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That night was not punctuated by screams, a la Whatserface, but loud grunts and groans, and I swore I heard my name once. Eventually the wine drowned it out and I fell asleep face down on my bed.

Waking up the next morning in a puddle of drool was made worse by the pounding headache I’d given myself by consuming most of the bottle of wine. I barely made it to the bathroom before my stomach revolted. When I was completely empty, I huddled on the floor of the tub, hot water streaming around me. Then I crawled back to my room and called in sick to work.

Things went back to normal after that. Logan and I made polite yet friendly conversation when we happened to be in the same room together. His masturbating wasn’t accompanied by loud vocal theatrics, and I wasn’t forced to down an entire bottle of wine on a mostly empty stomach to deal with it. In fact, we were doing so well I didn’t hesitate to drop into my usual spot on the couch the following week and join him for my new favorite TV show.

This episode was even better than the last, upping the creepy factor without the lust-inducing soundtrack. I said good night to Logan after the closing credits rolled, absently running a hand over his hair as I walked around the back of the couch to the hallway.

Looking back, I have to wonder if that’s what made Logan think it was okay to make his next move, because if I hadn’t done that, he might not have moved at all.

I arrived home late two nights later, having gone straight from work to a happy hour date with a guy from the next department over. It had gone better than my last date, so I was in a pretty good mood when I unlocked the front door.

Then I heard the familiar low hum of “Angel”.

My issues with this song go back to Zach. He’d used it to seduce me, to show me what it was like to make love with someone you actually cared for. Every time I heard that song after, my hormones would perk up and start salivating for Zach. Only he wasn’t around. He’d drawn me into a horribly co-dependent relationship, then somehow found the strength to swim to shore without me, leaving me to drown.

Four years later, I still hadn’t forgiven him for it.

Because despite the heartache the song brought on, it also slunk into my blood, stirring desires I didn’t want to have, and wouldn’t go away until they were satisfied. I’d tried listening to the song on repeat, in the middle of a crowded park, hoping being trapped by public decency laws I wouldn’t react.

Nope. I was forced to escape to a nearby restroom and finger myself. I know. Pathetic.

Standing in the hallway, hearing the opening vocals, I didn’t doubt Logan was doing it on purpose. He’d seen how I’d reacted before. No doubt he was hoping it would happen again. And it had been over a week since we’d fucked. I hadn’t even indulged in any self-pleasuring since our escapade, and I was due. From the quivering coming from my clit, Logan could very well get what he wanted if I didn’t get out of the hallway.

I was stronger than my silly lust. Which would completely explain why my knees were going weak and I felt the need to lean against the wall for support. He’d done that once, Zach had, attacked me as soon as I’d walked in the door. Like he couldn’t get enough of me, and yes, “Angel” was playing in the background. It had been fast and brutal, Zach shouting and I hadn’t cared that the neighbors across the hall had probably heard my screams.

Before I could push off from the wall, Logan walked out of the living room and over to me, expression fierce. He moved with a quiet, lanky grace I’d never noticed, and all I could do was stare up at him, helpless, as he pinned me to the wall with nothing more than a look.

If he didn’t kiss me soon, I’d end up falling down in my efforts to get to him.

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait.

Holding back the moan as our mouths came together would have been pointless and

impossible, so I didn’t. I opened for him and his tongue swept out, taking full advantage. It was always perfect, our kisses, a delicate balance between firm and soft, just wet and lewd enough to send pulses straight to my pussy. I had no idea what it was about my skinny nerd of a roommate, but his mouth turned me on faster than anyone else ever had.

Yes, even faster than Zach.

Changing the angle of his mouth, he licked into mine, his tongue executing a complicated

flicking maneuver that had me doing my best to climb up him. His cock was steel and pressed against my belly, higher than I wanted it.

“My room,” he murmured against my lips. Yes, yes, yes, let’s go there. Let’s stretch out in all our nude glory and feast on each other. I traced over the shell of his ear with my tongue, nipping into the lobe. “I’m going to taste you tonight, Janey.”

My response was a rush of wetness between my legs.

They wobbled as we circled down the hall to his room, unable to stop kissing long enough to walk the few feet separating us by the front door to us next to his bed. His hands gripped the hem of my sweater and drew it up, and it landed with a soft plop on the floor.

It was dark in here, thank God. He still wouldn’t be able to see me very well. Then I stopped thinking as his hands closed over my breasts, squeezing gently. “Logan,” I moaned. He chuckled, the vibrations running along my neck as he licked his way to my tits. My bra came off, and he stopped long enough to yank his own shirt over his head.

I fell back on the bed, undoing the button on my slacks and shoving them over my hips, sending my panties along with them. Had I thought this was a bad idea before? It was a great idea. A wonderful idea. Maybe we could make this a regular thing, this safe, non-anonymous casual sex, at least until I found someone more suitable for both the sex and the non-sex.

Logan followed my lead, his jeans and boxers joining the rest of our clothes on the floor, and I stopped thinking. Mouths came together once more, hands reacquainted themselves with muscles and curves and hard, hard lines. In the shadows, I couldn’t make out his dick very well. So I compensated by closing my hand around it. He groaned, hips rocking slightly as I pumped, jolting as I bent down and tugged at one of his nipples. “Janey.”

I licked it, squeezing the head of his cock, oh so softly.

“Jesus! Stop. You’re gonna make me come if you keep doing that.”

Oh, goody.

He scooted away and out of my reach. I pouted. “I was having fun.”

His teeth scored my lower lip. “My turn.”

His mouth was a scorching brand on my skin as he moved down, lower, lower still, and I trembled with anticipating. He could do amazing things with his tongue in my mouth. I had high, high expectations of this venture.

The first lick was wet. Very, very wet, and not at all firm enough. About thirty seconds into it, Logan had managed to accomplish what all my stern talking-tos had not: I was no longer horny. I felt like I was getting slobbered on by a Saint Bernard, which was weird, because damn, could he kiss.

I squirmed, trying to get away, and his hands clamped down on my hips to hold me in place. “Logan.”


I reached down, laced my fingers through his hair, and pulled. “Logan. What the hell are you doing?”

The hurt expression made him look like a lost little boy. “What do you think I’m doing?”

I studied him for a long moment, thinking about how to get out of this situation gracefully. We were both naked; while I was no longer hot for him, his arousal was evident and pressed against my calf. How could someone whose kisses alone could get me so worked up, whose fingers knew their way around the vagina, not know what the hell to do with his tongue down there? It was simply a matter of taking the two separate parts and putting them together.

The longer I watched him, the more uncertain he looked, until I felt like shit. I’d always faked it if a guy’s performance wasn’t doing it for me, rather than hurt their feelings. And yeah, I know exactly how little sense that made.

Somewhere between stopping Logan and watching his face fall further and further I came to the conclusion that since we were here, and naked, I might as well make myself useful and see about getting Logan’s oral skills up to par. “Come here,” I said, sliding my hands down to his shoulders. “Kiss me.”

He crawled slowly up my body, flopping down next to me and pressing a half-hearted kiss to my lips. Cradling his head in my hands, I kissed him back, pushing him for more of what I knew he was capable of. His response was less than instantaneous, but he got into it eventually, tongue sliding and swirling through my mouth, bumping over my tongue. So good. So much better than what he was trying to do just moments before.

Panting, I broke the kiss. “Now,” I gasped, “do that on my pussy.”

His face lit up like it dawned on him just what he was doing wrong. Kisses were left in a burning trail over my tits, nipples were sucked with abandon, and finally he was back between my legs, the tip of his tongue dragging along the inside of my thigh.

This time, the first lick was slow, and firm, and far less wet than the last. He added that little flick he’d employed in his kisses, and my hips jerked in response. He did it again, then traced the folds softly, to the point where it almost tickled. Almost. Not quite.

His tongue stiffened and circled my clit, and he sucked briefly. “Alphabet,” I moaned. How any idiot man could go this long without knowing the easiest way to learn oral was to trace the alphabet, I didn’t know. And as his tongue moved in the letter A, I decided to worry about it later.

He had some misses, sure, but there were a lot more hits. Once he’d figured out how to manipulate my clit with his tongue, he slipped a finger inside. “Curl it toward you.” The command was hoarse and about lost in the moan forcing its way out, and he did, the come here gesture adding another layer of pleasure.

Fast learner. I was very, very glad I’d taken this route, though I’d probably regret it once it was over. It’s just how it worked.

Oh God, two fingers. Two fingers and oh, oh, oh, are those his teeth?

They were. The suction on my clit grew harder and tighter and the orgasm gathered strength, waiting to pounce like a hunting cat. Then his teeth bit down, softly, as his fingers twisted inside, and I arched off the bed, screaming and sobbing and praying it would never end because this, this, this release was so worth everything, the shame and uncertainty and how completely stupid this was, fucking my roommate and then all I could think about as I came down was getting that glorious cock inside me.

