,” she gasped as she hit the back of my throat again. Her strokes came faster and she was still holding my head, thrusting deeply into my throat. I was running out of air but understood there was only one way out of this and started sucking her dick like my life depended on it. I could feel her hips hammered away as her cock swelled even more then exploded deep in my mouth. I felt one spurt burst in my throat, then a second as she screamed in pleasure. She released my nose and pulled back a bit, leaving her cock deep in my mouth. My breath came raggedly, sharply, oxygen mixed with her pheromones, heart hammering. Her cock was still spurting, filling my mouth her cum. It was tangy and slightly sweet and I swallowed. Her motion slowed as her cock drained into my mouth, softening. With a sigh she pulled her dick out of my lips with a pop. I was surprised to feel a little moment of loss as missed her cock in my mouth and I swallowed the last of her cum.

“Now you know this changes everything,” Jo-Sei panted, “Whenever any of your friends in the office or at the gym makes a stupid ‘cocksucker’ reference or joke, you’re who they are talking about. Because you are a cock sucker. And when they use the word, you’ll think, ‘I hope they don’t know that I’m a cocksucker.’ But you’ll know. I know. I know that you are not just a cocksucker but are excellent at it and love it. Now clean off my dick,” she added, waving it closely to my mouth. I opened my lips and licked her phallus gently, getting all her cum off of it. She pushed it gently back into my mouth and I felt it stiffen. “Oh no, baby, we’re not done yet. Get me hard for the main event.” Her cock swelled and I sucked to bring it up, knowing what was next.

She pulled away, hard huge dick shiny with my spit. She reached down and pulled my boots off, then my pants and then turned and sat in a wooden chair next to the sofabed. Jo-Sei crooked a finger at me, enticing me to come her way. I moved over slowly, uncertain but knowing her plans. She reached down to her purse which was under the side table and pulled out a tube of lube. “I like to lube it up for sluts,” she said, looking at me lasciviously while slathering her hard dick from tip to base with lube stroking it firmly. She moaned and pulled me closer. “I’m going to look into your eyes as you get fucked for the first time,” she told me as she took my dick in her hands and brought it back to hardness quickly. My excitement was clear. I was facing her, straddling her and she pushed up a bit, probing my ass with her dick. Her hands gripped the chain between the handcuffs and started to pull me down. Her head popped into my sphincter and she held it there. I whimpered a bit at the size of her head and she said softly, “Hold here for a minute.”

The position was hard to maintain- she was pulling down on the chain, my legs were starting to burn from the half squat, but I didn’t think my ass was ready to take her full dick. She looked into my eyes, knowing exactly what was happening and said, “Look at me” and she pulled sharply on the chain while lifting her legs upward, forcing my legs apart and forcing me onto her dick.

My legs collapsed and I sat down fully, her cock stretching my ass painfully as she took my virginity. I screamed and she stroked my face, wiping the sweat away, “Such a good slut, getting fucked in the ass for the first time. It hurts but soon you’ll be ready for me wherever we are.” She shifted around on the chair, seating the cock deeply in my butt. “If we’re out to dinner in a restaurant I’ll take you into the bathroom and fuck you bent over the sink, looking into the mirror at what a slut you’ve become. On hikes I’ll bend you over park benches for a quickie. You’ll beg for it, because you know you’re an ass slut.” As Jo-Sei talked she started slowly circling her hips, opening me up. The pain in my ass diminished and I felt a warming in my ass as my cock swelled again to full size.

“When we go to a party, you know that at some point in the evening you’ll be on your knees with my dick in your mouth. I’ll take you to strip clubs and tell the strippers that you’re my ass whore and while you put dollars in her g-string during a private dance, I’ll be fucking you silly,” she told me, matter of factly. Her cock started to move up and down, plowing my ass open. I moaned deeply and moved my ass down to meet her thrusts, timing the movements to her motions.

Today, my Master has ordered me to edge myself for ten minutes straight if I can use the toy – and twenty minutes straight if I have to use my hand, since it’s less intense than the toy. During that whole time I’m to think about what she’s already told me she’s going to do to me on Friday during our date – tie me down over a stack of cushions, fuck me in the ass, and force me to cum without permission, using either the toy or – god help me – her wand.

Oh, god. What have I got myself into?

Of course I will do as she orders. I always do, to the best of my ability. But I will probably have to do it in the bathroom, where my partner won’t be a witness to it. Not because I want to hide it from him, but because what my Master orders me to do is between me and her. I will have to sit there on the toilet for twenty minutes by my stopwatch, keeping myself on the edge but not cumming.

Oh, god.

I’m hard and horny just thinking about doing it. What am I doing? Is this really my life? Am I really an owned slave in the way I always longed to be?

I’m writing this while sitting in my office and wondering what else she might do to me. A plug? A dildo? Maybe a cock gag or clamps in painful places. Maybe… oh god, she wouldn’t make me wear a plug outside of the safety of my home, would she?

Of course she would. That’s who she is.

My ass is clenching and my cock is jumping, just thinking of it. I’m sitting here with my legs open so that I don’t close them tightly and stimulate myself more. I keep imagining it already – being tied down, ass up, cock exposed because of course she’ll have tied my legs as far apart as they can be spread, a pillow or two under my head but my chest exposed and available for clamps or whatever else she wants to do to me… and then the beginning of the scene.

I can feel her fingers stroking down my cock, pulling lightly on my balls, and then up into my ass crack. Pressing at my asshole, coaxing it to relax, while I force myself to relax the rest of me, blindfolded, gagged with a cock gag that forces me to suck like a good cocksucker should, pressing my tongue down to the side.

I moan into the gag as her fingers return with lube spread on them, and jump as the cold lube trickles down my crack to fill my puckered asshole. She draws a plug down my back, and I try desperately to gauge its length and thickness, but I can’t.

Then she places its tip into my hole and begins to press. Oh, god. Oh god! Oh god!! It is relentless – she is relentless – she’s pressing it deeper and deeper into me and still it’s getting bigger and bigger. Oh, god, couldn’t she have fucked me first, to stretch me? Is this her intent, to make me feel just how huge this plug is?

I scream into the gag, but I do not spread my hands in our “safe signal.” This is hard and it’s scary and I feel so violated, but I asked for this, I fantasized this. I want this. I feel her hand caressing my flank as she pushes, pushes, pushes… my ass spreading wider and wider as I remember to bear down on the plug to open myself further.

Suddenly, I feel it slide quickly, just a short distance, and then my stretched asshole clamps around the relatively narrow neck. The base, a wide rectangle, is rotated until it rests between my cheeks, keeping them parted. I begin to sob with relief that now it’s in – the worst is over until it comes out later, whenever “later” is.

She chuckles low in her throat and leans in to whisper in my ear, “There’s my good slut. My Laddie-buck.”

Conditioned to the word, I buck my hips, and the plug shifts deliciously, painfully, torturously in my ass. I moan again, and she slaps my ass, making me jerk again.

“You will not cum, slut. Do you understand?”

I moan into the gag, nodding my head against the steel collar constraining my neck. Of course I will not cum. My orgasms belong to her when we are in scene. I know that.

She draws a heavy paddle down my lower back, resting it on my ass, over the base of the plug. “You have been good, but you need to be punished for your rebellious thoughts when I ordered you to edge yourself on Wednesday. You must remember that my needs are always your focus, not your needs. My needs, laddie, not yours. You will remember it by the time we are done here, because you will be marked with the stripes of my punishment.”

I moan again, knowing it to be true. I should not have focused on my body’s raging need to cum – and I have not cum since Monday night – but on her need to control me and know that I am hers. That is the point – her need, not mine. And instead of focusing on that, my own mental babble during that interminable twenty minutes was “god I need to cum I need to cum please let me cum, it hurts, I need it, I’m so horny,” instead of what it should have been, “thank you, Master, for allowing me to edge myself; thank you, Master, for allowing me to touch myself at all; thank you, Master, for allowing me this sublime and needed torture for your pleasure.” I steel myself to the coming beating and do my best to remember over and over that my response to every stroke must be “Thank you Master,” not “ow, that hurts!”

The first stroke lands harder than I am prepared for. I remind myself that this is a punishment, and clench my hands tightly, determined not to safeword for anything less than a panic attack. The blows rain down on my exposed ass, connecting with the base of the plug every time, and fucking me on it. Oh god, thank you, Master.

My cock twitches and throbs, as hard as I’ve ever felt it, and the tips of my nipples sting in anticipation of what she might do to them if she thinks of it. I remember the scene she started to tell me about once, with the bit between my teeth and me on my hands and knees and all those threads tied to all those clamps and to the bit… and then I suck harder on the cock to remind myself that she could still do that, and to be grateful that this is just a beating. Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master.

She hits me harder, the whack of the paddle so loud that it rings in the room. I’m sobbing into the gag and my tears are wetting the padded inside of the blindfold, but I still hold on to the important thought: Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master…

She stops and her hand suddenly probes between my legs, stroking my incredibly hard cock. I gasp in spite of myself, sucking in air through my nostrils, tensing up as her fingers manipulate its hard, reddened head. “That’s my good slave. My good slut. Don’t you dare cum, laddie.”

“Mmmoh, Mm-mrrr,” I mumble around the cock in my mouth. She understands my words – “No, Master,” – and continues to stimulate me, my hips jerking uncontrollably as she does. Just at the moment when I’m sure I’ll be forced to break my promise – unthinkable! – she removes her hand and allows me to simply buck against the ropes, the plug shifting in my ass, my cock waving in the air at nothing. I realize what I’m doing and hold myself suddenly still, forcing myself to relax, to bring my cock down to something less than agonizingly close, and breathe slowly through my nose to try to get something like self-control back.

She doesn’t allow me the time to do that. Suddenly, the crop snaps across my thighs, and I scream into the gag. God, I hate the crop! But… Thank you, Master, for allowing me this pain. At least she hasn’t gone for the already-bruised buttocks… no, stop that thought now, slave. Think about Master. Thank you, Master, for this pain, no matter where you inflict it. All for you, Master. All for you.

I’m sobbing uncontrollably by the time she finishes, and my legs are striped like fine corduroy, ridged and welted from sweet spot to knees. I pant through my nostrils as she caresses my bruised ass and welted legs, trying so hard to make her proud of me.

