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When I woke up that fateful morning I had no idea I would have the best sex of my young life later that night. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed an amazing sex life with myself, my girlfriend/mentor Angela and a small but rewarding number of men. I have pleasured myself with a wide variety of sex toys that I own ranging from the average vibrator, suction cup dildos, inflatable dildos, pussy pumps, anal plug’s and anything else you can find on the internet that I can afford on my students salary.

I had experienced a mind blowing threesome with Angela and her man and most recently I had brought a very nice man home and completely dominated him in every way that I wanted.

As great as all of that had been, it was just a foretaste of things to come.

When I walked in to our local pub to meet my girlfriends for our normal Friday night drinks I didn’t see anyone out of the ordinary. I found my friends and sat down for our normal small talk and gossip. After a few drinks I excused myself for the restroom. On the way back to the table I stopped at the bar to talk to our bartender and order another round for myself and the girls.

As I waited for the drinks he came up behind me. He placed his hands on my lower back with force. He began to whisper into my ear as he pushed his body into mine from behind. At the time I figured it was an old male friend or one of the girls just fucking with me. But when he spoke I knew that it was him. The young, plain, very kind man I had taken home and dominated just recently.

“I hope you had fun using me last time, I know I did. But tonight it’s my turn, and I am going to make you cum until the sun rises.” As he spoke my pussy began to get hot and wet from what he was saying and from my memory of the things we had done last.

It was an amazing night for me, the first time I ever controlled a man completely. The first time I did everything I wanted to do and made him know that I was using him for my pleasure as much as he was getting pleasure from me. It was liberating to say the least.

His words shocked me because the very reason I picked him out of the crowd that night was because I thought he was a complete and true gentleman. Opening doors for women he did not know, having thoughtful conversations and buying drinks without hesitation. He was raised with respect and manners and I knew from this that he could follow my directions very well. So to hear him (and feel him) commanding sex from me like I was his, like I belonged to him was not what I expected in the least.

Regardless of what I expected it certainly excited me! I turned to face him and as I did he pulled me in even closer to his body. I could feel his strength controlling my skinny frame and I could feel his hardening cock pressing into my stomach. A thousand words raced through my mind and not a single one of them was “let me go” or “get off of me.” I was most definitely ready for this night, or at least I thought I was.

“My place again?” I asked and with that he led me out the front door towards his car. As we walked out I caught a brief glimpse of my girlfriend’s faces with their mouths half open as they processed what was happening. I laughed to myself as I thought about the texts and stories they would all be sending and expecting.

He drove me to my house without asking for any directions. The whole time we were in a silence that was almost unbearable but oddly made me that much more intoxicated by the thoughts of things to come. My pussy tingled and grew wetter and wetter as I sat there replaying scenes of amazing sex in my mind. Sex that I had had before or things I had seen from others.

I thought about the drunk girl video who does anal and loves it (do a search for it) or one of my other favorites with the muscular amateur and his tight girlfriend. I love good amateur stuff because I always think to myself “I should be doing that!”

I love the porno of Jenna Haze and belladonna because both are built like me, skinny with not much in the curves department but love to have all kinds of great sex.

I also like Flower Tucci because of her squirting videos. She is a lot like me with her squirting, she has her best “squirt while fucking” sex from anal because the pussy isn’t so full that it can’t release.

When I am in a really “nasty/kinky” mood I can’t get enough of Extreme Kream, especially her videos with brutal dildos or machines. Of course it is graphic and not “pretty” by any means but a woman who can control her body, holes and muscles that well has to be appreciated in my book plus her squirting is amazing!

These are the kind of things I had going through my mind as we sat in silence at the red lights, stop signs and what not. I was getting more and more wet by the second and when we finally pulled into my drive I was careful to get up out of my seat because I was sure that my sun dress was soaked.

As we walked into my house he shut the door behind us and then picked me up and carried me to my bed. He tossed me down and in one fast motion he pulled my summer dress completely off of me to reveal my small bare tits and my black thong. I sat up to pull his pants down and get my mouth onto his dick but as I tried he pulled me up onto my feet and looked me right into my eyes.

“I am going to do things you have never had done to you. You are going to do everything I tell you to and you will do it until I tell you to stop.” He had a very stern tone in his voice. He was not asking me, he was telling me!

With that he turned me around and pressed me against the wall. He pinned his arm above my shoulder and with the other arm he pulled the straps off my dress letting it fall to the floor. Because I am so small in the chest department and never wear underwear I went from fully dressed to completely naked in one swift motion. I could feel his hot body pressing into me and I could feel my dripping wet pussy throbbing for release.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head to the side so that he could suck my neck.

I don’t mind the hair pulling but this was just a little bit more forceful than I was used to so my body fought a little. He felt the resistance and instead of letting up on me he pressed me into the wall, not too hard but not soft either. It seemed that he was letting me know that he was the strong one tonight, I could not stop him and I would have no choice but to do what he made me.

A sudden panic came over me; I had never been dominated like this. Rough sex was always something I liked watching but I had never been in the fire feeling my body being controlled before. I began to panic a little bit and right when my mind started to race I felt the soft, warm stroke of his hand across my butt cheeks. Then lower onto the back of my leg. My heightened sense from the way he was handling me made me feel every stroke of him, every movement sent a tingle to my spine and straight to my brain.

Just as I relaxed his hand landed hard on my ass. Then again, and again. He spanked each cheek a few times and I felt the blood rushing to my ass with each sting he delivered. It didn’t last very long but I was gasping against the wall when he was done. My mind was racing, my body tensing. Then I felt his fingers running up my inner thigh. I felt his finger brush against my clean shaven, soaking wet pussy and I shuddered at the feeling it left behind.

He picked me up and carried me on his shoulder to my bedroom and threw me down onto my bed. As he began to take his clothes off he told me what to do to him.

“Get over here and suck my cock.” He said plain, deep and stern. And I listened.

I crawled on all fours over to the edge of my bed, opened up my mouth and began to swallow his dick all the way down to the back of my throat. I used all my best skills on him just like the last time and his cock grew steel hard in my mouth. Right when I thought he was about to cum deep down in my throat he grab my hair and began to slowly fuck my mouth like it was my pussy. The last time I had his dick in my mouth I faked like I was gagging on him to give that extra visual and auditory stimulation to him and his ego. This time however he actually made me gag as he increased in speed and literally fucked my mouth hard with a hand full of my hair. I could feel his balls smacking into my chin and I started to have a hard time breathing. But I wanted his cum in my mouth so bad I kept going. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I forced him out of me as I gasped for air.

While I was catching my breath he walked over to my dresser drawer where I keep all of my toys and he grabbed a bunch of things and tossed them onto the bed by me. With each toy he threw at me I grew in excitement of the possibilities of what he could or would do to me with them.

I sat up onto my knees and started to finger myself while he went through my draw of goodies. He watched me slide a finger, then two and then three into myself while he stroked his cock.

“Get on all fours” he commanded me, and I did as I was told as fast as possible. I could feel him climb onto the bed behind me and I braced myself for whatever was coming next. I felt cool, water like feeling on my back and then his hand began to rub me all over. All over my tight ass and my lower back. All over my pussy and asshole. He slid a finger in each hole but quickly pulled out so that I couldn’t get full satisfaction from him. When he was done I was covered in lube and ready to be used for the rest of the night!

As I reached the limit of how much I could hold back he started going to work on me. He pushed me down onto my stomach and started to finger the shit out of my pussy. While fingering me he used his other hand to spread my tiny ass apart and lick all around, in and out of my little rosebud asshole. Shivers ran up and down my spine as he did his work and my pussy reached the edge.

“I’m cumming” I said…..and right before I could he pulled away from me completely. The sudden shock of him not touching me was crazy and I immediately reached for my clit to finish the job but he grabbed my hands and pulled them behind me.

“Don’t you fucking cum yet. I didn’t tell you to cum for me!” But cumming was all I wanted to do. I could not believe he was making me resisting the one thing I wanted so bad!

“Grab your ass and spread yourself open for me.” He commanded, I could feel his warmth closing in on me and I did as I was told. His engorged cockhead touched the opening of my spread asshole and I shivered at the thought of him inside of me.

“Is this what you want from me?” He asked

“Yes” I whispered. And he pulled back away from me.

“Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you and I beg me for it.” My pussy was literally dripping wet wanting to cum and my asshole was throbbing from wanting him in me. The fact that he wasn’t touching me was driving me crazy and all I could think was…

“Fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock in my asshole. Please make me cum all over this bed. Make me squirt all over you and myself and grab my hair and don’t stop doing it until I can’t be fucked anymore!”

With that he placed his dick back at my tiny opening and started pressing his way into me. It was so amazing, the tight feeling of him opening me up. My ass resisted at first but opened to let him in finally popping him in past the first opening. Once he was in me I sat back onto him to get him all the way in. This wasn’t my first rodeo and I love getting my ass fucked so I started rocking back and forth on his dick. After about a minute I had him all the way into me. Deep inside where I could feel him in my stomach. I love that feeling, for me that’s where my ass cum’s the best. Unfortunately for me his smart self knew that and right as I was hitting my sweet spot with his dick he pulled out of my ass just like he did my pussy!