He had to have read my mind, because the head of his dick rubbed over my swollen, sopping pussy, and as the last of the shudders wracked me, he pushed inside with one, hard stroke, bumping my sensitized clit and it set off another, gentler climax.

He stilled, waiting out the contractions. “Think you can do it again?” His grin was this side of wicked. His head came down, lips a mere inch from mine. “I love feeling you come all over my cock. It’s like you’re choking my dick.”

I could taste myself on his lips, and I moaned, winding my legs around his hips, allowing him to sink deeper. “Fuck me hard, then. Make me come again,” I whispered.

He needed no further prompting. He pulled back, thrust forward, wash, rinse, repeat. We lost ourselves in the fury of hips slapping together, his balls thumping against my ass with each thrust. Every so often he’d grind himself against my clit, but it wasn’t necessary. Once again, his cock was caressing and stroking some magical spot inside my pussy, heat sparking and spreading.

Eager to give myself over to the onslaught of pleasure, I freed a hand and worked it in between our bodies. My fingers spread in a V and speared down, stroking the root of his cock as he plunged faster and faster, my thumb rubbing over my clit.

His eyes widened at the first touch of my fingers, and he lowered his head and thrust harder, deeper. I struggled to keep up. Close, close, I was so damn close.

Logan’s already iron hard cock turned steely and the added pressure pushed on the heat and shoved it over the edge, and I free fell into the orgasm, wave after wave of it robbing my muscles of their strength.

Sweaty, Logan’s face buried in my neck, his mouth was gentle as it trailed up the line of my throat to my mouth. I wouldn’t run like a coward this time. I’d be graceful and ease my way out of bed and into the shower, where I could berate myself to my heart’s content. Sleeping with a twenty three year old was definitely not the thing to do if you were looking for something beyond a couple of shared pizzas.

He smiled down at me. “If I’d known it would take an older woman to show me what I was doing wrong, I would have gone after one sooner.”

I laughed, unease a greasy slide in my stomach. “I’m only five years older than you.”

The smile was replaced by puzzlement. “I thought you were twenty eight. At least, that’s what you told me when you moved in.”

“I am.” I pushed at his shoulders, and he rolled off, landing on his side. The unease grew. “Wait, how old are you?”

“Twenty one.”

Oh. No. No he did not just say that. I’d been fucking a boy? A mere boy. Granted, he was pretty damn talented in the sack, but oh no no no no no. All kinds of wrong. All kinds.

His dark eyes glinted faintly, catching the light from the hallway. “Why? Is that a problem?”

Well, it certainly explained a lot of things.

“Vin… please… ohhh… don’t!” she muttered under her breath as her body flexed with discomfort. Her hazel gaze wordlessly begged him to be careful.

He sighed deeply as he eyed her intensely with his own dark chocolate brown stare. He was trying to be as gentle as possible. “Stop being such a baby. You know it’s gotta hurt a little first. You’ll feel better when it’s over. Trust me.”

“Ow! Careful… that’s hurts,” she whined as she fidgeted.

He tried comforting her. This tenseness would only make it worse and prolong the discomfort. “Shhhh… easy… give me a second,” he said soothingly.

She panted loudly, “You’re pushing it in deeper!”

“I can only pull it out… ughh… if you stop moving so much!” he said exasperatedly.

Sweat began to bead on her upper lip, as she squirmed and gasped again. “I don’t think I can take much more of this poking and prodding. Pull it out already, please! Basta ya!” [Enough already!]

“Easy, now. I… I…. I’ve almost got it,” he said, silently willing her to be still.

“Just leave it in already, damn it,” she sighed weakly. Her dark wispy bangs were beginning to cling wetly to her forehead and the sides of her cheeks. She blew a breath out slowly from between her full pouty lips, trying to let the pain flow through her, willing herself not to stiffen up.

“Ta-da!” his face split into a huge, proud grin with deep dimples framing his smile as he presented the tweezers and the offending splinter to her.

“Whew… thanks, Vin. You know, being a righty, I never could get the hang of removing a splinter from my right hand.” She smiled faintly, inspecting her palm.

Vincent lifted the guilty item, a wizened gardening claw, the guilty item. Examining its beaten-up wooden handle, he suggested, “You could just spring for a new one. This one’s seen better days. All it’s gonna do is give you splinters again.”

Antonia snatched it none-too-politely from his grasp, only realizing his surprise at her actions a bit too late. Sheepishly, she said sheepishly “This was Therese’s. I kept all her gardening tools. I’ll just sand paper the handle or wear gloves when I use it from now on.”

Vincent smiled as he watched her clutch the claw like a priceless object d’art. He was the same with things that he had kept that had belonged to Therese. He could see Antonia’s mind was elsewhere, so he decided to change the subject. “Are you about done out here, Tone? We really need to start looking over this week’s schedule of pick-ups.”

Antonia surveyed her somewhat small, but lush garden. “Yeah, I’m pretty much done with the weeding and picking in the vegetable patch. You can pack up the veggies I picked and put them in your truck. Let me just clip some mint for iced tea. I asked Joy to come by and pick up some mint for the shelter. Actually, why don’t I leave the crates of veggies out here for her too? Joy can deliver them, unless you need to go to the shelter yourself today.”

He thought for a moment, debating what he might need to do today at the shelter. “No. I don’t have to, though maybe I should give Joy a hand.”

“No, Vin… Sheila and Matt are at the shelter today. They can help Joy unload a few crates of veggies.”

Vincent scratched his darkly bearded chin absent-mindedly. “Well, I guess so.”

Antonia raised her clasped hands in a prayerful gesture. “Vincent, listen to me. And I mean this in the nicest way. It’s one thing to be useful. It’s completely another thing to be used. It’s all well and good for you to want to help out your own staff. But you just end up doing more of the work, dude. If you’re going to be a good administrator and manage the shelter properly, you need to learn to delegate more and not pitch in left and right whenever somebody whines a little.”

Nodding slowly, he concurred. “You’re right, I don’t delegate enough. But it’s tough to just stand by sometimes.”

Antonia released her hands and ran them through her disheveled layers of brown hair. He had such a knack for exasperating her with his excessive guilt over whether he did enough. “Judas Priest, Vincent! You don’t ‘just stand by!’ You’re like a whirling dervish sometimes. I swear you make my head spin the way you bounce around at the shelter doing five things at once.”

She took a deep breath and made herself shut up. She was starting to nag him just like Therese used to… well, maybe not as affectionately as Therese used to. She put a smile on her face as she gathered her small gardening shears to collect the mint. She looked down at her white t-shirt.

Ewww, it wasn’t all that white anymore! She was soil-covered and sweaty. Oh well, she thought to herself, time to toss these duds in the hamper, as she distractedly wiped her hands on her cut-off denim shorts.

“Come on, let’s go in and get a drink, I need to freshen up and then we can get started on this week’s agenda. I’m gonna go jump into the shower real quick. I’ve been out here for almost four hours.” She stretched her arms over her head, and then extended them behind her back, getting rid of whatever kinks she could. She slowly rolled her neck from side to side as she led the way into the cool interior of the house, sliding the patio screen aside. As was their habit, they each kicked off their sandals and left them outside on the cement patio.

Antonia’s mention of the mint made a connection in Vincent’s mind that had somehow slipped by the wayside and been lost until today. As he turned to shift the screen door back in place, he asked, “Is that you? You make the fresh mint tea for the shelter?”

She gave him a funny look. “I thought you knew. Mint tea is an excellent aid to digestion and many homeless people suffer from gastro-intestinal problems because their food sources are rarely the best. Face it, dumpster-diving isn’t like eating at a four star restaurant, ya know?”

“I know how good mint tea is, I was raised on the stuff, remember? Tea is as popular as coffee in the Middle East. My folks kept their tea habit when they came here. I just didn’t know it was you making it. I thought it was an anonymous contributor.” He sounded almost slighted or hurt by the fact that he wasn’t aware of this.

“Well, I don’t go around announcing everything I do, Vin.” Antonia laughed lightly, shaking her head.

“I know you don’t… it’s just that I usually know everything that’s going on at the shelter.”

“Vin… it’s just mint tea. You don’t have to worry about me taking over the shelter or anything.”

Now it was his turn to give her a funny look. “I wasn’t thinking that at all, Tone… I couldn’t run the place without all your help, I just…”

Antonia shrugged her shoulders, kindly dismissing Vincent’s concerns as unwarranted. “I know what you were thinking, Vin, and you can’t possibly know absolutely know everything that goes on at the shelter, even if you are the founder. That’s the whole point for having your staff and volunteers to help out, right? Ease up on yourself, compadre.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ …25 minutes later… ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Antonia grumbled loudly. “!Coño!!Que jodienda!” [Damn it! This is so fuckin' frustrating!]