She leans down into my ear again. “Good boy. Good Laddie-buck.”

My hips jerk automatically at the phrase, and I cry out into the gag, as my cock jumps back to hardness with the shifting of the plug in my ass. Even as I force myself to remember to thank her in my mind, my legs try to close to just… get… a little… more… stimulation….

Then I freeze again, and sternly remind myself that that is NOT what she ordered. I must be a good boy even if I feel like it’s going to make me crazy, because she owns my orgasms, not me. Not now, not ever again. They are hers for my life when I am with her.

Her hands probe me again, fingering just the tip of my cock, and I moan in ecstasy and agony. She knows how to read me well enough by now to bring me to the edge again and then let me hang there in mid-air, hips held still by force of will. But I do not cum.

She lets me hang there for a few minutes, her hands gentling me like a good horsewoman with a fine steed, before she disappears again. I am floating alone in the world, unable to see, unable to move, spread-eagled and helpless, desperately in need of cumming… and I do not mind it because it is all for her, as it should be. I float in the void, smelling wet leather and sex, and try to relax and accept whatever is coming next.

Her hands on the plug, some indeterminate time later shock me. What is she doing? Shouldn’t this be inside me for the whole scene? I moan again as she pulls it from my ass, my ring stretching and on fire as she finally gets the large part of the plug past my sphincter and then out. She leaves the room for a moment and I hear water running. I worry that she’s going to put an enema in me – something I have a soft limit about – but she comes back with something far more diabolical. Of course, I don’t quite realize what it is at first, but then the fresh lube on my opened ass tells me I’m not going to remain unplugged for long.

I feel cold steel entering my ass, a round shape and then a long, smooth cylinder. It’s far narrower than the plug or even the dildo she usually uses on me. Then I feel the cool length of the rest of the anal hook lying between my ass cheeks, and on my tailbone. She takes my head by the hair and pulls it up until I’m facing straight forward, and pulls out the cock gag. I work my jaw for just a moment, and then I feel a wooden rod placed between my teeth. Oh, god. Oh no! I know what’s coming now.

Sure enough, the ties on either end of the rod are pulled back, back, until my mouth is forced open by the wooden bit, and then I feel her fiddling with them. When I try to lower my head a little bit, she slaps me, hard, on my already-bruised ass, and commands me to stop at once. I do, freezing in place, feeling her tie the slim cords to the end of the anal hook and pull on them until my head is held upright and there is a steady pressure in my ass. I know her plan. Every time she hits or stimulates me, if I move my head, I will fuck myself for her with the hook. Oh, god… oh god! I’m already drooling as the bit pulls at the sides of my mouth, and I wonder how I must look to her, tied as I am, helpless and penetrated and welted and bruised.

She leans down to my ear once more. “Time to be edged, slut. If you cum, I will punish you severely.” And then a vibrator I’ve never felt before is pressed to the head of my cock, and I scream as it stimulates me to a point where I cannot control it. I know she likes to force me to cum without permission, but oh god, she’s said that I better not cum, but I want it, but she said no, but it hurts, and I want it, and it hurts, and -

No, wait -

Thank you, Master, for torturing me for your pleasure. Thank you, Master, for using me for your enjoyment. Oh god, thank you, Master, but please, please, it shreds me when you don’t give me permission or command, oh god, for your pleasure, thank you Master…

I cannot help jerking my head, like a maddened horse, and the stimulation of the anal hook riding up and down inside my ass just causes me to buck my hips, which further stimulates my cock against the horrible vibrating toy. I moan against the bit, feeling every pulse of the vibrator as a separate hard stimulation, and grasp the ropes extending from my wrist cuffs to force myself to endure it. I will NOT cum, I tell myself, and I will NOT safe-signal. I will NOT. I will NOT… oh god, thank you Master, thank you, Master…

The agonizing ecstasy never seems to slow. She knows just how to back off and keep me riding the edge without climax. Every time I think I’m going over, the vibration disappears, leaving my twitching cock hanging in empty space. I try to hold myself still but find myself fucking my own ass with the jerking of my head, and just as the agony/ecstasy recedes to a nearly manageable place, the vibration begins again. I don’t know how many times she does this to me but each time is worse/better than the last. I hold on to that thought, “Thank you, Master,” for dear life as she teases, tortures, edges me over and over and over again.

Then, suddenly, it stops and the vibrator is taken away. “Laddie-buck,” comes her voice, and my instinctive reaction, moving the hook in my ass. I cry out as it does. “Laddie,” she amends her next address. “We are almost done. You have taken your punishment well. Now you may earn a reward.” As she speaks, I feel her locking new cuffs around my welted thighs, with a bar between them to keep me spread, and a similar, longer bar between my ankles. She releases the carabiners holding my ankle cuffs to the ropes, and then releases my wrists, locking them together in front of me. She pushes the blindfold up on my head, and I blink even in the dim light as my tear-reddened eyes adjust. “Come to the chair, Laddie. Crawl to me. You may yet earn a reward.” She moves away and I hear her sit in the large armchair across the room from the bed. I turn myself awkwardly on the bed, very aware of the hook in my ass and the bit in my mouth, and ease myself down onto the floor, first my hands, then one knee, then the other. I hitch myself across the room to her. The floor has never seemed so wide.

She has placed her knees on either arm of the chair, spreading herself. Her muslin skirt falls to either side of her, and her breasts draw me close, their dusky nipples hard and ready. She is holding two clover clamps in her hands, and there are two more on the table beside her. I freeze for a moment, seeing them, and then, resigned to my fate, I hitch myself so that I am kneeling between her spread legs, gazing down at the glory of her cunt.

“Kneel up, Laddie.” I do, and she affixes two of the clamps to my nipples and two more to my balls, tying them together with thin cords that I had not seen before. She tugs on them and I moan – oh god, the pain! She smiles, satisfied, and takes the bit from my teeth, jostling the hook in my ass. “Don’t move, now,” she warns, as she removes the ties from the bit and re-ties them to the collar around my neck, tighter now, pulling the hook into me again. She then loops the other cords around her hand and holds them, so that there is always tension on my balls and my nipples. I moan, but now that my mouth is free, it is obvious what she wants me to do.

I lower my mouth to her open slit and drag my tongue from its base to its top, reveling in the taste of her juices. I find her clit and begin to stimulate it with my tongue in the way she has trained me – spelling out a particular word over and over and over with the tip of my tongue, balancing on my bound hands and knees before her, every motion of my head fucking me in the ass with that hook, and her hands jerking on the cords connected to my clamps. I do my best to focus only on her, as my mouth works on her cunt, trying to make her cum and cover my face with her juices.

She clamps her legs around my head, wrapping her free hand in my hair and forcing me down even harder than I was already moving, tightening the cords in her hand so that I nearly scream into her cunt. At the vibration from my voice, she suddenly cums so hard that I am knocked off-balance, held upright on my knees only by her suddenly clenched legs on either side of my head. I gasp for breath but continue to work my tongue against her slit, for all I’m worth, fucking her hole with it and moaning into her slit. My nose brushes against her clit as I work my way up and down her cunt, trying to lick up every drop of her juices, and just from that touch, she cums again.

Her voice reaches a crescendo and the pain from the clamps is nearly intolerable, when she suddenly lets go of the cords and my hair and slumps in the seat, her cunt visibly twitching. I lap up every drop of her juices, making sure to clean her with my tongue, and then simply kneel between her relaxing legs, waiting for her to give me further orders.

After a time, she does. My face is smeared with her juices and I am still horny as fuck, but it is all for her, and now I know it. Thank you, Master, for allowing me to give you this pleasure. Thank you for honoring me with the juice of your hot, wet slit. It is all for her.

She sits up, removing her legs from my back, and smooths her skirt down. You would never know she is naked under it. She rises from the chair in one smooth motion. “Place your head on the chair, slave.” I inch forward and do so. “Your arms, too. Rest your head on your arms.” I do, feeling the hook shift in my ass. She reaches under me and gathers the cords. “And now, your reward, slut. You will cum on my command.”

A bolt of elation shoots through me at her words. I feel her pull on the cords from behind, and at the same time the pain begins to build, the vibrator is back on my cock, pressed hard and unrelentingly to the tip. I begin to buck uncontrollably, feeling the hook in my ass and the clamps pulling my nipples and balls, but the feeling of agony/ecstasy from the vibrator is more intense than either of those sensations. I cry out against my arm as I hear the blessed command: “Cum for me, fucktoy! Cum for me, you slut!” and my hips begin to jerk again, this time in a rhythm of their own, as my cock trembles and jerks and my body floods with the sweet golden sensation of finally, finally cumming.

It feels so good, so good, and then it turns painful – the agony I must pay for the ecstasy she grants me. Oh god, I knew this was going to happen, but I didn’t want to think about it. I didn’t want to think about the payment I have to make for every orgasm. My cock, now completely overstimulated, jerks against the vibrator and I scream again and again into my arms. She chuckles low in her throat, and I know that despite the pain, I have pleased her greatly. All for you, Master. ALL for you. Thank you for the pain.

She finally turns off the vibrator after making sure I’ve paid for my orgasm with several minutes of overstimulation post-orgasm, and I am limp and pliable when she turns me to face her. I drop my face to her boots and kiss them with abandon, not caring how degrading it is – welcoming it, for it is all for her. She pats my head. “That’s my good laddie-buck.”

My hips buck again – oh, thank you, Master! – and I kneel before her, knowing that this is my place. I am hers. All for her. Always.

Thank you, Master. All for you.

Chapter 1

Marcie Takes Control

Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this series are neither condoned nor recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental.

3. The chapters are numbered in a sequence for a reason. It is recommended that they be read in numerical order.


He pumped into her — in, out, in out — a tense look upon his face as he focussed on his one goal — to cum!! He picked up the pace, feeling the mounting pressure in his balls, his rigid cock reaching into the far depths of her cunt and he visualised fucking the pretty barmaid at the tavern where he’d spent the past few hours. Now she wouldn’t just lie there! Oh no, not her. He imagined her all over him, voluptuous tits rubbing his chest as she sat on his huge cock that explored her farthest depths. Just the thought was enough. “Oh, oh oh aaargh! I’m cumming,” he shouted and felt the spurts of cum flow through his cock and shoot against his wife’s cervix. It was all over in a few seconds. He relaxed, came back to reality, withdrew his rapidly softening cock and rolled off Marcie, his wife of nearly 20 years. Replete with the combination of the Friday night drinks with his fellow mill workers and what had become his weekly sexual release, within a minute he was gently snoring.