It was torture, my pussy dripping wet and pulsating, my asshole throbbing and empty. I wanted to finish the job so bad, I wanted him in me at full speed but he was not. He would not give me what I wanted and it drove me to the edge and past where I had ever gone before as I strained to hold back my orgasm.

As I stayed put on all fours waiting for him my anticipation grew. Then I heard him open the lube bottle and I gasped a little at the thought of what was coming, even though I had no idea what that would be. First I felt something touch my ass. It was cool but not cold. It started going in and I did my best to accept it in. but it got harder and hard as he pushed.

“Fuck” I let out as I tried to take it inside me. He responded by backing out all the way to either tease me or let me relax a little bit. Both plans worked as I got that feeling again of needing to be filled and my ass relaxed and took more and more in on the second try. By this time I had figured out that he was putting my largest anal plug in me. It is Pyrex (plastic glass) and its 5 ½ inches long and a little more than 3 and a half inches across at the widest point! It is just about 10 inches in circumference I think!! If you have no idea what I am talking about, do a internet search for it and you will see  It is a great stretch and pretty hard to fit in even for someone who enjoys it but you don’t have to take it all the way in have a good time with it. For me it is a challenge that I love to take on and this night was no exception.

Now that I knew what I was in for I reached between my legs and rubbed my pussy a little bit as he slowly moved in and out with my toy. It took a few minutes but finally I relaxed enough that the entire width popped past my outer ring and slid into me so nice, so full. The sudden fullness made my pussy get tight as hell just from the invasion and I was about to cum all over when he grabbed my hand and literally flipped me over onto my back!

“I still have not told you to cum. You think I didn’t see you playing with yourself? You will cum when I tell you to and if you cum before we will start this all over again do you understand me?” He asked with a hard voice.

“Yes, I understand. I’m sorry.” I responded. I was really starting to get into the submissive role and it was really turning me on being told what to do so forcefully. Just the thought of what he would make me do to him or the things he was going to do to me made me unbelievably horny.

“Lay back and close your eyes.” He told me and I immediately wished I had a blindfold! But I did as I was told. I’ll put the blindfold on my “things to buy list!”

I felt something touch me around my pussy and then I heard the sound of air rushing. Right away I knew he was using a pussy pump on me while my ass was so very full with my plug. I had obviously used both toys before but I had never used them together. The feeling of my ass being as full as it has ever been combined with the pull and blood rush of my pussy being pumped made me feel so tight I don’t think anything else could possible fit inside of me. It was amazing!

“Now come suck my dick some more.” He told me as he laid down on his back.

I got up carefully so as to not pull the pump off of my pussy. As I got down into the dick sucking position my ass went up into the air and the plug and pump shifted ever so slightly into a new, even more intense position. I had to stop everything to gather myself so that I didn’t cum right then and there.

After I got control of myself I went to work on his dick. Sucking, stroking, and jacking him off. I could tell he was close right before he grabbed my hair and pulled me off of his dick.

“Lick my balls.” He commanded as he raised his hips and pushed my face down. I again, did as I was told. I licked all around his balls, his taint, even his asshole. As I passed by his tight butt he grabbed my hair and forced my face into him, making me eat his ass. Normally this is not my favorite thing to do unless I am eating a girl and we have just showered but he smelled like soap and was completely clean of all hair so it was really quite a turn on for me. So I kept going, burying my tongue into his asshole as far as I could.

Suddenly he rolled off the bed, stood up and grabbed me by my face as he started to cum all over me. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as wave after wave of hot cum hit me and rolled down my young, slutty face.

“Oh my god.” He screamed out as I lapped up as much as he gave me.

He stepped back as I cleaned my face up and he caught his breath. Then he came to me again.

“Turn around on all fours.” I did so, as he took the pussy pump and released the pressure. The rush of blood leaving the area was so intense I started to cum.

“Oh my God please let me cum, it’s so good baby, please let me cum?” I pleaded as I tried to hold back.

I waited for an answer but got nothing. I flexed and squeezed all my muscle waiting for permission and when I didn’t hear him reply I closed my eyes and did everything I could to not release. Just then I felt his entire dick drive all the way into my pussy pushing me completely overboard and making me cum. I was so tight from my pussy being swollen from the pump and my ass being full with the giant glass plug that I could feel every single vein in his cock as it slammed in and out of me. Each thrust was another wave of orgasm hitting me harder and harder like a tidal wave getting ready to crash.

He pulled out fast and grabbed my hips. He swung me around so that I was on the edge of the bed and he flipped me all in one strong motion. He was literally manhandling me, not giving me any option as to what to do, and it was awesome!

I pretended to fight a little as he pushed my shoulders off the bed and down towards the floor but he over powered me and before I knew it I was lying on a pillow upside down looking at my own pussy.

He plunged his dick back inside my swollen lady parts and the orgasm picked right up where it had left off. After about a minute of stroking in and out of me and making sure I saw his dick going in me he pulled out.

“You came on my face last time, now it’s your turn. You can cum now and I want you to push that squirt harder than you ever have before.”

With that I started feverishly rubbing my clit as he slid two fingers inside of me and massaged my G-spot like it was a punching bag. The rough touch was just what I needed and I started to push as that “have to go” feeling came to me.

“Oh my god! Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!!!” I screamed as my juice sprayed all over my face, my tits, my stomach, my hair and the floor beneath me. I loved it, and when I opened my eyes and saw my swollen pussy pumping and pushing and opening I was in shock and in love with what he was doing to me.

I was pushing so hard I could feel the 3.5″ inch wide almost 10 inch around butt plug trying to pop out of my ass. I was a little worried about that both because of the obvious and because he had not told me to take it out. So I finally began to calm myself down and bring my orgasm back to earth. It had been about 5 minutes since I started cumming and I was literally light headed.

“Go take a shower and remove your toy. Then come back to me ready for more.” He told me almost reading my mind about how sticky and cum covered I was.

I got into the shower and turned it on hot but my legs were so weak I had to sit down on my shower stool. Sitting down on a butt plug that large is an interesting feeling to say the least and it shocked the hell out of me.

After I got my legs back and carefully, slowly removed my plug I washed myself from head to toe, got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a large towel. I walked back into my room to find him standing naked by my bed spread which was laid out on the floor with a strange device lying on top of it.

“Take off the towel and go stand in front of the spreader bar.” He commanded. I had seen spreader bars in those kinky bondage porn clips before but I had never used one or actually seen one in real life before. It was kind of tough looking. All black, a metal bar with chains and leather cuff straps on the end and in the middle.

With a pleasant sigh, I rolled onto my back and stretched out beneath the covers. Soft morning light streamed in through the window overhead.

I’d just had the most lovely dream.

Except, it hadn’t been a dream at all.

I buried my face in my hands, giggling. Me and Lord Ruvano had made use of every last inch of that gigantic bed last night. I could hardly believe half of what we’d done together. Of course, I’d been so horny I probably would have fucked a table leg. Not that I regretted it in the least.

And why should I have? I’d just had the most incredible night of sex in my entire life and I was waking up in the bed of one of the most influential people in the entire kingdom. There was a new king on the throne, and with the Steward dead, it was a new start for not only the kingdom but me as well. What did I care if I had to make that new start as a woman?

It wasn’t as if my manhood had ever gotten me anything. As a man, I’d always been given the heaviest labor in the palace. I had to jump through hoops just to get a woman’s attention. I was thought of as stupid and slow-witted by everyone who saw me. Why would I ever want to go back to the life of a dirty stable hand?

Now I had beauty and freedom; the best food, the nicest clothes, and the grandest trinkets. Most importantly of all, I’d have people waiting on me for a change instead of the other way around. I’d be a fool to pass all that up.

Even if I one day changed my mind, there didn’t seem to be any rush. Lord Ruvano still had the wand, so I could change back whenever I wanted. For now, I couldn’t see any possible reason why I shouldn’t just enjoy my sudden reversal of fortune.

Lord Ruvano had left early in the morning to attend to all kinds of matters which I was fortunate I’d never have to worry about. Having the room to myself, I dozed in for a while longer, only half awake. So relaxed and comfortable, I could have remained between those soft sheets all day. They were so different than the course linens I was used to.

It was some time later when I was roused by Lord Ruvano’s return. I heard the doors closing behind him and the familiar click of his boots on the floor as he approached the foot of the bed. Then with a quick yank, he jerked the covers right off of my naked body. I let out a shriek, half in surprise, half playful.

“Get up,” he said. “There’s too much that needs to be done today for you to sleep until noon.”

“Is there indeed?” I said.

I would have thought last night would have dampened my sexual appetites somewhat, but seeing him again, I could only think of the pleasure I’d felt with his cock inside me. On all fours, like a cat, I stalked across the bed toward him, my breasts swinging freely with each step. He was looking quite elegant in that black tunic of his, but it was already quite rumpled. It must have been a rough morning. I kneeled before him and grabbed his cock through the front of his pants. It twitched appreciatively.

“I can think of a few things that I’d like to do today as well,” I said.

He smiled, taking a deep breath as I rubbed him. His cock stiffened, its contours becoming more defined as it pressed against his pant leg.