Antonia ran a hand through her still-damp hair. Trying to stretch the contributions seemed a lot tougher some weeks over others. It was an hour since they had come inside from the late morning sun.

While Antonia was no longer heated by the sun… the shower had helped to cool her down somewhat… but she was now mentally heated by the frustration of trying to draw out the shelter’s sources to the breaking point.

“!Que dios nos ayuda con este toyo! [God help us with this mess!]

Vincent snickered quietly. Antonia always swore in Spanish when things really annoyed or agitated her. It was a personal trait of hers that he had always found amusing ever since he’d first met her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

About six years ago, Therese and Antonia met at a series of art history lectures. Therese was a very pretty, tall, slender black woman, with a delicate lilt to her voice and Antonia would often notice out of the corner of her eye that they always reacted to the same parts of the lectures. During the intermissions, they started chatting over coffee and tea.

Turned out that Antonia was a librarian and something of a detective when it came to finding information. Therese mentioned the shelter that she and Vincent ran and their constant need for information regarding what services they wanted to offer, educational programs, housing resources, getting people to contribute money, time and resources.

After a time, Antonia jumped up on board as the shelter’s resident trouble-shooter and eventually one of the shelter’s produce connections. Antonia also helped design the weekly menu for the kitchen at the shelter and taught nutrition classes there as well.

Upon meeting Vincent, Antonia realized she had found kindred spirits in both him and Therese. The three of them were vegetarian and all three were first generation-born Americans. Therese’s family originally came from Jamaica, Vincent’s family was Middle Eastern from Egypt, while Antonia’s family came from the Dominican Republic. All their parents came to the U.S. in the 1950′s and 1960′s to seek out better opportunities than were available in their native homelands. They had all been raised with very strong altruistic tendencies and they often gave each other grief about how much they did for others, though they rarely seemed to cut themselves slack, until the other two made mention of it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vincent watched as Antonia nibbled on her lower lip as she tried to organize this week’s worth of 21 menus based on this week’s contributions. Vincent felt the same way as Antonia did regarding the nuisance of being at the mercy of other people’s willingness to give. He was often frustrated by the nature of trying to keep a shelter running smoothly. But he always made an effort to not get upset over how much others were willing to give or do. That was out of his hands and getting annoyed didn’t resolve the issue.

“…The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too…”

Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved?” played on the stereo as they tried to organize the schedule of pick-ups and contributions.

Vincent’s tan, lean frame lay across the full length of Antonia’s sofa, reading the accounts as he held them over his eyes, to block some of the early afternoon sun that lit up Antonia’s living room. His bare feet were crossed at the ankles and rested on the arm of the sofa, waving to the beat of the music.

He said, “Monty’s Deli will have at least 20 pounds of deli meat for us on Thursday.”

Antonia muttered softly, “Yuck,” thinking he wouldn’t hear her.

Vincent heard her and smiled as he continued skimming through the manifests, “When they’re back on their feet, they can become vegetarians like us. But for now, the folks in that shelter will take what we give them.”

She sighed as she placed an errant strand of her feathery auburn hair behind one ear. “I know… I know. They’ll gladly take what we give them. I just wish we could get more fresh produce donated on a regular basis. Just because they’ve been homeless or can’t afford to find three square meals a day doesn’t mean they don’t deserve good nutrition.”

Vincent chided Antonia. “Patience is a virtue, dear.”

She hissed, “I wish I could afford a place with a bigger garden, caramba!”

He gazed at her from over the top of the manifest, shaking his head slowly in amused disbelief. He couldn’t believe that this was the same person that was always telling him that he did too much. Apparently Antonia couldn’t see the forest for the trees, Vincent thought. “You manage to be very generous to the shelter with the space you have.” He tried to defuse her mood by flashing his bright smile at her… which he knew often lightened her right up, but was met with a perturbed look on Antonia’s face.

She snorted in a rather unladylike manner, waving a hand dismissively through the air. “Well, that’s obviously because I only keep enough for lil ol’ me and everything else goes to the shelter. If I could find the extra time and supplies, I’d love to approach Nick at the housing projects on Tremont and see if we could utilize part of their community garden space for produce.” She wrote a note to herself about making that phone call.

Antonia sat on the floor, resting her back against the upholstered base of the sofa, using her bent legs as a desk for her ledger and date book. With one hand she took notes, while the other hand raised a cup of coffee to her lips. She sipped as she watched Vincent pencil in reminders and changes to his own notes.

He reached down beside him for his glass of mint tea and took a sip. As he returned the glass to its resting place, he sighed, “I’ll call Karolina at the dairy farm up in Untermyer and see if she’ll be able to stick to her 45 gallons of milk that’s she’s been supplying us. I need to visit David on the eighteenth and… “

Abruptly, Vincent stopped speaking.

Antonia didn’t turn to see why he’d stopped talking. She knew why. Now she was simply waiting to see if he knew that she knew.

He hastily sat up, his long dark hair swaying about his shoulders as he braced his head in his hands, letting his notes and pencil drop around his bare feet. He grunted, “Damn, sorry about that.”

“Don’t be… it’s just paper,” Antonia muttered softly.

“No, I mean…” Vincent’s voice caught in his throat, unable to work around the instant lump that had decided to appear.

“Yes, Vincent… I know…” she said sympathetically, “Therese will be gone 3 years on the eighteenth.”

He shook his head softly in incredulity, “It kind of snuck up on me.” He rubbed his beard with both hands as though trying to wake himself up from a disturbing dream. “I mean I still think about her all the time… but the date just kind of hit me, ya know?”

Antonia sighed sadly. “I figured as much… you’ve completely buried yourself in the running and organizing of the shelter. She wouldn’t approve, you know, working yourself like you do till all hours.”

He nodded absently at the point she made. An ardent tone entered his voice. “Yeah… maybe… but she would’ve understood. There’s a need for this shelter, you know that as well as anyone, and it certainly won’t operate itself. Therese herself pretty much kept herself in the thick of it, until the chemo got the better of her.”

Vincent gazed out the window as he recalled both the good and bad times he’d shared with his Therese. Sometimes it felt like it was just yesterday that they had received the news about her illness. Other times it felt as though decades had passed by since he’d last heard her throaty laugh or seen her start her day off by selecting a matching caftan and head wrap, humming as she danced around their kitchen with him as they prepared breakfast together.

He heard more than saw Antonia rise up from the floor to gather the fallen papers. She sniffed several times, as she bent and scooped up the pages. He could sense her trying to stem tears before they got away from her. He turned away from the window, asking innocently, “Catching a cold?”

“Yeah… I guess… maybe allergies,” she murmured unconvincingly. She made a motion with her hand to wipe a tear from her cheek. He moved towards her and grabbed her hand before she could wipe the tear onto her dark green summer dress.

He smiled sadly at her, his concern for her obvious in his dark brown eyes. “You’re as lousy a liar as she was. I’m sorry… I tend to forget that Therese wasn’t just my wife, but your friend too.”

Her voice shook with more unshed tears, “God, Vincent… sometimes I miss her so much. And I really wish she were still here to tell you to ease up and enjoy life once in a while.”

Vincent’s eyes darkened with emotion as he recalled his wife’s playful badgering about him needing to lighten his load on occasion. She often mentioned that by doing different things, she was able to recharge her batteries. Which was one of the reasons that she had always made time for her art history lectures. Right now he couldn’t help but play the role of nagger himself.

“Well, Therese would probably tell you the same. When was the last time you went out with your girlfriends to a concert or something? Or the last time you visited your brother Jose and hung out with him? You and that Nick guy seem to have a lot in common. Why don’t you ask him out on a night on the town?”

“Uhhm… Vin? Nick’s gay.”

“Oops, never mind.” Vincent had the common sense to look sheepish over Antonia’s response.

Antonia chuckled sadly as she tossed the fallen papers and pencil onto the coffee table. “That’s ok. He’s a great friend. Therese said the same thing, she thought we were two peas in a pod. Sweet Therese, always playing… match maker.” Antonia’s voice hitched on the last words.

Vincent pulled her towards him to hug her, comfort her. Hell, who was he kidding? He wanted to be comforted as well… needed to be comforted was more accurate. He couldn’t recall the last time he had hugged someone or been hugged himself. After Therese’s illness, where he had to touch her constantly as he cared for her, once she had passed away, he had unconsciously withdrawn from human contact.

Being close to people hurt him too much, but contact is a human necessity you can only put off and ignore for so long.

He softly admonished Antonia as he squeezed her shoulders. “You slave away in that garden for six months or more out of the year, growing vegetables and herbs for the shelter, while you pull a 40 hour work week at the library and another 20 hours at the shelter. Not to mention you’re always trying to locate us some grant money or get temporary housing or free medical attention for someone. Therese would beat you into submission and make you take some time off or something.”