Marcie carefully disentangled herself from his limbs, feeling the unsatisfied sexual urges in her abdomen and cunt, and silently made her way to the bathroom, collecting her vibrator from her dressing table as she went. In the bathroom she removed her panties, which Gregg had simply pushed aside in his haste mount her, and fingered her clit, feeling the growing sexual arousal but delaying her release. Relaxing on the padded stool she leaned back against the wall, opening her legs and gently rubbing her clit exactly as she liked it best. A tremor ran through her body and she felt the lubricating fluid flow from her cunt and coat her pussy lips and clit. A quiet “Ooooh!” escaped from her lips as she continued to revel in the sexy feelings emanating from her womanhood. A few more minutes! She felt the sensations running through her body, causing her toes to curl from the tingling sensations in her feet. She massaged her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, now standing out turgid and proud. It was time!

Carefully lubricating her vibrator with her pussy juice, she slowly inserted it to its full length so that the roughened fingers rested against her clitoris. She turned it on. Immediately the arousal she had felt doubled as the latex fingers did their job, vibrating and stimulating her clit beyond what was possible with her fingers. “Ah, ah, aha AAAAHH,” she cried involuntarily as the waves of passion engulfed her, toying with her as she wallowed helplessly in the throes of ecstasy. Still the tension increased; still she climbed the slope; time ceased to exist, her entire focus was on her clit and cunt as they started to spasm and then she was there. “AAAAAARRRGGGHHH” she screamed as she writhed in an intense orgasm which lasted forever, or so it seemed, before gradually ebbing away as the vibrator continued its monotonous hum. Slowly, ever so slowly, she came back to reality. Reluctantly she turned the machine off, hoping vainly for some last erotic sensation. Grabbing a towel she wiped the stool, the vibrator and herself before gliding silently back to bed, snuggling in beside her comatose husband who was still snoring gently.

Next morning, Saturday, she was up and about early, having breakfast with Dana, their 17 year old daughter who looked like a miniature Marcie. Today was picnic day. First Saturday each month Dana and Gabby, the neighbour’s daughter who was only a couple of weeks younger than Dana, would go on a picnic with the other’s family, with parents alternating between taking the girls on a picnic and having an ‘adults only’ day to themselves. Usually the activities for Marcie and Greg on their ‘adults only’ day were working around the house — mowing lawns, trimming hedges, tending the garden and a little building maintenance. “Not today,” said Marcie to herself, “Not after Greg’s performance last night. I am heartily sick and tired of his so-called love making. It’s past time for a change.”

Marcie made breakfast for herself, Greg and Dana, checked that Dana had the bag she had packed the previous evening, and sent her off when David and Pam tooted the horn outside. Marcie then collected the two breakfasts and a fresh pot of coffee and went back to the bedroom. She stripped off her housecoat and sorted through her lingerie drawer, choosing her sexiest and briefest bra and panty set. Observing herself in the mirror she paused, “Hmmm, not too bad for 39 years,” she thought. “A few wrinkles here and there, a bit more padding than she would have liked in places, but generally passable,” she surmised. “Greg really doesn’t have too much to complain about,” she concluded, wondering to herself why the magic had gone from their marriage after only 20 years.

Carefully Marcie uncovered Greg as he slept, lying on his back and emitting the occasional gentle snore. She did a quick inventory of her 41 year old husband; a bit of a beer pot from Friday nights with the boys, good muscle tone but not as well defined as 20 years earlier, “To be expected,” she thought charitably. Great cock, although at present it was lying peacefully limp, sated after the previous evening’s efforts. Marcie selected her bottle of aromatherapy oil from the dresser, tipped a small amount into her hand and held it as it warmed slightly. She them gathered Greg’s limp cock and gently started massaging it, extending her ministrations to his ball sac, lying loosely against his upper thigh.

Greg stirred and let out a gentle moan as his member started to become more turgid. He partly rolled over; Marcie followed his cock, continuing the gentle massage. After a few minutes he stirred and opened his eyes, a smile on his lips.

“So you want some more, do you?” he asked. “Didn’t you get enough last night?”

“Good morning, lover,” she replied, “You can hardly call last night’s session fulfilling for me, can you? It seemed to be all about you.”

He thinks back to the previous evening — he fucked her, what more did she want? Women! Never satisfied. Then he remembered that when he came he’d been visualising the barmaid with her copious tits barely covered by her uniform. His cock gave a lurch, which Marcie noticed. She stopped her massage.

“Hmmm, what was that for? Have you just remembered what happened last night? Two minute wonder you are,” she said scathingly.

“What’s the problem?” he asked, “I did what I always do on Friday nights — had a few drinks and a bite to eat with the boys from work, came home, made love to you, and then slept. You’ve never complained before. What’s the problem?”

“The problem,” she said bitingly, “Is that you cum and I don’t. So just like usual on a Friday night, you take me to bed, use me as your fuck whore, then go to sleep. I then get up and masturbate in the bathroom to get some sexual release before coming back to sleep.” She felt herself blushing at this revelation. “This has gone on long enough,” she continued. “I am fed up with your arrogant, self-centred attitude. I am fed up with not gaining satisfaction while you have your fun. Don’t you remember what it was like early in our marriage? You would make love to me for hours, carefully and gently bringing me to small then gradually larger climaxes until in the end you had me screaming and climbing the walls. That’s making love. What you did last night and the many Friday nights before that was simply screwing or fucking or whatever — but it certainly wasn’t making love. However, I am taking pity on you. I’ve made you breakfast so we can sit in bed, eat breakfast and discuss the situation. What our marriage needs is some adventure or it’ll be over.”

Marcie wiped the oil from her hands, passed Greg his breakfast and gave him a gentle, loving kiss.

“I still love you,” she said. “You are a wonderful provider, a fantastic father to Dana and still have a sexy bod. So I don’t want to leave you or find a lover. But I can’t go on without you really making love to me and releasing my sexual tensions. If I don’t have sexual release I get bitchy and that is no fun for anyone. So we have our ‘adults only’ day today and it is high time we discussed our marriage and ourselves together. Now think on this as you eat your breakfast.”

Greg looked at Marcie as though he was seeing her for the first time, took in the firm voluptuous figure which showed few signs of aging, and noted, for the first time consciously, that she was wearing her sexy lingerie. His cock jerked with renewed life as he reached for his breakfast and began eating.

They ate in silence, each with their own thoughts; each wondering how this day would pan out. Marcie turned on the radio to a station playing romantic music and let her mind drift back to the early days, when she and Greg couldn’t get enough loving, when they had to sneak away from their parents to be together, all the excuses for mussed up hair and grass stains on her dresses, the feel of his enormous-seeming cock sliding into her tight cunt, stimulating every nerve along the way, and finally bringing her to a shattering orgasm.

Greg was also lost in his thoughts. His, however, went back to the previous evening and that barmaid who looked so sexy in her too-tight top and too-short skirt — just as he liked them. He wondered if she was wearing panties underneath — yes, of course she must have been — mustn’t she? Maybe he’ll check next time. Maybe he’ll get a free feel. He’ll have to drop something on the floor so he can cop a look at her tits when she bends down to pick it up — or maybe she’ll face away from him and he’ll get a great view of her arse as she bends over. So what did Marcie want? Oh well, guess I’ll just pretend to listen and nod reassuringly — she’ll come round. Must just have been something that happened yesterday that’s got her all upset. Women! he thought. Still, it was nice of her to bring me breakfast in bed and she still looks pretty good in her bra and knickers, especially at her age.

Breakfast over, Greg and Marcie turned to face each other, Marcie with her legs crossed. Greg looked at her mound hidden by the thin silk in anticipation. Marcie began by reminding Greg of the lovers they once were when they were courting, how neither could get enough of the other, of the shattering orgasms he would bring her to, of lying in bed all day, making love for hours until they were both worn out and sore. Greg’s cock became semi-hard as he listened to Marcie and he had a few twinges of guilt that maybe he had been ignoring her a little and maybe he had been too interested in his own orgasms and had been inconsiderate. But he was also thinking of the barmaid’s tits and arse and how she would feel impaled on his cock.

“So don’t you have any comments?” Marcie asked.

“What?” asked Greg, snapping out of his daydream.

“I asked you what you thought about our current relationship from a sexual perspective. Haven’t you been listening? This is a serious discussion we are having — our whole future relationship hangs on the outcome — and you’re away daydreaming! Thinking sexy thoughts too by the look of your cock.”

“Sorry, honey. You can’t really expect me to concentrate while you’re dressed like that and sitting like that. If you didn’t have those knickers on your pussy would be winking at me.”

“For heaven’s sake this is serious. Get your mind above your waist for a while so we can discuss things in a reasonable, adult manner. I asked you what you thought about us bringing some adventure into our sex lives. Have you any fantasies that you would like to explore? How do you feel about us being a little more adventurous?”

At the mention of fantasies Greg’s mind flicked back to the barmaid. He reluctantly refocused on what Marcie was saying.

“If you have some fantasies that you would like to explore then maybe we could start from there. I really don’t have any fantasies,” he lied, thinking of a threesome with Marcie and the barmaid.

“OK,” replied Marcie, “Let’s set some ground rules. If we’re going to be adventurous and explore the outer fringes of sexual pleasure we need some rules in case one of us gets carried away and possibly causes some real harm to the other. After all, while I might like to fantasise cutting your cock off, I wouldn’t really want to do that — at least I don’t think I really want to,” laughed Marcie.

“You’d better bloody not!” said Greg. “So what rules do you suggest?”

“Well, first off we need a safe word. This is a word which either of us can use if we genuinely feel that the situation is going too far. We then need to discuss what other rules we want. I would suggest that one of these be that no permanent physical harm is done. So while it’s OK to spank the other person and cause a reddening of the arse cheeks, things like cutting or stopping bloodflow to organs for more than say 15 minutes are completely prohibited. So, for example, I couldn’t tie off your balls for a few hours because that would effectively castrate you, but I could do that for 15 minutes. What do you think of that idea?”