“Mmm, I can hardly believe you still want more. My cock is raw after what you did to it last night.”

My pussy was a bit tender as well, but I’d risk a little pain if I could recapture even a fraction of the pleasure I’d felt last night.

“I hope I didn’t injure you too badly,” I said, opening the front of his trousers. He didn’t resist, merely stared down at me. I reached inside and found his warm shaft waiting for me. Pulling it free, I saw it was every bit as long and hard as I remembered it from last night, though now a slightly brighter shade of red.

I ran my tongue around the swollen head and wrapped my lips around the tip in a sloppy wet kiss. I wanted to taste him again, but my pussy was tingling in anticipation as well. After swirling the head of his cock around in my mouth, savoring the slippery warm flesh against my tongue, I let it pop back out. It slid down my chin, leaving a glistening trail of precum. I licked it from my plump red lips as I looked longingly up at him.

“If you’ve had enough breakfast now,” Lord Ruvano said. “There ARE other matters yet to attend to.”

Reclining back on my elbows, I spread my legs for him, my pussy lips sticky as they parted hungrily. “Please, just a little longer…” I said. Going down onto my back, I began rubbing my breasts, rolling the nipples between my fingertips. “Please…”

Lord Ruvano looked down at me and shook his head as I reached for him with my foot. “Are you sure you’re the same woman I first met those few short days ago?” he said. Gently, he brushed his fingertips across the inside of my leg.

“I’ve always been this woman.” I said, rubbing the underside of his cock with my toes. “I just never knew it until you showed me.”

He smiled and, taking me forcefully by the ankle, pulled me across the bed. As he held my foot over his shoulder, he sank his cock into my tender pussy with a single violent thrust.

I let out a long protracted cry. My warm folds were on fire after last night, but the lightning that raced through my impatient flesh more than made up for the pain. With my hair splayed out across the bedcovers, my body squirmed under him as he began his long, steady thrusts. I bit my lip and clutched the sheets. He crashed into me and I threw my head back. It was just as good as last night. Even better.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I cried in time with his jabs.

I wrapped my other leg around his waist and helped pull myself onto his cock. My breasts jiggled from each impact. I kneaded and mashed them in anxious desire as his cock raked over and over again against the soft flesh inside my pussy. I was going to cum again, just as hard as ever.

But then there a quick knock at the door and Bakoro stepped into the chambers without waiting for a reply. I shrieked for real this time and pulled off of Sir Ruvano as I scrambled to find something to cover myself with. By the time I jumped off the bed, took up the bedcovers laying on the floor, and wrapped myself in them, Bakoro had already gotten quite a show. He didn’t even make any effort to pretend he wasn’t staring. Oddly I didn’t mind all that much. I must have been growing more comfortable in this body than I’d realized.

“Latest dispatches have just come in, m’lord,” Bakoro said, jerking his thumb over his shoulder as his cold eyes remained fixed on me.

“I’ll be right there,” Lord Ruvano said as he casually put his cock back into his pants. I nearly sighed in despair upon seeing that. I would have liked for him to finish. Turning to me, he said, “It’s time for you to get ready.”

“Ready?” I said, readjusting the bed covers but nearly dropping them entirely. “For what?”

Lord Ruvano smiled broadly. “The king has requested a personal audience with you.”

“The king? With me?”

“You must have made quite an impression yesterday. He’s been doing little else but talk about you all morning.”

And why did he want to see me? I hadn’t done anything to catch his eye — at least, not on purpose. And I hadn’t tried to make him think that I was the least bit interested in talking with him either. I knew that he fancied me, but with his wife, there wouldn’t be any chance of him trying anything improper with me. What could he possibly want?

“I’ve summoned servants to help you get cleaned up,” Lord Ruvano said over his shoulder as he started for the door. “There isn’t much help available at the moment so you’ll have to make due with your old friends from the kitchen staff until we find you some proper chambermaids.”

I barely heard him. Bakoro had continued staring at me until the last possible moment, the lust plain in his eyes. Despite Lord Ruvano’s warning to the contrary, he still wanted to have his way with me. At that moment, I was nearly ready to drop the sheets and let him. Had I really become the whore everyone already thought I was?

The two of them left the room and the promised servants arrived in short order. Greta was again among them. As my bath was being drawn, she approached with eyes respectfully lowered. I almost wished she would make another off color remark about how big my tits were rather than keep addressing me as she did.

“Will you be requiring any Lankshire Root Tea or Banann Leaf Ointment, mistress?”

“What for?”

“Very well,” she said, turning to go, “Your bath will be ready shortly.”

“No,” I said. “I meant, what are they for?”

Greta looked at me as if I’d just asked if water was wet. “The Banann Ointment is for the…soreness…” she said, motioning uncomfortably to her lower regions. I suppose it stood to reason there was little doubt about what had transpired in these chambers last night. “And the Lankshire Root is to prevent a child.”

A child? The possibility had never even crossed my mind. But I WAS now a woman and Lord Ruvano was indeed a man. If I had been trying to get pregnant, the things we’d done last night would have been a good start. My stomach lurched.

“Yes! Both please!”

The tea was dark, foul smelling, and bitter. I nearly gagged swallowing it but wondered if I should ask for a second cup just in case. After bathing, the Banann Ointment did indeed help to sooth my tenderness, but even the finest silk still felt harsh against the sensitive skin between my legs so I chose to go without any kind of panties. The dress which had been selected for this occasion was more conservative than some of the others I’d worn, but it still showed off a great deal of cleavage and hugged my body close enough that it wouldn’t take much imagination to know what I looked like underneath.

Lord Ruvano returned shortly after my preparations were complete and escorted me to the king’s private chambers. I still had no idea why he wanted to see me, especially with Lord Ruvano along as well. It didn’t help my churning stomach any to have my pussy exposed to the air like it was either. With each step and swish of the dress, I was reminded that I was not fully attired. Thinking that I was going to be presented to the king like that caused my cheeks to take on a rosy tint.

Apart from a somber mood still hanging heavily over the rest of the palace, everything seemed more or less to have returned to the way it had been before coup. A few doors showed signs of having been hacked open, but all the blood was gone, the servants again scurried about on their tasks, and the nobility stepped respectfully out of Lord Ruvano’s way.

The room which made up the king’s personal chambers were of a more human scale than the great halls and throne rooms I’d seen yesterday, but the decoration was no less generous. Very few but the highest members of the nobility were ever invited into those rooms. A handful of them were already waiting in the antechamber upon our arrival. With the way they spoke in hushed whispers amongst themselves and glanced at me out of the corners of their eyes, I was thankful to have Lord Ruvano at my side.

The doorkeeper was sent to announce our arrival and within seconds the king’s booming voice shouted that we were to be seen in right away. The gold-chased doors swung open and I took a deep breath. Me and Lord Ruvano walked through with the other nobles filing in behind us. For a personal audience, it apparently wasn’t going to be terribly private.

The room we found ourselves in and everything it contained was starkly white — the carven pillars, the polished floor, the arched ceiling overhead, and even the marble throne. Austere in design as well as decoration, the room was entered through a door in one of the long sides directly across from a matched doorway which stood open and granted views of the gardens beyond. At one end of the room sat the throne atop a short dais, and at the other, the only pieces of furniture which did not conform to the monochromatic pallet: a large, perfectly rectangular block of black granite and a few crates. The way they were cluttered there haphazardly suggested they were new additions which had not yet been properly unpacked or arranged.

Looking just as brazen as he had when last I’d seen him, King Rosenthall jumped from his throne at the sight of me and bounded down the stairs. In the middle of my curtsy, he took hold of my hands and pulled me upright, kissing my fingers as he stared into my eyes. Unsure of what the protocol was when one was being accosted by royalty, I attempted to stand my ground without clinging too obviously from this mountain of man pressing in on me.

“Oh, Stephanie, I’m so glad you came,” he said, kissing my hands again. As if I had a choice to refuse a royal summons. “I was feeling lost without your beauty to inspire me.”

I glanced at Lord Ruvano out of the corner of my eye but he merely stood there without showing the slightest sign of concern. The other ministers shifted their weight uncomfortably, but were equally mute.

“Um, I’m, um, honored by your summons, sire.”

“Yes, of course you are,” he said. “We didn’t get a chance to speak yesterday during my coronation but after Lord Ruvano told me about your skills as a conversationalist, I just knew I had to find the time to make your acquaintance as soon as possible.”

I smiled nervously. Skills as a conversationalist? Was Lord Ruvano trying to make a fool of me?

The king motioned toward the garden. “Walk with me.”

“Of…course.” What else could I have said? “It would be my pleasure.”

Offering me his arm, we passed through the doorway into the gardens. Lord Ruvano fell in with the other ministers of state as they followed us at a respectable distance of several paces, remaining absolutely silent the whole time.

The gardens were similar to those Lord Ruvano had shown me previously, but this was a private section reserved for use by the king alone. The sunlight sparkled from the last of the morning dew which still clung to the lush green foliage. Most of the flowers had yet to open but the clever way which all the paths doubled back on each other turned the relatively small space into a labyrinth of intriguing views.