Vincent draped his long strong arms around Antonia’s waist as her tears dampened the front of his denim workshirt. She was nearly a foot shorter than him, so he easily tucked the top of her head under his chin. Her hands rested on his slim hips as she tried to breathe deeply and compose herself.

He closed his eyes when his own tears seemed imminent. He tried not to shake, but his body betrayed him. Antonia clutched at his back as she felt the wave of emotion wash over him. She began to rock back and forth in the hopes of soothing him, whispering softly, “Ya, compadre… shhh… no sufres, [Enough, friend... shhh... don't suffer...]

She slid her hands up his back, distractedly toying with the curly ends of his black, silky shoulder-length hair. Antonia’s own tears dissipated as she started humming along with Bob Marley’s earnest voice. She rubbed Vincent’s back in soothing circles, trying to both calm him and allow him his release.

Vincent pulled away from her slightly to gauge how she was fairing. He wiped his shirt sleeve across his eyes. Placing his hand under her chin when she wouldn’t meet his gaze, he tilted her face up towards his. He smiled down at her, his tough little friend. Trying to make her laugh, he arched an eyebrow as he asked, “Do you know how green your eyes get when you cry?”

She grimaced as she tried to pull away from him. “I’m sure they’re more red than green right now. Let me go throw some water on my face.”

Softly he spoke as he kept his grip on her, “No… let me.” He took the hem of his shirt and dabbed at the moisture resting on her skin.

Antonia giggled as she stood obediently in front of him. “Thanks… you’re a prince.” She cast her eyes down as she leaned towards him to leave a lighthearted peck on his cheek.

Not knowing that she planned a kiss, he moved towards her and her lips landed on his own for an instant. Her eyes shot open as she stepped away quickly, realizing that the soft warm skin beneath her lips had been his own lips. Her fingers brushed against her lips, still feeling the warm impression and the slight electric shock his lips had given hers. She could still feel his moustache brushing against her top lip as she gazed at him, frozen to the spot.

“Tone,” his nickname for her escaped as the softest whisper from his lips as their eyes met. She bit her lower lip as he pulled her into his arms again. Somehow she couldn’t resist, she had to confess to herself that she didn’t want to resist. She sank into his deep brown stare, those beautiful eyes, surrounded by his warm olive skin. He brought one hand up to her face and cupped her cheek, her eyes closing at the feel of his hand. She turned her face into his palm, planting a kiss in its center. He drew his other hand up to the back of her head, running his long fingers through her softly layered hair.

Vincent shifted his head down to hers as she turned hers upwards, cutting the distance between them into the smallest span of space. She could feel his breath on her lips for a moment before their lips touched again. She moaned against his lips as he gently gripped her head, drinking her in. Antonia raised her arms up, her hands heading to the back of his jeans and slid them into his back pockets.

Vincent growled in his throat, alternately stroking and tugging at Antonia’s hair, deepening the kiss as he felt her body respond to his lips and hands. He nipped at her full lower lip, then sucked at the tender spot he had created. She tasted like the coffee she’d been drinking, earthy and sweet.

Antonia squeezed his ass, first gently and then more earnestly as her knees seemed to turn to liquid thanks to Vincent’s gifted lips. He escalated the kissing further by licking the length of her lower lip, hearing yet another moan escape from her just before his tongue pressed forward into the velvet warmth of her mouth. Vincent nearly crushed her to his chest, as his hands slid down from her face and hair.

Antonia sucked on the tip of his tongue, her breathing becoming more erratic as their embrace pressed their bodies together from head to toe. She gasped and trembled as she felt the growing bulge in Vincent’s jeans against her.

She softly bit his earlobe and whispered, “I can’t stand… you’re making my knees weak.”

He kept her in his embrace as he stepped backwards towards the sofa. He gracefully sank heavily into the thick cushions and pulled her onto his lap, having her straddle his thighs, facing him. She rained soft kisses all over his caramel-colored skin, running her hands against the soft faded red t-shirt under his work shirt as she planted her knees on either side of his strong, lean thighs.

Vincent ran his hands up and down her arms, lightly scratching her sun-kissed skin, feeling the goose bumps making her shiver against him. He had nearly forgotten how much fun it was to touch someone and feel them react and respond to his caress. He was having a difficult time kissing her while he smiled at her reactions.

“Mmmmm… Tone… you’ve got such soft skin” Vincent murmured softly in her ear as he captured her hands in his own. He proceeded to slowly explore her neck. He kissed a trail down her neck along the length of one tendon. He held her hands to her sides as he kissed her shoulders, working back up her neck. She stiffened when he nuzzled the spot right above where shoulder and neck met.

He chuckled in a husky tone as he whispered into her ear, “I think I hit pay dirt.”

He proceeded to run his closed lips across the sensitive skin under her ears. She gasped aloud when he began to nibble on her neck, her hips involuntarily pivoting against him. She threw her head back as a small shudder of pleasure coursed through her.

Only then did he latch on and begin to apply pressure.

She spoke hoarsely, “Vincent… stop… don’t… I’m gonna… oooohhhhhh… Vin.” He held her as still as he could while he licked the side of her neck, planting wet kisses along the length.

He grunted between licks and kisses, “I’m not… stopping… so get used to it.”

He said nothing more as he held her close to his chest, their fingers laced together as he planted his warm full lips on the delicate cords in her neck. Antonia made a humming noise that sounded suspiciously like purring.

Antonia squirmed in his lap and he tightened his grip on her hands. She could feel her nipples puckering in response to what he was doing to her. That and the idea that he was only giving pleasure and not receiving. It was as though he couldn’t concentrate on her if she was touching him. As much as she was enjoying the current stimulation, she couldn’t help but think how much better it would feel to have his mouth on her breasts and to feel her hands running along his back, rubbing his bare skin.

Antonia’s body tightened and shuddered as he continued to make love to her throat. Her begging words became incoherent babble as the impending climax released itself. “Ay, Vin… coño… ay, dios mio… uhhhn… ay, si!”

She slumped against his body as he freed her hands and hugged her tight, waiting for her body to recover.

She nuzzled her face in his neck, as she slowly caught her breath. “Wow… I forgot how sensitive my neck was.”

He laughed huskily, “How could you forget something like that?! He brushed her hair away from her face as he gazed intently at her. “I don’t intend on forgetting that choice piece of information.” Vincent lifted her face from where she rested on his shoulder to kiss her softly.

She sighed as she raised her hands to idly rub his chest through his t-shirt, “Well, it’s been a while. I guess I’ve put parts of my life on hold… like you have.”

She raised her head to look into his eyes as she spoke, “Oh, Vincent… I don’t care how cheesy it sounds… I want you so bad it hurts.” She ground herself rather wantonly against the now ever-present stiffness in his jeans. Vincent smiled shamelessly as he pressed himself against her, feeling her shudder against his length. “I want you too… but this sofa isn’t the place. Hang on.” He held her by the waist as he stood up and she wrapped her legs around him as he maneuvered them towards her bedroom. She hung her arms around his neck and kissed him along the length of his bearded jawline.

Vincent maneuvered them onto the bed, his forearms taking most of his weight as Antonia scooted herself to the center of the bed. He laid his body full-length against her as she stroked his jean-clad legs with her bare calves, trying to reach his bare feet with her toes. He leaned down and kissed the valley between her breasts.

She stroked his neck with her fingers, caressing his back. He arched his back to meet the movements of her small hands. He had almost forgotten how good it felt to be touched. Vincent settled his dark glossy head of hair between her breasts, inhaling her scent. He rubbed his hands up and down the length of her short summer dress. He slid his hands past the hem to reach the smooth skin of her calves and proceeded to squeeze them gently as he kissed the skin along the neckline of her dress, her blissful sighs making him harder by the minute.

Antonia massaged Vincent’s shoulders and arms, cradling his dusky head between her full breasts, feeling his warm breath caressing her skin, feeling the prickly hair from his beard graze against her. She kissed and licked the outer edge of his ear and nibbled on the lobe, feeling him shudder above her as his hands convulsed around her calves.

He blew warmly at the silky skin between her breasts, as his hands drifted slowly up her legs to undo the buttons of her dress. Antonia let her nails trace small tight circles on his back, sighing deeply as his lips kissed each newly uncovered patch of skin. Vincent pulled the dress open, letting the weight of the material part all on its own. He bent over to kiss Antonia’s hot skin along the stretch of dark teal-green lace encasing her breasts.

Antonia was torn between pulling Vincent’s face up towards hers to nibble on that lower lip of his, but what he was doing to do was quickly clouding her brain. He cupped both breasts gently in his hands to get used to the weight and lifted them slightly, pressing them together firmly. Slowly he lingered over to the left one, breathing hotly onto the skin before pressing his lips to it to kiss along the edge of the fabric. Delicately with his teeth, he tugged the cup down, to expose Antonia’s nipple to his eager mouth.