“Shit! You wouldn’t really tie off my balls for 15 minutes would you? You wouldn’t, would you? Tell me you wouldn’t,” said a concerned Greg.

“Why not? Your balls would survive; it could be a great idea and certainly a very interesting and exciting trust lesson. If your hands and feet were tied and you could not undo the knots, and then I tied off your balls, you would be completely helpless to save your balls unless I untied them again. So you would have to completely trust me. Similarly you could tie off my clit while I was tied up and I would have to trust you.”

“Oh,” said Greg, looking a lot more concerned and focussed than a few minutes ago. “So you’re saying that I could whack your arse and tie off your clit for 15 minutes and you’d let me?”

Marcie breathed a little heavier. “Yes,” she said, “At least I think I would.”

“Oh”, said Greg again. “So what if I used the safe word when you tied off my balls or you used it when I tied off your clit?”

“Then whoever had tied off whatever would have to undo it immediately. That is the idea of a safe word. Sometimes it may simply be that a rope or something is pinching really badly so then you can simply reposition it and try again. It’s also important that a person has some form of signal if they are in a situation where they cannot speak.”

“Okay,” said Greg slowly, mind visualising situations when this may happen. “So what about bringing other people into our relationship, like a threesome or something?” asked Greg, thinking of the barmaid again.

“We would have to discuss that before the other person was brought in,” said Marcie. “No good bringing him or her in and then having to send them home again.”

The mention of a him as well as a her brought a whole new meaning to Marcie’s words. Greg suddenly realised that it was not going to be all one way — a threesome could just as easily be another guy as the barmaid.

“So do you have any other guy in mind?” asked Greg.

“Mmmm — perhaps I have,” she said, giving him a wicked grin. “Do you have any other girl in mind?” she countered.

“No, not at all,” he replied, too quickly she thought, noting also a slight blush and a failure to meet her eyes.

“So just hypothetically,” she continued, “If I was to allow you to bring another girl into our marriage bed, would you also allow me to bring another guy there?” she asked.

“What, at the same time?” he asked, “That would make a foursome. Hmmm, that could be fun I guess.”

“Well, it could be at the same time, but it may also be at different times. So if I brought another guy into our relationship, would you let him fuck you in the arse?”

“Hell, no. What do you think I am, a poofter?”

“But you’d be quite happy to watch another woman and I make love, wouldn’t you?”

The thought of this started to turn Greg on, obvious to Marcie from the engorgement of his cock.

“Yes,” he replied, more hesitantly than he felt, I guess so.”

“Then why the reluctance? I just might like seeing you get fucked in the arse,” she persisted. “Wouldn’t it be worth being fucked in the arse to get the opportunity to see me make love with another woman, a woman who you also would fuck? Fucking a man in the arse or being fucked in the arse when in a threesome situation is more bisexual rather than homosexual, so you wouldn’t be a poofter.”

“Yes, I guess so,” he replied, still uncertain.

“Judging by your cock right now, he certainly likes the idea,” she said, staring at Greg’s almost fully engorged cock. “Does all this talk of what we can do to explore our sexuality make you horny?” she asked teasingly.

“Yes,” he said, reaching for Marcie.

“Uh oh, not so fast big boy. Let’s put our money where our mouths are. You’re not just going to have a quick fuck to get your rocks off and leave me filled and unfulfilled,” she smiled at her own joke, “We’re going to do a little exploring and adventuring. Wait right there.”

Quickly she twisted off the bed, avoiding his hasty grab, and went to the kitchen. What could she use? What could she do? What would be simple yet effective? She grabbed a coil of soft rope she found on the fridge, a box of large rubber bands from the drawer, a pair of scissors and a fly swat. That would have to do for now.

When she walked back into the room Greg was lying on the bed gently rubbing his swollen cock.

“OK lover,” she said, keeping well away from him, “Spread those legs wide.”

No response. Greg continued to lie there with a faraway look on his face.

Thwack! Marcie brought the fly swat down full force on his swollen cock. Greg screamed and curled into a ball on his side, exposing his arse cheek. Thwack! again on the arse cheek. Greg jumped, looked at Marcie fearfully, rolled partly onto his back and slowly spread his legs.

“That’s better,” said Marcie. “Next time I command you to do something, do it immediately and you will save yourself some pain. Now, put your arms above your head,” she commanded.

Greg obeyed immediately this time, his cock and arse still stinging from the previous swats. Marcie took the roll of rope and tied his wrists to the bed legs at the head of the bed and his ankles to the legs at the foot of the bed.

“Now that’s better,” she said, “Now you’re a bit more under control, although you will still need a great deal of training.”

Greg tested the ropes but they were tight enough to hold him without being tight enough to cut off the circulation. Marcie picked up his now flaccid cock.

“So,” she said crooningly to his cock, “What shall we do with you?” She caressed his balls lovingly, gathering them into her hand, tightening her finger and thumb around the top of his sac and gently pulling down on them, which elicited an “Ow, not too hard, be gentle on them.” from Greg.

“These are my balls and I will do what I like with them,” Marcie said menacingly.

“What about a safe word?” enquired Greg.

“Okay, I guess we’d better have one although in this first session I won’t be doing anything that you will have difficulty tolerating. Your safe word is tomato. Ok?” she asked.

“Ok,” Greg replied. “So if I was to say tomato now what would you do?”

“Well, I would first let your balls go,” she said, giving them an extra squeeze as she said this, “And then I would untie you. But as you are not in any pain nor any real discomfort, there would have to be a penalty — maybe a dozen swats on your cock and balls with the fly swat. “

Shaun lies on the mattress, seeing nothing but a warm red haze behind his closed eyelids. Somewhere off to the right of him, a woman with a lot of enthusiasm but not much vocabulary moans out, “Oh, fuck, oh FUCK, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK!” over and over and over again as her partner does something extremely perverted to her body. He doesn’t wonder what’s happening to her. He doesn’t really feel much like thinking at all. There’s a certain timelessness to this moment, a dreamy peace that fills both mind and body and leaves him completely content. His body is utterly sated, his thoughts totally still; he simply luxuriates in the warm feeling of the perfect body held tightly against his own and lets everything go but that.

Slowly, thoughts and memories return to him. He regains enough will to gently play with Judi’s nipple, rubbing his finger against the very tip and feeling a warm surge of happiness at her sleepy sighs of pleasure. His thoughts drift back, from the mattress to the bed to the massage table to the elevator all the way up to the hotel room.

Shaun blissfully replays it all in his mind from the beginning.


It wasn’t the beginning, of course. It wasn’t even the first day of the convention. But when Shaun returned to the hotel room with Judi, he knew it was the beginning of something, even if he wasn’t sure what. He could feel something stirring inside him…a desire, not just for sex but for submission as well, that almost scared him with its intensity. It had been a long time since he’d felt nervous about it like that–he’d been Judi’s “pet” (she never really liked the term “slave”) for years, now, and he liked to think that submission felt natural and comfortable to him. When she’d suggested coming to a kink convention, he hadn’t really thought it would be anything more than just an interesting and fun way to spend a weekend. They’d agreed on boundaries–no public nudity, at least none for him, and no public play. But now, after a couple of days at the convention, he felt like he wanted to give her something more of himself–a deeper level of obedience than ever before. Something like the things he’d seen over the last few hours.

Judi had sent him out of the room while she gave one of her other pets some much-needed private attention, and he’d spent the time wandering through the open “play spaces” set aside for attendees. He’d wandered in a daze, feeling as though he was watching more than just sex–they were the same actions that he’d seen on pornographic websites time and time again, but seeing real people perform them with passion and genuine devotion to each other gave the actions more meaning, more power. They’d seemed joyful in a way he’d never seen before, not just erotic but actually beautiful and loving. Shaun hadn’t been able to bring himself to join in, even though he had Judi’s permission–he didn’t know how to begin asking two other people (or three, or four, or in a few fairly spectacular instances even more) if he could participate in their uninhibited BDSM play–but he’d watched from a respectful distance. And as he’d watched, he’d wondered, and as he’d wondered, he’d imagined, and by the time Judi had found him and brought him back to the hotel room, Shaun was filled with a desire to do things he’d never thought of before tonight.

Shaun didn’t know how to explain it all to Judi, though. He just stared at her, imagining what it would be like to gaze into her eyes down there in the play space, to let his mind sink into a deep hypnotic trance and hear her command him to strip naked in front of all those strangers. He imagined knowing–really knowing, deep down in his heart–just how much power she had over him as he helplessly obeyed. He felt his cock stiffening inside his pants at the thought.

She looked over to the bed, where her other pets had already fallen asleep. A few hours ago, Shaun was just about ready to join them, but the sexual energy that filled him had burned away all the exhaustion he’d felt just a little bit ago. When he’d left the hotel room, all he could think about was getting back inside and collapsing onto the bed. Now, all he wanted to do was go back downstairs with Judi.

She turned back to him and smiled. “Go into the bathroom,” she said quietly, “and grab the paper bag with the massage oils in it.” He saw it, then, a light in her eyes that he knew matched his own. It was well after midnight, but Judi wasn’t tired either. Shaun just about raced into the hotel bathroom to get the bag.

He stepped back out to find her putting a few items into a backpack. She slung it over her shoulder, then reached over to the counter and picked up a leash. “Come on,” she said, clipping it onto the bracelet he wore around his wrist. “Let’s go for a little walk.” Shaun sighed contentedly as he felt it click into place–the collar he wore around his neck was just for show, here at the convention where people placed store in such displays. The tiny bracelet around his wrist, scarcely recognizable as a collar unless you looked closely enough to notice the tiny metal loop where a leash could be attached…that was his true collar. That was the one he wore always, even at work or with friends and family. That was the sign of his total and permanent devotion to his Mistress, and it felt right that the leash should be put on him there instead of on the more obvious collar around his neck.

They carefully closed the door behind them as they stepped out into the hallway, so as not to wake the others. Shaun took Judi’s hand in his own, feeling the leash in her grip and her warm, soft flesh around it. He never got tired of the touch of her skin; it was practically an addiction for him. “Do you know why I asked you to come along with me to this convention?” Judi said as they headed towards the elevator.