Plodding along beside the king as he droned on about how wonderful he was, I had very little to do but take in the sights. I listened as best I could, but without being given any chance to speak for myself, it quickly became apparent the only trait the king needed for a good conversationalist was one who could stomach his company and listen to his ramblings without speaking her mind.

After passing around a hedge, however, the king suddenly came to a stop and turned toward me. “You are without a doubt, the most beautiful woman in the entire kingdom, Stephanie. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since I first saw you.”

With my back to the hedge, I could do little but blush. Down the path we’d just walked, there was no sight of the others. They must have been waiting around the bend, right on the other side of the hedge.

The king squeezed my hands in his and kissed them desperately. “I can’t take this any longer. If I wasn’t already married I would make you my queen.”

“Sire, I don’t think — “

I jerked back as he leaned in and kissed my neck. His rough beard tickled my skin as his hands gripped my waist and slid up to cradle my breasts. The feel of those gigantic hands on my body sent an thrill through me. I felt like a little child in his embrace, totally at his command. His kisses worked their way up my neck, his tongue occasionally flicking out, rough against my soft skin.

“Sire, this isn’t…oh…” I whimpered effeminately as he pinched my nipples through the fabric of my dress. Again I looked down the path but there was still no one there. “The queen would surely not approve…”

“Fuck her,” the king said as he forced his lips over mine.

I cringed away, but as his tongue invaded my mouth, I parted my lips and kissed him back just as forcefully. I was still so horny from last night I couldn’t help myself. He mashed my breasts and I could feel my pussy growing damp.

Backing away from me, the king reached between his legs and pulled open the front of his trousers. As he released his cock, I gasped. It was huge, as big around as my wrist and with a swollen, knobby head befitting his burly physique.

I wanted it. More than anything, I wanted it inside me.

Seizing me by the shoulder, he spun me around and pushed me against the hedge. I tried not to giggle too loudly. The lack of control was exciting; as was the knowledge those other men were standing just a few paces away.

I stuck my ass toward the king and spread my legs as he lifted my skirts. If Lord Ruvano wasn’t up to the task of pleasing me, then I’d just have to make due with whomever was willing. The king dragged his bulbous cock over the folds of my pussy, letting my slippery juices coat his shaft. My skin was still tender, but that monstrous cock would likely hurt even if I weren’t.

Leaning his massive body in against me, the king wrapped one arm around my shoulders and groped my left breast. With his other hand, he took hold of his cock by the base. Slowly, it slid down the valley between my ass cheeks, stiff and hot.

“Have you ever taken it in the ass before?” he whispered in my ear.

I nearly cried out in surprise but he clamped his hand over my mouth, stifling any utterance I might have voiced. There were always those who said doing such things were amoral. I’d never yet found a woman who was willing to let me try it with her, but the thought of having a cock that large invade my own ass was terrifying and exciting at the same time. I felt the head, lubricated with my own juices, press against my puckered little asshole.

“Just relax,” he said.

I did as instructed and he pushed his cock forward. The pressure was intense. There didn’t seem to be any way it could possibly fit. Involuntarily, my body tensed, instantly sending a tinge of pain through my ass. I cried out but his hand over my mouth closed even tighter.

“Relax…” he said again and I did my best to comply.

He entered me, slowly but steadily spreading my reluctant ass. As his head popped just inside, the pain was pronounced. I was thankful he backed out then and lubricated his cock from my dripping pussy once again.

Stretched as my ass now was, the pain was more bearable when his cock returned. He slid up inside me as far as before, but then with a forceful jab, drove it in even further. It felt like he was pushing my insides up into my stomach.

I bit down on his finger to stifle a cry and he laughed in my ear. Softly, he began to rock his hips. At first his massive cock slid back and forth only a few short inches, but as my ass became accustomed to his girth, the pain lessened and his strokes became longer.

“That’s it, Stephanie, swallow it down,” he said in a low, breathy voice.

Each jab carried his cock a little farther into me until I could feel his hairy thighs resting against my ass cheeks. He paused and then pulled it back in a single long, smooth stroke. It wasn’t anything as intense as being fucked in the pussy, but I still couldn’t believe how good it felt. As he dove back in, I let out a moan and pinched my eyes shut.

He must have taken that as a sign, because he went faster this time, quickly building to a furious pace. With each thrust, I could feel his hefty scrotum swing forward and slap my wet pussy with a splat. He grabbed my hips with his huge hands and practically slammed my entire body up and down on his cock. It was oddly intoxicating to be dominated like this by a man so many times larger than myself.

I could feel the pressure inside me building. I was going to cum without hardly having my pussy touched at all.

However, he beat me to climax. With a deep muffled grunt, he rammed into me and I felt a warmth spreading out through my ass. His cock moved more freely now and a wet squishing sound accompanied each thrust. He didn’t stop ramming into me, however, and the slippery gooeyness spilling from my ass only intensified the feeling.

I spent the rest of the day in the Marquise’s company reading a history of Queen Vindrel, the Hawk Queen. It was a sensationalist narrative written in a simple vernacular that even my limited knowledge of writing was able to comprehend without more than an occasional bit of assistance from the Marquise or her two attendants. If even half the things in that book were true, Queen Vindrel had indeed been an extraordinary woman.

However, the more I read, the more convinced I was that the color of our hair and our love of horses were the only two traits we shared in common. She was a compassionate warrior who faced her enemies both on the battle field and in her council chambers with equal daring. She was decisive, cunning, intelligent, and resourceful — in short, the exact opposite of myself.

Upon my return to Lord Ruvano’s Chamber late that evening, he was there awaiting news of my first espionage mission. Though me and the Marquise had spoken at length about all manner of topics, nothing that would be of any particular interest to the spymaster’s games had ever come up. Fortunately, he did not seem overly concerned with my lackluster performance as a spy. His games ran the long course so there would always be tomorrow.

In the morning I was wide awake the moment my eyes opened. The Marquise had requested that I come see her again right after breakfast. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d ever begun the day looking forward to anything at all. Still wearing my silken night clothes, I was hurriedly eating my morning meal as fast as I could when Lord Ruvano entered the chambers.

Seeing him swagger up to the table, my appetite faltered and I felt the unconscious need to pull my robe closed across my protruding chest.

“You’re looking chipper this morning,” Lord Ruvano said. “Remember that when you go to the king later.”

“The king?” Any lingering hunger I might have had disappeared in an instant. I knew this would eventually come, but I had been hoping it wouldn’t be so soon — or ever.

“He’s requested another ‘audience’ with you.” Lord Ruvano dropped a package onto the table before me and poured himself a glass of wine. “That was delivered for you earlier.”

The brown paper wrapping had already been torn open. Inside was a garment of dark blue. I seemed to have hazy recollections of choosing a dress in that shade when I’d visited the Seamstress’s shop. The style wasn’t quite as I remembered from the drawings she’d shown me, but then I’d only been half paying attention to what exactly I had ordered.

The stitching and craftsmanship, however, were impeccable. As I ran my hands over the dress, they stopped abruptly at the one of the folds. To anyone else, it would look like nothing more than another pleat, but a furtive inspection reveled it was, in fact, a hidden pocket, just big enough to hold a blood dagger.

No wonder Nikelle wanted me to commission my wardrobe at that shop. Even when she was away, she was still finding ways to interfere in my life.

“It’s very nice,” Lord Ruvano said offhandedly. “You should wear it when you go to the king. The queen will be attending to some business elsewhere so you should have a hour or so alone with her husband.”

I clenched the dress in my hands and suppressed a scowl. Why did he have to say it like that? He made it sound like I was purposely trying to ruin their marriage.

“You’re to meet him at the gate between the palace gardens and his own private garden. No one will be able to see a thing there.”

I wanted to throw up. Lord Ruvano was little more than a pimp and I his whore.

As the servants helped me dress, I came to realize that I knew none of these women. I felt foolish asking if they were the personal servants Lord Ruvano had promised me for fear I might be wrong, and so I let them go about their duties without uttering a word. Part of me wished Greta was still among them. Part of me would have liked to apologize for the way I’d spoken to her yesterday. The greater portion, however, was grateful I could let the matter rest without having to deal with it for the time being.

That new dress fit better than anything I’d ever worn before. It complimented my body perfectly and nowhere was it either too snug or too loose. That seamstress certainly knew what she was doing. I’d have to remember to congratulate her on a job well done — and maybe order some more things as well. It was only Lord Ruvano’s money after all and I wasn’t sure I would ever want to wear this particular dress again after doing what was expected of me.

The Spymaster was gone by the time I was ready. With a time and a place known, it was apparently up to me to ensure I didn’t ruin any of his plans. I sent a note of apology to the Marquise, informing her that I would not be able to see her that morning after all. I could only hope that she would not be upset with me for canceling our engagement. If I had a choice in the matter I much rather would have spent the morning with her instead of the king. Unfortunately, I had no choice in the matter at all.

I made my way through the corridors of the palace toward the palace gardens, steeling myself with each step for what was to come.

Maybe the king really did only wish to converse with me as he’d said when we’d last spoken.

Maybe that first time he’d merely been overcome with lust.

And maybe I was a two-headed albirnois.