Unhurriedly he traced the outline of the pink areola wetly, taking care to make it as slick as possible. Vincent then exhaled quickly to chill the newly wetted skin. Antonia clutched at his head as she gasped loudly from the sensation. He watched closely as the nipple darkened, filling with blood and tightening from his attention. He raised his gaze slightly higher to view Antonia’s head slumped slightly to one side, her lips parted in another gasp of pleasure.

Returning his gaze to his work, he then kissed the taut nipple warmly and nursed it gently, flicking his tongue at the tip, up and down rapidly. Antonia’s breath caught in her throat occasionally as she gasped more and more as the wetness of his tongue made her warm skin cool instantly.

She braced her hands against his shoulders, his touch making her sway back and forth. Not wanting to leave the right one feeling neglected, Vincent traced light circles around that nipple with his index finger. Sucking more firmly now, Vincent drew his head backwards and let the weight of Antonia’s breast pull itself free of his lips. He returned his lips to her nipple and did it again. Antonia’s body arched with the sensation of being played with between gravity and Vincent’s sensuous lips.

As she lay beneath him, she brushed her closed thighs against his front, purring like a kitten as his lips and tongue played on her breasts, making her nipples stiffen to a degree she never thought possible. It was pleasure almost to the point of discomfort. Her body was aching from his attention.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d made love and frivolously wondered the same about Vincent. Once again, his attentions brought her mind into a cloud of pleasure from which there was no escape… everywhere she turned, the cloud, heavy with presence, weighty with pleasure… the cloud rested upon her limbs like a physical essence.

Before turning his interest to the right nipple, he slid his hands behind Antonia’s back and unclasped her bra. Once she raised her arms to remove the bra, he slid her out of her dress as well. He then bent his head down and licked the valley between her breasts, softly nibbling on the underside of each breast for a moment, before quickly nursing the right nipple, unable to wait any longer, needing to feel the soft bud harden into a pebble on his tongue like he had done with the left one.

Placing one leg between hers, he offered her a place to squirm against. Antonia flexed her legs open and embraced Vincent’s broad thigh between her own, hissing at the sensation of his body-heat against her hot center.

Sucking gently on the right nipple, he hummed as his tongue met her flesh, sending vibrations from him through her. Antonia’s body shuddered as she slid her hands up from Vincent’s shoulders into his hair, to bring his face up to hers.

She softly brushed her cheek against his beard, sliding herself up close to him, running her tongue along where his lips met one another, tasting him, tasting her own skin on his lips.

They both moaned into one another, their tongues sparring sensuously with one another. Vincent returned the kiss softly, slipping his arms under and around Antonio’s waist. He pivoted his body and rolled them both over, so that now Antonia was on top of his body. He ran his nails along her bare back and down over her cheeks, running his large hands up and over her round ass again and again.

Antonia sucked on his tongue, tracing long thin lines along its length with her own, as she pressed herself firmly against him. Deepening the kiss along with their embrace, she cradled his head with one hand and pulled on his shirt with the other.

She moaned into his mouth, getting more and more aroused by his strong hands on her rump, caressing her, his fingers tugging at the lacy obstacle. She nibbled on his lower lip as she rocked against his strong, lean legs, knowing that he could feel her moist heat through her panties. She was certain she was leaving a slight trail of proof of what he was doing to her

Antonia ran her hands up the sides of Vincent’s body, tugging the t-shirt out from his jeans and slipping her hands under the fabric, against his bare skin, feeling his muscles shift and flex under her hands. His beautiful olive skin was like velvet, with a small trail of dark coarse hair leading downwards from his navel into his jeans. He sat up slightly to help her remove his work shirt and t-shirt.

He ran his fingers up her bare back and into her hair pulling on it just firmly enough to make her head roll back. Now, with her neck exposed, he ran his teeth along the length of her neck and sucked firmly. She hissed and arched her back, brushing her breasts against his bare chest, feeling skin against skin. She could feel her nipples pebbling from the sensations from his lips on her neck.

Vincent took one hand and placing it between them searched for the warm spot on her panties, sliding up and in past the lace, to feel her wetness unhampered. She gasped and sighed as she felt his hand working its way between them, she leaned towards him to kiss him fervently on those invitingly full lips of his.

Vincent moaned wantonly when he found short trimmed fur between her thighs and began gently rubbing the soft, nearly bare skin there. Her entire body in sync against his, her pelvis gently rocked against his hand, as his lips rested against her neck, nibbling softly. He removed his lips from her neck momentarily and took his time to suck on his moistened index finger and taste her.

Antonia smile lazily at him as she watched him taste her. She slid her own hand down, reaching for him. As rigid as he could be. Skin feeling taut to the touch as if it couldn’t get any harder. He inhaled deeply as he felt the touch of her hand along the length of his cock. His hips slid forward to meet her caress. She grasped him gently first, running her fingers along his rigidness, tracing the shape of the tip with one finger, feeling his blood pulsing, feeling his body heat even through the thick denim.

Vincent groaned deeply, almost a growl, as he lay back and let her feel his excitement trying to rise to the occasion in spite of its confinement. He reached out and took a firm hold of both breasts in his hands, content to cradle them while she felt his hardness, trying to control his eagerness and slow himself down.

Antonia made her grip on him tighten slightly. She then loosened it, stroking his length, feeling his skin shift as she ran her small hand over him again and again. He gently massaged her breasts, not simply concentrating on the nipples, watching closely as they continued to please him, knowing how sensitive they were to his tongue and his touch.

Antonia moaned as she continued to stroke Vincent, making him harder still as she rocked her body closer to his, gasping when he caressed the sensitive undersides of her breasts. “Oh… Vin… I’m so…”

Vincent slid his hands around Antonia’s waist and flipped them over together, with him now on top. She felt his girth stiffening further, as they moved with him atop her. He eased her backwards onto the bed. Spreading her legs wide, he hovered over her, casting a dark shadow onto her body. Bending down, he whispered huskily in her ear, “Would you like to feel what my tongue can do somewhere else besides your neck?”

She gasped as her weakening legs were forced to use different muscles from their previous position, looking up at him, begging him to close the gap between them with her eyes. She hissed a wanton “God, yes!” into his own ear as she undulated under him, prompting him. He raised himself off Antonia and shimmied her stretch lace panties down her full hips and along her shapely legs.

Vincent whispered roughly, “I cannot hear you, love.” His fingers glided slowly between her lower lips rubbing them gently as she cried aloud. He smiled to himself as he began kissing down her stomach slowly, down past her navel. She rubbed her legs together around his fingers, trying to attain whatever friction she could, whimpering loudly in delicious frustration. Vincent kissed each side of her thighs, careful not to kiss any of the petals of the flower in her center until he was ready. He felt for both her hands and brought them down there with him. His breath was directly centered on her and she could feel it when he inhaled and exhaled. He took Antonia’s hands and placed them on each side of her pussy. One long lick between them reminded him of the small taste he’d had moments ago.

“Ay dios, I LOVE that, feeling my hands held in yours, feeling you place them… ohhh… on me… where you… mmmmm… want them.” Antonia’s voice cracked with desire and need.

Vincent murmured, “Now spread your flower for me so I can see the bud.” Antonia used both her index fingers to gently separate her outer lips, letting him see the smaller folds deeper inside, sighing as she opened herself for him, feeling his heated breath on her tender skin.

He pressed his face to her center and surrounded himself with her moisture, making sure he gorged himself on her, snaking his tongue inside her. Vincent gently pumped her core with his tongue for all the wetness he could swallow. He hummed as his tongue trailed inside her, sending vibrations all over the inner walls of her cunt. His hands gently glided up Antonia’s sides and gently pinched her nipples as he licked deeper.

She held herself apart for him, feeling his hot breath and tongue pressing deep into her, she gasped aloud as he hummed against the hot liquid center of her pussy. He snaked his tongue north and found her clit and sucked it gently, loving the slickness he had created for it, his tongue sliding over it effortlessly. Antonia arched against his face, pushing her hot moist slit against his tongue, her little pearl of nerves throbbing against the silky wet roughness of his tongue.

He spoke to her pussy like a parent scolding a child, “I am not going to let you have me until you cum… so you are going to have to give me what I want.” Vincent then leaned forward again, reclaiming her clit and bobbed up and down on it sucking gently, smoothly. With the bud held in place by suction, he moved his head back and forth tugging playfully.

He removed his lips and sucked gently on one of her fingers that was keeping her sex open for him. Antonia moved his hands down her thighs so he could pull her against his ruthless tongue, as she caressed his head, wiping the sweat from his efforts to please her, her other hand came up to her own face so she could stifle her loudening gasps.