“Um…” It was already getting a little bit hard to think. Shaun felt like he was already beginning to slip into a trance simply from the atmosphere. Something about the walk felt like a ritual, like a procession of two heading with measured steps down towards some great temple dedicated to submission, with Judi as a priestess leading a supplicant to worship. He felt like he’d slipped into a dream. “No, I don’t,” he said quietly. Even the care they were taking not to wake residents of the other rooms gave the whole thing a church-like hush.

“I asked Daniel to come along because he needed my care,” she said, “and Kat came along because she had something she needed to explore.” She gave the leash an affectionate tug. “And you are here for me. You’re here because you don’t need anything except to serve me. Whatever I need, you can be there for me, completely and without reservations. That’s your gift…and I wanted to let you know how important that gift is to me. Always.”

“Yours,” Shaun said. That word said so much between them, a summation of the bonds of love, friendship and ownership that tied them together tighter than any wedding ring ever could. He didn’t just love Judi, he belonged to her. He was hers.

“Mine,” she whispered back as she pressed the elevator button. “And I’m keeping you.”

Shaun smiled as the elevator doors opened. The elevator was empty, no real surprise at this time of night. The two of them got inside and pressed the lobby button.

“So,” Judi said, “we’re going to go down to the play space now, and we’re going to find a massage table. I’m going to take my clothes off, and let you give me a full-body massage just like you’ve been wanting to. And then I’m going to let you eat my pussy, right there in front of everyone. You don’t have to take your clothes off, and you don’t have to do anything else.”

The boundaries they’d negotiated so carefully now seemed distant and unimportant, but Shaun still didn’t know how he was going to express the desires that the evening had stirred up inside him; it was almost as much of a surprise to him as it was to Judi when he said “Can I?” in a tiny voice.

But she must have known what kind of thoughts led him to say it, because she hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear, “Of course.” She kissed him on the lips. “And I love the way you begged without even saying ‘please’ just now.”

As always, as soon as he’d processed the thought that she was pleased with him, he felt a warm blanket of pleasure descend onto his mind that stayed with him all the way through their walk across the lobby to the other set of elevators that took them to the lower levels of the hotel. Obedience is pleasure. The first command she’d ever instilled in his mind, and the one that had sunk deepest. He had pleased his Mistress. He had obeyed. Years of hypnosis made the connection with pleasure almost instantaneous.

They descended the second set of elevators in silence, anticipation making it difficult for either of them to speak. Shaun just focused on the nearness of her, the physical pleasure of her touch, and let his mind sink deeper into the reverent trance he’d started to feel as soon as he’d left the hotel room. He wasn’t hypnotized yet, he knew. She could still send him so much deeper with a word, a touch, or just a look. But he wasn’t awake, either. He was lost in the moment, and he didn’t want to be found.

The elevator doors opened onto a very different view from the one they’d left behind. It was as though they’d traveled into a different world as they showed their badges to the volunteer and turned the corner. Here, in the safe space established by the convention, clothing was simply one of many options. People walked around in latex, in leather, in cunning costumes that exposed breasts and nipples and buttocks and cocks and pussies or simply in nothing at all. There was no sex–that was reserved for the play spaces–but Shaun still felt the sexually-charged atmosphere even in the everyday conversations he walked past.

But they hadn’t come down here for conversation. Judi led him swiftly through the open area into the play space. During the day, these rooms had been closed off into orderly little classrooms, each one filled with tidy rows of chairs where attendees could sit and listen to seminars on proper flogging technique and how to tie a perfect knot for a bondage session. But now, the area had been transformed completely. The rows of chairs had been replaced by a profusion of mattresses, couches, cushions and pillows for people to lie on, and the doors of each room had been thrown open to the next. A stereo played bumping, grinding music in the background–not loud enough to drown out the moans and sighs of the sex, but enough to give the back of Shaun’s mind a rhythm to move to.

Judi led him deeper in, from one room to the next. Between the half-light and the floating sensation of his trance, Shaun felt almost as though he were swimming. Each time they stepped into another room, it felt as though he’d dived deeper down into a sea of sexual bliss, seeking some unimaginable fathoms of submission. It seemed like with every room, the couples around them became more uninhibited, moving from kissing to touching to licking to fucking as they headed deeper into the play space. The cushions and mattresses were joined by fuckswings and stirrups, the couples became triples and quadruples.

Finally, just one room away from the very back, Judi spotted the massage table, right next to a woman in stirrups being enthusiastically fucked by two other women with a large dildo. Judi stopped briefly at a cleaning station to pick up a long sheet of paper, then led him to the table. She spread the sheet out over the table, then turned to him.

He drank in the sight of her disrobing, his cock hardening completely inside his pants as he watched. She took the purple shawl off of her shoulders and let it pool down onto the ground. Then she undid the purple sash around her waist, letting her dress billow out as she set it down as well. She smiled at him, knowing exactly what the momentary pause was doing to him as she finally eased herself out of the dress.

Underneath, she wore black satin lingerie, and Shaun shivered in delight at the sight of her. He ached to help her out of it, but somehow without even speaking, they both knew that this was part of the ritual as she pulled the top off to reveal her breasts, then slowly slid the panties down to the floor. She picked them up for a moment and dangled them in front of his face to let him inhale the scent of her arousal.

“Green,” he whispered, realizing almost before he said it that it was a post-hypnotic command. He couldn’t hide it from her when she found something that turned him on; the word would just slip out and let her know that he didn’t want her to stop. He never knew he’d be turned on by the smell of her panties, but his subconscious knew that the mixed scents of silk and pussyjuice were driving him wild and it needed to let her know.

“Good boy,” she whispered, dropping the panties to the floor and climbing onto the massage table. “My good boy.”

“Thank you, my Lady,” Shaun whispered. He knew that some of Judi’s other pets called her “Goddess,” but he’d always wanted to celebrate her humanity. He liked the thought of her being a courtly Lady, granting her favors to him when he proved worthy–and he always wanted to prove worthy to her, because obedience was pleasure and pleasure was obedience…Shaun realized he was shaking with desire. “May I please touch you now, my Lady?”

She smiled indulgently as she lay face-down on the table, enjoying the pleading tones of the request even as they both knew she’d grant it. “You may, pet.”

He sighed, pressing his hands to her flesh and feeling her warmth. Even as he did so, he knew hands wouldn’t be enough and he began to kiss her, working his way down her back to the soft curves of her ass and planting soft, trembling kisses. His tongue slipped out, wanting to taste her body, wanting to worship her and never get enough as he kissed and licked all the way down to her toes. He felt dizzy with need as he kissed and licked the soles of her feet, feeling a devotion to her so complete that he wanted to lavish it onto every inch of her.

It was hard to tear himself away, but he knew his duty. Shaun reached into the bag and pulled out a small bottle of massage oil. He opened it up, letting the rich scent of coconut fill the air, and poured just a tiny amount onto Judi’s back.

Behind them, the woman in the stirrups moaned and grunted in ecstasy, but Judi’s tiny sighs of happiness somehow seemed clearer to Shaun’s ears as he massaged the oil into her back. Her skin glistened now as he worked her flesh with his fingers, slowly and carefully spreading it over as much of her body as he could before dabbing a little more on and proceeding further. He massaged the oil into her ass with devoted care–he’d always thought of himself as a breast-lover, but somehow it always seemed different with Judi’s body. He always seemed to find new parts of her to admire every time he looked–and touched and tasted and stroked and kissed and…

He put a little too much oil on her feet, but somehow it just seemed right the way they shone and gleamed under the soft lights. He felt like he could rub them for hours, and on some occasions he had. But there were so many parts of his Lady that needed attention, and so while one hand rubbed the slick and shiny skin of the soles of her feet, the other hand found its way into the perfect triangle at the top of her thighs, where they met her ass. His questing fingers slid down, feeling the heat radiating from Judi’s pussy. He didn’t even need to touch it to know how turned on she was by all this.

She took a long, shuddering breath as she felt the nearness of his hand. Shaun didn’t know how long he’d been massaging her. Time had stopped meaning anything to either of them. But she said, “I think…it’s time to move to someplace a bit more comfortable,” and his cock agreed for him.

“Go get some paper towels to clean off the oil,” she said, and he moved quickly to comply. After a few minutes of soaking up the excess oil, she was ready to step off the table, and from there it was just the work of a moment to clean the table off completely. She gathered up her things, and the two of them headed that last little distance into the very heart of the play space.

She led him over to the corner, and looked into his eyes. “Down,” she whispered, and Shaun felt his mind still even more as he sank into deeper trance. “Good boy,” she said. “I want you to take your clothes off, now.”

It felt like everything he’d hoped for as he complied. Even if the other people in the room were probably too involved in their own private fantasies to pay much attention to a relatively unremarkable man taking his clothes off, Shaun felt like all eyes were on him as he pulled off his socks and shoes, then slipped his shirt over his shoulders. He knew he was helpless to disobey, and that knowledge made his cock so hard that it practically sprang up as he slipped his pants down to the ground. He wore no underwear. She had commanded him not to.

“Good boy,” she said again, taking his cock into her hands just long enough to watch the shiver of joy cross his face. She set another sheet of paper down for him. “Lie down.” Shaun obeyed, lying on the small bed that was pressed up against the wall and once again drinking in the sight of her as she leaned over him. In the background, he absently noted that the stereo was playing a favorite song of his, ‘Master and Servant’ by Depeche Mode, and he and Judi shared a private grin before he sank even deeper.

She leaned even closer, letting her long hair brush over his cock for just a moment as she trailed it up his body to his face. “Green!” he gasped out at the feel of it, and her smile was magnificent to behold.

She finally leaned right over his face, her hair forming a halo around her as it brushed his sensitive skin. “Deeper and deeper,” she said, locking eyes with him.

“Deeper and deeper,” he responded helplessly, years of mantras making his words automatic.

“Good boy,” she said. She grasped his hands and pulled them up over his head. “Your mind is bound.”

“My mind is bound,” he whispered reverently in response.

He felt her looping the leash around his wrists, then tying it into a loose knot. She reached down and picked up the sash from her dress, tying it loosely around the ankles. “Your body is bound.”