I descended the stairs into the palace gardens and navigated through the maze of plantings until I arrived at the gate where I was to wait for the king. It was indeed a secluded spot. Even someone watching with a spyglass from one of the towers would not have a clear view of what transpired there. As I paced back and forth across the grass, that knowledge did not comfort me in the least.


It was with something of a start that I turned toward the gate.

“Stephanie,” I heard the king’s voice coming from the wall which separated the two gardens. Through a tiny crack in the gate, I could see his eye, alight with laughter. “I’m so glad you came!”

As if I had any other choice. I was sure the smile I forced into place as I approached the gate could not have looked any less convincing. Smiling like a schoolboy as he threw open the gate, however, the king didn’t seem to care. He grabbed me in his huge arms and held me close, planting a wet kiss on my lips even as he enveloped both of my ass cheeks with his hands.

“Oh, you’re even more beautiful than I remember!” he said holding me at arms length as he looked me over. My back stiff, he ran his hands down my arms and took one of my breasts in each hand, squeezing them as if that were his way of greeting. I hoped the lopsided grin on my face was enough to hide my desire that this meeting wouldn’t last any longer than it had to.

“Come with me!” he laughed, taking me by the hand and practically dragging me through the garden. If I hadn’t been so quick to follow, he might have dislocated my shoulder. We rushed back to the palace, returning to the same small throne room where he’d made me a baroness only a few short days ago. This time it was empty except for a single servant woman down on her knees scrubbing the floor.

“Out!” the king cried. “I thought I told you to be finished by now!”

At the fierceness of his words, even I was tempted to vacate the room.

The woman glanced up as she gathered her things and it was only then that I recognized her as Natalie. The moment she laid eyes on me, her expression turned to one of contempt. Fortunately for her, the king had already forgotten about her or he might not have taken kindly to that clear show of disrespect. Unfortunately for ME, the reason he hadn’t noticed was because he was already embracing me in his massive arms, attempting to plant rough kisses on my cheeks.

I was no longer sure I could do this again. As the door closed behind Natalie, I twirled out of the king’s embrace, pretending as if had merely been taken in by the display at the far end of the chamber. When last I’d been there, it had still been sealed away in crates. Now it unpacked and on view for all to see.

A rusted iron hoop hung from the wall which had several spiked clamps that secured to it a pair of giant bird wings and two crossed spears of primitive manufacture. Their heads were made of knapped obsidian and bushy tassels of bright red and yellow hung from the shafts. The feathers of the wings appeared to have been white at one time but had since become stained a dingy shade of brown. Sitting prominently on the floor before them was that block of granite. Utterly black against the white room, it stood apart with a brooding primeval malevolence.

“That’s…an interesting display,” I said, suppressing a shudder.

“Oh that?” the king said offhandedly. He strode across the room toward it and I felt inclined to follow, even though my feet didn’t want to carry me any closer than I already was. “It’s one of the old traditions of my grandmother.”

“Oh?” I said, but found even that difficult with my mouth as dry as it was. That altar was nothing more than a harmless block of stone but something about it made me want to flee the room.

“Yes,” the king said. He stepped up to the stone and placed both his hands on top, palms down. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath.

Hesitantly, I ran my hand across the top as well. It was perfectly flat, but rather than the slick polish of the sides, it felt rough and porous. Upon closer inspection, the otherwise black finish was discolored where irregular blotches of dark brown and red had soaked into the pores. It was also cold to the touch, far colder than it should have been sitting as close to the sun as it was.

“My grandfather met his future wife while on campaign in the far south,” the king said. “She was something of a witchdoctor in one of those barbaric little desert tribes.”

My blood suddenly ran cold. “The Mordengern?” I muttered before I even knew what I was saying. At the utterance of that one word, the coldness of the stone seemed to surge up, as if it were ice water in a trough that had suddenly been sloshed in my direction. It sent a shiver racing through my fingers and up my arm. I jerked my hand away as if slapped.

“Morderngern?” the king said, opening his eyes and turning casually away from the altar. “Oh yes, I think that might have been it. Though she eventually became a fine Vitrelayan woman, my grandmother never quite gave up her old ways. Before she died, she taught me all about them. This…” he ran his fingertips across the altar like one might caress a lover, “is her Dark God.”

As he approached me, I backed away, stumbling around the corner of the altar.

“Unlike those deities of Vitrelay who dwell in some celestial land watching down on us mortals like we were nothing more than ants, my god lives within this stone. In return for blood, he grants me power and ensures that no blade raised against me with the intent to harm will ever finds its mark. I personally slew twenty-two men in the taking of the palace and not one scratch befell me.”

My mind was reeling. There was no conspiracy or secret alliance with the Mordengern — King Rosenthall was one of them by blood as well as by practice. By failing to kill Sir Ruvano, I had indeed delivered the kingdom into their demented hands.

“So what do you think?” he said, backing me into the bloodstained altar. Even through the fabric of my dress, I could feel the coldness of the stone against my buttocks and thighs.


“Isn’t it though.” As he stared deeply into my eyes with that impish and slightly sinister smile of his, he ran his massive hands up my arms and across my shoulders. I inched away but his hands clasped around my neck, his fingers meeting in back and his thumbs in front.

“I hope you’re not planning to…sacrifice me…” I tried to make it sound like a joke but my voice was quivering far too badly for it to ever be interpreted as such.

“Oh no,” he said, squeezing my throat tightly enough that I found it hard to gulp down my fear. “My god is indeed a hungry god, but he feasts only on virgins.”

That was certainly one advantage to being a whore I hadn’t yet considered.

Suddenly, he released me. Spinning me around, he slammed my face down against the stone altar. I could smell dried blood and sulfur. With my legs still dangling over the side, he roughly lifted my shirts over my ass. Was he actually going to do it here? Now?

“My wife doesn’t care much for all this but she respects its power.”

While keeping my face pressed down against the cold stone with one hand, the king ripped my panties away and pulled out his cock with the other. Frantically, I planted my palms against the top of the altar and tired to push myself away, but I might as well have been trying to move an entire mountain.

“She’s also become accustomed to the wealth it brings us. I’ve always wanted to take her on this very alter but she says it puts her out of the mood. She won’t come anywhere near it.”

I knew exactly how she felt. As the king drew the head of his cock across my pussy, it seemed as if the stone itself were reaching out for me, wanting to pull me into its chilly embrace.

I whined as I pushed even harder against the stone, but the king’s grip on the back of my neck kept me pinned in place like a butterfly in a case.

The king laughed. “Oh Stephanie, not very wet today are you? Has Lord Ruvano been wearing you out?”

I heard him spit and felt a warm drop of saliva running down between my ass cheeks.

I pushed even harder still, straining for all I was worth, but still in vain.

“Oh yes, make it nice and tight for me!” he said as he raked his grotesquely huge cock head back and forth over my asshole.

With my face mashed down against the stone, my cry was muffled as he forced himself into me.

Gods, it hurt! It felt as if he were going to tear my ass apart. Could I bleed out from something like that? Would a doctor even be willing to see me?

I gritted my teeth as he spat again and pushed his invading cock past my outer ring. I had no choice but to relax and let him have his way with me. If I didn’t, it would only make things worse. However, that was a hard thing to do, especially with the sudden feeling that the altar itself was writhing about under me.

With a single powerful jab, the king buried his cock all the way into me. I let out a shrill cry. Somehow my ass stretched to accommodate him but it still felt as if he was going to rip me in twain.

As he began pumping in and out, the burning warmth of my pain gave way to a freezing wave of cold in the depths of my ass. What the hell was he doing to me? Whimpering, I pawed feebly at the altar, trying in vain once again to pull myself away.

But I was trapped, unable to escape. The only movement I felt was as my body rocked forward across the altar top with each forward thrust and pulled back with each withdrawal, squashing my breasts under me. I closed my eyes, squeezing out tears. I tried to make it all go away, but it only made things worse.

I could sense that Dark God of his in the stone, thrashing about and clawing at the inside of the altar, driven into wild ecstasy by the scene above it. In my mind’s eye, I could see it as a spindly creature with hooked talons and black skin, jeering and panting and hungry to taste my flesh, separated from me by only a thin membrane which seemed to sink under my weight, dropping me into that hideous thing’s embrace.

My hands flailed about wildly to arrest my fall but found no purchase, the stone seemingly rising up around me like a viscous liquid of the blackest pitch. It filled my nose and mouth, cutting off my cries.

In some far off distant place, the king continued pumping into my ass, laughing as his speed increased in time with the Dark God’s own laughter. I could feel its bony hands driving the king’s thrusts, its icy prick in my ass as if the king and it were one and the same, impaling me, chilling my insides.

I wanted it to end, the back of my mind begging for mercy, but it just kept going, unrelenting. On and on, I was driven by his rampant jabs into that enveloping cold. I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move.

Finally, the Dark God in the stone let out a shriek of unrepressed rapture, like the cry of a horse breaking its leg. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. The king grunted at the same instant and his seed exploded into me, hot and cold at the same time.

The moment his hand left my neck, I scrambled off of the altar, falling with a sickly flop onto the floor. It was with some surprise that I saw the stone was just as solid as ever. It must have been my imagination alone that had filled my thoughts with those frightening images.