Vincent pulled her hand down, saying gruffly, “I want to hear you.” He delved deeper downward sucking gently on the delicate folds of skin. Antonia raised her head and looked down to where his handsomely tan face was flanked by her thighs and said, “Don’t stop, hold my hands… I’m so close…”

Holding her hands firmly, he said softly, “Then give me what I want.” He slid his tongue deeply between her thighs and up and around her clit, and began to suck rhythmically.

“Oh God,” she could feel that tell-tale tingle, his tongue on that tender piece of flesh, as she rocked her hips against his skilled lips and tongue. He sensed her orgasm beginning to crest, so he continued licking at the hot flesh before him, holding her hands and tugging on them gently. She could practically feel her essence bubbling out of her from everything his tongue and lips were doing to her.

With his tongue trailing between her folds, back and forth, she peaked, feeling the edge approaching her faster and faster. His few final kisses and nuzzles pushed her over, her head rocking from side to side, “Ay, dios mio… si… ay, que bueno!” [Oh my god... yes... ohh, so good!]

Dion kissed me! Dion kissed me! Dion kissed me! That was like a chant in my mind as we walked back to our cabin that night.

We sat by the fire until midnight just talking about everything and nothing. No more kisses — sigh – but I was happy for the one I had gotten. It was my first kiss! It made my head spin like nothing before.

Eventually I was dead tired and as I started to really fight to keep my eyes open Dion decided that we needed to call it a night. I wished the night could have lasted forever, but bed and pillow seemed awfully inviting too!

As usual Dion walked before me holding the light. I was only two steps behind him. I could have just reached and touched him, but I didn’t dare. After the kiss we had gone back to our juvenile water war as if nothing had happened… It was fine by me since I didn’t know how I should have responded — if any response was even expected!

The kiss really blew my mind, like TOTALY. My body had hummed with need – it still did, in a way. I never even imagined that kissing could be that thrilling. If just kissing felt like this, what would it feel to have actual sex with somebody? My eyes roamed on Dion’s slender backside. For some reason the idea about having sex didn’t make me panic like it used to when I was home. I swallowed a chuckle. Dion had only kissed me, once, and I leaped into ideas of S-E-X. Maybe he didn’t even want to have sex with me.

Before we got out of the woods Dion stopped in front of me and turned around. “Nemo.” He mouthed and pulled me close to him again.

My hands hung by my sides and I closed my eyes in a wait for a second kiss; I even pursed my lips. The kiss never came. What was he waiting for? I opened my eyes to narrow slits and found Dion just looking at me in with the tiniest smile on his lips. My eyes went wide when his tongue peaked out and he licked over his lower lip.

A groan escaped me and I couldn’t help myself as I pecked his lips with mine. That was all he had waited as he held me tighter and kissed me back. The kiss wasn’t perfect or like in the movies but it felt like heaven to me: wet and sloppy; full of tongue and teeth. I would have wanted the kiss to last an eternity and I was starting to grind myself against his lean body with high hopes of something more when he pulled off of me.

“I didn’t wanna give you a good night kiss inside the cabin or it might never have stopped,” Dion said with a grin and fast signs.

I grinned back at him then took his fingers into my hand and gave them a quick kiss. As I let his hand go I signed ‘good night’ to him. That was something I knew how to do, but had not felt comfortable doing before.

Now with Dion even signing felt intimate. For that I apparently deserved one more kiss from him. He had known how special it was for me to sign that! We smiled lips attached. My mood was giddy and light and it was so unusual since I’d felt like walking in a thick smog for the past year. I just couldn’t stop smiling!

After one final peck on my cheek he pulled me into a race to our cabin. When we got to the door I was completely breathless from the run and laughter.


Dion tried to shush me with no luck. The more I tried to stop myself from giggling the harder I laughed. Dion fought to keep calm too, but as we entered our humble home for the month we fell on to our beds and just let it all out in unison. We roared until our stomach hurt. Ouch.

The laughing made me feel perky for a second but then the tiredness simply hit me with full force. “Am I bad if I sleep with my clothes on?”

“Yes, that would be really nasty. Take them off!” Dion switched the light on by his night table.

“No lights!” I protest.

“But you can’t see my signings without it. Besides I want to look at you when you get rid of your clothes.” The Daredevil snickered in his bed folding his arms under his head as he lay on his back.

“Well I don’t see any signs now!”

“How’s this?” He stuck his tongue out at me and made a funny face that looked just adorable.

I was tempted to throw a pillow at him but then I remembered just where that led us the previous time. And I felt really tired now; exhausted actually. I blew out a wavering breath. Even a bigger yawn came from Dion’s bed.

“Will you please shut the light?”



I went under my blanket and started to undress there. How witty of me! When I was done I turned over slightly and signed ‘good night’ for the second time tonight.

Dion signed it back to me and blew me a kiss. Then he shut the light for the night.


The second week started with annoying, hard rain. That meant indoor activities which I normally wouldn’t object, but this time it meant I would have lesser possibilities to sneak out of sight with Dion, to share some stolen moments with my blue haired teen sex god.

We had not gone further than kisses here and there and some light touching with our clothes on and it was driving me crazy! I felt I would burst if something more wouldn’t happen soon. Talk about a sexually frustrated teenager…

At nights we just slept in our own beds. Gosh! I would have loved to sleep next to Dion and wake up with him. I was hard for half of the time when he was near me, especially if he “accidentally” brushed my hand or bumped on me then escaped before I could retaliate. I loved that; it made me feel daring and wild.

Dion had kept things very, very light between us saying he didn’t want to cross the boundaries as he was, after all, one of the camp instructors. Like I would have minded! Like I would have told a soul! I wasn’t exactly out – except to Dion. I have no idea how he knew I liked boys, maybe he just saw how I drooled after him from day one. Maybe he had a perfect gaydar which I obviously lacked.

Dion had told me he was out. Like really, really out. Apparently he was active in many LGBT organizations in his home town.

To me that sounded in a way really scary and at the same time strangely liberating. He was so brave to be who he was. I wondered if I was ever going to be having the same level of comfort with myself.

For years I have stayed awake at nights and pictured myself out of the closet. How it would feel to be out and proud? No matter how hard I had tried, I could never see that happening with me. Now with the hearing loss I didn’t want to cause any more pain or hardship to my parents than I already had.

To be honest, I didn’t think I would come out any time soon even with no hearing troubles.

S… indoor camp site activities. Sigh. That did not count reading my own books or painting in privacy. It counted Ping-Pong, sketching together, table games, making food in small groups; all kinds of stuff to keep us teens active and communicating with each other.

I hated it! And not really because of the doing stuff together, since it was kinda fun, but because it kept me and Dion more separate than together.

Lil’ Tia had decided to be my new best friend and after being annoyed at her at first, the tiny kid had me wrapped around her little finger. She had no troubles of making herself clear to me even with my limited interpretation skills. Her hands moved fast and just as eloquently as Dion’s and she followed me around the maintenance unit until Dion gave her a task in the kitchen or sent me on a mission to guide the younger kids.

Our time together during day time was limited, but every night Dion and I would lie in our beds and chat facing each other. Slowly I had started to use my fingers too with my words. It was like an accent that I picked up without even noticing it. The signing classes had become more and more fun to me as we started to have topics to discuss. Dion was always there to help me.

My first signings were awkward and tentative, but eventually I didn’t even pay much attention how my fingers moved and at first formed just words then complete sentences.

Dion encouraged me all the way, not so noticeably that I would get embarrassed, but enough to make me happy. Enough to make me blush as he signed me some naughty things and I so wanted to learn the meaning of those!


Wednesday morning we had a rare opportunity to sleep until nine. It was the chef’s day off and there would be an open breakfast. Everyone would be making one for themselves. I actually woke up finding out the sun was shining for the first time in days. The rays entered our cabin from the window above my bed and I was fully awake immediately.

I fumbled my bag and pulled my mobile out only to see it flashing a text message. Who would text me this early? I had checked my phone before we went to bed and the message had to have come this morning.

My heart jumped to my throat as I saw it came from Miles. What did he want?

I quickly glanced at the sleeping form of Dion with only a thick curl of his blue hair visible from under the blankets. He was facing to the wall, the curve of his side making me want to reach out for him… Then my mind traveled back to the text message.

“Hi Nemo! I miss u. My summer just doesn’t feel the same without u. Working for dad 3 days a week to get something really special. How’s the camp been? Miles.”

Wow. Miles actually texted me… We have not been talking or phoning for months and I have systematically refused to answer any of his calls for a while until he simply stopped.

What brought this on now? He misses me? That evoked something inside of me that I have been trying to push away hard. It shouldn’t matter. It was still Miles, just a friend from my past. Nothing more!!!

Miles had been a friend, and for a short time I even had hoped for something more than friendship. Yet he had turned his back on me just when things started to fall down around me.

ONE stupid comment from him and I just KNEW I could NEVER tell him about my hearing loss.