“My body is bound.” The knots didn’t need to be tight. Shaun knew that her words and her spell held him tighter than any ropes ever could.

She reached into her bag and pulled out a small device attached to a pair of mirrored sunglasses. She slid the glasses over his eyes, and pressed a button. Shaun’s eyelids slammed shut as a wall of dazzling light bombarded him. He knew this machine so well–how many hours had he spent staring into the endless patterns of lights through closed eyes as she had whispered her programming into his mind? He didn’t need to remember. No matter how often it had been, he always wanted more. “You are my deeply hypnotized, deeply brainwashed tranceslut,” she cooed into his ears.

He responded in vacant tones as his trance deepened, “I am your deeply hypnotized, deeply brainwashed tranceslut.” He barely had a chance to finish the words before she draped her panties over his face, still damp with her juices. Now he was completely gone. Every sense was lost in pleasure–he heard her voice, he smelled and tasted her scent, he stared into the swirling lights, he felt the bonds holding him tightly. His body sagged onto the bed as he gave in even more to the hypnotic spell.

“I’ll be back in a moment,” she said. He nodded, but he’d lost track of time completely by the time she returned. It could have been an instant, it could have been an hour before she returned to his side and rolled him over onto his hip. All he knew was that one moment, he was alone, then the next, she was stroking and petting his skin. He whimpered in pleasure.

“A gift from General Assad, M’am.”

She uncoiled her long legs and slunk over to the prisoner. “He’s not the usual kind I like.”

The quartermaster shrugged. “There weren’t many left after the General was finished.

She nodded, circling the bedraggled man like a shark. “So, he’s the only one to survive questioning… who is he?”

“No idea. All NATO pigs look alike to me.

The circles grew tighter, then suddenly stopped. “You could have cleaned him up!”

“He was hosed down, M’am.”

“That I can see,” she said, admiring the shapes within his wet underclothes. He wasn’t a bad specimen, probably from the United Kingdom judging from his pallor and freckled skin. She had heard tales that these Northern savages had tremendous stamina.

“He will do,” she said, dismissing the escort with a flick of her wrist.

She took up her crop and rested it lightly on his shoulder. “Tell me, soldier, how long have you been away from home?”

The man turned toward her voice, but said nothing.

He probably spoke no Arabic; none of these ill-educated Westerners did. She repeated the question in English, letting her full-throated voice caress each vowel.

He stood mute, but there was movement behind the blindfold.

“A very long time, no? A long time away from your home… and from your woman.”

His jaw worked silently as the crop drifted down his chest. “You lay awake many nights, thinking about her, dreaming about her…” She slipped the crop into his waistband. “How good she feels in your arms, her skin so soft, her pussy so wet…”

The riding crop grazed him and he swallowed hard. “So far away in a desert land… what can a man do?” she whispered, pressing the crop into his groin. It buckled against the movement stirring there. “Restraint is so difficult…”

The bulge within his wet pants was promising. He hissed as she snatched the crop away. “And now you suffer at the hands of your captor,” she laughed. “Desire is a cruel mistress, no?”

He grimaced and mumbled something unintelligible. This one hadn’t been completely silenced by Assad. That pleased her.

She struck him sharply across the thighs and he fell to his knees. “If you wish to speak, it would be wise to be polite,” she said calmly, tracing his jawline with the crop. She wondered what kind of devil eyes were hidden behind the fold.

It was more exciting not to know. “I am not unkind,” she said softly. “I can ease your suffering; provided you… ease mine.”

He wet his lips. “What would you have me do?” he croaked.

“Do as you are told, without question.”

“And will you unshackle me?”

“Only if the service of your hands is needed.”

His lips curled slightly and the trap sprang shut. Curiosity would be his undoing.

She hiked up her skirt. “I have something here for you. Would you like to know what it is?”

He murmured a faint assent. She slipped off her panties and brushed them against his lips. “Can you guess?”

He jerked at the touch, nostrils flaring. “I can guess well enough.”

“Very good! You are a fast learner.” She seated herself in front of him and opened her legs. “Let us see what other skills you possess.”

With her crop she guided him forward. “Lick my clitoris with your tongue,” she said, tapping him lightly on the back. “Gently now, as a kitten at a bowl of cream…”

She threw her head back as he performed, cautiously at first, then with a marked enthusiasm. It was not unfounded rumor that these foreign men delighted in the pussy. But this one was particularly skilled, much more so than the others. He needed no specific instruction. He mumbled in his guttural dialect as his tongue washed over her, flicking softly.

She did not want to take her pleasure too quickly. “Stop now,” she ordered and pulled down his pants. His cock sprang up, long and hard. She hoped he drilled as well as he dined.

“You will fuck me now, but slowly and deeply. And you will withhold your orgasm,” she warned, “or I shall send you back to Assad. Do you understand?”

He nodded, panting now. He shifted forward and sank his cock like a stone. She moaned as it slid in and churned slowly back and forth. This man knew how to properly fuck the pussy; she might have to reassign him. It would be a waste to let this talent rot in one of Assad’s holding cells.

Without prompting, he bucked his hips and drove into the upper reaches of her pussy, drawing out her climax like a long-winded scream. It rolled over her, quashing self-control. She dropped her riding crop and howled.

“Stop now!” she cried as the last of the rolls ebbed away. He obeyed and pulled out his swollen cock as she rang for her staff.

“Tell the General that I have decided to keep this man in my service,” she said, heedless of her state of undress. “And make the arrangements immediately!”

Her assistant scuttled away. She turned and regarded her captive for a moment. “And now,” she said, reaching down between his legs, “let’s see what other pleasures we might find….”

My afternoon didn’t start out as perfect. I knew Keith was having a rough day the minute I walked in the door from work. The music thumped away with the bass turned up far too much. That was never a good sign. When the music was too loud, it meant his writing was not going as planned. When he felt like he was blocked, Keith could be downright unbearable.

I didn’t touch the stereo controls, since that would do no good. It usually only made him cranky. On the other hand, I wasn’t going to just leave him upset. I had to break him out of his stress in another way. Luckily, I knew just what to do. The idea had come to me weeks before. I could tell it was time to use it.

He hadn’t called out to me, so I knew he was totally unaware of my presence. I stripped down to my underwear, tossing my clothes in the hamper inside the hall bathroom. Even though the music was up so loud, I moved quietly. Surprise would make this sweeter. It only took a moment to tie my hair back just so and apply a bit more lipstick. A quick spritz of cologne in just the right place almost completed the effect I wanted. I surveyed myself in the mirror. Black lace bra and matching panties…cologne…perfect. I crept out of the bathroom and headed down the hall.

I paused by the door to his study, cracking the door ever so slightly. The music drowned the noise. He was hunched over the computer, staring at a mostly white screen. I winced. Keith hated experiencing writer’s block. I could see the tension in his shoulders and back as he glared at the monitor. The speakers were even louder up here. I kept the door open for a breath more, just long enough to notice the position of the webcam. It was pointed at him and turned on.


I eased the door closed and tiptoed to the bedroom. We had another computer set up there, in case he came up with an idea in the middle of the night and didn’t want to wait the fifteen steps it would take to get him to the study. I turned it on and watched as it connected to the house network. As soon as it was up and running, I called up the spiral program. A teasing smile curved my lips. Yes, Keith would have a real stress-breaker in a moment.

It only took me a few minutes to program the spiral. The program had been a gift from a dear friend. It had originally been intended to help me get through my insomnia. After Keith saw how well it helped me sleep, he used it to help him quit smoking. We were both delighted with the results. Over time, I’d discovered a few additional ways to use the program. I had no idea if its creator had intended it for those purposes, but something told me he wouldn’t mind.

Once I was done with the programming, every word planned and the music ready, I shadow controlled Keith’s machine. One look at his text file made me wince. I knew where he had stopped the night before. He had only managed to get another thousand words into his writing outline. No wonder he was stressed out. Well, that was about to change.

I sent the program across the network to his machine. I gave it the instruction to run in the background while I lowered the volume on his machine slowly and almost imperceptibly. I could see Keith on the webcam. He didn’t even notice the music getting quieter at first. When he blinked and looked down at the control, I triggered the spiral program to go to the foreground.

He blinked and froze immediately. I watched his eyes glaze and lock on the center of the spiral. I knew the words that would soon be flashing across the screen. If I wanted to, I could foreground the program on my own machine and see them on my monitor. I knew better than to do that, though. If I did, I’d be slipping away myself.

Keith’s eyes began to water a bit. I watched him as he started to blink. My cheeks flushed as I felt arousal rising within me. I got up and padded over to the closet, grabbing my favorite pair of heels. When I glanced back at the machine, his body had slumped back further into his chair. His eyes were heavy-lidded and staring. Perfect.

I opened the door, aware that the sounds from the speakers were beginning to affect me as well. Everything seemed slightly unreal. The humming was made to send the brain into a light trance state, and even though the music masked it to an extent I was still aware of it. I shivered as I opened the door to the study, still moving as quietly as I could.

All the tension in his shoulders was gone. Keith rested limply in the comfortable typing chair. It was the best kind he could find, made to totally support his body while he wrote. I knew he could fall asleep in it. The spiral held his full attention, spinning slowly and entrancingly on the screen. The words were still rising up out of its depths. I knew what they said.

“Relax…slip deeper…and deeper…wait…to be commanded…wait…and slip deeper…and deeper…relax…”

I stepped forward and began to say them along with the screen, trying not to look at the spiral myself. “Relax…deeper…and wait…to be commanded…sleep…so deep…and wait…deeply hypnotized…”

As he heard my voice along with the words, Keith sighed. One hand slipped off the chair armrest and hung down by it, totally passive. I knelt down by him and began to stroke his face. “Relax…and go deeper…relax…and let your eyes close…relax…”

His eyes, reddened from effort, all but slammed shut. He let out a soft whimper of relief. “Good…and go deeper…and deeper…letting it all go…letting everything go…but my voice…and my commands…”

His lips vibrated slightly as if he was repeating what I was saying. “The humming and buzzing makes it so hard to think, Keith. You don’t want to think any more. All you want is to relax and go deeper…to relax and let go…to relax and surrender…”

I whispered in his ear, guiding him into a very deep trance. After his arm floated up in the air at my command, hovered there, and then fell back to his side, I was satisfied. “Good. Now, you are going to get out of the chair and crawl slowly to the bedroom. The closer you get, the sleepier and more aroused you will feel. Your mind will go more and more blank with each inch you crawl. When you get to the bedroom, you will strip and kneel, waiting for command. Repeat your commands, Keith.”