However, anyone who had just witnessed what I had would not have been able to dismiss then so easily. On hands and knees, my eyes wide as saucers, I scuttled to the far side of the room, stopping only when my back came up against the unyielding wall. I wanted to go farther — the inner door, the garden — but I didn’t know where to flee. I couldn’t focus. I didn’t even know if I could walk. I felt as if I’d been thrown naked into a snow drift in the dead of winter. My limbs were numb, my blood like ice.

Standing beside that cursed altar, the king looked down at me and laughed. “I suppose the first time is always the best,” he said, his cock bobbling between his legs in time with his throaty laughter as the last few drops of cum dripped from the end.

Somehow, I found my feet at last and shot for the door. I no longer cared if I displeased Lord Ruvano. Death would be preferable to having to endure that again. I fumbled with the latch and cast a glance back toward the king. He had not moved, his laughter only growing louder as he watched me. Was I locked in with him?

No, in my panic I wasn’t turning the handle the right way. Finally throwing open the door, I dashed through and raced across the antechamber. In the hallway beyond, I ran headfirst into someone, but I pushed past them without stopping to offer apology. The woman I’d struck, however, grabbed me by the arm and pushed me back against the wall.

“What’s all this then!” the woman said, her eyes ablaze. Even in my addled state I somehow recognized the hollow-cheeked visage of the queen.

Blubbering incomprehensibly, I tried to wrench myself free of her grip, but she was much stronger than she looked.

“I knew you were trouble!” she said. “I’m sent away on ‘pressing business’ that could be handled by anyone in my staff and I’m not gone more than an hour when I here you’re with my husband? That’s too much of a coincidence, far too much of a coincidence indeed.”

“I — I — ” I needed to get out of there. The hallway was clear. If I could just get out of her grasp I would be free.

“Don’t think that this is the first time some big-breasted little hussy has tried to catch his eye!” She took hold of my jaw and forced me to meet her gaze. “If I catch you sniffing around here again, I’ll gut you like a fish! Do you understand me! Like a fish!”

Her boney fingers digging into my cheeks, I nodded vehemently. Anything so she’d let me go. “Yes, your majesty!”

I don’t know if she released me then or if my spasming was finally enough for me to break free, but I twisted out of her hand and went stumbling down the corridor, falling to my knees once, but picking myself up again without losing any speed.

To hell with Lord Ruvano! I was leaving that very day! I didn’t need the bloody wand, I didn’t need anything. I would get a horse and ride it to death. I was not going to stay here any longer. I couldn’t! I tasted blood in my mouth. I must have bitten my cheek when the queen grabbed me. Where was I even headed? The stables were in the other direction. I needed to calm down for a moment.

This is a relatively mild story about my first steps on the path to submission; no whips and chains, no beatings and suspensions, no welts and wheals, just a gradual progression toward total subservience.


George changed everything. He was an entertaining speaker, a good listener, so kind, so very polite and considerate. It was me who dragged him into bed after we had been out for our fourth evening together. Once snug under the duvet his gentlemanly conduct continued, first he enquired if he needed to take precautions, not the best foreplay but a good idea all the same. Still he soon made up for his matter of fact diversion, he sucked, nibbled and nipped my nipples until they had been transformed into small pebbles. Once he was satisfied with their state his mouth moved onto my pussy whilst he now utilised his manipulative fingers to continue to maintain my taunt nipples in their state of excitement. He broke off to tell me how much he enjoyed sucking the sweet lips of my pussy and licking the hot, musky and rapidly distending little nub that was my clitoris, and then carried right on sucking and licking until he had me in a state of frenzy. Finally, I could take it no more, I grabbed his hair and hauled him on top of me, I slapped his rump hard, yelled “giddy-up horsee” and away he bucked.

He didn’t make love quickly, nor slowly. He did slide right out of me at the end of every upstroke and then, for his down stroke, he slipped back in penetrating me repeatedly. Once inside, he guided his stiff shaft downwards purposefully yet gently completing each stroke with a hard grind of his pelvis against my hot, horny little clit, which must, by then, have been totally red and swollen. And each time he did this I climbed a little higher toward coming until I felt as if I were suspended high above my orgasm ready to be dropped down hard upon it. He just built and built my state of tension and anticipation until I dug my nails into his back convulsively. In response he arched his back, withdrew his swollen pole from my sodden tunnel and began to rub the head of his fearsomely stiff weapon up and down my delicate clitty. I squealed with rage and frustration, he was making me so wet, yet not allowing me to come. I wrapped my legs around his hips and attempted to drag him inside of me again but he was not having it.

At last, thank God, he started to shaft me once more. The tempo of his rhythm was now increased, gently urgent. As part of every thrust he rubbed the roof of my love gully hard with the head of his cock. In no time at all I fell from that dizzying height of tension, which he had raised me to and crashed into a shattering orgasm. In one monumental burst all my pent-up frustration was released causing my whole being to explode violently with pleasure; it had been a long time since I had come that hard, if ever. I had no time to think though, as I shrieked out my joy he speeded up a still more and with a grunt and a long growling groan he pumped jet after jet of his hot sticky seed inside of me.

I know I should have told him to use a condom but somehow with gentleman George you just did not think. George with an STD, the possibility would never enter your head and he had trusted me too. I woke him at one a.m. for seconds, I was on fire with lust. He clambered aboard good naturedly and humped away until I was replete once more, it took me four orgasms but eventually I was quiescent. In the morning it was George who wanted to make love and who was I to object, complain or even protest. He rolled me on to my back but I rolled back onto my side and had him take me from behind like a pair of spoons. As he bucked his hips giving me a wonderfully satisfying pounding, he teased my breasts and my clitty with his soft yet powerful hands; sadly I was too satisfied from the activities of the previous night to come but he did set me up ready for the evening ahead. Of course I wanted to see him again later and he allowed himself to be persuaded to join me for dinner.

When he walked through the door I was ready for him. I was wearing my cook’s apron, nothing else just the apron. He gathered me in his arms and kissed me hard, his tongue probing the most intimate corners of my mouth. At the same time his hands explored my body. He took full advantage of my easy accessibility, pinching my already hard little nipples and fondling my saturated pussy, even slipping a couple of fingers deep inside of me. He is a clown sometimes. As we separated he stuck the fingers he had just withdrawn from my pussy into his mouth and sucked upon them. “Thank you miss. Dinner was delicious, flavoured most alluringly with neither herb nor spice. For afters I want you to try my hot salty semen, I expect you’ll find it a most satisfying accompaniment.

I giggled. He can be so silly. Still I too had planned upon bed followed by dinner. Then, I hoped, bed again. I turned and heard George gasp with surprise. Well, using thick lipstick, I had written ‘FUCK’ across the cheeks of my and ‘ME’ across the tops of my thighs. Instead of lying on the bed I bent over my bedding box displaying my message of encouragement to him. This forced George to take me doggy style and, with the bedding box positioned opposite to the huge mirrored built into my wardrobe, we could both watch him hammering away at me. Well we could until he succumbed to his lust and deposited his thick smelly seed deep inside of me.

You might well ask what was in it for me, I rarely come when taken doggy style. Well for a start I was so hot and randy now that my sex was on fire and I was truly ready for action. As we stood up I deliberately shoved George hard so he stumbled backwards and fell upon the bed. Before he could recover I dived upon him, I jerked his foreskin back hard and began to suck and slurp upon the head of his gradually wilting member. As I worked upon his helmet with my tongue and lips I began to stroke the shaft using the loose skin I had previously forced back to the root. Just in case that were not enough I used my free hand to tickle his balls. Unsurprisingly his deflation was reversed and he re-stiffened rapidly. All too soon George found himself led on top of me with my legs wrapped around his hips, hammering me into one climax after another. I’m not a fan of swallowing come, let alone come mixed with my own sticky juices but I tell you, those orgasms made sucking his freshly emptied member so very worthwhile.

George himself did manage to come for a second time, eventually. Afterwards, following much cuddling and kissing and whispering sweet nothings, we did eat dinner; I had cooked lasagne and you can keep it in the oven safely for ages. We did not make gentle love after our feast though, nor even couple desperately once more. The satisfaction we derived from our earlier efforts, and full stomachs, totally overwhelmed our desire for activity of any form. George had brought a good calvados along with him so we indulged in a couple of glasses of that instead.

The morning, well it was a new day and everything had changed again. Within seconds of waking we were at it like bunnies. Gentleman George abandoned all pretence of foreplay for once, that morning I had no need of it anyway, and he was my stallion and I has heated mare. We were in lust with one another, infucktuated.

George was the perfect companion, we talked, we went for walks, we saw bands, we enjoyed plays, we attended concerts and we made love. His flat, my flat, his car, in the park, on the moors anywhere we could really. He was so good in bed. He was discovering all my secret little places. He quickly discovered that if he lay between my legs to stop me from squeezing my thighs together and then nibbled my ears, especially the lobes, I became so juicy that I began to dribble. He found that if he squeezed my nipples really hard it soon stopped hurting and really turned me on. He noticed that if he licked the little isthmus of flesh between the entrance to my sexual sheath and my puckered anus it made me ever so randy but did not permit me to come, I found that to be close to torture when he kept it up for long. Whenever he made love to me he made me so randy that it was always multi-orgasmic, no more, ‘will I come?’ Now the question was, ‘how often will he make me come?’ I felt embarrassed because, try as I might, at best I could only make him come twice before he needed a good rest.