“See Nemo, a retard! Hahah, can you see him? There, the one wearing a yellow shirt!”

We had been at the mall just chilling in a small group of friends when Miles had spotted a boy with his family. The boy had signed and talked funny. His words had been hardly understandable and there’d been lots of unusual tunes in his voice. Our whole group had started to laugh then and the boy’s parents had quickly turned away from us and steered their son’s attention towards a bookstore. His little sister had thrown us a dark, judging look. I have never felt more EMBARRASSED or as SORRY as I did then. I had felt tears burning in my eyes and had made a sudden excuse to leave and go home then and there. I wasn’t able to face Miles then. I have been avoiding Miles ever since.

With a deep breath I pulled myself back to the present, to the sunny morning in the cabin, cold sweat still giving me the chills. What Miles texted me, should not matter at all — it should not have this impact on me. With that thought I threw my legs off from the bed and got up with few stretches. My eyes turned towards Dion again. He had turned in his bed and I could see his still sleeping face now. His cheeks had a rosy color on them and he was smiling like he was having a pleasant dream. I tip toed to him and fell to my knees on his bed side. I lowered my face next to his and blew just a little to his face. No effect. I blew again… This time I could see Dion’s nose wiggle. Cute!

I became bolder as he didn’t wake up. I let myself lean even closer and pecked his cheek with my lips. I even gave it a small lick too!

Then everything happened so fast I could not react at all!

Dion moved like a professional wrestler, turning to his back and pulling me on top of him; locking his arms and legs around me in a grip of death – all the time grinning at me wickedly. I swear the boy could move fast!

“Wasn’t this a nice surprise… I want this kind of a wakeup call every morning from now on!” His signs were morning-sloppy but I didn’t care.

“Dream on!” I tried to wiggle myself out of his grip without any chance of succeeding. I did however manage to rub our morning woods together. Not intended but oh-so-nice!

“Oh I will be dreaming about it after this!” Even a wider grin. “Your breath stinks…”

“Then let me go.”

“Mine stinks too…” With that he kissed me and loosened his hands at the same time. He didn’t need to hold me close since I was not going anywhere now! I was pudding in his arms and the kiss was hotter than anything we had done before. Haha! I swear, that’s how I always felt when he kissed me!


The full body contact had its perks too; as well as the horizontal positioning. I wanted to pull away the blanket still between us to get more skin on skin contact but my hands were busy trying to avoid his tickling on my sides.

“Di…ion! Stop, haha!”

He bit my ear and distracted me for a bit then returned to kissing me. I think I was in heaven! Until Dion started to chuckle too. He told me I had started making meowing sounds. I told him he was a liar! He told me it was cute. I bit his lip before kissing it better.

We probably kept kissing for minutes before I had to stop and go to pee. Darn nature when it calls in the most unwanted moment!

When I came back Dion was up too and brushing his teeth in front of our cabin above a water container. His boxer-shorts clothed butt was in the air and it looked so inviting. I walked next to him and gave it a slight slap then just started to brush my teeth like nothing had happened.

We grinned at each other the whole morning. I didn’t think about Miles message at all. ‘Liar’ my brain said every time it slipped back to my mind. I would not answer his message and that was my final decision.


The camp was on a commotion that day since we started to plan – to my horror – an overnight camping trip with tents and all. To sleep in the nature, in the wild! Oh Lord, take me now! The idea hiking for hours and hours made me wince but the sleeping in the tent was simply tearing my insides up. I would not get any sleep before or during the Hike of Hell if I was forced to go along. I was just so scared about everything in the woods!

And I was forced to go along with plan. Only if I developed chickenpox overnight or sprained my ankle I might be spared from the horrors of the wild.

They paired us with our cabin mates and the tents were divided accordingly. I would share a tent with Dion! That was about the only bright thing in the horrible event to come. The hiking trip would happen during the next weekend and I’d started to dread it already.

“Why? I don’t understand you.” Dion smiled and patted my shoulder. “It will be fun! You can see amazing stuff there… We’ll be going to the cliffs and see the river run from high above it! That was one of the best experiences I had last summer in this camp.”

“Well… I’m sure it will be beautiful once we get there, but I hate walking and carrying HEAVY stuff on my back while doing it. I hate the mosquitoes. I hate sweating and panting. I just hate everything about it.”

“Oh you are such a sissy.” He didn’t say it in a way that made me feel bad, besides he was right.

“And there will be snakes! I can’t stand snakes! And what about bears? Or cougars?” I was fake-whining now.

“Hahaaahhaa.” Dion then taught me to sign a cougar, a bear and a snake. He made learning so much fun for me!

In the middle of the sign class I felt a buzz in my pocket. I pulled my cell out and saw a text message. Another form Miles!

“Hi, just wanted to say I’m going to try and keep contact with u more. I hope u will answer to me — eventually. What did I do? I miss u. Miles.”

I blushed as I read it. I would not answer a thing. He was so not worth my time, not anymore.

“Was it your mum?” Dion signed me.

I just shrugged and put the phone back to my pocket. “Do you realize we will be sleeping much closer in the tent,” I winked to distract him from the message. I didn’t want to explain Miles to him yet.

“Gasp!” Dion faked shocked but then laughed out loud. “Very true. Something to look forward to during the trip, right?”

“Definitely one of the up sides.” I still didn’t feel light enough to joke more. “I’m gonna go to Tia now and find out what she has learnt about the hiking stuff.”

My mind wandered back to Mile’s text. He planned on keeping more contact with me. What did he mean about that?

“Nemo, are you alright?” Dion took my hand. “You sort of zoned out for a bit.”

“Yeah.” I forced a smile for the first time with him.

I don’t want to show him how hard things are. I always keep my battles to myself, like I did with Miles.

The phone burned a hole in my pocket. Why, oh why, did he have to contact me again?

As the elevator doors opened up on the fifth floor of our hotel, I could just make out Danya’s figure across the hallway. My obvious attraction to her, and her pompous attitude only augmented my discomfort as we passed each other by. My group of juniors had just finished eating dinner, and needed to return to our rooms before curfew. Unfortunately, I was the odd man out, and was placed in a solo room on the fifth floor, amongst all the seniors.

While fumbling to pull out my room key, I glanced back at Danya to get a final glimpse of her magnificent ass before she disappeared into the elevator. Boy, I thought to myself, what I wouldn’t do to get with her!

After entering the room, I sat down to jot some notes down on the days events. I am part of a M.U.N. (model united nations) club, and I had the role of secretary. Our M.U.N. group was on a trip to the Hague and as secretary, I was required to write down important events that had transpired during the day.

I finally couldn’t restrain myself an further, and made my way to the bathroom. Once there I ripped off my pants and began to jack off. I had seen plenty of smoking hot girls over the past few days, and I had no trouble getting off thinking about bending them over and fucking them doggy style.

A few minutes into it, I heard a knock on the door. Wondering who the hell it could possibly be, I stuffed my raging boner into my pants and awkwardly made my way to the front door. I opened it up, and to my complete surprise, I found Danya standing there smiling!

“Heyy there, how’s it going?” She said in a rather nonchalant manner.

After recovering from the initial shock of having Danya actually come to my door, I replied along the lines of, “Can I help you at all?”

“Yea… I guess you can.”

Before I could even muster out a response, she went in for the kill. Her cherry flavored lips hit mine with such ease I nearly fainted. Before I knew it, her tongue was in my mouth, and we were kissing as if we had been in love all our life.

Clearly in complete control of the situation, she maneuvered us into the room, and onto my bed, all while keeping our mouths plenty occupied. She pushed me into the sheets, and climbed on top of me. Before I knew, she had removed my pants and boxers, and pulled her dress down below her tits.

Danya suddenly pulled her lips away from mine, and her tongue began to trace down my chest, stopping right above the base of my cock. A low moan escaped my lips as I reached a state of horniness I thought I never would get to. While fondling my balls with her hands, she began to lick the pre-cum off the tip of my dick.

She hadn’t even started suck my dick fully, and I could feel myself coming close to ejaculation. I figured she knew this, and pulled her head away from dick, licking her lips with a satisfying manner. She then reached behind her back, and unclasped her bra. Her tits sprung out as if they had been imprisoned for an eternity.

“Oh my god…” I whispered gently.

“You like what you see?”

“Ye-yes. Of course!” I stammered

“Well then, here, let me help you get more acquainted with them.”

She climbed back on top of me, this time bringing her chest up to my head. For the first time, I reached out independently, and grabbed a hold of each tit. I thought I died and went to heaven. After licking the entire surface area of each tit, I went down to business and began sucking on the nipples. I could tell I was driving Danya crazy as I even managed to earn a few moans and squirms from her.