I felt another rush of heat at the slow, dreamy, sleepy tone of his voice as he repeated everything I’d just told him. “Good boy,” I reassured. “Obey now.” He slid down to the floor and began to crawl to the door. I opened it for him and watched him make his way down the hall. When he reached the bedroom, he turned and went inside. I leaned on the door frame and observed him taking off his clothes. He was already fully hard, his body waiting the pleasure of more commands. I took a deep breath and stepped in front of him where he knelt by the bed.

“Look up and open your eyes, Keith,” I ordered. “Look up and look deep into my eyes, feeling yourself fall deeper and deeper into a deep, hypnotized, obedient warmth.” His head tilted back and his eyes flickered open, gazing blankly into my own. I could see the slight twitch as he got even harder. “Very good. You are going deeper. You love to go deeper. You love to relax. You love to kneel for your Mistress.”

At that, he let out a gasp and whimpered. I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, letting it slide down my arms and to the floor at his feet. One of the cups draped itself over his shaft and I leaned down to free it. I couldn’t resist stroking the silk over his hot skin, prompting another moan as our eyes remained locked. “Good boy. You obey so well. You’re so deep.”

“So deep,” he whisper-gasped. “Obeying…” Perfect.

“Yes, Keith, you’re obeying.” I slipped my panties down, letting them pool at my feet as I sat down on the bed and spread my legs. “And now, you’ll obey even more…you’re going to be allowed to make your Mistress come.” I watched as he swallowed, his eyes never leaving mine, his body flushed with heat. “You can smell my arousal, Keith. It’s making you even hotter, even more aroused. Your body aches to meld with mine, your tongue is already wanting to move, to lick, to taste, to explore. Your mind goes deeper at the scent of my heat. Your mind goes hotter at the thought of going deep. When your eyes close again, you will melt against your Mistress’s body and do everything in your power to please your Mistress until she comes.”

His eyes stayed just as blank as ever, but his body was all but vibrating. “Good boy, Keith. Good boy. Your eyes are getting heavier again…heavier and sleepier…but you can’t look away from my eyes until you have permission.”

Keith strained to keep his eyes open, trying so hard to obey. I watched and deepened his trance until he was moaning with effort, then leaned forward and whispered “Sleep.”

His eyes sagged closed despite his best effort, and his body slumped against mine. Then a shudder went through him and Keith began to nuzzle and lick and nibble. I closed my eyes and leaned back on the bed, letting him please me. The pleasure of his seeking tongue screamed up and down my body as I urged him onward, reinforcing each command. When I could barely stand it any more, I began to moan “And what happens when Mistress comes, Keith? Sleepy Keith knows, sleepy Keith comes…Sleepy Keith comes when his Mistress comes…Sleepy Keith comes when I come…”

His tongue got even more frantic at the growl of need in my voice. I let out a long groan of pleasure. He echoed it, tongue almost massaging my clit. Perfect.

I didn’t even try to hold back my cries of pleasure as I came, knowing what hearing them would do to him. He grabbed my legs and held on as his own orgasm rocked his body. As soon as I could manage to breathe even a little, I began to chant “Good boy…good boy Keith…good boy…so good…” When I could sit up again, I gathered him into my arms and urged him up on the bed. We lay naked together, sweating and breathing heavily. I stroked his hair and talked him back down into a deep trance. When I glanced up, the hypnospiral program had finished its run and closed. I smiled and let myself cuddle him close, whispering to him.

“When you wake, Keith, you will remember exactly how to get to the next line of your story, and the next, and the next. But now you will sleep, and while you sleep you will forget to remember anything except that I came home and we made love. I came home, we made love, and your next words will be clear in your mind.” I kept telling him that until his breathing told me he had gone from hypnosis into natural sleep. With a sigh, I let myself join him.

It was about nine that night when I woke up and stretched. The bed next to me was empty, and I could smell pizza. When I glanced at the bedroom computer, I could see Keith on the machine in the study through the webcam. He was still naked, but his expression was focused. Behind the cam, I could see I still had shadow view of his PC. Words appeared in rapid succession on a white background.

I smiled and settled back onto the bed, blissfully satisfied.


Liam found the tiny little stall down at the end of a long, crooked alley on the edge of a ratty, infrequently-frequented bazaar in a part of town that had seen better days. Really, he wasn’t surprised that he’d never heard of it, despite the revolutionary nature of its products. The salesman obviously didn’t care much about finding new business.

Liam would never have found the place if he hadn’t been wandering the streets in a daze, but then again, he probably never would have needed to. He’d just been walking without even looking where he was going, letting his feet take him wherever they wanted, while his brain continued to relive the worst moment of his life. The moment when Charlotte told him she didn’t love him.

“It’s not that I don’t like you,” she said in his head as he relived it all over again. “You’re a very sweet man, and I…I’m sure we’ll always be fast friends.” She practically had tears in her liquid, expressive eyes, hurt at having to hurt someone she cared about (but not in that way.) “It’s just that…I don’t feel the same way about you that you do about me, Liam. It wouldn’t be fair to either one of us to try to make a relationship work that way.” Her hands were trembling as she continued restocking books. “You know I care about you, but…I just don’t love you. Not like that.”

Maybe Charlotte wasn’t capable of loving anyone like that. She was shy, demure, sweetly pretty and innocent in a way that made Liam want to sweep her up in his arms and hold her safe against the world…but maybe people like that didn’t fall in love. Maybe they just had cats. Maybe Charlotte would never give her heart away. He almost hoped so. He couldn’t bear it if she gave it away to someone else. He couldn’t bear it now, working so close to her at the library and knowing he’d never be able to touch her, never be able to stroke her soft blonde hair, gaze longingly into her deep blue eyes and see his love returned…and so he just walked up and down the streets, little caring where he went or what happened to him, and he eventually wound up down at the end of a long, crooked alley where the crowds never went, staring up at a hand-lettered sign saying, ‘Emotions’.

Below the sign, an elderly man sat on a stool, occasionally taking sips from a deep green bottle. More bottles lined the shelves behind him, each one a different shade of green, each one unlabeled and stoppered with a cork. The man himself wore faded, but elegant clothes, and although he had very few hairs remaining, those he did have were elegantly combed. He fixed Liam with a piercing gaze through bifocal spectacles, and said, “Women troubles?”

Liam stopped short. “It’s no business of yours, sir, not to be rude.”

The man grinned. “Ah, but it’s exactly a business of mine. It is, in fact, the business of mine.” He pointed up at the sign. “‘Emotions’, right? My name is Emery St. Lune de Clair, Esquire, but that’s a bit of a mouthful so I’m generally just known as ‘Em’. And trust me when I say that it was Fate that steered you down this alleyway to my little shop. Because I have the answer to all your problems.”

Liam frowned. “Nobody has an answer to my problems.”

“Oh, but I tell you I do,” Em said, leaning forward on his stool. “‘Emotions’ is the name of my shop, and emotions are what I sell. The bottles behind me contain pure emotion, bottled and stoppered and available for purchase. I’ve sold Sorrow to men who have to appear sad at the death of a rival, Joy to housewives, Hate to soldiers, and I assure you, sir, you are not the first person who wished they could buy Love, and you will not be the last.”

Liam rolled his eyes. “And I also wouldn’t be the first person to be fooled by a fake ‘love potion’, nor would I be the last. Excepting, you understand, that I won’t. Because I have no intention of buying any ‘love potions’ from you.”

Em spun on his stool, grabbed a bottle from the shelf, grabbed another, and spun back. “Sir, I take no offense at your blatant slander of my wares, and do you know why? Because I have heard the cries of men such as you speak about, men who sell frauds and fakeries and prey upon the gullible. I am accustomed to calumnies and slurs upon my honor as a salesman, but they worry me not. And why? Because I speak the unvarnished truth. And I can prove it.” He withdrew a tiny glass from underneath the counter, and poured the tiniest quantity of liquid from one of the two bottles into it. “This, sir, is a sample of my wares, a pure bottled emotion. Drink this, sir, and I guarantee you, you will believe my words.”

Liam reached for the cup. “Is it ‘Essence of Gullibility’, perhaps?” he asked sarcastically. Still, he eyed the liquid and shrugged. The quantity was so small, he assumed that he would be able to weather whatever effects it had upon him. With a gulp, he downed it all.

For a long moment, nothing happened. Then, suddenly, a memory from his childhood struck him. It had been a long time, but the warm sweetness of the summer sun felt like a physical presence as he thought back to a day, twenty years past, of overturning rocks for worms, bending a fish-hook out of a safety pin, and catching a two-pound trout on a piece of string. His friends and family had been amazed at the size of the creature, wriggling on the end of the improvised hook, and they had eaten fresh fish that night…

With a pang of loss, the memory faded again. “That, sir, was pure Nostalgia. I wouldn’t recommend indulging in it too often, though. It’s always dangerous to live in the past. Especially,” and he wiggled the other bottle in his hand, “when the future suddenly seems to be looking up.”

Liam gaped, open-mouthed, at the bottle. “How much?”

“Depends on the young lady in question. If she already likes you, I’d say you shouldn’t need more than half the bottle. If she doesn’t know you exist, you’ll probably need the full dose. If she can’t stand the sight of you, buy a second bottle just to be safe. Make sure she’s looking at you when she drinks it, or she might wind up with some other young man.”

Liam stammered out, “I–I meant price. How much? For the bottle, that is. I’ll only need the one. Or the half.”

Emery scratched his chin. “Seeing as how you’re a downtrodden man, I’ll call it a bargain. Five hundred dollars.”

Liam didn’t even attempt to bargain. He practically flung a handful of bills at Em, snatched the bottle away, and ran down the alley with wings of love on his feet.


He arrived back at the library just after closing time. His key let him in, and thankfully Charlotte was still refiling the periodicals before going home for the night. “Oh!” she said with a start. “I hadn’t expected you to return so soon. I thought you might have wanted a bit of time to…to think.”