George changed everything. He changed the pattern of my lovemaking. First he would drive me insane with lust and passion until I dragged him on top of me and had him screw me silly. Obviously not every time, sometimes we’d do doggy, I could tell he really liked that especially if we did it in front of a mirror. Another thing he really enjoyed was me straddling his head and masturbating whilst he watched; he particularly relished being allowed to tell me when to speed up and when to slow down. I was less keen because he would tease me for hours if I were not careful.

One night, at his flat, when I went to grab his hair to drag him on top of me her grabbed my wrist instead. He whispered, “do you trust me?”

“Of course I do,” I husked back and he pushed my wrist back over my head, caught it with something and the next I knew he had secured it to the head of the bed.

“Hey!” I protested but that was my mistake because it gave him chance to grab my other wrist and tie that back too. I understood my real danger when he grabbed one of my ankles, forced it up and over and tied that to the bed head. Once he had secured the other leg, and there was no doubt in my mind that that was what he was about to do to me, I was going to be spread wide apart and totally helpless. My bum would be forced high in the air so and he would have easy access to each and every one of the places that he could use to torment me beyond all endurance. George did not disappoint me.

“Now little one you can’t stop me anymore, I can do whatever I like to you. And look I’ve a really powerful vibrator here.” I had one too, hidden in my room, but sex with George had been so fantastic that we had never played with toys before. In fact, since I had met George, well since I had dragged him into bed, I had ceased to use it altogether. George had purchased a huge, powerful looking black monster. Next he produced a ball full of holes on a rope. He pressed the ball against my lips and forced it into my mouth. “Now you can’t say no or beg me to stop either!”

I tried, “Nuum umm,” was what I heard myself say.

When he turned the vibrator on the buzz was deafening. “Imagine that pressed tight against you swollen little love bud my sweet?” he paused to gently rub my clit making me gush with my natural lubricant. “How would that be? Would you like my little toy cuddled up hard against your clit then? Would you like that right now?”

I nodded my head up and down vigorously.

“Are you sure, it might be too much for you. Would it be too much?”

This time I shook my head from side to side, I was ready for that humming monster. Ready, I was hungry for it, ravenous really.

“Are you really sure?” he whispered, “we’ll see later. But in time I’ll wager you’ll wish you had never asked for that!”

I was not nervous, George was always the perfect gentleman, but I was scared because he did love to tease and I was already well past my point of tolerance. He knelt behind my raised bottom and admired my glistening slot. He traced a finger nail from the joining of skins where my sex lips met, down over my clitoris, down parting those swollen protective flaps, over my oozing pussy hole, along my sensitive perineum but stopped when the nail arrived at my anus. He poked the puckered ring with the tip of his finger, just a little more pressure and it would slip inside of me.

I shuddered. I was scared, I was thrilled and I was embarrassed, above all I was dripping with juice. No one had ever put anything into my bum before. Suddenly, here I was about to take a finger inside my arse and there was absolutely nought I could do to prevent it. Finally, I realised just how defenceless George had rendered me and for the first time I was frightened. I need not have been. He tapped the hole several times, ominously but then squatted back on his haunches, a huge grin spread across his face.

“Do you want that then?”

“Mmmn!” I shouted. I nodded no vigorously, then nodded yes with equal enthusiasm; in truth I no longer knew what I wanted.

“If I lick here,” and he licked the little strip of flesh between my bum and my pussy which drives me insane even when I was not previously already randy. “And if I keep on doing that whilst I occasionally tap your little swollen red bud, this one,” he did so and I howled with lust, “how long do you think it would be before you gave me a definite yes?” And, after he had removed my gag, that is exactly what he began to do.

I was desperate before he started on me, soon his ministrations made me wetter than I had ever believed possible. My pussy felt as if it were in spasm. I could hear the entrance to my inner sex pumping, it was really embarrassing, pussy parps! I tried to resist but I did so want to come and George was not only not going to allow that, he was going to keep me right on the edge for just as long as it took. “George, George please do my bum. Anything you like if you stop teasing my pussy. Please George.”

“Anything? Anything? My shaft is rock hard, I might dig it into your rear cavern and explore until I take my pleasure in that other treasure. Would you like that?” He resumed licking below my pussy and teasing my clit whilst I thought, or at least tried to. My chest was heaving, I was crying and sighing with desire, was I not tied down so firmly my arms and legs would have been flailing with frustration. I was not capable of rational thought, I could only consider my desperate need to stop him.

“George. George take me in the arse. Please take me in the arse. Pump me, ram me, buck me, tup me, shaft me, fuck me but please be quick, I need you.” At last he stopped teasing me and I was able to start to get my breath back. He clambered off the bed retrieved something from the bedside cabinet and returned. A warm smooth sensation emanated from my bottom.

“A little lubricant to make sure you’re good and slippery. Relax I’m going to slip my finger into you.”

I tensed, I tried to relax but I could not help it. Then I did relax a little and felt my most secret of holes being distended gently but firmly. It was an odd sensation, a stretching. It did not hurt but it was not comfortable either. I could not believe it I had just consented to allowing George to screw my arse in return if only he broke off from exciting me sexually. How dirty and disgusting I felt, what a little slut I was becoming for him and that realisation made me start to juice heavily once again. My secretions flowed copiously and he could see! My embarrassment at George being able to observe just how randy he was making me, of course, only served to make me more lustful than ever. I was so fired up with need that I hardly noticed what George was up to anymore.

George had in fact stopped fingering my bottom and was standing on the bed with his hands on the rail of the bed head forming an arc over me. He removed one hand and a new larger finger commenced pushing against the resistance of my tiny brown puckered sphincter. I felt my self being stretched a little, then his hand returned to the bed head to help take his weight. Wider and wider I felt myself opening up for him. There was a little pain but it was not too bad and I realised that I was now indulging in anal sex for the very first time. I was glad it was George, he was so very gentle.

The pain abated and I felt twinges from places that were new to me. I realised he had forced the head of his mighty dong inside of me and was gradually sliding the shaft in too. I was relieved, the discomfort rather than getting worse as hell slid ever deeper, was slowly abating. Then I understood, it was the opening itself, that tiny ring of muscle, that was so sensitive; once the bulbous head was inside of me the rest was relatively easy. George began to swing back and forth and strange and increasingly pleasant sensations radiated from my behind. The feelings were not going to make me come, indeed part of my state of bliss was because George’s over stimulation of my engorged and tender sex had ceased, but those sensations made my sex pour and pump with hot sticky liquid, I just felt so delightfully dirty.

George could eventually contain himself on longer, his rhythm speeded up and he began to groan and grunt. Suddenly I felt a short sharp pain somewhere inside, George had finally plunged his full length into my nether portal and was making short fast strokes, huffing loudly with each and every spurt that issued from the little eye of his long and solid tool. The loud cry that I made was, however, nothing to do with the pain, it was a howl of frustration as I realised that he would not be able to shaft my quivering pussy for a while yet: not unless I sucked his cock back to tumescence and that I was not prepared to do, not even for George.

George, lust sated, dismounted me and withdrew to the bathroom, leaving me tied helplessly to the bed. I hoped to God he was going to make me come soon. I was so very wet and felt so incredibly dirty, my sex was puffy, my nipples rock hard; I so desperately needed to come. George returned. He recommenced licking the sensitive little strip of flesh, the one that sets my muff on fire and as he did so he twisted and pinched the distended teats of my nipples. I don’t usually like it when he plays rough but that evening the sharp pain he caused my nipples was as sweet as honey and set my pussy pumping all the more. What was happening to me.

George changed everything. Earlier that evening even I had been a good, well goodish, girl who’s only sins were loving exciting sex and enjoying massive climaxes. Now I was an anal pain slut who was soon going to be forced to beg for more. “George. George, please make me come. You promised. You promised the vibrator later. Please it’s later. It’s much later.” Of course each of these sentences was separated with a succession of either sighs and moans or gasps and groans as he licked my sex and tweaked and twisted my engorged nipples.

“You want me to use a vibrator on you?”

“Please. George, please, please, please.” He was still licking me, but now he was working just above my desperate clitty.

“Are you sure?”

“George please. George anything. Just please let me come.”

“OK, I’ll get one.” Even his moving away was bliss, I finally had some respite from that pitiless teasing. “Just one moment, but before I start open wide.”

I opened my mouth and he replaced my gag. But why, I thought, why a gag for orgasms? Then he showed me the vibrator he was going to use on me. But it was not the long thick black phallus he had shown me earlier, this one was a half dome mounted on a long stout handle with an electric cable projecting from one end. When he switched it on the buzz it made sounded deafening to me. When he pressed it against my clit, ooh! The relief, the release, that sweet oblivion that was induced by that all so powerful instrument; all I could think of was how hard I was coming. I was consumed utterly by orgasms, as one faded the next arrived to take its place, for long slow minutes I lived orgasms, I was wholly unaware of anything else but coming. My sighs and moans, my pants and howls, they all conspired to make my breathing laboured, erratic and unpredictable. The gag amplified these effects and in the end I was so light headed that I was only really half conscious.