While I was preoccupied sucking away on Danya’s tits, she reached over the side of the bed, and picked up her purse. She then pulled two pairs of fluffy hand-cuffs from them and preceded to handcuff each wrist to a bed pole. I was so horny, and so mesmerized by her tits, I barely even knew what she was doing.

After I was securely handcuffed, she climbed off me and stood at the side of the bed.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” I replied, clearly confused.

“Before we continue here, John, I wanted to know whether or not you want to place a little bet first. This way we can, well, make things a little more interesting.”

“Umm, a bet? What kind of bet?” I couldn’t help but to stare as I talked to her, here was hottest girl in the school standing next to me, dressed only in her thong.

“Ok, if I can bring another girl into this room, and get her to perform oral, on ME, then I win the bet. If I return to the room and either don’t have a girl, or she doesn’t go down on me, then you win. AND, all this has to be done within an hour.”

“Well, ok. I guess. But what does the winner get?” I reluctantly replied.

“The loser, has to be the winner’s bitch, for the rest of the trip. They have to do everything the winner wants them to do. Simple as that.”

I still wasn’t to sure about this whole bet, but I wasn’t about to tell this girl to fuck off now. And the thought of seeing another girl going down on Danya, was pretty much enough to get me to do anything.

“Umm. Ok, I guess.”

“Ok, sounds like a plan! I don’t want you doing anything in the mean time, so I’m going to cuff you down.”

She reached down into her bag and pulled out another two pairs of fluffy handcuffs. These were used to cuff my legs to the bed poles on the bottom of the bed. She then reached into her bag and brought out what were two clearly soiled and used thongs.

“I didn’t want you going flaccid on my while I’m gone, so I brought these to help you out.”

“Wai-” As I tried to protest, she shoved one pair into mouth, then wrapped the other pair around my head, placing the crotch right over my nose.

With her crusty thong now softening inside my mouth, I got my first ever taste of pussy. It wasn’t altogether unpleasant, but I sure would have preferred it if I didn’t have her thong inside my mouth. In addition to this, every time I inhaled, I got a strong whiff of her musky scent. Danya was right, I wasn’t going flaccid anytime soon in the situation I was in. I somehow felt a sense of honor, having the hottest, and probably most popular girl’s underwear in my mouth.

“Ok John, I will be back in hour. Have fun while I’m gone!”

I tried to yell out good luck, but the thong turned it out to be more of a groan. As I relaxed my head, I realized how I excited I was about what would happen in the next few hours. This night was turning out to be one of the craziest nights of my life!

I looked over at the clock, 10:48. Danya had already been gone for nearly 45 minutes. I was beginning to wonder whether or not she really was planning on coming back. The taste of her juices were still strong in my mouth, and every time I breathed in, it felt as though I were inches away from her pussy.

I began to wonder how the hell had I actually gotten into this position. Why was Danya even doing this? Why did she pick me? Maybe she knew I was a pushover, and she probably saw the way I look at her. The only reason I agreed to this bullshit bet, was because in the heat of the moment, its hard to say no. I figured she would probably have no problem getting someone to go down on her, I mean really, who wouldn’t? Furthermore, I figured seeing someone going down on Danya was definitely worth being her bitch for a week.

Suddenly, the hotel room door slammed opened, and Danya and another girl burst in giggling. I quickly realized the position I was in, and had totally forgotten about another girl seeing the me like this. My face began to turn red before I even saw who it was.

As the girls came in the room farther, I saw who Danya had brought. It was Nicole, one of the many flirts in my grade. She wore some short, and I mean short, jean shorts, and a cute blouse that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Nicole stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me. I don’t think she knew who I was, but was still surprised to see a male, especially in the position I was in.

“What the hell is he doing here?” She quickly blurted out.

“We were just having some fun earlier. That’s why I came and got you. I figured, you know, we could all have some fun together.”

“Oh. Ok. Is that your thong over his face?” Nicole curiously asked. I guessed she was probably drunk, because she accepted Danya’s explanation as if it actually made sense.

“Yes it is! There’s one in his mouth as well. That’s why he’s not talking right now. Why don’t we go sit down on the bed next to him.” Danya explained.

“Hehehe… ok.”

I looked over at them, and as they sat down Danya placed her hand on Nicole’s thigh, in fact, pretty far up Nicole’s thigh.

“Oh My God, I love your lipstick! Is that watermelon flavor?” Danya curiously asked.

“Yes it is! It tastes soooooooo good. You want to try some?” Nicole replied innocently.

“Well, hell ya!”

As Nicole began fishing through her purse looking for the lipstick, Danya realized this wasn’t going to work. She quickly grabbed Nicole’s arm.

“Well, how about I just try it from your lips?”

“You mean like, kiss me?” Nicole asked.

“Yea! Why not? Its just you and me, and… him. Anyhow, I just want to try the lipstick.”

Nicole looked over at me, then back at Danya.

“Ok. Why not?” Nicole replied, totally oblivious to Danya’s intentions.

Danya then leaned in for the kill. From this point, I knew she was going to have no problem winning the bet. She started by tracing Nicole’s outer lips, then thrusted her tongue into Nicole’s mouth. To my shock, Nicole displayed absolutely no resistance.

As they began to get more involved, Danya gently tugged Nicole’s shirt over her head, leaving me to inspect her firm tits. Danya then stood up herself, and dropped her own dress. After she sat back down, the two girls locked lips again. Soon, their hands made there way up each others backs, and they both bras were unclipped.

I gasped after I saw this, but they were too occupied to notice me. Seeing both girls, nearly naked, made me so horny that I thought I would cum at the first touch of my dick.

After another few minutes of making out, Danya started to make some more progress. She sat up, and gently pushed Nicole’s head towards her chest. Nicole, as drunk as she was, caught on, and began working on Danya’s breasts.

Nicole began with squeezing them into her face, then started licking around the nipples. It was evident Danya was getting off on having Nicole suck her tits. Will Nicole was busy with her tits, Danya pushed down her thong, and started hammering her pussy with her fingers. Once they were soaking with her juices, she brought them up to Nicole’s already active mouth.

Danya then pulled her hard nipple out of Nicole’s mouth, and replaced it with her sopping wet fingers. Nicole eagerly sucked on them, licking every last finger clean. After she finished, she looked at Danya questioningly.

“Did you like that? Because I got a lot more from where that came from.”

“Yess, I loved it! Can I have some more?” Nicole replied like a hungry puppy.

Danya then got on all fours, as if she was about to take it doggy style, and stuck her ass out ever farther. Nicole knew what was expected, and to my utter shock, followed what Danya wanted her to do.

Initially, she seemed hesitant about actually going this far, but after she became accustomed to having her face in another girls pussy, she got into it. After all of Danya’s dripping juices had been licked up around the outside of the pussy, Nicole began to tongue fuck her.

What a sight it was: Danya on all fours with her ass perked up in the air, with Nicole’s face buried deep into her twat, and me, on the side handcuffed to the bed and gagged with panties.

After Nicole had taken Danya over the edge, and even swallowed a majority of Danya’s cum, they both sat up exhausted. I then noticed a wet spot around the crotch of Nicole’s tight jean shorts. She must be so horny that her juices have soaked through her underwear and shorts.

“Are you going to take care of me know?” Nicole asked pleadingly, pointing at her own crotch.

“Sorry Nicole, I’m no dyke.” Danya snapped back.

Clearly stung by Danya’s remark, Nicole looked around, as if thinking, what now? I too was thinking the same thing.

All of a sudden Danya jumped up and put back on her underwear.

“Well Nicole, it was nice having you over, I’ll cya later.” Danya said.

“But, thats it? What am I supposed to do now?”

“You know what, I guess you can finish yourself up on John if you want.”

It was clearly not exactly what she was looking for, but in reality, Nicole wasn’t really a dyke. She wanted men as much as any other straight girl. She jumped off her bed and climbed onto mine. After pulling down her shorts and thong a little, she slowly sat on my dick.

After all Danya had put me through, I felt as though I was going to explode as I fell the inner walls of Nicole’s pussy tighten around my dick. Now in the cowgirl position, she began bouncing up down. I desperately tried to thrust deeper as I experienced a pleasure I thought never existed. It didn’t take long before I began shooting thick clumps of my cum deep into her pussy. Nicole cummed soon after.

As she pulled off, our mixed juices poured onto my stomach, and she pulled up her thong and shorts. Nicole then reached over the side of the bed, and picked up the rest of clothes. After getting fully changed, she said good-bye to Danya, who had taken a shower while we were fucking.

Now that Nicole had left, Danya came over to the bed and pulled the first thong from over my head, and pulled the second one out of my mouth. The taste of Danya’s pussy still lingered in my mouth.

“Boy! That was something else! I can’t believe you actually did that!” I eagerly cried out.

“Well, it looks like I won the bet. Now your my bitch for the rest of the trip.”

“Yea, Yea, Yea, I know.” I submissively mumbled.

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