Liam smiled. “I’ve done all the thinking I need to do,” he said. “You were honest with me, and no man can demand more than the truth of the heart. Come have a cup of tea with me, as a friend.”

Grateful for his kind response, Charlotte couldn’t help but agree. When he offered to make the tea while she finished up, she blushed slightly and thanked him for his kindness. He stepped into the small lounge reserved for librarians, and made them each a cup of tea–and to hers, he added slightly more than a half a bottle of pure Love.

After a few minutes, she joined him in the lounge, and he gestured to her cup while picking up his own. Not trusting himself to speak, he simply drank his tea in silence while watching her.

After her first few sips, it seemed as though a light filled her eyes. By the time she had finished the drink, she was breathing hard, her hands simply could not keep still, and the light that had seemed to fill her eyes now suffused her whole body. He smiled at her, gently, and she smiled at him in return. She opened her mouth, closed it again, opened it once more but this time put her hand in front of it, then finally removed her hand. Liam waited patiently for her first words of sweet, gentle love.

“Get your pants off,” she said. “I want to see that pretty little ass of yours.”

Liam blinked in shock, scarcely able to comprehend the words he’d heard, let alone their presence in the mouth of an angel like Charlotte. Charlotte, for her part, took her chair and wedged it under the doorknob of the door to the lounge. “Just in case someone tries to come in,” she said. “I don’t have any intention of being interrupted before I’m done with you.”

Liam stammered, “I–Charlotte–that is–are you feeling alright?”

She smiled. “I’m feeling wonderful, Liam.” She walked back over to where he sat. “But I’m not pleased that you haven’t gotten those pants off yet.” She grabbed his tie and pulled him to his feet with a strength he scarcely thought possible from her. “Perhaps you need me to give that pretty little ass a paddling before you understand that when I say I want something, I want it now.” She reached down and gave his trousers a sharp yank, pulling them down.

“Charlotte,” Liam said, looking down then up as if unsure what demanded his attention more, “something’s–I mean, you never–”

“You’re right, Liam,” Charlotte said as she took her own clothes off. “I did never. I never noticed you, I never understood what I was capable of, I never saw how sweet it could be to have you kneeling before Me, your gentle breath on My pussy…” She curled her fingers into his dark hair, and yanked hard, driving him forward onto his knees. “I think I’ll make up for lost time now.”

Liam tried to speak, to again protest at her sudden change in personality, but his voice was muffled as she pressed his face against her womanhood. “Now, lick,” she said. “Do a very good job, and I might just forget about the spanking you so richly deserve.”

Liam’s face flushed red, and with some effort, he pulled away just enough to speak. “Darling…” he said.

She pulled his hair back, forcing him to look into her eyes. “Mistress.”

“Of–of course. Mistress…perhaps we should do this somewhere less public? Your apartment, perhaps, or mine? It…doing this here, in the library, it doesn’t seem…”

She grinned, a lustful parody of her former sweet smile. “You’ll grow used to it,” she said. “I plan on using you every day, right here in the library. Perhaps I’ll conceal a few toys, fuck your pretty little ass right here in the lounge…” She saw the frightened look in his eyes. “But we’ll work our way up to that,” she said. “For now, I’ll let you have your way–but expect a punishment for contradicting your Mistress, My sweet slave. Meet Me at My apartments in four hours.” She pulled her dress back on, leaving her undergarments on the floor. “I have some shopping to do.”

Liam pulled his clothes back on. Me too, he added silently. Me too.


When he returned to the crooked alley, he half-expected the shop to be gone, just like the phantom stores in the children’s tales. But the little stall was there, and Emery was just locking it up for the evening. When he saw Liam coming, though, he paused in his work.

“Back for something more already, sir?” he asked. “Perhaps a bit of Acceptance for the parents, or just a dram of Lust for those special occasions?”

Liam slammed the green bottle down on the counter. “I want to know what you did to Charlotte, sir! She’s gone mad! Your ‘Love’ has transformed her from a sweet and gentle maid to a wanton whore and a brazen trollop! Tell me what is in this, sir, or I’ll–I’ll–”

Em picked up the bottle. “Calm down, sir, calm down. All that’s in this,” he said, holding up the bottle to the fading sunlight, “is the purest, simplest love that–oh.” He bit gently at his lower lip.

“‘Oh’?” Liam was red with anger now. “Is that all you can say? ‘Oh’? What does ‘oh’ mean?”

Emery rubbed his head, disturbing the few remaining hairs. “Well, it looks like this particular bottle isn’t quite pure.” He held up the bottle again. “See the little black specks in there? That’s a touch of Pride, a slight dash of Lust, a tiny bit of Perversion, and a speck or two of Ambition. She loves you, alright, but…” he rubbed the back of his neck. “She’s going to be very particular about how she expresses that love. Might be a bit of a shock, sir, if she was as delicate a woman as you say.”

“Oh. A bit of a shock. Yes, I see. That describes it perfectly, doesn’t it? Charlotte behaves like–like–she does things I can’t even describe to you, sir, and all you can say is that it’s a ‘bit of a shock’? What the devil do you plan to do about it?”

Em looked down at his shoes for a long moment. “Well, I’m only the seller–the problem is in the draught, sir, which is the fault of the bottler. Now, I can put you in touch with the man who does that, but I’ll warn you now he’s a temperamental man…and I use ‘man’ in the purely metaphorical sense. He’s not one to suffer complaints lightly. Even if you do catch him in a good mood, the best he’ll be able to do is undo the effects of the potion, leaving you in the same boat you were in when you came to me. Before you try that, I suggest this.” He reached back onto the shelves, and pulled out another green bottle. “Have her drink the full bottle of this, and I think that you’ll be happier with the results than you might have imagined. And, since you’ve had such a hard day, I think I can give this to you at a substantial discount. Only a thousand dollars.”

Liam bristled with fury. “You’re charging me for it?”

Em had the decency to compose his features into a sympathetic expression. “When a man needs a life preserver, sir, it doesn’t become him to ask questions of his rescuer. It’s a rare and precious emotion I’m selling you, sir, and during a time when I have you over a barrel. Consider it a mark of our true friendship and my sincere regret that I’m letting you have it so cheap.”

Liam snarled, but pulled out his wallet and slammed another bill onto the table. He grabbed the bottle, and stalked off without another word.


When Liam arrived at Charlotte’s apartments, four and a half hours had passed since they parted at the library. The moment he arrived at her rooms, he could tell she wasn’t happy.

She had found an outfit of dark red leather, one which clung to her like a second skin. It wasn’t simply immodest, it was the antithesis of modesty–her breasts and womanhood were totally exposed, the leather cunningly worked to leave those most shocking parts of the anatomy open to the air. She held a riding crop in her hand, and her expression was one that suggested she’d been hoping he would transgress her latest commands. “You’re late,” she said, a wicked grin on her face. “Get your clothes off and get into the position for punishment.”

Liam held out the bottle. “I–I’m sorry I was late, er, Mistress. I was procuring you a…” he thought fast. “A tribute! This rare cordial, for your pleasure.”

She took it from his hand. “Thank you, slave,” she said, removing the cork. “Don’t think this gets you off the hook, though.” She drained a gulp of the bottle. “I’m still planning to redden that sweet…sweet…” She shook her head as if to clear it, and drained another draught of the liquid. “I…” With a shudder, she gulped the rest of the fluid down. “Amazing, pet. Amazing.”

Liam watched her carefully. “Do you feel…different?”

She closed her eyes for a long moment. “I do. I feel…I…” She opened her eyes–no, Her eyes–again and fixed them on Liam, and it was as though he had gazed into a newborn star. “I feel amazing,” She said. She stepped forward, radiating power and majesty. Liam dropped to his knees, struck by Her beauty as though he was in the presence of a god. Perhaps, he thought absently, he was.

“You’re still wearing clothes,” She said, and Liam ripped three buttons getting them off as fast as he could. “Good boy.”

Liam fell to his hands and knees, his penis hard as a rock, and begged for the crop. She smiled down at him–and how could he have ever seen that as anything but perfect? Her smile made him felt desirable, wanton, aroused and helpless like he belonged to Her, and he understood now how true that was… She stepped forward and slashed the crop down in a single stroke, and he shivered with a potent mixture of pleasure and pain. “Count for Me,” she said.

“…one…” he gasped out. She reached down with Her other hand and gently stroked his flesh, then whipped the crop down again. “…two…” Every stroke of the crop made him whimper, but he managed to keep the count as She brought the crop down again and again, punishing him so sweetly…he gasped in pleasure just from knowing that She was pleased with Her pet.

When She had reddened his cheeks to Her satisfaction, She sat down in the room’s only chair and beckoned him forward with Her legs spread. He eagerly crawled forward, and this time She needed no hands on his head to press his face into Her pussy. He licked ravenously at her flesh, circling Her clit again and again with his tongue, licking deep into Her wonderful pussy and feeling Her sweet juices run out onto his tongue as She came again and again. The perfect scent of Her womanhood made him swoon, but he was already on his knees. All he wanted to do was please Her. All he could do was please Her.

Finally, She allowed him to stand. “Stroke yourself,” She said, and he could not help but obey. “That’s right–your cock is Mine, now, Liam. I control its pleasure, I control its needs, I control you.” liam gasped helplessly with arousal, gazing at Mistress Charlotte’s beauty like a desert dweller looking upon an oasis. “I am a merciful and loving Mistress, so I will give you pleasure, but you must understand that it is mine to give.” liam stroked faster now, panting with need. “I am your Mistress, and you are My pet, My slave, My obedient plaything, and simply knowing that gives you pleasure. Now, slave…” She leaned back to watch… “Come for Me.” With a final tortured moan, liam’s cock shot semen all over Charlotte’s feet and legs.

“This will be the way of it between us from now on, liam,” she said. “Your thoughts on that?”

Liam lay on the floor, gently kissing Her feet. “i live to please You, Mistress,” he said.


The next morning, Em opened his shop as usual. Yesterday had been a good one as far as he was concerned. Got rid of the last of that tainted batch of Love, sold some Charisma, and it seemed like that boy would be another satisfied customer.

Or at least, he thought as he swigged a bit more of his usual blend of Amorality and Cynicism, one who wouldn’t bother him again.


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