When I began to come to and return to the land of the living that fearsome buzzing persisted and my poor clit was on fire. It was not pain, but neither was it pleasure. I felt as if I were bursting to pee, yet I was dry as a bone. My pussy twitched and pulsed utterly out of my control. My poor sensitive clit throbbed. All I wanted was to close my legs and stop that dreadful invader from making me feel so, so what? Now I understood the gag, I desperately wanted to cry out and protest but all that happened was that I produced a muffled stream of garbled grunts. Moreover, I was tied so that I could not hide my sex in the very least. I was wholly at the mercy of George and he clearly intended to keep me in this state of unstoppable joyous agony for quite some time. I tried to rock my body but could not. I tried to wriggle and struggle but it was pointless. More than anything I wanted the sensations pouring from my poor pussy to end. My head was flooded with over stimulation pure and simple or so I thought.

This is our second date.

On our first you surreptitiously groped my bum when we first met outside the bar. We chatted for hours and eventually, under the influence of cocktails and stout, turned into horny teenagers. You even chanced slipping your hand down my pants as we kissed on Waterloo Bridge.

I’m coming to your flat for dinner instead of meeting you at a bar; on the condition we wouldn’t be having sex.

As I arrive, I’m nervous and excited, and when you open the door I find myself drawn straight into your arms, into your soft, warm lips.

We talk and you cook, you gradually show me round. First it’s the living room.

This is where your friends slept last night after the club. There are latex shorts on a table, wax drips on the floor, and an open fire. We talk about our week, what we’re interested in…

Back to the kitchen and we discuss your work and mine. We talk about families and friends. All the while I am wondering, what next….

We return to the living room and kiss, I wrap myself around you, enjoying your hands caressing my bum, my thighs, sliding your hands up my skirt to reveal my stocking tops and suspender belt.

“You terrible girl,” you say as you give my bottom a gentle slap.

You lead me to your bedroom and after showing me your leather kilt, your shoulder guards, your flogger, you bring me to your bed, where you slept with your friend the night before. I am curious — I want to know what you did, describe her reactions to your ministrations, but instead I fall on my back and wrap my legs around your waist, kissing your lips, stroking your arms, gasping as you kiss and nip at my sensitive neck…

As we return to the kitchen, you ask me if I want you to tie me up later and shyly, I answer, “Yes.”

After lunch we return again to the living room, siting in front of the fire and slowly you have me remove my skirt, my top, my bra. Finally I must remove my stockings and suspenders and I pause. I’m nervous as this will reveal my scar. You know this, you know it makes me tremble, but quietly, firmly, tell me to take them off.

Slowly I stand, and bending over to show you my bottom I begin to unclip the stockings. My nerves make me cheeky, attempting a little striptease and I switch briefly — telling you to peel the stockings from my legs. You know what I am doing but you indulge me. Slowly I repeat the process and then I must remove the belt.

As it drops to the ground, leaving me utterly exposed you command me to stand before you. I clasp my hands behind my back and stand with my head lowered.

“Spread your legs,” you say and I do. “Let me see” and you lean forward to inspect my body.

It takes all I have to stand there; terrified you will find my soft, plump body, unacceptable. Dreading that you will see my scar and find me ugly.

You pull me to you and tell me I am beautiful. Kissing my lips, my neck, my breasts and I am so very happy. You stand and pick up the bag of rope and position me by the fire to keep our naked bodies warm as you slowly begin to tie the knots, to thread the loops of rope around my body. As the rope is pulled tighter between my legs I feel it vibrating along my pussy lips, between my full breasts, around my body. It sends shivers through my core and sets me alight.

You explain that as I am being bound we must have a safe word.

“As this is our first time together, the word will begin with A. Next time it will be B, then C and so on.”

I fill with joy at the idea that you anticipate more play.

“What is a word that begins with A that you wouldn’t normally say?”

My mind goes blank, then suddenly, absurdly I say, “Albatross?”

“You wouldn’t say Albatross then?

“I suppose there is the connotation of the Ancient Mariner, with the rope around my neck…” Why did I say that? I blush, but you do not tease me for my geekery and instead suggest Avocado.


My now you are fixing the ends of the rope and I am secured. You survey your handiwork and I present myself, holding my wrists behind my back. You circle me and ask me if my nipples are sensitive.

“A little,” I correct myself, “but not very I think.”

We have established that I do not know my limits and I am burning, not just with curiosity to see how you will test me.

You leave, and return with a packet of clothes pegs. I expect you to clip them to my erect nipples, but instead the first is attached to one side. You pause, assessing my reaction and proceed to clip 3 more so my nubs are pinched between pairs of pegs, slightly stinging and increasing in sensitivity.

Brushing your hands up and down, flicking and moving them I gasp, and my body surges with pleasurable pain.

You walk behind me and pick up a candle.

“Have you ever played with wax before?”

“No, sir.”

You light it, and I tense with anticipation as you tilt it to pour melted paraffin wax down my back. I am amazed; it doesn’t hurt and instead stokes my excitement further still. Moving in front of me you pour more down my chest, but this time the flesh is more sensitive. As it reaches my nipples the sensitive skin flares and you see my reaction. Putting down the candle you flick the pegs and I am struggling to keep my legs apart as the moisture grows and slickens my soft folds.

You take my hand and lead me to the bedroom and I lie on my front on the bed, presenting my arse for you to toy with. On the way you explain your interest in two types of pain. The twacky, thuddy kind, and the stinging, sharp kind…

I am nervous. I think I have a high pain threshold but I just don’t know. This is only our second date – can I trust you to stop if I can’t take it? Will I disappoint you?

You begin by spanking me, getting harder, and harder. The heat in my cheeks builds and I am raising my bottom to meet your hand. You pause and I feel the bed shift as you get up to pick something up.


My body flinches and I wonder what you have used.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

At first it is just a dull, thuddy ache but as the blood rushes to the surface it begins to burn and throb. I begin squirming a little and you pause, gently rubbing my flesh and I mew with pleasure.

You call me bitch, you tell me I am sensitive, but your voice is soft and warm and I thank you.

“Are you enjoying this Bitch?”

“Y-yes Sir.”

I hear the cupboard door open and close and then you begin again. This time the pain is stronger. You are using some kind of switch and the thin, sharp strands feel as though they are cutting through the hot, tender flesh of my bum. This is, I suppose, the stingy, sharp pain and it feels agonising yet wonderful.

As I move and react, the ropes between my legs pinch and rub against my clit and become slick with my juices. Each time feel I am about to orgasm or cry out for you to stop you change the pace and the feeling recedes.

Just as I begin to wonder if I can take much more you stop, and I feel your tongue gently working across my warm cheeks. I am in heaven….

You return to the flogging, alternating between your hand and other instruments of pain and pleasure and I become so worked up between the intense sensations and the rubbing of the ropes I have a little orgasm. I’m beginning to wonder how much more I can take; yet I don’t want you to stop. I begin to make little mewing noises and it becomes harder not to squirm. Perhaps my Kitten alias was not so far off after all…

I want you to be proud of me. I want you to push me and you do.

Eventually you stop, and you cradle me in your arms.

You tell me I am good. That I am so sensitive, yet able to take so much and I practically purr with pleasure. We kiss. Deeply.

I wonder what I can do for you, but you are not done pleasuring me yet.

You pull out a magic wand and ask me if I have used one before and I must confess I have not.

You adjust the ropes between my legs and with the wand on a low setting, you touch it to them and I gasp. The ropes vibrate across the whole of my body and it feels so stimulating. You continue to move the wand around, gradually increasing the power until I loose all control. I am thrashing and crying out in ecstasy and yet you continue to grind the vibrator against me. One of the knots in the rope is right over my clit and you manipulate it skilfully with the wand. I am biting the pillows and pinching my nipples hard as I cum, the vibrations are humming through to my very core and I buck and cry with pleasure. Eventually I begin to tip from pleasure towards pain, and once you decide I have had enough you start to slow the pace and I can breath again.

As the room gradually comes back into focus you hold me and the conversation turns to our situation. We agree our terms and you try to set my hard limits but it is difficult as I am so curious and don’t yet know what they might be. You talk to me about the cane you bought to try with another friend.

Not knowing much about canes, you had bought a thin and flexible one, rather than a wider cane that might absorb some of the impact. I tremble as you tell me in detail what it is capable of.

“I think we’ll have to save that one as a punishment for when you are bad.”

I relax at this, grateful I will not be pushed so far yet as my arse still burns red from our play so far. In the back of my mind though I am nervous, wondering if I will be able to make it through that test when it arrives.

I want to thank you for all you have done and you let me suck on your cock, I am keen to please you and rub my hands up and down your shaft. My tongue flicks at your tip before my lips slowly engulf your hard cock. As I move my head up and down, licking the underside of your shaft you grab my hair. At times you let me control the pace, but as your pleasure mounts you begin pulling me on and off your hard cock by my hair…

As I dress, we arrange a day for our third date and I cannot wait to feel you inside me. Five whole days I will have to wait, and I smile.

It’s all I will be able to think about for the rest of the week…

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